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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


Lebanon Valley College 
Annville, PA 17003 

Volume LXXXV 

Moments of the Millennium 

In this, the 85th volume of the Quittapahilla, we usher in the year 2000. Highlighted throughout this book are the 
moments of change that took place throughout this past year in order to ring in the Millennium. The class of 2000 
will appreciate everything we have spotlighted in this book because it will serve as memories of the best four years of 
their lives. Underclassmen can appreciate this book as well because it is an opportunity for them to look back on the 
1999-2000 academic year and see the experiences to which they can look forward. With the turn of the new century 
there are many moments to look back on with both smiles and tears. We hope that this year's Quittapahilla will allow 
you to look back years from now and remember your "Moments of the Millennium." 


Student Life 

The Millennium brought many exciting 
moments in student life this year through 
a number of plays. Wellness Week, an 
unforgettable formal, a fun-filled Chil- 
dren's Day, Homecoming, and many oth- 
er memorable events. The LVC student 
body continues to be actively involved on 
campus in producing and running these 
events. It is the hard work and dedication 
of these students that make all of these 
events possible. Events such as these pro- 
vide memories that will last a lifetime and 
provide an escape from the daily stress of 
classes for LVC students. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 



It's a hot Saturday in August and you ^^RS^ student at 
Lebanon Vallly College. VMiat does the c^Bge provide 
for you but a mn-filled day of exciting activitia and lots of 
chances to mefenew people. Thanks to the hA of current 
LVC studentsBlHent assistants, peer advis^, adminis- 
trators, and stHPIHe first few days of a new mident's life 
is not as harnmil as it seemed when that stu«nt gradua- 
ted from high School only a few months ago. flay Fair was 
a big hit this fear with incoming freshman b«ause it put 
everyone on pm equal playing field and slowed that 
everyone is fce same - once you get to Jjiow them. 
Congratulations to the incoming freshman -Ihe class of 

Two students explain the rules of the next event to their team 
"Can I PLEASE just go back to my room?" 

A new student says a final goodbye to his parents and prepares for I 
"I cannot believe they are making me do this stuff!" 

Who's havinc|moK» fun here - iha LVC leaders or tht" rie<jstudents? 

LVC leaders helpefi fieshman orifirtation run smoothly and #sisted the new 
students in getting fccustomed to thvii new surroundings 1 

VC's new gospel choir "Voices of Spirit" wowed the audience with their 
nazing talent. 

Kate. Halley. Elspeth. and Kate performed their rendition of "Iowa." 

The talented band, Kings of Olde, perform a song called "Lady Night 

The scores are tallied and the winner is 

"Voices of Spirit!" 

X 0.10111. ollt 

The club on campus in charge of spr 
awareness j- Leading Educational Awaretj 
(LEAD) - sponsored the sixth annual 
October 8, 1999. It was held in Leedy Tt 
was not a seat in the house wthout 
Students collaborated on eight different . 
from a rock band to spiritual chanting, 
was Ms. l^ighann Lord and some of 
Oliver Carter, Harry Hunt, David Newell, 
Steckbeck. Door Prizes were given out this 
it was good to see so much student tale: 
front of himdreds of students, faculty, am 
place was the song "Iowa" performed b] 
Halley, and Kate - an entire group of seni 
was "I May Have" by Tyrone Broxton. 
given to Voices of Spirit performing "Cei 
Congratulations to all of the winners and 
to the performers in general — everyone 

ing diversity 
Is of Diversity 
■nt show on 
ter and there 
tudent in it. 
MC this year 
judges were 
id Rose Anne 
year, also, and 
on display in 
ests. In third 
.ate, Elspeth, 
Second place 
Irst place was 
r of My Joy." 
a great job! 

Tyrone Broxton caught the 
attention of everj>om> with 
his poetry reading. 

Hosting the 1999 Talent 
Show was comedian. 
Leighann Lord, who had 
the audience laughing the 
entire show. 

Children's Day 

'.f- "^n 

This years Children's day was by far a fabulous 
moment of the millenium. Over 250 students from 

the local Annville and Cleona schools were 
shuffled into the academic quad for a day of fun- 

filled events. The theme for this year was 

"Mystery", and the children were given clues at 

each station that would eventually lead them to 

discover a famous chiidrens book character. The 

children were assigned to colorful groups such as 

the red crayons or tlie green frogs. They paraded to 

and from a variety of stations such as Ai*ts and 

Crafts, Reader's Theater, Games, Storvtime, and 

much, much more! At the end of the day both the 

gradeschool students and the college volunteers 

were all tuckered out. This years Children's Dav 

was an enormous success, and everyone is looking 

forward to next years! 









1 ^ 




^*iftt \< J < T^llrL:AC < II. 





A Look At The Scenic 
Lebanon Valley Campus 


^ . I 


1999 Homecoming Queen - Carrie Fetterman 
Runner-up - Kate Wilson 



= M nil ,-lilBl """P^ 

Carrie is congratulated while Dr. PoUick prepares to crown the Homecoming 

Carrie is overcome by a combination of happiness, disbelief, and tears as other 
members of the Homecoming court look on. 

The marching band put on an excellent pcrfonnance for the Homecoming crowd. 

Teammates and friends were on hand to cheer for their favorite 


The Dutchmen celebrate a touchdown during the Homecoming foot- 
ball game against Albright. 

While showing her excitement, Carrie Fetterman is crowned Home- 
coming Queen. 

Family, friends, and students were on hand to cheer on the 

1999 Homecoming 


ptay is a semi-autobiograf>Wcal account 
|N€il Simmy's cMMhobd iB B^ 

^jBeacK, Brooklyn,^ New York^City;^/ , 
laifeteters iitdude his Har<t-working father, 
|k,:ana his sometimes "flighty" Aunt : 
tche. It is part M what is commonly 
jrred to as the Brighton Beach trilogy 
the latter parts being Biloxi Blues and 
p^a;y Botortd. It is a play that wili have 
"[yiaugh at the antics of Mr. Eugene 
^cls; Jerome^and ;cry, as^;t:oes 0f sisterhood 
' Irhaternity are^roken. It is one of Neil 
Ion's best works and has Been enpyed 
By audiences every where^ 




Curio CDegan "Jfcubergcr 

Ualcntine Cckesia SCPith 

Utoia Bliiabcth 'Pierce 

A Captain James ID Tranklin 

Sir Cobj! 'Belch 'Brendan CDcir 

cDaria Gwcn E. £awson 

Sir Andrew Agtiecheek "Kristin OTaric Chandler 

Teste Cindscy Elirabeth forrii 

Olivia Oollj) Spaii^enherg 

fl^alvolio Colbij "Jiilfccr 

Antonio 'Huii 'llguijen 

Sebastian Cimothy Andrew "Feeg 

Tabinn Julie 'Repman 

Officer I . . , CDeqan iHeuberqcr 

Officer 2 iZafeesia Smith 

A 'Prei$r James Tranfelin 


'Director Ann Davis 

Assistant Director CPichclc "Plum 

Stai^e CPanagcr Charlton Albrii^ht 

Assistant Stage GDanager Scean Albright 

'Producer ICate llaepple 

Assistant "Producers "J^eather Cull>ertson, Sara Jlodon 

Cii^htincj technician 'Ken 'Bassett 

Sound C'cchnician "Brian 'Jiaui^h 

lOardrobe distress Angie 'Barter 

'Props G5istrcss 'Tlicolc Oder 

Faculti) Advisor 'Dr Kevin 'Pry 

technical Advisor, Stage/£icjhtin(^ 'Design Steve Spiese 

Twelfth Night 

Tivelfth Night, or Whut you Will is one of the most 

frequently performed of Slmkespeare's comedies. 

Its title suggests the celebrations of Christmas and 

Epiphany, the carnival -like revels of the passing of ihe 

old year and the coming of the neiv, ivhen masters and 

servants playfully change places and pranks zvere 

played at the Feast of Fools. At the heart of Twelfth 

Night, hojuever, is Romance-not just the romantic love 

story of Orsino and Viola, Olivia and Sebastian, but the 

adventure, intriguer, and magic of a foreign place 
wlwre dporwned siblings rise from ivaters, xvhere a girl 

becomes a boy and then a girl again, cohere servants 

overthroiv their masters and masters are overmastered 

by love. There is something environmental about the 

intrigue and romance of Twelfth Night. Shakespeare's 

lllyria must be a climate where dukes and countesses, 

shipwrecked girls and pirate captains, courtiers, and 

duellists, cloivns and carnivals, masters and servants 

can all co-exist, a climate both cosmopolitan and exotic 

— Dr Kevin Pry 

lOilliam Shakespeare's 

I?welfth 'Tlic^ht: 
or, IDhat l^ou lOill 

'Presented by the IDic^ & Suckle 

Oramatic Society 

£.ebanon Ualley College 

Ceedy t^heater 

7 April 8 p.m. 

8 April 8 p.m. 
14 April 8 p.m. 

15 April 2 &' 8 p.m. 


3ring AAs 

April 28-30 brought everj'-oiie's Favorite annual 
campus evi ht - Spring Arts. Past \'ears have 
proven sue ?ssful and this year was no excep- 
tion. Varioi i clubs represented themselves by 
having ^ooJHK entertainment stands covering 
Sheridan Aienue and the academic quad, while 
local and c«npus bands performed throughout 
campus dimng the day. Nighttime activities 
brought th«LVC campus alive with live bands, 
parties, socplizing and lots of fun. The most 
popular bafa to perform was Green Eggs and 
Spam, a lolal band which has also made ap- 
pearances at nightclubs throughout Pennsylva- 
nia. Truly %>ring Arts produced many exciting 
'Moments If the Millennium." 

'^ ^Jl 




L? --'siir — :r::SPBSBe:: >"«Ttt?j»:i > 




Activities Fair 

In early Sej^tember 1999, the various LVC clubs 
and organisations set up tables on the social 
quad and attempted to recruit new members to 
add to their membership list. LVC represents a 
diverse selection of groups varying from aca- 
demic clubs, music groups, Greeks, and perfor- 
mance groups. Each group brings something 
different to the LVC campus. The Activities Fair 
is a way to draw new and returning students to 
get involved in extracurricular activities. 

Faflck Bridge 



LVC held its dedication ceremonies for the I'asick Bridge 
this past year during its annual Alumni W^kend celebra- 
tion on Friday, May 19, 2000 at 5;00 |Mi. The Fasick 
Bridge, the pedestiian walkway which S]^fis Route 934, 
will allow for students, faculty, staff, and administration 
to access the McGill Field baseball sta(^m and other 
fields on the west side of the campus. TlHl26-foot-long 
Fasick Bridge is named in honor of Dr. RosSnd Mrs. Betty 
Fasick. Dr. Fasick is chair of LVC's Board oWrustees and a 
1955 graduate of the college, A chadds Ford resident and 
Harrisburg nati\e, Fasick spent 34 years tiding a distin- 
guished career at DuPont. He held vaiio 
the company throughout the U.S. and 
retiring as a senior vice president of poly 
tive in 1993. He has served LVC well ani 
of this bridge in his name is recognition 
improve the LVC campus. 


ositions with 
Brazil before 
s and autom- 
he dedication 
his effort to 


It has been a year full of timeless and un- 
forgettable moments for the class of 2000. 
These moments have helped shape who and 
what they will be as they set out into the 
"real world" to test the skills that they have 
acquired over the past four years at Lebanon 
Valley. They will look back on these mo- 
ments and remember the laughter as well as 
the tears and hopefully sit back with a smile 
on their face when they remember all of the 
amazing adventures that they had at LVC. 
Each member of the senior class brought 
their own unique gifts and talents to help 
form the class of the new millennium. As 
they embark on their journey into a new and 
exciting world, we take time to remember 
their "moments of the millennium." 

Maureen E. Anderson 
English Communications 

Sarah M. Annibali 
Elementary Education 

Kristen B. Arnold 

Kristoffer A. Bailey 

Kristi L. Baker 
Business - Marketing 

Kimberly S. Bard 
Elementary Education 

Bradley M. Barger 

Elizabeth Barton 
Elementary Education 

Kenneth W. Bassett 



Jessica L. Bautsch 
Elementary Education 

Lisa E. Becker 
Political Science 

Christopher Black 
Individualized Major 

Elizabeth H. Borges 
nglish Communications 

Patricia A. Brace 
Health Care Management 

J. Andrew Brummer 

Erica Bruner 
Music Education 

Terry Buda 

Lucia J. Cantillo 

International Business 

French, Spanish 

Kristi Cavanaugh 

Carrie A. Clinton 

Elementary Education 


Lisa A. Crnkovich 

Elementary Education 

Psychology - Developmental 

Brian S. Crotty 

Business - Management 


Kristin M. Chandler 


Music Education 

Wendi J. Davenport 

Nathaniel K. Davis 
Political Science 

Laura A. Degraff 

Business - Marketing 


Michael D. DiBiase 

Music Recording 


Rebekah DiBiase 
Psychology - Experimental 

Rita M. Donecker 

Marylynn Duke 
Elementary Education 


Jeffrey R. Echternach 

Heather L. Erb 
Psychology Counseling 

Christopher Evans 
Music Education 

Michael Evans 


Music Education 

Jeffrey N. Eynon 

Computer Science 


Emily M. Eager 

Lisa J. Fasold 
Music Education 

John A. Fedock 

Chemistry, Mathematics 

Computer Science 

Carrie E. Fetterman 
Business - Marketing 

James W. Franklin 
Music Education 

Heather M. Gateau 


Music Education 

Melissa M. George 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer L. Gottlieb 

English Communications 


Julia A. Gottschall 

Chad N. Gresh 
Elementary Education 

Stephanie A. Harnish 


Social Work 

Christina J. Hart 
Elementary Education 

Stacy Helhowski 
Elementary Education 



Rebekah Hendricks 
Music Education 

Jennifer Hershey 
Elementary Education 

Cynthia L. Heston 

Music Education 

Michael B. Howard 



Amelia M. Hutnick 

Psychology - Experimental 


Mary Joyce B. Isaac 



Ronald C. Isgate 

Political Science 


Paul N. Johnson IV 
American Studies 

Amie T. Kabia 


Individualized Major 

Erin K. Keyser 

Elementary Education 


Jamie L. Kirkpatrick 


Social Work 

Angela M. Koch 
English Communication!! 


Kimberly A. Kolibab 

Nancy S. Kostuk 
Music Education 

Elizabeth A. Kreider 
Elementary Education 

Jodie E. Krum 

Kathryn E. Laepple 
American Studies 
English - Theater 

Gwen E. Lawson 

Elementary Education 

English - Theater 

Tara H. Leberknight 

English - SED 


Eric B. Leighow 
Business - Management 

Valerie L. Macrie 
Music Education 

Michael C. Mann 
Hotel Management 

Angela R. Mannino 

Business - Mgmt./Mktg 

Hotel Management 

Kim M. Mark 

Amy E. Martin 
Music Education 

Emily S. Martin 
English Communications 

Jill M. Maulfair 
Elementary Education 

Hilary L. McLaughlin 
Music Education 

Thomas J. Mealy Jr. 

Kimberly A. Meredith 
Business - Management 

Natasa Milanovic 

International Business 


Cindy L. Miller 



Lauren Moffatt 
Elementary Education 


Stephanie L. Moletress 

Business - Human 

John F. Moran 

Michael T. Morehead 

Douglas A. Moser 
Political Science 

Joseph J. Mucerino, Jr. 


Political Science 

Ann M. Musser 


Psychology Counseling 

Ashley B. Muthler 

Music Education 

Kara Nagurny 
Elementary Education 

Angela R. Nash 



Michael J. Nipple 

Amanda S. Ott 
English - SED 

Kelly A. Pannebecker 

inglish Communications 

Greta L. Paucek 

Erin E. Paxson 


French, Mathematics 

Daniel N. Pfeil 


Hotel ManagemerjJ; 

Keith A. Phoebus 

Kathryn M. Pine 
Elenientary Education 

Shanna N. Plouse 
Business - Marketing 

Sherri L. Popejoy 

Sara E. Price 


Music Education 

Marcia J. Reed 
Elementary Education 


Christopher D. Probst 


Music Education 

Scott W. Radcliffe 

Amy J. Reese 

Julie A. Repman 

English - SED 


Jennifer D. Rakowski 

Melissa A. Rhoads 

Rebecca K. Rhoads 

Elementary Education 


Michael Robinson 

Music Education 

Michael J. Ridler 

Applied Computer Science 


Beth M. Rineman 

Music Education 

Meghan E. Ritzman 
Elementary Education 

Selena L. Rodgers 



Serenity M. Roos 
Elementary Education 

Michael A. Rose 
Political Science 

Stephen M. Rosenfeld 

Jennifer L. Ross 
Psychology - Developmental 

Kelly A. Roth 
Music Education 

Tara A. Ruhl 

Jessica A. Schneider 

Elementary Education 


Lisa B. Schrack 


Lindsay A. Shattuck 
Music Education 

Theresa M. Shenk 

International Business 

Political Science, Spanish 

Michael Shirk 
Mechanical Engineering 

Ralph B. Shoemaker III 


Music Education 

Geoffrey S. Shoffstall 

Suzanne M. Snare 

Elspeth A. Shumway 

Psychology Counseling 

Braden A. Snyder 
English Communications 

Kelly L. Sonon 
English Communications 

Nicole A. Soulliard 
Elementary Education 

Danielle Spriggs 

Heather R. Strunk 
Music Education 

Steven M. Swank 

Computer Science 

Jesse O. Swoyer 
nglish Communications 

Joya C. Tobias 

Political Science 

Psychology Counseling 

Esperansa Tucker 

Lori B. Sweigart 
Accounting/Bus. - Mgmt. 
English Communications 

Jason M. Vogtman 

Hotel Management 

Annmarie J. Vollberg 
^'chology - Organizational 

Christina J. Walker 

Elementary Education 


E. Anne Waller 

Stephanie A. Walters 




Travis Werley 

Jamie M. Wesloskie 



Kate R. Wilson 

Leah R. Woodworth 
Elementary Education 

Kimberly M. Zang 

Psychology Counseling 

Social Work 

Sheri L. Zeiders 

Patrick C. Woodward 

Music Recording 


Amy L. Zellers 

Frank D. Zernhelt 
Chemistry - A.C.S. 

Melissa S. Zinn 

Class of 

Senior Candids 


While we all have our daily complaints 
about certain professors that we can't 
seem to cope with, most agree that the 
faculty and staff of LVC are devoted and 
dedicated to their work. 
They are willing to go the extra mile to 
make sure that we understand and are 
prepared to go into the real world. This 
year saw the arrival of a few new pro- 
fessors and also the final farewell to oth- 

As we all share in these wonderful 
"Moments of the Millennium" at LVC, 
we know they would not be possible 
without the dedication of President Pol- 
lick and the wonderful faculty this college 
— Kelly R. Cooney 


G. David Pollick 

Stephen C. 

Vice President of 
Academic Affairs 



f. m* 


Barbara S. 

Dean of Faculty 


Dean of Student 




Deborah R. 

;e President and Controller 




"1 1-1 


ixecutive Assistant to the 





Business Office 


Vernon and Doris Bishop Library 





Business Administration 



. rs 




«a:^«<A"<eiLij >;;-, 

-- »■ a»„j*»j.-...«a»».^ 




LVC saw an exciting year in sports as 
many teams advanced to the playoffs. 
LVC also said goodbye to senior stand- 
outs such as Men's Basketball's Keith 
Phoebus, Ice Hockey's J. P. Callahan, 
Women's Basketball's Serenity Roos and 
Meghan Ritzman, Field Hockey's Carrie 
Fetterman, and Track and Field's Braden 
Snyder and Ann Musser. The Ice Hockey 
team continued to use Hershey Arena as 
their home ice while the baseball and 
Softball teams got new locker rooms in 
the newly built Heilman Center. Overall, 
it was another exciting year in sports as 
we observed "Moments of the Millenni- 


-Kelly R. Cooney 

Wilkes University W 2-1 
Franklin & Maishall W 7-1 
Millersville University VV 3-0 
Mary Washington College W 3-2 
Albright College W 3-0 
Widener University VV 8-1 
Swarthmore College W 4-1 
Susquehanna University W 3-0 
Moravian College VV 2-0 
Juniata College W 2-1 
Ithaca College W 2-0 
Elizabethtown College W 4-0 
Gettysburg College L 2-3 
William Smith College W 2-1 
Messiah College W 5-4 
Drew University VV 4-2 

Championship Semifinals vs. UniveKity of SSSiton W 3-0 
Championship vs. Wilkes L 0-1 

NCAA Division 10 Second Round vs. Eastern Mennonite Uni- 
versity W 4-1 
NCAA Divisioi> III Quarterfinals vs. SUNY-Cortkmd L 0-1 

Getting ttie team pumped up before going back out on the field is Coach 


Beth Seidenstricker takes a quick break to regain some energy. 

LVC shows their strong defensive skills in preventing the goal. 

LVC puts forward their best effort in hopes of regaining control. 

The Lady Dutchmen take the ball downfield. 

Putting forth all of her energy is Lora Zimmerman. 

Lora hustles to beat her opponent to the ball, (above) 

Coach Tierney explains the strategy of the next play, (left) 

Some words of advice for the Valley goalkeepers, (below) 


Ursinus College 
Juniata College 
Moravian College 
King's College 
Albright College 
Susquehanna University 
Wilkes Universitv 
Widener University 
Delaware galley College 

*No scorePavailable 
* Overall record of 2-8 

The Valiey offensive line is ready for action as the quarterback calls the pL 

LVC and Aibright scramble for the lose ball 

The team watches the action from the sidelines. 

Coach Heisey tries to get some energy back into his team. 

Quarterback Denni^Kagmourian 
line shows good pr^fetion. 






i^^A pB 

J^Bv /jiiS'^^^K. Mi. 



I wouldn't want to be on the bottom of this one! 

The Dutchmen celebrate the touchdown. 

The Valley defense works hard to bring down the Albright runner. 


Aerodynamics is a big part of cheerleadlng. 

The cheerleaders try their best to stay balanced. 


The cheerleaders show off their talent as the crowd looks ( 

The cheerleaders work on getting the crowd pumped up. 

Doing their dance routine are the LVC cheerleaders 

Go Big Blue! 

"Who wants a touchdown?" shout the cheerleaders. 

The cheerleaders work on getting the crowd pumped up. 

Boogying down to the sounds of the band is the cheering squad 

country coach in- 
ne of his runners. 

The g ,"s take a break be- 
Viifeen -aces and get pre- 
pared or the next event. 

A series of Valley competitors in action. 

:'V^- ^^ ^.:^ 

The LV men stick together during the race, (above) 

\nna Molocu pushes her way past the Moravian 
:ompetitor. (right) 

lerry Reilly paces himself as the race progresses, 

"'Do you 

mind-. I'm trying 

to rtin a race 

here." (left) 


The emotional ups and downs of cross country! 

Maria takes the 
lead as they round 
the bend, (below) 

Men's Soccer 

Marietta College Tournament vs. Muskingum College \V 3-1 

Marietta College Tournament vs. Marietta College VV 3-1 

Lycoming College L 1-2 

Mar\^vood University- W 8-0 

Kings College W 5-1 

Albright College L 2-3 

Elizabethto'wn College L 1-2 

G\\"\Tiedd-Merc\' CoUege W 2-0 

Messiah College L 0-4 

Wilkes University' L 2-4 

Moraxian CoUege \V 1-0 

Delaware Valley College VV 3-2 

Allento^^Tl College L 1-4 

Juniata College \V 6-3 

Swarthmore College W 1-0 

Susquehanna Universit}" L 2-3 

Alverrua CoUege \V 2-0 

Widener University- L 0-1 

Mike Boger dribbles the ball dovm the field emd gets ready to 
go for the goal. 


Rv-an Butzer takes time 

before the game to mingle 

with the crowd. 

I 41>H^ 

The guys celebrate after the goal. 

Grant Walter stops play to make sure his teammate Ken Klopp is 

Preparing to steal the ball 

from the Juniata player is 

Brad Barger. 

Ken Klopp rises to the occasion as the ball heads toward him. 

Junior, Shawn Bender, sends the ball downfield. 

All alone. Brad Barger turns around to see u-hat happened to everyone else. 

Seth Rife tries to keep the ball away from his defender, (right) 

The guys head down the field in hopes of taking the lead, (below) 


Lycoming College \V 1-0 
York College L 0-1 
Mamvood University W 3-0 
Dickinson College L 1-2 
Widener University T 1-1 
Centenan' College VV 8-2 
ElLzabethto^sTi College L 0-3 
Mora\'ian College L 1-3 
Messiah College L 0-3 
Albright College W 3-0 
Allento^NTi College W 2-1 
FDU-Madison \V 3-1 
Rutgers-Camden \V 3-2 
.■\lvemia College \V 1-0 
Susquehanna University,' W 1-0 
Juniata College VV 1-0 
Kings College W 4-0 
Franklin & Marshall College \V 1-0 
Baptist Bible College \V 4-0 

'When is it going to be my turn to go in?" 

The Lady Dutchmen get 
pumped before the game, 

"Ho-hum... another day. 
another game." thinks Jen 
Newcomer, (right) 

Senior, Danica Broiro. dribbles the ball 
around the opposing player and heads 
for the goal, (above) 

Steph Warner puts the ball back into 
play, (right) 

The fancy footwork of Erica Gosart keeps the 
defender off balance. 



A Valley player plays the net. hoping to win the point. 

1999 Women's Tennis Coach, Cliff Myers 

A good follow-though on returning the serve 

Krissy Bender shows her best 
backhand skills, (left) 

Hoping to win the point with 
her backhand is Tara Ruhl. 


The girls share a couple of laughs 
from the sidelines. 

The Lady Dutchmen shake 
hands with their opponents af- 
ter their match, (left) 

A Valley player goes for the 
ace. (right) 




Coach Perry gives instruc- 
tions to his team during a 

In deep concentration is co-captain Amy Reese. 

Senior captain, Greta Paucek, puts up the perfect set in 
hopes that her hitters will slam the ball home. 

•tiaoo GUEST ^^B 
nmw rout *aAj ^^H 

as. E»aJ^H 




•L •••■• \ 



— L- 

Greta and Crystal move in to cover the hitter, (above) 

he Lady Dutchmen celebrate after scoring the match point, 

Valley perfectly executes the bump-set-spike, 

Amy gets in position to receive the serve and 
get a side out. (right) 







Greta, Crystal and Jackie share a few laughs about the previous play, 

The coaches watch the game in amusement, (below) 

Indoor Track 
and Field 


M 1st, W 1st 

Messiah/ York/ Juniata/Lycoming 
M 4th, W 2nd 

Messiah Invitational 
M nth, WSrd 

Gettysburg Invitational 
M 8th, W 6th 

Citius, Altius, 

Senior, Braden Snyder, leads the pack as they head into the 
final lap. 

Scean Flowers pushes himself as the guys battle it out for the 

Sophomore, Tres Nolett, paces himself in one of his distance 

Freshman, Stacey Adair, gets in position to begin 
her race, (above) 

Eileen Golias shows perfect form as she leaps to 
victory, (right) 

Dave Lobianco prepares to pole vault his way to 

Jana Romlein battles it out with one of her 
LVC teammates for the finish. 

Ann Musser competes in one of her final track and 
field events of her LVC career. 

Malou Mclntyre gives his best effort in the long jump. 

p*^^%:. ^ 

Ice Hockey 

Neumann College \V 11-1 

United Stales Maval Academy W 12-0 

University of Scranton W 14-0 

Framingham State College W 7-1 

UMass-Dartmouth L 2-5 

Neumann College VV 13-0 

Cum' College W 6-5 

Nichols College W 3-1 

Manhattan\'ille College W 8-6 

Plymouth State College W 3-2 

Fitchburg State College L 2-3 

Manhattanville College L 3-2 

Assumption College W 8-1 

University of Scranton VV 12-1 

Salve Regina University' W 4-0 

Johnson & Wales University W 5-1 

St. Michael's College W 5-2 

Tufts University L 3-4 

Wentworth Institute of Technology W 4-2 

New Hampshire College L 3-6 

Worcester State College W 4-3 

Suffolk Universit)' T 2-2 

University of Delaware W 4-1 

StonehiU'CoUege W 8-2 

Western New England College L 4-5 

UMass-Dartmouth (ECAC Quarterfinals) L 4-5 

Jamie Taylor and Michael Sarro attempt to gain control of 
the puck for LVC. (above) 

The team watches the action from the bench and gets 
excited as LVC comes close to scoring, (below) 

"Maybe I can take a really 
quick nap while the action 
is stopped!" (left) 

The team gathers on the 
ice as they are introduced 
prior to the start of the 
game, (bottom left) 

A fight breaks out between 
Dan Fox and his opponent 
and Scott Schilling moves 
in to break it up. (bottom 

Coach MacCormack watches the action from the bench and prepares 
to shout directions to his team 

Jamie Taylor gets prepared for the referee to drop the 

LVC students and parents were always on hand to sup- 
port the team. 


Sponaugle Tournament vs. York College W 70-64 

Sponaugle Tournament Championship vs. Franklin & Marshall L 71-80 

Shippensburg University W 72-60 

Ehzabethtown College W 81-69 

Messiah College W 76-60 

Juniata College W 71-52 

Ursinus College L 62-63 

Captains Shootout (at Christopher Newport) vs. Hunter College (NY) W 


Captains Shootout Championship vs. Christopher Newport L 74-90 

Rinso Marquette Tournament vs. Centenary College (NJ) W 66-54 

Rinso Marquette Tournament vs. New Jersey City University 

(championship) L 82-60 

Susquehanna University L 69-74 

Moravian College W 74-61 

Franklin & Marshall College L 61-69 

Albright College L 67-88 

Widener University W 80-77 

Ehzabethtown College L 59-75 

Messiah College L 72-95 

Dickinson College W 74-64 

Juniata College W 69-60 

Susquehanna University W 56-54 

Moravian College L 79-81 

Albright College W 68-57 

Widener University L 60-73 

Allentown College W 67-61 

Widener University (MAC Semifinals) L 70-82 

Allentown College (ECAC First Round) W 76-73 

Albright College (ECAC Semifinals) W 61-57 

Pitt-Greensburg (ECAC Finals at Albright) W 77-60 

(left) Jason Vogtnian shows good form 
as he releases the jumper. 

Jason Potten tries to get position in the 

The team watches the action from the bench in anticipation of a win. 

Chris Ziegler works hard to play tough defense against his Shippensburg 

IHHi' '^ 

n ^^^*'W 




^Bl ;s xf^^K^^ 



(below) Jason heads out onto the court as he is introduced 
prior to the game. 

Keith Phoebus rises above his defend- 
ler and pops the two pointer. 

Coach McAlester attempts to get the 
referee to change his call. 

Steve Horst looks for an open player to pass to. 

Darren Pugh and John Sharkey sandwich the Ship- 
pensburg player and allow him no opportunity of 

Dan Pfeil goes for the lay-in despite the hand in his face. 


York College Lady Spartan Classic vs. Western Maryland College W 74- 


York College Lady Spartan Classic vs. York (championship) L 35-44 

Wilson College W 79-31 

Elizabethtown College L 67-72 

Messiah College L 60-67 

Neumann College W 74-36 

Juniata College W 74-57 

Hood College (MD) W 83-49 

Western Maryland College W 66-49 

Haverford College W 76-55 

Susquehanna University L 56-67 

Moravian College W 83-58 

Albright College W 78-62 

Widener University W 84-62 

Elizabethtown College L 65-68 

Marywood University W 88-67 

Messiah College L 65-66 

Juniata College W 74-66 

Susquehanna University L 57-73 

Dickinson College W 73-56 

Moravian College W 72-62 

Gettysburg College W 76-54 

Albright College W 58-49 

Widener University W 97-82 

Allentown College (MAC Quarterfinals) L 53-76 

Grove City College (ECAC Semifinals at Wesley) L 44-52 

Coach Kauffman 
goes over the plan 
for the next play, 

Suzanne Becker 
makes a good pass 
to her teammate, 

Miriam Anthony 
looks for an open 
girl to pass to. (left) 

Senior Captain, Se- 
renity Rocs, con- 
centrates on setting 
up a good scoring 
opportunity for the 
Lady Dutchmen, 

Miriam Anthony pulls down a tough rebound despite 
the crowd of Wilson defenders around her. 

Lora Zimmerman shows good form as she 
pops the 3. 

Jen Smolensk! posts up in the 
paint and waits to receive the ball. 

Andrea Zawalick pulls up for the short jumper. 

The team watches the action from the bench 
in anticipation of a win. 

1999-2000 Women's Basketball Coach, Peg 

Jen Smolensk! fights hard to get position for the 



The girls take a 
break to relax be- 
fore the start of the 


MAC Relays @ Albright College No team scoring 
College Misericordia M-L 86-109 W-L 90-113 
Albright College M-L 49-131 W-L 65-135 
Beaver College M-W 111-73 \^-W 133-67 
Elizabethtown College M-L 72-82 W-L 91-104 113-65 
Susquehanna University M-L 71-94 W-L 91-108 
Widener University M-L 65-107 W-L 76-99 
Lycoming College M-L 65-101 W-L 88-103 
Juniata College (women) L 46-152 
MAC Championships M-42 pts. W-28 pts. 


An LVC swimmer poses for the camera in hopes of starting a 
modeling career. 

Sharing a couple of laughs before the meet is the LVC swim team. 

An LVC swimmer swims down the lane as fast as she can. 

Coach Mary Gardner goes over some final details before the start 
of the meet. 

Two swimmers work hard in the backstroke and the butterfly. 



Katie Riddle waits patiently for her turn. 


"r ^^B 



^ 1 

^ 1 





Two swimmers come up for air as they work hard to win their events. 


King's College Monarch Tournament 9th 

Wilkes University L 16-30 

Elizabethtown College L 11-40 

Messiah College L 7-42 

Lebanon Valley College Petrofes Invitational 18th 

Bridgewater College L 6-41 

Wesleyan University L 9-35 

Trinitv College L 21-25 

Swarthmore College Tournament 8th 

King's College L 6-40 

Centenarv College W 30-27 

Baptist Bible College W 34-15 

York College L 0-53 

Western Marvland L 0-49 

Gallaudet University W 30-12 

Delaware Valley College L 0-54 

Ursinus College L 12-36 

Gettysburg College L 9-46 

University of Scranton L 5-41 

Oneonta State L 6-37 

Johns Hopkins University - did not compete 

Washington & Lee University - did not compete 



*^ 0- ' ' ^ ■■^- " 

^-Ml #A«* , 

. m^M 





1999-2000 Wrestling Coach, 
Dan Daley 

Assistant Coach, Joe Sheruda 

An LVC wrestler works hard at pinning his opponent. 
The wrestlers get in position to go at it. 



^^I^^H^ ~^ -^i^^ ~.^^^ri 


Two wrestlers work at ripping each other's heads off. 

Brian Eidenshink shakes hands with his opponent and pre- 
pares for a tough match. 

Ryan Derfler gets loosened up before his match. 

Brian shows good posi- 
tion as he begins his 

The guys grit their teeth and give it their all. 


Olivet College (MI) W 9-2 
Mount Saint Clare College (lA) L 4-12 
Lewis University (IL) L 1-12 
Muhlenberg College L 8-11 
Olivet College (MI) W 4-2 
Indiana Wesleyan University L 0-10 
Muhlenberg College L 5-11 
Sw/arthmore College W 7-3 
Widener University (1st) L 0-2 
Widener University (2nd) L 5-8 
Johns Hopkins Universitv rained out 
Juniata College (1st) W 4-3 
Juniata College (2nd) L 2-4 
Bucknell University (DH) rained out 
Gettysburg College L 5-16 
Delaware Valley College W 8-0 
Western Maryland College L 3-4 
Elizabethtown College (1st) W 5-4 
Elizabethtown College (2nd) L 3-4 
Allentown College W 5-2 
King's College W 11-10 
Susquehanna University W 11-8 
Susquehanna University W 3-2 
Alvernia College L 4-16 
Albright College (1st) W 6-3 
Albnght College (2nd) L 1-7 
Moravian College (1st) L 2-4 
Moravian College (2nd) L 4-5 
Wilkes Universitv L 2-7 
York College L 2-16 
Messiah College (1st) W 6-1 
Messiah College (2nd) L 1-2 
Millersville University canceled 
Villa JuUe College W'l 0-4 

Getting ready to re- 
lease the pitch and 
hoping for strike 3 
is Steve Anspach. 

"1 volunteer to carry the equipment after the game." 

Junior, Bryan Huyett, warms up before the start of the 

Oliver Bedwell poses for the camera during a 
break in the game. 


The guys huddle and get psyched before taking the 

Mike Martin rounds third 
and heads for the plate as 
the third base coach shouts 
out instructions. 

Dallas Noll follows through 
and gets a hit for LVC- 

Mark Schauren tries some new tricks as he 
warms up before the game. 

Shawn Berwager fires the bail over to first 
base for the out. 

'Watch that baby flyl' 

The infielders gather on the mound and try to regroup to get the 
final out. 


Randolph-Macon (VA) College (1st) W 3-2 

Randolph-Macon (VA) College (2nd) L 3-4 

Salisbury State (MD) University W 2-1 

Christopher Newport (VA) University L 0-8 

Kenyon (OH) College L 4-6 

Mary Washington (VA) College W 11-8 

Chowan (NC) College W 5-1 

Elizabethtown College (1st) W 5-0 

Elizabethtown College (2nd) L 3-9 

Lycoming College (1st) L 1-2 

Lycoming College (2nd) W 2-0 

Juniata College (1st) W 10-1 

Juniata College (2nd) W 8-0 

Kean University (1st) W 2-0 

Kean University (2nd) W 5-4 

King's College '(1st) L 0-7 

King's College (2nd) L 2-3 

Dickinson College (1st) L 5-6 

Dickinson College (2nd) W 4-1 

Albright College (1st) L 1-3 

Albright College (2nd) W 4-3 

Moravian College (1st) L 0-2 

Moravian College (2nd) W 7-3 

Western Maryland College (1st) L 5-11 

Western Maryland College (2nd) L 1-3 

Susquehanna University (1st) L 2-9 

Ursinus College (1st) L 0-43-14 

Ursinus College (2nd) L 5-13 

Messiah College (1st) L 1-2 

Messiah College (2nd) W 5-3 

Susquehanna University (2nd) L 0-5 

Widener University (1st) W 3-2 

Widener University (2nd) W 3-1 

Wilkes University (1st) L 2-3 

Wilkes University (2nd) L 3-4 

Haverford College (DH) cancelled 

After getting the sure out at home plate, Linsay Yeiser goes 
for the double play. 

Looks like yet another hit for LVC. 

Quickness is a key factor in outscoring the 
opponent. (Left) 

Lindsey Yeiser looks to hit a home run. 

Shortstop, Kelly Pan- 
nebaker, gets warmed 
up for the game 

Ready to make an out- 
standing play is Sereni- 
ty Roos. (Right) 

Serenity smiles for the camera 
before the game begins. (Left) 

Encouraging fellow teammates 
is what the Lady Dutchman 
are all about. (Above Right) 

The LVC Softball team gets 
pumped up for another Softball 
game. (Right) 

Pitcher, Sam Rill, hopes for strike number three! 


York Tournament 341 
College Misericordia 345-355 
Messiah College 345-357 
Wilkes University by forfeit 
Elizabethtown College 342-339 
Elizabethtown Golf Invitational 343 
Franklin & Marshall Tournament 338 
Susquehanna Invitational 331 
Moravian Tournament 329 
Albright/Alvernia/Cabrini 324 
MAC at Shavv'nee Country Club 1012 

Matt Merring talks over his strategy with Head Coach, Lou Sorrentino. 

Showing good form on his swing is 
Matt Merring. 

An LVC golfer hopes to get a hole 
in one. 

John Brennan concentrates on making his 

1999-2000 Athletics Candids 

1999-2000 Athletics Candids 




Rl^ SP r^ 





Many moments captured throughout the 
year involved some type of extracurricu- 
lar activity. The organizations at LVC are 
full of variety and excitement. They pro- 
vide both faculty and LVC students with 
a wonderful opportunity to meet new 
people. They are a great way to escape 
from the doldrums of everyday school 
life, as well as take part in something of 
interest. When students surround them- 
selves with other people who like the 
same things as them, they are bound to 
form long-lasting friendships. This year's 
organizations will allow the LVC commu- 
nity to look back on some of the best 
moments of the millennium. 
— Laura Simolike 



Class of 


Class of 2001 Officers 

Class of 2002 Officers 

Class of 


Student Government 

Spring Arts 

Student Programming 






Best Buddies 

Rainbow Troupe 


Wig and Buckle 

Biology Club 

Spanish Club 

No Picture Available 



Campus Girl Scouts 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Phi Mu Alpha 


Voices of Spirit 

Delta Tau Chi 


I kii.fcgiiiai 

Praise Him With 




Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega 


GrTek Life 

Under the Presidency of Kate Pine, Greek 
Council attempted some new things on 
campus this year. One of these things 
was the first annual Fall Greek Week held 
in October. Some of the events included 
the root beer chugging contest, mattress 
race, and lucky dice game. Meet the 
Greeks this year featured jello wrestling 
and brought many prospective pledges. 
Spring Greek Week was held during the 
week of April 24-28 and featured many 
of the same events as previous years. 
Greeks continue to make their presence 
known on campus thoughout the Millen- 
nium through socials, community ser- 
vice, and leadership. 
— Kelly R. Cooney 


Greek Council 

"Gamma Sig" "AST" "Phi Sig" "Clio" 

rSS AST $22 KAN 


"Philo" "TKE" "Knights" 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Phi Lambda Sigma 

Kappa Sigma Kappa 

"We're not here 

for a long time 

but we're here 

for a good time." 


Greek Week 

Amy Stack and Lexi Smith pose for a picture after attempting to gain 
points for Gamma Sig in the Cannonball contest. 

"How do I get over this thing?" thinks Nicole Dreger. 

The guys do their best in the hula hoop contest while the girls look 
on in amusement. 

The guys make a dash for the finish line in a new event for 2000, the Watermelon Race. 



of the 


The Phi Sig girls are all smiles as they fight to win the tug-o-war contest, (right) 

Karl Williams goes as low as he can go in the Limbo contest. 


Philo makes their appearance in the Greek Week events. 

"Come on Cheryl, let out a good belch," says Gamma Sig sister Amy 

Greek Candids 

1 >%. Ait^,JmtlKm *^ 

No Matter 

The Letter 

Greeks Do 

It Better. 


Music can be heard everywhere throughout 
the Lebanon Valley campus during the 
school year. We start off in the fall with the 
Pride of the Valley, our LVC marching band, 
as they help us trumpet the way into the 
start of a new school year. There are nu- 
merous concerts that take place during the 
school year put on by various ensembles and 
quintets. Christmas at the Valley is another 
favorite event in which a wonderous musical 
presentation takes place. The sounds of mu- 
sic can be heard throughout the campus 
helping everyone get in that holiday mood. 
For many members of the LVC community 
the musical ensembles will be a time that 
they will look back on and remember some 
fabulous moments of the millennium. 

cll LilllJII 


1999 Drum Majors 

f ! 




JVcii ell 

Rt*ii riri IcPT' 


Graduation is so much more than the 
conferring of degrees. While receiving a 
degree is very important, saying goodbye 
to friends is a very emotional part of 
graduation. Friends that have become 
family over four years slowly slip away 
and there is no way to rewind the clock 
and bring them back. As last-minute 
things are packed and gradually moved 
from dorm room to car, tears begin to fall 
and reality sets in. These seniors may no 
longer be students and competitors but 
may only return as visitors and specta- 
tors. These hard-working, dedicated stu- 
dents show promising futures as they 
begin their careers in the new Millen- 
— Kelly R. Cooney 



Graduation is about sharing an 
unforgettable event with family and 

friends . . . 


-' ^^^\ ^ 

vl .. 





# #-1 



Speakers are a major part of the 
graduation ceremony... 

And the award goes to... 

Donald Lesher - Honorary Doctor of Human Letters 

Kenneth Wolfe - Doctor of Humane Letters/ Featured speaker for 
graduation ceremony 

An Ngoc Dang Do - Howard Anthony Neidig Award 
for Academic Excellence 

Dr. Jeanne Hey - Thomas Rhys Vickroy 
Award for Excellence in Teaching (left) 

Reverend Alfred Maloney - Honorary 
Doctor of Divinity (right) 

Now if we could only get our caps 
and gowns on properly . . . 



1 ^^x^9i^9 

Graduation 2000 Candids 

The processional begins out of Lynch and heads to the 
football field for the ceremony. 

"The ceremony is that way." 

Jason Vogtman proudly shows off his 

Jason Vogtman and Lori Swcigart assist in han- 
ding out diplomas to the graduates. 

Two of our LVC graduates smile for the camera. 
"It looks like it's going to rain." 

The LVC faculty enjoy the graduation ceremony. 










w^'\' fmi^M 

wE'''~' ^HH 



We finally did it! 





1 *^ M 


Guess what mom.-. I did it' (above left) 

A new tradition for 2000 was post-graduation dances! (above 

I'm outta here! (above right) 

Two students share some final laughs before parting for the last 
time, (left) 

"After all of this graduation stress, I could sure use a cold soda.' 






ii. / .-.:*. 

'■ ^:.dii 

Graduation (Friends Forever) 
— Vitamin C 

So we talked all night about the rest of our lives 

Where we're gonna be when we turn 25. 

I keep thinking times will never change 

Keep on thinking things will always be the same. 

But when we leave this year we won't be coming back. 

No more hanging out cause we're on a different track. 

And if you got something that you need to say 

You better say it right now 'cause you don't have another day. 

'Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down. 

These memories are playing like a film without sound. 

1 keep thinking of that night in June 

1 didn't know much of love but it came too soon. 

And there was me and you and when we got real blue 

We'd stay at home talking on the telephone. 

We'd get so excited and we'd get so scared 

Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair. 

And this is how it feels... 

(Chorus) As we go on we remember 

All the times we had together 

And as our lives change, come whatever 

We will still be friends forever. 

So if we get the big jobs and we make the big money 

When we look back at now will our jokes still be funny? 

Will we remember everything we learned in school 

Still be trying to break every single rule? 

Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man? 

Will Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan? 

I keep - keep thinking that it's not goodbye 

Keep on thinking it's our time to fly. 

And this is how it feels... 


Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now? 

Can we survive it out there, can we make it somehow? 

1 guess I thought that this would never end. 

And suddenly it's like we're women and men. 

Will the past be a shadow that will follow us around? 

Will these memories fade when I leave this town? 

I keep - keep thinking that it's not goodbye 

Keep on thinking it's our time to fly. 



Looking back on the 1999-2000 school year one 
can recall a host of memories. Some will bring 
laughter, other tears, but in the end a smile will 
form on each and every LVC student's face. 
Years from now when they pull out this year- 
book, perhaps to show to children of their own, 
they will recall the hard work and dedication 
that helped form who and what they were des- 
tined to become. Each of these memories will 
hold a special place in their heart, and their place 
as a part of the LVC community will forever be 
etched into the campus. From the opening of a 
new bridge, the introduction of many swans, 
new athletic fields, and those new parking lots 
that we all love so much, LVC will forever be a 
part of their past, present and future. These are 
their memories; their moments of the millenium. 



Kimberly S. Bard 

— Congratulations Kim - we are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad. 

Bradley Barger 

— Good job Brad! We are very proud of you! Love, Dad, Mom, Angie, Bill, Cathy, Ben, and Tom. 

Elizabeth H. Borges 

— Congratulations on your college eduation. We are touched by your dedication and hard work. We feel blessed t 
have such a wonderful daughter. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Bobby. 

Terry Lynne Buda 

— Congratulations Terry - you are to be commended for your dedication and hard work. We are all proud of yov' 
accomplishments and wish you all the best life has to offer. Love, Mom, Dad, Tony, and Baxter. 

Jeffrey N. Eynon 

— Congratulations Jeff! We're proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Steve, and Jared. 

Heather Michelle Gateau 

— I'm so proud of you! Fm sure your Dad is too. Keith Lockhart, look out! Love, Mommy. 

Christina J. Hart 

— Congratulations Christy! There are so many lucky children whose lives will be touched through your teaching. W 
are so proud of you. All our love and Godspeed. Mom, Dad, Chip, and Susan. 


Cynthia L. Heston 

— Congratulations Cindy. We're so proud of all your accomplishments! Love, Mom, Dad, and Jeff. 

Angela Koch 

— Congratulations Angie - great job! Love, Mom, Dad, and Andrew 

Kimberly Ann Kolibab 

— Kim - the future is yours to conquer. Love, Mom. 

Tara H. Leberknight 

— Congratulations Tara! We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Shaun, Snuggles, and Tippy. 

Michael C. Mann 

— Congratulations Mike - you've done a great job over the past four years. Keep up the good work! Love, Mom ar« 

Hilary Leigh McLaughlin 

— Hilary, you are an amazing young woman blessed with talent and wisdom. You make us very proud. Much lov 
Mom and Dad. 


Kelly Anne Pannebecker 

— Kelly - give people more than they expect. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. Love deeply and passionately. 
Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk; read between the lines. Remember that your 
character is your destiny. Love, Mom, Dad, and Brooke. 

Kathryn Marie Pine 

— Congratulations Kate - you're the best middle sister ever! Love, Carm and Ray. 

— Congratulations Kate - we're very proud of you. Good luck!! Love, Mom and Dad. 

Rebecca Kay Rhoads 

— Becky, to teach is touching hearts forever. We share your joy in reaching your goal. Congratulations! Love, Mom, 
Dad, Kristy, and Mom-Mom. 

Serenity M. Roos 

— We thank our God always for you. Continue to grow in Him and become everything He created you to be as He 
completes the good work He started in you! Congratulations! Love, Dad and Mom. 

Jennifer L. Ross 

— A good kid, a better student, but a great daughter. Congratulations. Love, Dad. 


i Lisa Beth Shrack 

— To my fellow Telletubbie: you are the best friend a girl could ask for. Remember to follow your heart and stay strong 
in what you believe in. I will love you always. Big hugs. Love, your best friend Laura. 

I Jesse Owens Swoyer 
• — May God bless your walk through life. Congratulations! Love, Mom. 




Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buda 
Ms. Kolibab 

Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads 
Mr. and Mrs. Leberknight 


''Moments of the Millennium" Quittapahilla 2000 is volume 85 ol 
the Lebanon Valley College yearbook. It was printed and pub- 
lished by the Taylor Publishing Company of El Paso, Texas and 
Malvern, Pennsylvania. The book has a press run of 200 copies 
Photographs and photograph developing was provided by DaVoi 
Photography of Bensalem, Pennsylvania. 

The cover was an original design created by a collaboratior 
between the editors, our yearbook representative, Ed Patrick Jr. 
and the staff at Taylor Publishing in El Paso, Texas. 

The staff consisted of: 

Advisor: Ms. Kelly Alsedek 

Editor-in-Chief: Kelly R. Cooney 

Assistant Editors: Joshua N. Lindeman and Laura K. Simolike 

Photography Staff: Joshua Lindeman, Laura Simolike, Kell} 

Cooney, Amy Stack, Cheryl Beezup, Lisa Shrack 


The Taylor Publishing representative is Ed Patrick, Jr. and th( 
Customer Service representative in the Taylor Publishing plant ii 
Laura Martinez. 

The Davor Photography representative is Mark Huff. I 

The Lebanon Valley College Quittapahilla is produced entirely bV 
a volunteer staff of three over-achieving students. 

■:i7», , 

k -^^