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Full text of "The Puritan; or, The widow of Watling street. "Written by W.S." 1607"

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ZTubor facsimile Ueyts 



itofo 0f OTatUnjj Jitei 


of this the Earliest Known Edition 1607 

[B.M. Press-mark, C. 34, /. 4] 

Next issued in the Third Folio Shakespeare 1664 

Also issued in the Folio of 1685 

Reproduced in Facsimile 1911 



ffiufrar Jfarsimtli 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

Jut |mito 


of tSttatlittjj 

by W.S.' 


/or Subscribers by the Editor of 




TEbe Wibow of Watling Street 

" Written by W.S." 

" The Puritan, or The Widow of Waiting Street" appears on the 
Stationers' BoQks under date of Aug. 6th, 1607, the year of publication. 

Kirkman identified "W.S." as Shakespeare, and the editors of 
the Third and Fourth Folios included the play in those collected editions of 
the poet's works, together with six others since regarded as more or 
less "doubtful" 

There are copies of this quarto in the Bodleian, the Capell 
(Cambridge), and other collections. 

Mr. Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British Museum, 
comparing this facsimile with the original says : "I enclose ' The Puritan 
Widow ' facsimile text : excellent, except for over-heaviness here and there." 
This inequality is, as I have frequently explained, due to a slight 
exaggeration inevitable in photographing the stained pages of the original 
copies of many, indeed most of the plays in this series."' 


* jn 





of Watling-ftrcctCf 

the Children ofTtuto. 




two Dtttg beers Franke 
Moll, her husbands Brother** old Knight Sir Godfrey, with 
her Sonne And hejre ^taiflcr Edmond , all in moorningtftA- 
rW/,Edmond in A Cyprejfe Hatte . The Widdovt vrtnging her 
h*nds,*nd Iwrjling ottt into pxjfion , M newly come from 
ridl of her husbtnd. 

Hjthat cucr I was borne,that cucr I was borne ! 

Sir Cjodfrej. Nay good Sifter,dcarc fifter/wcctc 
lifter, bee of good comfort , fhcw your fclfe a woman , BOW or 
.ncucr. , 

md. Oh,I haueJort the dcerc ft man, I haue buried the fwcc- 
tell husband that cuer lay by woman. 

Sir god. Nay.giuc him his due , hcc was indeed an' honeft, 
vertuciw, difcrect wife-roan, hee was my Brother, as right, 
as right. 

Wi& O,I ihall neuer forget him, neucr forget him, hec wits a 
wan fo well giucn to a woman oh ! 

Sir Godf. Nay but kinde Sifter,! could wcepe *s much as any 
woman. tx;r a!** our t cares cannot call him againe : methinkes 
you arc well read Sifter , atid know that death is as common as 
Homo a common name to all men ; a man fliall bee taken 
when hec's making \\arer, Nay, did not the learned Paribn 
Maiftcr *P<i*an tell vs een now, that all Flcfti is frailc, wee arc 
bornetodye, Man has butattme : with fuch likedeepeand 
profound hee is a rare fellow you know - and an 
excellent Reader: and for example, (as there are eiamples 
abound ance,)did not Sir Humfrey Bttbb/e dye tother day there's 
a luftie Widdow, why flhee cry ed nor abouc halfe ap houre for 
/hamcjforfhamc : then followed him old MaifterF*//J^the 
vfure r, there's a wife Widdow , why ihe* cryed nerc a whit cc 
it all. 

wt o rancke not mee MV itK t hofe wicked women , 1 had ft 
Husband ou&.ftiinde 'em all. 


Syr Godf. I that he did Ifaith ,h'e out-fhind 'cm all. 
tt'idd. Dooft thou ftand there and fee rs all wecpc , and noc 
once /bed a tcarc for thy fathers death ? on thou vngracious 
fonne and hey re thou r 

Edm, Troth Mother I fliould not wcepe Vme furc ; I am 
pad a childe I hope , to make all my old Schoole fellowcs 
laaglic at me ; I fhoulei bee mackt , fo I ftiould ; Pray let one 
of my Sifters weepe for mce , lie hughe as much for her ano- 
ther time? 

irtdd. Oh thou paft-Giacc chou, out of my fight,thou grace- 
Icflc impc , thou grieuelt nice more then the death of thy Fa- 
ther? oh thouftubborne onely fonne? hadftthou fuch auho- 
neft man to thy Father that would dcccaue all the world to 
ct riches for the e, andcanft thou notafforde a little fa't wa 
ter ?hc that fo wifely did quite ouer- throw the right hey re of 
thofc lands , which now you rcfpe& not , vp eucry morning be 
twixt foure and fiuc fo ducly at Weitmmfter Hall euciy TearnK- 
Timc, with all his Gardes and writings, for thee thou wicked 
.Abfoto* oh deare husband ! 

Ettm. Weep ? quotha ? I protcft I am glad hcc's Churched? 
for now hee'f gone 1 fhall fpcnd in quiet ? 

Fr*n. Deere mother ; pray ceafc, halfe your Tcarcs fuffiie, 
Tis time for you to take truce with youce eyes, 
Let me weepe now } 

Widd. Oh fuch a deerc knight ! fuch a fwecte husband haue 
I loft,hauc I loft ? if Bleflcd bee the coarfc the t ainc rayncs 
vportjhc had it, po wring downc ? 

Sjr <jodf t Sifter? be of good chcere , wee are a'l mortall our 
fclues , I cotilc vppon youTrefhly, I rtcaie fpeakc without co n- 
fort,hccre me what I (hall fay; -my brother has left you wcll- 

9ruld. Oh ! 

Syr G*df. I fay y'ar rich ? you atealfo faire. 

Widd. Oh! 

Sir Gdf. Goe too y'are fairc you cannot fmother it, beauty 
..U come to light; nor are your ycares fo farre enter d with 
you; but that you will bee'fought after; and may rcry well 
ani were ^ochcr husband ; the world is foil of fine Gallants . 



"-~ THE vrwrryriNE i 


cK.iyfc enow Sifter , for what /hould wee doc with all our 
Knights 1 pray ? bw to marry riche widdowcs , wealthy Citti- 
zens widdqwesj iu.lty taire hrowd Ladies; go too, bccof 
g< od comfort 1 iay Icaue fnobbing and weeping yet mr 
Brother wa> a kmde hearted man I would not hauethe 
irelce mecnow? come pluck vp a womans heart here 
ftands your Daughters, who be well tftared , and at mam 
my vWH alio bee enquir'd after with good -huf bands , fb 
allthcfe tcares (hall bee foonc drycdvpanda better v ; orld 
tncn eucr --what ? Woman ? you muft not weepc ftili ? 
hee's dcacr^ce's buried yet I cannot chufc butwecpefor 

wti N(arry agajnu? ! ho ! let me be buried quick then! .- 
An^ thsr/ame partiqirQtHrc whereon I tread 
v , To nich inrcnt,O may it be my graue;/ 

And thatJine Prieft may run?e his wedding praiers^ ** 
E en with a breath,tofuncrall duft and aOies; 

Oh, out of a mtlhon of millions , Ifliould ncre findefucfea v | 
hul %<l|4jcc w^s Tnmatchablc, vamatchable ? nothing was 
* fo riot , he* to deercfor mee, I could not fpeake of that one 

thing that I had not , befide J had kcyes of all , kept all , rc- 
cciu'd all , had money .in my purfc , fpent what I would,.wcnt 
abroad w*ien I would , came home when I would > and did all 
what I would? OK my fweetc hufband; I fliallneuerhaue 
the like? / 

Sir (jodf^ Sifter > ncrc fay fo : hcc was an honeft brother of 
mine, and io, and you may light vpon one as honeft againe, 
or one,as honeft againe may light vpon you , that's the |>r0pe 

W/W. Neucr ? oh if you loue me vrge it not, " 
Oh may I be the by-word of the world, 
The common talke at Table in the mouth 
Of euery Groome and Wayter,if e'l e more 
lenf ertaine the carntll fuitc of Man? 

Mot. I muft kncele do ^nc for fafliion too^ 

Frtrcl^ And I, whom neucr man as yet hath fcaWt 
JEc*n in chit depth of generall forrow,YOw* 


Ncuer co marry,to fuftaine fuch loife 
As * dccre hus bind fccmes to bc.oncc dead? 
M*/. I lou'd my father wed coo ; but co fay, 
Niy now, I would not marry for her death? 
Vurel (houldfpcake falfe Lattin;fhoul<j I not? 
Ide is foonc vow ncucr co com; in Bed. 
Tut ? Women muft iiue by th* quick, and not by tb'dead, 
irul. DeareOpieofmy hu*band,oh lee me kifie ttiet* 
How like him is their Modcl?their brief e Picture DrA*i*f i~> 
Qjickc ns my ccares:my forro wes arc renew 'd fur &/ 
At their frc/h fight? 
S*rOif. Sifter 

All heneAy with him il turn'd to clay, 
Oh my (Weetc huiband.oh 

Frtnc^. My deere father? l.xt-nt m*tkfr 4*4 Lutgtt 

Mo/, Heres a puling indeede ! I thinkc my Mother weepet for 
all the women chat cucr buried husbands for if from time to 
time all the Widdowcrs teares in England had bccncboulc4 
f p,I do not thiake ail would haue Hid a threc-halte-pcuny Boc- 
tle ; AialTc a fmall matter bucks a hand-kcrcher,~ andibnv 
times the IpittlcftanHs to nie Saint Tham*s a Watn.igs; well. I 
can mcurne in go^d fober fort as well as another ? but where I 
fpendone teare for a dead Father ,1 could giuc cwcn.ykifles 
tor a quick husband. Exit M//. 

Sir G*Af. Well , go thy waics old Sir Godfrey , and thou maift 
be proud on c,thou .aft a kindc louing fiUcr-iivlave ; how con- 
ftant>how paflionatc ?hovv fii'l of Aprill the poorc foulcseyci 
arc ; well, I would my Brother knew on't, he fhould then know 
wliat a kmdc wife hcc had left behindc him ; truth and twerc 
notforrhame that the Neigh bours at th next garden fhould 
hearc me.bct\vcencioye and gricfc, I fhould e'en cry out-right! 

Extt Sir God vr f . 

EiiHHJi. So, a ftirc riddance,my fathers laydc in duii his Cof 
fin and he is like a whole-nieate-pyc , and the worei wiil cut 
him rp ftnrtlic ; firewell old Did, farcwe 1 , Hebe curb dtn 
nomjuY,Ipcrcciucafonnc and iiejre may quickly be made 

a fbole and he will be one, but He take another order; Now 
{he would hauc me wcepe for him for-footh , and why?bccaufc 
liecozn'dthc right hcirc becing a fccle,and bcftow'd thofc 
Lands vpon me his cldcit Son ; and therefore I muft wecpc for 
him ha , ha; Why al the world knowes as long as cwas his plca- 
furc to get me, tw as his ducty to get for me .< I know the law in 
that point no Attumey can gull me; Well,my Vnclc is an olde 
Afle,and an Admirable Cocklcombcjllc rule thcRoaft my fclfe, 
He be kept vndcr no more , I know what I may do well inough 
by my Fathers Copy : the Lawc's in mine ownc hands now : 
nay now Iknow my ftrcngth , He bcftrong inough for my Mo 

thcr I warrant you? Exit. 


Snter George Py- bord afcholler **da, ftttikfn *nd vnto him A* 
, Peter Skirmife. 

P;r.What's to be done now? old Lad of War ; thou that v*crt 
wont to be as hot is a turn-fpir,as nimble as a fcnccr,& as low- 
2y as a fthoole-maiflcr ; now thou art put to like a Sec- 
taric? War fitts now like a lufticc of peace,and docs nothing, 
where be your Muskcts,Ca!ciuers and Hotfliots ? in L,9ng-l\ne % 
atPawnc,at Pawne; Nowkcies ,areyours oncly Guns^Kcy- 
gunSjKey-guns, & Bawdts the Gunners, \\ho arc yourccn- 
tinells in pcace,and ftand ready charg'd to giuc warning : with 
hems, hums, & pockcy.cGrTs;ciily your ChambriT arc licenc'ft 
to play vpon you,and Drabs enow to giuc fire to 'cm. 

S^/r. WcJl,I cannot tell, but I am furc it goes wrong wi:! me, 
for iince the cefliirc of the wars , I hauc (pcnr aboue a hundrrj 
crownes out a purfc : I haue beenc a fouldier any time this for 
ty ycjtres, and now I pcrcciuean oldc foulijicr,ard an o'de 
Courtier haue both one d cftinie, and in the end turn c both iq 
to hob-nay Ics. 

Pie. Prcty miftery for a begger,fbr indeed a hob-nal!< is the 
true crubkmc of a beggers Hioo-foale; 

S^.r. I will not fay but that warrc is a bloud-fuckcr, and fo; 
but in my confcietice , (as there is no fouldier but has a r-e'cccf 
onc,tho ic bee full of holes like a fhot Antit-nt, no matter, twill 
feme to fyvcare by) in my coniciencc,IthiDicfomckinucof 

B Peecc, 

Peace, ba's more hidden oppreu*icns,and yiolent heady finnei t 
(tho looking of a gentle nacure) then a profcft vvarrc. 

'Pjff. Troth,and for mine ownc part,I am a poorc Gentleman, 
& a SchollcrJ haue beene matriculated in the Vniucifuic,worc 
out fixe Gowues there, Icenc fome foolcs, and fome Schollcrs, 
&mc of the Citty, and feme of the Countrie,keptordcr,went 
bart-hcatied ouer the Quadrangle, eatc Hiy Commons with a 
good flomacke,andBati.lcd with Difciction ; a: lift, liauine 
done many flights and trickcs to ir.ainiainc my VMUC in vie 
(as my brainc would ncuer endure nice to bee idle,) I *a 
cxpcld theVniuc.litiCjOnely for Healing a Chcefc out of AT/MI 

Skj/. : ft poifiblc? * 

'P)f. O!i ! there was one WelfimM ( God forgiue him ) purr 
fucd it hard; and ncuer left, till I tumde my fhftc touard 
London , \vhcrc when I canie , all my incnds v.eic pitr-hoJJ, 
gone to GrMtfS , ( as indeed the're was but a few left bcfcre ) 
then was I turndc to my wittes , to fliift in the \\or!d, to tow re 
a:*:ong Sonnes and Heyrcs,aud Foolcs, and Gulls , and Laches 
eidelt , to workc vpon nothing , to lecde out of Flint, 
and cucr fmce has rny belly beene much beholding 10 my 
brainc: But now to returne to you old ^ktrmifo. 1 fay asycu 
f^y, ^ntJ for my part w id; a Turbulcncy in the world, lor 1 hauc 
nothing to loole but my wkies , and I thinke they are as mad 
as they will be : and to ihcngthen your Argument the oicrc , I 
fay an hcncll v. arre, is bcttfvthcn a ba - /vdy peace : as touching 
my pvotclfion ; The multiniicii;c of Schollers,hatcht, and nou- 
rifr-.s, in the idle Calmcs of peacc,raakc'em like FiHics one dc- 
uourcanotncr; and the communitic of Learning ha's fo plaide 
vpon arTe6tfbi>f,and thereby almoll Religion is come about to 
PhanraHc, and difcrcdtteil by being too much fpckcn c(f in fo 
mar,) & mcanc mouths. I my fclfe being a Schollcr and a Giadu- 
ate,tiauc no orher coaiforc by my learning, but the AflBii^ion of 
my wvrds,t6 know how Schollct-likc to name whit I want , &: 
can call my fclte a Reg^cr boih in Greeke and Latin, and thcr- 
forc not to copg with Peace, He net be afraidctofay/ns a great 
Bieeder, but a jarrcn Nourifticr : a great-getter of Children, 
Vv-hieh mull either bcThccucs or Rich-mcnj&iaucs or Bccger% 


. Well, would I had bccnc borne a Kntue then, 
When I was borne a Bcggcr, for if the truth were knownc, 
I chinkcIwasbegotYYhcnmy Fathcrhadneurapciryinrus 


Pjc. Puh/aint not old Sferw/^lct chis warrant thec,F*f/*r 
Dtfctxftu AHtrxi t 'tis an calic iourncy to aKnaue", thoumaift 
bee a Knaue \\hcn thou wilt; and Peace is a good Madam to 
ail other protctfions, and an airant Drabbe toys, let vs han 
dle her accordingly , tnd by ourwittcs'thriuein dcfpiifhtof 
her ; for fincc the lawc Hues by quarrclls , .the Courtier by 
fmooth God-monowcs , and eucry profanon mnkes it fclfe 
greater by impcrfc&ions , why not wee then by fliifces, wiles, 
and forgeries ? and feeing our braincs are our on cly Patrimo 
nies, let's fpend y;;iu Judgment, not like a dcfpe;atc fonne and 
hcirCjutitTitteafqberand difcreetc Templer, one that will 
neuer iriarchc beyond the bounds of his allowance , and for 
our th fining nieanes^ thus, I my felfc will put on the Deceit of a 
Fortune-tcllcr,a Foitunc-tcllcr. 

Sktrm. Very proper. 

Pye. And you of a fi gme-caftcr,or aConiurcr. 

Skir. AConiurer. 

Pjt. Let me alone, Be yiftru&you, and teach you to dccciue 
all eyes, but theDiuels. 

Sty. Oh I, for I would not dccciue him and I could chocfc, 
of all others, 

Pje. Fearc not I warrant you; and fo by thofe meancs wcc 
flhall hclpe one another to Patients, as the condition of the age 
aftbordj creatures enow for cunning to worke rpon. 

Sktr. Oh wondrous new fooles and frc(h Aflcs. 

P;f . Oh,fxt,fit,ccllent. 

Sk*r. What in the name of Coniuring ? 
. tye-beord. My mcmorie grccres mec happily with an admi 
rable fubic& to graze vpon, The Lady -W^dclow, who of late 
J fawc weeping in her Garden for the death of her Hu'.- 
band,-fure /lic'as but a watriflifoulc,and halfe on't by this 
time is dropt out of her f:yes : deuice well manzigficf&ay doc 
good vppon her : it ftands firmc , my fiift practilc fhall bee 

B a 




jr. Ncrc doubt 
teach me to coniure. 

-,,. Puli, lie perfea ihee.T* 
V .now? what shec 

.of Officers 

^ff**<**">%> ""*'- 

r 1S Svo^BVot: ; C,p ta ne/^. 

Pie. Captame IMt. f,ii on ious aft or other , hee has 

A& Apprfh^dcdforlo^lW^^^ . l cannot buc 


hauc the name for ^caring. ^ d (Q h as f 


Frtit. There is none of rs I can tell you, but diall be foundfy 
whipt for fwcaring. 

Corp. Why how now ? WMhree' ^uritanicall Scrapc-fliocs, 
Flcihagood Friday es ? a hand. 

ings, Simon Stint Mary Otte- 
r*rr,ha's the Dc'clc pofleft you, that you fwcare no better , you 
halfc-Chrillned Katomites , you vngod-mothcrd Varlcu , do's 
the firftlcflfbn teach you to bee proud, and the iecond to bee 
CockPcombes ; proud Cockt-combes ? not onec to doe dutie 
to a man of Marke. 

Frail. A man of Marke,quatha, Idoc not thinke he can flic w 

Corpo. A Corporall , a Commander , one of fpirit , that is 
able to blovve you vp all dryc with your Bookcs at your 

^imon. Wee arenot taught tobelceuc that fir, for we know 
the breath of man is wcake ? C or P ora ^^ M f^ vpo Frailtie. 

Fr/w/. fch you lie Nicholas ; for here's one ftrong inough ; 
blowc TS vp quatha, her may well blow me abouc twclue-fcorc 
oft" an him ? 1 warrant if the wh:de ftood right, a man might 
fmell him from the top of Ncwgatc,to the Leadcs of Ludgatc? 

orp, Sirrah,thou,Hollow-Bookc of Waxc-csndle. j 

Nicho. I,youmayfay*vhaty6u will/oyou fwcarc not. 

Corp. Ifwearcbythe * 

Nicko. Hold, hold, good Corporall Ot h ; for if you fweare 
ertee,\tfee (hall all fall duwne in a fowncprcfently. 

Corp. Imuft and will fweare : you quiucnrig CeekAcQ.mbe.% 
my Captalne is imprifoncd, and b^ Vxtcaxs Lecher Cod-piece 

wstiriV i y 

Nich. O Simon, what an oth was there. 

Frail. If hcc fliould chance to brcakeit, the poore mans 
Breeches would fall doxvne about his heck s> for J r cnus allowes 
him but one point to his hofe ? 

C*rpor. With thcfc my Bullye-Feetc , I will thumpc ope 
the Prifbn doores, and b;aine the Keeper with the begging 
Boic,but JJc fee my honcft fweetc Captainc Aflir at libcrric." 

B 5 


Afo&.How , Captainc Td!e t my oldc Aunts fonnc, my decrt 
Kinfmanin Capadochio, 

C0r.I,thou Church-pcelingithouHcIy-paringjeligious ont- 
fidethou ? if thou haJft any grace in thce , thou wculd'ft vifit 
hirw.rc'ciue him,lwcarc to get him" out? 

Nicho. Aflureyou Corporall indced-Ia , tis the firft time I 
heard on't, 

far. Why do*t now thcn t Afarm*/it ? bring forth thy ycarly- 
wages Jet not a Commander pen fh! 

Stmon. But, if hce bee one of the wicked, hcc fha!!l pc- 

Nich t Well Corporall , He e'en along with you, to vifit my 
Kinfman,ifl can do him any good,I will, but I haue nothing 
for him, Simon Saint M*ry Oneris and Frtyltj , pray make a lie 
forme to the Knight my Maifter,old Sir Godfrey. 

fir* A lie ? may you lie then? 

Fry, O I,wc may lie,but me muft not f .veare. 
1 Sim. True, wee may lie with our Neighbors wife, but '.cf 

muft notfwearc we did foj 

Cor. Oh,an excellent Tag of religion? 

Nic 9 Oh Simon , I haue thought vpon a found excufCj it nvill 
go currant,fay that I am gon to a Fart; 

Si*n. To a Faft,?ery good ? 

Nic. I,to a Faft fay,with Maiftcr F*l-hlli* tlie Minifter. 

Sim. Maifter F*^^///^?anhoneftman:hefeedestheflock 
wcll,for he's an excellent feeder? Bxit firpord, Nicholas. 
^ Fray. O I, I hatJcfccne him eatc vp a whole Pigpe,and after- 
wardfalls to the pettitoes? Exit Simon and Frajlty. 

Ertttr Ctftt'mc Ydle at one dore^td old fruitier 
af the of her. 



Sk/r. Turnc the key I pray? . 

fop. Who ftiould thofc bc,I almoft know their voyccs? 
O my friends? Entring. 

Ya'rc welcome to a fmclling Roome here? you newly tooke 
leaue of the ayrc.ift not a Grange fauour? 

Pit. As all prifonshauc/mclls of fund ry wretches; 
Who tho departed, leauc their fern* behind 'em, 
By Gold Captainc,! am finccrcly fory for thec. 

Cjp. By ray troth (jtorgt I thankc thce \ but pifli, what 
rnuft bc,mu(t bee. 

S^fr. Captaine,what doe you lie in for ?iftg 'eat f what's 
your oflfe.KC? 

Cap. Faith,rny offence is ordinaric.,-- common ? A Hie-waye, 
and I feare mee my penal tic will be ordinaric and common too, 
a halter. 

Pie. Nay prophecy not fo ill, it fhall go heard 
But lie ihift for thy life. 

fy. Whether J Hue or die , thou'art an honcft (Jetrge ? lie 
tell you filucr floa d not with mcc , as it had done , (for now 
the tide runncs to Bawdes and flatterers ) I had a (Urt out, and 
by chaunce fee vpon a fat ftc ward,thiuking his purfe had beenc 
aspurfey as his bodie;and the flauc had about him but the 
poorepurchafcof tennegroatcs : notwithftanding bccing dc 
ciyed,puifucd,and taken,! know the Law is fo grim : in tefpe& 
of many dcfpratc-vnfetled fouldiours,thatlrcarcmcclftiall 
dauncc after ti^cir pipe for't. 

Ski*'. I aintwiccforyforyou Capttiirte : firft thatyourpurchafc 
was fo ftnall,and now that your dagger is ib great. 
C#. Pufii, the worft is but death, ha you a pipe of Tobacco 
about you? 
S&X, I thinke,! hauc there abouts about tne! 

Cap. Her's a cleane Gentleman too,to rccciue? 

Pie. Welljlmufl caft about/ome happy flight, 

Worke braiiie, that cuer didft ihy Maifter right? 

Car* Xcepcr?Jci rhc key be turn'd! Corf OTA 

A~r.I,I pray Maiftcr keeper giucs a caft of your office? within. 
- C a ?> H <>w nowfraorc Vifuaati? what Corpora!! Oth? 


. ^_ _ 

PfRlTAINE ff/DDOrr. 

far. In pvifon honefi CaptaincPthis muft not be? 

Nic. How do you GaptaineKinfman? 

C*f. Good Cockf-combc? what makes that pure farch'd 
foole here? 

Nic . You fee Kinfrnan I am fom-what bould to call in,and fee 
how you do,I heard you were fafc inough,and I was very glad 
OfU that it was no worfe; 

Cap. This is a double torture now, this foolc by'th bookc 
Do's vexc me more then my impnfpnment? 
What meant you Corporall to hoolce him hither? 

Cr. Who be ? he flball relciuc thec,and fupply thce, 
Qc make him doo't; 

4p.Fie,whatvaine breath you fpcnd! 
hee fupply ? lie foower expect mercy from a Vfurer when my 
bond s forfeited , fooncr kindncife from a Lawicr when my 
mony's fpent : nay fooner charity from the deuill , then good 
from a Puritainc? Ilelooke for releifefrom him, when Lucifer 
is reftor'd to his bloud,and in Heauen againe! 

NIC. I warrant my Kmfman's talking of me , for my left care 
burnes moft tyrannically? 

'Pit. Captaine Tdlc ? w hat's he there ? hcc lookes like a Mon 
key vp ward, and a Crane downe-ward. 

C*$. Piliaw ; a fooliQi Cozen of niincjl tr.uft thanke God for 

Pie. Why the better fubic& to woike a fcape vponjthou (lialr 
e'en change clothes with him,and leaue him hcrc,and fo; 

C*f. Pufn, I publi(h't him c*en now to my Corporall , hee will 
be damn'd, ere hee dome fo much good ; why I know a more 
proper,a more handfome deuicc then that^if the flauc would be 
fociablc now goodman Flcere-f*crt 

Nic. Oh, my Cozen begins tofpeakt to me now, Ifliall bee 
acquainted with him againe I hope, 

S^rwyJ. Lookc what ridiculous Raptures take hold of his 

Pje. Then \vhat fay you to this Jeuic*,a nippy one Captaine? 
C*pt. ^peakcloyvei/tfw^rj PfifonRattcshaucvridcr cares 
then thoie ia Male-lofts. 



_ . . Cozen, if it lay in my pow$r,as they fay? to -do; 

Cap. Twould do me an exceeding pleafure indeed that , but 
ncre talkc forder on't, the foole will be hang'd,ere he do't. 
Cor. Paxjllc thump 'cm to't. 

'Pie. Why doe but trie the Fopfter, and breake it to him 

Cap. And fo my diigrace will dwell in his lawes , and the 
(lauc (laucr out our purpofe to his Maiftcr/or would ! were but 
as fure on't as I am fure he will deny to do't, 

Nic- 1 would bee heartily glad Cozen , if any of my friead- 
(nip$,astheyfay,might-ftaiidah, j 
Pie. Why, you fee he offers his friend-fliip fooliflily to you al 

(*pt*. 1, that's the hell on't, I would hce would offer it 
wifely? ^ 


Cap.l haue tooke note of thy fieercs a good wnile,ifthou tit 
minded to do mee good ? as thou gapft tpon me comf on ably, 
and giu'ft me charitable faces ? which indeede is but a fafhion 
in you all that are Puritaines ? wilt (bone at night fteale me thy 
Maiiicrs chaine? 

P/^. Corporal, he ftarts already! 

fop. I know it to be worth three hundred Crownet, & with 
the halfe of that,I canbuy my life at a Brokers,at fecond hand, 
which now lies in pawne to'th Lawe , if this thou refufe to do, 
being ea/ie and nothing dangerous, in* that thou art held in 

(good opinion of thy Maifter , why tis a palpable Argument 
\ thou holdft my life at no price.and thefe thy broken & vnioyn- 
ted offcrs,are but only created in thy lip, now borne , and now 
buried, foojifti breath onlie?what; woult do't ? (hall I looke 
for happincflc in thy anfwere? 

Nic. Steale my Maifters chaine quo'the?no,itfhal ncre bee 
&yd>t\\zt Nicholas Saint Tantlings committed Bird-lime! 
C*f. Nayil told you as much ; did I not ; tho he be a Puritaine 
yet ne will be a true man? 

'Mch. Why Couzcn? you know tis written, thou (haltnot 



. Why,and forle.thou /halt louc thy Ndghbou ,and hclpe 
him mcxti emit ieii* 

Nich. Mafic 1 ihinkc itbcc indeedc , in \%Uai Chapter's that 
Couzen ? 

Cap. Why in the hrft of Charity,the 2. verfc. 

Nich. Thcrultof Charity, qua iha,ihat's a good iett, there'* 
nofuch Chapter in my bockc! 

C*P. No,l knew twas tornc out of thy Booke,& that makes 
fo little in thy heart. 

Pie. Comc > lctmctcllyou,ya'ietooTnkindeaKmfinanyfaith; 
thcCaptainclouiiigyoufo dceiely, I,likr the Pomwatcrofhis 
eyc,and you to be lo vncomfortablc,fic,fie. 

NIC. Pray do not wifh me to bee hangd , any thin clfe that 
IcandOjhadubcenctorob, I vvouldha ciou't butlrnuftnot 
Aeale, chats the word the literal! , thou fhalt not itcalc an4 
Would you wifl i me tc Heale then? 

Pit. No faith, that v\ cie to f[>eake truth : why \\ culc 
thou n im it from him. 
Kick. 7 hat I will? 

Pit. Why y nough bullie ; hte (hall bee content with that,or 
he (hall ha none ; let race alone with him now ! Cap:aine,I hi 
dealt with your Kinf-man in a Corner; a good - kmde -na-. 
tui dc tcl'uw, nice thtnkcs: goe too , you ll ad not haue al) ycur 
ownc asking, you (hall bate fomev\hat on t,he is no: consented 
abfolucely as you would fay to Oealc the change fiom him, 
but to do you a plcafure.hc will mm it fi om him. 

Ntch* I,that I wilijCouicn. 

Cap. V\ ell feeing he w ill doe no more ,as far ai 1 fee I mull bee 
CO'ircnteJ with that. 

Car. Here's no potable gullery? 

Pie Niy He conc neerct to you Gentleman ? becaufe week 
have oncly but a helpcandamirth cn't,t!e knight (hall not 
lo^fc his chair.e neither, but be only laide out of the way fomc 

Ntrh. i.that would begoodinde^ ? Kinfman* 

Pie For I haue a faider i each to piofit v$ better by the mi/fing 
on't t nelie ,then if ueejiad it otit-right, as my difcouifc (hall 
make u knowoc coo you? yvhco thou haft the chain e, do but 




eonuay it out at back-dorc into the Garden , and there hang it 
clofc in the Rofcmary banck,but for a fmall feafon \ and by that 
harrnlefte deuifc , I know how to windc Captainc Tdle , out of 
prifon, the Knight thy M?,iftcr fnall get his pardon and relcafc 
him,& he fatifue thy Maiftcr with his own chaine & wondrous 
thankes on both hands. 

Nich. That wete rare indeed larpray let me know how? 

Tit. Nay tis very nccefiary thou flaouldft know , becaufe thou 
muft be imploidc as an A&or? 

Nick. An A6tor? O no,that's aPlaicr ? and our Parfon railcj 
againt Plaiers mightily I can tell you , becaufe they brought 
him drunck vppoth Stage. once, as hce will bee horribly 

for. Mafle I cannot blame him then,poore Church-fpout? 

P/>. Why at an Intermedia then? 


it. Glue me Audiencethen ? when the old Knight thy Maif 
tcr has radge his fillfor theloflc of the chaine, tell him thou 
haft a Kinfman in prifon, of fuchxquifit Art, thatthediuill 
himfclfe is frcnch Lackey to him , and runnes bare-headed by 
his horfe bcllie ( when hec has one) whome hee will cauic 
with moft Trijb Dexterity to fetch his chainc,tho t were hid vn- 
der a mine of fca-colc , and r.ere make Spade or Pickaxe 
his inftrument* v , tell him but this with fardcr inftrud"tions 
thou (halt red&ue from mee , and thou fliouft thy felfe a Ktnf- 
man indeed. 

Car. A dainty Bullie. 

Skir An honeft Booke-kccpcr. 

(ap. And my three times chrice hunnfe Cou?,en. 
t Nich. Nay grace of God He robbc him on't fuddainlie ? and 
hang it in the Rofemary banck , but I bcare thatmindeCou- 
zcnlwould not ftealc any thing mcc thinkesfor mineo\vne 

Sty. He beares a good mindcin that Captaine! 
P/ff. Why well faydc , he begins to be an honeft fellow faith. 
Cor, In t othhcdocs. 

Ntch. You fee Couzcn , I am willing to do you any kindnefle, 
alwaies fauing my fclfc harmclefTc? Exit NichoUs. 

C Cap. 

'I fit, T VJL TTjfTNE, W I'D V O W. 

e. Why I thankc thcc, fare thcc well, I (hall re- 

fxit Nich. 

Twill bee good forthec Captainc , that thou haft fuch 
in egregious Aflc to thy Coozcn. 

Cap. J, is hce not a fine foolc Corporall ? 
But G forge thou talkft of Art and Coniuring, 
How (hall that bee ? 

< Pft. Puh, bee't not in your care, 
Leaue that to me and my directions ; 
Well Captaine doubt not thy deliucrie now, 
E'en with the vantage man,to gainc by prifon, 
As my thoughts prompt me : hold on braine and plot, 
I aymc at many cunning far euents, 
All which I doubt not but to hit at length, 
He to the Widdow with a quaint afoul c, 
Captaine be merry. 

C*p f Who I ? Kcrric merry Buffc-Icrkin ? 
Vjc. Oh,I am happy in more flights,and one will knit flrong 
in another Corporall Qth? 
Corp. Hoh Bully? 

P7*.And thou old Ptttr Skirmfo ,1 hauea ncceflary taske 
for you both. 

Sky. Lay't vpon ^ forge Pje-$oorJ. 
Corf. What ere it bcc,wccle manage it. 
Vyc. I would hauc you two maintainc a quirrcll before the 
Lady Widdowes doorc.and draweyour fwoids i'th edge of the 
Euening ; clafh a litcle,claih,cla(h. 

Corp. Fuh. 

Let TS alone to make our Blades ring noone, 
Tho it be after Supper. 
Pjv, Know you can; 

And out of that falfe fire, I doubt not but to raife ftrange be- 
lecfe^-and Captaine to countenance my dcuicethc bcttcr,and 
giUcc my words to the Widdow, I hauc a good plaincSattin 
fute,that I had of ayong Rcucllcr t'other night,for words paflc 
not regarded now a day cs rnlcfle they come from a good fuitc 
of cloaths, which the Fates and my wittcs hauc bcftowcd ypon 
me. WcllCaptainc/^,ifldidnothighlylouethce,I won 

** "" "7 HZ ry K.n 

ncre bee fcene within twelue fcorc of a prifon , for I proteft it 
this inftant,! walkc in rcat danger of fraall debts ; I owe mo 
ney to feuerall Hoftiflcs , and you know fuch lills will quickly 
be von a mans lack. 

P//. Fare thec well Captainc. Come Corporall and Anci 
ent ? thou (halt heare more nc wcs next time we greete thee ? 

Corp. More ncwes ? I ; by yon Bearc at Bridgc-Footc in hca- 
uen flwlt thou. Exeunt \ 

fitft* Inough : my friends farewell, 
This prifon fliewes as if Ghofts did part in Hell. 

Enter HLo\\yongeft DMttfhter to tkt Wtddew : 

Moll. Not LMtrry : forfwcarc Marriaget* why all women 
know 'tis as honorable a thing as to lye with a man ; and I to 
fpight my Sifters yowe the more , haue entertaindc a futer al 
ready^ fine gallant Knight of the laft Fether , hcc fayes he will 
Coach nice too , and well appoint mee , allow mee money to 
Dice with-all, and many fuch plcafine prot citations hee fticks 
vpon my lips j indeed his Ihort-winded Father ith' Countrie is 
wondrous wealthy,a mofl abhominable Farmer, and therefore 
hcc may dootc in time : troth lie venture vpon him j women 
are not without way es enow to helpe them-felues, if he proue 
wife and good as his word, why I ftiall loue him , and vie him 
kindly rand if hee prooue an Afle, why in a quarter of an houres 
warning I can transformc him into an Oxe ; - there comes in 
my Relief e agcn. 

Fr*U. O Miftrcffe c^//,Miftrc{Tc 
LMott. How now ? what's thenewes ? 
Frtil. The Knight your Cuter fn IobPttHtj-Dttl. 
Moll. Sir John V**nj-Dub ? where ? where? 
Frtil. Hcc's walking in the Gallcric. 
Moll. Ha*s my Mother feenc him yet. 
Fr*/. O no,(licc"t fpitting in the Kit chin, 



Moll, Direct hi'.n hcthcr fofcly, good Fnultie,~>-* 
Be meetc him halfc way. 

Frtd. That's ioft like running a Tilt ; but J hope hcclc break? 
nothing this time. 

Enter Sir lohn Penny-Dub. 

Moll. *Tis happincflc my Mother faw him not : 

we'c jrne good Sir hh. 

Penny-dub. I thanke you faith, Nay you muft ftand mce, 
tii) I kifle you 'tis the fa&ion euery where I-f aich , and I came 
from Court enow? 

.#/.?//. Nay the Fates for fend that I fiiould anger the fafhion ? 

Ptnty. Then not forgetting the fweetc of new ceremonies, 

1 firft fall back, then rccouering my fclfcj make my honour to 
your lip thus : and then accoft it, 

Moll. Truft me,vcry pritty.and mouing,y'arc worthy on't fir, 

my Mothcr,my Mother,now fhcc's here, K$i: *. Wut- 
Weelcfteale into the Gallciy. Extunt. dm& ir(jodfr. 

Sir godf. Nay Sifter , letReafon rule you , doc not play the 
foole,iiand not in your owne light, you hauc wealthy offers, 
large tendrings , doe not with-ftand your good fortune : who 
comes a wooing to you I pray ? no fmall foolc, a rich Knight ath 
Citty, Sir Oliver Muckjbill , no iniall foole I can tell you : and 
furthermore as I heard late by your Maide-fcruants, ( as your 
Maide-icruants will fay to mee any thing I thanke 'em ) both 
your Daughters arc not without Suters, l,"and worthy ones 
too? one a Briske Courtier, Sir lAmbtw T*p-ft*fff, futcra 
farre off to your eldett Daughter , and the third a huge-wel- 
thie Farmers fonne , a fine young Coumric Knight, they call 
him Sir lohn VtnHj-fDab , a' good name marry , hec may haue 
it coy ndc \vhen hcclackcs money: what blefllngs tre thcfc 
Sifter ? 

Wid. Tempt me not Satan. 

Sir gif. Sa:an ? doc I lookc like Satan ? I hope the Deuill's 
not fo old as I, I tro. 

Wid. You wound my fences Broth er^vhcn you name, 
A futcr to me, oh I cannot abide ir, 

1 take in poifon,when I heare one nam'd, Enter Simort. 
Ho\v now Simon ? wherc's my fonnc Edmund ? 


Sm, Vciily Madame , hceis at vaine txercife , dripping in 
, he Tennis-court. 

Wid. Ac Tennis-court ? oh,now his father's gon,,I /hall hauc 
no rule with him ; oh wicked Edmond, \ might well compare 
this with the Prophecie in the Chronicle, tho farre inferior , a* 
Harry ofAfonnttutb woone all,and H*rry ofWndfor !oft all , fo 
Edmund^ Briftw that was the Father, got all , and AfoWof 
London that's his fonne no w,w ill fpend all ? 

Sir Godf. Peace Sifter,wcclc hauc hern rcformd,thcrc's hope 
on him yctjtho it be but a little. 

Fra/.Forfooth Madam ? there are two or three Archers at 
doore,would very gladly fpeake with your Ladyfhip. 

Wid. Archers? 

Sir Gdfi Your husbands Fletcher I warrant. 

Wid. Oh, 

Let them come neere,they bring home things of his, 
Troth I fiioulu ha forgot 'em,rio w now ? 
Villainc^hich be thofc Archers ? 

Enter thefuttrs Sir Andrew Tipftaffe,5*r Oliue? 

Muck-hill^f^ Penny -dub. 

Frail. Why do you not fee 'cm befb re you, are not thcfe Ar- 
chcrs,what do you call 'em Shooters: Shooters and Archers arc 
all one I hope. 

Wid. Out ignorant flaue. 
Muck^ Niy pray be parent Lady, 
We come in way ot honorable louc. 
Tiffi Penny. Wee doc. 
Muc}^ To you. 

7ip(i Penny.. And to your Daughters ? 
Widdsv. O why will you offer rnce this Gentlemen ? indeed 
I will not looke vppon you ; v\ hea the Tcares arc fcarcc out of 
mine Eyes, not yet wafht off from my Checkcs, and aiy 
deerc husbands bodv fcarfc' fo co'dc asthcCcfrui,whatrea. 
. fon hauc you to offer it? I ?m no. like fome of your Wid- 
dowes that will burieonein rheEucJiing;, and ber lure to ano 
ther ere Enoruiug r /ptay away pray , cake your anfweres good 

. . . __ 


Knigkts , and you bee fvvecte Knights , Ihauc vow'd neucr co 
marry; andfo hauc my daughters too ! 

Vcanj. I two of you hauc,but the thirds a good wench! 

Muck^ Lady, a {hrewdc anfwcrc many ; the beft is , us but 
the firft, and hec's a blunt wooer, that will leaue for one (harpe 

T/p. Where bee your daughter! Lady , I hope theilc giue TI 
better encouragements? 

H'id. Indeed they le anfwerc you fo, tak't a my word theilc 
giuc you the very fame anfwci c Verbttim truely la; 

PttiMj. lA\un,:MoUs a rood wench ftill , I know what (heele 

Well, Lady/or this time wrele take our leauet, ho* 
ping tor oetter comfort. 

Wid. Oneuer,neuer?andl liuethefe thoufand ycares;aod 
you bee: good Knights doe not hope ; twill bee all Vaine, 
Vay n e, ~- looke y ou,puc oft' all yours fuites , and you come to 

Fr*;. Put off all their fuites,qua tha ? I.that's the beft wooing 
ofaWiddow indeed , when aman's Nonfutcd , that is , when 
he's a bed with her. ^ * 

Muck* Sir Godfrey ? here's twenty Angells more worke 
hard for me ; there's life int y ef > Exit Mttckbtll. 

&ygW/. FearcnotSir OliMtrMctyill> He ftick clofc for 
you,leauc all with me. 


Pye. By your leaue Ladie Widdow. 

Wid. What another fuitcr now ? 

Vj. A fuiter ' no I proteft Lidie ? if you de giue me your fclfe 
Idc not be troubled with you. 

Wtd Say you fo Sir, then you're the better welcome nr. . 
Vie. Nay Heauenbleflc meeftomaWiddow,vnleiTcIwcrc 
furc to bury her fpecdily ! 
Wid. Good bluntncflc:well your buhneflc hr? 
Vie. Very needfull ; if you were in priuatc once? 
Wid. Needfull ? brother pray leaue TS $ and you fir? 
Fr^Khouldlaughnow.ifthUblunttcUow (houldput em 

L , 2 -* 

all by fide the ftirrop, and vault into the faddle himfclfe, I haue 
fecne as mad a trick. Exit Frailtic. 

Enter Daughters* 

/. Now Sir ? here's none but we Daughters forbeare, 
\. O no,pray let 'em ftay, for what I hauc to fpcakc impor- 
tcth' equally to them as to you ? 
Wid. Then you may ftay. 
'Pyh. I pray bcftow on me a fcrious care, 
For what J ipcakc is full of weight and fcarc ? 

. I ift paffe unregarded, and vnefrc&ed, 
Blfc peace and ioy : I pray Attention ? 
Widdowe? I hauc bccnc a mcerc ftranger for thefe parts that 
you hue in , nor did I euer kno w the Husband of you , and Fa* 
ther of them , but I truly know by certaine fpihtuall Intelli 
gence, that he is in Purgatorie ? 

Wed. Purgatorie ? tuh ; that word deferues to bee fpit ypon j 
1 wonder that a man of fober toung as you fceme to be, fhould 
haue the folly to beleeue there's fuch a place. 

P;. Well Lady,in cold bloud I fpcakc it , I aflure you that 
there is a Purgatory, in which place I know your husband to 
rccide.and wherein he is like to remaine , till the diflblution of 
the world,till the laft generall Bon-fire: when all the earth (hall 
melt into nothing . And the Seas fcalde their finnie labourers : 
fo long is his abidance , vnleffe you alter the propertie of your 
purpofe, together with each of your Daughters theirs ,that is, 
the purpofe of (ingle life in your fclfe and your elddt Daugh 
ter , and the fpecdie determination of marriage in your 

<Mo&. How knowes hee that , what, h'as fome Dcuill told 

Wid. Strange he fhould know our thoughts : - . * 

Why but Daughter haue you purpofde fpeedy Marriage ? 

}&. You ice/he tels you I,for fliec layes nothing. 
Nay giuc me credit as you pleafe , I -am a ftranger to you, and 
and yet you fee I know your determinations , wnich muft come 
to mec Mctaphifically, and by a fuper-ntturill intelligence. 


. This puts Amazement on me? 


Ide thought to fteale a marriage, would his tongue 
Had dropt out wKcn he biabt it. 

Vftd. Bat fir.rn./ husband, was too honcft a dealing man to 
be now in any purgatories 

Pie. O Do not loade yourconfciencc withvntruths, 
Tis but mecrc folly now :o guild hem ore: 
That has part bui for Copper; Praifes here^ 
Cannot vnbindc him there P.confeflc buttruth,. 
I know he got his wealth with a hard gripe: 

W^.This is n joll ftrange of all, how-knowes he that? 

P/c.He would eatc foolcs and ignorant heirss clcanc vp; 
And had his drinck,from many apooremans browe, 
E'en as their labour brewde it ? 
He would fcrape ritchcs to him moft vniuftly ; 
The fcry durt bctwceuc his nailes was U-got: 
And not his owne, oh 

I groane to ipeake on'c , the though't makes me fhuddei ? 

/. It quakes me too , now I thinke on't fir,Iam much 

gneu'd , that you a (hanger (hould fo deeply wrong my dead 
huf band ! 


VPid.b. man that would keepe Church fo dulyjrifc earlv,be- 
forc his feruants, and e'en for Religious haft, go vngartcrd, vn- 
buttend,nay fir Rcuerencc Tfltmfy to Morning Praycrf 

. Dine quickly vpon hie-daycs , and when I had great 
gueflc, would e'en fliaine me and riic fiom the Table , to get a 
good feate at an aftcr-noone Scrmou? 

P^r. There** the diuill, there's the diuill, true, hce thought it 
Sanftity ynough , if he had kild a man , fo tad beenc done in a 
Piie , or vndon his Neighour , fo ta'd bccnc acre ywough to'th 
Preacher, Oh ; a Sermon's a fin/ fliort cloake of an houre 
lone,and wil hide the vppcr-part of a diflenabler , Church,!, 
fee Scm'dal Church, & his cofcicnce wa as hard as the Pulpit! 

I can no more endure this. 

Endure to flatter. 

W/Vf. Is this all your bufincflc with me ? 

P/V, NojLadyjtis but the induction too'te, 
You may bclciuc ray fhaincs,Iftrikc all true? 
And if your conference would leap vp to your tongue^your fclfc 
would affii me it, and that you frail percciuc 1 kno we of things 
to comejas well as I doe of what is prefcnt , a Brother of your 
hufbands (hall ftwrtly hauc a loflc ! 
W/. A loflc,marry hcaucn for -fend ,Sir Godfrey, my brother! 

fit. Nay keepe in your wonders, till I hauc told you the for- 

' tunes of you all j which arc more fcarcfull , if not happily pre- 

uentcd for your part &your daughters , if there be not once 

this day fome bloud-fhcj before your dore , wheerof the hu- 

mainc creature diesrtvvo of you the elder IhaJl run mad? 

MstherandFrtHck^ Oh. 

Msl, That's net I yet! 

l?ff. And with nioft impudent proftitudon (how your n- 
ked bodies to the vciw of all beholders! 

Wf. Our naked bodies ? fie for fliame: 

Pit. Attend mce: and your yoneer daughter bee ftrockca 
. , 


UWoI. Dumb c? out alaffc : tjsthc vrorft plinc of all fcr a Wo 
man Jde rather bee madde,or runne naked ^or any thing: 

Pic. Giuc care fere the cucningfall vpon,Hill Boggc , and 
Meadowjthis my fpecch flial hauc paft probation,and then flial 
I be bclicued accordingly* 

W;^o. If this bee true , wee arc all jftiam'de , all vn- 

- M<?/. Dumbe ? He fpeakc as much as cuer I An po/fiblc be 
fore eucning? 

Pie. But if it fo come to pafe( as for your faire fakes I wiflv 
it may) that this prcfagc of your ftrange fortues be prcucted by 
thataccidct of death& bio4-flicdding which I beforctold you 
ff:takc heed'Vpoyourliucs; that two of you which hauerow d 
ncner to marry, fcekc you out husbands with all prefcnt fpcede 

D ^ 

tnd you the third that haue fuch a dcnie to out-ftrip chafticie, 
iooke you meddle not with a husband. 
Moll. A double torment. 

<P}b. The breach of this keepss your father inPurgatorfe, 
and the puniftimencs that (Kail follow you in this world, would 
with horror kill the Eare (hould he ire 'cm related. 
Wid. Marry ? why I vowd ncucr to many. 
France. And fo did I. 

Moll. And 1 vovvde neuer to be fuch an AiTe , but to marry. 
\vhat a croflc Fortune's this ? j 

Pjb. Ladies,tho I bee a Fortune-teller, I cannot better For- 
tuncs,you haue 'em fro me as they arc rcucald to me : I would 
they were to your tempers, and fcllowcs with yourblouds, 
that's all the bittemcflc I would you. 

MM. Oh 'tis a iuft vengeance, for rra husbands hard pur- 

Pjb. I wUh you to bc-thinke your fclucs,and leaue m . 
Wid. lie to Sir Godfrey my Brother , and acquaint him with 
thefe fcarefull prcfages. 

Franck^ For Mother they portend loflcs to him. 
Wtd. Oh I, they doe,thcy doc, 
If any happy iflue crownc thy words, 
I will reward thy cunning. 
Py. Tis enough Lady, 
I wifh no higher. ***. 

Mol. Dumbc,and not marry, worfe, , 

Neither to fpcakc,nor ki(Te,a double curfe ? Exit 

Vyt>. So all this comes well about yet, I & ay the Fortune^ 
teller, as well as if I had had a Witch to my Grannam : for by 
.oodhappindTe,bdnRin my HoftitTcs Garden, which neigh- 
lours the Orchard of the Widdow, I laid theholeof mine care 
to a hole in the wall, and heard 'em make thefe vowes,& ipcaKc 
thofe words vpon which I wrought thefe aduantages iand 
encourage my forgerie the more , I may now perceiue : in 
naturall rimplicitic iwhich will eafily fwaUow an abufe,if any eo- 
ueringbcouerit rand toconfirmc my former prefagc to tn e 

Corporall Otb vpon die Lcg,and in thai huny He rufc ar wngt 

,__ .. M 


'em,and in ftead of giuing the Corporal fome Cordiall to com 
fort him, He power into his month a porion of a fleepy Nature, 
to make him feemc as dead; for the which the old fouldier bee- 
ing apprehended, and ready to bee borne to execution, He ftcp 
in,& take vpon me the cure of the dead man , vpon painc of dy 
ing the condcmncds death : the Corporall will wake at his mi 
nute > when the fleepy force has wrought it felfe , and fo fhall I 
get my felfe into a moft admired opinion,and vnder the pretext 
of that cunning , beguile as I fee occafion . and if that foolifh 
Nicholas SimtTantlingsktc^e. true time with the chainc 3 my 
plot wil be found;thc Captaine deliuered,and my wits applau 
ded among fchollcrs and fouldicrs for eucr. Exit Py-boorA* 

Enter Nicholas Saint Tantlings with the chaine, 
Nic. Oh I haue foud an excellent aduantagc to take a way the 
chaine,my Maiiter wit it off e'en now to fay on a new Doublet, 
and I fncak't it away by little & little naoft Puritanically \ wee 
fhalhaue good fport anon when ha'smift it, about my Cozen 
the Coniurcr.the world fhall fee I'mean honeft man of my 
word for now Trae going to hang it bctwcene Hcauen & Eartk 
among the Rofcmary branches. 

Sirrah Si*to* Saint Marj -Queries'? my Miftris fends &* 
way all her fuitcrs and puts fleas in their cares? 

S/w.Frailty ? (liedos like an honeft ,chaft,and rertuous wom^ 
for widdowcs ought not to wallow in the puddle of iniquity 
Fra. Yet Smwijnuaiy widdowcs wil do't,what fo comes on't, 
S/w. True Fr<///>, their filthy flefli dcfircs a Coniun6lion Co- 
pulatiue^what ftrangers arc within,Frrf/7r7? 
Frai. Ther's none S*w?but Maiftcr Pilfer theTailcr : he's a- 
boue with Sir ^p^r^prayfingofaDoublctrand I muft nudge 
anon to fetch Maifter Suds'the Barber! 
Simon. Maiftcr Suds , a good man, he wa/hcs the finns of the 
Beard cleane. 
Skir. How now creatures ? whats a clock,, 

Enter old Skirmfo tbefoHldert. % 
i. Why do yoir take vs to be lacke at'h Qock-houfe? 

J> 3 Sfe 


Sty. 1 fay agcn to you what's a clock c ? 

Stm. Truly la, wee goc by the clockc of our confciencc /all 
worldly Clockes weknowgocfalfc, and aic let by'drunkcu 

Sty. Then what's a clock in your confciencc? oh, Imuft 
brcakc off,licr.c comes the corporall-y-hun^hum ! what's a 
clock ? Extrr Corpoali. 

Corp. A clock ? why paft fcucntecne. 

Fr*i. Paft feucntecnc ? nay has met with his match now, 
Corporal! Oth will fit him. 

Sty. Thou dooft not bawkc or baffle me, dooft thou / 1 am a 
Soi'ldicr part feuentecne. 

(0rp. I , thou art not angry with the figures art thou ? I will 
prooueit vnto thec,i a.andi .1$ thirtccne 1 hope, s.fourcteenc, 
5. fifteene } 4.fixtecne,and 5.fcauentcenc, then paft fcaucniecnc, 
I will take the Dyals part in a iuft caufe. 

Sty. I fay 'tis but paft Hue then. 

Carp. He fwcare 'tis paft feauenteene then? dooft thoujiat 
know numbers.canft thou not caft ? 
'Sty. Caft ? doft thou fpeake of my cafting ith' fticct ? J7rr. 

arp. I, and in the Market place. 

Sim, Club?jClubs,clubs. Simon runs in. 

Frtil, J, I knew by their Muffling Clubs would be Trumpe ; 
nalfe here's the Knauc , and lice can doe any good vppon 'cm : 

>. O villaine,thou haft opcnd a raioc in my leg. 

Pyb. How now.for fhame,fbr i1iatne,puc tp.put vp. 

Cip.Byyon blew Welkin, 'twas out of my part Ceorgt to 
bee hurt on the leg. Enter Officers. 

Pjt. Oh peace now I hauc a Cordiall here to comfort th cc^ 

pjfcDowncwicVem,downewithem,lay hands vpon tfcc 

Sty. Lay hands on me ? (villain* 

Pyb* He not befcenc among em DOW. 

C*p. Ime hurt,aud had more need haue Surgeon^ 
Lay hands vpon me then rough Officers. 

Off. Goc carry him to be drefl thai : 
This mutinous ScuJldier {hall along *i Ji me to priroH 

* Sk*r. To priron,whercY (j 

Off. Away vrith hem. ExtutwitbS\t\x> 

Pjt>. So, 

All lights as I would wifli,tnc amafcd widdow, 
Will plant me ftrongly now in hcv bclccfe, 
And wonder at the vertuq of my words : 
For the cuent turnes thofc prcfagc* from cm 
Of being mad aryd dumbc,and begets 107 
Mingled with admiration : thcfe cmptie creatures, 
Souldier and Cotporall were but ordaind, 
As inftcuments for me w worke ?pon, 
Novv to my paticntjhcrc's his potion. Exit Pyboord. 

Enter the IVidda* itlt her two 'Dtttgkters. 
Wi& O wondrous happineflc,beyond our thoughts i 
O iuckie faire euent, I tninkc our fortunes, 
Were bled c-n in our Cradles: we iretjuitted 
Of all thofc fhamefull violent prefaces, 
By this rafh bleeding chance ; goe Fra'/rt>ruR,indJknow, 
Whether he be yet liuing.ot yet dead, 
That here before my doorc rcceiuV his hurt. 

Fr*/. Madam^hee was carryedto the fuperiour,but if h^ had 
no money when hee came there, I warrant hee's dead by this 
time. Exit Frailrie, 

Francl^ Sure that man is a rare fortune-teller, neuer lookt 
vpon our hands, nor ypon any marks about vs, a wondrous fel 
low furclie. 

Moll. \ am gkd, I haue the rfe of my tongue yet : tho of no* 
thing elfe, 1 {hall finde the way to marry too,! hope {hortly. 

wM.O vyhcrc's my Brother fir GtJJfry , I would hee ver^ 
here,that I might i elate to him how prophetically, the ctinning, 
Gentleman fpoke in all thing*. 

Enter Sir Godfrey i 4 nig*. 

Sir G*df t O my Chaine,my Chaine , I hauc loft my Chaine, 
where b* thefe V ilUi n^Varicts? 
r/^.Oh;haj loft hi? Chaine. 
Sir Godf. My Chaine,rny chaine, 

Brother bc pAiient, kcare race fpeaie , Jou know 

I cold 


I told you that a cunning man told me,that you fliould haue a 
loflc.and he has prophicicd fo true. 

Sir Gdf t Out he's a villainc , to prophecy of the loflc of my 
chainc , twas worth aboue three hundred Crou ncs , befides 
twas my Fathers, my fathers fathers, my Grand-fathers huge 
grand- fathers? 1 had as liuc ha loft my Neck , as the chainc that 
hung about it ; O my chainc^tiy chainc. 

Wid. Oh broth cr,who can be againft a m'oTor tune , tis h appy 
twas no more. 

Sir Godf. No,morc ! O goodly godly fifler, would you had me 
loft more ? my beft gownc too,with the cloth of gold-lace ?my 
holiday Gafcoines,and my Icrkin fct with pearle ; no more? 

Wid. Oh,Brothcr lyou can readc. 

Sir Godf. But I cannot reade where my chaine is , what 
ftrangers hauc bccnc here ? you let in ftrangers / Thecues, and 
Catch-poles ; how comes it gonne? there was none aboue 
withmcc but my Taylor; and my Taylor will not -flctlcl 

M0/. No h c's afray de of a chaine! 

fitter Fr*jftj t 

Wid. How ROW firrah,thc newes? 

Fry. O Miftres>he may well be cald a Corporal! now,for his 
corpes are as dead as a cold Capons? 

id. More happineffe. 

Sir Godf. Sirrah, what*s this to my chtinc ? where'* my chaine 

Fry. Your chainc fir? 

Sir Godf. My chaine is loft villainc. 

Fr^r. I would hec were hang'd in chaines that has it then for 
me ? Alaflc fir, I faw none of your chainc, fince you were hung 
with it your felfe? 

Sir Gdf. Out varlet ? it had full three thoufand Linck >, 
I hauc oft told it ouer at my praiers: 
Oucr and oucr,full three thoufand Lincks. 

Fray 1. Had it fo fir : furc it cannot be loft then ; lie put you in 
that comfort. 

Sir Godf. Why why? 

Fry!. Why if your chainc had fo many Lincks , it cannot 



rr iw v 

cnnfc buc conic to light. 

Enter Nichtlrtt. 

Sir (jodf. Dclufion?now long Ntcholas wheres m 

,Afotf. Why about your Ncck,i(l noc fir. 

.5/r /*# Aboac my neck Varlct.My cbame i 
Tis ftole awayjme robd. 

AfHNay Brother /how your fclfc a man: 

A^. I if it be loft or ftole , if he vvouid be patient Miflrcs I 
could bring 101 to a Cunning Ktnfman of mine that would 
-&tcht againe with a Sefarzra, 

Sir godf. Caurt - hou?I will be paticnt,fay where dwells he? 

Afo.Marry he dwcls now Sir, where he would not dwell and 
he could chooicsi&iBBfe Marthalfca fir j buthce's an exlcnt fel 
low if he were out, hAtrauyld all the world ore , he,and becnc 
in the feauen and twenty Piouinces : why he would make it be 
fctcht Siriftwerc rid athoufand mile out of towne. 

Sir Godf.\n admirable fellow what lies he for. 

Nic. Why hcc Jid but rob a Steward often groats tothcr 
Night ,as any man vsould ha done,and there he lies fort. 

Sir Godf t l\c make his peace,a I rifle,!K- get his pardon,, 
Bcfidc a bountifull ieward,ile about it, 
But fee the CIcarkes.thc luftice will doe much; 
I will about it ftraight,good fifcr pardon me, . 
j All will be well I hope,and turnc to good, 
The nameof Coniurc r has laid ivy blood* Excrtnt, 

Enttr twoferiantr t arreft the Scholar 

George Pycboord. 

Pr .His HoftcfTc* where he lies will truft him no Ionger,fhe 
has feed me to arcft hioijand if you will accompany me t becaufe 
I know not of what Nature the Schollcr is , whether defpcratc 
or fwift, you {hall flmeVath mc.Scriant Rauc*-Ih*v>;i h :ue the 
good Angelltoarrefthim. 

Rtuen . Troth He take part with thee then, Sariant , hot for 
the fake of the mony fo much.asforthchatel beare toaSchol- 
ler.- why Seriant ti$ Naturall in TS you know to hate Senders; 
naturall bcfides,they will publifli our inipcrfc^iofll,Knaueryes, 
and Conuayancesvpon Scajfolds and &es. 

TE- I 

Put. land fpigiufullv to ; troth Ihauc wouaderd how the 
flaues could fee into ourtrcfts fo much, when our doublcrs arc 
buMpd with Pewter. 

K*txfH. I and fo clofe without yeelding ; oh thsir parlous fel- 
lo vs , they will icarch more with their wits then a Cunftablc 
with all his officers. 

FutfjWhil^whiftjwhift, Yeoman I^/^YeQinan Dogfon, 

J)j.Hi,what faies Sariant? 

Pftt. Is he in the Pothccaryes /hop ftil, ^if\ 

P*/.Hauc an eye,cye. 

Rouen. The bcft is Sariant if he be a true Schollcr he vreares 
no weapon I thinke. 

Pitt. No,no,he wearcs no weapon, 

Rsuitn . Maflc.I am right glad of that : *tas put me in better 
heart ; nay if I dutch him once jet me alone to dragc him if he 
be ft ifr-ncckcd ; I haue beeac one of the fixe ray felfc , that has 
dragd as tall men of their hands , when their weapons haue bin 
gone as eucr baftinadoed a Sariant I haue done I can tcl you. 

Dig. Sariant Puttock*, Sariant Pnttock*. 

Put. Hoh. 

2)<sg.Hees comming out fingle. 

P*r.Peace 3 peace bee notfij^recdy , let him play a little let 
him play a htlc , week ierke mm vp of a fudaine, I hifiiht iii 
my time. 

Rttun. I and caught many a foole Seriant. 


Tye. 1 parted now from Afafcttadie chayncs couch t, 
And the old Knight has fpent his rage vpont, 
The widdowe holds me in great Admira ion* 
For cunning Art : mongft ioyes I am 'ccn loft, 
for my deuice can no way now be croft, 
/ A nd n jw I muft toprifon to the captatne^and there 

*P#t.I arreft you fir. 

Pye. Oh I fpoke truer then I was a ware, I nauft to prifon 
indeed, tl 

P*t They fay your a fchollcr,nay firYeoman D^/S^haue 




care to his armcs* youlcraylc againe Sariants, andftagc'cm: 
yoUjtkkle their vices. 

Pyr.Nay vfe me like a GcntlemanJ'me little lefle. 

jp/tt.You a Gentleman ? thats a good left ifaithjcana Schol- 
ler be a Gentleman, ^ hen a Gentleman will not be a Schol- 
ler ; lookc vpon your vvclthy Citjzencs (onncs, whether they 
he Senders or no,thatarc Gentlemen by their fathers trades: 
a Scholler a Gentleman. 

Py*. Nay let Fortune driue all her flings into me, (lie can 
not hurt that in me , a Gentleman, is */iecitkns Inftperdile to 
my bloud. 

Ratten. A rablement,nay you (hall haue a bloudy rableraent; 
vpon you I warrant you. ' 

Pr.Goe,Ycoman !>/ before , and Enter the Action 'ah 

Tie. Pray do not hand me Cruellyjlc goe, Exet Dogfon. 
Whether you pleafc to haue rne, 

T^f.Oh hccs tame Jet him loofe feriane. 

P/*.Pray at whofc fute is this? 

P#r . W hy at your Hoftifies fuitc where you liCjMifters C*n- 
njbttrrew for bed and boord , the fomnK foure pound fme (hil 
lings and Hue pence. 

P/>. I know the' fommeto true,yet Ipccfumde, 
Vpon a farder daie; well tis my ftarres: 
And I muft bcare it now.tho ncuer harder. 
I fweare now,my deuice is croft indeed. 
Captain c muft licjbite :this is Deceytes feed. 

P^. Comc,comc away. 

P/r. Praygiuemcfo much time as to knit nay garter, and 
lie a way with you. 

P*f. Well we muft be paid for this waiting vpon you, this is 
no paynes to attend ih"u$7~ Making to tie his garter. 

Pyt.l am now wretched, and mifeiablc, I lna!l ncre rccoucr 
ofthi riifeafcrhot Yron gnaw theii fifts : they haue ftrucke 
a Feuer into my ihouldcr, \vhich I fhallii ere (hake out aj;en I 
feare me y till with a true HdttiCorfiu the Sexton remooue 
me , oh if I take prifon once I (hall bee preft co death with 
Actions, hue not Co h&ppy M fpcedilie ; perhaps I may bee 

E 4 forty 

' ' w?w r WVJT FT jfj jvjt 

THE, rr&lifilJ\C 

forty yearea prcfling till I be a thin old:nan, that looking 
through the graces,men may lookc through me ; all my meaacs 
is confounded, what fliail I doefhas my \vit i' rued me fo long, 
andnowgiuc methcflippc(IikcaTrayndfcruant)whcn I haue 
nioft need of 'cm:no dcuiceto keepemy poore carcafc frothcfc 
Pua ocks ? ycs^appines, haue I a paper about me now ? yes 
too,l : e tiie it, it may hit, Extremity ts Toucb-ftoicvnto *it t I,T. 
'Put. Sfoocl.ow many yards aic in chyGartcrs,that thou art 
fo lone a tying on them? come away fir. 

Tyl. Troth Scriant J protcft , you could neuerhatobkcme 
*t a worfe timc,for now at this inftant,f haue no lawfull picture 
about me. 

Put. Slid how ftull me come by our fcfs then. 

R*u. We mult haue fees Sirra. 

Pib. I could hawifht ifaith, that you had tooke me halfc a:i 
' howei hcitce for your owne fake , for I proteft if you had not 
croft me, I was going in great ioy toreceiue fiuc pound of a 
Gcntleman/or the Deuice of a Maske here, drawnc in this pa 
per but now,comc J muft be contcntcd,tis but fo much loft,and 
anfwcrablc to the reft of my fortunes. 

Put. Why how far hcrcc dwells that Gentleman? 

RAH. I,wcll laid feriam,tis good to caft about for mony. 

Put. Spcakc,ifitbenotfar 

P^.we arc but a little paft it the next ftreet behind vs. 

P^r.S'id wrhauc waited vpon you gvieuoudy already if youle 
fay youle be libcrall when you hate, giucvs double fees , and 
fpend upon's.why wcclc {how you that kindnes, and goe along 
with you to the Gentleman. 

Rtti. I well faid ftillferiam yrge that. 

Vyb. Troth if it will fuffke,it Sail be 'all among you , for my 
part lie not pocket a penny , my hortiffe fhall haue her foure 
pound fiue rhillings, and bate me the fiuc pence , and the other 
fcftecnc ftiillings lie fpend vpon you-. 

Rauinflj. Why now tHou art a good Schollcr. 
Put. An excellent Scholler Ifaith ; has proceeded rery well 
ilatc ; comC;Yvcele along with you. 




Scr. Whoknocksjwhotc ac doore ? we had need ot a Pciter. 

Pyb. A few friends hcie ? pray is the Gentleman your mai- 
ftcr within. 

Sfr. Yes, is your bufincfic to him ? 

Pjb. I,hc knows ir, whin he fee's me : 
I pi ay you haueyou forgot mee. 

Sfr. I by my tioth fii^Piay come ncere, He in and tell him of 
Tofc you to walkc here in the Gallery till he comes. 

Pjb. Wee will attend his worfhip, worfhip I thinke, for fo 
mucn the P fts at his doore fhould fignific , and the fairc corn- 
ming in , and the wicket , clfc I neither knew him nor his wor- 
fhip,but 'tis happineflc he is within dooi - es,what fo ere he bee, 
it' he be not too much a for mall Citizen,hecrnay doe me good: 
Scriant and Yeoman, how doe you like this houfe , ill not mod 
wholfomly plotted ? 

Ratten. Troth prifoner,an exceeding fine houfe. 

Py. Yet I wonder how hee fliould forget me , for he e nere 
knew mec : No matter, what is forgot in you will bee rcmcro- 
bre din your Maifter. 

A prirty comfortable roome this me thinkes : 
You haue no fuch roomes in pnfon now ? 

Put. Oh dog-holes toote, 

tyk Dog-holes indeed I can tell you 1 haue great hspc to 
blue my" Chamber here Aiordy , nay tnd dyctcoo, fur hce's 
the moft free-hartedft Gentleman where he takes ryou would 
little thinke it ? and what a fine Gallery weie here for mec to 
walke and ftudy,and make vcrfes, 

Pvt. O it ftands rcry pleafamly for a Scholicf. 


Vyb. Lookc what maps^nd pidtures,*nii dcuices,and things, 
netly delicately ? mafic here he comes, he fhould be a (jrcntle- 
man,I like his Beard well ; All happtneffc to your wotfliip. 
Gentle. You're kindly welcomed r. 
Put. A fimplc falutation. 

Kattc*. Maflc it fccmcs the Gentleman makes great iccouof 
f him. 

I haue the thing here for you fir. 


\. I befecch you conceale me fir,Imc vndone clfc, -^ I haue 
thcMaskc here for you fir, Lookcyoufir, I bcfcech your 
wotfhip firft to pardon my rudencflc , for my extrcamcs makcf 
IHCC boulder then 1 would bee j I am a poorc Gentleman and a 
, Schollcr , and now moit vnfoi tunately falnc into the fangs of 
vnmcrcifull officers , arrcftcd for debt , which tho fmall , I am- 
not able to compafle, by rcafon Ime dcftitutc of lands, money, 
and friends , io that if I fall into the hungrie fwallow of the 
prifon , J am like vttcrly to pcrifh , and' with fees and extortions 
bcpincht clcane to the bone : Now , if cncr pitty had imeveit 
in the bloud of a Gentleman , I bcfcech you vouchfafe but to 
fauour that meanes of my efcapc, which J hauc already thought 

Cjent. Ooc forward. 

Vut, I warrant he likes it rarely. 

Vjb. In the plundgc of my extremities, being giddy , and 
doubtfull what to doc*, atlait it was put into my labouring 
thoughts, to make happy vfc of tnispape/, and to blearc their 
vnlcttered eyes , I told them there was a Dcuicc for aMaske 
drawnciiit', and that (but for their intercept ion,) I was go 
ing to a Gentleman to iccciuc my rcwa*d for't : they greedy 
at this word, and hoping to make purchafcofmc, offered their 
attendarxee,to goc along with mee/my hap was to make boldc 
with your doorc Sir , which my thoughts fhowde mcc the moft 
fair eft and comfortable^ entrance, and I hope I hauc happened 
right , vpon yndcrttanding, and pitty : may it plcafc your good 
Worship then, but to vphoW my Deuice, which is to let one of 
your men put me out at back-doore , and I fhall bee bound to 
your worfliip for eucr. 
, Gent. By my troth an excellent deuice. 

Puftocl^ An excellent dciiicc hee fayes j hee likes it won 

Gent. A my faith I ncucr heard a b cttcr. 

RAu*nfh<tt> t Harke, hee fweares hee neuer heard a better, 

Put. O there s no talk c on'c , he cs an excellent Schollcr , and 

efpccially for aMaske. 


, i 


<7/f.GiuemeyourPAper,yourDcuicc; I was neuefbetter 
plcafdc in all my life : good wicte, biauc witte, finely rought, 
come in fir,and rcceiue your money fir. 

Py. He follow your good Worlhip, 
You heard how he likte it now ? 

P*/. Puh,wc knoyv hcc could not choofc but like it r goc thy 
wayes thou art a witty fine fellow ifaith , thou (halt diicourfc it 
to vs at Taucrnc anon wilt thou? 

Pyb I,I,that I will, lookcScriants here are Maps,and prit- 
tie .dooing in the mcane timc,f Ihall qui ckly hauc told 
out the money, you know. 

Put. Goe,goe little villaine,fctch thy chinck, I t^gin to loue 
theCjIlc be drunkcto night in thy company. 

P;. This Gentlemen I may well call a part 
Of my faluation,in thtfc earthly cuil$,i 
For hec has iau'd mee from three hungrie Dcui.'s, 

Exit George. 

Putteckj. Sirrah Scrlant , thefc Mappcs arc prittie painted 
things, but I could nrrc faiicic 'em yet ,!mecchinkes they're 
too biific , and full of Circles and Coniurations,they fay all the 
world s in one of them , but I could nerc findcthc Counter in 

R**e. I thinke (b : how could you findcit ? for you know it 
ftands behind the honfcs. 

Dogfox. Maflc thats tiue, then we muft looke ath' back-fide 
fort j Sfootc here's nothing. all's bare. 

3(4***. T warrant thce that ftands far the Counter , for you 
know there* a company of bare feilowes there. 

Put. Faith like enough $etiant ? I oeucr markt fo much J>e- 
fore? Sirrah Seriant , an^JFtoman, 1 (hould louc the fe Maps 
out a cryc now, if weeoduld fee rnen peepe out of doorc in 
em, oh wee might haue em in a morning to our Break e-faft 
fo finely, and ncrekneckc our heelcsto die ground a whole 
day for crn. 

Rxucn I m?.rry fir, Idc buyc one thn my felfe* 
But this t?'l-c is by the way,where fliaH's fup to night,, 
FiitcpouHd Mieiii' d, let's talkc of that, 


I haue a trick worth alt,you two (Tiall bearc him to'th Tauernc, 
whilft I goc clofc with hi s HcitilTc , and workc out of her, 1 
know (lice would bee glad of rhc fummcto finger moneyj bc- 
caufc fhce knowcs tis but a defperat debt , and full of hazard, 
what will you lay if I bring it to pafTc that theHoHilTcfhall 
bee contented with one halfc for all ; and wee to (hare tothcr; 
fift-fhil lings bullies. 

Put .Why I would call thec King of Seri4*ts t ia\d thou fliouMft 
be Chronicled in the Counter bookc for euer. 

/fa. Well put it to me, week make a Night on't yfaith. 
Dojr.Sfoote I thinkc he recciucs more money he (laics fo long. 

'Put . Hec tanies long indeed , may be I can tell vou vpon the 
good liking ont the Gentleman may proue more bountifull. 

3^ That would be rarc,wecle fearch him. 

Put. Nay be furc of it week fearch him ! and make him light 
ynough , 

Enttr tbf (jentlemt*. 

7(4. Oh here com the Gcntkman;by your kauc fir. 

(jen. God you god den fin, would you fpeake with me; 

Put. No,not with yoi* worftiip fir,only wee are bould to ftay 
for a friend of ours that went in with your woifliip. 

Gtn. Who ? notthe fcholler? 

Pitt. Yes e'en he and it pleafcyour worfliip? 

Gen. Did he make you (lay for him ? hoc did you wrong then 
why,I can a(Ture you hces gon aboue an houre agoc. 

-Rx. How? fir? 

gent. I pay d him his money,and my man told me he went out 
at back-dore. 

Put. Back-dore? 

gen. Why,whatsthematter. 

Pitt. He was our prifoner (ir,we did arreft him* 

Gen. what he was not? you the Shcrifrcs Officers you were 

to blame then, 

Why did you not make knovme to me as much: 

I rould hauekept him for you,] protcft 
He rcceiudc all of me in BrittMtm Qcld 

r engcance dog him with*t. 


t. Stbote has he guld vs fo. 
_r. Where 11. ail wee iup now Serieants ? 
Pf. Sup ^imon now,catc Porridge for a month ; 
Wcllf wee cannot impute it to any lackc of good-will in your 
Worfhip,- you did but as another would hauc done, twas our 
hard fortunes to miflethepurchafe,bucif cic wee clutch him 
againe ; che Counter Dial! charmehim. 
JRtHf*. 1 he hole iliall loite him. 
'Dog. Amen, Exenrt t 

(jCKt. SO, 

Vex out your Lungs without doores,! am proud, 

It was my hap to liclpc hi:r.,it fell fit, 

He went rot empt re uei\hcr for his wit ? 

Alafle poorc wretch,! couM not blame his brainc, 

Tolaboui hii dcliueric,to be free, 

From fheir vnpitrying fangs Ime glad it llood, 

Wiihjn my pov\ ci to doe a Schollci good. Zxit* 

Evtcr in the "Vrip>njn*etir.g George *ttd fitpt4iixt t 
George ccmming 

C*p. How now,whofc that ? what are you ? 

Pj& The fame that I fhould be C apt aine. 

C*j)t t giwgel>jc-6gor4)hQacti(jerc? why camft thou i 

P/^. On Captainc, I thought we (hould ncte ha laught agcn, 
ncuci ipcnt frolick hourc agcn 

C*ft. Why? why? 

V)0 i comming to prepare thee,and witli newc 
A s hcppy as thy quick deliuerie, 
Was tiac'd out by the fcat^arreftcd Capraine. 

fapt. Arrowed Geirge. 

P>^. Atrcftcd^cflcjgeflcjhow many Doggcs doc you thfokc 

Capt. Dogs, I fay ? I know not. 

P}0. Almort as many as (jeorgeStonc the Bcarc, 
Three at oncc,three at once. 

C*pt, How dicft thou /hake 'cm of then ? 

P The 

. The time is bufic,and calls vpon our vvitts, let itfufficc, 

Here I ftand farc,and leapt by mira.dc, 

Some other hourc fhall cell thcc ? when vvcclc ftccpc 

Our eyes in laughter : Captainc my deuicc 

Leanes to thy happinciTc, for ere the day 

Be fpeut tovh' Girdle, tliou fhalt be let free, 

The Corporal's in his firlt flcepc. the Chainc is miir, 

Thy Kinurjan has exprcft thec,and the old Knight 

With Palicy-hams now labours thy releafc, 

What rcfls,is all in thec, to Coniurc Captame. 

*pr. Coniure: ifootcGforgf you know the deuill a coniu- 

ring '. can conjure. 
P/^.The Deuill of coniuring,nay by my fay, Ide not haue thcc 

dolomuch Capcaineas the Deuill a coniuring: lookchcrc,! 

ha biought thec a cirdc ready character d and all. 

Capt. Sfoote Gwjr*,art in thy right wittcs,dcoft know what 
thou laift? why dooft tahcc to a Captainc,a coniuring,didft thou 
euer heai c of a Capiaine coniurc in thy life, dooft caft a Cirde, 
tistcowide t thing my thinkcs :had iri)rtnca leflcr Cirdc, 
then I knew what to haue done. 

P/^.Why eucry foole knovvcs that Captain^ : nay then He not 
cogge u itn you Captainc , if youlc flay and hang the next Stilt 
ons you may. 

C*pt. No by my faith Georgt, ceme, come,le to coniuring, 

P/. But if you looke to be releafd , as my wittcs haue tookc 
paine to woike it, and aJJ m cants wrought to farther it, betides 
to put crownes in your puife,to make you a man of better hopes, 
and where as btfore you were a Captainc orpooreSouldier,t< 
make yon now a Commander of rich fooles,(which is truly the 
ondy be ft purchafe peace can allow you) fafcr then Hig-wayes, 
Hcath,or Cunny-groues^nd yet afairc becter b/x>tic ; tor your 
greatefl theeues are neuer hangd, neuer hangd, for why they're 
wife, and cheatcw ithindoores, and wee geld fooles of more 
money in one night, then your falfc tailde Gelding will 1 pur- 
chtfe in a tvi elue-moneths running , which confirmes the oldt 
Beldams faying,hee' wifeft,that kecpcs himfelfc warmeft,that 
is, hcc that .' obs by t good fire. 

C*pt. Well opened yfaith (?**, thou haft puld that fayifig 
out of the huske. 

P/. Captainc Ato ,tis no time now to delude or de!ay,the old 
Knight will be here tuddcnlyjlcpcifc&you, dire you, till you 
the trick on'titis nothing. 

* C*pt. Sfoote Gcorge,\ know not what to fay toot, coniuie > I 
{hall be hangd crc I coniurc. 

/>;. Nay tell not me of chat Captainc, youlc nerc coniurc after 
your hangd,l warrant you lookcyou fir, a parlous matter? fure, 
firft to fpred your circle vpon the ground,thcn with a little con- 
iuritig lie hauc an Hackney-mans wand (ilucrd ore 
apurpole for you,thcn arriuing in the circle, with a huge word, 
and a grea: trample, as for inftauce : haue you neucr fecne a ftal- 
king-ltamping Player, that will raife a tempcft with his toung, 
and thunder with his hcelcs ? 
C*J>. O jres,ycs,ycs : often,ofcen. 

Pyt>. Why be like fuch a one,for any thing will blearc the old 
Knights eyes, for you muftnotc that heele ncrc dare toyenturc 
into the rooinCjonely perhaps peepe fearerully through the Key fee how the Play goes forward. 

Orpr. Well J may goc about it when I will , but marke the end 
ontjlfhallbut/hamcmyfclfe ifaith Gwj*,fpeakc big wordy, 
andftarnpeandtttre.andhelookeinat Key-holc, why the very 
thought of that would make me laugh ut-right,and fpoilc all, 
nay Itc tell the? <y* 0r*,when I apprehend a thing once, I am of 
fuch a laxariue laughter, that if the Deuill him-felfe ftood by, I 
fhould laugh in his face. 

Pyb. Puh , thats but the* babe of a man, and may eafily bee 
fcuflitjas to thinke vpon (bmedifaftcr ,fomc fad misfortune, as 
the death of thy Father ithcCountiy! 

G;>. Sfoore that would be the more to driuc me into fuch an 
cxtafie,that I fhould nere lin laughing. 
Pib. Why then thinke vpon going to hanging elfe. 
C<*/>.Ma{Te that's well Tcmcmbred, now ilc do well I warnnc 
thce,nere fearc me now : but how fliall I do (jcorge for boyftc- 
rous words,and horrible names. 

*?;. Puh,any fuftian inuocations Captainc will fcruc as well 

asthebcll,foyou rant them out well,oryoumay goc to a Po- 

thecarics fliop ; and take all the words from the Boxes. 

L_ F 2 


C*p. Trotaandycuiay erue&ffp, there's (tange word* 

'o^:oriircahur^,vdQuack.ialuer$ , cho they be acre To 
pocjrc when they begin? but here lycschcfearc on't,howin 
this ta'ic conmuuon a true Oeuill fhouJd pop rp indeed. 

tyh A true Dcail!.Captairfc,why there was nerc fuch'aonc 
nay tttth face thac has this place, is as falie a Knaue >s OLI JafJ 

Capt. Thai bees falfe inough a confc'tcnce i faith g urge. 


. Good Ccnclemen oucr the way. fend ycir 

Good Gentlemen oucr the way,- -Good fir Godfrcr* 

Pr Kee^ comc,liec3 come. 

^V>VA.Maifter,thars my Kinfman yonder in the Buff-Icrkin __ 
Kini;nan,thats my Maiftcr yonder ith* TarTetie Hatt pray (a- 
lute him mtirdy? . Thtjf/UMtc:aAVy-booid 

Sir God. Xo w my friend. Mvftcr Edmond. 

P;A h4ay I pcrtake your name fir e 

<i. My name is Maiftcr Ldm*H&, 

Pri>. Maiiter dmond t are you not & Wclchrnan fir ? 

EAm A Welfliman, why ? 

P/& Becaufe Maittcr is yourChrifter. name, 
you i fir name f 

Edm, O no ; I haue mote names at home , MaiRer 
'Plusjs my full name at length. 

Pib. O eric you mercy fir ? Whijpcring. 

Cap. Ivnderftand chat you aremyKinfmans^ood Maiflcr, 
and ii regard of that t thc bcft of my kil! is at your fcruice: but 
had you f ortunde a meere Granger , and made no mcancs to me 
by acquaintance , I Should hauevtteily denyed to haue beene 
thema-i ; both by reafon of the A& paft in Parliament againft 
Coniurers and VVitches, as alfo, bccaufc I would not haue my 
Ate vulgar, trite.and common. 

Sir Gdf I much commend your care therein good Captaine 
Comurer, and thac I .vill be fire to naue it priuate enough, ycu 
i3i d! doote in my Sifters rroufe , mine ewne houfel may call 
ito^o; both our charges therein art proportiond r 

&y good fir- what may I call your lofle fij ? 

*> (jodf. O you may caii't great lofle fir , a grieuous Jcfle 
fir, as goodly aChamcof geld, thol fay k, that wore it: how 
isueft thou NichoLtf ? 

Nich.O 'twas as deliciatK a Chaine a Gold,Klnfman you 

Sir Ood, You know ? dU you know't Captains ? 

C\tpt. ~\ ruti a took \\ith fccrcts ? Sir hcc may Ay I know : 
fcis meaning is,becaufe my Aite is iu< h, that by IE I may gather 
a knowledge of ail things. - 

Sir Gcdf.lvcry true. 

Caft. A pax of all foolcs~ the excufe flucke ypon my 
toung like Snip-pitch vpon a Mariners gownc , not to come off 
in halt - ber-]ady Knight to loofe fuch a fairc Chaii^ a gold> 
vs'cie a foulc loiic ; Well , I can put you in this good comforc 
on'c, if it bse bctwccne Heaucn aad Earth Knight .lie ha's for 
you . J f 

StrGed, /Wonderful! Coniurcr,- O J^isbctweenehea- 
ucn and earth I wairaut you 3 it cannot goe out of therealme, 
I know tis (bine- v here abouc die earth ? 

C/ift. Inighcrtheeuththenthou wotRon. 

Str Codf. hor firft my Chaine was rich,and no rich thing (hall 
enter into hcauen you know ? 

Nieh. And a, for the Deutll Maiftcr, he has no need on*t, for 
you know he ha's a great chaine of his ovvne^ 

S*K Cedf. Thou faicft true Nicholas , but hec has put off that 
flow/. hat 'yes by him. 

Cftft. Faitn Knight in few wordes, I prefumc fo much vpon 
the power of my Vt; that I could warrant your Chaine againe. 

S/'r Godf. O da:nt ; e aptainc ? 

C ty. Marry it will coft me much fweate,] were better gpe to 
fixfccnc vvhot-houfcs. 

Sir Godf. I good man,! warrant thee. 

Caf.t . Bcfide great vexation of Kidney and Liuerj 
Nich. O rwill nckle you i.erc-abouts Coozcn , becau/c you 
hauc not beenc vfdc toot. 

Sir Cjodf. No,haue you not beene vfd too't Captainc ? 

lj *- indeed Knight I hauc not 

T ff 

vfde it a good while, and therefore twill ftraine me fo much the 
mo re you know. 

Sir Godf. Oh it will. 

Cap. What plunges hccputtmc to , were not this Knight a 
foolc,! had beenetwiccfpoyld novv;that Captaynes worfc then 
accuift that has an aflcto his Kinfman Sfoote 1 fcarc hcc will 
driucll't out before Icometoote. Now lir - to conic to 
the poynt in decdc you fee 1 fticke here inihc iaw<of the 
Mar/halfea^nd cannot doo't. 

Sir Godf.Tut tut I now thy meaning^hou wouldft fay thou'rt 
a prifoner,! cell thec thou'rt none. 

low none ? why is not this the Marfhialfea? 

Sir Godf, woult heare me fpeakc,! hard of thy rare cuniuring 
My chaync was loft,I fweatc for thy releafc, 
As thou (halt doc the like at home for me, 
Keeper. Enter Keeper. 

K*p. Sir. 

Sir G<wf/.Speake is not this man free? 

Keep Yes at his plealurc fir^hc fee's difchargd; 

Sir Go^.Goe,gc,Ilc difchargc them 1. 

Keep.l thanke yomswor/hip' Exet Keeper. 

C*p- Now truft me yar a dccre Knight 'kindncs vnc xpc&ed, 
oh theirs nothing to a free Gentle man. .1 will cuniurc for you 
fa. till Froath come through my BufFe-icrkin? 

Sir Godf. Nay then thou fhalt not paflc with fo little aboun- 
ty,for at the firft fight of ray chainc agen, Forty fine Angells 
{hall appeare vnto thce. 

Cty.Twil be t glorious fliowc,ifaith Knight a Very fine (how, 
but arc all thefc of your ownc houfc ? arc you Cure of that fir? 

Sir Godf ]J,no,no,v\ hats he youndcr ? talking with my wild 
Nephcw,pray heaucn,hegtue him good counfcli; 

Cty.Who he hec'i a rare friend ofminc,an admirable fellow 
Knight,the fincft fortune-teller. 

Sir Godf. Oh tis he indeed that came to my Lady fifter,& fore 
told the lofle oFmy chaine,! am not angry with him now , for I 
fee t was my fortune to Joofc it;by your leaue M.Fortune-tclJer, 
I had a glinips on you at home at ray Sifters the Widdowc*, 
there you prouified of the loflc of a chainc, fimply tho I ftand 


_^_, i 

THE WRiTJimi trf&DOtr. 

here I was he that lofi it. 
P;>. Was it you fir? 

Ed*>. Amy troth Nunckle , hee's the rareft fellow , has told 
me my fortune' fo right ; I find it fo right to my nature. 
Str Go4f. What ift?God fend it a good one? 
Edm. O tis a pilTmg good one , Nunclc ! for he (ayes I /hali 
prouciuch an cxcelent gamllcrin my time,that Ifaall ipcnd al 
falter then my father got ir, 

S/r Godf. fhcrc's a fortune in deed, 
Edm. Nay it hits my humour fo pat. 
Sir Godf.i that will be the end ont.will the Curfe of the beg 
gar preuailc i b much, that the fonne (hall confumc that foclifn- 
lie,which the father gotjCraftilieJjIJjtwilljtwilljtvvill. 

P/>.Stay,(tay,ilay . Pyeboord with an Almanack^ 

Cip. turnc ouer Gfergf. *nd the C^ptaine. 

"Pie.ltcne /Jw/^hcre Ittlte thats this month , Sunday thirccenc, 
yefrer dayfbrtecne,todayfifcecne. 

kp, Looke quickly for the fiftecne day, if within the com - 
paflcof thcfetwo dayc* there would bcfomc Boyftrousitormc 
or other , it would b the bcft , Ide defer him off till then , fomc 

it be thy will? 

Hcrcs thcfifcecne day hot and ftyrc. 
uid t'ad becne hot and foule. 

P/<r. Tiic fixtc cnc day, thats to morrow, the morning for the 
moftpartfau-e andpleafant. 
^4j?.No luckc. 

Pie But about hyc-nonelighning and thunder. 
C*p. Lighning and thundc^admirablcibell of alljle coniure 
to morrow iufi at hie none George, 

P^r.Happen but tructo morrow Almanack, and ile glue thec 
Jeaue to lie all the ycarc after. 

dp. fir I muft crauc your patience, to beftowe this day vpon 
me, that I may furnifti my felfe ftrongly, Ifentafpiritinto 
Lanckifliirc tother day , to fetch backe a knauc Droucr , and I 
looJce. for his returnc this cuening to morrow morning my 
. friend here an d J wil 1 come and breake-faft with you. 
Sir G<7^/.Oh you fhall be both moft welcome. 
C*P* And about Noonc without fayle,! purpofe to coniure. 

Sir Cjdf t Mid noone will be a fine time for you. 
dm. Coniui itig , do you mear.c to coniurc at our houf 

. Ma'ry do I fir?tis my intent yong Gentlenurv 
.By^iiy troth,llc louc you while J liucfort,o rare, 
olas wcfhall hyuc coniuringto morrowc, 
/W.Puh J,I could ha tould you of that. 
Crp. Law hce cou!d ha told him of that, foole, cockfcombc 
ould yee . 

Edm Do you heare rne lir,I dcfirc more acquaintance on you, 
you (hall came fomt money of me , now I knowe you can coa- 
iurc,but can you fetch any that it loft? 
Cyr.Oh any thing thats loft. 

Edm. Whvlookcyou fir, I tcl't younafrend and a Con- 
iurerj/hould marry aPoticaricsdaughterandtwdstoldmcdie 
loft her maidenhead at StomeJh-atford; now if youle db but ib 
much af coniurc fort, and make all whole agcn. 
CM That I will fir. 
<u.By my troth I th anke you la, 
C^p.A fide merry with your fiftcrs fonnc fir. 
5ir GoJf.Qh a fimple yong man,very fimplc, come Captain^ 
and you nr,weelc ceo pare with agaUonofwine till to mor- 

Ttp.Cap.Troth tgrced fir. 
Afo.Kinfman- Schollcr? 

Vje . Why now thou art a good 'Knauc , worth a hundred 

tiic. Am I indeed la : I thanke you truely la. x***ti 

'Aftm. 4. 

Enter Mo\l/ut<i Str lohn Penny^Jub. 
fenne. But ! hope you will not fcrue a Knight foKUentlewo- 
mtn will caftiecrc him.and caft him oft at your pleafure ; 
what do yoMthiukel \fvas dubd for nothing, no by my faith 
Ladies daughter. 

OH<?//.Pray Sir Toh Ven*jM>, let it be dercrd awhile, I haue 
as bigge a heart to marry as you can hiiw j but as the ForturiC- 

i ax a th Fortune-teller, W>u!d Vtrcck* had beene 




his for tone feauen yeare agoe, to crofle nay loue thus : did hee 
know what cafe 1 was in , why this is able :o make a man 
drowne hirafelfe in's Fathers fifh-pond. 

jftoll. And then hee told mee more-oucr Sir lohn , that the 
breach of ie, kept my Father in Purgatorie. 

Penny. In Purgatorie ? why let him purge out his heart ther<r, 
what haue we to do with that ? there's Phiiitions enow there to 
cafthis water,is that any matter to vs :how can hee hinder our 
loue.why let him bechangd nowhee's dead ? - Well', haue I 
rid poft e day and night,to bring you merry ncwes of my fathers 
death.and now 

Moll. Thy Fathers death ? is the old Farmer dead ? 

Penny. As dead as his Barnc doore Moll. 

Moll, And you'le keepc your word with mee now, Sir Irian. 
that I ihall haue my Coach and my Coach-man ? 

Penny. I faith. 

Mod. Andtwo white Horfcs with black Fcthcrs to draw it ? 

Penny. Too, 

Moll. A guarded Lackey to run bcfor't, and pycd liucrics to 
come trafliing after't. 

MoU. And to let me haue money in my purfc to go whether 
Penny. All this. (I Will. 

MH. Then come, what fo ere comes on't , weelc bee made 
furc together before th c Maides a'thc Kitchin. Exeunt, 

Snter Wtddowjvith her cldcft DMfkter 

Franck and Frailtic. 

WtA. How now ? whcrc's my Brother Sir Godfrey ? went hee 
forth this morning ? 

Frail. O no Madamc,hec'$ abouc at brcake-faft,whhfirrcuc- 
rcncc a Coniurer. 

wiA. A Coniurer ? what manner a fellow is he ? 
Frail. Oh,a wondrous raie fellow Miftris,very ftrongly made 
Vpward,!-br he goes in a BufT-icrkin : he fayes hee will fetch Sir 
Godfreys Chaine agen.ifit hang bctwecnchcaucn and earth. 

Wtd. What he will not? then I ice's an exlcnt fellow I warrant, 
how happy. wcrr that woman to be blcft with fuch a Husband, 
a man a cunning ? how do s hcc lookc Froi/tit : f cry fwartlie I 

C warrant 


warrant, with black beard, fcorchtclieekcs,- and fmokiceye, 

Fr*/7. Fooh-~hec's neither fmoake-dryed , nor fcorcht , nor 
black,nor nothing,! tell you Madame, hcc lookcs as fairc to fee 
to,as oneofvs ; I do not think* but if you faw him oncc,youde 
take him to be a Chriftiaa. 

fairc, and yet fo cunning, that's to bee wonderd at 

Enter Sir Oliuer Muck-hilJ, and Sir 

Jlfttck. Bleflc you f we etc Lady. 
Tip, And you fairc Miftriflc. Exit Frailtic. 

Wid. Coadcs ? what doe you nieanc Gentlemen ? fie , did I 
not giue you your anfwercs ? 
UWw^. S we etc Lady ? 

Wid. Well,! will not iHck with you now for a kUTc, 
Daughter kuTe the Gentleman for once. 
Frank^ Yes forfooth. Tip . Ime proud of fuch a fauour. 
Wid, Truly la,fir O liner , y'arc much to blame to come agen, 
when you knowmyminde,fowclldcliucrd as aWiddow 
could deliuer a thing. 

Afttck. But I expect a farther comfort Lady. 
ffi^.Why la you now,did I not defirc you to put ofFyour fate 
quite & cleane,when you came to me againe, how fay you, did 
JWWc.But thefincerc louc which my heart bearcs you. (1 not. 
Wid. Go to,ilc cut you oftj& Sir Oliuer to put you in comfort 
a farre off,my fortune is read me,I mui^ marry againe. 
Muck O blcft fortune ! 

TTfe/.But not as long as I can choofc; nay lie hold outsell. 
MHC. Yet arc my h opes now fairer, Snter Frailtie. 
Fr/til OMadam,Madam. 

Wid. How now,yvhat's the ha(l ? I her tare. 

Tip]}. Faith Miftrifle Francis Ilemaincainc you gallanrly , He 
bring you to Court.wcane you among the fairc fociety of ladies 
poorc Kinfvvome of mine in cloth of iilucr a bcfide you Jhal hauc 
your Monckic,your Parrat,yout Muskat,& your puTe,pue,piirc. 
Frtvtk^ It will do very well. 

What dos he mcanc to coniure here thePhow ffial I do to 


bcc rid of thefe Knights, pleafe you Gentlemen to walke a 
while ith Garden, go gacher a pinck.or a lilly-flower. 
Both. With all our hearts Lady, and count v$ fauourd? Exit. 
S/.Go. Step in Nichelas^ockcjs the coaft clearc. within Sir Go. 
Nic. Oh,as clearc as a Cattcs ey e,fir. 
S/rGu.Then enter CaptaincConiurer? now how like you 
your Roome fir? Enter Sir Godf. Capt.Pyb.Edm.Nick. 

Cap. O wondei full conuenicnt. 

Edtn. I can tell you Captainc , fimplie tho it lies here , ti* the 
fayreft Roomcin my Mothers houfc,as dainty t Roome to 
Coniure in,mec thinkcs, why you may bidde , I cannot tell 
how many diuills welcome in't j my Father has had twentic 
x here at once! 

Pie. What diuills? 

<&*. Diaills,no Deputies^ the vrelthiefl men he could get. 

Sir God. Nay put by your chattcs now, fall to your bufinefle 
roundly , the feskcwc of the Diall is vpon the Chriffe-croflc of 
Noone , but oh : hcarc mcc Captaine , a qualme comes ore ray 

C^tp. Why, what's the matter fir? 
Sir Godf. Oh,how if the diuill Hiould prove a knatte,and tcarc 
the hangings. 

Grp, Fuh,T warrant you Sir Godfrey: 

JLdm. IjNunde,or fpit fire vpp'oth feeling! 

Sir Godf. Very true too, for tis but thin playftcrd , and twill 
quickly take bold a the laths, and if hee chance to fpit downc- 
ward-too,hc will burn e all the boords. 

Cap. My life for yours Sir Godfrey? 

Sir Cjodf. My Sifter is very curious & dainty ore this Roome 
I can tell and therefore if he muft needes fpit, I pray defirc him 
to fpit ith Chimney. 

Pie. Why affure you Sir Godfrey,he fhall not be brought vp^ 
with fo little manners to fpit and Ipaulea'th flower. 

Sir G*df. Why I thanke you gobd Captaine,pray hauc a care 
I,fall to your Circle,weclc not trouble you I warrant you, come, 
wecle in to the next Rcomc , & becaufe wecle be furc to kcepc 
him out there, wcclc bar vp the dore with fomc of the Godlics 
zealous workcs. 


r/7! PrRl 

<tm. That will bcca fine deuice Nunclc, and becaufetne 
ground fliall be as holy as :hc doore, lie tcarc two or three ro- 
iarics in peiccs , and ftrew the leaucs about the Chamber ? oh 
the dcuill aheady, runs in Tku/.d:rs\ 

Pj- Srbote Captaine fpeakc fomwhat for ftiamejit lightens & 
thunders before ihou wilt begin.why when ? 

C*p. P*ay peace George > thou'lt make mcc laugh anon; 

Pie. Oil now it begins agcn,novv,now?now?Captaine? 

Cap. Ru*;ltas--r*id*yonjur$urfolt:cundrhn) Hoit-. P/W/. 

Sir Gotf. Oh admi rablc Coniurei?hs Sir Cjodf,- C y through 
fctcht Thunder already: the key hotrttvi thin. 

P e. Harkc harkc agei: Capcainc? 

Cap . Bemaminojg ifpofsk* ygofgotljottror^tf^ brois. 

Sir Godf t Oh , I would the dcuill \vould come away quickfte^ 
he has no confidence co put a mail to fuch painc? 

P/>. Agcn! 

Cap. Flwfte K*kpftmpot dr Agent Ltlocmtxot-hedge 


Sir Gotf. So long a comming ? oh wo'ild I had ner bcgun't 

now,for I fearc mec thclc roaring tempefts , will deft; oy all the 

fruites of thecarth,and tread rpon my cornc oh , ith Country. 

Cap. G&g fagog, hob^oblint kuckt,bo*flow, hockey te coome 

/. O brother , brother , what a tcmpcfts ith, Garden , fure 
there's fome coniuration abroad. 

Sir Godf. Tis at home fitter! 

Pfe t By and by,Ilc ftcp in ? Captaine? 

Cap. Nunck^.N'Mnckz-RiV'-GtjcoiinetJpif, Drip~Drapite. 

Sir G^.Hce drippcs and droppcs poorc man ? aiaflc , alafle. 

P/>, Now I come? 

Cap. O Sxlphvrt Sottefice ' 

P/r Arch-coniurcr,\vhat wouldft thouvvith me? 

SirGodf. O thediuillfifier,itb dynirig Chambef,/ing Sirtcr 
Ivvarrantyovithat willkeepc hinrout^quicklyjquicklyiquickly. 

goes *** 

&e. So. fo , fo , lie rclealc Uiec , ynouh Captaine , ynough, 

allowevsfoiTJctimetolaughe a little, they're fhuddering and 
ing by this time, as it aaEiarth-quakc were in their kul- 


Cap. Sirrah George , how w.tft , how wall, did I doo't well 

Pie. woult bclecuc mcc Captaine , better then any Ccniurcr, 
for here was no harme in this, and yet their ho'iiblc cxpcitati- 
on fit i fried wcll,you were much beholding to thunder fielighc- 
ning at this time it gracfi you well I csn tell you? 

4P.I murt nce'dcs iHy fo Georg:* firraK if wee could ha con- 
uoidchcthcr cleanly a cracker ciafuc-Tvhcclct'ad bccnc ad 

Pit. Blurt , blurt theirs nothing rcrrialnes to put thcc to painc 
new Captaine. 

C*p. Paine ? I prcteft Cj forge my heclcs arc fbrcr,thcn a Whit- 
fonMorrif- dancer. 

Pie. All's paft now , oncly to reucalc that the chaincsitfv 
Garden where tliou knowft it has bine thcic two daic. 

fop. But I fcarc thnt fox Nicholas has rcucald it already? 

'Pie, Fcare not Captaine , you mull put it to'th venture now ! 
Nay tis time, call vpon c'm , take pitty on c'm , for I belccue 
Tome oft' 'em arc in a pittifull cafe by this time. 

Cap. Sir (jodf ey ? Wtcho/as,K\n(nun-~ Sfoot they tfaft at it ftili 
Cfeorge&r Qodfreyl 

Sir Codf. Oh, is that the diuils voycc? how coracs hs to know 
my name. 

fop. Feare not Sir Godfrey all's quieted. 

Sir Godf. What is he layd? 

fy, Layde;and hasnevrly dropt, 
Your chainc ith Garden. 

Sir Godf , Jr ri Garden ! in our Garden? 

Cap. Your Garden? 

Sir Godf, O fwecte Coniurcr ? where about s there? 

Cap. Looke-wcll aboyt a banck of Rofcmary. 

S/r Godf. Sifter the Rofcmary ban ck, come, come , thcr's my 
chainc he faies. 

id. Oh happinefle^tinjrun. foppoftd togoe. 

. Captaine Coniurcr ? kfjhotlt. * 

G 3 Op. 

CVtf.Who ? Maiftcr EdmonA. 

Edm. I Maiftcr^wW may I cornc in fafcly,wiihout danger 

Cap. t-uh,Iong agoutis all,as twasatfirft. 
Fcarc nothing.pray come nccrc -how now ? man. 

<.Oh this Roomcs mightily hot ifaith, flid my fliirt flicks 
to njy Belly already , what a fteamc the Rogue has left be hind 
him'foh this roomc muft beayrd GcntJcrncn it fmclls horribly 
of Brimltoonc lets open the windowcs. 

Pje Faith maiftcr Eamond tis but your conceite, 

Edm. 1 would you could make me beleeue that ifaith why 
do you thinke 1 cannot fmell his fauour/rom another :yct I take 
it kindly from you , becaufe you would not put me in a feare 
ifaith,a my troth I flhal loue you for this the logeftday of raylife. 

C.Puh,tij nothing f.r,l ouc me when you Ice more. 

Edm . Mafic now 1 remember He looke whether he has iln- 
ged the hangings or no. 

/>/;. Captain c,to entertain e a litlc {port till they come ; make 
him belecue, youle^charme him inui(iblc,hes apt to admire any 
thing you fee let me alone to giue force coo'cc. 

G>.goe,retire,to yonder end then. 

Edm. I protefi you are a rare fcllowc,arc you not, 

Cap . O maiAer Edmond y you know but the leaA part of me 
yct,why now at this inftant I could but florifh my wand thrice 
ore your hcad,and charme you inuifib'.c. 

<iw.VVhat you could not ? make me walkc inuifible man ; I 
fliould laugh at that ifaitb , troth ile requite your kindncs and 
youlc doo'c.good Captainc coniurer. 

Cap. Nay I fhould hardly deny you fuch a fmall kindnefle 
Matter Sdmond P/*/,why lookc you hr tis no more but this^nd 
thus and agcn,andnowyarinuUible! 

Edm' Am I ifaith, who would tbinke it. 
C4/>.You fee the fortune-teller yonder at farder end ath cham 
ber goc toward him, do what you will with him he fliallnerc 

EJm.Say you fo.ilc trie that ifaith,.-' Itytlts mm. 

Pi.-.How now?Captaine, whofc that iuftlcd me? 

O/>.IufUcd yo.u ? I faw no body. 

<&.Ha,ha,ha r fty twas a fpirit, 

Cap. Shall I ? - may be fomc fpirit that haunts the circle. 

Vje. O my nofejagcn, pray coniurc then Captaine. 

Pnls him by the Nofe t 

Edm. Troth this is cxlcnt,! may Jo any knaucry now and nc- 
ucr be feene, - and now I remember mcc, Sir <jodfre} my Vnclc 
abufdc me tothcr day,& told tales of me to my Mother Troth 
now Jme inuifible,ile hit him a found whcrrit ath' eare,whcn he 
comes out ath' garden, I may be rcucngd on him now finely. 

Enttr Str Godfrey,Widdow, Franck, Nicholas 

with the Chainc. 
Sir God. I haue my Chainc againe,my Chainc's found againe; 

f vvecte Capt amc,O admirable Coniurcr. E&m.ftrikts him. 
Oh ^/hat meanc you by that Nephew ? 

dm. Nephew ? I hope you do not know mce Vnclc ? 

WM/; Why didyouftrikc your Vncle fir ? 

Edm. Why Captainc am I not inuifiblc ? 

Capt. A good icft Cjtorge^ not now yoil arc not Sir, 
Why did you not Tec me when I did vn charmc you ? 

dtn. Not I by my troth Captaine : 
Then pray you pardon mcc Vncle, 

1 thought Idc bcene inuHible when I fti'uck you. 

Sir Godf t So,you would doo't ? go, y'arc a foolifh Boy, 
And were I not ore-come with greater ioy, 
Idc make you tafte correction. 

^,Corre6"tion,pufh no,ncither you nor my Mother Hi all 
thinketo whip me as you haue done. 

Sir (jodf. Captainc my ioy is fuch.I know not how to thankc^ 
you,let me embrace you, hug you, O my fwccte Chaine, G!ad- 
neflc 'ccn makes mcc giddy , r/irc man : twas as mft ith* Rofc- 
maric banck . as if one (hould ha hide it there oh cunning, 
cunning ! 

Wd. Well,fceing my fortune tels mcc I muft mtrry ; let me 
marry a man of witte . a man of parts , here's a worthy Cap-- 
taine , and 'tis a fine Title truciy la to bee a Captaines Wife , a 
Captaincs Wife, it goes very finely, befidc all the world knows 
that a worthy Capiainc,is a fittc Companion to any Lord, 



then why not a fwccte bed-fellow for any Lady, Uchaue 


Enter Frail tie. 

Frail. O Miftris, Gentlemen, there's the braucft fight com* 
ming along this way. 

Wid. What brauc fight? 
s F;<tt.Oh,one going to burying,& another going to hanging. 

Wtd. A ruefull fight. 

Pj Sfcot Csptaine,Ile pawne my life the Corporals coffind, 
and old Skirmfo the fouldier going to execution^ 'tis now full 
about the time of his walking; hold out a little longer flcepic 
potion,and vrc Hhall hauc cxlcnt admiration ; for lie take vpon 
me the cure of him. 

Enter the Coffin of the firptraH, thefouldter bounded 
lead by Officers; he Sher.ffe there. 

Frail. Oh here they come, here they come f 

tyb. Now muft I clofc fecretly with the Souldicr,prcucnt his 
impaticncc.oi clfc all's difcouercd ? 

Wid. O lamentable feeing, thefc were thofc Brothers, that 
fought and bled before cur doore. 

Sir gedf. What they v.-eie not Sifter ? 

Ski m Grorgr,lookc toote,Ile peach atTyburne elfe. 

Px/'. Mum, Gentles all, rouchfafcmce audience, and you 
efpccially Maiflcr ShirifFc : 
Yon man is bound to execution, 
Bccaufc he wounded this that now lyes coffind ? 

Shir. True,truc,hc fhall hauc the ltw-tnd I know the law? 

P/^. But vndcr fauour Maiftcr ShcriflFe,tf this rna'n bad^xrcnc 
*urcd and fafc agcn,he fliould hauc becne relca'fde then ? 

Shir. Why make you queftion of that Sir ? 

P^.Thenl rclcafc him freely, and will take vpon mce the 
death that he fliould dyc,if within a little feafon, I do not cure 
him to his proper health agen. 

SA/r. How Sir ? rccouer a dead man ? 
That were molt ftrange of all. Franke comes to him. 

Fr^Swcetc Sir,I louc you dcercly,and could wifli my bcft 
part yours, oh do not vndertake fuch an irnpoifible venture. 
\ Loe you roc ; thcu for your f yyett fake lie doo't : 


Let me entreatcthe corps to befet downc a 

Shir, Bearers fct downc the CoiHn, this were wonderful], 
and worthy Stoes Chronicle. 

Pyb. I pray beftow the freedomc of the ayre, vpon our whol- 
fomc Artc, matte, hts cheekes begin to rccciue naturall 
warmth : nay good Corporal! wake bctime , or 1 (hall haue a 
longer (leepe then you, Sfoote if he ftiould proue dead indeed 
now, he were fully reucngd vpon me for making a property on 
him, yet I had rather run vpon the Ropes , then haue the Rope 
like a Tetter run vpon mcc,oh he ftirs-hcc ftirs agen leokc 
Shir. Oh,oh,dcfend vs out alaffe. 
rPjlr. Nay pray be ftill j youle make him more giddy clfe,-fee 
knowcs no body yet. 

Corp. Zouncs : who am I ? coucrd with Snow ? I maruaile ? 
tyb. Nay I knew hee would fwcarc the firft thing hcc'did , as 
foone as euer he came to his life agen. 

Corp, Sfoote Hoftcfle fome hotte Porridge, oh, oh, 
lay on a dozen of Fagots in the Moone parler,thcre. 

Pjf. Lady, you muft needs take a little pitty of Kimyfaith, 
.and fend him in to your Kit chin fire. 

Wid. Oh,with all mf heart fir, Nicbofa and Frsiltif, he f f e to 
beare him in, 

Ntch. Beare him in, qua tha, pray call out the Maides, I (hall 
nere haue the heart to doo't indeed la. 
Frai. Nor 1 neithcr,k:annot abide to handle a Ghoft of all rne. 
for. Sl)Ioud,Ict me fee, where was I drunkc laft night,hch.- 
Wi4. Oh,fliall t bid you once agen take him away. 
.fM/.W^iy, we're as fearefull as you I warrant youoh 
Wid. Away villaines, bid the Maides make him a Cawdle pte- 
fently to fettle his brainc r ^>r a Poffet of Sack,quickly,quickl)r, 

Exeunt, fufying in the carpet. 

Sty. Sir, what fo ere you are,I do more then admire you* 
Wid. O I, if you knew all Maiftcr ShirifFc, as you (hall doe^you 
would fay then, that here were two of the raKftatcn within 
iJic walls of Chriftcndome. 

Sbir.Tvfo of 'em, O wonderful! : Officers I discharge you-,fct 
him fireball sin tune. 



Sir Gffdf I and a banquet ready by this time Maifler Sheriff?, 
to which I moft chcctcfully cnuice you ,}nd^ourlate prifbner 
there? fee you this goodly chaine fir,mun , no more words , 
twas loll , a d is found againe ; come my incftiraablc bullies, 
wcele talkc of your noble Acls in fparkling Charnico , and in 
ftcad or'a Icftcfjwcelc ha the ghoft kh white fhectc fit at vppcr 
end a'ch Table. 

Sheriff. Extent merry man yfaith. Exit. 

Jvxwr^Wcll/ceing I am cnioynd toloue tad marry, 
My foolifli vow thus I caflicerc to Ayre 
Which firft begot it, -^now loue play thy part; 
The fcholler rcades his lecture in my heart. 

. Sttx. f. 
Enter in haf MAtfttr Edmund *wl Frayltic. 

Ed. This is the marriage morning for my mother & my fitter. 
FrAiL O me MaiAer djnmtd we (hall harare doings. 
Ed. Nay go Frtjltie runnc to the Sexton, you know my mo 
ther wilbc married at Saint Antlings , hie thcc.tis paft fiuc,bid 
them open the Church dore,my fitter is almott ready. 
Fra. What al ready Maifter Efamd. 
Ed. Nay go hie thee firft run to the Sexton * and runnc to the 
Clarke and then run to Maifter 7/pM* the Parfon , and then 
run to the Mil!anor,and then xun home agen 
Frail. Hccr's nm 5 run, run 
6d. But harkc Fr*iltj\ 
Fr.i. What more yet? 

BAm. Has the miidcs remembrcd te ftrewthe wy to the 

Frail. Ftgh an houne ago I help 'cm my felfc. 
Ed. Away,away,away,away then. 

Frtil. Awsy^w^away then txit Fraikjfe 

Edm. I fhall hauc a fimple Father inlawc , a brauc Captaiuc 
able to beate all our ftrcctc ; Captaine Idlt, now myLadic 
Mother wilbe fitted fora delicate name, my tadie M , my 
Ladie fdk, the fincft name that can be for a woman , and then 
thcSchollcf Maifter PtoJard for my fitter Fr4w, that wilbc 


r r A JT i ^ / /v n' 

Mito FMW*/ Pif-bwrtl, Miflris F***ar Pic-foord , theill 
kccpe a good table I warrant you, Now allrhckniqhtsnofcj 
arc put out of ioynr, they may go to a bone fetters nov;. 

Enter Captain e And Pic-b0ord t 

Harke,harke oh who comes here with two Torches before 
'enyny fwcete Capcainc,and my fine Schollerjohjhovt braucly 
they arc fnot vpin one night, they looke like fine Brittainvs 
now me tlrnkcs, he res a gallant chaunge ifaith Hid they haue 
hir'd merland all by the clock. 

Cap. Maifter ^#*<^kinde, honeft, dainty Maiftcr Edmond. 

Edm. Fogh , fwcctc Captain c Father inlaw arareperfumt 

7/r. What are the Brides ftirnng ? may wee ft call vpon'cm 
thinkft chou MaiUerdm0w^. 

<6*.Faw, there e*en Ypon reddinc* I can afllire you ? for they 
were at there Torch e'en no vv,by the fasne token I tumbled 

Pie. Alas poorc Maifter JLdiuond. 

. Othe mufit ians! I prcc the Maiftcr 
and licquour 'cm a lictlc. 

Ed. That I will fwcete Captaine father in law and make ech 
of them as drunck as a common fiddelcr. Exeunt omxct. 

"Exeter Sir John Pcnidub, *nd Moll done being. 
of "her cfatkcs. 

Pea. Whewh Miftris Mol,Miftris Mol. 
<Jttol. Who's there? Ten. Tis I. 

M<?A Who Sir him Penidubp ycu'r an early cocke ifayth,^ h 
would haue thought you to be fo rare afturer. 
Pen. Preethe Mol let me come vp. 

M<?/. No by my faith Sir lohn , He kcepe you downe,for 
you Knights are very dangerous if once you get abouc, 
Pen. lie not flay ifaith. 

Mo/. Ifaith you (Kail ftaic , for Sir lohn you muft note 
ihe nature of the Climates your Northen wench in her 
Countrie may well hold cut till ihec, bcc fifteene, 
H i. but 

TtTE pr&riAiNb nvyvjr. - -^ 

but if /lie touch the South once , and come vp to London , here 
the Chimes go pi efcntly after twcluc. 

Pen. O'iri art a mad wench Moll, but I pree thcc make hafl, 
for thePrieft is gone before. 

Moll, Do you follow him,Ilc not be long after. \emt t 

Enter Sir Oiiuer Muck-hill, Sir Andrew Tip-ftaffe, 
and old bkirmifh talking. 

Mttc^j O monftious yn-hcard of forge: ie. 

Tip. Knight, I oeuer keard of fuch villany in out owne coun- 
jtrie,in my life. 

Muef^ Why 'tis impofliblc,darc you maintaine your words ? 

S/^/r. Dare wee ? een to their wezcn pipes, we know all their 
plots,they cannot iquander with vs, they hauc knauifhly abufd 
vs, mac^onely properties on's to aduance their felues vpon our 
(houl(ici,but they (hall rue their abufes , this morning they are 
to bee married, 

Mucks TU too true, yet if the Widdow be not too much be- 
fottcd on flights and forgeries, the reue'ation of rhcir villanies 
will make 'em loathfome,and to that cnd,be it iu priuate toyou> 
I fcnt late 1 aft night to an honourable perfonagc,to whom I am, 
much indebted in kindnefte, as he is to me , and therefore pre- 
fumc vpon the patment of hit tongue, and that hcc will Jay cue 
good words for mc,and to fpcake truth, for fuch ncedfull occa- 
nons,I onely preferue him in bond,and fomc-times he may doe 
nice more good here in the Cittic by a free word of his mouth, 
then if hec hadpaidc one halfc in hand, and tookcDoomef- 
day for t'other. 

Tip. In troth Sir, without foothing bee it fpoken , you hauc 
pubHfht much Judgement in thefc few words. 

Mucl^ For you know,what fuch a man vttcrs will be thought 
cffc^uall and to waighty puipofe,and therefore into his mouth 
weel put the approoued tncame of their forgeries. 

Skir. And Jlc maintatne it Knight, if fhcclc be true. 
Enter a {truant. 

MucJ^ How now fellow. . w 

Seru. May it pleafeyou Sir , y Lord is newly lighie<f*orn 

his Coach c. 
^-_- ^ - ^ , .. . 

MHC.IS my Lord come alreadyjhis honnors carJljr, 
You fee he loucs me well vp before feauen, 
Truft me I haue found him night cape at a cleuen, 
Thcr's good hope yet ; come Ice relate all to him. Exeunt. 

Enttr the two Bridegromes faptAttte and Scholler After them, Sir 
Godfrey Mid Edraond.Widdow chandge in apptreft, miflris 
* Francis led bctwccnc tw Knights , Sir John Penny-dub a*ti 
Moll . there mcetts them * Noble man , <SVr Oliucr Muckil, 
ir Andrew Tip-ftaffe. 

ur leauc Lady. 

My Lord your honour is moft chaftly welcome, 
.Madam tho I came now from court,! come not to flatter 
you : vpon whom can I iuftly caft this blot,but ypon your ovvne 
fore-head , that know not inke frpm milke iuch is the blind be- 
fotting in thcftatc of an vnheaded woman that^ a w.iddow. For 
it is the property of all you that arc widdowes ( a h*|nd full cx- 
ceptedj to hate thofe that honeitly and cai'cfullyloueyou, to 
the maintenance of credit ftate andpofterity, and ftronglyto 
doat on thofe , that only louc you to yndo you who regard you 
lead arc beft regarded, who hate you moft are beft beloued, 
And if there be but on man amongft tenne thoufand millions 
of men that is accurrt difaflrous and cuiliy planetcd whomc 
Fortune bcatcs moft , whotne God hates moft;, and al! Socie 
ties efteeme leaft , that man is fuere to be a hufband Such is 
thepeeuifhMoonc that rules you bloods. An Impudent fellow 
bcft woes you, a flattering lip bcft wins you, or in a mirth who 
talkes roughlieft is moft fweeteft, nor can you d iftinguifli truth, 
from forgcries,miftcs from Simplicity ,witncs ihofc two deceit- 
full monitcrs that you haue cntcrtaindfor bride-grocmcs. 

Md. Dcceitfull. 

Tto.All will out. 

CVp.Sfoote who has blabd Gewge ? that foolifh Nicholas. 

Nob. For what they haue bcfottedyour cafie bleed withalf, 
weare nought but forgeries , the fortune telling for husbands, 
the coniuiing for the chaine,S*r Godfrey beard the fiilfhod of al: 
nothing but meerc knaucry deceit and eoozenage. 

9 O wonderfull Jndeed I wortdred that iny husb and \vitli 

H 5 all 


all hU craft could nor keepe himfclfc out f purgatory, 

Srr G^/.And I more wonder that my chaine fhould bcgon 
and my Taylor had none of it. 

ML And 1 wondrcd moft of all that T, fhould be tycd from 
marriage hauirrg fuch a mind too't,come S. Ithn rennydubfaiz 
\vctheron our fide the moonc has chaingd fince yefter night. 

PAT.Thc Sting of eucry cutll iswith-in nice. 
No&.And that you may pcrccauc 1 fainc not with you,behould 
their fellow a<5tor in thofe forgeries who full of Splecne and 
enuy at 'their fofuddainc aduancements reueled all there plot 
in anger. 

PiV.Bafc Souldier to rcueall vs. 

Wid . Ift poflible wee fliould be blinded fo and our eys open 

TV^.Widdow wil you now bclecucthatfalfc,which to foone 
you bcleeued true. 

WJ.O to my fhame I doc. 

SirGoSf. But vnder fauour my Lord my chaine wastrucly 
loft and ftraingly found agnine. 

AT^.Rcfoluchim of that Souldier, 

Sir. In few words Knight then.thou wert the arch-gall of all. 


S^/r. Nay ilc proue it:for the chaync was but hid in the rofc- 
mary bancke all this while, and thou gotft him but of pryfon to 
Coniure for it who did it admirably futtianly , for indeed what 
necde any others when he knew wnere it was,. 

SirG^/.O tilainy ofvilanics.but how came my chaine there 

S^/r, Vvlicres truly la,in deed la,he that will not fwcarc , but 
Ue/he that will not ftcale,But robrpurc Nichelai S<// Aritlig*. 

S/rGo^f.O Villaine one of our focicty, 
Deemd alwaics holy,pure,reliek>us,. 
A Puritan ? a theefe,whcn wait eucr hard? 
Sooner wcc'll kilf a man then Stcale thou knowft. 
Outflaue lie rend my ly on from thy back witli mince wnc 

JV*.Nay Knight dwell in patience, 

And now widdow being fo ncere thcChurcb,twer great phty, 
mayrncharity to fend you home againc without a husband, 


r HE 

drawc ncrcr you of true worfhip, ftatc and credit , that fKotild 
not (tand ib iarrc of from a vvlddo vv , and fuffer forged Chapes 
to come bctwcene you , Not that in thefe , I blemifti the true 
Title of a Captainc,or blot the faire margent of a Schollcr; For 
1 honnor worthy and defcruing part* in the one , and cherrifti 
fruitfull Vcrtucs in the other. Come Lady, and you Virgin 
bcftowc your cys and your purcft aftefUons , rpon men of efti- 
rnanbn borh in Court and Citry, that hath long wocd you,and 
both with there hearts and wealth fincearly loueyou. 

Sir (jcdf.Good Sitter doerSweet litdc Frtxly , thcfc arc men 
of rcputation,you flialbc welcome at Cc*irt : t great crcddit for 
a Cittifccn fweet Sifter. 

TV^.Comc hci fcilencc does confent too't. 

W$d.\ know not with v;hat face, 

JV<?.Pah pah why with your owne face they defirc no other. 

wid. Pardon me worthy Sirs, I and my daughter haue 
wrongd your loues. 

Muck^K cafily pardon'd Lady, 
If you vouchfafe it now. 

, And I with all my heart, 
Mtll. And I Sir lohn with fbule,heart,light$ and aH. 
Sir /&.They arc all mine Af*lt. 

What honeft Spirit but will applaud your ehoyce, 

And gladly furnifli you with hand and voyce, 

A happy change which makes ccn heauen reioyce. 

Come enter into your Ioyc$,you (hall not want, 

For fathers now,I doubt it not bclceue me, 

But that you fhall haue hands inough to giuc. Ext*nt m*&*