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Volume 91 

Lebanon Valley College 
101 N. College Avenue 
Annville, PA 17003 

Pholn bv David C. 
McLaughlin '06 

Cover photos by Matthew Grimm '06 (left) and 
David C. McLaughlin '06 {center and righfj. 


\ / 


5 imiPtNT Life. 

45 i>LNl^R^ 

!•• '%|f ' 


a-#u trill MitaiMH 

" ''• %i 

',i . .,.i*ii*fti. 

■ 1 1 .Hi f I' 


82 ^P^R.T6 

„ijf' ,:*'',(*' 

118 C!J're£X 

125 Cj'lZAPUATI^N 


p y-^pVfWwffWIvwSW'&i^r^ i.^jmBJ][i ^r 

132 Mc.66A(;c^ 







Piicno BY PaVip C. McLauoJun 'oS 


Art and Art History 

Barbara Anderman, chair 
Michael Pittari 
Scott Schweigert 
Grant Taylor 

Biolog y 

Dale Erskine, chair 
Kristen Boesliore * 

Stacy Goodman 
Sidney Pollack 
Susan Verlioek 
Stephen Williams 
Paul Wolf 
Allan Wolfe 

Business & Economics 

David Rudd, chair 

Joel Kline 

Robert Leonard 

Leon Markowlcz 

Raymond Maynard 

Neil Perry 

Barney Raf field .,^. ' 

Gail Sanderson = 

Edward Sullivan 

James Voulopos 


Owen Moe, chair 
Marc Harris - ; ^ 

Anderson Marsh ^ .. '.--"l 
Walter Patton * . . - - 

Timothy Peelen 
Cynthia Johnson 


Donald Kline, chair 
Susan Atkinson 
Cheryl George 
Dale Summers 
Linda Sum.mers 
Karen Walker 
M. Jane Yingling 

En glish 

Marie Bongiovanni, chair 
Philip Billings 
Gary Grieve-Carlson 
John Kearney 
Walter Labonte 
Mary Pettice 
Kevin Pry 
Jeffrey Ritchie 
Catherine Romiagnolo 
Frances Stachow Seeger 

Foreign Lang ua g e 

Angel Tuninetti, chair 
Jean-Marc Braem 
Dolores Buttry 
Diane Iglesias 
Maria Mieglo-Castro 
James Scott 
Rosa Tezanos-Pinto 

History & Political Science 

Rebecca McCoy 

P tiilip Benesch 

James Broussard 

John Hinshaw 

Diane Johnson 

Tia Malkin-Fontecchio 

John Norton 

Mathematical Sciences 

Mark Townsend, chair 
Cliristoplier Brazfield 
Patrick Brewer 
Michael Fry 
Bryan Hearsey 
David Lyons 
Kenneth Yarnall 


Mark Mecham, chair 

Johannes Dietrich 

Scott Eggert 

Eric Fung 

Robert Hearson 

Barry Hill 

Mary Lemons 

Rebecca Lister 

Shelly Moorman-Stahlman 

Renee Norris 

Victoria Rose "^ 

Jeff Snyder 


Dennis Sweigart 

Psycholog y 

Louis Manza, chair 
Barry Kuhle 
Kerrie Laguna 
Louis Laguna 
Heather Mitchell 

Religion & Philosophy 

Eric Bain-Selbo 
J. Noel Hubler 
Jeffrey Robbins 
Noelle Vahanian 

Sociolo gy 

Sharon Arnold, chair 

Carolyn Hanes 

Sharon Raffield 

Daniel Simpkins - ' •, " ' 

Physical Education 

Allan MacCormiack, director 
Kent Reed 

Ph ys i cal The r a py 

Stan Dacko, chair 
Philip Blatt 
Marcia Epler 
Claudia Gazsi 
Roger Nelson 
Kathryn Oriel 
Stacey Ruch 
Penelope Sam.uelson 


Barry Hurst, chair 
Michael Day 
Scott Walck 

Photo by David C. McLaugliliu '06 

Page design by Sierra Martz '08 


Melissa Ca^ 

LVC 2005-2006 

The Quittie staff dedicates the 
Student Life section of this book 
to the memory of Kristin Marie 
Troxel, who died in June of 2005 
when the car she was driving was 
hit by a train. 

Kristin had completed her 
sophomore year at Lebanon 
Valley after transferring from 
Penn State. With her warm smile 
and outgoing personality, she 
made friends on campus quickly, 
earned a place on Dean's List, 
and performed with the College 

Kristin is greatly missed by 
those on campus who had the 
chance to know her, and will 
always be remembered. 




LEfJ: Students enjoy the 
Titanic slide. 

BELOW: A student group 
peilorms tor (he crowd on this 
beaulilul (Ltv. 

"Everybody wake li[d -- it's Dutchmen Day!" 
That was the C17 heard all over campus on 
September 22. Most students were actually 
surprised this year, because Dutchmen Day 
had been moved to the tall. "It was a good 
time of year, and the weather was perfect," 
said sophomore Courtney Reaj^some. As it 
turned out, the administration had given 
Student Government an ultimatum: 

move DLitchmen Day to the tall, or it 
will be cancelled altogether. But why 
cancel Dutchmen Day? It's a day of 
student rest, where a student can 
run around all day and take a break 
from classes. "Dutchmen Day is 
probably one of the best things this 
school has to offer," said junior 
lessica F17. 

Dutchmen Day 2005 1 /2, as it was called this year, was filled with all 
sorts of events. The theme was "Old School" and those free t-shirts read 
on the back "It's so good when it hits your lips!" This year there was a 
dunk tank and the cost to play went straight to Hurricane Katrina victims. 
Also, new this year was the Titanic inflatable, the rock climb, and the 
bungee bounce. Returning was the toilet bowl races and the moon 
bounce. "I'm all about the toilet bowl races; they're my favorite part of 
the day," said junior Jeremy Ressler. 

The day was also filled with contests and races. The horse-shoe 
contest was won by sophomores Ben Lengle and Dave Hangley, who 
said, "We are horse-shoe gods!" Junior Steve Thomas won the wing- 
eating contest. Jon Stiner, super senior, and Mark Houseal, junior, won 
the root beer pong contest. 

Photos coiirk'sy of the Office of College RcUilions. 


"Life Is o etobotet 
of ftlrHAnn, so Goine 
to "the Ooboi-et:" 

^oHif 'Sovvfes 



LEFT: t^unter Chadeayne and 
Kathleen Meo take the stage 
as writer Oiiiord Bradshaw and 
nightclub singer Sally Bowles in 

RELCM': The Kit Kat Girls and 
Cabaret Boys perform a 

The Wig & Buckle Society started out 
the year with a performance of Tom 
Stoppard's play, "The Real Inspector Hound," 
in October. The play follows two theatre 
critics that are watching an absurd set-up of 
a country house murder mystery. By 
accident, the two become involved in the 
story, leading to a unique play-within-a-play 

The action on stage continued in 
December with the famous comedy of 
lust and greed. The Mandragola." 
LVC's Theater Production and 
Performance class produced the play, 
which focuses on some of the political 
issues in Machiavelli's famous, "The 
Prince." Audiences enjoyed the fast- 
paced plot twists. 

The kit Kat Club opened for business on campus during February, as 
Wig and Buckle presented their rendition of the musical, "Cabaret." The 
story follows Sally Bowles (Kathleen Meo), an American singer in 1 930s 
Berlin, who falls in love with a young American writer, Clifford Bradshaw 
(Hunter Chadeayne) . 

The season closed with a classic, the 
Shakespearean comedy, "Much Ado About 
Nothing," in April. The play took a bit of a 
different turn, as it was set in the 1 940s with the 
famous battle of the sexes taking place between 
war veteran Benedick (Elwood Brandt) and the 
lady Beatrice (Katie Markey). 


: i t- 

ABOVE: Sophomore Ehvood Brandt 
dances with sophomore Charlie 
Green. Charlie Is a foreign exchange 
student from Cambridge, England. 

» 4'" 

ABOVE: Senicjr L.Miren Olson gets a 
smooch from her man. 

T fiotAld te/( cr lot" of tjjne 
cund. effort wos fujit frxtb "tKe 
preporcrtjon.' Tt tmotle. for o 
good 'titne., soid sopf^ornore 
C-oc«rtrvey f^eof»so»ne. 

RIGHT: Taking a break 
from dancing to enjoy 



ex GUfntei-'s K-lss. at 




B£LOW: Freshman Anecqua 
Robinson uels into tliv music. 

LEFT: Seniors Vincent Tozzo This year's winter formal was held on 

and Gino Trosa show off their December 2 at the Quality Inn of Lebanon. 

moves with a few friends. j\^^ {heme was A Winters Kiss, and was 

hosted by Student Government's Class of 
2008. Sophomores Elwood Brandt and 
Crystal Cascarino, vice-president and 
secretaiy of the class of 2008, greeted each 
guest with a rose to the entrance of the 
dining hall. The color of the rose indicated 
what entree each guest had ordered. There 
was a choice between a chicken, beef 
or vegetable platter. " The food was 
very decorative," said junior Adam 

This was the final year that the winter 
formal would be held at the Quality Inn. 
The reason for the location change is 
because the formal has become more 
popular. This was the largest 
attendance ever for the winter formal, 
at over 300 guests. 

The D) of the dance was D| Nelly, otherwise 
known as senior Shanell Johnson. She i^layed a 
variety of music. She played classic hits such as the 
Electric Slide and Cotton Eye joe. "My favorite 
memory was when everyone got up and danced to 
Cotton Eye joe," said junior Alex Reber. 

Each guest received a picture frame favor. The 
frame had the formals theme and year printed on 
the front. 

/ABOVE; A couple pause 
for a moment before 
lieadini^ to their table. 


ABOVE: One of the presenters 
shares a holiday reading with the 

oitUvB. \/' 
Lessorus orui. G-otols 


Ol^r islVinos 

LEFT: The Handbell Choir sets 
the holiday mood. 

at the \/GU^vf 

BELOW: After the concert, 
audience members enjoy the 
Christmas reception. 

^■' 1 — 1 r^HA .^ta- 

^ .^^E^^^^^H^^^I 

The annual Christmas at the Valley 
performance, featuring the talents ot many 
of the College's choirs, was held on campus 
on Sunday, Dec. 4. 

The event is run very much like the 
Church of England's Episcopal service, /\ 
Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. It 
includes a series of scripture readings along 
with a variety of choral selections that are 
often heard during the holidays. 

The Handbell Choir, directed by music 
instructor Chei^l Kilhefner, was one of the 
featured groups. Other choirs to perform 
were the College Choir, directed by Dr. 
Michael Wojdylak, and the Concert and 
Chamber Choirs, directed by Dr. Mark 

The annual holiday program has also helped to raise money for 
needy families in Lebanon County through donations to the Salvation 
Army's Operation Santa Claus. More than $26,000 has been donated 
over the last 1 7 years. 

Another highlight of the day is the live 
nativity scene outside of the chapel, which 
features students in all of the various roles as 
well as live animals. Audience members are 
also treated to a holiday reception afterward in 
the Mund College Center. 


ABOVE: Being attacked by sharks 
was never so much fun. 


LEFT: It's not as easy as it 
looks! One opponent 
prepares to take a fall 
durins. joust. 

BELOW: Members of Fhi Mu 
Alpha Sinfonia man the grill. 

In April, the college celebrated ValleyFest 
and campus came alive with music, theatre, 
food and games. 

The weekend began with an all-campus 
picnic and a MEISA Music Meltdown on the 
Social Quad. The Wig and Buckle Society 
presented "Much Ado About Nothing," and 
the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery hosted 
the 35th Annual Juried Art Exhibition. 

Friday evening concerts featured 
Trees!, Emila Massacre, The Specs, 
Cartel and The Starting Line. The 
music continued on Saturday with 
headliner Alexa Ray Joel, daughter 
of Billy Joel. She was joined by a 
variety of talents, including the 
^t \^4 Umoja Drumming Circle, Third 
Stream, and The Howard Louis 

There was also a wide variety of food, with different campus groups as 
well as outside vendors cooking up sausage sandwiches, burgers, funnel 
cakes, chocolate dipped fruit and quesadillas. 

Students also got to 
explore Atlantis, a huge 
inflatable aquatic [Dlayland; 
compete in water tag, and 
try their hands at Joust. 
There were also carnival 
games and mini-golf. 

ValleyFest ended with 
concerts by The Anthony 
Lattanze Band, 
Soundsystem, Lima Bean 
Riot and The Gin Blossoms, 
followed by an 80s Retro 
Dance Party in the 



HHjI^^^^^H^KK^ , -.^^1 


T!^'^^r^^i<Sfl^f!^^R|^^^!^ ■' "- 


ABOVE: Students enjoy 
the beautiful day. 


ABOVE: Sophomore Djve 
Hangley is up to bat at his IM 
Softball game. The IM softball 
toumament was held at the 
practice fields by the freshmen 
parking lot. 


ri V'**^^PI1f^- 


ABOVE: Picture of IM football team 
Crunchyweezy. Top Row: Bert Malloy, 
Christian Bednar, Mandi Nace, Matt 
Rich, jon Kelly, Brian McFarlane, Ryan 
Dalton, Mike Snyder, Kyle Caruthers. 
Front Row: Lauren Sanford, Alisa 
Alhers, Taylor Sgrignoli, captain: and 
Richie Schwartz. 

xt wcrs o v/reoit exfteriemae., a 
eiTonee "to fxartTci'fia'te an. 
dncAKetxa^rx^ eomfietTtiorv-. cunA 
JMst ^cthn. hove fum. \njMr\ mi^ 

i5.i( "Rice oe 

RICfIT: Freshman 
tiope Roaten and 
sophomore Courtney 
Reapsome make a sad 
face for the camera 
because their team was 
the first to be 
eliminated from the IM 
'Softball tournament. 


IA4- Sfaorts for 


LEFT: Senior Bill Rice dribbles 
around defenders Zack Goldberg 
and leremv Long during an IM 
basketball game. Many of the 
students who plaved IM 
basketball met for pick-up games 
on Friday afternoons. 

BELOW: Sophomore Ben Lengle 
attempts to hit a home run for his 
IM Softball team. The team 
practiced weeknights to prepare 
for the tournament. 


Team Criinchyweezy kicked off the 
intramural sports season by capturing the IM 
football championship last fall. "I loved our 
team because everyone contributed and we 
had such a fun time, and of course we 
stayed hot," said senior Alisa Albers. The 
team came into the championship led by 
senior captain Taylor Sgrignoli with a record 
of 7-0. Crunchyweezy beat out the runner- 
up team by one point, winning with a score 

of seven to six. 
IM Football games were held weeknights 

at ten, on the practice football fields. 
Junior Katie Pawlewicz changed it up a bit 

on the IM basketball court, when she 

formed her own basketball team in a 

predominantiv male activity. 

"IM basketball is great because it allows me to play competitively with 
my friends and classmates," said junior Matt Woods, team member of 
the "Drunken Clams." Team, "You Should Forteit," led by sophomore 
captain Russell DeStefano won the IM basketball tournament. 
"It was a great experience, a chance to participate in challenging 

competition; at the same time, however, it gave me 
the chance to socialize and just plain have fun with 
my friends," said senior Bill Rice, captain of the 
"Drunken Clams." 

IM basketball games were held weeknights at ten, 
in the auxiliarx' gym. 

This past spring an IM softball league was formed. 
The league was formed too late in the semester to 
hold an official season, so instead an IM softball 
tournament was held on the Sunday of ValleyFest 

ABOVE: Senior leremv 
Long slam dunks. Long 
was a member of the 
"Drunken Clams". 




ABOVE: Students Danielle Delellis 
and Emily Ross pose for a picture 
with a royal guard. The girls 
studied abroad in London this past 

" ^" ^Jiiti'lill,, 








ABOVE: The entire group of U.S. 
students that studied abroad in New 
Zealand in Spring 2005 pose for a 
picture at Cathedral Cove at the 
Coromandel Pennisyla. 

Going to Loi^on was "tfie best" 
tiine of nmj life. omd. everifone 
st^ould- tiofee oflvantocie oiFllrvs 
otmozuxq of}fiortUnrfc|, soldi 
sophonnore i—outrerx lAJoodting 

RIGHT: Students take a 
break from studying at 
a local bar in Spain. 
These girls studied 
abroad in Spain in Fall 






^Stttdcf CLbtacMcL 

a 1 1 Over tl^e lAJatlcL 

LEFT: juniors Kan lost. Melissa 
Brong, along with sophomore 
Amy Weist and Ashley Louer 
pose tor a picture while on a 
snorkeling tnp at the Great 
Earner Reef. 

BELOW: A picture on campus 
at the University of Waikato in 
hiamilton, New Zealand where 
the Spring 2005 students 

There is a wide array of study abroad 
programs that our college has to offer. 
Students can choose from any of the 
following: Buenos Aires (Argentina, a new 
program), Melbourne (Australia), Cambridge 
(England), London (England), Hamilton (New 
Zealand), Maastricht (Netherlands), Athens 
(Greece), Perugia (Italy), Montpellier 
(France), Cologne(Germany), Salamanca 
(Spain), or Sweden. If you would rather stay 

on U.S. soil, you can choose between 
Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Each 
and evety one of these programs offers 
different and unique things such as 
taking snorkeling for a gym class in 
Australia, or experiencing bungee 
jumping in New Zealand. Also these 
programs are only offered on certain 

semesters. To have the privilege to study abroad, each student must 
submit a short essay on why they deserve the opportunity. A student 
must have a grade point average of at least 2.75. Jill Russell, director of 
Study Abroad, is most supportive when it comes to helping each student 
with the whole process. 

"Everyone should study abroad," said sophomore 
Megan Walls, ""It is an experience that I will never 
forget, and I am so glad that I was given this 
opportunity." Walls studied abroad in New Zealand 
in the Spring of 2006. There has been a growing 
interest in the study abroad program among LVC 
students. So much of a growing trend in fact, that 
the faculty and staff are going to eventually have to 
increase the amount of students they permit into 
each program. 

ABOVE: Kari lost and Melissa 
Brong visit Whangarei Falls in 
New Zealand. The girls 
studied abroad in Australia 
but were on a spring break 


ABUVt: treshman Alex Wolte 
sports her Caucho pants in the 
halls ofVickroy. Caucho panfs 
could be seen all over campus in 
the spring. 



ABOVE: Senior Hella Bloom and 
Sarah Carter relax outside on 
ValleyFest weekend. Sarah is 
wearing a popular model of the big 
sunglasses trend known as Aviator 





CL wonrictn IS never- 
sexier "tl^ctn wl^en sfne. is 
eomfor-tcrWe in lr*e.t 

\/ero lAJorvg 

RICHT: Friends Traci 
Fatula and Casie Miller 
pose for a picture. Traci 
is wearing one style of 
the popular long 
beaded necklaces. 


nion. CMirxcL lods 

at the \/ci((ey 

LEFT: Sophomore Elizabeth 
Christy shows off her cropped 
sweater. These cropped 
sweaters were popular all 
vear Ions. 

BELOW: Freshmen Christine 
hieckmen and Emily Allison 
enjoy a LVC baseball game. 
Emily wears her trendy 
sunglasses so she can get a 

This school year was filled with lots of new 
trends. Some of them have stuck with us 
throughout the school year, and others have 
already had their 1 5 minutes of fame. 

Remember going to the beach last summer 
and seeing those big, sparkly, hobo bags? 

good view of the game 

They were covered in sequins and came in 
a variety of colors. It seemed by the end of 
the summer every girl had one of those 

Another growing trend among both 
men and women on campus was the 
large sunglasses. There were many 
different models such as the Aviator, 
Jackie O, and Big Bug Eye. Popular 
sunglass brands include Gucci, Prada 
and Channel. 

The opening of the Batdoil restaurant 

intrigued manv LVC students. It was a great place to hang out for a lot of 
the upperclassmen, just as MJ's has always been a trendy scene. The 
Batdoil drew in all types of customers from those searching for fine 
dining to musical fans who wanted to see a live band. 

Gaucho pants became a big hit this past spring on campus. 
From brown, black, tan, or white, girls seemed to 
have them all. The pants were a diverse piece of 
clothing, students could dress them up for a 
Saturday night, or dress them down for an eight 
a.m. class. 

Another fashion trend that hit the scene was the 
long-beaded necklaces. Many girls would admit to 
having more than one. 

Cropped sweaters have been around for a few 
years, but this year every girl seemed to own a 
couple of them. There were sheer ones used as 
cover-ups or ones made of a heavier material worn 
on cold winter days. ,n,^wr r , 

' ABOVE: Freshman Lonni 

Wagner is caught 
changing classes with her 
hobo bag. 


ABOVE: Freshman Brandon 
Wuzzardo, sophomore Dana 
lackson and freshman Nick Faria 
dance at 80s nisht at the UC. 



ABOVE: Sophomore Megan Walls 
and freshmen Ann Marie Errico and 
Alison Wickenheiser show off their 
hialloween costumes at the UG. 
Megan was the girls' R/\ in Silver for 
fall of their freshmen year. 

RIGHT: Megan 
Latchford, Becky 
Lowthert, Carrie Krug 
and friends are all 
dressed up for 80s 
night at the UG. 




at the LA^rxde^rGtaiArxd 

LEFT: Sophomore Charlie Hopta 
and junior Matt Woods pose for a 
picture outside the L/C on 
Halloween night. Charlie was the 
Phantom and Matt was "Quailman" 
trom the TV series Doug Funnie. 

BELOW: Sophomore roommates 
Kiera Anderson and Katelyn 
McKenzie take a picture in their 
French maid and cat costumes 
before heading to the UC. 

Dances at the Underground have always 
been a hit on campus. The Underground 
hosts dance parties every Saturday night 
from midnight to 2 am. It costs college 
students two dollars to get in. 

A variety of music is played at the UC. You 
will always hear the latest songs being 
played, as well as some oldies but goodies. 
The Dl's will rarely play a slow song, 
because they know the crowd of students 
is there to dance. The DJ's include 
junior Terrell Roper, and freshman Tom 

Besides just being a place to hang out, 
the UG also has theme nights. These 
are the most popular nights for the UG. 
There is din annual Halloween night. 
Students can wear a costume to the UG 

and get in for free. This past year there were costumes such as Doug 
Funny, Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many 

Another theme party that is veiy popular is the annual 80s Night. 
Eighties Night is always the Saturday that falls on ValleyFest weekend. 

year, 80s Night was held on April 29th. 

The Underground is located in the basement of 
the College Center. Students also use the 
Underground for meal exchange during the week. 
Many students eat at the UG when they are in a 
rush and need to take their meal to go. 

Student organizations can volunteer to work at the 
UG for "UG Delivery Nights" to raise money for 
their organization. Students will call in and place 
their order, and volunteer students from the 
organization will cook and deliver the food around 

ABOVE: Sophuniure Ruby 
Carahello dances at the 
UC with her friends on 


^JSm -^ 



■'lIPBHi'"*"^^ ^ . 



ABOVE: Sophomore Katie I tewill 
poses tor a picture with her little 
sister at the Palmyra Bowling Alley 
Students were permitted to bnng 
guests on many of the trips. 

ABOVE: Sophomores jill Brader and 
Becky Roof spend their clay at 
Rehoboth Beach cruising the bay. 
Becky worked at the local marina 
this past summer, and the girls 
were permitted to use the boats 
during their day trip to the beach. 

iTMrtHAgtn "trovel I first becotvie 
owoir^ of "rtie otXtsidiR worW» it" 
wos ti^iioi><gK "fre*ve( "d^ot" I fovurtd. 
nnif own (Kfrosfsec'ttve vvoi^ into 
becoming o fjorf" of" it. 

RIGHT: Dr. Taylors 
students at the 
Museum of Modern Art 
in New York. The 
students wear the 
custom T-shirts they 
designed with their 
mascot -- a talking 




on <^>tttclent" Trips 

LEFT; Dr. Taylors' "Concepts of 
the Visual Art" students in front 
of the National Gallery of Art in 
Washington, D.C. Dr. Taylor 
takes his students here each 

BELOW: Sophomore Knsta 
Wisner poses for a picture 
before taking her turn to bowl 
at the Palmyra Bowling Alley. 
Knsta won the game of 
bowling among her group 
ot fnends. 

Students were given the opportunity to 
S|Dend their Saturdays off campus, by signing 
up for school-sponsored events in the Red 
Book Online or at the College Desk Center. 
Day trips gave students a chance to travel as 
far as New York City and Rehoboth Beach or 
just spend an evening down the street at the 
Palmyra Bowling Alley. 
The Rehoboth Beach trip was the first of 
the student trips for the school year and was 
held September 10, 2005. Students 
departed from the school at eight in the 
morning c\nd returned by ten that 
evening. Students spent the day 
lounging on the beach and exploring 
the boardwalk. A popular stop for 
dinner was "Grotto's Pizza" and 
"Thrasher's Fries". 

Another trip for fall 2005 was to Jason's Woods. This is an annual trip 
for students around Halloween. 

The school treated students with evening trips to the Palmyra movie 
theatre and bowling alley. "Bowling at Palmyra is an experience where 
there is a good time had by all; watching everyone make fools of 
themselves and making friends. Besides, it's the 
only time when you want to get a strike," said 
sophomore Krista Wisner. 

The New York City trip was held this past 
spring. Some students were required to go for 
classes, while others just went to spend the day in 
the city. "My favorite part of NYC was going to see 
all the art museums. The MOMA is filled with 
some of the most influential ai1 of the 20th 
Century. My favorite piece from the museum was 
Van Gogh's "Starry Night"," said sophomore Kristin 

ABOVE: Sophomore 
Melissa Caiwajal gazes off 
into the ocean during the 
Rehoboth Beach trip. 


Circle K 




Circle K Members: Andrew Bigler, 
Jennifer Slakoper, Mallory Hane, 
Donna Geiger, Mark Prinzivalli, 
Julia Cupp, Mike Dugenet. 

Easter Egg Hunt 

for the 


RIGHT: Circle 
K member 
siarprises a 
local child 
with an Easter 
treat at the 
community - 
wide Easter 
Egg Hunt 

ABOVE: Community children begin their 
Easter Egg Hunt in Quittie Park Circle K 
sponsored the Easter Egg Hunt 

Making new 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies Officers: Greg Couturier, Vice 
President; Lauren Olson, Membership 
Coordinator; Adrienne Nye, Treasurer; Kelly 
Gavin, Activities Coordinator; and Joni 
Clouser, College Buddy Director. Not Pictured: 
Marcus Nauman, Activities Coordinator. 

team to v. 


women's volleyball 

Best Buddies is an international non-profit 
organization that enhances the lives of 
individuals with intellectual disabilities by 
promoting one-on-one friendship. The 
College members are matched with 
individuals from the community and form a 
friendship throughout the academic year. 

The entire group gets together once a month 
for an activity. Activities that Best Buddies 
planned for the 2005/2006 year are a 
Thanksgiving party, decorating Christmas 
trees around LVC, and having a Best , 

Buddies formal in March. 


BELOlv- Cnr^ 
'''^-<"i=Sba„;f„*"»''°'> after 


,■■■, •Kl 


Chemistry Club 






Spanish Club Officers: Misty Barr, 
President; Robert Richardson, 
President; Katrina Ghck, Secretary; 
Jimmy Buckson, Treasurer. 

Spanish Club 

In the Lab 

As an affiliate of the American Chemical 
Society, the Chemistry Club is interested 
in the professional, academic and social 
development of its members through 
participation in chemical symposia, 
student mentoring programs, and a 
departmental-wide seminar series. 

Club member 

working in the 
lab is fun. 

ABOVE: Two Chemistry Club students give 
a demonstration. 

Chemistry Club Ofllcers: Ashely Visneski, President; 
Dan Smith, Vice-President; Thomas Gordon, 
Treasurer; AuBrei Weigand, Secretary'; Jeremy 
Umbenhauer, SG Representative; Dr. Marc Harris, 
Faculty Adyisor; Dr. Tony Neidig, Professional 

Out of the Lab 

ABOVE: Chemistry Club Members celebrate at 
their end of the semester Fall 2005 Bash. 

Chemistry Club Members: Jessica Abbott, 
Samantha AveUino, Kate Bakowicz, 
Stephanie Bedgar, Cheryl Brophy, Paige 
Callan, Leshe Dunnaville, Shauna Enck, 
Amanda Goulden, Kasey Grimes, Cory Hall, 
Ahson Hartman, Derek Hinds, Kenneth 
Houser, Jordan Jacobs, Emily Knaub, Oscar 
Kromah, Ben Lengle, Amanda Lubold, 
Carrie Martin, Michelle Moyer, Amanda 
Muza, Jason Navin, Rebecca Reber, Steve 
Sanchez, Johanna Scarino, Dan Smith, Laural 
Stine, Stacey Stutzman, Corey Weaver, 
Robert Woerner, Matt Woods, Dawn ; 

Wilson, Amy Miceli, Karyn Camilo, Jessica!^ 
Swain, Greg Wier, Adam Wier, Eric Wier, 
Nate Bair, Sara Schwanger. I' 

Psychology Club 





"^^^ open f°^ ' f^'y^hobiol '^'''oring 
^'■^'T Runs;. '"^^ ^^coniZ"- ^''^abcth 




Ministry Team 


Evenings in the 






Freiler, President; Elizabeth Potts, 
Secretary; Jason Roach, Worship 

follow along at 
the weekly 
Down to Earth 

ABOVE: Students take part in the Down to 
Earth service in Miller Chapel. Down to 
Earth had open mic nights for students to 
share poetry and personal performances. 

Sharing Music 
and Testimony 



■^ ^^Bl^ti^. 

ABOVE: A group shot of H.I.S. members 
including Darnell Epps, Jon Wolf, Jeff Cain, 
Jon Herr, Ryan Zimmer, Michael Gamon, 
Kathy Davis and Lauren Dominiani. 

H.I.S. is a student-run worship band that is 
committed to ministering, through music, 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. H.I.S. traveled to 
local churches to share music and testimony 
in a variety of settings. The group also 
performed at local churches in a concert 
setting for youth events and social 
gatherings. H.I.S. met weekly for rehearsals 
and traveled to churches and worship centers ' 
on the weekends. I 

H.I.S. Officers: Kathy Davis, President; 
Jeff Cain, Worship Coordinator; Michael 
Gamon, Business Manager; John Herr, 
Representative for Council of Christian 

H.I.S. Members: Nate Grim, Matt 
Grim, Morgan Stuart, Lauren 
Dominiani, Darnell Epps, Jon 
Wolff, and Ryan Zimmer. 


1 ■'«"'' ». '^ 

'^OVE: H.I.S Media t. >, . 

ABOVE: H.I.S. Media Technician 
Matt Grim hard at work this 
past fall. 

Council for 





N^^^ , ..x«^^^^^ 

SAGA (Students Acting for 
Global Awareness) works to 
increase campus knowledge of 
global, national or local issues by 
bringing in speakers, leading 
discussions, offering workshops, 
seminars and other activities, and 
providing alternative media 
soTorces to the campus. 


Co-Presidents: Mike Malafarino and Bill Rice 
Secretary/Historian: Kate Fry 
Treasurer: Julia Sansonetti 
Public Relations: Dave McLaughlin and 
Jeremy Long 

Faculty Advisors: 
Dr. John Hinshaw 
Mike Pittari 
Dr. Mary Pettice 

Malafarino, Juha SaT^°- J^ Sloir>sla 

1 o Ku\e Young, Jo bcai ^^^ 


Uniting the 
Nations *^ 









:.„■ i . It'-' 'V •- 


X,VC student 






y y 



\i ^ 



J^" •» ,B^ 



Rugby Club 




Women's Rugby Officers: Melissa 

Carvajal, President; Jill Brader, Vice- 
President; Becky Roof, Match 
Secretary; Erin Staub, Treasurer; 
Danielle Kern, EPRU Representative; 
Courtney Reapsome, Social 

LVC vs. F&-M 

RIGHT: Senior 
fly -half 
Loughlin and 
senior fullback 
Bonham have 
a breakaway 
down the field 
at the F&M 
game this past 

m. 4> 

. \<^^Sk '^^^^^7 

I A 




W / j^i ' 

■ ■"■■■'^'^^ 

,.., ,.._,. 

ABOVE.: Senior Lauren Strafford rips the 
ball away from her F&M opponent 
Strafford played in the back line during her 
rugby career at LVC. 



,;i,e Student Pro^^g 








^/'^'dent: Angela r, , 

^" Evans 8r a^ 

^-^Sene Kelly 

Nicole F ^'^''e, Sarpk ^ 




Keeping Campus 
Memories Alive 

Named for the stream that 
borders Annville, the College 
yearbook capttires the events and 
faces that make the year 
memorable. It includes an array of 
events from sports to student life, 
and includes the entire year 
through graduation. 

Sports Editor: Ashley Mize 

Student Life Editors: Melissa Carvajal and 

Jill Brader 

Greek Editors: Erin McManus and 

Patricia Beavan 

Intro Page Editor: Sierra Martz 

Senior Profiles: Jill Kidulic 

Advisor: Mary Beth Hower 


La Vie 


"Color Your 

Art Club 

ABOVE: Art Club members walk together 
around the track in Arnold as part of Relay for 
Life. The club made their own shirts for the 
event, the backs read "Color your World". 

The Art Club got involved with art in the 
community. They painted windows in town 
and murals for different organizations, such 
as ZooAmerica. They were responsible for 
setting up the art gallery for events. As a 
group they traveled to galleries, and met and 
discussed current works with artists. 

ABOVE- Art r? k 

Art Club Officers: Katie Hewitt. President: 

Dana Lochman, Vice-President; Megan 
Kilcoyne, Social Coordinator; Dan Kruse, 
Treasurer; Becky Willson, Secretary. j 

Art Club Members: Lindsay Bonocore, Rachel 
Plourde, Krista Anderson, Joe Vitelli, Joel 
Thomas, Amy Meininger, Alex Reber, PJ Louie, 
Denise Correll, Aaron Koptesky, Michael Layser, 
JiUian Miller, Dave McLaughlin, Jamie Booker, 
Sara Schwanger, Andrea Beaver, Sarah Carter, 
John Gentile, Aimee Pellissier, Amy Print, Lois 
Shupp, Krista Wisner, Ashley Adcock, Kelly 
Brower, Leah Pyle, Ashley Badner, Casey 
Vannest, Adam Maco, Blaine Carfagano, Megan 
Walls, Brad Sgrigaoli, Kelly Minnit, Sarah Wise, 
Ashley Harris, Ashley Orndoff, Ethan Holtz, and 
Brett Buzdygen. 




- ■■'''^■':^y' ■''■;"'* 

LVC 2005-2006 

Page designed by Sierra Martz '08 

Courtney Abbott Jessica Abbott 

Elementary Education Biochemistry & 

Molecular Biology 

Kenneth Adams 


Alisa Albers 


Jeffrey Albright Lisa Albright 

Elementary Education Spanish 

Alicia Allison Andrea Allison j 

Elementary Education Elementary Education 

Melissa Andrews 


Brandon Arndt 

Physics & Chemistry 

Samantha Ash 


Administration & 

Stephen Axt 



listy Barr 

iccounting & Spanish 

larrie Bartholomew 

svcholosv & Sociologv 

Lclly Bastek 

ilementarv Education 

Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Most memorable moment at LVC 

My most memorable moment actually occurred before I ever started classes. During orientation I came to sign 
up for classes and when the biochemistry majors were called, I was the only one standing. Needless to say, I 
immediately questioned my choice in major. 

Where I will be in 2/5/10 years 

Hopefuly two years from now I wi be in medical school somewhere in Pennsyhrania. That being said, I also 
hope I'm not in medical school in ten years. Fohwing medical school I hope to open up a practice somewhere 
near my home in York, Pennsyh/ania. 

Lessons learned at LVC 

The biggest lesson I've leamed whie at LVC is that you're actualy more capable of doing things than you give 
yourself credit for. Too often people tak themselves out of success; but if you ahw yourself the time to learn 
or try something you can usualy succeed at it. 

Wbat will you miss most/least about LVC 

The thing I'l miss most about LVC is the people. The relationships I've built with both friends and professors 
are ones I hope to be lasting and I wish I had the opportunity to establish more. The one thing I'l miss the 
least are the three-four hour labs for one credit. I definitely won't miss that. 

Advice to future seniors 

Take advantage of all the opportunities you have. LVC allows students to get invok/ed in an enormous amount 
of things. Get invoh/ed early so you don't regret it later, because you wilL 

Major influences at LVC 

There were many people who infhienced me while at LVC, but Dr. Walter Patten played an extra large role in 
shaping my experience. He gave me opportunities that most professors wouUn't give students at other schools. 
Without his advce and guidance, I wouUn't be where I am today. 

^ Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Most memorable moment at LVC 

Spekinking with On Belay; hobbling around campus on crutches after an operation to repair my tom ACL; the 
moment I knew my ckisest colege friend, Mariko Furikawa had been killed in a car accklent. 

Lessons learned i«^BS3sil 

Life is precious *** College is an opportunity *** Life is more than colege*** 
Don't settle for mediocrity 

lost embarrassing moment at LVC 

Heading off campus to cimb at tbe Reading Rock WaH I kicked my keys in the car with the engine running. 

1 sti made it to Reading. Thank you AAA! 

Where you hope to be in 2/5/10 years 

2 - 1 hope to be involved 'm international business, to have traveled to northern Africa, and perhaps, I'll even be 

5 - Working with the U.S. State Department. I hope to have traveled to India and Nepal Maybe I'll have 

twins or adopt them. ^HnK 

10 - Hope to be living overseas, perhaps in Eastern Europe or Africa, speaking French and living file. 

What you will miss most/least about '^'f" 

Most -- Being surrounded by people fifcd with hopes, dreams and goals. 
Least -- Writing process courses. 

What graduating from LVC means to you 

I am the first member of my family to earn a college degree. For me, graduating from LVC is triumph in the 
face of tragedy. Over the past friur years, I lost my brother to suicide, a close friend in an auto accident, and 
yet another friend to cancer. I wal on gradoation day fr)r them -- frir the precious memories they gave to me 
and the strength God provided to finish strong. 

Lauren Bates 


Julie Bear 

Elementary Education 

Kelly Beaver 

Elementary Education 

Catherine Bechtold 

lementarv Education 

Kimberly Beebe 

Health Science 

Holly Behney Melody Best 

Accounting & Business Elementary Education 

eter Bienkowski 

lusic Recording 
'echnology & Music 

Joliene Blain 


Hella Bloom 


Kristen Boltz 

Elementary Education 

lanielle Bonham 

lealth Science 

Jana Bowman 

Physical Therapy 

Shannon Bowman 


Ashley Boyd 

Elementary Education 
& Spanish 


James Buckson 


Communications, Art 
& Art History 

Laura Burdick 

Psychobiology & 

Laurie Butera 


Jeffrey Cain 

Music Recording 

Richard Carr Kristen Celleri 

Elementary Education Business 


Bryan Cerasa 

Political Science & 

AngeJa CJark 


Joni CJouser 

Health Science & 

KeitJi Cook 

Music Recording 

Chelsea Cope 


Aubrey Coulter 

Elementary Education 


Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Lessons you ve learned 

The question was raiseil by a professor, who I believe is rather wise, "Why do we spend so much time doing things 
that we don't Is to do for people that we don't even ice? " Find what you love to do and find time to do it every day, 
because you are the only one who cares and knows best about you. Once in awhile, the world will glance your way, 
but it is you who must stare at the face in the mirror every day. Don't let others simply tell you who you should he, but 
ahways accept and evaluate their help and advice when it is gh/en. Be skeptical rather than cynical. Ahvays remember 
there is a context for everything. WHY? - Asking this shouhj take you far in the world. And on and on. . . 

Most embarrassing moment at LVC 

It was Dutchmen Day 2005, and several friends and myself decided to check out this inflatable "bounce area" that was 
set up for the day. About six of us, the maximum capacity, crawled in and began jumping like monkeys who had just 
found a stash of bananas. Looking hack, I believe the idea was that we would get better lift off. Instead, we ended 
up bouncing off of the hard ground beneath as the air pump disconnected from the air trampoline and rapidly deflated 
the air trampoline with us still in it There is nothing like crawling out of a highly visible trampoline upon deflating it and 
finding yourself staring at a bug line of people who were waiting for their turn. 

Where I hope to be in 2/5/1 years 

2 - Teaching instrumental musK/general musk at an elementary or middle school level, teaching prwate lessons, and 

performing on the side in a variety of ensembles and styles. 

5- 1 hope to have obtained tenure, found a school that I enjoy working at and be in the process of obtaining a master's 

degree in music performance or music education 

10- To have started a family and still be maintaining the attitude, focus and commitment to whatever I will be doing. 

What you will miss most/least about LVC 

I believe I'm going to miss the easy access to new ideas and different perspectives on a wide scope of topics. I have 
changed so rapidly as a person over the past four years because of being constantly surrounded by the weaWi of 
knowledge and personalities on campus. Other items - friends, faculty, 4ie ability to hcus on areas of interest (music 
for me) to a level that will probably never exist again, the beautihil surroundings tiiat the campus provides, and 
strangely enough, the trains (from a good distance of course.) What I will miss tiie least - Boger trucks at 6 a.m. 

Current/Future Plans 

I graduated early in December, and cuntntly work in the Actuarial Department at ACE USA in Phladelpliia. 
Over the next 2-3 years I wi he taking exams working toward my lelowship in the Casualty Actuary Society. 
My future plans inckide continuing to work at ACE and pass exams, as wel as get invohred in playing and 
coaching soccer in my area. I am also getting married in June 2007. I took forward to starting a famiy over 
the next ten years and setting in the f^ladeljihia area. 

John Crognale 

LVC Memories 

My most memorahto moments at LVC involve soccer. From tying Messiah to playing in the Conference 
ChampnnshipSk each season was unkjue. There are certain plays and games I win never forget...the winning 
goal in DT of the conference semi-finals sophomore yean games in inches of mud or pouring rain, but also the 
games on our beautiful fieU on the perfect fal weather days. 

Lessons I learned ■■* 

I entered LVC as an actuarial science major because I enjoyed high school math. I have to admit I was slightly 
shel-shocked when I received my first D on a math test, but sticking with the major introduced me to brilliant 
math professors and completely new ways of toaming. 

What you will miss the most/least 

I wl miss the smal community atmosphere where you recognize faces everywhere you go. At the same time, 
there is a whoto worU outskle of Annvie for me to exptore, and in that respect, I am happy to move on from 
the smal town. 

What graduating means to you 

To me, graduatnn is not an end or a beginning, hut the next step to be taken in my ife. 

^Catherine Davis 


Amy Delozier 


Lisa DiCristofaro 

Health Science 

Todd Dietrich 


iusan Donchez Samantha Dorman Rebecca Douglass 

Elementary Education Business Spanish & Religion 


Heidi Ellsworth 

Accounting & Business 

ilycia Engle Aubrie Ensinger Beth Eory 

"inancial Mathematics Accounting French 

Lauren Ercolani 

Elementary Education 


Kristen Erway 

Political Science & 

Kate Fahey 

Music Education 

Terri Faust Michael Fecik II 

Elementary Education Music Business 

Devin Feder 


Sarah Fleegal 


Howard Frankel 

Music Business 

Crystal Gabert 

Psychobiology & 

Trista Gardner 

Political Science 

Kelly Gavin 


Gregory Geiser 

Music Recording 

Jamie Gill 



ames Glasbrenner 


Loseauna Good 


lasey Graby 

lementary Education 

yVhat you wiil miss most/least about LVC 

There are several things I wi miss about LVC, including the annual Pumpkin Walk, Smorefest, Biology Chih's 
Underground deliveries, going to Hooters for my birthdays, and getting coffee from the Chapel. However, what I 
will miss most of all is playing homerun derby on the school's Softball fieU with my friends. Every time we 
went out there, it was a great time. I think in four years, I have only kist one time. What I wM miss the least 
is definitely the amount of homework the professors give us. I defkiitely wl not miss the countless amount of 
hours studying over in Garber. 

Ilost embarassing moment ^^ ^^'^ 

it was raiiiig outside on my 2l8t birthday, so I found a broken umbrela and opened it, thinking that everything 
was ok. As I opened the thing, one of the metal rods that supported it snapped and protruded half an inch into 
my thumb. Obviously embarassed about being stabbed by an umbrella, I came back to LVC with a silica splint 
on my wrist teing people that I had a tennis injury. Unfortunately, I was the only one to believe my story. 

'■Ihpm vnu hnm tn hp. in 7/Fi/in \mr^ •' 
2 - 1 hope to be graduating from graduate school; 5 - 1 hope to be a junior in veterinary school; 10- assuming 
everything goes according to plan, I will be practKing veterinary medicine in the Carolinas. 

mm graduating till 

When I look back at the tour years that I have spent at LVC, I know that I have received one of the finest 
educations in the country. There is no doubt at all that as a biology major, I have received an education of the 
highest quality. Also, having a lieral arts background from this school makes me a better thinker and a well 
rounded indivkluaL 

our biggest influence while her^ 

My academic advisor. Dr. Abn Wolie has been extraordinarily helpful in my four years at LVC by helping me not 
only with class material but also with giving me advice on career goals and hiture plans. His tutelage has 
definitely made a positive impact in my life. 

Most memorable moment at LVC 

The fist poetry slam that we had at MJ's Coffeehouse. It was great to see the campus on the same page 
about racism and discrimination. It didn't matter what background you had, you were still fighting for the same 

vtxa^ --^ ->i 

Lessons you have learned msmi^s^ 

1 have leamed that the most memorable lessons you get from conversations with people that are nothing ie 
you. The textbooks help you get good grades^ but the conversations open your mind and expand al areas of 
your intelect. Keep taking to those around you and actualy LISTEN! 

Where you hope to be in 2/5/1 years 

2 - 1 hope to be happiy married and iving in Tennessee; 5 - to be in a steady teaching job, coaching job, and a 
youth leader for a kical church; 10 - to have some chidren and be content in my career and family position. 

Advice to the future senior classes 

Don't be in a rush to get out of here. I know that you might realy think you are ready, however, take time to 
cherish the colege experience. Tah to those you have never taked to, experience memories you haven't made 
before, soak up al the knowledge so you can store it for the future. 

Who influenced you the most 

Denise Sanders and Sue Ziering from the Arary and admisskms respectively. They have taught me to be proud 
of who I am and the decisnns I have made. The kfe that they lead is an example to many, and I wil always 
cherish the conversatnns and memories that we have shared. Thanks ladies! 

What graduating means to you 

Graduating means that it is tine to brush off my knees and prepare for the "real worid. " No more pleasant 
Annvie, PA. I wl take al that LVC has shown me and use it to the best of my abfty. I wil be turning a 
new chapter ii my book and ckisiig the chapter that read so fast. Goodbye colege! Thanks for everythiig! 

Isaac Greene 

Music Business 

Kaylan Greenwald 


Matthew Grim 

Music Recording 

»Jicole Guenther 


Amy Haag 


Cory Hackman 


Richard Hadley 


lachel Hadrick 

.lusic Recording 

Krista Hartenbach 

Elementary Education 

Amanda Hartman 


Lorna Hasz 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Jheila Hershey 

i/lusic Education 

Kelly Hilkert 

Health Science 

Ashley Hines 


Lyndsy Holton 



Matthew Hooper 

Music Education 

Jessica Hougentogler Kathryn Hudson 

Healtli Science Music Education 

Dana Ingham 

International Business 

L _..._. L ,1, 

Kendra Johnson 

American Studies. 
History & Religion 

Shanell Johnson 


Vanessa Jones 

Music Business 

Galen Kapp 


Michelle Kavanaugh Steven Kaylor 

Psychology Biology 

Melanie Kegerise Brett Keller 

Elementary Education Biology 


Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Memorable moments at LVC a^M^w^» 

I have to say my most memorable moments at LVC actualy happened a few thousand mies away, in 
a ittle town caled Salamanca. My freshman and sophomore years at colege were fun but it wasn't 
unt) I spent fall semester junior year in Spain did I begin to reaize just what colege was al about. I 
learned more in those four short months than I ever imagined possiile. After retuming, I was able to 
enjoy my time at LVC more because I know now that colege is the best opportunity I wi have to 
find out who I am and who I want to be. 

Advice to future LVC stuilents 

Take advantage of al the opportunities LVC offers. Study abroad, ANYWHERE! Use the resources 
avalahle to find an intemship. Take a variety of classes to help you be a well-rounded person. Learn 
as much as you can here, but most importantly, make tons of friends and have fun tool 

Looking to the future i 

I wi miss LVC as I move home to Baltimore and start my job as a staff accountant for Beard Miler 
Company, but I am confklent my experiences at LVC have prepared me for a fantastic future! 

ilementary Education 

Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Most memorable moment at LVC 

Any moment spent hanging out with all my friends. Midnight foothall is an activity that comes readily to mind. 
We ahways had an ample amount of people for it and it was ah/vays tons of fun. But pretty much any time I 
spent hanging out and having fun with my friends at LVC would qualify as memorable moments. 

Where you hope to be in 2/5/10 years 

2 - 1 hope to he either just completing graduate school in D.C. after a year or so or working at my local paper, 

The News Gleaner, in northeast PhHadephia. 

5 - Be somewhere ahroad, either Africa or the Middle East, reporting or simply experiencing the wonders of the 

worid fJR^hand. WSM 

10 - To be an accomplished reporter, helping people and shining light on problems across the globe. 

Lessons learned through your college experience 

In college, I learned to budget my time between various activities. I learned the importance of social 
networking. And most importantly, I learned, or rather re-leamed, that I shouU ahways stand up for what I 
believe in no matter what the popular response is. 

Advice to future seniors 

Only that it's of utmost importance to properly prepare for your future. If you want to get a job or go to 
graduate school right out of college, get to wori( eariy and do all you can. 

Influences while at LVC 

My friends, including LVC professors and staff. Everyone has something important to teach you if you pay close 
enough attention. 

What graduation means to you 

Just another memorable milestone in my life. 

Jessica Kissel 


Alexander Kissinger 


Renee Kitchenman 

Actuarial Science & 

tephanie Kline Christa Kolp 

ilementarv Education Business 

Steven Kratz 

Political Science 

Administration & 
International Relations 

Rebekah Kreamer 

Sociology & Spanish 

larrie Krug 


Meghan Kurta 


Jennifer Kush 


Kristin Lacobino 

enny Larson 


Megan Latchford 



Amy Lazarski 

Music Education 

Elizabeth LeDuc 

Elementary Education 


Lee Lehnus 


Jennifer Leister 



Alison Lencicki 


Maxwell Linn 


Matthew Lochman 

Mathematics & Physics 

Christopher Lombel 

Accounting & Business 

Jeremy Long 


Nicole Long 


Stephen Long 


Danielle Loughlin 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Rebecca Lowthert 


Amanda Lubold 

Molecular Biology & 


lichael Maiorino 

Photo credit: Ed Strehl 

Most memorable moment at LVC 

My ceramics cbss hoUs the most memories. I weot into it thinl(ng I was going to be painting clowns and 
bears and instead was confronted with (dmm rol please) the wheel After hours in the studio, tons of sloppy 
cyfnders that colapsed, and several clay spattered articles of cbthiig, I reaEzed that pottery was not for me. 
The wheel bad become my enemy. You know how easy it tooks in "Ghost " ? Yeah, that's a ie. 

Where you hope to be in 2/5/10 years 

2 - 1 hope to he n Buflak), NY having recently completed the master's in irary and infonnatnn science 
program at SUNY University at Buffah. I hope to be empkiyed as a chidren's irarian at a puhic brary in the 
Buffak) area. 5-10-1 hope to he Eving in a sightly warmer cbnate, perhaps Maryland, and be empkiyed as a 
district chiUren's irarian. 

What you will miss most/least about LVC 

I wl miss the students, the classes and definitely the socnkigy professors! That department is the greatest! I 
wl miss each and every one of the Soc professors - they have chalenged and encouraged me in a way that 
no other professor has done ~ thank you to al! As for what I wi miss the least ~ that wouki definitely he 
the homework. Oh, and bees that fly in through the wiidows of the Humanities Balding. 

What graduating from LVC means to you 

Graduating frum LVC is a real honor hr me. I am praud to have been a part of this educatnnal institutnn in 
which the students and tber ideas are respected. Many of the professors have seemed genuinely nterested in 
what students have to say. The curricukim shows an effort to relate educatnn to the real worid as wel as 
preparing students to be reponslile contributors toward the hiture of the worid. From graduatnn hrward, when 
asked where I attended colege, I wl say with pride, Lebanon Valley Colege. 

Who's Who Among 
Students in American 
Colleges and Universities 

Jessica Abbott 
Alisa Albers 
Melissa Andrews 
Douglas Arnold 
Samantha Ash 
Emilie Aulenbach 
Misty Barr 
Kelly Bastek 
Katherine Bechtold 
Hella Bloom 
Ashley Boyd 
Laura Burdick 
Jeffrey Cain 
Bryan Cerasa 
Chelsea Cope 
Greg Couturier 
EUzabeth Davis 
Katherine Davis 
Rebecca Douglass 
Aubrie Ensinger 
Kristen Erway 
Abbey Esbenshade 
Sarah Fleegal 
Crystal Gabert 
Roseauna Good 
Rachel Hadrick 
Kelly Hilkert 
Derek Hinds 
Kendra Johnson 
Bemadine Kalenkoski 
Steven Kaylor 
Myles Kitchen 
Renee Kitchenman 
Courtney Koch 
Christa Kolp 
Rebekah Kreamer 
Jenny Larson 
Matthew Lochman 
Danielle Loughhn 
Amanda Lubold 
Michael Maiorino 
Nicholas Marshbum 
Charity Maurer 

Jeanine McAbee 
Mark McGuire 
Samantha Meghno 
Christopher Metzger 
Greggory Musser 
Adrienne Nye 
Angela Petiak 
Jennifer Price 
Christine Puthawala 
Luke Rendine 
WiUiam Rice 
Nolan Ritchie 
Andrew Rohrer 
Johanna Scarino 
Matthew Schrack 
Elmira Sellu 
David Siegel 
Brandie Smith 
Todd Snovel 
Jessica Stoltzfus 
Lauren Strafford 
Rebecca Thome 
Gino Trosa 
MeUka Troxell 
Elyse Turr 
Renee Ulrich 
Tricia Uzialko 
James Walter 
Lauren Warner 
Mary Warner 
Charles Weber 
Kimberly Weed 
Melanie Weller 
Dawn Wilson 
Matthew Woods 
Courtney Zechman 
Megan Zengerle 
Crystal Zimmerman 

Emily Malloch 


Christopher Manning 


Julianne Marencic 

Elementary Education 

Jicholas Marshburn 

dathematics & 
LCtuarial Science 

Amanda Marsteller 

Music Recording 
Technology & Music 

Jeanine McAbee 


Brian McFarlane 


lark McGuire 

dusic Business & 
lusic Recording 

David McLaughlin 


Michael McNeff 


Devon McNoldy 

Political Science 

aylor McNoldy 

olitical Science 

Samantha Meglino 

Spanish & Political 

Amy Meininger 

Art & Art History 

Karen Mercado 

Elementary Education 


Amanda Meskunas 


Christopher Metzger Jessica Michaels 

Music Education English 

Richard Miller Jr. 

Psychology & Music 

Lauren Millward Alexander Morrison Jennifer Moss 

Elementary Education Business Music Education 


Nathan Mott 

Music Business 

Greggory Musser 


Amanda Nace 


John Nedick 

Music Recording 
Technology & Music 

Jaclynn Neely 

Elementary Education! 


,inda Neil 

lealth Science 

ennifer Newkam 

hilosophy & Religion 

Photos by Matthew Grim '06 

^drienne Nye 

lealth Science 

Johanna Scarino Earns Top livKvs 

During Commencement 

Senior Johanna Scarino ^■vas awardtd ike Howard- 
Anthony Neidig Award dxiring the Coiiegt's 
Commtncancnt ceremony on Saturday, M.ay 13 th. 

Scarino, who earned a bachelor of science in 
chemistry, also qradiiated Smnma Cum haxide, 
received (fepartmentaf honors and was inducted into 
tfic ftonor society, PRi Alpfia Epsifon. 

Duriitg her time at LVC, Scarino wcis im'oCi''ec[in 
■nunierou-s research projects, wfticfi fed to 
presentations at regional and nationat scholarly 
cfiemical' meetings. She was selected as only one of 
12 cfientistr)-' stud.'ent5 nationwide by the Council 
on Undergraduate Re^earcR to present fter worii at a 
mttionaC conference in VVasftington, D.C. 

In addition to fier M^orR in chemistry, Scarino has 
feifowied in the stiuient production of "A 
JVtkisununer Nigfit's Dream"; spent a semester - 
studying aBromf in Perugia, Itafy; served as a tutor 
in the writing center; and served as a stiufy-aBrood 
peer advisor. She was also a mem5er of many 
campus organis;ations, incCiuling Stidents ActiTU| for 
a G Co 6 al Aw arene ss . 

Lauren Olson 


Angela Papandrea 

Music Business 

Christopher Pauley 


Jamantha Peterson Angela Petiak 

illementary Education Biochemistry & 

Molecular BioloRV 

Meredith Piersol 

Music Education 

Jason Porta 

Applied Mathematics 

Shannon Potocny 



Mark Prinzivalli 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular BioloRV 

Leah Pyle 

Music Business 

Jenna Rearich 


Jrittany Reed 

lealth Science 

Keith Reifsnyder 

Music Education & 

Stephanie Reissner 

Music Education 

Luke Rendine 


Administration & 


Michael Renoll 


William Rice 


Communications & 
Political Science 

Heather Rishel Matthew Rolph 

Accounting & Business Political Science 

Terrell Roper 


Catherine Roth 


Patrick Sample 

Music Recording 

Julia Sansonetti 

Music Education & 

Johanna Scarino 


Amy Schrack 


Matthew Schrack 

Music Education & 

Rebecca Schrock 

Music Recording 
Technology & Music 


llmira Sellu 


essica Serafin 

vctuarial Science & 



^ cu«fe*i^>»^'^ 

Photo by David C. McLaughlin '06 



AcRievement Schoiarshif Award in Business Admimsiratiori 

Metissa Andrews 
David Siegd 

American Institute of Chemistry Award, Phiiadd^kia Center 
Dtrtk Hinds 

Andrew Bender Memorial Chemistry Award 
Johanna Scarino 

Award for Professionalism and Commitment 
to tfie DiscipCine of Sociology 

Bx-btkak Kreamer 

Baish Memorial History Award 
Ktndra Johnson 

. B'nai B'ritk Henry Levin MemoriaC Americanism Award 


C.F. Joseph Tom Senior Award in Economics 

Grtggory Mitsser 
Kebtkah Shcam 

Dcddberg Chemistry Award 

Jtssica Abbott _ , 

Alicia Shahadi 

Elementary Education 

Alicia Sheeto 

Health Science 

David I. Lasky Award for Service in Psychology 
Roseauim Good 

Edith Frantz Mills Award in Music 
Amy Lazarski 

FinanciaC Executives International Award, Central PA Chapter 
DougCas AmoGf 

Francis H. WiCson MeritoriaC Biology Award 
Mdanit WefCer 

Governor Jantes H. Duj^ Awarcf 
Grtg Couturier 

Jean O. Love Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology 
Roseauim Gooci 

Heather Shoff 

Elementary Education ; 

M. Claude Rosenfierry Memorial Avi^orcC 
Stephanie. Retssiter 

vlelissa Shultz 


David Siegel 


John Silipino 


Jeffrey Slomski 

Actuarial Science 

Jrandie SmitJi 


Micliael Smith 


Todd Snovel 

English & Spanish 

Melissa Snyder 


\shley Spearing 

iealth Science 

William Springer 


Christine Stachelczyk Jessica Stoltzfus 

Elementary Education Psychology 


Brian Straczewski 

Music Business 

Bonita Susan 


Brandi Sweigard 


Jessica Swope 

Elementary Education 

Cheryl Sypher 


Rebecca Thome Gino Trosa 

Elementary Education English 

Elyse Turr 


Renee Ulrich 


Tricia Uzialko 

French & Political 

Brandon Valentine 


Sarah Van De Weert 

Political Science 


ason Vannoy 


oseph Venezia 


ilrin Vollers 


Photos by David C. McLaughlin '06 


Music Teachers National Association Award 

Elizabtth Davis . 

Outstanding Achievement Award in Physics 

Bmndon Ebtrty 
James Giasbramer 

Outstanding Senior in ActuoriaC Science Award 
Rente Kitchtnman 
Nichoias Marshbiim 
Andrew RoRrer 

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics Award 
Nicholas Marshbum 

Outstanding Senior of Delta ACpRa Chapter, Sigma Alpha Iota Award 
Rebtcca Douglass 

PennsyCvonia Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award 
Au6rie Eitsinger 

Kho Eta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega Richard B. Saitzcr Memorial Award 
James Glasbrenner 

Robert Davidon Award for Research in Psycho logy 

Douglas Arnold. 

Sarc^ Tleegal 

Senior Award for Academic Excellence in Sociology 

Brandie Smixk 

Senior Prize in English 
Greg Coutu-rier 

Soutfteostern PA ^ection^ American Chemical Society Award 
Johanna Saaino ^^^hhi' 

SPSEA Award for Excellence in Teaching Performance 
in Elementary Education 
Dawn Wilson 

5P5EA Award for Excellence in Teaching Performance 
in Secondary Education 
Ashley Boyd 

James Walter 

Music Education 

Alison Waple 


Lauren Warner 


harles Weber 


Kimberly Weed 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Melanie Weller 


Jamie Wenrich 


lichael West 


Rachel Whipple 


// / / 1^ 

t/ / / / /r/!2>-/ 

Dawn Wilson 

Elementary Education 

Rachel Winters 

Elementary Education 

imes Yanisko 

lusic Recording 
echnology & Music 

Brandon Yenser 

Music Recording 

Kyle Young 

Computer Science 

Megan Zengerle 

English & Spanish 


Ryan Zimmer 

Music Recording 

Amy Zubek 

English & Digital 


enior ^hiarbs? 

SP5EA Service Award 
Ivlatthcw BieBer 

Teutonia Vaiiis Award 
Bryan Ccrasa 

The Wall Street JoumaC Award 
Chnsta Kofp 

WiCtiatn Rakow McmoriaC Award 
Luke, Kcndine. 

Afp'fm Sigma Lambdaj Lambda Nu Chapter 
Pameti Boyer 
Bemocfine Ka(en£os£i 
Pitar ^ftoCfey 
Amfea Stone 

Photo by David C. McLaughlin '06 

^»(p(ii«*ui'4i' I 


Page design by Sierra Martz '08 




"- '"%^.;"- 



LVC 2005-2006 

Team Roster: Christopher Bradford, Ryan Brennan. Eldin BrodHc, Adam Brossman, Curtis Brown, 
Daryl Buck, Keith Comrey, Brian Cottone, James Coughlin, Bryan DeCarlo. Russell Destefano, Todd 
Dietrich, Sean Donovan, Brian Drew, Michael Dugent, Jon Fiaschetti, Robert Gantz, Trevor Goodman, 
Cory Hall, Evan Hanchett, Daniel Harris, David Holland, James Holzman, Peter Howells, Adam Hurst, 
Stephen Janda, Kyle Johansen, Marcus Johnson, Brett Kain, Terry Kaufman, Brett Keller, Daniel Kelly, 
Brian Kleckner, Scott Klein. Jason Kramer, Kevin Krause, Jason Kunkle, Michael Lamberton, Shane 
Laughman, Christopher Loveland, Dean Lukens, Grant Martzall, Tyler McCauley, Daniel McCormick, 
Kristopher Miller, Matthew Murphy, Kristopher Mussclman, Andre Payton, Jacob Peterson. Anthony 
Pezzella, Bryan Phanthavong, Gregory Pimm, Luke Rendine, Adam Schellhammer, Bradley Scott, 
James Selfmger, Anthony Setley, Andrew Shambach, Brandon Shank, John Smith, Anthony Smoker, 
Daniel Stauffer, Robert Stech, Brandon Stoothoff, Matthew Stouter. Kyle Sylvester, John Szigethy, 
Joseph Tomtishen, Jason Vannoy, Joseph Venezia, John Viebrock, Clint Vinju, Brandon Wagner, 
Christopher Weaver, Brian Weidow, Donald Whitford, Alexander Wyllie, Andrew Young, David 
Zimmerman, Sean Zwoyer 

Head Coach: Jim Monos; Assistant Coaches: Rick Beard '90, Joe Buehler '89, Mike Donghia, Tom 
McKee, Mark Costello '04; Volunteer Coach: Tom Killian '01 




Although the record 
doesn't reflect the season 
the 2005 Football Team 
experienced, many records 
fell and bonds were made 
by the team. Coach Jim 
Monos broke the school 
records for games won by 
a coach, with 48 wins for 
his career. Adam 
Brossman and Dan Kelly 
had stellar years for the 
Dutchmen Offense. 
During the Moravian 
game, Brossman set 
records in touchdown 
receptions (four), 
touchdowns for a season 
( 1 3), touchdowns for 
career (20). During the 
Albriglit game records 
continued to fall due to 
Kelly's leadership. He set 
or broke five school 
records in that game alone. 

He set the record for 
passing yards (4, 1 82), 
touchdown passes (4 1 ), 
passing completions 
(320), single season 
record tor touchdown 
passes (21), and single 
game touchdown passes 
(5). Kelly finished with 
2, 11 7 passing yards for 
the year, 1 7 yards shy 
of the single season 
record. Brossman 
finished with 990 
receiving yards for the 
year, three short of the 
single season record. 
Brossman was awarded 
the Offensive MVP and 
Chris Weaver was 
awarded the Defensive 
MVP, ranking 1 3th in 
the MAC in tackles. 



Team Roster: Krista Anderson. Mallary Anderson, Claire Behney, Sarah Bevans, Chelsea Byers. Nicole 
Caruso. Amber Corcoran. Shauna Enck, Krista Freitag. Christine Gonzalez, Kristin Huber. Stephanie 
Marguglio. Kristen Mohr, Kathleen Pawlewicz, Erika Peter, Rachel Plourde, Erika Six, Alyssa Stine, 
Marv Sullivan. Kimberlv Weed 

Head Coach: Laurel Martin; Assistant Coaches: Sarah Dietrich '03, Alicia Arnold '99, Erica Johnson 

W— *v^W£i'j 


Field Hockey 

^'— TM 



Finishing the season 
in the NCAA 
Tournament, for the first 
time since 2000. the 
team had to tra\el to 
Ohio to play Oberlan 
College before falling to 
them in the first round. 
Two pla\ers received 
several honors and had 
gi'eat years, helping the 
team complete another 
successful \ear. Marx- 
Sullivan received 
Conference First Team. 
All-America Third Team 
and Dai-tfish/NFHCA 
All-South Region Second 
Team. She was third on 
the team with 28 points 
on 1 1 goals. She also had 
6 assists and two game- 
winning goals for the 
year. Steph Marguglio 
had another great year 

for the Dutchmen. 
She was awarded 
Conference First Team, 
All-America Second 
All-Southern Region 
Second Team and First 
Team All- American. 
She was second in the 
conference with 7 game- 
winning goals and 
finished fourth in the 
conference in goals per 
games (0.9 1 ) and fifth 
in points per game 
(2.09). She also became 
the third pla\er in 
school history to reach 
20 goals per season. The 
team finished the season 
ranked 14th in Division 


Team Roster: Zachary Barkus, Christian Bednar, Adam Burns, Jared Fisher, Tyler Frantz. Michael 
Martin, Timothy Mehl, John Mentzer, Brandon Morgan, Adam Myers, Eric Nkurunziza, Daniel 
Pitonyak, Andrew Raudensky, Brian Reinhardt, Matthew Rich, Adam Schies, Robert Sheldon, David 
Sodl. David Soule. Brandon Stoothoof. Benjamin Wagner, Nicholas Wanyo, Nicholas Zlupko 

Head Coach: Charlie Grimes 

Photos courtesy of the Office of Sports Information 



Men's Soccer 

Michael Manin lakes eontrol of the ball. 

Under the 
leadership of a new 
head coach, the men's 
soccer team completed 
the season 7-9-1 
overall. Tyler Frantz 
scored three goals in 
the Dutchmen win 
over Delaware Valley, 
recording his first hat 
trick of his college 
career. John Mcntzer 
was named Goalie of 
the Week with the 
Dutchmen's win over 
Delaware Valley, 
allowing one goal and 
four saves. He also 
celebrated his second 

shutout of the year with 
the 0-0 tie against 
Juniata College with 
two saves. Matt Rich 
was named First Team 
All-Conference, scoring 
one goal and leading the 
team with four assists 
on the year. He was also 
named Academic All- 
District. Dan Pitonyak 
was named Second 
Team All-Conference as 
a defenscman for the 
Dutchmen, recording 
two assists for the vear. 

Matthew Rich passes the 
ball to a teammate. 


Team Roster: Gretchen Artz, Emily Bainbridge, Jessica Conrad, Julia Cupp, Erika Ely, Abbey 
Esbenshade, Keri Foster, Donna Geiger, Amy Holubik, Kristcn Hoover, Dana Jackson, Spenser Jarret, 
Jenna Kane, Samantha Keifer, Renee Kitchenman, Amanda Knapp, Kristen Mauser, Erin McGarvey. 
Kathleen Pcrsak, Megan Pierce, Jessica Stoltzfus, Ashley Wells 

Head Coach: Lauren Frankford 



Rcncc KItchenman takes control 
of the ball. 


Women's Soccer 

Completing the 
season with a 5-9-4 
record, the women's 
soccer team earned 
the NSCAA Team 
Academic Award 
with a team average 
GPA of 3. 4 3. Jess 
Conrad recorded her 
300th save in the 
game against 
recording a season 
high 1 saves in that 
game. She is second 
on the school's save 

list. She set the record 
for most wins for a 
goalie with 25 wins. 
She was awarded 
Commonwealth First 
Team honors, along 
with teammates Renee 
Kitchenman and 
Jessica Stoltzfus. Both 
are defensemen and 
contributed to the 7 
shutouts the team had 
on the season. 



1 #^ 

Kcii Foster works her wa\ past an 
Albnght player. 


Team Roster: Sonny Holding, Anthony Scales, Justin McKolosky. E.J. Smith, Eli Facchinei, Pete 
Rossi, Josh Andrews, Jeff Smith, Matt Rowe, Ryan Tiburtini, Jonas Svensson, Andrew Murphy, 
Justin Todd, Ryan Merritt, Cameron Vandeveer, Evan Affleck, Brendon Herr, Alex Beatrice, Bert 
Malloy, Jason Slusher, Nick Harris, Jarred Frey, Rob Scales. Chris Finnerty, Wes Lou, Kolja 
Schneider, Craig Vardy. Kelly Curl 

Head Coach: Al MacCormack 

Assistant Coaches: Howard Hutton, Ted Russell, Matt Yingst, Ed Coffee 


^^ ?^s» 


Ice Hockey 

Evan Affleck waits for the pass. 

Even though the 
2005-2006 season 
proxed to be a 
challenging one tor the 
Flying Dutchmen, 
the>- still worked hard 
and gave it their all on 
the ice. They finished 
with a 4-2 1 record 
overall and 0-15 in 
the ECAC West 
Conference. Cameron 
Vandeveer and Jeff 
Smith were honored 
with ECAC West 
Player of the Week 
titles throughout the 
season. The goahes tor 
the Valley proved to 
be forces in the 
conference, both Craig 
Vardv and Sonnv 

Holding were named 
Goalies of the Week for 
their performances 
throughout the season. 
Matt Rowe was also 
celebrated for being 
named Rookie of the 
Week for the ECAC 
West Conference, the 
first ever for LVC. 
Holding finished his 
career with the records 
for most goals saved in 
a game, a season and 
total for a career. Jason 
Slusher also made 
histoid this season 
when he was named to 
the ECAC West 
Second Team: this is 
the first player ever to 
be named to this team 
for LVC. 


Coach Pern 
discusses game 
strategy with 
the players. 

Team Roster: Stephanie Bedger, Kathryn Fercc, Natalie Goodfcllow, Alexis Horstman, Jessica Kender, 
Jillian Miller. Margaret Prebula, Brandi Roth, Erin Yost 

Head Coach: Wavne Perrv 




Brandi Roth sets the ball. 


Celebrating another 
successful year, the 
women's volle>ball team 
broke records and 
recei% ed numerous 
honors. Finishing second 
in the Cortland 
Tournament as well as at 
Salisbuiy. the team 
recei\ed tlrst place 
honors at the Baptist 
Bible tournament. They 
finished second in the 
conference and lost to 
conference champions, 
Juniata College in the 
conference playoff finals. 
The season concluded 
with the Dutchmen 
hosting the ECAC 
tournament and 
recei\'ing second place, 
falling to Carnegie Melon 
in the final match. Two 
players surpassed the 
1 .000 kill mark for their 
careers. Lexi Horstman 
and Natalie Goodfellow. 
Coach Wayne Perry 
received Commonwealth 
Conference Coach of the 
Year for the second time 

in his career. 
Goodfellow also 
recei\ ed Common- 
wealth First Team 
honors, was named on 
the A VC A All-Mid 
Atlantic Region First 
Team and also became 
the first volleyball 
player in the histoiy of 
the progi'am to be 
named as an Ail- 
American. Catherine 
Roth received 
Commonwealth First 
Team honors and 
A VC A All-Mid 
Atlantic honorable 
mention. Roth 
finished her career 
ranked first all-time 
with 5.204 assists and 
second in digs with 
1.377. Katie Ferree 
also finished her stellar 
career with 2.034 digs, 
first all-time and 
recorded 590 for the 
season. Horstman 
finished first on the all- 
time kills list with 



Team Roster: Angela Esh, Mallory Hane, Nicole Interdonato. Jenny Larson. Amanda Lubold. Samantha 
Meglino, Kelly Moll. Charissa Nordall. Angela Petiak. Leslie Sabas, Holly Sallade. Sara Wagner. 
Jan White 

Head Coach: Cliff Myers 

' — ''"^' ■ ' 11 1 II I I lllj ^^l 


Women's Tennis 

The women's tennis 
team advanced to the 
tournament tor the 
second year in a row. 

LcsHe Sabas earned 
First Team All- 
Conference status, 
while Jenny Larson 
and Kelly Moll 
secured a spot on the 
Conference Second 

Six players were 
named to the 
Academic Team. 
They were Angela Esh, 
Mallory Hane, Jenny 
Larson, Amanda 
Lubold. Sam Meglino, 
and Angie Petiak. 


Team Roster: Jimmy Curran, Michael West, Dustin Kerns, Hunter Bretschneider, Matt Walters, Kyle 
Enoch. Dan Hodge, Brian Wolensky, Dan Hogan, Eric Humphrey, Peter Ruth, Dave Kasyan, Fred Pops 
Bob Gurr. Luke Foster 

Head Coach: Brad McAlester; Assistant Coaches: Scott Mailen, Terry Barlet, Elliott Gravitt 










Peter Ruth defends the ball 
against Messiah. 

Men's Basketball 

The Flying 
Dutchmen had a 
successful season, 
finishing with a 12-13 
record overall. They 
were picked to finish 
third in the 
conference at the 
beginning of the season. 
They started the season 
with a 55-49 win over 
Arcadia. Senior Dan 
Hogan opened up the 
season with a great 
performance of 14 
points and 15 rebounds. 
Coach Brad McAlester 

celebrated his 200th 
win in a 82-80 victory 
over the 2 1 ranked 
Lincoln University. 
Three Dutchmen were 
named to the 
MASCAC Honor Roll 
throughout the season: 
Hogan as well as 
Juniors Jimmy 
Curran and Hunter 
Bretschneider. Curran 
was named to the All 
Commonwealth First 
Team. Kyle Enoch 
was named Rookie of 
the Year for his stellar 
opening season. 

Coach McAlester talks to his players 
before the game. 


Team Roster: Shannon Kueny. Karissa Beechey, Donna Geiger. Megan Bish. Amie Bickert. Kristen 
Hoover, Monica Johnson. Allie Butler, Jenna Gambino. Brittanv Sanders, Cassandra Martinez 

Head Coach: Todd Goclowski; Assistant Coach: Crystal Gibson '05 









'' ik 





Women's Basketball 

Monica Johnson makes 
a fast break for the hoop. 

The women's 
basketball team 
opened the season with 
an 89-65 win over 
Arcadia, proving it 
would be a successful 
year for the Dutchmen. 
Freshman Megan Bish 
made her tlrst game in 
an LVC jersey a 
memorable one, 
finishing with 26 
points. Junior Allie 
Butler finished with 1 2 
points. 10 assists and 
nine rebounds. Junior 
Monica Johnson had a 
stellar season. She was 
named Player of the 
Week for her 
perfonnances against 
three undefeated 
teams. She finished the 
double doubles in all 
three games. She was 

also named to the 
Roll three times 
during the season. 
She had 1 6 total 
double doubles for 
the season. She 
broke the single 
season scoring 
record as well as the 
single season 
rebound record. Bish 
finished her rookie 
season tying the 
single season 
freshman scoring 
record with a total of 
407 points. Johnson 
was also named to 
the First Team All 
Commonwealth and 
the ECAC Division 
III Southern Region 
All Star Team 
Second Team. 



Team Rosters: Sarah Abbott, Jessica Bui, Allison Conety, Brittany Dukeman, Katrina Glick, Jennifer 
Lazarski, Brittany Sanders, Lauren Warner, Jeffrey Anderson, Jeremy Anspach, Christopher Bauer, 
Elias Galan, Kyle Himmelreich, Israel Lucena, James O'Brien, Joseph Sheehy, John Silipino, Frank 
Sisolak, Kyle Ward, Ryan Zimmer 

Men's Head Coach: Kent Reed; Women's Head Coach: Sarah Wickenheiser 



BnttariN Sanders takes the lead. 


Cross Country 

This season's 
cross coLintn team 
was filled w ilh 
> OLing athletes, hut 
that didn't stop 
them from being 
successful. They 
started the season by 
finishing third at the 
LVC In\itational. 
James O'Brien 
finished first at the 
Baptist Bible 
ln\'itational. while 
Brittany Dukemen 
finished third for the 
women. Not onl\- 
did the runners 
perfomi athletically. 

but also academically. 
Fi\ e runners \\ ere 
named to the Middle 
Atlantic States 
Collegiate Athletic 
Coiporation Fall All- 
Academic Team. 
Sophomore Kyle 
Himmelreich and senior 
R\an Zimmer 
represented the men's 
team, while sophomores 
Allison Conet\' and 
Brittan\- Sanders, and 
senior Lauren Warner 
made it for the women's 


Men's Team Roster: Scott Beesley, Tristan Bostock, Kevin Carney. Jeff Dresely. Will Everhard, Michael 
Fecik. David Gardner. Kristopher Gazsi. Isaac Greene. Cory Hackman. Gregory Kauffman. Steven 
Kurtz. James McEwan. Brian Montgomery. John Silipino. Benjamin Smith. Kevin Uhland. Jared 
Wilkerson. Daniel Wolford. Matthew Woods 

Women's Team Roster: Kiera Andersen. Hella Bloom. Jill Brader. Caitlin Crofford, Lynn Donmoyer. 
Rebecca Douglass. Nicole Eckert. Annmarie Errico. Aimee Heckman. Ann Heckman. Lauren Horst. 
Jordan Jacobs. Sara Jenkins, Karoline Jost. Danielle Kern. Kelly Kohlmaier, Bethany Laudenschlager. 
Jennifer Line. Kathleen Lynagh. Abby McElhenny. Samantha Meglino, Amy Miceh. Hannah Plimpton. 
Megan Risser, Hope Roaten. Tina Schreiner. Kate Shimer. Lauren Strafford. Allison Sweigart. Elyse 
Turr, Kelly Wenrich, Meghann Wright 

Head Coach: Marv Gardner 




l^^■^|^ill^' ^ 



Testing the water bcfoR' a competition. 

Men and 
women's swimming 
had some new 
athletes this season 
that made their mark 
in the pool. The first 
meet at Scranton 
proved to be a 
SLiceess for both the 
men and women. 
The team completed 
with a third place 
finish. They placed 
third in the 400 yard 
medley relay and the 
400 yard butterfly 
relay. The meet 
against Drew 
University was a day 
when records fell for 
the swim team. 
Freshmen Lauren 
Horst, Annmarie 

Errico, Allison 
Sweigart and senior 
Sam Mcglino all 
touched the wall at 
2:14.38, over three 
seconds better than the 
previous record set in 
2003. Errico, Meglino 
and Sweigart also reset 
their own records, as 
did Isaac Greene tor 
the men in the 200 
yard butterlly. Kevin 
Carney finished the 
season at the MAC 
Championships with a 
bronze medal in the 
1,650 fi-eestyle. The 
men finished with a 
record of 7-5, and the 
women finished with a 
6-8 record overall. 



- _^ 


-o B 




•-^^. Tl, 




■if ;4^j_«£^ 






1 ^ 

^ 1 ^ 

Men's Team Roster: Jeff Anderson. Jeremy Ansbach. Chris Bauer, Jimmy Buckson, Andrew Clements, 
Eli Galan, Trevor Goodman. Isaac Greene, Kyle Himmelreich, Zach Kansler, Byron Laird, Israel 
Lucena, Dave Nazario. Alan Ncwsome. Nick Orfanella. Bryan Phanthavong. Kevin Uhland. Kyle Ward, 
Nate Yinger. Andy Zinkan 

Women's Team Roster: Sarah Abbott. Rebecca Ache. Emily Allison, Heidi Allison, Shelly Burkholder, 
Allison Conety, Julia Cupp. Brittany Dukeman. Holly Feeser. Courtney Floyd, Natalie Goodfellow, Amy 
Hartman. Kelly Hilkert. Lexi Horstman, Amanda Knapp, Jen Lazarski. Tracy Myers, Amanda Pugh. 
Yesenia Santiago, Shaylene Scheib. LaToya Stewart, Mandy Warner 

Head Coach: Kent Reed: Assistant Coaches: Chuck Harrison. Tom Killian '01. Al Moten. Liz 
Townsend, Robert Kreider '93 



Track & Field 


Nick Orfaiiclla prepares to throw. 

Indoor track had a 
strong season, winning 
10 events at Albright 
and 7 events at the 
LVC Invitational. 
Nick Orfanella reset 
his own school record 
in the weiglit throw, 
was named the EC AC 
Division III Male 
Athlete of the Week, 
and closed his indoor 
season with third in 
the weight throw. He 
also won a gold medal 
in the weiglit throw 
and a silver in the shot 
put at the MAC 
Indoor Track and 
Field Championships. 
Also medaling was 
Bryan Phanthavong, 
who grabbed the 
bronze in the 55-meter 

hurdles with a 
personal best time of 
8.09. KyleGates- 
Himmelreich placed 
fourth in the 5, 000- 
meter run with 
15:54.37, his best 
collegiate time. For 
the women, LaToya 
Stewart earned a 
bronze in the triple 
jump and Kelly 
Hilkert ran a collegiate- 
best time (1:00. 17) in 
the 400-meter dash 
and placed fourth. In 
addition, Amanda 
Knapp placed fourth 
in the high jump, and 
Mandy Warner placed 
sixth in the pole vault, 
while the women's 
1 600 meter relay team 
broke a school record. 


Pitcher Tra\ IS Smart 
prepares to throw 
another strike. 

Team Roster: Taylor Sgrignoli, Richie Schwartz. Nick Faria. Brandon Thompson, Matt Sanders, Bert 
Malloy. Alex Morrison. Brandon Stoothoff, Matt Rich. Travis Smart. Corey Lamoreaux. Mike Snyder. 
John Mentzer. Jimmy Luchansky. Dan Kelly, Kyle Caruthers, Ryan Dalton, Brian McFarlane, Kevin 
Kreider. Andrew Pipkin, Charley Kline, Brad Brandt, Derek Helwig 

Head Coach: Keith Evans: Assistant Coaches: Dave Fortna, Robert Rudolph, Joe Shiner 




Bert Malloy waits for the piteh. 


The baseball team 
closed its season 1 4- 
24 after taking the 
tinal spot in the 
Conference playoffs, 
where they lost to 
Three players were 
named to the All- 
Conference Team: 
Richie Schwartz 
(First Team), Dan 
Kelly, and Alex 
Morrison. In 
addition. Kellv was 

named the 
Conference Player of 
the Week two times, 
and earned his 100th 
career hit during the 
game against 
Delware Valley. 
Travis Smart was 
named the 
Pitcher of the Week, 
and Morrison and 
Taylor Sgrignoli were 
named to the 
MASCAC Spring All- 
Academic Team. 


Team Roster: Lauren Sanford, Alisa Albers, Jcnn Roberts, Jessica Salisbury, Lisa DiCristofaro, Amy 
Batz, Amy Weist, Courtney Grimm, Kelly OToole, Audrey Benner, Katie DeJulio. Jenn Parks, Nicolle 
Henry. Crystal Nolen 

Head Coach: Stacey Hollinger; Assistant Coaches: Ed Spittle, Gene Wright 



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^H«> 9iK. ^'p^l^l 




^^H 1 j^y., i \ ^^^ 






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I ^^'^^Sr 

- -: 



:■■,•■:■ =• -; 




The Softball team 
finished the season 
with a 29-12 record. 
The team placed 
second in the league 
standings for the third 
year in a row, ending 
their season with a 
nailbiting 1-0, 10- 
inningloss to 
Moravian College 
during conference 
playoffs. Amy Batz 
reached her 1 00th 
career hit in the game 
against Gywnedd- 
Mercy, and was also 

Conference Player of 
the Week along with 
Jenn Roberts and 

Ciystal Nolen. Roberts 
and Batz were also 
named to the All- 
Conference First Team 
as well as the National 
Fastpitch Coaches 
Association All-East 
Region Second Team. 
Jenn Parks earned a 
spot on the All- 
Conference Second 
Team. In addition, 
Ahsa Albers, Batz, 
Audrey Benner, Lisa 
DiCristofaro, Kelly 
OToole and Parks were 
named to the 
MASCAC Spring All- 
Academic Team. 


Team Roster: Anthony Calvario, Charles Fisher, Zachary Goldberg, Nick Karnbach, Anthony Kazlaukas, 
Michael Krajnik, Maxwell Linn, Michael McNeff, Steven Thomas, Michael Wilhelm 

Head Coach: Lou Sorrentino 

Max Linn e\ es up his next putt. 



The golf team had a strong 
year, with Steve Thomas 
posting a 79.2. the best 
team average, for the 
season. Thomas finished 
fourth at the 

Championships and shot a 
collegiate-best of 69 on the 
first day of the competition. 

Mike Wilhelm finished 
second on the team with an 
80.4 a\erage. He earned 
medalist honors at the 
Lebanon Valley Fall 
Invitational, where he shot 
a season best of 72. 

Anthony Calvario works his way out 
of a sandtrap. 


1^ '^ Pf - 

Team Roster: Shawn Becker, Stuart Hartman, John Henry, Zachary Kaufman, Steven Kaylor, Andrew 
Levin, Phihp Rhodes, Erik Vargo, Jared Zeigler 

Head Coach: Chff Myers 



Men's Tennis 

The 2006 season 
broLiglit the men's tennis 
team to an 8- 1 rceord 
and a 3-3 mark in the 
Confeienee. The team 
also qualitled for the 
pla>otTs. marking their 
eighth post-season playoff 
berth in 10 years. 

Erik Vargo was twice 
named Commonwealth 
Conference Player of the 
Week before being 
honored with the title of 
Player of the Year. He, 
along with Stuart 
Hartman, J. P. Heniy, 
Zach Kaufman and 
Steven Kaylor earned 
spots on the MASC AC 
Spring All-Academic 




Team Members: Ashley Adcock, 
Danielle Cowdell, Katrina Grouse, 
Jennifer Dunnick, Lindsey Engbert, 
Dana Grabish, Jamie Kovacs, 
Alison Lencicki, Gasie Miller, 
Stacy Moser, Elizabeth Potts, 
Alyssa Rizzardi, Amanda Semon, 
Jessica Serafin, Alisha Showers, 
Megan Steffy, Kelly Szuler, 
Heather Vasas 

Head Goach: Sonya Garey 
Assistant Goach: Angle Tanczos 



*<- ■* 




. ''!||i f ' 

LVC 2005-2006 

Page design by Sierra Martz '08 


LVC is home to numerous Greek and 
service organizations. From their 
athletic and service achievements 
' to their fun Greek Week 

• " activities, it is clear the Valley -'• 

would not be quite the same 
,,-. without its fraternities . ,'" 
and sororities. V ' . ' 

l*|f ; " ■ ■flti, " 

1 ■ .«(«»'■ ' ■ 

a Phi Omeaa 

^%>- ^^B^^^ 


A campus service fraternity, APO runs the Blood Drive 
(pictured above). The group is nationally recognized with 
close ties to the Boy Scouts of America, and is open to 
anyone interested in serving the campus, community 
and nation. 




Phi Mu Alpha 

Above: Members of LVC's music fratemity, Phi Mu Alpha 

Sinfonia, pose for a photo in the Peace Garden; and (below) 

prepare to serenade nursing home residents. 



*" _•• 


Phi Sigma Sigma 

This sorority received recognition by the College in 
1996, and involves itself in philanthropic service while 
focusing on the advancement of womanhood and the 
growth and development of its members. . . . • " - . . 

Above: Dressed in all pink, the sisters of Phi Sigma 
Sigma show their support for breast cancer awareness 
during Wellness Week; Opposite Top: The girls enjoy 
a formal night out; Opposite Bottom: Members show 
their unity while hanging out on campus. 







Kappa Lambda Nu 

This independent sorority, also known as CLIO, seeks to 
develop friendship and personal growth, bringing women of 
diverse academic areas and interests into sisterhood. 

*•■* ■ ^^ 

Above: the girls of CLIO pose for a picture ^^^k^ 
at their annual formal. 


Other Greek and Service Organizations not pictured: 
The Greek Council 
Alpha Sigma Tau 
Knights of the Valley 
Phi Lambda Sigma 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Gamma Sigma Sigma 




rV •■ 

'%:. 4^S -i 

Page design by Sierra Martz '08 


LVC 2005-2006 


New Beginnings 

What began as a rainy day turned into a 
memorable one for some 380 graduates that 
received their diplomas on the College's 137th 
Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 13. 

Dr. Jeffrey Robbins, assistant professor of 
religion and philosophy, spoke to the graduates 
and challenged them to dare to think for 
themselves, something that takes courage because 
it can often lead to more questions than answers. 

The students voted Dr. Scott Eggert, professor 
of music, as the Educator of the Year. The top 
student honor went to senior Johanna Scarino, 
whose undergraduate accomplishments in 
chemistry earned her the prestigious Howard 
Anthony Neidig Award (see pg. 70 for full story). 



• 'IB'' 






.-^ 'mmt.' ■ i :.^ r --^- — ~ 

■■■- : // 


.«{>:.. :...>-,; 




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'-*.,. ' 

^ t\ 

■ /■ -■"■« 

? ■ 


Dm,JoU(^&f)pij), ■ * *' ' - ; - "■ ■'-■'■■ ' • 

We, am htyprnwi ofujlu£tjou, luu/e, aaumip&ilied dwiiuq yowv fowiye/m dtLvC -- yom mmufg, tjom 

laJiMMiM^ cud Iceepufg ijomgiadei up. /vow m wuk ifow iucceu cmd kapplMlsk ai ifow piepcm tcr take, 

m 1h, uiom, ami yom gxadudlloii,. 

To- quote, aSew i/eniei fium Dt. £euu: 

X Todcuf U ijowv dcuj. 

You, 'le, off 1a Gted^P&un! 
'* You It, off aiul auiaij! 

You Iwi/e bxaiM Cfi tjowv lie/id. 
*U You luu/e, feet iM,ijouA,iltm. •. ^ *'"'* 
^, You cm, ilim ijowiieff " " ., .. •; 

/\iig dViBjelSxmgoucliJDoity ^'yl'' 

I o(kuf U tfowi, (uuj!, ': . '. .^., . ' , ' 

Yowt muMtoM, U uiaiUug ,..^i * 

£0. . .get on gou/t, wag! ^- ; ■;' ,; ,, ^ ... 
Loi/e fioM Mom,, Dad and Quitt 




BiMj, we, am \/eng pnoud ofgowv iuam aid ammip&^luujeiiUl 

Lo\/e, mow, aid Dad 

• ' - ■ »'''.■■■-■■ ■'/ •• 

■ ;. *•»>'■ 

* * 






umgndtumuM, Jmua,. 

We am ^vuj pioud ofijow. 


MoMiSr Pad 


■ ' • • . «r . 

. ■ . ■■:_ ■"■• ■-,•*• '■ ■■ ; 
LUK£ JOf^N R^mm '■•"■ -:".* "' 

Ym i/e, (Mm, a &m^ uiaij Luke,, imee, yom flnffG. I. Joe, be3j vuw)L . . 

Ymi/t CMie. a imq uioij Luke,, hlMA fjowi lititepi uSIie, Ptz-K ^ckodkaE... 

Yowi/e. coMe,a&ttg uiaxj Luke, iluee, uit ligued yow up fotPm-WeeipoiU... 

You t^e CMte, a imq uiaij Luke, Mejetrnq & imking aeu/ ftleMk of aatjpei & io^. 

We, i^e, vudlcked you, gmu fioM ou/t, LiMeGuij Uitb' a fiMe oiMmkiig mom,, 

NouJ auMeJi diapteJi in yowi ufe, Itai neaclted a i/vuj mooMding end, ' " 

You, luu/t iiepped uplc-He tlwEmqe uidhxit^a bCt of itdfe. 

You, luu/t uietyowv qotth aid pnepaml yowaeff fon, Ue Mxt^d ofyowi Mt. 

We am io pnmd of a& yow luzi/t aau)u«p&Al>ed atd aM yoa l(ai/t add^ 

LVC kai iMi^iEd oMlh pnjopmlhiAllid^ uiiM l^ 

We am fSd wdk mm liapplneu and ioi/e Uan amf peMott cm, luM, . . 

And uie took fowand to- eiyoylng yowi tulwie ai (tcoidlnuei lb- um/oM. 

Lof/e A&t)aifi & Fona/eA,, «, 

Mov/h, Dad& Aiime •'^ . " 


'■' '^ 




I .-■- 

* "* 

/i , 4. 

mmLL jomoN \ "" • - ,, 

Cotf^idtuMim, S^limeM '*^ ■' ''- , . .. 

We, cm i/vuj pHDuui ofym. Itkai hem a pkakwtt totuili' 
uJdlcli, you, atid ca/ie, fottjow ah (jow accoMpuilted (jowv goal. 
Yowv Gmidpamill, /' ^**«,-' 

Rayumd and G&)nia Joimim ' ". . • 


■•■-•l •■:'V,., 

'" "If""- Wt Im/t aoM, fnim uid&kua uowi fviS * !, ' ^* ^..■'■^^^t*'"'*^---''^-€' ' 'J' f-''t^' 

.. . '" - • • T*. -^ -^ -^ .fell*.-"' ■■I' H* ■'*■""»: ■*"'■ r. ,- - •'■■"*' 

'^■^''''■^^H\,'f-''' ^.^^^ •'.^' fw ux^mfftckM^ haMdaidiM,bie,. , v ■"- ' ,^^ 


'''','^.f,.**^'''''yji^\'uitane,yomf)aJie^fon,&fe,a^ .--:: - ' '.'■it*'*>/ ■ 

* \. ■■■'-*•,.•'. ■■•""• -4"" 

■.'•£% -^.'^,; 

Gmluailm ii a 1un& fon, Mi4tg yow lawui 
Imi [/entj pmjd u>t am ofijm; 
. Fot being u/io-tfow am. 
And'R' ietym Icmw Imo imeA uJe &»/e,ijow. 

,1 *., ■ ".^ 


^-''■■v:;^ ■*■ 


Lof/e,, Mom and Dad 




V^ V 

'>^ Owi &)i/e, cmd Itappij cotymdu&illmi 1& owv fauu&j i fiM-gmmillon, LvC m 
«••' Mom, & Dad 

/ /ft u/dtJchd (jow gnou) fum uy ciM &J0&, pumii^ Uitb' 1h hmitlful, 

youM^ uJoM/m yow i^e, beame,. I i/e. ism Ium kcud yovu vmkedl/i' uiah, 

ijowi dm/wl com, 1hu& cmd I am i/eny pnmd of aM yowi 

ammp&ilwmU. I om bM luippy cud yet a &tj&. lad. Happy Udt 

you, m coute, hofwi'M &fe,, yet had tkdtiMy bSh peanut gmu up iba 

fait. P&aie knoui tkdtai you, cofdume, to- ywui cuul imfe ott In yowv 

bit, Uidtl &)Vt you, uum Him, tdene, one, i1mi ui1i&ilu/ and y>umi of 

Land on Uz btaeU. Qm^'ic^iadlloM ou, yowi coaege ywdudtloii and 

God bieu you, nouJ and aiuJayi. , - 

■ • • • . * 

Lot/e, Fonei/e/i aid Afwayk, . . 



Rcufimtd & G&>nia JofiMiott 
Co«gnduMlm, LuJce, — Gia^dpa Wengvitm 


■ ' Le&& ^luAfpy M&iq&v .,""■.. 

P&i)i & Am Leheiyood *'•-'.,, '" . '"^ " 

(.* " ■ f. 

Guuy & BiM Rux, 

PMe, & Ocudd J^eE&imuj 

Tlmm & Juudtj RmM 

^OMiha, & Ocu/id HiA&it 

-* ' I. " 

t^i •». •> - '■" 

9 . "• ^ 


■^ To Eel 7ktne\ Jp. of Tiulop FaWisVi^ fop lei^flii^ jjiS V§ upe^tise, fen^e 

^l' To M3.-&\ Httff iiigfl^ig Woi^clepfal s^aff st Psfo? Fljotogissplju fop l^elpii^ 
a§ to eaptape eanapas life ss well aspoptp^its fop ow.p sei^iopg. 

^ To Jei2 Evai2§ of stuclei^t Activities fop l^ep ^m\a.^e^ 

kl^ Sfjippopt. 

^ To Tona Uix^iiari 2x^^\\i\ ^Igedel^ of Us College ^elatioi^s Office fop 
tl^eip iggist^I^ee 2X^ guppopfe. 

^ To tlje Bttgii^egg office gtsff fop \a^\i^ oup fii^^igeeg. 


iVtf ■ 

* Jill B^aiep, Melissa Capv^jal ,, .' ..^ 

fSlife^ life E(li^opg ' • ., ; 

" " ■' ' ■.. * ■"■ .* ■'.'.II,. 

*Epii2 MeMazjag, Pa^pina Ieavai2 
|peel^ Life Eiitopg . 
*Jill ^idiilie 

fei^iop Fpofileg 

ribove Feoi^o 4ilj,e5 ta Pivii e MeLsugVn? '06 it:. (i\Hf