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At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, in 
said State, on the first Wednesday of May, in the year of our Lord, one 
thousand eight hundred and forty-nine: 

Resolved, That the Secretary of State be authorized to purchase for the use of the State, two 
hundred and fifty copies of a publication of the Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 
prior to the union with New Haven colony, under the Charter of 1662. Provided, that such 
publication shall be made with the approval, and under the supervision of the Secretary, and 
shall be authenticated by his official certificate as a true and literal copy of the original record ; 
and provided also, that the expense of the same shall not exceed two dollars per copy ; and that 
the literal copy of the original record, above specified, be deposited with the Secretary of State, 
for the use of the State. 

Resolved, Tliat the copies so purchased be distributed by the Secretary, as follows ; one copy 
to the town clerk of each town in this State, to be preserved in his office, for the use of the town ; 
one copy to the Governor and to each of the State Officers of this State ; one copy to the Gov- 
ernor of each of the several states and territories, of the United States; one copy to the library 
of Congress ; and the remainder of said two hundred and fifiy copies, to be deposited in the office 
of the Secretary of State, subject to the disposal of the General Assembly. 





The early annals of a State require no formal introduction to 
the descendants of its founders. If the transcriber have well accom- 
plished the task which a love of the olden time impelled him to 
undertake, and which the liberality of the Legislature supplied, in 
part, the means of prosecuting, no doubt can exist as to the favorable 
reception of the volume now presented to the citizens of Connecticut. 
The value which may attach to it must, of course, mainly depend 
upon the degree of confidence entertained in its accuracy as a ' true, 
full and literal copy of the original Record.' The professions or 
assurances of the transcriber, could do little to impart such confi- 
dence ; nor could they give additional weight to the certificate of 
official authentication, or to such internal evidence of reliability as, 
it is hoped, a careful perusal of the volume may supply. 

A notice of the condition and arrangement of the original records, 
and of the plan adopted by the transcriber in the construction of this 
work, may not, however, be deemed inappropriate. 

The first volume of the Colony Records is in three parts, origin- 
ally bound in as many separate volumes. The first of these consists 
of the records of the General and Particular Courts, commencing 
with the session held at Newtown, (Hartford,) April 26th, 1636, 
(by the magistrates commissioned by Massachusetts, to ' govern the 
people at Connecticut,'*) and closing with the December session of 
the Court of Magistrates, 1649. Next following, (separated by a 
few blank pages from the Court Records,) are the records of Wills 

* The commission " to several! persons, to govern the people at Connecticutt for the space 
of a year [then] next coming," was granted by tlie General Court of Massachusetts, March 3d, 
1635(6,) — after consultation with John Winthrop, then lately " appointed governor by certain 
noble personages and men of quality, interested in the said River, which are yet in England." 
The commissioners named were Roger Ludlow Esq., William Pincheon Esq., John Steele, Wil- 
liam Swaine, Henry Smith, William Phelps, William Westwood and Andrew Ward. See the 
commission, at length, in Hazard's State Papers, Vol. 1, p. 321. 


and Inventories. The remainder of the volume contains Grants and 
Conveyances of Lands, by towns and individuals, some of which are 
of as recent date as 1702 ; the greater part, however, having been 
transcribed from the several town records, between 1662 and 1690. 
These have not been included in the present publication, the propo- 
sed limits of which would not admit of their insertion, and the 
omission being regarded of the less importance, as copies of most of 
them are to be found elsewhere, and as the interest which attaches 
to them is mainly local or personal. Six pages of recognizances 
and bonds for prosecution, of various years, entered at the begin- 
ning of the volume, preceding the first page of the Court records, 
have likewise been omitted, in publication. 

The second volume contains the records of the General Court from 
February, 1650, to October, 1669; — and at the other end of the 
book, separately paged, is recorded the Code of 1650, with such ad- 
ditional orders ' of general concernment,' as were, from time to time, 
passed by the General Court. 

The second volume of the records of the Particular Court, or 
Court of Magistrates, comprising a period of about thirteen years, 
(from January, 1650, to June, 1663,) and including the Probate 
Records, long since disappeared from the Secretary's Office, and is 
supposed to be irrecoverably lost. The third volume, commencing 
June, 1663, and containing, at one end, such Wills and Inventories 
as were brought for record between that date and Sept. 1677, was, 
some years since, rebound, and lettered, " Probate Records, Vol. 
III. — County Court." 

In transcribing the first volume for the press, occasional changes 
of its arrangement have been deemed advisable, for the purpose of 
facilitating reference, and to preserve chronological sequence. Thus, 
the Constitution of 1639, has been transposed from the end of the 
volume, to its proper place, preceding the record of the April Court :* 
the wills and inventories recorded prior to 1644, have been brought 
together, at the end of the Court Records, and placed with others 
subsequently recorded :f the records of such sessions of the Court 
as were entered by the Secretary after others of subsequent date, 
have been restored to their proper order. These, with other similar 
changes, have been made with less hesitation, from the fact that the 
paging of the original has been carefully retained, at the side of each 
printed page. 

♦ Pages 20-26. t See note, on page 442. 


The names of magistrates and deputies, and of jurors in the sev- 
eral courts, are, in the original, recorded on the margins of the pages. 
To retain this arrangement, in the printed copy, would have been, on 
many accounts, inconvenient. The names of the members of the 
court have therefore been placed, in double columns, at the com- 
mencement of each session. 

While the orthography of the original has been preserved through- 
out, it has not seemed necessary to adhere as closely to the anoma- 
lous punctuation, or the use of capital letters, practised by the early 
recorders. To have done so would have increased the difficulties 
of perusal and materially detracted from the interest of the volume 
to the general reader. Yet the liberty taken in these particulars 
has been cautiously used, and in all cases where the sense of the 
original could be affected by the change of position or interpolation 
of a comma or period, the record has been printed precisely as orig- 
inally punctuated. 

The more common abbreviations employed in the work, require 
no explanation. Nor will it be necessary to inform those who are at 
all conversant with old manuscripts, that a single m or n, with a cir- 
cumflex or dash above it, (m or fi) was frequently substituted for the 
double consonant ; — or that the same mark placed above a vowel indi- 
cated the omission of the consonant, (usually m or n,) immediately 
following ; (as fro {ov from, tio for tion, at the end of a word.) 

Where portions of the original are wholly or in part obliterated, 
the missing words (when obviously indicated by the context,) have 
been supplied by the transcriber. Such words are, in all cases, 
included in brackets. If the word to be supplied has seemed at all 
doubtful, or if the record could possibly have admitted of a different 
reading, the portion in brackets has been italicized or is followed by 
a mark of interrogation. In a few instances, where a slip of the 
recorder's pen has occasioned an evident error in the original, the 
correction has been suggested in a foot note, or indicated by an itali- 
cized word, placed in brackets, with an interrogation mark. 

In two instances only, slight changes have, for obvious reasons, 
been made in the language of the record. In one case, (on page 55,) 
a few words, (in brackets,) have been substituted, as of less excep- 
tionable phraseology than the original : in the other, (on page 157,) 
the omission of a line is indicated by a note at the foot of the page. 

Such extracts from the Records of the United Colonies as have 
been occasionally introduced in the notes and appendix, have been 
made from the manuscript (cotemporary) copy preserved i/i the Sec- 


retary's Office. Numerous errors, especially in dates and names, 
occur in the copjr of these records published in the second volume 
of Hazard's State Papers, — to which publication, however, it has 
in some cases been found convenient to refer, by page. 

When the publication of this volume was first proposed by the 
transcriber, and at the time of securing a legislative appropriation 
for its encouragement, an accurate copy of the original was all that 
was contemplated. In the course of publication, however, the lib- 
erty has been taken of introducing an occasional note, explanatory 
or illustrative of the text, — and a number of interesting historical 
documents, not previously published, have been included in an Ap- 
pendix. Two Indexes, of names and subjects, have also been pre- 
pared, which, if less copious and complete than the antiquarian or 
genealogist could wish, it is hoped may in some degree facilitate 
their researches, and aid the general reader to refer to the contents 
of the volume. Fac-similes of the autographs of members of the 
first Court of Election under the Constitntion of 1639, and of Magis- 
trates chosen at the Union of the Colonies, in 1665, have been pre- 
pared with all possible care and accuracy, from originals collected 
in part from early files in the State Department, and in part from the 
town records of Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor. Fac-similes 
of portions of the original records, in the hand writing of each of the 
secretaries* who held office prior to the Union, have also been intro- 
duced. These additions, and the consequent increase of the cost of 
publication, will account for the advance upon the original subscrip- 
tion price, at which the remainder of the edition is offered to non- 

However imperfectly the task of the transcriber may have been 
accomplished, it is hoped that succeeding Legislatures may not 
thereby be deterred from lending their aid to the prosecution of a 
work, alread)'' too long delayed, of which this volume is to be re- 
garded only as the commencement ; — that of giving to the public, in 

* A reference (upon the fac-siinile, facing page 9,) to John Steel, as 'Secretary' of the col. 
ony, from 1636 to J639, may require a word of explanation, — as his appointment to that office 
is no where mentioned in the record. A comparison of the first pages of the Colony Records 
with the early records of Hartford and Farmington, during the period Mr. Steel was recorder of 
those towns, leaves no doubt of the identity of the hand writing. The chirography of Mr. S. was 
eomewhsit peculiar (as may be seen by inspection of the fac-simile of an unusually legible speci- 
men of it,) and cannot well be mistaken. The first four, part of the fifth, and the tenth pages of 
the first volume are in this hand. Pages six to nine, inclusive, are in a different, and far more 
legible hand, — possibly that of Mr. Clement Chaplin, whom Dr. Trumbull concludes (in Hist, of 
Conn., 1. 95,) to have been "the first secretary." There are, however, upon all of these pages, 
occasional interlineations and additions, in the hand writing of Mr. Steel. 


a permanent form, and thus securing the preservation of all the 
early records of the Colony, prior to 1700, — together with such co- 
temporary documents of historical value or interest, as are preserved 
in the State Department. These latter constitute a large portion, 
indeed, almost all that yet remains to us, of the documentary history 
of the colony for the first half cetitury succeeding its settlement. Of 
comparatively few of them are copies, even in manuscript, extant, — 
and the loss or injury of the originals would therefore be utterly irre- 
parable. And yet, whatever precautions may be taken to ensure 
their preservation, by placing them beyond the reach of ordinary 
accident, no care can enable them much longer to withstand the 
ravages of time. As the ink fades and the paper crumbles, the 
work of transcribing not only becomes more difficult, but leads to 
less accurate and reliable results. Whatever is to be done to per- 
petuate these early annals of our state and memorials of its founders, 
should be done soon. 

J. H. T. 

Hartford, March 1st, 1850. 



Records of the General and Particular Courts, from April, 1636, to 

December, 1649, [from Vol. I., pp. 1-209.J ... 1 

Records of the General Court, from Feb., 1650, to May, 1665, 

[from Vol. II., pp. 1-205.] ... 204 
Record of Wills and Inventories, 1640 to 1649,— [from Vol. I.] 442 

Code of Laws, established by the General Court, May, 1650, . 509 

Certificate of the Secretary of State, 554 

Appendix : 

No. I. Letter from Sir Wm. Boswell, relating to encroach- 
ments of the Dutch, 565 

No. II. The articles of combination with Southampton, (L. I.) 566 
No. III. Respecting the agreement with Mr. Fenwick, . 568 

No. IV. The claims of Massachusetts to the Pequot country, 570 

No. Y. Letter from Connecticut to Easthampton, . . 572 

No. VI. Respecting the settlement of accounts with Capt. John 

Cullick, 573 

No. VII. Abstract of the will of George Fenwick, . . . 574 
No. VIII. Letter to the Comm'rs of the U. Colonies, complaining 

of affronts received from the Narragansetts, . 576 

No. IX. Letters from Mr. William Goodwin, respecting Gov. 

Hopkins' Legacy, 578 

No. X. Instructions to Gov. Winthrop, agent for procuring the 
Charter ; Address to the King ; and Letter to the 

Earl of Manchester, 579 

No. XL Petition of Mrs. Ehzabeth Culhck, to the General 

Court, 1663, 585 

No. XII. List of documents relating to the Union with New 

Haven, 586 

Index of Names, .' 591 

General Index, 597 


[volume I.] 
[1] A CoRTE HODDEN ATT NeWTON 26 APR. 1636. 

Roger Ludlowe Esqr., Mr. Westwood, 
Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

Mr. Phelpes, 

It was now complayned y* Henry Stiles or some of the ser- 
[vants] had traded a peece w^'i the Indians for Corne. It is 
ordered y^ [the] saide Henry Stiles shall, betweene & the next 
Cort, regaine [the] saide peece from the saide Indians in a 
faire & legall waye, or els this Corte will take it into fmiher 

It is ordered y* from henceforth none y* are w^hin the Juris- 
dic[tion] of this Cort, shall trade w^ii the natiues or Indians 
any peece or pistoll or gunn or powder or shott, vnder such 
heavie penalty as -vppon such misdemeanor the Corte shall 
thinke meete. 

Constables sworne, for Dorchester, Newtowne & Water- 
towne, for this next yeere and vntill newe be chosen, are Henry 
Walcott for Dorchester, Samuell Wakema for Newtowne <fe 
Daniell Finch for Watertowne. 

Whereas there be divers strange Swine in the seui'all plant- 
aeons yt their owners are not knowen & yet doe & are likelie 
to Comitt many trespasses. It is therefore ordered y* the saide 
plantacons shall forthw^ii take notice of them & their markes, 
& giue speedy notice amonge the plantacons both of them &c 
their mi'kes & if in a fortenight noe owners come forth then 
the saide plantacons or plantacon where such Swine are, may 
appraise them att a value & sell them & take the money to 


some publicke vse of the saide plantacon, vnlesse their doe 
w^hin one whole yeere after app"" a true owner & then the 
money it was sould for is to be restored, poinded alwaies y* 
when the owner app»' before the money or Swine be redeUu^'ed 
there be deducted such SoiTies & Chardges & trespasses as 
haue beene comitted & expended in & aboute him or them. 

It is hkewise ordered if any Swine stray from oute their 
owne Plantacon into another they shalbe subiect [to] the 
orders y^ are there made concerninge Swine. 

Whereas there was a dismission granted by the C[hurch] of 
Waterton in the Masachusetts, dated 29^^ of Ma[ ] last to An- 
drewe Warde, Jo : Sherman, Jo : Stickland, Rob'te Coo, Rob'te 
Reynold & Jonas Weede, w^h intent to fbrme a newe in a Ch : 
Coveniite in this River of Conectecott, the saide p'ties haue 
soe accordingly done w^i^ the publicke allowance of the rest of 
the members of the saide Churches, as by certificate nowe 
prduced apprs. It is therefore in this p^sent Cort ratified & 
confirmed, they p^missing shortlie publicquely to renewe the 
[said] Covennte vppon notice to the rest of the Churches. 


Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Westwood, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

Mr. Phelpes, 
Whereas, the last Corte Henry Stiles was ordered to regaine 
[a] peece he had traded w^h the Indians w^^ doth not appf 
that he hath done. It is ordered that a warr* shalbe directed 
to him to prforme the same by the next Cort & and then p>-son- 
ally to app'' [&] answere his neglect, 

; It is ordered yt there shalbe a sufficient Watch maynte[ined] 
in every towne & yt the Constable of each Towne shall d[uly] 
warne the same & see y* the inhabitants or residents doe 
seu^ally in their Turne observe the same accordinge as [the] 
Inhabitants doe agree, w«h said watch shall begin & end w^ 
the Courte or magistrates shall thinke meete. 

It is ordered yt Samuell Wakeman & Geo : Hubberd shall 
[survey] the breadth of the plantacon of Dorchester howe 


farre [it] shall extend aboue Mr. Stiles & shall certifie vnto 
the [next] Corte their pfceedinges herein to th' end it may be 
then confirmed, and y*^ they shall haue from the saide Towne 
satisfaccon for their paines. And the saide Samuell Wake[man] 
shall doe the Uke for Watertowne in their bredth toward [the] 
mouth of the River & have the like satisfaccon. And this 
done w^iiout faile before the next Corte vppon peine [ofj 
40*'^ shillinges of each heade y^ shall faile therein. 

It is ordered that every souldier in each plantacon shall haue 
in his howse in a readines before th' end of August next twoe 
pounde of powder, & y* they shall shew it to the Constable 
whenever he shall call them vnto it vppon the penalty of Xs. for 
every failure w^h is presentlie to be le[vied] by the saide Con- 
stable w^hout [resistance] as alsoe 20 bul[letts of leade in the 
like readines vppon the same penalty and in the same manner 
to be levied.] 

[2] A Corte held att Watertowne 1° T^"", 1636. 
Roger Ludlowe Esq''., Mr. Wm. Phelps, 

Mr. Jo : Steele, Mr. Wm. Westwoode, 

Mr. Wm. Swaine, Mr. Andr: Warde. 

It is ordered y^ the order concerninge Powder & BuUetts, 
of the 7th of June last be nowe p^sentlie published in the 
seu''all plantacons & y* there be respite given vntill th'end of 
this instant moneth & then to be putt in execucon w^^^out faile. 

Whereas there was tendered to vs an Inventory of the estate 
of Mr. Jo : Olda w^^ seemed to bee somewhat vncerteinely 
valued, wee therefore thinke meete to, & soe it is ordered, that 
Mr. Jo : Plum & Rich : Gildersleeue togeather w^h the Con- 
stable shall survey the saide Inventory and prfect the same be- 
fore the next Corte & then to deliu"^ it into the Corte. 

It is ordered y* Thurston Rayner as he hath hitherto done 
soe shall continue to looke to &c p""serue the Corne of Mr. Olda 
& shall inn* the same in a seasonable tyme & shall bringe 
an Accompt the next Cort what quantitie there is of it as alsoe 
of his labor & then the Cort will out of the same allott vnto 
him soe many bushells as shalbe reasonable for his paines & 

'Inn ; to house, to put under cover. Webster. 


labor. And in the meane if he hath vse of some for his owne 
spendinge to take some w^h shalbe then deducted out of what 
wilbe due to him. And then the Cort will give finall order con- 
cerninge the same. 

It is ordered y* every plantacon shall traine once in every 
moneth, & if vppon complainte of their military officer it app" 
that there bee divers very vnskilfuU the sayde plantacon may 
appointe the officer to traine oftenerthe saide vnskillfull. And 
yt the saide military officer take veiwe of their seu'all Armes 
whether they be seruiceable or noe. And for default of every 
souldiers absent the absent to paye 5s. for every tyme w^J^out 
lawfuU excuse w^hin 2 dayes after tendered to the Com^s or one 
of them in the saide plantacon. And for any default in Armes 
vppon warnings to them by the saide officer to amend the 
same &; a tyme sett & if not then amended by the tyme ap- 
pointed, Is. every tyme. And where Armes are wholly want- 
inge to be bounde over to answere it at the next Corte. 

Whereas it applied by a wrytinge vnder hand of Mr. Olda 
that twoe of the mares y* are nowe seized vppon by DanielJ 
Finch Constable of Watertowne, as Mr. Oldames goodes, are 
the goodes of Mr. Tho : Allen. And therefore it is ordered 
that the said mares shalbe deliu'ed to the saide Mr. Allen into 
his owne possession or his assignes. 

It is ordered by consent of S^ieant Seely pi* against the 
inhabitants of the Towne of Watertowne deft'S, yt a Jurer 
shalbe w^^^drawen, and y* the defts doe vndertake to p^'duce aijt 
order wherein they will make it appJ" yt it was ordered yt if 
the inhabitants of the saide Towne did not remoue w^^ their 
Families to Conectecott by th' end of this instant moneth or 
els there was noe pi'priety due to them in the devident of the 
landes of the saide Towne & y*^ the hand or the consent of 
the saide Willm Bassum is herevnto. And if the saide order 
be not pt'duced here to the Corte by the 2^ Cort after this the, 
Inhabitants are to pay the pl^^ damages. 

The first of November, 1636. ' 
S^ieant Seely pl<^«. 
Inhabitants of Watertowne defts. 
The Jury finde for the pl^e that hee is to have as an adven- 


turer & as a man that was in the Condicon that Bassam vnder 
whom he claymed was in. ^ 

Guilford, June 16 : 1665.* 
This is to certify unto all whom it may concerne, that vpon his 
certaine knowledge, by the advice of the Court, Wethersfeild men 
gaue so much unto Sowheag as was to his sattisfaction for all their 
plantations lyeing on both sides the great Riuer, w"'^the Islands, viz. 
six miles in bredth on both sides the Riuer, & six miles deep from 
the River westward, and three miles deep from the Riuer eastward. 
Thus testifyeth George Hubbard. By me George Hubbard. 

Taken upon oath Before me Willm Leete ; 

This is a true coppy of the originell being examined & com- 
pared therewith this 18 of May, 1667, p' me 

John Allyn: Secret'y. 

[3] A CoRTE HELD ATT Newe Towne 8^' 4^0, 1636. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Phelpes, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

It is ordered that a Warrant be directed to Daniell Finch to 
suinon Rich : Gildersleeue to app' the next Corte or other 
meetinge of the Com" to bringe in an Inventory of Mr. Old- 
ames estate w<=h was sometyme in his handes as alsoe to smTion 
any other to appf that hath in his handes or canne declare 
where any of th' estate of the saide Mr. Olda is yt is not as 
yet revealed. 

A Corte held att Newe Towne 1° Novemb'', 1636. 
Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. P.helps, 

Mr. Pyncheon, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Warde. 

Mr. Steele, 
It is ordered that Sneant Seely shall betweene this & the 
next Corte consider of such noates & Inventories as haue 
come to his handes or knowledge concerninge the estate of 

* This certificate, is inairtod at the foot of the 2cl Page of the original, in tlie hand writing 
of Mr. Allyn. 



Mr. Oldam &, then deliuer them into the Corte vppon oath &. 
iupthe meane to pi'duce any noate or Inventory to Mr. Swayne 
& Mr. Warde that he hath or cann come by y* may make for 
the furtherance of the discouery of the estate of the saide Mr 
Olda, to th' end the Cort may then p^ceede in yt business as 
they shall see cause. 

It is ordered #y* S^ieant Stickland is to haue for 7 days ser- 
uice to the Rivers mouth, aboute Cattle of Mr. Michell & the 
lo : or their Agents, 21s. The rest y* went in the same seruice 
14s. a peece, every Plantacon to defray the chardge of their 
owne men for the pi'sent &c yt the constables shall make a rate 
to that purpose. 

It is ordered that Mr. Clement Chaplin shall take into his 
Custody the goodes of Mr. Oldam deceased, according to an 
Inventory in Corte & in the Custody of Daniell Finch & he 
the saide Mr. Chaplin is to be responsiue for them as the Corte 
shall thinke meete, & if the saide Mr. Chaplin thinke meete 
he may sell them or any of them. 

It is ordered y^ Jo : Reeues is to retorne to his M'', Mr. Stiles 
whoe hath his Indenture & the saide Mr Stiles is to pay 
Willin Quicke 15s. for his passage, if not the C[orte] will take 
order in the same as they shall see meete. 

A Corte at New Towne 27 Dec. 1636. 
Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

It is ordered y* Daniell Finch shall haue for sixe dayes im- 
ploym* about Mr. Oldames estate & a Corte 13s. — 6. 

It is ordered yt Mr. Clement Chaplin shall diligenthe inquire 
after any the goodes of Mr. Oldam deceased & if there bee 
any p>-son or p^sons yt he can finde y^ hath or hadd any of the 
saide goodes in his handes & will not deliur the same nor an 
Inventory of them he may sumon him or them to app>" the next 
Corte to answere the same. 

It is ordered yt all the Creditors of Mr. Olda in the River 
of Conectecott bringe in their debts before the next Corte or 


e[ls] he shall not be deemed as a Crediter in th' estate that is 
now extant. 

21 Febr. 1636. 
Mr. Ludlowe, Mr Phelps,% 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwoode. 

Mr. Swaine, 

Whereas it was ordered y* Samuel Wakeman, Geo : Hub- 
bert, & Anncient Stoughton were to consider of the boundes 
of Dorchester towarde the Falls & of Watertowne towards 
the mouth of the River ; The saide Samuell Wakeman & 
[Geo :] Hubberd thinkes meete y* the plantacon of Dorchester 
shall extend towards the Falls, on the same side the plantacon 
standes, to a Brooke called Kittle Brooke & soe over the greate 
River vppon the same line that Newe Towne & Dorchester 
doth betweene them. And soe it is ordered by the Corte. 

It is ordered that the plantacon nowe called Newtowne shal 
be called &, named by the name of Harteford Towne, likewise 
the plantacon now called Watertowne shalbe called & named 

Samuell Wakeman & Ancient Stoughton doe thinke meete 
that the boundes of Wythersfeild shalbe extended toward the 
Rivers mouth in the same side it standes in to a Tree sixe miles 
downeward from the boundes between them & Harteford 
[marked w^h] N : F : & to [runn in an east] & west line, [& 
over] the great River, the saide Wythersfeild to begin att 
[4] the mouth of Pewter pott Brooke & there to runn due east 
into the Countrey 3 miles & downeward sixe miles in breadth, 
wh is ordered accordingly.* 

It is ordered yt the plantacon called Dorchester shalbee called 

The boundes betweene Weathersfeild 6c Harteford are agreed 
on the side wherein they stand to be att a Tree mi'ked N : F : 
■& to w<=h the Pale of the saide Harteford is fixed, to goe into the 

* The words in brackets, (now illegible In the original Record) are here supplied from a cer- 
tified copy of this and the next preceding order, made in 1708. Towns & Lands, Vol. iv. Doc. 
No. 1. 


Countrey due east & on the other side of the greate River 
from Pewter pott Brook att the lower side of Hocanno due 
east into the Countrey, w^h is nowe ordered accordingly. 

The boundes betweene Harteford & Windsor is agreed to be 
att the vpper end of the greate meadowe of the saide Harteford 
toward Windsor att the Pale that is nowe there sett vpp by the 
saide Hartefo# wii is abuttinge vppon the great River vppon a 
due east line & into the Countrey from the saide Pale vppon a 
due west line as paralell to the saide east line as farr as they 
have now paled & afterward the boundes to goe into the Coun- 
trey vppon the same west line. But it is to be soe much shorter 
towards Windsor as the place where the Girte that comes 
alonge att th' end of the saide meadowe & falls into the saide 
greate River is shorter then their Pale & over the saide greate 
*Riuer the saide Plantacon of Windsor is to come to the River- 
etts mouth that falls into the saide greate River of Conectecott 
and there the saide Harteford is to runn due east into the Coun- 
trey, w^h is ordered accordingly. 

It is ordered j^ noe yonge man yt is neither maried nor 
hath any servaunte, & be noe publicke officer, shall keepe howse 
by himself, w^^out consent of the Towne where he Hues first, 
had, vnder paine of 20s. p^ weeke. 

It is ordered y* noe M"^ of a Family shall giue habitacon or 
interteinment to any yonge man to soiourne in his family 
but by the allowance of the inhabitants of the saide Towne 
where he dwelles vnder the like penalty of 20s. p"" weeke. These 
2 last orders to take effect the first of Aprill next. 

Att a Cort att Harteford, Mi"ch 28th, 1637. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Steele, 

Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Warde. 

It is ordered y* Mr. Frances Stiles shall teach Geo. Chappie, 

Tho : Coopr & Tho : Barber his servaunts in the trade of a 

Carpenter accordinge to his pi'mise for there s'^vice of their 

* [In margin] Tlie Riuefstt on the other side by the Indians is called Podanke. 



terme behinde 4 dayes in a weeke onelie to sawe & slitt their 
owne worke that they are to frame themselves w^^ their owne 
hands togeather w^h himself or some other M^ workmen, the 
tyme to begin for the p^formance of this order 14 dayes hence 
wt^out faile. 

It is ordered y* every Juryman shall haue sixe pence for 
every accon that is given to them vppon evidence, to bee paide 
by him the Accon goes against. 

The first day of May, 1637, Gen'^all Corte att Harteford. 
Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Swaine, Mr. Steele, Mr. 

Phelps, Mr. Warde. 
Comittees. — Mr. Why tinge, Mr. Webster, Mr. Willms, 
Mr. Hull, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Hosford, Mr. 
Mychell, Mr. Sherman. 

It is ordered that there shalbe an offensiue warr ag* the 
Pequoitt, and that there shalbe 90 men levied out of the 3 Plan-, 
tacons, Harteford, Weathersfeild & Windsor (vizt) out of 
Harteford 42, Windsor 30, Weathersfeild 18 : vnder the Com- 
ande of Captaine Jo : Mason & in Case of death or sicknes 
vnder the Coinand of Rob'te Seely Leif*, & the'ldest S^ieant or 
military officer survivinge, if both these miscary. 

It is ordered that Harteford shall send 14 Armour in this de- 
signe, Windsor 6. 

It is ordered that there shalbe \^^ of good beare for the Cap- 
taine 6t M"" & sick men, if there be only 3 or 4 gallons of 
stronge water, 2 gallons of sacke. 

It is ordered that Windsor shall p^uide 60 bushells of Come, 
Harteford 84 bushells, Weathersfeild 36 bushells, of this each 
plantacon to bake in biskett the on half if by any meanes they 
cann, the rest in grounde meale. Weathersfeild tenn bushells 
to bee allowed vppon Accompt. 

Harteford is to p^'uide 3 firkins of suett, 2 firkins of Butter, 
wth yt att Rivers mouth, 4 bushells of Oatemeale, 2 bushells of 
Pease, 500 of fish, 2 bushells of salt ; Weathersfeild 1 bushell of 
Indian Beanes ; Windsor 50 peeces of Porke, SO^^ of Rice, 4 


It is ordered that every souldier shall cary w^^ him I'b 
pouder, 4^^ of shott, 20 bulletts ; 1 barell of Powder from the 
Riuers mouth, [a light] Gunn if they cann. 

[It is ordered] y* Mr. Pincheons shallopp shalbe taken to be 
imployed [in this desi]gne. 

[5] June 2*^, 1637. A Generall Corte att Harteford. 

It is ordered yt there shalbe sent forth 30 men out of the 
seu^'all plantacons in this River of Conectecott to sett downe in 
the Pequoitt Countrey & River in place convenient to mayn- 
teine o^^ right y* God by Conquest hath given to vs, & Leiftenn* 
Seely shall haue the Comande of them. The men are to be 
raised 14 out of Harteford, tenn out of Windsor, 6 out of Wyth- 

It is ordered y* 60 bushells of Corne shal be p^uided for the 
designe aboues^, Windsor 20, Harteford 28, Wythersfeild 12, 
Ihh of Pease, 2 bushells of Oatemeale, 150 pounde of Beefe, 
sol'' of Butter, (vizt) Windsor 30, Wythersfeild 30, Harteford 
20, fish. 

26 June, 1637, Harteford GenJ'all Corte. 

It is ordered that 10 men more shalbe levied out of the plan- 
tacons aforesaide to goe in the designe ag* the Pequoitts as an 
adition to the form^" 30, (vizt) 5 out of Harteford, Windsor 3, 
Weathersfeild 2. 

It is ordered y* Mr. Haine & Mr. Ludlowe shall goe to the 
mouth of the River to treate & Conclude w^h o' frendes of the 
Bay either to joine w^h their forces in prsecutinge o' designe 
against o' enemies or if they see cause by aduise to interprise 
any Accon accordinge to the force we haue. And to parle w^^ 
the bay aboute o"^ settinge downe in the Pequoitt Countrey. 

It is ordered y* there shalbe 1 hogg p^vided att Wythers- 
feild for the designe in hande, W^^ is conceiued to be Nathan- 
iell Footes, 20ib of Butter, half C of Cheese; Harteford 201^ of 
Butter, half hundred of Cheese ; Windsor 1 Ram goate, 201'' of 
Butter, half C of Cheese, 1 gallon of stronge Water ; Harteford 
1 C of beefe from Mr. Whittinge, Windsor 3 bushells of mault, 
■2 from Wythersfeild, Mr. Wells 2. 

of connecticut. 11 

Harteford. Generall Cort, Tuesday, Nov: 14^^, 1637. 
Mr. Haines, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 
Swaine, Mr. Mychell, Mr. Hull, Mr. Whytinge, Capt : 
Mason, Mr. Warde, Goodman Smith, Goodma Bacon. 

It is ordered that every common souldier that went in the 
iate designe against o"" enemies the Pequoites shall have Is. 3d. p^ 
day for theire service at sixe dayes to the weeke, the Sergants 
20d p'' day, the Leiftenant 205. p'' weeke, the Capt" 405. p^" weeke, 
any man that was publiquely imployed in the said service and 
dyet themselves shall have 2s. -p^ day ; and that the saide pay- 
ment shalbe for a moneth although in strictnes there was but 
three weekes and 3 dayes due ; such as did returne from the 
Forte and never went in the seruice to bee allowed but for 12 

It is ordered that the pay in the second designe shalbe the 
same with the former, and the tyme a month as abouesayde. 

Harteford. 9° Febr. 1637. 
Mr. Haynes, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Plum, Mr. 
Mychell, Capt : Mason, pi'sent. 

Whereas vppon serious Consideracon wee conceiue that the 
plantacons in this River wilbe in some want of Indian Corne, 
And on the same Consideracon wee conceiue if every man may 
be at liberty to trucke with the Indians vppon the River where 
the supply of Corne in all likeliwood is to bee had to furnish c 
necessities, the market of Corne amonge the Indians may be 
greatly advanced to the preiudice of these plantacons, wee 
therefore thinke meete and doe soe order that noe man in this 
River nor Agawam shall goe vpp River amonge the Indians or 
at home at theire houses to trade for Corne or make any Con- 
tract or bargaine amonge them for corne either privately or 
publiquely vppon the paine of 5^. for every bushell that hee or 
they shall soe tr[ade] or contract for ; this order to endure 
vntill the next Generall Courte and vlP[till] the Courte take 
other order to the contrary, and at the saide generall Courte 
there wilbe a setled order in the thing. 


It is ordered that there shalbe a prticular Courte on the first 
Tuesday of M[ay] at Harteford, and that then Mr. Olda busi- 
nesses and John Jesopps are to be handled, therefore the sev- 
erall Creditors are then to come and make their claime. 

It is ordered that Mr. Clement Chaplin shalbe Treasurer for 
this next yeare to Collect and gather such Rates as are now to 
[6] be levied in the seve[rall] || plantacons, and that there shalbe 
vnder Collectors to whom the said Mr. Treasurer may direct 
his Warrants in every plantacon, and that the said Treasurer 
may giue order to the said Collectors to pay the severall bills of 
theire plantacons and give it in Accompte to the said Mr. Treas- 
urer, and after the bills be paide to returne in the rest to the 
said Mr. Treasurer : the collectors are, for Harteford Willm 
Wadsworth, Windsor Henry Wolcott the elder, and Andrew 
Warde for Wethersfeild and John Bur for Agawam. 

It is ordered there shalbe forthwith a levey of sixe hundred 
and twenty poundes to be levied for to defray the charges of 
the late designes of warrthatis already past, Aggawam 86/. 16s, 
Windsor 158/. 2s, Harteford 251/. 2s, Wethersfeild 124/. The 
payment to be made either in monney, in Wampum at fower 
a penny, or in good and marchantable beaver at 9s. pr pounde. 

It is ordered that there shalbe generall notice giuen in all the 
plantacons that if there be any Arm'', gones, swordes, belts, 
Bandilers, kittles, pottes, tooles, or any thinges els that belonges 
to the commonwealth, that were lost, landed or leafte in any 
plantacons, they are to be delivered into the handes of the saide 
Constables of the said townes, and the said Constables to bring 
them to the next Courte at Harteford, and if after the said no- 
tice there be any thinges found in any mans house or custody, 
it concerning the said Commonwealth, they shalbe subiect to 
the sensure of the Courte for their* tenure or con- 


It is ordered y* the generall Courte now in being shalbe dis- 
solved and there is noe more attendance of the members thereof 
to be expected except they be newly chosen in the next gen^ 

erali Courte. 


*This blank in the original. 


8to die Mn'i, 1637. 


Mr. Haines, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Pincheon, Mr. Welles, 

Mr. Plum, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Mychell, Mr. Smith. 
Committees : Capt: Mason, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Steele, Mr. 
Talkott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Hull, Mr. Ford, Tho: Mar- 
shall, Adr : Warde, Geo : Hubberd, Jo : Gibbes. Thurston 
Raynr absent. 
Thurston Raynor being chosen a Committee for the Towne 
of Wethersfeild being now absent is fined I5, to be forthwith 

Whereas Mr. Pincheon was questioned aboute imprisoning 
an Indian at Aggawam, whipping an Indian and freeing of him, 
the Courte is willing to passe over Mr. Plumms failings against 
an Indian. 

It is ordered with the consent of Mr. Pincheon that thesaide 
Mr. Pyncheon will deliver att Harteford goods Marchantable 
Indian Corne att 5.s. p"" bushell as farr as 500 bushells will goe 
at, if hee can save by that, for the residue hee is to have 5s. 2d. 
p'' bushell, provided also that that proporcon that Windsor is to 
have shalbe landed there at Mr. Ludlowes, for that proporcon 
that Wethersfeild is to have they are to fetch it att Harteford. 
In consideracon whereof the is a restrainte of any to goe vpp 
the River to trade with the Indians for Corne ; as alsoe if any 
Indians bring downe any Corne to vs wee are not to exceede 45. 
pr bushell ; as alsoe in case of necessity that any family or fam- 
ilyes doe complaine of present necessities they are to repaire to 
3 magistrates which may advise them for the supply, although 
it be to the dispensing with this order ; prouided alsoe that if 
the said Mr. Pincheon bee inforced to raise the price with the 
Indians of sixe sixes of Wampom a pecke then the plantacons 
are to increase the pay of 5s. p'' bushell, if he can abate any thing 
hee will sett of soe much of 5s. p^ bushell. The payment to be 
made in wampom at 3 a penny or marchantable beaver at Xs. 

9° die. It is ordered that whosoever doth diseorderly speake 
privately during the sittinge of Courte with his Neibour or twoe 



or 3 togeather, shall presently pay Is, if the Courte soe thinke 


[7] It is ordered that Captaine Mason, Mr. Allen, Mr. Warde, 

shall go to Agawam and treate with the Indians of Waronocke 

concerning the tribute towards the charges of o^ warres, to the 

value of one Fatham of Wampom a man. Nawattocke a fatham 

and a quarter, Pacomtuckett one fatham and a quarter. 

It is ordered y^ Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Michael] 
shall have power to deale with Elias Parkman aboute his ves- 
sel! to goe to the Narragansett to trade for Corne and they are 
likewise to take vpp such commodities as may freight the saide 
vessell to the end aforesaide, and doe therein what they shall 
see meete that may tend for the publique good in that way, and 
that the plantacons shall beare the chardge of the saide Freight 
and have the proceede of the Corne and trade accordinge to 
the proporcon of the last publique rate to the warrs, as alsoe of 
what comes from Agawam. 

It is ordered that noe Commissioners or other person shall 
binde, imprison or restraine, correct or whipp any Indian or 
Indians whatsoever in his owne case or in the case of any 
other, nor giue them any menacing or threatning speeches, 
exc[ept] it be in case any Indian or Indians shall assault or 
affront theire person or persons, or shall finde them either wast- 
ing, killing or spoiling any of theire goodes or estate, and he or 
they shall finde them soe doeing, and in that case if they refuse 
to come before a magistrate they may force them to goe and 
binde them if they refuse. But if any iniurie or trespasse be 
offered or done by any Indian or indians or their dogges, he or 
they are to complaine to some magistrate or magistrates, pro- 
vided alwaies that any twoe magistrats togeather may vppon 
any speciall occasion send for any Indian or Indians to come 
before them and if they see cause to restraine or imprison him 
or them and in case of refusall or contumacy or other extraor- 
dinary misdemeanor or occasion, to send force to apprehend or 
take him or them if they see cause. 

It is ordered that there shalbe fiftie Costlets provided in the 
plantacons, vid. Harteford 21 Costlets, Windsor 12, Weathers- 
feild 10, Agawam 7, which are to bee provided within 6 monthes 
at farthrest. And the saide Costlets are to be veiwed by the 


military officer that is provided for that purpose, and if he dis- 
allowe them as insufficient they are to p'uide better. And 
alsoe y* the saide Townes are to giue in the names of such as 
are to finde the saide Cosletts, att the next generall Courte, and 
then such as shall faile to provide by the day aforsaide shall 
forthwith pay 105. and five shillings a moneth vntill he hath sup- 
plied them ; and it shall alsoe be lawfuU for the saide military 
officer to call for the saide costeletts to vie we whether they 
[be] in repaire or noe. 

It is ordered that Captaine Mason shalbe a publique military 
officer of the plantacons of Conecticot, and shall traine the mil- 
itary men thereof in each plantacons according to thedayes ap- 
pointed, and shall have 40/. p'' annum, to be paid oute of the 
Treasury quarterly, the pay to begine from the day of the date 
hereof. This order to stand in force for a yeere and vntill the 
generall Courte take other order to the contrary. 

It is alsoe ordered that the saide Captaine Mason shall have 
liberty to traine the saide military men in every planlacon tenn 
<iayes in every yeere, soe as it be not in June or July, giving a 
weekes warning before hand and whosoever y* is allowed a 
souldier and faile to come at the time appointed by the saide 
publique officer to pay for his defaulte 3s. for y* time, and if it 
be vsuall for the second offence 5s, and if not amended the saide 
delinquent is to bee bounde to answere it att the next Courte. 

Itm, it is ordered that all p^sons shall beare Armes that are 
aboue the age of sixteene yeeres except they doe tender a suffi- 
cient excuse [to] the Corte & the Cort allowe the same. The 
Corals i^ Church officers for the presetit to bee exempted, as 
[8] alsoe for the tyme|l to come after they have beene a Com- 
issioner or Com''s or Church officer to bee likewise for all 
tymes afterward exempted for bearing Armes, Watchinges & 

It is ordered that there shalbe a magacc^ of powder and shott 
in every plantacon that the supply of o"" military men if occasion 
serve, videlicet, Hartef*i twoe barrels, Windsor 1 barrell of 
powder, 300 weighte of leade, Weathersfeild 1 barrell of pow- 
der, 300 of leade, Aggawam halfe a barrell of powder, 150 of 
leade ; and every military m^i is to have continually in his 
house in a readines halfe a pounde of goode powder, 2^^ of bul- 


lets sutable to his peece, one pounde of match if his peece be a 
match locke, and whosoever failes of his halfe pounde of pow- 
der and 2ib of [buUetts] and match to pay Vs. for every tyme yt 
is wanting ; the plantacons or plantacon for not providing the 
saide magacen of powder and lead within this 3 monethes to 
pay 21 b forty shillings, and tenn shilhngs for every moneth 
vntill it bee p^vided. 

It is ordered that there shalbe a measure of each plantacon 
brought to Harteford on the next perticular Courte and then 
there wilbe a setled Course for an measure in each plantacon. 

The generall Courte is appointed on the 22*^ of this instant 
moneth, the pi"ticular the day after it. 

It is ordered that all orders formerly made concerning mili- 
tary discipline vntill the orders of this Courte shalbe voide. 

* Whereas, It was ordered octo die [Martii] last that there 
should be a restrainte of tradinge for Corne in regarde of some 
■j" with Mr. Pincheon to supply the plantacon&y 
vppon consideracon of Mr. Pincheons that hee is somwhat 
fearefull of supplying the plantacons, and whereas there is a 
Clause in case of necessitie 3 magistrates may dispence with 
the order. It is .therefore ordered that Mr. Ludlowe and Cap- 
taine Mason or either of them, taking likewise such with them 
as shalbe meete, shall trade to supply theire owne necessities 
and the necessities of some other that are in wante. 

It is ordered that in the setting forth Elias, that Mr. Phelps, 
Mr. Whiting and Mr. Mychell is to agitate that busines for the 

Vppon the complainte of Aramamett and the Indians cohab- 
iting with him, aboute Leiftenant Holmes denying the planting 
of the old grounde planted the last yeere aboute Plymouth 
house, It was ordered that they should plante the old ground 
they planted the last yeer for this yeere onely, and they are to 
sett theire wigwams in the olde grounde and not withoute. 

* The date or caption of this Session of the Court is omitted in the original Record. No 
break occurs, (except a slight one between the line commencing " Whereas," &c. and the pre- 
ceding paragraph,) from the commencement of #ie proceedings of the March Session, on page 

t A blanit in the original. 


5to Api", 1638. A GEN^ALL CORT AT HaRTEFORD. 

Mr. Haines, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Pincheon, Mr. Wells, Mr. 
Plum, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Smith, Mr. Michell, 
Comittees ; Mr. Hull, Mr. Webster, Mr. Talkott, Mr. Moxa, 
Mr. Burr, Mr. Steele, Mr. Hopkins, [Capt :] Mason, 
[Mr.] Ward, [Thurston-] Rayner, [Tho :] Ford, [Tho : 
Mars]ha\\, [Geo : Hubberd.] 

Captaine Mason, Thomas Ford, Thomas Marshall, Thurston 
Rayner, George Hubberte, are fined Is. a peece for failing att 
the hower appointed which 7 of the Clocke. 

It is ordered that there shalbe sixe sent to Warranocke In- 
dians to declare unto them that wee have a desire to speake 
with them, to knowe the reasons why they saide they are 
affraide of vs, and if they will not come to vs willingly then to 
compell them to come by violence, and they may leave 2 of the 
English as pleadges in the meane time and to trade with them 
for Corne if they can. 

[9] It is ordered that Captaine Mason, Thomas Stanton, Jere- 
my Adams, John Gibbes, Searieante Stares and Thomas Mer- 
ricke, and if Thomas Merricke be gone to Aggawam then Cap- 
taine Mason to take another whom he please, shall goe in the 
saide service ; and if hee see cause to leave hostages hee may ; 
if hee see cause to goe to Aggawam he may. 

It is thought meete that the Costlets that were in the last 
service shalbe made good to the Commonwealth and made as 
serviceable as before, and that Richard Lord shall take such 
Costlets into his Custody as are in the meeting house of Harte- 
ford and make them vpp, and when they bee fitted vpp the 
saide Lord is to bring in his noate and the Courte to appointe 
one to veiw y"= same, and when they are certified to bee in 
good kelter there must be speedy course taken by y^ Courte 
for the speedy payment of the said Lord. 

It is ordered that there shalbe a warant directed to y'' sever- 
all Collectors of each plantacons to make theire retornes to the 
Treasurer within these 25 dayes or els to answere theire con- 
tempte att the next particular Courte. 

Whereas there is a desire of c neibours of Harteford that 
there may be a publique highway for Carte and horse vppon the 


vpland betweene the said Harteford and Windsor as may be 
convenient, it is therefore thought meete that Henry Wolcott 
the younger and Mr. Stephen Terr[e] and Wilhli Westwood 
and Nathaniell Warde shall consider of a fitting and conven- 
ient high way to bee marked and sett oute, and bridges made 
over the swampes, and then itt being confirmed by the Courte, 
the inhabitants of Harteford may with making a comely and 
decent Stile for foote and fence vpp ye vpper end of the mead- 
ow ; this to be done by Mun[day] seavennights vppon penalty 
of 10s. every defaulte. 

It is ordered that with the consent of Mr. Pincheon, that the 
said Mr. Pincheon shall within these 18 dayes pay Mr. Whi- 
ting 40Z. by sending downe as much Come as the saide 40/. comes 
to, or els to pay him the saide Mr. Whiting in marchantable 
beaver att 9s. p"" pounde provided that if in the Bay the saide 
Mr. Whiting cann put it away att higher rate the saide Mr. 
Pincheon to have the benefitt of it, if it be put away at losse 
the saide Mr. Pincheon to stand to it, and the saide Mr. Pin- 
cheon may write to his frends to see that the saide Mr. Whi- 
ting doth his best for the saide Mr. Pincheons advantage. 

It is ordered that the Indian Corne that is brouo;ht into the 
plantacons for the supply of theire necessitis, either by agree- 
ment with Mr. Pincheon or any other way of a generall trade, 
shall goe att 5s. 6d. in money, in wampum att 3 a penny, 6s. p"^ 
bushell, or if in beaver according to the order att 9s. pi" pomide, 
yett this is not any way to infringe the bargaine formerly made 
with Mr. Pincheon for soe much Corne as he bringes in. 

It is ordered that these men foUowinge shall receive the 
Corne aforesaide for the plantacons according to their proporcon 
agreed on, and shall keepe one exact account of what every 
man hath att the rates aforesaid ; the men appointed for this 
service are Henry Wolcott ye younger for Windsor, Edwarde 
Stibben and Thomas Scott for Harteford, For Wethersfeilde 
Mr. Plum. It is aisoe ordered y* such as are in want of Corne 
or like to betwene this and harv[est] must give in theire names 
and wants to y^ parties aforesaide of the sever all plantacons, 
and they are to retorne it in y^ next particular Courte, provi- 
ded yt the receivers of Corne aforesaid are not to deliver any 
Corne without the present payment formerly menconed. 


It is ordered that Thomas Staunton shall haue for the seruice 
hee hath done for the Countrey already past, tenn poundes. 
[10] It is ordered that Thomas Staunton shalbe a publicke 
officer for to attend the Corte vppon all occasions, either Gen- 
erall or p^ticuler, as alsoe any meetinge of the Magistrates to 
interprett betvveene them and the Indians, as also is to haue for 
it 10/. p'' Anrim. 

It is ordered y* Captaine Mason & Jeremy Adames shal goe 
on Thursday next, accordinge to o"" p'mise to trade w^^ the 
Indians for Corne and to settle a Trade between vs and them 
aboute Corne. 

It is ordered that the order of the 9*^ of March last be againe 

It is ordered where any Company of Indians doe sett downe 
neere any English plantacons that they shall declare whoe is 
their Sachem or Cheife & that the saide Cheife or Sachem shall 
paye to the saide English such trespasses as shalbe comitted by 
any Indian in the saide plantacon adioyninge, either by spoil- 
inge or killinge of Cattle or Swine either w^h Trappes, dogges 
or arrowes & they are not to pleade that it was done by Stran- 
gers vnlesse they cann p^'duce the pi'ty and deliu^' him or his 
goodes into the Custody of th' English ; and they shall paye the 
double if it were voluntarily done. 

Whereas there was some complainte made against Mr. 
Willin Pincheon of Agawam for that as was conceiued & 
vppon p^'fe app^'ed he was not soe carefull to p^mote the pub- 
licque good in the trade of Corne as hee was bounde to doe, 
It is ordered the saide Mr. Pincheon shall w^^ all convenient 
speede pay as a fine for his soe failinge 40t'e bushells of Indian 
Corne for the publicque& the saide Corne to be deliu'^edto the 
Treasurer to be disposed of as shalbe thought meete. 

Whereas vppon full debate & hearinge the matters of Iniuries 
& difference betweene Soheage, an Indian the Sachem of Py- 
quaagg nowe called Wythersfeild, & th' English Inhabitants 
thereof, and It appi'es to the Cort that there hath beene divers 
Iniuryes offered by some of the saide English inhabitants to the 
said Soheage, as alsoe the saide Soheage & his men haue like- 
wise comitted divers outrages & wronges against the saide Eng- 
lish, yet because as was conceiued the first breach was on the 


saide English p^te, All former wronges whatsoeuer are remitted 
on both sides and the saide Soheage is againe receiued in 
Amytie to the saide English, & Mr. Stone, Mr. Goodwin & 
Tho : Staunton are desired to goe to the saide Soheage & to 
treate w^^ him accordinge to the best of their discretion & to 
compose matters betweene the saide English and the saide So- 
heage, and vppon their reporte there shalbe som setled course 
in the thinge. 

It is ordered there shalbe Is. pr skin of beaver to be paide to 
the publicque out of the Trade of beaver, to be paide into the 
Treasury every half yeere : this order to stand for an yeere & 
vntill the Cort take other order to the Contrary. 

It is ordered that none shall trade in this River w^h the In- 
dians for beau' but those that are hereafter named (vizt) For 
Agawam Mr. Pyncheon, for Windsor Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Hull ; 
for Harteford Mr. Whytinge, Tho : Staunton ; Wythersfeild 
Geo : Hubberd & Rich : Lawes ; and if any trade for beauer 
other then are fornamed they shall forfeit 5s. p'' pounde to be 
paide p"" eu'"y pounde they soe trade. 

[Pages 12-22, blank: these pages were probably designed for the insertion of 
the Constitution, Oaths, &c., which were subsequently recorded on pp. 21-5-227 
of the original as now paged.] 

[220] Forasmuch as it hath pleased the Allmighty God by the 
wise disposition of his diuyne p'"uidence so to Order and dispose 
of things that we the Inhabitants and Residents of Windsor, 
Harteford and Wethersfield are now cohabiting and dwelling 
in and vppon the River of Conectecotte and the Lands there- 
unto adioyneing ; And well knowing where a people are gath- 


ered togather the word of God requires that to mayntayne the 
peace and vnion of such a people there should be an orderly and 
decent Gouerment established according to God, to order and 
dispose of the affayres of the people at all seasons as occation 
shall require ; doe therefore assotiate and conioyne our selues 
to be as one Publike State or Comonwelth ; and doe, for our 
selues and our Successors and such as shall be adioyned to vs 
att any tyme hereafter, enter into Combination and Confedera- 
tion togather, to mayntayne and p'searue the liberty and purity 
of the gospell of our Lord Jesus W^^^ we now p^fesse, as also the 
disciplyne of the Churches, w^h according to the truth of the 
said gospell is now practised amongst vs ; As also in c Ciuell 
Affaires to be guided and gouerned according to such Lawes, 
Rules, Orders and decrees as shall be made, ordered & decreed, 
as foUoweth : — 

1. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed, that there shall be 
yerely two generall Assemblies or Courts, the on the second 
thursday in Aprill, the other the second thursday in September, 
following; the first shall be called the Courte of Election, 
wherein shall be yerely Chosen fro tyme to tyme soe many 
Magestrats and other publike Officers as shall be found requi- 
sitte : Whereof one to be chosen Gouernour for the yeare en- 
sueing and vntili another be chosen, and noe other Magestrate 
to be chosen for more then one yeare ; pj'uided allwayes there 
be sixe chosen besids the Gouernour ; w^^ being chosen and 
sworne according to an Oath recorded for that purpose shall 
haue power to administer iustice according to the Lawes here 
established, and for want thereof according to the rule of the 
word of God ; w<=h choise shall be made by all that are admit- 
ted freemen and haue taken the Oath of Fidellity, and doe co- 
habitte w^^'m this Jurisdiction, (hauing beene admitted Inhabit- 
ants by the maior p^t of the Towne wherein they hue,*) or the 
mayor p^te of such as shall be then p^sent. 
[222] 2. It is Ordered, sentensed and decreed, that the Elec- 
tion of the aforesaid Magestrats shall be on this manner : euery 
p^son p^sent and quallified for choyse shall bring in (to the 
pi'sons deputed to receaue the) one single papr w^h the name of 
him written in yt whom he desires to haue Gouernour, and he 

• Tliis clause has been interlined in a different hand writing and at a more recent period 


that hath the greatest nuber of papers shall be Gouernor for 
that yeare. And the rest of the Magestrats or publike Officers 
to be chosen in this manner : The Secretary for the tyme be- 
ing shall first read the names of all that are to be put to choise 
and then shall seuerally nominate them distinctly, and euery 
one that would haue the pi'son nominated to be chosen shall 
bring in one single paper written vppon, and he that would not 
haue him chosen shall bring in a blanke : and euery one that 
hath more written papers then blanks shall be a Magestrat for 
that yeare ; Wh papers shall be receaued and told by one or 
more that shall be then chosen by the court and sworne to be 
faythfull therein ; but in case there should not be sixe chosen 
as aforesaid, besids the Gouernor, out of those w<=h are nomin- 
ated, then he or they w^h haue the most written pap^s shall be 
a Magestrate or Magestrats for the ensueing yeare, to make vp 
the foresaid nuber. 

3. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed, that the Secretary 
shall not nominate any pi"son, nor shall any p'son be chosen 
newly into the Magestracy w«^h -v^^as not p^pownded in some 
Generall Courte before, to be nominated the next Election; and 
to that end yt shall be lawfull for ech of the Townes aforesaid 
by their deputyes to nominate any two who they conceaue fitte 
to be put to Election ; and the Courte may ad so many more as 
they iudge requisitt. 

4. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed that noe p^son be 
chosen Gouernor aboue once in two yeares, and that the Gou- 
ernor be alwayes a meber of some approved congregation, and 
formerly of the Magestracy w^^^^in this Jurisdiction ; and all the 
Magestrats Freemen of this Comonwelth : and that no Mages- 
trate or other publike officer shall execute any pi'te of his or 
their Office before they are seuerally sworne, w<^h shall be done 
in the face of the Courte if they be pJ'sent, and in case of ab- 
sence by some deputed for that purpose. 

[224] 5. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed, that to the 
aforesaid Courte of Election the seu^all Townes shall send their 
deputyes, and when the Elections are ended they may pi'ceed 
in any publike searuice as at other Courts. Also the other 
Generall Courte in September shall be for makeing of lawes, and 


any other publike occation, w^h conserns the good of the Com- 

6. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed, that the Goui^nor 
shall, ether by himselfe or by the secretary, send out sumons to 
the Constables of eu'' Towne for the cauleing of these two 
standing Courts, on month at lest before their seu'"all t^mes ; 
And also if the Gou^'nor and the gretest p^'te of the Magestrats 
see cause vppon any spetiall occation to call a generall Courte, 
they may giue order to the secretary soe to doe w^^^in fower- 
teene dayes warneing : and if vrgent necessity so require, vppon 
a shorter notice, glueing sufficient grownds for yt to the depu- 
tyes when they meete, or els be questioned for the same ; And 
if the Goui'nor and Mayor p^te of Magestrats shall ether neglect 
or refuse to call the two Generall standing Courts or ether of 
the, as also at other tymes when the occations of the Coihon- 
welth require, the Freemen thereof, or the Mayor p'te of them, 
shall petition to them soe to doe : if then yt be ether denyed or 
neglected the said Freemen or the Mayor p^te of them shall 
haue power to giue order to the Constables of the seuerall 
Townes to doe the same, and so may meete togather, and chuse 
to themselues a Moderator, and may pi^ceed to do any Acte of 
power, w^h any other Generall Courte may. 

7. It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed that after there are 
warrants giuen out for any of the said Generall Courts, the 
Constable or Constables of ech Towne shall forthw^^ give no- 
tice distinctly to the inhabitants of the same, in some Publike 
Assembly or by goeing or sending fro howse to howse, that at 
a place and tyme by him or them lymited and sett, they meet 
and assemble the selues togather to elect and chuse certen dep- 
utyes to be att the Generall Courte then following to agitate the 
afayres of the comonwelth ; w'^^ said Deputyes shall be chosen 
by all that are admitted Inhabitants in the seui'all Townes and 
haue taken the oath of fidellity ; pi^uided that non be chosen a 
Deputy for any Generall Courte w^h is not a Freeman of this 

[226] The foresaid deputyes shall be chosen in manner fol- 
lowing : euery pi^son that is p^sent and quallified as before ex- 
pi'ssed, shall bring the names of such, written in seui^rall papers, 
as they desire to haue chosen for that Imployment, and these 3 

r (I II 1. 1 (' It V. (' () It I) s 

or i, iiioit'or l(>sst>, Ikmii!'; llit- uiiIkm' iii!;r(>(>(l on lo lu' clioscii loY 
llnit tymo, that Uiww if\o:\iv^\ mihiM' of iKquM's vvi'ilhMi lor th<> 
shall 1)0 (loputyes lor tluit Courto ; wliosc^ iiiumcs shall Ih> «mi- 
dorsed on tho haoko si(l(> ol' lln' wafiaiil and ictiinuNJ into Ihf 
('otirla, \v"' lht> Constahli"! or ( •onst.ahlos hand vnto tho saino. 

s. Ti is OrdiM'od, soiit(MU't»d and doerood. tluU Wyndsor, llart- 
loiil ami \\ t'lliiMsliold shall haui> powor, och Towno, to send 
Ibwov ol' ilioii- tV(-t>!U(Mi as (heir d(>imtyes to euery Genorall 
(\^urto ; and whalsooutM- other 'i'ownos shall bo horoaftor addod 
to this Jurisdiction, thoy shall s(>nd so nuiny (l(^i>nfy(>s as tho 
('(»nrlt^ shall jud^o meeto, a rosonaMo ii'|u>riit>ii to th(> iiiiIum- i»i' 
l''roon\on that nro in tho said Tow nos hoino- to ho attoiulod 
thoroin ; \v'''> dopntytvs shall ha\ c th(> powor oi' tho \vhi>I(> 'Towno 
to i^iuo tlnMr voats and alowanco to all siioh la\M's and (>rdors 
as may ln^ lor lht> put'likc <\ooA. and unlo w •'' tho said 'IViwiK^s 
ni(* to ho hownd. 

\h It is ordorod and decrood, that tho dt^putyos thus ohoson 
shall hauo powor and liluM'ty to appoynt a. tynio and a place of 
»n(>otiui; toi;athor hof'oro any l<(>norall (^oiu'to to adniso and 
ctuisult of all such thinij;s as may concorno the good ol' thopnh- 
like, as also to examine^ thoir owno .l'iloctii>ns, whether accord- 
ing to tho order, and it' tht>y or tho protest p'to of them Ihul any 
(election to ho illoi;all they may sotdud su(di t'orp'sont l'rt^ thoir 
moothtu;. and nMiuiio the sanx^ and ihiMr ros(>ns to tht- Courto : 
anti it' yt provio trui', llu> I'onrti^ may lynt> tho p'ty ov j^'tyosso 
intruding ami tho Towno, if thoy sot* i'aust\ and giuo out a 
w arrant to go© to a now(> ^^loctioll in a lo!.!,all way, ether in p'to 
ov in wholtv .\ls(> tla* saiil »loputyt>s shall hauo ]U)Wor to l\ no 
any that shall ho disonlorly at thoir nu'otings, (>r for not otnuini; 
in due tymt> or place according to appoyninuMit ; and they may 
voturno tho said fyiu-s int(> \\\c Courfe it' yl he r(M'iis(>d \o ho 
paid, atid tho TrosuriM- ti> takt> nolioe ol' \ t, and to t>stit>ete or 
levy tho same as \\c doth olUcv t'ynes. 

10. It is Onlorod. sontoncoil and tlocrood, that euery Cenorall 
C\)urto. oxcopt such as through nogkM'to o( tho (^ouMior and 
tho greatest p'to o\' Magostrats tho l''i\nMuen thoinsolvos tloo 
call, shall consist ot the ( JouiMiior. ov some oni> ohos(>n lo nunlor- 
ato tho (\unt. and l other Alagostrats at lost. \v"' tho n\ayor 
p'te of tho iloputyos oi' tho souorall Towuos legally chosen ; 

o V i; O N N K i' T I c n T . 80 

ami in case tlui Freemen <ir uuivor [I'lf of ilic, tlii-<»ii''li iic.'.'icci 
or rofuHall of the (Joikmikm- :iii(I iiiJiyor p'te of llic (n;i<.:;('slr!i,l,H, 
.shall ('.ail a (/'onrte, y* shall coiisisl of ihii mayor |>'l(i<»f I'^rce- 
rnen ihaf aic ji'scnl. or Ihrir (|c|ni(\('s, \v"' a, IVJodcr.'ilor chosfii 
l)y thr ; III vv'' ,saJ(l (■'(•iiciall (loiirls shall eoiisisl llic sil|»icirir, 
power of the ( 'oiiioiiweltli, and (hey only shall haia^ |tovver lo 
make |{iw(!s nv re|ieale lli<\ togra,iiiit. leiiyes, londmill of l''ree- 
Uieii, dispose of lands viidispoHed of, to seuerall 'I'ownes or 
p^Noiis, and also shall liaiie powei' l,o callelher ('oiiileor Maj^es- 
trate or any oilier |)'son whatsoeuer inio i(iieslioii for any mis- 
ilemeaiiour, and may for just (lauses disphuie or dealc! otherwise 
accoidiiif^ to the rialure of (lu! olUjtice ; and also may deaKi in 
;iiiy other matt(;r that coiKM^rns tluj ^ood of this eoiiioii welth, 
exceptc eleotion of Magcjstrals, w' '' shall he done hy the whoh- 
hoddy of I'^nterruiri. 

[2if7] In w'' (yoiirtci tlu; (•(MieriKmr or l\'l(»dera,t(»r shall liaiic 
power to order ihe ('oiirte to ;j;iiie lilMM'ty of speeli, and sileiiee 
vne,e,asona,hle :ind disorderly sjieaKe.injfs, to put all lliin|j;s lo 
voate, and in eas(; tin; vo;ite h(!e(|n;ill to haiK! tli(wastiii!j; voie.e. 
Ihit lion ol tli(!se (/oiirts shall he ;i(liorned ordissoliied vv"'oiit 
the coiiHtmt of the, maior p'te. of the (-onrt. 

11. It is ord(!red, sentenced and deereiui, that when any 
Generall Courto vfipori the oeeatioriH of the Cornonwelth hau<^ 
agreed vpfiori any suiTie or soiiies of moiiy to Im; le,uy('d v|»j>ori 
the Heucrall Townes w'^'nn this .Jurisdiction, that a ('oiiiittee ho 
choflcn to sett out and appoynt w"^ Hhall he Ihe |»''[»ortion of 
cuery Towne to pay of the Haid leuy, [>''vided the- ( Joiiiittees he 
made vp of an efpiall nuher out of eacfi 'i'owne. 

14''' January, Hi'.iH, the 11 Ordern ahouesaid aie voted. 

[21flJ TiiK Oa'i'ii ok 'imii: d'oiCNoii, for tiik [i'''hi;nt.] 

I H^. 111. heing now ch'tsiMi to hi; ( ion' nor w"'in this .luriH- 
dictioii, for the yeare cnsueinf^, and vntil a latw he chosen, doo 
swearo hy the greatc and drea(Jfiill name of tin; (jverlineing 
C»od, to pTriote the puhlicke good and peace of the same, ac- 
cording to tlu; hest of my skill ; as also will mayntayne aJI law- 
full jiriuiledges of this (>omonwea.lth ; aw also that all wholsome 
lawes that are or sliaJI hi; made hy lawfull authority here estab- 



lished, be duly executed ; and will further the execution of 
Justice according to the rule of Gods word ; so helpe me God, 
in the name of the Lo : Jesus Christ. 

The Oath of a Magestrate, for the pfgENT. 

I, ^. w. being chosen a Magestrate wt^in this Jurisdiction 
for the yeare ensueing, doe sweare by the great and dreadfull 
name of the euerliueing God, to pi^mote the publike good and 
peace of the same, according to the best of my skill, and that 
I will mayntayne all the lawfull priuiledges thereof according 
to my vnderstanding, as also assist in the execution of all such 
wholsome lawes as are made or shall be made by lawfull author- 
ity heare established, and will further the execution of Justice 
for the tyme aforesaid according to the righteous rule of Gods 
word ; so helpe me God, etc. 

[215] The Oath of a Constable. 

I, l2l. 13., of 111, doe sweare by the greate and dreadfull 
name of the euerliueing God, that for the yeare ensueing, and 
vntill a new be chosen, I will faythfully execute the office 
and place of a Constable, for and wt^in the said plantacOn of 
W : and the lymitts thereof, and that I will endeuor to pi^searue 
the publike peace of the said place, and Comonwealth, and will 
doe my best endeauor to see all watches and wairds executed, 
and to obey and execute all lawfull comaunds or warrants that 
com fro any Magestrat or Magestrats or Courte, so helpe me 
God, in the Lo : Jesus Christ. 

[11] Ja : 14tii 1638. It is Ordered that the tresurer shall de- 
huer noe mony out of his hands to any p^son wt^out the hands 
of two Magistrats if the som be above 20s. ; if it be vnder then 
the tresurer is to accept of the hand of on ; but if it be for the 
payment of some bylls to be alowed, w^i are referred to some 
Comittes to consider of whether alowed or not. That such bylls 
as they alowe & sett there hands vnto the Tresurer shall accept. 
& give satisfacth. 

/I/CQ « {(jroyernor.) 

(J)ep. Goyernor.) 





-—oJim^Gm^ --^/o^^Sf^^ 

u>. ^%„^^^. /%,^i^ Qj^^ft' 

y^^lMA 0/yn. 





[23] [April 11th, 1539. 

At a Generall Meeting of the Freemen] for the Elec- 
tion OF Magistrates, according [to the]orders. 
Jno. Haynes Esq'., was chosen Governor for the y[eare 

ensueing] and vntill a new be chosen. 
Mr. Roger Ludlowe, Deputy. 

Mr. George WiHis, Mr. Edward Hopkins, Mr. Thomas 
Wells, Mr. Jn^. Webster, Mr. Wm. Phelps, were 
chosen to assist in the Magis[tracy] for the yeare 
ensueing, and all tooke the oathes app[ointed] for 

Mr. Edward Hopkins was chosen Secretary and [Mr. 

Thomas] Wells Tres'r. for the yeare ensueing.* 

Committees : Mr. Jno. Steele, Mr. Spencer, Jno. Pratt, 

Edw : Stebbing, [Mr.] Gaylard, [Henry] Woolcott, 

[Mr. S]toughton, [Mr.] Foard, Thurston Rayner, James 

Boosy, George Hubbard, Ric : Crabb. 

Elty Pomry of Windsor complayned that he had [a mare] 

taken away by the Pequatts, w^h after the warrs [ ] 

was killed by the Naanticke Indians ; he desir[ed] therefore 

the helpe of the Court to be releeved [and that] some order 

may be taken with them for restitucon. [The] Courte tooke 

the same into serious consideracon and [thinke] it according to 

their duty and good reason to p^tect [the] persons and estates 

of all the members of the Com[onwealth] soe farr as lyeth in 

their power in a way of Just[ice,] and accordingly p^mised as 

opportunity shall be off[ered] to deale with those Indians 

«bout it. 

The like was desired by Mr. Ludlow in regard of [ ] 

of his, and the like pi'mise made to him. 

The Court in regard of the state of the present ty[me] and 
the many occations that ly vppon men, thought f [itte to] referr 
the pniculars hereafter mentioned to a Co[mittee,] vizt. the 

* Pages 23-26 of the original are more mutilated and defaced than any other portion of the 
Volume. Thus far, on page [23] the words in brackets have been suppHed from a copy made 
in 1743, and attested by George Willys, Secretary, which is printed with the Proceedings in 
the Mason case, p. 148. 


Treaty with Vncus concerning the land [ ] by 

him and other Indians between Hartford and W[indsor,] as also 
with Pequannocke Indians, who are now co[ ] to 

answere any letters sent from o*" neighbo^^^ of Q,[uinnipiac'] and 
to ripen orders formerly in agitacon against [the] next meeting 
of the Court : They are also des[ire^ to] putt Mr. Goodwin in 
mind of finishing the treaty [ ] of the Towne of 

Wethersfeeld with ^eq[uassen] concerning the land beyond 
the River : and [the] Governor, Mr. Deputy, Mr. Willis, Mr- 
Hopkins, Mr. [ ] Mr. Steele & Mr. Spencer were 
intreated to attend [the said] services. 

It is ordered that the watch be renewed in each [Towne, 
and] begin the second day of the next weeke. 

The Court was adiorned till the third T[hursday in[ ] 

[24] [Two or three lines are torn from the top of this page, which contains the 
record of a Particular Court.] 

Jno. Edmunds, Aaron Starke and Jno. Williams were cen- 
sured for vncleane practises as foll^. Jno. Williams [Edmunds ?] 
to be whipt att a Carts [tail] vppon a lecture day at Hartford. 
Jno. Williams to stand vppon the pillory from the ringing of the 
first bell to the end of the lecture, then to be whipt at a Carts 
[tail,] and to be whipt in like manner att Windsore within 8 
dayes following. Aaron Starke to stand vppon the pillory and 
be whipt as Williams, and to haue the letter R burnt vppon his. 
cheeke, and in regard of the wrong done to Mary Holt to pay 
her parents 10/. and in defect of such to the Comonwealth,, 
and when both are fit for that condition, to marry her. 

It is the mind of the Court that Mr. Ludlow and Mr. Phelps 
see some publique punishment inflicted vppon the girle for con- 
cealing it soe long. 

Mr. Williams brings his action of trespasse aganst Matthew 
A-llen for 74 Rod of Corne destroyed through defect of his 
fence : Thomas Moore for 10 Rod, 
Mr. Woolcott for 60 Rod, 
Ann Marshall for 2 Rod, 
George Phelpes for 8 Rod, 
Jno. Porter for 70. 

The Jury find for the pl^S to pay for 224 rod of Corne 


spoyled, three pounds ; for keeping of the ground 20 dayes, 
305; Costs 10s. 
[In 7nargin,] 

^Mr. ] foreman, [Mr. SJkinner, [Mr.] Steele, 

;Mr.] Smith, [Mr.] Moore, [Mr.] Weed, [Jeffe]ry Ferris, 
R]obins, [ S]cott, [ Pan]try, [ S]tanley, 
] Birchard. 

Thomas Bull informed the Court that a muskett with 2 letters 
I W was taken vp att Pequannocke in pursuit of the Pequatts, 
wch was conceaved to be Jno. Woods who was killed att the 
Rivers mouth. It was ordered for the present [that] the musk- 
ett should be delivered to Jno. Woods freinds vntill other 

August the first, 1639. 
Jno, Bennett & Mary Holt were both censured to be whipt 
for vncleane practises, and the girles M"^ is inioyned to send her 
out of this Jurisdiction before the last of the next month. 

These following were censured & fined for vnseasonable and 
imoderate drinking att the pinnace. 

Thomas Come well, 305. Samuell Kittwell, 105. 

Jno. Latimer, 155. Thomas Vpson, 205. 

Mathew Beckwith, 105. 
Jno. Moody had an attachment graunted vppon the g[oods 
of Thomas] Gaines, in the hands of Mr. Stoughton, for a debt 
[of 5^^ weight of Tobacco.] 

[25] A Generall Court att Hartford, the 8"^ of 

Aug. 1639. 


Jno. Haynes Esq*". Gov. 
Roger Ludlow, Dep'ty. 
Mr. WiUis, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. 
Comittees. Mr. Talcott, Mr. Spencer, [Jn]o. Pratt, Mr. 
Hull, Mr. Porter, Mr. Tappin, Mr. Ward, Geo. Hub- 
bard, James Boosy, Mr. Hill, Mr. Stoughton. 
The Constables of Hartford were fined 25. Qd, for not return- 


ing their warrants according to order, being much favoured in 
regard it was the first tyme and one of them sicke. 

Mr. Wells, Mr. Hill and Mr. Ward were intreated to auditt 
the last Tres'rs acco. 

The order of the 9° March, 1637, concerning powder and 
shott is renewed, and yf it be not provided by the severall 
Townes within 6 weeks, the penalty to be taken without any 

Whereas there was an order of the IS^h of Febr. 1638, for 
surveying the armor and other military provitions in each 
Towne once a quarter, w^h hath hitherto beene too much neg- 
lected, for the execution hereof Mr. Spencer was now chosen 
for Hartford, Mr. Hill for Windsor and James Boosy for Weth- 
ersfeeld, and they are to begin before the last of this month ; 
And in case any of these persons before chosen be negligent in 
this great trust comitted to him, he shall pay 205. for every de- 
fault ; and they are to make returne of such Wh they find de- 
fective, the nex Pi'ticular Court after each tyme of their view, 
and during the tyme of this service they are freed from watch- 
ing, warding and trayning. 

It is ordered that all the military men shall be trayned att 
least 6 dayes in the yeare ; the tymes are to be chosen att the 
discretion of the Capt., only the monthes of May, June and 
July are excepted vnles it be vppon spetiall occation. 

The Tresurers acc° being audited, the Country was found 
indebted to him 16/. 10s. 6d. 

Mr. Governo"^, Mr. Deputy and Mr. Wells, or any two of 
them, are intreated to goe to the Rivers mouth to consult with 
Mr. Fenwicke about a treaty of combinacon w^^^ is desi[red] 
againe to be on foott with the Bay. 

The occations of the Comonwealth being taken into consid- 
eracon, it was thought fitt and ordred that a Rate of lOOL. be 
made in these plantacons, and Mr. Talcott, Mr. Hull and Mr. 
Tapping are intreated to prportion it vppon the several planta- 
cons, to be payd in, the one halfe within [one] month and. the 
other within 3 monthes. 

The Court is adiorned till the 15 of this month. 

of connecticut. 31 

[26] August the 15o, 1639. 

A Meeting of the Generall Court, w'^h was Adiourned 


Mr. Deputy declared that he with Mr. Wells and Mr. 
Hooker had repayred to Mr. Fennicke according to the direc- 
tion of the Court, whom they found every wayes sutable to 
their minds, and in pi^ticular for the present agitacon with the 
Bay he is willing the State here should p^ceed to a mutuall agree- 
ment for an offenciue and defenciue warr and all other offices 
of loue, but desires that matters of Bounds may be respitted 
vntill he vnderstand further the minds of the rest that are 
equally interested with him in the patent of the River. Vppon 
consideracon hereof, Mr. Governo"^ was intreated to write an 
answere to Mr. Winthropp that the Court is very ready and 
willing to entertaine a firme combinacon for a defenciue and 
offenciue warr, and all other mutuall offices of loue and friend- 
shipp, according to the propositions formerly agreed, w<=ii are 
the desires also of Mr. Fennicke with whom they haue con- 
sulted in the case. But the matter of bounds he desires may 
be a little respited vntill he haue opportunity to intimate his 
owne apprehensions, or some others who have equall interest 
with himselfe arriue in these Coasts, whom he hopes to see the 
next spring. 

M"". Tres"". had order to call in for all the fines due to the 
Cuntrey, and for such monyes as are due from the traders for 

The manifold insolencyes that haue beene offered of late by 
the Indians, putt the Court in mind of that w^^ hath beene too 
long neglected, viz*, the execution of justice vppon the former 
murtherers of the English, and it was vppon serious con- 
sideracon and debate thought necessary and accordingly de- 
termined, that some speedy course be taken herein, and for 
effecting hereof it was concluded that 100 men be levyed and 
sent downe to Mattabesecke, where severall guilty persons re- 
side and haue beene harbored by Soheage, notwithstanding all 
meanes by way of persuation haue beene formerly used to him 
for surrendring them vpp into C handes ; and it is thought fit 
that these counsells be imparted to o*" friends att Quinnipi- 



[ocke] that prvition may be made for the safety of the new 
plantacons, and vppon their ioynt consent to p^ceede or desist. 
The 100/. rate was layd vppon the severall Townes in this 
pj'portion ; 

Hartford, 43Z. 00 00 

Windsore, 28 06 8 

Wethersfeild, 28 13 4 

100 00 

The Courte was adiorned to the 26 of this month. 

[27] August the 26°, 1639. 

Mr. Webster informed the Court that according to the deter- 
minacon of the last meeting, Mr. Deputy, Mr. Willis and him- 
selfe acquainted o'" freinds of Quinnipiocke with their purposes 
concerning the murtherers, and desired the concurrence of 
their apprehensions therein, who fully approving of the thing 
yett intimated their thoughts somewhat to differ from o'^ in the 
present execution of it, in regard of some new plantacons that 
are now beginning and some inconvenience w^h may fall vppon 
these parts of the Cuntrey by a noise of a new warr, w^h may 
hinder the coming of shipps the next yeare. 

Whereas divers of the Pequatts who were given to Vncus 
and Antinemo haue planted againe part of the land w<=h was 
conquered by us contrary to o"^ agreement with them, It was 
thought fitt and ordered, that 40 men be proportioned out of the 
severall plantacons and imediately sent away to gather the 
Corne there planted by them. 

The men are p^portioned for the severall Townes thus, 

Windsor, 13 

Hartford, 17 

Wethersfield, 10 


It was referred to Mr. Governor, Mr. Willis, Mr. Phelps, 
Capt. Mason and Mr. Ward, to agitate this businesse and bring 
it to an issue with what speed may be, and they haue power to 
presse 20 armes, 2 shallopps and 2 Canowes, for this service. 


It was concluded that there be a publique day of thanksgiving 
in these plantacons vpponthe 18*^ of the next month. 
This Court is dissolved. 

Sept. the 5th, 1639. 
Jno. Haynes Esqr. Gov. 
Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 

Richard Lyman complayneth against Sequassen for burning 
vpp his hedge Wh, before Mr. Governc, formerly he p^mised to 
satisfy for, but yett hath not done it. Sequassen appeared and 
pi'mised to pay vi^ithin 4 dayes, or elce an attachment to be 

Edward Hopkins comp*. in behalfe of Mr. Jno. Woodcocke, 
against Fr. Stiles, for breach of Covenants, in 500/. 

Mr. Stiles desires respite till the next Court in regard of wit- 
nes in the Bay : Graunted. 

Jno. Moody contra Blachford, for a fowling peece he 

bought and should have payd for it 40s. p^ bill of. The Jury 
find for the pi. 41 damages, costs 6s. 

Ric. Lord against Thomas Allen for 40s. debt. Mr. Allen 
appeared not. Mr. Spencer witnessed that he borrowed 40s. in 
the Bay, of Ric. Lord and pt'mised to repay it here. 2s. 6^. 
graunted for costs and an attachment vppon his goodes. 

Fr. Stiles contra Jno. Woodcocke in an action of debt for 2 
hhds malt & a hhd of meale. 

[28] Samuel Ireland was fined IDs. for contempt of y^ Court 
in not appearing vppon a warrant served vppon him. Vppon 
his submission he payd 5s. & was acquitted. 

Thomas Gridley of Windsore was complayned of for refusing 
to watch, strong suspition of drunkennes, contempteous words 
against the orders of Court, quarrelling and striking Mr. Stiles 
his man : he was censured to be whipt att Hartford and bound 
to his good behavior. He entred a recognizance of 10/. for his 
good behaviour. 

34 publicrecords 

October the 3^, 1639. 

Mr. Haynes, Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Willis, Mr. Wells, Mr. 
Webster, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Hopkins. 

Edwa. Hopkins contra Fr. Stiles, in behalfe of Jno. Wood- 
cocke, in an accon for breach of Covenants. Covenants p'^du- 
ced. The Jury find that the deft, hath in his hands 80/. and 150/. 
for the purchase of the house, and for not taking in 400 acres 
of ground according to Bargaine, that Mr. Stiles should take 
the house backe againe and repay backe the 230/. v^^ith 70/. 
damages; costs 10s.* 

It is ordered that the souldiers for the last exploit shall be 
payd for 9 dayes, att 2s. p' day, the mony to be payd to the 
Constable of every Towne and he to deduct the cost of the 
provitions he pressed for them. 

Sept. the 10*1^, 1639. A Generall Court. 

Jno. Haynes, Esqr. 

Mr. WiUis, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. 

Comittees : Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Spencer, Jno. 
Pratt, Mr. Gaylord, Capt. Mason, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, 
Mr. Tapping, Mr. Ward, James Boosy, George Hub- 
The Constables of Windsor were fined 5s. for not returning 
the warrant of the Comittees that were chosen for that Towne. 
Mr. Deputy was fined 5s. for being absent. 
Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr. Steele and Mr. Spencer were 
intreated to ripen some orders that were left vnfinished the 
former Court, as about pJ'vition of settling of lands, testaments 
of the deceased, and recording spetiall passages of P^'vidence. 

The Court was adiorned vntill the second thursday in the 
next month, vnlesse spetiall occations occurr to call it sooner. 

* An imperfect record of this trial and verdict is made at the bottom of page [25.] 


[29] OcTOB"" THE lO^Ji, 1639. A Session of the Generall 


Mr. Deputy informed the Court that he hath vnderstood since 
his returne, offence hathbeerie taken att some of hispi'ceedings 
in his late jorney to Pequannocke, and the parts thereabouts : 
he therefore desired to make knowne what had beene done by 
* him therein, w^h was this ; Att his coining downe to Quin- 
nipiocke the hand of the Lord was vppon him in taking away 
some of his Cattle, w^h prevented him in some of his purposes 
there for selling some of them : Afterwards att his coming to 
Pequannocke he found cause to alter his former thoughts of 
wintering his Cattle there, and vnderstanding that the begin- 
nings of a Plantacon beyond that was not caryed on according 
to the agrement made with those who were interessed in order- 
ing the same, and that by some things w^h appeared to him, his 
apprehensions were that some others intended to take vp the 
sayd place, who had not acquainted this Court with their pur- 
poses therein, w^h might preiudiciall to this Comon wealth, and 
knowing himselfe to be one of those to whom the disposal of 
that plantacon was comitted, he adventured to drive his Cattle 
thither, make provition for them there,t and submitts himselfe 
to the Court to judge whether he hath transgressed the Coinis- 
sion or nott. 

The Court taking the premises into consideracon, did vnani- 
mously conceaue that his p^ceedings could not be warranted by 
thf Comission, nor can he be excused of neglect of his duty, 
that he had not given notice to these plantacons of what he did, 
notwithstanding his allegations of the inconveniences w^ oth- 
erwise might have accrued ; yett that the thing may fully ap- 
peare as it is, and matters ordered in a comely maner. It is 
conceaued fitt that a Comittee be chosen to repaire thither and 
take a view of the aforesayd occations, and yf in their judgments 
both persons & things settled by him be soe as comfortably be 
confirmed, they may remayne as they are, or otherwise altered 
att their discretions ; and they are to report things how they 
find them, to the next Generall Court, that then a full issue may 

* [Margin] " Mr. Ludlow his Apology for taking vp Vncoa ;" 

t [Margin! "and to sett out himselfe and some others house lotts to build on there." 


be given to the matter in hand, as things shall then appeare j 
and Mr. Governo'^ and Mr. Wells were intreated to attend this 
service, and they are desired to conferr with the planters att 
* Pequannocke, to give them the oath of fidelity, make such free 
as they see fitt, order them to send one or two deputyes to the 
two Generall Courts in September and Aprill, and for deciding 
of differences & controversies vnder 405, among them, to 
prpound to them & give them power to choose 7 men from 
among themselues, with liberty of appeale to the Court here ; 
as also to assigne Si'ieant Nicholls for the present to trayne the 
men and exercise them in military discipline ; and they are far- 
ther desired to speake with Mr. Prudden, and that Plan[tacon] 
that the difference betweene them and Pequannocke plantacon 
may be peaceably decided, and to this end that indifferent men 
may be chosen to iudge who have most right to the places in 
controversy and most nead of them, and accordingly determined 
as shall be most agreeable to equity and reason. 
[30] It is ordered that Mr. WilHs, Mr. Websf and Mr. Spen- 
cer shall review all former orders and lawes and record such of 
them as they conceave to be necessary for publique concerne- 
ment, and deliver them into the Secretaryes hands to be pub- 
lished to the severall Townes, and all other orders that they see 
cause to omitt to be suspended vntill the Court take further 

Mr. Fenwicke, Mr, Whiting, Mr, Hill and Mr, Ward are 
nominated by the Court to be presented to the vote of the 
Cuntrey for magistratts att the Court in April! next, prvidejfj 
Mr. Fenwicke and Mr. Whiting shall be freemen by that tyme. 

The Townes of Hartford, Windsore and Wethersfield, or 
any other of the Townes wi'thin this jurisdiction, shall each of 
them haue power to dispose of their owne lands vndisposed of, 
and all other coinodityes arysing out of their owne lymitts 
bounded out by the Court, the libertyes of the great River ex- 
cepted, as also to choose their owne officers, and make such 
orders as may be for the well ordering of their owne Townes, 
being not repugnant to any law here established, as also to im- 
pose penaltyes for the breach of the same, and to estreat and 
levy the same, and for non-payment to distrayne, and yf there 

* [In margin] " Gou'r & Mr. Wells. sent to Peq," 


be noe personall estate, to sue to the Court to sell his or their 
house or land, for making satisfaction, i Also each of the afore- 
sayd Townes shall haue power by a generall consent once every 
yeare to choose out 3, 5 or 7 of their cheefe Inhabitants, where- 
of one to be chosen moderator, who having taken an oath pro- 
uided in that case, shall haue a casting voice in case they be 
equall; w^h sayd pi^sons shall meett once in every 2 monthes & 
being mett together, or the maior part of ihem, whereof the 
moderator" to be one, they shall haue power to heare, end and 
determine all controversies, eyther trespasses or debts not ex- 
ceeding 40s. provided both partyes live in the same Towne ; 
also any two of them or the moderator may graunt out suinons 
to the party or partyes to come to their meetings to answere 
the actions ; also to administer oath to any witnesses for the 
clearing of the cause, and to giue judgment and execution 
against the party offending. But yf eyther party be grieved 
att the sentence, he shall haue liberty to appeale to a higher" 
Court, pi'vided it be before iudgment and execution be graunted. 
But yf it fall out there be noe ground for the appeale, the Court 
to confirme the iudgment and giue good costs, and fine or pun- 
ish the p^ty appealing. 

The Townes aforesayd shall each of them p^'vide a Ledger 
Booke, with an Index or alphabett vnto the same : Also shall 
choose one who shall be a Towne Clerke or Register, who shall 
before the Generall Court in Aprill next, record every man's 
house and land already graunted and measured out to him, with 
the bounds & quantity of the same, and whosoever shall neg- 
lect 3 monthes after notice given to bring into the sayd Towne 
[31] Clerke ||.or Register a note of his house and land, with the 
bounds and quantity of the same, by the nearest estimacon, 
shall forfeit 105. and soe 10s. a month for every month he shall 
soe neglect. The like to be done for all land hereafter graunted 
and measured to any ;* and all bargaines or morgages of land 
whatsoever shall be accounted of noe value vntill they be re- 
corded, for wch entry the Register shall receaue 6d. for every 
parcell, delivering every owner a coppy of the same vnder his 
hand, whereof 4c?. shall be for himselfe and 2d. for the Secretary 
of the Court. And the sayd Register shall, every Generall 

• [In margin ;] " Heere insert so mucli ye printed booke fol : 24 : from A : to B :" 



Court, in Aprill and September, deliver into the same a tran- 
script fayrely written of fell such graunts, bargaines or ingage- 
ments recorded by him in the Towne Booke, and the Secre- 
tary of the Court shall record it in a booke fayrely written 
p'"vided for that purpose, and shall preserue the coppy brought 
in vnder the hand of the Towne Clerke. Also the sayd Towne 
Clerke shall haue for every serch of a parcell Id. and for every 
coppy of a parcell ijd ; and a coppy of the same vnder the hands 
of the sayd Register or Towne Clerke and two of the men 
chosen to governe the Towne, shall be a sufficient evidence to 
all that haue the same. 

After the death and decease of any person possessed of any 
estate, be it more or lesse, and who maketh a will in writing or 
by word of mouth, those men w'^h are appointed to order the 
afFayres of the Towne where any such person deceaseth, shall 
within one month after the same, at furthest, cause a true In- 
ventory to be taken of the sayd estate in writing, as also take a 
coppy of the sayd will or testament and enter it into a booke or 
keepe the coppy in safe custody, as also enter the names vppon 
record of the Children and Legatees of the Testator or deceased 
p'son, and the sayd orderers of the afFayres of the Towne are 
to see every such will and Inventory to be exhibited into the 
publique Court, within one quarter of a yeare, where the same 
is to be registered ; and the sayd orderers of the afFayres of the 
Towne shall doe their indeauour in seeing that the estate of the 
Testator be not wasted nor spoyled, but improved for the best 
advantage of the Children or Legatees of the Testator, accord- 
ing to the mind of the Testator, for their and euery of their use, 
by their and every of their allowance and approbacon. But 
when any p^son dyeth intestate, the sayd orderers of the afiayres 
of the Townes shall cause an Inventory to be taken, and then 
the publique Court may graunt the administracon of the goodes 
and Chattells to the next of kin, jointly or severally, and divide 
the estate to wiefe (yf any be,) children or kindred, as in equity 
they shall see see meet ; and yf noe kindred be found, the Court 
to administer for the publique good of the Comon, p^^vided there 
be an Inventory registered, that yf any of the kindred in future 
tyme appeare they may haue justice and equity done vnto 
them ; and all charges that the publique Court or the orderers 


of the afFayres of the Townes are att about the trust comitted 
to them, eyther for writing or otherwise, it is to be payd out of 
the estate. 

Within 20 dayes after the end of this Court, the Secretary 
shall provide a coppy of all the penall lawes or orders standing 
in force, and all other that are of generall concernement for 
[32] the II governement of the Comonwealth, and shall giue 
direction to the Constables of every Towne to publish the same 
within 4 dayes more, att some publique meeting in their severall 
Townes, and then shall cause the sayd lawes and orders to be 
written into a booke in their severall Townes, and kept for the 
use of the Towne, and soe for future tyme for all lawes or orders 
that are made as aforesayd, each session of the Generall 
Courts ; and once every yeare the Constables, in their severall 
Townes, shall read or cause to be read in some publique meet- 
ing all such lawes as then stand in force and are not repealed ; 
and the Secretary of the Court shall haue 12c?. for the coppy of 
the orders of each session of every generall Court, from each of 
the Townes. 

Also, the Secretary of the Court shall have xijd. for every ac- 
tion that is entred, to be payd by him that enters the action, 
and he that is cast in the suit to allow it in costs. 

Whatsoever member of the generall Court shall reveale any 
secrett w^i* the Court inioynes to be kept secrett, or shall make 
knowne to any p^son what any one member of the Court speaks 
concerning any p^son or businesse that may come into agita- 
con in the Court, shall forfeit for every such fault ten pounds, 
and be otherwise dealt withall, at the discretion of the Court. 
And the Secretary is to read this order att the beginning of 
every generall Court. 

For the better keeping in mind of those passages of Gods 
p«"vidence w^h haue beene remarkable since c first undertaking 
these plantacons, Mr. Deputy, Capt. Mason, Mr. Stone, Mr. 
Goodwine, Mr. Chapleyn, and George Hubberd, are desired to 
take the pains severally in their severall Townes and then 
ioyntly together, to gather vp the same, and deliver them into 
the generall Court in Aprill next, and yf it be iudged then fitt, 
they may be recorded ; and for future tymes whatsoever re- 
markable passages shall be, yf they be publique, the sayd partyes 


are desired to deliver in the same to the generall Court. But 
yf any p^ticular p^son desires to bring in any thing, he shall 
bring it vnder the handes of two of the aforementioned pJ'tyes 
that it is true, and then present it to the general! Court, that yf 
it be there iudged requisite it may be recorded ; provided that 
any generall Court for the future may alter any of the partyes 
beforementioned or add to them as they shall iudge meet. 
The Court was dissolved. 

[33] NOVEMB' THE 7*^^, 1639. A PrTICULAR CoURT. 

Jno. Haynes Esq^., Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelps. 

Richard Gildersley contra Jacob Waterhouse, in an action 
of debt. Jury find for pl^. 14/. 185. Qd. Costs & damages Qs. 
Jacob Waterhouse contra Ric. Gildersleeue, in an action of 
debt. The Jury find for the pl^. 

For a hogg, 21. Os. Od. 

Damages, 1. 17. 4. 

Costs of suite, 0. 6. 0. 

3. 17. 4. 

The Court adviseth vpon informacon given that the levying 
of Mr. Michell his fine be forborne vntill the next Generall 

The Court admitteth the relict of Jno. Brundish of Wethers- 
field deceased to be Administratrix for the use of her and her 

Dec. the 5th, 1639. A PrTicuLAR Court. 

Jno. Haynes Esqi"., Roger Ludlow, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. 
Willis, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelps. 
Richard Westcoat contra Jno. Plum, in an action of tres- 
passe, to the value of 10/. The Jury find for the pK. 6 Bush- 
ells of Corne : costs of suit 12s. 

* An Inventory of the estate of John Brundish is recorded at page [70] 



Jno. Plum contra Wm. Westcoat in an action of the case, 
not prforming the trust of a Covvkeeper, to his damage of 20/. 
The Jury find for the Deft.; costs 12s. 

January the 2^^, 1639. A PrTicuLAR Court. 

Wm. Clarke, servant to Jno. Crow, was fined 405. for misde- 
meanor in drinking, and corporall punishment was remitted 
vppon his p^mise of his care for the future to avoyd such 

Execution was granted to Richard Westcoat. 

It was thought fitt and ordered that Frauncis Norton and 
Thomas Coleman shall haue power to call before them such as 
Mr. Plum shall suggest to them, to be (as he conceaues) joint 
offenders in the damage layd vppon his swine in the case of 
Ric. Westcoat, eyther in regard of any other Cattle that were 
knowne to be in the sayd Corne, or weaknesse of fence, or 
neglects in keeping shutt any gate or gates into the sayd Corne. 
and yf they can with the consent of the partyes, to divide the 
sayd damages layd vppon Mr. Plum. But yf they agree not, to 
returne their opinions concerning the same into the Court. 

[34] January the 16^^, 1639. A Generall Court. 

Jno. Haynes Esq""., Roger Ludlow Esq''., Mr. Willis, Mr. 

Hopkins, Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelpes. 
Comittees. Mr. Steele, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Talcott, Jno. 
Pratt, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylord, Mr. Stoughton, 
Mr. Ward, Thurston Rayner, James Boosy, Ric. Crabb. 
Mr. Governor" informed the Court that the occation of calling 
them together att this tyme was att the importunity of o'' neigh- 
hoi's of Wethersfeeld, who desired to haue some answere to 
their request concerning Vncoa, and therevppon he related that 
himselfe with Mr. Wells, according to the order of Court, went 
thither, and tooke a view of what had been done by Mr. Lud. 
low there, and vppon due consideracon of the same they haue 
thought fitt, vppon Mr. Ludlowes assenting to the tearmes pro- 
pounded by them, to confirme the same. 


It is ordered both for the satisfaction of those of Hartford 
& Windsore, who formerly mooved the Court for some inlarge- 
ment of accommodacon, and also for o"" neighbor's of Wethers- 
feeld who desire a plantacon there, that Mr. Phelps, Mr. Hill, 
Thomas Scott, Wm. Gibons, Robert Rose and James Boosy, 
shall as soone as with any conveniency may be, view those 
parts by Vnxus Sepus W^h may be suitable for those purposes 
and make report of their doings to the Court wch is adiorned 
for that end to the 20^^ of Febr. att 10 of the clocke in the 

Febr. the 20*1^ 1639. A session of the Generall Courte. 

Mr. Hull moved the Court in behalfe of Thomas Foard of 
Windsore, that in regard the workemen are much taken vp and 
imployed in making a bridge and meeting house with them, and 
his worke hendred of impaling in the ground w^h was graunted 
him by the Court for a hogg parke, that there may be graunted 
him a yeare longer tyme for the fencing it in ; w^h was vppon 
the reasons aforesayd condiscended to. 

O"' neighbors of Wethersfeeld, in regard the weather hath not 
hitherto suited for the viewing of Vnxus Sepos, and that a Gen- 
erall Court ere long will fall in course, intimated their willing, 
ness to deferr the issue of the busines vntill then ; onely it was 
conceaued fitt and ordered accordingly, that Mr. Wells, Capt. 
Mason and George Hubberd be added to the former Comittee, 
who are with their view to vnderstand the desires of o^" neigh- 
bC's of Wethersfeeld, and to consider of such bounds as they 
iudge fitt for them, and to returne their opinions to the Court. 

Mr. Deputy was intreated to consider of some orders concern- 
ing an inquiry into the death of any that happen eyther acci- 
dentally or by violence, and for disposing the estate of persons 
that dy intestate, and for ye power of the magistrate in inflict- 
ing corporall punishment, and present it to the next Court, as 
also what course may be best taken with any that shall buy or 
possesse lands within this Jurisdiction, that the publique good 
may be best promoted. 
The Court was dissolved. 




Febr. the 6*1', 1639. A PfTicuLAR Court, 

Jno. Haynes Esq"". 

Roger Ludlow Esqr., Mr. Willis, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. 
Welles, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelpes. 

Jno. Porter was sworne a Constable for Windsore, Nathan- 
iell Eli for Hartford, Robert Rose for Wethersfeeld, for the 
yeare ensueing. 

Whereas there was graunted the first of August last an exe- 
cution to Roger Williams and others of Windsore, vppon the 
goodes of Mr. Mathew Allen, for 51. damages and costs, in a 
tryall of 12 men, w^h execution was served by the officer of the 
Court and goodes or Cattell sold for pi'formance of the same, 
and the remainder offered by the sayd officer to Mr. Allen, 
well he refused. The officer now brought fower pounds six 
shillings into the Court, w^h was delivered into the hands of 
Mr. Tres"". vntill further orders. 

Mr. Oldams estate being examined the account of it as it 
stands in this Jurisdiction is as followeth : 

Estate of Mr. Oldam deceased is debtor. 

To Mathew Marvine, 
To Richard Lord, 
To Wm. Lewis, 
To Edward Mason, 
To Jeffery Ferris, 
To Henry Browning, 
To Thomas Staunton, 
To Thomas Scott, 
To Mr. Chapleyn, 
To Mr. Pincheon, 
To Andrew Warner, 
To Edwa. Stebbing, 
To Mr. Talcott, 
To Mr. Jno. Haynes, 
To Mathew Allen, 
To Lieftenant Seely, 
To Edward Hopkins, & 

It was thought fit and ordered that this Acco be sent to the 
Bay, and yf a iust ace" be also returned from thence in a rea- 













P' Contra is Creditr, 




By Lieftenant Seely, £28. 

15. 2. 




By Jno. Chapman, £ 4. 

15. 0. 




By Ric. Lawes, £ 6. 

4, 11, 




By Mr, Chapleyne, £89, 

15. 2. 




By Thomas Allen, * £ 6, 

16. 6. 









6. 9. 











Jan. the 6o, 1640. 




W" Lewis abated out of his 

debt on 




the other side 21. 16s., w'^'' h( 

s was to 




allow for a hogg he bought 

of Mr. 

!, 229. 







sonable ty me, an equal division may be made of the whole ; yf 
not, the estate here shall be divided among the Creditors here. 

Frauncis Norton and Thomas Coleman deliuered into the 
Court their apprehensions touching the case betweene Mr, 
Plum and Ric. Westcoatt, w^^ being taken into full considera- 
con by the Court, It was ordered that the iudgment by the jury 
shall stand, and execution to be graunted to Westcoatt ; but it 
is thought fitt that JefFery Ferris shall allow Mr. Plum two 
bushells of Corne, towards the damages layd vppon his swine, 
in regard his fence is found to be insufficient, and his Cowes 
were pi'ved to be in Westcoatts corne, and Mr. Chester is to 
allow Mr. Plum one bushell of Corne, in regard his bore was 
found to be in the sayd Corne as well as Mr. Plums. 
[36] And it was further ordered that JefFery Ferris, in regard 
he challenged the partyes interessed by the Court for searching 
out the sayd businesse, not to be indifferent men, and denyed 
to attend them according to the order of Court, shall pay as a 
fine to the Cuntrey 205.; and in regard he was one occationof 
much charge to Mr. Plum in bringing many witnesses this day, 
vppon his suggestion to the Court that they would not speake 
that that in the face of the Court w<=h they did before the Com- 
issioners, w^h was found otherwise, he was adiudged to pay lOs. 
to Mr. Plum towards his charges ; and Richard Westcoat, for 
misleading Jno. Whitmore, was fined 105. to the Cuntrey. 

March the 5^^, 1639. A P^'ticular Court. 

Jno. Haynes Esqi". Governor'. 

Roger Ludlow Esq''. Dep'ty. 

Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelpes. 
This present day there was returned into the Court by Mr. 
Gaylard, one of the overseers, a Coppy of the estate of the chil- 
dren of Thomas Newbery deceased, dated the lO^i^ of Febr. 
1639, subscribed by Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Huett, Mr. 
Hill, George Hull and Wm. Hosford. 

Whereas a difference hath arisen betweene Mr. Smith and 
some others of Wethersfeeld, about the measure of some ground, 


w^h being long debated it was thought fitt that it be referred to 
some indifferent men to issue, and Mr. Wells and Mr. Webster 
are intreated by the Court, in the first and fittest season to goe 
downe to Wethersfeeld, and to settle the same as in equity and 
justice they shall see fitt, that peace and truth may be contin- 
ued. But it was iudged very equall and reasonable, in regard 
Mr. Smith in setting vp his posts p^ceeded in a legall and iust 
way, that he be not putt to the charge of taking vp and setting 
downe his posts againe : the rule that Mr. Wells and Mr. Web- 
ster are to goe by is one of the other 3 ranges of meadow, and 
they may call whom they thinke meet in Weathersfeeld to assist 
in the busines. 

Whereas there was an attachment graunted to Ric. Lord 
vppon the goodes of Thomas Allen, for 42s. Qd. debt and costs, 
the attachment was served and 6 cushions, 3 Barstable ruggs, 
6 paire of Childrens shues, one paire of Boots, and an ould 
Cloakebagg were put into the hands of Thomas Staunton vntill 
the action be tryed, and further order taken therein. 

Mr. Deputy returned a recognisance into Court wherein 
James Northam was bound by nim for his appearance this day. 
But he came nott. 

[37] Aprill the 2^1, 1640. A PfTicuLAR Court. 

Jno. Haynes Esq^. Gov. 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Welles, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. 
Mary Brunson, now the wiefe of Nicolas Disborough, Jno. 
Olmested, Jonathan Rudd and Jno. Peerce were corrected for 
wanton dalliance and selfe pollution. 

This day Rachel Brundish of Weathersfield presented an In- 
ventory of her husbands estate,* w^h amounted (all debts being 
payd) to 90/. 5s. 4g?. and the house and land was rated at 130/. 
And it was thought fitt and ordered that the relict of the sayd 
Jno. Brundish shall haue to her owne use the 90/. 5. 4.; and the 
land with the house to be for the childrens portions, vizt. 30/. 
to the Sonne and 25/. a peece to each of the 4 daughters to be 

* Recorded at page [70.] 


payd into the Court for their use when each of them come to 
the age of sixteene yeares and in the raeane tyme the widow to 
haue the use of the land for bringing vp the children. 

It was also ordered that yf the sayd Rachell doe thinke fitt 
to sell the house and land, she may haue liberty soe to doe, pro- 
vided before she make any sale thereof she giue suffitient secu- 
rity into ye Court for the payment of the childrens portions att 
the tymes prefixed A and for the due education of them ; and 
having soe done, she may make her best advantage of the sayd 
house and landes, provided also that yf any one or more of the 
children depart this life before they come to the age of 16 
yeares, his or their portion is to be divided equally among those 
that survive. 

> These elected Magestrats. 

[39] Aprill the IXth. 1640. The Court of Election. 

Mr. Hopkins Esq^ Gouerr."" 
Mr. Haynes, Deputy, 

Mr. Wyllis, 

Mr. Ludlow, absent 

Mr. Welles, 

Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Webster, 

Deputy es : Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Spenser, Ed: 
Stebbing, W\\\^. Gaylard, Tho : Ford, Mr. Stoughton, 
Mr. Hull, Thurston Rayner, James Boosy, George Hub- 
berd. Rich : Crabbe. 
These were made Free : — 

These inhabitants of Wyndsor: Mr. Ephra: Huytte, Mr. 
Arther Willms, Michaell Tray, Richard Parsons, Tho : More, 
John More, Tho : Dyblie, Henry Clarke, Willin : Gylbert, Tho: 
Bassette, Elias Parkma. 

Hartford : Daniell Garrette, Robert Wade, Tho : Seldon. 
Mr. Parke at Wethersfyeld. 

It is Ordered that the Gouernor shall giue Mr. Ludloe his 
Oath, for the place of Magestracy. 

It is Ordered that yf any Indean be discouered by the Watch 
in the night wthin any of the Plantations of this Jurisdiction, or 


be found by the ward in the day breakeing open any house or 
offering any desp^ate assaulte, w^h may indaynger the life of 
any p^son, it shall be lawful! for the watch or ward in such case 
to shutte any such Indean or Indeans, if he or they shall not 
subiect theselues to the watch or ward. And that Tho : Steyn- 
ton shall, w^hin fowerteene dayes, giue notice of this Order to 
all the Chiefe Indeans who haue ordinary recourse to these 

It is Ordered that the Towne of Wyndsor shall haue liberty, 
vntill the Generall Courte in September next, to bring in the 
Records of their lands. 

It is Ordered that Mr. Haynes, Mr. Ludloe & Mr. Welles 
shall setle the diuision of the bounds betwixt Paquanocke &. 
Uncowaye, by the 24*^ day of June next, according to their 
former Cornission : And also that they tender the Oath of Fidel- 
lity to the Inhabitants of the said Townes, and make such free 
as they shall aproue of 

Aprill the Xth. 1G40. 

Forasmuch as many stubborne & refractory Persons are 
often taken wt^in these libertyes, and no meet place yet p^pared 
for the detayneing & keepeing of such to their due & deserued 
punishement, It is therefore Ordered that there shall be a house 
of Correction built, of 24 foote long & 16 or 18 foote broad, 
wth a Celler, ether of wood or stonne, according as Mr. Tal- 
cotte, Ed : Stebing, Tho : Ford and James Boosy shall thinke 
meete, who are chosen by the Courte to lette out the worke, ap- 
poynt out the place & to order and directe whatsoeuer occa- 
tions and businesses that may fall out for the compleate finish- 
ing the said house, w^h is to be done by the next Courte, in Sep- 

Forasmuch as many Persons intangle thmselues by rashe & 
inconsiderat Contracts for their future joyneing in Maridge 
Couenant, to the great troble and greife of theselues and their 
frynds ; for the avoyding whereof, It is Ordered, That whoso- 
euer intend to joyne themselues in Maridge Couenant shall 
cause that their purpose of Contracte to be published in some 
publike place & att some publike meeting in the seuerall 


Townes where such persons dwell, at the lest, eight dayes be- 
fore they enter into such Contracte, whereby they ingadge 
[41] theselues ech to other; and that 1| they shall forbeare to 
joyne in Maridge Couenant at lest eight dayes after the said 
Contracte. And also the Magestrate who solemnizeth Mariedge 
betwixt any, shall cause a record to be entered in Courte of 
the day & yere thereof. 

It is Ordered, that Mr. Moody of Hartford, and Ensigne 
Stoughton of Wyndsor, shall be pi'ferred Liuetenants, and Mr. 
Rocester of Wyndsor shall be p^^ferred Ensigne, for the severall 
bands in the said Townes. 

It is Ordered, that the Liuetenants & Ensignes shall be freed 
fro watching & warding, and the Seargeant fro warding and 
halfe their watch. 

Aprill XI. 1640. 

It is Ordered, there shall be a Rate of a hundred pownd 
leuyed vppon the Country, w^h is to be proportioned by Mr. Tal- 
cott, Mr. Stoughton & James Boosy ; — who haue p'portioned 
the said Rate as followeth : 

Imprs, Hartford, 43/. 0. 0. 

Wyndsor, 28. 10. 0. 

Wethersfyeld, 28. 10. 0. 

Sum 100/, 

Mr. Steele is returned Recorder for the Towne of Hartford; 
and hath brought into the Courte 114 coppyes of the severall 
p^cells of land belonging to & conserneing 114 p^sons. 

Mr, Rocester is returned Recordor for the Towne of Wynd- 

Mr. Michell is returned Recordor for the Towne of Wethers- 
fyeld, but he is found vncapable of the place, lying vnder cen- 
sure of the Courte, and he and the Towne who chose him to 
that place are to haue notice to apeare at the next adiourne- 
ment of the Courte. They are to haue liberty to bring in the 
Records of their lands vntill the Generall Courte in September 

The Courte adioyrned vntill the 2'^ Thursday in June, 1640. 


[42] The P»'ticuler Courte May the vii'ii, 1640. 
Mr. Ed : Hopkins Esqf. Gou^ 
Mr. Haynes, Deputy. 

Mr. Wyllis, Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 

George Abbott of Wyndsor, searuant to* 
he is adiudged to pay fiue povvnd fyne for selling a pystoU & 
powder to the Indeans, and to be bound to his good behauior. 
He is to be disposed of by the Courte for further searvice, to 
his Master or some other as they shall judge meete, for his pay- 
ing the said fyne. 

Simon Hoyette and his family are to be freed fro watch & 
ward vntill there be further Order taken by the Courte. 

Andrew Bacon and John Barnard haue returned into the 
Courte a Inventory of the goods of Tho : Johnson decessed, to 
the some of 11/. 5s. lOd. 

At the request of Mr. Phelps, in the behalfe of Mr. Rocester, 
an attachment is graunted for the Constable of Wyndsor to dis- 
treyne & take into his custody 20 bush^. of Corne, of James 
Nortons of Quinipwucke, and that to keepe vntill the said 
James shall appeare at the Courte at Hartford and there an- 
swere what shall be laid to his chardge. 

Mr. John Shareman of Wethersfyeld is to be freed fro 
watching vntill the Courte take further Order. 

John Hopkins of Hartford is also freed fro watching vntill 
further Order be taken by the Courte. 

Whereas there was an Agreement betwixt the Inhabitants of 
Wethersfyeld and Liuetenant Seely that the differences betwixt 
them in sute for Lands, should be referred to Arbitriment by 
partyes betwixt them agreed vppon, vizt. Mr. Hooker &, Mr. 
Welles, and in case they two should differ, they were to chuse 
a third, for the issuing thereof, who did accordingly make choyce 
of Mr. Webster, the Court also consenting thereunto. It is now 
the App^hension of the Courte that the foresaid partyes shall 
stand to the award as yt is deliuered in by the said Mr. Web- 
ster, vizt. That the said Inhabitants of Wethersfyeld shall pay 
to the said Liuetenant, 150 bush^ of Corne, and this the Court 
adiudgeth to be paid by ech mans proportion through't the 

* This blank occurs in the original. 


whole Meadowes. The said Liuetenant is also to be alowed 
20s. for his chardges and delay of payment. 

[43] The PrTicuLER Court. June 4th, 1640. 

Mr. Ed : Hopkins Esq'. Gour, 
Mr. Haynes, 

Mr. Wyllis, Mr. Welles, Mr, Phelps, Mr. Webster, 

Ed : Veare of Wethersfyeld is fined Xs. for cursing & swere- 
ing, and also he is to sitt in the stocks at Wethersfyeld, two 
howers the next Trayneing day. 

Willia. Hill of Hartford, for buying a stolen peece of Mr. 
Plums man, and brekeing open the Coblers Hogshed & Packe, 
for boath these mysdemenors hes fyned fower pownds to the 

Nicholas Olmsteed for his laciuious caridge & fowle mysde- 
menors at sundry tymes w^h Mary Brunson is adiudged to pay 
twenty pownd fyne to the Country, and to stand vppon the 
Pillery at Hartford the next lecture day dureing the time of the 
lecture. He is to be sett on, a lytle before the begining & to 
stay thereon a litle after the end. 

The foresaid Nicholas Olmsteed acknowledgeth hymself to 
be bound in a Recognizance of xxx/. to the Country, to repaire 
the foresaid next lecture day by nyne of the clocke to the Con- 
stable of Hartford, to submitt to the said judgment of the 

[44] A Generall Courte. June xi^h, 1640. Hartford. 

Mr. Ed : Hopkins Esq'-. Gou''. 
Mr. Haynes, Deputy. 

Mr. Wyllis, Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 
Beputyes ;— Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Ed : Stebing, Willm 
Gaylard, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Hull, Thurston Raynor, James 
Boosy, Richard Crabbe. 


It is Ordered, that if any deputy shall be absent vppon such 
occation as the Gouerno'' for the tyme being shall approue of, 
or by the P^'uidence of God shall decease this life, wt^in the 
adioyrnement of any Courte, that yt shall be at the liberty of 
the Gou"" to send forth a warrent in such case, for supply there- 
of, vppon resonable warneing. 

It is Ordered, that the highway betwixt Hartford &, Wynd- 
sor, as yt was laste sette forth vppon the vpland, shall be made 
sufficiently passable, by ech Towne what lyeth wt^^nn their owne 
bownds, wti^in the space of on month, and there shall be liberty 
graunted to vse the highway through the meadowes vntill the 
said vpland highway be so sufficiently mended, for horse and 
drifte, as yt shall be aproued of by Mr. Plum, James Boosy, 
Henry Wolcotte & Tho : Scotte, and then the highway through 
the medowe to cease. 

Richard Gyldersly was conuented before the Courte for 
casteing out p^nitious speeches, tending to the detriment & 
dishonnor of this Comonwelth, and was fyned to pay to the 
Country forty shillings, and was bownd to his good behauior, 
in a Recognizance of 20/. to apeare at the next Generall Courte, 
to the w^h he submitted himselfe. 

Whei'eas the Dutch Catle are impounded for trespassing the 
Englishmens Corne, It is the iudgment of the Courte that the 
Dutchmen shall be made acquainted w^^ the trespasse, and 
satisfaction demaunded, the w^h if they refuse to pay, the Cat- 
tell are to be kepte in the pownd three dayes, and then to be 
prysed &; sold, and the trespasse to be satisfied, togather w'^ 
the chardge of impounding, keepeing & tending the said Catle 
dureing their custody. 

Yf Mr. Michell shall giue satisfaction to Mr. Chaplin in some 
publike meeting, as prte of his censure, by acknowledging his 
fault, in such forme and manner as he hath related to this 
Courte, It is referred to the p^ticuler Courte to continue or take 
off his former censure as they shall see cause. 

The said Mr. Michell, for vndertaking the office of Towne 
Clarke or Recordor, notw^^istanding his vncapablenes of such 
office by censure of Courte, he is fyned to pay to the Country 
twenty Nobles. 

That prte of the Towne of Wethersfyeld who chose the said 


Mr. Michill to office, notw^'^standing the censure of Courte, are 
fyned to the Country five pownds. 

Its desired that Mr. Gouernor & Mr. Deputy should returne 
an answer to the laste letter sent fro the Dutch Gouernor. 

Mr, Gouernor, Mr. Deputy & Mr. Wyllis are desired to 
treate w^h the Ilandors & Vncuus, conserneing the Mohegins 
kylling the Indean w^h a peece, and to put yt to issue, if they 
can, or returne y t agayne to the Courte. 

Forasmuch as our lenity & gentlenes toward Inde ans hath 
made the growe bold & insolent, to enter into Englishemens 
howses, and vnadvisedly handle sowrds & peeces and other in- 
struments, many times to the hazard of the lymbs of Hues of 
Englishe or Indeans, and also to steale diuers goods out of such 
howses where they resorte ; for the pi'uenting of such mischeifs, 
yt is Ordered, that whatsoeu"" Indean shall hereafter medle w^^ 
or handle any Englishemans weapens of any sorte, ether in 
their howses or in the fyelds, they shall forfeit for euery such 
default halfe a fadom of wampu ; and if any hurt or || iniury 
[45] shall therevppon followe, to any p^sons life or lymbe 
(though accidentall) they shall pay life for life, lymbe for lymbe, 
wound for wound, and shall pay for the healeing such wounds 
& other damages ; and for any thing that they steale, to pay 
double, and suffer such further punishement as the Magestrats 
shall adiudge the. The Constable of any Towne may attach 
and areste any Indean that shall transgresse in any such kynd 
before mentioned, and bring the before some Magestrate, who- 
may execute the penalty of this Order vppon offendors in any 
kynd excepte life or lymbe ; and any p^son that seeth such de- 
faults may p^secute & shall haue halfe the forfeiture. 

June the 15*^, 1640. The Order concerneing Artificers & 
laborers for wages, is renewed dureing the pleasure of the 

The p^ticuler Courte is to conclude the conditions for the 
planting of Tunxis. 

And also to p^'secute the murtherers as they shall see cause» 
vppon consultation w^h the Bay and o"" neighbor Plantations 
aboute the sea coste. 

It is Ordered, that the Magestrats shall send for the Tribuit of 
the Indeans aboute Cuphege, Vncoway &c there aboute. 


It is Ordered, that in all appropriated ground, the owners 
thereof shall bound every p^ticular pfcell w^^ sufficient mere- 
stones, and so to p^searve & keepe them. 

It is Ordered, that Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Hopkins & Mr. Blak- 
man shall survey & divyde and sett out the bownds betwixt the 
Plantations ofCuphege & Vncoway, p^vided if they cannot ac- 
cord, Mr. Welles at his next coming to those p'ts shall issue yt. 

It is Ordered, that whatp^'son or p^sons wthin this jurisdiction 
shall, after September, 1641,drinke any other Tobacco but such 
such as is or shalbe planted w^^in these libertyes, shall forfeit for 
every pownd so spent fiue shillings, except they haue license fro 
the Courte. 

Whereas by an Order the 14^^ of January, 1640, none is to be 
chosen a Magestrate but such as are p^^pounded in some generall 
Courte before, yet notw^^standing, as Cuphege & Vncoway are 
somewhat farre distant fro this Courte, and there is a necessity 
of the dispensation of justice in those Townes, therefore in the 
meane & vntill the next Generall Courte of Election, yt it 
thought meet & so ordered, that Mr. Willia Hopkins ofCuphege 
be a Corhissionr to joyne w^^ Mr. Ludlow in all Executions in 
their p^'ticuler Courte or otherwise, & is now sworne to that 

[46] Whereas by an Order the seaventh of December last, the 
difference betweene ]Mr. Allen & Wyndsor conserneing land 
purchased of Plymoth, was, by consent, referred to Mr. Haynes, 
Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Hopkins, & Mr. Phelps, to end the same, & 
what is agreed on by the is to be yelded vnto on boath sides ; 
according to w^h Order & reference we who are mentioned in 
the saide Order haue seriously weighed all such arguments as 
haue bine tendred vnto vs on both syds, and we cannot see but 
Mr. Allen ought to be subiecte, for the said land & purchase, to 
the lawes & Orders and Jurisdiction of this Comonwelth, and by 
a necessary consequence, subject to that Plantation of Wyndsor, 
wherein the said land lies, & to all such resonable & lawfuU 
Orders as are agreed there for the publike good of the same, and 
in equall p^portion to beare his share in all rates there, soe as 
while he or his successors Hue elsewhere then he or they are to 
pay only according to his p^portion of land there, & p^fitte & 
benefitts thence ariseing, and such stocke as is resident or 
vsually imployed in & thereuppon. And o"" judgment for the 



pi'sent is, that the said Mr. Allen nor his successors should not 
be rated in any other place for that land and estate he hath 
there, as afores'd. It is intended that Mr. Allen haue notice 
giuen him, in conuenient tyme, of all such orders as doe or may 
concerne him, and that the orders, be such as ly w^^^in his 
compasse & power to accomplishe & p^forme in aresonable 

Dated the 4*^ of Ja : 1638, and subscribed by 

Jo : Haynes, 
Ro : Ludlowe, 
Ed : Hopkins, 
Will' Phelps. 

An Oath for Paqua' and the Plantations there. 

I %. 33. being by the P>"uidence of God an inhabitant wt^iin 
the Jurisdiction of Conectecotte, doe acknowledge myselfe to 
be subject to the gou^ment thereof, and doe sweare by the 
great and dreadfull name of the eui^liueing God to be true and 
faythfull vnto the same, and doe submitt boath my p^'son & 
estate thereunto, according to all the holsome lawes & orders 
that ether are or hereafter shall be there made by lawfull au- 
thority : And that I will nether plott nor practice any euell 
agaynst the same, nor consent to any that shall so doe, but will 
tymely discou"" the same to lawfull authority estabhshed there; 
and that I will mayntayne, as in duty I am bownd, the honor 
of the same & of the lawfull Magestrats thereof, promoteing the 
publike good thereof, whilst I shall so continue an Inhabitant 
there, and whensou'' I shall give my vote, suffrage or p^xy, 
being cauled thereunto, touching any matter w^^ conserns this 
Comonwelth, I will giue yt as in my conscience may conduce 
to the best good of the same, w^^out respect of pt'son or favor 
of any man; so helpe me God in the Lo: Jesus Christ. 

[48] July the 2'^, 1640. The P'tjculer Courts. 
Samuell Smith pl^ ag* Andrewe Waird. 
Richard Coker pi* agt John Cable. 
Richard Lord pi* agt Tho : Robinson. 


Ed : Hopkins Esquire, Gou''. 

Mr. Haynes, Mr, Wyllis, Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 

The Jury : — Willia Whiting, Gent. Ju\, Robert Parke, 
John Edwards, Robert Abbott, John Notte, Bray Roces- 
ter, Richard Whithead, John Byssyll, Walter Fyler, 
Willia Wodsworth, Richard Lord, Gregory Wynter- 
ton, Ju\ 

John Haynes, Esquire, pi* ag* John Cockerryll defend* in an 
action of debt of xiij /. The Jury find for the plan*. The 
defend* is to pay damages xiij /. and costs of sute viij s. The 
Courte graunts the pi execution ag* the body or goods of the 
defend* for the foresaid damages and Costs. 

M"^. Mytchel hath this day returned into Court his acknowl- 
edgement to Mr. Chaplin, and for that, w*h other considera- 
tions, for former extraordinary chardges w<=^ he hath formerly 
borne for publike seruice at the Forte, the Court hath remitted 
his former censure. 

Nicholas Senthion, for not apeareing to witnesse agaynst 
Aron Starke, is fyned to pay fiue pqwnd to the Country. 

John Porter, one of the Constables of Wyndsor, is to keepe 
the said Aron Starke w*i^ locke and chaine and hold him to 
hard labour & course dyet vntill he be cauled to bring him forth 
vppon the next soinons. 

The said Aron being accused of [bestiality, confessed that 
he had committed the crime,] 

John Euens, for his contempte ag* the Townsmen, is fyned 

Andrewe Bacon and John Barnard an appoynted to sell the 
goods of the Cobler* deceased, formerly taken by Inventory 
given into Courte by the said partyes. 

It is Ordered, that whosoeuer enters any action in the Court, 
the Plan*, shall pay the costs of Court, though the action be 
not tryed, and the Jury to haue their pj'ts. 

George Wolcott acknowledge himselfe to be bownd in a 
Recognizance of ten pownd that his brother Henry Wolcott 
shall p^secut an action of the case & bring it to tryall ag* 

* Thomas Johnson. See account of sales, p. [75]. 


Church of Hartford, for impownding the hoggs of Henry 
Wolcott his father, and will subiect to the issue thereof as yt 
shall be adiudged the next Court holden at Hartford. 

Thos : Welles. 

[49] Henry Wolcotte pi* agaynst Church defend*, in 

in an action of the case, wherein the said Henry complaynes 
agt the said Church for takeing into his custody & de- 

teyneing thirty swyne of Henry Wolcotts the elder, father to 
the said Henry, to the damage of 

Willia Whiting Gent"^. pi*, ag*. Jasp^ Rowlins deffend*. in 
an action of debt 20s. debt. 

Leonard Chester pl^^. ag* John Edwards, Nathaniell Foote, 
defend* in an action of trespas, for brech of order, to the 
damage of 4 1. 

Saqueston testifies in Court that he neu' sould any grownd 
to the Dutch, nether was at any tyme conquered by the Pe- 
quoyts, nor paid any trybuit to the. And when he sometymes 
liued at Mattanag and hard by his fryends that Jiued here, that 
he and his men came & fought w^ii the. 

Whereas there was an Order of Court made foF the vewing 
of the hie waie leading fro Hartford to Wyndsor, amongst 
others, there was appoynted James Boosy and John Plum, who 
haue, according to direction of Court, vewed the same ; and 
that pi'te w^h was shewed vs by Tho : Scott, w<=h lyeth be- 
tweene Hartford Towne and the lyne w^h deuid betweene yt 
and Wyndsor, we find to be mended sufficiently, so as men may 
both ryde and goe one foote, and make drifte of Cattle, com- 
fortablie : but that parte in Wyndsor bound was nothing done 
when wee vewed yt, w^^^ was about the seauententh of July, 

The Coppy. Jo : Plum, Ja : Boosy. 

[50] September the 4*^, 1640. 

Henry Packs (?) his Wyll. 
It is my Will to bestow vppon the Church the Clocke that 
Brother Thorneton had bought, to Mr. Wichfyeld my best 
Coate and whoight (?) Cappe, to Mr. my best 



Ed : Masons Inuentory. 
A true Inuentory of the goods and Chattells of Edward Mason 
of Wethersfyeld, late deceased, viz*. 

Impr^ The Cloathes of the said Edward, 

Ite, in Halle, brasse, Pewter etc. 

Ite, in the parlour, a fetherbed, w^^ chests, 

lynens and other things, 
Ite, in the Celler, 

Ite, Enghshe Corne, w^^h Indean Old and New, 
Ite, in the Chamber, a fetherbedde w^h others, 
Ite, twenty sixe borrowe hoggs, stores & sowes, 
Ite, 3 Ewes, one Ewe kydd, 2 weathers, 
Ite, Tooles & all other Implyments belonging to 

the trade of the said Edward. 

Valued p^ Soin totalis 121. L 00 

Willia Swayne, 
George Hubberd, 
Test Leo : Chester. 
















[51] Oath for the Jury. 


You shall swere that you %. B. shall duly try the cause or 
causes now giuen you in chardge, betweene the pi* & def or 
pits ^ defendts, according to yo"" euidence giuen in Courte, 
and accordingly a true verdict giue ; yo"" owne counsell & yo'^ 
fellowes you shall duly keepe ; you shall speake nothing to any 
one, of the busines & matters in hand, but amongst yofselues^ 
nor shall you suffer any to speake vnto you about the same, 
but in Court : when you are agreed of any verdicte you shall 
keep yt secret till you deliuer yt vp in Court : so helpe you God. 

September the X^^i, 1640. 
It is Ordered, that Ed : Hopkins Esq^. now Gouernour, shall 
haue the benefitte and liberty of free trade at Waranocoe & att 
any place thereabout, vppe the Riuer, and all other to be re- 
streyned for the terme of seauen yeres, and the land to be pur- 
chased for the Comonwelth, 


[56] The Generall Court, February the viijtb, 1640. 
Edward Hopkins Esq^ Gour^. 
John Heynes Esq^ Dep^y. 

Mr. Wyllis, Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 
Deputy es : — Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, John Pratt, Ed: 

Stebbing, Samuell Smith, George Hubbert, James Boosy, 

Richard Crabb, Captain Mason, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, 

Wiir Gaylord. 
Forasmuch as Sequin hath so long delayed in making satis- 
faction for the mare that was killed by his Indeans, the Court 
thinks meet that a p^mptory answer be required of him, and in 
case full satisfaction be not therevppon giuen, that pi^sent in- 
telligence shall be giuen to Quinipiouck & o"^ neighbour Plant- 
ations, that we shall accoumpte of him as o^" enimy, in regard 
of that affornt & many other insolent caridges of his, and 
shall speedily right Cselues of him. The Gouernour & Mr- 
Deputy are desired by the Court to agitate & issue the whole 

Forasmuch as the Court, takeing into consideration the 
p^sent condition of these Plantations, doe find a great expence 
yerely to be laid out to fetch in supply fro other pi"ts in such 
comodityes as are of necessary vse, and not knowing how this 
Comonwelth can be long supported vnlesse some staple Comod- 
ity be raysed amongst o^selues W^^ may in some sort answer 
and defray the chardge, — haue therefore thought requisite that 
all incouridgement be giuen for the full imployment of men & 
cattle for the improuement of such ground as the Country af- 
fords for English grayne where yt may be raysed yv^^ lest 
chardge ; for the speedy furthering thereof liberty is graunted 
to all such persons w^hin these Plantations as stand disposed to 
imploy theselues or their estats in husbandry as aforesaid, to find 
out any sutable grownd w^hin these libertyes yet vnpossest, 
where the said Englishe grayne may be soonest raysed, and 
haue graunted to ech Teeme a hundred acres of plowing grownd 
and twenty acres of meadow, p'vided they improue twenty 
acres the first yere, w^h is to be accoumpted fro the date of 
these pt'sents, & eighty acres the second yeare, and the whole 
hundred the third yeare. And for the orderly p>"ceeding therein, 


the Court hath desiered the Wor^^ Edward Hopkins Esq"". Gou"", 
Mr. Deputy & Mr. WiUis to appoynt and sett forth the forme 
and order how ech mans pi^portion shall be laid out, togather 
wth a competent quantity of vpland to the same, and to alowe 
to the owner of ech Teeme a competent lott for a workman w^h 
may be helpfuU to manadge the busines and carry on the worke ; 
as also to admit inhabitants (if any place so found out shall be 
iudged meete for a plantatio) and to sett out their bownds ; and 
those pi'sons who first giue in their names to the Comittee, to 
vndertake the worke and attend to haue their diuisions sett 
forth, shall be first searued in order as they com, next after the 
Coinittee haue made choyce for theselues : But if any p^son so 
vndertakeing the manadgeing of a hundred acres, or a lesse 
pi^portion, vppon the terms before mentioned, shall neglect to 
p'forme the conditions before specified, or be vnable to accom- 
plish the same, the Court hath researued power to dispossesse 
him or the of the grovvnd, giueing such resonable satisfaction 
for the chardge bestowed thereuppon as the said Court shall 
judge meete. And if any p^son or p^sons tendreing theselues 
to vndertake the manadgeing of 100 acres as aforesaid shall be 
iudged by the Comittee vnable or vnmeet for the worke, not 
likely to pfforme the conditions in so great a quantity, they may 
ether refuse to admitt such or alowe a lesser p^portion to 

It is also Ordered, that what stocke shall be remoued to any 
such place, shall be levied to the Towne fro whence yt came, 
as if yt were resident there ; And the chardge disbursed for 
makeing wayes or any comon benefitt to such place, shall be 
paid by the land w^^in the said liberty, as yt shall be taken vppe 
[57] and possest. || But when such Place shall becom a Plan- 
tation & be at chardge to mayntayne Officers w^'un theselues, 
then other considerations may be had by the Courte. 

Whereas yt is thought necessary for the comfortable support 
of these plantations, that a trade of Cotten wool! be sett vppon 
and attempted, for the furthering whereof yt hath pleased the 
Gouernof, that now is, to vndertake the furnisheins; and settino; 
forth a vessell, w^h convenient speed, to those parts where the 
said comodity is to be had yf yt proue phesable : In considera- 
tion whereof, as also fro the considerations in the former order 


specified, It is ordered by the Authority aforesaid, that vppon 
the Returne of the said vessel!, the Plantations by p'portion 
shall take ofFe the said Gotten, at such valuable consideration 
as yt may be afforded, according as chardge shall aryse and 
acreue thereuppon ; the pay for the said Gotten wooll to be 
made in Englishe Gorne or Pype-staues as the Gountry shall 
afford : The p^portions to be diuiyded and laid vppon the seu- 
erall Townes are according to the diuision of the last Gountry 

And for the better pi'searuing of Tymber, that the Country 
may haue p''visions of Pypestaues for the furthering the said 
trade of Gotten wooll, It is Ordered that no Tymber shall be 
felled fro w^^^out the bownds of these Plantations, wt^out lycence 
fro the pJ'ticuler Gourte, nor any Pipestaues to be sould out of 
the Riuer w^i^out alowance fro the said Gourte, nor transported 
into foraigne p^'ts vntill they be vewed (by such Gofaittee as the 
said Gourt shall appoynt) and appi'ued by such to be vendable, 
boath for the goodnes of the Tymber, and due p''portion & size 

The p^ticuler Gourt also is desiered to take order for the 
veweing of Pequot Gountry and disposeing of the Tymber 
there, as also to settle Inhabitants in those p'ts yf they see 
cause, so far as yt may be acted w^^out chardge to the Gountry. 

For the p^uenting of differenses that may arise betwixt the 
Plantations fro trespasses by Gattle wch are ofte necessitated, 
by reson of their bordering on ag^ another. It is Ordered, that 
Nathaniell Waird, Andrewe Warner, Mr. Plum, Robert Rose, 
Mr. Porter & Tho : Ford, shall take into their serious consid- 
erations how the grownd belonging to the seuerall Plantations 
may be best impi'ued, so as to sute ech others conuenience, 
whereby their Gorne may be p^serued and their Gattle keepte 
w^ii lest chardge of fencing or herding, as may most conduce to 
the coinon good, and deliuer in their appi'hentions to the next 
Generall Gourt. 

Whereas yt is obsearued that many skins and felts of Gowes 
& goats, through want of p^uident p'"searueing and seasonable 
bringing forth to dressing, suffer great losse. It is Ordered, that 
whatsoeu'" skins are or shall be in any mans hands w^iun these 
libertyes shall be carefully pi^searued and seasonably brought in 


to such as improue the, vnder such penalty as the Court shall 
inflict vppon the neglect thereof, and that care be taken in 
fleeing the skins, the neglect whereof occasioneth great losse. 
[58] Whereas yt is obserued as experience hath made appeare, 
that much grownd w^'Mn these libertyes may be well improued 
in hempe & flaxe, and that we myght in tyme haue supply of 
lynnen cloath amongst oi'selues, and for the more speedy pi'cur- 
ing of hempseed, It is Ordered, that euery p»"ticuler family w^^iin 
these Plantations, shall p^cure & plant this p'sent yeare at lest 
on spoonefuU of Englishe hempseed, in some frutfull soyle, at 
lest a foote distant betwixt eu"" seed, and the same so planted 
shall pi'searue and keepe in husbanly manner for supply of seed 
for another yeare. 

It is also Ordered, that the second yeare, euery family that 
keeps a Teeme, though not aboue two or three drafte Cattle, 
shall sowe the second yeare at lest on rood of hempe or flaxe, 
and eu"" pi'son that keeps any Cattle, namely, cowes, heifgrs or 
steers, shall sowe 20 pi'ches, & eu'' family, though he keepe no 
Cattle, shall sowe tenn pi'ches, and ech p^ticuler of the foresaid 
families shall in husbandly sorte p^searue & tend their seuerall 
prportions, or in default thereof are to vndergoe the censure of 
the Courte. 

It is further Ordered, that eu"" pUiculer family wt^in these 
plantations shall also p^vide this pi'sent yeere, at lest halfe a 
pownd of hemp or flaxe. 

It is Ordered, that Country Rates yet behind vnpayd, shall be 
accepted by Mr. Tresurer in marchandable Indean Corne at 
three shillings the bushi; 

It is also Ordered, that whatsoeu"" debts shall be made wt^iin 
the libertyes of these Plantations, after the pubhshing of this 
Order, ether by labour of men or cattle or contract for comod- 
ityes, yt shall be lawfull for the buyer or hierer to pay it in mar- 
chantable Indean corne at three shillings fower pence the 

It is Ordered, that the late Order conserneing Wampu at sixe 
a penny shalbe dissolued, and the former of fower a penny and 
two pence to be paid in the shilling shall be established. 

The Order for the regulating of worke and wages is dis- 



It is ordered that Mr. Heynes, Mr. Wells and Captain Mason 
shall goe downe to Paquanucke, to settle the bownds betwixt 
them and the Plantations on boath sids them, according as they 
judge equall, as also to heare and determin the difference be- 
twixt the inhabitants of Cuphege amongst theselues. They 
also, w^ii Mr. Ludlow, are to require the Tribuit of the Indeans' 
about those p'ts, that is behind vnpaid, due by articles formerly 
agreed vppon, as also to inquire out the p'ticuler Indeans that 
are vnder ingadgement, w^^ the lymitts of the grownd formerly 
belonging to them, and vppon refusall to pi'ceed w^^ the as they 
shall see cause. 

Mr. Willia Whiting of Hartford & Frances Styles of Wind- 
sor are admitted freemen. 

Mr. Whiting & Mr. Allen of Hartford and Mr. Hill of Wind- 
sor are nominated to stand in election for magistrats the next 

Vppon the heareing of Mr. Robert Saltingstons petition, the 
Court hath graunted that the Gouernour, Mr. Deputy, Mr. 
Willis & Mr. Welles shall heare and determin the p^ticulers 
therein mentioned, p'vided the Towne of Windsor consent 
thereunto, vnto w^h reference the s^ Mr. Saltingston hath 

Arther Smiths sallery is to cesse after three months fro this 
prsent tyme. 

It is Ordered, that the deputyes wh^^ searue at any Generall 
Court shall be freed fro watch, ward & trayneing, vntill the 
next Court following that wherein they searued. 

Mr. Webster and Mr. Phelps are desiered to consult w^h the 
Elders of boath Plantations to p^pare instructions agt the next 
Court for the punisheing of the sin of lying w^h begins to be 
practised by many p^sons in this Comonwelth. 

[73] The Oath of a Freeman, 

I, ^. B. being by the P'uidence of God an Inhabitant w^Mn 
the Jurisdiction of Conectecott, doe acknowledge myselfe to be 
subiecte to the Gouerment thereof, and doe sweare by the great 
and fearefuU name of the euerliueing God, to be true and fayth- 


full vnto the same, and doe submitt boath my p^son and estate 
thereunto, according to all the holsome lawes and orders that 
there are, or hereafter shall be there made, and established by 
lawfuU authority, and that I will nether plott nor practice any 
euell agt the same, nor consent to any that shall so doe, but 
will tymely discouer the same to lawfull authority there estab- 
lished ; and that I will, as I am in duty bownd, mayntayne the 
honner of the same and of the lawfull magestratts thereof, 
p'moting the publike good of yt, whilst I shall soe continue an 
Inhabitant there ; and whensoeu"" I shall giue my voate or suf- 
frage touching any matter w^h conserns this Coinon welth be- 
ing cauled thereunto, will give yt as in my conscience I shall 
judge, may conduce to the best good of the same, wt^^out res- 
pect of p^'sons or favor of any man. Soe helpe me God in C 
Lord Jesus Christe. 

Aprill the xth, 1640. 

Aprill the 10*^, 1640. 

Its the aprehensions of the Courte that by the meadow vnde- 
uided wth apportion of vpland, mentioned in the agreement be- 
twixt the 34 men & the Towne & Church in Wethersfield, is 
vnderstood all the meadowing w^^in the bownds of Wethers- 
field on this side the Riuer yet vndeuided, w^h apportion of 
vpland on this side & the other side the Riuer ; And that the 
said 34 men haue an equall right or p^portion vnto the resdue 
of the vpland vndevided, w^^ the Church and the resdue 
of the Towne, ether in comon w^h the or in any other kynd, 
according as yt shall be Ordered by the three men chosen on 
ech side, or in case they differ, by the the said sixe men and a 
seventh man taken into the, according to the agreement before 
the Assembly, p^uided this hinders not the nyne men fro acting 
according to the agreement by the Counsell in deuisions that are 
in hand. 

There is 15 acres for Mr. Deynton and a frynd of his, to be 
sett out by the foresaid sixe men, wth two howse lotts and 
pi'portion of vpland thereunto belonging. 


[74] The Gener^i Court, Aprill the ix^^, 1641. 

John Heynes Esq'. Goueri". 

George Willis Esq"". Deputy. 

Magistr' : — Ed: Hopkins Esq)", Rodger Ludlow Esq^ 
absent; Mr. Will: Hopkins, absent; Mr. Phelps, Mr. Web- 
ster, Mr. Whiting, Tresurer, Mr. Welles, Secretary. 

Deputy es: — Mr. Steele, Mr. Taylcoate, Ed: Stebbing, 
Capten Mason, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylor, George Hubberd, 
Samuell Smith, Richard Crab, James Boosy; John Pratt, 
absent ; Tho : Ford, absent. 

For the better pi'searuing of Corne and meadow on the east 
side of the Create River, yt is Ordered, that there shall no hoggs 
or swyne of any sorte be put ouer thither or keepte there at any 
tyme after the publishing this Order, wt^in the tearme of on 
yeare, and all those that are now at this pi"sent on that side, are 
to be remoued thence w^'^in on weeke after the publisheing 
hereof, vnder the penalty of fine shillings vppon euery hogge for 
euery weeke that any such remayne there. 

Notwthstanding the late Order conserneing the restraynt of 
excesse in apparrell, yet diuers pi^sons of seuerall ranks are ob- 
searued still to exceede therein : It is therefore Ordered that the 
Constables of euery Towne wt^^in these libertyes, shall obsearue 
and take notice of any p^ticuler p'son or p^sons w^hin their 
seuerall lymitts, and all such as they judge to exceede their 
condition and ranks therein, they shall p^sent and warne to ap- 
peare at the p^'ticuler Courte ; as also the said Constables are to 
p''sent to the said Courte all such p'"sons who sell their comodi- 
tyes at excessive rats ; And the said Courte hath power to cen- 
sure any disorder in the p^ticulers before mentioned. 

Whereas yt was Ordered that euery family should plant a 
spoonefull of hempe seed, at a foote distant euery seed : vppon 
complaint that the said hempseed cannot be p^cured, It's Or- 
dered, that such p^sons who haue aboue the quantyty of a 
spoonefull, and deny to sell to others that are vnprouided, they 
shall plant so many spoonefulls themselues, according to the 
said Order, as they deny to sell to others that want and desire 
to buy yt of the at a resonable rate. 

Yppon Mr. Wyntrops motion to the Courte for Fyshers 
Hand, It is the mynd of the Courte, that so farre as yt hinders 





1 i ^-^il 



not the publike good of the Country, ether for fortifieing for 
defence, or setting vppe a trade of fisheing or salt &, such like, 
he shall haue liberty to p^ceed therein. 

Its Ordered, that the Plantations shall alow tenn pownd to 
the Gouernour and others that vndertake w^** him to send sixe 
men to abyde in Mohegin country for to plant corne, neere 
Vncoas, for the incouridgement of his men to stay w*^ him, 
the wch sixe men are to remayne in the said Parts to the end 
of their haruest. 

Rich : Gyldersly his fyne of 40s. is to be forborne vntill the 
Generall Court in September. 

[76] A Generall Courte the vii^h of June, 1641. 

Forasmuch as the Court haueing lately declared their app""- 
hensions to the Country conserneing the excesse in wages 
amongst all sorts of Artifficers and workemen, hopeing thereby 
men would haue bine a law vnto theselues, but finding litle 
reformation therein. The said Court hath therefore Ordered, 
that sufficient able Carpenters, Plow writs, Wheelewrits, Ma- 
sons, Joyners, Smithes and Coopers, shall not take aboue 206?. 
for a dayes worke fro the x^h of March to the xit^ of October, 
nor aboue 18^. a day for the other p^te of the yeare, and to 
worke xi howers in the day the sumer tyme, besids that w^^^ is 
spent in eateing or sleeping, and ix howers in the wynter : also, 
mowers, for the tyme of mowing shall not take aboue xxd. for 
a dayes worke. 

It is Ordered, also, that all other Artificers, or handicrofts 
men and cheife laborers shall not take aboue xviijfZ. a day for 
the first halfe yeare as aforesaid, and not aboue 14d. p'' day for 
the other p^te of the yeare ; and w^soeuer worke is lett or taken 
by the great or p^sell, by any workemen, laborers or artificers 
wtsoeur, shall be valued by the p^portion aforesaid. 

. Also, Sawyers shall not take aboue 4s. 2c?. for slitt worke or 
three inch planke, nor aboue 3s. Gd. for boards, by the hundred. 
Also, boards shall not be sold for aboue 5s. vie?, the hundred. 

It is also Ordered, that fower of the better sorte of Oxen or 
Horsses, w^^ the tacklin, shall not be valued at aboue 4s. xd. 


the day, fro the xi^h of March to the xi^h of October, and to 
worke fro the xi^^^ of March to the xi^^ of May vj howers, and 
fro the xi^^h of May to the xi^^ of October viiij howers, except 
they be imployed in breakeing vp of vpland grownd, for wch 
worke they are alowed 4s. xc?. though they worke but vj howers : 
also the said cattle shall not be alowed aboue 4s. pr day fro the 
xi^i^ of October to the xi^^ of March, and to worke sixe howers, 
and so for a greter or lesser nuber of Cattle according to the 
said prportion. 

And yts Ordered, that if any p^son ether directly or indi- 
rectly, shall giue or take any greter wages for the worke ether 
of men or cattle then the pryses before mentioned, shall abyde 
the censure of the Court. 

[78] September the 2^, 1641. 

John Haynes Esq^. Gouer"". 
George Willis Esq^ Deputy, 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^, Tho: Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 

The Jury. — Mr. Plum, Jur. Tho: Stolton, Henry Clarke, 

John Byssell, Henry Wollcott, Robert Parks, Robert 

Rose, Robert Abbott, John Talcott, Will: Lewis, John 

Clarke, Andrew Bacon ; Jur. 

Mathew Allen pl^ ag* John Coggen deft, in an action of 

slaunder, to the damage of a thousand po wnds The Jury find 

for the pi* damages 20/. Costs vijs. Mr. Hill hath vndertake 

to satisfie the 20/. for Mr. Allen, when the Court shall require 


Tho: Munson pi* ag* John Hall defend*, in an ac" of defa- 
mation. The Jury find for the pi* damages 20s. Costs, vijs. 

Frances Styles pi* ag* Ed: Hopkins Esq^ defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the Case. The Jury find for the pi* damages xv/. xs. 
Costs, vijs. 

Samuell Gardner for his affront of the watch is fyned xs, and 
is to acknowledge his fault the next trayneing day. 

Robert Saltingston gent, plan* ag* Edward Hopkins Esq^ 
defend*, as an assigne to Mr. John Woodcoke, in an action of 
the case, to the damage of 200/. 


For the 4th action of Math: Allen PI* ag* John Coggen 
defd, the Jury find for the p^ damages xxl. Costs, vijs. 

Mr. Hill of Wyndsor vndertaks to satisfie Mr. Allen the 201. 
for Mr. Coggen when the Courte shall appoynt yt. 

For the 5^^ ac^ of John Coggen pit agt Math : Allen def*^, 
the Jury find for the defen^. Costs vijs. Mr. Coggen denyed 
to appeare to his action w" the Jury was cauled to giue in 
their verdicte, aleadging he hath not his full testimony. 
[79] Mr. Robert Saltingston hath an attachment graunted agt 
Mr. Edward Hopkins, whereby he hath attached halfe the Myll 
standing by the New Bridge. 

[80] A Generall Court held the ix^^ of Sep: 1641. 

John Haynes Esq'. Gou^". 
George Willis Esq'. Deputy. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq', Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster. 
Deputyes :— Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Ed : Stebbing, John 
Pratt, Capten Mason, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Clarke, 
Mr. Swayne, Nath : Foote, Robert Rose, Samuell Smith, 
John Burr, John Sticklin. 
The Order for the restreyneing of the felling of Tymber is 
repeled, pi'uided that no Tymber be falen w^hin three myles of 
the mouth of Matabezeke river, nor at unseasonable tymes, viz*. 
fro the beginning of Aprill to the end of Septeber, and that it 
be improued into pipestaues or some other marchantable 
comodity wt^in on month after the felling thereof, or carted 
togather ; and that the Tymber so improued shall not be trans- 
ported fro the Riuer but for dischardge of debts or fetching in 
some necessary p^visions. 

It is Ordered, that the size of Pipestaues shall be 4 foote 4 
inches in length, halfe an inch at lest in thicknes, besids the 
sappe : they are to be 4 inches in bredth, if vnder to goe for 
halfe staues, and non are to goe if vnder 3 in bredth. And 
there shall be appoynted in every Towne wt^in these libertyes, 
one experienced man to vew & obsearue all such staues as 
aforesaid, and ech p^cell by him approued of shall be sealed, 
who shall be sworne to that searuice. And all such p^sells so 


approued & sealed, shall passe to the Marchant at 5Z. the thou- 
sand, to be deliuered at the Riuers mouth, at Wh place the 
Country hath vndertook to p^vid for Mr. Hopkins, by the be- 
gining of June next, 70000, vizt.Wethersfield 30000, Wyndsor, 
20000, Hartford 20000, if Mr. Hopkins can p^uid shipping and 
aford to giue that price. 

Mr. Hopkins is desiered by the Courte, if he see an op'^tunity, 
to arbitrate or issue the difference betwixt the Dutch and vs, 
as occation and op^tunity shall be offered when he is in Ingland.* 

Mr. Fowler, Mr. Astwood & Mr. Tappe of Mylford are de- 
sired by the Courte as neighbours (if they please to take such 
paynes,) to settle the bownds betwixt Paquanucke and Vnco- 
way, as they shall iudge meete, or vppon their suruey thereof to 
report their app'"hensions to the seuerall Townes, vppon w'^^ if 
they shall not accord and consent thereunto, the Court will there- 
uppon issue the same. 

Mr. GouernJ" and Mr. Whiting are desiered to take the late 
Tresurer's accoumpte. 

Mr. Willis and Mr. Hopkins are desiered, if they haue an 
oprtunity, to further the league of Vnity yv^^ the Bay. 

The Gouernour, Mr. Phelps and Capten Mason are desiered 
to treat w^h Mr. Phenicke, conserneing liberty for making salt 
in Long Hand and takeing fishe, who haue power also to con- 
tract w^^ who they can pfcure for effecting the same. 

For the p'^uenting and avoyding that fowle and grosse sin of 
lying, yt is Ordered, that when any p^son or p^'sons shall be ac- 
cused and proued guilty of that vice, yt shall be lawfull for the 
p^ticular Courte to adiudge and censure any such p^ty, ether 
by fyne or bodily correction according as they shall judge the 
nature of the fault to require ; this to hold to the next Court. 
[81] It is Ordered, that whosoeur trads for any Indean planted 
Corne, after the publisheing this Order, shall pay to the Coun- 
try 4d. for euery bush: p^uided they buy it not for to supply 
their owne necessity. 

The Secretary is appoynted to giue to Mr. Hopkins, vnder 
his hand, the nuber of the bush: of Corne p^'sented to the Courte 
by the Plantacons. 

* See a letter from Sir Wm. Boswell, English ambassador at the Hague, in relation to the 
encroachments of the Dutch — in Appendix, No. 1. 


[82] A Generall Court held the ix^^ of NouesER, 1641. 
John Heynes Esq"". Gouern''. 
George Willis Esq^. 

Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting. 
[Deputies :] — Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Ed: Stebing, John 
Prat, Mr. Plum, Mr. Swayne, Samuell Smith, Nath: 
Foote, Capten Mason, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Will' Gay- 
Whereas by reson of the great scarcity of mony, execution 
being taken of seuerall p^sons goods, that haue bine sowld at 
very cheap rats to the extreame damage of the debtor. It is 
therefore Ordered, that whatsoeuer execution shall be graunted 
vppon any debts made after the publisheing this Order, the 
Creditor shall make choyse of one p''ty, the debtor of a second, 
and the Court of a third, who shall pryse the goods so taken 
vppon execution as aforesaid and deliuer the to the Creditor. 

The former Order conserneing the payment of debts to be 
made by Indean Come is repealed. 

It is Ordered that Mr. Welles, Mr. Steele, Mr. Plum and 
James Boosy shall runne the lyne west into the Country be- 
twixt Hartford and Wethersfield, to begin at the great Riuer 
against the marked tree. 

The Country Rate of * graunted the last 

Court may be paid in Old Indean Corne at 3s. the bushi new 
at 2s. vie?, Inglishe wheat at 4s. 

Its Ordered, that 160 bushi of Corne shall be sent in by the 
Country to the Gouernour, to be levied vppon the Townes by 
the p'"portion of the last rate. 

The Cort is adioyrned to the first Wensday in January, to 
meet at the Gouernours howse after the Lecture. 

[84] Dec. the ix^h, 1641. The PfTicuLER Court. 
John Heynes Esq"". Gou"". 
George Willis Esq^ Depty. 

Mr. Whiting, Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury. — Andrew Bacon, Jur: Tymothy Standly, 

This blank occurs in the original. 


Tho : Scott, Tho : Osmore, James Boosy, George Hub- 
berd, Tho : Coleman, Henry Woolcott, John Porter, 
Tho: Ford, Joshua Carter, Willia Rescue; Jur. 

Frances Styles pi* ag* Robert Saltingston, gent., defend, in 
an action of the Case to the damage of 70/. The Jury find for 
the pl^ damages 5lZ. Costs vijs. 

Robert Saltingston, gent., pi* ag* Frances Styles defen', in 
an action of the Case to the damage of 800/. The Jury find 
for the defent. Costs xs. 

Frances Styles pi* ag* Robert Saltingston, gent., defen*, in 
an Action of debte to the damage of 100/. The Jury find for 
the pit, eighty one pownd twelue shillings damages according 
to the award, and the double costs of the Court. 

Robert Saltingston gent, pi* agt Frances Stiles defen*, in a 
second action of the Case to the damage of 500/. 

Robert Saltingston gent, pi* ag* Frances Stiles defen*, in a 
third action of the Case, to the damage of 50/. 

The Jury is to be warned for Thursday com fortnight. 

[86] January the 5th, 1641. 

John Heynes Esq'. Gou'. 
George Willis, Esq"^. Dep. 

Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting. 
IDeputyes:'] — Mr. Steele, Mr. Tailcoate, Ed: Stebbing, 
Jo: Pratt, Mr. Plume, Mr. Swayne, Sam : Smith, Nath: 
Foote, Capten Mason, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Will' Gay- 
Mr. Huits Petition for the Hand at the Falls, is graunted. 
Its Ordered, that Capten Mason shall haue 500 acres of 
grownd, for him and his heires, about Pequoyt Country, and the 
dispose of 500 more to such souldears as joyned w^^ him in the 
searuice when they conquered the Indeans there. 

The Court adiorned to the 19*^ of this month. ... To 
the 26th. ... To the first Wensday in March. 

The Courte desiereth Mr. Whiting, Capten Mason, Mr. Pluin 
and Henry Clarke to take course for the pi'cureing some peeces 
of Ordnance from Piscataq' or elsewhere ; the frayght is to be 


at the chardge of the Country. And also to take order for erect- 
ing some fortifications where they thinke meete for searuice, 
and to doe therein as they shall see cause. 

Yf The Towne of Windsor p^uid a Ferry Boate to attend the 
River, they are to be alowed 3d. for a single Passenger and two 
pence a person w^ they carry more then one att a frayght, and 
twelue pence for a horse. 

[88] The Generall Courte for Election of Magistrats, 
THE second Thursday in Aprill, 1642. 
George Willis Esq"", Gou"". 
Roger Ludlow Esq^, Dep. 

Magestrats : John Haynes Esq', Mr. Phelps, Mr. Web- 
ster, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles, Mr. Whiting : these 
p'^sent. Ed : Hopkins Esq"", Will' Hopkins : absent. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr, Taylcoate, Mr. Westwood, 
Andrew Bacon, Mr. Hill, Mr, Hull, Will' Gaylard, 
Henry Clarke, Mr. Plum, Mr. Swayne, George Hubberd, 
James Boosy, Phillip Groues, 
Its the appi'hension of the Generall Courte that the p^'ticuler 
Courte should not be inioyned to be keepte aboue once in a 
quarter of a yeare. 

It is ordered, that the p^'ticuler Courte shall haue liberty to 
dispose of ten thousand acres of grownd in Pequoy t Country, as 
yt lyeth togather, \v^^ lest pnudice to others that may hereafter 
succeed the, for the further planting the Country. 

Its Ordered, that the Goui'nor and Mr. Heynes shall haue lib- 
erty to dispose of the ground vppon that pi'te of Tunxis River 
cauled Mossocowe, to such inhabitants of Wyndsor as they 
shall see cause. 

It is Ordered, that there shall be an Artillary Yard, where 
the Company shall haue liberty to exercise their Arms once a 
month, and chuse their Officers according to the course of Ar- 
tillary men, and there shall be 300 acres of grownd alowed 
thereunto for their incouridgement therein, in some conuenient 
place, where yt may be found for the benefitt and vse of the 
Company successively. 


It is Ordered, that there shall be a restraynt for any pi'son 
wt^in this Jurisdiction fro trading w^^ Indeans in Long Island, 
vntill the Courte in September com twelue month, only Tho : 
Steynton and Richard Lord haue liberty to goe one vyadgej 
for the putting offe the smale comodityes they haue pi'uided for 
that end, and to gather in their old debts. 

Tho : Ford is to enioy the 200 acres of grownd formerly 
graunted to him, and his neglect of improueing yt, w^^in the 
tyme formerly lymited, is remitted. 

The Courte adioyrned to the last Wensday in this month. 

The Courte adiorned to the xi^^ of May. 

May the xith, 1642. 

Its Ordered, that the magestrats, or the gretest pi'te of them, 
shall haue liberty to agitate the busines betwixt vs and the 
Dutch, and if they thinke meete to treate w^^ the Gouernor 
conserneing the same. 

It is graunted, that Wyndsor lyne shall run vppon Mr. Salt- 
ingstall his land, neere the falls, according to their other lotts, 
pruided yt pi'ue not aboue a poynt and halfe towrd the north, 
and wt preiudice Mr. Saltingstall shall susteyne thereby, the 
Country shall make good. 

And whereas the foresaid grownd formerly graunted to Mr. 
Saltingstall, was to haue bine impaled w^hin three yeares after 
the graunt, he is now released of that ingadgement, and the 
land confirmed to him. He, the s^ Mr. Saltingstall doth pJ^mise 
to lend the Country two peeces of Ordnance, Sakers or Min- 
ions, and if he require the before the Country can spare the, 
he is to pay for the frayght. 

[89] It is ordered, that no man wt^in these libertyes shall re- 
fuse marchantable Indean Corne at the rate of 25. vid. the bush*, 
for any contracte made for the labour of men or cattell or coiii- 
odityes sold after the publisheing this Order. 

The Courte is adioyrned to the last Wensday of July, excepte 
the Gou'' see cause to call it before. 

May the 2d. The Court hath appoynted that Mr. Hill shall sat- 
isfie Mr. Coggens debte of 20/. to Mr. Allen, w^'in a month 
after the date hereof, according to his p'mise, vppon the verdicte 
of the Jury vppon the sute of the action of slaunder. 


July 25ti», 1642. The Court is adioyrned for a fortnight. 
August the 9*^. The Courts dissolued. 

A Generall Courte, August the 26th, 1642. 
Roger Ludlow Esq'', Deputy. 

Jo: Heynes Esqs Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Capten Mason. 
[Deputyes :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcote, Mr. Westwood, 

Andrew Bacon, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Clark, Will'. 

Gaylord, Mr. Swayne, Mr. Parke, George Hubbert, 

Robert Rose. 

It is Ordered, that there shall be a letter writt fro the Courte 
to the Bay to further the p'secution of the Indeans, to pi'uent 
their mischeuos plotte in their late Combination.* 

It is Ordered, that the Clarke of the band in euery Towne 
wthin these libertyes, shall haue an Oath giuen him by the 
Gou''nour or some Magistrate, to vewe the arms in their seu^all 
Plantations, and make returne of such as are defectiue or want 
the quantity of powder or bullitts according to Order of Courte, 
and also of such as are absent at tymes of Trayneing. 

It is Ordered, that the Inhabitants w'^in these libertyes shall 
not suffer any Indean or Indeans to com into their bowses, 
only the Magistrals may admitte of a Sachem, if he com not 
w'h aboue two men. 

It is Ordered, that there shall be a gard of 40 men to com 
compleate in their Arms to the meeting euery Sabbath and lec- 
ture day, in euery Towne wt^in these libertyes vppon the 

*" The letters and other intelligence" from Connecticut, relating to the alleged designs of 
Miantonimo " to draw the Indians into a confederation" against the English, were laid before the 
General Court of Massachusetts, at its session in September. Information of the plot had been 
communicated to Mr. Ludlow, then residing at Uncowa, (now Fairfield.) by one of the neigh- 
boring Sachems, about the 20th of August. See, in Mass. Hist. Coll. 3d Ser., iii. 161, " A true re- 
lation of a conspiracy of Maantanenio, the greats Sachem of the Naragancetts, Soheage or Se- 
quin, the Sachem of Matabeseck, and Sasawin or Sequassen, the Sachem of Sicaogg, for destruc- 
tion of the English and generally throughout New England, as it hath beene discovered by a 
Sachem living neere Mr. Ludlowe, as also of another Indian of Long Island to Mr, Eaton of 
New Haven, and of another Indian in the River of Conectecott," 



ISEPTEm 5th, 1842. The Courte manifest their willingnes, 
according to theire abillityes, to further the imployment of the 
Shipcarpenter & Roper motioned by Mr. Whiting. 

The Court agree to take an Oath to keepe secret what they 
shall determine and conclud to conceale, as foUoweth : — 

There shall be a Comitte chosen to make pi'paration ag^ 
[ *] and the murtherers, (this to be kept secret,) and 

to defeat the Plott of the Indeans meeting about Tunxis. 
[90] The Gou^ Mr. Ileynes, the Capten and the rest of the 
Magestrats, are chosen for a Coinitte to agitate the businesses 
before mentioned. 

SEPTEm THE S^^'s 1642. 

George Willis Esq>", Go'". 

Jo: Heynes Esq', Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps, Capten Mason. 
[Depulyes ;] Mr. Parke, Mr. Swayne, Mr. Clarke, Wm. 
Gaylord, Andrew Bacon, Mr. Talcot, Mr. Westwood. 

Forasmuch as the Indeans growe insolent and combyne the- 
selues togather, being suspected to p'pare for warr, It is Ordered, 
that no Smith w^'un these libertyes shall doe any worke for the, 
nor any p'son wt''in these libertyes shall trade any Instrument 
or matter made of iron or Steele w*^'' the, nor deliuer any that 
are allreddy made, wt^out lycense fro two Magistrats, nor buy 
any of their venison vntill further liberty be graunted. 

It is Ordered, that eu'"y Towne w^i'in these libertyes, p^uide 
w^^'in fowerteene dayes, twenty halfe Pi ekes, of ten foote in 
length at lest in the wood. 

Andrewe Bacon is joyned w^i' the Capten and Mr. Clarke, 
to P'pare caridges for the peeces that cam fro Piscataq'. 

It is Ordered, that for the secureing of the Plantations there 
shall be two wards men at lest, in eu'y seuerall Towne wt'^in 
these libertyes, to giue notice of any sudden daynger that may 
com vppon the Plantations, and to execute the Order for keepe- 
ing out Indeans ; And also that there remayne w"'in euery 
Towne a competent nuber of men dayly, for the defence thereof, 
viz*. Hartford 40, Wyndsor, 30, Wethersfield 20. 

• Blnnk in the original. The order douhtless refers to Sowheag or Sequin, who had been 
charged with b-ccreting tliu nniidcrcrs of tlie English. 


Its agreed that Wyndsor shall take offe the worth of 90^. in 
Gotten Wooll, fro Mr. Hopkins ; Wethersfield, the worth of 
110/.; Hartford 200/.; w^^^ Hberty to the Plantations to pi'por- 
tion yt according to their former Rats, if Wyndsor and Weth- 
ersfield shall wthin on month desire yt. 

The Courte is adioyrned for a month, vnless the Gou"" see 
cause to caull yt sooner. 

Sep*, the IT^h, 1642. 
Its Ordered, that the Clarke of the Band in euery Plantation 
wt^in these Libertyes, shall giue in to the deputyes of their 
seui^all Townes, an exacte list of all the Trayne men fro 16 
yeares to 60 : and the deputyes to dehu'" the same to the Coin- 
itte who haue power to levy the said Townes for the p^secution 
of the warre. 

Sept. 29th, 1642. 

The Courte aduiseth that a letter be returned to the Dutch 
in answer to their letter brought by Mr. Whiteing. Mr. 
Heynes, Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Whiteing are desiered to write 
yt, as also to write to Mr. Dudlie and Mr. Bellingha conserne- 
ing what the Dutch Gouernor reporteth that they haue wrote 
to him about o"" differences etc. 

That the Country may be better enabled to kill yearely some 
Beves for supply of Leather, It is Ordered, that no Calues shall 
be killed wt^in these Plantations, w^hout the approbation of two 
men w'hin ech Towne, by the Court to be appoynted for that 
searuice, vppon forfeture of ten shillings to the Country. For 
Hartford, Wm. Butler, George Steele ; Wyndsor, John Bissell, 
John Portor ; for Wethersfield, Leo : Chester, Rich : Trotte. 
[49] Vppon a bill exibited by Mr. Tailcoate, there appeareth 
due to Mr. Eldridge, 4. 4. 6. 

October the 4*^, 1642. 
Its ordered, there shall be 90 Coats p^vided w^Hn these 
Plantns, wthin tenn dayes, basted w^^ cotten wooll and made 
defensiue ag' Indean arrowes ; Hartford 40, Wyndsor 30, 
Wethersfield 20. 


The Courts adiorned for a month, vnles the Gou'' see cause 
to call yt soooner. 

The PrxiC Court, M^^ op Octob"', 1642. 

George Willis Go^", Esqf. 

Jo: Heynes Esq^ Ed : Hopkins Esq^, Mr. Phelps, 
Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles. 

Jury : Mr. Cullicke, Tho : Osmore, Gregory Wilterton, 
Will' Pantry, Tymothy Standly, John Clarke, Frances 
Styles, John Byssell, Roger Willms, John More, Nath : 
Dickinson, John Trott. 

The ac^ of Seargeant Fyler pi*, in the behalfe of the Towne 
of Wyndsor ag* Mat: Allen, deft, in an ac. of the Case. The 
said Math : Allen is to pay costs for non apparance viijs. vi^. 
The Court following, Seargeant Fyler was adiudged to pay the 
said costs, haueing made a referance before the sute. 

The sute of Ephraim Huit pi. ag* Tho : Steynton, is w^h. 
drawn by consent. 

Bray Rocester pi. ag* Wyddow Hudgison, Executrixe to 
Will' Hudgison, defen*, in an action of debt to the damage 
of 16/. 

Whereas many sutes com into the Court ag* Tho :, Marsh- 
field, and he is w^hdrawen and non soluit. The Court hath ap- 
poynted Henry Woolcott & Tho : Ford to take into their 
chardge or custody all the estate, goods & chattells of the said 
Tho : Marshfields, as they shall be able to discou"^ yt, and to 
dispose of yt to the best aduantage for the vse of the creditors, 
and the same to accoumpt to the Court w^ they shall be there- 
vnto cauled. 

Mr. Eldridge pi. agt Tho : Marshfield deft, in an ac. of debt 
to the damage of 121. 

Henry Woolcott pi. agt Tho : Marshfield defS in an ac. of 
the case to the damage of 40/. 

In the ac. of Richard Trott and Samuell Smith agt John 
Plum deft, the Jury find for the pl^ Damages 155. Costs 
viijs. ij6?. Execution graunted. 

ofconnecticut, 77 

[92] Capitall Lawes established by the Generall Court, 


1. Yf any man after legall conuictlon shall haue or worship 
any other God but the Lord God, he shall be put to death. 
Deu : 13. 6, & 17. 2 : Ex : 22. 20. 

2. Yf any man or woman be a witch (that is) hath or con- 
sulteth wth a familliar spirit, they shall be put to death. Ex : 
22. 18: Lev: 20. 27: Deu: 18. 10, 11. 

3. Yf any p^son shall blaspheme the name of God the Father, 
Son or Holy Goste, w^h direct, expres, prsumptuous, or high- 
handed blasphemy, or shall curse God in the like manner, he 
shall be put to death. Leu : 24. 15, 16. 

4. Yf any p^son shall comitt any willfuU murther, w^h is man- 
slaughter comitted vppon mallice, hatred or cruelty, not in a 
mans necessary and iust defence, nor by mere casualty against 
his will, he shall be put to death. Ex: 21. 12, 13, 14: Num : 
35. 30, 31. 

5. Yf any person shall slay another through guile, ether by 
poysonings or other such divillishe practice, he shall be put to 
death. Ex: 21. 14. 

6. Yf any man or woman shall ly w'^ any beast or bruit 
creature, by carnall copulation, they shall surely be put to 
death, and the beast shall be slayne and buried. Leu : 20. 
15, 16. 

7. Yf any man lye w^h mankynd as he lyeth w^^ a woman 
both of them haue comitted abomination, they both shall surely 
be put to death. Leu : 20. 13. 

8. Yf any p^son comitteth adultery w^^ a married or es- 
poused wife, the adulterer and the adulteres shall surely be put 
to death. Le : 20. 10, & 18. 20 : Deu : 22. 23, 24. 

9. Yf any man shall forcebly and w^hout consent rauishe 
any mayd or woman that is lawfully maried or contracted, he 
shall be put to death. Deu : 22. 25. 

10. Yf any man stealeth a man or mankind, he shall be put 
to death. Ex: 21. 16. 

11. Yf any man lise vp by false witnesse, wittingly and of 
purpose to take away any mans life, he shall be putt to death. 

Deu : 19. 16, 18, 19. 



12. If any man shall conspire or attempte any inuasion, in- 
surrection or rebellion against the Comon welth, he shall be 
put to death. 

And whereas frequent experience giues in sad euidence of 
seuerall other wayes of vncleanes and lasiuious caridges prac- 
tised among vs, whereunto, in regard of the variety of Circu- 
stances, pi'ticular and expresse lawes and orders cannot sud- 
denly be suted ; This Court cannot but looke vppon evells in 
that kind as very pi'nitious and distructiue to the welfare of the 
Comon weale, and doe judge that seuere and sharpe punishe- 
ment should be inflicted vppon such delinquents, and as they 
doe approue of what hath bine alreddy done by the p'ticuler 
Court, as agreeing w^^ the generall power formerly graunted, 
so they do hereby confirme the same power to the p^ticuler 
Court who may proceed ether by fyne, comitting to the howse 
of correction or other corporall punishement, according to their 
discretion, desiering such seasonable, exemplary executions may 
be done vppon ofTondors in that kynd, that others may heare 
and feare. 

Forasmuch as incorigiblenes is also adiudged to be a sin of 
death, but noe lawe yet amongst vs established for the execu- 
tion thereof; For the p^'uenting that great evell, It is Ordered, 
that whatsoeuer Child or searuant w^^^^in these libertyes, shall be 
conuicted of any stubborne or rebellious caridge against their 
parents or gouernors, w^^^^ is a forerunner of the forementioned 
evell, the Gouernor or any two Magestrats haue liberty and 
power fro this Court, to comit such p^son or p^sons to the howse 
of correction, and there to remayne vnder hard labour and 
seuere punishement, so long as the Court or the mayor parte of 
the Magestrats shall judge meet. 

[93] Whereas diuers p^sons dep^'te from amongst vs, and take 
vp their abode w^^ the Indeans in a pj'phane course of life, 
For the p^uenting whereof, Yt is Ordered, that whatsoeuer 
prson or p^sons that now inhabiteth or shall inhabite w^^in this 
Jurisdiction, and shall deplete fro vs and sette or joyne w^^ the 
Indeans, that they shall suffer three yeares imprisonment at lest, 
in the howse of correction, and vndergoe such further censure 
by fyne or corporall punishement as the pi'ticuler Court shall 
judge meet to inflict in such case. 


For the better furnisheing the Riuer w^h Cordage towards 
the rigging of Shipps, It is Ordered, that what hempseed any 
pi'son hath w^hin these hbertyes, that they shall ether sowe yt 
themselves, or sell yt to some others wt^^in the Riuer that may 
sowe the same. 

The late Rate graunted, of 50Z. is to be made vp a 100/. 
and to be p^'portioned vppon the three Townes according to the 
former Rate, w^h may be paid in sumer Wheat at 4s. 4d. the 
bushi, Rye at 3s. vie?, Pease at 3s. vie?, Indean at 2s. \iijd> 
pi'uided yt be Marchantable Corne, and the Constables of ech 
Towne are Ordered to receaue no other but at such vnder 
Rate as they shall esteeme yt at, or in wampu at 6 a penny. 

The former Order of Indean at 2s. vie?, the bush^ is repealed, 
and the seu^all sorts of Corne before mentioned are made pay- 
able, vppon the pryses herein specified, for any labour or hyer 
of men or cattle, hereafter to be done. 

The size of Pipestaues is to be 4 foote vi inches in length, 
the breadth and thicknes according to the former Order. 

It is Ordered, that noe man wthin this Jurisdiction shall di- 
rectly or indirectly amend, repaire, or cause to be amended or 
repaired, any gun, smale or greate, belonging to any Indean, 
nor shall endeuor the same, nor shall sell or giue to any Indean, 
directly or indirectly, any such gun or gunpowder, or shott, or 
lead, or mould, or millitary weapons, or armor, nor shall make 
any arrowe heads, vppon payne of ten pownd fyne for euery 
offence at lest, nor sell nor barter any guns, powder, bullitts or 
lead, wherby this Order might be evaded, to any pi'son inhabit- 
ing out of this Jurisdiction, w^^out lycence of this or the p^tic- 
uler Court, or som two Magistrats, vppon payne of ten pownd 
for every gun, fine pownd for eu^y pownd of powder, 40s. for 
euery pownd of bullitts or lead, and so pfportionably for any 
greater or lesser quantity. 

Mr. Whiteing & Capten Mason are desiered to take Order to 
demaund the Tribuit due fro Long Hand and the Indeans vppon 
the mayne, and w* they can receaue may be accoumpted 
towards that w<=h is due to the fro the Country. Mr. Whiteing 
is contente to accepte of the Corne at Mohegen, and to dis- 
chardge the prises of the two cloathes, pi'uided he be abated by 


the Country for so much of yt as was sould & not traded for 
Corne ; and if any cloath be lefte, yts at his dispose. 

The Gour, Mr. Heynes, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Whiting, Capten 
Mason, Mr. Chester, Mr. Hill and Mr. Trott are desiered to 
take the accoumpt of what the seuerall Townes will disburse 
toward the building of a Shippe, (and if they find yt phesable,) 
they haue power to agree w^h workemen to carry on the worke 
and to take ingadgements of the Country to prforme what they 
vndertake, and to doe all things requisit for the full accomplishe- 
ing of the worke. 

The Gour, Mr. Heynes, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Welles & Mr. 
Phelps are desiered to consider w^^ the Elders, conserneing the 
the synns of Curseing father or mother, Incorigiblenes, Rau- 
ishement, Contempt of Ordinances, Lying, and Brech of pi'mise, 
and to make some lawes ag* the & p^sent the to the next Gen- 
erall Courte. 

[91] DEce. 18: 1642. 

It is Ordered that no man wthin this Jurisdictn shall, directly 
or indirectly, amend, repaire, or cause to be amended or re- 
paired, any gun smale or greate, belonging to any Indean, nor 
shall indeavor the same, nor shall sell nor giue to any Indean, 
directly nor indirectly, any such gun, or any gunpowder or 
shott or lead or shott mould, or any millitary wepons, armor or 
arrowe heads, nor sell nor barter any such, vppon payne of ten 
pownd fyne for euery offence att lest, and the Court shall haue 
power to encrese the fine or to impose corporall punishement 
where a fyne cannot be had, at their discretion. 

Whereas yt appeares that notw^i^standing the former lawes 
made ag* selling guns & powder to Indeans, they are yet sup- 
plyed by indirect meanes, It is thereof Ordered, that if any 
p'"son, after publicatfi of this Order, shall sell, barter or trans- 
porte any guns, powder, bullitts or lead, to any p^son inhabit- 
ing out of this Jurisdic" w^^out lycense of this Court, or fro some 
two Magistrats, he shall forfeit for eu^y gun ten pownd, for 
euery pownd of gun powder 5/. & for eu^y pownd of bullitts 
or lead 40s. & so p''portionably for any greater or lesser quan- 

ofconnecticut. 81 

[94] The P'tic- Court, the 27*^ of January, 1642. 
George Willis Esq', Goxi^. 

Jo: Heynes Esq' Ed: Hop: Esqr, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 
Webster, Mr. Whiting, Cap : Mason, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury* 

It is Ordered, that the pn^ Court shall be held the first Thurs- 
day in these seu^'all months ; March, June, Sep., Decebr. 

The will and Inuentory of Richard Lyman decessed is 
brought into the Court. John Moody maks Oath that yt is 
the last will of the said Rich : and also the noate then brought 
in is the note of the Widdow Lyman decesed. The seuerall 
p'tyes pi'sent at the p^senting the said will, agree that John 
Lyman, if he Hue, will be 22 yere ould in Septe. 1645, Robert 
Lyman 22 in Septe. 1651. 

The P^tiC Court, the 2^ of March, 1642. 
The Jury : — Bray Rocester, Nath : Waird, Jo : Barnard, 
Ed : Sebbing, John Demon, Jo : Olester, Will' Palmer, 
John Stedder, Tho: Stought", Tho: Dewye, Joseph 
■ LuiTiis, Walter Fyler. 
In the Ac. of Henry Woolcott pi. agt Tho: Spenser defen*, 
the Jury find for the pi. damages vid. & Costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Math : Beckwytt pi. agt Math : Allen deft, the 
Jury find for the pi. damages viijs. & chardges of Court. Ex- 
ecutn graunted. 

In the ac. of Elias Putma pi. agt Ed : Vere def*, the Jury 
find for the pi. dainages xviij5. & Costs of Court. 

Tho : Hurlbut for exacting and incouridging others to take 
excessiue Rats for worke and ware, is adiudged to pay to the 
Country 40s. 

Tho : Ford is to glue notice to the Wyddow Hudgison to 
answer Mr. Rocester his sute, the first Thursday in Aprill next^ 
at w^h tyme though he should rec. no answer, he is to answer 
to the sute himselfe. 

* The names of the jurors are not recorded. 

/ lA^^Z^ 


The creditors of Tho : Marshfield are to repaire to the Court 
to haue their sute tryed, the first Thursday in June. 

Will' Rescue is to take into his Custody James Hullett, Tho : 
Gybbert, Lidea Blisse & George Gybbs, and to keepe the in 
giues* & giue the course dyet, hard worke, sharpe correction. 

The ac. of Jospf Raulding pi. agt Tho : Hurlbut is w^hdrawen 
by consent, and the chardges of the Court to be paid betwixt 

John Tynker pi. as assigne to Henry Webb, ag* Tho : 
Marshfield defS in an ac. of the Case to the damage of ll. 

In the ac. of Ed: Elmor pi. ag* Tho: Bailis deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. damages 35s. and Costs of Court. 

[96] March the 2T^, 1643. 

George Willis Esq', Gou)". 

Jo : Heines Esq^ Ed : Hopkins Esq', Mr. Webster, Mr. 
Welles, Mr. Phelps, Capten Mason. 
[Deputyes ;] — Mr. Steele, Mr. Tailcoat, Mr. Westwood, 
Andr: Bacon, Mr. Swaine, Mr. Plum, Mr. Chaplin, 
Robert Rose, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Will' Gailard, Henry 
Mr. Heines and Mr. Hopkins are desiered to goe into the 
Bay to pi'secute the combination betwixt the and vs and New 
Hauen, w^h full power if they haue opi'tunity to conclud the 
same, and in case that should fayle, they are desiered to treat 
and conclud of a Vnion w^h them, researueing the priuilidges 
we haue in o' fundamental! lawes. 

The Court consenteth that the former answer shall be re- 
turned to the pi'positions made by the Lords, the p'ticulers at 
p'sent not coining to vewe, and if yt please Mr. Fenwicke to 
joyne w^h the Plantations, it shall not infring any of his priui- 
lidges Wh belong to him. 

The Court graunteth Mr. Heynes, a thousand acres of land 
about Pequoit country, pi^uided it be vewed that it hinder not a 

* gyves. 


That p'te of the Order concerneing recording of bargens and 
moi'gages of land (made the 1 1 of October,) was now by gen- 
eral! consent ordered & agreed to be in these words, That noe 
bargaine or morgage of land whatsoeuer shall be of any value 
vntill the same be recorded. 

It is Ordered, that Frances Stiles, for his forceble resistance 
of the Officer of the Court vppon the execution of his office, is 
fyned to pay to the Country fifty pownd. 

Mr. Plum & Mr. Swaine are nominated to stand in election 
for Magestrats. 

Its the judgment of the Courte that the Dutchmens hoggs 
should be liable to the same orders as the Towne hoggs, where 
they trespasse. 

The decons of Wyndsorare appoynted to supply the searuice 
that the decons of Roxberry were to pi'forme, conserneing the 
distribution of the seuerall portions of Mr. Stoughtons children, 
and his wiues, if the said decons of Roxberry refuse to doe yt. 

[99] Aprill ye 6^^, (1643.) The PtTicuLER Court. 
George Willis Esq"", Governour. 

Mr. Whiting, Mr. Phelps, Captaine Mason, Mr. Webster. 
The Jury : — Jo: White, Wm. Gibbings, Mr. Alcocke, Jo : 
Porter, Tho : Thornton, Walter Filer, Benedict Afford, 
Leo: Chester, Jo: Edwards, Tho: Trott (?) Jo: Elsey, 
Nat: Ely. 
Lisley Bratfield pi* in an actioii of trespas agt Tho : Cole- 
man defend : damages 5/. 

Bray Rocester pi* in an action of debt against Tho : Ford, 
attur[ne3/] to Widow Huchinson, defend : vpon a Bill of 240£. 
But forasmuch as Tho: Ford before this Court could not re- 
c[eiue] instruction, ye tryall is deferd till next Court. 

Jo : Stoder pi* in an act" of trespas against Jo : Plum, de- 
fend*, damage xxs. The action betwene Jo : Stoder & Jo : 
Plum is by consent w^^drawen, & referred fully to be issued 
by Jo: White & Wm. Gibbings. Y^ charges of ye Court is 
equally to be payd betwene ye p'"t[yes.] 


An attachm* graunted to Rob'te Parke for fiue pownds ten 
shillings two pence, in y^ hands of Anthony Wilson of Vn- 

In ye action betwene Lisley Bratfield pi*, &. Tho : Coleman 
defend : y^ Jury doe find for plS 21. xs. damage, & y^ cost of y^ 
Court & for witnesses xiij5, 

Aron Starke is ajudged to be whiped at Winsor to morrow, 
& then to serve Capten Mason during y^ pleasure of y^ Court. 

James Hallet is to returne fro y^ Correction house to his 

master *Barclet, who is to keepe him to hard labor 

& course dyet, during ye pleasure of y^ Court, pi^vided that 

Barclet is first to remove his daughter fro his family 

before the sayd James enter therein. f 

[102] The Court of Election held the IS^ii of Aprill, 


John Heynes Esq*", Gou"^. 
Ed : Hopkins Esq, Deputy. 
George Willis Esq^ Roger Ludlowe Esq^, Mr. Webster, 
Mr. Whiting, Tres\, Mr. Welles, Sec\, Capten Mason, 
Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Swaine. 
[Deputyes :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, 
Andrewe Bacon, Mr. Chaplin, Rob'te Rose, John Rob- 
ins, John Edwards, Mr. Hull, Will' Gaylard, Mr. 
Stoughton, Mr. Rocester, Henry Gray. 
Whereas, in regard of the diu''sity of mens judgements 
amongst Jurors, yt falls out diu's tymes that no verdict is giuen 
in, or else w^h great diificulty ; Wherefore yt is thought meet 
and so Ordered, that the Jurors would w^h all dilligence attend 
the issue and evidence of the Cause before the, to w^h they are 
sworne, and if in that case they cannot agree after all reasons 
disputed, but some remayne vnsatisfied, their reasons are to be 
tendered to the Court, and to be answered, and then they are 

* Blank in the original. 

tXhe record of this session is not in the handwriting of the Secretary, Mr. Welles, who, (as 
will be Been hy referring to the names of the Magistrates,) was not present. 


to consult togather agayne, and if as yet any cannot bring 
their judgments to joyne w^^ their fellowes in a joynt verdict, 
the greater pi'te shall giue yt in by their voate, and yt shall be 
deemed to all intents and purposes a sufficient and full verdict, 
vppon w^h judgement may be entered and execution and other 
p^ceedings to be had therein, as though they had all agreed ; 
p^uided also, that if yt fall out the case be so difficult that the 
Jury are equally diuided sixe [to] sixe, the Jurors are to tender 
yt to the Court, w^h their reasons, and a spetiall verdict is to 
be drawen thereuppon ; and then the Court are to appoynt a 
tyme to argue the same, and the voate or greater nuber of 
Magistrats are to carry the same, and judgement to be entered 
thereuppon, and execution and other p^ceedings as in case of 
a verdict by a Jury. 

Whereas, we find by experience that there followes great in- 
conueniences in regard diuers are suddenly cauled to answer 
sutes in the Pi'ticuler Court, wt^out tymely notice, and so 
many tymes the most harmeles are soonest overtaken. For the 
p''uention whereof, It is Ordered, that fro henceforth all p'sses* 
that yssue forth shall be returnable one full weeke before euery 
p^ticuler Court, at wch tyme the pl^^ or pl^^ shall, is or are to 
bring in their plea or declaration to the Secretary, where the 
defen* or defendants are to repaire and take a coppy, and w^hin 
three dayes to deliuer in his or their answer or answers, that 
men may be pi'pared to come to judgment ; and if yt fall out 
the pi* or pits fayle of putting in his or their declaration or 
declarations according as aforesaid, the sute to surcesse and 
the defend* or defend^s not bownd to pi'ceed w^^out a new 
suinons, and if the def* or defence fayle on his or their p'ts ac- 
cording to the true intent of this Order, the pi* or pl*^ may 
pi'ceed vppon his or their declaration or declarations, and the 
def* or defend* s ar likewise subiect to a fyne of the Court for 
any misdemeanor thei'ein. These Orders to stand vntill the 
next generall Court. 

The Clarkes of ech Towne that are appoynted to size the 
waights and measures are Ordered to bring in the standards of 
boath fro the seuerall Townes to the next p^ticuler Court, there 
to be compared togather and made equall. John Banks is re- 

* processes. 


turned Clarke to size the waights and measures for Wyndsor, 
& Fraunces Norton for Wethersfield. 

[103] It is Ordered, that one or two of the Magistrats shall be 
sent to Stratford and Vncoway, to joyne w*'' Mr. Ludlowe for 
the execution of Justice, twice this yeare, viz*, the last Thurs- 
day in April! and the last in September. 

Capten Mason and Mr. Welles are appoynted for the last in 

It is Ordered, that euery Towne vppon the Riuer shall pi'uide 
one man in ech Towne to doe execution vppon delinquents, by 
whipping or other correction as they shall be thereunto cauled 
by Order fro the Magistrats. 

It is Ordered, that good Rialls of | and Reix Dollers shall 
passe betwixt man &; man att fiue shillings a peece, in all pay- 
ments, the debts being made after the publisheing of this Order. 

It is Ordered, that Mr. Ludlowe shall be moderator the next 
p'ticuler Court, if he be p^sent, or in his absence and the ab- 
sence of the Goui". & Deputy, the eldest Magistrat, p^uided the 
Court consist of fiue Magistrats w^h the Moderator. 

The Gor, the Deputy, Mr. Willis, Mr. Ludlow, Capten Ma- 
son, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting and Mr. Rocester are desiered 
to debate w^h Mr. Huit conserneing Mr. Styles his petition and 
other ofFensiue cariedges, and if they receaue not satisfaction 
to returne their report to the next Generall Court. They may 
also take such other helpe as they shall see cause. 

The opinion of the Comittee to who the consideration of the 
petition of our neighbours of Wethersfield was comitted, was 
now returned to the Court, and for p^sent aproued of, and 
ordered that one coppy thereof be sent to Mr. Smith and another 
be giuen to the mebers of the Court for the Towne, and the 
said Comittee are desiered by the Court to receaue Mr. Smiths 
answer, and in case they find him vnsatisfied in the aduise 
giuen, they are desiered to take such an indiflferent course that 
the true state of the question may be p^pownded, and the ad- 
uise of Elders here and elsewhere taken vppon the same, that 
accordingly an issue may be put thereto. 

The Court is adioyrned vntill the first Wendsday in July. 


The Coppy of the opinion of the Comittee vppon the Peti- 
tion of those of Wethersfield. 
The Petition of those of Wethersfield hath bine taken into 
sadde and serious consideration, and we doe find the distance 
& differences to be exceeding great, and some of the such as 
will necessarily require publique examinatio and censure, so 
that till then we cannot expresse o'' judgments conserneing 
pi'ticulei's: We find also that many of those who put vp their 
names for remoueall were not induced thereunto by any dislike, 
or ingadgement they haue in the pi'sent quarrells, but for want 
of lotts and other considerations : Yet vppon the vew of the 
generall, conceaueing yt will be disaduantagious to the pub- 
lique & vncomfortable if not distructiue to themselues that so 
many as are interested in the pi^sent differences should remoue, 
and vppon other considerations, we are of opinion that the best 
way for recouering and prsearueing the publique peace is that 
Mr. Smith lay downe his place, if yt may be done according to 

[104] The PrTicuLER Court, the first of June, 1643. 

Roger Ludlowe Esqi", Moderator. 

George Willis Esq^, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiteing, Mr. 
Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Swaine, Mr. Woolcotte. 
\_The Jury :'\ — Mr. Parke, Mr. Stoughton, John Bissell, 
Henry Woolcotte, Aron Cooke, Roger Willms, Nath: 
Foote, John Westoll, Tho: Standly, Joseph Maggott, 
George Steele, Tho: Scotte. 
In the ac. of Will' Gailard, as Attorny for Nath. Patten, pit, 
against Tho: Marshfield, defend the Jury find for the pi*, 
damages, 20/. 

In the ac. of Math: Allen, as Attorny for Tho: Allen, pi*, 
agt Tho; Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the plS damages, 
21. 16s. 

In the ac. of Mr. Woolcott, as Attorny for Henry Webb 
pi', ag' Tho: Marshfield defS the Jury find for the plS dama- 
ges, 5/. 7s. 


In the ac. of Henry Woolcott pi* ag* Tho : Marshfield def*, 
the Jury find for the pi*, damages, 195. 

In the ac. of Mr. Woolcott, for Mr. Branker plS ag* Tho: 
Marshfield defenS the Jury find for the pi*, damages, 155. 

In the ac. of Will' Hill, for Lawrance EUison pi*, agt Tho: 
Marshfield dei^, the Jury find for the pi*, damages, 4/. 

In the ac. of Mr. Will' Whiting plS against Tho: Marshfield 
deft, the Jury find for the pi*, damages, xxvU. 

In the ac. of debt vppon a bill of exchainge, by Mr . Will' 
Whiting pis agt Tho: Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the 
pit, damages, 20/. 10s. 

In the ac. of Will' Torrey pit, agt Tho: Marshefield defent^ 
the Jury find for the pit, damages, 182/. vis. 9d. 

In the ac. of Richard Trott pit, agt Tho: Marshfield defen*, 
the Jury find for the pit, damages, xviZ. 13s. vie?. 

In the ac. of Bray Rocesterplt, agt Wyddow Hudgison deft, 
as executrixe to Will' Hudgison deceased ; Tho: Ford ap- 
pearing to the sute, the Jury find for the pit, damages, 23/. 
The Court graunteth execution to the pit vppon the goods of 
the defent. 

[105] Willm Turrey pit, agt Nath : Willet & Elizabeth Wil- 
let deft3, in an ac. of debt. 

John Robins pit, agt Richard Belden & Nath : Woodroofe 
defents, in an ac. of the Case. 

Will' Whiting 

[106] June the 15tii, 1643. [A Pr'ncuLER Court.] 

John Heynes Esqs Gou'. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq"^, Dep. 

George Willis EsqS Mr. Welles, Mr. Webster, Mr. 
Whiting, Capten Mason, Mr. Swayne, Mr. Woolcott. 
The Jury : — Mr. Chester, Rich: Webb, Rich: Goodman, 
Will' Gybbins, Rich: Butler, Tho: Ford, John Porter, 
John Drake, Robert Howard, Nath: Dickinson, Josias 
Churchill, John Demon, (Mr. Trotte.) 
In the ac. of Battery and Trespasse of Tho: Waynewright 
pit, agt his blaster, Mr. Henry Smith deft, the Jury find for the 
defent Costs of the Court. 


In the ac. of Henry Woolcotte plS as Attorny to John 
Witchfield, agt Tho: Marshfield defS the Jury find for the 
pit, dam : 30s. 

In the ac. of Henry Woolcott pi*, as Attorny to John Brooke, 
agt Tho: Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the pi*, dam : xi/. 

In the ac. of Nath: Willet & Elizabeth Willett pi*, agt 
Tho: Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the pit, damages, 14/. 
lis. 2c?. 

In the ac. of Will' Palmer pit, agt Tho: Marshfield deft, the 
Jury find for the pit, damages, viii/. 3s. 4. 

In the ac. of Henry Woolcot pit, agt Tho: Marshfield deft, 
the Jury find for the pit, damages, 4l. 3s. 4(1. 

In the ac. of Tho: Forfl pit, agt Tho: Marshfield deft, the 
Jury find for the pit, damages, 4/. 13s. 10c?. 

In the ac. of Henry Woolcott & Nath: Willet pit, agt Tho: 
Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the pit, damages, viiZ. 

Mr. Eldridge pit, agt Tho: Marshfield in an ac. of debt to 
the damage of 13/. 

Benedict Aluer pit, agt Tho: Marshfield deft, i^^ an ac. of 
* to the damage of 10/. 

Will' Hubbert pit, agt Tho: Marshfield deft, in an ac. of the 
Case to the damage of 12/. 

Mr. Woolcott pit, agt Tho: Marshfield in an ac. of the Case 
to the damage of 39/. 15s. 

Mr. Whiteing pit, as Attorny to Henry Bartlemewe, agt 
Tho: Marshfield deft, in an ac. of the Case to the damage of 

Tho: Ford pit, as assigne Edward Smith, agt Tho: Marsh- 
field defent, in an ac. of debt to the damage of 30/. 13s. 4a?. 

[107] June the 16th, 1643. 

Henry Woolcott & Tho: Ford are Ordered to bring vnto 
the Gouernour a p''ticuler of the Estate of Tho : Marshfield, as 
yt consists in land, goods or debts, and that they doe yt wt^in 
on weeke ; & Mr. Whiting, Mr. Hull and Will' Gaylard are to 

* Blank in the original. 


price the p^ticulers, and to make an equall diuision thereof 
amongst the creditors, and that pi'portion w^h is to be seques- 
tred for debts oweing by the s*! Marshfield and yet vnproued, 
are to be lefte w^h Henry Woolcott, who must accoumpt for 
the same. And the creditors are to be accoumptable for to 
returne such a p^portion of what they shall receaue as shall 
appeare to belong to such Creditors fro old Ingland as may 
challing and make p^'ufe of any just debts fro the said Marshfield, 
pruided they appeare w^^in 14 months ; to w^h the Creditors 

[108] July the 5th/ 1643. 

John Heynes Esq"^, Gou"^. 
Ed: Hopkins, Esq^, Dep : 
Roger Ludlowe Esq', George Willis Esq, Mr. Webster, 
Mr. Welles, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Swayne. 
[Deputyes :] — Mr. Taylcott, Andrew Bacon, Mr. Chap- 
line, Robert Rose, John Edwards, John Robins, Mr. 
Those of Wethersfield who conceaue theselues to be vnder 
some wronge in caring of Church and Towne occations, they 
are ordered to gather vp the pi'ticuler greiuences or wrongs and 
p^sent them w^^ their names to the Gou"" & Deputy, wt^in 
three weekes, who are desiered to send a coppy thereof to Mr, 
Smith, who is to returne his answer w^^in three weeks, that 
the differences may be ripened ag^ the Court in Septeber, and 
a finall end put thereunto. 

Mr. Hopkins is desiered to pi^forme the searuice to be one* 

* At the first meeting of the Commissioners of the United Colonies, in September following, 
" an order from the Generall Court of Connectacutt was presented and read, dated at Hartford, 
the fifth of July last, by which it appears George Fenwicke Esq. and Mr. Edward Hopkins were 
chosen Commissioners for that Jurisdiction." (Rec. of U. Colonies.) 

The name of Mr. Fenwick does not appear in the record of the General Court ; — but the 
appointment of Mr Hopkins as " one of the Committee" seems to imply the recognition 
of Mr. F. as his associate. The latter represented the 'Lords and gentlemen,' his fellow propri- 
etors under the Earl of Warwick's Patent ; as whose agent he maintained the Fort and plantation 
at Saybrook and claimed the jurisdiction of the lands upon the Connecticut. The agreement 
between Mr. F. and the General Court, by which Saybrook was ceded to Connecticut was not 
executed until December, 1644. 


of the Comittee for this Riuer, to goe to the Bay to agitate the 
businesses of the Combination, according to the agreement be- 
twixt the vnited Colonyes, the first Thursday in Septem., if his 
shippe occations be then ouer, otherwise the Gour is desiered 
to supply the place, and to treate and conclude touching ap- 
peales in such Cases as shall be by the Comission''s judged ne- 

Whereas there hath bine great neglect by the plant[ations] in 
not pi'uiding powder according to order of Court, It is now 
Ordered, that if the seuerall Townes shall not p^uide their seui^all 
quantityes, according to former Order, by the Court in Septe., 
all the former forfetures shall be leuyed vppon the w^hout delay. 
It is Ordered, that there shall be liberty for a Markett to be 
held att Hartford weekely, euery Wensday, for all manner of 
comodityes that shall be brought in, and for cattell, or any mar- 
chandise w^^soeuer. 

Mr. Webster and Mr. Whiting are desiered by the Court to 
answer the petition conserneing the makeing pitch and tarre. 

It is Ordered, that Mr. Huit and Mr. Styles shall be cauled 
to the next generall Courte, to answer for their miscaridge in 
their petition formerly giuen into Courte. 

It is Ordered, that ech Towne chuse two surueyors yerely, 
to looke to the highwayes, who shall haue liberty to call out 
euery Teeme & pi'son fitt for labour, in their course, one day 
euery yeare, to mend the said highwayes wherein they are to 
haue a spetiall regard to those Comon wayes w<=h are betwixt 
Towne and Towne. The chardge hereof is lefte to the pnicu- 
ler Townes for the p''sent, to be ordered according to their 
owne rules, & in case any surueyor shall not attend the said 
searuice by cauleing out the teemes & p^sons aforesaid, where 
need is, he shall forfeit 5s. for euery offence. 
[109] It is Ordered, there shall be a Grand Jury of 12 p^sons 
warned to appeare eu*" Court yerely in Septeber, or as many &c 
oft as the Gouernc or Courte shall thinke meet, to make p''sent- 
ment of the breches of any lawes or orders, or any other mis- 
demeanors they know of in the Jurisdiction. 

Mr. Chaplin shall haue a coppy of the creditors &; debtors to 
Mr. Oldoms estate, and is to inquire of the debtors to who they 
haue paid & to make returne to the next p^ticuler Court. 


The Tresurer is to haue a noate to take vppe the Fynes. 

Whereas, the p''spi'ity and well being of Comon weles doth 
much depend vppon the well gouerment and ordering of pi'ticu- 
ler Familyes, W^^ in an ordinary way cannot be expected where 
the rules of God are neglected in laying the foundation of a 
family state ; For the p^uention therefore of such evells and 
inconueniences, w^h by experience are found not only to be 
creepeing in but practised by some in that kynd, It is Ordered, 
that no pi'son whatsoeuer, male or female, not being at his or 
her owne dispose, or that remayneth vnder the gouerment of 
parents, masters or gardians or such like, shall ether make, or 
giue entertaynement to any motion or sute in way of mariedge, 
wthout the knowledge and consent of those they stand in such 
relation to, vnder the seuere censure of the Courte, in case of 
delinquency not attending this order ; nor shall any third p'son 
or pi^sons intermedle in makeing any motion to any such w^hout 
the knowledge and consent of those vnder whose gouerment 
they are, vnder the same penalty. 

Mathew Allen pi*, agt Rich: Fellowes defS in an ac. of the 
Case, to the damage of 20s. The said Mathewe Allen acknow- 
ledgeth himselfe to be bownd to the Cuntry in a Recognizance 
of 10/. to pi'sent the said Rich : Fellowes, the next Court. 

[110] SEPTesER THE 4th, 1643. [J. P'-ticuler Courte.'] 
John Heynes Esq^, Gou^. 

Mr. Welles, Mr. Webster, Mr. W. Swayne, Mr. Woolcott. 

[The Jury:] Tho : Ford, Will' Wodsworth, Nath : 

Richards, John Hopkins, Arther Smith, John More, 

Will' Heiton, Josua Carter, Samuell Smith, Tho; 

Wright, Samuell Hale, Andrew Longdon. 

In the ac. of Math : Allen plS ag* Rich : Fellowes defend the 

Jury find for the deft, chardges of Court & Vmd. for powndage. 

In the ac. of Math: Allen pit, agt Nich: & Will' Clarke 

defts, the Jury find for the pit, damages 3/. 3s. 4c?. & costs of 

Court vij5. 

The ac. of Math : Allen pit, agt Tho : Olcott is forborne 
vntill the next Court. 


In the ac. of John Robins plS agt Tho : Holibut defend the 
Jury find for the pi*, damages 255. & costs of Court. 

Tho : Ford pl't, as assigne to Edward Smith, agt Tho : 
Marshfield deft, in an ac. of debt to the dainage of 30/. 135. 4c?. 

Roger Ludlowe Esqs pit, agt Will' Whiting deft. 

SEPTeBER THE 14t*i, 1643. A Generall Courte. 
John Heynes Esq"", Gou'. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Swayne, 
Mr. Woolcott. 
Mr. Steele, Mr. Taylcote, Mr. Westwood, Andrew Bacon, 
Mr. Hill, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Hull, Will' Gaylard, Mr. 
Chapline, Mr. Robins. 
The Courte is adiorned for a month. 

[112] Septcber the 15th, 1643. 

Jo; Heynes Esq"", Gou"". 

Ed : Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 
George Willis Esq^, Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Whi- 
ting, Capten Mason, Mr. Swayne, Mr. Woolcott. 

[Deputies :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Westwood, An- 
drew Bacon, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Stoughton, Will' 
Gaylard, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Robins, James Boosy, Sam- 
uell Smith. 

The Grand Jury. Mr. Phelps, Jur; Willia Pantry, Rich- 
ard Webb, John Pratt, Nath : Waird, John White, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Parke, Mr. Chester, Nath: Foote, Nath: 
Dickinson, Tho : Ford, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Porter, Mr. 
Terry; Jur. 
The Court adioyrned for a month. 

October the 12th, 1643. 

John Sadler was to be warned to the next Generall Court. 

Whereas Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Willis & Mr. Whiting have pi'm- 
ised to vse their best endeauors to p^uide fower barrells of pow- 
der, It is Ordered, that Wyndsor shall take ofFe two barrells. 


Hartford one barrell and Wethersfield one, yf yt may be had, 
& to make the best pay the Country afords to sute the occa- 
tions of the pnyes that p^uide yt. 

It is ordered, that Wyndsor shall haue for the p^sent 30/. of 
powder out of the Comon stocke, w^h they are to restore so 
soone as they can pi'uide. 

It is Ordered, that Mr. Talcott and Andrewe Bacon are to 
take a record of the debts of the Country oweing in Hartford, 
Mr. Woolcott & Mr. Hill for Wyndsor, James Boosy for Weth- 

Mr. Whiteing and Capten Mason are to examine whether 
the Country or some p^'ticuler pi'son are to dischardge the debt 
due to Roger Anadowne. 

Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Whiteing and Capten Mason are to pJ'sse 
eight souldiers w^h suflicient arms and pJ'uisions to be sent to 
Mohegen to defend Vncas,* and to doe such seruice in building 
or otherwise as shall be thought meet, and there to remayne as 
the said comittee shall see cause. 

It is ordered, that the Gou'^nor or deputy, or any two Magis- 
trats, vppon any sudden occation or eminent daynger may 
presse men and munition for a defensiue warre or to garde & 
defend the Country in their necessary occations or passage fro 
Towne to Towne. Also, the deputyes in the seuJ'all Townes 
are desiered to call their p^^ticuler Townes togather, to take 
Order w^^in theselues to be in a posture of defence vppon an 
alaru, that the seu^uU souldears may know to what quarter to 
resorte and where to stand vppon their p^sent defence. 

Richard Lordf for his miscariedge in draweing his sowrd 
and vseing thretening speeches in contending w^h Tho : Stan- 
tonf about tradeing for indean corne, is fyned to pay to the 
Country fiuef pownd. 

* The Commissioners of the United Colonies (who were at this time in session, at Boston,) 
having decided upon dehvering up Miantonimo to be murdered by liis captor, Uncas, (" that so 
execution may be done according to justice and prudence,") were apprehensive that the Narra- 
gansetts, or some of the neighboring tribes, allied with or tributary to the Narragansett Sachem, 
would seek to revenge his death. They therefore directed that measures should be taken to pro. 
vide for the defence of the Colonies, and "that Hartford furnish Vneas with a competent 
strength of English to defend him against any present fury or assault of the Narragansetts or any 
other." {Records of U. Colonies.) 

t The names of Richard Lord and Tho. Stanton, and the word ' flue,' have been partially ob- 
literated, by drawing a pen across them, at a date evidently long subsequent to that of the 


It is Ordered that there shall be a rate of forty pownd leuied, 
to be paid to Mr. Fenwicke, to be laid out for the repaireing 
the Fort. 

For the avoyding of many differences and quarrells that may 
arise by takeing vppe debts of Indeans, It is Ordered, that who- 
soeuer, after the publisheing this Order, shall sell for day, or 
trust any Indean or Indeans w^^ goods or coinodityes, shall for- 
feit to the Country the double some or value of what they do 
betrust them w^^^all ; and that no man shall trade w'^ them at 
or about their wygwams, but in their vessells or Pynnaces or 
att their owne bowses, vnder the penalty of 205. ech tyme. 

To pf'uent or w^^stand such sudden assaults as may be made 
by Indeans vppon the Sabboth or lecture dayes. It is Ordered, 
that one p»'son in euery seuerall howse wherein is any souldear 
or souldears, shall bring a muskett, pystoll or some peece, w'h 
powder and shott to ech meeting, excepte some on Magistrate 
dispense w^^ any on, and appoynt some other to supply his 

Jacob Waterhowse doth acknowledge himselfe bownd in a 
recognizance ot Fifty pownd, to attend the next Court to an- 
swer for his mysdemeanor towards the Indeans. 

The Court is adioyrned vntill Thursday next. 

[113] A P^TicuLER Court, held the ix^^ of No : 1643. 

John Heynes Esq'', Gou"^. 

Ed : Hopkins Esq^, Dep.^ 

Roger Ludlowe Esq^ George Willis, Mr. Webster, Mr. 
Welles, Mr. Whiteing, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, 
Mr. Swayne. 

The Jury. Mr. Tailcott, Tho : Osmore, Ed : Stebbing, 
John Barnard, Arther Williams, Mathewe Sension, Tho: 
Dewey, Tho : Orton, Tho : VfToote, Samuel Hales, Rich- 
ard Parke, John Demon. 

In the action of Nathaniell Dickinson pi*, agt John Robins 
defent, the Jury find for the del ^ Costs of Court vij5, 

In the ac. of Nathaniell Eldredge plS agt Tho : Marshfield, 
the Jury find for the pi*, the debt and costs of Court, xZ. 


In the ac. of Tho : Ford plS as assigne to Ed : Smith, agt 
Tho : Marshfield deft, the Jury find for the plS the debt & costs 
of Court. The debt, 30/. 135. 4.d. 

In the ac. of Math : Allen pi* agt, Tho : Olcocke deft, the 
Jury find for the plS damages six pownd, fine shillings, and 
costs of Court. 

In the action of Roger Ludlowe Esq^ pi*, against Willia 
Whiteing gent, defend the Jury find for the plS dainages thirty- 
nyne pownd, and costs vij5. 

Willi' Lewes his fyne is to be paid at these seui^all tymes, 
vizt. 5/. the 20^11 of March, and 5/. the 20^^ of Septeber, and the 
other xZ. three months after. 

[114] No: xth, 1643. A. Generall Court. 

John Heynes Esq"", Gou"". 
Ed : Hopkins EsqJ", Dep. 

Roger Ludlowe Esq^, George Willis Esq"", Mr. Webster, 
Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Swayne, 
Mr. Woolcott. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Westwood, 
Andrewe Bacon, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Stoughton 
Will' Gaylard, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Robins, Samuell Smith, 
James Boosy. 
Whereas in the fundamentall Order* yt is said (that such 
who haue taken the Oath of fidellity and are admitted inhabit- 
ants) shall be alowed as quallified for chuseing of Deputyes, 
The Court declares their judgement, that such only shall be 
counted admitted inhabitants, who are admitted by a generall 
voate of the mayor pi'te of the Towne that receaueth them. 

Whereas y t is obsearued that the late Order for on in a Fam- 
ily to bring his Arms to the meeting house euery Sabboth and 
lecture day, hath not bine attended by diuers pi^sons ; It is now 
Ordered, that whosoeuer hereafter shall at any tyime neglecte 
the same, shall forfeit xij^f. for euery neglect, whereof vie?, to the 
prty that shall informe and V\d, to the Country. 

* See page 23. [Or. 224.] 


It is Ordered that all the souldears in the severall Tovvnes 
w^Hn this Jurisdiction shall be trayned sixe dayes yerely* as 
they shall be appoynted by the Capten or other officer, Viz*, 
one day in the first weeke of these seuerall months here men- 
tioned, Mai'ch, April], May, Septeber, October & Noueber; and 
if the day appoynted pi'ue unseasonable, the Officer is to ap- 
poynt the next fayer day. The hower to begin is eight of the 
clocke. And whosoeuer shall be absent any of the said dayes 
after the hower lymited, or shall not continue the whole tyme 
shall forfeit 2s. vi^. for euery default, excepte such as are lycen- 
sed vnder the hands of two magistrats. The Clarkes of the 
seuerall bands are to distreyne the delinquents w^^^in 14 dayes 
after the forfeture, and to take vid. for theselues, the remaynder 
to be for the mayntenance of drums, cullers & such like ; and 
If any of the said Clarks shall omit to distreine any delinquent 
for the said terme of 14 dayes, shall forfeit to the Country the 
double some. The Capten and officers shall haue liberty to re- 
lesse such as they approue for expert souldears for halfe a day, 
at any time. Mr. Ludlowe is desiered to call forth the soul- 
dears of the Towns vppon the sea cost, to see the exercise as 
aforesaid, vntill there be some fitt officers pi'uided. 

Mr. Chaplyn, for diuulgeing and setting his hand to a writing 
cauled a declaration, tending to the defamation of Mr. Smith, 
is fyned to pay to the Country xi^. 

Frances Norton, for setting his hand to the said writeing, is 
fyned 5/. 

John Goodridge also, for setting his hand to the said writeing 
is fyned 405. 

Mr. Plum, for p^ferring a rowle of diuers greuinces agt Mr. 
Smith & fayleing of proufe in the p^'secutio thereof, is fyned xl. 

Robert Rose for joyneing w^^ Mr. Plum therein is fyned 40s. 

Its concluded that a writeing shall be p^pared and openly 
read in the seuerall Townes, for the clereing Mr. Smith, and an 
Order made of ten pownd fyne for whosoeuer shall be conuicted 
vnder two witnesses to diuulge any the said greiuences to his 

The Court is adiurned vntill Wensdey com seuennight. 

* " It is judged meet by the Commissioners that there be trayneings at least sixe tyiiies eule 
yeare in each Plantacon w Hu this confederacoc.*' (Rec. of U. Colonies, Sept. 1643.) 



Mr. Webster and Mr. Welles are to take vppe of the Tra- 
ders for Indean corn, the forfetures due to the Country. 

Wensday the *day of No: 1643. 

Its Ordered, that there shall be a Rate of 150/. levied vppon 
the three Towns, w^h is to be p^portioned by Mr. Taylcott and 
Andrewe Bacon, Mr. Hill, Willa. Gaylard, Mr. Chaplin and 
James Boosy. 

The Gouernor and Deputy are desiered to examine the Tres- 
urers accoumpt and to assigne the bylls for the Country debts, 
what shall be alowed. 

Its Ordered that the plantations shall keepe a day of humil- 
iation vppon Wensday com three weeks. 

Mr. Branker is freed fro watching & warding. 

[115] Whereas many clamors haue bine raysed & spred 
through seui'all pi"ts of the Country, of some indirect pi^ceedings 
of Mr. Smith of Wethersfield, both in Church administrations 
& in acting in the ciuell occations of the Towne, whereby the 
peace of the Coihon welth was disturbed, W^^ gaue occation to 
the Court to giue liberty to all who had any iust greiuences in 
ether kynd agt him to p^duce them in publique, and to apoynt 
a tyme for hereing and determining the same, w^^ accordingly 
was attended by seuerall in that Towne, and many complaints 
made, wherein Mr. Smith was accused and judged by the to lye 
vnder much guilt. But vppon a full heareing of all that was 
aleadged by any in mayntenance of their accusations, It was 
found that most of their accusations were mistaks, wherein Mr. 
Smith was much wronged, both by false reports and vniust sur- 
mises. It was therefore, by vnanimos consent of the whole 
Court, Ordered, for pi'uention of the further spreading of the 
said reports w^h tend so much to the pi'iudice of the publique 
peace and th' aparent wrong of Mr. Smith, That whosoeuer 
w^^in this jurisdiction shall hereafter be conuicted by the testi- 
mony of two witnesses, to continue or renewe any of the for- 
mer complaints (most of the said greiuences haueing bine also 
formerly hard by the magistrats and elders,) wherein he hath 

• Blank in the original. , 


bine clered by this Court, shall forfeit to the Country ten pownd 
for euery such offence. 

January 3^, 1643. 

The Courte takeing the state of o"^ natiue Country into con- 
sideration haue Ordered, that there shall be monthly a day of 
humiliation keept through the Plantations, according to the 
course of o'' neighbours at New hauen, and to begin vppo 
Wensday the x^^ of this month. 

Mr. Fenwicke is p^pownded to stand in election for a Magis- 
trate, the Court in Aprill. 

The Gou"" & Deputy are desiered to returne an answer to 
the request of the Ilanders, signified by their letter p^sented to 
the Court. 

Gyles Whiteing is dismissed fro trayneing & is content to 
pay I2d. euery trayneing day, to the Clarke of the land, to- 
wards the mayntenaunce of drums & cullers. 

The Court is adiorned for sixe weekes. 

[116] Feb. 14*^, 1643. 

John Heynes Esq"", Gou"^. 
Ed: Hopkins Esqs Dep. 

George Willis Esq--, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiteing, Mr. 

Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Swayne. 
[Deputyes :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Westwood, 

Andrewe Bacon, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylard, Mr. 

Stoughton, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Robins, Samuell Smith, 

James Boosy. 

Nath: & Elizabeth Willet pits, agt Benedict Alueret defen*, 
in an ac. of debt to the damage of 12/. 

Math: Allen pi*, agt Tho: Steynton defen*, in an ac. of the 

All p^sons that can bring in sufficient proufe that they are 
aboue 60 yeares of age, are freed fro watching. 

Whereas yt is obsearued that many differences arise fro the 
inequallity of measures that are vsed amongst vs, for the pi'uent- 
ing whereof. It is Ordered, that the Clarks in the seuerall 


Townes w^h are appoynted for the fixeing the said measuers 
shall once in euery yeare appoynt a certen day and place & 
giue notice to the Inhabitans to bring in their measures to 
them to be tryed and compared w^h the standard ; and they 
shall haue 3d. for the first fitting and sealeing ech measuer, and 
2d. for euery tryall and sealeing, pi^uided that non be sealed but 
of seasoned wood ; and it shall not be lawfull for any p^son w^hin 
these libertyes to sell by any other measure but such as are 
sealed, and whosoeuer shall fayle to bring in his measure to the 
said Clarke at the tyme & place appoynted shall forfeit 12c?. for 
euery default, wcii forfetures shall be gathered by the said 
Clarks, and they shall haue 4d. in the shilling to theselues ; and 
if vppon tryall any measure be found to little they shall cutte 
out the scale. They are also to size & scale all yards and 

Forasmuch as many laborers and workemen complayne that 
they are forced to put offe their Corne w^h they receaue for 
their worke to seuerall Chapmen, for comodityes, at a cheper 
rate then they take yt att, For the p^uenting whereof, It is 
now Ordered, that whosoeuer wt^in these libertyes shall sell 
any Coinodityes or make any bargaine to be paid in Corne, 
after the publisheing this Order, shall take the said Corne att 
the Country rate. 

[117] Whereas many complaynts are brought into the Court 
by reason of diui's abuses that fall out by seuerall p^sons that 
sell Wyne and strong water, as well in vessells on the Riuer as 
also in seuerall bowses, for the pi'uenting whereof yt is now 
Ordered, that no p^son or p'sons, after the publisheing this Order, 
shall nether sell Wyne nor strong water in any place w^^^in 
these libertyes, wt^out hcense fro the p^'ticuler Court or any 
two magistrates. 

Whereas the Condition of these seuerall Plantations in these 
beginnings wherein we are, is such that necessity constraynes 
to improue much of the grownds belonging to the seuerall 
Townes in a comon way, and yt is obsearued that the publique 
& generall good, w^h ought to be attended in all such improue- 
ments, receaues much p^iudice through waint of a prudent 
ordering and disposeing of those seuerall Comon lands 
to such wayes of improuement as are most p^'p'' to the, and 
may best aduance the publique good, It is therefore Ordered? 


that ech Towne shall before the sitting of the next Court, chuse 
fro among theselues seaven able and discreet men, who by this 
Order haue power giuen the, and are required to take the comon 
lands belonging to ech of the seu^'ail Townes respectiuely, into 
serious and sadde consideratio, and after a through disgesting 
of their owne thoughts, sett downe vnder their hands in what 
w^ay the said lands may in their judgement be best improued for 
the comon good. And whatsoeu"" is so decreed & determined 
by the said 7 men in ech Towne, or any fiue of the, conserne- 
ing the way of improuement of any such lands, shall be at- 
tended by all such pi"sons that haue any p^priety or interest in 
any lands that shall be so iudged by the said Comittee. 

And whereas also, much damage hath risen not only fro the 
vnrulynes of some kynd of Cattell but also fro the weaknesse 
& insufficiency of many fences, whereby much variance and^ 
difference hath followed, w^^ if not p^^uented for the future 
may be very p'iudiciall to the publique peace ; It is therefore 
likewise Ordered, that the said 7 men soe chosen, or at lest 5 
of the, shall sett downe what fences are to be made in any 
Comon grownds, and after they are made to cause the same to 
be vewed, and to sett such fynes as they iudge meet vppon any 
as shall neglect or not duly attend their Order therein. And 
when fences are made and judged sufficient by the, whatsoeur 
damage is done by hoggs or any other cattle shall be paid by 
the owners of the said cattle, w^hout any gaynesaying or releife 
by Repleivy or otherwise. And the seui'all Townes shall haue 
liberty once euery yeare to alter any 3 of the former 7, and to 
make choyse of others in their roome : It being p^uided that 
any p^ticuler man or men shall haue liberty to inclose any of 
their pi'ticuler grownds, and improue the according to their 
owne discretio by mutuall agreement, notw^^standing this 

[118] [A Pi'TICULER CoURTE.*] 

John Heynes Esq"", Gou"". 
Ed : Hopkins Esq^ Dep. 

* The date is not given. 



George Willis Esq"", Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. 
Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott. 
The Jury : — Ed : Stebbin, John Edwards, John Stadder, 
John Cattell, John Wastoll, John Byssell, Water Fyler, 
John More, Henry Woolcott, Will' Wadsworth, Andrew 
Bacon, Will' Gybbins. 

Henry Woolcott pi. ag* Bray Rocester def^ in an ac. of the 
Case, to the damage of 5Z. 

John Dymon pi. ag* Tho : Gunne def^ in an ac. of tres- 
passe for Fals Imprisonment. 

John Dymon pi. ag* Edward Presson defS in an ac. of the 
Case to the damage of vij/. 

Ed : Presson pi. agt Will' Perwidge deft, ii^ an ac. of the 
Case to the damage of x/. 

Tho : Steynton pi. agt Tho : Crump deft, in an ac. of 

Jaruis Mudgge 

Nath : & Eliz : Willet pi. agt Benedict Alueret deft, in an 
ac. of debt to the damage of 12/. 

Math : Allen pi. agt Tho : Steynton deft, in an ac. of the 
Case, 28s. damage. 

Mr. Will' Whiteing pi. agt Tho : Bassett defend in an ac, 
of the Case to the damage of yI. \Qs. 

Mr. Will' Whiting pi. against Dauid Wilton deft, in an ac, 
of the Case to the damage of hd. 

In the ac. of Math: Allen pi. agt Tho: Steynton deft, the 
Jury find for the pi. damages 28s. & Costs of Court. Execu- 
tion graunted. 

In the ac. of Willia Whiteing pi. agt Tho : Basset deft, the 
Jury find for the pi. dainages bl. and Costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Nath : & Eliz : Willet pi. agt Benedict Alueret 
deft, the Jury find for the pi. damages 5/. & 2d. and Costs of 

Tho : Hurlbut his fyne is respited, vppon Peter Bassakers 
tryall to make nayles wt^ less losse and at as cheape a rate, 
then he is to duble the fyne, otherwise to be quit. 


The Jury find that John Ewe, by misaduenture, was the 
cause of the death of Tho : Scott. 

The said John Ewe is fyned to pay fine pownd to the Country 
and ten pownd to the Wyddowe Scotte. 

[119] The Court of Election, Aprill, 1644. 

Edward Hopkins Esq"", Goui'. 
John Heynes Esq^, Dep. 

George Fenwicke Esq^, George Willis Esqr, Roger Lud- 

lowe Esqr, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting Tres\, Mr. 

Welles Sec, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr, Swayne- 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, Andrew 

Bacon, Mr. Trott, James Boosy, Nath : Foote, Sa : 

Smith, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylard, Tho : Ford. 

Vppon the petition of Benedict Alfford for reliefe ag* the 

verdict giuen in by the Jury at the sute of Nath : Willet pL 

It is Ordered, that judg*^ shall be respited till the Court put an 

issue thereto. 

Its the appi^hension of the Court that the damages & Costs of 
Court mentioned in the petition of Benedict Alford, that yt 
shall be layd vppon Marshfields estate, by the p^'portion of other 
creditors, and what that falls short shall be borne by the said 
Benedict & Mr. Woolcott & Nath: Willet by equall p^portions. 
The Courts adioyrned to the second Thursday in May. 

May the ixth, 1644. 
The Court is adioyrned vntill Munday, the third of June, 
eight of the clocke, vnder the penalty of 2.<f. vie/, eu^ default. 

June the 3, 1644. 
Whereas many strayngers & passengers that vppon occation 
haue recourse to these Townes, and are streightened for waint 
of entertainment. It is now Ordered, that these seuerall 
Townes shall p''uide amongst theselues in ech Towne one suffi- 
cient inhabitant to keepe an Ordinary, for pmisio and lodgeing in 
some comfortable manner, that such passengers or strayngers 


may know where to resorte ; and such inhabitants as by the 
seuerall Townes shall be chosen for the said searuice shall be 
prsented to two Magistrats, that they may be judged meet for 
that imployment, and this to be effected by the severall Townes 
w^'iin one month, under the penalty of 40s. a month, ech month 
ether Towne shall neglect yt. 

Whereas many differences arise about dresseing and meas- 
uring of Corne, betwixt the buyer and seller, It is now ordered, 
that the sealer of the measures in exi^j Towne shall keep a stan- 
dard whereunto the buyer may resort ; and the said measurer 
hath power, and is appoynted by the Court to determine and 
issue the differences that may arise both in respect of the 
measur and also the dresseing & cleanes of the grayne. The 
mesurer to be paid by the guilty p^'ty. 

[120] The Court adiorned to the last July, (x a clock) vnles 
the Gou^ see cause to call yt sooner. 

Its Ordered that the two Peeces that came fro Piscataq' shall 
be purchased for the vse of the Country ; the Gouernour and 
Deputy are desiered to contract w*^ the owners for the. 

Whereas by reson of the badnes and rottennes of much 
yarne and other defects that fall out in the ordering of yt, both 
lynnen and woollen, many weauers are discouridged to goe on 
in their trade. It is therefore Ordered, that two experienced 
men shall be chosen in ech Towne who shall haue power to 
judge and determine the price or rate that any weauer in the 
said Towne shall receau^e by the yard for such yarne, who shall 
vewe and make tryall thereof, vppon complaynt made vnto 
the ; and whereas they are many tymes much hindred by seeke- 
ing for their pay, they are now to retayne their worke in their 
custody vntill they receaue their pay for yt. Joseph Magott & 
George Graues are chosen for Hartford, Will' Gaylard & Eld- 
weed Pomry for Wyndsor. 

The Gouer^ and Mr. Fenwicke are desiered and chosen by 
the Court to be Comissioners for this Jurisdiction, to agitate 
such businesses as shall fall out to be attended in behalfe of the 
Combinatio, the next meeting in September and for the yeare 

Mr. Sti ele, Andrewe Bacon & James Boosy are to order 6c 


appoynt some conuenient howse in Hartford, for the comly and 
sutable meeteing of the Comissioners in September next, where- 
in they may agitate the affaires of the Combination. 
(Whereas many stubborne, refrectary and discontented sear- 
uants and app^ntices wt'idrawe themselues fro their masters 
searuices, to improue their tyme to their owne aduantage ; for 
the p^uenting whereof. It is Ordered, that whatsoeuer searuant 
or apprentice shall heareafter offend in that kynd, before their 
couenants or terme of searuice are expiered, shall searue their 
said Masters, as they shall be appi'hended or retayned the treble 
terme, or threefold tyme of their absence in such kynd. 

For the p^uenting of differences that may arise in makeing 
or setting downe of Fences, as well in meadowe as vpland. It is 
Ordered, that in the setting posts and rayles or hedges, in the 
meadowes and homelotts, there shall be a liberty for ether p^ty 
of 12 inches fro the diuident lyne, for breakeing of the grownd 
to sett the posts, or for the laying on the hedge, but the staks 
and posts are to be sett in the diuiding lyne ; and in vpland 
there is alowed a liberty of fower foote for a ditch, fro the 
diuiding lyne, for ether of the bordering p^tyes where the p^por- 
tio of fence belongs vnto the. 

[121] The Gou^ is desiered to returne an answere to the 
Towns of Stratford and Vncocoaue, of Mr. Ludlowe his letter 
conserneing his pi'positions made to the Court about the manner 
of Rateing & his chardges for Country imployment. 

It is Ordered, that whosoeuer arests or retaynes any mans 
goods by way of Attachment or Repliuy, shall put in good 
security to prosecute the sute w^'nn conuenient tyme, and to 
pay what damages shall arise vppon his neglect or not makeing 
good his action, and shall pay xijc?. for the attachment or repliuy 
& vie?, for his recognizance or bond. 

Also, no Magistrate shall graunte any warrant conserneing 
pfsonall actions, but the demaunder thereof shall pay 4c?. for yt. 

Also, there shall be 2s. rid. payd for the Recording euery 
Will and Inuentory that is vnder the soine of 40?. and iijs. 4d. 
if aboue 40/. 

It is Ordered, that the Towne Clarkes or Registers in the 
seuerall Townes within this Jurisdiction, shall ech of them 
keepe a record of the day of mariedge of euery prson hereafter 


maried wthin theire libertyes, and of the day of the birth of 
euery child hereafter borne, to who the parent of the child shall 
wt^in three dayes after the birth of his child certifie the day of 
the childs birth, and to who euery man that shall be maried 
shall w^i^in three dayes after his mariedge certifie his mariedge 
day, vnder the penalty of 55. euery default. The said Register 
is to receaue vi^. for recording the day of mariedge & ii^. for 
recording the birth of the child. 

It is Ordered, that no Inhabitant wthin these libertyes shall , 
suffer any Indean or Indeans to com into their bowses, except 
the Magistrats or Traders, who may admitte of a Sachem if he 
com not wti» aboue 4 men ; Only Vncus who hath bine a fryend 
to the Englishe may com w*^ 20 and his brother w*^ 10. 

The Order of the 8*^1 of Septeber, 1642, conserneing trading 
wth Indeans, is repealed. 

Whereas Mr. Mathew Allen hath presented severall peticons 
to this Court for releefe against the Church of Hartford, in 
regard of his censure of excommunicacon, wherein he affirmes 
he hath beene wronged by the sayd Church ; It was the iudg- 
ment of the Court that the sayd AUyn by his peticons and ex- 
pressions in Court concerning the sayd businesse, hath layd an 
accusation vppon the Church of Hartford, and that he ought 
to bring into the Court the pi"ticulars of his accusation, that the 
Church of Hartford may giue answere thereunto. 

[122] June the vi^h, 1644. 

Ed : Hopkins Esq"". 
Jo : Heynes Esqi", Dep. 

George Willis Esq"", Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr 

Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott. 
The Jury. — Nath: Waird, Jo: White, Wm. Pantry, Rich 

Gudman, Mr. Olister, Mr. Chester, Jo: Demon, Tho 

Tracy, Roger Willias, Walter Fyler, John Taylor, Tho 


Clement Chaplin pi. againste Henry Smith and Samuell Smith 
defts, in an action of the Case. The pi. appeareth not. 


Math: Allen plan*, against Will' Lewis defS in an ac. of the 
Case, to the damage of 14/. 

Will' Whiting pi. ag* Dauid Wilton defS in an action of the 
Case, to the damage of xZ. 

George Steele pi. ag* John Carrington defS in an action of 
the Case. 

Nath : Willet pi. agt Will' Edwards deft, in an ac. of debt. 

Will' Perwydge pi. agt Math: Allen deft, in an ac. of the 

Robert Howard pi. as attorny to Ed: Welles agt Will' 
Edwards, deft, in an ac. of debt. 

Will' Edwards pi. 

Daniell Frost 

1. Will' Lewis pi. agt Mathew Allen deft, in an ac of the 

Tho: Osmore pi. agt John Plmii deft. 

2. Will'. Lewis pi. agt Math: Allen def', in a 2^ action of 
the Case. 

Mr. Woolcot pi. agt Tho : Marshefield deft, in an ac. of the 
Case to the damage of 43/. Execution graunted. 

In the ac. of Clement Chaplin pi. agt Henry Smith &, Sam- 
uell Smith deft^, the Jury find for the deft^, costs of the Courts. 
One witnesse. 

In the ac. of Mathew Allen pi. agt Wm. Lewis defent, the 
Jury find for the pi. that the deft jg to pay rent according to 
his bargen wth Will' Cornewell, as he was to pay, for the 
prportion of land he holds, for the terme of three yeres & a 
halfe paste, and 20^. 4d. costs. 

In the action of Will' Whiteing pi. agt Dauid Wilton deft, 
the Jury find for the pi. the deft jg to returne the steere, and 
costs of Court 8s. y'ld. 

In the ac. of Will' Perwydge pi. agt Math: Allen deft, Mr. 
Styles and Will' Pantry are the Arbitrators chosen to value the 
worke according to their last agreement; & w" Wm. Perwydge 
hath giuen security to pi'form the bargen, Math: Allen is to 
satisfie for the worke as the Arbitrators shall award. 
[123] In the ac. of Robert Howard pi. agt Wm. Edwards 
deft, the Jury find for the deft, xis. vie?. Costs. 


In the ac. of Tho: Osmore pi. ag* John Plum def^^ the Jury 
find for the pi. fiue pownd fiue shillings dainages & costs of 

The actions of Will' Lewis pi. agt Math: Allen defS are 
referred to arbitriment of John White & John Taylor. 

In the ac. of Henry Woolcott pi. against Tho : Marshefield 
deft, the Jury find for the pi. 25/. xs. dainages & costs of Court. 

John Pratt is freed fro watching, according to the p^'mise of 
the Generall Court. 

John Styles is fyned, 2s. y'ld. John Sadler is fyned, 5s. 

Tho: Watts, for trayneing w^^ a peece chardged, is fyned 20s. 

Peter Blachfield is fyned 5s. 

Vppon the further euidence that Tho : Steynton hath brought 
into the Court conserneing a late sute pi^esented ag* him by 
Math: Allen pL, execution is respited vntill the next Court. 

The p^ticuler Court is to be held the first Thursday in August 

Benedictus Aluerd acknowledgeth himselfe bound in a recog- 
nizance ofx/. to the Country, pi'uided if in conuenient tyme he 
pi"secute the sute vppon an attach* he hath taken ag* the goods 
of John Cooke or answer such damages as may vppon his neg- 
lect or not makeing good the action, then this to be voyd. 

Tho: Welles. 

The 7 men who haue power to Order Fences and sett penal- 
tyes, haue the like power to graunt execution vppon the forfeture 

July the 4^^, 1644. 

Mr. Hill is desiered to assist the Gou'" and Deputy to audicte 
the Tresurers accoumpte. 

There is a Rate of 1 00/. graunted to be leuied vppon the 
three Townes. 

[124] August the first, 1644, 

Ed : Hopkins Esq^, Gou^ 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott, 


The Jury.— Mr. Parke, Mr. Cullicke, Jo: Barnard, Will: 
Gybbins, Rich: Lord, Mr. Chester, Frances Norton, 
Sa: Smith, John Byssell, Rob: Wynchell, Tho: Buck- 
land, Tho: Ford ; Jur. 

John Demon pi. agt Ed: Preston, in an actio of the Case, 20 
bushi of Ry & 10s. damages. 

Ephra Huit pi. agt Walter Fyler deft, in the behalfe of the 
Towne of Wyndsor, in an ac. of the Case. 

Richard Mylls pi. agt Willi Combstocke & John Sadler 
defts, in an ac. of Slaunder to the damage of 200/. 

Rich: Mills pi. agt James Norton deft, in ^n ac. of debte to 
the damage of 20/. 

Mr. Wm. Whiting pi. agt James Whatly deft, in an ac. of 
the Case to the damage of 4/. 

James Whatly pi. agt Tho: Osmore deft, in an ac. of the 

James Whatly pi. agt Tho: Ketling deft, in an ac. of Slaun- 
der to the dainage of 5/. 

In the ac. of John Robins pi. agt Nath: Foote deft, the Jury 
find for the deft costs of Court. 

In the ac. of John Robins pi. agt Rich: Beldon deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. dainages 5/. according to the Arbitribers, leaue- 
ing the former damages to be issued by the Arbitrators, and 
costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Nath: Foote pi. agt Robert Rose deft, tj^g j^y 
find for the pi. damages xiid. and costs of Court. 

In the ac. of John Demon pi. agt £d: Preston deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. 20 bush, of Ry & 10s. dainages & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Mr. Whiteing pi. agt James Whately deft, the 
Jury find for the pi. darnages 3/. IGs. country pay, or 3/. mony, 
and costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Ephra Huit pi. agt Walter Fyler deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. the land he sued for & costs of Court. 
[125] In the action of James Whatly pi. agt Tho: Ketling 
defent, the Jury find for the pi. 13s. id. damages and costs of 
Court. Execution graunted. 


110 public records 

[126] Sept. the * 1644. 

Edward Hopkins Esq^, Gour. 
Jo: Heynes, Esq^", Dep. 

George Willis Esq', Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. 

The Jury. — Nath: Foote, Nath: Dickinson, Tho: VfFoote, 

John Elson, Rich: Webb, Will' Rescue, Tho: Osmor, 

Rich: Butler, Joseph Loonies, Franc: Styles, Tho: Dewe, 

Tho: Orton ; Jur. 

Nath: Wylled plan* ag* Will' Edwards def^ in an action of 

James Whatly pi. ag^ John Lattimore deft, i^ ^^ ac. of Slaun- 

James Whatly pi. ag*^ Tho: Osmor deft, in an ac. of the Case. 

James Whately pi. agt Richard Harris defS in an ac. of 

Will' Perwidge pi. 

Math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pi. agt Will' Edwards 
deft, in an ac. of slaunder. 

Tho: Steynton pi. ag* Math: Allen deft, jn an actio of the 

John Lattirnor to pay 5s. damages to James Wakely. 

Rich: Mylls to pay 55. damages to James Northu. 

The Inuentory of John Cattell was brought into the Court & 
by Will' Gybbins & his wyddowe to administer. 

James Hallet, for his thefte, is adiudged to restore fowerfold 
for what shall be proued before Capten Mason & Mr. Woolcott, 
and to be branden in the hand, the next Trayneing day at 

In the ac. of James Whatly pi. agt Richard Harrison, the 
Jury find for the pi. vi^. damages & costs of sute. 

In the ac. of Math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pi. ag*- 
Will' Edwards deft, the Jury find for the pi. damages 20s. & 
costs of Court. 

Blank in the original. 

of connecticut. hi 

[128] September the 12*^^, 1644. 

John Heynes Esq^, Dep. Gou"". 

George Willis Esq^ Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiteing, Mr. 
Welles, Mr. Woolcott, Capten Mason. 
Deputies : — Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Westwood, Mr. 
Cullicke, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylard, Henry Clarke, 
Mr. Trott, Mr. Clyster, James Boosy, Samuell Smith. 
The Court is adioyrned to the 25th of this month, after the 

Mathew Maruen pi. ag* Peter Bassaker. 

The PrTicuLER Court, the 24*^ of October, 1644. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^ Gou', 
Jo: Heynes Esq^, Dep. 

George Willis Esq^ Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury. — Henry Woolcott, Jo: More, Dauid Wilton, 
Tho: Gunne, Richard Wascote, Joseph Magott, Will' 
Lewes, Tymothy Standly, Tho: Coleman, Will' Palmer, 
Jo: Stadder, Jo: Wastall. 
In the action of James Whatly pi. ag* Tho: Osmore defen*, 
the Jury find for the pi. damages 4l. 12s. and costs of Court. 
Execution graunted. 

The Generall Court, the 25^^ of October, 1644. 

Whereas, Mr. Mathew Allen of Hartford formerly p^sented a 
petition to the Court, wherein he chardged the Church of Hart- 
ford to doe him wrong, the W^ he was to haue p^'ued in Court, 
but hath neglected to make yt appeare. It is now Ordered, that 
he shall haue a coppy of the answer formerly giuen to the peti- 
tion now sent to him, and be required to bring in his answer 
thereunto & giue yt in Court the 27*^ of Noueber, and also an- 
swer his former contempt. 

It is agreed that the p^positions concerneing the maynten- 
aunce of mynisters, made by the Coinissioners of the Vnited 


Collonies, shall stand as an Order for this Jurisdiction, to be exe- 
cuted accordingly where there shall be cause.* 
[129] The prpositions conserneing the mayntenaunce of scol- 
lers at Cambridge, made by the said Comissio" is confirmed, 
and It is Ordered that 2 men shalbe appoynted in euery Towne 
w^'un this Jurisdiction, who shall demaund what euery family 
will giue, and the same to be gathered and brought into some 
roome, in March ; and this to continue yearely as yt shalbe 
considered by the Comissioi's.-j- The p^'sons to demand what 
will be giuen are 

For Hartford, Nathaniell Waird and Ed: Stebbing. 

(to gather yt, Rich: Fellowes, Tho: Woodford. ) 

For Wyndsor, Will' Gaylard, Henry Clarke. 

For Wethersfield, Mr. Trott, Mr. Wells. 

For Stratford, Will' Judson, Jo: Hurd. 

For Vncowaue, Jehue Burre, Ephraim Wheeler. 

For Southampton,J Mr. More, & Robert Band. 

* " Whereas the most considerable prsons in these colonyes came into these parts of America 
that they might inioye Christ in his ordinances, w'hout disturbance ; And whereas among many 
other precious mercyes, the ordinances are & haue beene dispensed among us w"* much purity 
& power, The Commissioners tooke it into serious consideracon, how some due mayntenance 
according to God might be p''uided & setled, both for the present and future, for the encouradg- 
ment of the Ministers whoe labour therein, & concluded to p'pound & commend it to each 
Geni^all Court, that those that are taught in the word in the seu''all Plantacons be called together, 
that eu''ie man voluntarily set downe what he is willing to alowe to that end & vse ; and if any 
man refuse to pay a meet pi'portion, that then he be rated by authority in some iust & equall 
way ; and if after this any man withhould or delay due paym' the civill power to be exercised 
as in other iust debts." [Records of IT. Colonies, Sept. 5, 1C44.] 

t This " proposition of a geni'all contribution for the mayntenance of poore schollers at the 
Colledge at Cambridge" was presented to the Commissioners, at their meeting in September, 
1644, by the Rev. Mr. Bhepard, — " and fully approved by them, & agreed to be commended to 
the seu^iU gen''all Courts as a matter worthy of due consideracon & enterteinm' for the ad- 
vancement of learning, w*^'' we hope will be chearfully embraced." Mr. Shepard, after request- 
ing the Commissioners to consider "some way of comfortable mayntenance for that Schoole of 
the Prophets w>:i> now is," suggests that " If therefore it were commended by you, & left to the 
freedome of cu'ie family w'='' is able & willing to giue, throughout the Plantacons, to give yearly 
but the fourth part of a bushell of come or something equivalent thereunto, — and f<jr this end, 
if eu''ie Minister were desired to stirre up the hearts of the people once in the fittest season of 
ye yeare, to be freely enlarged therein, & one or two faithfull men appointed in each Towne, to 
receaue & seasonably to send in what shall be thus giuen by them, — It is conceaued that as 
noe man could fcele any grievance hereby, soe it would be a blessed meanes of comfortable 
p''vision for the dyct of dyuers such students as may stand in neede of some support, & be 
thought meet & worthy to be contynued a fit season therein." [Rec. of U. Col., Sept 1644.] 

i Southampton had been received under the Jurisdiction of Connecticut, not long previous to 
this time, with the approval of the Commissioners of the U. Colonies. See copy of the Articles 
of Combination, in Appendix, No. IL 


The pi'positions of the Comissiors concerneing a generall In- 
dean trade (except corne, fishe and venison) is also approued 
and setled by the Court, vppon the terms therein pi"pounded, if 
other Jurisdictions doe the hke. 

Also, the said Comissioners Order concerneinfr verdicts is 

The Gouernour, Deputy, Capten Mason, Mr. Steele, Mr. 
Gaylard & James Boosy are desiered to treat w^'^ Mr. Fen- 
wicke concerneing the setling of the Rivers mouth, to know 
vppon what terms we stand w^^^ him in that respecte, and also 
to consider what they thinke meet to be done for matter of 
Fortificatio there, and to take the first op^tunity they can for 
the issueing of yt, and to determine and conclud w^^ him as 
they shall judge meete. 

It is Ordered, that all p^'sons hereafter comitted vppon delin- 
quency shall beare the chardges the Country shall be att in the 
pi^secutio of the. 

Its Ordered, there shalbe a publike day of thanksgiueing 
through this Jurisdiction, vppon Wensday com fortnight. 

Its Ordered, that all Collectors and gatherers of Rates, shall 
appoynt a day & place and giue resonable warneing to the In- 
habitants to bring in their pi'portions, vppon w<=h every man so 
warned shall duely attend to bring in his rate, or vppon neg- 
lecte thereof shall forfeit 2^?. in the shilling for what he falls 
shorte, and the said Collector shall haue authority hereby to 
distreyne the delinquents, or be accoumptable thcselues for the 
rates & penaltyes so neglected by the. 

There is a Rate of 10/. to be added to the former of 140/. 
[130] Whereas yt is obsearued that the Dutch and French doe 
sell and trade to the Indeans, guns, pistolls and warlike instru- 
ments, It is now Ordered,! that no prson wt^in these libertyes 

* "There being a question p''pounded of what esteeme &. force a verdict or sentence of any 
one Court w'''in the Colonyes, ought to be of in the Court of another Jurisdiction, The Com- 
missioners well weighing the same, thought (it to commend it to the seu'all Gen'all Courts, that 
euery such verdict or sentence may have a due respect in any other Court tlirough the Colonyes, 
where occasion may be to make use of it, & that it be accounted good euidence for the Plain- 
tife, vntill eyther better evidence or some other iust cause appeare to alter or make the same 
voyd ; &. that in such case, the issuing of the cause in question be respited for some convenient 
tyme, that the Court may be advised with, where the verdict or sentence first passed." [Rec. of 
U. Col.J 

\ " And it is commended to the serious coiisideracon of the seurall juriFdictions, whether it be 
be not expedient & necessary to p'liibit the selling of the aforesayd aniuiunicon either to 


shall at any tyme hereafter sell nether gun nor pistoll nor any 
Instrument of warre, nether to Dutch nor Fn nch men, vnder 
the penalty of forfeting twenty for one, and suffering such fur- 
ther corporall punishement as the Court shall inflicte. 

A Generall Court, Nouebt the IS^h, 1644. 
Edward Hopkins Esq'', Gc. 
Jo: Heynes Esq'', Dep. 

George Willis Esq"-, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiteing, Mr. 
Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcotte. 
Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcote, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Cullicke, 
Mr. Trotte, Mr. Oyllister, Samuell Smith, James Boosy, 
Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylard, Mr. Clarke. 
Richard Lyman hath the like liberty, w^h John Tynker and his 
prtners, for the making pitch and tarre, p^'uided they gather not 
their wood w^hin halfe a myle one of another, and that what- 
soeuer wood is or shall be gathered for that vse be imp^ued 
wti^in three months after the gathering. 

A P'^ticuler Court the first Thursday in Deccbee. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Go^. 
Jo: Heynes Esq^, Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles, 

Mr. Woolcotte. 
• The Jury: — John Porter, Walter Filer, Aron Cooke, 

Math: Sention, Nath: Dickenson, Jo: Demon, Will: 

Smith, Jo: Notte, Will: Pantry, Ed: Stebbin, Jo: 

White, Jo: Watson. 
Tho: Steynton pit, against Math: Allen deft. 
Rich: Mylls plS agt Will' Comstocke deft. 
Mathew Allen plantife, agt Tho: Hollibut deft. 
Will' Hill pit, agt Peter Bassaker deft. 

French or Dutch, or to any other that doe comonly trade the same w"' Indians." [Records of 
U. Col., Sept. 1644.] 


Henry Densloe pi. agt Jaruis Mudge defS in an ac. of Slaun- 

Math: Allen pi. agt Peter Bassaker defend 
[131] An executio to be graunted agt Tho: Osmore, at Ja: 
Whatly his sute, Jo: Barnard, 3/. 6s. 8d. 

Will' Edwards pi. agt Peter Bassaker defS in an ac. of debt 
to the damage of 3/. 

In the actio of slaunder by Henry Densloe pi. ag*^ Jaruis 
Mudgge defS the Jury find for the deft costs of Court. 

Mr. Trott & Nath: Dickinson vndertake that Carrington 
shall appeare w^ the Court or the Gou"" shall call for him. 

Mr. Ollister & Jo: Edwards vndertake that Robert Bedle 
shall appeare at the Court at Hartford, uppon Thursday next. 

Dec the xi^h, 1644. 

Mr. Heynes & Mr. Willis are desiered to consider of the 
estate of Nath: Foote deceased, and to take in what helpe 
they please fro any of the neighbours to aduise how yt may be 
disposed of and to report their app^hensions to the next Court. 

Mr. Webster & Mr. Whiteing & Mr. Woolcot are desiered 
to see an equall deuision made of Marshfields estate to the 
seuerall creditors. 

Tho: Walston is fyned 20s. for inuegling the affections of 
Mr. Alcocks mayde. 

Dauid Wilton and Daniell Clarke are admitted executors to 
the will of Ephraim Huit. Mrs. Huit p^miseth that if the 
goods sett apart for the dischardge of debts fall short, that shee 
will resigne such other goods as are comitted to her, to make yt 

Robert Bedle is adiudged to restore double for the seuerall 
thefts acknowledged by him, and to be seuerly whipped and 
branded in the hand vppo Wensday next. 

Ed : Hampson for diuulging slaunderus speeches agt Mr. 
Chester, is fyned fine pownd to the Country. 

In the absence of the officer of the Court, the Constable may 
searue executions. 

Bedle stole fro Mr. Blakman, of gunpowder, ij pownd ; Fro 
wydowe Foote, of Rye, iiij bush ; Fro Tho: Welles, 2 sacks ; 
Fro Rich: My lis, 1 blanket; Fro Tho: Tracy, 1 sacke. 


[132] A Generall Court, the xith of DEcesER, [1644.] 
Ed: Hopkins Esq', Go>-. 
Jo: Heynes Esq^ Dep. 
Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 
Mr, Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Cullicke, Mr. Westwood, 
Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Trott, James Boosy, Sa: Smith. 

Whereas through the blessing of the Lord vppo the payne- 
full endeauors of these Plantations, incouridgement hath bine 
giuen for the rayseing some quantity of corne, whereunto many 
haue addicted theselues vppon hopes of receaueing some com- 
fortable supply to their necessityes thereby ; But p"'tely through 
waint of op'^tunity and fitte instruments to transport the same 
into forraigne p'^ts, and partly the aduantages that haue bine 
taken fro the multitude of sellers and their pinching necessityes, 
the rate and price of corne is so little and the comodity so vn- 
auaylable for the attaynement of such supplyes as are most 
sutable to mens needs, that much discouridgement falls vppon 
the spirits of men in such imployments, w^h is like to be more 
and more increased if some course be not taken for the finding 
some other way of trade for corne then hath bine hitherto at- 
tended, whereunto not only our owne necessityes call vs, but 
the complaints of the other CoUonyes, both of the Masachu- 
setts and Plyihoth, by their Comissioners, who looke vppon the- 
selues as much pi'iudiced by our ouerfilling their marketts, require 
the same at our hands ; It is therefore, by generall consent, 
Ordered, and also agreed w^^ the p^tyes hereafter mentioned, 
that noe Englishe grayne shall for the two next yeres ensueing 
be sould to any out of this Riuer, but Edward Hopkins Esq"^ 
and Mr. Willia Whiteing and such other Marchants as they 
shall take to the, who do vndertake to endeauor the transpor- 
tatio thereof into some p^ts beyond the seas, and to make such 
improuement of the rest as op^'tunity of these p^'ts shall p^sent, 
and to pay to the seuerall owners 4.s. p' bush, for wheat, 35. p"" 
bush, for Rye, and 3s. p^ bush, for pease ; and it is pJ'uided that 
halfe of that w^h is transported this p^'sent yere, if yt be sent 
into England, the aduenture thereof, in case the ship be taken 
or otherwise miscary, shall be borne by the owners thereof; the 
payment for the said corne to be made by the said Marches at 


the returne of the shippe, or so soone as returns may any other- 
way be made, and to be paid in the best and most sutable Eng- 
hshe comodityes that may be p^cured for the necessary support 
of these plantations ; they are not to receaue fro, nor be ac- 
coumptable to, any owner, vnder a 100 bush. And it is by 
general! consent Ordered, that whosoever vppon this Riuer 
shall sell or send out any Englishe corne, vnles such as shall 
appeare at this p^sent tyme to be truly and w^^iout deceipte in- 
gaged, but to the foresaid company of Marches, shall forfeit the 
one halfe of such graine so sould or sent out contrary to the 
true meaneing of this Order ; and halfe of the graine so for- 
feted shall be to the p^pr vse and behalfe of he or they that shall 
discouer the same deceipte, and the other halfe to the Country : 
pi'uided that any the Inhabitants of these Plantations may sell 
or exchaynge the said Englishe graine among theselves notwi^ii- 
standing this Order. 

[133] * In the absence of the Officer of the Court, the Con- 
stable of the Towne shall searue Executions. 

Ed : Harnson for diuulgeing slaunderous speeches ag^ Mr. 
Chester is fyned 5/. to the Country. 

William Phillips pi. agt Tho. Waples. 

[134] Feb : 5th, i644. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq', Go^. 
Jo: Heynes Esq"", Dep. 

Mr. Whiting, Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Capten Mason, 

Mr. Woolcott. 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Cullicke, 

Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylard, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Ollister, 

James Boosy, Sam: Smyth. 

Whereas some question hath rysen concerneing vnnessary 

tryalls by Jury, and found by experience that many such suts 

might be pi'uented if arbitrations were attended in a more pri- 

uat way, according to the nature of the differences, w^h is 

recomended by the Court to all the Towns of this Gouerment ; 

*The two entries following are repeated from^page [131.] 


And for the regulateing of Juryes for the future, It is Ordered, 
that in all cases W^^ are entered vnder 405, the sute shall be 
lefte to be tryed by the Court of Magestrats as they shall judge 
most agreable to equity & righteousnes; and that in all cases 
that are tryed by Juryes, the Court of Magestrats shall haue 
liberty, if they doe not conceaue the Jury to haue pi'ceeded 
according to their euidence, in their verdict giuen in, to cause 
them to returne againe to a second consideration of the case, 
and if they continue in their former opinion and doe not in 
the judgement of the Court attend the euidence giuen in Court, 
it shall be in the power of the Court to impanell another Jury 
and comitt the consideration of the case to the. 

It is also lefte in the power of the Court, in any case of tryall 
to vary and alter the damages giuen in by the Jury, as they 
shall judge most equall and righteous. 

But if any find theselues agreiued, ether by verdict of Jury, 
or pi'ceedings of Court, they haue liberty to apeale to the Gen- 
erall Court. It is also left to the magestrats to impanell a Jury 
of sixe or twelve, as they shall judge the nature of the case' to 
require, but no jury shalbe vnder sixe, and if 4 of the agree, or 
8 in a Jury of 12, the verdict shall stand as if the whole nuber 
of ether did agree. 

It is also Ordered, that the Towns shalbe at liberty to abate 
two of the 7 men formerly appoynted for the dispose of grownd 
and Ordering of Fences. 

The former Order, concerneing the pryses of corne is re- 
pealed, and it is Ordered, that for all bargens hereafter made to 
be paid in Corne, and for the worke of men and cattle, wheat 
shall be payable at 4s. p' bush., rye at 3s., pease att 3s., and 
Indean att 2s. rid. pfuided yt be marchantable corne. 

For the p^^uenting of differences that may arise in the owne- 
ing of Cattle that be lost or stree away, It is Ordered, that the 
owners of any Catle w^hin these Plantations shall earemarke or 
brand all their Cattle and swyne that are aboue halfe a yeare 
old (except horsses) and that they cause their seuerall marks to 
be registred in the Towne booke; and whatsoeuer cattle shall 
be found vnmarked after the first of May next shall forfeit 5s. 
a head, whereof 2s. vie?, to him that discouers yt, and the other 
to the Country. 


Whereas yt is expressed in the late bairgen made w^h the 
Marchants, that there shalbe noe EngUshe grayne sould out of 
this Riuer to any other, It is the judgement of the Court and so 
Ordered, that whatsoeuer wheat shalbe grownd into meale or 
made into biskett, that all such meale and biskett shall com 
[135] vnder the said bairgen, as || also malte made of barly, 
pi'uided the said Marchants giue for such molte an answerable 
price to other Chapmen. 

; Whereas it is said in the fundamentall Order,* that the Gen- 
erall Court shall consist of the Gouernour or some on chosen to 
moderate and 4 other Magistrats at lest, It is now Ordered and 
adiudged to be alawfull Courl, if the Gou'' or Deputy w^h 
other Magistrats be p'"sent in Court, w^^ the mayor part of 
deputyes lawfully chosen. But no act shall passe or stand for 
a law, w^^ is not confirmed both by the mayor part of the said 
Magistrats, and by the mayor p^te of the deputyes there pi'sent 
in Court, both Magistrats and deputyes being alowed, eyther 
of the, a negatiue voate. Also the pi'ticuler Court may be 
keepte by the Gouernour or Deputy w*^ f other Magistrats. 
Whereas vppon an agreement lately contracted J by some 
deputed by this Jurisdiction w^h George Fennicke Esq"", for 
and concerneing the Fort att the Riuers mouth, w^h th'apurten- 
ances and disbursements expended there by himselfe and others, 
this Jurisdictio is ingadged to pay to the said George Fenwicke 
Esq"", two pence p^ bush, vppon all graine that shalbe exported 
out of this Riuer for tenn yeares ensueing, after the first of 
March next, and six pence p"" C^ vppon all biskett that shall in 
like manner be exported, as by the said agreeement doth and 
may more fully appeare ; For the p^uenting of all abuses and 
indirect courses that may be attempted or taken by any in 
euadeing the foresaid payment and that the same may be truly 
and exactly pi'formed, according to the true intent of the said 
agreements. It is Ordered by this Court, that noe grayne or 
byskett shalbe laden by any aboard any vessell in this Riuer, 

*Page [226] 24. 

t In the record of the fundamental Orders as amended, in [Vol. ii. p. ] this blank is 

filled with the word three. 

t The articles of agreement bear date Dec 5th, 1644. They were not placed upon Record 
however, until several years afterward, in [Vol. ii. p. 59.] See Appendix, No. III. 


vntill they have made entry of the number of the bush, of 
grayne and the kynd thereof, and waight of biskett they intend 
to lade aboard any such vessell, and recorded the same in a 
booke prouided for that end and purpose, w^^ such p^^sons as by 
this Order are appoynted to receaue the same, vnder the penal- 
ty of forfeting the on halfe of all such grayne or biskett that 
shalbe laden wt^out entring of the same as before ; the on halfe 
of that w^h is so forfeted, to be to the vse of the Country, and 
the other halfe to him who shall discouer the same and informe. 
And it is Ordered, that euery man who lades any such grayne 
or biskett, shall take care and prouide that there be paid to Mr, 
Fenwicke or his assignes att Seabrooke, the two pence p"" bush. 
and sixe pence p^" Ct, for all graine and biskett so laden by 
them, so neere as may be in the same kynd of graine as is laden 
by them, or if otherwise, to the content of him or his assignes ; 
the laders of the said corne being lefte notw^^standing, in all 
bargains for corne made before this time, to compownd or agree 
w^h those fro whom they receaued the corne so sent away, or in 
case of difference, to take any other lawfull course to haue the 
said chardge of two pence p"" bush, determined vppon who, ac- 
cording to the rules of equity and righteousnes, yt ought lastly 
[justly ?] to fail, for the payment thereof 

And it is further Ordered, that no vessell exporting corne or 
byskett, shall depart from any of the seuerall Townes vppon 
this Ruier, vntil the M^" thereof, or some fro him, haue taken a 
[136] noate vnder the hand of him || that is deputed by this 
Court for that searuice in the severall Townes, of what quanti- 
ties of corne or biskett is laden aboard the said vessell, W^^ 
noate or noats shalbe deliuered by him to Mr. Fenwicke, att 
Seabrooke, or his assignes, and payment made of the two pence 
p' bush, and six pence p"" C* according to this Order, or satisfac- 
tion giuen to Mr. Fenwicke or his assignes for the same ; and 
in case any Mr shall refuse or neglecte to take the said noate 
according to this Order, yt shalbe lawfull for those who haue 
the chardge of the Fort att Seabrooke to make stay of the said 
vessell vntill the M^, or some fro him, haue brought a noate or 
certificate as is before exp^ssed. And in case any such vessell 
shall, in a surreptitious manner, gett free att the said Fort, 
w^hout a cleare dischardge fro Mr. Fenwicke or his assignes, 


eyther the vessell or the M>- thereof shalbe liable to pay fower 
pence p"^ bush, for all graine and twelue pence p"" C^ for all bis- 
kett that is exported wthout deliuery of such noate as is before 
exp^ssed, yf eyther the one or the other att any tyme returne 
agayne into this Riuer. And in regard to the conueniency of 
the sytuation of their bowses, being neere the waterside, 
wherby the foresaid Records may be made and noates pi'cured 
by those who yt may concerne, w^^ leste troble, Mr. Jo: Plum 
is appoynted and desiered to attend this searuice at Wethers- 
field, Edward Siebbing att Hartford and Walter Fyler att 

And whereas further, by virtue of the forementioned agree- 
ments, this Jurisdiction is ingaged for the said tearme of tenn 
yeares after the first of March next, to pay to the said George 
Fenwicke Esquire twelue pence p"" ann'" for euery hogge that 
is killed in any of the Townes vppon the Riuer, eyther for mens 
pi'ticuler occations or to make sale of, as also twelue pence p"" 
ann"» for euery milch cowe or mare of 3 yeares old and vpp- 
wards, that is in any of the Townes or Farmes vppon this 
Riuer, twenty shillings for euery hogshead of Beuer traded out 
of this Jurisdiction and paste away dowue the Riuer, two pence 
for euery pownd of Beuer traded w^hin the lymitts of the Riuer, 
the foresaid payments to be made in Beuer, wampum, wheat, 
barly or pease, at the most conion and indifferent rates ; It is by 
this Court Ordered, that all the Inhabitants of this Riuer doe 
take spetiall notice of the said agreements and doe pay in to 
George Fenwicke Esq"", at Seabrooke, or to his assignes, att or 
before the first day of March, 1645, and so euery yeare, att or 
before the first day of the said month of March, vntill the 
tearme of tenn years be expired, such soms as shalbe due from 
them vppon any of the foregoing pi'ticulers ; according to the 
meaneing of the said agreements, or in case they be respited 
by the forementioned pi'sons, who are betrusted wt'i the order- 
ing of these payments, for a longer tyme, that they bring in 
such payments as shalbe due fro them, to such place or places 
as shalbe appoynted to them by fhe said Trustees in ech Towne, 
vppon 48 howers warneing or notice eyther publickely or pri- 
uatly made knowne and giiien. And if any man shall neglecte 
to make the said payments at the tyme and in the manner be- 


fore specified, he shall pay two pence in euery shilling alow- 
ance p^ month, vntill the whole due be dischardged, and shall, 
vppon his owne chardge, keepe the grayne or other payment to 
be made by him, vntill a fitt op^tunity be offered of conueying 
the same to Seabrooke, and this signified by the said Trustees. 
And it is further prouided and ordered, to p^uent all collusiue 
dealeing wherebj- the true meaneing of the said agrements 
might be frustrated, that if any man shall conceale eyther hoggs, 
mares, cowes or beuer, and not giue true notice to the par- 
tyes forementioned and appoynted by this Order to take record 
thereof, he shall forfeite the on halfe of what shalbe so concealed 
by him, or the value thereof, the on halfe of that w^^ jg go {q^. 
feted to be to the vse of the Country, and the other halfe to 
[137] him who shall discouer || and informe of any such indi- 
recte and deceiptfull proceedings. 

It is the intent of the Court, and accordingly Ordered, that 
euery man shall pay for such mares and cowes as are in his 
hands euery yeare, the first day of February, and those are to be 
esteemed milch cowes as haue giuen milke the yeare before. 

[138] A P'TicuLER Court, March the 5th, I644. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Gou^. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"", Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles, Cap: Mason, 
Mr. Woolcott. 

The Jury. Mr. Androwes, Andrewe Bacon, Will' West- 
wood, Will' Wodsworth, James Boosy, Sa: Smith, Nath: 
Dickenson, Tho: Tracy, John More, Sam: Allen, Dauid 
Wilton, Math: Graunt. 

Andrewe Bacon and George Graues testifie in Court, that 
they being wth Tho: Crumpe when he was sicke, not long be- 
fore his death, askeing him how he would dispose of his estate, 
he said, his debts being paid, he desiered his master would doe 
w*** yt as he pleased. • 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^, Go'', is admitted to administer the estate 
of Tho: Crumpe, late of Hartford, deceased. 

In the action of Ed: Elmor and Nath: Willett plant^ against 


Rich: Trottdefent, the Jury find for the pl^^ sixpownde, eleauen 
shillings and sixe pence damages and costs of Court. 

In the action of Tho: Steynton pi. against Math: Allen de- 
fen*, the Court haueing hard the witnesses, find that Tho: 
Steynton bought and paid for the blanketts lefte by Mr. Aliens 
man for Hugh the millwright, and Mr. Allen ought to repay the 
mony formerly taken by verdict of the Jury, yet in regard of 
Tho: Steyntons formerly prrutorines,*not moueing the Court for 
longer tyme, thereby now occationeing further treble and 
chardge, the Court adiudgeth Math: Allen to pay to Tho: Steyn- 
ton twenty shillings and the chardge of this Court, and the other 
chardge and losse to lye vppon Tho: Steynton. 

Rich: Lord being conuented before the Court for altering an 
execution issued out, his misdemeanor therein is looked vppon 
as an offence of a high nature, but conceaueing yt a sudden, 
inconsiderat act, and finding him much humbled and affected 
therewth, giueing full acknowledgement of his Offence, he is ad- 
iudged to pay to the County fine marke.f 

Daniell Porter for his former thefte is fyned xx5. 

The said Daniell, Willia Pantry & Rich: Lord acknowledge 
theselues bownd in the some of ten pownd to the Country ; 
pt'uided the said Daniell appeare at the Court to be held at 
Hartford, the first Thursday in June next, then this Recogni- 
zance to be voyd. 

The Court takeing the cariedge of Jeramy Addoms into con- 
sideratio, fynd his misdemeanor great, in adhereing to Tho: 
Osmor in his misapi^hensions about the execution, and giueing 
him incouridgement by pi'uoking speches to resist the officer, 
but espetially hispassionat distempered speches, lowd languadge 
& vnmannerly cariedge in the face of the Court, to the great 
offence of the beholders, Require him to appeare at the next 
p^'ticular Court, there to receaue such censure as the Court 
shall conceaue his misdemeanour to desearue. 

The Arbitration vppon the sute of Tho: Dewye pi. ag^^ Tho: 
Ford def', is fownd good, and Tho: Ford is to pay the 36s. 
awarded therein and chardges of the Courte. 

Peter Bassaker acknowledgeth himselfe bownd in xxl. to the 
Country, p^'uided if he appeare at the Court to be held in Hart- 

*PereniptorineBs. t A mark = 13s. 4d. 


ford, the first Thursday in June next, then this Recognizance 
to be voyde. 

[139] Susan Coles, for her rebellious cariedge toward her 
mistris, is to be sent to the howse of correction and be keept to 
hard labour & course dyet, to be brought forth the next lecture 
day to be publiquely corrected, and so to be corrected weekely 
vntill Order be giuen to the contrary. 

Tho: Osmore, for some exp'ssions vsed by [him'] tending to 
the derogatio of the justice of the Court vppon an execution 
issued out of the Court, is fined vi/. 13s. 4d, 

Robert Bedle, for his loathsu and beastly demeanor, is ad- 
iudged to be brought forth the next lecture day, to be seuerely 
scourdged, and to be keept in the howse of correctio a fort- 
night longer, and then brought forth againe to be publiquely 
whipped, and then to be bownd to appeare at euery quarter 
Court to be whipped, vntill the Court see some reformation in 
him, &c shall see cause to release him. 

Walter Gray, for his misdemeanor in laboring to inueagle 
the affections of 'Mr. Hoockers mayde, is to be publiquely cor- 
rected the next lecture day. 

The said Walter Gree hath forfeited* 

[140] The Court of Election the lO^h of Aprill, 1645. 

John Heynes Esq"^, Gouf. 
Ed: Hopkins Esqr, Dep. 

George Fenwicke Esq^ Mag. Roger Ludlow Esqi", 

Mag. Mr. Whiteing, Tres'^, Mag. Capten Mason, Mag. 

Mr. Webster, Mag. Mr. Welles, Mag., Seer. Mr. Wool- 

cott, Mag. 
[Deputyes.] Mr. Steele. Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Trott, Mr. 

Ollister, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylard, James Boosy, Sa: 

Smith, Tho: Newnton. 
John Byssell is freed fro Trayneing. 

Freemen ; Robert Bartlet, Rich: Fellowes, John Halls, 

Math: Webster, Jo: Welles, Tho: Barbor. 

* This entry remains thus incomplete. 


Whereas yt was Ordered, that the Towns should trayne 6 
dayes in the first weeks of seuerall months, It is now Ordered, 
that the Capten may require the souldears to trayne 3 dayes att 
any tyme w^^in the months of Aprill, May and June, and 3 
dayes in Septeber, October & Noueb"". 

James Boosy is chosen Clarke of the band for Wethersfield. 

Henry Gray of Vncowaue, for his many misdemeanors, is 
adiudged to be imprysoned duereing the pleasure of the Court, 
and to be fyned ten pownd. 

Jehue Burre the elder, and Tho: Barlowes are to be warned 
to the next pi'ticuler Court. 

There is a lyberty of two Fayres to be keepte yearely att Hart- 
ford, one vppon the second Wensday in Maye, the other the 
2^ Wensday in Septeber. 

Whereas there hath bine much dispute about the highwaye 
betweene Wyndsor and Hartford, w^h hath bine lately vsed in 
coining through the meadowe of Hartford w*'' carts & horses, 
to the anoyance and pi'iudice of the Inhabitants of Hartford 
that haue lotts in the said meadowe. It is therefore thought 
meete and so Ordered, that the high waye, as for carts, catle 
and horsses, be stopped vppe, and that the highwaye betweene 
the said Wyndsor and Hartford in the vpland be well and pass- 
ably amended & mayntayned for a continuance, by Hartford 
as much as belongs to them and by Wyndsor as much as be- 
longs to them ; the said highwaye to be amended by ech pi'ty 
by sixe weeks or two months, vppon the penulty of twenty shil- 
lings pr weeke for that p^y that fayles ether in the whole or in 
pne, as long as it soe lyes not sufficiently repaired and mayn- 
tayned ; and at the sixe weeks end or two months end, Mr. 
Webster and Nath: Waird doe seriously surueye that p^te wci» 
belongs to Wyndsor, and that Henry Woolcott the elder and 
Jo: Porter doe surueye that p^'te w^ii belongs to Hartford, and 
certifie of the sufficiency of the said highwaye, to the next 
prticuler Court, who are delinquents, and the penulty to be 
leuyed vppon the delinquent p^ty wti^out any fauor or affijction, 
both for fayleing att the tyme aforesaid, as also for future the 
like penulty vppon the p^sentment of the insufficient mayntayne- 
ing thereof. 

The Gouernour is content to goe twice this yeare to keepe 


Court at the seaside (vppon the motion of Mr. Ludlowe, in the 
behalfe of the Plantations there,) and hath Hberty to take what 
magistrate he pleaseth to assist him ; or in case his occations 
will not prmitt him to goe himselfe, he may appoynt some other 
in his steed. 

The Gour & Deputy w^h Mr. Whiting, Mr. Webster and 
Mr. Welles, are desiered to determine and settle any differences 
that shall arise about the 2c?. pi^ bush, to be paid for the Corne 
that shalbe exported. 

The Court is adiorned vntill the 2^ Wensday in Maye. 

[141] May the 13th, 1545. 

It is desiered that the Gou^, Mr. Deputy, Mr. Fenwicke, Mr. 
Whiting and Mr. Welles should agitate the busines concerne- 
ing the enlardgement of the libertyes of the Patent for this Ju- 
risdiction, and if they see a concurrence of opi'tunityes, both in 
regard of England * they haue liberty to pi'ceed 

therein, att such resonable chardge as they shall judge meete, 
and the Court will take some speedy course for the dischardge 
and satisfieing the same, as y t shalbe concluded and certified to 
the Court by the said Comittee or the greater p'^te of them. 

The Courts adioyrned to the 2*^ Wensday in July, or sooner 
if the Gou"" see cause to call vt. 

June the 5^^, 1645. The Pi^ticulee Court. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"", Gou^". 
Ed: Hopkins Esqf, Dep. 

Roger Ludlowe EsqJ", Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. 
Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 
The Jury. Ed: Stebbing, Leonard Chester, fyned 5s., 
John Robins, fyned 5s., James Boosy, John Demon, 
Will:' Gybbins, Nath: Elye, John Willcoxe, Huphry 
Pynny, Stephen Terry, Roger Williams, Jo: Banks. 
In the action of slaunder of Tho: Sherwood the elder, pi. 
agaynst Henry Graye defen', the Jury find for the plan*, costs 
of Court and damages twenty pownd. 

•This blank in the originaL 


In the 2^ action of slaunder of Tho: Sherwood the elder, pi. 
ag' Henry Graye defend the Jury find for the plant costs of 
Court and damages fower pownd. 

In the action of slaunder of Tho: Sherwood the elder, pl^e, 
agt Jehue Burre the elder, defS the Jury find for the plan*, costs 
of Court and damages fifteene pownd. 

In the action of Jehue Burre the elder, plan*, ag* Tho: Sher- 
wood the elder, defen*, the Jury find for the defend costs of 

[142] Nath: Dickenson and Tho: Coleman are to take a pi'tic- 
ular of the estate of Mr. Parks man deceased and bring yt to 
the Court ; and for the wages due to him, it may be respited 
vntill we heare fro Mr. Parks, or his returne. 

Baggett Egleston, for bequething his wife to a young man, is 
fyned 20s. 

George Tuckye, for his misdemeanor in words to Eglestons 
wife, is fyned 40s., and to be bownd to his good behauior and 
to appeare the next Court. 

Tho: Ford acknowledgeth himselfe to be bownd in xZ. to this 
Coinonwelth and George Tucky in 20/., that the said George 
shall appeare at the next Court, and keepe good behauior in the 
meane season. 

The information agt Henry Graye read in Court, is to be in- 
quired into by the Magistrats that goe to Stratford, and he to 
continue bownd. 

Rich: Lord brought Maruins man* into the Court according 
to his Recognizance. 

Tho: Ford pi. ag^ Josiah Hull and Rich: Oldridge deft^ in an 
actio of the Case, to the damage of 30/. 

WilUam Edwards pi. ag^ Jonathan Rudde, vppon an attach', 
2s. Gd. 

Will' Edwards acknowledgeth himselfe bownd in a Recogni- 
zance of 5/. to p^secute & make good his actio. 

Tho: Staples pi. ag* Clement Chaplin deft. 

Rysly agt Watts. Basset agt Tharpe. 

Chappell, the Taylar, [ag'] Southmead. 

* Daniel Porter. See p. [138] 123. 

128 public records 

July the 9*^, 1645. 

Ed: Hopkins Esqf, Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 
[Deputyes :]— Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 

Gaylard, Mr. Trott, Mr. Ollister, James Boosy, Sa: 


Whereas Mr. Fenwicke, Capten Mason and James Boosy 
haue had some treaty w^^ Math: GryfFen, for fortification att 
the Forte, who haue reported to the Court how far they haue 
pi^ceeded therein, and the Court doth approue of their pi'posi- 
tions, and desire they would take some speedy op^'tunity for the 
full issueing and p^fecting the said bairgaine, and there is 
graunted by the Court a rate of 200/. to be leuied on the Plan- 
tations, towards the dischardge thereof; and Mr Talcott is 
desiered to assiste the said Comittee therein, and to take care 
for the speedy accomplishement thereof, and to p^uide any 
necessaryes for the carieing on the same ; the rate is to be paid 
in, in such grayne and att such prises as the Comittee shall 
agree to alowe the partyes they contracte wt*»all aboute the 

Will' Smith of Wethersfield is chosen Clarke of the band for 
that Towne, and to vewe the Arms. 

It is Ordered that the Magestrats or the greatest p'^te of the 
shall haue liberty if they see cause to pi'sse men and munition 
for a defensiue warre, or to defend the Mohegins vntill the next 
sitting of this Courte. 

There is a Rate of 50/. graunted. 
[143] Mr. Fenwicke and Mr. Hopkins are chosen Comission- 
ers for the next meeting in September att Newhauen, and for 
this yeare following. 

Its Ordered, that there shall be a letter directed fro the Court 
to desire Mr. Fenwicke, if his occations will pfmitt, to goe for 
Ingland to endeauor the enlardgement of Pattent, and to fur- 
ther other aduantages for the Country. 

of connecticut. 129 

The P^ticuler Court. July the x'^^ 1645. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcot, Mr. Whiting. 

Ruth Fishe, for coihitting fornicatio, is adiudged to be twice 
whipped, once here after the first lecture at this Towne & once 
at Wethersfield. 

Leonard Dyks, who shee accuseth to be the father of the 
child, is adiudged to keepe the child, and to be whipped, and 
vppon his refusall to submit he is to be sent to the howse of 
correction, there to be held to hard labour and course dyet, and 
what he can gett aboue the chardge of his dyet is to be keept 
toward the mayntenaunce of the child. 

John Coltman, for his misdemeanour and vnseemely cariedge 
toward Ruth Fishe, and disobeying the Gouernours comaund, 
is to be fyned fiue pownd. 

Math: Williams, for coinitting fornication w^h Susan Cole, is 
adiudged to be twice whipped and to be fyned fiue pownd. 

Susan Cole is to be twice whipped, once now and once at the 
next lecture. 

Mr. Allen is to respite his corne in his hand, (demaunded by 
the powndkeepr on the north side at Hartford,) and is to bring 
his action the next Court, ag* such whose fences were then open 
when his hoggs were impownded. 

The laste will & testament of Edward Vere is brought into 
the Court. 

[144] Sep: 4*^, 1645. 

John Heines Esq"", Go^. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq'. 

Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 

The Jury.— Mr. Cullicke, Jo: White, Tho: Ford, Rich: 

Goodma, Nath: Dickenson, Tho: Coleman, Jo: Stadder, 

Tho: Hurlbut, Dauid Wilton, Tho: Gunne, Tho: Dewy, 

Robert Howard. 

In the action of John Robins pi. agt Leonard Chester defend 

the Jury find for the defen* the chardges of the Court. 


In the action of Sam: Gardner pi. against Leonard Chester 
deft, the Jury find for the pi. [costs of] Corte. 

In the action of Berding pi. against Edwards, Edwards is to 
pay Berding fine shillings. 55. 

In the action of George Chappell pi. ag* Leonard Chester, 
the Jury find for the def* the chardges of the Court. 

Bacon pi*. 

Will' Colefoxe, for his misdemeanor, is to be fyned xxs. 

George Chappell, for abuseing the Constable and excesse in 
drinkeing, is to be bownd to his good behauior and to be fined 
fiue pownd. 5/. 

Will' Brumfield, for drunkenes and strickeing the watchmen, 
is to be bownd to his good behauior and fyned fifty shillings. 

Mr. Chester, for resisting the Constable and other miscaried- 
ges in the Court, is fyned forty shillings. 40s. 

James Northa is bownd in 10/., Will' Brumfield in 20l, that 
Will' Brumfield keepe good behauior and appeare the next 

Rich: Belding is bownd in xx/., George Chappell in 10/., that 
the sd. George keepe good behauior and appeare the next Court. 

Sep. xith, 1645. The GewH Court. 

Jo: Heines Esqi^, Go"". 
Ed: Hopkins Esq', Dep. 

Roger Ludlowe Esqf, Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. 

Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 

Deputyes ;— Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Ollister, Mr. 

Trott, Ja: Boosy, Sa: Smith, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Hull, Mr. 

Gaylard, Mr. Roceter, Jehu Burre, Will' Berdsly, Tho: 


Mr. Webster is desiered to cause the Constables of Hartford 

to bring in a iust accoumpte of all the pniculer and seu'all 

chardges of the late warrs,* and for the support of Vncus. Mr. 

* Against the Narragansetts and Niantics, for the defence and protection of Uncas and the 
Mohegans. This war was determined upon by the Commissioners of the U. Colonies, at a 
speciall session in June, 1645, and 300 men were ordered to be raised in the several colonies, of 
which number Connecticut was to furnish 40. But the timely submission of Pessacus, Ninegret 


Roceter to doe the like for Wyndsor, Ja: Boosy for Wethers- 

Mr. Whiting is desiered to sell the pmisions, and make pay to 
the souldears, and giue accoumpte for the reste. 

The pniculer Courte is to be held the 2^ Thursday of the next 
month. ^ 

The Goui" and Mr. Hopkins are desiered to speake or write 
to Mr. Fenwicke, that in regard there hath not bine a due ac- 
coumpte giuen in of all the corne transported this yeare, and in 
regard of some difficultyes by who the pay should be made in 
bargains made before this agreement w^h him, that this agree- 
ment may not begin vntill the first day of March next; bee. it is 
found very inconuenient to stay vessells for the deliuery of the 
[145] corne att the Riuers mouth, that he will assent that a || man 
may be chosen in ech Towne to rec. and lay vppe such corne 
as may be due to him vppon the said bargyne, w^h shalbe in 
redines to be sent him att his demaund ; and the Court doth 
agree that whoeur doth shippe away corne w^hout glueing due 
satisfaction, according to agreement, the whole shalbe forfeted, 
■J to him, ^ to him that shall discou'' the fraud, ^ to him that 
keepeth the accoumpte of the corne in the Towne where any 
such grayne is shipped. 

The Court hath Ordered, that 30/. in wheat and pease be paid 
to the Gou"", and Indean corne. 

It is Ordered, that all the swyne, ether hoggs or shouts, in the 
seuerall Plantations, that are keept att home w^^in the Towne, 
shall by Aprill next be rynged or yoaked, or kept vppe in their 
yards, vnder the penulty of fower pence for euery such swyne, 
to be paid by the owner to the p^ty that shall take the swyne so 
defectiue and impownd them. Also, all such swyne that are 
keept by Heards, in the woods, shall not be suffered to abyde 
aboue on night in the Towne, but yt shalbe lawful! to impownd 
them in case they com at any tyme home, fro the mydle of 
March to the mydle of Nouember. Fayerfield & Stratford 
desire to be included in this Order. 

The Court is adiorned to Wednesday com 3 weekes. 

and their confederates, prevented the further prosecution of hostilities ; and on the 27th of August, 
a treaty of peace was signed at Boston, between the Comm'rs and the principal sachems of the 
Narragansetts and Niantics. (Records of U. Col., Aug. 1645.) 


October the viijti^, 1645. 

Jo: Heynes Esq)", Go^. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Dep. 

George Fenwicke Esq^ Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, 
Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 

[Deputyes ;]-4lMr. Phelps, Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. 
Roceter, Mr. Trott, Mr. Ollister, Ja: Boosy, Sa: Smith. 
Mr. Webster is agayne desiered to call to him the Constables 
of Hartford and to gather in a true accoumpte of all the ex- 
pence of the last expedition ; James Boosy to doe the like att 
Wethersfield w^i» the Constables there, and Mr. Roceter for 
Wyndsor ; and when that is done they are to bring the to Mr. 
Hopkins, who, w^h Mr. Whiting, Mr. Webster, Mr. Roceter 
and the said Ja: Boosy, are to examine the said accoumpts, and 
also to cause notice to be giuen in the seu'^all Townes, that 
what is due to any fro the Country, in any other respects, be 
brought in to the, and to ranke the said debts oweing vnder 
seuerall heads, both what is payable by this Collony, and w^ be- 
longs to the whole combination, as also, w^ may concerne the 
seu''all Townes of theselues to dischardge ; and to make returne 
of the same to the next sitting of this Court, w^ p^uision shalbe 
suddenly made to dischardge all the said debts in the best order 
the Country can. 

[146] The accoumpts of the seui'all Townes are to be brought 
in to Mr. Hopkins, wt^in 14 dayes at furthest, vnder the penulty 
of \s. a day as long as yt shalbe omitted, by those who are 
herein betrusted, and then w^^ all conuenient speed to be issued 
by him and the rest ioyned w^^ him, as before. 

The P''ticuler Courte. October the ix^h, 1645. 

Jo: Heynes Esq^", Go"". 

Ed; Hopkins Esq', Dep. 

George Fenwicke EsqS Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcot, 
Capten Mason, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles. 

Jtiry : — Henry Clarke, Jo: Byssell, Henry Woolcot, Tho: 
Thornton, Dauid Wilton, Aron Cooke, Mr. Trott, Mr. 


Chester, Ja: Boosy, Sa: Smith, John Ollister, Tho: Cole- 

In the action of Math: Allen pi. agt Ed: Hopkins Esq^ defS 
the Jury find for the def that he is no trespasser vppon a 
staunch water, and costs of Court & Avitnesses. 

In the action of Ed: Hopkins pi. agt Will' AVhiting and Rich: 
Lord deftSj the Jury find for the pi. 421. damages, and costs of 
Court &; witnesses. 

In the action of John Hewyt pi. ag* Jo: Demon deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. 36s. daiTiages, & costs of Court. 

Jo: Demon is to pay Preston 20.9. & to be coinitted. 

Math: Allen, for his mysdemeanor in Court is fined xl. 

In the ac. of Tho: Staunton pi. agt Math: Allen deft, the 
Court adiudgeth Math: Allen to pay the pi. 14s. 2d. &, costs of 

In the ac. of Hewyt pi. agt Demon, the Court adiudgeth 
Demon to pay 10s. to the pi. & to leaue 10s. w^h Tho: Ford 
vntill yt appeare whether the other p'tner were formerly paid 
10s, and the costs of Court. 

[147] Deccber the first, 1645. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"", Gou^ 
Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Dep. 

Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whi- 
ting, Mr. Welles. 
[Dep2Ui/es :] — Mr. Trotte, Mr. Ollister, Ja: Boosy, Jo: 
Demon, Mr. Hull, Mr. Staughton, Mr. Steele, Mr. Tal- 
Its Ordered, that the Plantation cauled Tunxis shalbe cauled 
Farinington, and that the bownds thereof shalbe as followeth ; 
The Esterne bownds shall meet w^h the westerne of these Plan- 
tations, w^ are to be fiue myles on this side the great Riuer, 
and the Northern bownds shall be fiue myles fro the hill in the 
great meadow towards Masseco, and the Southerne bownds 
fro the said hill shalbe fiue myles, and they shall haue liberty to 
improue ten myles further then the said fiue, and to hinder 


Others fro the like, vntill the Court see fitt otherwise to dispose 
of yt. And the said Planta. are to attend the generall Orders 
formerly made by this Court, setled by the Coinittee to who 
the same was referred, and other occations, as the rest of the 
Plantations vppon the Riuer doe. And Mr. Steele is intreated 
for the pi'sent to be recorder there, vntill the Towne haue one 
fitt among theselues. They also are to haue the like libertyes 
as the other Townes vppon the Riuer, for making Orders among 
theselues, pi'uided they alter not any fundamentall agreements 
settled by the said Coinittee, hitherto attended. 

The Constables of Hartford are to gather vp the knapsacks, 
pouches, powder & buUetts, vsed in the last designe, and de- 
liuer them to Mr. Talcott to be kepte, and researue & take a 
noate in writeing of all the p^ticulers so deliuered, and returne 
yt to the Secretary. 

The like is to be done by John Drake & George Phelps for 
Wyndsor, and the Constables of Wethersfield for Wethersfield, 
and deliuer them to Mr. Talcotte, and returne a noate of the 
pi^ticulers to the Secretary. 

There is a Rate of 400/. graunted to be paid by the Country : 
Out of this Stratford and Faierfield are to pay 45, as conceaued 
to be according to their pi'portion ; Southampton 10/., who are 
to be warned to com to the Court in Aprill, where their due 
p'portions may be determined; Seabrooke is to pay 15, and 
Tunxis x/. ; Hartford, 136 ; Wyndsor, 102 ; Wethersfield, 102. 
The Tresurer is to send out his warrants for the leuying these on 
the seuerall Townes, wt^in one weeke, to be brought in wthin vi 

Tho: Graues is freed fro Trayneing, watching &c warding. 
It was also agreed, that in pi"suance of the bargaine w^^ Mr. 
Fenwicke, for this pi'sent yeare, the noats that should be sent by 
ech vessell to Seabrooke shalbe sent in to Mr. Hopkins as Mr. 
F. Assigne, and that w^'^in sixe days after the kylling of any 
hogge or swyne notice shalbe giuen to the p^sons betrusted in 
the seuerall Townes thereof, vnder the penultyes expi'ssed in 
the agreement, who is ether to take pJ'sent pay for the same, or 
if he researue yt in the hands of those that are to dischardge yt, 
he is to be accoumptable for yt to Mr. Fenwicke or his assignes 
when yt is sent for ; and the like he is also to doe for the rest 


of the payments that shalbe due. Ed: Stebbing is appoynted 
for this searuice for Hartford, Walter Fyler for Wyndsor, & 
Mr. Trotte for Wethersfield. 

Nath: Dickenson is appoynted to be Recorder for Weth- 

The Court is adiourned to the first Wensday in February, 
after lecture. 

[148] Decc: 4th, 1545. 

Jo: Heynes Esq^, Go^. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq', Dep. 

Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whi- 
ting, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : Andrewe Bacon, Tymothy Standly, James 
Boosy, John Goutridge, Jo: Hawles, Anthony Howkins, 
Will' Lewis, Tho: Osmore. 
In the action of defamation of John Pratte pi. ag* Math: 
Allen defenS the Jury find for the plant, thirty pownd damages 
and costs of Courte. 

In the action of the Case of Clement Chaplin pi. ag* Samuell 
Smith deft, the Jury find for the defen*, costs of the Courte. 

John Eauens pi. ag* M^'s Parks ; agt George Chappell ; ag* 
Robert Burrowes. 

Will' Boreman pi. agt Jo: Stadder. 

Will' Boreman, for not pi^secuting, is to pay the def* 2s. V\d. 
Tho: Osmore pi. ag* Rich: Fellovves. 

John Westall is to pay Tho: Osmore fine bush: of Indean 
come, the chardges of the Court & 2s. for witnesses. 
John Westall is fyned xs. for entertayneing Brufield. 
Math: Williams is to let his wages that he is to haue of Beld- 
ing rest in his hands, vntill he take order for the keepeing of the 
child layd to his chardge by Susan Cole. 

The estate of Sam: Wakeman deceased is setled on Nath: 
Willette, in consideratio whereof he is to pay 40/. to the eldest 
Sonne w^ he shall attayne 21 years of age, and 20/. a peece to 
the three daughters w" they shall attayne the age of 18 yeares : 
if any dy in the meane, the portio is to be deuided betwixt the 
suruiuors : the land to stand ingadged for the p^formance thereof, 


and if any debts more shall appeare then are now knowne, to 
be equally borne by him &; the children ; and if any estate 
more appeare, that also is to be deuided. The childrens receipts 
of their portion is record, in Book D. fo : 19; Decem¥ 2S: 

Samuell Hales, for his mysdemeanor by excesse in drinkeing^ 
is fyned twenty nobles.* 

Tho: Hurlebut, for the like is fyned 4l. 

Elias Trotte, for accompaning the, and drawing wyne w^hout 
liberty, is fyned 405. 

Will' Crosse, for haueing wyne sould in his bowse w^^out 
lycence is fyned 405. 

Samuell Barrett is to searue Arther Smith one yeare after 
the date hereof, for viij/. 

[149] March the 5th, 1645. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"", Gou^. 
Ed: Hopkins Esqs Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Welles, 

Mr. Whiting. 

The Jury : Ed: Stebbing, Nath: Waird, Tho: Ford, Jo: 

Barnard, Jo: Edwards, Jo: Robins, Jo: Notte, Jo: Elson, 

Jo: Porter, Roger Willias, Seargeant Fyler, Tho: Dewye. 

The Will and Testament of George Willis Esq^, deceased, is 

brought into the Court by Will' Gybbins. 

W^ Mr. Terry hath taken Oath & sent vp a coppy of y t, that 
the accoumpte giuen in by him is a trewe accoumpte, he shall 
rec. the goods formerly sequestred for him. 

In the ac. of Richard Trotte pi. agt Ed: Elmor and Nath: 

Willet, the Jury find for the pi. 405. damages & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Clement Chaplin pi*, agt Sa: Smith &c Nath: 

Dickenson defends, the Jury find for the plant, damages 21. 5s. 

4d. & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Clement Chaplin pi*, agt Tho: Coleman and Sa: 
Hales defts, the Jury find for the plant, damages 8d. & costs of 

* Subsequently added, — in the hand writing of John Allyn. 
t £6. 13s. 4d. The noble was equal to 6s. 8d. sterling. 


John Byssell, as assigne to John Clarke, pi. ag* George Chap- 
pell deft, ^i x5. damage. 

John Byssell & Ja: Eggleston pits, agt William Heyton def, 
in an ac. of the Case, to the damage of 10/. 

In the action of Byssell plant, as assigne to Jo: Clarke, agt 
George Chappell def', the Jury find for the defend costs of 
Court, and for witnesses, 14s. 40?. 

In the action of Jo: Byssell & Ja: Eggleston plant, ag* Will' 
Helton deft, the Jury find for the plant, to be paid his p^portion 
of rayleing, three shillings p^ rodd, ditching \0d. p' rodde, hedge- 
ing Sd. pr rodde ; costs of Court and witnesses. 

The Welchman Lewis, for pilfering Bunces corne, is fined 

In the ac. of Berding agt Edwards, the Court adiudgeth Ed- 
wards to pay 5s. & chardges of Court. 

In the ac. of Chappell agt Clarke, the Jury find for the deft. 
Chappell is to pay costs of Court viis. 4rf. 

In the ac. of slaunder of Edwards pi. against Berding deft, 
the Jury find for the deft, costs of Court 7s. 4:d. 

In the ac. of the Case of Edward pi. agt Berding deft, the Jury 
find for the deft, costs of Court 7s. Ad. & witnesses, 4s. Sd. 

Nath: Willett is to haue executio against JMr. Trott for 3Z. 
Qs. 8d. and to be quit o^ the 40s. damages and costs of the sute 
agt him by the sd Mr. Trotte. 

Mr. Woolcott is desiered to gather vp the debts due to Tho: 
Marshefield &. to husband the estate for the benefit of the cred- 
itors, and to be alowed resonable satisfaction. 

The Inuentory of Sa. lerland is brought into the Court by 
Jo: Edwards, and the wife of Robert Burrowes, who was wife 
to the deceased, is to administer & to haue the thirds, & the 
other two p''ts to be for the children. 

[150] Aprill the ixth, 1646. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^, Gou''. 

Jo: Heines Esq^, Dep. 

Roger Ludlowe Esq^, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Cap- 
ten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Welles. 


[Deputyes :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Westwood 
Andrew Bacon, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylard, Mr. Hull, 
Dauid Wilton, Mr. Trotte, James Boosy, Sa: Smith, 
Nath: Dickenson, Jehue Burre, Anthony Wilson, Tho: 

The Court desieres that the Comissioi's should be moued that 
noe Amunition should be traded w^h any that liue out of the 
Jurisdictions in combinatio, whereby yt might supply the In- 
deans, and that some consideration be taken to restrayne Roade 
Hand fro trading w^h the in such kynd. 

Whereas Tho: Thornton of Wyndsor, by haueing his men 
suddenly taken offe their cauleing, may susteyne great losse, 
the Court hath freed him fro Trayneing, and desier the Magis- 
trats to take his condition into serious consideration, that he 
might not be put to extraordinary hassard by imploying his men 
in publique searuice, and the Capten hath liberty to free his 
workemen fro one dayes trayneing, pi^uided they supply yt in 
the Artillery. This not voted. 

Whereas, there is liberty giuen to the Magistrats to mittegat 
or increase damages giuen in by the verdict of Jury, It is now 
Ordered, that what alteration shall att any tyme be made in 
that kynd, yt shalbe in open Courte before pi. & def*, or affe- 
dauit made that they haue bine somoned to appeare. 

Fayerfield eccepte against a Jury of sixe, but subiect to that 
prte of the Order that 8 of 12 may giue in a verdicte. 

It is Ordered, that if any p'son wt^in these libertyes haue 
bine or shalbe fyned or whippen for any scandalous offence, he 
shall not be admitted after such tyme to haue any voate in 
Towne or Comon welth, nor to searue on the Jury, vntill the 
Court shall manifest their satisfaction. 

Whosoeuer shall be comitted for delinquency shall pay two 
shillings sixe pence to the keep"^ of the pryson 

To moue the Comissiors to make some pi-uission agt incori- 

Mr. Ludlowe is desiered to take some paynes in drawing 
forth a body of Lawes for the gouernment of this Coinon welth, 
& p^sent the to the next Generall Court, and if he can prouide 
a man for his occations while he is imployed in the said sear-' 
uice, he shalbe paid at the Country chardge. 


Its desiered by the Court, that the Magistrats would take 
course that all male pi'sons aboue 16 yeares of age should take 
the Oath of Fidellity : and that three Magistrats may giue the 
said Oath & make Freemen, (vppon certificatt of good behauior, 
as is p^uided by former Order. This to stand vntill the next 

Whereas Tho: Steynton by his long absence is disabled to 
attend the Court according to his place, It is now Ordered, his 
sallery shall cease, and Jonathen Gylbert is chosen to supply 
the place for this yeare, and the Court will attend him wth re- 
sonable satisfactio. 

[151] The Gou"" and Deputy are desiered to be Comissio^'s to 
joyne w^^ the Vnited CoUonyes for the meeteing in Septeber 
next &. for this yeare. 

It is Ordered, that a Rate be graunted of 50/. for the carrieing 
on the worke of the Forte, in case there should bee need thereof, 
to be paid by the Townes of the Riuer. 

It is Ordered, that there be two pi'ticuler Courts held the 
next pi'ceding day before the two standing Generall Courts, 
that both the assistance of Mr. Ludlowe may be had, and such 
actions as fall out betwixt any vppon the Riuer and the Townes 
by the sea side be more comfortably attended. 

John Maynard" and Willia Westly are freed fro watching. 

To the penall Order conserneing the selling of lead, powder 
etc. to any out of the Jurisdiction is added, That it is lefte to 
the judgement of the Courte, that where any offence is coihitted 
against the said Order or Orders, ether to aggrauat or lessen 
the penulty according as the nature of the offence shall require. 

Its recomended to the seuerall Townes seasonably to attend 
the colection for the Colledg, and send it thither in conuenient 

Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Whiting discouering to the Court the 
wrong rec^ fro some Indeans in stealeing of theire goods and 
burneing their howse, it was conceaued that any lawfull course 
may be taken for the recouery of their losse, according as 
amongste the Englishe. 

The Court being put in mynd of the Indeans that Hue in, are 
rec*^, and Hue among the Englishe in these Townes, it was re- 
ferred to Mr. Deputy and Capten Mason to take consideratio of 


them, and in case they are willing to submit to the ordering and 
gou''ment of the Englishe they may accepte of the vppon such 
terms as may be safe and honarable to the Englishe. 

The rates at Stratford and Faierfield are to be deuided. 

The Freemen finding yt inconuenient to attend the Court of 
Election the second Thursday in Aprill, haue ordered yt for 
hereafter to be keept the third Thursday in May, and the 
Magistrals to hold vntill that day. 

Samuell Marten and Willia Androwes acknowledge theselues 
to be bownd to this Comon welth in a Recognizance of 40/. to 
appeare at the next Court to be held at Hartford, to answer the 
complainte of Edward Stebbing, for lading 97 bush, of Corne 
aboarde a vessell at Hartford, w^h deputed the harbor w^^^out 
entring the said corne according to Order; then this Recogni- 
zance to be voyd, els to stand m force. 

[152] June the 5th, 1546. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"". 
Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Capten Mason, Mr. Wool- 
The Jury : Tho: Ford, Rich: Goodman, Joseph Magote, 
Arther Smith, Frances Styles, Jo: Drake, Roger Willfhs, 
Jo: More, Jo: Edwards, Sa: Marten, Luke Hitchoks, 
Tho: Hurlbut. 
In the ac. of Rose, pi. agt Robins defS the Jury find for the 
pi. ten pownd damages & cost of Court. 

The Jury found these p^cells of Corne, forfeited : 

Mr. Woolcott, 28 bush. Codman, 6. Lamton, 1. Ip. 
Mr. Eauens, 48. 2p. Jo: Lord, 2. North, 3. Cole- 
man, for Smith, 20. Wm. Williams, 2. Jo: Wyet, 
11. 2p. 
In the ac. of Borman pi. agt Stadder deft, the Jury find for the 
pi. 55. damages & cost of Court. 

John Drake, for his misdemeanor in p'phan execrations, is 
fyned 405. 

Jo: Carpentor, for breakeing into Will' Gybbins his howse 
&; drynking wyne, is fyned 10/. & stands bownd to his good be- 


haiiior, &, Tho: Osmor stands bowndfor him in 10/. & to bring 
him forth w^ the Court shall call for him. 

Willia Ellyt & Will' Yats, for the like misdemeanor, are 
fyned ten pownd a peece & stand bownd in 20/. a peece for 
their good behauior, & Will' Gybbins stands bownd for their 
good behauior in 20/. & for their appearence w" the Court 
cauleth for the. 

Stephen Dauis & Symon Smith, for the like misdemeanor, 
are fyned fiue pownd a peece & stand bownd to their good be- 
hauior in 20/. a peece, and Will' Gybbins for the in 20/. & for 
their appearance w" the Court cauleth for the. 

Rich: Belding stands bownd in 20/., Robert Rugge in 40/., 
that Rugge keepe good behauior & appeare the next Court. 

Execution was graunted John Pratte agt Mr. Allen, and re- 
turne made that yt was executed. 

[153] June the last, 1646. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^, Gou"". 
Capten Mason, Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Wool- 
[The Jury ;] Mr. Phelps, Tho: Ford, Will' Lewis, Jo: 
Barnard, George Graues, John Hollister, Jo: Demon, 
Will' Gybbins, Sa: Smith* Jo: Latimore, Mr. Stoughton, 
Ro: Wynchell, Ro: Hewyt. 
In the action of slaunder of John Robins pi. ag* Leonard 
Chester defS the Jury find for the pi. xijs. dainages & cost of 
Court & witnesses. 

Rich: Coldecotts ac. ag* Frances Styles is wt^drawen, and 
the later Articles to be attended w^h reference to the 4 men. 

Whereas Tho: Ford, John Byssell, Will' Pantry and Stephen 
Poste were to sett a Rate or value of the worth of impaileing 
2024 rodd of pale according to articles agreed betwixt Mr. Sal- 
tingstall & Frances Styles, or to choose a fifthe man if they dis- 
agreed, w^h hath bine long neglected by the said partyes. It is 
now Ordered, that if the said partyes doe nott sett downe vnder 
their hands & determine the rate and value of the foresaid, w^^in 

• A line is drawn about this name. 


two months, or chuse a 5^^ man, according to the said articles, 
they shall forfeit 100/. 

Coopr for his misdemeanor in inuegleing the afFectfis of Mr. 
Lee his mayde, w^^^out her M^ consent, is to pay Mr. Lee 20s. 
damages & 20s. fyne to the Country. 

John Perkins & Tho: Coop^ vndertake &; p^mise to pay 20s. 
to this Comon welth & 20s. to Mr. Lee, by the last of March. 

In the actio of Clement Claplin pit agt Dickerson etc. the 
Jury find for the pi. xs. damages & cost of Court & witnesses. 

Robert Bartlett, for his grosse misdemeanor in slaundring 
M^s Mary Fenwicke, is to stand on the Pillory, Wensday, 
dureing the lecture, then to be whiped, & fyned fiue pownd & 
halfe yeares imprysonment. 

[154] August the 21tii, 1646. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"^, Go'. 
Jo: Heynes Esq', Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcott. 

Richard Fellowes vndertakes to pay ten pownd to the Coun- 
try w^iiin 2 months, for Stephen Dauis his fyne. 

Tho: Osmore vndertaks to pay fiue pownd for John Carpen- 
ter wthin 2 months, and fiue pownd more w^^iin 3 months after 

Symon Smith is to stand bownd for his good behauior, vntill 
the next Court and his M'is vndertaks he shall then appeare. 

Jo: Ranolds is to be fyned 5/. and p'sently whiped, for har- 
boring the rouges that brake pryson, in his M^is her howse, and 
to giue security to appeare at the Court att 3 months end, and 
then to be agayne corrected, except the Court be certified of 
his reformation. 

Richard Watts vndertaks for the payment of the 5/. fyne, and 
that he the said Jo: Ranolds shall keepe good behauior and ap- 
peare the next Court. 

Tho: Ford is bownd in a Recognizance of 20/. to the Coun- 
try, to bring in Sa: Drake to the next Court. 

EHnor Watts, for the like misdemeanor w^h Jo: Ranolds, is 
fyned 5/. and whipped in her M^is howse, and to be brought 


forth 3 months hence, and then whipped agayne if the Court 
shall not be informed of her amendment. 

Mary Johnson, for theuery, is to be p^sently whipped, and to 
be brought forth a month hence at Wethersfield, and there 

Elizabeth Fuller, for comitting fornication, is to be seuerely 

Sa: Drake is fyned fine pownd for concealing Jo: Neuie (?) 
when he brake pryson. 

Ro: Bartlett, for giueing ill counsell to the prysoners, aduise- 
ing they should not peach Drake, is to be whipped. 

[155] October the first, 1646. 

Jo: Heynes Esq"^, Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Woolcot, Mr. Whiting. 
Tlie Jury : Hen: Woolcot, Jo: Edwards, Jo: Nott, Sa: 
Hales, Sa: Boreman, Walter Fyler, Dan: Clarke, Hup: 
Pynny, Will: Pantry, Gre: Wilterton, Nath: Waird, 
Will: Wodsworth. 
In the ac. of Whaty pi. agt Fellowes, the Jury find for the 
defen* ; the pi. to pay costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Mr. Gylbert pi. ag* George Chappell defS the 
Jury find for the pi. The def* is to pay 8/. 8s. dainages & costs 
of Court. Execution graunted agt his person. 

In the ac. of Will' Whiteing pi. ag* Tho: Ford deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. The def*^ is to pay 4/. 12s. 6c?. dainages & 
costs of Court. 

In the action of Mr. Euens, by his searuant, pi. ag* Math: 
Willias deft, Williams is to pay 19s. dainages & costs of Court. 
In the action of Mr. Euens pi. agt George Chappell, Chappell 
is to pay 8 bush: of pease & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Mr. Euens pi. ag* Mathias Trott defS the Jury 
find for the pi. The deft jg to pay 23 bush: 3 pec: of wheat, 
and cost of Court. 

In the action of Mr. Euens pl^e, agt Carwithy deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. 5/. 5s. 66?. damages & cost of Court. 

In the action of Henry Smith pi. agt Jaruis Mudge deft, the 


Court judgeth Mudge to pay 5 bush: of marchantable dry In- 
dean corne, or the value thereof. 

In the action of Rich: Webb pi. ag* George Chappell def*, 
Chappell is to pay 245. damages & cost of Court. 

Tho: Stephenson acknowledgeth himselfe bownd in a recog- 
nizance of 10/. to make good his attach* ag* Elias Puttmans 
goods, or satisfie damages. 

In the ac. of Webbe pi. ag* George Chappell defS the defe^ 
is to pay 245. & cost of Court. 

Mr. Chester if freed fro Trayneing. 

[156] October the 29*^, 1646. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"*, Go^. 
Jo: Heynes Esq', Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : — Will' Gybbins, Nath: Richards, Jo: Edwards, 
Tho: Hurlbut, Aron Cooke, John Stadder. 
Willm Ellit is to be whipped the next lecture day, and to 
searue his Master his tyme, & then to returne to pryson. 

Will' Fiske is to be whipped the next lecture day, and to 
restore dubble of what shall be p^'ued agt him, as yt shall be 
judged by Mr. Woolcotte. 

The ac. of Mr. Whiting pi. agt Sa: Smith is respited vntill 
the next Courte. 

Gybbins pi* agt Read. 
Moody pi* agt Read, for Rent. 
Mr. Moody pi* ag* Read, for damages. 
Willit pi* agt Read. 
Judson pi* agt Rescue. 

In the action of Mr. Whiting pi. ag* Tho: Newton def*, vp- 
pon an Attach* returned by the Constable of Fayrfield, Greene 
appeared for Newton & the Jury find for the plant, the byll 5/. 
165. and 25. v\d. damages & cost of Court. 

In the ac. of Ed: Hopkins pi*, ag* Tho: Newton def*, the 
Jury find for the pi. The Def* is to pay 4/. 13s. Ad. in mony 
according to the bill, 105. damages & cost of Court, 


In the action of John Moody pi. against James Whatly de- 
fend', the Jury find for the deft, coste of Court. 

Kircu & Carrington are to pay 30s. to the administrators of 
Vere, for their bargaine of Corne. 

Three of the Jury betwixt James Whatly pi. agt R. Fellowes 
dS thinke on witnesse cannot cast the cause wt^out some cir- 
custances fall in neare to equalize a witnesse, and they app^- 
hend the circustances on the other side rather the stronger : 1. 
The pi'ty of who he bought the horse said he knew not of the 
lamenes : 2. the price giuen might intimat soundness ; 3. seu- 
erall that rodde on the horse and that wrought him, did not dis- 
couer any lamenes. John White, Tho: Olcoke, Will' Phelps. 

The other 3 conceaue the witnesse giuen into the former 
Court hold out the defen' might know the lamenes of the horse ; 
2. one witnesse testifieing fro his mouth, that he said he was 

[157] October the 30*^, 1646. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq, Gc. 
Jo: Heynes Esq"", Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles, Mr. Whiting, Capten Mason, 

Mr. Woolcott. 
[Deputyes ;] Mr. Phelps, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Clarke, Mr. 

Porter, Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, Mr- 

Cullicke, Mr. Trotte, James Boosy, Nath: Dickenson' 

Jo: Demon. 

The deputyes are to take into consideration the fenceing up- 
pon the Easte side of the great Riuei', by who & where they 
shall see cause. 

The Order of the Comissioners concerneing the restreynt of 
of selling powder, shotte, amunition etc. to any out of the Juris- 
diction, wthout the lycence of two Magistrats, or one Magis- 
trat and 2 deputyes, is confirmed.* 

•This order of the Commissioners was contiimatory of that made in 1644, (see p. 113, ante) 
which had been approved by the General Courts of all the United Colonies except Plym- 
outh. The present order prohibited, under a heavy penalty, the sale of arms or ammunition to 
any person out of the confederate jurisdictions, " without lycense under the hands of two. 



The Order conserneing the pi^ceeding against Indeans is con- 
firmed, f 

There is alowed for the searuing of executions 2s. 6d. if vn- 
der 405. and 5s. if aboue. 

Whosoeuer drawes wyne after the publisheing this Order, 
shall pay to the Country after the p^'portio of 40s. a Butt for 
what shalbe drawen. 

Mr. Phelps is appoynted to joyne w^h the Comittee for the 
planting Matabezeke. 

[158] Ja: 28th, 1646. 

Ed. Hopkins Esq"", Go"^. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles, 
Mr. Woolcott. 
[Beputyes ;] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Cullicke, Mr, 
Westwood, Mr. Trott, James Boosy, Nath: Dickenson, 
Jo: Demon, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Stouton, Mr. Clarke, Mr. 
The Order concerneing paying 5s. a pownd for takeing 
Tobacco not growing w^hin this Jurisdictio, is repealed. 

Richard Lord for transgressing the Order against selleing 
lead out of this Jurisdictio, is fyned seauen pownd. 

magistrates of the jurisdiction, or at least under the hands of one magistrate and two deputyes, 
intressed in the publique affaires, & that all & eii'ry such lycense shall from time to tyme be 
kept in a booke or memoriall in writing, that all the parcells or particulers, w'h the quantities 
soe lycensed, the prsons to whom, the grounds for wcii, upon occasion may be considered by the 
Gen^'all Courts, or Comissioners for the Colonyes." (Rec. of U. Colonies, Sept. 1646.) 

t Providing, that in case of " wilfull & hostile practises against the English, together with the 
entertemeing, protecting or rescueing of offenders," "the Magistrates of any of the Jurisdic- 
tions might, at the charge of the plaintiffs, send some convenient strength of English, & accord- 
ing to the nature & vallewe of the offence & damage, seize & bring away any of that planta- 
con of Indians that shall entertaine, protect or rescue the offender, though it should be in 
another Jurisdiction, when, through distance of place, comission or direction cannot be had' 
after notice & due warning given them, as abettors or at least accessory to the iniury & dam- 
age done to the English ; onely women & children to be sparingly seized vnlesse knowen to be 
some way guilty. And because it will be chargeable keeping Indians in prison, & if they should 
escape they would prove more insolent & dangerous after, it was thought fittthat upon such 
seysure. the delinquent or satisfaction should againe be demanded of the Sagamore or Planta- 
con of Indians guiltie or accessory as before ; and if it be deiiyed, that then the magistrates of 
the Jurisdiction deliver up the Indians seized to the party or parties indamaged, either to serve 
or to be shipped out and exchanged for Negroes, as the cause will iustly beare." [Ibid.] This 
Order will be found incorporated with the cede of 1650, in a subsequent part of this volume. 


Tho: Staynton, for the like transgressio, is fyned 5/. fiue 

Dauid Wilton, for the brech of the same Order, is to forfeite 
the lead w^h was attached at Wethersfield, being LSI pownd. 

Nath: Waird is freed fro trayneing and warding, so long as 
the infirmity he complaynes of remayneth vppon him. 

The Gour and Mr. Whiting are desiered to attend the place 
of Comission^s for the Vnited Collonies, for this next yeare. 

There is a Rate of 30Z. graunted for the Fort. 

March the 4th, 1646. 
Ed: Hopkins Esqf, Gc. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles. 
[The Jury:'] Tho: Ford, Tho: Osmore, Jo: Nott, Sa: 
Borema, Tho: Thornton, Benedict Alford. 
In the ac. of Joseph Nubery pi*, ag* Ambrowse Fowler def, 
the Jury find for the plan*, fower pownd xs. & costs of Court. 
In the actio of Sa: Smith pi. agt John Guteridge, Tho: Rite 
& Sa: Martin def^^, John Guteridge and Sa: Marten are to 
pay the pi. xvi bush: Indean. 

Mary Willias, for her fowle misdemeanor, is fyned 5/. 
Joshua Gynings vndertaks to pay this 5Z. 
Tho: Blisse for not trayneing, is fyned 2s. V\d. 

[159] May the 19th, 1647. 

Ed: Hopkins Esqf, Go"". 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Woolcoat, Mr. Welles. 

The Jury : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Porter, Mr. Roceter, Dauid 

Wilton, Mr. Parks, James Boosy, Sa: Smith, Will' 

Wadsworth, Ed: Stebing, Tho: Ford, Andrew Bacon, 

Nath: Waird. 

In the ac. of James Whatly pi. agt Tho: Coleman, the Jury 

find for the deft, costs of Court, and for witnesses, 2s. Qd. 


In the ac. of Hemy Gree pi. agt Sa: Marten deft, the Jury 
find for the pi. debte 15/. iis., damages ten pownd, and costs of 

May the 21^^ 1647. 

The Jury : Mr. Talcoate, Gre: Wilterton, Tho: Osmor, 
Sa: Smith, Will' Wilcoxson, Robert Howard, Dan: Tyt- 
terton, Walter Fyler, John Croe, Ed: Haruy, Tho: 
Judde, John Demon. 

In the ac. of John Steele pi. agt Tho: Demon, the said Tho: 
Demon is to pay six bush: of Indean. 

In the ac. of Blysse pi. agt Lyman & Arnold, the defends are 
to pay 205. & costs of Court. 

Henry Densloe is to attend agayne the next Court, and Wil- 
coxe to pay him 55. for not p'secuting this Court. 

In the ac. of Mr. Whiting pi. ag* Sa: Smith def*, the Jury 
find for the pi. viij/. damages, and cost of Court. 

In the ac. of Blachfield pi. agt Spenser, the Jury find for the 
pi. 50 bush: of Indean, & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Spenser pi. agt Blachfield deft, the Jury find for 
the pi. 31s. 3c?. damages, & costs of Court. 
[160] In the ac. of slaunder, of Mr. Whiting pi. agt Tho: 
Ford deft, the Jury find for the pi. 405. & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Will' Fishe pi. agt Aron Cooke, the Jury find 
for the pi. fiue pownd damages & costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Tho: Ford pi. agt Oldige & Hull, the Jury find 
for the defts, costs of Court. 

Henry Gree acknowledgeth himselfe bownd to the Court, in 
a Recognizance of xL & Tho: Hassard in 20, that Tho: Has- 
sard keepe good behauior vntill the Generall Court in Septeber 
next, and appeare at the p^ticuler Court the day before. 

In the ac. of Write pi. against Norton, the pi. is to haue the 
swyne & pay the chardges for the keeping. 

May the 24th, i647. 
Roger Ludlowe Esq"", Moderator. 
Mr. Woolcoat, Mr. Welles. 


Jury : Sa: Smith, Will' Wilcoxso, Robert Howard, Dan: 

Tytterton, John Demon, Walter Fyler, Ed: Haruy, Tho: 

Judde, John Westall, Aron Cooke, Anthony Howkins, 

Stephen Hart. 

In the ac. of M"s Willis pi. agt Francis Styles deft, (Mr. 

Roceter appeared for Mr. Styles,) the Jury find for the pi. 

340/. damages & costs of Court. 

[162] May the 20th, 1647. 

Jo: Heynes Esq', Gc. 
Edward Hopkins Esq'', Dep. Gor. 

George Fenwicke Esq'', Magistrate ; Roger Ludlowe 
Esq. Mag: Mr. Webster, Mag: Mr. Whiting, Mag: 
Tres"; Capten Mason, Mag: Mr. Woolcoate, Mag: Mr. 
Welles, Mag: Sec^; Mr. Cosmore,* Mag: Mr. Howell,* 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Porter, Mr. 
Clarke, Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Cullike, Mr. Trott , 
Sa: Smith, Ja: Boosy, Nath: Dickenson, An: Bacon, 
Mr. Taynter, Ed: Haruy, Dan: Tytterton, Will' Wil- 
coxso, Stephen Hart, Tho: Judde. 
It is Ordered, that the three Townes on the Riuer & Tunxis 
shall pay ten shillings to whosoeuer shall kill any Woolfe wt^in 
any of their libertyes, & so to pay for euery woolfe that shalbe 
kylled w^^in the term of one yeare after the date hereof. 

Forasmuch as diuers inconueniences fall out by letting land to 
the Indeans, whereby they mixe theselues in their labours w^^ 
the Inglishe, and therby the manners of many young men are 
lyable to be corrupted, It is Ordered, that noe Inhabitant w^^in 
this Jurisdiction shall contracte wth or lette any land to any 
Indean after the publisheing this Order, nether shall any Indean 
possesse any land held of the Inglishe after the last of October 
next, pi'uided notwt^standing that such natyves as haue caried 
theselues peacebly, and w^h will subiecte theselues to be oi'dered 

•John Cosmore and Edward Howell, of Southampton, on Long Island. (See Articles of Com- 
bination, in Appendix, No. O.; and p. 112, ante.) 



by the Inglishe, shall haue pi'uission for planting vppon reasona- 
ble terms sette forth for them. 

James Pyne hath forfeted his recognizance, for not appeare- 
ingat the Court held at Hartford the 20^^ of May. 

J ames Harwood also hath forfeted his recognizance. 

An Attach* is to goe forth for Tho: Sherwood. 

A Warrant for Tho: Newton. 

Whereas, by an Order of the 14th of January, 1638, it was 
Ordered, that euery Generall Court, excepte such as through 
neglecte of the Gc^ and the greatest p^te of Magistrats the Free- 
men theselues doe call, shall consiste of the Go' or some on 
chosen to moderate the Courte, and 4 other Magistrats at lest, 
w^h the maior p^te of the deputyes of the seuerall Townes, 
legally chosen, w^h hath bine conceaued, that by the example 
thereof no p^'ticuler Court might be keepte excepte the Go'' or 
Dep: Go"" and 4 Magistrats were pi'sent, w^h this day coming 
into consideration, this Court seeing the many inconueniences 
thereof to be so restreyned, & considering in case it may so 
fall out that by reson of the absence of the Gc or Deputy & 4 
Magist: noe pi^ticuler Court may be extant to administer justice 
according to the law of God and humane pollicy, W^^ is now 
[163] conceaued to be contrary to the trewe meaneing || of the 
said former Order, It is therefore now declared and so Ordered, 
sentenced & decreed, that the Gou'" or Dep: Go' w^h 2 Magis- 
trats shall haue power to keepe a p'ticuler Court, according to 
the lawes established, &, in case the Gou*" or Dep: Go*" be ab- 
sent, or some waye or other incapable ether to sit or to be 
p''sent, if three Magistrats meete, and choose on of theselues to 
be a moderator, they may keepe a p^ticuler Court, w^h to all 
intents & purposes shalbe deemed as legall, as though the Goi" 
or Deputy did sitte in Courte, and all other Orders that haue 
bine heretofore in that case made shalbe reduced to this Order.* 

It is Ordered, that there shalbe a gard of 20 men, euery Sab- 
both and Lecture day, compleate in their arms, in ech seuerall 
Towne vppon the Riuer, and atte Seabrooke and Farmington 
8 apeece, ech towne of the sea coast ten, and as the nuber of 
men increase in the Townes, the gaurd is to encrease. 

* [In margin,] " Added to the lO"' fundamental!." 


May the 25th, i647. 

The Estreits for the leueing of Fynes shall goe forth once 
eu^y yeare, both in the Townes on the Riuer and by the sea- 
side, and some officer appoynted in ech place to leuy and re- 
ceaue the and the accoumpts to be giuen in by the seuerall Plan- 
tations of their generall chardges at the Court in Septeber, for 
the pi'fecting of the accoumpts betwixt them. Mr. Ludlowe is 
desiered to graunt out warrants for the fynes by the sea-side. 

Yppon the makeing vppe of the Rates betwixt the Townes 
by the sea side, for the last Rate, ther was found to be due fro 
Stratford, 9/. iis. 2d. ; fro Fairfield, xiZ. 14s. Sd. ; these Townes 
being alowed what they had expended vppon the p^parations of 
the late warrs, but other expenses shalbe alowed out of the 
Fynes when the accoumpte of the shalbe brought vppe. 

Its the mynd of the Court that ther should be pi^uision made 
for entertayneing the Magistrats dureing the sitting of the Court, 
and the deputyes of Hartford are desiered to find out a fitte 

Its Ordered that the souldears shall only make choyse of their 
millitary officers & p^sent the to the p^ticuler Court, but such 
only shalbe deemed Officers as the Court shall confirme. 

The chiefe officer in euery Towne shall appoynt the dayes 
of Trayneing alowed by Order of Court. 

[169] Whereas it appeares that diuers, to defeate and defraude 
their creditors, may secretly and vnderhand make bairgens & 
contracts of their lands, lotts and accomodations, by meanes 
whereof, when the creditor thinks he hath a meanes in a due 
order of lawe to declare against the said lands, lotts and accoili- 
odations, and so recou^ satisfaction for his debte, he is wholy 
deluded and frustrated, w^h is contrary to a righteous rule, that 
euery man should pay his debts w^^ his estate, be it what yt 
wilbe, ether real or pi'sonall ; This Court takeing it into con- 
sideratio, doe Order, sentence and decree, that for the future 
that if any Creditor doe suspecte any debtor, that he may p^ue 
non soluant in his pfsonall estate, to repair to the Register or 
Recorder of the Plantation wher the lands, lotts or accomoda- 
tions lyes, and enter a Caueat against the lands, lotts and ac- 
comodations of the said debtor, and shall giue to the said Regis- 
ter or Recorder 4c?. for the entry thereof; and the said creditor 


or creditors shall take out sumons against the said debtor, and 
in due forme of law the next p^ticuler Court, ether for the whole 
Collony or for that prticuler Plantation wher the said lands, 
lotts and accomodations lyes, or the next Court ensueing, de- 
clare against the said debitors lands, lotts & accomodations ; 
and soe if the creditor recouer, he may enter a judgment vppon 
the said lotts, lands and accomodations, and take out an extent 
against the said land, directed to a knowne officer, who may 
take two honest & sufficient men of the neighbours, to appryse 
the said lands, lotts & accomodations, ether to be sould out 
right if the debt so require, or sett a resonable rent vppon the 
same, vntill the debte be payd, and dehuer the possession there- 
of ether to the creditor or creditors, his or their assigne or as- 
signes, or any other ; and what sale or sales, lesse or lesses, the 
saide officer makes, being orderly recorded, according to former 
Order of recording of lands, shalbe as legall and bynding to all 
intents & purposes as though the debtor himselfe had don the 
same ; p^'uided that if the said debttor can then pi'sently pi^cure 
a Chapman or Tenant, that can giue to the creditor or creditors 
satisfactio to his or their content, he shall haue the first refusal! 
thereof. Also yt is declared, that he W^^ first enters Caueat as 
aboue said, and his debte being due att his entring the said 
Caueat, shalbe first paid, and so euery creditor as he enters his 
Caueat and his debte becom due, shalbe orderly satisfied, vnlesse 
at the next Court yt appeares the debters lands, lotts and ac- 
comodations p'"ue insufficient to pay all his creditors, then eu^'y 
man to haue a sutable p^portion to his debte out of the same, 
and yet notwt^hstanding euery man to receaue his p^'te accord- 
ing to the entry of his Caueat ; yet this is not to seclude any 
[165] creditor |i to recouer other satisfaction, ether vppon the 
prson or estate of the sayd debtor, according to lawe and cus- 
tum of the Collony. 

And also yt is further decreed, that what sale or bargaine 
soeuer the debtor shall make concerneing the said lotts, lands 
and accomodations, after the entering of the said Caueat, shalbe 
voyde as to defraud the said creditors. It is also further ex- 
play ned and declared, that if the said debtor be knowne to be an 
insoluant man before the first Caueat entered against the said 
lands, lotts & accomodations, and the same appeare at the next 


pniculer Court, then the Court shall haue power to call in all 
the creditors in a short tyme, and set an equall and indifferent 
way how the creditors shalbe paid out of the said lands, lotts & 
accomodations ; otherwise, if the said debtor proue insoluant 
after the first Caueat entered, then this Order to be duly ob- 
searued, according to the pTnisses and true intent and meane- 
ing thereof It is also further declared and explayned, that the 
Recorder or Register of the said Caueat shall, the next pnicuter 
Court as aforesaid, returne the said caueats that are w^h him, 
at w^h tyme & Court the enterer of the said Caueats shalbe 
cauled forth to p^secute the next pniculer Court follow- 

ing ; and if the enterer of the said Caueats fayle to p^'secute 
according to this Order, the Register or Recorder of the said 
Caueat or Caueats shall putt a vacatt vppon the said Caueat or 
Caueats, w^h shalbe invalled or voyde to chardge the said lotts, 
lands and accoinodations aforesaid. 

Forasmuch as it is obsearued that many abuses are coinitted 
by frequent takeing Tobacco, It is Ordered, that noe p^son 
vnder the age of 20 years, nor any other that hath not allreddy 
accustomed himselfe to the vse therof, shall take any Tobacco 
vntil he haue brought a Certificat, vnder the hand of some who 
are approued for knowledg & skill in phisicke, that it is vsefull 
for him, and also that he hath receaued a lycence fro the Court 
for the same. And for the regulateing those who ether by their 
former takeing yt haue to their owne app^hensions made yt 
necessary to the, or vppon due aduice are p^suaded to the vse 
thereof. It is Ordered, that no man wt^in this Collony, after the 
publicatio hereof, shall take any tobacco publicquely in the 
street, nor shall any take y t in the fyelds or woods, vnlesse when 
they be on their trauill or joyrny at lest 10 myles, or at the 
ordinary tyme of repast comonly called dynner, or if it be not 
then taken, yet not aboue once in the day at most, & then not 
[166] in company w^h any other. Nor shall any |1 inhabiting in 
any of the Townes w^^in this Jurisdiction, take any Tobacco 
in any howse in the same Towne wherhe liueth, w^h and in the 
company of any more then one who vseth and drinketh the 
same weed, w^h him at that tyme ; vnder the penulty of six 
pence for ech offence against this Order, in any of the p^ticulers 
thereof, to be payd wt^out gainesaying, vppon conuictio by the 


testimony of one witnesse that is wt^out iust exception, before 
any one Magistrate ; and the Constables in the seuerall Townes 
are required to make p^'sentment to ech pniculer Court of such 
as they doe vnderstand and can evict to be transgressors of the 

And for the pi^uenting that great abuse w^h is creepeing in 
by excesse in Wyne and strong waters, It is Ordered, that noe 
inhabitant in any Towne of this Jurisdiction shall continue in 
any comon victualing howse in the same Towne wher he liueth 
aboue halfe an hower att a tyme in drinkeing wyne, bear or 
hotte waters, nether shall any who draweth & selleth wyne 
suffer any to drynke any more wyne att on tyme then after the 
prportion of three to a pynt of sacke. And it is further Order- 
ed, that noe such wyne drawer deliuer any wyne, or suffer any 
to be deliuered out of his howse to any who com for yt, vnlesse 
they bring a noate vnder the hand of some on M' of some 
family and alowed inhabitant of that Towne, nether shall any 
such Ordinary keep, sell or drawe any hotte waters to any but 
in case of necessity, and in such moderation for quantity as 
they may haue good grownds to conceaue yt may not be 
abused ; and shalbe reddy to giue an accoumpte of their doeings 
herein when they are cauled thereto, vnder Censure of the 
Court, in case of delinquency. 

When Mr. Ludlowe hath p'^fected a body of lawes as the 
Court hath desiered him, it is the mynd of the Court that he 
should, besids the paying the hyer of a man, be further consid- 
ered for his paynes. 

Yf Mr. Whiting w^h any others shall make tryall and p'se- 
cute a designe for the takeing of Whale, wt^^in these libertyes, 
and if vppon tryall w^Hn the terme of two yeares, they shall 
like to goe on, noe others shalbe suffered to interrupt the, for 
the tearme of seauen yeares. 

[167] June the S^, 1647. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Dep. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : — Humphry Pynny, Willia Heton, Joseph Ma- 

gotte, Tym: Standly, John Edwards, John Elsen. 


In the action of Aron Cooke plS agt John Dawes, the Jury 
find for the pi* 4l. & costs of Court. 

Henry Densloe is bownd in a Recognizance of 20/. to appear 
the next Court. 

Mr. Math: Allen & Tho: Newton acknowledge themselues 
bownd in a Recognizance of a 160/. to the Court, to saue tjie 
Court & such debttors harmeles & indempnified fro any dayn- 
ger, losse or inconuenience that may befall the by any some of 
mony that shalbe recouered in the Court, of Scippeseyer his 
debts, in reference to an ac. comenced ag' Sa: Smith. 

In the action of Math: Allen pi. ag* Peter Jacobe, of 6/. 10s. 
thers acknowled to be paid, 

by Dauid Prouost, . . . . 2. 0. 
by Sa: Smith, 1: 2: 7; . . . 1. 2. 7 

more by him in wheat 2/. 8s. . 2. 8. 

behind 19s. 5d. w^h the def* is to pay. 

Tho: Sherwood, for his contempte in not appeareing att 
Court vppo suiTions, is fyned 40s. 

Tho: Newton, for his misdemeanor in the vessell cauled the 
Virgin, in glueing Phillipe White wyne w" he had to much be- 
fore is fyned 5/. 

[168] June the 2, 1647. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq'. 

Capten Mason, Mr. Webster. 
[Deputyes ;]— Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Cullicke, An- 
drew Bacon, Mr. Trott, James Boosy, Sa: Smith, Mr. 
Clarke, Mr. Porter. 
It was this day Ordered, that all guns and millitary amunition 
w^h this CoiTion welth by a Comitte haue formerly bought of 
George Fenwicke Esq'', be deliuered vnto Capten Mason for 
the vse of the Country, w^h being done, the sd. Capten Mason 
to acquit & dischardge the said George Fenwicke, or his Agent, 
of the p^ticulers soe deliuered. 

It was then further Ordered, that Capten Mason should for 
the peace, safty and good asurance of this Comon welth, haue 
the comaund of all souldears and inhabitants of Seabrooke, and 


in case of alarum or daynger by approch of an enimy, to drawe 
forth or put the said souldears & inhabitants in such posture for 
the defence of the place, as to him shall seeme best. 

It is this day Ordered, that in case Mr. Whiting, being at 
p^sent vppon a voyadge att sea, be by Pruidence p^uented of 
his intended returne, then Capten Mason to be on of the Com- 
issic^ for this Jurisdiction, and to attend the searuice this yeare 
w^h the Comissio^s of the Vnited Collonyes, in the Bay or els- 
wher, at the tyme or tymes appoynted. 

Whereas Capten Mason, at the spetiall instance & request of 
the inhabitance of Seabrooke, togather w^h the good likeing of 
this Comon welth, did leaue his habitatio in the Riui' and re- 
paire thither, to exercise a place of trust. It is this day Ordered, 
that his former sallary of 40^. p'" ann. be continued, and after 
ech of the terms yt hath bine formerly dewe, then at 20 dayes 
warneing yt be put abord some vessell or vessells as himselfe 
shall appoynd. 

Memorandin. W^ the Capten doth rec. the guns & millitary 
amunition, he must deliuer a bill of the p^ticulers to the Reges- 
ter, to be keepte as a record for the Country. 

The p'"portions for the composition for the Fort for the full 
Tearme of 10 yeares is as followth : — 

Hartford, 60/. 5s. ^ p'te wheat, ^ p'te pease, ^ Ry. 

Tunxis, 15. 5. in the same kynd. 

Wyndsor, 45. ^ wheat, ^ pfease. 

Wethersflcld, 49. 10. ^-p^te wheat, f p^ts pease. 

Seabrooke, 10. the same as Hartford. 

[169] Sep: 2, 1647. 

Ed: Hopkins, Esq^ 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Welles. 
[The Jury;-] Nath: Waird, Nath: Ely, Sa: Hales, Jo: 
Edwards, Jo: More, Aron Cooke. 

In the ac. of Wyddowe Kilburne pi. ag^ Peter Blachfield deft, 
the Jury find for the pi. 40s. & cost of Court. 
George Abbott is to pay 12s. to Rich: Letten. 


Vpson is to pay Kerby ixs. and the cost of Court, excepte 

]\jrs Whiting is admitted to administer according to the will 
of her deceased husband. 

Trotte agt Norton, 2 ac. 

Executio graunted M^s Willis. 

Executio graunted Aron Cooke. 

John Nubery confesseth that he made seuerall attempts of 
bestiality,* .... 

John Gyn'ngs for resisting the watch seuerall tymes is fyned 
40s. and to find surtyes for his good behauior. 

Peter Bassaker for resisting the watch is fyned 20s. and to 
find surtyes for his good behauior. 

Tho: Hubbert for refuseing to watch is fyned xs. 

Sep. 9, 1647. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq"". 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Capten Mason, Mr. Welles. 

[Deputj/es ;] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, 

Andr: Bacon, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Stoughton, 

Mr. Gaylard, Mr. Trott, Liue* Boosy, Sa: Smith, Nath: 


Thers liberty giuen the Comissio^s to forbeare their sett 

meeting att Septeber, pi'uided they meet once in the yeare. 

Also, if no more then syxe of the Comissio" meet, they may 
goe on in their occations yf they all agree, and it shalbe as eflTec- 
tuall as if the whole 8 meet, haueing sufficient warneing. 
There is a Rate of 100/. graunted. 

Capten Mason & Jo: Clarke are desiered to carry on the 
building of the Fort, by hireing men or Cartls or other necessa- 
ryes. They are alowed to make vse of the last Rate to be paid 
by Seabrook. 

The Court thinks meet that a Comission be directed to Mr. 
Wynthrop, to execute justice according to c lawes & the rule 
of righteousnes. 

* A line omitted. 



deuissio of the Rate ; 

; Hartford, 












100. 0. 
The Courts adioyrned to the last Wednesday in October. 

[170] October 29th, 1647. 

Jecoxe is bownd in a Recognizance of 10/., James Pyne in 
20/., p^'uided Pyne keepe good behauior vntill the Court in May 
at Fayerfield, and appeare ther. 

The Rats to be paid in Enghshe graine. 

The Courts adioyrned to the first Thursday in March. 

No: THE 22th, 1647. 
Ed: Hopkins Esqi", Dep: Go^. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoate, Mr. Welles. 
[The Jury ;] Tho: Ford, Will: Wodsworth, /?/7ie(f 2s. Vid.^ 
Gregory Wilterton, John Barnard, Mr. Porter, Dauid 
Wilton, Tho: Dewy, Sa: Marten, John Notte, Sa: Bore- 
man, John Westall, Will: Pantry, Tymothy Standly. 
In the action of John Guttridge pi. agt Jaruis Mudge deft, the 
Jury find for the pi. 20 bush: Indean ; 7s. vi^. forbearance ; 20s. 
to be deducted for chardge & hazard ; remayneth for the pL 
37s. 6c?. & chardge of Court. 

Sa: Gardner is to be alowed fro Mudge vis. for three bush: 

In the action of the Case of Tho: Olcoatte pi. agt Mathew 
Gryssell deft, the Jury find for the plantife 50/. dainages & coste 
of Court, and for witnesses 30s. The defent to make improue- 
ment of the goods that miscaried, for his owne vse. 

of connecticut. 159 

December the 2*^, 1647. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq"', Dep: Gc. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoate, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : Mr. Trotte, Mr. Talcoate, Tymothy Standly, 
John White, Tho: Osmore, Liuetenant Boosy, Sa: Smith, 
Tho: Coleman, Henry Clarke, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hull, Jo: 
The Jury find the bill of indictement ag* John Nubery, that 
he is guilty of buggery. 

James Whatly, for his contempte in not watching, is fyned 
3s. 4id. & the chardge of witnesses. 

In the actio of James Whatly pi. ag* Tho: Coleman, the Jury 
find for the deft, cost of Court and witnesses. 

In the actio of George Steele pi. agt Will' Corbit defS the 
Jury find for the pi* 205. damages and cost of Court. 

In the 2d actio of George Steele pi. agt Will' Corbit defS the 
Jury find for the pi. 10s. damages, and cost of Court. 

Mr. Woolcoate is to giue notice to Tho: Marshfields credit- 
ors to prfecte the diuissio of the remaynder of that estate in his 
hands, by the 24 th of June next. 

[171] Feb: 23th, i647. 

Ed : Hopkins Esq"", Dep: Go"^. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoat, Mr. Welles. 

[Deputyes :] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Westwood, 

Andrew Bacon, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Clarke, 

Mr. Trotte, James Boosy, Sa: Smith, Nath: Dickenson. 

Forasmuch as yt is obseaured that ther are diuersity of 

wayghts, yards and measures amoungst vs, whereby damag 

many tymes ensueth, by comerce w^h seuerall pi'sons ; For the 

pi'uenting whereof, yt is now Ordered, that no man w^hin these 

Liberty es shall, after the publisheing this Order, sell any com- 

odity but by a sealed waight or measure, vnder the penulty of 

xij(i. ech defaulte : the Clarke is to haue a penny for sealeing a 

wayght or yard, ech time, and noe waight or measure is to be 

accoumpted authenticke that is not sealed or approued by the 


Clarke once euery yeare : and the said Clarke is to breake or 
demolishe such wayghts, yards or measures as are defectiue. 

March the 2^, 1647. 
Ed: Hopkins Esq', Dep: Go"". 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoate, Mr. Welles. 
\The Jury ;] John White, John Byssell, John Drake, 
Dan: Clarke, Henry Woolcott, John Edwards, Sa: Mar- 
ten, Sa: Hales, Luke Hitchcoke, Will' Pantry, Rich: 
Goodman, Rich: Butler. 
In the ac. of Will' Gibbins as Assigne to Waterman pi. ag* 
Fra: Norton defS the Jury find for the def*, costs of Courte. 

In the ac. of Peter Jacob pi. agt Sa : Smith defS the Jury 
find for the pi. 5/. Is. 9d. and costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Nath: Dickenson pi. agt Peter Jacob def^, the 
Court adiudgeth the def* to pay 12s. and costs of Court. 

In the ac. of John Sadler pi. ag* Peter Jacob def*, the def* is 
to pay ixs. and costs of Court, and 18^. for witnesses. 

John Moses acknowledgeth himselfe bownd to this Comon 
welth in a Recognizance of 20/. and Mathew Allen in xl, p^ui- 
ded that the said John Moses appeare at the next p^^ticuler 
Court and keepe good behauior in the meane tyme, 

Ed: Chancutt, for diuulging misreports ag* Hide, is fyned 
405. and Beniamin Nubery for the like is fyned 20s. and Mas- 
tens the boy to be corrected. 

Anthony Longdon for drunkenes, is fyned 20s. 
Nicholas Gynings, for a miscaridge, beateing of a Cow of 
Ralfe Keelers 

Peter Bassaker, 10s. 

Ralfe Keeler, Jenings, Ketchrell. 

March the 9*^, 1647. 

Ed: Hopkins Esq^, Dep: Go'. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoat, Mr. Welles. 
[Deputyes:] Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Westwood, 


Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Clarke, Ja: 
Boosy, Sa: Smith. 

Willia Rescue is to be alowed 40s. towards his chardges in 
keepeing the prysoners. 

Ther is a liberty giuen to lett any grownd on the east side 
the great Riuer and in the Hand, to such Indeans as haue giuen 
in their names to the Dep; Gc, and if that p^ue to little it is 
lefte to the Go"" to dispose of the as he shall see cause. 

The Court thinks fitt that Massacoe be purchased by the 
Country, and that ther be a Comitte chosen to dispose of yt to 
such inhabitants of Wyndsor as by the shalbe judged meet to 
make improuement therof, in such kynd as may be for the 
good of this Comon welth, and the purchase to be repaid by 
those that shall enioy yt, w^h resonable alowance. Mr. Hop- 
kins is intreated to be one of the Comittes and Mr. Webster 
another; and Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcoate <fe Mr. Westall to vew 
the foresaid grownd and assist in the dispose therof. 

Wheras by former Order there was 2d. p^ pownd laid vppon 
euerypownd of Beuer traded w^^'in the libertyes of these Plan- 
tations vppon the Riuer, that hath not hitherto been pi'formed, 
It is now Ordered, that whosoeu"" hath traded any w^i^in these 
libertyes the last yeare, or shall herafter trade any wt^in the 
tyme specified in the foresaid Order, That they giue notice 
thereof to Mr. Hopkins before they export yt downe the Riuer, 
vnder the penulty of forfeting the one halfe, as in the former 

[173] It is Ordered, that ther shalbe a Rate of 150/. paid by 
the Country, whereof noe man shall pay aboue a third part in 
Indean, and it is intended that the Capten shall haue 60/. therof, 
for a yeare &, halfe, and 40/. to Math: Gressell, and the rest tor 
the Comittee for the Fortte. 

The diuission is,^ for Hartford, 

Wheras by reson of many waighty occations, expences and 
chardges are yearely expended by the Go'', It is therefore Or- 










dered, that ther shalbe yerely alowed to that Place 30Z. and 30/. 
to the Deputy Go'" for the year past. 

Wheras yt was Ordered, that ther should be 20 men to attend 
the Gaurd at Wethersfield, in regard of the smale number in 
the Towne yt is now brought to 12 men. 

* The Inventoryes of John Elsen & Abraha Elsen are brought 
into the Courte. 

A Caueat put in ag* both Wills by Sam: Gardner. 

The Wyddow of John Elson is alowed to administer. 

Sa: Smith giueth security for the estate. 

Tho: Coleman vndertaks the estate of Abraham Elson shalbe 
p^'searued vntill the Court settle the administration. 

[174] [The date of this Court is not given.] 

Ed: Hopkins Esq'. 

Mr. Webster, Capten Mason, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : John White, Willia Lewis, Willia Wods- 
worth, Tho: Osmor, Tho: Coleman, Mr. Hill, John Bys- 
sell, Math: Graunt, Walter Fyler, Sa: Hales, John De- 
mon, Phillip Groues. 
In the action of Sarah Lord pi. agt Willia Venison* deft, the 
Court adiudgeth the def^ to pay the pi. 14s. lOdf. damages & 
costs of Court. 

In the actio of Sarah Lord pi. ag' Nath: Watson def^ the 
Court adiudgeth the said Watson to pay the pi. ten bush: of 
Wheat & costs of Court. 

John Truble accepteth of Math: Gryssell his Oath and is con- 
tent to be accoumptable to him for 20 bush: of Wheate. 

Will' Colefoxe, for his misdemeanor in laboring to inuegle the 
affections of Write his daughter, is fyned 5Z. 

In the action of Math: Gryssell pi*, ag* Tho: Olcoat deft, the 
Jury find for the pl^e, That accoumpting the former judgement 

* The entries which follow, in relation to the estates of John and Abraham Elsen, are in a 
different hand writing from the rest of the page, and were probably made some weeks subse- 
quently. The Inventory of John Elsen was taken May 16th. 

♦ Vincent ■? 


graunted Mr. Olcoat to be fully satisfied, the pi. is to receaue 
backe 30Z. of the deft, and costs of Court. 

In the action of Ed: Higby pi. ag* James Whatly deft, the 
Jury find for the defen*, costs of Court. 

In the ac. of Rich: Meaks pi. ag* Will' Lewis def*, the Jury 
find for the pi. ten shillings damages & costs of Court. 

The Constables are to make p''sentment of the brech of any 

[176] May the 18th, 1648. 

Ed: Hopkins Esqf, Gou''. 
Roger Ludlowe Esq"", Dep. 

George Fenwicke Esq^", Magestrate ; Mr. Welles, M: 
Tr[es^;] Jo: Heynes Esq^ M: Mr. Webster, M: Cap: 
Mason, M; Mr. Woolcoate, M; Mr. Cullicke, i)i"; >Secr; 
Mr. Howell, M: Mr. Cosmore, M: 
[Deputy e s :'] Mr. Talcoate, Mr. Westwood, Andrewe 
Bacon, Ed: Stebbing, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allen, Mr. 
Stoughton, Jo: Byssell, Mr. Trott, Linetenant Boosy, 
Sa: Smith, Nath: Dickenson, Stephen Hart, Tho: Judde, 
Andrew Waird, Mr. Taynter, Phillip Groues. 
Whereas ther are certen farms to be sett forth vppon the 
borders or wt^in the limitts of Fayerfield, It is Ordered, ther 
shalbe no further pi'ceeding in takeing vp any grownd ther 
aboute vntill it be vewed by some that shalbe appoynted by 
such as shall keepe the next Court to be held att Fayerfield. 

The motion made by Mr. Ludlowe, concerneing Moses 
Wheeler for the keepeing the Ferry att Stratford, is referred to 
such as shall keepe the next Court att Fayerfield, both in the 
behalfe of the Country and the Towne of Stratford. 

Wheras Dauid Prouost and other Dutchmen (as the Court 
is informed,) haue sould powder and shotte to seuerall Indeans, 
against the expresse Lawes both of the Inglishe & Dutch, It is 
now Ordered, that if vppon examination of witnesses the said 
defaulte shall fully appeare, the penulty of the lawes of this 
Comon welth shalbe laid vppon such as shalbe found guilty of 
such transgression, the w^hif such delinquents shall notsubiect 
vnto they shalbe shipped for Ingland and sent to the Parlament. 


It is Ordered, that Capten Mason shall goe to Long Hand 
and to such Indeans vppon the Mayne as are tributaryes to the 
Inglishe, and require the Tribuit of the, long behind & yet 
vnpaid, and to take some stricte and righteous course for the 
speedy recouering therof ; and it is judged equall and alowed 
that he shall haue the on halfe for his paynes. 

Mr. Wynthrope the younger is to haue Comission for to exe- 
cute the place of a Magistrate at Pequoyt. 

The Gouernour and Deputy are desiered to execute the place 
of Comissioners for this Jurisdiction w*^ the Vnited Collines, 
for the meeting in September and for on yeare, and in case 
ether of the shalbe p^uented by sicknes or otherwise, Mr. 
Welles is desiered to supply the place. 

Hartford is to make and mayntayne the Bridge leading to 
Farmington, w^i^in the libertyes of Hartford. 

[177] June the first, 1648.* 

Ed: Hopkins Esq"", Gc. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcoate, Mr. Welles. 
The Jury : Mr. Parke, Gregory Wilterton, John Barnard, 
Richard Goodman, Rich: Olmstead, Mr. Pynny, Robert 
Wynchell, Dauid Wilton, Will' Traull, Nath: Dicken- 
son, Rich: Smith, John Edwards. 
In the action of Carpenter pi*, agt Demon defS the Jury find 
for the pi. 4/. damages & costs of Court. Execution d'd to the 
pV this 30'" of March, 1650. 

John Byssell is bownd in a Recognizance of 10/. and John 
Bennitte of 20/. pi'uided that the said Bennit keepe good beha- 
uior and appeare the next Court. He promiseth to acknow- 
ledge his fault publiquely at Wyndsor. 

John Moses, for miscaridges w^i^ Dauid Wilton his daughter, 
fyned 20s. 

* With the record of this Court, the official duties of Mr. Welles, as Secretary, terminated. The 
fecord of the following session, is in tlie hand writing of Mr. (afterwards Captain) John Cullick, 
Who had been chosen Secretary in May previous, and who continued in office until 1658. 

op connecticut. 165 

[178] Att a meeting of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 
THIS 12'^i» DAY of July, 1648. 
Whereas seuerall inconveniences doe appeare by reason that 
the seuerall souldgers of the Trained bands, in each Towne 
within this Jurisdiction, haue not beene allowed some powder 
vppon theire training dayes, for their practice & exercise in 
their seuerall firings : It is Ordered that theire shall bee allowed 
to euery souldger in the seuerall Trained Bands in each Towne 
as aforesaid, halfe a pound of powder a peece, for a yeare : and 
so from yeare to yeare, for the future : to bee prouided by and at 
the proper costs & chardges of the masters and gouerncs of 
each familie vnto w^h the said souldgers doe belong, to bee 
called forth, improued and disposed of, at the discretion of the 
Captaine or other principall leaders in each Trained Band. 

Att a Perticular Courte houlden in Hartford, the 7*^^ 
Septemb'', 1648. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Moderate ; Mr. Webster, Mr. 

Woollcott, Mr. Cullick. 
The Jury : Mr. Henry Woollcott, Jur : Will: Pantry, 
Will: Leawis, Will: Gibbens, Rich: Buttler, John Ed- 
wards, Sam: Hale, Sam: Smith Junio', Luke Hitchcock, 
John More, Antho: Hawkins, Aaron Cooke ; Jur. 
, George Chappell contra John Goodrich in an action of the 
Case. Withdrawne. 

Jeames Wakely pi*, contra Nath: Ward defends in an action 
of the Case. 

Mrs. Whiting pit, contra Jonathan Brewster defend^, in an 
action of Debt, 33/. 18s. Damages 10/. 

Nicho: Olmsted pi*, contra John Halls senior in an action of 
the Case ; damages, 40s. 

Tantom Heage, an Indian, plS contra Jeames Northam & 
Robert Boltwood defend^s ; damages, 20/. 

Jeames Northam plS contra Jeruis Mudge defend* ; dama- 
ges, 30/. 

Jeames Northam plS contra Jeruis Mudge defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the Case ; damages 30s. 


Jeruis Mudge plS contra Jeames Northam defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the Case ; damages, 3/. 

In the action of Nicho: Olmsted pi*, contra Jo: Halls defend*, 
the Jury finds for the pi*, damages 5s. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action of Tantom Heage, an Indian, pi*, contra Jeames 
Northam and Rob*: Boltwood defend*^, the Jury finds for the 
pi*, damages, 10/. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action of Jeames Northam pi*, contra Jeruis Mudge 
defend*, damages 30/. ; the Jury finds for the pi*, damages 3/. 
and costs of the Courte. 

In the action of Jeames Northam pi*, contra Jeruis Mudge 
defend*, damages, 30s. ; the Jury finds for the pi*, damages, 
12s. 6d. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action of Mrs. Whiting pi*, contra Jonath: Brewster 
defend*, the said Jonathan Brewster being called in Courte, or 
Elias Parkman his p^tner, neither of them did appeare to answer 
the action, wherby his Recogniscance is forfeitt. 

In the action of Jeames Wakely pi*, contra Nath Warde de- 
fend*, the action is deferred to the next perticular Courte, by 
theire joint consent. 

[179] Att a Generall Courte vppon the 14*^ day of Sep- 
tember, 1648. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Moderato"", by Vote. 

Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick. 
Deputyes: Mr. Steele, Mr. Taylecoat, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 
Phelps, Mr. Clark, Mr. Westwood, Jo: Bissell, Andn 
Bacon, Mr. Trott, Jeames Boosy. 
The Courte is adiourned to the W^ day of October next, ex- 
cept the Gouerno'' see cause to call it sooner. 

Att a session of the Generall Courte, this 11*1^ day of 
October, 1648. 
Mr, Hopkins Esq', Goui^nor. 
Mr. Ludlow Esq"-, Deputy. 


Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Steele, Mr. Clarke, 
Mr. Westwood, Jo: Bissell, Sam: Smith, Andrew Bacon. 
Thomas Lord was called vppon for selling Lead to an Indian, 
and he is to answer the next Courte. 

The Courte is adiourned to the 8th Jay of November next. 

[180] Att a Perticular Courte houlden in Hartford, this 
17*^^ DAY OF October, 1648. 

Edward Hopkins Esq^, Goumor. 

Magistrates : Jo: Haynes Esq', Mr. Wells, Mr. Wooll- 

cott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick. 
Jury : John Tailecoate, Nath: Warde, Will': Wads worth, 

Andrew Bacon, Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Thomas 

Coleman, John Demyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clarke, Mr. 

Allyn, John More. 

Elias Partman contra Edward Lee, in an action of the Case, 
damages, 405. Edward Lee is adiudged by the Courte to pay 
to Elias Partman 20s. for a Cannooe Edward Lee acknowledg- 
eth hee bought of Elias. 

Judgment is graunted by the Courte to Jeames Northam and 
Rob* Boltwood against Jeruis Mudge. 

John Bissell contra John Hawkes in an action of the Case, 
damages, 40s. 

In the action of the Case, damages 405., bet: John Bissell pi* 
and John Hawkes defends the Courte findeth for the defends 
costs 35. 

John Bissell complaines against John Bennett, for non 
prformance of covenant with him. 

John Drake complaines against John Bennett for saying he 
had intised and drawne away the affections of his daughter. 

John Griffin complaines against John Bennett for slaunder- 
ing and defaming of him, by charging him with giuing in to the 
Courte false euidence and testimonye. 

John Bennett being called in Courte, S^geant Fyler appeared 


in his behalfe, but would not answer to those things that were 
complained of against Bennett. 

George Chappell and Mathew Williams hauing forfeited 
theire Recogniscance, the judgement is suspended till they 
shall bee found or knowne to bee at the howse of Thomas Ford 
or John Sadler : and the judgem<^ of the Courte is, that if either 
George Chappell or Mathew Williams shall hereafter bee in 
either of the bowses aforesaid, and the said Thomas Ford or 
John Sadler shall not make it knowne to some of the Magis- 
trates within 24 houres after theire or either of theire being in 
theire bowses or either of theire bowses, they shall pay the Re- 
cogniscance forfeite as aforesaid. 

The distribution of the estate of Thomas Dewey, of Wynd- 
sor, deceased, was by this Courte, as foUow^h : 

To his Relict, 60/. . . . . . 60. 0. 

To his eldest Sonne by name Thomas Dewy, 30. 0. 
And to the other fiue children 20/. a peece, 100. 0. 

190. 0. 0. 

The daughters portion of 20/. to bee paid her at the age of 
18 yeares, and the severall sonns portions to bee pd. to them at 
the age of 21 yeares : the Relict giving in suffitient security to 
the children, before her marriage againe, for theire severall por- 

[181] October 17th, 1648. 

Jury : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clark, Jo: Demyn, Jo: More, 
Srgt Fyler, Nath: Dickerson, Tho: Coleman, Sam: 
Smith, John Hawkes. 
In the action of Jeames [ Wahehj'] pi* contra Nath: Warde 
defends the Jury finds for the defend* costs of the Courte. 

The Courte adiudgeth Peter Bussaker, for his fillthy and pro- 
phane expressions (viz. that hee hoped to meete some of the 
members of the Church in hell ere long, and hee did not ques- 
tion but hee should,) to bee coinitti d to prison, there to bee kept 
in safe custody till the sermon, and then to stand in the time 
thereof in the pillory, and after sermon to bee seuerely whipt. 


The Courte gaue order for an attachm*^ to issue forth vpon 
the whole estate of Peter Bussaker, in whose hands soeuer, for 
the security of his creditors. 

William Vincent is adiudged by the Courte to pay 2s. 6d. 
for neglecting his warde, and Nicho: Clarke is fyned 12d. for 
concealing it. 

The Courte giues Mr. Cullick order to administer vppon the 
estate of his man Richard Sawyer deceased ; there being eui- 
dence in Courte that Richard Sawyer said before his death that 
hee would leaue all that hee had to the dispose of his Ma"^ Cul- 

John Lord, Taylor, acknowledgeth himselfe bound in a Re- 
cogniscance of 20/. to this Comon wealth, to carry good beha- 
uio"" in his course of life ; and Thomas Lord his brother is his 
security in that behalfe. 

John Betts acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Comon 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. to carry good behauiour in his 
course of life, and Nicho: Olmsted is his security in that be- 

[182] Att a Session of the Generall Courte this 8^^ day 
OF NoVEMB'', 1648. 

Magistrates : Jo: Haynes Esq"", Moderator : Mr. Wooll- 

cott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick. 
Deputies: Mr. Phelps, Mr. AUin, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Steele, 
Andr: Bacon, Jo: Bissell. 
The Courte being mett, was adiourned to the 6*^ day of De- 
cember next. 

Att a Session of the Generall Courte, this 6*^ of De- 

CEMB'', 1648. 

Edward Hopkins Esq^ Gou'^no'". 

Magistrates: Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Deputies : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Trott, Mr. Allyn, 


Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Westwood, John Bissell, Sam: 
Smith, Andrew Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, Jeames Boosy. 

The Courte hauing taken into consideration the many occas- 
sions that are in veiw at p^sent, and Hke to bee for the future, of 
drawing away Corne from amongst vs, out of the Riuer, or in- 
gaging of it aforehand to those that doe carry it out from 
amongst vs, before the time of the payment of the Corne to 
Mr. George Fenwick, for the Fortt Rate, that when diuers peo- 
ple should pay to him, according to order, there corne is gone, 
wherby Mr. Fenwick hath for the time past susteined some loss, 
and may doe more for the future : — For the prevention whereof, 
it is ordered, that the Treasurer shall send out warrants season- 
ably to the Constables of each Towne vppon the Riuer within 
this Jurissdiction, for the gathering or otherwise securing of the 
aforesaid Corne for Mr. Fenwick, by the first of March ; that 
it may bee in readines, when called for, according to order and 
couenant, by Mr. Fenwick or his assigne ; and Mr. Wells for 
Wethersfeild, Mr. Webster for Hartford, and Mr. Woollcott for 
Wyndsor, are desired to call vppon the Constables in their seu- 
erall Townes, for the returne of their warrants by the aforesaid 
first of March. 

It is ordered, that there shall bee a day of Humilliation kept 
by all the Churches in this Jurissdiction, to seeke the face of the 
Lord in the behalfe of his Churches, vppon this d9,y fortnight, 
w^^ will bee the 20*^ day of this instant Decemb'". 

The order concerning the price of Boards, is repealed. 

The Courte is adiourned to the last Thursday in Jan'uary 
next, being the 25^^ day thereof. 

[183] The Perticular Courte, this 7'^ Decemb^, 1648. 
Edward Hopkins Esq"", Gou'^no'". 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Jury : Mr. Phelps, John Tailecoate, Will: Wads worth, 

Andr: Bacon, S;im: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Thomas 

Coleman, John Demyn, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Allyn, Will: 

Gibbens, John More. 


The Courte adiudgeth Jeruis Mudge to pay to Jeames Nor- 
tham and Robert Boltwood, for his pn of the damage they paid 
to Tantotn Heage, if hee had 8 head of cattle trespassers, 37s. 
6d. in good, dry, well-conditioned Indian Corne. 

Mathius Trott acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Common 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 20/. and Thomas Burnham in a 
Recogniscance of 10/. that hee the said Mathias Trott shall ap- 
peare at the next Perticular Courte houlden in Hartford. 

It is the judgement of the Courte that John Jennings should 
serue Jeames Northam first, so long as hee couenanted with 
him, and when his time is out with Northam, that then hee 
should serue Stephen Harte in the next place. 

The Courte frees John Betts and his security, and John Lord 
and his security, for theire and either of theire Recogniscances, 
for the good behauior of John Betts and John Lord aforesaid. 

The Jury finds the Bill of Inditement against Mary Jonson, 
that by her owne confession shee is guilty of familliarity with 
the Deuill. 

John Edmonds p^ contra the wife of Joshuah Jennings de- 
fendS in an action of slaunder, damages 50/. 

In the action of John Edmonds pi* contra the wife of Josh- 
uah Jennings defend', the Jury finds for the plS 5/. and costs of 
the Courte. 

John Bennett appearing to answer the complt^ made against 
[Jii?n] last Courte, and expressing his repentance, and promising 
better carriage for the future, the Courte is willing once more 
to pass by his corporall punishment ; and Will: Edwards ack- 
nowledgeth himselfe bound to this Common wealth in a Recog- 
niscance of 20/. that John Bennett shall carry good behauic in 
his course of life for the space of halfe a yeare. The perticu- 
lar Courte vppon the first of March, 1648, frees John Ben- 
nett and William Edwards, his security, from theire Recog- 
niscance for good hehauio^, as appeares hy the Records of 
that Court: 

The Courte frees Henry Palmer from his Recogniscance for 
his wiues appearing at the last perticular Courte, to answer the 
compl* of Mr. Robins : as also, remitt the miscariage of his 
wife therein, hoping it will bee a warning to her and others for 
the future. 

172 public records 

[184] The Perticular Courte, in Hartford, this 28*^ 
DAY OF Decemb'", 1648. 
Edward Hopkins Esq^ Goufnor. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Jury : Mr. Trott, Thomas Ford, John White, Nath : Ely, 
Rich: Smith, Luke Hitchcock, Sam: Hale, Henry VVooU- 
cott, Humphry Pinny, Dauid Willton, Walter Fyler, 
Rich: Goodman. 

John Willcock senior, pl^ contra Jeruis Mudge defend^ in an 
action of debt, 7/. 

Rich: Fellowes pi* contra Will: Vincent defend*, in an action 
of debt and damages, 18s. 

Richard Fellowes pi* contra Richard Coaker defend*, in an 
action of debt and damage, 8s. 

Jasp»' Gunn pi* contra Nicho: Olmsted defend*, in an action 
of the Case, dainages 41s. 

Beniamin Hilliar pi* contra Thomas Edwards defend*, in an 
action of Slaunder, to the damage of 40Z. 

Jeruis Mudge pi* contra Will: Colefax defend*, in an action 
of debt and damages, 16/. 

John Cullick pi* contra George Abbott defend* in an action 
of debt & damages, 30s. 

John Cullick pi* contra Jeruis Mudge defend*, in an action of 
debt and damages 20s. 

Jonas Wood of Long Hand pi* contra Thomas Newton of 
Fairefeild, in an action of the Case, damages 150/. 

Thomas Newton pi* contra Jonas Wood defend*, in an action 
of the Case for breach of couenants, to the damage of 200/. 

In the action betwene John Willcock senior pi* contra Jeruis 
Mudge defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 7/. costs of the 
Courte and wittnesses. 

In the action betwene Beniamin Hilliar pi* and Thomas Ed- 
wards defend*, the Jury findes for the defend*, costs of wit- 

In the action of Jeruis Mudge pi* and Will: Colefax defend*, 
the Jury finds for the pi*, his bill, 13/. 16s., and costs of the 


In the action of Jasp"^ Gunn pi* contra Nich: Olmsted defend*, 
the Jury findes for the defend*. 

[185] In the first action of Jonas Wood pi* contra Thomas 
Newton defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, that the defend* 
shall discharge or cause to bee discharged the bond that the pi* 
and his frends lye under at the Monatoes, w<^h was to answer 
the defend*^ ingagemt there, and to pay unto him 30/. besides, 
and costs of Courte. 

In the action of Thomas Newton pi* contra Jonas Wood de- 
fend*, the Jury findes for the pi*. The defend* is to deliuer to 
the pi* the two Cowes and the Steare, with theire increase if 
any, and twenty shillings in wampum, according to the bargaine> 
and if the said cattle cannott bee gott then the defend* is to 
pay him 18/. and costs of Courte. 

In the action of debt of John Cullick pi* contra George Ab- 
bott defend*, the Courte findes for the pi*, 305. 

In the action of debt of Capten John Cullick pi* ag* Jeruis 
Mudge defend*, the Courte adiudgeth the defend* to pay twenty 
shillings damadge to the pi*, and costs of Courte. 

In the action betwene Rich: Fellowes pi* and Will: Vincent 
defend*, the Courte adiudgeth the defend* to pay to the pi* 14s. 

In the action of Rich: Fellowes pi* contra Rich: Coaker de- 
fend*, the defend* not appearing to answer the action, the 
Courte giues order for an attachm* to issue forth ag* his body. 

Enoch Buck of Wethersfield acknowledgeth himselfe bownd 
to this Comon wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. toapp"" at the 
next perticular Courte in Hartford. Enoch Buck appearing 
at the Courte this first of March is freed from his Recog- 

John Russell seruant to Mr. Robins, acknowledgeth himselfe 
bownd to this Comon wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. to 
make his appearance at the next perticular Courte in Hartford. 

Beniamin Hilliar acknowledgeth himselfe bownd in a Recog- 
niscance of 30/. and Sam: Smith senic in a Recogniscance of 
20/. that the said Beniamin Hilliar shall make his appearance 
at the next perticular Courte in Hartford & carry in the Inte- 
rim good behauio'. He appearing at y' Covrte y' first of 
March, they are freed from this Recogniscance. 




Walter Leawis, seruant to M^s Hollister, acknowledgeth 
himselfe bound to this Comoii wealth in a Recogniscance of 
20/. and Mr. Trott in a Recogniscance of lOZ. that the said 
Leawis shall app^ at the next perticular Courte in Hartford & 
carry good behauio^, 

John Bernard of Hartford is fyned 2s. Vid. for not appearing- 
being called to serue vppon the Jury. 

Dauid Willton of Wyndsor is fyned 2s. vi^., for not appear- 
ing timely at the Courte, to serue on the Jury. 
[186] Thomas Newton of Fairefeild acknowledgth himselfe 
bound to this Comon wealth in a Recogniscance of 200/. that 
hee will answer, truly performe and discharge the verdict of the 
Jury in the action betwene Jonas Wood plS and himselfe de- 
fend*, at or before the last day of Febr: next, and Henry Grey 
and John Greene, both of Fairefeild are his security in the like 
sum for his true performance thereof 

And Jonas Wood of Long Hand ingages his interest in the 
Recogniscance aboue written, that hee will truly performe and 
discharge the verdict of the Jury in the action betwene Thomas 
Newton plS and himselfe defend*, at or before the last day of 
Febr: next. 

A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford this 
25th Jan'-: 1648. 
Edward Hopkins Esqi", Gou^'no''. 
John Haynes Esq"". 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. CuUick. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clark, Mr. Trott, Mr. Allyn, 

Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Mr. Steele, Mr. Tayle- 

coat, Mr. Westwood, John Bissell, Jeames Boosy. 

John Bissell vnd'-takes to keepe and carefully to attend the 

Ferry ouer the great Riuer at Wyndsor, for the full tearme of 

geuen yeares from this day, and that hee will provide a suffi- 

tient Boate for the carrying over of horse and foott vppon all 

occasions : And that if his owne occasions should necessitate 

him at any time to goe out of call from his howse or Ferry, 

that then hee will provide some able man in his roome to at- 


tend that seruice ; for w^h the said John Bissell is to haue of 
those that hee Ferryes ouer, eight pence for euery horse or 
mare, and two pence for euery person that goes ouer therewith, 
or that hath another passenger to goe ouer the said Ferry at 
the same time ; and three pence for euery person that goes ouer 
the said Ferry alone, single, or without any more thenhimselfe 
at the same time. And the Courte prohibitts all other persons 
(except the inhabitants of Wyndsor, who haue libberty to carry 
ouer themselues or neighbor's in theire owne Canooes or Boates,) 
from carrying ouer the said Ferry any passenger or passengers, 
when the said John Bissell or his Assigne is present, or within 
call of his howse or Ferry as aforesaid, to attend that seruice. 
And if any person or persons as aforesaid shall at any time 
during the aforesaid tearme, goe ouer by Indians or Inglish that 
haue not Boates or Cannoes of theire owne, that they pass 
ouer the said Ferry in, they shall as truly pay 8d. for euery 
horse or mare, and 2c?. for euery person, as if they went ouer 
with him. And the Courte allso giues the said John Bissell 
liberty to releiue such strangers and passengers as cannot goe to 
the ordinary, and to take of them convenient and reasonable 
recompense for the same. This was consented to by John 
Bissell in Courte. 

It is Ordered that Thomas Stanton shall haue paid him 
yearely by the Country, fiue pownds for his seruice in attending 
the Courte, or any of the Magistrates, as occassion shall require 
in any of the 3 Townes, Hartford, Wyndsor and Wethersfeild, 
to interprett the Indian language : and hee is to bee considered 
over and aboue, for his extraordinary seruice out of the said 
Townes. This order to continue till the Courte sees cause to 
the contrary. 

There is a rate of 125/. graunted by y^ Courte, to bee deuided 
as followeth : 

Hartford, 35/. 


Long Hand, 05. 


Wyndsor, 24. 


Fairefeild & Stratford,20. 


Wethersfeild, 24. 


Seabrook, 08. 




Farmington, 08. 




100. 00. Totall, 125. 00. 

To bee p<i in 3 month. 


The Court adiourned to 'y^ 2'^ Lecture in Hartford, in y® 
month of March. 

[187] The perticular Courte in Hartford this first of 
March, 1648. 
Edward Hopkins Esq"", Goui'nor. 
John Haynes Esq"". 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Juri/ : Mr. Westwood, Mr. Ollcott, Tho: Osmore, Tho: 
Bull, Tho: Coleman, John Nott, Sam: Smith, Sam: 
Bourman, Steph: Terry, Arthur Williams, Antho: Hawk- 
ins, John Hawkes. 
John Webb pi* contra Ralph Keeler defend*, in an action of 
slaunder, damages, 10/. 

John Webb pi* contra Ralph Keeler defend* in an action of 
the Case, damages, 10/. 

John Bennett pi* contra William Edwards defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the Case, damages, 15/. 

In the action of slaunder betwene John Webb pi* and Ralph 
Keeler defend*, the Jury finds for the defend*. 

In the action of the case betwene John Webb pi* and Ralph 
Keeler defend* the Jury finds for the pi*, 4s. damage, and costs 
of the Courte. 

In the action of the case betweene John Bennett pi* and Will- 
iam Edwards defend*, the Jury finds for the pi*, dainages 55*. 
and costs of the Courte. 

Nicho: Olmsted pi* contra Jeames Northam defend*, in an 
action of the Case, damages 255. In the action of Nicholas 
Olmsted pi* ag* Jeames Northam defend*, the Courte adiudg- 
eth the pi* to pay to the defend*, costs 26'. v'ld. because hee 
wanted witnesses to proceed in his action ag* the defend*. 

Ralph Keeler freed John Webb in Courte from his Recog- 
niscance to keepe the peace. 

The Courte frees John Bennett and William Edwards his se- 
curity, from theire Recogniscance for the said Bennetts good 


Beniamin Hilliar is fined 10/. 

Walter Leawis is fined 405. 

Rob* Rose is fined for his misdeameano"", 20s. 

John Bishop is fined for his boasting of his lying and other 
misdemeanors, 40s. 

Thomas Osmore, for not coming seasonably to serue on the 
Jury, is fined 5s. 

Enoch Buck is fined 10s. for irregular speeches in Courte, 
agt Robt Rose, when hee spake vppon his oath. 

Rich: Skinner pi* contra Peter Bussaker defends in an ac- 
tion of debt 24s. 5d.; the Courte finds the debt for the pi*. 
[188] Mathias Trott, for making composition about a seruant 
of Mr. Chesthers and concealing it when it was done, is adiudg- 
ed by the Courte to pay to Mrs. Chesther, from the time that hee 
did compound for him, w^h they conceiue was about the first of 
March, to the time that Mr. Chesther sent againe for him, be- 
ing about the latter end September, in all about 7 months time^ 
3s. pj" weeke. 

Wallter Leawis acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Comon 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 20/. and Mr. Trott in a Recog- 
niscance of 10/. that the said Walter Leawis shall carry good 
behauior and appeare at the particular Court in June next. 

Samuell Comstock acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this 
Cofnon wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. and Bray Rosseter 
in a Recogniscance of 20/. that the said Samuell Comstock 
shall carry good behauior for the space of ten dayes, and then 
the said Bray Rossiter shall either bring him the said Samuell 
Comstock to prison and leaue him in chardge with the keeper 
thereof, or bring him to Mr. Woollcott with such security as 
hee shall accept for his good behauior for longer time, and for 
his satisfying what damage Mr. Robins shall susteine for the 
want of his seruant. 

' Beniamin Hilliar acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Comon 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 20/. and Thomas Wright in a 
Recogniscance of 10/. that Beniamin Hilliar shall pay his fyne 
of 10/. when it is required, and carry good behauio^ for the 
space of one whole yeare. 

John Bishop acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Coinon 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 30/. and John Halls Junior in a 


Recogniscance of lOl., that if notice bee giuen to John Halls 
betwene this and the first Thursday of June next, the said John 
Bishop shall appeare then to answere the complaint of the 
Indians against him. 

William Comstock acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this 
Comon wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. and Mr. Trott and 
Samuell Smith Junior in a Recogniscance of 5/. a peece that 
the said William Comstock shall appeare at the perticular 
Courte, vppon the first Thursday in June next, and carry good 
behavic in the meane time. 

Georg Phillips of Wyndsor, by reason of seuerall weaknesses 
that for the present attend him, is freed from watching till the 
Courte sees cause to the contrary. 

[189] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 
THIS Mtt March, 1648. 
Edward Hopkins Esq', Gournc^. 
John Haynes Esq"", 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. CuUick. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clark, Mr. Trott, Mr. Allyn, 
Mr. Steele, Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. Westwood, Jeames 
Boosy, Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Andr: Bacon, 
John Bissell. 
The Court desires Mr. Wells and Mr. CuUick to draw vp in 
writing the whole agreement with Mr. Fenwick, an'd Mr. Hop- 
kins, about Seabrooke, and that the counterpart thereof vnder 
Mr. Hopkins his hand, may bee kept and recorded by the Sec- 
retary of the Courte.* Also, it is orderded that the Consta- 
bles in each Towne shall each of them take a receipt vnder 
Mr Hopkinses hand for so much as is allready paid him, and so 
euery yeare for such sums as they shall hereafter pay him, in 
reference to the aforesaid agreement : and shall make returne 
thereof euery yeare to the Secretary of the Courte, who is to 
keepe and record the same, for theire security. 

* See p. 119, [135.] The agreement waa not recorded until 1654. [Vol. ii. pp. 59-63.] 


Mr. John Wenthrop of Pequet was voted to bee in nomina- 
tion for election to the place of a magistrate. 

Whereas by the 6'^ Article in the Combination of the Vni- 
ted Colonyes, in cases proper to the Comissioners, if six agree 
not, the propositions with the reasons is to bee referred to the 
foure Generall Courts, and by theire joint agreement to bee de- 
termined, It was now recommended by the Commissioners to 
the seuerall Generall Courts, that if any three of the said Gen- 
erall Courts agree and conclude any such proposition, it might 
pass and bee accounted as the conclusion of the vnited Colo- 
nyes, as it should haue passed as an Act of the Comissioners if 
six of them had consented ; w^h being duely considered, it was 
consented to and ratified by the Courte, prouided the Generall 
Courts of the other Colonyes doe the like. 

It was further, vppon the recomendation of the Comission- 
ers, ordered by this Courte, that no peage, white or black, bee 
paid or receiued, but what is strung, and in some measure strung 
gUtably, and not small and great, vncomely and disorderly mixt, 
as formerly it hath beene.*. 

Whereas allso, It was recomended by the Comissioners, that 
for the more free and speedy passage of justice in each Jurissdic- 
tion to all the confederates, if the last will and testament of any 
person bee duely prooued in, and duely certefied from any one 
of the Colonyes, it bee without delay accepted and allowed in 
the rest of the Colonyes, vnless some just exception bee made 
against such will or the proouing of it, w^h exception to bee 
forthwith duely certefied back to the Colony where the said will 
was prooued, that some just course may bee taken to gather in 
and dispose the estate without delay or damage. And allso, 
that if any knowne planters orsetled inhabitants dye intestate, 
administration bee graunted by that colony vnto w^h the de- 

" Vppon the motion of Mr. Dunster, President of the Colledge at Cambridge, consideracon 
was had about paym'ts made and received in peage, whether white or black. The Comission- 
ers were itjformed tliat the Indyans abuse tiie Engli^h with mucli badd, false and untini>hed 
peage and thai the Enghsh Traders, after it conies to their hands, choo.'-e out whatt fitts their 
nrrl<elts and occasions, and leaue the refuse to pass to and fro in their Colonies : w,h tlie In- 
dyans. whoe best understand the quality and defects of peague will not willingly lake back. 
Whereupon, ((hough they see not at present how lo propound a full reforinacon in all p'rticu- 
lars w'thout much ditlieulty and inconvenience, yet) they commend it lo the severall Generall 
Courts and to the Flantacons within the Vnited folonie.=. that noe peague, white or black, be 
1 ayd or received, but what is strung," &c. (Kecords of U. Colonies, Sept. 1648.; 


ceased belong, though dying in another colony : and the ad- 
ministration being duely certefied, to bee of force for gathering 
in of the estate in the rest of the colonyes, as in the case of 
wills prooued where no just exception is returned. But if any 
person possessed of an estate, who is neither planter nor setled 
inhabitant in any of the Colonyes, dye intestate, the adminis- 
tration (if just cause bee found to giue administration) bee 
graunted by that Colony where the person shall dye and depi't 
this life, and that care bee taken by that Gouernm* to gather in 
and secure the estate vntill it bee demaunded, and may bee de- 
liuered according to rules of justice : — w^^ vppon due consider- 
ation was confirmed by this Courte, in the behalfe of this Col- 
ony, and ordered to bee attended in all such occasions for the 
future ; prouided the Generall Courts of the other Colonyes 
yeild the like assent therevnto. 
(Court dissolued.) 

[190] A Perticular CouRTE, IN Hartford, 24th Aprill, 1649. 

Edw: Hopkins Esq', Gou^'no'". 

John Haynes Esq'. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Jur]/ : Thomas Forde, Joseph Mygatt, George Steele, 
John Marsh, Sam: Martyn, John Lattimore, Sam: Hale, 
Tho: Parkes, Rob* Winchill, Rich: Birge, John Loomis, 
Thomas Orton. 
William Hurlebutt pi* contra Jeames Wakely deft, in an ac- 
tion of the Case, dammages 395. 

Sammuell Steele pl^ contra John Steele defend*, in an action 
of debt, 28s., dammages 65. 

Jeames Northam pi' contra George Chappell defend', in an 
action of the Case. 

John Steele pi' agt Nathaniell Kellock defend', in an action 
of debt and dammages, 39s. 

John Willcock pi' contra Jeames Wakely defend', in an ac- 
tion of the Case, dammages, 6s. 

John Willcock senior pi' contra Jeames Wakely defend', in 
an action of the Case, dammages 25s. 


Mathew Marven pi* contra Mathew Beckwith defends in an 
action of defamation, damages 50Z. 

Richard Fellowes pi' contra William Hill defend in an action 
of debt and damages, 395. 

William Bartlitt and Edward Higbye being called in this 
Courte to appeare vppon theire Recogniscances, and not ans- 
ering therevnto, haue both of them forfeited the same. 

In the action of the Case betweene William Hurlebutt pi* and 
Jeames Wakely defend^, the pl^ falling shorte of his wittnes, is 
to loos his sute. 

In the action of debt betweene Samuel Steele pU and John 
Steele defend*, the Courte findes for the plS 345. 

In the action of the Case betweene Jeames Northam pi* and 
George Chappell defend*, the defend* not appearing to answer 
the pi*, the Courte orders an attachm* to issue forth vppon his 
two calues in the hands of the plaintiff, for his security vntill the 
defend* shall answer his sute. 

In the action betweene John Steele pi* and Nathaniell Kellock 
defend*, the Courte adiudgeth those of Farmington that haue not 
yet paide the pi* theire proportion for the drum hee sould them, 
to pay double theire proportion, if they doe not satisfie the pi* for 
the same according to covenant, before the next Courte. 
[191] In the action of the Case betweene John Willcock pi* 
and Jeames Wakely defend*, the Courte adiudgeth the defend^ 
to pay vnto the pi*, 45. 4d. 

In the action betweene John Willcock, senior, pi* and Jeames 
Wakel} defend*, the defend* hauing satisfied the debt allready, 
the Courte adiudgeth him to pay the pi*, I6d. costs. 

In the action of defamation betweene Mathew Marven pi* 
and Mathew Beckwith defend*, the defend* making hispublick 
penitent confession of his euill in slaundering the said pi*, was 
remitted by the Courte and pi*. 

In the action betweene Richard Fellows pi* and William Hill 
defend*, the defend* not appearing, the Courte adiudgeth him 
to pay the pi* the debt and costs I6d. 

Mr. Newton prooued in Courte that Peter Bussaker owes him 
the just and full sum of - - - 21. 55. 0. 

Joseph Mygatt, Ditto, - - 0. 9. 0. 

Thomas Forde, Ditto, - - 3. 0. 2. 



Rich: Billing, Ditto, - - 0. 17. 0, 

John Cullick, Ditto, - - 0. 10. 6, 

Mr. Wells, . . . o. 13. 0. 

John Nott, for resisting Nathaniell Dickerson when hee came 
with a warrant to distreine, was fined - - 505. 

John Kerby, for the like, is fined - - . 205. 

Rob* Slye, for exchanging agunn with an Indian,' is fined lOZ. 
Georg: Hubberd, for ye same, is fined, - - lOZ. 

John West, for the same, is fined - - lOl. 

Peter Blatchford, for y^ same, is fined - - 10/. 

Nicholas Clarke ingages himselfe to deliuer vp his man Vin- 
cent vnto the Courte, when his time is out with him, w^^^ he 
saith will be about Miheltide next. 

The Courte and Mr. Robins frees Samuell Comstock and 
Bray Rosseter from both and either of theire Recogniscances 
in Courte vppon the first of March, 1648. 

Peter Blatchford made oath in Courte, that at the latf end of 
the last yeare, hee deliuered aboard of Chichesters vessell to 
Mr. Blackleach, by y^ order of Jaruis Mudge, for the acco* of 
Rich: Belden, six bush: of wheat and three of pease. 

Thomas Bunce acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Com- 
mon wealth, in a Recogniscance of 5/. provided hee appeare at 
the perticular Courte vppon the first Thursday of June next, 
and carry good behauiorin the meane time. 

[195] A Perticular Courte in Hartford, the 16*^^ day of 

MAY, 1649. 
Edward Hopkins Esq"^. 
John Haynes Esq"^. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. 

Jury : Grego: Willterton, Nath: Ely, John Bissell, Thomas 
Standly, Thomas Standish, Sam: Smith Junior, John 
Rose, John Rily, John Drake, Humphry Pinny, Thomas 
Gunn, Peter Tillton. 
John Bissell pi* contra Jeames Egleston defend*, in an action 
of the case, dammages 395. 


Mr. Ollcott pi* contra Thomas Edwards defend*, in an action 
of debt and dammages, 39s. 6c?. 

Richard Fellows pi* contra Stephen Beckwith defend', in an 
action of debt and dammages, 305. 

William Frauncklyn pi* contra Thomas Barber defends in 
an action of debt and dammages, 6/. 

William Frauncklyn pi* contra Beniamin Nuberry defends 
in an action of debt and dammages; 45/. The pi' is non-suited 
and to allow 13s. 4d. costs. 

Beniamin Nuberry pi* contra William Frauncklyn defend^ 
in an action of slaunder, to the dammage of 10/. 

Nehemiah Olmsted pi* contra Richard Lyon defends in an 
action of the case, to the dammage of 12/. 

Mr. Ollcott pi* contra Sammuell Gardiner defends in an ac- 
tion of debt and dammages, 12/. 

Bray Rosseter pi' contra Mr. Henry Woollcott senior, de- 
fend*, in the behalfe of the creditors of Thomas Marshfeild, in 
an action of trespass, to the dammage of 12/. 

William Leawis pi* contra Thomas Dement defends in an 
action of slaunder, to the dammage of 50/. 

William Leawis pi* contra Thomas Dement defends in an 
action of the case, to the dammage of 3/. 

Thomas Dement pi* contra William Leawis defends in an 
action of slaunder, to the dammag of 51/. 

Thomas Dement pi* contra William Leawis defend*, in an 
action of the case, dammages 10s. 

Gregory Willterton, Nathaniell Ely, Arthur Smith, are each 
of them fined 5s. a peece for not appearing seasonably to serue 
vppon the Jury. 

[196] In the action betweene John Bissell pi* contra Jeames 
Egleston defend*, the Courte findes for the defend*. 

In the action betweene Mr. Ollcott pi* and Thomas Edwards 
defends the Courte adiudgeth the defend* to pay to the pi* 40s. 

In the action of Richard Fellows pi* ag* Stephen Beckwith 
defend*, the defend* not appearing in Courte to answer his sum- 
mons, The Courte hath ordered an attachm* to issue forth vppon 
his person to answer the pi*, the next Courte. 

In the action of William Frauncklyn pi* ag* Thomas Barber 
defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 4/. 2s, 6c?. to bee pd. in 


wheat at 45. p"^ bush:, and costs of the Courte, w^h the Courte 
adiudgeth 205. 

In the action betweene Beniamin Nuberry pi* and Wil- 
liam Frauncklyn defend^, the Jury findes for the pi*, dammages 
2d. and costs of the Courte, w^^ the Courte adiudgeth to bee 

In the action between Nehemiah Olmsted pi* and Richard 
Lyon defend*, the Jury finds for the plS dammages 111. and 
costs of the Courte. 

In the action betweene Mr. OUcott pi* and Samuell Gardiner 
defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, his debt of 7/. lis. 8d. dam- 
ages 30s. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action betweene Bray Rosseter pi* and Mr. Henry 
Woollcott defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, damages 3/. 125. 
and costs of the Courte. 

Thomas Barber testified this day in Courte, vppon oath, that 
hee being in William Frauncklyns howse last Septembi", and the 
said Frauncklyn speaking to him of Mr. Nuberry's debt, hee 
tould the deponent that hee had left that debt with Thomas 
Forde, to doe in it with Nuberry as hee saw cause. 

Robert Hay ward allso testified this day in Courte vppon oath, 
that hee being occassionally in William Frauncklyns howse, the 
said Frauncklyn tould him that hee had left the debt w^h Ben- 
iamin Nuberry owed him, with Thomas Forde. 

Mr. Wells made it appeare in Courte that Peter Bussaker is 
indebted to him 135. 

[197] William Bartlitt not appearing in Courte, being called, 
hath forfeited his Recogniscance of 20/. and Edward Higbye^ 
his security, for not bringing him in, hath forfeited his Recog- 
niscance of 10/. 

Gouert Locman not appearing in Courte, bein^ called, hath 
forfeited his Recogniscance of 200/. Sterling ; And Cornelius 
Vantino and Gisberd Vandict, his security, for not bringing in 
the said Gouert Lockman, haue forfeited theire Recogniscance 
of 200/. 

William Clarke, being called in this Courte to appeare vppon 
his Recogniscance of 10/. and not answering therevnto, hath 
forfeited the same. 

of connecticut. 185 

[192] At a meeting of the Freemen of the Jurissdiction 
OF Connecticutt, for the choyce of Magistrates, the 
17th OF May, 1649. 

Magistrates : 
John Haynes Esq^, is chosen Gou'■no^ 
Edward Hopkins Esq^, Deputy Gounio''. 
Rogr Ludlow Esqr, Magist7-ate. Mr. Webster, Magisf. 
Mr. Wells, Magisf and Treas- Mr. CuUick, Magisf and Sec. 

urer. Mr. Howell, Magisf. 

Mr. Woollcott, Magisf. Mr. Cossmore, Magisf. 

Capt. Mason, Magisf. 

Deputyes : Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 

Aliyn, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Trott, Edward Steb- 

bing, Andrew Bacon, Jeames Boosy, Nath: Dickerson, 

Sam: Smith senior, Danyell Tuterton, John Hurd, Mr. 

George Hull, Mr. Andrew Ward, Steph:Harte, Thomas 

Judd, John Clarke, Mathew Grisswold. 

Cary Lathum being to appeare this day at this Courte vppon 

his Recogniscance, and the Courte being certefied from Mr. 

Wenthrope of the said Lathums p^sent inabillity to trauell, they 

doe respitt the forfeit of his said Recogniscance, provided hee 

appeare at the Courte heere vppon the first Wednesday of July 


Isaac Wylly and Cary Lathum are to bee warned to the 
Courte the first Thursday in June, for resisting the Constable : 
and allso Robert Beadle and the aforesaid Cary, for letting an 
Indian goe that was committed to theire charge. 

Vppon the desire of the inhabitants of Pequet, for theire in- 
couragement it is Graunted by this Courte, that they shall bee 
freed from all publick Country charges, (except such as are oc- 
cassioned by themselues,) for the space of three yeares next 
ensuing : 

It is allso Graunted, that the bounds of the plantation of Pe- 
quett shall be foure myles on each side the Riuer, and six myles 
from the sea northward into the Country, till the Courte shall 
see cause and haue incouragement to add therevnto, provided 
they interteine none amongst them as inhabitants that shall bee 
obnoxious to this Jurissdiction, and that the aforesaid bounds bee 
not distributed to less than forty familyes ; 



And for the setling of some way for the deciding of small dif- 
ferences amongst them, vnder the value of forty shillings, It is 
ordered by this Courte, that Capt. Mason shall haue power to 
ciue the oath of magistracy to John Wenthrope Esq', for the 
[193] yeare ensueing, || and vntill a new bee chosen, whoe shall 
haue power (taking vnto himselfe Thomas Mynott* and Samuell 
Lathrop, as Assistants,) to heare and determine the same ; pro- 
uided if any bee greiued, they shall haue libberty to appeale to 
the Courte at Connecticutt, if they haue just cause so to doe : 

And the Courte will indeauor to take order with Vncus, that 
no trapps shall bee sett by him or any of his men, within the 
bounds of theire Towne : But to prohibitt and restraine Vncus 
and his men from hunting and fishing within theire limmitts, 
they doe not yett see cause to doe ; For no Indians are depri- 
ued of that libberty in any of o' Townes, provided they doe it 
not vppon the Sabath day : 

This Courte allso taking into consideration theire proposition 
for the restraining of others from trading Corne with the Indians 
within theire Riuer, They doe declare that they cannott re- 
straine any therfrom whoe Hue in and are members of any of the 
Vnited Colonyes ; and for others, It is vnder the p-'sent consid- 
eration of the Commissioners : 

The Courte commends the name of Faire Harbour to them, 
for to bee the name of theire Towne. 

Whereas, It is now come to the certeine intelligence of this 
Courte, that one Hallitt, with one that was Mr. Pheax his wife, 
are now come into, and Hues in the Plantation of Pequett, and 
(as is conceiued) hath committed in other places, and so lines 
at this present, in that fovvle sin of adultery, w^h is odious to 
God and man, and therfore this Courte cannott but take notice 
of it ; It is therfore ordered, that there bee a warrant directed 
to the Constable of the same Towne, to ap'hend the said par- 
tyes, and to bring them vpp to the next perticular Courte in 
Hartford, w«=h will bee vppon the first Thursday of the next 
month ; and the GouernC is desired to write to Mr. Wenthrope 

and acquaint him with it. 

As allso that a like warrant shall bee directed to the Constable 

• An error of the original record. The name should be Mynor or Miner, 


there for the aprehending and bringing vpp to the next perticu- 
lar Courte, Mary Barnes of iheire Towne. 

Thomas Mynott is appointed by this Courte to bee a miUtary 
Sergeant in the Towne of Pequett, and doe inuest him with 
power to call forth and traine the souldgers of that Towne, ac- 
cording to order of Courte. 

[194] Tnis Courte, taking into consideration the proposition 
of the Towne of Fairefeild, about a percell of land bought by 
them of the Indians, that it mighte bee settled vppon them for 
theire inlargement, doe desire and appointe Danyell Titterton 
and John Hurd of Stratford to suruey and veiw the said percell 
of land, and consider therevpon how convenient it is for them 
and inconvenient for this Comon wealth, to haue the said prem- 
isses setled vppon the said Towne of Fairefeild, and make re- 
turne thereof to the next Session of this Generall Courte, that 
they may the better know what is to bee done therein. 

The Deputy Gouernor and Mr. Wells are desired to execute 
the place of Commissioners for this Jurissdiction with the Vnited 
Colonyes, at theire meeting in July next, and for the yeare 

William Leawis and Isaack More are presented for Sergeants, 
by the Deputyes of Farmington, as chosen by the souldgers : 
and are approued by the Courte : and are to call forth and 
traine the souldgers at the dayes appoynted. 

It is ordered, that there shall bee a dwelling howse erected at 
Seabrooke, about the middle of the new Forte Hill, at the 
charge and for the seruice of this Common wealth. And Capt. 
Mason, Mr. Taylecoate and Jeames Boosy are desired to take 
care about it, and to see the thinge effected, according to theire 
best discretion. 

The Courte declares that the twenty pound that is now re- 
quired of the Townes of Fairefeild and Strattford, is in full of 
all accounts for theire proporcon of country charges to this 

Concerning Mr. Blackmans meintenance, Mr. Ludlowe is 
desired (both for what is behinde, as allso for the future,) to take 
care that it bee leuied, according to the seuerall seasons, as is 
provided by the order of the Country. 

It was reported by the Comittee appointed for the laying out 


of the lands vppon the Riuer, according to agreement with Mr, 
Fenwicke, that those of Seabrooke shall runn, in theire deuision 
of land on the east side the Riuer, from the Riuer eastward, 
fiue myles ; and northward vpp the Riuer, on the east side, six 
myles : And on the west side the Riuer, northward eight myles. 
The Court is adiorned to the first Wednesday in June next. 

A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 6*^ of 

June, 1649. 
John Haynes Esq"", Gou''nor. 
Edward Hopkins Esq^, Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Dejmtyes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylerd, Mr. Steele, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Allyn, Edward 
Stebbing, Jeames Boosy, SaiTi: Smith, Andrew Bacon, 
Nath:Dickerson, Steph: Harte, Thomas Judd. 
This Courte being informed (by the Committee appointed to 
take care about the erecting of a dwelling howse at Seabrooke, 
aboute the middle of the new Forte Hill, at the charge and for 
the seruice of this Common wealth,) that there is a want of the 
hands and abillityes of men of seuerall trades, and labourers, for 
the carrying on and effecting of the premisses in any reasona- 
ble time, doe order that it shall bee lawfull for any Magistrate 
within and of this Jurisdiction, to send out warrants for the 
pressing and compelling of such men to worke vppon the prem- 
isses, as they shall bee informed to bee fittest and most able to 
carry on the worke till the same bee effected and compleated, 
for such wages as the said Magistrate that giues his warrants 
shall judge meete, any order formerly provided for the regula- 
ting of mens wages to the contrary notwithstanding. 

For the better preseruing corne and meadow on the east side 
of the great Riuer ; It is ordered by this Courte, that there 
shall no hoggs or swyne of any sorte bee put ouer thither, or 
kept there, at any time after the publishing of this order, except 
they bee kept out of the bounds of the seuerall Townes, or in 
theire yards, vnder the penalty of two shillings a head for euery 


hogg or swyne, for euery time they shall bee found there con- 
trary to this Order. 

The Courte appoints Thomas Hollibutt of Wethersfeild. 
Clarke of the Trained Band of that Towne. 
[198] Vppon reading the Acts of the Commissioners for the 
vnited Colonyes at the meeting held at Plymouth the last seu- 
enth month, It was obserued that in the agitacon of the differ- 
ence betwixt the Massachusetts Colony and this, in reference 
to the imposition required from Springfeild, vppon some goods 
passing out at the mouth of this Riuer, towards the charge ex- 
pended at Seabrooke, tending to the good of all the plantacons 
vppon the Riuer, It was questioned by the Commissioners of 
the Massachusetts whether there were any order of this Courte 
extant, for the payment of any imposition by goods ap^taininge 
to the inhabitants of Springfeild, brought from thence and so 
passing downe this Riuer. The Courte doth declare that by 
express order, of the 5*^ Feb"", 1645, all corne laden aboard any 
vessell vppon this Riuer and passing out to sea at the Riuers 
mouth, was to pay two pence p^" bush : in the forementioned 
respects ; and Beauer twenty shillings p"" hogshead ; wherein as 
Springfeild was intentionally included, so this Courte had due 
respect therevnto as then considered vnder the Massachusetts 
Gouernement, that no greater burthen mighte fall vppon those 
inhabitants then according to cleare grounds of equity and 
righteousnes, in theire best aprehensions, they ought readily to 
submitt vnto, and was equal 1 for them to beare ; and no more 
then they should haue expected to bee imposed vppon them- 
selues in the like case ; which order hath beene since confirmed, 
and a penalty of confiscation of such goods annexed in case of 
non-payment : the execution whereof in refen nee to our breth- 
ren of Springfeild, hath only beene deferred vntill the judgement 
of the Commissioners of the other CoUonyes mighte bee under- 
stood in the premisses, according to the Articles of Confoedera- 
tion, wherin provision is made for deciding of any differences 
that might fall in betwixt any of the Colonyes ; wherevnto they 
referred themselues in this case, allthough they are yet allto- 
gether vnsatisfied that Springfeild doth properly fall in within 
the true limmitts of the Massachusetts Pattent, w^h they much 


desire may with all convenient speed bee clearly issued in a way 
of loue and peace, and according to truth. 

This was voted to bee recorded and sent to the next meeting 
of the Comissioners, as the Act of this Courte. 

[199] A Perticular Courte in Hartford 7*^ June, 1649. 
John Haynes Esq'", Gou'^nor. 
Edward Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Welles, Mr. WooUcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Jury : Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, William Wads- 
worth, John Crow, John Bernard, Thomas Selden, An- 
tho: Hawkins, William Heydon, Danyell Clarke, George 
Phelps, Josias Churchell, John Goodrich. 
Thomas Newton pi* contra John Capell, in an action of debt 
8/. and dammages, Al. 

Henry Grey pi* contra Jonas Wood defend*, in an action of 
defamation, to the dammage of 50/. 

William Edwards pi* contra Richard Samwis and Stephen 
Tayler, in an action of the case, damages, 10/. 

William Edwards pi* contra John Bennett defend', in an ac- 
tion of slander, to the dammage of 5/. 

William Leawis pi* contra Thomas [Dement'] defend*, in an 
action of slaunder, to the dammage of 50/. 

In the action betweene Thomas Newton pi* and John Capell 
defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, debt, 8/. and 2d., and dam- 
mages 40s. and costs of Courte. Execution graunted and 
deliuered the 21"" of May, 1650. 

In the action betweene Henry Grey pi* and Jonas Wood de- 
fend*, the Jury findes for the pi* dammages, 3/. 

In the action betweene William Edwards pi* and Richard 
Samwais and Stephen Tayler, defend*^, the Jury findes for the 
pi* 5/. 5s. and costs of the Courte. Execution deliuered to him 
the 7'^ ofNovemb", 1649. 

In the action of slaunder betweene William Edwards pi* and 
John Bennett defend*, the Jury findes for the defend*, and costs 
of the Courte. 


In the action of slaunder betweene William Leawis pi* and 
Thomas Dement defend^ the Jury findes for the defend*, and 
costs of the Courte. 

William Edwards is fyned, for drawing wine contrary to 
order of Courte, 30s. 

The Courte graunts execution to John Bennett ag* William 
Edwards, according to the verdict of the Jury at the Courte 
houldenthe first of March, 1648-9. 

The Courte graunts execution to William Francklyn ag* 
Thomas Barber, according to the verdict of the Jury at the 
Courte houlden the 16*^ day of May, 1649. 

The same is graunted to Beniamin Nuberry agt Francklyn. 
[200] Sainuell Pond complaines agt Jonas Westouer for mis- 

Jonas Westouer acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Com- 
monwealth, in a Recogniscance of 20/. and John Bissell and 
Robert Haward in a Recogniscance of 10/. a peece, provided 
the said Westouer appeares at the perticular Courte in Sep- 
temb"" next and carry good behauio' in the meane time. 

The Courte appoints Mr. Webster to goe to Stratford to assist 
Mr. Ludlow at the perticular Courte there, next Thursday come 
fortnight, in the execution of justice. 

William Comstock, Mr. Trott and Sam: Smith Junior, are 
either of them freed from theire and either of theire Recognis- 
cances for the said Comstocks appearing at this Courte. 

Walter Leawis and Mr. Trott his security are freed from 
either of theire Recogniscances, for the said Walter his appear- 
ing at this Courte. 

This day there was presented to this Courte the last will and 

testament of John Porter, late of Wyndsor, deceased, and the 

Inuentory of his estate. 

Cary Lathum, of Pequett, acknowledgeth himselfe bound to 

this Common wealth, in a Recogniscance of 40/. provided hee 
appeare at any place within this Jurisdiction haueing reasona- 
ble warning soe to doe, at any time within this six months, and 
carry good behauior in the meane while. 

William Bartlett acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Com- 
mon wealth, in a Recogniscance of 20/. and Cary Lathum, in 
a Recogniscance of 20/. that the said William Bartlitt shall ap- 


peare at the perticular Courte vppon the first Thursday in Sep- 
temb'' next, and cairy good behauic in the ineane while. 

Jonas Woods bond to the Dutch, hee deUuered into this 
Courte, wch was cancelled by order thereof, and the Seer, ap- 
pointed to certefie the same vnder his hand. 

Jonas Wood complaining to this Courte that by reason of 
Thomas Newtons failing to performe the verdict of the Jury, 
according to agreement at the Courte in Hartford, vppon the 
28th of Decembs 1G48, hee was forced, to his great loss and 
dammage, to satisfie his bond at the Monatoes himselfe ; This 
Courte adiudgeth to bee due to the said Jonas Wood from the 
said Thomas Newton, according to the aforesaid verdict and 
dammages, — 

For his bond at the Dutch, being 400 Gilders, 38/. 00. 0. 

For so much the Jury adiudged Newton to 

pay him more then the bond, . . 30. 00. 0. 

For the charge & dammage about it, . .10. 00. 0. 

78. 00. 0. 
out of w^h the Courte discounts the 18/. w^h Wood was to pay 
Newton, by the verdict of the Jury, vppon an action of New- 
tons agt Wood, the same day : so there remaines to Wood 
sixty pounds. Execution graunted. 

[201] A Perticular Courte in Hartford, the 6*^ of Sep- 
TEMB"^, 1649. 

John Haynes Esq'", Gouerno"". 

Edward Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster^ 
Mr. Cullick. 

Juiy : Mr. Westwood, John White, Nathaniell Ely, 
George Graue, John Lattimore, John Rily, Thomas 
Hollibutt, Luke Hitchcock, Will: Gayler Junior, Will: 
Phelps Junior, Walter Fyler, Robert Haward. 

Thomas Osrnore pi* contra William Cornewell defend', in an 
action of the case, to the damage of 4/. 

Richard Buttler pit contra William Cross defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the case, to the damage of 6/. 


Mrs. Chester pU contra Wallter Leawis defend*, in an action 
of defatnation, dammages, 10/, 

Sam: Gardiner pl^ for himselfe, Thomas Edwards and the 
Widdow Louenam, contra Thomas Osmore defend*, in an ac- 
tion of Trespass, to the dammage of 41. 

Mathias Trott pi* contra John Coleman defend*, in an action 
of slaunder, to the dammage of 50/. 

Mr. Henry Woollcott, senior, pi* contra Bray Rossiter de- 
fend*, in an action of the case, to the dainage of 12/. 

John Bissell pi* contra Richard Fellows defend*, in an action 
of the case, to the dammage of 40s. 

Owyn Tuder pi* contra William Edwards defend*, in an 
action of debt, to the value of 20/. 

Corbitt Piddell pi* contra Thomas Stanton defend*, in an ac- 
tion of the case, concernins; two cures, to the dammage of 6/. 

Jeames Wakely pi* contra Thomas Skidmore and Edward 
Higby defend*^, in an action of slaunder, to the dammage of 20/. 

Thomas Stanton pi*, contra Joane Sipperance, in an action 
of slaunder, to the vtter vndoinge of his wiues good name and 
allmost taking away her life, to the dammage of 200/. 

Joshuah Jennings, for not watching one night, and other ill 
carriages to the Constable, is to pay for the watchman in his 
roome, and is fyned, 2s. \\d. 

Jeames Wakely, for some defects in wattching, is fined 25. 

Henry Coale, for sleeping in y^ time of his watch, is fyned 


Nathaniell Barding, for the same, is fined lOs. 

Timothy Mercer, of Wyndsor, is fined, for a pound breach, 

[202] In the action betwene Thomas Osmore pi* contra Will- 
iam Cornewell defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, debt 205. 
damages 135. 4d. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action betwene Richard Buttler pi* and William Cross 
defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 4/. 55. in wampum, and costs 
of the Courte. Execution dd to y' pl\ y' 15"^ of May, 1650. 

In the action betwene Mrs. Chesther pi* and Wallter Leawis 
is defend* the Jury finds for the pi*, 205. and costs of y<^ Courte. 

In the action betwene Sammuell Gardiner pi* and Thomas 


Osmore defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 20 bush: of Indian 
corne, two bush: of Indian Beanes, and costs of y^ Courte. 
Execution d'd 14'* of May, 1650. 

In the action betweene Mathias Trott pi* and John Coltmaa 
defends the Jury findes for the plS 305. and costs of y^ Courte. 
In the action betweene Mr. Woollcott pi* and Bray Rossiter 
defend*, the Jury findes for the defend*, costs of the Courte. 

In the action betweene John Bissell pi* and Richard Fellows 
defend*, the Jury finds for the defend*, costs of the Courte, 

In the action betweene Owyn Tuder pi* and William Ed- 
wards defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 15 barrills of Tarr 
and 4/. \0s. and costs of the Court e. Execution granted, to 
issue forth within 14 dayes. 

In the action betweene Corbitt Piddell pi* and Thomas Stan- 
ton defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 20s. and costs of the 
Courte. Execution graunted to bee pi^sent. 

In the action betweene Jeames Wakely pi* and Thomas 
Sckidmore and Edward Higby defend*^, the Jury findes for the 
pi*, damages 2c?. and costs of the Courte, w^h the Courte al^ 
lowes to bee 9s. Sd. 

In the action betweene Thomas Stanton pi* and Joane Sib- 
perance defen*, the Jury findes for the pi*, 30s. and costs of the 

The Courte appointes the eldest Sergeant of the Trained 
Band at Wethersfeild, to call forth and exercise the same ac- 
cording to order of Courte, for the present, and that they should 
make choyce of one amongst them for theire Leiftenant, and 
p^sent him to the Courte. 

[203] Mrs. Chesther complaines against George Chappell and 
Goody Coleman and Danyell Turner, for misdeameano^s. 

Danyell Turner, for libelling against Mrs. Chesther and for 
other misdemeano'^s, is committed to prison, and is to bee 
brought forth and whipt next Lecture day, and then to goe to 
prison againe for a month from this time, and then publickly 
corrected againe, and giue good security for his good behauior. 
Thomas Willkenson, for disorderly carriage in the meeting- 
howse, vppon the Saboath day, is to bee committed to prison 
till the Courte sees cause to free him. 


Thomas Rushmore, for the same crime, is committed allso 
with the former. 

This Courte frees Jonas Westouer and his security from 
theire and either of theire Recogniscances, for Westouers ap- 
pearance and good behauio^ 

Thomas Burnham acknovvledgeth himselfe bound to this Com- 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 10/. that Rushmore, his man, 
shall appeare at the next perticular Courte, and carry good be- 
hauic in the meane time. 

Gregory Gibbs acknowledgeth himselfe bound to this Comon 
wealth in a Recogniscance of 20Z. and Thomas Parkes in a 
Recogniscance of 10/. that the said Gibbs shall carry good be- 
hauio"" for the space of halfe a yeare next ensuing. 

The Judgment of the Courte is that Walter Leawis should 
giue Mrs. HoUister good security to the value of 30/. before hee 
goes from her, that what dammage shee shall susteine for want 
of his seruice shall bee made good and paid to her, if hee doth 
not make it appeare in a reasonable time, that hee is not bound 
to serue her any longer then vntill this time. 

William Bartlitt of Pequett is freed from traineing, by reason 
of his lamenes, prouided hee notwithstanding meinteine his 
armes as complete and able for seruice as they should bee if 
hee did traine. 

[204] A Generall Courte in Hartford, the 13*^ of 
September, 1649. 

John Haynes Esq^ Gou^nor. 

Edward Hopkins Esq^, Deputy. 

Magistrates: Roger Ludlow Esq^, Mr. Wells, Mr. 
WooUcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. CuUick. 

Deputijes : Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Steele, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Allyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Warde, 
Andrew Bacon, Edward Stebbing, Sam: Smith, Nath: 
Dickerson, John Demon, Thomas Staples, absent, Steph: 
Harte, Will: Beardsly, absent, Thomas Sherratt, absent. 
This Courte frees John Rockwell senior and John Styles 


senior, from watching and training, and Mr. Brancker from 
watching and wardinge and traininge. 

This Courte taking into consideracon the many dangers that 
the family es of Thomas Holcombe, Edward Grisswold, John 
Barthtt, Francis Grisswold and George Grisswold, all of Wynd- 
sor, are in and exposed vnto, by reason of their remoate lining 
from neighbors and nearenes to the Indians, in case they should 
all leaue theire families together without any guard ; doth free 
one souldger of the foremenconed families from training vppon 
euery training day ; each family aforesaid to share herein ac- 
cording to the number of souldgers that are in them : provided 
that man wh tarryes at home stands about the aforesaid bowses 
vppon his sentinell posture. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that whosoeuer shall take out any 
warrant from the Secretary thereof, that concernes an action, 
shall, before hee hath a warrant, enter his action with the 
Secretary and then take out his warrant for summons to answer 
the same, for w^h they shall pay for euery entry twelue pence, 
and for euery warrant foure pence, though they agree with their 
defendts before the Courte. Allso, if any other magistrate 
shall graunt a warrant that concernes an action, they shall en- 
ter the action in a small booke for that purpose before they 
graunt the warrant, and shall make a due returne at euery 
Courte to the Secretary thereof, what such warrants, and to 
whome, they haue graunted. And all such persons shall bee as 
lyable to pay twelve pence for euery such action, to the Sec- 
retary of the Courte, as if they should haue had theire warrants 
of him. 

It is allso ordered, that whosoeuer shall enter into any Re- 
cogniscance in Courte, shall pay to the Secretary of the said 
Courte for euery entry, six pence ; and before hee withdrawes 
it or bee freed from it, shall pay him for the withdrawing of it, 
twelue pence. 

Whereas by reason that the order about watching hath not 
beene rightly vnderstood, many differences and inconveniences 
haue beene occasioned. For preuenting thereof, this Courte 
doth explaine themselues and order ; that whosoeuer within this 
Jurissdiction that are lyable to watch, shall take a journey out 
of the Towne wherein heeliueth, after hee hath had timely notice 


and warning to watch, hee shall provide a watchman for that 
turne, though himselte bee absent. And if any man that takes 
a journey, or goes out of the Towne wherein he liueth, if hee 
returnes home within a weeke after the watch is past his howse 
hee shall bee called back to watch that turne past a weeke be- 

[205] Jespar Gunn, of Hartford, is freed from watching during 
the time that hee attends the seruice of the mill. 

This Courte, taking into serious consideracon what may bee 
done according to God in way of reuenge of the bloude of 
John Whittmore, late of Stanford, and well weighing all circum- 
stances, together with the carriages of the Indians (bordering 
therevppon,) in and about the premisses : doe declare themselues 
that they doe judge it lawfull and according to God to make 
warr vppon them. 

This Courte desires Mr. Deputy, Mr. Ludlow and Mr. 
Taylecoate to ride to morrow to New Hauen, and conferr with 
Mr. Eaton and the rest of the Magistrates there aboute sending 
out against the Indians, and to make returne of their apprehen- 
sions with what convenient speed they may. 

The Courte is adiourned to next Tuesday at noone. 

A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 

18^1^ September, 1649. 
Whereas the French, Dutch and other forraigne nations doe 
ordinarily trade gunns, powder, shott etc. with the Indians, to C 
great preiudice, and the strengthening and animating of the In- 
dians against vs, as by dayly experience wee finde ; and where- 
as the aforesaid French, Dutch etc. doe prohibitt all trade with 
the Indians within theire respectiue Jurissdictions, vnder penal- 
tye of confisscation ; It is therfore hereby ordered, that after 
due publication hereof, it shall not bee lawfull for any French- 
man, Dutchman or person of any other forraigne nation, or 
any English liuing amongste them or under the gouernment of 
them or any of them, to trade with any Indian or Indians with- 
in the limmitts of this Jurissdiction, either directly or indirectly, 
by themselues or others, vnder penalty of confisscation of all 
such goods and vessells as shall bee found so trading, or the due 


value thereof, vppon just proofe of any goods or any vessells 
so trading or traded : And it shall bee lawfull for any person or 
persons inhabiting within this Jurissdiction to make seizure of 
any such goods or vesells trading with the Indians as by this 
law is prohibited ; the one halfe whereof shall bee to the proper 
vse and benefitt of the partye seizing, and the other to the pub- 
lick : 

This order, vppon the recomendation of the Coinissioners to 
the Generall Courtes of the seuerall Jurissdictions was confirm- 
ed by this Courte. 

[206] The distribution of the souldgers that shall issue forth of 
each towne, is as followth : 

Hartford, . . . 13 

Wyndsor, . . 11 

Wethersfeild, . . 08 

Fairefeild & Stratford, 13 


The Comittee chosen by the Courte for the ordering of the 
setting forth of theise souldgers for ammunition and provision, 
are as followth : — 

Magistrates. Mr. Haynes, Mr. Hopkins, so farr as his buis- 
ines shall p'mitt, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster. 

Deputys. Mr. Allyn, Mr. Taylecoate, Sam: Smith senioi". 

Mr. Ludlow was desired to take care for preparing the sould- 
gers with provisions and all other necessaryes for the designe in 
the two * Townes : and Mr. Hull and William Beard- 

sley are chosen to assist therein. 

In the case of Thomas Newton pi* against John Cabell de- 
fendt the execution of the judgement is to bee suspended vntill 
the Courte of Election in May, to w^h Courte the defend* doth 
appeale, and the pi* is to haue notice to appeare at the said 
Courte to answer the appeale. 

Gouert Lockman appeared at this Courte and desired an 
issue might bee put to his buisines : hee was tould that notwith- 
standing the forfeit of his bond, yet if hee could make it ap- 
pear that hee was hindred by a hand of God, and that there 
was not a willing neglect of his owne, his case should bee taken 

* A blank in the original. The words omitted were probably ' sea side'. 


into due consideration ; wherevnto hee said little, onely pro- 
fessed his innocency in not selling any powder or shott to Indi- 
ans, but onely the quantity of a pound wch hee once gaue to a 
Sachem. Hee was allso tould that if hee would enter into a 
bond to a double valew of what his last was, payable by him in 
case euident proofe were produced, and that vppon Christian 
testimonye, (w^h hee called for,) that hee is vnder greater guilt 
then hee yett will acknowledge, by that mischieuous trade, the 
former ingagement should bee remitted ; w<=h hee refusing, the 
Courte further propounded to him either to pay the whole for- 
feiture or to enter into bond to appeare at the Courte in May to 
answer the charge against him, and to submitt to what shall 
bee found uppon tryall by suffitient testimonye, and hauing so 
done, the halfe of the forfeiture should bee remitted him. The 
said Gouert not attending the propositions made by the Courte, 
but after the adiournement thereof, applying himselfe to the 
Gouerno'' for an issue, hee condisscended by way of agreement 
to pay one hundred pounds, provided hee might not bee ingag- 
ed to abide the tryall of the case ; w*^^ was accepted by the 
Gouerno'', and the said suiTi receiued. 

The Courte is adiourned to the 10'^ day of the next month. 

[207] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 
THE 10*^^ OF October, 1649. 
John Haynes Esq"^, Gouerno'. 
Edward Hopkins Esq^ Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Deputy es : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Allyn, 
Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Steele, Edward Stebbing, Sam : 
Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Steph : Harte, John Demon, 
Andrew Bacon. 
It is ordered by this Courte, that the 100/. w<=h is receiued of 
Gouert Lockman, shall bee sequestred and reserued for the per- 
fecting of the Forte and worke about the same, so farr as it 
will goe, and that none of it shall [6e] expended vppon any 
other country or common respect. 


Mr. Hopkins, Capt: Mason, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Allyn and Mr. 
Taylecoate are desired to prosecute with effect the worke that 
is still to bee done aboute the Forte and dwelling howse to bee 
erected for the vse and seruice of the Country, according to 
former order of Courte. 

It is ordered that Thomas Stanton shall bee allowed and 
paide fiue pounds for the seruice hee did in interpreting the In- 
dians language the yeare before the last order for his receiuing 
the like yearely recompence for the future. 

The Courte is adiourned to this day month. 

A Session of the Generall Courte, this 7*^^ of 

NoVEMSr, 1649. 
John Haynes Esqi", Gouerno''. 
Edward Hopkins Esq^ Deputy. 
Magistrates: Mr. Wells, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Gay- 

ler, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Taylecoate, Edward Stebbing, Sam: 

Smith, Andrew Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, John Dement. 

It is ordered that a warrant shall issue forth to the Constable 

of Pequet, to repaire forthwith to Chessbrooke of Long Iland» 

and to let him vnderstand that the Gouernm^ of Connecticutt 

doth disslike and distaste the way hee is in and trade hee doth 

drive amonge the Indians : And that they doe require him to 

desiste therfrom immediately : And that hee should repaire to 

Capt. Mason of Seabrooke, or some other of the Magistrates 

vppon the Riuer, to giue an account to him or them of what 

hee hath done hitherto. 

It is further ordered, that East Hampton, of Long Hand, shall 
bee accepted and interteined vnder this Gouernment according 
to their importunate desire. 

This Courte graunts Sam: Smith and the rest of the owners 
of the shipp at Wethersfeild, libberty to get and make so many 
pipestaues as will freight out the said shipp the first voyage^ 
provided they doe it out of the bounds of any of the Townes 
vppon the Riuer, within this Jurisdiction. 
The Courte is adiourned to this day month. 


[208] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hart- 
ford, THE 5th of December, 1649. 
John Haynes Esq^, Gou'^no'". 
Edward Hopkins, Esqr, Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. CuUick. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Trott, Mr. Steele, 

Mr. Clarke, Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Andrew 

Bacon, Edward Stebbing, John Dement, Steph: Harte. 

There being a petition presented to this Courte, by some of 

inhabitants of Stratford, complaining against theire way of 

rating, the Secretary of the Courte is appointed to write to the 

Constable of Stratford that hee should acquaint the Towne 

of Stratford with the same, and that the Courte requires the 

Towne to take order that either theire Deputyes or some others 

may come prepared to the next Courte of Election in May, to 

speake to that case. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that there shall bee a publick day 
of Thanksgiving kept by all the Churches within this Jurissdic- 
tion that may bee seasonably acquainted therewith, vppon this 
day fortnight. 

The Courte is adiourned to the first Wednesday in February 

[209] A Perticular Courte in Hartford, the 6*^ of De- 
CEMBi^, 1649. 

John Haynes Esq"", Goumor. 

Edward Hopkins Esq^, Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Jury : William Gibbens, Nath: Dickerson, John Bissell, 
Sam: Bourman, Sam: Smith, Dauid Willton, Luke 
Hitchcock, WilUam Wadsworth, Thomas Bull, Thomas 
Bunce, John More, Antho: Hawkins. 
Thomas Burneham p^ contra John Bennett defend^ in an 
action of debt, to the value of 3Z. 105. 

John Sadler p^ contra John Bennett defend^ in an action of 
debt and damages 50s. 

William Colefax pl^ contra John Sadler defend*, in an action 
of the case, to the damage of 4/. 


William Houghton pi* contra Jeruis Mudge defend^ in an 
action of debt to the value of 6/. 10s. 

John Hudshon pi* as attorney to Sampson Shorye contra 
Will: Williams, in an action of debt and damages 8/. 

Jeames Wakely pi' as attorney to Stephen Day contra 
Thomas Sckidmore defend^ in an action of debt and dammages, 
111. 10s. 

Thomas Demon pit contia Sammuell Martyn defend', in an 
action of the case to the damage of 10/. 

Jeruis Mudge pi' contra Edmund Scott defend', in an action 
of the case to the damage of 39s. 

Richard Samwis pi' contra Thomas Barly defend, in an ac- 
tion of debt to the value of 5/. The defend' appeares not : 
And the pi' did not prooue that the warrant was serued. 

Sammuell Gardiner and Thomas Edwards pl'^ contra Ben- 
iamin Hilliard in an action of the case to the dammage of 3Z. 
10s. The defend' not appearing, the Courte graunts an attachm'. 

John Sable pi' contra Jeruis Mudge defend', in an action of 
debt to the value of 44s. dammages 15s. The defend' is to put 
in security to answer the pi', next Courte. 

This Courte doth sequester the howse, homelott and meadow 
of the relict of Abraham Elsing, now the wife of Jaruis Mudge, 
wch is mentioned and valued in the Inuentory of Abraham El- 
sing's estate at 40Z. 8s., for the vse and benefitt of the two 
daughters of the said Abraham Elsing ; and the whole rent af 
the aforesaid premisses shall bee reserued for the vse of the 
said children, from this present yeare vntill the Rent of the said 
land shall make vpp the said 40/. 8s. to bee two thirds of the sum 
of the whole estate that the said Inuentory doth ammount vnto. 
[210] In the action betweene Thomas Burnham pi', and John 
Bennett defend', the Jury findes for the pi', debt and damage 
1/. 18s. 2c?. and costs of the Courte. 

In the action betweene John Sadler pi' and John Bennett 
defend', the Jury findes for the pi', debt and damages, \l. lis. 
2d. and costs of the Courte. Execution deliuered to the Mar- 
shall, the W' January, 1649. 

In the action betweene William Colefax pi' and John Sadler 
defend', the Jury finds for the pi', damages 10s. and costs of the 


In the action betweene William Houghton pi* and Jaruis 
Mudge defend*, the Courte grauntes the pi* right to the cowe 
w<=h the defend* had formerly spuld him, in satisfaction for the 

In the action betweene John Hudshon pi* and William Wil- 
liams defend*, the Jmy findes for the pi*, debt and damages 8/. 
and costs of the Courte. Execution graunted in 14 dayes, and 
deliuered, the S"* /an'", (49.) 

In the action betweene Jeames Wakly pi* and Thomas 
Sckidmore defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, debt and dam- 
mages, 15/. 10s. and costs of the Courte. Execution graunted 
the 7"" of March (49.) and deliuered the 8'* day of y^ same month. 
In the action betweene Jaruis Mudge pi* and Edmund Scott 
defend*, the Court adiudges the defend* to pay the pi* 10s. 

In the action betweene Thomas Demon pi* and Samuell 
Martyn defend*, the Jury findes for the pi*, debt and damages 
41s. and costs of the Courte. Execution graunted in a week. 

Grego: Gibbs and his security are freed from theire and either 
of theire Recogniscances for the said Gibbs his appearance at 
this Courte and good behauior. 

John Jennings, for his filthy and prophane speeches and car- 
riages, is adiudged to lye in prison till next Thursday morning 
after the Catechising, and then to bee publickly whipt, and so 
returne to prison againe for a month after that, except hee finde 
bayle to appeare when hee is called for againe to receiue second 
correction, w<=*» the Courte appoints and thinkes meete to bee 
next Thursday come month, excepte the Gouerno"" judges the 
weather vnseasonable. 

Joane Sipperance is adiudged to pay double for the lace shee 
stole, and three fold for the time she absented herselfe from her 
mai's seruice. 

S''geant Barber, for his disorderly striking Leiftennant Cooke, 
is adiudged to lay downe his place, and is fined to the Country, bh 
Richard Webb is fined for not appearing at this Courte sea- 
sonably to serue on the Jury, 2s. vie?. 

[JVote. Here terminate tlie Court Records, contained in Volume I. The remainder of the 
volume consists of records of Wills and Inventories, and of conveyances of land and lay-outs of 
grants to individual proprietors. Volume II. contains only the proceedings of the General 
Court, — and from the period at which it commences, to June, 1663, the Records of tlie Particu- 
lar Court or Court of Magistrates, (including the Probate Records,) have been lost.] 


[volume II.] 

A Session of the Generall Courte, 6^^ of FebJ", 1649. 
John Haynes Esq'^, Gou'^no''. 
Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Deputyes ; Mr. Phelps, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Steele^ 

Mr. Taylecoat, Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, John 

Deming, Edw: Stebbingi Andr: Bacon. 

It is ordered by this Courte that Nehemiah Olmsted bring in 
to the Secretary a receipt vnder Mr. Hop[kins] his hand, in 
full for this yeares payment of that [ ] proportion laid vppon 
Farmington in reference to thb composition for Seabrooke by 
the first of the next month, and if hee failes so to doe, Mr. 
Treasurer is desired to send t^e marshall to distreine the said 
Olmsted. / 

The same is to bee done fori Jonathan Gillett and Tho: Buck- 
land of Wyndsor, for the yeafe 1647. 

And for the yeare 1648, Will: Phelps and Will: Hey [ton] 
of Wyndsor are required to doe the same with the former, or 
else pay it themselues. 

The same allso is to bee done by John Hawkes and Tho: 
Orton of Wyndsor, for the yeare 1649. 

This Courte appointes Sam: Bourman of Wethersfeild, to bee 
the Towne sealer of all measures and weights in that Towne, 
according to order of Courte. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that Will: Rescew shall bee 
allowed and paid out of the publique Treasury, ten pounds a 
yeare during the time hee keepeth the charge of the house of 

This Courte, taking into consideracon the petition of Tho: 
Staunton presented to them, haue graunted to him and doe 
order, that hee shall haue libberty to erect a trading howse at 
Pawcatuck, with six acres of planting ground, and libberty of 
feed and mowing, according to his present occasions : and that 


none within this Jurisdiction shall trade within that Riuer for 
the space of three yeares next ensuing ; provided hee submitt 
himselfe to such other exceptions and cautions as the Gouerno^ 
and Deputy shall judge meett. 

The Courte is adiourned to the 20*^1 of next March. 

[2] A Session of the Generall Courte, this 20^11 of march, 

[John] Haynes Esq^, Gouerno^ 
[Edw:] Hopkins Esq^, Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Taylecoat, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Clarke, Mr. Allyn, Sam: Smith, Nath: Dickerson, Andr: 
Bacon, John Deming, Edw: Stebbing. 
Robert Haward, miller of Wyndsor, is freed from seruing 
vppon Juryes during his attendance vppon the mill. 

The order about the wages of men and cattle is repealed. 
Allso, the order about the prises of all corne is repealed ; 
whereby all persons are left at libberty to make theire bargaines 
for corne, provided where no price is agreed betwixt persons, 
corne shall bee payable according to the former order, that is 
to say, wheat at 45., pease at 35., rye at 35. and Indian at 25. 
vie?, pr bush : 

The answer of the Courte to the petitioners in Saybrooke is 
to bee recorded : and the Comittee appointed to attend further 
what they shall desire, is as followth; — The Gournc, Mr. Wells, 
Mr. Webster, Mr. Steele, Mr. Allyn and Sam: Smith, and such 
other as they shall see cause to call to them : The answer 
followth : — 

The petition from the Inhabitants of Saybrook, presented by 
Mathew Grisswold and Tho: Leppingwell, being read and con- 
sidered, the Secretary was directed to returne the ensuing 
answer : 

Though the Courte yett see not any convincing strength of 
argument in the reasons alleadged to induce either an allteracon 


in theire judgement touching the equity of what is imposed, or 
a necessity of leauing the determinacon thereof to others, (the 
purchase or agreement mentioned not being carried on wholy 
without the knowledge or consent of the Inhabitants there, 
vnles the end be severed from the meanes, w^'^ prudence for- 
bids, the interests of that place as really concerned therein as 
the other plantacons, and in some respects more, the pretence 
of this Courts passing sentence in theire owne case, excluding 
all the inhabitants of the Riuer from a capabillity of acting 
therein, and vppon the same ground making all Courts vncape- 
able in many cases of determining by themselues what may 
concerne theire peace and comforts, without a forraigne assist- 
once, — the vncomelines, yea, and vnreasonableness whereof is 
easily obvious,) — yet this Courte, for the further satisfaction of 
the petitioners are content to giue them full libberty to present 
in writing any arguments or reasons they haue to lead theire 
judgements in the present case, w^h shall bee taken into due 
and serious consideracon, and either owned in theire strength, 
(if they appeare convincing,) or a returne made therevnto in 
[3] writing, if the validity bee dissatisfactory ; H wherein the 
Courte shall not deny them any libb[erty they] desire of taking in 
the aprehensions of others, (not [ ] concerned in the 

case,) for theire owne reliefe and [satis] faction : being no wayes 
vnwilling theire actions should bee brought to the light and 
judged by it, but ever re[sol]ued to give due respect to any 
beame thereof that [may] bee presented by any, when it shines 
in its beauty : But in the meane time they advise the petition- 
ers to adress themselues to a ready observacon of what is impo- 
sed, vntill the Courte see cause to make another judgement in 
the case. 

This Courte adds to the Committee chosen to prosecute the 
worke about a dwelling howse at Seabrooke, at the Courte 
vppon the 10*^ of October, 1649, Stephen Post and Thomas 
Traisy, of Seabrooke : — 

And Sammuell Smith senior, of Wethersfeild, to the Comittee 

about the lands at Mattabeseck, in the roome of Jeames Boosy, 

This Courte appoints that next Wednesday come seuen-night 

shall bee kept a publique day of humilliation throughout all the 

plantacons in this Jurissdiction, to seeke the face of the Lord. 


Mr. Clarke, of Wyndsor, is propounded by the Deputyes of 
that Towne to bee in nomination for a Magistrate, at the next 
Courte of Election. 

The Courte is dissolued. 

[4] A Generall Courte of Election, the 16*** of May, 

Edward Hopkins Esq^, Gouerno''. 
John Haynes Esq'", Deputy. 
Roger Ludlow Esq., Mag. Mr. CuUick, Mag. (^ Sec''. 

Mr. Wells, Mag. ^ Treasurer. Mr. Clarke, Mag. 
Capt. John Mason, Mag. Mr. Howell, ) chosen 

Mr. Webster, Mag. Mr. Cossmore, ) Magisf. 

Mr. WooUcott, Mag. 

Deputyes : Mr. Trott, Mr. Hull, Mr. Gaylerd, Mr. Steele, 
Mr. Taylecoate, Mr. Allyn, Mr. HoUister, Mr. Warde, 
Nath: Dickerson, John Bissell, Andr: Bacon, Edw: Steb- 
bing, Dauid Willton, John Deming, Will: Beardsly, Tho: 
Sherratt, Steph: Harte, Tho: Tomson, Tho: Birchard, 
absent, Nath: Griswold, absent. 
This day there were made Freemen of this Jurisdiction, 
John Wenthrope Esq^, Mr. Jonathan Brewster, Mr. 
John Russell, John Pantry, Natha: Cooke. 
It is ordered by this Courte that no Forreigner, after the 29th 
of September next, shall retaile any goods, by themselues, in 
any place within this Jurissdiction : nor shall any Inhabitant 
retaile any goods w^h belong to any Forreigner, for the space of 
one whole yeare after the said 29*^1 of September next, vppon 
penalty of confiscation of the value of the one halfe of the goods 
so retailed, to bee paid by the seller of them. 
The Courte is adiourned till Munday next. 

The pi'sentments of the Grand Jury vnto this Courte are 
vppon the fyle : w^ were fyned by the perticular Courte vppon 
the 20ti> of Febf, 1650, as appeares by the Records of that 


[5] A Session of the Generall Courte, the 21*^ of May, 

Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Gouernoi". 
John Haynes Esq^, Deputy, 

Magistrates : Roger Ludlow Esqf, Mr. Wells, Mr. Web- 
ster, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Taylecoat, Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde, Edw: 
Stebbing, Mr. HoUister, Andr: Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, 
Will: Beardssly, Tho: Sherratt, John Dement, Steph: 
Harte, Tho: Tomson. 
This Courte takinge into serious consideracon, the losse of 
time that the souldgers pressed vppon the last expedition against 
the Indians, might sustaine by theire depending therevpon, doe 
allowe to the common souldgers 6s. Qd. a peece, and the ser- 
geants 105. a peece. 

This Courte graunts execution to Newton against John Cable, 
according to the judgm* entred the 7*^ of June, 1649. 

This Courte, considering the Returne of Danyell Titterton 
and John Hurd, about a percell of land lying neare the Towne 
of Fairefeild, according to theire order from the Generall Courte 
of Election, in May, 1649, doe graunt vnto the said Towne of 
Fairefeild the said percell of land to Sagatuck Riuer : provided 
the said Sagatuck doe not exceed two myles from the bounds of 
the said Fairefeild. 

Whereas, a thousand acres of ground at Pequett were for- 
merly graunted to Capt: Mason, as a gratuity for his good ser- 
vice at the Pequett warr ; fine hundred whereof hee gaue to fiue 
of his well deserving souldgers, w^h now the plantation of 
Pequett hath taken vp at the graunt of the Courte ; this Courte 
judgeth it meete that those fiue souldgers should bee rationally 
recompensed and satisfied for the same, either at Niantecutt 
(if the Courte shall not finde it deepely inconvenient to the 
Common wealth or the Plantacon of Pequett,) or else in some 
other place or way. 

This Courte vppon request made, adds to the bounds of the 
plantation of Pequett, two myles from the Sea northward, vppon 
the same tearmes and cautions that theire former bounds were 
graunted. And to theire proposition for a further addition of 


meadow, wh they desire may bee at Niantecutt, this Courte 
declares that when the said Niantecutt is veiwed, and it doth 
appeare to the Courte that they may be accommodated there, 
[6] according to theire desire, || and yet this Common weahh 
suted allso (as was suggested by some interested in the said 
Towne of Pequett,) they shall attend theire reasonable satisfac- 
tion therein. 

Will: Rescews bill of charges for Elizabeth Johnsons impris- 
onment to the first Thursday of the next month, being 24 
weekes, amounting to 6/. 105. is allowed and approued : and 
the Courte desires Mr. Ludlow and Mr. Warde to see the bill 
discharged to the said Will: Rescew out of her estate. 

Whereas Mr. Jonathan Brewster hath set vp a trading howse 
at Mohigen, this Courte declares that they cannott but judge 
the thinge very disorderly, neuertheless considering his condi- 
tion, they are content hee should proceed therein for the pres- 
ent, and till they see cause to the contrary. 

This Courte desires the Gouerno'' and deputy to execute the 
place of Comissioners for this Jurissdiction, with the vnited 
Colonyes, for the meeting in Septemb' next and for the yeare 

This Courte graunts to Capt: John Mason fifty acres of ground 
neare a brooke, about foure or six myles on this side Mohegin, 
w^h is in consideracon for the land they graunted him at Pe- 
quett vppon the conquest. 

Henry Grey is fyned twenty shillings for abusing the Courte. 

This day 3 weekes is appointed for a day of Thanksgiuing 
publicquely, in all the Churches within this Jurissdiction. 

The Courte is adiourned till this day 5 weekes. 

[7] A Session of the Generall Courte, the 26'^ June, 

Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Gouerno''. 
John Haynes Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 
Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 


Deputyes : Mr, Steele, Mr. Taylecoat, Mr. Allyn, John 
Bissell, Edw: Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, 
Dauid Willton, John Deming, Steph: Harte, Tho: 

John Taylecoat Junior, being presented as chosen En[signe] 
to the Trained Band in Hartford, this Courte approues and con- 
iirmes the said choyce. 

Natha: Ely and Richard Olmsted in the behalfe of themselues 
and other Inhabitants of Hartford, desired the leaue and ap- 
probation of the Courte for planting of Norwaake, to whome 
an answer was returned in substance as foUoweth : — 

That the Courte could not but, in the generall, approue of the 
indeauo^'s of men for the further improuement of the wildernes, 
by the beginning and carrying on of new plantacons in an or- 
derly way; and leauing the consideracon of the just grounds 
of the proceedings of the petitioners to its propper place, did 
manifest theire willingness to promoate theire designe by all 
due incouragemt, in case theire way for such an vndertaking 
were found cleare and good : and prouided the numbers and 
quality of those that ingage therein appeare to bee such as may 
rationally carry on the worke to the advantage of the publique 
wellfare and peace ; that they make preparations and provi- 
sions for theire owne defence and safety, that the country may 
not be exposed to vnnecessary trouble and danger in these haz- 
ardous times ; that the devisions of the lands there to such as 
shall inhabitt, bee made by just rules and with the aprobacon 
of a Comittee appointed for that end by this Courte, or to bee 
rectified by the Courte in case of aberrations, and that they 
attend a due payment of theire proportions in all publique 
charges, with a ready observation of the other wholsome or- 
ders of the Country. 

The Courte is adiourned till this day month. 

[8] A Generall Courte in Hartford, the 12'^i> of Septemb', 

Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Gouerno^ 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Capt: Mason, 
Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 


Deputyes : Mr. Brewster, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Taylecoat, 
Mr. Allyn, Mr. Steele, Edw: Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, 
John Bissell, Dauid Willton, Tho: Mynor, Steph: Harte, 
Nath: Dickerson, Sam: Smith, Mr. Warde, Tho: Judd, 
Tho: Staples. 
Mathew Allyn, appealing to this Courte for justice in refer- 
ence to the 3 first verdicts of the Jury at the perticular Courte, 
the 5th day of this instant September, the contents of w^h ver- 
dicts may and doth fully appeare in the Records of that Courte ; 
They haue taken them perticularly into theire serious consid- 
eracon, and therefore haue concluded and determined as fol- 
lowth; — 

First, that they see no just cause to varye from or allter the 
first verdict of the Jury, and therefore doe allowe and confirme 
the same, namely, that Thomas Allyn should haue his speciali- 
ties of Mathew Allyn, with 10s. damage and costs of the 
Courte : 

For the 2"^, w^h was for vniust molestation and the damage 
therevpon, w^^^ the Jury found to bee sixty pounds, this Courte 
declares that they doe judge that Thomas Allyn was vniustly 
molested by Mathew Allyn, but cannott judge the dammage to 
bee so great as the Jury did finde, and therefore doe declare 
and determine that the dammage should bee brought downe to 
twenty marke and costs of Courte : 

For the 3*^, w^^ was for expences about cattle, this Courte 
approoues of the verdict of the Jury therevpon, w^ii is that the 
said Mathew Allyn shall pay vnto the said Thomas, forty fiue 
pounds and costs of Courte : 

And this Courte doth further conclude, adiudge and deter- 
mine, that Mathew Allyn shall pay vnto his brother Thomas, 
the full suih of fiue pounds over and aboue what was determin- 
ed by the severall verdicts of the Jury, w«=h fiue pounds is for 
the said Thomas his charges of trauells. 

This Courte desires Mr. Gouerno^ Mr. Deputy and Mr. Web- 
ster to consider of the graunt of land to Thomas Bull and oth- 
ers, and to settle somthing vppon them according to the graunt 
of the Courte in May last. 

Mr. Gayler and John Bissell are chosen by this Courte to 


arbitrate in a difference betweene Mr. Richard CoUecott and 
Mr. Mathew Allyn, and to put an issue tiierevnto. 

The Courte is adiourned to next Wednesday come 3 weekes. 

[9] A Session op the Generall Court, the 9^^ of Octo- 
ber, 1650. 

Edward Hopkins Esq"^, Gouerno''. 

Magistrates : Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Trott, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Steele, 
Sam: Smith, Natha: Dickerson, John Bissell, Edw: 
Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, Dauid Willton, Steph: Harte. 
It is ordered by this Courte that the Guards in the [seuejrall 
Townes within this Jurissdiction, shall bee allowed yearely, 
halfe a pound of powder a man, to bee prouided by and at the 
charge of theire seuerall Townes. 

The Courte appoints next Wednesday 3 weekes to bee kept 
a publique day of Thanksgiuing. 

The Courte is adiourned till next Wednesday come fortnighte. 

A Session of the Generall Courte, the 31st qf Octob'', 


Edw: Hopkins Esq^, Gouerno''. 

John Haynes Esqi", Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Steele, Mr. Trott, 
Natha: Dickerson, Dauid Willton, Sam: Smith, Edw: 
Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, Tho: Coleman, Tho: Judd. 
Thomas Standly, of Hartford, complaining to this Courte of 
a dissabillity in one of his armes, (w^h was broken not long 
since,) to handle his Armes and to doe his postures in millitary 
discipline, vppon training days ; this Courte frees the said 
Thomas Standly from his training, till they shall see just caus& 
to allter the same. 

The Courte is adiourned till next Munday. 


[10] A Session of the Generall Courte, the 3^ of No- 
vember, 1650. 

Edw: Hopkins Esq^, Gouernor. 

John Haynes Esq)", Deputy. 

Magistrates: Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Steele, Mr. Tayle- 

coat, Edw: Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, Tho: Coleman, Tho: 


Greenfill Lerreby, for his dissorderly carriage, is fyned fine 
pounds, — 5/. 

Stephen Danyell is fyned for the same, forty shillings, — 40s. 

And both of them are required if Joshuah Jennings (whome 
they rescued or at least conueyed from the power of authority,) 
come aboard their shipp againe, either vppon the Riuer or at 
Seabrooke, to deliuer him vp to authority. 

It is ordered and concluded, that whereas the Towne of 
Fairefeild hath not attended this Courte with a just and perfect 
list of the estate of theire Towne according to order of Courte, 
as they were inioyned, and required to doe, they shall pay to 
the Common wealth twenty nobles as a fyne for theire neglect 
if not contempt therein: and to pay to the Country, by rate for 
this yeare, according to the estate they formerly gaue in. The 
fyne of twenty nobles is remitted, as appeares by the Records of 
the Courte, 15'^ May, 1651. 

It is ordered, that the Treasurer shall send forth his warrants 
into the seuerall Townes, for the Country Rate, according to 
the rule in Courte for this present yeare ; and that hee shall 
keepe a just account how and for what he doth expend the 

The Courte is adiourned to the first Wednesday in Feb"" next. 

[11] A Session of the Generall Courte, this 5th qf Fes'", 

Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Gouerno"'. 
John Haynes Esq"", Deputy. 


Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Taylecoat, Mr. Trott, Edw: 

Stebbing, John Bissell. Nath: Dickerson, Dauid Willton, 

Andr: Bacon, Sam: Smith, Tho: Coleman, Steph: Harte, 

Tho: Judd. 

Whereas there is an order of Courte amongst vs w^^ prohib- 
itts all perticular persons within this Jurissdiction from buying 
any land of the Indians, either directly or indirectly, vnder any 
pretence whatsoeuer ; this Courte add^h therevnto and orders, 
that no perticular person whatsoeuer shall buy of the Indians, 
either directly or indirectly, any timber, candle wood or trees 
of any sorte or kinde, within this Jurissdiction, though it bee 
without the bounds of the seuerall Townes. 

Whereas, it doth appeare that much hurte, loss and damage 
doth acrue to this Common wealth and to perticular persons in 
the seuerall plantations, by those hoggs that are kept or beard- 
ed in the woods, by theire rooting vpp and wronging otherwise 
the common feed of cattle, and by theire hanging about and 
breaking through such fences as are suffitient against other cat- 
tle, into mens corne, and spoiling the same. It is ordered by this 
Courte, that if any hoggs or swyne shall bee found within three 
myles of any dwelling howse, in any of the plantations within 
this Jurissdiction (except such as are kept in mens yards, w^h 
are to bee ringed or yoaked when found in the streete, accord- 
ing to the order of Courte, in May last,) from the first of March 
to the middle of October, they shall forfeitt sixpence a peece, 
for euery time they are soe found. 

Whereas, by vertue of an order in May last, each Towne 
shall chuse among themselues fiue able men, to consider and 
order the best way of improuing and fencing common lands ; It 
is ordered by this Courte that the seruice committed to them, in 
all the perticulars thereof, w^h appeares more fully in the said 
order, shall bee attended by the Townsmen, or those men that 
are chosen to order and attend the affaires of the seuerall 
Townes wherein they line, within this Jurissdiction, and what- 
soeuer the maior pn of the said Townsmen in their seuerall 
Townes shall agree vppon, conclude, determine and order, ac- 
cording to the former order of fiue men, shall in all respects 


bynde and bee attended as fully as if it had beene done by the 
said fiue men. 

Thomas Horskins, of Wyndsor, being p^'sented as vnfitt and 
dissable to attend Trainings, watching and warding, this Courte 
frees him from the seruices aforesaid, during his dissabillity. 
[12] Whereas it doth appeare to this Courte that those Townes 
that are more remoate are at more and greater charge in bring- 
ing the Corne of their Townes, for the ordinary Country Rates, 
than those Townes or persons that are nearer to the Treasurer, 
place or places of payment, as occassions shall or may require ; 
It is ordered by this Courte, that for such corne as Wyndsor 
shall pay to the Rates aforesaid and bring downe to Hartford in 
corne, they shall bee allowed two pence in the bushell, and for 
what corne aforesaid they shall carry to Wethersfeild, they 
shall be allowed three pence p"^ bush: And Farmington three 
pence p"" bush: for what such corne they shall bring to Hart- 
ford, and if they carry it further they shall bee allowed reasona- 
ble satisfaction for the same, ouer and aboue the aforesaid three 
pence p"" bushell. 

A Committee for the clearing of the agreement with Mr. 
Fenwick, chosen by this Courte, are as foUow^h: Mr. Haynes, 
Capt. Mason and Mr. John Steele; these are for the clearing 
of the first agreement, being the Committee that made the said 
agreement. And for the second agreem^ Mr. Clarke and Mr. 
Taylecoate, whoe are to draw out a true coppy of both the said 
agreements vnder Mr. Hopkins his hand, w^h said coppie or 
coppies shall bee kept vppon record and fyled by the Secretary. 
And this Courte graunts libberty to each Towne to send any 
two of theire Inhabitants to the meeting of the aforesaid Com- 
mittee, to heare the said agitacons, and to satisfie theire seuerall 
Townes with the grounds of any conclusions that they may 
make, that so all scruples may bee remoued and all hearts sat- 
isfied and quieted for y^ future in the premisses : w^h said time 
of meeting for the Committee aforesaid, is the first Tuseday of 
the next month, being commonly called March, at the Gouern- 
C^s howse ; and the Deputyes of the seuerall Townes are de- 
sired to giue seasonable notice to theire said Townes of the 
premisses, that so no Towne may plead that they did not know 


of the same : only speciall notice is to bee giuen to Capt. Ma- 
son and the Towne of Seabrooke. 

This Courte graunts and orders, that the Secretary shall bee 
allowed and paid the suin of six pounds, being in p^t of payment 
for his great paines in drawing out and transcribing the coun- 
try orders, concluded and established in May last. 

This Courte is adiourned to the 2^ Lecture day in March 
next, after ye sermon. 

[13] A Session of the Generall Courte, in Hartford, 
THIS 19tii March, 1650-51. 
Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Goui^no"^, 
John Haynes Esq"", Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Capt: Mason, Mr. WooUcott^ 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Cullick. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. AUyn, Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. 

Trott, John Bissell, Sam: Smith, Natha: Dickerson,. 

Tho: Coleman, Andr: Bacon, Edward Stebbing, Tho:- 


Whereas vppon former information giuen to this Court that 

William Cheessbrooke (a smith, somtimes an Inhabitant in the 

Massachusetts, but more lately at Seacunck, alias Rehoboth, in 

the Jurissdiction of New Plimouth,) had begunn to settle him- 

selfe at Pacatuck, a place within the limitts of this Colonye,. 

order issued out to the said Cheessbrooke,* vppon seuerall 

weighty consideracons, either to depart the place, or to make 

his appearance, and giue an account of his proceedings, where- 

vnto hee submitted, and by a poenall obligation ingaged him- 

seife to attend : 

The said Cheesbrooke now presented himselfe to this Courte,. 
and in way of Apologie professed his sitting downe there was 
besides his purpose and intendment, his ay me being to settle at 
Pequett plantation, but finding that place in seuerall respects 
vnsutable to his expectations, and hauing disposessed himselfe of 
his former aboade, hee was in a manner necessitated for the 

* See page 200, ante. 








preservation of his estate to make winter provision for his cattle 
there, wherevnto hee was allso incouraged by Mr. John Win- 
throp, who pretended a Comission from the General! Courte in 
the Massachusetts for the planting of those partes. Hee was 
tould that as the right of that place did clearely appertaine to 
this Colonye, so his proceeding was vnwarrantable in sitting 
downe there without the knowledge and approbation of this 
GouernemS and it carried (in the open face of it,) the greater 
ground of offence, in that by his calling hee was fitted, and by 
his solitary liuing advantaged, to carry on a mischeiuous trade 
with the Indians, p^'fessly cross [to] the generall orders of the 
Country, and extreamely preiudiciall to the publique safety, 
which was increased by reports of practice in that kinde in the 
place of his last abode ; besides it seemed more than vncomely 
for a man professing Godliness so to withdraw from all publique 
ordinances and Xtian society. In his answer, hee acknowledg- 
ed his former transgression (for w*''' hee justly suffered,) but 
affirmed (to take of all suspition in that kinde) that at hi^ re- 
mooue hee sould away his tooles, and thereby made himselfe 
vncapeable of repairing any gun locks, or making so much as a 
scrue pinn, either for himselfe or others, and that hee was fully 
resolued not to continue in that sollitary condition, but had to 
himselfe good grounds of hopes (if libberty might bee graunted,) 
in a shorte time to procure a competent company of desireable 
men, for the planting of the place. 

The Courte duely considered all that was presented, & though 
they were willing to make the most favourable construction of 
his former proceedings, yet they exprest themselues alltogether 
vnsatisfied in the aforementioned respects, for his continuance 
there in the way hee is in, and could giue no aprobacon there- 
vnto, yet they were inclined (hee professing his full agreem* 
with the approoued Churches of Christe, in all things) if the 
necessity of his occassions to his owne apprehensions were such 
that hee would adventure vppon his owne acco^ and ingage 
himselfe in a bond of a 100/. not to p^'secute any vnlawfuU trade 
with the Indians, they would not conip[el [to 


♦ The whole of this last line, (at the bottom of page 13, in the original,) is nearly, apd a por- 
tion of it quite obliterated. 



[14] And if before the General! Courte in Septemb"" next, hee 
giue in the names of a considerable company of such persons 
as the Com^te shall approoue, who will ingage for the planting 
of the place and sitting downe there before the next winter, 
and allso submitt themselues to such wayes and rules as shall 
best promoate the publique good, all meete incouragement shall 
be giuen in that way :' w<=h being made knowne to William 
Cheessbrooke, hee thankfully acknowledged the Courts fauo'', 
and acquiessed in theire determinacon. 
The Courte is dissolued. 

A Generall Courte of Election, in Hartford, the 15^^ day 
OF May, 1651. 

John Haynes Esq', elected Gou'no''. 

Edward Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates elected : Roger Ludlow Esq"", J ohn Win- 
throp Esqr, Mr. Wells, Capt: Mason, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. 
Webster, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Howell, Mr. Tap- 

Deputyes : Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Steele, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Warde, Mr. Hull, 
Nath: Dickerson, Dauid Willton, Tho: Coleman, John 
. Deming, Edw: Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, John Clarke, 
Tho: Birchard, Tho: Thorneton, Steph: Harte, Tho: 
Staunton, John Brunson, Tho: Mynor, [Philjlip Groues, 

Samuell Fittch, Jonathan Rudd, John Strong, Moses Ventris, 
made free. 

John Dyer testifieth in Courte, that vppon a time this spring, 
Mr. Blinman and another of Pequett being at Seabrooke, de- 
sired this deponent to carry them ouer the Riuer in a cannooe, 
towards Pequett, \v^^ hee did; and that when hee had sett 
them ashore, it being wett weather, hee tarried there awhile, in 
w^h time of his tarrying there came three Indians to him', and 
that Thomas Leppingwell was with them, w'^^^ said Indians de- 
sired this deponent to sett them ouer in the cannoe, to Sea- 
brooke, w^h hee tould them hee would doe if they would worke, 


because the cannooe was heauy ; so hee brought them ouer, 
and when hee had turned the point into the North Coue, 
and came neare the vessells that rode there, the said Indians 
asked this deponent w^h was the Dutch vessell, and hee tould 
ym wch J then they asked this deponent whether the Dutchman 
had any coates : hee answered them, tutta ; then one of the In- 
dians stood vp in the cannooe and called to the vessell and 
sayd, Way bee gon coates ? Some answered, there was coates : 
then this deponent tould the Indians, Nux ; then they desired 
and hee sett them aboard, and this deponent tarried in the can- 
nooe : then Mr. Augustine, Mi'chS called to the skipper to shew 
the Indians some cloths, so the skipper and the Indians went 
downe into the hold, as hee supposed, amonge the cloth, & in 
the meane time Mr. Augustine spake to this deponent to come 
ouer, w^h hee did, and after the said Indians had beene a pretty 
w^hile in the hold with the skipper, the skipper asked Mr. Au- 
gustine how hee sould a coate of two yards : Mr. Augustine 
answered, twenty shillings : then this deponent asked the said 
Augustine if hee sould his cloth for ten shillings a yard; 
hee answered, yes, to the Indians, but for nine shillings to 
[15] others, or two bushells of wheat : then this deponent replied 
that two bushells of wheat was worth ten shillings. So hauing 
tarried some time, hee asked the Indians if [they] would goe 
ashoare ; they answered, by and by : then hee tarried awhile, 
and asked them againe; then one belonging to the vessell tould 
this deponent that hee might goe away if hee would, and hee 
would sett the Indians ashoare, when they desired it. So this 
deponent went home (and left the Indians aboard) and dyned, 
and spake nothing to any of any Indians going aboard the 
Dutch vessell ; and allso that hee knew nothing but the Dutch 
might trade coates, so they did not trade gunns, powder and 

Thomas Chapman, William Pratt, Jonathan Rudd, Sacha[ry] 
Sanford and Christopher Huntington, did all testifie in Courtc 
vppon theire oaths, that they knew nothing of John Dyers 
carrying Indians aboard the Dutch vessell, and that that was 
no ground of theire seizing the vessell and goods. 

Whereas Augustine Herriman, by trading with the Indians 
at Seabrooke, contrary to order of Courte, hath forfeited his 


vessell and goods, w^h was seized by some of the Inhabitants 
of Seabrooke aforesaid, This Courte hath taken the same into 
consideracon, and doe adiudge the said Herrman to pay vnto 
the said seizures the smTi of for[ty] pounds sterHng, in good 
pay : Aud that the said Herriman doe giue it vnder his hand, 
that vppon the tryall and examination of the buisiness, it did 
appeare that the English had dealt fairely with him all along in 
that business ; and that there was not any English that drew 
or caused the Indians to trade with him or in his vessell, to in- 
trapp or insnare both or either of them. 

The Gouernor, Mr. CuUick and Mr. Clarke are desired to goe 
downe to Stratford to keepe Courte vppon the tryall of Goody 
Bassett for her life, and if the Gouerno' cannott goe, then Mr. 
Wells is to goe in his roome. 

This Courte, considering the great inconveniences that occur 
by reason of Roade Hand interteining of fugitiues, and such as 
are guilty of capital! crimes and other misdeameno'^, from the 
seuerall vnited Colonyes, cannott but judge the same to bee ex- 
treamely preiuditiall to the peace and wellfare of the said colo- 
nyes, doe order that the premisses should be recomended to the 
serious consideracon of the Comissioners, that some efFectuall 
course may bee taken for the redress of the same. 
[16] This Courte desires that a letter should be written from 
the Courte to the Jurissdiction of Plymouth, that they would 
prepare themselues against the next meeting of the Comission- 
ers, to make appeare vnder w^h of the Colonyes the plantations 
of Warwick and others doe stand. 

John Bankes, Edward Adams, Phillip Pinckney, John Hoite 
and Georg Godding, being fyned twenty shillings apeece, as ap- 
peares in the Records of the Courte the S^h July, 1G50, this 
Courte frees the said partyes from theire said fynes, and Thomas 
Staples fyne of forty shillings is brought downe to twenty. 

Whereas in the order of Rating, the Comissioners of Faire- 
feild and Strattford are not inioyned and required to meete the 
Comissioners in the seuerall Townes vppon the Riuer ; It is 
now ordered by this Courte that the said Comissioners of Faire- 
feild and Strattford shall yearely, in the Town of Hartford, two 
dayes before the Generall Courte in Septemb"", meete with the 
Comissioners of the said seuerall Townes vppou the Riuer and 


bring with [them'] the lists of the persons and the estates of 
tiieire seuerall Tovvnes, that they may bee jointly examined and 
perfected, before they are transmitted to the said Generall 
Com'te. And if the said Comissioners should not agree, they 
are to present the grounds of theire difiering and disagreement 
vnto the said Courte, to bee by them issued and determined; 
and theire fyne of twenty nobles at the Generall Courte, the 3d 
of Novemb"", 1650, is remitted by this Courte. 

There being an occasion of debate in this Courte about 
Seabrooks non-payment of the proporcon laid vppon that Towne 
in reference to the purchase and agreement with Georg Fen- 
wick Esqr, John Clarke and Thomas Birchard, Deputyes for 
that Towne, did ingage themselues in the behalf of the said 
Towne of Seabrooke, that there shall bee due payment made 
of the said leuye due by the said Towne of Seabrooke, to bee 
paid for 5 yeares now past, in October next, provided theire 
payment of what is due or shall bee due, bee no preiudice to 
them or the Inhabitants of Seabrooke, in pleading any seeming- 
grounds or reasons they haue for their not paying of all or any 
parte of the said leuye ; the former Comittee are desiered to 
attend such reasons and allegations as they shall present, as 
formerly they were desired. 

Thomas Thorneton affirmed in Courte, that it was reported 
there was a hundred beeues killed in Fairefeild last yeare. 

This Courte taking into consideracon the proposition of the 
Inhabitants of Pequett for some inlargem* of meadow at Nian- 
tecutt, and whereas there was 500 acres of ground lying in 
Pequett graunted to fine of Capt: Masons souldgers at the Pe- 
quett warr, w^h being taken vp by Pequett, they doe desire may 
bee recompenced at Niantecutt ; the Courte desires and ap- 
points that John Clarke and Thomas Birchard of Seabrooke 
should goe to Pequett and veiw the said percell of land there 
[17] giuen to the said souldgers,|| and taken vp by Pequett, as be- 
fore and then goe to[Niantecutt] and lay out there vnto the said 
souldgers such and so m[uch] land as may bee fully equiuolent 
to theire former gr[aunt] of land at Pequett. And for the In- 
habitants of Pequett, [the] Courte graunts that theire bounds 
shall come to Bride Brooke, (the former graunt excepted,) pro- 
uided that it doe not come within the bounds of Seabrooke, 


and provided that what meadow or marshe there is aboue two 
hundred acres, it shall be reserued for the countrys vse [or] 
other and further dispose. 

Mr. Deputy and Mr. Ludlow are chosen Comissioners for 
this Jurissdiction to attend the next meeting of the Comission- 
ers of the vnited Colonyes, and so for the yeare ensuing as oc- 
cassion may require, and if the Deputy should bee gonn out of 
the Country to England before the said meeting, then Mr. Cul- 
lick is to supply his place. 

It is ordered, that those that hue in seuerall companyes at 
farmes remoate from the seuerall Townes, shall haue libberty to 
keepe one in each quarter at home vppon euery training day, 
who is of age to bare armes, provided one man, (where more 
then one is,) shall tarry at home but one training day at a time^ 
and that those whoe doe stay at home bee prouided with armes, 
according to lawe ; and where any one farme is so farre distant 
from the Towne as Mr. Fenwicks is, at Sixe Myle Hand, then one 
in like manner may remaine at home, for safety of the place. 

This Courte graunts theire consent that Nathaniell Rescew 
should haue Goodwife Johnsons childe, w^'^ was boi'ne in the 
prison, as an apprentice to him, till hee is of the age of twenty 
one yeares, and that the said Rescew shall haue ten pounds 
with him, out of Newtons estate. 

This day there was presented a letter to the Courte, by the 
Deputy, from John Wenthrop Esq"" of Pequett, directed to the 
said Deputy, the contents whereof fol[lowth :] 
Worthy S"-. 

It was my intent to haue waited vppon yo^^selfe and the 
Honoi'ed Courte, but some occasions of absolute necessity 
(as Mr. Blinman can informe) require my hasting into the 
Bay, w^h should haue beene sooner if I had beene well to haue 
gon by land, but I haue expected a passage by water to Provi- 
dence, wch I am now promissed by a pinnace that I expect to 
returne i'rom Leiftennant Gardiners this day ; therefore I 
[18] desire to bee excused till some further opportunity. 

There hath beene earnest motions to mee, from some well 
willers to the CoiTion good, to make some search and tryall for 
mettalls in this Country, and there is hope that there might bee 
a stock gathered for that purpose, if there were incouragements 
from the seuerall Jurissdictions. I have therefore made bould 
to propound the inclosed graunt to yo'"selfe and the Courte ; 
professing this, that I neither know nor haue heard of any 


mynes or mettalls within this Jurissdiction, for I haue not yet 
made any search, but only propound it for incouragement to 
any that will bee adventurers and joine in the vndertaking of 
such a designe ; w^'' is allready done in the Bay, where I know 
of two places of lead, one at Lynn and the other at Nuberry, 
but that at Lynn being chalenged by the Towne and so neare 
the Iron worke, that takes vp all the wood, that it cannott bee 
wrought there ; and the Towne hath beene at charge for the 
finding of the veine, but it cannot bee found, and so they are 
discouraged, for it was onely loose peeces that wee found. 1 
doe not much desire to haue any thinge put in about gold and 
siluer, yet if it be put in, it may incourage some, but I leaue 
all to the wisdome of the honoi^ed Courte, and with my humble 
seruice to yo''selfe and the Deputy Gou^'no'' and the Magistrates 
and Deputies I rest, Yo^ humble servant, 

May 13th, 165L John Wenthrop. 

Whereas, in this rocky country, amongst these mountaines 
and stonyc hills, there are probabillities of mynes of mettalls 
and mineralls, the discouery whereof, may bee for the great 
benefitt of the country, in raising a staple comodily ; — and 
whereas, John Wenthrop Esq"" doth intend to bee at charge 
and adventure for the search and discouery of such mynes and 
mineralls ; for the incouragement whereof, and of any that 
shall adventure with the said John Wenthrop Esq'' in the said 
buisines. It is therefore ordered by this Courte, that if the said 
John Wenthrop Esq"" shall discouer, sett vppon and nicinteine, 
or cause to be found, discouered, set vppon and meinteined, such 
mynes of lead, copper or tinn, or any mineralls, as antimony, 
vitriall, black lead, allom, stone salt, salt springs, or any other 
the like, within this Jurissdiction, and shall sett vp any worke, 
for the digging, washing, melting, or any other operation about 
the said mynes or mineralls, as the nature thereof requireth, 
that then the said John Wenthrop Esq"", his heires, associates 
p^ners or assignes, shall injoye foreuer the said mynes, with 
the lands, wood, timber and waters, within two or three myles 
of the said myne, for the necessary carrying on of the workes 
and meinteining of workemen, and prouision of coales for 
the same ; provided it bee not within the bounds of any Towne 
allready, or any perticular persons propriety, and provided it bee 
not in nor bordering vppon any place that shall or may by the 
Courte bee judged fitt to make a plantation of 


[19] A Generall Courte in Hartford, 11th qy Septemb"", 

John Haynes Esq^ Gou'^no''. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Capt: Mason, Mr. Webster, 

Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Allyn, Mr. Phelps, John Bissell, Dauid 
Willton, Mr. Trott, Sam: Smith, John Demyng, Natha- 
Dickerson, John Clarke, Mr. Tallcott, Mr. Westwood' 
Andr: Bacon, Edw: Stebbing, John Bankes, Will: Hill, 
Thomas Mynott, Wm. Beardsly, Thomas Judd, Steph: 
It is ordered, sentenced and decreed, that Mattabeseck shall 
bee a Towne, and that they shall make choyceof one oftheire 
inhabitants, according to order in that case, that so hee may 
take the oath of a Constable, the next convenient season. 

It is likewise ordered, that Norvvauke shall bee a Towne 
and that they prouide an inhabitant, according to order, who 
shall seasonably bee tendred to take the oath of a Constable. 

This Courte being informed by the Townsmen of Hartford 
that John Lord, contrary to naturall affection, hath withdrawne 
himselfe from his wife, and left her destitute of a bed to lodge 
on, and very bare in apparell, to the indangering of her health. 
The said Courte doth herev[ppon] order and giue authority to 
the said Townsmen to require of the said John Lord the wear- 
ing apparrell of his wife, and allso a bed for her to lodge on, and 
allso to search after the same in any place within this Jurissdic- 
tion, and to restore it vnto her, and reasonable satisfaction shall 
bee giuen if any person shall bee damnified thereby. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that the lyne of the Towne of 
Naiiieage shall begin on the east side the great Riuer oppositt 
to the point Mr. John Wenlhrop now liues uppon, and so to 
runn vppon an east lyne to Powcatuck Riuer, together with all 
the meadow, except it doth exceed foure hundred and ten acres. 
It is not intended that any pn of the former limmitts of the 
Towne should bee abridged. 

Allso the Hand commonly called Chippachauge,* in Mistick 
Bay is giuen to Capt : John Mason, as allso one hundred acres 

* Now called " Mason's Island." 


of vpland and ten acres of meadow neare Mistick, where hee 
shall make choyce. 

The Deputyes of Fairefeild haue, according to order of 
Courte in that behalfe, presented to the Courte a list of theire 
names and estates, w^h in the Totall amounts to the smTi of 
8895/. 3s. 

Thursday come seuen night is appointed by the Generall 
Courte for a day of Thanksgiuing in all the Townes in this 

Vppon petition of Nicholas Olmstead, the Courte frees him 
from traininge vntill further order. Repealed : fol. 21. 

The Court is adiourned to Wednesday come 3 weekes, after 

[20] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 
6tii OcTOsr, 1651. 

Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Deputy. 
Magistrates : Roger Ludlow Esqf, Mr. Wells, Mr. Wooll- 

cott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. 
Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, Natha: Dickerson, John 
Bissell, Andr: Bacon, John Deming, Sam: Smith, Steph: 
Harte, Will: Beardsly, Will: Hill, John Bankes, Tho: 
This Courte considering the motion and request of the 
Townesmen of Hartford, for some of theire inhabitants to bee 
freed from training to morrow and next day, they doe graunt 
and consent that they shall haue libberty to take of so many 
from theire training aforesaid as are necessary to bee imployed 
about the raising of the worke prepared for the supporte of the 
great bridge. 

This Courte being informed that there are seuerall Indians 
amongst vs that are knowne and may bee prooued to bee mur- 
therers of the English before the Pequett warrs, they doe referr 
the inquiry into the grounds and truth of the premisses vnto the 
magistrates of this Jurissdiction, and therefore doe desire that y*> 
Goui'no'" would write to, or seasonably conferr with Capt: Mason 


and Thomas Staunton, whether they know any such Indian, 
that soe they may bee brought to condigne punishment. 

This Courte hauing considered the appeale of Thomas Bar- 
lowe and Jehu Burr, about the verdict of the Jury at the last 
Courte in Stratford, whereby they were judged to pay for a 
colte of Leiftennant Wheelers, they doe determine and con- 
clude that allthough they see not reason to confirme the full 
verdict of the Jury, yet they judge it meete that the said Bar- 
lowe and Burr should pay to Wheeler, for his damage, forty 

Mr. Warde and John Bankes are desired to gather vp and 
make sale of any estate of that w^h was sometimes Peter John- 
sons of Fairefeild, and that they shall therewith satisfie the 
charges of the nursing of the childe of Goody Johnson. 

Nicholas Olmsteed, acknowledging to the Courte that by seu- 
erall irregular expressions in his petition, hee hath giuen just 
cause of offence vnto the Courte, manifesting in his express- 
ions his sorrow for the same, and desiring the Courte to pass it 
by. They doe remitt and pass by his offence ; and doe order 
that hee shall not bee freed from traininge vppon such a peti- 
tion, but if hee shall see cause, in time convenient, to present 
to the Courte the consideracon of his former good service, they 
shall bee freely willing to attend it, and to allowe him conven- 
ient and reasonable incouragem* ; the petition to bee taken of 
from the fyle. 

Vppon the complaint of the Deputies of Strattford to this 
Courte, in the behalfe of Richard Buttler, against an Indian 
named Nimrod, that willfully killed some swyne of the said 
Buttlers, this Courte consenteth that Mr. Ludlow may prsecute 
the said Indian according to order made by the Comissioners 
in that respect. 

[21] Whereas vppon the motion of Mr. Wells, Treasurer, 
It was propounded that in regard hee being in the place of Ma- 
gistrate, doth finde the execution of the Treasurers office to bee 
[some] what burdensome for both together, and therefore desires 
[to] bee eased of the Treasurers place, w^h this Courte doth 
desire at the Courte of Election, may bee attended, and that they 
would thinke of some body else to bee Treasurer in his roome. 

Andrew Warde, George Hull and William Beardsly are pro- 


pounded Tor Assistants to joine with the magistrates for the 
execution of justice in the Tovvnes by the sea side. 

It was ordered that Thomas Staunton should goe to Narra- 
gansett and demaund of Ninigrett 40/. for Eltwood Pomryes 
mare, or Pequoiam to bee d'd vp, according to the determina- 
tion of the Comissioners in Sept: last.* 

William Leawis Junior is confirmed Leiftennant, to order 
the souldgers at Farmington : John Steele Junior, Ensigne, 
and Thomas Barnes, Serieant. 

A letter being received from Capt: Mason, wherein hee de- 
sires, among other thinges, the advice of this Courte touching 
a motion propounded by some ofNewHauen interessed in Dil- 
laware designe, for his assistance of them in that buisiness, with 
some incouragements for his settling there ; The Courte ordered 
that answer be returned, in reference to the foregoing particu- 
lar, to the following purpose : — That it is much in the desires 
of the whole Courte that hee would not enterteine thoughts of 
remouing his aboade out of this Colony, wherevnto they cannot 
giue the least allowance or approbation ; yet if his owne desire 
bee for the present service of that place, and theire importuni- 
ties continue for his employment there, the Courte cannott 
wholy deny him or them, the worke being that W^^ they are 
willing to promoate, but are content hee shall attend the ser- 
vice for 3 months, provided hee will ingage himselfe to returne 
within that time and continue his aboade amonjTst them as 
formerly : 

* See p. 27, ante. ''Eltweed Pornry, of Windsor, in Connecticutt Jurisdiction, hauing often 
petitioned the Comissioners about a mare of liis, wilfully killed by a Pequott Indyan, called Po- 
quoiam, soone after tlie fore mentioned warr, when all sorts of horses were at a high price ; 
concerning which, Mr. Israeli Stoughton, General! for the Massachusetts, made an agreement 
with Meyantonime, one of the principal! Narragansett Sachems, with or under whom the sayd 
Poquoiam lined, on behalfe of the otfendors :**»•*» Upon consid- 
eration of the premisses, the Comissioners thought fitt that the sayd monye be againe demanded 
of Ninigrett," he being the brother in law of Poquoiam, and heir to Miantonimo, '' or that hee de- 
liuer Poquoiam into their hands ; but upon refusal! or delay, that some fitt man, duely accompa- 
nied, be sent, by order & direction of the Government of Conecticutt, to require it, with allow- 
ance of the present charges, and if it be not forthwith paid, to make seizure to the vallew of 
401. with the charges, and to bring it away with them ; and hereof che Narraganset Indians now 
pr'sent were willed to informe Ninigrett ; onely, if after such payment or seizure, Vncas or 
Wequash Cooke shall by intertaining, pr'tecting or concealing Poquoiam, hinder Ninigrett from 
recouering the same of him, in such case the said 40/. shall be accounted due and be required 
from them or either of them." [Records of U. Colonies, Sept. 1C51.1 


The Courte hath allso spoken with Leiftennant Bull, about the 
land at Nihantecutt, laid out to him and others with him, who 
hath promised to conferr with Vncas and indeuo"^ to giue him 
reasonable content and satisfaction, in reference to the prem- 
isses, wct if they shall not answerably attend, then vppon in- 
formation the Courte will take further consideracon thereof, in 
seasonable time. And whereas hee certifies in his letter that 
hee is not satisfied in Saquassens being exalted vnder our power 
to great Sachemship, this Courte declares that they doe not 
know of any such thinge, neither doe they or shall they allowe 
or approoue thereof.* 

[22] Mr. Webster and Mr. Cullick are desired to take an 
accot of the Treasurer of the debts of the Country, and how 
the last Country Rate is dissbursed, and present the same to the 
next session of the Generall Courte. 

It is ordered, that Mattabeseck and Norwauke shall bee rated 
this p^'sent yeare in theire proporcon, according to the rule of 
rating in the Country, for theire cattle, and other visible estate, 
and that Norwaack shall present to Mr. Ludlow, and Mattabe- 
seck to Mr. Wells, in each Towne one inhabitant, to bee sworne 
by them. Constables in theire seuerall Townes. 

It is ordered by this Courte that Wednesday next come fort- 
night, there bee a day of fasting and humilliation throughout 
this Jurissdiction, for and in consideracon of some diseases or 
infection that is among o"^ neighbors & freinds of the Massa- 
chusetts, as allso for and concerninge the affaires of o^ natiue 
country, and pi^sperity of the Gospell of Jesus Christe. 

* At a meeting of the Commissioners, in September, " Uncas complained that Sequassensome 
yeares since, as is well knowne, began hostile acts upon him, to the disturbance of the publique 
peace, whereupon he was occasioned to fight him and in the issue ouercame him and conquered 
his country, which though he gaue to the English and did not oppose the favour they were 
pleased to shew him in sparing his life, yet he cannot but looke upon himselfe as wronged in 
tliat Sequassen (as he was informed,) is set up and indeavored to be made a great Sachem, not- 
withstanding he hath refused to pay an acknowledgm' of wampom to him, according to his 

"The Commission'^s disclaimed any indeavors of theirs to make Sequassen greate, and are igno- 
rant of what he affirmes concerning the other, yet recommend it to the Gouernent of Con- 
ccticutt to examine the case, and to p'vide that upon due proofe Vncas may bee owned in what 
shall bee just and equall, and Mr. Ludlow was intreated to promote the same." [Rec. ofU 


£ S. 

Hartford estate was presented to this Courte to bee 22404:19. 
Wyndsor, ..... 15435: 

Wethersfeild, .... 12748: 

Farmington, ..... 04741: 
Seabrooke, . . . . .04150: 

Fairefeild, ..... 08895:3 

Strattford, ..... 07118:8:6(/. 


It is ordered, that warrants shall goe out from the Treasurer 
for a whole rate, and that euery person, according to the order, 
to bee rated at 25. Yid. pf head, shall bee brought downe to 18d. 
pf head ; the whole rate to bee paid ^ in wheat, and ^ in pease, 
and ^ in good peage or Indian. 

The Courte is adiourned to the first Wednesday in Decemb'' 

[23] A Session of the Generall Courte, the 3^ day of 
Decemb^, 1651. 

John Haynes Esq'', Gou'^no''. 

Magistrates : Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. CuUick. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. AUyn, Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. 

Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, Natha: Dickerson, Andr: 

Bacon, John Bissell, John Demyng, Steph: Harte, The: 


The Courte is adiourned to the first Tuesday in March next, 

by ten a clock in the morninge. 

[24] A Session of the Generall Courte, in Hartford, the 
2d OF March, 1651-52. 

John Haynes Esq"", Gournc". 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Capt: Mason, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Webster, Mr. CuUick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes : Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, Natha: Dickerson, Dauid 


Willton, John Bissell, Sam: Smith, Andrew Bacon, John 
Deming, Steph: Harte, Tho: Judd. 
This Courte orders, that the Treasurer shall pay vnto John 
Cullick the smTi of thirty two pounds nineteene shillings, out of 
the Country Rate pay, allready graunted and next to bee col- 
lected, w^^ is for so much the Country is indebted to Edward 
Hopkins Esq' ; the pay to bee made in Corne : if any wampum 
bee paid, it is to bee with so much allowance as shall make the 
wampum as good as corne. 

This Courte considering John Clarks bill of Countryes 
charges, they doe conclude and order that the Treasurer shall 
not pay him for the workmens diett aboue six shillings a weeke 
for one man. 

This Courte orders that the Treasurer shall pay to Richard 
Goodman and John Pratt, for the carrying on of the necessary 
worke about the prison howse, out of the next Rate, thirty 
pounds in such pay as the Rate is to bee paid in this Towne. 

Thomas Bull and others in the behalfe of the rest, hauing re- 
signed vp to the Courte one hundred acres of the grounds laid 
out at Niantecutt to them, of that parte thereof w^h lyes next 
to Seabrooke, w^h said hundred acres the Courte graunts lib- 
berty to the Indians that formerly posessed and planted the 
same, to posess and plant for the future, so long as they carry 
peacably and justly towards the English ; 

This Courte graunts to the said Thomas Bull and the rest of 
the fine of Capt: Masons souldgers, that they shall haue two 
hundred acres of that vpland w<=h lyes northward, next adioyn- 
ing to the remainder of land allready laid out to them, w^h they 
accept in full satisfaction for the hundred acres they haue re- 
signed as before. 

The Courte is dissolued. 

[25] A Generall Courte of Election in Hartford, the 
20th May, 1652. 

Magistrates elected : 
Edward Hopkins Esqs Gou^nor. 
John Haynes Esq*", Deputy. 


Roger Ludlow Esq>-, John Wenthrop Esq^ Mr. Wells, 
Capt: Mason, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Cullick, 
Sec\, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Howell, Mr. Tapping. 
Mr. Tailecoate, Treasurer. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Steele, Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. 
Warde, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Parkes, Edw: Stebbing, Natha: Dickerson, Andr: Bacon, 
John Deming, John Bissell, Tho: Coleman, Dauid Will- 
ton, Will: Hill, Will: Beardsly, Dan: Titterton, John 
Clarke, Tho: Chapman, Hugh Calkin. 
This Courte there was made free, — Robert Lockwood, John 
Tailecoat, Tho: Whittmore, Tho: Allyn, Tho: Bissell, John 
Hossford, John Bissell, Will: Beamunt, Will: Waller. 

This Courte hauing duely weighed and considered the 
grounds of John Coopers appeale to the same, in reference to 
the verdict of the Jury at Southampton in the tryall betweene 
Mr. Stanborough plaintifFe, and John Cooper senior, defend*, 
they finde and hereby doe declare that the said John Cooper 
had just ground and cause so to appeale ; allso, this Courte, 
considering the bill presented to them of Cooper to Peter Tall- 
man, Dutchman, and assigned by him to Stanborough, accord- 
ing to the euidence giuen in, they find that it was not an au- 
thentique bill. 

Whereas, by an order in this Coinon wealth, there is to bee 
a perticular Courte in Hartford the day before the two stand- 
ing Generall Courtes, in May and Septemb"" in each yeare, this 
Courte finding seuerall inconueniences that followes therevppon, 
doe hereby order that the aforesaid perticular Courtes shall bee 
kept in Hartford aforesaid vppon the second day before the said 
each standing Generall Courte, instead of the former, and that 
the said perticular Courtes now ordered shall bee ended before 
each Generall Courte. 

This Courte considering the grounds of the seizure of the ves- 
sell and goods of Oulsterman, at Fairefeild, Dutchman, by John 
Cable and some others with him, the parties on both sides haue 
left themselues with submission to the judgm* of the said Courte, 
in reference to the premisses, they doe order that the said Dutch- 
man shall pay to the seizors the sum of fine pounds, and all 
theire reasonable costs and charges therevppon, w^h being done, 


then the said seizors are to dehuer vp to the said Dutchman 
the whole estate, both in vessell and goods seized as aforesaid. 
[26] This Courle orders that Nathaniell Rescue shall bee paid 
fine pounds more with the Goody Johnsons childe, accordinge 
to her promise to him, hee hauing ingaged himselfe to meinteine 
and well educate her sonne without any further demaund of 
charges either of her or the Country. 

Whereas, vppon the motion of the inhabitants of Seabrooke, 
It was desired that a certeine comon feild by mutuall consent 
is concluded to bee fenced proporconably, and it so falls out 
that the said fence cannot goe on comfortably except the Right 
WorshippfuU Geo: Fenwick EsqJ^ doth joine in proporcon, by 
reason of some accomodacon that belongs vnto him, w<=h will 
necessarily fall in within the fence, and it hath beene obiected. 
by Capt; Cullick, the said Mr. Fenwicks agent, that the same 
will bee but little beneficiall to the said Mr. Fenwick, and there- 
fore conceiues that the said Mr. Fenwicke is not bound to it ; 
yet by reason (as the inhabitants plead) the said Mr. Fenwicks 
land within the said fence will bee benefitted thereby, the 
Courte therefore, taking into consideration the premisses, doe 
thinke fitt that there shall bee a Comittee appointed, whoe 
vppon veiw of the said land shall certefie what benefitt the said 
Mr. Fenwick or his agent or tennants shall bee advantaged 
thereby, as the rest of the inhabitants. The Courte makes no 
doubt but Mr, Fenwick or his agent will bee willing to allowe 
proportionable fencing for it, w^h if it bee refused, the Courte 
will advise further in it. 

Whereas the Courte hath taken into consideration the great 
abuse that is crept into this Jurissdiction, by the vnliinitted ex- 
amination of witnesses before the Magistrate in the outward 
plantations, betweene party and party, sometime before any 
action in Courte, or process serued before any declaration. It is 
therefore ordered, that if any that liue in remoate plantations 
will cause any that mutually liue together in the said remoate 
plantations to answer them at the Courte in Hartford (seinge 
there bee ordinary Courtes in the said plantations, to try all ac- 
tions betweene party and party,) and therefore if any will drawe 
his adverse party to Hartford, or to the Courte at Connecticutt, 
hee shall bee a meanes to pi^ciuce his wittnesses to the said 


Courte viva voce, and not to examine any before any magis- 
trate before the tryall, except in a speciall case of impotent 
wittnes or transient wittnes that is goinge out of the Jurissdic- 
tion, and in that case the Magistrate may in discretion examine 
and certefie in silence to the Courte what is examined, and in 
noe other case. 

Forasmuch as the Courte was this day informed there is a 
necessity that in the plantations of Fairefeild and Strattford that 
there should bee some joined as Assistants to the Magistrate or 
[27] Magistrates in the said plantations, || whereby they may 
bee inabled to keepe a Courte within the said plantations 
according to the combin[acon,] whoe are to bee sworne before 
a Magistrate, whoe are to stand for one yeare or the next Courte 
of Election ; It is therefore ordered, that the said plantations 
shall or may meete in a convenient time at theire said planta- 
tions, and elect such as they see meete to bee Assistants as 
aforesaid, whoe are to bee sworne before a Magistrate, and are 
capeable to the intent aforesaid. 

Vppon the petition of the inhabitants of the Towne of Pe- 
quett, that by reason of the newnes of the saide plantation, 
there is, and likely to bee some defect of corne for theire neces- 
sary provision, notw^^standing there bee Indian corne enough 
in the place where the plantation is seated to furnishe the in- 
habitants thereof, if the corne were not traded by some perticu- 
lar persons that conuey away the corne, and the inhabitants 
remaine vnfurnished; It is therefore thought meete and so or- 
dered, that the inhabitants shall bee first serued before the Corne 
bee traded or carried forth out of the Riuer : this order to stand 
in force vntill Novemb'' come twelue month. 

Mr. Ludlow and Mr. Cullick are chosen Comissioners for the 
yeare ensuing. 

The Courte is adiourned to the last Wednesday in June next 
in the afternoone. 



[28] A Session of the Generall Courts, in Hartford, the 
SQtii OF June, 1652. 

John Haynes Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick, 

Mr. Clarke. 
Depuiyes: Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Westwood, Dauid Willton, Edw: Stebbing, John Bissell, 
Nath: Dickerson, Andr: Bacon, Tho: Coleman, John 
This Courte, at the request of Mr. Deputy, doe graunte that 
hee shall haue three hundred acres pf ground, meadow and 
vpland, for a farme lyhige together on the east side of a certeine 
Coue at Paucatuck where Pequett bounds ends, and abutting in 
parte or whole vppon the said Coue. 

Thomas Lord, hauing ingaged to this Courte to continnue 
his aboade in Hartford for the next ensuing yeare, and to im- 
proue his best skill amongst the inhabitants of the Townes 
vppon the Riuer within this Jurissdiction, both for setting of 
bones and otherwise, as at all times occassions and necessityes 
may or shall require ; This Courte doth graunt that hee shall 
bee paid by the Country the sum of fifteene pounds for the said 
ensuing yeare, and they doe declare that for euery visitt or 
journye that hee shall take or make, being sent for to any howse 
in Hartford, twelue pence is reasonable ; to any howse in 
Wyndsor, fine shillings ; to any howse in Wethersfeild, three 
shillings ; to any howse in Farmington, six shillings ; to any 
howse in Mattabeseck, eight shillings ; (hee hauing promised 
that hee will require no more ;) and that hee shall bee freed for 
the time aforesaid from watching, warding and training ; but 
not from finding armes, according to lawe. 
The Courte is dissolued. 

[29] A Generall Couete in Hartford, the second Thurs- 
day OF September, being [the] 9*^^ day, 1652. 
John Haynes Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates: Mr. Webster, Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, 
Mr. Clarke. 


Deputy es : Mr. Tailecoat, Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwood, 
Andr: Bacon, Will: Wadsworth, Steph: Harte, Mr. 
Trott, Nath: Dickerson, Tho: Coleman, John Deming, 
Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylerd, Dauid Willton, John Bissell, 
Mr. Horsford, Will Smith, Will: Parker, Robert Chap- 

The Coiirte being mett, they did adiourne the same to the Q^^ 
of the next month. 

[30] A Session of the Generall Courts in Hartford, the 
6tii OF October, 1652. 
John Haynes Esq'', Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Webster 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylerd, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Tailecoat, Mr. Westwood, Jo: Bissell, Tho: Coleman, 
Natha: Dickerson, Will: Hill, John Deming, Andr: Bacon, 
Will: Wadsworth, Will: Smith. 

This Courte orders and appoints, that next Wednesday come 
seuennights shall bee kept apublique day of thanksgiuing to the 
Lord for his great mercyes to his people here and elsewhere, by 
all the plantations within this Jurissdiction. 

It is ordered, that notice shall bee giuen to the Sachems of 
the Indians within this Jurissdiction, that no Indian shall walke 
or come neare vnto or amongst any English mens howses, in 
Townes or Farmes, on either side of the Riuer, or elsewhere, 
vppon the Lords day, except it bee in theire necessary way of 
recourse to the publique preaching of Gods word, vppon penalty 
of fyne or imprisonment, as any one Magistrate or more, before 
[whorn] such ofFendors shall bee brought, shall judge meete, and 
as the nature of theire fact shall appeare to him or them to de- 

This Courte desires Mr. Hill to acquaint the inhabitants of 
Norwaack that they require them to giue their reasons why they 
haue not sent deputyes to the Generall Courte nor made returne 
of the warrant sent to them for that end, and that neuertheless 


the Courte expects that they should forthwith make and returne 
to Mr. Ludlow a true and perfect Liste of the persons and es- 
tates in theire Towne, that a due proportion of all Comon 
charges may be borne by them, with the other Townes in this 

It is ordered, that warrants shall goe forth from the Treasur- 
er for halfe a Rate for the Country, according to the order of 
rating, to bee paid ^ in wheat, ^ in pease and ^ in Indian ; wheat 
at foure shillings, pease at three shillings, and Indian at two 
shillings sixpence, p^ bushell. 

The estates and persons of the seuerall Townes, presented to 
this Courte, were as followeth : — 

£ s. d. £ 5. d. 

Hartford, 19733. 19. 0. Seabrooke, 03630. 00. 0. 

Wyndsor, 14093. 00. 0. Strattford, 07040. 19. 0. 

Wethersfeild, 1 1499. 00.' 0. Fairefeild, 08850. 15. 0. 

Farmington, 05164. 00. 0. 

70011. 13. 0. 

The Courte is adiourned to the last Wednesday in Feb"" next, 
in the afternoone. 

[31] A Session of the Generall Courte, called by the 
Deputy Govenor, in Hartford, the 24'^^ Febr. 1652. 
John Haynes Esq^, Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 

Deputyes: Mr. Talcott, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Steele, Mr. 

Westwood, Mr. Gayler, John Bissell, Dauid Willton, 

Nath: Dickerson, Tho: Colman, Andr: Bacon, Stephen 

Harte, Will: Smith. 

Vppon a due consideratyon of the scarsity of prouisions in 

some of the Plantatyons within this Jurisdictyon, diuers persons 

already finding they are not sufhtiently furnished with corne, 

flesh, etc. to carry on their family occasyons till the ordinary 

yearly season for supplyes comes about, It is ordered by this 

Courte that noe person or persons of what calling or quallity so 

euer within this Jurisdictyon or any Plantatyon theirof, doe 


either directly or indirectly ship, put off, transport, carry, send 
or otherwise conuey out of this Jurisdictyon, upon or under 
any pretence or coler, plea or reason whatsoever, any quantity 
greater or smaller, of wheat, rye, pease, Indyan corne, mault, 
biskett, or any other graine or the p^'cedd of it, or beefe, porke, 
bacon, butter, cheese, or any the like provisions for meate or 
drink, before the last of March next, or the next Session of this 
Courte, which is to be in Aprill next, without the license of the 
Deputy Govenr, Mr. Wells & Mr. Webster, or either of y™ 
with the Deputy, under pen'ty of forfiture of the doble value, 
who are desired in the meane time to consider of some way how 
those p^sons that are like to want may be supplyed. Advise 
also is to be sent to the former plantation excepted, that it may 
be of vse to them to attend the foresaid order. 

[32] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 
23 of Feb: 1652. 

John Haines Esq"", Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputijes: Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 
Gaylerd, Mr. Trott, Dauid Wilton, John Bissell, Andr: 
Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, Steephen Harte, Will: Wads- 
worth, Tho: Coleman, Mr. Westwood. 
Wethersfeild hauing presented Rich: Trott to bee chosen 
Ensigne to the trained band in that towne, this Courte declares 
that they approue of the choyse & conferme him in that place. 
This Courte considering John Lattimors loss in his horse 
that dyed in the Bay, being not willing that the whole loss 
should lye upon him, they are willing to allow him out of the 
publick treasury the sum of fifteen pounds towards his horse & 
hire, which hee thankfully accepted in the Courte. 

This Courte being willing to attend all the wayes of Gods 
P^vidence for the preservatyon & safty of the plantatyon of 
Sebrooke, with all other within this Jurisdictyon, according to 
the power & means that is in their hands, doe order that six of 
the greate guns at Seabrooke shall forthwith, & with all possible 


speede, be layd up & fitted compleatly vppon able carriages for 
the servis & defence of the said place & jurisdictyon at all 
times, as neede shall require, & doe allsoe desire Cap* John 
Mason to see the premisses effected, and for that end they doe 
impowre him to call forth men & meanes sutable, & upon refu- 
sall to press such hands & other meanes that shall be needfull ; 
and Tho: Traisy & Jonath: Rudd are desired to be assistant to 
Cap: John Mason in what is now desired of him; the charges 
of all which shall be payd out of the publique Treasury. 

This Courte judges the Deputyes actyon in marring Jeames 
Wakely & the Widdo Boosy to be legall. 

The Courte is adiourned to the second Thursday in Aprill 
next, in the morning. 

[33] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 
14 Aprill, 1653. 

Mr. Haynes Esq"". 

Magistrates: Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, 
Mr. CuUick, Mr. Clarke. 

Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Steele, Mr. Tail- 
coat, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Trott, Jo: Bissell, Nath: Dick- 
erson, Dauid Wilton, Tho: Colman, Andr: Bacon, Will: 
Wodsworth, Steephen Harte, John Demyng, Will: 

It is ordered that there shall bee speedyly sent downe to 
Capt: Mason for the use of the Cuntry, as occasion pi"sents, for 
the present one barrill of powder ; and that one barrill more of 
powder from the Bay shall bee left there, when they come up, 
& w* else shall be thought meete by Mr. Ludlow & Mr. Cul- 
lick ; it is allso ordered that 8 able men shall be imp^ssed out of 
the Townes upon the Riuer, with compleate armes & sent to 
Sebrooke to bee at the command of Cap*^. Mason, for the saruis 
of the Cuntry & defence of the place, by fortefying or otherwise 
at the Cap: descretion ; and this Courte doth farther advise the 
inhabytants of Seabrooke that are scattered into severall quar- 
ters, that they would, till they rec'e farther advice, speedily 
gather their familyes togeather in to the towne as they tender 


theire own safty ; & if any shall refuse to attend the Courts ad- 
vice, they are to know that they must runn their own hazzards, 
the Courte not being able to releiue them in such a scattered 
way as now they are in.* 

Mr. Haines is desired to send downe to Capt. Mason, for the 
Corssletts that belong to the Townes, to be speedily sent up to 
the Treasurer. 

It is ordered that this Collonye should haue its proportion of 
the whole millitary p^uision, in all respects, & perticulars sent 
from the Corporatyon of Eng: to the vnited Colonyes.f 

It is ordered by this Courte that all fynes & peanalties of any 
order, within this Commonwealth, shall be paid, from the time 
of the publicatyon hereof, in good wheate or pease or Indyon 
corne, at price currant, or in that which is equiuolent thereunto. 

This Courte upon a due consideratyon of the seizure of Sy- 
mon Yeosens vessell, at Pawcatuck, by seuerall of the inhabit- 
ants of Pequett, doe finde & judge that by his owne confession 
& other testimonys pi'sented in Courte, according to the order 
of Courte in that case pi'vided that forbids all trade by forreign- 
ers with any Indyons within this Jurisdictyon, uppon penalty of 
confisscation, as by the said order more fully appears, the said 
vSymon Yeosens vessell & goods aforesaid to be justly seized & 
forfited to this Common wealth, out of which the Courte allowes 
him six pounds in wampom, togeather with his bedding & war- 
ing apparrell & chest. 

* " The commencement of hostilities, the last year, between England and Holland, the perfidi- 
ous management of the Dutch Governor, with apprehensions of the rising of the Indians, spread 
a general alarm throngh the colony." (Trumbull's Hist, of Conn. I 201.) 

t"The Commissioners being informed that the Corporation in England had sent a percell of 
armes and ammunition, as a supply & for the convenyency of the Vnited Colonyes, did order 
that the same should be devided as follow''' : 

£ s. d. £ s. d. 

To the Massachusetts, 234. 8. 3; which at 4(Z. per shill : is 309. 17. 8. 
To Plymouth, 43. 6. 3; wch at 4</. per shill : is 57. 14. 10. 

To Conecticutt, 45. 5. 2; wch at 4d. pershill: is 60. 6 10. 

ToNewHauen, 37. 13 0; wch at 4rf. per shiU : is 50. 4. 0. 

358. 12. 8. 478. 3. 4. 

For these supplies payment was to be made by such of the Colonias as should receive their 
proportions, within one or two months thereafter, and the amount received was to be appropria- 
ted " for the use of the Indians, as the Commissioners for the Vnited English Colonyes shall from 
time to time direct." [Records of U. Colonies, May, 1653.J 


It is ordered and agreed by this Courte, yt Cap*: Jolin Cul- 
lick should reserve for the Countrys use, 300 bush: of wheate & 
50 bush: of pease ; & the Cuntry is to pay forbearance 8/. p"" 
centum for one yeare & to repay it at the end of the tearme, in 
the same grayne ; in Hke manner is desired ten barrells of porke 
for the same use & tearms: 

This Courte orders that the neighboring Indyons to the seu- 
erall Plantatyons within this Jurisdictyon should be required to 
giue an evident testimonye of their fidellity to the English, by 
d'd up their gunns & other armes to the Gouenor or Magis- 
trates, & those that refuse so to doe may iustly bee deemed & 
-looked at by them as their enemies : & that they are not to 
shoot of any gunn or gunns in the night, or walk in the night, 
except they come with a message to ye English, & in such 
cases they are to d'd up themselves to the watch, but if they 
runn away from the watch, being comanded to stand, the watch 
may shoote y^. 

[35] May the 18, 1653. The Generall Courte. 
John Haynes Esqr, Gou"'. 
Edw: Hopkins Esq"", Deputy, absent. 
Magistrates: Roger Ludlow Esq"", absent;* John Win- 
throp Esq"", Cap: Cullick, absent ;* Cap: John Mason^ 
Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Clark, Mr. Howell,' 
Mr. Taping, absent. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Westwood, Andr: 
Bacon, Mr Phelps, Mr. Gaylard, David Wilton, John 
Bissell, Mr. Trott, Nath: Dickerson, Sam: Smith, Tho: 
Coleman, Stephen Hart, Mr. Ward, Mr. Hill, John Clarke, 
Rob: Chapman, Will: Cheesbruck, Hugh Callkin, John 
Hall Junior, Rich: Olmsted, Phillip Graues. 
The inhabitants of the East side of the greate Riuer are ex- 
empted from training with the Towns on the West side, this 
present time, & are to meete on the East side as Will: Hill shall 
appoint & traine their together, and so to continnue on theire 

* Mr. Ludlow and Capt. Cullick were at this time attending a meeting of the Commission- 
ers, in Boston. 


training dayes untill the Courte take furder order : & Will: Hill 
is to returne the names of those that doe not meete according 
to appointment, as notis shall be giuen them. 

Tho: Woodford is freed from watching, during the plesure of 
the Com'te. 

Roger Ludlow Esq"" and Cap' John CuUick are chosen Com- 
missioners for this yeare ensuing, and are invested with full 
power to agitate such occatyons as concerne the vnited CoUo- 
nyes in the business of this Jurisdictyon, according to their for- 
mer Commission. 

There are to be prest out of this Collony, 60 men, besides 
officers, which are to be p^portioned out of the severall Towns 
pr Mr. Talcott and Sam: Smith, Mr. Hill & Dauid Wilton ; 
they are also to pi'portion for the p^visions sutable for such a 
servis, for two months time.* 

May the 29*^, 1653. 

Will: Lewis & Will: Phillips doe acknowledg themselues to 
be a hundred pounds indepted unto this Jurisdictyon : the con- 
dition is, that yf Jo": Doyes shall be of good behauior to all peo- 
pell within this Jurisdictyon to the end & Terme of tenn days 
next ensuing, then this obligatyon is voyd, otherwise to stand 
in force. 

Will: Waller is to deliuer unto John Clarke Junior, of Sea- 
brooke, a pair of carte-wheels that the said Waler hath now in 
vse, within 8 days after this date, & the wheeles are to beaprised 
by Francis Bushnell, Steeph: Post & Tho: Tracy, & what the 
said Waller is indepted upon account unto the said John Clarke 
is to be allowed out of the prices of the wheels, & the said Wa- 
ler is to pay unto the said John Clarke, for his dammage, 30s, 
as allso the cost of the Courte. 

• The Commissioners of the United Colonies, who were at this time in session at Boston, 
having "considered what number of souldgers might bee requisite if God call the Collonyesto 
make warr against the Dutch. & concluded that five hundred for the first expedition should bee 
the number out of the foure Jurisdictyons," apportioned tnis number to the several colonies as 
follows ; to Massachusetts, 333 ; Plymouth, 60 ; Connecticut, 65 ; New Haven, 42. Captain 
John Leverett, of Boston, who had been despatched as the agent of the Commissioners, to the 
Manhattoes, to treat with Gov. Stuyvesant and his Council, was selected as Commander in 
Chief of the forces to be raised, " with respect to the opportunity hee now hath to velw & 
obserue the scituation & fortifycations at the Monhatoes." [Records of U. Colonies.] 



Capt: Sebadoe is this day fined tenn pounds for bartring with 
the Indyons, powder & lead. 

Forasmuch as John Dawes hath giuen forth threatning, ma- 
litious speeches against Mr. Hopkins his person, for his execu- 
ting of justice (when hee was Govern^,) on the said Dawes his 
wife, this Courte censures the said John Dawes to bannishment ; 
that the said John Dawes shall within tenn dayes ensuing de- 
part from this Jurisdictyon, and not to returne againe to any 
place within this Jurisdictyon on the perill of his life. 

[36] The Generall Courte, May the 21, 1653. 

Searjant Rich: Olmsted is allowed by the Courte to exercise 
the souldiers att Norworke & to vewe the armes & to make re- 
turne to the Courte of the defects. 

Whearas ther is a difference betwixt Norwauke & Farfield, 
each towne is appointed to send two men to vewe the place and 
debate betwixt themselues, & if they cannot agree they are to 
make choyce of two inhabitants of Stratford to vew the said 
difference with them & make returne to the Courte how they 
finde it, that so there may be an issue of the same, they paying 
the sayd Stratford men for their time. Will: Berdsly and Phil- 
lip Groues are appointed by the Court to that servis. 

The Courte hauing received order from the Commissioners 
that their are to be sixty fine men to be prepared forthwith*, to 
be at a day's warning, with prouisions sutable; the Courte ray- 
seth the men out of the severall towns of this Jurisdictyon as 
followeth, who are to be forthwith impressed to be at a days 
warning or call, as also that sutable pi'uisions and ammunityon 
shall be forthwith prepared : — 





















The officers of this Company, that the Courte requires to be 
over them are as followeth : — 

Liuetenant Cooke is to be Commander in CheifFe ; 
Liuetenant Bull, to be their Liuetenant ; 

* See note on page 241, ante. 


Liuetenant Thomas Wheeler, of Fairfeild, to be their En- 
signe ; Rich: Olmsteed, of Norwocke, to be a Seriant, & the 
other Seriant is to be chosen by the officers of this Company ; 
Hugh Wells, to be their drummer. 

The Courte orders that there shall be a Committee in each 
Towne in this Jurisdictyon, with whom the Constables of each 
Towne shall take their advice in the pressing of men for this 
present expedition. The names of the Committee are as fol- 
loweth ; For Windsor, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Chester, Mr. Clarke, 
Mr. Phelps & Dauid Wilton ; for Hartford, Mr. Webster, Mr. 
West wood &L Good: Bacon ; for Wethersfeild, Mr. Wells, Nath: 
Dickerson, Sam: Smith ; for Farmington, Mr. Steele, Good: 
Harte ; for Pequett, Mr. Wintropp (if at home,) Capt: Denison, 
Good: Calking & the Constables ; for Seabroock, Capt: Mason, 
[37] Good: Clarke & Good: Chapman ; || for Stratford, Good: 
Groues & Good: Thorenton ; for Fairfeild, Mr. Ward & Will: 

The Court orders that the milletary officers of Stratford shall 
remaine as they ware before Mr. Ludlowe went away, untill 
Mr. Ludlowe returne againe. 

Granted to John Winthrop Esq^, the trees or timber of three 
or foure swamps where he can finde any Pine, Spruce or Ceder, 
or any other wood fitt to sawe, & liberty to cutt any other tim- 
ber in any part of the wast lands for the supply of his saw 

The provissions to be prepared by this Jurisdictyon for the 
present expedityon, are as followeth ; 6 bb. of Porke, 4 bb. of 
Flower, 35001^ of Bread, 4 firkins of Butter, 4001^^ of Cheese, 
a bb. of oat meale, 1 ancor of Licquors, 2 bush: of salt, a tunn 
of Bear, 2 hh. of pease. 

Richard Lettin complayning that his deafnes makes him un- 
capable of trayning, & hee desiring to be freed, its referred to 
the Townsmen of Fairfeild to consider of it, & to free him if 
they see good cause. 

The Court is adiorned vnto the last Wensday in June, at one 
of the clocke, unless the Govornor see cause to call it sooner. 


[38] A Session of the Generall Courte, in Hartford, 


It is ordered by this Courte that their shall forthlwithi bee 
presented to the Bay, the present stresses, fears & dangers that 
the English bordering vppon the Dutch, both upon the mayne 
& Long Hand, are in : 

Secondly, to p^'sent the iudgment of the Courte concerning 
the power of the Comissioners about making warr : 

Thirdly, to present the reasons & grounds of the Courtes 
judgment, as aforesaid : 

Fourthly, humbly to craue that the designe may goe on ac- 
cording to the consult of the Commissioners & therefore that 
three Magistrates may giue a call to the Commissioners to 
meete in thes parts for the managing of the present occatyons 
of the Collonyes, according to the Articles of Confederatyon. 
& that if thes things bee denyed, then in like manner to desire 
that we may haue libberty to gather up voluntiers amongst 
them, to inable us to promote C own safty & effect what ne- 
cessarily conduces thereunto. 

June the 27, 1653. ' 

Whereas there are certaine barrells of powder and ammuni- 
tyon* that came out of the Bay into this Riuer & Jurissdiction 
due to this Collony from o"" friends in England for reasonable 
pay, it is therefore ordered, that the same be kept intire, not de- 
vided, vntill the expedition now in hand bee over, or elce this 
Courte giue other order to the contrary. 

It is ordered that Mr. Haynes & Mr. Ludlow shall treate 
with Mr. Eaton & o^ friends of New Hauen, boath about the 
ship, as also what incouraygment to sende to the English of 
Long Island & Indyons, as friends. 

The Generall Courte is adiorned untell the last Thursday in 
July, if in the meane time the Governor see not cause to call it 

* See note, on page 239, ante. 


[39] A Session of the Generall Couute in Hartford, this 
28 of July, 1653. 

John Haynes Esq'", Governor. 

Magistrates : Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. CuUick. 
Deputy es : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Tailecott, Mr- 
Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, John Bissell, Nath: Dicker- 
son, Sam: Smith, Andr: Bacon, Tho: Coleman, Stephen 
Harte, John Halls. 
This Courte desires the Governor to write to Cap*. Mason, 
yt hee would heare y^ difference between James Ellis & Pata- 
quack Indyons, & if hee can, to end it, and to let them know 
from the Courte that if hee doe not end it they must come up 
to the Courte. 

The Courte is adiorned to this day fortnight, at one of the 
clock in the afternoone. 

A Session of the Generall Courte, 11 Aug: 1653. 

Mr. Haynes Esq', Goveno'. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. WooUcott, 

Mr. CuUick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes: Mr. Gaykrd, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Tailcott, Mr. Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, John Bissell, 
Andr: Bacon, Dauid Wilton, Sam: Smith, Tho: Cole- 
man, Steph: Harte, Will: Smith, John Hall. 
Mr. Ludlow & Mr. CuUick are desired to attend the next 
meeting of the Commissioners at Boston, in Sep*, next. 

This Courte appoints the Governor, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cul- 
lick & Mr. TaUlcott, as a Committee to treate with the owners 
of the Frigott, & agree with them for the use of the same, & 
to d'd her up to them as soone as they can. 

This Courte consents that the Treasorer should receive of 
Capt. CuUicke, y^ some of 10/. or 20/. for y^ Countries vse, 
which they will repay. 
The Courte is dissolued. 



[40] A Generall Courte held the 8 of September, 1653. 
John Heynes Esq*", Govornor. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Welles. 
[Deputyes ;] Mr. Steele, Steev: Harte, Mr. Talcott, Mr. 
Westwood, Andr: Bacon, Edward Stebbing, Mr. Gay- 
lard, Dauid Wilton, absent; John Byssell, John More, 
Capt. Dennison, Good: Chesbroock, Andr: Winard, Tho: 
Morehouse, Rob: Webster, Will: Smith, John Clarke, 
Rob* Chapman, Nath: Dickenson, Sam: Smith, Mr. 
Trott, Tho: Coleman. 
Liuetenant Cooke is allowed fifty acres of medow in Massa- 
coe. This U Cooke ownes to he in his father Ford's improue- 
m\ at a Court in May, Anno '61. 

The Courte doth grant the soulders of these 4 Townes upon 
the Riuer and Farmington, one day for a Generall Trayning 
togeather, & they haue liberty to send to Capt. Mason to desire 
his p^sence & to giue him a call to command in chief, & to ap- 
point the day ; p'uided that each Towne shall haue power to 
reserue a guard at home, for the safty of the Townes, as occa- 
tyon shall searue. 

It is ordered that Hartford Guard shall be allowed halfe a 
pound a powder for a man upon the Electyon day, & no person 
is to desert the Guard that is therein lysted but with liberty 
from the Govornor. 

The list of the persons & estates in the several Towns : — 
Hartford, 19749. Norwacke, 01968. 

Windsor, 15084. Matabezeck, 01501. 

Wethersfield, 12243. Pequit, 03334. 

Farmington, 05157. Fayerfield, 8822. 

Seabrooke, 04268. Stratford, 7450.19s. 

The Court granteth Mr. Winthrope libberty to improue for 
his own pniculer, ten acres of grownd, where it may sute him 
for the keeping of goats, betwixt this & Pequet, without the 
bounds of the libbertyes of the plantatyons ; & likewise he hath 
libberty to finde out a place for the setting up a saw mill where 
it may not preiudice the plantatyons or farms allredy giuen out. 
Liuetenant Cooke is to haue 50 acres in Massacoe, on boath 
sides the Riuer, next aboue the Fauls. John Bissell is allso 


to haue 60 acres on both sides the aforesaid Riuer, next the 

There is also graunted to Tho: Ford 50 acres at Massacoe, 
whereof foure & forty hath bine improued by him by plowing 
& mowing as it was measured by Mathu: Graunt, bounded by 
the upland south west & compassed round by the Riuer, unless 
it be about 30 Rodde on the south east against another stripp 
of meadow. 

There is fiue pound to be payd by the aforesaid partyes to 
the Tresurer, which was formerly disbursed by the Country. 

It is desired, that Mr. Woollcott & Mr. Clarke should dispose 
of the remainder of the ground at Massacoe, to the inhabitants 
of Wyndsor, as they judg convenient, & to order the laying 
out of the former grants. 

[41] Whereas it is obserued that many seamen, diuers times 
waygh anker in the harbours of severall Plantatyons within thes 
libbertyes, & pass out on the Lord's Day, to the griefe & 
offence of the behoulders ; for the preventing whereof, it is 
ordred, that after the publishing this order, noe vessell shall 
depart out of any harbour within this Jurisdictyon but the 
master of the boat or vessell shall first giue notis of the occa- 
tyon of his remoue to the head officer of the Towne next the 
said harbour where they soe ancor & obtaine lysence under the 
hand of the said officer for his liberty therein ; otherwise they 
shall undergo the censure of the Courte. 

The Courte is adiorned to the last Wensday of this month, 
at 9 a clock. 

A Generall Courte in Hartford, caled by the Govornor, 


John Hayns Esq"", GovC". 

Mr. Wells, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick, 

Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Tailcott, Mr. 

Westwood, Mr. Steele, absent, Mr. Gaylerd, absent, Edw: 

Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, John Bissell, Dauid Wilton, 


Nath: Dickerson, John Hollister, John Deming, John 
Coles, Will: Smith, Rob: Webster, absent. 

This Court desires the Magestrates & Deputyes of the Courte 
in Windsor to consider of the complainte of some there about 
the burning of tarr in or neare unto the towne, to their offence 
& preiudice, & to order the same as they judge meete, for the 
preventing of inconveniences for the future. 

Mr. Gouornor, Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Tailcott & Dauid Wilton 
are chosen for a Committee to goe next seacond day to New- 
hauen and meete with their Committee to consider aff:* 

[42] A Speciall Generall Courte, caled by the Govorn- 
OR, held in Hartford, the 29 October, 1653. 

John Haynes Esq)^, Govorn'. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputijes : Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Hollister, Mr. Dan: Clarke, Edw: Stebbing, 
Andr: Bacon, John Bissell, Nath: Dickerson, Dauid Wil- 
ton, John Deming, Steph: Hart, John Coale, Good: 
Calking, Good: Meads, Will: Beardsly, Tho: Sherwood, 
Rob: Webster, Will: Smith. 
It is ordered by this Courte, that the writings which haue 
beene read in the Courte, shall be sent to the Bay, and to Colo- 
nell Fenwick, Mr. Hopkins & Collonell Haynes,t vnder the 

* The refusal of Massachusetts to bear any part in the proposed war against the Dutch, 
which had been resolved upon by the Commissioners of all the other N. England Colonies, at 
the meeting in September, gave great offence to their confederates, and was announced by the 
latter as a violation of the articles of confederation and tending to a dissolution of the union. 
Special sessions of the General Courts of New Haven and Connecticut were convened shortly 
after the return of their Commissioners from Boston, and the former Colony determined upon 
seeking redress and aid from England. An address to the Lord Protector was voted, and an 
agent appointed to solicit from the Parliament, ships and men for the prosecution of the war. 
A Committee was appointed to confer with Connecticut ; to meet with whom, for the purpose 
of ' considering affairs,' the General Court of Connecticut appointed the Committee named 
above. The week following, letters were ordered to be addressed to Massachusetts, — and 
to Col. Fenwick, Mr. Hopkins and other influential friends of the Colony, in England. [New 
Haven Records: Trumbull's Hist, of Conn. ii. 212.] 

t This was probably Hezekiah, second son of Governor Haynes, who (with his elder brother, 
Robert,) remained in England. In the civil war he sided with the Parliament, and eventually 
became a major general under Cromwell. [Trumbull's Connecticut,, i. 216 Note.] 


Secretary's hand, as from the Generall Courte, for them to doe 
therein according to their wisdomes & Hght. 

It is ordered & granted that warrants shall issue forth from 
the Tresurer, to the seuerall Townes in the Jurissdictyon, for 
the leving of a Rate & halfe, for this yeare, to be payd ^ in 
wheate, at 4ss. pr bush: ^ in peass or rye, at 3ss. pr bush: & ^ in 
Indyon corne, at 2ss. bd. 

Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Wells, Mr. Westwood & Mr. Hull are de- 
siered to keepe a perticuler Courte at Farfield, before winter, to 
execute justice there as cause shall require. 

The Courte is adiorned to the first Wednesday in December 
next, in the forenoone, except the Governor see cause to call it 

A Session of the Generall Courte, in Hartford, the 23*^ 
OF NovembJ", 1653. 
John Haynes Esq"", Govor"". 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, 

Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Deputyes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, Dauid Wilton, Andr: Bacon, 
John Bissell, Nath: Dickerson, Dan: Clarke, John Hol- 
lister, John Deming, Steep: Harte, John Coale, Rob: 
This Courte taking into there serious consideratyon the com- 
plainte of the inhabitants of Middletowne, concerning John 
Willcock, doe order, that John Willcock shall, within 12 
moneths from this time, build a tenentable howse upon the home 
lott giuen him by the Towne or layd out to him by them, & 
liue therein according to agreement, & so long as other inhab- 
itants in that Towne are injoyned & haue agreed to liue uppon 
their lotts, if he soe long liue, or elce prouide an inhabitant to 
liue thereon in his stead for the time aforesayd ; which if he 
shall neglectt to doe, then his home lotts & all his other allot- 
ments thereunto api'taining shall returne to the Towne & bee 
to yni and at their dispose, as if they had never beene laide out to 


This Courte approues that the name of the Plantatyon com- 
monly caled Mattabesick shall for time to come bee Middell- 

This Courte agrees & concludes that the 201 formerly grant- 
ed to a fellowship in Harvard CoUedg, shall be payd next spring. 

This Court is adiorned to Wedensday next, at 9 a clock in 
the morning. 

[43] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 
30th OF November, 1653. 
Mr. Haynes Esqr, Gouornor. 

Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, xMr. Cullick, 
Mr. Clarke. 
Deputies : Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Westwood, Dan: Clark, John Bissell, Dauid Wilton, 
Edw: Stebbing, Nath: Dickerson, Andr: Bacon,. Jokn 
Deming, Mr. Hollister, Stee: Harte, John Coale, Rob: 
Webster, Will' Smith. 
The Courte is adiorned to the first Wednessday in March 
next, after Lecture. 

A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the first 
OF March, 1653-54. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Moderator. Mr. Webster, Mr. 

Woolcott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 

Deputizes: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Tailcoat, Mr. Trott, Mr. 

Westwood, Dauid Wilton, John Bissell, Andr: Bacon, 

Nath: Dickerson, John Deming, Rob: Webster, Will: 

Smith, Edw: Stebbing. 

Vppon the complaint of Pawcatuck Indyans, this Courte 

orders, that they shall inioye their planting ground at Pauca- 

tuck, prouided they cary friendly & peacably to the English: — 

And Goodman Stebbing & Good: White, being to goe to 

Paucatuck, haue libberty granted them to looke out & finde 

where Mr. Haynes may haue at Paucatuck the farme of three 


hundred acres formerly granted, which was then to abutte in 
ip^t or whole uppon Paucatuck Riuer, & they to make report to 
the Courte of w* they shall finde & the true bounds of what is 

This Courte being informed that the inhabitants of Pequett 
haue taken possesion of Vncus his forte & many of his wig- 
wams at Monheag, doe order, that a letter should bee writte 
from the Courte to the inhabitants, to acquaint them of Pea- 
quett, to advise them not to mollest the Indyons in their plant- 
ing ground or other rightful! possessions, & that if they haue 
done as is complayned, the Courte expects they should giue an 
account of their soe acting. 

The Courte is adiorned till Munday next, at 8 a clock. 

[44] The 6th of March, 1653-54. 

In respect of a sad bi'each God hath made amongst us, in re- 
gard of the sudden death of c late Governor,* & the like mor- 
tallity of c neibours in the Bay, & some eminent removalls 
of others, «fe spreading opinions in the Collonies, the condityon 
ofo'' natiue Countrey, the alienations of the Colonies in regard 
of the Combinations, It is therefore ordred that ther may be a 
day of humiliation throughout this Jurisdictyon, on the 15^^ 
day of this month. 

A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 6*'' 
March, 1653. 
Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Moderator. Mr, Ludlow, Mr. 
Winthrop, Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Cullick, 
Mr. Clark. 
Deputyes : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Tailcoat, Mr. Westwood, Mr. 
Trott, Edw: Stebbing, John Bissell, Dauid Wilton, Nath: 
Dickerson, Dan: Clarke, Andr: Bacon, John Deming, 
Robt; Webster. 
Mr. Tailcott and Mr. Sam: Willis were voated & passed to 
be nominated at the next Generall Courte of Electyon, for 

*Gov. Haynes died March 1st, 1653-4. 


It is ordred, there shall be a speciall warrant granted to Jon- 
athan Guilbert to arest Tho: Baxter for his severall misdea- 
meanors committed within this Jurisdictyon, to the disturbance 
of the peace thereof, & the said Jonathan to haue power to 
rayse such considerable forces as hee sees meete to execute his 

Mr. Westwood & Rich: Goodman are desired to veiw the 
prison & cause such reperatyons to be done thereunto as they 
judge meete. 

It is ordered, that Stratford & Fairefild should each Towne 
chuse a man, to be chosen Assistants to the Magistrates, and 
present them to the next Courte of Electyon for that end. 

The Courte is adiourned to the third Wednesday in Aprill 
next, by 9 a clock in the morning, except the Moderator sees 
cause to call it sooner. 

[45] Att an Assembly of Freemen, in Hartford, this 16'^*' 
Febu: 1653, to chuse a Moderator.* 

Mr. Thomas Wells was chosen Moderator for the pJ'sent 
Generall Courte vnder adiourmt; & was invested with full 
power by them to call the next Generall Courte of Electyon. 

A Session op the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 6 of 
Aprill, 1654. 

Magistrates : Mr. Wells, Moderator. Mr. Webster, Mr- 

Woolcott, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 
Beputyes: Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. 

Westwood, Dauid Wilton, Edw: Stebbing, John Bissell, 

Natha: Dickerson, John Holister, Dan: Clarke, John 

Deming, Andr: Bacon, Rob: Webster. 

Vppon informatyon of some weaknes that for the present 
attends the body of Mr. Mathew Allen, this Court frees him 
from trayning for the present untill they see cause to the con- 

* This was rendered necessary by the death of Gov. Haynes, and the absence of Deputy Gov- 
ernor Hopkins, who was now in England. 


This Court hauing duly considered the insufferable, reproach- 
full speeches of Thorn: Baxter against the Cheif of this Juris- 
dictyon, & his insolent carriages in seuerall pi'ticulars (testyfied 
upon the oath of seaverall credible persons,) to the greate dis- 
turbance & breach of the peace of this Common wealth, doe 
order & sentance, that the sayd Tho: Baxter shall pay as a fine 
to the Common Treasuory the summ of fifty pounds, besides 
the 20/. allredy seized for the breach of his Recogniscance, & 
that he shall alsoe putt in 200/. bond as security from some able 
person in this Jurisdictyon, that the Courte shall approue & ac- 
cept, for his behauior of the space of one whole yeare next 
ens[uing,] and be farther responsible to Newhaven & Road 
Hand for what misdemeanors he hath committed in their Juris- 

Rob: GriflTen, of Newport, in Roade Hand, maketh oath in 
Courte, that hee did supply Tho: Baxter with what meate or 
provisions hee needed for himselfe & could haue supplyed him 
arid all his men with p^visions from October last to this day, 
whereby it appears that the ground of Baxters running away 
from Road Hand was not through want of p^visions for his men, 
as he falsly pretended. 

[46] This Court uppon the complaint of Mr. Sam: Mayo 
against Tho: Baxter for his unjust seizure of his vessell, the 
Desire, of Barnstable, & his goods therein, vnder a pretence of 
a commityon receved from Roade Hand, hauing duely weighed 
the premeses & considered all that the said Baxter can or will 
say in his owne defence, for his soe doing, doe finde, adiudge & 
declare, that the sayd Baxter hath not acted therein according 
to his commission or instructyons, & therefore his seizure is 
vniust, whereby the sayd vessell, with all that belongeth unto 
her, is adiudged of right to belong unto the sayd Mr. Sam: 
Mayo ; & doe allso adiudg the sayd Tho: Baxter to pay unto 
Mr. Mayo, for damage in severall respects sustained by him, by 
reason of the aforesaid vniust seizure, one hundred & fifty 
pounds; and the cable at Mr. Briants to be d'd to Mr. Mayo; 
& the said Baxter is to d'd in to Mr. Mayo the 2 bonds, one of 
40/. & another of 1000/. giuen him by Dickenson & Karman, 
of Hempsted, in reference to the seizure : the perticulars are as 
foUoweth : — 



Imps For 3 mens wages & himselfe from 18 Aug. last, 68. 0. 

For waring cloaths & bedding, . . 10. 0. 

For swords & gunns, . . . . 6. 0. 

For Ibb of tarr, 1. 4. 

For expences in trauell in pi^suance, . . 10. 6. 

For sayls & ropes that are lost, . . 12. 0. 

For a hh. of meale, 2. 10. 

For the loss of the use of the vessell, . 40. 0. 

150. 0. 
Only it is prouided & explained that if the said Baxter shall 
returne with the vessell to the sayd Mayo the sayls & ropes, 
with two swords and 4 gunns which are taken from the vessell, 
they are to be discounted as part of payment out of the 150/. 
damage, at the price of 18/. 

[47] This Courte, considering the order sent over from the 
Counsell of State by authority of parlaiment of England, that 
as wee expect all due incoridgment, aide and assistance from 
the said Common wealth of England, as the state and condityons 
of affaires will admitt, soe it is expected that wee should in all 
cases so demeane o'selues against the Dutch as against those 
that haue declared themselues enemies to the Comon wealth of 
England, doe therefore order & declare, that the Dutch howse 
the Hope, with the lands, buildings & fences thereunto belong- 
ing, bee hereby sequestred & resarued, all perticular claimes or 
pj^tended right thereunto notwithstanding, in the behalfe of the 
Common wealth of England, till a true tryall may be had of the 
pi'mises, & in the meane time this Court prohibitts all persons 
whatsoeuer from improuing of the premises by virtue of any 
former title had, made or giuen, to them or any of them, by any 
of the Dutch natyon, or any other, without the aprobatyon of 
this Courte, or except it bee by virtue of power & order rec'd 
from them for their soe doing ; & whatever rent for any part of 
the premises in any of their hands, it shall not be disposed off 
but according to what order they shall receive from this Court 
or the Magistrates thereof 

This Courte considering & beeing deeply sensible of the sad 
effects & consequences that attend Indyons being supplyed or 
furnished with liquors or strong water, whereby they haue 


beene acquainted with and exposed unto the commission of a 
grieuous sinn to the greate dishonor of God, abuse of themselues 
& great hazard of their Hues & peace of others, doe therefore 
order, sentance & declare, that it shall not be lawfull for any 
person whatsoeuer, male or feamale, one or other, within this 
Jurisdictyon, either directly or indirectly, to sell, barter, lend, 
giue or any otherwise, under any plea, coller or pretence what- 
soeuer, convay to any Indyan or Indyans, small or greate, any 
strong water or liquors, sack or any other sort of wine of any 
kinde, upon penalty of fine pounds for a pinte, for every pinte 
of either wine or liquors aforesayd, & forty shillings for the 
least quantyty ; one third part of the penalty to bee & belong 
to those that shall informe & proue any delinquency, *to the 
publique Treasury. 

[48] It is also ordred, that whatsoeuer Berbados Liquors, 
commonly caled Rum, Kill Deuill, or the like, shall be landed 
in any place of this Jurisdictyon, and any part thereof drawn 
and sould in any vessell, lying in any harber or roade in this 
Common wealth, after publicatyon of this order, shall be all for- 
fited & confiscated to this Common wealth ; & it shall be law- 
full for any person in this Jurisdictyon to make seizure thereof, 
two thirde parts to belong to the publique treasury & the other 
to the party seazing. 

And it is allso farther ordred, that every ancor of Liquors 
that is landed in any place within this Jurisdictyon, shall pay 
to the publique treasury lOss. & every butt of wine 40ss. or 
hodshede of wine 20ss. or quarter cask lOss. wheather they are 
full or noe. This order repealed, M'rch 12"', '58-'59. 

It is allso ordered, that none shall haue liberty to retaile any 
quantity of strong waters or wine of any sort without a license 
from the Courte of Magistrates, uppon peanalty of 20ss. for 
every default. 

The Courte is adiorned till next Wednesday come fortnight, 
at pne of the clock in the afternoone. 

* " and two thirds," or words equivalent, seem to have been omitted here. 


[49] A Generall Courte of Electyon, the 18*^1 day of 

May, 1654. 

Edward Hopkins Esq"", chosen Gouornor. absent. 
Mr. Wells, chosen [Deputy'] Govornor. 
Magistrates chosen : Mr, Webster, Maior Mason, Mr. 
Winthop, John Cullick, See''; Mr. Woolcot, Mr. Clarke, 
Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailcot, Tresu\ 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Trott, Mr. 
Phelps, Mr. Fitch, Capt. Denison, Mr. Warde, Hugh 
Calking, John Bissell, Dauid Wilton, Tho: Foard, Andr: 
Bacon, Will: Hill, Dan: Titterton, Tho: Coleman, John 
Hollister, Phill: Graues, John Lattimore, Mathu: Griss- 
wold, John Cole, Rob: Webster, Will: Cornwell, Mathu: 
Marven, Mathu: Camfield, 
The freemen voted that this Generall Courte should haue 
power to chuse Commissioners for the ensuing yeare. 

The freemen voted & ordered to bee added to the Fundamen- 
talls, as followeth : — 

That the maior p^t of the Magistrates, in the absence of the 
Govornor & Deputy, shall haue power to call any Generall 
Courte ; and that any Generall Courte, being legally called & 
mett, the maior p^t of the Magistrates & Deputyes then mett 
(in the absence of the Govornor & Deputy,) shall haue power 
to chuse vnto & from among themselues, a Moderator ; which 
being done, they shall be deemed as legall a Generall Courte to 
all intents & purposes as if the Govornor or Deputy were 

The names of those who at this Courte ware mayd free, are 
as followeth : — 

Hartford ; Walter Gray, Willam Willams, John Clow, Na- 
than: Rusco, John Stedman : 

Windsor ; George Grissell, Samm: Marshall, Joseph Lum- 
mis, Thomas Lummis, Nathan: Lummis, Simon Woolcott, Jo- 
seph Phelps, Samm: Grant, Walter Lee, Anthony Hoskins, 
Nicholas Wilton : 

W ether sfild ; Thomas Wright, James Wright, John Graues, 
Phillip Smith : 

Midletowne ; William Harris, George Graues, Samm: Stock- 


ing, John Savidge, Samm: Hall, Natha: Browne, George Hub- 
bard : 

Norwack ; Mathu: Camphile, Thom: Hanford : 
Farmingtone ; John Hartt, Sam: Lomes, Simon Wrothem, 
Joseph Kelodg, Will: Ventris, Tho: Porter, & Stephen Harte. 
[50] It is ordred by this Courte, that Mr. George Hull & 
Allexander Knowles, of Fairefild, Phillip Graues, of Stratford, 
& Mathevv Camfill, of Norwack, shall be Assistant to such Ma- 
gestrate or Magistrates as the Courte shall at any time send 
amoung them, in the executyon of justice, & they hereby im- 
pouer them to examine misdeameanors, to graunt out suinons, 
or binde ouer delinquents to Courte, in this Jurisdictyon, for 
either of them to marry persons, to press horses by warrant 
from them as the publick welfaire of this Common wealth & 
theire perticuler Towns may or shall at any time require ; they 
giuing an acco* to this Courte of the same, when required 

This Courte taking into consideratyon the complaint of 
Vncus agt some in Pequett for laying out & taking up parte of 
his land which hee conceiues they haue no right unto, doe de- 
sire, with the consent of the said Vncus, that Maior Mason 
would as speedily as hee may, taking Mathew Grisswold, of 
Seabroocke, with him, goe to Pequett & joyne with Mr. Win- 
trop to draw the line betwne Pequett & Vncus according to the 
bounds graunted that towne, beginning their line & soe carry- 
ing it on in the most indifferent place & way, that noe aduan- 
tage (as neare as can,) may be taken by Points or Coues, either 
to them or this Jurisdictyon, but that which is most equall on 
boath sides to be attended ; which being done, they are desired 
to sett downe where they finde the line to end, & indeavo'" to 
compose differences bet: Pequett & Vncus, in loue and peace ; 
and what they shall doe in there premises, in euery respect, they 
are desired to make repourt of to the Generall Courte. 

Mr. Hopkins & Mr. Wells are chosen Commissioners for the 
yeare ensuing, & if Mr. Hopkins come not in season to attend 
that saruis, then Mr. Webster is desired to supply his absence. 

It is ordred by this Courte, that the Assistants at the seaside 
shall haue liberty & power to examine those p^sent misdeame- 
nors amongst them, & as they finde cause either to sende up 



delinquents to come to there tryall at Conettycut, or otherwise 
to sende up for som Magistrates to goe theither to keepe Courte 
amongst them. Mr. Deputy, Mr. Webster & Mr. Clarke were 
desired & appointed to attend that saruis ifneede soe require. 
[51] Robert Webster is confirmed by the Courte Leiftenant in 
Middeltowne, for the yeare ensuing accord: to the motyon of 
the Towne. 

Mr. Tailcoate & Andrew Bacon are desired to goe downe to 
Seabrook & attend the petityon of the inhabitants of this 

It is ordered, that the Secretary of the Courte shall truly in 
the Country Booke of Records record the agreement of this 
Jurisdictyon with Colonell George Fenwick Esq"", about the 

Whereas, not withstanding an order of this Comon wealth 
that noe corne or provityons mentyoned theirin shall be trans- 
ported out of this Jurisdictyon upon penalty of confisscatyon, 
except they enter the same with the Committy appointed by 
the Courte, & giue in security to them or either of them that 
the premises shall be deliuered as in the said order* is expressed, 
much corne & other provisions contrary to the sayd order is 
transported, and the end of the order hazarded ; for the preven- 
tion whereof this Courte doth heereby authorize Cap*. Denison, 
of Pequett, upon all vessells that come into y * Harber, and for 
yt end hee is farther authorized to goe aboard any such vessells 
& to require an account of theire loading & sight of their 
Cockett,t & such vessells as hee findes that the Ma^s: of them 
haue not attended the aforesaid order, hee shall stop and binde 
ouer the said Mai's: with suffitient security, to answer the same 
at the next Courte at Hartford ; for which hee shall haue one 
fourth parte of what the said Courte shall see cause to take 
from such delinquents, by virtue of the aforesaid order, & the 
Mar of each vessell that lades at that Towne, in p»'t or whole, 
shall enter his cargoe &c giue in security to him in the behalfe 
of this Jurisdictyon, according to that order, to whome hee 
shall graunte a certificate, for which the Ma^ of each such ves- 
sell shall pay unto him 126?. 

* Page 131, ante. j A customhouse voucher, or permit. 


This Courte declarelh to Herman Garritt, yt for the present 
they judge the proofe about y^ land the Country claimes to 
bee stronger then his, that is in pt. of the Pequett Country, 
& therefore the grounds of his claime to it not to bee of 
sufBtient strength, & soe consequently at the Countrys liberty 
to dispose of, & theirfore they aduise Herman Garritt not to 
molest Mrs. Haynes in the improument of it, hauing suffitient 
libberty of planting by it for himselfe & his men, & that if he 
can produce any further or clearer testimony to evince his right, 
the Court will attend it. 

Edwar Stebbing & Tho: Coleman are appointed to draw up 
some rules for sealing leather etc. 

The Courte adiorned to the first Wednesday in Aug: except 
the Deputy see cause to call it sooner. 

[53] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 


Mr. Wells, Deputy Gouo^.* 

Maior Mason & John CuUick are chosen Commissioners for 
the yeare ensuing, and are desired to goe downe to the Bay, 
and attend the seruice there as occasions p^sent. 

The Commission of Maior John Mason, of Seabrooke, and 
Capt. John Cullick, of Hartford, men of approved fidellity & 
discretion, now sent from the Generall Courte of Conneticutt, 
assembled in Hartford aforesaid, this 13 day of June, 1654: — 

Whereas, the Generall Courte of Conetticutt haue rec'd a let- 
ter from his highness Oliuer, Lord Protector of England, Scott- 
land & Ireland, in reference to an expedition which is judged 
necessary without delay to be attended, wherein all the Colonies 
are (as is conceiued,) deeply concerned, doe therefore send you 
as agents from this Collonye to treate with Maior Rob: Sedge- 
wick & Capt: John Leveritt, sent ouer with Comission from his 
said Highness, now at Boston, or else where, with such other 
person or persons as are joined in comission or counsell with 
them, either from his said Highness or any of the Colonies, 
about all matters and things what soe ever, that may appeare 

* The names of the other members of the Court are not recorded. 


necessary to bee debated, relating to the aforesaid expedityon ; 
and you are to certifye uppon all occatyons what shall bee the 
result & issue of y negotiations in reference to the premises.* 

Instructyons for Maior John Mason & Cap*. John Cullick, 
sent as Agents from the Generall Courte of Connecticutt, now 
assembled at Hartford, this IS^h of June, '54 : — 

You are with all convenient speed to trauell to Boston, in the 
Massachusetts, where you may meete with Maior Rob: Sedge- 
wick & Capt. John Leueritt, togeather with the Agents from 
the other Collonies, to whome hauing (at request,) shewed y 
Commission, veiwed & p^'used theirs, according to the contents 
thereof you are to treate & negotiate with them about p^suance 
of an expedition ag* the Duch &c. If you finde the Massachu- 
setts Colonye shall joyne with their due proportions of men 
with the other Colonyes, you may ingage c meete proportion 
with them of men as neare as you can, in order to the designe, 
according to the Articles of Confederatyon, provided the whole 
number from Eng[Iand] & all the Colonyes exceed not 1500. 
If the Massachusetts Collonye shall refuse to joyne in p^portyon 
in the aforesaid service & uppon debate it appeares the other 
Colonyes, or those of them that shall joyne, may or are able to 
carry on the designe with hopefull fruite of success without the 
Massachusetts, you may ingage this Colonye to joyne therein, 
pi^vided the number of men to goe out from us exceed not 200, 
wherein you are to avoyde volunteers what you may, but rather 
then the designe shall fall } ou may admitt of 4 or 500, p^vided 
they all ingage to be under the comand & at the dispose of such 
coinanders as you shall approue or appoint ; if neede bee you 
may ingage, if the rest in counsell see meete, the ordinary wages 
for souldiers, & their proportyon of the spoile with others in that 
seruice, if God in his mercy giue us success. 

* In a letter, of the 10th of June, Mr. Welles writes to Major Sedgcwick and Capt. Leveret, 
" 1 have received yours of the 5th of this instant, and have given a call for a Generall Courte, 
but our tovvnes being farr distant wee cannot meete untill the beginning of the weeke. I have 
sent a messenger to Major John Mason, who lives at Seabrooke, but he is not yet returned. I 
knowe that our Colony will with all thankfullness imbrace this favour and respect from his 
Highness, and with all readines attend the counsell and advice of his Commissioners ; wee shall 
send one commissioner to joine in counsell with yours, and I suppo.=e by this time you under- 
stand what concurrence there is from the Bay, that you might informe us what number of men 
you expect from us and what kinde of provisions you most need," &c. [Hutchinson's CoUec- 
Cion, 253.] 


[52] A Generall Courte caled by the Deputy Govon"", the 
11th OF July, 1654. 
Mr. Wells, Deputy Gov. 
Magistrates : Mr. Webster, Maior Mason, Mr. Wooll- 

cott, Mr. CuUick, Mr. Tailcoatt. 
Deputyes • Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. West- 
wood, Mr, HoUister, Tho: Coleman, Andr: Bacon, John 
Latimore, John Coale, John Clarke, Rob* Webster, Will: 
Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Tailcoat, Mr. Steele, Andr: 
Bacon & John CuUick & Sam: Fitch are chosen as a Comittee 
to drawe up and sende one letter to the Coporatyon, one to 
Generall Monck and one to Mr. Hopkins, & to p^vide for the 

The order for restraint of trade with the Dutch & other for- 
reigne natyons is repealed. 

It is ordered, that there shall bee a man pJ'vided to bee with 
Maior Mason uppon the saruice of the Country at Seabroock, 
adding for the same to his sallery, 20/. a yeare. 

Dan: Garritt is to attend the prison, as Ma^ thereof. 
The Courte is dissolued. 

[54] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, 
THE 3^ OF October, 1654. 

Mr. Wells, Deputy Gou>-. 

Magistrates : Mr. Webster, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. CuUick, 

Mr. Clarke, Mr. WiUis, Mr. Tailcoat. 
Deputyes: Mr. Steele, Mr. Gaylerd, Mr. Trott, Mr- 
Allen, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Westwood, Edward Stebbing, 
Nath: Dickerson, John BisseU, Andr: Bacon, John Hol- 
lister, Tho: Sherwood, Tho: Fairechild, Tho: Coleman, 
John Clarke, Rob: Webster, Tho: Chapman, Tho: Whit- 
The distribution or devision of men to bee pressed out of each 
Towne to attend the expedition to Narragansett,* according to 
the conclusion of the Comissioners, is as foUoweth : — 

* The Commissioners, at their meeting in September, had resolved upon war with Ninigret, 


Windsor, . 

8 persons. 

Wethersfeild, . 




Farmington, . 

. 2. 



Seabroock, . 





. 6. 





The persons that are to goe first, wch are 24, are to bee out of 
the Townes following ; — Windsor, 4 ; Pequott, 4 ; Matabee- 
seck, 1 ; Hartford, 6 ; Wethersfield, 4 ; Farmington, 1 ; Sea- 
broock, 4; — 24. The remainder of the first numbi" being 21, 
w^h are to attend & be in reddines as a reserue, are to goe out 
of the towns folowing ; — Windsor, 4; Hartford, 3; Wethers- 
field, 2; Farmington,!; Fairefild, 6; Stratford, 5; — 21. 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Stone, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Will: Whiting & 
Mr. John Whiting, presenting to this Courte a distributyon of 
Mr. Whitings estate, agreed uppon by them and under all their 
hands, and baring date the 30*^ September, 1654, the Courte 
allowes the said distributyon & orders it to bee recorded. 

The Courte allso allowes and approues of the judgment and 
apprehensions of the Comittee, (viz : Mr. CuUick, Mr. Steele 
& Mr. Allyn,) about Mr. Whitings will, so farr as they all agree, 
& order it to be recorded. 

This Courte giues Mr. Will : Goodwin libberty to make vse 
of w" Timber from the waste land belonginge to the Countryj 
hee shall haue occasion for to keepe his sawe mill in imploy- 

This Courte grants Mr. Cullick libberty to draw and sell one 
hogshead of Clarrett & a quarter casck of red wine to his 
friends & neighbors, free from the Countryes excise. And this 
Courte doth allso further graunt unto the said Mr. Cullick, free 
license and libberty for the futur to draw out or sell to his 
friends & neighbours w** wine & liquors hee shall see cause, 
free from the Countryes excise. 
[55] It is ordred by this Courte, that it shall not bee lawfull 

and had ordered forty horsemen and two hundred and fifty foot soldiers to be forthwith levied 
from the several Colonies. Of these. Massachusetts was to provide the forty horsemen and 153 
foot; Connecticut, 45; Plymouth, 41 ; and New Haven, 31. A part of this force was to be 
despatched with all expedition to the Niantic country, and the remainder to hold themselves in 
readiness to march upon notice from the commander-in-chief, — the selection of whom was con~ 
ceded by the Commissioners, to Massachusetts. [Rec. of U. Colonies ; Hutchinson's History, I» 
186, 187, & Collections, 861 ; Trumbull's H. of Conn. I. 233, 224.] 


for any p^sons whatsoeuer to draw any Wine, Strong waters of 
any sorte or kind, stronge Beare or Syder, & sell it out by re- 
taile to any persons whatsoeuer, except such person or persons 
in each Towne as are licensed so to doe from the Courte. 

Whereas, Notwithstanding a former order restraining the 
selling of all wine & liquors to the Indyans, that greate & cry- 
ing sinn of Drunkenes reignes amongst them, to the greate dishon- 
or of God & hazard of the Hues and peace boath of the English 
&, Indyans, w^h as this Courte is informed is by the frequent 
selling of Syder or strong Beare to them, It is now ordered by 
this Courte, that it shall not bee lawfuU for any person or per- 
sons whatsoeuer within these libbertes, directly or indirectly, to 
sell, lend, barter or giue to any Indyan or Indyans whatsoeuer, 
small or greate, one or other, any wine, liquors, beare, syder* or 
metheglin, or any sorte or kinde whatsoeuer except it bee their 
ordinary howshould beare, for w^h they shall haue noe recom- 
pence, uppon the former penalty of fiue pounds for euery pinte 
& 40ss. for the least quantity, one third parte to bee to the 
partyes informing and the other to the publique Treasury. 

This Courte orders, that the 5th day of the next weeke bee 
kept a publique Fast & day of humilliation, throughout all the 
Plantatyons in this Jurissdiction, to seeke the presence and bless- 
ing of the Lord uppon the present expedition to the Narragan- 
setts, according to the conclusion of the Comissioners, wherein 
C future peace & comforts are much concerned. 

This Courte desires & appoints the Magistrates to take the 
most seasonable time to giue order for a publique day of Thanks- 
giuing throughout this Jurisdictyon. 

This Courte frees Thorn: Allen, the sonn of Mr. Mathu 
Allen, from his fine of 20/. 

The Comittee chosen by this Courte to press men and neces- 
saryes in each Towne, for this expedityon, in each Towne till 
it bee ended, is as followeth ; — 

For Windsor, Mr. Phelps & Mr. Allyn, to joyne with the 
Magistrates there : 

For Hartford, Mr. Webster & Andrew Bacon, to joyne with 
the Mages trates there : 

For Farmingione, Mr. Steele & the Constable : 

• [In margin,] "The p''ticuler respecting Sider in this law, is repealed, Mrch IV*', '58-'59." 


For Wethersfeild, Mr. Hollister, Thomas Coleman, & Natha: 
Dickerson, to joyne with the Deputy Govonor : 

For Middletowne, Rob: Webster, Tho: Whitmore, with the 
Constable : 

[56] For Seabrooke, John Clarke & Robert Chapman, with 
the Maior : 

For Stratford, Tho: Sherwood & Tho: Fairechild, with the 
Assistant &^ Constable : 

For Fairefeild, Mr. Ward & AUexander Knowles, with the 
Constable : 

For Pequett, Capt: Denison & Hugh Calkin, with the Con- 
stable. One drum & 1 p'^ Cullers, fro Pequett: 

From Hartford, a Lei ve tenant, & Surgeon, & 4 hogshd. of 
Biskett : 

From Windsor, a Seriant, & 2 bar: of meale, 1 bar : of peas, 
& a boate. 

The men are to bee uppon there march next Tuesday morn- 
ing ; and are to meete in Hartford, from Windsor & Farming- 

It is ordered, that the size for all Casck for Beefe and Porke, 
after the 1 of March next, shall bee 31 gall. &. ^. 

The Courte is adiorned to y^ 1 Wednesday in March next. 

'[57] A Session op the Genbrall Courte, at Hartford, 
Septemb' 14th, 1654. 
Mr. Wells, Deputy Govenr. 
Magistrates : Capt: Cullick, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Clarke, 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Talcott. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Trott, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gay- 
lor, Mr. Allen, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Westwood, Edw: Steb- 
bin, And: Bacon, Mr. Hollister, John Bissell, Natha: 
Dickerson, Mr. Ward, Will: Hill, absent ; Tho: Cole- 
man, Steph: Hart, Tho: Fairechild, Rich: Olmsted, Rob: 
Webster, Tho: Whitmore, Will: Cheesbroock, Hugh 
Calkin, John Clarke, Rob: Chapman. 
The Lists of the Persons & Estates in the severall Townes 
within this Jurisdictyon :— - 



, £. 































The lists of the persons & estates of Pequott is to bee per- 
fected & returne thereof bee made to the Magistrates when they 
keepe the perticuler Courte there, as is after ordered. 

This Courte orders that the estate of Capt: Baxter, attached 
by the Constable of Fairefield for the forfeiture of his recog- 
nizance, shall bee remitted. 

This Courte orders that when executyon is don uppon the 

•goods of Tho: Staples of Fairefeild, upon a verdict graunted 

to Capt: Baxter, forthwith attachm* bee graunted upon those 

goods for the use of the Country, untill this Courte sees what is 

to be done in reference to this fine. 

Whereas, Notwithstanding former provision made for the 
conveyance of the knowledge of God to the Natives amongst 
us, little hath hitherto beene attended through want of an able 
Interpreter, this Courte being ernestly desirous to promoate & 
further what lyes in them a worke of that nature, wherein the 
glory of God & the euerlasting welfare of those poore, lost, 
naked sonnes of Adam is so deepely concerned, doe order that 
Thomas Mynor, of Pequott shall bee wrott unto from this 
Courte & desired that hee would forthwith send his sonne John 
Mynor to Hartford, where this Courte will provide for his mein- 
tenance & schooling, to the end hee may bee for the present 
assistant to such elder, elders or others, as this Courte shall ap- 
point, to interprett the things of God to y" as hee shall bee di- 
rected, & in the meane time fitt himselfe to bee instrumental! 
that way as God shall fitt & incline him thereunto for the fu- 

*" Vppon a motion made to y" Commissioners, by Capt. Cullick, from the General! Courte of 
Connecticott, to take into y consideration y" instruction of y'' Indians in theire Jurisdiction, in 
y* knowledge of God, and their desire y' John Minor might bee entertained as an interpreter to 
communicate to y^ said Indians those instructions w"^'' shall bee deliiiered by Mr. Stone, Mr. 
Newton or any other allowed by the Courte, and allsoy' ysaid Minor may bee further instruct 
ed and fitted by Mr. Stone to bee a meete instrument to carry on the worke of propagating y" 
Gospell to y^ Indians, y'-' Commissioners conceivieng y^ said propositions to bee much condu- 



[58] It is ordered by this Court, that Capt: CulHck, Mr. Steele, 
Mr. Allen, as a Comitte by this Courte apointed, are to consider 
of Mr. Whitings will, & a right interpretatyon thereof, to- 
geather with the SuPre[ y^ of the said will & make report 
thereof to this Courte. 

It is ordered by this Court, that Mr. Talcoat, Mr. Allen, Mr. 
HoUister, shall joyne with Capt: Cullick in receving the ac- 
counts for the forte rate, for the yeare past, of the Constables 
for the severall plantations uppon the River. 

Maior Mason & Capt. Cullick, (if his occasions can permitt 
him, if not,) Mr. Clarke, are desired to goe to Pequott & with 
Mr. Winthrop to keepe a perticuler Courte, before winter, to 
execute justice there as cause shall require. 

This Courte graunts power to Maior Mason to call the* 
Traine bands togeather once in 2 years, to exercise in a Gen- 
erall training on the first or second weeke in September. 

It is ordered, that warrants shall goe forth from the Tresurer 
for a whole rate for the Country, according to the order of ra- 
ting, to be payd f in wheate, ^ in peas, ^ in Indyan : wheatt at 
4s. peas at 3s. p'" bush : Indyan at 2s. 6d. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that the next Wednesday come 
three weekes, bee kept a day of Publique Thanksgiuing in the 
severall Plantations within this Jurisdictyon. 

The Courte is adiorned to the first Wednesday in March next 
except the Deputy Governor see cause to call it sooner. 

[59] Articles of Agreement, made and concluded betwixt 
George Fenwick Esq"" of SeaBrooke Fort, on ye one 
part, and "Edward Hopkins, John Haynes, John Ma- 
son, John Steele and James Boosy, for and on y^ be- 
halfe of ye Jurisdiction of Connecticott River, on ye 
other part, y^ 5^^ of Decembr, 1644.* 
The said George Fenwick Esq'" doth by these p^'sents convey 

cing to y" propagating of y' hopeful! work, doe desire y'= Magistrates of Connecticott to take 
careyiy"^ said Minor bee enterteined at Mr. Stones or some other meet place, and they shall or- 
der yt due allowance bee made for his dyet and education out of the corporation stock." [Rec. 
of U. Colonies; Sept. 23d, J 654.] 

• Recorded here, pursuant to an order of the Court, May 18th. [See pp. 119,215,258. ante.] 


and make over to ye use and for y" behoofe of y^ Jurissdiction 
of Connecticott River aforesaid, y^ Fort att SeaBrooke with y^ 
appertenances hereafter mentioned, to bee inioyed by them for 
euer : 

Two demiculvering cast peeces, with all y^ shott thereunto 
appertaining, except fifty W^^ are reserved for his own use '. 

Two long Saker cast peeces, with all y^ shott thereunto be- 
longing ; one Murderer, with two chamb''s, and two ham- 
mered peeces ; two barrells of Gunpowder : 

Forty musketts, with Bandaleers and rests, as allso foure 
carabines, swords, and such irons as are there for a draw 
bridge ; one sow of lead, and irons for ye carriages of 
ordinance ; and all y^ housing within ye Palisado : 

It is allso provided and agreed betwixt ye said parties, y* all 
ye land uppon ye River of Connecticott, shall belong to ye said 
Jurissdiction of Connecticott, and such lands as are yet undis- 
posed shall bee ordered and given out by a Committie of five, 
whereof George Fenwick Esq"" aforesaid is allwayes to bee one. 

It is further provided and agreed, yt ye Towne of Sea Brooke 
shalbee carryed on according to such agreements, and in yt 
way which is allready followed there and attended betwixt Mr. 
Fenwick and ye Inhabitants there. 

It is allso provided and agreed betwixt ye said parties, y* 
George Fenwick Esq' shall have liberty to dwell in and make 
use of any or all ye bowsing belonging to ye said Fort, for ye 
space of ten yeares ; hee keeping those w^h hee makes use of, 
in sufficient repaire, (extraordinary casualties excepted ;) and 
in case hee remove his dweUing to any other place, y^ hee give 
halfe a yeares warning thereof, y* provision may bee made ac- 
cordingly ; onely it is agreed y' there shall bee some conven- 
ient part of ye bowsing reserved for a Gunner, and his family, 
to live in, if ye Jurissdiction see fitt to settle one there. 

It is further provided and agreed bettwixt ye said partyes, 
that George Fenwick Esq"" shall inioye to his owne proper use« 
these p^ticulers following : — 

1. The house neare adioyning to ye wharfe, with ye wharfe 
and an acre of ground thereunto belonging, provided ye sayd 
acre of ground take not up above eight rodd in breadth by ye 
water side : 


2. Tlie point of land and ye marsh lying under y^ barne all- 
ready built by ye said George Fenwick : 

3. The Island, comonly called Six Mile Island, with y*' 
meadow thereunto adioyning, on ye east syde ye River : 

4. The ground adioyning to ye Towne-feild, we'i is already 
taken of and inclosed \v^^ 3 rayles by ye sayd George Fenwick ; 
onely there is lyberty granted to ye said Jurissdiction, if they 
see fitt, to build a Fort uppon ye westerne point, whereunto 
there shalbee allowed an acre of ground for a house lott. 

[60] It is also provided and agreed, yt ye said George Fen- 
wick Esqr shall have free warren in his owne land, and lyberty 
for a fowler for his owne occasions, as allso ye like liberty is 
reserved for any other of ye Adventurers yt may come into 
these parts, with a double bowse lott, in such place where they 
make choise to settle theire aboade. 

All ye formentioned graunts (except before excepted) ye said 
George Fenwick Esq^ doth ingage himselfe to make good to 
ye Jurissdiction aforesaid, against all claymes y* may bee made 
by any other to ye premises, by reason of any disbursements 
made upon ye place : 

The said George Fenwicke doth allso promise y^ all ye lands 
from Narragansett River to ye Fort of Sea Brooke, mentioned 
in a Pattent graunted by ye Earle of Warwicke to certaine 
Nobles and Gentlemen, shall fall in under ye Jurissdiction of 
Connecticutt, if it come into his power. 

For and in regard of ye premises and other good considera- 
tions, ye sayd Edward Hopkins, Jn^ Haynes, Jn^ Mason, Jno 
Steele and James Boosy, authorized thereunto by ye Generall 
Courte for ye Jurissdiction of Connecticott, doe, in behalfe of 
ye said Jurissdiction promise and agree to and with ye said 
George Fenwicke Esq"", yt for and during ye space of ten full 
and compleate yeares, to beginn from ye first of March next 
ensuing ye date of these presents, there shall bee allowed and 
payd to ye said George Fenwicke or his assignes, ye perticuler 
sums hereafter following : — 

1. Each bushell of Come of all sorts, or meale y* shall passe 
out att ye Rivers mouth, shall pay two pence p^ bushell : 

2. Every hundred of Biskett y* shall in like manner passe 
out att ye Rivers month, shall pay six pence : 


3. Each milch cow, and mare of three yeares ould or up- 
wards, within any of y^ Townes or farmes uppon the River, 
shall pay twelue pence p"" annu: during y^ foresd tearme : 

4. Each hogg or sow yt is killed by any p^ticuler p^son with- 
in ye lymitts of y^ River and the Jurissdiction aforesayd, to bee 
improved eytherfor his owne p^ticuler use, or to make marketts 
of, shall in like manner pay twelve pence p"" annu: 

5. Each hoggshead of Beaver traded out of this Jurissdic- 
tion, and past by water downe y^ River, shall pay twenty shil- 
lings : 

6. Each pound of Beaver traded within ye lymitts of y^ 
River shall pay two pence, onely it is provided y* in case the 
generall trade with y^ Indians* now in agitacon pi^ceed, this tax 
uppon Beaver, mentioned in this and y® foregoing article, shall 

7. The sayd Committie doe, by the power aforesayd, consent 
and agree to and with ye sayd George Fenwicke Esq"", yt hee 
ye said George Fenwicke and his heires shall bee free of any 
imposition or customes y* may heereafter by the Jurissdiction 
bee imposed att ye Fort. 

It is agreed y* the aforesaid payments shall bee made in 
manner followinge : — 

What shall bee due from ye graine that is exported shall bee 
payd in graine according to the proportion of the several! 
kindes of graine that doe pass away, att the common current 
price, neyther attending such prises on ye one hand that the 
Courte may sett, nor yett on the other hand such as Corne may 
bee sould att through the necessityes of men ; and in case of 
[61] any difference,!! then the price shall bee sett by two good 
men the one to be chosen by Mr. Fenwicke and the other by 
the Courte : what shall bee due otherwise shall bee paid in 
Beaver, wampom, barly, wheat or pease, the former considera- 
tion for the p[rice] to bee herein allso attended ; and it is pro- 
vided and agreed that a strict order and course shall bee taken 
in observing what graine is putt aboard any vessell that goeth 
downe [the] River, from any of the Townes, and due notice be- 
ing [taken] thereof, every boate or vessell shall bee inioyned to 

* See page 113, ante ; Rec. of U. Colonies, in Hazzard's St. Papers, ii. 19. 



take note from some deputed by the Courte in each Towne, 
what quantityes and kindes of graine are aboard the said ves- 
sell, and to deliver to Mr. Fenwicke or his assignes att Sea- 
Brooke, so much as will bee due to him according to the fore- 
mentioned Agreements. And likewise [for the] other pay- 
ments due care shall bee taken that [they bee] made att the 
place aforesaid, in as convenient a way as [may] comfortably 
bee attended, and y* all indirect courses bee prevented whereby 
the true meaning of these agreements may bee evaded. 

In witness whereof the parties beforementioned have here- 
unto put theire hands, the day and yeare abouesayd. 

Geor: Fenwick Edward Hopkins, 

Jo: Haynes, 
John M[ason,] 
John Steel, 
James Boosye. 
I have examined and compared this writing with the origin- 
all and finde it to bee a true Coppy this 4*^ of March, 1655-56. 

John CuUick, Sec. 

It was afterwards concluded both by the Generall Courte of 
Connecticutt and Mr. Fenwicke, that in case there should any 
difference arise touching the Interpretation of any of the within 
mentioned Agreements, the determination and issuing thereof 
should bee referred to those who made the sayd Agreements, 
being best acquainted with theire owne intendments. 

It was allso agreed betwixt George Fenwick Esq"" and the 
Committee mentioned, the lit'' of Octob'", 1645, in regard there 
hath not beene a due and full attendance to the said Agree- 
ments this pi"sent yeare, by [many,] which in parte arose from 
the unwillingness in masters of vessells to [stay] allwayes att 
SeaBrooke for the delivery of the corne due to Mr. [Fenwick,] 
that the sayd Agreements shall beginn and take place from the 
[first] of March next, being 1645, to the end and tearme of tenn 
yeares ; [and] for the preventing of the beforementioned diffi- 
culty, George Fenwick [Esq''] doth agree & is content to take 
what corne shall bee due unto [him, att] the Townes of Hart- 
ford or Wethersfeild. And the sayd Com[mittee doth, in] be- 
halfe of the Generall Courte, and by vertue of [power commit- 


ted] to them, [agree] and undertake that att any time [within 
four]teene days, [after] warning and notice given by [Geo: Fen- 
wick Esqi", or his assignes, there] shall bee delivered to [any 
vessell he or they shall appoint, such corne] as is due to him by 
[vertue of this Agreement, att eyther of the Townes aforesaid. 
Neverthelesse, it is still provided that the Ma"" of every vessell 
[62] carry a note of the quantityes of gray ne,] || with the sev- 
erall kindes thereof, that are laden by any aboard his vessell 
from such persons as are deputed by the Generall Courte to 
that service, and deliver it to George Fenwick or his assignes, 
before they depart from SeaBrooke, under the penalty men- 
tioned in an order, made by the Generall Courte of Connecti- 
cott, for preventing of any indirect or collusive proceedings in 
violation of the sayd Agreement. And whereas severall pen- 
altyes are by the sayd order to bee inflicted uppon such as shall 
transgress, or seeke to evade the true meaning of the sayd 
agreements, It is now agreed and consented to by the afore- 
sayd Comittie, that the one halfe of that w^h is so forfeited by 
any shall bee and appartayne to the sayd George Fenwick Esq"", 
or his assignes, and the other to such as shall informe.* 

E: Hopkins. 
1 have examined and compared this writing with the origin- 
all, and finde it to bee a true Coppy, this 4th of March, 1655-56. 

John Cullick, Sec^. 

[6.S] Feb^: 17: 1646. 

It was agreed betwixt Edward Hopkins on ye behalfe of 
George Fenwick Esqf, and John Cullick, John Tallcott, John 
Porter and Henry Clark, James Boosie and Samuell Smith, on 
behalfe of y^ Jurissdiction of Connecticutt, that the Agreement 
formerly made with Mr. Fenwick shall bee altered, and what 
was to bee receaved by him according to that, reduced to the 
tearmes heareafter expressed : viz : there shall, yearely for ten 
•yeares payd to Mr. Fenwick or his Assignes, one hundred and 
eighty pounds p"" annum, to bee payd every yeare before y^ last 
of June, as it shall bee required by the Assignes of the sayd G, 

* Pages 61 and 62, of the record, are much torn and defaced ; the missing portions have 
been supplied by reference to the original agreement, preserved in Vol. I of • Towns & Lands,' 
Doc. No. 3. 


Fenwick, either to such vessells as shall bee appointed, or to 
such house or houses in Wethersfeild or Hartford as hee shall 
direct and order, to bee payd ^ in good wheat att 45. p^f B: ^ 
in pease att 35. p"" B: ^ in Ry or Barly att 35. p' B^i, and if ry 
or barly bee not payd, then to pay it in wheat and pease in an 
equall proportion ; only this present yeare, some Indian corne 
shall bee accepted, but as little as may bee ; Allso there is to bee 
receaved by the sayd Geo. Fenwick, what shall bee due from 
Springfeild for the foresayd tearme of 10 yeares, as allso what 
else may bee due uppon the Beaver trade, according to the 
former Agreement with him : Allso, whereas the Towne of 
SeaBrooke is to pay, in this sum of 1801. for this yeare, 10/., 
when that Towne increaseth so as they pay a greater propor- 
tion in other rates, in reference to what these Townes, Wind- 
sor, Hartfoid, Wethersfeild and Farmingtowne doe pay, they 
shall increase theire pay to Mr. Fenwick accordingly : allso, 
whereas Mattabesuck may hereafter bee planted, they shall pay 
to Mr. Fenwick in the same proportion they pay other rates, to 
these Townes : These foure Townes being accounted at one 
hundred and seaventy pounds. 

Edward Hopkins, i John Tallcott, 

John Cullick, 

James Boosie. 
I haue examined and compared this writing with the originall 
and finde it to bee a true Coppie, this 4^^ of March, 1655-56. 

John Cullick Sec. 

[64] A Session of the Generall Courte in Hartford, the 
7th OF March, 1654-55. 

Mr. Wells, Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Webster, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. Cullick, 
Mr. Clarke, Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailecoate, 

Deputies : Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Gay- 
lerd, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Westwood, Mr. HoUister, Edw; 
Stebbing, John Bissill, Andrew Bacon, Nath: Dicker- 
son, Steph: Harte, Tho: Coleman, Tho: Whittmore. 
Richard Church is freed from watching, warding & training. 


This Courte allowes the souldiers y* went uppon the last ex- 
pedition to ye Narragansetts, by vertue of the determination of 
the Comissionrs, as followeth : 

To the comon souldiers, 16d. a day ; 

To the Drumers, 20c?. a day ; 

To the Serieants, 2s. a day ; 

To the Ensigne, 25. 6c?. a day ; 

To the Leiftenant, 3s. a day ; 

To the Steward, 25. a day. 
This Courte desires Mr. Wells & Nath: Dickerson, for Weth- 
ersfield; Mr. Webster and Mr. Cullick, for Hartford; Mr. 
Clarke & Mr. Allyn, for Windsor; Mr. Steele & Steph: Harte, 
for Farmington; Thomas Allyn and Robert Webster, forMid- 
letowne, to receive, alio we & signe to the Treasurer, such bills 
of debts from ye Country to any perticular person as shall bee 
brought in to them in theire severall Townes. And Mr. Web- 
ster & Mr. Cullick are desired to audite the Treasurers acco*^ 
for the yeare past. 

This Courte hath considered the acknowledged transgression 
of lawe, about casting Ballast in an inconvenient place, at Weth- 
ersfield, by William King, Marriner ; uppon severall grounds 
they doe mitigate the penalty of the said order, and doe adiudge 
the said King to pay for his transgression aforesaid, 20ss. 

This Courte advises that it bee p^sented to the Gen: Courte 
in May next, that it may bee ordered, that notwithstanding the 
former order w^h req: that such goods as are disstreined uppon 
execution should bee apprized by 3 men, as yt Lawe directs, 
■vych now proves to bee inconvenient & sometimes iniurious to 
ye creditors, it shall hereafter bee lawful! for ye Marshall to 
make sale of such goods distreined w^^out the apprizem*^ before 
specified, as well as hee may, for the good of the debtor, for the 
same pay that the debtor was to make. 

[65] A Generall Courte of Election [in] Hartford, this 
17th OF May, 1655. 

Mr. Thomas Wells, chosen Govrno"". 
Mr. John Webster, Deputy Govno^. 


Mr. Hopkins, Magistrate ; Maior John Mason, Magis- 
trate ; Mr. Winthrop, Magistrate. Mr. Woollcott, Mag- 
istrate. Mr. Cullick, Magistrate ^ Sec" ; Mr. Clarke, 
Magistrate ; Mr. Willis, Magistrate ; Mr. Tailecoate, 
Magistrate, Treasurer; M.x. io\va.Cos,xnox&, Magistrate ; 
Capt. Thomas Topping, Magistrate. 
Beputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gayler, Mr. Allyn, 
John Bissell, Mr. Trott, Nath: Dickerson, Mr. HoUister, 
John Deming, Mr. Warde, Mr. Hill, Mr. Westwood, 
Edward Stebbing, Andrew Bacon, Mr. Brewster, absent, 
Will' Cheessbrooke, absent, Robert Webster, Will' 
Smith, absent, John Pratt, absent, Phillip Groves, Staph: 
Harte, absent, John Clarke, Rich: Webb, Nath: Cam- 
feild, Thomas Fairechild. 
The names of those w<=h were made Freemen of this Juriss- 
diction, at this Courte, are, — Mr. John Russell Senior, Jacob 
Gibbs, John Hubberd. 

The freemen hath impowered this Generall Courte to chuse 
Commission''^ for them, for the yeare ensuing. 

A letter is to bee sent to East Hampton, in ans: to theires, 
yt it can bee no advantage, but rather the contrary, to theire 
devided, shattered condition, not to have dependance uppon or 
bee under some settled Jurissd: &c. and therefore advise y™ so 
to doe, &c. and to pay w^t is theire just dues to this Comon- 

Math: Camfeild, for Norwaack, & Phillip Groves, for Strat- 
ford, are confirmed Assistants, according to former order, in 
May (54.) 

Maior John Mason & Cap*. John Cullick are chosen Com- 
mission" for this Collony for the yeare ensuing, to agitate with 
the other Collonyes, according to the Articles of Confederation, 
and Mr. Tailecoate is chosen as a Reserve. 

Mr. Govnc, Mr. Deputy & Mr. Clarke are desired to goe 
downe to the sea-side to keepe Courte at Fairefeild or 

Maior Mason, Mr. Cullick & Mr. Tailecoate, are desired to 
goe to Pequett, as soone as may conveniently sute them and 
the Towne, to keepe Courte there, and w" other necessary ser- 
vice shall appeare. 


This Courte, considering the petition of Cap*. John Under- 
hill, in refFerence to his seizure of y^ Dutch Howse, Hope, & 
lands ; they doe, in way of answer, returne as foUoweth : First, 
yt notwithstanding all yt hath yet appeared to them, they may 
and doe declare y* till more appeares, they shall meinteinetheire 
owne seizure of ye pimises, according to the end and extent 
thereof. 2^h, yt they see not cause to warr<^ his seizure, nei- 
ther shall they allowe or approve of his sale thereof, to any per- 
son w"soever, from this Jurissdiction.* 

Concerning Mrs, Styles petition, ye Courte declares yt if the 
Comittee yt goes to keepe Courte at Strattford and the Towne 
of Strattford sees cause, they may settle uppon Mrs Styles w" 
shee desires. 

[66] This Courte considering the sad complaint of Goody 
Beckwith, of Fairefeild, in referrence to her husbands deserting 
of her, doe declare y* by w** evidences hath beene p^'sented to 
them of ye manner of her husbands departure and discontinnu- 
ance, they judge that if the said Goody Beckwith, wife of 
Thomas, shall uppon her oath testifie to the Magistrates that 
are shortly to keepe Courte at Strattford, that her husbands de- 
parture was as others have testified it to bee ; and yt shee hath 
not heard from him nor of him any wayes since hee deserted 
her, the said Magistrates may give her a bill of Divorce & sett 
her free from her said husband. 

This Courte considering the appeale of Jonas Wood, of South 
Hampton, and well weighing the grounds & causes thereof, doe 

* In May, 1653, Capt. Underhill was commissioned by the Colony of Providence Plantations, 
as commander in chief of their land forces, for the prosecution of the war against the Dutch. 
Under and by virtue of this commission, (and, as he alleges, with the permission of the Gen- 
eral Court then in session at Hartford,) on the 27th and 28th of June, 1653, Capt. Underhill 
seized the Dutch Fort, " The House the Hope," at Hartford, with the lands adjacent. In 
April, 1654, [page 254, ante,] the General Court ordered the Dutch house, with the lands &c. 
thereunto belonging, to be sequestered and reserved in the behalf of the Commonwealth of 
England, " all particular claims or pretended rights thereunto notwithstanding" ''till a true trial 
may be had of the premises," and in the mean time prohibited all persons from improving the 
premises by virtue of any title other than should be given them by the Court. 

In the petition now presented to the Court, (a certified copy of which is preserved in Vol. I 
of " Towns & Lands," Doc. No. 81.) Capt Underhill asks permission to sell and convey the prop- 
erty he had seized two years before, — pleading his past services to the Colonies, his straitened 
circumstances, and the justice of his claim. Notwithstanding the refusal of the Court to grant 
the prayer of the petition, Capt. U. proceeded to effect a sale, and on the 18th of July following, 
executed a deed of the premises to Wm. Gibbins & Richard Lord. [Towns & Lands, 1. 82.] 


judge and declare, that as things have appeared to them they 
cannott but justifie the said Woods appeale against John 
Cooper, and doe judge that Cooper hath vnjustly molested, 
troubled, greived, and dissparaged the said Wood, in a speciall 
manner in and about his telling Wood that hee lyed against his 
knowledge and concience, w^h charge of his hath evidently ap- 
peared to this Courte to bee alltogether groundless aud scanda- 
lous. The pi'mises being considered, they doe adiudge the said 
John Cooper to pay as followeth : 

Im: To Wood, for his charge uppon the first Jury, and all 
other charges for his owne defence and clearing, at the several! 
other Courtes at South Hampton, wherein hee was defend*, and 
all other charges of evidences, wittnesses and otherwise, in 
order to his appeale to this Courte, y^ sum of thirty pounds, 

£30. 0. 0. 

2diy To Wood, for slaundering of him, as aforesaid, 05. 0. 0. 

Sfiiy To the Country, in p* of theire charge in ) 

attendance uppon ye aforesaid appeals, ) 05. 0. 0. 

40. 0. 0. 

It being the true intent & meaning of thi^ Courte, notwith- 
standing the pJ'mises, that John Cooper should pay all the char- 
ges of the two last pi'ticular Courts at South Hampton and of 
the Generall Court there, over and above the aforesaid sum of 
forty pound, that is, so farr as Cooper as plantiff procured ye 
charge for himselfe or for the maintenance of his cause against. 
Wood ; but so farr as Wood procured any charge for his owne 
defence & clearing, Wood is to pay out of the aforesaid suiii 
of 30/. 

If John Cooper shall not satisfie & discharge to Jonas Wood 
the judgem*^ of this Court, viz : the sum of 35Z. betweene this 
& the first of July next, then Wood may proceed to execution. 
The Sec. is ordered to deliver execution to Jonas Wood 

This Courte allowes Cornelius Hull, out of the publique 
Treasury, for his charge and expence in coming up hither to 
give in testimonie concerning Baxster, 20ss. 

John Elderkin, of Pequett, being p'"sented to this Court as 
chosen by y^ Towne of Pequett to keepe an ordinary, accord- 


iijg to order of Courte, wh hee hath accepted of to attend after 
29 Sept; next, the Court confirmes him in that place. 

[67] This Courte allowes the keeper of the prison, for his 
yearly s[alary] 12/. & for delinquents 6^. 8d. ahead. 

It is ordered, that the Tovvne of Norwack shall possess & 
inioy all ye land w^h they purchased of the Indians, not of right 
belonging to the plantation of Fairefeild. 

This Court orders, that in the intervalls of Generall Courts, 
ye Magistrates shall have power to appointe publique dayes of 
Thanksgiving & Humilliation, in this Jurissdiction, as they 
shall judge meete. 

It is ordered by this Courte, with the approbation of y^ Depu- 
tyes from the seaside, viz: P'airefeild, Strattford & Norwacke, 
that the whole charge of all such Courts as are kept in any of 
the aforesaid Townes, wherein none are questioned for y^ 
breach of some capitall lawes, shall bee borne by those said 
Townes, and that all the charge of such Courtes in any of the 
aforesaid Townes as shall have some charged in them for the 
breach of any capitall law as aforesaid, shall bee borne one halfe 
by the said Townes, & the other halfe by the Country. 

Whereas, it doth evidently appeare to this Courte that the 
Secretary thereof, for some yeares past, hath not had sutable 
recompence for his great paines in the service of his place, by 
the former provision or allowance they have made in consider- 
ation thereof; It is ordered by this Courte, that the Sec"^ shall 
have 18c?. for every action entred by the taking out of any war- 
rant respecting the same, either from himselfe or any other Ma- 
gistrate, under the sum of forty shillings, and 6d. for every war- 
rant: And for every action, as before, above y^ sum of forty 
shillings, the Sec shall have 2s. ; And that if any Magistrate 
graunts a warrant respecting any action, they shall bee paid for 
every warrant, six pence: and they shall take the Secretary's 
fees of such persons as they graunte theire warrants to, and at 
every Courte, make due payment thereof to him : 

It is allso further ordered, that the Sec^ shall have for every 
Attachement or Replevin, bond and action belonging thereun- 
to,* 55. ; for every Execution under fifty shillings, 2s. Gd., and 
every Execution above fifty shillings, 55. ; for every Will or In- 

• [In margin ;] " and for coppies of them, halfe so much." 



ventory or both, under 50/., 3s. 4d. ; & for every under a hun- 
dred pound, five shillings ; and for every one above a 100/., 6s. 
8d. And for the Orders of common concernment in each ses- 
sion of the Generall Court published, 25. from each Towne 
where they are published ; & what writing perticuler Townes 
or persons makes y^ Sec, at any Generall Courte or session 
thereof, they shall pay and allowe, w^^out any delay, good re- 
compence & satisfaction to his reasonable content. For every 
Recognise: entring in Courte, uppon the entry thereof 2s. 
The Courte is adiourned to the 1 Wednesday in July next. 

[68] A Generall Court in Hartford, the 4*^-^ of Octob''. 


Mr. Wells, Govrno"". 

Mr. Webster, Deputy. 

Magistrates : Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Willis, Mr. 

Deputyes : Mr. Fitch, Mr. Allen, Mr. Trott, Mr. Hull, 
Mr. Steele, absent, Mr. Woolcott, Mr. Westwood, Mr. 
Hill, absent, David Willton, Edward Stebbing, John 
Bissell, Andrew Bacon, Nath: Dickerson, Sam: Smith, 
Tho: Coleman, John Brunson, William Smith, Phillip 
Grove, Thomas Fairechilde. 
Bartho: Barnard, of Hartford, is fyned 5s. for not returning 
the warrants seasonably for Deputyes, according to order. 

The Widdow Gibbs her forfeiture of 4/. as by record of 
Courte, in Sept. (54) is by this Courte remitted to one halfe, y' 
is to say, that shee shall pay but 40ss. w^h* 

Richard Lettin, being called 3 times to appeare at this Courte 
in answer to his Recognise: and not answering thereunto, hath 
forfeited his Recognise: of 20/. 

George Phillips, by reason of severall weakenesses that attend 
him, is freed by this Courte from Training during his aforesaid 

The Comissionrs of Strattford & Fairefeild are fyned 40s. a 

* The original is thus incomplete. 


peece, for theire neglect of meeting according to order, for the 
perfecting the Lists. 

Sea-Brooke is fyned forty shillings, for not sending y^ Lists 
of theire estates to the Courte. 

Norwacke is fyned in like manner, for y^ same defect, 40ss. 

The Lists of the persons and estates in ye severall Townes 
within this Jurissdiction: 


Estates: £. 

Persons. Estates; £. 












Strattford, 65. 8165. 10s. 




Fairefeild, 90. 9255. 18 





The last Wednesday in this month is appointed by this 
Courte to bee solemly observed a day of publique Thankesgiv- 
ing to ye Lord (for renewed mercyes,) by all the Plantations in 
this Jurissdiction. 

This Courte adiudges yt Wm. Lewis as Attorny to John 
Cogg[ ] shall pay unto James Wakely thirty shillings for his 
charges, damages &, uniust molestations hee has sustained, by 
reason of his Attornyshipp to Stephen Day, of Cambridge.* 
[69] This Courte graunts a penny in the pound, to bee levied 
to de[fray the] Country charges & debts, w^^ is to bee paid 
three fourths in wheat and pease and one in Indian. 

This Courte orders that Danniell Porter shall bee allowed 
and paid out of the publique Treasury, as a sallery for the next 
ensuing yeare, the suin of six pounds, and six shillings a journy 
to each Towne uppon the River, to exercise his arte of Chiur- 

The Courte is adiourned to ye last Wednesday in March next. 

March 26, 1656. 
Depuhjes: Mr. Fitch, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Woollcott, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Westwood, Edw: Stebbing, Capt: Willton, 
Nath: Dickerson, Andr: Bacon, Tho: Coleman, John 
Bissell, Sam: Bissell, Rob: Webster. 

* [fn margin:] " John Cullick dissents from the Court in this Act of theires : John Cullick." 


It is ordered by the Courte, that Mr. Wollcott shall assist 
Mr. Clarke in attending the defFects about trainings in the 
Towne of Wyndsor, in such cases as 2 Magistrates have power 
to ishue. 

This Courte doth graunt the request of Good: Wads worth, 
Good: Lewis, Good: Wilterton, Good: Seager, in freeing them 
from training & watching. 

Capt. Jno: Cullick this day promising to deliver into the 
Courte the originall agreements betweene Mr. Fenwick & this 
CoUony for what they purchased of him, which being done, this 
Courte doth order that this Committee now chosen shall give 
Capt. Cullick a trve coppy of them vnder their hands, which 
shall be att all times full and good in law to all intents & pur- 
poses as the originall writings, which writings shall be sealed 
with the scale of the Collony. 

The names of the Committe now chosen to subscribe y^ 
aforesd coppys are, Mr. Welles, Mr. Webster, Major Mason, 
Mr. Tallcott, Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwood, Mr. Woolcott, Sam: 

Mr. Webster, Mr. Tailcott, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Woolcott, and 
Sam: Smith are chosen to as a Committe for to take in 'the 
Accots from ye Capt. concerning the monies pd for their pur- 
chase of Mr. Fenwick. 

The Courte is adjourned to this day fortnight, if the Governor 
sees cause y^ to call it. 

[70] A Generall Courte of Election in Hartford, 15 

May, 1656. 
Magistrates elected : 
Mr. Webster Esq'', Governor. 
Mr. Welles Esqi", Dep*. Governor. 

Mr. Hopkins Esq"", Magist., Mr. John Winthrope Esq', 
Major John Mason, Magistrate, Mr. John Cullick, 
Magist: <^ Sec"., Mr. John Clarke, Magistrate, Mr. 
Willis, Magistrate, Mr. Tallcott, Magistrate 6f Treasu- 
rer, Capt. Topping & Mr. Ogden, Magist. 
Deputyes: Mr. Steele, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Gaylard, Mr. 


Brewster, Mr. Trott, Mr. Ward, Mr. Hull, absent, Mr. 
Westwood, Mr. Newberry, Nath: Dickerson, Sain: 
Smith, Nath: Ward, Edw: Stebbing, Andr: Bacon, Tho: 
Coleman, Edw: Griswold, Math: Campfeild, Hugh Cal- 
kin, John Brunson, John Hurd, John Welles, John 
Clarke, Robert Webster, absent, Tho: Allyn. 

Persons made free : — Bartho: Bernard, Wm. Gutteridge, Ben: 
Harbor, Philip Davis, Gabriell Line, Wm. Judd. 

This Courte doth graunt that John Bissell shall keepe the 
ferry at Wyndsor for the next ensuing yeare, being ingaged to 
performe the former tearms of his keeping the same with this 
addition, that whosoever in this Jurisdiction shall be listed, with 
the approbation of the Gen: Courte, from yeare to yeare, for 
troopers, shall be passage free for horse & man, so long as he 
keepes himselfe vnder & performes the tearmes of his listing, so 
often as the said troopers shall with their listed horses travill with 
them to Springfeild towne or beyond. 

Major Mason & Mr. Tailcoate are chosen Commissioners for 
the yeare ensuing, and Mr. Fitch as a Reserve. 

Good: Groves is chosen an Assi-stant for the towne of Strat- 
ford, Ensigne Gold for Fairefeild, Good: Campfeild for Nor- 
walke ; Good: Campfeild is ordered to give the oath vnto the 
other two Assistants. 

Mr. Governos Mr. Deputy, Mr. Cullick & Mr. Tailcoat are 
desired in some convenient time to advise w'h the elders of 
this Jurisdiction about those things y* are pi'sented to this 
Courte as grevances to severall persons amongst vs ; (and if 
they judge it nessisary,) to crave their healpe & assistance in 
drawing up an abstract from the heads of those things, to be 
p^sented to the Gen: Courtes of the severall vnited CoUonyes, 
and to desire an answer thereunto as sone as conveniently may 

This Courte, at the request of Stratford, doe graunt that 
theire bounds shall be 12 myle northward, by Paugasitt River, 
if it be att the dispose by right of this Jurisdiction. 

Jonas Wood having given to this Courte in writing vnder 
his hand, severall complaintes agt some persons in South Hamp- 
ton mentioned in the sd writing, & hath given bonds to prosi- 
cute his complts. to abide by the judgment of the Gen: Courte 




in Octob"" next: This Courte desire the Dep. Governo'^ to 
write to Capt. Topping & Mr. Ogden & acqvaint them with the 
aforesd complaints, and thearfore if the complaints, with the 
grounds of them, are not timely removed and satisfaction made, 
it is desired & expected that the respective persons concerned 
should appeare in theire owne defence at the aforesd Gen: 
Courte, the first Thursday of Octobr next. 

Geo: Fenwick Esq"", having manifested his respect to this 
Collony ingraunting that the Towne ofSeabrooke should have 
the vse of the Westerne necke, for their young cattle & sheepe 
or goates, till further order be given by him or his assigne, he 
reserving to himselfe y^ propriety notwithstanding ; The Courte 
declares themselves, that is theire apprihensions yt ye benefit & 
advantage of the aforesd graunt should belong only to thos per- 
sons that cohabitt in the towne platte, till such time as the 
aforesd neck be called for again by & for the vse of the aforesd 
Geo. Fenwick Esq^ or his assigne. 

This Courte graunts Mr. James Fitch a compitent farme, 
conteining bet: 2 & 300 Acres, at Menunketeseck, so far as it 
is within theire power to make the aforesd graunt. 
[71] It is ordered by the Courte, y* the Assistant & Gierke of 
the Trained Band in each towne of Stratford, Fairefeild & Nor- 
walke, shall hearby have power committed to them to examin & 
censure all defects of armes, in their severall townes ; and allso 
deffects vpon training dayes, both in not coming late or other- 
wise; and to graunt out disstresses ag* the respective delinquents 
for the same. 

The Courte is adjourned to the day before the Quarter 
Courte in Septembr next. 

Generall Courte held at Hartford, Octob'' 2^, 1656. 

Mr. Webster, Governor. 

Mr. Welles, Dep. Governor. 

Magistrates : Mr. Clarke, Mr. Tallcott, Mr. Willys. 

Dep : Mr. Steele, Mr. Allyn, Edw: Stebbing, Wm. Wads- 
worth, Joseph Mygatt, Rich: Butler, Mr. Gailer, Mr. 
Clarke, Mr. Newberry, Mr. HoUister, Mr. Robbins, 
Good: Dement, John Clarke, Mr. Ward, Hen: Grey, 


John Herd, John Wells, Lifeten^ Webster, John Brun- 
son, Sam: Haile, Good: Calkin. 

Vpon ye complaint of Jonas Wood, this Courte orders, y* 
Mr. Ogden shall bee written to fro this Courte to graunt exicu- 
tion to Jonas Wood, according to the verdict of the Jury, ag* 
John Cooper, at a Courte held at South Hampton about a yeare 

Ordered by the Courte, that Tho. Backsters bill or bond lying 
in the Courte shall be returned to him by the Secritary, w" it 
is or can be found. 

It is ordered by the Courte, y' w*^ person so ever, either In- 
dians or English, shall take any Wolfe out of any pit made by 
any other man to catch wolfes in, whearby they would defraude 
the right owner of their due from the towne or country, every 
such off'endor shall pay to the owner of the pit 10s. or be whiped 
on their naked bodyes not exceeding 6 stripes. 

Andr: Bacon & John Bernard are exempted from training &. 
watching & warding, by the Courte. 

It is ordered by this Courte & y^ authority thearof, y* none 
in this Common Wealle shall sell any strong liquors after, 
above 85. p"" gallon by retail, sil: any yt are lycenced except y^ 
ordinary keepf®, who shall not exceed 14s. p' gallon by retaile ; 
this order to begin at y^ 1 Decembr next, & this order to con- 
tinue for one yeare : & none in this Common weale lycenced 
shall sell wyne at above 18d. pr qvart, exept to ordinary keep'"s 
who are not to exceed 2s. p"" quart, & this order to continve 
for one yeare and to begin 1 of December next. 

Good: Mygate is lycenced to sell strong lyquors by retaile. 

It is also ordered for one yeare, yt two Magistrates shall 
have libertye to ly cense such as they see meete, if thos lycenced 
shall retale* to sell. 

It is ordered by this Courte & the authority thearof, that no 
towne wthin this Jurisdiction shall entertaine any Quakers, 
Ranters, Adamites, or such like notorious heritiques, or suffer to 
continve with them above the space of 14 dayes, vpon the pen- 
alty of 5l. per weeke for any towne entertaining any such per- 
son ; but the townes men shall give notice to the two next 

• This word should be refuse. Several obvious errors and omissions occur in the record 
of this session, which is not in the hand writing of Mr. Cullick. 


Magistrates or Assistants, who shall have power to send them 
to prison, for the securing of them vntill they can conveniently 
be sent out of the Jurisdiction.* 

It is also ordered, y* no master of any vessell shall land any 
such Heritiqs : but if they doe, they shall be compelled to trans- 
port them againe out of this Collony, (by any one Magistrate or 
Assistant,) at their first setting saile from the port wheare they 
landed them, duering which time the Assistant or Magistrate 
shall see them secured, vpon the penalty of 20Z. for any master 
of any vessell y^ shall not transport them as aforesd. 
[72] It is allso ordered, y* none in this Collony shall sell any 
Indian any horse or mare, nor any boate or boate riginge, vpon 
ye penalty of five for one, for any such default. 

It is allso ordered by this Courte, that vpon consideration of 
w* was commended to the severall Courtes, to have vpon re- 
corde to posterity the most memorable passages of Gods pi^ovi- 
dence f & settlinge & hitherto continuing his 

people in this Country, for the attaineing hearof, Major Mason, 
Mr. Stone, Mr. Goodv/yn, Mr. Wareham, Mr. Steele & Good- 
man Stebbing, are desired to meete to collect such remarkable 
passages ; Mr. Pell : & Mr. Ward are desired to send in writing 
such occurrances by the sea-side. 

It is ordered by this Courte, that such Constables^ within 
this Jurisdiction shall make returne of their warrants at Octob'" 
Courte, which they received the spring before, & ishue their 
accounts with the Treasuror about thos collections which they 
were adjoyned to attend by thos warrants for Country Levyes, 
vpon the penalty of 405. to the publike Treasury, for every 
such default. 

The Lists of the persons & estates in the severall Townes 
within this Jurisdiction : — 

* This Order, (with the three which next follow,) was made by the General Court in con- 
formity with a recommendation of the Commissioners of the U. Colonies, who, at their session 
in September, had (upon the suggestion of the Governor and Magistrates of Massachusetts Colony,) 
"proposed to the severall Generall Courts, that all (Quakers, Ranters and other notorious Here- 
tiques be prohibited coinming into the Vnited CoUonyes, and if any shall hereafter come or 
arise amongst vs, that they be forthwith secured and removed out of all the Jurisdictions." 

" And that no horse or mare, young or old, be sould to any Indian, vnder the penalty of 
five for one." 

" And also that no boates or barkes or any tackling belonging thearvnto be sould to any In 
dian, vndcr the penalty of five for one." [Rec. of U. Colonies.] 

t Blank in the original. ^ For ' each Constable' 1 



Persons. Estates. Estates. 

Hartford, 188. 19675. 55. 0. Stratford, 9033. 0. 0. 

Wyndsor, 152. 15531. 0. 0. Middletowne, 2375. 10. 0. 

Wethersfeild,107. 12504. 10. 0. Pequott, 6408. 11. 0. 

Norwaake, 3154.10. 0. Seabrooke, 4931. 0.0. 

Fairefeild, 10053. 4. 0. 

This Courte graunts a Rate in the Country, to bee levyed by 
virtue of the Treasurors warrants to the Constables in each 
Towne, for three farthings in the pound, to bee pd halfe in 
wheat & halfe in pease. 

This Courte orders, that when John Elderkin doth lay downe 
the ordinary att Pequott, y^ &, not before Geo. Tounge may 
have a lycence from any one Magistrate to keepe an ordinary 
according to the orders of this Courte, in the aforesd towne of 

It is ordered, y* next Wednesday come 3 weekes shall be 
kept a publique day of Thanksgiving to the Lord, for the gen- 
concurrances of many mercyes the yeare past, by all the plan- 
tations in this Jurisdiction, notice being to be given to y^ offi- 
cers in each towne by the Deputyes of the Courte from the sd 

This Courte orders, that in ye action whearin Sam: Smith 
as Attourny to Tho. Stephenson, did cast Mr. Robbins, 10/., 
yt execution shall be respited vntill beter proofe appeare, pro- 
vided he bring it in at ye Quarter Courte in Septem: next. 

The Courte is dissolved. 

Some other orders made at the Courte in Octol/ 4'^ 1658. 

The names of thos that are appointed by the Courte, to be 
Leather sealers, for the yeare ensuing : For Hartford, John 
Stedman, Edw: Grannis ; For Wyndsor, Good: Olderige, Jobe 
Drake ; For Seabrook, Jonath: Rudd, John Olmesteed ; For 
Stratford, Good: Groves, & Robert Rice ; For Norwaack, 
Richard Olmesteed. 
[73] Octobr 2d, (56.) 

This Courte taking into serious consideration the severall 
deceites and abuses which in other places have beene and are 
commonly practised by the tanners, curlers, butchers and 
workers of Leather, as also the abuses and inconveniences 


which acreu to the several! members of this Common wealth 
by leather not sufficiently tanned and wrought, which is occa- 
tioned by the necligence & vnskillfullness of thos severall 
tradesmen, which before, in & after it is in the hand of y tan- 
ner may be much bettered or impayred, for prevention hearof, 
it is ordered by this Courte and the authority thearof, 

That no Butcher, by himselfe or any other person, gash or 
cutt any hide of ox, bull, steare or cow, in fleaing thearof, 
whearby the same shall be impayred, vnder the penalty of 12 
for every such gash in hyde or skin. 

Nor shall any person or persons vseing or which shall vse 
the mistery of tanning, at any time or times hearafter, offer or 
put to sale any kinde of leather which shall be insufficiently or 
not throughly tanned, or which shall not then have beene after 
the tanning thearof well & throughly dryed, vpon paine of for- 
fiture so much of his or their sd Leather as by any searcher or 
sealor of leather lawfully apointed shallbe found insufficiently 
tanned or not throughly dryed as aforesd. 

Nor shall any person or persons vseing or occupying the 
mistery of tanning set any of their fatts in tann hills or other 
places wheare the woozes,* or Leather put into tann in the 
same, shall or may take any vnkinde heates, nor shall put any 
leather into any hott or warme oozes w^soever, on paine of 20l. 
for every such offence ; nor shall any person or persons vseing 
or occupying the mistery or facultye of curreing, burne or 
scauld any hide or leather in the curreing, but shall worke the 
same in all respects with good & suffitient liqvor both for qual- 
iity <& quantity, sutable to the condition of the Leather dreast 
by him or them, on paine of forfeture, for every such offence 
or act done contrary to the true meaning of this order, the full 
value of every such hide marred by his evell workmanship or 
handleing, which shall be judged by two or more sufficient and 
skillful persons, curreors or others, and their oath given them 
for that ende by one Magistrate or Assistant. And every 
towne wheare neede is or shall be, shall chuse one or two pei'- 
sons of the most able & skillfull within their severall towne- 
shipps, & present them to y^ Courte or one Magistrate or As- 

* Ooze ; " the liquor of a tan vat." Webster. 



sistant, who shall appoint and sweare the sd persons by their 
discretion to make search and view within the presincts of their 
limmites as often as they shall think good and neede shalbe, 
who shall have a mark or scale prepared by each towne for 
that purpose : and the said searchers, or one of them, shall 
keepe the same & therewith shall scale such Leather as they 
shall [finds] suffitient in all points, one or other ; and if the sd 
searchers or any one of them shall finde any Leather sould or 
offered to be sould, brought or offered to be searched or sealed, 
which shall be tanned, wrought, converted or vsed contrary to 
the true intent & meaning of this order, it shall be lawfuU for 
the sd searchers or any of them to seize all such Leather and to 
retaine the same in their custody, vntill such time as it bee try- 
ed by such tryars & in such manner as in this order is appoint- 
ed, viz : vpon the forfeture of any Leather, y^ Officer so seiz- 
ing ye same shall w^^'m 3 dayes call to him 3 or 4 men, honest 
& skillfull in such ware, to view the same in the presence of 
the perty, who shall haue timely notice thearof, or without him, 
who shall certefye vpon their oaths to the next Quarter Courte 
or one Magistrate or Assistant, the defect of the same Leather, 
except the perty before submit to their judgment. Nor shall 
any searcher or sealor of Leather refuse with convenient speede 
to seale any Leather suffitiently tanned haveing timely notice ; 
nor shall any such searcher or sealor seale that which is insuffi- 
tiently tanned, vpon the forfeture for every such offence [o/] 
10s; & the fees for searching ife sealing of Leather, shall be 
2d pi" hide for every number vnder five, & 12^ for every dicker* 
of Leather, which the tanner shall pay vpon the sealing the sd 
Leather, from time to time : 

[74] Lastly, its ordered by the authority aforesd yt yc severall 
fynes & forfetvres in this order mentioned, be eqvally devided 
into 3 p^ts ; one part to the Common Treasurer of the Country, 
3t p"^! to the Common Treasury of the towne wheare the offence 
comitted, one 3^^ p''t to the seizor or seizers of such Leather 
which is insuffitiently tanned, curried or wrought fro time to 

* Dicker or dicre ; "a quantity of leather consisting of ten bides." Johnson. 
t Thus, in the Record. 


A Generall Court, called by the Gouernqi^ & Magis- 
trates, THIS 26"i of Fes'", 1656. 
Joh. Webster Esq^, Gouernoi". 
Tho: Wells Esqf, Deputy. 
Magistrates : Major John Mason, Capt. John CuUick, 

Mr. Clarke, Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailecoat. 
Deputies : Mr. Steele, Tho: Judd, Robert Webst^, Geo: 
Graues, Mr. Trott, Mr. Robbins, John Dement, Mr. 
HoUister, Capt. Denison, Will: Cheesbrook, PhiUip 
Groues, Willi: Beardsly, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Gailerd, Mr. 
Phelps, Mr. Clarke, Nath: Ely, Sam: Hale, Cornelius 
Hull, Henry Grey, John Clarke, Robert Chapman, Mr. 
Lord, Will': Wadsworth, Joseph Mygat, Richard Butler. 
This Court desires that Major Mason doe warne John 01m- 
steed. Constable in Seabrooke, to appeare at the next session of 
this Court in Hartford, to answer such irregularities in attend- 
ing his warrant for choise of Deputies for this Court as shall bee 
charged & proued, complained of hereby William Waller, where 
the said Waller is also in like maner to be warned to make 
good his compl*. Voted. 

This Courte appointe Mr. Steele, Mr. Allin, Mr. Dan: Clarke, 
Mr. Lord, William Wadsworth, Mr. Hollisf, John Deming, 
Robert Webster, w^h the Magistrates, to bee Committee, to giue 
the best safe advice they can to the Indians, if they agree to 
meete & being mett shall craue the same of them. 

This Court doth order that Mr. Warham, Mr. Stone, Mr. 
Blinman &l Mr. Russell bee desired to meet, the first fifth day 
of June next, at Boston, to conferre & debate the questions 
formerly sent to the Bay Court, or any olher of the like nature 
that shall bee p^pounded to them by that Court or by c owne, 
w'li such divines as shall bee sent to the said meeting from the 
other Collonies ; and that they make a returne to the Gen: 
Court of the issue of their consultations. Voted. 

It is also ordered, that a coppy of the former order bee sent 
to the foure YiW^ chosen for the Synnod, w^h a coppy of 12 
questions more, w^h this Court hath agreed should bee sent 
by the first opportunity to the Gouernor in the Bay, for the 
Synnod to consider w^^ the former questions. Excluded. 



It is also ordered, that the Deputies, w^^ the Deacons of the 
Church in each towne, take care that their said E\d'^^ bee 
comely &. honorably attended & suited w^h necessaries in their 
journey to the Bay and home againe ; and that the same, w^h 
their p'"portion of charge in the Bay, 'during their abode there 
vpon this seruice, bee discharged by the Treasurer ; and also 
the Deputies are impowered to presse horses (if need bee,) for 
the end aforesaid. Voted. 

It is ordered, that the levy vpon the seurall townes for the 
Country, by the last Court, shall bee made for a penny vpon 
the pound. Voted. 

[75] This Court doth grant liberty to Sam" Marshall of Wind- 
zor, to sell strong liquors by retaile, for the space of one yeare. 

This Court confirmes the former grant (prooued to them) of 
20 myle Hand, w^h the meadow adioyning on the east side the 
great Riuer, & comonage appertaining, to Robert Chapman of 

Robert Webster is confirmed Recorder for the Towne of 
Middletowne, according to their desire. Voted. 

Whereas, there is p^uision made formerly, against all vnlaw- 
full games, but the Court hath not explained themselves so farre 
as there may bee need, what games they iudge & condemne as 
altogether vnlawfull, in the very nature of them. It is now or- 
dered, that if any person or persons, of what rank or quallity 
so euer, in this Jurisdiction, shall after the publishing of this 
order, play at Cards, Dice, Tables, or any other game wherein 
that great & sollemne ordinance of a Lott is expressly & di- 
rectly abused & p^phaned, the persons playing or that shall 
play, more or lesse, at any of the aforesaid games, shall pay for 
euery offence 2055. a peece to the publicke Treasury ; & the 
head of that family where any such game shall bee vsed or 
played, (if hee or shee know of, bee priuy to & allowe any such 
playing in their house or houses,) they shall pay in like manner, 
2055. for each time any such game is played in part or whole, 
but if they play wthout any privity or knowledge of theirs, 
then that w<='' otherwise should haue bene paid by them shall 
bee paid by the said gamesters or play^ that is to say that the 
persons playing shall pay 2055. a time for euery time they play 
at any of the aforsaid games, more then his foi'mer penalty, to the 


publicke Treasury; onely it is p''uided that one third part of the 
penalties shall bee to the party or parties that shall discouer and 
prooue the same to the Court.^ Voted. 

It is ordered, that the sallery formerly allowed Daniell Por- 
ter shall bee continued to him for the next ensuing year, after 
the end of his last sallery. Voted. 

Mr. Tho: Fitch, of Norwalke, beeing p>"sented to this Court 
as chosen by that Towne for Clarke of their trained band & 
Recorder of lands, is confirmed by this Court in the aforesaid 
respectiue ofSces & imployments. Voted. 

This Court hauing read and considered a certificate from Mr. 
Laurence Cornelius, Dutchman, (& the Townsmen of Pequett,) 
they doe declare and shew that they allow and confirme the act 
of the Towne or Townsmen of Pequet in admitting the said 
Lawrence Cornelius an inhabitant of that Towne, to haue free 
trade amongst oJ'selues ; p uided in all things hee obserues & 
kepes all the wholesome lawes and orders of this Jurisdict: that 
either are or shall be made. 

This Court doth order that those that shall hereafter bee 
made free, shall haue an affirmatiue certificate vnder the hands 
of all or the major part of the deputies in their seuerall townes, 
of their peaceable and honest conuersation, and those and only 
those of them w^h the Gen: Court shall approue shall bee made 
free men. Voted. 

[76] The Deputyes are desired to bring a list of the names of 
ihe Freemen in their seui'all Townes to the Gen: Court in Octo- 
ber next. 

The Court hereby manifests their desires that the reuerend 
Eld^'s of the Counsell who formerly transacted the differences 
of Hartford Church,* would giue a meeting to the reuerend 
Eld^s of the Bay that haue tendred themselues voluntarily to 

• " It appears, that about the years 1654 and 1655, several councils of the neighboring elders 
and churches were called, to compose the differences between the parties [in the church at 
Hartford.] They labored to satisfy them, with respect to the points in controversy. But the 
brethren at Hartford imagined that all the elders and churches in Connecticut and New Haven 
were prejudiced in favor of one party or the other, and therefore they would not hear their 
advice. For this reason it was judged expedient to call a council from the other colonies. 
6ome time in the year 1656, it seems, a number of elders and churches from Massachusetts 
came to Hartford, and gave their opinion and advice to the church and the aggrieved brethren 
But it appears, that in the apprehension of the aggrieved, tlie church did not comply with the 
result." [Trumbull's Hist, of Conn. I. 297.] 


come vp hither to consider and consult w^h way may bee most 
agreeable to the rule, to put an end to the difference. 

2. The Court desires that Hartford Church would write to 
the former Counsell to come together to Hartford to see if they 
can compose the differences amongst themselues in this Interim : 
if not the former request to bee attended. 

3. That there may be letters gratulatory returned to the reu- 
erend Eld^s in the Bay, for their respect, & to continue their 
former resolutions to come vp to helpe in these cases. 

4. The Court desires that Mr. Stone & the Church should, 
together w^h their letters of request to the former Counsell, 
declare also vnto one or more of them, in writing, the p^ticu- 
lars wherein they are not sattisfyed w^h the determination of 
the Counsell. Mr. Dan: Clarke is desired to draw the letters to 
the Eldrs in the Bay, and to the form^ Counsell. 

At the same time, Mr. Gouernor, Capt. Cullicke & Mr. Steele, 
(hauing no hand in the pi'mises,) did seuerall times expresse 
themselues openly in the Court, to this purpose ; that though 
they did exceeding greatly desire any way that might bee dis- 
couered to bee the way of God should bee attended for the heal- 
ing of those sad differences in the Church of Christ at Hart- 
ford, yet being not able, (though oft desired,) to obtaine any 
thing from the Court that might make it appeare that that w^^^ 
they haue done w^as (all things considered) the next way of peace _ 
according to God, they w^iheld their votes ; but did much & 
often expressly desire that the former Counsell might bee first 
showed the grounds & reasons, why the Church at Hartford 
could not submit to the advice giuen, as the dissenting brethren 
had done ; wherein the Counsell missed any rule of Christ in 
their aduice for their conviction ; and if the Counsell did not 
returne a sattisfying answer, then they should bee willing further 
meanes should bee attended ; yet none of these things could 
bee obtained. 

[/n the margin ;] The Courte is adjourned to the 2^^ Thursday 
in Aprill. 

Whereas, there is great complaint of the dainage that doth 
acrew vnto this Comonwealth by the vnruliness of Swyne, It is 
ordered by this Court & the authority thereof, that after the pub- 
lication of this order, no Swyne shall goe w'^out rings, at any 


time in the yeare, that are out of mens owne yards, or wt^in 
foure miles of any meeting house ; And those that shall pound 
suchswyne shall haue sixpence apeice, besides 2c?. a peice due 
to the pound keeper & iust damages. The Court doth also re- 
ferr it to the seuerall Townes, to appoint some that shall attend 
the execution of this order. This order to take place vpon any 
swine of aboue a quarter of a yeare old ; only it is declared that 
this order concernes all the Townes in this Jurisdiction, except 
[77] Windzor, on whom this order takes place if their Swyne shall 
bee found to goe w^^out rings, at any time of the yeare, that are 
out of mens owne yards or w^hin three miles of the great Riuer. 

Those that were made free men at this Court, are as foUow- 
eth : — Mr. John Haynes, Stephen Hopkins, Tho: Butler, John 
Pratt, Daniell Pratt. 

It is ordered by this court, that while the ministry is main- 
teined at Paucatuck, the charge thereof & of the ministry at 
Pequett shall be borne as the major part of the inhabitants shall 
agree and order, that is whether Pawcatuck shall by & of 
themselues maintaine their minister &, Pequett their minister, 
or whether they shall both maintaine both their Ministers in a 
joynt way. 

Sam: Smith of Pequett is confirmed Leiuten* to the trained 
band in that Towne. 

George Tong is confirmed ordinary keeper in the Towne of 

This Court orders that a certificate shall be sent to Cuscaci- 
nimo,* by the Sec, to let him vnderstand that this Court allowes 
him to keep the Mohegins or others of Vncasses men that are 

* Elsewhere, Cassasinanion, or Robin Cassinomon; aPequot Indian, and one of the number 
of tributaries assigned to the government of Uncas, after the conquest. He entered the ser- 
vice of Mr, Winthrop, shortly after the coming of the latter to Pequot. In 16 47, Mr. Winthrop 
presented to the Commissioners of the U. Colonies the complaint of Robin and other Pequots, 
of the injustice and tyranny of Uncas, with their petition to be taken under the immediate gov- 
ernment of the English, and have some place appointed "where they might hve peaceably." 
Their request was not at this time granted ; but in 1654, Robin, in consideration of his service 
promised to the Enghsh in the proposed expedition against Ninigret and the Niantics, was freed 
from his subjection to Uncas or " any Indian Sachem further than the Commissioners should 
direct, and taken under the protection of the English and freed from tribute." The following 
year (Sept. 1655,) he was appointed by the Commissioners, Chief or Governor of the Pequot 
tributaries at Nameag (or Nameoke,) and JVawyunckque («. e. on both sides of Mystic River,) 
in which post he was continued for many years. [Rec. of U. Col.; Hazzard's Coll. ii. 87, 92, 
326, 334.] 



wth him, till hee receiues further order from the Gen: Court, or 
the Comission'"s, to whom they haue writt for advice, except 
Vncas desires them & they desire themselues to goe to Vncas. 

This Court doth order, that by admitted inhabitants, specified 
in the 7^^ Fundamentall, are meant only housholders that are 
one & twenty yeares of age, or haue bore office, or haue 30/. 

It is also ordered, that not lesse than two Magistrates shall 
giue the oath of fidellity, at a publicke meeting warned by due 
& orderly notice giuen for the said publicke meeting. 

This Court orders, that no Indians shall make any hostile at- 
tempt vpon any Indian or Indians in any Town or house in this 
Jurisdiction, neither shall they march through any Towne w^^ 
theire armes, or in a hostile manner. 

This Court orders that next Wednsday come fortnight, being 
the 25th of this instant, shall bee obserued & kept a day of pub- 
licke humilliation, by all the Plantations in this Jurisdiction, 
to seeke the presence, guidance & direction of the Lord in ref- 
ference to the Synnod, & the other waighty concernm** & dif- 
ficulties of this Jurisdiction ; & the Deputyes in each Towne 
are desired to acquaint their respectiue Eld^s w*h the same. 

[78] An Adjournm* of the Gen^i Court, Aprill 9*^, 1657. 

Mr. Webster, Gou^no^. 

Mr. Wells, Deputy.] 

Magistrates: Major Mason, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Cullick, 
Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailcoat. 

Deputyes : Mr. Allin, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylerd, Mr. Trott, 
Mr. Clarke, Mr. Lord, Will: Wadsworth, Mr. Robbins, 
Leiftnt Hollistr, Joseph Mygatt, John Deming, Nath: 
Ely, Henry Grey, John Clarke, Robert Chapman, Sam: 
Hales, Geo: Graues. 

John Packer testifieth vpon oath, that at a Towne meeting 
at Pequett, the major part of those who were present did vote 
that the inhabitants of Mistick & Paucatuck should bee a 
Towne of themselues ; and that hee opposed the putting it to 
^'ote, and that hee voted against it himselfe. 


Nic: Sension is made a freeman. 

There being a most horrid mm'der committed by some In- 
dians at Farmington, and though Mesapano seemes to bee the 
principall acter, yet the accessories are not yet clearely dis- 
coui'ed, and none brought to a legall triall, It is ordered, that 
Tekomas, Agedowsick & Wonanntownagun ahas Great James, 
should bee kept as pledges in the prizon till the murtherers & 
accessaries are brought forth to due triall & judgm* ; only the 
Court orders that when Tekomas his 2^ sonne shall be deliuered 
up as a pledge in his Fathers stead, then Tekomas shall be free. 

Also the Court orders, that all the estate of Wepaqum in the 
ha^ids of Mr. Newton, shall bee sequestred for the Countreys 
security, till the murtherer & accessaries are deliuered vp to the 
justice of this Court. 

Instructions to those who are to goe to Norwootuck & Pa- 
cumtuck ; that they shall acquaint the Sachem and chiefe 
there w^^ the horrible bloody act that is lately done at Farming- 
ton, and tell them that wee expect that they and all or any other 
Indians whatsoeuer shall forthw^h send Mashupanan or any 
other that are accessary to that bloody act, either w^^ these o"^ 
messengrs or so soone as hee or any other accessary thereto bee 
p'cured by them, & tell them that wee shall looke at them or 
any other that detaine Mashupanan or any that are accessarie 
in this act, as our enimyes. 

The persons the Court appoynts w^h all speed to attend this 
seruice are Jonathan Gilbert & John Gilbert from Hartford, & 
the Deputies in Windzor are desired to prouide an able man to 
joyne w^^ them herein. 

It is ordered, that it shall not bee lawfull for aboue two In- 
dians at a time, & they without any armes, to come into any 
To\yne or house in this Jurisdict: till the Court shall take fur- 
ther order. 

This Court also desires that the inhabitants of Farmington 
would vse their best indeauo^s to search out, app^hend & bring 
before the Gouernoi', either Mesupano, Cherry, or any other that 
may iustly bee suspected to bee guilty of & accessary to the 
aforesaid bloody fact. 

[79] Nathan Gold is approued by this Court to bee put to 


election at the next Gen" Court of Election, for to bee a Magis- 
trate in this Jurisdict: for the yeare ensuing. 

The Commission of Major John Mason, of Seabrooke, sent 
from seui'all Magistrates & Deputies, as a Committee ap- 
pointed by the last Gen: Court, to attend any cause or exi- 
gent that might accrew w^^ concernes this Comon- 
wealth, but especially concerning the Indians, before the 
next Genii Court of Election. 
May 15th, 57. Whereas the aforesaid Committee haue re- 
ceiued credible information of seuerall insolent iniuries & insuf- 
ferable outrages coiTiitted against the inhabitants of South 
Hampton, by some Indians vppon Long Hand neare to the said 
South Hampton, but such as owne the Montacutt Sachem as 
their Sachem or chiefe, they doe therfore hereby send you (as 
their Agent, in the behalfe of this Collor:|y,) w^^ 19 men vnder 
yo'' comand, to South Hampton vpon Long Island, where you 
are to consider of all matters & things whatsoeuer that may ap- 
peare necessary to bee considered and 4ttended, according to 
yo"" ensuing instructions, & you are to certify vppon all occa- 
sions what shall bee the result & issue of yo^ negotiations, in 
refference to the pi'mises. 

Instructions for Major John Mason, of Seabrooke, sent w^i^ 
Commission from the Committee appointed by the Gen: 
Court of Connecticutt, Aprill, 1057. 

You are w^h all convenient speed to saile w^i^ yo"" men to 
South Hampton, where you may meet w^h the Magistrates 
there belonging to this Collony, taking in Leiften* Bull, w^^ 
such assistants there in counsell as they & you shall agree vpon, 
who are to consider & attend what shall bee presented in ref- 
erence to the p^'mises, according to the ensuing instructions : — 

You are to get clearly interpreted to the Montacutt Sachem 
the declaration of the Commission''^, w^^ Mr. Ogden will shew 
you, in the transcript hee hath from hence, & a coppy left w^h 
them : 

1. You are to inquire & search out what is the iniury there 
done & when. 

2. You are to inquire & search out by whom such injury is 
done, &, the true vallew of the dammage. 


3. If you finde it or any part of it to bee done by the Indians 
or any of them vnder the Montacutt Sachem, then you are to 
finde out so farre as you can, by what or how many Indians 
such injury is done, either as agents or accessaryes. 

4. You are to require of the Montacutt Sachem such dam- 
age as you shall find done by any Indian or Indians vnder him, 
or otherwise the iniurious agents & accessaries, according to 
law & the articles of agreem* betwene him & vs. 

5. If hee declares himselfe vn willing to attend this, so farre 
as hee is able, you are speedily to informe thereof. 

[80] 6. If hee declares himselfe willing to attend it, but pleades 
his inability to effect il, and therefore desires the assistance of 
the English, you are (w^^ what men shall bee thought meet) to 
assist him & his men to go to the plantation of Indians vnder 
him, that haue committed this outrage, of whom it is expected 
by this Collony that hee should before you require satisfaction 
for the damage done, which if denyed or delayed, then that hee 
demands of them the agents and accessaries, (w^h you or hee 
shall find out,) to the aforesaid injury, that they are by them 
speedily deliuered vp to yCselfe & the Magistrates in that 
Towne ; if attained, you are to leaue them w^h those that are 
injured, for their satisfaction, according to the act of the Com- 
ission''s. If peremptorily denyed, you are speedily to informe 
the next Gen: Court, Gouernof or Magistrates of the same, ex- 
cept the strength w^^ you &. there can compell them. If de- 
layed, then if you see they will come to any termes that will be 
for the hono"" of the English and the sattisfaction of the injured 
persons, they may agree w^h them as they can, any thing herein 
to the contrary notw^f^standing. 

7. You are to take charge of the aforesaid men sent you w^h 
their prouision & ainunition, as also all other that you shall see 
meet to raise there to the furtherance of this worke, who are 
injoyned to bee vnder yo"" command at all times & in all things, 
both for assisting o^ freinds there in their iust defence, by watch- 
ing, warding, or otherwise, as you & those in counsell w^^ you 
shall iudge the case doth require. 

8. Wee doe not iudge it convenient that you should in yo'' 
owne person make after any Indians in the woods, where you 
can find or come at them. 




Lastly, if you cannot attend this seruice, then Leiften* Tho: 
Bull is to attend it, &. is invested w^^ all the power heereby com- 
mitted to you. 

At a Generall Court of Election, 21 ^^ of May, 1657. 
Magistrates elect : 
John Winthrop Esq^, Gouern"". 
Tho: Wells Esq--, Deputy. 
John Webster Esqr, Magist: Mr. Tailcott, Mag: 
Major Jno Mason, Magist: ■ Mr. Nathan Gold, Mag: 
Mr. CuUick, Magist ^ Secrf. Mr. Gosmore, Mag: 
Mr. Clarke, Magist: Mr. Ogden, Magist: 

Mr. Willis, Mag: 

Deputies : Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gailard, Mr. 
Trott, Mr. Robbins, Mr. Brewster, John Deiiiing, Math: 
Camfield, James Morgan, John Wells, Rich: Butler. 
Were made free before the Court, those whose names are 
underwritten : 

Tho: Hubbard, Rich: Seager, 

Will: Filly, Nath: Seely, 

John Denslow, Sam: Cheesbrook, 

Sam: Bissell, Will Hought, 

Jonath: Gillet, Juni"", Tho: Adgate, 
James Eglstone, Francis Grizwald, 
Thomas Huntington, John Norton, 
Ambroze Fowler, William Goodwin, 
John Graues, Robert Lay, 

[81] Sam: Rockwell, Joseph Bird," 
Sam: Gibbes, Rich: Wakely, 

Edw: Andrewes, Andrew Sanford, 

Begatt Eglstone, 
Sam: Church, 
Tho: Burnham, 
John Baily, 
John Root, 
Tho: Fitch, 
John North, 

Josias Elseworth, 
Nath: Winchell, 
Fra: Hall, 
Symon Lobdell, 
Geo: Woolcot, 
John Harrison, 
Enoch Buck, 

Josias Arnold, 
John Cole, 
John Butler, 
Sam: Moody, 
Robert Warner, 
Willi: Cheeny, 
Willi: Warde, 
John Gilbert, 
Michael Omphries, 
James Treat, 
John Deining Junior, 
Nath: Graues, 
Mathias Treat, 
John Palmer, 
Jonath: Smith, 
Sam: Belding, 
Henry Palmer, 
Tho: Dickerson, 
Mr. Sam: Wells. 


Willi: Ventris, John Belding, Robert Foot, 

Nalh: Woodroof, Joseph Smith, Joseph Dickerson. . 

James Bird, Sam: Wright, 

This Court doth approue of the place for a farme for Mr. 
Haines, at Paucatuck, w^h Edward Stebbin & John White 
haue loocked out for him, about a myle & halfe beyond Pauca- 
tuck Riuer, as is expressed in an order, March, '53-' 54, & for 
quantity according to Mr. Haines his grant at a Court, June, '52. 

This Court doth appoint John Bissell to keepe the Ferry for 
one yeare, — at his old house. 

Thomas Curtis is freed from training, watching & warding. 

Jasper Gunn is freed from training, watching & warding, 
during his practise of phissicke. 

This Court orders, that this clause shall bee added to the for- 
mer order concerning Leather, That no Leather shall bee sold 
or offered to bee sold before it bee sealed in the Towne where 
it is tanned, & in case it bee found defectiue, the sealers haue 
power to fine it or seize it. And in case the owners of such 
Leather submit not to the iudgment of the sealers, they shall 
choose 3 or 4 able men as a Jury, who shall iudge of the case, 
whether it shall bee forfeited or fined & how much, — w^h fines 
or forfeitures shall bee disposed of as in the former order con- 
cerning Leather. And that no raw hides shall be transported 
out of this CoUony, vpon the forfeiture of all such hides. 

This Court doth approue of the Commission & Instructions 
wch the Comittee sent w^^ Major John Mason to Long Island. 

[82] Mo7-e acts of this Court, May, '57. 

The testimony of G: Boon vpon oath, that hee heard it ex- 
pressed by those that heard it expressed by those that spake in 
the behalfe of Fairfeild at a Gen^ Court, that they did not desire 
the land aboue the path at the Necke. 

Mr. Brewster is chosen an Assistant for the Towne of Pe- 
quett, for the yeare ensuing. 

The Court desires Capt. Cullick to write a letter to Mr. Win- 
throp, as speedily as may bee, to acquaint him to what place 
thet^ountry hath chosen him, & to desire his p^sent assistance 
as much as may bee. 

appointed L. sealers for Fairfeild. 


John Nott, John Cilburne & John Betts & John Dickerson 
are confirmed to bee Serjeants at Wethersfeild. 

Good: Groues 

Good: Fairchild 

Walter Gailard is appointed Leather sealer at Windzor, in- 
stead of old Oldrige. 

This Court doth confirme Mr. Gold to bee Leiften^ Nehe: 
Olmsteed & Rob* Loockuet to bee Serjeants at Fairfeild. 

Mr. Deputy & the Magistrates, together wth Mr. Allin, Mr. 
Steele, Mr. Phelps, G: Migat, Willi: Wadsworth, and Mr. Hol- 
lister, are chosen as a Comittee to attend any occasions as the 
State of Comon wealth in reference to the Indians. 

The Court is adjourned vnto the second Thursday in August, 
except the Magistrates see cause to call it sooner. 

Major Mason & Mr. Talcott are chosen Commission''^ for the 
yeare insuing. 

Mr. Steele & Good: Mygatt are appointed by this Court, to 
demand satisfaction of the Indians at Farmington for such dam- 
age w^^^ can bee duely proued to bee done by the late fyering 
a house, w^h was by one of that plantation, as also to acquaint 
them that the Courts mind is that they should nominate some 
one to bee a Sachem ouer them, and to make returne hereof at 
the next Sessions of this Court. 

The Courte orders that the chiefe millitary officer of Middle- 
towne, w^'i Geo: Graues, shall haue power to iudge of the de- 
fects in traynings, watchings & armes. 

[83] Mr. Clarke & John Allin are desired to p^sent a list of 
the names of them that desire to bee troopers, at the next ses- 
sion of this Court, w^'^ said Court is to approue of whom they 
see meet, there being to bee added to the former preuiledges, 
that if any troupers horse, being called forth by authority, bee 
killd in warre, the country shall pay for him ; w^h troup of horse, 
as well as the foot companies, are to bee vnder o^ Majors 

Capt. Denison doth acknowledge in this Court that hee 
wronged Mr. Blinman & missied his rule, & that hee spake cor- 
ruptly in saying that Mr. Blinman did preach for Paucatuck & 
Mistick being a Towne before hee sold his land at Mistick a& 


This Court doth order, that that the inhabitants of Mistick 
& Paucatuck shall pay to Mr. Blinman, that w^h was due to 
him for the last yeare, soil : to March last. 

Mr. Winthrop, Major Mason, Capt. Cullick, Mr. Tallcott & 
Mr. Allin are chosen to bee a Committee to meet at Pequett to 
issue matters betwene the inhabitants of Mistick & Paucatuck, 
& Pequett, if they can, or else to make a returne how they 
leaue things, at the next Generall Court. 

This Court doth declare that any Assistant, either at Strat- 
ford, Fairfeild or Norwake, his power doth extend to any of 
those three plantations. And order that Good: Camfeild, who 
is chosen for an Assistant for Norwake, shall giue the oath of 
freedome & of a Magistrate, to Ensigne Gold. 

Math: Camfeild is sworne an Assistant for the yeare ensuing 
according to the extent of his Comission. 

A Session of the Gen: Court in Hartford, 12^'^ August, 

Tho: Wells Esq^ Deputy. 
Magistrates: Major Jno. Mason, Capt. Cullick, Mr. 

Clarke, Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailcoat. 
Deputies : Mr. Steele, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Trott, Mr. Gailor, 
Mr. Allin, Mr. Robbins, Mr. Dan: Clarke, Mr. Brewster, 
Mr. Lord, Wm. Wadsworth, Joseph Migatt, John Clarke, 
Robert Chapman, James Morgan, Rich: Buttler. 
James Morgan, aged about 50 years, testifyed vpon oath be- 
fore this Court that hee being last winter at Jacob Waterhouse 
his dwelling house, in company w^h Mrs. Brewster, Goody Wa- 
terhouse & Capt. Denison, Thomas Staunton also being p^sent, 
hee heard the said Staunton say that the Comissionrs had cast 
of Vncus, & hee had it in his pockett to shew. 

This Court orders & appoints that Leiftent Wm. Lewis should 
to morrow goe to Gilford, & if vpon inquiry there hee vnder- 
stand that Thomas Staunton is gone to Branford & not return- 
ed, hee is to goe to Mr. Leet & desire hee would take order 
that Thomas Staunton, in that Jurisdiction, at Branford or 
elswhere, shall bee forthwth sent to Mr. Wells, Deputy Gou- 
erno'', or else take security for 40/. that hee will appeare before 


the Gen: Court at Hartford, on Tuesday next, & abide the 
iud^mt of the Court, in reference to such things as shall bee 
testify*^ against him by Major John Mason. 
[84] Copia. 

You are to bring or cause Thomas Staunton to bee brought 
before the Gen: Court in Hartford, on Tuesday next, then & 
there to answere vnto such things as shall bee alieadged against 
him by Major John Mason & for so doeing this shall bee yC 

By order of the Gen: Court in Hartford, 

J: C: Sec^y. 

To Leiften* Wm. Lewis. 

/This Court duely & seriously considering what euidence 
hath bene p^sented to them by Robert Wade, of Seabrooke, in 
reference to his wiues vnworthy, sinfull, yea, unnaturall cariage 
towards him the said Robert, her husband, notw^'^standing his 
constant & comendable care & indeauo''s to gaine fellowship 
w*'' her in the bond of marriage, and that either where shee is 
in England, or for her to Hue w^^ him here in New England; 
all wch being slighted & rejected by her, disownhig him & fel- 
lowship wth him in that sollemne couenant of God betwene 
them, & all this for neare fifteene yeares ; They doe hereby de- 
clare that Robert Wade is from this time free from Joane Wade, 
his late wile & that former Couenant of marriage betwene them; 

This Court orders, that Mr. Winthrop, being chosen Gou^no' 
of this Collony, shall bee againe desired to come & Hue in 
Hartford, w^^ his family, while hee gou^nes, they grant him the 
yearly vse or profits of the housing & lands in Hartford belong- 
ing to Mr. John Haynes, w^h shall be yearly discharged out of 
the publicke Treasury. 

Major Mason, Mr. Talcott, John Cullick & Mr. WiUis are 
desired to take the first oportunity to treat w''* Mr. Winthrop 
for that end. 

The Court adjourned to Tuesday next, 9 a clocke. 

The Narration of Major John Mason, pi'sented to the Courte, 
about the Narragansetts beleaguering of Vncus, at Niantick, is 
by this Court accepted, thankfullnesse acknowledged, & order 
the same to bee recorded on the back-side of the said Narra- 



This Court ordered the Seer' to write to the Comissionra in 
refference to Thomas Staunton, w^h letter was read & approued, 
& the Sec^ ordered to send the same.* 

This Court orders that Mr. Brewster shall haue power to put 
4 or 5 men into the fort, who shall continue there 2 or 3 dayes 
for his defence against the Naragansets, & after that bee so in 
readinesse that if Vncus bee againe assaulted by the Naragan- 
sets, they w^^ 10 or 20 more, prouided by Mr. Brewster, shall 
beare full wittnesse against the Narragansets carriages, till 
Vncus his returne home from the Comissionrs, & that speedy 
notice or intelligence shall bee giuen to the Deputy Gou^'no^ (if 
any fresh assault should happen,) or to the Comissionrs. 
[85] Mr. Tailcoat is desired to write to the Norwuttuck &; 
Pocomtuck Indians to informe them of the time of the meeting 
of the Comission^'s & that if any of them haue ought against 
Vncus, his purpose & resolution is to bee there to answere them, 
or any others. 

A true coppy of the Counsells answere to seuerall questions 
sent to the Massachusets from o' Generall Court, being p^sent- 
ed to this Court, signed by the Reuerend Mr. Sam: Stone, in 
the name of the rest of the Counsell, They doe order that coppies 
should goe forth to the seu'"all Churches in this Collony as 
speedily, <fe if any exceptions bee against any thing therein, by 
any Church that shall haue the consideration thereof, the Court 
desires they would acquaint the next Gen: Court in Hartford, 
in. Octo"^: that so suitable care may bee had for their solution &l 

This Court considering the ingagemt of Edward Lay to this 
Jurisdiction (by 15/. secured in Rich: Feliowes his hand,) of 
Robert Codnams estate, that the said Lay should appeare, seuf- 
all yeares since, at Hartford, to answere at the Court his abu- 
siue cariage & expressions before seui^all of Seabrooke, w^h lo 
this time hee hath not attended, they order that vpon the pay- 
ment of 5Z. to the Treasure by the said Codnam hee shall bee 
free from the aforesaid seizure of Robert Codnams estate' in his 
hands, & the said Edward Lay shall bee free from the forfeit- 
ure of bond & contempt therein, w<=h 5Z. being paid by Codnam 

* See Rec. of U. Col., in Hazzard's St. Papers, ii. 369. 


for Edward Layes disappearance, according to ingagemS they 
iudge that Edward Layes estate should satisfy Codnum for the 

This Court being duly sencible of the danger this Comon 
wealth is in of being poisoned in their iudgm* & principles by 
some loathsome Heretickes, whether Quakers, Ranters, Adam- 
ites or some others like them, It is ordered and decreed, that noe 
Towne or person therein, wt^in this Jurisdiction, shall giue 
any vnnecessary entertainm*^ to any of the aforesaid knowne 
hereticks, vpon penalty of fiue pounds for each Hereticque en- 
terteind, to bee paid by that inhabitant w^h giues such intertain- 
ment to them or either of them, & fiue pounds a weeke for each 
Hereticke, to bee paid by each Towne that shall suffer the en- 
tertainmt of any such Hereticks, as also 5/. a person that shall 
at any time vnnecessarily speake more or lesse w^h any of the 
aforesaid Hereticks, except the Magistrate, Assistants, Eld's or 
Constable in this Jurisdiction ; all w*^^ fines to bee paid to the 
publicke Treasury. Also, it is ordered, that any Magistrate, 
Assistant or Constable, in each plantation, vpon any suspicion 
of arfy person to bee such an Hereticke, shall, w^^ the helpe of 
their Eld^ or Side's in each plantation, examine the said sus- 
pected person or persons, 6c if vpon examination hee or they 
judge any to bee such Heretickes, the said Magistrate, Assistant 
or Constable shall forthw't send them to prizon, or out of this 
Jurisdiction. This order to bee added to the former order in 
Octob^ (56.) 

||86] This Court orders that if Tho: Staunton comes in the 
vacancy of this Court, hee shall bee required to put in security 
for his appearance at the Court in Hartford in October next. 
The Court is dissolved. 

At a Session of the Generall Court, held at Hartford, 
August 18*^, 1657. 
The Indians belonging to Tunksis Sepus, being treated w"» 
about the damage done by fire, occasioned by Mesupeno, they 
have mutually agreed and obliged themselves to pay vnto the 
Generall Court in October, or to their order, yearly, for the 
terme of seauen yeares, the full sume of eighty faddome of 
wampum, well strungd & mercht^'ie, the first paym* to bee made 



irrOctob'^ next ensuing, at the Session of the Gen: Court, & so 
to bee paid yearly at the Sessions in October, vntill the terme 
bee expired (that is to say) seauen paym^s. Ynto w^h agreemt- 
the foresaid Indians haue signed, the day & yeare aboue written, 
the marke of the marke of 


: Homs : 
the marke of 


the marke of 

Taccamus. Mamunto. 

These haue signed in the name & w^^ consent of the rest. 

A relation of the carriage of the difference that fell out be- 
twixt Vncas & Seoquassen of the one side & Totanimo & the 
Potunck Indians, At the Generall Court held at Hartford, in 
May, in the yeare of c Lord, 1656. 

That vpon the murther of a Sachem of Connecticott dwelling 
neare Mattapeaset, by a young man called Weaseapano, Seo- 
quassen complained to the Magistrates of Hartford of the wrong 
that the Potunck Indians did to him in entertaining & maintain- 
ing of him against all justice, w^^ said Seoquassen tooke Vncas 
in to him for helpe, to bee reuenged for the said Sachems death, 
who was inraged w^h the like accident of entertaining a mur- 
therer that runne from Vnquas to the said Potunck, who com- 
plained likewise of wrongs done him, to the Magistrates. 
Vnquas also had complained to the Magistrates of Connecticot 
for seuerall wrongs done to him by Tantoiiimo, espetially his 
intising of many of his men & their protecting a Murtherer; 
& therevpon the Magistrates ordered that the Sachems of both 
sides should appeare at Hartford at the Generall Court: who 
all appearing, Seoquassen first declared of the fact done by a 
meane fellow vppon one that was allyed to him, a great Sa- 
chem; and so Vnquas & Foxen iustified, in many words. 


[87] The Gouerno'" pressed to know what sattisfaction they 
required, who answered & pressed hard to haue 10 men put to 
death of his friends that was the murtherer ; the other Sachems 
pleaded vnjust, because the Sachem that was slayne had mur- 
dered the young mans Yncle wilfully. The Court many of them 
spake their mindes to & fro. The Gouerno'' shewed the Indians 
what o"" law is in such cases, that onely the murther or any that 
were accessary to it should bee punished, & so hee & many 
Deputyes pressed both sides for peace, & not to fight vpon such 
a quarrel 1. 

The Potunck Sachems p''ffered to giue wampam in way of 
sattisfaction, w^^ wholly was rejected, whereupon the Court 
spent some time to perswade to peace. Then they fell to be 
sattisfyed w^h the death of 6 men. The Court wearied v,'^^ 
their speeches pressed the Potunck Indians to deliuer vp the 
murtherer, the w^'i Totannimo p^mised, but priuately stole out 
of the Court &c went w^^ the rest of the Sachems to Potunk 
forte: wherevpon both the English & Indians were offended & 
agreed to send a messeng"" to deliuer vp the murtherer, as Totaii- 
imo had p^mised in Court. In the meane time the Court ap- 
pointed 4 Deputyes to bee a Comittee to treat w^h the Sachems 
of both sides, to see what could bee done for peace. This Com- 
mittee priuately brought Vnquas to accept of the murtherer 
only, for full sattisfaction. But those Potunck Indians said they 
could not deliuer vp the said murther^ his freinds were so many 
& potent w^iiin the Forte. 

In the afternoone the Comittee & the Sachems made knowne 
to the Court, who then agreed that by no meanes the English 
would bee ingaged in either of their quarrells, but would leaue 
them to themselues, wherevpon the Gou''nor made a long speech 
desiring to bee at peace orie w'^'' another, <Sl take wampam. If 
they would not, then hee declared that the Court would not 
hinder them, but left them to themselues, &; whatsoeuer fell out 
afterwards vpon either of them, they brought vpon themselues. 
But so were engaged, that they should not fight vpon this side 
of the riuer of Hartford, nor to hurt any of the English houses 
or any thing of theirs of the other side of the riuer ; w*^ many 
expressions more to the same effect, was spoken by the Gouerno'' 
& also by some Deputies. 



Some expressions many times in the agitation thereof was 
spoken that might cany that sence of advising & counselHng 
of Ynquas not to fight, as some app^hended then, but in conclu- 
sion the Gou'^no'', as the mouth of the Court, declared his minde 
fiilly to the Indians of both sides, as aforesaid. 

Wittnesse my hand, this 20*^ of August, 1657. 
Jonathan Brewster. 
Aug: IQtii, (57.). 

The Court voted that this relation should bee transcribed & 
asserted vnd'' the SeCs hand, that to their sattislaction it was 
euidenced in Court to bee a true relation. 

[88] At a Generall Court held at Hartford, October 1, 

Mr. Wells, Dep: 
Magistrates : Mr. Webster, IMajor Mason, Mr. Clarke, 

Mr. Talcott, Mr. Willys. 
Deputyes : Mr. Steele, Mr. Allin, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Lord, 
Mr. Brewster, ahs., Mr. Trott, Mr. Gailor, Mr. Dan: 
Jlarke, Joseph Migatt, Wm. Wadsworth, Rich: Buttler, 
Mr. Hollister, John Wells, John Hurd, John Clarke, 
Rob: Chapman, Hugh Caulkin, Michaell Try, John 
Wheeler, Antho: Howkins, Rob: Webster Geo: Graues, 
Sam: Hale, Isack Moore, Sam: Wells, Sam: Bpurman. 
Tho: Staunton, for contempt of the. last Gen: Court, in not 
appearing when sumoned thereunto, for w^'i otfence the Court 
fines the said Thomas, ten pounds. 

This Court orders, that the Treasur"" shall procure convenient 
supply of corne for the Major this winter, &i the charge in pro- 
curing it to bee imposed vpon those who are behind of their 

The Court doth appoint the Treasure"" to prouide horses & 
men to send for Mr. Wiuthrop, in case hee is minded to come 
to dwell w^i' vs. 

This Court appoints Mr. Allin & Jo: Gilbert togoe to Pacom- 
tuck, to declare to the Indians the mind of the Comission'"s con- 


cerning them ;* and that there bee a letter sent to Mr. Pinchon 
to assist them in it ; but if hee refuse & Mr. HolUack, then they 
shall desist from further p''ceeding. 

A list of the seuerall persons & estates of the seu''all Townes 
wthin this Jurisdiction : — 

Fairfeild, p^sons, . estates, 11410. 1. 

Stratford, 63. . . 8400. 0. 

Seabrooke, 72. . . . 581. 7. 

Mr. Fenwicks farme, . . . 200. 0. 

A note of Mr. Fenwicks cattle vpon the farme, Good: Clarke 
is to send vp to the Treasur"", w^h are to bee rated according 
as the law of the Country requires. 

The Cattle of Capt. Cullicks farme are to bee rated & a note 
of them to beegiuen in to the Treasur"". 

The Court appoints Mr. Dan: Clarke to write a letter to the 
Magistrates of South Hampton, to informe them of the minde 
of the Comission''s, & another to the Indians there. 

The Major is allowed fiue pounds for his going to Long Iland» 
besides his expences in that seruice. 

This Court doth allow the Treasurer, for incouragem' of him 
in his place, 10 pounds p"" annum. 

This Court doth grant a rate of a peny ypon the pound, for 
the defraying of the publicke charges of this Jurisdisdiction. 
This rate to bee paid three parts in wheat & pease, by equall 
p''portion, & one fourth in Indian Come at 205s. 6d. p"" Bush: 

This Court doth appoint the fourteenth day of this moneth 
bee set apart for a sollemne day of thanksgiuing (for the mer- 
cyes of God the yeare past,) in the seuerall plantations in this 

[89] A list of the persons & rateable estate of Connecticutt, 
taken Sepf 23, 1657: 

* " It is ordered, that Vnckas bee required to pfmit the Podunk Indians to returne to theire 
dwellings & there to abide in peace & safety, vv'^iout molestation from him or his, &- that the 
said Indians bee incouraged & invited so to do, by the Oovernment of Connecticott." 

"And the Government of Connecticott is desired to signify to the Pocomtick and Norvvootick 
Sachems our charge vpon Vnckas in refference to the Podunk Indians, and our desire of their 
returne to their dwellings and continuance there in peace ; therfore wee desire and expect they 
will forbeare all hostillity against Vnckas till the next meeting of the Comission". [Records of 
U. Colonies, Sept. 1657.] 



Imp'"s the estate of Hartford, 

The persons, 186, that is. 

The estate of Windzor is, . 

The persons are 161, 

The estate of Wethersfeild is, 

The persons come to, 

The estate & pi'sons of Farmington come to. 

The estate & pf'sons of Midltowne comes to 

£. ss. 
17045. 8 





£. ss. d 

20393. 8. 

15897. 0. 

12612. 0. 

4852. 0. 

2416. 0. 

Smlie tot'. 56170. 8. 
pr DOS, Richard Treat, 
Henry Woolcott, 
William Westwood, 
Robt Webster. 

This Court orders, that noe person wthin this Jurisdiction 
shall kepe any Quakers bookes or manuscripts containing their 
errors, except teaching Eld^s, vpon the penalty of \Qss. a time 
for euery person that shall kepe any such booke after the publi- 
cation hereof, & that shall not deliuer such bookes vnto their 

The Court adjourned to the second Thursday of March. 

[90] A Session of the Gen: Court in Hartford, 11'^ 
DAY OP March, 16|f. 

John Winthrop Esq^, Goumr. 

Magistrates : Mr. Webster, Major Mason, John Cullick, 

Mr. Clarke, Mr. Willis, Mr. Talcott. 
Deputies : Mr. Steele, Mr. Allin, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gailor, 
Mr. Trott, Mr. Lord, Mr. Dan: Clarke, Mr. Brewster, 
Joseph Mygatt, Wm. Wadswoorth, Rich: Butler, Mr. 
Hollisti-, John Hurd, John Clarke, Robert Chapman, 
John Wheeler, Antho: Howkins, Sam: Hale, Sam: Wells, 
Sam: Bourman, Rob* Webster, Geo: Graue Junior. 
John Hurd is sworne to the office of a Constable for the 
yeare ensuing, in the Towne of Stratford. 

This day 3 weekes, w^h is the first day of Aprill, the Court de- 


sires the .Magistrates to attend the consideration & distribution 
of such estates of deceased persons as are, or then shall bee 
exhibited & the Deputies are desired to giue notice thereof in 
their respectiue Tovvnes. 

The listed persons for Troopers presented to, & allowed by 
this Court, vnder the command of Major John Mason, are as 
follow : — 

In Hartford : Mr. Willis, Mr. Lord, Mr. Tho: Wells, Jacob 

Migatt, Jonathan Gilbert, Nicho: Olmsteed, John Sted- 

man, James Steele, Dan: Pratt, Andrew Warner, Will: 

Edwards, Richard Fellowes, Robert Reiue, John Allin. 

In Windzor : Mr. Dan: Clarke, Tho: Allin, Sam: Marshall, 

John Bissell, Geo: Phelpes, Steph: Terry, Willi: Heyden, 

John Hosford, John Williams, Natha: Loomis, Tho: 

Loomis, Capt. Aron Cooke, Ensign Dauid Wilton, Sy- 

mon Woolcott, Tho: Strong, John Moses, John Porter. 

In Wethersfeild : John Lattimore, John Belding, Richard 

Treat, Mr. John Chester, Antho: Wright, John Palmer. 

The aforesaid Troopers p^sented to this Court their choise of 

officers, w^h the Court did confirme : Richard Lord, Cap*.; Dan- 

iell Clarke, Leiften*^ ; John Allin, Cornett ; Nicho: Olmsteed' 

Corporall ; Richard Treat, Corporall ; Sam: Marshall, Corpor- 

all; Mr. Tho: Wells Junior, Quart' M'. 

Richard Haughton, of Pequett, petitioning this Court for 
their fauc to consent (that hee the said Richard may haue lib- 
erty to agree wth Vncus for a certaine neck of land called 
Massapeag, betwene Pequett & Mohegin,) They hauing con- 
sidered the low estate of this man, his charge of children, w^^ 
other things as further motiues to them, doe hereby declare, 
that they thus farre consent to his petition or motion, that in 
[91] case hee fully sattisfie |1 Vncus for the aforesaid Massa- 
peage & there bee a full & cleare agreem*^ betwene them for the 
same, then this Court shall not manage the law in this Comon- 
wealth against him for making any such contract w^h Indian 
or Indians, p'uided the said Haughton or his assignes neuer make 
any further or other vse of it, but only to plant or sowe there- 
vpon in the summer, and kepe cattle therevpon in the winter : 
and that no swyne shall bee kept vpon the p'misses at any time, 
neither shall bee any otherwise improued to the trespasse or 


pi'judice of Vncus in any such kind, or trouble of this Comon 

This Court grants liberty to the persons already allowed by 
this Court to cohabite at Bankside, (a place betwene Fairfeild 
Towne & Norwalke,) to take in as a cohabitant w*^^ them in 
that place, Robert Beacham, who lately liued at Norwalke. 

The Deputies nominated to this Court, to bee pi^pounded at 
the next Gen: Court of Election for choise to bee Magistrates 
in this Jurisdiction, Mr. Phelps, of Windsor, and Mr. Math- 
ew Allin ; Mr. Treat Senior, of Wethersfeild ; Mr. John Wells 
of Stratford, and Mr Allexand"" Knowles, of Fairfeild. 

Phillip Galpin, of Fairfeild, is freed from trayning, but not 
from watching nor warding, till the Court sees cause to reuoke 
this their order. 

The consideration of the petition from seui'all inhabitants in 
Fairfeild, is referred to the next Court of Magistrates there, & 
they to make returne thereof to the next Gen: Court after the 

The plantation at Pequet is named by this Court, New Lon- 
don, wth a preable to bee inserted about the same, {W^^ is in- 
serted in the closure of y^ Acts of this Session.) 

The Court frees Thomas Coleman from watching, warding 
& trayning, if hee makes it appeare that hee is aboue 60 yeares 

Mr. Russell, of Wethersfeild is also freed. 

This Courte doth grant to & agree w^^ John Bissell Junior, 
of Windzor, that the Ferry there, ouer the great Riuer, shall 
bee & belong to him for the space of ten yeares next ensuing, 
vpon the limitation &c termes hereafter expressed, to w<=h hee 
doth in Court agree & ingage to attend : — 

1. That there shall bee alwayes maintained in readinesse vp- 
on all occasions, an able & sufficient boate & man for the safe 
passage of horse & men. 

2. The said John Bissell shall haue 8d. a head for any beast, 
& 26?. a head for any person that commeth w^h them, & 3d. for 
any single person. 

[92] 3. That each Trooper listed and allowed in the Court, 
& the horse hee rides, is only freed from the ferridge going to 
Springfeild Towne, or as farre as Springfeild Towne, or further. 


4. That no person of Windzor shall haue liberty for to helpe 
ouer any person or beast of any other Towne, but they shall 
then pay the Ferryman as much as if they were caryed ouer 
by him. 

5 Vpon consideration w^^^ the inhabitants of Windzor, they 
are to goe ouer the Ferry for halfe the forementioned price, 
only that single persons shall pay 3d. p^ head for their passage 
as before. 

There was a list of the persons & estates of the west side of 
Pequett Riuer presented, w^h amounted to 3360/. 7s. 8d. &, the 
Court doth expect that a true List of the persons & estates 
of the inhabitants of the east side of the Riuer shall bee tak- 
en & pfsented to the next Court, that so their list may bee 

Sam: Welles is confirmed Ensigne for the souldiJ^s at Weth- 

William Blumfeild is freed from training. 
This Court hauing read & duely considered a letter from the 
Gen: Court in the Massachusets about the land on the east 
side of Pequet riuer, doe desire the Gou'^no'" & John Cullick to 
draw vp a letter in an answere therevnto, & send the same 
signed by the Sec in the name of this Court.* 

It is agreed by this Court that Wednesday, the last of this 
moneth is appointed for a day of humiliation. 

This Court orders that henceforth no persons in this Juris- 
diction shall in any way imbody themselues into Ch: estate/ 
without consent of the Generall Court, & approbation of the 
neighbor Ch^: 

This Court orders that there shall bee no ministry or Ch: ad- 
ministration entertained or attended by the inhabitants of any 
plantation in this Collony, distinct & seperate from, & in op- 
position to that wch is openly & publickly obserued & dispen- 
ced by the settled & approued Minister of the place, except it 
bee by approbation of the Gen^all Court & neighbor Ch^: p^uided 
alwayes that this order shall not hinder any priuate meetings of 
godly persons to attend any duties that Christianity or religion 
call for, as fasts or conference, nor take place vpon such as are 

* See Appendix, No. iv. 


hindred by any just impedim's on the Sabboth day, from the 
publicke assembHes, by weather or water & the like. 
[93] This Court appoints that Will: Waller should bee re- 
quired forthwith to make due satisfaction to those who are ap- 
pointed by the Townesmen of Seabrook to leuy the rate for 
Mr. Fitches maintenance, or otherwise to make his appearance 
at the Gen: Court in May next to giue an account of his neg- 

It is voted by the Court, that Windzor petition shall bee de- 
ferred vntill the next Session of this Court, & then to bee taken 
into consideration ; as also the seu^all Deputies are desired to 
acquaint c Eld'^ respectiuely that the Court desires them to 
attend the next Session of the Court to advise & consider what 
way may bee most requisite to issue the differences that are 
amongst vs. 

This Court orders, in refference to the sad differences yt are 
broken out in the seu''all Ch^: in this Collony, & in spetiall be- 
twixt the Ch: of Christ at Hartford and the withdrawers, & to 
pi'uent further troubles & such sad consequences that may is- 
sue from the p^mises to the whole Common wealth. It is desir- 
ed & required by this Court, that there bee from henceforth an 
vtter cessation of all further p^secution, either on the Ch^: part 
at Hartford towards the withdrawers from them, and on the 
other part, that those that haue withdrawen from the Ch: 
at Hartford shall make a cessation in pi'secuting their former 
pfpositions to the Ch: at Wethersfeild or any other Ch: in ref- 
ference to their joyning there in Ch: relation, vntill the matters 
in controuersy betwixt the Ch: of Hartford & the brethren that 
haue withdrawen bee brought to an issue in that way that the 
Court shall determine. 

It is ordered, that the Court shall meet together on Wedns- 
day seauennight, being the twenty fourth of this instant, at 
Hartford, where the neighbc EW^ are desired to attend the 
Court, that so their advise & helpe may bee improued to settle 
vpon some speedy course for the issuing the p^sent troubles 
that the Churches, & in spetiall the Ch: of Hartford lyes vnder,, 
in respect of the seperation by them that haue withdrawne 
from that society. 


* Whereas, it hath bene a comendable practice of y" inhab- 
itants of all the Collonies of these parts, that as this Countrey 
hath its denomination from our deare natiue Countrey of Eng- 
land, and thence is called New England, soe the planters, in 
their first setling of most new Plantations hauegiuen names to 
those Plantations of some Citties and Townes in England, there- 
by intending to keep vp and leaue to posterity the memoriall of 
seuerall places of note there, as Boston, Hartford, Windsor, 
York, Ipswitch, Bran tree, Exeter, — This Court, considering that 
there hath yet noe place in any of the Collonies bene named in 
memory of y^ Citty of London, there being a new plantation 
within this Jurisdiction of Conecticut setled vpon ye faire 
Riuer of Monhegin, in ye Pequot Countrey, it being an excel- 
lent harbour and a fit and convenient place for future trade, it 
being alsoe the only place w^h ye English of these parts haue 
possessed by conquest, and y*^ by a very iust war vpon y' great 
and warlike people, ye Pequots, that therefore they might therby 
leaue to posterity the memory of y*^ renowned citty of London, 
from whence we had our transportation, haue thought fit, in hon- 
our to that famous Citty, to cal ye said Plantation, New London. 

[94] A Session of the Gen: Court, in Hartford, the 
24th OF March, 16|f 
John Winthrop Esq^ Gou^'no'". 
Tho: Wells Esq^ Deputy. 
Magistrates : Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke, Mr. 

Willis, Mr. Talcott. 
Deputies : Mr. Steele, Mr. Allin, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Lord, 
Mr. Dan: Clarke, Joseph Migatt, Wm. Wadsworth, Rich- 
ard Butler, Mr. Hollister, Antho: Howkins, Isack Moore, 
Sam: Wells, Sam: Bourman, Mr. Trott. 
This Court desires Mr. Lord & John Cullick to take in the 
Treasures account in the behalfe of this Comon wealth. 

This Court appoints & orders that the Constable or Consta- 
bles in each Towne where there is no Magistrate or Assistant 
shall, at all times when the Treasurer shall call or require them, 
deliuer in their account to the Treasurer, vnder his or their owne 
hand or hands, &l the hands of two of the Townes men in their 

• Here follows the ' preamble,' to the order of the Court changing the name of the plantation 
of Pequot, referreil to, on page 310, ante. 



respectiue Townes ; and where any Magistrate or Assistant 
dwelleth, vnder their owne hand & the hand of one of the Mag- 
istrates or Assistants that Uueth in the same Towne w^h them. 

Sam: Smith, Senior, moouing this Court that hee might bee 
freed from training as a comon souldier in that Towne, they doe 
vpon seuerall grounds grant his request, espetially because hee 
hath bene an antient Serjeant to the trained band in that Towne, 

Nath: Ward is fr.eed from trayning, watching & warding 

It is desired by this Court, that the Church at Hartford & 
Mr. Stone should meet together w^h those that haue withdrawen, 
to see if it bee possible by a priuate conference together to issue 
vpon some mutuall conclusions that may put an end vnto their 
vnhappy discention. The Gourno"^ & Deputy Gouerno'" are 
desired to accompany them in their conference, if it may bee 
with conueniency attended by the Gou^^nor & Deputy. And in 
case the foresaid pnies at difference cannot agree vpon a way 
to put an issue to their troubles, that then there bee letf^ sent 
to the Bay Eld^'^ & to any among vs or in the other Jurisdic- 
tion, for advice what the Court should doe in the p^mises. 

The Gou'-nor, Mr. Willis, Mr. Talcott, & Mr. Stone, & Mr. 
Lord are hereby desired, that in case there bee no agreem* 
amongst the Church & withdrawers, to send letfs in the name 
of the Court, as before. 

William Kelsey is freed from watching, warding & trayning.* 

[95] At a Gen" Court of Election, May 20, 1658. 
Magistrates elected: 
Thomas Wels Esq^, Goui^nor. 
John Winthrop Esq', Deputy. 
Mr. Webster, Mr. Mathew Allyn, 

Maior Mason, Mr. Phelpes, 

Mr. Clarke, Mr. John Wels, 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Treat, 

Mr. Talcot, Mr. Baker, 

Mr. Ogden, Mr. Mulford, 

Mr. Cosmore, Mr. Alex: Knowles. 

• This is the last entry in the hand writing of Mr. Cullick. In May following, Mr. Dan- 
iel Clarke was chosen Secretary, and the records which nest follow are in his hand. 


Deputies : Mr. Steel, Mr. Brewster, Mr. Lord, Deacon 
Gaylard, Will' Wadsworth, Joseph Mygat, John Bissel, 
Dan: Clark, Record^ Rich: Butler, Edw: Griswold, L: 
HoUister, Anthony Howkins,* John Dement, Sam: 
Wells, Sam: Boreman, Georg Graues, Sam. Stocken, 
Hugh Caulkin, Jo: Clark, Rob* Chapman, John Whee- 
ler, Cornel. Hull, Math: Camfeild, Rich: Olmstead, Will' 
Beardsley.. Joseph Hawley. 
Comissioners chosen, for this Colony : — Mr. Winthrop Esq"", 
Mr. Talcot ; Reserue, Maior John Mason. 

These pi'sons vnderwritten were made free, before the 
Court : — Sam^i Burr, Obed: Spencer, Thom: Allyn, Eldad Pom- 
rey, John Wiate, John Kelley, Jos: Knowles, Tho: Eggleston, 
Rob: Reeue, Jos: Arnold, Georg Orvis, Tho: Spencer, Zach: 
Sanford, Jo: Merrils, Grego: Gibbs, John Pettibone, Sam: Eg- 
gleston, Steph: Davis, Joseph Sutton, Ob:, John Kerbey, Sam: 
Richards, Tho: Alcot, John Church, Joseph Nash, Jer: Judson, 
Will: Warin, John Chester, John Grumwel, James Northam, 
Cris: Crow, Tho: Clark, John Kelsey, Tim: Traul, Peter Blach- 
feild, Will' Keney, Rich: Hartly, Matt: Becquet, Tho: Bowen, 
Tho: Leonards, Pef Blachfld, John Wadom, Jonath: Deman, 
Francis Yeates, Ben: Crane, Rich: Smith Jun^, James Boswel, 
Jo: Curtis, Tho: Wickum, Georg Yeates, Sam: Pinney, Rich: 
Lord Junr, John Sables, Cris: Huntington, John Andrewes, 
Abrh'. Finch, Jonas Westouer, Beniam: Bur, Renold Maruin, 
Ren: Maruin Jun'', Joseph Judson, John Coleman, Cornel : Gil- 
let, Will'. Edwards, Thomas Brook, Will: Morton, Rob't 
Boughtwhord, Peter Browne, Joseph Clark, Raph Parker, Will'. 

[96] This Court orders that Esq^ Winthrop, Maior Mason, Mr. 
Allyn, Mr. Brewster, shal, vpon some seasonable opertunity, 
attend to keep a Court at Pequit, to settle the afFayrs of y 
place ; Mr. Winthrop to appoynt y^ time. 

Will: Welman, of New London, is discharged from his Re- 
cognisanc, about a marriage in Virginia. 

The Magestrates graunted Will' Williams, of Hartford, to 

* The names of Deputies are written, thus far, in the margin of Page [95.] Those which fol- 
low, are on page [96,] where the Recorder has repeated those already given, down to the name 
of Anthony Howkins. 


dispose of his seruant youth, Math: Young, to another sutable 
M"", and the s^i Mathew doth fully consent therevnto and hath 
pi'mised to giue a ful discharge vnto his Master Williams from 
y*' engagemt wherein he was bound to teach the sayd Math: 
the trade of a Cooper. 

This Court orders that al seafaring men yt make it y^ir oc- 
cupation to imploy themselues in Navigat", they shal for future 
be freed from trayneings. 

This Court voated a confirmation of the Combinatii with 
Easthampton, and that the Articles of Agreem* should be 
signed by the Secretary in the name of the Court and sent ouer 
vnto them ; as also a letter, to signify the mind of the Court.* 

This Court orders that y^ power of any p^ticuler Magestrate, 
on the maine and likewise on the Island belonging to this Col- 
ony, shall extend itselfe to al and every place and p'son in this 
Jurisdiction, as need requires : And that those of Southampton 
and East Hampton shal ioyne together in the exercise of judi- 
cature amongst them, and to summon Juries out of either place : 
and that they haue liberty to repayr to any Court held at New 
London for help in any Controuersy 

This Court approueing the pious care af the Towne of Fair- 
feild, in procureing help for Mr. Joanes by his owne consent 
therevnto, as far as appeares by a papJ" p'sented by their Dep- 
uties to ye Court, doe order, that according to their desires the 
foresaid paper be kept amongst the Court papers, and desire the 
Towne not any way therevpon to depriue y^ir Reu''nd ancient 
Pastor, Mr. Joanes, in sicknes or health, of his comfortable 

This Court orders yt out of the sum imposed vpon the Indians 
of Southampton, to pay for the loss y^ was there susteined by 
fire, there shalbe the sum of 30/. p^" Ann. for the four first 
[97] yeares, || and fourty pounds p^ Anil, for the two last 
yeares abated. The total abatement amounts to 200/. Qs. Od. 

Its ordered, that Mr. Cosmore, Mr. Ogden, Capt. Tappin and 
Goodman Clarke, shal make distribution of that paym*^ that the 
Indians make, to them that haue suffr^ loss by fire ; only Mr. 
Fordom is excempted from any part of this pay for the losse of 

• See a letter to Easthampton, written some months previous to this session of the General 
Court, in Appendix, No. V. 


his owne house and goods therein conteyned : provided, that 
before distribution be made, the charges that the Countrey hath 
bin at in y exhibited* to y^ Island shalbe first defrayed. 

John Griffin, now returneing from Pocumtacot, was made 
free, by consent of the Court. 

Robert Allyn and John Gager are released fro their fine for 
not attending ordinary Town training. 

The Court is adiourned til the 3^ Wednesday in August. 

'Mr. Samuel Stone, Teacher at Hartford, p^senting vnto the 
Gen: Court, Mi^ch 25, '58, a petition w^^ certayne p'"positions, 
it was vppon his request ordered to be recorded : — 

My humble request is that the Quaestions here p^sented may 
be sillogistically reasoned before this hono^^d Court. I hope that 
some of o"^ withdrawen Brethren, or some other whom they 
shal pi'vide, wil reason with me, face to face : 

Quaes. 1. The former Councel at Hartford June, 56, is vt- 
terly cancild and of no force. 

2. There is no violation of the last agreemt (made when the 
Reuerend Elders of Massachusets were here,) either by the Ch: 
of Christ at Hartford or their Teacher. 

3. The withdrawen Brethren haue offi-ed great violence to ye 
formentioned agreement. 

4. The withdrawen Brethren are members of the Ch: of 
Christ at Hartford. 

5. Their withdrawing from the Ch: is a sin exceding scan- 
dalous & dreadful and of its owne nature destructiue to this and 
other Churches. 

6. The controuersy between the Ch: of Christ at Hartford 
and the withdrawen p^sons is not in the hands of the Churches 
to be determined by them. 

Sam: Stone. 

[98] At a Session of the Gen: Court at Hartford, Aug^ 

18, 1658. 

Thorn: Wels Esq"-, Gou: 

Esq"" Winthrop, Depu: 

Magestrates : Mr. John Webster, Maior Mason, Mr. 

Willys, Mr. Tailcot, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Treat, Mr. Allyn, 

Dan: Clark, Secret: 

* An error of the Recorder. The word was probably expedition, 



Deputies: Mr. Steel, Capt. Lord, Deaco Gayli'd, W. 
Wadsworth, Jo: Bissel Sen"-, Jos: Mygatt, Rich: Butler, 
Edw: Griswold, L: Hollister, Jo: Demat, Sam: Wells, 
Sam: Boreman, Antho: Howkins, Jo: Clark, Rob^ Chap- 
ma, Robt Webstr, Math: Camfeild. 
In reference to a complaynt made by Georg Graues, Georg 
Stocken, Nath: Willet, Nath: Berdin, contr: Mr. Webster, Capt. 
Cullick, Mr. Goodwin, Andrew Bacon, in ye name of the rest 
of ye withdrawers at Hartford, consisting of several prticulers, 
p'sented the last session to ye consideration of this Court, This 
Court sees cause to defer the consideration of the compl* vnto 
the Court in Octob"", and haue ordered that then it shalbe at- 
tended ; in ye meane time, to procure what light and help they 
can in the case. 

This Court appoynted Esq' Winthrop, Major Mason, Mr. 
Talcot, Mr. Steel, as a Comittee to treat with Capt. Cullick 
about the purchase of the Riuer, and to p'pound that in case 
Capt. Cullick will allow to ye Countrey 500/. and demand noth- 
ing from Seabrook nor Middletown, and returne such security 
to ye Countrey as he can or as in his power, that then there 
shalbe acquittances granted, each to other. 

The Comittee is to make report to morrow, w* the result of 
ye Treaty is. 

19 Day. The Comittee returned answer to ye Court, that 
Capt. Cullick is willing to quit acc^ w^h the Countrey, and if 
ye arrears yet due to him amount not to 300/. he wil make it vp 
300/. Mr. Talcot sayth 250/. 

This Court orders, that notice shalbe giuen to ye Indians 
liueing at Farmington, that in regard of their hostile pursuits, 
contrary to former ord^ of Court, and considering their enter- 
taynm* of Strang Indians, contrary to their agreem* w^Ji ye 
English when they sate downe at Farmington, whence ensues 
danger to ye English by Bullets shot into the Towne in their 
skirmishes. That they shal speedily p'"vide another place for 
their habitation and desert that place wherin they are now 
[99] garrisoned. || And what Indians refuse to attend this 
order shalbe returned to ye Courte in October next. Further, 
it is required by the Court that Farmington Indians shal forth- 


with send away al such strangers as haue not bin knowne inhab- 
itants in that place, according to forementioned agreem*. 

Mr. Steel, L: Lewis, Ensigne Steel, Thorn: Judd, are desired 
to comunicate the mind of the Court to y® Indians. 

Daniel Clark was svvorne, according to y^ forme of the 
Secretaries Oath approued by this Court and ordered to be 

A Petition from several of the inhabitants of Wethersfeild* 
was p^sented to this Court and vpon p^vsall of the same the 
Court returned this answer : — 

In regard of a complayn*, in the Petition, of a scandalous 
oath taken by Mr. Russel, whereby the inhabitants seem 
afrayd to adventure themselues vnd"^ his ministery, the Court 
hath considered the nature of the Oath and y^ witnesses, and 
tho there are diuers app^hensions of it, yet to y^ purpose of the 
allegation to w^h Mr. Russel testified, the oath was ambiguous : 
but that it should be strayned to such a height as in the Peti- 
tion is declared, this Court iudgeth it not meet, and in that re- 
spect the Petitioners blameable, and that he is not hereby ren- 
dred so scandalous as not fit to administer in his office. Yet 
notwithstanding, they iudg that Mr. Russel should speak more 
playnly for ye future, to ye capacity of the hearers, espetially in 
way of testimony ; and yt the Petitioners should carefully avoid 
all vnnecessary strayneing of words or expressions (y* are in 

* This Petition (in " Ecclesiastical" Papers, Vol. i. No. 1,) is signed by John Holister, Thomas 
Wright Sen., John Deniminge Sen., John Edwards Sen., and Rich'' Smith Sen., and five females, 
all members of Mr. Russell's church, together with thirty nine others, inhabitants of Windsor. 
After referrmg to an order of the Courtp assed in March 1657-8 (see page 3l\, ante,) that no 
ministry or church should be entertained or attended by the inhabitants of any plantation, ' dis- 
tinct and seperate from and in opposition to that which is openly and publicly observed and 
dispensed by the settled and approved Minister of the place,' the petitioners declare that they 
cannot regard Mr. Russell as their settled and approved Minister, — first, because, in the prece- 
ding spring, he had sent them a writing to provide for themselves, — whereby they consider them- 
selves freed from their former obligations to him : these obligations they profess themselves 
unwilling to renew, since they " are afrayed to venture [their] soules vnder his ministry." They 
further represent that he had brought great scandal on the church, by " a greivous oath, ac- 
knowledged by himselfe to bee ambiguous, rash and sinfull, — and what more may be made evi- 
dent." They ask the Gen. Court, that they may not be held in bondage, but may " use their 
liberty" in procuring another minister " faithfull in the administrations of the Gospell and inof- 
fenciue in his conversation." 

For a further account of the dissensions in the Church at Wethersfield, having a similar ori- 
gin, and intimately connected, with the troubles of the Hartford church, see Trumbull's Hist, of 
Conn. i. chap. xiii. 


yei"^ nature dubious) to such a perticuler sense as may occasion 

To y^ busines of their hberty, w^h the Petitioners think Mr. 
Russels graunt and their acceptance hath stated them vnder, 
the Court judgeth, that they had reason to desire help and ad- 
vice in this case. And it is conceaued that vnles there be some 
due meanes attended for ye healing of their differenc, that y^ 
fire wilbe more kindled by their address hither, the paper that 
was sent in to y^ Towne by Mr. Russel being of an ambiguous 
nature, subiect to various interpJ^tations, and therefore should 
be explayned and retracted by Mr. Russel. And the Court ad- 
viseth each party, that they walk louingly together, without 
disturbeing carriage each to other. 

In reference to y^ differenc twixt the Church at Hartf^d and 
the withdrawers, it was ordered, that the ensueing p^ticulers 
should be p^sented to each party, as y^ mind and desire of ye 
Court : — 

[100] 1. It is conceaued that they should obserue and at- 
tend that rule of Christ, Acts, 15, To debate and dispute their 
differenc amongst themselues, in the first place. 

2. That the Quaestions in controuersy should be playnly sta- 
ted and gathered out of their papers, before they debate as that 
text holds forth. 

3. In case this doth not take nor be embraced, that then each 
party should chuse three Elders, able and as indifferent as times 
wil afford, before whom (the Qusest. beinge beforehand playnly 
stated,) the case in difference shal be publiquely disputed, who 
shal lend what light and help they can, to ye issueing the con- 
trouersy according to God, vnto w^h both parties shall peacea- 
bly subiect themselues. 

4. And in case either the Church or withdrawers refuse to 
chuse, then the Court to chuse instead of that part y* discents, 
leauei'ig liberty to y*^ other part to make choyce for themselues 
such able and indifferent men as they can agree vpon to be in- 
strumental in issueing these sad differences, by hearing the dis- 
pute as before and passing determination thereon. And if either 
part be dissatisfied w^^ the determinations of the persons y* are 
soe chosen, that then there may be liberty for the dissatisfied 


party to obiect, that soe the determination may be vindicated 
and confirmed by scripture and reason. 

These being p^pounded the withdrawers were wilUng to chuse, 
as in 3d Propositi The Church at Hartford refused. Soe, in 
issue, the Court on the one part chose Mr. Cobbit, Mr. Michil, 
Mr. Danforth, and for a Reserue, Mr. Browne ; and Mr. Street 
for a reserue to y™ yt ye withdrawers chose, who were Mr. 
Dauenport, Mr. Norton, Mr. Fitch. 

The seueral Elders forementioned, chosen to assist in the dif- 
ferences at Hartford, are requested to come vp to Hartford by 
the 17*ii of September, to assist in that seruice. 

Its ordered, that L's of request shalbe sent from the Court 
and both parties, to y^ several Elders and y Churches, for to 
effect the same. 

Mr. AUyn, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Henry Clark and the Secretary, 
are appoynted to write and indite the sayd L^s, in behalfe of 
the Court, and to send them. 

Mr. John Allyn, Edward Stebbing, Nath: Ward, John Ber- 
nard, are appoynted to take in the account of the charge re- 
specting al ye Elders attending the last Council, and the man 
[101] y* was maimed, and to distribute it by way || of rate vpon 
both parties, viz : the church at Hartf: aud y^ withdrawers. 

In regard that the Court appi'hends y* the order concerne- 
ing the stateing and draweing forth of the Quaestions in contro- 
uersy twixt the Church at Hartford and the withdrawers, hath 
not bene fully attended, it is therfore ordered, that twixt this 
and the 8* of September next, each party shal attend the fore- 
sayd order, in draweing forth and playnly stateing al such 
Quaestions as they desire to haue debated before the Council. 
And in case they attend not to deli uer the sayd Quaestions or 
Positions each to other, before that day appoynted, whateuer is 
neglected to be p^sented as aforesayd shal not be attended by 
the Council ; and it is also required that each party doe playnly 
declare what it is that they wil mainteine in their Quaestions, 
either negatiuely or affirmatiuely, as matter of offence. And in 
case there be no more Quaestions deliuered in by that time ap- 
poynted, then ye quasstions already p^sented shal stand as that 
w^h the Council is to attend. And both parties are to send iu 


a coppy of their Qusestions or positions to y^ Secretary of y^ 

According to y^ desire of Jasper Varleet, manifested to Mr. 
Gouern'^ and Mr. AUyn, in reference to Isbrand Goodheart, It is 
ordered by this Court, That Isbrand Goodheart, now in durance, 
shalbe returned vnto Jasper Varleet, to be at his dispose, to im- 
proue him for his vse, vntil the remainder of that debt for w^h 
he is now in durance be satisfied, — Provided the sayd Varleet 
make not sale of the sayd Isbrand to any forreigne Inhabitants 
or Pagans. And the sayd Jasper is to returne both Isbrand and 
an account of the debt vnto the next Court. 

This Court is adiourned vntil Munday next, 23 Aug^t. 

Augs^ 23. This Court, haueing considered the Order about 
landing Rum and Barbados liquors, doe now impose the forfeit- 
ure specified in the sayd order, only vppon draweing out and 
selling the sayd liquors. 

This Court orders that the several Townes where any part of 
the estates either of Edw: Hopkins Esq^ deceasd, or George 
Fenwick Esq^ deceased, be knowne to remayne, shal speedily 
take an Inventory of the sayd estate and p'sent it, vnd"" the 
hands of those yt order the prudentials of the Towne, to y^ 
Court in Octobi* next. 

Its ordered, that the several Constables in the Planta[tions] 
vpon the Riuer, that haue had to doe in gathering in and deliv- 
ering the paym* for ye purchase of the Riuer, shal bring in their 
receipts respecting the sayd paym*, vnto y^ Court in October 
next, if it be not done already. 

In reference vnto a General Muster, This Court leaues it vnto 
the Maior to appoynt the time for calling the companies togeth- 
[102] er this year, as he iudgeth most sutable, || for time and 
place. And the three p>"ticuler training dayes, that are by 
order and custome to be attended for this latter part of the year, 
in the Plantations yt doe assemble at the General meeting, are 
remitted, and are to issue in the General Muster w^h is to be 
attended for two dayes space. And its also required, that noe 
souldier that attends the service aforesayd shal deminish any of 
that prportion of powder that y^ Order of the Countrey impo- 
seth on him for his store. 


This Court Orders, vpon the request of Mr. Allyn, that the 
case respecting [him] and Mrs. Alcot shalbe attended in the 
Court in October, and that sumons shalbe granted by the Sec- 
retary, for yt purpose. 

On Wednesday, the 8*^ of September, is appoynted a solemne 
humihation, in al the Plantations in this Collony, to implore the 
fauour of God towards his people, in regard of the intemperate 
season, thin harvest, sore visitation by sicknes in several Plan- 
tations, and the sad prolonged differences yt yet remaine vnre- 
conciled in Ch^ : and Plantations ; and that God would succeed 
such meanes as are appoynted to be attended for the healing of 
the foresayd differences. 

Mr. Mathew Allyn is appoynted by the Court, to stand as a 
Cornittee w'^ Mr. Henry Clark, of Windsor, to act in the dis- 
posing of lands at Mussawco, according to former order of Court. 

At a Session of the Gen': Court at Hartf: Octob"" 7, 1658. 

Thomas Wells Esq^ Gou^. 

Magestrates: Mr. Webster, Maior Mason, Mr. Willis, 

Mr. Tailcot, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Treat, Mr. Allyn, 
Secretary ; Daniel Clark. 

Deputies: Mr. Steel, Capt. Lord, Deaco Gaylard, Will: 

Wadsworth, Joseph Migat, Rich: Butler, John Bissel 

Sen"", Edw: Griswold, Lieu*^ HoUister, Mr. Sam: Wells, 

Jo: Demant, Sam'' Boreman, Mr. Brewster, Goodm: 

Morgan, Mr. Ward, Mr. Hill, Thom: Fairchild, Joseph 

Judson, Nath: Richards, Waif Hoyt, Goodm: Judd, 

Rob': Webster, Georg Graues, Jo: Clark, Rob* Chapman. 

It is ordered by this Court, yt al the receipts respecting the 

several rates payd for the purchase of y«> Riuer, pi'sented vnto 

the Court, shalbe recorded by the Secretary into ye Countrey's 

booke of Records. 

Vpon the motion of Mr. Ward, respecting the estates of 
pi'sons deceased, at Fairfeild, This Court doth appoynt Mr. 
Ward, Mr. Hill, with the Towni smen of Fairefeild, to assist 
Mr. John Wells and Assistant Campfeild in proueing Wills and 
takeing in Inventories, and distributeing estates of p''sons y* 


dyed intestate, and to appoynt administrators; and in case any 

are vnsatisfied w^h their determinations lierin, they haue Hberty 

to make their address to y*^ next Session of this Court, This 

ord"" respects Stratford, Fairfeild and Norwalke. 

The Hst of the Persons and Estates w^hin this Jurisdiction, 

p^sented to this Court: — 


Hartford, Persons, 187. Estat, 20547. 

[103] Windsor, Persons, 160. Estat, 16209. 

Wethersfeild, P'sons & Estate, 12397. 

Fairfeild, P^sons & Estate, 10509. 135. 

Stratford, P^sons & Estates, 8646. 

Norwalk, P^sons & Estate, 3297. 

Middle Towne, P^sons & Estate, 2326. 

Farmington, Pi^sons & Estate, 5761. 

New London, Pi^sons & Estates, 5793. 4s. 

This Court graunts a Rate of a penny pi" pound to be levied 
vppon the estate of this Collony. 

This Court haueing considered the former ord"" about Qua- 
kers and such like Heretiques, doe now see cause to leaue it 
vnto y^ discretion of the Magestrates or Assistants, within this 
Jurisdiction, where any such p^sons shalbe found fomenting 
their wicked Tenets and shalbe legally convicted to be dis- 
turbeing to y^ publique peace, to punish the sayd Heretiques by 
fine or banishment or corporeal punishm* as they iudge meete. 
And the same to be inflicted vppon any p^son or pi^sons that 
shalbe instrumental to bring any such p^sons, viz: Heretiques, 
by sea or land, into any Plantation in this Collony, P^vided the 
fine for a pniculer default exceed not the sum of ten pounds. 

It is ordered by this Court, that in case there fal out any sud- 
den exigent, in any Plantation in this Collony, by assault of In- 
dians or any other Enemy, to y^ disturbance and hazzard of 
the Publique weale, that then it shalbe in the power of the 
p^sent Milletary officers belonging to y^ place soe disturbed, to 
require and cal forth the souldiers that are belonging to their 
comand in yt place, to marshal them and order and dispose 
them as need and p^sent occasions shall require to defend the 
place assaulted and to quit the enemy ; and in case need re- 
quire, to assist a neighbour Plantation in any extremity as 


aforesayd, that then the miletary officers shal advise w^h such 
Magestrate or Magestrates or Assistants as may conveniently 
be obteined, what way to act for releif of their neighbouring 
freinds. And this course to be attended vpon all such occa- 
sions vntil the Court shal take further order. 

This Court is adiourned vntil the next Wednesday aff the 
p^ticuler Court in March. 

The Magestrates appoynted the first Wednesday in Nouemb"" 
a publique Thanksgiueing, for England's late victories and 
pi'servation, and for the mercy of God to vs, in o"" continued 
peace and the abatement of the sore sicknes wherewith many 
Plantations were visited in this and other Collonies. 

[104] The several Receipts respecting the paym^s for y^ 


1647 I doe acknowledge hereby to haue receaued of the 

Windsor. Constables of Windsor, for y^ year 1647, vpon the 

composition w^h Mr. Fenwick, the sum of thirty 

s;eauen pounds fine shilling and seauen penc, I say reed, for y^ 

vse aforesayd, 37/. 5s. Id. 

04. 19. 6. 

6th Feb: 1647. 42. 5. 1. Ed: Hopkins. 

Rec^ more, of Aaron Cook, 0. 17. 0. 

Jno. Bissel, 1. 00. 0. 

\\\ Bushis wheat, 2. 06. 0. 

4"Bush: pease, 0. 12. 0. 

Jno. Tinkrs Farm, 0. 04. 6. 

4. 19. 6. 4. 19. 6. 
37. 5. 7. 

42. 5. 1. 

3*1 March, 1655. 

1655 Receiued of Bartholomew Bernard and Will' Par- 
Hartford, trigge, Constables for y" Towne of Hartford, in 
ye yeare (55) the sume of Sixty pounds hue shil- 
lings, for y^ vse of George Fenwick Esq^, vpon ye Agreem* 
about ye Fort at Seabrook, I say rec^ the day and yeare aboue- 



said, in part of what is payable to him by the Townes vpon the 
Riuer for y® yeare past, 60/. 05s. 00c?. 

John CuUick. 

1654 Rec<J of Sam^i Smith and Jn^ Demming, Consta- 
Wethersfid. bles in Wethersfeild, in y^ year 1654, the sum of 
Twenty one pound eight shilhngs six pence, w^h 
was payd in April (54.) And ReC^ of y™ in Corne in April (55) 
the sum of Twenty eight pounds one shilling and sixpence, both 
w*''^ payments are made in reference to their p^portion in Weth- 
ersfeild for ye composition for the Fort, and for the aforsaid 
yeare of their Constableship ; both w^h paymts aforesaid were 
not made neither for time nor kind according to the Countreyes 
agreemt w^^ Geo: Fenwick Esq"". Witness my hand this seau- 
enth Feb: 1655. 

John Cullick. 

1654 Reed of John Standley, of Farmington, last spring 

Farm: twelue month, Thirteen pounds, seauenteen shillings, 

and last sumer, one pound eight shillings, w^-'^ he 

payd vpon the ace", of the Fort Rate for Farmington, in the 

year of his Constableship there, W^^ was 1654. Witness my 

hand, this 30*1^ Nouemb^ 1655. 

John Cullick, 

1656 ReC^ by me, John Cullick of Hartford, of Jona- 
Windsor. than Gillet and Abraham Randal, Constables in 
Windsor, in y^ year 1656, the sum of Twenty six 
pounds, fifteen shillings and sixpence, part of it being paid to 
John Bernard for my vse in y^ year of their Constableship, and 
the rest the day of the date of these pr'^ts^ w^h aforesayd sum 
is in part of payment of their Townes p^portion, in the afore- 
[105] said year of their Constableship, for y^ Composition w^h 
George Fenwick Esq'', in reference to ye Fort at Seabrook, I 
say Reed this 25'^ day of June, 1658, the su of 26/. 15s. 06d. 

John Cullick. 

Hartford, Rec^ of Richard Goodman and John Bayly, Con- 

1656-57. stables in Hartford, the sum of Sixty pounds fine 

shillings, being for that Townes p'"portion in the 

yeare of their Constableship, of the composition w^^ George 

Fenwick Esq^, about the Forte, I say Rec^ as aboue this le^"^ 

of March, 1656-57, Witness my hand. 

John Cullick. 


Hartford, Rec^ of Will; Lewis and Gregory Wilter- 

28th Feb. 1654. ton the sum of Sixty pounds fiue shillings, 
w^h is for Hartfords pi'portion (for the yeare 
of their Constableship,) of the Composition made between this 
Jurisdiction and George Fenwick Esqf, in reference to Sea- 
brook Fort, I say Rec^ of them, 60d. 5s. 0. 

John CuUick. 

1652 Whereas the Constable of Farmington, in the year 
Farm: 1652, did pay vnto me vppon the acco; of the Com- 
position for ye Fort at Seabrook betwixt Georg Fen- 
wick Esq"" and y^ Colony of Conecticut, the sum of Fourteen 
pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence, and John Brunson, of 
Farmington, doth now promis to pay the remainder (next 
March,) w^h is eight shillings and fourpence ; the said John 
Brunson alsoe affirming that I gaue him no receipt for the same, 
I doe hereby declare that I owne the receipt of so much vpon 
the AccQt aforesaid, provided no former receipt come in to my 
pi'iudice for the same, and John Brunson aforesayd saue me 
harmles therefrom. Witness my hand, this 27'^ day of Sep- 
tembs 1658. 

John Cullick. 

1657. Reed of John Root, of Farmington, 14th April, 1657, 
according to the warrant granted for the gathering of 
the Rate respecting the purchase of the Fort, The sum of Fif- 
teen pounds fiue shillings. 

John Cullick. 

Rec^ of John Coal, Constable for this year in Farmington, 
the sum of Fifteen pounds fiue shillings, w^h is for that Townes 
p''portion in the year of his Constableship, of the composition 
for the forte, 1 say receaued this 30^^ of Novemb^ 15/. 05s. OOd. 

John Cullick. 


Connecticut. Por severall good considerations moueing 
herevnto. It is now ordered and enacted by 
the General Court of Conecticut, this instant 
October, the seaventh, sixteen hundred and 

1. That Capt. John Cullick, in behalf of his now wife and her 
children, shal from henceforth haue ful and free libertie to pos- 
sess and in)proue the estate of George Fenwick Esq^ lying in 


this Collony, according to y^ true intent and meaninge of y^ 
last Will and Testam* of George Fenwick Esq"", as alsoe this 
Court graunts vnto the said Cap'. John CuUick full power of 
administring to ye foresaid estate in behalf himself, his wife and 
h"" children, as legattees to y^ foresaid estate. 

2. That Capt. John CuUick and his heires, from henceforth, 
are fully discharged and released from his engagement made in 
Court, respecting eight hundred pounds estate. 

3. The Generall Court doe for themselues and their success- 
ors hereby fully remit, release and quit claime all their right and 
intrest to, and further and future demands respecting a legacy 
of fiue hundred pounds, specified in y« last will of George Fen- 
wick Esq"". 

4. The Generall Court doth hereby, for themselues and their 
successors, fully and foreuer discharge and secure the said Capt. 
John Cullick, his now wife, and her children and successors, 
from all demands and further and future troubles and molesta- 
tions by any, from, by and vnder vs, both respecting the Legacy 
forementioned, and respecting moneyes expended by y^ Colony 
or pi'ticuler Townes therein, in referenc to y^ purchase of ye 
Riuer, and acquittances giuen for y^ said moneyes. 

5. And further, this Court doth hereby declare, that Capt. 
Cullick, his wife and their children and successors, shal from 
henceforth and for future, be wholly freed from all trouble by 
sutes of law by any from, by and vnder vs, in reference to y^ 
agreement respecting ye purchase of ye Riuer. 

The forementioned graunts are confirmed by the Gen^i Court, 
vnto Capt. John CuUick, his now wife and her children and 
successors, vpon consideration of fiue hundred pounds, to be 
paid by him vnto this Court or their order, and acquittances 
giuen for moneyes paid and other discharges, more largely spe- 
cified in specialties giuen by the said Capt. CuUick vnto this 

The true intent and meaning of ye fift perticuler grant of ye 
Court is, that Cap*. John Cullick & his wife and heires are 
freed from all trouble and molestation soe far and noe further 
then ye estate bequeathed to them had or hath any reference 
to ye agreement made between Georg Fenwick Esq' and this 
Genrii Court. 


In confirmation of ye prmises Enacted by the Gen: Court 

& by order of y^ Gen: Court, and by their order subscribed, 

I haue caused the seale of ye pr. Dan: Clark, Secretary 

Coll: to be herevnto affixed as to y^ Collony of Conect- 

aboue appeareth on ye mar- icutt. 
gent. Jo: Winthrop, Gou'. 

This writing is a true Coppy of an Orignii d'd p"" ye Gen^^ 
Court, to Cap*. Jn". Cullick, transcribed p"" Danii Clark, SeCy. 

[107] A discharg from Cap*. John Cullick and his wife, to y^ 
Gen^i Court of Conecticut.* 

These p^t^ testifie to all to whom they may be of concern- 
ment, that we, John and Elizabeth Cullick, of Boston, in New 
England, vppon good consideration moueing vs hereunto, doe, 
for our selues and heires and ye legatees to ye estate of Georg 
Fenwick Esqf, lying or situate in New England, hereby fully 
and freely and for euer acquit and discharg the Colony of Con- 
ecticut, with ye Generall Court and all and every Plantation 
therein, from all sum or sums of money already paid or any 
way payable vnto Georg Fenwick Esq^, or his assignes by vir- 
tue of an Agreem* and purchase made of ye Riuer ; And doe 
hereby fully discharge and acquit and secure the said Court and 
all those Plantations that were concerned in ye said purchase, 
from all future demands, troubles or molestations by any from, 
by or vnd' vs or any of vs, in referenc to any moneyes that haue 
bene alredy paid or y* may be deemed to be due by virtue of 
the said Agreem^. In witness to ye prmises we, John and 
Elizabeth Cullick haue hereunto fixed o"" hands and scales, this 
instant October the seauenth, 1660. 

Signed, sealed and delivd John Cullick. ( j 

in pi'senceof vs, 
Daniell Clark, Elizabeth Cullick. 

Thomas Bull. 

Recorded out of ye originall, and is a true extract, exam- 
ined pr me Daniell Clark, SeC-y. 

• See Appendix, No. VI. 


330 public records 

[108] At a Session op the Gen: Court, at Hartford, M^'ch 

9, 58-59. 

Thorns Wells Esq"", Gour. 
Jo: Winthrop Esq^ Deputy. 

Magestrates : Mr. Webster, Maior Mason, Mr. Willis, 
Mr. Talcot, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Treat, Mr. John 
Deputyes : Dan: Clark, Secret: Mr. Steel, Mr. Gaylard, 
Mr. Brewster, Cap^: Lord, John Bissel, Will: Wads- 
worth, Joseph Migat, Mr. Sam^i Wells, Goodm: Morgan, 
Goodm: Demant, Richrd Butler, Edw^'d Griswold, Rob* 
This Court hath remitted a third part of the fine imposed on 
Nicholas Palmer, by the Court of Magestrates, for glueing Cider 
to Indians. 

Vppon consid''ation about a request of L* Hollister, pi'sented 
to this Court, respecting the charges of the Ch. of Wethersfeild 
agaynst him, vpon w^Ji he was excomunicated, the Court find- 
ing that former indeauours have not p''vayled to obtaine them, 
doe hereby declare, that this Court iudgeth it agreeable to y^ 
General practice of the Ch^ amongst vs, to deliuer vnto y^ de- 
linquent the pUiculers of his offence in writeing (if he desire it,) 
before they proceed to excom: or elce they, by the Elders, sea- 
sonably after the sentence, doe giue in the charges for y^ delin- 
qnts benefit and conviction ; 

The w<=h this Court doth iudge ought to haue bene attended 
by the Ch: of Wethersfeild, and the pniculers wherein L* Hol- 
lister hath offended (for wh°h he was censured,) sent to him from 
the Church, or elce that the Ch: doe order or enable the Elder 
to deliuer the said charges to y^ L* Hollister or to some trusty 
messengr improued by him to fetch them at the Elders house. 
But in case y^ motion or advice of the Court p^vayle not to pro- 
cure the charges forementioned; then the Court orders Mr. 
Sam^i Wells and Sam'* Boreman seasonably to repaire vnto 
Mr. Russel, in the behalf of L^ Hollister, and in the name of 
the Courte desire, and if need be, require of him and the Ch: of 
Wethersfeild, the pniculer charges or offences for w^h Mr. Hol- 
lister was censured, and hauinge receaved the sayd charges 


from Mr. Russel and the Ch:, forthwith to deliuer them to Mr. 
Hollister for his help and conviction. 

And whereas Mr. Treat, Mr. HolUster, Jo: Demant, are de- 
sirous and wilhng to attend some regular way for the composing 
their differences, and to y* end desire some Ch^: or p^sons may 
be thought on, to heare and determine the same ; It is desired 
by the Court, that Wethersfeild Ch:, wth ye officer, would con- 
sid)^ the matter and seasonably, wt^out delay, conclude if it can 
be, vpon some way that may effect the issueing their sad 

[109] This Court sees cause to repeale that order or orders 
wherein the selling of Sider was prohibited ; soe far as the ord*" 
respects Cider, so far it is repealed ; the rests stands in force. 

Its ordered by this Court, that there shalbe provided for every 
Mill in this Collony, a Toll dish, of a just Quart, as alsoe a 
Pottle dish of 2 Quarts, and a pinte dish, al sealed, and an instru- 
ment to strike w^h, all fit for the purpose. 

Its ordered, that for the future it shalbe left w^^ the Mages- 
trates in this Jurisdiction, in cases respecting the selling of 
Liquors to y^ Indians, to weigh and consid"" such tests as are 
pi'sented, w^i* circumstances accompanying the same, and to 
iudge and determine the cause, as reason and justice in their 
judgment and app^'hension doe require. 

Its ordered by this Court, that for the future none shalbe 
pi'sented to be made freemen in this Jurisdiction, or haue the 
priuilidge of freedome conferd vpon them, vntil they haue ful- 
fild the age of twenty one years and haue 30/. of proper per- 
sonal estate, or haue borne office in the Como wealth ; such 
persons quallified as before, and being men of an honest and 
peaceable conversation, shalbe pf'sented in an ord^^ly way at the 
General Court in October, yearly, to p^'vent tumult and trouble 
at the Court of Election. 

It is ordered by this Court, that for al such orders as are of 
publique concernment, and sent forth into the whole Collony to 
be published, that the Secretary shalbe payd for his paynes 
herein out of the publique treasury, and the several Townes to 
repay the same to the Treasurer. And likewise for al such 
orders as are by him transcribed into the Countrey booke, there 


shal be allowed twelue pence for euery order, out of the pub- 
lique treasury. 

Its ordered by this Court, that whateuer wine or liquors are 
brought in or landed in any part or porte in this Jurisdiction 
(except such as may be landed for transportation,) shal pay for 
euery Butt of wine, 20s. to y^ publique treasury, and soe pi'por- 
tionably for lesser casks. As alsoe, for euery Anchor of Liquors 
(except before excepted,) there shalbe payd to y^ publique treas- 
ury, fiue shillings, soep^'portionably for al greater or lesser casks 
or quantities. Al w'^^ wanes or liquors shalbe entred at such 
place and by them y* are appoynted herevnto by the Court. 
This order to be duely obserued, vpon penalty of forfeiting such 
wine or liquors as are discouered and proued to be omitted or 
neglected to be entred. And within one month after the pub- 
lication of this order, it is to stand in force. 

The pi'sons appoynted for entry and recording such Goods 
as are subiect to Custome, by the forementioned order, are — 

For Hartfurd, Jonathan Gilbert, 
[110] Windsor, Waher Filer, ^ These p''sons appoynted for 

Wethersfeild, Sam" Boreman, 
Fairfeild, Mr. Will: Hill, 

Stratford, Rich'^ Butler, 
N: London, John Smith, 
SeaBrook, John Westall, 
MiddleTowne, John Hall, 
Nor walk, Mr. Camfield. 

this service are allowed for 
ye"^ paynes herin, for every 
Butt of Wine entred, '2s. 
and for every Anchor of Li- 
quors, twelve pence p"^ An- 
chor ; and soe proportiona- 
bly for other casks. 

Its ordered by this Court, that noe p^son in this Collony shal 
draw and sel Wine or Liquors to the English, by retayle, w'^. 
out licence, vppon penalty of fiue shillings for every Quart. 
And yt none y^ are licenced ordinary keepers shal sel liquors for 
aboue foure shillings by the Quart, and soe p^portionably, after 
that rate, for other quantities. And that such as Stil liquors, 
and are licenced to sel by i-etayle, shal not sel for aboue two 
shillings by the Quart, and soe p^portionably to y* price, for 
other quantities. 

It is ordered by this Court, that whatsoeuer licences haue 
bene formerly granted to any priuate p^sons to retayle liquors, 
shal stand in force noe longer then til y^ General Court in May 
next, and that whateuer licences of this nature are graunted for 


the future, they shal pfceed imediately from y« Gen^ Court ; 
And yt there shalbe 2s. Qd. payd to the Secretary by him yt 
p^cures the licence.* 

Its ordered by this Court, that if any person be found drunk, 
and convicted soe to be, in any priuate house, he shal pay twenty 
shillings for euery transgression of this nature, vnto the pub- 
lique treasury, and the owner of the house where the person is 
found and proued to be made drunk, shal pay 10s. 

Its ordered and required by the authority of this Court, that 
the Constables in each Towne shal make diligent search vppon 
al occasions when there is suspition of miscarriages by disor- 
dered meetings of p^sons in private houses to tiple together ; 
and haueing discouered they are to make pi'sentm* therof topub- 
lique authority, and such as are convicted to be guilty of the 
breach of this order shal pay fiue shillings, one half to y^ pub- 
lique treasury, the other halfe to y^ p^son discouering. 

Its ordered by this Court, that there shal not be any corne or 
malt stild into Liquors, in any Plantation in this Colony. 

Middle Towne souldiers are abated one of y^ ordinary traine- 
ings, that soe they may help him that carries on the Mill there, 
vp with his heauy worke. 

[Ill] Willi": Wadsworth, L': HoUister and George Graues 
are appoynted by this Court, to discouer what lands are adia- 
cent to ye Riuer, about Thirty Miles Island, on both sides, for 
the space of six miles vp and downeward the Riuer, as alsoe 
eastward and westward from the Riuer. 

The Treasurer is ordered to send downe Warr* to y^ Consta- 
ble and Townsmen of Seabrook, requireing them to make a 
valuation of- al the land and ratable estate at the Farme at 6 
Miles Island, and returne a list thereof to y^ treasurer. 

This Court, taking into consideration the continued troubles 
and distance twixt the Ch: at Hartford and the w^hdrawen 
party, after further indeauours for a concurrenc and vnanimity 
to cal in some help from abroad, and findeing their labours 
herin invalid, haue now ordered and appoynted a council to be 
called by y^ Court (leaueing each party to ye liberty whether 
they wil send or noe,) to be helpful in issueing the Questions in 

* [In the margin ;] " This order concernes not Ordinary keepers." 


Its ordered that those Ch^: (whose Elders were requested to 
come hither) should be desired by h^^ from ye Secretary, in 
the name of the Court, to send vs one from each Ch: of their 
ablest instruments, to be pi'sent at Hartford, by the third of 
June next, to assist in heareing and issueing these differences. 

Its alsoe ordered and expected by the Court, that the Qusest^ 
in controversy shalbe publiquely disputed in the pi'sence of the 
Council, according to former order. And y* each party, both 
ye Church at Hartford and ye withdrawers, shal ioyntly concur 
in bearing the charges of the former Council, and in p^pareing 
and provideing for this yt is now to be called. 

Edward Stebbing, Jno: Allyn, John Bernard, Nath: Ward, 
George Graues, or any three of them, are to levy the rate for 
the charge of the last Council, according to former order, and 
to make provision for ye entertaynem* of this Councill. 

[112] At the GenII Court of Election. Hartford, May 

19, 59. 
Magistrates chosen : 

John Winthrop Esq"", Gou"". 

Thom: Wells Esq"-, Deputy. 

Mr. Webster, Major Mason, Mr. Hen: Clark, Mr. Wil- 
lis, Mr. Talcot, ^ Treas: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 
Tratt, Mr. Jo: Wells, Mr. Gould, Mr. Ogden, Capt. Tap- 
pin, Thomas Baker, Rob* Bond, Dan^i; Clark, Secrefy. 

Deputies : Deacon Gaylard, Cap*. Lord, Secrefy Clark, 
Mr. Campfield, Will' Wadsworth, Joseph Migatt, Rich: 
Butler, Edw: Griswold, Josias Hull, John: Standley, 
John Hart, Hugh Caulkin, Rob* Webster, James Avery, 
Samii Stocken, Cornelius Hull, John Wheeler, Thomas 
Fairchild, Joseph Judson, John Clark, Rob' Chapman, 
L* Hollister, John Demant, Sam^i Wells, Sam^i Bore- 

The freemen voted to leaue the choice of ye Comissioners 
with ye Genii Court. 

Coinissioners chosen for ye ensueing year ; John Winthrop 
Esqr, Gou"^ ; Thomas Wells Esq^, Deputy. Reserue, Maior 


Mason, who is to act in behalfe of tiiis Collony in ye busines 
respecting Mistick & Paucat: at y^ next meeting of y^ Coma's: 
The Secrefy to assist, as occasion shal require. 

Mathew Marvin of Norwalk is freed from watching and 

It is ordered by this Court, that there shalbe Letters sent from 
ye Secretary of this Court vnto the Gen^ Court in the Massa- 
thuset, to informe them y* it is o^ desire and resolution to bring 
the case respecting Mistick and Paukatuck, vnto a reveiw, or 
second consideration, at y^ meetinge of ye Comt'S and therefore 
desire them of ye Massath: to provide to attend ye transaction 
of ye matter forementioned. 

[113] This Court haveing considered the busines respecting 
the Indians at Paquanack, and the difference twixt Stratford 
and Fairfield about the sayd Ind^: doe see cause to order, that 
according vnto ye desire of the Indians they may quietly pos- 
sess and enioy from hencforth and for future, that parcel of land 
called Gold Hill : And that there shalbe forthwith so much 
land layd out within the liberties of Fairfield as the Comitte 
appoynted by the Court shal iudge fit, and in as convenient a 
place as may best answer the desire and benefit of the Indians 
forementioned, for ye future. And the sayd Comittee is to see 
soe much land layd out wt^in ye bounds of Fairfield, for ye vse 
and accomodation of Stratford, as y^ Golden hill forementioned 
is for quantity and quallity, and as may be most convenient for 
ye neighbours of Stratford. And in case Stratford men are 
vn willing to accept of land, that then ye Comittee shal appoynt 
how much and in what kind the inhabitants of Fairfield shal 
pay vnto Stratford, in way of satisfaction. And it is ordered 
and concluded, y* this parcel of land called Gold Hill, sunen- 
dered by Stratford vnto Paquanack Indians, accordinge to ye 
premisses, shalbe ful satisfaction from them vnto the Indians 
forenamed, and y* neither they nor their successors shal make 
any further claimes or demaunds of land from Stratford, but 
shal from henceforth and for future be accounted as Fairfield 
Indians, or belonging to Fairfield, to be pi'vided for by them for 
future as is forementioned in the order. And its ordered, y* in 
case these Indians shal wholly at any time relinquish and desert 
Gold Hill, that then it shal remaine to Stratford Plantation, 


they repaying to Fairfield the one half of y* w^h they receaued 
in consideration of the sayd land. 

The Comittee appoynted by the Court to see this order put 
in execution, are, of Norwalk, Mr. Campfield, Mr. Fitch, Rich- 
ard Olmstead, Nath^i Elye, who are to bound out the lands at 
Gold Hill, about 80 Acres, beginning at y^ foot ofy^ hill where 
ye Wigwams stood, and soe to run vpwards on the hill and 
within Fairfield bounds, as is aboue mentioned. And the sayd 
Cofoiittee is to make returne to y^ Court in October, what they 
doe in reference to this order. 

Mr. Campfield pi'senting from the Towne of Norwalk, Rich^'d 
Olmstead for y Lieutenant and Walter Hoyt for their Ser- 
geant, they are both confirmed by this Court. 

Mr. Talcot, Cap*^. Lord and Joseph Migat, are appointed to 
take and p^sent an Inventory of y^ estate of Sam^i Fitch, at y^ 
next June Court, and to be assistant in ye distribution and man- 
agement of ye sayd estate. 

[114] Hartford, May 20, (59) This Court haueing consid- 
ered the petition p^'sented by the inhabitants of Seabrook, doe 
declare y*^ they approue and consent to what is desired by ye 
petitioners, respecting Mohegin, p^vided y* within ye space of 
three yeares they doe effect a Plantation in ye place p^pounded. 

The Court ordered the Secretary to send an Attachm*^ to be 
serued on the estate of Arthur Bos lock. 

Its ordered y' ye Assistants in this Jurisdiction shal haue 
power to send forth destreints for levyng rates to grant replevins} 
to p^ceed according to law in punishing Drunknes, Lying, Theft, 
•w^^ia their respectiue pJ'cincts, as any p^ticuler Magistrate may 

Its desired by this Court, That ye Gou^'no'', Mr. Willis, Mr. 
Allyn, Mr. Trat, Mr. Brewester, doe assist each other in keep- 
ing Court at N: London, on ye first day of June, to transact 
such occasions as are necessary andshalbe p^sented vnto them. 

Thomas Basset of Fairfield, is freed from watching, warding 
and traininge. 

Vppon consideration of what hath bin propounded by Mr, 
Baker, respecting East & South Hampton, It is iudged by this 
Court to be very advantagious to ye safety and comfort of ye 
Planta^: aforesayd, that vppon any necessary occasion there 


should be liberty allowed vnto y^ Magistrates, or y^ maior part 
of them, to call a Court in either of those Plantat^: according as 
they iudge most meet and to impannel Juries or summon wit- 
nesses as need requires, to attend the Court soe called out of 
either of ye Plantations. 

2. It is iudged that noe Magestrate ought to be called to ac- 
count for any error in transacting mattes of Judicaf, but only 
by the Gen: Court at Conecticut. 

3. That according to y« Articles of Confederation, it is not 
in ye hands or power of any Magistrate to summon any to Con- 
ecticut Court, after triall at Long Island, but by way of appeale, 
and yt in all ordinary cases it is very meet and expedient y' 
all testimonies should be taken by 2 Magestrates, before PI' & 
Deft, upon oath, and sent ouer hither, if occasion soe require, 
and not trouble men to come to giue pi'sonall testimony here. 

4. Respecting matter or charge for Magistrates comeing for 
information in cases to this Court, It is iudged y* where it re- 
dounds to ye p^ticuler benefit of ye Towne concerned in it, the 
charge should be borne by the Towne to w^i* he belongs ; if 
any difference arise about ye charges, the Magistrates in ye 
other Plantation to decide it. 

This Court is adiourned to ye 3*^ Wednesday in June. 

[115] At a Session of Gen: Court, Hartford, June 15: 59. 
Jo: Winthrop Esq"", Gou^ 
Tho: Wells Esqf, Dep: 
Magistrates : Mr. Willis, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Phelps, Mr. Goold. 
Deputies : Deaco Gaylard, Capt. Lord, Secref: Clarke, 
Will: Wadsworth, Jos: Migat, Rich: Butler, Jo: Demant 
Sen:, Mr. Sam: Wells, Edw: Griswold, Josias Hull, Sam" 
Boreman, Cornel: Hull, John Wheeler, John Standley, 
Joseph Judson, Hugh Caulkin. 
The Gouerno^'s WorshP manifesting his desires to this Court 
of a tract of Land at the head of Pocatanack Coue, to y® 
furtheranc of a Plantat" at Quinibauge, The Court haueing 
heard and considered the sayd request, haue answered it to ye 


number of 1500 Acres vppon the Fresh Riuer together with 
ye Royalty and propriety of the Riuer, in case it may not be 
p^iuditiall to any Plantation, nor take in aboue 150 Acres of 

This Court doth hereby manifest their acceptance of the in- 
habitants of Quinibaug vnd^ this Gouernm*, if they desire the 

Deacon Caulkin, James Morgan, James Avery, are appoynted 
to lay out ye Gouernours land. 

Whereas there hath bin liberty graunted by virtue of a re- 
peale of former orders prohibiting selling Cider to English and 
Indians, This Court to p^uent the excess of drinking Cider, and 
drunknes thereby too frequently obserued in ye Indians, and y^ 
by Cider as is iudged, doe hereby order, that whoeuer sels Cider 
to Indian or Indians, shal for future sel none by bottles or in 
Casks, greater or lesser, but only such quantities as they y* sel 
shal see drunk before their eyes, in y p^sence, yt drunknes and 
the evil effects thereof [jnay he\ avoided and pi'uented. 

Its ordered, that the former order respecting pi"viding Ordi- 
nary keepers in each Plantation, shal now stand in force of 
general concernment to ye whole Collo: 

Mr. Willis is requested to goe downe to Sea Brook, to assist 
ye Maior in examininge the suspitions about witchery, and to 
act therin as may be requisite. 

This Court doth iudge it to be ye duty of the inhabitants of 
Wethersfield to p^uide for ye Towne of Wethersfield, in refer- 
ence to ye ministry. 

This Court obserueing the neglect of their former ord"^ in 
reference to ye Inventories of the estates of C honed freinds 
deceased, Edward Hopkins and George Fenwick Esq^s, It is 
therfore now ordered and required by this Court, y* whateuer 
p'^son or p^'sons in this Collo: haue in y p^'sent possession or im- 
prouement any estate yt either is or hath bin reputed or ac- 
counted the estate of either of ye aforesaid Gent: sine their de- 
cease, that they secure and prserue the said estate in their owne 
hands, or ye value thereof, (casualties exepted,) to be accompt- 
ible to this Court when required thervnto, vntil ye wills and in- 
ventories of ye sd Gentl: be exhibited into ye Court, and right 


owners to ye estate appeare, and administration be graunted ac- 
cording to law. 

This Court hath granted a license to y^ Marshall to sell wine 
by retaile, pi'vided he suffer not y^ wine that he sels to be drunk 
in his house. 

[116] Its ordered, that y^ general heads of the charges against 
the withdrawers shalbe sent to them, and that they appear at 
the Court in October, to answer to the sayd charges. 

Wednesday, the 29 of this Instant, is appointed to be kept a 
solemne Humiliation, partly for England and partly for o"" owne 
selues, in regard of the vnsetlednes of their and o^ peace, 
partly for the season, y' God would p^uent euills yt may be fear- 
ed, and respecting y^ Council, that God would bless their labours 
to effect a good issue, if they come vp. 

This Court iudgeth it necessary that several of y^ Ch^, of X*^ 
in the Massatuset should be sent vnto, and desired to afford the 
help of their Reu^nd Elders and worthy messengers that were 
of the former Council at Hartford, vnto whom are added, by 
the nomination of the withdrawers, the teaching Elders of 
Dorchester and WaterTowne. The Ch^ to be sent to, whose 
help is requested, are Boston, Camb:, Roxb:, Dorchester, Ipsw:, 
Dedham, Water T:, CharlesTown, Sudbury ; seauen wherof 
the withdrawers consented to ; the Court and Ch: assenting to 
and desiringe all or as many as the Lord shall incline or enable 
to attend the worke ; vnto whose decisiue power, the with- 
drawen partie is required, the Ch: at Hartford freely engaging 
to submit according to the order of y^ Gosple. 

Its the rather desired that those Reuerend Fild^^ and Messen- 
gers of ye former Council, with ye other two conioyned, should 
be requested to be helpful now againe to heare and determine 
these irreconciled differenc at Hartford twixt the Ch: and w^^- 
drawen members, bee: of the experim^ yt hath bin made of their 
abillities and labouriousnes, aud the good issue y* was effected 
therby, workeing a pacification amongst them y' were at soe 
vast a distance and being the more apt and ready in y^ contro- 
uersy to discerne where y^ root and occasion of y^ breach is. 

The Council forementioned is requested to be at Hartford the 
19 of Aug^', the time of their hearing the matters in differenc 


publiquely debated, according to former ord"", to be with al con- 
venient speed after their comeing vp. 

The former ord^s respecting charges in and about [the] former 
Council, and p^videing for this Council, to stand in force. 

The Deputy Gouerno'" is desired to inquire into ye busines 
about ye Monheags comeing and abideing with Seano, and to 
act by way of advice as his WorsP shal iudge meet. 

The petition of James Rogers was read and considered and 
ye things petitioned graunted, viz: 150 Acres next vnto y^ 
bounds of N. London, p^vided it doe not damnify the Indians 
nor ye Planta: of N. London, or any farme now layd out ; Goodm- 
Morgan and Avery to lay it out to him. He hath liberty graunt- 
ed to possess and improue what land Vncas hath giuen him. 

Thomas Burnam is required to appear at ye Court in Octob^j 
to answ^ for his former cariage complayned of to y® Court, and 
L"^ Bull is required to p^secute his form"" compl^t at ye Court 

[117] At a Session of the Gen^ Court at Hartford^ 
OcTOB-- 6, 59. 
John Winthrop Esqr Gour. 
Thom^ Wells Esq^ Dep. 
Magestrates: Mr. Willis, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Treate, Mr. Gould. 
Deputies : Dan^i Clark, Sec: Deaco Gailard, Mr. Rich: 
Lord, Will"! Wadsworth, Mr. Robbins, Joseph Migat, 
Richrd Butler, Mr. Sam'i Wells, John Deminge, Samii 
Boreman, Edw^ Griswold, Mr. Hill, Josias Hull, Thom^ 
Fairchild, Joseph Judson, Jehu Burr, John Gregory, 
Waltr Hoit, Samii Stockin, Nathan" White, John Clark, 
Robt Chapman, Thom^ Judd, John Hart. 
This Court haueing considered the Petition of Arthur Bost- 
ick, and what hath bin p^sented in behalfe of his wife, accord- 
ing to ye desire and pi^position of the said Arthur, haue appoint- 
ed Mr. Blackman, Goodman Beardsley, Mr. Fairchild and 
Joseph Judson, as a Comittee to considr the state and condition 
of the said Bostock and his wife, and to ord'" what they think 


sutable therin ; and in case Bostick be vnsatisfied w'^ their 
act, then he is required to appear at y^ next Session of this 
Court, to render the reason of his dissatisfaction with the act 
of the forest Comittee. And the Comittee to make returne at 
ye next Session, what their determination is about the pi'mises. 
But in case Bostock rest satisfied w'^ what is done by the Com- 
ittee, this Court doth free the Attachm* y* was formerly laid on 
ye estate of the said Bostock. 

Cromwel Bay being propounded to this Court to be admitted 
and receaued ynd"" this Gouernment,* The Court considering 
the same, haue and doe declare their willingnes to accept the 
said Plantation of Setauk ynd^ this Jurisdiction, soe far as they 
may not any way intrench vpon the Articles of Confoederation 
wth the other three Collonies, and therfore desire the inhabit- 
ants of Setauk to attend the next sitting of the Com^s at New- 
hauen, if they think meet, to act for and in their own behalf 
in ye prmises. 

The last wills of Edward Hopkins and George Fenwickf 
Esqi's being exhibited into this Court, it is thought meet by the 
Court yt ye former restraint layd on ye estates should be taken 

* The following petition had been presented to the Gen. Court, by the inhabitants of the plan- 
tation at Croravvell's Bay : 

"Cromwell Bay, alis Setauke, August y« 6. 1659. 

It hauing pleased God to dispose the harts of vs the inhabitance of the place aforesaid, to 
subiect our plantation, persons and estats vnder the p'^tection and gouerraent of the CoUoney of 
Coneticoke, for the full accomplishment of the p'mises, wee the said inhabitance doe request 
the faviour of our trusty and beloved associats Ensigne Alixander Brian and Samuell Sherman to 
solicit our vnion w'li the sayd Colloney that wee may be accepted a member of the sayd body 
pollitick ; the terms specified in all humblenesse, three years race free, in respect of our low es- 
tate and charge in poynt of purchas, secondly, in regard of our remotenes from the head Court, 
and the vncertaine passage ou^ the Sound, that like p'velege might be granted vs liueing on Long 
Island equall wtii South and East Hampton ; the aforesayd terms being granted vnto vs, wee the 
sayd inhabLitance athorize the sayd Alixander and Sammuell to ratifie and conclud the sayd vnion 
as If wee the said inhabitance were personally present. Subscribed w'^ a vnanimos consent, day 
and date aboue writen." Signed by, John Vnderhill, Richard Wodhull, Roger Cheston, John 
Jenner, William Fance, Thomas Harlow, James Coke, Johon Diar, Edward Rous, Thomas [ ] 

Thomas Mabbes, George Wood, Henry Rogers, Roert Acreley. " These in the name of the rest." 
[Towns & Lands, Vol. i. Doc. No. 9.] 

t The Will of Mr. Hopkins, (whose death occurred a day or two before that of Mr. Fenwick, ) 
was executed Mar. 17th, 1656-7. An abstract of it is given in a note to Savage's Winth. Jour. 
I 228. Mr. Fenwick's Will was proved, April 27th, 1657. A copy of it is preserved 
among the files in the Secretary's Office (of this State,) and an abstract will be found in the 
Appendix, No. VII. 



of, and yt y^ debts due to y^ said estates be required and gath- 
red in, to p^uent damadge in y^ estates. 

This Court takeing into consideration the long and tedious 
differences and troubles y* haue bin and are stil continuing 
twixt Mr. Russel and severall members of Wethers field Ch:, 
and perticularly twixt Mr. Russel and the LS* doe iudge it very 
necessary that some course be attended for y^ redress of the 
same, and haueing long waited to haue y^ parties at difference 
com to some ioynt agreem^ amongst themselues vpon a way 
[118] and meanes || of hearing and healeing the said differ- 
ences, and not concluded of. This Courte doth therfore desire 
the 2 Chs of Christ at Hartford and Windsor to send 2 or 3 
Messeng'"s a peice, to examine and search into y^ nature of the 
differences, and haueing heard what may be said by both parts, 
to giue such counsel and advice as God shall direct them vnto 
by the light of Scripture and reason, and in case it be not em- 
braced, that then y^ determination of ye Messeng^s may be 
p'sented vnto y^ Court y^ soe it may be duely considered. 
And the whole Church belonging to Mr. Russels charge lately 
of Wethersfield, is to be acquainted herewith, yt they may pre- 
pare y™selues for this hearing. It is further desired that y^ 
Messeng'"^ may be p'sent at Wethersfield ye first Tuesday in 
Nobr and that pi^vision be made for their entertainm* by those 
yt are now resideing at Wethersfield. 

A list of the Estate of the several Plantations was pi^sented 
and is as foUoweth : £ 

Imps The Estate and p^sons at Hartford, 21128. 

of Windsor, . 15345. 

of Wethersfield, 12103. 

Farmington, . . 05548. 

Sea Brook, . . . 05215. 

Middle Town, . 02543. 

Fairfield, p^sons, 80. 10442. 

Stratford, p^sons, 65. 08434. 
Mr. Willis and Mr. Allyn are desired to goe down and to as- 
sist in keeping Court at Fairfield, on Thursday, the 20th of this 
instant. Mr. Campfield is desired to assist them, espetially in 
the busines respecting Mr. Gould and Galpin. 

* Lieut. Hollisler. See page 330, ante. 


This Court is adiourned to y^ 2^ Wednesday in No^"" next. 
The estate of Norwalk is 3829 £. 

[119] Hartford. Session of the Gen^' Court, No^r 9,59. 

This Court doth graunt a Rate of a penny ^ penny p"" £. to 
to be levied vpon ye estate of y^ Collony. 

In consideration of Gods goodnes to this Collony, in y^ fruit- 
ful and seasonable haruest, the general restoration of health to 
ye Plantations, and the success of y^ indeauours of y^ Reuer- 
end Eldi's of y^ last Councill, for y® composeing the sad differ- 
ences at Hartford, — for the foregoinge respects, this Court doth 
see cause to appoint this day three weeks, being the last of this 
month, as a publique thanksgiueing throwout this Collony. 

Jonathan Gilbert is appoynted to require the payin^ of that 
wch Farmington Indians are engaged to pay to this Court, 
in Octo^'' yearly, the first payment being due 2 yeares now 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Talcot, Mr. Stone and Edward Stebbing are 
desired by the Court to goe downe to Middle Towne, to inquire 
ye nature of ye troublesom differenc fallen out there, and to 
indeauour a composition thereof, but if they cannot issue it, the 
Comitte is desired to make returne to ye next Session, what 
they shal doe in ye premisses. 

David the Jew, for his misdemeanour in going into houses 
when the heads of ye families W absent, and tradeing p^vision 
from children, and for such like misdemean", is fined 205. 

This Court adiournes to ye last Thursday in Feb^ary next. 

[120] At A Session of the GenII Court, Feb^ 23, 59. 

Jo: Winthrop Esq^ Go: 

Magestrates :* Mr. Willis, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Deputies : Mr. Gaylard, Capt. Lord, Danii Clark, Sec^ 

WiUm Wadsworth, Mr. Robbins, Mr. Sam: Wells, Jo- 

* The pame of Deputy Governor Welles, disappears from the list of Magistrates. He died, at 
Wethersfield, Jan. 14th, 1659-60. 


seph Migat, Rich: Butler, John Demant, Edw: Griswold, 
Samii Boreman, Josias Hull, Thom^ Judd, John Hart. 

Michael Griswold is freed by this Court from traineing but 
he is to maintein watch and ward. 

John Allyn and Jacob Migat, in behalfe of the Artillery, pur- 
sueing a former graunt of this Court of 300 Acres of land, for 
incouragem^ to y^ Artillery successiuely, doe desire that this 
Court would be pleased to grant to them 30 miles Island, w^h 
those two parcels of meadow on ye East side of the Riuer, the 
one next aboue, the other next below the Island, in case the 
place thereabouts be not found to be sutable for a Plantation, 
. or be not p^'engaged to any perticuler person, by this Court. 

This Court considering the low estate of Will™ Clarke his 
family, doe order respecting the fine imposed on him for trade- 
ing Liquors contrary to law, that he shall pay to y^ publique 
Treasurie 405. p"^ yeare, for foure yeares, the first payment to 
be made this spring, at y^ demand of the Treasurer. 

Daniell Harris is approoued for an Ordnary keeper, in Middle 

To pi'uent future trouble respecting Guards appointed by a 
former Order, to attend the publique meetings in the several 
Plantations, This Court now orders, y* it shalbe in ye power of 
the milletary officers belonging to each Towne yearely to cal 
out and appoint soe many of the Traine Band as the order of 
Court requires for each Plantation, to attend that seruice, pro- 
vided yt noe person is to be compelled to attend that service two 
yeares together. And the Sergeants who are to take care of 
the said guards, are ordered and required to exercise due care 
that their respective companies come with their armes wel 
fixed, and provided with powder and bullets sutable for yt ser- 

[121] This Court doth order, that all the Podunk Indians shal 
peaceably enioy al their lands at Podunk with their several! 
proprieties as formerly, free from any molestation by any in this 
CoUony, according to j^ Coma's orders in 58 & 59, hereby fully 
ratify inge and confirmeing their acts therein. 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Tailcot, Mr. Allyn, Cap*. Lord, William 
Wadsworth, John Allyn, Ensign Wilton, John Bissel, are ap- 
pointed a Comittee to lay out and devide Podunk lands for- 


merly possessed by those Indians, and likewise to treat w'^ y^ 
Indians, that what land there may be that is not or may not be 
fit for their planting, they may be willing to part with it to 
those English that have contracted with Tantonimo. And 
what appeares to y^ Comittee to be granted and allowed by the 
Indians to be Tant^: perticuler propriety, the Court is willing 
to allow of and confirme to y^ English according to their bar- 
gaine, vidz: to Thom^ Burnam and his partners. And what 
winter graine is sowed on the land, there shalbe liberty and 
allowance from y^ Indians to reap the same by those that haue 
sowed it. The Comittee aboue haue full power giuen them by 
this Court to make a ful issue about the p^misses accordinge to 
ye order abouementioned. And if the Indians be willing to 
part with some planting land, the Comittee may lay it to Tanto: 
part, for those English abouementioned. And to make returne 
to ye Court what they doe in and about the pi^misses. 

Whereas there hath bin complaint made and p^'sented by y® 
inhabitants of Hartf^^, Windsor & Wethersfield in referenc to 
ye bargain made w^^ Mr. Fenwick, This Court doth order that 
a Comittee be chosen to treat with Cap*. Cullick, as agent to 
G. Fenwick Esq^, about the differenc that hath bin and yet is 
in referenc to ye Agreem* made with him. Vnto w^h Com- 
ittee this Court doth grant full power to bring matters in con- 
trouersie vnto a full issue by composition or otherwise, as they 
shal see meet. 

[122] The Comittee chosen to treat with and pursue to effect 
the order of the Court with Cap* Cullick, are The Wor^i 
Gouerno'' Winthrop, Mr. Willis, Mr. Allyn, the Secretary and 
W. Wadsworth. 

Whereas there hath bin a repealing of ye former restraint 
laid vpon ye estates of Edw: Hopkins and George Fenwick 
Esq", that debts due to ye estate might be taken in, Vpon fur- 
ther consideration, this Court orders, that ye estates aforesaid 
be securd within this CoUony vntil the s^ estates be inventoried 
and ye Inventories p^'sented and administration granted by this 

This Court adiournes to ye 2^ Wednesday in Aprill. 


[123] A Session of Gen: Court, AprII 11, 60. 

Jo: Winthrop, Esq"", Go: 
Magestrats : Mr. Hen: Clark, Mr. Willis, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Phelps, Mr. Treat. 
Deputies : Mr. Gailard, C: Rich: Lord, Dan: Clark, Sec":, 
Willm Wads worth, Mr. Robbins, Mr. S. Wells, Joseph 
Migat, Rich^ Butler, John Deminge, Edw: Griswold, 
Thorn: Judd, Jo: Hart, Samii Boreman, Sam^i Stockin. 

A L"" from y^ Dutch GouernC" to C Wor^i Gouerno'' was 
read, as also o*" Wor^i Go: returne thervnto, w^h was approued 
by this Court. 

This Court considering the necessity of altering that perticu- 
ler in y^ 3'^ Law, respecting the choice of a Gouerno"", vidz: 
That noe person be chosen Gou"" aboue once in two yeares, 
haue thought meet to propound it to y^ consideration of y^ 
freemen of this Collony, and doe order the Secretary to insert 
the same in the Warj^ts for ye choice of Deputies, and request 
the return of ye remote Planta^: (yt vse to send Proxies, at y^ 
Election, by their Deputies. And it is desired that their proxies 
may be ordered according to what may be concluded on about 
ye ordi" forementioned. 

This Court appoints Wm. Wadsworth and Jo: Deminge Sen^, 
to assist Mr. Jo: Cotton in administration to y^ Estate and as 
ouerseers of the last will of Thoms Wells Esqf. 

This Court haueing heard the returne of the Comittee for 
Podunk lands ; That since they came to a conclusion respect- 
ing Thomas Burnam his contract with Tantonomo, It appeares 
that part of the lands laid out to the said Burnam and his co- 
partners doth belong to Foxens successors, by a gift from Foxen 
to his allies: This Court doth therefore order. That those Po- 
dunk Indians shal enioy and possess their lands according to 
former order. And that those English men that contracted 
with Tantonimo shal enioy and possess according to their bar- 
gaine only that w^h is y^ particuler proprietie of Tantonimo, 
that the Indians doe yield or that Tanto: can proue to be his 

Mr. John Allyn and Jonath: Gilbert are to bound out y^ said 
Tanton: part to Tho^ Burnam and his partn^^ and this shal 
stand vntil further proof appeare about Tantonimo his right. 


[124] This Court haueing heard and considered the Petition 
from N. London doe at pi^sent soe far accept of the request of 
the petitioners as to allow of Mr. Tinker for an Assistant in that 
Plantat°: and Mr. Bruen, James Rogers, L* Smith and John 
Smith, as Comfs, vntil the Election Court in May next ; who 
with ye assistance of Maior Mason shal haue power to keep 
Court according to y^ contents of y^ Petition, in matters of an 
inferiour nature, and perticulerly about that busines respecting 
Waterhouse ; and the ful answer of y^ Petition is deferd vntil 
ye Court of Election. 

Willni Duglas is chosen Packer for N. London, for a ful 
yeare, and to be allowed for his paines herin according to what 
is allowed in y^ Massachusets coUony, and whateuer he packs 
or repacks shal pass vndr his scale. 

[125] A Court of Election held at Hartford, May 17, 60, 
Magestrates ElecV^. 
Jo: Winthrop Esq"", Go: 
Maior Jo: Mason, Dep : 

Mr. Henry Clark, Mr. Willis, Mr. Phelps, Mr. AUyn, 
Mr. Treat, Mr. Gould. 

Long Island. Cap*. Tho: Topping, Mr. Ogden, Tho: 
Baker, Rob* Bond. 

Danii Clark, Sec^ John Talcot, Treas"". 

Deputies : Wm. Gaylard, Wm. Wadsworth, Jo: Talcot, 
Joseph Migat, Edw: Griswold, Jo: Deming Sen:, Mr. 
Sam: Wells, Rich^d Butler, Josias Hull, Stephen Hart, 
Antho: Howkins, Sam'i Boreman, Wm. Gutridge, 
Mathew Griswold, Rob* Chapman, J no. Tinker, Hugh 
Caulkin, Math. Campfield, Samii Hall, Wm. Cheny, 
Rob' Warner, Phillip Groues, Tho: Fairchild, Jo: 
Wheeler, Cornel: Hull. 
It was voted by the freemen thaty^ perticuler in ye 4*^^ Law, 
respecting the choice of the Gouernc, should be alfd, and that 
for future there shalbe liberty of a free choice yearely, either of 
ye same person or another, as may be thought meet, without 
pi'iudice to ye law or breach thereoff. 


This Court doth free Michael Try, Richard Vore, Goodman 
Fossaker and Goodman Stocking, from traineing, watching and 

This Court doth confirme and estabhsh the conclusion of y^ 
Comittee in reference to ye Paquanack Indians and the Planta- 
tions of Stratford and Fairefield. 

■ The choice of y® Com^s for this CoUo: for the yeare ensueing, 
is left by the freemen to this Court to issue and effect. 

The Worfi Gouernour and Dep: Gouerno'' are chosen Comi's 
for this yeare ensueing, and Mr. Math: AUyn is chosen for a 

Mr. Mathew Allyn is chosen Moderator, to supply the place 
of ye Gouerno^ and Dep: in case of their occasional absenc from 
ye Gen: Court. 

The Towne of Huntington, on Long Island, p^senting their 
desires to be accepted ynd"" this Gouerm*, vpon the same tearmes 
yt Southampton stands w*^ vs, and likewise to be freed from 
publique charges for ye space of three yeares, this Court in order 
to ye forementioned request, makes this returne ; That they 
accept of ye proposition of ye Towne of Huntington soe far as 
may be consistent with ye Articles of Confosderation with ye 
Vnited Collonies, and therfore doe advise the Planta: foremen- 
tioned to address vnto ye Com'^ at yeir meeting at N. Hauen, 
to vndi'stand the mind of the Coma's in this matter. And further, 
this Court expects to be free from publique expense about that 
Plantatn for ye space of three yeares after the Confoederation, 
[126] and that themselues shal beare all the charges || that may 
be contracted by any occasion wherin this Collo: doth, accord- 
ing to Articles agreed on, afford them assistance. 

Wm. Palmer Sen"", is freed by this Court from watch: ward: 
and traineing. 

Vppon ye motion of Mr. Josiah Stanborough, This Court 
doth declare that it is their desire that ye Magestrates of South- 
ampton and Mr. Barret would be pleased to take ye children of 
ye wife of Mr. Stanborough and the estate belonging to them, 
and to dispose of both soe as may be conduceable to ye p>"serva- 
tion of ye estate for ye legatees. 

This Court haueing considered the petition of Goodman Jack- 
son, doe accept of his request and are willinge to allowe thiis 


libertie, that provided there be 15/. fine paid to y^ pubHque 
treasury by the transgressour, then the formf sentence adiudg- 
ing corporall punishm* vpon y^ deUnq^ shalbe revoked, but if 
this fine be not embraced and accepted of, then the corporall 
punishmt is speedily to be inflicted, according to y^ appointm* 
of ye Magestrates. 

It is ordered by this Court, that neith"" Indian nor negar serves 
shalbe required to traine, w^atch or ward, in this Collo: 

In consideration of much inconvenience that appeares to 
acrew to many in this Collo: by virtue of former orders that in 
^point of execution haue not attayned their end in satisfying 
creditors in a sutable way, according to ye nature of contracts 
or bargaines, men conveighing away the kind of pay that many 
times is preingaged, It is therfore ordered, that it shalbe law- 
full for such creditors as haue debts oweing to them in corne or 
any other spetial pay (vpon ye refusal of pay in kind, when it is 
due and demaunded,) to take out an attachm^ and lay it (if it 
can be found out) vpon such estate as is engaged by the debf, 
or other estate y* may be found such as ye creditor liketh, pro- 
vided it be not prohibited by law, and secure the said estate at- 
tached, to a triall at ye next Court appointed for yt end. And 
whateuer estate thus attached vpon a trial and iudgm* of y® 
Court comes to be apprized, the said Court yt issues the case 
[127] shall II appoint those y* shall prize the estate, the valua- 
tion whereof shalbe regulated accordinge to ye worth and na- 
ture of ye pay contracted for. 

The price of Sheep, in ye list of Rates, shal for future be valu- 
ed at 155. p"" sheep, vntil the Court further advise on it. 

This Court orders that ye Grand Jury hereafter mentioned 
shal inquire and consid"" of ye misdeameanors and breaches of 
the orders of this Collo: in ye several Townes, and make p''sent- 
ment thereof at ye p^ticuler Court in Octobr next, and likewise 
at ye prticuler Court in May, (61.) The Grand Jury is as fol- 
loweth ; For Hartford, Will'" Wadsworth, Richard Butler ; 
Windsor, Mr. Henry Woolcot, Josias Hull ; Wethersfield, John 
Deming, Sam^i Boreman ; Farm:, Anthony Howkins ; JMiddle 
T:, John Hall; Sea Brook, Rob' Chapman ; N. London, John 
Smith ; Stratfi'd, Goodm: Groues ; Fairfield, Jehu Burr ; Nor- 
walk, Richard Olmsted. 



It is ordered, that al defects in Armes or neglects in traine- 
ing, watch, etc. shalbe determined by any one Magestrate or 
Assistant, where such are inhabiting ; and by two of them y^ 
order the prudentials of ye Towne where is neither Magestrate 
nor Assistant ; and that those who determine the case shall 
haue power to issue forth order to ye Clarke of ye band to levy 
the fine imposed. This order to take place notw^^standing 
former orders. 

This Court frees the Assistants and ye Deputies chosen to 
attend ye severall General Courts, while they stand Deputies, 
from traineing, watching and wardeing. a 

Its ordered, that ye Grand Jury men shal repaire speedily to 
some Magestrate or Assistant to be sworne to ye seasonable 
and effectual execution and attendanc on their worke. 

Its ordered by this Court, that noe Towne in this Collo: shal 
suffer any Indians to dwel w^Hn a quarter of a mile of it, nor 
shal any strange Indians be entertained in any Towne, vpon 
penalty of 40s. a month, to be paid to ye publique treasurie by 
each Plantat» which shalbe found transgressours herein. This 
order to take place and be of force, in ye begin: of July next. 
[128] This Court doth order, that noe man or woman within 
this Coll: who hath a wife or husband in forraigne parts, shal 
Hue here aboue two years, vpon penalty of 40s. pr month vpon 
every such offendor ; and any that haue bene aboue 3 years 
already, not to remaine within this Coll: aboue one yeare longer, 
vpon the same penalty, except they haue liberty from ye Gen: 

This Court obserueing an omission or neglect of a former 
order respecting the Inventorying the estates of Edw: Hopkins 
and Geo: Fenwick Esq'^'^ doe now further order, that the select 
men of every towne (where any estate that either is, or hath 
bin, since the decease of these Gent:, reputed or accord part 
of that estate y* is disposed by them or either of them,) shal 
make diligent inquiry in their respectiue Plantations to find out 
the said estates according to a true value and to inventorie the 
said estate and to make pi^sentment thereof at ye prticuler Court 
in Septbr next. And all and every person in each Plantafi, as 
before, is hereby required to give in a just acco' to their select 
men, of all the estate that either is, or hath bin in their possession 


or improuem'^ since y^ decease of y^ aforesaid Gent:. And who- 
euer is knowne to conceale any of the said estates, or not to giue 
in a true acco* as before required, or if any select men doe neg- 
lect to attend this order, he or they shal pay vnto y^ publ: 
Treasurie, 5/. for every such default. 

This Court orders, that if any Indians shal bring in Guns into 
any of the Townes in this Coll: It shalbe lawful for any one of 
ye English to seize on their guns, and to keep them vntil there 
be 105. a piece brought to redeem each gun, w<=h shalbe devided, 
one half to y^ Treasurie, the other half to y^ seazer. 

Mr. Willis and Goodman Migat and Anthony Howkins are 
desired and appointed to take in the consideration of y^ loss of 
Lt Lewis and Francis Browne, and according as they iudge 
requisite to make destribution to both parties of that w^h ye 
Indians haue engaged to pay yearly to make vp their loss by 
fire, vntil ye whole sum be paid in by ye Indians. 

There is liberty graunted that Fairfield, Stratford and Nor- 
[129] walke shal gather out of their said Townes || a small 
Troop of Horse, with two meet officers added to exercise them 
of their owne choseing, and the Troopers to be such as are ap- 
proued by Mr. Gould and Mr. Fairchild and Mr. Campfield and 
the officers to be app^ued by the Generall Court. And for pro- 
portion they are to take seaven out of Stratford, 7 out of Fair- 
field and 4 out of Norwalke. 

This Court orders y' none shalbe receaued as Inhabitant into 
any Towne in the Collony but such as are knowne to be of an 
honest conversation, and accepted by a maior part of the 

It is alsoe ordered, that noe Inhabitant shall haue power to 
make sale of his accomodate of house and lands vntil he haue 
first propounded the sale thereof to ye Towne where it is situ- 
ate, and they refuse to accept of ye sale tendred. 

This Court confirmes Rob* Chapman for an Assistant at Sea 

This Court, for many good considerations, doe see cause to 
allow o"" Worfi (Jouerno'' 80/. for this yeare ensueing. 

This Court doth confirme and establish ye Act of the Comit- 
tee at Stratford about Arthur Bostocks estate. 

This Court haueing intelligence yt Jasper Clemens being in 


a probable way to enter into the estate of marriage, and con- 
fessing that he had a wife in England, and noth: doth appeare 
to evidenc that she is dead, It is therfore ordered, that the said 
Jasper and Ellin Browne shalbe forthwith seperated, vntil such 
evidence be procured that may clearly demonstrate that the 
couen* of marriage be dissolued twixt y^ said Clemens and his 
former wife. And the Townsmen of MiddleTowne are re- 
quired to put this order forthwith in execution. 

This Court doth desire and appoint Mr. Gould, Mr. Camp- 
field and Mr. Hill and Mr. Knowles, to issue the busines at 
Stratford, and alsoe respect: Goodman Rescues horse, y* he 

In reference to the appeale of Mr. Varleet, this Court doth 
[130] order that Mr. Wells shal returne 1| to Mr. Varleet the 
one halfe of what he hath receaued, by virtue of execution, from 
Mr. Varleet. Its ordered that Mr. Varleet shal pay 40s. to y*' 
Treasurie towards this Courts charges on the Triall. Execu- 
tion dTd the 29 June, '60. , 

In answer to ye Petition from N. London, this Court haueing 
considered the perticulers in it, doe order for ye p^sent, that 
there should be an Assistant and 3 Com^s in that Towne, who 
shal haue ful power to issue small causes, and ye punishing smal 
crimes and offences according to law, provided the cases of 
debts and fines doe not amount the sum of 21. And the Assist- 
ants peculiar power is noe waies hereby infringed. 

It is further granted thaty^ Dep: Gouernof & Math: Griswold 
shal lend vnto N. London two great Guns, from SeaBrooke, 
w*^ shot such as yy judge may be convenient to be let goe from 
thence. And if they iudge that N. London be capable to secure 
themselues and the Guns by being thus furnished, they are 
impowred to lend the Guns vntil the Court see cause to recall 

Mr. John Tinker is chosen Assistant for N. London, and for 
Coma's, Mr. Bruen, James Rogers, John Smith, for y® yeare 

Stebbins, the Constable of N. London, hath liberty of re- 
veiwing his action yt G: Tong commenct ag^t him, at y^ next 
Court held at N, London, and y^ Wors^i Deputy is desired to 


assist in keeping a Court for yt end at N. Lond: and for other 
occasions as may pf'sent themselues. 

This Court doth appoint Mr. Gould, Mr. Hill, Mr. Knowles, 
to hear and determine y^ difference twixt Norwalk Inhabit^s 
and ye Indians there. 

This Court doth order, that noe person in Hartford, except 
Jer: Adams, shal sell wine vudr a quarf cask, nor liquors ynd"" 
an Ankor. 

Robt Lay is desired to take care of any of the estate of Mr. 
Fenwicks y* is subiect to loss or damadge, and to improue it, 
and be ready to render account of the same, when cald 

This Court haueing heard some orders p^sented by Sea 
Brook Deputies respect: their Townes, doe approue of them in 
reference to yt Towne, and doe grant liberty of a summons to 
fetch vp several to y^ Court y' haue transgressed those ord^s. 
[1«S1] This Court, in consideration of the several affronts of 
the Indians, and hostile attempts and abuses offred to c English 
subiects, doe order, that the Secretary, in y" name of the Court, 
shall write to y® Com''^ of the severall Coll: to craue their ad- 
vice, whether it may not concur with their good likeing that 
we send forth not only to inquire after those Indians, but haue- 
ing intelligence who they are, to improue some prudent meanes 
and effectual, speedily to fetch in such Indians to receaue con- 
dign punishmS and to intreat a returne to o^" Worshipfull Gou- 
erno"", to y® p''misses.* 

Mr. Bray Rosseter for and in consideration of his paines, in 
comeing to and attending Mr. Talcot in his sicknes, is allowed 
fiue pounds, to be paid out of y^ pub: Treasury. 

Session of y^ Gen: Court. Octo: 4 : 1660. Hartford. 
Jo: Winthrop Esq*"", Go: 
Magestrates: Mr. Willis, Mr. Clark, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Phelps, Mr. Treat. Secfy, Dani': Clark. 
Dep: Capt Rich: Lord, Mr. Gailard, Capt, Tailcot, Mr. 
Henry Woolcot, Wm. Wadsworth, Joseph Migat, Edw: 

* See Appendix, No. VIII. 



Griswold, John Deming, Sam: Boreman, Wm. Gutridge, 

Jo: Kilburne, Rob* Chapman, Antho: Howkins, Phillip 

Groues, Sam: Sherman, Cornelius Hull, Jehu Burr, Jo: 

Tinker, James Avery, Rich: Olmstead, Sam^i Hales, 

Robert Warner, William Cheny. 

This Court vnderstanding the great abuse of y* liberty y*^ 

hath bin allowed of selling Cider to y^ Indians, by virtue of 

former order. Doe now order the repealing of y* order any way 

tollerating that trade, and doe further decree, that what p^son 

soeuer in this Collony shal hereafter sel, barter or giue any 

Cider to Indian or Indians, he or she shal forfeit vnto y^ Pub: 

Treasury, twenty shillings p"^ pinte, and p«"portionably for other 

quantities, a third part whereof shalbe to him y* discouers y« 


Severall members of this Collony p^senting their desires vnto 
this Court of setling a Plantation at 30 Miles Island, in consid- 
eration thereof, this Court doe order a Comittee to veiw the 
place, and to dispose of it as may be most sutable for to atteine 
the end and purpose abouesaid. 

The names of y^ Committee : For Hartford, Mr. WiUis, 
William Wadsworth ; Windsor, Mr. Allyn, Edw: Griswold ; 
Wethersfield, Mr. Treat Sen"", Sam^^ Boreman ; Farmingto, 
John Hart. 

What right appeares that y^ Indians haue there, it is left to 
ye Comittee to ord"" y^ purchase thereof 

Eltweed Pomrey hath engaged in Court to rest satisfied with 
what consideration y^ Court shall allow him, in reference to 
his mare y* was kild. 

[132] This Court, haueing heard and considered the case de- 
pending twixt Willm Parker and W™ Waller, about Wallers 
deteineing a mare and her increase, doe declare this as their 
sentence, that each party shal beare their own charges about 
this case; and this to be a finall issue o^ that matter. And do© 
further order-the Secretary to send downe summons to Reynold 
Marvin Sen^ to appear at the Perticuler Court in March next, 
to answer both for loosing the mare into ye woods, and likewise 
for disposeing of any of those horses w^i ye Court had ordered 
to be marked for ye Countrey, and likewise to prohibit him for 
medling any more with those horses. 


This Court haueing ynd^stood that there is an estate lying in 
N. London, the owner or agent whereof is lately drowned, doe 
order the Secretary to send downe order to Mr. John Tinker 
and James Rogers to inventory the said goods, and to secure y^ 
estate, and in case any of it be of a pi'ishing nature, they are 
desired to improue it to y^ best advantage, vntil the Principals 
order appear for further dispose of the said goods, and to be ac- 
countable for ye same when called therevnto by authority. 

In answer to Norwalk Petition, This Court orders, that y^ in- 
habitants there shal attend y^ Law provided as a rule of Rate- 
ing for ye future. 

It is ordered, that the Magestrates, at al times, and y^ Depu- 
ties, when yy are vpon pub: imployment, themselues and their 
horses, shalbe ferry-free, in all places within this Colony. 

This Court orders, that it shal not be lawful for any in this 
CoUony to take away by force or otherwise, without y^ owners 
consent, vnd"" p^tenc of debt, y^ corne or other estate from any 
Indian, vnles it be by virtue of order from lawful authority. 

Whereas Quince Smith complaines of Vncas, that he refuseth 
to pay a fine imposed on him by y^ Comi's Court at N. London, 
This Court orders, that ye said fine be required and recovered 
of Vncas, according to law in such cases. And Mr. Tinker is 
desired to haue address to ye Worii Deputy Gou^ that by order 
from him some course may be taken by him in the busines. 
Wauwequa being in Court, promised to attend Mr. Tinkers 
pleasure in ye p^misses. 

This Court haueing considered the petition of Mr. Tho: 
Wells, respecting Varleet, in answer thervnto, and in explica- 
[133] tion of a former act, past about y* case, || doe order. 
That Mr. Varleet shalbe repaid by Mr. Thom^ Wells only the 
ouerplus that by execution was taken from Varleet, aboue wom- 
pom at six pi" penny, w^h amounts to 4/. 06s. 08c? ; and Mr. Var- 
leet is freed from paying the 40s. to ye Treasurer, weh was im- 
posed on him by former act of ye Court. 

The Nanogansets are allowed two months longer then ye 
time agreed on, according to their desires, to bring in ye Worn- 
pom that yy are assess^^ by ye Com^s to pay to this Jurisdiction. 
This order repeal'\ the 31 Octo. '60. 
This Court haueing formerly accepted and manifested their 


acceptance of the access of Jonathan Gilbert, respecting the 
sequestration and execution served on Goodhearts estate, doe 
not see cause to alter y^ said act. This to be a final issue of 
that matter. 

The Magestrates are desired to heare and determine the case 
of Thorns Greenhils Will, and to settle a way for payment of 

Mr. Treat, Mr. Tho. Wells and Sam" Wels and John Ches- 
ter are appointed to administer vnto y^ estate of Mr. Robins, and 
to take care to pi'serue it for y^ Relicts. 

Its ordered by ye Court respecting Mr. Stow of MiddleTown, 
there appeareing such vnsutablenes in their spirits, that Middle- 
Town shal haue free liberty to provide for themselues another 
able, orthodox and pious minister, as soon as they can, who is 
to be approoued by Mr. Warham, Mr. Stone, Mr. Whiting, 
takeing in ye help of ye Wor^ Gourn"" and Mr. Willis, w^h 
being done, Mr. Stow is to lay downe his preaching there. 
The said Towne glueing Mr. Stow Testimoniall L"^^ such as 
the Gent: forenamed iudge fit. In ye meane time the Towne 
to allow Mr. Stow his vsual stipend, he continueing the exercise 
of his ministrey, as formerly. 

It is ordered that if any in this Collony shall giue, sell or ex- 
chang any horse, mare or colt, thereby to conveigh them out 
of this Jurisdict^i, vnles he first enter the marks both naturall 
and artificiall, as also the colour and age of ye beast, with ye 
Recorder of ye Towne where ye beast was taken vp out of ye 
Comons or kept, he shal forfeit Twenty pounds to ye Pub: 
Treasury, and ye Recorder is allowed to take sixpence for 
euery such record or entrey. 

The Magestrates haueing considered the case of John Bissel, 
about tradeing liquors to ye Indians, doe adiudge him to pay 
(for breaking the Law of this Como wealth) 40/.; the w<=h he is 
to pay in two yeares time, in currant countrey pay to ye Pub: 

Stephen Taylor is allowed 205. for his trouble and expence 
of time about John Bissels case, to be paid him out of ye 

It is ordered, yt Wednesday, the 24'^ of this instant, be kept 


a Publique Thanksgiueing to God, for his mercy, in our Peace, 
Plenty, Health and Liberties y* we enioy. 
[134] It is ordered, that y^ Ferrey at Niantecut shal from 
henceforth belong to y® Farme of c Hon^d Gouernor Jn" Win- 
throp Esqf, and, as he shal order, to his Assignes, his Tenants 
attending the said Ferrey at all times as is necessary, for a reas- 
onable and iust recompenc. Magestrates and y^ Deputies of 
y« Court, ferrey-free, according to order. 

It is ordered, y* the Comittee formerly chosen to treat with 
Capt Cullick, now haueing ripened their treaty to an issue, are 
impowered by this Court to prfect writings, and what is requi- 
site to be confirmed and signed by y" Court, the Worship^i 
Gouerno'' is authorized to act in ye name of the Court, and to 
fixe ye scale of y^ Collony thervnto and to deliver the writings 
to Cap' Cullick, and to receaue in behalf of y^ Court those wri- 
tings yt Capt John Cullick is to deliver vnto this Court.* 

The restraint formerly laid on ye estate of George Fenwick 
Esq"" is now taken of, and free possession and povi^er of admin- 
istration granted vnto Cap' Jn^ Cullick to ye said estate, in 
behalf of ye Legatees. 

The List of ye Estates p^sented to this Court are, — 
Windsor Estate and p^sons, 16274.00 SeaBrook, 05724.00 
Hartford, 19512.10 Farmington, 06109.00 

Wethersfield, 12399.00 Stratford, 08110.00 

Middle Town, 02398.00 Norwalk, 03587.00 

The Plantats of Stratford, Fairfield and Norwalk, haueing 
failed in transmitting ye List of ye Estates of their Townes ac- 
cording to order, This Court orders the Treasurer to pursue 
the said order, and to summon ye prsons delinquent to ye Quar- 
ter Court in March next, to answer for their transgression 

Mr. Willis and Capt Lord are appointed to audit ye Treasur- 
ers accot for ye year past. 

The Treasurer and William Wadsworth are appointed to 
take in Jeremiah Addams his acco'. 

This Court grants a Rate of a penny p"" £. to be levied vpon 
ye estate of ye Collony for ye yeare past. 

• These ' writings' for a final adjustment of accounts between the Colony and Capt. Cullick, 
are recorded on pages 327-329, ante. 


This Court allowes libertie to ye Treasurer to send forth war- 
rants to ye seaside Plantat^: to gather their Rates, in such sea- 
son as may p^vent that inconvenience y* vsually falls out in 
failing of their payment. 

To prvent future inconvenience and vnnecessary trouble yt 
may ensue by vnwritten grants, bargaines, sales or morgages, 
It is ordered by this Court, that from hencforth all grants, bar- 
gaines, sales or morgages of hous and lands, shalbe in writing 
and subscribed by the granter with his owne hand or mark, 
[135] vnto w^h mark his name shalbe annexed, and also sub- 
scribed by two witnesses at least, w^h their owne hands or 
markes, vnto W^^ marks their names shal be annexed, & that 
noe grant, sale, bargain or morgage shalbe of value but such as 
written and subscribed, as abouesaid. It is also ordered, that 
the said writing shalbe recorded, according to former order. 
And whereas, by former order there is libertie granted for one 
Magestrate to commit to prison w^hout baile. That clause is 
hereby repealed. And caution giuen in to y^ Recorder shal 
secure the intrest of y^ Grantee, vntil a legall triall hath passed 
to a finall issue ; vpon w^h issue according to law, the judgm* 
of the Court being delivered vnto y^ Recorder, vudc^ the Sec- 
retaries hand, shalbe his Warr* to record such grant, bargaine, 
sale &c, tho ye Granter refuse to acknowledge the same. 

It is also ordered, that a lawful record of any grant, bargaine, 
sale or morgage, either in y^ Countrey Book, or in y^ Towne 
Records where y^ House and Land lieth, shalbe of equal value 
w^h a written deed of any grant : Provided the record (if noe 
other written deed be made as abouesaid,) be testified and sub- 
scribed by one witnes at least beside y^ Recorder. 

Hartford. Session Gen^. March 14. '60. 

Jo: Winthrop Esq^ Go: 

Jo: Mason Esq"", Dep: 

Magestrates: Mr. Clark, Mr. Willis, Mr. Allyn, Mr. 

Treat. Sec^: Dan" Clarke. 
Dep : C. Rich: Lord, C. Jo: Talcot, Mr. Gailard, Mr. Hen: 

Woolcot, Wm. Wadsworth, Jos: Migat, Edw: Griswold, 


Jo: Deming, Sam: Boreman, Wm. Gutndge, Jo: Kilburn, 
Antho: Howkins, Jo: Tinker, Robert Warner, Wm. 

M". Wm. Thomson, Jo: Cotton and James Rogers were 
made free at this Court. 

This Court orders, that ye Heires of Mr. Wells, of Wethers- 
field, shal set that part of y^ houseing that Mrs. Wells is to 
enioy for her life time, in p^sent repaire ; and Mrs. Wells is to 
keep it and to returne it in like repaire. 

It is ordered by this Court, that L*^ Hollister, Mr. Chester, 
w^h their fellow Townesmen, shal w^^n one weeks time after 
the receipt of this ord'', pi'fect the gathering the Rate for Tho: 
Lord, by destreint or otherwise together w^^ ye Court charges 
respecting the action of Tho: Lord contra L* Hollister, and 
for two executions, w^h is thirteen shillings six pence. And in 
case of neglect of this order, the Secretary is to send out ex- 
ecution vpon ye parties cast in law at ye p^ticuler Court. 

The Jurisdiction Power ouer that Land yt Vncus and Waw- 
equa haue made ouer to Major Mason is by him surrendered to 
this Colony. Neuertheles for ye laying out of those lands to 
Farmes or Plantations the Court doth leaue it in ye hands of 
Major Mason. It is also ordered and provided \\^^ ye consent 
of Maior Mason, That Vncus & Wawequa and their Indians 
[136] and successors || shalbe supplied w^'» sufficient planting 
ground at all times as ye Court sees cause out of y^ Land. And 
ye Maior doth reserue for himself a competency of Land suffi- 
cient to make a Farme.* 

In answer to Mr. Tinkers Petition, it is desired that Maior 
Mason, Goodman Morgan and Vncus or Wawequa, or some 
Indian appoined by them, wil veiw the tract of land y' Mr. 
Tinker desires, or some other meet for him, not p^uiditial to 
others,' and to make report thereof to ye Court. 

In referenc to Mr. Rosseters desire respecting Land vpon 
Stratford Riuer, at Paugusset, the Court approues of his pur- 
chase, accepts it vnd^ this GouernmS and allowes liberty to 
purchase one hundred acres more. 

It is ordered, y* Mr. Tinker, James Rogers and Mathew 

*The informal nature of this surrender to the Colony of the right which Major Mason (as 
their agent,) had acquired in the Mohegan lands, gave rise to the celebrated " Mason case," 
which (for nearly seventy years,) occasioned much trouble and expense to the Colony. 


Griswold shal examine Stebbins acco*^ of N. London, and re- 
turne their appi'hensions about it to y<^ next Session. 

Jeremiah Adams did resigne all the power of disposeing y^ 
estate (left by Thomas Greenhill to Goodwife Adams) into his 
wiues hands to be wholly at her dispose. 

It is ordered that in case any Trooper die or remove, where- 
by his place remaines vacant, it is left to y® Comission officers 
of ye Troop to accept of such as may be suteable to fill vp the 
number that y^ Court allowes ; and such as the officers admit, 
to stand firme, vnles y^ Court, either Gen: or P^ticuler, put a 
stop to those Troop^'s. 

John Tinker hath licence to retayle liquors 'distilled by him, 
vntil Octob"", 1662, and to indeauour to suppress others that 
shal sell by retaile in ye Towne. 

In ye appeale of Robert Reeues in ye case twixt him as p* 
contr John White, this Court finds for ye Defendant. 

In ye case twixt him as p* contr Wm. Clark, this Court find 
for ye Defendant, and if there be any land besides the homelot 
that is expresly bought, such land doth apperteine to John Skin- 
ners estate. 

[137] It is ordered by this Court it shalbe in the power of the 
Treasurer, at al times, as cause requires, to issue forth his war- 
rant vnto the Constables in ye respectiue Plantations where 
any Comissioner or select men shal faile in p^fectingand trans- 
mitting the list of Estates according to order, to destreine and 
leuy the forfeiture required in ye said order provided in this 

This Court doth impose the fine of 205. vpon the Town of 
Norwalk, for y^ neglect in transmitting their list according to 
order at October Court last. 

Receaued by me John Shepherd, of my loving Vnkel Greg- 
ory Winterton, Thirty four pounds, w^h he receaued of my 
Bro: Thomas Greenhill for lands I sold him, for w^^ I made my 
Vnkel a letter of Attourney, I say receaued by me, 

Augs*^ 4: 1654. John Shepherd. 

Transcribed out of ye originall. 

In answer to Simon Lobdels Petition ; 

1. This Court admits not a further hearing of ye case. 


2. Its ordered that ye spatial verdict drawen vp by the P^tic- 
uler Court, respecting Simons case ag^t Jared and Hannah 
Spencer, shal stand firme to issue that busines. 

3. In referenc to y^ just expences mentioned in y^ verdict. 
Its ordered that Jared Spencer shal pay vnto Simon Lobdell, 
Fiue pounds, besides the Ten pounds mentioned in ye verdict. 
All w^h sum of fifteen pounds shalbe paid in wheat and pease 
or other estate equivalent : Fiue pounds to be paid by the 10*^ 
of Aprill, the other Ten pounds according as is specified in y^ 
spetial verdict. And this is to be a final issue. 

Jeremiah Adams acknowledging himself indebted vnto y« 
estate of Mr. Hopkins the sum of Twenty pounds wherin Mrs. 
Vrsilla Gibdons stands bound w'^ h{fji for ye payment thereof 
this Court doth free the said Vrsula from her bond, and doth 
sequester the said estate in Jer: his hand, til further order pro- 
ceed for ye paym* thereof. 

This Court haueing heard and considered the differenc twixt 
ye Towne of Middle Town and Mr. Stow, and their allegations 
[138] and answers, || doe judg and determine, that ye people of 
Middle Town are free from Mr. Stow as their engaged minis- 
ter. 2]y. That the people of Middle Town shal giue to Mr. 
Stow L^s Testimonial, according as was drawen vp, and pi'sent- 
ed by the Worshipfull Gouernc in ye Court. And Mr. Stow 
is not infringed of his liberty to preach in Middle Town to 
such as will attend him, vntil there be a setled ministrey there. 

In reference to former intentions and motions w^h could not 
be brought to a ful conclusion for ye manner and meanes to 
accomplish the same, til this meeting of ye Generall Court, It 
is concluded and declared by this Court, That (as it was form- 
erly agreed by those Magestrates and Deputies that then could 
be assembled together,) it is our duty and very necessary to 
make a speedy address to his Sacred Maiesty, our Soveraigne 
Lord Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland, France 
and Ireland, to acknowledge our loyalty & allegiance to his 
highnes, hereby declareing and professing ourselues, all the In- 
habitants of this Colony, to be his Highnes loyall and faythfull 
subjects. And doe further conclude it necessary that we should 
humbly petition his Maiesty for grace and fauour, and for ye 
continuance and confirmation of such privilidges and liberties 



as are necessary for the comfortable and peaceable settlement 
of this Colony. 

It is ordered, that the Fine hundred pounds that Cap' John 
Cullick is to pay to ye Countrey, shalbe kept and improued in 
pursueance of our Address to his Highnes our Soveraigne 
Lord Charles etc. 

Mr. Willis, Mr. AUyn, & Willm Wadsworth are appointed as 
a Comittee to meet with Cap' Cullick when he comes vp, to re- 
ceaue in such bills as he is to assigne to the Countreys vse. 

This Court haueing heard the case respecting Jeremie and 
John Adams and Edward Stebbing, respecting the sale of y^ 
Homelot of Thomas Greenhill, at Hartford, doe sentence and 
conclude, that ye said sale of y* lot ly Edward Stebbing to Mr. 
[139j Goodwin is a legal sale : the sale being || acknowledg- 
ed by Edward Stebbin in open Court. 

In answer to ye close of ye Petition respecting Hoccanum 
lands, it is ordered, that all ye proprietors of ye wast land shal 
appoint a time to lay out ye lots according to ye several grants, 
as they haue agreed in Court to doe. 

This Court doth grant and order that there shalbe paid vnto 
Eltweed Pomry the sum of Ten pounds, out of ye Wompom 
yt is come from Narroganset, at six p"" penny, as recompense 
for his loss in his Mare. 

This Court orders, that in case Sarah North hear not of her hus- 
band by thatye seauenthyear be expired, (he haueing bene absent 
six, already,) that then she shalbe free from her coniugal bonds.. 

Its ordered by this Court, that ye people of Middle Town 
shal pay vnto Mr. Stow, for his labour in ye ministrey the year 
past, 40/. weh is to be paid vnto him by the 10'^^ of April next. 

Its ordered, that ye Wompom yt the Comissioni^s ordered to 
be paid to Mr. Brewster shalbe deliv^d vnto him out of that 
weh came from Narroganset. 

It is ordered that ye Secretary shal send down order to Rob' 
Chapman to giue power and order to ye new Constable at Sea 
Brook to levy the sum of 9/. 6s. Id. vpon William Bushnell, 
and likewise y* ye Secretary shal send order to require the said 
Bushnell to levy the said 9/. 6s. Id. vpon ye estates of such at 
Norridge as are defectiue in their Rates and to p^fect his Acco* 
for ye last yeare. 


The Constables in the y^ respectiue Plantations are hereby 
required forthwith to perfect their acco^s respecting the several 
levies for y^ Countrey Rates y' are yet imperfect ; and in case 
of defect herein aff the lO^i^ of Aprill next, the Treasurer is 
ordered to send forth warrants to y^ p^sent Constables to des- 
treine the remaind'' of y^ Levy from the Constable defectiue, 
also 40s. fine for neglect in attending the Countrey order is to 
to be required of and destreined by the Treasurers Warrant 
from y^ said Constables. 

1140] Whereas, it is wel knowne to y^ Inhabitants and 
Churches in these parts that there was a Church orderly gath- 
ered at Wethersfield, by y^ full approbation and allowance of 
ye Court and Magestrates then in power, and by the consent 
and appi'bation of neighbour Churches, and whereas there are 
diverse of y^ members of y«= said Church remoued from thence 
w^hout any notice giuen to, or allowance and app^bation from 
this Court or y^ Magestrates of this Jurisdiction or the Churches 
wthin this Jurisdiction or the neighbouring Churches, soe as 
the number of y^ members of that Church is lessened thereby, 
and vpon that occasion some, through misapp^hension of the 
true state of that Church, there still resident and remaineing^ 
haue taken occasion vniustly to question the station and being 
of ye said Church of X*: as some of that Church doe complaine, 
and yet none haue charg'^ any offence or irregularity vpon the 
said Ch: or their proceed in their Ch: estate ; & wheras the said 
Ch: did manifest vnto the former Sess'i of this Court, w'^^' heard 
and examined their case openly, the reality and trueth of their 
continuance in the same membership, Ch: estate & station as 
formerly ; This Court doth therfore hereby declare that y^ said 
Ch: is ye true and vndoubted Ch: of Wethersfield, and soe to be 
account** and esteemed, for any thing doth yet appeare ; yet this 
Court doth also declare that if any just charg be brought in 
agaynst them, or any thing be made to appeare that may iustly 
disapproue or call in question their Ch: estate before the 14^^ 
of May next ensueing, and shal orderly declare and regularly 
prosecute their charge agaynst them, then ye Court will attend 
the hearing of such charge agaynst them and accordingly iudge 
of their estate as shal then appeare. 

The Magestrates and Assistants in ye respectiue Plantations 


in this Colony are desired forthwith to call ye Grand Jury men 
in their Townes, and to giue them an Oath for y« due discharg 
of their worke. 

[141] The Com's of N. London is fined 40s. for not trans- 
mitting their List of estate, according to order. 

It is ordered by this Court, that noe person wtsoeuer in this 
Colony, shal directly or indirectly buy or rent any of ye Lands 
at Podunk that are laid out and possessed by the Indians there. 
And respecting Thomas Burnam, it is allowed and granted vnto 
him, that in case the Indians there shal depart from that place 
and leaue it, that then the said Thomas, w^^ y® free consent of 
ye Indians there, shal improue the Indians lands in ye time of 
their absence, W^^ consent of ye Indians shalbe declared before 
the Magestrates. Thomas Burnam doth engage to this Court' 
that whensoeuer ye Indians desire to returne to*and improue 
their lands themselues, he the said Thomas wil freely, readily 
and without any trouble, surrend^ ye possession vnto ye Indians 
agayne. This liberty to continue til his lease be expired. 

It is ordered, that Cap* Lord and the Treasurer shal leuel ac- 
counts, and the Treasurer is to pay what is due to Cap* Lord, 
w^h dammadges allowed vnto him. 

Capt. Cook is required to desist in any further labour on the 
lower Farme at Mussaco, vntil the matter be issued at Geni^ 
Court, in May next. 

Wednesday three weeks is appointed a solemne humiliation 
to seek the favour of God in ye occasions of ye insueing yeare, 
and yt God would direct vs in those waies y* may conduce to 
our settlement in peace and privilidges, and y^ peace and truth 
may be setled in England. 

[142] Court of Election held at Hartford, May 16, 

Magestrates elected : 
Jo: Winthrop Esq"", Go: 
Jo: Mason Esq^, Dep: 

Mr. Henry Clark, Mr. Gould, 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Topping, 


Mr. Allyn, Mr. Rainer, 

Mr. Phelps, Mr. Baker, 

Mr. Treat, Mr. Bond. 

Treasurer, John Talcot. 
Sec'y Dani^ Clark, et Dep: 
JDep: C. Rich: Lord, Mr. Henry Woolcot, Mr. Gaylard, 
Wm. Wadsworth, Joseph Migat, John Moore, Sam^i 
Welles, Samii Boreman, John Deming Sen"", John Kil- 
burne, John Clark Sen"", Math: Campfield, Jehu Burr, 
John Banks, Rich: 01mstead,Robt Warner, Nath: White, 
James Rogers, Rob' Royce, Antho: Howkins, Thomas 
Judd, Phillip Groues, Mr. Haul. 
The Freemen voted that y^ Gen^' Court should choose Com*"' 
and invest them w'h full power for this year ensueinge: 

And likewise that y^ Court should choose Assistants, as need 
requires in y^ several Plantations. 

Mr. Tinker, Mr. Campfield and Rob' Chapman ai*e chosen 
and sworn Assistants. 

The Assistant and Com's at New London are desired to take 
a strickt care to suppress disorders in that place. 

The Gou^nor and Dep: Gou"" are chosen Comissioners for 
this yeare ensueing, and Mr. Allyn and Mr. Willis for a re- 

Mr. Allyn is chosen Moderator in absence of y^ Gou"" and 
Dep: Go:, both for Gen^ and P^ticuler Courts. 

This Court remits 4/. of ye fine of 8/. formerly laid on Wm, 

This Court hath accepted and doe confirme the conclusion of 
ye Comittee respecting the accounts of Georg Tong & John 

This Court remits Ten pound of ye fine imposed on John 
Bissell for tradeing Liquors. 

This Court hath added 20s. to that w^h the Pniculer Court 
allowed to Stephen Taylor out of John Bissells fine. 

This Court vnd'"sf.anding the Com^s consent thervnto, doe 
accept of ye Plantation of Setauk vnd"" this Gouerm',* vpon 
ye same Articles of Confederation as are granted to South- 

• " Libertie is granted to the Jurisdiction of Conecticut, to take Huntington and Setaukett, two 
English PJantetions on Long Hand, vnder their Gouerinent." [Rec. of U. Colonies, Sept. 1660,1 



ampton ; and for two yeares doe free y* Plantat: from publ: 
charges, nor must they expect the Countrey to be at charg 
about them during that time. Mr. Richard Wodhull and Mr. 
Thorn s Peirce are chosen by the Court to officiate in ye place 
of Magestrates in that Plantat: for y^ yeare ensueing. Mr. 
Wodhul sworne. 

Mr. Pel and Alexand^" Knowles chosen Assistants for Fair- 
field, and in case either of them refuse, Mr. Wm. Hil is chosen 
to supply that defect. 

[143] This Court doth ord^ that ye bounds of N. London 
shalbe measured by the persons that the Court appoints, that 
soe they may be regulated according to y^ grant of the Court. 

Mathew Griswold, Thomas Tracy and James Morgan are 
appointed to try the bounds of N. London, and to make report 
what is ye extent of ye bounds from the Sea northward in- 
to ye Countrey, on ye east side the Riuer, according to ye ord- 
nary way of laying out of bounds in this Colony. N. London 
people haue liberty to procure the ablest person they can to 
assist in this matter. 

This Court hath chosen Wm. Wadsworth, Mr. Campfield and 
John Moor as a Comittee to ripen ye case respecting the horses 
in controuersy twixt Reynold Marvin and Math: Griswold, for 
ye determination of ye Court. 

The former ord^ respecting Mr. Jn" Tinker is stil to be at- 
tended by him in veiweing a convenient place at or neere Mon- 
hegin, to take vp some Land. • 

Respecting Mr. Bruens letter for advice, the Courts mind is 
to take the matf into furth"" consideration before they giue di- 
rection in ye case propounded by him. 

In answer to Fairfield Petition, this Court declare their vn- 
willingnes to admit a further hearing of ye case twixt Fairfield 
& Stratford. 

This Court grants Goodwife Lettin liberty to inhabit in Fair- 
field, in case that Towne admit her. 

Execut" sent to Fairfield for Twenty pounds, according to 
ye conclusion of Norwalk Comittee. 

This Court remitls 405. of ye fine imposed vpon Nicholas 
Palmer & his wife. 

This Court approues of ye returne of ye Comittee respecting 


Math: Griswold and Renold Marvin, and confirm their determi- 
nation about the Horses. 

This Court grants that the one half of y^ horses in contro- 
uersy shalbe devided twixt Math: Griswold and Reynold Mar- 
vin equally, and y« other half the Court ord"" to be to y^ Coun- 
trey. And its ordered that y^ said company of horses shalbe 
[144] lookd vp by Marvin, and that Robert Chapman, 1| John 
Clark Sen^, Math: Griswold and Reynold Marvin shal sell the 
Horses to make paym* and distribution according to this Order. 
Goodm: Marvin is to see y« Horses brought in, that soe this ord"" 
may be effected. And y^ value of what haue bin sold is to 
come into this distribution. And this is to issue that contro- 

John Banks, Richard Olmstead, and Joseph Judson are ap- 
pointed to run the line from South to y^ Northward, twixt Fair- 
field and Stratford, to y^ extent of their bounds, and also ye 
cross line. 

This Court hath remitted fiue pounds of y« fine imposed on 
Whelpley, for his lasciviousness. 

This Court repeales y^ ordi" for paying the Indians for such 
Wolues as they kill or steale. 

Respecting Cap* Aaron Cooks grant at Mussaco, This Court 
doth iudg the grant stil in force, and doe order that he shal be- 
gin next ye Falls and take meadow, good and bad, w^hout ex- 
ception, except vplands, w<=h are not intended in ye grant. 

In reference to ye Address drawn vp by c Gou^nor, This 
Court doth order that ye said Draft as it is now drawen vp and 
formed and pi'sented to ye Court, shalbe sent and p^sented to 
his Highnes o"^ Soveraigne Lord and King Charles ye 2^ etc., in 
case the Comittee chose to pi'vse and compleat ye said Address 
see not cause to make any alteration therein, to whom it is fully 
left to compile or methodize the Instrument as they iudge 
most convenient, provided ye substance be stil attended and 

The Comittee chosen to compleat ye Address and draw vp 
the Petition to his Ma^'e or any other L^s to any noble p^sona- 
ges in England, and al other matters respecting c address. Pe- 
tition or Patent, are as follow : John Winthrop Esq^ C Gour ; 


Also, ye Dep: Gou^, Mr. Willis, Mr. Allin, Mr. Warham, Mn 
Stone, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Whiting and ye Secretary. 

It is agreed between Cap* Topping, Mr. Halsey, Mr. Stan- 
bourough and John Coop^ in behalf of all of Southampton 
[145] vnsatisfied about their bounds, || and Mr. Baker and Mr. 
Mulford, in behalf of ye Towne of East Hampton, That y« 
bounds between the two Plantations shal for euer be and re- 
maine at the stake set down by Capt: How, an hundred pole 
eastward from a little pond, the said stake being two miles or 
near thereabouts from ye east side of a great pond comonly 
called Sackaponock ; and soe to run from ye South Sea to the 
stake, and soe ouer the Island by a strait line to ye easterne end 
of Hogneck, according to ye true intent and purpose of what is 
expressed in the grant and deed subscribed and allowed by Mr. 
James Forret, Agent for ye Right Hoi'ie Earle of Sterling. It 
is further to be vnd''stood that what agreem* is here made doth 
noe way intrench vpon any of ye rights, privilidges or irnunities 
conferd vpon Southampton by their Patent purchased of the 
aforesaid James Forret. It is further concluded that ye lands 
on the west side the stake forementioned shalbe and remaine to 
Southampton for euer, and ye land on ye east side ye stake, 
being the greater part of ye Plaine, to be and belong to ye Plan- 
tation of East Hampton foreuer. And this to stand as a final 
conclusion respecting the bounds twixt those two Plantations. 

It is ordered, that ye Towne of East Hampton shal pay vnto 
ye Capt Topping and his copartners, towards their charges in 
transacting this case at this Court, the sum of 20 Nobles. 

This Court is adiourned til ye last Wednesday in Aug^t next. 

This Court doth desire and authorize o^" Wor'i Gouerno'' 
(who speedily intends a voyage to England,) to agitate and 
transact the affairs of this Colony in reference to o"" Address 
& Petition to his Ma^ie, or respecting o^ Pattent, according as he 
shall receaue further instructions from the Comittee appointed 
to compleat those matfs, takeing in the advice and counsell 
and consent of such Gentlemen and freinds as may be excited 
and procured to be actiue w'^ him in and about the premisses. 

of connecticut, 369 

[146] Hartford. Session Gen'^ June 7*: 61. 

Jo: Winthrop Esqr, Go: 

Magestrates: Mr. Willis, Mr. AUyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 

Sed"; Danii Clark. 

Dep: C. Rich: Lord, C. Jn" Talcot, Henry Woolcot, 
Wm. Gaylard, Wm. Wadsworth, Joseph Migat, Jo: Dem- 
ing, Samii Wells, Sam^i Boreman, Tho: Judd, Antho: 
Howkins, Rob^: Warner, Nath'i White, James Rogers. 
This Court haueing considered the Address and Petition 
compleated by the Comittee, to be sent and pi'sented to his 
Matie, o"" Soveraigne Lord Charles the 2d, and also the Instruc- 
tions drawen vp for o"" Wor^i Gouernc, Agent for this Colony 
in ye prmisses, doe approue of that w^h ye Comittee hath done. 
And doe further add to y^ Instructions, that they doe leaue y« 
matfs respecting any Li's that may be found necessary to be 
directed to any other Nobles or Gent: who may be stirred vp to 
be helpful in promoteing the Address, Petition or Pattent, be- 
sides them that are nominated in the Instructions, to o'' Wor'i 
Gouern""; and as he shal see cause, to draw vp, and in y^ name 
of the Colony to subscribe, scale and deliuer such L^s, and to 
draw vp and pi'sent any further Petition in behalf of this Colony, 
to his Ma^ie, as may be found necessary. 

It is ordered by this Court, that c Wor^i Gouernr shalbe 
allowed out of the Treasurie, for this ensuing yeare, the sum of 
Eighty pounds. And in reference to his intended voiage to 
England, if his purpose and resolution doe stil continue to goe, 
in regard this Court hath made choice of his worsP to be an 
Agent to further our welfare, in p^senting o'' Address & Peti- 
tion to ye Kings Maiestie, and to improue his abilities to pro- 
cure vs a Pattent, This Court doth hereby order and enact, that 
whateuer charges or expenses the attendance on those affaires 
of this Colony shall require in England, shalbe defraied out of 
that 500/. that is by ord^ of Court appointed and set apart for 
yt service. 

This Court doth desire and appoint Capt. Lord, Mr. Henry 
Woolcot, John AUyn, Will™ Wadsworth, or a maior part of 
them, w'h ye advice of Mr. Math: Allyn, to order and dispose of 
ye pay that is to come to ye Col: from Cap'. John CuUick, soe 


as yt it may answer such Bills as may be charged on this Col: 
by o"" Wor^i Gouernor or his order, in pursuance of our Pattent, 
in England. 

[147] The Treasurer is appointed to signe y^ h^ of Credit, 
whereby the Gouerno'" may be authorized to charge Bills on y^ 
Colony to y^ value of 500Z. according to former act of y^ Court. 
The Treasurer is to giue order to y^ Comittee for y^ delivery of 
pay when Bills are charged. 

The Secretary is ordered to subscribe in y« name of y^ Court, 
the Address, Petition and Letters to y^ Nobles and to y« Cor- 
poration, and deliuer to y Gouernour coppies of y^ same ; and 
in case it be iudged expedient the Gouernour is desired to sub- 
scribe y« Address and Petition.* 

Eltweed Pomrey hath receaued the 10/. in Wompom, from 
ye Gouerno', that the Court formerly granted him. 

Session, June 8: 61. 

This Court takeing into consideration ye estate y* is in John 
Coles improuemS y* formerly belonged to Edward Hopkins 
Esqr, Doe order, that ye Treasurer shal require and take into 
his custody and improuement the rent of that house and land at 
Hartford, from John Cole, and to be accountable for it when ye 
Court cals him thervnto. And likewise for Willra Hills farme, 
ye same order is to be attended. 

The Treasurer and Will'" Wads worth are desired to acquaint 
John Cole that ye Court expects that he continue in ye improue- 
ment of ye Farme according to his Lease ; and its left w^h 
them to informe him that ye Court desires and are ready to in- 
courage him in this busines for ye future. 

[148] Hartford. Session, AuG^t 17: 61, 

Majr Jo: Mason Esq^, D: Go: 
Magestrates : Mr. Allyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Treat. 
Secrefy; Danli Clark. 

• The Instructions to Gov. Winthrop, Letter to the Earl of Manchester, (as is supposed,) and 
a copy of the Address, will be found in the Appendix, No. X. The Petition, and a Letter to 
Lord Say & Sele, have been already printed in Trumbull's History of Connecticut, Vol. i., Ap- 
pendix, Nos. vn. & viii. 


Deputies : C. Jo: Talcot, W^ Wadsworth, Joseph Migat, 
Samii Wells, John Moor, Jo: Deming Sen:, Tho: Judd, 
Antho: Howkins, Sam: Boreman, John Kilburn, Rob' 
Warner, Nathan'i White, Mr. Henry Woolcot. 

This Court doth order that it shalbe comended to y^ consid- 
eration ofy« Com^s that an order may be established, Thatnoe 
Indians w^euer shal attempt any hostile act, or wage or carry 
on any warr within y^ limits of y^ several Colonies or Planta- 
tions, but shal first make y^ justice of their cause appear to y® 
Authority of y^ Colony wherin the Indians Hue, and haue liberty 
from ye Authority of ye Colonic to proceed on in their warr : 

And in case the Indians doe violate y^ Com^s former order, 
in hostile attempts as before, or in marching throw ye Townes 
wth armes, what fine or punishment is to be inflicted on offend- 
ers, and how we may act in opposeing Indians or pursueing de- 

This Court doth appoint Maior Mason, Mr. Allyn, Wm. 
Wadsworth, C. Jo: Talcot, Joseph Migat, as a Comittee, to 
whom it is left to settle Podunk Indians in that place, vpon 
righteous and honerable termes ; as also to indeauour to settle 
Farmington Indians, and to purge out strangers from them. 
And to enioyne both Podunk and Farmington Indians to cease 
their warr and not to entertein strangi's, and also to require ye 

[149] Hartford. Session Gen'I AuG^t 28: 61. 

Mr. Allyn, Moderate^. 
Magestrates : Mr. Phelps, Mr. Treat. 
Dep : C. Jo: Talcot, Dan^' Clark, et Sec'', Mr. Gaylard, 
Wm. Wadsworth, John Moore, Joseph Migat, Sam^i 
Welles, John Deming, Sam^^ Boreman, Anthony How- 
kins, Thomas Judd. 
In reference to ye case depending twixt Caspar Varleet, by 
way of appeale, contr Edward Palmes, This Court doth deter- 
mine. That Caspar Varleet shal forthwith make satisfaction to 
Mr. Palmes for what is vnpaid of ye Bill in Cattle, w^^ 81. 6s. 
6d. for damadge, with charges. And in case Caspar Varleet 


doe not satisfie according to this order, This Court grants 
execution to be dehvered vpon y^ estate of Varleets that hes 
vnd'' Attachm*, and L* Thomas Bull, Mr. Jos: Wellard and 
James Steel are appointed to apprize the estate that Mr. Palmes 
doth receaue from Mr. Varleet ; and if any of these three fayle, 
Thomas is to supply his roome. 

This Court hath granted to Jonathan Gilbert a farme, to ye 
numb"^ of 300 Acres of vpland and 50 Acres of meadow, pro- 
vided it be not preiuditiall where he finds it to any Plantat" yt 
now is, or hereafter may be setled. 

The Court hath granted vnto Mr. Math: Allyn, 400 Acr^ of 
vpland and 100 A-cr^ of meadow, where he can find it w^^^in 
Conect: liberties, vpon ye same termes as to Jonatha Gilbert. 

[150] Hartford: At a Gen^' Session : Ocxo^r 3 : 61. 
Maior Mason, D: Go: 

Magestrates: Mr. Willis, Mr. Allyn, Mr. Phelps, Mr. 

Sec'', Danii Clark, et Dep : 
Deput : C. John Talcot, Lt Hollister, Lt Jo: Allyn, Mr. 
Gaylard, L* Walter Filer, Joseph Migat, John Moor, 
John Deming, Sam^^ Wells, Sam^i Boreman, Antho: 
Howkins, Tho: Judd, Rob* Chapman, John Clarke, 
James Morgan, James Avery, Walter Hoit, Joseph Jud- 
son, Nathii White, Robert Warner, Phillip Groues, Mr. 
Hill, Thomas Staples. 
This Court orders, that it may be comended to y^ considera- 
tion of ye Freemen the great cost and burthen yt lies vpon this 
CoUony by the great number of Deputies that attend ye Gen^i 
Courts ; and if it seeme good to ye Freemen it is desired y* ye 
number may be lessened one halfe in each Towne in this Colo- 
ny. And likewise, in case any occasion necessitate the calling 
together ye Gen^i Court at such season that may be praeiudiciall 
for the remoter Townes to send their Deputies, that then it may 
remaine and be in ye power and liberty of these neighbouring 
Townes on ye Riuer, by their Deputies or a major part of them, 
w^Ji soe many Magestrates as ye law requires, to keep Court, 


y^ with full power and authority as if the Deputies of y^ severall 
Elantations were p''sent altogether. 

This Court doth hereby manifest their complianc and consent 
that ye Comision Court shalbe held but once in three yeares, in 
ye ordnary course: and y^ Secretary is ordered to certifie this 
order to y^ Comi^s at y next meeting. 

There is a Levy of a penny p'' £ ordered to be raised vpon 
ye estate of y^ whole Colony. 

Next Wednesday come fortnight is appointed to be kept a 
solemne Thanksgiueing throwout the Colony, for Gods merceys 
in ye remaineing fruits of ye earth, and for o"^ peace, and that 
God is pleased to free vs from y^ mortality y' ye Plantat^ haue 
bin afflicted with. 

Those that are nominated to be put to election for Mages- 
trates, at the Gen^i Court in May next, are C. John Talcot, 
Sec Danii Clark, L' Jo: Allyn, Mr. Henry Woolcot. 

This Court haueing heard and considered the busines respect- 
ing Mr. Varleets Still and Worm, w^h ye head, yt was destreined 
for Mr. Palmes his debt, doe see cause to order, that ye said 
[151] Still etc, be sequestred in ye Marshalls hand or custody, 
for ye space of three weeks, during w<=^ time it shalbe lawful! 
and at ye liberty of Mr. Varleet to redeem the Still, by paying 
the debt to Mr. Palmes or ye Marshall, wt^ all such charges as 
haue bene occasioned by executions laid on the Still. And if 
Caspar Varleet doe not redeem it, or any man elce, in that 
time, pay more for it then what is due to Mr. Palmes, then ye 
Still etc. is to be delivered to Mr. Palmes, and he to defray the 
said charges. 

The list of Estate andp^'sons p^'sented to this Court: — 





Wethersfield, 11955. 







Stratford, 8596. 



Sea Brook, 




Nor walk, 3527. 







Middle Towne, 2399. 







This Court doth ord"" and appoint Mr. Gould, Mr. Sherman, 
Mr. Knowles, Mr. Campfield or any three of them, provided Mr. 
Gould be one, to examine and issue ye busines respecting Joseph 
Jeames and Marcy Holbridge and to inflict such punishm^ as 
they iudge meet according to law. 


This Court dolh confirme and establish ye act of ye Comittee 
at N. London,* respecting ye east line and lands disposed and 
to be disposed of; one pniculer whereof is yt such land as lies 
abutteing vpon ye line already disposed to men, shalbe and be- 
long to them, though it lye w^^hout ye line. 

This Court haueing heard and considered y« contumelies car- 
riage of Mr. Varleet against ye Magestrates, and affront to ye 
Countries officer in execution of his office, doe fine him 10/. to 
be paid by him to ye Treasurer. 

The Worii D: Gouern'", C. Jo: Talcot and Lt John Allyn are 
appointed and requested to goe to N. London to ioyne w'^ ye 
[152] Assistant and Com^s there || in keeping Court Pert^: and 
ye Dep: Gou"": is to appoint ye time. 

It is ordered that the Assistants in this Colony, w^Hn their 
respectiue limits shal haue ye power of one Magestrate vntily® 
Gen^i Court in May next. 

This Court orders ye Secretary to write a Letter to Nor- 
ridge, to send vp a Comittee in May next, invested w^^ f^\\ 
[poioerl to issue ye affair respecting setling that Plantation ynd"" 
this Gouerment. 

The Will and Testam^ of Edward Hopkins Esq', being 
pfsented to this Court, legally attested, is accepted as authen- 
tick : 

This Court doth likewise order and impower Edward Steb- 
bing and L^ Thomas Bull to take ye manadgm* of ye estate of 
Mr. Hopkins, deceased, into their hands and the gathei'ing in 
ye debts due to ye estate and to be accountable to ye Court for 
ye same when called therevnto. 

Vpon a proposition p^'sented from Mr. Goodwin, in reference 
to ye legacy belonging to this Colony, by the last Will of Mr. 
Hopkins,t and whereas there was, by a writeing, a tendr of 

* [In the margin ;J " ]7 May, '55." 

t Mr. Hopkins, by his will executed Mar. 17th, 1657-8, ("after severall legacies therein be- 
queathed out of his estate in New England) gave and bequeathed the residue of his estate 
there, to his father Thenphilus Eaton Esq., Master John Davenport, Mr. John CuUick and Mr. 
William Goodwin, in full assurance of their trust and faithfulnes in disposing of it according to 
the true intent and purpose of him the said Edward Hopkins, which was, to give some incour- 
agement in those forraigne Plantacons for the breeding up of hopefull youths in a way of learn- 
ing, both at the Grammar Schoole andCoUodge, for the publique service of the Country in future 
tymes." [Power of Attorney from Henry Dalley, Mr. Hopkins' executor, to the trustees ; in 
"Colleges & Schools," Vol. i. No. l.l In addition to this bequest, (estimated at about XIOOO,) 


350?. to this Colony, out of that estate ; This Court doth declare 
that they doe not reiect the tender. And further, this Court 
doth appoint Major Mason, Mr. Mathew AUyn, Mr. Willis and 
Capt John Talcot, as a Comittee to treat w^h ye Trustees of 
Mr. Hopkins estate about y" foresaid legacy, and what y" maior 
part of those y* meet doe conclude, shal stand as an issue of that 
busines. And y*"- Secretary is to write a letf to y<^ Trustees to 
appoint time and place of meeting. 

C. John Talcot hath liberty granted to him to retaile liquors 
provided he attend y^ ord^s of ye Countrey therin. 

Robt Chapman and Mathew Griswold are appointed to lay 
out Mr. Allyns Farm according to y^ conditions of y^ Grant. 

Wm. Prat is established Lieutenat to y^ Band at SeaBrook ; 
Wm. Waller, Ensigne ; Wm. Bushnel & Reynold Marvin* 

[153] Robert Chapman and John Clark Sen^ are appointed 
to require Reynold Marvin and Math: Griswold to bring in y^ 
horses soe ordered for the Countrey, and to require y^ pay for 
what are sold, and this to be effected by ye first of Decemb'' 
next, and to inquire after y^ number of them, and to make re- 
turne to y^ Court in Decemb"^ what is done herein. 

It is ordered, that y^ Indians y' liue neer ye Townes on ye 
Riuer haue free liberty to carry their guns, throw y^ English 
Townes, provided they are not aboue 10 men in company. 
This liberty is granted to Tunxis Indians. Former restreints 
are repealed. 

Will"» Wads worth and Rich""*! Butler are to iudge of that 
Beef yt Varleet doth pay to redeeme y^ Still, whether Mer- 
chantable or noe, and Joseph Smith to gadge y^ cask. 

Mr. H. gave from his estate in England, the sum of £500, in further prosecution of "the afore- 
said publick ends," " for the upholding and promoting the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ in 
those parts of the earth." This latter sum was considered to belong to Harvard College, and 
was paid to that institution, under a decree in chancery, in 1710. 

The proceeds of the estate in N. England were appropriated by the trustees to the support of 
Grammar schools in Hartford, New Haven and Hadley. 

A letter from Mr. Goodwin, (in the name 6f the trustees,) to the General Court, in reply to one 
received from the Secretary requesting tha appointment of a time and place of meeting, will be 
found in the Appendix, No. VHI. [See Savage's Wuith. Journal, I. 228, JVote; Trumbull's H. of 
Conn. I. 232.] 

376 public records 

[154] At a Session of the _Gen11 Court, at Hartford, 
March 13: 61-62. 

This Court hauing read and considered the Petition of Bridget 
Baxter, in reference to her husbands deserting her and her de- 
sire to be divorced from him, doe ordr Mr. Gould, Mr. Sherman 
and Mr. Wm. Hill to examine the letter that ye said Baxter sent 
to his wife in England, and to compare the said writeing wth 
other of his writeings ; and in case they find a true & full con- 
currence in the said hand writeing, that to their judgm^s it ap- 
peare to be his writeing, then to declare vnto y^ said Bridget 
that this Court hath and hereby doth free her from her coniu- 
gall bond to her husband Baxter. 

It is ordered, that forty fiue shillings in ye Marshals hands, of 
Varleets, shalbe a full discharge of ye remainder of his Ten 
pounds fine to ye Countrey, weh ye Marshal is to discharge to 
ye Countrey and Mr. Palmes to him. 

This Court duely and w^^ serious deliberation, haueing 
weighed and considered the nature of the offence of Mr. John 
Blackleich in his contemptuous expressions against severall 
p''sons in authority in this Colony, doe declare, that though the 
hainousnes of ye transgression deserues a fine of an hundred 
pounds, yet also considering some weaknes that too evidently 
appeares that he is incid* vnto, this Court doth impose the fine 
of Thirty pounds to be paid by the said Mr. Blackleich to ye 
publique Treasury. 

This Court haue established the line of Farmington to extend 
to ye mouth of ye Brook at Nod Meadow, at ye northerne end 
towards Mussaco, and there to be ye devident bounds twixt 
[155] that plantation and their neighb[ours] at Mussaco, and 
there to run east and west, to devide twixt both parties. 

This Court hath granted vnto Anthony Howkins and Thomas 
Judd 400 Acres of land betwixt them, whereof 80 Acr^ of 
Meadow, if it may be found where it may not p^iudice any 
Plantation y* now is, or hereafter may be setled. 

There is also granted vnto C. John Talcot and L* Jo: AUyn, 
600 Acr*^ of vpland and 100 Acr^ of meadow, to be equally de- 
vided between them. 

There is also granted vnto ye SeCy Daniel Clark and John 
Moor, the number of 400 Acr^ of land, vpon ye forementioned 


termes, whereof 80 Acres of Meadow, w^h is to be devided be- 
tween them, and if it cannot be found together they haue Ub- 
erty to seek it out severally. 

There is granted vnto Mr. Willys, 200 Acres of land, whereof 
50 Acrs to be Meadow land, vpon ye forementioned termes. 

[In the Margin ;] C: Lord hath granted from the Court, 
350 Acres of vpland & 50 Acres of meadowe, if it : This 1 
find in the Records of this Court, March 13, 61-62, though it 
be not recorded in their acts in this Booke. As I atest this 
nth of Sepf. '67. John Allyn, Secrefy. 

Mr. Phelps, Mr. Gaylard, Jo: Bissell Senr, Sam" Steell, Lt 
Hollister, John Wadsworth, doe propound to y^ Court for 

This Court grants vnto Jeremiah Adams, 300 Acr^ of vpland 
and 40 Acr^ of meadow, in the place where he kept cattle last 
winter, going to Monhegin ; and in case there be a plantation 
there setled, he is to haue a double portion according to his es- 
tate out of this land now granted ; the rest he is to surrend'' to 
ye Towne. 

This Court sees cause to repeale the former order respecting 
allowance for wolues, and y* each Towne shal pay for ye 
wolues that are killed in their limits the sum of Fifteen shillings 
pf wolfe. 

This Court orders, that ye salery for Daniel Porter shalbe 
paid yearly, out of ye Treasury. 

[156] This Court orders, that for future, the leath' sealers in 
this Colony shal haue allowed vnto them for each Dicker of 
Leather they scale, 18d. and for half a Dicker, 12d. and 4d. a 
hide, for single hides. 

This Court declares, that they accept the Towne of Hunting- 
ton, on Long Island, vnd'' this Gouernmt, And Mr. Willys, 
and Capt: Lord are appointed to returne an answer to their 

This Court, vppon further consideration of the frame of ye 
matter respecting Mr. John Blackleich, and obserueing that 
there is too much appearance of preiudice in ye testimonies 
that haue bene p^sented, and how indirect the course was 
wherby any thing was discouered, i. e. by lying in wait, can- 
not but see iust cause to acquit Mr. Jo: Blackleich of that fine 


imposed, there appearing reason to suspect that both Loveridge 
and Burnam are guilty of y^ crinfie they testifie against Mr. 

It is granted and ordered by this Court, vpon the motion and 
desire of Jeremiah Adams, that ye house that the said Jer: doth 
now possess and improue for an Ordnary, or house of comon en- 
terteinment, shalbe and remaine for the same end and vse and 
occupation for the future, both to ye said Jeremie and his suc- 
cessors, provided as hereafter is expressed : 

1. That ye said Jeremie, his heires and successors, carry on 
this worke, by such pi'son or p^sons inhabiteing in ye said house 
as shalbe to ye good likeing and approbation of ye Gen^i Court 
from time to time. 

2. That ye said house be fitted and made capable to giue suf- 
ficient enterteinment as need and occasion shal require, both 
to neighbours and Strang rs. 

[157] 3. That there be at all times necessary & comfortable 
accommodation and provision made for enterteinment of Trav- 
ellers with horse and otherwise, and that both respecting wine 
and liquors and other provision for food and comfortable re- 
freshing both for man and beast. 

4. It is ordered, that if Jer: Adams shall not attend his agree- 
ment in attending the provision made in ye foregoing Articles, 
he shal not forfeit his licence, but shalbe liable to be censured 
by the Court as they shaljudg most suteable. 

At a Court of Election held at Hartford, May 15, 1662. 
Magestrates Elected : 

Jo: Winthrop Esq'', Gouernr, 

Jo: Mason Esq^, Dep: 

Mr. Math: Allyn, Moderaf. C. Jo: Talcot, et Treas: 
Mr. Willys, Lt Jo: Allyn, 

Mr. Phelps, Danii Clarke, et Sec'; 

Mr. Treat, Mr. Henry Woolcot. 

Mr. Gould, 

Deputies : Wm. Wads worth, Joseph Migat, Mr. Thomas 
Wells, Mr. Fitch, C. Benjam: Nubery, Will™ Gaylard, 
John Moore, Edw: Griswold, Sam^' Boreman, John Not, 


Wm. Goodrich, John Kilburn, Nathan^ White, Will™ 
Keny, Math: Campfield, Richard Olmstead, Joseph Jud- 
son, Isaack Nichols, James Rogers, Sam'i Smith, Rob* 
Chapman, John Clark, Anthony Howkins, Thomas 

[158] The Freemen haue referred the choice of the Comis- 
sioners vnto y^ Gen^i Court. O"" Wor'i Gouernor and Mr. 
Willys are chosen Com""* for this yeare ensueing, and Cap* 
John Talcot and Dan'i Clark are chosen for reserues. 

It is ordered by this Court, that whosoeuer for the future shal 
complaine of and prosecute to effect in a legal way, any pound- 
breach or rescue, and proue the same, he or they shalbe paid 
one quarter part of the fine that by the Lawes of this Colony 
are imposed vpon delinquents that are iudged by the Court y* 
heares y^ case to be transgressors of any of the said Orders. 

This Court doth set at liberty the transportation of Come. 

This Court hath granted the Petition from Huntington, and 
doe confirme Jonas Wood and Thomas Benedick according to 
their desire, who are impowred to act in point of Gouerment 
according to y^ liberties granted to that Towne by this Court ; 
And the Secretary is to giue them a Coppy of y^ Articles with 
Southampton, vpon w^h termes they are accepted. 

The names of the Grand Jury : WilH Wadsworth, Tho: 
Bull, Deacon Butler, John Moore, Tho: Ford, Ed: Griswold^ 
Anthony Howkins, Tho: Judd, John Kilburn, Sam'' Boreman, 
Will'" Gutrich, Nath: White. 

Bridget Baxter is by the authority of this Court, vpon good 
consideration and solid reasons and evidenc, freed from her con- 
iugall bond to her husband Thomas Baxter ; and whereas the 
estate that her husband Baxter left with her is sold to pay debts, 
all excepting a bed and her wearing aparell. This Court doth 
[159] prohibit all and every of the creditors to y^ said estate for 
seizing, extending or any way troubleing y^ remainder, vntil y« 
Court see cause to y^ contrary. 

This Court doth release the Com^ of New London from his 
fine respecting y^ list of estates. 

This Court vnd ''standing that several vessels are brought in 
to ye Ports and Harbours apperteineing to this Colony and vnd^ 
a pi'tenc of attending the Proclamation sent forth from his Ma*'® 


C vSoveraigne or the Parliam* of England, respecting the trans- 
porteing of Tobacco to forreigne nations, and in stead of pay- 
ing the customes imposed, doe in a clandestine way defeat the 
law and steale y^ custome, and some haue denied to pay any 
custome, It is therfore ordered by this Com-t, that whateuer 
Tobacco is landed in this Colony, there shalbe paid by the Mas- 
ter of the said Vessell, or Merchant importer of ye said To- 
bacco, vnto the Custome Master of y^ place where the vessell 
is brought in, for eVy Hogshead, 255^. or 2d. p^^ lb. w°h sum 
according to y^ Law of England shalbe pJ'sently discharged, or 
otherwise, sufficient security shalbe giuen for y^ payment thereof 
w^^'m. 9 months, otherwise there shalbe noe certificate granted 
from Authority, respecting the landing of y^ said goods. 

The Tovvne of Huntington, on y^ Island, is freed from pub- 
lique charges, for y^ space of two yeares from this pi'sent time. 
Mr. Jonas Wood is appointed Custome Master wt^in and for y^ 
Towne of Huntington. 

It is ordered that all the Townes vpon the maine, that are or 
shalbe vnited to this Gouerment after the publication hereof, 
shalbe fully compi'hended in ye Order respecting the way and 
manner of rateinge and raising Countrey Levies. 
[160] This Court considering the Petition of Job Drake, re- 
specting the Colt now in the Countreyes possession, formerly 
handled in y^ p'ticuler Court, the said Job p^tending further 
evidence to clear his title to y^ Colt, Doe therfore appoint and 
desire Mr. Thomas Wells, Mr. Wadsworth, Mr. Jos: Fitch and 
Edward Griswold, to heare and consider what Job Drake hath 
to declare about the colt, and accordingly to determine the 
matf twixt y^ said Job Drake and y^ Countrey. 

The petition of Mr. Joseph Heines being read and considered, 
respecting a grant of 1000 Acr^ of Land to his Honc^ father 
in ye Pequot Countrey, This Court orders that ye said grant 
shalbe fulfilled before any later or further grants be attended or 
laid out in that part of the Countrey. 

This Court graunteth to Mr. Joseph Heines 300 Acr^ of 
Land for a Farme, where it may be found not pi'ludiceing a 
Plantation in being, or that may be, whereof 50 Acr^ to be 
mead: land if it can be found. 


The Assistants in y^ severall Plantations are by this Court 
estabUshed in their respectiue places, for y^ yeare ensueing. 

This Court orders, that the Bible that was sent to Goodwife 
Williams be by Serg* John Not delivered to Goodwife Harrison, 
who engageth to this Court to giue vnto ye children of y^ said 
Williams, a bushel of Wheat a peice, as they shal come out of 
their time. And John Not doth engage to giue each of y^ chil- 
di^n 2 shillings a piece as they come out of their time, to buy 
them Bibles ; and John Not hath hereby power granted him as 
is ordered, to dispose of y^ rest ofy® books, to y<^ children of y^ 
said Williams. 

This Court considering the state of the Troop listed by the 
Countreyes approbation, and y^ inconvenience of their meeting 
in one body, from ye severall Townes, and vnnecessary expence 
of time to noe profit, Doe therfore order, that y^ listed Troop- 
[161] ers shall haue || liberty to attend their exercise wt^in ye 
Plantations where they are resident, w^^ their owne foot com- 
pany ; vpon weh consideration their allowance of six shillings 
eight pence p"" Trooper is taken of, only the officers for their 
incouragment are allowed their salery. It is also ordered, that 
the Troopers in ye respectiue Townes shall attend and obserue 
the comand of such officers of y® Cavalrey as are cohabiting w^^ 
them in ye Town where they exercise, except any superior offi- 
cer of ye Troop shalbe pi'sent at ye exercise. And notw^'J- 
standing this order, they are to be accounted as one inlire Troop 
consisting of severall parts, who are to vnite and attend ye 
Generall Traineing, as one intire body of Horse. 

It is ordered, ihat for each petition that is p^sented to ye Gen- 
erall Court, at any Session thereof, there shalbe paid by the pe- 
titioner, or him that p'sents the same, the sum of lOsh. to y® 
publique Treasury, w^h shalbe satisfied before the Petition be 
admitted to be read. 

In regard it is found by experience that there is great neglect 
in veiwinge Generall fences, according to order ; It is therfore 
ordered by this Court, that in every Town in this Colony, there 
shalbe yearly chosen two men, who shalbe sworne to a due p""- 
formance of ye work of veiweing fence, and whosoeuer is cho- 
sen to ye office of fence veiweing and shal refuse or neglect to 
attend it, shal pay twenty shilling to ye Town Treasury, vnles 


it appeareth to some one Magestrate that y^ said party be op- 
pressed by the choice, and others vnjustly exempted. And it is 
likwise ordered, that y^ said sworn fence veiwers shal haue 
power to fine neglects in fenceing, and to require and levy the 
same, and to deliuer it to y^ Townsmen for y^ Towns vse where 
they hue. 

[162] This Court grants liberty to y^ Marshall, Jonathan Gil- 
bert, to keep an Ordnary at his house, at Cold Spring, for re- 
leiueing of Travellers, according to their needs. 

This Court desires and appoint the Magestrates of Hartford 
to agree w^^ a sutable man in Hartford to sel wine by retaile 
out of doors, at as good a rate as they can. 

This Court doe impower Mr. Obadiah Bruen, of N. London, 
to take Oaths and grant Warrants, in ye Towne of N, London, 
as occasion requires. 

This Court, vnderstanding that there is much preiudice like 
to ensue to this Colony, by conveighing Tannd Leather out of 
this Colony, It ^is therfore ordered, that after y^ publication 
hereof, what pt'son soeuer in this Colony shal transport any 
Hides that are tan'd either for soles or vpper leather, out of this 
Jurisdiction, w'^out spetiall order from y^ Court of Magestrates, 
he shal forfeit y^ hide or hides or y^ value of them, one third 
part to ye complain^, the rest to y^ Publique Treasury. 

There is liberty granted for ye Town of Huntington to ap- 
peale in civil actions, to ye Courts held at Fairfield or Stratford 
for further triall. 

This Court, vpon consideration of Mr. Tinkers incouragm^^ 
in his place and imployment, doe order Twelue pounds to be 
paid to him by the Treasurer out of ye fines imposed on Mor- 
ton Haughton & Mr. Thomson. 

[163] Session GenII. Hartford, July 22, 62. 

Magestrates : 
Mr. Allyn, Moderator. 

Mr. Willys, Mr. Treat, Mr. Talcot, Mr. Allyn, Jun^, 
DanH Clark, et Sec\ 


Dep : Mr. Nubery, Will™ Wads worth, Mr. Tho: Wells, 
Joseph Migat, Joseph Fitch, Edw: Griswold, Tho: Judd, 
Jo. Kilburn, Jo: Not, Sam^i Boreman, Will«i Keny. 

This Court, duely considering the state of this Colony, and 
espetially the Plantations situate on the Riuer, and iudgeing it 
very necessary and tending to y« furtherance of o"" pi'sent con- 
dition and comfort. Doe order, that after the publication hereof, 
noe person shal transport and conveigh away out of this River, 
any Corn or provision from any Plantation w^^in c liberties 
situate on this Riuer, vpon penalty of forfeiting the said Corne 
or provision or y« value thereof, one 4'^ part to y« complainer, 
the rest to y^ Publique Treasu[ry.] The Custome masters in 
each Towne are required and hereby authorized to make dili- 
gent search to discouer the transgression of this order. Provi- 
ded, that this order extends not to any corn or provision y* 
shalbe transported by order from y« Treasurer, for any pub- 
lique concernments respecting this Colony. 

This Court doth appoint Sam: Boreman and Serg* Not to 
giue notice to those men in Wethersfield that are indebted to ye 
Countrey in behalf of Capt. CuUick, and likewise C. Beniamin 
Nubery is to warne I'ho: Ford to provide and p'pare paymt for 
the Countrey wt^out delay, that soe y^ Countrey may be able 
to discharge such sums as may be charged on vs by o"^ Wor" 

Mr. Jo: Allyn, Mr. H. Woolcot, Wm. Wadsworth, are desired 
and appointed and authorizd, in case y^ pi^sons indebted to ye 
Countrey doe not provide payment seasonably, as need re- 
quires, then y« Comitte or a maior part thereof shal procure 
corn or provisions as they can agree w^^^ pi'sons : and the fore- 
mentioned Di^s are to satisfie the said p^'sons accordinge to ye 
Comitties appointment. 

This Court appoints Wm. Wadsworth & James Steel of Hart- 
ford, to goe down to Hommanaset and veiw the land there, and 
if it be not fit for a Plantation, then they are authorizd to lay it 
[164] out vnto II Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Willys, Capt Talcot, 
and John Allyn, according to their grants ; and if there be any 
ouerplus, the Secretary Clark and Mr. Joseph Haines are to haue 
their proportion there layd out also. Bnt if there be not enough 



for both of them, it is to be issued by the Generall Court, w'^'' 
of them two shall haue their proportion there. 

At the Generall Assembly or Court of Election held 
AT Hartford, OctobJ" 9: 62. 
Jo: Winthrop Esq"", Go: 
Jo: Mason Esq', Dep: Go: 

Magestrales Elecf: 

Mr. Mathew Allyn, 
Mr. Samii Willys, 
Mr. Nathan Gold, 
Mr. Treat, 
Mr. Ogden, 
Mr. Tapping, 

Capt Talcot, et Treas'', 
Mr. Henry Woolcot, 
Daniell Clark, et Sec". 
Mr. Jo: Allyn, 
Mr. Baker, 
Mr. Sherman. 
Deputies : 

Will"» Wadsworth, 
Joseph Fitch, 
Edward Griswold, 
Josias Hull, 
Samii Boreman, 
John Nott, 
Anthony Howkins, 
Thomas Judd, 

Mathew Campfield, 
John Gregory, 
Nathan" White, 
Robert Warner, 
Thomas Leffingwell, 
Thomas Tracy, 
John How'ell. 

Sam" Smith, 

James Rogers, 

John Clarke, 

Robert Chapman, 

Phillip Groue, 

Joseph Judson, 

Cornelius Hull, 

Sam" Drake, 

ThePATTENT or Charter* was this day publiquely read in 
audienc of y^ Freemen, and declared to belong to them and 
their successors, and y^' freemen made choice of Mr. Willys, 
C: John Talcot and Lt John Allyn to take the Charter into 
their Custody, in behalf of y^ freemen, who are to haue an oath 

* The Charter bears date April 23d, 16f)2, and was probably received in Connecticut early in 
September. The first public exhibition of it seems to have been made to the Commissioners of 
the U. Colonies, at their Session in Boston, (Sept. 4th-16th,) when " His Mai'^^ Letters Pattents 
granted vnto several Gentlemen of Coneclicut, vnder the broad seale of England, was present- 
ed and read." In a letter to the Government of Rhode Island, written during the same Session, 
the Commissioners say, " We have read and p^vsed a Charter of incorporation vnder y'^ broade 
seale of England, sent over the last ship, granted to some gentlemen of Coneclicut," &c. [Rec. 
of Oomm'rs.] A letter from the General Court of Connecticut to the Commissioners, dated 
August 30th, 1662, (in " Miscellanies," i. 89) makes no reference to the Charter, but proposes 
a special meeting of the Comin'rs, in case " any matters needfull to be considered should, at the 
return of our Wor. Governor and the agents for the Massachusetts, be presented." 




1^.^ T- 

r T. 

r?t ^^• 


'c ^ ^ ? X' ^ 




-«»" ' 


administered to them by the Generall Assembly, for y^ due dis- 
charge of the trust committed to them, 

[165] It is enacted and decreed by the Freemen, that y^ Town 
of Hartford for future shalbe the settled place for the convoca- 
tion of the Generall Assembly, at all times, vnles it be vpon 
occasion of epidemical! diseases, sicknes, or y^ like. 

The Generall Assembly of Assistants and Deputies doe es- 
tablish all officers in this Collony, both civill and miletary, in 
their respectiue places and power as formerly, vntill further 
order be taken. 

To ys respectiue Constables : — This Court doth impowre and 
require you forthwith vpon y^ receipt hereof, to gather into yC 
hands all the corne due from your Towne, to discharge the 
Countreyes engagem* for y^ Charter. And you are to exer- 
cise due care to see that you receaue 2 thirds Wheat and one 
third Pease, dry & merchantable. And in case any person 
fayle to pay at y^ time that you appoint, that then you des- 
treine any part of y^ estate of such person, wt^^in doors or* 
without; and y^ same to sell at such value as may procure 
corne to discharge their respectiue rates. And y^ Constables 
are hereby authorized to hire or press any persons, carts, boats 
or canooes, that may be necessary to carry or transport the 
Corne from y^ severall Townes to y^ vessels that are to trans- 
port it to N. London. And in case any of the Constables in 
ye respectiue Townes shall fayle of their duty herein, their es- 
tate shalbe destreined to make good what is expected to be dis- 
charged by that Constable. And the Deputies in each Towne 
are desired to excite the Constables to their duty in what is re- 
quired, and to see that there be receipts taken from ye Pinnace 
Masters for the whole proportion of Corne for that Towne. 
[166] And the Constables are to assigne ye Corne |1 vnto Mr. 
James Rogers, Lt Samuel Smith and Ens. Avery, as ye Coun- 
treyes Agents to receaue ye Corne, who are desired and ap- 
pointed to see ye Corne stor'd in ye Warehouse, and also to de- 
liuer it vnto such ship as by order from our Wor^i Gouernour 
is to receaue the same, and vpon delivery of ye Corne, to take 
vp the specialty or Bill from ye Shipmaster, whereby the Coun- 
trey or Colony is obliged. 

This Court desires Mr. Gould, Mr. Campfield, Mr. Sherman, 


or any two of them, to hire vessells to transport the Corne from 
ye seaside Townesto N: London: and Mr. W™ Wadsworth, Jon: 
Gilbert, Joseph Fitch, to hire vessels for this Riuer. 

And it is ordered, that y^ charge of transportation of y*' 
Corne to N: London, shall be discharged out of ye Countreyes 
Levy the next Spring. And what loss or miscarriage shal 
happen by shipwrack or other accid^s to y^ Corne in transport- 
[ing] shalbe borne by the whole Colony in a Generall way. 

This Court doth order and declare, that the Seale* that form- 
erly was vsed by the Generall Court shall still remaine and be 
vsed as y® Seale of this Colony vntill ye Court see cause to y^ 
contrary, and the Secretary is to keep y® seale, and to vse it on 
necessary occasions, for y® Colony. 

This Court being informed by C: John Yong and some other 
Gentlemen of quallity, that ye inhabitants of Southold, ye^ 
maior part of them, haue sent up and impowred him to act as 
their Deputy ;t ai^d he as their Agent, tending to submit their 
• [167] persons H and estates vnto this Gouerment, according 
[to] o"" Charter ; This Court doth owne and accept them, and 
shalbe ready to afFoard them protection as occasion shall re- 
quire : and doe advise the said Inhabitants to repair to South 
and East Hampton, to ye Authority there setled by this Court, 
in case of any necessary occasion, to require the assistanc of 
Authority. And this Court doth hereby eccept and declare C: 
John Yong to be a freeman of this Corporate and doe grant 
him commission to act in ye Plantation of Southold as need 
requires, according to his commission. And this Court doth 
order ye Inhabitants of Southold to meet together, to chuse a 
Constable for that Towne ; and C: Jo: Yong is authorized to 
administer oath to ye said Constable, for ye due execution of 

* A fac-siinile of ihis Seal, (from an imiiression on wax, in the office of the Secretary of 
State.) is given on the title page of this volume. 

tThe letter from Southold, presented at this Session of the Court, is as follows : " Southhold, 
October 4; 1662. Haueing notice from Mr. Willis of Conetticutt Jurisdiction, Long Island 
comes within yi pattint, and allsoe yt the Court is to be held att Hartford, and thither we ar 
desired by Mr. Willis to send oure Deputies, from these townes of Long Island : we thearfore, 
of Southold, whose names are vnderwritten, doe desire, and haue appoynted 0. John Youngs, 
toheowre Deputy ; and doe hearby giue him full powreto speake and act in oure behalph, as 
occasion shall serve." Signed by Thomas More, John Tooker, John Payne, John Budd, and 
twenty eight others. [Towns & Lands, Vol. i. No. 12.] 


his office. And we doe advice and order Cap* Yong to see 
that ye Minister be duely paid his meet and competent main- 

Severall inhabitants of Guilford tendring themselues their 
p^sons and estates vnder the Gouerment and Protection of this 
Colony, This Court doth declare that they doe accept and owne 
them as members of this Colony, and shalbe ready to affoard 
what protection is necessary. And this Court doth advise the 
said persons to carry peaceably and religiously in their places 
towards the rest of ye Inhabit'S that yet haue not submitted 
in like manner. And also to pay their iust dues vnto y^ Min- 
ister of their Towne ; and also all publique charges due to this 

This Court doth order and hereby declare all y^ Lawes and 
orders of this Colony to stand in full force and vertue, vnles 
any be cross to y^ Tenour of c Charter. 
[168] This Court doth order Lt Jo: Allyn to shew Capt Varlet* 
the Charter granted to this Colony, and to informe him that it 
is desired by the Court that the Honorable Lord Stevesant would 
not in any wise incumb^ or molest his Mamies subjects compre- 
hended wthin ye extent of our Pattent, by any impositions, that 
therby more then probable inconveniences may be pi^vented.f 

This Assembly doth hereby declare and informed the Inhab- 
itants of Westchester, that that Plantation is included in ye 

* Capt. Nicholas Varlet (or Varleth,) was an officer in the service of the Dutch W. I. Com- 
pany, and a brother-in-law to Gov. Stuyvesant. His father, Caspar Varlet, resided at Hartford, 
(where be died, in 1663.) A sister, Judith Varlet, was afterwards married to Nicholas Bayard, 
the son of Gov. Stuy vesant's sister. [Rec. of Court of Mag., iii. 2, 4 ; Rec. of Hoogh Straat 
church, in N. Y. Hist. Coll., New Series, I. 397.] 

t Capt. Varlet had presented to the General Court, a letter from Gov. Stuyvesant (dated Oct. 
13th [N. S.] 1662) in which complaint was made that " one John Yonge," professing to act 
under authority from Connecticut, "had vndertaken (as by his seditious letters may appeare,) to 
diverte and revoke the English towns in this province, vnder the protection of the high and 
mighty Lords the Estaats Generall of the Vnited Belgick Provinces & in the jurisdiction of the 
Right Honnourable Lords of the W. India Compagnie settled, of their oath & due obedience 
vnto vs, theire lawfull Governour." Gov. S. declares that these procedings of Capt. Young, if 
authorized or approved by the government of Connecticut, would be regarded as "an absolute 
breatch and a nullification of the agreement about the limits. Anno 1650," and would give just 
ground to the States General and the W. India Company " to demand, and by such meanes aa 
they in wisdom shal thincke meete, to recover al that trackt of land between Greenwich and 
the Fresh River," to which they claimed a right by prior purchase and possession. He requests 
the General Court to return, by the bearer, their " categorical answer over & aboue the afore- 
mentioned JoJin Yongs seditious doings." [Colonial Boundaries, Vol. ii. No. 1.] 


bounds of our Charter granted to this Collony of Conecticut. 
And as it hath pleased his Matie thus to dispose of them, soe 
we conceaue it most conduceable to their tranquilUty soe to 
demeane in all things as may declare and manifest their readi- 
nes to subiect to his Royall will and pleasure herein. 

The next sett Gen^i Assembly is to be obserued on ye 2d 
Thursday in May. 

This Court doth hereby declare their acceptanc of y^ Plan- 
tations of Stanford and Greenwich Ynd^ this Gouerment vpon 
y^ same terms and provisions as are directed and declared to 
yfi Inhabitants of Guilford. And that each- of those Planta- 
t[ions] haue a Constable chosen and sworne. 

Richard Vowles is made free of this Corporation, and sworne 
to the office of a Constable for and within ye Plantat^ of Green- 
wich-, for ye yeare ensueing, and vntill a new be sworne. 

Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Willys, Mr. Stone and Mr. Hooker 
are chosen a Comittee to goe downe to I^. Hauen to treat w*^ 
ye Gent: and others of o^ lo: freinds there, according to such 
instructions as shalbe directed to ye said Comittee by this Court. 
[169] Severall of the inhabitants at Southold accepted to be 
made free of this Colony, vnles any thing appeare to interrupt 
the same ; Mr. Wels, Thomas Terrey, Philemon Dickerson, 
Goodin Purrier, Goodm Windes, Barnabas Horton, Josph Hor- 
ton, Lt Glouer, Thomas Moor Sen^, Goodm Conclin, Goodm 
Cory, GoodiiL Reeues, Goodin Mapes, John Conclin Jun"", Jo: 
Paine, Rich^d Browne, Joseph Yongs Sen^, Joseph Yongs Jun"", 
Jer: Vayle, Jo: Curwin, Richard Terrey, Mr. Elton, Tho: 
Brush, John Bud, Mr. Tucker. 

Mr. Campfield, Mr. Gould, Mr. Sherman, are hereby appoint- 
ed to keep a Court at Fairfield, when they see cause, for issue- 
ing such controuersies as they are capeable of, according to 
the tenour of our Charter. Staiiford, Greenwich and West- 
chester haue liberty to improue the help of ye Court at Fair-, 
field, to issue controuersies that may arise among them for 

Mr. Willm Pitkin is desired and appointed as Attourney for 
ye Gener" Court, to prsecute Thomas Ford Senf, John Deming 
Sew, Mrs J^attimore and Thomas Hurlbut, at ye Pniculer 
Court to be held at Hartford on Wednesday next. 


Persons admitted to be Freemen, by this Court ; — Mr. Sam^i 
Talcot, Will^n Pitkins, Nathanii Goodwin, Mr. Tho: Pell, John 
Olmstead & John Clarke Jun"". 

Richard Vowles is admitted freeman and sworne to y^ office 
of a Constable for and within the Plantation of Greenwich, for 
ye yeare ensuinge and vntill a new be sworne. 

This Court doth hereby declare the free remission of such 
transgressions of the Lawes of this Colony as haue bene com- 
mitted by Monsieur Varlet by retaileing liquors in his life time. 

This Assembly doth order, that for y^ future, such as desire 
to be admitted freemen of this Corporation shal pi'sent them- 
selues with a certificate vnder y^ hands of y^ maior part 
[170] of the Townesmen where they liue, that they are pi'sons of 
civill, peaceable and honest conversation, and that they attain- 
ed the age of twenty one yeares and haue 20/. estate, besides 
their person, in the List of estate ; and that such persons, soe 
quallified to y^ Courts approbation, shalbe p^sented at October 
Court yearly, or some adiourned Court, and admitted after y^ 
Election at y^ Assembly in May. And in case any freeman 
shal walke scandalously or commit any scandalous offence, and 
be legally convicted thereof, he shalbe disfranchized by any of 
o'' civill Courts. 

This Court doth repeale the late order wherby the Troopers 
salery was prohibited and taken of 

Robert Vsher is ordered to be sworne to y^ office of a Con- 
stable in Stanford, for y^ yeare ensueing, and vntil a new be 
chosen. Mr. Campfield is to giue him his oath. 

It is ordered, that y^ Inhabitants at Mistick and Paukatuck 
shal from henceforth forbeare to exercise authority by vertue 
of commissions from any other Colony ;* and that in case of any 
differences that may arise, they repaire to C Wor^- Dep: Gou- 
erno'' for help ; and that they chuse a Constable, for the yeare 
ensueing ; and y^ said Constable to repaire to C" Wor^^ Dep: 
Go: for his oath. And they [are] required to pay vnto Mr. 
James Rogers, Lt Sami' Smith and Ens: Avery, for and in be- 
half of the charge of o"" Charter, the sum of Twenty pounds, 
as their Townes proportion, two thirds in wheat, at 4s., one third 

* See Appendix, No. IV, 



in pease, at 3s., by y^ last of Novemb"" next. The Court or- 
ders L*^ John Allyn to send a Warrant to Thomas Stanton in 
ye Courts name, to attend this ord"", and if he refuse, Peter 
Blachford is to gather the rate and destrein according to former 

[171] C. John Yong is invested w^h ye power of a Perticuler 
Magestrate, within ye Plantat" of Southhold, and likewise he 
is authorizd to sit in Court to assist the Magestrates of South 
and East Hampton. 

It is ordered, that all ye Plantations that shalbe enterteined 
and embraced vnder this Gouerment, shal according to ye 
Courts appointment pay their due proportion of ye charge ex- 
pended in procuring c Charter. 

This Court orders ye Secretary to send to ye Plantations of 
Huntington, Setauk, Oister Bay, that they choose Constables in 
their respectiue Townes, and to take their oaths, administred 
to them by Capt Yong for the discharge of their respectiue offi- 
ces ; Thomas Wicks, at Huntington, John Ketchum, at Setauk? 
Mr. Rigebell, at Oister Bay. 

It is ordered, that all ye Plantations, on ye Island as well as on 
ye maine, shal attend ye established Law of this Colony for ye 
rule of Rateing, vnles they mutually agree to ye contrary. 

C. Yong is desired to giue notice to C: Silvester and L* 
Gardner, w*^ ye other Plantations on ye Island, that they at- 
tend the Generall Assembly on ye 2d Thursday in May next, to 
doe their duty to ye Court. 

This Court appoints that Wednesday come fortnight be set 
apart, throwout this Colony, for a solemne day of Thanksgiue- 
ing for ye mercies y* God hath extended to this Colony ye yeare 
past, and p'^ticulerly for ye good success God hath giuen to ye 
indeauours of o^ Hon"! Gouerno'' in obteineing o' Charter of 
his Maiestie c Soveraigne ; as also for his gratious answer of 
C" pray^ in ye late draught, in sending raine ; and for abate- 
ment of ye sicknes ; and for ye hopes we haue of settlement 
in ye waies of peace and righteousnes. 

This Court declares, that Hartford Traine Band shal haue 
ye prehemenence of all ye Companies in this Colony ; And 
Windsor, the 2d ; Wethersfield, the 3d ; Then Farmington. 
This to stand vntill the Court order otherwise. 


[172] This Court ordereth, that there shalbe free trade in 
all places in this Colony. And all former ord^s imposeing Cus- 
tomes, are hereby repealed. 

This Court doth declare these persons hereaft^' named, John 
Green, Richard Hardey, Joseph Mead, Richard Webb, Joseph 
Theed, Peter Pheries, to be freemen of this Colony ; and Mr, 
Gould is authorized to giue them ye oath of freedom, at y^ next 
Court in Fairfield. 

This Court doth order, that L* Seely shal haue Fifteen pounds 
paid to him out of the Publ: Treasurie, & the Countrey house 
set into repair at Sea Brook, and he to hue in y^ house and to 
take care of y^ Amunition. 

This Court doth order, yt a Levy of a penny p"" pound shalbe 
raised vpon ye estate of y^ Colony, and to be paid in wheat, 
pease, Indian corn or porke, at currant price. 

This Court grants Sea Brooke Inhabitants liberty to set vp a 
Ferrey at Tilleyes Point, and to take 12d. for a man & horse, 
and 6d. for a single person. 

This Court orders each Town in this Colony to chuse an 
able Inhabitant to y^ office of a Packf, to pack and repack all 
such meat as is sent forth of y^ Townes, who shalbe deposed 
on oath to y^ faithfuU p^formance of their respectiue offices ; 
w^h oath may be administred by any one Magestrate or Com- 
issioner. He shall likewise haue a Brand or Seale, w^^ these 
letters, C: R:, wherwith he shall marke each Barrel y' he packs, 
and for his paines he is to haue 8c?. p'' Barrell. 

The Treasurer is required to cause the severall Townes to 
levell or ballance what is behind of their Levies, or require the 
fines of ye Constables, and destreine it of them by the Mar- 

Mr. Willys and Mr. Wadsworth are appointed to audit the 
Treasurers Accounts. 

This Court grants to Ens: Olmstead, of Hartford, a farme of 
300 acres of vpland and 40 acr^ of meadow, if it be to be had 
at 20 Miles Riuer, in y" way to Moheag & N: London. 

This Court is adjourned vntil ye 2d Wednesday in March, 
vnles or Worpii Go; return and see cause to call the Assembly 


[173] At a GenII Assembly held at Hartford, March 

11, 16||. 
Dep: Gou"': Major Mason. 
Assistants : 
Mr. Willys, Mr. Woolcot, 

Mr. Math: AUyn, Mr. Clark, et Sec\ 
Mr. Treat, Mr. Jo: Allyn. 

Mr. Talcot, 
Deputies : Will^ Wadsworth, Joseph Fitch, Edward 
Griswold, Josias Hull, John Nott, Samii Boreman, James 
Rogers, L* Sam^i Smith, Thomas Tracy, Hugh Calkin, 
Antho: Howkins, Thomas Judd, Nathaneel White. 
It is ordered by this Court, that after ye publication hereof, 
there shalbe free liberty of transporteinge Corne out of this 
Riuer, and the former restreint is hereby repealed. 

It is ordered, that each Towne in this Col: shal pay for y^ 
transportation of their proportion of the Pattent Rate, to N: 
London. Each Town is to discharge the costs of their owne 

Cap* Jno Talcot, Mr. Jo; Allyn and Thomas Tracy are ap- 
pointed to audit the accounts of James Rogers and L* Smith, 
respecting the Pattent Corne. 

This Court haueing duely considered the valuation of y^ es- 
tate of N: London, apprized by Cary Latham and William 
Douglas, doe judge, that they haue not attended any rule of 
Righteousnes in their worke, but haue acted very corruptly 
therein, and therfore doe order the Treasurer that he send forth 
his Warrant to ye Constable of N: London, to levy Four pounds 
vpon ye estate of Cary Latham,, and Two pounds vpon Mr. 
Douglas his estate, as a fine for their corupt and deceatfull act- 
ings therein, and fourty shillings more vpon Lathams estate, 
for neglecting to meet w^h ye Coma's on y^ Riuer, according to 
order ; w^i fines shalbe to y^ publ: Treasury. And they doe 
further order the Treasurer to send forth his Warrant to y^ Con- 
stable of N: London, to levy a Rate of a penny p"" pound vpon 
Eight thousand, fiue hundred pound estate, w^h yy judge to be 
at least y^ estate of N: London. And doe desire the said 
Towne of N: London to be more carefull in their choyce of 
List makers, for the future. 


It is ordered, that each Miller in this Collony, or owner of 
Mill, shalbe allowed for grinding of each Bushell of Indian 
Come, a twelf part, and of other graines, a sixteenth part ; pro- 
vided that this order shal noe way preiudice or nullify any 
agreem' made in any Towne, respecting grinding. 
[174] This Court doth herby declare, that the Treasurer shall 
not allow of the account pi^sented by ye Constables at Stratford, 
for searcheing for the Collonels, w^h sum amounts to 6/. 17s. 
Old. as ye Account specifieth. 

This Court hath granted vnto John Gilbert, one acre and 
half of land lying between the land of Cap* Richard Lord and 
ye land of C. John Cullick ; and also one acre of land, more 
or less, lying at ye landing place on the Rivulet ; both parcels 
being or lying in ye South meadow at Hartford. And the 
Court doth order John Gilbert to pay vnto the Treasurer, for 
ye Countreyes vse. Ten pounds, for and in consideration of the 
two acres and halfe of land granted him by this Court. 

This Court, vnderstanding that there is much inconvenience 
doth yearly ensue vpon the Constables defects in not gathering 
the Countrey Levies and makeing payments according to the 
Treasurers order, vnder pretence of a liberty to make vp their 
accounts by the Court, in Octob"" yearly, Doe therefore order, 
that the Constables, for the future, intherespectiue Plantations, 
shal gather their proportion of the Countrey rate and make 
payment therof, according to order, by the Quarter Court in 
June in each yeare, vpon the penalty 'of Fourty shillings fine 
for every defect herein, and they are also ordered to make vp 
their accounts w^h ye Treasurer according to former order, by 
October Court yearly, vpon penalty of 40s. fine for every defect 
herein. And the Treasurer is hereby authorized to send forth 
his Warrant to destreine the estates of the respectiue Consta- 
bles, for the payment of the fines imposed for the breach of 
this order. 

The conveyance of nine miles square made by Onkos w**" 
other Indians, to Norwich Plantation, is ordered to be recorded, 
with this proviso, that it shal not preiudice any former grant to 
o'' Wor^i Gouerno"" or others. 

Thomas Tracy and L* Sam'i Smith giue oath in Court, in 
referenc to laying out the bounds of ye Town of New Lon- 
don, that from ye end of ye eight miles, the measurer run a 


west line to y" Riuer and there they markt a tree agaynst the 
north end of Vnkos his fort. 

[175] In answer to y^ request of John Bissel Jun"", the Court 
doth impower the Assistants at Windsor to agree for and with 
another ferryman to keep the Countrey Ferry, and when they 
haue p'vided a sufficient man, and not before, this Court doth 
release John Bissell of his engagment for keeping the Ferrey. 

This Court by their vote gaue liberty to Mr. Pitkin to be a 
Councelour to plead for Thomas Burnam in his appeale to this 
Court. They also ordered Mr. Pitkins to g'iue in al the cheif 
heads of his plea before he begins to plead vpon the said ap- 

Mr. Pitkins affirmes in Court, if he haue not liberty to make 
new plea besides what were made in the Perticuler Court, he 
wil throw vp the case and make noe more plea in it. Mr. Pit- 
kins recals his words, and y^ Court passeth them by and fully 
remits them. 

This Court hereby declareth their approbation and confirma- 
tion of the purchase of the Town of Farmington, of Fifteen 
acres of meadow of Thomas Wels Esq"", deceased, bounded 
by the Riuer north, Mr. Newton east, Mr. Howker and John 
Root Sen"", southwest. 

In reference to Thomas Burnams appeale, the Court doth 
iudge, that y^ Court of Magestrates had sufficient ground to 
call ye said Burnam to account for his actings in those matters 
obiected agaynst him ; and doe, secondly, approue of the P^tic- 
uler Courts examination of Thomas Burnam, in referenc to 
those things charged agaynst him before his accusation was stat- 
ed agaynst him in Court. Sly. This Court doth approue of the 
manner of y® Perticuler Courts proceeding w*h Thomas Burn- 
am, after his accusation was stated, as wel as before. 4. Respect- 
ing the sentence itself, passed vpon Thomas Burnam by the 
Pi^ticuler Court, this Assembly doth approue of the sentence of the 
said Court and see noe cause to make any alteration thereof. 

This Court doth approue of what y^ Magestrates haue done 
formerly, vpon a fame or report of misdemeanour, in calling 
the persons suspected of delinquency before them, and in ex- 
amining the case and testimonies, and doe hereby authorize the 
respectiue Assistants of this Colony, for the future, vpon 
rumours and fames, to act as aforesaid, and in case the delin- 


[176] quency appear || sufficiently proued, they may pass to 
sentence, according to Law. 

It is ordered by this Court, that in case any person in this 
Colony shalbe convicted and s;entenced by the P'"ticuler Court 
for a misdemeano"", and shal enter an appeale therein to y^ Gen- 
erall Court, and by the judgment of y" said Gen^ Court the 
said appeale be found to be causeles, the person appealing as 
aforesaid shal pay Fine pounds to y^ Publ: Treasury. And noe 
person, in case of delinquency of this nature, shal haue liberty 
of an Atturney to mannadge his case in any of o'' civil courts. 
This Court doth vpon due consideration repeale the order 
remitting Customes for Wines, Liquors etc., and doe establish 
the former order requireing the said Customes. 

This Court ord^s, that Mr. Steels Bill of 15/. baring date 30th 
of May, 1654, be deliuered vp toy^ ouerseersof Thomas Wells 
Esq'' deceased, for y^ vse of Mr, Fish, they paying vnto Anthony 
Howkins the sum of Twelue pounds, he haueing proued in 
Court a promis of Mr. Wels to ad to the said Howkins his 
wiues portion, in case her first husband Thomas Thomson had 
any estate come from England, and he hath made appeare that 
the said Thompson had to y^ value of 30/. come from England 
since this engagement. 

This Court doth hereby impower Mr. Obadiah Bruen to ad- 
minister the oath of a Constable to those yt are chosen Con- 
stables for the Township of N: London for this yeare ensueing. 
This Court doth recomend it to y^ consideration of the 
Towne of Hartford, that they would speedily consider of some 
way to ease the Widdow Lord of her coilion fence, it appear- 
ing to them yt she is burthened by mainteineing it hitherto. 

Thomas Bull, Thomas Bunc and James Steel are to considi^ 
of her greivance and report their considerations to y^ Court in 
May next. 

This Court doth grant vnto John Adams, 300 acres of land, 
at yp- place where his father Adams took vp land in y^ way to 
N: London, whereof thirty acres of meadow ioyneing to his 
father or Nicholas Olmsted. He relinquisheth his right at Fair- 

This Court grants the bounds of Middletown to extend four 
miles to y^ South from y^ meeting house, and fine miles from 


ye said house, westward ; three miles from ye Great Riuer, 

[177] This Court hath voted and desired the Dep: Gouernor, 
Mr. Math: AUyn, Capt John Talcot and L* Jo: Allyn, and for 
a reserue to y^ Maior, Mr. Willys, as a Comittee to goe downe 
to N: Hauen, to treat w^ii o'' Hono'"'! and Lo: freinds about set- 
ling their vnion and incorporation w^^ this Colony of Conect: 
And in case the Comittee cannot effect an vnion, according to 
instructions giuen them by the Court, that then they indeauour 
to settle a peace in the Plantations vntil such time as they and 
we may be in a further capacity of issueing this difference, and 
to act in referenc herevnto as they iudge most meet. 

William Wadsworth and John Deming Sen^ are allowed p^ 
the Court, hue pounds a peice for their care and paines in ouer- 
sight of Mr. Wels his estate. 

The Magestrates ord"" Sam^i Boreman to deliuer the little 
Bible and a paper book, vnto Amos Williams, w^h was giuen to 
him by his mother, and that he and Will™ Goodrich distribute 
the estate to y^ Creditors. 

This Court doth grant liberty to Sam^^ Marshall to sell hquors 
by retaile, but not to suffer any liquors to be drunk in his house. 

It is ordered, that in case the Comittee doe not issue an 
agreem* w^^ N. Hauen Gent: according to their instructions, 
before their returne, that then all propositions and instructions 
from ye Court, respecting vnion w^^ that people, are void and 
of none effect. 

This Court allowes vnto Mr. Rosseter, Twenty pounds, in 
reference to openinge Kellies child, and his paynes to visit the 
Dep: Gouerno'', and his paynes in visiting and administring to 
Mr. Talcot. Of this Twenty pounds, he hath already receaued 
llZ. Is. 4:d. He is to make noe further demands of any pi^tic- 
uler pi'sons. 

It is ordered by this Court, that the Customasters formerly 
established by the Generall Court in the respectiue Townes 
shal attend the worke formerly appoynted to them by order of 
the Court, and that each Custome master shal giue an account 
at Pctober Court yearly to ye Treasurer, of what Customes 
they receaue, and if any Custome master shal neglect to giue 
an account as aforesaid, he shal pay 40s. for every such neglect? 


w^h the Treasurer, shal by Warrant destreine from y^ delin- 

[178] This Court doth order that in y^ vacancy of the sitting 
of the Generall Court, there shalbe a Council!, consisting of the 
Assistants here on the Riuer, or such as can convene, to y^ 
number of fiue at least, to act in emerg* occasions that con- 
cerne y^ welfare of this Colony. And hereby doe authorize 
the said Councill to act in all necessary concernments, both 
miletary and civill, according as the pi'sent exegents require 
and call for. 

Mr. Willys and Will™ Wadsworth are appointed to be a 
Comittee to order and dispose all matters to issue the busines 
about the Pattent Rate, and to order the repaying of Wheat 
borrowed from severall p^sons for the Countreys vse. 

This Court doth disallow of Sea Brook Constables Acco* of 
charges for witnesses respecting Jennings, and doe not see 
cause to allow the witnesses pay for their time and travaile, nor 
to any other vpon such accounts for y^ future. 

This Court doth order the Marshall to goe downe to Sea 
Brook, and to destrein the sum of Fifty pounds of the estate of 
Reynold Marvin, for y' w^h y« Countrey should haue receaued 
of the said Reynold for horses that he was ordered to seek vp 
to be sold, and for neglect in attending their ord"" herein. And 
respecting a mare w^^ the increase, that Rob* Chapman hath, 
belonging to y^ Countrey, the Marshal is ordered to seize 
on her, w'^^ y^ increase, or in want of her, soe much of Chap- 
mans estate, if he giue not an account of the sale of y® mare 
according to y® Treasurers order. And what estate y^ Mar- 
shall doth receaue or destrein, he hath power either to bring it 
vp, or to order prudently that it may be paid to y^ Treasurer 
or his order. 

The Town of N: London is to discharge the acco* of Thomas 
Tracy, at Georg Tongs, for w^ he expended in laying out N: 
London bounds. 

This Court doth appoint Capt: Nubery, Edward Griswold 
and John Moore to be as a Comittee, and hereby they are im- 
powred to lay out all those lands that ax-e yet vndevided at 
Mussaco, to such inhabitants in Windsor as desire and need it. 
[179] This Court doth declare, thai it is theire mind that the 



Marshal haue allowed him for every mile he goeth to serue an 
execution or attachm*, four pence forward and fourepence 
homeward. And this they iudge to be the intent of the former 
order respecting the Marshals fees. 

This Court vnd''standing that the hand of God is gone out 
agaynst the people at New Netherlands, by pestilentiall infec- 
tions, doe therfore prohibit all persons for comeing from any of 
those infectious places into this Colony and amongst o^" people, 
vntil y® Assistants are informed and satisfied that the distemp^ 
is allayed ; and^ that whoeuer breaks this order shal pay Fiue 
pound fine to y^ publ: Treasury. And if any person shal bring 
a vessell from thenc and land their men or goods in any har- 
bour in this Colony, the Master of y^ vessell shal forfeit Ten 
pounds to y^ Publ: Treasury. And y® Constables in each 
Town are hereby required and authorized to distrein the fines 
of such as transgress this order. And whoeuer of o"" people 
shal goe aboard any such vessell he or she shal pay fiue pounds 
to y^ Treasury for euery such ofTenc. The Constables in each 
Town are to informe the Masters of vessels, of this order. 

These vnd^^written are voted to be put to nomination at ye 
next Court of Election, in May ; Mr. Campfield, Edward Gris- 
wold, Mr. Bond. 

This Court doth establish and ratifie the former order sent 
out by the Assistants respecting the Indians, in regard of y^ in- 
fection of y^ Pox. 

[180] At a Generall Assembly of Election, held at 
Hartford, May 14, 1663.* 
Magistrates elected : 
John Winthrop Esq"^, Gouern''. 
John Mason Esq^ Dep: Gou'. 
Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Danii Clarke, et Sec'y, 

Mr. Samii Willys, Mr. John Allyn, 

Mr. Nathan: Gould, Mr. Baker, 

Mr. Rich: Treat, Mr. Shermon, 

• The record of this and the subsequent sessions, as far as published in this Volume, are in 
the band writing of Mr. John Allyn. 


Cap* Thomas Toppin, Mr. Howell, 

Cap' John Talcot, et Treasurer. Mr. Thirstan Rayner. 

Mr. Woolcott, 

The freemen vote that the Generall Assembly shall choose 
Comissioners for this Corporation for the year ensuing. 

Deputies : 
Mr. Wadsworth, Jehue Burr, James Rogers, 

Mr. Fitch, Cornelius Hull, James Morgan, 

Cap' Nubery, Richard Olmsteed, Hugh Caulkin, 

Lnt Walter Fyler, John Gregory, Thomas Tracy, 

John Nott, John Clarke, Joshua Barnes, 

Sam^i Boreman, Robert Chapman, Philip Groues, 

Anthony Howkins, Robert Warner, Joseph Judson, 

Thomas Judd, Nath: White, 

This Court doe make choice of o"" Honoured Gouernour & 
Capt John Tallcott to be Comissioners for this Colony, for the 
year ensueing, and L^t John Allyn is chosen as a reserue to 
Capt John Tallcott, and ye Secrefy Mr. Danii Clarke to be a 
reserue to o"" Honoured Gouernour, to attend that seruice, if the 
Comissioners by accident faile of goeing. 

This Court being sencible of the great charge that this Colo- 
ny is at, by the Perticuler Courts attending the tryall and issue- 
ing of those differences and actions as are presented to their 
consideration, doe therefore order, that for the future, whateuer 
actions are coinenced to be tryed by a Jury, and are not 
w'^drawn one day at least before the Court, there shall be payd 
for euery such action six shillings, (besides what is due by order, 
to the Secrefy &. Jury,) for the use and improuement of the 
Court that tries the cases, for the discharge whereof the plaintife 
shall procure a receipt under the hand of that ordinary keeper 
or inhabitant that prouides for the Court, which receipt shall be 
deliuered unto y^ Secretary or Recorder of the Court, wherby 
the Court may be sattisfyed that they haue credit giuen for so 
much w"i the sayd ordinary keeper. And there shall be in like 
manner, two shiUings allowed for each action that is to be issued 
by the Magistrates or Commissioners. And likewise, whateuer 
fine is imposed by any Court for delinquency in any person, 
there shalbe so much of the fine abated from the Publique 
[181] Treasurie as may fully compleat the discharge || of the 


Courts expences, w^h the ordinary keeper or inhabitant that 
prouides for them. 

There being complaint made to this Court of the unsetled 
state of the plantation of Sowth-hold, by the ill cariage of 
seuerall persons there, This Court haue therefore desired and 
appoynted the Worpii Mr. Mathew Allyn and Mr. Willys, to 
goe to Long Island, to tak in assistance of the Magistrates at 
Long Island, in setleing affayres at Sowth-hold, and in examin- 
ing the case respecting Mr. Wells his reuolt since he took oath 
to this Gouerment ; and any other matters, either in setleing 
the peace of that Plantation or proceding against such as mis- 
demeane themselues, according to their deserts. 

Mr. Bond is chosen Comissioner by this Court, and he is 
hereby inuested w^h magistraticall power on the Island. 

It is ordered, that three pownds be allowed to the three Plan- 
tations of Stratford, Fayrefeild and Norwalke, towards the 
charge of the transportation of their Corne to New London, 
which sume shall be allowed out of the next Country Rate, and 
that the rest of the charge for those Townes be payd by the 
sayd Townes according to order of Court in March last, which 
is to be aded to the proportion of the country rate imposed 
upon those three Townes. 

This Court doth order, that the charge of keeping Court 
since March, 61-62, w^iun the plantations of Fayrfeild, Stratford 
and Norwalke, which remaines yet to be sattisfyed for, It shall 
be borne by the Colony in a generall way. The cost of the last 
Court held at Stratford is comprized in this order. And this 
Court doth order and hereby graunt, that there shall be liberty 
to keep Court at Fayrfeild, for the plantations on the seaside, 
once a year, unles exterordinary occation call for one more in 
the year. The time of their sett Court is the first Wedensday 
in Nouember yearly. 

This Court doe order & appoynt Mr. Bruen, Mr. Chapman 
and John Smith, of New London, a Committee to hear and de- 
termine the differences betwixt the Indians at Niantick and the 
English, respecting burning their fence, or any other complaints 
presented to them respecting those Indians. 

This Court doth impower Mr. Toppin, Mr. Gould, Mr. Sher- 
mon and Mr. Howell as a Comittee to hear and consider the 


busines respecting Hamonossitt, and to make reporte of their 
considerations to ye Court ; and likewise the case of the horss 
in Nicholas Clarkes hand is left according to the premises to 
the consideration of the sayd Comittee. 

This Court doth determine that Jonathan Gilberds Butt of 
Wine, seazed for the Countrey, to be according to the lawe 
established forfeited to the Countrey. 

This Court doth establish Jeramie Adams to be Custome 
Master for Hartford, and the liberty graunted unto Jonathan 
Gilbert by the Perticuler Court, is repealed, respecting custome- 
ing his owne wines, liquers, &c. 

Whereas this Court, upon the request of Heniy Walkely, 
Attourney to James Wakely, to release the sayd Henry from 
£182] attending the order || of the Court respecting the sayd 
estate, these are to declare that this Court doth release the sayd 
Henry from attending the sayd order, and haue returned to 
him the letter of attourney granted unto him from James 
Walkely, and the estate remaines to be ordered according as 
the Perticuler Court haue prouided. 

This Court doth determine that the land at Homonoscitt 
doth not of right belong unto the Towne of Seabroke. 

This Court doth remitt y^ Butt of Wine to Jonathan Gilbert 
that was seized on of his, in behalfe of y Countrey, & the 
Marshall doth engage to pay the Custome & to pay 20s. towards 
ye expence that hath been occasioned therby to y^ Countrey. 

Wm. Edwards charge th Mr. Daniell Clerk, for breach of his 
oath, unfaithfuUnesse in y^ great trust committed to him by the 
freemen of this Corporation, to the dishonour of God, infring- 
ment of ye royall perogatiue of our Soueraign Lord the King, 
contempt of ye authority established in this Corporation, & 
_abuse of the members of ye same, to such censure as he shall 
make appeare according to the lawes established in this Corpo- 

Mr. Anthony Hawkins is chosen Commissioner for ye Towne 
of Farmington, and sworn in Court; Cap* Seely is chosen 
Commissioner for ye Towq of Huntington and sworn in Court; 
and also, Mr. Jonas Wood is chosen a Commissioner for the 
said Towne, and Cap* Seely is to giue him his oath. 



Cap' John Young is chosen Commissioner for the Town of 
South hold, and sworne in Court ; and Barnabas Horton is also 
chosen a Commissioner for Southhold, and Cap* Young is to 
administer the oath unto him. 

This Court hath chosen Mr. Bruen and John Smith, Com- 
missioners for ye Town of New London, and the Worship^! 
Major Mason is by this Court requested to administer the Com- 
missioners oath unto them. 

These may sertify that we Richard Olmstead and Joseph 
Judson and John Banks, being appoynted by the Generall Court 
at Hartford to run the line between Stratford and Fairefeild, 
we accordingly haue begun at the usuall place agreed upon by 
ye two Townes, and haue run almost two poynts from the 
North poynt towards the Norwest, and run and measured to 
the extent of twelue miles, and also haue run the due cross line 
at the end, which line runs on the South side of a spruse 
swamp commonly called Monhantik, and so ends at the mouth 
of y^ Brook commonly called by the English the half way 
Brook, being aboue Pagasitt. Witnesse our hands, this 22 of 
Nouember, 1062. Richard Olmstead, Joseph Judson, 

Joseph Banks. 

This was ordered by the Court to be recorded in the Records 
of the Court, 

This Court orders, that Dorathy Lord shall maintaine so 
much fence (and no more) as doth belong to that proportion of 
meadow as was graunted to her and her husband by graunt 
from ye Towne of Hartford. 

This Court repeals the order prohibiting commerce w'h the 
people in or about the Manhatoes. 

[183] The differences at Southhampton about the land at 
Quaganantick, is referred to the determination of the Court in 
May next, and they are to improue the mowing land as former- 
ly, till the case be issued. 

This Court orders, that no person in this Colony shall buy, 
hire or receiue as a gift or mortgage, any parcel of land or 
lands of any Indian or Indians, for the future, except he doe buy 
or receiue the same for the use of the Colony or the benefitt of 
some Towne, with the allowance of the Court. 

This Court doth inuest Capt John Young and the rest of the 
Commissioners on the Island, with Magistraticall power upon 
the Island. 


This Court doth order, that all that are Freemen upong Long 
Island, and haue not taken the oath of a Freeman, shall haue 
the oath of a Freeman administred to them by the Magistrates 
and Commissioners of the Island, or any two of them. 

This Court haueing heard and considered the controuersie 
between Leiu* Rob: Sealy and the Town of Stratfoi'd, doe judge 
that the Towne of Stratford shall pay unto the said Sealy 25/. 
in some currant pay, and he to make ouer all his right and title 
in the lands there, to the said Towne, whether his right there 
be fro gift of the Towne or Indians or any other wayes; and 
this to be a finall issue of the controuersie, each man bearing his 
owne charge. 

This Court, haueing presented to their consideration the tur- 
belent carriage of Rich: Latten, doe order, that in case the said 
Latten do not depart the Towne of Huntington by October 
next, he shall be summoned to appear to answer the complaint 
of the said Towne, at October Court ; and the Commissioners 
are to take the testimonyes that concern the complaint, and 
send them up w^^ the said Latten to the Court. 

The Court chose Mr. Willys, Mr. Gould, Capt Tallcott and 
Cap^ Young as a Comitte to consider and draw up there 
thoughts and apprehensions conserning the setlement of West- 
chester & Stanford, and make return to the Court. 

This Court doth declare, that notwithstanding the uncomfort- 
able debates that haue been respecting the Major, that the Major 
stands clear and is in a fitt posture to carry on the affaires of 
the Court, which this Court doth desire and request him forth- 
with to attend, according as his place requires. 

It is ordered by this Court, that for y^ future, each Plantation 
hath hereby liberty to send their Deputyes to the Generall As- 
semblies in May and October, according to the tennour of the 
Charter, and they are not to expect any farther notice to minde 
them of their liberty herein, and the Deputies are to bring serti- 
ficates with them from the Constables, to manifest their choyce. 

It is ordered by this Court, that the Constables in each Plan- 
tation are hereby impowred to charge the watch and ward in 
the respectiue plantations, in the name of the authority here 
establisht, duely to attend there watch and ward, by walkeing 
in such places where they may best discouer danger by the 


approach of an enemy or by fire, which if they do discouer, they 
are to giue notice thereof by fireing their guns and crying Fire, 
Fire, or Arm, Arm. And in case they meet with any persons 
walking in the streets unseasonably, they are to examine them, 
and in case they cannot giue a good accompt of their occasions, 
they are to returne them to the Constable, who is to require 
them to appeare before a Magistrate or some Assistant, to giue 
an accompt of their unseasonable walking. 
[184] It is also ordered, that the watchmen shall duely attend 
to receiue their charge, at the Constables, in the evening by the 
shutting in of the day light, and they are not to leaue their 
watch before the break of the day, and whosoeuer shall be found 
guilty of the breach of this order shall forfeit Is. for euery de- 
fect herein. 

This Court ordered that Wm. Waller, as Renol Maruens 
agent, should be allowed one quarter part of this bill of 50/. as 
his part of the horses, and Mathew Griswold is not to trouble 
Wm. Waller or Renold Maruen, for any part of those horses for 
which the bill is made. 

The petition of Mrs. CuUicke was this day read ; and the 
Court voted, that they did not see cause to make any abate- 
ment of ye said bill, according as she petitioned.* 

This Court appoynted Wm. Wadsworth, Ens: Auery, L°t 
Smith, as a Committe to veiw the lands at Homonoscitt, and if 
they judg it be nott fitt for a plantation, and will not be uery 
prejudiciall to Saybrook, then they are to lay it out to Mr. 
Math: AUyn, Cap* Tallcott, John Allyn, Mr. Willis, and ac- 
cording to the graunt of the Court ; but if it be prejudiciall to 
Saybrook, they are to lay out what they judge right to the 
Towne of Saybrook and the rest to Mr. Math: Allyn, Capt 
Tallcott, John Allyn, Mr. Willys, Mr. Joseph Haynes or Mr. 
Daniell Clerk, according as the Court shall determine, as farr as 
it will go, according to their graunts, y^ l^t graunt to be layd 
out 1st, and so successiuely ; and what any two of this Com- 
mitte agree to, shall be a finall issue of the case. The time of 
meeting and attending this seruice is to be appoynted by Say- 
brook and the Gent: concerned, sometime in June next. 

* See Appendix, No. XL 


The Court in answer to the request of Thomas Forde, which 
was to haue some allowance in respect of his land sold to Mr. 
Fitch, which the said Forde forfeited to the Countrey by mort- 
gage, they graunted him the sume of thirty pownds. 

This Court appoynted Mr. Wyllys and as a 

Comittee to draw up a letter and send it to the Generall Court 
of the Massachusetts, about Paukatuck, as an answer to the 
letter sent to us from their Councill.* 

The Court haueing considered the complaint of Wm. Edwards 
against Mr. Clark, and hauing seriously considered the case, do 
find him so far falty as to put him out of the Secretary's place 
untill the next Election Court. 

This Court appoynts Thomas Minor, Math: Griswald and 
Wm. Waller, or any two of them, as a Comitte to hear the case 
depending twixt Uncass and the Inhabitants of N: London, 
respecting lands, and to make report to the Court in October 
next, what they find in the case. This they are to attend be- 
tween this and the end of June next. 

This Court remitts Gary Latham and Mr. Duglas fine, w^h 
was imposed upon them by the Court in March, for there trans- 
gression in making their list. 

This Court orders, that Rob: Usher and John Meggs shall 
continue in the place and office of a Constable ouer those that 
haue submitted to this Gouerment in there respectiue Planta- 
tions, untill the Court see cause to alter otherwise, and all those 
that haue submitted are to attend the former order made in Oc- 
tober Court last. 

The Court noted, that they would not send the Patent nor 
coppy thereof to be read at New Hauen. 

[185] This Court orders, that the letter drawne up by the 
Committe to the Manadoes, be drawn out fair, and sent to the 
Lord Stephenson.t and signed by the Secretary in the name of 
the Court, as allso the letter to West Chester. 

This Court orders Mr. Willys and John Allyn to draw up a 
Letter to the Genii Court of y^ Massachusetts, in refference to 
Pawkatuck & Mistick, and to desire a return. 

•The letter from Massachusetts, (of Mar. 8, 1662-3,) and the reply of the Committee are in 
"Towns & Lands," Vol. I, Nos.44 & 45. 
t Stuyvesant, 


This Court appoynts L^t Rob: Sealy to be the cheife miletary 
officer in Huntington, to exercise theire trained souldiers. 

This Court ordered that Cap* John Young should haue 5Z. 
allowed him for his seruice on the Island last year. 

This Court ordered that Richard Pontons charge at Hartford 
should be born by the publike Treasury. 

This Court orders that Southhold shall haue and enjoy the 
same priuiledges as Southhampton doth by uertue of their com- 

This Court chose Ln* John Allyn, SeCy for the Colony, un- 
till the next election, and he was sworn in Court. 

This Court graunts unto the Major o"" WorpH Dep'ty Gou- 
ern', 500 acres of land for a farme, where he shall chuse it, if it 
may not be prjudiciall to a plantation allready sett up or to sett 
up, so there be not aboue 50 acres of meadow in it. 

The Court orders that those freemen that were presented to 
the Court in October, from Norwidge, shall be accepted and 
sworn by o^ WorpH Deputy Gou"". 

The Court orders Mr. Math: Allyn and Mr. Willis to write to 
Setawkit, and settle businesse there, according as they judge 

The Court also accepts of those freemen p'sented from N: 
London, and orders Mr. Bruen to administer the oath unto them, 
whose names are Sam^^ Roggers, Miles More, Mihell Rice. 

The Court is adjourned untill the 3d Wedensday in Aug^t, 
unless the Gou"" come to us sooner and see cause to call the 
Court together. 

At a Meeting of the Councill, July 10*'\ 1663. 
The Councill doth desire and appoynt Cap* John Tallcott to 
go down to West Chester, and if the eleuen Queries concerning 
West Chester do appear to be sufficiently proued in the affirma- 
tiue, then the said Cap* may and is herby ordered to administer 
the oath of a Constable unto him whome the Inhabitants shall 
desire and chuse to that seruice, if he approues of the person ; 
and he hath herby liberty to establish a Serj"* in the said Town. 
And it is desired that Cap* Tallcott would be pleased to en- 
deauo"" to settle thinges in the Town of West Chester, in as 


peaceable a manner as may be. The forsaid Queries are upon 
the file. 

The Secretary allso is ordered to send a Letter to the Inhab- 
itants of Narraganset in the name of the Councill, and to signify 
to them, that Mr. Richard Smith Sen"-, Cap' Edw^ Hutchinson 
and Lnt Jos: Hews are appointed select men at Mr. Smiths 
tradeing howse ; and Mr. Rich: Smith Jun' is appoynted Con- 
stable for the said Town, and Mr. Rich: Smith Sen"" is to ad- 
minister an oath to him for a faithfull discharge of his office. 

It is ordered, that the Plantation aforesaid shall for the future 
be called by the name of Wickforde. The Coppy of the Letter 
to Wickford, hangs upon the file. 

[186] At a Session of the Gen^i Assembly holden at 
Hartford, the 19'1» of AuG^t, 1663. 
Maior John Mason, Dep* Gou"": 
Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Henry Woolcott,- 

Mr. Sam" Willys, Mr. Dan" Clark, 

Capt John Tallcott, John Allyn & Secy. 

Deputies : 
Wm. Wadsworth, Tho: Tracy, Mr. Rob: Chapman, 

Capt Benj: Newbery, Ln^ Walter Fyler, Sam^^ Boreman, 
James Rogers, John Nott, Mr. Jos: Fitch. 

Hugh Calkin, Nath: White, 

This Court doth desire that those Freinds appoynted to keepe 
the Charter do allso receiue the Duplicate into their custody, 
and keep it in behalfe of the Freemen of this Corporation ; and 
the Worshipfull Gouernour is desired to deliuer the s^ Dupli- 
cate to the said Freinds, or either of them. 

This Court doth nominate and appoynte the Dep: Gouerno^, 
Mr. Willys, Mr. Dan" Clarke and John Allyn, or any three or 
2 of them, to be a Committe to treat w^h c honoured freinds of 
N: Hauen, Milford, Branford and Gilford, aboute setling their 
union and incorporation w^^ this Colony of Connecticut ; and 
they are impowred to act according to the Instructions giuen 
to the Comitte sent to New-Hauen in March last; and in case 


they cannot effect a union, they are hereby authorized publikely 
to declare unto them that this Assembly cannot well recent 
their proceeding in Ciuill Gouerm* as a distinct Jurisdiction, 
being included within the Charter graunted to Conecticut Cor- 
poration ; and likewise they are publikly to declare that this 
Assembly doth desire and cannot but expect that the inhabit- 
ants of New Hauen, Milford, Branford, Guilford and Stanford 
do yeild subjection to the Gouerm*^ here establisht according to 
the tennor of o"" Charter, which is publiquely to be read in 
New Hauen. 

This Court being sencible of the great inconueniency that 
may com to the members of this Colony by Indians walking up 
and down the Towns, in the night season, to buy liquers, doe 
order, that whatsoeuer Indian shall be found walking up and 
down in any Towne in this Corporation, after the day light shut- 
ting in, except he giue sufficient reason, shall forfeit twenty 
shillings, fifteen shilHngs to the Publiq' Treasury, and five to the 
person or persons complaining and proueing the same, or else 
be seuerly whipt six stripes at least ; and any one Assist* or 
Commissioner hath power to hear and issue any such complaint. 
And if any Indian shall be found in the night season transgress- 
ing this order, the Assist^^ or Commissioners, or any one of 
them, may secure them, by setting a watch upon them or by 
committing them to prisson for a try all y^ next fitting oppertu- 
nity. This is to be published to the Indians in or about each 

Wm. Blumfield appeales from the sentence or judgm* of the 
Court held at Hartford, June 15, 63, to the judgment and deter- 
mination of this Assembly. 

The Comitte appoynted to view Hommonoscit, returned a 
writing under their hands, dated June 3, 1663, wherein they 
expresst that according to their best judgment it will make a 
comfortable plantation for the entertainment of thirty families 
to subsist comfortably. The Comitte were Wm. Wadsworth, 
Sam^i Smith, James Auery. 

John Clow Junr presented a Petition to the Court for the 
planting of Homonoscitt, and engaged to pay 105. to the Treas- 
ury for it,* according to order. 

* i. e. for the presentation of ihe Petition; according to the order of May, 1662. p. 381. 


Corporall Marshall is to haue 2/. payd him by the Treasurer 
and deliuer the horse to the Treasurer, and this to be a finall 
issue of the case. 

[187] This Court hauing considered Wm. Blumfeilds appeale, 
w^h the [ ] therof", doe order that Mr. Rogers shall pay 

unto Blumfeild the summ [ ] pounds in currant pay, 

and Mr. Rogers to keep the mare and bull and [ ] as his 

proper estate, and discharge Mr. Louelands debt and pay the 
cost [of ihis'\ Court, and the first Court his case was in tryal. 
Blumfeild is to pay the char[ges of] the special Court.* 

This Court orders the Secy to draw out the letter which 
was read in the [Court,] and subscribe it in the name of the 
Court, and send it to Cap* Hutchinsonf and his [ ] 

This Court haueing considered the request of Tho: Forde, by 
their vote d[eclare] that they see no cause to give Goodman 
Forde the six pownds od, that he d[esires] in refference to his 
land at Podunck, now in Mr. Jos: Fitches hand. 

This Court orders, that the land at Homenoscitt be reserued 
for a plantation. 

This Court orders that the planting of Homonoscit be reffered 
to October Court. 

At a Session of the Generall Assembly at Hartford, 
[October] the 8th, iqq2, 

John Winthrope Esq^ Gou"". 
Major John Mason Esq"", Dep: 

Mr. Math: Allyn, Mr. Henry Woolcott, 

Mr. Sam" Willys, Mr. DanH Clarke, 

Mr. Rich: Treat, John Allyn, 

Cap* John Tallcott, Mr. Sherman. 

Deputies : 
Mr. Wm. Wadsworth, Capt Ben: Nubery, Mr. Jos: 
Fitch, Lnt Walt: Fyler, Samuel Boreman, John Nott, 

* The corners and outer margins of the two leaves of the original record, paged 187 to 190, 
are much worn and defaced. On pages 187 and 189, the whole or a part of the words termi- 
nating each line is torn off, or has become illegible. 

t A letter from Capt. Hutchinson and the other proprietors of the Narragansett lands, with a 
copy of the reply from the General Court, are in " Colonial Boundaries," Vol. I. Nos. 9 & 10. 



Mr. Anthony Hawkins, Thomas Jud, Mr. Jehu Bur, 
absent; John Bankes, Phihp Groue, Mr. Math: Camp- 
feild, Nath: White, Rich: Olmsteed, absent ; Ens: Joseph 
Judson, absent ; Wm. Cheny, Tho: Tracy, Tho: Lepping- 
well, James Rogers, [James] Morgan, Mr. Rob: Chap- 
man, Wm. Waller. 

This Court desires and appoyntes Mr. Mathew Allyn, Cap<^ 
Ta[llcott,] Lnt Clark, as a Comitty to treat w^h the Gent° come 
from the M[anhatoes] about the matters in controuersie be- 
tween this Corporation and the D[utch] at Manhatoes,* and in 
case Mr. Clark comes not down to the Court, y^ [Secretary to] 
supply Mr. Clarkes place. 

John GrifFen haueing made appeare to this Court that he was 
the first [ ] the art of making pitch and tarre in these 

parts, doe order that the [said] GrifFen shall haue Two hundred 
acres of lands (where he can find them) between Massacoh and 
Warranoake, wherof there may be forty acres of [meadow,] if 
it be ther to be had and be not prejudicial! to a plantation, and 
not [formerly] graunted. 

The list of estates were presented to this Court, as foUow- 

Ye persons and estates of Hartford, 18917. 06. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Windsor, 16683. 00. 00 

* With a view to an amicable adjustment of the differences between the New Netherlands 
and Connecticut, respecting the towns upon L. Island, and the territory between Stamford and 
Westchester (inclusive of the latter plantation,) to which both Jurisdictions laid claim, Gov. 
Stuyvesant sent commissioners to Hartford, with full powers " for the composinge and deter- 
myninge of all further diffrences in question." In a letter to the General Court (dated Oct. 13, 
1663, N. S.) Gov. S. writes, " I therefore thought meete and needfull for the prevention of fur- 
ther troubles, to send the bearers, our lovinge friends and intrusted agents, Cornelys van Ruy- 
ven, our faithfull Secretary, Oolvoost Stevenson van Cortland, burge master off the city Am- 
sterdam in New Netherland, and John Lawrence, marchant," &c. [Colonial Boundaries, ii. 6.] 

The Committee appointed by the General Court did not assent to the propositions submitted 
by the Dutch Commissioners, and the latter returned to the iManhadoes, without having attained 
any satisfactory result of their mission. A correspondence ensued between the General Court 
and Gov. S., in which the question of jurisdiction was discussed, without however arriving at 
any positive result, until the claims of the Dutch Government were summarily disposed of, by 
the occupation of N. York by the English in 1664, and the grant to the Duke of York, — which 
by the decision of the Royal Commissioners, in Nov. 1664, was made to include the whole of 
Long Island. The letters of Gov. Stuyvesant, with the propositions of the Dutch agents, and 
those of the Committee of the Gen. Court, are in ' Col. Boundaries,' Vol. ii. Nos. 3-13, See 
also, the Journal of the Dutch Commissioners, printed in Hazzard's State Papers, ii. 623-633, 
from the original in the State Department at Albany. 


Ye persons and estates of Weathersfeild, 12258. 10. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Farmington, 07044. 00. 00 

Ye persons and estates of New London, 07185. 11. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Norwalke, 04420. 05. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Middletowne, 03017. 00. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Norwidge, 02571. 00. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Stratford, 09579. 03. 00 

Ye persons and estates of Fairfeild, 11030. 09. 08 

Ye persons and estates of Saybrook, 08000. 00. 00 

Mathew Griswold and Wm. Waller and Tho: Minord are 
appoynted to [ ] the west bounds of New London, and 

Ens: Tracy and James Morgan or [ ] whom the two 

towns of N: London and Norwidge do appoynt are to se[ ] 

they are to begin at some sutable place as they shall judge 
m[eet, so that] they may haue as much land without as their 
is sea [ ] 

Timothy Phelpes and Samuel Buell are [propounded to] be 
made free of this Corporation, according [to order of Court] 
[188] Serjant Tho: Minor repairing to this Court for aduice, 
what he should doe or how he should behaue himself to any in 
the place where he Hues that doe pretend authority there ; This 
Court doth aduise him to carry it peaceably towards them, and 
at present to be a patient in the case, though they injure him; 
this Court engageing to see the said Serjant Minor wrighted for 
any wrong that he either hath or shall receiue upon this acco*, 
prouided he attends the directions of this Court, W^ is that he 
obey noe authority at Mistick & Pawcatuck but what is or 
shall be establisht there by this Assembly. 

It is ordered by the Court, that the letter drawn up to the 
Director Gen^i at the Manhatoes, be sighned by the Sec^y in 
the name of the Court, and sent to the said Generall. 

This Court doth accept of the town of West Chester as a 
member of this Corporation, being rece'd and accepted as such 
by o"" Councill formerly. This Court doth declare that all the 
land between the sayd West Chester and Stanford also doth 
belong to the Colony of Connecticut. 

This Court doth desire and appoynt the Major and John 
AUyn and Mr. Bruen, to keep a Court at New London, for the 


issuing of such matters as shall be presented to their considera- 
tion ; they are to appoynte the time. 

This Court appoynts Ens: James Auery a Commissioner, to 
joyne w^h Mr. Bruen at New London. 

This Court appoynts Mr. Edward Gishop a Commissioner 
for the Towne of West Chester, and he is inuested with Magis- 
traticall power in that Plantation, untill y^ Court in May. 
Sworn, in Court. 

This Court doth appoynte the Secy to draw out the Letter 
faire, that was read in the Court, and subscribe it in the name 
of the Court, and send it to Deacon Parks, by him to be pre- 
sented to y^ Gouerni" and Gen^i Assembly of the Massachusetts. 

This Court orders, that the last Wednesday of this Instant 
October be set apart throughout this Collony for a solemn day 
of Thanksgiuing for the mercyes God hath extended to us the 
year past, in the return of o' Honoured Gouernof, the recouery 
of c Deputy Gouern'^ out of his late sicknesse, the plentiful! 
haruest, the seasonable abatement of the waters, and continu- 
ance of peace and health amongst us. 

This Court graunts a rate of a penny on the pound, to dis- 
charge the Countrey's debts. 

This Court upon the petition of John Tompson, do request 
Mr. Jones, Mr. Hanford and Mr. Wakeman, to haue a hearing 
of the difference between the Church of X* at Stratford and 
the said Tompson, and to aduise them to the best meanes for an 
issue therof. 

This Court desires and appoynts Mr. Gouernour, Mr. Math: 
Allyn, Mr. Willys and Cap* Tallcott, or any three of them, to con- 
sider what is meet to be attended in reffrence to Mr. Hopkins his 
estate, by him bequeathed for to be improued for y^ promoting of 
learning, and to make reporte of there thoughts the next Court. 

Tho: Hunt, John Quinby, Rob: Huested, Nicholas Bayley, 
Rich: Ponton, Sam'i Mills, Mr. Rich: Mills, are accepted to be 
made free, according to order of Courte. 

Simon Huntington, Tho: Adgatt, John Post, Tho: Post, Wm. 
Baccas, Thom: Blisse, John Renols, John Calkin, Jonath: Rice, 
John Birchard, are accepted to be made free, accoi'ding to order 
of Court. 

Ens: Steel, John Norton, John Clerk, Joseph Woodford, 


Tho: Judd, John Judd, John Woodruff, John Root, John War- 
ner, Tho: Hart, are to stand for their [ ] at the Court 
in May next, for their freedome. 

[189] Lnt John Bud is appoynted Commissioner for the Town 
of Hastings, and is inuested [with] Magistraticall power within 
thehmits of that Town. 

Rich: Vowles is appoynted Constable for the Town of Hast- 
ings, and Mr. Bud is to g[iue him his oath.] 

This Court doth approue of Deacon Stebbing and Ln* Tho: 
Bull paying what doth [appear] to be due from Mr. Hopkins 
estate to Mr. Bournes or Mr. Dallye, with what [ ]ency 

may bee. 

It is ordered by the Court, that Math: Griswald, Wm. Waller 
and Tho: Minor or [any two] of them, shall settle the bounds 
between the Town of New London and Uncas, [ ] deter- 

mine what Uncass shall haue for those of his lands that fall 
within the [ ] that by the Court haue been confirmed 

upon the Towne of New London, and issue [ ] case fully, 

a Munday come four weeks, or as soon as may be. 

Frances Brown was sworn Constable for Stanford, in the 

Wheras the Court haue formerly graunted Mr. Sam: Stone, 
of Hartford, a farme, [for his] good seruice to the Countrey 
both in Pequett warr and since, do now graunt and con[firme] 
to Mr. Sam'i Stone his son and Mrs. Eliza Stone, the relict of 
Mr. Sam^i Stone, deceased, [in] lieu of the former grant, 500 
acres of upland and 50 or sixty acres of meadow, [where] they 
can find it, prouided it be not prejudicial to any plantation set 
up al[ready] or place fitt to make a plantation. 

This Court appoynts Sam^i Boreman and James Steele to lay 
out the bounds [of the] Towne of Middletowne, according to 
their former graunt, and the [Towne] of Middletowne is to pay 
the charge therof. 

This Court doth leaue the determination of the business 
respecting [ ] entertainm* of the plantations on Long 

Island, and the difference between [us] and the Dutch, with the 
Councill, who are to consider and issue the forementioned [par- 
ticu]lars, as soon as they haue a return from the Dutch Director 
Genii or a fort[night] hence, and the people of the Island are to 


haue a coppy of the proposalls presented [by] the Gen'^s Mes- 

This Court appoynts John Hurd and Joseph Judson to lay 
out the bownds [of the] Town of Fairfeild, between them and 
Norwalk, according to their [former] grant ; and the two 
Townes are to beare the charge. 

This Court doth desire and authorize the Council! to draw 
up and send letters of [ ] to his Majesty or any Noble 

personages in England, as they see cause. 

This Court doth approue of what the Perticular Court did at 
South H[ampton] September, 1663, and do desire and appoynte 
the Assis'^s of South & East Hampton to see that execution be 
attended according to the determination of the said Court ; and 
in case there be any occasion for the future, the Assises of South 
and East Hampton are hereby impowered to go ouer [to South-] 
hold and keep Court there and deal with all persons (that carry 
it refractory in the sayd place,) according to lawe ; and espe- 
cially they are desired to consider of Mr. Wells his ill carriage ; 
and in case they cannot sup [press] such ill disposed persons 
there, they may and are hereby authorized [to send'\ ouer any 
such person or persons to the Goal here at Connecticut. 

Tho; Tappin is appoynted to joyne with the aforesaid 

This Court doth authorize the Court at Southhold to issue the 
[ ] respecting Pepper, now in durance there, and to 

send him to Bar[badoes] or banish him, according as the nature 
of the offence [requires.] 

[190] This Court doth judge that Seabrook hath no right to 

This Court doth declare that the former act about Homonos- 
citts not being a plantation is hereby reuoaked ; and the former 
order, that it should be a plantation is to stand. 

The Court doth appoynt S. Willys, Mr. Woollcott, and Wm. 
Wadsworth as a Commity for the ordering of the plantation at 

Mr. Willys, Mr. Gould & Ens: Tracy are appoynted by this 
Court, as a Committy to issue the businesse respecting John 
Notts appeale. 

Ln^ Lewis doth request this Court for a Farme. 


This Court doth order a rate of farthinge & half farthinge 
upon the pownd, to be paid within 3 weekes, in wheat, for the 
compleating the charge about procuring the Charter ; and the 
Constables of each Town are to gather the same, and prouide 
for the transportation of the same to New London, within a 

This Court doth declare that they can do no less for their own 
indemnity then to manifest c dissatisfaction w^^ the proceed- 
ings of the plantations of N: Hauen, Milford, Brainford &c., in 
their distinct standing from us in poynt of Gouerm* ; it being di- 
rectly opposite to the tennor of the Charter lately granted to o'" 
Colony of Connecticutt, in w^h Charter these plantations are 
included. Wee allso do expect their submission to o"" Gouer- 
ment, according to o"" Charter and his Majestyes pleasure therin 
exprest, it being a stated conclution of the Com^s that Jurisdic- 
tion right allwayes goeth w'^ Patent. And whereas, the afoars^ 
people of New Hauen &c. pretend they haue power of Gouer- 
ment distinct from us, and haue made seuerall complaints of 
wroungs receiued from us, we doe hereby declare that o'' Coun- 
cill will be ready to attend them, or a Committee of theirs, and 
if they can rationally make it appear that they haue such power, 
and that we have wrounged them, according to their com- 
plaints, we shall be ready to atend them w^^ due sattisfaction. 
(Ye Gou""^ absent w" this vote passed. ) 

The Court appoynts Mr. Willys and the SeCy to draw up a 
Letf to N: Hauen Genti, and inclose this act of the Court in it. 

The return of the Comitty concerning John Notts appeale is^ 
that the land in controuersie between Mr. Russell and the Towne 
of Weathersfeild doth belong to Mr. Russell, and is confirmed 
by the Court upon him ; 

This Court remitts Mr. Russells forfeits for his non recording 
of his land, all but 51; and this to be a finall issue of the busi- 
nesse between Mr. Russell and John Nott and the Town of 

In answer to the petition of those English Plantations near 
the Dutch ; — This Court being desirous to maintaine his Majes- 
ties just interest and the peace of his subjects, and yett to attend 
all wayes of righteousnesse, that so we may hold good corres- 
pondency with o"^ neighbours of the Manhatoes, do herby de- 


clare that they will for the present forbear to put forth any au- 
thority ouer the English Plantations on the westerly end of 
Lono- Island, prouided the Dutch forbear to exercise any coer- 
ciue power towards them ; and this Court shall cease from far- 
ther attendance unto the p^mises, until there be a seasonable 
return from the Generall Steuenson to those propositions that 
his messengers carryed with them, or untill their be an issue of 
the differences between them and us. 

[191] And in case the Dutch do unjustly molest or offer vio- 
lence unto them, we do hereby declare that we shall not be 
willing to see o^ Countrey men his Maties naturall borne sub- 
jects, and his Matins interest interupted or molested by the 
Dutch or any other, but we shall adres Cselues to use such just 
and lawfuU meanes as God shall in his wisdome offer to o' hands 
for their indemnity and safety, untill his Ma^ie o' Soueraigne 
Lord the King shall please to declare his Royall pleasure for 
their future settlement, they carrying themselues peaceably and 

The Court is adjourned to the 2^ Thursday in March, except 
the Gouerno"^ or Councill see cause to call it sooner. 

This Court doth thankfully acknowledge the fauor the Gou- 
ernr hath shewed to this o"" Colony, in his great paynes in pro- 
cureing c Charter of his Matie o'' Soueraigne, and doe hereby 
discharge him from those seuerall summes of mony that he hath 
rec^ of the Colony ; 

And the Worpii Gouernor doth hereby discharge and acquitt 
the Colony of Conecticutt from all farther claimes for his paynes 
and charge about the premises. 

At a Session of the Gen^i Assembly at Hartford, March 
10th, 1663. 

John Winthrop Esqf, Gou"". 

Mr. Allyn, Mr. Woolcot, 

Mr. Willys, Mr. Clark, 

Mr. Treat, Mr. Allyn, et Sec'y. 


Deputies : 
Mr. Wadsworth, Tho: Judd, John Nott, 

Mr. Fitch, Mr. Jehu Burre, Wm. Cheny, 

Capt. Newbery, John Bankes, Tho: Tracy, 

Lnt Fyler, Nath: White, Tho: Leppingwell, 

Anth: Hawkins, Samii Boreman, Mr. Rob: Chapman. 

This Court doth order that the charge and expence of Mr. 
John Tinkers sicknesse and funerall shall be payd by the Pub- 
liqe Treasury, which is 8 : 6 : 4. 

This Court doth nominate and appoynte Mr. Willys and Cap* 
Tallcott to take the Marshalls acco* of what he hath expended 
on the Contreys acco*, to the Dutch agents. 

This Court upon a consideration of a petition presented from 
seuerall of the proprietors of the lands on the East side of the 
Great Riuer, in refference to fencing the said lands, doe ther- 
fore see meet to desire and order the said proprietors in the 
seuerall Townes, to consider of the aduantages and disaduan- 
tages that may accrew to the Publique in the premises, and to 
p^sent their apprehensions and determination of y^ m[ajor] part 
of the said proprietors at the next Gen^i Assembly, in May. 

This Court orders Tho: Edwards and the rest of the inhabit- 
ants at Hockanum, all aboue sixteen yeares old, to take some 
speedy oppertunity to make two Bridges, the one ouer the 
Brook at the place called Sadler Ordnary, the other at Frog 
Brook, where may be most sutable ; in each Bridge to lay three 
Trees, so hewed that they may be sufficient for horses to passe 
safe ouer. Thomas Edward is to ouersee the work, and is em- 
powered to call the rest of the pi'sons forth to performe the work, 
according to the Courts expectation herein ; and the Court 
allowes ten shillings towards the work, out of the Publiq' Treas- 
ury; it is to be finished before May Court. They are to mark 
out the way from y^ Common way to the Bridge at Frog 

This Court doth remitt John Betts fine of 30s. 

This Court understanding that trouble is like to ensue upon 
the apprehension of seuerall inhabitants amongst us respectinge 
the priuiledge of Freemen, and who are to make choyce of Dep- 
utyes and publiq' officers in the Corporation, for preuehtion 
wherof, doe declare and order, that only such as haue been or 


shall be orderly admitted freemen of this Company, by the 
Gen^i Assembly, shall haue their votes in chooseing Deputyes 
and other publique officers for the Corporation, as Gouerno"^* 
Deputy Gouernor, Magistrates. 

[192] This Court, upon good advise, doe see cause to take of 
the sequestration formerly laid upon the estate of Edward Hop- 
kins Esq"", w^h for seuerall good reasons was laid under restreint, 
partly because an authentick coppy of the will of y^ s^ Edward 
Hopkins Esq"^ did not appeare for y^ orderly dispose thereof, 
and partly because an attested Inuentory of the said estate hath 
not as yett been exhibited to this Court, yett now being hope- 
lesse, because of the discease of Cap*^ John CuUick, to obteine 
the said Inuentory, this Court doth order as before mentioned. 

This Court grants license to John Westall, to sell wine and 
liquers by retaile in his house, so he do not suffer men to tipple 
in his house contrary to lawe, but attends the contrary orders 
in that respect. 

This Court orders, that the letter w^^ the warrant and in- 
structions to the Marshall respecting Mr. John Scott, that haue 
been read in the Court, shall be attended. 

This Court orders that the bownds of Seabrook shall be six 
mile and an half from the Neck gate, westward. 

This Court doth grant liberty to Mr. Thomas Pell to buy all 
that land of the Indian proprietors between West Chester and 
Hudsons Riuer, (that makes Manhatoes an Island,) and lay it 
to West Chester, prouided that it be not purchased by any be- 
fore, nor in their possession. 

This Court desires Mr. Henry Woolcott, Mr. Willis and Mr. 
Wadsworth, to go to N: London to assist the Major in keeping 
a Court at N: London, the l^t Wedensday in Aprill next. 

This Court desires the Deputyes of Fairfeild to signify to the 
Towne of Norwake that the Court will state the bounds be- 
tween them and Fairfeild, the next Session in May. 

To pi'uent future inconueniences that may arise between 
Saybrook and Homonoscitt plantations, and for a full issue of 
the case, this Court orders that the bounds between y^ said 
plantations shall be where the common passage ouer Manunke- 
tesek Riuer is, and so to run north into the Country and south 
into the sea. The former vote concerning the bounds of these 


plantations is retracted. Mr. Rossiter, Mathew Griswold and 
Joh: West are to lay out the bowndes according to order of 

This Court orders, that the Towne of New London shall pay 
unto Ens: Waller, Mathew Griswald and Thomas Minor what 
is due unto them for laying out the bounds of N: London; to 
Ens: Waller, for two voyages, 155. ; to Math: Griswold, 15s.; to 
Thomas Minor, w* is his due, at 35. a day, himself & horse. 

This Court grants unto Mr. Mathew Allyn, liberty to take up 
that meadow at Catch, beyond Goodman Bissell, on the East 
side of the Riuer, and what upland he pleaseth, so he exceeds 
not his former grant. What Mr. Allyn takes up at this place 
is to go onwards of his former grant ; and Edward Griswald 
and Josias Hull are appointed to lay out this land for Mr. 
Allyn, he paying of them for their paynes. 

This Court grants Mr. Phelps, 200 acres of upland and twenty 
of meadow, wher he can find it ; prouided it prejudice not for- 
mer grants and plantations sett up and to sett up. 

The Deputies of Saybrook presenting to this Court their in- 
tendments to set up a plantation on the East side of the great 
Riuer, and also maintayn a plantation on the West side, and 
desireing some enlargm* of their bounds, this Court haueing 
considered their desires, do enlarge their bownds, fower miles 
on each side of the Riuer northward, prouided they do make 
two plantations, as afores^, within the space of three yeares 
from the date hereof; and also, o"" Honor*' Gouernor haueing 
made choyce of the Brook that runs into the great Riuer, near 
Twelue Mile Island, to sett a saw mill on, and a cedar swamp 
near adjoyning to the said brook or riuer, by vertue of a former 
grant. May 21th, 1653, this Court graunts it to him, according 
to his former grant, and excepts it in the forementioned grant 
to Seabrooke. 

This Court doth nominate and appoynt these to be put to y^ 
election, at May Court next, for Assists; Cap' Ben: Newbery, 
Anthony Howkins, Capt Young, Mr. Fayrchild, Mr. Edward 

[193] This Court orders, that if any person in this Colony 
shall refuse or neglect to giue in a true acco^ of any sorte of his 
Cattell to the Listmakers or their agents, when demaunded, in 


the respectiue Townes, or shall leaue out any parte of them, he 
shall forfeit for euery such defect the estate left out, the one 
half to the Publiq' Treasury, and the other half to the person 
discouering the same, and prosecuting it to effect. 

The Church of Christ at Winsor complaynes of James Enoe 
and Michaell Humphrey, for seuerall things contayned in a pa- 
per presented to the Court. Mr. Clarke, in behalf of the Church 
complaynes of James Enoe and Michaell Humphrey for a mis- 
dameanor, in offering violence to an establisht law of this Col- 
ony. Mr. Clark withdrawes this charge. 

This Court grants liberty and impowers the Major to take 
the conuenient time, and what assises he judgeth meet, to pur- 
chase what land he can of the Indians for the use and benefitt 
of the CoUony of Connecticutt. 

This Court, for the encouragement of any person that will 
lay out himself for the discouery of any mines or mineralls &c., 
doe order, that whosoeuer shall make such discoueryes, and 
purchase it for the Countrey, he shall be hono^'ably rewarded, 
out of what he doth discouer as aforesayd. 

This Court hauing seriously considered the case respecting 
James Ennoe and Michaell Humphrey, doe declare such prac- 
tises to be ofFensiue, and may proue prejudiciall to the wellfare 
of this Collony, and this Court expects they will readily come 
to the acknowledgment of their error in the paper by them pre- 
sented to the Church, wherupon the Court respitts and remitts 
the sensure due for their offence, prouided answerable reforma- 
tion doth foUowe, expecting that their lenity therein will winne 
upon the spiritts of those concerned in this case. And this 
Court doth approue of the pious and prudent care of Windsor, 
in seeking out for a supply and help in the ministry, Mr. War- 
ham growing ancient ; and do order all persons in the sayd 
plantation to allow their proportion towards the competent 
maintenance of such a supply in the ministry. And the Court 
desires a friendly correspondency may be maintayned at Wind- 
sor, as if this trouble had neuer been ; this Court declaring their 
readyness to mayntayne all the just priuiledges of all the mem- 
bers of this Corporation. 

It is ordered by this Court, that y^ p^ticulars complayned 
agaynst Mr. John Scott, be drawn out and sent downe to the 


present ciuil officers, the conseruators of the peace of his Mamies 
subjects at New Hauen, Milford, &c., and fully declared unto 
them, and to demand the said officers, in the Kings name, to 
apprehend or cause to be apprehended the body of the said 
Scott, and peaceably to deliuer him unto the custody of C Mar- 
shall, that he may be brought unto a tryall at Connecticutt, and 
that he may be proceeded w^h according to law, and in case the 
said officers neglect or refuse to attend o"" demand herein, that 
then we doe charge them as being guilty of abetting and con- 
cealing a malefactor, therby preuenting the execution of justice, 
and so o"^ officer to returne and declare their answer under the 
hand or hands of such officer or officers to whom the demand is 
made, unlesse they refuse to declare their answer in writing. 

To all his Ma^'es Subjects within these parts of c Royall 
Soueraigne Charles, King of England, Scotland, France & Ire- 
land, his Dominions in New England in America, especially 
those plantations scituate wt^in the limitts of the Corporation 
of Connecticutt, These presents doe declare and proclaime, (as 
followeth :) 

That forasmuch as John Scott, inhabitant w^^^in the Liber- 
tyes of Ashford (alias Setawkit,) on Long Island, stands charged 
in the Court at Connecticut for sundry hainous crimes and 
practises seditious, to the great disturbance of the peace of his 
Maties subjects on the Island aforesayd; perticularly, as follow- 
eth, — 

1. Speaking words tending to the defamation of the Kings 
Majesty ; 

2diy. Seditious practises and tumultuous carriages in seuerall 
Plantations ; 

3^h. Abetting and incouraging the natiues in hostile prac- 
tises against one another ; 

[194] 4. Vsurpeing the authority of the King in tendring to 
pardon treason, as Scott called the crime, for bribes; 

5. Threatning his Ma^'es subjects with hanging and banish- 
ment ; 

6. Grosse and notorious prophanation of God's hoi)- day ; 

7. Forgery, and violation of his solemne oath ; 

8. Acting treachourously to the Colony of Connecticutt ; 

9. Usurpeing authority, upon pretence of a commission ; 



10. Calumniating a Commission officer in this Corporation, 
w*^ the charge of villanous and felloneous practices ; 

We doe therfore in his M^ies name desire and expect all and 
euery ciuill officer who are conseriiators of the peace of his 
Mamies subjects within the Plantations of N: Hauen, Milford, 
Brainford, Stratford, Fairefeild, &c., whersoeuer the said Scott 
is resident, forthwth upon receipt and knowledge of the con- 
tents of the premises, to apprehend or cause to be apprehended 
the body of the said Scott, and peaceably to deliuer him unto 
the custody of o' Marshall, Jonathan Gilbert and his aiders, 
that so he may be conducted securely to Hartford, that so the 
said Scott may come to a due triall according to law, for the 
crimes herein specified, according to his Mamies Commission to 

this Corporation of Connecticutt. 

God saue the King. 

You are hereby authorized, and in hisMa^i^s Name required, 
upon the surrendry made of ye body of John Scott unto yo'^ 
custody, by any of the ciuill officers within the plantations of 
N: Hauen, Branford, Milford, Stratford, Fairfeild, &c., to bring 
the s<^ Scott under safe conduct to the goal at Hartford, there 
to be secured to a triall for seuerall crimes laid to his charge ; 
and you are further required to make diligent enquiry wher the 
said Scott is resident, and hauing certaine intelligence, you are 
forthwith to repair to the ciuill officers or officer in that Towne, 
and to open the declaration, or proclamation, and the same to 
read unto them, or otherwise cause him to know the contents 
therof, and so to demand his answer ; and if he or they shall 
neglect or refuse to obserue and attend what is therin demand- 
ed, desire him or them to signify the same unto Authority here 
establisht, and hauing receiued the answer you are to return 
unto yo"^ habitation and giue in the accompt of jo^ pi'ceeds to 
the Worpii Magistrates at Hartford. You are further required 
to desire and demand a speedy answer from the officer or offi- 
cers to whom you apply yourself for Scotts apprehending ; and 
in case the answer be unessessarily retai^ded, you are, in this 
Courts name to charge the said officer with abetting and con- 
cealing a malefactor, therby obstructing the course of justice. 
But in case Scott be gone beyond Stratford Riuer, you are to 


attend the execution of yo"* office by apprehending the said 
Scott and conducting him safely, as before exprest. 

March 19*^. It is voated in the Genii Court that John Gil- 
bert shall be allowed Eleuen pownds out of the Publique Treas- 
ury, for and in consideration of his horse that dyed in the 
Countrey's seruice. 

This Court have voated Mr. Willis and Mr. Math: AUyn to 
go ouer to Long Island to settle the Gouerm* on the West end 
of the Island, according to the aggreemt at Hempsted, in Feb"" 
last ; and those Gentlennn are desired to issue the matter twixt 
J: Scott & Bloomer. And they are farther desired to take in 
vv^th them the assistance of the Commissionrs in those Townes, 
for the regulateing of any disturbances, as occasion is p'sented. 

[195] The seuerall propositions propounded to the Court for 
Answer, by Walter Salter. 
1 Qu: Whether we are taken by Patent right, or not ? 

1 A: The Lines of Connecticutt Patent extending to the ad- 
joyning Islands, and y^ Townes on the west end of the Island 
applying themselues to this Gouerm* for rule and pi'tection and 
settlemt in Gouerm*, and declaritiuely expressing the same by 
their Deputies at Hempsted, in Feb: last, upon the grounds 
foregoing we declare our acceptance of those Townes under 
the Gouerm' of Connecticutt. 

2 Q: Whether this Court ownes and will mayntayne the 
Commission of Mr. Allyn,, and what he hath done upon the 
west end of Long Island ? 

An: In refference to the p^secution of the settlem* of Gou- 
erm* in those Towns by Mr. Allyn, and the issue that was 
aggi'eed on by him, w^h the Assembly at Hempsted, as specified 
in a writing wti» us, wherein the Deputyes of the seuerall plan- 
tations there, in behalf of y^ s*! Townes, expresse their joynt 
submission to this Gouerm*, we do own and accept those 
Townes under o"" present care and gouerm*. 

3 Q: Whether by what Mr. Allyn brought from Long Isl- 
and, Connecticut hath power to command us, or not ? 

An: We judge according to what is returned to this Assem- 


bly by Mr. Allen, so farr as we can creditt the coppy attested 
by Anthony Waters, nominated to be Clark of the Assembly at 
Hempsted, that this Assembly hath power to require obedience 
of the persons in those Townes to the authority establisht by o"^ 
Royall Soueraigne Charles the 2^, in the Corporation of Con- 

These Answers were voted by the Court. 

This Court doth order that y^ 2^ Wedensday in Aprill next, 
be solemnly kept a day of publique humiliation, throughout this 
Collony, to seek to God that he would graciously be pleased to 
smile upon us, and succeed the labors and endeauo^ ^ of his peo- 
ple, in the occasions of the ensuing yeare ; that health may be 
continued amongst us, that peace and truth may be establisht 
amongst c^selues and throughout his Matins Dominions. 

This Court votes that Mr. Aliens charges of Mr. Clark, which 
were presented to the Court, are not proved by Mr. Allen. 

Mr. Allyn, Cap* Tallcott, 

Mr. Willys, John Allyn. 

The Magistrates order the Secretary to giue Mr. Hicks a 
coppy of the pi'clamation against Mr. Scott, and to insert that 
the plantations of the Island are required by their officers, to act 
as the plantations of N: Hauen, Milford, Stratford, &c. in the 
mayne, in refference to the apprehending of Mr. Scott ; and 
Hicks is to haue the exemplification. 

The Magistrates doe also desire and aduise the Inhabitants 
of Hempsted, in case Thomas Rushmore do continue to oppose 
the Gouermt of Connecticutt, to chuse an able and judicious 
man to the office of a Constable, and Mr. Hicks to administer 
the oath to him, they haueing first displaced the sayd Rush- 

And it is also ordered, that all the inhabitants in the English 
Townes on the west end of Long Island, yeild obedience and 
submitt to the Gouerment of those officers that were chosen by 
the respectiue Townes according to the aduise of the Collony 
of Connecticutt ; and all pretended officers are to stand by. 

of connecticut. 425 

[196] At a Generall Assembly held at Hartford, May 
THE 12t'i, 1664, FOR Election. 

These are to be put to y^ election: — John Winthrop Esq^, 
Major Mason Esq^, Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Samuell Willys, 
Mr. Richard Treat, Mr. Nathan Gold, Capt Thomas Topping, 
Cap* John Tallcott, Mr. Henry Woolcott, Mr. Dan^ Clarke , 
John Allyn, Mr. Sarn^i Shearman, Mr. John Howell, Mr. Thirs- 
tin Reynor, Cap* Benja: Nubery, Mr. Antho: Howkins, Cap' 
John Younge, Mr. Tho: Fayrechild, Mr. Edw: Palmes, Mr. 
Bond, Mr. Mulford. 

These were elected by the freemen : — 

John Winthrop Esq"", Gou""". 
Major Mason, Dep*: Gouernr. 
Mr. Math: Allyn, Mr. Henry Woolcott, 

Mr. Sami- Willys, Mr. Dan" Clarke, 

Mr. Richard Treate, John Allyn <^ Sec^y, 

Mr. Nathan Gold, Mr. Samii Shearman, 

Capt Thorn: Topping, Mr. John Howell, 

Capt John Tallcott Sf Treasurer, Cap* John Younge. 
The freemen voted that the Gen^i Assembly should chuse the 
Commissioners for the year ensueing. 

The Deputies of the Court are : — 

Mr. W. Wadsworth, Nath: White, Rich: Olmsted, 

Mr. Wm. Gaylerd, Mr. Joseph Fitch, Rob: Warner, 

Samuel Boarman, Mr. John Bissell, Ens: Auery, 

Mr. Thorn: Pell, John Nott, Barnabas Wines, 

Thom: Hallsey Sen^, John Bankes, Mr. Rich: Woodhall, 

Hugh Calkine, John Jessop, Cary Latham, 

Mr. Anth: Howkins, John Standly, Capt: Seely, 

Mr. Tho: Fayrechild, Ens: Judson, John Ketcham. 
Mr. Campfield, 

John Norton, John Jud, Sam^i Buell, Timothy Phelps, Tho: 
Jud, Mr. Hamlin, Sam^i Olcott ; — these were made free in 

Mr. John Hicks, Mr. Rob: Coe, Capt John Coe, Mr. Wm. 


Hallett were appoynted by the Townes to which they doe be- 
long to attend the Court.* 

This Court orders, that in case the Gouernour or Deputy 
Goun'', after y^ Genii Assembly is once constituted, should by 
reason of sicknes or other speciall occations be absent from the 
Court, that then the Court chuse one to act as Moderator in y^ 
Court, both in ordering speech and silence, and in putting things 
to vote. 

This Court doth nominate and appoynt these to be Comission- 
ers in the respectiue Towns to which they doe belonge ; — Mr. 
Anthony Howkins, for Farmington ; Mr. Campfield, for Nor- 
walke ; Mr. Rob: Chapman & Mr. John Clark, for Saybrook ; 
Mr. Bruen & Mr. Palmes, Ens^ Auery, for New London ; Mr. 
Fayrechild, for Stratford; Mr. Burr, for Fayrefeild ; Mr. Jessop, 
for Westchester. 

[197]t They are to repair to the next Magistrate to be sworn, 
and they are invested with Magistratical power in the several 

Zerubabell Phillips appeals from the particular Court at South 
Hampton, December pt, 1663, in the action of trespass com- 
menced against him by Joseph Reyner, concerning a pit was 
digged in the common, whereby he was damnified ; the appeal 
is to the General Court, but now withdrawn. 

This Court doth nominate and appoint Mr. William Pitkin, 
in the behalf of this Colony, to be their Attorney, to implead 
any delinquents in the Colony, till October next. 

This Court desires the Major, Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Clark, Mr. 
Sherman and John AUyn, to keep the Court on Monday next, 
for the trial of such cases or complaints as shall then come un- 
der hand, or be presented before them. 

Whereas his Majesty hath been graciously pleased to con- 
firm unto this Colony, by Charter, all that part of his dominions 

* Mr. John Hicks, was from Hempstead ; Mr. Robert Coe, from Jamaica ; Capt. John Coe, 
from Newtown ; Mr. Wm. Hallett, from Flushing. 

tHere occurs the first, and it Is believed the only break in the original records, so far as they 
have been transcribed. A leaf containing pages 197 and 198 has been torn from the volume, — 
when, or by whose agency, cannot now be ascertaind. The loss is comparatively recent, since 
the volume was entire so late as 1810, when it was copied by direction of the General Assem- 
bly and under the supervision of the Secretary of State. From that copy, which is generally 
accurate, the missing pages have been supplied. 


in New England bounded as in the said Charter is expressed, 
with the Islands adjoining, This Court doth declare, that they 
claim Long Island for one of those adjoining Islands expressed 
in the Charter, except a precedent right doth appear, approued 
by his Majesty. 

This Court doth desire and request the WorshipfuU Gouern- 
our, Mr. Mathew Allyn, Mr. Willys and Captain Young to go 
over to Long Island, and to settle the English plantations on 
the Island under this Gouerment, according to instructions 
given them. 

The aforesaid Committee are hereby authorized to erect and 
constitute Quarter Courts, or appoint other fit seasons for the 
keeping of Court for the administration of justice, that all cases 
may be tried according to law, (life, limb and banishment ex- 
cepted,) and to do their endeavours so to settle matters, that the 
people may be both civilly, peaceably and religiously governed 
in the English plantations, so as they may win the heathen to 
the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by their 
sober and religious conversation, as his Majesty, our Lord the 
King requires in his gracious Letters Patents granted to his 
subjects here in this Colony ; and in case of crimes of a capital 
nature, they are to haue liberty to take the opportunity of the 
Courts of Fairfield or Hartford ; the like liberty they have in 
case of review ; they may also give oath to those that are ac- 
cepted by this Court for freemen on the Island, and to do what 
else they judge may conduce for the good of the Colony. 

This Court orders, that those who were propounded for free- 
men by the Deputies of Norwich, in October last, shall have the 
freeman's oath administered unto them, by the Major ; 

And that those of West Chester have the oath administered 
unto them by Mr. Jessop ; 

And that those of Farmington have the oath of freedom ad- 
ministered to them by Mr. Hawkins; This Court having ac- 
cepted of the persons presented by the Deputies of the aforesaid 
towns, as freemen. 

This Court accepts Barnabas Wines Jun^, Richard Benja- 
min, Caleb Horton, Benjamin Horton, Thomas Hutchinson, 
Thomas Moore, Jeffery Jones, for freemen, and Captain Young 
is to administer the oath of freemen to them. 


This Court accepts John Burr to be made free, and Mr. Gould 
is hereby authorized to administer the oath of freedom to him. 

John Teed, Edward Hornett, Samuel Titus, Thomas Jones, 
William Williams, Samuel Ketcham, Joseph Whitman, Thomas 
Brush, Caleb Curwithee, Joseph Bayley, John Rogers, Samuel 
Wood, Thomas Workes, Henry Whisson, James Chichester, 
Henry Ludlow, Thomas Scuddor, John Samwayes, Thomas 
Powell, Jonathan Rogers and Isaac Piatt are accepted to be 
made free, and the Commissioners of Huntington are to admin- 
ister the oath of freedom to them. 

Captain Seely and Mr. Wood are appointed Commissioners 
for Huntington, and Captain Seely is to administer the Com- 
missioners oath to Mr. Wood. 

Ensign Avery is authorized to administer the oath of a Com- 
missioner to Mr. Bruen and Mr. Palmes. 

Mr. Woodhall and John Ketcham are appointed Commis- 
sioners for Setawkett ; and were sworn in Court. 

Mr. Thurston Rayner is by this Court chosen a Magistrate, 
and Mr. John Howell is to administer the oath to him for the 
faithfull execution of his office. 

Mr. Mulford and Mr. Bond are appointed Magistrates for 
East Hampton, and Mr. John Howell is hereby authorized to 
administer the oath to them, for the faithful execution of their 

This Court doth make choice of Barnabas Horton for a Com- 
missioner for South Hold, and Capt. Young is to administer the 
oath to him. 

Mr. Barton, Henry Bering, Robert Ackerly, John Jener, 
Zach: Hawkens, Ralph Hall, are accepted to be made free. 

This Court doth nominate Mr. John Hicks and Mr. Richard 
Gildersleave Sen"", Commissioners for the town of Hempstead : 

And Mr. Robert Coe and Mr. Thomas Benedict, Commis- 
sioners for Jamacoe : 

And Capt. John Coe and Mr. Richard Betts, Commissioners 
for Newtown : 

And Mr. William Hallett and Mr. Wm. Noble, Commission- 
ers for Flushen : 

And Mr. John Rickbell and Robert Ferman, for Oyster Bay, 
are Commissioners : 


And Mr. James Hubbard and Mr. William Wilkins, for 

This Court invests the several Commissioners on the Island 
with Magistraticall power on the Island. 

This Court appoynts Tho: Minor and Ens: Tho: Tracy to lay 
out the bounds between Saybrook and New London, according 
to former grants ; and they two are to begin their measure at 
some indifferent place by the riuer side ; prouided if any land 
be layd out to any of Saybrook, within the bounds of New Lon- 
don, they shall hold their perticuler propriety to those lands, 
payeing their just dues to the Towne of New London.* 

Ensign Avery engageth to pay ten shillings to the Treasurer 
for New London Petition. 

The Court refers it to the next session of this Assembly to 
grant commission to the several commission officers of the Foot 
and Horse throughout this Colony, and desire that it may be 
then attended. 

Mr. Daniel Clark was by this Court confirmed Captain of the 
Troop. And Mr. James Richards is confirmed Leiftenant of 
the said Troop, by this Court. 

This Court confirms the order respecting the penalty laid 
upon those that neglect or refuse to give in a true account of 
all sorts of their cattle to the List makers, which order was 
made March 10th, 1663. 

Mr. John Hicks, Mr. Robert Coe, Capt. John Coe, Mr. Wil- 
liam Hallett, had the Commissioners oath administered to them, 
in Court. 

For Hempstead, This Court accepts of Richard Gildersleave 
Sen"", and Richard Gildersleave Jun"", Mr. Foredum, John Car- 
penter, Edward Titus, James Pine, Thomas Carle, Thomas 
Hicks, John Smithman, Jeremiah Wood, John Smith Jun', 
Henry Persell, William Scuddine, William Yeats, Robert Mur- 
uen, to be freemen, if they accept of it. 

For Jamaicoe, Mr. Walker, Thomas Benedick, Henry Witny, 
William Smith, Joseph Smith, Dan Penton, John Bayless, Fulk 
Davis, Thomas Benedick, are accepted as freemen, if they ac- 
cept it. 

* The orthography of this order is made to conform to a copy of it certified by Secretary 
John Allyn, in 167=2. [Towns & Lands, I. 98.] 


For Newtown, Mr. Loveridge, Richard Betts, Samuel Toe, 
Caleb Loveridge, Ralph Hunt, John Burrows, John Ramsden, 
Nicholas Carter, Gershom Moore, James Christy, are accepted 
as freemen, if they accept of it. 

For Flushin, William Noble, Elias Watty,* Walter Salter, 
Richard Weller, John Thorne, Nicholas Persell, Thomas 
[ t] Jonathan [ f ] William Salsbee, John 

Heeded, are accepted as freemen, if they accept it. 
[199] This Court made choyce of the WorpH Gouernour and 
Mr. Math: Allyn for Commissioners for the year ensuing ; Mr. 
Willys is appoynted for a reserue. 

This Court doth grant liberty to the Marshall to retaile wine, 
vntill some other be provided to supply w^h wine, that the Court 
approues of, or the Court call in this lycense ; he attending the 
order in the premises. 

The Court made choyce of Jonathan Gilbert for Marshall 
for the year ensueing. 

May 19. The Court is adjourned till to morrow eight of the 

The Major & the Com^s of New London are desired to take 
a speedy course to secure the fine due from Clay, and to issue 
any misdemeanor" at New London or Saybrook as speedy as 
may be, and the Major may desire some other help if he sees it 

This Court doth appoynt Mr. Wadsworth & Mr. Fitch to 
make an addition to the prison house, so as they judg meete for 
the conueniency of the Countrey, vpon the Countreys acco*. 

This Court upon due deliberation doth order, that all the es- 
tate of Mr. John Scott w^hin this Colony be sequestred vntill 
the Court order otherwise ; and y^ Comics in the seuerall 
Townes are hereby ordered to take an exact Inuoyes of all the 
sayd Scotts estate as remaynes in their respectiue Townes, and 
see it be secured and kept from imbezelment dureing the Courts 

This Court orders that Mr. Hagborns vessell that Ralph 
Parker and Sam: Chester prized at one hundred pounds, shall 
be delivered at that prize to Ln* Bull, (for Mr. Russels vse,) by 

♦ Doughty 1 Eliaa Doughty had been a Magistrate in Flushing, the year previous. 
t These blanks occur in the copy of 1810. 


the Constable of New London, to answer in part the verdict of 
the Court that Ln* Bull, as Mr. Russels attourney, recouered 
agnst Samuel Hagborn ; and for the remaynder of the verdict, 
the Constable of New London is to secure the person of the 
sayd Hagborn untill he doth produce some currant reall estate 
to answer y^ verdict, which estate when it is produced, it is to 
be apprized by Ens: Auery, Mr. Palmes, Shepherd Smith, Mr. 
Duglass, or any three of them, and the estate to be deliuered to 
Lnt Bull as afoarsayd. The bills are to be returned agayne to 
Mr. Hagborn, that are in the Constables hand, and when the 
debt is answered the sayd Hagborn is to be releassed. 

The Court is adjourned till the Gouerno^, or Dep: Gouernour 
see cause to call it agayne. 

May 24tii: 1664 : The Councill order the Treasurer, in those 
Warrants that now he sends forth to Long Island for the Rate, 
should be payd in Wheat and Pease, or that which is equiu- 

[200] At a Generall Assembly held at Hartford, Octob^ 

13th, 1G64. 

John Winthrop Esq^, Goun"", 

Major Mason, Dep* Gou''. 

Mr. Mathew AUyn, Capt John Young, 

Mr. Sam" Willys, Mr. John Howell, 

Mr. Henry Woolcott, Mr. Sam^i Shearman. 
John Allyn, ^ Secrefy. 

Deputies : 

Mr. Wm. Wadsworth, Francis Griswold, 

Mr. Jos: Fitch, Mr. Thomas Fairchild, 

Capt. Benj. Nubery, Mr. Isack Nichols, 

Mr. John Moore, Mr. Rob: Chapman, 

John Nott, Ens: Wm. Waller, 

Sam^i Boreman, Thomas Hunt, 

Mr. Antho: Howkins, Lnt John Budd, 

Sargt John Standley, Sargt Wm. Cornwell, 

Mr. Cornel: Hull, Wm. Cheeny, 

Mr. John Bankes, Ens: James Aucry, 


Mr. Math: Campfeild, Mr. James Rogers, 

Ln* Rich: Olmsteed, Mr. Wm. Chesbrough. 

The Major propounding to the Court to take up his former 
grant of a farme, at a place by the Indians called Pomakuck, 
neer Norwich, The Court grants liberty to him to take up his 
former grant in that place, upon the same tearms as it was 
granted to him by the Court. Ens: Thomas Tracy and Francis 
Griswold are appoynted to lay it out, according to the former 

Whereas, Mr. Wm. Thomson, of New London, is remoueing 
himselfe from thence to Virginia, and is indebted by Bills the 
sume of Twenty nine pounds, seven shillings and fower pence, 
which Bill is in the hands of John Packer, This Court orders 
the Constable of New London to secure so much of the estate 
of Mr. Thomson in his hands, as it shall be apprized by indiffer- 
ent men, and the sayd Constable is to keep it in his hands, till 
he hath order from this Court or the Court of Magistrates, to 
dispose of it to the right owner which is according to Mr. Thom- 
sons tender to the Court of Magistrats, Octob'' IV^, 1664. 

This Court orders, that if any officer or soldier shall neglect 
or refuse to attend the command of their chiefe comander in any 
parte of the time of their exercise, they shall forfeit for euery 
such defect two shillings, which the dark of the band is hereby 
authorized to distreine, which fine is to be improued for the use 
of the company, and in case they haue not where w^^all to pay 
there fine, the officers are hereby impowered to cause such other 
punishment to be inflicted upon them as the nature of there of- 
fence shall deserue. 

The list of estates presented : — 
For Hartford, 19365 : 18 : For Stratford, 10227 : 11 : 
For Windsor, 16763 : 00 : For Fayrefeild, 11746 : 11 : 
For Wethersfeild,11987 : 02 : For Norwalke, 5230 : 17 : 
For Farmington, 07021 : 11 : For New London, 8040 : 60 : 
For Norwidge, 03892 : 00 : For Say brook, 8397 : 12 : 
For Middleton, 03583 : 06 : 

For Fayrefeild, John Bur, Rob: Turny, John Knowles, Joseph 
Lockwod, Rob: Beecham, Simon Crowch, John Barlow Sen^, 
John Barlow Jun"", James Euarts, Peter Cooly, Thomas Sher- 
wood, Wm. Heyden, John Growman, Francis Bradley, John 


Hoite, Steuen Sherwood, Nath: Burr, Rich: Lyon, Mr. Wake- 
man, Thomas Bennit, Thomas Wilson, James Bears, John Odill, 
Sam^i Morehouse, Thomas Morehouse, Mathevv Sherwood, 
Richard Hubbell, were accepted to be made free, and Mr. 
[201] Gould II and Mr. Sherman are appoynted to administer 
the oath of ireedome to them in [ ] next, if nothing fall in 

as a just exception in the interem. 

For Norvvalke, Danii Kellog, Math: Maruen, Thomas Betts, 
Mark Senssion, John Bouten, Edward Nash, Thomas Lupton, 
are accepted to be made free, and Mr. Campfeild is to adminis- 
ter the oath of freedome to them in May next, if nothing fall 
in as a just exception against either of them in the interrem. 

This Court orders, that all dwelling houses and barnes, shall 
for the future be exempted from the list of estates, and all other 
houses except warehouses. 

For Farmington, Wm. Corbett is propownded for a freeman. 

This Court doth grant Mr. John Westall a lycense to keep an 
ordinary or house of enterteinment, at Saybrook. 

This Court appoyntes Ens: Waller to act as an administra- 
tor w*^ John Clarke Sen^" in the ordering and disposall of the 
estate of Joseph Clarke, according to his will. 

This Court orders Sam'^ Boreman, Mr. Chester & Sam^' 
Wells to dispose of the estate of Math: Williams his wife, for the 
payment of what debts are due from the estate, so farr as it 
will goe. 

This Court orders that Colonell Nichols, and the rest of the 
Coral's be presented w^h fiue hundred bush: of Corn, as a pres- 
ent from this Colony. 

This Court abate John Prentice halfe his fine of fiue pownds, 
&; he is to pay ten shillings for his petition. 

Mistick & Pawcatuck haueing by Mr. Cheesbrook petitioned 
this Court for their fauoure to pass by their offences, the Court 
haueing considered the same doe hereby declare that what irreg- 
ularities or abusiue practices haue proceeded from them, where- 
by they haue seemed to offer contempt to the authority here 
established, it shall be forgiuen and buryed in perpetuall obliu- 
ion and forgetfuUness, and this to extend it selfe to all y^ mem- 
bers of the afoarsayd plantation, Captayn Denisononely except. 


ed, "whoe hath neglected or refused to submitt himselfe peacea- 
bly to the order of the Councill of this Colony. 

This Court expects and orders that Mistick & Pawcatuck 
doe present a true list of their estates to the Treasurer, wthin, 
the space of a moneth, and that they be rated according to their 
proportions, for this year and the last, w*^ other Townes ; they 
are to take a list of all the cattell that they had in August last, 
and those cattell that are left out of their list shall be forfeited, 
which is according to order of Court ; and they are allso to 
pay twenty pownds, which is their proportion of the Patent 

This Court grants Sam^i Gibbs a lycense to sell nine or ten 
quarter caske of Wine, by the gallon, to his neighbours or those 
that will buy it ; and he freely presents the Court w^h an anchor 
of the best of his wine, which the Court desires him to leaue 
wth the Gouernour. 

The Court appoynted Mr. Campfeild, Deacon More, Mr, 
Fayrechild, Mr. Hull and Ln* Olmsteed, as a Comittee to ripen 
the busines respecting the calfe in controuersie between Mr. 
Lord and Dan^i Cone, whoe returne that they haueing veiwed 
the sayd beast and the evidences of both sides, doe iudge it to 
be Mr. Lord's steare. The Court confirmes this y^ determina- 
tion that the stear doth belong to Mr. Lord. 

The Maior testifyeth that Vncass did beat out Sunckquasson 
and his men out of theire country in a just warre (as Mr. Haines 
and the Major conceiued,) and deliuered vp his right from 
Tomheganomset upwards to the English, whoe gaue the sayd 
Sunckquasson and his men leaue to hunt to that Brooke ; and 
there was a parcel of land at Wonggum reserued for the pos- 
terity of Sowheage. 

The Court orders that Vncass his couenant about the Pe- 
quitts &c., and his right to the lands at and about New London, 
shall be duely considered by the Court, and issued (as allso 
Quinibage lands,) in some conuenient time the next Court. 

Major Mason testifyes that James, alias Allums, did (before 
Vncass and many other Indians) in his presence affirm that he 
had giuen all his land to old Mr. Winthrop. It was at the same 
time when they receiued a letter from Mr. Endicott, wherein 
he thankt him for land they had giuen him. 


[202] This Court doth hereby impower Mr. Wm. Cheesbrooke, 
Mr. Thomas Stanton and Mr. Thomas Minor, to issue and 
determine all cases that shall be brought before them, to the 
value of forty shillings, to grant summons according to lawe 
to any that desire it, to summon men to appeare before them or 
at any Court in this Colony, and to marry persons, and punish 
for criminall matters to the value of forty shillings, or by stocks. 

This Court doth nominate and appoynt Major Mason, Mr. 
Math: Allyn, Mr. Willys, Capt: Tallcott, Capt: Newbery, or 
any three of them, to be a Committee in the behalfe of this 
Colony to use their endeauours to issue and setle the bownds of 
the Colony between the Bay and vs, and Road Island and vs, 
and o"" Sowth bownds ; and this Court doth order and deter- 
mine that the sayd Committee shall not giue away any parte of 
the bownds of or Charter ; and what c Committee shall doe in 
the premises, according to this order, is hereby rattifyed and 
confirmed. Mr. John Allyn is to attend this seruice in the ab- 
sence of the Major or his Father. 

Mr. James Richards was admitted a freeman of this Cor- 
poration, and accordingly the oath of freedome was administred 
to him. 

Mr. Danii Clarke refuseing to accept of the place of an 
Assist, Mr. James Richards was chosen an Assis' for this Col- 
ony, till the election in May next, and had the oath administred 
to him. 

Mr. Allyn Sen^ or Jun>-, Mr. Gold, Mr. Richards and Capt: 
"Winthrop are desired to accompany the Gouernour to New 
Yorke, to congratulate his Majesties Honourable Corn''s. And 
if an oppertunety offer itselfe that they can issue the bounds 
between the Dukes Patten & o^s (so as in theire judgments 
may be to the satisfaction of the Court) they are impowred to 
attend the same. Mr. Howell and Capt: Young are desired to 
atend the same seruice. 

The Court orders that Mr. Clarkes paper left in Court shall 
be giuen to him, or his name rasd out of it by the Secretary. 

The Court grants a rate of two pence farthing upon the 
pound, for all the rateable estate of the Colony. 

This Court leaues it w^^ the Councill to appoint a fitting 
season for a day of Thanksgiueing. 


The Court doe order that the Committee that doe goe to 
New Yorke shall consider Case his businesse 

The Court, upon the complaint of Dan^i Garrad that Mr. 
John Scott made an escape from him, being in his debt for dyat 
and time tending on him, twelue weekes, and for other expen- 
ces, This Court grants him ten pownds for it, out of John 
Scotts estate, if he can com at it, and Capt: Young is desired 
to help him to it. 

This Court grants Mr. Pitkin, Twenty Nobles, out of Mr. 
Scotts fine, for his paines in prosecuteing the sayd Scott. 

This Court grants Mr. Sam^i Sherman a farme of two hun- 
dred and fifty acres of land upon New Hauen Riuer, whereof 
fifty acres may be meadow, so it be out of the bounds of the 

This Court grants Mr. Math: Allyn liberty to take up a lott 
at Homonoscitt, though he doth not goe to dwell on it, and en- 
joy it, him and his heirs foreuer. 

This Court orders that Ln^ Bud continue in his place of Com*' 
for Hasting and Rye, vntill the Court order otherwise, or the 
Goun"^ and Gent^i that goe to New Yorke. 

This Court orders the Treasurer by his Warrant to require 
the Constable of Sowthhold to gather a rate upon the inhabit- 
ance of the saide Towne, to the same value as he doth on the 
Towne of East Hampton. 

[203] A letter was drawn up and sent to East Hampton, the 
contents whereof were as followeth : 

Gent°: Respects being presented, these lines are to acquainte 
you that we are informed by persons of creditt, that there is a 
mare of Sowth Hampton shott (by some of your inhabiiance, 
as is supposed,) which (if it be true) we cannot but look at it 
as very vnneighbcurly, and doe desire that such unneighbourly 
and unchristian motions be forborne for the future, and desire 
that due sattisfaction may be made for such damage as the 
owner of the mare receiues by her being shott, w^i^out any 
suits of law. We doe allso desire that you would be pleased 
this winter season to provide and make a sufficient fence about 
your improueable lands, that soe you may secure your labour 
from damage by cattell, (water-fences will not be judged suffi- 
cient, where it is passable for cattell w^'^out swiming, at low 
water,) and in the mean season, that you doe not exact dam- 
age, or trouble men by impounding there cattell, vntill you haue 
made a sufficient fenc about your feilds, not els. Desiring your 


complyance w'*^ o'' desires in the premises, we rest, Your as- 
sured freinds, The Geii'i Assembly of the Colony of Conecti- 
cutt. Signed p^ their order, p'' me, 

John Allyn, Secrefy. 

This Court desires and appoyntes Mr. Sherman and the 
Secrefy to goe to New Haven, &c. and, by order from this 
Court, in his Majesties name, to require all the inhabitance of 
New Hauen, Milford, Branford &, Guilford, Standford, to sub- 
mit to the Gouerment here established by his Majesties gracious 
grant to this Colony, and to take there answer. And they are 
hereby authorized to declare all the present freemen of New 
Hauen, Milford, Brandford, Guilford & Standford, that are 
qualifyed according to lawe, to be freemen of this corporation, 
soe many of them as shall accept of the same and take the 
freemans oath. And they are hereby authorized to make as 
many freemen as they shall by sufficient testimony finde qual- 
lyfyed, according to order of Court, in that respect, and to ad- 
minister the oath of freedom to them. 

They are also to declare, that this Court doth inuest Wm. 
Leete Esq^, Wm. Joanes Esq"-, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Fenn, Mr. 
Crane, Mr. Treat, Mr. Lawes, w^h Magistraticall power, to 
assist in the Gouerment of those plantations and the people 
thereof, according to the lawes of this corporation, or so many 
of theire owne lawes and orders as are not contradictory to 
the tenc of our Charter, vntill May next ; and if any of these 
aboue named refuse to accept to gouern the people as afoarsayd, 
then Mr. Shearman and the Secrefy are hereby authorized to 
appoynt some other fitt persons in there roome, and to adminis- 
ter an oath to them for the faythfuU execution of the trust com- 
mitted to them. And to declare that all other military and 
ciuill officers are established in their respectiue places, vntill 
the Court in May next. 

And they are allso, by order from this Court, to declare that 
they will not call to acco* what hath formerly passed to an is- 
sue in their courts of judicature. 

This Court desires Mr, Allyn and Mr. Richards to attend the 
searuice that Mr. Shearman and the Secrefy were to attend 
at Standford. 
(This Court vnderstanding by a writing presented to them 


from seuerall persons of this Colony, that they are agrieved 
that they are not interteined in church fellowship ; This Court 
haueing duely considered the same, desireing that the rules of 
Christ may be attended, doe commend it to the ministers and 
churches in this Colony to consider whither it be not their duty 
to enterteine all such persons, whoe are of an honest and godly 
conuersation, haueing a competency of knowledg in the prin- 
ciples of religion, and shall desire to joyne w^h them in church 
fellowship, by an explicitt couenant, and that they haue their 
children baptized, and that all the children of the church be 
accepted and accord reall members of the church, and that the 
church exercise a due christian care and watch ouer them ; and 
that when they are growne up, being examined by the officer 
[204] in the presence of the church, || it appeares, in the judg- 
ment of charity, they are duely qualifyed to perticipate in that 
great ordinance of the Lords Supper, by theire being able to 
examine themselues and discerne the Lords body, such persons 
be admitted to full comunion. 

The Court desires y* the seuerall officers of y^ respectiue 
churches, would be pleased to consider whither it be not the 
duty of the Court to order the churches to practice according 
to the premises, if they doe not practice w*^^out such an order. 
If any dissent from the contents of this writing they are de- 
sired to help the Court w^i^ such light as is w^^ them, the next 
Session of this Assembly. 

The Court orders the Secrefy to send a copy of this writing 
to the seuerall ministers and churches in this Colony. 

The Court is adjourned till the Gouernour or Dep: Gouer- 
nour see cause to call it againe. 

At a Generall Assembly held at Hartford, Aprill 
20th, 1665. 

John Winthrop Esq'', Gounr. 
Mr. Math: AUyn, Mr. Henry Woolcott, 

Mr. Samii Willys, Lnt James Richards, 

Mr. Rich: Treat, Lnt John Allyn, Sed'y. 

Capti John Tallcott, 



Deputies : 
Mr. William Wadsworth, Mr. Isack Nichols, 

Mr. Joseph Fitch, Mr. John Clarke, 

Capt Benj: Nubery, Mr. George Clarke, 

Deacon John More, Sarj* Wm. Cornwell, 

Samuel Boreman, Wm. Cheeny, 

John Nott, Tho: Cooke, 

Mr. James Rogers, Mr. Robert Chapman, 

Mr. Anthony Howkins, Mr. James Bishop, 

Ens: James Auery, John Cooper, 

Sarj: John Standley, Ln^ Sam'' Swaine, 

Mr. John Bankes, John Wilford, 

Mr. Cornel: Hull, John Fowler. 

Mr. Thomas Fayrechild, 
S^ Robert Carr, Colonel Georg Cartwright, Samuel Mauerick 
Esqrs, his Majesties Honourable Com""^ propositions were pre- 
sented to this Court and read, and are as followeth : 

1. That all householders inhabiting this Colony take the oath 
of allegiance, and that the administration of justice be in his 
Majesties name. 

To this we returne, that according to his Majesties pleasure 
exprest in o"" Charter, o"^ Gouernour formerly hath nominated 
and appoynted meet persons to administer the oath of allegiance, 
whoe haue, according to their order, administred the s^ oath to 
seuerall persons allready ; and the administration of justice 
amongst us hath been, is and shall be in his Majesties name. 

2d. Propos: That all men of competent estates and of ciuill 
conuersation, though of different judgments, may be admitted to 
be freemen, and haue liberty to chuse or to be chosen officers, 
both military and ciuill. 

To the 2d, our order for admission of freemen is consonant 
w^h that proposition. 

3. Propos: That all persons of ciuill Hues may freely injoy 
the liberty of their consciences, and the worship of God in that 
way which they thinke best, prouided that this liberty tend not 
to the disturbance of the publique. nor to the hindrance of the 
mayntenance of ministers regularly chosen in each respectiue 
parish or township. 

To the 3d. propos: we say, we know not of any one that 
hath bin troubled by us for attending his conscience, prouided 
he hath not distu'^bed the publique. 


4. Propos: That all lawes and expressions in lawes, deroga- 
tory to his Majestic, if any such hauc bin made in these late 
troublesome times, may be repealed, altered and taken off the 

To the 4th prpos: we return, we know not of any lawe or 
expressions in any law that is derogatory to his Majesty amongst 
us ; but if any such be found, we count it o"" duty to repeal, 
alter it, and take it off the file, and this we attended upon the 
receipt of our Charter. 

[205] This Court, upon the humble petition of Jasper Gunn, 
haue granted fine pownds to be paid unto Mr. Crow next yeare, 
in leiw of parte of his fine. 

This Court frees Isack More from training, he haueing form- 
erly bin cheif officer of the Traine Band of Farmington. 

This Court doth repeal the former order, which constituted 
and impowred a Councill, made March the ll^h, 166|. 

This Court orders that Mr. Wm. Leete, Mr. Wm. Joanes, Mr, 
Benjamin Fenn, Mr. Math: Gilbert Mr. Jasper Crane, Mr. 
Alexander Bryant, Mr. Lawes, shall be read at the Election 
for nomination for Assistants. Mr. Rot: Treat allso is nomi- 
nated for election ; Mr. Welles, Mr. Newbery &; Mr. Howkins 
were allso nominated, and Mr. Clarke. 

This Court doth hereby declare that all former actings that 
haue past by the former power at New Hauen, so farr as they 
haue concerned this Colony (whilst they stood as a distinct 
Colony,) though they in their ovvn nature haue seemed uncom- 
fortable to us, yet they are hereby buryed inperpetuall obliuion, 
neuer to be called to account. 

This Court doth approue of the inhabitants of Midleton's en- 
deauours to enter into church fellowship, and doe desire that 
they would proceed therein according to the order of the gos- 
pell, and take the aduice of the neighbour elders and churches. 

This Court doth appoynt Ensigne Auery, Ensigne Thomas 
Tracy, and John Gallop, Thomas Minor, or any three of them^ 
to lay out a conuenient percell of land, for Robin and his com- 
pany to plant vpon, at or near the head of Mistick Riuer, pro- 
uided it be not in the bownds of any of the plantations, & to 
make returne hereof to y^ Court in May next. 

In refference to y« motion of Coll: Richard Nichols to o"^ 

^Jif^ ^in^ 


^^^isiccn ts. J 


Gentlemen, for assistance, in case of forraigne inuassions, it 
being a matter of waighty importance, it is left to the serious 
consideration of the Gen^' Assembly in May next. 

In refference to what was moued about Capt" Scotts fine, 
the Deputies declare that they feare his fine will not sattisfye 
the charge and damage which he put this Colony to, but when 
that is issued the case may be farther considered. 

Respecting what Vv-as moued about a speedy conuayance of 
of Letfs, the Court will consider & aduice w^^^ neighbour Colo- 
nyes, what will be best in that case. 

The Court desires Mr. Willys and Mr. Richards to draw vp 
a writing in answer to what was moued about Duke Hamble- 
ton's Petition, and to present it to the next Courte. 

[J\rote. The General Court of New Haven Colony, at their session in December. 1664, had 
assented, conditionally, to the necessity of union, and voted that, "in loyalty to the King's Maj- 
esty, when an authentic copy of the determination of his Majesty's Commissioners is published, 
to be recorded with us, if thereby it shall appear to our Committee that we are. by his Majesty's 
authority, now put under Connecticut Patent, we shall submit, by a necessity brought upon us, 
by the means of Connecticut aforesaid ; but with a salvo jure of our former rights and claims, 
as a people, who have not yet been heard in point of plea." A Committee was accordingly 
appointed to confer with Connecticut and to complete the union. In a letter to Connecticut , 
Jan. 5th, 1664-5, Mr. Bishop, (a member of the New Haven committee, and by their order) 
writes that " having .^een the copy of his Majesty's Commissioners' determination (deciding the 
bounds betwixt his highness the Duke of York and Connecticut charter,) we do declare submis- 
sion thereunto, according to the true intent of our vote, unto which we refer you." &c. 

The union of the two colonies was now virtually complete. The Magistrates of New 
Haven, having been formally " Invested with Magistratlcal power to assist in the government of 
those plantations &.the people thereof," by the General Court of Connecticut, and "all other 
military and civil officers established in their respective places," continued to exercise their 
former authority in New Haven Colony, until the General Election in May : at which time the 
union was finally consummated, and the following Magistrates chosen to office for the ensuing 
year : 

John Winthrop Esq., Governor. John Mason Esq., Deputy Governor. Assistants; Mathew 
Allyn Esq., Sam'' Willys Esq , Mr. Nathan Gold, Capt. John Talcot (& Treasurer,) Mr. Henry 
Wolcott, Lt. John Allyn, Mr. Samuel Sherman, Lt. James Richards, Mr. William Leete, Mr. Wil- 
liam Jones, Mr. Benjamin Fenn, Mr. Jasper Crane. Capt. Daniel Clarke, Secretary. 

Of the Assistants, the four last named had been Magistrates in New Haven colony, the year 

A list of such documents relating to the union, as have been preserved in the office of the 
Secretary of this State, with a partial abstract of their contents, is given in the Appendix, No- 


[From Colonial Eecorda, Vol. I.*] 

[52] The last Will and Testament of Richard Lyman, being 
in pi'fect memory, I giue vnto my wife all my howseing & lands 
dureing her life, and one third pi'te of my lands to dispose at 
her death amongst my children as shee pleaseth, and I giue to 
her all my moueable goods, as Cattell and howshold stuffe, and 
all other impliments or mouables. And the other two p^'ts of 
my land I giue to my elder sonne Richard, and to his heires 
forever, and if he dy w^^out an heir, then I giue yt to my sonne 
Robert and to his heires for ever. For my sonne Richard my 
mynd is that the Cattell I haue formerly giuen him, that he shall 
enioy. To my daughter Sarah, besids the Cattell I formerly 
haue giuen her, my will is that my wife shall pay her twenty 
pownds, to yeres after my death. To my sonne John Lyman 
I giue him thirty pownds, to be paid him by my wife, att two 
& twenty yeres of age, and the hoggs that I formerly haue 
giuen him, I giue vnto my wife, and if he contends w^^ her and 
will not be content my wife should enioy the hoggs, then yt is 
my will that shee should not pay him the thirty pownds. To 
my sonne Robert I giue twenty fower pownds, to be paid him 
at twenty two yeres of age ; and to my daughter Fillis, the wife 
of Willia Hills, I giue tenne shillings ; and I make my wife sole 
Executrixe to this my will. 
Dated the 22th of Aprill, 1640. 

* Such wills and inventories as were recorded prior to the close of the year 1644, were entered 
in various parts of the first Volume, wherever a convenient blank page offered itself to the Sec- 
retary, and without any regard to clironological sequence. These are here brought together, 
and transposed so as to follow somewhat more nearly the order in which they were originally 
recorded. Such as are recorded by themselves, on pages [228] to [271] of the first Volume, are 
printed without transposition. The record, as far as page [250,] inclusive, is in the hand wri- 
ting of Secretary Welles ; the remainder, in that of John Cullick. 


The two p^ts of my land and howse I give to Richard Ly- 
man my Sonne : the reson of writeing this is because the word 
howse was not formerly exp^'ssed. 

Read, sealed and del<^ Richard Lyman, 

in the p''sents of vs 

Tho: Bull, John Moodie, 
Andrewe Bacon. 

July 24th. 

The wydowe Lymans mynd is that her sonne Richard Lyman 
should pi'forme her husbands will, and that her sonne Robert 
should Hue w^^ him till he be twenty two yeres of age, and then 
she giues Robert Lyman the third p^te of the howsen &; 
grownds, & for p^'formance of her husbands will, shee giues 
Richard all her moueable goods both wt^out the howse and 
wthin, only her weareing Cloathes and some of her lining shee 
will dispose of 

Jo^in Moody, 
Andrew Bacon. 

[53] A Inuentory of the goods of Richard Lyman deceased, made 
the vi'A of Septeber, 1641. 


Imp"- A Cow & a Cow calfe, . . . 8. 10. 00 

It: a heifer of a yere & halfe old, . . .4. 00. 00 

It: a bull, U. 10*. ; It: a goate & 2 kids, ll. IZs., [6. 03. 00 

8 Hoggs and halfe a sowe, & the pewtre, . 10 00. 00 

It: one acre of mislin,* . . . .3. 10. 00 

It: an acreof sumer wheat, 2Z. 10*. j an acreof oats, 2Z. [4. 10. 00 

It: 3 roods of pease and barly, ... 1. 10. 00 

It: 5 acres of Indean Corne, ... 8. 15. 00 

It: for squared tymber, planke & board, . . * 1. 05. 00 

It: a Cart & plow & tacklin belonging to them, 1. 08. 6 

It: a Tabell, forms & chaires, 8*. ; It: a Cubberd, 15*., . [1. 03. 00 

It: 4 chests, a trunke ; a old one, . . 0. 18. 6 

It: 2 beare vessells, 5*. ; It. 4 old firkins, 3*. ; [0. 8. 00 

It: 1 payle & a wooden platter, 2*.; an old byble, 2*. Qd., [0. 4. 6 

3 kettells, 2 skillits, an old brasse pot, . 2. 4. 00 
2 brass pans & a bakeing pan, . . 0. 12. 00 
a pestell, a mortar and old kettell, . 0. 6. 6 

4 platters, 2 cansticks, & drinkeing pott, w"" some 
other smale peeces of pewter, • . 1. 2. 00 

a warnieing pann, a chaffin dishe and pewter bottell, 0. 9. 00 
2 frying pans, 6*. ; It: 3 Iron potts, ll. 4*., . [1. 10. 00 

* Mislin or Meslin ; a mixture of wheat and rye. Webster, 


Jt: a Cob -iron, a gridiron, a trammell, a fire pan & 

doggs & some other old iron, . . 0. 11. 00 

It: 2 fier locke peeces, a sowrd & belt, . 2. 3. 00 

[54] It: a sacke & wool, . . . 0. 8. 00 

It: 2 bedds and bowlsters & pillowes, . 6. 00. 00 

It: 3 Couerlids, 4 blankets, 3 straw bedds, . 4. 8. 00 

It: 8 Curtens, 11. ; 3 bedsteads, 65. ; Tewed* skins, 85., [1. 14. GO 
It: 2 Wheeles, 5*. ; It: 9 p'^e of sheets & one odde one, 

3Z. 8s. 8d., .... [3. 13. 8 

It: 4 table cloathes and a dossen and halfe of napkins, 1. 9. 00 

It: 7 pillobers and 2 other smale peeces of linnen, 0. 13. 6 

It: a Coate, a Jergen, 2 dubletts, and a p'^re of breeches, 1. 10. 00 

It: 2 sythes w"' their tacklin, 6s. ; It: 2 ladders, 6s., 0. 12. 00 

It: a Churne & meat in yt, lOs. ; It: 4 howes, 6s., 0. 16. 00 

It: 2 wedges, 2 betel rings, 2 sawes, . . 0. 16. 00 

It: a broad axe, 2 narrow axes, wimbell & chessells, 0. 11. 00 

It: a powdring trofe, . . . . 0. 01. 6 

Some is 82L 16. 2d. 

John Moodie, 
Andrew Bacon, 
John Barnard. 

[70] October the 27, 1639. 

A Inuentory of the goods and Cattle of John Brundish of Wethers- 


Imp"- his weareing apparrell, 

It. his two bedds compleat, . . . ' 

It. two p''e of sheets w''' two pillowberes, 

It. in brasse and pewter, ... 

It. one chest, a boxe, a small cubbert & a table. 

It: cushens, stooles & chaires. 

It. Tramels, tongs, fier pan, bellowes, cobirons, rostiron, 

spitt and frying pan, . 
It in working tooles, .... 
Ite twelue bushells of Rye, 

It. about fourscore and ten bush' of Indean come, 
It. one horse and a mare, 
It. one cow, 2 heifers, 2 calues, 
It. in hay, .... 

It. in debts due vnto him, 
It. books, .... 

174. 6. 
Debts due to be payd out 621. 10. 
her howse and land valued at 130Z. 

• Tewed or tawed ; i. e. dressed white. t See pp. 40 and 45, ante. 



































She hath 5 children, the 2 eldest girls, the next a boy, the other 
2 girles. 

Andrew Ward, 
Richard Gyldersly. 

A noate brought in Court since the Inuentory, as foUoweth : 

RachellBrundishehath 14 acres of meadow, her howse lott 3 acres, 
and w' vpland belongs thereunto in euery diuysion, saueing w' her 
husband and shee hath sould, vizt. her shaire beyond the Riuer and 
6 acres in Penny wise. 

Debts appereing since the Inuentory was made, 41. 

Debts paid, . . 41^. 16. 4d. 

Remayneing of the stocke of Cattle, 2 Cowes, on mare. 

[68] A true Inuentory of all the goods, corne and cattell that were 
in the hands of Abraham Fynch, when he deceased, 
taken the 3 of Sef. 1640. 

Imp" his apparrell, . . . . 

It. one Cow, .... 

It. one Heifer, . . . . 

It. four swyne shoots. 
It. one cutting saw, one axe, 
It. 3 p're of sheets, 2 p''re of pilloberes, 
It. 5 napkins, . . . . 

It. 2 kettles and 1 potte. 
It. his howse lott, w* all deuisions thereunto 






















The prisers, Sam: Smith, 

Nathaniell Foote. 

The some, 137. 17. 

A noate of the debts that Abraham Fynch owed at his decease. 

To Mr. Michell, 
To Goodman Boosie, 
To Goodma Sticklin, 
For Towne Rates, 
To Goo: Lawes, 
Wydow Kilborne, 
Goo: Smith, 
Leasly Bradfield, 
To Mr. S . 
To goodma Daggett, 





























It [is] Ordered, that the Relike of Abraham Finch deceased shall 
administer & possesse the Estate lefte in Goods, and also hold the 
land & howseing vntill the Child com to the age of one and twenty 
yeres, and then the Child of the said Abraham to haue two p'ts, & the 
said Relick duering her naturall life the third ; the said Relick is to 
mayntayne the Child, or to comitte him to his Grandfather Abraha 
Fynch, who tenders to educate yt as his owne Coste. 

Deceber the 3^ 1640. 

[64] The last will and Testament of James Olmstead, late of 
Hartford, decesed. 

This is my wyll, to giue my Estate betweene my two sonns, 
that is to say, the on halfe to my sonn Nicholas, and the other 
halfe to my sonne Nehemiah, equally deuyded betweene the 
both, w^^ this reseruation, that if my brother Lumus doe make 
his word good to make my sonne Nicholis wifes portion as good 
as any child he hath, for so 1 vnderstand his p^'mise is, but if he 
shall refuse so to doe, I shall then refuse to giue my sonn any 
pi'te of my moueable goods, cattell or debts, but my will is to 
leaue the thing w^h Richard Webb and William Wodsworth to 
see my Brother Lumus doe p'forme his pi'mise, and as the said 
Richard Webb and Will' Wodsworth shall doe I shall be con- 
tent. And if my Brother Lumis doe prforme his p»"mise, then 
my will is their portions shall be a like, only Nicholis shall abate 
so much as I gaue him before. And my will is that my sonne 
Nehemiah shall giue out of his portion ten pownd to my Cossen 
Rebeca Olmstead that now dwelleth w^^ me, and he shall pay 
yt her wt^in three yeares after my dicease, and I leaue her to 
be disposed by Richard Webb and Will' Wadsworth, and as 
shee shall carry herselfe, yt shall be in their power ether to 
giue her the tenn pownd or to deteyne yt fro her. I doe giue 
my searuant Will' Corby fiue pownd, to be paid when his tyme 
corns forth, and I doe will my sonne Nehemya to pay him out 
of his owne portion: And I doe will that Will' Corby doe searue 
his tyme w^^ my sonne Nehemiah. And I leaue my sonne Ne- 
hemiah w^h Richard Webb and Will' Wodsworth, intreating 
the to haue the ouer sight of him, and the disposeing of him as 
their owne child. But if my sonne Nehemiah shall goe contra- 
ry in bestowing himselfe any way contrary to the judgement of 


my two frinds, Rich: Webb and Will' Wodsworth, then yt shall 
be in their power to comaund and take a hundred pownd of his 
Estate, and dispose of yt as they thinke fitt. I giue to my two 
frynds Richard Webb and Will' Wodsworth, w^h I put in trust, 
six pownds and a marke to be paid equally betwixt the, and my 
two sonns shall pay the, the one pay the one halfe and the 
other pay the other halfe. 

Witnesse, the 28*^ of September, 1640, Ja: Olmstead. 

Richard Webb, 

Will' Wodsworth. 

[65] Wee whose names are hereunder written, the frynds in- 
trusted by the decesed w^^in named, haueing litell acquayntance 
wth things of this nature, and being by him suddenly caled here- 
unto, in a sore stresse and pang of his sicknes, wherein he ex- 
pected a prsent depi'ting, he being senceble of his owne weake- 
nes, hasted to an issue of this busines, did seuerall tymes desire 
vs to aduise him what he should doe, and many times did 
wishe us to doe what we thought meet o^selues. 

Now we haueing since his disease, togather w*^' his two 
sonns, Nicholas & Nehemiah, to who he hath bequethed his 
estate, taken into more serious consideration what is done, and 
obsearueing some things to be ouerpast, of w^h we are pi's waded 
that if ether they had com to his owne mynd, or otherwise had 
then bine suggested by vs, he would redily and cherefully haue 
attended thereunto : Wee therefore, togather w^h the reddy & 
free consent of his sonns abouesaid, (well knowing, out of long 
and good experience, the disposition and constant practice of 
their father,) hath mutually agreed, as desierus to fulfil that w^h 
we conceaue to be his mynd, to ad to those bequethed w^^ are 
spesified w^^in, these legases following : 

That is to say, to his Kynsmen Richard Olmstead fiue 
pownd, and to his Kynsman John Olmstead fiue pownd, to be 
paid vnto them wthin three yeres after his disease. And vnto 
the Chui'ch of Christ in Hartford, Twenty pownds, to be paid 
at the same tyme of three yeres after the decease of there said 
father. In witnesse whereof we haue sett to our hands. 

Will' Wadsworth. Nicholas Olmstead, 

Nehemiah Olmsted. 



[66] Sep: 28"'. An Inventory of the goods and Cattell of James 
Olmestead of Harford, deceased in the yere of 
o^Lord, 1640, 

Imp" one horse, 

It. one mare, 

It. one mare colt, 

It. one yokeof steeres, 30. 

It. one single steere. 

It. four cowes, 

It. three calues, 

It. thirteene hoggs, 

It. eightscore bush' of 

Indean corne, 
It. 30 bush' of sumer 

It. 12 bush' of pease. 
It. 15 load of hay. 
It. 8 bush' of molt. 
It. one young heifer and 

on young steere, 13 
It. one young steer at 

Paq'nuck, . 8 
It. one cow hide, 



















24. 0. 













3 ewe goats 

a wether. 
It. one Wayne, 
It. 2 yoaks & the Iron 

It. one plow, two plow 

irons, & a chayne. 
It. one gang of harrow 

It. one smale chest w"" old 

iron & some tooles, 3 
It. old sithes & on new 

on, . . 

It. one pyke & Costlitte,* 1 
It. two hand sawes, one 

frameing saw, one 

hack saw. 
It. one nayle boxe. 
It. four howes, 
It. two mattocks, on 


It. one chese p^'sse, old hogsheads & a pype. 

It. 2 beare hogsheads, two beare barrells, 2 powdring 

tubbs, 4 brueing vessells, 1 cowle, 2 firkins, 
It. wymbles, chysells, hammers, pynsers, . . 0. 

It. collers & harnes, saddell and pannell,"!" halters & brydle, 1. 

. 0. 






1. 12, 

0. 16. 






1. 12. 6 


It. fiue pyke forks, one rope, on fanne, 

It. 3 axes, 2 wedges, 2 ryngs for a beetell, 

It. 4 brasse, 3 skilletts, one skimer, on ladle, on candle- 
stick, on morter, all of brasse, 1 brasse pott, 

It. 7 small peuter dishes, 1 peuter bason, 2 chaber potts, 
6 poringers, 2 peuter candlesticks, 1 frudishe, 2 
little sasers, 1 smale plate, 

It. 7 bigger peuter dishes, one salt, 2 peuter cupps, one 
peuter dram, 1 peuter bottle, 1 warmeing pan, 13 
peuter spoones, .... 

It. 2 Iron potts & a pott posnette, 1 dripping pan, 1 fry- 
ing pan, 1 gridiron, one squar, 2 spitts, 
2 Irons, 2 tramells, 1 perre of tongs, 2 perre of pot- ) 

hooks, 2 perre of cobirons, 1 fier pan, 1 cole dishe > 1. 13. 
and a perre of bellowes, one peale, . ) 

one stupan, 3 bowles & a tunnell, 7 dishes, 10"^ 
spoones, one woodden cuppe, 1 woodden platter, [ 
w"* 3 old latten:]: pans, & 2 doz. and halfe of f 
trenchers and two wyer candlesticks, . J 


0. 11. 1 

• Corslet. t A kind of rustic saddle. JVebster. i Sheet iron covered with tin. Webster. 












It. 2 Jacks, 2 bottells, two drinkeing horns, 1 little pott, 

It. 3 bibles & 3 other bookes, 

It. one payle, one pecke, one halfe bushell, 

It. one smoothing iron, two brushes, 

[67] It. 3 musketts, one fowleing peece, 3 perre of ban- ^ 

daleres, one sword, one rapier, 1 dagger, 2 > 6. 0. 
rests, 2 pistoUs, w"' powder, shott & match, ; 
t. one Table, one Chire, sixe cushions and one little forme, 1. 7. 
t. fine sacks, . . . . . 0. 10. 

t. two fether bedds, two flockebedds, . . . 6. 10. 

t. 3 ruggs, one Couerled, 6 blanketts, one p^e of curtens ^ 7 i ^ n 

& curten rods, & a course bedcase, . ) ' ' 

t. 2 fether pillowes, 1 flocke pillow, 1 bedstead, . 0. 19. 

t. 3 p''e of fyne sheets & 5 p''e of course sheets, . 3. 10. 

t. 3 course pillowbeers, & 2 fine ons, 1 doz. of napkins, 1. 3. 
t. two shorte Table Cloathes & two course ons, 2 towells, 0. 11. 
t. diuers smale things in a trunke, . . 3. 0. 

t. 20 little smale peeces of childing lyning, . . 0. 10. 

t. 15 quire of paper, . . . . 0. 6. 3 

t. 27 yards of course Canuas, 
t. 19 yards of Lockru,* 
t. 5 yards of woollen cloath, 
t. 2 trunks, one chest and 2 smale boxes, 
t. 12 Caps, 8 bands, .... 

t. 3 shirts, . . . . • . 0. 15, 

t. one little peece of course Lockru, . . 0. 4. 6 

t. 3 suits of apparrell, w"" hatts, stocking & shues, 13. 5. 

t. 2 acres of Englishe come of the grownd, . 4. 0. 

t. 13 acres of grownd broke vp, . . . 12. 0. 

t. in mony and debts, .... 55. 0. 

t. one case of bottells, . . . .00. 15. 





The whole some, £397. 19. 2 
John Steel, 
Edw: Stebbing. 

[60] March the iiijth, 1640. 

A Coppy of the will & Testament of WiLLia Spenser, late of 

Hartford deceased, p^sented in Court vppon Oath, by John 

Taylcott & John Pratt of the said Towne. 

A noate of the mynd and Will of Willia Spenser for p^sent 
the 4th of May, 1640. 

Imp^'s his Will is that the Estate that he hath in New Ingland, 
and also that w^h may com to his wife hereafter, that is any 

* Lockram, — " a sort of coarse linen." Webster. 



p^te of his wifes portion yf any doe com, that all the Estate 
be dyuyded as foloweth : 

I giue to my wife one third pi^te of all my Estate : 

I giue to my sonne Samuell one third p^te : 

I giue to my two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth one third 
partte : 

The children to be brought vppe w^h the improuement of the 
whole estate that I leaue both to my wife and children ; The 
portion w^^ I leaue to my sonne to be paid him when he is of 
the age of twenty yeres; Also the portion of my daughter 
Sarah and my daughter Elizabeth to be paid to them at the age 
of * yeres of age. Also yt is my mynd that if ether 

of my children doe dy before the tyme their portions be due to 
them, that the portion of the pi^ty desesed be equally devyded 
to the p^tyes or p^ty that shall suruife the other. 

Also my mynd is, my Cosen Mathew Allen, my brother John 
Pratt and John Taylcoate, that these three partyes, or any two 
of them, shall haue the Ouersight of my Estate, and in case that 
they shall see in theire judgements the Estate to be wasted, that 
they shall haue power to take the children and their portions 
t for their bringing vppe, and to pay the Children 
their portfis that remayne at the seuerall tymes aboue written. 

Also my mynd is, that my wife shall haue no power to 
alienatt or make sale of my howse or any p^te of my land I 
leaue, w^hout the consent of two of the pnyes that are to ouer- 
see my Estate. 

The Inuentory of the Estate of the said Will' Spenser. 

Imp" in weareing Cloathes, 

in the Hall, the planks & two chayres, 

in the Closett, on trundell bedd and blankett, 

one sadell and brydle, and waight & skalls, 

in sythes, axes, wimbles, horsse harnis & other 

working tooles, 
in the Parlor chamber, one chest, two plancks, 
one fetherbedd, boulster, two pillowes, 
In sheets and tabell lynen, 
in the Sisler, in seuerall peeses of peuter, 

• Blank. t Blank. 




































in brasse kettells and iron potts & other implements, } a -i- n 

and on hogshead and barrell, . . . \ ' ' 

In the lodgeing roome, one bedsteed & curteens, 
two chests, .... 

One muslcette, bandalers, two sowrds. 
One fowleing peeee, 
One Coweand on Cow calfe, 
In swyne of seuerall sorts, 

[67. 12.2] 

Seuerall debts lefte vncroste in his booke, oweing in the Bay, the 
w"*" the most of the are denyed, and those that are confessed are very 
doubtful whether much of yt will be paid, being in the hands of some 
of his kindred that are pore, in all to the value of . 441. 

Also, the howse and howse lott conteyneing aboute 2 acres, 
w'^'some outhowses ; also seuerall p'sells of vpland lotts, to the 
value of 74 acres, as may apeare by the records to 

that purpose, whereof, besids the right w"*" he had in any other 
lands to be deuyded. 

Also, eleuen acres of meadow and swamp, lying in the north 

Also, one p'^cell lying on the East side of the great Riuer, con- 
teyneing tenne acres. 

Also, there is land yet remayneing at Concord in the Bay, w"'' while 
he liued he esteemed at .... 1201. 

Out of this estate there is lefte to be paid, . . 50/. 

Also, a debt w""" is of an old recknoing, the w'''' we haue no clere 
accoumpts of, but yet himselfe doubted that it would be 10. 

The goods and estate estimated by these p''tyes here expreste. 

John Tallcott, 
John Pratt. 

The destribution of the estate appeares in the Records of the particular Courte, the 24''' June, 
1650, fol: 10: and the Coppyes of the bills giuen to the Courte for the payment of 30Z. to the 
chilldren, are in the Booke of Records of Lands for the seuerall townes, at y« other end of it '< 
the original Bills are vppon the fyle of wills and Inventoryes.* 

[62] March the 4th, 1540. The last will of Joyce Ward. 
I, Joyce Ward, of Wethersfield, being sicke in body but whole 
in mynd, doe make my last will and Testament, this IS^h day of 
Nouember in this p^sent yeare of o"" Lord Christ, 1640, in man- 
ner of forme as foloweth : — 

Impfs. I giue to four of my sonns, that is to say, to Anthony 
Ward, Willia Ward, Robert Ward & John Ward, ech of the 

* These last four lines were added subsequently, in the hand writing of Secretary John 



a pare of sheets, and to my eldest sonne Edward I glue vnto 
him twelue pence of mony ; furthermore I make my sonne in 
law, Joim Flecher, my whole and sole Executor, to pay and 
dischardge all those debts and legaces w^^ I am bownd to 
pi'forme, and for to see my body to be brought to the grownd 
in a decent manner ; In witnesse whereof I haue sett my hand 
the day and yeare aboue written. 

Memorand™. That I Joyce Ward haue lefte my sonne Rob- 
erts portion, w^^ his father gaue him, w^^ is twenty pownd, in 
England, in the hands of my sonne Edward Ward ; I haue made 
Mr. Wollersloue, of Clipsum, in England, in the County of Rut- 
land, my Atturny for to receaue y t for my vse ; if he haue gott 
yt then my sonne Robert shall haue the whole twenty pownd, 
but if yt be not gotten, then the sixe pownd w^h I paid for the 
puting out of the said Robert Ward to an Aprentice shall be 
prte of that twenty pownd. 

Joyce Ward, her marke. 
This was done in the p>"sence of vs, 
Nathaniell Dickenson, 
Roger Prichat. 










5. 0. 

10. 0. 

A71 Inventory of all and singuler the goods, chatells, Cattle, ielonging 
to Joice Ward, wydoio, late of Wethersfield, made., taken and found, 
the 24*'' of February, 1640, by George Hubberd and Leonard 

Imp". 7 yards of Hemppen cloath at 2s. p' yard, 

It. one p're of flaxen sheets, 

It. four p'^re of hemppen sheets, 

It. her apparrell vizt. 2 gownes, one hatt, one p'e of bodyes 

w"' other, ..... 
It. one bedd, two boulsters, two pillowes, two Couerings, 

two Curtens, .... 

It. one boxe w'*" a litle hand Trunke, 
Oxie brasse pott, 
One brasse panne, 
One Iron pott, 
One Chamber pott, 
One brasse Coal dishe, 
[63] One sowe, w"" three piggs, 
Two table cloathes, w"' 4 napkins, 
One bond or specialty, 

p" Leonard Chester, 
George Hubberd. 


3. 6 






















Som: tof: 


15. 6 



[75] The Inuentory of Tho: Johnson,* as the pniculers were 
sold by Andrew Bacon &c John Barnard, appoynted by 
the Court to make sale of them. 


2. 6 

£. s. d. 
To Gudm" Hill, a Coat, 1. 10. 

2 p''e of stockings, a shirt 
& band and hose yarne, 0. 

a p''e of high shues, 0. 

a peece of leather, 0. 

5 bands, a shirt, a redde 
wascoat, a perre of 
start ups,f 0. 12 

a shute of apparrell, a 
pestell, 0. 18 

a hatte, 0. 6 

3 peeces of leather, halfe 
a pownd of pepp', a 
seefe bottom, 

a syth, 

a shuet &, two bands, 

2 perre of breeches. 

a peece of leather, a perre 
of stockings and other 

things, . . 0. 



2 bush' of maslin, . 0. 


some smale peeces of 
leather, . . . 0. 


3 hatchets, . . 0. 



one shurt, . . . 0. 



1 paire of shues and boots, 0. 

2 peeces of leather, 0. 

3 perre of boots, . 0. 



Mr. Welles distreyned a 
muskett, a sword, ban- 

daleres & a rest, 1. 





0. 12. 1 

0. 2. 

1. 13. 

0. 3. o: 

Abated the Partyes for a mistake in their accoumpte, 9s. 5 

To be alowed the for their paynes in keepeing & 

selleing the p'"ticulers, . ' . 
The debte he owed vppon the distresse & for Recording 
the Inuentory, ...... 

Goodm" Hill owed him lOL 

[71] The 6th of Nouember, 1643. 

The last Will and Testament of Tho: Scott, of Hartford, 

deceased, as yt was spoken by him to Edward Stebbing 

and Tymothv Standly who were sent for by him for that 

end, to who he expressed his will as foUoweth : — 

I doe giue to my wife and sonne Thomas, the one halfe of my 

howse and halfe of my barne and halfe of my howse lott : I doe 

also giue vnto them my two lotts in the North meadow, and my 

lott in the litle meadow, as also the swamps at both ends : I doe 

in like manner giue vnto them all my come in my howse and 

barns, both here at Hartford and at Tunxis Cepus, as also two 

Cowes and my two elder steers and fiue hoggs, w^h halfe my 

howshold stuffe : I doe also giue them my Carts and ploughs and 

See pages 49, 55, ante. 

t A kind of high shoe. 


the tacklin belonging to the. And my mynd is that if my sonne 
Tho: depart this life before my wife, at his death that the one 
halfe of the meadow, catle and howshold stuffe before giuen to 
him and my wife, shalbe equally diuided betwixt my other chil- 
dren then lining ; and my mynd is that my wife shall haue 
power at her death to dispose of and giue away the other halfe 
of that wh is giuen to her and my sonne as shee seeth fitt, ex- 
cept my howseing and land, W^^ my mind is shall then com to 
the rest of my children, at the death of the longest liuer of my 
wife or my sonne Thomas. I doe also make my wife execu- 
trixe to receive and pay my debts ; and my mynd is that my 
youngest daughter doe remayne w^^ my wife so long as shee 
seeth meete, w^ii the advice of those that ouersee my will. My 
mind also is, that all my daughters be disposed of, both in sear- 
uice and mariedge, by my wife and ouerseers, and that my 
daughters shall receaue their portions, ether at the day of their 
mariedge or at twenty yeares of age, w^h shall first happen, my 
mynd being that all the remaynder of my estate w<=h is not by 
this my will giuen to my wife and sonne Thomas, (after my 
debts are discharged,) shall be equally diuided among them. 

The sume and substance of this was exp^ssed by Tho: Scott 
aforesaid in the p^sence of vs. 

But before he had named the ouerseers of his will, the Lo: 
pleased to put an end to his life and pi^uented him in that and 
what els he would haue said, and therefore the Relict of the said 
Thomas w^h the apprbacon of the Court hath desiered John 
Talcott, Wm: Westwood, Ed: Stebbing and Andrew Warner 
to assist in seeing the Will of the dead p^formed. And these 
Ouerseers, vnderstanding fro these that are the witnesses of his 
will, that he often expressed that his mynd was his wife and 
sonne Thomas should be comfortably p^uided for, and finding 
that no pt'uission is made for fuell or fireing, doe thinke fitt and 
very agreable to the mynd of the deceased, though pi'uented by 
death fro exp^sseing himselfe in that pfticuler, W^^ yet they 
leaue to the consideration and confirmation of the Court, That 
the Widdow & Thomas should haue liberty to cutt & fetch 
fire- wood for their owne vse out of that field comonly cauled 
the Aduenturers field, vntill the other children, or some for 


them, do diuert yt to such impruement as will receaue pi'iudice 
if this liberty should be continued ; and that they should haue 
liberty to cutt & fetch any such fuell for their owne vse out of 
that peece of ground cauled the Ox pasture, dureing ech of their 
naturall hues. They also thinke fitt and agreable to the mynd 
of the deceased, that the boy searuant shall continue w^h the 
Relict of the said Thomas, dureing his tyme. All w^h they 
leaue to the consideration and confirmation of the Court, if they 
approue thereof 

[72] A Inuenlory of the goods of Tho: Scott deceased, taken Jan- 
uary the 6th, 1643, deliuered to the Wydow Scott for her vse. 
One fetherbed & fether boulster, 
one greene Rug & Couerled, ■ . 
one blanket and strawe bed, .... 
one p''re of sheets & pillowe, 15*.; one bedsteed & cur- 
tens, 21. 105., ..... 
4 p're of sheets, 21. 5s.', 2 table cloaths, 12*. 6d., 
3 dyeper napkins, 6s.; 5 flaxen napkins, 5s., 
2 fyne pillowbeers, 12s.; in wearing cloaths that were her 

husbands, 5/.; 2 chests, 12.s., 
40 pownd of Gotten wooll, IZ. 6^. 8d.; 3 sawes, 11., 
severall peeces of old Iron, 
1 flockbed, 2 boulsters, 2 blanketts, 
1 couerled & blanket, 1 pillowe, . 

in seu'all peeces of pewter, and one brasse candlesticke, 
in brasse kettells & iron potts : 1 iron dripping pan, 
1 p''re of pothooks & a glasse bottell, 
1 brasse skimmer, 1 laten lampe, 2 latten panns, 
1 spit, 1 trammel, 1 p''re of bellowes, 
1 p're of tongs, fyer pan, cob iron, andiron, & a iron to 
make wafer caks, 10*.; 1 smothing iron, 1 fowleing 
peece, II. 5s., . . . . . [1. 15. 0] 

1 match locke muskett, ISs. Ad.; 1 sword, 1 p''re of ban- 

dalers, 9*. 2d., .... 

1 lether bottell, 1 warmeing pan, 
1 chafin dishe, 1 frying pan, 1 shreding knife, 
4 hows, 4 axes, 1 bill, 2 cleuers, 1 mattoke, . 
1 spade, 1 hobing iron, 5 siues, 
in brueing vessells, barrells ; 2 churns, 1 tabell, 
wimbells & chissells, 3 wheels, 1 glasse botle, 
4 chayrs, 2 tabells, 1 forme, .... 
In the seller, vessells & seu''all goods, 
In the lenetoe, potts, pans, vessells & other implements, 
In the seller without dores, dyet vessells, . 

































































1 grinston & winch, 6s.; 1 great bible & other smale 

books, IZ., • . . . . [1. 6. 0] 

Goods of Tho: Scotts sett apartefor his 3 daughters. 

3 p'"re of flaxen sheets, 2 p^'re tow sheets, . . 3. 5. 

3 diap' napkins, 4 flaxen napkins, . . 0. 10. 
1 flaxen tabell cloath, 2 fine pillobers, IZ. 45.; 2 boxes, 8s. [1. 12. 0] 
In the little chamber, 1 fether bed, . . 4. 10. 
1 bedkase, 1 bedsted, 19s.; 2 fether bolsters, 1 pillow, 1 

blanket, 2Z. 8s. 4d.; 1 couerlitt, IZ. lOs., . [4. 17. 4] 

In the garret, 1 fether bed, 1 fether bolster, 1 fether pillow, 3. 12. 

1 yellow & red couerlitt, 1 pillow, . . 1. 14. 

1 quart pot, 2 porringers, 3s. 2d.; 2 dishes. Is. 8d., [0. 4. 10 

2 sasers, 1 smale salt seller, . . , 0. 1, 4 

4 smale platters, 3 great platters, 18s. 6d.; 1 pewter 

bowle, Is., . . . . . 0. 19. 6 
1 laten candlesticke, &tunell, Is.; 1 pewter candlestick, 

2s. . . . . . . [0. 3. 0] 

1 great pewter bason & chaberpott, . . 0. 6. 6 
1 great brasse kettle, 15s.; 1 brasse posnit, 1 iron pott, 

18s. M., ..... [1. 13. 4] 

1 litle brasse kettle, 1 brasse potte, . . . 0. 11. 8 
1 p're of pot huks, 2 latten pans, . . . 0.2.2 

1 spit & tremell, 1 smothing iron, • . . 0. 6. 
1 snaphanc* smale peece, 15s.; 1 cok mach musket, 

13s. 4:d. ..... [1. 8. 4] 

1 rapier, 2 p'"re of bandelers, . . . 0.10.8 

1 frying pan, 1 shreding knife, 2s. Bd.; 1 brasse morter 

& iron pestill, 7s., - . . . [0. 9, 8 

1 glasse bottell, 1 couerd drinking pott, . . 0. 2. 6 

27. 3. 1 

Corne for the Widdowe Scott, at Sepose & Hartford, 30. 0. 

2 Cowes for Wydow Scott, at Sepose, . . 10. 0. 

2steers, 16Z.; 2 hoggs, 9Z., . . . [25. 0.0] 

For the three daughters. 
2 steers, 12Z.; 1 Cow, 5Z.; 1 mare, 8Z.; 2 calfs, 3Z. 6s., [28. 6. 0] 
4 hoggs, 3 piggs, . . . . . 5. 5. 

The Wydowes Some, . . 65. 

The daughters, . . . 33. 11 

Totall, 174. 12. 4. 
besids Carts & 3 Ploughs. 

* Snaphance ; (German, Schnap-hahn ;) a musket with a flint-and-steel lock, Bailey. 



[54] The Will of Blaynch Hunt deceased. 

I, Blaynch Hunt do make my last will. Imp^s, I giue my 
best suite of weareing Cloathes to my Cossen Mary Robins, & 
a pTe of my best blanketts ; Ite, I giue my Cossens in the howse, 
twenty shillings a peece, in gold or sylver if y t can be made vpp 
att my decease ; Ite, for the rest of my estate in howshold stufFe 
& debts, I comitt to the dispose of my Vnckle Welles, only I 
remit 40s. I lent my Cossen Mary Robins ; I make my Vnckle 
Welles my Executor ; I giue my Cossen Mary Baylding vi 
yards of kersey. Blaynch Hunt. 

[55] A'Inuentory, taken the 20tJi day of September, 1644, 
goods of Blaynch Hunt deceased, by Andrewe Waird Sf 

£. s. d. 
Imp . in mony, 5. 14. 3 

A debt ovveing fro Mr.Hill,4. 0. 
A debt fro John Robins, 
now on her Vnckles ac- 
coumpt, . . 3. 10. 

Lent her Cossen Mary 

Robins, . . . 2. 0. 
Her cloath shute of weare- 



ing cloathes, 
Her StufFe shute, 
A greene Couering, 
A p''re of blanketts, 
one blankett, . 
A fetherbed, a bolster and 

2 pillowes, . . 3. 

2 Cloath petticoats, . 1. 15. 
5 old petticoats & 4 p''e of 

bodyes, . . 2. 2. 

4 wastcoats & 4 aporns, 1. 7. 4 

4 hatts, . . . 1.10.0 

3 shifts, . . . 0. 12. 
brasse and pewter, . 1. 3. 
yarne, . . . 0. 5. 

3 yards of kersy, 

a debt fro John Fishe, 

3 yards of cloath, 

a Cloke, . 

mittens & stockings, 


table cloaths & lynine 
cloath, . . 0. 

three white aporns, 7 nap- 
kins & a Towell, 1. 

2 ap''ns, 2 pilloberes & 
small lynine, . 1. 

a trunke ds a boxe, . 0. 

a p'^re of course sheets, 0. 

shues, . . • 0. 

^loues, pyns, laces, kniues 

& a spoone, . . 0. 
I glasse & a byble, 0. 

sheets, . . .2. 

of the 

. 0.0 
. 16.0 
. 0.0 
. 10.0 
. 5.0 
. 1.0 






43. 16. 3 

A ketle, a torne & a hatch- 
et, left out and omitted. 


A Inuentory of the goods of John Cattell, deceased, 
taken and prysed by John Coleman, and Samuell Hales, 

the 17 of July, 1644. 

£. s. d. 
Impr^ a Bedde, boulster, and furniture to yt, . 4. 0. 

Ite: Woollen and Lynnen Cloathes, . . . 5. 8. 



Ite: Brasse & Pewter & 2 potts & other tooles, 

Ite: a gun, sword and bandaleres, 

Ite: a Calfe, 2, 0. ; It: a Cowe, 5. 0. ; 

Ite: oweing fro George Chappell a debt of 

It: Swyne, 6. 10. ; It: a debt of Good: *1. 0. 

It: a debte of goodman Boosye, II.; It: a debte of Corne, 5Z.,[6 

It: the home lott and barne, . 

It: 6 ac: in myle meadowe, 

It: 3 ac: in the great mea: 121. ; It: the garden, 12s. 

Debts he owed, 
Witnes hereunto, 

Tho: Tomson. Tho: Coleman, 59. 0. 

Sam: Hale. 
P'^sented to the Court by Will': Gybbins, and the Relicke of the 
deceased admitted to administer. f 


























[97] The last Will and Testament of Mr. Ephraim Huit, of 
Wyndsor, in Conectecotte. 
Impr^. I giue vnto my loueing wife my dwelling howse and 
homelott, downe vnto the swampe, w^h all the howseing thereon ; 
also I giue vnto her my meadowe lott conteyneing by estima- 
tion fowerteene acres more or lesse, likewise I giue vnto her my 
lott of fifteene acres w^h the vast swampe adioyneing thereto. 
Ite: I giue vnto her Tho: Staires his howse and the square 
plot of gardens lying beyond the swampe to the highway. 
Ite: I give vnto my daughter Susanna, and to my daughter 
Mercy, my great lott lying behind the hog pen, adioyneing to 
Daniell Clarke on the one side and Humphrey Hids on the 
other, to be diuided betweene the equally. It: I giue vnto my 
two younger daughters, Lydea and Mary, my great lott at the 
Falls, conteyneing fowerscore and two rodde in breadth, to 
make them two lotts, togather w^h the meadowe grownd that 
lyes therein, to be diuyded also equally betweene them. P^ui- 
ded alwayes, and it is my full intent, that these my fower daugh- 
ters shall not enter vppon these said portions of land vntill they 
ech of them shall com to the age of one and twenty, and in the 
meane tyme yt shall be to my beloved wife whateuer p^'fit shall 
accrewe thereby ; and as ech of the shall com to the age of one 
and twenty, so ech shall enter accordingly vppon her portion. 

* Blank. t Page 110, ante. 


P^uided also, that if either or any of them, shall dy before 
they com to the said age of ^one and twenty, then the portion 
intended to her or the so dying, shall desend vppon my wife 
and be at her dispose. 

Also, I giue vnto my daughters Susanna and Mercy, all my 
interest, right and benifit that shall arise fro the graunt of the 
Towne, made me, of fifteene acres of meadowe, when yt shall 
com first into their hands, about Pequanucke, if they shall Hue 
to the age of on and twenty yeares ; if ether dy in the interim> 
then her portion to descend vppo my wife. 

Ite: my great Hand at the Falls, I giue to the Court at Hart- 
ford, for the vse of the Country. 

Ite: I appoynt that my debts be paid out of my pi'sonall estate, 
and all the rest, both wt^in dores and wt^out, whatsoeuer, I 
wholy giue to my beloued wife, whether land or goods. 

Lastly, I appoynt Dauid Wilton and Daniell Clarke to be the 
Executors of this my last will and Testament, only they shall 
not medle w^h any thing w^^^in dores. And the Ouerseers of this 
my Will, I intreat the Deacons of our Church to be. 

Ep: Huit. 

An Inuentory of the Goods of Ephraim Huit, late of Wyndsor, taken 

the 9th October 1644, by vs whose names are underwritten. 
In the Parlour, 1 Bedstead, w"" bed and furniture thereun- £ 

to belonging, all valued at . . . 10. 0. 

1 table &; forme, 1 chest, 2 trunkes, 1 case of bottles, vail: 02. 10. 
Carpitts, Cushions, .... 02. 12. 

6 veluet couers for stooles & Chaires, , . 01. 10. 

8 yards Kitermaster, IQs.; 3 yards Cotton att 10s. 6d. '[01. 06. 6] 

1 childs blanket & wascoat cloath, . . . 01. 06. 8 
the weareing apparrell, .... 04. 10. 
[98] in bucrum, 10*.; 9 doz. of napkins, fine course, 

51. 19*. Ad. .... [06. 09. 4] 

4 towels at 11. 4s.; 14 pillobears at 31. 10s. . [04. 14. 0] 

5 table cloaths, 1 towell, . . . . 3. 17. 
14 pair sheets, fine and course, . . . 16. 14. 
3 table cloaths, 2 short towels, 8 napkins, 1 sheet, vail: '1. 5. 
In plate, 2 Bee Bowls, 2 wyne bouls, 1 salt, 1 trencher, 

salt seller, 4 siluer spoons, att . . 14. 0. 

13 spoons giuen to children, hauing their names on them, 
& 1 silver dishe ; . 

2 desks, 2 boxes, 1 small trunke, & other smale things, 0. 6. 8 
In chamber ouer parlour ; 2 bedsteeds, w"" beds <fe fur- 
niture, , . . . . 9. 0. 





















another bed w"' boulsters, pillowes, ruggs & blanketts, 

3 chests, 1 box, 9 doz. trenchers, . 

In the come chamler, in rye and pease, 

In the hall, 3 spinning wheels, 

one table board & forme, & 2 peir of bellowes, 

2 fowleing peeces, 2 muskets, 4 chayres, . 

in lynnen yarne, 2/, Qs. Hd.; in pewter, 4Z. 10*. 

1 cullender, 2 pudding pans, 2 swords, 1 p''e of bandalers, 0. 
In kitchin, in brasse & Iron potts & brasse panes, ladles, 

skim'^, dripping pans & posnet and other pans, vail: 6. 16. 
a pair of Andirons, 1 Brandii:* 2 pair Crooks, 5 pair of 

tongs & iron spitts, pothangers, . . . 1. 0. 

a Fornace, . . . . . 2. 0. 
In tubbs, pales, churms, butter barrells & other impli- 

ments, . . . . . . 2. 0. 

2 thwart saws, axes, pitchforks, . . . 1. 0. 

3 stocks of bees, 3/.; 1 cow, 1 heifer, 91.; 4 goats, 21. [14. 0. 0] 
2 sowes, 5 piggs, vail: at 61.; 2 pownd of powder, 65. [6. 6. 0] 
2 thousand planks at Elias Packmans, &5 C. at the Falls, 8. 10. 
In the Barne, in wheat, pease, oats, hay, flaxe, . 7. 5. 
The Howse and barne, w"" other howseing & homelott, 

vail: ...... 100. 0. 

Som: 247. 2. 8 

16 acres & ^ of meadowe in the great meadd: 66. 0. 

The land at the Falls, ouer the great Riuer, . 30. 0. 

80 acres of land neere Mr. Phelps, . . 15. 0. 

In books, valued by Mr. Smith and Mr. Warham, . 13. 0. 

A grinding stone w^'' iron spindle & turne, . . 00. 12. 

A share & culter, 135.; a ferry boat, 21. 10s. . [03. 03. 

374. 18. 
More a Lease for the Tole at the Mill, the w'='' valued at 259. 1. 1 
[633. 19. 1.] Will' Gaylard, Will' Hill, 

Henry Clarke. 

I owe Mr. Willis 100, w'='' I make accoumpt wilbe paid thus: 
thirty pownd is coming to me fro Piscataq' Company, and there is 
Guns sold to do yt. A Rafte of Planke is goeing downe, I think will 
be 40. What is wanting may be made vp out of the Loder. 

I owe 100 to John Fishe W*" he will haue keept in New Ingland. 

I owe Mr. Lummas 20 ; he will take nothing but mony. 

I owe Mr. Woolcott about 12. 

I owe John Fares, 25. 

I owe for Tho: Sters his howse and land, about 17. 
Oweing me. 

The butcher, for goats, 61. I'Ss.; Gudwife Whithead for all Rats 
since her husband went, & for my Canow. Mr. Williams, 21. Mr. 

* Qu. Brand-iron 1 "a trivet to set a pot on." — Webster. 


Ptossiter, 2Z. Tho: Dewe, 11. 10s. Mr. Whiteing owes something as 
the accoumpt will show. Mr. Hill, 3. He hath power to receaue 
yt of Mr. Maio. 

[100] Jo: Fishe his 100, if Henry Clarke will take yt, it shall be 
paid in wheat now. 

John Banks owes me about 5 or 6 pownd. 

Daniells accoumpt is lefte to himselfe, 

Mr. Phelps owes 1/. 18s. debt confest. 

*Yf Henry Clarke will not, then yt must be keept, as the rest of 
the Towne mony is. 

The towne owes me 251. 

Richard Sexton oweth me 16/. and for the 2 yeares to come. 

The Townes Rate and his debte must be husbanded by the Ex- 

Old Eagleston owes 21. to be paid in wheat & pease. 

Mr. Hull witnesse to yt. 

My wife and children must Hue vppon the Lott set out for that 

Nouember the 20*^, 1644. 
An Inventory of the goods and Lands of Nathaniell Foote 
of Wethersfield deceased, being truly taken and Indiffer- 
ently prised by Richard Tratte, Samuel Smith and Nath: 

£. s. d, 
Imp"^' His purse and apparrell, . . . 7. 16. 00 

It In neat Cattell and in hay, . . 93. 00. 00 

It in horsse fleshe, . . . .34. 00. 00 

It inhoggs, ..... 66. 60. 00 

It in debts, . . . . .29. 03. 04 

It in Englishe corne, ... 70. 00. 00 

.It in goats, . . . . . 3. 15. 00 

It in carts, ploughs and the furniture] belonging 

theretoo, . . . . . 6. 00. 00 

It innayles, . . . . . 1. 10. 00 

Ite Indean Corne, . . . . . 8. 00. 00 

It in old wheat and pease, ... 6. 06. 00 

It for certain things in the chamber, . . 2. 00. 00 

It for amunition, .... 5. 00. 00 

Ite for fower beds w"" the furniture, . . 13. 06. 08 

It in fyne Lynnen, . . . . 5. 10. 00 

Ite 2 table boards, 2 chests, 1 Trunke w'"* other Imple'', 5. 00. 00 
It pewter & brasse and other vseful vessells, . 12. 00. 00 

It in husbandry tooles, . . . .3. 00. 00 

It in beife, buttor and cheese and other necessary 

p'^vision for the howse, . . .8. 10. 00 

* This clearly ought to follow " John Fishe his 100," &c., four lines above. The entries were 
probably separated by an error of the recorder. 




Ite In poultry, 

1. 00. 00 

Som: 380. 17. 00 

The debts of Nath: Foote of Wethersfield w"^ he did owe at his 
Imp™, for goats, 21. It; another debt, 3/. 10*. It; 125. 

It; 11. 2s. 4.d. It; 125. 6d. It; 11. lOs. . 9 7 10 

The Land. 
Ten acres of home lotts w^'' one dwelling howse and 2 barnes w"* 
other buildings therevppon, 
4 acres of home lotts, 

6 acres of meadow w'*" an acre of swampe, 

20 acres of plaine fenced in being 14 ac broke vp, 

7 acres of the plaine meadow plowed vp, 
20 acres in the great meadow of hay grownd, 

4 acres in bever meadow, 
27 acres of swampe grownd, 
81 acres of vpland in the weste field, 
32 rod broad beyond the Riuer being three myles in length. 

Richard Trott, Samuell Smith, 
Nathaniell Dickenson. 

3 sowes, 6 young shoats prysed 17Z. One young mare prysed at 51. 
A company of nayles w**" other smale things, 11. 10s. 

Land devided to the Wydowe Foote. 

4. ac. home lott where her howse is, . . 20. 00. 00 

The howseing, . . . . .50. 00. 00 

2 ac. vnsubdued, . . . . 4. 00. 00 
7 ac. plaine broke, . . . . . 28. 00. 00 

3^ plaine med: . . . , . 20. 00. 00 

14 ac. meadow, . . . . .70. 00. 00 

3 ac. plaine not broake up, ... 5. 00. 00 
30 ac. vpland in westfield, . . . .15. 00. 00 

Som: 212. 00. 00 

Land devided to the eldest sonne. 

3 ac. homelott nexther, ... 15. 00. 00 

2 ac. vnsubdewed, . . . . 4. 00. 00 
7 ac. plaine broke vp, . . . . 28. 00. 00 

3|- of meadow, . . . . .20. 00. 00 

3 ac. in great med: .... 24. 00. 00 

4 ac. in beaver med: . . . . 4. 00. 00 
27 ac. swampe, . . . . . 1. 10. 00 

2 ac. not broke vp, .... 5. 00. 00 

30 ac. vpland west field, ... 15. 00. 00 

Halfe the east side, . . . . .10. 00. 00 

126. 10, 00 


Land for the youngest sonne. 

3 ac. homelott, . . . . .15. 00. 00 

6 ac. mea: in the swamp, . . . 30. 00. 00 

21 ac. west field, . . . . .10. 00. 00 

halfe on the east sd, . . . . 10. 00. 00 

65. 00. 00 

A Debt formerly forgotten w'^hhe said Deceased Nath: 

Foote did owe, . . . . 1. 10. 00 

The age of the 5 children Dwelling with their mother. 
Nath: Foote, 24 yeares, 

Rob Foote, about 17. 

Frances, about 15. 

Sarah, about 12. 

Rebecka, about 10. 

The wyddowe of the said Nath: Foote is admitted to administer 
the Estate, and the eldest sonne is to have the lands before men- 
tioned as they are valued at 126Z. 10^. w'''' is to be made vppe 148/. 
& the youngest sorme the pticuler landes above mentioned for him 
at 65/. w"*" is to be made vppe 74/. and the daughters disposed in 
marriedge are to have the 30/. a peece w"*" they have receaued 
made vppe 74Z. and the other Children are to have 74/. a peece 
p'^uided it is lefte at the dispose of their mother to detracte from any 
of them if shee see just cause 5/. of the portion here sett downe, and 
to adde yt to such of the other as best desearue yt. 

[228] The last Will and Testament of Ed: Veir of Wethers- 
field, W^^ he being in p^fect memory hath established, the 
19th of July, 1645.* 

Impmis I glue to Mr. Shareman of Totocott, 4 pownds. Ite- 
to Mr. Smith of Wethersfield, 4 pownds, of w^h two legaces my 
will is that my cow wh is at Totocott shall be parte, so far as 
y ts worth, to be deuided betweene the two. It: I giue to Lysly 
Bradfield 3 pownds. It: to John Robins and his wife, I giue 
three pownds. It: I giue to Mary & Hannah the daughters of 
John Robins, my two acres of meadow, w<=h I had of John 
Robins in exchaynge for my howse and homelott. It: my mynd 
is that John Carington and Tho: Kirkeman shalbe no loosers 
by the bargaine of pease and wheat they bought of me. Ite: I 

• See page 129, ante. 



make Mr. Shareman & Mr. Smith my executors to who I giue 
the rest of my estate. Memorand: yt is my mynd that John 
Carington and Th: Kirkeman shall vse their indeauor that they 
loose not any thing in their Corne through their owne default. 
It: my mynd is that John Carrington & Tho: Kirkman shall 
haue 20s. for makeing my CofFen. It: my mynd is that there 
shalbe 206'. bestowed vppon p^uissions of wyne, bear, caks and 
such like of what may be had for my buriall. It: I giue to Mr. 
Swayne all my workeing tooles. The marke of 

In the prsence of Ed: Veir. 

Nath: Dickinson. 

His land prysed by Richard Trotte & Nath: Dickenson, Dec: 2: 

Two acres of meadowe, 6: 14: ) 

A peece of land in Penny wise, 1: 10: > 9£. 

One Sowe 

Goods at Totocutt prysed hy Will' 

Swayne Sf Robert Rose. 

A heifer, . . 4: 10: 

a barrell, . . 0: 4: 

an old brasse potte, 0: 7: 

in bedding, . . 0: 8: 

a locke and key, 0: 1: 8 

apeeceof a bearsskinne, 0: 3: 6 

an old cheste, . 0: 1: 

a frying panne, 0: 3: 6 

5: 18: 
Goods prysed by Gyles Smith Sf 

Samuell Nettleton. 
Two smale sawes, 0. 5: 

one long playne, 0: 2: 

one plough playne, 0: 2: 

2 old smale playnes, 0: 1: 

1 priker & chessell, 0: 1: 

an old axe, . . 0: 2: 

1 adds, . , .0: 1: 

2 smale augers, . 0: 1: 

16: 2 

0: 16: 0) 
[229] Oweing the foresaid Veare 

at Totocutte. 
Tho: Whitway, 0: 6: 8 

Tho: Blachly, 0: 0: 10 

Will' Palmer for 6 bush: 

Indean, . - 0: 15: 

Tho: Fenner, . 0: 4: 

Lysly Bradfield, . 0: 4: 

Oioeing him at Wether sjield. 
From Mr. Robins 10 bush: 

Indean, 10 bush: pease, 

& of wheate, 3: 7: 6 
and Qs. 8d. in corne for 

worke, . . 0: 8: 8 

By Rich: Hill, as ap-"] 

peareth by bill, in 

corne at March, de; }> 2: 16: 6 

a sowe 2 yeares, to