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1.1' .v» 



Lebanon Valley College 

2 O O 7 



\/olumc 92 

Lebanon Valley College 
101 N. College Avenue 
Annville, PA 17003 

Above photo by 

Osmyn J. Oree '10; cover photos 

by Oree and Sierra Martz '07 




Photos by Osmyn /. Oree 70 

§tud(int yfe - 4 

(§iiDiors - 32 

§ports- 72 

sri^i^kyfe- no 

SraduatiOD - 11 6 

M(3ssagiis- 122 

Photo bv Osinvn J. Oree '10 

RIGHT:Trish Fanning, Caitlin 
Keller, Laurel Klappholz and 
Allison Hunt before going to a 
boys' basketball game. FAR 
RIGHT: Swim team members 
Lisa Neitheramer and Alyse 
Canciello. BELOW: Third floor 
Silver on Dutchmen Day. 




ABOVE: Roommates Kim 
Merola and Jen Reilly 
having fun in their dorm. 
RIGHT: Kevin Godfrey, 
Mike and Rob Evangelista. 
FAR RIGHT: Rebecca 



^%® gf MHilf g 

1 1 different states 

3 foreign countries 

\$ valedictorians 

6 salutatorians 

8 class presidents 

62^ were high school athletes 
44^ were high school musicians 
27^ were high school thespians 

Class Officers: 

Michelle Koetteritz, president 

Katie Krediet, vice president 

Mark Fersch, secretary 

Ashley Peters, treasurer 

Representatives: Ewlly Perger, Adam Pevlne, 

&ina PICatHillo. Matt Howell-Clarke 

Class of 2010 

RIGHT: Brittany Hodge, 
Laura McGinley and Alisha 
Showers enjoy College 
Night at a Phillies game. 
BELOW: Kristen Mauser 
and Amanda Edgar get 
pumped for St. Patrick's 




m ' 

^^We* w' ^^^^^B. ^ 


■ 1 


^!^^9i^& ^^^^1 





ABOVE: Lauren Horst 
and Anthony Smoker. 
RIGHT: Rugby teammates 
Holly Spangenburg, Erin 
Staab and Kelly Brower. 


""Wis la^WS ^ ilSil^'i? (il®l!P ®W SS5I®!!WSil^!l>i„ i® 
iFiSlL, (g i 83 IF a mi 53 f flS^'ff WH WOILL 11 ^IDILII fi IFILS. 

iiFiF fDai ii§ir saiiMiEoiMim© 'ff® i^fsr 

- Class President Zach Strohm on planning for 
next year's Homecoming 

Class Officers: 

Zach Strohm, president 

Steve Kurtz, vice president 

Kelly Minnix, secretary 

Charlie Fisher, treasurer 

Representatives: Scott Beesley, Shelly 

Burkholder, Keirsten Hamilton, Ryan Van Houten, 

Crystal Zakszeski 

Class of 2009 

RIGHT: Roommates 
Melissa Carvajal and Jill 
Brader. BELOW: Heidi 
Allison competes in a 
track meet this spring. 
This is Heidi's second 
year running track. 

BELOW: Kelly Brower and friends 
at a Women's Rugby game. 


ABOVE: Erin Dean and 
Elwood Brandt pose after 
competing in the Mr. /Miss 
LVC contest. RIGHT: Jen 
Wert and Allie Sweigart on 
St. Patrick's Day. 


fail, m^f SCr -President Elwood Brandt 

Class Officers 

Elwood Brandt, president 

Melissa Carvajal, vice president 

Crystal Cascarino, secretary 

Charlie Hopta, treasurer 

Representatives: Dana Jackson, Becky Roof, 

Ali Moucheron, Robert Orth, 

Brittany Sanders 

Class of 2008 



L* - 



/ ^ 


Senior Homecoming co*|_ 
members Sarah Carter and 
Bahner embrace fd'r a "akoto. 


Court members were 
at half-time. \ 


A few extra faces 
alumni visited for O^tftbe 
Weekend. A variety of ^aj 
keep visitors and stude 

argnts wgre invited ti 
o^Mur W; 
professoTbfTO^ish ^f.Y^tv\ 
l egends of the cam piM At 7!3 


OTTTBIB^^ testivi '' 

tiursday, stude: 
wearing LVC 

"amily member! 
ojji^oming and Family 
Ses_aji^tejjgpjs vvere planned to 
.^n FrMaTKalumni and 
•vesdropTonxlasscs. ,^.' 
Hay evening, with assistant 
;ry '76 shaiiftg the lore ^d "^ 
.m. ony\f»old Field th^e was. 
at offlcMy kicked off 


fore the ■ 


slot was W^ne HofT^tTra^rnentalilt and illusibnil 
football game 
the weekend ^ .^ 

^tjy^dent spirit was^Qj^ta^all arolSid ^mpus..^n prepailS|n for 
f^ivities. Students sportei^ats on Monday and dresse^Sbwn 
^ Tuesday. Wednesday l^ught Mismatch E>ay. and om. 

with Alien Green Day. FmaUy, 
s displSf ing their spirit by 

Sto\\ b\ Cc'iWiidia Kjiie 'Kfj^^jmnt^with 
im '^^lon frdm LWie Collefttiwe 

not stop LVC fa: 
out to cheer on thi 


football team. ' * ■ 

^%e^ft M^e McQarty and Carl 
* Bahner smile for the earner^ after 
unced Home8i|giing, 

pingio stay drj^ 

iors Aubf ey'Coi^le 
^ ^erin Parks attempt tc 
of the rai a^pd enjoy^ 




If -^ 





Smiles all ard 

Homecoffi4^fgy ueen Katie 

Mc<^arty siinilesas she 




ler becomes LVC royalty. 


-■r-idfcfc -.T* 


Sludents sport their %^^ 
with painted faces ana s 
to support their footbalLteaf 




J 'a lasting 

wo '^^■rtts let loose 
and oWmb on the table 

woiulcrCiil cviMiiiii 













All circular photos are by staff photographer 
Osmyn J. Oree '10 


*^^y Abroad 

Living the city life... 

Junior Kristin Nawoczenski (right) 
enjoys a drink with her roommate 
at a bar in Philadelphia. Kristin 
interned at an advertising agency 
spring semester. 

We love telling our LVC friends about the many crazy 
adventures we had while we were away last semester. The 
one common response we get: people's one regret about 
college is not going abroad. Don't let this be your mistake!! 
Where is the most interesting place you have lived? Why not 
spend four months in France, Germany, Spain, the 
Netherlands, Italy, Greece, London, Camb^dge, Argentina, 
Austraha, New Zealand, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C.? 
My name is Holly Andrews, and I am a junior accounting 
major with a Spanish minor. I studied abroad last semester 
in Salamanca, Spain. I came to college wii5|he impression 
that I did not want to study abroad. Fortu'nately, I changed 
my mind, and it was the best decision I ever made. 
JIJ|i||l|B0St excjting pah for m^H^ all of the trayelinf 
spent the first week in Spaln-toiirihg Madrid, Toledo, anci 
other little cities near Madrid. Then we took three day trips 
to Segovia, Alberca, and Leon '^th our school. ^Iso, we 
spent five days in the south of Spain and visitedferanada, 
«6evi|la arrd"Cordoba. All of this travehng was ir^luded in 
our tuition. ; ^ ^" r f' 

Kermit goes to Rome... 

Junior Courtney Reapsome 
poses inside the Colosseum in 
Rome, Italy this fall. Reapsome 
took pictures with her little 
brother's stuffed Kermit doll for 
his seventh grade geography 
class. Kermit went with her 

rothe5.JLVC student poses in front 
of St* Francis B^ilica in Assisi, Italy 
sisrwas about 30 


11; -• 

?i, in the 
rsj above 
iS taken 


If r^yi>;i 


^r , 




Wi - £^^ ^^\_^ 

^ ■ ^- 




i^-im '^ 






SSSB!^». '•g^ 

i\jum Boorii 

|| Concert Tickets 

tiles of Events 
rts<$ 10.00) 
iieral Info 



Wfcn tes^mates 

JuliDr MeMssa Carv, 
SoMomor^ Kelly 
Be»lou IV^tel and 
Br^Kr take 

e team 
iJnion toun 

pmpeted at an Eastern Penns^ 
kment in March when the 

moment for a 

^ k "JL 

s, seciariig second place andj)n 
iliy ir^e history If the club. 
^e team faces the ihallen|es that 
sport. fie<|pse rugby ft not officially 
111 sport m the NCAA, the women 
athletic team.tBecause it is conside 
expenses i 

ne with being a club 
Sognized as a Di\ision 
lot technically an 

d m|ist be paid iot by team members. These 
e EPRU dues, arqguJancc fees and most 
st of hew unifof 

"Fifteen as On^ Coming at Ya 
like I Nightmare".... 

The team proudly holds up their 
second place trophy after 
1|| ^ competing in thfe F&M 
JFtoumameht this spring. Thd 

f women bea|, out Susquehannli 
and F&M t6 take home second. 

Scrum down against Susquehanna 






Freshman Jen Reilly and Junior 
Melissa Carvajal are lifted into the air 
for a line-out. A Ime-out is used to 
restart play when aie ball goes out of 


revived after five v 

xperij|ices for b^ 
b sponso^c 

for a unique 
level do not Kl 
compete^^Lt re| 
member o'hZl 
Zone 3 schoc|||| 

ith grov 
ng, the clu| 
ith white still 
X equestriar 
ieri't gov?>| 
:i KeT ' 

;lub con 
govffmhent to i&jpen the clu" 
lice transteiTed^ii aad sophomore. EM 
m over her jolfas club president. 

if. . The'^HSA allow^ 

orse showing in which riders of any 
to own their own horse or equipment to 
al, zone, and national levels. LVC is a 
3, Region 1, and competes against other 
eluding Franklin & Marshall, Wilson 
College, and P^n State University. 

The^member^prepare for shows by taking weekly 
lesson^pth thefr co^es. Richard McGrath and Jennifer 
FraliclC%''uring the ifcr-long lessons, the students work 
hing from bamncc and control, to jumping and 

ng rider we will work more on building 
tia|and balance, and with some of the 
er^ve will work on exercises over 
ctfe detailed work," explained Fralick. 
ppjEi Team fields an all-female team, 
ave both male and female 

jUb.cncouragcs all students to join, 
eededT Pitman say%«;iaB4iJ'^ ^ ^°t 

Ji nold '08, reprinted with permission 

All geared up and ready to go. 


A i i i iri 


i^' )ff^ 

iPPK. ^^^1 




^tflHI^^' <■ 

M ^equestrianMI 



mi A* * • 1 * 

1 '^^^^H^H 



Ribbons all around... 

Club members show off 
the ribbons they won while 

■ in St>' 

^he girls sport t 

Jv not i: 

Junior Laura Stauffer discovers a 
pair of underwear at the bottom 
of her pie, after completing the 
pie eating contest. 


The College's Dutchr^HjP^y tradition 
continued on a beaiitiful*^ing day as 
students were treated to a variety of 
carnival-like amusements. The day 
featured a Tackwondo demonstration, a 
giant game of Twister, and an inflatable 
rock wall, obstacle course, boxing ring 
gee race. 

lors last Dutchmen Day. 

niors Katie Markey, Nikki 
'Wynn, and Stacey Geisler enjoy the 
beautiful weather on their day off 
from classes. 

Hit em' with your best shot... 

Freshman Lauren Du Bois smiles at 
the camera after knocking out her 
opponent in the inflatable boxing 

R^5arfbr€|P Stars 

Freshman Beth Turn has fun on 
one of the jnflatables. 
Participams were attached to a 
bttnge^^^d and raced their 
opplSH^tlown the tunnel, 
di>^fig to place^their Velcro 
Marker the farthest, while beini 
bulled back by the 

he inflatable obstacle 
popular among students, 
raced their roommates and friends 
through the course, hurdling walls 
and diving through tunnels! 

ather of 

i«!g»:«'! Bliwss* )ir-~" 

Arnold Sports Center underwent its annual makeover to 
become a certified concej 
the gym played host to 
brought us such tunes ai 
Saturday saw another r 
from old fashioned roe 
Drive headlined Saturd; 
smaller, but in no way I 
matched Emerson Driv 
with their singles and m| 
tlirough the set, the ban- 
single. "Moments." Du 
thoughtful tune. Mates 
strength of his pipes bo 

Wl|ether you Uked rock 
had ^m onstage and was good 
something anyone can risject 

I w t/mtii,^,.^ Kreider '08, re^g/Mfro. 

hen the mood changed 
n-home country. Emersbi 
.t's show in front of a slightl 
€nergi|ic crowd. The crowd 
nergy and passion, singing alon] 
well known tunes. Halfwax 
owed, it down with their curri 
the p^or mance of the 
prow el^ "showed tlirouJj^Hl! 

ry, ea^h^dlining band 
what they do. And that is 

in La Vie Collegienne 


Sunshine and Smiles... 

liors Kpfe Lynagh and Dana 
irabish enjoy the beautiful 

Concert Craziness... 

Senior Tighe Sheldon crowd surfs 

J^l^qi^ ^jKe. 

\y& want an encor* 
Students dance and attempt to 
crowd surf at the concerts. 

Can you hear the music?... 

The band Township Rebellion 
plays Saturday afternoon for the 
students and community. 



L VC has become a closer community since April 1 6 
Upon receiving an e-mail from Dean Yuhas and 
President MacDonald, a sense of safety pervaded 
the campus atmosphere. It was comforting to know 
the administration had been working on a plan to 
up campus safety, even before the tragic events 
occurred. I feel that LVC has become a closer 
community since April 16. With an eye toward the 
safer aspects of campus life, we have pulled together 
and showed our support for the students at Virginia 
Tech. The most moving thing I have witnessed in 
my four years here happened on April 20, as 
students and staff showed their support by wearing 
orange and maroon, the colors of Virginia Tech. I 
have never been pi'ouder to be an LVC student 
than I was on that day. 
- Kayle Richardson, 21 
Senior, Mahanoy City 

/ remember vividly, and I wish I didn 't 

I do remember. I remember vividly, and I wish I didn't. I first heard about 
the Virginia Tech shootings at around 5:30 p.m. the day they occurred. As 
anyone on the campus e-mail list knows, our inboxes tend to be flooded with 
tedious information that often goes unopened; I wish more than anything that 
this could have been one of those e-mails. I recall speaking with my father and 
explaining to him how unable I was to snap myself out of this despair. He 
echoed my feehngs by telling me that after finding out about the incident, he 
could not even eat dinner. He was that sickened. 
- Erin McManus, 22 
Senior, Eldersburg, MD i 

/ became more detached from the 
world around me 

My stomach dropped as [my 
friend] went on to describe the large 
nmiibers of people dead and 
wounded. As the details began to 
unfold and the death count climbed 
one by one, I became more detached 
from the world around me, focusing 
on the devastation occurring at 
Virginia Tech. Although I knew no 
one at Virginia Tech, I felt a terrible 
combination of loss and sickness. 
Seeing the videos and pictures 
pouring in from the school shocked 
my senses and left me reehng from 
the violence. 
- Heather Vasas, 21 
Senior, CoUegeville 

S xY 

My life has been consumed with "What if 

For the past two weeks, I have felt as though my life has been 
consumed with "What if?". What if this would have happened on 
the LVC campus? What if the victims were my friends? What if 
there is an outbreak of shootings? What if someone hke him liv€S 
here? I was afraid. I was upset. I was nervous. But more than 
anything, I was captivated by the stories and spent much of April 
1 6 on watching the tragedy unfold ... We banded 
together and we recognized that our reality was invaded. 
Facebook groups formed and students from every college in every 
town changed their profile pictui-e to the black ribbon with the 
VT logo. We could not understand why it happened, but we knew 
it affected us all. 
-JillKidulic, 21 
Senior, Bethlehem 


Photo bv Osmvn J. Oree '10 

class of 







Kristen Adamczyk 
Elementary Education 

Kaitlyn Adams 
Elementary Education 

Karly Amato 
Health Science 

Krista Anderson 
Art & Art History 

Jeremy Ansbach 
Health Science 

Gretchen Artz 
Elementary Education 

Douglas Austin 

Pohtical Science 

Samantha Avellino 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Samantha Baas 


Jessica L. Bagley 
Health Science 

Carl Bahner II 


Kate Bakowicz 



Jessica Barber 
Psychology & French 

Alexander Beatrice III 

Business Administration 


I'holo hv I'd Slrc'hl 

What was your most weworable LVC womcht? 

Traveling to Paris for a class on the history and culture of Paris. There 

were about 15 of us. and we all dihed out together for Thanksgiving. 

Where do you see yourself In 5/10 years? 

I could be anywhere -- grad school, a wuseuw or a small gallery. 

What will you wiss most about LYC? 

The professors -- they were always very kind and easy to talk to. They 

usually gave great advice. 

Whp.rp. was vntir favorite hangout? 
Lynch Atrium/MJ's 

Who was your favorite professor and why? 

Pr. Anderman. Her classes were always fun and interesting, even long 

night classes. I felt like I learned so much from her in every class. 

What is your favorite part of campus? 
The Peace harden 

Any advice to future seniors? 

Relax, do your best, enjoy your last year, but also search for jobs on the 





Photo by Ed Strehl 

^^at was your most wcworabU LYC wonicht? 
The tennis team's Spring Preak trips to Hilton Head, 
South Carolina. 

•Vhcre do vow sec vourself In 5/10 vears? 
Either teaching watheiwatics or working in finance. 

Vhat w/lll vnii ittl<i? wnxt ahntrt IVC? 

I'll miss the cawraderie of the tennis team and spending quality time with 

*Vh«r« was yoyr favorite Hanqoyf? 

Anyone's apartment, since there is not too much to do in Annville. 

Who was vour favorite orofessor and whv? 

Since I'm a math major, the math professors are my collective favorite. 

Outside of the Math department, I would say Pr. Hathaway, since his 

Politics of Russia class was the most interesting history class I have ever 


Arnold Sports Center, since it gives me the chance to exercise and get 
away from the stress of schoolwork. 

Any adviee to futuri itwlor'^ 

Future seniors planning on attending graduate school should start their 
college search early. I think it's important to give yourself plenty of time 
to prepare your applications and get your recommendations together. 
Also, it's never too early to start prepping for the frRE. 

Christian Bednar 

Business Administration 

Claire Behney 


Yekaterina Belousov 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Audrey Banner 

Laurie Bentz 
Business Administration 

Melissa Bersano 
Elementary Education 

Amanda Bickel 
Elementary Education 

Christine Billings 
Health Science 

Matthew Blaisse 
Physics & Music 

Andrea Blom 
Digital Communications 

Lindsey Boncore 

Art & Art History 

Michael Bott 

Kendell Bowman 
Elementary Education 

Renae Boyer 

Elementary Education 

William Bresch 
Health Care Management 


Elizabeth Brinser 
Music Business 

Craig Brown 


Amanda Brizendine 
Health Science 

Melissa Brong 

Ellen Burgess 

Elementary Education 

Adam Bums 

Business Administration 

Cheryl Brophy 


Allison Butler 

Elementary Education 

Thomas Butler 

Brett Buzdygon 

Art & Art History 

Benjamin Byers 


Paige Callan 
ACS Chemistry 




Photo by Ed Suebl 

What was your most memorable LYC wowcHt? 

I will always rewciMbcr the first meeting of the club I co-founded. 

Almost 50 people cawe and expressed interest in the club's initiatives. 

What was your most ewbarassiiig LVC woiweMt? 

At one of the performances of fAueh Ado About Nothing, in which I 

was playing Beatrice, I tripped and went sliding across the stage! 

Where do you see yourself iw 5/10 years? 
In 5 years, I hope to be working on my dissertation to earn my PhP in 
literature. In 10 years, I hope to be an assistant English professor at 
a small college like LVC. 

Where was your favorite hangout? 

My friends and I loved to play card games at MJ'sl 

Who was your favorite professor and why? 
My favorite professor was Vr. Cathy Romagnolo because she 
encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to think critically 
about everything. 

What is your favorite part of campus? 

I love the piazza outside of the New Student Center. It's the perfect 

place to read a book on a sunny day. 

Any advice to future seniors? 

Remember to take time for yourself and be grateful for your last year 

at the Valley. 


Photo bv Ed Strehl 

Vhat was your most ewbarassiwg lYC woweMt? 
When soweone waves at me, and I wave back. However, the other person 
is really waving at the person behind me. This situation has happened 
quite often during my four years and I still get embarassed every time it 

/h?re do yoo see yourself iw f/10 years? 
Some type of corporate executive. 

What will you miss wost at IV'^'' 

I will miss all my friends who have made LYC feel like home. 

Where was your favorite hangout? 

I did not have any particular spot, but I guess the New Student Center 

was one of my favorites. 

/ho was your favorite professor and why? 
Vr. Raffield was one of my favorite professors. I would never know what 
to expect each class, and I would always come away with some new, 
interesting fact that I did not know before. 

I like how the campus is small and you are able to know almost everyone. 

Any advice to future seniors? 

Your senior year goes a lot faster than one thinks. So, make sure you 

plan ahead and, most of all, have as much fun as possible with your 


Sarah Coiner 
Health Science 

Ryan Collins 

Music Recording Technolo 

Ashley Coombs 
Elementary Education 

Jillian Copeland 


Denise Correll 

Digital Communications, 
Art & Art History 

Laura Cropper 

Elementary Education 

James Curran 
Business Administration 
& Accounting 

Gregory Daily 

Political Science 

Donald Dangle 

Patrick Daniels 
Political Science 


Thomas Davidson 

Music & Music 

Joshua Dean 

Music Recording Technology 

Sarah Degnitz 

Music Education 

Danielle DeLellis 



Alysha Dellinger Jeffrey DeSimone Jr. 

Elementary Education Sociology 

Jonathan Detman 

Elise DeVere 


Jeffrey Disanza Jr. 

Derek Dissinger 
English & History 

Lauren Dominiani 

Elementary Education 

Lynn Donmoyer 

Health Science 

Brittany Dukeman 

Health Science 

Nicole Eckert 

Emily Eisenberger 
Elementary Education 

Arthur Elder III 
Health Science 


Ashley Evans 
Elementary Education 

Traci Fatula 

Business Administration 

Dianna Filan 




fea Barber 

Photo bv Ed Slrehl 

What was your most ewbarassmg LVC woweMt? 

Probably dropping my tray at lunch on "spaghetti day" a year or so ago. 

And yes, I was wearing white. 

Where do you see yourself In 5/10 years? 
In 5-10 years I hope to be either teaching psychology at a university or 
doing research for a governmental or nongovernmental organization. 
With any luck, some time abroad is in the cards, too. 

Where was your favorite hangout? 
Late night coffee at MJ's on "Jazz Night." 

Who was your favorite professor and why? 
The entire psych department. They have been supportive, friendly and 
encouraging from Pay 1! I owe so much of my success, academic and 
otherwise, to their unwavering guidance and support. Also, a big thank 
you to 9n. Johnson, ?raem and Chamberlin for challenging and inspiring 

What Is your favorite part of campus? 
The practice soccer fields. Sledding down that hill with wy 
roommates Is one of my fondest memories of my time at LVC. Plus, 
nothing beats stargazing out there on a clear night. 

Any advice to fviurz seniors? 

It's gonna fly, so make the most of every moment. Work hard, play hard, 
spend time with those you care about, and let them know what they 
mean to you. Keep your goals in mind, but realize that only so much is up 
to you. Treasure the experiences you've had and those who have been 
there with you along the way, and realize that, even at its toughest, life 
is a beautiful journey. 

Brett Buzdy^oQ 

Pholo hv Ed Slrehl 

Although it was not actually a single iMoweiit, the cowpletion of the Chapel 
Mural is something that I will always rewewber. I was lucky to get the 
chance to design and paint a mural on such a large scale. I hope that the 
mural remains intact for a long time. 

Where do yoo see yourself In f/10 years? 
in five years I hope to have completed my Masters in Fine Arts. It is my 
dream to continue within the field of studio arts, and at some point find a 
teaching position at the college level. I definitely see myself staying in 
Pennsylvania, most likely somewhere close to Philadelphia. 

What will yoo wiss «wost at IVC? 

I will mostly miss my four roommates, of whom I have lived with since my 
sophomore year here at LVC. I was very lucky to find four amazing friends 
and to keep them for three full years. I will also miss the infamous sleep 
walking accidents, and the late night phone calls to &reg Paily. Shabam. 

Who was voar favorite erof essor and whv? 
Michael Pitarri was my favorite professor. He is very passionate about his 
field of study, and is one of the main reasons why I wish to continue within 
the field of studio arts. He always did his best to stir up interesting, and 
sometimes controversial discussions. He truly believes what he teaches, and 
expects the best out of all his students. 

I spent most of my time in the art studio. It's probably the most overlooked 
building on this campus, and hopefully at some point the college will put some 
money into fixing it up. Maybe then more people will take advantage of the 
art program here at LVC. 

Any advice to future seniors? 

Enjoy every minute of college, don't skip class, and don't nap like Ed Myers. 

Caleb Flick 

Stephanie Foster 
Business Administration 
& Accounting 

Tyler Frantz 

Elementary Education 

Christopher Frederick 


Kate Fry 


Katherine Frymoyer 

Brendan Fullam 

Music Recording 

ara Furman 

Bryce Gabler 

Kristopher Gazsi 

Holly Gehring 



Political Science & 

PoUtical Science 

Anastasia Geisler 

Andrew George 


Amy Gilkey 
Music Recording Technology 

Katrina GUck 


Abbey Gockley 

Ashleigh Godlewski 
Health Science 

Kelly Gondek 

English & Spanish 

Norma Iris Gonzalez 


Natalie Goodfellow 
Elementary Education 

Danielle Goodling 

Thomas Gordon 
ACS Chemistry 

Christine Gramlich 
Music Education 

Lindsay Griffin 


Cynthia Groff 
Elementary Education 

Megan Gross 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer Haberman 

Elementary Education 


Kevin Hallman 



Kellianne Harkins 

Elementary Education 


^hat was your most meworable LYC mowewt? 
I'd have to say the l^ace Rally, the shming woment of activism that 
I've seen OM cawpos. I hope that the LVC student body will cowtinue to 
have opinions, take action and demand attention. Also, I willl always 
have the wewiory of the time I first saw LVC's own Squirrelwan. 

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years? 
I will be highly dissappointed in myself if 1 aw satisfied with life in 5 to 
10 years. Success will be seeing wy life continually unfold, taking 
unexpected turns, meeting new people and never stopping or getting 
stuck in one I'd hate to wake too wany expectations for the 
future. I've always been a dreawer - I'w not too worried. 

Alison Hartman 
ACS Chemistry 

Where was voiir favorite hananiit? 

Puring the day, MJ's Coffeehouse. At night. The Patdorf. 

Who was Y^''^ ---r- - . ' - 
Professor Michael Pittari has been wy stronghold for the past four 
years. He has given we an unconditional awount of support, 
encouragewent, help and knowledge. He has answered so wany 
iwportant questions for we, and I have learned so wuch. I feel 
incredibly lucky to have had such a wentor and friend. 

:A/hat is your favorite part of campus? 
The Library. (Is that the nerdiest possible thing to say?) Just to see 
the sheer nuwber of books in the library, lined op in different colors and 
sizes, each one as a record of a person's wind. If we put ail of that 
knowledge together, &od knows what would happen. It's powerful. 

\.tA\> aHlviftc to fiitiiro sowInK*? 

Pe PASSIONATE about your interests, and [liz your knowledge to help 

/.acpary rvauj-mai; 




What was your most meworable LYC moweiit? 
I don't think I can pin down owe most iweworable wowent here. My 
experience here Is defined by many memorable moments from studying 
abroad in Australia to classes, time on the tennis courts and time 
with friends. 

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years? 
Scary as it seems. I may still be in school in 5 years finishing up my 
degree in economics. In 10 years, hopefully I'll be working in 
Washington, P.C. or abroad on issues of development and 
sustainabllity in the developing world. 

What will you miss most about LVC? 

I'll definitely most miss the time spent with friends here. I'll also miss 

the close knit community that LVC has. That Isn't present at a lot of 


Where was your favorite hangout? 

My favorite hangout was always where my friends were, usually in 

one of our rooms. 

Who was your favorite professor and why? 
My favorite professors were Pr. Perry and Vr. Maynard in the 
economics department. They were always available for advice or just 
to talk. They kept class interesting most of the time too. 

Any advice to future seniors? 

It sounds cliche, but live it up at LVC while you can. I was only here 
for three years, but it raced by in what felt like one. Also, I would 
encourage all students to study abroad if you have the chance. It's an 
opportunity you may never have again. 

Amy Hartman 
Health Science 

Stuart Hartman 



Laura Heitsenrether 
Music Business 

NicoUe Henry 
Elementary Education 

Kristin Hoffman 
Elementary Education 

Justin Houghton 

Mark Houseal 

Marisa lapicco 

Eileen Jahn 

Music Education 

Ashley Johnson 
Elementary Education 

Karoline Jost 
Elementary Education 

Kelly Kauffman 
Music Education 

Zachary Kaufman 

Elizabeth Keith 

Elementary Education 


Gregory Keller Jr 

Myles Kitchen 

Actuarial Science & 

Bryon Laird 
Computer Science 

Daniel Kelly 

Danielle Kern 
Health Science 

Megan Kohr 

Elementary Education 
& Spanish 

Jamie Kovacs 

Health Science 

Jill Kidulic 

English & Digital 


Daniel Kruse 

Digital Communications 



s;jai>-- ■ .-.-?s 











^r 1 



k_ 1 

Evan Langan 
Historical Communications 

Holly Lantz 

Elementary Education 

Christopher Latsch 
Health Science 


Jonathan Laubenstine 

Accounting & Business 

Gretchen Lee 


Vanessa Lee 




What was your most weworable LVC woiHent? 

My most memorable LVC momewt was when I was walking through the 
Humanities building and I happened to look up on the wall and I saw a sign 
that said "Vice -President and Controller". At that time, I had a strong 
desire to meet the Controller of the school. I did not know whether it was a 
male or female, though. When the Controller came out of her office to meet 
me, I saw that she was a woman and that her name was also i^eborah. I 
was excited to meet and hold a brief but meaningful conversation with her. 
Following our introduction, I asked her to be my mentor. She agreed. Neither 
of us knew where this new-found relationship was going to take us, but we 
were both willing to explore the possibilities, letting to know I^eb Fullam is 
one of the best things I have done at LVC. She has been a wonderful role 
model for me,. She is very supoprtive and she has led by example. 

Where do you see yoorself in 5/10 years? 

In 5/10 years, 1 see myself with the following three titles behind my name: 
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified 
Value Analyst (CVA). I also see myself carrying a MS in risk management. 
With these tools, I plan to practice forensic accounting. 

Who was your favorite professor and why? 
All of my professors were my favorite because they all taught me something 
different. However, if I have to choose, I would have to say 9r. Markowicz 
in the business and Economics department. Why? Well because he produced 
results. He helped me to get over bad habits that 1 thought would forever be 
part of me. He helped me develop professionally. 

Any advice to future seniors? 

Stay focused on your goals. Sometimes the world around you may be falling 
apart but if you work hard, you will slowly be able to put the pieces back 
together. Vo not be afraid to reach out for help...if one person doesn't help 
you then someone else will. Always try to help others...we all need a helping 
hand sometimes. Po not give up on what is most important to you. Work 
hard but have is ok to take a break sometimes. Vo your best because 
anything else is unacceptable. Learn from every experience. 

Who's Who Among Students In 
American Colleges & Universities 

Allison A. Abayasekara 
Samantha K. Baas 
Jessica L. Bagley 
Kate M. Bakowicz 
Jessica M. Barber 
Yekaterina N. Belousov 
Sabrina Berry 
Matthew T. Blaise 
Todd G. Boden 
Melissa Brong 
Paige E. Callan 
Sarah A. Carter 
Lauren M. Chestney 
Bailey L. Claeys 
Danielle R. DeLeUis 
Ehse K. DeVere 
Betsy W. Devitz 
Derek P. Dissinger 
Angela D. Esh 
Bridget R. Freiler 
Kara B. Furman 
Bryce E. Gabler 
Kristopher J. Gazsi 
Thomas R. Gordon 
Brandon M. Handwerk 
Ahson E. Hartman 
Stuart J. Haitman 
Samantha E. Heere-Beyer 
Jenna A. Kane 
Zachary D. Kaufman 
Elizabeth A. Keith 
Jill T. Kidulic 
Myles D. Kitchen 
Jennifer L. Leo 
Jonathan D. Lintz 
Carhn A. Luz 

Bettylou R. Mihal 
Hannah K. Miller 
Melissa L. Miller 
Megan E. Minney 
Brian M. Montgomery 
Alan M. Newsome 
Mark T. Orndorf 
Lindsey R. Parent 
Mary E. Penjuke 
Alexander R. Reber 
Kayle A. Richardson 
Robert Richardson 
Bradford K. Sgrignoli 
Rebecca M. Shank 
Daniel J. Smith 
Amy N. Snyder 
Amanda J. Soliday 
Kali L. Thompson 
Sarah R. Thompson 
Deborah A. Tookes 
Katherine M. Umberger 
Angela C. Undercuffler 
Erik P. Vargo 
Heather M. Vasas 
Daniel P. Vernau 
Ashley J. Visneski 
Jennifer A. Wagner 
Mary K. Warner 
AuBrei J. Weigand 
Kelly J. Wenrich 
Trevor T. Williams 
Casey L. WiUis 
Nikki M. Wynn 
Daniel G. Youngs 

Jodi Lehman 

Psychobiology & 

Sarah Lennard 
Elementary Education 

Ryan Letsche 

Alexander Levering 

Political Science 

Jessica Liberati 

Music Education 

Jennifer Line 

Digital Communications 

Ashley Linn 


J. Matthew Lohman 

Jeffrey Linn 

lusic Recording Technology Business Administration, 

Accounting & Political 

Jennifer Lomax 
Elementary Education 

Daniel Loos 


Phillip Louie 

Carlin Luz 

Music Business 

Andrew Long 

Darby Lyons 

Health Science 


Tiffany Mace 
Business Administration 
& Accounting 

Megan Madara 
Elementary Education 

Stephanie Marguglio 

Katie Markey 

Matthew Martin Michael Martin 

Music Recording Technology Accounting & Business 


Sierra Martz 

Art & Art History 

Grant Martzall 
Business Administration & 

Phihp Masone 

Catherine McCarty 

Brendan McGeehan 

Music Recording 
Technology & Music 

Adrianne Mezzino 



Megan Michalski 
Elementary Education 

Bettylou Mihal 
Criminal Justice 


r * 

^' ■ 



-» . 



Wsf "^ (to 

'^^ >v^ ^' 


Melissa Miller 

Music Recording Technology 


Photos bv Siena Martz '07 

•enter Stoartrsf 

.SltfjiEfaEmmt Stoarb in €conontits' 

^lan i?£U)soine 

adjiebcment ^rijolarsljip atuarii in pusfines's Hbministration 
Xacfiarv iiaufiitan 
i;tffanj' fRace 
amp ^iij'bEf 
i^adjEfim ©mterscr 
STrebor aitlltams' 

anbrcln Mmhtv dUemorial Ctemistrp Stuarb 
QTljomas' (Sorbon 

satoarii for |9i-of£ssionaIism anb Connnitntent 
to tlje IBistiplinc of ^otiologp 
f enna iianc 

pais!) jHEtnoi-ial l^isitoqp .?lh3arb 

IS'nai l^'iitlj l^cnip lebin JWemorial Smtritanisni llluaib 
ilatit jllari?cv 

C.JF. f oscplj 2[om Senior gltoai'b in economics 
Zacljarj' iiaufnian 
Snip ^ni'bEi 

Colltse iiritins atoatb 
iiatie iflarUep 

©atlberj) CljEmistrv Stluarb 
gllison S^irtinan 

Habib 3. Hasbp iHUiarb for ^eiUicc in IDsj'cijologp 
i^fbccca ^tjanli 

€bitl) Jf rant? itlills gltuarb in i*In<iic 
^anumtija jimn-Mtmr 

Jf inancial executives Snternational aiuarb. Central ^331 Cljapter 
^irfUar aajiUtants 

Megan Minney 
Elementary Education 

Ashley Mize 


Brian Montgomery 

Jameson Moore 

Jenna Moser 
Elementary Education 

Matthew Murphy 
Business Administration 

Sean Murphy 

Edward Myers Jr. 

Vlusic Recording Technology 

Amanda Natale 
Elementary Education 

Alan Newsome 

Actuarial Science & 

Kelly O'Toole 

Health Science 

April OUek 

Accounting & Business 

Nicholas Orfanella 
Digital Communications 

Mark Omdorf 

Political Science & 

Megan Painley 



Lindsey Parent 
Music Education & 

Jennifer Parks 
Elementary Education 

Kathleen Pawlewicz 
Elementary Education 

Rebecca Peckus 
Health Science 

Aimee Pellissier 


Mary Penjuke 
Music Education 

Trevor Peters 

Music Education 

Julia Pfeiffer 

Music Education 

Sarah Pizzuto 
Health Science 

Hannah Plimpton 
Actuarial Science 

Jason Portzline 


Jacob Prestidge 
Music Recording 


Senior atparbs; 

Marissa Price 

Heather Przyhocki 
Psychology & Spanish 

Joseph Raws 
Digital Communications 

Jfraiui5 li). SSlilsoii jHfinorial i^iologv SHuarb 
p)iUip loiiif 

jfranU ^tacl)oU) itlfinorinl atuarb 
©jomas ©nbibsou 

(fJoUf rnor fanif s 1). Duff glUiarb 
Jfssica iBaglf 1' 

3Jcan €>. HoUf Sluarli foi €>utstanbing ScljitUemcnt in |)spcl)olog)» 
ffssita llarticr 
€list UrVfic 

M. Claiibc iAOsrntifiTP itkinonal SHuar& 
grobb i^obfii 

i^ilrbital ^cljolarsljip Sluaib 
iL»rabfoib ;&grignoli 

iHusic Cf ac1)cis J^ationnl llssotiation SHuarb 
dSrcpri' Istiltr 

(iDutstnnbmg iScliifUrniciit llluaib in P)i>stcs 

ilattticlu iilaisr 

iDntstanbing ;S>rnior in actuarial ^cif nrf clluarb 
ifli'lcs ivittijfn 

^Diitstanbing; Senior in illattifntatics .?lU)arb 

IDutstanbnig Senior of Bf Ita Silplja Cliapter, ;i)ignia aiplja Sota glluarb 
;%)ama!it1)a iOaas 

(Dlufii 9. fllof lt5iotljfmistrp auiarb 
jpcliattiiua liclousol) 

|)f iuisi>ll)aina ilnstitutc of Crrtificb |Diil)lic Accountants ^Huarb 
featlitiiuf 9ilnibci-stf 

^iDspcljologi' Department's Ilcabcrsijip atuarb 

Senior 31ia3arb^ 

3^f piinlbo ^obtts Mtmoml 2lltiarti 
i^oljcrto fHartt 

l\\)o €ta Cafit of aijpfjn ^si ©nicga i^idjarb p. ;i)flt;cr iUcmorial gltoart 

iifcssica ISaglcv 

i^obcrt ;§). ©abibon iStuarb for i^cscardj in IJspdjologv 
f cssica ^arbtr 
©anid \"'^finau 

Mentor Htuarb for gltabemit excellence in ^ociolop 
SFrniia i\anf 

Senior ^rije in Cnglislj 
ilatic iWarkc}' 

^icpna gllpija 3ota "Collesc l^^onor" aiuarb 
f fimiffr SHacfiiEe 

;§>isma aiyija 3ota ^djolastic HHnai-b 
Carlin Uti? 

^ont1)casteni ^einisvlbania Section :anierican Cljemical ^ocictp iHtoarb 
©anid ^mitlj 

^^D;i)€2l ;aiuarb for excellence in ©eadjnig ^crforntance 
in €lementarp (£bncation 
Mtqan iHitljalstu 

^^^Cia glluarb for (Excellence in QTeadjing |Derformance in iHusic €bucation 
iWari' ^[IfujuUt 

^^jD^CSl glluarb for (Excellence in ^Teadjing ^performance 
in ^econbarp €bucation 
aimtf ^iDflltssier 

^i9;i)€a ^erbice Siluarb 
BAeuac poper 

2Ceiitonia ITnllis aujarb 
Slinv ^ni'bcr 

Rebecca Reber 
Chemistry Business 

Mary Rose Reebel 
Music Business 

Corey Reed 
Business Administration 

Kristina Reed 

Rebecca Rentzel 
Elementary Education 

Jeremy Ressler 

Business Administration 
& Accounting 

Amanda Richards 

Kayle Richardson 
Elementary Education 

Robert Richardson 

Elementary Education 

Kristine Riggs 
Business Administration 

Alyssa Rizzardi 

Jennifer Roberts 
Elementary Education 

Laura Roberts 

Art & Art History 

Mary Rosica 

Elementary Education 

Daniel Royer 



Matthew Sanders 
Elementary Education 

Shaylene Scheib 
Health Science 

Richard Schwartz III 
Political Science 

Lauren Scott 
Elementary Education 

Rebecca Shank 

Kathryn Shimer 

Holly Shissler 
Elementary Education 

Christian Shuman 

Alec Simmers 
Music Recording 

Daniel Smith 

Danielle Smith 


Erin Smith 


g)mior ^Uluarb^ 

Jeffrey Smith 
Accounting & 

John Smith 

Business Administration 
& Accounting 

(iri)f aainll ^tmt Slonnwl Sluart 
.Zafl)ari> Ivaiifiiuii 

aaiilliiim i^aUolu itlfinofuil ,9Uwrb 
jjaiiifs Ciiri-an 

2:2Joinfn's Club of IcOauoii clluarb 
;%)abrma likviv 

aiplia ^ignia llamOba ilxi Clinptcr 
Ctifn'l i!,»ropl)i' 
©flioial) CaslifP 
^Doitia (Pioff 
Ci'iitl)ja (Eobb 
;^tacfii iloiicis 

Gregory Sneed 

Music Education 

Photo hr Sierra Marl: '07 








Amy Snyder 
Economics & German 

<v j?*i 

Photos bv Sierra Mart: '07 

Joann Southard 
Music Business 

Andrew Spotts 
Music Education 

Robert Stasiunas 

Music Recording 

Christopher Stever 

Music Recording 











Justine Strieker 
Elementary Education 

Matthew Struzinski 

Music Recording 

Edward Stuber 

Stacey Stutzman 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Nichole Swoope 

Political Science & 

David Swope 


Daniel Tangert 

Health Science 

Zachary Teisher 

Health Science 

Christina Teubner 
Health Science 

Steven Thomas 

Business Administration 
& Accounting 


Tiffany Thomas 

Sarah Thompson 

Shaun Thompson 
Music Education & 

Erin Thornton 
Elementary Education 

Ryan Tiburtini 


Deborah Tookes 

Accounting & Business 

Vincent Tozzo 
Business Administration 

Aaron Trythall 

Angela Undercuffler 


Laura Van Der 
Psychology & 

Erik Vargo 

Heather Vasas 

Business Administration 
& English 


William Verdon II 

)d| Elementary Education 


, /?* 

Ashley Visneski 

Jennifer Wagner 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

''%.. H 



u - 


Photos bv Sierra Marlz '07 

.y X 


Photos by Sierra Martz '07 

Mandy Warner 


Susan Watts 

Corey Weaver 
ACS Chemistry 

r »r 

i Ryan Weaver 
Health Science 

Ryan Webber 
Political Science 

Jennifer Weed 

Erika Wickard 
Health Science 

Michael Wilhelm 

Trevor Williams 

Accounting & Business 

Matthew Wells 
Business Administration 

Rebekah Willson 
Art & Art History 

Dawn Winters 

Health Science 

Abigail Witwer 

Amanda Wolfe 
Music Education 













Amanda Wolfe 

Accounting & Business 


Timothy Wolfe Jr. 

Matthew Woods 

Biochemistry & 
Molecular Biology 

Nikki Wynn 
English & Psychology 

Donna Yagel 
Elementary Education 

Laura Yeager 
Health Science 

Sean Zwoyer 
Digital Communications 

Erica Young 
Music Business 

Daniel Youngs 

Accounting & 



Kimberly Zagarra 












"'' ajf '* ^^'' 


Team Roster: Joe Strok. Ryan Brennan, Clint Vinju, Brian Richard, 
Kevin Godfrey, Brandon Shank, Sean Donovan. Charhe Parker, Keith 
Comrey, Jake Peterson, Josh Neubaum, Bill Dixon. Dan Kelly, Kyle 
Meier, Mike Fattori, Ryan Ammerman, Patrick Weiss, Sean Blake, Matt 
Harmon. Jeff Ochoa. Adam Brossman. Andrew Shambach, Bryant 
Descheemaeker, Danny Etter, Dan Stauffer, Garrett Slough. Russell 
DeStefano, Steve Janda, Bryan Lynch, Nolan McGarrity, Don Burton, 
Will Keylor. Kris Musselman. Rich Korsak. Bryant Kurtz, Matt Lillis, 
Brad Schott, Joe Tomtishen, Brian Anderson, Kyle Sylvester, Andrew 
Norton. Brian Cottone. Tyler Graham. David Ochoa. John Smith. Sean 
Zwoyer, Grant Martzall, Dave Zimmerman, Shane Laughman, Kevin 
Krause, Terry Kaufman. Rob Miller, Mark Houseal, Jimmy Selfinger, 
J.T. Szigethy, Trevor Goodman, Chris Avey. Anthony Pezzella, Travis 
Fales, Daryl Buck, Michael Lamberton, Brian Drew, Kris Miller, Matt 
Celsky, Tyler McCauley. Sean Tetreault, Brandon Wagner. Tony Setley, 
Brian Kleckner, Jim Coughlin, Brian Weidow, Anthony Smoker, Clint 
Shaffer, Matt Donley, Dexter Russell, Scott Klein, Mike Schoch, Joe 
Brennan, Joe Soupik, Adam Shilling, Mike Evangelista, Josh Evans, Rob 
Evangelista, Dan DiBona, John Leible, Mitch Messner, Matt Pribisco 



The team won their final three games to 
pull together a record of 6-4, the first winning 
season in 14 years. 

Dan Kelly '07 broke numerous LVC 
records: passing yardage (5,934); pass 
completions (459); touchdown passes (61); 
and total ofiense (6,742 yards). 

Adam Brossman '08 made the AU-MAC 
First Team, caught 62 passes for a school 
record of 1 , 1 07 yards and had 1 5 
touchdowns, tying his own record. He also 
set records for receptions ( 1 4) and receiving 
yards (337) in the victory over Albright. His 
337 yards were the most by a NCAA football 
player at any level in the 2006 season. 

Dave Zimmerman '07 also made the 
AU-MAC First Team and became the first 
player in college history to be selected for the 
Aztec Bowl or the East Coast Bowl, two 
prestigious all-star games. 

Clint Vinju '08 made First Team honors as 
well, leading the MAC with 22.3 yards per 
kick return and finishing third in the 
conference with 9.1 yards per punt return. 

Head Coach: Jim Monos 
Assistant Coaches: Rick Beard, Guy Bennardo, 
Joe Buehler, Mark Costello, Mike Donghia, 
Tom Killian, Tom McKee, Lou Omdorff, Vince 
Pantalone, Corey Wenger, Mike Wildasin 


^ Real Women Wear Skirts\v 

Field Hochev 

The team experienced one of the best 
seasons in school histon.'. winning the 
Commonwealth Conference championship 
and advancing to the Final 4 of the NC.\.-\ 
Division III Tournament. They played in 
their first national semifinal, losing to 
Ursinus 3-2. The Lady Dutchmen 
finished with a 20-3 record to tie the 
single-season school record for victories. 

Mimi Sulli\an '08 was named a First 
Team .^ll-American by both the NFHCA 
and with 
teammate Mallor\- Anderson earning 
Second Team recognition by the same two 
organizations. Anderson also was named 
to the All-Commonwealth First Team. 

In addition. Sullivan also set the school 
record for assists ( 1 4). She was joined by 
Stephanie Marguglio '07. who set LVC's 
career points record (1 80). Chelsea Byers 
'08 was also named to the 
All-Commonwealth Conference Second 

Head Coach: Laurel Martin 
Assistant Coaches: Sarah Dietrich, 
Alicia .\mold. Erica Johnson 



Team Roster: Heather Manel. Mimi Sullivan. Shauna Enck. Christine 
Schairer. Steph Marguglio. Julie Enders. Sarah Be\ans. Melissa Brong. Krista 
Freitag. Erika Peter. Sarah Drumheller. Claire Behney. Danielle Blase. 
Mallan. Anderson. Ah ssa Stine. Alex Wolfe. Amber Corcoran. A%"er> Carter, 
Chelsea Byers. Krista Anderson. Nicole Caruso. Nicole Bomherger. 
Katie Pawlewicz. Caitlin Baro 77 






h^ m«ii 

t ( /] a f \ i\.\ /I / 

Team Roster: Andrew Raudensky, Tim Mehl, Andrew Mattel, Mike Martin, 
Joe Kopchick, Brian Reinhardt, Christian Bednar, Adam Myers, Zach Barkus, 
Dave Sodl, Mark Johnson, Adam Schies, Ben Wagner, Dave Soule, Jared 
Fisher, Todd Miller, Justin Hutchinson, Richard Chesney, Adam Bums, 
Travis Steedle, Eric Nkurunziza, Dan Pitonyak, Taylor Good 




.■ * 

j-i :^ s x.^Jtit-r^'A'; t:; 



The team closed out the season 
winning five of their six final games to 
conclude with a 8- 1 record. 

Justin Hutchinson ' 1 earned the 
Commonwealth Conference Rookie of 
the Year, only the second LVC player in 
history to receive the honor, and earned a 
spot on the All-Commonwealth 
Conference Second Team. He was 
joined on that second team by classmate 
Travis Steedle '10 and Dan Pitonyak '08. 

Other recognitions went to Steedle and 
Tim Mehl ~ Commonwealth Conference 
Players of the Week. 

Head Coach: Charlie Grimes 

Assistant Coaches: J.T. Liss and Dave Kern 



In its home finale, the team scored 
eight goals against Morrisville State to 
tie the school's single-game record. 
They finished with a record of 3-12-2 
and 1-6 in the Commonweahh 

Erika Ely '09 saved six shots in the 
season finale and finished the season 
with 133, the third-highest, 
single-season total in school history. Ely 
was also named the ECAC Mid-Atlantic 
Defensive Player of the Week for two 
weeks in a row, and with teammate Keri 
Foster '07, was named to the 
Commonwealth Conference Second 

Head Coach: Lauren Frankford 
Assistant Coaches: Jess Conrad and 
Bemie Showers 


Team Roster: Erika Ely, Jennifer DiMauro, Samantha Keifer, Kathleen 
Persak, Megan Kiliti, Jenna Kane, Keri Foster, Alicia Drass, Dana Thomsen, 
Ellen Adams, Ashley Brennan, Donna Geiger, Amanda Knapp, Kristen 
Mauser, Megan Pierce, Gretchen Artz, Kristen Hoover, Erin McGarvey 


Team Roster: Kelly Curl, Anthony Scales, E.J. Smith, Eli Facchinei, Pete 
Rossi, Andrew Murphy, Jeff Smith, Matt Rowe, Ryan Tiburtini, Sean 
Wilson, Spiros Anastas, Rocky Romanella, Ryan Horgan, Bert Malloy, 
Kolja Schneider, Alex Beatrice, Andy Orsini, Kyle Smith, Nick Harris, 
Jarred Frey, Rob Scales, Casey Mignone, Anthony Longo, Matlock 
Bobechko, Aaron Miller 



The team is still trying to make a name 
for themselves in the highly-competitive 
ECAC West Conference, which they 
moved into in the 2004-05 season. 
Alex Beatrice '07 earned Player of the 
' Week honors and led the team in goals 
I (15) and points (27). Sean Wilson ' 1 
I earned Rookie of the Week recognition, 
with Jarred Frey '08 named to the ECAC 
West Weekly Honor Roll. 

Jeff Smith '07 led the team in assists 
(15), and Aaron Miller '10 earned a spot 
in the school record books with 763 saves 
as a freshman. 

I Head Coach: Ted Russell 
I Assistant Coach: Mitch Lamoureaux 
Goalkeeper Consultant: Tom Draper 



The team finished 21-11 and qualified 
for the Commonwealth Conference 
Playoffs for the sixth year in a row, 
earning a bid in the ECAC South 
Region Championship for the fifth time 
in six years. 

Natalie Goodfellow '07 led the 
Conference with 5.46 kills per game, 
ranking 8th nationally in Division III. 
She became LVC's career leader in kills 
( 1 ,662) and reset her own single-season 
kills record, finishing with 617. She was 
named to the Commonwealth 
Conference First Team and the AVCA 
All-Region Honorable Mention Team, 
and was named Commonwealth Player 
of the Week three times. 

In addition, Erin Yost '09 was named 
to the All-Commonwealth First Team. 

Head Coach: Wayne Perry 
Assistant Coaches: Diana Perry 
and John Swift 


k.Vi^y - 





Team Roster: Erin Yost, Jill 
Miller, Christa Vrabel, 
Natalie Goodfellow, Jess 
Render, Kay Lynn Zeiset, 
Lisa Slata, Margaret Prebula, 
Janey Kozlowski, Whitney 
Meyers, Brandi Roth 







■# JMS* 



1 , 

^ 1 

^^H ^--gnaJ'w**'*^'^*** 




Team Roster: Caitlin 
Bedford, Nicole 
Chwastiak, Angela Esh, 
Sarah Grodzinski, 
Mallory Hane, Nicole 
Interdonato, Kelly Moll. 
Charissa Nordall, Leslie 
Sabas. Sara Wagner, 
Jan White 



The team finished 1 1-8 for the season 
and 2-2 at Hilton Head. Charissa Nordall 
'09 and Jan White '09 teamed up and 
captured the first-ever doubles crown and 
Sarah Grodzinski the first singles title in 
the MASCAC. Nordall went 1 5-4 in 
single play and tied the previous 
single-season school record for single 
victories that stood before the year started. 
But that record was broken this season by 
freshman Grodzinski, who finished 18-3 
after her win against Mt. Union at No. 2 

Nordall was also named the 
Commonwealth Player of the Week. 

Head Coach: Cliff Myers 



^:^ V- 

The team saw another successful 
season, with an overall record of 15-12. 
They also earned a berth in the ECAC 
Southern Region Playoffs and advanced 
to the Semifinal round. The team was 
led by guard Jimmy Curran '07. who 
averaged a Commonwealth 
Conference-leading 19 points per game 
and earned numerous awards, including 
NABC Second Team All-Middle 
Atlantic Region. He also repeatedly 
won the title of Commonwealth Player 
of the Week. 

Other graduating players were guard 
Hunter Bretschneider '07. who averaged 
9 points per game and forward Brian 
Wolenskv '07. 

Head Coach: Brad McAlester 
Assistant Coaches: Jon-David Byers, 
Scott Mailen. Terrv Barlet 






! i ' i|^, iH Ji'L' hk) V P :! J. . 



f f,' I 

f ^«»-'r ^'T: 

--tj »» 

4 ir<| *-«• << 

Team Roster: Jimmy Curran, Dustin Kerns, Hunter Bretschneider, 
Matt Staub, Matt Walters, Kyle Enoch, Dan Hodge, Brian Wolensky, 
Dan Olsheski, Eric Humphrey, Peter Ruth, James Shinn, Matt Covucci, 
Dan Dunkelberger, Luke Foster 




Team Roster: Cassie Moore, Julie Adams, Donna Geiger, Megan Bish, 
Amie Bickert, Monica Johnson, Allie Butler, Jill Ryba, Jenna Gambino, 
Cassandra Martinez. 


t '* 





^=-~ ir 




"* ,^ 


The team completed the first year under 
a new coach, Todd Goclowski, finishing 
seventh in the conference. They 
concluded with a 7-17 record and a 4-10 
mark in the Commonwealth. 

The team was led by the outstanding 
Monica Johnson '07, who averaged 15.3 
points and 9.4 rebounds per game. She 
was named to the All-Commonwealth 
Conference First Team as well as the All-Mid-Atlantic Region 
Second Team. For her career, she finished 
second in school history in rebounds (769) 
and third in scoring ( 1 ,299 points). 

Johnson was one of 84 college women's 
basketball players to be profiled on the 
Women's NBA basketball players prospect 
list. She was only one of five Division III 
players listed. 

Head Coach: Todd Goclowski 
Assistant Coaches: Katie Imes and 
Stephanie Sutton 


Cross Counrnv 

The team had its final meet at the 
NCAA Division III Mid-East Regional 
hosted by Waynesburg College. The 
men's team finished 1 5th and the 
women's squad finished 33rd. 

In the Elizabethtown Invitational the 
women finished 12 out of 14 teams, and 
the men 6 out of 14. The DeSales 
Invitational saw Kyle Himmelreich '08 
finish 10th out of 191 runners and 
Sarah Abbott '09 finish 13 out of 214. 

The men finished third at the 
Delaware Valley Invitational and 
second out of 1 5 teams at the Belmont 
Classic, led by Himmelreich who 
finished second. He also finished third 
in the 1 37-man LVC Invitational, the 
lowest finish at the meet by an LVC 
men's runner since Jeff Koegel '95 
finished second in 1994. 

Head Coach: Sarah Wickenheiser 




Team Roster: (Women) Sarah Abbott, Allison Conety, Caitlin CrofTord, 
Patricia Fanning, Tracey Fortugno, Nicole Frederick, Katrina Glick, 
Dana Grabish, Amanda Pone, Brittany Sanders; (Men) Jeremy Ansbach, 
Chris Bauer, Eli Galan, Luke Groff, Kyle Himmelreich, Israel Lucena, 
Guillermo Munoz, James O'Brien, Joseph Sheehy, Kurtis Taylor, Kyle 
Ward, Nick Wardle, Matthew Wynn 





Team Roster: (men) Scott Beesley, Tristan Bostock, Kevin Carney, Jeffery 
Dresely, David Gardner, Kristopher Gazsi, Andy Goetz, J.T. Grob, Greg 
Kauffman, James McEwan, Johnny Schoenberger, Kevin Uhland, Jared 
Wilkerson, Daniel Wolford, Matthew Woods, Nick Zlupko; (women) 
Kiera Andersen, Jill Brader, Alyse Canciello. Caitlin Crofford, Lynn 
Donmoyer, Nicole Eckert, Rebecca Edwards, Hillary Forsythe, Kellianne 
Harkins, Aimee Heckman, Ann Heckman, Lauren Horst, Allison Hunt, 
Jordan Jacobs, Sara Jenkins, Danielle Kern, Laurel Klappholz, Kelly 
Kohlmaier, Kate Lynagh, Amy Miceli, Lisa Niethamer, Hannah 
Plimpton, Megan Risser. Hope Roaten. Christina Schreiner, Kathryn 
Shimer, Allison Sweigart, Melanie Tober, Meghann Wright, Laura 
Yeager, Crystal Zakszeski 


















With Kevin Carney '09 at the front, 
LVC men's team turned its second straight 
winning season with a 7-6 record. After 
breaking seven school records as a 
freshman, Carney reset 4 of his individual 
records. At the MAC Championships, he 
earned a silver in the 1,650-yard freestyle 
and reset his own school record with a 
time of 1 7:06. 1 1 . He was also named 
ECAC Division III Co-Swimmer of the 

Four school records were set by the 
women's team, which ended the season 
5-10. Allison Sweigart '08 had a 2:53.2 in 
the 200-meter butterfly and Lisa 
Niethamer '10 1:21.93 in the 100-meter 

In relays, Lynn Donmoyer '07, 
Niethamer, Lauren Horst '09 and Sweigart 
set 1:46.72 in the 200-yard freestyle, while 
Horst, Danielle Kern '07, Hannah 
Plimpton '07 and Sweigart broke the 
800-freestyle with 8:58.82. 

Head Coach: Mary Gardner 


TRy^cH «» Field 

At the LVC Invitational, the men's 
and women's teams combined to win 1 3 
events. The team was led by Nick 
Orfanella '07, who captured the MAC 
Male Athlete of the Year. He was a 
bronze medalist in the shot put at the 
ECAC Championships and reset both of 
his school records in the shot and weight 
throw and qualified for the NCAA 
Division III Championships in the 
weight throw. He was unbeatable, 
earning a triple-gold performance in the 
discus, shot put and hammer at the 
MAC Championships. 

In addition, Bryon Laird '07 earned a 
silver medal in the 1 1 0-meter hurdles at 
the MAC Championships while 
breaking a 42-year-old school record 
with a time of 1 4.68. He also won gold 
at the ECAC Championships. 

Head Coach: Al Moten 

Roster, continued from pg. 97 

Maria Pagonakis, Amanda Pone, Jen Reilly, 

Yesenia Santiago, Shaylene Scheib, Mandy 

Warner, Amy Willow, Christina Gunn, Abby 




Team Roster: (men) JefT Anderson, 
Jeremy Ansbach, Chris Bauer, Nick 
Boaz, Joe Brennan, Tyler Cisarik, 
Andrew Clements, Chris Clements, 
Matt Day, Adam Devine, Mark Fersch, 
Eli Galan, Kyle Himmelreich, Daniel 
Hinnerschitz, Adam Hurst, Justin 
Hutchinson, Munyardzi Jakazi, Steven 
Kurtz, Bryon Laird, Josh Light, Israel 
Lucena, Guillermo Munoz, James 
O'Brien, Nick Orfanella, Mike Palmer, 
Jared Pitt, Joseph Sheehy, Ben Smith, 
Tom Smith, Mark Johnson, Zach 
Kansler, Joe Strok, Kyle Sylvester, Tony 
Tulio, Kevin Uhland, Bemie Yanos, 
Nate Yinger, Andrew Young; (women) 
Sarah Abbott, Rebecca Ache, Emily 
Allison, Heidi Allison, Caitlin Crofford, 
Amanda Cubbage, Holly Feeser, Emily 
Fitez, Tracey Fortugo, Natalie 
Goodfellow, Amy Hartman, Amanda 
Knapp, Emily Lyden, Megan Miller, 

See Roster, pg. 96 97 





^^ . 

^ ^ 




»' '«' 3 ''i'' S 

_ i * 





Team Roster: Joe Kopchick, Grant Wiest, Taylor Good, Richie Schwartz, 
Nick Faria, Brandon Thompson, Matt Sanders, Bert Malloy, CharHe 
Parker, Brandon Stoothoof, Travis Smart, Josh Muscalus, Corey 
Lamoureaux, Mike Snyder, Andrew Hobbins, John Mentzer, Jimmy 
Luchansky, Dan Kelly, Kyle Caruthers, Mark Mehalko, Chris Schank, Joe 
Soupik, Andrew Pipkin, Charley Khne, Devin Schneider 

igtiM^tifc. iii ga M j i 


After a slow start, the Dutchmen pulled 
together to win 19 of their final 24 games 
on their way to a first-place finish in the 
Commonwealth Conference. The team 
finished the season 21-18 (14-7 CC) and 
earned a trip to the Conference playoffs for 
the second year in a row. 

LVC led the Commonwealth in batting 
averages (.31 3), slugging percentage (.414), 
on-base percentage (.394) and runs scored 

John Mentzer '08 was named 
Commonwealth Conference Co-Player of 
the Year. Chris Schank '08. Dan Kelly '07, 
Brandon Thompson '09. Grant Wiest '10 
and Matt Sanders '07 earned a spot on the 
All-Commonwealth Conference Team. 



A; " 


Head Coach: Keith Evans 
Assistant Coaches: Dave Fortna, 
Robert Rudolph, Joe Shiner 


The team came away with its third 
straight winning season with a 18-12 
record. Amy Batz '07 and Lisa 
DiCristofaro '07 were named to the 
All-Commonwealth Conference teams ~ 
Batz to the First Team for the fourth 
year in a row, and DiCristofaro to the 
Second Team. Batz was also name 
Commonwealth Conference Player of 
the Week. 

Pitcher Jenn Roberts '07 left her name 
in the LVC record books with wins (45), 
shutouts (21) and strikeouts (462). This 
season also saw Parks get her 1 00th 
career hit in a game against Gettysburg 

Head Coach: Stacey Hollinger 




Team Roster: Lauren Sanford, Kristen Uhas, Caitlin Keller, Krystal 
Devecchio, Jenn Roberts, Janey Kozlowski, Jessica Salisbury, Lisa 
DiCristofaro, Amy Batz, Amy Weist, Courtney Grimm, Allix Sanders, 
Kelly O'Toole, Audrey Benner, Katie DeJulio, Jenn Parks, Nicolle 
Henry, Crystal Nolen, Natalie Lipinsky, Aileen Davies 


Team Roster: .AJex Bardman. .Anthony Calvario. Charlie Fisher, 
Steve Garby. Benjamin GraefF. Nick Kambach. Mike Krajmk, 
Casey Mignone. Ste%'e Thomas. R> an Tiburtini. Mike Wilhehn. 
Brandon Wuzzardo. Nick Zlupko 


The team finished third out of seven 
teams at the Commonwealth Conference 
Championship tournament. 

Steve Thomas 0" finished 1 1th out of 
35 golfers at the Commonwealth 
tournament. For the season, he averaged 
a team-best. 1 8-hole average of 78.". 

.■\lso finishing strong were Steve Garby 
10. who posted an 8 2-1 -stroke average 
and Mike \\'ilhelm 07. who averaged 
83.4. The two tied for 1 3th at the 
Commonwealth tournament. 

The team finished 3rd out of 24 teams 
at the L\'C Invitational and 9th out of 1 9 
at the Mora\ian Invitational. 

Head Coach: Lou Sorrentino 


- *,V Jt- 

Two tennis players earned 
All-Commonwealth Conference Team 
standing ~ Erik Vargo '07 was named to 
the First Team and Stu Hartman '07 
was named to the Second Team. 

For the third year in a row, Vargo 
finished 1 5-7 at No. 1 singles and 1 5-8 
at No. 2 doubles. He ranked second in 
school history in doubles wins (52-30) 
and third in singles victories (56-20). 

Vargo, Jared Zeigler '09 and Shawn 
Becker '09 all advanced to the 
semi-finals (MASCAC) at King's College 
and Wilkes University. 



Head Coach: Cliff Myers 


Team Roster: Shawn 
Becker, Jonathan Gingrich, 
Matt Grodzinski, Stu 
Hartman, Matt Hotchkiss, 
Zach Kaufman, Andrew 
Levin, Phil Rhodes, Erik 
Vargo, Jared Zeigler 


Vy^p^c^ 0^ ^l^e^ VWf^ 

The LVC Marching Band program represents a long tradition of 
student involvement on the campus. This year's band of 150 students 
includes 60 percent who are majoring in music, with the remaining 40 
percent representing a broad cross-section of many other academic 
disciplines. It is the largest student organization, representing 
approximately 10 percent of the resident student body population. 
The band includes 133 playing members, 1 1 guards, two twirlers, two 
drum-majors, and two non-marching staff. 

The shows are designed, arranged and written entirely by a student 
band staff personnel. The 2006 show was designed as a salute to 
heroic figures, both mythical and real-life, who provide us with 
larger-than-life images which lift our spirits, inspire our dreams, and 
tug at our hearts. Some of the musical numbers included the 
super-hero theme from "The Incredibles," the poignant and moving 
military hero tribute, "Hymn to the Fallen," and the pulse-quickening 
John Williams Olympic opening theme, "Summon the Heroes." 

Musical arrangers are Greg Strohman and Robbie Kerchner. 
Percussion scoring is by Mike Feher and Jeremy Bleistine. Trumpet 
soloist is Bob Stasiunas. Visual coordinator and Head of Staff is Tom 
Davidson. Drill design is by Kateri Swavely, with choreography by 
Rachel Marion. The featured twirler is Jenna Moser, two-time 
Twirling Unlimited World Majorette Champion. The band is led on 
the field by field conductor Jay Althouse and drum-majors Mark Rizzo 
and Chelsie Miller. 





2007 Winter Roster 

Eric Cain 

Danielle Cowdell 

Jennifer Dunnick 

Danielle Gemmill 

Brittany Gough 

Christina Gunn 

Jaclyn Kain 

Vincent Laspina 

Catharine Laurenzo 

Casie Lesher 

Stacy Moser 

Charles O'Brien 

Molly Orenstein 

Jillian Perry 

Sara Piasecki 

Robyn Roomberg 

Courtney Schwalm 

Heather Vasas 


Photo bv O.sinvn J. Oree '10 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

This sorority has been very busy this year with many events. 
They organized trips to the skating rink, current plays and 
musicals, Halloween and Christmas parties, and much more. 
This past fall, they collected canned goods by 
trick-or-treating on Halloween for the Ronald McDonald 
House, and collected over 350 canned goods! 

Members participated in Making Strides Against Breast 
Cancer by raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer. 
The chapter participated with other Greek organizations in a 
visit to Country Meadows Nursing Home and collected 
goods around campus for the Annual Turkey Bowl Flag 
Football Game. 

In the spring, the chapter walked in the Relay for Life to help 
raise cancer awareness. They also sewed dolls to give to 
children in need. They have fun together while they help 
and interact with others on campus and in the community. 

Alpha Sigma Tau is an Active, Self-Reliant and Trustworthy 
group of women! 



Greek & Service Organizations: 

Kappa Lambda Nu 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Knights of the Valley 

Phi Lambda Sigma 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Alpha Phi Omega 


Phi Sigma Sigma 

This is an international sorority which strives to create an 
environment that fosters the advancement of womanhood 
and the growth and development of each member. This 
year, the Phi Sigma Sigma sisters have participated in nearly 
250 service hours. 

The Theta Tau chapter promotes academic achievement and 
has received various service and scholarship awards. Relay 
for Life, Rock-A-Thon, and volunteering at the Humane 
Society and the Lebanon Valley Home are all examples of 
how Phi Sigs give back to the community. 

Members of the Theta Tau Chapters include (seniors) Marisa 
lapicco, Julie Pfieffer and Kristine Riggs; (juniors) Allison 
Dolan, Nicole Eberhardt, Nicole Enman, Jennifer Lazarski, 
Allison Moucheron and Amands Semon; (sophomores) 
Kendall Barbera, Stacey Eyier, Amy Print, Kelly Minnix, Libby 
Shaw and Casey Van Nest; (freshmen) Samantha Mohr, 
Jacqueline Murphy and Sarah Strouse. 

LVC students completed 20,622 hours of 
community service during the 2006-07 
year, which is equal to $387,074.94 worth 
of service. 

The following Greek organizations were 
part of those total hours: 

Alpha Phi Omega - 648 

Gamma Sigma Sigma - 512 

Phi Sigma Sigma - 238 

Tau Kappa Epsilon - 170 

Kappa Lambda Nu - 138 

Alpha Sigma Tau - 120 


Photo bv Osinvn J. Oree '10 

ahead to 


May 12, 2007 
138th Commencement Ceremony 

0nv jFmal 


On Saturday, May 12, 2007, LVC celebrated its 138th 

Commencement ceremony, saying goodbye to the largest 

graduating class in College history. 

Speaker Dr. Patrick Brewer, associate 

professor of mathematical sciences (top 

left) discussed "Make Believe." 

The Baccalaureate service was led by 

Father Allan F. Wolfe, who presented 

"The Winning Strategy for Life." 

Some 340 seniors attended the 

ceremony, with 1 4 students earning 

their master's degrees and 1 8 earning 

doctorates in physical therapy. Over 

50 students who earned degrees in 

December also participated in the 

day's events. 

essica Barber (left), a double 

major in psychology and French, 

earned the top student honor of 

the day ~ the Howard H. 

Neidig Award. 



The Class of 2007 presented their gift of 
$21,685 to the CoUege. 



A <^\x Hun' 






senior Class 



V Vt 




"- t.u„ 

"Education is not the filling of a bucket, 
but the lighting of a fire." 



(Verse 1) 
To Thee, dear Alma Mater 
This ringing song we raise; 
A song that's fraught with gladness, 
A song that's filled with praise. 
We cannot help but love Thee, 
Our hearts are full and free; 
Full well we know the debt we owe, 
To dear old LVC. 

The newest LVC graduates take a 

few moments to proudly display 

their diplomas. 


Grant D. Martzall 

Grant, our precious son. From bare feet to baclielor degrees, you have 'become 
a very intelligent and handsome young man. Your accomplishments have 
exceeded our expectations. As you go forward to the next chapter of your life 
and enter a competitive business career, remember you only get out of 
something what you put into it. Dream big and follow your dreams. Keep 
smiling, have confidence, work hard, and success will follow. We are so proud 
of you! We look forward to seeing you succeed in every aspect of life. We wish 
you Health, Happiness, and Success. Remember to Live well, Laugh often, and 
Love miuch. We love you so miuch and we are so blessed. 

Love You Always, 

Mom, Dad and Kirsten 

John Smith 

Dear John, 

Where did the four years go? It 
seems like yesterday we were 
dropping you off to start your 
first year of college and here you 
are graduating. We are so proud 
of you and your many 
accomplishments. May you 
always be happy and may all of 
your dreams come true. We love 
you very much and only wish the 
best in life for you. You are 
wonderful son, a terrific brother 
and a cherished grandson. 
Congratulations, John! 


Mom, Dad, Ashley 

Grandma Glo and Grandma Jo 

Matthew Martin 

Dear Matt, 

Congratulations to the most talented, 
brilliant and wonderful person we know. 
With your passion for music we know that 
Matt Martin Recording Services will be a huge 
success. Continue to follow your dreams. 
We are extremely proud of you! 

Love Always, 
Mom & Dad 


Krista Anderson 

Congratulations to the seniors for 
an excellent season! 

Helga and Dave Anderson 

Ji^ffr^iy fl. Isinn 

Dear Jeff, 

As B.B. King said, 

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no 
one can take it away from you." 

During these past four years at LVC, we have 
watched you grow and mature into a responsible 
young man. You have made us extremely 
proud of you and we wish you the best that life 
can offer. 

Never forget our dinners at Boss's and Duke's. 
We were loud, we'd shout and it was amazing 
that we never got kicked out! 

May life's path lead you down the road of 
Health, Wealth and Happiness. 

We are proud of you, 
We love you and 
We congratulate you! 

Love always. 

Mom, Pops and Stacy 
"Dutchmen Can Fly" 

Bryon Laird 

Dear Bryon, 

Dad and I had so much fun 
watching you grow into the 
person graduating from LVC. 
From academics to track meets -- 
you gave it your all. 

Wow, find a terrific job so that you 
and Keri can live happily ever 


Mom, Dad and Aaron 


Angela Undercuffler 


For every goal that you have set, you always achieve another 


We are so very proud of you, and wish you the best of luck and 
happiness in your future. 


Mom, Grand-Mom and Uncle Joe 

Sean Zwoyer 

To my son. 

You have made my dream for you come true. You 
always said you finish what you start. Four long but 
short years of hard work... your reward, a Bachelor's 
Degree with a bright future. May you always know I 
couldn't be prouder. 

Your Mom 

Laura y3f\ Per Kriokke 

Laura, there are not enough words to describe the 
pride and love that we have for you in our hearts. 
You have grown into a beautiful and confident 
young lady and as you continue on life's journey 
may you always remember your past and live 
every day of your future in love and happiness. 

With all our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Benjamin Byers 



We are very proud of you. 

You are my sunshine. My only 



Dad, Mom and Coolio 


Nicliolas Orf anella 

From your first year of school to the last, we have watched 
you grow, mature and succeed. Your hard work and 
dedication have made you a Winner in Hfe. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments at LVC. We're 
very proud of you! 

1 ^^1 


Mom, Dad & Liz 


Jameson Moore 


Your smile, your laughter, your love of Hfe make you that special 

bring happiness to all who know you. 



Because of your determination, you will succeed in whatever you 
We are so proud of you! 

set out to do. 


Dad, Mom, J.D. and Jason 

Audrey Benner 

It seems like only yesterday that as proud parents, we brought you home. We are as 
proud today of all you have accomplished, as we were the day you were born. 

You have the ability to do whatever you want. Be happy. Enjoy it. 

We wish you the best in wherever life leads you. Congratulations on your graduation 
from college! 

Mom & Dad 


Alexander Levering 

Sometimes the ride isn't smooth, but we have always had confidence in you. 

Mom, Dad, Erin, Pat, Max, Jared, Danielle, Line and Brian 

Kimberly Zagarra 

Four years of sweat and toil, but Kimberly made it through. Hard work pays off, and 
now you can reap the benefits. Congratulations for a job well done, my daughter! 
You are simply the best. 


Congratulations, Kimberly A. Zagarra. May 12, 2007 is your special day. Good luck 
in all of your future endeavors. 


Grandma & Grandpa 

Kimberly, it is said that children are our future. I forsee you giving many children a 
future in your chosen line of work. We are very proud of you. 

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Maria 


Ashley Coombs 

Congratulations! You did it - your hard work really paid offl 
We're so proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 

^atripa Qlicl^ 

Dear Katrina, 

It's amazing how life sometimes turns around. Several years ago, you thought this 
would never be a possibility. One never knows until they try. You have 
accomphshed much, and have stayed the course. From that little baby girl of mine, 
you have turned into a beautiful and character-filled woman that I am so very 
proud of. May the rest of your life and all that you do be filled with happiness, 
blessings and success. 

God Bless! 



P.S. Ozzie & Harley say ditto 


The Hutchinson Family 
Bill & Sharon Jeannette 

Merrie Lee 

Karl & Sandra Trostle 

John & Sue Kovacs 

Lance & Doris Laird 

Holly A. Barrett 

Eric B. Zwoyer 


Thank you. . . 






To Bd Patrick Jr. of Taylor Publishing for hie patience, expertise 
and overall outstanding cu^l^m&r eervloe r- 

To Mark Huff and the staff at PaVor Rioto^aphy for helping 
us with senior porb-alts, Gomn&Y\o6men1>, sports and other campus 
^vents.^ ^ -"m*-' 

To Jenfcvans of Student Activities for her §Max\D& and 

To Tom Hanrahan and Kelly Alsedek of the College Relations- «^w-^ 
Office for l^ir assistance and Insist. JlkSJH 

^*To 3raden Snyder of Spotte Information for supplying us with 
team prfiotos and photos of cross country. 

To the Business Office staff for handling our finances. 


^^Q,vXm» Staff: 


Jill ft-ater 05, Sftkfent Llf© Edn;or 
Sierra Martz '07 
Aehley Mba* '07 
Oefn^Ord» 1 0, frfiotogr^y 

Mary ^th Hower, advisor 


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fhcf^kygraphe provkisd by Davor Fhotography, unk^ cftherwJee natied. 

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