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THE KEUOnDER - 1695-1920 
Toronto Bible College 




Presentea by the 
General Alumni Association 

.December. /9.40. 

Tyndale Library 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 





IN-.. 1 

I ^iw, llltlllllllllMIt 



Lowthcr Avenue. 

west of 

Waiiner Road. 




«Kkv. K.i.Muiii. iWMKxa. n. A. Presideiit. 

Botlicdcii. Walmer Road. Toronto 

•Wm. FKROVSOs,.S«(/vr((r//, 

lisi Spaauiii Ave., Toronto. 

•JOSKI'II N. SiiKXsiKNK. Treasurer. 

lij NValnKM- Koad, Toronto. 

Rkv Wm. Stewakt, D.D.. rriMcO^aL 

((H! Spadina Avenue. Toronto. 

Rev. O. J. BiSHDf. Toronto Rev. D. McTavish. D.Se.. 
•J. R. Cavkks, Gait. 

G. B. Mkadows, Toronto. 


*J. D. Na'smith, Toronto. 
.John Northwav. Toronto 
Rev. H M.Paksuns.D.D.. 


Thos. S. Coi.E, Toronto. 
C C<X)K, Brantford. 
J. W. Fi.AVKi.i-K, Toronto 
Gko. FdSTKH, Brantford. 
H. W. Fkost, Toronto. 
J. J. Gar rsHoUK, Toronto 
C. S. GzowsKi..Jr..Toronto j^,,,,; i'ksmax, Par 
K. M. HuBsox, Shanghai, j^ j Rkysolks, Brock- 
China, villc. 
George W. Honcriis. 3 ^y Rouertsox. Kinp:- 
St. Catliiirines. ston. 

*Rev. E Hix.i ER. M.D.. »^ Sampson, Toronto. 
Toronto. ^^^. j3 g,.^.^.^^.„ 

Kev. ii'REO. K. Ilowirr. p r G.S., Brantford. 

Handlton. j^. ^^^. ^^^^^ Toronto. 
Rev. T. B. HV1.E. Toronto. ^^^, ^ w.„.,^.,ce. 
R. KiLGOiR, Toronto. Belleville 

J. Mackay, Woodstock, nyy th<»s. Warhrofk. 
Rev.R.P. MacKav, B.A , D.D., Gutlpli. 

The memhers irlinne nnines are inarkvl thug 'form 

the F.rtcutive Council. 
The names of other friend" in iini>ortant centri-f an- 
yet to lie added lo the General Coniuil. 

Oi'R Djcsion. -The jjreat flcsifjn of tlic 
School is tlie training of con.stv.rated nun 
and women for Ciiristian service at liome 
and abroad. 

No Dbbt.— In caiTviiiir on the School, 
the Officers and Council desire not to in- 
cur any debt. They look to the Lord foi 
the necessary means, as He may put ic 
into the hearts of His people to i^ivj t!."'- 
freewill pfferintrs. 

roNTUinuTiON'S.— Aay friends desirii.f_ 
to have fellowship in tlie work, may send 
their contrilnitions to the Treasurer, lt> 
Walmer Road, Toronto, or to the Secre- 
tary, (>8l Sjiadina Avenue. Toronta 

- — - 

iNsiKicroRs ank Lecturers tOr iwi.l-'.t ;. 


W.M. Stewart. D.I). 


W.M. MaiWim.iam. LL.B. 


Ei,.M<)RE Harris, B A. 


T. C. Des Harres, .\I.A. 


W. .1. Kl!!>.MAX, D.D. 


K. llonl'EK. M.D. 


T. B. Hvi.E. 


, I). McTavisii. U.S( . 


W. (;. .\I<K.REIIEA1>. 1).1». 

1' .. 

■' .\1 l'\RS(>X>, l).I). 

M ^m 1.11:. I).l> 


The second session of the School opened 
with a very encouraging attendance. The 
enrolment of rei^ular students in the Day 
Classes up to the end of November has 
been 37, of whom 1<> are young men. The 
enrolment in the Evening Classes at t^e 
same date is 104. Three of the l>ay stu- 
dents have had to leave on account of ill- 
healtli, much to their regret and ours: 
but we hoiie they will soon l)e enabled to 
resume their .studies witli us. The attend- 
ance at the Evening Classes has been more 
regular than last session, and a deep in- 
terest is taken in the more thorough 
course of study that is now pursued. We 
are thankful that so many consecrated 
young men and women are now receiving 
instruction in the School and we will 
gladly welcome others of similar sjiirit. 
Onr earnest and prayerful desire is that 
the School may be used of the Lord to 
equip very many for effective service in 
• very part of the world . 

tul: recorder. 

Special Lecturers. 

TiiK lirst of the special Lecturers for 
the present session was the Itev. W. J. 
Erdiniiii, D.I)., of Philadelpliia. He gave 
two woeks of valued services both to the 
Day anil Eveninj; Classes. To the former 
he lectured on the Epistles to the Gal- 
atiaus and Colossians, giving an admir- 
able analysis of both, while the latter 
were conduct fd throut;h a thorough 
course of study on "The Glorj- of God." 
Manj' visitors attended the classes during 
Dr. Erdman's instructions. 

The second of the siiecial Lecturers v^ras 
the Rev. Dr. Hooper, of Toronto, who 
gave a course of four studies on " The 
Tabernacle," illustrating his subject bj' 
an excellent model. The spiritual truths 
taught by the different parts and arrange- 
ments of the sacred jilace were clearly and 
in»pressively presented. 

A third course of lectures on special 
aspects of Missionary work is now being 
given on alternate Fridays by Kev. K. P. 
Mackay, Foreign Mission .Secretary of the 
;e'-:an Church. These are able, 
iveaud pfiiilij'rly valuable to our 
students, who all have a deep intercsf in 
Missions, and many of whom are lookinj^ 
forward to labors in ^e Foreign Field. 

The President of tlic School, Rev. 
Eluiure Harris. l)Huins tin's month a ( ourse 
of lectures to theTue.'iday evening class on 
the IZpistle to the Hel>re\vs. 

Occasional Lectures. 
\'ery interesting lectures have been 
given to the students by Rev. A. S. Lamb, 
of the North African Mission, on Moham- 
me<lanisni. and the Work among the Ka- 
byles: by Mr. Horace Govan, on the 
Work of the Faith Mission of Scotland in 
the neglected districts of the old land ; 
and by Rev. I). Herron, representing the 
Mi.-sion to the Lepers in India. The ad- 
dre.H,s«'H of these experienced and devoted 
Hervants of the Lord have been found to 
>ie most instructive and stimulating. 

The Library. 
' ral additional gifts have been pre- 
1 to our little librar}', among 
which are .some eighty books from Mr. 
.T. D. -\a-smith. A reading table with 
•(ome excellent perio<licals lias been lately 
Iw'gun. Donations of suitable books and 
l»aper» are much needed. 

Regular Work of the School. 

The following is the schedule of work in 
the Day Classes for the present term : — 
Monday, Wednesuay and Friday. 
9.0(> to f).5()— New Testament Gi-eek. 
J»..">0 " 10.00— Opening Exercises. 
10.00 " 10.40— Old Testaments 

Exegesis I two 
" — Harmony of I classes. 
Gospels. j 

10.10 " 11.20— New Testament, Outlines 

of Books. 
11.20 " 12.(M)- Bible Doctrines. 

Alternate Fridays — Lectures on Practi- 
cal Work, and Missionary Addreises. 

Tuesday and Thursday. 
9.00 to 9.50— English. 
9.50 " 10.00— Opening Exercises. 
10 00 " 10.40— Evidences of Christianity. 
10.40 " 11.20— Preparation for Bible Read- 
ings— Ladiks. 
" " — Homiletics— ]\Ien. 
11.20 " 12.00— Bible Doctrines. 
A Devotional hour every Tuesday. 
These classes are conducted by Dr. 
Stewart and Mr. MacWilliam. The lec- 
tures on Practical Work by ^Ir. Fergu- 
son are a new and much appreciated 
feature of the course. 

Evening Classes. 
The Tuesday' evening class lias been en- 
gaged in the study of Bible I)octrines and 
Outlines of the New Testament Books, 
wliile the Thursday evening class has 
been occupied with the Harmony of the 
Gospels, and Old Testament Outlines. 

Public Opening Meeting. 

The public opening meeting of the 
Bible Training School was held in the 
Northern Congregational Church, of this 
city, on the evening of October 8th. The 
president. Rev. Elmore Harris, occujjied 
the chair, and there was a large atten- 
dance. Messrs. Hyde, Hooper, Denovan 
and Stewart took part in the proceedings, 
and Dr. Erdman delivered a very able ad- 
dress on Bible study. The meeting was 
profitable in itself, and helpful in bringing 
I he work of the School before the Christian 
public of Toronto. 

The subjects selected for the essays of 
the present term have been:— "The 
Me.ssiah in the Pentateuch" "The Epistle 
to the (Jalatians" "The Attributes of 
(iod"and"The Missionarv .Tonrncvs of 


Students' Public Meeting:. 

The followint; is the programme of the 
first students" public meeting? of tlie ses- 
sion, to be lu'ld in the lecture room of the 
Walmer lload Cliurch, on the evening of 
Fridaj', l.)eceml)er (itli : — 

Devotional Exercises. 

Tlie Powtr of I'niver J. H. Bruce. 

Paul, tlu> MiAsionarv -Vi.i» A. FiaHnr. 

„ . ,,, , , .,, „ i Miss K. liichaiilson. 

Tli.C'liristiaii's Offering L.S. Sirrell. 

Thf 0<>i«lniv« of CicHl Mrs. ./. K. M'utsoii. 

Quarti'ttt'. '-Help Mu to f Sfessrs. Dri/c., Iliiirdl, 

W Hilly " I Sirrell iiinl U'ih-nx. 

The Claim* of Mi.islons J. H'. U'ilmx. 

God"s K«H.M>iiitJ Power Miss li. fl. Wood. 

Solo, " GikI will Take Care of You. " 

Miss E. Richardson. 


Quartette, "The Whole I Messrs. Beare, Bryce, 
Wide World for Je.<u^<."\ Burrell and M't/cox. 


All friends of the School are cordially in\ited. 

divide the Word of Truth, a f?reat work. 

in these clays of doubt and unbelief, would 
be accomplished. 

The exi>enses are considerable for in- 
structors, si)ecial lecturers and incidentals , 
and we require for this session, l8'J5-4>, 
$8000. We have no reserve fund, and 
have to look to the Lord's stewards to 
help us to carrj' on the work with their 
free-will offerings. So far, in donations 
from friends, we have had Slloi) promised 
for this session's needs, and we hope you 
may see your way to help us to make up 
the balance of $l<iOi), to enable us to carry 
on this work, which we feel sure is full of 
the deepest interest to our Saviour and 
His coming kingdom. 

Need of Support. 

The following Statement of the work 
and claims of the School has been prepared 
by Mr. Ferguson. We trust it will receive 
the prayerful consideration of our 
i-eaders : — 

The School was started to give, free of 
any charge, a two yeais' course of pre- 
paration in Bible training and methods of 
practical work, to fit those for useful 
service in Mission work, either at home 
or abroad, who, having heard God's call 
to service, were yet unable to respond 
through lack of needful training. 

It is interdenominational, and at pre- 
sent eight different denominations are 
represented among the students, who 
come from all parts of the Dominion. 
The Foreign Mission Committee of the 
Presbyterian Church in Canada, recog- 
nizing the need of such training, have 
decided to send their latly candidates to 
our School. 

The intelligent interest of these earnest 
young people, as the truths of God's word 
are opened up systematically before them, 
and as they grasp what Bible study truly 
means, is most touching, and instances 
might be given of true blessing and in- 
spiration received. If nothing else was 
attained than the careful study of the 
Scriptures by so many, and the sending of 
them forth to life's duty able rightly to 

Summer Mission Work. 

During the summer vacation, quite a 
number of the students were engaged in 
preaching the (Gospel in different necessi- 
tous fields. Mr. C W. Higgins laboured 
in Sprucedale, Ont., and surrounding 
stations ; Mr. Ed. Valiant i,. Royce 
Avenue, Toronto ; Messr.^. Burrell and 
Finch in Eastern Avenue Mission, To- 
ronto; Mr. L. N. Sirrell in East Temple- 
ton, Que.; Mr. Jas. Currie in Lticknow, 
Ont. Mr. W. G. White, Bible Society 
colporteur, labored among the red men of 
the Tuscarora Reservation, not a few of 
whom were brought to the Saviour. On 
other fields, also, there was special bless- 
ing ; while all the students had to rejoice 
in some seals to their ministry. 

Correspondence Class. 

A class of some ten young men formed 
in Brantford by the late Mr. T. M. Harris 
for Bible study, is now receiving outline 
lessons from the School on Bible doctrines 
and the preparation of Gospel addresses. 
Dr. Stewart hopes to visit the class two 
or three times during the session. The 
field of thus providentially 
opened maj' possibly lead to the formation 
of similar classes' in other important 

Rev. Dr. Stifler of Crozer Sheological 
Seminary. Chester, Pa., is expected to 
lecture both to the Day and Evening 
Classes in the early part of February. 
Dr. Stifler is the author of an able work 
on the Acts of the Apostles, and one of 
the best Bible teachers on the continent. 


The Student Volunteer Band. 

Miss A. Kkaskr. S^oretary of the Band, 
writes as follows : — We have, in addition 
to our roynhir work, orjjanized this term 
a local l)raiu'h of the " Student Volunteer 
Movement for Foreign Missions." Miss 
Lyon, of Chicago, visited our School 
several months nao and spoke to us of 
this preat movement, nr^inji; the students 
to form a Hiunl in connection with the 
School. .\t the bey;innini!: of this term 
H sttwlents sifjiicd the declaration cards, 
plediiinc their lives for work in the fore'fjn 
fields, if Cod permits. Since that time five 
more names have heen added. We have 
a Prayer Circle in connection with the 
Band, and many of the students belonj? 
to this, as their work for the present 
.seems to he at hoinp. but they are one in 
heart with us. Two of our number 

Joined the movement while at theChicac;o 
iible Institute. We purpose during; the 
fominu months to visit the Voune; Peo- 
l>ie's Societies of the city and hold meet- 
inu;s, and in this way to win many more 
lives for that great work. We held the 
first of these meetings in the Queen Street 
Presbyterian Church on the 25th Nov. 

•Studknts may enter the School at any 

The written examinations at the close 
of this term will be held Dec. 18th, 19th, 

Several new students are expected at 
the opening of the se(;ond term of the 
session on Monday, .January (>th. 1896. 


The following are the donations for the 
work received by the Treasurer since last 
acknowledgment : — 
Previovisly acknowledged, $2,81 7. nO. 


•;o - 

§ .". 00 

No. 75 - 

$ 25 00 


CA . 

2.'> OO 

No. 7f) - 

5 00 


<!2 - 

1 IM) 

No. 77 - 

5 00 


liH - 

1 fHt 

No. 78 - 

10 00 


«U - 

1 iMtiNo. 79 - 

50 00 


• ■>."> 

10 00 

No. 80 - 

5 00 


•i<; - 

2 (M) 

No. 81 - 

I 00 


»'.7 - 

2.'. 00 

No. 82 - 

10 00 


(W - 

2t) (»ojNo. 83 - 

2.50 00 


• 19 - 

.". OO'No. HI - 

10 00 


7o - 

15 otJjNo. &5 - 

5 00 


71 - 

2.50 i>ONo. 8() - 

25 00 


72 - 

20 0») No. 87 - 

5 40 



1 nni 

71 - 

25 00 

Total - 

«3,130 00 

The great<»r part of the funds received 
since last acknowledgment was used to 
pay the deficiency of the first year. 

.Joseph N. Siienstone, 

Practical Work of the Students. 

All the student.s of the day classes con- 
tinue to give a certain portion of their 
time every week to practical Christian 
work. In teaching Sabbath Schools and 
Bible Classes, in conducting Mission ser- 
vices, in filling preaching appointments, 
in hospital visitation, and in other lines of 
usefulness, the young men find ample em- 
ployment. The young women also are 
busy, three of them being Bible women, 
two nurses of the sick, one a worker 
among the deaf and dumb, and others in 
different spheres are usefull3' employed in 
the Master's service. The weekly reports 
indicate that God's blessing is resting on 
all this varied labor. 

Additions to the Council. 

The following gentlemen, residing in 
different parts of the province, have 
kindly consented to act as members of the 
general council : — Revs. Dr. Wai'drop of 
(ruelph, F. E. Howitt of Hamilton, and 
R. P. Mackay of Toronto, with Mr. John 
Penman of Paris, and Mr. C. Cook of 
Brantford. These esteemed brethren 
have a deep interest in the work of the 
School, and we anticipate much benefit 
from their counsel and co-opei"aLlon. 

For the Foreign Field. 

Miss Laura A. Wigle. B. A., a student 
of last session, has gone to Japan under 
the auspices of the Woman's Missionary 
Society of the Methodist Church of 

In the last comjianies of missionaries 
sent out by the China Inland Mission 
were tenor twelve who have been regvilar 
or occasional students with us. These 
friends are constantly remembered by us 
in our prayers. 

There will be a vacation of two weeks 
at Christmas, the lectures of the present 
term closing on Fridaj', Dec. 20th. 

Dr. Erdman was greatly pleased with 
the earnest spirit of the students. He 
said it was a joy to him to lecture to such 

In addition to his weekly lecture to the 
evening class on the Epistle to the Heb- 
rews, .Mr Harris exjiects to begin in .Janu- 
ary a regular course of lectures to the 
Day Classes on the " Hi.story of Chri.stian 
.Missions.'' Rev. T. B. Hyde's course on 
the Acts of the Apostles, will also begin 
in .January, and Dr. Parsons on " Dispen- 
sational Truths" and Dr. McTavish on 
the subject, "After the Exile" will 
follow later in the term.