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Full text of "Rauch's Pennsylvania Dutch hand-book : a book for instruction = Rauch's Pennsylvania Deitsch hond-booch : en booch for inshtructa"

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A Book for Instruction. 

lou fit "5 c\^ Vva f f «^1 io^"«^ 

R A U C H'S 


En Booch for Inshtructa. 

By E. H. RAUCH, 

( " Pit Schweffelbrenner." ) 





Entered According to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. 0. 




About the year 1870, I made up my mind to 
; publish this book, with a view of affording prac- 
» . tical and profitable instruction, especially for 
^ business men who are located among Pennsyl- 
: vania Dutch speaking people, and also for the 
' many thousands of native Pennsylvania girls and 
l)oys who attend the English public schools, and 
yet almost exclusively speak the Pennsylvania 
Dutch language at home and in the community. 
I then commenced the work, and had gath- 
ered several thousand Pennsylvania Dutch Words 
and arranged them alphabetically with trans- 
lations. But then I discovered my entire incom- 
petency for such a work, by reason of a lack 
of sufficient experience to make my spelling 
of words consistent and uniform. I became dis- 
couraged, and for the time abandoned the work. 
Since then I have had ample experience, and 
believe I have very much improved and sim- 
plified the spelling, which is strictly according to 
r English rules. The German rule would not be 
r practical, because from eighteen to twenty per 


cent, of all the words commonly used in Penn- 
sylvania Dutch are either English or a compound 
of English and German, and also because all the 
youth of our State is taught to read English, and 
comparitively but few receive any sort of German 
education. The English rule is therefore decidedly 
the best for this purpose. Any one who can read 
English, can also read Pennsylvania Dutch as I 
have it recorded, and give it, in nineteen out of 
twenty cases, the correct pronunciation. There- 
fore, I believe this book will be found specially 
practical and valuable as an instructor. 

To read it, no study of orthography is at all 
necessary, because it is simply English. The ch 
is the only German sound, pronounced as gh in 
Dougherty or Gallagher. 

As quite a number of newspapers devote 
portions of their space to Pennsylvania Dutch 
articles — generally humorous — a book of this 
kind will assure uniformity of spelling Pennsyl- 
vania Dutch words. 

Whilst many of the writers, doubtless, will 
contend that the spelling of this or that word is 
defective, and whilst there will probably be 
errors and some inconsistencies, I am confident 
that, as a whole, this work will be jironounced a 
very good beginning — a healthy plant of a prac- 
tical Pennsylvania Dutch literature. 


It is not necessary to undertake a history of 
the Pennsylvania Dutch language. Indeed, I 
would not feel competent even if inclined to state 
it. Prof. S. S. Haldeman contends that it is tlie 
dialect of South Germany transplanted to Penn- 
sylvania. I'rohahly that is nearly correct. I 
Avould say it is the natural dialect begotten hy 
the intermixture of English and German speak- 
ing people in the same community, and l)y that 
I mean all classes of Germans, and not merely 
those of South Germany. Be this as it may, 
Pennsylvania Dutch is a language, spoken not 
only by one-third of all the people of the great 
State of Pennsylvania, Init also by thousands and 
hundreds of thousands of descendants of Pennsyl- 
vanians now located in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, 
Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, 
West Virginia, Northern Maryland, Tennessee, 
Texas and in some other localities. The Ian- 
gunge came inio being as all other languages 
came, from natural causes. 

Flattering myself that to some extent I have 
succeeded, after a number of years of experience 
and practice, in making a fair record of the Penn- 
sylvania Dutch language, I respectfully sul)hiit 
my work for approval or rejection by an intelli- 
gent public. 

E. H. Rauch. 



Abüut 'm yohr 1870, hob ich my iiiind iif 
gamaiicht for 'n booch shreiva im publi^ia, fun 
Pennsylvania Deitsh in EngHsh im Enghsh in 
Pennsylvania Deitsh, mit der obsicht for practi- 
cally im pruffitliche instructions gevva, abbor- 
dich for bi sness menner os in pletz woona fun 
Pennsylvania Deitsh sh wetzende leit, un aw for 
de feela daussenda fun Pennsylvania boova im 
maid os in de Englisha shoola gane un doch 
sheer nix shwetza derhame un in der nochber- 
shaft OS Pennsylvania Deitsh. 

Ich hob sellamohls de arwet aw g'fonga, un 
hob a, pawr daiissend wardta g'sommelt im 
arranged alphabetically. Awer ich hob aw ous 
g'foona OS ich noch net fit war for so'n j^, weil 
ich net de noatwendich im practical erfawrung 
g'hot hob for de wardta shpella iif 'n regulärer 
im uni form er wseg. Ich bin mootlose warra, im 
hob sellamohls de arwet uf gevva. 

Siddor sellani hob ich feel erfawrung g'hot, 
un my shj^ella is now orrick simple, accoiding 
tzu der Englisha r\üe. De Deitsh rule doots net 
so goot, weil fun auchtzae bis tzwansich per cent, 
fun de wardta os for c_omnion g'used waerra in 
Pennsylvania Deitsh, English sin, odder an mij^- 
^r fun English im Deitsh, im aw weil all de kin- 
ner in imserm Shtate larna English laisa, im 


yusht 'n klainer dale fun eena krega enincbe 
sort fun Deitshe larnung. De English inile, daw- 
rum, is by weitam de besht for des booch. En- 
nich ebber os English laisa g'larnt hut con aw 
my Pennsylvania Deitsh laisa, un in ninetzain 
ous tzwansich fella, recht ous shprecha. Ich 
glawb OS des booch specially goot is ols 'n 
inshtructor, weil es gor k?e neie orthography is, 
un brauch kre shtudya — for es is im shpella com- 
mon English. Der ch is der ainsicha Deitsh 
80,iilid, un waerd ous g'shprucha we gh im Eng- 
lisha nawma Dougherty. 

Weil ordlich feel tzeitunga plotz maucha for 
Pennsyl vanish Deitshe shticker — for cöJüinon 
humorish — an booch fun dar awrt wserd use- 
fiil si, un feel waert, for 'n unifoi*mer waeg tzu 
shpella fore bringa. Feel fun de shreiver du'n fer- 
leicht co nten da os 's shpella fun dem un sellam 
wardt besser si kent, un es con si os failer g'funna 
wa^rra, awer ich bin coiifident os im gonsa wserd 
des booch goot g'hasa — an g'soonty p|ons for 'n 
practically Pennsylvania Deitshe literature. 

Es is net noatwendich os ich unnernem 'n 
history fun der Pennsylvania Deitch shproach 
tzu gevva. Ich waer net amohl able sell tzu du 
wann ich aw wet. Der Prof S. S. Haldeman 
bahawpt os de shproach is fun Seed Deitshlond 
in Pennsylvania ei gapionst. Sell is ferleicht so. 


Ich date uwer sawga es is de iioddeerlich sbproacb 
in existance coonia dorrich de feLWixung fun 
English nn Deitsh shAvetzende leit in der s^ie 
nochbershaft, nn by sellani mane ich oily clo^a 
Deitshe, nn net ynsht de os fun seed Deitslilond 
eoonia sin. 

Lnss des a wer si we's will, PennsAdvailia 
Deitsh is 'n shproach, g'shwetzt net ynsht I4: ea 
drittle fun de leit ini grossa Shtate Pennsylvania, 
awer aw by danssenda nn boonerta fun danssenda 
Pennsylvanisbe nocb-coomer ngjj' in Ohio, Indi- 
ana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, J^e- 
braska, Iowa, West Virginia, Nordlich Maryland, 
Tennessee, Texas, nn in onnery pletz. De 
shproach is in exis^jnice cooma, fun noddeerliche 
nrsaucha. IJn weil ich glawb os ich anyhow tzu'm 
dale mich fit g'maucht hob, dorrich yohra fun 
erfa wrung un practice, der eck-sbta? tzu laiga for 
'n practically Pennsylvania Deitshe literatnre, du 
ich yetz my arwet fore 's intelligenta public for 's 
awnemma nn goot haisa, odder for 's week 
shmeisa nn condemma. 

E. H. Eauch. 

Translation of Words. 



Aback, tzurick. 
Abandoned, ferlussa. 
Abate, nochlussa. 
Abatement, nochlussung. 
Abbreviate, obkartza. 
Abbreviation obkartzung 
Abbreviated, obgakartz'd 
Abdicate, utj^evva. 
Abdomen, leib, bauch. 
Abhor, obshei. 
Abhorrent. obsheiHch. 
AbiUty, abihty. 
Able, able, g'shickt. 
Abolish, abolish. 
Abohshed, abolished. 
Abolishing, abohsha. 
Abolition, abolition. 
Abolitionist, abolitionist. 

About, about, weaga. 
Above, uvva, ivver. 
Abreast, navanonner. 
Abroad, im ouslond. 
Abrupt, pletzlich. 
Absent, aweck, net dob 


Absentee, absentee. 
Abstain, obshtae. 
Abstract, obtzoog. 

Absurd, unfershtendich. 
Absurdity, uafershtond. 
Abundant, irverflissich. 

Abuse, abuse. 
Abused, abused. 
Abusing, abusa. 
Abusive, abusif. 
Abut, awshtosa. 
Abutment, awshtose. 
Accept, accept. 
Accepting, accepta. 
Acceed, ferwillicha. 
Access, tzugong. 
Accident, unglick. 
Accidental, unglicklich 

Accumulate, tzunemma. 

Accumulation, tzunawm 
Account, rechnung, ac- 
Accountant, accountant. 




Accounted, account. 
Accounting, accounta. 
Accuse, ferklawg. 
Accused, baklawg'd. 
Accuser, baklaiger. 
Accusing, bakl'awga. 
Accustom, gewohnheit 
Accustomed, gewohnd. 
Ace, ace. 
Ache, shmartz, 
Aching, shmartza. 
Achieve, ousfeera. 
Acknowledge, g'slitas, 

Acknowledged, g'shton 

na, acknowledged. 
Acorn, aichle, 
Acquaint, bakonnt. 
Acquaintance, bakonnta 
Acquire, arlonga. 
Acquit, fri-gevva. 
Acre, ocker 
Across, drivva, nivver. 
Act, act. 
Acted, g'act. 
Acting, acta. 
Active, actif. 
Actor, acter. 
Accute, cute. 
Adage, shprich-wardt. 
Adapt, awpossa. 
Adaptation, auwendung. 
Add, add. 
Adding, adda. 
Addition, addition. 
Additional, additional. 
Addict, g'waina. 
Addicted, g'wained. 
Address, address. 
Addressing, addressa. 

Addressed, addressed. 

Adjourn, adjourn. 

Adjourning, adjourna. 

Adj ourn ed , adj our n ed . 

Adjournment, adjourn- 

Adhere, awclaiva. 

Adherent, awhenker. 

Adherence, awhong. 

Adieu, farrywell. 

Adjacent, naigsht. 

Adjective, biwardt. 

Adjoin, awshtose. 

Adjoining, awshtosa. 

Adjure, bashwaira. 

Adjust, fix. 

Adjusting, fixa. 

Adjusted, g'fixed. 

Administrator, admin- 

Administer, administra. 

Administration, ad- 

Admire, admire. 

Admiring, adniira. 

Admit, admit, gelta 

Admission, admission. 

Admittance, admittance. 

Admitting, admitta. 
Adopt, adopt. 
Adopted, g'adopt. 
Adopting, adopta. 
Adoption, adoption. 
Adult, gawoxner. 
Adulterate, ferfelsh. 
Adulterated, ferfelsh'd. 
Adulterating, ferfelsha. 

Adulteration, ferfelshung 

Advance, fore-ous. 
Advancing^ advansa. 




Advanced, ahead, gon- ' 
ga, advanced. j 

Advantage, fortle, ad- 

Advantage, fortlehoft. 

Adverb, shwetzwardt. 

Adversary, gaigner. 

Adverse, tzuvvidder. 

Advert, aucht gevva. 

Advertise, adferdise. 

Advertising, adlerdisa. 

Advertised, adferdised. 

Advertisement, adfer- 
dise men t. 

Advertiser, adferdiser. 

Advice, advice, roat. 

Advising, advisa, rota. 

Advised, awgarota, ad- 

Adviser, adviser, roat- 

Advocate, advocate. 

Advocating, advocata. 

Aeronaut, ballooner. 

Afar, ous, weit, ob. 

Affair, g'sbeft, affair. 

Attirm, affarm. 

Affirming, affarma. 

Affirmed, affarm 'd. 

Affirmative, affarmatif. 

Affectionate, freindlich 

Afflict, kronk. im troovel. 

Affliction, troovel. 
Afford, afford. 
Affording, afforda. 
Affray, shtreit, shlagerei. 
Affront, awgriff, affront 
Afoot, tzu foos. 
Afore, tzufore. 
Afraid, ongslit, bong. 
After, dernoch, noch. 

Afterwards, nochderhond 
Again, widder. 
Against, dergaiga. 
Age, olt, elt, olter. 
Aged, olt, elt. 
Agent, agent. 
Agency, agency. 
Aggress, awgriff. 
Aggressive, aggressif. 
Agitate, agitate. 
Agitating, agitata. 
Agree, agree. 
Agreeing, agreea. 
Agreed, agreed. 
Agreement, agreement 
Agreeable, awganame. 
Agriculture, baua. 
Ago, tzeit-long, tzurick. 
Agoing, im gong. 
Ague, kalt fever. 
Ahead, for warts, ahead 
Aid, hilf. 
Aiding, helfa. 
Aided, g'hulfa. 
Aider, heifer. 
Aim, tzeel. 
Aiming, tzeela. 
Air, looft. 
Airy, looftich. 
Alas, auch. 
Alarm, larm. 
Alderman, shquire. 
Alien, ouslender. 
Alike, gleich. 
Alive, lavendich. 
All, oil, olla, yeader, 

gons, oiler. 
Allege, bahawpt. 
Alliance, bintniss. 
Allow, arlawb. 
Allowance, arlawbniss. 




Allowed, arlawbt. 
Allowing, arlaiiwa. 
Almanac, collender. 
Almighty, allmechtich. 
Almost, sheer. 
Alone, allse. 
Along, derbi, mit. 
Aloud, loud. 
Alms, almosa. 
Aloft, noch, uvva. 
Aloof, a week. 
Alphabet, alphabet. 
Already, shiin. 
Also, aw, also. 
Altar, altar. 
Alter, ferenner. 
Altered, ferennered. 

Alteration, ferennerung. 

Altering, ferennera. 

Although, ubshun. 

Altitude, haich, hai. 

Altogether, olmitnon- 

Always, immer. 

Amalgamate, fermixa. 

Amalgamation, amal- 
gamation, fermixung 

Amass, uf heifla. 

Amaze, fershrecka. 

Amenable, ontwartlich 

Amend, amend. 

Amending, amenda. 

Amendment, amendment 

Amiable, awganame. 

Amid, unner, mitta 

Amiss, failerhoft. 

Amity, freindshoft. 

Among, derbi, unner. 

Amorous, ferleebt. 

Amount, amount, sum. 

Amounting, amounta. 

Amuse, plesseera, un- 

An, ane, an. 

Analogy, aneHchkeit. 

Ancestors, fore-eltra. 

And, un. 

Ancient, for olters. 

Anecdote, shtory, an- 

Anew, fun niam. 

Angel, engle. 

Anger, boseheit. 

Angry, base. 

Angling, fisha. 

Angling-line, fish-line. 

Angling-rod, fish-gad. 

Animal, credoor. 

Ankle, knechel. 

Annex, annex. 

Annexing, annexa. 

Annexed, annexed. 

Announce, announce. 


Announced, announced. 

Announcement, a n - 

Annual, yarelich. 
Annul, fernichta. 
Another, an onnerer. 
Answer, ontwart. 
Answered, g'answered, 

Ant, awmouse. 
Ants, awmice. 
Anterior, elter, forhar. 
Ante-room, fore-shtoob 
Anvil, ombose. 
Anxiety, engsht. 
Anxious, engshtlich. 
Any, ane, yader, en- 




Apart, besides, forsich. 
Apartment, shtoob. 
Apostle, oppushtle. 
Apothecary, obbadaik. 
Aparatiis, aparatus. 
Apparel, claidiing. 
Apparent, a\Yshinelich 
Appeal, appeal. 
Appealing, appeala. 
Appealed, appealed. 
Appear, arshine. 
Appearance, arshiniing 
Appearing, arshina. 
Append, awbenka. 
Appendage, awhong. 
Appertenance, tzuga- 

Appetite, obbadit. 
Applaud, applaud. 
Ai)i)lauding, applauda. 

A]jplause, bifol, applause 

Apple, opple. 
Appletree, opplebawm. 
Apply, awshprooch,ap- 


Applying, apply a. 

Application, applica- 

Apponit, appoint. 

Appointing, appointa. 

Appointment, ajjpoint- 

Appraise, appraise. 

Appraisement, appraise- 

Appraising, appraisa. 

Appraised, appraised. 

Appraiser, appraiser. 

Apprentice, prentis. 

Approve, approof. 

Axjproving, a^jproofa. 

Approval, approofal. 

Appropriate, appropri- 

Appropriating, appro- 
priata. 41 

Appropriation, appro- 

Approximate, naichera 

Approximation, naich- 

April, oppril. 

Apron, sbaitz. 

Apt, g'shickt. 

Arbitrate, arbitrate. 

Arbitration, arbitration. 

Arbitrator, arbitrator. 
Arbitrating, arbitrata. 
Arc, boga. 
Arch, g'welb. 
Arched, g'welbd. 
Architect, bau-maish- 

ter, architect. 
Architecture, bau- 

Ardent, arnshtlich. 
Ardor, eifer. 
Are; sin, si. 
Argue, arga. 
Argument, argament. 
Aright, tzurecht. 
Arise, uf shtae. 
Aristocracy, big-bugeri 
Aristocrat, big-bug. 
Arithmetic, rechna. 
Arm, awrm. 
Arming, arma. 
Armory, armory. 
Army, orma\ 
Around, rings-rum m. 
Arouse, uf wecka. 




Arraign, aw klawga. 

Arrange, arrange. 

Arrangement, arrange- 

il^rranging, arranga. 

Array, Ordnung. 

Arrear, rickshtond. 

Arrest, arresht. 

Arrive, awcooma. 

Arrow, pile. 

Art, koonsht, awrt. 

Artery, oder. 

Artful, shicklich. 

Article, orticle. 

Articulate, ous-sprecba. 

Artificial, kinshtlich. 

Artillery, artillery. 

Artisan, hondwarker. 

Artist, kinshtler. 

As, OS, doh, wann, well. 

Ascend, noof gae, noof 

Ascension, uf-shtigung, 
noof g8e. 

Ascertain, ousfinna. 

Ascertained, ousg^'foona. 

Ascribe, tzushriva. 

Ascription, tzushrivung. 

Ash, esh. 

Ashes, esh. 

Ashamed, shemt, g'- 

Aside, on der side. 

Ask, froke. 

Asked, g'froked. 

Asking, froga. 

Asleep, shlofa. 

Aspire, ferlonga. 

Ass, asle. 

Assail, awgrifa. 

Assailant, awgrifer. 

Assassin, marder. 
Assassinate, morda. 
Assault, attack, awgriff 
Assaulter, awgrifer. 
Assemble, fersommel. 
Assembling, fersomla. 
Assembly, semly. 
Assent, agreea. 
Assert, bahawpta. 
Assertion , bahawptn ng 
Assess, assess. 
Assessor, assessor. 
Assessed, g'assessed. 
Assessing, assessa. 
Assessment, sessment. 
Assign, assign. 
Assignment, assignment. 
Assigning, assigna. 
Assigned, assigned. 
Assign'ee, assignee. 
Assist, helf. 
Assistance, hilf. • 
Assisted, g'hulfa. 
Assistant, heifer. 
Associate, associate. 

Association, association. 
Assort, sorta. 

Assortment, sortment. 

Assume, awnemma. 
Assure, fersicher. 
Assured, fersichered. 
Astonish, ferwooner. 
Astray, ferlulFa. 
At, tzu, aw, by, uf, in, 

Atmosphere, looft. 
Atone, boosa. 
Attach, attach. 
Attachment, attachment. 
Attached, g'attachcd. 
Attaching, attacha. 




Attack, awgriff. 
Attacking, awgrifa. 
Attacked, attacked. 
Attain, arraiclia. 
Attempt, proweer. 
Attempting, proweera,. 
Attempted, proweerd. 
Attend, tend. 
Attending, tenda. 
Attended, g'tend. 
Attention, attention. 
Attendance, obwartung. 
Attest, batzeiga. 
Attire, awtzoog. 
Attitude, shtellung. 
Attorney, lawyer. 
Attraction, attraction. 
Attracting, attracta. 
Attractive, attractif. 
Auction, auction, fendu 

Auctioneer, fendu-crojer 

Audit, audit. 
Auditor, auditor. 
August, augoosht, au- 

Aunt, aunt. 

Authority, fulmaucht. 

Authorize, fulmechticha. 
Autograph, unnershrift. 
Autumn, harbsht. 
Avail, nootza. 
Available, nitzlich. 
Avarice, geitz. 
Avenge, b'shtrofa. 
Average, average. 
Avert, obwenda. 
Avoid, si lussa, ferheeta 
Avow, arclara. 
Avowal, arclarung. 
Await, award a. 
Awake, wocker. 
Aw^ard, award. 
Aware, wais, wissa. 
Away, week, aw'eck, 

Awe, in engsht. 
Awful, shrecklich. 
Awhile, tzeit-long. 
Awkward, dobbich. 
Awl, awl. 
Ax, ox. 
Axle, oxle. 


Babble, bobble. 
Bal)bling, bobbla. 
Babe, baby, bubbelly. 
Babyish, kintish. 
Bachelor, bachelor. 
Back, bookie, tzurick. 
Backbiter, retcher. 
Backbone, rick-knocha 
Back-ground, hinner- 

Back-part, hinner-dale 

Backwoods, backwoods 
Backward, hinnersich, 

rick warts. 
Bacon, shpeck. 
Bad, shlecht. 
Bag, sock. 
Bags, seek. 
Baggage, baggage. 
Bail, bail, ous sheppa. 
Bailed, g'bailed. 
Bailing, baila. 




Bait, bait. 
Bake, bock. 
Baking, bonka. 
Baker, becker. 
Balance, balance. 
Bald, blut. 

Baldheaded, blut-kepich. 
Ball, bolla. 
Ballot, ballot. 
Balloting, ballota. 
Balm, bolsom. 
Ban, ferbut. 
Band, band. 
Bandage, bond. 
Bandbox, bandbox. 
Bang, shlawg, shtose. 
Bank, bank. 
Banker, banker. 
Bankrupt, bankrupt. 
Banner, banner. 
Banter, banter. 
Baptism, dawf. 
Baptise, daw fa. 
Bar, bar. 

Barber, bolweerer. 
Barberous, barbawrish. 
Bare, blose. 
Barefaced, unfershamed. 
Barefoot, bawrfoos. 
Bargain, liondel, barya. 
Bark, rin, gowtz. 
Barking, gowtza. 
Barn, shire. 
Barrel, barl. 
Barrow, bawr. 
Barter, hondla. 
Base, mean, falsh, nidder. 
Basement, groond-shtuck 
Baseness, nidder trech- 

Bashful, blaid. 

Basin,basin, bond- beck 
Basket, korb. 
Bass, boss. 

Bat, briggle, sbpeck- 
1 mouse. 
Bathe, bawd, 
Bathing, bawda. 
Battalion, badolva. 
Batter, batter. 
Battered, battered. 
Battering, battera. 
Battery, "battery. 
Battle," battle. 
Bawl, greish. 
Bawling, greisha. 
Bay, bay. 
Be, si, wserra. 
Beak, shnoyyel. 
Beam, bolka. 
Bean, bone. 
Beans, bona. 
Bear, bar, awnemma, 

Beard, bawrd. 
Bearer, traiger. 
Beast, deer, shtick-fee. 
Beastly, feeish. 
Beat, shlawga, kluppa. 
Beautiful, sh?e. 
Beautify, fershenera. 
Beauty, shseheit. 
Because, wile, dawrum. 
Become, awshtte. 
Becoming, awshta3lich. 
Bed, bet. 
Bed-bugs, wonsa. 
Bedaub, fershmeera. 
Bedding, bet sauch. 
Bee, eem. 

Beef, beef, rints-flaish. 
Beefsteak, beefshtake. 




Beer, beer. 
Beet, rote-reel). 
Beetle, shleggel. 
Before, forhar, tore. 

Betbreliand, forderhond. 
Befriend, g'falla du. 
Beg, bettle, bit. 
Begging, bettla, bitta. 
Beggar, bettlemon. 
Begin, awfong. 
Began, awg'fonga. 
Begone, weck. 
Begrudge, begrudge. 
Bebalf, nootza. 
Bebave, bebafe. 
Behaving, behata, 
Behaved, b'hafed. 
Behest, bafail. 
Behind, hinna. 
Behold, aw-sa. 
Being, si, is. 
Belch, rilpsa. 
Belie, baleeg. 
Belief, glauwa. 
Believe, glawb. 
Believer, glauwer. 
Bell, bell.^ 
Bellow, greish, brill. 

Bellowing, lirilla.greisha. 

Bellows, blose-bolk. 
Belly, bauch, leib. 
Belong, g'hara. 
Belonged, g'hared. 
Beloved, ferleebt. 
Below, unna, unner. 
Belt, belt. 
Bench, bonk. 
Bend, boog 
Bending, beega. 
Benevolent, goothartzich 
Beneiit, benefit. 

Benight, ferdopnkel. 
Beneficial, beneficial. 
Bent, gal)Oga. 
Bequeath, fermaucha. 
I Bequest, arbshoft. 
Bereave, barawb. 
Berry, bare. 
Berries, bara. 
Beseech, bitta. 
Beset, basitz. 
Beside, besides. 
Besmear, fershmeer. 
Bespeak, fershprech. 
Bespeaking, fershprecha. 
Bespit, fershpow. 
Best, besht. 
Bestow, shenk, geb. 
Bestowed, g'shenkd, 

Bet, wet. 
Betting, wetta. 
Betray, ferrote. 
Betrayed, ferrota. 
Betraying, ferrotung. 
Betrayer, ferraiter. 
Better, besser. 
Between, tzwisha. 
Beverage, gatrenk. 
Bevy, troop. 
Bewail, batrowera. 
Beware, sich heeta. 
Bewilder, ferweerra. 
Bewitch, ferhex. 
Bewitching, ferhexa. 
Beyond, ivver, weiter. 
Bias, neid. 
Bibber, drinker. 
Bible, beevel. 
Bid, gabut, beed. 
Bidder, beeder. 




Bidding, beeda. 
Biding, wohna. 
Big, grose. 
Bigot, bigot. 
Bile, gol. 
Bilious, bilious. 
Bill, bill,shnovvel. 
Bind, binna. 
Binding, binna. 
Binder, binner. 
Bird, fogle. 
Bir<ls, feggle. 
Birth, gaboort. 
Bishop, bishof. 
Bit, shtickly, biss. 
Bite, bise. 
Biting, bisa. 
Bitten, g'bissa. 
Biter, biser. 
Bitch, bitch. 
Bitter, bitter. 
Blab, bobble. 
Black, shwartz. 
Blacking, blacking. 
Blackberry, black-bare 
Blackbird, shtawr. 
Blackguard, blackguard. 
Blacksmith, blackthmit. 
Bladder, blose. 
Blade, kling, holm. 
Blame, blame. 
Blamed, g'blamed. 
Blaming, blama. 
Blank, blank. 
Blanket, blanket. 
Blare, brill a. 
Blast, wind shtose, shoos. 
Bleed, bloota. 
Bleeding, bloota. 
Blemish, shondfleck. 
Blend, fermixa. 

Bless, saiga. 

Blessing, saiga. 

Blind, blint. 

Bliss, salichkeit. 

Blissful, salich. 

Bloat, ufshwella. 

Block, klutz, bluck. 

Blood, bloot. 

Bloody, blootich. 

Blossom, bleea. 

Blot, blot, klex. 

Blow, blose, shtraich. 

Blowing, blosa. 

Bludgeon, briggle. 

Blue, bio. 

Bluff, grub, bluff. 

Blutfing, bluffi. 

Bluffed, g'bluffd. 

Blush, blush. 

Blunder, fail er. 

Blunt, shtoomp. 

Blur, flecka. 

Bluster, brawla, grose 

Boar, ever. 

Board, board. 

Boarding, boarda. 

Boarder, boarder. 

Boardinghouse, board- 

Boast, boast. 

Boasting, brawla, boasta. 

Boat, boat. 

Body, body. 

Boil, g'shweer, koch. 

Boiling, kocha. 

Boiled, g'kochd. 

Boiler, boiler. 

Bold, bold. 

Bond, bond. 

Bone, k'nocha. 




Bonnef, bonnet. 
Book, hooch. 
Boor, limniel. 
Boot, shtilüe, in barya. 
Border, grentz. 
Bore, hore. 
Boring-, hora. 
Bfned, g'bored. 
Borough, boro. 
Borrow, borryga. 
Borrower, shooldner. 
Bosom, broosht. 
Bo8S, boss. 
Botch, botch. 
Both, bada. 
Bottle, buttle. 
Bottom, budda. 
Bough, nosht. 
Bought, kawft. 
Bounce, bounce. 
Bouncing, bounsa. 
Bounced, g'bounced. 
Bound, g'bunna. 
Bounty, bounty. 
Bow, boga, bow. 
Bowl. bowl. 
Bowels, darm. 
Box, box. 
Boxing, boxa. 
Boxed, g'boxed. 
Boxer, boxer. 
Boy, bu. 
Boys, boova. 
Brace, tzomma binna. 
Brag, brawl a. 
Bragging, brawla. 
Br agger, brawler. 
Brain, gaharn. 
Bran, klia. 
Branch, branch. 
Brand, brond. 

Brandy, brandy. 
Brass, messing. 
Brat, kint. 
Brave, brawf. 
Braverj% brawfheit. 
Brawl, tzonkari. 
Brazen, unfershemt. 
Breach, brooch. 
Bread, brode. 
Break, brech, brecht. 
Breaking, brecha. 
Breakfast, morya-essa. 
Breast, broosht. 
Breath, odam. 
Breathe, shnowfa. 
Breed, breed. 
Breeding, breeda. 
Brethern, breder. 
Brew, brow\ 
Brewing, broAva. 
Brewery, browerei. 
Brewer, brower. 
Briar, dorn. 
Brick, bocka-shtae. 
Bribe, bribe. 
Bribing, briba. 
Bribed, g'bribed. 
Bridp, braut. 
Bridge, brick. 
Bridle, tzawm. 
Bright, hell, clore. 
Brimstone, shwefFel. 
Bring, bring. 
Bringing, bringa. 
Brisk, brisk. 
Bristle, barsht. 
Brittle, shwauch. 
Brood, braid. 
Broader, braider. 
Broil, brode. 
Broiling:, broda. 




Brook, ranly. 
Broom, basn. 
Brothel, hoorahouse. 
Brother, bruder. 
Brotherhood, breder- 

Brotlierly, brederlich. 
Brought, gabrucht. 
Brow, shtarn. 
Brown, brown. 
Bruise, bruise. 
Brusli, barsht. 
Brute, deer, shtick-fee. 
Brutish, feeish. 
Buck, buck. 
Bucket, amer, kivveL 
Buckle, shnol. 
Buggie, buggie. 
Bug, kefler. 
Bugle, bugle. 
Build, bau. 
Building, gabi. 
Built, gabowd. 
Bulky, grose, shaware. 
Bull, bull. 
Bully, bully. 
Bullet, koogle. 
Bullock, ux. 
Bun, week. 
Bunch, kloompa. 
Bundle, boondle. 
Bung, shpoonda. 

Bungle, bungle. 
Bungling, bungla. 
Biu-den, losht. 
Burglar, deeb. 
Bureau, bureau. 
Burial, bagrebniss. 
Bury, l)agrawb. 
Burn, bren. 
Burning, brenna. 
Burned, ferbrennd. 
Burner, brenner, burner. 

Burst, burst, fershpring 
Bursting, fershpringa. 
Bursted, fershproonga . 
Bush, gabish. 
Bushel, bushel. 
Business, bisness. 
Busy, fleisich, bissy. 
Bustle, larm. 
But, a wer, os. 
Butcher, butcher. 
Butt, aw-shtose. 
Butter, l)00tter. 
Butter-milk, bootter- 

Button, k'nup. 
Buy, kawf. 
Buying, kawfa. 
Buyer, kawfer. 
By, by, fun, dorrich, 

mit, for, uf. 
Bye, labe goot. 


Cab, cab. 
Cabbage, kraut. 
Cabin, hit, cabin. 
Cabinet, cabinet. 
Cackle, goxa. 

Cage, kevvich. 
Cajole, shmaichla. 
Cake, koocha. 
Cal cu late, cal cul at e . 
Calculation, calculation. 




Calendar, collcnder. 
Calf, colb. 
Calico, cordoon. 
Call, roof, ha is. 
Calling, roofa, haisa. 
Called, g'roofo. 
Calm, shtill, ruich. 
Camp, camp. 
Cam paigi i , ca m pai gn . 
Can, con. 
Canal, con awl. 
Cancer, creps. 
Candid, candid. 
Candidate, condidawt. 
Candlestick, lichter- 

Candle, licht. 
Cane, shtuck. 
Canine, hoondish. 
Cannon, conone. 
Cant, heicheli. 
Cap, cop. 

Capable, fit, capable. 
Capacit}^, capacity. 
Cape, cape. 

Caper, shpoocht, caper. 
Capers, shpoochta, capers. 
Capital, copitawl, capital, 
Capitalist, capitalisht. 
Captain, captain. 
Captive, g'lbnganer. 
Car, car. 
Card, cord. 

Care, an.cht, foresicht. 
Careful, foresichtich. 
Careless, nochlessich. 
Carpenter, shriner. 
Carpet, carpet. 
Carriage, carriage. 
Carion, ose. 
Carrj', trawga. 

Cart, corrich. 
Case, case. 

Cash, cash, bawr geld. 
Cashier, cashier. 
Cask, foss. 
Cast, shmisa, geesa. 
Casting, casting. 
Cat, cots. 
Catarrh, shnoopa. 
Catch, fonga. 
Catcher, fonger. 
Catechism, cottaklsm. 
Catholic, cordullish. 
Cattle, rintsfee. 
Cauldron, kessel. 
Cause, ursauch. 
Caution, foresicht. 
Cave, hailung. 
Cease, ufhara. 
Cedar, tzader. 
Cede, ivver-gevva. 
Ceiling, deck. 
Celebrate, fira, celebrate. 
Celebration, celebration. 

Celestial, himlish. 

Cell, tzell. 
\ Cellar, keller. 
I Cemetery, karrich-hof. 
I Censure, tawdla. 
' Centre, center, mid. 
j Central, in der mid. 
1 Century, hoonert-yohr. 
j Ceremony, ceremony. 

Certain, gawiss. 
t Certainty, for gawiss, 
I for sure. 

Certificate, certificate. 

Certify, certify. 

Certified, g'eertified. 

Chatf, shprow. 

Chain, ket. 



Chair, shtool. 
Cha^k, gride. 
Challenge, challenge. 
Chamber, shtoob. 
Champion, champion, 

Chance, chance. 
Change, wexel. 
Changeable, ferenner- 

Changed, ferennered. 
Changing, ferennera, 

fer wexel t. 
Chap, chap, bii. 
Chapter, chapter, copittle. 
Character, corrocter. 
Charcoal, hulscoal. 
Charge, charge. 
Charging, charga. 
Charged, g'charged. 
Charily, shpawrsom. 
Charitable, charitable, 

frei gevvich. 
Charity, charity. 
Charming, charma. 
Charmed, g'charmed. 
Charter, charter. 
Chartered, g'chartered. 
Chase, chase. 
Chased, gachased. 
Chasing, chasa. 
Chattel, fermaiga. 
Chatter, bobble. 
Chattering, bobbla. 
Chaw, cow. 
Chawing, cowa. 
Chawed, gacowd. 
Cheap, wulfel. 
Cheaper, wulfeler. 
Cheapest, wulfelsht. 
Cheat, b'sliise. 

Cheated, b'shissa. 
Cheating, b'shisa. 
Cheater, b'shisser. 
Check, check. 
Cheerful, goots-nioots. 
Cheese, kais. 
Chemise, Aveibs-hem. 
Cherry, karsh. 
Cherries, karsha. 
Chestnut, kesht. 
Chestnut tree, kcshta- 

Chest, kisht. 
Chew, cow, chaw. 
Chewing, cowa. 
Chicken, hinkle. 
Chief, chief, ha wot. 
Child, kint. 
Childish, kintish. 
Chill, chill. 
Chilly, chilly, keel. 
Chimney, shornshtse. 
Chin, keen. 
Chip, shpone. 
Chips, shpane. 
Chisel, masle. 
Choice, wähl. 
Choir, core. 
Choke, fershtick, choke 
Choking, choka. 
Choked, g'choked. 
Choose, choose. 
Choosing, choosa. 
Chosen, g'choosed. 
Chop, hock, chop. 
Christ, Crishtus. 
Christian, crisht. 
Christmas, crishdawg. 
Church, karrich. 
Churn, booterfoss. 
Ciiuckle-head, doomkup. 




Cipher, tziffer. 

Circuit, rounds. 

Circular, riugs-rumni, 

Circulation, circulation 

Citation, awfeerung. 

Cite, awfeera. 

Citizen, citizen. 

Citizenship, citizenship 

City, city, shtadt. 

Clad, aw-gadu. 

Claim, claim. 

Claiming, claima. 

Claimed, gaclaimed. 

Clapper, clopper. 

Clash, gaiga nonner 

Clasp, shnolla. 

Class, closs. 

Classical, classical. 

Classification, classifi- 

Clay, groond, ard. 

Clean, sauwer. 

Cleaned, gabootz'd. 

Cleaning, bootza. 

Clear, clear, clore. 

Clearance, clearance. 

Cleared, gacleared. 

Clearness, cloreheit. 

Clergy, porraleit. 

Clerical, porrashriftlich 

Clerk, clarrick, clerk. 

Clever, clever. 

Climb, crottle. 

Climbling, crottla. 

Climber, crottler. 

Clinch, need. 

Clinching, needa. 

Clinched, ganeed. 

Cling, awhenka. 
Clipping, shai a, clippa, 

Cloak, cloak. 
Clock, uhr, cluck. 
Clod, cloompa. 
Clog, hinnera. 
Cloggy, hinnerlich. 
Close, noch, naigsht, 

dicht, close. 
Closet, shonk, closet. 
Cloth, dooch. 
Clothe, claida. 
Clothes, cl aider. 
Cloud, wulk. 
Cloudy, wulkich, treep. 
Clover, cla\ 
Clown, honswarsht. 
Club, briggle, club. 
Clubbing,brigla, clubba 
Clubbed, g'clubbed. 

Cluster, shwarm, cloompa 
Clutch, grab, griff. 
Coal, coal, coala. 
Coarse, grub. 
Coarseness, grubheit. 
Coat, ruck, coat. 
Coating, coating. 
Coax, coax. 
Coaxing, coaxa. 
Coaxed, g'coaxed. 
Cobbler, shuflicker. 
Cobweb, shpinna-waib. 
Cock, hawna. 
Cocked, gacocked. 
Coffee, coffee. 
Coftin, dodalawd. 
Cog, tzawn. 

Cohabit, tzomma wona 
Coin, geld, coin. 
Coincide, ivverea shtimma 




Cold, kalt. 
Colder, kelter. 

Collapse, tzomnia folia. 

Collar, collar. 

Collation, kalt-shtick, 

Collect, collect. 

Collecting, collecta. 

Collection, collection. 

Collector, collector. 

College, college. 

Color, forrab. 

Coloring, forrava. 

Colored, g'farrabd. 

Colt, fill, hootchly. 

Column, column. 

Comb, com. 

Combat, g'fecht. 

Combination, combi- 

Combined, combined. 

Combining, combina. 

Come, coom. 

Comfort, troasht, com- 

Comic, sbpossich. 

Coming, cooma. 

Comma, comma. 

Command, command. 


Commander, commander 

Commemorate, fira. i 

Commemorated, g'fired. j 

Commence, awfong. i 


Commencing, awfonga 

Commenced, awg'fonga. 

Commend, lobe. 

Connnending, lova. 

Commerce, hondle. 

Commit, commit. 

Committing, committa 
Common, common. 

Conmionly, for common. 

Commotion, ufroor. 

Communicant, c o m - 

Communicate, l)ak'ont 

Communication, com- 

Communion, naucht- 

Community, commu- 
nity, g'mineshaft. 

Compact, ferbinnung. 

Companion, comrawd. 

Compare, compare, fer- 

Comparison, compari- 

Compassion, mitlida. 

Compel, tzwing. 

Compelled, g'tzwoonga 

Compelling, tzwinga. 

Compensate, balona. 

Compete, compete. 

Competition, competi- 

Competitor, competitor. 

Competing, competa. 

Competence, competence 

Competent, competent 
Compile, somla. 
Compliment, compli- 
Complain, clawg. 
Complaining, clawga. 
Complained, g'clawged 
Complainant, claiger. 
Complete, complete. 
Comply, ferwillicha. 




Coniplyin.U, ferwillichung 

Complicate, ferwickla. 

CoiDplnnent, comi)li- 
111 ent. 

Compose, compose. 

Composed, comx)Osed. 

Composer, composer. 

Composing, composa. 

Composition, compo- 

Compositor, typesetzei* 

Compound, compound 

Compounding, c o m - 

Comprehension, bagriff. 

Comprehend, bagrifa. 

Compress, tzommadricka 

Compromise, compro- 

Compromising, coni- 

Compromised, g'com- 

Compute, rechna. 

Comrade, comrawd. 

Conceal, fershteckle. 

ConceaUng, fershteckla 

Concealed, fershteckled 

Concede, ufgevva. 

Conceit, eibildung. 

Conceivable, fershtend- 

Conceive, bagrifa. 

Concentrate, tzomma- 

Concerning, batreftiing 

Concerned, concerned. 

Concert, concert. 

Concession, arlawbniss 

Conclude, b'shleesa, 

Conclusion, conclusion 

Conclusive, conclusif. 

Concord, tzuUnvf. 

Condemn, condemn.. . 

Condemning, condema 

Condense, condense. 

Condensing, condensii. 

Condition, condition. 

Conduct, utieerung. 

Conductor, conductor. 

Confectioner}', confec- 

Conference, conference 

Confess, confess. 

Confessing, confessa. 

Confide, fertrowa. 

Confine, ei-shparra. 

Confined, ei g'shparred 

Confirm, confirm. 

Confirming, confirma. 

Confirmation, confirm- 

Confirmed, confirmed. 

Conflagration, fire, fer- 

Conflict, g'iecht. 

Confound, confound, 

Confounding, ferwan-ra 

Confounded, ferwairrd. 

Confuse, confuse. 

Confusing, confusa. 

Confusion, confusion. 

Congratulate, cr(jtleer. 


Congregate, fersomla. 

Congregation, fersom- 




Coni2;ress, congress. 

Conjecture, moot-mose 

Conjoin, ferbinna. 

Connect, connect. 

Connecting, connecta. 

Conquer, seecha. 

Conquest, seech. 

Conscience, g'wissa. 

Consent, ferwillicha. 

Consider, consider. 

Considering, considera. j 

Considerable, badeident. 

Consist, bashtayant. 

Consistent, consistent. 

Console, troasht. 

Consoling, traishta. 

Consolidate, consoli- 
date, ferainich. 

Conspiring, fershwaira. 

Constable, coonshtaweler. I 

Constant, olsfort. 

Constitution, constitu- 

Construct, construct. 

Constructed, construct. 

Constructing, constructa. 

Consult, consult. 

Consulting, consulta. 

Cor same, fertzara. 

Consumer, consumer. 

Contempt, ferauchtung 

Content, g'!?atisfied. 

Contention, shtreit. 

Contest, contest. 

Contesting, contesta. 

Continue, fort-maucha. 

Contract, barya, con- 

Contractor, contractor. 

Contracting, contracta. 

Contradict, contradict. 
Contradicting, contra- 

Con trary , gaiga, tzu wid- 

Contrast, widdershprooch 
Contribute, bitrawga, 


Contributing, contributa. 

Contribution, contribu- 

Contrive, arfinna. 

Control, control. 

Controling, controla. 

Conundrum, raitzel. 

Convene, tzoinmarufa. 

Convenience, g'lagen- 

Convention, conven- 

Converse, shwetza. 

Conversation, g'shwetz, 

Convert, bakoert. 

Convey, trawga. 

Conveyance, foorwser- 
rick, conveyance. 

Conveyancer, shriver. 

Convict, convict. 

Convince, convince. 

Convincing, convinca. 

Convulsion, gicbter. 

Convulsions, gicbtra. 

Cook, kucb. 

Cooking, kucha. 

Cooked, g'kuch'd. 

Cool, keel. 

Cooling, keela. 

Coop, coop, hinkle- 

Cooper, keefer. 




Co-operate, mit-shofnx. 
Copious, hitich. 
Cooper, cooper. 
Copy, copy. 
Copying, copya. 
Copied, gacopied. 
Cord, simoor, klufter. 
Cordial, bartzlich. 
Core, krootza. 
Cork, corrick. 
Corn, grayawg, welsh- 

Corner, eck. 
Cornered, eckich. 
Corporeal, karperlich. 
Corpse, doda, leich. 
Correct, recht, correct, 

Correcting, correcta. 

Correspond, correspond. 

Corresponding, corres- 

Corridor, gong. 

Corroborate, corrobo- 
rate, bakrefticba. 

Corroborating, corrob- 

Corrode, ferrusht. 

Corrupt, ferdarwa. 

Completed, ferdorwa. 

Cost, kusbta. 

Costive, fershtupt. 

Costly, keshtlich, dire. 

Cot, hit. 

Cotton, bau-wull. 

Cough, hooshta. 

Council, council. 

Counsel, rote. 

Counselor, rote-gevver. 

Count, tzaila, tzail. 

Counter, counter. 

Counteract, counteract 
Counterfeit, counterfeit 

Counterpane, bet-deck. 
Country, lond, boosh, 

County, county. 
Couple, pawr. 
Courage, currawsh. 
Course, gong, coarse, 

Court, court, corriseer. 
Courtesy, awgananie. 
Cousin, cousin. 
Covenant, ferbinnung. 
Cover, deck. 
Covering, deckung. 


Cow, ku. 
Cows, kee. 
Coward, coward. 
Crab, crebs. 
Crabbed, cridlich. 
Crack, cj'ack. 
Cracking, cracka. 
Cracked, g'cracked. 
Cracker, cracker. 
Cackle, gox. 
Cackling, goxa. 
Cradle, weeg, refl'. 
Craft, koonsht. 
Cramp, crompf. 
Cravat, hols-dooch. 
Crave, ferlonga. 
Craw, crup. 
Crawl, rootsha. 
Crazy, narr is h. 
Cream, rawm. 
Crease, roontzel. 
Create, arshotfa. 




Creati on, sbepfung, cre- 

Creator, Snepfer, Gott. 

Creature, deer, credoor. 

Credit, creditt. 

Creditor, creditor. 

Credulous, unglauwich 

Creed, creed, glauwa. 

Creek, creek. 

Creep, rootsh. 

Creeping, rootsha. 

Crib, crib, shtall. 

Crier, croyer. 

Criminal, criminal, fer- 

Crime, ferbrecha. 

Cripple, cripple. 

Critic, critic. 

Critical, critish. 

Crock, hoffii. 

Crooked, kroom. 

Crop, arnt, crop. 

Cross, kreitz, bais. 

Croup, shteck-floos. 

Crow, crop, kray. 

Crowing, kraya. 

Crowd, crowd. 

Crowd ed , gacrowd . 

Crowding, crowda. 

Crown, crone. 

Crude, ro, roheit. 

Cruel, grausom. 

Crush, quetsh. 

Crushing, quetsh a. 
Crust, croosht. 
Crutch, krick. 
Cry, kreisVi. 
Crying, kreisha. 
Culprit, lerbrecher. 
Cultivate, cultivate. 
Cultivator, cultivator. 
Cultivating, cidtivata. 
Cup, cuply. 
Cupboard, shronk. 
Curb, curb. 
Cure. cure. 
Cured, g'cured. 
Curing, cura. 
Currency, geld. 
Current, lawf, shtrome 
Currier, garwer. 
Curry, shtriggla. 
Curse, flooch. 
Cursing, floocha. 
Cursed, ferflooched. 
Curtail, ferkartza. 
Curtain, forehong. 
Curve, curve. 
Cushion, cushion. 
Custom, gabrauch. 
Customer, koonda. 
Cut, shnide. 
Cutting, shnida. 
Cylinder, walls. 
Cypher, rechen. 
Cyphering, rechna. 


Dab, clex. 
Dabble, clexa. 
Daily, daiglich. 

Dale, dawl. 
Dam, dorn. 
Damage, shawda, damage 




Dam<a2^ed, gadamaged. 
Dame, fraw. 
Damn, ferdomma. 
Damned, lerdomt. 
Damp, feicht. 
Damper, damper. 
Damsel, maidle. 
Dance, dons. 
Dancing, donsa. 
Danger, g'fore. 
Dangerous, g'farelich. 
Dare, darf. 
Dark, doonkel. 
Darkness, doonkleheit. 
Darn, shtnp. 
Darned, g'shtupt. 
Darning, shtuppa. 
Date, dawtum, date. 
Daub, shmeer. 
Daubing, sbmeera. 
Daugbter, docbter. 
Dawn, demmerung. 
Day, dawg. 
Daily, daiglicb. 
Dead, dode. 
Deaf, dawb. 
Deafness, dawbheit. 
Deal, deal, dale. 
Dealer, dealer. 
Dealing, deala. 
Dear, leeb, dire. 
Dearest, diarsht, leebsht. 

Deatb, dode. 
Debase, ferfelsba. 
Debate, debate. 
Debating, debata. 
Debaucb, ferfeera. 
Debt, sboold. 
Debtor, sbooldner. 
Decay, ferfolla, fowla. 
Decease, sbtarwa. 

Deceit, l)atroog. 
Deceive, batreega. 
Deceiver, batreeger. 
Deception, batroog. 
Decide, decided, decide 
Deciding, decida. 
Deck, deck, pock. 

Declaration, declaration. 

Declaring, declara. 

Declare, arclare, declare. 

Decline, decline. 

Declined, declined. 

Declining, declina. 

Decoy, lucka. 

Decoyed, g'lucked. 

Decrease, obnaAvm. 

Decreased, obg'nooma 

Dedicate, eiwei, dedi- 

Dedication, eiweiung, 

Deduct, deduct. 

Deducting, deducta. 

Deed, deed. 

Deep, deef. 

Deeper, deefer. 

Defjice, ferdarwa. 

Defaced, ferdorwa. 

Deftime, ferlesbter. 

Defixmation, ferlesbter- 

Default, default, noch- 

Defeat, beat, defeat. 

Defeated, gabutta. 

Defect, failer, defect. 

Defective, defectif. 

Defence, defence. 

Defend, Avair, defend. 

Defending, waira, de- 




Defended, g'waired, de- 

Defensive, defensif. 

Defer, iifsheeva. 

Deferred, nfg'shova. 

Defile, holewaig. 

Define, b'shtimm, de- 

Defined, b'shtimmd, 

Definate, b'shtimmd. 

Defiance, defiance. 

Definition, b'shtimm- 
ung, definition. 

Deform, nng'shtallt. 

Defraud, batreega. 

Defrauded, l)atroga. 

Defrauder, batreeger. 

Defray, betzawla, frei- 

Defunct, ous g'shtorwa 

Defy, defy. 

Degenerate, ous-awrta. 

Degrade, arnidderich. 

Degrading, arniddericha. 

Degree, degree, grawd. 

Deject, trau er. 

Dejected, trau rich. 

Delay, ufhalta. 

Delegate, delegate. 

Delegation, delegation. 

Delegating, delegata. 

Deleterious, sbaidlich. 

Deliberate, ivverlaiga. 

Delicate, tzawrt, deli- 

Delicacy, tzawrtheit, 

Delicious, awganame. 

Delight, plesseer. 

Delightful, plesseerHch 

Delinquent, shooldner, 
ferbrecher, delin- 

Deliver, lifler, deliver. 

Delivered, g'liflered, de- 

Delivering, liffera, de- 

Delivery, delivery. 

Delusion, batroog. 

Demagogue, ferfeerer. 

Demand, demand. 

Demanding, demanda. 

Demise, fermaucha. 

Democracy, demokratie. 

Democrat, demokrawt. 

Demolish, umrisa. 

Demon, difel. 

Demonstrate, bewisa. 

Den, den, haleung. 

Denial, ferlaigimng. 

Denominate, benawma 

Denomination, benaw- 

Denote, betzeiga. 

Denounce, awgevva. 

Dense, dicht. 

Deny, ferlaigna. 

Denying, ferlaigna. 

Depart, weck-gse. 

Department, depart- 

Departure, ob-shtart. 

Depend, depend, ferluss. 

Depending, dependa, 

Depict, b'shriva, obmola. 
Deplore, baklawga. 
Deponant, tzeiga. 
Depose, batzeiga, ob- 




Deposit, deposit. 

Deposition, deposition. 

Deprave, ferdarb. 

Depraved, ferdorwa. 

Depravity, nix-nootz- 

Depricate, depricate. 

Depress, nooiierdricka. 

Deprive, barauwa. 

Depth, deefung. 

Derange, derange. 

Deranged, ferrickd, de- 

Derangement, Unord- 

Deride, shputta. 

Derision, shputt. 

Derive, harshtornm. 

Derogate, ousawrt. 

Derogative, shendlicli. 

Descend, noonergse, ob- 

Describe, b'shribe. 

Describing, b'shriva. 

Description, d e s c r i p- 
tion, b'shrivung. 

Desert, ferdeensht, de- 

Deserve, ferdeent. 

Design, design. 

Desire, ferlong, woonsh 

Desirable, desirable. 

Despise, ferauchta. 

Despoil, plindera. 

Despond, fertzawga. 

Despondant, fertzawgt. 

Destitute, ferlussa. 

Destitution, ferlussung 

Destroy, destroy, uf 

Destructive, destructif. 

Detail, ousfeerlich. 
Detain, uf halta. 
Detect, ufdecka, detect 
Detecting, detecta. 
Detention, uf haltung. 
Detest, obshia. 
Detestable, obshilich. 
Detour, uniwaig. 
Deuce, tz\va3, difel. 
Devastate, ferWeeshU 
Deviate, obweicha. 
Device, artinnung. 
Devil, difel. 
Devilish, difelish. 
Devolve, tzuialla. 
Devotion, devotion. 
Devour, uf-fressa, shlooka 

Devout, audechtich. 
Dew, dow. 
Dewy, feicht. 
Dialect, shproach. 
Dialogue, g'shpraich» 
Diamond, diamond* 
Diaper, windle. 
Diarrhoea, dorrich-foll. 
Dice, dice. 
Dictate, dictate. 
Diction, shwetzawrt. 
Dictionary, dictionary. 
Die, shtarb. 
Dier, tarwer. 
Diet, kusht. 
Differ, ditfer. 
Difference, unnersheed 

Differing, differa. 
Differed, g'differed. 
Difficidt, difficult. 
Difficulty, difficulty. 
Diffidence, blaidheit. 



Dig, grauwa. | 

Digest, ferdowa. ; 

Digestion, ferdowung. | 

Digger, graver. j 
Dignify, aira. 

Dignity, air. ! 

Digress, ob weicha. ' 

Dilapidate, ferloomp. ; 

Diligence, flise. | 

Diligent, fiisich, i 

Dim, bloss, undeitlich, | 

Dimension, messung. , 

Diminish, obnemma. ' 

Dine, middawg-essa. | 

Dinner, middawg-essa. | 

Dip, dip, shep. j 

Dipper, dipper, shep- j 

per. j 

Direct, grawd, direct. j 

Director, director. I 

Direction, direction. ! 

Directing, directa. | 

Dirk, dirk-messer, i 
Dirt, dreck. 
Dirty, dreckich. 
Disable, disable. 

Disadvantage, disad- \ 

vantage. I 

Disagree, disagree. j 

Disagreeable, unleidich ; 
Disallow, disarlawb. 

Disallowance, d i s a r - \ 


Disappear, disappear. : 

Disappoint, disappoint \ 

Disapprove, disapproof • 

Disarrange, ferwajrra. i 

Disarrangement, fer- j 


Disaster, nnglick. ' 
Disastrovis, unglicklich 

Disavow, laigna. 
Disavowal , ferlaignung 
Disband, nfbrecha, nf- 

Disbelieve, net glauwa^ 

Disburse, ousbatzawala 
Discard, obdonka. 
Discharge, gfe-lnssa, fri- 
ge vv a, discharge. 
Discharged, discharged 
Discharging, discharga 
Disclose, endecka. 
Disconnect, disconnect 
Disconsolate, batreebt. 

Discontent, untznfridda. 

Discontinue, iifhara. 

Discord, nnainichkeit. 

Discount, discount. 

Discouraged, obtzoog, 
moot! ose. 

Discover, ous-iinna. 

Discreet, foresichtich.. 

Disdain, obshi. 

Discuss, discuss, arga. 

Discussion, argament, 

Disease, kronkheit. 

Disengage, bafria. 

Disgrace, shond. 

Disgraceful, shendlich. 

Disguise, ferclaida, fer- 

Disgusted, feraikled. 

Dish, shissel. 

Dishes, shissla. 

Dishonest, unairlich. 

Dishonor, shond. 

Dishonerable, shend- 

Dismay, shrecka. 




Dismiss, dismiss. 

Dismount, obshteiga. 

Disobey, net fulga. 

Disorder, Unordnung. 

Dispatch, dispatch. 

Dis})ensation, dispen- 

Dispense, daihi. 

Disperse, fertriva. 

Disi)hice, ferricka. 

Disphiy, disphiy. 

Dispose, dispose. 

Disposition, disposition 

Dispute, dishbadavvt, 

Disputing, dishbadeera 

Disrespect, disreshpect 

Dissatisfisd, untzufridda. 

Dissimilar, ungleich. 

Dissipate, fershwenda, 
sowfa. ■ 

Dissolve, shmels, dis- 

Dissolving. shmelsa, 

Distance, distance. 

Distasteful, aiklehoft. 

Distemper, shtemper. 

Distil, brenn. 

Distilling, brenna. 

Distillery, brennerei. 

Distinct, deitlich. 

Distinction, distinction 

Distinguished, bareemed 

Distract, fershtare. 

Distraction, fershtarung. 

Distress, troovel. 
Distribute, ousdala. 
Distribution, distribu- 
tion, ousdailung. 

Distributing, distributa 

Distrust, mistrowa. 

Distrustful, mistrowish 

Disturb, fershtare. 

Disturbing, fershtara. 

Disturbance, fershtar- 

Disunion, trenna. 

Ditch, grauwa. 

Ditty, g'song. 

Dive, do well. 

Diving, dowcha. 

Divide, dail, divide. 

Division, division. 

Dividend, dividend. 

Divine, Getlich. 

Divinity, Gottheit. 

Divorce, shada-breef, 

Do, du, maucha, du'ii. 

Doctor, duckter. 

Doctrine, lehr. 

Document, document. 

Dodge, dodge. 

Dodging, dodga. 

Door, deer. 

Dog, hoond. 

Doing, doots, du. 

Doings, hondlung. 

Dollar, dawler. 

Domestic, hainish, tzawni 
Domicil, wohnung. 
Domineering, d o m i - 

Donation, shenkung. 
Done, fartich,gedu, gor 
Doom, shicksawl. 
Dose, dose. 
Dot. fleck, clex. 
Dotted, ferflecked, fer- 





Dotage, kintish. 
Double, double. 
Doublet, [)a\vr. 
Dough, daig. 
Dove, dowb. 
Dower, dower. 
Down, droona, unna, 

nooner, bee. 
Dowuward, nooner- 

Doze, yhloomera. 
Dozy, shlafericb. 
Dra+"t, draft, tzoog. 
Drag, sblaita. 

Drain, ousdrickla, drain. 
Draining, drain a. 
Drank, g'droonka, 
Drake, endrich. 
Dram, droni. 
Drawer, shooblawd. 
Drawing, mola, tzeega. 
Dread, bong. 
Dreadful, shrecklicb. 
Dream, drawm. 
Dreaming, drawma. 
Dreamed, g'drawmed. 
Dress, dress. 
Dressing, dressa, a wdu. 
Dressed, g'dressed, aw^- 

Drill, drill. 
Drilled, g'drilled. 
Drilling, drilla. 
Drink, drink. 
Drinking, drinka. 
I)ripi)ing, drupsa. 
Drive, drive. 
Driven, gadrivva. 
Driving, driva. 
Driver, driver, foormon 
Droll, drullich. 

Drone, fowlenser. 
Drop, druppa. 
Dropping, drunsa, dropp» 
Dropped, g'drupsed, g'- 

Dropsy, wasser-soocht. 
.Drove, droop, gadrivva 
Drover, fee-driver. 
Drown, fersowfa. 
Drowned, fersuffa. 
Drug, meditzeen. 
Drug-store, obbadaik. 
Druggist, obbadaiker. 
Drum, droom. 
Drummer, droom er. 
Drumming, drooma. 
Drunkard, siti'er. 
Dry, d rook a. 
Drying, drickla. 
Duck, doonk, end. 
Due, shooldicli, ferfolla 
Dull, shtoomp. 
Dumb, dumm. 
Dunce, dummkup. 
Dung, misht. 
Durable, dowerhoft. 
During, warend. 
Dusk, doosbber. 
Dust, shtawb. 
Dusty, sbtaw-wich. 
Dutch, deitsh. 
Dutchman, Deitsh er, 

Penn. Deitsh er. 
Dutv, duty, shooldich- 

Dwarf, tz wierrich . 
Dwell, wohna. 
Dwelling, wohnhouse. 
Dye, farb. 
Dying, larwa. 
Dvsenterv, roor. 





Each, y;i-des. 
Eager, eifricb. 
Eagle, awdler. 
Ear, ohr. 
Early, free. 
Earn, ferdeen. 
Eariniigs, ferdeensht. 
Earning, ferdeena. 
Earned, ferdeened. 
Earnest, arnsht. 
Earnestness, amshtlich. 
Earth, ard. 
Ease, ru. 

Easy, leicht, mich. 
East, oasht. 
Easter, oashter. 
Easterly aishtlich. 
Eat, ess. 
Eaten, g'essa. 
Eating, essa. 
Eatables, lavas-mittle. 
Eccentric, eccentrish. 
Echo, echo. 
Eclipse, finsbterniss. 

Economical, shpawrsom. 

Economy, sbpawrsom- 

Edge, shorf-side. 
Edged, shorf. 
Edifice, gabi. 
Edit, edit 
Editing, edita. 
Editor, editor. 
Editorial, editorial. 
Educate, larn. 
Education, larnung. 
Educating, larn a. 
Educator, teacher. 
Eflect, effect. 

Effective, etfectif. 
Eflicicnt, wjcrksom. 
Effort, proweera. 
Egg, oy. 
Eggs, oyer. 
Egotism, eagaleeb. 
Egress, obgong. 
Eight, audit. 
Eighteen, auchtza?. 
Eighty, auchtzicb. 
Eighty-eight, aucht-un- 

Either, entwedder. 
Eject, nous-du. 
Elaborate, weitlefticb. 
Elate, shtuls. 
Elbo, elboga. 
Elder, der eldsht. 
Elderly, eidlich. 
Elect, waila, elect. 
Election, election. 
Element, element. 
Elephant, ellefont. 
Elevate, elevate. 
Elevation, elevation. 
Elevating, elevata. 
Eleven, elf. 
Eleventh, el ft. 

Elocution, shwetz kunsht 

Elsewhere, o m a n o t - 

Elude, weck-shlippa. 

Emaciated, oijgatzared. 
Emanate, rousrunna. 
Emancipate, bafria. 
Embalm, bolsameer. 
Emi)arrass, ferwan'ra. 
Emltellisb, fershenner. 




Embellishment, f e r - 

Embers, coala. 
Embezzle, embezzle. 
Emblem, sinnbild. 
Emerge, forecooma. 
Emigrant, onsl ender. 
Emigrate, weck-tzeega. 
Eminence, hochsbtond 
Eminent, hocbsbten- 

Emission, onsfloos. 
Emit, siisfleesa. 
Emohiment, sidelohn. 
Emperor, keiser. 
Empbasis, eidrook. 
Empire, kanicbreicb. 

Employ, dinga, awshtella. 

Employment, g'sbeft, 

Empower, fulmcchticha. 

Empty, lare. 

Enable, im shtond si. 

Enact, ferordna, enact. 

Enactment, enactment 

Enacting, enacta. 

Encamp, campa. 

Encampment, camp- 

Enclose, eifensa. 

Enclosure, enclosure. 

Encounter, sbtreit, g'- 

Encourage, encourage. 

Encouragement, en- 

Encouraging, encouraga. 

Encumbrance, encum- 

End, end. 

Endeavor, proweer. 

Endeavoring, prdwecm. 

Endless, unendich. 

Endorse, endorse. 

Endorser, endorser. 

Endow, endow. 

Endure, dower. 

Enemy, feind. 

Energy, fleis, kroft. 

Enforce, dorrich-setza, 

Engage, engage. 

Engagement, engage- 

Engaged, engaged. 

Engine, engine. 

Engineer, engineer. 

Engrave, engrave. 

Engraver, engraver. 

Enbance, tzunawm. 

Enhanced, tzu-g'nooma. 

Enigma, raitzel. 

Enjoy, enjoy. 

Enjoyment, enjoyment 

Enlarge, fergresser. 

Enlarged, fergresserd. 

Enlivening, labeboft. 

Enormous, sbrecklicb. 

Enough, ganoonk. 

Enrage, woot. 

Enraged, Aveetich. 

Enroll, enroll. 

Ensign, fawna, ensign. 

Ensue, nocbfulg. 

Entangle, ferwickle. 

Enter, ni-ga?, ni-fawra. 

Eiitered, ni-gonga. 

Entering, entera. 

Enterprise, unnernem- 

Enterprising, enter- 




Entertain, iinnerhnlta. 
Entertainment, enter- 
Entbusias^m, lajbheftich. 

Entice, aAvlucka. 

Entire, gons, entire. 

Entitle, entitle. 

Entrails, eigaweida. 

Entrance, eigong, en- 

Entreat, bitta. 

Enumerate, tzomma- 

Enunciate, declara. 

Envelop, envelop. 

Envy, neid. 

Envious, neidisb. 

Equal, gleicb. 

Epualize, gleich-maucha. 

Equality, gleicbheit, 

Equalizing, equalisa. 

Equity, recbtmasich. 

Era, tzeit poonkt. 

Erase, ous-kratza. 

Erect, grawd, ufrichta, 

Erection, ufricbtung, 

Eruption, ousbrooch. 

Escape, Hooclit. 

Especial, special. 

Esquire, sbquire. 

Establish, arrichta. 

Establisbment, estab- 

Establisbed, established. 

Estate, estate. 
Estimate, shetza, sbetz- 

Eternal, eawich. 

Eternity, eawichkeit. 
Eulogy, lobe-speech. 
Evangelical, efi'onga- 

Evacuate, ferlussa. 
Evacuation, ferlussung 
Eve, tzutbre, owet. 
Even, ava, yadoch, 
Event, foretbl. 

Eventful, inarkwa?rdich. 

Eventual, tzufellich. 

Ever, immer, yenmohls 

Everlasting, i m m e r - 

Every, yeader, yeades. 

Evidence, tzeigniss, evi- 
; Evident, awshinehch. 
I Evil, shlecht, evil. 

Exact, exact, genau. 

Exactly, exactly. 

Examine, unnersooch. 

Example, exemple. 
j Excellent, Ibretrettlich. 

Except, except. 

Excepting, excepta. 

Exchange, wexla. 

Exchanged, ferwexeld, 

Excite, excite. 

Excitement, excitement. 

Exclaim, ousroola. 
Excuse, excuse. 
Excusing, excusa. 
Execute, execute. 
Execution, execution. 
Executor, executor. 
Exempt, ous g'halta. 
Exemption, exemption 
Exhibit, weisa. 
Exhibition, exhibition. 




Experience, arfa wrung 

Expense, expense. 

Expensive, expensif. 

Expel, expel. 

Expelling, expella. 

Expend, onsg?vva. 

Expenditure, ousgawb. 

Experiment, experiment 

Expert, g'shickt. 

Expire, shtarh, enda. 

Explain, explain. 

Explaining, explaina. 

Explanation, explana- 

Explicit, deitlich. 

Explode, ferburst. 

Explosion, ferburstung 

Expose, expose. 

Exposing, exposa. 

Express, express. 

Expressing, expressa. 

Extend, fergressera, ex- 

Extending, extenda. 
Extension, extension. 
Extensive, extensif. 
Extent, grase. 
Exterior, eiserlich. 
Exterminate, ousdriva. 
External, ous wen dich. 
Extinct, ousdu, lesba. 
Extort, obtzwinga. 
Extra, extra. 
Extract, extract. 
Extracting, extracta. 
Extravagance, fersb- 

Exult, grose g'feel. 
Exulting, grose feela. 
Eye, awg. 

Eye-brow, awga-bore. 
Eye-glass, brill. 
Eye-lid, awga-deckle. 
Eye-sigbt, g'sicht. 
Eye-sore, dorn-im-awg 
Eye-witness, awg-tzeiga. 


Fable, fawble. 
Fabricate, m a u c h a , 

Face, g'sicbt. 
Facing, facing, faca. 
Fact, tact. 
Fail, fail. 
Failing, faila. 
Failed, g'failed. 
Faint, mot, sbwaucb. 
Fainting, ohnmecbtich 
Fair, fair, sh^e. 
Faitb, glauwa, tri. 
Faitbful, gatri. 

Fall, foil. 
Falling, folia. 
Fallen, g'folla. 
False, talsb. 
Falsebood, falsbbeit. 
Falsity, ferfelsba. 
Family, fomelia, ftimily 
Famisb, hoongt^ra. 
Famous, bareemt. 
Fancy, fancy. 
Far, weit. 
Fare, t\ire. 
Farewell, farrywell. 
Farm, bauerei. 




Farmer, bauer. 
Farther, weiter. 
Fashion, foshion. 
Father, fodder, dawdy. 
Fast, fesht, g'shwint. 
Fasten, feshticha. 
Fat, let. 
Fatty, fettich. 
Fault, failer. 
Favor, g'folhx, favor. 
Favored, g'favored. 
Favoring, favora. 
Fawn, shmeichla. 
Fear, ongslit, en^j^sht. 
Fearful, larriehterhch. 
Feast, essa. 
Feat, dawd. 
Feather, fedder. 
February, Fel )rua wr. 
Fee, batzawlung. 
Feeble, shwauch. 
Feed, footer. 
Feel, feel. 
Feeling, feela. 
Feign, fershtella. 
Fell, g' fall a. 
Fellow, karl. 
Fellowship, gemineshaft. 
Felon, l)ase-ding. 
Felonious, gottlose. 
Female, weibsmensh. 
Fence, fence. 
Ferment, yara. 
Ferocious, wilt. 
Fertile, froochtbawr. 
Fervid, eifrich. 
Festal, feshtlich. 
Festival, fesht. 
Fetch, bringa. 
Fever, fever. 
Feverish, feverish. 

Few, wennich. 

Fib, leeg. 

Fiddle, geig. 

Fiddler, geiger. 

Fiddling, geiga. 

Fidelity, gatri. 

Field, feld. 

Fiend, feind, difel. 

Fiery, firich. 

Fifteen, fuftzse. 

Fifteenth, fuftzaet. 

Fifth, finft. 

Fiftieth, fuftzichshl. 
! Fifty, fuftzich. 
I Fight, fecht. 

Fighting, fechta. 

Figure, tigoor. 
i Fill, fiH, filla. 

Filthy, shmootzich, 

Final, tzuletsht. 

Find, fin. 

Finding, finna. 

Finder, finner. 

Fine, fine. 

Finger, finger. 

Finish, finish. 

Finished, g'finished. 

Fire, fire. 

Fireside, firehard. 

Firework, firewa^'k. 

Firm, fesht, firm. 

Firmament, himmel. 

First, arsht. 

Fish, fish. 

Fishing, fisha. 

Fist, fowsht. 

Fit, fit, gichter. 

Fits, fits, ^chtra. 

FivH, finf. 

Fix, fix. 




Fixed, g'fixed. 
Fixture, fixter. 
Flag-, flag-, fawna. 
Flash, flash, blitz. 
Flat, flat. 

Flat-iron, biggle-isa. 
Flatter, flatter. 
Flaw, lailer. 
Flea, flo. 
Flee, flee^a. 
Flesh, fla'ish. 
Fleshy, flaishich. 
Flinch, ons-backa. 
Fling, shmeisa. 
Flint, wocka-shtse. 
Flitch, shpeck, sida- 

Float, fleesa. 
Flock, troop. 
Flog, leddera. 
Flood, floos. 
Floor, budda, floor. 
Flour, male. 
Flourish, flourish. 
Flourishing, flourisha. 
Flow, 'awf, shtraima. 
Flower, bloom. 
Flowers, blooma. 
Flowery, bloomich. 
Flux, floos. 
Fly, mook, fleeg. 
Flying, fleega. 
Foam, shawm. 
Fob, sock. 
Foe, feind. 
Fold, folta. 
Folks, leit. 
Follower, fulger. 
Folly, norrheit. 

Fond, farleebt. 
Food, footer. 
Fool, norr. 
Foolery, norrheit. 
Foot, tbos. 
Footed, feesich. 
For, for, noch. 
Forbid, forbeed. 
Force, force, shtarrick. 
Fore, forhar. 
Forego, tzugevva. 

Foreground, tbregroond. 

Forehead, shtarn. 
Foreigner, ouslender. 
Foreign, ouslendish. 
Foreman, foremon. 
Foremost, feddersht. 
Forenoon, formiddawg 
Foresiglit, foresicht. 
Forest, boosh. 
Forestall, foreshtall. 

Forestalling^, foreshtalla. 

Foretell, foresawg. 

Forethought, iwerlaigt. 

I Forewarned, g'warnd. 
I Forgetful, fergesslich. 
I Forgive, fergeb. 

Forgiving, lergevva. 

Forgiven, fergevva. 

Fork, govvel. 

Forlorn, ferlora. 

Form, form, g'shtolt. 

Form al , ragel masich . 

Former, forich. 

Fornicate, hoora. 

Forsake, ferlussa. 

Friday, fridawg. 

Friend, freind. 

Friendly, freindlich. 

Friendship, freindshoft 

Frioht, fershreck. 




Frighten, fershrecka. 
Frigbtened, fershrucka 
Frightful, shrec'klich. 

Frivolous, leichtsinnich. 

Frivolity, leichtsinn. 

Frock, frock. 

Frog, frush. 

Frolic, frolic. 

From, fun, fum, ous, 

Front, front, forna. 
Frost, frusht. 
Froth, shawm. 
Forward, farry, forward 
Frugal, shpawrsom. 
Fruit, oabsht, froocht. 
Fry, bröd. 
Frying, broda. 
Fudge, lobberei. 
Fuel, hüls, coala. 
Full, ful, fellich. 

Fume, dompf, garooch 

Fun, shposs. 

Funny, shpossich. 

Function, barichtung. 

Fund, fund, geld. 

Fundament, b u d d a , 

Funeral, leich, bagreb- 

Funnel, drechter. 

Furious, weedich. 

Furnace, fornace. 

Furnish, fornish,lifFerA 

Furniture, houserote, 

Furrow, forrich. 

Further, weiter. 

Fury, woot. 

Fuss, fuss. 

Future, tzukoonft, fu- 


Oabler, bobbler. 
Gable, givvel. 
Gain, gawinn. 
Gait, gong. 
Gale, wind. 
Gallon, goll. 
Gallows, golga. 
Gambling, gamla. 
Game, game. 
Gap, gap. 
Garden, gorda. 
Gardening, gartla. 
Garlic, g'nuvveloch. 
Garret, shpeicher, gar- 
Gate, gate, door, darly. 

Gather, sommel. 
Gathering, sommla. 
Geese, gens. 
Generation, generation 
Gentleman, gentlemon 

Generous, goot-hartzich. 

German, hoch-deitsh, 

Get, grick. 
Getting, grega. 
Ghost, shpook, geisht. 
Giddy, dormlich. 
Gift, g'shenk. 
Giltl fergilt. 
Ginger, ginger. 
Ginger-cake, ieb-koocha. 




Girl, maidle. 

Girls, maid. 

Give, geh, gevva. 

Gives, gebt. 

Glad, fro. 

Glass, glaws. 

Glen, dawl. 

Globe, kugle, globe. 

Gloom, doonkel. 

Glorious, harrlich. 

Glory, harrlichkeit. 

Gloss, glons. 

Glove, hendshing. 

Glue, lime. 

Glutton, fress-er. 

Go, gse. 

Good, goot. 

Goose, gons. 

Gore, bloot. 

Gory, blootich. 

Gospel, effongalium. 

Gossip, retsha. 

Gout, gicht. 

Govern, rula. 

Government, govern- 
ment, regeerung. 

Governor, governeer. 

Grab, grab, grobsh. 

Grabbing, grabba, grob- 
sh a. 

Grace, g'nawda. 

Grade, grade, grawd. 

Grain, froocht. 

Grammar, grammar. 

Grant, ferwillicha. 

Grape, trowb. 

Grapes, trowwa. 

Grasp, griff. 

Grass, graws. 

Grassy, grawsich. 

Grateful, donkbawr. 

Grating, grating. 
Gratis» gratis. 
Gratuity, g'shenk. 
Grave, grawb. 
Gravel, gravel. 
Gravy, bree. 
Grease, shmootz. shmeer. 
Greasy, shmootzich. 
Great, grose. 
Greedy, greedy. 
Green, green. 
Greet, greesa, 
Grief, koomer. 
Grieve, kimmera. 
Grin, grin. 
Grind, mawl. 
Grinding, (mill,) mawla . 
Grinding,(stone) shleifa. 
Grindstone, shleifshtse. 
Gripe, grift'. 
Grit, grit, gritz. 
Grocer, grocer. 
Grocery, grocery. 
Ground, groond. 
Groundless, groondlose 
Grove, bush. 
Grow, wox, woxa. 
Growl, groomla. 
Growth, g'wex. 
Grumble, groomel. 
Grunt, grexa. 
Guard, guard. 
Guardian, guardeen. 
Guess, rote. 
Guessing, rota. 
Guest, gosht. 
Guide, guide, feerer. 
Guiding, guida. 
Guilt, shoold. ' 
Guiltv, shooldich. 




Gum, goom. 
Gun, tliut, conone. 
Gust, sbtorm. 
Gut, dorm. 

Guts, darm. 
Gutter, gutter. 
Guzzle, sowfa. 
Guzzler, siffer. 


Habit, g'woneheit. 
Had, hob,hen,hut,het 
Hack, hoeka. 
Hail, hawgle, kissel. 
Hair, hore. 
Hairy, borich. 
Hale, g'soond. 
Half, bolb, helft. 
Hall, hall. 
Halt, halt. 
Halter, holfter. 
Ham, shoonka. 
Hammer, bommer. 
Hand, bond. 
Handful, hondful. 
Handle, handle, shteel. 
Handsaw, hondsaig. 
Handsome, shse. 
Handwriting, h o n d - 

Handy, bandy, ben- 

Hang, benk. 
Hanging, benka. 
Hanger, henker. 
Happen, happen. 
Happening, happena. 
Happy, fro. 
Hard, hord. 
Harden, ferharda. 
Hardship, hardship. 
Hare, haws. 

Harm, shawda, un- 

Harmful, shadelich. 

Harmless, unshadelich 

Harness, g'sharr, har- 

Harp, horf. 

Harrow, ake. 

Harvest, arnt. 

Hash, hash. 

Haste, eil. 

Hasty, eil ich. 

Hat, hoot. 

Hatch, breea. 

Hatchet, hatchet. 

Hatched, ous gabreet. 

Hate, hos, hossa. 

Hatred, hos, hossa. 

Hatter, hoot-maucher. 

Haul, tzeeg, tzoog. 

Have, hob, hen, hawa. 

Hay, hoy. 

He, ar. 

Head, hawpt, head, 


Heal, hale. 

Healing, hala. 

Healed, g'baled. 

Health, g'soondheit. 

Healthy, g'soond. 




Heap, howfo. 
Hear, hare. 
Hearing, hara. 
Heard, g'hared/ 
Heart, hartz. 
Heat, hitz. 
Heathen, hida. 
Heathenish, hidish. 
Heaven, Himmel. 
Heavenly, Himmlish. 
Heavy, shware. 
Hedge, hecka. 
Heed, aucht, foresicht. 
Heel, farsh. 
Heifer, rind. 
Heir, arb. 
Heirs, arwa. 
Hell, hell. 
Help, hilf. 
Helper, heifer. 
Helpless, hilflose. 
Hemp, honf. 
Hen. hinkle. 
Henceforth, fun now 

Her, era. 
Herb, krant. 
Herd, meng. 
Here, doh. 
Hermit, ainsler. 
Hero, hero. 
Herse, dodakootch. 
Herself, se selwer. 
Hesitate, hesitate. 
Hesitation, hesitation. 
Hew, hock. 
Hiccough, shlooxa. 
Hide, howt, fershteckle 
High, hoch. 
Higher, haicher. 
Hill, barrick. 

Hillv, barrickich. 
Hilt, heft. 
Him, eem, een, 'm. 
Himself, een, selwer, 

ar selwer. 
Hind, hinna. 
Hinder, hinnera. 
Hindermost, hinnersht 
Hinge, hawptsotz,bond 
Hint. hint. 
Hinting, hinta. 
Hip, hift. 
Hire, lone, ding. 
Hireling, gadingta. 
Hired, gadingt. 
His, si, sina. 
History, history. 
Hit, shlawg, shtose. 
Hitch, awbinna. 
Hither, dohar. 
Hitherto, bis dohar. 
Hoard, foreroat. 
Hoarse, haisher. 
Hoax, hoax. 
Hoe, hock. 
Hog, sow. 
Hogs, si. 
Hoggish, sei-ish. 
Hold, halt. 
Holding, halta. 
Hole, luch. 
Holy, heilich. 
Hollow, hole. 
Home, h aim at. 
Homely, haimlich. 
Honest, airlich. 
Honesty, airlichkeit. 
Honey, honich. 
Honorable, airwardich 
Hood, cop. 
Hoof, hoof. 




Hook, hoka, fonga. 
Hooked, g'fonga. 
Hoop, rait", hoop. 
Hop, hoops. 
Hoi)ping, hoopsa. 
Hope, hiifi'nung. 
Hoping, huffa. 
Horn, horn. 
Hornet, hornasle. 
Horrible, ohshilich. 
Horror, shrecka. 
Horse, gowl. 
Horseshoe, hoofeisa. 
Horticultnre, gardhi. 
Hose, shtrinip, hose, 

Hospital, hospital. 
Hot, hais. 
Hotel, hotel, wserts- 

Hour, shtoond. 
Hourly, yady shtoond. 
House, house. 
Houses, hiser. 
Housekeeping, house- 

How, we 

However, demnoch. 
Howl, g'heil. 

Huckster, huckshter. 

Hucksteriug, h u c k - 

Hug,arnila, k'noatsha. 

Huge, grose. 

Hum, brumm. 

Humming, brumma. 

Human, menshlich. 

Humble, dameetich. 

Humbug, humbug. 

Humor, shposs. 

Humorous, shpossich. 
! Hunch, bookie. 
I Hundred, hoonert. 
: Hundredth, hoonersht. 
j Hunger, hoonger. 
1 Hungry, hoongerich. 

Hunt, sooch, yawga. 

Hunter, yager. 

Hurry, hurry, doomla, 

Hurt, wa3 du. 
I Husband, monn. 
i Hush, shtill, hush. 
I Hut, hit, did. 

Hymn, leed. 

Hypocricy, heicheli. 

Hypocrite, heichler. 

Hysterics, hystericks. 


I, ich. 

Ice, ice. 

Idea, edae, bragriff". 

Identical, gleich, anerlge. 

Idiot, dummkup. 
Idle, missich, faul. 
If, ob, wann, eb, ub. 
Ignorance, unwissend. 

Ill, ung'soond, kronk. 
Illegal, illegal. 
Illiterate, ungalarnd. 
Illness, kronkheit. 
Illustrating, illustrata. 
Image, bild. 
Imagine, foreshtellung 
Imbecile, shwauch. 




Imitate, nochmancha. 
Imitation, imitation. 
Imm ediate, no w, gravvd 
Immigrant, eiwanderer 
Impair, ferdarwa. 
Impart, mitdaila. 
Impartial, unpordei-ish 
Impatient, ungadooldich. 
Impeach, impeach. 
Impede, ferhinnera. 
Imperfect, imparfect. 
Implement, warktzeich. 
Implicate, ferwickla. 
Implore, bitta. 
Important, wichtich. 
Import, import. 
Importer, importer. 
Importing, importa. 
Impose, impose. 
Imposing, imposa. 
Imposition, imposition 
Impossible, unmiglich. 
Impossibility, unmig- 

Imposter, imposter, ba- 


Impression, impression. 

Improbable, unwohr- 

Improper, unshicklich 
In) prove, improof. 
Improvement, im- 

Improving, improofa. 

Impudent, unfershamed. 
In, in, drin, aw, tzu. 
Inaccurate, net recht. 
Inactive, inactif. 
Inattentive, inattentif. 
In augu ration , inaugu- 
ral ion. 

Inborn, awgabora. 

Inception, awfong. 

Inch, tzAill. 

Incident, tzAifoll. 

Incite, awhetza. 

Incline, incline. 

Incomprehensible, un- 

Inconsistent, inconsist- 

Incorporate, incorpar- 

Incorporating, incor- 

Indecent, indecent. 

Indeed, wa?rklich. 

Indefinite, unbashtimmt. 

Indemnity, indemnity. 

Independent, indepen- 

Index, index. 

Indian, insh. 

Indians, insha. 

Indication, indication. 

Indicating, iudicata. 

Indictment, indictment. 

Indirect, indirect. 

Indiscreet, unbadenkt. 

Indisposed, ung'soond. 

Indistinct, undeitlich. 

Individual, parsone. 

Indolence, fowlheit. 

Induce, induce. 

Inducement, induce- 

Inducing, indusa. 

Induct, eiteera. 

Industry, fleis. 

Inebriate, sifier. 

Inexperience, unarfawra 

Infamous, shendlich. 




Infant, kint, bubbelly. 

Infections, awshteckend. 

Intimi, krenklich. 

Intluination, inflama- 

Inflnence, influence. 

Ingenious, g'shickt, in- 

Ingenuity, ingenuity. 

Inhabit, bawohna. 

Inhabitant, eiwohner. 

Inheritance, arbshoft. 

Iniquity, boseheit. 

Initiate, initiate. 

Injure, shawda, ferletza 

Injustice, injustice, un- 

Ink, dinda. 

Inn, wneris-house. 

Innocent, unshooldich 

Inquest, inquest. 

Inquire, nnnersooch. 

Inquiry, unnersooch- 

Insane, insane, narrish 

Insinuate, insinuate. 

Insinuation, insinua- 

Insinuating, insinuata. 

Insight, eisicht. 

Insist, insist. 

Insolent, unfershamed 

Inspect, inshpect. 

Inspector, inshpector. 

Inspecting, inslipecta. 

Institute, institute. 

Institution, institution. 

Instruct, inshtruct. 

Instructor, inshtructor 

Insult, insult. 

Insulting, insulta. 

Insurance, insurance. 
Insured, insured. 
Insuring, insura. 
Intellect, fershtond. 
Intelligent, fershtendich. 
Intemperate, i n t e ni - 

perate, b'sufia. 
Intend, intend. 
Intention, intention. 
Intending, intenda. 
Interest, interest. 
Interested, intresseerd. 
Interfere, interfere. 
Interfering, interfera. 
Into, in, ni. 
Intoxicate, g'suffa. 
Introduce, introduce. 
Introducing, introdusa 
Introduction, introduc- 
Invent, arfinna, invent 
Invention, arfinnung, 

Inventory, inventory. 
Invest, in vest- 
Investigate, investigate 
Investigation, investi- 
Investigating, investi- 

Invitation, invitation, 

Invite, eilawda. 
Involved, ferwickeld. 
Involve, ferwickla. 
Inwardly, innerlich. 
Ire, tzorn. 
Iron, isa. 
Ironing, bigla. 
Irregular, unregular. 
Island, insel, island. 




Isle, insel. 
Issae, issue. 
It, es, sell, des. 
Itch, kretz. 
Item, item. 

Iterate , w idder h ol a . 
Its, si, des. 
Itself, sich, sehver. 
Ivoiy, ivory. 


Jacket, jacket. 
Jail, jail. 

Januar}', yonuawr. 
Jar, boomps. 
Jaw, keenbocka. 
Jealous, jealous. 
Jelly, jeliy. 
Jest, shposs. 
Jew, yood. 
Jesus, Yasus. 
Jewel, jewel. 
Jig, jig, dons. 
Jingle, clingle. 
Job, job. 
Jobber, jobber. 
Jog, shtose. 
Join, join. 
Joining, joina. 
Joint, joint. 
Joke, joke. 
Jolly, looshtich. 
Journal, dawga booch, 

Journey, rais. 

Joy, fraida. 

Joyous, frailich. 

Jubilee, yubelee. 

Judge, judge. 

Judgment, judgment. 

Jug, kroog. 

Juice, sawft. 

July, July, yooly. 

Jump, joomp. 

Jumping, joompa. 

June, June, yoony. 

Juror, jurymon. 

Jury, jury. 

Just, yoosht, nooma, 

Justice, recht, yooshtas 

Justify, justify. 

Justilication, justifica- 

Juvenile, yingler. 

Juxtaposition, mitaw- 


Kalendar, collender. 
Keen, shorf. 
Keep, b'holta. 
Keeper, keeper. 
Keg, fessly. 

Kettle, kessel. 
Key, shlissel. 
Kick, kick. 
Kicking, kicka. 
Kicked, g'kicked. 




Kidney, neer. 
Kill, dote maucha. 
Kiln, nfla. 
Kin, freindshaft. 
Kind, awrt, coot. 
Kindle, awshtecka. 

Kindness, freindliehkeit. 
Kiss, koos. 
Kitchen, kick. 
Kite, kite. 
Kitten, ynno;y cots. 
Knave, shelni. 

Knee, k'nee. 
Knife, messer. 
Knit, sh tri oka. 
Knitting, shtricka 
Knock, shlawg. 
Knocking, shlawga. 
Knocker, knocker. 
Knot, k'nup. 
Know, wais. 
Knowing, wissa. 
Knuckle, knuckle. 


Labor, arwet, shoffa. 
Laborer, d a w g 1 a n e r, 

shofinon. • 
Lad, bu. 
Ladder, lader. 
Ladle, leffel. 
Lady, lady. 
La ml), loni. 
Lame, lawm. 
Lamp, lomp. 
Lance, lonce. 
Land, lond. 
Landing, landing. 
Landlord, wsert. 
Landl ady , W8ertsfraw. 
Lane, lane. 
Language, sproach. 
Lantern, loddarn, lootzer. 
Lap, lap, shose. 
Lapping, lappa. 
Lard, shmaltz. 
Large, grose. 
Larger, gresser. 
Largest, graisht. 
Lark, larrich. 

Lash, lash. 
Lass, maidle. 
Last, letsht. 
Latch, latch. 
Late, shpoat. 
Lately, kartzlich. 
Later, shpaiter. 
Latest, shpaitsht. 
Lath, lod, lodda. 
Latin, lodinish. 
Latitude, latitude. 
Latter, letsht. 
Laud, lohwa. 
Laugh, lauch. 
Laughable, lecherlich. 
Laughing, laucha. 
Laughter, g'lechter. 
Launch, launch. 
Lavish, fershwenda. 
Law, law. 
Lawful, lawful. 
Lawsuit, lawsuit. 
Lawyer, lawyer. 
Lay, laig, laiga, ligga. 
( Laziness, fowlheit. 




Lead, bli, feer, lead. 
Leading, feera, leada. 
Leader, leader. 
Leaf, blot. 
Leak, rin. 
Leaking, rinna. 
I^ean, mawger. 
Leap, shpring. 
Leaping, shpringa. 
Learn, larn. 
Learning, larna. 
Learned, g'larnd. 
Least, wennichsht.' 
Leather, ledder. 
Leave, Inss, liissa. 
Leaves, bletter. 
Lectnre, lecture. 
Left, linx. 
Leg, bane, bse. 
Legal, legal. 
Legged, ban ich. 
Legislation, legislation. 
Legislating, legislata. 
Legislature, legislature. 
Lend, lain. 
Lender, lainer. 
Length, leng. 
Lengthen, ferlenger. 
Less, wennicher. 
Lest, dos. 
Let, luss, lussa. 
Letter, breef, bushtawb. 
Level, level. 
Leveling, levla. 
Lever, lever. 

Lexicon, wardta-booch. 

Liable, liable. 
Liar, ligner. 
Libel, libel. 
Liberal, liberal. 
Liberty, freiheit. 

Library, library. 

Lick, shleck. 

Licked, g'shlecked. 

Licking, shlecka. 

Lid, deckel. 

Lie, leeg. 

Life, lava. 

Lift, lift, ufhava. 

Light, licht. 

Lighten, f e r 1 e i c h t a, 

Lightening, blitz. 
Like, gleich. 
Likely, woreshinelich. 
Likeness, awganame, 

Liking, g'foUa. 
Limb, gleed. 
Limber, loomerich. 
Lime, collich. 
Limit, limit, grentz. 
Limitation, limitation. 
Limp, hickle. 
Limping, hickla. 
Line, line. 
Linen, leinich. 
Linguist, s h p r o a c h- 

Lining, footer, lining. 
Lion, laib. 
Lip, lip, lefts. 
Liquid, liquid. 
Liqidation, liquidation 
Liquor, gatrenk. 
List, lisht. 
Literal, wserdlich. 
Literature, literature. 
Litigation, law, shtreit. 
Little, kite, klanes. 
Live, levendich, lava, 

won a. 



Lively, lively, looshtich 
Liver, levver. 
Living, living. 
Load, load. 
Loaf, laib, loafa. 
Loafer, loafer. 
Loan, loan. 
Loaning, laina. 
Loathe, obshia. 
Local, artlich. 
Location, location. 
Lock, shluss. 
Locket, locket. 
Locomotive, locomotif. 
Locust, locns. 
Lodge, lodge. 
Lodging, lodging. 
Loft, uvva noof. 
Log, bluck. 
Logic, logic. 
Lone, alia?. 
Lonesome, lonesom. 
Long, long. 
Longways, leng noch. 
Look, gook. 
Looking, gooka. 
Looked, gagookd. 
Looking glass, shpiggle 

Loop, shloop. 
Loose, lose. 
Loosen, lose maucha. 
Lord, Hierr. 
Lordship, Ha^'rrshaft. 
Lose, ferleera, lose. 
Loss, ferloosht. 
Lot, lilt. 

Lottery, lutteree. 
Loud, loud. 
Louse, louse. 
Love, leeb. 
Low, nidder. 
Lower, nidderer. 
Lowest, niddersht. 
Luck, glick. 
Lucky, glicklich. 
Lumber, bau-huls. 
Lump, lump, kloompa. 
Lunatic, narrisher. 
Lunch, kalt shtick. 
Lung, loong. 
Lust, g'loosht. 
Lusty, g'looshtich. 
Lustre, glontz. 
Lutheran, Luderish. 
Luxury, im hoch lava. 
Lying, leega. 


Machine, masheen. 
Mad, baise, weetich. 
Magistrate, shquire. 
Magnify, fergressera. 
Maid, mawd. 
Maiden, yung maidle. 
Mail, mail. 
Main, main, hawpt. 
Mainly, hawptsechlich . 

Maintain, arhalta. 
Maintenance, unnerbalt. 
Majori t}^ m a r e h e i t, 

Make, mauch, du. 
Maker, mancher. 
Male, mon, male. 
Malice, boseheit. 
Malt, nialtz. 



Man, 111011. 

Manage, manage. 

Managed, g'nianaged. 

Manager, manager. 

Managing, nianaga. 

]Managemeiit, manage- 

^lane, mane. 

Manful, menlicli. 

Mankind, mensha-g'- 

Manner, monneer. 

Mannerly, m o n n e e r- 

]\[ansioii, wonehouse. 

Manslaughter, dote- 

]VIantle, montle. 

Manufacture, manu- 

]\[anure, misht. 

^Manuscript, hondsbrift 

Many, feel. 

Map, map. 

Marble, marwel. 

Marcb, martz, marcb. 

Marched, g'marcbed. 

Marching, inarcha. 

]Mare, ma^rr. 

]Mark, marrick. 

jNIarket, morrickt. 

]Marriage, hirawt. 

]Married, g'hired. 

Marry, hira. 

Marrow, mork. 

Marshal, marshal. 

Marvel, Avoonera. 

Mash, mesh. 

Mason, maurer, mason 

Mast, niosht. 

Master, maishter. 

i L iitcb, match. 
' Mate, mate. 

Matrimony, hireshtond 

Matter, sauch. 
i Mattress, mottrotz. 
; Maxim, grundsotz. 
j May, moy, mawg, con. 
j ]Mayor, mayor. 

Me, mich, ich, meer, 
111 er. 

Meadow, wiss. 

Meal, male. 

Mean, mean, mane. 
; Meaning, manung. 
' Measles, measles, 
' Measure, niose, mess. 

Measuring, messa. 

Meat, iiaish. 

jNIechanic, bondwarker 

Meddle, meddle. 

Meddling, meddla. 

Mediator, middler. 

Medicine, meditzeeii. 
1 Meditate, denka. 
i Meek, sonft- 

Meet, somla, meeta. 

Meeting, meeting. 
I Melody, nielodee. 
I Melon, melone, 
i Melt, shmels. 
' Melting, sbmelsa. 

Memory, gadecbtniss. 

Men, menner. 

Mend, Hick, bessera. 

Mended, g'ilicked. 

Mending, Hick a. 

Mendicant, bettler. 

Mention, mention. 

Mentioning, mention a. 

Merchandise, shtore- 
1 sauch. 




Merchant, shtore-keeper. j 
Mercy, bormhartzich. 
Meredian, middawg. 
Merit, ferdeent. 
Merry, looshtich. 
Mess, ess-shtick. 
Message, message. 
Messenger, messenger. 
Messiah, Messias. 
Messuage, groond-shtick. 
Metal, metal. 
Method, W8eg. 
Methodist, meddadisht 
Mice, mice. 
Mid, mid. 
Middle, mid. 
Middling, middlemasich. 
Midway, holbwgeg. 
Might, mail cht, gawalt 
Mighty, mechtich. 
Migrate, travella. 
Mild, mild. 
Militia, millitz. 
Milk, millich. 
Mill, meel. 
Mill-dam, meel-dom. 
Miller, miller. 
Milliner, milliner. 
Mind, gameet, geisht, 

sinn, mind. 
Mine, mine. 
Miner, miner. 
Mineral, mineral. 
Minister, porra. 
Minor, minor. 
Minority, minderheit, 

Minstrel, senger. 
Minute, minoot. 
Mirror, shpiggle. 
Misbehave, misbehafe. 

Mischief, mischief. 

Miser, geitzhals. 
Misfortune, unglick. 
Mishap, unfol. 
Mislay, ferlaiga. 
Mislaid, ferlaiged. 
Misprint, drookfailer. 
Misrule, Unordnung. 
Mission, mission. 
Missionary, missionary 
Mist, newel. 
Mistake, mistake, failer 
Mistaking, mistaka. 
Mistaken, mistaken. 
Mistrust, mistrow. 
Misunderstand, unfer- 

Mix, mix, misha. 
Mixing, mixa. 
Mob, mob. 
Mock, shput. 
Mocking, shputta. 
Mocker, shpetter. 
Mode, awrt. 
Modest, modest. 
Modify, modify. 
Moist, feicht. 
Molten, g'shmulsa. 
Moment, awgablick. 
Momentous, wichtich. 
Monday, moondawg. 
Money, geld. 
Monopoly, monopoly. 
Monstrous, ungahire. 
Month, moonot. 
Monthly, moonotlich. 
Monument, monument. 
Moon, mohnd. 
Mop, weshloompa. 
Moral, m o r a w 1 i s h, 





]\Iore, mai, maner. 
Morn, morya. 
Morrow, morya. 
Mortal, shtarblich. 
Mortgage, mortgage. 
Mosquito, mushkitter. 
Moss, mose. 
Most, mensht, marsht. 
Mostly, marshteiis. 
Mother, mootter. 
Motion, motion. 
Motive, motif. 

Mould, mould, shimmel. 

Moulder, f e r f o w 1 a, 

Mouldy, shimlich. 
Mount, gabarrig, uf- 

Mountain, barrig. 
Mountainous, barrick- 

INIouru, trowra. 
Mouse, mouse. 
Mouth, mowl. 
Mouthful, mowlful. 
Move, moof. 
Movement, moofment. 

Mow, may. 
Mowing, maya. 
Much, feel. 

Mud, dreck, marrosht. 
Muddy, dreckich. 
Mug, groog. 
Mule, mule, asle. 
Multiply, multiply. 
Multitude, mengmensha. 
Murder, mord, 
Murdering, morda. 
INIurderer, marder. 
Murmur, groomla. 
Museum, mussaum. 
Music, moosick. 
Musical, mussicawlish. 
Muslin, musleen. 
Muss, muss. 
Must, moos. 
Mute, shtoom. 
Mutiny, ufroor. 
Mutter, groomla. 
Mutton, shofe-flaish. 
My, my, mine. 
Myself, ich selwer. 


Nail, noggle. 
Nails, neggle. 
Naked, nockich. 
Name, nawma, haisa, 

Namely, namelich. 
Namesake, namesake. 
Nap, shloomera. 
Narrative, shtory. 
Narrow, eng, shmall. 

I Nasty, weesht. 
; National, national. 

Native, natif. 

Natural, noddeerlich. 

Nature, noddoor. 

Naturalize, naturalize. 

Naughty, unawrtich. 

Navel, nauvel. 

Navigate, navigate. 

Navigation, navigation 



Navigating, navigata. 
Near, noch, naigsht. 
Nearly, sheer. 
Neat, net, sha?. 

Necessarx', noatwendich. 

Necessity, noatwend- 

Neck, hols. 
Need, mongle. 
Needle, nodle. 
Needy, in der noat. 
Negative, negatif. 
Neglect, nochlessicha. 
Negociate, negociate. 
Negociati ng, negociata. 
Negro, nager. 
Neighbor, nochber. 
Neighborhood, noch- 

Nephew^ nephew. 
Nerve, narf. 
Nest, nesht. 
Net. netz. 

Netting, netzwarrick. 
Never, nimmy, nemohl 
Nevermore, ninimer- 

New, ni. 

New 3'ear, ni yohr. 
News, niichkeit, news. 
Newspaper, Tzeitung. 
Next, naigsht. 
Nice, shai. 

Nickname, nieknawma. 
Night, naucht. 
Nightly, nechtlich. 
Nine, nine. 
Nineteen, ninetzse. 
Ninety, ninetzich. 
Nineteenth, ninetzainsht 
Ninth, nine't. 

No, nay, k?p, ken. 
Nobody, nemond. 
Nod, nook. 
Noise, larm. 
Noisy, larm ich. 
Nominate, nominate. 
j Nominating, nominata 
None, kens, ken, kenner. 

Nonsense, unsinn. 
Nonsensical, nnsinnich 
Nook, eck. 
Noon, middawg. 
Nor, noch, aw, net. 
North, nord. 
Northward, nardlich. 
Nose, naws. 
Not, net. 
Note, note. 
Noted, bakonnt. 
Nothing, nix. 
Notice, notice. 
Notified, g'notified. 
Notify, notify. 
Notifying, notifya. 
Notion, notion, eifol. 
Notorious, bereemt. 
Nourish, nawra. 
Nourishment, nawrung. 
November, nuftember. 
Now, now, yetz. 
Nowhere, narryats. 
Nude, nockich. 
Nuisance, nuisance. 
Null, fernicht. 
Number, noomer. 
Numbering, noomera. 
Numeration, tzailung. 
Numerous, tzawlreich. 
Numskull, doomkup. 
Nurse, nurse. 
Nursing, nursa. 




Nursery, nursery. 
Nut, nuss. 
Nuts, niss. 

Nutmeg, muskawta- 

Nu tri m en t, n awru ng. 


Oak, aicha. 

Oar, rooder. 

Oats, haw-wer. 

Obedient, gahoresom. 

Obey, fulg. 

Obeying, fulga. 

Object, object. 

Objection, objection. 

Objecting, objecta. 

Oblige, oblige. 

Obscene, shendlich. 

Obscure, ferdoonkel. 

Observation, observation 

Observe, obsarf. 

Observer, obsarfer. 

Observing, obsarfa. 

Obstinate, shtuvverich. 

Obtain, grick. 

Obtained, grickd. 

Obtaining, greega. 

Occasion, galagenheit. 

Occupant, b'sitzer. 

Odd, ungleich. 

Odds, unnersheed. 

Odious, ferhosst. 

Of, fun, ous, ob, weck. 

Off, fun, aweck, nous, 

Ofience, argerniss, of- 

Offender, offender. 

Office, omt, office. 

Officer, officer. 

Offer, offer. 

Offering, offera. 

Official, official. 

Offset, oflset. 

Offspring, nochcoomer 

Often, uft. 

Oh, auch, oh. 

Oil, ail. 

Old, olt, olter. 

Older, elter. 

Oldest, eldsht. 

On, aw, ut, tzu, mit. 

Once, eamohl. 

One, anes, ane. 

Only, ainsich. 

Onward, for warts. 

Open, uf, effentlich. 

Opening, efinung, uf 
m auch a. 

Operate, operate. 

Operation, operation. 

Operating, operata. 

Opinion, opinion, main- 

Opponant, gaigner. 

Oppose, oppose. 

Opposing, opposa. 

Opposition, opposition. 

Opportunity, galagen- 

Opposite, dergaga, gaga. 

Option, wähl. 

Or, odder. 

Orator, shwetzer. 

Oration, oration. 




Orchard, bawm-gorda. 
Order, order, Ordnung. 
Ore, artz. 
Organ, orrigle. 
Organist, orrigle shpeeler. 
Organizing, organiza. 
Organize, organize. 
Organization, organi- 
Origin, uhrshprung. 
Original, original. 
Ornamenting, ornamenta 
Ornament, ornament. 
Ostler, hosier. 
Other, onner. 
Ought, set, setsht. 
Ounce, ounce. 
Our, unser. 
Out, nous, drous. 
Outlive, ous-lava. 
Outlandish, ouslendish 
Outward, eiserlich. 

Oven, uflfa. 

Over, nivver, ivver, 

Overcoat, ivver-ruck. 
Overcharge, iwcr-charge 
Overcome, ivver-coom. 
Overdo, iwer du. 
Overlook, ivvergook. 
Overrule, ivverule. 
Oversee, ivver sa. 
Overseer, ivver sare. 
Overtake, ivvernemma 

Overtaken, iwernooma. 

Overture, umshtartza. 
Owe, shooldich. 
Owing, shooldich si. 
Own, aigna. 
Owner, aigner. 
Ox, ux. 
Oxen, uxa. 
Oyster, oyshter. 


Pace, shritt. 
Pack, pock. 
Packing, pocka. 
Page, page. 
Paid, bat za wit. 
Pail, aimer. 
Pain, shmartz. 
Painful, shmartzlich. 
Paint, forb, paint. 
Painter, painter. 
Painted, gapaint. 
Painting, painta. 
Pair, pawr. 
Pale, bloss. 
Pan, pon. 
Pane, fenshtershibe. 

Pantaloons, hussa. 
Pap, bri, dad. 
Papa, pap, dad. 
Parade, parade. 
Pardon, pardon. 
Pardoning, pardona. 
Pardoned, g'i)ardoned. 
Pare, shala. 
Parents, eltra. 
Parlor, parlor. 
Parrot, bobbagoy. 
Parson, porra. 
Part, dale, awdale. 
Partake, dale nemma. 
Partner, partner. 
Party, party, portei. 




Pass, ga, gong. 
Passage, passage. 
Passenger, passenger. 
Passing, passa. 
Passion, tzorn. 
Past, ferbei, fergonga. 
Paste, paste. 
Passtime, tzeit-fertreib, 

Pastor, porra. • 
Pasture, waid. 
Patch, patch, shtick. 
Pate, kup. 
Path, pawd. 
Patience, gadoold. 
Patient, kronka. 
Patriot, potriut. 
Pattern, mooshter. 
Paper, bobbeer. 
Pauper, ormer. 
Pavement, pafement. 
Pay, batzawl. 
Payable, tzawlbawr. 
Paying, batzawla. 
Payment, batzawlung. 
Paid, batzawlt. 
Peace, freeda. 
Peacable, freedlich. 
Peach, parshing. 
Pear, l)eer. 
Pears, beera. 
Peas, arbsa. 
Peanuts, groondniss. 
Peacock, pohawna. 
Peddler, peddler. 
Peddling, pedla. 
Peel, shaila. 
Pealings, shawla. 
Peck, beck. 
Peep, gook. 
Peeping, gooka, peepa. 

Pen, fedder, shtall. 
Pencil, pencil. 
Penny, bens. 
People, fulk, lite. 
Pepper, pefier. 
Perfect, parfect. 
Perform, perform. 
Performer, perfomier. 
Performing, performa. 
Perhaps, ferleicht. 
Peril, g'fore. 
Period, poonkt. 
Perish, umcooma. 
Perjure, falsh shwaira. 
Permit, arlawb. 
Permitted, arlawb'd. 
Permitting, arlauwa. 
Person, parson e. 
Persona^ parsanelich. 
Pest, pesht. 
Pester, ploga. 
Pet, pet. 
Petted, gap et. 
Petting, petta. 
Petition, petition. 
Petitioning, petitiona. 
Petticoat, unnerruck. 
Petty, garing. 
Pew, pew. 
Pewter, tzinn. 
Phrase, shwetz-awrt. 
Pick, pick. 
Picking, picka. 
Picked, g'picked. 
Pickle, pickle. 
Pie, pie. 
Piece, shtick. 
Pierce, shtech. 
Piercing, shtecha. 
Piety, frummichkeit. 
Pig, sily. 




Pigeon, dowb. 
Pile, how fa. 
Pilfering, shtala. 
Pill, pill. 
Pills, pilla. 
Pillow, kissa. 
Pin, shpell. 
Pincer, hise-tzong. 
Pinch, pinch, petz. 
Pinching, petza. 
Pint, pint. 
Pious, frumm. 
Pipe, rohr, pife. 
Piper, pifer. 
Pistol, pishtole. 
Pit, groob. 
Pitch, pitch. 
Pitching, pitcha. 
Pitcher, kroog. 
Pitiful, yemmerlich. 

pity, dauer. 
Pitying, dauera. 
Place, plotz. 
Plain, plain, deitlicb. 
Plaintiff, plaintiff. 
Plan, plawn. 
Plane, huvvell. 
Plank, plonk. 
Plant, plontz. 
Planting, plontza. 
Planted, gaplontzed. 
Plantation, plontawsh. 
Plaster, ploshter, 
Plasterer, pleshterer. 
Plastering, pleshtera. 
Plate, deiler. 
Platform, platform. 
Play, shpeel. 
Playing, shpeela. 
Played, g'shpeeld. 
Plea, plea. 

Pleasant, plesseerlich. 
Pleasure, plesseer. 
Please, please, g'falla. 
Pleasing, pleasa. 
Pledging, pledga. 
Pledge, pledge. 
Pledged, gapledged. 
Plenty, plenty. 
Plot, plot. 
Plow, ploog. 
Pluck, moot. 
Plum, plowm. 
Plump, ploomp. 
Plunder, rawb. 
Plundered, g'rauwbd. 
Plundering, rauwa. 
Pocket, sock. 
Pocketing, in sock du. 
Poetry, poetry. 
Point, poonkt, point, 

Polish, polish. 
Polishing, polisha. 
Pointing, weisa, shpitza 

Poke, poke. 
Pole, pole. 
Police, police. 
Policy, policy. 
Polish, polisli. 
Polishing, polisha. 
Polished, gapolished. 
Polite, polite. 
Poll, poll. 
Pond, deich, dom. 
Pony, pony. 
Poor, awram. 
Poorly, ärmlich. 
Poplar, popla. 
Popular, popular. 
Population, bafelkerung. 




Pork, si-flaish. 
Portrait, portrait. 
Positive, positeef. 
Possess, b'sitz. 
Possession, b'sitzung. 
Possible, miglich. 
Post, pusht. 
Postage, postage. 
Postpone, iif-sheeb. 
Postponed, nf-g'shova. 
Postponement, uf-shoob. 
Pot, hoffii. 
Pots, beffix. 
Potato, krunibeer. 
Potter, hefFner. 
Pound, poont. 
Pour, gees, ousshenka. 
Poverty, or moot. 
Power, gawalt. 
Powerful , g a w e 1 1 i c h, 

Powder, pulfer. 
Practice, practice. 
Praise, lobe. 
Praising, lova. 
Praised, galobed. 
Pra}', baita. 
Prayer, gabait. 
Preacher, preddicher. 
Preach, preddich. 
Preaching, preddicha. 
Preached, gapreddich'd. 

Prefer, foretzeega. 
Preference, foretzoog. 
Prejudice, prejudice. 
Premature, untzeitich. 
Premium, premium. 
Prepare, prepare. 
Preparing, prepara. 
Present, derbi, doh, g'- 

Presented, g'shenkt. 

Presenting, presenta, 

Preserving, presarfa. 

Presume, fermoot. 

Pretend, pretend. 

Prevented, ferhinnert. 

Prevent, ferhinner. 

Preventing, ferhinnera 

Price, waert, price, lone 

Prick, shtecha. 

Pride, shtultz. 

Principal, principal. 

Principle, grundsotz, 

Print, drook. 

Printer, drooker. 

Printing office, drookerei 

Prison, g'fengniss, pressen 

Prisoner, g'fongner, 

Private, private. 

Privy, ob-dritt. 

Prize, preis. 

Probable, worshinelich 

Proceeding, proceeda. 

Proceedings, proceed- 
ings. _ 

Procession, procession. 

Proclaim, ousrufa. 

Proclamation, procla- 

Proclaiming, proclaima. 

Procure, aw-shofFa. 

Produce, produce. 

Producing, produsa. 

Production, production. 

Profess, bakenna. 

Professing, professa. 

Profession, profession. 

Profit, proffit. 




Pix)fitable, priifitlich. 
Progress, Ibrt^liritt. 
Prolong, ferlengera. 
Prominent, prominent. 
Promise, iersbprech. 

Promising, fershprecha. 

Promised, fersbprucha 
Promote, promote. 
Promoting, promota. 
Prompt, sbnell, grawd. 
Proof, proof, baweis. 
Prop, sbteiber. 
Proping, sbteibera. 
Proper, ricbticb. 
Proi)erty, property, fer- 

Propbet, propbait. 
Proportion, proportion 
Proposing, proposa. 
Proposal, foresblawg, 


Proposition, proposition. 

Proscription, proscrip- 

Prosecute, prosecute. 

Prosecuting, prosecuta 

Prosecution, prosecu- 

Prosecutor, prosecutor 

Prospect, prospect, ous- 

Prosper, glick. 

Protector, jDrotector. 

Protection, protection. 

Protect, protect, sbitza. 

Protecting, protecta. 

Protest, protest. 

Protesting, protesta. 

Protestant, proteshtond. 

Proud, shtultz, boch- 

Prove, proof, beweis. 
Proving, proola. 
Proven, gaproofed. 
Proverb, sbprichwardt. 
Provide, provide, fer- 

Providing, provida. 
Provision, provision, 

Provoking, provoka. 
Prudent, foresicbticb. 
Publisb, publisb. 
Publisbed, gapublisbed 
Publisbing, publisba. 
Publisber, publisber. 
Public, public. 
Pudding, levverwarsbt, 

Puff, puff. 
Puffing, puffa. 
Puking, kutza. 
Puked, gakutzed. 
Pull, tz^eg. 
Pulling, tzeega. 
Pulled, g'tzoga. 
Pulpit, konsel. 
Pulse, poolse. 
Pump, boom p. 
Puncb, punch. 
Punctual, 23inklicb. 
Punctuate, punctuate. 
Punctuating, punctuata. 
Pupil, sbooler. 

Puppy, yoonger hoond. 

Purchase, kawf. 
Purchaser, kawfer. 
Purchased, g'kawft. 
Purchasing, kaufa. 
Pure, pure, sauwer. 
Purge, loxecr. 
Purging, loxeera. 


Purged, g'loxeerd. 
Purpose, porpas. 
Purse, geld-sock. 
Pursue, fulga. 
Pursuit, noch ga. 
Push, push, g'shova. 

62 RAISE. 

Pushed, g'pushed. 
Pushing, pusha, sheeva 
Put, aw, draw, du. 
Puzzle, puzzle. 
Puzzling, puzzla. 
Puzzled, gapuzzled. 


Quack, quack. 
Quadruped, credoor, 

Quail, botreesel. 
Quake, tzitter. 
Quaking, tzittera. 
Quality, quality. 
Quantity, quantity. 
Quarrel, shtreit. 
Quarreling, shtreita. 
Quarreled, g'shtritta. 
Quarry, shfce-brooch. 
Quart, quart. 
Quarter, ftirtle. 
Queen, queen. 

Queer, coryose. 
Question, froke. 
Quick, g'shwint. 
Quicker, g'shwinter. 
Quickest, g'shwintsht. 
Quiet, shtill. 
Quill, fedder. 
Quilt, quilt. 
Quince, quit. 
Quinces, quitta. 
Quit, uf-hara, uf-gevva. 
Quite, gons. 
Quote, quote. 
Quoting, quota. 
Quotation, quotation. 


Rabbit, haws. 
Rabbits, hawsa. 
Race, race. 
Racing, rasa. 
Rack, refF, rack. 
Radical, radical. 
Raddish, reddich. 
Raffle, raffle. 
Raffled, g'raffled. 
Raffling, raffla. 
Raft, rjift. 
Rag. loompa. 

Ragged, ferloompt. 
Rage, woot. 
Rail, riggle. 
Railing, railing. 
Railroad, railroad. 
Raiment, claidung. 
Rain, raiga. 
Rained, garaigert. 
Raining, raigna. 
Hain-bow, raiga-boga. 
Rain-water, raiga-wasser 
Raise, raise. 




Raised, g'raised. 
Raising, raisa. 
Raisin, raseen. 
Rake, recha. 
Rally, rally. 
Ram. shote-lnick. 
Ramrod, lawd-shtecka. 
Range, range. 
Rank, rank, roy. 
Rap, rap, shlawga. 
Rape, rape. 
Rapid, shnell. 
Rare, rawr, ro. 
Rascal, rascal. 
Rasp, roshpel. 
Rate, rate, price. 
Rather, leever, rather. 
Ratifying, ratifya. 
Ratify, ratify. 
Ratified, g'ratified. 
Rattle, ropple. 
Rattling, roppla. 
Raw, ro. 
Ray, sh trawl. 
Reach, long, raich. 
Reaching, longa,raicha 
Read, laisa, galaisa. 
Ready, ready, 
Real, rale. 
Realize, bagreifa. 
Ream, ream. 
Reap, arnta. 
Rear, hinna, letsht. 
Reason, fershtond, iir- 

Receipt, risseet. 
Receive, bacooma. 
Receiver, receiver. 
Recent, kartzlich. 
Reception, reception. 
Recite, widder-hola. 

Reciting, recite, recita. 
Reckon, rechna. 
Reckoning, rechnung. 
Recollect, b'sinn. 
Recollecting, b'sinna. 
Recollected, b'soona. 

Recommend, recommend 

Recommending, r e - 

Recommendation, re- 

Recompense, beloh- 

Reconciling, reconcila. 

Reconcile, reconcile. 

Reconciled, reconciled. 

Record, record. 

Recorder, recorder. 

Recording, recorda. 

Recover, recover. 

Recovered, recovered. 

Recovering, recovera. 

Rectify, rectify. 

Rectified, rectified. 

Rectifying, rectifya. 

Red, road. 

Redeem, redeem. 

Redeemed, redeemed. 

Redeeming, redeema. 

Redeemer, Arlaiser. 

Reduce, reduce. 

Reduced, reduced. 

Reducing, redusa. 

Refer, refer. 

Referred, referred. 

Referee, referee. 

Refering, refera. 

Refiect. reflect. 

Reflecting, reflecta. 

Reform, reform. 

Reformed, reformeerd. 




Reformer, reformer. 
Refrain, tzarick-halta. 
Refuge, t'zufloocht. 
Refugee, refugee. 
Refund, t'zurick-t'zawla. 
Region, gaigend. 
Register, register. 
Regret, laid. 
Regular, regular 
Regulate, regulate. 
Regulating, regulata. 
Regulated, g'regulate. 
Regulator, regulater. 
Rehearse, widderhola. 
Rein, line. 
Reject, ferwserfo. 
Relate, fertzaila. 
Relation, freindshaft. 
Relative, ferwonta. 
Released, released. 
Release, release. 
Releasing, releasa. 
Relent, noch-gevva. 
Reliance, fertrowa. 
Relieve, lose-lussa, 

Rel}^ ferluss. 
Reliance, ferlussung. 
Relying, ferlussa. 
Remain, bleiva. 
Remark, bemarkung. 
Remarking, bamarka. 
Remedy, mittle. 
Remember, b' s i n n a, 

Remind, arinner. 
Reminding, arinnera. 
Reminded, arinnered. 
Remit, gevva, shenka. 
Remove, weckdu,moof 
Removing, moofa. 

Removed, g'moofed. 
Renewing, renewa. 
Renew, renew. 
Renewed, renewed. 
Rent, rent. 
Renting, renta. 
Repeal, repeal. 
Repealed, repealed. 
Repealing, repeala. 
Repeat, widderhola. 
Repent, boosa-du. 
Reply, ontwarta. 
Report, report. 
Reporting, reporta. 
Request, awshprooch. 
Require, ferlonga. 
Rescue, safa. 
Resemblance, ainlich- 

Reside, wohn. 
Residence, wohn-plotz. 
Resident, wohnhaft. 
Residing wohn a. 
Resigned, resigned. 
Resign, resign. 
Resigning, resigna. 
Resist, widdershtay. 
Resistance, w i d d e r- 

Resolute, resolute. 
Resolution, resolution. 
Resolved, b' s h 1 u s s a, 

Resolving, resolva. 
Resource, mittle. 
Respecting, reshpecta. 
Respect, reshpect. 
Respectable, reshpect- 

Response, ontwart. 
Rest, ru. 




Eesting, rua. 
Restore, widder har- 

Resume, widder awfonga. 

Retailed, retailed. 
Retail, retail. 
Retailing, retailn. 
Retain, tzurick-halta. 
Retire, tzurick gae. 
Retrace, noch gevva. 
Retract, widder-rufa. 
Retreat, retreat. 
Retreating, retreata. 
Revenge, revenge. 
Revenue, ei-cooma. 
Revise, dorrich-sse. 
Revival, revival. 
Revive, widderhola. 
Revoke, widder-rufa. 
Reward, reward. 
Rewarding, rewarda. 
Rheumatism, roomatis 
Rhyme, rhyme. 
Rhyming, rhyma. 
Rib, rib. 
Ribs, ribba. 
Rich, reich. 
Riches, reichtoom. 
Rid, lose. 
Ride ride. 
Riding, rida. 
Rifie, bix. 
Rig, rig. 
Right, recht. 
Righteous, garecht. 
Rigerous, shtreng. 
Rim, rond. 
Ring, ring. 
Riot, ufroor, riot. 
Rip, rip. 
Ripping, rippa. 

Ripe, tzeitich. 
Rise, uf shtap, uf gse. 
Risked, risked. 
Risk, risk. 
Risking, riska. 
River, revver. 
Road, waig. 
Roar, broom a. 
Roast, roasht. 
Rob, rawb. 
Robber, raw-wer. 
Robbed, g'rawbd. 
Rock, felsa, shuckle. 
Rocking, shuckla. 
Rockingchair, shuckle- 

Roll, rull. 
Roller, wols, roller. 
Roof, dauch. 
Root, wortzel. 
Rope, shtrick. 
Rose, rose. 
Rot, fowl. 
Rotten, ferfowld. 
Rotting, fowla. 
Rough, grupp, rau. 
Round, droom, roond, 

Row, larm. 
Rue, ga-ria. 
Ruin, ruineer. 
Rule, rule, tzull-shtuck 
Ruler, ruler. 
Rum, rum. 

Rumor, shtory, rumor. 
Run, shpringa, run. 
Rupture, brooch. 
Rush, rush. 
Rusk, rusk, week. 
Rust, rusht. 
Rve, korn. 





Sabbath, soondawg. 

Sack, sock. 

Sacrament, n a u c h t- 

Sacred, heilich. 

Sad, trowrich. 

Saddle, soddle. 

Saddler, soddler. 

Safe, safe, sicher. 

Safety, Sicherheit. 

Sake, ursauch. 

Sail, sail, saila. 

Sallad, sullawd. 

Salary, salary, lohn. 

Sale, ferkawf. 

Saloon, saloon. 

Salt, sols. 

Salty, solsich. 

Salute, groos, salute. 

Salutation, salutation. 

Salvation, salichkeit. 

Same, namelich, same. 

Sameness, anerlai. 

Sand, sond. 

Sandy, sondich. 

Sane, fershtendich. 

Sap, soft. 

Sash, sash. 

Satan, difel. 

Satisfaction, satisfac- 

Satisfy, satisfy. 

Satisfying, satisfya. 

Satisfied, g'satisfied. 

Saturday, somshdawg. 

Sausage, brode-warsht. 

Save, safe, shpawr. 

Saving, safa, shpawra. 

Saved, g'safed, g'shpawrd. 
Savior, Heilond. 
Saw, g'sa, saig. 
Say, sawg. 
Saying, sawga. 
Said, g'sawt. 
Scab, kretz. 
Scald, bree. 
Scalding, breea. 
Scalded, g'breed. • 
Scale, woag. 
Scandal, shond. 
Scandalous, sh endlich. 
Scant, k'nop. 
Scare, aungsht, engsht. 
Scared, fergelshtered. 
Scenery, scenery. . 
Scheme, shkeem. 
Scholar, shooler. 
School, shook 
Schoolmaster, shool- 

Science, science. 
Scissors, shair. 
Scoff, shputt. 
Scold, t'zonk. 
Scolding, t'zonka. 
Scolded, g'tzonked. 
Scour, shire. 
Scouring, shira. 
Scoured, g'shired. 
. Scramble, shkramble. 
Scrape, shkrape. 
Scratch, krotz. 
Scrawl, kritzel. 
Scrawling, kritzla. 
Screw, shrowb. 
Screwing, shrowwa. 




Screw d, g'sbrowbd. 
Scripture, shrift. 
Scrub, shkrub. 
Scum, shawm. 
Sea, sa?. 
Seal, siggle. 
Seam, uoad. 
Search, sooch. 
Searched, g'soocht. 
Searching, soocha. 
Season, season, yohr- 

Seat, sitz. 
Seating, sitza. 
Seated, g'setzt. 
Second, second, tzwett, 

Secondly, tzwettens. 
Section, section. 
Secular, weltlich. 
Secure, sicher, secure. 
Seduce, ferfeera. 
See, see, sana. 
Seed, soma. 
Seek, sooch. 
Seeking, soocha. 
Seems, sheint. 
Seen, g'sse, g'sana. 
Seldom, seiden. 
Select, ouslaisa, select. 
Selecting, selecta. 
Self, selwer. 
Sell, ferkawf. 
Selling, ferkawfa. 
Seller, ferkawfer. 
Seminary, seminary. 
Senate, senawt. 
Senator, senator. 
Send, shick. 
Sending, shicka. 

Senior, eldsht. 
Sense, fershtond. 
Sensible, fershtendich. 
Sentence, sentence. 
Sentiment, sentiment. 
Separate, separate. 
Separating, separata. 
Separated, g'separate. 
Serious, arnsht. 
Seriously, arnshtlich. 
Sermon, preddich. 
Serpent, shlong. 
Serve, de en. 
Serving, deena. 
Served, g'deened. 
Set, set, sitz. 
Settee, settee. 
Setting, setza, sitza. 
Settle, settle. 
Settlement, settlement. 
Settling, settla. 
Settled, g'settled. 
Sever, trenna. 
Several, etlich. 
Severe, shtreng, severe 
Sew, nai. 
Sewing, nai a. 
Shabby, loom pich. 
Shade, shodda. 
Shadow, shodda. 
Shaft, shoft. 
Shake, shittle. • 
Shaking, shittla. 
Shall, sull, moos. 
Sham, sham. 
Shame, shond. 
Shameful, shendlich. 
Shape, shape. 
Share, share. 
Sharp, shorf. 
Sharpen, sharfa. 




Shave, bolweer, shafe. 
Shaving, b o 1 w e e r a , 

Shawl, shawl. 
She, se. 
Shear, shair. 
Shed, shnppa. 
Sheep, shofe. 
Sheet, bed-dooch, boga 
Shelf, shelf. 
Shell, shawl. 
Shelter, shootz. 
Shepherd, shafer, haert. 
Sheriff, sheriff, shreef. 
Shield, shild. 
Shift, ferwexla, shift. 
Shifting, shifta. 
Shin, shin. 
Shingle, shindle. 
Ship, shiff. 
Shirt, hem. 
Shock, shock. 
Shoe, shoe. 
Shoot, shees. 
Shooting, sheesa. 
Shot, shoos, g'shussa. 
Shop, shop. 
Short, kortz. 
Shorten, kartza. 

Shouldered, g'shoolderd. 

Shoulder, shoolder. 
Shouldering, shooldera 
Shout, 2:reish. 
Shouting, greisha. 
Shove, sheeb. 
Shovel, showfel. 
Show, show, weis. 
Sliower, shower. 
Shrink, ei-gai. 
Shroud, dodaclaid. 
Shrub, shrub. 

Shutter, lawda. 
Shy, shy. 
Sick, kronk. 
Sickness, kronkheit. 
Side, side. 
Sift, seeva. 
Sight, sieht. 
Sign, sign. 
Signal, signal. 
Signing, signa. 
Silence, shtill. 
Silk, seida. 
Silly, aifeltich. 
Silver, silver. 
Simple, simple. 
Sin, sind. 

Sincere, ufrichtich. 
Sing, sing. 
Singing, singa. 
Single, leddich, anesel. 
Sink, sink. 
Sinking, sinka. 
Sister, shweshter. 
Sit, sitz, setz, huck. 
Sitting, setza, hucka. 
Six, sex. 

Sixteen, sechtzain. 
Size, grais. 
Skill, g'shickt si. 
Skilful, shicklich. 
Skin, howt. 
Skinning, obtzeega. 
Skip, shkip. 
Skirt, skirt, ruck. 
Skunk, biscotz. 
Sky, hi mm el. 
Slack, slack, nochlussa 
Slander, baleega. 
Slanderer, ligner. 
Slap, shlawg, shlap. 
Slate, shlate. 




v^latiiig, shlnta. 
Slaughter, f^hlauchta. 
Slave, sbklawf. 
Slay, dode shlawga. 
Sled, bluck-shlidda. 
Sledge, sbleggle. 
Sleek, shlick. 
Sleep, sblofe. 
Sleeping, sblofa. 
Slept, g'shlofa. 
Sleepy, shletferich. 
Sleeve, arm el. 
Sleigb, gblitta. 
Slice, sbnitt. 
Slide, sbbde. 
Sbding, sblida. 
Sligbt, kla;. 
Slime, sblime. 
Slip, sblip. 
Slipping, sbbppa. 
Slipped, g'sbbpped. 
Slippery, sbbpperich. 
Slobber, sblovver. 
Slop, sblop. 
Slope, sblope. 
Slow, longsom. 
Sluggard, fowlenser. 
Slumber, sbloomer. 
Sly, shly. 
Smack, shmack. 
Small, klse. 
Smart, shmart. 
Smell, reech. 
Smelling, reecha. 
Smelled, garucha. 
Smitb, shmit. 
Smoke, sbmoke. 
Smoked, g'sbmoked. 
Smoking, sbmoka. 
Smootbe, aiva, glot. 
Smother, fershtick. 

Smothering, fcrshticka 
Smut, shmootz. 
Snail, shneck. 
Snake, shlong. 
Snap, shnap. 
Snarl, ferwickla. 
Sneak, shneek. 
Sneaking, shneeka. 
, Sneer, shputta. 
Sneeze, shnees. 
Sneezing, shueesa. 
Snore, shnorrix. 
Snoring, sbnorrixa. 
Snored, g'shnorrixed. 
Short, kortz. 
Snotnose, rutznaws. 
Snow, shnai. 
Snutt', shnutf. 
Snug, shnug. 
So, so. 
Soak, soak. 
Soaking, soaka. 
Soaked, g'soaked. 
Soap, saif. 
Sober, sober. 
Social, social. 
Society, society. 
Sod, wawsam. 
Sofa, sofa. 
Soft, waich. 
Soil, lond. 
Soldier, suldawt. 
Sole, sole. 

Solicit, fuddera, solicit. 
Soliciting, solicita. 
Solid, solid. 
Solvent, solvent. 
Some, ennich, an, dale, 

Sometimes, ebmohls. 




Song, song. 
Soon, bol. 

Sore, woond, waias. 
Sorrow, trower. 
Sorry, trowrich. 
South, seed. 
Soul, S8el, soul. 
Sound, sound. 
Soup, soup. 
Sour, sour. 
Southern, seedlich. 
Sow, lose. 
Spade, shpawd. 
Span, shponn. 
Spank, pletch. 
Spanking, pletcha. 
Spare, shpare. 
Spark, foonka. 
Spasm, kronip. 
Speak, snwetz. 
Speaker, shwetzer. 
Speaking, shwetza. 
Spear, shpees. 
Special, special. 
Specie, specie. 
Specify, specify. 
Specimen, specimen. 
Speculate, shpeculate. 
Speculating, shpeculata. 
Speculator, shpeculator. 

Speech, speetch. 
Speed, g'shwint. 
Spell, shpell. 
Spelling, shpella. 
Spelled, g'shpelled. 
Spend, shpend. 
Spending, shpenda. 
Spent, g'shpent. 
Spew, kutz. 
Spewing, kutza. 
Spewed, gakutzed. 

Spider, shpin. 

Spike, shpike. 

Spill, fershitt. 

Spilling, fershitta. 

Spin, shpin. 

Spire, torm. 

Spirit, geisht. 

Spit, shpau. 

Spite, shpite, neid. 

Spittoon, sh pit-box. 

Splash, spritza. 

Splice, shplice. 

Splinter, shlitfer. 

Split, shplit, shpolt. 

Spoil, ferdarw^a. 

Spoke, g'shwetzt. 

Sponge, shwamm. 

Spool, shpool. 

Spoon, leffle. 

Sport, shport. 

Sportsman , sh ports- 
man, yaiger. 

Spot, riecka, shpot. 

Spout, shpout. 

Spread, shprai, shpread 

Spring, shpring. 

Sprinkle, shpritz. 

Sprinkling, shpritza. 

Spunk, shpunk. 

Spur, shpora. 

Squabble, shtreit. 

Squall, shtose-wind. 

Square, shquare, feer- 

Squat, buck. 

Squatting, hucka. 

Squeeze, dricka. 

Squirrel, shquarl. 

Stab, shtech. 

Stabbed, g'shtucha. 

Stabbino-, shtecha. 




Stable, sbtoU. 
Stack, shtiick. 
Stage, stage. 
Stagger, dorrygle. 
Staggering, dorrygla. 
Stain, fiecka. 
Stair, shtooi", shtaig. 
Stake, shtake. 
Stalk, shtongle. 
Stall, sbtall. 
Stammer, sbtutter. 
Stamm ?ring, sbtuttera. 
Stamp, sbtamp. 
Stand, sbtond, shtand. 
Standing, sbtse, sbtand. 
Star, sbtarn. 
Starcb, sbtarrick. 
Stare, sbtawr. 
Start, sbtart. 
Starve, ferhoongera. 
State, sbtawt, sbtate. 
Steady, sbtudy 
Studying, sbtudya. 
Station, station. 
Stay, bleib, ward. 
Staying, bleiva, warda. 
Steadfast, shtondhoft. 
Steady, sbteady. 
Steak, sbteak. 
Steal, sbtale. 
Stealing, shtala. 
Steam, shteam. 
Steel, shtawl. 
Steeple, torm. 
Steer, ux. 
Stem, sbtom. 
Stencb, g'sbtenk. 
Step, shtep, shritt. 

Step-motber, s h t e e f- 

Steward, steward. 
Stick, sbtecka. 
Stifi', sbteif. 
Still, shtill. 
Sting, sbticb. 
Stink, sbtink. 
Stinking, sbtinka. 
Stir, bawaiga. 
Stitcb, sbticb. 
Stock, sbtock. 
Stocking, sbtroomp. 
Stockings, sbtrim^). 
Stomacb, mawga. 
Stone, sbtane. 
Stone-quarry, s b t ae - 

Stony, sbtanicb. 
Stool, sbtool, 
Stoop, bick. 
Stooping, bicka. 
Stop, shtup. 
Stopping, sbtuppa. 
Stopped, g'sbtupped. 
Stopper, sbtnpper. 
Store, shtore. 
Storm, sbtorm. 
Stormy, sbtarmicb. 
Story, sbtory, sbtuck. 
Stout, sbtout. 
Stove, ufla. 
Stoves, efFa, 
Straight, grawd. 
Straigbten, g r a w d- 

Strained, g'sb trained. 
Strain, sbtrain. 
Sbtraining, sbtraina. 
Strange, frem. 
Stranger, fremmer. 
Strangle, fersbticka. 
Straw, sbtro. 



Stray, ferlora, ferluffii. 
Streak, shtreak. 
Stream, shlrome. 
Street, shtrose. 
Strength, shtarrick. 
Strengthen, fershtar- 

Stretch, shtreck. 
Stretching, shtrecka. 
Stretched, g'shtrecked. 
Strict, shtrict. 
Strike, shlawg. 
Striking, shlawga. 
Stricken, g'shlawga. 
String, shnoor. 
Strings, shneer. 
Strip, shtrip. 
Striped, shtraifich. 
Stripe, shtraifa. 
Stroke, shtraich. 
Strong, shtorrick. 
Struggle, g'fecht. 
Strumpet, hoor. 
Stuhhorn, shtuvverich. 
Stud, hengsht. 
Student, shtudent. 
Study, shtudeera. 
Stuff, shtutf. 
Stuffing, filsel. 
Stumble, shtulver. 
Stump, sbtoompa. 
Stupid, shtupeed. 
Sty, si-shtall. 
Style, shtyle. 
Subject, subject. 
Submit, uf ge vva. 
Subscrilje, subscribe. 
Subscribing, subscriba. 
Subscriber, subscriber. 
Subscribed, subscribed. 
Substantial, substantial 

Substitute, substitute. 
Subtract, subtract. 
Subtracting, subtracta. 
Succeed, succeed. 
Succeeding, succeeda. 
Successful, successful. 
Suck, sookle. 
Sucking, sookla. 
Such, so, suddich. 
Sudden, pletzlich. 
Sue, shue. 
Suffer, leid, suffer. 
Suffering, suffera. 
Suffered, g'suffered. 
Sufficient, g'noonk. 
Suffocate, fershticka. 
Sugar, tzooker. 
Suit. suit. 
Sulpher, shweffel. 
Sum, soom. 
Summer, soom er. 
Summon, soom on. 
Sun, soon. 
Sunnay, soondawg. 

Superintend, superintend 

Superintending, super- 

Supervise, supervise. 
Supervising, super visa. 
Supper, naucht-essa. 
Support, unnershtitz. 
Supporting, unnershtitza 
Supply, awshafta. 
Supposition, supposition 
Suppose, suppose. 
Supposing, supposa. 
Sure, sure, gawiss. 
Surname, tzu-nawraa. 
Surpass, ivvertreff\i. 

Surpassing, foretrefflich. 

Surplus, ivverfioos. 




Surprise, ferwoonera. 
Surround, surround, 

Surrounding, uniringa. 
Surveyor, lond-messer. 
Survive, ivverlaiva. 
Suspicion, suspicion. 
Suspect, suspect. 
Suspecting, suspecta. 
Suspend, suspend. 
Suspending, suspenda. 
Suspicion, ferdaucht, 

Sustain, unnershtitza. 
Swallow, shlook. 
Swallowed, g'shlooked. 
Swallowing, shlooka. 
Swamp, shwamni. 
Swap, shwap. 
Swapping, shwappa. 
Swarm, shwarm. 

Swear, shwear, flooch. 
Swearing, shweara, 

flooch a. 
Sweat, shwitz. 
Sweating, shwitza. 
Sweep, kara. 
Sweet, sees. 
Sweeter, seeser. 
Swell, g'shwill. 
Swelling, g'shwilla. 
Swift, shwift. 
Swim, shwim. 
Swimming, shwimma. 
Swindle, shwindle. 
Swindling, shwindla. 
Swing, gowntsch, shwing. 
Swinging, s h w 1 n g a , 

gowntsh a. 
Switch, wiply. 
Sword, daiga. 
System, system. 


Table, dish. 
Tablespoon, ess-leffle. 
Table-cloth, dish-dooch 
Tactics, tactics. 
Tail, shwantz. 
Tailor, shneider. 
Take, nem, nemma. 
Tale, shtory. 
Talent, tollent. 
Talk, blaudera, shwetza 
Tall, grose, long. 
Tallow, inshlich. 
Tame, t'zawm. 
Tan, lo. 

Tangle, ferhootle. 
Tanner, garwer. 

Tap, shlawg. 
Tape, tape. 
Tar, dorr. 
Taste, fersooch. 
Tattle, tattle. 
Tavern, wsertshouse. 
Tax, tox. 
Tea, ta3. 

Tea-spoon, tse-leftle. 
Teach, larn. 
Teacher, teacher. 
Team, foor. 
Teamster, foormonn. 
Tear, train, ferrisa. 
Tears, traina. 
Tef^t, titz. 




Teeth, t'zsen. 

Temper, temper, geisht 

Temperance, temper- 

Temptation, tempta- 
Ten, tzain. 

Tend, tend. 

Tent, tent. 

Term, tarm. 

Test, proof, test. 


Testify, batzeiga. 

Testimony, testimony, 

Than, os, ols. 

Thank, donk. 

Thankful, donkbawr. 

That, sell, seller, selly. 

The, de, des, es. 

Theft, shtailung. 

Their, eera. 

Them, eena, selly. 

Themselves, se selwer. 

Then, don, d'no. 

Theory, theory. 

There, hee, dort, onna. 

These, de. 

They, se. 

Thick, dick. 

Thicker, dicker. 

Thickest, dicksht. 

Thief, deeb. 

Thievery, shtaileri. 

Thigh, shenkle. 

Thimble, fingerhoot. 

Thin, din. 

Thinner, dinner. 

Thinnest, dinsht. 

Thine, di, deer. 

Thing, ding. 

Think, denk. 
Thinking, denka. 
Third, dritt. 
Thirst, dorsht. 
Thirsty, dorshtich. 
Thirteen, drei tzain. 
Thirty, dreisich. 
This, des. 
Thistle, dishtle. 
Thorn, dorn. 
Thorny, dornich. 
Through, dorrich-ous. 
Those, selly. 
Thought, gadenkt, ga- 

Thoughtless, nochles- 

Thousand, daussend. 
Thrash, dresh. 
Thrashing, dresha. 
Thrashing-floor, shire 

Thread, naitz. 
Threat, droh. 
Threatening, droha. 
Three, dri. 
Thrifty, shpawrsom. 
Thrive, tzunemma. 
Throat, hols. 
Throne, trone. 
Through, dorrich. 
Throw, shmeis. 
Throwing, shmeisa. 
Thrown, g'shmissa. 
Thumb, dowma. 
Thump, shtose. 
Thunder, dooner. 
Thunder-gust, dooner- 

Thursday, doonersh- 





Thus, so, den-waig. 
Thy, di. 

Tie, biniia, band. 
Tight, tight, fesht. 
Timber, bauhuls. 
Time, tzeit. 
Timid, fertzawgt. 
Tipple, tipple. 
Tired, meed. 
Title, tittle. 
To, um, t/Ai, aw. 
Tobacco, duwack. 
Toe, tzaya. 
Toll, toll. 

To-morrow, morya. 
Tongue, tzoong. 
To-night, de naucht. 
Too, t'zu, aw. 
Tool, g'sharr. 
Tooth, t'zaw. 
Top, top. 
Torch, torch. 
Toss, toss. 

Touch, awreera, feela. 
Tough, t'zay, tough. 
Tow, waerrick. 
To well, hond-dooch. 
Town, shtadt, town. 
Township, township. 
Tuy, shpeel-sauch. 
Trace, marrick. 
Tract, shtick, tract. 
Trade, hondle. 
Ti-ain, train. 
Traitor, traitor. 
Tramp, lond-lafer. 
Transfer, transfer. 
Translate, ivversetz. 
Translating,! vversetza. 
Transport, transport. 
Trap, foil. 

Trash, trash. 
Travel, travel. 
Traveling, travela. 
Traveled, g'traveled. 
Tread, tritt. 
Treasury, treasury. 
Treat, treat. 
Treating, treata. 
Tree, bawm. 
Trees, bame. 
Trembling, tzittera. 
Trick, trick. 
Trifle, klanichkeit, 

Trim, trim. 
Trimming, trim ma. 
Trip, trip. 
Troop, troop. 
Trouble, troovel. 
Trout, ferella. 
Truck, truck. 
True, wohr. 
Trump, troomp. 
Trumpet, trumpait. 
Trunk, trunk. 
Trust, trow. 
Trustee, trustee. 
Trusting, trowa. 
Truth, wohret. 
Try, proweer. 
Trying, proweera. 
Tried, proweered, 
Tub, foss, tzoover. 
Tubs, fesser. 
Tumble, shtartza. 
Tune, tune. 
Turkey, welsh-hinkle. 
Turn, dra. 
Turning, drai. 
Turned, gadraid. 
Turnip, reeb. 



Turnips, reeva. 
Twins, t'zwilling. 
Twine, twäne. 
Twist, twist. 
Two, tzw8e. 

Tye, bina. 
Tied, g'bunna. 
Tying, binna. 
Type, type. 
Tyrant, tyronn. 


Ulcer, g'shweer. 
Umbrella, umbrell. 
Unaware, unfersane. 
Unbecoming, unawsh- 

Unbelief, uiiglawa. 
Unborn, Ungebora. 
Uncle, uncle. 
Uncommon, uncommon. 
Unconceraed, gleich 

Unconverted, unbakairt. 
Uncover, uf-decka. 
Under, unner. 
Undertake, unnernem. 
Undertaking, unner- 

Undermining, unner- 

Undiscovered, unendeckt 

Undisputed, unbesh- 

Undivided, unferdaild. 

Uneasy, unrooich. 
Unequal, unaiva. 
Unfailing, unfailbawr. 
Unfair, unfair. 
Unfaithful, untrei. 
Unfasten, lose binna. 

United, ferainicht, unite. 

Unfit, net fit. 

Unfriendly, unfriendlich. 

Ungrateful, undonkbawr. 


Unhandy, unhandy. 

Unhurt, unferletzt. 

Uniform, uniform. 

Unite, unite. 

Unjust, ungarecht. 

Unkind, unfreindlich. 

Unlikely, unwarshein- 
i Unload, ob-lawda. 

Unlock, uf-shleesa. 
; Unlucky, unglicklich. 
j Unmarried, leddich. 

Unmerited, unferdeent 
i Unmixed, unfermixed. 
: Unmoved, unbawaigd. 
' Unnatural, unnoddeer- 
' hch. 

Unpaid, net betzawlt. 

Unprotected, unfer- 
si chert. 


Unreasonable, unfer- 

Unripe, un tzeitich. 

Unroof, ob decka. 




Unsettle, unsettle. 
Unsound, un g'sund. 
Unto, tzu, aw, bis. 
Untried, unproweert. 
Untrue, unwohr. 
Unwilling, net willens. 
Unwise, un weislich. 
Up, uf, noof, ruf. 
Uphill, barrick noof. 
Upon, uf, druf, aw. 
Upper, uvva. 

Upright, ufrichtich. 
Uproar, ufroor. 
Upwards, noof tzoos. 
Urge, driva, dringa. 
Us, uns. 

Use, brauch, use. 
Useful, nitzlich. 
Used, g,used. 
Useless, unnaitich. 
Usual, for common. 
Utter, sawga. 


Vacant, vacant. 
Vacancy, vacancy. 
Vacate, vacate. 
Vacation, vacation. 
Vaccinate, vaccinate. 
Vagrant, lond-lafer. 
Vain, aklehoft. 
Vanity, aklehoft. 
Vale, dawl. 
Valediction, obsheed. 
Valid, recht. 
Valley, dawl, valle\\ 
Valor, brawf. 
Valuable, feel waerfc. 
Value, w?ert. 
Valve, valve. 
Vanish, fershwinna. 
Vanquish, beeta, uf-usa 
Vantage, fordle. 
Vapor, vapor. 
Vaporate, fergse. 
Variable, ferennerlich. 

Variance, widdershprooch 

Variation, ferennerung 
Varied, fersheedlich. 
Varnish, varnish. 

Vary, ferennei. 
Varying, ferennera. 
Vast, grose, ungahire. 
Vault, g'welb. 
Vaunt, prawl. 
Vaunter, prawler. 
Vaunting, prawla. 
Veal, kalb-flaish. 
Vegetable, vegitable, 

Veil, veil. 
Vein, oder. 

Velocity, shnellichkeit. 
Velvet, velvet. 
Vend, terkawfa. 
Vender, ferkawfer. 
Veneer, veneer. 
Venerable, airwardich. 
Venerate, ferara. 
Venom, gift. 
Venamous, giftich. 
Ventilate, ous lifta. 
Ventilation, ous liftung 
Venture, venter, riska. 
Veracity, Wohrhoft. 
Verb, t'zeit wardt. 




Verbal, wserdlich. 

Verbatum, wardt for 

Verdict, verdict. 

Verge, grentz. 

Verify, bewora. 

Verily, wohrlich. 

Verity, wohrct. 

Verse, farsh. 

Versed, g'larnd. 

Version, de manung. 

Very, orrick,w8erklich. 

Vessel, g'fess, shiff. 

Vest, vest, jacket. 

Veteran, olter suldawt. 

Vex, quala, boddera. 

Vexation, bodderation. 

Vial, glaws. 

Viand, ess-sauch. 

Vibrate, shwinga. 

Vice, shrovvb-shtuck, 

Vicious, shendlich. 

Victim, victim. 

Victory, seech. 

Victorious, seech -reich 

Victual, lavasmittle. 

View, ous-sight, blick. 

Vigilant, wauchsom. 

Vigilance, wachsom- 

Vigor, shtarrick. 

Vigorous, shtorrick, 

Vile, niddertrechtich. 

Villify, abusa. 

Village, shteddle. 

Villain, shpitzbu. 

Villainous, nidder- 

Vindicate, rechtshtella 

Vindication, rechshtel- 

Vindicator, rechtshtel- 

Vindictive, shpiteful. 
Vine, vine, ronk. 
Vinegar, essich. 
Vineyard, wine-barrick 
Violate, ferletza,violate 
Violation, ferletzung, 

Violating, ferletza, vio- 

Violence, force, gawalt. 
Violin, geig. 
Virgin, yoong fraw. 
Virtual, kreftich. 
Virtue, wsert. 
Virtuous, airlich, sau- 

Visible, sicht-bawr. 
Vision, arshinung. 
Vision, eibildung, vision 
Vital, lavendich. 
Vitiate, fernichta. 
Vivid, labehaft. 
Vivify, balava. 
Vocabulary, w ae r t a - 

Vocal, sing-music. 
Vocation, g'sheft. 
Voice, shtimm. 
Void, giltnix, void. 
Violence, mit force. 
Volume, volume. 
Voluminous, weitleftich. 
Voluntary, friwillich. 
Volunteer, yplunteer. 
Volunteering, volunteera 
Volunteered, g'volun- 





Vomit, kutz. 
Vomiting, kutza. 
Vomited, g'kiitzd. 
Vote, shtimm, vote. 
Voting, shtimma, vota. 
Voted, g'shtimmed, g'- 

Vouch, tzeigniss. 

Voucher, tzeiga, voucher. 
Vow, fershprechung. 
Vowel, vowel. 
Voyage, rais. 
Voyaging, raisa. 
Vulgar, weesht, dreckich. 
Vulgarity, weeshtchkeit. 


Wabble, wanka. 
Wad, shtupper. 
Wadding, wadding. 
Wade, bawd. 
Wading, bawda. 
Wag, shposs maucher. 
Waggery, shposs. 
Wages, lohn. 
Wagon, wauga. 
Wagoner, foor mon. 
Wail, klawg. 
Wailing, klawga. 
Wait, ward. 
Waiting, warda. 
Waited, g'ward. 
Waiter, deener, waiter. 
Waive, uf gevvung. 
Wake, wocker. 
Waked, g'wecked. 
Waki ng, ' wecka. 
Waking up, uf wecka. 
Walk, lawf. 
Walking, lavvfa. 
Walked, g'luffii. 
Walker, lawfer. 
Wall, mauer. 
Wallow, weela. 
Waltz, waltz. 
Wander, wander. 

Wandering, r u m m - 

Want, note, natich. 

Wanting, noat, mongle 

War, greek. 

Ward, ward. 

Warden, warden. 

Wardrobe, claidershonk. 

Ware, wawr, ware. 

Warehouse, warehouse 

Warfare, greek. 

Warm, warm. 

Warn, warn, warna. 
j Warning, warnung. 
I Warned, g' warned. 
I Warp, fertzeeg. 

Warped, fertzoga. 

Warrant, warrant. 

Warrior, suldawt. 

Wart, wartz. 

Was, war. 

Wash, wesh. 

Washing, wesha. 

Washed, g'wesha. 

Washerwoman, wesh- 

Wasp, weshp. 

Waste, ferdarb. 




Wasting, ferdarwa. 
Watch, watch. 
Watching, watcha. 
Watched, g'watched. 
Water, wasser. 
Watering, wessera. 
Waterish, wesserich. 
Wave, walla, well. 
Waver, nooch-gevva. 
Wavering, om noch 

Wax, wox. 
Way, waig. 
Way-lay, laura. 
We, meer, mer. 
Weak, shwach. 
Weaken, fershwecha. 
W^eakly, shwechlich. 
Weakness, shwachheit. 
W^ealth, reichtoom. 
Wealthy, reich. 
Wean, ob g'vvaina. 
Weapon, g'wair. 
Wear, wear. 
Wearing, weara. 
Weary, meed. 
Weather, wedder. 
Weave, waib. 
Weaving, waiva. 
Weaver, waiver. 
Web, waib. 
Wed, hira. 
Wedge, keitle. 
Wednesday, mitwuch. 
Weed, unkraut. 
Week, wuch. 
Weekly, wechlich. 
Weep, heil. 
Weeping, heila. 
Weigh, weeg. 
Weighing, weega. 

Weighed, g'woga. 
W^eight, gewicht. 
Weighty, shwair, wich- 

Welcome, wilcom. 
Welfare, wohlshtond. 
Welkin, himmel. 
Well, well,goot, broona. 
West, wesht. 
Westward, weshtlich. 
Wet, nos. 
Wether, hommel. 
Whale, wol-fish. 
W^harf, wharf. 
What, wass, well, weller 
Wheat, waitza. 
Wheel, um draia,rawd 
When, wann, os, dos. 
Whence, wohar. 
Where, wo, doh. 
Whet, wetza, sharfa. 
Whether, ub, wann. 
Which, well, wellas, 

weller, wser, wass. 
While, wile, tzeitlong. 
Whine, klawga. 
Whip, wip. 
Whisker, wisker. 
Whiskey, wiskey. 
Whisper, pish per. 
Whispering pishpcra. 
Whispered, g'pishperd. 
Whistle, peif. 
Whistling, peifa. 
Whistled, gapiffa. 
Whit, klanichkeit. 
Whittle, shnitzle. 
Whittling, shnitzla. 
White, weis. 
Whitewash, weisla. 
W^ho, wser, ar, des, dar. 




Whole, (jons. 
Wholesale, wholesale. 
Wholesome, g'soond. 
Whom, weller, sellam, 

Why, warum. 
Wick, ducht. 
Wicked, bais, gottlose. 
Wide, braid, wide. 
Widen, arweider. 
Widow, widfraw. 
Widower, widmon. 
Widtli, braidung. 
Wife, fraw. 
Wild, wilt. 
Wilderness, wiltness. 
Wilful, wilful. 
Will, will, willa. 
Willed, g'willed. 
Willing, willens. 
Willow, weida. 
Wily, shlau. 
Win, g'win. 
Winning, g'winna. 
Wind, wind. 
Windy, windich. 
Wind, wickle. 
Winding, wickla. 
Windlass, winn. 
Windle, shpindle. 
Window, fenshter. 
Wine, wine. 
Wing, Higgle. 
Wink, wink. 
Winking, winka. 
Winter, winter. 
Wipe, wish. 
Wiping, wisha. 
Wiped, g'wishd. 
Wire, drote. 
Wisdom, Weisheit. 

Wise, g'shite, erfawra. 
Wish, woonsh. 
Wishing, winsha. 
Wished, g'winshed. 
Wit, witz. 
Witch, hex. 
Witchcraft, hexerei. 
With, mit. 
Withdraw, tzAirick gre, 

Wither, ferwelka. 
With h old , tzu ri ck h al ta 
Within, innerlich. 
Witness, tzeiga. 
Witted, witzich. 
Witty, witzich. 
Woe, troovel. 
Woful, traurich. 
Wolf, wulf. 
Woman, weibsmenth, 

W^omb, leib, womb. 
W^onder, wooner. 
Wonderful , woonerlich 
Wondering, woonera. 
Wondered, g'woondered. 
Wood, hüls. 
Woods, boosh. 
Wooden, hulsich. 
Wool, wull. 
Woolen, wullich. 
Word, w<ardt. 
Wording, wajrdung. 
Work, shauf, arwet. 
Working, shaufFa. 
Worker, shauffer. 
W^orked, g'shaufd. 
Workingday, shauf-dawg 
Workshop, shop. 
World, ard, welt. 
Worldv, weltlich. 




Worm, warram. 
Wormy, wsermich. 
Worry, quaila. 
Worse, shlechter. 
Worship, gott-deena. 
Worshiping, g o 1 1 e s - 

Worst, shlechtsht, ar- 

Worth, wsert. 
Worthless, nix wsert. 
Worthy, wserdich. 
Would, waert, wet, dait, 

Wound, wound. 
Wrangle, tzonka. 
Wrangler, wrangler. 
Wrapper, Avrapper. 

Wrath, tzorn. 
Wrathy, tzornich. 
Wreck, smash-up. 
Wrench, fertwista, 

Wrestle, pocka. 
Wretch, nix.nootzicher 
W^retched, nix noot- 

Wring, dray. 
Wringing, draya. 
Wrinkle, roontzel. 
Writ, writ. 
Write, shreib. 
Writing, shreiva. 
Writteii, g'shrivva. 
Writer, sh reiver. 
Wrong, letz. 


Yard, yard, hofe. 
Yarn, gawrn. 
Ye, eer, eich. 
Yea, yaw. 
Year, yohr. 
Yearly, yarelich. 
Yearling, yareling. 
Yell, greisha, hila. 
Yellow, gail. 
Yeoman, londmon. 
Yes, yaw. 
Yesterday, geshter. 

Zeal, eifer. 
Zealous, eifrich. 
Zero, nool. 
Zealot, eiferer. 

Yet, doch, noch , sogawr 
Yield, nochlussa. 
Yoke, yuch. 
Yolk, dudder. 
You, du, eer. 
Young, yoong. 
Youngster, yingling. 
Your, di, eier, eer, du. 
Yours, di, eier, eer, du. 
Yourself, dich selwer. 
Youth, yunger bu. 


ZAuk, tzink. 
Zone, umfon.g. 
Zounds, sopperlut. 

Dutch-English Translation 
OF Words. 


Able, able. 

Abordich, particularly. 

About, about. 

Abuse, abuse. 

Abusa, abusing. 

Abusif, abusive. 

Abused, abused. 

Accept, accept. 

Accepta, accepting, 

Acconimodata, accom- 

AccompHsha, accom- 

Accounta, accounting. 

According, according. 

Accordingly, accord- 

Accusa, accusing. 

Acknowledge, acknowl- 

Acknowledga, acknowl- 

Acknowledgment, ac- 


Acknowredged,ackno wl - 

Act, act. 

Acta, acting. 

Acter, actor. 

Action, action. 

Actif, active. 

Add, add. 

Adda, adding. 

Address, address. 

Addressa, addressing. 

Addressed, addressed. 

Addjourna, adjourning 

Adoj^ta, adopting. 

Adferdise, advertise. 

Adferdisement, adver- 

Adferdised, advertised. 

Adferdisa, advertising. 

Admit, admit. 

Admission, admission. 

Admitta, admitting. 

Administera, adminis- 




Administrator, admin- 

Administration, admin- 

Advansa, advancing. 

Advantage, advantage. 

Advisa, advising. 

Advocata, advocating. 

Affarm, affirm. 

Aflfarma, affirming. 

Afiarmed, affirmed. 

Affronta, affronting. 

Afford, afford. 

Afforda, affording. 

Agent, agent. 

Agitata, agitating. 

Agree, agree. 

Agreea, agreeing. 

Agreed, agreed. 

Aicha, oak. 

Aichel, acorn. 

Aifeltich, silly. 

Aigna, to own. 

Aigner, owner. 

Aig, harrow. 

Aiga, harrowing. 

Aiklehoft, disgusting. 

Ail, oil. 

Ail-con, oil can. 

Ail-dooch, oil-cloth. 

Ains, once. 

Ainlich, resemble. 

Ainsich, only. 

Ainlichkeit, resem- 

Air, honor. 

Airiich, honest. 

Airlichkeit, honesty. 

Airwferdich, honorable 

Aishtlich, easterly. 

Aiva, even, smooth. 

Allae, alive. 

Alla^nich, alone. 

Alley, alley. 

Allowance, allowance. 

Allmechtich, Almighty 

Alter, age. 

Also, also. 

Amend, amend. 

Amenda, amending. 

Amendment, amend- 

Amer, bucket. 

Amohl, once. 

Amounta, amounting. 

Amusement, amuse- 

Amusa, amusing. 

An, an, a. 

Anecdote, story, anec- 

Annexa, annexing. 

Anonner, another. 

Announsa, announc- 

Announcement, a n - 

Anyhow, anyhow. 

Appeala, appealing. 

Appealed, appealed. 

Appeara, appearing. 

Appearance, appear- 

Applauda, applauding. 

Application, ap^jli ca- 

Appoint, appoint. 

Appointa, appointing. 

Appointment, appoint- 

Appraisa, appraising. 

Appraised, appraised. 




Appraisement, appraise- 

Approof, approve. 

Approofa, approving. 

Approol'ed, approved. 

Appropriata, appropri- 

Appropriation, appro- 

Ar, he. 

Arb, heir. 

Arbshoft, inheritance. 

Arba, heirs. 

Arbitrate, arbitrate. 

Arbitrata, arbitrating. 

Arbitration , arbitration 

Arbitrator, arbitrator. 

Ard, earth, clay. 

Arbsa, peas. 

Arclara, avowing. 

Arclarung, avowaL 

Arfinna, invent. 

Arfinnung, invention. 

Arfawrung, experience 

Arhalta, maintaining. 

Arhaltnng, m a i n t e - 

Arga, argue. 

Argament, argument. 

Argera, torment, pro- 

ArgerUch, provoking. 

Arinner, remind. 

Arinnera, reminding. 

Arinnered, reminded. 

Arkenna, recognize. 

Arkennt, recognized. 

Arlaiser, Redeemer. 

Arlawbniss, concession 

Arlawb, allowance. 

Arlawbed, allowed. 

Arlaw-wa, allowing. 

Arma, arming. 

Arm el, sleeve. 

Ärmlich, poorly. 

Arnire, renew. 

Arniddericha, degrad- 

Arnsht, earnest. 

A rush tlich, earnest- 

Arnt, harvest. 

Arnta, harvesting. 

Arraicha, attain. 

Arranga, arranging. 

Arresht, arrest. 

Arricht, dispose. 

Arrichta, disposing. 

Arricksht, worst. 

Arshina, appearing. 

Arsht, first. 

Arshtens, firstly. 

ArshofTa, created. 

Arwa, to inherit, heirs. 

Arwaild. elect. 

Arwarda, awaiting. 

Ar wet, work, employ- 

Asie, ass, mule. 

Assess, assess. 

Assessa, assessing. 

Assessed, assessed. 

Assessor, assessor. 

Assign, assign. _ 

Assigna, assigning. 

Assigned, assigned. 

Assignee, assignee. 

Assignment, assign- 

Association, a s s o c i a- 

Associata, associating. 




At, drau. 

Attach, attach. 

Attacha, attaching. 

Attached, attached. 

Attachment, attach- 

Attack, attack. 

Attecka, attacking. 

Attacked, attacked. 

Attracta, attracting. 

Attractif, attractive. 

Attraction, attraction. 

Attenda, attending. 

Attentif, attentive. 

Auch, alas ! oh ! 

Aucht, care, eight. 

Auchtzae, eighteen. 

Auchtzich, eighty. 

Aucht-un-auchtzich, — 

Auchtzaint, eighteenth 

Auchtzich slit, eightieth 

Aucht-gevva, taking 

Audit, audit. 

Auditor, auditor. 

Audita, auditing, 

Augoosht, august. 

Aunghsht, fear. 

Aunt, aunt. 

Author, author. 

Authority, authority. 

Authorize, authorize. 

Average, average. 

Aw, too, also. 

Awdale, part. 

Avvdler, eagle. 

Awbinna, hitching, ty- 

Awdu, dressing. 

Awdechtlich, devotion. 

Awcooma, arrived. 

Awclava, cleave. 

Aweck, away. 

Aw^er, but, 

Awfong, begin. 

Awfonga, beginning. 

Awg'fongaj begun. 

Awg, eye. 

Awga, eyes. 

Awga-deckle, eye-lid. 

Awga-hore, eye'brows. 

Awgablick, instant. 

Awgabora, inborn. 

Awgadu, dressed. 

Awganame, agreeable. 

Awganooma, accepted, 

Awgev va,to make com- 

Awgevver, complain- 

Awg'fonga, commenced. 
AwgrifF, attack. 
Awgrifa, attacking. 
Awgjigriffix, attacked. 
Awgarota, counseled. 
Awklawg, complaint. 
Awhenka, append. 
Awhong, appendage. 
Awhetza, to incite. 
Awmice, ants. 
Awnawm, acceptance. 
Awnemma, accepting, 

Awg'nooma, accepted. 
Awl, awl. 
Awlucka, allure. 
Awpossa, to fit. 
Awram, poor. 
Awreera, to touch. 
Awrm, arm. 




Awrt, art, mode. 
Awsjina, behold. 
Awsicht, aspect. 
AwshtjTe, become. 
A wshta^ich, becoming. 
Awshinelich, evident. 
Awshofia, to procure, 
Awshpreoch, request. 
Awshtose, adjoin, abut 
Awshtosung, abutment 

Awshtond, decorum. 
Awshtecka, to kindle. 
Awshteckich, infectious. 
Awshtella, installing, 

Awtriva, carrying on. 
Awtzeega, attract. 
Awtzoog, attire. 
Awwenda, investing. 


Baboon, baboon. 

Bacooma, becoming. 

Bachelor, bachelor. 

Badeenta, servant. 

Badeident, consider- 

Badoh'a, batalion, 

B8P, leg. 

Bafail, behest. 

Bafria, emancipate. 

Baggage, baggage. 

Bagrawb, bury. 

Bagrawa, burying. 

Ragrebniss, burial. 

Bagrifo, to compre- 

Bagriff, comprehension 

Bahawpt, contend. 

Bahawpta, contending. 

Baid, pray. 

Baida, praying, both. 

Bail, bail. 

Baila, bailing. 

Bailed, bailed. 

Bait, pray. 

Baita, praying. 

Bakare, convert. 

Bakared, converted. 

Bakenna, concede, pro- 

Bakont, acquaint. 

Bakonta, acquaintance 

Baklawgd, accused. 

Baklawga, accusing. 

Baklawger. accuser. 

Bakrefticha, corrober- 

Balance, balance. 

Balansa, balancing. 

Baleeg, belie. 

Baloga, belied. 

Balone, to compensate. 

Balonung, compensa- 

Ballot, ballot. 

Ballota, balloting. 

Band, band. 

Band-box, band-box. 

Bank, bank. 

Banker, banker. 

Bankrupt, bankrupt. 

Bankmei>t, embank- 

Banner, banner. 




Bar, bar. 

Bara, lierries. 

Ba^a^Yl), to rob. 

Barbawrish , barberous. 

Bare, berry. 

Bareemt, famous. 

Bari, barrel. 

Barrig, mountain, hill. 

Barrigich, mountain- 
ous, hilly. 

Barriga, mountains, 

Barry a, bargain. 

Barsht, brush, bristle. 

Barshta, brushes, bris- 

Basa broom. 

Basa-shteel, broom-stick. 

Base, angry, cross. 

Bashful, bashful. 

Basits, beset. 

Basitzer. occupant. 

Batreebt, sad. 

Batreega, cheating. 

Batroog, fraud. 

Batroga, defrauded. 

Batrowra, bewail. 

Batter, batter. 

Battered, battered. 

Battery, battery. 

Battle,' battle. 

Batzawl, pay. 

Batzawlt, paid. 

Batzawla, paying. 

Batzawlung, payment. 

Batzeiga, to testify. 

Bau, build. 

Baua, to build. 

Bau a, farming. 

Bauer, former. 

Bauerei, farm. 

I Bau-huls, lumber. 
I Bau-koonsht, architec- 
\ Bau-maishter, architect. 
I Bauch, belly. 

Bau-wull, cotton. 

Ba-waiga, agitate. 

Ba \veis, proof. 

Bawd, bathe. 

Bawda, bathing, wad- 
i ng. 

Bawm, tree. 
'. Bawm-gorda, orchard. 
i Bawr, bare, barren. 
I Bawrd, beard. 

Ba wr-feesich , b a r e- 

Bawohn, inhabit. 

Beat, beat. 

Beata, beating. 

Becker, baker. 

Beed, bid. 

Becda, bidding. 

Beef, beef. 

Beef-shtake, beef- steak. 

Beeg, bend. 

Beega, bending. 

Beera, pears. 

Beevel, bible. 

Behafe, behaye. 

Behafung, behayior. 

Bei trawg, contribution. 

Beitrawga, contribute. 

Bell, bell. 

Belt, belt. 

Bemarkung, remark. 

Benefit, benefit. 

Beneficial, beneficial. 

Bendle, string. 

Bens, nenny. 





Besser, better. 

Beshriva, describing. 

Beshrivung, descrip- 

Bet, bed. 

Bet-dooch, bed-sheet. 

Bet-dedk, bed -cover. 

Betlawd, bedstead. 

Bedsauch, bedding. 

Bettla, begging. 

Bettle, beg. 

Bettlar, beggar. 

Bifol, applause. 

Big, stoop. 

Bigga, stooping. 

Bigbug, aristocrat. 

Bigbugish, aristocratic. 

Bigbiigeri , aristocracy . 

Biggla, ironing. 

Biggleisa, flat-iron. 

Bild, picture. 

Bilder, pictures. 

Bill, bill. 

Billiards, billiards. 

Bin, tie. 

Binna, tying, binding. 

Binner, binder. 

Bise, bite. 

Bisa, biting. 

Bisetzong, pincers. 

Bit, beg. 

Bitch, bitch. 

Bit, entreat, beg, pray. 

Bitta, praying, entreat- 

Bitter, bitter. 

Bishof, bishop. 

Bissle, little. 

Bix, rifle. 

Black, black. 

Blacka, blacking. 

Black-bara, black-ber- 

Blackguard, blackguard. 

Black-shmit, black- 

Blaid, bashful. 

Blaidheit, bashfulness. 

Blame, blame. 

Blama, blaming. 

Blank, blank. 

Blanket, blanket. 

Blaudera, talking. 

Blee, blossom. 

Bleea, blossoming. 

Blech, tin. 

Bleib, stay. 

Bleiva, staying. 

Bletter, leaves. 

Bli, lead. 

Bli-pencil, lead pencil. 

Blint, blind. 

Blick, view. 

Blitz, lightning. 

Bio, bine 

Bloat, bloat. 

Bloom, flower. 

Blooma, flowers. 

Bloomich, flowery. 

Bloot, blood. 

Bloota, bleeding. 

Blootich, bloodv. 

Blot, blot. 

Blose, bare. 

Blose, bladder. 

Blose, blow. 

Blosa, blowing. 

Blosebolk, bellows. 

Bloss, pale. 

Bluck, block, log. 

Bluff, bluff". 

Bluffa, bluffing. 




Blut, bald. 

Blut-keppish, bald- 

Blush, blush. 

Board, board. 

Boarda, boarding. 

Boast, boast. 

Bobbeer, paper. 

Bobbagoy, parrot. 

Bobbla, babbling. 

Bobbler, babbler. 

Bobblemaul, gabbler. 

Body, body. 

Bodderation, bother- 

Bo, beau. 

Boga, bow. 

Bocka, bake. 

Boeka, cheek, baking. 

Bockshtae, brick. 

Bock-uifa, bake-oven. 

Bock-moold, dough- 

Boiler, boiler. 

Bol, soon. 

Bolweer, shave. 

Bolweera, shaving. 

Bohveer-messer, razor. 

Bolka, beam. 

Bold, bold. 

Bolsom, balm. 

Bolsomeera, embalm. 

Bone. bean. 

Bona, beans. 

Bond, bond, bandage. 

Bond, hinge. 

Bong, fear. 

Bonk, bench. 

Bonnet, bonnet. 

Bore, bore. 

Bora, auger, boring. 

Borrick, trust. 

Borrya, borrowing. 

Bormhartzich, mercv- 

Boshta, husking. 

Boss, boss. 

Boseheit, malice. 

Boshknawda, parsnips. 

Botch, botch. 

Botreesle, partridge. 

Bounce, bounce. 

Bounsa, bouncing. 

Bounty, bounty. 

Bowl, bowl. 

Box, box. 

Boxer, boxer. 

Boxa, boxing. 

Booch, book. 


Bookie, back. 

Boomp, pump. 

Boomps, jar. 

Boondle, bundle. 

Boosh, woods. 

Bootter, butter. 

Bootterfos, churn. 

Bootter mill ich, butter- 

Braid, broad. 

Braider, broader. 

Braidsht, broadest. 

Braidung, width. 

Branch, branch. 

Brandy, brandy. 

Brauch, use. 

Braucha, using. 

Brawf, brave. 

Brawfheit, bravery. 

Brawl, boast. 

Brawler, boaster. 

Brech, break. 




Brecha, breaking. 

Breechshtong, crowbar. 

Breder, brethren. 

Brederlich, brotherly. 

Bredershoft, brother- 

Bree, gravy, juice. 

Bree, scald, hatch. 

Breea, scalding, hatch- 

Breed, breed. 

Breeda, breeding. 

Breef, letter. 

Breef-shriva, letter- 

Bren, burn. 

Brenna, burning. 

Brenna, distilling. 

Bri, pap. 

Brick, bridge. 

Bribe, bribe. 

Briggle, bludgeon, bat. 

Briggla, clubbing. 

Bring, bring. 

Bringa, bringing. 

Brill, spectacles. 

Brill, bellow. 

Brilla, bellowing. 

Brisk, brisk. 

Brond, brand. 

Brode, bread. 

Broda,, frying. 

Brode-warsht, sausage. 

Brode-pon, frying-pan. 

Broud, baide. 

Brow, brew. 

Browa, brewing. 

Brower, brewing. 

Broweri, brewery. 

Brown, brown. 

Brooch, breach, rupture. 

Broosht, bosom, breast. 
Broom, hum. 
Brooma, roaring. 
Broona, well. 
Bruder, brother. 
Bruise, bruise. 
Brush, brush. 
Bu, boy. 
Budda, bottom. 
Buwa, boys. 
Bubbelly, baby. 
Buck, buck. 
Bucket, bucket. 
Bugle, bugle. 
Buggie, buggie. 
Bull, bull. 
Bully, bully. 
Bungle, bungle. 
Bureau, bureau. 
Butcher, butcher. 
Butchera, butcher.'ng. 
Buttle, bottle. 
Bisness, business. 
Bushel, bushel. 
Bushtawb, letter. 
Bushtaweer, spell. 
Bushtaweera, spelling. 
B'holta, keep. 
B'shisa, cheating. 
B'shissa, cheated. 
B'shtimm, define. 
B'shtimma, bespeak. 
B'shtrofed, punished. 
B'shleesa, conclude. 
B'shloos, conclusion. 
B'shlu?sa, conclude. 
B'sin, recdllect. 
B'soona, recollected. 
B'sinna, recollecting. 
By, by. 
Bywona, abide. 





Cabinet, cabinet. 

Calculata, calculating. 

Calculation, calculation. 

Camp, camp. 

Campaign, campaign. 

Campa, encamp. 

Campment, encamp- 

Candid, candid. 

Candy, candy. 

Canvass, canvass. 

Canvassa, canvassing. 

Canvasser, canvasser. 

Captain, captain. 

Capacity, capacity. 

Cape, cape. 

Caper, caper. 

Car, car. 

Carpet, carpet. 

Carpet-loompa, carpet 

Case, case. 

Casting, casting. 

Cash, cash. 

Cashier, cashier. 

Celebrate, celebrate. 

Celebrata, celebrating. 

Celebration, celebra- 

Cent, cent. 

Certificate, certificate. 

Challenge, challenge. 

Challenga, challenging 

Champion, champion. 

Chance, chance. 

Chawa, chewing. 

Chaw, chew. 

Charma, charming. 

Charge, charge. 
Charga, charging. 
Charter, charter. 
Chartera, chartering. 
Chasa, chasing. 
Check, check. 
Checka, checking. 
Chilla, chining. 
Choose, choose. 
Choosa, choosing. 
Choke, choke. 
Choka, choking. 
Cider, cider. 
Circus, circus. 
City, city. 
Citizen, citizen. 
Circular, circular, 
else, clover, 
Clae-soma, cloverseed. 
Claider, clothes. 
Claidung, clothing. 
Claida, clothe. 
Claider shonk, ward 

Claiger, complainant. 
Claim, claim. 
Claima, claiming. 
Clarrick, clerk. 
Clawg, complaint. 
Clawga, complaining. 
Clear, clear. 
Cleara, clearing. 
Clearanca, clearance. 
Clever, clever. 
Clex, blot. 
Clexa, blotting. 
CHngle, jingle. 
Clip, clip. 




Clippa, clipping. 

Cloak, cloak. 

Clopper, clapper. 

Clore, clear. 

Cloreheit, clearness. 

Clora, clearing. 

Closs, class. 

Clook, hen. 

Cloompa, clod. 

Club, club. 

Clubba, clubbing. 

Coach, coach. 

Coala, coal. 

Coax, coax. 

Coaxa, coaxing. 

Cocked, cocked. 

Coffee, coflee. 

Coffee-meel, coffee mill 

Cohoogla, political chi- 

Colb, calf. 

Colb-fiaish, veal. 

Collar, collar. 

Collateral, collateral. 

Collect, collect. 

Collecta, collecting. 

Collector, collector. 

Collection, collection. 

Collender, almanac. 

College, college. 

Collich, lime. 

Com, comb. 

Combine, combine. 

Combina, combining. 

Combination, combi- 

Comfort, comfort. 

Comforta, comforting. 

Comfortable, comfort- 

Comfoogler, bummer. 

Comma, comma. 

Command, command. 

Com manda, com m and- 

Commander, commander 

Commit, commit. 

Committa, committing 

Commission, commis- 

Commissioner, c o m - 

Common, common. 

Communicont, c o m - 

Compare, compare. 

Comparison, compari- 

Compara, comparing. 

Competa, competing. 

Compete, compete. 

Complya, complying. 

Completa, completing. 

Complete, complete. 

Compliment, compli- 

Complimenta, compli- 

Composa, composing. 

Compose, compose. 

Composition, composi- 

Compound, compound 

Compounda, c o m - 

Compromise, compro- 

Compromisa, compro- 
mising. ' 

Comrawd, camrade. 

Con, can. 

Conawl, canal. 




Concert, concert. 

Conclusif, conclusive. 

Condense, condense. 

Condensa, condensing. 

Condem, condemn. 

Condema, condemning 

Condidawt, candidate. 

Condition, condition. 

Conductor, conductor. 

Confess, confess. 

Confessa, confessing. 

Confession, confession. 

Confessed, confessed. 

Confer, confer. 

Confera, confering. 

Conference, conference 

Confectionery, confec- 

Conlident, confident. 

Confidence, confidence 

Confirm, confirm. 

Confirma, confirming. 

Confirmation, confirm- 

Confine, confine. 

Confina, confining. 

Confined, confined. 

Confound, confound. 

Confounda, confound- 

Congress, congress. 

Connect, connect. 

Counecta, connecting. 

Connection, connection. 

Conone, cannon. 

Consel, pulpit. 

Consider, consider. 

Considera, considering 

Consistent, consistent. 

Constitution, constitu- 

Constrau-wa, currents. 

Constructa, construct- 

Construction, construc- 

Consulta, consulting. 

Consolidata, consolida- 

Contradict, contradict. 

Contradicta, contra- 

Contradiction, contra- 

Contest, contest. 

Contesta, contesting. 

Contract, contract. 

Contracta, contracting. 

Contributa, contributing. 

Continua, continuing. 
Continent, continent. 
Convince, convince. 
Convinsa, convincing. 
Convict, convict. 
Convicta, convicting. 
Conviction, conviction. 
Cop, cap. 
Copittle, capital. 
Copy, copy. 
Copya, copying. 
Coodle-fleck, tripe. 
Coom, come. 
Cooma, coming. 
Coomd, coming. 
Coonshtaweller, con-- 

Cooper, copper. 
Cord, card. 
Cordullish, Catholic. 
Cordoon, calico. 
Core, choir. 
Correcta, correcting. 




Corresponda, corres- 

Corrich, cart. 

Corrick, cork. 

Corrisseera, courting. 

Corrocter, character. 

Corryose, curious. 

Cotz, cat. 

Cotza, cats. 

Cotzakraut, catnip. 

Cow, chew. 

Cowa, chewing. 

Coward, coward. 

Court, court. 

County, county. 

Cousin, cousin. 

Council, council. 

Counterfeit, counter- 

Countermand, coun- 

Counter, counter. 

Crack, crack. 

Cracka, cracking. 

Cracker, cracker. 

Crape, crape. 

Crebs, cancer. 

Creditt, credit. 

Creditor, creditor. 

Creddoor, animal. 

Creps, crab. 
Creek, creek. 
Crib, crib. 
Critish, critical. 
Crittlich, crabbed. 
Cripple, cripple. 
Crisht, christian. 
Crishtus, Christ. 
Crishdawg, Christmas. 
Croosht, crust. 
Cromp, cramp. 
Crottle, climb. 
Crottla, climbing. 
Crottler, climber. 
Crottlera, congratulat- 
Crotza, scratching. 
Crup, craw. 
Cr(nvd, crowd. 
Croyer, auctioneer. 
Curbshtse, curbstone. 
Cure, cure. 
Cura, curing. 
Cultivata, cultivating. 
Cuply, cup. 
Currawsh, courage. 
Currawshich, courageous 
Curve, curve. 
Cushion, cushion. 
Cute, accute. 


Daig, dough. 
Dait, would. 
Daiya, sword. 
Daiglich, daily. 
Daig-maucha, dough- 

Dail, divide. 

Daila, dividing. 
Darly, small gate. 
Daitzember, december 
Darf, dare. 
Darm, bowels. 
Darnoch, after. 
Dasha, dashing. 




Dauch, roof. 
Dauer, pity. 
Dauera, pitying. 
Dawb, deaf. 
Dawdy, father. 
Dawf, baptism. 
Dawßi, baptising. 
Dawfel, slate. 
Dawg, day. 
Dawga, days. 
Dawglaner, day laborer 
Dawl, dale. 
Dawler, dollar. 
Dauriim, because. 
Dawtam, date. 
De, the, they. 
Deal, deal. 
Dealer, dealer. 
Deala, dealing. 
Debate, debate. 
Deducta, deducting. 
Deck, ceiling, bed cover 
Deckel, lid. 
Decide, decide. 
Decida, deciding. 
Declara, declaring. 
Declaration, declara- 
Declina, declining. 
Peed, deed. 
Deer, beast, door. 
Deen, serving. 
Deef, deep. 
Deefer, deeper. 
Deefsht, deepest. 
Deefung, depth. 
Ueener, waiter. 
Defeat, defeat. 
Defense, defense. 
Defensif, defensive. 
Defenda, defending. 

Defendant, defendant. 

Defectif, defective. 

Define, define. 

Defina, defining. 

Defya, defying. 

Defy, defy. 

Degree, degree. 

Deitsh, dutch, german. 

Deitlich, distinct. 

Delegate, delegate. 

Delegation, delegation. 

Delicate, delicate. 

Delivera, delivering. 

Deller, plate. 

Demand, demand. 

Demanda, demanding. 

Dem noch, therefore. 

Demokrawt, democrat. 

Demokrawtie, democ- 

Demmerung, dawn. 

Den, this, den. 

Den-waeg, this way. 

Denk, think. 

Denka, thinking. 

Department, depart- 

Deputy, deputy. 

Derbi, along with, among. 
Derfu, from. 
Dergaiga, against. 
Derhame, at home. 
Design, design. 
Detarmina, determin- 
Di, your. 

Diagram, diagram. 
Diamond, diamond. 
Dictionary, dictionary, 
Dick, thick. 
Dicker, thicker. 




Dicksht, thickest. 

Ditle, devil. 

Differ, differ. 

Differa, differing. 

Ditticulty, difficulty. 

Din, thin. 

Dinner, thinner. 

Dinsht, thinest. 

Dinda, ink. 

Dinda-fos, inkstand. 

Ding, thing. 

Dinger, things. 

Dinshdawg, tuesday. 

Dire, dear. 

Direr, dearer. 

Diresht, dearest. 

Direct, direct. 

Directa, directing. 

Disagree, disagree. 

Disagreea, disagreeing. 

Disadvantage, disad- 

Disappointa, disappoint- 

Disappeara, disappear- 

Dispatch, dispatch. 

Discharge, discharge. 

Discharga, discharging 

Discussion, discussion. 

Discussa, discussing. 

Discount, discount. 

Discounta, discount- 

Dissecta, dissecting. 

Dismiss, dismiss. 

Dismissa, dismissing. 

Dismissed, dismissed- 

Displaya, displaying. 

Disband, disbanding. 

Distance, distance. 

Disposed,, disposed. 

Dis-posii, disposing. 

Dishbadawt, dispute. 

Dishbadeera, disputing. 

Distrii)ution, distaibu- 
tion. . 

Distributa, distributing 

Dissolve, dissolve. 

Dissolva, dissolving. 

Disreshpect, disrespect. 

Disreshpectful, disre- 

District, district. 

Dish, table. 

Dish-dooch, table cloth. 

Divida, dividing. 

D'no, then, thereupon. 

Dobbich, awkward. 

Dode, dead. 

Doda-claid, shroud. 

Doda-lawd, coffin 

Dode-shlawga, to slay. 

Dodge,- dodge. 

Dodga, dodging. 

Doch, yet, though. 

Document, document. 

Doh, here. 

Dohar, hither. 

Dohr, large gate. 

Dom, dam. 

Domineer, domineer. 

Domineera, domineer- 

Donk, thank. 

Donkbawr, thankful. 

Donka, thanking. 

Dons, dance. 

Donsa, dancing. 

Dooch, cloth. 

Doom, dumb. 

Doomel, hurry. 




Doonila, hurrying. 

Dooner, thunder. ' ; ; 

Doonera, thunderin^.^ 

Doonershdawg, thurs-" 

Doonka, immersing. 

Doonkel, dark. 

Doonker, Baptist. 

Dooshper, dusk. 

Dorr, tar. 

Dorm, gut. 

Dorn, thorn. 

Dorrygla, staggering. 

Dorrygle, stagger. 

Dorrich, through. 

Dorrich gse, abscond. 


Dorsht, thirst. 

Dorshtich, thirsty. 

Dort, there. 

Dose, dose. 

Double, double. 

Doable-g'sichtich, doub- 

Dow, dew. 

Dowb, dove. 

Dower, pity, enure.d 

Dowera, pitying, en- 

Dowerhoft, durable. 

Dowch, dive. 

Dowcha, diving. 

Dowma, thuni-b. 

Drai, turn. 

Draia, turning, 

Draft, draft. 

Drau, to, at, into. 

Drawer, drawer. 

Drawm, dream. 

Drawma, dreaming. 

Drechter. funnel. 

Dreck, dirt. 
Dreckich, dirty. 
Dreckluch, mudhole. 
Dresh, thresh. 
Dresha, threshing. 
Dresh-machine, thresh- 
ing machine. 
Dress, dress. 
Dressa, dressing. 
Dri, three. 
Dritzain, thirteen. 
Drisich, thirty. 
Dritt, third. 
Drisichsht, thirtieth. 
Drick, squeeze. 
Drickla, drying. 
Drink, drink. 
Dainka, drinking. 
Drill, drill. 
Drilla, drilling. 
Drive, drive. 
Driva, driving. 
Drivva, over, across. 
Droh, threat. 
Droh a, threatening. 
Drom, dram. 
Droof, on, upon. 
Drook, print. 
Drooka, printing, dry, 
Drookeri, printing office. 

Droom,drum, about it. 
Drooma, drumming. 
Droona, down, below. 
Droop, flock, drove. 
Drote, wire. 
Drous, out. 
Drover, drover. 
Drullich, droll. 
Druvva, up, above. 
Du, do, you. 
Du'n, do, doing. 




Diidder, yolk, 
Duckter, doctor. 
Ducktera. doctorinof. 

Dii't, does, doing. 
Duty, duty. 
Duwock. tobacco. 


Eb, if, before, rather. 
Ebmohls, sometimes. 
Eaga, self. 
Eaga-leeb, egotism. 
Eamohl, one time. 
Eavvich, eternal. 
Eawichkeit, eternity. 
Eb, if, whether. 
Ebber, some one. 
Hbmohls, sometimes. 
Eck, corner. 
Eckich, cornered. 
Eem, bee, him, his. 
Eema, bees. 
Een, him, himself. 
Ena, them. 
Era, hers. 
Edita, editing. 
Effa, stoves. 
Effecta, effecting. 
Effectif, effective. 
Eflfentlich, public. 
EfFnung, opening. 
EfFongalish, evangeli- 
EfFongalium, gospel. 
Eibild, vision. 
Eibildung, visionary. 
Eich, you. 

Eidrook, impression. 
Eifer, zeal. 
Eiferich, zealous. 
Eifeera, inducting. 
Eifensa, fencing in. 

Eifol, notion. 
Eitioos, inftuence. 
Eiga3, shrink. 
Elg'shparrd, confined. 
Eigalawda, invited. 
Eigaweit, dedicate. 
Eigaweida, entrails. 
Eil, hurry. 
Eila, hurrying. 
Eilawda, invite. 
Eigalawda, invited. 
Eilawdurtg, invitation. 
Eir, your. 
Eiserlich, outward. 
Eishparra, confining. 
Eisicht, insight. 
Eiwanderer, immigrant. 
Eiwia, dedicating. 
Ei Wendung, objection. 
Elboga, elbow. 
Elder, older, senior. 
Eidlich, elderly. 
Eldsht, oldest. 
Election, election. 
Element, element. 
Elevate, elevate. 
Elevata, devating. 
Elf, eleven. 
Elft, eleventli. 
EUefont, elephant. 
Elt, age. 
Eltra, parents. 
Enaucht, care, caution 
End, end, duck. 




End<a, ending, ducks. 

Endrich, drake. 

Endecka, to discover, 

Endorse, endorse. 

Endorsa, endorsing. 

Endorser, endorser. 

Encourage, encourage. 

Encouraga, encourag- 

Encouragement, e n - 

Enforsa, enforcing. 

Engaga, engaging. 

Engaged, engaged. 

Engagement, engage- 

Engine, engine. 

Engineer, engineer. 

Engineera, engineer- 

Engrava, engraving. 

Engle, angel. 

Engsht, fear. 

Engshtlich, fear, anx- 

Enjoy a, enjoying. 

Enjoyment, enjoyment 

Ennich, any. 

Enrolla, enrolling. 

Entera, entering. 

Entertaina, entertain- 

Entertainment, enter- 

Entitled, entitled. 

Entwedder, either. 

Epple, apples. 

Equaliza, equalizing. 

Etlich, several. 

Era, her, hers, their. 

Es, it, that, the. 

Ess, eat. 

Essa, eating. 

Esser, eater. 

Ess-lefiel, tablespoon. 

Ess-shtick, lunch. 

Essich, vinegar. 

Esh, ashes. 

Exact, exact. 

Exactly, exactly. 

Examina, examining. 

Excuse, excuse. 

Excusa, excusing. 

Excused, excused. 

Exhibita, exhibiting. 

Excepta, excepting. 

Executa, executing. 

Executor, executor. 

Executif, executive. 

Execution, execution. 

Exercise, exercise. 

Exemple, example. 

Expensif, expensive. 

Expense, expense. 

Expenda, expending. 

Expella, expelling. 

Explain, explain. 

Explaina, explaining. 

Explanation, explana- 

Exploda, exploding. 

Exposa, exposing. 

Experimenta, experi- 

Ex-press, express. 

Expressa, expressing. 

Extra, extra. 

Extracta, extracting. 

Extenda, extending. 

Extensif, extensive. 

Ever, boar. 




Evada, evading. 
Evasion, evasion. 
Evil, evil. 

Evidence, evidence. 
Evva, but, though. 


Fact, fact. 
Facing, facing. 
Fiert, foirt'th. 
Ffertens, fourthly. 
Fa^rtzain, fourteen. 
Fa^rtzich, forty. 
Fail, fail. 
Faila, failing. 
Fail'd, failing. 
Failer, fault. 
Failerhoft, faulty. 
Failure, failure. 
Fair, fair. 
Falsh, false. 
Falshheit, falsehood. 
Family, family. 
Fan, fan. 
Fanna, fanning. 
Fancy, fancy. 
Fare, fare. 
Farrich, fear. 
Farrichta, fearing. 
FarrichterHch, fearful. 
Farrava, coloring. 
Farraver, dier. 
Farry, forwards. 
Farrywell, farewell. 
Farsh, heel, verse. 
Farsha, heels. 
Farsich, forwards. 
Faertle, qjaarter. 
Faertle-dawler, quarter- 

Fa3rtle-yarich, quarterly. 

Fsertich, finished. 

Fasa, facing. 

Fashion, fashion. 

Fawble, fable. 

Fawda, thread. 

Fawna, flag. 

Fawr, ride, haul, drive. 

Fawra, driving, haul- 

Favor, favor. 

Favora, favoring. 

Februawr, february. 

Fecht, fight. 

Fechta, fighting. 

Fedder, pen, quill. 

Feddera, feathers. 

Feddersht, foremost. 

Fee, cattle, fee. 

Feeish, beastly. 

Feel, much, many, feel 

Feela, feeling. 

Feer, four. 

Feer-eckich, four cor- 

Feer-feesich, four footed. 

Fees, feet. 

Feggle, birds. 

Feind, enemy. 

Fei cht, damp, moist. 

Feld, field. 

Felder, fields. 

Fellich, fully. 

Felsa, rock. 

Felsich, rocky. 




Fence, fence. 

Fensariggle, fence-rail. 

Fendu, vendu. 

Fendu croyer, vendu- 

Fenshter, window. 

Fenshter-shibe, window- 

Ferainich, unite. 

Ferainicha, uniting. 

Feraira, hunoring. 

Ferainsla, consorting. 

Feraikled, disgusted. 

Ferawlussa, to infer. 

Ferauchta, despising. 

Ferbeed, forbid. 

Ferbei, past. 

Ferbessera, bettering. 

Ferbessered, bettered, 

Ferbin, bind. 

Ferbinna, binding. 

Ferbiimung, covenant. 

Ferbrech, break. 

Ferbrecha, breaking. 

Ferbrucha, broken. 

Ferbrecher, criminal. 

Ferbrend, burned. 

Ferbutta, forbidden. 

Ferburst, explode. 

Ferbursta, exploding. 

Ferclex, to blot. 

Ferclexed, blotted. 

Ferdarb, spoil. 

Ferdarwa, spoiling. 

Ferdail, divide. 

Ferdaila, dividing. 

Ferdailung, division. 

Ferdeen, earn. 

Ferdeened, earned. 

Ferdeena, earning. 

Ferdeensht, earnings. 

Ferdomt, damned. 

Ferdomma, to damn. 

Ferdorsva, spoiled. 

Ferdow, digest. 

Ferdowa, digesting. 

Ferdowung, digestion. 

Ferdoonkel, darken. 


Ferdroos, affront. 

Ferella, trout, 

Ferenner, alter, change 

Ferennera, changing, 

Ferennered, changed, 

Feremierung, altera- 

Ferennerlich, changa- 

Ferfalsh, debase. 

Ferfeer, seduce, mis- 

Ferfeera, seduction. 

Ferfelsh, falsify, adul- 
terate. . 

Ferfelsh a, falsifying, 

Ferfelshung, adultera- 
tion, falsification. 

Ferfleck, blot. 

Fertiecked, blotod, dotted 

Ferflooch, accurse. 

Fertloocha, accursing. 

Ferflooched, accursed. 

Ferfolla, due. 

Ferfowl, rot. 

Ferfowla, rotting. 

Ferfowled, rotten. 

Fergse, evaporate. 

Fergeb, forgive. 




Fergonga, past, gone. 

Fergess, forget. 

Fergessa, forgotten, for- 

Fergleich, compare. 

Fergleidia, comparing, 

Fergresser, magnify, 

Fergressera, magnify- 
ing, enlarging. 

Fergressered, enlarged, 

Ferheeta, avoiding. 

Ferhex, bewitch. 

Ferhexa, bewitching. 

Ferhinner, hinder. 

Ferhinnera, hindering. | 

Ferhinnerd, hindered. 

Ferhofta, apprehend- ' 
ing. ! 

Ferhoftung, apprehen- 

Ferhoongera, starving, 

Ferhoongert, starved. 

Ferhootled, tangled. 

Ferhcotla, tangling. j 

Ferkawf, sale, sell. | 

Ferkawfa, selling. 

Ferkawfd, sold. 

Ferkartza, shortening, 

Ferclaid, disguised. 

Ferlaigna, denying. 

Ferlaiga, mislaying. 

Ferlaig'd, mislaid. 

Ferleebt, fond, amer- 

Ferleera, losing. 

Ferlora, lost. 

F&rl enger, lengthen. 

Ferlengera, lengthening. 

Ferlengered, lengthened, 

Ferletz, injure. 

Ferletza, injuring. 

Ferleicht, perhaps. 

Ferleshter, defame. 

Ferleshtera, defeming. 

Ferleichta, lighten. 

Ferlong, desir?, crave. 

Ferlonga, craving, de- 

Ferloomp'd, ragged. 

Ferloojnpa, delapidat- 

Ferloosht, loss. 

Ferlora, astra}^ lost. 

Ferluffa, astray. 

Ferluss, rely, forsake, 

Ferlussa, relying, for- 
saking, depending. 

Fermaiga, property. 

Fermara, augment, in- 

Fermaucha, bequeath, 

Fermoota, presuming. 

Fermixa, blend, mix. 

Ferrichta, annulling. 

Fernochlussa, neglect« 

Ferordna, enacting, 

Ferposst, overlooked, 

Ferraiter, betrayer. 

Ferricht, accomplished 

Ferricked, deranged. 

Fe ricka, deranging. 

Ferrisa, tearing. 

Ferrissa, torn. 

Ferroontzelt, wrinkled. 

Ferrote, betray. 




FeiTüta, betraying. 

Ferrusht, corrode, rust 

Fersicher, assure. 

Fershenner, beautify. 

Fershennera, beautify- 

Fersheedlich, varied. 

Fersheia, abhor. 

Fershmeer, besmear. 

Fershmeera, besmear- 

Fershoffa, providing. 

Fershtendich, sensible. 

Fershtond, sense. 

Fershtella, disguising, 

Fershtick, smother, 

Fersh #bka, smothering 

Fershtara, disturbing. 

Fershtared, disturbed. 

Fersh tor wen a, deceased. 

Fershitt, spill. 

Fershitta, spilling. 

Fershpowa, bespiting. 

Fershpow, bespit. 

Fershprech, promise. 

Fershprecha, promis- 

Fershprucha, promised. 

Fershpritzed, bespat- 

Fersh pring, burst. 

Fershpringa, bursting. 

Fershproonga, bursted 

Fershreck, fright. 

Fershrecka, frighten. 

Fershrucka, frightened 

Fersh tarrick, strengthen 

Fershtaricka, strength- 

Fershteckle, hide, con- 

Fershteckla, hiding, 

Fershteckled, hidden, 

Fershtup'd, costive. 

Fershtond, sense. 

Fershtendich, sensible. 

Fersh wara, conspiring, 

Fershwenda, dissipat- 
ing, spending. 

Fershwinna, vanishing 

Fershwecha, weaken- 

Fershwoppa, swapped. 

Fersichered, assured. 

Fersommel, assemble. 

Fersomla, assembling. 

Fersomlung, assembly. 

Fersooch, taste. 

Fersoocha, tasting. 

Fersowfa, drowning. 

Fersuf5a, drowned. 

Fertrowa, entrusting. 

Fertzaira, to consume. 

Fertzaila, relating, tell- 

Fertzailed, related, told 

Fertzoga, warped. 

Fertzeega, warping. 

FertzaWgt, timid, afraid 

Ferunglicked, failure. - 

Feruresauch'd, caused. 

Ferwass, why. 

Ferwsert, deranged. 

Faew£erra, confound- 

Ferwarfa, reject. 

Ferwelka, wither. 




Ferwexeld, exchanj2:ed. 

Ferwexliing, alteration 

Ferwcesht, devastate. 

Fervvickle, involve. 

Ferwickla, involving. 

Ferwillich, consent. 

Fervvillicha, consent- 

Ferwooner, astonish. 

Ferwoonera, astonish- 

Ferwoonered, aston- 

Ferwonta, relative. 

Fesser, tubs. 

Fessly, keg. 

Fesht, fast, tight, festi- 

Feshticha, fastening. 

Fet, fat. 

Fettich, fatty. 

Fever, fever. 

Figoor, figure. 

Fill, fill, colt. 

Filla, filling. 

File, file. 

Fila, filing. 

Filsel, stuffing. 

Fin, find. 

Finna, finding. 

Fine, fine. 

Finey, fine. 

Finger, finger. 

Finger-hoot, thimble. 

Finf, five. 

Finft, fifth. 

Finish, finish. 

Finisha, finishing. 

Finner, finder. 

Finshter, dark. 

Finshterniss, eclipse. 

Fira, firing, celebrating 
Fire, fire. 

Fire-dawg, holliday. 
Fire-warrick. fireworks 
Fire-hard, fire hearth. 
Firemon, fireman. 
Fish, fish. _ 
Fisha, fishing. 
Fish-gad, fishing rod. 
Fish-line, fish-line. 
Fish-hoka, fish-hook. 
Fit, fit. 
Fix, fix. 
Fixa, fixing. 
Fixter, fixture. 
Flaish, meat. 
Flaishich, fleshy. 
Flatter, flatter. 
Flauch, flat. 
Fleck, spot. 
Flecka, spot, blur. 
Fleega, flying. 
Fleesa, floating. 
Fleis, industry, 
Fleisich, industrious. 
Flick, mend. 
Flicka, mending. 
Fliggle, wing. 
Flint, gun. 
Flooch, curse. 
Floocha, cursing. 
Floos, flood, flux. 
Floocht, escape. 
Flo, flea. 

Flourish, flourish. 
Flox, flax. 
Fodder, father. 
Fogle, bird. 
Fol, fall, trap, case. 
Folia, falling. 
Folta, fold. 




Folter, bars. 

Fonielia, family. 

Fonga^ catch. 

Fooftzain, fifteen. 

Fooftzaint, fifteenth. 

Fooftzich, fifty. 

Fooftzichsht, fiftieth. 

Foonka, spark. 

Foor, team. 

Foor-gaishel, cart whip 

Foormon, teamster. 

Foor-warrick, vehicle. 

Foos, foot. 

Foos-bawd, foot-bath. 

Footer, food, fodder. 


For, for. 

Forb, paint, color. 

Forbeed, forbid. 

Forbeeda, forbidding. 

Fordt, away. 

Forderhond, before- 

Fordle, advantage. 

Fore, appears, seems, 

Forebringa, bring forth 

Forecooma, emerge. 

Fore-eltra, ancestors. 

Fore-fol, event. 

Foregroond, foreground. 

Forehong, curtain. 

Foremon, foreman. 

Fore-ous, advance. 

Fore-roat, hoard. 

Foresawga, foretell. 

Foresicht, foresight. 

Foresichtich, discrete. 

Foreshmeisa, casting 
it up. 

Fore-shtoob, ante room 

Foreshtellung, imagi- 

Foretrefilich, excellent 

Foretzeega, prefering. 

Foretzoog, preference. 

For fit, forfeit. , 

Forge, forge. 

Foriiar, before. 

Forma, forming. 

Form idda wg, forenoon 

Forna, front, afore. 

Forness, furnace. 

Fornish, furnish. 

Fornisha, furnishing. 

Forrich, furrow. 

Fortshritt, progress. 

Fortmaucha, continue. 

Fortune, fortune. 

Forwarts, forward. 

Foss, tub, cask. 

Fowl, rot, lazy. 

Fowla, rotting. 

Fowlenser, drone, slug- 

Fowlheit, laziness. 

Fowsht, fist. 

Fracture, fracture. 

Fraida, joy. 

Frama, framing. 

Frame, frame. 

Fraw, wife. 

Free, early. 

Freedlich, peacable. 

Freer, freeze. 

Freera, freezing. 

Fremmer, stranger. 

Fressdeer, glutton. 

Freiheit, freedom. 

Friend, friend. 

Freindlich, friendly. 




Freindshoft, relative, 

Fri-gevva, discharged. 
Fri, free. 
Fridawg, friday. 
Friction, friction. 
Frish, fresh. 
Fro, glad. 
Frock, frock. 
Froke, ask, question. 
Froka, asking. 
Frolic, frolic. 
Froocht, grain. 
Froochtbawr, fruitful. 
Frusht, frost. 
Frush, frog. 
Frumm, pious. 

Fudder, demand, ask. 
Fuddera, demanding, 

Fuftzain, fifteen. 
Fuftzich, fifty. 
Fun, if, from. 
Fundament, f u n d a - 

Fund, fund. 
Fum, oft", from. 
Füllens, in full. 
Fulga, follow. 
Fulgende, following. 
Ful mau cht, authority . 
Fulk, people. 


G?e, go. 
Gaed, going. 
Gse-lussa, let go. 
Gabailed, bailed. 
Gabaid, prayer. 
Gabi, building. 
Gabiss, bit. 
Gabish, bush. 
Gablara ed, blamed. 
Gablivva, remained. 
Gabloot, bled. 
Gaboga, bent. 
Gabored, bored. 
Gabootzt, cleansed. 
Gaboort, birth. 
Gabowt, built. 
Gabounced, bounced. 
Gaboxed, boxed. 
Gabreed, scalded, hatched 

G? bribed, bribed. 

Gabrauch, accustom. 
Gabroomel, low mur- 
Gabrucht, brought. 
Gabut, bid. 
Gabutta, beaten. 
Gaboona, bound. 
Gacharged, charged. 
Gachartered, chartered 
Gachoked, choked. 
Gachoosed, chosen. 
Gacured, cured. 
Gaelaimed, claimed. 
Gacleared, cleared. 
Gacoaxed, coaxed. 
Gacowd, chewed. 
Gacracked, cracked. 
Gadecked, covered. 
Gadechtniss, memory. 
Gadeened, served. 




Gadingta, hireling. 

Gadonka, thoughts. 

Gadonked, thanked. 

Gadoold, patience. 

Gadraid, turned. 

Gadrawmed, dreamed. 

Gadroonka, drank. 

Gafolla, fallen. 

Gaglicha, liked. 

Gagrish, loud cry. 

Gagooked, looked. 

Gahaled, healed. 

Gahame, mysterious. 

Gahameniss, mystery. 

Gaharn, brain. 

Gahared, heard. 

Gahired, married. 

Gahile, howl. 

Gahoresom, obedient- 

Gahulfa. helped. 

Gaiga, against. 

Gaigner, adversary. 

Gaigend, neighborhood 

Gail, yellow. 

Gakawft, bought. 

Gakicked, kicked. 

Gakuchd, cooked. 

Gakutzed, puked. 

Galaisa, read. 

Galarnd, learned. 

Galagenheit, opportu- 

Galauched, laughed. 

Galechter, laughter. 

Galobe'd, praised. 

Galuck'd, decoyed. 

Galuffii, walked. 

Game, game. 

Gamawla, ground, ( in 

Gamla, gambling. 

Gamier, gambler. 
Gamees, vegetables. 
Gameet, mood. 
Gameinshoft, commu- 
Gamooft, moved. 
Ganeed, clinched. 
Ganoonk, enough. 
Ganooma, took, taken. 
Gap, gap. 
Gapaint, painted. 
Gapardoned, pardoned 
Gapeddled, peddled. 
Gapitched, pitched. 
Gapicked, picked. 
Gapiffa, whistled. 

Gapishpered, whispered. 
Gaplonsed, planted. 
Gapledged, pledged. 
Gapolished, polished. 
Gapreddichd, preached 
Gaprooft, proven. 
Gapublished, published 
Gapushed, pushed. 
Gapuzzled, puzzled. 
Garaiched, reached. 
Garaigert, rained. 
Garaised, raised. 
Garawbd, robbed. 
Gardla, gardening. 
Garia, rue. 
Garisht, prepared. 
Garecht, righteous. 
Garegulate, regulated. 
Gareid, rued. 
Garent, rented. 
Garing, petty trifling. 
Garooch, oder, smell. 
Garoofa, called. 
Garver, tanner. 
Garret, garret. 




Gas, gas. 

Gasheiik, present. 
Gash wetz, conversation 
Gasing, sing. 
Gatend, attended. 
Gatraveled, traveled. 
Gatrenk, beverage. 
Gatri, faithful. 
Gatzoga, moved, pulled 
Gatzonk'd, scolded. 

GatZWOOnga, compelled. 

Gawalt, power. 
Gawared, defended. 
Gawaned, addicted. 
Gaweltich, powerful. 
Gawiss, certain. 
Gawissa, conscience. 
Gawrn, yarn. 
Gawoga, weighed. 
Gawohnt, resided, ac- 
Gawohnheit, custom. 
Gawora, worn. 
Gaventered, ventured. 
Gavote, voted. 
G'act, acted. 
G'answered, answered. 
G'certitied, certified. 
G'failed, failed. 
G'fairlich, dangerous. 
G'fiirrabd, colored. 
G'ftivored, favored. 
G'fecht, combat. 
G'fengniss, prison. 
G'fired, commemorated. 

G'fixed, fixed. 
G'flicked, mended. 
G'folla, favor, pleased. 
G'fonga, caught. 
G'fongner, prisoner. 
G'foona, found. 

G'fore, danger. 
G'foona, found. 
G'froked, asked. 
G'fulkd, obeyed. 
G'hulfa, assisted. 
G'hara, belong. 
G'hared, belonged. 
G'hot, had. 
G'loosht, lust. 
G'looshtich, lusty. 
G'loxeerd, purged. 
G'managed, managed. 
G'marched, marched. 
G^raftled, rafiled. 
G'sawt, said. 
G'safed, saved. 
G'satisfied, satisfied. 
G'sentenced, sentenced 
G'setz, statue. 
G'setzed, seated. 
G'settled, settled. 
G'shafed, shaved. 
G'shared, shared. 
G'sharr, tools. 
G'sheft, vocation. 
G'shenk, present. 
G'shenked, presented. 
G'shickd, sent, inge- 
G'shired, scoured. 
G'shleckd, licked. 
G'shlifia, ground (stone 
G'shlipt, slipped. 
G'shlawga, struck. 
G'shlofa, slept. 
G'shlookd, swallowed. 
G'shlussa, locked. 
G'shmeerd, greased. 
G'shmoked, smoked. 
G'shmulsa, melted. 
G'shnitzled, whittled. 




G'shnorrixd, snored. 
G'shnowfd, breathed. 

G'shoolderd, shouldered. 

G'showfeld, shoveled. 
G'shoffd, worked. 
G'shpawrd, saved. 
G'shpeeld, played. 
G'shpelld, spelled. 
G'shpend, spent. 
G'shpiked, spiked. 
G'shpliced, spliced. 
G'sbplit, split. 
G'shpraich, dialogue. 
G'shpraid, spread. 
G'shribe, writing. 
G'shrivva, written. 
G'shrowbd, screwed. 
G'shtse, acknowledge. 
G'shtenk, stench, 
G'shtrecked, stretched. 
G'shtrained, strained. 
G'shtritta, quarreled. 
G'shtolt, form. 
G'shtola, stolen. 
G'shtonna, confessed. 
G'shtoompt, bluffed. 
G'shtucha, stabbed. 
G'shtuddeert, studied. 

G'shtupt, stopped, darned 
G'shussa, shot. 
G'shweer, boil. 
G'shwetzd, conversed. 
G'shwint, quick. 
G'shwinter, quicker. 
G'shwindsht, quickest. 
G'shwindichkeit, celer- 
G'shwill, swell. 
G'shwilla, swelling. 
G'shwindled, swindled. 
G'sicht, face, sight. 

G'signed, signed. 
G'soaked, soaked. 
G'soond, healthy. 
G'soondheit, health. 
G'soocht, searched. 
G'sookled, sucked. 
G'soonga, sung. 
G'sufta, drunk. 
G'suffered, suffered. 
G'used, used. 
G'ward, waited. 
G'ware, weapon. 
G'warnd, warned. 
G'warrickd, choked. 
G'watched, watched. 
G'welb, vault, arch. 
G'welbd, arched. 
G'wesha, washed. 
G'weckd, waked. 
G'wex, tumor, growth. 
G'winna, winning. 
G'winshd, wished. 
G'wisht, wiped. 
G'wissa, shown, exhib- 
ited, conscience. 
G'woonert, wondered. 
G'wora, worn. 
G'woxa, grown. 
G'woxner, adult. 
G'woona, won. 
Geb, give. 
Gebt, gives. 
Gedonka, thought. 
Gedu, done. 
Gees, pour, cast. 
Geesa, casting. 
Gees-con, watering can 
Geig, violin, fiddle. 
Geiga, fiddling. 
Geiger, fiddler. 
Geisht, spirit. 




Geishtlich, spiritual. 

Geitz, avarice. 

Geitz-hols, miser. 

Geld, money. 

Gelta, admitting. 

Gemeinshoft, fellow- 

Gens, geese. 

Geography, geography 

Geshter, yesterday. 

Gessa, guessing. 

Gettlich, divine. 

Getrei, faithful. _ 

Gevva, giving, given. 

Gewicht, weight. 

Gicht, gout. 

Gichtra, fits. 

Givvel, gahle. 

Glawb, believe. 

Glauwa, belief, faith. 

Glaws, glass. 

Gleed, limb. 

Gleich, alike, equal. 

Gleichheit, equality. 

Gleichgiltich, uncon- 

Glensich, brilliant. 

Gli, immediately. 

Glick, luck. 

Glicklich, lucky. 

Glons, brilliant. 

Glot, smoothe. 

Goll, gallon. 

Golga, gallows. 

Gol, bile. 

Gons, goose, entire, 

Gong, passage, going. 

Gonga, went, gone. 

Gooka, looking:. 

Goot-hartzich, benevo- 
lent, good-hearted. 

Gor, done, entire. 

Gorda, garden. 

Gorn, yarn. 

Gott, God. 

Gottesdeensht, worship 

Gottheit, divinity. 

Gottlose, depraved. 

Govvel, fork. 

Gox, cackle. 

Goxa, cackling. 

Gowl, horse. 

Gowntsh, swing. 

Gowtz, bark. 

Gowtza, barking. 

Grab, grab. 

Grabba, grabbing. 

Grais, size. 

Graiser, larger. • 

Graisht, largest. 

Grammar, grammar. 

Grauwa, gutter, ditch, 

Grausom, cruel. 

Gravel, gravel. 

Graver, digger. 

Grawb, grave. 

Grawd, straight, grade. 

Graws, grass. 

Graws-holm, grass-blade 

Grawsich, grassy. 

Gray-awg, corn. 

Greega, getting. 

Greeg, war. 

Greesa, greeting. 

Greish, bellow, shout, 

Greish a, shouting. 

Greislich, horrible. 

Grens, border. 




Gresser, larger. 
Grexa, grunting. 
Gride, clialk. 
Griff, grasp. 
Grick, grasp. 
Grick, get. 


Gro, grey. 
GroVjsh, grab. 
Grobsha, grabbing. 
Grose, large, great. 
Groog, mug, pitcher. 

Groomla, grumbling. 
Groond, ground. 
Groond-niss, ground- 
Groondlose, groundless 
Groondshtick, messuage. 
Groos, salute. 
Groove, groove. 
Grub, rough. 
Grubheit, coarseness. 
Guld, gold. 
Guardeen, guardian. 


Hserr, lord. 
Haerrshoft, lordship. 
Haich, height. 
Haicher, higher. 
Haigsht, highest. 
Haim, home. 
Haimat, home. 
Haimwai, homesick. 
Hais, hot. 

Haist, named, called. 
Haisher, hoarse. 
Hale, heal, hollow. 
Hala, healing. 
Halung, hollow, cave. 
Hall, hall. 
Halt, hold, halt. 
Handla, handling. 
Handle, handle. 
Handy, handy. 
Har, here. 
Hara, hearing. 
Hare, hear. 
Hared, hears. 
Harbsht, autumn. 

Hardship, hardship. 

Harrlich, happy. 

Harrlichkeit, happi- 

Harrshtom, ancestry. 

Hartz, heart. 

Hartzlich, hearty. 

Hatchet, hatchet. 

Hawwer, oats. 

Hawa, have. 

Hawgle, hail. 

Haws, rabbit. 

Hawsa, rabbits. 

Hawna, cock. 

Hawpt, principal. 

Hawptsechlich, mainl}' 

Hecka, brushwood. 

Hee, down, hence, 

Heeta, watching. 

Heffii, crocks. 

Heft, hilt. 

Heichler, hypocrite. 

Heichelei, hypocricy. 




Heidn, heathen. 
Heidish, heathenish. 
Heifla, heaping up. 
Heil, weep. 
Heila, weeping. 
HeiHch, sacred. 
Heilend, Savior. 
Helf, help. 
Hella, helping. 
Heller, helper. 
Helft, half. 
Hell, bright, hell. 
Hern, shirt. 
Hen, hob. 
Hend, hands. 
Hendich, handy. 
Hendshing, gloves. 
Hengsht, stallion. 
Henk, hang. 
Henka, hanging. 
Henker, hangman. 
Hesitata, hesitating. 
Hesslich, hateful. 
Hevvel, club. 
Hex, Avitch. 
Hexeri, witchcraft. 
Hickle, limiD. 
Hickla, limping. 
Heifich, copious. 
Hift, hip. 
Hilf, help. 
Hilflose, helpless. 
Himmel, Heaven. 
Himmelish, heavenl»y. 
Hinna, back, behind. 
Hinner, behind. 
Hinnera, hinder. 
Hinkle, hen. 
Hinkle-nesht, hen nest 
Hinnerlich, backward. 
Hinnersht, hindmost. 

Hitz, heat. 

Hira, marry. 

Hirawt, marriage. 

Heiser, houses. 

History, history. 

Hit, cot. 

Hoax, hoax. 

Hoaxa, hoaxing. 

Hoch, high. 

Hoch-deitsh, german. 

Hoch-moot, pride. 

Hoch-meetich, proud. 

Hoch-shtond, eminence. 

Hoch-shtendich, emi- 

Hob, had, have. 

Hock, hoe, chop. 

Hocka, hoing, chop- 

Hoffa, crock, pot. 

Hofe, yard. 

Hoka, hook. 

Holb, ha_lf. 

Holb-waig, halfway. 

Hole, hollow. 

Holewaig, defile. 

Holfter, halter. 

Hols, throat, neck. 

Holsdooch, cravat. 

Holwer, half. 

Holwer-dawler, h a 1 f- 

Hommer, hammer, 

Hommel, wether. 

Hond, hand. 

Hond-dooch, towel. 

Hond ful. hand-full. 

Hondle, trade. 

Hondlung, doings, bus- 

Hoxid-beck, basin. 




Hond-saig, hand-saw. 

Hondwserk, trade. 

Hond-W8erklich, mech- 

Hondwserksmon, me- 

Honswarsht, clown. 

Hoof, hoof. 

Hoofeisa, horseshoe. 

Hoomel, bumble-bee. 

Hoonnert, hundred. 

Hoonnerdsht, hundredth 

Hoond, dog. 

Hoondly, pup. 

Hoondish, dogish. 

Hoonger, hunger. 

Hoongera, hungering. 

Hoongerich, hungry. 

Hoops, hop. 

Hoopsa, hopping. 

Hooshta, coughing, 

Hootchelly, colt. 

Hoot, hat. 

Hootzela, dried peaches. 

Hord, hard. 

Hore, hair. 

Korich, hairy. 

Horf, harp. 

Horn, horn. 

Hornasle, hornet. 

Horning, february. 

Hos, hate. 

Hossa, hating. 

Hosier, ostler. 

Hoshpittle, hospital. 

House, house. 

Houseuhr, house clock 

House-rote, furniture. 

House-deer, front door 

House-shtire, wedding 

Howfa, heap, pile. 

Howt, skia. 

Hoxet, hogshead. 

Hoy, hay. 

Hoy-govvel, hay fork. 

Hoy-maucha, h a y - 

Huchtzich, weddang. 

Huck, sit, squat. 

Hucka,- sitting, squat- 

Huckshter, huckster. 

Huckshtera, huckster- 

Huff, hope. 

Huflfa, hoping. 

HufFnung, hope. 

Hulderbara, elderber- 

Hüls, wood. 

Hulsich, wooden. 

Huls-coala, charcoal. 

Huls-saig, wood-savY, 

Hurry, hurry. 

Hurrya, hurrying. 

Hussa, pants. 

Huvvel, plane. 

Huvvel-bonk, w o r k - 

Huvvel-isa, plane-bit. 


Ich, I. 

I Ice, ice. 




Ifer, ardor. 

Illesjal, illegal. 

Imitata, imitating. 

Immer, always, ever- 

Impression, impression 

Impressa, impressing. 

Impose, impose. 

Imposa, imposing. 

Improof, improve. 

Improofa, improving. 

Improofment, improve- 

Import, import. 

Importa, importing. 

In, in. 

Inactifj inactive. 

Inauguration, inaugu- 

Incorporation, incor- 

Inconsistent, inconsist- 

Include, include. 

Indecent, indecent. 

Independent, independ- 

Indirect, indirect. 

Index, index. 

Initiate, initiate. 

Initiata, initiating. 

Initiation, initiation. 

Innerlich, inward. 

Inflata, inflating. 

Influence, influence. 

Influensa, influencing. 

Influential, influential. 

Inflama, inflaming, 

Inflam ation, inflama- 

Ingenuity, ingenuity. 

Intention, intention. 

Intend, intend. 

Intenda, intending. 

Interfere, interfere. 

Interfera, interfering. 

Interest, interest. 

Intresseerd, interested. 

Introdusa, introducing. 

Insel, island. 

Insist, insist. 

Insista, insisting. 

Insinuate, insinuate. 

Insinuata, insinuating. 

Insh, Indian. 

Insha, indians. 

Inshlich, tallow. 

Inshlich-licht, tallow- 

Inshpect, inspect. 

Inshpecta, inspecting. 

Inshpector, inspector. 

Inshtrument, instru- 

Inshtruct, instruct. 

Inshtructor, instructor 

Institute, institute. 

Insure, insure. 

Insura, insuring. 

Insurance, insurance. 

Insult, insult. 

Insulta, insulting. 

Invent, invent. 

Inveinta, inventing. 

Invention, invention. 

Inventory, inventory. 

Invesht, invest. 

Inveshta, investing. 

Investigate, investigate 

Investigata, investigat- 

Isa, iron. 




Isa-hoff\i, cooking pot. 

Isa-WEerk, iron works. 

Isa-artz, iron ore. 

Issue, issue. 

Itemiza, itemizing. 

Ivver, over, above. 

Ivver-charge, overcharge 

Ivver-cooma, overcome. 

Ivver-du, overdue. 

Ivver-floos, abound. 

Ivver-gooka, overlook- 

Ivvericb, over. 

Ivverlaiga, delibera- 

Ivveriaigt, considered. 

Ivverlaiva, outliving. 

Ivverlussa, abandon. 

Ivvernooma, overtak- 

Iwerniinima, overtaken. 

Ivver-ruck, overcoat. 

Ivver-rula, over ruling. 

Ivver-sse, over see. 

Ivver-saer, overseer. 

Iv versetz, translate. 

Ivversetza, translating. 

Ivversetzer, translator. 

Tvversetzed, translated. 

Ivversetzung, transla- 

Ivvertreffa, surpassing. 

Ivvertzwserrich, cross- 

Ivvervvelma, overwhelna. 


Jail, jail. 
Jealous, jealous. 

Jjg Jig- 
Jigger, dram. 
Jobba, jobbing. 
Jobber, jobber. 
Join a, joining. 
Jointa, jointing. 
Joke, joke. 
Joka, joking. 

Joomp, jump. 
Joompa, jumping. 
Journal, journal. 
Judge, judge. 
Judgment, judgment. 
Jury, jury._ 
Jurymon, juror. 
Justice, justice. 
Justify, justify. 


K?e, no, none. 
Kais, cheese. 
Kalt, cold. 
Kalt-shtick, lunch, 
Kara, sweeping. 

Kare, sweep. 

Karl, fellow. 
Karbs, pumpkin. 





Karbsa-pie, pumpkin-pie 

Karper, body. 

Karrich, church. 

Karsh, cherry. 

Karsha, cherries. 

Ka rsha-pie, cherry pie. 

Kartza, shorten. 

Kartzlich, lately, shortly. 

Kawf, buy. 

Kawfa, buying. 

Kawf^r, purchaser. 

Kee, cows. 

Keefer, cooper. 

Keel, cool. 

Keeler, cooler. 

Keela, cooling. 

Keen, chin. 

Keenbocka, jaw. 

Keeper, keeper. 

Kefler, bug. 

Keller, cellar. 

Keller-deer, cellar door. 

Kelter, colder. 

Keitle, wedge. 

Ken, none. 

Kenn, know. 

Kenn a, can. 

Kenner, none. 

Kent, could. 

Kesht, chestnut. 

Keshta, chestnuts. 

Keshta-baum, chest- 
nut tree. 

Keshtlich, costly. 

Kessel, kettle. 

Ket, chain. 

Ketta chains. 

Kevvich, cage. 

Kich, kitchen. 

Kicha-dish, kitchen- 

Kicka, kicking. 

Kimmera, grieving. 

Kinn er, children. 

Kint, child. 

Kintish, childish, baby- 

Kinshtler, artist. 

Kinshtlich, ingenious, 

Kisht, chest. 

Kissa, pillow. 

Kivvel, bucket. 

Klae, small. 

Klsenes, little one. 

Klsenichkeit, trifle. 

Kling, blade. 

Klia, bran. 

Klufter, cord. 

Klufter-huls, cord wood. 

Klup, knock, 

Kluppa, hammering. 

Klutz, log, block. 

K'nechel, ancle. 

K'nee, knee. 

K'nep, buttons. 

K'noatcha, to fondle. 

K'nop, scant. 

K'nucha, bone. 

K'nup, button. 

Knuvveloch, garlic. 

Kommer, bed chamber 

Koocha, cake, 

Koogle, bullet. 

Koonda, customer. 

Koondshoft, custom. 

Koonsht, craft, art. 

Koos, kiss. 

Korb, basket. 

Korbful, basket full. 

Korn, rye. 

Kortz, short. 




Kraut, cabbage. 
Kreftich, vigorous. 
Kreish, cry. 
Kreisha, crying. 
Kreiter, herbs. 
Kreitz, cross. 
Kreitzich, crucify. 
Kretz, itch. 
Krenkhch, sickly. 
Krick, crutch. 
Kritzel, scrawl. 
Kritzla, scrawling. 
Kronk, sick. 
Kronka, patients. 
Kronkheit, sickness. 
Kroom, crooked. 
Kroog, jug. 

Krootza, cob, core. 

Krut, toad. 

Ku, cow, 

Ku-shtall, cow stable. 

Kuch, cook, boil. 

Kucha, Cooking, boil- 

Kuch-ufFa, cooking- 

Kup, head. 

Kup-wai, headache. 

Kusht, cost. 

Kushta, costing. 

Kusht, boarding, diet. 

Kusht-genger, boarder. 

Kutz, vomit. 

Kutza, vomiting. 


Labe, live. 
Labe'd, lives. 
Labehoft, enlivening. 
Lader, ladder. 
Lady, lady. 
Laib, lion. 
Laid, regret. 
Laiga, laying. 
Laigna, denying. 
Lain, loan, borrow. 
Lainer, lender. 
Lais, read. 
Laisa, reading. 
Lane, lane. 
Landing, landing. 
Lappa, lapping. 
Lare, empty. 
Larram, alarm. 
Larmich, noisy. 
Larn, learn. 

Larna, to learn. 

Larnung, learning. 

Larrich, lark. 

Lash, lash. 

Lasha, lashing. 

Latch, latch. 

Lauch, laugh. 

Laucha, laughing. 

Laug, lye. 

Launch, launch. 

Lauera, watching, to 

Lava, living. 

Lavas-mittle, eatables. 

Law, law. 

Lawda, loading, shut- 

Lawd-shtecka, ramrod. 

Lawf, walk. 

La wfa, walking, flowing. 




Lawfer, walker. 
Lawful, lawful, 
La-weiidich, alive. 
Lawm, lame. 
Lawsuit, laAvsuit. 
Lawyer, lawyer. 
Lead, lead. 
Leada, leading. 
Leader, leader. 
Leb-koocha, ginger cake. 
Lecherlich, laughable. 
Lecture, lecture. 
Ledder, leather, flog. 
Leddera, flogging. 
Leddich, unmarried. 
Leeb, dear, love. 
Leebsht, dearest. 
Leed, hymn. 
Leeder, hymns. 
Leeg, lie. 
Leega, lying. 
Leever, rather. 
Leffle, spoon. 
Legal, legal. 
Legislata, legislating. 
Lehr, doctrine. 
Leib, belly, abdomen. 
Leich, corpse. 
Leicht, light, easy. 
Leichtsinn, frivolous. 
Leid, suffer. 
Leida, suffering. 
Leinich. linen. 
Leit, people, folks. 
Leshtera, abusing. 
Lesha, extinguish. 
Lesson, lesson. 
Letsht, last. 
Letz, wrong. 
Level, level. 
Levela, leveling. 

Levendich, alive. 
Le-ver, rather. 
Levvich, alive. 
Levver, liver. 
Levver-warsht, pudding 
Liable, liable. 
Liability, liability. 
Liberal, liberal. 
Library^ library. 
Lice, lice. 

Licht, candle, light. 
Lichter, candles. 
Lichter-shtuck, candle- 
License, license. 
Lidderlich, indolent. 
Liffer, deliver. 
Liftera, delivering. 
Lift, lift. _ 
Lifta, lifting. 
Lifta, ventilating. 
Ligga, lying down. 
Ligner, liar. 
Likeness, likeness. 
Lime, glue. 
Limit, limit. 
Limitation, limitation. 
Line, line. 
Lining, lining. 
Lip, lip. 
Lisht, list. 

Literature, literature. 
Living, living. 
Lively, lively. 
Lo, tan. 
Load, load. 
Loafer, loafer. 
Loan, loan. 
Lobe, praise. 
Lobberei, nonsense. 
Lobbich, silly. 




Locus, locust. 

Locata, locating. 

Location, location. 

Locomotif, locomotive. 

Loddarn, lantern. 

Lodge, lodge. 

Lodga, to lodge. 

Lodging, lodging. 

Lodger, lodger. 

Lodinisli, latin. 

Lodwaerrick, applebut- 

Logic, logic. 

Lohn, wages. 

Lorn, lamb. 

Lomp, lamp. 

Lommel, boor. 

Lond, 8oil, land. 

Lond-laifer, tramp. 

Lond-messer, surveyor 

Lonesome, lonesome. 

Long, long. 

JiOnga, reaching, hand- 

Longsom, slow. 

Looft, air, atmosphere. 

Looftich. airy. 

Loomerich, limber. 

Loompa, rags. 
Loom pa-carpet, rag 

Loompich, ragged. 
Loosht, humor. 
Looshtich, jolly. 
Lootzer, lantern. 
Lose, sow. 
Lose, loose, rid. 
Losht, burden. 
Lotta, lathes. 
L'ud, loud 
Louse, louse. 
Lova, praising. 
Loxeer, purge. 
Loxeera, purging. 
Loxeerd, purged. 
Luch, hole. 
Luck, call, decoy. 
Lucka, decoying. 
Ludderish, lutheran. 
LufF, love. 

Lufl-letters,love letters 
Luss, let. 
Lussa, letting. 
Lust, lets. 
Lut, lot. 
Lutteree, lottery. 


Mferr. mare. 
Machine, machine. 
Magazine, magazine. 
Male, flour, meal. 
Maltz, malt. 
Mai, more. 
Maid, girls. 
Maidle, girl, damsel. 
Mail, mail. 

Main er, more. 

Maintain, maintain. 

Maintaina, maintain- 

Maishter, master. 

Majority, majority. 

Manage, manage. 
] Managa, managing. 
i Manager, manager. 



INIane, mean. 
Ma 11 a, nieanin«:;. 
Manung-, meaning. 
Map, map. 
March, march. 
Marcha, marching. 
INIarder, murderer. 
Marsh tens, mostly. 
Mareheit, majority. 
IMarkwserdich, remark- 
Martz, march. 
INIarrick, mark. 
Marrosht, mud, slush. 
Marshal, marshal. 
Masle, chisel. 
Match, match. 
Matcha, matching. 
Mauch, make. 
Maucha, making. 
Mancher, maker. 
Mawd, maid. 
Mawg, may. 
Mawga, stomach. 
Mawger, lean. 
Mawl, grind. 
INIawla, grinding. 
]May, mow. 
Maya, mowing. 
Mayor, mayor. 
Mean, mean. 
Measle. measle. 
INIechtich, mighty. 
Medadisht, methodist. 
Meddla, meddling. 
Meditzeen, medicine. 
Meed, tired. 
Meeldom, mill darn. 
Meer, we. 
Mer, we, ns. 
Meet, meet. 

I IMeeting, meeting. 

Melodee, melody. 

Melone, melon. 

Meng, multitude, herd. 

Menlich, manful. 

Menner, men. 

Mensh, human being. 

Mensha, people. 

Mensh t, most. 

Mention, mention. 

Mentiona, mentioning. 
i Mess, measure. 

Messa, measuring. 
I Messer, knife. 
I Messerly, pocket knife, 
I Messias, Messiah. 
' Messing, brass. 

Messung, measurement. 

Mice, mice, 
i Mich, me. 

Mid, middle. 
' Middawg, noon. 

Middawg-essa, dinner. 

Middl em aisich , mid- 

Mile, mile. 

Mileage, mileage. 

Miller, miller, " 

Millich, milk. 

Millich-hoffa, milk crock. 

Milliner, milliner. 

Militz, militia. 

Mime, my own, mine. 

Mine, mine. 

Miner, mine, miner. 

Mineral, mineral. 

INIinnut, minute. 

Misbahafe, misbehave. 

INIischief, mischief. 
I Mission, mission. 
i Missionarv. missionary 




Misht, manure. 
Mistake, mistake. 
Mistaken, mistaken. 
Mistaka, mistaking. 
Mistrow, mistrust. 
Mistrowish, mistrust- 
Mit, with, along. 
Mitaina, embrace. 
Mitdail, impart, partic- 
Mitdaila, participating. 
Mittle, remedy, resource 
Mitlida, compassion. 
Mitwuch, Wednesday. 
Mix, mix. 
Mixa, mixing. 
Mob, mob. 

Mola, drawing. | 

Mollossich, molasses. 
Mon, man. 

Moonot, month. : 

Moonotlich, monthly. | 
Moondawg, Monday. i 
Mond, moon. | 

Mongle, want, need. | 
Monneer, manners. 
Monneerlich, mannerly. I 
Monnisht, Menonite. \ 
Monkey, monkey. i 

Monopoly, monopoly. | 
Montle, mantle. I 

Monument, monument. : 
Moof, move, remove. 
Moofa, moving. '■ 

Moofment, movement 
Mook, fly. 
Mooka, flies. 
Moot, pluck. 
Mootlose, dejected. 
Mooshter, pattern. 

Mooter, mother. 
Mord, murder. 
Morda, nuu'dering. 
Mordbrenna, arson. 
Morawlish, moral. 
Mork, marraw. 
Morkt, market. 
Morter, morter. 
Mortgage, mortgage. 
Morya, tomorrow. 
Morya-essa, breakfast. 
Mose, measurement. 
Mosht, mast. 
Mot, faint. 
Motif, motive. 
Motion, motion, 
Motrotz, matress. 
Mouse, mouse. 
Moulda, to mould. 
Moulding, moulding. 
Mower, wall. 
Mowra, mason w^ork. 
Mowrer, mason. 
Mower-shtse, building- 
Mowl, mouth. 
Mowl-ful, mouthful. 
Moy, May. 
Mule, mule. 
Multiply, multiply. 
Multiplya, multiplying 
Mush, nuish. 
Mush-male, corn meal. 
Mushkawt, nutmeg. 
Mushkitter, mosquito. 
Musick, music. 
Musicawlish, musical. 
Musleen, muslin. 
Moos, must. 
My, my. 





Nai, sew. 
Naia, sewinp:. 
Naicher, nearer. 
Naichera, approximate 
Nai^sht, next, near. 
Naitz, thread, 
Nager, negro. 
Namelich, namely. 
Namesake, namesake. 
Nardlich, northward. 
Natf, nerve. 
Narfti, nerves. 
Narrish, crazy. 
Narryats, nowhere. 
Natif, native. 
National, national. 
Naturalize, naturalize. 
Naucht, night. 
Naucht-essa, supper. 
Naucht-mohl, sacra- 
Nauvel, navel. 
Nava-, aside. 
Navanonner, abreast. 
Navigate, navigate. 
Navigation, navigation 
Navigata., navigating. 
Navy, navy. 
Nay, no. 
Nawma, name. 
Nawra, nourishing. 
Nawrung, nourishment. 

Naws, nose. 
Naws-lecher, nostrils. 
Nechtlich, nightly. 
Need, clinch. 
Needa, clinching. 
Neera, kidneys. 

I Negatif, negative. 

Neggle, nails. 

Negociate. negociate. 

Negociata, negociating 

Neid, spite. 

Neidish, spiteful. 

Neint, ninth. 

Nem, take. 

Nemma, taking. 

Nemohls, never. 

Nesht, nest, branches. 

Neshter, nests. 

Net, not, nor. 

Netz, net. 

Netzwaerk, network. 

Newel, fog, mist. 

Ni, new, in, into. 

Ni-ichkeit, news. 

Ni-yohr, new year. 

Nidder, low. 

Nidderer, lower. 

Niddersht, lowest. 

Niddertrechtich, base- 

Nick-nawma, nick-name 
; Nimmy, never. 
I Nimmermte, nevermore. 

i Nine, nine. 

j Ninetzain, nineteen. 

I Kinetzich, ninety. 

Ninetzaint, nineteenth . 

Ninetzichsht, ninetieth 

Niss, nits, nuts. 

Nitzhch, useful. 

Nivver, across, over. 

Nix, nothing. 

Nixnootzich, good for 
I nothing. 




Noat, seam. 

Noatwendich, necessary. 

Noatwendichkeit, ne- 

Nop, knob. 

Noble, noble. 

Noch, near, yet, after, 

Nocbbershoft, neigh- 

Noch-coonier, descend- 

Nochderhond, after- 

Nochfulg, ensue. 

Nochgevva, yielding. 

Nochlessich, careless. 

Nochlussa, giving away 

Nochlussing, abate- 
ment, slackening. 

Nockich, naked. 

Nocker, knocker. 

Nodle, needle. 

Noddeerlich, natural. 

Noddoor, nature. 

Nominate, nominate. 

Nominata, nominating 

Nomination, nomina- 

Nonsense, nonsense. 

Nonsuit, nonsuit. . 

Noof, up. 
Nook, nod. 

Nooma, just, only, well. 
Noomer, number. 
Noomera, numbering. 
Nooner, down. 

Noonertzu's, downward. 

Noos, nut. 

Nootza, benefit, advan- 
Nord, north. 
Norr, fool. 
Norrheit, folly. 
Noss, wet. * 

Nosht, bough, limb. 
Notary, notary. 
Note, note. 
Notice, notice. 
Notify, notify. 
Notify a, notifying. 
Notified, notified. 
Notion, notion. 
Nous, out. 
Nous-du, eject. 
Now, now. 
Nuckle, knuckle. 
Nuftember, november. 
Nuisance, nuisance. 
Nurse, nurse. 
Nursa, nursing. 
Nursery, nursery. 


O, oh. 

Oabsht, fruit. 
Oasht, east. 
Oashter, Easter. 
Obbadaik, drug store. 
Obbadaiker, druggist. 

Obbadit, appetite. 
Obdecka, unroof. 
Obdonka, discard. 
Obdritt, back house. 
Obfol, leavings. 




Obgatzoga, skinned. 

Obganoonia, decreased 

Obgatzared, emaciated 

Obgawaned, weaned. 

Obgong, egress. 

Obg'shoft, abolished. 

Obg'sliussa, faded. 

Objecta, objecting. 

Objection, objection. 

Obkartza, abbreviating 

Obkartzung, abbrevia- 

Oblawda, unload. 

Obnawm, decrease. 

Obnemma, decreasing. 

Obsarf, observe. 

Obsarfa, observing. 

Obsicht, object. 

Obsheed, valediction. 

Obshi, abhor, detest. 

Obshilich, abhorrance. 

Obshoffa, abolishing. 

Obshrecka, scare off. 

Obshtse, abstain, 

Obshtarta, starting off. 

Obshtiga, dismounting. 

Obshwara, abjure. 

Obsh warung, abjura- 

Obsoloot, absolute. 

Obtzeega, skinning. 

Obtzoog, discount. 

Obtzwinga, extorting. 

Obwarda, attending. 

Obwartung, attendance 

Obweicha, deviating. 

Obwenda, averting. 

Ocker, acre. 

Octover, October. 

Odam, breath. 

Odder, or. 

Oder, artery. 
Offenda, offending. 
Offer, offer. 
Offera, offering, 
riffice, office. 
Officer, officer. 
Official, official. 
Ohr, ear. 

Ohra-ring, ear-ring. 
Ohnmechtich, fainting. 
Ole, eel. 
Ola, eels. 
Oil, all. 
Ollai, alone. 
OUainich, alone. 
Oiler, all. 
Olmosa, alms. 
Olmitnonner, altogether. 
Olsfort, constant. 
Olter, age. 

Omanot, somewhere. 
Ombose, anvil. 
Omshel, robbin. 
Omt, office. 
On, on, to. 
Onna, down, there. 
Ongsht, fear. 
Onner, other. 
Onnersht, otherwise. 
Onshtot, instead. 
Ontwart, answer. 
Operate, operate. 
Operation, operation. 
Opinion, opinion. 
Opple, apple. 
Oppose, oppose. 
Opposa, opposing. 
Opposition, opposition. 
Oppushtle, apostle. 
Order, order. 
Ordera, ordering. 




Ordlich, middling, tol- 

Ordnung, order. 

Organize, organize. 

Organiza, organizing. 

Organization, organi- 

Organized, organized. 

Originata, originating. 

Origle, organ. 

Origleshpeeler, organ- 

Orrnae, army. 

Ormer, pauper. 

Ormoot, poverty. 

Ornamenta, ornamenting 

Orrick, very. 

Orrich, ark. 

Os, as, that. 

Ose, carrion. 

Ous, out. 

Ousawrta, degenerat- 

Ousbacka, backing out 

Ousbatzawla, paying 

Ousbrooch, outbreak. 

Ousdaila, distributing. 

Ousdriva, exterminat- 

Ousfinna, ascertaining. 

Ousfleesa, emitting. 

Ousfloos, emission. 

Ousgadailed, divided. 

Ouskara, sweeping out 

Ouslaisa, picking out. 

Ouslava, out living. 

Ouslender, foreigner. 

Ouslendish, outlandish 

Ouslond, foreign land. 

Ouslifta, ventilating. 

Ousliftung, ventilation. 
\ Ousgawb, expenditure. 

Ousga-avvrt, degener- 
I ated. 

I Ousgabreed, hatched 

Ousgaholta, exempt. 

Ousgaroofa, called out. 
I Ousg'foona, found out. 
' Ousg'shtorwa, died out 
I Ousmaucha, m a k i n g 
! out. 

: Ous-shpreada, spread- 
ing out. 

Ous-shprecha, articu- 
, Ous -sieht, prospect, 
i Ouswendich, outside, 
by heart. 

Ounce, ounce. 

Owet, evening. 

Ox, axe. 

Oxle, axle. 

Oy, egg. 

Oyer, eggs. 

Oyster, oyster. 


Pafement, pavement. 
Page, page. 
Paint, paint. 

Painter, painter. 
Painta, painting. 
Parade, parade. 




l^irdoiie, pardon, 
Pardona, pardoning, 
l^irdoned, pardoned. 
Parfect, perfect. 
Parfecta, perfecting. 
Parfection, perfection. 
Parform, perform. 
Pa rforma, performing. 
Parformer, performer. 
Parlor, parlor. 
Parshing, peaches. 
Parsanclich, personal. 
Parsone, person. 
Partition, partition. 
Party, party, 
Passa, passing. 
Passage, passage. 
Passenger, passenger. 
Paste, paste, 
Pawd, path, 
Pawr, pair. 
Peddle, peddle. 
Pedla, pedling. 
Pedler, pedler. 
Peepa, peeping. 
PefFer. pepper. 
Peftera, peppering. 
Pen, feckler, pen, shtall. 
Pencil, pencil, 
Pesht, pest, 
Peshter, pester. 
Pet, pet. 

Petition, petition, 
Petitiona, petitioning. 
■Petz, pinch. 
Petza, pinching. 
Pew, pew. 
Pie, pie. 
Pick, pick. 
Picka, picking. 
Pickle, pickle. 

PIcter, picture. 

J^icter frame, picture 

Pifa, whistling. 

Pifer, piper, whistler. 

Pile, arrow. 

Pill, pill. 

Pilla, pills. 

Pinklich, punctual. 

Pint, pint. 

Pint-blech, tin cup. 

Pish per, whisper, 

Pishpera, whispering. 

Pishtole, pistol. 

Pitch, pitch. 

Pitcha, pitching. 

Platform, platform. 

Plaudera, talking. 

Plawn, plan. 

Pleasa, pleasing. 

Pledge, pledge, 

Pledga, pledging. 

Plenty, plenty, 

Pleshter. plaster, 

Pleshtera, plastering. 

Pleshterer, plasterer. 

Plesseer, pleasure. 

Plesseera, pleasing, 

Plesseerlich, pleasant. 

Pletch, spank, • 

Pletcha, spanking. 

Pletz, places. 

Pletzlicli, al)rupt, sud- 

Ploga, pester. 

Plonk, plank. 

Plöns, plant. 

Plonsa, planting. 

Ploog, plow. 

Plooga, plowing, 

Ploshter, salve, plaster. 




Plontawsh, plantation. 

Plotz, place. 

Plowm, plum. 

Poetry, poetry. 

Pock, pack. I 

Pocka, packing, wrest- i 

ling. I 

Po-hawna, peacock. 
Poke, poke. 
Poka, poking. 
Policy, policy. 
Polish, polish. 
Polisha, polishing. i 

Polite, polite. ' 

Ponhaws, scrapple. 
Pon, pan. 
Pony, pony. 
Ponna-koocha, pan 

Poonkt, period. 
Poont, pound. 
Poolse, pulse. 
Popular, popular. 
Porpas, purpose. 
Porra, preacher, min 

ister. i 

Porraleit, clergy. | 

Porrashriftlich, clerical | 
Portrait, portrait. | 

Postpoae, postpone. j 
Postpona, postponing. 
Postponed, postponed. 
Prawl, brag. 
Prawla, bragging. 
Prawler, bragger. [ 

Practice, practice. 
Preddich, preach. \ 

Preddicha, preaching, j 
Prcddicher, preacher, i 
Prepare, prepare. 
Prepara, preparing. ' 

Prepared, prepared. 

Prentis, apprentice. 

Presarf, preserve. 

Presarfa, preserving. 

Presarfd, preserved. 

Price, price. 

Prisoner, prisoner. 

Principle, principle. 

Proclaima, proclaim- 

Proclamation, procla- 

Proceeda, proceeding. 

Production, produc- 

Produsa, producing. 

Professa, professing. 

Professor, professor. 

Promota, promoting. 

Promotion, promotion. 

Proof, proof. 

Proofa, proving. 

Propose, propose. 

Proposa, proposing. 

Proposition, proposi- 

Prophait, prophet. 

Prosecuta, prosecuting 

Prosecution, prosecu- 

Prosecutor, prosecutor 

Protecta, protecting. 

Protesht, protest. 

Proteshta, protesting. 

Protcshtond, protestant. 

Proweer, try. 

Proweera., trying. 

Proweerd, tried. 

Provida, providing. 

Public, public. 

Publish, publish. 




Publisha, publishing. 
Publisher, publisher. 
Puffa, puffing. 
Pulfer, powder. 
Punch, punch. 
Puncha, punching. 
Punctuata, punctua- 

Push, push. 
Push a, pushing. 
Pusher, pusher. 
Pushta, post. 
Pushtoor, posture. 
Puzzle, puzzla, puzzling 


Quack, quack. 
Quail, vex. 
Qnaila, vexing. 
Quality, quality. 
Quantity, quantity. 
Quart, quart. 

Quartz, quartz. 
Quell, well, spring. 
Qu etch, crush. 
Quetcha, crushing. 
Quitta, quinces. 
Quittung, acquittance. 


Race, race. 
Race-shpringa, race 

Race-gowl, race horse. 
Raffled raffle. 
Raffia, raffling. 
Raft, raft. 
Rafta, rafting. 
Raich, reach. 
Raich a, reaching. 
Raif, hoop. 
Raiga, rain. 
Raigna, raining. 
Raiga-boga, rainbow. 

Raiga-wasser, rain water 

Raiga-wetter, rain y 

Raigle, rule. 
Raiglemasich, formal . 
Railing, railing. 

Railroad, railroad. 
Rais, journey. 
Raise, raise. 
Raisa, raising. 
-Raitsel, riddle. 
Rale, real 
Rally, rally. 
Rank, rank. 
Range, range. 
Rap, rap. 
Rappa, rapping. 
Ranka, ranking. 
Rascal, rascal. 
Raseen, raisin. 
Rate, rate. 
Ratify, ratify. 
Ratifya, ratifying. 
Ratification, ratifica- 
Ragle, rule. 




Raglemasich, regular. 

Rawb, rob. 

Ravvver, robber. 

Rawva, robbing. 

Rawrn, cream. 

Rawd, wheel. 

Ravish, ravish. 

Ravisha, ravishing. 

Ready, ready. 

Ream, ream. 

Recha, rake, raking. 

Rechna, cyphering. 

Rechnung, account. 

Recht, right. 

Rechta, rights. 

Rechenbooch, a r i t h - 

Rechtsmasich , righ tful 

Rechtshtella, vindicate 

Recite, recite. 

Recita, reciting. 

Recollecta, recollect- 

Recommendation, re- 

Recommenda, recom- 

Reconsila, reconciling. 

Recorda, recording. 

Recorder, recorder. 

Recovera, recovering. 

Redder, Avheels. 

Redeem, redeem. 

Redeema, redeeming. 

Redeemed, redeemed. 

Redusa, reducing. 

Reeb, turnip. 

Reecha, smelling, 

Reeva, turnips. 

Reff, rack. 

Reflector, reflector. 

Reform, reform. 

Reforma, reforming. 

Reformeerd, reformed. 

Regular, regular. 

Regulata, regulating. 

Regulation, regulation. 

Regulator, regulator. 

Regeerung, govern- 

Regeera, governing. 

Register, register. 

Reich, rich. 

Reich tum e, wealth. 

Rejoisa, rejoicing. 

Release, release. 

Releasa, releasing. 

Released, released. 

Rehchione, religion. 

Remoof, remove. 

Remoofe, removing. 

Remoof 'd, removed. 

Renewa, renewing. 

Rent, rent. 

Renta, renting. 

Repeal, repeal. 

Repciila, repealing. 

Repealed, repealed. 

Report, report. 

Reporta, reporting. 

Reporter, reporter. 

Republic, republic. 

Republicawner, repub- 

Reshpect, respect. 

Reshpecta, respecting. 

Reshpectable, respect- 

Resolf, resolve. 

Resolfa, resolving. 

Resolution, resolution. 

Resign, resign. 




Resignsi, resigning. 
Resignation, resigna- 
Retcha, back -biting. 
Retcher, back-biter. 
Retail, retail. 
Retaila, retailing. 
Retreata, retreating. 
Re viva, reviving. 
Revival, revival. 
Revolver, revolver. 
Revolva, revolving. 
Revolution, revolution 
Revver, river. 
Reward, reward. 
Rewarda, rewarding. 
Ri, in, here. 
Rib, rib. 
Ribba, ribs. 
Rice, rice. 
Richtich, correct. 
Rick, back. 
Ricka, backing. 
Rickwards, backward. 
Rickstond, arrears. 
Rida, riding. 
Ride, ride. 
Rig, rig. 
Rigga, rigging. 
Riggle, rail. 
Riggle-waig, railway. 
Rilps, belch. 
Rilpsa, belching. 
Rime, rhyme. 
Rim a, rhyming. 
Kin, leak. 
Rinna, leaking. 
Ring, ring. 
Ringa, ringing. 
Rings-room, all round. 
Risht, prepare. 

Rishta, preparing. 

Rint, heifer. 

Rints-fee, cattle. 

Rintsflaish, beef. 

Riot, riot. 

Risk, risk. 

Riska, risk.'ng. 

Rissate, receipt. 

Ro, raw. 

Road, red. 

Roasht, roast. 

Roat, counsel, guess. 

Roata, guessing, coun- 

Roatsom, advisable. 

Rohr, pipe. 

Ronft, brim. 

Rooder, rudder. 

Roof, call. 

Roofa, calling. 

Roomatis, rheumatism 

Roond, round. 

Roontzel, wrinkle. 

Roor, dysentary. 

Rootch, crawl, creep. 

Rootcha, crawling, 

Ropple, rattle. 

Roppla, rattling. 

Rose, rose. 

Rosa, roses. 

Rosa-shtuck, rose bush. 

Roshpel, rasp. 

Roshpla, rasping. 

Rounds, rounds, cir- 
cuit. " 

Rous, emanate, out. 

Roushend, rousing. 

Rousher, rouser. 

Ru, rest. 

Rua, resting. 



Ruf, up. 

Ruich, easy, calm. 
Ruineered, ruined. 
Ruin eera, ruining. 
Ruck, coat. 
Rula, ruling. 
Rule, rule. 
Ruler, ruler. 
Rull, roll. 
Rum, rum. 

Run, run, brook. 
Runly, brook. 
Rup, pull. 

Rups, muss, trouble. 
Rush, rush. 
Rusha, rushing. 
Rusht, rust. 
Rutz, snot. 
Rutzich, snotty. 
Rutznaws, snot-nose. 


See, see, sea. 

Sael, soul. 

S?elich, blissful. 

Sselichkeit, salvation. 

Saega, blessing. 

Ssegna, to bless. 

Safe, safe. 

Safa, saving. 

Saif, soap. 

Haig, saw. 

Saiga, sawing. 

Sail, sail. 

Saila, sailing. 

Sailor, sailor. 

Salary, salary. 

Saloon, saloon. 

Saluta, saluting. 

Sana, saw, seen. 

Sash, sash. 

Satisfya, satisfying. 

Satisfaction, satisfac- 

Sauch, matter. 

Saucha, things, mat- 

Sauft, sap, juice. 

Sauwer, clean. 

Sawg, say. 
Sawga, saying. 
Scenery, scenery. 
Science, science. 
Se, she, they, it. 
Sechtzain, sixteen. 
Sechtzich, sixty. 
Sechtzaint, sixteenth. 
Sechtzichsht, sixtieth. 
Seek, sacks, bags. 
Secretary, secretary. 
Section, section. 
Seech, victory. 
Seecha, winning. 
Seechreich, victorious. 
Seed, south. 
Seedlich, seutherly. 
Sees, sweet. 
Seeb, scive. 
Seeva, sifting. 
Seftich, juicy. 
Seftle, jelly. 
Seldens, seldom. 
Select, select. 
Selecta, selecting. 
Selection, selection. 
Sell, that. 




Sellamohls, that occa- 

Sei wer, self. 

Selly, they, those. 

Senibly, assembly. 

Semblymon, assembly- 

Senawt, senate. 

Senator, senator. 

Sentence, sentence. 

Sentiment, sentiment. 

Separata, separating. 

Set, should, ought, set. 

Settle, settle. 

Settla, settling. 

Settlement, settlement. 

Setz, sit. 

Setza, sitting. 

Sex, six. 

Sext, sixth. 

Shse, nice, neat, 

Shfeheit, beauty, 

Shafing, shaving. 

Shafe, shave, 

Shafer, shepherd. 

Shaft, shaft. 

Shaidlich, damaging, 

Shall, peel. 

Shaila, peeling. 

Shair, shears, scissors. 

Shaira, shearing. 

Shape, shape. 

Share, share. 

Shara, sharing. 

Sharfa, sharpening. 

Shartz, apron. 

Shawd, a pity. 

Shawda, danu 

Shawl, shawl. 

Shawl, shell, hull. 

Shawla, pealings. 

Shawm, froth, foam. 

Shawm, shame. 

Shawm ich, frothy. 

Sheeb, shove, push. 

Sheer, almost. 

Shees, shoot. 

Sheesa, shooting. 

Shelf, shelf. 

Sheint, seems. 

Shelm, knave. 

Shemt, ashamed. 

Shendlich, disgraceful. 

Shenk, bestow\ 

Shenka, donating, be- 

Skenkle, thigh. 

Shenkung, donation. 

Shep, dip. 

Sheppa, dipping. 

Shepper, dipper. 

Shepfung, creation. 

Shreef, sheriff. 

Shetz, estimate. 

Shetza, estimating, 

Shetzung, estimation. 

Shick, send. 

Shicka, sending. 

Shicklich, skilful, suit- 

Shicksawd, doom, 

Shid, pour, 

Shidda, pouring. 

Shiff, ship. _ 

Shifta, shifting, 

Shild, sign, shield, 

Shimmel, mould, 

Shimmelich, mouldy, 

Shimmel, gray (horse). 

Shin, shin, 

Shindle, shingle. 




Bhire, barn, scour. 

Shira, scouring. 

Shire-den, barn floor. 

Shissel, dish. 

Shissla, dishes. 

Shittle, shake. 

Shittla, shaking. 

Shitza, protecting. 

Shkip, skip. 

Shkrape, scrape. 

Shkrapa, scraping. 

Shkramble, scramble. 

Shkrambla, scrampling 

Shklawf, slave. 

Shkeem, scheme. 

Shkeet, skate. 

Shkeeta, skating. 

Shkulduggla, putting 
on airs. 

Shlaifa, draging. 

Shlaig, whipping. 

Shlager, affray. 

Shlap, slap. 

Shlappa, slapping. 

Shlate, slate. 

Shlate-pcncil, slate pencil 

Shlata, slating. 

Shlau, cunning. 

Shlaucht, slaughter. 

Shlauchta, slaughter- 

Shlawg, strike. 

Shlawga, striking, beat- 

Shlecht, bad. 

Shlechter, worse. 

Shlechsht, worst. 

Shleck, Hck, 

Shlecka, licking. 

Shleesa, locking. 

Shleffe'rich, sleepy. 

Shleggle, sledge. 

Shleif, grind. 

Shleifa, grinding. 

Shleif-shtae, grindstone. 

Shl^pshlecker, s y c o - 

Shlesser, locks. 

Shlick, sleek. 

Shlide, slide. 

Shlida, sliding. 

Shlifler, splinter. 

Shliffle, rowdy. 

Shlime, slime. 

Shlip, slip. 

Shlippa, slipping. 

Shlipperich, slippery. 

Shlissel, key. 

Shlitta, sleigh. 

Shlitta bawn, sleigh 

Shlofe, sleep. 

Shlofa, sleeping. 

Shlong, snake. 

Shlonga, snakes. 

Shlook, swallow. 

Shlooka, swallowing. 

Shloomer, slumber. 

Shloomera, slumber- 

Shloop, loop, to crawl 
in, hide. 

Shloopa, hiding, crawl- 
ing in. 

Shlop, slop. 

Shlop-bucket, s 1 o p - 

Shlope, slope. 

Shlovver, slobber. 

Shlovvera, slobbering. 

Shluss, lock. 

Shly, sly. 




Shmaichla, cajole. 
Shmall, narrow. 
Shmaltz, lard. 
Shmart, smart. 
Shmartza, pain. 
Shmartzlich, painful. 
Shmeer, grease, daub. 
Shmeera, greasing, 

Shmeer-saif, soft soap. 
Shmeis, throw. 
Shrneisa, throwing. 
Shmels, melt. 
Shmelsa, melting. 
Shmit, smith. 
Shmoke, smoke. 
Shmoka, smoking. 
Shmootz, grease. 
Shmootzich, greasy. 
Shnai, snow. 
Shnaid, snowing. 
8hnai-shtorm^ s n o w - 

Shnawvel, beak. 
Shneck, snail. 
Shnecka, snails. 
Shneek, sneak. 
Shneeka, sneaking. 
Shnees, sneeze. 
Shneesa, sneezing. 
Shnell, rapid, quick. 
Shnide, cut. 
Shnida, cutting. 
Shnider, tailor. 
Hhnidera, tailoring. 
Shnitt, cut, slice. 
Shnitz, dried apples. 
Shnitz-pie, dried apple 

Shnitzla, whittling. 
Shnol, buckle. 

Shnolla, buckling. 

Shnoor, string. 

Shnoopa, cold, hay 

Shnoop-dooch, hand- 

Shnorrix, snore. 

Shnorrixa, snoring. 

Shnowfa, breathing. 

Shnug, snug. 

Shnuff, snuff. 

Shnuffa, snuffing. 

Shodda, shadow, shade 

Shoe, shoe. 

Shoe-bendle, s h o e - 

Shoe barsht, shoe brush 

Shond, shame, disgrace 

Shonk, cupboard. 

Shoff, work. 

Shoffa, working. 

Shotfdawg, working 


Shofe, sheep. 

Shofe-buck, ram. 

Shofe-flaish, mutton. 

Shoob-lawd, drawer. 

Shoob-corrich, wheel- 

Shool, school. 

Shool-maishter, school- 

Shooling, school-learn- 

Shooler, scholars. 

Shool-house, school- 

Shoold, debt. 

Shooldich, indebted. 

Shooldner,, debtor. 




Shoolclichkeit, duty. 

Shoolder, shoulder. 

Shooldera, shouldering 

Shoonka, ham. 

Shoos, shot, blast. 

Shootz, shelter. 

Shop, shop. 

Shorf, sharp. 

Shornshta3, chimney. 

Sh-ose, lap. 

Show, show. 

Shower, shower. 

Showfel, shovel. 

Showfla, shoveling. 

Shpane, chips. 

Shpaiter, later, 

ShjDaitsht, latest. 

Shpare, spare. 

Shpara, sparing. 

Shpawd, spade. 

Shpawr, save. 

Shpawra, saving. 

Shpawrsom, frugal. 

Shpawrsomkeit, f r u - 

Shpeck, flitch, bacon. 

Shpeck-mouse, bat. 

Shpeculate, speculate. 

Shpeculata, speculat- 
, ing. 

Shpeculator, speculator. 

Shpeel, play. 

Shpeela, playing. 

Shpeel-sauch, toys. 

Shpeel-loompa, dish- 

Shpees, spear. 

Shpell, pin, spell. 

Shpella, pins, spelling. 

Shpella-kissa, pin cush- 

Shpelling-booch, spel- 

Shpend, spend. 

Shpenda, spending. 

Shpetter, mocker. 

Shpiggle, mirror. 

Shpike, spike. 

Shpika, spiking. 

Shpin, spin, spider. 

Shpinna, spinning. 

Shpinna-waib, cobweb. 

Shpite, spite. 

Shpiteful, spiteful. 

Shpit-box, spittoon. 

Shpitza, point. 

Shpitz-bu, villain. 

Shplice, splice. 

Shplisa, splicing. 

Shpoat, late. 

Shpolta, splitting. 

Shpone, chip. 

Shponn, span. 

Shponna, spanning. 

Shpoochta, capers. 

Shpook, ghost. 

Shpool, spool. 

Shpoonda, bung. 

Shpora, spurs. 

Shport, sport. 

Shposs, fun. 

Shpossich, funny. 

Shpout, spout. 

Shpow, spit. 

Shpowa, spitting. 

Shpraia, spreading. 

Shpring, spring, run. 

Shpringa, running. 

Shpritz, splash, squirt. 

Shpritza, squirting, 




Shprich-wardt, adage, 

Shprich-maishter, lin- 

Shproach, language. 

Shprout, sprout. 

Shprow, chaff. 

Shpunk, spunk. 

Shput, scoft', mock. 

Shputta, mocking, scof- 

Shquare, square. 

Shquara, squaring. 

Shquarl, squirrel. 

Shquire, esquire. 

Shrecka, fright. 

Shrecklich, frightful. 

Shribe, write. 

Shriwes, writing. 

Shriwer, writer. 

Shriner, carpenter. 

Shritt, step. 

Shrowb, screw. 

Shrowa, screwing. 

Shrowbshtuck, vice. 

Shtse-coala, stone coal. 

Shtse, stone, stand. 

Shtsenich, stony. 

Sht£e-brooch, stone 

Shtaila, stealing. 

Shtarb, die. 

Shtarwa, dying. 

Shtarmich, stormy. 

Shtarn, star, forehead. 

Shtart, starrt. 

Shtarta, starting. 

Shtarrick, strength. 

Shtartza, tumbling. 

Shtake, stake. 

Shtall, stall. 

Shtane, stone. 

Shtamp, stamp. 

Shtanich, stony. 

Shtand, stand. 

Shtate, state. 

Shtawb, dust. 

Shtawka, stake. 

Shtauwich, dusty. 

Shtawr, stare, blackbird 

Shtawl, steel. 

Shteak, steak. 

Shteady, steady. 

Shteam, steam. 

Shteck-fioos, croup. 

Shteel, handle, chairs. 

Shteddle, village. 

Shtech, stab. 

Shtecha, stabbing. 

Shteck, (to) stick. 

Shtecka, stick. 

Shteef-mommy, step- 


Shtengle, stalk. 

Shteif, stiff. 

Shteiber, prop. 

Shteibera, propping. 

Shtemper, distemper. 

Shtelsa, stilts. 

Shtellung, attitude. 

Shtich, piece, stitch. 

Shtickly, bit. 

Shtiga, mounting, as- 

Shtill, still. 

Shtiffie, boots. 

Shtimm, voice, vote. 

Shtimma, voting. 

Shtink, stink. 

Shtink-case, dutch 




, Shtinka, stinking. 

Shtyle. style. 

Shtoek. stock. 

Shtoll. stable. 

Shtond. stand. 

Sbtondhoft, steadtast. 

Shtom. stem, clan. 

Shtoob. room. 

Shtoof. stoop, step. 

Sbtool. obair, 

Sbtoom. mute. 

Sbtoomp. dull. 

Shtoond. bour. 

Sbtoompa. stump. 

Sbtout. stout. 

Sbtorm, storm. 

Sbtore. store. 

Sbtore-keeper. store- 

Sbtore-saucb. ni e r - 

Sbtorr. stir. 

Shtorra. stirring. 

Sbtorrick. strong. 

Sbtorr-keppicb," bead- 

Sbtory. story. 

Sb tose. jog. pusb. 

Sbtosa. pusbing. 

Sbtraicb, stroke. 

Sbtraifa. stripes. 

Sbtrail. comb. 

Sbtraina. streaming. 

Sbtrain, strain. 

Sbtraina. straining. 

Sbtrawl. ray. 

Sbtreek, stretob. 

Sbtreoka. stretcbing. 

Sbtreng. severe. 

Slit reit, quarrel. 

Sbtreita. quarreling. 

Sb trick, rope. 

Sbtricka, knitting. 

Sbtrict. strict. 

Sbtriggle. curry-comb. 

Sbtrinip, stockings. 

Sbtrip. strip. 

Sbtro. straw. 

Sbtrofe. punisbment. 

Sbtrofebawr. jnuusb- 

Sbtrome, stream. 

Sbtroomp. stocking. 

Sbtroomp-bendle. stock- 

Sbtroovelicb. uncombed. 

Sbtrose, street. 

Sbtuck. (building) storv. 

Sbtuck, cane, stick, 

Sbtudy. study. 

Sbtudya. studying. 

Sbtudent. student. 

Sbtuls. proud. 

Sbtutit. stuti'. 

Sbtulver. stumble. 

Sbtulvera. stumbling. 

Sbtup. stop. 

Sbtuppa. darning, stop- 

Sbtup'per. stopper, wad 

Sbtupeed. stupid. 

Sbtutter. stutter. 

Sbtuttora. stuttering. 

Sbtuvvericb. stubborn. 

Sbuckla. rocking. 

Sbuckle. cradle, rock. 

Sbuckle-sbtool. rock- 

Sbu, sue. 

Sbua, suing. 

Sbun. already. 




Shuppa, shed. 

Shware, heavy. 

Shwase, sweat. 

Shwarni, swarm. 

Shwahn, swallow. 

Hhwainm, sponge. 

Shwauch, weak. 

Shwauchheit, w e a k - 

Shwap, swap. 

8hwappa, swapping. 

Shwantz, tail. 

Shwear, swear. 

Shweara, swearing. 

Shwechlich, weakly. 

Shweffel, sulpher. 

Shweffelbrenner, sul- 
phur burner. 

vShweshter, sister. 

Shweegafodder, father- 

Shweega-mooter, moth- 

Shwetz, speak. 

Shwetza, speaking. 

Shwetzer, speaker. 

Shwetzawrt, diction. 

Shwetz-koonsht, elocu- 

Shwift, swift. 

8hwira, swim. 

Shwinima, swimming. 

Shwindle, swindle. 

Shwindla, swindling. 

Shwindler, swindler. 

Hhwinga, swinging. 

Shwitza, sweating. 

Shy, shy. ^ 

Shya, shying. 

8i, being, his, its, be. 

Si, hogs. 

Si-ish, hoggish. 

Sieri, filthy, nuisance. 

Siflaish, pork. 

Si-shtol, hog pen. 

Si-troke, hog trougo. 

Sich, one's self. 

Sicher, safe. 

Sicht, sight. 

Sichtbawr, risible. 

Sidder, since. 

Side, side. 

Sida-shtick, flitch. 

Side-lohn, perquisite. 

Siffer, drunkard. 

Sigla, sealing. 

Silver, silver. 

Sily, pig. 

Sines, his. 
I Sine, his. 

Sinn, mind. 
I Sind, sin. 
j Sind-floot, deluge. 

Sing, sing, 
i Singa, singing. 
1 Sink, sink. 

Sinka, sinking. 

Sitz, seat. 
I Sitza, sitting. 
I Sivva, seven. 
' Sivvatzse, seventeen. 

Sivvatzich, seventy. 

Sivvat, seventh. 

Sivvatzaint, seventeenth. 
Sivvatzichsht, seventieth 

So, so. 
Soak, soak. 
Soaka, soaking. ■ 
I Sober, sober. 
Sock, bag, pocket. 
Sock-messer, pocket- 




Society, society. 
Soddle, saddle. 
Soddler, saddler. 
Sofa, sofa. 
Sogawr, even, yet. 
Sohn, son. 
Sole, sole. 
Solid, solid. 
Solicit, solicit. 
Solicita, soliciting. 
Solicitation, solicitation. 
Sols, salt. 
Solsich, salty. 
Solvent, solvent. 
Soma, seed. 
Somla, gathering. 
Somlung, assembly. 
Somshdawg, Saturday. 
Sondj sand. 
Sondich, sandy. 
SOnft, meek. 
Song, song. 
Sooch, seek. 
Soocha, seeking. 
Sookle, suck. 
Sookla, sucking. 
Soomer, summer. 
Soondawg, Sunday. 
Soonsht, else. 
Sorta, sorts. 
Sound, sound. 
Sounda, sounding. 
Soup, soup. 
Sour, sour. 
Sow, hog. 
Sowf, guzzle. 
Sowfa, guzzling. 
Sowferei, debauchery. 
Sowf-lodle, inebriate. 
Subject, subject. 
Substitute, substitute. 

Substituta, substituting 

Subscribe, subscribe. 

Subscriba, subscribing. 

Subscription, subscrip- 

Subscriber, subscriber. 

Subtracta, subtracting. 

Succeeda, succeeding. 

Suddich, such. 

SufFera, suffering. 

Suffer, suffer. 

Suit, suit. 

Suita, suiting. 

Suldawt. soldier. 

Sull, shall. 

SuUawd, sallad. 

Sum, sum. 

Summona, summon- 

Summons, summon. 

Supervise, supervise. 

Supervisa, supervising. 

Superintend, superin- 

Superintenda, superin- 

Suppose, suppose. 

Supposa, supposing. 

Supposition, supposi- 

Support, support. 

Supporta, supporting. 

Sure, sure. 

Suspect, suspect. 

Suspecta, suspecting. 

Suspicion, suspicion. 

Suspenda, suspending. 

Suspension, suspension 

System, system. 

System iza, systemizing 




Tie, tea. 

T?e-letHe, teaspoon. 
Tacks, tacks. 
Tape, tape. 
Tattia, tattling. 
Tawd, deed. 
Tawdle, censure. 
Teacha, teaching. 
Temj)erance, temper- 
Tend, tend. 
Tenda, tending. 
Teshtanient, testament 
Testimony, testimony, 
Tippla,. tippling. 
Tit, teat. 
Tittle, title. 
To. tzu, aw, noch. 
Tollenta, talents. 
Toss, toss. 
Tossa, tossing. 
Town, town. 
Township, township. 
Tract, tract. 
Traiger, carrier. 
Train, train, tears. 
Train a, training. 
Traishta, consoling. 
Traitor, traitor. 
Trash, trash. 
Trawg, carry. 
Trawga, carrying. 
Travel, travel. 
Travel a, traveling. 
Treasury, treasury. 
Treasurer, treasurer. 
Treat, treat. 
Treata, treating. 

Treeb, cloudy, misty. 
Tref, to hit. 
Trenn a, severing. 
Trick, trick. 
Trifle, trifle. 
Trim, trim. 
Trimma, trimming. 
Troasht, consolation. 
Toomp, trump. 
Troompait, trumpet. 
Troop, flock, 
Troovel, trouble. 
Troovela, troubling. 
Trowb, grape. 
Trow, trust. 
Trowa, trusting. 
Trowva, grapes. 
Trowera, mourning. 
Trowerich, mournful, 

Truck, truck. 
Trunk, trunk. 
Trustee, trustee. 
Twine, twine. 
Type, type. 

Type setzer, type setter 
Tyronn, tyrant. . 
Tzader, cedar. 
Tzail, count. 
Tzaila, counting. 
Tzaicha, sign. . 
Tzain, ten, teeth. 
Tzaint, tenth. 
Tzay, tough. 
Tzaya, toes. 
Tzawlreich, numerous. 
TzaAvm, bridle. 
Tzawn, tooth, cog. 




Tzawma, taming. 

Tzawrt, tender. 

Tzeeg, pull, move. 

Tzeega, pulling, moving 

Tzeel, aim. 

Tzeela, aiming. 

Tzeit, time. 

Tzeita, times. 

Tzeitfertreib, passtime. 

Tzeitich, ripe. 

Tzeitlong, awhile. 

Tzeitung, newspaper. 

Tzeiga, witness. 

Tzeigniss, evidence. 

Tzeli, cell. 

Tzettle, short letter, a 
few lines. 

Tziffer, figure. 

Tzin, tin. 

Tzink, zinc. 

Tzitter, tremble. 

Tzittera, trembling, 

Tzitterly, pig feet jelly. 

Tzivver, tubs. 

Tzomma, together. 

Tzomma-dricka, com- 

Tzomma-roofe, convene. 

Tzom m atzeega, con- 

Tzonk, scold. 

Tzoonka, scolding. 

Tzonkeri, brawl. 

Tzoog, draft, pull. 

Tzoong, tongue. 

Tzooker, sugar. 

Tzooker-bowl, sugar- 

Tzoover, tub. 

Tzorn, wrath. 

Tzornich, wrathy. 

Tzu, shut, to. 

Tzudu, increase, add. 

Tzufellich, incidental, 

Tzufloocht, refuge. 

Tzufol, incident. 

Tzufolla, devolve. 

Tzufoos, afoot. 

Tzufridda, satisfied. 

Tzucooma, accrue. 

Tzuganooma, increase. 

Tzugevva, forego. 

Tzukoonft, future. 

Tzull, inch. 

Tzull-shtuck, foot-rule. 

Tzum, to it, to him. 

Tzunawm, increase. 

Tzunemma, increasing. 

Tzurecht, aright. 

Tzurick, aback. 

Tzurick-handa, disgorge 

Tzurick-holda, retain. 

Tzushriva, ascribe. 

Tzusotz, addition, an- 

Tzuwidder, adverse. 

Tzwae, two. 

Tzweifel, doubt. 

Tzweifla, doubting. 

Tzwelf, twelve. 

Tzwelft, twelfth. 

Tzwet, second. 

Tzwettens, secondly. 

Tzwilling, twins. 

Tzwinga, compelling. 

Tzwisha, between. 

Tzwivvel, onion, 

Tzwivvela, onions. 

Tzwonsich, twenty. 

Tzwonsichsht, tw e n - 





Ul), if whether. 

Ubshiin, although. 

Uf, on, upon. 

Ufik, stove. 

Uffa-rohr, stovepipe. 

Uffressa, devouring. 

Ufclora, cleaning up. 

Ufeera, behavior. 

Ufdecka, uncovering. 

Uf gevva, giving up. 

Ufg'shova, postponed. 

Ufg'shwolla, bloated, 

Ufhalta, detaining, re- 

Ufhaltung, detention. 

Ufhara, quitting, ceas- 

Ufhava, lifting, pick- 
ing up. 

Uflaiga, laying on. 

Ufrichta, erecting. 

Ufrichtich, upright. 

Ufrichtung, construc- 

llfroor, uproar. 

Ufsheeva, to postpone. 

Ufshoob, postponement. 

Ufshleesa, unlock. 
Ufshtiga, ascending. 
Ufshtse, rising up. 
Ufshwella, swelling up. 
Uft, often. 

Uf-wecka, waking up. 
Uhr, clock. 
Unibrell, umbrella. 
Umbringa, to kill. 
Umshtond, circumstance. 

Umshtenda, circum- 

Umringa, surrounding. 

Umringd, surrounded. 

Umg'folla, ftillen down. 

Umgabortzeld, tumbled 

Umg'shtartzd, fell down. 

Unn-isa^ tearing down. 

Umwaig, detour. 

Un, and. 

Unava, uneven. 

Unairlich, dishonest. 

Unainlich, disunited. 

Unawrtich, naughty. 

Unbadenkt, indiscreet. 

Unbagreiflich, incom- 

Unbashtimt, indefinite. 

Uncle, uncle. 

Uncommon, uncom- 

UndonkbawT, ungrate- 

Undeitlich, indistinct. 

Unendlich, endless. 

Unendeckt, undiscov- 

Unerfawra, inexperience. 

Unfair, unfair. 

Unfawlbawr, unfailing. 

Unfol, mishap. 

Unforsichtich, u n r e - 

Unfriendlich, unfrend- 


Unfershamed, barefaced. 
Unfershtond, senseless. 



Unferdaild, undivided. 

Unferdeend, unmerited. 

IJnfermixed, unmixed. 

Unferninftich, unrea- 

Unfersane, unprovid- 
ed, unaware. 

Unfersi chert, u n p r o - 

Unfershemt, brazen- 

Ungabora, unborn. 

Ungafair, about. 

Ungadooldich, impa- 

Ungabire, monstrous, 

Ungalarned, illiterate. 

Ungarecht, unjust. 

Ungarn, dislike. 

Ungadoolt, impatience 

Ungawiss, uncertain. 

Unglawa, disbelief. 

Unglawich, credulous. 

Ungleich, dissimilar. 

Unglick, accident. 

Unglicklich, unlucky. 

Ungrawd, uneven. 

Ung'soond, unwell. 

Ung'shtolt, deformity. 

Unhendich, unhandy. 

Unite, unite. 

Uniform, uniform. 

Unkraut, weeds. 

Unleidich, disagreeable. 

Unmiglich, impossible. 

Unmiglichkeit, impos- 

Unmoneerlich, unman- 

Unna, under, below. 

Unner, under. 
Unnersht, undermost. 

Unnerholta, entertaining 

Unnernemma, under- 

Unnernemmung, e n - 

Unnodeerlich, unnat- 

Unnersheed, difference 

Unnershriva, subscrib- 

Unnersooch, examine. 

Unnersoochung, inves- 
tigation, inquiry. 

Unnershrift, autograph 

Unnershtiza, supporting. 

Unordung, disorder. 

Unproweert, untried. 

Unpordi-ish, impartial. 

Unrecht, injustice. 

Unru, uneasiness. 

Unruich, uneasy. 

Uns, we, us, our. 

Unser, our, ours. 

Unsettle, unsettle. 

Unsinn, nonsense. 

Unsinnich, nonsensical 

Unshicklich, improper. 

Unshuldich, innocent. 

Untzeitich, unripe, pre- 

Untzufrida, unsatisfied 

Unwillens, unwilling. 

Unwohrshinelich, un- 

Unwohr, untrue. 

Ursauch, cause. 

Uvva, above, loft. 

Ux, ox. 

Uxa, oxen. 




Vacancy, vacancy. 
Vacation, vacation. 
Valley, valley. 
Valve, valve. 
Varnish, varnish. 
Veil, veil. 
Velvet, velvet. 
Verdict, verdict. 


Vest, vest. 
Violata, violating. 
Vote, vote. 
Vota, voting. 
Voter, voter. 
Volunteer, volunteer. 
Volunteera, volunteer- 


Wser, who, is, would. 

Waerdich, worthy. 

Waertlich, literal. 

Wsert, value, virtue. 

Wsert, landlord. 

W?ertshouse, hotel. 

W?erklich, indeed. 

Wserktzeich , i ni p 1 e - 

\V?erd, would. 

Wserda-booch, vocabu- 

Wfergle-huls, rolling- 

Wserma, warming. 

Waerrum, worms. 

W?ermich, wormy. 

Waerra, to accomplish. 

Wa?riick, tow. 

Wahl, choice. 

Wai, pain. 

Waias, sore. 

Waib, weave. 

Waich, soft. 

Waid, pasture. 

Waig, road, way. 

Waila, elect. 

Wair, defend. 

Waira, defending. 

Wais, wissa. 

Waiter, waiter. 

Waitza, wheat. 

Wandera, wandering. 

Wann, when, if, wheth- 

Wanka, wabble. 

War, was, were. 

Wara, was, were. 

W^ard, ward, wait. 

Warda, waiting. 

Wardt, word. 

i Warend, during. 

Ware-house, ware-house. 

Warm, warm. 

Warn, warn. 

Warnd, warned. 

Warnung, warning. 

Warnd, warrant. 

Warsht, sausage. 

Wartz, wart. 




Wase, knowing. 
Wass, which, what. 
Wasser, water. 
Wasser-amer, bucket. 
Wasser- melone, water- 
Wasser-aoocht, dropsy. 
Watch, watch. 
Watcha, watching. 
Watchaket, watch-chain. 
Wauch, wake. 
Waucha, waking. 
Wanchsom, vigilent. 
Wauga, wagon. 
Waugner, wheelright. 
Waiir, ware. 
Waurum, why. 
Wausom, sod. 
Wava, weaving. 
We, how. 
Wear, wear. 
Weara, wearing. 
Week, wake, away, rusk 
Wecka, waking. 
WechHch, weekly. 
Wedder, weather. 
Weeg, weigh, cradle. 
Weega, weighing. 
Weela, wallowing. 
Weesht, nasty. 
Weetich, furions,mad. 
Weibshem, chimese. 
Weibs-mensh, woman. 

Weibs leit, women-folks. 

Weida, willow. 
Weil, because. 
Weis, to show. 
Weis, white. 
Weisa, showing. 
Weisla, white-washing. 
Weisheit, wisdom. 

Weit, far,, distant. 

Weiter, farther. 

Weitleftich, elaborate. 

Well, well, wave, which 

Weiler, which one. 

Weiler, who, which. 

Welshkorn, corn. 

Welshkorn-feld, corn- 

Welsh-hawna, turkey- 

Welsh-hinkle, turkeys. 

Welt, world. 

Weltlich, worldly. 

Wennich, few. 

Wenn ich er, less. 

Wennichsht, least. 

Wesh, wash. 

Wesha, washing. 

Weshfraw, wash wo- 

Wesh-kessel, wash-boiler 

Wesh-korb, wash-bas- 

Wesh-kich, wash-kitchen. 

Wesh-line, clothes-line 

Wesh-loompa, wash- 

Wesh-machine, wash- 

Wesh-shlissel, wash- 

Wesh-tzoover, wash-tub. 

Wesht, west. 

Weshtlich, westward. 

Weshp, wasp. 

Wesh pan esh t, wasp- 

, Wessera, watering. 

Wesserich, watery. 

Wet, would, bet. 




Wetta, betting. 
Wetza, whet. 
Wexle, change. 
Wexla, changing. 
Wicht, wick. 
Wichtich, important. 
Wickle, wind. 
Wickla, winding. 
Wide, wide. 
Widfravv, widow. 
Widmon, widower. 
Widder, again. 
W^idderhola, repeating. 
Widderrufa, repeaUng. 
Wilful, wilful. 
Will, will. 
Willa, will. 
Willens, willing. 
Wilt, wild. 
Wiltniss, wilderness. 
Wip, whip. 
Wippa, whipping. 
Wiply, switch. 
Wind, wind. 
Windich, windy, squally 
Wine, wine. 
Wineglaws, wineglass. 
Windle, diaper. 
Wink, wink. 
Winka, winking. 
Winkle, square. 
Winn, windlass. 
Winsh, wish. 
Winsha, wishing. 
Winter, winter. 
Wissa, knowing. 
Wiss, meadow. 
Wish, wipe. 
Wisha, wiping. 
Whiskey, whiskey. 
Whisker, whisker. 

Witz, wit. 

Witzich, witty. 

Wo, where. 

Woag, scale. 

Wocker, awake. 

Wocka-shta?, flintstone 

Wohar, whence. 

Wohl, well. 

Wohn, reside. 

Wohn a, residing. 

Wohnhoft, resident. 

Wohnhouse, dwelling. 

Wohnplotz, residence, 

Wohnung, domicile, 

Wohr, true. 

Wohret, truth. 

Wohretlich, verily. 

Wohrsheinlich, likely, 

Wols, roller. 

Wolfish, whale. 

W^onsa, bed bugs. 

Woond, wound. 

Wooner, wonder. 

Woonera, wondering. 

Woonerlich, wonder- 

Woonsh, wish. 

Woot, fury, rage. 

Wortzel, root. 

Worram, worm. 

Wox, wax, grow. 

Woxa, waxing, grow- 

Wrangle, wrangle. 

Wrapper, wrapper. 

Writ, writ. 

Wuch, week. 

Wucha, weeks. 




Wulfel, cheap. 
Wulfeller, cheaper. 
Wulf, wolf. 
Wulk, cloud. 

Wulkich, cloudy. 
WuU, wool. 
Wullich, woolen. 


Yades, every. 
Yader, each. 
Yadoch, even. 
Yaira, fermenting. 
Yareling, yearling. 
Yarelich, yearly. 
Yard, yard. 
Yard-shtecka, y a r d - 

Yager, hunter. 
Yasus, Jesus. 
Yaucht, noise. 
Yaw, yes. 
Yawga, hunting. 
Yeamohls, evermore. 
Yemmerlich, pitiful. 
Yenner, January. 
Yetz, present, now. 
Yetzich, at present, 


Yinger, younger. 
Yingsht, youngest. 
Yingler, juvenile. 
Yo, yea. 

Yohrtzeit, season. 
Yohr, year. 
Yohra, years. 
Yood, jew. 
Yooda, jews. 
Yonuawr, January. 
Yoony, June. 
Yooly, July. 
Yoong, young. 
Yoong-fraw, virgin. 
Yoosht, only, just, 
Yooshtas, justice of the 

Yuch, yolk. 
Yubilee, jubilee. 



On page 19, instead of Brood read Broad — 
translated braid. 

Page 20, translation of Bulky read shware. 

Page 36, translation of Emit read ousfleesa. 

Page 50, Left translates /ertoso- as well as linx. 

Page 75, translation of Tobacco read dmvock. 

Page 76, translation of Tye read binna. 

Page 81, translation of Woman read weibs- 

Page 84, translation of A llx. read alone. 

Page 86, the English word At translated drau 
is out of its proper place. 

Page 90, instead of Blut-keppish read Blut-kep- 
pich. Same page, instead of Bobblemaid read Bob- 

Page 91, translation of Broud read bride. 


The many English words transferred into the 
foregoing without translation, are all in common 
use as part of the Pennsylvania Dutch language. 
In addition to those stated there are yet many 
more. In a number of cases we have translated 
English words ending with ing by simply using 
the letter a as the last syllable, such as 

A ccommodating , accommodata, 

Delivering, delivera, 

&c. In all such cases the English words are used 
in every other sense, as accommodate, accom- 
modation, deliver and delivered, &c., without any 
change from English proper. 


De feela English e wardta transferred ins fore- 
genglicha, sin oil in common use ols 'n dale fun 
der Penn. Deitsha shproach. In addition tzu 
denna os gevva sin, huts noch feel maner. In a 
noomer fun so fella hen mer Englishe wardta os 
mit i77g enda ivversetzd mit 'm simple awhong 
fum bushtawb a ols der letsht syllable, so we 

A ccommodating, accommodata. 

Delivering, delivera, 

&c. In oil so fella sin de Englisha wardta g'used 
in yeader manung, so we accommodate, accom- 
modation, deliver un delivered. 



The following words are generally used in 
the interrogative form. They constitute a prom- 
inent element in the Penn. Dutch language, and 
they are addressed to the second person and in- 
variably refer to the present time. 

(translation. — IV VERSETZUNG.) ,: 

De fulgenda wardta sin for common in der 
form fun froga. Se sin an prominenty element 
in der Penn. Deitsha shproach, un se sin in yea- 
daw fol addressed tzu'm tzwetta parsone, un 
weaga dei* yetzich tzeit. 

Agreesht ? do you agree ? 

Aig'nsht do you own 

Appealsht do you appeal - 

Appearsht do you appear ' 

Appointsht do you appoint 

Arbsht do you inherit 

Arkensht do you confess 

Arlawbsht do you allow 

Assignsht do you assign 

Bailsht do you bail 

Baleegsht do you belie 

Barawbsht do you rob 

Batreegsht do you cheat 

Batzawlsht do you pay 












































are you building ? 
do you beat 
are you baking 
do you behave 
do you bind 
are you blacking 
are you staying 
are you biting 
are you bluffing 
are you boarding 
are you shaving 
do you sell on trust 
are you pumping 
are you using 
are you boasting 
are you breaking 
are you scalding 
are you burning 
are you distilling 
are you bringing 
are you bellowing 
are you frying 
do you remember 
do you chew 
are you calculating 
do you claim 
are you complaining 
are you clearing 
do you collect 
do you condemn 
do you confess 
do you confirm 
do you connect 
are you considering 
are you consulting 
do you contradict 
do you contest 
do you convict 
are you copying 
are you coming 
are you courting 



Cowsht ? 









































are you masticating ? 
are you cracking 
are you climbing 
are you crowding 
do you cure 
are you dividing 
are you baptising 
are you dealing 
are you debating 
do you cover up 
do you decide 
are you declaring 
do you defeat 
do you defend 
are you defining 
do you defy 
do you deliver 
do you demand 
do you think 
do you differ 
do you direct 
do you think 
do you 

are you dreaming 
do you drink 
are you printing 
are you doctoring 
are you editing 
are you hurrying 
do you enjoy 
do you enter 
are you eating 
are you examining 
are you explaining 
do you fail 
do you fear 
are you hauling 
are you taking a ride 
do you feel 
are you altering 
are you spoiling 



Fergesht ? 























Haltsht' • ' 


















are you forgetting ? 

are you hungering 

do you sell 

are you losing 

do you desire 

do you leave 

do you understand 

do you promise 

do you taste 

do you wonder 

do you consent 

do you find 

do you swear 

do you freeze 

are you cold or chilly 

do you ask 

do you obey 

are you going 

do you believe 

do you believe it 

are you digging 

do you get 

are you getting it 

d: you hold 

do you stop 

do you hear 

do you hear it 

are you crying 

are you helping 

do you hang 

are you limping 

do you marry 

do you chop, or cut 

have you 

have 30U it 

do you squat, or sit 

do you hope 

do you interfere 

do you insure 

do you insult 

do you invest 



Ivverlaigsht ? 


















Out ward tsht 


Paintsht • 




















do you consider? 
are you translating 
do you join 
do you sell 
do you know 
are you alive 
do you lend 
are you laughing 
are you learning 
are you loading 
are you walking 
are you lying 
do you permit 
do you mean 
are you making 
are you grinding 
are you moving 
are you taking 
do you answer 
do you order 
are you painting 
are you picking 
are you whistling 
are you whispering 
are you plowing 
do you preach 
are you preparing 
are you proving 
are you trying 
are you providing 
do you renew 
are you renting • 
do you resign 
do you rule 
do you see 
do j^ou send 
are you shaking 
are you striking 
are you knocking 
do you lick 
are you slipping 



Shlofesht ? 
































Welsh ts 

Welsh ts 








are j'ou asleep ? 
do you besmear 
are you throwing 
are you smoking 
are you cutting 
are you breathing 
are you working 
are you saving 
are you playing 
are you running 
are you dying 
are you swearing 
are you talking 
are you swlmmirig 
are you swindling 
do you sing 
do you support 
do you criticise 
do you carry 
do you treat 
do you trouble 
are you counting 
are you pulling 
do you move 
do you investigate 
do you know 
do you know it 
are you waiting 
are you weighing 
are you weighing it 
do you show 
do you exhibit 
do you show it 
do you exhibit it 
do you change 
are you changing it 
do you wind it 
do you wish 
do you wish it 
do you chase 
are you chasing it 


Whilst these words or compounds are gener- 
ally used in the interrogative form, there are also 
exceptions. For example : 

Agreesht? Do you agree? Ich see du 
agreesht mit 'm. 

I see you agree with him. 

Chawsht? Do you chew? Ich sse du chawsht. 

I see you are chewing. 

DucKTERSHT? Are you doctoring? Ich 
glawb du duckterslid. 

I believe you are doctoring. 

Gaisht? Are you going? Ich sse du gaisht. 

I see you are going. 

CooMSHT? Are you coming? Ich S86 du 

I see you are coming. 

Glawbshts ? Do you believe it ? Es coomd 
mer fore du glawbshts net. 

It seems to me you don't believe it. 

HiRESHT SE? Will you marry her? Ich 
suspect OS du se hiresht. 

I suspect that you will marry her. 

Kawfshts? Do you buy it? Ich sse du 

I see you are buying it. 

Lawfsht ? Do you walk ? Ich sse du lawfsht. 

I see you are walking. 

MooFSHT? Are you moving? Ich sae du 

I see you are moving. 

Shpringst ? Are you running? Du springsht 

You run well. 

Waishts ? Do you know it ? Du waishts 
goot ganoonk. 

You know it well enough. 

In almost every case this class of words are 


used in a similar manner, but, as stated, they are 
generally in the interrogative form. 

In sheer yeadam fol wserra dee closs wardta 
g'used uf 'm namelicha waig, awer, we g'sAwt, se 
sin for common in der form fun froga. 


The following are Penn. Dutch abbreviations; 
Many words beginning with Ga are abbreviated 
by substituting the apostrophe for the a, so as to 
produce only the consonant sound, whilst in other 
cases the ga is used. For instance : 

Ich bin gatraveled. I have traveled. 
Ich hob 'm g'sawt. I told him. 
De soup is gakuchd. The soup is cooked. 
Bisht g'soond ? Are you in good health? 

In a number of cases it was found difficult to 
determine whether to write the German Ga pre- 
fix, or the g' abbreviation. Probably the record 
is as correct in this respect as it is possible to 
make it. 

The 'm ( him,) 'n ( a or an ) and 's ( it ) abbre- 
viations are used thus : 

Ich hob 'm g'sawt. I told him. 
Ich geb 'm anes. I give him one. 
Mer con 'm net glauwa. One can't believe 

Sell is 'n gooter opple. That is a good apple. 


Ich hob 'n ellefont g'sse. I saw an elephant. 
Ich hob 'n aw gagookd. I looked at him. 
Ich kenn 'n net. I know him not. 
Ich con 'n leddera. I can flog him. 
Ich con 's net helfa. I can't help it. 
Du consht 's selwer sana. You can see it for 

Yaw, 's is so. Yes, it is so. 

Ich hob 's maidle g'sse. I have seen the girl. 

These abbreviations are not strictly neces- 
sary, but they are very convenient and constitute 
one of the prominent Penn. Dutch character- 
istics. All the above would be entirely correct if 
written thus : 

Ich hob eem g'sawt. Ich geb eem anes. 
Mer con eem net glauwa. Sell is an gooter opple. 
Ich hob an elefont gs£e. Ich hob een aw gagookd. 
Ich ken een net. Ich con een leddera. Ich con 
es net helfa. Du consht es selwer sana. Yaw, es 
is so. Ich hob es maidle g'sse. 

As the abbreviations are very simple, and as 
they produce the words as they are uttered, in 
the natural, easy way, they are decidedly the best 
in writing Penn. Dutch. 



Acta — acting. I have seen the clown acting. 
Acting — acta. Ich hob der honswarsht sana 
Aichel — acorn. A Mind hog will also find an 
acorn occasionally. 
Acorn — aichel. An blinty sow fint aw eb- 
mohls an aichel. 
Arbshoft — inheritance. A large inheritance would 
be a first-rate cure for hard times. 
Inheritance — arbshoft. Au grossy arbshoft 
W8er an first-raty cure for hordy tzeita. 
Arwet — work. This forenoon I was hard at work. 
Work — arwet. Den formiddawg war ich 
hord on der arwet. 
Awgadu — dressed. I dressed myself in my best 
clothes and went to church. 
Dressed — awgadu. Ich hob my beshty clai- 
der awgadu un bin in de kserrich gonga. 
Awdale — part. With those proceedings I will 
take no part. 
Part — awdale. Mit selly proceedings nem 
ich kse awdale. 
Awganame — agreeable. A fine young lady is 
always agreeable. 
Agreeable — awganame. An finey yungy lady 
is olsfort awganame. 
Awram — poor. The poor man has no home. 
Poor — awram. Der auram mon hut kse 


Bagrebniss — burial. Yesterday I was at the 

Burial — bagrebniss. Geshter war ich orn bagreb- 

Bais — angry. The lawyer talked as if he were 

very angry. 
Angry — bais. Der lawyer hut g'shwetzd os 

wannar orrick bais wa3r. 
Bakared — converted. They say a great many 

were converted at the camp meeting. 
Converted — bakared. Se sawga es hetta sich 

orrick feel bakared on der camp meet- 
Barrya — bargain. I'll give you my watch for 

yours and five dollars in the bargain. 
Bargain — barrya. Ich geb der my watch for 

diny un finf dawler in der barrya. 

Bauch — belly. It is belly-ache that makes the 
baby scream. 
Belly — bauch, Es is bauch wseos's bubbely 
greisha maucht. 
Cotzakraut— catnip. For that, there is no better 
remedy than catnip tea. 
Catnip — cotzakraut. For sell is kse besser 
mittle OS cotzakraut tee. 
Crittlich — crabbed. And whenever the baby 
screams the old woman gets very crabbed 
Crabbed — crittlich. Un wann ols 's bubbely 
greisht don wserd aw de olt fraw orrick 

Corriseera — courting. I believe that you fre- 
quently go out courting the girls. 
Courting — corriseera. Ich glawb os du uft 
nous gaisht de maid corriseera. 
Dauch — roof. I'll put a new roof on the wood 
Koof — dauch. Ich du an nei dauch uf der 
hüls shuppa. 


Dawglaner — day laborer. That man is a very 
industrious day laborer. 
Day laborer — dawglaner. Seller mon is an 
orrick fleisicher dawglaner. 
Dawtam — date. What is the date of my note ? 
Date — dawtam. Was is der dawtam fun 
miner note ? 
Dawg — day. I cannot tell the exact day, as I 
have not the note with me. 
Day — dawg. Ich con der exact dawg net 
sawga, for ich hob de note net by mer. 
Dire — dear. I cannot afford to eat so many pea- 
nuts — they are much too dear. 
Dear — dire. Ich con net afforda so feel 
groondnis tzu essa — se sin feel tzu dire. 
Doh — here. Now just for once look here. 

Here — doh. Gook now yoosht amohl doh. 
Dobbich — awkward. That fellow seems to be 
very awkward. 
Awkward — dobbich. Seller karl sheint orrick 
dobbich tzu si. 
Doonera — thundering. Did you hear the terri- 
ble heavy thundering last night ? 
Thunder — doonera. Husht sell shrecklich 
shwaer doonera g'hared de letsht naucht? 
Doonkle — dark. Last night was very dark. 

Dark — doonkle. De letsht naucht war 's 
orrick doonkle. 
Ebmohls — sometimes. Sometimes I smoke cigars, 
but not regularly. 
Sometimes — ebmohls. Ich du ebmohls cigars, 
shmoka avver net regularly. 
Eidrook — impression. Our parson preached re- 
markably well on last Sunday and he 
made a deep impression. 
Impression — eidrook. Unser porra hut ivver 
ous goot gapreddicht om letshta Soon- 
dawg, un ar hut aw an deefer eidrook 


Eiwendung— objection. But yet »there are many 
persons who make objection to that 
preacher, just because he is not afraid to 
preach the truth. 
Objection— eiwendung. Es hut awer doch 
feel leit os eiwendung hen tzu sellam 
porra, yoosht weil ar sich net farricht de 
wohret tzu preddicha. 
Essa — eating. My wife is eating apples. 

Eating — essa. My fraw is om epple essa. 
Essich — vinegar. Those apples are as sour as 
Vinegar — essich. Selly epple sin so sour os 
Fechta— fighting. That man and his wife have 
again been fighting like dogs and cats. 
Fighting— fechta. Seller mon un si fraw 
waura widder om fechta we hoonda un 
Feggle — birds. Winter is coming, — the birds 
have nearly all disappeared — gone to 
their southern homes. 
Birds — feggle. Der winter coomd — de feggle 
sin sheer all disappeared — tzu era seed- 
lieha haimata gonga. 
Feicht — damp. It is said that damp weather be- 
gets rheumatism. 
Damp — feicht. Es wserd ols g'sawt os feicht 
wetter roomatis by bringt. 
Ferfolla— due. On the fifth of next month my 
note will be due in bank. 
Due — ferfolla. Om finfta fum naighsht 
moonot doot my note ferfolla in der 
Ferlora — lost. I also used to endorse for other 
people and in that way I lost almost all 
I ever possessed. 
Lost — ferlora. Ich hob aw ols endorsed for 
onner leit un sellerwaig hob ich sheer 
olles ferlora wass ich yamohls g'hot hob. 


Fergess — forget. Don't forget to return that 
umbrella which I gave you the other 
Forget — fergess. Fergess net un bring wid- 
der selly umbrell tzurick os ich der 
gevva hob der onner dawg. 
Ferrickt — deranged. That fellow acts just as if 
he were deranged. 
Deranged — ferrickt. Sellar karl act yoosht os 
wann ar ferrickt waer. 
Fershrucka — frightened. He was very much 
Frightened — fershrucka. Ar war orrick fer- 
Fersomla — assembling. It is time to go, the peo- 
ple are already assembling. 
Assembling — fersomla. Es is tzeit tzu gse, de 
leit du'n sich shun fersomla. 

Flicka — mending. Here is that dollar for mend- 
ing my shoes. 
Mending — flicka. Doh is seller dawler for 
my shoe flicka. 

Finshterniss — eclipse. According to the alma- 
nack, we are going to have an eclipse of 
the sun one of these days. 

Eclipse — finishterniss. According tzum collen- 
der wa^rra mer an soona finshterniss 
hawa anes fun denna dawg. 

Fowla — rotting. The apples won't last long for 
they are rotting already. 
Eotting — fowla. De epple holta net long for 
se sin shun om fowla. 

Froocht — ^grain. We can raise grain enough in 
this country to feed ourselves and all 
Europe besides. 
Grain — froocht. Mer kenna froocht genunk 
raisa in dem lond for uns selwer feedera 
un gons Europe besides. 


Gabailed-bailed. He is out of jail— one of his 
friends bailed him out. 
Bailed— gabailed. Ar is ous der jail— anes 
fun sina freind hut 'n rous gabailed. 
Gaboona— bound. The doctor bound up his sore 
Bound — gaboona. Der duckter hut si waier 
awram tzu gaboona. 
Gabreed— hatched. Our old hen hatched out 
nine duck's eggs, and the young ducks 
now have a chicken as a step-mother. 
Hatched — gabreed. Unser olt hinkle hut 
nine enda oyer ousgabreed un de yungy 
enda hen now an hinkle ols a shteef- 
Gadoold— patience. To write such a good Penn. 
Dutch book takes hard work and much 
Patience — gadoold. For so'n goots Penn. 
. ' Deitsh booch shriva nemmts horty arwet 

un feel gadoold. 
Gahired — married. It is now almost thirty years 
since my wife and myself were married. 
Married — gahired. Es is now sheer dri- 
sich yohr sidder os ich un my fraw ga- 
hired hen 
Gatri — faithful. It is well said that a f^xithful 
man is a model among men. 
Faithful — gatri. Es is mit woret g'sawt os an 
gatrier mon an model unner menner is. 
Gatzonkt — scolded. When I came home at 
twelve o'clock, my wife scolded. 
Scolded — gatzonkt. We ich om tzwelf uhr 
hame cooma bin hut my fraw gatzonkt. 
G'wesha — washed. This morning I rose at six 
o'clock, put on my clothes and then 
washed myself. 
Washed — g'wesha. Den morya bin ich uf 
g'shtonna om sex uhr, hob my claider 
aw gadu un don mich g'wesha. 


Geig — fiddle. After all there is no sort of instru- 
mental music so enlivening as the old 

fashioned fiddle. 
Fiddle — geig. Om end is kse sort inshtru- 

menta musick so labehoft is de olt fash- 

ionde geig. 
Grexa — grunting. Half the time he is loafing 

and guzzling and grunting. 
Grunting — grexa. De holb tzeit doot ar loafa 

un sowfa un grexa. 
Harrlich — happy. He is well and happy as far 

as I know. 
Happy — harrlich. Ar is g'soont un harrlich 

so feel OS ich wase. 
Hawsa — rabbits. I was out all day with gun and 

dog and shot four rabbits. 
Rabbits — hawsa. Ich war drous der gons 

dawg mit flint un hoond un hob feer 

hawsa g'shussa. 
Hooshta — cough. It seems to me you have a 

very dangerous cough — you'd better take 

good care of yourself. 
Cough — hooshta. Es coomt mer fore du 

hetsht an orrick g'farelicher hooshta — 

du besser gebsht goot aucht uf dich. 
Hexa — witches. What is your opinion about 

witches ? 
Witches — hexa. Wass is di opinion waega 

Ivversetza — translating. This, that I am novy 

writing in English and Penn. Dutch, is 

what we call translating. 
Translating — ivversetza. Des was ich now 

shreib in English un in Penn. Deitsh is 

wass mer ivversetza haist. 
Kserrich — church. How many people go to 

church for the purpose of exhibiting 

their fine clothes ? 
Church — kserrich. We feel leit gane yoosht 

in de kserrich for era shsena claider weisa? 


Jigger— dram. That man takes regularly every 
morning his dram with bitters. 
Dram — Jigger. Seller mon nemt oily morya 
regularly si drom mit bitters. 
Keller — cellar. Go quickly down into the cellar 
and bring up a piece of butter. 
Cellar — keller. Gte g'shwint nooner in der 
keller un bring an shtick booter ruf. 

Kinner — children. On last Sunday there were 
more than a hundred children in the 
Children — kinner. Om letshta Soondawg 
waura maner os a hoonert kinner in der 
Klia — bran. Whoever mixes himself with bran 
will be eaten up by hogs. 
Bran — klia. Wter sich unner de klia mixed 
den fressa de si. 
Kup — head. Dan. Webster was a man who had 
a very big head — and he was no chuckle 
Head— kup. Der Dan. Webster war an mon 
OS an orrick grosser kup g'hot hut — un 
ar war kse doom-kup. 
Labe — live. I don't expect to forget my Penn. 
Dutch lessons as long as I live. 
Live — labe. Ich expect net my Penn. Deitshe 
lessons tzu fergessa so long ich labe. 
Lecherlich— laughable. There is no animal that 
is as laughable as a monkey. 
Laughable — lecherlich. Es is kse creddoor 
OS so lecherlich is os an monkey. 

Ligner— liar. What caused the muss was this : 
The man called the negro a liar, and 
then the negro knocked him down. 
Liar — ligner. Wass der muss feruresauchd 
hut war des : Der mon hut der nager 
an ligner g'hasa, un don hut der nager 
een um g'shlawga. 


Klae — small. A small article is easih' read. 

Small — klae. A klae shtick is leitcht galaisa. 

Maid — girls. Nowadays we have scarcely any 
more girls, but ladies — that is more 
Girls — maid. Heitich dawgs huts sheer gor 
kse maid mse, awer ladies — sell is mse 

Mooka — flies. When sleigh riding there is no 

use in bothering the horse with a fly net. 

Flie? — mooka. Om shlitta tavvrais es forkse 

use OS mer der gowl boddert mit 'm 

mooka gawrn. 

Nitzlich — useful. The study of Penn. Dutch is 
not merely m'namental, but useful. It 
is only a question of time when it will be 
the language of the world. 
Useful — nitzlich. De shtudy fun Penn. 
Deitsh is net yoosht for ornament, awer 
es is nitzlich. Es is aw yoosht an tzeits- 
froke wann es de shproach fun der welt 
si waerd. 

Norr — fool. Everything in the world is for some 
use, but the use of a fool is not yet dis- 
Fool — norr. Olles in der welt hut si use, 
awer de use for an norr is yoosht noch 
net ousg'foona. 

Noss — wet. Every time it rains the weather be- 
comes wet. 
Wet — noss. Oily mohl os es raigent gebts 
aw noss wedder. 

Nous — out. Whoever won't behave in church is 
forthwith put out of the house. 
Out — nous. Waer sich net behafed in der 
kaerrich den doot mer grawd tzum house 


Odam — l)reath. As lonf;: as a man draws Viia 
breath, so lon'j; there is hope for his Hie. 
Breath — oclaiTi. So long os an man si odam 
tzeegt, so long is aw hntfung for si lava. 

Orrick- -very. Studying and reading Penn. Dutch 
goes very easily and pleasantly. 
Very — orrick. Penn. Deitsli laisa un shtudya 
gait orrick leicht, un plesseerlich. 

Ousleiuler — foreigner. The Dutch foreigners are 
good for high German, but they must 
learn the Penn. Dutch. 
Foreigner — ouslender. De Deitshe ouslender 
sin goot oni hoch Deitsli, awer Penn. 
Deitsh missa se larna. 

Peffer — pepjier. Liver puddings are not fit to 
eat unless they have plenty of pepper. 
Pepper — peffer. De levver wa^rsht sin gor 
net fit tzu essa except se hen plenty 

Pifa — Whistling. Whistling is all right under 
certain circumstances. One \vho whistles 
while driving hogs or engaged cleaning 
stables may be regarded a mannerly 
man. But suppose a person would 
whistle Yankee Doodle at a funeral 
whilst they are letting down the coffin, 
wdiat would the mourners and their 
friends think of the whistling? 
Whistling — pifa. Pifa is all recht unner g'- 
wissy umshtenda. Aner os pifed om si 
driva odder om shtol ous mishta is for 
common an monneerlicher mon. Awer 
suppose an porra dset Yankee Doodle 
pifa on der leich, de weil se de lawd ins 
grawb lussa data — wass data de trowerer 
un era freind denk a fum pifa ? 

Ruck — coat. To make a respectable appearance 
go to the clothing store and get yourself 
a fine new coat. 


Coat — ruck. For an reshpectably appear- 
ance niaucha gee in der claider shtoreun 
kawf der an finer nier ruck, 
Sida — silk. After all, there is nothing more beau- 
tiful to dress up a woman than fine black 
Silk — sida. Om end is nix shenners for de 
fraw uf dressa os finer shwartzer sida. 
Sheesa — shooting. I enjoy nothing more than 
going out shooting wild ducks and part- 
Shooting — sheesa. Ich du nix mve enjoya os 
nous gas wildy enda un bottreesle sheesa. 

Shlonga — snakes. There is nothing in the world 
that I detest more than snakes. 
Snakps— shlonga. Es is nix in der welt os 
ich arger boss os shlonga, 

Shuckle-shtool — rocking-chair. For a real good 
seat, give me, above all, a first-rate rock- 
Rocking-chair — Shuckleshtool, For'n rale 
gooter sitz geh mere, fore ollem, an first- 
rater shuckle-shtool. 

Sow — hog, A hog is a hog, and no man of good 
human sense woukl cast it up to a hog 
on account his hogish nature. 
Hog — sow. An sow is an sow, un kse mon 
fun gootam mensha fershtond daets der 
sow foreshmeisa os se'n sow is. 

Taeleffle — teaspoon. A teaspoon is'nt very large, 
but a teaspoonful of arsenic is plenty to 
get up a large funeral in the lamily. 
Teaspoon — taeletfie. An tpeleftle is net orrick 
grose, awer an taeleftleful arsenic is plenty 
for an grossy leich raisa in der family. 

Uxa — oxen. Fat oxen afford excellent remedies 
for starving people. 
Oxen — uxa. Fetty uxa afForda first rat}' 
mittle for hoongeriche leit. 


Weibsleit — women. There are many handsome 
animals in the world — monkeys, ele- 
phants, kangaroos and goats, but women 
are far ahead of them all. 
Women — weibsleit. Es hat feel shaney 
creddoera in der welt— monkeys, ellefonta, 
kangaroos un gais beck, a wer om end 
sin de weibsleit ahead fun ena all. 


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, 
nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fif- 
teen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, 
twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, 
twenty-four, twenty -five, twenty six, twenty-seven, 
twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, &c. 
Forty, forty-one, &c. Fifty, fifty-one, &c. Sixty, 
sixty-one, &c. Seventy, seventy-one, &c. Eighty, 
eighty-one, &c. Ninety, ninety-one, &c. Hun- 
dred. Thousand. Million. 


Anes, tzw?e, dri, feer, finf, sex, sivva, aucht, 
nine, tzain, elf, tzwelf, dritzain,fa?rtzain, fooftzain, 
sechtzain, sivvatzain, auchtzain,ninelzain, tzwon- 
sich, ane-un-tzwonsich, tzte-un-tzwonsich, dri-un- 
szwonsich, feer-un-tzwonsich, finf-un-tzwonsich, 
tex-un-tzwonsich, sivva-un-tzwonsich , aucht-un- 
tzwansich, nine-un-tzwonsich, drisich, ane-un- 
drisich, &c. Faertzich, ane-un-faertzich, <tc, 
Fooftzich, ane-un-fooftzich, &c. Sechtzich. 


ane-un-secbtzieh, &c. Sivvatzich, aiie-un-sivvat- 
zich, &c. Auchtzich, ane-un-auchtzich, &c. 
Ninetzicb, ane-un-ninetzich, &c. Hoonert. Dans- 
send. Millione. 

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, sev- 
enth, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thir" 
teenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seven- 
teenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, thirti- 
eth, ttc. 


Arsht, tzwett, drift, faert, finft, sext, si v vat, 
aiicht, nine't, tzaint, elft, tzwelft, dritzaint, faert- 
zaint, fooftzaint, sechtzaint. sivvatzaint, aucht- 
zaint, ninetzaint, tzwonsichsht, drisichsht, &c. 





Yooly ; 


Febi'uawr ; 




Martz ; 








Moy ; 








Sunday, Soondawg ; Thursday, Doonersh- 
Monday, Moondaw^g; daw^g. 

Tuesday, Dinshdawg; Friday, Frida wg; 

Wednesday, Midwuch ; Saturday, Somshdawg. 



New Year, Ni-Yohr ; Thanksgiving Donk-dawg; 
Easter, Oashter; Christmas, Crisht-dawg; 

Whitsuntide, Pingsht ; Fourth of July Fserta Yooly 


Ton, Ton; Ounce, Ounce; 

Pound, Poont; Halfounce,Holb ounce ; 

Half pound, Holb poont; Quar.ounce Partie ounce. 
Quar.pound Partie poont ; 


Mile, Mile; Barrel, Bari; 

Half mile, Holb mile; Bushel, Bushel; 
Quar. mile, Partie mile; Half bushel, Holb bushel 
Yard, Yard; Peck, Beck ; 

Foot, Poos; Half peck, Holb Beck; 

Inch, Tzull; Gallon, GoU ; 

Half inch, Holb tzull; Half gallon, Holwy goll; 
Quar. inch, Par. tzull; Quart, Quart; 

Acre, Ocker; Pint, Pint; 

Half acre. Hoi. ocker; Half pint, Holb pint; 
Quar. acre. Par. ocker; Gill, Gill; 

Hogshead, Hoxet; Half gill, Holb gill 


I have. Ich hob. I look. Ich gook. 

He has. Ar hut. He looks. Ar^iookt. 

They have. Sehen. They look. Se gooka. 

You have. Du husht. You look. Eu gooksht. 

I can. Ich con. I write. Ich shreib. 

He can. Ar con. ' He writes. Ar shreibt 

They can. Se kenna. They write. Se shreiva 

You can. Du consht. You write. Du shreibsht 

I must. Ich moos. I was. Ich war. ' 

He must. Ar moos. He was. Ar war. 
They must. Se missa. . They were. Sewaura. 

Youmust. Dumoosht. You was. Duwaursht 

I walk. Ich lawf. I think. Ich denk. 

He walks. Ar lawft. He thinks. Ar denkt. 

They walk. Se lawfa. Tliey think. Se denka. 

You walk. Du lawfsht. You thiid^. Du denksht 

I go. Ich gfe. I sing. Ich sing. 

He goes. Ar gfct. He sings. Ar sing'd. 

They go. Se ga?n. They sing. Se singa. 

You go. Du gassht. You sing. Du singsht. 

I lie. Ich leeg. I do. Ich du. 

He lies. Ar leegt. He does. Ardu't. 

They lie. Se leega. They do. Se du'n. 

You lie. Du leegsht. You do. Du doosht. 

I eat. Ich ess. I drink. Ich drnik. 

He eats. Ar esst. He drinks. Ar drinkt. 

They eat. Se essa. They drink. Sedrink.i. 

You eat. Du esht. You drink. Du drinksht 

I talk. Ich shwetz. I hear. Ich hair. 

He talks. Ar shwetzt. He hears. Ar haird. 

They talk. Se shwetza. They hear. Sehaira. 

You talk. Dushwetsht You hear. Du hairsht 


I don't believe that. Ich giawh sell net. 

I can do it. Ich con 's dn. 

I give it up. Ich geh 's uf. 

I do not know it. Ich wais 's net. 

I took a walk. Ich hob 'n walk g'nooma. 

I walked down town. I bin 's town nooner ga- 
in ffa. 

I go towards home. Ich gie hame tzu's. 

I am going to church. Ich gee in de kiiernch. 

I am coming. Ich bin om cooma. 

I cannot say. Ich con net sawga. 

I go on the railroad. Ich gee uf 'm railroad. 

I am going to dinner. Ich ga3 tzum middawg 

I am quite weih Ich bin gons g'soond. 

I saw my friend. Ich h(^b my friend g'sa^. 

I was in town. Ich war im town. 

I bought a horse. Ich hob 'n gowl gakawft. 

I need a cow. Ich brauch an ku. 

I feed the swine. Ich feeder de si. 

I want to see it. Ich will 's sana. 

I told them so. Ich hob eena so g'sawt. 

I heard that speech. Ich hob selly speech g'hared 

I hear an alarm. Ich hair an larram. 

I don't work to-day. Ich shoff net heit. 

I won't do it. Ich will 's net du. 

I won't go yet. Ich gse noch net. 

I come this w^eek. Ich coom de wuch. 

I want to tell him. Ich will 's eem sawga. 

I went out West. Ich bin noch Weshta. 

I was at home. Ich war derhame. 

I am at home. Ich bin derhame. 

I am going to bed. Ich gfe ins bet. 

I go to sleep now. Ich ga? now shlofa. 

Well, how^ goes it to-day ? Well, we gasts heit? 

Are you going to town? Ga\sht in de shtadt? 

What are you driving at now? Wass treibsht 
oil a weil? 

Are you all well? Si'd eer oil g'soond? 

Yes, we are all well. Yaw, rner sin oil g'soond. 

Where did you stop ? Wo husht du g'shtupt ? 


I must buy a new coat. Ich nius 'n nier ruck 

Did yon hear him say it? Husht een 's hara 

Yes, 1 heard it myself. Yaw, ich hob 's selwer 

Did you pay that bill ? Husht selly bill betzawlt ? 
I paid it long ago. Ich hob 's shun long betzawlt. 
Where did he come from ? Wo coomd ar bar? 
Are you yet single ? Bisht noch leddich ? 
Why don't you marry ? Ferwass hiresht net ? 
Because I don't want to. Weil ich net will. 
Where is the shoe store ? W^o is der sh oe shtore ? 
I need a pair of boots. Ich brauch 'n pawr shtiffle 
I mean to buy a pair. Ich will a pawr kawfa. 
Good boots cost money. Gooty shtiffle kushta 

I have nothing to do. Ich hob nix tzu du. 
I'll buy a new hat. Ich kawf 'n nier hoot. 
I bought a new hat. Ich hob 'n nier hoot ga- 

What's the matter now ? Wo faild 's now ? 
All's right again. Es is widder olles recht. 
Did you see them ? Husht se g'sana. 
He died last night. Arisdeletsht nauohtg'shtorwa 
I was there myself. Ich war selwer dort. 
I can't stand that. Ich con sell net shtanda. 
I know nothing more. Ich wais mix mai. 
On the other side. Uf der onner side. 
That is what I said. Sell is wass ich g'sawt hob. 
Where are you going ? W^o gsesht hee ? 
Mind your own business. Mind di eagny bisness. 
That is a very fine house down on the corner. — 

Sell is an orrick fines house droona uf 'm eck. 
That is what the old lady told me yesterday. Sell 

is wass de olt fraw mer g'sawt hut geshter. 
Now would be a good time to invest in lands. — 

Now wasr 'n gooty tzeit for in lond tzu investa. 
Better wait until property gets cheaper. Besser 

wardsht bis property wulfeller wserd. 


Our merchants appear to be prospering just now. 

Unser kawfleit shina glicklich tzu si olleweil. 
The big circus is coming to town next week. Der 

grose circus coomd in de shtadt de naigsht 

Do 3^ou know when the animal show is coming? 

Waisht wann der credoor-show coomd? 
Youn^: people travel live miles to see the circus. 

Yungy leit travela finf mile der circus tzu 

Elephants and monkeys are always interesting. 

Ellefonta un monkeys sin olsfort interesting. 
What is your opinion about monkey's, anyhow ? 

Wass is di opinion fun monkeys, anyhow ? 
Monkeys are yet considerably below human be- 
ings. Monkeys sin noch ordlich weit unner 

de mensha. 
!N"ot very much below some who are called men. 

Net orrick weit unner a dale os se menner 

Monkeys steal, but so do many men. Monkeys 

slitala, un so du'n aw feel menner. 
Men lie, but I don't know as monkeys do. Men- 

ner leega, awer ich wais net os de monkeys 

Some men are hypocrites, but how about mon- 
keys ? A dale leit sin heichler, aw^er we mit 

de monkeys ? 
Away with your monkeys — don't nnderstand 

them. Week mit de monkeys — fershtae se 

This is a very fine horse. Des is an orrick shfe- 

ner gowl. 
These are very fine horses. Des sin orx^ck shoeny 

I rode to town on horseback. Ich bin ins towaa 

garidda nf 'm gowl. 
I like to read good books. Ich gleich gooty bicher 

tzu laisa. 
This is a very good book. Des is an orrick goots 



These are very good books. Des sin orrick gooty 

This is a very fine young girl. Des is 'n orrick 

fines yung maidle. 
These are very fine young girls. Des sin orrick 

finey yungy maid. 
John is coming home next week. Der John 

coomd haim de naigsht wuch. 
John was at home last week. Der John war der- 

haim de letsht wuch. 
John intends to travel to California. Der John 

will noch California travella. 
John traveled to California. Der John is ncch 

California ga traveled . 
John has been traveling round all sunimer. Der 

John is rumm gatraveled der gons soomer. 
We have very cold weather now. Mer hen orrick 

koltes wetter allaweil. 
I must go to market for fresh butter. Irh moos 

uf der morrick gse for frisher bootter. 
How do they sell the best butter? We ferkawfa 

se der besht bootter ? 
What is the price of your butter ? Wass is der 

price fun deim bootter ? 
It seems to me that butter isn't good. Es coomd 

mer fore seller bootter is net goot. 
Are' you sure that is an honest pound? Bisht 

sure OS sell an airhches poont is ? 
What will you take for the whole lot? Wass 

nemmsht for de gons lot? 
I sell this butter for twenty-five cents. Ich fer- 

kawf dar bootler for finf un tzwonsich cent. 
This is good butter — the very best. Dess is goot- 

er bootter — der oller besht. 
The weight is honest — you can depend on that. — 

Es gawicht is airlich — du consht dich druf 

For twenty-three I'll sell the whole lot. For dri 

un tzwonsich ferkawf ich de gons lot. 
How many pounds have vou ? We feel poont 

husht ? 


I have in all sixteen })()un(ls. Icb hob in oil 

sechtzain poont. 
It looks as if we would get more rain. Es gookt 

OS wann nier niai raiga greega dnita. 
Who is that man across the way? W;X3r is seller 

mon ivver 'm waig. 
I don't think I ever before saw that man. Ich 

denk net os ich yeamohls seller mon g's£e 

He looks like a suspicious character. Ar gookd 

we 'n suspiciouser corrocter. 
What makes you say that? Wass maucht dich 

sell sawga ? 
But from wiiat do you judge? Awer fun wass 

doosht du judga? 
His general aj)pearance — his stove pipe hat. Si 

general aws^r — si shtofe pipe hoot. 
And his tight pants — and his glittering breastpin. 

Un si tighty hussa — un si glitzeriche breast- 
And his waxed moustache — his fancy cane. Un 

si g'woxder mustash — si fancy shtecka. 
Who is he anyhow? He needs watching. Wier 

is ar anyhow ? Ar braucht watchas . 
He may need watching — he may be bad. Con 

si OS ar watchas l)raucht — ar mawg shlecht 

He may be a thief, or a murderer. Ar maw^g 'n 

deeb si, oddar 'n marder. 
He may be even worse than that. Ar mawg aw 

shlechter si os sell. 
But, who knows? Why judge before we know? 

Awer, wser wais? Waurum judga eb mer 

wissa ? 
He may be a wealthy humanitarian. Ar is fer- 

leicht an reicher mensha-freind. 
Perhaps he is a leading capitalist. Ferleicht is 

ar an leadinger capitalisht. 
Perhaps he wtmts to locate here. Ferleicht will 

ar doh locata. 


And build a mill, a furnace or something else. 

Un a nieel baua, an forness, odder ebbas 

Perhayjs be is a Senator, or some Congressman. 

Ar is ferleicht 'n Senator, odder 'n Congress- 

Or, he may be a distingnislied minister. Odder 

ar mawg 'u bareemter preddicher si. 
Or a. great professor, or a correspondent. Odder 

'n grosser professor, odder 'n correspondent. 
For my part I mean to let him alone. For my 

dale, ich glawb ich luss 'n gj«. 
Sleighing is very good just now. Shlitta bawn is 

orrick goot allaweil. 
How did you like your sleigh ride? We husht 

di shiitta ride gaglicha? 
A good sleigh ride is always enjoyable. An 

gooter shlitta ride is olsfo'l awganame. 
Are you going to the election to-morrow? Ga^sht 

on de 'lection morya? 
Of course I will — everybody ought to go? Uf 

course will ich — yeader mon set gse. 
How do you think the election will result? We 

denksht'os de 'lection gaet? 
I believe tbat 'the right ticket will win. Ich glawb 

OS 's recht ticket g'winnt. 
And I believe it will be badly beaten. Un ich 

glawb o- 's orrick gabutta wa^rd. 
Our district' will give a large majority. Unser 

district gebt an grossy majority. 
I think you ,are greatly mistaken. Ich denk du 

bisht orrick mistaken. 
What makes you,, think that? Wass maucht 

dich sell-denka? 
Because I ,.hear so many talk the other ^vay. 

Weil ich so feel hare der onnerwaigshwetza. 
Then you think our ticket will be beaten. D:n 

denksht unser ticket wa^rd gabutta. 
That is just what I firmly believe. Sell is yoosht 

wass ich feshtlich glawb. 


Perhaps you are going wrong yourself. Ferleicht 

gsesht du sei wer letz. 
No, I'm going to vote as every man should. Nay, 

ich will vota we an yeader monn vota set. 
But Avhich side do you call the right one ? Awer 

welly side haisht du de recht ? 
Why my side is the right one, of course it is. Ei 

my side is de recht, of course is se. 
What are the crop prospects this year? Wass 

sin de ous-sichta for de froochtdes yohr? 
Well so so ; I think as a whole they are good. 

Well, so so ; Ich denk, im gonsa, se sin goot. 
Wheat looks very well, and so does rye. Waitza 

gookt orrick goot, un so doots korn. 
Grass is not so good — it needs a good rain.'Graws 

is net so goot — es faild 'm an gooter raiga. 
Oats is middling, coming up to the average. Hau- 

wer is middlemaisich — coomd ruf tzum aver- 
Have you commenced your harvesting ? Husht 

shun di arnta awg'fonga ? 
I think I will commence next week. Ich denk 

ich fong de naigsht woch aw. 
I suppose you are done with haymaking? Ich 

fermoot du bisht ta?rtich hoymaucha? 
Not yet ; we yet have about ten loads to haul in. 

Noch net; mer hen noch about tzain loads 

ei tzu fawra. 
How many acres of wheat have you? We feel 

ockcr waitza husht? 
I have tW'enty-seven acres. Ich höh sivva un 

tzwonsich ocker. 
And how man}^ acres of corn? Un we feel ocker 

welshkorn ? 
Do you know that old Tom Jones is dead? — 

Waisht OS der olt Tom Jones dote is ? 
I didn't know^ that. Wlien did he die ? Ich hob 

sell net g'wisst. Wann is ar g'shtorwa ? 
He died on last Thursday. Ar is g'shtorwa om 

1 etsh t a Doon ersh d a wg . 


What was the matter with him? Wass hut 'm 

He had an attack of billions fever. Ar hut 'n at- 
tack fnm golla fever g'hot. 
Old Tom left a good deal of property. Der olt 

Tom hut ordhch feel property hinnerlnssa. 
Yes, I should call him worth fully fifty thousand. 

Yaw, Ich dait een fullens .fooftzich danssend 

wi«rt haisa. 
As much as that ? So feel os sell ? 
Yes, all of that, and rather more. Yaw, gons so 

feel, un rather maner. 
I khowofno property he owned except the fjirm. 

I wais fun kem property os ar eagent except 
de bau er ei. 
But he also has ten thousand government bonds. 

Awer ar hut aw tzain danssend in govern- 
ment bender. 
And he also has money on other securities. Un 

ar hut aw geld uf onnery securities. 
Do you know whether Tom made a will ? Waisht 

eb der Tom an willa g'maucht hut ? 
That I cannot say with with certainty. Sell con 

ich net for sure sawga. 
I suppose the widow wiH administer. Ich fer- 

moot OS de widfraw wterd adminishtra. 
She was in town to engage a lawyer anyhow. Se 

war anyhow in der shtadt for 'n lawyer 

I suppose they will sell out some of the stock. — 

Ich fermoot os se an dale fum shtock ous 

What do they now pay for the best coal ? Wass 

betzawla se for de beshty coala now? 
I must go up to Brown's and buy a load. Ich 

moos noof ons Brown's gse un a load kawfa. 
What's the price of nut coal? Wass is der price 

fun de nut coala? 
I like that kind as well as any other. Ich gleich 

selly so goot os ennich onner3\ 

PRACTICAL exerclsp:s. 183 

They are more easily kindled than the larger 

size. Se sin leichter aw g'shteckd os de gres- 

Was you at Churc;h on Sunday evening ? Warsht 

in der ka?rrich om Soondawg owet? 
Yes, I was there, and so was niy wife. Yaw, ich 

war, ini so war my fraw. 
What do you think of the new pastor? Wass 

denksht fum nia i:>orra? 
I don't like him as well as the old one. Ich 

gleich 'n net so goot os der olt. 
Why not, what's the matter with hini ? Warum 

net, wass is don letz mit 'm? 
Why he don't preach at all, he only reads. Ei 

ar preddicht gor net, ar lais'd yoosht. 
Bnt many of the best preachers do the same. — 

xiwer feel fun de beshty preddicher doon 's 

Then why call them preachers — why not readers? 

Waurum haist mer se don preddicher — fer- 

wass net laiser? 
But reading shows care, study, and industry. 

Awer laisa weist auchtung, shtudy, un fleis. 
That may be so, but I go in for square preaching. 

Sell mawg so si, awer ich gse ni for plain pred- 

There is another thing al)Out him I don't like. 

Es is noch ebbas on eem os ich net gleich. 
He looks as if he was very proud. Ar gookd os 

wann ar orrick shtuls wser. 
That's a mistake, he is very sociable. Sell is 'n 

mistake, ar is orrick friendlich. 
But such a waxy moustach don't suit a preacher. 

Awer so'n g'woxter mustash suit kre pred- 
Oh, why such a mustache is just the style. Oh, 

so'n mustash is yoosht der shtyle. 
But what we want is more gospel and less style. 

Awer wass mer wella is maner eflbngalium 

un net so feel shtvle. 


You must remember that he is yet a young man. 

Du moosht aw badenka os ar noch 'n yunger 

mon is. 
But old enough to have plain common sense. — ■ 

Awer olt ganoonk for plainer commoner fer- 

It seems to me you are very hard to please. 

Es dinkt mich du wsersht orrick hord tzu 

If only he'd cut off that moustache. Wann ar 

yoosht seller mustash obshneida dait. 




Bookseller. — Well, what can I do for vou to- 
day ? 

Booch-bondler. — Well was con ich du for 
dich heit? 
Customer. — Have you Ranch's new book on 
Penn. Dutch ? 

Customer. — Husht 'm Rauch si ni booch 
uf Penn. Deitsh? 

B. Just sold the last copy we had — if you'll 
wait ten minutes I'll have another lot. 

B. Hob yoosht 's letsht copy derfu fer- 
kawft — wann du tz?e minoota wardsht will 
ich an onnery lot dob hawa. 

C. Accoring to that they sell rapidly. 

C. According tzu sellam du'n se shtorrick 

B, Sell ! They go off like hot buckwheat 
cakes. But (to clerk) just step around and order 
fifty more copies forthwith. 

B. Ferkawfa ! Se gaen ob we haisy buch- 
waitza koocha. Awer (tzum clarrick) shtep 
yoosht rumm un order fooftsich copies mai- 


C. What's the price of the book? 

C. Wass is der price funi booch ? 

B. A dollar and a half. 

B. A dawler nn a holwer. 

C. Isn't that rather a high price? 

C. Is s?ll net rather 'n hocher price? 

B. It is above the average, but it is a specialty, 
and when you come to see it you wouldn't do 
without it for five times the price. ( The clerk 
returns with half a dozen Hand-Books, and says 
the remainder of the newly ordered lot will be 
along in the course of an hour.) 

B. Es is uvvich 'm average, awer es is 
special, un wanndu'samohl saishtdondaitsht 
net ona du for finf mohl der price. ( Der 
clarrick coomd tzurick mit a holb dootze;xl 
Hond Bicher, un sawgt os de irveriche fun 
der ni g'orderdy lot awcooma waerra in 
about a shtoond.) 

C. Well, this is a neat book, that's a foct. 

C. Well, des is aw an shaines booch, sell 
in 'n fact. 

B. And who'd a thought that the Penn. Dutch 
contains nearly four thousand regular words, be- 
sides a thousand or more transferred from Enghsh? 

B. Un waer hets gadenkt os de Penn. 
Deitsh shproah sheer feer daussend wardta 
het, l)esides a daussend mainer os yoosht ous 
'm English ganooma sin ? 

C. I see its a good book, and I'll take two cop- 
ies, one for myself and the other I'll send to my 
son-in-law in New York. 

C. Ich s?e 's is a goots booch, un ich nem 
tzwjTe copies, ains for mich selwer un 's onner 
will ich meim duchter mon in Nei Yorrick 

B. Nothing else to-day ? 
B. Nix soonsht heit? 

C. Well, let me see — yes, I want a quire of 
your best note paper and a package of enveloj^es, 
and, by the way — whats the price of History of 


the Rebellion ? 

B. Well, Inss inuch sana — yaw, ich will 
aw an quire luni hesht note bobbeer un a. 
pock envelopes, unaw, luss sana, wass is der 
price fnni Kcbellion History ? 

B. Thats two and a quarter. 
B. Sell is tzwie un a fartle. 

C. Say two — thats enough. 

C Sawg tzwAe — sell is g'noonk, 

B. Well, ye's, take it. Nothingelse? 

B. Well, yaw, neras. Wix soonsht? 

C. No, nothing else this time — oh, yes, I al- 
most forgot — I must have a number two reader 
for my boy, and also a slate and slate pencil. 

C. Nay, nix soonsht des mohl — oh yaw, 
ich het sheer fergessa, ich mus aw an num- 
ber two reader hawa for my bu, un aw an 
shlate pencil. 

B. Nothing else ? 

. B. Nix sunsht? 

C. No, that's all. Now how much does it all 
amount to ? 

C, Nay, sell is all. Now we feel maucht 
sell all tzumma? 

B. Well, there's Eauch's Penn. Dutch, a dol- 
lar and a half a piece, three dollars; the Re- 
ballion, two dollars ; Reader, seventy-five ; paper, 
tea ; slate and pencil, say twenty-five ; envelopes, 
ten ; in all six dollars and ten cents. 

B. Well, doh is's Ranch's Penn. Dutch, a 
dawler un a holwer's shtick, dri dawler; Re- 
bellion, tzwa^ dawler; Reader, finf un siv- 
vatzich;boobeer,tzain; shlate un pencil, finf un 
tzwonsich; envelopes tzain — in oil sex daw- 
tzain cent. 

C. Say the even six dollars. 

C. Sawg de ava sex dawler. 

B. All right — six dollars. 

B. Oil recht — sex dawler. 

C. Oh, I really forgot — I must have a copy of 
Pilgrim's Progress for my daughter — promised 


her one long ngo — whats the price of that neat 

gilt-edged with clasps ? 

0. Oh, really, ich noh fergessa— -ich mus 
aw 'n copy fun Pilgrim's Progress hawa. Ich 
hobs shun long miner dochter fershprucha — ^ 
wass is der price derfii^sell mit 'm gilt edge 
un selly clasps draw? 

B. Two and a quarter. 

B. Tzw8e un a fsertle. 

C. Say two dollars ? 

C. Sawg tzw£e dawler. 

B. Well— ^can hardly do it, but being its you, 
all right. 

B, Well, ich cons hardly du, awer weil 's 
dich is willich's oil recht haisa. 

C. Now I am done sure, good bye ! 

C. Now bin ich awer faertich sure, good 

B. Good bye. 

B. Good bye. f 


Proprietor. — Walk in, walk in— here's the place 
for the best and cheajDcst — what can I do for you 
—whole suit, or only coat, pants and vest ? ^ 

Proprietor. — Coom ri, coom ri — doh is der 

plotz fors besht un wulfelsht— wass con ich 

du for dich— -a gonsy suit, odder yoosht an 

ruck, hussa un jacket? 

Customer. — Indeed I hardly know — I'll just look 

at your pants, for that's all I need just now. 

Customer. — ^Ich Avais g'wiss sheer net — Ich 
will yoosht amohl eier hussa bagooka for sell 
is 's ainsich os ich brauch alleweil. 
P. Want them dark ? 

P. Wass forriche, doonkeley? 

C. Well yes, dark, but not quite black. 

C. Well, yaw, doonkle, awer net gou3 


P. Here's a pair that will just fit you— only 
four dollars and a quarter ; and here's a pair for 
three seventy -five; and here's a pair for three 

P. Doh sin a pawr os dich goot fitta — yoosht 
feer dawler un a fa^rtle. Uu doh sin a pawr 
for dri un dri fa'rtle, un doh an onners pawr 
for dri dawler. 
C. Is'nt this stuff nearly, or entirely cotton ? 
C. Is des shtuff net sheer oil bau-wuU? 
P. Well no — this pair contains some cotton, 
but mostly wool, and this pair is all wool and 

P. Well nay — des pawr doh hut ebbas bau- 
wull, awer der graisht dale derfu is wull, un 
des doh pawr is oil wull un sell warn ich. 
C. Well, I'll give you three and a quarter but 
not another cent. 

C. Well, ich geh der dri un a fsertle, awer 
■net 'ircent mainer. 
P. Say three and a half. 

P. Sawg dri un a holwer. 
C. No. three and a quarter is all I'll do. 

C. Nay, dri un a faertle is olles os ich du. 
P. Oh, I wont stand on a quarter, so here goes, 
they are yours. But now you want a vest also, 
to match don't vou ? 

P. Oh, ich will net sht?e uf a fa?rtle, so doh 
gaits — se sin di. Awer now wid aw noch an 
jacket for dertzu matcha, dusht net? 
C. What will you charge me for a vest of the 
same quality of goods ? 

C. Wass wid mich charga for 'n jacket 
fun der same quality ? 
P. Lets see ; here is one— the price is two and 
a quarter, and I'll put it to you at two dollars. 
That's very cheap. 

P. Luss mohl Sana, doh is ains, der price 
is tzwse un a fsertle, un ich du's tzu der for 
tzw^ dawler. C. Sell is orrick wulfel. 


C. Now you do know how to charge. I can 
buy as good a vest as that for a dollar and a 

C. Now, du waisht we tzu charga. Ich 
con so'n goots vest kawfa os sell is for an 
dawler un a feertle. 

B. Indeed you can't. Two dollars is the lowest 
possible price for which it can be sold without 
loss. The fact is, it costs me just one dollar and 
ninety cents. 

B. Du consht gawiss net. Tzwa3 dawler 
is 's niddersht os ich nemma con defore ona 
tzu ferleera. De facht is, 's kusht mich yusht 
ea dawler un ninetzich cent. 

C. Well, I don't care what it cost you — I'll 
take it at one seventy-five. 

C. Well, ich geb nix drum wass es dich 
gakusht nut — ich nems for ain dawler un finf 
un sivvatzich cent. 

P. As times are rather hard just now you can 
have it at triat. Now let me show you a coat, I'm 
sure you need one. 

P. Weil de tzeita rather hord sin yoosht 
nems. Now luss mich der amohl an ruck 
weisa, for ich bin sure os du aner brauchsht. 
C. But I can't Avell afford it just now. 

C. Awer ich con 's net goot aftbrda ol- 
P. Here's one very cheap — same quality of 
goods for nine and a half. 

P. Doh is ainer orrick wulfel — same quali- 
ty fun shtufF, for nine un a holwer. 
C. Even if I wanted a coat, I would'nt give 
you more than about seven and a half for it. 

C. Wann ich aw an ruck wet dait ich der 
net mse gerva derfore os sivva un a holwer. 
P. But you do want one, and I'll let you have 
it for nine dollars. 

P. Awer du doosht ane braucha un ich 
geb der den doh for nine dawler. 


C. Whats the use of talking — I say I don't 
want any coat just now, and even if I did, I 
would'nt go a cent above eight dolhirs no how. 

C. Wass is de use derfa tzu shwetza ? Ich 
sawg ich will kenner olleweil, un wann ich 
aw ainer wet dait ich kte cent haicher gae os 
audit dawler. 
P. Say eight seventy-five. 

P. Sawg aucht finf un sivvatzich. 
C. I tell you again I don't need a coat just 

C. Ich sawg noch amohl ich brauch kse 
ruck ollaweil. 
P. Just to see how well it will become you — 
suppose you try it on. 

P. Yoosht tzu Sana we goot ar dich ba- 
coomt, suppose du proweersht 'n amohl aw. 
C. Whats the use of trying it on when I don't 
mean coat business? 

C. Wass is de use for 'n aw proweera wan 
nich doch net uf der ruck bisness mainung 
P. Oh, well, just try it on any how. (C. tries it 
on) now thats what I call a first rate fit — perfectly 
faultless . Here's the glass, look and see for your- 

P. Oh, well, proweer'n yoosht aw any how 

(C. proweert'n aw) now sell is wass ich an 

fii^t rater fit hais — parfectly failer fri. Doh 

is 'n glaws, gook 'n amohl aw un ste for dich 


C. Well, (looking at it before the glass) it is 

a pietty good fit thats a fact, but then as I said 

already, I don't need a coat — I'll — let me see — 

whats the lowest you'll take for it? 

C. Well, (fore 'm glaws) es is 'n ordlich 
gooty fit, sell is 'n fact, awer we shun amohl 
g'sawt, ich brauch kse ruck — ich — luss mich 
Sana — wass is 's niddersht os du nemsht der- 


P. I said eight seventy-five, but as it becomes 
you so admirably you may keep it for eight and 
a half. 

P. Ich hob audit linf ou sivatzich g'sawt, 
awer weil ar deer so goot bacoomd mavvgsht 
'n b'holta for aucht un a holwer. 
C. Well, I guess I might as well take it. Have 
you any suspenders ? 

C. Well, ich denk ich dait 'n yoosht so 
goot nemma. Husht aw gallases ? 
P. Yes, here's a fine variety — these are twenty- 
five cents, these thirty-five, and this lot sixty. 

P. Yaw, doh is 'n finey sort — de doh sin 
finf un tzwonsich cent, de doh finf un drisich, 
un selly onner lot sechtzich. 
C. I'll take a pair of these at thirty-five. 

C. Ich nem a pawr fun denn^ on finf un 
P. Any thing else ? 

P. Ennich ebbas soonsht? 
C. Yes, a box of No. 15 paper collars. 

C. Yaw, 'n box No. 15 bobbeerny collars. 
P. We also have some very good and cheap 

P. Mer hen aw orrick gooty un wulfelly 
C. But I positively want nothing in that line. 
C. Awer ich will positeefly nix in seller 
P. Here are some very excellent undershirts 
at seventy-five, and drawers at the same. 

P. Doh sin ivver ous gootyunner hemmer 
for finf un sirvatzich cent, un drawers om 
C. Well give me a pair of each. 

C. Well, geb mer a pawr fun yadam. 
P. Now you want stockings — here's some for 
twenty cents a pair. 

P- Now, du wid aw shtrimp — doh sin for 
finf un tzwonsich cent 's pawr. 


C. Give me <al)Out three pair. 

C. Gob mer about ilri pawr, 
P. Nothiiiti: else? 

P. NixsoonslU? 
C. That is alL Xow how much is the whole 

C. jSTay, sell is oil. Xow we feel mjiucht 
de ,2:0ns bill. 
P. (Notiuu: (lowu and adding up) seventeen 
dollars and lifty-iive cents, the cheapest out fit 
<ever sold. 

P. (D.)ot olles tzonima adda) sivvatzain 
dawler un finf un fooftsich cent, de wulfelsht 
out fit OS yeamohls ferkawffc is warra. 
Customer settles up, and bids farewell. 

Der customer settled uf un sawi:;t farrvwell. 


Invalid. — Have you any thing to cure rheuma- 

Invalid. — Husht eunich ebbas os roomatis 
cured ? 
Druggist. — The very best remedy in the world 
— its Jones' unfailing herb renied}', positively cur- 
ing every complaint IVom whooping cough down 
to square tooth ache. 

Obbadaiker. — 'S very besht in der welt — 'ni 

Jones si unfailbawry kreiter mittle possrteefly 

cured oily menshlichy complaints fum bio 

hooshta aw bis nunner tzu shquare tzaw-wai. 

I. And how do you sell that stulf ? 

I. Un we ferkawlsht sell shtuft? 
D. One dollar a bottle. 

D. Ain dawler de buttle. 
I. Well, I'll take a bottle. 

I. Well, ich nem a buttle. 
D. Anj^ thing else ? 

D. Ennich ebbas soonsht ? 
T. Why yes — the old woman wants a box of the 
celebrated Swiss pills — I believe you keep them. 


I. Ei yaw — de oil fraw will a l)ox fun de 
bareenita 8h weitzer pilla — ich ula wb der balta 
fnn sella ? 
D. Yes, wekeej) tbeni until we sell tbeni. Here 
i* a box. You will und di] ecti(^ns on tbe wrapper- 
One dose froni tbree to live, and if that tails to ope- 
rate then take the box. 

D. Yaw, nier holta se bis nier se ferkawta. 
Dob is an box derfu. Du finnsbt de directions 
ufm wrapper. Ea dose fun dri bisiinf, un 
wann sell failed tzn shotfa don neni de box. 
llie invalid paid for his remedies and left. 

Der invalid hut si duckter shtuft batzawlt 
un is uf un ob. 


Doctor in sick room.— Well, what seems to be 
the matter with Annie ? 

Duckter in der kronka shtoob. — Well, wass 
is letzmit der Annie? 
Mother at bed side. — Indeed I dont know what 
is the matter. She was ailing all of yesterday 
and last night, with severe headache and feverish, 
and it seems to me also that she has a swelling of 
the neck. 

Mooter om side fum bet. — Eei ich wais g'wiss 

net wo's failed. Se hut gaclaug'd geshter der 

gons dawg un aw deletsht naucht, hut kup- 

wse un fever, un es coomd mer aw fore era 

hols w?er g'shwulla. 

D. (Feeling pulse) Yes, she seems to be a little 

feverish. Annie, just let me see your tongue. 

Yes, that's it. Has Annie been eating anything 

this morning? 

D. (Feeld der pools) Yaw, sesheind a wen- 

nich feverish tzu si. Annie, weis mer amohl 

di tzoong. Yaw. so is 's. Hut de Annie ebbas 

g'essa den morya? 

M. Ko, not a mouthful except two soft boiled 

eggs, a piece of toast well buttered and a piece of 

steak about half as big as my hand. She di-ank 


two cups of coffee, however. 

M. Nay, net a niowiful except tzwre waich 

gakuclitx' oyer, ashtick toast goot gabooterd 

nil a shtick fiaisb net holb so gross os my 

bond. Se but aw tzwa' cupHii coffee ga- 


D. Ob tben ber case may not necessarily be a 

serious one. At all events I think we'll ~oon get 

iier over this attack. 

D. Oh don is era case doch net g'fairlich. 
Anyhow ich d-nk mer wa?rra sebolivver den 
attack bringa. 
M. I hope so, for I dont know what I'd do if 
Annie would die— it would set me crazy. 

M. Ich will sohuffa, for ich wais net wass 
ich du dait wann de Annie shtarwa set — es 
dait mer narrich maucha. 
D. Don't be uneasy — she'll be all right in a day 
©r two — no danger at all. 

D. Si net'unruish-- se coomd oil recht in 
a dawg odder tzwie — gor kve g'fore. 
M. What is it that's the matter with— it is'nt 
what they call conges^tion of the brain, is it? 

M.' Wass is es os era failed — is 's net wass 

se de congestian fum gabarn baisa ? 

D. No indeed — notbing'of that kind — its only 

a case of overtasking the stomach and a slight 

cold, causing some nervous agitation, with a little 

mental prostration. 

D. Nay, nay, nix fun der awrt — es isyoosht 

an ivverlawdung fum mawga un a wennich 

kalt OS an nartishe unru feroorsaucht mit 

a wennich gameets fershw^echerung. 

M. But doctor, Annie is very sick—seriously 

»iek, and I'm sure she needs medicine. 

M. Awer duckter, de Annie is orrick kronk 

— g'fairlich kronk, un ich bin sure os se medi- 

tzeen hawa moos. 

D. Well yes, of course, its as I say— she's sick, 

but what I mean is she is not in that sort of con- 


dition ns to cause the least alnrm. 

D. Well ynw. of course, es is we ich &'awg% 

se is kronk, awer wass ich niaue is os se net 

in so ji condition is os enniche unro feroor- 

sauclia set, 

M. May be its what they call diphtheria — oh : 

I do liope she'll get over it. 

M. Ferleicht is 's wass se diphtheria baisa. 
Oh ! icli du hnlFa se coonid drivve:. 
D. No diphtheria at alh and in fact nothing se- 
rious of any kind. Fact is I can't name any par- 
ticuhir complaint, because there is none other 
than as I stated — slightly indisposed. 

D. Gor kte diphtheria, nn in fact gor nix 

g'fairlichs fun ennicher awrt. De fact is ich 

con kae particularer nawnia fun kroidvheit 

gevva weil es kte realy kronkheit is, awer 

yoosht a wennich ung'soondichkeit. 

M. Then you are not going to give her any 

medicine, are you? If you won't, I'll have to send 

for Doctor Smith, because I'm as certain as I live 

that Annie is seriously sick. 

M. Dennioch wid era kfe meditzeen gevva; 

wann net shick ich for der Duckter Shmit, 

for ich bin so sure os ich Iseb os de Annie 

g'iairlich Ivronk is. 

D. Well, you may send for Doctor Smith if yon 

will, and if you do, he will fully agree wdth me 

that there is nothing serious the matter with 


D. Well, du mawgshtfor der Duckter Shmit 

shicka wana du wit, un wann du doosht don 

wa^rd ar aw fullens agreea mit mer osgor nix 

g'fairliches mitder Annie is. 

M. Well 1,11 take your Avord for it, but, then 

I'm sure she needs some medicine. 

M. Well, ich will don di wardt derfore 
nemma, awer, ich bin sure os se doch medi- 
tzeen hawa mus. 
D. Oh yes, of course she does and I mean to give 
her just what she needs, and if you'll let me have 


a piece of paper I'll prepare some powders — the 
the very thing- that will bring her all right inside 
of twenty-four hours. 

D. Oh yaw, of course, un ich will aw gevva 
yoosht wass se braucht, un wann du nier 'n 
shtick bobbeer gebsht will ich etlich pilterlin 
prepara for se; un selly bringa serous in wen- 
nicher os feer un tzwonsich shtoond 
The Doctor prepared the powders, and direct- 
ed one to be taken in sugar every two hours, and 
as he left the room, Annie's mother began to sus- 
pect that after all she may have been needlessly 

Der Duckter hut de pilferlin prepared un 
g'orderd anes ei tzu gevva oily tzwse shtoond, 
un we ar tzu der shtoob nous is, hut der Annie 
era mooter suspect os om end hut se ka3 ur- 
sauch g'hot for nnrooich tzu si. 


Clerk. — How do you do to-day mam. Can I be 
of any service to you ? 

Clarrick. — We mauchts heit. Con ich eb- 
bas du for dich ? 
Ladv. — I want to see some of vour best black 
silks. ' 

Lady. — Ich will amohl eier beshter shwar- 
tza sida sana. 
C. Yes 'm. Just please step this way. Here 
are the best goods ever produced— perfectly fault- 
less. Here is a piece at a dohar; and here atone 
and a quarter; this atone doUar sixty and here 
still better at one eighty. 

C. Yaw. Si so g;30tun shtep den waig. 
Doh sin de beshty goods osyeamoh Is g'maucht 
sin warra, parfect un failer-fri, Doh is 'n 
shtick on a dawler; un doh on anes un a f^ertle ; 
nu des doh a dawler un sechtzich, un doh ols 
noch besser for an dawler un auchtzich. 
L. Sure that this is the best? 

L. Sure os des 's besht is ? 
C. Rely on it, this is the very best that the lead- 


ing bouses of New York and Philadelphia can 
furnish. There is nothing- any where to surpass 
these goods. 

C. Ferluss dich druf, des is 's very besht os 
mer kawfa con in de leading heiser in Nei 
Yorrick odder Philadelphia. Es sin gor kse 
goods OS de dob beata kenna. 
L. It looks well — you are sure its the best ? Mrs. 
Jenkins has a dress that seemed to me unsurpas- 
sed, and I want none below that grade. 

L. Es gookt shae — bisht sure os des 's besht 

is OS tzu hawa is ? De Mrs. Jenkins hut 'n 

dress os mer ivvertrefflich tore coomd un ich 

will nix OS net uf coomd tzu eras. 

C. Why Mrs. Jenkins' dress to which you refer 

is from tliis very piece, and you say truly, it is 


C. Ei der Mrs. Senkins era dress is fun dem 
very same shtick, un du husht recht wann 
du sawgsht 's is ivvertretfiich. 
L. Then you have none to beat this, have you ? 

L. Demnoch husht nix os des beata con? 
C. Well, let me see, here is a piece of figured 
goods, equal as to quality and as a matter of taste 
1 incline to think it is richer in consequence of 
the figure, 

C. Well, luss mich sana — dob is 'n shtick 
OS g'figgerd is, un es is yoosht 'n froke fun 
taste e"b 's shenner is; ich denk de figger gebt 
dem a shenners awsai. 
L. What's the price of it ? 

L. Wass is der price fum dem ? 
C. W^ell, the price of this is two ten^ust twenty- 
five cents per yard more. 

C. Well, der price fun dem is tzwae dawler 
un tz£e cent-^yusht finf un tzwonsich cent de 

yord main er. 
L. Its higher priced, then, is it? 

L. Don is des dob haicher in price ? 
C. Yes, twentv-five- cents higher, and I think it 


worth fully that much more. 

C. Yaw, finf un tzwonsich rent haicber, 

iin ich denk es is aw fallens so feel mai wtert. 

L. I don't know hut that it is, and I think it 

looks yet richer than Mrs. Jenkins' — don't you 

think so too ? 

L. Ich wase net eb 's net so is, un ich denk 
es gookt noch reicher os der Mrs. Jenkins 
eras— denksht net aw so ? 
C. Oh certainly, its richer and better. 

C. Yaw gawiss, os is reicher un besser, 
L. Well, I'll take — let me see — eighteen yards 
— and you may fill the necessary trimmings, and 
send it up to No. 945, Quality street. The bill 
you'll send to my husband, Mr. Sw^elling at his 
office, No. 28 Finawe Avenue. 

L. Well, ich nemn — luss mohl sana aucht- 
zain yard, un du mawgsht de trimmings ad- 
da, un shicks nuf tzu nummer nine hoonert 
un tinf un tfertzich (945) Quality shtrose. De 
bill shicksht tzu meim monn on siner office, 
nummer aucht un tzwonsich (28) Finawe 


Housekeeper. — I want to look at some of your 
parlor chairs. 

Housekeeper. — Ich will amohl eir' parlor 
Proprietor.— Just please follow me — we have a 
splendid lot and I think I can suit you. Here 
they are, as you see, a splendid assortment. 

Proprietor. — Yusht si so goot un lawf mit 
— mer hen a splendity lot an ich denk ich 
con dich suita. Doh sin se, un du s^esht os 
es an finey sortment is. 
H. What's tlie price of this set, including rock- 
ing chair ? 

H. Wass is der price fun dara set, mit 'm 
shuckle shtool? 

P. I'll sell you that set at twenty-six dollars — 


you couldn't select a finer set than that. 

P. Ich ferkawf der sei ley ibr sex un tzwon- 
sich dawler — du consht narryats kse finery 
set OS selly finna. 
H. And whats the price of these. 

H. Un wass is der price fun denna ? 
P. They are a little cheaper — twenty-two. 

P. De sin a wennich wulfeller — tzwse un 
H. And these? 
H. Undee? 
P. These are the same price. Now, here is a 
set, the best we have and you can't get a finer set 
than this one any where. I'll sell them to you 
for thirty-four — rocker and stool included. 

P. Dee sin der same price. Now, doh is 'n 
set, de beshty os mer hen, un du consht nar- 
ryats kae finery set finna os dee sin, gook wo 
du wit. Selly ferkawf ich for feer un drisich, 
der rocker un shtool gane mit. 
H. Is'nt the price rather high? 
H. Is sell net rather hoch? 
P. It seems high, but not when you come to con- 
sider that they are the best you can buy any 
where, they are not too high. 

P. Es sheint hoch tzu si, awer wann du con- 
siddersht os es de beshty sin os mer kawfa 
con, don sin se om end net tzu hoch. 
H. If you'll take thirty dollars 1,11 take them. 
H. Wan du's drisich dawler nemsht 
don nem ich se. 
P. Say thirty-two — split the diflference. 

P. Sawg tzwse un drisich — shplitder differ- 
H. Is that the best you can do ? 

H. Is sell 's best os'd du consht ? 
P. That is the very best I can do. You see the 
most valuable goods, though in the end the cheap- 
est, do cost more and run into cash, and for that 


we must keep the figures down as low as possible, 
and thirty-two dollars is as low as I can make it. 
The fact is, it cuts off almost the entire profit. 

P. Sell is' sl)esiitos ichdu con. Du waisht 
de beshty goods sin om end de wulfelshty, 
awer es is wohr, se runna haicher ins geld, 
un des is de ursauch os mer de figgersso weit 
OS miglich droona halta missa, un tzwa? un 
drisich is so nidder osich 's mauchacon. De 
fact is es dii't der pruffit sheer gor all ous 
H. How soon can you send them down. 
H. We bol kensht se noonershicka ? 
P. I can send theni down inside of an hour. 
P. Ich con snooner shicka inside fun a 
H. Well, I'll take 'em. Just please make me a 
bill and receipt it. Here's two twenties — forty 

H. Well, ich nem se. Si so goot un maucli 

'n bill derfu un du se risseeta. Doh sin 

tzwffi tzwonsich dawlernota — foertzichdawler. 

P. Lets see, I must give you eight dollars 

change— -here is five, and one is six, and one is 

seven and one more makes eight. Much obliged 

to you. Here's the receipt. I'll have 'em down 

insicle of half an hour. 

P. Luss mohl Sana — ich mus der aucht 
dawler wexel gevva — doh sin, finf, un anes 
maucht sex, un anes sivva, un noch anes 
aucht. Donk der aw. Doh is de risseet. 
Ich shick se nooner inside fun a holwy 
H. All right. Good day. 

H. All recht. ' Good bye. 
P. Good day. Call soon again. 

P. Good bye. Coom bol widder. 


Grocer. — And what can we do for you this time ? 
Grocer. — Un wass kenna mer du for dich 

202 . B(r8'INf:SS TALK. 

Customer, — I want two pounds of roasted coffee. 
Customer. —Ich het garn tzwa? poont g'- 
roashter cofl'ee. 
G. What price — here is some for twenty-five, 
here thirty, and this, the best at thirty-five. 

G. Weiler price — doh is for finf un tzwon- 
sich, doh drisich, un dar doh, der besht, for 
finf un drisich. 
C. Give me the thirty five. 

C. Geb mer fum finf un drisich. 
G. What else? 

G. Wass noch ? 
C. Three pounds of your ten cent sugar, 

C. Dri poont tzain cent tzooker. 
G. And what else ? 

G. Un wass noch ? 
C. Have you any country soap? 

C. Husht aw haim g'mauchty saif? 
G. We have, and of the very best quality. 

G. Ich hob, un fun der oller besht quality. 
C, Give me three pounds, and also two boxes 
of matches, a quart of salt and a half pound of 
the best green tea, 

C. Geb mer dri poont, un aw tzwe box 
matches, a quart sols un a holb poont fum 
beshta greena tte. 
G. Any thing else to-day ? 

G. Ennich ebbes soonsht heit? 
C. Well, let me see, how do you sell these dried 

C. Well, luss mohl sana, we ferkawfsht de 
drookny parshing? 
G. These we sell at ten cents per quart, or thir- 
ty-five cents per half peck. 

G. De ferkawfa mer'on tz9e cent de quart, 
odder for finf un drisich cent de holb beck. 
C. 8ure they are the best? 

C. Sure OS se de beshty sin ? 
G, I'll insure them to be the very best, 

G. Ich insures os se de very beshty sin. 
C. Well let me have a half peck. And coming 


to think I want about two pounds of cheese, and 
also a good niackarel and a package of clear 

C. Well luss mich an holh beck hawa. Un 
now denk ich draw, ich will aw about tzwse 
poont kais, un aw 'n gooter mackrel un a 
pock shtarrick. 
G. Nothing else ? 

G, Nix soonsht ? 
C. I believe that's all. How much does that 
make ? 

C. Ichglawbsellis olles. We feel mauchts? 
The grocer foots up and the customer «quares 
the bill and left with a good basket full. 

Der grocer doots uf tzaila un der customer 
shquared de account un traveled ob mit seim 
korrab ful. 


Landlord. — Well, also in town. When did you 
arrive ? 

Landlord. — W^ell, aw in dershtadt. Wann 
bisht aw cooma ? 
Guest. — Just came in. 

Gosht. — Bin yoosht cooma. 
L. Take a seat — up at the stove. Fine day. All 
well at home ? 

L. Nem a sitz — doh on der uffa. Finer 
dawg. Seid er all g'soond derhame ? 
L. We have had remarkably line weather, con- 
sidering the time of year. 

L. Mer hen ivver ous shainas wedderg'hot, 
considering de yohrstzeit. 
G. Yes, the weather is very fine, but we need 
rain, avS the streams are getting low and millers' 
find some difficuly oh account of low water, 

G. Yaw, 's wedder is orrick fine, awer mer 
setta raiga hawa weil 's wasser awfongs nid- 
der w£erd, un de miller finna difiiculty weaga 
'm nidder wasser. 
L. Did vou come in afoot? 
L. Bisht ri galuffii ? 


G. No, I drove as far as the bridge and there I 
tied the horse and walked across, an;l so did'nt 
have to pay the toll. 

G. Nay, ich bin g'fawra so weit o3 on de 

brick nn dorthob ich der gowl awgaboona nn 

bin rivver g'luffa un seller wteg hob ich kse 

bricka geld tzawla braucha. 

The Landlord did'nt seem to be very fjivorably 

impressed with his bridge dodging customer, and 

found it convenient to attend to the wants of one 

who had just arrived with a carpet bag. 

Der wseert hu netg'sheint orrick favorably 
impressed tzu si niit seim brika dodge cus- 
tomer, un ar huts noatwendich g'foona for 
tzu aim tenda os yusht aw cooma is mit 'm 
a carpet bag in der bond. 


Lawyer. Well sir — let me see, Mr. Mack, I be- 
lieve ? 

Lawyer. — Well, luss mich sana, ich glawb 
du bisht der Mr. Mack ? 
Client, — Yes, Ma('k is my name. 

Client. — Yaw, Mack is my nawma. 
L. You reside up in the valley I believe? 

L. Du wohnsht druvva in der valley, net 
so? ^ 

C. Yes, I have lived there for now nearly ten 
years, and I just came down to-day to see you 
about some business. 

C. Yaw, dort hob ich shun sheer tzain 

yohr g'wohnt, un ich bin heit yoosht rooner 

cooma for tzu sana weaga a wennich bisness. 

L. Well, Mr. Mack, what's the nature of the 

business ? 

L. Well, Mr. Mack, was is de noddoor fun 
der bisness ? 
C. Why its about settling up my father-in-law's 

C. Ei es is weaga meim shweega fodder sin- 
er eshtate settla. 
L. When did he die ? 


L. Wann is ar g'shtorwa? 
C. Hg died week before last. 

C. De wocli for der letsbt is ar g'shtorwa. 
L. Leave much property? 

L. Hiitar feel property hiniierlussa? 
C. Well yes, he left his farm, and some bonds 
and notes, and a good deal of .«took on the farm, 
C. Well yaw, ar hut si baueri, un bender, 
un notes un aw an ordlich grosser shtock uf 
der baueri. 
L. And who is going to administer ? 

L. Un W8er will adminishtra? 
C. That's what 1 want you to see about. 

C. Sell is ewa weaga wass os ich dich sana 
L. Is the widow living? 

L. Ltebt de widfraw noch ? 
C. No, she died two years ago. 

L. Nay, se is g'shtorwa for tzwse yohr. 
L. Your wife is living is she? 

L. Di fraw Isebt noch, net so? 
C Yes, sh^. and her sister and one brother — 
that's all the family. 

C. Yaw, se du't, nn aw era shweshter un 
brooder — sell is de gons family. 
L. Has he any debts on his property? 

L. Sin en niche shoolda uf 'm property ? 
C. Oh, well, he has some debts, but not a great 

C. Oh, well, ar hut shoolda, awer net or- 
rick feel. 
L. And you want to administer, I suppose ? 
L. Un ich fermoot os du selwer admin- 
ishtra wid? 
C. Well yes, that's my intention, but may be 
Sam my brother-in-law thinks he ought to do the 

C. Well yaw, sell is my obsicht, awer der 
Sam, my shwoger will ferleicht aw sell du. 
L. Did you talk to him about it ? 

L. Husht shun mit eem g'shwetzd der- 


wea,i?a ? 
C. I did, and he said he thought we should both 

C. Ich hob, un ar hut g'maned mer setta 

oil tzwse adniinistera. 

L. Well, Mr. Mack, j'our best way is in the first 

place to pay me a retainer of twenty dollars, and 

that will enable me to act professionally in the 


L. Well, Mr. Mack, di beshter waig is im 

arshta plotz mer amohl an retainer fun tzwon- 

sich dawler gevva, un sell gebt mer d'no 

an professional recht der my roat tzAi gevva, 

C. Retainer! — Let's see, that, I suppose, means 

a lawyer's fee? 

C Retainer ! — Luss mohl sse, sell mainod 
denk ich, au lawyer's fee? 
L. Exactly so. Being only the first instalment 
we call it a retainer — to retain me in the case. 

L. Exactly so. Es is der arsht inshtalment, 
OS mer 'n retainer haisa^for mich im case 
C. Yes, now I understand. Well, here is twenty 
dollars. Now, what next ? 

C. Yaw, now fershtse ich 's. Well, doh sin 
de tzwonsich dawler. Now, wass naigsht? 
L. Well, from all you have told me, my advice 
is that you come again and bring Sam, your bro- 
ther-in-law with you, and then we'll consult him 
and proceed to business. 

L. Well, fun ollem osdu mersawgsht is my 
advice os du widder coomsht unbringsht der 
Sam, di shwoger, for mitnonner consulta un 
on de bisness gae. 
C. Then that's all we can do to-day ? 

C Don is des olles wass heit tzu du is ? 
L. That's all. But you can come again to-mor- 
row, or next day. 

L.. Sell is olles. Ower coom morrya, odder 
de naigsht dawg. 


C. Well yes, say next day. 

C. Well yaw, der naigshtdawg. 
This ended the first professional interview in re- 
gard to Mr. Mack's father-in- law's estate. 

Sell war 's end fnni arshta professional 
g'shpraich weaga 'ni Mr. Mack seini shweega 
fodder siner eshtate. 


The late Rev. Henry Harbaiigb, D. D., a native 
of Franklin Coauty, Pa., a prominent Reformed 
minister, was the author of a number of Penn. 
Dutch poems. His best production was '' Shool 
House on der Creek," which has been extensively 
published in different newspapers. Rev. Harb- 
angh's productions have all been republished, 
since his death, in a neat volume of a hundred 
and twenty-one pages, which book may be obtain- 
ed at the Reformed Church Publication House at 

Mr. Harbaugh adhered strictly to the German 
orthography, whilst we adhere to the English, for 
reasons already stated. 

Mr. Tobias Witner, residing in the vicinity of 
Buffalo, N. Y. is also a good writer of the new- 
born language, and he has made some very able 

Some years ago, Mr. E. M. Eberman wrote a 
number of humerous articles for a paper then 
published at South Bethlehem, but his orthogra- 
phy was a mixture of English and German, and 
he therefore lacked uniformity, though his pro- 
ductions were very humerous. A number of the 
German papers devote a portion of their space to 
Penn, Dutch, an 1 all, as tar as we know, adhere 
to the German spelling. Among these are the 
Allentown Republikaner, the Lebanon Pennsylva- 
nier, Easton Demokrat, Bucks County Express, and 
Doylestown Morgen Stern. The Penn. Dutch wri- 
ters for English papers generally use the English, 
as we do, but they are mostly very irregular in 
their spelling. 


In 1874, Mrs. P. E. Gil)bons published a book 
of about 300 pages, entitled "Pennsylvania Dutch," 
but it only gives some of the peculiarities of the 
Penn. Dutch people, and makes no attempt to 
produce the language except here and there a 
mere sentence, and in these efforts the writer ut- 
terly fails. For instance, " buggy ftiwra '"' (buggy- 
riding) she writes "Buggy fawry," and 'Svait a 
bit" she translates " halty bissel " instead of "halt 
a bissel " as it should be written. Also " Good 
evening " she translates " Gutenobit " instead of 
" Good 'n owet." In her comments on the pecu- 
liarities of the English spoken by people of the 
Penn. Dutch regions, Mrs. Gibbons is more suc- 

Prof. S. S. Haldeman ofthe University of Penn- 
sylvania, has written a very able essay on Penn- 
sylvania Dutch, which was published by the Philo- 
logical society of London, and may also be ob- 
tained at the Reformed Publication House, at 
Philadelpljia. In said production, Prof. H. gives 
a number of extracts from Harbaugh, Witmer, 
Rauch and others. But the book does not pre- 
tend to be a record of the language, but only de- 
scriptive. His spelling is also German. 

Miss Rachael Bahn, of York County, Pa., is 
another successful writer of Penn. Dutch, and 
she has contributed several very good productions 
of poetry. 

Mr. Zimmerman, of the Times and Dispatch, at 
Reading, Pa., has published a number of trans- 
lations of English and Scotch poetry. Whilst he 
has done it remarkably well, they lack the neces- 
sary Penn. Dutch spirit to gain popularity. 

It is admitted by all, that the author of this 
book has had much more experience in writing 
Penn. Dutch than any other individual living. 
His " Pit Schwefflbruner " letters were commenc- 
ed in 1868, and then published in the political 
campaign paper called " Father Abraham," at 
Lancaster, and they gained a very large circula- 


tion. Ke has since then, at different times, sup- 
pUed several papers with similar productions. In 
September 1878, he commenced publishing The 
Carbon County Denioerat, at Manch Chunk, Pa., 
witli a letter from " Pit " regularly every week, 
and being himself the publisher of said paper, 
the letters will be continued. 

The following are specimen extracts from the 
productions of some of the writers referred to 
with translations : 

From Harbaugh's "Shool House on Der 
Creek ": 

(German Orthography as it came from the pen 
of the author.) 

Heit is 's 'xsectly zwansig Johr, 

Dass ich bin owwe naus ; 
Naw bin ich widder lewig z'rick, 

Unschteh am Schulhaus an d'rKrick, 
Jus cht neeksclit an's Dady's Haus. 

Ich bin in hunnert Heiser g'west, 

Vun Maerbelstee un Brick, 
Un alles was sie hen, de Leit 
Dhet ich verschwappe eenig zeit 
For's Schulhaus on der Krick. 

Wer mied deheem is, un will fort, 

So luss ihn numme geh' — 

Ich sag ihm awwer vorne naus 

Es is all Humbuk owwe draus, 

Un er werd's selwert seh' ! 

Doh bin ich gange in die Schul 

Wo ich noch war gans klee' ; 
Dort war der Meeschter in seim Schtuhl, 
Dort war sei wip, un dort sei Euhl, — 
Ich kann's noch Alles seh. 


Mit all wass mer so sawga Kann, 

War's doch en guti Schul ; 
Du finnscht keen Meeschter so, geh such — 
Der seifre kann darch's ganze Buch, 

Un schkippt keen eeni Ruhl 

De kleene Maed hen Ring geschpielt 

Uf si lam Waasuni da 
Wann grosse Maed sin in der Ring — 
'IS is doch en wunnervolles Ding! — 

Sin grose Buwe ah ! 

Die Grose hen de Grose taggt, 

Die Kleene all vermisst! 
Wie sin se g'schprunge ab un uf, 
Wer g'wunne hot, verloss dich druf, 

Hot dichdiglich gekisst ! 


Heit ishs exactly tzwonsich yohr 

Os ich bin uvva nous ; 
Now bin ich widder levvich tzrick, 
Un shtse om shool house on der creek 

Yoosht naigsht ons dawdy's house. 

Ich bin in hoonert heiser g'west 
Fun marble-shta3 un brick, 
Un olles wass se hen, de leit, 
Date ich fershwappa ennich tzeit 
For's school-house on der creek. 

Wser meed derhame is, un will üiurt. 

So luss een nooma gse — 
Ich sawg 'eem awer forna nous 
Es is all humbug uvva drous 
Un ar waärds sei wer ste ! 


Doll bin ich gonga in de shool 

We ich noch war gons klse 
Dort war der maishter in seini shtool, 
Dort war si wip, un dort si rule— 
Ich con 's noch olles see. 

Mit olles OS mer sawga con 

War 's doch an gooty shool ; 
Du finnsht kae maishter so, gse, sooch 
Dar cyphera con dorrich 's gonsa booch 
Un shkipt ken eany rule. 

Be klaney maid hen ring gashpeeld 

Uf sellam wausam doh ; 
Wann grosse maid sin in der ring 
' S war doch 'n woonerfulles ding ! 

Sin grosse boowa aw ! 

De grosse hen als grosse tag'd, 

De klaney all fermissti 
Wass sin se g'shproonga, ob un uf — 
Wser g'woona hut, ferluss dich druf, 

Hut aw si share gakisst ! 

The following is a translation of the same ex», 
tracts, as it appears in "Harbaugh's Harfe." 

To-day it is just twenty years, 

Since I began to roam ; 
Kow, safely back, I stand once more, 
Before the quaint old school-house door, 

Close by my father's home. 

I've been in hundred houses since 

Of marble built and brick; 
Though grander far, their aim they mi«s, 
To lure my hearts old love from this 
Old school-house at the creek. 


Let those who dream of happier scenes, 

Go forth those scenes to find ; 
They'll learn what many have confessed, 
Tliat with onr home our heart's true rest 
Is ever left behind. 

'Twas here I first attended school 

Wen I was very small ; 
There was the Master on his stool, 
There was his whip, and there his rule- 

I seem to see it all. 

With all the drawbacks, that was still, 

A well conducted school ; 
For master such, in vain you look. 
Who cyphers through and through the book 

And never skijos a rule! 

The little girls, of ring most fond 
Their giggling circle drew ; 

When large girls joined in the ring 

Xow is it not a curious thing? 
The large boys did it too ! 

The large ones always tagged the large — 
The small ones always missed ! 

Then for the prize began the race ; 

The one that's caught, has now to face 
The music, and be kissed! 


As in our judgment, the foregoing translation 
fails to convey an idea as to the genuine Penn- 
sylvania Dutch spirit of the original, we have 
translated the same extracts into " Dutchified, " 
or broken English, as follows : 


To-day it vas joost dwendy years 

Ven I out vesbt dit go ; 
Un now I's back, so nice, uii shlick 
Un here's der slikool house on de creek 

Joost close by daddy's house. 

I haf in hundred houses been, 
Of marl)le, shtones un brick ; 

Bat all of dem vat I dit see, 

I'd shwap 'm off on any day, 

For 'd sokool-house on der cre^k. 

Ven one don't vant to shtay at home, 

So joost you led him go ; 
But I can dell him — un I know besht — • 
It is all hoombug out in 'd vesht 

Un he vill find as dat is'h so ! 

* * -äf -a«- 

Yes, here's der blase I vent in 'd shkool, 

Ven I vas so quite shmall ; 
Dare vas der masder, on his shtool, 
Dare vas his vip, un dare his rule 
Me dinks I see 'm all. 

Mit all der drawbacks, any how, 

It vas a first rate shkool ; 
You find no masder so, go, look, 
Vat c^'phers trough and trough der l;)Ook 

Mitout he shkip one single rule. 

De leedle garls in ring dit blay, 
On dissame grass batch here; 

Ven beeger garls dit go in 'd ring — 

It vas a very funny ding — 

Der beeg boys sure vas alvays dare, 


Der heeii; ones alvays beeg one tng'd 

Der leedle ones vas alvays niisst; 
Un den dey run so round un round, 
Un ven he catch 'ni I'll pe bound 

Dare vas soni garls vot much got kiss'd. 


English Orthography and translation. 

We gleich ich selly bohbla bame ! 

Se shtane we bred er doh ; 

Dort uf 'n) gibble — g'wiss ich labe, 

Huckt ollaweil 'n shtawr; 

D'r gibble beegt si(;h, gook we's gownsht — 

Ar habe'd sich awer fesht ; 

Ich S£e si roaty Higgle plain 

Wann ar si feddra wesht ; 

Will wetta os si frawly iiut 

Uf sellani bawn 'n nesht. 


How well I love those poplar trees, 
That stand like brothers there ! 
And on the top — sure as I live, 
A black-l)ird perches now. 
The top is bending — how it swings. 
But still the bird holds fast. 
How plain. I see his scarlet wings 
When he his feathers dressed! 
I'll bet you, on that very tree 
His wiiie has a nest. 

It will be seen that in order to read the late 
Dr. Harbauch's " Shool House on der Creek," and 
his other poems as ixiblished in '^ Harbaugh's 
Harfe " (Harbaugh's Harp) it is necessary to have 
the benefit of a German education. Here are a 
t«w specimens of his German way of speWing 
some of the words and names occuring in his pro- 
ductions : 


Office — " Affis" ; Orrick goot — (very good) "arg- 
gut"; Deei^^ (door) "Dhier"; Jack (name) 
Tschaeck"; General Jackson " Dscheneral Jeck- 
schen " ; Jim (name) " Dschim "; Juryman (Jury- 
man) "Dschuryman "; Agent, "Edschent" Man- 
aged, " Maenedscht " ; Nesht, (nest) "' Nescht " 
Notion, " Noschen " ; Shnug, (snug) " Schnock " 
81iquire, (Esquire) '' Scbqueier. 

Extract from Prof. Tobias Witmer's Penn. 
Dutch Poem entitled : "Garboorts dawir. on mv 
Olty." (Birthday— To my old Woman."] 
(Our own spelhng.) 

Oh was is shenner uf der welt 

Os blimlin roat un weis? 

Un bio, un gail, im arbla feld — 

Wass sin de doch so neis ! 

Ich wais noch goot in seller tzeit 

Hob ich nixleevers du, 

Os in de wissa, long un breit 

So blimlin g'soocht we du. 

Doch is 's shun a longy tzeit 

Os ich dort in dem feld. 

De blimlin g'soocht, uf long un breit 

Un uf di bosom g'shpelld. 

Der hend amohl a gardle g'hot, 

Di shweshterly un du ; 

Ich hobs prepared, mit hock un shpawd 

De blooma ni tzu du ; 

Un wu ich hob im grossa shwail 

De kee dort hinna g'soocht, 

De lady sh Uppers, weis un gail 

Hob ich mit hame gabrucht, 

Un hob se in sell gartle plonst 

By naucht im mondes licht, . 

Der bends netg'wist; bis yooshtat once'd 

Hend eers gagest 's war mich. 


Oh what is finer in the world 
Than flowrets red and white ? 
And blue and yellow in the field 


How beautiful and hri^^^lit! 

I know yet well that in that time 

Nought would I ratiier do; 

Than in the meadows, long and wide, 

Su(;h tiowrets seek as you ; 

Yet it is quite a lengthened time 

iSince I in yonder tield, 

Sought out the flowers far and wide 

And on thy bosom pinned. 

You also had a garden bed — 

You and your sister fair, 

Which I prepared with hoe and spade. 

To plant the Howers there ; 

And when I in the ample vale 

The cattle there had sought. 

The lady-slippers, gold and pale, 

With me I homeward brought, 

And in that garden bed at night 

I set them when the moon was light; 

You did not know who it could be. 

But all at once you guessed- — t'was me. 

From a poem by Miss Rachel Bahn, of York, Pa. 
Well, any how, wann's fre-yohr coomd, 
Bin ich gapleased first-rate ; 
Die luft's so fair un awganame, 
De rose so leeblich weht. 
Now geha my gedonka nuf 
W\i's immer fre-yohr is, 
Wu's kse feren'ring gevva du't 
Wu's harrlich is gawiss. 


Well, any how, wdien spring times comes, 

Then I am pleased first-rate ; 

So fair and soft the breezes blow% 

So lovely is the rose, 

'Tis then my thoughts are raised on high. 

Where spring forever blooms, 

Where change can never more be felt, 

But glory shines around. 


Tlie followiiio: are extracts from Shnkespenre. — 
1. Bi'ulas on the death of Ctesar; 2. From Ricli- 
ard the III, and 3. From Hamlet — the hitter he- 
ing ji hurlesqiie rjitlier than a translation : 



Brn. Romans, mit-harger un I'reinda! Har 
niifh now aw ; seid shtill,so oseeroll hara. kent ; 
glawht meer uf myair, un wann eer reshpeet hen 
tor my air don glawbt eer aw wass ich sawg; 
blamed mich in eirm goota lershtond, a wer Inss 
aw eier lershtond wocker h^eiva so os eer hesser 
jndga kent. Wann aner in d;ir fersommlung is 
OS 'n gooter freind tzu'm CVsar war, tzu eem 
sawg ich OS a r ken besserer freind tzifm war os ich 
selwer. Waini seller freind froked un wissa will 
ferwoss os der Brutas nf g'shtonna. is geaga der 
Caesar, don is des my ontwardt: Osich der (^?esar 
net wennicher gaglicha hob, aw^'r <>s ich Rome 
maner gaglicha h(^b. Wser 's eich leever wann 
der Csesar lava date un eer all shklawfa, os der 
Caesar dode un eer all freie menner? Weil der 
Caesar my freind war du ich my traina fergeesa 
for een ; we ar glicklich war huts meer plesseer 
gevva; ar war 'n brawfermon, nn ich air-'n, awer 
weil ar ambitious war, hob ich 'm si lava gan- 
ooma. Un now, wo is aner so mean os ar willens 
wser 'n bondsmon tzu si? Wann so aner doh is, 
luss 'n rous shwetza. Is aner doh os net 'n Roman 
is? Is aner doh os net seim lond der fore-tzoog 
gebt? Wann so aner doh is, luss 'n rous shwetza 
— so aner, of course, du ich net suita. Ich wart 
for 'n ontwardt ! 


FROM KING RICHARD III— act 1. scknic 1. 
Gloster. — Now is der winter fun unssr unrii 
Glorreich g'niaucht l»y der sun fun Yorrick ; 
Vn all de wulka os ivver iinserm house waura. 
Sin deef in de sj^e ni fergravva. 
Now sin unser kep hadeck'd mit seegV krentza, 
Unser g'woreny g'ware uf g'hunka for nionu- 

menta ; 
Unser larnis tzeita gachanged tzu plesseer meet- 
ings ; 
Unser longy marcha tzu awganamey walks. 
Shrecklicher greek hut si g'sicht fershennert, 
Vn now, onshtot os mer uf shteiga in der soddle 
For de sa^la fun unser geagner tzu fergelshtera, 
Capera mer so doli room mit de ladies. 
Awer irh ich bin net g'shaped for so sh ports un 

Bin net g'maucht for shpiggle glesser corris- 

seera — 
Bill kroom, obgakartz'd, ous proportion, 
Un ous gooty noddoor's g'shtolt hatroga — 
Bin ous shape gamaucht, un fore meiner tzeit 
In de welt cooma — net liolwer g'finished — 
Lawm un shep, so weesht un ous der fashion, 
Os de hoond on mich gowtza wann ich se yoosht 

aw gook. 
Un now, in so shtilly freedens tzeita 
Hob ich nix tzu du os meer aw shtate — 
Except ols my shoddabagooka, in der sun, 
Un considera ivver 1113' eagny ung'shtolt. 
Dawrum, weil ich gor net der mon bin 
For mich ob gevva mit so shtock we weibsleit, 
Will ich ebbas soonsht proweera — der rascal acta, 
Un all de freedens plesseera uf brecha. 
Plans hob ich g'laigd for 'n ufroor raisa 
Tzwisha meini bruder Clarence un 'm Kanich — 
Se amohl uf hetzageaga nonner — in doder hos ; 
Un wann der Kanich Edward so true is os ich 

falsh bin 
Don w!3erd der Clarence aw amohl uf g'used. 
* * * * 



Catesby— Hilf, my Ha^rr fun Norfolk, hilf, hilf! 
Der Kanich act mte vvoonerlich os 'n rnensh. — 
Farriclit sich for nemond — gebt nix um i^'fore ; 
Si gowl is dode, un now fecht ar olles tzu foos, 
Un soocht der Richmond, for df)de un lava — 
Hilf, hilf, my Hterr, odder der daw«;- is ferjora! 


K. RICH. 'N gowl ! 'N gowl ! my kanichreich for 

'n gowl ! 
GATE. — Tzurick, my Haeri-, ich helf der tzu "m 

a gowl. 
K. RICH. — Shklawf! Ich hob my lava uf gapohst 
Un ich luss 's now druf aw coorna ; 
Wann aw sex Richmond's im feld sin, 
Finf hob ich shun dode g'mauclit, onsht(^t een, 
'N gowl, 'ii gowl ! my kanichreich fcji' 'n gowl I 
" * ■?:-■' -x- ^ 

RICHMOND. — Lobe Gott un eier g'wehr; lobe tzu 

unser seechreiche freind ; 
Der dawg is unser, d«r blootich hooiid is doie I 



HAM. — Wo wid mich onna nennna? Shtwetz, ich 

gae nimmy weider. 
GHOST. — Now mind mich; 
HAM. — Ich will. 
GHOST. — My shtoond is sheer gor cooma 

Os ich tzurick mus, in de shwetfel's tlomma, 

Muss ich mich widder uf gevva. 
HAM. — Oh ! du ormas shpook ! 
GHOST. — Pity mich net, awer geb mer now di ora , 

For ich will der amohl ebbas sawga. 
HAM. — Shwetz rous, for ich will 's now aw hara. 
GHOST. — Vn wann du 's haresht don nemsht aw 

HAM. Well, wass is 's? Rous mit! 
GHOST. Ich bin deim dawdy si shpook ; 

G'sentenced for a tzeit long rumm lawfa 


Uli im (lawix fesbt slitocka ini fire, 

Bis do shloclity s:\iicli;i os icli gada lioh in 

iiieina iioddoor's dnwga. 
Ous oahrenn'd un ous g'loxcerd sin. 
Awer, ich darraf der now net sawga 
Wnss de secrets fun meini g'fengniss sin. 
Icli kent der 'n ehtory derfii fertzaila, 
80 OS 's ojiringsbta wardt 
Deer di sale uf reisa dait; di yoong's bloot 

kalt tVeera; 
Die tzvvre awga ons 'ni knp rons gooka 

ninncba we fireicbe sbtarna, 
Un di bobr iif 'ni knp grawd nut" sbtella, 
We dicky, sbteify si-barsbta. 
Awer icb darraf 's net du 
Os icb 's sawg tzu ora fun fiaisb un bloot. 
Un now, burricb ! bnrricb ! 
Waini dn yeaniobls ebbas fun deim dawdy 

gadenkt busbt! 
HAM — Ob, Himmel ! 

GHOST. — Un now nem aw satisfaction for si mord. 
HAM. — Du sawg-sbt doch net mord? 
GHOST. — Yo, icli sawgs, un 's arricksbtis, 'n weesh- 

ter, unnoddeerlicber mord — 
HAM. — Well don, rous mit, luss mich now olles 

Un ferluss dich druf os ich aw satisfaction 

GHOST. — Ich sfe du bisht ready, 

Un wann du's derbei lussa daitsht 

Wsersht net maner wa^rt os ferfowlts nn- 

Now Hamlet, horrich wass ich der sawg; 
Es war ous gevva os ich g'shlofji bet in rneim 

Un OS 'n shlong on mich gacroddled wa^r, 
Un bet mich dote gabissa. 
Sell war de shtory im gonsa lond, 
Awer de very shlong os di dawdy dode gabis- 
sa hut, 

'SSj: PROGRES'S of penn, dutch LITERATf'RE. 

Trawgt ollaweil deim dinvciy si crone iif "m 
kup ! 
HAM. — Ob, by meiner snle — deninoch war 's niv 

OHOST. — Yaw, 's war — der weesbt ketzer — 
An dreckicber nn talsber dibenker, 
Hut sicb d'no aw ganiaucbt l)y meiner baw 

— di eagny mommy, 
Vn but se g'bired un tzu sicb g'nooma, 
Awer du de mommy net blnma — 
Luss se mit fridda — se is evva docb di mom- 
Awer icb con nimmy 1 enger bleiva — 
De naucbt is sbeer om end, un dawges Hclit 

is om cooma, 
Un icb muss ob, un tzurick, tzurick ! 
Yusbt nocb ea wardt maner : 
We icb sellamobls dort g'sblofa bob — - 
'8 war so about midda im nummidawg, 
Is my eagner bruder — di uncle 
On micb nuf g'sbneeked cooma 
Un but 'n gons buttly ful gilt ous g'lared in 

my ore, 
Un sell but micli ob g'fixed, un icb bin aw 

grawd druf g'sbnopt, 
Un mit all meina sinda nous g'sbtept in de 

onner welt 
Unprepared un unbakared ! 
Now mind, du moosbt satisfaction ncmma, 
So farry wpII. Fergess micb net. 
Farry well, farry well ! [Exit Gbost.] 
ha:m. — Awer now will icb aw de sbwarnote krega 
Wann icb net aw satisfaction nem. 
Un now dob gaits. Kole micb der sbinner, 
Wann 's netdesmobl 'n gons g'wittricb gros- 
ser rumpus gebt doh im sbteddle ! 



An g'wisser mon hut tzwse. boova g'bot. 

Un der yingsbt fun enahut g'sawt tzu seim dawdy, 


Diiwdy, i;eb iiier 's dale fan der arhslinft os 

tzu meer folt. IJn ar hut si living unncr ena 

Vn net feel dawga nochderhond, hut der yinp;sht 

sohn olles tzomma g'somnielt un is gonga 

weit in 'n onner lond, un dort hut ar si sauch 

fer.-hwent mit shlechts lava. 
\Jn we ar olles g'shpent hut sin orrick hordy tzeita 

ivver 's lond coonia, un ar war d'no ingrossy 

Vn ar is gonga un hut si(;h ferdinst t7Ai 'ni a ei- 

wohner fnnsellaui lond; un seller hut 'n nous 

g'shiekt for si tzu feedera in de felder. 
V^n ar hut hut selwer nix tzu essag'hot os 's food- 

er wo se de si niit g'feederd hen ; un neniond 

hut 'ni ebbas gevva. 
Vn we ar tzu sich selwer coonia is hut ar g'sawt : 

We feel fun mein dawdy si gadingty leit hen 

brode ganunk un noch ivverich, un ich du 

doll hoonger leida. 
Icli will uf un tzu mein dawdy gse un will tzu eem 

sawga, Dawdy, ich hob mich fersindich'd 

geaga Himmel un fore deer. 
Un ich bin 's nimmy wsertdi sohn tzu sei : mauch 

mich we anes fun dina gadingty. 
Tin ar is uf, un tzu seim Dawdy gonga. Awer we 

ar noch weit ob war liut si Dawdy een g'sana, 

un hutmitleida mit 'mg'hot, un is g'shproong- 

a, un hut 'n um der hols grickt, un hut 'n 

Un der sohn hut g'sawt, Dawdy, ich hob mich 

fersindich'd geaga Himmel, un fore dina awga, 

un ich bin "s net w?ert di solui tzu sei. 
Awer der Dawdy hut g'sawt tzu sin a gadingty leit, 

bring der besht ruck un du'n eem aw ; un du 

'n ring on si linger, un shoe uf si fees. 
Un bring 's fetshd colb, unshlauchts, un luss uns 

essa, un looshtich si. 
For my sohn war dode, un is widder levvich ; ar 

war ferlora, unis g'foona, un se hen aw g'fong- 

a looshtich tzu wserra. 


Now, der eldsht sohn war im feld; uii we ar 

naigsht ons house cooiiia is hut arg'hared os 

se music hen, un donsa. 
Un ar hut anes fun de deener g'tVoked was des 

olles nianed? 
Un ar hut 'ni g'sawt, dei bruder is coonia; un dei 

Dawdyhut 's let colb g'shlaucht, weil ar safe 

un sound aw eooma is. 
Un ar war bais, un hut net ni gre wella, dawrum 

is si Dawdy nous, un hut 'n gacoaxed. 
Un in ontwardt hut ar tzu seini dawdy g'sawt, 

Doh de feela yohr hob ich der gac}eend, un 

hob nee net di rules gabrucha; un doch husht 

du nier nee net amohl 'n yung gais'l gevva os 

ich plesseer niaucha kent nht mina freinda. 
Awer so bol os dar doh sohn aw c;ooina is, wo 's 

sauch OS du 'm gevva husht ferhous'd hut 

mit lava unner shlechty weibsleit, d'no husht 

's fet colb g'shlaucht for 'n. 
Un ar hut tzu 'm g'sawt, sohn, du warsht olsfordt 

by mer, un olles os ich hob is di. 
Es war recht os mer looshtich un fro warra sin ; 

for dei bruder war dode, un is widder levvich ; 

un war ferlora un is g'ibona. 

FROM MATT. VII, 13tH TO 20tH. 

Gve ni dorrich 's enga doar, for gross is 's doar, 
un l)raid is der waig os tzu ruination feerd,un feel 
huts OS seller waig gane. 

Weil de deer eng is un der waig shmall os in 's 
lava feerd sin wennich os 's finna. 

Heet eich fore falshy profaita wo in shofe's 
claidung cooma, un innerlich hoongeriche Avxjlf 

Eer mist se kenna by era frichta. Du'n leit 
trow-wa somla fun dorna, odder feiga fun dishtle 
shteck ? 

An yeader gooter bawn produced yoosht gooty 
froocht. Awer 'n shlechter bawm produced 
shlechty froocht. 


An sjooter bawin con k« siilechty fi-ooclit pro- 
diisM, un 'n shlechter hawnicon kte gooty froocht 

An yeader bawni os kjie gooty froocht prodiu.'ed 
w'.erd am g'hocke'dun ins fireg'shmissa. 

Dawrum, by era froocht mist er se kenna. 

the lord s prayer. 

'm h.i^:rr si gap>ait. 

Unser Fodder, du os im Himmel bisht. G'aird 
is-di nawma. Di kanichreich coom'd. Di willa 
sai gada wcerra uf der ard so we im Himmel. Geb 
uns heit unser daiglich brode. Fergeb uns unser 
shoolda,s() we mer unser shooldner fergevva. Un 
luss uns net ferfeer'd wiierra in shlechtes, awer 
heet uns geaga ungoot. For di is 's kanichreich, 
un de ", un all de air for immer, Awmen. 



Years a.oo, Prof. Witmer (t^pecimeiis of his 
Peiin. Dutch are herein i;iven) endeavored to per- 
suade the author of The Hand Book to adopt a 
mode of spelhng whieli he contends would he 
more simple and practical than any other system 
ever proposed, and that it would answer th e wants 
of English and German as well as Penn. Dutch. 
After considering- the matter, antl making a few 
trials, we are almost persuaded that he is correct. 
His system is simply to have each vowal to rei>- 
resent its own proper sound and no other, and 
this would need the addition oi' one vowel, mak- 
ing six instead of tive — the vowels to represent 
the sounds : 

i? aw 

a ah 

e a 






The "aw "we here represent by an "a" up 
side down (i?.) The diti'erence between the long 
and short sounds is made by single and double 
vowels — as it and iit, or bot (but) and boot (boat.) 

To illustrate, we now propose lo write this sen- 
tence according to the new system as advocated 
by Prof. Witmer, thus : 

Tu illostreet wii niui propoos tu wrait this sen- 
tens according tu thi nuu sistem asadvoceted bai 
Prof. Witmer, thus : 

Eben so gut kann man deitsch schreiben — so 
wohl als pennsylvaniscii deitsch oder English — 
eins so gut als dasz andere. 

Eben so guut kinin mun daitsh shraiben — so 
wool i^ls pennsilviinish daitsh odar english — ains 
so guut kIs dus inidere. 

Un im Pennsylvania Deitsh wier's yoosht so 
goot. De fact is, wann se 'm Witmer si plan aw 
nemma data don kents gor k?e mistakes gevva ira 
Deitsh, English odder Pennsylvania Deitsh shreiva 
— for 's wper aU unner der same rule, un ie leit 
kenta anes so goot lasa os 's onner. 


Un iiu Peniisilveenia Daitsh war "s yusiit so 
guut. Di fact is wun sii 'm Witmer sai plan v 
nema deeta dun kents gur kee mistecks geva im 
Daitsh, English odder Peiinsilvenia Daitsh shraiwa, 
fur 's war ul uniiar dar seem ruul, un de laitkenta 
eens so uuut leesa i?s 's "unnar. 



The foUowinji: is ;in extract IVoii) one of the 
humerous letters from " Pit Schwetlelbreiiner," 
givinti: his plan for a narrow giiai^e Railway and 
other scientitic subjects, which we copy from a I'e- 
cent number of the carbon county democrat: 

Mister Drooker : — Sidder os ich selly phono- 
graph shwetz machine g'sana liob dob fergonga 
hob ich an gonsy set neie gadonka in mcim kup 
shtecka. IJn es is kic luistake in seller machme. 
Es is net feel gresser os der Bevvy era closeringer, 
un es hut aw 'n handle, so uf 'n awrt os vN'e 'n 
booterfos. Ich hob shun uft leit harasawga os se 
now 'n ding hen os wann mer ni shwetzt odder 
jDcift, OS mer de wardta un oil de sourids ei shpar- 
ra con, un se enniche tzeit nochderbond rous 
lussa — so OS de machine shwetzt. Awer now hob 
ich 's selwer g's;«, un mit mina eagny orahob ich 
de wardta 'selwer hara ous der machine rous 

Un now l)in ich aw g'satisfied os gor nix in der 
gonsa weld unmiglich is. My mind is now aw uf 
gamaucht os ich mich noch dem entirely ob geh 
mit science. Now gfie ich ni for inventions un du 
se all patenta un d'no ferkawf ich de County 
riiihts un manch geld g'nunk for 'n grose sonil- 
shtainich house baua un a pawr match gcnl holta 
un der Bevvy \\ first-rater neier dress kawfa be- 

Ich hob DOW s.hun an plan for 'u neier patent 
narrow guage Railroad — aner os yusht holwer so 
feel kusht os 'n braid guage double track. Yusht 
ea riggle is my plan. Du denksht awer luer con 
k?e train run na uf so'm a single track, awer ich 
hob 'n plan os 's du't. 

My plan is os der head engineer sich forna uf 
de ingine shtellt mit so'm a longer pole un du't 
de gons train sellerwiTeg balansa — so uf 'n awrt os 
we der circus mon os uf 'm tight g'shponnta 


shtiic'k uf un ob lawft. Un we slitarricker os de 
train runnd uf ineini patent single track, we safer 
OS 's is, for es is yusht wann de ears shtill slitane 
OS se uinfolla kenna. Of course my plan is os nier 
de cars uf yader side shteibert wann de train ols 
shtupt on de stations, un wann mer ob shtart 
nenimt mer de shteiber aweck un der mon mit 
'm longa pole gait widder on's balansa, der Con- 
ducter gebt's wardt allaboard, un d'no widder uf 
un ob we'n hoonert horse power g'witter shtorm. 

Ich hob aw'n plan for 'n Railroad os mer de 
train's runna con barrick nuf un nooner ona 
engine — gons • entirely fun sehver. Of course, 
ennicher norr wase os barrick nooner gaits any- 
how fun sehver. Awer barrick nufF runna fun 
sehver is'n onner ding. Awer ich hob der plan 
un nem aw'n patent rous dertore. Der plan is os 
ich de hinnera redder feel gresser mauch os de 
fuddera, un sell du't d'no's gawicht fum car fun 
hinna ahead [uisha un es fershtiet sich tun sehver 
OS's de fuddera redder forna week dreibt un de 
hinnera aw d'no hinna noch tzeegd. 

Ich con der awersawga os 's gons ferdeihenkert 
feel kup arwet g'nooma hut eb os ich uf den plan 
cooma bin. 

Un so hol OS ich my patent Railroad cars 
amohl im gong hob sin aw de locomotitf's ous 
g'shpeeU. Ich hob im sin company un Shtate 
rights fum patent tzu ferkawfa. Du consht 'm 
head mon fum Lehigh Valley Railroad dort in 
Mauch Chunk sawga os ich willens bin ena's 
patent recht tzu gevva for about fooftzich daus- 
send dawler, un os se mer'n breef shreiva sulla 
un mich's grawd wissalussa eb se's nemma odder 

Ich hob aw'n plan for 'n neie sort patent 
hinkle soup kucha — an soup os ame feel geld 
shpawrd in denna hordty tzcita. Der plan is des: 
Mer grickt 'n shanes fettas hinkle un nemmts 
tzu'm photograph mon un lust's obnemnia. D'no 


wann luer hinkle soup maucht du't mer evva 
yusht about tzwse quart wasser in der eisa hoffa, 
'n holb pint bona, about finfgrumbeera in klaney 
shtioker shneida, un plent}^ peffer un sols dertzu. 
Wann de soup om kucha isd'no muss mer der 
eisa-hofta uf decka un 's photo,2:raph picter fum 
hinkle a kortz shtickly uvva drau henka un a 
reflecter so uf lixa os 's de reflection fnni picter 
gawd in der hoffa ni runnd, un sell gebt der soup 
d'no aw der flavor fum hinkle yusht exactly so 
goot OS wann's gons hinkle mit kup, fees un 
shwons in de soup ni gakucht wasr. Mit ame 
photograph picter fum a fetta hinkle con mer 
soup kucha oily dawg for'n gonses yohr. 

De Bevvy glawbt awer net os mer raly gooty 
hinkle soup maucha con mitout mer du't's hinkle 
selwer in de soup ni kucha. Awer de lelt hen aw 
net gnglawbt os mer'n machine maucha con os'n 
levviche mensha shproach shwetzt we seller 
phonograph. Awer sell hob ich selver g'sana. 
Un now will ich de boarding heiser un hotels 
amohl larna wulfelly hinkle soup kucha. Un 
ich insures aw os de soup yusht so goot waerd os 
de wo mer grickt in de boarding heiser in der shtadt. 

Ich bin aw om considera for 'n patent waeg ous 
finna so os de boilers uf de shteam boats net 
ferbursta kenna. My plan is for 's wasser kucha 
uf forna nous uf 'm loud eb os 's boat ob shtart, 
un wann's fartich gakucht is du't mer's in de 
shteam ingine ni runna un d'no is gor ka? g'fore os 
's an explosion gebt. 


From another letter by Pit Schweffelbrenner, 
puhlii-hed in the same paper, we copy the follow- 
ing on the subject of chewing tobacco in Church ; 
domestic atfairs, ttc. 

De letsht wuch war my breef aw amohl inter- 
esting, i'or maner os a dootzend hon merg'sawt os 
se gor nix ous g'fuoonahetta fum Avelshkorn 
plonsa un huckle-baira picka im midda winter 
wann se's net sehver g'sana hetta uf shwartz un 
wise in der Tzeitung. 

VV'ell, ennicher norr con sauchano(mer shreiva 
OS oily leit wissa. Awer 's nemt'n shmarter mon 
for de leit saucha sawga os se gor net wissa. 

Un now, weil ich so goot gada hob will ich der 
noch andfrishy lot news items shicka. 

De hinkle n'eshter sin plenty, awer de hinkle 
un de oyer sin rawr. Im olt Soiaklupper seim 
shtol is shtro g'nunk f'n- finf hoonert hinkle nesh- 
ter, awer ar hut nix os ea hawna, dri hinkle un 
ea olty clook, un selly shtane all drookaollaweil. 

Om Soondawg war ich un de Bevvy in der Kai'r- 
rich. Der porra hut yusht about goot gapred- 
dichd. Der subject war ebbas fum Crishtulfel Col- 
umbus, un ar hut aw an allusion g'maucht tzum 
Puslille Paulus Ave ar unser lond frei g'maucht 
hut im dreisich yaireicha greek. De K?errich w\ar 
orrick g'crowd, for as war 'n party dort fum Clob- 
boardshtdddle un se sin im shlidda cooma. We 
de foreshtayer awer drau gonga sin for de collec- 
tion uf nemma sin se sheer all uf un nous gonga. 
Aner hut awer doch ebbas gadu for de K^errich 
— ar hut about 'n holb poont ous gacowder chaw- 
duwock, mit maner os'n pint frishy bree uf 'm 
budda g'lust for de benefit fum shweeper. 


In der Ks^^errich is 'n first rater plotz for ame si 
cbawduwock goot enjoya. A dale leit sin awer 
so shtarns particular os se 'n fuss maucha wann 
aner chaw duwock hree uf der dudda shpowt in 
der Kaerrich, un bahawptasell wsershleehty nion- 
neer. Awer nier muss nix umso leit gevva. Der 
chaw duwock woxt for de benefit fum fulk. Un 
wo is 'n besserer plotz for 'n «rose niowl ful goot 
enjoya os in der IvcTerrich? Un es mau cht aw nix 
ous eb 'n carpet uf 'm budda is odder net. Wan 
kae carpet is, ei don duts anyhow kpe shawda, for 
de bree hut ols 'n gonsy wuch tzeit for shse ins 
hüls ni drickla, un es du't der fioor aw protecta, 
for hüls OS goot ei g'soked is mit chaw duwock 
breedutne netferfowla, un esfertreibt aw de wsev- 
ram. Es is wohr, es du't der floor a wennich 
fleckich gooka maucha, awer wser sell net garn 
Sana will moos evva in an onnery direction gooka. 
Anyhow, se hen kae bisness der floor tzu watcha 
un inshpecta, de weil os der porra on der arwet 
is om Gottes deenslit. Uji wann an carpet uf 'm 
floor is don du't chaw duwock bree aw ka3 shawda, 
for 's carpet dut de bree all uf soaka, un seller- 
wseg is der floor entirely protect. 

Unser shteddle is now aw om improofa, un 
sell is 'n sign os widderamohl gooty tzeitacooma. 
Doh will ich der 'n lisht gevva fun de hawpt im- 
profments : 

Der Kitzelderfer hut 'n neie deer maucha lussa 
on seim shtol, un a nei dauch uf si huls-shuppa. 

Der olt Solaklupper hut im sin a nier si-shtall 
baua naigsht free-yohr, mit a hinkle shtall im 
tzwetta shtuck. Der ainsich difficulty mit 'm 
Solaklupper is Weaga de sh tamps. , 

De Betz Schnitzler, 'm Henner si fraw, bleibt 
now aw Widder omohl a while derhame. Es is 'n 
bu, un der Henner hut forgeshter owet aw amohl 
de rounds g'shtand ons Ivitzelderfer's. Es hut 'n 
adawler un a holwer gakusht, un de Bevvy sawgt 
sell het grawd amohl 'm bubbelly a pawr frocks 


un heindlin un socks pxkawft. Om naigsht Soon- 
da wü: Avella se'.s k\iv dingly dawta lussa, un ich 
hob'm Henner g'sawt os wann ai's Pit liaist, od- 
der Pitty, don kawf ich 'm aw an neier frock os 'n 
farlie dawler de yard kusht. 

Wiinn de tzeita net bol hesser wa^rra doh im 
shteddle don gne ich in a neiehisness im free-yohr 
—an frenology office shtarta for de leit era kep 
feela un ena exphiina wass drin shteckt. Aner 
OS 's kep feeki fershtaet con olles explaina so goot 
un so wohr os 'n wohr-sawge)'. A dale leit hen 
orrick feel benevolence, un ideality un venera- 
tion un so sauch in era kep. Ich hob 'n hooch 
OS olles explained. Wann ich in de bisness ni gse 
don charge ich net maner os 'n hohver dawler for 
'n kup examina — weibsleit for holb price. Un 
seller\y£eg con ich easy tzwelf dawler der dawg 
ferdeena, providing ich grick de customers. 

De Bevvy is g'soond ollaweil, un se lust dich 
greesa. Se is a wennich woonerfitzich eb du noch 
leddich bisht odder net? Se sawgt wann du noch 
ka? fraw husht glawbt se os du 'n gooty chance 
shtpe daitshtby der Sally Ann Braidfoos, abbor- 
dich now sidder os se 'n neie set tzain grickt hut 
fum tzaw duckter. Se gooktnow tzwansich yohr 
yinger, un de Bevvy bahawpt se dait yusht suita 
for an editors fraw, weil se so ivver ous monneer- 
hch un gadooldich is. Now consht der hint nera- 
ma. For particulars, roof aw by der Bevvy. 


Pit and Bevvy disagree politically, and this is 
the way he attempts to get ahead of his better 
half, being another extract from The Carbox 
County Democrat : 

Om letshta Moondawg owet war ich on der meet- 
ing, all der waigdruvvain Yommerstown, un wann 
de Bevv}^ 's g'wist het os ich dort war don hets 
widder amohl 'n rumpus gevva. Awer des mohl 
hob ich se g'foold, for ich hob se weis gamaucht 
OS ich ommanot soonsht onna gonga waer for 
ousfinna eb ich net krumbeera kawfa kent for de 
hiickshter bisness shtarta. Ich will now aw 
mention a OS wann du ebber waisht osgarn krum- 
beera ferkawf\x will for a fortle dawler de bushel, 
OS ich ready bin 'm se ob tzu kawfa un 'm my note 
gevva for 's cash. In der krumbeera bisness is 
geld tzu maucha, providing mer con se kawfii uf 
borricks un ferkawfa for cash. 

Es war'n gons boomerawlish grosser crowd dort 
— awer, somehow, es is mer fore cooma os der 
graisht dale fun ena uf der letza side waura. 

Awer de speecha waura yoosht about goot. 
Der arsht os der lead g'nooma hut war 'n Englisher 
— any how ar hut English g'shwetzt un hut denna 
karls amohl Hail Columby gevva. Ar hut ena 
g'sawt fum Shmidt — wass 'n gooter, frummer un 
crishtlicher mon os ar is, un os mer all mitnonner 
for'nvota setta weil ar olsfort gooty coompany 
halt. Sell is aw so. Ich kenn 'n goot. Arcoom'd 
aw ebmohls ons Kitzelderfers, un dort is de 
coompany olsfort first-rate— so leit os we ich un 
derOlt Solaklupper under Benshy Bixmiller un 
der Sammy Schnitzler un so karls. Un waer der 
Shmidt bakannt is we ich bin raus aw confessa os 
ar nemond nix in der waig laigd. Anyhow ich 
vote for 'n — except im fol os de Bevvy troovel 
man cht derweasa. 


Whilst the author has found several rather pro- 
voking typographical errors in the preceeding 
pages, he Matters himself that, all things consid- 
ered, his work has been done quite as well as could 
be expected, and he is more strongly convinced 
than ever before that his effort Avill be recognized 
as a gratifying success, especially so in view of the 
fact that it is a comprehensive and valuable origi- 
nal record of a language spoken by some mil 
lions of American people who are noted for many 
very commendable characteristics. It is quite 
safe to SMy that a more industrious, honest, or 
substancial people than the Penn. Dutch cannot 
be foiuid in this or in any other country on the 
globe. As agriculturalists they are certainly un- 
surpassed. The well known fact that, as a gen- 
eral rule, the very richest soil of Pennsylvania — 
such ns the counties of Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, 
Lehigh, Northampton, York, Cumberland, and 
the best and richest parts of Adams, Bucks, Mont- 
gomery, Snyder, Union, Northumberland and 
Dauphin, are occupied mainly by our people and 
their descendants, seems to go very far to prove 
the superior sagacity of the early Penn. Dutch set- 
tlers of these rich and beautiful agriculturial 

We also venture to say that the percentage of 
Penn. Dutch people whobecome inmates of peni- 
tentiaries and alms houses is remarkably small, 
notwithstanding the fact that their average of 
educational advantages is considerably smaller 
than that of our English speaking people. 

It is also a fact that among the leading mer- 
chants and manufacturers of the large cities and 
towns — especially of Philadelphia, the Penn. 
Dutch element is largely represented, and that, 
as a general rule, they are men of the high- 
est order of integrity. And when they lindtlieir 
way to high political positions in the state or na- 


tion, they generally compare fixvorably with ary 
other class. 

When such old school Penn. Dutchmen as 
Heister, Snyder, Schultz, Wolf, Ritner, Shunk, 
and Hartranft tilled the highest state othce, all 
the people, of every political faith, were well sat- 
isfied that the executive chair was occupied by 
strictly honest and competent men. 

Professor Haldeman's treatise on Penn. Dutch 
has already been referred to in the foregoing 
pages. Preceeding the same, we find an explana- 
tory notice, by Prof. Alexander J. Ellis, of Ken- 
sington, England, from which we extract the fol- 
lowing : 

" While I was engaged with the tliird part of 
my Early English Pronunciation, Prof. Haldeman 
sent me a reprint of some humerous letters by 
Rauch, entitled : 'Pennsylvania Deitsh ; De Cam- 
jDain Breefa fum Pit Schweftelbrenner.' Perceiv- 
ing, at once, the analogy between this debased 
German with English intermixture, and Chaucer's 
debased Anglo-Saxon with Norman intermixture, 
I requested, and obtained such further informa- 
tion as enabled me to give an account of this 
singular modern reproduction of the manner in 
which our English language itself was built up, 
and insert it in the introduction to my chapter 
on Chaucer's pronunciation. But, I felt it would 
be a loss to Philology if this curious living exam- 
ple of a mixture of languages were dismissed 
with such a cursory notice, and I therefore re- 
quested Prof. Haldeman, wiio by birth and resi- 
dence, philological and phonetic knowledge, was 
so well fitted for the task, to draw up a more ex- 
tended notice, as a paper to be read before the 
Philological Society^ of London. Hence arose 
the following little treatise of which, I, for my 
own part, can only regret the brevity. But the 
Philological Society having recently exhausted 
most of its resources by undertaking the publi- 


cation of several extra volumes, was unable to 
issue another of such lenjj^th, and hence the present 
essay appears independently. * * * 

Sutficient importance does not seem to have 
been hitherto attached to watching: the growth 
and change of livliig languages. We have devo- 
ted our philological energies to the study of dead 
tongues which we could not pronounce, and have 
therefore been compelled to compare by letters 
rather than by sounds, and whii;h we know only 
in the form impressed upon them by the scholars 
of various times. The form in which they were 
originally written is for ever concealed. The form 
in which they appear in the earliest manuscripts 
has practically never been published, but has to 
be painfully collected from a mass of various 
readings. The form we know is a critical, conject- 
ural form, patched up by men distinguished for 
scholarship, but for the most part entirely igno-^ 
rant of the laws which govern the- changes of 
speech. The very orthography is medieval. We 
are thus enabled to see as little of the real genesis 
of language, in form, in sound, in gramatical and 
logical construction, in short, in the real pith of 
ph Jological investigation — the relation of thought 
to speech-sounds — as the study of a full grown 
salmon would enable us to judge of the marvel- 
ous development of that beautiful ßsh. Such 
studies as the present, will, I hope, serve among 
others to stimulate exertion in the new direction. 
We cannot learn life by studying fossils alone." 

These ver}^ encouraging words from Mr. Ellis 
finally removed all doubt as to the expediency of 
publishing this volume. Penn. Dutch is " a living 
language " and it is no longer without a record, 
though an imperfect one. It is a beginning, and 
others, much more able and better fitted, will 
take up the subject and greatly improve upon 
this effort. 


Should this Httle enterprise receive sufficient 
encouragement, moral and financial, it is probahle 
that we will in the near future venture upon an- 
other and a more extensive effort to treat the pub- 
lic to Penn. Dutch literature. Be this as it may, 
we will continue regularly to write and publish 
our "Pit Schweflelbrenner " letters in our own 
paper, The Carbon County Democrat, published at 
Mauch Chunk, Pa. The author writes for no other 
paper. Whilst said letters are humerous, they 
also incidentally afford much practical instruc- 
tion in Penn. Dutch. 






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