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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


Lebanon Vattey Coftexjt 

Annvifle, PA 17003 

Voiumt 84 

The campus of Lebanon Valley College has seen many changes this past 
/ear. The 1998-1999 school year has been filled with new students, new 
buildings, and new plans. All of these bring forth a new atmosphere in the 
students, staff, and administration of LVC. This atmosphere is always one of 
;ood spirits and high hopes. Just as the world is ever-changing, so is the 
:ampus of Lebanon Valley College. As the Seniors set forth into the "real 
world," as the underclassmen move up in status in the campus community, 
and as the incoming Freshman get used to this wonderful thing we call 
:ollege life, we can see that LVC is ever-changing. That is why we dedicate 
his book to showing all facets of life at LVC and how everyone is part of a 
'World of Change." 
— Joshua N. Lindeman and Laura K. Simolike 


Student Lift 



Every year at LVC, tfie students are surprised by one 
iking or another. This year was no exception, as tfte 
campus went under "construction' for the fad and spring 
semesters. But due to the dedicated campus community, 
LVC never missed a 6eat LVC still hosted a spectacular 
Homecoming, three outstanding plays (ad with student 
directors, no (ess), afun-for-ad Children's Day, a Quiz 
Bowl, the Math Olympics, Weflhess Week, and Greek 

Each and every one of these memorable events has given 
the students at LVC a wonderful "college experience/' 
Tftese experiences teach them valuable lessons that can help 
them succeed in our ever-changing world. 
— Laura K. Simolike 

Kelly Roth and an LVC staff member are only one part of an entire 
Conga line. 

"LVC Proud" orientation leaders take a break and discuss how to 
handle the large group of freshmen. 

Disorganized freshmen try to figure out where to go for their next 
orientation event. 

As night falls, the freshmen have a chance to socialize and get to 
know their new classmates. 

A unifying activity among freshmen is learning the YMCA during 


A few days before the entire student bod> 
returned to campus, the class of 2002 hac 
the chance to get to know each other, the 
faculty, and familiarize themselves with theii 
new surroundings. With activities such aa 
Playfair, a big screen outdoor movie, a dance 
and various departmental seminars, the stu 
dents were able to feel more comfortable ir 
their new home. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 


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-■■■ -- ■■.;■,■: 


ivery fall, LVC clubs and organizations at- 
empt to capture the attention of new stu- 
dents to add to their membership. The Ac- 
ivities Fair is a way for clubs to demonstrate 
vhat they have to offer and explain what 
ictivites they do throughout the year. Stu- 
dents have the chance to add to their list of 
extracurricular activities and to meet new 
jeople through various organizations. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 

Phi Beta Lambda members Kelly Pannebaker, Lori Sweigart, Cindy Miller, 
and Angela Nash try to recruit new members. 

Members of the International Student Organization represent the diversity on 

Chris Albright, WLVC President/General Manager and David Shapiro, Remote 
Broadcasting Director, smile for the camera. 

Gamma Sig sisters, Jen Dominiak, Michelle Kercher, Emily Martin, Vicki 
Musser, Amanda Snoke, Katie Geho, and Sue Meyers pose for a picture. 

Members of the Wig and Buckle Society provide information about theater 
life at LVC. 

Wettness Week 

For one week in the Spring semester, th< 
residents of Friendship House and Weime 
House, along with other volunteers collab; 
orate and put together "Wellness Week.' 
This fun-filled week usually includes comei 
dians, a faculty and staff versus student bas 
ketball game, free massages, and, everyone'; 
favorite, condom bingo. This year's activities 
were no exception to the usual. Students a 
LVC were even given free swing dance les 
sons which were a big hit. 
— Joshua N. Lindeman 

Trevor Enck makes sure he's protected while speaker Maria Falzone talks to 
students about sex. 

Suzanne Snare and partner Brendan Weir practice their swing dance 
moves in the Underground. 

Melissa George and friend learn about some Wellness Week topics at 
a table in the College Center. 

Important first aid information is on display for students to learn some 
new techniques. 

i tl 

— ™ 


Winter W ondtrisxnd 

Student Government sponsored a formal 
dance at the end of the Fall semester. This 
was dubbed the "Winter Wonderland" formal 
and each table was decorated with snow and 
bther wintry items. The formal was held at 

he Holiday Inn in Harrisburg and everyone 
who attended had a great time. We hope this 
lew event from Student Government con- 

inues, thus introducing a world of change to 
;he LVC students. 
- Joshua N. Lindeman 

A group of LVC students are all smiles as they take time to 
socialize after dinner. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma sisters. Amy Stack, Kelly Cooney, and 
Rayna Schell, strike a pose for the camera. 

.'*ll i 

■ mm 


Jodi Greenfield and her boyfriend, Ryan Yordy, take a 
moment to pose for a picture in front of the Christmas 

Everyone has a wonderful time at the formal as they "strut 
their stuff" on the dance floor. 

The Winter Wonderland Formal was a time of capturing pictures and 
memories to look back on. 

mM %■„•; HWJmk 

^B ■■■■■■■- '^' »i : 4 -'^1 ^9 ^1 

I /nil 


On a beautiful fall afternoon, five beautiful 
women were chosen by LVC students as the 
Homecoming court. In the end, Alicia Fi- 
ovaranti was crowned queen and, taking time 
out from the game, Matt Franks was 
crowned king. Family, friends, LVC students, 
marching band and amny others were pres- 
ent for the football game. They were also able 
to enjoy a walk through the Peace Garden 
and other events on Homecoming weekend. 
President Pollick was even on hand for spe- 
cial induction ceremonies to the Athletic Hall 
of Fame. 

President Pollick presents an LVC Athletic Hall of Fame 

Here they are: Alicia Fiovaranti, our Homecoming queen 
and our Homecoming king. Matt Franks. 

Taking the field with a rush of energy is the 1998-99 LVC Flying Dutchmen 
football team. 

Awaiting the outcome of the votes stand the nominees for Homecoming Kir 
and Queen. 

Reaching for a first down are two of our LVC football players, as the crowd 
watches in anticipation. 

Always keeping with the beat are our fabulous drummers of the LVC 
marching band, "The Pride of the Valley." 

Crowning the Homecoming King is our very own President Pollick. 

he four inductees into the LVC Athletic Hall of Fame, along with President 
'ollick, proudly receive their deserved recognition. 

\licia receives a hug from a fellow nominee after being crowned 
lomecoming Queen. 

Greg and Kate argue about the situation with Sylvia. 


This year, LVC's fall play was directed by Sophomore, Gene 
Kelly, and assistant directors, Ann Davis and Craig Underwood. 
Taking the lead role of Sylvia, Julie Smith added to her LVC 
theatrical appearances with her amazing portayal of a dog. 
Adam Kowal (Greg) and Emily Martin (Kate) team up as 
husband and wife who live in an apartment in New York City. 
Kate is completely against Greg's obsession with Sylvia and 
wants nothing more than to see the dog go. But as the play 
progresses, Kate develops a tolerance for the dog and gets used 
to having her around. Overall, this was a wonderful perfor- 
mance by all who were involved in the production of "Sylvia". 

Greg (Adam Kowal) talks to Sylvia (Julie Smith) about her behavior in the 

Tom (Andy Rimby) lectures Greg about women, dogs, life, and the Yankees. 

Greg's wife, Kate (Emily Martin), Phyllis (Julien Inzodda), and Greg converse 
in Greg and Kate's apartment. 

The cast takes a bow after opening night and an excellent show. 


II • w It II 

:B | 1 .---& _££: 



■ 5 iH^H £. ' 


Into tfie Woods 

Taking the role of Artistic Director in the production of "Into the 
Woods" was senior, Actuarial Science major, Dan Post. Backed 
by a tremendous cast, the Wig & Buckle Society was able to 
present another great performance to the LVC community. Into 
the Woods was a play combining many popular fairy tales such 
as Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, and Jack and the Bean- 
stalk. Each character in the play journeys "into the woods" for 
a different reason. We look forward to another great perfor- 
mance by these wonderful actors, actresses, and stage crew. 

Little Red Ridinghood (Crystal Miller), the Baker (James 
Franklin), and the Baker's Wife (Kelly Roth) converse in the 
Baker's kitchen. 

The Wolf (Michael Lobaugh) tries to bargain with Little Red 
Ridinghood while a human tree (Nate Davis) looks on in silence. 

The "Wicked Witch" threatens her spell on the Baker's 
Wife - that she would be unable to bear children. 

Cinderella's family (Ann Davis, Lauren Baptista, Matt Grzywacz, and Rayna 
Schell) on stage together singing about the one and only, Cinderella. 

The entire cast of the play "Into The Woods" on stage one final time to take 
a bow after a magnificent performance. 


Freshman Brendan Weir invites 
students and alumni to the Alpha 
Phi Omega table for chicken wings 
and mozzarella sticks. 

.Spring Arts 

The weekend of April 23 through April 25, 
1999 was jam-packed with events such as 
food booths, student bands, professional 
bands, crafts, and art. Specifically, the 4th 
Annual Art Show was held in the College 
Center and in the Student Activities Room. 
The headliner band on Saturday night was: 
Big Tubba Mista, a swing band with LVC 
alumni members. The weekend was headed; 
up by three brave students: Kathleen 
Calaman, Jody Jacobetz, and Kate Laepple 
along with many other student volunteers. A* 
successful weekend, all in all, everyone would 

One of many merchants selling their crafts on the Academic Quad was a 
man specializing in Wood Turning. His craft along with many others were 
featured this weekend. 

One of the LVC student bands competes in the Battle of the Bands on the 
Chapel Stage during Spring Arts Weekend. 

The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon stand proudly before their booth selling 
grilled sausage sandwiches. 


LVC was proud to be a host of the AIDS Quilt this year. It stretched the 
entire area of the Lynch Gym. 

K Spring Arts band performs on the Gazebo for all to see as they pass by. 

The Phi Lambda Sigma brothers prepare their famous "Philo Cheese 

The Spring Arts information table made sure everything ran 
smoothly and answered the many questions of students and 

wing Arts is a time for friends to get together and celebrate, just like these LVC 
udents are. 






For the fast four years, these dedicated students have strived 
for excellence. Ad of them achieved excedence in their 
respective fields of study. They have faced the ups and downs 
of this ever-changing world with a renewed sense of unity, 
friendship, and a glowing spirit LVC has prepared each of the 
members of the class of 1999 with the ability to go out into 
the "real world!' and change it for the better. 

As they walk off the stage at graduation, they realize that 
they are leaving behind many cherished memories that have 
helped to shape their lives as adults. The impact they have left 
on the LVC campus will not soon be forgotten, just as 
memories of Lebanon Valley will stay ever-present in their 
minds forever. 
— Joshua N. Lindman and Laura K. Simohke 


Christopher E. Albright 

Joanne L. Altrath 

Heather A. Bair 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer A. Bala 

Music Education 

Music Performance 

Michael E. Bastian 
Business Administration 

Nicholas A. Beidle 
Hotel Management 

David A. Bender 

Shannan L. Bennett 

Samantha N. Bolognese 
Music Performance 


Jessica L. Bostdorf 



Melissa K. Brecht 
Business Administration 

Sarah P. Broadhurst 
Elementary Educatior 

. Ryan Burger 

Douglas P. Calaman 

Kathleen E. Calaman 

Vicki Cantrell 





Matthew S. Chambers 

Mark F. Cohen 

Carrie A. Champ 

Malaika Cheney-Coker 

Brett L. Chottiner 
Business Adminstration 

Ashley A. Collins 

John L. Connor 

Lauren M. Corbett 
Elementary Education 


Beth A. Curley 

International Business 


Damon A. Davis 
Business Administration 

Matthew J. DenBleyker 
Business Admistration 

Joshua A. DiFlorio 
Business Administratioi 

Dana M. Docherty 

Adrienne M. Donato 

Heather S. Draper 

Joni E. Dull 

Business Administration 

International Business 





Melanie J. Eberly 
rtuarial Science 

Amy M. Edris 
Business Administration 

Trevor J. Enck 
Elementary Education 

Cynthia A. Ensminger 
Political Science 


Sheryl A. Fahnestock 

Melissa J. Felty 
Music Education 

David L. Ferrari 
Actuarial Science 

Alicia L. Fioravanti 

Monica A. Fitzgerald 

Elementary Education 


Jared P. Fleegal 
Business Administration 

Jill A. Fleming 
Music Education 

Jeffrey T. Frey 

Angel L. Galloway 

Business Administration 


Jessica E. Gascho 

Ellen E. Gehr 



Scott D. Gehres 
Elementary Education 


Michelle L. Gentzler 
Music Education 

Matthew J. Giannelli 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer L. Gochenaur 

Gail E. Graeff 
Elementary Education 

Laura B. Graybeal 
Business Administration 

Jodi L. Greenfield 

Matthew J. Grzywacz 

Matthew T. Haag 


Gregory A. Hamm 

Matthew J. Hans 

Alicia M. Harvath 
Business Administrate 

Melissa K. Hauber 
Elementary Education 

Despina M. Hazatones 

Spanish Secondary 


Jonathan J. Heise 

Kimberly A. Hendricks 



Lynn R. Hibshman 

Wendy J. Hoffman 
Business Administration 

Heidi L. Hollinger 
Business Administration 

Amy J. Homberger 

Elementary Education 


Jason R. Hotchkiss 
Business Administration 

Heather L. Hubler 



Steven M. Hunt 

Music Recording 


Jody L. Jacobetz 

Rebecca L. Jeffers 
Political Science 

Amie M. Jumper 

Adria L. Keefer 

Michele R. Keilholtz 

Michelle M. Kercher 

Daniel R. Knapp 
Political Science 

Dalinda C. Knauth 

Music Education 

Michael S. Kocher 




Anthony E. Kuhns 

Q. Rosalyn Kujovsky 

Kelly L. Kurutz 

Tuyet H. La 

Keri M. Lacy 

Bradford J. Ladlee 

George E. Lagunis 
Business Administration 

J. Alex Lang 

Jeremy M. Lauver 

Amanda E. Lee 

Cheryl A. Lee 

usic Recording 





Kimberly A. Lettich 

Julie Leeper 


Computer Science 

Dwight A. Lichtenwalner 

Corrie J. Littleton 


Michael B. Lobaugh Patrick J. Loughney Jason D. Lukasewicz 

Music Education Business Administration Biology 

Caterina Madaffari 
International Business 

John L. Madden, Jr. 

Tabitha S. Mains 

Jennifer L. Martin 

Todd M. Martin 


Elementary Education 



usiness Administration 


Raymond E. McCarty 
Business Administration 

Jaime M. McClintock 
English Literature 

Nathan A. McManus 
Business Administration 

Maggie M. McNitt 


Christina A. Mellick 
Music Education 

Christopher T. Melusky 
Hotel Management 

Jennifer D. Methner 

Talitha R. Meyer 
Music Performance 

Susan B. Meyers 
Hotel Management 

Erika J. Miller 

Megan J. Miller 
Elementary Education 

April J. Mitchell 
Hotel Managment 

Melissa L. Mowrer 

Lori M. Moyer 

Melissa D. Moyer 



Vicki L. Musser 
Business Administration 


G. Scott Myers 

Fatoumata Njie 

Melanie S. Orth 

Elizabeth A. 



Michelle L. Paige 
Music Education 

Thomas S. Palanica 
Business Administration 

Andrew J. Panko, III 
Elementary Education 

Ross A. Patrick 
Business Administration 

Jonathan A. Pentecost 

Lisa J. Perkins Elizabeth A. Peterson Misty L. Piersol 

Elementary Education Business Administration Business Administration 


Daniel P. Post 
Actuarial Science 

Christopher J. Pugh 

Maya J. Pulgar 

Ian M. Pychinka 
Elementary Education 

Erin M. Rabuck 


Kathleen E. Raffield 

Kristin L. Rager 

Ryan S. Redner 
Business Administration 

i Glenn R. Reese, Jr. Robin J. Regal 

business Administration Elementary Education 

Keith D. Richardson 

Music Education 
Music Performance 

Alicia D. Rodriguez 
Business Administration 


Elizabeth A. Ross 

Meghan J. Rouse 

Jaime S. Ruth 

Rayna E. Schell 


Elementary Education 

Elementary Education 




Karlin B. Schroeder 

Paula E. Seibert 

Scott S. Sevinsky 

Timothy J. Sh 






David W. Shapiro 


Secondary Education 

Matthew Shellenberger 

Yvonne M. Shepherd 



Joseph H. Sheruda 
Business Administration 


m'Zw* <<*»■ 1 





James T. Shissler 

Shane M. Sipes 

Charles R. Slabach, Jr. 
Business Administration 

Debbie M. Smith 

Julie K. Smith 



Mary R. Sowers 

Jared L. Spidel 

Craig R. Stahl 

Music Education 

Music Performance 

Gregory A. Steckbeck 

Andrew D. Stoner 
Elementary Education 

Sheri A. Strickler 

Randy L. Strite 


International Business 

Krista N. Summers 

Connie L. Sumner 
Actuarial Science 

Karen E. Taylor 
Elementary Education 

Joseph Terch, IV 
Elementary Education 

Cory W. Thornton 

English Comm. 


Kelly J. Triest 



Marcia S. Tumpey 
ACS Chemistry 

Craig A. Underwood 

Music Recording 


Suzanne A. Valencia 

Melissa M. 

Glenn P. Vaughan 

Business Administration 



30 9 


Secondary Education 

Eric L. Vera 

Angelo J. Vicari 

Amy J. Vituszynski 

Amanda R. Warfel 

Alicia J. Way 



Elementary Education 

International Business 

Music Education 


Wig-- _ ---? 


Michele L. Weber 

Anne C. Webster 

Douglas L. Weigle 

Mark W. Wells 

Elementary Education 


ACS Chemistry 


Lisa M. Wenrich 

Robert E. Wentzel, Jr. 

History & Spanish 
Secondary Education 

Megan E. Wertz 

Karen D. Wharton 
International Business 
Spanish (| 


Eric B. White 



Mathan R. Wingert 

Music Education 

Music Performance 

Jeremy P. Wolf 

Kirk A. Yagel 
Business Administratioi 

Winfield R. Young 
Business Administration 

Michelle J. Zearing 


Amy E. Zeiders 



James L. Zerfing 




C(ass of 1999 

Jeremy C. Zettlemoyer 
:fuarial Science 


We Create 


By What 

We Dream 





' A 


Dedicated. That's one word to describe the faculty , 
administrators j and staff members at Lebanon Vattey 
College. Each of them contribute a great deal to this college, 
whether it is through the education of students, the 
administration of the college, or staffing the library. This 
year marked the beginning of many new professors and 
others campus-wide, bringing with them a '' 'world of 
change." Their hard work with the many students of 
Lebanon Valley can be seen in the close, personal 
relationships they have formed. Because of these 
relationships, students are more appreciative of the faculty, 
administrators, and staff \ 
— Amy J. Vituszynski 


President G. David Poftick 

President Podiefc has guided Lebanon Volley Coftege through some major 

changes this past year, and for that the students, faculty, staff, and the 

entire Quittapaltiua organization thank him. To you, President Poftick, we 

dedicate this yearbook because you have seen the campus through a 

" world of change." 


Deborah R. FuHam 
Vice President and Controller 

ll m M =l.j 

Hi AM- - -VHI! 

Andrea F. Bromberg 
Executive Assistant to the President 

Steyhen C. MacDonalrf 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Dean of the Faculty 


Administrative Siaff 

Registrar's Office 


Continuing Education Office 





Business Ojffke 


Student Services 

Vernon <& Doris Bis (top 







Business Administration 












The 1998-1999 LVC school year saw many changes 

in athletics. The Men's Ice Hockey team had their 

inaugural season, where they used Htrshey Arena as 

their home ice. The Mens Baseball team found a new 

vlace to call home as they had a brand new stadium 

budtfor students, faculty, and fans to enjoy. The Mens 

Basketball team is also worth mentioning because senior 

stand-outs such as Andy Parks and Dan Strobeek were 

lost to graduation. All of these changes in LVC sports 

are great examples of "A World of Change." 


Ice Hockey 

Drexel University W 7-2 

Lehigh University - W 9-1 

Framingham State University - W 6-4 

University of Massachusetts-Darmoth - L 0-3 

Johnson & Wales University - W 5-4 

United States Naval Academy - W 9-3 

Nichols College - W 5-0 

Curry College - W 5-0 

Plymouth State College - L 2-5 

Fitchburg State College - L 1-8 

Assumption College - W 5-3 

St. Michael's College - L 2-4 

Salve Regina University - W 7-2 

Neumann College - W 17-1 
University of Scranton - W 4-2 

Tufts University - L 2-4 

New Hampshire College - L 4-5 

Wentworth Institute of Technology - L 3-6 

Worcester State College - W 5-2 

Suffolk University - T 4-4 

Stonehill College - W 3-2 

Western New England College - W 3-1 

Neumann College - W 9-0 

The ice hockey players celebrate one of their many goals scored 
during their successful season. 


Goalie, Lincoln Matlock, protects his post while *8, Phil Ditoro assists. 

*15, Greg Kutchma, a captain, leads his team down the ice. 

Stu Seiden and teammates look for possession of the puck. 


Inaugural Season 

' i//v<7 ^/ifr be thp/r best * 7/7- 

The LVC Flying Dutchman perform the routine switch in an attempt to keep players at the peak of their game. 

It's a scene witnessed many times this season - LVC SCORES!!! 

The bench focuses intently on the upcoming play. 

LVC looks to pass the puck in hopes of scoring a goal. 



(Jrsinus College - L 13-19 

Albright College - L 23-33 
Widener University - L 0-43 

Wilkes University - L 0-44 
Susquehanna University - L 3-48 

Juniata College - L 21-42 

Moravian College - L 15-32 

Gettysburg College - L 20-23 

Lycoming College - L 14-47 

Delaware Valley College - W 14-13 

The Dutchman coaching staff discuss their strategy for the 2nd half. 

The Dutchman offense huddles together to call the next play. 

Two LVC defensive players stop the ball carrier dead in his tracks for no gair I 

LVC fans celebrate the winning touchdown! 

50 X 

An LVC Tradition 

Valley punts the ball to the opponents and prepares 
to play tough defense. 

A pile up of players scramble for the lose ball 

Go head • make my day! 
Quarterback, Doug Henning, fires the ball, hoping for a completion. 



The Cheerleading squad for the 1998-1999 school year was 
headed up by a returning graduate, Jason Lausch. Jason, a 
graduate of the class of 1998 came back to coach and show the 
cheerleading squad some new moves. It proved very worthwile 
because without the squad, the football and basketball games 
would not have been the same. The clever moves and perfor- 
mances of the cheerleading squad evoked many cheers from 
the fans themselves, as they accompanied the basketball team 
to victory after victory. This squad will not be looked over 
lightly - they are getting more and more powerful as the years 

Number 1! 

Please God. don't let me fall! 

You can feel the excitement as our LVC cheerleaders rally the crowd in support of the team. 

With smiles on their faces, the cheerleaders pump up the 




Go Big Bfiue! 

J^KMH^ 1 jj'int 

Enthused and full of spirit, the LVC cheerleaders get the crowd into 
the game and rally our team to victory. 

Three of our cheerleaders shout "We want a touchdown!' 

A trio of LVC cheerleaders doing what they do best. 


Yield Hockey 

Wilkes University W 1-0 

Millersville University L 1-2 

Mary Washington College W 3-0 

Juniata College W 2-1 

Moravian College W 2-1 

Albright College W 2-1 

Swarthmore College W 3-2 

Eastern Mennonite University W 3-2 

Widener University W 5-1 

Elizabethtown College W 6-0 

Bloomsburg University L 1-3 

Susguehanna University W 4-1 

Ithaca College W 2-1 

Gettysburg College L 1-2 

William Smith College L 0-2 

Messiah College L 0-1 

Drew University W 6-0 

MAC Championship Semifinals @ Drew University W 2-1 

MAC Championship <s> Messiah College L 0-1 

NCAA Divison III Quarterfinals e> Salisburg State College W 1-0 

NCAA Division III Quarterfinals & William Smith L 0-2 

Beth Light brings the ball up the field for 
the Lady Dutchmen. 

"Do you think anyone will notice if I take a 
short nap?" thinks Lindsay Yeiser. 


Another Successful Season 

Let's get ready to rumble! The Lady Dutchmen are ready for action! 

LVC fights for possession while Lindsay Yeiser looks on in anticipation. 

Carrie puts the ball back into play for the Lady Dutchmen 

1-2-3 Team!!! 


Cross Country 

Kutztown Invitational M: 6th of 8 

LVC Invitational M: 4th of 25 

Baptist Bible Invitational M: 3rd of 19 

Muhlenberg/Swarthmore/AHentown M: 3-0 

Susquehanna Invitational M: 1st of 8 

Dickinson Invitational M: 24th of 45 

Allentown Invitational M: 24th of 45 

Gettysburg Invitational M; 26th of 36 

MAC Championships @ Allentown College 

M: 5th of 14 

NCAA Division III Mideast Regionals <® 

Allentown College M: 20th of 37 

Come on Melissa! You can say hi to your family later!" 

Don't even think about passing me!" thinks Tres. 

Andy takes a rest after his race to pose for a picture. 


Hard Work and Dedication 

Sophomore. Michelle Walmsley. takes the lead as they head down the 

Anna Molocu fights to pull ahead of the competition. 

Junior. Braden Snyder, fights to make it to the 
finish line. 

Sophomore. James Mentzer. strikes a pose for Glenn Vaughnn runs one of the last races of his 

the camera. LVC career. 




Rowan University (NJ) W 3-0 

Notre Dame(MD) W 3-1 

King's College W 3-0 

Frostburg State University L 0-3 

Washington & Jefferson L 0-3 

LaRoche W 3-0 

Shennandoah W 3-1 

Elizabethtown College L 0-3 

Franklin & Marshall College L 0-3 

(Jrsinus W 3-1 

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown L 0-3 

St. Mary's College (MD) L 0-3 

Juniata College L 0-3 

Bryn Mawr College W 3-1 

Albright College W 3-1 

St. Mary's College (MD) L 0-3 

Roanoke College (VA) W 3-1 

Randolph-Macon L 1-3 

Messiah College L 0-3 

Kutztown University L 1-3 

Susquehanna University L 2-3 

University of D'Youville W 3-0 

Rochester Institute of Technology L 0-3 

University of Rochester W 3-2 

Robert Wesleyan L 1-3 

St. John Fisher L 1-3 

Widener University F 0-3 

Catholic University L 0-3 

Moravian College L 0-3 

Dickinson College W 3-2 

M.C. Wesleyan University W 3-1 

Shenandoah University W 3-2 

The ball is rejected right back in the opponent's face with a 

Greta Paucek tries to put Valley ahead 
with an ace. 

1999 Women's VofteybaK 




Bump, 5et, Sipiktl 

\llison awaits the serve and prepares to play 

\ good pass is set up in hopes of scoring a 

In an alt-out effort, ff 12 dives to save the ball and keep 
the Lady Dutchmen in the lead. 

Coach Perry gives some words of advice to his team during a timeout. 

, m 

*•«. 1 ...II *^* r '" 

ft. tS W 



Rising to the occasion, the volleyball is spiked 
home to give LVC the victory. 

Alison Kabat tries to confuse the opponents by 
mixing up the offense with a shoot. 

I 59 

Men's Tennis 

Savannah School of Art - W 6-3 

Joliet College - W 9-0 

Lewis University - L 3-6 

Nazareth College - L 1 -8 

Wesleyan University - L 2-7 

Lincoln University - W 8-1 

Wilkes University - W 9-0 

King's College - W 6-3 

Moravian College - W 8-1 

Marywood College W 9-0 

Muhlenberg College - L 3-6 

Albright College L 4-5 

Widener University W 9-0 

Drew University W 7-2 

Eastern College - W 8- 1 

Messiah College W 7-2 

York College - W 7-2 

Elizabethtown College - W 7-2 

Susquehanna University - W 8-1 

MAC Team Championships L 4-5 

John Lachle gets ready to drop the bomb on the 

The Dutchman huddle together and get pumped up before the match. 

Hustling to the ball. John Kresge prepares to backhand. 

Senior, Dave Ferrai returns the serve with a backhand shot. 

Hustle, Desire, Athktitism 

Tim Rabuck returns the serve with ease. 

"Go head - give me your best shot!" 

Taking a minute between sets to pose for a picture is 
John Lachle. 

"Get that camera out of my face!" 

"That ball was in by a mile!' 



Ferrum College W 76-55 

Roanoke College W 72-55 

Dickinson College W 92-73 

Juniata College W 94-46 

Moravian College W 79-67 

Susquehanna University W 93-86 

Ursinus College W 91-61 

Allentown College W 76-53 

Curry College of MA W 98-63 

Elizabethtown College W 68-61 

Messiah College W 87-52 

Franklin & Marshall College L 52-62 

Widener University W 68-67 

Albright College W 84-67 

Juniata College W 72-64 

Moravian College W 74-59 

Susquehanna University W 90-76 

Farleigh Dickinson University-Madison W 79-57 

Shippensburg University W 89-82 

Elizabethtown College W 84-67 

Messiah College W 61-53 

Widener University L 74-76 

MAC Tournament vs. Lycoming College W 78-69 

MAC Semifinals vs. Scranton W 84-69 

MAC Championship vs. Wilkes L 51-66 

NCAA Championships vs. Catholic University L 72-79 

"Don't mess with me - it's not my day!" 

Keith Phoebus drives baseline in hopes of putting Valley ahead. 

Dan Strobeck shakes and bakes while the crowd looks on in anticipation. 

Pulling up for the 3 pointer is Senior Captain, Andy Panko. 


Leaving A Legacy 

Ross Young lays the ball in for two, despite the hand in his face. 

Coach McAlester gives instructions to his team. 

What kind of call was that? It was a clean block!" 

Electrifying the crowd. Andy Panko slams the ball home 



Montclair State University W 69-55 

Franklin & Marshall L 48-58 

Wilson College W 79-56 

Juniata College W 68-59 

Moravian College W 60-59 

Susquehanna University L 64-86 

Marywood College L 72-54 

Neumann College W 72-57 

Western Maryland College L 58-65 

Richard Stockton Colllege (NJ) W 52-48 

Elizabethtown College L 51-78 

Messiah College L 43-54 

Widener University L 62-82 

Albright College L 67-61 

Juniata College W 69-53 

Moravian College W 69-59 

Hood College L 105-51 

Susquehanna University L 52-73 

Messiah College W 67-63 

Gettysburg College L 59-72 

Widener University W 77-55 

Albright College W 55-54 

MAC Tournament vs. Scranton L 59-71 

A host of Valley players go for the rebound. 

The Lady Dutchmen huddle together and get pumped up for the game. 

The coaching staff and players watch the action on the floor with 

10 looks to get by the defender and go baseline. 


Go Lady Dutchmen! 

* 1 brings the ball up the court and Sereni(y Roos pops the 3 point£r 

the Lady Dutchmen prepare to play 



University of Scranton L 64-92 (Men) L 82-94 (Women) 

College Misericordia L 40-73 (Men) L 68-98 (Women) 

Elizabethtown College L 40-96 (Men) L 70-102 (Women) 

Beaver College L 30-1 1 1 (Men) L 69-128 (Women) 

Juniata College (Women) L 64-123 

FDCJ-Madison W 61-10 (Men) W 64-18 (Women) 

Lycoming College L 53-81 (Men) L 83-97 (Women) 

Susquehanna University L 53-81 (Men) L 83-97 (Women) 

Drew University L 34-77 (Men) L 63-103 (Women) 

Widener University L 33-78 (Men) L 48-100 (Women) 

Albright College L 41-97 (Men) L 71-121 (Women) 

King's College T 89-89 (Men) W 174-38 (Women) 

MAC Championships 8th of 1 1 teams (Men) 9th of 1 1 teams 


MAC Championships 9th of 1 1 teams (Men) 9th of 1 1 teams 


MAC Championships 9th of 1 1 teams (Men) 9th of 1 1 teams 


An LVC swimmer takes a breath of air after finishing a 

The Dutchmen take time to warm up and prepare for their races by relaxing 
in the pool. 

1999 Men's and Women's 
Swim Team 


Looking Towards the. Future 

rhe swimmers get a chance to socialize as they take a relaxing break in the 


^oach Mary Gardner offers advice to a member of LVC's swim team, senior, 
3amon Davis. 

A series 

of Valley swimmers compete 

in various 


such as 



butterfly a 

id backstroke. 

• v? g ?• 


•W #f 

*" ' »- 


"— ^*- 


- ■■-_ 

■v ir 

v ., ,■". 

in lini^- — t 


$fc, - ■*" 



- ." 



King's College Invitational 10th of 1 1 

Stevens Tech L 18-38 

Messiah College L 0-59 

Wilkes University L 0-60 

Petrofes Tournament LVC tied for 1 7th after day one 

Petrofes Tournament LVC was 16th of 19 schools 

Delaware Valley College L 3-50 

North/South Dual ®> Princeton 7th of 7 

York College L 12-28 

Thaddeus Stevens W 27-15 

Lycoming College L 6-45 

Albright College L 9-30 

Gettysburg College L 20-22 

Elizabethtown College 12-36 

King's College L 13-34 

Johns Hopkins W 22-18 

University of Scranton L 1 5-30 

MAC Championship ®> Messiah 6th of 8 

An LVC wrestler goes head to head with one of the many 
competitors he faced this year. 

The intensity is high as the wrestlers take their stances and 
prepare to go at it. 

1999 Men's Wrestting 



Down For tfte Count! 

With a determined look on his 
face, a Valley wrestler prepares 
for a difficult match. 

Anybody want a piggy-back ride? 


An LVC wrestler holds steady 
as his competition struggles 
to take him down, but to no 

Angelo strikes a pose for the 
camera while warming up for 
his match. 

Angelo prepares to make his final move and pin his 
competition for the win. 


Track and 

Franklin & Marshall Invitational - 2nd of 1 1 (Men) 

2nd of 1 1 (Women) 

Delaware Valley College - W 97-56 (Men) W 93-25 


Messiah Invitational - 3rd of 18 (Men) 5th of 18 


Del. Valley/E-town/Stevens/Mary wood/Baptist 

Bible - 1st of 6 (Men) 1st of 5 (Women) 

Mason-Dixon Invitational 4th of 20 (Men) 4th of 20 


Penn Relays - Women's 4x100 - 4th of 12 

Penn Relays - Men's 4x400 - 9th of 15 

MAC Championships - 5th of 10 (Men) 5th of 10 


MAC Championships - 4th of 10 (Men) 4th of 10 


Tim Stringfellow prepares to cross the finish line 

Freshman, Cheryl Beezup, hurdles her way to victory 

Tres Nolett hands off the boton to Jerry Reilly in the team 
relay while fans look on in anticipation. 



Dedication, Committment, 

Hard Work 



Beaver College L 0-3 

Alvernia College W 9-0 

Lycoming College L 2-4 

Allentown College W 1-0 

Holy Family College L 0-5 

Albright College L 2-3 

Dickinson College W 2-1 

Messiah College L 0-7 

Elizabethtown College L 0-9 

King's College W 4-0 

Villa Julie College (MD) L 1-3 

Susquehanna University L 1-2 

Delaware Valley College L 1 -4 

Rutgers Clniversity-Camden (MJ) L 0-1 

Widener University W 1-0 

Moravian College L 0-1 

York College L 0-4 

Juniata College W 2-0 

Franklin & Marshall College L 0-1 

An all out battle to keep posession of the ball in one of LVC's 
fabulous soccer games. 

Number 19 prepares for a head butt to keep control of the ball 
for LVC. 

All alone, an LVC player goes for the goal! 

"She could go all the way" thinks the opposing team as LVC appraoches th< 


i'-ii "lllii 



Worid Cup Potential 

Pulling away from the competition "A Danica 
Brown hopes to put the Lady Dutchmen in the 

A look of determination. 

l"he game starts to get a little messy as 
both teams fight for control of the ball. 

Sophomore Stephanie Warner dribbles the ball up 
the field. 

Two LVC players make an incredible pass to 
advance up the field. 

'12 tries to keep her balance afer being fouled by her opponent 


Alvernia/Messiah/Elizabethtown - 3-0 (430) 

Elizabethtown College Tournament - 1 1th of 20 

Susquehanna University - L 315-330 

Moravian College Tournament - 7th of 16 

Millersville University Tournament - 7th of 1 1 

Millersville University Tournament - 8th of 1 1 

Allentown College/Delaware Valley - 2-0 (335) 

Moravian College/Albright College - 1-1 (452) 

Susquehanna University Tournament - T 4th of 15 

Ursinus College/University of Penn. - 2-0 (326) 

MAC Championships - Tied for 6th 

MAC Championships 9th of 13 

Two of our LVC golf players take a minute to pose 
for a picture. 

"Boy could I use a nap right now" 

Precision and accuracy are two important components of golf. 

"GoCf is a bitnd of 

(xincmtration and a 
reatty nice swingl" 


Hok In Out! 

Showing good follow through is an LVC 

"Watch that baby fly!' 

John does his best to get the ball out of the 

Concentration is the true art of any golf game. 

One of our LVC golfers putts his way to victory 



Christopher Newport College - W 3-2 

William & Penn College - L 7-21 

Alvernia College - L 1-6, L 4-7 

Penn State University - Altoona - W 6-5, L 5-6 

Penn State University - Behrend - L 6-5, W 7-0 

Swarthmore College - W 17-8 

Juniata College - L 2-5, W 6-1 

Moravian College - L 0-3, L 4-8 

Alvernia College - L 12-16 

Delaware Valley College - L 7-12 

Widener University - L 0-4, L 2-6 

Albright College - W 8-2, L 3-4 

Wilkes University - W 5-2 

Susquehanna University - W 6-3, L 2-3 

York College - L 4-7 

Elizabethtown College - L 0-5, L 2-6 

Penn Sate University - Altoona - W 1-0, L 4-6 

Messiah College - L 1-5, L 1-9 

Muhlenberg College L 1-5 

The Dutchmen celebrate after scoring the go-ahead run. 

# 8 steps into the pitch and gets ready to send it downtown. 

The pitcher releases the ball hoping to strike out the batter. 


A New Place To Cait Home 

Fhe shortstop moves in on the ball and prepares to field it 
vhile his teammate backs him up. 

*2 gets out of the batter's box and busts his way down the 

After making the out at first, the 
first baseman gets ready to fire 
the ball home to get the 
base runner. 

Scott Gehres gets situated in the batter's 
box and hopes to improve his batting 
average with a hit. 

"Kiss that baby goodbye!" 



North Carolina Wesleyan - L 0-8 

Barton College - L 0-1, L 1-6 

North Carolina Wesleyan - L 0-12 

King's College - L 1-5, L 3-9 

Susquehanna University - L 3-6, L 0-1 

Lycoming College - W 2-1, L 1-3 

Elizabethtown College - L 3-4, L 1-3 

Widener University - W 7-6, W 5-3 

Albright College - W 6-0, L 7-1 1 

Messiah College - L 1-7, L 0-10 

York College - W 5-3, W 13-5 

Juniata College - W 13-5, W 7-4 

Gettysburg College - L 0-3, L 0-1 1 

Wilkes University - L 0-1, L 0-5 

Moravian Colege - L 0-4, L 0-3 

Dickinson College - W 4-2, L 2-6 

Ursinus College - W 4-3, W 3-2 

The ball is just out of the reach of the first 
baseman, allowing the runner to advance. 

The third baseman charges the ball, preparing 
to pick it up and fire it over to first base. 

# 20 makes it safely to third base. 


Lady Dutchmen Gain 

The shortstop attempts to field the 
ball despite the interference of the 

"14, hoping not to get caught, attempts to steal third base. 
# 15 gets set in the batter's box and hopes to put Valley ahead. 


Men's Soccer 

King's Point - L 0-3 

York College - L 0-4 

Lycoming College - L 1-4 

Holy Family College - L 2-5 

Juniata College - T 0-2 

Elizabethtown College - L 0-6 

King's College - L 3-6 

Messiah College - L 0-5 

Delaware Valley College - W 4-3 

Allentown College - T 1-1 

Albright College - L 3-4 

Franklin & Marshall College - L 1-4 

Susquehanna University - L 1-6 

Widener University - L 1-3 

Alvemia College - W 5-0 

Moravian College - L 0-5 

Wilkes University - L 0-6 

Villa Julie College - W 1-0 

Harry Hunt dribbles the ball down the field for the Dutchmen. 

Valley takes a timeout and prepares their strategy for the rest of the game. 

"15 attempts to gain control of the ball while his opponent moves in to st€ 
the ball. 

Ken Klopp pushes the ball closer toward the goal in an attempt to give Vali 
the lead. 


A little enthusiasm would help this game along! 
A Lady Dutchmen prepares for the backhand. 


King's College - W 5-4 

Moravian College - L 2-7 

Messiah College - L 2-7 

Wilkes University - W 9-0 

Juniata College - L 4-5 

Elizabethtown College - W 6.5-2.5 

Allentown College - W 9-0 

Susquehanna University - W 5-4 

Widener University - L 2-7 

Lycoming College - L 2-7 

Albright College - W 7-2 

Two of our Valley tennis players in action. 


Senior Feature AtWetes 

Fait Sports 

Spring Sports 

Glenn Vaughan - Men's Cross Country 

Connie Bechtel - Field Hockey 

Alicia Fioravanti - Field Hockey 

Cori Littleton - Field Hockey 

Meghan Rouse - Field Hockey 

Mary Sowers - Field Hockey 

Matt Franks - Football 

Matt Gianelli - Football 

Matt Hans - Football 

Jason Hotchkiss - Football 

Randy Kostelac - Football 

Chad Marley - Football 

Ian Pychinka - Football 

Ryan Redner - Football 

Glenn Reese - Football 

Shane Sipes - Football 

Greg Steckbeck - Football 

Andy Stoner - Football 

Eric White - Football 

Ryan Williams - Football 

Jamie Cascarino - Men's Soccer 

Matthew Houck - Men's Soccer 

Jason Piazza - Men's Soccer 

Cory Thornton - Men's Soccer 

Caterina Madaffari - Women's Soccer 

Melanie Orth - Women's Soccer 

Misty Piersol - Women's Tennis 

Karlin Schroeder - Women's Tennis 

Scott Gehres - Baseball 

A. J. Granito - Baseball 

Mike Kocher - Baseball 

John Madden - Baseball 

Ray McCarty - Baseball 

Tim Mcllvaine - Baseball 

Nate McManus - Baseball 

G. Scott Myers - Baseball 

Greg Steckbeck - Baseball 

Brett Chottiner - Golf 

Josh DiFlorio - Golf 

Go "Jeff" Kashiwagi - Golf 

Katie Raffield - Golf 

Joanne Smith - Golf 

Glenn Vaughan - Golf 

David Ferrari - Men's Tennis 

Matt Franks - Men's Track and Field 

Patrick Loughney - Men's Track and Fi 

Jeff Rhone - Men's Track and Field 

Bob Wentzel - Men's Track and Field 

Jeremy Zettlemoyer - Men's Track a 


Mary McNitt - Women's Track and Fie 

Heather Draper - Softball 

Angel Galloway - Softball 

Mary Sowers - Softball 

Winter Sports 

Dan Strobeck - Men's Basketball 
Andy Panko - Men's Basketball 
Damon Davis - Men's Swimming 
Melissa Brecht - Women's Basketball 
Melanie Good - Women's Swimming 
John Connor - Wrestling 
Ted Kemmerling - Wrestling 
Joseph Sheruda - Wrestling 
Mark Wells - Wrestling 


A Collection Of Candids 






-\ % V 1 I? 

Most students will agree that the four years 
spent in college are much more than studying and 
taking tests. Organizations are a way for students 
to escape the daily stress of classes and relax and 
have fun. They also provide a way to meet other 
students on the LVC campus. If you ask any 
student who is involved in extracurricular activities, 
they will probably tell you some of their fondest 
college memories and best friendships were made 
through the various clubs and organizations on 
campus. In the fall of every year, the activities fair 
is a way for new and current students to see what 
clubs exist and get to know a little bit about them. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 



Class of 2001 

Ciass of 2002 


See Page 126 


La Vie 

Literary Society 


Council of 



Delta Tau Cftr 

Fellows flip of 

He Is Savior 

'raise Him witft. 



Accounting Ckib 

Math Caib 

Phi Beta 


Biofogy CM) 

Chemistry Chib 

Beta Beta Beta 


Psi Chi 

Afpfm Pfti 



ACpfta Psi 


Wig and Buckie 

Rainbow Troupe 


^1 uhi * ^^Bl ■ jfl ^B****v4^H H&-' i 

.'.' '■■ ■ ■ "" ■ ■' ' : 

i HP 


Best Buddies 


French Ckib 

German ChS 




History and 

Political Science 


Psychology Club 

Sociology Club 


Sigma Alpha 

Pfti Mu Alpha 



Musk Educators 








Spring Arts 




State Education 



« |H u4?58b V*M.fY 

Men s Vodeybai 


9 fit tf ^ 


An exkication is 

more than 
academics; it is 
involvement and 
i kadersftiv in 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

activities . 






Greek Lift 

Every year fraternities and sororities vie to capture 
the attention of students on campus. Through the 
activities fair, smokers and socials, they are able to 
demonstrate what they are about. Open and closed 
socials are a way of getting to know the sis- 
ters/brothers, have fun and ask any questions. The 
month of February brings pledging, a challenging 
month that, in the end, is well worth it as the pledge 
finds in their fraternity /sorority a new family. Greek 
Week, the annual battle among Greeks, comes 
around in April. Events such as the tug o' war, dodge 
ball, pie eating contest and everybody's favorites, the 
wheelbarrow and tricycle races are a time of fun, 
socializing and all-out war among Greeks. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 


Greek Council 









Gamma Sigma 

Phi Sigma Sigma 


Alpfta Sigma Taxi 

Kappa Lambda Nu 


Phi Lambda Sigma 

Tan Kappa Epsilon 


Greek Week 1999 

TKE brothers give it their best effort in the tug o' war contest, while their other 
brothers look on. 

Gretchen Mall cycles her way down the sidewalk and tries to win points for Phi Sig in 
the annual tricycle contest. 

rZZ sisters, Yvonne Shepherd, Jen Dominiak, Tara Krammes and Connie Bechtel 
won a 2nd place victory for their sorority in the tug o' war. 

$SZ sister, Nicole Dreger, races through the obstacle course on Arnold Field. 

_ - l":«2W """ 

^BKp ■^■ri ■ i ft 

^BfcjJL wJft 


■ V ■ H f ]■ 





AST is ready for battle in one of the new events this 
year, dodge ball. 


5ororities and fraternities gathered on the football field to participate in the obstacle course. 

Everyone is in position and ready to go in the wheelbarrow contest. 

Michelle Kercher explains the rules of the dodge ball game to the participants. 

The Greeks are ready to begin the wheelbarrow and tricycle races. 






The Marching Band, the largest of all the music 
groups on campus, begins their season in the fall 
before any students return back from summer 
break. They entertain us at football games, where 
this year they chose a Latin theme. Other music 
groups, such as the ensembles and quintets perfor- 
med concerts throughout the school year. The 
Chamber Choir got the opportunity to travel to 
London for two weeks following graduation where 
they performed and visited the city's tourist attrac- 
tions. One of everyone's favorite musical produc- 
tions is Christmas at the Valley, a performance for 
the LVC community to get everyone in the holiday 


Marching Band 

Junior Drum Major Mike Robinson directs the Marching Band during the half 
time presentation. 

Sara-Krista Acker, Melissa Rhoades, and Kelly Mulligan prepare for their flag 
presentation during the pre-game show. 


The drumline prepares to take the 
field to dazzle LVC viewers yet again 
with a fabulous performance. 

Helping to rally their team, members of the LVC 
Marching Band play it up! 

Directly below, the zealous band members of the Pride 
rf the Valley take the field in style. 

ie Pride of the Valley entertain 
e Homecoming crowd. 


At a reciiai . . 

*% «*t 

** f * 


...and after one 


Music is the 
universal (anquage. 

Music soothes ike 
savage beast. 







How can you sum up four years of memories, friendships, 
tears, victories and failures into one paragraph? For these 
seniors, graduation day meant not only getting a degree, but 
walking away from what became their family and home for 
the past four years. May 15, 1999 saw the end of an era, but 
also the beginning of bright futures for these 350 graduates, 
the largest graduating class in LVC history. Dean MacDonald 
presented the address to the graduates, while Senior, Dan 
Post, received the Howard Anthony Neidig Award and Leslie 
Bowen received the Nevelyn Knisley Award for inspirational 
teaching. The graduation ceremony was held on Arnold 
Field, a change from the annual routine of holding com- 
mencement on the academic quad, thus giving Lebanon 
Valley College 'A World of Change". 
— Kelly R. Cooney 


One of LVC's administrators addresses the 

Daniel Post is congratulated by President Pollick after receiving the 
Howard Anthony Neidig Award. 

President G. David Pollick hands out an honorary degree. 

Officers of the Class of 1999 explain the class gift to LVC. 

Stephen C. MacDonald. Vice President for Academic Affairs and 
Dean of the Facultv, speaks to the graduates. 


A senior shows her 
enthusiasm about 
the commencement 

Bishop, Peter David Weaver speaks to the graduates, family, and 
friends at the commencement- ceremony. 

Senior, Connie Bechtel, looks in her program to see the progression of 
the ceremony. 

Jodyjacobetz (left) hugs Kate Laepple. Jody continues her schooling at 
West Chester University. 

David Doll looks on in anticipation. 




"hree graduates clap after hearing the winner of the Vickroy Award. 

'he graduation recessional is pictured from above. 

'he graduates are asked to stand and face their family and friends. 

Chris Albright smiles as he walks off stage after receiving his diploma. 

Class Officer, Carrie Champ, receives her diploma. 

Molly Stachnik talks to graduate Trevor Enck. 







Lebanon Valley College has gone through many 
changes this past year, all of them good for the 
school. The yearbook's theme of "A World of 
Change" can be seen throughout the campus in 
many aspects. Even the yearbook has undergone 
change this past year. In order to survive in a world 
of change, one must be adaptable - something one 
learns while they attend any of LVC's classes or 
activities or sporting events. LVC is a great school, 
all of the graduates agree. It has prepared us well 
for the "real world" we all face in due time. 
Congratulations to all of LVC's graduates of the 
class of 1999. We hope this book is a good 
reminder of your times here at the Valley. 



...from family to graduates 

Kathleen E. Calaman: 

You are living my dream. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you! 
Love, Mom. 

Ellen E. Gehr: 

We are so proud of you and your success at LVC. Love, Mom & 

Kimberly A. Hedricks: 

Kimberly, congratulations on all your achievements. Always be open 
to God's guidance. We have confidence and faith in your continued 
success. Love, Mom and Ken. 

Dear Kimberly, I'm very proud of you and your many accomplish- 
ments and involvements in school activities. Always remain Kimber- 
iffic! Love, Mom. 

Kimberly, what an honor it is to have you for a sister! Congratula- 
tions on graduation and we pray you'll continue to follow Jesus' 
leading all throughout your life. Love, Andrea and Steve. 

Jason R. Hotchkiss: 

What a way to end your senior year! A win and brains, too! We are 
very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad. 


Jody L. Jacobetz: 

Jody - you've come a long way, baby! We couldn't be more proud. 
Best wishes in graduate school and always. Love, Mom and Dad. 

Amie Michelle Jumper: 

Way to go, Amie - you did it! We're so proud of you. Love, Mom & 

Michelle M. Kercher: 

Your accomplishments have been surrounded by compassion, inde- 
pendence, and an excitement for life. Michelle, we are so proud that 
you have discovered significance and meaning for your future. 
Always, Mom, Dad, and Lisa. 

Michael Scott Kocher: 

Great job! Love, Mom, Dad, and Jill. 

Jennifer Dawn Methner: 

Congratulations Jenny, you did it! You are No. 1. We are so very 
proud of you. Love, Your Family. 

Melissa L. Mowrer: 

Two parents could not be prouder. Congratulations Missy! Love, 
Mom & Dad. 

Melissa Dawn Moyer: 

Congratulations, you did it! We are proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Joseph Henry Sheruda: 

JH: Remember, "The wise man must be wise before, not after, the 
event." (Epicharmus) Congratulations! You've done it!! 


Shane Matthew Sipes: 

A new chapter in your life begins! May it be filled with good health, 
love, and fulfillment. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Andrew David Stoner: 

You made it and we're proud of you! Mom, Dad, Kevin, Eric, and 

Marcia S. Tumpey: 

Congratulations - you held on to your dreams - and "Yes," today 
they became real! We're proud of you and best wishes for continued 
success in your field and in life. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Alicia June Way: 

Good goin', Gert! Love, Mom. 

Congratulations in your senior year, Alicia. After you graduate, the 

world will never be the same! Love, Dad. 

Michele Lyn Weber: 

Congratulations Michele! We are so proud of you and all you've 
accomplished. You've only just begun! We love you, Mom & Dad. 

Karen Wharton: 

In 1995 your graduation date seemed so far away. Now we can all 
give thanks to Jehovah. Congrats, Karen! Love, Mum & Dad. 

Eugene and Lorraine Summers 


The "World of Change" Quittapahilla 1999, Volume 84 of the 
Lebanon Valley College Yearbook was printed and published by 
the Taylor Publishing Company of El Paso, Texas and Malvern, 

Copy for the book was printed in the following fonts: Embassy 
[Chancery), Seville, Rinna (Korinna), and Nouveau Gothic. Body 
copy, caption, and headline point sizes varied throughout the 

The staff consisted of: 

Ms. Kelly Alsedek 

Kelly Cooney, Joshua Lindeman, Laura Simolike 

Laura DeHart 

Business Manager: 
Clint Rudy 


Kelly Cooney, Joshua Lindeman, Laura Simolike, Laura 

DeHart, Eugene Kelly, Scott Kammerer, John Banks 

Copy Writers: 

Kelly Cooney, Joshua Lindeman, Laura Simolike, Laura 

DeHart, Amy Stack, Amy Vituzynski 


Meet tfte Editors 

Joshua N. Lindeman, Sophomore Actuarial Science major/Computer Science 
minor; WLVC; Math Quiz Bowl; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Programming Board; 
Student Judicial Board; Quittapahilla. 

I was originally named the Copy Editor for the 1999 Quittapahiilla by Carrie 
Stull. But, after having worked on this yearbook for a little while I have realized 
that when you have a staff of two regular people and a few others who gratefully 
volunteer their time, it is impossible to be selfish and do only the job that you 
were named to. Therefore, I'd like to first thank Kelly Cooney, for without her and 
her ability to adapt to many different roles, this yearbook would not see the light 
of day. Also as I briefly mentioned above, those people who gave of their time 
voluntarily - you know who you all are. Ed Patrick from Taylor Publishing 
Company deserves some recognition because without his patience and will- 
ingness to meet with us during our busy schedules, this book would not have 
even gotten off the ground. The staff of the college center for helping us out by 
doing mail runs or other necessary things. Thanks to Student Government and 
the administration of LVC for giving us the funds necessary to relieve our debt 
from previous years. Finally, I give thanks to my advisors from high school, Mrs. 
Phyllis Silverman and Mrs. Jean Eicherly who got me interested in yearbook 
publishing. Congratulations to the Class of 1999. 1 only hope this yearbook gives 
you a good glimpse of life at LVC and your years here at "The Valley." 

Kelly R. Cooney, Sophomore Accounting major; Accounting Club; Phi Beta 
Lambda; Business Department Mentor; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Quittapahilla. 

When we began this year, I was asked by Carrie Stull, the editor of last year's 
yearbook to be the Organizational Editor. But as the year progressed, I turned 
into a copy writer, photographer, layout designer and contact person to deal with 
phone calls from alumnae, students, parents, and LVC staff. Going into this 
project having no idea where to begin and having no experience, this seemed like 
an impossible goal. But 11 months later, after endless trips to school over the 
summer, we finally finished the book. Without the help of numerous people, this 
never would have been possible. First, I would like to thank Taylor Publishing 
and our representative, Ed Patrick, Jr. for getting us on the right track back in 
September. To DaVor Photography for delivering our pictures to us in a timely 
fashion. To Shirley Ritter in the mail room for handling all of our packages going 
out and coming in. To Josh and Laura - we did it! Thank you both for all of your 
hard work, especially with those last minute club and faculty pictures. To all of 
the people who helped throughout the year - John Banks, Laura DeHart, Gene 
Kelly and Amy Stack - your help was definitely appreciated. To all of the 1999 
graduates, especially my T22 sisters, best of luck in everything! 

Laura K. Simolike, Sophomore Elementary Education/Spanish major; SPSEA; 
Mentor to 10th graders; Best Buddies; Quittapahilla. 

I would like to thank Taylor Publishing Company for supporting us and helping 
show us the way, which allowed us to put together a wonderful yearbook. I would 
also like to thank Dean Yuhas and Jen Evans for giving us exactly what we 
needed to put out this fabulous book. I would like to wish the class of 1999 the 
very best of luck in everything that they do as they go out into a world that is, as 
our book says, "full of change." Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank my 
amazing co-editors. Josh and Kelly. Both of you know that this book would not 
be here if it weren't for the two of you. Thanks for putting up with me and for 
making this book incredible. Expecially you Kelly - you deserve a thousand pats 
on the back, and I truly appreciate all that you have done for this book. Finally, 
thanks to Sister Joan for showing me what it takes to put a yearbook together. 
You are truly an amazing woman and one of my best friends. 


1999 LVC Candids 


Lebanon Vattey Cottegt 

Alma Mater 

To Thee dear Alma Mater 

This ringing song we raise, 

A song that's fraught with gladness, 

A song that's filled with praise, 

We cannot help but love Thee, 

Our hearts are full and free, 

Full well we know the debt we owe, 

To dear old LVC. 

We come from old New Hampshire, 

Where winter breezes blow, 

And from the sunny Southland, 

Where sweet magnolias grow, 

We've sung "Star Spangled Banner," 

To "Dixie" given a cheer, 

And now we raise this song of praise, 

To Alma Mater dear. 

Put forth your strongest might, 

And let our Alma Mater 

Win each and every fight, 

Lift high it's royal banner, 

And keep it's honor clear, 

And let our song with voices strong 

Ring down thro' many a year. 



* r*.