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THE KEC ORDER - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 




Presentee by the 

December 79 40 


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Tyndale University College and Seminary 

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School and Offices: 110 College St., Toronto 



Vol. VIII.] 


[No. 1. 

A^erpbcrs of Corporzitiop. 

Hkv. Elmork Hauris, D.D.. President, 

Betheden. Walmur Road, Toronto. 
Hkv. K. p. Mackay, Ii.D.,1 

Tiiroiit'i. V Vice-Presidents. 

.1. D. Nas.mith, Toronto J 
Jos. N. Shesstonk, Secra^ari/ anrf Treasurer, 

li) Walnior Koad, Toronto. 
Uev. Wu. Stewart, D.D., Principal. 

VJS St. George St., Toronto. 
James Actox, Toronto. 
E. HooTEi!, M.D., Toronto. 
Tuos. A. RoPGEK, Hamilton 
Emas Rogers. Toronto. 
A. Sami'SOX, Toronto. 

General Council. 


Rev. Wm. Stkwahi, D.D. 

Rkv. Wm. Mai- William, LL.B. 

Rev. Ei.more ((ahris, D.D. 

Mit. II. W. Fhost. 

Ur.v T. H. Hvi.E. 

Rev. a. B. Wixciiestkr. 

Examiners for 1!»(>i-oi'. 
Rev. S D. CiiowN. D.D. 
Rkv. T. C. Dks Hahhks, M.A. 
Rev. T. B. Hvi>e. 
Rev. H. M. Farsuxp. D.D. 
Rkv. H. l\ Welton, D.D. 

.Miss Axxie Burxs, Asst. Secretary and Librarian. 



JUUUK Ardach. 

Geo. Hague. 


Paris .• 

C. Cock. 

John Penmax. 

GE'«. FuSTEK. 


St. Catharines .• 
George W. H<>i(i:KiTe. 


Rev. R. Wallace. 


Thos. S. Ci'I.k. 


Rev. T. C. DksBarres, 

E. J. Bevnolks. 

S. r. Ditkcax-Clark. 


J. W. Flavkllk. 

J. R. Cavers. 

H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gaimshore. 


(". S. G/.owsKl. 

Rev. T. Wardrope, 


Rev. T. B. Hvi>e. 

R. M. HoBSOX. 

R. KlLGfllR. 

J. Mackav. 

Hamilton .■ 

Rev. D. McTavish.D.Rc 

Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

G. H. Meakows. 

R. J. M(>NTi;OMERV. 

Kingston .■ 

Rev.H M.Parsoxs.D.D 

H w. Robkrtsox. 

John Siauk. 


liKv. G. J. Bishop. 

The name? of other friend? in imjwrtant centres are 
vet to be added to the Gteneral Council. 

Our Design. — The great design of the 
School is the training of consecrated men 
and women for Christian service at home 
n\u\ abroad. 

CoNrniBUTiox.s. — Any friends desiring 
to liave fellowsliip in tlie work maj' send 
their contributions to the Treasurer. J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 16 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

Promising Outlook. 
Tlie Bible Tra"ning School has com- 
menced its eighth session with a very 
promising outlook. The enrolment of 
students up to the first week in November 
\va.^ 4:^ in the Day Classes and lib in 
tlie KvonincCla«:se.s. A useful " forward 
movement'' has been begun in the ele- 
mentary medical classes just established, 
notice of which will i)e found on another 
page. While the attendance is large, the 
diligence and filelityof the students are 
in every way commendable. We ask all 
our friends to unite with us in prayer 
that the blessing of Got! may continue to 
rest (ipon the work of the School. 


For the Foreign Field. 
We are sure that our readers will join 
with us in devout thatiksgiviufj to the 
Lord of the harvest for opening up the 
way for so many of our students to f>o 
this season to the forei<;n fiuld. During 
the three months from t'le beginning of 
October to the end of the present j'ear, no 
fewer than nine liave gone, or will soon 
sail, to their distant fields of labor. Of 
these, Messrs. A. F. Taylor and Chas. H. 
Kobinson are to labor in the Central 
Soudan under the auspices of the Africa 
Industrial Missionary Society. They 
have been in Tripoli several months, 
studying the llausa language. Miss S. 
Bengtson, the Swedish lady who was in 
the School last session, has already left 
for China, and Dr. J. MacWillie and 
Miss L. McMorran will soon follow, all 
three in connertion witli the China Inland 
Mission. Miss H. C. Bushlield and Miss 
Annie Little have just been sent out by 
the Christian AVorkers of Ontario to open 
up a new station in Northern India, near 
to the border of Thibet. Mr. and Mrs. 
R. A. Phair expect to leave almost im- 
mediately for South America to be asso- 
ciated with Missionary Geo. R. Witte, in 
his mission work among the Indians of 
Brazil. It is our earnest pra\er for all 
these laborers that they maj' be preserved 
and guided of the Lord in all their ways, 
graciously strengthened for all the ser- 
vice He has for them to do, and greatly 
blessed in all their work of faith and 
labor of love. With these nine the 
School has now been honored in furnish- 
ing forty-seven missionaries for the 
foreign field. 


Dr. John C. Thom, of Woodbridge, 
Ont., who died recently, among several 
small legacies left $100 to the Toronto 
Bible Training School. The doctor was 
warmly interested in the work of the 
School, and in mission service at home 
and abroad. His will directs that his 
surgical instruments and medical books 
are to be given to some medical mission- 
ary in foreign lands. Dr. Thorn's legacy 
is the first of which the School has 


The official notice of the ordination of 
our former student, Mr. W. F. Road- 
house, to the work of the Gospel ministry 
at Tavistock, Ont., this last summer has 
been sent to us. It says : 

" Mr. Roadhouse was subjected to a 
thorough e.Kamination, through which he 
passed, making an excellent impression 
upon all his brethren for his candor, and 
very commendable knowledge of the 
Scriptures. He is a graduate of the To- 
ronto Bii)le Training School, and cer- 
tainly will commend this Institution to 
the notice of tho&e who come into contact 
with him." 

Death of Mr. W. E. H. Massey. 

At the meeting of the Board of Incoi'- 
poration of the Bible Training School, 
held on the first Monday in November, 
attention was called to the lamented 
death of Mr, AV. E. H. Massey. Where- 
upon it was moved by Rev. Dr. R. P. 
Mackay, seconded by Mr. Elias Rogers, 

Resolved, " That in the recent death of 
Mr. W. E. H. Massey in the midst of his 
3'ears and usefulness, the members of this 
Board recogiiixe the great loss sustained 
by his family, the community, and the 
cause of Christ. As a successful Bible 
Class teacher, and a member of the 
General Council of the Toronto Bible 
Training School, Mr. Massey showed his 
practical interest in a ver^' important 
department of Chiistian service. The 
Board would respectfully convey to Mrs. 
Massey and otiier relatives their deepest 
sympathy with them in this sore bereave- 
ment, and their earnest prayers that they 
ma}- be graciously sustained by the God 
of all comfort." 

It was further agreed that a copy of 
this resolution should be sent to the 
widow and l)rother of the deceased. 

Leaving Toronto. 

At the last meeting of the Board the 
approaching departure from the city of 
Mr. H. W. Frost, the Home Director of 
the China Inland Mission, was mentioned; 
whereupon it was moved by Rev. Dr. 
Mackay, seconded by Mr. A. Sampson, 

Resolved , "That the members of this 
Board expiess to Mr. H. W. Frost, who 
has been a friend and helper of the School 
from its beginning, both as member of 


the General Council ami occasional Lec- 
turer, tlieir hearty sympathy with liim in 
the wiileninu; work of tlie China Inland 
Mis-iion, and their earnest prayer that 
the Lord may S've him the needed bodily 
health. an<l all wisdom and j^race for the 
new Christian service on which he is 
about to enter." 

Mr. Frost has left Toronto to take 
charp;e of the new receiving home near 
Philadelphia, recently presented to the 
Mission, and to have more immediate 
oversight of the work in the United States. 

Visitors to the School. 

In the end of September, the School 
was favored with a visit from Rev. F. S. 
Webster of London, Rev. John Brash of 
Liverpool, and Rev. W. D. Moffatt of 
Edinburgh, representative speakers of 
the great Keswick movement of England. 
They gave very helpful and mucli appre- 
ciated addresses to the students, bearing 
on the great subject of consecration and 
the deepening of the spiritual life. Two 
weeks afterwards Miss MacCall and Miss 
Palmer of New York, prominent workers 
in connection with the Y.W.C.A. gave 
able and practical addresses to the School, 
the one on equipment for Christian ser- 
vice, and the other on adaptability for 
Christian service. 

Medical Studies. 

After long and careful consideration 
an imj)ortant addition has just been made 
to the course of stud}' in the School by 
the establishment of a class in elemen- 
tary medical science, specially intended 
for those students who are looking for- 
ward to foreign missionary service. In- 
struction is given by Dr. E. F. Bowie in 
chemistry, by Dr. G. D, Porter in Phys- 
iology, and by Dr. T. B. Macdonald in 
materia medica and therapeutics. Dr. 
E. Hooper was chairman of the Commit- 
tee who arranged for these classes. Six- 
teen of the students are in regular atten- 

Later in the session a class for the 
study of tropical diseases will be con- 
ducted by Dr. W. H. Howitt. This is 
designed for students who expect to 
labor in countries where these diseases 
prevail. It is believed that these medical 

studies will be a great help to many in 
their service of Christ in the coming 
<lays. The Master Himself united tlic 
healing of disease with the preaching of 
the Gospel. 

Letter from Dr. R. Yu. 

Robert Yu, M.D., the Christian Chinn- 
man, who attended the School last ses- 
sion, has recently returned to China. 
From a letter written by him shortly- 
after his arrival, and dated Shanijhai, 
Sept. 28th, 1901, we make the following 
extracts : 

"I have forgot of not send you any 
l*5tter since I reach home. I got to 
Shanghai safely on Julj' '27th, and met 
m\' mother and brothers waiting me on 
the pier. It is a great rejoicing to have 
a family gathering on that day. And 
we are so thankful to the Almighty God, 
who has protected mo during all these 
years of absence. 

"I think you have the School stait 
again. I do missed the School and friends 
in Toronto so much. Please ask them all 
to remember me in your i)rayers that my 
future work may be guided by His will.' 

Dr. Yu is the son of Chinese converts. 
He expects to labor as a medical mission- 
ary among his own countrymen. We 
trust that he will be kept and guided of 
the Lord in all his future career. 

Student Volunteers. 

The Student Volunteers of the School 
have chosen as their officers for this ses- 
sion : Miss M. D. Fisher, President; 
Miss .Jessie Brechin, Vice-President, and 
^liss M. F. Langton, Secretary. Thej' 
hold a well-attended meeting every 
Thursday morning, at which special 
praj'er is made for former membei-s of the 
School now on the foreign field. 

A mission study class has again been 
formed under the leadership of Miss 
Hitchon. They use as their text-book. 
" An Introduction to the Study of Foreign 

Evangelistic Work. 
Five of our young men were engaged 
in evangelistic and colportage work dur- 


inp: the suniinor months. Tlivee of these, 
Messrs. CrickintJtoii, Halliwell ami Wil- 
kins, visited points east of Toronto, 
taking with them each a bicycle with 
case attached. The other two, Messrs. 
Gosling and Hellyer, sirailarlj' equipped, 
made a tour west of the city. They all 
report tliat the Lord graciously opened 
the way before them, and provided for 
their wants. Their work consisted in the 
free distribution of Gospel tracts, in 
house to house visitation, and in giving 
evangelistic addresses in the open air, 
school houses, or churches. In many 
places Christians testified to blessings 
i-eceived in these services, and quite a 
number accepted Christ as their personal 
Saviour. The work wa s carried on under 
the auspices of the Union Colportage 

News and Notes. 

The number of volumes in the library 
is now 1.0)3. 

^In. Herbert Lawrence is mission- 
ary teacher at the Indian Institute, Red 
Deer, Alberta, N.W.T. 

After the Christmas vacation the 
work of the School will be resumed on 
Monday, Jan. Gth, 1902. 

Rev. T. G. R. Browxlow, one of our 
first graduates, has become pastor of the 
large Methodist church in Fulton, Mich. 

Mr. L. E. Gosling, a student of last 
session, is spending the winter in Home 
Mission work in Manitoba, under the 
Presbyterian Board. 

Mis.s L. Wi(;le, B.A., one of our first 
students, is home on furlough, after sev- 
eral years' successful labor as missionary 
teacher in Japan, under the Woman".s 
Board of the Methodist Church. 

Mr. W. N. Scott, a recent graduate, 
who has been engaged in evangelistic 
work for two summers, offers his assist- 
ance in special services this winter. His 
address is 1(51 Sorauren Ave., Toronto. 

Mr. .J. S. Leckie continues his mnch- 
appreciat d labors as Missionary of the 
W.C.T.U. among the lumbermen of 
Northern Mu.skoka. He has a vast and 
needy field where other evangelists might 
"be usefullj' employed. 

Miss Alice R. Hitchon is again with 
us this session, giving efficient service in 
conducting the classes in English. 

During the first week of the present 
session the Principal received letters from 
four of our former students, each of them 
containing a donation for the School, and 
expressing gratitude for the great bless- 
ing it has been to the writers. 

Miss E. M. Green of Birkenhead, Eng- 
land, wha attended our classes in 1900, 
sent a letter of Christian greeting to the 
Principal on the eve of his return voyage 
from England, and of warmest apprecia- 
tion of the work of the School. 

Mr. Hudii D. Gardner of our last 
graduating class is now associated with 
Rev. Thos. H. Robertson, also a former 
graduate, in Home IMissionarj^ work on a 
wide and difficult field in North Dakota, 
near the Manitoba boundary line. 

The visiting lecturer this term is Rev. 
T. B. Hyde, of the Northern Congrega- 
tional Church, who is giving a course of 
instruction on " The Work of the Holy 
Spirit." Next term Rev. A. B. Winches- 
ter, the new pastor of Knox Church, will 
lecture on " The Acts of the Apostles." 

Our President, Dr. Harris, spent one 
week in October in giving Bible lectures 
at the Gordon Missionary' Training 
School of Boston. Mass., and also one 
week of November in conducting Bible 
studies for the Y.M.C.A. of Montreal. 
Hereafter he does not expect to be away 
from his duties in the Training School 
more than once during any single term. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The foUowingare the amounts received 
from ^lay 1st to November 23id, 1901 : 

No. 1 $ .1 on Ko. 18 <:10 (II) 

" 2 2 00 

•• 3 50 00 

■■ 4 5 (XI 

•• fi .5 00] 

.■ 6 2.S0 o;j I 

•• 7 KO 0(1 

" a 2.") o I 

!l ."i Oil ; 

•■ 10 2.1 00 I 

■■ 11 2.i0 00 , 

" li 100 

" 1.3 .I'O 

■ U 100 

" ^n 2 00 

■ It! .TO 00 

• 17 250 00 Total.... §1,210 50 

Joseph N. Shenstone, Treas. 


15 00 





. . . . 5 (K» 

5 00 

10 (K) 

5 (X) 


25 Oil 


35 OH 


. . . 25 f 10 



1 .50 

25 00 


15 00 


31.. . . 

. .. 2 (10 
... 10 00