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Lebanon Valley College 
Annville. Pennsylvania 



As a part of the centennial observance, another milestone was 
reached in the history and progress of~ the college when the Lebanon 
Valley College Chapel was dedicated on October 30, 1966. Although 
the college has continually throughout its century of service en- 
deavored to meet the spiritual needs of the college community, the 
dream of a college chapel has now become a reality. 

The chapel, a bi-level structure which is located in the center of 
campus, is a living testunony to the Christian commitment about 
which the entire college community revolves. The Contemporary 
Gothic edifice has a sanctuary following the European tradition; and 
lecture halls, conference rooms, and offices on the lower level. A 
spire topped with a cross which towers above the surrounding 
communitv is indicative of man's higher spiritual and academic 


blueprint for the student 

building of tomorrow 



building materials 



building of the student 



The 1968 Quittapahilla is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. 
D. Clark Carmean in gratitude of their unceasing service. 
Although much could be said of their many activities two 
are most outstanding. Mr. Carmean as Director of Ad- 
missions has inspired many students to Lebanon Valley 
College through the warm welcome and friendly hospi- 
tality he extends to everyone who visits our campus. Mrs. 
Carmean has been responsible for much of the prepara- 
tions of our centennial observance, especially for writing 
the centennial plav "Sauerkraut and Boston Beans." 

The 1968 Quittapahilla wishes Mr. and Mrs. Carmean 
continued success and happiness as they travel along 
hfe's wav. 

We bring a foundation to 
build upon; 

• "^™ 




j^ ^ 4_ .^^i 

.• ^'JM-^ ■ Zi5* 



I ft *^ 


^^^ , --.Jiii^/Vr:', -vtj 

^^'"^ ^'^ 


and our structure we mold 
the body, mind and spirit. 






..-.M' "*.,..W '"■ -•*. 


■ IT 


President of the College 

Frederic K. Miller 

?~-^ , 

r- "? , 

.i-* — 




r " 

r:::~yt-' . . 



- r'" 



r~~* . 


i r- 


Dean of the College 

Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Assistant to the President 

Earl R. Mezoff 













D. Clark Carmean. 
Director of Admissions 


James O. Bemesderfer 
Chaplain of the College 

Donald E. Fields, 

Richard V. Showers 
Director of PubUc Relations 

W. Anne Helliar, Registrar 

Paul A. Wallace. Historian 

Robert C. Riley 

Mrs. Margaret Millard 

David M. Long 

Director of Alumni Relations and Industrial Placement 

Mrs. Lillie Struble, Manager of Book Store 


Mrs. William Tredick. College Nurse 

Mrs. Edna Carmean 

Executive Secretary of the Centennial 

Mrs. Ann Monteith 
Assistant in Public Relations 



Mrs. Mary Alexander, Hostess 


Mrs. Annemarie Parker, Head Resident 

Mrs. Ethel Hanigan 
Head Resident 

Mrs. Elizabeth Garthly, Art 

Francis Wilson, Biology 

O. Pass Bollinger, Biology 

Mrs. Sylvia Malm, Biology 


Paul W. Hess, Biology 

Paul L. Wolf Biology 

Howard A. Neidig, Chemistry 

John F. Haugh, Chemistry 

Richard C. Bell, Chemistry 

Karl L. Lockwood 

G. Thomas Gates 

Economics and Business Administration 

Robert E. Griswold 

C. F. Joseph Tom 

Economics and Business Administration 

% D. John Grace 

Economics and Business Administration 


Milton L. Stokes 

Economics and Business Administration 

Mrs. June E. Herr, 


Cloyd H. Ebersole 

Gilbert D. McKIveen 

Homer W. Wieder, Education 

Arthur L. Ford. English 



Mrs. Anna D. Faber. English 

George G. Stnilile. English 

Mrs. Agnes B. O'Donnel 

■■ ■ -<-««:■ 


"KR?"^ , ,,- ,■ 

John P. Ramsay. English 

Glenn H. Woods, English 

S. Elizabeth Piel, Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Francis T. Fields, Foreign Langiiges 

Charles T. 



Mrs. Malin Saylor, Foreign Languages 

Hilda M. Damus 
Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Geilan Hansen 
Foreign Languages 

Claude Souchet 
Foreign Languages 

Eleanor Titcomb 
Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Betty H. Garman 
Health and Physical Education 

George Darlington 

Health and Physical Education 

George P. Mayhoffer 

Health and Physical Education 

J. Robert McHenry 

Health and Physical Education 

William D. McHenrv 
Health and Physical Education 

Alex J. Fehr 
History and 
Political Science -A 

Gerald Petrofes 

Health and Physical Education 

Ralph S. Shay 

History and Political Science 

Elizabeth M. Geffen 
History and Political Science 

Richard A. Joyce 

History and Political Science 

Barnard H. Bissinger 


Fay B. Burras, Mathematics 

Paul F. Henning 


Robert W. Smith. Music 

Mrs. Mary B. Lewin 

Mrs. Ruth E. Bender 



William H. Fairlamb, Music 

Y f 

George D. Curfman 


Pierce A. Getz 

Mrs. Bonnie F. Keller 

Michael Jamanis 

Kenneth L. Landis 

Reynaldo Rovers 

Thomas A. Lanese 

E. Joan Reeve 

Frank E. Stachow 

James M. Thurmond 

Benjamin A. Richards 




Jacob L. Rhodes 

Samuel O. Grimm 

J. Robert O'Donnell 


James F. McCrory 

Richard D. Magee 

Charlotte F. Knarr 

Harold C. Hollingsworth 

L. Elbert Wethington 

Norman B. Bucher, Jr. 


Winifred L. Kaebnick 


Perry J. Troutman 

Evalyn M. Strickler 


the class of 





President— John Wiest Jr. 

Vice President— Gary Brauner 

Secretary— Doris Kimmich 

Treasurer— Brad Rentzel 

FSC Representative— Judy Donmoyer 



r^ •■ ^^^ 



-V , 




w« t'tfy .J^Mi;*^ - 











Dave Rogers, Carol Naugle, George Clauser, Tom Shonk 

Joel Behrens 
Mary Jane Serfass 


Elaine Swonger, Linda Rohrer 

Ellen Rae Kauffman. Lucy LeFevre, Luise Wubbena. Barry Knier 


Jerry Kopenhaver, Carol Clark. Ward Smith. Duane LeBaron 

Rayanne Behney, Ellen Kreiser, Sue Martin, John Shuey, Carol Grane 

^^,m^^ ^ 


Dave Keperling 
Harold Burkholder 
Linda Keperling 

Rita Rice, Sue Treftz, Marv Pat Smith 


Charlene Cassel 

Ken Conrad 
Louis D'Augostine 

Brooks Trefsgar, Damon Silvers, Glen Horst, Bill Spinelli 


Charles Doyle, Paul Keefer 

Cherie Speer. Jim Mann, Barb Beltz 

Kiyofumi Sakaguchi 

Paula Ward, Ron Trayer. Rachel Gibble, Mamie Kamara 


•^^' '■&. 

Lynn Dubbs 

Walt Smith, Bob Enck, Rey Rovers, Sam Willman 

Bob Roth 
Bob Goodling 
Rick Carlson 

Daniel Maurer 

Bill Cadmus, Frank Stearn, Jim Knarr 

j;.^':^-;:^ %?^\ '^£cyi. 

Judy Donmoyer, Carol Burian, Pat Todd. Pat Dellinger. LeAnn Leiby 

Phil Cormany. Rich Campbell, Sue Green, Scott Berry 

Paul Murphy, Brad Rentzel, George Fulk, Charles 


Mike Kamuvu 

Dave Ingalls. James McKinney. Art Dunn 

Gretchen Long 
Larrv Bachtell 

Tom Embich, Bill Lament, Bob Matsko, John 

Alan Donaldson 

Tomoko Shimada, Gary Brauner. Bonnie Mills 

Jack Schwalm. Ed Updegrove, Bill Miller 


Craig Renshaw 
Jack Kaurt'man 
Harold Ciilcs 

'■' V 

Ann Leidich, Kathy Cairns, JoAnn Dill 

Dan Chambers, Bob Hawk 

Don Kitchell 
Cliff Heizmann 
Howard Lake 


Bob Martalus, John Havens 

Bobbie Gable, Martha Tjhin, Connie Perlaki, Donna Simmers 

John Galat, Dan Furst, John Linton 

Ron Newmaster, Helaine Hopkins 

Ken Egge, Paul Tietze, Joe Foster, John Denelsbeck 


Joanne Cochran, Marilyn Gulley 

Sue Horton, Rick Buck, John Wiest 

Bobbie Macaw, Mimi Halladay, Janet Stein, Gale 

Joan Carissimi, Bonnie Young, Larry Painter. Bob Evans, Carol Ochoa 

Margaret Barto, Dori Kimmich, Sandy Renninger, Donna Curry 

Judy Shober 
Carol Toth 
Jane Doll 
Pat Shaw 

Elaine Brenner 

Paul Alexy 


Julia Looker 

Sylvia Grimm 

Rip Poston 
Jim Waring 

Carol Stowe, Kathy Krikory, Marian Dunham 

Donna Diehl, Phyllis Pickard, Lois Quickel, Ellen Jackson 

the class of 





President— Jim Newcomer 
Vice President— Barbara Ankrum 
Secretary— Janet Gessner 
Treasurer— Robert Kaufmann 
FSC Representative— Alan Hague 



..... . 

— ^w^uluHb 







Susan H. Abemethy 
Elementary Education 

Alice E. Alwine 
Music Education 

Barbara A. Ankrum 
Elementary Education 

Leroy H. Arnold 

^ U 

Cecelia M. Baecert 

Christine Banes 

Dennis T. Bashore 
Political Science 

Bruce L. Bean 

Suzanne L. Bennetch 

David A. Benson 

Bromley H. Billmeyer. Jr. 

Laurel A. Bloeser 
Medical Technology 

John R. Boffenmeyer 

William P. Bohlandcr 

Gerald L. Boland 
Business Administration 

Donald P. Bellman 

James E. Boston. Jr 

Diane K. Bott 

Thomas B. Bowman. Jr. 

Darryl W. Brixius 

Dennis A. Brown 
Music Education 

Harry M. Capper 

G. Suzanne Chase 
Elementary Education 

Lois E. Christman 
Elementary Education 

^?5^" sis^ii^^:: .^is^i i 

Bruce L. Bean— Outstanding Student 


Alan B. Clay 
Political Science 

Marcia J. Cromwell 
Music Education 

Suzanne B. Cumming 

Michael D. Curley 

Marv B. D'Anna 
Elementarv Education 

Mildred A. Dawson 

Charles J. DeHart, III 

Cecelia M. Deitrich 
Elementarv Education 


Geret P. DePiper 

Julianne C. Devitz 

Warren D. Ditzler 

Carloyn B. Dreibelbis 

Jack E. Dumhauld 

Carol A. Edgecomb 





Healher R. Ehrlich 
Medical Technology 

Janet M. Else 

Carol E. Eshelman 

Rebecca L. Fackler 

L. John Fasnacht. Jr. 

Lynda J. Ferry 

Paul B. Foutz 

Thomas L. Foxall 

LeRoy G. Prey 

Alan K. Fry 
Pohlica] Science 


Janet M. Else— Outstandmg Student 

Thomas E. Gangwer 

Lynn Garrett 
Elementary Education 

Janet L. Gessner 
Elementary Education 

Judy A. Gettle 

Pietro D. Giraffa, Jr. 

Mercedes J. Govier 

Carol E. Eshelman-Outstanding Student 

Stephen A. Groff 

Alan P. Hague 

Donald A. Haight 

Everett A. Haight 
Medical Technology 

Dale E. Hall 

Maiy Jane Hall 

John A. Halladay 

Margaret L. Hamilton 

Kathleen M. Hannon 

Sonja L. Hawbaker 
Music Education 

Ralph L. Heagy 

John H. Heffner 

Terrv W. Hicks 
Economics and 
Business Administration 

Janet L. Hill 

Jon E. Hofman 

Mark G. Holtzman 

Gregory P. Hoover 

Charles K. Hornberger 
Music Education 

Carl E. Horning 

Mary Alice Hostetter 

Stephen M. Jacobs 

Elaine W. Joy 
Elementarv Education 

Donna K. Jungmann 
Elementarv Education 

Larrv L. Kauffman 

Alan P. Hatiuc Oulstandms; Sludonl 

George J. King-Outstanding Student 

Robert A. Kautmann 

David P. Keehn 
Music Education 

George J. King 

Edwin C. Kisiel, Jr. 

Karen S. Klick 

Elementan,' Education 

Carol P, Kline 

Music Education 

Andrea F. Knopf 
Elementary Education 

Janice A. Koehler 

Helen B. Kowach 

Keith G. Kreamer 

Ellen Lathcrow 

Robert A. Laughead 

Earl E. Lauver 
Political Science 

Dennis M. Lehman 

Kermit R. Leitner 
Political Science 

Larry L. Light 

Mary J. Lippert 
Music Education 

Dell E. Lokey 
Socio Igy 

Marianne Lombardi 
Medical Technology 

Ruth E. Long 
Music Education 

Glenn H. MacGregor 

James G. Maga/ino 

Judith L. Manwiller 
Medical Technology 

Kenneth H. Matz. Jr. 
Political Science 

Mimi Meyer— Outstanding Student 

Rosemar)- S. McCleaf 
Elementan' Education 

K. Christine McComsey 
Music Education 

Jeffrey S. McCullough 

John R. McFadden 

J. Elaine McMinis 
Elementary Education 

Robert W. Mead 

, J 


James R. Newcomer— Oulstanding Student 


Jay A. Mengel 

Janet A. Merlo 

Mimi Meyer 

Dean E. Miller 


Gary W. Miller 
Music Education 

Gregorv J. Miller 

Marjorie J. Miller 
Music Education 

Stuart W. Miller 

Patricia C. Mooney 

Henr^ H. Moore 

Richard T. Moritz 

John M. Morton 

Lawrence R. Moss 

Jeannette A. Murphy 


H. Jean Nelson 
Music Education 

Randall Nelson 

L ^ 

Grant T. Nicholls 


Lois J. Nestor 

James R. Newcomer 

^ -^ 

.^^k^ ^ 


Lewis J. Nieburg 

Paul F. Pickard 

Linda L. Pierce 

Carol A. Paist 
Music Education 

Vivian L. Paumer 
Medical Technology 

Jean Slade— Outstandina Student 

J -4.-ia{ jmKW-* 

Barbara L. Pmkerton 
Music Education 

Robert D. Powell 

Raymond J. Reidenbach 

Patricia V. Reigle 

Ronald L. Richcreek 
Music Education 

Patricia A. Rohrbaugh 
Music Education 


Carl R. Sabold 

Kalrinka A. Salmon 

John C. Sawyer 

Larry L. Schauer 

Richard E. Williams— Outstanding Student 

Nancy L. Schellenberg 

Anna R. Schwartz 
Music Education 

Cheryl A. Seacat 

Paul A. Seland. Jr. 
Music Education 

Arthur D. Semon 
Political Science 

Lynda S. Senter 
Music Education 

Susan M. Shanaman 

C. Scott Shametzka 
Music Education 

M. Thomas Shatto 


James M. Shearer 

Rae A. Shermeyer 

Patricia L. Shiner 

Richard N. Simington 

Patrick J. Smipson 

Susan K. Sitko 
Enghsh and French 

D. Jean SUide 
Music Education 

Jerry P. Slonaker 
Political Science 

Stanley A. Suavely 

William A. Spancake 

Linda L. Spory 

Patncia Stecker 

Carol L. Swalm 
Elementan Education 

Susan K, Swartz 
Elementar.' Education 

Valene A. Yeagcr-Outstandini; Student 


Terrence L. Swartz 

Joan R. Taylor 

J. Kenneth Thomas 

Phillip E. Thompson 

James R. Van Camp 

Rebecca A. Wagner 
Medical Technology 

P. David Walker 

Norman C. Watkins 

Lois A. Weil 

Harry W. Wensch 

Barbara J. West 

Richard E. Wilhams 

Constance J. Witter 
Elementary Education 

Wanda Wlasova 
Elementary Education 

Susan M. Woodbury 

Valerie A. Yeager 

John R. Yerger 
Music Education 

Harry C. Zart 

Juniors Not Pictured 

Victor A. Angell 

Carl E. Miller 



John H. Bernhart 

Ronald J. Smith 



Joan M. Buffington 

William K. Watson 

Music Education 



Val Yeager 

Jim Newcomer 

Mr. and Miss L.V.C. 

Dick Williams 

Janet Hill 

Mr. and Miss Athlete 

Mr. and Miss Quittie 

Carl Sabold 

Lois Nestor 


Barbara Ankrum 

Suzanne Chase 



Patricia Mooney 



the class of 

President— Joe Torre 
Vice President— Bruce Decker 
Secretary— Janice West 
Treasurer— William Ebert 









■S 'iM.. 

• * >-- 






c -<? 



1 n 








Front Row: K. Bowman, D. Bryden, J. Anspach, M. Brandt. L. Bair. E. Bishop Row Two: A. Biehler, 
S. Barbaccia, P. Arndt, R. Basta, D. Bartholomew, D. Brubaker, K. Althouse 


From Row: L. Eicher. M. Eastman. G. Brothman. S. Deaven. P. Car- 
nathan. J. Cestone, C. Cameron, D. Cerulli, K. Condon Row Two: 

R. Calvert, W. Campbell, F. Detwiler. B. Decker, D. Burkholder, L. 
Carpenter. E. Doresis. P. Buchanan 

Front Row: W. Eisenhart, D. Fetters, J. Ha,slam, E. Hammacher, J. 
Evans. J. Bonnefond. R. Fox, M. Gehris, J. Forker. R. Graybill, G. 
Fultz. Q. Garbrick. D. Giovanis Row Two: K. Guyler. D. Frantz, N. 

Fogg, B. Hardm, M. Hollen, G. Ossmann, G. Frederick, R. Bower, 
J. English, C. Erfr 

Front Row: M. Horn. N. Kaufl'elt. P. Jones. S. Hughes. N. Hendrick- 
son. P. Hunsicker. L. Hetzer. S. Fauber, S, Jones. J. Heilman Row 

Two: P. Kehr. B. Jennings, M. Jones, R. Kaufmann, 
Hoffman, L. Jacobs, F. Hock. J. Kain 

R. Heck. J. 

Front Row: G. Marshall. F. Kulbaka, S. Lancaster, L. Koch, J. 
Kreiser, S. Ludwig. M. Lentz Row Two: J. Maclary. R. Long. C. 
Marshall, L. Lovegren, J. Davis, E. Kolle 

Front Row: C. McCrary, D. Miller, J. McClelland. M. Mylly, S. 
Ptacelc, D. Rhawn, P. Pingel, B. Robertson, S. O'Brien, M. 
Light, N. Robinson, A. Prescott. A. Richard Row Two: G. Ott, 

R. Poorman, G. Moyer, F. Rice, D. Patrick, P. Rondeau. P. 
O'Hara. D. Ranc. J. Rife, T. Mills, L. Radlof. L. Rothermel 


Front Row: K. Schmuck, D. Schimpf. A. Shenk, R. Shaffer, B. Schmid, I. Stitt, B. Schmitz, C. Stohler 
Row Two: W. Sharrow, A. Steffy. G. Strong, D. StaniUa, C. Schworer. F. Shearer. K. Sipe, G. Stauffer 


From Row: J. Weber, D. Urick. L. Tompkins, D. Ulnch. R. 
Thompson. B. Turkington Row Two: W. Thompson, J. Wenrich, 
L. Tavlor. H. Todd. D^ TulH 

Front Row: H. Templin. J. Zech, K. Zelenak, J. Winslow Row 
Two: J. Wubbena. R. Yarger 



' r,fe^.. 


Queen Patricia Buchanan 


the class of 




President— Jon Rogers 

Vice President— John Beardsley 

Secretary— Kongkun Hemmaplardh 

Treasurer— Greg Scott 

FSC Representative— Bobbie Harro 



From Row— 3. Abrams. J- Blasingame. M. Adc, A. Bassett. J. Barkow, J. Bitner Row Tmo~M. Ahrens, 
R. Bennett. B. Albert 


From Row—r>. Carpenter. S. Casagrand. C. Brienzo, M. Church, J. Burns. D. Carter. E. Brice Row 
Two—K. Brandt. G, Brenner. L. Bowman. M, Burns, P. Caulker. I Brolis 

From Row-i. Conrad, K. Kirbv. J. Shuster, V. Fine. N. Swenson. T. Ciarula. J. Dottolo, J. Cooper, M. 
Davidson Row 7"no-B, Sherman, M. Drouncheck. N. Coddmglon, B. Coupe. S. Cupp. D, Clemens. D. 
Diehl. H. Dinger 

From Row-}. Foster, M. Hardenstine, S. George, L. Gunderson, C. Benninger, C. Green, R. Hofmann, 
B. Greiner Row Two-i. Fraytic, J. Nornhold, P. Gates, T. Flud, P. Gulli, B. Frey, J. Hockley, J. 
litis, M. Hunsicker 


Front Row—E. Houck. J, Hummer, C. Hoeflich, C. Jones Row 
ruo— K. Hemmaplardh. R. Landis, J, III. B. Hunter 

From Row—E. Koch, K. Karhumaa, M. Little, D. Lapp. K. 
Keck Row Two—E. Linker, A. Laane, B. Kline, D. Karver 

From Row-}. C Penney, L. Morrison. R. Miller. B. McCann. P. 
Werrell. D. Merrill. R Pfeil. E. Pcter^. C. Irwin. R, Peterson. B. Bak- 

er. B. Harro Row Tho-D. Myers. T. Nittca. G. Myers, D. O'Hara, G. 
Piielps. B. Mover. J. Mevers. C. Linehaugh. M. Mallon 

Froiil Rin\-H. Riller. P. Rau. M. Sliemas, S, Scharmann, S. Shedenhelm. M. Sans Row Two—F. 
Reisl, J. Riedel, J, Rodgers, L, Riedman, H. Seamen 

^ E'^^ 

From RoH-P. Stock, S. Stambach, M. Wennerholm, K. Unangst, J, Vonhauser, V. Strickler. B. Warner, 
S. Willman Row Two-S. Zimmerman. B. Welsh, P. Werner, F. Sloner, E. Shiplev, G. Thomas, D. Witt, 
B. Walsh. 






hormer Queen Jeanne Kaul'mann crowns successor. 

Homecoming Queen. Court, and Escorts 

Dale Carpenter, Richard Kaufmann. Rolanda Hofmann, Robert LaughcaJ. JaniLe Sliuster. Kerry 
Althouse, Jeanne (Caufmann. Robert Kaufmann 

Vivian Sirickler. Janice Shusier, Karen Kirby. Beverly Houser. Dale Carpenter, Rolanda Hofmann. 
Joyce Abrams. Sally Godshall 


Q uj IS z^ 

^ C_3 i_U 
- f =^ U-J s 

iXio ^- o 





fc iff iif Mb.^ — aR.. ifc^^JHI-. ito.^ »t. ,4^ ,^K_ -^fc^ -«» 

From the Lebanon Daily News. November 5th: 


The natives are restless these days at Lebanon Valley College. 

For an explanation all you have to do is look at the college's football schedule. 

Today, the Flying Dutchmen clash with their traditional rivals from Reading. 
Albright College. 

And all week long, things have been happening on and ofi' campus at Annvillc. 

The rumors have been Hying but no hard facts are available. It seems that even 
the girls have been backing their team with signs attached to appropriate garments 
saying "Bust Albright" and "Beat the Pants off Albright." 

Then some mean so-and-so set fire prematurely to the pile of combustible 
material that was to have been the pep rally bonfire. Matter of fact, they put the 
torch to it one night before the rally, and the fire department was called. 

There were loud explosions on campus which first were identified as gunshots. 
but later were described as firecrackers. 

It's all been in the best tradition of college life and it would be a good thing if 
the authorities would stop getting excited about it. 

It's a lot better than burning draft cards. 


SisStkiE^Si^aBKiJ^liJjJs^'iiSlStai,. ' 



The Frosh Battle the Class of '69 



. and thus the mighty 


Sophomores triumph. 



From «(ni-B. Schmid, M. Holtzman. A. Hague. J. Wiest. G. King, D. 
Ingalls, F. Detweiler Row Two-D. Misal, M. Rogers, S. Brandsberg, K. 

Bunting, J. Kauffman, C. Sabold, A. Dunn, D. Sliuttlcsworih, G, 
Ossmann, D. LeBarun, G. MacGreaor, G. Erdman 

Kappa Lambda Sigma 


Fritz Detweiler— ciTaplain 
Alan Hague-vice-president 
James Newcomer— rec. secretary 
George King— treasurer 
John Wiest— president 
Rick Buck- corr. secretary 
Carl Sabold-FSC. rep. 

Kappa Lambda Sigma, a social frater- 
nity, highlighted its fall semester by 
sponsoring the "Letterman" on campus 
in October. At the homecoming game 
the most valuable player award was pre- 
sented by Kalo to Larry Painter. Continu- 
ing a campus favorite, the Inter-Campus 
Competitive Program was sponsored by 
Kalo in December. The annual K-D 
spring weekend completed another big 
year for the brothers of Kappa Lambda 


Kalo Presents 



Front miv— J. Donmoyer, P. Buchanan. S. Hughes. C. Speer, B. Belt?.. A. 
Leidich, E. Joy, J. Carissimi, J. Cochran. J. Wuber. A. Pre.scott. L. Gar- 
rett Hinv Two K. Hannon. M. Light. K. Salmon, V. Yeager, J. Ges.sner, 
J. Else, .1. Dill, L. Chrislman. B. Ankruni. N. Hendrick,son. J. Slade Row 

Three— E. Brenner. P. Pingel, S. Horton. B. Turkmgton, J. West, C. 
Blatt, D. Bott, P. Jones. C. Ochoa, S. Cumming, L. Bloeser. D. Rhawn, 
J. Merlo. B. White, C. Perlacki, N. Robinson. T. Mooney, B. Young 

Delta Lambda Sigma 


.Ann Leidich ~sr. rep. 

Becky Wagner-IFSC rep. 

Barb Beltz-FSC rep 

Val Yeager-jr. rep, 

Nancy Hendrickson-soph. rep. 

Janet Gessner— corr. .see. 

Janet Else— vice president 

JoAnn Dill-president 

Barbara Ankrum— treasurer 

Lois Christman— rec. sec. 

Delta Lambda Sigma, social sorori- 
ty, is Kalo's sister organization. Del- 
phian, as the sorority is called, spon- 
sored with Kalo the K-D Kickoff 
Dance, I.C.C.P., and K-D Weekend. As 
well asaserviceprojectfrom the Lebanon 
Crippled Children's School, Delphian 
sponsored a Christmas party for a group 
of orphaned children. Campus activi- 
ties included shoeshines, candy and 
donut sales and car washes. 


Soon it's gonna rain! 

i^ ,-i.m^r'-- ■/ 

C.^>5s£./is?:u' <- 5 

Front Row—K. Richcreek. T. Micka, D. Keperling, K. Leitner. G. Clau- 
sen P. Murphy. D. Lehman. Row Two-K. Enck. R. Matsko. G. Fulk. B. 
Rentzel, R, WiUiams. C. Heizmann. D. Brixius, .1. Menael. Row Three— 

W. Smith, H. Wertsch, D. Brubaker. R. Jennings, R. Rovers, T. Embich. 
G, Brauner. L. Painter, J. Sawyer, H. Zart. S. Willman, J. Dougherty, R. 
Moritz. W. Miller. 

Knights of the Valley 


Robert Matsko-treasurer, Larry Painter-sergeant-at-arms, 
George Fulk-vice president. Brad Rentzel-president. John 
Dougherty^keeper of the keys. Dick Williams-secretary. 
Jack Sawyer— chaplain 


The Knights of the Valley, the 
smallest of the social fraternities, is a 
leader in the intramural program. The 
most coveted athletic award on cam- 
pus, the Chuck Matson Award, is pre- 
sented annually by the Knights. An- 
other campus highlight, the Knight's 
Street Fair, is held each spring. For 
their spring dinner-dance, the Knights 
choose the Holiday Inn Town. 



From RoH-'W. Spinelli. J. Maclary, S. Schoenly, R. West, M. Jones, P. 
Keefer Row Two-K. Sakaguchi, R. Kaufmann, D. Furst, D. Haight. R. 
Kaiil"marin, N. Linlcin Raw Three -D Wineniillcr. R. Traver, J, Galat. 

S. Jacobs, G. Lauver, L. Kauffman, J. McFadden, W. Eisenhart, R. 
Manning, R. Graham, K. Thomas, R. Martalus. T. Swartz, A. Fry, D. 
Chambers, R. Reidenbach. 

Phi Lambda Sigma 


Dan Furst-vice president 

Ray Reidenbach— chaplain 

Don Haight— president 

Richard Kaufmann— rec. secretary 

Stephen Jacobs— FSC rep. 

John Maclary— corr. secretary 

Robert Kaufmann— treasurer 

Kerrv Althouse— vice-treasurer 

Bruce Decker— IFSC rep. 

Phi Lambda Sigma, originally the 
Philokosmian Literary Society, marked 
its centennial on the Lebanon Valley 
campus this year. Homecoming 1966 was 
big for Philo, including a dinner for par- 
ents and friends at the Green Terrace. A 
skit. "The Spirit of 76", enabled Philo to 
win the Inter-Campus Competitive Pro- 
gram. To complete the year, the Philo- 
Clio weekend dinner-dance was held at 
the Hershey Hotel. 


Mr. Philo, Don Haight Miss Clio. Nancy Schellenberg 

Fnmt Row— v.. Condon, J. Hill, M. Tjhin, K. Zelenak, L. Leiby Row 
rnvj-K. Bryniarski, J. Looker, D. Lokey, A. Knopf, D. Kimmich, S. 
Ahcrnethy, N. Schellenberg. R. Rice, J. Stein, S. Bennetch, J. Doll, B. 
Macaw, C. Melman Row Three—?. Carnathan, L. Kamara, P. Hess, M. 

Smith, B. Levens, S. Jones, C. Paist, C. Banes, M. D'Anna, M. J, Hall, J. 
Zech, C. Albiight, J. Taylor, M. Lentz, B, West, C. Toth, L. Spory, D. 

Kappa Lambda Nu 


From «on-Janet Stein-president, Barbara Macaw-IFSC, 
Nancy Schellenberg-corr. secretary, Jane Doll-treasurer Row 
r>vo-Susan Jones-exec, comm., Susan .Abernethy-FSC. 
Cinda Albright-exec, comm., Suzanne Bennetch-rec. secretary 


Kappa Lambda Nu is a social 
sorority, sister organization to 
Philo. Clio housed members for 
the first time this year in a sorori- 
ty house. The sorority partici- 
pated actively in Homecoming 
spirit with decorations and a car 
caravan. Intramurals, open 
houses, and Philo-Clio Week- 
end were among Clio's major ac- 
tivities. Service projects included 
hoagie sales. Thanksgiving and 
Christmas baskets to needy fa- 
milies and trips to crippled chil- 
dren's homes. 

From Row-T. Salmon, B. Beltz, P. Ward, C. Speer, L. Senter, J. Don- 
moyer, H. Hopkins Row Two—L. Ferry. V. Yeager, S. Sitko. S. Aber- 
nelhv. B. Turkni'jton. B. Fackler, J. Cochran. B. Harro. Row Three— C. 

Sabold, G. King, A. Hague, L. Bachlell, B. Rentzel, S. Jacobs, R. Zyg- 
munt Row FoiirS. Berry. D. Williams, D. Bashore, J. Sawyer, J. Mann 

Faculty— Student Council 

Cheryl Speer— recording secretary 
Barbara Beltz— corresponding secretary 
Alan Hague— vice president 
Brad Rentzel— president 
George Kma— treasurer 


"A welcome to the Frosh' 

Men's Senate 

I'roiu Row ]i. Wheeler, .1. Newcomer. J. Foster, R. Kaufmann. N, Linton. D, Brubakcr, G. King 
Row Two- A. Hague, B, Rentzel, J. Wiesl, D. Williams, G. Scott 


Fnmt Riiw-N^ HciKlrickscin. B, Bell/. .1. [)ill. B. Macaw. J, LKc. B. Arikrum R,m Tmi N. Schellen- 
berg. P. Sleeker, T. Salmon. L. Rohrcr. C. Stowe. P. Jones. J. Slade. L, Bair. .1. Slein 

Resident Women's Student 
Government Association 


Front Row~R. Newmaster, D. Bashore, J. McCullough, R. Carlson Row Two~J. Embich, R. Mc- 
Quate, G. Boland, L. Achcy. R. Roth 

Men's Congress 

Dead eye! 


M.A. Hosteller. M. Brandt. R- Bcliney. S. Sitko, J. Gettle 

Women's Commuter Council 

Commuters sponsor Street Fair 


^T^Hjrniisr „z^^'-^^ 


^ ~ 'i ^'i^ 



From Row—L. Bachtell, J. Schwalm, L. D'Augosline, R. Riclicreck. J. 
Yergcr. G. Miller. W. Miller, Row Twn—C. Curley. E. Kisiel. E. Ham- 
macher, P. Seiand, R. Poorman. B. Bender, M. Caniphcll, Row Tliree— 

C. Hornberger, K. Guyler, D. Keehn. J. Beiirens, R. Trayer, D. 
Kitchell, Row Four—D. Scliimpl', P. Rice, J. Wubbena, L. Schauer, R. 
Yarger, P. Cormany, D. Brown, B. Goodling. S. Sliarnetzka 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 


E. Hammacher— 
ass. alumni sec. 

W. Miller- 

K Risiel- 

J. Yerger— 
cor. secretary 

G. Miller- 
exec, alumni sec. 

L. Bachtell- 

J. Schwalm — 
vice president 

R. Richcreek— 
rec. secretary 

L D"Augostine— 




Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national 
professional music fraternity for men, 
provided a pep band for basketball 
games, sponsored the jazz and All- 
American concerts on campus. The 
chapter produced "The Roar of the 
Greasepaint— The Smell of the Crowd" 
with SAI and sponsored the annual 
conservatory Formal. Service projects 
include the placement of mirrors in the 
conserve and evaluation of tapes for 
the Pennsylvania Music Educators 


We use Coppertone! 

From Row—C McCrary. N. Tafcl. J. Kreiser. B. Pinkerton, S. Chase. D. 
Cerutti. C. Eshelman Row Tun-C. Slowe. C. Kline. M. Lippert. M. 
Gehris, .1, Murphv. G- Lcmg. A- Schwartz Row Thice~P- Ward. C. Nau- 

gle. L. Senter, M. Cromwell, S. Fauher, M. Miller, R. Gibble, C. Cam- 
eron Row Four-S. Forker, P. Rohrbaugh. A. Alwine, P. Carnathan, J. 
BiEclow. S. Kortum, R. Lone. L. Rothermel, S. Green, P. Shaw 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

% pw 


Pal Rohrbaugh— rec. sec, Carol Stowe— corr. sec, 
Gretchen Long— vice president, Carol Eshelman— 
president, Rachel Gibble— treasurer. Lynda Senter— 
editor, Alice Alwine— sergeant-at-arms. Anna 
Schwartz— chaplain. 

Delta Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, internation- 
al professional music fraternity for women, sponsors cam- 
pus concerts and guest performances. With Sinfonia they 
produced the musical "The Roar of the Greasepaint— The 
Smell of the Crowd." The chapter received the Iota Prov- 
ince College Chapter Achievement Award and The Na- 
tional College Chapter Achievement for 1965-1966. 


SAI "Greasepaint Chorus"" 


SAI and Sinfonia Present: 

The Roar of the Greasepaint, 
The Smell of the Crowd 

December 9-10, 1966 



Concert Band 



Front Row: P. Ward, M. Cromwell, R. Long, L. Keehn, D. Schimpf, W. Miller, J. Yerger, C. Horn- 
Wubbena, C. Marshall, R. Gibble, C. Eshelman berger 
Row Two: C. Naugle. L. Senler, W, Sharrow, D. 

Guild Student Group 

Girls Band 

From Row: C. Stowe. S. Hawbaker. R. Long, S. Kortum. P. Cama- 
than, B. Warner, B. Tezak, L Stitt, P. Ward Row Two: L. Wubbena, 
B. McCann, J. Cestone, P. Umberger, S. George, C. McComsey, G. 
Long, M. Miller, L. LeFevre, J. Heilman, C. Paist, L. Senter, M. 

Cromwell. Row Three: J. Nelson. C, McCrary. J. Kreiser. A. Alwine. 
M. Kamara. D. Cerutti. J. McClellen. J. Bigelow. R. Gibble. B. Pin- 

Jazz Band 

I. '^ 

From Row: R. Postin, T. Shonk. J. Kain, F. Hoch, J. Foster, L. D'Augostine. M. Campbell. Row Two: 
R. Sherman. R. Heck. J. Schwalm. B. Renlzel. D. Kitchell. Row Three: M. Curley, S. Sharnetzka, D. 
Winemiller, W. Shenenberger. 


Front R<m-K. Krikory, J. Zech. J. Nelson, M. Dunham. L. Kern. 
G. Marshall. C. Paist, P. Rohrbaugh. L. Senter, D. Cerutti. B. Pin- 
kerton, C. Eshelman. S. Hawbaker Row 7"H'ti— M. Serfass. R. Gibble. 
J. McClellan. A. Alwine. C. Cameron, M. Cromwell. S. Godshall, C. 
Green, L. Ferry, E. Kauffman, P. Ward, J. Forker, M. Gehris, P. 

Hunsicker. G. Long. M. Gulley Row Three— V. Cormany. J. 
Hoffman. E. Kisicl, D. Schimpf. J. McCullough, J. Bitner. C. Horn- 
berger. W. Miller. R. Poorman. D. Brown Row Four—L. D'Auaos- 
tine. T. Bross, D. Stottlemyer. J. Schwalm, W. Sharrow. D. Patrick. 
J. Kain, L. Lovegren, T. Shonk, J. Burns, G. Miller 

Concert Choir 

Chapel Choir 

Fniiii Row: M. .Miller, S, Shue, D. Merrill. P. Forkcl. H Tem- 
plin. M. .Ade Row Two: C McComsev. N. Hollinger. M Lippert. 

L. Wubbena, S. Casagrand. M. Kcllow. G. Roush Row Three: G. 
Frederick. K. Sipe. L. Rice, R. Sherman, G. Phelps. R. Greiner 





From Row—h. Bachtell. O. Miller. J. Sawver, R. Richcreek Row Two 
— G. Reist. J. Haslam, P. Williams. J. Kciehler, J. Donmoyer. B. Mc- 
Cann, J. Weber, C. Curley Row Three— P. Hunsicker, L. Arnold Row 
Foiir-B. Baker. L. Rohrer Row Five-R. Walsh. J. Riedel Row Six- 
J. English. T. Ciarula Roiv Seven— C. Hornberger, R. Frey 

Wig and Buckle presents: 

The Shrike 

November 4-5, 1966 




From R<n\-K. Richcreek, J. Schwalm Rm- Two—L. Arnold. G. Mil- 
ler. W. Miller. L. Rohrer. L. Baehtell 


Sauerkraut and Boston Beans 

m^l$m^'*-'^jF'r'jmm.»^3 s 

May 7, 1966 
Hershey Community 




K. Sipe, V. Fine, H. Kowach, C. McComsey, E. Bishop. M. Horn, P. Pickard, C. Seacat, J. Mann, B. 
Baker, L. Eicher, J. Kaufiman, Mr. Showers 

La Vie Collegienne 

Editor— Paul Pickard 
Layout Editor— Cheryl Seacat 
News Editor— Mary Anne Horn 
Sports Editor— William Lamont 
Exchange Editor— James Mann 
Business Manager— Jack Kauffman 
Photographer— Ellen Bishop 



Editor— Diane Bott 
Associate Editor— Richard Williams 
Layout Editor— Katrinka Salmon 
Photography Editor— Valerie Yeager 
Copy Editor— Stu Schoenly 
Sports Editor— Mike Curley 
Business Manager— Janice Koehler 
Photographer— Ed Kisiel 

From Row-C. Edgecomb, E. Kisiel. S. Sitko. C. McComsey Row Tno-L. Nieburg. M. Curley, V. 
Yeager, R. Williams, D. Bott, S. Schoenly, K. Salmon, J. Koehler, C. DeHart, W. Ditzler 

^ JH 



From Row: R. Gable. D. Simmers. L. Frey Row Two: R. Shermever. L, Taylor. J. Reid. R. Shaffer. N. 
Fosiu. R. Zvsjmunt. Row Three: K. Guvler. H. Giles. D, Brixius, G. Frederick. N. Walkins 

Chemistry Club 

Beta Beta Beta 

I null How: S UennelLli. B Macaw. ,1. Ta\lor. C. Ediiecomb. R. 
BchncN. J. Dill. C, Alhnuht. .1 DmimoNcr. Row Two: P Pingel. L. 
Koch. L. Bloeser. H. Lhrlich, C. Dreibelbis. B Bellz. E. Kreiser Row 

Three: L. Pierce. S. Ludwig. M Lonih.irdi. R. Carlson, R Hnck. T. 
Fmbich. J. Galal. D. Furst, .1. Boston. 

Physics Club 

Front Row—h Heffner— president, P. Thompson— vice-president. H. Capper— secretary-treasurer Ro 
Two—K. Newmaster, E. Katznian, T. Bross 

Math Club 

From Row-K^ Newmaster. S. Schoenly. D. Brubaker Row 7"iv<;-D. Kimmich. E. Latherow. D. Bott, D. 
Stanilla, D. Burkholder. T. Bross 

Front RoH—\i. Conrad-president. J. Mann— vice president, C. Heizmann-sccretary-treasurer. A. 
SteRy, L. Moss Rinr Twa-K. Buck. K. Thomas. G. CTauser. P. Cormany, M. Cupp. P. Foutz 

Investment Club 

L. Rohrer. Q. Garbrick, B. Fackler, S. Hughe 

French Club 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Front Row—K. Buek. L. Kepcrling. H. Burkholder. G, King Row Two-M. 
Hollzman. D. Keperling. A. Hague 

From RohS. Martin. D. Tiilli. J. Shuey. J. Kautlmun Row /"iio-W. Spancake. J. Mann 

Political Science Club 

Frtinl Rdw-H. Hopkins -president. C. Renslia\\-\ ice-presi- VVesl. .1, Doll. V. Slnckler, L. Gunderson Rim Threc-M. A. 
dent. A Leidieh- secretary K. Hannon-treasiirer. \', Meager- Horn. L Keperlmg. R Tlionipson. L Reist. D. Keperling. D. 
FSC representative R-m Tnn 1, RadloT. .1 Donnioser. B, Shuttles\\orth 

Psych Club 

Psi Chi 

h'runi Rinv A. Leidieh. V. Meager. H. Hopkins. K, Hannon Roh Two-D. Bollman. D Keperlins;. J. 
Linton. J. Boston 

Who's Who 

From Ruw U. Long. L. Quickel. R. Gable. B. Macaw. J. Dill. L. Rohrer. D. Kimmich Row Two-J. 
Linton. R. Buek. B. Goodling. L. Baclitell. G. Brauner. J. Wicst. B. Rentzel. C. Curlev 





From Rnw-L- Chnstman, S. Ptacek, M. Mcyci. L. Garrett Row Two-C. Speer, J. Weber, N. Watkins, 
G. Fulk. B, Ankrum, D. Haight Row Three~R. Williams. J. Wenrich. K. Sipe, A. Clipp. Dr. Bemesderfer 

From «(nr-B. Rentzel. M. Curlcy. C. Speer. L. Quickel. J. Bigeknv. P. Pickard. L. Keperling. G. Fulk. J. Sawyer. R. 
Wenrich Row Two—E. Bishop. N. Tal'el. S. Hawbaker. J. Fox. J. Morton, K. Sipe 
Weber, S. Sitko. K. Cairn,s Row Three— Dt. Bemesderfer, J. 

Delta Tau 



"And our modern, plea>anl dining facilities 


Ski Club 

Fniiif RoH-R. Martalus, M. Davidson, D, IngalK. F. Kulbaka, B, Robertson. L. Nestor, D. 
Ranc. M. Roi^ers Raw Two-G. Glen, B. Trefsgar, J, Maclary, E. Millner 

Bridge Club 

S. Sitko. L. Spory. F. Shearer, S. Foltz, C. Heizmann 


From Row-J. Bouman. L, Ferry. H tlopkins. S, Sitko, M. Mvll\ Row Two L, Rcisi. G Ossniann. E. 
KiMcl. R. Hatch. J. \'anCamp 

Fioi:i Row L, Fcrr\. C. Clark. H Hopkins. I C laruL; Row iwo D Barlholonieu. E KimcI. R Ncw- 
nuisUT. .1 \ anCainp 


ori i 

Front Rdw—L. Painter— president. L. Christman— vice-president, L. Kern 
—secretary. C. Blatt. L. Wubhena, S. Ptecek. J. Cochran Row TwoS. 
Sitko. G. Fullz. K. Zelenak. B. Robertson. J. Gessner. B. Ankrum. L. 
Garrett Row Three-E. Latherow. L. Leibv. E. McMinis. J. Gettle. C. 

Deitrich. E. Joy. S. Chase Row Fonr—E. Jackson. C. Toth. L. Quickel. 
L. Spory, I. Stitt, D. Rhawn, J. Stein. J. Ceslone. J. Kreiser. P. Carna- 
than. F. Kulbaka 



Childhood Education 


Front Row~C Swalm— president, E. McMinis— vice-president, L, Kern- 
secretary, B. Turkington, P. Carnathan, F. Kulbaka, C. Jones. B. Rob- 
ertson Row Two—C. Benninger, J. Conrad, P. Pickard, L. Quickel, J. 
Gessner, C. Toth, E. Jackson, E. Brenner Row Three-M. J. Lent?,, R. 

McCleaf, W, Wlasova, M, D'Anna, C. Deitrich. C. Witter. C. Hoeflicli. 
S. Stambach Row Four—L. Christman, P. Werrell, G. Fultz, K. Zelenak, 
L. Tompkins. D, Rhawn, E. Peters, S. Ptacek, C. Irwin, L. Garrett, B. 


From Row—h. D'Augostine, B. Macaw Row Two—C Melman, D. Gio- 
vanis, J. Else, J. Stein, B. Robertson, P. Buchanan, N. Hendrickson Row 
Three—S. Cumming, M. Eastman, M. Meyer. L. Bair, J. Gettle. N. Ro- 

binson, C. Albright Row Four-B. Jennings, M. Jones, G. Ossmann, R. 
Kaufmann, J. Maclary, D. Misal, B. McQuate, G. Strong, J. McFadden 

White Hats 

"To Thee, dear Alma Mater . 


Smile— we dare you! 


"We do solemnly swear 

Frosh Initiation 


Seated: K. Guyler, G. Frederick. L. Nieburg, S. Groff, L. Frey, R. Bow- Reid, L. Jacobs, R. Fox, P. Williams, R. McQuate, L. Arnold, L. Taylor, 

er, P. Thompson, G. Strong, R. Zygmunt, J. English, B. Hardie J. Haslam, P. O'Hara 

Standing: K. Schmuck, D. Hoffner, R. Shaffer, N. Fogg, T. Clemens, J. 

Officers: Phillip Thompson— vice president, Ron 
Zygmunt— secretary, John Denelsbeck— presi- 
dent, LeRoy Frey— treasurer 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service 
fraternity, assembUng college men in lea- 
dership, friendship and service. The fra- 
ternity serves the campus by offering 
ushering services at college functions, op- 
erating the college book exchange and 
blood bank, and sponsoring the ugly 
man contest. Their national service in- 
cludes the care of the American flags 
and the representation of the Peace 
Corps on campus. 


™p jl^ 

J kp^ - J^^% 





■>«^ ^ 

-"* 'i 





iJif »♦' 



Charles Mowrer— assistant coach 
Ken Snyder— assistant coach 
William McHenry— head coach 
Jerry Petrofes— trainer 
George Darlington-assistant coach 


An opening game loss to Wilkes in the final second of 
play set the stage for the remainder of the season for 
Coach William McHenry's Flying Dutchmen. Although 
handicapped by injuries to key personnel, the team never 
lost its spirit as shown in its victories over Muhlenberg 
and PMC. Captain Larry Painter led the many fine indi- 
vidual efforts being selected to ECAC recognition along 
with fullback John Fasnacht and tackle Pete Giraffa. Se- 
niors Bob Hawk, Bob Martalus, John Haven, Dan Cham- 
bers and Painter were instrumental in Lebanon Valley's 
successes in football over the past four years. 


From Row—C. Mowrer, G. Darlington. T. Gangwer. P. Giraffa, W. 
Spancake, R. Martalus, D. Chambers, L. Painter, J. Havens, R. Hawk, 
J. Fasnacht, R. Mead, D. Bollman, R. Kaneda, W. McHenry, K. Snyder 
Row Two-K. Bunting, S. Woodman, R. Basta, T. Falato, D. Ranc, C. 
Smith, J. Torre, H. Todd, B. Decker, D. TuUi, S. Brandsberg, G. Erd- 
man, J. Evans, F. Timlin, W. Ebert, G. Gunther Row Three-B. Burdick, 

G. Shaffer, J. Hovetter, J. Beardsley, T. Ciarula, J. Procopio, T. DeMar- 
co, R. Moyer, W. Coupe, G. Scott, T. Buganski, J. Cranston, R. Kom- 
meyer, T. Light, C. Wenger Row Four—R. Unger, I. Romig, K. Kane, T. 
Bobotas, T. Spieczny, E. Miltner, K. Willauer, J. Engle, D. Murphy, J. 
Howie, G. Kleppinger, H. Schreiber, W. Mac New, C. Campbell, T. 
Svirsko, R. Smith, J. Petrofes 


B. Young. B. Turkineton. S. Lancaster. N. Schellenbers. S. Hughes. A. Prescott. S. Horton 


D. Miller. R. McCleaf. B. Robertson. C. Speer 


From Row-'B. Ankrum, M. Smith, J. Gessner, J. Looker. L. Christ- Shettel, T. Mooney, M. Lentz, C. Jonci, M. Sans, P. Little, S. Stark. B. 
man, B. Macaw, S. Cummmg. L. Garrett. M. Eastman. L. Bair. B. Harro. J. Shuster. S. Godshall. D. Giovanis, C. Black. M. LaBella. J. 
Robertson. J. Yeagley Row Two-Uk. Walters. J. Else, P. Thomas, R. Kaut'mann, D. Buchanan 

Women's Field Hockey 



Front Row—T. Micka, J. Waring, P. Murphy. D. Williams, J. Davis, L. Bush Row Two— C. Sabold, F. 
Crowther, M. Burns, A. Laane, T. Nitka, B. Klugh, Mr. McHenry 

Cross Country 

:./'>*?L;"~**iir'--i-'^— -^^^^^^^^^ •«=■ — ^'^ 




Compiling a 3-6 meet record during the 
regular season against stiff opposition, the 
team was sparked by Dick Williams' fine 
performances and many first places. Sopho- 
more Jim Davis figured as the man behmd 
Williams and showed marked improvement 
over his freshman year. Senior Paul Mur- 
phy also added considerable power to the 
team's running, while Lou Waring consis- 
tently provided the needed boost in morale. 
Williams also placed in the top five in the 
Middle Atlantic Conference Champi- 
onships. The team was under the helm of 
Coach Bob McHenry. 

Coaches— J. Robert McHenry, George Mayhoffer 

Varsity Basketball 

Front Row~T>. Burkholder, J. Davis, J. Newman, H. Todd, J. Stauffer, 
J. Halladay, F. Detwiler Row Two~G. Mayhoffer, R. Atkinson, P. Simp- 

son, E. Linker, B. Billmeyer, W. Moyer, B. Decker, F. Kuhn, S. Miller, 
R. McHenry 

An impressive victory over Albright in the Lynch Me- 
morial Gym was the highlight of the 1966-67 basketball 
season. Led by co-captains Pat Simpson and Bromley 
Billmeyer, the team exhibited a balanced scoring attack 
and fine rebounding. Billmeyer and Simpson led the 
team in both departments, while significant contributions 
were made by Jerry Stauffer, Harold Todd, Bob Atkinson 
and Bruce Decker. Coach Bob McHenry directed the var- 
sity through the exciting season. 




Under the 
guidance of Coach 
Mayhoffer. the 
junior varsity 
exhibited an 
excellent record. 
Freshmen John 
Dottolo, Bill Allen, 
Frank Kuhn and 
transfer Dennis 
Snovel paced the 

From Row—i. Dottolo. J. Newman, G. Mayhofl'er Row 7"ii()--B. Bucher. .1. Martancik. W. .Allen. E. 
Linker, F. Kuhn. D. Snovel 

J.V. Basketball 

Girls Basketball 

Front Row- 
S. Jones 
J. Yeagley 
J. Hill 
B. Harro 



Row Two— 
P. Hess 
D. Lokey 
C. Melman 
C. Black 
M. Lentz 
B. Macaw 
L. Koch 
R. Rice 
B Levens 
M. Smith 
L. Bosland 
B. Carmen 

„w, ■!"t«/*^'-^'V-i**,y-^(w* j- 

Front Row—C. Layne, A. Laane, R. Kaufmann, J. Mengel, S. Barbaccia, 
D. Ranc, R. Smith, R. Calvert. R. Unger Row Two-Mr. Petrofes, R. 

Laughead, R. Kaufmann, J. Hovetter, S. Willman, K. Althouse, J, 
Torre, H. Wertsch, R. Basta, J. Howie, Captain Cooper 


Under Coach Jerry Petrofes the wrestling 
team had its finest season in its history with 
a dual meet record of 9 wins, 3 losses. Cap- 
tain Sam Willman compiled a perfect 12-0 
record in regular season competition and in 
four years set numerous LVC records. Fine 
performances by Archie Laughead, Kerry 
Althouse, Joe Hovetter and Rich Basta 
turned the tide in many matches for Valley. 
The team did well at the MASAC champi- 
onships held at Moravian College. 





^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H| ( \'^)i^r^ 


}- -HgjirJfRBt 'ft «i i 

' '''d^^^^^^^i 








^ » 




f M 




^^ ii^HI 

feitk, ^4 


Front Rim— P. Murphy. W. Zimmerman, S. Axman, P. Padley, C. 
Mowrer, J. StaulTer, D. Padley, J. Evans Raw Two— J. Falalo, W. La- 
monl. W. Northcutt, W. Hohenshelt, L. Kautfman, G. Gunther, M. 

Jones Row Three— VJ. McHenry, R. Unger, P. Brennan, R. Bower, P. 
Kaplan, R. McHenry. I. Romig 


In its first year at Lebanon Valley, the la- 
crosse team, under the guidance of coaches 
Robert and William McHenry, compiled a 
very respectable 3-4 record against experi- 
enced teams. Dave Padley and Bill Hoh- 
enshelt provided able leadership in their ca- 
pacity as co-captains. Padley was the lead- 
ing offensive threat with 13 goals while on 
defense freshmen goahe Rich Bower did an 
excellent job, being credited with many 
saves. Joe Mowrer and Gary Gunther pro- 
vided able support. 



Front Row-h. Light, R. Martalus, G. Horst, J. Stanton. L. Painter, M. 
Kamuyu, J. Foster, D. Williams Row Twu~'P. Detwiler, G. Stevick, L. 
Bush, J. Maclary, A. Shenk, P. Arndt. D. Brubaker. M. Zimmerer, S. 

Snavely Row Three—G. MayhotTer, B. Manning, T. Micka, K. Thomas, 
J. Davis, K. Buntmg, J. Kauffman, K. Baker, G. Darlington 


"^ ^ ' fc 't iS'"' '"''^ 

The 1966 track team, co-captained by Larry Painter 
and Jay Stanton, compiled a 7-5 season record. High 
point men for the season included Dick Williams in the 
distances, Joe Foster in the sprints. Painter in the half-mile 
and javelin, and Stanton in the hurdles and discus. New 
school records were set by Glen Horst in the pole vault 
with a vault of 13'l-3/4", and Jay Stanton in the discus with 
a toss of 141' 3-1/2". Coaches Mayhoffer and Darlington 
provided very capable coaching. 



-JtiPfc - ■-■ ^^m^it^^^ 






A::.i:: ' 

'<M I g « ii.,0am> . «. m gf ja" 

; .' ?• 

* ■ ■ ' 



!(^si^'**;;_i:#l.;fe i*»; 

, '«^:- 

,40lK^f' ^* ■■•*<*■ 



-JtiPfc - ■-■ ^^m^it^^^ 





1 " 


J. Petrofes, T. Perlaki, C. Hoener, W. Smith. J. Hofman, S. Willman. T. Long, B. Cadmus 


The golf team missed a few putts and 
wound up with a 1-11 record for the 
season. However, under the direction of 
Coach Petrofes many fine individual per- 
formances were carded by Captain Walt 
Smith, Tom Perlaki and Mac Hoener. 
Low score for the season was recorded 
by Walt Smith. Ted Long, Jon Hofman, 
Sam Willman and Bill Cadmus also put 
forth their best for the team. 


William Hohensheh, William McHenr)', Peler Carlesimo, Charles Mowrer 

Outstanding Athlete Awards 

R. Williams— Cross Country and Track 

D. Himmelberger— Cross Country 

W. Hohenshelt-Football 

J. Grahusky— Football 

H. Wertsch-Wrestling 

S. WiUman-Wrestling 

W. Smith-Golf 

S. Axman-Lacrosse 

J. Stanton— Track 

--:---— -T^jp^:^. J*. 


William Hohensheh— John Zola Award 
Charles Mowrer-Chuck Maston Award 

■C^M. &7^ <T"---v, g^SSSft;!.^. 

front Rinv-'L. Light. D. Ranc, H. Wertscli Row 7"ho— D. Williams. A. Hague, B. Cadmus Row Three- 
B. Martalus. K. Althouse. J. Davis, G. Nicholls, R. Kaufmann, R. Laugjiead, S. Willman 

Varsity "L" Club 


Front Row-Q. Macaw. J. Hill. S. Bennctch. B, Belt/. J, Dill. J 
Stein Row Two—i. Looker, M. Smith. J. Donmover, C. Swalni. J. 
Taylor. L. Pierce, M. Mever Row Three-]. Ge.ssner, A. Knopf, 
C. Speer. R. Gahle. C. Perlaki. B. Fackler. E. Swonger. L. Rohr- 

er Row Four H, Kowach. S. Cumming. L. Sporv, J. Else, C. 
Baeckert, C. Edgecomb, E. Latherow, D. Kimmich, S. Aher- 
netliy, L. Bloeser 

Women's Athletic Association 

From Row—C. Jones, B. Robertson, F. Kulbaka, M. LaBella, N. 
Schellenberg. J. Carissimi, B. Young, P. Ward Row Two-J. 
Koehler. M. Eastman. S. Jones. B. Ankrum. P. Hess. B. Levens, 

C. Melman Row Three— A. Leidich, A. Prescott, D. Giovanis, E. 
Dorcsis, L, Bair, K. Gault. C. Banes. L. Koch, M. Lentz, L, 
Christman, L. Garrett 


Abernelhy. Susan H.. 72, 138, 140, 207 

Abram.s, Joyce L., 114, 121 

Achev, LesEnk B., 144 

Ade,'Marilynn E., 114, 158 

Ahrens, Malcolm B., 114 

Albert, Bruce A.. 114 

Albright, Cinda A., 138, 166, 178 

'Alexander, Mrs. Mary, 30 

Ale.xv. Paul, III, 68 

Allen, William H.. 195 

Althouse, Kerry W., 104, 121, 136, 196, 206 

Alwine, Alice E., 72, 150, 156, 158 

Ankrum. Barbara A., 71, 72, 100, 143, 172, 

176, 177, 207 
Anspach, Jeanne L., 104 
Arndl, Patrick J., 104, 200 
Arnold, Leroy H., 72, 160, 161, 182 
Atkinson, Robert D., 192 
Axman, Stephen J., 198, 205 
Bachtell. D. Larry. 61, 140, 148, 160, 161, 

Baeckert, Cecelia M., 72, 207 
Bair, Leslie F., 104, 143, 178, 189, 195, 207 
Baker, E, Bonita, 118, 160, 164 
Baker, Kenneth M., 2IX) 
Banes, Christine, 72, 138, 207 
Barbaccia, Stephen L.. 104. 196 
Barkow, John W., 1 14 
Bartholomew, David E., 104, 175 
Barto, Margaret J., 68 
Bashore, Dennis T., 72, 140, 144 
Bassett, D. Ann, 114 
Basta, Richard E., 104, 186, 196 
Bean, Bruce L.. 72, 74 
Beardsley, John M., 113, 186 
Behnev, 'Rayanne D., 54, 145, 166 
Behrens, Joel P., 52, 148 
♦Bell, Richard C 32 

Beltz, Barbara A.. 57. 132, 140, 143, 166, 207 
•Bemesderl'er, James O., 24, 172 
Bender, Barrv L., 148 
♦Bender, Mrv Ruth E.. 41 
Bennetch. Suzanne L.. 72, 138, 166, 207 
Bennett, Robert W., 114 
Benninger, Carol L., 116, 177 
Benson, David A., 72 
Berry, K. Scott, 60, 140 
Biehler, Arthur F., 104 
Bmelow, F. Jill, 150, 156, 172 
Bitlmever, Bromlev H., Jr., 73, 192 
Bishop. Ellen J,, 104, 164, 172 
•Bi.ssinger, Dr. Barnard H., 40 
Bitner, John W,, Jr., 114, 158 
Black, Cynthia L., 189, 195 
Blasingame, Judith L.. 1 14 
Blatt, Carol A., 132. 176 
Bloeser. Laurel A., 73, 132. 166, 207 
Bobotas, Taki, 186 
Boffenmyer, John R., 73 
Bohlander, William P., 73 
Boland. Gerald L., 73. 144 
♦Bollinger, O, Pass, 31 
Bollman, Donald P., 73. 170, 186 
Bonnetond, James L., 105 
Bosland, Lois, 195 
Boston, James E., Jr., 73, 166, 170 
Bott, Diane K., 73, 132, 165, 167 
Bower, Richard W., 105, 182, 198 
Bowman. Karen L., 104 
Bowman, Larry A., 115 
Bowman, Thomas B., Jr., 73, 175 
Brandsberg. Steven R., 130, 186 
Brandt, Miriam E., 104, 145 
Brandt, Robert B., 115 
Brauner, Gary N., 50, 62, 134, 171 
Brennan. Peter E., 198 
Brenner, Elaine A.. 68, 132, 177 
Brenner, Eugene C, 115 
Brice, Elmer A., Jr., 1 15 
Brienzo, Carol L., 115 
Brixius, Darryl W., 73. 134. 166 
Brolis, Imantis L., 115 
Bross, Thomas R., 158. 167 
Brothman, Gail V., 105 
Brown, Dennis A., 74, 148, 158 
Brubaker, David A., 104. 134, 142, 167, 200 
Bryden, Doris E., 104 
Bryniarski, Kathleen A., 138 
Buchanan, Deborra E., 189 
Buchanan, Patncia A., 105, 110, 132, 178 
•Bucher. Norman S., 46 

Bucher, William C, 195 

Buck. Richard W.. Jr.. 67, 168, 169, 171 

Buganski, Thomas, 186 

Bunting, Kenneth R, 130, 186, 200 

Burdick, Barry W., 186 

Burian, Carol A., 59 

Burkholder, Harold L., 54, 105, 169 

Burkholder, J. Dean, 167, 192 

Burns. Jerry L., 115. 158 

Burns, Michael R.. 115, 190 

*Burras, Fay B„ 40 

Bush, R. Leslie, 190, 200 

Cadmus. William A., 59, 204, 206 

Cairns, Kathleen M., 64, 172 

Calvert, Ross H., IH, 105, 196 

Cameron, Carole C, 105, 150, 158 

Campbell, Charles E.. Jr., 186 

Campbell, Michael J., 148, 157 

Campbell, Richard E., 60 

Campbell, William E. 105 

Capper, Harry M., 74. 167 

Carissimi, Joan M., 67, 132, 207 

Carlson, Richard J., 58, 144. 166 

•Carmean, D. Clark. 24 

*Carmean, Mrs. Edna. 29 

Carnathan, Polly J,, 105, 138, 150, 156, 176. 

Carpenter, Dale A., 115, 121 
Carpenter, Lauretta E., 105 
Carter, Donald C„ 115 
Casagrand, Susan J., 115, 158 
Cassel, Charlene A., 55 
Caulker, Patrick S., 115 
Cerutti, Diane F.. 105, 150. 156. 158 
Cestone. Joanne, 105, 156, 176 
Chambers, Daniel F.. 64, 136, 186, G. Suzanne, 74, 100, 150, 176 
Christman, Lois E., 74, 132, 172, 176, 177, 

189, 207 
Church, Marsha A., 115 
Ciarula, Thomas A., 115, 160, 175, 186 
Clark, Carol J., 53, 175 
Clauser, George C. 52, 134, 168 
Clav, Alan B.. 75 
Clemens, Thomas M., 115, 182 
Clipp, Albert L., 172 
Cochran, Joanne M., 66, 132, 140, 176 
Coddington, Cornelius J., 115 
Condon, Karen L., 105. 138 
Conrad, Janice L., 115, 177 
Conrad, Kenneth W.. 55, 168 
♦Cooper, Charles T., 36, 196 
Cooper, James L.. 115 
Cormany. Philip M., 60, 148, 158, 168 
Coupe. William R., Jr.. 115, 186 
Cranston, Joseph J.. 186 
Cromwell. Marcia J., 75, 150, 156, 158 
Crowther, Fredric H., 190 
Cumming, Suzanne B., 75, 132, 178. 189, 207 
Cupp, M. Shephard, 115, 168 
♦Curfman, George D., 42 
Curlev, Charles J.. 60, 148, 160, 171 
Curley, Michael D.. 75, 157, 165, 172 
Curry, Donna L., 68 
D'Ahna, Mar\' B., 75, 138, 177 
D'Augostine, Louis J., 55, 148. 157, 158, 178 
♦Damus, Dr. Hilda M.. 37 
♦Darlington, George L., 38, 186 
Davidson, Mario J.. 115, 174 
Davis, James F,, 106, 190, 192, 200, 206 
Dawson, M. Ann. 75 
Deaven. Shirlev M.. 105 
Decker. Bruce 'R., 103, 105, 136. 186. 192 
DeHart. Charles J.. 75, 165 
Deitrich, Cecelia M., 75, 176, 177 
Dellinger, Patricia A., 59 
DeMarco. Anthony M., Jr.. 186 
Denelsbeck, John's., 66, 182 
DePiper, Geret P., 75 
Detwiler, Frederick E., 105, 130, 192, 200 
Devitz. Julianne C. 75 
Diehl, David A.. 115 
Diehl, Donna K., 69 
Dill, JoAnn, 64, 132, 143, 166, 171, 2(57 
Dinger, Henry D., 115 
Ditzler. Warren D., 76. 165 
Doll. Jane E.. 68. 138. 170 
Donaldson. Alan S., 62 
Donmoyer. Judith E.. 50. 59. 132. 140. 160. 

166. 170. 207 
Dorcsis. Elaine M.. 105. 207 

Dottolo. John. 115. 195 

Doughertv, John E., IIL 62, 134 

Dovfe, Charles L., 56 

Dreibelbis, Carolyn B.. 76, 166 

Drouncheck. Michael A., 115 

Dubbs, Lynn V.. 58 

Dumbauld. Jack E., 76 

Dunham, Marian L., 69, 158 

Dunn, Arthur R.. Jr.. 61, 130 

Eastman, Maryann, 105, 178, 189, 207 

♦Ebersole, Dr. Cloyd E., 34 

Eberl, William, 103, 186 

Edgecomb, Carol A.. 76, 165, 166, 207 

Eaae, Kenneth L., 66 

♦Ehrhart, Dr. Carl Y.. 20 

Ehrlich, Heather R., 76, 166 

Etcher, Linda L., 105, 164 

Eisenhart, William B., 105, 136 

Else, Janet M.. 76, 77, 101, 132, 143, 178. 

189, 207 
Embich, Thomas R., 62, 134, 144, 166 
Enck, Robert E., 58, 134. 166 
Engle. Paul G.. 186 
English. A. James. 105, 160, 182 
ErcJman, Gregory L., 130, 186 
Erir, Charles G.. 105 
Eshelman, Carol E.. 76. 78, 150, 156, 158 
Evans, James T.. 105, 186. 198 
Evans. Robert B.. 67 
♦Faber, Dr. Anna D.. 35 
Fackler. Rebecca L., 76, 140, 168, 207 
♦Fairlamb, William H., 41 
Falato, Thomas J.. 186. 198 
Fasnacht, L. John. 76, 186 
Fauber, Stephanie J., 106, 150 
♦Faust, Martha C. 22 
•Fehr, Alex J., 39 
Ferry, Lynda J., 76. 140. 158, 175 
Fetters, David A., 105 
♦Fields, Donald E.. 25 
♦Fields, Mrs. Francis T., 36 
Fine, Valerie A., 115, 164 
Flud, Thomas W.. 116 
Fogg, Norman W., Jr., 105, 166, 182 
Foltz, Sara E., 174 
♦Ford. Dr. Arthur L.. 35 
Forkel, Phyllis J., 158 
Forker, Judith E., 105, 150, 158 
Foster, Judith J., 116 
Foster, Joseph N., 66, 142, 157, 200 
Foutz, Paul B„ 77, 168 
Fox, Robert S., 105, 172, 182 
Foxall, Thomas L.. 77 
Frantz, James T.. Jr., 105 
Fraylic, James B.. 1 16 
Frederick, Gary D., 105, 166, 182 
Frev, LeRoy G.. 77. 166. 182 
Frey. Robert E.. Jr., 116. 160 
Fry; Alan K.. 77. 136 
Fulk. George N., 60. 134. 172 
Fultz. Gloria S.. 105. 176. 177 
Fur,st. W.. Daniel. 65. 136. 166 
Gable. Roberta J.. 65, 166, 171 
Galat, John M., 65, 136, 166 
Gangwer, Thomas E., 78. 186 
Garbnck, Quinetta D., 105, 168 
Garrett, Lynn, 78, 132, 172, 176, 177, 189, 

♦Garman, Mrs. E. Elizabeth, 38, 195 
♦Garthly, Mrs. Elizabeth V., 30 
♦Gates, G., Thomas, 33 
Gates, Paul R., 1 16 
♦Geffen. Dr. Elizabeth M., 39 
Gehris. Marcia J.. 105, 150, 158 
George, Sandra L., 116, 156 
Gessner, Janet L.. 70. 78, 132, 176, 177, 189, 

Gettle, Judy A., 78, 145, 176, 178 
♦Getz, Pierce A., 42 
Gibble, Rachel L., 57, 150, 156, 158 
Giles, Harold F., 63. 166 
Giovanis, Diane, 105, 178, 189,207 
Giraffa, Pietro D., Jr.. 78, 186 
Glen, George S., 174 
Godshall, Sally L., 121, 158, 189, 195 
Goodling. Robert W.. 58. 148, 171 
Govier, M. Joyce, 78 
Grabusky. John M., 205 
Grace, Carol J., 54 
Graham, Robert E., Jr., 136 
Graybill, Rhoda L., 105 

Green. Carole J.. 116. 158 

Green, Susan J.. 60, 150 

Gremer. Robert C. 116, 158 

*Grimm. Dr. Samuel O., 45 

Grimm, Svlvia A., 69 

♦Gnswold. Dr. Robert E.. 33 

GrolT. Stephen A.. 79, 182 

Gullev. Manlv-n A.. 66. 158 

Gulli.'Paul M"., 116 

Gunderson, Linda M., 116, 170 

Gunther, Garent R., 198 

Guvler, Karl E., 105, 148, 166. 182 

Haaue. Alan P.. 70. 79. 81. 130. 140. 142 

r69. 206 
Haight. Donald A., 79, 136, 137, 172 
Haiaht, Everett A.. 79 
Hair. Dale. 79 
Hall, Mar\' Jane, 79, 138 
Halladay,'john A.. 79. 192 
Halladay. Mars A.. 67 
Hamilton. Margaret L.. 79 
Hammacher. Everett .X.. 105. 148 
*Hanioan. Mrs. Ethel. 30 
Hannon. Kathleen M.. 79, 132, 170 
*Hansen, Mrs. Geilan. 37 
Hardenstine. Margie L., 116 
Hardie, Bruce D.,"l05, 182 
Harro, Roberta L., 113, 118, 140, 189, 195 
Haslam, James W., 105, 160. 182 
Hatch. Roger W.. Jr.. 175 
Havens. John W.. Jr.. 65. 186 
Hawbaker. Sonja L.. 79. 156. 158, 172 
Hawk, Robert B., 64, 186 
Heagv. Ralph L.. 80 
HecC; Ronald W.. 106. 157 
Hetfner. John H.. 80, 167 
Heilman, Jean L.. 106. 156 
Heizmann. Clifford L.. 64. 134. 168. 174 
*He!liar. \V. .Anne. 26 
Hemmaplardh. Konkun. 113. 117 
Hendrickson. Nancv L., 106, 132, 143. 178 
*Hennmg. Paul F..'40 
*Herr. Mrs. June E.. 34 
•Hess. Dr. Paul W.. 31 
Hess. Paula K.. 138. 195. 207 
Hetzer. Lmda C. 106 
Hicks. Terrv W.. 80 
Hill. Janet L.. 80. 97. 138. 195. 207 
Himmelberger. David V.. 205 
Hoch. Franklin S.. 106. 157 
Hocklev. John L.. 116 
Hoeflic'h, Carol A.. 117. 177 
Hoener. Clarence E. Jr.. 204 
Hoffman. James R.. 106, 158 
Hofman, Jon E., 80, 204 
Hot'mann, Rolanda M.. 116. 120. 121 
Hoffner. David A,. 182 
Hohenshelt. George W. II, 198, 205 
Hollen, Micheal R., 105 
Hollinger, Nancv J., 158 
•Hollingsworth.'Dr. Harold C, 46 
Holtzman, Mark G.. 80, 130, 169 
Hoover, Gregory P., 80 
Hopkins, Helaine R., 66, 140, 170, 175 
Horn, Mary Ann. 106, 164, 170 
Hornberger, Charles K.. 80. 148, 156 l';8 

Horning, Carl E., 80 
Horst. Glen I.. 56, 200 
Horton, Sue A., 67, 132, 188 
Hostetter, Marv A., 80. 145 
Houck. Eileen L., 117 
Houser. Beverly A.. 121 
Hovetter. Joseph E.. 186. 196 
Howie. John. 186. 196 
Hughes. Sandra D.. 106. 132. 168. 188 
Hummer, Julia M., 1 17 
Hunsicker, James R.. 116 
Hunsicker. Virginia L., 106. 158, 160 
Hunter, Robert G. Jr.. 117 
III. John J.. 117 
litis. Jeffer, P.. 116 
Ingalls, David P., 61, 130, 174 
Irwin. Carol A.. 118. 177 
Jackson. Ellen M.. 69. 176, 177 
Jacobs. Llovd D., 106. 182 
Jacobs. Stephen M., 81, 136, 140 
'Jamanis, Michael, 42 
Jennings, Robert G.. 106. 134. 178 
Jones. Connie L.. 117, 177, 189, 207 
Jones, Margaret L., 106, 132, 143 
Jones, Michael R.. 106. 136. 178 
Jones. Michael S., 198 
Jones, Susan K., 106, 138, 195, 207 
Joy, Elaine W., 81, 132, 176 
•Joyce, Richard A., 40 

Jungmann, Donna K.. 81 

•Ka'ebnick. Winifred L.. 47 

Kain. James E. Jr.. 106. 157. 158 

Kamara. Mamie M.. 57. 138. 156 

Kamuvu. Michael M.. 60. 200 

Kane.'Kevin D.. 186 

Kaneda. Robert R.. 186 

Kaplan. Paul S. 198 

Karhumaa. Karen M.. 117 

Karver. Dana C. 117 

Katzman. Eugene. 167 

Kauffelt. Nanl'v M.. 106 

Kauffman. Ellen R.. 53. 158 

Kauffman. Jack. 63. 70, 130, 164, 169. 200 

Kauffman. Larry L.. 81. 136. 198 

Kaut'mann. Jeanne K.. 120. 189 

Kaut'mann. Richard W., 106. 121. 136 U"" 
178, 196, 206 

Kaut'mann, Robert A., 70. 82. 121. 136, 196 

Keck, Kathleen A.. 117 

Keel'er. Paul L. Jr.. 56. 136 

Keehn, David P., 82, 148, 156 

Kehr. Philip E., 106 

•Keller, Mrs. Bonnie P.. 42 

Keperling, David L., 54. 134. 169, 170 

Keperling, Lmda D., 54, 169, 170, 172 

Kern, Luanne E.. 158. 176. 177 

Kimmich, Dons J., 50, 68. 138. 167. 171. 207 

King. George J.. 82. 140. 142. 169 

Kirbv. Karen J.. 115. 121 

Kisiel. Edwin C. Jr.. 82. 148, 165, 175 

Kitchell, Donald B., 64, 148, 157 

Kleppinger. Earl G.. 186 

Klick. itaren S.. 83 

Kline. Carol P., 83, 150 

Klme. William E.. 117 

Klugh. Benjamin F. Jr., 190 

•Kn'iirr. Charlotte F.. 46 

Knarr. James S.. 59 

Knier. Barrv L.. 53 

Knopf. .Andrea F.. 83, 138, 207 

Koch, Eileen J.. 117 

Koch. Lucille A.. 106. 166, 195. 207 

Koehler. Janice A., 83, 160, 165, 207 

Kolle, Edward A., 106 

Kopenhaver, Jerrold C. 53 

Kornmever. Robin A.. 186 

Kortum." Sue M.. 150. 156 

Kowach, Helen B., 83. 164, 207 

Kreamcr. Keith G.. 83 

Kreiser. Ellen P.. 54, 166 

Kreiser, Janice E., 106. 150, 156, 176 

Krikorv, Kathleen M., 69. 158 

Kuhn. Frank A. Jr.. 192. 195 

Kulbaka. Frances N.. 174. 176. 177. 207 

Laanc. Agu, 117. 190. 196 

LaBella. Mary L.. 189. 207 

Lake. Howard L.. 64 

Lamont. William J. Jr.. 62. 198 

Lancaster. Susan .A.. 106. 108 

•Landis. Kenneth L.. 43 

Landis. Ronald E.. 117 

•Lanese. Thomas A.. 43 

Lapp. Donna L.. 1 17 

Latherow. Ellen M., 83. 167. 176. 207 

Laughcad. Robert A.. 83, 121, 196. 206 

Lauver. E. Eugene. 83. 136 

Lavne. Carl R':. 196 

LeBaron. Duane H. Jr.. 53. 130 

LeFevre. Lucy A.. 53. 156 

Lehman. Dennis M.. 83. 134 

Leibv. LeAnn A.. 59, 138. 176 

Leidich, Ann M., 64, 132, 170, 207 

Leitner, Kermil R., 84, 134 

Lentz, Marv J., 106, 138, 177, 189, 195, 207 

Levens, Elizabeth J.. 138. 195, 207 

•Lewin, Mrs. Mary B., 41 

Light. Larry L.. 84, 186. 200. 206 

Light. Man,' A.. 107, 132 

Linebaugh,' Craig W.. 118 

Linker. Erich G.. 117, 192. 195 

Linton. John C. 65, 136, 142. 170, 171 

Lippert, Marv J.. 84, 150, 158 

Little, Margaret A.. 117. 189 

•Lockwooif, Dr. Carl L., 32 

Lokey. Dell E,. 84. 138, 195 

Lombard!. Marianne. 84, 166 

•Long, David M.. 28 

Long. Gretchen A. E., 61, 150, 156, 158, 171 

Long, Ronald L.. 106 

Long. Ruth E.. 84, 150. 156 

Long, Theodore K., 204 

Looker, Julia E., 69, I.W. 189. 195. 207 

Lovegren. Lars J,. 106. 158 

Ludwig. Sandra K.. 106, 166 

Macaw, Barbara J., 67, 138, 143, 166, 171. 

178. 189. 195. 207 
MacGregor. Glenn H.. 84, 130 
Maclarvrjohn D. Jr., 136, 174, 178, 200 
MacNew, William T.. 186 
Magazino. James G.. 84 
•Magee. Dr. Richard D.. 45 
Mallon. Michael B., IIS 
•Malm. Dr. Sylvia R.. 3 I 
Mann. James C, 57, 140, 164, 168, 169 
Manning, Robert K.. 136. 200 
Manwiller. Judith L.. 84 
•Marquette. George R.. 23 
Marshall. Carl L.."l06 
Marshall. Georgia L.. 106, 156, 158 
Martalus. Robert J., 65. 136. 174. 186 ""OO 

Martancik. John E.. 195 
Martin, Sue A., 54, 169 
MaLsko, Robert P.. 62. 134 
Matz. Kenneth H. Jr.. 84 
Maurer, Daniel L.. 59 
•Mavhoffer. George P.. 38. 192. 195. 200 
McCann. Barbara "j.. 118. 156. 160 
•McCrorv. James F.. 45 
McClelland. Jean K.. 107. 156. 158 
McCleaf. Rosemarv S.. 85, 177, 188 
McComsey, K. Christine. 85. 156. 158. 164. 

McCrarv. Chervl L.. 107. 150. 156 
McCullough. Jeffery S., 85. 144, 158 
McFadden. John R.. 85. L36. 178 
•McHenrv. J. Robert. 38. 190. 192. 198 
•McHenry. William D.. 39. 186, 198, 205 
McKinnev, James M.. 61 
•McKlveen. Dr. Gilert D.. 34 
McMinis. Jovce E., 85, 176, 177 
McQuate, Robert S.. 144. 178. 182 
Mead. Robert W., 85. 186 
Melman. Cvnthia S., 138, 178, 195, 207 
Mengel. Jav A.. 86. 134, 196 
Merlo, Janet A.. 86, 132 
Merrill, Dorothv B,. 118, 158 
Meyer, Mimi, 85. 86. 172. 178. 207 
Me'vers. Joseph M.. 118 
•Mezoff. Earl R.. 21 
\ Micka. Thomas A.. 134. 190, 200 
•Millard, Mrs. Margaret. 28 
Miller. Carl E.. 107" 
Miller, Dean E., 86 
Miller. Diana L.. 188 
•Miller. Dr. Frederick K.. 19 
Miller. Garv W.. 87, 148, 158, 160, 161 
Miller, Gregorv J.. 87 
Miller. James J.. 87 
Miller, Marjorie J.. 150. 156. 158 
Miller, Ronald W., 1 18 
Miller, Stuarl W.. 87. 192 
Miller. William H.. 63. 134 
Miller. William K.. 148. \%. 158. 161 
Mills. Bonnie C. 62 
Mills. Terrv. 107 
Miller. Ernest H., III. 174. 186 
Misal. Dennis A.. 130. 178 
•Monteith. Mrs. Ann. 29 
Moonev. Patricia C. 87. 101. 132. 189 
Moore,' Henrv H.. 87 
Moritz. Richard T.. 87. 134 
Morrison. Lawrence S.. I 18 
Morton. John M.. 87. 172 
Moss. Lawrence R.. 87. 168 
Mowrer. Charles W.. 186, 198, 205 
Mover, George R.. 107 
Mover. Richard H,, 186 
Mover, William W.. I 18 
Mover. William Z. 192 
Mu'rphv. David M.. 186 
Murph'v. Jeannette A.. 87. 150 
Murphv, Paul C. 60. 134. 190, 198 
Myers, David E.. 118 
Myers. Gregorv C. I 18 
MvHv. Marion' L.. 107. 175 
Nauale. Carol A.. 52. 150. 156 
♦Neidig. Dr. Howard A.. 32 
Nelson. H. Jean, 88, 156, 158 
Nelson. Randall 88 
Nestor. Lois J.. 88. 98, 174 
Newcomer. James R.. 70. 86. 88. 9h. 142 
Newman. John R.. 195 
New-master, Ronald D., 66, 144, 167, 175 
Nicholls, Grant T.. 88. 206 
Nieburg. Lewis J.. 88. 165. 182 
Nitka. Anthony T.. 118. 190 
Nornhold, John S.. 116 
Norlhcutt. William C 198 
O'Brien, Sharon A.. 107 
Ochoa, Carol, 67, 132 

*0'Donncll. Mrs. Annes B.. 35 

*0'Donnell. J. Robert, 45 

O'Hara. Daniel D,. 1 18 

O'Hara, Paul D.. 107. 182 

Ossmann. Gre°orv K., 105. 130. 175. 178 

Ott, Gregory A.. l07 

Painter, Larry J., 67, 134, 176, 186, 200 

Paist. Carol A., 88, 138, 156. 158 

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Paumer. Vivian L., 88 

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Perlaki, Concetta M.. 65. 132, 207 

Perlaki. Thomas N.. 204 

Peters. Elaine Y., 118, 177 

Peterson. Ruth Ann, 118 

Pfeil, Ruth Ann, 118 

Phelps. Glen A.. 118. 158 

Pickard. Paul F.. 88. 164 

Pickard. Phvllis A.. 69, 172. 177 

*Picl. Dr. S' Elizabeth, 36 

Pierce, Linda L., 88. 166. 207 

Pinnel. Patricia A.. 107, 132, 166 

Pinkerton, Barbara L., 89, 150, 156, 158 

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Procopio. John R.. 186 

Ptacek. Sherrie. 107. 172, 176. 177 

Quickel. Lois E.. 69. 171. 172, 176, 177 

Radlof. Linda R,. 107. 170 

*Ramsay. John P.. 36 

Ranc, David G.. 107. 174. 186, 196, 206 

Rau, Patricia A., 1 18 

*Reeve, E. Joan. 43 

Reid, Jack R,, 166, 182 

Rcidenbach, Raymond J., 89, 136 

Rci-le. Patricia V.. 89 

Rcist, Larry F.. IL 118, 160, 175 

Renninaer, Sandra J.. 68 

Rcnshaw. Craig H.. 63, 170 

Rentzel, Bradley E.. 50. 60, 134. 140, 142 

157, 171. 172' 
Rhawn. Deborah A.. 107, 132. 176. 177 
♦Rhodes. Dr. Jacob L.. 45 
Rice. Frank L., 107, 148 
Rice, Rita 1., 55, 138. 195 
Richard. Ann B., 107 
*Richards. Dr. Benjamin A.. 44 
Richcreek. Ronald "L.. 89, 134, 160. 161 
Ricdel. Joel S.. 118. 160 
Riedman, Lawrence F.. 118 
Rife, James M.. 107 
♦Riley. Robert C . 27 
Ritter. Holly A,, 118 
Robertson. "Barbara R. 107, 174. 176, 177. 

178, 188, 189, 207 
Robinson, Nancy L.. 107. 132. 178 
Rogers, David R.. 52 
Rogers, Jonathan J., 1 13. 1 18 
Rogers. Martin W.. Jr., 130. 174 
Rohrbaugh. Patricia A., 89. 150. 158 
Rohrer. tinda. 52. 143, 160, I6l. 171. 207 
Rondeau. Patrick E., 107 
Roth. Robert A., 58, 144 
Rothermel, Linda S.. 107. I. so 
*Rovers, Reynaldo, 43 
Rovers, Reynaldo T.. 58, 134 
Sabold, Carl R.. 90, 98, 130, 140, 190 
Sakaguchi, Kiyofumi, 57. 136 
.Salmon, Katrinka A., 90, 132, 140. 143. 165 
.Sans. Mitzi. J.. 118. 189 
Sawyer. John C. 90. 134. 140. 160. 172 
*Saylor. Mrs. Malin. 37 
Scharmann. Susan J.. I 18 
Schauer. Larry L . 90. 148 
Schellenberg. Nancy L.. 91, 137, 138, 143, 

188, 207 
Schimpf, Dale C. 108. 148. 156, 158 
Schmid. Barrie E.. 108, 130 
Schmit/, Barbara, 108 
Schmuck, Keith J,, 108. 182 
Schocnlv. Stuart G,, 91. 136. 165. 167 
Schreiber, Henrv D., 186 
Schwalm, Jack S., 63, 148, 157, 158. I6i 
Schwartz, Anna R., 91, 150 
Schworer, Charles M.. 108 
Scott. Gregory E.. 113. 142. 186 
Seacat. Cheryl A.. 91. 138. 164 

Seamon, Holes S.. Jr.. 118 

Seland. Paul A.. Jr.. 91. 148 

Semon. Arthur D.. 91 

Senler. Lynda S.. 91. 140. 150. 156, 158 

Serfass, Mary Jane, 52, 158 

Shaffer. Eugene. K.. 186 

Shaffer. Ronald B.. 108, 166. 182 

Shanaman. Susan M.. 91 

Sharnetzka. C. Scott, 91, 148, 157 

Sharrow, William D., 108, 156, 158 

Shatto, M, Thomas, 91 

Shaw, Patricia E.. 68, 150 

*Shav, Dr. Ralph S., 39 

Shea'rer, James M., 92. 108. 174 

Shedenhelm. Susan J.. 118 

Shemas. Margeret K.. 118 

Shencnherger. William E.. 157 

Shenk. Alan E.. 108. 200 

Sherman. Robert C. 115. 157. 158 

Shermever. Rae A.. 92. 166 

Shettel.'Rae L.. 189 

Shimada. Tomoko S., 62 

Shiner. Patricia L.. 92 

Shipley. Eric H.. 119 

Shober, Judith N., 68 

Shonk, Thomas H., 52, 157, 158 

♦Showers. Richard V.. 26. 164 

Shue. Susan J.. 158 

Shuev. John E.. 54. 169 

Shuster. Janice J.. 115. 121. 189. 195 

Shuttlesworth. Duane E.. 130, 170 

Silvers. Damon L.. IIL 56 

Simington, Richard N.. 92 

Simmers, Donna F.. 65. 166 

Simpson, Patrick J., 92, 192 

Sipe. Kenneth L,. 108. 164. 172 

Slade. D. Jean. 89. 92. 132. 143 

Slonaker, Jerry P., 92 

Smith, Charles M., 186 

Smith, Mary P.. 55. 138, 189, 195, 207 

Smith. Ronald J.. 186. 196 

♦Smith. Robert W., 41 

Smith. Walter L,. IIL 58. 134. 204, 205 

Smith, Ward O.. IIL 53 

Suavely. Stanley A., 92, 200 

Snovci Dennis' R.. 195 

♦Snyder. Kenneth, 186 

♦Souchet, Claude, 37 

Spancake, William A.. 92, 169, 186 

Speer, Cheryl J.. 57, 132, 140, 172, 188, 207 

Spieczny, Theodore J., 186 

Spinelli, William H., 56, 136 

Sporv, Linda L.. 93. 138, 174, 176. 207 

♦Stachow. Frank E,. 43 

Stambach. Susan K., 119, 177 

Stanilla, David L.. 108. 167 

Stanton. Jay S.. 200. 205 

Stark. Susan J. L.. 189 

Stauffer. George A.. 108. 198 

Stearn. Francis M.. IV. 59 

Stecker. Patricia. 93. 143 

Steffy. Allen W.. Jr.. 108. 168 

Stehler. Constance M.. 108 

Stein. Janet C. 67. 138. 176. 178. 207 

Stevick. Glenn E.. 200 

Stitt. Ida L.. 108. 156. 176 

Stock. Paula C. 119 

♦Stokes, Dr. Milton L., 34 

Stoner, Fred E., 119 

Stoltlemeyer, David L., 158 

Stowe, Carol A., 69, 143, 150, 156 

♦Strickler, Evalvnn. 47 

Stnckler. Vivian E.. I 19. 121 

Strong. Glenn M., 108, 178, 182 

♦Strufile, Dr. George G., 35 

♦Struble. Mrs. Lillie. 28 

Svirsko. Thomas M.. 186 

Swalm, Carol L., 93, 177, 207 

Swartz, Susan K., 93. 136 

Swartz, Terrence L,, 94 

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Taylor. Larry R., 109, 166, 182 

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Te/ak. Barbara A., 156 

Thomas, Gregory M.. 119 

Thomas, J, K'ennelh, 94, \i6. 168, 200 

Thomas, Phyllis A.. 189 

Thompson, PhiUip E.. 94, 167, 182 

Thompson, Rae L., 109, 170 

Thompson, William M., 67, 109 

♦Thurmond, Dr. James M., 44 

Tietze. Paul G., 66 

Timlin. Frank M.. 186 

♦Titcomb, Dr. Eleanor, 37 

Tjhin, Martha K.. 65, 138 

Todd, Harold J.. 109, 186 

♦Tom, Dr. C. F. Joseph, 33 

Tompkins, Leta L., 109, 177 

Torre, Joseph A., 103. 186. 196 

Toth. Carol L.. 68. 138. 176. 177 

Trayer. Ronald T.. 57. 136. 148 

♦Tredick. Mrs. William. 29 

Trefsgar. Brooks K.. 56. 174 

Treftz. Nancy S. B., 55 

♦Troutman. Dr. Perry J.. 47 

Tulh. Dennis J., 109. 169. 186 

Turkington. Barbara J.. 109. 132. 140. 177. 

Ulrich. Debra A.. 109 
LJmberger. Margaret W.. 156 Kathleen L.. 1 19 
Unger. Robert L.. 186. 196. 198 
Updegrove. Edward J.. Jr.. 63 
Urick. Diane E.. 109 
VanCamp. James R.. 94. 175 
Vonhauser. Joan E.. 1 19 
Wagner. Rebecca A.. 94 
Wafker. P. David. 94 
♦Wallace. Dr. Paul A., 27 
Walsh. Robert J.. 1 19. 160 
Ward. Paula K.. 57. 140. 150. 156. 158. 207 
Waring. James M.. 68. 190 
Warner. Beverly A.. 119. 156 
Watkms. Norman C. 94. 166. 172 
Weber. Joan L., 109, 132, 160. 172 
Weil. Lois A.. 94 
Welsh, Bruce T., 119 
Wenger, Carlin L.. 186 
Wennerholm. Merry L.. 119 
Wenrich. James T.. 109, 172 
Werner. Paul L.. 119 
Werrell. Patricia S.. 118. 177 
Wertsch. Harrv W.. 94. 134. 196. 205 
West. Barbara'J.. 95. 138. 170 
West. Janice R.. 103. 132 
West. Richard A,. 136 
♦Wethington. Dr. L. Elbert, 46 
Wheeler. William K.. 142 
White. Barbara C. 132 
♦Wicder. Homer W.. 35 
Wiest. John A.. Jr., 50, 67, 130, 142 
Willauer. Kent C. 186 
Williams, Paul D., 160, 182 
Williams, Richard E., 90, 95, 97, 134, 140, 

142, 165. 172. 190. 200, 205, 206 
Willman, Samuel A.. 58. 196. 204. 205. 206 
Willman. Susan M.. 119. 134 
♦Wilson. Dr. Francis H., 30 
Winemiller, Douglas R., 1.%, 157 
Winslow, JoAnn, 109 
Witt, Dean R., 119 
Witter, Constance J.. 95. 177 
Wla.sova. Wanda. 95. 177 
♦Wolf. Paul L.. 31 
Woodbury. Susan M.. 95 
Woodman. Steven R.. 186 
♦Woods. Glenn H.. 36 
Wubbena. Jan H.. 109, 148 
Wubbena, L, M. Luise. 53. 156. 158, 176 
Yarger, Ronald G., 109, 148 
Yeager. Valerie A., 93, 95, 96, 132, 140, 165, 

Yeagley, JoAnn, 189 
Yerger: John R., 95, 148. 156 
You'ng. Bonita J.. 67. 132. 188. 207 
Zart. Harry C. 95. 134 
Zech. Janet I.. 109. 138. 158 
Zelenak. Kathleen M.. 109. 138. 176. 177 
Zinimerer. Karl M.. 200 
♦Zimmerman. Mrs. Leah M.. 44 
Zimmerman. Thomas S.. I 19 
Zimmerman. William S.. 198 
Zvamunt. Ronald J.. 140. 166. 182 

Patrons— 1968 Quittapahilla 


Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Arnold 

Mr. Joseph G. Barbaccia 

Mr. Wilmer H, C. Bassett 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bean 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bollman 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Bosland 

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bott 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bower 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Bowman 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Brauner 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brandt 

Mrs. C. H. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burns 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Church 

Mr. and Mrs. David Conway 

Mr. and Mrs. Ross K. Conrad 

Mr. John H. Cormany 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cumming 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D'Anna 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D'Augostine 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Deitrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ditzler 

Mr. Bernard J. Dobmsky 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Doyle 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Dreibelbis 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Edgecomb 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Fackler 

Mr. Ed Gangwer 

Mr. and Mrs. Miles H. Garbrick 

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Garrett 

Dr. and Mrs. Leroy A. Gehris 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman K. Gessner 

Mr. H. F. Giles. Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Guyler 

Mr. and Mrs. Archie P. Hague 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Haight 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hawbaker 

Mrs. George D. Hedenberg 

Mr. Earl W. Houser 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Waldron Joy 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kellow 

Rev. and Mrs. Ira Keperling 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Kimmich 

Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Kirby 

Col. and Mrs. E. C. Kisiel 

Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Kitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Koehler 

Mr. John W. Kreamer 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Krickory, Sr. 

Mr. Herbert Layne 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Clayton Lapp 

Mrs. Frances S. Latherow 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Lauver 

Dr. and Mrs. Kermit L. Leitner 

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Linebaugh 

Mr. and Mrs. John Linton 

Rev. and Mrs. William J. Lippert 

Mr. David L. Lokey. Jr. 

Mr. Joseph Lombardi 

Mrs. R. Macaw 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. MacGregor 

Mrs. Katheryn L. Martinson 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Matsko 

Mrs. Katheryn Matz 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Maver 

Mr. Vernon J. McComsey 

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Merlo 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Meyer 

Mr. Edward Nelson 

Mr. H. W. Nelson 

Mr. Russell Nicholls 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Norhold 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Paist 

Mrs. Anna Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Pickard 

Mrs. Martha Pickard 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Pingel 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pinkerton 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rentzel 

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Robertson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rohrbaugh 

Mr. Reynaldo Rovers 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Salmon. Jr. 

Mrs. Paul Seland 

Mr. Luther P. Sensenig 

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Schoenly 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Schellenberg 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shaffer 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Shonk 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Shedenhelm 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Sherman 

Dr. and Mrs. E. Roderick Shipley 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sitko 

Miss Helen A. Sitko 

Miss Veronica R. Sitko 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Swalm 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Swartz 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Trefsgar 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Walsh 

Mr. H. G. Williams 

Mr. R. Wilks 

Mrs. Lucille C. Witt 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Witter 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Yarger 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Yerger 


Lebanon Valley Offset 

Cleona, Pennsylvania 

Lebanon Steel Foundry 

Lebanon, Pennsylvania 

Kreamer Brothers Furniture Co. 

328 W. Main Street 
Annville. Pa. 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 

Bob Hoch Service Center 

Lebanon Palmyra Robesonia 

Lebanon Valley College 

Snack Bar 

"Seltzer Brand" Lebanon 

Palmyra Bologna Co., Inc. 
230 N. College Street 
Palmyra, Pennsylvania 

Delight Stores 

Lebanon Valley Shop. Ctr. 
Palmyra, Pa. 

Shroyer Stores 

Lebanon Plaza 
Lebanon, Pa. 

Lebanon Valley College 
Book Store 

Strickler Insurance Agency, 

William's Studio 

"official yearbook photographer" 

619-21 Cumberland Street ph. 273-4529 

Lebanon, Pa. 


E, Peter Strickler. Pres. "47 
Lebanon. Pa. 


"artist's supplies and materials"" 

Lebanon Plaza Shopping Center 

Lebanon. Penna. 

Sorrento's Pizza 

817 E. Penn Ave. 
Cleona. Pa. 

Union Emblem Co. 

128 E. Main St. 
Palmyra, Pennsylvania 

Eugene Hoaster Co., Inc. 


526 Cumberland Street 

Lebanon, Pa. 

Lebanon Treadway Inn 

Good Food— Drink— Lodging 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 


Hot Dog Frank's 

7 E. Main Street 
Annville, Pennsylvania 

I. M. Long 

17 E. Main Street 
Annville, Pennsylvania 

Paul Kettering Sporting Goods 

104 W. Main Street 
Annville, Pennsylvania 

Davis Pharmacy 

9-11 W. Main Street 
Annville, Pennsylvania 

W. T. Grant Co. 

"Known For Values" 

Lebanon Valley Shopping Center 

Palmyra, Pennsylvania 

Goodman's Flowers 

131 N. Railroad Street 
838-9191 Palmyra 

Jack F. Carpenter 

Gulf Service 

233 W. Penn Avenue 

Cleona, Pa. 

H. L. Meyer Inc. 

Dist. Citco 
Cleona, Pa. 

Dutch Diner 

Restaurant and Motel 
Palmyra, Pa. 


Valley Trust Building 
Palmyra, Pennsylvania 



Hollinger Glass Co. 

25 S. 10th Street 
Lebanon, Pa. 

Royer's Flower Shop 

810 S. 12th Street 
Lebanon, Pa. 




The 1968 Quittapahilla would like to express its appreciation to 
the following, who gave us their cooperation and assistance in 
compiling this book: 

Lebanon Valley College of 1968: The Administration. Faculty 
and Students 

Public Relations: The Re\'. Bruce Souders. Richard Showers. 
Mrs. Ann K. Monteith 

American Yearbook Company: Neal Lavscr. representative 

William's Studio— William Buser. William Lau. photographers 



And so we lay a foundation and begin to build; 
But, what must we resolve in order to progress? 
A war in Vietnam 

Will our striving achieve our goals? 
The dignity of Man 

Will our understanding aUow justice and equahty? 
Our UUimate concern 

Will our beheving secure our thoughts? 
The way may be uncertain, and the demands many; 
But may our foundation prove to be firm.