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THE KEC ORDER - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 




Presentee by the 

December 79 40 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 


School and Offices- 110 College St., Toronto. 



Vol. IX.] 


[No. 1. 

A\crnbcrs of Corporation' 

Kkv. Ki.mukk Hauius, D.D., President, 

Betheden, Walmer Koiul, Toroiitd. 
Kkv. K. \\ Mackay, l).D.,"| 

Toronto. \ Vice-Presidents. 

.1. D. Xasmith, Toronto j 
Jos. N. Shenstonk, Stfcceiarj/ rtJKZ Treasurer. 

to W'alnior Koad, Toronto. 
Rkv. \Vm. Stkwaht, D.D., Principal. 

i;« St. Georf.'e St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
K. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
K. KiLCJOUR, Toronto. 
Tiios. A. Roi>GER, Hamilton 
Elia.s Rogers, Toronto. 

General Council. 


Judge Ardagh. 


C. Cook. 
Geo. Foster. 

Belleville .• 
Rev. R. Wam.ack. 


JitMjE Revnoi.hs. 


K. <i. Struthers. 


K. M. Honso.N. 

hamilton : 
Rkv. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .■ 
B. \V. Robertson. 

London .■ 
Rkv. G. J. Bishop. 

Montreal .• 
Geo. Hague. 

Paris .• 
John Penman. 

St. Catharines .- 
George \V. Hodgett.*;. 

Toronto .- 
C. M. Copkland. 
Thos. S. Coi.e. 
Rev. T. C. DesBakres, 


J. W. Fl.AVELr.K. 

H. \V. Frost. 

J. J. Garishore. 

C. S. GzowsKi. 

W. H. H(. WITT, M.I). 

Rev. T. B. Hyde. 

J. Mackay. 

Rev. D. McTavisii, 

Chester D. Masskv. 
I G. B. Meadows. 


Rkv. H. M. Parsons, 


K M. Pratt. 

, John Stark. 

The names of other fricncis in important centres 
are yet to lie added to the GiMicral Council. 

iNsrRiTcroRs and LEcrrRERS for I90i-o:i. 
Rev. \Vm. SiKWARr, D.D. 
Rkv. Wm. MacWm.mam. LL.B. 
Rev. Ei,.more Harris, D.D. 
Rev. John McN'icui,, IM). 
Rev Fred K. Howiit.M.A. 
Rkv. R. p. MacKav, D.D. 

Examiners fur 1!«il' o:i. 
Ixkv. s D. Chown, D.D. 
Rev. T. C. Dks Barres, .M.A 
Rkv. T. B. Hyde. 
Rev. H. M. Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Wei.ton.D.D. 

.Miss Annie Burns, .48«f. Secretary and Librarian. 

Our Dhskjn.— Tlie p:reat design of the 
School is the tiaiiiiiig of consecpated men 
and women for Christian service atliome 
find abroad. 

Contributions.— Any friends desiring 
to have fellowship in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Slienstone, Esq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

The Ninth Session of the School opened 
according to announcement on Tuesdaj', 
September IHtli. Some of the .students 
were late in entering, but the enrolment 
at tlie end of the third week of November 
is thirty-six in the Day Classes, and one 
hundred and fifty-six in tlie Evening 
Classes. Tlie work in the dilTi-rent 
• lasses and departments has been going 
on with much interest and success, and 
our new comers as a whole give good 
promise of usefulness in the service of 
Christ. TluM-e is a spirit of earnest hope- in both instructors and students. 


Interest in Bible Study. 

We rejoice in the increased interest in 
Bible study which lias of late been mani- 
fested. A knowledf^o of the Word of God 
is the pjreat re luisite for growtli in grace, 
and the best preparation for Christian 
service. Hundred.s who have attended 
our classes during; the i)ast eight years 
have testified to the great blessing they 
have received from a comprehensive and 
practical study of the Bible. 

But we would like to welcome many 
more to the Bible Training School. An 
earnest Christian must feel that it is both 
a privilege and a duty to take advantage 
of everj- opportunity of becoming more 
useful in the world. If any one wishes 
to be more efficient as a Sunday School 
teacher or mission worker, or if any one 
seeks to know the Bible better for per- 
sonal profit, an earnest invitation is given 
to attend our classes, either as a regular 
or occasional student. Several very use- 
ful courses of study are provided. The 
forenoon classes may be attended for one 
or two lectures each day, or for two or 
three days in the week. The courses of 
study in the evening classes are also open 
to all. With the beginning of the year 
we hope to have a number of new stu- 
dents and visitors. " Come thou with us, 
and we will do thee good" Dr. Stewart. 
the Principal of the School, will be glac 
to give all needed information and advice. 

Reception to Mr. MeNicol. 

On the kind invitation of Dr. and Mrs. 
Harris, a large number of the friends of 
the Training School, including former 
and present students, assembled in the 
Lecture Hall on Saturday evening, Octo- 
ber ISth, for the purpose of welcoming 
the new instructor, Rev. John McNicol, 
B.D. President Harris presided, and in 
introducing Mr. McNicol spoke of his 
successful career as secretary in the Uni- 
versity Y.M.C.A., as pastor and as Bible 
teacher. Mr. McNicol responded, thank- 
ing the faculty and students for their 
cordial reception, and emphasizing the 
value and importance of the work he had 
undertaken. Brief addresses were de- 
livered by Dr. Stewart, Dr. Hooper, Mr. 

J. D. Nasmith and Rev. A.B. Winchester. 
The last named l)ore strong testimony to 
the value of the work done by the stu- 
dents as evidenced by the examination 
papers he had read last session. It was 
stated that during the eight years the 
School has been in operation nearly two 
hundred young men and women have 
gone forth to different kinds of Christian 
.service, of whom fifty have become 
foreign missionaries. 

Visiting Lecturers. 

On four successive Tuesday evenings 
at the beginning of the session, Mr. James 
H. McConkey, M.A., of Philadelphia, 
author of " The Threefold Secret of the 
Hol^"^ Spirit," gave a series of most help- 
ful and suggestive studies on "The Life 
of Prayer." While these w^ere largely 
devotional and experimental in character, 
they were based on an exact and careful 
exposition of Scripture teaching. Several 
visitors enjoyed the lectures, and we 
trust the fruits will be seen in the case of 
not a few in a life of closer fellowship 
with God. Mr. McConkey, and his pub- 
lisher, Mr. Kelker, have laid the School 
under additional obligation by the gift 
to the students of sixty copies of the little 
book on the Holy Spirit. 

Our friend, Rev. F. R. Hovvitt, M.A., 
of Hamilton, has begun his course of 
Friday lectures on "'The Types and Sym- 
bols of Holy Scripture." We have no 
doubt that these will prove as instructive 
and valuable as his former studies were. 

A course of lectures on Missions will be 
given during the term beginning January, 
1908. by Rev. R. P. MacKay, D.D. 

Death of Rev. T. C. Hood. 

During tlie first session of the Training 
School, one of the students in attendance 
was Mr. T. C. Hood, then an under- 
graduate of Toronto University. He 
afterwards pursued a course of study in 
Knox College, and was sent out in 1899 
as missionary to China, under the Pres- 
byterian Board. The sad intelligence 
has been received of his death from 
cholera on Sept. 18th. Mr. Hood went 


sufel}' throiitjli tlie perils of tlie Boxit 
movement, rt'nuiiiiiii(< at the coast stuily- 
iuR the liiii>;uH)j;e, wutoliinp developineuts 
uiul prepariuK for entrunce. So soon as 
tlie way opened he was one of the lirst 
to return. His letter to Rev. Dr. Mac- 
Kay tells of his Christian devotion, and 
seems almost prophetic in regard to him- 
self. He wrote as follows : 

"Are there those hesitatint; to offer 
themselves for the work 'till thinj;s be- 
come more settled?' Are there Chris- 
tians withholding; their <^'\its ' till China 
is more safe and less likel}' to destroy life 
and property y' Why not be brave and 
break tlie box of ointment? What 
though it should turn out to be but an 
anointing for the burial? There will be 
those who ask, ' To what purpose is this 
waste ! ' But, never mind, it shall be told 
for a memorial. Offer now for service. 
Give now for the work, for what is done 
for China must be done in faith." 

Gone to China. 

Mr. W. J. Hauna and Miss Roxie 
Wood, both graduates of the School, 
have gone forth as missionaries under 
the auspices of the China Inland Mission. 
Mr. Hanna left Toronto on October 28th, 
and Miss Wood on November 11th. They 
have been held in high esteem by their 
instructors and fellow students, and are 
now followed by the best wishes and fer- 
vent pra^'ers of many friends. Both gave 
appropriate farewell addresses at our 
Tuesdaj' devotional service. 

Address on Peru. 

A very interesting and instructive ad- 
dress on " Mission W^ork among the 
Indians of Peru" was given to the stu- 
dents in October by Mr. John L. Jarrett, 
of the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. 
Mr. .Jarrett gave a graphic account of 
the serious difficulties he had to encounter 
in getting a foothold in the cit}' of Cuzco, 
and showed how God had overruled all 
opposition, and was now opening doors 
for the Gospel in every direction in the 
land of the Incas. 

with us at the Bible Training Scliool. 
Their names in English are, B. C. Sircar, 
Israel D. Uass and D. Solomon. The 
first is a Bengali, and the others are 
Telugus. They have an excellent know- 
ledge of Englisli, and have either matri- 
culated or prepared for matriculation in 
the Universiti' of Calcutta. They give 
promise of being good students, and we 
trust that they will be fitted for great 
usefulness among their own jieople. 

Medical Classes. 

The medical lectures of the session were 
resumed in October. Every Tuesday af- 
ternoon at 4 o'clock, Dr. Hooper lectures 
to ladies ; on Wednesday at the same 
hour Dr. Bowie lectures on anatomy, 
and on Frida}' Dr. Porter lectures on the 
practice of medicine. Each class is well 
attended, and much interest is manifested. 

Extension Class. 

A class for Bible study has been organ- 
ized in Parkdale, and meets every Mon- 
daj' evening under the leadership of Dr. 
Harris. It is interdenominational in 
character, and is quite largely attended, 
the fine lecture room of the Methodist 
cliurch being filled with interested stu- 
dents. Dr. Harris has also been giving 
useful Bible studies at the Provincial 
Sabbath School Association, and at sev- 
eral county Associations. 

Students from Burmah. 

Three students have come from Ran- 
goon, Burmah, to take a course of study 

Thk next public meeting will be held 
on Thursday evening, Dec. 4th, when the 
following students will take part : — 
blisses Campbell, Holmes. Martin ; 
Messrs. Hellyer, McCulloch, and Sircar. 
All friends of the School are cordially 

A MOST interesting letter has been re- 
ceived from .Mr. A. F. Taylor, of the class 
of 1898, who, along with Mr, Charles H. 
Robinson, another of our students, is 
no .v actively engaged in pioneer work at 
Patagi, Nigeria, West Africa, under the 
auspices of the Africa Industrial Mission. 
He reports that the Lord has wonderfully 
opened up the way before them, and that 
the outlook is full of promise. 


Our Financial Support. 

We are very thankful to say that 
through the aboundinj; j;race of God W(! 
have been enabled to close each financial 
year with all liabilities met, and a small 
balance on the right side. It may be 
well to remind our friends that this ses- 
sion, with the appointment of a new 
instructor, there is necessarily' an in- 
creased expenditures Our tiust is tlu t 
He who has graciously provided for is 
in the past will move the hearts of H s 
people to supply the means that arc ri- 
quired for the days to come. 


Visitors are always welcome to an 
of our classes. 

A SPECIAL written examination on 
Bible Doctrines was held on Mondav, 
November 3rd. 

Tub written examinations for the pre- 
sent term are to be held from Dec. 15tli 
to •22nd inclusive. 

The work of the new term will begin, 
D.V.,on Monday, Jan. 5th, 1903, when 
all students are expected to be in attend- 

Our students this term are assisting n 
thirteen different missions in the city, 
more than half of whicli are interdenon- 

Dr. Harris lias just returned from a 
week's visit to Boston, where he was 
lecturing for the Gordon Missionary 
Training School. 

The following are the subjects assigned 
for the Essays of the present term : — 
Inspiration, the Miracles of our Lord, 
Salvation, Faith in Christ. 

For several weeks tliis summer M!ss 
M. F. Langton and Mr. J. K. McCormick 
rendered etlicient service as colporteurs 
of the Upi)er Canada Tract Society. 

Mr. Peter .Iamieson, one of o'lr 
Evening Class students, is now doing 
good work as Secretary of the Jun'Dr 
Department of the Y.M.C.A , Hamilton. 

Miss Alice R. Hitchon. who rendered 
most efficient service in conducting t!ie 

English studies in the School for three 
years, has been asked to engage in city 
mission work in Buffalo. 

During his recent visit to England, Dr. 
Stewart went to Stonebroom, near Alfre- 
ton, to lectuie for Mr. Chas. G. Smith, 
one of our graduates, who lias a promis- 
ing j)astorate there, and is held in high 

The student volunteers have organized 
for the session, with Mr. .1. K. McCormick 
as President, and Miss M. F. Langton as 
Secretary. The prayer-meeting is well 
attended, and Miss Langton has charge 
of the mission study class. 

On the first day of the se.'-sion we were 
cheered with a telegram from our former 
student, Mr. H. M. Gilchrist, Secretary 
of the Y.M.C.A., Stratford, which read 
as follows : — " Convey heartiest greetings 
to School ; read '2 Tim. 2 : 15." 

Since the session opened we have heard 
with much of abundant 
blessing attending the labors of three of 
our former students : ]\Iiss A. Bertha 
Mossip, who is conducting evangelisti<- 
services among the Methodist churches 
in the London district; Mr. E. Larke, 
who is laboring among the Congrega- 
tional churches of North Dakota, and 
Mr. j. W. Salton, who has a Baptist 
pastorate in Kingsey Falls, Que. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following amounts have been re- 
ceived from April 27th to Nov. I3th, 1902 : 



$r> 00 

.5 00 

.... 10 OO 

5 00 

10 00 

2 00 


■• 2t 

. .. 2 00 

.5 0(1 

1(1 0(1 


,. 2() 

.... 1.5 (XI 

" 27 

25 on 

" 28 

" 29 

20 (KJ 


1 00 

,50 (10 


a.-i on 

■• 30 

" 31 

" 32 

.. as 

20 00 

<» 7.1 (Ml 

5 00 



100 00 

-) 00 

.5 00 

.50 <K) 

1 fKl 

.5 00 



" 31 

II ;{,5 

... 3 00 
.5 00 




17... . 

100 00 

2.5 00 

.5 00 

?.■) 00 

.5 00 

10 00 

■■ .36 

" .37 

'• 38 

•I .S9 

10 (K) 

1 00 

. . 10 00 
.5 00 



" 40 

•- 41 

" 42 

.1 4.3 

2 00 

1.50 00 

•JO. . . . 

.300 00 

20 00 


.-.0 00 

. . . -'^ 00 

10 0(1 

" 41 

15 0(1 

ToUl §1.2.32 (III 

Joseph N. Shenstone, Treas. 

-V ^i^j^^^j^