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[SMUS 031 

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 
St IVIichael's University School 

St. Mic:ii/Vi=i.s Unmersit^ Sciicci. 


excel lencG 

in all of us, 


p9t£:=si/^\\ awJl o<MMfat^.sJ^V\. 

shaped by the pursuit 

truth a.d (iMMIDMilSS 




and for 


3400 Richmond Rd. 

Victoria, B.C. 



(250) S9Z-Z4II 

jblisht-j M, _ar,ada Printed in USA 


104- 121 

3 MlE/VI3M/VSn:l?'S/XlDDmESS 

4-5 . 

6 49 5tuctcfif Life 

50 - 71 Ju\\uc!yr S^cX<^i^\ 

72 103 Mrddie scftoar 

Sciiov School 

122 - 145 Sports Section 

146 - 153 firts l)(3etion 

1 54 - 167 J^^>au/f'/^^' cfyeclion 

168 - 176 C^bj Section 

177 - 183 Cc/jAiimKid 

184 - 185 Sponsors 

186-232.... ilS^SS) 


Walking aroui^d the Richmond Road CampLis, the site of the Sei-iior aiid Middle Schools, 
construction 1-ias been a constai^t presence this year. Students in the grad class have com- 
mented repieatedly how much they will miss the opportunity to use the Crothall 
Centre; students in tl-ie Middle School, on the other hand, look at it with 
some wonder and anticipation. By the time they read this, of course, 
they will prohably — the current grade eights, anyvvay — be in it. 

It is a great bmlding, and as we replace several other buildings on 
the Richmond Road campus, we hope the Crothall Centre will be 
joined by new buildings of the sanne permanence and character. The 
crowning piece in this puzzle, when the time coines, will be the resto- 
ration of School House, a few years hence. Once our construction 
has reached the point where School House can be decarnp^ed into 
other facilities, it will be emptied for what will be a rather longer p>e- 
riod of reconstruction itself. 

^X/l^at many of us don't think 
about during the btiilding going on 
now is that the renovation of 
School House is at the centre of all 
the other work. Almost all the 
buildings we are building are re- 
placen-ient structtires. True, all the 

new structures will be larger, and more enduring than the struc- 
tures they are replacing, but they are replacements nonetheless. 
The Crothall Centre will replace the Challoner building, which 
itself was a classrooni block built at tw^o different several 
decades apart, and wlnich is almost impossible to renovate, except 
at great expense. A. new gymnasium \vill be built, to replace the 
one torn down to make room for the Crothall Centre. A ne\v 
pool will be built, to replace the one condemned about 1 3 years 
ago, and which was attached to the old gyn-i. A new library will be 
btdlt, for our current student body, to replace the library built in 
the 1960s for a school of just over 7.0O students. And finally School House wall be restored, 
and seismically upgraded so that it will be as sound as any other building on campus. 

In all this construction there is a woi-iderf ul irony, 
epitonoized by the restoration of School House. Win- 
ston Churcbiill said that, to begin with, we shapie 
buildings, but once they are built, they shape us. The 
irony, and the \vonder, is that these new buildings are 
being modeled on the spirit and character of School 
House, the oldest building on campus. The new 
buildings are designed to sustain the physical charac- 
ter of the school, to sustain the feeling of piemcia- 
nence and identity tlaat students have felt for de- 
cades, so that future decades of students -will identify 
with the place as past students have done. Vivat. 

Oite Oui 


Evan Willms 
Claire Battershill 

Con&ttuct^on X/^orkars, 

Section Supervisors 
Annie Deng 
Kyung-hye Sohn 
Jaimie Lee 
Deanna Singh 
Grace Tso 
Michelle Hou 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Wendy Yang 

Section Workers 

Frances Dunn 

Shannon Waters 

Marisa Brook 

Maureen Palmer 

Allan Chen 

Evelyn Tang 

Diana Kim 

Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Brendan Inglis 


Jeremy Hanson^inger 

Julian Chan 



ead S^^hllecld 

flmanda Qaan 
eiizabeth effe 


It I.XL^ i}KJSt deft>iiteiybee)2abng biitexxMngpiiniey. Tljisbookiitispossihkbemitse(:ft}je(MabottUio)icfalltixha)tiuv)k 
Sdxdsi<^on.Ai!ine.K\Tntg^j]e.aiklFniiias.Iculnilie\oiiriiaeiH^u:ih{i^aixit^ To tlje Middle Sclxid 
saOioii S/JcvlllO)W)Ki^]nli<^l Ijaiilal lyJaiiiiieJani tJMul^ilJa^ 

Middle Sdx)ol. To rijeSeiiiorSc/xjul section. Ixackdin'DeaiDiacvufGiace. nitJjMaioeeii Icy:p)eciate 
aUtijee^im loi ig Jxji as cfnoik] oi i IxJi epi it i) itoyoi irsectioj i To tfje^Jiissectio) i. Midx^ea) id Yun- 
Ji yoi I Mj Ixii esi icb a u oiultvjid iuiagii uitioi i tlxUbni igs life to tJxyeciiixvk. To ttx'.iBCsectioi i L-bls. 
BocmiiJTgaitdOiibs). Alhn. Relyii T)ia}iaa)idSanu^}itixiJjecKiedb\'Wei^^^ 
dx?tmditio) inlsi:pljistiaitioi i to tJmsectio) i hi it\oi i also Jxii e hoi igbta iieiv mcxieni look. to hissectioi i 
Totlx^Stiuieiit UJesectioii Akdiiuuiiul HliseJxnlai lA'<^ite. you tliieeaiesiich agiecitteii^^ 
produce suchmagiipkeiitaiidaitisticpag^. Totlx^conpiiterboys, Bmidaii I'^aimj.Jaeiiry'. and 
Julian. yviilxiietndy inadedindei:>an aitv>tici}iast0piece. Mr.Hiii)pliiieia>kltlx'p/x)tcgitply] 
oeii: tixinkyoitJortlveweSentpxAjsyviicuntiiljiited. Gaiie. onceagain. tixinkyoiiJoraHqf 
yairentl.nisiasiuandconimitnient. luisljyoiitloeljestcfhicknextyear. Rwiyoiirasistance 
a "^^ tljeyeaiixtk is inipaceciUe. Wbnls an u lotexpiiss my 'sinceietixv ihfbrcdltlxity oi i 
haiedone. Reid tixinkyoitjbrallcfyviiriivpiitition. andsitppoit Yoi uve amazing! Rr 
tfx'bioidalg^aikl uiscbniyvii Ixueslxviil. laiii Jomei't/xvil^il. Ms. W'oitJ.i Oliiici. oiii 
nenestadditioi i to tix^ yeaiixiok staff ai id A Ir. Tay iorlcai luottlxv ikyoi 1 loi ighforaHqf' 
yoitr0icoii)ngem0it timeandeffbit. Witlxnityvu. nonecftiiisuoiildljepoff^ljk. A)id 
so. tl.myeaiixxjkisjayvii. MomandDad. tixinkyvii so miicbjbrsiifpoiting me. and 
also dmingnw at kite }x)i lis in the night to andfiomscbod to adit pag^. Uz, wedkiit! 
Tog^x^r. uelxiie aeated a 2^2pagi? anniiai. TI?ecoiinAe^]xjiiisuesp0iton 
yeaiixidk meeciitingpags. andyoiisiuingpag^ /xuejinallypaidqffllcppieckitea/l 
thatyoi I Ixiiedoi le. Tlxii ikyoi iforkeepii ig mesai le. a> idlj^ii ig me tljioi igh ti.iis 
chalknge. Tlx^eaieso nuiny ■m0)ionislnill 1 lei irjbigetc^'yeaiixjok disa tssions in 
theyeaiixx:)ki!:oni.pizzii /iind.x£. kUeiiigbls{iiklk)ngueeb0Klsgfecliting. iu()i}i0its 
(^'insanity, and yea)bx)k'de^)i0s. Tl.xinkyoiitoa0yoneidx)madeacont)ihiition 

to tijisyeaiixxok' lu isljyoiiaHtljebestcfli ick ii 1 
yvi irfiiti lie ideal 01 us' 

"7" 'it' t^cyistrm-tiett tAin\C ivcrkcA 
its (i'<J« intc tAc (fcok ircin\ t\U 
An'tUi. ^nr reDr^aytiZ/tthrt o^ t' 


^oek tucHiit that it ivtlS ht tl const Ant StAtc 
di Unic, AnA tkc pttisheA fjrciA,nct is One o^ ivA'icA J /tin ^Hite fjronA, 0^, tkoH-^h 
its place as the tie^innin^ oi a netv era lueans that 'it too HU^ht ^e 'imiirOveA. 
HtiOn anA reconstructed cOnt'innaClv. Jt is the first pAase, anA,, 1 dope, One o( 
t(u ^est. I^A'is gear's ^ook tvas /«" enOH^A ol the time tAat J enjoyed tAe 
nAaiUn^es and (earning cypcr'tences 'it ^rOH^At. \/'^Aat '■fou are Aold'in^ notv 
Appends On tAe eliorts o^ our to^^at StatL ivAo ivere dedicated, patient and Aard 
lvOrkin<^: \/-^eU done! ^ection heads, the graphics ^"V^ {insane '^"■yi, insane), 
uvtrkits and tAe like: tAanks (or putting up tvith mv haphazard deadline mana'ge- 
Htent: yon Jwyi tvere ^reatf Outside o( the yearbook Sta^f the photO'^raphers deserv 
special mention, as a tiook can tie perfectly designed, tint ivithont ^ood photo-jrapAs, it is 
notAin^ lint ivell-placed Voices; thank yon lor running to all the random extents, O^ten at 
short notice. J( the yearbook ever has enough memory space, it ivHl ^e thanks to the three 
i^ho inhabit the tech room in ^choolhonse, tvhose patience and Support helped ns tAron^h tAe 
fear i^ith Only a Ui^ technical mishaps on our part. V^e received amaz'mi^ support from all 
quarters, and a special thanks ^Oes to the school liaisons, directors and teachers for their aid in 
meeting our demands. ~[hiri ivill ^c cnon-^h cameras SOOnl y\ nnmtier of the students noiv 
reading contritinted, and your support helped immensely. Tflr- }^nmpAries, the photos ^k^/ kept our 
heads atiove tvater {fy handling development and photo shootS. ^eid ((JostenS ^dvisor), Idii- 
[r^Orth (/St term) and Tdir. "J^a^lor {2nd and 3rd terms), tvere invaluable advisors, ftciyt^ dotvn 
confusing emails and reluctant tvriters as deadlines and couriers came and tvent, and the'^ are 
Oived a hn'^c thank yon! £van and Olairi, saniti^ rules; J hope tve find it someday. T" 'ny "^i'- 
editor, ^manda, all 1 can say is "V^Actv i-L'C made it.' l^Aat do fOn tAink of this, ehi-" /ind finally, to <^on 
the reader: sit {tack, turn up the music, take a ^rcak and put off the cvork (onlf) a little longer and enjof "the ^ook".' 



Ll - 








// /', 

IcQT ^tL. fe 




"There is nothing 
m tuhich people 
more betray their 
character than in 
tuhat ibQi/ laugh 

- Goethe 

"tile are all travellers 
tn Hho luildemess of 
this tiwjrld, and the 
best ii;e can find in 
our trai/els is an 
honest fnend" 

- Robert Couis 

"tllorfc joyfully and 
peacefully, hra^ing 
that right thoughts 
and right efforts ti;ill 
inevitably bring about 
right results." 

- James Allen 




EducotiMq "tttp Api/iit lA pdrtt i>f "the acIh>i#a ^xmtaff 
phiPuA&phif . Spirtttuof MUrt"ttiw hapjoPMA oft p«ch &f "the 
'tftrtcp rawpuACA iM "(fip c^wtext' i>f Chapcf AtrtwceA, 
"ttvrtMitjftJ Ptadcjtship otci«P«>|9*itpMt" i>f d»«pcP WftrtdcttA, 
Apirtituaf rfiwctiuM iwtft AludewtA awd A"t«ff, i>Mqei»iq 
Fciitf»5cdke;» attcf C^wfinttdtio^w cPoaaca, pcrttecJic 
putftif A ciMcl cvftief PA wftitttH fcif "tfic AcffM^TA Chapfam 
ciMcf »Mqi>iM(y »<lcf«tii>itA "te 'the Chapfaivi'& C^tnt^ 
ufcbAite k(t pl//wc» 

1hi& i|c«rt'A Micfcff e 5cfti>©P Cftapcf WawfcwA fP 
^i> /?. EwtiPt/ Peiff^. Nic^t Edqan, StcphftMic Pt^fPoutd 
avid Nic BottwcttJ, af^wq with Sevti^rt Sch^^ ChappP 
WawfpMA rf "fu ;». v7uA"tiM R«>AA, Koitftm/M Gvuf. ^twtnic 

PrtCATijm'cfj «Mof "Wtc Rci«rtCMc( D/». June Matfiw, f acIw>©P 
ChopfaittJ owrf qnade fine A"tuclPMtA u>fu> oAAiAT oTflte 
w«d^f (f Juwii^n 5chw>P ChapeP brmac^ qnace. diqvtitif, 
npvpnpMCt avtd jnq "t© 'the uuccfePif Chapef ACrtwiccA.. 

Chapef pttPAPfttcr 

"fl»MA - c[»«>rtClf , iMA't/lUtrtPir 

tnf. (Irtowotic - bt/ focuft(| 
WCIrtfccrtA, Appcicif CfUeA+A 

»Mcf "tftp Chapfaiw awd 
tfwMicjft Afjwq, pnottfejf. 

AlPptfCe OMcf Cpfcb/tOitJuW. 

TFfiA t|c«rt, 0(t a Apeciofi 
BiMirtdprtA Chapef isefnHce, 
Robbie J^wit^w Ta&h ©f 
R»fc oMcl ATcjff frtewbc;? 

MrtA. B^'ttf vZeltMATewJ UH*A 

t%»ptiAccC, i>ffprti*tq A"tu- 
devit& aw uppo/ituMitii "t» 

bciptiAWt fw>*n «M Awqf icciM 


WhiTc q!mawded iw tfte 

foitftA hcn« bcPM prtCAeMtpcf 

'Chapcf AfewircA at JiAwl^n, 

tdfe. 5cMi»rt 5cfci>©PA awl 
firp BfXi/fcfiMq ci>imf?UHit(|"A 



eyaB| I 

^"^-^'^ "fl friend i§ a gift 

'"Pnends are 
the Bacon 
Bits tn tf?6 
8alad BotuI of 

- 'P<22a Pfece 


^e-u've ^^ k'e^uUe^, I've «^ '-eiK W^. 
T\cer-e -U.k'V ^iv)to^^ 1 we^uUlK'V X<^ (?e>r 
j&i). We'll s=Uxi,W ki<^^\<er ^ Ssee <X 
^r<^u<^ cjaus^e j<^u've Ǥ<f5^ a. f r-6.^i\Jl -Iw 

'"Co be depressed ie> to 

be lonclv; to hdve d 
fncnd 16 to be NppvJ' 

©MP U«H«f of chw>Ae T© 

Pii«, "tftoaqfi he had off 
- A/fttst&tfe 

''Friends are bom, not made." 
- Henry ^dams 

^.W'(^V\^; 9tvJl I'll l»e 
j<^ur C^-6^^; I'll 

i<^v\^, \d riA\ ^- 


~Oscar Levant~ 

What is it with men and the 

~ You've Got Mail- 

"We will be fiiends until 
forever, just you wait 

-Pooh Bear- 

'I have nothing to 
declare except my 

-Oscar Wilde- 

"A friend is one who 
l<nows you and loves you 
just the same." 

-Elbert Hubbard- 





One good t^mg 
about wMsic.wfieKi it 
(\\t5 ijoi/i feel Kto 
pa\Y]...5D (]\t me wM 


The purpose of life is to fight 

Dick Werthimer 


"What is a friend? A 
single soul in two 



■gjC^JilAA^tWCV-aL^S^) W(^V\ CL^i^dv fr<MA\ 

A. fdl ^l3t)\Jlia\« 


Par-c&Jk. Ho^l^^ -oxolUcAoJl ^O^^^JiAiux^ ^l t^(M\ KAoc,<M\V\€l o<^v\oerV svJ 3i\ 
-e^eMJi\c^ al HenAA^i\\\'s> Jscg^ Qui,. tWj V^ ^ s.uoo€S^ul perC^^mA^vvoe 
<^u\&^ <^C ^ u^uai o<^\\oo-\s. ^d ^ MuiAAW. ^A>a\v\er ^Bi\oe -a\ Ma^. 


"TTKe constsnt 
struggle of 
man versus 
pretty sure 
woman is stdll 

''Everyone put 
your arms up; 
itll look like 
■we've -wonF' 

"Looking at tKis vvrongJ 
little tiny year- 
"Yeah, 1 don't hook photo is 

think he's get- much ixiore fun 

"Arrogant and 
right is surely 
better than 
humble and 

ting up for 
calculus any 

than home^vA/ork!" 



' 'NX/ow, regular f ocxd 
tastes so itiucH bet- 
ter than brown 


"It's all about the 
team. work.' ' 








ehiHA^d foe cwc^o/r 





TU^ p5t£^ j^ur ii<e ^^vJis> ^ 

Icdi Juwe S ■u\ fe f^ljiA^ avJ 
^(^lAoer^ "a^ Ice tefV ^ 

He wUl \>e. ^-^^^^ (AAcLS^SrseJl! 

Jangf Chan — Pit Orehgatro 

c-oa>^ ij^^UX'ul IA\!JS::^ (^iul eC s^k^cJlew^ 

tetvJl''^. Pull e>rc-\<€sVa_-^A<i<^;^ s^-d-ecU^Vvs. 
^9 \^<^ d^<^^^ ''Oupa^^ 

^^^^^^^^^ 1- 





Orehuatra & Msl Williams 

CX.<^ 9iWl Pull CeiKoerV 

p3iW^ awJl SLcafeila. Uqa/ 
te= j^ir \A^si£. ^ aiAA^:^^ 
oV^iMij^' oV<^cr (kip plo- 


^"^ P^J f^v^ 

TlTis was the second aiii-iual head 
shaving recognition of the "CTops 
for Gancer Ci^mpaign" done hy 
SMLJS. The Christine Duke 
~n-ieatre is an excellent venue to 
bring the message to all of the 

Senior School about the impact of cancer 
on young lives. Our hope was that the 
event would raise awareness of cancer, raise 
f ui-ids in suppxirt of young cancer vican-is 
and provide an opportunity for staff and 
students to work together to make a differ- 
ence. Tl-iis year's event was very successful 
l-Kith in tenns of spirit and funds raised and 
a large thai-ik yoti should be given to all 
involved. TTnis year's winners of the stylish 
head award are: Nick Houghton, Brin 
Porter, Andrew Battershill, Asami Morita, 
Maureen PaliTier, Owen Parrot, Aashish 
KuiTiar, Peter McLeod, Jake Hunaphries, 
Xatnnay Fowler and Kevin Cook. 




Clock-wise from, bottom left: Dan 
CKristensen; Malina Margolous and 
Maureen Palmer; Steph Shergold, Mr. 
McLeod and Mr. Shergold; Ivan Cekizak 
and Jory MacKay; Mairead Murray; 
Dorriinic; Mr. Buckinghara; Miranda Cros^ 
Pat McCuUoch and Abby; Milica 
Mrjdenovich, Anna Kohlen and Jessica 
XJllianella; CKven Parret, Brett Cxioper, 
Jeff Mitchelixiore, Mark Zakus; IDeanna 
Singh and Shannon Waters, Kathrine Ku, 
Mrs. Skinner and Mrs. VC^illiams. Did you 
recognize everyone? 3 1 

f ©©It « fetf ;fec CIvnAt- 
MtciA, ei;eM^u4tc;?c t/©a 

IW ^C pa/rik CIA tu^f f , 
"Wfc standi^ kivtd~tUcit 

ffA b^qivivtivtq'tb f «>©ld 

'thdt ijyif f mak^ ^ew 

thdti^^ff jsivtq. niqlfit 
withivt i/iwi/r ftcci/ff " 



> > 


lUj^Hr |# V^/^f^ 




-Mti. Ghttbtnofi 

Tut hope, Ttit faitfr, Tw cl»oAtitt|" 

- M/». &H>fe 


- Mn. JewcA 

ftmw Jtxwl^rt Scf?M>l' is^p^its daq/i «mcI KcPd 
prtiwj/fCiMt. AtuotpwtA oft S/VfUS hen* buiTt o 

jsM:rO'e^, SC^^OOU VT'fc:^:^ 



./^^y^^X'^\\V^\\\\\\^\\'\l n ft ,, 

<'. N 

lull 11 

W\M Iff]', 

mm III f^^f: 






Dewt wafk bchivtd vnc, I 
waif wet Ppftof D&Mt wo^k 
iM frmvit ef *nc, f fnatf vtot 
Mfmu JtAJit wafk fccAirfp 
Htp avtd t* wt/ t/nfvtd. 

The wisesf 
mind bfls - 

VLe>v\ awA V-ee C<^ur^s> 


"flllfx)ever sad i/oa can't txiy 
happiness forgot about little 

'^Reality is 


Dreams are 
for real." 

5 'W'tw^A Iff c^nmmvt' 

(Ui<e I've l>eet\ W<eif^ \?e£'<^r^ 
Cau£:5e je>u'r-e ^i^er-e C<^r ia^s W^ 

"Hsy '%>w you're an A^ Star get your gams ©t^, 50 play 
Hey new you're a F^ock Star ^ tbe jhow on ^ paid 
/kiri all that glitters ij gold 
Only jhootins Jtarj break the mold" 


\5^^ fcnn^f/' 


Right: Tooiiie for the Tower: For the first 
time in many years, students were 
allowed into the Bell Tower. For three 
dollars extra, the students were allowed 
to sign their name on a panel. The view 
was amazing, and everyone who 
participate thoroughly enjoyed them- 



'^Parents ^vorkirLg together to support excellence in education" 


Scenes from the Christmas Bazar and the Fall Fair 

Left and Above: 

Two recent gifts to 
the Middle School 
were a kiln and a 
music software 
programme. The 
kiln was made 
possible in part by 
a donation from 
Mrs. Kennes. 

"Surveying, planning, financing, building. . . it's been 
a construction year for the SMUS Parents' Auxiliary, 
too. Starting out with a survey, the Auxiliary followed 
up with planning and budgeting for a year filled with 
projects and activities designed to meet the expecta- 
tions communicated. The result? A well-built Auxil- 
iary program including both old and new: Welcoming 
Coffee Parties, New Student Socials, Fall Barbeque, 
Cook's Tour of Campus, Pizza Days, Parent Education 
Lecture Series, Merry Market, Annual Family Christ- 
mas Dinners, 

Boarders without Borders, A Piece of Home, The 
Mother's Day Tea/Spring Flower Boutique, A Toonie 
for the Tower, Used Uniform Sales, Newsletters, 
Chapel Flowers, Scholarships, Awards, and a new 
Auxiliary Benefits Committee. In addition, thou- 
sands of dollars were allocated to support excellence 
in education. Thank you, thank you thank you - to 
the lOO's of volunteers who contributed their time 
and talents to help in this wonderful construction 

Mrs. Cyntlmi Mitchell, President 2002-2003 

The Executive Comitlee: B.itl Kun Ms K \ .in dt r Wahl Or School 
Liason), Ms. L. Pollock (Secretan ), Ms. L. KJslock (2nd Vice President), Ms. J. 
Wood (Treasurer). Ms. .\. Mahee (Sr. School Liasonl, Ms. \'- Houghton (Mid. 
School Liason). From Row: .Mrs. C. Mitchell (President). Ms. J. Etta (1st Vice 




r ,^, 

/f story ti«^ ^^^^ ^^y ^ subject forever, 

school tuould be a tDetter place 




' -.Lf-xv^ J*^^ J 

TOO -^h.'^ TH^ 









1 ^H^^Bu^^^ 




^^^AH, THIS. ':^)gwi-rei-y 



' .,-^u.y.-i.-:.v.Mi.aMMyi 

^^ (T^ 

^^^///- ? 







^r. //li\'hjclt( lilmwTttitv £\yvx"»/ Srjd €b^ii 








V N^ 

Junior Scho^ 

l]1Svefl0L>!^Ni«il /^ 





%=m, !^^%!|&, 




"1 haV(^ eom^ to \\yi fright^^ning conclusion that I am 
th(i 6mms}<jL <z:l(^m(^nt in th(3 classroom. It's my pn^r- 
sonal approach that er^atj^s \\\(i climate, it's my 
daily mood that mate th(3 w^^athizr. fls a t^ach(z:r, 1 
possizss a tr<^m(^ndoas poWizr to mak(i a child's life 
mis(z:rabfe or joyous. 1 can h^ a tool of torturiz or 
an instrumiznt o\ inspiration. I can humilitatiz or 
humor, hurt or h(^al. In all situations, it is my v^- 
sponsii that d^cid(^s whiith^^r a crisis will bii (^scaltizd 
or d^-(3scalat(^d, and a child humaniz(^d or d(ihu- 

- fln(2)nymous 


^HP^'' " 


^^RiiMtHKi'iicnnMuLnm'ur^ ^^^^^| 





^ t 1 





. ^ 


li^ -msm 



Joseph Avio 

Timothy Berntsen 

Amy Bodine 

Arthur Bodine 

Claire Cole 

Michael Edwards 

Emma Frankenberger 

Sage Friswell 

Kira Gill-Maher 

Graeme Hyde-Lay 

Alex Lupin 

Grant Nicholson 

Max Pollen 

Christina Sipos 


Mila Stolle 

Owen Sudul 

Austin Vaza 

Isabel Williams 

WLiat's evei-yone 
looking at? 

I want a car, a House, a new 
Barbie, a tiger and 

Christina Sipxjs loves 
to read. 

fvlila Stolle and Austin Vaza are the 
ultimate Play-Doh chefs. 

AxtHur Bodine and Max Pollen 
whisper secrets. "IjCxdIc over there!" 








Quinn Bachand 

Benjamin Bartlett 

Hayley Burns 

Adam Chan 

Jeremy Chan 

Jessica Chan 

Samantha Colby 

Nicolas Cvmningham 

Jenna Dhillon 

Emma Donald 

r. J 


Bryce Fenton 

Elisha Graham 

Isabella Gudgeon 

Keating Gudgeon 



Jack Janus and Keating Gudgeon studying hard! 


Caitlin Hastings 
Jack Janus 
Vivian Lam 
Cimarron Langlois 


Michael Rossi 
Emma Ullrich 
Claire Williams 
Jacob Wilson-Potter 

(Sai+lin "hlas+ings studies Kai'd! 

?0? STJVKS 4^ 


.X<^ W/? 



M?L»t to gb?€ 9 little TOouse? 
^ little house? 

\\7li9t to gh?e 9 fiercesowe cfog? 
'fhe DirsgoD liwog? 
^liJt to give 9 pretty c#t? I 

^ lovely TO#t? " 

"Wlist to give 9 ?urry rshhl^ 
loTOe sort o? li§J)it? 
I Jo Dt hidjvJ. 
I cfoD t hacfVJl 

IliouW I get theD io the sdow? 
yes or DO, 
yes or do. 

% Julis nu 

Anna Willms and Julia 
Morton are hanging out 
after school 

Hannah McElderry loves 

Arden MoUenhauer is grabbing 
a bite to eat! 


Samuel Reid 
Christian Sharp 
Claire Soong 
Georgia Stuart 
Lucas Thoniton 

; Graeme Wlieeler 
] Aiina Willms 
Mark Yorath 


iDOA^^iDg iDcyWtog 

Its SOCrWtog SDOWlDg it is SDOWiDg ^^k 

ChTistTOfS is coTOiDg too 

It is SDovciog it is SDowiDg tocfsy. 

^ Qrseine \\;lieelCT 




/.gasp., ywd 


CXcay, tbaf £ tf)e f^ead, so tf^e 

must be 


Sarah Bodine 
Tiffany Briiton 

Daniel Caincron 

Nicole Chan 

Jonlv Considine 

G£t A 


?o torn 


Michael Crabbe 

Logan Gilmore 

Breanna Graham 

Charles Gudgeon 


Tavish Gudgeon 
Madison Hadfield 
Derek Hvde-Lay 

Quinn Khman 
Ashujn Louie 


AH Pollen 

Cassandra Quan 

Laura Shaw 
Johnaihon Sipos 

Sara Taylor 
Robbie Thomas 
Sean Thomber 
Paiac Wereeland 

■ s— 

%^ pop^ c\ 



If I Were a Pencil 

If 1 were a pencil, I would wait to be used. 
Finally i would be picked up by a second hand 
It would tickle to be sharpened and it would 
But finally 1 would be bought. 

I would live long life but finally when 1 was too small 
the last thing 1 would see is a large banana peel and a tissue and 
then 1 would go to the dump and never see daylight again. 

By Brian Christensen 


Eric Beban 
Charles Beiinett 
Brian Christensen 
Jarrett Chung-Smith 
Shelby Clark 
Kehin Doore 

Harrison Duncan 
Connor Eden 
Stewart Erwin 
Hannah Fumess 
Joseph Fumess 

Rebecca Griesser 
Haley Grogan 
Emilv Hayashi 
Robyn Hope 
Nuraiyah Kassam 

Jonathan Ker 
Sarah Klian 
Nikisha Khare 
Mary Lapp 

If I were. 

If I were a peregrine falcon my name woLild be lightning. I'd 
race the wind to the tip of the ocean and back. I'd sail over 
the ocean for fish. My colour would be light brown with a 
tint of gold from the sun. I'd have lots of fast friends like 
eagles and hawks. My nest would be V J-^ ./ 

large and perched high on a tree. 
I woulf perch high on an oal 
tree then... catch some fish, 
rabbits, and mice. I'd be the 
fastest flacon of them all and 

at the end of the day I would 

love to soar over the lake in M^^^^^^^^^^^^m^*i * 
the view of the people... I'd 
love to be a peregrine flacon 
but I'm not! ; y i 

.By Annie Pike 



GR ^FO ut^B 

Kate Loomer 

Stephen MacArthur 

Liam Matthews 

Logan McColl 

Jeffrey Miller 

Tara Moon 



Annie Pike 

Eric Protzer 

Cliona Quail-Bradley 

Emma Ronning-Philip 

Tanya Rossa 

Michael Shaw 

Colin Smith 

Jocelyn Stedman 

Rick Stolle 



Kaleigh Stuart 
Connor Thomson 
Meredith Witoski 

Peace To Me 

Peace to me is reading a book 

Peace is no wars in the world 
Peace is sometliing that everyone shares 
Peace is important to me because with peace 
There is no war 

By Nuraiyah Kassam 



Reading outside on my porch 
Running barefoot in the grass 
Fishiiig on my Dad's boat 
That's peace to me! 

By Jonathan Kerr 

We have finished a war 
Peace has begun today 

No more gunfire or bombs 

Everyone is cheering and laughing 
Although some are sad of losses 
1 am just ecstatically happy 
But still thinking of the dead 
Those who died to protect 
us from death 
And I am still wearing a 

By Robyn Hope 



^iAA,<:^uv\V <!^ VuiKeiUr. TVe ^-W^ ^Wes^ pteioe ^ 

3^ il^ o<?biA\s h\\^ ^ s^k^rj. TW \A^ si<e ' 
•^blcX <^^A\<Qr \<^s. _;pu Uv\e>w ^\<0M,•e^e^^ ^'^i « 

f <^r ^ s^uiAMA^sr. ?akioc5L -U. \\<^V us^eA kb 
oai\<^e-a\^, oaiAA^iU\Ǥ, e>r ai\j parV <^ oeAbL^^ -\U 1\V' 
IcPe, s^ sJice Jic^g^ \\<^ ^-U- -a\. Ok \<^ e{? KaV ^\te ' ^* ^ * 

s^UMjA^sr. VaA<€!i\ s.\te -U=> aW^uV f^^^ ^ ^^ov«e up, Pak*-u:xa. (?-a\J[s> a^ w^ki^V 
UJJieK uvviorvvea^ a. 0<^^'r^'«^j"cSl- VaA^sk S:>\<e \KkvJ^ ^ s^\<e -<^ \a\<^\ laoW 
\<^ W<e £:>ulA^JA^sr \aA^\ Icor iA\<!bUtQr wst^ Wdve aivJl s.fe<^)a\<^ aV Uce s^aitve 
oeA^^ PaVio^ -i^ s>fee)a\«j (^(^r ^ s-uiaamot. W^l fe^mixa. \>e aUe ^ 
o<MAA<e ia^U kb ^ pr^^s.-^xV;' Or u/l\1 s>\<e Wave kb ^^^ -ax U^e pa^^' W-<il 
£i<e ^ aWe \<^ feilW V(^ Itor e.\AA\ Weive j^^ur e^U iA\<^\\<er'' K-cV teur&:><M\ 
iA\a-W€S. VoMee kavd -Ox^er^es^Uvv^ aixJl ir^^stic^^Vco. <S>\<e c.Vai\<^€£:> ^ p\aoe 

r^^siier avJ Uesps^ je>u -eK^fewJixei. S^l^e -t^ a. w<^wJierCu\ wr-U^r! 




Jeremy Bagshavv 
Portia Bekes 
Liana Brook 
Oliver Brooks 
Cameron Buckingham 

Max Considine 
Laura Dale 

Scott Dallen 
Julia Denley 
Tra\'is Denley 
Anton Dugan 
Lisa Evans 

Lukas Galbraith 
Kristijan Gjorgjevik 

James Harris 
Benjamin Hayes 
Janine Hsu 
Claire Jackson 
Shaun Kho 

A.d c^3tL^. 


Nicolas Klak 
Parker Langlois 
Eric May 

Thomas Nicholson 
Christian Pasitney 

Mina Phaisaltantiwongs 
Ross Prager 
Genna Purcell 

Celina Santilli-Giza 
Benjamin Schaan 
David Sedley 
James Sharp 
Sydney Stockus 

Angelica Taylor 
Rebecca Thomas 

Daniele Tipping 
Marc VanderWal 
Simon Witt 
Jamie Yorath 




Mo"et and Re«0»^ , 



'' K: ^'- -^ 


vWey do,- 

Peter and the Magic Tree 

by Ben Hayes 

He turned around and to his amazement heard the 
tree saying. "What's the matter little boy?" "Nobody 
likes me." sait the little boy. "There there." said the tree. 
"1 don't ha\'e any friends." "Could you be my friend?" 
said the boy. "Of course, "said the tree. Peter visited the 
tree every day after school and they became great 
friends. The tree started to give the little boy advice on 
making new friends, it started to work. One day after 
school he saw smoke coming from the forest and he ran 
into the forest to save the old tree. But when he got there 
there was a hole where the tree used to be. Peter was so 
sad that the tree was gone. When he got home somehow 
the tree had ran over to Peter's house to escape from the 
fire. From that day on the tree did not speak but the boy 
was very grateful, for the tree taught him how to make 
a friend. 




frencfi Oryf 













• ;!^^HHv 

IB. '' '.A'\^^fell 

1 ." . 

^iddl^ School Teaclhue,,,, 

(^^lU^a^^s^ y^v. IV ou\^ r-<^V -a\k^ j<^ur 

...1 tAA!JS:>l \^ ^^^ecX 


u\e^: Ice \aX<^ i<f>es. v\(!bV 

si^W 3L q[uesi^.<^\\ r-eiM^^Ji\£^ 

a. ^cyc>\ CesT-ever /'' 


X J^ ^J^ Vv(!^ livox^ (^V\ ^ 

The Grade 6's of Middle School 
enjoy soccer and basketball, 
Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons 
and Friends. Blue pizza and 
green candy are the food of 
choice, with biugundy macaroni 
coming in a dismal last. Rapping 
mongeese and roddn' dogs 
are favorite animals and music, 


J(^U C.5ti\ k^^tk i\<^lA\ 


5:>wee^, s^ur, U-Uor, puv\ 




Olev Anniko 

Colin Beban 

Kyle Bridge 

Thomas Bridgfi 

Duncan Ctarkf 

Megan Cooper 

Colin Copes 

k'nathan Cunningham 

Rachel Da\tl 

Olivia deGoedi 

Bhupinder Dulku 

Benjamin Eiii 

Elizabeth Fenjt 

Reiliv Fong 

Ian Gabriel 

Laura Gilmore 

Nicole Godwin 

Sasha Gra\ 

Douglas Grimmer 

Patricia Halmi 

Ashley Haue-^ 

Emma Houghton 

John Humphries 

Barnev Hung 

Forrest Kilgour 

Lauren Kipp 

Jake Kislock 

Katherine Kohler 

Charles Leitz 

Danieia Loggia 

Evan Louie 

Kirsten Marsh 

Calum Matthews 

Jake McCloske\ 

Lexi McColl 

Claire McKenzie 

Harmon Moon 

Tavlor Moon 

Joel Nason 

Kent Op pel 

Katherine Peiffer 

Amrita Pooni 

Francis Quinlan 

Emily Reid 

Karia Rosenberg 

Monica Rossa 

Jamie Saunders 

Trevor Scaghati 

Samuel Simons 

Mackenzie Stont 

Scott Sv^mirK 

Brendan Tht>ni'-i'ii 

Nicole \ander\\a 

Jillian Vasko 

Matthew Wamer 

Brianna Webb 




Elliott Wheeler 

Jasmine Yan 

Michael Zhou 


And now for tke Grade 7s... If seems tkal mani| 
oT them will love Lord oT the Kinqs wtien it 
LC-mes out. It s their tavorite movie tor 20UJ.'. 
Tiie "Matrix and "llarrLi Potter are close 
keLind. Favorite TV show? 1 he Oimpsons oT 
course! Uoqs are the undisputed tavcurite 
animals, but opparentiij womhots are also 
popular this ijear. blue, oronqe and Kainbow 
Ferrari s are the car ot choice, but purple broccoli 
does not seem to be vcri) appetizing to this qrode. 
Pizza however, is another storq. And tor enter- 
tainment? This cnterprisinq qradc cnjoqs. . .eatinq 

*^^; aWA 1 \Kk\\ ^l 

Elizabeth Ayre 

Qristina Bachand 

jason Bains 

Terra Barnes 

Annelies Bt.4f- 

Stephanie Bt-ni. i^n 

Darren Brtn'iiu' 

Erik Burke 

Dylan Callow 

jacquelvn Carsnn 

Zachar\' C hm 

Nicholas Chark'U.n 

Tonv Chii.ini; 

Jee-In Cluin.i; 

Nicole Cook 

Andrew Crow 

Paul Davison 

Jennifer Dehiom 

Joshua I V Ml 

Siobhan t .i> n 

Riley GLid-...M 

Gillian Hai (i i 

Ian Harper 

Rosanna Harris 

Christopher Hawe 

Louis Hayes 

Allen Hsu 

Felix Hu 

Graham Inglis 

Jennifer Jackson 

Adam Kennes 

Victoria Ker 

Terry Kho 

Nicholas Lampard 

Chelsea Langlois 

Angus Lennox 

Stephen Lvon 

Courtney Mahrt 

Taylor McCarten 

Chelsea McLean 

Sarah Moselle 

Richard Moser 

Michaela Onasick 

Iliva Pa\!n\fr 

Nicholas Pau Ink 
Emily \\.:-A^' 
Evan Rankin 

Victoria Sapsford 

Ottilie Short 

Peter Short 

Christine Silver 

Christopher Smith 

Curtis Smith 

Derek Stedman 

Clavton Thornber 

Michael vanderWesthuizen 

Dani Ward 

Jordan Wiedemann-Komarnicki 

Justin Yan 




Here are the Gr. 8's. Top of the 
school, benign guardians. Lovers 
of sports, TV and rest. They adore 
Harry Potter and Lord of the 
Rings. When asked about what 
they want to become upon 
leaving SMUS, the responses are 

Professional athletes, doctors and 
pyrotechnics abound. This year's 
Gr. 8's enjoy pop and rap music, 
Ferraris, Lamborghinis and 
Australia. The most popular travel 
spot on the Gr. 8 map is Italy. All 
in all an interesting and dynamic 

'ix^K'V (juJl^ pQ!^fl«e Wj 


t\e <M\Vj wstii k^ 


CbtC^s^^ cS# 


lusf Balderrama-Bra\o 

Duindra Barsalou 

Zachar\' Blum-^r 

Emily Bn> 

Aaron Bkh^I- 

Nicholas Burnt-tt 

Molly Cameron 

Jack Chan 


Kevin Copr-- 

Justin CourtnjII 

Chrir^topher Cunningham 

Daniel Dale 

Andrea deCoede 

Danielle Denle\' 

lagjitpal Dhariua 

lason Dhillon 

Andrew Diba 

Andrew Dil 

Stephen Dimg 

George Duthie 

Nicole Ed J, ; 

Brennan 1 1 ■ 

Sean Godw jh 

Craig Gorm.iii 

Ellis Gr;u 

Charlotte Houston 

Angie Hsich 

Katie lames 

Teter I 
Andrew }ohn 
Ryanne John 
Shane Keepuiu ■ 
Jesse Klinian 
Justin Ko 
Nicolle K\\ on 
Margaret Lapp 

Ji-Min Lee 

Kyu-young Lee 

Surrey Lin 

Jeneese Marchand 

Niko Mavrikos 

Ria Mavrikos 

Yianni Mavrikos 

Emma May 

Matthew Mc Bride 

Duncan Mclntyre 

Mckyla Mclntyre 

Jordan Ofiesh 

Kevin O'R Jordan 

Lucas Parker 

Emily Peiffer 

Anne Penner 

Megan Pohoreckv 

Stephanie Pollard 

Winnie Puun 

Alexander KluI 



Priya Rosenberg 

Cassandra Santilli-Ciza 

Channelle Sawyer 

Kelly Sharp 
Jaime Sharpe 
Ajit Sini;h 
Ethan Smitli 
Jennifer Smith 
Mariel Spence 
Kyrle Symons 
Rylev Tapping 


f7 ^^^^ f^^ 

v^ "Ti^iiiHEiininfin' 

WV!^ — -■ ri - 

Dalen Thierr\' 
Kate Timmis 
Christian Tipping 
Jake Todd 
Ke\in Tseng 
Jesse Wang 
Callie Waters 
Elizabeth Weir 


Theodore VVhittick 
Sam Witt 
Wilson Wong 
Sang Woo-kim 
Dong Yeo!-seo 
Ken Yim 


Friends will come and 

friends will go, 

Ttte seasons change and if 

will srtow, 

I will age and so will you, 

Buf our friendship sfays, 

sf rong and f rue." 

- Anonymous 






The opera rsn t 
over fill me faf 


-[>ar) COOK 

Life is liKe fl 

melody, oDiy 
Che lyrics are 
Messed up." 




£3^a^<^v\. Vh. £.iar^ i\<e jear pcoU-cK'j l£ vorj raw, UjI 

prajckocv\<j ai £.S0 aw\ Wcoe a. week. Va/^ -eacV 'pOA^e 
pa^.SaOx'j ^ SaC^uai te^ai\ ks -OAAprf^ve. We pfeyoA s^eocvvA -Iw 
^ leaijue l^-cvJl a. verj p(^wel^Cu\ Oak T^aj \eaiA\. "P^ oUy 
p\aj<5£fs. £=aw il<e i^siA\ efSi\ up a.<pivN£=V >3e.r^ £iaaiMx:-\^ 
\jj4X a. Wt,K Wj Vei\ pc>cw\t., Va/c \ltev\ pteeioA a. verj iaievv^ 
^^aJM. £'r<MA\ l^dMU'^uz^< Park -cw ^ £seiM.-c (xVvai alvJl s,qL>eakQA 
(!>u^ a- wu\. l^e lai wer-e Cbu\<j \^•c<J\^ \\(^i- ■e\<MJ<jV u\\C<^fk>- 
vvaieij i<^ Icfple U<e iaacC^jUj B^J^ -(^ ^ C^J Pa\ais>. GtsVx- 
cjraiufedc<!5V\^ k> ai\ U^e plsyeir^ e>w a. t-upert S3^a^><^v\. 

KAr. J<sv\e£> 

(airaJle 7 'g><^j^ 

TU.&. Y-ear we Vai a_ c^c^fe. oC 

p\ai)er^ ii^al aiievJloJl aAiA\e5tJ. 
■o/erj prac-koe \AA,e> s.l,(M)\cll 
iMake a. '^<^<^cll f (fiUwJtaiLCK le> 
kicli v\exV j^w's> "jraie ■e^'J^^^ 
ieiA\ e>w. KA<-ckael vai\ Jter 

CjLC-VarJl Mc^^QT, \U-le) (^vA'^ea^w, 
Te.V\j CXuai\a avJ Je^V Gvons 
wer-e \lce tackW^\^e ef c>i>f 
\eaw\. T\e U^i^lcfjl^l eC c^oc 
£3ea£>e>K wer-e \e resai irip ^ 
^l cSQ^rJe•&. for '-"H^ Oat^* 
ai\Jl our Wcwi up \o.urwaiA\e\i- 
w-cK over K>e^ri^^ ^aaiM-oV 
\vOpe ail ^ Wyj£= -ev\(iojeA )^cjr 

T^e <jraie ^ 'J<jrt^ ta^keU'ail i^iiM, -eix^ojeA ptel\lj of 

<jaiAve^ a\^Jl S:>uooes>^ ^-ts^ jear oV\ iCe VarioourV. 

A. lajTje a\\Jl -€^^i^^uS:,taK\■co <^oup c-o\\t,<.i=iiV\<j 

iA\(^s»i\j oC te%a\v\erj= kai \ke oppork)Vvt>] io ptey -cw 

\ke \\ej(>j f ortvveJl K<JJlle .S^okools. /)X\ek^ As,£.o 

ocaicoK u/,^.cc,k lAAgaVvl ^jaiA^jes, a-^jai-KsA- s.okool&, 

froiA\ al\ \kr-ee local JU-s-V^-cit.. 

Hei\oe \ker-e wat^ alA^p^e opporkjwtV] 

k> -UMprove upow s^oiwe wesA/j 

acc^uor-oJl j=,k-Lll^ \A^^^\e. 'jeU-u\<j \o 

kvvow -Sick oiker l»oik ov\ avJl ofi-' l 

^ courV. Our Js^j^ow -ovJioJl uaX 

ai\ aiiA\crai>le r-ecori of 3 Wcv\£=., 2 

los^-es, awi \ U=e -tw \ex^>e. plj 

f ollowoA Wj ai\ afier\\oov\ of f uv\ 

pla^v\<j -Ox a, ^aWor-ee uAer-e ike 

tjijrk. £.koweJi off ^ iaiei\\£. Wj 

wa\wa\<^ 2 of i\^u" 3 <pivvst,. All 

kai iAM)ck f UK ai\Jl air-^iij we're 

look^v\<j foAVarJl \o \\exl jsir. 

(SrfeJie S c5cr\£» 'gasi.Ueitall 

'p.^e s^ea^oK teja\\ w<ik IS -etxikusxa^ii-cc. pla^gers:^, £:>oiA^e of \aA.oia\ 

pr^ici-coecJl \krou<jkoui. ike Ckr^-sJuAAa^. U-sik. Ai- ike lre%t,v\VMA\<^ of 

Javvuap), ikfi 'jroup wa^:. r-e^-eiiai>lj r-oJiuoetil io 12, \AA.-<-ck ■evei\iuallj 

kec^Lo s^ea^oK £=aw avv -ec^uai v\ulA^ter of wa^^ aWl los^-e£> UjV, iA\or-e -av\poriav\i\j, 

£=aw <jr^ai -ovvprovetw^eiNi- -a\ ike -cwkvtJlLiai s.k-clls. of ia\o£^ of ike pla^gers^. Tke 

ieaiAA. ooiA\peietJl -ck ikr-ee iourwaiAAea\i£. avJl ooKs^cLieiNilj ^^^Ac^^ sIroK'j ov\ ike 

cow£>olakov\ £:,cie. Hc'jklt.'jkit. of ike jear wer^ ike ioua\aiA\ev\i£> -lV\ ViaiNaiiHo 

aW. VaVvcouver, koik of \>Atck feakir-eJl poS:^ <^aiA^e iA\ocllelt.v\'^ of ft^a- Macr^kos.' 

^.airl Tke plaj^o^ wer-e Av\<j6e Hs^o^, :^ava>eMe 'i^e\lej, ft^)ai\we Jokv\s>oV\, U^ VA/e-ur. 

KckjteL Kc-lVvljr-e, ^-^.avJlra 'Bars^ou, tl.-La- Mavrikot,, Ckarioiie Hous^V\, Ca\k=e 

VA/aiert,, Kar^jar-ei- Lapp, W^KVvoe Poov\, Mar<>el ,S^pewoe aivA QaVvwelle .S^aWjer. 

Kr. UeA/iAAai\. 


look f or- 


-exper-^eJAoe ow ike karJlwoocll ai\Jl 

wari io wak,ku\<j ike-cr fui<.)r-e (Ae./elopivvsi\V 

oa s=pori. 



s ome Gtteerreaders 


(5r. Q/l ■£,e>j&. S>e<:-oer 

7eW\<|. OsacV Y<^u\\<J l^^ ^ "^"^up eC alxsui- 20 Vc^pefulSi 

pl^is=av\Uj, -lk vcok^r). £vQrje>v\e plajoA weii awJl ii^e <J^(^up 
u/<^rUei l.ei4er awJl t^ier as^ a. ieai^\ a^ ^ s^eas^t^u we>r-e <^v\. 
(SraJie ^ ptajjors^ wor-e Gjn'k,v\ "v^-etaVk, T<na\ T,r<Jl'|Qr. i.L)Kc.av\ 
OarUe Ciekys Cefss., Ce>lu\ T^-^aw, Jt^wafeVv (_i)V\V\U\>^kaiA\, 
lal\ (SaWvsd, "gajTWej Huw<j, Frai\o<^ Qy<,v\lai\. CaiuiA\ Kaiil^eA/^. 
Je>ei K!a£=e>V\, l<-ei\i- Oppdl. l<Sir-ca tl.<?£j€lAi.erj. JaiM.-t>e .SiaiiV\iQr^. 
Olo^U- VAjVodor. Mail, ^ksVye J<^Vvn HutA^p'^r<>es.. avd Oiiev/ A.kv«.U(^ 
(SjfaJte 7 pla^^QTEr, ^KoluJioJl 
'i>er-eJ< S>ieJ^l'L^al^, Xarr-ejA 
;£r(^<;^^A^e Te.v\j CXuavv'j, 
Ci^r.t.£i<^p\<Qr S>iM.-tX, QcA. 
\,a!A\ IK-^U^V, Pelcx Hu, /\\iei\ 
He=.u, aivA lllcja PaN/e>vt<:, , 
Mr. Vie>AAAAai\ wsis. 


\3 l^esjs. 

"T^cs. j^sur wsi^ 

eC a. <jirc.up eC 
'.^ar Jl u/tMfU^K'j 
plajor^ \A>-,e. 
wor-e cAoter-' 

aiwag£=. '^ve 

■^i^e>rV. A.&. a- 
r-es^uli. U^e-ur 
£.uc-o€£^ was, 
a£,£=.ur^ . L-qA W) Uv^ jear pteijjerEi Ss€ai\ (5eJWu\ 

avJl Vico^^c^la^ ^uA\e^, U^e Wnje^ o<MMpe!^QJl o\ a. 

v^ulA^l,e^ Cif -e<^^■a^v\ <jaiA^S£, -lk V-a:,i<^r^,a. teP<^r^ 

T<^t)rwau\a^l Vet-ieA Wj S^V. J<^lv\'£> toLvei\s,c-e.urV 
^oVe>e>l. Her-e ii<ej porf'eMrw^eJl tepvvJl ai\ -expeoia: 
ke>v\t„ r-eiuovLK'^ *-.<MA^ie w<-il^ U<e tUilej Clip, U?e 

teLva»^oe>urV ^oV<^e.^. l-ter-e U<ej 
pofCeMOA^eil Ireje-vvA al\ ■o<peciaU<^W£>, 
r-ekirwu\^ V<M*Ae wtA i\<e tui^ Cx)p, 
il<e o<^v\s.(^fe^l■c<^v\ o*-al^^lP<,<^v\^V•<,p 
k"efVj. avJl a f-ec^cyck et S \ \. "P^e 
oVaiMfH,/^v\s=.V-cf> iMaic-V wa£=. pfeyoA e<v\ 
a ^.<^ c.e>vQr-QJl u/c^ C<M'ir -cKc'^eE^. 
(!sC v\eji/ £=.v\e>w. awA -ci- wa^ iv\.(ft£^ 
•€i\VQr\a^v\tV\<^ i^e>r U<e Wvjt, \c> waiol^ 
Mr, P<^l\(^c,W s=.Ve.vdl(,v\<^ il^ IcweE^ 
c te£'e>r-e i\<e 'jaw^s tepd\i Of ocMirs^-e 

I ^ 6 (^<^^ ^(^c^-or s.Ke~uA,al\ C^t^Vit.. ^k aJUia^w i<^ 

TUfc. j^s. k:»urvvaivv^\V was. s,c?,oo^, were U<e orJler cf U^e Jtsy! 

^.MA).5^. T^^^e ^-oAe. \(!5^ i\<e-tr 
fa^ "piw^e k> G".C-^. ^v M<^v^ir■^ ai\i wa\l c>\\ i<^ less^-e k> ?-u:,Wer-cV\<j Cj^Wg^ tj 
■(Jlet\kc,a\ 3 O s>o<^r-e£>. 'V^ 'S^-*^ kv^oJl Vari VjV U<e p<3eoes> Vtev^or c,aiA\ie ks 
<^eW<er il<e waj \\<ej c.<mU lave. T^e v^-vval <jaiAAe X^ cby ^.aw i\<e ^crlt. f-ve awsy 
a lw<^ 'J<?al \e3d avJl s^eUte fe>r a. 2- all Jlraw WtA ^.J.t5^. ef W-LV\WLpe^. 'T.^e v\exV 
-^3 il<e i^aJM. &.ki\\\\ec)l Hai<-Cax (5raiAMA\ar ^cVex^^l \kM\ ai\ -^jfVj ^jf^ai tui lai k^ 
.^"^^U larJl k> le>U <^v\i<^ a, \ A U^. "P^e ixV\a\ <p«ivve was^ ajp^Vv^l uvJlef-eaieJl He>lj 
TruvcVi ^ole^l. /\}^<^v^V Kc-<^^'^ <^pp<^rkJ\Mioe£, were s^lar^ -ef^uailj, ii^e -^-ols, 
iMtL£,£3^ a. p^NaiV) £=.Vc4. avJl l<^£>l \ O -Ox a. vor^ lari i^e>u^ll c.<^v^ies>i■. li\ i\<e f uK 
ckvct,t<^v^ ev '^ ksurvsaivva\l \l<e E»q|uai t^ai- A^iMtrae AcaieiM^ e^f Haicpax S O. 
/ii- l^a^V \M.v*.e <!?v ^-^-Ss j^sut's. pfeyors. Well te rek'rWLV\<^ (?<^r r-ev'ei\<^ uAeVv U^e 
\<^urwaiAAsja\V -(^ l<^Es^ i.j HcliPoew S>iraUvailev\ ^oVex^\ eC T<^r(^v^\^ VNexV fail. Mawj 
\^^awWs> £.loulcll l>e -exVeiviei ic Mr. Jcwes. avJl Ui> o<MMiM.-tUee -lk dar^ ef <^r^-' 
wc^K'j ^ ^uA\aMel\l as. weM as, il^e ioJiccaW iM^ivxasjer, M£=.- V-av\ A.lsi^v\e. g ■ 

Haro^, (5<Jilcai\ 
Harper. .S^ajrak 


T^^^e (5ar\s»' V(^\le)taAl ^€aiA\ -OMfre^voJl ^-tr s.W-(,ll£=, \aaA 

-si\il,us,<,a£jA\ aivJl E=f>c>r\£JAAai\£.l.^, feiioes^i Y<M) wer-e a, 


T^e '^^jr\s> uA<^ c.(MMjA\-cUecll U<€lAA£>-e!ive&. i<5. ^^^e i5raie S Ve>\lejtai\ i^iW\ Vai a. leA c 
\fS3if\: TW) vAj<er-e '^r-^al- \<^ c,©ar.V tooauE^e ll^ej wer-e s=.<^ -^^ ^ cie^ef U^e-tr 
£:=W-(Ji\s> sdvl l^arw \\<e <jaw\ie. l>e£=ftie a. ^.l^f^rV s^-^a£=e.v\, U?e 'J^jtAs. ■aA^prf^veJl -oh 
lA^giAvSj^j sivJ r-^Vj sJariei k> nvJiorsJaivJl <53aA^le s^iraiejoes^. Our p<^WQr ^.v^iiers^, 

r<^w wasr, U^.ckU-cvn'j aWsui- UeioW.ox'j vA^^ie (^i\^Qrj=, w^-e iHe>v-U\<^ ^w ^ 0(^ver, aWl 
-^V, uAai a. ^f*\\ u/<ei\ We s.uoo€£^u\\j o<^iAAi.u\eJl a. l<^velj pa£=£^ i?r<MA\ ^ tar-W 
<'(5>u/ up ks ©ur \/j3uXa\^ s^-e^ier, uA^e> e^-qI a^ t^aL)U{?u\ raa\i^w ks \\^e pe>WQr U-iier. 

avJl pa£=£>-e£:., avJl u/<!^u^Jl '.^ave level iM.e.r-e ef pe^rkiVvcioet, (^e>r ^um, 
pr<^velA^la\l ai cjau^es,. H(^weN/er, \\^ s=■ea£^(^w vaTSi^ a. "jr^eal E:.uc-oe£:> 
■a\ i^^ai. ail ilte plajjors^. Jtevele^peJl a. <j<^eJl s^W-cll ta^^e, avU <jaiA\e-Pla-j 
uKJtQr5:iaWlu\<j tw pr-eparak^K fe>r wexl j^ajr. TVe \eaiA\ we-uwl lii«€ 


^(^rteitle a^ £.v\u<^'jla\<j ifvJer il^e 
oe>ver^ e.v\ a. c^&A Jawuar] iA\(Mrv\ 
■a\tj teC(^r-e ^ e^uu ri&es^. ^e^, -U- 
tetWes. a *.<earlj s><fiUl avJl a. Jle^ 
iA\cV\eJl iA\cwJl i<^ i^uiAAp cuV e^f tei. 
'jrat a. talV^w^J s>uU, ai\Jl ^.<eai f <^r 
^ p<^<^l tef csr-e ■eve\\ U^e JiucUe^ ar-e 
awaUe. Gverj ToesJtajj avJl TVurs^ 
cbj iA\eMavcV\'^, a. ^^<jle eC <jraJies, 

arri-voi ai- 6J<^rcll(^.w Vteai ftec-^-^k<^v\ GeKk"-e Wj £ SO /sM- TVej p^<^ 
oeetioJl l<^ prajcii&e avJl -e><eroc£3e uwJter ^ JUx-ecU^u e>C We> e^wum. 
iA\cV\«j c,©ajc*.{€£=,. Mr. Craw^t^rJl wa^ ^Uor-e k> £>k"-eio\v V-tt, ia^lis>c.I€s» avJl 
effer iM,e<rai £=.upp<^d. T^^ v\utAAi.Qr£= var-tseA (?r<MA\ Jby ie Jtaj. tul we 
aiwajE^ Vai ai\ -e^\U^UEa<^l£>ko '^rt^up. VA^e o<NA\pe^ -cv\ a. v\uiMi,er eC 
s=w<JK iA\iQei£, avJ r-epr-e£>-€l\iecJl U<e ^c.V<^e>l w<X pr<Jte aivA ac-U;0.^eiA\e\\l. 
T\te r-eAyarJls, wer-e iA\e!£^j pe!fE=.c>Kai, kjl i\<er-e wer-e il^e '''s^w^d tali.E^'''' 
aiAJl Kr. CraiA^e>rJl'£:, K«:,l< a;-P(^^^ J<^ Jucoe al ^l^e wrap> up parlj. S^aiA^e 
iiiAAe, £=aiA^e plaoe wexV j^ar ^-e 0^<^V ^-e -Ox ^ Pry^U 
J. Orsiv^f^fA 


\<^ i\^ai\l< Gc^^Wal^ k-ei5>u<j\v, 
a. J3€l^c<^r plajjer. fe>r 
vevluv\\eem\fj \<er UjA^e, 
i<v\CNWlecJl<^, avJ -a\^U£^-' 
asJAA. Jlur^v\fj Tlfe^Jtaj] 
prac-U^-es,. We r-eallj 
afpr-eotaW \^er \<eip. 
TI^Ws. f <^r a. wcwAerful 
S3ea£.c>v\, ^<jr\£>, 
U£=a. KjJle La^ av\Jl Jei\V\o 
(?er PaAer 

wjr-e. ft- waSi a. tAQJlcc,ak<!iV\ w^cvv^'^qA uaA 'an^jlvior, )X^ cJA t^Vci aivA plelxV; eC 
|lfj<jle£». ?uU^K<j a. uwcC^riM, evK iU^ Jicvors^e ieaiA\ <!5v s=f'<x<i^ 'J<Jf^ was* a. I<i4\e 
,<J<e -expec.Ux\^ Klea\^ ^ cr-eaie a. u/csr'Jl cup c-'^alA^pc<^v^ ieaiM, e.u\- eC ii<e aiM, 
AAal£> -(A\ V-t^ aA. lv\ C'ajc-^. '3^^ ^ i.e%a\v\a\fj ev ilce s^ea^cvv, we f^3^\^ Icx^'-eoA 
M&r-e IcUe a. s,oo\e ^r(MK a. <jr-^i- S:,<^ooer iMalo*^ l>eWQgi\ ''•'TVai\Wlu\ awi 
5^. Vwe o^^r^iiecil -eviorj 'j^al we £^c-<^r-ei- VA.fe '^ \<^. il<er-e was. 
svslj esV\e -everj iei\ 'poA^es^. T,ui. W^a)- £=ficr<-i we '^ai. We l^ajrweJl 

j2l>itj g teas. ^ 

"•oelJlt., 2D <jraie s^ avJl s^ev/evv <j<jr^. s^ev/erai s=p'<Qf-es=, 

3iie IcUie raiJwW^WE:. -cw \\<e teais. 
•■< ^r,'-,<er. U^er-e -Lt, v^«^ pers:.gNKaA 
clc£.<jif^oe. UjV <^v\lj M<e 
V-e^e4A\ e^ WKe^wux^j iVa^ j<mi 
y,ave cJle>v\e iA\e>r-e U^ai^ o<M)U 
e/er Vave teei\ -expecieA. 

\iJ\^ wer-e U<e ^jr-^al ^mj^- 
iMfiix^^ A. £^ave ai\ -mcr-eJl 
cWe £.\^<^i■. a. pa£^. A pas^ 
il,ai lex^Wei U-Ue a_ £,V<!si-. a. 
slvcA il^ai il^ai- \ry^U^ 'v<J<e a. 
pas^ ilal r<^lleJi s»le»w\j -lk^n 
a. <j«ai. A.\\ -^arV;! W^-^-J^ile ilai- 
FiMsaiNl we Vai loeJl a. ^jaMe. 
P-er^^af £=. a. verj <J<^<^tA pfeyor 
^^pcvvj il^e v\e.v-coe. T.^ 
S:=Var-eA waier ai- VaACUu\e^ 
T^ -e^iivUSaca^JM. ki <J<^ c.v\ 
aj:jaa\ aivjl a^jacK. A ieaiA\ 


eV ^weal- C j<^u kulj ptey ve»r 


T<er-e we'-e pie^Vj ev wcvvAer^ul il^^JW^js. i^^ai- we^uU. 
te \M.JLij=ieA u/<et\ l<^<^Wu\<5 <^v\^J ai r^s.u\iSi hJjcX a£> 
27 cjcsais, a5jaa\£^ awJl e>v\\j S ^<^r. T<e awooeiN^ 
c.©ac-*<es. w<^ulJl te r-e(jLvetvaieJl tj il<e Vafpj. pe.£.<^ 
kve 'fiJ('&=.- T-^e p^^er^' o<^vC<-ie^^oe -cKor^as^-eA 
iVre>u<j'»,e.ui- U^e S5ea£.<^v\. T^ej <jr^A/ 
i<^ 'v<^ve il<e ^aw^e, il<ej w<,l\ wc£>V i<^ 
ptey a5jai.K. L<^. U?e\k)r-e Wmon 
Jluru\'^ a. £ie<:-oer S3^ai=.e.v\ -cvn 
S^-epieiMi-er £:>uK£,V-u\e -ox Z002, w<i\ 



T*^^^ jeaj' s, L-ii3_ie b/ 7 ru<jl>j i^iiM. was. o'^arac.ier-cs,-eA Wj il<e -eixiVus^t^ 
a£=Uo p\aj iMaivj plaj^ers., iwa^lj C^e>iA\ (5raie ^. T\e £^-eas=e.v\ £=aw a. 
lOAAecieJl v\uiAAi,Qr eC r-ejutar £3eas.<^v^ ipaAABes. a^jaiVvs^ \(?> -dieiA^siNiajr^ 
£^oV<^<^l£^. a. ^v\\ tL<^oW Se»l<Ji iMccwl- ru'jW) ie.Uirv\aivva\V -(.v\ve-lvu\<^ s.-ev'erai 
£<^e>ls. ai\Jl a. t^portieJl, Wcn &.o*^ey^\ tM.<Avc ru<jWj resUvJl r<^U.v^ l<M)A\aMei\V -a\ u/^-coU 
^ '-a\ierwak^v\al' ieaiAA^ wer-e i^tMOWeei freMM, il^e Sj-ll)5^ aivA i\<e <5US^ pteyeir^. 
6v\il,us,<,a£aA\ i?e-r pla^UNtj ai^tj <jif-eA/ ajA\o\\<j ^ Wjs. i7ejn\v\u\^ i?r<NA\ Uce C-<Jf^ 
praolLoe avJl Uce o<^ac*>?es=.. ^A^. Mai^^.<^Vv ^teux aiU Kr. VieAAM,ai\, ^<^uv\i UMiMiSJ^s^e. 
p't^ii>ur-e w<MrW-a\^ w<i^^ il<e Wjs. i\^r<^u<^\^<^ul ii<e Si^»£=AV\. T<e ^jreop'^ass iUe iAAak-a\<j£> 
(5v 3- N'Qfj iaJi€l\ieJl (Sir. 7 ieaiA\ vsexl j^tri 





















i 95 

fflrenf 5 start you off m 

fife, but frrends ^ef you 

mrou^ft if." 

- Dee Cttou 


If is naf m me sfars fa 

ftowour desf iny, &uf rn 









V5ii, ii<e tavJl <ja-ve -t^ pr-epar-eA pr(^<JralAMA^<^ 

I^^hiIlCuI r•evJlci.c<^v^ e>C '''''LaixKj l^e^j''''. Our 
k--q^ up ■L&.teiivJl k> l\<e Val\c-e)UVQr lt.tei\vA 
GskoqtV ;g,awJl Ku£,co Fes^Uvsil pr<5.veJl U,<jUj 
E:>uc.oes»s^ul, ^v\o\uJl<,v\<j ^ cafiur^ <^C b. 


e.u£^ iMjjt,coai oaf cicx.U;.eE=.. ftgiira\<j ?-^er f-^s^ee <rNur tv\!j£,coa\ Ujs> ircvor, wa^ 
r-ecc^'^vvcgecil u/<X 'AffZ pr-es>-^\V <^ a. iK-cwcakr-e jeHe.w ^c-V<^e>\ kj£= (^K a. pla?^ue '''l^cc^ 

s>vao'.{€s. \amX -Lit, vers,cc.v\ eC ^TUi. 0\' Mav\.* T^ Hc>V\e>ur ^^avJl ai\i Cr<ss=£. 
6iraJle SUm\<jS:> j;<^cV\eJl i<^^^ei^^ -Oa a_ pQrCe>riMai\oe eC pari- ev l^■e^i^^<^ve^\■£> A 
.S^JlA^p>.e>Wj. V-^ S)ias^ "feavJl i:^v\aie -lkcIuJ^qJi \l<e ^Vtifeise P-osple*' - VicoW :g,urw€^_ 
'i'awtelle l^evlej, l<:-ev-a\ 0'ft.t<rirJle>K aivJl Cailte Waier^ Wk'j i\<e ^kCA.^ -Mr ftsi- 


R^SsCsri- avJl .S>pa. T^-cs. wa^ \l<e \Z~ ai\wua\ 
Cl^r•ts.i^A^^ti:. v-cLti i<^ lice V<^4€i aivJl -oac-IucIIqJI 
ai\ Irt&X Jtavvoe tj H^iiltor ^uc-WtJW^,aiM, 

2r-eE^-el\feikj^v\ was. pr-eoeJioJl U a_ pQri?<MriMai\oe tj a. £^-cv\<j -a\£>-eiAAUe uwior il^e 
ior-Qc-lu^u eC Kari SawiX awT 'A>e>v^\^a.V^i■U\talM£> A pac-'-seJi oVapel wa^ li^e 
i^oeiNe eC il<e M<Jale ^oVex^l Car<^'i SsOfV-coe vA>.<Qr^ il<e oavJlte U-^jU preoes>s=x^v\ 
A/a^ \eA W) Lcbui^ Vte^e^^ s.un'j^an'j "Ov.c^-e. iw U,e>jai AJavti's^ ClV;'''' a. oappei'a. 

k^eirjar^ S>Wa\v«Qr S3€i>^ a;^c(MA\pavvawt!Q\l was. iaauoV afpr-ootaieA. 


Poetry begins in delight 
and ends in wisdom 
- Robert Frost 

What garlic is to food, 
insanity is to art 

Art is either a plagiarist or a 
revolutionist PaulGaugin 

A work of art is the unique re 
suit of a unique temperament 
- Oscar Wilde 




Tbe u d^""^ 

I iooh over you wfteD you are asieep 
I waf Gft for buowrs. 
For f ftey wr<»ftf peeK, 

I blow a iiowi to oive vou a wavmi^, 

^0 dont be scared, 
secause you see me every mormm. 

Rewewber f Mf day wften you got 
YOU yerred and cursed, 
iKt out wonderful dad. 

now jusf remeber. 

Be Always love you, 
fltod Always prof ecf you, 

so f flKe fl look, 

is you read a booK, 
nt What you ftdve 

I Also wjii Always love you, 
flDd wjii Always prof ecf you, 

I am your guarmn ange\^ 
Your br^ brof fter. 


Kif tv Love 

Oft Kff f en wjf ft your furry fteAd 

You love f Sleep upon my bed 

If wArms my heart to hear you purr 

/ind sf roke your wArw ADd s«Ky fur 

cuf e wf f en wif ft your eyes so blue 

WftAf would I do if DOf for you? 

Terry Kho 


my brofrter ana \, 
Wrtiie one day af (iiay, 
were ivresf iing and ive 
Gof carried away. 

I guess you could say 
I rtfld rtim by f fte socks. 
My brof tter s lasf a^ance 
was fl cardboard box! 

Wif ft box-girded limb. 
He swung af my face. 
Ttte force of me blow 
Fijf me HKe a macei 

Regaining my wif s, 
I looKed aroung dazed. 
Trte sigttf I betteid 
Leff me rjuif e amazed. 

Trtere, lodged in f fte box. 
Was tf)]/ displaced f oof tt. 
If tturf quif e a bif 
TO fen you f fte f ruf tt. 

If youre going f o box, 

no pun inf ended, 

Ttten maKe sure f ttaf your moufi 

IS fuiiy prof ecf ed!! 

Lucas ParKer 


vou f ojd me i could 

1 Buf nof f rtaf i sttouid 

^ You gave me direcf ion 
Buf lef me find f be way 
YOU fold me you loved me 
flnd gave me freedom f o be me. 

- Edia Dray 

You don t have to suffer to be a 

poet Adolescence is enough 

suffering for anyone- 

- John Ciardi 

Creativity is 
allowing yourself to 
make mistakes Art 
is knowing which 
ones to keep 

- Scott Adams 



Poets have been mysteri- 
ously silent on the subject of 

- G K Chatterton 



DflziD9 flf a Wue Sky; 

Tflf f ered clouds 

sr eamno smen$ of far 

Meif ing OD a courjf ry \at)e 

Trte fan ^/oiden grasses 

Honey ana sweef flowers, 

Wdf cttino bumblebees 

;is f ttey laziiy buzz by 

Birds sweef ly sin^in^ 

Dew drencf^ed movnm Qva$% 

;iff ernooD rteaf 

Finany me earm is rtdiied by 


Reds, oranges, lavender 

ihen darkness oioaks us, 

Eeryf rtirxg is quief 

f for me occasional cttripiD^ of a 


mcmeia ODasiok 

Trte seacrt 

I woke up f rtear me waves 
ovaohm d^dinsf me rocks. 


I opened me wiRdow 
nd breamed in f f>e cojd saif y arr. 

I Slipped on my ciomes and 

strolled down me sandy pam f o me 


Last night I dreamed I ate a 
ten-pound marshmallow, and 
when I woke up the pillow was 

- Tommy Cooper 



I mrew my sandais off, feif me cooi sand 
.underneath my feef and between my 
toes. / 

Ttte waves, sometimes like a luiiaby, 
were as strong as munder. 



I Started my lonQ walk back to me ttouse 
r:> AS I Closed the Qate, \ looked back and 

Tttis is me way to welcome me day. 

Louis Hayes 


mediums of iDsat • 
Tiivsf jDo, benam^ 

KuDRino flwfly from sanif y. 

Trte miRd once guided, 

fl pam oDce (igrtf ed, 

Seews darKened, and ever bieaK. 

Run flivay. 

Led astray, 

Trte mind of me aevariQea. 

Extra, Extra! 


Fed f us eacrt day. 

Teft media s direcf ion. 

so were our minds, 

Ei/ertine minds of frte sane? 

Peggy Fiogan 

Tb Maaiahet) 

i^s one november day I frudged, 

;imid frte freezing wind and sieef , 

I saw and old, forgof f en road, 

wandering up a loneiy slope. 

I f ftougrtf of ivttaf migrtf rie, 
flt* f rte end of fttaf old road, 
ii mounfain peaK or a yeiiow wpod per- 
Suf Jeff If for anof rter day 


Tften sadly i wenf on my wav, 

sorry i could nof see wrtaf lay, 

;if f tte end of f ftaf old road, 

;ind leff if for anof tter day. 

;iias f rtere is no lesson rtere, 

no Wise adi/ice or proverb, 

I ttad f gef f o scttooi you see. 

So I never f ook f ttaf loneiy road. 


mayt>e f here [sa$ some greaf lesson, 
TO be found on fhaf forgof f en road, 
Buf I for one rtave never learned if, ^_ 
I bad f gef f o class. j^ 

Perhaps if was f he road f haf led, / 
TO Wisdom, peace and forf une, buf I 
I, f OOK f he beaf en f racK, ^ 
i\m ended up af scY)Qq\. 

/undrew Johnson 



Try not 
Do or do not 
There is no try 
- Yoda 

Poetry often enters 
through the window of 

MC Richards 


You will find poetry nowhere 
unless you bring some with you 
- Joseph Joubert 

There s a fine line 
between genius and 
insanity I have erased 
this line 

- Oscar Levant 




'/e t'i a b.xocs.i.1 of 

bscofnlna, a combi- 
nation or imtsi cvE 
na(JE to CIO tniouan. 


^a/jv 0p Q J9 

Sarah Ad 
Brittany Allan f'j 
Jasmino Bairr 
Andrew Battersh: 
Kyra Benloulou 
Matthew Blumer 

Alexander Bridgeman 

James Bridger 

Anthony Bryson 

Campbell Bryson 

Dennis Carson 




Chrislophir Connoly 
Kiri Cook 
Robert Crapo 

Alastair Crow 
Korbin Da Silva 
Emily Denley 
Jonathan Effa 

Conrad Ely 

A leremy Evans 

n Horace Fang 

Laura FarvTia 

Mark Featherstonhaugh 

. an Finlav 
Nicolas Gething 
Julia Gill 
Sarah Goulding 

Rohan Go%\'da 
Eddie Gudewtll 

William Gudgeon 
Alexander Hache 
Kimbell Hall 
Min-Gee Han 
jane Ha user 
Da\'id Heffeman 
Ierr\- Ho 

Happiness is a balanced Equation' 

-Mr. Jones 


_%£ LoftiEX thE baiLdinq, 
ins aEzhiEX tns rounaation 
muit bs LaiA - Jno^ma^ 

Nicholas Houghton 
Hayley Hudson 
Lauren Johnson 
Ariana Jones 
Charlie Jung 
Robert Kelly 
Meri Kieksi 

Sam Kim 

Yoon Kim 

Taylor Kipp 

Stephanie Klak 

Morgan-Lee Kliman 

James Knappeii 

Jaron Kropp 

Faith L ui 
Aliie LtL 
Oscar Lien 
Dennis Lin 
Renault Lin 
MonKd Liu 
Jasmine LuLhui.k 

Sabrina Lueck 

Aidan Macinnis 

Connor Macneil 

Aminah Malik 

Jesse Margolii^ 

Marv Maung 

Sarica May 

Callum McClure 

Emily McKenzie 

Taylor McKinnon 

Dylan Moran 

Christina Moser 






Kathleen Noble-McCoIl 

Ryan Onasick 

Henry Pai 

Kale Partridge 

Benz Phaisaltanliwongs 

Art Pilhayachariyakul 

Scott Pommer\ilIe 

Bnn Porter 
Gabrielle Quinlan 
Ljndsav Roper 
Guillermo Ruiz-Gadca 
David Sanders 
Emily Sapsford 
Bianka Saravana-Bawan 

Christopher Saunders 
Max Seeley 
Jason Sekhon 
rnk Sjulstok 

■ -.v^ Sollis 
'.ijintin Stedman 


Scoit Stone 
Nticha-L Sirocel 
Sean Suga 
Shane Sweet 
Jessica Tara 

Bailey Wiedemann 
Alexander Wray 

Jimmy Tseng 
Ross Vivian 
Ga\ in Walman 
Samh Wiebe 


Jennifer Yoon 


rade lO 

beFore be- 
coming €? 

Teencfi^er, I 

wish I'd 

re€?cl the 



Marisa Brook 

Sarah Brown 

Kit Brown- WatLs 

Chnstopher Burnett 

Andrew Cavin 

Alexandra Ceechiettini 

Roy Chan 

Teresa Chan 
Kevin Chang 
Natasha Chao 
Jonathan Char 
Matthew Charleton 
Karen Cheung 
Navraj Chima 

Natalie Chiu 

Julie Chun 

Megan Clarke 

Hilary Cohen 

Rupert Common 

Adam Courtnall 

Nicholas Csomany 

Susan Davis 

Gavin Duffus 

Darius Eghdami 

Natalia Esling 




Arshia Farhangi 
Liam Flannigan 
William Gall-Tallboy 
James Gardiner 
Christopher Gcminiano 
Alice Geng 

Eleanora Gibson 

Sung Ha 

Jeremy Hanson-Finger 

Gillian Hayden 
Fraser Hayes 
Evan Heskeih 
Iv\ Ho 

Chnsiopher Homer 
Julie Hong 

Andrew Honon 
Dd\id Houghlon 
Elizabeth Humphries 

Carpe Diem - Seize 

the day 
Car pin Denium - 

There e a f'leh in my 




6ff^dli^ 10 

CJianas. ii imuitabLE, excs, 


a uEndina maantnE. 



Ciilvin Lin 

Ellen Lin 

Jaiiies Lin 

Monica Lin 

Davide Logyi.i 

Michael Loonier 

Chris Maccarthy 

Brian Martin 

Kaitlin Martin 

Justin McElroN 

Lachlan McLeod 

Yui Mogaki 

Evan Morgan 

tMya Morlc\ 
Nicole Moms 
Emerv Moses 
Abb) Napp 
Gretta Nelson 

Clarence Ni; 

Carol Lam 

Louis Lay 

Michelle Lee 

Gio\ anna Licata 

Justin Lishtboum 

Gregory Nicholson 

Miyoshi Nobukazu 

Marie Nonaka 

Robert OiT 

Kurl Peiiner 

Nik Redpath 

Kaitlin Richardson 


• "^ 


John Tapping 
Simon Ting 
Ken To 

Hou ard Tseng 
Tisiih Tucknott 

' John Vernon 
\le\ander Volkovskis 
""'■ • s, 'pliie Waterman 

Stelna Rossouw 
Mark Rozanski 
Dominik Rozwadowski 
Megan Sando\er-Sly 
Andrew Sharp 
Megan Sharpe 

Lena Shillington 

Ayako Shirayama 

Victor Short 

Fllic Shorn 

DcUiiel Sieniaszkiewicz 

Brendan Snarr 

Andrew Weir 

Jan Wellems 
Alexander White 
Janel Willms 

Jason Wong 

Varinda \\'ongkulnaparit 

WfiEn uou buiLd miAcjEi uou 



on cxoiiLncj 






It£ aiE tflE jlEOJlLE OU1 

jiaxznti uj-ainEa ui 

Bianca Bartz 

Claire Battershill 

Brianne Bentzon 

Jennifer Blumbert; 

Juha Boms 

Andrea Bosenberi; 

Xan Bowering Elcock 

Mark Bridgeman 

Ian Broome 

Lucas Cameron 

Michael Caswell 

Ivan Celuszak 


Nadia Charania 

Judv Chou 

Laura Christensen 

Alexandra Clarke 

Carley Colclough 

Brett Cooper 

Geoffrey Cooper 

Michael Cooperrider 


Jennifer Couxelier 

David Crapo 

Brittanv Crow 

Kendall Cutler 

Annie Deng 

Nathalie Down 

Frances Dunn 

Sean Flanagan 

Jennifer Fritz 

Derek Fung 

Sumi Gebauer 

Cavlee-Britt Goshko 


Rachelle Goulding 
Benjamin Gudevviil 
Rvan Hache 
Nicholas Hargro\e 
Alec Harper 
Dione Harrison 

Clare Ha user 
Shaun Heffeman 
Michael Ho 
Michelle Hou 
John Huddart 
Tomomi Ibe 

Alexander Isphording 
David Jiang 
Lincoln Jiang 
Jack Jung 
Malvina Kang 
Yuji Kawashima 

Alfred Keum 
Diana Kim 
Jill Knudsen 
Shannon Ko 
Sara Kropp 
George Kuo 

Jamie Lai 
Victoria Lai 
Alexander Langenbach 
Garner Lea 
Jaimie Lee 
Nanette Lee 

Sunhyung Lee 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Peng Leenutaphong 
Derek Li 
Har\'ey Li 
Claire Lin 

<:J\suxotlatL uiiild ca^tlE. 

J2fiijcnotij2i just Ll(je in inzm. 

1 Ln ths aci, 



€rad^ 11 

Nikolas Macintosh 

Jor>' Mackay 

Michael Macneil 

Ellise McCarten 

Patrick McCuIloch 

Duncan Mclntyre 

Huf Mclniyre 

Adam McLean 

Rowan Melling 

Michael Millerchip 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore 

Jessica Moll 

Mairead Murray 

Calvin Ng 

Connie Ng 

Aron Nimani 

Cameron NnhK- 


Rebecca PuKk 

Clayton PariL' 

Seu-Na Park 


Jessie Patrick 

Esme Pau 

Stephen Paulson 

Luz Pedrern 

Nicolaus Pferdmeni!i.'s 

Chelsea Phipps 

Robyn Plasterer 

Justin Pommerville 

Massey Poon 

Nikolas Purcell 

Hanna Rae 

Julian RothkopI 

Nadia Satmaniu 

LI am anoEi ihz infiuEncE of iuqa% 
cafrEinE ana Lack or ±leeji ana inouLa not 




Qreidte 1 1 

Sarah Sapsford 

Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Laura Saunders 

Jeremy Schachl 

Luke Seeley 

Whitnev Shiels 

Deanna Singh 
Taylor Skelton 
Kyung-Hye Sohn 
Nikolas Sopow 
Sarah Slevens 
Sarah Strocei 

Kristin Sun 

Andrew Tape 

Tliomas Taylor 

Hark Tsai 

Grace Tso 

Andrew Van Der Westhuizen 

Hafeez Walji 
I indsav Waterman 
shannon Water; 
t, onor Watt 
Taylor Willms 
Mark Wong 



~ Favourites ~ 

Class: Physical Education 

Place to Hang Out: The Quad 

TV Show: Simpsons 

Band: Sum 41, Blink 182, Led Zeplin, 
BNL, Eminem 

Snack Food: Chips, Chinese Food 

''Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter"! 









<<You are all peasants!" 
~Mrs. Kuklinski 

<<Move thy buns and 
seat thyself." -anon. 

<<Europe will rise again!" 
-Mme Hergaux 

Do you have your *L'? YES 3% 

NO 97% 

Do you have your *N'? YES 0% 

NO 100% 







^^Grood times: let 
those times roll." 

<<Lif e gets bitter 
and then you die." 
~anon. „._ 

f ^ 

Calliim McClure 

Most Likely To Break 
Out Into Song: 

Taylor McKinuon 



Willie Gudgeon 

Brightest Smile: 

Hayley Hudson 

Megan Sandover-Sly 
John Vernon 

Most Likely To Break 
Out Into Song: 

Dominique Roszvadowski 
Elizabeth Humphries 


Justin Lightbourne 

Brightest Smile: 

Ellie Shorn 

"Lord of the Rings" or ''Harry Potter'l 




<<I TAras bored so 
I measured my 
femur." ~anon. 








~ Favourites ~ 

Class: Physical Education 

Place to Hang Out: The Quad 

TV Show: Friends 

Band: Eminem, Sum 41, Bonethugs, 
Blink 182, System of a Down 

Snack Food: Chips 

Do you have your 'L'? YES 16% 

NO 84% 

Do you have yoxir 'N'? YES 2% 

NO 98% 


get an A." 

-anon, ajt^g ^q g^^^ ^ 

you can't use it." 
~Mr. Keble 

"Don't talk to me." 



a2li :3pgjc) 








~ Favourites ~ 

Class: Acting & Math 

Place to Hang Out: The Quad & Common Rooms 

TV Show: Friends, Simpsons, 
That 70's Show 

Band: Our Lady Peace, 

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tweak 

Snack Food: Chips & Chocolate 

~ Curfew - 

Before 10:00 








later than 12:00 
no curfew 




Rozvart Melting 

Most Likely To Break 
Out Into Song: 

Patrick McCulloch 



David Jiang 

Brightest Smile: 

Nadia Charania 

!».vR<;'*'<i«;w*ss*,>^i;w-- ■" 

Do you have your 'L'? YES 25% 

NO 75% 

Do you iSivJyour *N'? YES 30% 
I %n NO 70% 

(^uotef Comer 

"I was raped by your exam. " -anon. 

"Who invented Calculus? Mr. Calculus." -David 


"Fetus" -anon. 

TE4MHER fiWnt 

"He's like the illegitimate son I never had. " -anon. 

"Careful of booty related accidents. " 
-Mr. McLeod 

"Slap that mother, oh ya!" 
-Mr. McKay 

"All's Weish. ■■ 

-Mr. Mel Jones 

"Liquid hot magma. " 
-Mr. McLeod 

"You'll always hurt the ones you love. " 
-Mr. Mel Jones. 

"You're going to gametic hell with the mutants." 
-Mr. Gardiner 

"Seeking help is a sign of strength, whether it be emotional, 
financial or chemical. " 

-Mr. Mel Jones 








Thirty-one players took part in the seas^H^HHiper tha 
represented an improvement over the pre'vious year. 
FoIIo^ving an early season jamboree, six ivins from trwelve 
matches at "A" and "B" level w^ere a fair return for the 
^f ort invested. As is often the case at this level, a general 
lack of size and povirer proved problematic against physi- 
cal opponents. The ISA "A" matches produced two wins 
and three defeats, writh both Shaivnigan and St. Georges . 
too po-werf ul. Howrever, the team did play some promising 
rugby against particularly Shaivnigan, to suggest that it 
may be possible to close the gap in the upcoming years. 
Alastair Crowr, the A team captain, at either of the half- 
back positions, vi^as a towrer of strength throughout, and : 
inlly deserved his call up to the Grade lo squad f 
Vhe Island playoffs. Also, in the backs, Scott — 
Stone, when on song, ran strongly, w^hile Jc 
Eff a, James Bridger and Sean Suga wrere th4 
pick of the forward pack. In the B group, 
Campbell Bryson improved tremendously 
through the year. Thanks to all wrho took 

rt. Enjoy your rugby in Grade 

r. Hyde-Lay & Mr. Shergold 

Back row (L to R) Memo Rulz-Gatica, Erik Sjulstok, Chris Connolly. James 
Bridger, Alex Bridgman, Conor MacNeil. Alex Wray, Callum McClure. Willie 
Gudgeon, Charlie Jung, Shane Sweet 

Middle row (L to R) Mr. Chuck Shergold, Kif Saunders. Conrad Ely. Campbell Bryson, David Heffernan. Jonathan Effa, Nic Gething, Rowan Gowda. Sean 

Suga, Mr, Ian Hyde-Lay 

Front row (L to R) Korbin da Silva, Jason Sehkon, Taylor Kipp, Aidan Maclnnis. Scott Stone, Alastair Crow, Jesse Margolus, Dennis Carson, Ryan Sollis 


This year, the grade xo rugby squad began the season '«vith a 
close loss against Arbutus by 3 points 'w^ho eventually 'wrent :' 
on to 'Win the City Championships. As the season progressed, 
the team improved tremendously. In the ISA league, the 
squad had I ^vin, 1 tie and 3 losses. Although the squad lost 
three oS the ISA games, each ^vas in reach. In City league pla; 
the squad had an excellent 6-2 record, finishing 3rd. In the 
Island Championships, the squad lost a crucial match against 
G.P. Vanier by I point to finish bth on the Island. The new 
players made a great contribution to the team. Special men- 
tions to Danus Eghdami, Rupert Common 'who joined us 
from Collingwood, Nik Redpath and Lachlan McLeod, 'who all 
earned their starting positions on the A Squad. The Captains 
Andreiv Cavin and John Tapping made steady contributions 
to the team. Props Jason Wong, Andre'w Weir, Hooker David 
Kim and John Vernon at 8th man lead the forward pack for 
the year. Phil James and Chris MacCarthy put their bodies on 
the line many times playing in the back line. Overall, 'we had 
a great season and hope to improve next year in the Senior 
Squad. The grade 10 B rugby season 'was not judged by w^ins 
or losses but by the personal prog^ress of the players as they 
developed into a tightly knit team. Many of the boys 'were 
experiencing their first year of rugby and made huge steps >■ 

fonvard in their development as players. The leadership of 
liam Flannigan ivas invaluable both on and off the field 'wrhile 
Alex Volkovski and Kevin Ha consistently pro- 

ded grit and toughness on the pitch in the {' 

'ard pack. Our backs ivere bolstered by 

ig running from Sang Min Kim and direc- 
on at fly-half from Brian Martin. The loBs had ^ 
^itastic season and look forward to the 
Vbr program. Thanks to Mr. Kuklinski, Mr. 
ngue and Mr. Anderson for their leadership 
1 creatine lots of eniovment in ivhat -was a 

.t season. 

' .> *.-^ 

Back row (L to R) Jan Wellems, Kurt Penner. Chris Homer. Greg Nicholson, Dave Houghton, Jason Wong. Lachlan McLeod. Steve Kwok 

3rd row (L to R) Mr, Bruce Kuklinski, Darius Eghdami, Victor Shortt, David Kim, Sang Min Kim. Andrew Weir, Emmanuel Ferrange, Alex Volkovski, 

Mr, Peter Tongue 

2nd row (L to R) Dominic RozwadowskI, Howard Tseng, Llam Flannagan, Brian Martin. John Tapping. Andrew CavIn, Rupert Common, Clarence Ng, 

Ken To, Jonathon Char 

Front row (L to R) Phil James. Nobukazu Miyoshi, Nik Redpath, Kevin Ha. John Vernon 125 


This year the senior i^ls' volleyball team consisted oS 
; very talented and enthusiastic players. Each player 
intributed inunensely and ivas of a calibre, ^vhich 
loMred any combination of six girls on the court to 
lay to the team's £ull potential. Under the coaching of 
s. Davis and later Ms. Hoffer, tremendous indi^dual 
Id team improvement ^vas seen. Some highlights of 
le season include placing 4*^ in the ISA tournament in 
hich Rebekka Keough made the all*star team and a 
iccessful tlurd place finish in the competitive 
unosun Tournament. Both Milica Mrdjenovich and 
ebekka Keough '^vere named tournament all-stars. As 
le season progressed it became apparent that the four 
A teams competing for a berth in the Islands ^vere all 
»ry closely matched. After trading ^vins and losses 
throughout the season, SMUS was defeated by the 
competition in the ^ty tournament. 
Although short, the zooz season 
as very, very s-weet. The team 

<>nks the coaches for their con 
tit encouragement and suppoL . 

d the loyal fans for keeping 


s. Davis and Ms. HoKer 



Back row (L to R) Brittany Crow, CB Goshko, Chelsea Phipps, 
Andrea Bosenberg, Rebekka Keough, Jessica Fitz, IVIs. Becky Davis 
Front row (L to R) Sarah Strocel, Claire Battershill, Robin Pierce, 
Mimi He, Sarah Sapsford, Milica Mrdjenovich 

U\<j ^^jOm, iAA5eiA4,er&> -3^ )^^ \u^ up<^\\ U<eu" 
£.l«Jil^ ^iwJl i^aiA\wc5<rW (?cyr Bti\ -e^i^x iA\<;ir^ ocsiMr ; 

The Junior Girls Volleyball had an exciting season, with a 
young team pla^ng some strong, competitive volleyball. The 
team placed fifth in their pool during regular league play, 
narro'wly missing a berth at City Championships in a crossover 
match. They had solid tournament play, competing w^ell 
agiunst high calibre teams at both the ISA Tournament and the 
Highroads Academy Tournament on the mainland. Next year, 
we can expect great things from the retiuming team members 
as they build upon their skills and team'work for an even 
more competitive season. Good luck to grade ID players mov- 
ing on to Senior volleyball next year: Gretta Nelson, the team 
captain, and Eleanora Gibson, Sarah Brown, Ellary Cohen and 
Kjutlin Martin. Gretta provided great leadership and 
athleticism throughout the season, and w^as selected as an All- 
Star at the ISA tournament. Kaitlin made great improvements 
in her hitting and blocking skills, becoming a more formidable 
foe at the net. Eleanora developed throughout the season into 
a backcourt defensive specialist, and her strong overhand serve 
helped the team in many game. Ellary's rocket serve w^as also a 
decisive force, leading the team to many victories. Sarah 
provided great defensive coverage and middle blocking. This 
year's grade 9s developed rapidly as players, 'with strong 
setting from Brittany Allan, Jane Hauser, Emily Sapsfordand 
Sarica May. The setters also put up a solid block, assisting in 
defensive play. Mikey Strocel had a very success- 
ful season, and ^rill be a real force to be 
reckoned with next year, -vi^th po^wrerf ul 
hitting and blocking. Excellent middle 
~ ' king also came from Lauren Johnson, 
se players will provide a strong back- 
le for next year's team. Thanks to all 
players for their commitment and 
! hard w^ork throughout the season. 

Back row (L to R) Ms. MacDonald. Jane Hauser, Brittany Allan. 
Sarah Brown. Emily Sapsford. Lindsay Roper 
Front row (L to R) Ellary Cohen. Eleanor Gibson. Gretta Nelson, 
Kaitlin Martin. Michael Strocel. Sarica May 


y i 


owing is one of the oldest organized and most physically 
lallenging sports in existence today. In order to under- 
>nd competitive roiWng, you must understand pain. It 
luires tremendous muscular strength and endurance, 
wing utilizes every major muscle group in the body; legs, 
])domen, chest, back, and arms. During early to late Sail, St. 
Michaels University School students £rom grades seven to 
twelve experienced and learned to love pain. Three times a 
w^eek at the Gorge Roaring Club, unsuspecting novices and 
I seasoned experienced ro^vers attempted to maneuver their 
boat grac^ully and timely do'wn the historic Gorge Water- 
ivay . Camaraderie building pasta parties, long days at Elk 
Lake regattas, and nervous moments at the start fine empha* 
sized rowing as the essence of team^rork. The 200Z season 
I I 'Was successful because of our new^ influx of junior core 
i I row^ers and a brilliant sho'wing by the Novice Boys crew^ 
mnning standings at the City Championships. Coxies, the 
Physically small volunteers 'who steer and motivate the 
boat, 'were building their vocal capabiUties and attitudes to 
■>; lead the eight-man boats to continual successes. The SMUS 
'^^w^ers are thankful for the dedication and enthusiasm of 
Wr qualified coaching staK. We 'were pri'vileged to have JeS 
Po^rell and David Calder from the men's Canadian National 
Team, Rebecca Hoffier, representing the SMUS P.E depart- 
ment, multi talented Ms. M^lliams and Mr. Ghobtial from the 
music department, and student coach in the coach boa^ 
Whitney Dorin. For those of us 'who have benefited from the' 
SMUS ro'wing opportunities 'we hope that this outstanding 
opportunity for SMUS athletes will continue. '<What is there 
^ in the universe more fascinating than running water and 
^ the possibility of moving over it? What better image of 
wstence and possible triumph.**- Santatana 

Back row (L to R) Emery Moses, Mark Bridgeman, Mike McNeil, Ryan Hache, Sean Heffernan, Taylor Skelton, Brin Porter, Courtland 
Sandover-Sly, Robert Orr, Sam Witt, Evan Willms 3rd row (L to R) Ms. Donna Williams (Assistant), Sabrina Lueck, Sumi Gebalier, 
Elizabeth Effa, Jane! Willms, Yun-Ji Lee, Whitney Dorin (Coach), Dylan Moran, Nadia Salminiw, Gavin Duffus, Jeremy Schacht, Mr. Mage 
Ghobnal 2nd row (L to R) Ms. Rebecca Hoffer, Tom Taylor, Cameron Noble, Collin Macintosh, Peter Ho, Alex Ishpording, Stephanie 
Bentzon, Jessie Patrick, Kendall Cutler, Emily Lyall 

Front row (L to R) Julia Gill, Kristie Silver, Abbey Napp, Alex Cecchettini, Jessica lulianella, Adrianne Ho, Pete Panasupon, Samantha 
Kwok, Chelsea McLean, Jack Chan 




The Junior Boys had a successful season. A spo- ^ 
ra^c schedule M^th mixed results b^oreChrir 
mas had some Sans 'worried as to the outcome 
the season, l^th a rene^red fervour and countli 
numbers of games in January, the team gathered 
momentum and finished fourth place in the Police 
Tournament. The team saved their best perfor- 
mances for the City tournament, playing -with 
fearless determination to place 3rd, and qualify for 
the prestigious Island tournament. Their 5th place 
finish on the Island was an outstanding achieve- 
ment. Thanks to Andrew^CaWn for his tremendous 
leadership and play throughout the season; Jason 
Wong for his quiet consistency; Darius Eghdami 
for his scoring touch; and Daniel Siemaszkieivicz 
for his detemuned defense. Greg Nicholson and 
Kurt Penner show^ed great improvement over , 
the season and Grade 9 Gavin Walman played a 
key role do^vn the stretch. Congratulations to all 
the boys for a fine season! 


Back row (L to R) Mr. Ben "Temple" (Assistant Coach), Nick Redpath, Daniel Siemaszkiewicz. Jason Sekhon, Justin McElroy (manager), Greg Nicholson, 

Kurt Penner, Alex Bridgeman, Mr. Matt Franklin (Coach) 

Front row (L to R) Jason Wong. Dennis Carson, Jonathan Effa. John Tapping, Gavin Walman. Andrew Cavin. Rupert Common, Darius Eghdami 



The Junior Girls Basketball squad had a fresh 
start this year, with a promising new line-up. 
Although the team didn't have the greatest 
success, they fell short of many games by only a 
few disappointing points. The girls were short 
one point of making it to the city playoffs in an 
excruciatingly close game against Cedar Hill. 
Despite the hard losses, the team showed great 
improvement and immense effort throughout the 
season. Their hard work and determination paid 
off in a third place finish in the ISA tournament at 
South Ridge. Congratulations to all the girls for 
an outstanding effort and to Ms. Hotter, their 
coach, for all of her time and enthusiasm she put 
forth for the team. Good luck 
grade nines as they lead next 
year's junior team and to the 
grade tens that will be moving 
up to the senior level next 

Is. Hotter, their 
enthusiasm she put 
c to A the 



Back row (L to R) Vicki Ying, Lindsay Roper, Gabrielle Quinlan, Sarah 
Brown, Emily Sapsford, Nicole Morris 

Front row (L to R) Lawren Johnson, Hayley Hudson, Kimbell Hall, Jane 
Hauser, Sarah Adair, Susan Davis Missing: Tisah Tucknott 

cjr-ea)- s^pcr-U-, \\&^ef 'idtk^^ 

It was always going to be difficult to match the 2002 achievement of reaching 

both the Island AAA final and the BC AAA Tournament. And so it proved. The 
loss of four key graduating seniors left a void impossible to fill, while the move to 
December exams and an extended Chnstmas break left a huge hole in what 
should have been crucial weeks of development at the start of the season. 
Perhaps not surprisingly, especially in a brutally tough local league, wins proved 
tough to come by. Defensively, the team was competitive, but consistent scoring 
punch was lacking. Nonetheless, the players performed with great spirit 
J^k never letting heads drop in difficult circumstances. For this, seniors 

^f^W ^ Clare Tweedie, Amy Lobb and Milica Mrjenovich can take great 
^K ^^^^ M credit. Robin Pierce and Zoe Gamache rounded out the 

^^I^H ^^^^^ starting unit, with Rebekka Keough and Grade lis Jessie 
^^^^m H ^V Patrick and Chelsea Phipps also having their moments. 
^^B W ^H ^F Thanks also to '99 grad Kim Lobb. who joined the 

^^ W ^^L coaching staff for the final month of the season. 

Back row (L to R) Jen Fritz, Rebekka Keough, CB Goshko, Amy 
Lobb, Chelsea Phipps, Jen Couvelier, Sarah Sapsford, Ms. Andrea 
HIady Front row (L to R) Yu Ohashi, Milica Mrdjenovich, Zoe Gamache, 
Carley Colclough, Clare Tweedie, Robin Pierce, Jessie Patrick 


, to R) Mr^^WmpiBward Tseng, 
', Melissa Ko. Victoria Lai 

Nikolas Mac into 

^r^cvU^V wso£> ^ \ef e>\\ ^ ^- 

The badminton team is a team that competes against all AA and AAA high schools in th, 
province. This coed team is a selection of the top players from all the students in Grades 9-' 
12. In league play this year, the team had a flawless 7-0 record. At the Island Tournament, 
the SMUS team won in convincing fashion, beating Alberni 9 games to 2. This qualified the 
team for the provincials. At the Provincial Tournament in Prince George, the SMUS team 
appeared at the peak of their game, but lost to last year's Provincial Champions in the 
The games went as follows: 

6-5 Loss vs. LFAA/C (Vancouver) ' 

1 1 -0 Win vs. DP Todd (Prince George) 
8-3 Win vs. Gladstone (Lower Mainland) 
9-2 Loss vs. Gamble (Richmond) 
7-4 Loss vs. South Burnaby 
6-5 Win vs. ADSS (Port Alberni) 
The SMUS Badminton team finished a very respectable 7'" place in the province. This finish 
was the to o on the island, and second for AA schools. Leading the way this year were the 
layers of Annie Au and Danny Chiang. In addition, the doubles play of Massey 
ihannon Ko was outstanding. The silent factor of Nic Macintosh proved to be to( 
pst teams, while the junior players rounded out a very balanced line up. 

■ the team, and I look forward to another amazing season next ye- 

'^pteyer^ prc^JtUOoA a. V^ Back Row (L to R) Sang Min Kim, Charlie 
■esC 9<^cJl ^^jTiCCjef, ■€l\<NJ<j\v'"ng- Taylor Kipp. David Heffernan. Will 

' ^ - Ijnci^^ teli- W<S .SsS- Gudgeon. Aidan Maclnnis, Chris MacCarthy. 

" ^^yj C-ai\ le^W '^y^" Onasick, Kurt Penner Front Row (L to R) 

II ' ^^i \ \ ,^ ,..^.. ???■?, Jason Zapantis, Andrew Cavin, Gavin 

p. \ // Walman, Dominik Rozwadowski. Alastair 

4.a><e £3ea£^\\S^ q^^^, ^ik Redpath, Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

The Junior Boys Soccer team enjoyed a successful season, despite 
the late return to school in early April as a result of the SARS situation. 
Though having to then play a large number of games in a short dura- 
tion, the squad amassed enough points in the always-competitive City 
league to qualify for the playoffs. Once in the knockout rounds, the 

First, a fast start produced a 3-2 quarterfinal win over Claremont. Then, 
in the semi-final against league winner Oak Bay, a gutsy rearguard 
action, which featured some amazing saves from goalie Gavin m 

Walkman, saw the team prevail in a shootout. The City final, againstS 
powerful Arbutus, produced more magic, as early goals from Dom fl 
Rozwadowski and Nik Redpath paved the way for a 3-2 victory. UnfoM 
nately, the same good fortune was not evident a week later in the Island 
Tournament, with three narrow pool defeats consigning the squad to a 
7"^ place finish. Nonetheless, the players produced a lot of good soccer, 
enough to suggest that the Senior 1sr XI can look forward to two more 
fine seasons. Other than the individuals noted above, Andrew Cavin 
was a tower of strength in midfield, ably assisted by Chris McCarthy and 
Alastair Crow. Best wishes to all next year. 
Tony Cordle (coach) 


r- ; 



Back Row (L to R) Steve Harmer. Tristan Gething, Ben Strocel. Ivan Celuszak, Vinnie j ~ 
Tang. Mr.David Fisher | 

Front Row (L to R) Owen Parrotl, Nav Chima. Aashish Kumar, Colin Macintosh, Takaya ^ 
Brunner |H 

2003 was another great year for Cricket. Again some 40+ students have been actively involved playing cricket this year at\ 
SMUS. The players were given the opportunity to play in 1 or more of 4 different types of teams, namely: 1st XI, 2nd XI (vs. 
PCS and Stelly's), Midweek League and Girls. Approximately 30 games were played in the 6 weeks of "Summer". Unfortu- 
nately the Alumni game was rained out this year (the first time since its resurrection 8 years ago). However the weather was 
considerate for the rest of the season, where we won over half our games. In general we did very well against the competi- 
tion, which in the Midweek league is quite formidable with many players having some 20 or 30 years cricket experience. Our 
fielding was normally extremely good, in our batting several players reached the maximum individual scores allowed (25) - 
Owen Parrott, Aashish Kumar, Ivan Celusak, Rohan Gowda, Ben Strocel, Takaya Brunner, Nader Ahmed and Tristan 
Gething. As can be seen, our batting had good depth. Bowling also was good with consistent showings by Aashish, Owen, 
Nader and Rohan, whilst behind the Stumps Navraj Chima performed well. For the girls, Chelsea Phipps, Jamie Lai, and 
Victoria Lai had excellent seasons. Perhaps the best game of the season was the "Clayton Cup" match where Aashish Kumar 
led his XI to a convincing win over Owen Parrott's XI. This was a game which was full of surprises and some excellent fielding 
and catching supported by excellent bowling on both sides. However, on the day, the tide was turned when Aashish captured 
3 wickets in one over, and Ivan Celusak caught two of Owen's key players before they made an impact on the game. Despite 
the retirement of Michael Walsh, another successful year was achieved, for which I would like to thank Rob Ducharme, Mel 
Jones , Kathy Roth, Rob Wilson and, Jim Wenman for all their help and assistance. - Mr. Fisher 

^TU£> Jour's. kaiA\ c,c>ws:-csW cf -Wea\ o<MA\p€ik.W^. 
we o^OAA^ ^ S"^^ -Ox il<e £>c.V<^c>\ s^feivJliJK^.*' ^ 

acK rowiLr lo 

Larry Borgerson Front row (L to R) Eraser Hayes, Whitney 
Dorin. Mark Bridgeman, Kif Saunders 

This year's team consisted of Mark Bridgeman, Fraser Hayes, Brin Porter, Kiff Saunders and Shane Sweet riding in the 
mountain and road bike races, with Emily Lyall and Whitney Dorin doing their specialty, the road race. Although novices 
at racing, Emily and Whitney were keen competitors and so enthusiastic they wish they could have one more year. On the 
guys' side, Mark was the only returnee from last year and again proved to be very competitive. He missed one of the five 
races yet finished 8"^ in the senior aggregate standings for the Lower Island League. Fraser was competing in his final 
year in the junior category and finished fifth over-all despite mechanical problems in two races. He finished second in the 
road race, showing some real tactical brilliance. Brin, Kiff and Shane were all real steady performers and look set to do 
even better things next year. Robert, in a continuing family tradition, had to compete in track & field prior to getting to his 
bike race. He showed us his high level of fitness. As a team we came in 3'"" in the school standings. 

Mr. Larry Borgerson 

,vxx only a few skilled returning players and a 
^number of players moving up from the junior 
ague, t^ignif r boys soccer team began the 

■'^'linty. in a very competitive ' 
alayed tremendous determina- 
if^n, only to suffer an end of 


lapse rel ^ 
■■-'ate in the C( 
■;^ team fi 
lOved I 
finishing fifth. The H 

1 a missed opportunity to 
^Qap playoffs. After re- 
ird in the Island 
BC Championships, 

„ „ _ } eA during the seasora 

fensive work of Craig Cavin am 

"^ & David Redpath's strong j 

I all players, congratula-l 


Back (L to R) Logan Smythe, Owen Parrott, Alex Langenbach, Ryan Willms, Taylor Willms, Duncan Mclntyre, Ryman Wong 

Centre (L to R) Mr. S. Kerr (Coach), Andrew van der Westhuizen, Mark Quinlan, Mark Zakus, Liam Gorman 

Front (L to R) Dave Redpaht, Jory MacKay, Garner Lea, Ken Svensson, Nik Purcell, Dave Splcer, Jeff Mitchelmore 

Missing: Mr. T. Cordle (Coachi), Cralg Cavin, Jin Hoo Kwon 


. ke Juvm.<^ Crc^s^ CAUWir;) 
o€S^ul j€ar . . . TVe -cvvkjre 

The Junior Cross Country team completed a highly 
successful year. We had runners in all six catego- 
ries for most of the races with the Grade 8 and 9 
boys both fielding full teams: at least four runners ii 
one age category. The entire team finished in 6th 
place in the final city standings, the grade 8 boys 
finished the year as the 4th best team in both the 
city and in the Island Championships, while the 
grade 9 boys finished a commendable 2nd in the 
city and the Islands. Congratulations to all the run- 
ners who competed this year: Grade 8 and under: 
|iz Fenje, Clayton Thornber, Alex Reid, Jason 
Dhillon, Craig Gorman, Derek Stedman, and Kyrle 
Symons; Grade 9: Kathleen Noble, Ivy Chen, 
Michael Strocel, Lee Ling Yang, Quintin Stedman, 
Simon Howard, Brin Porter, Jer- 
emy Evans, Mark 
Featherstonhaugh, Ryan Onasik, 
and Renault Lin; Grade 10: 

iovanna Licata and Robert 

rr, who finished 2nd in the city 

>r grade 10 boys. 

JioJlcesiUAK, ^.,?irc!l \A/e>r^ ^ivJl •^vUlusr.ta^JAA, 

The Senior Cross Country team enjoyed an excel 
season and all athletes who participated may be v. 
proud of the team and individual results achieved. Ex 
tional league performances were delivered by Kerry I 
Spearing (2nd overall), Adrian Cochrane (9th overall), J 
Downs, Mathew Cho, Ben Strocel, Mark m 

Featherstonhaugh, and Evan Hesketh. The overall boj. 
team consisting of twenty regular runners ran well throuc 
out the season, placing second in the team division. In thi 
Island competition, on a challenging course at Beaver 
Lake, two athletes ran incredible races, both qualifyin gfo 
the B.C. Championships. Kerry Spearing handily \Nom~ 
girls race, while Adrian Cochrane place 1 1th in the bM 
division. Kerry was unable to compete in the B.C. CM 
pionships as she had also qualified to ccs 
^^, pete in the World Junior Triathlon oiP 

same weekend. Adrian therefort . 
the school's lone representative, 
^ finishing 57th out of a field of 350, 
~ and closing the season with an 
outstanding performance. Thank 
you to all the athletes for their 
^ dedication, hard work and enthusiasm 
during the season. 


Back row (L to R) Ms. Tobacco, Evan Hesketh, Jack Jung, Aaron Brown, 

Alexander Bodman, Dacid Beaver, Jeffrey Downs, Benjamin Strocel 

Middle row (L to R) Patrick McCulloch, Nicholas Pferdmeges, Adam McLen, Takaya 

Brunner, Mathew Cho, Eric Penner, Chris Kim, Mark Featherstonhaugh 

Front row (L to R) Tosh Matsumura, Daniel Charleton, Carl Swanson, Deanna Singh, , 

Kerry Spearing, Thomas Killiiis, Adrian Cochrane, Nicholas Wray 




?la3cv\<j -aX U<e A.A./\ \evei, i L!Litk& ilie s^cjje c^C SmO.^^ Weil ovxVj \^\/e sl UjM:c^ woWAi-er cf c-\,30i\o€S=. kb oVaile\<je , 

<jr-ea^ .expQoiak^V\£^. li\ Ute ia\5u>>, •ai\ cverail r-ec.<^rJl <5C 3i+-\0, avJ f-lve Iwvciak/^wa] t^e>un\3aAAeQ\i. iUte$:> wor-e 

"e«/-ciei\o€£:» cf sjJc.o€£>s>. H<5.wevQr, a. teiS:! s^ec^i^wA l£.\ai\Jl JtePeai- avJl a. 5*- ptetoe ^C f-avL&>V Jlti 

teave £.<MAAsiiUA\'j <ip a_ UAier a^^er ^a^^ TVe S3ea£.e>v\ (!bfQ\eJL vJtX a- ^S-S5 \(S£=>j=. ^ 

'Aicvor ^ajj, Wji- W) iavJi Jai\uajf^, ^ VeaiA\ \,5Jl oapiur^ ^ .Sd40.Si lv\vciak<sv\ai, 

lajAAk'^^W ParW &a\ia. S^\3ds\. M0 lv\v<iakc>wai aiU V-coW'/^. CUg Pe>lcoe Tciur 

v\aJAAea\i&.. A. furiltor -liMpr-es^s^^ve vcoksifj, -tJW -^ajrij F^.ruar) -al ^ Wes^^erw J 

Cav^dJta- ■o/el\^ -ov K-ele>uMa, <^\\e u^.•cc.\^ psak;r^ a_ 77-56 tk£aMal\Uu\<j df ■^■j&\ M 

il prcvosocai £'-a^ik£^ .S^eacfjaM, furiCer ar^ueJl well fcr )!us. pc&X £sea5:.&v\. 

""', a. (^QA/ &>kjiMi>'i€£» -a\ lexz-aii ptee), Ute &>c\uaJl c>p€i\eJl Uie i£.teavJl Te>uirvva!Mgi\i. 
j^/^ wtA iA\a£>S:^ve UciW-tfbUlK wa\£. over U<^\j r^jjarcAei 'Sx^vor ^aj avJl 
^ iiM.c>wi-. TVe laUer <jaJMs, tj S\-UO a.^au>^ eppc^s^cVt^w U^ \^ Wcw war- 
. bwAj Wk ^ \^L<jue alvA Cdj pteyeCP -evv.oeNUV\^ers>, f-eaiur-oA s=<NA^ie eC Ute l.eE:.l 
tat^Weitail -ev/er plageJl Wj a. .S^MOi:> VeaJM.. TV-t&> prciJluoeJi a- f-a\ai, pbyeA t€Pe)r-e 
a_ paoUoA Vcos.^ <^ l^OO, aijaiVvs^V Vior^ 4-1 ■gaUeJAas., \KhX 3ill •a\icc,aice)\\&. j 
p<^a\UA\<j \c>-3c7^ te^lawJl AA.A. cVaiA\p<^\\sX-cp. A\a£., -U W3U:> vvc^ k^ \^ H<^rr(^r | 
5^V(se)UA\^ avJl pak:,V) r^^uvJlu\<j Uepi- ii^e ^aiWte c,\e>£:je wU^^ VA/kaiors^. KV? ^uarJl 

,u -r-.ry^ LoM ^yiUl^(J ^ <jaiMs wa\V\Qr a^ i\<e f-u\al korw s^AUvJfeJl. T\^ 
AAse cAor upsjeii£=. ar<^u\vJl Ute prc>vtA\oe, \^aIJl lA^a^r r-e^ 
ousi^cows. vor j;<e T>C iraw, vaaX .S>M0.S> avJl 'gC M WUie \iooU CXr-c£=,Uai\ 
AoaJleiAvj £^ up i<^ iMosi- /A\ M<e W;rwaiA\ia\i- c^uari€rfa\al. iw a- WA^isixve £^iru^<jlie, WWHA. 
Jlu\j kiuiMp\<e)l ££ -SS, -awi wa\i- e>v\ Vc) wa\ Ute c,l:aiAAf«>v»^*^-cp. A,«jaiA\, \^<^rr^^Jl(^us:> £>\v(^<^Ua\^ parU^u - 
larV) f r<MA\ ^ V-as -pe>U\V U>.e avJl a. l^Lxje r-€kiUVvJla\<j JlcE^for-tV), pr<^VQJl <5l.£>^ajc.te£> kys JlcC5cou\l ki esvoro* 

Cav-u\ fc^rtAAtsJl a. 'Vf-c^c aM^iBJ^|^,^arUA\^ uvwA, w<X CXrt&. LXt"<^rJl, T^l<^r KjJiM/^, MarW\teii\ aivJl l^avti 
all o&wWik)UA\<j <^ff" U<e HHHNP^^ Ce>oVrai\e, :gj^\ .S>U-(^o€i, Taka^ ^BruKwer, avJl AJtaiK WoL=^ci\ c-<MAAple! 
r<5£:.i€r, avJl al\ lAoie us^^l ee>K\r-cioUAWs^ -JAx ilie-ur e>\AA\ wsy. "UaVvWs^ k^ Q^\t^\jJ c,«ac-\te£^ ftixi-W HuiAApVr^)E:> avJl 
JaiAA^ce "Blaise for i\<ajtjUj4ftS«ai^^^iy^ca^^^eirU.£^ aivH ais^o k^ (5eiA.e A.u Y^uK<^ ai\Jl \<er tavJ of -^-u: '-• 

awA Ujr^i€£:=£=. iAAiA\or 
^ faixs. £:or al\ ^ 
Kr. lai\ H4e-i^___, 

\W jou ki. 


Back row (L to R) Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay, Aashish Kumar, Tom Killins, Ryan Willms, Mark Quinlan, Chris Ufford, Taylor Willms, 
Steve Harmer, Mr. Rick Humphreys, Mr. Jamie Blake Front row (L to R) Adam McLean, Ben Strocel, David Crapo, Adrian 
Cochrane, Logan Smythe, Craig Cavin, Jeff Downs, Dave Spicer,Takaya Brunner 

The Junior Girls' Soccer team completed a frustrating season. Wi. 
a very compressed schedule, there was no allowance for practice 
time leaving little chance to improve skills and develop team tact| 
Despite these problems, the team played with^i^i^iasm and 
determination, but could not overcome their jHBmfexperienJ 
a competitive level. With many returning ijii^lers next year, a q 
successful season will be expected. Thanjyou "^ 
Gretta Nelson for their two years with the^^nio. ., 
-Mr. Kerr 


illboy, Brin Porter, M.>;. Judy Tobacco Middle Row (L to R) C.ilvin Lin, ,\ii 
-helsea I'hipps, Sarjti Brown, Mark Feathcrstonhaugh, Grace Tso, Yii Ohaslii 



i emcm g^xtiunaM 


I The 2003 Track and Field season started all too rapidly as the first 
k league meet was held immediately after spring breiik. Athletes quickl 
v I prepared and began honing their skills through the extensive Lower 
• Island Race Series. This year's team, although small in numbers, 
possessed a great deal of talent, potential and enthusiasm. The 
season's goals included personal improvement and encouragement o| 
new athletes and with lots of hard work and determination, ranners, 

i'umpers, and throwers advanced their skills and produced some 
:xcellent results. At the junior level, students were encouraged to try 
lew events, maintain a high level of participation and develop 
i fundamental .skills. As the season advanced inspiring progress was 
achieved by Robert Onr, Ivy Ho, Giovanna Licata, Simon Howard. 

Calvin Lin, Erik Sjulstok. and Mark Feathcrstonhaugh. Numerous 

outstanding performances were produced and many personal records set. 
Highlights this year at the senior meets included several of our junior athletes 
■ testing the waters of the steeplechase pit, impressive throwing and putting by Chelsea 
ipps and excellent long distance running by Kerry Spearing. This yeai- only one athlete. Kerry 
iiring, was able to qualify for the senior provincial meet. It was not surprising that this tenacious 
lete was very competitive in the arduous and tactical 3000-metre event, placing well against some oi 
the top middle distance nmners in the province. The coaches, Ms. Tobacco, Ms. Brooke and Mr. 
Ghobrial wish to thank all students who participated during the season. All of the runners, jumpers ara' 
thiowers involved advanced their abilities and produced a variety of notable performances. Cong^ 
tions on a tine season!--Ms. Judy Tobacco "fl 

C caiA^ cC 3^ Bti. ,Sj4)^. \4Q/a- 14^=*=^ \^ 3L s^e«=i 

L to R: Taylor Willms, Nik Purcell, Mark 
Quinlan, Huf Mclntyre, Mr. Mclntyre 

In 2003 golf came of age at SMUS. Never before had a school team played as ■ 
well, or accomplished as much as this year's team. In April the team placed 
second in the city by one stroke, and qualified for the Island AA Championship 
which they won, thanks to even par rounds by Mark Quinlan and Jordan 
Connell. Winning the Islands qualified the team for the first ever AA Provincial 
Championships which were held at the Balfour course outside Nelson. Led by 
solid rounds from Taylor Willms, who finished the individual competition in 
second place, the team ended as provincial runner's up, just ten strokes 
behind the winners. No school team has ever gone to the Provincial Champi- 
onships before let alone placed second and so the team should feel justly 
proud of their success, and should look forward to next year when four of the 
five players will be returning. To the team I would like to say well done and 
thanks and to Mark Quinlan who is graduating I would like to say a special 
good luck in the future. 


1 i©\I&ic.\.*' - 

This was an inspiring 
\ year for the Senior Girls - 
soccer team. Our team 
was a great mix of i 
asoned club players, long time school players and our rookie 
itzie (who played like a seasoned player!) We had a strong season 
finishing 2"" in AA. This ensured us a berth at the Island champion- 
ships in Nanaimo where we met Max Cameron from Powell River. 
This was undoubtedly the strongest, most exciting game of our 
lason. At the end of regulation time we were tied 1 -1 . After 1 5 | 
inutes of extra time we were still tied. In the end we lost 2-1 in 
snalty shots. Although the loss was disappointing everyone knew 
e had just played the game of the season. As coaches we couldn't j ' 
ive asked for more. The tenacity and gutsy play was incredible to 
atch. Craig and I would like to thank all the girls for their undying spirit, hard 
ckles, great goals, dedication, and many, many laughs. This was one great team 
coach. To the 1 2s: Lobbs - thanks for coming out this year, you were awe- 
)me. Zoe - never stop playing (I'm sure they play soccer in Alberta!). Steph - 
lanks for your inspirational play and being a great Captain (thanks for putting up 
ith the coaches!) Clare - you ruled on right wing. Malina - thanks for being ar 
tegral part of the team. Milica - your hard work and willingness to learn was \ 
Ispiring. Corryn - thanks for being a great Captain and for giving 100% every 
ime. Anna - thanks for being a real team player. Dalyce - what can we say 
you rocked! To the 1 1 s: Look forward to seeing you next year! , 

endy Shergold & Craig Parish ■ 

Back Row (L to R): Mr.Craig j^^BPalyce Skelton, Zoe Gamache, 
Anna Kohlen, Chelsea Phipps, T^^robb, Jen Couvelier, Stephanie ^ 

■Shergold ,Dione Harrison, Mrs. Shergold 

Front Row (L to R): Brittany Crow, Kendall Cutler, Ellise McCarten, 
Milica Mrdjenovich, Clare Hauser, Clare Tweedie, Corryn Carven, 


It was definitely a season of triumph and disaster, of Kipling's famous "two impostors". Both the 1^' and 
2"'^ XVs played some excellent, adventurous rugby, starting in March on a most enjoyable two-week tour 
of Ireland and Scotland. The team finished S"' in the BC Premier League competition, defeating a power- 
ful Elgin Park outfit in the playoff round. It also captured both the local AAA league title, and, for the first 
time in seven years, the Howard Russell Cup. Unfortunately, a rash of serious injuries disrupted plans foi 
a major assault on the BC AAA title. In that event, in a desperate attempt to rest key players as long as 
possible, a late game haemorrhage against round 1 foe West Vancouver produced a crushing 29-26 
defeat. It was painful to then see archrival Oak Bay, an opponent the team had defeated with relative 
comfort not once, but twice in the season, win the provincial crown. The 2"^^ XV enjoyed a fine season, 
winning all but one of its matches, and, by beating most of the local AAA league squads, allowed the 1^' 
XV to rest and prepare for its matches. Prop Shaun Heffernan, flanker John Tapping and No. 8 Alex 
Bodman took on all comers with a rasping disdain, while, in the backs, when not on 1=* XV squad duty, 
Mark Zakus, John Huddart, and Liam Gorman all performed soundly. For the 1=' XV, captain Fraser Lee, 
fullback Craig Cavin and Canada U1 9 squad member David Spicer, when fit, directed a very pacy and 
talented backline. Centre Dan Charlton and scrumhalf Jeff Mitchelmore were also vastly underrated 
performers. Though new to the game, left wing David Redpath proved fast and elusive on his way to a 
team leading 14 tries. In the fonwards, hooker Paul Bregg enjoyed a fine season, as did loosehead prop 
Ryman Wong. Backrowers Adrian Cochrane and Ben Strocel played consistently throughout, although 
ongoing shoulder problems limited the formidable Nick Wray to only a few appearances. Overall, the 
season was a success. Injuries to key players sabotaged the final few weeks, but to that point the team 
had played as well as any in the province. 
On behalf of all the coaches, well done. Ian Hyde-Lay 

Back row (L to R) Mr.Tongue, Nicolaus Pferdmenges, David Redpath, Ryman Wong, Ben Strocel, Tosh Matsumura, 
Adrian Cochrane, Andrew van der Westhuizen, David Houghton, Stephen Harmer, Hafeez Waiji, Mr. Bradley 
3rd row (L to R) Mr. Shergold, Carl Swanson, David Kim, Phil James, Brett Cooper, Owen Parrott, Eric Penner, Craig Cavin, 
Logan Smythe, David Spicer, Nicholas Wray, Colin Macintosh, Adam McLean 


2nd row (L to R) Mr. Kuklinski, Mathew Cho, Ken Svensson, Michael Cooperrider, Garner Lea, Thomas Killins, Shaun 
Hefferman, Mark Zakus, John Huddart, Rupert Comnnon, Mr. Hyde-Lay 

Front row (L to R) John Tapping, Jeffrey Mitchelmore, Nicholas Faryna, Paul Bregg, Fraser Lee, Michael Ho, Takaya 
Brunner, Daniel Charleton, Alexander Bodman, Liam Gorman 


, prc>va\oe W) 
-u\ 2DOZ...siil 

Back row (L to R) Mr. I^^^^^^W^, EUlHZohen, Yuji Kawashima, 
Andrew van der WesthdHV^^^HKeir, ^^n Finlay, Tsubasa 
Sawashima, Chiaki Murakami Middlejrow (L to R) Art Pithayachariyakul, 
Jonathan Char, Michael Loomer, Andrew Van Der Westhuizen, Tomomi 
Ibe, Ehzabeth Mitchell, Amy Kohler, Sarah Macdonald Front row (L to R) 
Emily Mckenzie, Kimbell Hall, Liberty Williams, Miranda Cross, Andrea 
Bosenberg, Brianne Bentzon 



With numerous returnees from a group that finisht 
second in the province by the narrowest of margins in 
5""'', all looked bright for another assault on the BC ♦» 
lit was not to be. When at full strength, and not ; 
jcapped by injury, poor weather, and other events, 
jam was a definite force, as evidenced by a compre 
ve victory over eventual provincial AA champions 
iin the City Tournament. Alas, in the Islands, hej~ 
g, wet mid May afternoon at Brentwood, some n 
ibility, and, it must be admitted, some off colour J 
rmances, saw the squad finish out of the runnin 
lot even reach the BC Tournament. This was 
iating indeed, especially for those players who h 
lot into the school program over the years. For 
Liberty Williams, Miranda Cross, Tsubasa 
ishima and Chiaki Murakami all had their mome 
grade 9s, Evan Finley and Mike Loomer, as wel 
3w van der Westhuizen when available, spear- 
leaded the Boys side of the team. 
" Better luck to all next year. 

lave Kirstine (coaGh) 

Wii- IJKfe 


1-0 decision to Colquitz in the City playoff quarterfinals. 
Facing elimination, the team bounced back with wins over 
Cedar Hill and GNS, and then defeated Lansdowne 3-1 to 
capture the final place to the Island Tournament. In this gruel- 
ing 1 2 team event, an opening upset win over the North Island 
champions guaranteed another quarterfinal berth, and an 
eventual 7th place finish. In an earlier ISA Tournament, the 
team placed 4th after playing six games in two days on the turf 
at Crofton House School. All the players had their moments, 
though it would be fair to say that Susan Davis led by example 
throughout. Julie Chun, playing in goal, made huge strides, and 
was instrumental in some of the late season win.s ^ i 
Best of luck next season to all. i 

Ms. Ahrens " 

Ms. Johnston 

Ian, Susan D 

Arshia Farhangi, Mrs. Johnston Front Row (L to R) Sarah Wiebe, 
Jasmine Luchuck, Aminah Malik, Ellie Shortt, Amy Kohler, Felicia 
Chapeau, Julie Chun, Megan Sharpe 

'''Ai^or 3- Y^^ ^^ ^a\Lfcr-a\<j per 
r^especiaiAe 7^ p\aic,-e -a\ ilce pre>v- 


lat was secona to none 

tompeted against other AA and AAA schools during league play. In 
[ iddition to league play, the team competed in many tournaments 
5 ncluding: Friendship Cup, ISA, Islands, and BC's. The Islands this 
, ^ear were held at GNS, and the team finished in 2nd place, after 
I jcnocking off Shawnigan in this semis. The team then traveled to 
' burnaby, and competed in the Provincial Championships. After a 
: gritty and inspiring performance, the team finished a respectable 7th 
j place in the province. Due to the team's superb defense, including 

ihe brilliant goal-keeping of Julia Boms (a.k.a. The Berlin Wall), the 
: team set a new SMUS record allowing only 31 Key performers for 
I Ihe team this year included co-captains Liz Saunders and Clare 
. Tweedie, Amy Lobb, Corryn Craven, and Dalyce Skelton. I look 

lonward to another excellent season next year. 

^r. Hunt ': 

■ack row (L to R) Mr. Hunt, Clare Tweedie. Jennifer Couvelier, 
rianne Bentzon, Amy Lobb. Jessica Moll. Grace Tso 
ront row (L to R) Laura Saunders. Sarah MacDonald. Liz 
aunders. Julia Boms, Jamie Lai, Hanna Rae, Tomomi Ibe 
lissing: Corryn Craven, Dalyce Skelton 



I - SCREAM (see diagram) I 

2. PANfC 



Made by Jess Mo» 





by Tali Cherniawsky 

I say I like 

She says 
that's original 

I say 

Picasso's blue period 

inspires and 

Degas makes me 


Malin^ Mat-golus G^ 12 

J ust In k 

by Alexis Hogan 

Ink in the arm- 
It's another was to heal 
No bloodstains on the sheets 
Or on the knife beside my bed 
Just ink 
Simple, sane 
Pain that doesn't mean you're ''sick" 
Scars that don't make Dad wonder 
What happened to his princess 
Because it's just 

She comments on 

brush strokes 

of an indulgent 


the evidence of 

alcohol abuse 

/ run to the 
out of breath 
I paint 

male genitalia 
on Venus 
de Milo 
I take lesus 
out of the 
Last Supper 
replace him 
with Ozzy 

I say 

I'm unique 
I alone adore 
these long dead men 

Her eyes roll 

Boniia Um Gr. 10 

Gold something, but still g old 
By Tanner Mitchell 

Cigarettes and lollypops 

cufflinks, vodka martinis. 

Bond is Bond, even without 


The actors, just an accessory, 

like the style or the women. 

He's a sexist, jHHHfiiltt 


ph, and he always gets the girl. 

Walther PPK, silenced no less, 

always golden, 

the finger, gun, eye whatever 

Married only once, but it's fitting 

for today. ^fSS^SI 

Thunderball, Dr No, and who 

but James needs A Licence to \ 

Kill and yes, diamonds areforeve 

Lotus, Aston Martin, BMW, 

Aston Martin (it deserves it twice) 

Equipped? Yes. 


bikinis and gold paint? pure gold. 

Fur and cleavage. 

dressed to kill. 

A suited hero, 

shaken not stirred. 

The Death 

by Tsubasa Sawashima 

Streetlights like chatty stars blink 

Cluster of breathes. 

Dogs and cats decay on the 

side of the road 

Ruptured fruits that smell of exhaust. 

The sky of ash reflects trees: 

Prisoners of wars 

They have forgotten the touch of water, of the soap that 

smells of 


Fogs grow over the sneering of cars 
A telephone pole hangs its head half amputated 
Its shivering echoes on stormy nights. 
A boy. 

Has not quite hit adulthoood. 

fourteen or so 


no name(targets have no names). 

Her arm, a chameleon tongue 

reaches him . 


Lean towards the mighty sun 

on tiptoe. 

Petals swell and twinkle like i 

the aurora curtains over the sea. 

Pink and bright. 

she withdraws 

the boy holds 

hopes that dream of coming true 

he bridges a rainbow in her. 

Dione H^mson Gf-.11 

His expiring date was 

three weeks ago 

he lives to this day: her mercy 

yet her existence wins at the end. 

The Death in the air looks down 
a dead end for the boy, she sighs 

By Jessica Illianeua 

Trie CURVE or my lower spine 

... . You DO WnAT YOU WANT, ..»-—. 

Lie beside me, and never stop talking 

We eat our black forest cake with no hands 

Shake the world with our laughter. 

Snow ealls 
Lntil even the old shack sparkles. 
Lets stay in this drop oe water eorever 
Lntil it is stolen by the violent stream. 

Joseph Hsu 


By Jodie Oiesz-Ramsay 






behind the stalk walls, 

a secret room, with 

Joseph from the Birmingham piace, 

A mickey in his pocket, to help 

celebrate her body. 

' '"^ ~ Me, just 8, 






WITH Joseph from the Birmingham place. 



|fi|f5r PARENTS DID, 


release the waves of flesh. 

My cousin stood, 

dress unbuttoned, 

hair down, 

took my hand and 

walked me home. 





TriE Lion IN Love 
BY Mark Bridqeman 

\ LION IN AN African Veldt 


Subject 2's were in order 


but the lion growled 

(iie wanted a marriage not mer hand) 

father translates from a mahogany colored book 

the uon must first cut off his claws 

and extract his eggshell white teeth 

no easy task for a lion 

Especially a prominent uon well known in human circles. 

Without his weapons he was empty 

and would be expelled from these circles. 

tlis emotions so powerful he submitted to their requests. 



(the lion had weakened THE KNIFE AND AXE) 

The lion ran off 
uaking over his briluantly fashioned dinner suit 

and began to growl quietly 
for the sex he'd missed, 
for the coat the club ruined, 


Love, the desirable, 

The one who reminded him 

Of a rain drop 

Landing in a lake 


The lion 

longing for fresh linens and erotic sensual nights 

staring at the brilliant holes in the canopy 

The lion growls 

he hopes she's feeung uke the moon 

To CL4IM A WinE_ _ _ ..: 




VeJ-^K^pelleGh 12 

A storv of a winner 

By Fern Hsieh 

Cleaning out the sinl< on Thursday night, nwi^m^i uvtr. 

she gave out her last spasm and yawned. rainins emp 

He left her two 649 and disappeared. ^^ ^°"^ ewelast 
Funny to see him rush in, speed out, .! 

sock dangling its head out of one pocket. ' 

Auntie Smithie swerved in, so they smoked and joked, 
On their way to Starbucks some other night, Wl^ 
she pulled out the 649 ticket, but Auntie glared at the dim sky 


By Claire Battershill 

A hooker's boots 
long, sleek legs, 
plastic, strapless, 
black hair rippling 
through mouthfuls 
of heavy air. 

The mob outside cheers 
the promise of your 
golden whip cracking 
this sunset in two. 

They watch the 
building burn, 
their faces shattered by 
comics book pixels, 
fading and paling with age. 

To you, I am just another 
blank speech bubble 
hanging over your head 
raining emptiness on 
your eyelashes. 

Great Hera! 

You scripted horror. 

My eyes glaze 

my lungs become too 


even for your arms. 

Tongues of flame 
lick the door frame, 
swallow the lock: 
a heat I can no longer 

But to let you take me, 
drape me over your 
naked shoulder 
as if I'm already dead... 

I'd rather disappoint 
the frozen crowd 
and lie here 
your emblematic body 
floating above me, 
melting into the ceiling, 

as fire closes in. 

Two fingers on the start button of her laptop, 

she Counts the number, with cigarettes tar burning: 

They announced two thousand millions had gone, 

into her bank account. 

She glistened, parted her smile first time for herself, 

decided never again purging in the bathroom. 

maybe the distorted sis-hood and six dogs of her life, will long forget about 

She is on a may-be-brand-new private plane of Hero the Small, \ 
here she dressed as a flight attendant, smeared her power on a butter l^fe, 
stubbed the flesh with it. The power, the greasy fat upon Hero's belly, \ 
one thousand million remained. 

Two thousand million worth of pride, 
one thousand million. 
Buy me back. ^ 

(I £ette>c puun My. AiotA&i 

Ma expioved Canada with, me, the. tute- c/ 

waging, wwifave of. lo4d and angex, 
hamm&ting the ifute between an. 
We dfujumed the wo^td "fwteweil" 
adawing. owiaelvea only, "See gou iatcK!" 

She left me 

with a kiai en the pjHehead 

and ' 

,,. aiettex 

on fined papex, 

hex elegant dtwhea iVtaight aa mwiching 

- iUtee6eiceaof.hev.hewU 

dcattened aauMd the ocean. 

a woHnt Seanhet in icg. wint&c, i 

a dafe to ioch hex apUU in. 

Jhe Chinese chaxact&ia fade; 
_ left one memoHiea of jade. 


the food ia piaatic, 
■" nusuth-dounda mahe no. wonda, 

digm no aenae. 
^ Jhe Simpaono haue forgotten horn to. a/ 


3 am a ma»euni e/ochiBit, a quee». cwuodUg.. 

^ut Ma'd iettex ia 

a &u4»f 3 gnoA- onto. 

the infinite voiume oJf thia fmeign sea, 

a cup of hot chocolate, 

a wwun Manhet in icg. wintet, 

a aafe ta toch. hex opvut in. 

Jhe Chineae chwiactexa fade; , 

ieft one memoxiea of jade. 

^&vtiiTt.7» >;.'■.. 

Alandra Miller Grade 12 

Jaimie Lee Gf.11 

Jl^^^ xplP' 

g^^tg^tfiBiaji^ixmcsji i*citi i I 

(Assitant House Parent) 

ihleen Coq 

Harvey Wall-bangers 

-*^~'»™"*w- TtW? 

They're Bang'in and Slam'in their way through 

•L'i'f-\--* 'r: t HH 1 1 ^ « I gj it ^•■. i M 1 1 1 1^ i « I < ^ !< 1 1 ai t V J« i ^■•^ a »T-3 p.TiT» fi riiaikU i lY 

I rrtTTTtl t'Al.f:a.TJ. lil.^'jir^K F.T.^^';WSirai 

hisshoes. This resulted in afewX-BOX-a-thons and some "home cooking." The year also saw the arrival of Dustin 
our new grade 8 advisor/kung fu master. We went through the year with the same seven prefects, obviously the bes 
there are, were and ever will be. They included Dave, Jin, Aashish, Ken, Julian, Steve and myself. Other new arrivals i 
house included: nmini, the Merritt contingency, some 2nd generation Harvey boys, a German immigrant, another rai^t 
American, and aguy with amullet. All of who became valuable members of the house. We started off strongly in House Gami 
only for us to realize that they don't really mean much, because we all know what house is the best house. Thank you ve 

much to all the house parents: Mr.andMrs. Cook, Mr Anderson, Elliot Andersbn,AndrewField Jason Yanformakingi^ 
a smooth and wonderful year. ^^| 

- Owen Parrot - 
(Head of House) 

Dir. lai^ foi'be; al^c^ M^f. A««a foKbe; 

M;. Jt>avN«o« TaLe«ti»NO 

Mk. Na«cy foKol 
Mr. ALi ivatiid 
(A;;i;ta«t Ho«;epa>-e«tr) 


Karen Fu 


Right from the beginning of this year Symons House has been 
an exciting place. Twelve new people arrived from all over the 
world. We quickly bonded during movie nights due to every 
Symons Superstar's love of good food and chick flicks. Our 
competitive nature and strength has kept us in 1" pace in 
house games for most of the year. We carry on the 
tradition of a weakness for boys, particularly our neighbours in 
Harvey. Dates to Romeo's and the "zoo" when we allied to look after 40 wild kids resulted in a whole new batch of 
"couch couples". Lights can be seen in windows until the wee hours of the morning, but still we balance sports, 
academics and a social life. The foyer is always filled with a pack of laughing and teasing boys and girls. When 
summer arrives we drag our worn-out couches onto the lawn and soak in the sun while pretending to do homework. 
Watch out for water fights and the battle over whose music will play outside- country, M&M or Chelsea's hometown 
Cayman mix! June, the due date for Symons' second baby, approaches. Good luck Mrs. Ford! We can't wait! This 
year has flown by smoothly because of our amazing houseparents. Other houses say they are "lenient": We say they 
are reasonable, and as a result, Symons girls have tried hard to please (usually). Thank you also to the prefects whose 
time and care set an example for everj' girl. The year rushes to a close and the grads are starting to dream of their 
futures but even after they leave, Symons will always be a happy memory. We wish each and every Symons girl the 
best of luck for the future, 

Chiaki Murakami 


Rebekka Keough 

Co-Heads of Symons House 

Wendy Yang 
Head of House) 

Rebekka Keoush 


(Co-Head of House) 

Chiaki Murakami 


AV. Matt Franklin 
Hease [Parent 

AV. MHiTjackson 
Head of Heu^e (^ent 

AVs. Monica Jackson 
H^ of House P^ent 



Barrack He^ 


Mr. Garcth f^onaW- Jones 

House Parent 




.,_/6 and ison (%V6 twss yoa guys, bat not the smell on the stairwell}. The new 
James and Gareth accompaniwi by the veteran pankHn were great ■ ', 

1 around the house all year, atons with the prefects (who lasted) being Allan, 
), Pete, peder, Reaver, Kevin and i. in a relatively cafrn year compared to 
X few, the BuHdoss were a quiet bunch that may have lacked the athleticism 
__..,inat6 house games, but there were still some fme moments. Barnacle just isnt 
; same %vithout its neighbours, so we have to show some love to the W«nslow girls 
next door - thanks to the prefects and Becky, Nicole and Tash for adding some flare 
to the building. Jo the remaining boys of the house, there are the few who couldnt 
|?av6 gone unnoticed (Brown, Taylor, T^ Heff) and the rest, who for the most part 
IctuaHy cooperated - good luck next year. Keep up the pong; someone will beat 
Roy one day... fKf4 fmaHy, to the Jackson's, thanks for holding everything together 
Ince again and especially for those baked goods on Thursday nights. On behalf of; 
In the Barnacle boys, thanks again to the houseparents and the other houses for an 
lutstanding year. 

Adrian Cochr 
Head of House 


Kev« ^n ^*®^ ^^^^ David Beaver 

^V JW prefect ^^^^'^'^'^ H«ajc prefect 

Moa5« Prefect Hoa$« prefect H«|S6 Prefect 

^ouse /parent 

J^eaA of Aousc f^nrent 



OKl^r. ;^ob TWecdic ^s. »^cole ^ist«U 

^^end of ^ouse fjaveot ^y^ssistant 45c'*'' of 

<5ouse /parent 

^is ffcnr in l^/'inslow Jjouse has been fnr from borin0.' \%/?eH 00 surprise there. %^e 

do have a reputation for being Mnda crazif. l/^e welcomed tons of new girls this ifear and 

all of them have made the gear t\utte entertaining and unforgettable, ^ash joined us this 

jfear as a new house parent and it sure didn't take long for her to ease her waif into the 

|4/^nslow ^ouse. ^n behalf of the whole house, ^J vwould like to thank ^yV^cole for her 

ongoing enthusiasm, and abilitji to make us laugh even at the hardest of times; yhe 

pweedies for the constant open door even if we had a problem at 'i o'clock in the morning- 

iyf)s. ^avis, for the manif variations of amusing dances and the constant happif face to 

brighten our da»f ; and yash for alwaifs having the time to talk even if she had to studif 

for her ^Vt3Cc^C^®- ^TH^s gear has been full of mang memories that just add to the 
continuation of traditional |>t^inslow.' ^un, spontaneous, relaxed, but busg. \%l?e will 

never forget dinner at the <£mpress, dinner at 'J/oshi ,^5"*''' C^oeU n fowling with 

^arnacle, potterg nights, and evenings full of multiple games of speed scrabble. \^e 

cannot forget to mention the delicious dessert nights with charades that the wonderful 

/^refects put on for the house. y\\e ^arnacle bogs have been quite good this gear, ^jy'o 

terrible pranks or battles, ^airlg peaceful. Thanks bogs for making this gear verg 
exciting and memorable. ^t^^Iso, a big thank gou to the \\P\ns\ow /^refects for the awe- 
some job theg have done this gear, together we have made this gear amazing and ^ am 

sure no one will forget it. y^e wishes of success go to the remainder of ^4/^inslow 
I (S2 ^ousc. 

JjenA (^f i5ousc 

^ssistnnt ^^«d of >5ousc fi,oiise /ijrefect ^^^^^ /prefect 

^ob\n fOierce 
<5ouse f^tefeet 



Mr. Robert Common Mr. RoT) Cameron and Mrs. Eva Cameron 

Mr. Robert Batsman 

Mr, Cam Culham 

Mr. Craig Parish. 
(Grade 8 adxisor^ 

' Winfield tan 

Jeffrey Do>vns 

Matthew Cho 

Takaya Brunner 
(Head of House) 

Chris Kim 
(Assistant Head of House) 4 

What a great year this has been. I write this after our tremendous win in basketball house-games. 
Hopefully upon reading this passage next September Bolton will have won the first ever three-peat. . 
This year has been especially grand^Jecause of the m«ny changes in tradition that have .occurred in 

'the house. After inany years of the good old 'Bat-nian' tie dye shirts', we swapped the«n in for the nevv' 
and imp^rbved ^Fang' look. House pins h^ve made theirfirjsf appearance th^ year and I kno^^ every ' 
Bolton hiember will proiidly sport their emblem. The entire prefecit squadhas beenvery- tight, and |l 
still fondly look back at the full company room checks at the beginning of the year. But what else can 
make a great house than its residents. Eric, Ian, sorry to say, I still cdn*t tell the t^>o of you apart. 
Horace, many great times waking up to you sneaking into my room at 10 am. (ON WEEKENDS!) '\l 
Conor, it is always great to have a world class athlete in our midst. Aijd of course nobody can forget 

, the old faces, well maybe in Ricky's case because he is never here! Hehrj , it is safe tp say that you 
have fins^ly passed into the two word stage and I hope next year we won't be able to shut you tip! As 
the prefects of 2003 are beginning to phase out, 1 feel there is something that those who follow us ' 
must know. Watch out for the terrible three, if you give them a little bit of slack they will walk all 
over you. That's all folks, Bolton forever. Peace. Byron Takaya Oyama Brunner;H.ead of House 


We're HOT, We're Steamin', You're gonna get it Creamin' 


firs. Lisa Hyde-Lay&!fMr. Man Hyde-Lay 
(Senior House ptt rent) 

Mrs. Wettdy Sheryold find Mr. Chuvk Shergohl 

(Assistattt Houseparent) 


Ms. Sasmiti Saehson 

Ms. JouHne Gr. 8 Advisor 



I » ^ W 


liz MitcHeee 
Co-Head of House 

BveCyH Tan 
Co-Head of House 

Af^wf voith 'tke. MOHie cKani|e. wjin tmast jspinit wom Rmd up f»n a mcw ifetm »f Iwase qon/ntJL (ktn 
'tnaotiff^Maf inledxtMdoq taqftf qdthvm«f&, etite/r wiat fettMtfM as Totnif if iViqItfs" hoam fcecH fi^cd taiUt 
f ouqKteA owd fuM uMtIt »an ^mqiwu/f ottd tfouuic qatnesT ptt« ~tl(e meastlMJie »tt Mn. Slvnq^d and T%MHJsttn. 
Of cibajfSf ifte/ie a of woif a RX)D imvf d«(I. . . fuwe dmafd off aar/ »«» "fe cGPP |9icfePe Aouce tlwaqlc]. Moose 
dttm&r lA olPwmfs a biq feast eapecioff (| wfceti we q» wttft ~tlte 6»ft»M fcucU. Mufti-cu^unofi citi»tai»tt "t^ 
MacwiMti q/ii^. JopotieAe ^/iftaqt and Dim- Aum ended witit eu/r TniuHiplianf defeat 

Tlw TttmntA pnef ecta "teqe^lieft tnoHoqed "to feeep 'die lieuae Hi Mie piece OMd deApewxtef (| 'tnied "t^ feeep 
'tiniti pcmtA Ml. We q»t quaclutiq in ne^tn ^ 1 02 and ilie »wf (| auapect is /IT^^*^. A weind cneotu/ie neaenr 
fcftM| a Liz iA CMimtt^nf (| ai(|lited eue^ a't liamxif Ixtse widi a Hta/ttion oito. AoaliiAli ouppoAedPtf pneponincf 
fert Apiptt "tftee Pf anttntf pnojectA. u>liif A't Etcf (|n qetA diOAed down tfie hoftwaifA hf a qiqantte pncstmxd 
cucuwfceft Wftfi no one ~to neAcue ken. TKe patttif antmaf a Atmie and 5liinf ei| (owe been pM)ictictn(| 'tkei/i 
Twcstert poA<tionA and wiff Aoen fee oWe io WMkp ~tfiein feqs an^aftd 'than necfe fTfceji'fte qe'tttnq "fliefte. 
CaitttAine liaA tfetto be Aeen wttfiout a boek m htn kond wloPe ^epli ente/rtainA ua witlt lie> A^eep waffe- 
inq ATuntA. Tfce o'tfieft qnodua~tiM| AtoAA of TnmmAT fvtn. Tauboma and Jodie Icwc managed "to AUMiiue 'tUt 
dioertic emwionmen't of R^At fPo»;i. 

We werte Aod "to Aarf faneweW "to Jonaf But otilie Aome "time, we welcomed JoAnne. We wouf d fifee 
"to "tlianfe MftA. t4i4dfrLaif, Wend(|, JaAmin, JoAnne a^d Tafto-£j|nn fbn ot9 of "ffi»i;» "time and eff»/»t Awl "te 
"tlie TimmiA qo/faZ Wonfe liawl fcut nememfcen "to liaiie f unf 

Liz Mitcheff ooMJl Euef (|n Ton 
rNeods of NouAel 




Hot, hot . hat! 

TimmisTimales are on fire 



i- «^ »■ 




«- ■■>^*-;;, 




1 «FC-'4V sSfe 1 •-? fs^S^^Hte^ M 


H. I^I^HHk^F^ 


^k 1 


' ^ 

qqI Prefects ^ 


j-^y^^^H ■ 

91 ^^^^M 


^^^KT^Hf -*. 

-^7 W^ 



^^B ^^^Bl 


Back Row: Chad Travis. Owen Parrott. 

Second Row: Tanner Mitchell. f)man Pooni. 

Adrian Cochrane. 

Third Row: Nicholas Wray. Amy Lobb. 

u{3 'W a *1 » wTHm 111 JMIM M I Pli W Pill 

Takaya Brunner. 

Fifth Row: Mandy Ho. Maureen Palmer. Evan 


Sixth Row: Anna Kohlen. Cleare Shields. 

Emily Lyall. 

Front Row: Chelsea Tirling. Evelyn Tan. 

Chiaki Murakami. Elizabeth Effa. 

Absent: Clemmie Hudson. Samantha Kwok. 

Eric Penner. Justin Ross. David Spicer. 

The prefect council is a group of grade 1 2' s elected by their peers and teachers to represent the interests 
of the students. We meet for lunch once per cycle to organize various student run activities. In 
conjunction with the other councils headed by prefects, we organize dances, grub days, pizza lunches 
and grad fundraisers like candy grams, several times throughout the year. One of the focuses this year 
was a grad legacy. Many suggestions were put forth, but the most popular had to do with a visible 
addition to the new Crothall Centre currently under construction. This will take the form of a sundial. 
Another initiative we took on as a group, was to make the prefect presence stronger during the daily 
routine at the school. To ac comp lish this, we agreed to have a prefect on duty at lunch to watch for any 
problems, should they arif^"™^'^ 

'f^, '-- 


Student council took on the litter around 
campus as their main task for the year. A 
poster competition was used to raise stu- 
dent awareness, and the addition of more 
garbage cans and recycling bins around 
the quadandbuildings did much to end the 

op Kow: Meredith Lewis, Rebekka 
mgh (Chair), Nicholas Wray (Chair), 
^ Henry Mabee. 

Middle Row: Bianka Saravana-Bawan, 
Dione Harrison, Julie Chun, Andrew van 
der Westhuizen. 
Bottom Row: Rob Kelly, Shaun 


bsent: Erin Langwith. 



f^ffi . fllBPh^ ' 





the school year- Live Outdoor Music and Pizza Lunch. 
It will be awhile before drum sets and subs are allowed 
back into the Christine Duke Theatre. Following our 
grand entrance into the school yHipfe set up the arts 
council board in Challoner in an effort to encourage 
participation in ci\ilized activities such as music and 
theatre. Later in the year, the council hosted a twelve- 
hour music marathon in support of WarChild, a 
charity for children directly affected by war. This was 
a successflil fiindraiser and display of SMUS musical 
talent, both faculty and student. The council of '02- 
'03, with th^upport of Ms. Williams, hopes to leave 
a lasting in^d^Hjfen the SMUS community - 
hopefully an artS^|[ppression. 



Top Row: Mark Bridgeman, Ms. Donna Williams 
Middle Row: Natalia Esling, Catherin Humphries, 

Michael Strocel 

Bottom Row: Samantha Kwok (Chair), Emily Lyall 


Absent: Whitney Dorin, Sabrina Lueck, Pete 

Panasupon, Robyn Plasterer, Tisah Tucknott, Evan 

yiillm« fP.ha ir^. 

Phis year's Academic Council w3^^|^^to have a dual purpose. 

Apart from observing the school's general academic performance and 

polling student opinions, this year the academic council was used as a 

sounding board for some of the Crothall Centre developments. Some 

' ^t-. recent projects by academic council members have included the peer 

' tutoring projects at Middle School, which we hope to extend to Senior 

Jl School in the future, as well as the Scholars in Residence program. With 

Dr. Matthews as our faculty representative, the council included at least 

two members from each grade in the senior school. The departing 

' members of this year's academic council would especially like to wish 

Dr. Matthews continued success at his new school. The new facilities at 

ythe Crothall Centre will undoubtedly serve to house a stimulating 
. academic environment. Good luck to all next year. 

Top Row : Tomomi Ibe, Chelsea Tirling (Chair), Emily 
Denley, Janel Willms, Jimmy Pai. 
Bottom Row: Nader Ahmed, Justin Ross (Chair), ,, »« 

Marisa^ ; 

Brook, Emma Brownlee, Claire Battershill, 

Pat McCulloch. -,,;.w. ll^^^^^^^^T 

^ Absent: Julia Gill. ^^^^^^H.. ^^^^^^^Hk 

A\&eKVc 5>us.3a\ "isiiA^, £iA><3r) 
Me&»e&v 'iavti .S^ploer, Oaipe 




CJcsUWoti lA^gi- csKCje 9L week \f^ , 
•o<karourrlouteur sucAiviibes:. avJl 

.S>KOS> HesoWej b^t^ue. TVe o<MJi\ci 
ef \uc,W i<b eii\ ^ ksoAAE. iJi\ ilAur-e 



The SMUS Admissions CounciL.what a 
men and women working as ambassadors 

I group of youn 

Whether it is a prospective student tour, hosting a Discover 
SMUS candidate helping out at Open House giving up a Sunday 
to represent SMUS at an information session in town or in their 
home town helping with administrative duties, or letting the 
creative juices run as we created our entry to the Festival of 
Trees, this outstanding collection of school representatives 
have had a very busy year. 

Our hats are off to you, members of the Admissions Council, for 
a job well done/ 

Top Row Ms, Fowler, * 

Chelsea Phipps, Michael 

Ho, Ms, Saunders, 

Kevin Sun 

Middle Row Malina 

Margolus Anna Kohlen, 

Cleare Shields Karen 


Bottom Row, Nicholas 

Wray Sarah Macdonald. 

Magda Rajkowski 

Katherine Guy, Kendal 

Cutler, Eric Penner 


Saravana-6awan, Laura 
Christensen Miranda 

Cross, Annie Deng 

Whitney Oorin Frances 

Ounn, Tomomi Ibe 

Samantha Kwok, Claire 

Lin Liz Mitchell, Jess 

Moll Rachel Park Robyn 

Plasterer, Massey Poon, 
Sarah Strocel Claire 


Back R.o\N: Molina M^fgolus, 
Navi-^j Chimg, Clemmj'*^* 
Hucjson, Jeremy I*" 

Micl4le Row: KatbeHne Guy, 

Maui-een Palmei- (Cb^if), 

T^nnef-Mitcbell CCbgii-). 

FYoni Row-. )u(\y Cbou, 

Kendal Cutler, Ms. Jane 


Absent: BHttany Allan, 

Elizabeth Humpbfies. 








. lis year's Service Council started out with i 
loai to prove its value to the school ^ ^. 

liknunity. With enthusiastic, creative ^ 
member^gHlibal was easy to accomplish! 
In adciranto organizing grub days and the 
annual Valentine's Day "Matchmaker", the 
council put UMM||aeffomto hold a variety of 
fundraisers i^W^to raise money for those 
organizations for which there could be no grub 
day. The council also set up a notice board on 
which a variety of school and community- 
related announcements could t>e^g||||||. The 
group had an amazing motivation and com- 
munity awareness. Congrat's! 

'Whafs it like outsider' 
"Uke how muchr 
Stalling In grade eleven In 2001, the ofl^^peadership gro 
was tested In many ways over the duratiiPTOTthe course. From 
problem-solving exercises and first aid lessons, to outdoor cooking 
classes In the quad, the group spent several months discovering 
what the practical side of leadership means. The physical and 
mental duration of this group, as well as their capacity for fun, ^ ' 
was tested during the winter and the May long-weekend trips. 
Everything from snow and rain to wind and brilliant sun presente 
challenges with tents, people and navigation, and leadership 
gradually evolved into individual styles. In September 2002, they 
led groups of grade nines and tens into the outdoors and enjoyed 
a variety of trips including kayaking, backcountry, mountain 
biking. Thank you to all involved. 








X ^4 


The debate team attended 
a colourful assortment of 
events in a variety of 
different places. Of spe- 
cial note was the first 
event of the year at Dover 
Bay High School in 
Nanaimo In the Juniors section. Evan Hesketh placed second 
overall and Justin McElroy placed fourth In the Seniors division, 
Kevin Burkett placed fifth overall In the middle of the year, four 
students (Amanda Quan. Evan Willms. Justin McElroy and Evan 
Hesketh) went on a trip to Toronto to attend the prestigious 
Hart House Tournament. This was an amazing learning experi- 
ence for us all. Near the end of the season. Evan Hesketh won 
first place in the Juniors category at the Island Regionals 
and. along with Justin McElroy. qualified for the 
Provincials Kevin Burkett qualified as a Senior for the 
Provincials as well. 


Tke Senior Scnool Video Club under tne direction or 
Mr. Don MacKay meets after sckool to experiment 
witn video, edit productions and plan lor tuture 
skoots. Tkey kave a kad a great time tkis year filming 
many of tke sckool's productions including tkis year's 
musical "Tke Wiz." Along witk taping concerts, reci- 
tations and various otker arts events, tke lads kave 
keen quite kusy. Tkis year's most active memkers 
include: Jeremy Hansen-Finger, Brendan Inglis, Rob- 
ert Kelly, Derek Fung and Calvin Ng. 


Recently, SMUS's English Department hosted the annual evening of stu- 
dent recitations in the chapel on February 19'^ We were without our usual 
pillar of strength, English teacher Dorothy Howes, who came down with 
pneumonia only a week before the event. Despite her loss, department 
members gamely attempted to complete what she had begun. As they do 
every year, students compete in their English classes in the preceding weeks, 
reciting poems or monologues to win a place, first as a representative of their 
own class and their own grade, and later as either a junior or a senior in the 
semi-finals. Those who move on to the finals ore talented people indeed, and 
it is the quality of these performances that make the evening such an 
entertaining experience. This year, our judges were former drama teacher 
Colin Skinner, Margaret Burke — an Associate of Trinity College, London — 
and our admissions director, Susan Saunders, who agreed to fill in for David 

Duvan. The evening was emceed ably by Grade 11 student 

Meredith Lewis who triumphed over many of the difficult 
names she was obliged to pronounce and provided an . 
appealing tone of humour and enthusiasm. M 



After a long and difficult session in the chapel 

vestry, the judges emerged with the following 

list of winners: 

Junior Poetry 

?' — Natalia Esling 
2"'^ — Dave Heffernan 
Junior Monologue 

?' — Susan Davis 
2""— AmirahMalik 
Senior Poetry 

?'— Emily Lyall 
T"^ — Shannon Waters 
Senior Monologue 

?• — Patrick McCulloch 
2nd — Frances Dunn 
■^ ?' — Bonita Lam 

I""* — Dione Harrison 
I Best Overall 
I Patrick McCulloch 

' People's Choice 

Patrick McCulloch 

^ f5 


\.^-»» ,• _, >;-;,i 

Ifiisyear, ihe 'Bool^hver's C(u6 luehmed severed new members mfw Srougfk fresh perspectives and ideas into our cbi6. Tfioj were 
zvekomedSyaJriendlygroupofpeopkwfwsfumalbveofTeadiTyifnotnecessariB^ Infact, tRereareprobablyasmamigenresofcfwice 

in ourchb, if not more, than there are members. Our cMi consists of a diversegroup of people who adcontiibute to thejamlairofthe dub. 

'Jhe'Sool(^kn/er'sCMstartedofftheyearmtha6ooi-6uyiT^tripto'Bolm'Book- 'WehaveaajuiredmanyinterestiTigboolqaswellasbng- 
awaitedSool^ that people have requested. Other plans for die year inchide a 6oot<cbinding wortqhop which ziMaSow members of our dub to 

sometime during the course of the year. Previous attempts at a mom have inchukd Jack's S^ies, !}h.rry'Potteram(tfie'Mlbsopfier'sStom 
andlHeLordoftfieHiirys: tfie Jeibwsfup oftfk^Kir^. It has Been "Boof^over's Club's tradition to mal<$ and display gitgerbread houses before 
the ChristmasOhMays. This year, an ahemative project (Taster eggs) may be undertaken due to (December a^ams. "Whatever project we decide 
on, the 'Bool^^overs have proved to be an intelligent and deHghtfdgroup of people to spend time with every limch breaiipn (Day 5. 


> Shopkeepers program is aii 
' exti'aciiniculai' \olunteer acti\it>" in 
which students map and siineNthe 
inteitidai zone of local beaches, and 
I collect data to be used b>" the 
Depaitment of Fisheries and Oceans. 
These data are then used to monitor 
en\ironmental change and detennine the 
effect of urban de\ elopment on our local 
beaches.Two da>s of intense ti-aining 
were requii^d in preparation for the field 
sun e\ s and tlie students learned hoA\ to 
map the inteitidai zone, identif\ a \ a]iet>' 
of habitats: measure such physical 
parametei-s as ele\ ation and slope: and 
identif\' nati\e intertidal species b\- both 
theu- common and scientific names. 

Tlie Streamkeepers Program has 

been in operation for tlie past three 

academic years aiid during this time, the students 

ha\'e been involved in a variety of activities including: tlie removal of invasive plants 

and planting of native vegetation, water quality testing in the fomi of both chemical 

and biological surveys, the incubation and release of wild chum, and the propagation 

of nati\'e plants. 

This year we have been focusing our efforts on tlie restoration of Blenkinsop Creek I 

next to Lochside Trail. This has involved many weekend afternoons of hard physical 

labor in all forms of weather, often getting dirty beyond recognition. Nevertheless, a 

mid-afternoon break for cookies and juice always maiiaged to rekindle the entiiusi- 

asm of everyone involved. Memorable moments included a hayride through Galey's I 

prunpkin patch aiid battling a nasty plant called Burdock, a tough adversary, whose 

fa\'ourite prey was fleece. An encounter witli Burdock usually left one covered in burs 

tliat affectionately became referred to as "pokie-pokies" 

Following the initial training, tliree mornings were spent 
conducting field sune\s of six separate local beaches and 
the students were split into two groups: one led b\ 
Mrs. Simone Kuklinsld and the other led b\ both 
Mrs. Stan. Johnson and Hugh Macintosh (Grad 2002). 
Each group sun e> ed one beach per da>' in tire 
period preceding, during, and foUo^sing, low tide. Gi\ en 
tliat tlie lo\s tides during these da>s (Juh' 3,4 and 5) 
occurred bet\Neen 5 and 6 am, tliis required some ratlier 
early mornings! The beaches that were suneyed tliis \'eai' 
included: Telegraph Co\ e, Cadboro Ba> , Arbutus Co\e, 
Willows Beach, Cordo\ a Ba\ and Fort Rodd Hill. 

In addition to our fieldwork, we have expanded our salmon incubation 
program to include two tanks of chum. A trip to the Howard English 
Hatchery in Coldstream allowed us to see where our salmon eggs 
originated and provided us with an opportunity to feed the salmon fry in 
the large holding tanks. Our salmon are scheduled to be released 
sometime in early April. As well, individual streamkeepers volunteered 
to assist with a diraier auction to benefit the Pacific Salmon Foundation 
while others participated in a public education program teaching el- 
ementary students about watershed stewardship. All in all, it was a very 
busy and productive year. 



House CUP - Tolson 

AVJST iiWROV^D ATN^Sre - Scott Dalten 

OUTSTANDISG ATM^eie BOY) - Marc van dsr Wal and JaTtjK yorath 

OUTSTANDI« AT^f.STe (G«J - Uaora Date 

McAUPI^e AWAI^D (ATH.&TiC EFFORT) - Travij Dentey 


DRAMA) - Eric May 


SPEOAU AWARD - Parents' A^^'lery Atfafdj for students who %v6r6 1st ©vsrafl in their grade - Robyn Hop« 

(Grade 4J and Jalia Dentey (Grade 5) m An. 


NOT ON HONOUR ROUJ - Nicolas Klak 





ABIJTY) - Celina SanttHi-Giza and Parker Uanskns 






OTHER STUDENTS) - Dantete Tippir^ and Janjes Sharp 


TRIED HARD) - Ctaire Jackson flU 






CHARACTER) -MinaPhaisaltantiwonss 1|||P 


STANDING, SPORTS ABtiTY AND CiTiZENSHP SKU;^) - Sydney Stockos and Thomas Nicholson 

H»dmest<s Honour Roll 

GRADE 4D Brian Christensen 
^^^^^^ CoHn Smith 

GRADE 4G Robyn Hope 
Nil*iSha Khare 

GRADE 5H Jalia Der^tey 
A^^selica Taylor 


GRADE 5J Kristijan Qjorsjevik 

~ Claif« Jackson 
Shaan Kho 

Tlu^fftt/ Cf ufc Cap - Af ex Rcicf 

Lf>;iftc P. HuciAi^w /Vfetfi^/ncif Pf cique - 5c»uf Wil 

\ \\\\ I I / / 

Vn V Am&tah Baimi Cm JEtwiCti Pe?ff^ 

H J P &Kctfft^ Cujj - Dctftt'g g Dof c 

Pci/iCfftA' Au»f iciM/ P^aqiA^ - Gffohafn i wq 

^ /////ll\\\\V 

Nf^nwavi Tbi^c Cup - Chef Aca McLecift \ 

Pd/iewtA' AiAxWiami TfmphLi - C^itia d^ G^^d^ 

fftw vTi^AAitnciit Cup - Efffif q R^icf 

L^uuf A Fciwwf (| Auwicf - P^-Wci Cfiuctfiq, Awd/ieu^ Dif , aucf Chan^tftt^ 

R«H/ P. HucfAi>ft /Vfcwfi>;ncif Awcvid - ^cpJiew Di^wq 


e/u4^l (^^^/(c^^^^t/ 

S^nraas 5dx>ol €olcxir6 

(2!rt6, ^Ithletic Service and (!5eneral) 

Justin Ross 
Elizabeth Etta 
Katherine Guy 
Amanda Quan 
Erin Langwith 
Sunhye Sohn 
Emma Brownlee 
Maureen Palmer 
Clementine Hudson 
Catherine Prestwich 
Cleare Shields 
Clare Tweedie 
Corryn Craven 
David Redpath 
Ryan Willms 

Liam Gorman 
Rebekka Keough 
Adrian Cochrane 
Kerry Spearing 
Logan Smythe 
Ryan Willms 
David Spicer 
Jeff Downs 
Craig Cavin 
Danny Chiang 
Annie Au 
David Spicer 
Fraser Lee 
Nick Wray 
Ben Strocel 

Adrian Cochrane 
Craig Cavin 
Stephanie Shergold 
Corryn Craven 
Liberty Williams 
Kerry Spearing 
Owen Parrott 
Mark Quinlan 
Takaya Brunner 
Robin Pierce 
Milica Mrdjenovich 
Zoe Gamache 
Amy Lobb 
Ryman Wong 
Dalyce Skelton 

Pete Panasupon 
Whitney Dorin 
Jin Hoo Kwon 
Brandon Choi 
Chelsea Tirling 
Samantha Kwok 
Nicholas Faryna 
Evan Willms 
Catherine Koo 
Emily Lyall 
Trefor Bazett 
An Nie Au 
Alexander Bodman 

S/rifMS CHrrs 

Tali Cherniawsky 

Amy Lobb 

Amanda Quan 

Fraser Lee 

Stephen Csomany 

Alandra Miller 

Kerry Spearing 

Elizabeth Saunders 

Nicholas Faryna 

Eric Penner 

Andrew Wilson 

Michelle Lai 

Aman Pooni 

Malcolm Wollach 

^f -i*^ 4- 'ri^'f- *.'^' 

Grade 12 Parents' Auxiliary 
ScHolarsHip Winners 














C3rade 12 Headmaster 


r 1. 




















Parents' Auxiliary ScKolarship 

Grade IX: 









Grade X: 

Grade XI: 



















Headmaster's Honor Roll 

Grade IX: 






Grade X: 






Grade XI: 






J> -' 

Parents ' Auxiliary Dranna A^Aerds : (Best Actress/ 


McLoughlin Canadian History Book Award : 

The Cornriander 1. Dysort'i 

^r Outstanding Effort 

The Chapman Cup : 


Student CouncilAiArard: (Outstanding Attitipfe and Eff org in Grac 

The Lifer Award : (An outstanding studefit who has made ah a 

TheSBni Association So^^^^^P^jr Merit : (A student reti 
deraonstrated leadership and ha^^^ an all round cc 


Alumni Award to the student i 

1 highest average in Science : 

FISA and B.C. Science Council Award for outstanding Science Scholarship : 

Yearbook Trophy: (SHARED) 



a Bowen Home Plaque for Art : ( SHARED ) . ^ 




rhe'Carolljd^i^T^hard: (Agl^feiiUdliiy dLiilete vte) demonstrate 
well acadenically and contribute to the school cormunit^ " " 

Brian Dyer Award for Conmnity Service withi'" *-'^^ ^^'^ — ' 
£VA2s7 WTLXAiS — 

ene McCue Award for Building Bridges : 

se groups in the Ccmnunity : 

Groos Salver for Outside Community Service : 


Nation Bowl farciuiz 




lis Medal : 


"ts including English) 

IferCup: (PremierAward for Scholarship, Leadershi; 



acter and outstanding all round 

Junior Speech and Debating Award: (SHARED) 



Ml. ondMnA^. jelleA^A. MoAM- (Qn/ich f fland fiacje^ 
^^'OHite/K. (hcdiif a44d MoHCUpm&ini (Qnade- 3 fiaqe) 
^te^Jnen cu^ P&muj. cMadA&n (^eMuxie^ Gounoil fxacje^^ 
Ani Gei{4M<ik and Monica Qotitm (G nickel paxje) 

V/te- /CeHdall Gullet ^amiif (OuMatyi JleaJje^idluf-) 
PaA£ni^ AwxlLkiA^ (Pa/ieMii Ha^ulia/uf fiacj£- 

^OHcdkcm, and C'iUe uUdoH: 
llou QoAdiMe/i anAl^anaf Qneene- 
jwjxx: PaMxwic 
Pom Qkiu- l/Uak \ 

Akemi and '/W^w Op^^elt 





jbemud- and Qli/wi ^kieidi 






♦ ■'.■ y^^ 
















(g^IL^SBg ^BOSS 

Congratulations to the Graduating 
Class of 2003! 


Time flies; I can't believe that I'm graduating already. I've gained the most interesting and challenging experiences 

at SMUS in last 2 years. I'll never regret making the decision to come here. I have to thank my parents for giving 

me this incredible opportuniiy. A big thank you to my teachers: Mr. Gardiner, you showed me that learning has no 

limits. Mr. Fisher, you made Chem alive! Mrs. Skinner, you helped me find joy in Calc and piano. Mr 
Common, you made me fall in love with Shakespeare. Thanks for all the support and love from my house 
parents. I'll miss you Timmis girls; Bolton boys, continue to dominate! To my friends: Gene, Wilson, 
Winfield and Evelyn, remember to keep in touch. Massey, Calvin, Kristin and Karen C, take care- 
Andrea, although we weren't the best roommates, but I'll remember you. Takaya, it will be a big relief 
for you coz I won't be in every single class of yours from now on. Shirley, I'll never forget our late 
night cram and movie sessions. You are my best roomie! (except for leaving me a mess to clean up all 
the time =p) Mat, thank you! I don't have to say much coz our hearts know it all. "Time is not 

measured by a watch, but by moments." 

^1 f mi® 

Happy, sad, busy, and excited, I have experienced all these in the past three yrs in SMUS. Yet, happiness has filled 
most of my time. I wanna thank my parents for giving me this opportunity to study in this great school. I had lotz 
of fun! Rach: You've always been a great roommate, Ustener, and most importantly my best friend. I can't 
imagine not seeing you next yr, but we've promised to travel with each other, rite? Sumi: Knowing you for 
1 yr is like knowing you in my whole life. I'll miss the time when we went crazy, talked nonsense, and 
had sugar highs! Maze: "Special" is the word for you. You are always the best person to have fun with. 
Judy: "Bagel" has only one master, and that will always be you! Karen: Chit chatting with you in class 
is the best thing to do! Takaya: I'll miss talking to you fr being mad at you. Carl: I'll miss shouting 
"Idiot!", "I hate you!" at you. Kevin: Making fun of you was great! I bet you had fun too! Mat: It was cool 
to have you as my bro! Pete: Your massage is the best! Chris: Thanks for making me laugh all the time! 
Calvin 8e Winfield & Bi: Continue to have fun in HK! Every single one of my friends: Thank you. Love ya 
all, miss ya all, &? good luck! 

"Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to great places! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your 

Only two words surface when I see myself far from St. Michaels, never ever having to throw myself out of bed for 

fruitless tutorials, or ever having to debate whether my pants are truly gray to those who wish to make a court case 

out of it (Goodbye Mr. Overalls). Thank you. To the eccentric staff and the contrasting students, St. Michaels has been 

a profound experience and a one of a kind community. Sewn tightly together, you are all akin to beautiful feathers on 

a peacock, where the most unlikeness of colours come together and appear more enchanting than anywhere else. 

Tugsta, CK, Dan, Pat, Jeff, Aidsvicious, Jeff, Kevin Sun, You are good guys with good hearts, and I wiU really miss 

you. "Psycho," "Morman," is this really the end to our late night-early morning writing sessions? Whenever I 

wonder what hands our education Lies in, teachers like Mr. Common, Dr. Matthews, Mr. Young, Mr. Gardiner, 

Mr. Hyde-Lay, Mr.Marchand, Mr. K, Mrs. Thumm, and Mr. Keble who have all answered by creating a challenging 

environment in open hands. I apologize if I've left anyone out, but of course, you know who you are and you know 

what you mean to me. If St. Michaels represents the epitome of a true British educational system, I can truly 

say that I need not to look any further. 

■fflSIIIFdl H^^Hf If 

The time has come for me to eloquently write 1200 characters of moving prose by which I will be remembered into 

eternity. Its seems like such a small task to express the summation of those moment in my five years at the school 

so as to simultaneously bring a laugh and a tear to your faces. From tieing my first tie in grade eight to adjusting 

my grad robe in preparation for the my final high school pictures, it has been a salubriously beneficial and gratify- 

ingly pleasurable time marked by success and failures, joys and disappointments, but largely, a good time. 
Entering grade eight - at the risk of sounding cliche - seems almost like yesterday; however, I feel as if all 
my life has been spent attending and being influenced by my time at the school. I shall now forthwith 
commence with a series of overused cUches involving "progressing forward" and "embracing my future" 
as I detail my plans in science/engineering at British Columbian universities-realizing, of course, that 
my official life goal is to be a through and through sesquipedalian. I now proceed to put into effect my 
egress as I leave to conquer university, and more importantly, the unknown universe. But I digress... 


IB^^ni gji^wiii^ 

I've only been here a year, and yet it feels like forever. 'WTiether that's a good thing or a bad thing, you decide. To 

all the people who actually made the attempt to get to know me, you guys are awesome and I hope you weren't 
too disappointed. To those that didn't, I know I am better off without you. Carl: Where's Carl? Oh he's over there, 
"sleeping". Duncan: *Lifts one hand shoulder height, the other a bit higher, and laughs hysterically*. Pooni: 
You call me that name again, and I'll beat you. Ceha: I hope our chemistry never fades, and you better 
come to my cottage. If only you knew. Cait: You really are a biter. Cleare: Looks like someday was never a 
today. Harmer: Someday we'll find ladies weird enough for us. Catherine: Someday you will find that 
sexual tension. Jan: World domination will be mine, and you will weep. To the XBOX fanatics, thanks for 
teaching me the way, you guys are great. To all my ladies out there, and you know who you are, I love 
you all. Remember, we are who we pretend to be. Following the path of least resistance is never any fun. 
Little kids always have it the best. And never forget that life is a dream, we will all wake up someday. 

As I complete this chapter in my life I come to reflect on myself. I am smart, talented and my mom thinks 

I'm cool. I see the things that I have learned over my time at this school and I can't believe what I would 

be like if I had never come. Through this school I found my love of the sciences, the guitar (which without 

I couldn't bear), and love. It has shaped me into who I am. Who can tell where I will end up? It's 
either the Operating room or the Stage. Eric, I think we will be best buds into our old age and don't 
over do the Bat Juice. Malcolm, just take it easy. Will, don't worry there will still be the good old 
homework calls. Nick, try not to kill too many people. Tristan, may there be many more good 
times in the wilderness. Magda, you will always have a piece of my heart. . .but it's still mine. My 
family, I don't think that there is a better one in the world. You guys have got me through the 
thick and thin, the rough and rougher and for that I owe you everything and the world as you 
have given it to me. "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." -Albert 


shoes. You can steer yourselfany direction you choose. You're on your own. And you'll know what you know. 

And YOU are the one 

I am the second and obviously the most brilliant Bragg to go through SMUS. I walked in my brother's shadow for 
my first years at SMU but after that tread my own path through the school. The kid with spikey blonde hair that 
made his first friend by saying "you Spicer's brother," has finally made it through. The legacy and sequel of our 
brother's and sister's years is finally over. Lets hope that we all amount to something and don't end up to be 

victims on the street corner. To all my friends, you guys were great and just remember to try and stay in th 
'out of control' part of life. 


I was only at the school for a year so I didn't get to know you all. There were lots of you who were simply strange 
so I never want to see you again. Other people I didn't get to know at all because you cant make friends with a 
whole grad year in 9 months. By the way I was Irish not Scottish, and there is a difference. Now the school year is 
over I'm just going to go back to Ireland and be drunk all the time. And I might go to university. Ah the life. I'm 
being forced to write this at lunch now or else they're putting in a fake write up. This is me and my friend at 
the batman convention. I am batman. 

^ UlSOWlEa] 

Thank you to all my wonderful friends, and the best of luck to my fellow grads in all your future 

"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" - Frank Scully 

Four years of memories, to start? Mat Cho, how many times have we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning 
watching CD's DVD's etc? I'll never forget the key phrase "I know what you did last summer" and I'm sure you 
won't either. Ken, it was a blast. Starting from grade 9 out trips we were great friends. How many times did I 
spend weekends in your room playing games? And yes those are Massive Leg Muscles! Chris Kim, basketball 
star, my driving force behind a desire to improve! I hope I helped you in our years together as much as 
you have me. Ufford, thanks for making things always interesting. Surrey is the place to be. Jeff, the 
gentle giant. I'll miss your classic comments and genuine good nature. You're the man. Boone, even 
though you've been on my case since grade 9, 1 know it's because you care, and I appreciate it. I'll miss 
you dog. Annie, Gene, Massey, Shirley, it's been fun. Great times, I'll never forget. Finally, Harvey. What 
can I say? Roommates for four years, how many do that? We've had our fights, had our great times, 
what more could I have asked for? School is now out, and university's starting, friends forever. 

P.S Spice, you have gargantuan who who's. 

who'll decide where to go. You'll look up and down the streets. Look 'em over with care. About some you 

I can't say that my time at SMUS has been the best time of my life, but I will grudgingly admit that SMUS has been 
3ne of the better schools, out of 7, that I have been to. I came to SMUS in grade 10 and I will have spent three years here 
3y the time I graduate, that ties the record for most years in a school. 

Not to step out of line too much, I would like to convey my appreciation to the Science teachers, except k (the 
luel continues). 

Just messages to people who know who they are : Hoffenstein GET A CELL PHONE, SteveO you little 
gangster, Irish nice connections *cough* IRA *cough^, Tree..Fort its all in your head and finally Blondy 
[what can I say... Sorry, Sorry, and sick, sick, sick, sick! 

JFavourite Memory: The night of the pond, bumpy ride, pitch black shower, and the slanted mattress in the 
lanted room 
iFavourite Quote: "Liam, I fell in a pond" 

mm HisusnTf 

The days at SMUS have been long, but the years have seemed short, I have enjoyed my SMUS experience and for 
that I thank all my fellow grads and 'almost' aU my teachers, SMUS was a path that we travelled together and I've 
enjoyed every step no matter how steep that path became. As grads, we are off to a good start having succeeded 
through the years of learning amongst a cultural mosaic of peers who have proven themselves brilliant in many 
ways. Do I believe that I am prepared for University having gone to SMUS? Yes. I am better prepared for 
further studies and the eventual pursuit of a career. A more important question is whether I'm better 
prepared for the world. To this I answer, no. SMUS is a sheltered environment of privilege that I believe 
does students more harm than good. It's going to be a big adjustment joining the real world where 
owning new Bimmers, and Acuras is not "the norm." I truly wish you all good luck and look forward to 
meeting you again, "on the outside." Lastly, I would like to thank my family and close friends for being 
there the whole way through, P.S. Whoever drives the best car to our 10 year reunion wins!(No rentals 
"It never hurts to help" -EEK! the Cat 

galena (g^n^Ho 

A man's dreams of what the future should hold changes as fate persists on it's course. Two years at SMU have 
changed my hfe forever. To my parents: thank you for everything. I realize I wasn't the easiest kid to raise and I 
appreciate the sacrifices you have made for me along the way. You are the ones' who taught me to aim high and 
dream big. Steph, Pam, Liam (& Scoffer): I couldn't ask or deserve better! Arshia: You have been so great 
and a day will never pass when I don't think of you. Andrew, Katie, Billy: thanks for supporting me and 
being there to keep me standing! You were the greatest people to grow up with and I couldn't ask for 
better! Karen & Wendy: I loved every moment we spent together. Thanks for the support and the laughs! 
You guys made boarding a better place! Symons girls: thanks for putting up with my prefecthood. It's 
been great and I have truly enjoyed my life with you. All of you changed my life for the better and will 
always be in my heart! I love you, and when I walk out these gates for the last time, I won't forget you. 
Remember that pain is never supposed to be everlasting, 8e that the only happiness that lasts forever is 
love! Smile, it has only just begun! 

go there." With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you're too smart to go down any 

mm n 

not-so-good street. 

fg^is^iL^ (^^isanii 

Even though this was only my first year at SMUS I managed to find a great group of friends and a lot of fun times.l 
To get me through the school year I surfed or sailed almost every vreekend. I've got to admit that Vermont is a litt| 
different from B.C. but it's a nice change. Malina and Magda are the best. Oh yeah, brushing your hair is for losers 

®mM% i^^mm 

Congrats to the graduating class of 

J^llf (gSI^l 

Leaving behind a sweat, tear and blood-stained trail, I have gained priceless experience and memories that make 
me smile and frown. The diverse and unique characters I have gotten to know have fulfilled my life at SMUS. I am 
overwhelmed with gratitude for all the wonderful moments I had with my darlings; you know who you are. Meems 
and Ewin, I will always be grateful for you both lending me your shoulders. My lovely locker buddy since 
forever, I could not ask for a more patient person to argue about useless locker shelves with. The wonderfu 
people I have experienced the outdoors with, thank you for making nature even more beautiful. The 
passionate teachers at SMUS, thank you for having so much patience. My SUNshine, you make me so 
happy. Mom and Dad, I am so thankful for the money and faith both of you have spent on me. Bro, thanks 
for putting up with me in the mornings. Grandma, whom I hold closest to my heart, thank you for being 
my strength and inspiration. I'll always be looking for you when I look up above. Grad 2003, let's journey 
on, yo. 





And you may not find any you'll want to go down. In that case, of course, you'll head straight out of town. Its' opener there in the wide opei 



rJliM^i? f^Ea^ii 

After 12 years of struggling, I am finally graduating from high school. I want to thank everyone for the 3 
awesome years at SMUS. Mark, you are the best roommate I could ever ask for. Hope you have a wicked grad 
next year. Tom, I really enjoyed skating with you. Sk8 for life (and you too, Clayton)! Winfield, Calvin. 
Shirley, KPu, HoTrain, Clayton, Victor, Wilson, Thomas and many more, you guys all mean a lot to me 
and thanks for the nickname! I wish you aU success in your academics. One important note for you all: 
When you're frustrated with your workload, just remember; 

To my associates of the gnomish, gutter-hussy, inoffensive, Scottish, large-toothed flat-tailed mammal, Japanese schoolgirl, 
and edible-massage-oD addicted: though we scatter cross-continent. I hope that our friend with the private jet will find it in 
his heart to reunite us. . .maybe somewhere near Jamaica? Times were good, and Tm bound to each of you unforgettably, 
Cleare, you will always be the mother of my children and Stupid Fatty McPudge Smelly (AKA our ferret). And my 
dear little girls Jenny, Claire, Danielle. Raye, and Selena, I'll miss you tons, and don't forget all the corruptive 
lessons I've taught you. To my teachers, who have attempted the impossible (to smarten me up): you have 
shown me that there are more important things than geography or literature (i.e. Passion and Dedication). So 
thank you, especially to Mr. McLeod, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Davel, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Young. Mrs. Tracy, you 
are Inspiration. Mrs. Ives, thanks for the mantra. . . and everything. 

And now, because I refuse to say goodbye yet, I say "Lay in a course for the future, warp 8. . .Engage." 

P.S. Nurse Kaye for President 

My years at SMUS since Gr.8 have been the best of my life. In a way, it's sad to be leaving, but I know it's time 
to move on to bigger and better things; that is, if any universities will accept a criminal Uke me. If they don't, 
I'll be moving on to sleep in the gutter and drink Windex. I've been dubbed "dirty Iranian", "dirty Mexican", and 
pretty much just dirty, fallen in love, moved up in the world of rugby, finished 7 APs, and the only thing I 
regret is that I didn't do enough. And to all my friends, I'll never forget you guys: Biking with the Chad, en 
fuego with Beks, Outdoor Leadership (I wish we were dead!), Tofino trip, getting suspended, Saturday 
football, BKK with Boone and Eric, pre-drinks, dances, parties, Craig's lake, CW and SMUS rugby, Sunday 
dinners with boarders, pool/sauna transitions (the Wetball, Where's Ignacio?), weekends at Cleare's, Dim 
Sum with Dim Sum, getting stupid with Vernon (you're driving? yeah right), Aids' old folks home, lazy 
days with Erica. Wouldn't have survived without you guys, or the support of my family; thanks Mom, Dad, 
Matt, Nick, and everyone else. Finally, some advice; "Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it 

In all these years, I have been through many difficulties and unhappy times, but, with all my parents' love, I have 
become more confident and thoughtful, even though my mom gets really annoying all the time. Dad, you are the 
man I respect the most, and all I wanna say to you is "I love you, dad, and you are always the best to me". Also I 
have to thank my sister, Ling: I miss the winter break that we spent together, it was fun and crazy. Peter 
thank you for letting me stay in your house when I had nowhere to go and I will remember all the crazy 
stuff we have done together =P. Mike, my bro, you mean a lot to me and I wish you luck in chen gon Un 
(the military place) -_-/// but don't worry wild man, we will meet someday and I know you will have 
some great stories to tell me. Thanks to all my friends who supported me through these four years of 
SMUS hfe: Allen, Alvin (stop singing in the Yahoo chat room, it is screwing your life over!!!), Harvey( for 
two plz..haha), Danny pig (I hate your cold joke) , Jin Hoo (the coolest Korean buddy and I know you love 
everyone bows to you ), and my "B"EST roommate Wilson( you are my chocolate baby). 

air. Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you. And when things 

— . f- 

start to happen don't worry. 


Finally, it is time for me to write this. Thanks to my parents for giving me a chance to attend SMUS and meet 
great friends. Sis: thanks for being there for me whenever I needed!! Justin; thanks for the support and every- 
thing, man! Thomas: I'll miss our "crazy" talk!! Wilson: hope you and Leeling will work out well.- Kevin: best 
luck, roomy.- Beaver: thanks for your help with my labs, good luck to you! Fern: be confident! You'll be 
fine.- Wendy: thanks for being there and supporting me. ..and last but not least, thanks to the Jacksons 
in Barnacle house and all the friends. Good luck to each one of you, who have helped me through some 
taugh times. Best of luck to the Grad Class of 2003! 

In 20 years when my memory starts going to sh-t, and all I can remember of high school are a few images, vi- 
gnettes as best, the scenes will not take place in a class. I'll see a hallway at lunch where faces contort with 
laughter and speculate about chicken milk or "What's worse then ten babies in a dumpster". If people heard our 
conversations they would think we had the maturity of 12-year-olds, but we never cared what people thought, and 
remembered that If you live seriously, you die seriously, and no one wants that. Everything's a joke, or 
can be warped to be disturbing if you know how, and we did. Al, Asami, Chelsea, Dl and best 
friends and some of the people I love most In this world. God knows there have been secrets whis- 
pered and sometimes yelled but I'll do my best to block that out because all I want to remember is 
how much we laughed. I have the right to be cheesy when I spent my high school years with the 
most brilliantly imperfect yet impeccably genuine and hilarious people in Victoria. 13 years... 13 
years I've spent in this school (don't worry; I get a tin mug for the time) and now there's going to be 
a change.. .something I almost don't remember. It's scary but perversely exciting when your slate is 
blank, and all that's left is you and the stories you can tell. 

Four years of my Ufe in SMUS are about to come to an end. I have to thank my parents for providing love and care 
for me all the time. Sis: Thanks for teUing me which is the right way to go. Justin: I have a lot of memories in the 
past four years from rooming with you; I will never forget the time when we studied together, played CS together, 
and ate together after curfew. Thomas: Waterloo? Na~ you go with your gf la. Alvin: Work hard! You're smart. 
Let's order Jinglun! Allan: Thanks a lot for everything you have done for me, keep in contact! Ton: Gale? 
Call me la- Good luck in badminton! Derek: Thanks for putting up with all the jokes. Fried pork on rice? 
Sure- you pick it up tho- Jer: CS actually made your life miserable (same as me), don't fall into it! 
Andrea, IvyH: Stop hitting her! Ivy: You know it's a joke rite?- don't get mad la- Thanks for all the 
help and cheer when I most needed it. LLY: You gave me tons of memories, this is my happiest year at 
SMUS, not only because it's my last year, but because of you. Thanks for waking me up every morning, 
making 247 stars, telling me to study, and being the best gf! Please take good care of yourself. Trust 
me, let's continue and make my dream come true! 

Don't stew. Just go right along. You'll start happening too. OH! THE PLACES YOU'LL GO! You'll be 

on your way up! You'll be ! 

(!5r^ ^nxy 

-v'^ / / 


lAfter five years at St Mikes, it seemed like yesterday that I came in as a grade 8 in boarding. Thinking about it on 
Ithe first day, I couldn't even find Brown Hall. Now, I try to get away from Brown Hall. After five years of studying 
jat SMUS, I have learned to play video games, procrastinate before tests and obviously learn more video games (just 

I kidding). I have learned the meaning of friends and respect for others. I have had some great times over 
the years ranging from singing in Brown Hallapallooza (The 3 basses: picture beside), to going out with 

jAnnie. These are all moments that will be embedded in my heart. To all those people I won't forget: Tak. 

II told you canton movies are the best (ANIME!). Kirstin, take care of Karen! Kev (a.k.a Yao). work on 
lyour dribbhng. Vic Ho, Renault, Will, and Tux, thanks for being my card buddies (remember heart of 
Ithe cards). Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, thanks for being my parents away from home all these years; it's 
Ibeen great. To my parents, thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay at SMUS. Finally, to the 
lone I really hate to leave the most, Annie, take care of yourself. I'm not always there for you, but I 
lleave you three words. "I love you forever". That's four words. 

fSIilMI^g gBO® 

Thanks to all my friends and family. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2003! 

A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker teUs thousands of students 
dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. 
—Robert Orben 

ILnwiii (gsa® 

I was installed at SMUS as a boarder in my tenth year of education. After 3 years, I'm finally graduating, with valuable 
memories and experiences. There have been so many people who made my life beautiful. First, YYJH Family of Hyung-Suk 
jHyung, Yong-Seok H3mng, and Jin-Hoo: 4 sneak-out Dda-mil-yee. Jun-Suk Hyung: The grea-test Sun-bae I've ever met. 
6au-Boo-(jee, Ju-wan Hyung: I miss your "high comedy" so much! Gay Sung-Wook, Gook-Do Hwang-Yong and Mi' 
gan-dol-yee Juoh: Hope our 84 Woo-Jung will last forever. King-ka Hyun-Jae, Chicken tattoo Sun-Hyung, Jamai- 
can Japanese Seu-Na and Angel teddy bear A-Ram: It is your turn next year to take care of the Korean 
i community, even though 84 messed up everything. Chinese big head Hui-Jai and super horse Seung-Hyun: It 
would have been much greater if you guys were still at the school. My valuable Bool-Al friends in Korea: I'm 
fmally graduating in 6 years! Young-Yoon ah~ 0-bba Jol-up han-da! Last but definitely not least, to my mom 
and dad: thank you for everything. I wouldn't have reached this point without your continuing love and 
support. "Sa-Rang-Hae-Yo!" 

seeing great sights! You'll join the high fliers who soar to high heights. You won't lag behind, because you'll 

have the speed. You'll 

A seed flew over from the East 3 years ago, and grew to a palm tree, struggling under the scorching sun and 
piercing sandstorms. The oasis that reminds of the fragrance of the hometown, mirages that console my solitude, 
the stars shining in the pitch-black sky: these have protected me from this crazy desert that desiccates my 
emotions and sanity. Lewis, Jin, Calvin, and Lim Bros: thanks for preserving and watering the root that I 
have almost forgotten. K Gordon, Harvey, Chi-Fu, Tsubi: Because you opened the seashell in which I locke 
myself, I have survived this far. Thanks. I promise never to forget all the secret chats and night-talks w 
shared, even after much time passes and we disappear from each other's hfe. J Ross and Nick W: Your 
presence shone my soul when I was lost in the chaos that gulped down my identity. Thanks for provid- 
ing me the direction in my life. Barnacle boys (Alvin, Thomas, Wilson, Allan, Pete: Sorry. . .1 should've 
stayed there). Grade 11 Korean boys/girls (Keum, Seuna, Becca, Sunny, Huijai, Yeji. . .IVY LEAGUE!), 
those who left already (Sanghoon, Yeonjoo, Mike, Alice, and many more. . .how I miss you!), and my JL( 
members: thanks for giving me the will to move on. 

^iin^ss (g®(gisiS;^Kii 

Not so long ago I really could not imagine leaving, but after 5 years, I'll go away from the school knowing that of all 
the time in my life, much of the best time has been spent here. A lot has changed, but I'll never forget some of the 
times and people that influenced me along the way. Liz, you're my best friend and I'll love you forever. Thanks for 
making every memory great, and making every day ahead of me something I look forward to so much. Ry, 
from golf way back, to music, to just being stupid and laughing, thanks for being there over the years, 
Owen, Spice, Craig, Fras, Jeff, Chris, Hailey, Dalyce, I'U never forget you guys. It's been great and I wish 
you all the best. To everyone in boarding, thanks for the experience I'll take with me forever. To the 
families: Brian, Susan, Laura, the 'Willms, the Gavins, thanks for always taking me in. I'll always 
appreciate it. Finally, Mom, without you I wouldn't have seen any of this; I really appreciate what 
you've done for me. "I have made it through the pain and strife, it's my time now, my world, my life." - 

Pharoahe Monch ( ?uestlove ) 

g(g)ISlWl (gis^wm 


Trying to sum up the last three years of my life in 1200 characters is almost as impossible as trying to sneak outl 

of a boarding window with a chain on it. To my friends - "If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've] 

made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand." Ladies, I won't even attempt to get 

personal but you've all been there when it mattered the most. May the next year find you all living your 

dreams - Be happy. To the boys - it's been fun, and to the people I've spent all my weekends with, I'll be 

sure to see you at Robin's again someday. Rob, as a roommate you've been the best, and as a best frienc| 

you've been even better; thanks for everything Birdie, I Love You. Mom, thanks for the opportunity to 

see the world, I love you. Dad and Karen, it's been a learning experience, thank you for making me a 

home. Reed - Thank you for sharing your life, your love and your family with me. For everything you'vj 

done for me and for helping me become the person I am today, I Love You. To The Grad Class of 2003 -_ 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 




pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead. Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you'll top all the rest 


Everything in life happens for a reason. I've been at SMUS for three years now; I have met people and learnt 
lessons that 1 will never forget. Some people believe that Ufe sucks and then you die, I believe that, yes, inevitably 
you will die, but Ufe is what you make it!!! So make it the best, do what you want to do, and most importantly, do it 
your way!!! Thank you to everyone who has taught me what I know; I hold you all in the highest respect. To 
all the friends I have made so far in my life, thank you for being there. You are all unique and wonderful 
people. My big bro, you helped me cope with the times that were hardest for me, and you gave me a home 
away from home when I needed it most, thank you. To my parents, I can't even begin to tell you how 
much 1 appreciate everything you have done for me, you beheved in me when I couldn't. Thank you!! I 
love you, you are both amazing and extraordinary people. Tosh, what can I say, hunny!!! You are my 
everything, you have been the most incredible experience of my life. To everyone, everything happens 
for a reason, so go with it! Good luck and have a wonderful life! We're livin' the dream!!! Cheers! 

if JUPDOll^ (giiMMf 

' ?an't even remember back to my first day at kindergarten. It was all the way back in 1990. Strange how 13 years 
;f my life has just gone by and it was all spent in a uniform. Luckily, or unluckily for me, I was able to get through 
13 years without learning how to tie a tie. SMUS has really prepared me for whatever I will choose to do in the 
future. Thanks to everyone at SMUS, who has been really supportive. Thanks also to my family for putting 
up the fees to send me here and give me an education. This last year at school has been great. I think 
I've done more "stuff this time around than any other year so far. HopefuUy, next year won't be all 
drinking and goofing off, but I'd like to think so anyway. As far as school goes, it may have given me a 
lot of knowledge and "know how" but it was just a distraction from the real task, which lies in the great 
unknown. I've had some great times here, and I don't really want to go into specifics, or name names, 
so that the "guilty" can sleep peacefully. Suffice it to say: "GRAD PRANK!" Let the record also reflect 
that I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party. To the rest of the 2003 

grad class: "Good Times." 

Wisnf liiiw lD)®im 

The idea of attending SMUS started with Aunty Kay's suggestion and a response of "no" from my mother. Three years 

later, I would hke to thank my grandparents for giving me the opportunity to attend SMUS and all the experiences it 

has provided. Thanks Mom for coming around and being my biggest fan, stopping me from running home when I first 

came. My twin and best friend Rowan - you really have become a legend in your own time. Thank you to Walinga, 

Powell, and Biesenthal, who mentored me in rowing, which has become my passion and direction. To all the 

future rowers and to the coaches, remember: only 10% is strength, 90% is attitude - focus and feel the boat. 

Thank you to the van der Geest family who gave me refuge on Sunday nights, and a support system, 

especially at long, cold regattas. Heather - you are my example. To the Harvey/ Symons community, I love 

you all, and I'm sure your ears will get a deserved rest next year! Thank you Mr. Cook for your constant 

wisdom. To my Lost Boys, it has been a pleasure being Wendy-Lady. Chi, Liz, Mandy, Aashish, Dave, 

Rebekka, Patrick, Chantal, Keldi, Alex, I couldn't have asked for better friends - best of luck. Remember - 

"He's just a friend." 


Where to begin? So many memories condensed into 1200 characters. In absolutely no particular order I'd like to 
shout out to the following: Steve McBrye - whistler 2002 w/Kool-Aid; man, that's the stuff dreams are made of. 
Shannon Mainboard - mosh pits at Edgefest and skipping Home Ec for cow tipping in old McGregor's patch; run 
rabbit run! Beach parties w/Jugghead & the crew. Chilly ConCarnival with my boys AC and Zack in Pan- 
orama City '94. Next up, everlasting memories: Texas 4A state champs 3 years running, croquet w/ 
Rupert the bear while being chased in a golf cart by Jojo the Indian circus boy. Bunjy jumping at Lake 
Louise; spring break '82. Freestyle Fridays at the Apollo w/Poppa Doc and MC Lily. WWF Sunday Night 
Heat with Donny and the Prowler, high-fives with Stone Cold! I'd like to thank Uncle Leo and my step- 
mom Terra, whose carpet business funded my education and made the SMU vision a reality. Message to 
the undergrads: Nobody could touch hammer before I came along. The Ice Man cometh! 

Except when you don't. Because sometimes, you won't. I'm sorry to say so but, sadly, it's true that Bang 

'jLHl^IDIif IS glFIF^ 

These past 5 years were the "the best and the worst of times", and as I grew through the grades, I experienced 
many ups and downs, the downs mostly the result of doing too many things at once. But the best times were truly 
amazing. In Grade 8 it was the lunch crew— thanks for the awesome year! Mimi: is that "Frog"? Sun Hye, 

booklovers' club ruled! Grade 9 was sports, injuries and the novelty of Senior School. To my coaches over th( 
years, thanks for the games, the runs and the "synergy". Amanda, we started and finished this place as 
best friends: thanks for the memories and advice: watch out for staircases and flying hair; I'll learn to 
"talk" someday! Music came alive in grade 10 with Cabaret and Banff. Horns, rock on and play out! 
Whits, see you in the cafe! Grade 1 1 was snow kitchens, kayaking, lit, soccer and fly labs. Sam, thanks 
for everything from math to skiing: always turn before the trees! Grade 12 has been memorable, from 
labs to Germany. Magda, "Elf-Base" forever! Mom, Dad: I love you! Thank you! Bro's: keep it real: you're 
going far! Thanks to the teachers who had patience with me and did their best to pass on their knowl- 
edge! Like always, I'm almost out of space now, so, to everyone else, good luck and God bless. Mach' 


Aight! Life goes on, now it's the time for us to step onto the new stage. However though, I am sure that I will miss 
my special boarding life here, and all the cool people I met during the last four years at SMUS. Well, there are too 
many out there 1 have to thank. First, I would like to thank for the greatest support from my parents. My little 
brother, thanks for covering my back financially (you know you won't get it back). And to all the TW peeps. 
Kevin, you sure are the best leader. Justin, 1 will always remember those fluke 3 pointers. Alvin, I still 
didn't check out your site, but I will. Danny, sorry about those drawings on your agenda. Alan, thanks 
for helping me out with hw. Then, to da best roommate, Taks, thanks for hooking me up for 4 years, 
you're da man! Thanks to Brandon, Matt, Boone, Jeff, Ufford, Kim, Winfield, and all the other Bolton 
bud. Other than that, I want to thank my friends out there: George, Terry, Roy, Gary, David, Jason, 
Jack, Ming, David, Naho, Elma, Jerry, Steven, and many others. . are all the best friends! At last, 
I would hke to thank Karen for all the love and support, take good care. Well, good luck to the grad of 

2003. Peace out!!! 

B^ngsciiL^i IF^n^^ss^ 

Being here for thirteen years I have friends that have been with me since the beginning, and others just jumped ii 
along the way. Tristan, from your humble beginnings in grade 6 you rightfully earned your name of Sookie, 
especially with the potato cannon and surfing. Alex, you sure can rock on your base, but try not to OD when 
you're all famous and stuff. Pooni, "the thinking corner" you know what I mean, and even though your 
parents wouldn't let you out to play most of the time, we still managed to get you in on the important 
stuff, especially the summer holiday with the Saturn. Malcolm, from splitting your pants at the junior 
school to making us go for a "jog". You, my PE challenged friend could always be counted on to lighten 
up to mood with your jokes and anecdotes. Eric, from our humble beginnings a St. Christopher's; the 
window incident will always stay with me. We moved on to more adventuress times at SMUS, from 
"discovering" girls to xbox we have been though the thick of it and came out shining. But the U of A 
chapter is still to be written. And now I'm off to jump into the wild blue yonder from the back of a C-13( 

Hg^n^nsg IFi 

Congrats' to the Gradulations GraduatiUi 

happen to you.You can get all hung up in a prickle-ly perch. And your gang will fly on.You'Il be left in 

The greatest achievement that I have ever mastered, graduation! Although I'm the last Gamache to go through 
SMUS, I'm sure I left a different impression upon students &? staff than my sisters did. First, I would like to thank 
PKT for helping me out and giving me the best possible scenarios. Mr and Mrs. Tweedie, you have helped me to 
become a young adult. Mr.T, we can master any alarm! To my girlies in boarding, thank you so much. You 
have made me who I am; all of you have inspired me in your own separate ways. You have taught me the 
importance of friendship. To the boys, you have made my hfe interesting, don't ever do it again. To the 
day student girlies, I have never met such a diverse amount of personalities that have fought, loved, 
but mostly made me laugh. To Matt Webbster, I was able to spend times and moments that I will never 
forget, you have inspired me the most to become who I want. Mom &? Dad, you have supported, 
cherished, and loved me. You have helped me become a young woman, you have shaped my world, 
;hanks. Van, its about the little jokes in life, thanks for always having my back. Oli, you going to Space, 

and I'm going watch! To the rest of the students, good luck! 

■fflSnif ^B3 dUTSCSBSi 

Some of you think I'm cool, some of you think I'm a jerk, some of you think I'm a hippie and still others think I'm 
a dork. To the five percent of you that I actually care what you think, I wish you a good future, and hope that our 
paths cross again. To the other ninety-five percent of you, you can think whatever you want. It doesn't matter to 
me. I will remember my middle school years vaguely as the setting for the beginning of the many Sooke jokes. To 
my grade twelve friends I will be remembered as Sookie, the shaggy longhaired guy who spends his 
weekend at the beach surfing or in the mountains riding. These hobbies brought about the proclamation 
of me being a hippie, which I don't endorse, but I can still see where you're coming from. To my closest 
friends, I will say that I hope we keep in touch through the future even though I know this probably 
won't happen. I now leave you with a final reflection, which can be taken an3nffay you want: Life's A 

J®inil (|EIlil°iS^IM! 

Thanks to all who made it worthwhile, and I hope no one does anything too stupid without me. Hedonism is not a 
bad thing. Indulge yourself! Play board games. Draw lines. Make love, and curl up in your blankets. Roll down hiUs, 
run through fields. Throw rocks on empty beaches. Quit smoking. Sing and dance every morning. Live fast 
and furiously! No one notices the slow kids. And as for me, I still see squirrels, I bake on weekends, and I 
am a noisemaker. I appreciate beauty; I love to laugh loudly. I am a drama queen, but I put on shows for 
free. I love life. I don't think that there's anything worse than being ordinary. I am a spaz. Run, spaz, 
run. We'll be Uving in all the oceans now. And hey, it's okay: I wouldn't remember me either. 

from the Lurch with an unpleasant bump. Chances are then, that you'll be in a Slump. And when you're 

in a Slump, you're not 

ErjO^M (giiSM^i 

Through my years at SMU I felt a little hke the circus animals, jumping through the hoops. I didn't seem to get 
much for it, and that damn hon tamer still hit me with the stool. It wasn't all bad though. There are so few people 
to thank, that I won't even bother doing it. I'll just make vague references and mention things that I particularly 
remember you by. If I do not mention you, feel free to be offended. To that Aryan warrior Hoffenstein, remem- 
ber two things, If you drink Wolfenstein Uberbrau hot women will have sex in your back yard, and Nazi 
supermen are our superiors. To Poindexter, the most important lessons you could learn are to stay out 
of ponds, that Slovokians sometimes puke, and that communism only works IN THEORY. For my good 
friend Steve 0, movies that either have Bruce Cambell in them or are directed by Quentin Tarintino 
have to be watched whenever possible. To the Irishman, I know you've been funnelling school funds to 
the IRA. Steve H, you were my brother for awhile. Cassidy, stay away from children. Trefor, keep on 
reaching for that rainbow. I can't beUeve I'm out of space here, so my pointless quote is. "I'm feeling 
fat, and sassy"... P.S. "I am Ironman" 



^Eaiiii^ ®m 

High school was unreal, some insane memories for sure. From punk show road trips to "fakes", boyfriends to 
boarding and surfing, I am happy to say there's nothing I'd change. SMU was a great experience and to all my 
girlfriends in boarding; well we had quite the times, I'll miss you! More than anything I want to thank my family. 
They have given me more support and love than anyone can imagine. You are every bit a part of the person _ 
I am today. Oh and I can't forget the hockey boys, Stage dancers, Vernon and Silver Star. To everyone else 

I'll miss you and see you on the beach! 

^fooninB^i ©1^ 

After a year of uncertainty, I found my place at SMUS for a great grad year, for which I have tons of people to 
thank. Mum and Daddy who have given me so much to be thankful for and Simon for all the advice - keep it 
coming! You're the best family ever! Eric: Ketchup, ECD's, Survivor, Joe Millionaire, Rugby shorts, stringy-thingy 
and lastly - dork! Oh, and thanks for becoming allergic to nuts and for all the chick flicks - you definitely aren't ! 
half as bad as everyone says; Nick: My first friend, thanks for teaching me how to flip my hair. Take care ; 
hun!; Kristin: For absolutely everjrthing!; Malina: Coffee, burritos, random stupid people, Starbucks ' jl 
boys, the never ending night; Pooni: For the endless hours of amusement &? gossip; Malcolm: MOLE! Oh 
and NO house plants!; Magda: All the bubblyness; Tristan: The perfect sandwich/hot pink scooter; Ale}* 
Mensa/Vortex; Jodie: Keener!; Carla: My Vermont girl - don't get into too much trouble!; Sajid: So 
much to say! Keep my fan club running!; Boy: For all the laughs - "ok, so there was a guy who was 
walking down the street and he fell!"; To the others - Thanks so much! All y'all are the best and made 
my grad year so good! I'll miss you guys, especially those of you (you know who you are) who have, 
from the beginning, been there for me *sniff sniff*. I love y'all tons! "With chalks of all colours, on the 
blackboard of misfortune, he draws the face of happiness." ~ Le Cancre by Jacques Prevert 


dBv^ 5iK\xy 

in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done. You will come to a place where the streets are not marked.Some windows are lighte 

m na^isiMiiii 

I have gone far in the last four years here, from uncool to not-so uncool, and I have all my friends, family, and 
teachers to thank for it. I need to thanks to my family for sacrificing so much to send me here: its one of the 
greatest gifts you've ever given me. I had the very best teachers here; every single one has been better than I 
thought possible. There hasn't been a greater four years of my life. With the help of more than my fair share 
of friends from america, a few saudi folk, germans. asians, and lots of people from around Canada. I have 
been warped 'n twisted into this thing I am. Thanks. Really. Ben: if eating things for money does you 
half as good in university as it did here, you're in good shape. Kat: I hope someday you do actually 
marry a/the hippy. . .or at least transform somebody into one. Conrad: try not to blow up anything 
important, okay? Cleare: maybe sometime you should try to get pigment back in your hair before it 
falls out. There's always hope. Peter and Liam: somehow, somewhere, we have to create something 
equal to The Wilson Skit. Everybody else that I didn't mention I do have some final words for y'all, but 
now you have to find me sometime to get them don't you? 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003 

Three years at SMUS passes by as quickly as a blink of an eye. I will never forget all the wonderful time I had 
here, these unforgettable memories I will always treasure. It was no doubt a worthwhile experience. Thanks to 
all those who helped me along. Winnie-thanks so much for everything that you have done for me and I never 
regret coming here. Liz- Remembering the first time I meet you, till we were put together as roommates and 
ever since than we have been rooming together for almost three years. You are the "cooler of the coolest" 
roommate ever. You are a great person and I am so glad that I got to know you. I'll never forget all the 
endless conversation and laughs we have over the craziest things. I don't know what I'm going to do 
without you next year. I will miss you so much! Chiaki- Wish you all the best, and take me surfing when 
I come visit you in Hawaii.! Chris- Thanks for all the cakes!!! Shishi- Thanks for all the quacking that 
you started!!! Mom and Dad, thanks for ever3rthing and all of your support. Finally, Grads 2003 best 
luck to you all. 

ws(g's'@ii^ la® 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003! 


But mostly they're dark. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! Do you dare to stay out? 

Do you dare to go in? 

Big shout out to my self for surviving 2 long years at SMUS, it was hard but I still made it out alive. What I have 
learned during this time in my life is to do what you think is right despite what others say. Keep it real, stick to 
your values, and always maintain good karma. "I'd rather be hated for being who I am than loved for being 

someone else." Malvlna: my foundation, my support, my fellow disco queen. What would I have done withou 
you? Thank you for always being there, the reason I survived boarding is because I had YOU, you know 
you're the coolest girl alive and that we will always be the terrible two.. Pete -Whasian Love for 
Life...HGIV Clem- $BlingBlingBaby$ Oh Bin Daddy, you know it's real. Emily- Control your addiction, C- 

Lo- Thanks for sticking through till the end. Everyone else, enter name here thanks for all your 

love and support. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world" . Thank 
you to my family for showing me this. I can never express how blessed I feel for always having your 
love. Thank You. Finally the walls have broken down, and I'm out of here!! Good luck Grad 2003. 

IFifnis IH!®iFiF 

Well my time at SMU is almost over. I've learned a lot here over the years. For example how easily one can be 

accused of drug dealing, vandalism, cyber terrorism, being a "rebel", a "nonconformist" and "too loud" in the 

library. I can't be bothered spending 10 minutes thanking people so I'll just make a couple of references to 

things most of you won't understand. Stay away from ponds poindexter. Slovakians don't puke my ass. Looks 

like Craterface finally got you back for his left nut. Craterface, we need to get going on the Wolfenstein 

Uberbrau. Kaww! Kaww! RoxOorz! That said, I leave you with this quote. "HAIL! Mighty North Forest 

Trolls of Satan." 

\^m IS®©^! 

'The time has come,' the Walrus said 'to talk of many things . . . ' And so the time of reckoning hath come and I said I 
unto the ones closest to me this: Jodie, please no more soiling one's pants. To Murray. . .the Doctor is in, I hope h6| 
is not too forbearing. Clare and you must receive one word and one word only "poo". Thanks to my parents who 
have so graciously put up with me for the past eighteen years, and to all my family much love. My time at 
SMU has been short but man I've had some rocking good times. Thanks to all the people that made me th| 
life of their parties. Oh yeah Mr, "Phile" did I ever tell you that you are my hero? Thanks for always 
coming through. I have to go to class so I'll leave with a closing thought don't sweat petty things and 
don't pet sweaty things. 

It's been a long 8 years at SMUS; it's been an unforgettable ride! I could take the time to thank everyone who 

has made it enjoyable but there is not enough time for that in an entire lifetime. However there are two people 

who I am so grateful for; my parents. They have supported me in every way possible. Mom, Dad I can't thank 

you enough. I love you both always and forever, Sarah that applies to you! Is that your pet beaver EH? Enough 

of that; see you in CALI! "As you walk down the fairway of hfe you must smell the roses, for you only get to 

play one round." -Ben Hogan 
PS Liz and Adrian, I'll never forget you!! 


How much can you lose? How much can you win? And if you go in, should you turn left or right....or right 

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is. perhaps, the end of the beginning." ~ 

toston Churchill. My past 6 years at SMUS have prepared me for the real world. Thank you to all my teachers for 

heir constant guidance and support. A special thank you to Mr. Skinner and Mr. Gardiner, who taught me many 

f life's lessons, and what it truly means to love what you do. To my fellow classmates-thank you for all the 

ood times, and hilarious memories. HGIV forever- Ho-$Bling BUng Baby$ Don't forget to scream! Em-my 

ack bone. Don't forget the little people when your famous. Henry and Tanner (SB^) the best guy friends 

could have asked for. Mum and Dad, you have guided me, and loved me. Thank you, I love you. (I will 

Iways be your AWTH) Sarah and Hayley, I will never be far, I love you both. Grad 2003- good luck and 

ve everyday to its fullest. As Frank Sinatra once sang, "Fly me to the moon, and let m play among the 


laybe, not quite? Or go around the back and sneak in from behind? Or go around back and sneak in from behind? Simple it's not, I'm 

Thank you to everyone who made my time here 

Time flies. I can't believe I'm graduating. I still remember the first day when I came to SMUS, crying because I had 
to leave my parents and friends to begin a completely new life alone. My first and last year in SMUS has come and 
gone, many thanks to my parents who made this wonderful year possible. I also have to show my whole-heart 
gratitude to all the caring and loving Timmis house parents and girls, you made boarding an awesome commu- 
nity. Besides, I have been fortunate to meet my buddies in SMUS. Karen and Faith, thanks for standing by 

me all the times and share my ups and downs through this year. I wouldn't have survived through the 

most difficult times without you guys beside me. Annie, it's been great rooming with you. Wilson, thanks 

for taking care of me in the beginning of the year, I would have taken much longer to get used to living 

here without you. Winfield, knowing you is one of the best things ever happened, thanks for everything. 

Many thanks to all other people I met here, you added colours to my life in SMUS. This year now comes 

to an end and it leaves me with unforgettable memories. Good bye and good luck to Grad 2003. 

Well my two years at SMUS are over. I will take away with me more knowledge of life and experiences than I couli 
have obtained anywhere else. I am glad I got to know those of you I did, and in one way or another you did some- 
thing to make my time at SMUS that much better. I don't know what I could have done without you all. Thank you 
to my parents for always being there and for all the second chances. To the grad class of 2003, remember thai 
in 20 years you won't regret the things you did, you'll regret the things you didn't do. Life starts now! 
Your heart is the driver and your mind is coming along for the ride" -Anonymous. 
"Imagine where you'll be, and it will be so" -Maximus Desimus Moridus. 




y/^///a , 



afraid you will find, for a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind. You can get so confused that you'll start into a race down long wiggl« H 

jjiiing^ n^n^n^BJUiLiL^ 

It seems just the other day I was looking up at the "big" grade 12's. and wondering what it felt like to be so old. 
Now I'm "old", it's scary but exciting. It's been a challenging four-year climb but each step has taken me to new 
heights, and now I leave ready to conquer my next adventure. Looking back down the path, I was never alone, 
thank you to those who were always there beside me. Anna, Milica, Amy, Steph, Kerry, I couldn't ask for more 
let's grow old together. Liz, I managed never to use the locker but I love ya all the same! The rest of you, 
you know who you are thank-you for the great friendships. Memories to never be forgotten are Costa 
Rica (pura vida!), early mornings in spandex (Sam we were strong!), late nights at Tim Horton's (donuts 
make everything better), Hottubin' at Millie's (I'll find my phone!), dance team (maybe one day), and 
last but not least the musicals — each year brought many interesting costumes (who thought poppies 
looked like Chiquita Bonita bananas?). Thank you to my family for all their support, Grandma and Futti 
thank you for these opportunities. I wish all the grads of '03 all the best in the future, and to all those 
I'm leaving behind: keep it alive! 

■^iiiii^ IS^if; 

Tits time to move on- 1 have been at SMU for 4 years. I came from Berlin, Germany and experienced that people 
are very different here. I have learnt from good and bad experiences, but can't wait to move on to new people and 
a new place. Danke Elke, Klaus 8e Britta, es war eine gute Erfahrung. Boarding consisted of late nights, sneaking 
out and dealing with quite a few anal people. Grade 1 1 1 overdid it with partying and booze. Finally in grade 

12 I learnt there is more to hfe. To the girls, smart and beautiful, get out there and live your life! To the 
guys. . . grow up. Girls are the better drivers aren't they, Fraser? I'd like to thank friends and Sean for 
the support and good luck to everyone. The heart that loves is always young. 
Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe 
more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and all good 

things will be yours. 



I don't know half of you half as well as I should hke,but. since leaving Saltspring when I was 11, 1 have gotten to 
know some of the most amazing people; Clare-B-no matter what I'll never forget my first "bud" at SMUS. "B"-we've 
gotten out of our "shding chair" and became 2 amazing people. I know you will be my friend forever- may our 

midnight chats never end! Kerry you inspire me — see you at the Olympics. Dan- you are my only friend 
who is so completely EN FUEGO— umm. . .could you spread some humous with that neuf? Chad-I've 
laughed so many tears with you -neither of us can tell which is which any more. If you ever need a 
chuckle just think of crazy DDL trips. Chi, chels, mini, big-L,c-rad & the rest I have spent hours foyer- 
sitting with: I miss you all more than you can imagine- "thanks tips". Cleare- dreams are possible, 
gracias. Boarding girls- Mrs. Forbes-words cannot express- thanks. Mom, Dad, &? Glen, I love you more 
than all the stars in the sky. Matt, our paths will always cross. I regret to announce that-though. as I 
said, five years is far too short a time to spend among you-"this is the END. I am going. I am leaving 
NOW. GOODBYE!" (Bilbo's farewell speech. The Lord of the Rings) 

joing to SMUS since grade 4 has been. . . interesting. Thanks to all my friends for making this bearable. Owen, you 
are, my best friend since the beginning, the only one who didn't make fun of me all through junior school. Tosh, 
you were always there for me no matter what. Pooni, how did we ever pass math class? I mean honestly. Spice, 

your pretty much made my life in the Senior School happen. Much thanks Quadzilla. Logan, you're the man, 

even though you are the laziest human ever. We had some great times man, good luck in the States. Craig, 
oh man what can I say. I think ill leave it at that. Jeff 8e Uff, those trips to subway were dope, but my 
hoop dreams faded fast. Bronwenn, you know I love you. All my rugby brothers, we're going to win it 
this year. McKay, Colson, Grace. Yori, I miss you guys to death. To my partners in crime. Peebs, Fraz 

and Dan. "So that was his back??" Oooh. A special thanks to the girls in my life. You know who you are 

and you know I love you. Thank God it's over. -T-mass 

roads at a break-necking pace and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space, headed, I fear, for a most 

useless place. The 

gGcuiSiiriiPisiiis BgnM 

Whoopee. . . it's 3 AM and I'm half-cramming for a Calculus test. My roomy is picking his nose and slurping the 

ichiban. Haagen-Spleegen was prancing around 3 hours ago. Today has been very routine, chillin' with the Bolton 

Buds and dominating the House Competitions. In this hmited space, I get to give thanks to all that made this place 

bearable. . .my family, my boys back in the Seaside City, and Binnu, my fellow buds and bailers: Tukky B, Uff, 

JDee, Ush, Dee, Rup, Jimbo, Whenno, the Fang bros, K. Chang, Afrikano, Rick, los Mexicanos & Gr.8's, the 

King of New York, and Hen-diggity-dawg. Also, thanks to Shorty, Blanquita, Duck-man-ho, Steph, Gene 

and Co., Thai-monkey, Tim-Bo Chinese mafia, Korean Klan, Carlos, WilLee, the Camerons, houseparentE 

trees, carpet, speedstick, internet, cardboard, socks, nail-clipper, Brownhall-crew, Nong Shim, and 

toothbrush. It's been quite the rockyjourney, but "all's good that ends good." Peace. 

^mm^ '^©miL] 

The transformation in the last year of high school hits you hard, but with confusion, curiosity, and strength, and 
leaves you suspended wondering where my next steps will be placed? My three years at SMUS have left me with 
knowledge, ambition, and many amazing relationships. My teachers have pushed me to my limits, strengthening 
my will, my house parents have helped me persevere and hold on, and my roommate has lived with me, dealt 

with my every mood and still is the best friend I could ask for. Most importantly, my parents have sup- 
ported me with all their heart and have pushed me to be the best I can be. My friends mean the world to 
me and this is what I leave to them: "If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with 
them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them. Everyone hears what you say. Friends Usten to what you say. 
Best friends hsten to what you don't say. We all take different paths in hfe, but no matter where we go, 

we take a little of each other everywhere."— Tim McGraw 

g^-irisiiiiiiBJiii 1®® 

So this is it, the grand finale: except I never envisioned my journey to be quite so short. My three years here hav 
been filled with routine events, new friends and strange moments (some of which I will try desperately to forget) 
I have changed incredibly from being a depressed 13 year old with very bad taste to being, well. . .me. I never sav 
the change, never saw where I had the time to change, but I knew it was happening. I don't really have 
anything to say except it isn't the nightmare they tell us it is. I love my family. I love Adam, purple 
curtains and green leather couches (thank you Nurse Kaye: without your subtle contribution, I don't 
know if I would like any of the above three). I love Lilian (and her, um, very "educational" video 
collection). I love Mimi and Pete, I love Cait and Cleare (my two darling hobos), Carl (the gnome). The 
Prestwich, Duncan, harmer, Mich, Yanet, The Cameron's, Nurse Kaye... the list goes on. I'm filled witl: 
so much lovin' it almost makes me sick 
Adieu, and thank you. 

^^iSIEilS EgllM^JS 

After completing grade 12 in style, there's not much I can say. This year was remarkable. Harvey guys thanks for 
all the fun times. Chiaki & Whitney- cake, ice cream, shaving cream! Ring a bell?! Chris Kim, what can I say, our 
friendship has strengthened over the last few years. SMUS definitely wouldn't have been fun without you buddy. 
Thanks for the support you gave through my rough times. Liz, you've left me speechless. The support and 
encouragement you gave me was unmatched. You helped me mold into the person I am today. Dustin and 
Yan— you guys were always around when I needed someone to talk to. I'll never forget the "creativity" 
help and the crash course on cooking. The Cooks - 1 wouldn't have been able to complete my years at 
SMUS without your help. You weren't just my house parents, but also my family away from home. The 
Camerons— you always made me feel as if I was part of Bolton, even though I wasn't. Dave, my 
nutcase hockey-loving roomie, we had some great times. By the way "Cricket is better!" Last and not 

least Dad, Mom and Didi, I can really only say "Thank You". 

Waiting Placc.for people just waiting. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the 

(!5r^ ^oxy 


Wow I cannot believe that I am graduating. To all my friends, thank you so much for your support. Miml you've 
helped me through so many of my problems and kept my head of my shoulders. Janet, you've made me laugh so 
ard. Liz, I will always remember our talks on the ski lift and the rowing bus. Amanda thanks for being my buddy. 
To you guys, a big humungous thank you. "A good-bye is only painful if you know you will never say hello 
again." So, let's keep in touch! I wish everybody a lifetime of laughter, happiness and fun! 


Sm DO®® ISwii 

Since grade 10, and until now 1 really enjoyed my whole Ufe in SMUS. I met amazing people and learned a lot of 
things in SMUS. First of all, I really thank to my parents, family, and teachers. I love you Mom and Dad! Thank 
you Mr. Cook. Ms. Roth. Thumm sensei and all my house parents. Also, want to say thanks to my cool and great 
friends. Koreans- Lewis, Justin, Brandon, Calvin, Jack, Yeji, Alfred, Sunny, Rachel, Rebecca, Kevin, Ji-min and 
all the Korean juniors-! Remember Korean Pride. My international friends: Justin, Jack, Alvin, Thomas, 
Owen, Dave, Hash, Harmer, Will, Danny, Chiaki, Tsubi, Janet, Winfield, Chris. Connie, Aya, Bonita, Carol, 
and Marie. Don't forget me. Harvey prefects and boys! Good luck next year! SMUS soccer team, we were 
the best! Mr. Ghobrial and Chamber choir, I still love to sing. FinaUy, I am really satisfied with what I've 
done for three years in SMUS, and I will really miss all of you. Let's keep in touch guys. Good luck to you 


Well I've finally made it after 13 years of SMUS. To think I'd never thought I'd get here but with the help of my 
)arents, friends and teachers I did. The long road of SMUS finally comes to end as I start a new road in life. A lot of 
memories have been made at SMUS, too many to sum up into a paragraph but thanks Mom and Dad for all the 
endless support. Thanks to all of my friends that have stuck with me throughout the years: Moe for always 
listening to me, answering all of my questions and giving me the good advice (keep up the running), Erin L. 
for all our inside jokes and guy hunting, Chiaki for all the laughs and the trip to Japan was great! (Keep 
your good taste in music!) Kevin S. for keeping me laughing with all the jokes and long phone calls (35- 
18?!), Mimi for helping me out through the rough times, and Diana for keeping my secrets. To Janet- 
keep the innocent and pink look, Emma B. volunteering has been a blast, OBH guys the parties have been 
great I am glad to have known you all. To all of my friends I'll miss you aU but keep safe, enjoy life, 
continue to laugh and remember the good times. And keep in mind: "Excellence is not a skill. It is an 

I attitude." -Ralph Marston. 

o go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow, or waiting around for a Yes or a No or waiting for their hair 


to grow. Everyone is 

\mm Ea^Ki^wsfiio 

Resolution and Independence: 

"All things that love the sun are out of doors; 
The sky rejoices in the morning's birth; 

The grass is bright with rain-drops; - on the moors 
The hare is running races in her mirth; 
And with her feet she from the plashy earth 
Raises a mist; that, glittering in the sun, 
Runs with her all the way, wherever she doth run." 


Wakened up by the call. Hardly open up my eyes. Chilly. Look out of the window. Gloomy, as usual. It's another day 

of school. It's another day of routine classes. It's another day of having so-called food in Brown Hall. Night time. 

It's another night of cramming Physics and Biology and Chemistry and Calculus with my roomy talking trash and 

whining about using body wash. It's another night of late-night talking. It's another night in weekends of 
studying AP Alcoholic with my peers.It's another night of Boone intruding and stealing my food half-naked 
and the German jumping in his boxers.I'U miss the days that I have been through, and these people tooK 
the Jap, the African, the Mexicanos, CK, micho, Kuo, tukky, Harv, matcho, ksun x 2,Will,the grade 
8s,Kevins,the Taiwanese people, the camerons, the houseparents,the junior and senior basketball 
players, girls in timmis house: Captain Tsubasa, annie, my girls, in symon house (wish u can get what 
you've longed, kfu) and in winslow house (thanks gene for the cake) and the boys in Harvey house and 
Barnacle House: Ash, Hark, Cal Ng and Ju-Ju, the Hojls, Wilson, Thomas, Alvin, all the Korean people: jin, 
lewis and ahn.Thank y'all.Special Thanks to Bi. I'll miss you. P.S. JD, you owe me a bowl. Good luck 


If n^^^ini ILi 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003! 

The first time I saw the school was on a sunny Saturday in May of 1999. Since that time I've seen the school in 
every shade of dayUght and in all types of weather. I've seen many rugby and soccer tournaments take place on 
the expansive fields on overcast November weekends and I've seen the crowded quad on a sunny day in 
June when the administration decided that it would be a good idea to give away free ice cream. I've seen 
spectacular musical performances and mud dragged into the change room after hard rugby practices. I 
have seen the demolition of a gymnasium three times my age and the construction of the school's 
newest facility. These images will be forever etched into my mind, but for more than the stunning 
memories that they create. I will remember them because of the great friends who were part of these 
experiences, the people who made my time here worthwhile. As I look back on my time here, I can 
think only to leave with a word of thanks. To all who have helped and encouraged me, to all those who 
offered advice and worried through classes with me. Mom and Dad, Nana and Grandpa, thank you for 
this adventure and for making it worthwhile. "It never hurts to help" -EEK! the Cat 

just waiting. Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for the wind to fly a kite or waiting around for a Friday night or waiting, perhaps, for thi n|j 




J^gDS ILn 

As the last Lobb, I entered SMU with big shoes to fill. I quickly tackled the art of naptime in a world of Carebears. 
The Middle School brought a new campus, memorable classes and U15 soccer trips. The senior school has been an 
experience in itself. Thank you to my teachers and coaches who have inspired me over the years. To the bball and 
iho teams - my fondest memories are with you. . .keep it up. Nancy - thanks for the countless talks and making 
me love the game. TC - your music brings us one step closer to Heaven. Kerry, Steph, Anna, Jess - my 
world has been blessed because you are in it, thank you for always being there. "Mama M" - I could 
never be mad at you. Dave - thank you for being one of the most real people in my hfe 
Milica. . .Spud. . .words just aren't enough. Steve - thank you for all your support and always believing 
in me. Kim - I don't know what I did to deserve you, but it must have been pretty good. Dad - you are 
the strongest man I know and I'm very proud of you. Thank you for every second of this life. Mom - 
you've guided me through my high school years, I wish you could have shared them with me. To my 

friends, thank you and I love you. . . never forget, hugs come free. 

\mf Sa^^E^IL 

The end is where we start from. -T.S. Eliot 

I want to thank everyone who has helped me grow, supported and challenged me. To my teachers, thank you: 

Ms.MacDonald, for inspiring me with your open 

mind; Mrs.Williams, for your support; Mr.Gauthier, for listening. To all my friends, you know who you are; 
your love has kept me going. There are too many good times to tell (see grad supplement!) but I've had 
an interesting, eventful time! (Let's just leave it at that...) Remember, I'll always be your Attila, DDQ, 
a devoted member of the change room crew and a third of HGIV. 
. . .the times they are a-changin'. 
-Bob Dylan 



BaHlMIIli^ M^IDl 

"Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth." -Lou Gehrig. Thanks to my family and 
friends for the great times. Chad, weekend ventures, good times, Kev, BMW-JET, Cavepiece-houseboat 
seadoo, soon to be 2 time national champs, Cass-1 10, vegetables riiice and potatoes, Clemmie-Chinese fire 
drills, Tanner-"look a midget, I bet his name is gordo", Amy-XBBOx abuser, Steve-"Lock stock and two 
smoking barrels", "Snatch" (that's all I've got to say about that). Milica- "hows it goin" to all those 
people that I met along the way that I have not mentioned, good luck too you. To my family, Dad- 
always making sure I go for a run, got annoying but was worth it, Jess-thanks for all of the construc- 
tive criticism it was needed and sometimes not needed (at least not at the time). Mom-thanks for 
everything. I wish everyone luck in there years to come, and just remember "pain is only weakness 

leaving the body". 

till uncle Jake or a pot to boil or a Better Break or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants or a wig with curls, or Another chance. Everyone is just 

For all my friends. Nick, if life gives you a difficult choice, D6 it. Eric, use a Powerade bottle, we don't want you 
spill on the carpet. Carl, I hate you, I hope you get mono. Will, CS, UT and AoE2, nuff said. Malcolm, MS 9, Geo 10, 
Econ 11 and Geo 12, enough material to last a lifetime, "das it". Pooni, it is because you're brown. Oh, and sorry 
about all the gay jokes (Rice-a-Roni, etc.). Di, I'll get in the hot tub with you anytime (insert innuendo here). 
Gait, sorry for all the trailer trash jokes, but you lived in a trailer, how could I resist? Cleare, it's all behin 
us, just look ahead. And again, sorry for the trailer trash jokes. Mike, Cass, sorry for leaving you guys 
alone with Mrs. Thatcher. Bodman, you were always fun at parties, too bad you were too sloshed to 
remember them. Kevin, you were as annoying as hell but thanks for making all those classes go by so 
much faster. Beaver, so short, so tall, you know what I mean (wink). Harmer, stop shaving your 
eyebrows, you scare small children. Whitney, you're my favourite neurotic perfectionist. Uncle Ron, 
Comrade Smirnoff and Senor Cuervo, thanks for all the good times. I'll miss all of you more than you 
know. Halo forever! 

Aw. . . I am so cute. Yeah, I guess I am a little conceded but everyone already knew that. Even though I tried to 
leave SMU on numerous occasions I always managed to find distracting things to keep me entertained during 
class. I've always had wonderful friends through it all and an amazing boyfriend (see upper left-hand corner). 
Without all of you I know I wouldn't have made it. Even though most of my memories come from outside of 
school I can't help but remember blonde moments with Kerry, flipping with Anna, talking about lucky 
charms with Amy and "working" with Stephanie (yeah, I couldn't use your real name). To my Italian girl: 
Lo vedro in Italia. Yeah, my back parking lot crew, those flagpoles just aren't the same. Out of school I 
had even more laughs: Clenmiie don't shut the door, the music's still on. Shhh. . . Adrienne it's three in 
the morning. Fine, but you have to at least brush it for your grad photos Carla. No Katherine, that 
wouldn't be a ticket at ten in the evening and we are not calling. Browenn: one day, one day. Emily have 
you been eating berries again? Magdalena telephone. Mmm... chocolate cake. Can I feed the sheep? 

Remember our spa reservations. We're so pretty, Ciao! 

f®iIKl IMi^filMlIS^ 




My hfe has seemed to revolve around SMU since 1994 when I started here. Along the way I've met new people 
and made new friends and I can only guess where we all will be in 10 years. Hey, it hasn't been easy, and I'm suri 
most of us have had difficult experiences but everyone gets through it. I would like to thank the friends that hav| 
made an impression on me. To the guys: PB, Frazzle Dazzle, $pice, Logan, Tom, Mark, P. Bear, Ry, Uff, Jeff, 
Ken, TukkyB, Craiggers, Dan the Man, Aids, The Chad, Peds, OP, Redpath and Ryman keep doing what yoil 
doing, and I'll see you all in a few. To the girls: Emma, Liz, Libs, Zoe, Clare, Corryn, Alissa, Dalyce, Verq 
Hailey, Robin, Amy, Millca, Cleare, and Clarissa (in Italy) I wish you all the best in your lives. I will 
apologize in advance to the people I have forgotten, it was not done intentionally. And to Miranda, thel 
one who has kept me sane these last two years that have flown by to quickly. What would I have done | 
without you I don't know, but I do know that my life has been better with you in it. You are my every- 
thing. "Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely and the likely definite." 
Robert Half 

1984. Brian Mulroney swept the House with a crushing majority, Macintosh made is debut upon the world, and a 
young child came to hfe on a clear evening in North York, Ontario. The next thirteen years that ensued were best 
forgotten, but a learning experience nonetheless. Flying ahead to 1997, Chretien iron-fisted his way to a second 
majority, 233 MHz was considered a fast PC, and I began my second life here at SMUS. Simply put, nothing 
could have been done without the overwhelming support of my family. They taught me that it's the 
values that count, not simply blood relations, that make a true family. To my friends, you've left me 
with many memories. V.C. Wish I met you earlier, I look forward to the future. H.M. 110 air, "He's 
not stopping..." T.B. Tsawassen yogurt machine, "Tunaman for 2" P.H. Thanks for the support 
through my first traffic stop. L.G. Hot pills, grade 9 ICQ, ""Wliere are my pants?" S.C. "You're gonna 
get stabbed after class!" M.M. "Can't you do anything right?" K.B. See you at Gumball '06. N.F. See 
you at Basic. Mark, thanks for your support on the out-trip (I'm gonna kill you now). C.T. I'll remem- 
ber the bus rides. "Also dann, auf wiedersehen, bis zum nachsten mal und, aUes gute." 

waiting. NO! that's not for you! Somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying. You'll find the 

bright places where Book 



^>"' V'^ 


^Mjisii^ IMIellai^^sg 

No regrets, having fun, excited for the future. 
(Thank you to those who've loved and sup- 
ported me - you know who you are - 1 love you) 

Wish me luck! 

^iL^ssiis^ MnHaiLiiis 

SMU is just school. I'm not going to say that it made me who I am. My schooling has taught me to get the piece 
of paper the easiest way possible and get a job, either that or move far away. Between the plastic soldiers of 
North America I eventually met people who taught me that life doesn't have to be so pre-packaged; there is art, 
and writing, and emotion, the human condition. To you I am in debt, you have saved me and all I can say 
is that I hope you can get through enough hfe with a smile on your face, to not shoot yourself. 
Someday I'm sure I will remember having gone to high school, and I'U say . . . "Yep, I remember 
that. . . crazy." So other then that, thanks for the piece of paper, and see you around. Come mothers 
and fathers throughout the land and don't criticize what you can't understand your sons and your 
daughters are beyond your command your old road is rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one if 
you can't lend your hand for the times they are a-changin'. 
~ Dylan 

f^iis^iiisi Msireiioi 

yHomeGeraianyEurope.SoHereIs]Vty]jtera[yGi^GestaltPlayedOnASeussaphone. . .CongratulationsTodaylslVlyDaylmOff 

^eetRnamioughtB. . .ThankYouToEveryQneWhDHasHe(pedMeBecomeWhQlAmOvertheseI^iSt«i^ 

m eWhatlBecomeOnlyThenWilllKnowThePlacelCameFrom." 

funds are playing. With banner flip-flapping, once more you'll ride high! Ready for anything under the 

sky! Ready because you're 

It seems as though the past 3 years have gone by in a blur, and that is definitely thanks to everyone around me, 
especially my family, friends and houseparents. Mandy: My life will never be the same after living with a duck foi 
the last 3 years. Thanks for being the best roommate and friend there could ever be. It will be impossible to find 
another friend like you, so promise me you won't disappear completely, because you know where to find me! 
Chiaki: Dude, my twin! I owe you for making my life easier by sharing all of the same moments, and most ( 
all, I owe you for bringing so many fun filled memories and smiles to these past few years. Keep playing 
tennis, maybe we can meet up in Hawaii and have a match! Shishi - You are one of the most coura- 
geous, talented and sweetest guys I have ever met. I'd love for things to stay the way they are, but 
unfortunately life goes on. I'll always be here for you, and in my heart we'll always be together. To 
Tsubasa, Veronique, Whitney, Steph, the Timmis girls, and the tennis team - it's been great, and I wish 
you all the best of luck! "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes; I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again." 
BiUy Joel 

^mn m®mf^ 

The tumultuous years I have spent at SMUS 

can be summed up in the words of 


"Hit was so, it might be; and if it were 
so, it would be; but as it isn 't, it 
ain 't. " 


Four years of living in this foreign land unsupervised has been a life-altering trip. The people I've met and friend 

I've made will never be forgotten. . .entirely. I'd like to take this time to thank my parents for not Ustening to me 

when I said I'd never come and for helping me stay here. On that note, I'd also like to thank all of the proper 

authorities here at SMUS who let me stay here— especially the Jacksons for aU their help and Franklin and 

Gorpo for being downright cool. In the land of the three-strike system, I'm the fourth strike king. Thank 

to all the families that helped me live here: Cathy and Zorro, Martins, Adairs, most importantly the 

ERNEST FAMILY and every other person who's been around along the way. The time I spent away fro 

SMUS with you made it all worthwhile. The way times were rolling it was over in a hurry and the 

memories are blurry, and that's Canadian boarding school. 



1 ^ IVMld 1 1 M 1 1 -<^- 

that kind of gaJ or guy! Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. Andlt,j 

IMIniLng^ Miss)^iis^®^n(gis 

Within my 4 years at SMUS, I have experienced the good and the bad, have gained lifelong friends, and have 
acquired many memories. I've had great teachers and coaches who inspire me and who have made this journey 
memorable. TC and to all my "older brothers" thanks for always keeping an eye on me! Amy- you are my shoul- 
der to cry on, a friend to laugh with, my big sister, and most of all my best friend- Thanks! Jess, Anna, Chunk, 
Kerry- you have been the best friends a girl could ask for. Jelena- you are the person that I have always 
and will always try to be like. We're not just sisters, we're friends! Mil- you and I have become closer 
over the years, that's all I have ever wanted. Thanks for watching out for me. Ale- you have always 
been my best friend. It's not the same without you! I am proud to be on of the girls! Dad- all I have ever 
wanted to do is to make you proud! I love you so much. Thanks for everything. Mom- thanks for giving 
up so much of you life for me. You are the greatest mom in the world and I love you more than life 
itself. Well it's hard to believe that this chapter is closing, but as one of the peoplel I loved used to say, 
"The game's not over till the game's not over." 

IMIn^is^siiia IM!^i^5s®s5ii 

My arrival at SMU in September of '98 was unplanned, unexpected, but fortunate. Coming to SMU gave me an 
opportunity to learn from fantastic teachers, but it also forced me to meet many new people. I would like to thank 
all of you, teachers and classmates ahke, for my experiences over the last five years. I truly feel that I have 
learned a great deal from all of you in some way or another. Thank you Mr. Manson-Blair and Mr. McLeod for 
going beyond conventional teaching. Thank you Frau Thatcher and Mr. Fisher for all the one-on-one help 
;and for the abuse that thickened my skin). Thank you Cass for looking after my pens for the last 4 years! 
Thank you Kev for all the extra adrenaline. Thank you Eric, Steve, Liam, Tanner, and Duncan for aU the 
[reat times. Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Grannie for the undying support and for making my education 

at SMUS possible. I wish the best of luck to the grad class. 

(glSn^IlSH MilH^^BS^IMlS 

It seems like not long time ago when I first arrive at SMUS and felt short and lost! I must thank my parents for 
all their support and love. Lizzie, I can't express how much I have to thank you for everything. Remember that I 
will always be your twin! Mandy, thanks for the great fun! Let's meet up in Hong Kong again (but not that beach 
anymore) 'Vero, are you going to the Chapters? Thanks for all your support and fun! Whits, I'll miss my 
breakfast buddy and sharing boy stories every morning! Michelle, yes I know I am short. I must thank 
you for the great food and fun! (To your sneeze too.) To all my Japanese friends, you guys rule! 
Chelsea and Frances, m miss you guys so much. Don't forget to be in touch! Good luck next year and 
have lots of fun! Kenny, thanks for all the fun talk in foyer! But please don't pinch me an3nnore. 
Thank you to all the house parents and teachers for inspiring me in many ways! To Harvey boys and 
Geoff, thanks for the great time! This year was the greatest and fun year for me because of you guys! 
Aashish, are you on duty again? Thanks for the fun time and I'll keep my Shishi Jr. bear forever! To 
whomever I could not mention, thank you and good luck! 

\mmjk BJlMiiMin^iio 

Much love. "It's so hard to do and so easy to 
say, but sometimes, sometimes you just have 
to walk away" - Ben Harper 

he magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all. FAME! You'll 

be as famous as tanit 


Writing this triggers too many memories. I remember the first teacher I saw, the first class here, and the first 
lunch break at middle school. Hmm, I even remember my first word when I entered St. Michaels. We will be 
stepping out of this school and onto the rest of our lives now. It feels almost like starting the first letter of the nex 
word, not knowing how it will turn out. A new beginning will definitely be interesting. I hope it will be as 
positive as my new beginning in Canada. A sincere thank you for all my friends here, you know who you 
are, I couldn't have lasted this long without you people. Remember, no matter how hard things get, you 
will always "Find us cackling keenly; sketching mistletoes under siege!" 


There comes a point in life when the present is everything you want it to be... and then that thing called "change" 

sends you flying head first into a pile of future. Thankfully, I'm ready for take-off. For this I owe a huge thanks to 

my family, my friends, all at SMUS, and to everyone else I've ever met. I am who I am because of you. 

Grad 2003: Forget the parachutes and get out the rocket packs cuz the only place to go from here is up! 
(For all you skeptics: whoever said "what goes up must come down" was wrong!) 

IPufi [p^Bg^ii)p®iKi gn "^iiii IP^isus 

Congrats to the graduating class of 

Congrats to the graduating class of 


©wiM [F^isissfir 

First off I'd like to thank all the Harvey Boys and house parents, good luck in all that you do. But the origins off my 
SMUS life began way back in the day, when I entered SMUS in grade 4. 1 soon began to associate with some young 
ruffians (who know who they are). Soon afterwards I was deported to the Orient. Upon my return to Canada I 
began my SMUS boarding career, a long endeavor indeed. Many good times were had by all, some memo- 
rable ones include: Sooke pot holes; Out-trips - "tell me about it"; Provincials - big base mini head & the 
gate-keeper; Off-Roading at Shawnigan; Working with Doug & the crew; Car rally; UK Tour; There's too 
many to list them all. I'd also like to thank all my teachers, coaches 8e house parents who have taught 
and helped me so much over the years. Finally I'd like to thank my family for always being there. 
Mom 8e Dad, you've made many sacrifices to send me here, hope that I've made you proud, thank you 
and I love you. Colin now I've graduated I think its time for you to grow up. Maddy, stay young and 
don't bug Mom and Dad too much. To all the rest of the grads, good luck in whatever you do. And now 

finally the second generation is over. It's been fun. 

can be, with the whole wide world watching you win on TV. Except when they don't. Because, sometimes, 

won't. I'm afraii 

IS^il^ IP^lf OSil 

I would like to propose a toast to all my friends and loved ones: To alandra, for always being on the same 
wavelength as me. To michelle, for being there for help and just to listen to me complain or gush. To asami, for 
living many of my dreams. To tali, my lunch and chem buddy, a true friend who was always there no matter 
what. To moe. who could always explain bio so I understood it. and laughed at my sick humour. To chelsea, my 
locker buddy, boys may come and go but we'll always be together talking about them. To my barbarian, for 
making my final year one I will always want to remember. I love you. To my mum and sister, for being 
my pillars of strength and my favorite cackling hens. To everyone else that has mattered to me (you 
know who you are), thanks for giving school that extra vest. You all have made my high school 
years not only tolerable, but memorable. I thank you. And to myself, for chewing gum everyday I was 
at the senior school, and only getting caught 4 times. P.S. I'll miss you, my hot tubing buddy. . . gimme 
a call every now and then. 


sometimes you'll play lonely games too. Gaines you can't win 'cause you'll play against youj\ll Alone! Whether you like it omotjMone 

3 years in one place, to some of you it may seem like nothing but for me it almost sets a record. Looking back on m; 
time here I see little regrets and that makes me so happy. Boarding has been a great experience, I know it's 
benefited me in so many ways, even if I haven't noticed them all yet. I've met some amazing people, all my girls, 
unforgettable memories, if you only remember one thing from your years at smu it will have to be the 
endless nights at my house!!! I love you all. The Boys, most of you always getting yourselves into mis- 
chief, but because of it I'll never be able to forget you. Always keep in touch. Baby, you've been there 
from day one, and I know you'll be there till the end, best friends are one in a million. Dave you mean s( 
much to me, thank you for everything you have done. Mom and dad thank you for ail the opportunities 
you've given me throughout my life, it's because of you that I've gotten to where I am today. To the 
grad class and everyone else I'm leaving behind here, good luck in the future, and remember that the 
only way to get through life is to keep on smihng, and never stop laughing!!! xoxo 

'^M^ii w>®®mii 

Looking back, there have been a lot of good times in my 13 years at SMUS. I want to thank my parents and 
teachers for all their support. However, I especially want to thank my friends for all the great times. NF, we first 
met in the thinking corner, and by the time we left there were 2. CS, so many good times, who can forget the 
bingeing, and remember "non of this ever leaves the tent. . .". DM- 1 am going to miss our talks, we could go on for 
hours, but really only talk about the same thing! EP, guess what, there are chicken burgers in Canada too! And 
one day we WILL finish French. MW - for the last time I didn't take your coupons, now leave me alone, 
and remember, I always kick your ass in golf! DB- we only met this year, but great times play'n ping 

pong and what can I say, you're a beaver! KG - a lot of fun times and by the way "how you doin?". 

CS -"Don't kill youFself!"To anyone I have missed, I am sorry, and I wish you all the best. If you can 
only remember one thing I say, when your down, remember this "*Everything is okay in the end. If 

it's not okay, then it's not the end". Good Luck Grad 2003. Cheers! 

6 years of my life have been "well spent" learning things I really can't remember. Atleast now I know all about the 
BigBang theory and how it relates to my hfe! Thanks to my mom who taught me more then I could ever learn in 
class and who always loved me. I'd also like to thank a few friends who made my years at smu bearable and even 
enjoyable! Thanks to the change room crew and yes, I will throw the occasional penny if that's what's needed 
on your way to the top!Thanks to someone who will one day end up living on the beach but only after his 
autographs make me some cash!Thanks to a friend from back in the day who says it like it is, and will 
never get a piece!Thanks to someone who says it so eloquently,"Whatever, I don't even care"and who 
knows, I know betterlTo someone who has helped me through many exams, mid night chats and some 
situations (chair rolling). To Dev cause we're the only normal ones! Thank you to someone who I hope to 
see much more of next year.Thanks for all the long essay nights, exam prep(chem.l 1!), supporting calls 
at 9, once a month visits and nights in between when you made my life better. As a general rule, "people 
are never given more then they can handle." 


will be something you'll be quite a lot. And when you're alone, there's a very good chance you'll meet things that scare you right out of your pant ler 

(g^TDOIllSnS^Il JFlIiIli¥WII(g!]iI 

My SMUS experience has been more intense than I could've imagined. I have laughed more, cried more and lost 
more sleep here than an3rwhere else. Assorted teachers and staff, you've done your best against daunting odds, 
thanks. The friendships I will never forget: WA baking, car rides. Subway/Quiznos, books in BH (sorry), Buffy, 
ISPY, Star Trek. Bio, The Infirmary. Clait (oops), I'll never be able to express how much you two've done for me. 
Thanx for each moment. Dunkin, Carl, etc. . . you guys are diamonds in the ruff! PS, I would really love 
some BEEF! (and chicken and pie). Harmer. we did it, who would've guessed back at ASSS? Beaver, 
you're better than you suppose even though you suppose quite highly. Justin, you're my rock. Thank 
you for always looking out for me. Sunhye, you're free! Don't forget how wonderful you are no matter 
where you end up. Evan, you're a survivor! Try to do more than just that though, 'k. Guys, don't lose 
touch with who you are, because you're the best group of people I've met in my short existence. Thanx 
for EVERYTHING! Don't lose touch of me either, I'll always be there for you guys regardless! Finally, 
Psalm 91, thank You. Future, look out cause here we come. 

OaniL^jsw IFiKiBgi 

A great big thank-you goes out to everyone who has helped me along the way, even if it was just with a smile. Small 
things can make a difference. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavours, and mindless good humour to one 

and all. Congratulations! 
Significant Quotes: 
■■Pff ,.pfff..Frodo?...pffr 
"It has taken Boromir" 

A Musical Quote - not so random; "A wrong note played badly is wrong note, but a wrong note played with 

confidence is an interpretation.' 

^jMi^sg®^ i^w^m 

After having spent thirteen years of my Ufe at SMUS, I have most undoubtedly received "outstanding prepara- 
tion for higher learning and for life." I leave knowing that I am ready for life's challenges, since it has been 
instilled in me that "in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity," as Albert Einstein so wisely stated. I 
could not have become who I am today without the help of many life-changing people. To all my teachers, I am so 
grateful for your inspiration, for the knowledge you have given me, and for the life lessons you have taught 
me. To my friends, thank you so much for your continuous support and loving friendship; I am eternally 
grateful for your help in times of need and when stress got the better of me. To my dear parents, words 
cannot express my sincere appreciation for all you have done for me. For your encouragement, for 
your guidance, and for your love, I am forever in your debt. I love you always. To Cassandra, thank 
you for being the most caring and extraordinary sister anyone could ask for. And finally, but most 
importantly of all, thank You Lord for showing me that truly "the things impossible with men are 
possible with God." - Luke 18:27 

There are some, down the road between hither and yon, that can scare you so much you won't want to go on. But 

on you will go though 


I'd like to mention a few of the people who have made the last few years a memorable experience. To the 
changeroom crew: mamasita, Em, and raspberry. To Kat, Anie, A: you're swell. Spear, my ugly, aerodynamic friend 
Clemmie my bubble of joy, and Malki, my advice king. Burger Brain- cheers to the good ol' times; Kidrock, 
creepmaster, dork detecter, and art (erasers, Sven, our masterpieces). Carla, my bum still hurts. Tristy and Al, 
thanks for putting up with meaoutdoor leadership, Tofino trips. In the end, I love you guys for it. What can I 
say? Patience is a virtue. Flatty, looks like you're getting a little bigger- ya right. Your hke a sister to 
meal can't stand you but I miss you like crazy and love you to pieces Fatty 4ever. Alex I thought high 
school sweet hearts happened in movies. I was wrong. You've shown me that ?and ? are from different 
planets but we can't live without one another. I love you a million times over. Keep on jamminga it's 
what you do best. Thanks to my parents for believing in me, and making me the proud polish princess 
that I am today. To the Grad class of 2003 "Don't worry, be happy"- Bob Marley. 

IB^wei IgiiiF^f sa 

I would like to thank my parents so much for everything they've done for me. You've always supported me no 
matter what happened and I wouldn't have made it anywhere without you. Thank you so much. To the soccer 
team, "go hard or go home, don't go home hard." All the guys in Harvey especially pferdy and Aashish, who was 
the best roommate I could ask for. Whitney thanks for being there, and I'll never forget the nucks game. 
Clemmie, Amy, Milica, Steph and Bronwenn, you're all awesome. I'm also going to mention my friends 
from Terrace, you guys may never read this, but thanks for all the support from home when I was 
down, Steve, Bob, Sab, Gingles and Brad. Good luck to all the grads of 2003. 

jjiifni E®! 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003! 

(giiif Ed^m g^miwms^giL^ 

"On the road of Ufe, there are passengers and there are drivers." 

"I'm a hustler baby, I just want you to know. It ain't where I've been, but 

where I'm 'bout to go 
-Pharrel Williams 
"Let's swim to the moon. Let's chmb through the tide. You reach a hand to hold 

me, but I can't be your guide." 

-Jim Morrison 

Thanks go to Cleare, Ryan, Rowan, Cooperrider, Alandra, Mary Jane, and Gait for making this school 

more bearable. It was a long haul, but I pulled through it. On with life. 
"Beba, faga drogas, e tenha demasiado sexo." 

your enemies prowl. On you will go though Hakken-Kraks howl.Onward up many a frightening creek. 

(!5rdd €U66 cf 

Twelve years! It's gone by so fast. I've had so many amazing and unforgettable times, the best being Barbados and 
field hockey. To all those who have made my time at SMU memorable: Thank you. Especially: Dalyce- Thanks for 
being there. Jess- We've had some great times and you've been an incredible friend. Laur-You've been the best 
sister and friend, good luck next year without me! Love you presh. Aids- Thank you so much for the countless good 
times and memories. You are the greatest friend I will ever have. I'll love you always. To my parents- Thank 
you for sending me to SMU, it's been a great experience. Love you both. Dad- Thanks for always seeing the 

best in people. Good luck to all the grads 


I'm the most forgetful person I know, yet I'll never forget this place, its people. Cleare and Gait: I would have 
given up if u weren't there for me. Mango mastication 4ever! Liz and Mandy: Those sleepovers were crazy* God 
I'll miss u! Ghiaki: My tennis partner, sincere supporter. Good luck my supergirl! Mimi: Let's get the promise goin' 
and meet up again superduperly happy! Brandon and Harvey: Thanks for coming out and having trashy chat 
with me after preps! I'll miss you guys. Yui: My special friend, I WILL write back! Cuz I luv u tons Marie: 
Man, I'll miss our wacko talks(Genie, kaousuku narimasuyouni!) Shota: u r truly stupid but it's sweet. I 
can't help smiling whenever I talk to u. To all the teachers, (thank you)'^ 1000. Ms. Roth, you are the 
coolest lady I know. Thank you for literally everything. Mr. Gardiner: People told me you behave like 
God and it's true, but you deserve to do that. Thank you for your encouragement! Mr. Tongue: I don't 
know how to say this. You brought me out of aU the chaos, and showed me something I could never 
have found on my own. Thank you. And My family: arigato. I love u all. Well, we're off, so there. Best 
wishes to the grad class! 


\^iL^21 gEcisgig 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003 

lore and your sneakers may leak. On and on you will hike. And I knowyou'll hike far and face up to your problems 

whatever thev are. You'll 


IIS HIS© ©Hal 

The road has been long and difficult at times, but for the most part it has been one of the best experiences of my 
life. That has largely been in part to my parents: thank you for sending me here, and for all the support you've 
given me over the years. To my friends, you are all amazing people and I will never forget your endless stream of 
support, many, many laughs, and all the unforgettable memories! I couldn't have made it through without 
you guys, THANX! A final thank you to all my coaches and teachers who have pushed me to be the best 
that I could be, and thank you to all the Timmis girls and house-parents for being hke a second family, I 
wish you all the best in the future. I'd just like to say that laughter is truly the best medicine and that 
"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget" Anon. Congrats grads of 2003 



Teachers, you were always patient, and made me give all I had. Thank you. Evan, who needs sleep? Please aspire 
to great things, so we can laugh in their faces. Di, so sexy! Rebs, dreams ARE possible. Courtland, I'll always be 
weird. Emily, to things that might have been. Pooni, math will never be the same. Beaver, thanks for breakfast. I 
told you the guys would like you. Carl, TO THE TRIP! Justin, be true to yourself. CatKoo, you are grown up. 
Don't let your mom forget you're in charge. Ben, Z"^ floor, cornfields, lists, I will always be there for you. 
Dan, if it rings once, it's probably me, don't hesitate to call back. Duncan, it's behind us. It will only get 
better. January 20'" was a Monday. I am all yours. Prestwich, get your nose out of your book and look 
around, it is a beautiful world. And no, it's not all in your head. Cait, DQ Cake, Hyde Lay, mango mastica- 
tion, bowhng, Galapagos, hair dye, piercings, make-up crew, SUBWAY (crack in the salt), truckloads of 
boxes, a telephone booth, Alaska, the trailer, Jilly, fashion shows, Gr. 12. . . we've been through so much. 
I love you. Thank you for being who no one else had the guts to be. You all have a piece of me. I miss you 



Beyond the "books" I discovered a new love for many things. From living with 30 new personalities to igloo 
camping, new sports, a few EC's and HELLO, Barbados! "You don't choose love, it chooses u, if youre chosen always 
leave the door open." Overall, I learned never take opportunity for granted. Omama/Grampa with much respect for 
your generosity, Mom/Dad for your support, love &? beUef, thanks. You gave me roots, now wings. What more 
could I ask for. My 'homegirls' in the 'hood' (Surrey really is a hole); Danica, umbilical cords still there, just 
stretched a tad. Missy call me for some ACE. All who stayed in touch, miss u. Boarding girls if 11 siblings 
aren't enough I got a few more, u made the experience. Expect visits when traveUng comes! Bek/ 
Nic&Tash I'll miss the abuse, luv u. Adam, for everything. Doodle cartoons, alot of laughing 8e a few 
years of amazing memories. T-mates; never had so much fun. For the record (ball) I was a guard not the 
video girl, come on. Teachers, someone stole my #rs, I swear.. I'll take everything I got from this school 
with me. See u all round the world! On the way to a dream u can get lost and find a better one, cause 
sometimes when u lose, u win. 

(!5rdd €he6 of 



get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You'll get imxed up with many strange birds as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care »( 


Well I don"t really know where to start, so many good times good experiences and great friends!!! Going to miss 
some people, you know who you are. Thanks to anyone who has given me any words of wisdom along the way, 
much appreciated. 

Can't wait to see where everyone ends up, make sure to keep in touch!! 



Congrats to the graduating class of 2003 

Wow! I've had the best 14 years of my Ufe here at SMU, oh wait, I can't even remember my years before SMU! 
It all started when I was four, I came to SMU as a scared 4 year old from Ireland and my classmates didn't 
speak "english". although there were only 17 of them. In my time at SMU, I have met the most incredible 
bunch of people imaginable, and I leave after this year with a little something from all of them. To my 
friends, you know who you are, thanks for all the great laughs and memories that will last a lifetime. 
Each of you has taught me to have courage, live life to its fullest, and never stop laughing! And to 
my family, thank you for always supporting me in everything I do. I would never have made it 
this far without you. 

"Run. . .not because you're in a hurry, not because your being chased, just because." 

MM.wm lipngm 

All I can say is that I am glad I am moving on when I am. Fraser you have been my closest friend, thanks fo 
always being there. Paul, many interesting nights. I must keep my language clean so refer to the grad supplement 
Craig, I have moulded you into a fine human being, you have been on a steady upward trend: continue it. Tosh 
the good old days. I like your downstairs bathroom then coming home to destroy my fridge. Mark, you 
have also been a friend I can always talk to about anything. Thank you and your family for always giving 
me support. Thomas, although we have been in many random fights, we are still tight and you know I 
will always back you up. Logan, too many random nights; also refer to the grad supplement. Oh yes 
and Ry, we had some good times in hotel rooms, keep the money shot alive. Thank you Liberty, we have 
to be short but you know hoe much you have meant and will continue to mean to me through this year. 
Thank you so much for everything you do for me. To my parents, thank you so much for all your time 

and patience, and to my brothers, thanks for always being there for me. 

jid great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act. Just never forget tobe dexterious and deft. And 

Congrats to the graduating class of 2003! 
Thank you. and good luck! 

IlicU^MlIil §¥l®eiIIL 

The first time I saw the school was on a sunny Saturday in May of 1999. Since that time I've seen the school in 

every shade of daylight and in all types of weather. I've seen many rugby and soccer tournaments take place on the 

expansive fields on overcast November weekends and I've seen the crowded quad on a sunny day in June when the 

administration decided that it would be a good idea to give away free ice cream. I've seen spectacular musical 

performances and mud dragged into the change room after hard rugby practices. I have seen the demolition 

of a gymnasium three times my age and the construction of the school's newest facility. These images will 

be forever etched into my mind, but for more than the stunning memories that they create. I will 

remember them because of the great friends who were part of these experiences, the people who made 

my time here worthwhile. As I look back on my time here, I can think only to leave with a word of 

thanks. To all who have helped and encouraged me, to all those who offered advice and worried through 

classes with me. Mom and Dad, Nana and Grandpa, thank you for this adventure and for making it 

"It never hurts to help" -EEK! the Cat 



End of high school, all innocence lost, the white rabbit disappeared (English teachers will read this so better add : 
topic sentence). To lovely roommate, please in the future don't teU anything to One Magazine . Thank u 4 being so 
considerate, locking yourself in washroom and talk on the phone when I sleep. Simon&James, you dog legs add oi 
Sang Ming, you are always my guinea pig. Big Thank You to all the house parents of Barnacle, especially 
Jacksons! Judy, SMUS is fun so enjoy your last year. Gene: thank you for the idea of the wall of fame. 
Victor&Joseph; You two are the cutest roommates. Wendy: 'We've really done a lot of things together, 
come to Taipei sometime and it's my turn to show you around. Good luck to Fern, and Evelyn, God bless 
and I'll remember the answering machine song. Amanda, Lamberpark, Hilfiger! Sneezing Michelle, hope 
you will make some REAL FRIENDS in UBC. Since you know so much of my embarrassing stuff I'll 
probably need to pay $ to shut you up in future. U of J, I will miss you. I'll remember the time we were 
both stuck in seat belts, and how I ended up getting you in the nose! I'm your dream chin wa wan zi. 
Thank you for always being such a sweetie. SUN! 

Hgisg gwisg^ioi 

Tuition: $60000, Boarding: $35000, Brown Hall: $17500, Lifetime at SMUS, Priceless. For everything else there's 

the 8-ball for answers. Been here at SMUS since 1998; this has been my home, so rules never meant Jack - my 

skin-brother. Life in Boarding was lived everyday by the rules we bent, here - was our playground. Paul - a true 

business-brother, across the Pacific Sea, down, on islands: many, many, good times. Takaya - Sprinklers on 

one Thursday night and I have massive leg muscles!! Owen - The bums in Tokyo were sweet. Your 

randomness will enlighten me for many lifetimes. And once again Jack -Sorry, but stuff we did can't be 

written here. Good luck and thanks. Thanks also to all the teachers, to make things clear; I was late 15 

minutes for every class all the time. To all my Harvey boys: Rules are made to be bent, and broken. 

Cookie likes to fix things. Thanks to Mr. Cook, who sees the good in people, but Jack couldn't be saved 

(see def. "Quitter"). Shot out to the Foyer crew, smile for camera that was never on. Chiaki - keep in 

touch. Frances, I love you I won't forget 10.24.10. . . Ivan, Jack, Paul, Nick, Tosh, Owen and Takaya - 

spots are saved for you on my table. - Thanks, Kenny. 

foot with your left.And will you suceed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) KID, YOU'LL 

a5rdd €he6 of 


Sorry to anyone I forgot but. . . meh. . . I would first like to take the time here to thank the TV show Family Guy, 
and XBox for hours of quality male bonding. First off, Pooni: you sexy, sexy brown man. There are too many one- 
liners for me to hst here is just one of many: "guys, we NEVER speak of this outside the tent ok?" And how could I 
forget our adventure atop Tolmie? Beaver (the person), I've known you only for a year and now realize how 
lerdy we both really are. To Dune: I hate you, I hate you so much. I hope you get mono again! To the trailer 
trash: I forgive you for waking me up early in the morning so you could take showers at my house and 
for forcing me to watch those stupid cartoons. That's ok because I love you two anjrway. And Clears: To 
the trip! Malcolm, guess what? Mission FAILED! I'm taking the championship and the trophy with me! 
(If I don't consume it first). I want to raise a glass in a toast to Catherine and Cat and to all the fun we 
had which I will never forget. I should also mention Gene, who didn't scream at me no matter how much 
I put her through. Here is a quote that sums up my life: "Carl, don't be a jackass" -Mr. Hunt 

;iL:^sg 'ff^sg 

Thanks be to God for bringing me to SMUS. My parents with their support and continuous prayers made it happen. 
To my brothers who offered advice that "it's all a piece of cake" and my friends abroad cheering me on when times 
are tough. The family I have at SMUS won't be forgotten with caring houseparents and the HOT Timmis sisters. My 
roomie and great friend Catherine, I'll miss you loads but Nova Scotia is really too cold for me. You've been a 
star and a great pal. Keep in touch. Fernie, yup. . . they're sick, but we'll just have to be our happy little 
selves. Ka-lun, hang in there. There's always a first day of school and you made it past that. Kristin, when I 
need another big bro. Keep your faith and beliefs strong. Kevin, F.R.O.G always. Wendy, don't worry so 
much and enjoy! Alan, stop drawing all over my maths work :P. Mandy, big foot. Mat, stop tripping me. 
Surrey, study la! Winnie, tubing was freaky but worth it. Grade 8s, you guys, don't go crazy when you get 
into senior school. And finally to the Grad class, "Aim for the moon, and if you don't get there, you'U still 
be amongst the stars." 

(gDaJULgl^ fnH^ILSKl 

It's been a long nine years in this institution of sorts. I was accepted by a fluke of nature, and that luck seems to 
have ushered me out just the same. Perhaps a few would like me mention the sweat, tears and hard work, but 
those aren't exactly the best details to be remembered by. Thanks to those who stayed by my side through 
various perils and woes, and I send out my deepest impartial feelings to those who either strayed, left, or 

never drew near. A fortune for you to try your hardest to avoid:"You'll fail to deal with a personal 
tragedy this week, wasting all of your time trying to determine whether you deserved it." And just to 

mix it up a little... 

Zeeky Boogy Doog. your name Buxbaiun or Btxby or Bray or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea, you're off to great places! 

Today is your day! Your 

There are so many things that a person can put in their grad write-up. So finding an easy way to summarize 12 
years of school, and all the people that I've met and learned from is a difficult thing to do. Suffice to say that I am 
forever in debt to my mom for constantly being there to support me, and Sohney for giving me the opportunity to 
become whatever I wanted. My friends know who they are, but I have to say thank-you to Mark and Andrew, 
my two brothers through this entire experience. To the rest of the crew, you guys are some of the 
funniest people I've ever met: Toshikata(Gr.4 homies), Spice(English Class Olympics), PB, 
Mork(corrupted me), Ryan, JD, Chris(perverted basketball stars), Craiggers(too funny), Tom(we fought 
since Gr. 4, cus you're a train), Henry(late night egg-runs), Dan(riding bikes), Ryman(you're a panda) 
and Nick( arrogant genius). In the end school is all about the memories, and I've my share of bad and 
good, which hopefully I'll learn from. I wish our Grad class success in the future, and good health. 
"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." 
- Mark Twain 

glL^ISH fWl 

It's hard to put into words what the past five years at smus have meant to me but I know there are memories 
that I win never forget. To my friends, the times we have shared together are irreplaceable and I seriously 
don't know what I would have done without all of you. The memories I have of us will always be unforgettable. 
Anne you're the greatest, we will never stop laughing together. To my teammates, I will never forget the 
experiences we have been through over the past few years, they have been amazing. Dave, you will 
always be my best friend, thanks for always being there. And finally to my family. Mom, Dad, 
Katherine and David, thank you for the constant love and support you have always given me. 

My two years at Smus have been interesting. School was hard; basketball was fun for one year. Good luck to all 
my friends. Takaya, keep it up with war hammer and Massey, White Dwarf. Chris, you worked Jeff in the fight. 
Jeff, use the deadbolt, the fight was tied. Logan, you're pretty random. Spicer, pre-game rituals, I'll never admit 
I'm wrong. Craig, never laughed so hard. Mark, we got your sisters covered. Aids, you know me, so I'll see 
you on toonie Tuesday. Owen, balloon to the back of his head. Chad, are you? Eraser, see you in the locker 
room, you bring the pads. Ryan, "bump bump bump" even though it should be "in tha club," have fun with 
your ice cream and Scooty, "Chris you look exactly like number 8," "She IS hot!" "It's boogie." My 
brother Kev, thanks for pushing me all these years. Steve, thanks for all the good advice to get out of 
big problems. AmeUa, thanks for the advice, even though you thought I wasn't listening. Mom and Dad, 
thanks for the opportunity to go to Smus, sorry for times of regret, (as little as there was) and I hope 
you enjoyed the last 2 years as much as I did. I'll see the rest of you on MSN. To the streets and back. 

guiLn^ Wis^Oa 

"It's been swell, but the swellings gone down." To my family - I love you - your unending love and support has 
sustained me. "Lets drink from the cup, share some luck go ahead and laugh cuz it don't cost much." 


moutain is waiting. So...get on your way!"- Dr. Suess. - Congratulations to the Grad Class of 2003! As you 

leave SMUS to make your 


My parents sent me to SMU in grade six kicking and screaming. I can't believe they actually expected me to wear a 
uniform for the next seven years of my life. Over the years the constant complaining started to fade, and I am now 
leaving SMU knowing that if it wasn't for my stubborn parents, I would never have had the experiences that have 
helped to make me the person I am today. Thank You! To all the teachers at SMU- you have put me through it all 

but thanks to you I am leaving with a smile. "Moments are temporary- memories are forever" and beUeve 

me there are so many memories that will stay with me forever. To all my girls I don't even know where to 

start- "it's not what you did, it's who you were with- and I was with the best" You are all incredible and I 

will never forget you! To the rest of the grad class-thanks for making it worth getting up everyday "for 

those who weren't there - no words can explain, for those who were - no words are necessary" Cheers! 



Number one uniform has been my daily outfit for almost nine years. Despite other options, the blazer has been 
the outfit of choice for one reason: cargo space, so I could stash things as I went about my busy little schedule. 
But after wearing out too many flimsy pockets, it was abandoned and "The Vest" was adopted. In many ways 
this is oddly representative of my time at SMU. And what an interesting nine years it's been. So many 
great people, both teachers and friends, have helped to push me to new and great things. Mr. Harris and 
Mrs. Forbes, you sparked a love for math and language that will never die. Mrs. Ross fueled a growing 
passion for literature. A mean badminton smash and a fascination for the ever growing capacity for 
computers came from Mr. Floyd. Mr. Williams and Mr. McLean expanded my way of thinking. A most 
excellent show with Mr. Gauthier has forever infected me with the theatre bug. Sincere thanks to 
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Williams for giving the gift of music. Best wishes to all my friends and compan- 
ions: Katherine; Sunhye; the yearbook pair: Amanda and Liz; Ben (mostly harmless, always trouble); 
great achievers: Cleare, Gait and Rebekka; Aman, Nick and Duncan. 

SMU was fun but I am ready to leave, however, I will miss my good friends. Aids, tell me about it, thanks for the 
music and the sleepover chats. Dave, moisturizer, doors, bed jumping, I'll miss ya. Mark, meh there is way too 
much to begin to say. Chris, it's a baUa rule, cheers to the belts. Spring break was money. Craig, it's been long and 
hard, you know that's how I like it. Logan Berry, we'll always have JoJo. JD, you know your J-Lo's favorite 
white boy. Fras, we're good at math, ugh. OP, What? Why doesn't this tray fit? Robin, be nice to Dave, 
thanks for the art talks. Tay let loose and have fun in your last year. Shout out to my hot msn pals. Big 
ups to my moms and pops. Basketball was great. Thanks to my coaches. And we're stiD balhn. To Good 
luck to those I like. Here's a 111' rhyme that I'll spit one time for y'all to tap your feet to, when you feel 
the beat you, know you wanna dance, well this is it, your last chance, before you've missed it, before 
your dismiss-ed, this is it kid, so get up on the floor, before they shut the door, its time to get up and let 
go, and just move to my flow, cause before you know, its time to go.(That was a little metaphor) 

^ssiDii^iiw WnSniii 

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my school career. You will not be forgotten. 
Over the last thirteen years I have been told to learn this, and to consider that. It is now my turn to move on and 
challenge the world - and I can't wait. 

"On one side of a man's business card is written - 'the other side is lying'. 
- 'the other side is telling the truth' ". 

On the opposite side is written 


mark on the \vorld, remem 

ber always that there is no limit in what you can accomplish. In life we will face many challenges, 

M^EogOCIM! W®Eo2.^©IHI 

Being told you have 1200 characters to sum up 13 years is a bit lilce being told to steer a car with your feet: It's 
kinda tricky. . .but I think I can do it. Alex-Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BAT JUICE! Aman-I'm better at golf. . .deal with 
it! Carlos-"Mission Complete!" . ..I'm sure you'll find something someday! Dunk-Way too many good 

times, and way too many good jokes. Emily-I hope I never offended you too much! Eric-* sniff* 
*smff*. . ..ERIC!! Kat-we'U always have the locker room! Magda -Thanks. . .for everything. Nick-13 years of 
private school hasn't changed you a bit. . .good. Tristan-'Sookie'. . ..need I say more?!? Will-How many gigs 
is the collection now??? Before I forget, a HUGE 'Thank-you' has to go out to my parents, siblings (I 
think. . .), teachers (well, most of them. . .) and misc. friends for everything over the last 13 years. To 
everyone else, remember: "Be careful of the toes you tread on today. They may be connected to the ass 

you have to kiss tomorrow." -someguy 
P.S. To anyone I may have forgotten.. .meh. . .1 guess I'll cya around 

ll'M^S^ W®^® 

Fudgicles! Time has flown, and my days at SMUS are coming to an end. First of all, I would like to thank my mom 
and dad. Without their love and guidance I would not have made it this far. Since being here from grade 8 I have 
made many friends and learnt a lot of new things, academically and. . .yeah! The "good times" were a memorable 
moment, and it was nice to see everyone a Safeway. Dirty Dee - that bowl of pretzels was so buttery; it was 
unstoppable to not eat it. Chadly - Don't forget I can throw the football way better than you. Nick - cout 
« "Classes? Yeah isn't this computer class." Pete the Thai Monkey - it was great to have ya at my 
place, and when I come to Thailand, don't forget to show me the cool places that you described because 
they sound "sweeeeeet". Karen - hey Fu, you sure were in a lot of my classes, but we survived, yey. 
Gene - remember you're one cool "dai ga chai." "To the rest of my buddies and grad 2003 remember: 
"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." - Yoda / cdn panda 


What can I say? I had a lot of great times, the best of which I cant even remember! Some of the ones I can recall 

include destroying PB's bathroom, playing on Bronwenns pool cover, rugby tour (I know it'll be great) CW (ow, my 

knee... blarg) hot-tubbing at MiUca's (no joke Mr. Pissypants, no joke) Outdoor Leadership (telemarking is so cool!) 

every party I ever went to (I'm seriously driving this time). I remember when I came into this school, 
impressionable and modest. Fortunately I experienced Fubar during my formative years, and as such, it 
has left a lasting impression on my life philosophy. A brief excerpt: Plan B is to just keep on givin'er 
That's a plan? Ya, that's a plan right there. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way: my 
parents who put up with me, teachers who taught me a little about school and a lot about life, and my 
friends, you know who you are. Thank you. In return for all the advice you gave me, I have to return 
the favour. If your life is ever in disarray, forget everything else you've ever heard and just turn up 
the good, turn down the suck. And to conclude, I'm a genius. The rest of you ain't. Deal with it. 

WllSSi^ W^!^® 


Five years living and studying abroad at SMUS has come to a close. Through laugher & tears, I thank my loving 
parents for giving me full support, for this opportunity to value family importance, and for a new world outside of 
Taiwan. Boarding in Symons from Gr.8 to 12, 1 value this house not just as a boarding house but also as a second 
home where I belong. I always feel fortunate to have caring Sj^nons house parents who listen & cuddle me 
when I am down. The teachers gave me so much encouragement, helped me patiently to face difficulties, and 
taught me not to fear failure but be willing to try again. Friends contributed rich spice through my life at 
SMUS. Special thanks to Kevin Sun- best support in the Taiwanese leadership, Allan Chen- helps me find 
the inner beauty in myself, Evelyn Tan- gives me bonus smiles and laughter. Fern Hsieh- shows strong 
independence. Ivy Chen- unique sister bonding, Si-Yeun Park- my 4 year good listening roommate, Chiaki 
Murakami-lots of advice on outfits, and Leah Carlson- being so supportive with my work. The moment I 
step out of SMUS' gate for the last time, I wiU realize every corner of the school will remain unforgettable 
in my heart. 

but if we remember all the life lessons we have gathered throughout our 17 years, we will ultimately prevail, find success, and 


and say 

fseV because those 

%vbo mind dof^t 

matter and thos«- 

wbe matter den^ 



awversitfej: th« f reamer) 
bring a littte H the 
seniors dont take rmich 
a%vay, s^ knowledge sort 
" 1 accamalates." 

' , Ua%vrence UoweH 

iBo iiou i'ollo>\^ wtKrrc the path m^y lead 
<!5o, instep, where there ie lu p^U^x and 

leave d U'aiL" 
*Kalp('> UDaldo <l&TKr6on 


hopefully leave the world a bit better than when we started. Good Luck and VTVAT! 




^ »srsi ^& 

— ^L-^flW 





€:c»v.l]V SICI 





director and 

retired SMUS teadier' 

(Times Colonist, May 24th, 2003) 




St. Michaels University Sciieel 

Julian Chan 







1 !l ' • . 

1 .