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THE hEUOnDKR - lbyb-1920 
Toronto Bible College 


PreaenteS by the 
General Alumni Association 

De.cembQJ! /9.40 


Tyndale Library 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 

School and Offices: 110 Couege St., Toronto. 



Vol. X.] 


[No. 1 

A^erpbers of Corporation. 

Rkv. Elmore Harris, D.D.. President, 

Betheden, Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. R. p. M.ackay, D.D.,1 

Toronto. V Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Xasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. N. SHENM'd.Nr., &ec/'e<ary and Treasurer, 

40 Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. Wm. Stkwart, D.D.. Principal. 

i;i8 St. George St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
R. KiLGOiR, Toronto. 
Thos. a. Rodger, Haniiltou 
Elias Rogkrs, Toronto. 

Instructors and Lecturers for 90.3-04. 
Rev. Wm. Stewart, D.D. 
Rev. Elmore Harris, D.D. 
Kev. John .McNhoi., B D. 
Mr. H. W. Frost, ma. 
Rev. W. H. Hincks, LL.B. 
Rev. D. .McTavish,D. Sc. 

Examiners for twis-oi. 
Rev. S D. Chown, D.D. 
Rev. T. C. DksBarrks, M.A 
Rev. T. B. Hyde, M.A. 
Rev. H. M. Parsons. D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Wei.ton, D.D. 
Miss Annie Bckns, .4«s<. Secretary and Lihrariau. 

Generz^l Council. 


Judge Ardagk. 


C. Cook. 
Geo. Foster. 

belleville : 
Rev. R. Wallace. 


Judge Reynolds. 



R. .M. Hobson. 

Hamilton ■. 
Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .■ 
B. W. Robertson. 

London .- 
Rev. G. J. Bishop. 

m intreal .- 
Geo. Hague. 

Thi 'lames of otlier friend* in important centre? 
»re vc-t io Ijc .added to tlie General Council. 

Paris .■ 
John Penman. 

St. Catharines .- 
George W. Hodgetts. 

Toronto : 
Thus. S. Cole. 

<J. .M. CoPELAXD. 

Rev. T. C. Des Barkes, 

J. W. Flavklle. 
H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshore. 


W. H. Howitt, M.D. 

Rkv. T. B. Hvi.e. 

J. Mackav. 


Rev. D. McTavish, 

Chester D. Massey. 
G. B. Meadows. 
R. J. Montgomery. 
Rkv. H. .M. Parsons, 

F. M. I'ratt. 
John Stark. 

Our Design.— The great design of the 
School is tlie training of consecrated men 
and women for Christian service at home 
and abroad. 

Coxtuibutioxs.— Any friends desiring 
to have fellowship in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer. J. 
N. Shenstone, E.sq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

The New Session. 

The Tenth Session of tlie Bible Train- 
ing School has opened with a larger 
attendance of students than usual. The 
enrolment in the Day Classes up to 
November '20th is 4i\ the number at the 
corresponding date last j-ear having bem 
H6. In the Evening Classes the numlier 
is 187, as against 158 on Novemljer '2lst, 
1902. We are thankful for the increase 
in numbers, and for the spirit of deep 
interest and devotion to study manifested 
by the classes generally. But more than 
this, we desire for all our students not 
only a thorough acquaintance with the 
Word of God, bntalsoan increasing hear' 
knowledge of its precious vital truth.g. 



A Present Need. 
Having bet-ii favoiod witli such a large 
number of earnest and promisinj; stu- 
dents, we need also an increased income 
to meet the necessary expenditure. Since 
the opening of the School, several friends 
who aided \is at tirst with their regular 
donations for the support of the work, 
have been called to rest from their 
labors. Others who have met with finan- 
cial losses, are not able to continue the 
support they once cheerfully gave. In 
these circumstances we are asking the 
Lord to raise up additional friends and 
helpers. For over nine years our needs 
have all been graciously supplied, and 
we believe that He who has helped us in 
the past will continue to provide. At a 
recent meeting of the Board, it was sug- 
gested that the present necessities of the 
School should be made known ; and the 
l)ope was expressed that quite a number 
of former students and others, who know 
the value of the School, would seek to 
interest Christian friends in its behalf. 
Above all let there be united waiting on 
God to meet our present necessities. 

Wise and Weighty Words. 

On November 13th, the students were 
favored with a visit from Rev. Dr. E. Y. 
Mullins, President of the Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminarj' at Louisville, 
Ky., who addressed them in brief, but 
eminently appropriate terms. He stated 
that all pastors, missionaries, Sundaj' 
School teachers, and other Christian 
workers should specially seek three 
tilings : to know themselves, to know the 
Bible, and to know the people among 
whom they labor. They must know 
themselves, so that they would not on 
the one hand over-estimate their gifts, 
and thus seek positions for which they 
were not qualified ; or on the other hand, 
under-estimate their abilities, and so turn 
away from o|>portunities of useful ser- 
vice presented to them. They must know 
God's Word, not only that they may be 
able to make its sacred truths known to 
othei-s; but tht-y should also search the 
Scriptures daily, with prayer and medi- 
tation, for a blessing on their own spirit- 
ual life. They must know the people to 
whom they minister, so that they can 

understand sympathetically their needs, 
and longings, and weaknesses, and thus 
be better qualified for rendering service 
to the ignorant and them that are out of 
the way. These wise and weighty words 
of Dr. Mullins will not soon be forgotten 
by those who heard them, and we trust 
that all who read about them will laj' 
them deeply to heart. 

Special Lectures. 

The Daj^ Classes have been favored 
with two courses of special lectures since 
the beginning of the session. The first 
of these was given by Mr. H. W. Frost, 
of the China Inland Mission, on "The 
Holy Spirit," and was found to be not 
onlj' instructive, but very helpful in the 
culture of the spiritual life. The second 
course has just been completed by Rev. 
Dr. McTavish, his subject being "The 
Life of tlie Apostle Paul in connection 
with his Epistles." This was presented 
with the usual clearness and point of the 
lecturer. The students will have a 
written examination on this course before 
the Christmas holidaj^s. 

The lecturer for the second half of the 
session will be Rev. W. H. Hincks, 
LL.B., of Trinity Methodist Church, 
whose subject will be " Evangelistic 

Medical Lectures. 

The medical lectures for the session 
were commenced in October. Dr. G. D. 
Porter is conducting a course of study in 
Physiology and Anatomy, and Dr. E. 
Eraser Bowie in Materia Medica and 
Therapeutics, that is, the nature of drugs 
and their emploj-ment in the cure of 
disease. Both classes are well attended, 
and the instruction is followed with 
much interest and profit. It cannot fail 
to be of great value to all who expect to 
engage in missionary service. 

Class in Vocal Music. 

Shortly after the beginning of the ses- 
sion, a strong desire was expressed by 
the students for some instruction in 
vocal music. Arrangements were accord- 
ingly made by President Harris with 
Mr. A. T. Cringan, a well-known riusic 
teacher of the citj', to conduct a class 
once a week in the theory and pra Mice of 



sineinf;. The students fjreatly enjoy 
their weekly drill and instruction, and 
Mr. Cringan expects good results from 
the class. The gift of sacred song is a real 
handmaid and help in Christian service. 

Bible Study Conference. 

At the request of the Young People's 
Union of Guelph, a Bible Study Confer- 
ence was held in that city under the 
auspices of the Bible Training School, 
from October '28th to 30th. The meetings 
were held in different places of worship, 
the Ministerial Union giving its co- 
operation. On the tirst da3' Dr. Harris 
lectured on the Book of E.\odus and the 
Gospel by John ; on the second day, Kev. 
A. B. "Winchester spoke on the Gospel b\- 
Matthew and the Book of Revelation ; 
and on the third day of the Conference, 
Dr. Stewart took as his subjects, " Four 
New Testament M\-steries." and " Meth- 
ods of Bible Study." The meetings, 
which were well attended, were held on 
the afternoon and evening of each day. 
The Secretary of the Union has written 
to say that "the addresses were appre- 
ciated very highly, and that the meet- 
ings did a great deal of good to all who 
attended them." Our friend, Mr. R. M. 
Hobson, gave his council and assistance 
to the Young People in making the 
necessary arrangements. 

From Northern Nigeria. 
In an interesting letter written by our 
former student, Mr. W. D. Spinks, and 
dated Patagi, September 23rd, we have 
good news from the missionary party of 
eight, who left Toronto last May, to 
labor in connection with the Africa In- 
dustrial Mission. Most of them had 
suffered from the fever prevalent in the 
climate, and Messrs. Smedley and Wad- 
dell had been seriously ill. But by the 
blessing of God, in answer to prayer, 
they had been completely restored to 
health ; and all were praising God for 
His goodness, and rejoicing that they 
were safely sheltered under the protect- 
ing care of the Lord. Mr. Spinks tells of 
the awful spiritual destitution that pre- 
vails in dark Soudan, some towns of 
70,000 inhabitants not having even one 
gospel preacher to tell them of the onlj- 

Saviour. He expresses the earnest hope 
that God will raise up a mighty army of 
consecrated workers, who will count not 
their lives dear unto themselves, but will 
come forward in Jesus" Name, to spread 
the Gospel at any cost. Then, after tell- 
ing of their encouraging Sunday services 
at Patagi, Mr. Spinks adds: "I trust 
that all in the School are well, and that 
you have an increased number in attend- 
ance this session. May God lead some 
of them to this dark centre of the earth. " 

Student Volunteers. 

The Student Volunteers in the School 
have chosen Mr. E. C. Austin as Presi- 
dent, and Miss Martha Stewart as Secre- 
tary for the present session. The leader 
of the study class is Miss Barbara 
Mould. A special missionarj- prayer- 
meeting is held ever}' Thursday- morning, 
and the stud\' class on Tuesday after- 
noon. Both meetings are well attended. 

Words of Appreciation. 

We continue to be cheered with kind 
and encouraging words sent by friends 
in forwarding their gifts for the support 
of the School. One has recently written 
as follows : 

"It is with pleasure that I send 
our contribution to the Bible Training 
School. There is cause for much thank- 
fulness that with God's blessing the 
School has so greatly prospered." 

Another who has had fellowship with 
us in the work from the beginning says : 

"I rejoice to know that the Toronto 
Bible Training School has been so blessed 
in the past, and trust that its usefulness 
may be greatly extended. The Y.M.C.A. 
Provincial Committee appreciate very 
mucli the assistance you have given to 
j'oung men who are seeking preparation 
for association work." 

Students' Public Meeting. 
The programme of the first Students' 
Public Meeting for the session, appointed 
for Monday, November 30th, is as fol- 
lows: " Christian Assurance," Mr. .John 
A. Henderson ; " The Name of Jesus,"' 
Miss Martha Stewart; "My Call to 
Mission Work." Mr. Floyd Appleton: 
" Behold the Man." Miss Ethel M. Wil- 
kins; " A Tale that is Told," Mr. A. G. 
C. Simpson. 



Tins session tlieio are ten different 
evangelical denominations represented 
in tlio Bible Training School. 

The number of volumes in the Library 
is now 1,086. There is room for many 
more on our shelves. 

Aftkr the Christmas vacation, the 
work of the classes will be resumed on 
Tuesday, January 5th, 1904. 

TiiK Rev. C. E. Burrell, one of our first 
Kvaduates, has removed from Oranj^e- 
ville, and settled as pastor in Forest, 

TnRKE of the former Evening Class 
students, Miss B. [Mould, Mr. A. E. 
Bernhardt, and Mr. A. S. Bennett, have 
become members of the Day Classes. 

A LETTER has come from a young pas- 
tor in far distant Australia, asking for 
information about the School, and ex- 
pressing his strong desire to take a 
course of Bible study with us. 

The labors of Mr. J. K. McCormick 
were so much blessed during the summer 
months that lie has been persuaded to 
remain for some time longer at Sebriglit, 
Ont. He expects, however, to return to 
the Training School, pass the final ex- 
amination, and graduate with tlie class 
of 1904. 

It is ex{>ected that the written exami- 
nations for the term will be held from 
Monday, December 14th, to Saturday, 
December 10th inclusive. The examina- 
tion of the Evening Classes will take 
place on Tuesday, December 15th, and 
Thursday, December 17th. 

The officers of tlie School very cheer- 
fully co-operated in the successful Sun- 
day School Institute held last month in 
Wycliffe Convocation Hall. An excel- 
lent programme was provided, which 
many pastors, theological students, and 
Sunday School workers found to be of 
much practical value. 

Mr. Thos. a. Rodger, a former Sec- 
retary of the School, and recently Secre- 
tary of the Y.M.C.A., Hamilton, has 
received an appointment as General 
Evangelist of the Pre.sbyterian Church 
in Manitoba and the North-West Pro- 
vinces. In this work, for which he is 
Mp((i:iIIv iiualififil. we tni>t uur 

Rev. .T. W. Salton has entered on 
jiastorul work in Sparta, Ont. 

Oinj President, Dr. Harris, continues 
to do a good deal of work as Bible 
teacher outside the walls of tlie Training 
School. He has been busj- giving lec- 
tures at Y. M. C. A. Conventions and 
Sundaj' School Associations ; and is now 
conducting for a time the large Friday 
Evening Bible Class connected with 
Cooke's Church in this city. 

We are pleased to hear that Miss 
Roxie Wood and Miss Jane B. James, 
two of our graduates who went to China 
last year, have made such progress in 
the language that they have been as- 
signed to mission stations. Thej' are 
both entering on their important work in 
good heart and hope; and we trust that 
they will be greatly blessed in all their 
service for Christ. 

Much sympathy has been expressed 
for one of the students. Miss Jean C. 
Simpson, of Hamilton, who enrolled with 
us for the first time this session. One 
morning at the classes she received a 
telegram, informing her of the very sud- 
den death of her mother. All ixnited in 
special prayer that she and the bereaved 
ones might be graciously sustained and 
comforted. As Miss Simpson is needed 
to take her mother's place in the home, 
she cannot, for some time at least, con- 
tinue her studies in the School. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following amounts have been re- 
ceived from May 1st to Nov. 19th, 1903: 
No. 1 $10 00 I No. Vfi 15 00 

20 00 

" 27 

M 2H 

.. 200 00 


5 00 

1.5 00 

o oo 

. . . 10 00 

" 2!) 

2 00 

" 30 

" 31 

11 3.' 

5 00 

t; 2.-1 no 

5 00 

.'Wl 00 

1 00 


l(l() 00 

.1 3.'! 

. .. 10 (!0 


l.T 00 

" 31 

. .. 10 00 


2.") 00 

."S 00 

10 00 

" 3.5 

5 00 



" 30. 

" 87 

" SS 

M X> 

. . . 6 00 
2 00 


F, no 

5 00 

11 '2 00 

5 (K) 



" ■!« 

" 41 

•- 42 ... 

.1 4.1 

... 5 00 


2.') OO 

a 00 


IS . 

.^ 10 

1.5 01' 

100 00 

. . . 2 OO 
5 OO 


•' 41 

. . . 50 no 


UK) 00 

2.5 00 

• > 45 3(X) 00 


•■ 4<; 

. . . .50 00 


1 0« 

.. 47 

.< .l.S 

1 00 


1 0<i 

. . . 25 0'> 

2 i . 

2 00 

25 0(r 

. \ 

II 40 

5 00 


•' .5'l 

. .. 20 00 
.*l,o3."5 CO