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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Volume 90 

Lebanon Valley College 

101 N. College Avenue 
Annville, PA 17003 


LVC celebrated the inauguration of its 17th 
president, Stephen C. MaeDonald, on Saturday, 
April 30. 

MaeDonald was appointed by a unanimous vote of 
the Board of Trustees. Since 1998, he had served as 
vice president for academic affairs and dean of the 
faculty. In May 2004, he accepted the role of acting 
president after former President G. David Pollick left 
the College to become president of Birmingham- 
Southern College in Alabama. 

"I am honored by the trust placed in me by the 
College's Board of Trustees, the search committee, the 
faculty, students and staff of the College," stated 
MaeDonald. "In my seven years here, I have learned 
how gifted our faculty members are and how devoted 
they are to our students. The students continue to 
impress me with their constant willingness to learn 
and grow. It is with great pleasure that I accept this 

Photos and copy courtesy of the Office of College Relations. 


full-Time faculty 

■ART flNS fIRT tll^TORy 
Barbara flnd^rman. Chair 
Michael Pittari 
<f>eott <§>ehW£ig£rt 
Grant Taylor 


©afe Crskine, Chair 
Kristin ©o^shonz 
§taey Goodman 
iidney Pollack 
<§>usan Vferhoszk 
<f>t£ph£n Williams 
Paul Wolf 
flllan Wolfe 

SOifeil &c eCQMQMIC§ 

©avid Rudd, Chair 

Joel Kline 

Robert Leonard 

ls£on Markowiez 

Raymond Maynard 

Neil Perry 

Sarney Raflfeld 

Gail Sanderson 

Cdward <§>allivan 

James Voulopos 



Owen Moe, Chair 
Mare Harris 
flnderson Marsh 
Walter Patton 
Timothy Peelen 
Cynthia Johnston 


Donald Kline,Chair 
§usan fltkinson 
Cheryl George 
( £>ale Summers 
loinda ckimmers 
Karen Walker 
M. Jane Vingling 

Marie Bongiovanni, Chair 

Philip Billings 

Gary (5ri£V£-Carlson 

John Kearney 

Walter lsabonte 

Mary Pettiee 

Kevin Pry 

Jeffrey Ritchie 

Catherine Rorrcagnolo 

francos <§>taehow <§>eeger 

f OR6K5N kr^MGaflQe 
flngel Taninetti, Chair 
Jean-Mare Braero 
Dolores Buttry 
©iane Iglesias 
Maria Mieglo-Castro 
James <§eott 
Rosa Tezanos-Pinto 

tiisTORy &* politico 

Rebeeea MeCoy, Chair 
Philip Beneseh 
James Broussard 
John tllnshaw 
<£)iane Johnson 
Tia Malkin-f onteeehio 
John Norton 

MfiTflemfmcfiL) <§>cieNce§ 

Mark Tbwnsend, Chair 
Christopher BrazJield 
Patrick Brewer 
Michael fry 
Bryan tlearsey 
©avid Lyons 
Kenneth Varnall 


MP .-, o^ ^ v 



k v}» 



oj^ du 



full-Time faculty 

Mark M^eharo, Chair 

Johannes %trieh 

<§eott eggert 

Crie fang 

Robert tlszarson 

Barry Hill 

Mary Lemons 

Rebecca Lister 

§helly Moorman-^tahlman 

R£n££ Morris 

Victoria Rose 

Jizff J>nyd£r 

Tom <§>trohman 

%nni§ §W£igart 

Pffl^lCflls TtieRfipy 

<§>tan ©aeko. Chair 
Philip Blatt 
Mareia 6pter 
Qaudia Gazsi 
Rogr£ Nelson 
Kathryn Ori^l 
^taepy Rueh 
Ptznszlop^ <§>amu£lson 


Barry Hurst, Chair 
Michael ©ay 
<§>eott Walck 

fillan MaeCormaek, ©ir^etor 
Kent Reed 

Louis Manza, Chair 
Barry Kuhle 
K^rrfe Isaguna 
Louis kaguna 
fea'ttigr Mitchell 

R6U61QN fe PtilkO^QPtiy 
6ric 8ain-<§>£lbo, Chair 
J. Noel tlubter 
Jeffrey Robbing 
Noelle Vahanian 

, vjete* 









Aharon fIrnold,Chair 

Carolyn lianas 

Aharon Raffield 

Daniel <§>impkins 

Photos courtesy of the 
office of College Relations 



C® o 

C O 


Moo/? w 


The Mystery of 
Cdwin f)rood 

*"fl man could go quite mad and not bsz all that bad. Consider (zaeh superb, 
disturbing urg£ you'Vg (zVizr had to curse aloud in church or ehok(z gaeh bloke 
who throws a smite your way... 8e that as it may." 

flMan Could 60 Quite Mad 

The Mystery of Cdwin t)rood 




Moon Over 


The Mystery of 
Cdwin f)rood 

K) O 




"Bound by sueh ties of mutual kindness, how ean you bear to 
be at war? §top, stay the hateful strife, be reconciled; what 
hinders you?" 






$§j§fe£ * 




giving back 


;-■:;:; r;[v"iTf~PV!7j 



^ :; ' ; ;.^<lt' 


*P^ p 


- £_. 





at the Valley 



f - 

W 3 

PS '■'■'' m 


, * 



•I ; 















Lisa Agrusti 

Elementary Education 

Justin Albert 

Actuarial Science 

Eugene Alex 

Digital Communications 

Jason Ambrose 


Heather Anderbery 

Elementary Education 

Kristen Augustine 


Amanda Bahn 

Elementary Education 

Ashley Barber 


Larry Barbour 


Christina Barrera 


Bruce Barry Jr. 

Music Education 

Laura Barth 

Elementary Education 


achel Bartley 

olitical Science 

Tin Behney 

lementary Education 

tussell Bentz 

bmputer Science 

Williams became interested in studying abroad during her high school 
s, but it was her time at LVC that allowed her to pursue that interest as she 
ied in Salamanca, Spain during the fall of 2002. According to Shila, the 
opportunity allowed her to gain a sense of who she is, her priorities and who 
best fits within those priorities, while also giving her a different perspective 
about the world. In addition to her time in Spain, she also traveled to Italy and 
Switzerland with fellow senior Kate Ruhl during her senior spring break. 

After graduation, Shila will attend the University of Pittsburgh's graduate 
school to study social work. She wants to work with older adults, with the 
dream of becoming the administrator of a nursing home. After two internships 
at Kindred Place in the spring of 2004 and 2005, she knew her heart would be 
devoted to social work. After beginning school as an elementary education 
major, Shila never dreamed that she would work with older adults. With the 
encouragement of her professors, she became a psychology major, with a minor 
in Spanish. This was a change that would lead her life in the most wonderful, 
fulfilling direction she could ever imagine. 

Along with studying abroad and having an internship, Shila was very 
involved at LVC. She attended chapel since freshman year, and, during her 
senior year, planned the Christian formal. She was also president of the campus 
Christian organizations and served on the search committee for a new chaplain. 
She participated in the Lebanon Valley Education Partnership (LVEP), worked 
in the College Relations Office since her freshman year, and was also a resident 

LVC has given Shila many opportunities to discover a great deal about 
herself. Through the College's study abroad program, internships and activities, 
Shila has been able to play an important role in the LVC community. She 
strives to give back to the College that has given so much to her. 

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Articles and photography for all senior profiles fay Ashley Morgan '05 

liel Johnson believes that biology is not a science, but more of 
art. "It's about being creative and designing experiments -- 
appreciating the diversity of life," he said. Gabe majored in 
biology, and plans to go to graduate school to further study plant 
evolution. The decision was a simple one for Gabe, who has 
been interested in plants since he was young and even worked 
as a florist during high school and over breaks. He looked 
forward to attending college, where he could study the science 
of plants, not just their aesthetic qualities. 

When looking at schools, Gabe noticed that LVC had two 
botany professors, and that most professors had been at the 
College for a while. "They must like the place," he remembers 
thinking, which helped him to make his choice. During his time 
at LVC, he participated in summer research and worked as an 
assistant in the greenhouse. In addition to working within the 
science department, Gabe also worked with Bible study and 
served as the historian for Freedom Rings. 

One lesson Gabe has learned in his four years at LVC is, it's 
not what you study that's important, it's the fact that you are 
studying. All majors are equally important." 

Jennifer Berger 

Elementary Education 

Leah Bergey 

Elementary Education 

Catherine Blatchley 

Elementary Education 

ndrea Blevins 


Rebecka Brake 

Health Science 

Marlene Brechet 


Katherine Bright 

Music Education 

amela Brockwell 

ealth Science 

Nicholas Buckwalter Casey Burall 

Spanish Health Science 

Steven Buzinski 


lissa Byerley 

Jon-David Byers 

Dena Caldwell 

Kimberly Citrone 






John Corncly 

Elementary Education 

Megan Coyne 



i^ *l\ 


I! J 




' I 

'/ i 

II / i 1 

Erin Cunningham 

Elementary Education 

Samantha Cunninghar 

Elementary Education 



P^O •*'-■ 1 

^^ \ ^Bl m 

i \ iH 

ft v! 

Rachael Darr 


Crystal Davis 


Jill Davis 

Elementary Education 

Jennifer Deatrick 


Natalie Decker 


Amy Demps 

Music Education 

Craig Denlinger 


Megan Deveney 

Elementary Education 


lark Dinnuno 


leather Dodds 

lementary Education 


)aniel Doty 

'olitical Science 

:h has a lot of good things to say about LVC and her 
memories from time spent on campus. Anyone who knows Melissa or 
just recognizes her from around campus would say that she is always 
busy and always smiling. 

During her years at Lebanon Valley, she worked hard to earn her 
double major in math and finance. Serving as the president of the 
Math Club, she was able to help organize the Math Olympics for local 
fifth graders. This day provides a fun way for students to look at math 
while playing sports. In addition, she also helped to put together the 
Math Quiz Bowl for local students. 

Melissa has been involved in the community and on campus through 
other facets as well. She participated in the Relay for Life and was on 
SAAC, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. As the candidate 
for SAAC for the softball team, she helped to bring educational 
programs to the athletes on campus as well as organize community 
service activities for the softball team, which included donating time to 
clean the Quittie. 

When asked about her favorite place on campus, Melissa smiles and 
is quick to say, "the softball field. I've had so many good memories - 
both in terms of the game itself and the people I've met." 

Besides all of the studies, services and activities that Melissa 
participated in at LVC, one of the biggest events of her life happened 
on campus. She met her future husband, Kevin Poole, a senior who 
majored in music education. 


i his^Bg list of activities and friendly personality, it's hard for anyone on 
campus not to know and like Scott Payonk. His friends agree that he is 
one of those people who isn't afraid to go an extra step to make someone 
laugh. Most people would probably recognize him from his many musical 
and theatrical endeavors. For four years, he participated in the marching 
band, where he played the drums and served as the drumline captain for 
two years. His many theatre productions include: Harvey, Guys and Dolls, 
Lonestar, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Crucible, and The Mystery of Edwin 
Drood. "The theater feels like a second home to me. I have been there for 
hours on end, and learned a lot about myself in that time." 

Scott was one of the founding members of the LVC chapter of Iota Phi 
Theta, where he served as president his senior year. He also played a big 
part in student's lives on campus through service as a peer advisor for one 
year and a resident assistant for two years. In addition, he has 
participated in the campus radio station and has been involved in 
numerous intramural sports. 

Through his time at the Valley, Scott has met many people that have 
influenced his life in positive ways. "To narrow it down to one person 
who influenced me the most is impossible. Dr. Atkinson, my advisor, 
Kevin Pry and Steve Spiece of Wig and Buckle, and Jon Wescott in 
student services have all had a key part in my experiences." 

After graduation, Scott plans to go on to graduate school and get his 
degree in either special education or student services. He'd like to thank 
all of his family and friends for their love and support that helped him to 
make it through college. 

Michael Dougherty 


Ariel Douglass-Devine 


Lisa Drauschak 

Elementary Education 


lexis Dry burgh 

usic Education 

Sterling Dunlap 


Amy Dural 

Financial Mathematics 

Eileen Dwyer 

Health Science 

Stephen Enders 


Justin Engle 


Mark Engle 


aura Erdman 

nancial Mathematics 

Jodi Eaust 

Health Science 

Tona Eaust 


Alexis Federoff 

Music Education 


Caitlin Flinn 


Adam Frantz 


Matthew Frederick 

Elementary Education 

Daniel Gallagher 

Elementary Education 

Shannon Gamble 

Elementary Education 

Roberta Gantea 

Political Science 

Andrew Gena 

Music Recording Technology 

Ashley Gerhart 

Elementary Education 

Nathaniel Geyer 


Crystal Gibson 


Amy Gindhart 


Mark Ginevan II 



dam Gingerich 

nancial Mathematics 

lina Gottschalk 

ealth Science 

manda Goulden 

lolecular Biology 

ney decided to work with children with special needs based 
oh her experience with a volunteer program at East Pennsboro Area 
High School. "My aunt is a special education teacher for my district's 
middle school," she said. "We came up with a volunteer program to 
send high school students to the middle school to spend one day a 
month helping my aunt and her students. Working with these students 
with special needs confirmed my aspiration to be a teacher." 

"I think the most rewarding aspect of teaching students with special 
needs is knowing that you have a specific goal for each student, and you 
don't give up until that student has met that goal. Finding the 
appropriate instructional technique to meet each student's individual 
needs and finally watching a student succeed makes all the work well 
worth it," Megan said. 

Lebanon Valley College's education program was a large factor in 
Megan's decision to attend. "I was impressed with the campus -- 1 liked 
the location, size and facilities of LVC. But I loved the idea of having a 
certification in both regular education and special education, which a lot 
of smaller schools do not provide." 

In addition to working with special needs students, Megan played 
basketball her freshman year, and was on the swim team her sophomore 
through senior years. She was a member of the Pennsylvania State 
Education Association and Circle K. Outside of school, she was 
involved in 4-H and the Horse Club, and she shows her Arabian horses 
for the Eastern Amateur Arabian Horse Show Circuit. 


•wing up. "Severed members of my family were musicians and 
they stressed the importance of music to me at a young age," he said. 
Matthew also credits his many music teachers for encouraging him to 
continue with his musical studies. 

Over his four years at LVC, he was involved in numerous activities, 
including Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Handbell Choir and Jazz Band. 
He was president and treasurer of the LVC chapter of the AGO and also 
served as the music director for the Wig and Buckle presentations of 
Sweeney Todd and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. In addition to all his 
campus activities, Matthew served as the choir director at St. Paul's 
Catholic Church in Annville. He plans to continue serving as a church 
musician after graduation, and will graduate with two degrees -- a B.S. in 
music education and a B.A. in music (concentration in organ and sacred 
music). He also plans to pursue a career in music education and would 
like to teach private lessons. 

Matthew chose Lebanon Valley for several reasons. "I visited many 
different colleges and universities and found that I felt most at home at 
LVC," he said. "The size of the campus and student population and the 
facilities were all part of the appeal. Most importantly, however, was how 
much the music faculty made me feel welcome, especially my organ 
instructor, Dr. Shelly Moorman-Stahlman." 

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." 
Berthold Auerbach 

Jared Grove 

Actuarial Science 

Michael Grudzinski 

Computer Science 

Kathryn Guenther 

Music Education 


Christopher Gunnell 

lusic Education 

Erica Hansen 


Alexis Harner 

Financial Mathematics 

Kyle Hassler 

Health Science 

latthew Hauk 

igital Communications 

Michael Hoinowski 


Sophornarak Horn 

Business Administration 

Daniel Hornick 


lelinda Hunkins 

lementary Education 

Hillary Hunter 

Elementary Education 

Diane Huskinson 


Thomas Iacovone 

Political Science 


Michael Intelisano 

Music Business 

Amanda Jensen 


m rJkJ*-, 




Wh" 1 

k Ji s :j 

Anna Jacoby 


Andrew Jenkins 

Music Recording Technology 

Christine Jessen 

Elementary Education 

Amy Johnson 

Elementary Education 

Jarred Jenkins 


Gabriel Johnson 


Tara Kauffman 

Elementary Education 

Craig Kazda 

Political Science 

Erin Keiper 

Health Science 

Laura Kenney 

Elementary Education 


ihara Kershner 


tyan Kitko 


landi Knill 


>se who know Ryan Kitko are quick to say that he has affected LVC in 
•aany positive ways. Through S.A.F.E. (Student Action For the Earth), 
he helped to start a recycling program on campus. In the fall of 2001 , 
over 42 cubic feet of paper was recycled, and the program has continued 
to grow in leaps and bounds. Ryan also presented other ideas to the 
administration, such as placing a windmill on campus that would be an 
educational tool for many of the College's science courses. During his 
years with Freedom Rings, he started the "coming out" door that is seen 
in the College Center during National Coming Out Day, and Jeans Day, a 
day that supports those in the homosexual community. 

In 2004, Ryan became financially independent from his parents, and 
worked at MJ's Coffeehouse and the College Center Desk to support 
himself -- all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA as a biology major with a 
chemistry minor. Although he has endured a great deal, Ryan has 
persevered and become an inspirational role model for many of the 
students at LVC. 

After graduation, Ryan plans to attend Evergreen State College in 
Olympia, Washington, to pursue a master's of environmental studies and 
then go on to obtain his doctorate. His goal is to teach at a small, private 
liberal arts college, much like LVC. 

"Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, 

an outgoing affirmation of life." 

Alex Noble 


te Ruhl knew that she would never get a better opportunity to explore the 
world other than during her time at LVC. She took advantage of the 
College's study abroad program twice. After studying in New Zealand for a 
semester, she went for another semester to Italy. She served as a study 
abroad peer advisor for two years and promoted the program to other 
students considering the experience. Because of her love of traveling, she 
also spent her senior spring break visiting Italy and Switzerland with fellow 
classmate Shila Williams. 

SAGA (Students Acting for Global Awareness) is another one of Kate's 
passions. The group sponsors programs and events about issues usually 
not addressed on campus. Kate lived in a tent on campus when the war in 
Iraq first began, helped coordinate breast cancer awareness events, and 
organized teach-ins about the war in Iraq and the last presidential election. 
She feels very passionately about the issues that the US media doesn't 
address, and felt that SAGA gave her an outlet for the causes she was 
interested in. She also co-directed and co- produced LVC's production of 
The Vagina Monologues, and helped with the Vagina Warriors campaign 
that honored local women for promoting women's rights. 

Kate has also worked in various offices across campus, and served as the 
layout editor for La Vie Collegienne during her senior year. After 
graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school to obtain her master's 
degree and eventually become a professor. She also aspires to work with 
an international organization, as well as spend a couple of years living in a 
foreign country. 

orms of introspection. 

Kathryn Koep 

Health Science 

Stephanie Kraft 

Health Science 

Lawrence Durrell 

Ashley Kreider 



)eidra Kreiser 


Yun Kwon 


Matthew Lady 


Laura Lagler 

Actuanal Science 

:ric Laird 


Sarah Landis 

Elementary Education 

Veronica Laroche 

Music Recording Technology 

Carrie Lathrop 


.eigh Lau •home 
1usic Business 

Craig Layne 


Alisha Leavelle 


Lynn Leidig 



Frederick Long 

Music Recording Technology 

Kimberly Lorah 


Ashley Luhrs 

Elementary Education 

Jonathan Marazas 


Seth Lucas 

Elementary Education 

f~> -~ 'MmWi 

*** "H-jH 


y-y JB| 






Jennifer Marcinkevich 


Janelle Luckenbaugh 

International Business 

Justin Market 


Christine Mathis 


Cheryl Maurer 

Social Health Sciences 

Fairyn McCleary 


Lindsey McCormick 



Jaira McJilton 

\ctuarial Science 

-iza McLucas 


i Gingerich liked the fact that Lebanon Valley had actuarial 
nee, and he liked that he would probably be able to play football 
but LVC wasn't his first choice. "My parents forced me to visit LVC 
because it was close. I wanted to go to the University of Rochester, 
however, I really liked LVC when I visited the campus." 

During his time at LVC, Adam was a three-year letter winner for the 
football team. In his four years, he did not miss a single practice. "I 
really had no excuse not to practice. I just had very little respect for 
guys who sat out because they didn't feel right or they had a little 
bruise," he said. "I have the rest of my life to heal. I might as well take 
the beating while I'm able." 

Sharon Hurst of Career Services was always impressed with Adam's 
can-do attitude. "He can stick with a difficult major which requires 
massive hours of study, and maintain his committment to a varsity 
sport, and he's the only player never to have missed a practice," she 

Adam majored in financial mathematics and economics. After 
graduation, he would like to find an actuarial job somewhere in the 
Northeast, preferably in Philadelphia, Hartford or Boston. If he could 
pass on one lesson to up-and-coming Dutchmen, it would be "it goes 

JoAnna Meek 


way too iast, mat 

e sure you take advantage of every opportuni 


. .■■>;* ^ 

ase students who've received scholarships may want to thank 

icky Weinhoffer. As student manager of the Phonathon 
, rogram, he might have made the call that made their Vickroy 
possible. "The biggest secret is that there is no secret," Ricky 
said about raising money for the Valley Fund by calling alumni. 
"We have basic scripts, but you really just need to talk to alumni. 
We all chose LVC for a reason. You really just need to talk to 
them and be yourself." 

Ricky, a music business major, became student manager for 
the Phonathon based on "his hard work, dedication and love for 
the College," said Jamie Cecil, assistant director of annual giving, 
who worked closely with Ricky. She said that he fit the criteria 
for a Phonathon worker, describing him as "an excellent 
representative of LVC who demonstrates excellent organizational 
and communication skills." 

In addition to his work with the Phonathon, Ricky participated 
in Sinfonia, Market Square Church Choir, Chapel Choir, Concert 
Choir, Marching Band, and Music and the Entertainment 
Industry Students Association. He also hosted a radio show at 
WLVC. He says that a lesson he's learned during his four years 
at LVC is, "Take advantage of every opportunity; make sure you 
have no regrets." 

Daniel Melius 

Music Recording Technology 

Kristin Mickel 


Brian Miller 

Music Recording Technology 


iina Mirenzi 

lealth Science 

Scott Montgomery 

Elementary Education 

Ashley Morgan 

Digital Communications 

David Morris 



[«* *\ 

L v y M 

indrew Moser 

olitical Science 

Jessica Moyer 

Music Education 

Katherine Myers 


Kimberly Nash 

Elementary Education 

Lesley Neal 


Seth Newman 


Amber Nolan 


Lindsey Noll 

Elementary Education 


Robert Nordall Jr. 


Scott Payonk 

Elementary Education 

Janice Powell 


Jennifer Northcott 

Psych obiology 

Olivia Palamara 


Gregory L. Phillips II 


Francis Pitonyak 


James Preneta 


Katie Proctor 

Elementary Education 

Rocco Pastorella 

Elementary Education 

Kevin Poole 

Music Education 

Dennis Reilly 



tebecca Remaley 

Jementary Education 

lyse Resnick 


ile attending LVC, Rocco Pastorella served in many different roles 
ithin the student body. Beginning his freshman year, he became 
involved with the class activities, serving as class treasurer for the first 
two years and as class president for the last two years. He organized 
fundraisers such as the Underground delivery, candy sales, and class t- 
shirts. Rocco has also participated in student government for four 
years, and ended his time at LVC as president of the organization. 
Within this position, he spent a lot of time planning Dutchmen Day, 
homecoming and the winter formal. He also served on the president's 
committee, the food committee, and the student organization budget 
hearings to help delegate money to the organizations. 

When he wasn't volunteering time to student organizations, Rocco 
was a student supervisor for the College Center Desk. He 
participated on the Red and Blue Crew that supports LVC athletes. 
He played football for three years at the Valley and did track for two 
years. He also served as the president of Phi Lambda Sigma. 

lattheu Riggleman 

listorical Communications 

made this college experience awesome." 

Rocco graduated with a degree in elementary education. "It's great 
to see kids succeed when you're helping them, especially to know 
that you had an impact on their life. It might have been something 
little to you, but it was a big deal to them." 


Who's Who 

Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges 

Justin Albert 
Amanda Bahn 
Christina Barrera 
Rebecka Brake 
Laura Brown 
Nicholas Buckwalter 
Casey Burall 
Jon-David Byers 
Jill Davis 
Lisa Drauschak 
Jodi Faust 
Jessica Ferrell 
Timothy Flynn 
Shannon Gamble 
Roberta Gantea 
Nathaniel Geyer 
Jaime Greenfield 
Alexis Harner 
Diane Huskinson 
Rebekah Jacobs 
Ryan Kitko 
Katherine Koep 
Stephanie Kraft 
Yun Kwon 

Craig Layne 
Frederick Long 
Kimberly Lorah 
Lindsey McCormick 
Liza McLucas 
Jordan Miller 
Gina Mirenzi 
Katherine Myers 
Jordan Newell 
Jennifer Northcott 
Mary Olanich 
Francis Pitonyak 
Katie Proctor 
Kate Ruhl 
Kimberly Shank 
Kristin Showalter 
Sara Smith 
Melissa Ulrich 
Mara Weissman 
Matthew Wensel 
Marne Wessner 
Daniel Zilinskis 

Julie Rittersbacher 


John Rizzo 


l\A.iM±h of "fne success of life, depends upon keeping ones 
mind open To opportunity and se«z«ng it wnen it comes 
Olice F"oote AA.oc "DougaH 

Jason Roberts 



mgelica Rodriguez 

iternational Business 

Jonathan Roth 


Brandon Rubinic 

Music Recording Technology 

Rebecca Runkle 


irian Sapienza 


Amy Saponsky 

Elementary Education 

Melissa Sawicki 

Business Administration 

Letitia Saylor 


indrew Schlegel 

lusic Recording Technology 

Courtney Schmehl 

Music Business 

Christine Schmidt 

Elementary Education 

Chad Schreier 



Kimberly Shank 

Health Science 

Lauren Shivers 


Kristin Showalter 


William Silar 

Music Recording Technology 

Casey Sipe 


Brad Slavinski 


Kyla Snyder 

Elementary Education 

Kendra Sowul 


Kori Spedding 


Melissa Stein 


Alane Stief 


Brad Stigelman 



indsey Strauss 

usic Education 


Kevin Strunk 

Molecular Biology 

Erin Studenroth 


Larissa Szigeti 



ill Teschner 

[usic Business 

Joanna Tiedeken 

Elementary Education 

Danielle Todd 


Carrie Tonkin 

Elementary Education 

eresa Trainer 


Vanessa Tringali 


Scott Troxell 

Music Education 

Lydia Trump 


>erek Ulrich 

Melissa Ulrich 

Ryan Underkoffler 

Mitchell Waddell 




Actuarial Science 


Financial Mathematics 


Inge Walker 

Elementary Education 

Kathryn Wallner 

Elementary Education 

Sarah Walls 

Elementary Education 

k. : ^9 


^r*^. * 

■ , •*& 



Meghan Walsh 

Elementary Education 

Jennifer Walter 

Music Education 

Jolee Warrenfeltz 

Health Science 

Ronald Weaver II 


Jamie Webber 

Music Education 

Richard Weinhoffer Jr. 

Music Business 

Sean Weir 


Mara Weissman 


Matthew Wensel 



iarah White 

1usic Recording Technology 


Shila Williams 


J. Travis Witmeyer 


Theresa Woods 

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■» ^ m • 




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, &m 

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*—. :i 



iBM * AflH^^k* 






The t/utchwen 
look on. 

fmie the 

ar^ u 


Foot all 
F ws 

Fie d goal 
Ful back 

The team opened their season by 
defeating Gettysburg 7-3 and ended 
the season with their best record 
(4-6, 3-6 MAC) since 2000. The 

Dutchmen went 3-6 in MAC play to 
finish in a four-way tie for seventh in 
the conference standings. Senior 
defensive end Lucas Robinson was 
named to the All-Middle Atlantic 
Conference Second Team. Also, 
sophomore offensive lineman Kevin 
Hallman, junior wide receiver Luck 
Rendine. and junior tight end Gino 
Trosa earned a spot on the MAC All- 
Academic Team. 

78 Sports 


t •*;:*:":*: :* '* ' ■ ! 

■ . ■• . 

- • S I { 

*ai ' , i 

i*f *j''Q$ • «"4tRc|'»7»f >*f „> l-c |s7^ 

— f ««| 1P'| ■qif 41 »77f 51| 5>: 7B|4B|^ 

a-f •»£ f3»| 4X|prf 19 f f t&f 73 $4 r 


il , H 

First Row (left to right): Eric Laird, Rusty Bentz, Adam Gingrich, Pave McCullough, Adam Frantz. Mike Pougherty. Lucas 
Robinson, Jon Stiner, Pan Yaffe, Mitch Nyman; Second Row: Jason Vannoy, Jimmy Holzman, Brett Keller, Joe Murray, Todd 
Pietrich. Robert Stech, Joey Venezia, John Schuster, Luke Rendline; Third Row: Chris Weaver, &ino Trosa, Pan Stauffer. Jake 
Peterson. Keith Comrey, Perrick Savage, Eric Mirtigari, Maurice Moore, Pete Howells, Brandon Shank; Fourth Row: Sean Zwoyer, 
Matt Murphy, Joe Tomtishen, Brian Kleckner Jr., Pave Zimmerman. Grant Hartzall. Kevin Hallman. John Smith: Fifth Row: Adam 
Hurst, Tyler McCauley. Kevin Krause. Jason Smith, Alex Poorman. Jim Coughlin, Pan Kelly, frabe Relston, Justin Miller. Jake Shipe; 
Sixth Row: Brad Bishop. Adam Brossman. Corey Hall, Russ PeStefano, Chris Loveland, Ryan Brennan, Keith Howard, Terry 
Kaufman, Chris Bradford; Seventh Row: Aaron Mill. Bill Pixon, Chris O'Brien. Kyle Johansen. Clint Vinju, Paul Covine, Alex Hess. 
Ryan Loone, Brian Weidow; Eigth Row: Matt Schendel. Tony Setley, Kris Musselman, Brian Murphy, Jason Kramer. Brandon 
Wagner. Kurt Smith; Back Row: Coaching Staff -- Rick Beard. Mark Costello, Eric Miller. Todd Smith, Tom Gerhart, Head Coach 
Jim Monos, Joe Buehler, Scott Marek, Chris Thompson, Tom McKee, Mike Ponghia 

The fans support the Putchwen 

Sports 79 


First Row: Kyw Weed, Fairyn McCleary, Lindsey McCorwick, Amy Saponsky, Erin Pehney, Missy Shultz; 
Second Row: Nicole Caruso, Melissa Prong, Christy Gonzalaez, Claire Uebney, Stepb Marguglio, Mallary 
Anderson, Krista Anderson, Sara Fuhrwan, Megan Armor; Third Row: Alyssa Stine, Chelsea Byers, Jawi (robao, 
Kristin Huber, Christine Schairer, Shauna Enck, Rachel Plourde, Liz Maull, Miwi Sullivan; Fourth Row: Coach 
Alicia Arnold, Coach Stacey Hollinger, Coach Sarah Pietrich, Katie Pawlewicz, Casey Hines, Abbey frockley, Ruth 
"V.C", Coach Erica Johnson, Head Coach Laurel Martin 

The team huddles up. 

80 Sports 

Go I 

Fi Id Hockey 

The team's last regular season 
;ame resulted in a shut out putting 
hem at 14-6 for the season, placing 
hem as the third seed in the 
Commonwealth Conference 
ournament for their post-season. 
)verall, the team earned its first-ever 
:CAC title and finished the season 
vith its most wins since going 1 8-3 in 
1000. Sophomore forward Steph 
/larguglio and senior defender 
.indsey McCormick were named to 
he STX/NFHCA Division III South 
Atlantic Region First Team, both also 
vere named to the All- 
Commonwealth Conference First 
~eam. Also, five LVC women were 
lamed to the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) Fall All-Academic 
Ceam: Melissa Brong. Katie 
'awlewicz, Kym Weed. Missy Shultz. 
.nd Lindsev McCormick. 

The girls get a 
ha)f-tit*ie pep 

Sports 8 1 

UC goes for the 


S ccer 

S ve 
Atb etcs 

The team finished the regular 
season with a 10-4-2, 4-1-2 in the 

Sophomore Adam Burns was named 
as the Commonwealth Conference 
Player of the Week after his two goals 
in the 3-1 win over Albright College. 
Senior Fran Pitonyak was named to 
the CoSIDA Academic All-District 
II College Division Men's Soccer 
First Team as well as to the National 
Soccer Coaches Association of 
America All-Mid Atlantic Region 
Second Team. Also, seniors Nick 
Buckwalter and Fran Pitonyak, along 
with sophomores Tyler and Erik 
Vargo were named Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) Fall 
All-Academic Team. 

S2 Sports 


First Row: Fran Pitonyak, Nick Puckwalter, Prian Sapienza; Second Row: Adam Schies, Pave Sodl, Justin 
Klunk, Chris Rotherwel, Erik Vargo, Pen Christopher, Jason Yamall; Third Row: Coach John Forster, Pan 
Pitonyak, Nick Wanyo, Mike Martin, Pen Wagner, Christian Pednar, Head Coach Mark Pulisic, Coach Charlie 
Grimes; John Mentzer, Adam Pums, Tyler Frantz, Prian Reinhardt, Pave Soule, Matt Rich, Eric Nkuruziza, 
Prandon Morgan 

Prian Reinhardt takes a comer kick 

Sports 83 


First Row: Amanda Brown, Kristen Hoover, Jessica Stoltzfus, Pana Jackson, Ponna G-eiger, Ashley Wells, 
Megan Pierce; Second Row: Coach Lauren Frankford, Julia Cupp, Jennifer Stover, Sawatha Keifer, Abbey 
Esbenshade, Kathleen Persak, Coach Mofat Odur, Manager Laura (reklinsky; Third Row: Holly Walton, Lisa 
friaquinto, Renee Kitchenwan, llyse Resnick, Christine Schmidt, Gretchen Artz, Jess Conrad 

Christine Schmidt runs on to the field. 

84 Spoils 





The LA C women's team finished 
fifth in the conference with a record of 
8-7-2 and 3-4-0 in the 

Junior goalkeeper Jess Conrad and 
senior defender Lisa Giaquinto were 
named to the All-Commonwealth 
Conference First Team. Conrad was 
also named to the National Soccer 
Coaches Association of America All 
Vlid-Atlantic Division III Second 
ream, and finished an outstanding 
season with a 1 .33 goals-against 
average and a 5-6-1 record to go with 
:hree shutouts. 


Kath lee„p, 

Sports 85 

Alex Beatrice 
wins the face- 



I e Hockey 


After making a name as one of 
the top teams in the ECAC 
Northeast Conference, the ice hockey 
team moved into the highly 
competitive ECAC West Conference 
this season. 

With a young team and a new 
conference, the season proved to be 
an up and down seasaw. Having 
Craig Vardy, Justin Todd, Jeff 
Smith, Alex Beatrice, and Rob Scales 
named to the ECAC West Honor 
Roll, this being a team high point, 
the guys ended the season at a low 
finshing the last game 5-2 
to Manhattanville. 
They finished the season 5-19-1 and 
1-11 in conference play. 

86 Spoils 


First Row: Matt Fredrick. Chris Finnerty, Cameron Vanderveer, Head Coach Al MacCorwack, Alex Beatrice, 
Prendon Herr, Sonny Holding; Second Row: Coach Matt Yingst, Andy Ruwwel, Jeff Smith, Shawsher Vellan, 
Ryan Tiburtini, Pete Rossi, Wes Lou, Justin Rodd, Al Anievas, Coach Ted Russell; Third Row: Chris Federick, 
Anthony Lattanze, Rob Scales, Anthony Scales, Pen Pruwbaugh, Ryan Merritt, Jason Slusher, John Crognale, 
Jonas Svensson 

LVC's hockey team rallies for support. 

Sports 87 


First Row: Jess (rimtz, Natalie Goodfellow, Amanda &ahn, Ashley Watson. Lexi Horstwan, Kristin Nawocenski; 
Second Row: Head Coach Wayne Perry, Katie Ferree, Melissa Stein, Jill Miller, Jess Render, Cat Roth, 
Steph Bedgar, Piana Perry 

Miller serves the ball into play. 

88 Sports 

S rve 
Volleyb II 

Ju p 

The women's volleyball team 
finished the season with their second 
victory over Dickinson College, 
ending an outstanding season with a 
record of 24-5. 

After the team's 3-0 loss to Juniata in 
the semifinals, they were able to grab 
the second seed in the ECAC 
Southern Region Championships. 
Also, the team finished the year with 
its fourth-straight 20-win season as 
well as qualifying for the 
Commonwealth Conference playoffs 
for the fourth year in a row. The 
team's ECAC berth was its second in 
school history, while it advanced to 
the championship game for the 
first time. 

^ rU ?e\ore 

Sports 89 

Chris -lessen 
returns the 

ball ""f or the 



Set c . 
T nnis 

Juniors Amanda Lubold and 
Jenny Larson each advanced to the 
Middle Atlantic Conference 
Individual Championships 
semifinals at Drew University. 
Six members of the Lebanon Valley 
College women's tennis team were 
named to the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) Fall All- 
Academic Team: sophomore Angela 
Esh, junior Sophia Kwon, junior 
Jenny Larson, junior Amanda 
Lubold. senior Sam Meglino. and 
junior Angie Petiak. 

90 Sports 


Front Row: Holly Sallade, Jenny Larson, Saw Meglino. Chris Jessen, Lindsey Noll, Angela Esb, Angie Petiak; 
Second Row: Head Coach Cliff Myers, Jacqueline Hane, Mallory Hane, Sophia Kwon, frooke Sensenig, Nicole 
Interdonato, Leslie Sabas, Amanda Lubold, Amber Ion, Erin Smith, Jennifer Slakoper 

Angie Petiak sets up for the slam 

Sports 9 1 







w\\K & 


i WW Imx^mm 

Front Row: Steve Puzinski, Matt Polinsky, J.P. Byers, Travis Witweyer, Brad Stigelwan; Second Row: Head 
Coach Brad McAlister; Bryan McAlister, Pan Hogan, Peter Ruth, Fred Pope, Adam Brosswan, Luke Foster Third 
Row: Luke Rendine, Hunter Bretschneider, Billy Orr, Jimmy Curran, Matt Walters, Mike West, Brian 

The bench watches in anticipation 

92 Sports 

> ty ot 

I boot 
?a ketball 

The men's basketball team had 
an outstanding season, with a trip to 
the NCAA Division III tournament, 
and a final record of 20-7. 
Senior J.D. Byers had a strong finish 
to his LVC career, and was named a 
First Team AU-American by the 
National Association of Basketball 
Coaches. He also landed nearly 
every major academic award, and 
was the male recipient of the 2005 
Jostens Trophy Award. 
In addition, senior Steve Buzinski 
also finished strong, leading the team 
in rebounding and earning a spot on 
the All-Commonwealth Conference 
Second Team. 


Pref Schneider 

dribbles down 
the court. 

! ahft °9a»i , 
f orthe.. lo °ks 

Sports 93 

Erin Eaby 
dribbles down 
the court. 

f a *ik a e n „ 
look 'to'heT r > 
co *ch for 




I/efc se 
Pas etball 

The women's basketball team 
came in third this year in the 
conference with a record of 9-5 and 
came in third in the overall with a 
record of 17-9. The girls had a good 
season but hope for better standings 
next season. Two members of the 
team were named to the Middle 
Atlantic States Collegiate Athletic 
Conference (MASCAC) Winter All- 
Academic Team: senior Jennifer 
Northcott and sophomore Katie 

94 Sports 


First Row: Erin Eaby, Crystal Gibson, Jennifer Northcolt, Tawika Rogers; Second Row: Head Coach Peg 
Kauffwan, Cassandra Martinez, Terri Faust, Bettylou Mihal, Monica Johnson, Assistant Coach Sandy Fauser, 
Assistant Coach Lauren Frankford; third Row: Karissa Peechey, Jamie Reynolds, Katie Pawewicz, Allie Putler, 
Jenna frawbino, Ponna G-eiger 

The team gets a pep talk. 

Sports 95 


First Row: John Silipino, Sterling Punlap, Jeff Slowski, Head Coach Kent Reed; Second Row: Kyle Gates- 
Hiwwelreich, Matt Hauk, Jawes O'Brien, Jeremy Ansbach 

First Row: Leah Bergey, Shannon Gamble, Sarah Zeiger, Rim Citrone, Allison Conety Second Row: 
Brittnay Sanders. Brittnay Pukewan, Alissa Byerley, Annie Zeigler 

96 Sports 

C oss 
Co wtry 

Fi ish 

The LVC Cross Country team 
started the year strong under the 
leadership of two seniors. Sterling 
Dunlap and Matt Hauk. 

With the effort of two sophomores, 
James O'Brien and Jeremy Anshach, 
the foursome helped the team have a 
successful run. The season opener for 
the Dutchmen proved that they were 
ready to compete, as they finished 
4th among 1 teams. Ansbach was 
LVC's top finisher with a time of 
30:28.8. Later in the season, the 
Drew Invitational hosted 79 
competitors. Kiner finished 7th and 
the team finished 3rd. Two runners 
were named to the MAC all 
academic team: Josh Kiner and 
Jeff Slomski. 


Sports 97 


Kar iJost 
Pauln. ta ^ 



Hannah Plimpton 
perfects her 

%ro** ett 
VaW «e^ a 

Sw rowing 

vTi OK 

The LVC's men's and women's 
swimming teams opened their 
2004-05 season at the Middle 
Atlantic Conference Relays. 

The meet featured 1 events, with 
each having two male and two 
female competitors in each relay. 
They performed well in the 400-yard 
butterfly, the 800-freestyle, and the 
400-yard breaststroke. The team 
finished 4th. Fourteen members of 
the LVC swimming team were 
named to the Middle Atlantic States 
Collegiate Athletic Conference 
(MASCAC) Winter All-Academic 
Team. The men's and women's 
teams concluded their season at the 
Middle Atlantic Championships 
with the men's team coming in 8th 
and the women's team coming 
in 9th. 

98 Sports 


First Row: Kiera Anderson, Meghann Wright, Brittany Liptrap, Kelly Wenrich, Cory Hackman, Pen Smith, 
Hannah Plimpton, Amanda Silvran; Second Row: John Silipino, Chris Metzger, Chris Manning, Issac &reen, Jill 
Brader, Aimee Heckman, Angelica Rodriguez, Carolina Russo, Lynn Ponmoyer, Panielle Kern, Janice G-ioddard; 
Third Row: Coach Mary Gardner, Joanna Tiedeken, Kellianne Harkins, Pam Brockwell, Ann Heckman, Kari Jost, 
Kristen Williams, Kevin Uhland, Jordan Jacobs, Nicole Eckert, Kris frazsi, Craig Uyne, Brian Montgomery; 
Fourth Row: Paul Curcio, Chris Whitcomb, Matt Woods, Pan Wolford 

Kevin Uhland practices his 
back stroke. 

Sports 99 


First Row: Allison Conety, Brittany Pukewan, LaToya Stewart, Jennifer Lazarski, Amy Hartwan; Second Row: 
Crystal (ribson, Kelly Hilkert, Megan Risser, Sbaylene Scheib, Mandy Warner; Third Row: Pryon Laird, Matthew 
Hauk, Ryan Webber, Kyle Gates Hiwwelreich, Joshua Kiner; Fourth Row: Eldin Prodlic, James Puckson, Kevin 
Uhland, Andrew Young, Brian Tiwchula 

Ryan Ziwwer stretches before his heat. 

100 Sports 

land o f 
Tr ck 


Pa oh 

LVC had a strong season with 
many atheletes showing they were 
competitors in their field. 

Crystal Gibson qualified for the 
NCAA Division III Championships 
early in the season, in high jump 
with a height of 5-7 1/4. Kelly 
H i Ike rts joined her at the Division 
III Championships after qualifying 
for it in the 400-meter hurdles. Jamie 
Greenfield finished 3rd in the season- 
opener at Susquehanna and was 
named Co-Athlete of the Week for 
her performance. The LVC 
Invitational proved to be successful 
for the Dutchemen, as they finished 
first in 14 events. Many school 
records were broken during the 


Pryoh Laird 
concentrates on 
clearing the 


Ws >*r te 

Sports 101 

Corey Lawoureux 
runs for home. 

W** V L v *or 

C tch 

Baseball finished 7th in the 
Conference with a 19-16 record. 

The team returned all but three 
starters from the previous season, so 
the year started with high 
expectations. Robert Nordall was 
named D-3 National Collegiate 
Baseball Writers Association Pitcher 
of the Week for his performance in 
Florida for the team's season opener. 
Ron Weaver was named team 
Honorable Mention Hitter of the 
Week with 1 5 hits and 1 1 RBIs and 
9 runs. He was also named MVP. 
Matt Sanders was named as one of 
the two winners of the 2005 Middle 
Atlantic States Collegiate Athletic 
Corporation Giant Steps Award 
Winners, finishing 2-3 with a team- 
best 2.66 ERA. 

102 Sports 


Front Row: Scott Montgomery, Robert Nordall, Craig Penlinger, Ronald Weaver, Pennis Reilly; Second Row: 
Aaron Kopetsky, Benjamin Christopher, Richard Schwartz, Jason Rhoads, Corey lawoureaux, Jason Scala, 
John Mentzer, Kyle Johansen; Third Row: Head Coach Keith Evans, Assistant Coach Pave Fortna, Matthew 
Sanders, Ryan Palton, Andrew Pipken, Adaw Prosswan, Gabriel Ralston, Trainer Judd ftroff, Assistant Coach 
Robert Rudolph; Fourth Row: Jakob Shipe, Alexander Morrison, Matthew Rich, Paniel Kelly, Jonathan Kelly, 
Paul Covine, Christopher Schank, Taylor Sgrignoli, Brian McFarlane 

The team waits out the inning. 

Sports 103 


Front Row: Nicolle Henry, Christine Jessen, &ina Pattistella, Lauren Sanford; Second Row: Stephanie Marguglio, 
Assistant Coach Ed Spittle, Head Coach Stacey Hollinger, Assistant Coach Gene Wright, Amy Weist; Third Row: 
Amy Patz, Lisa PiCristofaro, Jennifer Roberts, Jessica Abbott, Audrey Penner; Fourth Row: Jessica Salisbury, 
Kelly O'Toole, Jennifer Parks, Amanda Nace, Alisa Albers 

The outfielders take a quick break for a 

104 Sports 

tof ball 

LVC Softball concluded their best 
season to date as they finished 
second in the Commonwealth 
Conference with a record of 27-12. 

They surpassed the record for games 
won in one season, which were 19 in 
200 1 . Coach Hollinger captured her 
1 00th win as the team swept 
Susquehanna in a doubleheader. 
Kelly OToole was named Pitcher of 
the Week for her efforts against 
Moravian, stopping their winning 
streak and retiring 2 1 of the 23 
batters she faced. 





A *Yt a 

re 'ea s , 

es th e 

Spoils 105 


J. P. &yers lines 
up his putt. 

v.»»**i M . 

Cow ewtratioH 

Wind p 


With many different competitors 
and teammates, LVC's golf program 
has shown that they are a force 
within the Commonwealth 

Senior Ryan Ogurcak led LVC to 
win the Moravian Fall Invitational 
by finishing 4th. Halfway through 
the Commonwealth Conference 
Championships, Ogurcak finished 
4th, Steve Thomas was in 1 4th, 
Mike McNeff and Mike Wilhelm 
were tied for 2 1st, and Max Linn 
finished 34th. The final day of 
competition proved to be testing for 
Ogurcak, but he defeated Moravian's 
Bryan Ott to capture the 
championship in the first 
playoff hole. 

106 Sports 



The team is transported to 
the next hole. 

Sports 107 


Front Row: Sean Weir, Eric Vargo, Philip Rhodes; Second Row: Head Coach Cliff Myers, John Henry, Stuart 
Hartwan, Shawn Pecker, Zachary Kaufman 

Nick Patrizi awaits the serve. 

108 Sports 

Swi g 
t nwi$ 

The Men's Tennis team had a 
decent season this year with a 
Finishing record of 8-9. 

Erik Vargo and Zach Kaufman each 
advanced past the first round of the 
Middle Atlantic States Collegiate 
Athletic Corporation (MASCAC) 
Men's Tennis Individual 
Championship Tournament, which 
was held on the campuses of DeSales 
University and Moravian College. 
Erik Vargo and Stu Hartman were 
named to the All-Commonwealth 
Conference Men's Tennis Team. 
Vargo was named to the All- 
Conference First Team, while 
Hartman earned Second Team 


Vtee? s 



Erik Vargo sets 
up for the 

"is n ei(t 

Sports 109 


The Pride of the 

110 Sports 


Sports 1 1 1 



Alpha Phi Omega 

Hf MUM) 


Phi Mu Alpha 


Phi Sigma Sigma 


Phi Beta Lambda 







-•SSg-'-- >■ )4«a 


'"ifsl " : ,: HdI 


ft ■■--* «.TM 









^A* # P> O * 


jflgp Jf 





'm . 

- * "^gj. 

j'«* SSi 1 








I ... 


^5^ ,^ 






■ ■■■■IIIWII— 


You came into our life 

We loved that; little smite 

Mrs. and Mrs. 

Uncle and Aunt 

Mom and Dad after a while 

Our years with you have been special 

Hi^i School (?rad, now College too 

We love you Alisha Leavelle 

And we re so PROUD of youl 

— Mom and Dad 

/£ fe In U13 love of one e family only 
that heartfelt happln&ee Is known. 
Thomas J&ff&reon 



You are a very special person. You have 
accomplished so much. I am so proud of you 
I wish you all the best In all you do In the 

Love you always, 

<A@& k 


Congratulatlons Danl 

You have always made us very proud. We are 

sure you will be an Inspiration to all your future 



Mom, Dad & Jen 


To our dear dau^iter Lisa, 

Congratulations as you cross 
that Important milestone In life. 
Pest wishes In your new career 
and may you always touch the 
life of every child you teach In a 
special wayl 

We are very proud of youl 


Mom, Dad & Mark 


Thank You 

Our Patrons! 

Nathaniel Gayer 05 
Mr. and Mrs. Charted 

and Rozanne Pastorefla 

Qufcftis Staff! 

Ashley Louer 

5porte and Greek eectton editor 

Ashley Mtee 

Sporte and Greek eectton editor 

Ashley Morgan 

Senior eeoVbn editor 

Jill KLtaiila 

Sierra Marfcz 
Jin trader 


Mary I3eth Hower, advisor 

PTiotos (unbss otherwise noted) provided by 
DaVor Photography. The Quittle is 
published and printed by Taylor Publishing. 

To Ed Patrick Jr. of Taylor Publishing for 
lending us your guidance and expertise time 
and again without hesitation. 

To Mark Huff and his talented staff at 
DaVor Photography for helping us capture 
life at LYC. 

To Jen Evans of Student Activities for 
her guidance and help with our day-to-day 

To Tom Hanrahan and F\eIIy Alsedek of 
the College Relations Office for theft- 

To the Business Office staff - Ben 
Oreskovich, Connie Kershner and Nancy 
Hartman — for assisting with our 


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- — . 


Z/ J* ■ m >jL.i > 


/J ^ t WWi- vt