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(J)/a/l//ej// \bd M { 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


Quittapahilla, Volume 89 

The Yearbook of 

Lebanon Valley College 


101 N. College Avenue 

Annville, PA 17003 

Cover photo: The LVC Peace Garden taken by John T. Cons 
courtesy of the College Relations Office. 

U/e U/ill /Ways 


On November 21, the Lebanon Valley College 
community grieved the loss of sophomore 
Chelsey Lynn Morris, sophomore Mariko 
Furukawa, and senior Michael Videtto. The 
three were on their way to a Tae Kwon Do 
tournament in North Carolina when they were 
involved in a tragic car accident. 

The staff of the Quittapahilla dedicates the pages 
of the 2004 yearbook to the memory of these 
students. They will always be in our hearts. 
They will always be remembered. 

With a smile and a' kind heart, 
Chelsey was easy to love. She 
introduced herself to the swim team 
as. Chelsey Morris.., "like the cat"... 
and swam breast stroke with great 
potential and a hard drive, 
improving each day. She was new 
to swimming, but determined to 
conquer the sport. She was a good 
listener and a person who didn't 
just accept how she was, always 
working on getting better. 
She was encouraging with her 
fortitude and strong will She is a 
part of our family that won't soon be 
forgotten and we will swim with 
her forever in our hearts. 
LVC Women's Swim Team 

We met just last month and your kindness shined through, 
and touched me as warm light in spring. 
Although I was new, you invited me in 
to a love only friendship can bring. 
Your smiles and laughter could light up a room; 
In the time I knew you, I learned 
that the Lord lived in you and spoke softly and low 
of the place in your hearts he had earned. 
A handshake, a greeting, a word as we passed 
and my faith in good people, restored; 
fox I knew you enough to delight at the thought 
of getting to know you more. 
And so now I offer my thanks, and prayers • 
for the ones who have touched my life so; 
the memories made in the time mat we had 
will be with me wherever I go. 
Jessica Barber '07 . 

Chelsev Lvnn Morns '06 

Michael Videtto 04 

From the beginning, Mariko demonstrated 
a quality of independence, hard work, 
learning, experimenting with life, and 
making friends with everyone she met. She 
loved people of all ages, races and religions. 
She was an extremely open-minded person 
anxious to learn something new each day. 
And she did! Another one of her great 
qualities was her ability to make you laugh 
at even the smallest things. Her laugh was ! 
unique and able to lift you up when you 
were down. 

Mariko wanted to make a difference in 
the world. She was a person reaching out in 
her own way to make this happen and to 
learn about other cultures and to share her 
culture. She was very proud of her 
Japanese heritage, but loved America 
so much. 

Mariko touched many people's lives 
during her brief time with all of us. She is 
indeed an angel among us today. She 
embodied the true spirit of a Christian 
living a life of love, caring, sharing and 
helping others. 

-- taken from the eulogy given by the 
Kruth Family, Mariko's host family 


We can't really come up with anything 
better to say than, "We love you, brother." 
Hopefully you know how much that 
means and how much we cherish the 
time you spent with us. You are one of 
the most beautiful people this world has 
ever known. 

You were talented in ways most people 
can never dream of -- musically, 
intellectually, and socially - you could 
make people smile just by walking into 
the room. In fact, you lived to bring 
others joy. You liked wearing orange, just 
because it makes people happy. You 
never had an enemy; you never spoke an 
unkind word or had an unkind thought. 
You loved much and without regret. You 
took advantage of every opportunity 
presented to you and never looked back. 
You had a passion for life and were 
always excited to live it to the fullest. We 
could never ask for a better brother. 

Love in leadership, friendship and 
service, your Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega 

Mariko Furukawa '06 

Some excerpts originally appeared in a speeial fall 2111)3 edition of 
LaVie Collegienne, and hare been reprinted with permission. 
Photos courtesy of the College Relations Office. 


Kristy Adams, webmaster 

Dr. Barbara Anderman, art 

Dr. Sharon Arnold, sociology 

Dr. Susan Atkinson, education 

TJancy Aumann, continuing 


Dr. Eric Bain-Selbo, 


Dr. Philip Billings, English 

Gayle Bolinger, accounting 

Marie Bongoivanni, English 

Donald Boone, business 

Jessica Bostdorf, annual giving 
Dr. Jean-Marc Braem, French 

Dr. Christopher Brazfield, math 

Dr. Patrick Brewer, math 

Dr. James Broussard, history 

Dr. Delores Buttry, 


Dr. Donald Byrne, religion 

Dr. Sharon Clark, business 

Dr. Salvatore Cullari, 


Lauren Cusick, college relations 

Photo courtesy of the Office of College 
Relations; taken by John T. Consoli. 

Strohman Named Educator 
of the Year 

Thomas Strohman '75, associate professor of 
music and acting chair of the department for 
the spring 2004 semester, earned LVC's Student 
Government Educator of the Year Award. The 
honor is given to a nominated faculty member 
who receives the most student votes. Strohman 
is also a member of the jazz quartet, Third 
Stream; a composer/arranger; and the director 
of the LVC 
Jazz Band. 

In announcing the award, Melissa Knoll '04, 
student government president, said that 
Strohman helped students with advice, not only 
about academics, but also about life. 

Dr. Stan Dacko, physical 


Dr. Michael Day, physics 

Timothy Dewald, math/academic 


Dr. Johannes Dietrich, music 

Dr. Deanna Dodson, psychology 

Dr. Phylis Dryden, English 

Dr. Scott Eggert, music 

Dr. Marcia Epler, physical 


Dr. Dale Erskine, biology 

Dr. Barry Friedman, psychology 

Dr. Michael Fry, math 

Claudia Gazsi, physical therapy 

Cheryl George, education 

Dr. Stacy Goodman, biology 

Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson, English 

Dr. Lee Ann Grisolano, 


Marta Guevara-Geer, Spanish 

Dr. Carolyn Hanes, sociology 

Dr. Marc Harris, chemistry 

Dr. Griffin Hathaway, political 


Dr. Bryan Hearsey, math 
Dr. Robert Hearson, music 
Dr. John Heffner, philosophy 
Dr. Paul Heise, economics 
Dr. Jeanne Hey, economics 

Photo courtesy of the Office of College 
Relations; taken "by Nick Kelsh. 

Dr. Barry Hill, music recording 


Dr. John Hinshaw, history 

Dr. J. Noel Hubler, religion 

Dr. Luke Huggins, biology 

Dr. Barry Hurst, physics 

Dr. Diane Iglesias, Spanish 

Cynthia Johnston, chemistry 

Dr. John Kearney, English 

Dr. Donald Kline, education 

Joel Kline, digital 


Dr. Kathleen Kolbet, chemistry 

Dr. Walter Labonte, English 

Dr. Kerrie Laguna, psychology 

Dr. Louis Laguna, psychology 

Dr. Mary Lemons, music 

Robert Leonard, business 

Dr. David Lyons, math 

Dr. Stephen MacDonald, vice 

president and dean of faculty 

Dr. Tia Malkin-Fontecchio, 


Dr. Louis Manza, psychology 

Dr. Leon Markowicz, business 

Dr. Raymond Maynard, 


Dr. Rebecca McCoy, history 

Dr. Mark Mecham, music 

Dr. Dorothy Mikoni, English 

Three Faculty Members Awarded 
Emeriti Status 

Three faculty members were awarded 
emeriti status: Dr. Phylis C. Dryden, 
professor emerita of English; Dr. Jeanne C. 
Hey, professor emerita of economics; and Dr. 
Paul A. Heise, professor emeritus of 

Dryden joined the LVC faculty in 1987 as 
an assistant professor. As a nontraditional 
student who graduated from college at the 
age of 31, Dryden empathized with other 
non-traditional students, and after attending 
a 1994 workshop on teaching learning 
disabled students, developed a passion for 

(Continued on pg. 9) 

Emeriti, continued 

serving their special needs. At LVC, she also was known for her non-traditional teaching 
methods, including wearing costumes in the classroom, such as "Glitter Cop," who was a 
member of the "Plagiarism Police." 

Heise came to the College in 1991 after working in the Ford, Carter and Reagan 
administrations and teaching at several other colleges. He served in the U.S. Department of 
State as a trade negotiator in Switzerland. Heise, long active in the Democratic Party, once 
ran for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and writes a bimonthly column 
on economic and political issues for the Lebanon Daily News. 

Hey has taught economics at LVC for 15 years. She held adjunct teaching positions at the 
Berks Campus of Pennsylvania State, Kutztown, and Lehigh universities. Her professional 
interests include the deficit, trade, the economics of health and the environment, and 
capitalism. Her personal interests include long-distance bicycling with friends. 

Dr. Owen Moe, chemistry 

Dr. Shelly Moorman-Stahlman, 


Dr. Roger Nelson, physical 


Dr. Renee Norris, music 

Dr. John Norton, political 


Dr. Walter Patton, chemistry 
Dr. Mary Pettice, English 
Michael Pittari, art 
Dr. Sidney Pollack, biology 
Cindy Progin, college relations 

Dr. Kevin Pry, English 

Dr. Barney Raffield, business 

Sharon Raffield, sociology 

Dr. Jeffrey Ritchie, 

English/ digital communications 

Alexandra Ritter, advancement 

Dr. Jeffrey Robbins, 


Victoria Rose, music 

Dr. Stacey Ruch, physical 


Penelope Samuelson, physical 


Gail Sanderson, accounting 

Dr. Jeffrey Savage, music 

Dr. James Scott, German 

Dr. Daniel Simpkins, sociology 

Jeffrey Snyder, music recording 


Gregory Stanson, vice president 

for enrollment and student 


Dr. Wigal Addresses 
8004 Graduates 

Dr. Carl Wigal, chair and professor of 
chemistry, addressed the College's 2004 
graduates on Commencement Day. His 
speech, titled "William, Mary and Albert, 
looked back at the first three graduates 
of LVC in 1870 and offered some advice 
on leading a meaningful, productive life. 

(Editor's Note: The College community 
was deeply saddened by the unexpected 
death of Dr. Wigal on Sunday, June 20. 
He will be missed by colleagues and 
friends of LVC as well as by the 
thousands of students whose lives he 
touched since joining campus in 1993.) 

Thomas Strohman, music 

Dr. Edward Sullivan, business 

Dr. Dale Summers, education 

Linda Summers, education 

Dr. Dennis Sweigart, music 

Dr. Rosa Tezanos-Pinto, Spanish 

Dr. Mark Townsend, math 

Dr. Dennis Tulli, education 

Dr. Angel Tunlnetti. Spanish 

Dr. Susan Verhoek, "biology 

Dr. Scott Walck, physics 

Deb Wescott, alumni programs 

Dr. Carl Wigal, chemistry 

Dr. Paul Wolf, biology 

Dr. Allan Wolfe, biology 

Dr. Kenneth Yarnall, math 

Jane Yingling, education 

Dr. Rosemary Yuhas, dean of 

student services 

Photos on the introductory page for this section (pgs. 4-5 ) appear courtesy of the Office of 
College Relations, and were taken by John T. Consoli, Nick Kelsh and Kevin M onko. 


President Pollick 
Says Goodbye to LVC 

After eight monumental years with Lebanon Valley College, President G. 
David Pollick announced that he would be leaving the Annville campus to 
accept a position as president of Birmingham-Southern College in 
Birmingham, Alabama. 

William Lehr, chair of the Board of Trustees, said, "During the eight years 
President Pollick has guided the College, LVC has seen continued enrollment 
growth, the inauguration of several new academic programs, and the 
renovation and construction of new facilities. The College's position has 
evolved significantly and its visibility and presence have increased 
dramatically under his leadership. We wish him well in his new position." 

President Pollick said, "While very much looking forward to the new 
challenges ahead, it is with a genuine sense of sadness that Karen and I are 
leaving a community of faculty and staff that has meant so very much to 
me. It is with a sense of pride that I leave a College with such an 
extraordinarily exciting and bright future." 

(Copy courtesy of College Relations; photo by John T. Consoli) 




> n Or 


■ V. ? = 

--JF i 

^W\ -■ ■■'• 

The World At 
Our Feet 

Every year students have the opportunity to explore 
the world via the College's Study Abroad program. 
New Zealand, London, Spain, Italy and Greece are 
just a few of the places where LVC students can go 
to broaden their world view and have a once-in-a- 
lifetime cultural experience. 


Photos courtesy of the Study 
Abroad Office. 


1© years 




Dmng the 2003-04 academic year, the Wig & ftxkle Scciet 
cebbrated its 70th yea" of acting en the LVC stage. 
Perfcrmaxes included 'The tvbusetra?" by master-of-SLepense 
Agatha Or ©tie: Stephen Sonsheim's 1 979 misical tab of a 
mirdsrae barber, '5weeney Todd 1 ; aid the French tragi-ccme 
'The Misaithrcpe," 





Cherry Blossom 

Spring arrived at LVC along with the second annual 
Cherry Blossom Festival, held on campus from April 
16-18. The celebration gave students, alumni and 
community members alike an opportunity to enjoy a wide 
range of activities. The festival featured a variety of 
children's activities, including an interactive show from 
Hershey's ZOOAMERICA; music from the Latin band, 
Azucar, to cover bands from the 80s and 90s; and 
performances by African and Irish dance groups as well as 
the College's own Wig and Buckle Society. 



except for Ms 6 night classes! 

I '* i^J 




The King and Queen: 

David Ingalls and Kat herine 
deProphetis are crowned 


The Homecoming Court: 

(left to right) Nichote Simms and Brian 

Andrewsky: Lauren Davis and Matthew 

Ceresini; Lauren Gabler and Travis Leap; 

Allison Reddy and Scott Wallace 







suet rus 

La Vie 



O & 

S ^k 


1st: Elmira Sellu, Lisa Landis, Cassandra 




R i 

Hoodley, Marne Wessner; 2nd: Kelly 




Gondek, Greg Couturier, Annalouise 



Ml U 

■" t^BliBA 

Venturella, Kristin Roth; 3rd: Adam 



Bentz, Dr. Mary Pettice (Advisor), Renae 


M 0K tB 

Boyer, Tim Flynn, Jenny Larson, 


B f* ifl 


Alexander Reber, Kristen Robertson 

.1 B 


» j iff 
* I/ 

I^R"-- ' la 

. [^2? 



- iSri' 


,.,:st^ *'"""' * 




1st: Kristina Stokes; 2nd: Jeanine McAbee, 
Melissa Brong, Melanie Weller, Dana 
Hefendeen, Kelly Szuler, Lauren 
Warner; 3rd: Mike Renoll, Steve Kaylor, 
Mike Maiorino 

Membership: I 5 

Objectives and Goals: Increasing 
awareness of the biological sciences 
in the LVC community. 




1st: Sarah OConnell (vice president), 
Christina Marco (president), Laura Poff 
(historian), Christina Barrera (secretary); 
2nd: Kristin Mickel, Lauren Gabler, Jessica 
Anderson (treasurer), Marisa Stoner, 
Dan DelColdo, Maria Perozzi, 
Liza McLucas 

Membership: 40 

Objectives/Goals: To encourage, 
stimulate and maintain excellence in 
scholarship and advance the science 
of psychology. 


Girl Scouts 

1st: Amy Snyder, Vicki Beers; 

2nd: Brandy Bolinger; Missing: Lauren 

Millward, Carrie Bartholomew 

"Education is not the filling of a pail 
but the lighting of a fire. " 

- William Butler Yeats 



1st: April Olleck; 2nd: Misty Barr, Heidi 
Ellsworth, Megan Minchhoff, Rachel 
Clark; 3rd: Matt Wells, Steve Thomas, 
Jeremy Ressler, Mike McNeff 

Membership: I 7 

Objectives/Goals: Allow students to 
expand their knowledge and gain 
career perspectives in the 
accounting field. 



I st: Julie Jeronis, Laura Poff, Christina 
Marco; 2nd: Dan Vernau, Christina 
Barrera (secretary), Maria Perozzi 
(president), Dana Herendeen (vice 
president), Brandy Bollinger (treasurer), 
Ben Byers; 3rd: Sarah O Connell, Jamie 
Gill, Lauren Gill, Wuyattu Sellu 

"By asking for the impossible, we obtain 
the best possible. " 

- Italian proverb 


suet rus 


1st: Melinda Hunkins, CJ Blatchley, Kelly 
Clark; 2nd: Kristina Zane, Renae Boyer, 
Ellen Schin, Lisa Dravschak, Jill Davis, 
Michelle Bogish; 3rd: Tiffany Griffie, 
Dr. Susan Atkinson (advisor), Dawn 
Wilson, Kyla Snyder, Robert Richardson, 
Kristina Reed 

Membership: 98 

Objectives/Goals: To educate and 
serve the college, community, and 
nation at large. 

Wig and 

Buckle Society 

I st: Jessica Moyer, Becca Grudzina, 
Meghan Kurta, Jessica Bagley; 
2nd: Dr. Kevin Pry (advisor), Kate 
Bright, Nick Curry, James Glasbrenner, 
Galen Kapp, Kelly Gandek 


"If what you're working for really matters, you'll 
give it all you've got. " 

-Fiido Qubein 

Phi Beta 


I st: Melissa Sawicki, Matt Wells, Adrianne 
Mezzino, Elmira Sellu, Rachel Clark; 2nd: 
Andrea Blom, Judie Leidy (historian), 
Alexander Reber (vice president), Jamie 
Cronin (president), Amanda Hartman 
(secretary), Tiffany Mace; 3rd: John Lintz, 
Jeremy Ressler, Lauren Olsen, Max Linn, 
Grant Martzall, Marlene Brechet; 
Missing: Mark Engle (second vice 
president), Misty Barr (treasurer) 


I st: Laura Brown, Becky Jacobs, Sam 
Ash, Kate Ruhl;2nd: William Lyons 



1st: Becca Grudzina, Cheryl Maurer, 
Ellen Schin, Dan DelColdo; 2nd: Renee 
Kitchenman, Becky Jacobs, Misty Barr, 
Marisa Stoner, Lindsay Mous, 
amie Cronin 

Membership: 84 (tutors, 
administrators and coordinators) 
Objectives/ Goals: To help learners 
be better learners and writers to be 
better writers. 


st: Kate Koep (vice president), Sarah 
j Pizzuto, Jennifer Wagner, Amanda 
J Richards, Sierra Martz, Jill Kidulic; 
I 2nd: Misty Barr (treasurer), Sarah Walls, 
Renee Kitchenman (secretary), Kyle 
Hassler, Kim Nash, Jessica Barber, Marsha 
Curry (president), Lindsey Parent 

stixfent gi%ft 


suet rus 

Student Programming 

1st: Laura Poff, Kristen Robertson, 
Freddie Long, Holt Bui, Melika Troxell 



1st: Heather Rissel (treasurer), Marisa 
Stoner, Lauren Gabler, Lauren Dominiani, 
Adrianne Mezzino, Nikki Wynn, Kristen 
Robertson; 2nd: Lauren Nickey, Justin 
Engle, Jeff Stephens, Jamie Cronin (vice 
president), Christina Marco, Devon 
McNoldy, Allison Reddy, Caitlin Gibbs, 
Amanda Hartman, Greg Couturier, 
Angela Undercuffler; 3rd: Sean Weir, 
Cris Hine, Melissa Knoll, Mark Orndorf, 
Max Linn, Bryce Gabler, Arthur Elder, 
Heather Dodds, Chris Jessen, Freddie 
Long, Rocco Pastorella, Taylor McNoldy 







A ^ 

1st: Christina Barrera, Maria Perozzi, 

Ryan Kitko, Gregory Phillips; 

2nd: Andrienne Wagner, Gabriel 

Membership: 32 
Objectives/Goals: To welcome, 
support and encourage individuals of 



the LVC community who are gay, 


lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender 



1st: Maria Perozzi (president); 
2nd: Vicki Beers, Joni Clouser, Freddie 
Long, Marcus Nauman, Becky Shank; 
3rd: Lindsay Griffin, Jess Michaels, Jeff 
Albright, Stacy Shirk, Dawn Wilson 

"Kites rise the highest against the wind, 
not with it. " 

-Sir Winston Churchill 



1st: Taylor McNoldy, Rebecca Rentzel, 
Jen Keller, Jill Davis, Eileen Dwyer 
(sports coordinator), Matt Ceresini 
(fellowship coordinator), Devon 
McNoldy; 2nd: Krista Hartenbach, Kelly 
Kauffman, Renae Boyer, Laurena 
Huebmer (president), Lauren Davis (band 
director/host), Alexander Reber (vice 
president), Jessica Bagley (focus 
coordinator), Alison Hartman; 
3rd: Gwen Reiner, William Verdon, Scott 
Troxell, Kim McCann, Sarah Smith, Travis 
Leap, Ruth Crabbs (publicity), Amanda 
Reed, Galen Kapp 


1st: Elmira Sellu, Catherine Crisostomo, 
Sarah Smith, Shamena Russum, Monique 
Anglade, Shanika Howard; 2nd: Wuyatta 
Sellu, Marsha Curry, Alan Newsome, 
Marlene Brechet, Rachel Hadrick 

Membership: 20 

Objectives/Goals: Promote diversity 

on the LVC campus. 

"Example is not the main thing in influencing 
others, it is the only thing. " 

-Albert Schweitzer 


suet &Qtis 



1st: Sarah Carter, Nikki Wynn, Alicia 
Biesecker, Michelle Bogish, Ellen Schin; 
2nd: Jennier Vajda, Renae Boyer, Angela 
Warriner, Andrea Brown (president), 
Jamie Cronin (vice president), Gary 
Romberger, Patrick Buenger, Jamie 
Moyer; 3rd: Timothy Dewald (advisor), 
Jamie Goenzle, Robert Richardson, Mark 
Orndorf, Zach Teisher, Janae Wilson, 
Andy Dewald, Jared Bushey, Chris Hine; 
Missing: Aubrey Shaak 

Membership: 70 

Objectives/Goals: To be a mentor, 
guide and friend to children from 
Lebanon City School 


5^ ^ 

Jessica Anderson 

Justin Anderson 
Political Science 

Brian Andrewsky 

Heather Anspach 
Elementary Education 

Lisette Bankus 
Music Education 

Kristen Barone 
Music Education 

Cassandra Barras 


Adam Becker Jennifer Bednar 

Sociology Business Administration, 


Victoria Beers 
Health Science 

Andrew Bender 
Political Science 

dam Bentz chose Lebanon Valley College due to his interest in historical 
Tlie Vickroy scholarship and the study abroad program also 
uenced himlecision. Adam is a very independent individual who enjoys 
'dership roleTand getting his ideas out to the public. He likes to share the way 
he thinks. 

Adam was involved in numerous activities across campus. He was a La Vie staff 
writer, the vice president of HyPE (History/Political Science/Economics Club), a 
member ot the Taekwondo Club and a coordinator/ tutor at the Writing Center. He- 
could be heard on his WLVC radio broadcast, "Liberty Cabbage" on Friday 

Adam plans to attend graduate school. His top three options are Lehigh Valley, 
University of Maryland and Emerson College. Eventually Adam would like to 
receive his doctorate in communications and/or history. He would like to work in 
journalism as a political reporter or political campaign speech writer. 

Adam's most valuable experience gained from LVC is his trip abroad. He spent four 
months in Spain in the fall of 2002. He values the encouragement to "seek 
knowledge out on your own," and the ability to "plot your own destiny." 

"Become a friend of professors. Make sure they 
know who you are. At a school like this, it is 
very important." 

Jy: Laurie Trovato '05 



financial;- t 

Celica Bicocchi 

Health Science 

a business and French student, Jen Borgerding has participated in 

ierouw3k\'ities that have helped to create the well-rounded person that she is. 

Serving ami co-chair of Culture Day. Borgerding has incorporated 
an immense amount of skills that she has learned from her liberal arts education. 
She has also worked in the writing center as a tutor and coordinator. Her 
responsibilities included arranging tutors to meet with clients and handling 
payroll. Borgerding also served as a Valley Ambassador. 

Two of the most influential professors in Borgerding's life are Dr. Walter 
Labonte, instructor of English, and Dr. Barney Raffield, professor of business. Dr. 
Labonte encouraged her to take on more than she thought she was capable of. He 
forced her to believe in herself and not be afraid to tackle new and challenging 

Dr. Raffield was a huge supporter and advisor of Borgerding's internship that 
she held at the Baltimore Aquarium over the summer of 2003. She had the 
opportunity to work with media relations and also work for a good cause - 
benefiting the environment. Not only was it an exhilarating experience, she says it 
was loads of fun. "Working in business doesn't mean you're required to sit behind 
a desk from 9 to 5 everyday. There are so many opportunities out there that are 
hands-on and beneficial to others." 

Her advice to LVC students is to get .is much from your liberal arts education 
as you can. It will truly help to make you a well-rounded person. Also, she 
advises that students choose activities that will be the most beneficial to their 
future career. 

After graduation, Borgerding hopes to travel to France through an assistantship 
with the French Education Department. She will be teaching French students 
English for one year. She has the perspective, "I can go into a full-time job or I can 
take this time to experience an opportunity that I may never have again." Upon 
returning to the Baltimore area. Borgerding hopes to pursue a career in public 

Alicia Biesecker 
Elementarv Education 

Sarah Boal 
Elementary Education 

By: Stephanie Brown '06 


Keith BoJen 

Mathematics, Computer 


Michelle Bogish 
Elementary Educatio 

Jrandy Bolinger 

Jennifer Borgerding 
Justness Administration 

Marianne Brace 
Elementary Education 

Mary Anne Brennan 
Music Education 

Monica Brennan 

| ana Bowman 
Health Science 

John Brewster 
Music, Music Education 

Michael Bnggs 

Brandon Brossman 
business Administration 

Andrea Brown 
Health Science 


Lorene Brubaker 
Sociology, Music 

Jennifer Buckley 
Elementary Education 

J. Patrick Buenger 

Justin Buer 

Music, Music Education 

Christine Burgess 

Jared Bushey 

Sarah Butler 

Jonathan Campbell 

Matthew Ceresini 

Nicole Chabitnoy 

Erik Christian 



Jamie Cikovic 
Elementary Education 


Kelly Clark 
Elementary Education 

Amora Cook 
Elementary Education 

David Cookerly 
Elementary Education 

Jason Clay 
Actuarial Science 

iristine Burgess has left her mark at LVC. Pushing her to succeed in all her 
academic endeavors has been Dr. Carl Wigal, professor of chemistry, her biggest 
inspiration. Dr. Wigal taught Burgess how to be a scientist and not just a student. 
One of her greatest accomplishments has been learning that you must fail before you 
can succeed. She attributes her makings of a true scientist to Dr. Wigal. 

Burgess was among the founders of the women's Rugby Club in 2002, and 
enjoys being a member of the Taekwondo Club. She has found an outlet in these 
activities. "Everyone needs an outlet to lose yourself. It has helped my academic 
studies as well because I have a break from the scholastic pressures." 

Burgess is a member of Beta Beta Beta, the National Biological Honors Society. 
She has taken an active part in promoting the biological sciences on campus. BBB 
also spends a substantial amount of time in Quittie Park, taking care of the 
environment. This past Halloween, they sponsored a Halloween walk for the 
children. Burgess dressed up as a mad scientist. She claims to have an impressive 
mad scientist laugh, which will be perfect for her future when she is mixing 
chemicals in the lab. 

One of her favorite memories was, "Last year when school was cancelled because 
of the snow. You never quite grow out of wishing for snow days. It was so neat to 
see everyone out in the snow instead of inside for a couple of days!" 

Burgess has conducted summer research at LVC for the past two summers as 
well. She acts as a tutor in chemistry and biology and also as a lab assistant for the 
Biology Department. 

Following graduation, Burgess will be attending Princeton to earn her Ph.D. It is 
not surprising that she was accepted to this prestigious school when looking at her 
academic record — a 3.8 GPA — and all of her other contributions to LVC. After 
Princeton, Burgess yearns to become a professor in a small college like LVC. 

By: Stephanie Brown '06 


Jessica Cooney 
Elementary Education 

Mary-Allyson Corbett 
Elementary Education 

Ruth Crabbs 

Nichole Cree 
Elementary Education 

Natasha Cruz 

Justin Cuddy 

Music Recording 


Marsha Curry 

Lauren Davis, Music 

fennifer Delaney 
Health Science 

Adam Demchak 

Stacey Delano 
Health Science 



-->-. • 









--.._' -^ 



.-"'=v- - 

- " M , 

:' .' ' 

- . x > 


3l~ : 




ared Bushey is graduating from Lebanon Valley with a degree in chemistry 
certified by the American Chemical Society. After graduation he will be attending 
the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and enrolling in their five-year 
program for his doctorate. He hopes to eventually become a college chemistry 

During his career at the Valley, Jared has kept himself busy outside of the 
classroom by participating on the golf team, lettering his freshman year, as well as 
playing intramural soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Also, Jared participated in the 
LVEP mentor program and was a member of the Chemistry Club. In addition, 
thanks to the Chemistry Department, he was able to present his chemical research in 
Austin, Texas at the American Physical Society Meeting, and at the American 
Chemical Society Meeting in New York. 

Jared was the recipient of the the top physical chemistry student award his junior 
year. As a senior, he spent time working on his senior research project titled, 
"Integral Equation Theory for the Numerical Study of Counterion Interactions in 
Associating Polymer Melts." Jared received departmental honors on his project after 
he gave a 40-minute presentation covering his research. 

"Enjoy your four years of college. Some days take forever, but 
before you know it they are over. Work hard to excel, but enjoy 
it... it doesn't last rorever." 

Katherine deProphetis 

By Ashley Morgan '05 


Andrew Dewald 

Shawna Dick 
Health Science 

Heather Edleman 

Brooks Edman 

Music Recording 


Bruce Eisenhauer 

Music Recording 


Stacey Fisher 
Health Science 


Jason Erb 

Julia Falkner 
Psychology, Sociology 

Shawn Fies 
Music, Music Education 

Stephen Fisher 

Music Recording 


Justin Frankfort 
Hotel Management 

Lauren Gabler 

Jamie Gaenzle 

Caitlin Gibbs 
Elementary Education 

Jessica Geri 

^^^iimiL' decided upon Lebanon Vallej ( ollege because she liked the i ampus and 
she knew she wanted to attend a small school. Tine most valuable asset that Jamie 
gained from Lebanon Valley was confidence. She enjoys leadership roles and is a huge 
Eagles Ian. 

Jamie was involved in numerous groups and activities on campus. She served as the 
president of Phi Beta Lambda, vice president of Student Government, treasurer of the 
Class of 2004 and the Vice President of the Mentor Program. She was also a member 
of the Senior Gifts Committee for Student Government, and the coordinator for 
accounting and business at the Writing Center along with being a tutor there. Jamie 
is a member of two honors societies, Phi Alpha Epsilon, a campus-wide recognition 
and Phi Kappa Pi, a Business Department recognition. She also worked at the College 
Center Desk. 

Jamie will be getting married in May of 2005 to a fellow LVC grad, William 
Bainbridge '03. She has a job at Lockheed Martin working within the Finance 
Leadership Development Program. She will be rotating through three different areas 
of finance and working to receive her MBA. She plans on attending graduate school 
at the University of Pennsylvania or at St. Joseph's. 

'Be outgoing and stay motivated." 

Erica Gibson 

By Laurie Trovato '05 


Shaun Gordon 

ck Curry is graduating from Lebanon Valley College with a bachelor 
of science in music education and a bachelor of arts in music for percussion and voice. 
During his time at the Valley, Nick kept himself more than busy in numerous 
ensembles, plays and musicals, preparing himself for the life after collge as a music 

Nick held an ambitious and eventful college career as he participated in the marching 
band, symphonic band, percussion ensemble, concert choir and chamber choir. He 
was part of the Wig and Buckle Society, through which he made many stage 
performances. They included: "Misanthrope," "Sweeny Todd," "The Crucible," "A 
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," 
"Lonestar," "Guys and Dolls," "3 Penny Opera," "Checkmate," and "Harvey." 

Nick served as the vice president for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the president for 
Alpha Psi Omega. He also participated in the Valley's student chapter of MENC. In 
addition to all of these activities, Nick somehow found time to have fun with some of 
his friends and form a group called RICK*C. 

Upon graduation, Nick hopes to continue his interest in acting by helping out or 
perfoming in local theater. 

Sasha Gorichky 

John Greever 


Jeffrey Grieger 

Hotel Management. 


Tiffany Griffie 

Elementary Education 

Rebecca Grudzina 


Nicholas Hamblet 

Mathematics, Computer 


Evan Harlor 

Martha Hartman 
Elementary Education 

Lisa Hale 
Elementary Education 

Kyle Hetlner 
American Studies 

Nathan Heim 
Elementary Education 

Malinda Helverson 

Robert Hassler 

Michelle Heney 


Dana Herendeen 

Cassandra Hoadley 
English, American Studies 

Shawn Hilbert 

Christopher Hine 
Environmental Science 

Randi Hippensteel 

Biochemistry, Molecular 


Michael Hoover 

Lisa Horst 
Elementary Education 

Julia Howell 
Music, Music Education 

Laurena Huebner 

David Ingalls 
Music Education 

Stacy Jacoby Dorothy Jennings-Williams 

Environmental Science Music 


Heidi Juliano 
Theater Business 

Christopher Keener 

Music Recording 


Jennifer Keller 
Elementary Education 

Mollie Kedney 
Chemistry, Biology 


*ecca Grudzina will make a drastic move upon graduation. Grudzina will begin 
the exciting adventure of forming her career by traveling to the former Soviet Union where 
she has committed to teach English for two years. Grudzina, who has also been accepted to 
the Peace Corps, in the former Soviet Union, has studied abroad in London during a 
semester at LVC. Having already embarked on this extraordinary experience makes 
traveling nothing new to her, and also one of her favorite past times at the undergraduate 

During her semester in London, Grudzina has learned a lot about herself. Through 
her extensive touring, she was able to understand her culture better because she had the 
opportunity to compare it first-hand with another. Grudzina, a study abroad peer advisor 
and a study abroad student worker, encourages and recommends studying abroad to 
everyone who wishes to embark on an "amazing, once in a lifetime experience." 

Grudzina is truly a very well-accomplished, well-rounded, ambitious individual. Even 
though she has a communications concentration, she has fulfilled the requirements to be 
recognized with a theatre and literature concentration as well. She feels she will be most 
remembered and recognized for her theatre contributions and involvement at LVC. Some 
of her many accomplishments, both in and out of the theatre realm, are serving as president 
of the Wig and Buckle Society and helping as a writing tutor. 

Becca worked at the Renaissance Fair as a public relations intern. "It was through 
classes and textbooks that I learned to write a good press release; however it was through 
my internship that I learned how to write a press release in two hours," she said. 

"When opportunity comes along take full advantage. 
Don't sit around and wait for things to happen because they won't." 

By Alison Lencicki '06 


Stuart Kennedy 

Music, Music Record 


ulie Howell has worked very diligently throughout her tour years at LVC 
towardcompleting her double concentration by earning a B.S. in music education 
and a B.A. in music and sacred music. Upon graduation, Howell will attend the 
University of Iowa to earn a master's degree in church music. Ideally, her future 
career will involve being a minister of music by playing the organ at church and 
teaching private music lessons. 

Howell became interested in becoming a church organist because church has 
always been a part of her life. She enjoys working with people of all ages and believes 
being part of the working church community will allow her to play an intricate role 
as well as engage in something she truly loves while earning money at the same time. 
Howell is really looking forward to applying the skills she has learned at LVC and 
will learn at grad school in her everyday job. 

Howell's accomplishments include serving as vice president of the LVC American 
Guild of Organists, being part of the Marching Band, Chamber Choir and Handbell 
Choir all for three years, Concert Band for two, and Concert Choir for four. 

Howell will miss the smallness of the LVC community and will find it difficult 
to not have people around all the time just to talk. "You recognize everyone here 
even if you don't know their name," said Howell. Her favorite pastimes were 
cookouts in front of Funk and late night wiffleball on the quad. 

Ashley Kerstetter 

By: Alhe Lencicki 2004 

David Kline 

Jettrey Kline 

iimes Klingler 

Melissa Knoll 

Daniel Komorowski 
Music. Music Education 

Jessica Korpas 
Elementary Education 

Eric Kratz 
Political Science- 

Julia Krovi 

Amanda Kutney 

Rebecca Lambert 
Elementary Education 

Lisa Landis 

Ashley Lang 
Elementary Educatio 

Anne Langshaw 
Elementary Education 


Travis Leap 

Judith Leidy 

Christine Lightcap Matthew Magnotta 

Biochemistry, Molecular Political Science, Sociology 

Cassandra McCool 
Elementary Education 

Mark McCormick 
Elementary Education 

Angela McCracken 

Dandle McCusker 


Kimberly McDonald 

Krisren McManus 
English. Spanish 

Thomas McElwee 

crying as vice president of the Commuter Club. Chrissy Marco can be 
accredited with introducing the commuter gang to playing one or their favorite 
lounge games. Apples to Apples. Marco, a psychology major and business minor, 
plans to attend Indiana University ol Pennsylvania after graduation. Her future 
plans after completion of grad school include being an elementary school 
psychologist. She decided to follow this career path after performing an internship at 
Union Canal Elementary last spring. Since Marco is well-organized, empathetic and 
has the ability to relate well to children, her internship was a huge success. Today, 
she is frequently called back to help with the children because of the impression and 
impact she has made both on faculty and students. 

Marco's accomplishments include serving as president of Psi-Chi, which is tin- 
Psychology Honor Society, commuter representative on Student Government. Peer 
Advisor. Valley Ambassador, and a member of Choir Club. 

Marco is going to miss all of the great professors at LVC she has encountered, and all 
of the great friends she has shared so many unforgettable memories with over the 
past four years which she says "flew by way too fast." 

By Allie Lencicki '06 

Lisa Meranti 
Environmental Biology 


Jennifer Merriman 

rarah O'Connell has exemplified her academic excellence through 
laintaining a 4.0 GPA during her time at LVC. Not only did she excell within her 
majors, psychology and sociology, she was involved in a variety of clubs and 
organizations as well. 

.One of O'Qmnell's fondest memories ol LVC was the first Dutchmen Day she 
experienced back in her sophomore year. She remembers it was gorgeous outside and 
they played Frisbee all day long. They also went to see Ferris Be idler's Day Off. She 
says, "LVC should NEVER get rid of Dutchmen Day!" It is these memorable 
moments that have made O'Connell's experience at LVC like none other. 

O'Connell was a member of the soccer team for an extensive period of time. She 
was also vice president of the Psychology Honors Society. One of her many duties 
included bringing psychology speakers to campus to speak about research projects 
and their profession al careers. The collective goal of the Psychology Honors Society is 
to be represented at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference. Another 
advantage of this club is establishing networks with other professors outside of LVC. 

Her recommendation to all LVC students is to be active and get involved. She 
reflects, "I certainly haven't liked everything I've been involved with, but they were 
good experiences nevertheless." 

Upon graduation. O'Connell is planning on going to graduate school to earn her 
Ph.D. Eventually, she hopes to pursue teaching at a college similar to LVC. 

By: Stephanie Brown '06 

Matthew Middleton 

Music Recording 


Samuel Miller 


U i m 

Travis Miller 

Thomas Newton 

Brian Oberdick 

Jonathan Monaghan 

Jamie Moyer 

Amanda Myers 
Elementary Education 

Constance O'Brien 

Sarah O'Connell 
Psychology, Sociology 

Sarah O'Leary 
Music Business 

Kathleen Oltman 
Art. History 

Amy Panetta 
Music Education 

Lorraine Patton 
Elementary Education 


Karen Penberth 
English, Music 

Vernelda Perinchief 
Music Business 

Maria Perozzi 

Sarah Persun 

Kristen Pettit 

Abby Pfingstl 
Elementary Education 

Gregory Phillips II 

Andrew Piatt 
Elementary Education 

Sara Pocklington 

Laura Poff 

Shannon Potocny 
Health Science 

Lauren Procopio 
Elementary Education 

6 2 

Cindy Progin 

Peter Progin 

Sherri Pursel 
Political Science 

Jeremy Rea 
Music. Music Education 

Allison Reddy 
Elementary Education 

Amanda Reed 

.oger Poorman is graduating from the Valley 
ith a^ijor in English with secondary education. He 
is planning to attend law school in the fall ot 2004, 
with the hopes of becoming either a criminal attorney 
or a sports agent. 

Sports have always been an important part of 
Roger's life. From the time he was in second grade, he 
has been active in sports programs. He started with 
baseball and soon added track and tield, basketball, and 
football to his activities. Here at LVC, Roger 
participated on the football team and served as the co- 
captain his senior year. He also participated in 
intramural basketball. 

The involvement in sports always seemed like a part 
ot everyday lite to Roger. "I like the excitement of 
sports. There is team bonding and unity among the 
players, and I love the competition of going us against 

When Roger is not on a tield or court he can be 
found hanging with his labrador retriever. Buster, or 
with the brothers of his fraternity, Kappa Sigma Kappa, 
the Knights of the Valley. 

By Ashley Morgan '05 


llison chose to attend Lebanon Valley College because of the financial 
irtunite&it gave her. Upon seeing LVC, she also loved the campus. She is 
foficient inwpanish and also speaks conversational German. With her free time, she 
enjoys mountain biking. 

Alison was a Cherry Blossom Festival officer, a College Center Desk supervisor and a 
member of the Student Judicial Appeals Board. She also had an internship lobbying 
in Harrisburg. 

After graduation, Alison has a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue an internship 
in London, England. She will be there for an entire semester working for the 
Minister of Parliament, under Tony Blair's Labor Party. After completing her 
internship she will attend graduate school. 

The most valuable asset that Alison gained from LVC is her friends. They have 
supported her throughout her tenure here at the college. Her internships and her 
two advisors are also very important to her. Her internship lobbying has been a 
wonderful learning experience and her upcoming internship will do the same. Her 
advisors know her and catered to her needs, helping her along the way with making 
important decisions about her education. 

"Don't be afraid to go after what you want — you never know. 

Taylor Reinhard 

Business Administration, 

Hotel Management 

By Laurie Trovato '05 

Stacey Rivenburg 


Kirsten Robertson 

Kristin Roth 
English, Spanish 

Michael Rock 
Elementary Education 

Gary Romberger 

Shamena Russum, 

Molecular Biology 

Raymond Sachs 

Realff Rono 


Robert Schaefer 

Ellen Schin 
Elementary Education 

Amy Seagreaves 

Jennifer Selin 
Political Science, 
American Studies 

Wuyatta Sellu 
Psychology, Sociology 


Kelly Sensinger 

Biochemistry, Molecular 


Amie Sentz 

International Business, 


Aubrey Shaak 
Elementary Education 

Nicole Sheetz 

Austin Shemon 
Laboratory Management 

Wendy Sherman 
Business, Accounting 

Abby Shumaker 

Biochemistry, Molecular 


Nichole Simms 
Elementary Education 

Stacey Slowik 
Accounting, Business 


Kristen Smith 
Elementary Education 

Sarah Smith 

Amber Spell 
Elementary Education 

ason Spessard 

Katie Staley 
Elementary Education 

Jamie Stankowski 

Kelly Stauffer 
Elementary Education 

Jeffrey Stephens 

Kendra Stichler 
Elementary Education 

Kristen Stichler 
Elementary Education 

Kristina Stokes 

Marisa Stoner 


A. Elizabeth Strassner 

International Business, 


Ronald Stump Jr 

Lauren Sutherly 
Hotel Management 

Jessica Sypher 

Jason Umbenhauer 

Alison Uzdella 
Political Science 

Jennifer Vajda 

Accounting, Business 


Annalouise Venturella 



Amy Wagner 

Tara Walker 

Elementary Education 

Scott Wallace 

Angela Warriner 


Jessica Wesley 

Lyndon White 
Computer Science 

Christopher Whiteley 
Music, Music Education 

Mary Ellen Whitner 
Music Education 

Rachel Worcester 

Katie Young 
Elementary Education 

Kristina Zane 
lementarv Education 

Christina Ziegler 
Elementary Education 









Despite a tough 
season (1-8, 1-7 MAC), 
the Dutchmen turned 
out some strong 
performances. Senior 
tight end Scott Marek 
had an outstanding 
season, leading the 
Dutchmen in scoring 
and becoming LVC's 
all-time leader in 
receiving touchdowns. 

He also earned the 
honor of becoming 
LVC's first-ever First 
Team All-American in 
football. In addition, 
Marek and sophomore 
kicker/punter Kevin 
Keller were named to 
the 2003 NCAA 
Division III All-South 
Region Teams. 


Front Row Roger Poorman, Robert Stech. PeteHenning. Eric Miller. Scott Marek Brian Oberdick. 
Brian Andrewsky; Second Row. Josh Sweigard, Adam Frantz.Eric Laird, Rusty Bentz. Doug Wherley. 
Richard Bailey. Brett Keller, Dan Yaffer; Third Row: Brian Eames. Dennis Donnetti, Zach Buffington, 
Derrick Savage. Joel Thomas, Garrett Mowery, Rocco Pastorella, Jason Vannoy; Fourth Row: Mark 
Housed Joshua Otzel, Trevor Williams, Brian Kleckner Jr., Lucas Robinson, Jimmy Hotzman, Luke 
Rendine, Adam Gingerich: Fifth Row: Dayan Ford, Daniel Stauffer, Joe Tomtishen. Dan Vemau. 
Dusty Boyd, Maurice Moore. Matt Breger, Dan Zillnskls, Jake Peterson: Sixth Row: Joey Venezia, 
Kevin Hallman. Dave Zimmerman. Jim Coughlin, Grant Martzall, Mike Dawson, John Smith, Mike 
Dougherty, Seventh Row: Dave McCullough. Mark DiNummo, Brandon Shank. Jarrod Way, John 
Schuster. Matt Lohman, Eric Mlrtaghavi, Mitch Nyman, Eighth Row: Kevin Keller. Matt Murphy, Ryan 
Wankle, Dave Kroen, Dan Kelly, Kell Yoder, Ninth Row: Chris Weaver, Todd Dietrich. Terrell Roper. 
Sean Zwoyer, Alex Poorman: Last Row: Erik Sandowski, Mike Downey. Todd Smith, Mike Siiecchia, 
Chris Molite, Larry Bowe, Tom Gerhart, Mark Mehlmann 

Hand in hand, the captains walk 
out onto the field for the coin toss. 
Far right: The team looks on. 


Below: Terrell Roper leaps for the 


Left: The Team prepares for a play. 

Top right: Senior Brian 
Andrewsky takes a knee. 
Middle right: The Team 
gets pumped. 

' &t~. 

H ^ ■' 

5 i;V^l 


Middle left: Fairyn McCleary waits 
for the pass. 

Below: Steph Marguglio dribPles 
around the defender. 

ft r ' 

Right: Jen Selin dribbles down the field. 
Below: Jeanine McAbee collects 
the pass. 

mtff ' i% 

: m; 

m w 




. .<*&»&'?Vc. ; : ;v 




The LVC women 
concluded the season 
at 14-7, the team's 
strongest record since 
going 18-3 in 2000. 
Senior forward Jen 
Selin was named a 
National Field Hockey 
Coaches Association 
South Atlantic Region 
Second Team All-Star 
and was named to the 

Conference First 
Team for the second 
year in a row. 
Freshman midfielder 
Steph Marguglio 
was named the 
Conference Rookie 
of the Year, with an 
outstanding debut 
season of 13 goals 
and one assist. 


First Row: Christy Gonzalez, Jenn Wagner, Mandy 
Richards, Kym Weed, Missy Shultz, Sam Peterson, Jeanine 
McAbee; Second Row: Meagan Minchoff, Jenna Gift, 
Stephanie Kraft, Dena Caldwell, Ashley Gerhart, Amy 
Saponsky, Lindsey Baum, Jen Selin, Crystal Davis, Fairyn 
McCleary, Erin Behney, Lindsey McCormick; Coach Laurel 
Martin Third Row: Coach Alicia Fioravanti, Coach Erica 
Johnson, Krista Anderson, Steph Marguglio, Molly Rosica, 
Freddy Kemper, Katie Pawlewicz, Kristen Adamczyk, 
Abbey Gockley, Claire Behney, Sara Fuhrman, Mallary 
Anderson, Melissa Brong, Coach Stacey Hollinger, Coach 
Sarah Dietrich 

Far left: Abbey Gockley makes a great save. 
Left: The team prepares for the game. 


The men's team 
finished the season 
5-13-0 and 1-6-0 in the 
Junior forward Brian 
Sapienza earned the 
title of Commonwealth 
Conference Player of 
the Week after scoring 
the winning goal in 
LVC's 2-1 victory over 
Moravian College. 
Junior defender Fran 
Pitonyak and 
sophomore defender 

Justin Klunk were 
named to the All- 
Conference Second 
Team. Pitonyak was 
also named to the 
CoSIDA All-District III 
College Division Men's 
Soccer First Team, 
becoming LVC's first- 
ever men's soccer 
player to earn 
Academic All-District 


Front Row: Adam Burns, Scott Montgomery, 
Nick Buckwalter, Justin Ranck, Taylor Reinhard, Christian 
Koch, Tyler Frantz, John Bucher, Dave Soule. Matt Rich; 
Back Row: Coach Mark Pulisic, Steve Gyomber, Brian 
Sapienza, Fran Pitonyak, Matt Sourbeer, Christian Bednar, 
Brad Entrekin, Seth Newman, Brian Hinchcliffe, Mike Martin, 
Justin Klunk, Eric Vargo, Coach Dave Ciuder, Coach John 

wMSSBBMB* nmammsi 

mm *mmme*mm\ 


Far left: Fran Pitonyak 
takes the shot. 
Left: Nick Buckwalter 
clears the ball. 

Far left: Christian Koch 
makes a great save. 
Left: Justin Rank gets 
around the defender. 


Below: The girls watch 
the play. 

Middle: Amber Spell takes 
the corner. 

Right: Becky Kuhfahl makes the save. 
Below: Christine Schmidt takes the 
throw in. 



The LVC women 
concluded their 
successful season with 
a record of 1 1-4-4. 
They advanced to the 
ECAC semifinals as the 
No. 2 seed, where 
they fell to Moravian 
College, 1-0. Senior 
Sarah O'Connell was 
one of 1 1 student- 
athletes named to the 
CoSIDA Academic Ail- 
American College 

Division Women's 
Soccer First Team. 
During LVC's win over 
DeSales, senior Kim 
McDonald became 
LVC's career goal 
leader with 31 points. 
The Commonwealth 
Conference also 
honored head coach 
Mark Pulisic, who was 
named Coach of the 


First Row: Jen Stover, Amber Spell, Renee Kitchenman, 
Christine Schmidt, Christy Puthawala, Becky kuhfahl, Jess 
Conrad, Gretchen Artz, Becky Anders, llyse Resnick, Sarah 
O'Connell, Lisa Giaquinto, Kat Lamplugh; Second Row: 
Coach Mark Pulisic, Katie Altemose, Kim McDonald, Heather 
Runkle, Jenna Kane, Abbey Esbenshade, Jessica Stoltzfus, 
Keri Foster, Coach Lauren Frankford, Coach John Forster 

Left: The team gets ready for the 
second half. 

Far left: Kim McDonald is looking 
for the score. 



The Lebanon Valley 
men ended the season 
with an impressive 
18-8-0 record. They 
advanced to the 
ECAC Northeast 
Conference Final Four, 
where they were 
defeated (6-4) by 
Wentworth Institute of 
Technology. Senior 
Doug MacCormack 
scored his 100th 
career point, joining 

the ranks as LVC's fifth 
player to earn the 
honor. In addition, 
MacCormack and senior 
Matt Fishbone were 
named to the All-ECAC 
Northeast Second Team, 
while freshmen Alex 
Beatrice and Andreas 
Wochtl were selected to 
the All-Rookie Team. 


First Row: Joe Burley, Brendon Herr, Cameron Vandeveer, 
Adam Bonenberger, Doug MacCormack, Head Coach Al 
MacCormack, Matt Fishbone, Nick McCreary, Chris Finnerty, 
Sonny Holding; Middle Row: Coach Matt Yingst, Matt 
Frederick, Jeff Smith, Jason Slusher, Eddie Chlanda, Ryan 
Merritt, Scott Hardeman, Anthony Lattanze, Mike Mitchell, 
Scott Eberenz, Alex Beatrice, Ed Coffee, Ben Gray, Coach 
Ted Russell; Third Row: Jay Clay, Brent Wiest, Andreas 
Wochtl, Dave Stout, Nick Pappas, Ed Tudrick, Ryan Tiburtini, 
Andrew Rummel, Mike Kuzmuk, Jarod Warsofsky 


Cameron Vandeveer and Eddie Chlanda celebrate. 
Far right: Scott Eberenz fights for the puck. 


Left: The Dutchmen wait for the start 

of the game. 

Below: Skating hard is Mike Kuzmuk. 

Below: Mike Mitchell 
makes a great save. 
Middle right: The Valley 
takes the ice. 


Below: Cat Roth sets the ball 
for a teammate. 
Middle left: Erin Leiby and Alexis 
Horstman make the block. 

Left: Abby Witwer serves. 
Below: Erin Leiby goes up for 
a spike. 


Women's volleyball 
opened to a strong 
start by knocking off 
nationally ranked 
opponent Nazareth 
College to finish 
second at the Red 
Dragon Classic at 
SUNY-Cortland. The 
team finished second 
in the Commonwealth 
Conference and took 
second place at the 
Eastern Tournament. 

Junior Amanda Bahn 
and sophomore Lexi 
Horstman were 
named to the All- 
Conference Second 
Team, with Bahn 
earning the distinction 
of becoming just the 
second player in 
school history to 
reach 1000 career 


First Row: Diana Perry, Melissa Stein, Cat Roth, Kaite 
Ferree, Jenn Haun, Jess Bagley, Abby Witwer, Coach 
Wayne Perry; Second Row: Erin Leiby, Angie McCracken, 
Sherri Pursel, Amanda Bahn, Lexi Horstman, Steph Bedgar, 
Natalie Goodfellow 

Left: The girls watch 


Far left: The Valley 

scores a point. 


The doubles team of 
senior Kelly Stauffer 
and junior Chris 
Jessen and singles 
player Sophia Kwon 
advanced to the 
second round of 
the MAC Women's 
Tennis Individual 
Championships at 
Drew University. 

Senior Amora Cook 
was named to the 
Conference First 
Team, while 
sophomore Sophia 
Kwon earned a spot 
on the second team, 


Front Row: Chris Jessen, Adrienne Nye, Samantha Meglino, 
Lindsey Noll, Angela Esh, Stacey Stutzman; Back Row: 
Angie Petiak, Amanda Lubold, Johanna Scarino, Megan 
Birmingham, Amora Cook, Kelly Stauffer, Sophia Kwon, 
Alison Hartman, Coach Cliff Myers 

Right: Sophia Kwon puts 
spin on the ball, 
Far right: Adrienne Nye 
whacks the ball. 


Left: Captain Amora Cook returns 
the serve. 

Below: Angie Petiak uses 
good form. 

Below: Angela Esh uses 
her backhand. 
Middle right: Lindsey Noll 
hits the ball. 

Right: Jeff Kline sets the pick. 

Below: J.D. Byers dribbles 

down the court. 

Below: Dave Kasyan goes 
for the lay-up. 
Bottom left: The team 
looks on. 





The mens basketball 
team opened the 
season strong with a 
72-63 win over Chestnut 
Hill College. They 
continued to prove 
themselves by winning 
the third straight Rinso 
Marquette Invitational 
title, and beating 
Alvernia (71-68) to 
advance to the ECAC 
Championships, where 
they won the ECAC 

South Championship 
title after a close 65- 
62 game against 
DeSales University. 
Junior J.D. Byers had 
a stand-out season 
with numerous 
honors, including 
Conference Player 
of the Year. 


First Row: Billy Orr, Hunter Bretschneider, Evan Harlor, Jeff 
Kline, J.D. Byers, Jimmy Curran, Matt Polinsky; Middle Row: 
Head Coach Brad McAlester, Coach Chris Rogers. Coach 
Scott Mailen, Fred Pope, Dave Kasyan, Coach Chris 
Firestine, Coach Nathan Hale, Coach Terry Barlet; Third Row: 
Patrick Williams, Dan Hogan, Christopher Turner, Brad 
Stigelman, Steve Buzinski, Brian Wolensky, Sean Rozanski 

Middle left: Evan Harlor 
looks for the pass. 
Left: Dave Kasyan 
argues the call. 



The LVC women had a 
powerful start to the 
season, with 10 straight 
wins before falling to 
Messiah (72-62), 
Despite a loss to 
Moravian in the 
Semifinals, they picked 
up a bid in the ECAC 
South Region 
Championships and 

advanced to the ECAC 
Semifinals with a 55-53 
victory over 
Westminster before 
falling to Washington 
and Jefferson. Junior 
guard Crystal Gibson 
broke LVC's career 
assists record (379 held 
by Chrissy Henise '98) 
with 382 assists. 


First Row: Ashley Thompson, Rebekah Shearn, Jennifer 
Northcoft, Crystal Gibson, Min-Leigh Myers; Second Row: 
Coach Sandy Fauser, Coach Lauren Frankford, Bettylou 
Mihal, Tamika Rogers, Terri Faust, Head Coach Peg 
Kauffman; Third Row: Monica Johnson, Allie Butler, Erin 
Eaby, Carrie Lathrop, Jess Baker, Erin Studenroth 

Right: The team 

discusses strategy 

during a time-out. 

Far right: Erin Eaby 

dribbles around a 



Left: Tamika Rogers wins the tip off. 
Below: Jennifer Northcott goes for 
the rebound. 

Below: Captain Crystal 
Gibson takes the floor. 
Middle right: Monica 
Johnson fights for the 

Right: Caitlin Flinn runs with spirit. 
Below: Rory Jenkins concentrates 
on his stride. 

Below: Jamie Reynolds 
pulls ahead. 

Bottom left: The girls take 
a break. 



Cross country 
celebrated a strong 
season, with both the 
men's and women's 
teams placing first at 
the Wilmington 
College Invitational. 
Freshman Heather 
Rishel was named 
MAC Female Cross 
Country Rookie of the 

Year. She finished 
fourth at the MAC 
championships to 
earn All-MAC first 
team status, and 
later beat out 239 
runners to become 
LVC's first-ever 
ECAC cross country 



First Row: Shannon Gamble, Brittany Dukeman, Heather 
Rishel, Randi James; Second Row: Rory Jenkins, Jeremy 
Ansbach, Phil Serio, Sterling Dunlap, John Silipino; Third 
Row: Kodie Morrison, Alissa Byerley, Kim Cutrone, Jamie 
Reynolds, Coach Laura Mykytok; Fourth Row: Tim Carr, 
Matt Hauk, James O'Brien, Jeff Slomski, Coach Kent Reed; 
Fifth Row: Jessica Wesley, Caitlin Flinn, Katrina Glick, 
Jessica Sweitzer; Sixth Row: Jim Curry, Josh Kiner, Jeremy 
Rea, Rob Schaefer 

Left: Shannon Gamble, Heather Rishel, 
and Kodie Morrison take a pose 
Middle left: LVC leads the pack at the 
MAC championships. 



In all, 25 swimmers 
from the men's and 
women's teams, 
Coached by Mary 

represented LVC at 
the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) 

Sophomore Isaac 
Greene placed 
seventh in the 400- 
yard IM, resetting his 
own school record in 
the event with a time 
of 4:31.87. 


iiies ' 


HJj Am s < 




^A:" . * V'V x 1 

First Row: Celica Bicocchi, Shannon Gamble, Chris 
Greever, Jamie Kendall, Julie Falkner, Adam Demchak; 
Second Row: Jamie Moyer, Kristen Stichler, Kendra 
Stickler, Lauren Davis, Molly Kedney, Judie Leidy, Kirsten 
Robertson. Lauren Procopio, Karen Penberth 

Right: Danielle Kern 
takes another stroke. 
Far right: Matt Woods 
comes up for air. 

Below: Hey, Chris 
Whitcomb, nice form. 
Middle right: Chris 
Greever exposes his love. 


Right: Matt Hauk clears the hurdle. 
Below: Kodie Morrision pulls ahead. 

Below: Mitch Nyman 

takes the hand-off. 

Middle: LaToya Stewart 

clears the bar. 


The LVC track & field 
teams registered 
some solid 

performances during 
the season's 
Invitationals. At the 
contest, senior Lisa 
Landis reset her own 
school record in the 
triple jump and 
finished second in the 
long jump. At the 
Ursinus Invitational, 
freshman Allen 
Newsome set a new 

school record in the 
200-meter dash and 
senior Amy Wagner 
placed first among 
13 competitors in the 
pole vault. Junior 
Mitch Nyman set a 
school record in the 
weight throw, as he 
placed second at the 
LVC Invitational with 
a toss of 38' 9 1/4". 
Junior Crystal Gibson 
won her third MAC 

championship in the 
high jump. 

First Row: Assistant Coach Don Kelly. LaToya Stewart. Ryan Webber. 
Jamie Moyer. Jon Stiner, Jamie Reynolds, Head Coach Kent Reed; 
Second Row: Assistant Coach Marlin Fureman, Kelly Hilkert, Kodie 
Morrision. Ashley Kerstetter. Amy Wagner. Lisa Landis. Assistant Coach 
Tom Killian: Third Row: Jeremy Ansbuch, Ryan Letsche. James O'Brien. 
Brian Timchula, Gino Trosa, Matt Hank. Josh Kiner. Jeremy Rea 

Left: Jon Stiner 

concentrates on the 


Far left: Bonnie Susan 

takes a leap of faith. 



Despite a tough 
start to the season, 
the men's team 
pulled together to 
end Juniata's seven- 
game winning streak 
with a 13-7 victory, 
and sophomore 
Ryan Dalton pitched 
a four-hit, five-inning 
shutout against 
Susquehanna (8-0). 

In addition, junior 
third baseman Craig 
Denlinger was 
named MAC 
Conference Player 
of the Week. The 
team ended the 
season after splitting 
a Commonwealth 
doubleheader with 


First Row: Assistant Coach Dave Fortna, Matt Rolph, 
Adam Brunner, Scott Montgomery, Jared Smith, Taylor 
Sgrignoli, Joseph Raws, Tony Gebhard, Jon Rill, Head 
Coach Keith Evans, Assistant Coach Josh Brown; Second 
Row: Matthew Sanders, Frank Conn, Casey Long, Alex 
Morrison, Richard Schwartz, Brian McFarlane, Ryan Dalton, 
Robert Nordall, Sean Frailey; Third Row: Warren Lowe, Jeff 
Grieger, Ron Weaver, Dennis Reilly, Craig Denlinger, Jon 
Kelly, Dan Kelly, Matt Rich 

Far right: Richard Schwartz 
waits for the pitch. 

Right: The guys hope for a hit 


Below: Craig Denlinger Jr 
reads the sign. 
Middle right: The team 
gives each other support. 


Below: Kristen Crouse is 
ready for action. 

Middle left; Chris Jessen 
takes her turn at bat. 

Right: Mandy Nace makes 

a target. 

Below: llyse Resnick argues the 





The Softball team 
opened its 
Conference schedule 
with a sweep over 
Juniata (2-1 6-5). 
The team proceeded 
to the championships, 
going 1-1 on Day 
One, shutting out 

Susquehanna (4-0) 
before falling 8-0 to 
Moravian. The 
team's second 
meeting with 
Moravian came in 
the tournament's 
final game as the 
women came close 
to a major upset but 
were defeated 2-1 


First Row: llyse Resnick, Amy Batz. Casey McCool, Kristen 
Crouse, Jess Cooney, Jess Abbott; Second Row: Aubrey 
Coulter, Mandi Meskunas, Kelly OToole, Alisa Albers, Lisa 
DiCristofaro, Gina Battistelli, Audrey Benner; Third Row: 
Michelle Norman, Jenn Parks, Jenn Roberts, Mandi Nace, 
Chris Jessen, Melissa Ulrich 
Not pictured: Head Coach Stacey Hollinger 

Left: The team approaches 
the mound. 

Far left: Jenn Roberts is ready 
with the pitch. 



The Golf team won 
the Dickinson 
Invitational, led by 
individual winner 
junior Ryan Ogurcak. 
They continued to 
place strong in 
tournament play with 
a second place (out 
of 18 teams) finish at 
the Moravian 
Invitational and a 
second place finish 
at the Messiah Quad. 
They ended the 

season by taking 
fourth out of 14 
teams at the MAC 
Golf Championships. 
Junior J.D. Byers shot 
a career-best of 70 
over the final 18 
holes, finishing third 
out of 69 

competitors. His third- 
place performance 
marked the lowest- 
known finish at the 
MAC Championships 
in LVC history. 


First Row; Head Coach Lou Sorrentino, Bob Hassler, Ryan 
Ogurcak, Mike McNeff, Michael Wilheim, Ryan Tiburtini; 
Second Row: J.D. Byers, Steven Thomas, Max Linn, 
Thomas Tustin, Adam Demchak 

Right: Ryan Ogurcak 

eyes up the hole. 

Far right: Two players 

discuss their strategy. 


Left: J.D. Byers watches his putt 
Below: Mike McNeff makes the putt 

Below: Steven Thomas 
concentrates on his drive. 
Middle right: Ryan 
Ogurcak studies his drive. 


Below: Erik Vargo 
makes a good save. 
Middle left: Nick Patrizi is 
right on the money. 

Far right: Sean Weir follows 


Below: Captain Andy Piatt waits 

for the return. 



The mens team had a 
great start, topping 
York (6-1) in the season 
opener and defeating 
Elizabethtown (5-2) in 
the Commonwealth 
opener. The team 
went 1 1 straight wins 
before falling to a close 
4-3 contest at Albright. 
They finished first in the 
MAC Commonwealth 
Conference to earn 

the third straight 
conference title, 
Freshman Erik Vargo 
and junior Ryan 
Wendell were 
named to the All- 
Conference Second 
Team and Head 
Coach Cliff Myers 
was honored as 
Commonwealth Co- 
Coach of the Year. 


^E = '"flH 


' ' ■»• 


SXT'jH ''w^ 



[ y*1 

1 'P^K 

m J 

="^^» *M 

l ( 


i L / _2 

mt * 

First Row: Zach Cook, Erik Vargo, Mike McNeff, Saming 
Rattanavongkoth, Head Coach Cliff Myers; Second Row: 
Nick Patrizi, Chris Keeney, Ryan Wendell, Stuart Hartman, 
Andy Piatt 

Leff: Zach Cook 
finishes strong. 
Far left: Ryan Wendell 
keeps the ball in play. 

1 09 


I 10 


1 1 1 


1 13 


Kappa Lambda Nu 

An independent sorority 
dedicated to the development of 
friendship and personal growth. 
Kappa Lambda Nu seeks to 
bring women of diverse academic 
areas and interests into 
sisterhood. The group seeks to 
serve the needs of its members as 
well as those of the community. 

First Row: Sara Ayd; Second Row: 
Staci Storn. Jen Coveleskie, Heidi 
Juliano, Alisha Leavelle, Ashley 
Spearing, Olivia Palamara; Third 
Row: Kristen Erway, Krisren 
Wood. Jessica Sypher 


Tau Kappa 


Tau Kappa Epsilon is the first 
national social fraternity to receive 
college recognition and approval. 
Formal acceptance into the national 
organization occurred in 1988. 

First Row: Michael Tomecek, 
Kevin Strunk, Eric Kratz; Second 
Row: Erik Christian, Alan 
Roughgarden, Jonathan Marazas; 
Third Row: Lee Ackerman, Josh 
Harp, John Monaghan, Josh 
Rodgers, Dave Morris, Steve 
Morris, Juan Ortega Sanchez 
Escubar Munoz 


Alpha Sigma Tau 

Alpha Sigma Tau was founded 
atLVCin 1992, and finished 

out this year with 23 members. 
The group strives to promote the 
ethical, cultural and social 
development of its members as 
well as the community. Every 
year. AST participates in the 
Relay for Life, and in 2004 
raised money to help ventilator- 
dependent children and donated 
to the Ronald McDonald House. 

First Row: Amie Sentz. Amanda 
Myers; Second Row: J ana 
Rapposelli, Sherri Pursell, Jennifer 
Leister, Stacy Jacoby, Angela 
Clark, Christine Lightcap, Sara 
Pocklington, Stephanie Reissner, 
Valerie Sherrick, Kristen Barone, 
Shawna Dick; Missing: Jessica 
Stroup, Heidi Ellsworth, Dandle 
McCusker, Erica Helmer 

v ArT ll£?an, AET^irTi 

I 1 6 


Gamma Sigma 

"Gamma Sig" 

The Beta Chi chapter of Gamma 
Sigma Sigma is a national service 
and social sorority that promotes 
service, friendship and equality 
among females. The group is 
composed of young women with 
various backgrounds, majors and 
hobbies, and participates in 
many charitable events. 

First Row: Ariel Douglass-Devine, 
Kyla Snyder, Ande Allison, Julie 
Maurer, Angelica Rodriguez, Alicia 
Rumbaugh; Second Row: Lisa 
Drauschak, Joliene Blain, Alissa 
Byerley, Amber Nolan, 
Kim Citrone 





Jason Clay 

How quickly the years have passed since this "first day of 
school" picture! We are so proud of all your academic 
achievements. God has blessed you with a sharp mind, and 
we know you will succeed in the business, world. We urge 
you to live a life of integrity in all' you do and remember, to 
be truly successful in life for time and eternity, "seek first His; 
kingdom and His righteousness." God bless you! 

Much love, 
Mom & Dad 









*.'. , 


■ . 


Jeff Rees 

Words can't express our pride and love for you. As your "student" years 
come to an end, go out and touch the world with everything you have. 
Brighten the lives of many with your smile. Please remember that "home" 
is never far away and our hearts will always follow wherever life may 
lead you. May God continue to bless you! 


Dad, Mom and Maegan 


Brooks Philip Edman 


Bright and brilliant Brooks is a beloved son and brother, 
■Remarkably reliable and respectful, and richly rhythmic like no other. 
Obviously an original creative musician, . 
Officially an outstanding sound technician. 
Kind-hearted and courteous, he constantly cares, 
Sincerely sweet and sympathetic, his sensitivity he shares. 

Persistently phenomenal at playing progressive percussion, 

Harmony, happiness and humor, he brings to every discussion. 

Imaginative, intelligent, and instrumentally inclined, 

Loyal and loving, he is one-of-a-kind. 

Independent and insightful, his instinctive innovation is influential, 

Perseverant, patient and perceptive, his life holds such potential. 

Exceptionally enlightened as an electronic sound engineer^ 
Decisively a devoted and dynamic drummer, and delightful to' hear. 
Melodious motivated musician with magical imagination, 
Amazingly artistically accomplished, Brooks you are an inspiration! 
Now Mom, Dad and Ange wish you a Happy Graduation! 

■ ■ ' - 




"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist 
in the absence but in the mastery of his passion." 

-Alfred Lord Tennyson 


Rebecca Grudzina 

"Some natural tears they dropped, but wiped them soon; 
The World was all before them, where to choose 
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide; 
They hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow, 
Through Eden took their solitary way." 
-- John Milton, Paradise Lost 

Congratulations, Becca, and may God be your Guide 
as you enter upon your world that lies open before you. 


Mom, Dad and Mandy 

Mary Ellen Whitner 

All your hard work has finally paid off and we can see success for 
your future. We love you with all our hearts. You are the best 
daughter we could have. 


Mom and Dad 


Kristen Smith 

There are no words to express how proud we are of you. 
Great job and always remember -- no matter what we are 
always here for you. 


Dad, Mom and Matt 

Sarah O'Connell 

We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. 
You excel as a student and a soccer player. It has been a 
joy watching you grow up. We are grateful that you're 
our daughter! 


Mom and Dad 

Many thanks to my mother, Mary Sandow. 
With love, 
Dorothy Williams Jennings 

"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. 
To know how to do something well is to enjoy it. " 
-Pearl Buck 


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