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Boston Public Library. 


City Document. — No. 11. 


In Common Council, March 15, 1838. 
The following Resolutions submitted by Mr. Shat- 
tuck, were read, laid on the table and ordered to be 
printed for the use of the Council. 

Attest, _ Richard G. Wait, Clerk C. C, 

Resolved, That it is expedient that William Sulli- 
van, Daniel P. Parker, Caleb Eddy, and their associ- 
ates, incorporated by the name of the Boston Hy- 
draulic Company, by an act passed April 1 6th, 1836, 


should be authorised and requested to bring pure and 
wholesome water into the Citj of Boston, according 
to the provisions of their charter, and that it is inex- 
pedient for the city, in its corporate capacity, to do it. 

Provided the foregoing resolve be not adopted, 
en th 

then the following resolves are submitted as a sub- 

Resohed, That the plan for supplying the City of 
Boston with a sufficient quantity of pure and whole- 
some water, for the use of the inhabitants, from Long 
Pond, as described by the Water Commissioners, in 
their report of November 23, 1837, be and the same 
is hereby approved, subject however to such variation 
in the mode of constructing the conduit as may be 
determined upon. 

Resolved, That it is expedient for the City Coun- 
cil to make application to the Legislature for an Act 
authorizing the City of Boston, for the purpose of ex- 
ecuting the plan proposed in the foregoing resolution, 
to take possession of any ponds, water rights, or land 
in the county of Middlesex ; to borrow money, and 
create such a city debt as will be necessary to pay 
the cost of said work ; to tax the consumers and in- 
habitants for the annual interest and expenses attend- 
ing the same ; to create a sinking fund for the final 
redemption of the said debt ; and for such other pow- 
ers and restrictions as may be thought expedient, to 
carry forward and complete this great work ; and al- 
so providing for the acceptance of said act by the cit- 
izens, as specified in the following resolves. 

Resolved, That after said act is obtained, it shall 

be printed and furnished to all the legal voters of the 
city, accompanied with a statement, prepared and 
approved by the City Council after the most careful 
investigation ; containing a detailed account of the 
plan by which the water is to be furnished, the esti- 
mated cost of the same, how the money is to be rais- 
ed to pay for it, and also how it is proposed to pay 
the annual interest and expenses of the same, and 
how the debt is finally to be extinguished ; and con- 
taining also questions embracing the foregoing propo- 
sitions to be submitted to the legal voters ; to the 
end that the said legal voters may express their as- 
sent or refusal to the said act, and to the plan pro- 
posed, and also to allow the City Council to proceed 
in raising the money necessary to construct said 
work ; by depositing their ballots in their respective 
wards in the same manner as at the municipal elec- 
tions, at such time as shall be agreed upon and pro- 
posed to them by the City Council. 

Resolved^ That after said poll is closed, if it shall 
appear that two thirds of the whole number of votes 
given in are in favor of said act, plan, and of author- 
iszng the raising of the said money ; thereby conform- 
ing to the sixth joint rule of the City Council, requir- 
ing in creating a city debt, " that two thirds of each 
branch of the City Council to vote in the affirma- 
tive ;" then the City Council shall proceed forthwith 
in the construction of said work. 


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