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Record of the Descendants 

Ezekiel and Mary Baker De Camp, 





(Son of James De Camp.) 

Printed by the Western Methodist Book Concern, 

Cincinnati, O. 



" Ji goob roof makBflj fljB branr&Ba fo 
ftouriab, bg mrfue of iljB IujbIq aap iljaf if 
«BttbBtft up, anb flomrialjing brant &b« totn 
prataB fo fbB roof far t&B pUaaani frutf 
robttb f&Bg bring fnrtlj. "-clever. 

. . . • 

KE3 3 1315 



the fifteenth child 

of the seventeen born to Ezekiel and Mary Baker DeCamp, 

and who is the last remaining member 

of the band of brothers and 

sisters known as 

"the Decamp family," 

and who is living in quiet widowhood at the age of seventy-eight 

on her farm near the old homestead 

in Reily Township, Butler County, Ohio, 

and who exemplifies 

in her rugged character the blended virtues of self-reliance 

• and simple faith which 

characterized her revered parents, 

Affectionately Inscribed. 


IF we honor the filial practice of the Romans in placing 
sculptured images of their fathers in their new habita- 
tions, it will not be thought unworthy to set forth in this 
fashion the images and virtues of our ancestors. 

We wish, modestly, to make a permanent record of our 
grandparents, Ezekiel and Mary Baker DeCamp, and of 
their seventeen children — twelve sons and five daughters — 
sixteen of whom lived to become heads of families, all 
actively identified with the Church, and noted for the re- 
liableness of their word and work, for self-reliance, industry, 
frugality, and an energetic force of character beyond the 

These characteristics made them successful farmers, 
builders, and business men, who spent their whole lives in 
Butler and Hamilton Counties, Ohio. Nine of the brothers 
resided in Cincinnati, where for sixty years — from 1831 to 
1 89 1 — diminishing by death through the decades — they im- 
pressed themselves on the religious and business community 
as enterprising Christian citizens. 

The De Camps were loyal t6 their families and to each 

other, aided one another in business, and shared their joys 

and sorrows in sympathizing fellowship. May their example 

be a constant inspiration to right living in their descend- 


6 Preface. 

ants — over seven hundred of whom have been born since 
the union in 1799 °f Grandfather and Grandmother DeCamp! 
We also give a complete record of the descendants. 
We are indebted to our brother David for much of the gen- 
ealogy prepared by him some years ago. It is a work of 
love, but of labor also; and some errors in dates are quite 


J. M. D. 
Cincinnati, June 1, 1896. 



Inscription, 3 

Preface, ; 5 

De Camp Ancestry, 9 

Moses De Camp, n 

Ezekiei* De Camp, 13 

Mary Baker De Camp 17 

Phebe Hand, 23 

Hannah Hand, 36 

David De Camp, 48 

Walter De Camp 54 

Hiram De Camp, 60 

John De Camp, 68 

Harvey De Camp, 78 

Joseph De Camp, 86 

Margaret Misener Hanson, 95 

Henry De Camp, 109 

Daniel De Camp, 114 

James De CAmp, 123 

Moses De Camp, Jr., 130 

Sarah St. Clair, 133 

Mary Wilkinson, 140 

Lambert De Camp, 155 

Job De Camp, 164 

Summary of Descendants, 168 

Living Grandchildren, 169 

Visit to President Lincoln, 170 

Family Reunion, 1851, 171 

Family Reunion, 1870, 174 



k UR immediate ancestors neglected to hand down any rec- 
ords, and we have verified nothing beyond our great 
grandfather Moses DeCamp, of Westfield, N. J., who was born 
September 28, 1735. It is a family legend that three French 
Huguenots, DeCamp brothers, came to America in 16 — , one 
settling in Massachusetts and calling himself Van Camp, another 
settling in Connecticut and calling himself Camp, and the other 
settling in New York, and afterward in New Jersey, and retain- 
ing the name De Camp. We know that two of Moses* brothers 
were Lambert and David, and that the father of Moses De Camp 
was I^ambert DeCamp. Such a grave was so marked twenty 
years ago in the old cemetery adjoining the white Presbyterian 
Church in Westfield, N. J., but it is not now to be found, and 
the old Church records were destroyed by fire. We find in the 
registry of wills in the office of the Secretary of State, at Tren- 
ton, N. J., the will of Lambert De Camp, of Elizabeth, Essex 
County, N. J., October 4, 1784, bequeathing pounds and lands 
to his wife, Mary, and children, Henry, Lambert, James, David, 
Moses, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Leah. Having also heard that 
Ezekiel De Camp named his sons after his father's brothers, and 
as six of these names reappear in Ezekiel's sons, we believe this 
to be our ancestral line. The will speaks of his father Hendrick 
DeCamp and of a brother Henry. We found also the will of 
Hendrick DeCamp, of Woodbridge, Middlesex County, N. J., 
made June 4, 1771, "being very aged," bequeathing plantations 
to his wife, Mary, and children, Aliche Lovee, Lambert, John, 


io Record of the De Camp Family, 

Christina Woodruff, Henry, and Benjamin. A will is recorded 
of Henry De Camp, so that the pedigree would read : 

Born about 1680. 



r. Auche Lovee. 

2. Lambert De Camp, f -„„, T owK ^+ t™~o w^aa 

k,v~, t^tt thu.k^+i* Henry, Lambert, James, David, 

b ° Ksse^Cou^ ^ t^A EliZabeth ' ^ 

Will October 4, 1784. I Leah DeCam P' 

3. John DeCamp. 

4. Christina Woodruff. 

5. Henry DeCamp, f Enoch, Job, Zachariah, Phebe 

Woodbridge, Middlesex J Ackorn, Elizabeth Scuddef, 

County. 1 Mary Hetfield, and Sarah 

Will October 31, 1776. [ Gil man. 

6. Benjamin DeCamp. John, Lawrence, and two daughters. 

Since writing the above, we have received a letter from Mr. 
Geo. A. Morrison, Jr., of New York City (a descendant of one 
of the De Camp branches), who is assiduously tracing the 
De Camp Huguenot line through Holland and France. It states 
that we are correct as to Lambert and Hendrick (Dutch for 
Henry) being the progenitors of our Moses De Camp ; that 
Hendrick DeCamp was born 1680, at New Utrecht, Long 
Island, and was the son of Lawrence (sometimes recorded Lau- 
rens and Laurent) and Elsie (de Mandeville) De Camp, and that 
Lawrence was the son of John De Camp, who never came to 
America ; that Lawrence De Camp was the first of his name 
in America, and the only one in 1664 in all probability. He 
had children; John, Christina, Mary, Henry or Hendrick, 
Gideon, and Elsie. He also states that all the children of 
Hendrick De Camp are not mentioned in his will of June, 1771. 

Record of the De Camp Family. ii 


Was born in Westfield (then Essex County), N. J., September 
28 » I 735> married Sarah Ross and removed to Butler County, 
Ohio, in September, 1812, with their son Ezekiel, his wife 
Mary Baker DeCamp, and their children. Moses' son David 
(and wife, Sarah Wood) also came. Moses purchased, and 
divided between his sons David and Ezekiel, 160 acres in Reily 
Township, Section 14, Range 1 east, about four miles south of 
Oxford, Ohio, and lived in the log-house he helped to erect until 
October 5, 1827, when he died at the age of ninety-two years. 
His wife survived him eight years, and died May 15, 1835, in 
her eighty-ninth year, and their graves are in the cemetery of 
the "old Bethel Presbyterian Church, seven miles west of Ham- 
ilton, Ohio. 

It has been a matter of knowledge in the family that Moses 
DeCamp served throughout the Seven Years' Revolutionary 
War, being then forty-one years old. His flint-lock musket, 
which he carried throughout the war, is in the keeping of Mrs. 
Rebecca Hand Mustin, a great-granddaughter, at Wood's Sta- 
tion. It is family history that when Washington's Army was 
disheartened with cold and hunger, he made a speech to his 
men and asked those who would stand by him "to come forward 
and take his hand," and Moses DeCamp was one of the first to 
respond. On another occasion, when the Tories had corralled 
some cattle in a field, an officer called for a volunteer to let down 
the bars that they might escape, and Moses went forward and let 
them down while the enemies' bullets were falling thick around 

We do not find in the records of the Pension office at Wash- 
ington, nor in the roster of New Jersey troops in the Revolu- 
tionary War, our Moses DeCamp. This, however, would not 
prove he was not in the war, as new names are constantly com- 
ing to light, besides it is common history in the family that he 
refused to receive a pension. There are several De Camps given 
in the records: Abraham, Enoch, John, Joab, James, and 

12 , Record of the DeCamp Family, 

Ezekiel. There is a Moses De Camp in Col. Sheldon's Second 
Regiment, but he was fifteen years younger than our Moses. 

Moses and Sarah De Camp's Children Were: 

1. Walter DeCamp, who died at Westfield, May 24, 1802, aged 37 years. 

2. Hannah De Camp, who married Ellis Hand, and had no children. 

3. David DeCamp, who died in Butler County, Ohio, August 22, i860, 
aged 88 years. He married Sarah Wood, and had no children. 

4. Nancy De Camp, who married Squire Pierson, and had nine children. 

5. Ezekiel DeCamp, who married Mary Baker, and had seventeen 

6. Sarah De Camp, who married Aaron Sayres, and had three children. 

7. Betsy De Camp, who married Jacob Denman, and had six children. 

8. Rebekah DeCamp, who died at Westfield, March 23, 1789, aged 4 



Record of the De Camp Family, 13 


Born in Westfield, N. J., October 4, 1779. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, October 25, I860. 

In 1811 a solitary horseman, at the age of thirty-two, crossed 
the mountains and forded the streams between New Jersey and 
Ohio, and selected the locality of his future home on the rolling 
plateau and timberland near Indian Creek, Reily Township, 
Butler County. It was our grandfather, Ezekiel De Camp. Meet- 
ing Nicholas Longworth, the subsequent millionaire land and 
lease owner of Cincinnati, the effort was made to persuade 
him to settle in Cincinnati, and buy twenty-eight acres where the 
Sixth Street market-house stands ; but fearing fevers and having 
regard for his children, a selection on high land some thirty miles 
northwest was made. He returned to New Jersey from his pros- 
pecting tour, and on March 20, 181 2 (see deed on file in Newark, 
N. J., court-house), his father, Moses DeCamp, sold to William 
Baker eighty-seven acres in Westfield Township for $3,201.69, 
and in the month of September, 18 12, nine years after Ohio was 
made a sovereign State, when the country was in the midst of 
war with England, and General William Henry Harrison was 
fighting Indians (allies of Canada) in Ohio and Indiana, the 
family moved to Butler County v Ohio. 


The party consisted of Moses De Camp, aged 77 years ; Sarah 
his wife, aged 65 ; Ezekiel his son, aged 33 ; Mary his wife, aged 
32 ; and ten children, the youngest, Henry, being a babe of six 

The journey consumed six weeks (the roads were poor and 
there were no bridges), and was made by horse and ox teams in 
two covered wagons, the family cows trailing behind. 

A big iron griddle, that hung on a crane underneath the 
wagon, was an object of special fondness to the little toddlers, 
Harvey and Joseph, who took turns riding upon it. The chil- 
dren took whooping-cough en route> one of the horses died, and 

14 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

Henry, the baby, came near smothering to death in the feather- 
bed which hung overhead. The beds were used on the floor of 
some house or under the trees at night, and one morning he was 
accidentally rolled and corded up, when his mother in her search 
heard his cry aud cut the ropes and rescued her child, who was 
as black as an African. Notwithstanding this ludicrous chapter 
of accidents, the journey was safely ended, a clearing made in 
the woods, a large log-house erected, fields for corn prepared, and 
the pioneer life in earnest began. A few years ago, at Aunt 
Hannah's, we saw the well-made, high-back, splint-bottomed 
chair in which Moses' wife sat on that journey. Ezekiel's wife, 
Polly (Mary) Baker, to whom he was married February 22, 
1799, was a superior and helpful mate, sharing with great 
patience and cheerfulness the hard lot of a frontier life. Seven 
more children were born to this sturdy pair in the new home, 
and rocked in cradles made from hollow elm logs, until in 1822, 
in a period of twenty-three years, seventeen children blessed 
their union. Of such people are the foundations of States laid. 
In retrospection, this is a marvelous record. Such families 
are now rarely seen, although this is a rapid age. 

We can not give incidents of their long life, their sayings and 
doings, their comings and goings. Aunt Mary says her father 
was " a neat farmer." It is enough to know that they reared 
their children in Christian faith and practice. Theirs was a 
house of grace and prayer. They bore a good name in the 
country round about for honor, worth, and hospitality. 

They early taught their children the value of work, of in- 
dustry, fidelity, and temperance. They got such district-school 
education as a few months each winter could furnish, in 
music, reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic. When seven- 
teen or eighteen years old, the boys went on foot to Cincinnati, 
and were apprenticed to trades, as brick or stone masons, carpen- 
ters and plasterers, the older ones thus out of the way as the 
younger ones came on. As the sons in the city grew to men's 
estate, married and established homes, the parents made them 
frequent visits and rejoiced in their prosperity. In turn, the 
boys wanted no better respite from toil than to go up to 
the old home, shoot squirrels, drive "old Charley," help with 

Record of the De Camp Family, 15 

the haying or other farm-work, tell stories (in which art they 
excelled) round the ample hearthstone, in the corner of which 
grandmother sat, with bowed frame, her lustrous, deep-set eyes 
flashing with kindly sagacity, while grandfather, with his 
stand-up collar and black stock, his ivory-headed cane in hand, 
sat in his arm-chair, bluff, jolly, and hearty — a man of noble 
countenance, of compact and portly frame, and of medium 

To have raised and seen successfully married and established 
in Church and business relations, sixteen of their children (young 
Moses dying at ten) is an achievement and record of which a 
parent's heart would naturally swell with grateful pride. It 
was their good fortune, June 1, 1851, to enjoy a family reunion 
at the homestead, at which 153 of their descendants were present. 
An account of this reunion, and one of June 1, 1870, after their 
death, appears at the close of this book. 

Grandfather De Camp united with Ebenezer Methodist Church 
about 1840. He fell asleep without a struggle or a groan, Octo- 
ber 25, i860, aged eighty-one years. His last words were words^ 
of triumph: " Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly !" Rev. Michael 
Marlay preached his funeral sermon from 1 Thess. iv, 13, 14. 

On his gravestone in the Oxford Cemetery is inscribed : 

% fttnb fat&Br, 
M faifbful Ijuabanfc, 
Jlnti a fritt fmnfc. 
" O, Lord of hosts, blessed is the man 
that trusteth in thee." 

Ezekiel's brother, David DeCamp, and Sarah Wood DeCamp, 
his wife, lived on an adjoining farm, and, having no children, 
raised Hiram and James of Ezekiel's family, and ever afterwards 
they and their families held old Uncle David and Aunt Sally in 
special remembrance. We remember eating Aunt Sally's good 
pies for breakfast (baked in the oven in the yard) and drinking 
dainty bowls of milk. Old Uncle David's blessing was, " Whether, 

1 6 Record of the De Camp Family. 

therefore, ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory 

of God." He died August 22, i860, aged eighty-eight years and 

twenty-nine days. On his headstone at Oxford is inscribed the 

sentiment : 

"An honest man is the noblest work of God." 

A Masonic compass is engraved at the top. 

His gold Masonic emblem is in the keeping of Lambert's son, 
Hiram De Camp. We have often heard him speak of seeing 
George Washington riding in his coach. His wife died Septem- 
ber 6, 1864, aged eighty-seven years. 

Record of the De Camp Family, 17 


Born near Westfield, N. J., June 25, 1780. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, December I, 1859. 

Her paternal ancestor was Captain John Baker, who came 
from England about 1660. He resided in New Amsterdam 
(which soon after his arrival became New York) for a number 
of years, filling many official positions. In numerous land nego- 
tiations he acted as the English and Dutch interpreter, and one 
of the natives acted as Indian and Dutch interpreter. The con- 
ferences were said to have resulted satisfactorily to all interests. 
After the conquest of the city, Governor Nicolls appointed him 
chief military officer at Albany, September 25, 1665. In the year 
1667 he, with eight others, bought a land-grant of 1,200 acres in 
Elizabethtown, N. J. He was appointed coroner March 28, 1683, 
and Judge of small causes. 

He was a leading man in the community, and foremost in 
resisting the proprietary assumptions. He died in 1702. He 
was the ancestor of Henry Baker, of Westfield, N. J., who mar- 
ried Phebe Hedges, of Long Island. They were the parents of 
Daniel Baker. 

Daniel Baker was born in Westfield, N. J., June 3, 1753; 
married Margaret Osborn, and died July 10, 1814. They were 
the parents of our grandmother, Mary Baker De Camp. 

Daniel Baker fought with credit during the entire War of the 
Revolution in the capacity of private, corporal, and ensign. He 
served as private in Captain John Scudder's company, First 
Regiment, Essex County, New Jersey militia; was promoted 
ensign of the same company. He also served as ensign in 
Captain John Scudder's company of the New Jersey State 
troops. He was enrolled as a corporal in Captain Aidrew 
McMyer's company of the First Battalion, first establishment 
New Jersey Continental Line, November 13, 1775, and as such 
took part in the operations before Quebec (see records of office 
of adjutant-general State of New Jersey and " History of Union 
and Middlesex Counties," and Littell's " First Settlers of Passaic 
Valley "). 

1 8 Record of the De Camp Family. 

In June, 1780, when the Tories invaded New Jersey, burning 
Springfield on the 23d, Margaret Baker was one of the Westfield 
women who, hearing of the approach of the Tories, fled to Mr. 
Baltus Roll's farm, on Springfield Mountain, about three miles 
from Westfield, where, from fatigue and fright, she gave pre- 
mature birth , June 25, 1780, to her first child \ Mary Baker, the 
eldest of fourteen, and the subsequent wife of our grandfather, 
Ezekiel DeCamp. 

Mary Baker De Camp was a woman of a high type of moral 
principle, and devoted her life to the raising of her large family, 
ten of whom were born in New Jersey and seven in Ohio. She 
instilled into them the principles of sobriety, industry, and of 
Christian faith, having been raised in the Presbyterian com- 
munion. Twelve of her children became identified with the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, two with the Baptist, and two with 
the Presbyterian Church. 

At the second DeCamp reunion, June 1, 1870, in the after- 
dinner speeches, the Methodist clergy present, took great credit 
to their church for having developed so many stalwart Methodist 
characters, but it was reserved for the Presbyterian minister in 
the closing speech to give his Methodist brethren a parting shot, 
by reminding them that a godly Presbyterian mother laid the 
foundations of their excellent characters. 

We can well imagine that Grandmother De Camp's recreations 
and pleasures were few, but we know that it was her privilege in 
1842 to visit her New Jersey home under the filial escort of her 
son Harvey. It is related that her ten sons met her at the sta- 
tion to see her off, and each presented her with ten dollars for the 
journey. Willing granddaughters lightened her housekeeping 
burdens, among whom were Samantha Lindley, and Lucinda 

Although raised a Presbyterian and connected with the neigh- 
borhood Church, she joined the Methodist Church at the time 
her husband did. Her last illness was of brief duration, lasting 
only seven weeks. " During all that period, and to the very last, 
she retained her mental powers unimpaired. Her intercourse 
with her children and grandchildren was of the most endearing 
character, and she conversed freely upon her approaching 
change, spoke of her confidence and the grounds of that con- 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 


fidence. She seemed to see her much-loved daughter, who died 
in the faith twenty-six years before, and exclaimed, "Phebe! 
beautiful Phebe! O blessed Jesus!" She died December 1, 1859, 
forty-seven years after her settlement on the old farm, and 
in the eightieth year of her age. Dr. D. W. Clark (afterward 
bishop) preached her funeral sermon. 

Her grave is in the beautiful cemetery at Oxford, Ohio, and 
on the tomb is engraved : 

31 fonb mofljBr, 
Jk losing tmf*, 
JH fatfftful frwnb. 
" Bless the Lord, O my soul : let all within 
me bless his holy name." 

Born on a battle-field of the Revolution, her life was singu- 
larly sweet and peaceful. Only eight months younger than her 
husband, in death they were divided by only ten months, after a 
wedded life of over sixty years. 

Children of Ezekiel and Mary DeCamp. 





i. Phebe, .... 

October 16, 1799, . . . 

August 28, 1835, .... 


2. Hannah, . . . 

November 17, 1800, 

November 20, 1888, 


3. David, 

August 1, 1802, .... 

October 2, 1882, . . 


4. Walter, .... 

September 25, 1803, . . 

July 29, 1882, . . . 


5. Hiram, .... 

February 1, 1805, . . . 

April 1, 1880, . . . 


6. John, 

November 15, 1806, . . 

January 21, 1842, . 


7. Harvey, .... 

November 25, 1807, . . 

November 17, 1878, 


8. Joseph, .... 

August 2, 1809, 

June 10, 1879, . . . 


9. Margaret, . . . 

December 23, 18 10, . . 

January 7, 1854, . . 


10. Henry, .... 

August 9, 181 2, ... . 

February 3, 1853, . 


11. Daniel, .... 

December 28, 1813, . . 

April 3, 1884, .... 


12. James, 

May 7, 1815, 

November 19, 1858, 


13. Moses, ) 

r twins 

14. Sarah, / 

( December 11, 1816, . 
v December 11, 1816, . 

February 17, 1827, . 


November 2, 1851, . 


15. Mary, 

June 18, 1818, 

16. Lambert, . . . 

January 17, 1820, .... 

December 16, 1891, 


17. Job, 

March 11, 1822, .... 

February 10, 1877,. 


phebe decamp hand. 

Born in Westfield, N. J., October 16, 1799. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, August 28, 1835. 


Phebe, the eldest child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
born October 16, 1799, in Westfield, N. J., and died August 28, 
1835, on the farm in Butler County, Ohio, in her thirty-sixth 
year, a victim to the cholera scourge, her husband, Gideon Hand, 
dying two days before of the same disease. Aunt Mary says, 
" Phebe was a Presbyterian, she was of dark complexion and 
slight figure, but pretty." 

Her eldest son, Sylvester Hand, who was seventeen when 
she died, writes us as follows: "My recollection of my mother 
is, that she was a Christian of the old stamp, who taught her 
children the Catechism at home, and which I have never for- 
gotten. She read to her children the Ten Commandments, and 
impressed on them the obligations they were under to God " 

She married Gideon Hand, November 27, 181 7, and six chil- 
dren were born unto them : Sylvester, Mary, Ellis, Harvey, 
Elizabeth, and John. 

It is worthy of note that at this date — June, 1896 — all six 
children of this eldest child are living (the youngest sixty-one, 
the oldest seventy-eight), the only instance of no break among 
the children of the seventeen. 

Gideon Hand was a brother of Darby Hand, sons of Ellis 
Hand, whose second wife was Hannah De Camp, sister of Grand- 
father Ezekiel. Darby married Phebe's sister Hannah, niece and 
namesake of her aunt. 

Our great aunt Hannah had no children, the Hand children 
being by the first wife of Ellis. 



Record of the De Camp Family, 

phebe decamp hand's family. 



i. Sylvester Hand* 

Born October 15, 1818. 
Married Margaret Innes, 1845; 

and had three children. 
Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

Anna Beixe Hand. 

Born December 7, 1845. 
Married Samuel Hannaford, 

Cincinnati, 1873. 
She died March 20, 1883. 

Albert L. Hand. 

Born August 16, 1849. 
Married Sadie Morris. 
She died November 22, 1887. 

Charles Edwin Hand. 
Born July 9, 1852. 
Married Ettie Cottom, 1872. 
Married second time to 

Mary Shook, 1890. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

2. Mary Hand. 

Born December 3, 1820. 
Married Julius Barton, 1845 ; 

and had five children. 
He died July 21, 1864. 
She married Samuel Randall, 

1871 ; but had no children. 
Mr. Randall died September 

27, 1891. 
Address, Houston, Tex. 

Emma F. Barton. 

Born February 12, 1846. 
Married Leonard H. Arm- 
strong, 1867. 
Address, Butler, Ky. 

William L,. Barton. 

Born March 23, 1849. 

Record of the De Camp Family. .25 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Alice Belle Hannaford. 
Born May 26, 1875. 
Married George A. Moore, 

She died February 16, 1896. 

Margaret Hannaford. 
Born March 19, 1877. 
Died November 20, 1877. 

Edgar Northcott Hannaford. 
Born April 25, 1879. 

Agnes Smith Hannaford. 
Born March 25, 1881. 
Died September 13, 1882. 

Anna Belle Hand. 

Born June 18, 1874. 

Albert Morris Hand'. 
Born July 28, 1876. 

George Watson Hand. 
Born March 8, 1878. 

Ch Edward Hand. 
Born June 3, 1886. 
Died July 7, 1891. 

[ John W. Hand. 

Born September 28, 1874. 

Margaret Hand. 

Born December 8, 1880. 

Stella Hand. 

Born February 3, 1892. 

Frank Hand. 

Born January n, 1894. 

Edward L,. Armstrong. 
Born March 25, 1869. 
Married Anna Tinsley, 1893. 

Arthur Armstrong. 

Born September 14, 1870. 

Royal V. Armstrong. 

Born November 5, 1875. 

William J. Armstrong. 
Born March 27, 1880. 

Earl Armstrong. 

Born March 19, 1886. 

Ethel V. Armstrong. 

Born October 8, 1894. 


Record of the Db Camp Family. 

phebe decamp hand's family. 


2. Mary Hand. — Continued* 

3. Ellis Hand. 

Born March 14, 1823. 
Married Ellen S. Evans, 1847 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

4. Harvey Hand. 

Born November 4, 1826. 

Married Narcissa Berry, 1847 ; 
and had ten children. 

She died November 17, 1864. 

Married second time Frances 
Elizabeth Cook, 1865; by 
whom he had twelve chil- 

She died August 1, 1891. 

Address, Beagle, Kan. 


' Mary E. Barton. 

Born February 19, 1852. 
Died December 3, 1861. 

Annabel Barton. 

Born September 28, 1858. 
Married Edgar B. Estes, 1894 
Address, Houston, Tex. 

Charles V. Barton. 

Born February 14, 1862. 
Married Lizzie A. Bryant, 

Address, Houston, Tex. 

Clarence Levin Hand. 
Born June 9, 1848. 
Died June 19, 1868. 

I Emma Frances Hand. 

Born August 5, 1850. 
Married Geo. Gerling, 1881. 

William Ellis Hand (twin). 
Born November 23, 1847. 
Married Mary Donald, 1876. 
She died 

Mary Elizabeth Hand (twin). 
Born November 23, 1847. 
Died August 11, 1857. 

Sarah Isabella Hand. 

Born December 13, 1849. 
Married James H. Cook, 1869. 
Address, Angelica, N. Y. 


Asa Hand. 

Born August 20, 1852. 
Married Mary E. Warren, 

Cole Camp, Mo. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 27 


Great-Grandohildren. Great-oreat-Grandohildren. 

Faith Barton. 

Born March 25, 1892. 

William Hand. 

Born August 17, 1877. 

James E. Hand. 

Born August 29 1879. 

Mary Lena Cook. 

Born November 7, 1870. 
Died April 30, 1872. 

James Asa Cook. 

Born December 26, 1873. 
Married Amy J. Jennings, 

Charles Atwater Cook. 

Born December 11, 1875. 

William Henry Cook. 

Born September 1, 1879. 

r Maud J. Hand. 

Born December 21, 1879. 
Died December 9, 1882. 

Floyd Hand. 

Born July 14, 1881. 

Clyde M. Hand. 

Born February 13, 1884. 

Earl Asa Hand. 

Born May 5, 1887. 

28 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

phebe decamp hand's family. 


4. Harvey Hand.— Continued. 


Asa Hand.— Continued. 

Ew,en Hand (twin). 

Born March 6, 1854. 
Married Joseph Crockett. 
She died in 1873. 

Emii,y Hand (twin). 

Born March 6, 1854. 
Died May 7, 1854. 

Harvey Hand, Jr. 

Born February 28, 1858. 
Married Mary Holloway, 

Address, Windsor, Mo. 

Joseph Hand. 

Born January 28, i860. 
Married Mary Ellis Cordry, 

Address, Ionia City, Mo. 

Jane Hand. 

Born March 11, 1862. 
Married James C. Carpenter, 

Address, Ionia City, Mo. 

Anna Frances Hand. 

Born October 3, 1864. 
Died February 28, 1873. Frankun Hand. 
Born August 9, 1866. 
Died March, 1873. 

Frederic Harvey Hand. 

Born September 12, 1868. 
Married Louisa Livingston, 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 29 

phebe decamp hand's family. 

Great-Qrandohildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Nellie Hand. 

Born May, 30, 1889. 

Roy Hand. 

Born March 23, 1893. 

Lillie Snow Hand. 

Born July 10, 1895. 

Mary Florence Hand. 

Born September 8, 1881. 

John Harvey Hand. 

Born February 23, 1884. 

James E. Hand. 

Born May 1, 1886. 

Matilda Lovenia Hand. 

Born February 20, 1889. 

Azorah Lovenia Carpenter. 
Born September 13, 1881. 

Charles Harvey Carpenter. 
Born May 10, 1883. 

Mabel Augusta Carpenter. 
Born March 2, 1885. 

Aaron De Camp Carpenter. 
Born February 15, 1887. 

Nellie Hand. 

Born January, 1893. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 


Children. Qranoohildren. 

Edward A. Hand. 

Born September i, 1870. 
Married Dove G. Henness, 

Anson E. Hand (twin). 
Born May 16, 1873. 
Died January, 1890. 

Arthur I. Hand (twin). 
Born May 16, 1873. 
Married Opha E. Henness, 

John A. Hand. 

Born April 19, 1875. 
Died January, 1887. 

Clarence C. Hand. 

Born August 15, 1878. 
Died June, 1879. 

Robert L. Hand. 

Born December 27, 1880. 

Harry E. Hand. 

Born April 12, 1882. 
Died October, 1882. 

Frances E. Hand. 

Born January 3, 1885. 

Axva Hand (twin). 

Born October 15, 1886. 
Died October, 1886. 

Eva Hand (twin). 

Born October 15, 1886. 
l Died October, 1886. 

4. Harvey Hand.— Continued. 

.5. Elizabeth Hand. 

Born October 19, 1830. 

Married Henry D. Stevenson. 
1848; and had three chil- 

Mr. Stevenson died May 22, 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Annie E. Stevenson. 

Born May 12, 1852. 
Married David J. Thomas, 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Mary Kate Stevenson. 
Born July 25, 1856. 
Married W. H. Smith, 1880. 
Address, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Cora Bei,i<e Stevenson. 
I Born November 1, 1859. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 31 


Great-Grandchildren. Qreat-great-Grandohildren. 

f Maud E. Hand. 

I Born January, 1890. 

J Kate L. Hand. 

Born March, 1892. 

Marion H. Hand. 

Born November, 1893. 

Harry Isham Thomas. 
Born May 31, 1875. 


Record of the De Camp Family, 


6. John D. Hand. 

Born May 16, 1835. 

Married Louisa M. Barrett, 1858; 

and had four children. 
Address, St. Louis, Mo. 


Gideon D. Hand. 

Born November 11, 1859. 
Married Theodora Lousgues, 

He died June 1, 1894. 
Address, South Bend, Ind. 

Sarah Emeune Hand. 
Born July 6, 1862. 
Married W. H. Ranstead, 

Address, New Carlisle, Ind. 

Wiijjam M. Hand. 

Born May 9, 1864. 

Married Mary B. Saunders, 

Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

Edward L. Hand. 

Born January 1, 1868. 
Married Mary Pomranka, 

Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 33 

phebe decamp hand's family. 

Great-Grandohildren. Great-qreat-Grandchildren. 

Wiixiam Louis Hand. 

Born February 2, 1886. 

Marie Estei,i,e Hand. 

Born December 20, 1887. 

Raymond Leo Hand. 

Born February 1, 1890. 

Merritt Monroe Ranstead. 
Born May 21, 1882. 

Mabei, Hand Ranstead. 
Born July 25, 1884. 

Wii,i,ma May Ranstead. 
Born April 25, 1886. 

Owens Hand. 

Born October 26, 1886. 

Edward Hand. 

Born April 26, 1889. 

Hannah decamp hand. 

hannah decamp hand. 

Born in Westfteld N. J., November 17, 1800. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, November 20, 1888. 


Hannah, the second child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
was born in Essex County, N. J., November 17, 1800, and came 
with her parents, brothers, and sisters, to Reily Township, But- 
ler County, Ohio, in the fall of 181 2, when this country was but 
a wilderness. She was a member of the well-known De Camp 
family of Reily Township. She was married to Darby Hand on 
the 30th day of March, 1820, who also came from New Jersey 
two years later. She died of old age and general debility on the 
20th of November, 1888, aged eighty-eight years and three days. 
She died upon the same farm which she and her husband first 
settled after marriage, and in the same house in which she had 
lived for nearly sixty years. She was the mother of twelve 
children, five of whom survive her. She had twenty-three 
grandchildren, thirty-one great-grandchildren, and three great- 
great-grandchildren. She was a consistent member of the 
Methodist Church for fifty years, a good wife, a kind and indul- 
gent mother, a good and sympathetic neighbor, and in all the 
relations of life, a true woman. 

— "M." in Western Christian Advocate. 

Her husband was a successful farmer, owning over 600 acres 
in Butler County, and 300 in Indiana. He died August 19, 
1874, aged seventy-eight. Their golden wedd^ing occurred 
March 30, 1870. 

On January 28, 1879, a reunion was held at Aunt Hannah's 
home, in the vicinity of the old De Camp homestead. She was 
in her seventy-ninth year, and there were present, besides scores 
of relatives, her surviving brothers David, Walter, Hiram, Daniel, 
and Lambert, with their wives and the only other sister, Mrs. 
Mary Wilkinson, with her husband; also the widows of the de- 
ceased brothers, with one exception. These reunions were times 

Record of the De Camp Family. 37 

of real gladness and affection, as nothing ever occurred that was 
permitted to cause dissension or estrangement among them. 

Aunt Hannah was of large and noble frame and presence, 
with a strong and melodious voice, one of nature's noble women. 

Her children were Rachei,, Sarah, Rebecca, Samantha, 
Harriet, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Hiram, Gideon, Phebe, 
Euza, and Cenith Ellen. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 


Children. Qrandohildren. 

RacheIv ("Lockey") Hand. 
Born November 30, 1820. 
Married Eli sha Wilkinson, 1836; 

and had one child. 
She died May 6, 1838. 

Alfred Wilkinson. 

Born April 20, 1837. 
Married Mary Ann Gard. 
He died about 1883. 

f Harriet Alexander. 
Born June 4, 1841. 
Married Thomas Roll, 1857. 
McGonigle, O. 

Sarah Hand. 

Born December 23, 182 1. 
Married Henry Alexander, 1840 ; 

and had seven children. 
Mr. Alexander died June 7, 1875. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Nancy Jane Alexander. 
Born May 13, 1843. 
Married John Stephenson, 

Address, Wood's Station, O. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 


hannah decamp hand's family. 

Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Silas L. Row,. 

Born January 14, i860. 
Address, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Fannie H. Roll. 

Born September 30, 1861. 
Married William Gros, 1883. 
Address, Delphi, Ind. 

John L. Roll. 

Born February 9, 1864. 
Died May 7, 1864. 

Henry A. Roll. 

Born December 21, 1866. 

NELLIE W. Roll. 

Born October 26, 1874. 

William Stanley Roll. 
L Born March 22, 1883. 

Willie Gros. 

Born March 4, 1885. 
Died April 23, 1893. 

Pauline Gros. 

Born April 29, 1889. 
Died May 24, 1889. 

William H. Stephenson. 
Born August 10, 1861. 
Married Minnie Moore, 1885. 
Address, Millington, N. J. 

George Stephenson. 

Born November 25, 1863. 
Married Laura Silverthorne, 

Address, Asheville, N. C. 

Samuel Stephenson. 

Born August 9, 1868. 
Attorney, Great Falls, Mont. 

Darby Stephenson. 

Born April 16, 187 1. 
Married Emma Garner, 1896. 

John Stephenson. 

Born March 21, 1878. 

Wayne Stephenson. 

Born September 22, 1881. 

Nellie Stephenson. 
I Born September 10, 1884. 

Walter Stephenson. 
Born July 28, 1886. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 


Children. Grandchildren. 

2. Sarah Hand. — Continued. 

Lewis D. Alexander. 

Born February 9, 1845. 
Married Elizabeth St. Clair, 

Address, Perkinsville, Ind. 
He died April 13, 1882. 

Darby H. Alexander. 

Born October 7, 1847. 
Married Martha Simmons, 

Address, Wood's Station, 0. 

Martha A. Alexander. 
Born June 13, 1849. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Joseph Alexander. 

Born April 7, 1853. 
Married Anna Schmeticar, 

Address, Koro, Ind. 

Lillie E. Alexander. 
Born April 1, 1856. 
Married Isaac R. Kennard, 

1874. % 

Address, Delphi, Ind. 

Rebecca Hand. 

Born September 19, 1823. 
Married M. T. Mustin, 1841 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, Wood's Station, O. 

John Leonard Mustin. 

Born March 26, 1843. 
Married Agnes Dalzell, 1869. 
Address, Wood's Station, O. 

Mary Adelaide Mustin. 
Born August 15, 1846. 
Died October 1, 1875. 

Mabel Junk Dean. 

Born June 27, 1887. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 41 

hannah decamp hand's family. 

Great-grandchildren. Great-great-Grandohildren. 

Dr. Wm. T. Sherman Alexander. 
Born July 4, 1866. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Hattie Alexander. 

Born February 11, 1868. 
Married Thos. A. Dean, 1886. 
Address, Perkinsville, Ind. 

Cora Belle Alexander. 
Born April 3, 1869. 
Married Madison Prather, 

Address, Anderson, Ind. 

Lewis Alexander. 

Born August 3, 1870. 
Married Sareta Sharp, 1895. 
Address, Frankton, Ind. 

Lillie Alexander. 

Born August 26, 1879. 

Carrie May Alexander. 

Born February 5, 1877. 

Jessie Alexander. 

Born August 2, 1882. 

Edward Alexander. 

Born January 6, 1877. 
Died August 25, 1881. 

Alice Kennard. 

Born December 21, 1876. 

Infant son. 

Born October 6, 1879. 
Died October 6, 1879. 

Charles Edwin Mustin. 
Born August 7, 1870. 

Cenith Ellen Mustin. 

Born August 23, 1873. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 

hannah decamp hand's family. 


4. Samantha Hand. 

Born July 29, 1825. 

Married John Lindley, 1844 ; 

and had four children. 
Address, Oxford, O. 


f Isaac Newton Lindi^ey. 
Born June 4, 1845. 
Married Carrie Williams, 

Address, Hanford, Cal. 

Mary IvIndi^ey. 

Born December 4, 1846. 

LeRoy Lindi,ey. 

Born October 19, 1848. 
Married Ellen Roper, 1881. 
Address, Hanford, Cal. 

Eujs Hand Lindi^ey. 

Born January 21, 1851. 
Married Lida Jacobs, 1880. 
Address, Wood's Station, 0. 

5. Harriet Hand. 

Born April ij, 1827. 

Married David K. Innes, 1847 ; 

and had four children. 
She died June 29, 1858. 

Wiujam Innes. 

Born February 21, 1848. 
Married Cora J. West, 1878. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Edward Innes. 

Born May 13, 1850. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Frank Innes, 

Born April 25, 1854. 
Married Belle C. Oyler, 1885. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Hattie Innes. 

Born February 12, 1857. 
Married G. W. Coolidge, 
1879 ; and have one child. 
Address, Chicago, 111. 

6. Mary Jane Hand. 

Born June 27, 1829. 
Married George Kiles, 1855 ; 

and had four children. 
She died January 3, 1876. 
He died November 2, 1893. 

' Hannah J. 

Born December 15, 1855. 
Died June 17, 1857. 


Born May 28, 1858. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 43 


Great-Grandohildren. Great-great-Grandchildren. 

Mary Ei,i<En Lindi,ey. 

Born March n, 1885. 

Edith L,indi,ey. 

Born June 22, 1883. 

Jesse LeRoy l,indi,ey. 

born July 29, 1884. 

Maude Lindi,ey. 

Born January 25, 1887. 

Bessie Lindi<ey. 

Born June 22, 1889. 

John Lindi,ey. 

Born August 7, 1891. 

Raymond Gi^enn Lindi<ey. 

Born September 23, 1887. 


Born August 11, 1892. 

Edna Innes! 

Born June 7, 1888. 

Ruth Innes. 

Born May 4, 1890. 

Innes Cooudge. 

Born May 9, 1880. 


Record of the DeCamp Family, 

hannah decamp hand's family. 


6. Mary Jane Hand. — Continued. 

7. Elizabeth Hand. 

Born October 3, 1831. 
Died June 18, 1876. 

8. Hiram Hand. 

Born November 28, 1833. 
Married Nannie J. Birdwell, 
• 1857 ; and had six children. 
Address, El wood, Ind. 

9. Gideon Hand. 

Born November 27, 1835. 
Died June 6, 1895. 

10. Phebe Hand. 

Born May 3, 1838. 

Married Benj. F. Stevens, 1856. 

Died April 3, 1857. 

11. Euza R. Hand. 

Born August 18, 1841. 
Died August 2, 1874. 



Born January 26, 186 1. 
Died May 23, 1871. 

ESTEixE Kii.ES. 

Born September 6, 1869. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Hannah H. Hand. 

Born October 14, 1858. 
Married Charles W. Dunlap, 

Address, Siloam Springs, 

Tirzah C. Hand. 

Born January 20, 1861. 
Died March 20, 1865. 

Darby T. Hand. 

Born May 2, 1863. 
Married Florence Beeson, 

Charges W. Hand. 

Born June 17, 1865. 
Married Allie Elliotte, 1891. 

Frank B. Hand. 

Born November 28, 1867. 
Address, Pueblo, Col. 

Rebecca Eixa Hand. 

Born September 20, 1870. 

Carrie Elizabeth Hand. 
Born June 24, 1875. 

12. Cenith Eu,En Hand. 
Born August 17, 1844. 
Married David McGonigle, 1865. 
She died May 10, 1866. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 45 

hannah decamp hand's family. 

Great-Grandchildren. Great-qreat-Grandohildren. 

Walter H. Dunlap. 

Born July 31, 1880. 

Mary E. Dunlap. 

Born March 14, 1888. 

david decamp. 

Born in Westfield, N. J., August I, 1802. 
Died at McGonigle, Ohio, October 2, 1882. 


David, the third child and first son of Ezekiel and Mary 
DeCamp, was born in Essex County, N. J., August i, 1802. 
He was one of seventeen children, and the eldest of twelve 
sons. He moved to Ohio with his parents in 18 12, and in the 
midst of a wild and almost unbroken forest they pitched their 
camp on the spot in Butler County, Ohio, where now stands the 
DeCamp homestead. Several years were here spent in assist- 
ing his parents in preparing the farm for cultivation. He after- 
ward learned the trade of a bricklayer and plasterer, spending 
two years of his apprenticeship in work on the Miami Univer- 
sity buildings in Oxford, Ohio ; afterwards devoted himself to 
his trade for many years in Cincinnati. The religious advan- 
tages of his childhood were few, but the godly example of a 
devoted Christian mother, early led him to believe in the doc- 
trines of Christ and to reverence his word. He was united in 
marriage to Miss Hannah Miller, October 12, 1824. I n l82 7 
they were converted and admitted to the communion of the 
Presbyterian Church. After her death he married Miss Sarah 
Scudder, December 31, 1833. They moved to Cincinnati, and 
there united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836. 
He was one of the number who organized Ebenezer, afterward 
Christie Chapel. He served the Church as chorister, trustee, 
steward, and class-leader, in which relations he was one of its 
most active workers and wisest counselors, allowing no interest 
of the Church to suffer from his neglect. His departure was a 
beautiful sequel to a life of consecration to the Master. God 
honored him with his constant presence, and gave him such 
visions of the saint's rest as filled him with joy and thanksgiv- 
ing. After eight weeks' illness he slept in Christ, October 2, 

1882, at McGonigle Station, Butler County, Ohio. He leaves a 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 49 

wife, two sisters, two brothers, and many relatives to mourn 
their loss, while the little Church of which he was a member 
sorrow for "Uncle David" as for a father. 

— Rev. J. W. Mason, in Western Christian Advocate. 

After the death of Grandfather De Camp in i860, David 
De Camp removed to Butler County, and occupied the home- 
stead and kept the farm for many years until it was sold, and 
he removed to his house at McGonigle Station, Ohio. He had 
the loving ministrations of a sweet-spirited and gentle compan- 
ion, who had been a solace and blessing to him for nearly fifty 
years.. She died August 3, 1884. We have a most appreciative 
memory of his love-feast experiences in Cincinnati in the 
"fifties/' being singularly gifted in the language of Canaan, and 
melting all hearts with the music of his voice and the joy of 
his soul. 

His child by his first wife was Elizabeth, and his children 
by his second wife were Caleb and Martha. 



Record of the DeCamp Family. 



i. Elizabeth DeCamp. 

Born November 26, 1825. 
Harried James Coe, 1848; 

had three children. 
He died February 22, 1869. 
She died March 6, 1880. 



' WnxiAlf AlATO COE- 

Born September 23, 1855. 
Died October 20, 1856. 

Clara Lily Cob. 

Born January 26, 1861. 
Married Faltine Steinmann, 

Address, Reily, O. 

Anna Belle Coe. 

Born June 14, 1865. 
Died September 8, 1865. 


2. Caleb DeCamp. 

Born October 4, 1834. 
Died October 13, 1834. 

3. Martha L. De Camp. 

Born September 28, 1847. 
Died October 12, 185 1. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 51 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Walter decamp. 

Born in Westfield, N. J., September 25, 1803. 
Died in Millville, Ohio, July 29, 1882. 


Wai/TBR, the fourth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
was born September 25, 1803, in New Jersey. In 1821 he left 
home to learn the trade of a millwright. In 1825 he went to 
Huntsville, Alabama, where he became acquainted with Miss 
Sallie Bird, to whom he was married, March 4, 1827. 

In 1 83 1 he purchased and moved on a farm in Hanover Town- 
ship, Butler County, Ohio, where he remained till 1880, when 
he moved to Millville, to live with his son-in-law Dr. Alfred 
Hancock and daughter Emeline. On July 29, 1882, he died of 
general debility. His wife died October 22, 1889, in her seventy- 
ninth year. 

On March 25, 1827, he united with the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, of which he remained a consistent and active member 
until he moved to Millville, where he became a member of the 
Presbyterian Church. He was a man of extraordinary faith in 
the religion of the Holy Bible, of which he was a constant stu- 
dent. There was scarcely a text which he could not locate, and 
he could repeat chapter after chapter from memory ; many of his 
favorite quotations were from the Psalms of David. 

He was very conscientious in his dealings, ever governed by 
the principles of right and justice. He was emphatically opti- 
mistic in his views of matters and events. Whatever might 
transpire was for the best. However unfairly he might be 
treated by a neighbor, or however wicked an associate might be, 
yet he had charity for the same, and would reply with some Scrip- 
ture quotation about "mild answers," "vile sinners," etc. 

In politics he was far-seeing, nearly always ahead of public 

opinion; his opinions, being governed by justice and right, 

allowed him to occupy no middle ground, or to make terms with 

anything evil ; hence he was found among the earliest of the 


Record of the De Camp Family. 55 

anti-slavery people, and later in life he was a temperance worker 
and voted the Prohibition ticket. He was a liberal supporter of 
the Church, ever ready to lodge and feed the preacher; was first 
in any public enterprise, like the building of roads, churches, and 
school-houses. He placed a beautiful granite monument on his 
chosen burial-ground in Oxford Cemetery, leaving at death a 
very comfortable estate, the greater portion of which he had 
saved from the products of his farm. 

— Dr. IV. D. Hancock, i8g6. 

The teaching of a pious mother led Walter De Camp early in 
life to embrace Christianity. He professed the greatest faith in 
Jesus, his Savior, and the Holy Ghost, the Comforter. He was a 
leading member of the Methodist Church, in which he held every 
position, from simple membership up to that of licensed preacher. 
He has been a constant subscriber and reader of th£ Western 
from its earliest publication. During the last five years of his 
life he was a cripple from paralysis, and for convenience' sake, in 
attending divine service, became a member of the Presbyterian 
Church. Among his last words were, " I shall soon go to the 
mansion prepared for me in heaven." 

— Dr. Alfred Hancock, in Western Christian Advocate, 1882. 

Walter had but one child, Emetine, a most attractive and 
hospitable lady. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 



i. Mary Emeune De Camp. 
Born December 2, 1827. 
Married Dr. Alfred Hancock, 
1S45; and had three chil- 
She died September 24, 1893. 
He died August 19, 1888. 


Dr. Walter De Camp Hancock. 
Born May 25, 1847. 
Married Sallie Oliver, 1876. 
Address, Millville, O. 

Joei, Hancock. 

Born February 26, 1849. 
Married Ci villa Ent, 1873. 
Address, Sheridan, Ind. 

James Hancock. 

Born October 6, 1854. 
Married Jennie Clippinger, 

Married second time to 

Lillie M. Laughlin, 1895. 
Address, Celina, O. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 57 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-qreat-Grandohildren. 

Neijje B. Hancock. 

Born September 23, 1880. 
Died May 6, 1887. 

\ Bertha Hancock. 

Born May 7, 1876. 

Mary Bird Hancock. 
Born April 8, 1878. 

Alfred D. Hancock. 

Born June 17, 1880. 

Ewza Hancock. 

Born July 8, 1883. 

Cora B. Hancock. 

Born February 10, 1886. 

Sauje O. Hancock. 

Born October 8, 1888. 
Died June 1, 1889. 

Gi,en H. Hancock. 

Born September 12, 1890. 

Josie Hancock. 

Born September 24, 1881. 

I Lee Bird Hancock. 

Born January 12, 1889. 












3 w 
S 5 

< < 

bo . 

.5 bo 

•o c 

c 5 

ed 2 

(A 5) 

hiram decamp. 

Born in Westfield, N. J., February I, 1805. 
Died in Cincinnati, April I, 1880. 


Hiram, the fifth child of Kzekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
born in Westfield, N. J. f February i, 1805, and died in Cincin- 
nati, April 1, 1880. He was the first one of the sons to come 
to Cincinnati and work at his trade, that of a brickmason, at 
which he became very successful, being one of the foremost 
builders for many years. 

The Western Christian Advocate of April 7, 1880, editorially 
noticed his death as follows : 

" The Methodist Church in Cincinnati has lost another of its 
men of solid worth. Hiram De Camp died at his residence, 
April 1st, in the seventy-sixth year of his age. Mr. De Camp's 
final illness began with a congestive chill on Tuesday evening, 
March 23d, and until the day before his death he suffered in- 
tensely. His mind however was very clear, and only a few 
minutes before he died he plainly recognized one of his chil- 
dren who stood at his side. 

"An hour before he died he asked for singing, and when his 
favorite song, 'Savior, more than life to me,' was started, he 
made a strong effort to join in the words, but, his power failing, 
he could only respond 'Amen, amen.' 

"On Thursday morning, at 5.20 o'clock, surrounded by his 
beloved wife and his affectionate children — except one, whose 
severe illness kept her from his side — he breathed his last, leav- 
ing to all his affectionate farewell, and testifying in death, as he 
had done in life, to the saving power of Jesus' blood. 

" Mr. De Camp was a lifelong Methodist, a member first at 

Wesley Chapel, Cincinnati, and then, for many years and until 

death, at Trinity." 

Record of the Be Camp Family. 6i 

Hiram DeCamp was slender and tall, the tallest of the 
brothers. He possessed a most sympathetic and charitable 
nature, and was a most welcome visitor when trial or affliction 
came, never failing in comforting by his tender and loving 

He was married January 14, 1834, to Elizabeth Hull, and his 
home life was ideal in comfort and affectionate regard, each for 
the other. His widow survives him in her eighty-second year, 
favored of the Lord, and surrounded by the loving care of a son 
and two daughters. 

Their children were Phebe, Sarah, Caleb, John, Hiram, 
John Wesley, Ella, and George. 


Record of the Be Camp Family. 



i. Phebe De Camp. 

Born April 18, 1836. 

Married James C. Moores, 1855; 

and had four children. 
She died June 28, 1865. 


Carrie E. Moores. 

Born June 18, 1856. 

Mary C. Moores. 

Born January 21, 1858. 
Died September 20, 1885. 

Alice Moores. ' 

Born August 20, 1861. 
Died December. 22, 1864. 

Jessie Phebe Moores. 
Born June 27, 1865. 
Died August 18, 1865. 

2. Sarah DeCamp. 

Born August 16, 1838. 
Married William T. Perkins, 
1859; and had four children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

William DeCamp Perkins. 
Born June 2, i860. 
Died June 27, 1864. 

George Bascom Perkins. 
Born August 5, 1865. 
Married Olive C. Reamy, 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Hiram Homans Perkins. 

Born November 14, 1868. 
Died May 25, 1870. 

Elizabeth Perkins. 

Born December 2, 1873. 
Died June 2, 1874. 

3. Caleb B. De Camp. 

Born January! 6, 1841. 

Married Jennie E. Crane, 1865 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, Richmond, Va. 

4. John Wesley De Camp. 
Born May 16, 1843. 
Died March 16, 1848. 

Stanley Crane DeCamp. 
Born June 30, 1877. 

Margery De Camp. 
I Born April 2, 1883. 

I Died April 2, 1883. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 63 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

6 4 

Record of the De Camp Family. 


Ohildren. Grandchildren. 

Hiram De Camp, Jr. 
Born June 16, 1846. 
Married Viola Maley, 1874 ; and - 

had one child. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

George DeCamp. 

Born January 10, 1876. 

6. John Wesley DeCamp (twin). 
Born March 21, 1850. 
Died June 4, 1850. 

Ella DeCamp (twin). 
Born March 21, 1850. 
Married J. E. Q. Maddox, 1874 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Mary Maddox. 

Born August 13, 1875. 
Died August 13, 1875. 

Robert D. Maddox. 

Born July 14, 1876. 

8. George De Camp. 

Born September 13, 1853. 
Died July 30, 1855. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 65 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

john decamp. 

Born at Westfield, N. J., November 15, 1806. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, January 21, 1842. 

john decamp. 

John, the sixth child of Hzekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
born at Westfield, N. J., November 15, 1806, and died in Butler 
County, Ohio, January 21, 1842. 

The following memoir by his pastor, Rev. David Kemper, is 
taken from the Western Christian Advocate : 

"After an illness of twenty days, our beloved brother, John 
De Camp, the sixth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, de- 
parted this life in full prospect of a blessed immortality, on Fri- 
day morning, January 21, 1842. 

" With his parents he emigrated to Butler County, Ohio, in 
the fall of 1812, where he remained until his decease. On 
October 19, T829, he chose a companion for life in Margaret 
Wilkinson, a sister of Mr. Gideon Wilkinson, with whom he lived 
most congenially. 

"In 1837 the Lord severely afflicted one of his children. This 
affliction was sanctified to his good. On the recovery of the child, 
Brother De Camp began to read his Bible and pray in secret. 
He was invited to join the Church, but he replied, ' No, I will 
never join until I have obtained religion.' He went on in this 
way about a year, when he found that, instead of getting better, 
he got worse and worse. At length he resolved to have religion, 
if, in the mercy of God, it could be obtained. 

"About this time a protracted meeting was appointed in the 
neighborhood of Zion meeting-house by Revs. Stroud and Wolfe. 
At this meeting he gave Brother Stroud his hand as a candidate 
for admission into the Methodist Episcopal Church, and also re- 
ceived a pardon for all his sins ; and what added to his cup of re- 
joicing was, his wife joined the Church, and obtained religion at 
the same meeting. Soon after his conversion he was appointed 

class-leader, which office he filled with great acceptability and 

Record of the De Camp Family. 69 

usefulness for nearly four years. On the second day of this year 
he was attacked with the pleurisy, from which he suffered much ; 
but he bore all with Christian fortitude. Often during his illness 
he was heard to say, 'All is well,' and frequently he praised God 
in ecstasies of joy. 

" The writer of this visited him several times during the last 
week of his affliction. His conversation was almost entirely 
about religion and heaven. When it was thought he was dying, 
one of his brothers asked him if Jesus was precious? He tri- 
umphantly replied in the affirmative. He revived a little, and 
lived two days longer. When the time of his departure drew near, 
he called his wife, children, and friends around him, and, taking 
them by the hand, he bade them a long farewell, exhorting them 
to meet him in heaven ; at the same time adding, ' Glory to Jesus ! 
All is well!' At fifteen minutes past six o'clock A.M., he left 
this world of sorrow forever. 

" From the time that Brother De Camp became a member of 
the Church, he appeared punctual and faithful in the discharge 
of all his duties, both at home and abroad. He was seldom, if 
ever, absent from the house of God on the days of divine serv- 
ice. In his death his companion has been bereaved of an affec- 
tionate husband, and his children of a tender father, and society 
of one of its most brilliant ornaments." 

We were recently told of an incident in the life of John 
De Camp, worthy of record. While engaged in building old 
Zion Methodist Church, being a carpenter, he said, "We will 

put double joists under the 'Amen Corner,' because old gets 

so happy and shouts and stamps his feet, that I am sure he will 
go through the floor if we do not do it." After doing it, John 
De Camp was one of the first to be converted in the new church. 
His widow died March 23, 1886. 

Their children were Frances, Moses, Rhoda Ann, Abigail, 
Elmira, Gideon, and Walter. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



Frances Dk Camp. 

Born August 21, 1829. 
Married Jacob Stibbins, 1848; 

and had no children. 
She died October 18, 1886. 
He died September 4, 1865. 


I' Alice A. DeCamp. 

Born January 17, 1851. 
Married William R. Morris, 

She died December 19, 1873. 

John DeCamp. 

Born November 21, 1852. 
Died December 7, 1853. 

Harriet E. DeCamp. 

Born September 12, 1854. 
Died September 6, 1872. 

Frances M. DeCamp. 

Born September 3, 1857. 
Died September 3, 1873. 

2. Moses DeCamp. 

Born March n, 1831. 

Married Mary J. Harper, 1850; 

and had seven children. 
She died June 11, 1872. 
He married second time to 

Kate Reed, 1876 ; but had 

no children. 
He died March 30, 1887. 

Mary A. De Camp. 

Born August 6, i860. 
Married George F. Martin, 

Address, Kokomo, Ind. 

Laura B. De Camp. 

Born August 11, 1864. 
Married William B. Hill, 

Address, Frankfort, Ind. 

Gideon W. De Camp. 

Born May 10, 1867. 
Died March 27, 1869. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 71 


Great-Gran dohiloren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Earl Martin. 

Born November 24, 1880. 
Died October 11, 1881. 

Edwin Ray Martin. 

Born May 5, 1882. 

Died September 21, 1884. 

Homer De Camp Martin. 
Born October 24, 1883. 

Stanley Martin. 

Born August 28, 1885. 

Pauline Kate Martin. 
Born July 21, 1888. 
Died September 22, 1895. 

Louisa Ione Martin. 

Born November 17, 1891. 

Reba Hill. 

Born October 22, 1889. 

Mary Hill. 

Born June 30, 1893. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 


Ohildren. Grandchildren. 

f George I. Neptune. 

Born April 14, 1853. 
Married Ora Cones, 1878. 
Address, Memphis, Tenn. 

Rhoda Ann DeCamp. 
Born October 20, 1832. 
Married Richard Neptune, 1852 ; 

and had three children. 
Address, Thorntown, Ind. 

Martha E. Neptune. 

Born September 28, 1854. 
Married John Alford, 1875; 

who died October 18, 

1879. * 
Afterwards married John M. 

Howard, 1883. 
Mr. Howard died April 15, 

Address, Thorntown, Ind. 

John W. Neptune. 

Born June 10, 1857. 
Married Nannie Moore. 
Address, Thorntown, Ind. 

4. Abigaji, De Camp. 

Born December 14, 1834. 
Married Samuel Ritter, 1857. 
She died August 18, 1859. 

5. Elmira De Camp. 

Born September 4, 1837. 
Married James P. Hicfiey, i860 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, Reily, O. 

OWVE Hidley. 

Born August 14, 1861. 
Married James M. Duncan, 

Address, Reily, O. 

Mii/ton L. Hidi,ey. 

Born August 26, 1866. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 73 


Qreat-Qrandghildren. Qreat-great-Qrandohildren. 

Cari, I. Neptune. 

Born June 3, 1879. 

Richard C. Neptune. 

Born September 21, 1880. 

Joseph C. Neptune. 

Born December 1, 1882. 

Tyler G. Neptune. 

Born May 11, 1886. 

George De Camp Neptune. 
Born January 19, 1890. 

Mary Neptune. 

Born December 27, 1892. 

William M. Neptune. 
Born May 13, 1882. 

Walter G. Neptune. 

Born April 20, 1884. 

Celine Neptune. 

Born June 16, 1886. 

Helen Neptune. 

Born May 13, 1889. 

Theophilus M. Neptune. 
Born May 22, 1891. 

Catharine Neptune. 

Born April 11, 1894. 

Dolore B. Duncan. 

Born April 25, 1888. 

Mira A. Duncan. 

Born October 12, 1890. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 


Children. Qranoohiloren. 

Gideon W. De Camp. 
Born May 12, 1839. 
Married Sarah P. King, 1858; 

and had two children. 
He died November 27, 1879. 

Anna Beu,e De Camp. 

Born August 18, i860. 
Married Henry A. Wilkin- 
son, 1877. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Walter Harvey De Camp. 

Born September 28, 1862. 
Address, Hamilton, 0. 

7. Wai/ter De Camp. 

Born May 12, 1841, 

Married Sarah E. Gray, 1862; 

and had three children. 
He died January 14, 1886. 

f Thompson Gray De Camp. 
Born March 2, 1863. 
Died August 14, 1888. 

Maggie DeCamp. 

Born July 29, 1869. 
Married Frederick Fichter, 

Address, Hamilton, O. 

John Gideon DeCamp. 

Born October 19, 1877. 
Address, Hamilton, O. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 75 


Great-Grandchildren. Qreat-great-Qrandohildren. 

David Homer Wilkinson. 
Born May 17, 1880. 

Ethel P. Wilkinson. 

Born October 17, 1882. 

Mark Wilkinson. 

Born October 5, 1888. 
Died June 4, 1892. 

Mabel D. Fichter. 

Born November 6, 1891. 

Edith Fichter. 

Born April 3, 1893. 


Born in Westfield, N. J., November 25, 1807. 
Died in Cincinnati, November 17, 1878. 


Harvey, the seventh child of Ezekiel and Mary DeCamp, 
was born in Westfield, N. J., November 25, 1807. He came to 
Cincinnati when seventeen, was apprenticed as a carpenter, and 
soon became one of the foremost builders of the city. He had 
many qualifications for leadership which found expression in the 
Church which he loved as the "apple of his eye." He was an 
ardent Methodist, holding all the official positions of a layman, 
giving freely of his time and money to further the interests of 
the Church, and was active in Sunday-school work. He was a 
friendly and wise counselor of the ministers, and his home was 
a Methodist headquarters for the itinerant. To him is ascribed 
the honor of inducing the Methodists to build St. Paul Church, 
which led Dr. Ridgaway, during the funeral services, to quote the 
epitaph of Sir Christopher Wren in St., Paul's Cathedral, Lon- 
don : "If you would see his monument, look about you." He 
died on November 17, 1878, and an editorial in the Western 
Christian Advocate of November 27th, contains the following: 

"As an illustration of his character it may be stated that 
Harvey De Camp was never shaved on Sunday but once, and he 
never forgave himself for that. He never blacked his boots on 
the Sabbath, and on the Sunday he died he refused to cool his 
lips with ice until assured that it was purchased on Saturday. 
He never repeated a command to his children, and never prom- 
ised them anything that he did not fulfill. When he announced 
to them his decision, he never changed it. He never rented a 
building without contracting that liquor must not be sold upon 
the premises, and would not permit any Sunday-selling or other 
immorality in a house owned by him. Withal, he was as sim- 
ple as a child and as tender as a woman. His religious life was 

Record of the De Camp Family. 79 

full of sweetness. He was a most remarkable illustration of the 
value of strict parental training, and of the heroic practice of 
old-fashioned industry, morality, and religion. 

"A series of highly appreciative resolutions were passed by the 
official board of St. Paul Church, and published in the daily 
papers of Cincinnati. " 

After amassing a competence as a builder and contractor, he 
became interested in paper-mills at Lockland, was a director in 
banks and various stock companies, and president of the Farm- 
ers* Insurance Co., a man of affairs to the last. 

On May 2, 1829, he married Rebecca Ann Wright, who was 
the good and devoted mother of eight children, who hold her 
memory in loving regard. She died February 3, 1873. On the 
9th of September, 1874, Mr. De Camp married Mrs. Sylvia A. 
Willis, who survives him, residing in Hartwell, Ohio, and is 
known as a capable leader in Methodist circles. 

The children of Harvey and Rebecca De Camp were Char- 
lotte, Mary, Martha, Asbury, Laura, William Fletcher, 
Anna, and John. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



Charlotte DeCamp. 

Born February 25, 1830. 
Married Enoch P. Justice, 1848; 

and had two children. 
He died September 15, 1851. 
She married second time to 

John Cohan, 1856; and had* 

four children. 
He died June 10, 1876. 
She died September 13, 1889. 

Mary Ann De Camp. 
Born August 6, 1832. 
Married Thos. Asbury Stevens, 
1852 ; and had five children. 
Address, Morrow, O. 


f Horace H. Justice. 

Born June 12, 1849. 
Married Clara S. Arnold, 

1 87 1 ; and had one child. 
She died July 26, 1873. 
He then married Millie P. 

Mehling, 1S75 ; and had 

one child. 
He married again Mattie 

Rouzer; and had three 

Address, Dayton, O. 

Anna Rebecca Justice. 

Born August 10, 185 1. 
Died July 19, 1852. 

Reginald Heber Cohan. 
Born April 18, 1857. 
Married Maggie P. Dixon, 

She died September 12, 1888. 
He died October 9, 1890. 

Charlotte De Camp Cohan. 
Born November 13, i860. 
Married Fred S. De Camp, 

Address, Hartwell, O. 

Laura May Cohan. 

Born July 26, 1868. 

Died July ]8, 1884. 
Wilbur Justice Cohan. 

Born August 4, 1873. 

Died August 26, 1875. 

f Harvey De Camp Stevens. 
Born July 5, 1854. 
Died September 7, 1874. 
Mary Eulalia Stevens. 
Born April 18, 1856. 
Married Wm. A. Lemmon, 

She died February 23, 1895. 

Martha Stevens. 

Born June 26, i860. 

Died February 16, 1866. 
James Bonte Stevens. 

Born November 27* 1863. 

Died April 7, 1866. 

Chester Ninde Stevens. 
** Born October 10, 1875. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 8i 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Wiujam W. Justice. 

' Born March 13, 1872. 

Died March 20, 1873. 
George Louis Justice. 

Born December 17, 1877. 

John Justice. 

Born February 10, 1886. 
Horace Justice. 

Born March 29, 1888. 
Mattie C. Justice. 

Born March 21, 1889. 

MabeIv P. Cohan. 

Born November 7, 1878. 

Died March 23, 1881. 
Charlotte R. Cohan. 

Born November 24, 1884 

Died August 9, 1886. 
Emma M. Cohan. 

Born December 4, 1886. 

Died January 17, 1888. 

Eari, W. De Camp. 

Born July 17, 1886. 
Mildred Lee DeCamp. 

Born October 29, 1891. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 



3. Martha DeCamp. 

Born June 30, 1836. 
Died August 8, 1856. 

4. Asbury DeCamp. 

Born October 6, 1839. 

Married Ella Whiiehill, 1871 ; 

and had one child. 
He died July 5, 1879. 

5. Laura Jane De Camp. 

Born June 23, 1841. 

Married Henry E. Holtzinger, 
1866; and had three chil- 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

6. William Fletcher DeCamp. 
Born July 2, 1843. 
Married Mary S. Spear, 1866. 
She died February 20, 1873. 
He married Sue M. Pullen, 1874 ; 

and had four children. 
She died November 11, 1882. 
He again married Jennie M. 

Green, 1885 ; and had one 

Wife died November 17, 1887. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Anna Electa DeCamp. 
Born April 29, 1846. 
Married Theo. F. Spear, 1869 ; 

and had four children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

8. John R. De Camp. 

Born December 20, 1848. 
Married Adele Sowles, 1868; 

and had three children. 
She died July 21, 1892. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 


Harvey De Camp. 

Born September 1 1, 1872. 
Died August 26, 1877. 

Harry De Camp Holtzinger. 
Born October 13, 1868. 
Died May 15, 1896. 

Bertha Blanche Holtzinger. 
Born May 12, 1870. 

Maynard F. Holtzinger. 
Born June 25, 1879. 

r William. F. De Camp, Jr. 
Born August 8, 1875. 
Died March 29, 1876. 

Harvey De Camp. 

Born August 13, 1877. 

Emma Gould De Camp. 

Born July 29, 1879. 
Mary Evelyn De Camp. 

Born June 2, 1881. 

Jennie May De Camp. 

Born October 19, 1887. 
Died November 20, 1887. 

r William Morgan Spear. 
Born October 18, 1870. 

Harry Magill Spear. 

Born February 27, 1875. 

Clifford Mortimer Spear. 
Born April 7, 1880. 

Laura May Spear. 
L Born September 17, 1888. 

Sarah Alice De Camp. 

Born February 13, 1870. 
Married George Seeger, 

1893. . 
Address, Cincinnati. 

Edna Frank De Camp. 

Born November 18, 1871. 
Married Albert H. West, 

Address, Chicago. 

David Ralph DeCamp. 

Born November 19, 1877. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 83 


Great-Qrandohildren. Qreat-qreat-Qrandchildren. 

Elizabeth Adele Seeger. 
Born November 4, 1893. 

Edna De Camp Seeger. 

Born February 7, 1895. 

Dorothy DeCamp West. 
Born February 6, 1893. 

Katherine Carter West. 
Born December 4, 1895. 

Joseph decamp. 

Born !n Westfield, N. J., August 2, 1809. 
Died in Cincinnati, June 10, 1879. 


Joseph, the eighth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
born in Westfield, N. J., August 2, 1809. His parents removed 
to Butler County, Ohio, in 18 12, where they resided till their 
death. Joseph at the age of eighteen years came to the city of 
Cincinnati, and learned the trade of carpenter, being apprenticed 
to Mr. Bonsall. He was married to Miss Maria Cassat, January 
30, 1 83 1, and was the father of nine children, five of whom sur- 
vived him at his death, June 10, 1879. 

In his early life, soon after reaching Cincinnati, he united 
with the Baptist Church, and was always active and conscien- 
tious in the discharge of his religious duties. For many years 
he was a deacon in the Freeman Street Baptist Church, and after- 
wards in the Ninth Street Baptist Church. Of a very tender 
and affectionate nature, he was always the first to offer his sym- 
pathy and his assistance to those in distress, and no sooner did 
sickness or misfortune visit his friends, than the click of his 
cane could be heard upon the pavement as he approached the 
house of the afflicted. He was most generous, and gave away 
much of his means in unostentatious charity. One incident will, 
perhaps, best illustrate his full faith in the religion he professed. 
Soon after his marriage he heard a very pathetic appeal for aid, 
and he had but half a dollar in the world. He gave it all, and 
went home and told his wife what he had done. She cried and 
said, " What shall we do. We have barely enough in the house 
for breakfast." He said, " Mother, the Lord will provide." 
After breakfast next morning he took his Bible, as usual, for 
family worship, and then there was a knock at the door. A lady 
asked, " Does Mr. De Camp, the carpenter, live here?" He said, 
"Yes." She said, "I wish you would come to my house and 

mend my cellar-door." He went, and the lady gave him a num- 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 87 

ber of repairs to make, and he was busy for several days. He 
said, " Never from that time did I know what it was to want." 
He thus tested God's promise, and ever after had that faith " that 
works by love and purifies the heart." 

He was for many years associated in business as a builder 
and contractor with his young brother Daniel, under the firm 
name of J. & D. De Camp, and that firm erected many of the 
large buildings, warehouses, and railroad depots in this city. 

No attempt has been made by the writer to eulogize him. 
Such things were distasteful to him, and when on his death-bed, 
he gave strict injunctions to his partner to refrain from anything 
like eulogy. "Tell the simple truth about me," he said; "a 
eulogy over a dead man is as useless as a monument will be in 
the day of resurrection." He died full of years and full of faith 
in his Savior, conscious to the last and in full assurance of a 
happy eternity beyond the grave. E. Iy. D. 

His wife died August 5, 1891. 

Their children were Carolina, Christopher, James F., 
Ezekiel, Joseph, Olive, Francis, Alice, and Julia Maria. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



i. Carolina DeCamp. 

Born March 23, 1832. 
Died August 2, 1832. 

2. Christopher C. DeCamp. 
Born May 25, 1833. 
Married Eleanor C. Harwood, 
1853 ; and had five children. 
He died June 17, 1866. 

3. James F. DeCamp. 

Born January 2, 1836. 

Married Abbie E.Jackson, 1859 ; 

and had one child. 
He afterwards married Ida M. - 

Bill, 1867; and had two 

He died August 11, 1888. 


' William Joseph DeCamp. 
Born July 29, 1854. 
Address, Ludlow, Ky. 

Frank Wilbur DeCamp. 
Born March 19, 1857. 
Died October 31, i860. 

Ella H. DeCamp. 

Born April 1, i860. 
Died June 16, 1861. 

Adelaide Linn DeCamp. 
Born April 16, 1862. 
Married William K. Red- 
mond, 1885. 
Address, Ludlow, Ky. 

Bertha Grant DeCamp. 
Born March 15, 1865. 
Married Walter L. Wells, 

Address, Ludlow, Ky. 

Clarence Eastman DeCamp. 
Born October 18, 1859. 
Married Mamie E. Wood- 
worth, 1884. 
Address, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wells Bill DeCamp. 

Born October 31, 1869. 
Married Emma Strieder, 

Address, Cincinnati. 

Ida Malvira DeCamp. 

Born September 9, 1873. 
•Married James H. Brown, 

Address, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Ezekiel L. DeCamp. 

Born December 23, 1837. 
Married Maggie B. Crane, 1859 ; ' 

and had two children. 
Attorney at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Benjamin Crane DeCamp. 
Born November 3, 1863. 
Married Helene R. Turner, 

Address, Cincinnati. 

Jessie DeCamp. 

Born October 13, 1866. 
Married Lowry W. Statler, 

Address, Piqua, O. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 89 


Great-Gran dohildren. Great-great-Grandchildren. 

William Arthur Redmond. 
Born April 20, 1886. 

George Ralph Redmond. 
Born July 29, 1891. 

Charles Stanley Redmond. 
Born July 21, 1895. 

Eugene Custer Wells. 
Born August 10, 1887. 

Jesse Buell Wells. 

Born October 24, 1888. 
Died October 24, 1888. 

f Elmer W. De Camp. 

J Born December 6, 1886. 

James Frank De Camp. 
L Born March 27, 1888. 

Herbert DeCamp. 

Born August 27, 1894. 

J Benjamin C. DeCamp. 

Born August 11, 1892. 

David C. Statler. 

Born December 17, 1893. 

DeCamp Statler. 

Born April 12, 1895. 


Record of the Be Camp Family. 


Children. Grandchildren. 

5. Joseph DeCamp, Jr. 

Born February 9, 1840. 
Died December 1, 1841. 

Ouve E. DeCamp. 
Born May 2, 1844. 

C Joseph De Camp Morten. 

MarriedCharles^S. Morten, 1864; \ Sto^GSc^irr V , 1891. 

and had one child, 
Address, Riverside, O. 


Address, Cincinnati. 

Francis DeCamp. 

Born January 13, 1845. 
Died November 4, 1848. 

8. Auce E. DeCamp. 

Born February 1, 1847. 
Married Henry Moffett, 1866; 

and had four children. 
He died January 12, 1882. 
Address, Chicago. 

Ida Auce Moffett. 

Born June 27, 1868. 
Married William B. 

Address, Chicago. 


Frank DeCamp Moffett. 
Born January 29, 1872. 
Married CoraL. Taylor, 1895. 
Address, Cincinnati. 

Judson Andrews Moffett. 
Born January 8, 1876. 

Harry Clement Moffett. 
Born July 3, 1879. 

9. Juua Maria DeCamp. 
Born May 28, 1849. 
Died May 5, 1854. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 91 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Susie Loraine Bryer. 

Born March 16, 1892. 

Howard Leavitt Moffett. 
Born April 8, 1896. 


Born in Westfield, N. J., December 23, 1810. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, January 7, 1854. 


Margaret, the ninth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
was born December 23, 18 10, in Westfield, N. J., and died Jan- 
uary 7, 1854, in Butler County, Ohio, at the age of forty-three. 
We are indebted to her daughter Mrs. Harriet Weatherby, for 
this brief, but beautiful description : 

" My mother was a medium-sized woman, of slender figure, 
with dark hair and bright dark-gray eyes. In disposition she 
was very cheerful and amiable, making every one happy around 
her. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at 
* Old Ebenezer,' near Grandfather De Camp's homestead. She 
was a devoted Christian, and died a triumphant death, calling 
her children to her, and giving to each her blessing." 

She was married the first time to George Misener, early in 
1825, by whom she had four children: Jackson, Harriet, 
John, and Mary Misener. 

Her husband flying January 13, 1835, she married Oren 
Hanlon in 1836, and seven children were born to this union: 
Harvey, Lucinda, Sarah, David, William, Eliza, and 
Annie Hanlon. 

Mr. Hanlon died March 24, 1852. 

We regret it was impossible to obtain any picture of Aunt 
Margaret; but Aunt Mary says " she was nice-looking.' ' , 


9 6 

Record of the De Camp Family. 



Jackson Misener. 

Born January I, 1826. 

Married Mary M. Smith, 1853; 

and had eight children. 
She died January 7, 1872. 
Married second time to Nannie 

A. Davis, 1873 ; and had two 

She died June 20, 1883. 
Address, Bloomington, Ind. 


Margaret Auce Misener. 
Born December 25, 1853. 
Died November 9, 1857. 

Hattte C. Misener. 

Born October 26, 1855. 
Died October 22, 1857. 

Eva Misener. 

Born September 11, 1857. 
Died October 7, 1857. 

Lunettie Misener. 

Born August 24, 1859. 
Married Edward h. McGee, 

Address, Bloomington, Ind. 

Emma A. Misener. 

Born October 1, 1861. 
Married William E. Adkins, 

Address, Bloomington, Ind. 

Jennie H. Misener. 

Born August 9, 1865. 
Mary R. Misener. 

Born May 30, 1868. 

Married Fred. E. Finley, 

Address, Bloomington, Ind. 

John M. Misener. 

Born October 10, 187 1. 

Wiujam H. Misener. 

Born September 12, 1875. 
Died October 6, 1876. 

Ci<ara E. Misener. 

Born May 30, 1880. 

2. Harriet C. Misener. 

Born September 10, 1830. 
Married Colman Weatherby, 

He died April 15, 1888. 
Address Bloomington, Ind. 

Ew<a Weatherby. 

Born April 17, 1855. 
Married Joshua O. Howe, 

Address, Bloomington, Ind. 

Ida Weatherby. 

Born July 26, 1857. 
Died March 21, 1859. 

Harry C. Weatherby. 

Born February 26, i860. 
Married Emma Kohlbry, 

Address, Memphis, Tenn. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 97 


Great-grandchildren. Great-qreat-Grandchildren. 


Born April 26, 1882. 

Benjamin J. McGee. 

Born February 13, 1885. 

Eugene Adkins. 

Born October 1, 1882. 

Ross M. Howe. 

Born July 8, 1876. 

Owen C. Howe. 

Born December 22, 1877. 

Louis P. Howe. 

Born April 18, 1881. 

f Anna A. Weatherby. 

I Born December 23, 1891. 

9 8 

Record of the De Camp Family. 


Children. Grandchildren. 

Dr. Wh,i,iam W. Misener. 

Born November 22, 1852. 
Married Ella A. Bates, 1882. 
Address, Tacoma, Wash. 

Charges E. Misener. 

Born August 26, 1855. 
Married Lottie B. Douglass, 

Address, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Christianna Misener. 
Born April 22, 1858. 
' Died May 7, 1858. 

John B. Misener. 
Born April 11, 1832. 
Married Frances McCawley .[ auce I, Misener. 

1852; and had nine chil- Born May I2> l86o 

kaa n 'o* m ^^ w t. Married Prof. William S. 

Address, Steilacoom City, Wash. Arnold 1881 

Address, Tacoma, Wash. 

John B. Misener, Jr. 

Born December 1, 1862. 
Died September 23, 1864. 

Frances May Misener. 
Born June 18, 1865. 
Married Albert Whyte, 1889. 
Address, Tacoma, Wash. 

George A. Misener. 

Born October 2, 1870. 
Married Elizabeth Bartlett, 

Address, Tacoma, Wash. 

Jackson Harvey W. Misener. 
Born August 25, 1873. 
Address, Bisbee, Ariz. 

Edna Maud Myrtle Misener. 
Born March 2, 1876. 

Record of the De Camp Family, 99 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

r Edna May Misener. 

Born February 17, 1883. 

Wallace Munson Misener. 
Born August 12, 1886. 

Lenore Misener. 

Born September 20, 1890. 
Died September 23, 1891. 

Dorothy Misener. 

Born March 7, 1894. 
Died April 11, 1895. 

Dorris Misener (twin). 
Born March 7, 1894. 

f Charges E. Misener, Jr. 
\ Born March 5, 1878. 

Frances Alice Arnold. 
Born July 10, 1883. 

Ella Agnes Arnold. 

Born April 3, 1885. 

Myrtle Marguerite Arnold. 
Born December 10, 1887. 

William Wallace Arnold. 
Born February 2, 1890. 

John Albert Arnold. 

Born August 23, 1893. 

George Bartlett Misener. 
Born March 24, 1892. 

Dorothy Misener. 

Born May 12, 1895. 

ioo Record of the DeCamp Family. 




r Romeo Lewis Protzman. 
Born October 27, 1853. 
Married Sallie E. Schwan- 

inger, 1875. 
Address, Dayton, O. 

4. Mary E. Misener. 

Born January 18, 1834. 
Married Wm. H. Protzman, 

1852 ; and had five children. 
He died June 13, 1880. 
Address, Dayton, O. 

Charges Henry Protzman. 
Born July 22, 1856. 

Anna Bei&e Protzman. 

Born December 1, 1859. 

Lizzie Protzman. 

Born October 3, 1863. 
Died November t, 1881. 

John Boyd Protzman. 

Born March 27, 1869. 
Died March 17, 1871. 

Record of the De Camp Family. ioi 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

r Ella De Camp Protzman. 
florn August 6, 1876. 

Anna Blanche Protzman. 
Born October 15, 1877. 
Married John Heier. 

Edna May Protzman. 

Born October 13, 1879. 

Emma Grace Protzman. 

Born December 29, 1881. 

Harry Clancey Protzman. 
Born October 18, 1884. 

Daniel Lewis Protzman. 

Born February 26, 1887. 

John Jacob Protzman. 

Born December 20, 1888. 

Mamie Ellen Protzman. 
Born August 14, 1890. 

William Henry Protzman. 
Born November 17, 1892. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 




5. Harvey D. Hanlon. 

Born August 10, 1S37. 
Married Ella M. Ogden, 1857; 

and had five children. 
He died September 19, 1894. 
Wife died November 6, 1892. 

6. Lucinda Hanson. 

Born May 4, 1839. 
Married Andrew Jackson 

O'Neal, 1856 ; and had two 

Address, Oxford, O. 


Lillie Belize Hanlon. 

Born March 22, 1858. 
Died March 27, 1863. 

Carrie May Hanson. 

Born November 11, 1863. 
Died January 12, 1864. 

George Martin Hanson. 

Born September 17, 1866. 
Died October 17, 18157. 

Wallace Hanson. 

Born April 1, 1870. 
Married Ellen Meier, 1889. 
Address, Dayton, O. 

Oren Hanson. 

Born August 20, 1877. 
Address, Dayton, O. 

r William H. O'Neal. 

Born August 5, 1857. 
Married Harriet E. Bridg- 

ford, 1885. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Hattie Lavenia O'Neal. 
Born July 26, 1859. 
Married Frank Landon, 

Address, Hamilton, O. 

Sarah Hanlon. 

Born November 1, 1842. 
Married Alexander McCawley, 

and had eight children. 
She died April 9, 1877. 
He died February 9, 1890. 

William McCawley. 
Died in infancy. 

Christian McCawley. 
Died in infancy. 

Sarah Alice McCawley. 
Born July 28, 1863. 
Married Walter S. Morgan, 

Address, Denver, Col. 

Samuel T. McCawley. 
Born June 1, 1866. 
Married Clara B. Williams, 

Address, Alhambra, Cal. 

Lizzie McCawley. 

Died in infancy. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 103 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Ruby M. Hanson. 

Born October 9, 1891. 

Russei.Iv Hanson. 

Born December 12, 1893. 

Morris H. O'Neai,. 

Born September 4, 1886. 

r Harvey J. Landon. 

Born April 8, 1877. 

Anna B. Landon. 

Born April 20, 1879. 

Arthur L. Landon. 

Born September 23, 1880. 

HerscheTv Ray Landon. 
Born April 6, 1890. 

May Marie Morgan. 

Born January 21, 1885. 

Sarah De Camp Morgan. 
Born July 27, 1887. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 


Children. Grandchildren. 

Fannie May McCawley. 

Born December 6, 1869. 
Married Dr. E. S. Imel, 1886. 
Address, Algiers, Ind. 

7. Sarah Hanlon. — Continued. 

8. David D. Hanson. 

Born August 5, 1843. 


Born November 6, 1873. 
Died March 23, 1874. 

Hattie McCawi,ey. 

Born April 11, 1875. 
Died November 6, 1879. 

Wiujam Asbury Hanson. 
Born May 8, 1845. 
Died June 20, 1849. 

10. Ei*iza Jane Hanson. 
Born June 19, 1849. 
Married William Showers, 1866; 

and had one child. 
She died February 23, 1868. 

Euza Jane Showers. 

Born February 22, 1868. 
Married Joseph M. Smith, 

Address, Bloomington, Ind. 

11. Annie Hanu>n. 

Born June 3, 1852. 
Died June 21, [854. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 105 


■Great-grandchildren. Qreat-qreat-Qrandohildren. 


Born April 16, 1888. 

Edward Stanton Imei,, Jr. 
Born October 15, 1889. 

Ethei, Smith. 

Born September 19, 1889. 


Born in Westfield, N. J., August 9, 1812. 
Died in Cincinnati, February 3, 1853. 


Henry, the tenth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
a babe of six weeks when the family began their eventful journey 
to Ohio. Rescued from the suffocating feather bed en route, he 
grew to man's estate, dying at the age of forty-one. He learned 
the trade of a stone-mason, coming to Cincinnati while yet a 
boy, and was a fellow-apprentice with the late Hiram Powers, 
the famous sculptor. He found ready employment for his skill 
and energy in the rapidly-developing city in the " thirties" and 
"forties." His stoneyard was at the northeast corner of Fifth 
and Mound Streets, afterwards removed to the northeast corner 
of Barr and Mound Streets. 

He was a Baptist, being one of the prominent members and 
founders, doing the stone- work of the old Freeman Street 
Baptist Church, since merged into the Lincoln Park Baptist 
Church, where his daughters are efficient workers. He was 
an earnest Christian man, of very firm convictions, and always 
ready to express his opinion, when asked, upon the leading ques- 
tions of the day. 

On March 10, 1837, he was united in marriage to Mary Jane 
Sargent. Like his brother John, and subsequently his brother 
James, Henry die^d at comparatively an early age, having lung 
and liver troubles, but he patiently bore the suffering of his long 
illness. His wife and daughters Annie, aged nine, and Hen- 
rietta, aged seven, together with his brother Joseph and nephews 
Columbus and Ezekiel, comforted his last days with tender min- 
istries; Emma, the youngest daughter, being born five days 
after his decease. 

Henry De Camp left behind him a fragrant name and mem- 
ory, and we regret it was impossible to obtain a satisfactory like- 
ness of him. His wife died December 21, 1880. 

Their children were Charles, David, Annie, Henrietta, 
George, and Emma. 


1 10 Record of the De Camp Family. 



i. Charges Henry De Camp. 
Born December 9, 1838. 
Died February 26, 1841. 


2. David S. DeCamp. 

Born August, 1841. 
Died , 1843. 

Annie Maria DeCamp. 
Born November 16, 1843. 
Married Arthur G. Umberger, 

He died August 29, 1879; an( * 

left no children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Henrietta DeCamp. 
Born April 1, 1846. 
Married William Peet, 1866; 

and had six children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

5. George Sargent DeCamp. 
Born November, 1849. 
Died October, 1850. 

Mary B. Peet. 

Born August 2, 1867. 

Married Robert B. Lawson, 
Wiujam T. Peet. 

Born October 30, 1869. 

Died November 19, 1875. 

Eixa A. Peet. 

Born December 3, 1871. 
Married William F. Cam- 
eron, 1891. 

Walter D. Peet. 

Born September 30, 1874. 

Edith Peet/ 

Born June 1, 1877. 

Albert Peet. 

Born June 17, 1880. 

6. Emma DeCamp. 

Born February 8, 1853. 
Married Frank Baker, 1869 ; and / 
had one child. I 

Address, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Elmer Baker. 

Born August 30, 1872. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. hi 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-oreat-Grandchildren. 

f Hazei, Cameron. 

Born June 6, 1892. 

! Wiujam Frank Cameron. 

IBorn March 6, '1894. 
Rai<ph Cameron. 
I Born January 29, 1896. 


Born in Butler County, Ohio, December 28, 1813. 
Died in Hart well, Ohio, April 3, 1884. 

daniel decamp. 

Daniel, the eleventh child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
was the first child to be born in the new log-house in Butler 
County. At fourteen, he drove alone the two-horse team to the 
mills upon the Miami, a journey requiring two days for its com- 
pletion. In 1833 he came to Cincinnati, having learned the 
trade of a builder under his brother John, at the old homestead. 
In 1835 he and his brother Joseph formed a partnership as 
J. & D. De Camp, builders, on Eighth Street, between John and 
Central Avenue, which continued until 1864. During its exist- 
ence they built many residences, stores, school-buildings, and 
churches, the most prominent buildings being the depots and 
workshops of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad; 
also of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railway, the first Pike's 
Opera-house, Glenn's, Carlisle's, Bishop's, and Cleaney's business 
blocks, also residences in Glendale of Stanley Matthews, Mrs. 
Daniel McLaren, Robert Clarke, and Mrs. Dr. Patterson. In 
1867 he organized the Hamilton County Building Association — 
the parent of Building Associations — of which he was president 
until his death. It improved Wesley Avenue, and laid out and 
built the park-like suburb of Hartwell. Mr. De Camp was presi- 
dent of the Taylor & Faulkner Manufacturing Co., manufactur- 
ers of building material, and was also at the head of the firm of 
De Camp, Levoy & Co., wholesale manufacturers of saddlery. 

Mr. De Camp joined the Presbyterian Church in 1842, under 
the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Lyman Beecher. He assisted in or- 
ganizing and building the Seventh Street Congregational 
Church, of which he was deacon and trustee. Upon moving to 
the suburbs, he connected himself with the Presbyterian Church. 
He was a high-minded, conscientious Christian gentleman, a 
self-made, self-educated man, his life crowded with work, but 
overcoming every obstacle that interposed between his resistless 

Record of the DeCamp Family, 115 

will and honorable success. The precepts of religion, early in- 
culcated, were the rule, and formed the undercurrent of his busy, 
useful life. 

On July 23, 1835, he married Miss Ellen Lee, a native of the 
North of England. She united with Dr. Beecher's Church at 
the same time that her husband did, and made the spiritual jour- 
ney together. She survived him a few years, dying March 2, 

In addition to the above, gleaned from the Western Biograph- 
ical Cyclopaedia, we knew Uncle Daniel to be the courteous gen- 
tleman, sweet and gentle in disposition, most tender and indulg- 
ent towards his wife and family, and a most useful citizen. His 
illness was of but few days' duration, dying on the third of April, 
1884, at his Hartwell home. 

Their children were Thomas, Evalina, Edwin, Emma, 
Robert, Lyman, Ellen, Daniel, Ella, and Frederick. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 


Ohildren. Grandchildren. 

i. Thomas L. DeCamp. 
Born July 24, 1836. 
Married Maggie Leonard, 1866; 

and had one child. 
Wife died April 13, 1873. 
He married second time, Hattie 

Harding, since deceased. 
He died August n, 1885. 

Emma J. De Camp. 

Born November 17, 1867. 
Married William T. French, 


Born September 3, 1838. 
Died October 17, 1838. 

Edwin F. DeCamp. 

Born September 16, 1839. 
Married Carrie Wallace, 1866; 

and had six children. 
Address, Willits, Cal. 

C Ellen Lee DeCamp. 

Born October 25, 1867. 
Edwin F. De Camp, Jr. 

Born December 24, 1869. 

Myron E. DeCamp. 

Born August 1, 1873. 

Elizabeth May DeCamp. 
Born January 23, 1876. 
Died August 18, 1877. 

Flora Louisa De Camp. 
Born July 10, 1878. 

Carrie Belle DeCamp. 

Born October 12, 1881. 

4. Emma DeCamp. 

Born October 8, 1841. 
Married George H. Taylor, 
1862 ; and had two children. 
She died January 22, 1888. 

Robert O. DeCamp. 

Born December 4, 1843. 
Died October 14, 1857. 

Robert Taylor. 

Born July 31, 1863. 
Died Feoruary 5, 1864. 

George H. Taylor, Jr. 
Born July 31, 1873. 
Address, Hartwell, O. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 117 


Great-Gran doh 1 ldren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

r Thomas M. French. 

Born October 24, 1887. 
Died November 12, 1891. 

James H. French. 

Born November 1, 1888. 
Died June 25, 1889. 

Gilbert S. French. 

Born February 3, 1890. 

Etei/Ka L. French. 

Born September 12, 1891. 

Adeline C. French. 

Born November 12, 1893. 
Died October 28, 1894. 


Record of the De Camp Family, 



6. Lyman Beecher DeCamp. 
Born February 4, 1846. 
Married Frances Pierce, 1877 ; 

and have nine children. 
Address, Alhambra, Cal. 


Nettie M. DeCamp. 

Born March 27, 1879. 

Elsie L. DeCamp. 

Born April 6, 1881. 

Frances A. DeCamp. 

Born August 4, 1882. 

Kate S. DeCamp. 

Born August 12, 1884. 
Died June 3, 1887. 

Daniel DeCamp. 

Born July 15, 1886. 

Raymond L. DeCamp. 

Born December 21, 1887. 

Emma Bovard DeCamp. 

Born September 17, 1889. 

John Samuel De Camp. 
Born May 11, 189 1. 

Dorothy DeCamp. 

Born November 11, 1894. 

7. Ellen DeCamp. 

Born March 30, 1848. 
Died June 29, 1853. 

8. Daniel Baker DeCamp. 
Born August 3, 1850. 
Married Mary Adams, 1878. 
Address, Hartwell, O. 

9. Ella De Camp. 

Born December 12, 1853. 
Died July 27, 1855. 

10. Frederick Storrs DeCamp. 
Born August 12, 1858. 
Married Charlotte D. Cohan, 
1885 ; and have two children. 
Address, Hartwell, O. 

Earl W. De Camp. ' 

Born July 17, 1886. 

Mildred Lee DeCamp. 

Born October 29, 1891. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 119 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-Grandohildren. 


Joanna Evans Decamp, 

Wife of James DeCamp. 

james decamp. 


Born in Butler County, Ohio, May 7, 1815. 
Died near Lockland, Ohio, November 19, 1858. 


James, the twelfth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, was 
born at the Butler County homestead May 7, 18 15. He came to 
Cincinnati in 1833, an( * learned the trade of a brick-mason, and 
soon became an efficient contractor and builder, noted for the 
thoroughness of his work and the fidelity of his engagements. 
In June, 1856, he purchased an interest in two paper-mills in 
Lockland, Ohio, removing to a farm near by; but the change in 
occupation was detrimental to his health, and he spent the year 
1858 fighting consumption's grasp, trying the mild climate of 
New Orleans and the bracing air of Mackinac in turns, only to 
give up, with a feeling that if he could not be a well man, living 
at full tide of physical power, as he always had, he could not 
"play the invalid." 

Fond of music, he was in his early married life a member of 
a band, but the associations were not helpful, and at this time — 
1842 — the dying request of his brother John, "to prepare to 
meet his God," made a deep impression on him. This, with the 
prevailing prayer of his wife, caused him to quit the band. He 
gave his heart to God, was joyfully converted while walking on 
Seventh Street, near Plum. He joined the Fourth Street 
Methodist Episcopal Church, afterwards merged into Morris 
Chapel, and when — in 1849 — Park Street Church (now St. John's) 
was colonized from Morris Chapel, he became its builder and 
one of its founders, where he was class-leader, steward, trustee, 
and treasurer until his removal to L,ockland, where he identified 
himself with the Church in that village. 

Although only in our thirteenth year when father died, we 
remember his faithfulness to the Church, going night after night, 
after a hard day's toil, leading the singing (carrying a tuning- 
fork), and speaking and praying with great fervor. 


124 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

He was fond of hunting, and we recall him in his velveteen 
suit and cap, having molded the bullets and cut the wadding into 
suitable size, starting for a fortnight's sport after deer in Auglaize 
County. We often accompanied him to old Uncle David's on his 
squirrel-hunting visits. 

It was a great trial for him to reconcile himself to dying and 
leaving his young wife, at thirty-seven, with nine children, the 
youngest a babe of seven months and the eldest a daughter of 
nineteen ; but Christ was precious to him and gave him the 
victory. He selected the hymns for his funeral, also the text of 
Scripture: "Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving 
the Lord" — words that fitly described his character and life. 
At 6 o'clock on the morning of November 19, 1858, he was 
at rest. 

His pastor, Rev. T. A. G. Phillips, in an appreciative me- 
moir, wrote as follows : 

" Many were the virtues of our departed brother. Affectionate 
and provident as a husband and father, he was, too, the fervent 
and devoted Christian man. An obliging and sympathizing 
neighbor, he was also the industrious and enterprising citizen, 
the prompt and punctual man of business ; so that he was pros- 
pered in the labor of his hand, as well as in his ' work of faith, 
and patience of hope, and labor of love.' In all the benevolent 
enterprises of the Church and of the age he not only felt a deep 
interest, but contributed largely of his means. His record is on 
high, while ' he rests from his labors and his works do follow 
him.' " 

Father was happily married on May 20, 1838, to Miss Joanna 
Evans, and on her shoulders rested the care and responsibility 
of training her large family, and most worthily, with rare forti- 
tude and foresight, did she perform her duty. She lived a 
widow thirty-seven years, dying most beautifully at her home in 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 125 

Hartwell on the 23d day of April, 1895, at seventy-four, after a 
week's illness, during which time her children ministered to 
her in tender and constant service. 

The children of James and Joanna DeCamp were Celia, 
Caleb, David, James, Morris, Joanna, Henry, Louis, and 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



Celia Ellen DeCamp. 
Born March 29, 1839. 
Married Alex. E. Line, 1866; 

and had five children. 
Address, Richmond, Ind. 

Caleb Oscar DeCamp. 
Born February 24, 1841. 
MarriedJuliaE.Voorhees, 1859, 

and had four children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

3. David Job De Camp. 

Born September 14, 1843. 
Married Celia E. Ashar, 1865; 

and had five children. 
He died March 7, 1895. 


" Bertha Kroell Line. 

Born October 23, 1868. 
Married George H. Binkley, 

Address, Chicago. 

Florence Alexandra Line. 
Born December 4, 1870. 
Married Rev. William H. 
Wise, 1895. 

Joanna Evans Line. 

Born March 23, 1873. 

James De Camp Line. 

Born January 30, 1875. 
Died May 4, 1876. 

Paul Percy Line. 

Born May 15, 1877. 
Died July 11, 1879. 

f Ida V. De Camp. 

I Born June 5, i860. 

Married Freedis P. Vorhis, 

Harry E. DeCamp. 

Born January 17, 1862. 
Married Eleanor Mason, 

Address, La Grange, 111. 

Frances H. De Camp. 

Born February 19, 1866. 
Married Harry Fox, 1886. 
Address, La Grange, 111. 

Julia I. DeCamp. 

Born March 2, 1871. 

Ettie DeCamp. 

Born June 24, 1866. 

Laura DeCamp. 

Born February 4, 1868. 
Married George W. Van 

Vranken, 1895. 
Address, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Herbert C. DeCamp. 
Born April 5, 1870. 
Married Maude C. Dyer, 

Address, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Edith DeCamp. 

Born June 24, 1877. 

I Robert James De Camp. 
I Born June 21, 1879. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 127 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-qreat-Grandchildren. 

Joanna Elizabeth Binkley. 
Born June 18, 1894. 

Wilfred Vorhis. 

Born July 7, 1883. 

Edwin Mason De Camp. 
Born July 17, 1890. 

Harry Irving DeCamp. 
Born April 1, 1894. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



4. James Milton DeCamp. 
Born December 25, 1845. 
Married Jane A. Brandebury, 
1867 ; and had two children. 
Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Morris Baker DeCamp. 
Born February 15, 1848. 
Married Jennie E. Johnston, 
1868; and had three chil- 
He died July 24, 1875. 
Address, Geneseo, N. Y. 

6. Joanna Miller DeCamp. 
Born January 11, 1851. 
Married Oliver E. Conner, 1869; 

and had six children. 
Address, Hartwell, O. 

Henry Evans DeCamp. 
Born October 1, 1853. 
Married Laura E. Welsh, 1889 ; 

and had one child. 
His wife died September 21, 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

8. Louis Courtland De Camp. 
Born April 9, 1856. 
Married Sarah Cordelia Cowen, 
1883 ; and had four children. 
Address, Gardner, Col. 

Robert Spencer DeCamp. 
Born April 17, 1858. 
Died August 26, 1859. 


Walter Aldkn De Camp. 
Born April 27, 1868. 
Married Caroline E. Middle- 
ton, 1894. 
Attorney at Cincinnati, 0. 

Charles Brandebury DeCamp. 
Born July 20, 1874. 

Pearlie B. DeCamp. 

Born April 30, 1869. 
Address, Geneseo, N. Y. 

Morris Montgomery DeCamp. 
Born April 2, 187 1. 
Address Buffalo, N. Y. 

James Hart DeCamp. 
Born July 6, 1875. 
Died November 7, 1875. 

Joanna De Camp Conner. 
Born October 12, 1869. 

Louis E. Conner. 

Born October 28, 1873. 
Attorney at Cincinnati, 0. 

Robert L. Conner. 

Born June 7, 1875. 

Oliver E. Conner, Jr. 

Born August 12, 1877. 

Ruby Elizabeth Conner. 
Born October 5, 1882. 

Marjorie Conner. 

Born October 26, 1888. 

Robert Erwin DeCamp. 
Born October 17, 1890. 
Died March 4, 1891. 

Elsie DeCamp. 

Born February 14, 1884. 
Died November 12, 1885. 

Louis Evans DeCamp. 

Born October 24, 1887. 

Edith Alberta DeCamp. 

Born February 12, 1890. 

Joseph Alfred DeCamp. 
Born January 5, 1893. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 129 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-qreat-Grandchildren. 



Born October 22, 1895. 

moses decamp. 

Born in Butler County, Ohio, December II, 1816. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, February 17, 1827. 
Aged 10 years, 2 months, and 6 days. 

sarah decamp st. clair. 

Born in Butler County, Ohio, December II, 1816. 
Died in Butler County, Ohio, November 2, 1861. 


Sarah, the fourteenth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
and the twin-sister of Moses DeCamp, Jr., was born in Butler 
County, Ohio, December n, 1816, and died November 2, 1851, 
aged 35, yielding her life at the birth of her child, which also 

In 1834 she married William St. Clair, and lived on the farm 
across the road from Grandfather De Camp's place. She and her 
husband were active and zealous members of "old Ebenezer" 
Methodist Episcopal Church. This was a famous and prosper- 
ous circuit charge for over fifty years. 

Sarah was of somewhat lighter complexion than her sisters, 
and of a fleshy, heavy-set figure. Her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Charles 
N. Branch, writes us: " In the first place, my mother was blessed 
with a happy, cheerful disposition; was a devoted Christian. 
She was low of stature, with dark-brown eyes and auburn hair." 

Mr. St. Clair died April 9, 1882. 

Their children were Mary, Phebb, Mkrinda, Samantha, 
John, Margaret, Elizabeth, Christianna, and three un- 
named, dying at birth. 

There is no picture extant of Aunt Sarah. 



Record of the DeCamp Family. 

sarah decamp st. clair's family. 


i. Mary St. Clair. 

Born August 12, 1835. 

Married Dr. Charles N. Branch, 
1857; and had three chil- 

Address, Anderson, Ind. 

Phebe St. Clair. 

Born February 11, 1837. 
Married William M. Davis, 1865 ; 

and had one child. 
Address, Milton, Ind. 

Merinda St. Clair. 

Born November 19, 1838. 
Died October 22, 1839. 


Lillie B. Branch. 

Born July 27, 1858. 
Married Dr. Charles E. 

Diven, 1874. 
She died January 4, 1881. 

John H. Branch. 

Born June 22, 2860. 
Died August 11, 1868. 

Dr. Charles N. Branch, Jr. 
Born July 1, 1869. 
Married Maud C. McCol- 
lough, 1892. 

Charles Davis. 

Born November 1, 1873. 

Samantha St. Clair. 
Born February 15, 1840. 
Married William Turner, 
She died in 1863. 


5. Dr. John W. St. Clair. 

Born December 12, 1841. 
Married Mollie C. Mosbaugh, 
1866 ; and had four children. 
Address, Milton, Ind. 

' George J. St. Clair. 

Born October 22, 1868. 
Died September 27, 1875. 

Laura H. St. Clair. 

Born August 31, 1871. 
Married Dr. Luke M. Gentle, 

Address, E. Germantown, 


Nora O. St. Clair. 

Born September 16, 1873. 

Evangeline M. St. Clair. 
Born March 4, 1876. 

6. Margaret St. Clair. 

Born October 24, 1843. 
Married Nathan Booth, 1869 ; 

and had three children. 
She died September 17, 1887. 
Address, Alexandria, Ind. 

Clara B. Booth. 

Born December 28, 1869. 
Died July 21, 1870. 

Willie N. Booth. 

Born December 24, 1873. 
Died August 6, 1874. 

Charles E. Booth. 

Born December 10, 1875. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 135 

sarah decamp st. clair's family. 

Great-Gran dohildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

George R. Diven. 

Born April i, 1876 

Margaret O. Gentle. 
Bom Juty 28, 1895. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 

sarah decamp st. clair'S family. 


Elizabeth St. Clair. 
Born May 1, 1845. 
Married Lewis D. Alexander, 
1865 ; and had five children. 
He died April 13, 1882. 
Address, Perkinsville, Ind. 


' Dr.Wm. T. Sherman Alexander. 
Born July 4, 1866. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Harriet Alexander. 

Born February 11, 1868. 
Married Thomas A. Dean, 

Address, Perkinsville, Ind. 

Cora Belle Alexander. 
Born April 3, 1869. 
Married Madison Prather, 

Address, Anderson, Ind. 

Lewis Alexander, Jr. 

Born August 3, 1870. 
Married Sareta Sharp, 1895. 
Address, Frankton, Ind. 

Lillie Alexander. 

Born August 26, 1879. 

Christianna St. Clair. 
Born July 20, 1847. 
Married Joseph Yeager, 1866; 

and had two children. 
Address, Alexandria, Ind. 

9. Infant, unnamed. 

Died at birth, 1849. 

10. Infant, unnamed. 

Died at birth, 1850. 

William R. Yeager. 

Born August 22, 1867. 

Joseph H. Yeager. 

Born June 15, 1872. 
Married Stella L. Summers, 

11. Infant, unnamed. 

Died at birth, November 2, 185 1. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 137 


Great-Grandchildren. Great-oreat-Grandchildren. 

Mabel June Dean. 

Born June 27, 1887. 

Mary Decamp Wilkinson. 


Born in Butler County, Ohio, June 18, 1818. 

mary decamp Wilkinson. 

Mary, the fifteenth and sole surviving child of Ezekiel and 
Mary De Camp, was born hi Butler County, Ohio, June 18, 1818. 

In her sixteenth year she married Gideon Wilkinson, De- 
cember 13, 1833, and moved at once into the substantial brick 
house on the farm, three miles from Oxford, which for sixty- 
three years has been her home. 

Her husband was a successful farmer, having added to his 
possessions by dint of hard toil and good management, aided by 
the thrift of his wife, until his estate amounted to 780 acres — 
and beautiful land it is. He divided it shortly before his death 
among his children. 

His death occurred March 13, 1891. It was his good pleas- 
ure, in June, 1887, in company with his son John, to prepare a 
reunion on his wife's sixty-ninth birthday, at which nearly two 
hundred of the relatives and neighbors were present to honor 
the occasion. Mary's sister Hannah, aged eighty-seven, was 
present; also her brother Lambert, aged sixty-seven. 

We visited Aunt Mary in April, 1896, and found her look- 
ing hale and vigorous, and, barring some lameness from rheum- 
atism in her feet, in the enjoyment of good health. She much 
resembles her father in looks — an honor that also belonged to 
her brother Harvey. She has always been a consistent member 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, although now, for conven- 
ience, she attends the Presbyterian service at Reily. 

Seven of her thirteen children are living, some of them close 
neighbors, and she is able to enjoy frequent visits among them. 

She is a bountiful provider, and lives with her faithful and 
capable son John, whose birthday falls upon the same day as his 
mother's does. 

As the golden sunlight of the twentieth century shall soon 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 141 

lighten her pathway, may it be but a faint type of the golden 
glory of an eternity of blessedness awaiting her and hers ! 

On October 16, 1899, it will be just one hundred years since 
her sister Phebe first saw the light of day. 

Her children were Abraham, Miranda, Abigail, Rachel, 
Adeline, Mary Jane, Francis, Rebecca, John, Sarah, Har- 
riet, Gideon, and Amadore. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 

mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 


Abraham Wilkinson. 
Born July 21, 1855. 
Married Catherine Alexander, 
1855, and had four children. 
He died March 22, 1862. 


' Mary A. Wilkinson. 

Born May 29, 1856. 
Died January 6, 1870. 

Henry A. Wilkinson. 

Born September 13, 1857. 
Married Anna B. DeCamp, 

Address, Oxford, O. 

Lewis Calvin Wilkinson. 
Born February 24, 1859. 
Married Anna M. Dillinan. 
He died July 31, 1892. 

Abraham D. Wilkinson. 
Born June 24, 1861. 
Died November 14, 1861. 

2. Miranda Wilkinson. 

Born November 3, 1836. 
Married Samuel S. McCoy, 1855; 

and had nine children. 
Address, Reily, O. 

William Edwin McCoy. 
Born March 3, 1856. 
Married Maggie B. Garner. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Gideon W. McCoy. 

Born March 25, 1857. 
Married Metta M. Welliver. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Ada Elnora McCoy. 

Born January 12, i860. 
Married Butler L. Deneen. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Albert H. McCoy. 

Born January 14, 1861. 
Married Lizzie B. Beckett. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 143 

mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 

Qreat-Qrandchildren. Great-great-Grandchildren. 

David Homer Wilkinson. 
Born May 17, 1880. 

Ethel P. Wilkinson. 

Born October 17, 1882. 

~Mark Wilkinson. 

Born October 5, 1888. 
Died June 4, 1892. 

( Louis Howard Wilkinson. 
J Born December 30, 1884. 

I Henry Herschel Wilkinson. 
(^ Born December 14, 1886. 

Frederick McCoy. 

Born August 15, 1877. 

Mary Elizabeth McCoy. 
Born March 5, 1878. 

Addie McCoy. 

Born September 12, 1881. 

Pearl McCoy. 

Born April 21, 1883. 

Myrtle M. McCoy. 

Born April 17, 1888. 

Roscoe McCoy. 

Born September 19, 1886. 

Omaha Deneen. 

Born September 6, 1877. 

Emma B. Deneen. 

Born December 22, 1878. 

Leroy Deneen. 

Born June 13, 1880. 
Died July 15, 1881. 

Vance H. McCoy. 

Born December 20, 1887. 

Died May 26, 1892. 
Leah M. McCoy. 

Born May 16, 1889. 
Everett N. McCoy. 

Born January 5, 1891. 
Robert C. McCoy. 

Born April 23, 1894. 
Gertrude M. McCoy. 

Born October 28, 1895. 


Record of the DeCamp Family, 



2. Miranda Wilkinson — Continued. 


r John W. McCoy. 

Born March 13, 1862. 
Married Dora Garner. 
Address, Millville, O. 

Anna M. McCoy. 

Born July 15, 1864. 
Married James S. Morris. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Louis McCoy. 

Born February 19, 1866. 
Died May 20, 1866. 

Gertrude McCoy. 

Born August 7, 1873. 
Married William Hopkins, 

Address, Billingsville, Ind. 

George McCoy. 

Born February 2, 1876. 

Abigail Wilkinson. 
Born March 9, 1838. 
Married William J. Finch, 1859 ; 

and had seven children. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

r Prof. Orlando B. Finch. 
Born February 9, i860. 
Married Mary Dorrell, 1895. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

William E. Finch. 

Born July 1, 1861. 

Married Rosa A. Stevens, 

Address, Oxford, O. 

Gideon W. Finch. 

Born June 7, 1863. 
Married Caroline Hess, 1888. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Elmer B. Finch. 

Born October 11, 1865. 
Married Carrie Morrical, 

Address, Oxford, O. 

Charles L. Finch. 

Born January 11, 1868. 
Married Mozella Knapp, 

Address, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 


mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 

Qreat-Qrandohildren. Qreat-qreat-Qrandchildren. 

Edith P. Morris. 

Born February 9, 1884. 

Homer Hopkins. 

Born July 4, 1892. 

Emerson Eari, Finch. 

Born August 29, 1885. 

Wii,i,iam E. Finch, Jr. 

Born December 12, 1886. 

Glady P. Finch. 

Born August 5, 1889. 

Leona M. Finch. 

Born June 16, 1892. 

Amor V. Finch. 

Born July 31, 1893. 

Helen Finch. 

Born July 13, 1894. 

Bessie Lee Finch. 

Born April 26, 1894. 
Died September 11, 1895. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 


Children. Grandchildren. 

3. Abigail Wilkinson. — Continued. 

4. Rachel Wilkinson. 

Born August 12, 1841. 
Married Joseph B. White, 1861 ; 

and had three children. 
He died October 28, 1869. 
She died April 2, 1876. 

5. Adeline Wilkinson. 

Born February 1, 1843. 
Married John Weaver, 1866; 

and had two children. 
He died January, 1896. 
Address, Reily, O. 

6. Mary J. Wilkinson. 

Born March 23, 1845. 
Died May 7, 1845. 

Francis M. Wilkinson. 
Born November 30, 1846. 
Married Nancy J. Reily, 1864 ; 

and had eleven children. 
Address, McGonigle, O. 

Mary E. Finch. 

Born May 27, 1870. 
Married Edwin Morrical, 

Address Mixerville, Ind. 

Ella Finch. 

Born May 23, 1878. 

' Charles E. White. 

Born January 21, 1862. 
Married Ida Monroe. 
Address, Onondaga, Mich. 

Mary Eliza White. 
, Born August 22, 1864. 

Died December 26, 1866. 

Joseph B. White. 

Born December 8, 1868. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

Wilkinson Weaver. 

Born July 15, 1867. 

Married Jessie Bressler, 

Harvey Weaver. 

Born June 4, 1878. 

r Roena H. Wilkinson. 

Born August 19, 1865. 
Died September 20, 1865. 

Anna L. Wilkinson. 

Born March 27, 1867. 
Married John F. Hazeltine. 
Address, Hamilton, O. 


Frankie T. Wilkinson. 
Born June 12, 1869. 
Died July 30, 1869. 

Ella R. Wilkinson. 

Born May 20, 1871. 
Died July 23, 1871. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 




OTho L. Morricai,. 

Born August 4, 1891. 

Ruth Morricai,. 

Born August 12, 1893. 

EiXA Morricai,. 

Born June 7, 1895. 


Eva White. 

Born October 29, 1895. 

Clyde D. Hazeltine. 

Born November 22, 1885. 

Nettie M. Hazeltine. 
Born April 9, 1887. 

Marie Hazei/tine. 

Born October 14, 1888. 

Frank Hazeltine. 

Born November 12, 1891. 

Margaret Hazei/tine. 

Born September 5, 1894. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 



7.* Francis M. Wilkinson.— Cont'd. 


f Reily Wilkinson. 

Born March 15, 1873. 
Died August 10, 1873. 

James R. Wilkinson. 

Born November 28, 1875. 

Harry H. Wilkinson. 
Born May 6, 1877. 

Abigail Wilkinson. 

Born April 10, 1879. 

William H. Wilkinson. 

Born November 27, 1880. 

Nancy Jane Wilkinson. 
Born May 13, 1883. 

Francis M. Wilkinson, Jr. 
Born March 13, 1885. 

8. Rebecca E. Wilkinson. 
Born June 12, 1848. 
Married David Tracy, 187 1 ; 

and had two children. 
Address, New Castle, Ind. 

Archibald W. Tracy. 

Born February 12, 1872. 
Married Selma A. Moffatt, 

Address, Hartford City, Ind. 

Mary Eunice Tracy. 

Born December 3, 1877. 

9, John D. Wilkinson. 
Born June 18, 1850. 
Address, Oxford, O. 

10. Sarah E. Wilkinson. 

Born December 10, 185 1. 
Died March 8, 1853. 

11. Harriet E. Wilkinson. 
Born June 26, 1856. 
Married Oren Whipple, 1877 ; 

and had two children. 
She died November 12, 1887. 
Address, Reily, O. 

Guy Whipple. 

Born December 14, 1878. 

Ira J. Whipple. 

Born October 19, 1881. 

Record of the De Camp Family. 149 

mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 

Great-Qrandohildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

Archie M. Tracy. 

Born November 20, 1895. 


Record of the De Camp Family. 

mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 


12. Gideon J. Wilkinson. 

Born December 31, 1858. 
Married Eliza Gaston, 1876; 

and had four children. 
Address, Reily, O. 

13. Am adore Wilkinson. 
Born January 22, 1861. 
Married Lewis Becket, 1881. 
She died August 2, 1884. 


Allan G. Wilkinson. 

Born March 2, 1877. 

Ruth T. Wilkinson. 

Born March 28, 1879. 
Married Isaac Woodruff, 

Crystal Belle Wilkinson. 
Born April 16, 1883. 

Hamer D. Wilkinson. 
Born July 16, 1884. 
Died December 5, 1884. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 151 

mary decamp Wilkinson's family. 

Qreat-Qrandohildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 


Born in Butler County, Ohio, January 17, 1820. 
Died at Hart well, Ohio, December 16, 1891. 


Lambert, the sixteenth child of Ezekiel and Mary De Camp, 
was born in Butler County, Ohio, January 17, 1820. He came 
to Cincinnati in the spring of 1837, and served his apprentice- 
ship as bricklayer with his brother Hiram. He was converted, 
and joined the Western Charge, Fourth Street Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, in the fall of that year. 

After a residence of seven years, on June 6, 1844, he married 
Elizabeth Folger, a woman of rare character and disposition. 
To this union five children were born, the last one, Elizabeth, 
April 26, 1854. A few weeks later, on June 1st, the mother died. 

On September 4, 1856, he married Lydia Garwood, by whom 
he had five children. " He was a good man and true, possessing 
the respect and confidence of all who knew him." 

He was for many years an active member of Trinity Methodist 
Episcopal Church, and was especially fond of music, being a fine 
singer. His last important business service was supervising the 
stone-work in the new Cincinnati Custom-house and Post-office. 

He spent the last decade of his life in the beautiful suburb of 
Hartwell, near Cincinnati, where his widow survives him, full of 
gracious kindliness and activity in Church-work. 

For years he and his brother Job — the two youngest of the 
seventeen — dwelt side by side in true brotherhood on Wesley 
Avenue, and formerly on Laurel Street, Cincinnati. 

The death of his brother Daniel, in 1884, left Lambert, for 
seven years, the sole surviving brother. 


The immediate relatives in Cincinnati and vicinity showed 
their affectionate esteem for him by visiting him in a body on 
the afternoon and evening of November 5, 1885, of which the 
papers spoke as follows : 

" The residence of Mr. Lambert De Camp, in the beautitul 


156 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

suburban village of Hartwell, was the scene last evening of a 
family reunion, which, for numbers in attendance and enjoyable 
gatherings, has never been excelled. In response to invitations 
issued among the members of this family, a very large number 
met at the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Depot yesterday 
evening. A special car was attached to the five o'clock north- 
bound train for the accommodation of the party. One of the 
most pleasant features of the reunion was that the visitors were 
not expected, and the arrival of so numerous a congregation of 
relatives was an overwhelming surprise to Mr. Lambert De Camp. 
Greetings and congratulations usurped the first half hour after 
the visitors arrived. Then came one of the most interesting 
scenes of the evening. Mr. Ezekiel De Camp had been selected 
as the member of the family who should deliver an address ex- 
pressing the greetings of those assembled, and also to bestow a 
token of love and esteem upon their beloved relative. This 
choice was happily made, and Mr. De Camp absorbed the atten- 
tion of all for a short space of time. His manner and address 
were very pleasing. 

" After his remarks there were renewed greetings, during 
which Mr. De Camp was presented with an elegant cane, and 
Mrs. DeCamp with a handsome set of table china complete. 
The cane is an elegant ebony staff with a carved gold handle, on 
which is inscribed, ' Lambert DeCamp, November 5, 1885, from 
his brothers' children.' 

" The visitors had come well prepared to further the enjoy- 
ment with toothsome dainties. The adjoining residence, Mrs. 
Margaret De Camp's, was thrown open, and soon tables were 
groaning under the weight of luxurious dainties. 

" Mr. Lambert De Camp is the survivor of twelve brothers, 
nine of whom have grown up and been closely identified with 
the history of Cincinnati. They were all mechanics, and, by a 
course of honorable and upright dealings, have secured to them- 
selves a competency. 

" Previous to the visitors dispersing to their several homes, a 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 157 

permanent organization, with a view of keeping a family record 
intact, and for the purpose of holding annual reunions, was 
effected. Mr. E. L. De Camp was selected as president, Mr. J. M. 
De Camp, secretary, and Mr. Hiram De Camp, treasurer. 

"Among the members of the family present were: Mrs. Hiram 
DeCamp, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. 
De Camp, Mr. Hiram De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Q. Maddox, 
Mrs. Sylvia De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry Holtzinger, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Spear, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. 
De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. John R. De Camp, Mrs. Joanna De Camp, 
Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. James M. De Camp, 
Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Conner, Mr. Henry De Camp, Mrs. Joseph ' 
De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. James F. De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Ezekiel 
L. De Camp, Mrs. Olive Morten, Mrs. Alice Moffett, Daniel 
De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman 
DeCamp, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeCamp, Lambert DeCamp and 
wife (Mrs. Lydia DeCamp), Frank DeCamp, Joe DeCamp, 
Mrs. Margaret De Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Albert De Camp, and Mr. 
and Mrs. Horace Justice. ,, 

His funeral, in December, 1891, was from the Methodist 
Church in Hartwell, his pastor, Dr. Howard Henderson, officiat- 
ing, assisted by his former pastor at Trinity, Dr. David H. Moore. 
His six sons were present, and bore him to his rest. 

His children by his first wife were: Charles, William, 
Lydia, George, and Elizabeth. 

By his second wife : Hiram, Joseph, Arthur, Anna, and 


Record of the De Camp Family. 



Charges L. DeCamp. 
Born May I, 1845. 
Married Matilda L. Holmes, 
1868 ; and had thirteen chil- 
He died April ir, 1896. 
Address, Bellevue, Ky. 

2. William H. DE Camp. 

Born November 21, 1846. 

Married Emma A. Felton, 1877; 
and had two children. 

Wife died December 29, 1880. 

Married second time to Mar- 
garet K. Brown, 1883; and 
had one child. 

Address, Chicago. 

3. Lydia C. De Camp. 

Born January 6, 1848. 
Died January 6, 1848. 


Mary DbCamp. 

Born October 25, 1869. 
Died June 28, 1870. 

William DeCamp. 

Born J anuary 7, 1 87 1 . 

Lambert De Camp. 

Born August 3, 1872. 
Married Alice Cunningham, 

Jesse De Camp. 

Born September 22, 1874. 

Seth De Camp. 

Born January 28, 1876. 

George De Camp. 

Born November 22, 1877. 

Joseph De Camp. 

Born December 3, 1879. 

Elizabeth DeCamp. 

Born October 2, 1881. 

Hulda DeCamp. 

Born April 24, 1883. 
Died July 22, 1883. 

Martha DeCamp. 

Born May 9, 1884. 

Charles DeCamp. 

Born August 16, 1886. 
Died April 11, 1896. 

Horace DeCamp. 

Born March 9, 1888. 
Died March 9, 1888. 

Benjamin DeCamp. 

Born September 25, 1889. 

Mary Adelaide DeCamp. 
Born January 27, 1879. 

Cyrus Felton De Camp. 

Born December 16, 1880. 
Died February 12, 1881. 

Grace Folger De Camp. 
Born March 21, 1885. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 159 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 


Record of the DeCamp Family. 



4. George Asbury De Camp. 

Born December 25, 1848. 
Died December 25, 1848. 

5. Euzabeth F. De Camp. 

Born April 26, 1854. 
Died June 26, 1854. 



6. Hiram A. De Camp. 
Born May 31, 1857. 
Married Claribel Brashears, 

Address, Cincinnati, O. 

Dorothy De Camp. 

Born May 25, 1892. 
Died May 26, 1892. 

Lawrence EiyUNGTON DeCamp. 
Born June 8, 1893. 

Vincent De Camp. 

Born March 3, 1895. 

Joseph Rodefer De Camp. 
Born November 5, 1858. 
Married Edith Baker, 1891. 
Artist, Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Paui, De Camp. 
Born July 28, i860. 
Married Alice B. Tebbetts, 1886. 
Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

Anna Mary De Camp. 
Born October 31, 1863. 
Died February 13, 1866. 

Sarah Baker De Camp. 
Born July 24, 1892. 

Theodore Lambert De Camp. 
Born February 14, 1894. 

Lydia Garwood De Camp. 

Born September 27, 1895. 

Frank Baker De Camp. 
Born July 8, 1866. 
Married Helen M. Jewett, 1891. 
Address, St. Louis, Mo. 

Arthur Lambert De Camp. 
Born February 20, 1894. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 161 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 

job decamp. 

Born in Butler County, Ohio, March II, 1822. 
Died in Cincinnati, February 10, 1877. 

job decamp. 

Job, the seventeenth and youngest child of Ezekiel and Mary 
De Camp, was born near Oxford, Butler County, Ohio, March n, 
1822, and died in Cincinnati, February 10, 1877. In 1839 he 
came to Cincinnati, and entered into business relation with his 
brother James, and from that time until his death he resided 
in Cincinnati. He was married to Margaret B. Jacobs, May 8, 
1844, who survives him. (Subsequently died, November 16, 
1888, and was known for her goodness of heart and sweetness of 
disposition.) In 1842 he lost his brother John. This bereave- 
ment, in connection with the dying request of his brother that 
he would meet him in heaven, made an impression so deep that 
he determined to set about the work of seeking salvation, and he 
united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at the " Old Brick 
Church," then located on the corner of Fourth and Plum Streets. 
In the same year he was converted at the Duck Creek Camp- 
ground. In 1848 he moved his membership to Christie Chapel. 
Soon after he was appointed a class-leader and steward. These 
two offices he filled with great acceptability and profit for nearly 
twenty-six years. 

In the Sabbath-school he was an earnest worker for years. 
His straightforward frankness, joined with his ready sympathy 
with the young, made him a favorite with this class, and he was 
not only a useful Sabbath-school worker, but he was the chosen 
leader of the Young People's Prayer-meeting for years. 

In his benevolent contributions he always devised liberal 

The relations between him and his pastors were always of 
the warmest character. 

He was the pastor's true friend. It was not the privilege of 

the writer to know the deceased in his strength and vigor. Our 

acquaintance began in, and was confined to, the narrow limits of 

Record of the De Camp Family. 165 

the sick-room. Brief, however, as it was, we may be indulged in 
noting some of the impressions there received. Perhaps the 
first and strongest was the simplicity of his Christian faith. We 
were impressed with his strong desire to live to do good, and yet 
such was his confidence in the wisdom of God that he was en- 
abled to, say, " The will of the Lord is done." We were further 
deeply impressed with his sturdy loyalty to his Church, and es- 
pecially to his Church-home, Christie Chapel. We scarcely ever 
sat by his bed when he did not inquire, with tenderest concern, 
how the work was going. When he came to die, the light of 
life shone all around him, and his dying words were, "All is 
well! All is well!" 

— Rev. William Runyan, in Western Christian Advocate. 

Job was not only indefatigable in his business and reaped the 
rewards of his diligence, but he had an unusually cheery and 
sunny disposition, bright, alert, and enthusiastic. 

The children of Job and Margaret De Campwere Emmazetta, 
Albert, Ellis, and Orietta. 

1 66 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 



i. Emmazetta Jane DeCamp. 
Born December 16, 1846. 
Died September 7, 1849. 


2. Albert Jacobs De Camp. 
Born July 16, 1850. 
Married Carrie Oblinger, 1873 ; 

and had three children. 
Address, Hartwell, O. 

Eujs O. De Camp. 

Born April 4, 1874. 

Marion DeCamp. 

Born July 30, 1878. 

Alberta DeCamp. 

Born February 11, 1890. 

Eiyiyis Faulkner DeCamp. 
Born August 31, 1852. 
Died August 31, 1871. 

Orietta Lee De Camp. 
Born September 19, 1856. 
Died December 8, 1859. 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 167 


Great-grandchildren. Great-great-grandchildren. 




JUNE i, 1896. 

Note. — The relationship is to the grandparents and not to their chil- 
dren, as given throughout the book for family convenience. 


Phebe Hand 

Hannah Hand, 

David De Camp, 

Walter De Camp, 

Hiram De Camp, 

John De Camp, 

Harvey De Camp, 

Joseph De Camp, 

Margaret Misener-Hanlon, . 

Henry De Camp, 

Daniel De Camp, 

James De Camp, 

Moses De Camp, 

Sarah St. Clair, 

Mary Wilkinson, 

Lambert De Camp, . . . . 
Job De Camp, 























17 61 67 237 97 
Deduct descendants of second cousins recorded 

214 35 
twice, . 







LIVING JUNE i, 1896. 

Mary Hand Randall. 

Ellis Hand. 

Harvey Hand. 

Sarah Hand Alexander. 

Born in 1818. 
Sylvester Hand. 

Born in the I820'8. 

Rebecca Hand Mustin. 
Samantha Hand Lindley. 
Jackson Misener. 

Born in 
Rhoda De Camp Neptune. 
Elmira De Camp Hidley. 
Elizabeth Hand Stevenson. 
John D. Hand. 
Miranda Wilkinson McCoy. 
Abigail Wilkinson Finch. 
Hiram Hand. 

Harriet Misener Weatherby. 
John B. Misener. 

Born in 
Adeline Wilkinson Weaver. 
Francis M. Wilkinson. 
Rebecca Wilkinson Tracy. 
David D. Hanlon. 
John W. St. Clair. 
Elizabeth St. Clair Alexander. 
Christianna St. Clair Yeager. 
Caleb B. De Camp. 
Hiram De Camp. 
Caleb O. De Camp. 
James M. De Camp. 

THE I830'8. 

Mary Misener Protzman. 
Lucinda Hanlon O'Neal. 
Mary St. Clair Branch. 
Phebe St. Clair Davis. 
Sarah De Camp Perkins. 
Celia De Camp Line. 
Edwin F. De Camp. 
Mary De Camp Stevens. 
Ezekiel L. De Camp. 

THE I840'8. 

Annie De Camp Umberger. 
Henrietta De Camp Peet. 
Laura De Camp Holtzinger. 
William F. De Camp. 
Anna De Camp Spear. 
Lyman B. De Camp. 
John R. De Camp. 
William H. DeCamp. 
Olive De Camp Morten. 
Alice De Camp Moffett. 

John D. Wilkinson. 
Gideon J. Wilkinson. 
Ella De Camp Maddox. 
Joanna DeCamp Conner 
Henry E. De Camp. 
Louis C. De Camp. 

Arthur P. De Camp. 

Born in the I850's. 

Emma De Camp Baker. 
Daniel B. De Camp. 
Fred. S. De Camp. 
Hiram A. De Camp. 
Joseph R. DeCamp. 
Albert J. De Camp. 

Born in the I860'8. 

Frank B. De Camp. 
Total, 61. 


At the close of the Civil War, in March, 1865, a month be- 
fore the death of President Lincoln, the eight De Camp brothers 
then living — David, Walter, Hiram Harvey, Joseph, Daniel, 
Lambert, and Job — went East in a body, enjoying themselves in 
New York City, stopping to visit relatives in the ancestral home 
at Westfield, New Jersey, where the Presbyterian Church was 
given them for Sunday evening service of praise and experience. 

Upon visiting the Capital, they were introduced to President 
Lincoln by Judge William Johnston, of * Cincinnati, as eight 
brothers, all of whom had voted for him and daily prayed for 
Divine guidance in his behalf. The President cordially shook 
hands with each one, saying a kindly word to each, and when he 
came to Job, the youngest, the President remarked that he envied 
him his name, as he needed patience. Job wittily replied: "But 
you have a better name already — Abraham, the father of the 

It was at this period that the group-picture was taken, which 
is shown in this book. 

first decamp family reunion, june i, 18^. 



Brother Simpson, — I have witnessed a family meeting, per- 
haps, in all its interests, unparalleled in history. The family 
was that of Ezekiel De Camp and his wife, Mary De Camp, who 
are now living in Reily Township, Butler County, Ohio. The 
family consists of the parents, seventeen children — twelve sons 
and five daughters. One son died at the age of ten years and 
two months. Sixteen lived to be heads of families. Two have 
deceased since their marriage. The eleven sons who grew to 
manhood all learned to be tradesmen, as follows : Four carpen- 
ters, five bricklayers and plasterers, one millwright, and one 
stone-cutter. All have become virtuous and prominent men in 
the Church of Jesus Christ and in their several trades and re- 
lations to society. There are nine of them living in Cincinnati ; 
and, as to their mechanical labor, and almost every enterprise, 
whether social or benevolent, they are not surpassed by the same 
number of any other family. In the families of those sixteen 
children there are eighty-eight grandchildren now living, twenty 
grandchildren having died, making one hundred and eight grand- 
children. Fifteen of these grandchildren have been married, 
one of whom has since died. In these fifteen families there are 
twenty-eight great-grandchildren living, two have died, making, 
in all, thirty great-grandchildren. 

We have the following statistical account: Father Ezekiel 
De Camp, aged seventy-two years next October ; Mother Mary 
De Camp, aged seventy-one years next June. Children living, 
fourteen ; dead, three. Grandchildren living, eighty-eight ; dead, 
twenty. Great-grandchildreri living, twenty-eight; dead, two. 
Relations by marriage, living, thirty ; dead, three. Making, liv- 
ing, one hundred and sixty-two; dead, twenty-eight. There 
were present, on this occasion : the parents, two; children, four- 
teen ; grandchildren, eighty-two; great-grandchildren, twenty- 
two; related by marriage, thirty; in all, one hundred and fifty. 


172 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

Six living grandchildren and six living great-grandchildren were 
not present, making twelve. By adding those deceased, twenty- 
seven, we have the remarkable family of one hundred and eighty- 
nine persons, descendants from these two parents. 

The parents invited this large family to pay them a visit, 
which is the one I am trying to describe. A more interesting 
sight I never saw. It was as interesting to some as the World's 
Fair would have been, and perhaps more so. They all seated 
themselves at the collation, which was very excellent and very 
neatly arranged in the form of a hollow square, with a table in 
the center. Around the center table the father and mother, their 
brothers and sisters, with husbands and wives, who were present, 
with the ministers and their families who were present, were 
seated ; while the children, with their families and descendants, 
were seated around the hollow square. 

After they were all seated, the writer of this sketch then 
made the above statistical account known to all present, and re- 
marked briefly upon the following points : 

i* The social relation or enjoyments of society : (i) Its happi- 
ness ; and (2) Its uses, from the care of parents to the interest 
we feel in even acquaintances. 

2. We must have a good, moral ' character, in order either to 
enjoy happiness or impart it in the social relation. 

3. That the gospel of Christ was the only system that taught 
this relation and character, and was the only source of true joy — 
the only way to heaven. There were of this family belonging 
to the Christian Church, both parents, thirteen of the children, 
and twelve of the grandchildren. We then invoked the blessing 
of heaven upon the aged parents and all their descendants. 

They then feasted heartily and pleasantly together, and di- 
vided the " Family Cake " among them. It was six feet in cir- 
cumference, and worked in some beautiful devices on the top — 
two hands in a grip of friendship, with the word " United " im- 
mediately under — which were very expressive, and suited to the 
occasion. At the close of the repast, a short address was given 
by Brother Tenny — a Presbyterian minister of the New School — 
very appropriate, and full of feeling. He dwelt upon the extraor- 
dinary meeting he was permitted to witness. Such a sight he 
never expected again to witness. He had seen several meetings, 

Record of the Be Camp Family. 173 

but none, in all its parts, agreed to this one. He then referred 

to the mercy of God in sparing the parents and children. He 

then spoke of a final meeting in heaven, where they would enjoy 

a happy meeting forever, and closed by a very appropriate prayer 

and benediction. All present, who had not partaken, were then 

invited to partake of the repast. After spending an hour or two 

in pleasant conversation, they parted, perhaps to meet no more 

till the great day. 

Rev. B. P. Wheat. 

COUNTY, JUNE i, 1870. 

[Cincinnati Commercial, June 2, 1870.] 

A special train over the Junction Railroad left the Cincin- 
nati, Hamilton and Dayton Depot at half-past six o'clock yesterday 
morning, conveying the numerous members of the De Camp 
family to the old homestead in Reily Township, Butler County, 
for a grand family reunion, the first in nineteen years. 

Arriving at Hamilton, a large deputation of relatives was taken 
from the down train from Dayton, and at half-past eight o'clock 
a mustering of the clans took place at Wood's Station, on the 
Junction Road, about four miles on the Hamilton side of Oxford. 
A number of carriages and wagons were in waiting at Wood's 
to convey visitors to the farm, where extensive preparations 
were already made to receive and entertain them. The home- 
stead is a plain, substantial brick house, surrounded by a neat 
lawn, and well stocked for home support. 

The novelty of the gathering together at one board two or 
three generations of one family, invested the occasion with un- 
usual interest, nor was there one who saw it that will ever forget 
the sight. There were the very old, the old, the middle-aged, 
the young, all mingled in happy confusion, kindness and affec- 
tion beaming from every countenance, and expressions of friend- 
ship flowing from every heart. 

The lawn in front of the homestead was canopied with green 
branches shading the table, which was set for three hundred 
guests, and forming a hollow square, in the center of which 
stood a table, cruciform in shape, supporting a huge cake, a mar- 
vel of the confectioner's art, upon which were inscribed the bap- 
tismal names of the De Camp family, living and dead, com- 
mencing with the father and mother. The board literally groaned 
under the weight of viands, and was divided off into sections for 
each family, with the names conspicuously displayed on cards. 
After a few hours spent in social pleasure — pretty cousins com- 
ing in for an allowable amount of osculatory greeting — the older 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 175 

and less sentimental comparing notes of experience overlapping 
forty years, the young fellows getting up an appetite on a game 
of base-ball that stood 21 to 23, and the babies enjoying the in- 
disputable privilege of hearty squalling— dinner was announced, 
and the entire assembly seated themselves around the hospitable 
board. Harvey De Camp, of Cincinnati, gave the word of cheer, 
and bade his friends and kindred welcome. The venerable 
Father Wright, of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Glendale, 
invoked the Divine blessing, and then the feast began. Substan- 
tiate and delicacies disappeared. Attentions were showered 
upon each other until an electric good feeling extended around 
the board, that flashed out from sparkling eyes, and hissed and 
hummed and buzzed in a thousand expressions of cordial fellow- 

Seated at the cruciform table in the center were relatives from 
New Jersey, several invited guests, and the following clergymen : 
Father Wright, William H. Babbitt, Glendale ; W. X. Ninde, 
J. J. Thompson, F. S. DeHass, J. F. McClelland, Robert Vigeon, 
Cincinnati ; William A. Robinson, Venice ; and A. Bowers, 
Winton Place ; and it will not be wondered if a newspaper re- 
porter or two found their way to the guests' table. 

Said Harvey, during the progress of the feast, " Our oldest 
brother, David, will cut the family cake :" and David, armed with 
a huge carver, expeditiously and skillfully demolished a hundred 
pounds of Keppler's sweetness, and sent it in bounteous subdi- 
visions to the heads of families, to be tasted, and talked about, 
and subdivided again, like a wedding cake, for absent friends. 


The DeCamp family are of French-Huguenot origin. The 
Cincinnati branch came from near Westfield, New Jersey, in 
1812, Ezekiel DeCamp and his wife, Mary — the father and 
mother — having left that State for the " Far West " in that event- 
ful year. They emigrated with ten children, and purchasing a 
quarter section' of forest-land in Butler County, settled down to 
the hard and comfortless life of the pioneer. One acre only of 
the oak-forest was cleared, and upon this stood a log cabin. 
Indians lurked around, and made life hazardous ; wolves howled 
at night, and made it hideous. The story of every pioneer's life 

176 Record of the DeCamp Family. 

was repeated in theirs. Their struggle amid the austerities and 
privations of uncultivated nature need not be related here. Suffice 
to say that, through it all, the father and mother instilled into the 
minds of their seventeen children — seven being born in Ohio — 
the principles of honesty and industry that have characterized 
them in public and private life ever since. The Bible was the 
family reading, and its precepts were inculcated with a clearness 
and fidelity that impressed them indelibly upon the young minds, 
and was never forgotten by them. 

After the dinner yesterday, and the division of the family cake, 
Daniel De Camp formally called the meeting together, and, after 
briefly sketching the history of the family as given, read the fol- 
lowing interesting statistics of the offspring of Ezekiel and Mary 
De Camp : 

There are now living : children, ten ; grandchildren, eighty- 
nine ; great-grandchildren, one hundred and fifty-six ; great- 
great-grandchildren, ten. 

Dead : father and mother ; children, 7 ; grandchildren, thirty- 
nine ; great-grandchildren, forty-nine ; added by marriage, ninety- 
three. Had all lived, the family would have numbered three 
hundred and sixty-three, and, including the additions by mar- 
riage, four hundred and fifty-six. Had father and mother lived 
to be as old as their parents, who also died on the Butler County 
homestead, they would have been permitted to see such a sight 
of progeny as few behold in this life — they having lived to the 
advanced age of ninety-three years. 

There were present at the gathering one hundred and ninety- 
eight of the original stock; sixty-eight were absent. Of the 
connections by marriage there were sixty-three present, making 
a total of two hundred and sixty-one enjoying one of the most 
remarkable family reunions in the history of the West. 

There has been no death in the family proper since 1858, and 
they are all remarkably healthy and vigorous. 

The Cincinnati De Camps are Hiram, aged sixty-five years ; 
Harvey, sixty-two ; Joseph, sixty ; Daniel, fifty-six ; Lambert 
fifty ; Job, forty-eight. They were all mechanics and builders, 
evidences of their skill and industry being seen in Trinity Meth- 
odist Episcopal and St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Churches; 
Wesleyan Female College ; Carlisle's, Boylan's, Bishop's, Glenn's, 

Record of the DeCamp Family. 177 

Cleneay's, and other large business blocks ; in several common 
school-houses ; and the depots of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and 
Dayton, the Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and Cincinnati and 
Marietta Railroads. 

A social feature of the reunion yesterday was brief speeches 
by the clergymen already named, and, contrary to what may be 
popularly supposed, the clerical speeches sparkled with wit and 
overflowed with humor which no reportorial art may transfer to 
this cold and unsympathetic page. Interspersed with songs of 
praise heartily joined in by all, there was a jubilation felt which 
blood-warm sympathy only can afford. It seems profane to de- 
scribe it, and, as a fitting finale, Ezekiel, one of the sons of 
Joseph, offered a resolution, which was adopted unanimously, 
that the De Camp Encampment be repeated at least every seven 
years in the time to com.e. 

The happy meeting dissolved at six o'clock, and the special train 
returned to the city at eight o'clock last night, without a single 
circumstance occurring to mar its harmony or cast a shade of re- 
gret over the pleasant memory it will leave.