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THE HECORdSh - 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 




Present^tt by the 

December 79 40 

Tyndale A^ 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 

School and Offices.- 110 Couege St., Toronto 


Vol. XL] 



[No. 1 

A\ernbcrs of Corporation. 


Ei.MuRK Hakkis, D.D.. President, 

Betheden, Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. R. p. Mackay, D.D.,1 

Toronto. > Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Xasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. N. Shenstosk, Secretary and Treasurer, 

40 \V aimer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. W'm. Stewart, D.D., Principal, 

i;« St. George St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
E. Hooi'KR, M.D., Toronto. 
R. Kii.gour, Toronto. 
Thos. a. Rodgek, Hamilton 
Emas Rogers, Toronto. 


Rkv. Wm. Stewakt, D.I). 
Elmokk Mauris, D.D. 
JciHN .Mc.NicoL, B.D. 
H. \V. Fhost. ma. 
T. C. Dks Bakrks. M.A. 
K. P. .VIackav, D.D. 
a. J. Trki.eavev, .M.A. 

E.XAMINERS FOR l!Hi;j-04. 

Rkv. T. C. Dks Barrks, M.A. 
Rev. \V. H. Hin( ks, LL.B. 
Rev. T. B. Hyi.e. M.A. 
Rev. H. I". Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. PWehox.D.D. 
.Miss A.nnie Burns, Asit. Secretary and Librarian. 


Geoerzil Council. 

Judge Ardagh. 


C. Cook. 


Rev. R. Wallace. 

bkochville : 
Judge Reynolds. 


R. G. Sthuthers. 


R. M. HonsoN. 


Rkv. Fred. E. Howirr. 

kihgstoh i 
B. W. Robertson. 


Rkv. G. J. BiSHoi'. 

Montreal .- 
Geo. Hague. 


John Penman. 

St. Catharines t 
George W. Hodoetts. 

Toronto : 
Thos. S. Colk. 
c m. copelaxd. 
Rev. T. C. DesBarres, 

J. W. Flavelle. 
H. \V. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshore. 
C. S. GzowsKi. 
W. H. Howin, M.I). 
Rev. T. B. Hyde. 
J. Mackay. 
Rev. W M.Mac Willi AM, 

Rev. D. .McTavish, 

Chester D Massey. 
G. B. .Mkadows. 
R. J. Montgomkry. 
Rkv. H. M. Parsons, 

F. M. Pratt. 
John .Stark. 

OuK Design.— The Rieat (lesip:n of the 
Scliool is the training of consecrated men 
and women for Christian service at liome 
and abroad. 

Contributions.— Any friends desiring 
to have fellowship in the work may send 
thoir contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

The naine.^ of otiier friends in imi>ortant centres 
«re yet to be added to the (.ienerjl Council. 

Steady Growth. 

The record of the Bible Training School 
for the present term is one of steady 
growth. The enrolment of students in 
the Day Classes is ^i'^, as against 41 at the 
same date in Novemlier of last year, and 
in the Evening Classes it is '20i, as 
against 176. The students who were 
laboring in Home Mission fields during 
the summer months give encouraging 
reports of their work, and several of who have recently gone to the 
Foreign field are entering with great 
hopefulness on their new duties. The 
prospects of the School were never 
brigliter. Its students are now found in 
different departments of Christian service 
on every continent, and its far-reaching 
iniluence can hardly be ov^r-e.'^timated. 
For all this we are very thankful. 


Two Adjuncts to Bible Study. 
The threat ohject of tlie Bible Training 
School is to impart a thoroutj;h and sys- 
tematic training; in the knowledge and 
practical use of the Englisli Bible. In 
addition to this, the attention of the 
students is turned to methods of Chris- 
tian service. They are encouraged and 
directed to engage in regular outside 
work in missions, in house-to-house 
visitation, in Sunday School and Bible 
Class teaching, in evangelistic and in- 
quirers' meetings, and in other forms of 
practical service, in which they may not 
only be the means of accomplishing a 
large amount of present good, but may 
also acquire an experience that will be 
valuable in the coming daj^s. Another 
adjunct to Bible study is praj^er. Indeed, 
as the great Martin Luther said, "To 
have prayed well is to have studied 
well." The spiritual life of tlie student 
is of paramount importance. In these 
days of intense activity, there is special 
need of prayer, that Christian life may 
be maintained atid Christian work accom- 
plished. In the regular devotional ser- 
vice of the School it is not too much to 
say that hundreds of requests have been 
answered, and hundreds of souls have 
been blessed. We can have no fear for 
the future of this great enterprise, when 
Bible study. Christian work and fervent 
prayer go hand in hand. 

Losses by Death. 
During the last two months the Train- 
ing School has lost three of its friends iiy 
death. The Hrst of these was Mrs. .lohn 
Harris, of Brantford, a noble Christian 
woman, who aided many good causes, 
and was a liberal supporter of the School 
from its beginning. The next was Lieut. 
Col. Hy. McLaren, of Hamilton, who for 
the last three years was a regular con- 
tributor to our fun Is, and showed a 
warm interest in the work. 'Ihe third 
was Mr. II S. Sihell. of Brantford, who 
was much interested in Bible study, and 
for several years was a member of our 
General Council. For the fellowship of 
such Christian helpers we are devoutly 
thankful : they now rest from their 
labors, and their works <lo follow them. 
Our prayer is that Cod may raise up 
others like-minded to take their place. 

Going to China and India. 

Two of our students, Miss E. E. 
Naylor, of this City, and Miss Grace E. 
Brooking, of Winnipeg, formerly of 
Guelph, have been accepted for service 
by the China Inland Mission, and have 
left for their distant field of labor. They 
were both very successful students in the 
Evening Classes. 

Two students of the Day Classes, Miss 
Barbara Mould and Mr. J. K. McCor- 
mick, left last week to labor in connec- 
tion with the Industrial Evangelical 
Mission at Pilibhit, Northern India. A 
special prayer and designation service of 
much interest was held in the Assembly 
Hall of the School previous to their 
departure. Miss Middleton, one of our 
graduates, who is superintendent of the 
Nursing-at-home Mission, is the Ontario 
Secretary of this new mission, which is 
very highly recommended. 

Much prayer is offered for these four 
friends, and especialljM is prayer re- 
({uested for Mr. McCormick, that his 
health, which has improved of late, may, 
by the Lord's blessing, be completely 

Our Students in Burma. 

The three students from India, who 
finished their course of study with us 
last session, Messrs. B. C. Sircar, Daniel 
Solomon, and Israel liamalingam, have 
reached Burma safely, and all entered on 
useful missionary service. They are 
employed in Bible teaching in the large 
school carried on in Rangoon by Dr. and 
Mrs. Armstrong, of the American Mis- 
sionary Union. In addition to this work, 
Mr. Sircar has taken charge of an Urdu 
Church, where his ministry has already 
been blessed with additions to the mem- 
bership. Solomon has preached his first 
sermon in Tamil, from the text, " Draw 
nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to 
you." He also accompanied some mem- 
bers of the Armstrong family on an 
evangelistic tour to Maulmain, where, as 
the result of ten daj^s' special services, 
some twelve persons made a profession of 
their faitli in Christ. We are verj- tluink- 
ful to have tliis good news of our Indian 
students, and we sincerely trust that 
they will continue to be useful and faith- 
ful in the Master's service. 


From the Argentine Republic. 
Miss Maud West, one of our n'ail" 
untes, who left about two years ago to 
labor in connection with the mission 
carried on by Mr. Linton in South 
America, has sent us ii note of jjood cheer 
fromCordovia in the Ar^ontine Republic. 
In the district where she is now labor- 
ing, gross ignorance and superstition 
abound, but there are many open doors, 
and several cases of true conversion have 
occurred among the superstitious Rom- 
anists. She adds that tliere is an untold 
field for workers, and sends her grateful 
affection to the instructors of the Bible 
Training School. 

Evangelistic Band. 

The students have re-organized their 
Evangelistic Band, which is composed of 
30 or more young men and women, in- 
cluding several students from the Even- 
ing Classes. Alreadj' several meetings 
have been held with great blessing and 
success : many have professed conver- 
sion, and backsliders have been restoi-ed. 
Engagements have been made for future 
work that will occupy almost every Sun- 
daj' evening up to the end of the year. 
The Band is under the able and energetic 
leadership of Mr. L. W. Collins, assisted 
by .Mr. E. C. Austin and Miss Li la 
Russell, Secretarj-. We earnestly desire 
the prayers of all friends of the School 
on behalf of this important work. 

Student Volunteer Band. 

The othcers of the Student Volunteer 
Bund for the present Session are: Presi- 
dent, Mr. E. C. Austin; Secretarj-, Mrs. 
8. T. V. Mason. The number of volun- 
teers at the commencement of the Session 
is more than double that of the same 
period last year. While there is missed 
this year the helpful and inspiring pres- 
ence of fellow students from foreign lands, 
yet the missionary purpose and spirit is 
strong and deep, as evidenced bj' the 
attendance at the missionary prayer 
meeting held every Thursday morning, 
and ahso by the interest taken in the 
Mission Study Class held on Tuesday 

afternoon. The class is engaged at 
present in the study of missionary biog- 
raphy, under the leadership of Miss 
Mina Howden, assisted by K. M. 

Medical Lecturers. 

The Committee in charge of the medi- 
cal lectures of the session have been able 
to complete satisfactory arrangements. 
Dr. Bowie is giving lectures on the 
" Practice of Medicine," every Wednes- 
day aftei-noon, and has been dealing with 
the important subject of " Emergencies." 
Dr. Hooper has a class of ladies every 
Thursday afternoon, to whom he gives 
instruction on "Obstetrics.' and the 
nursing of women. Dr. Allan Shore is a 
new member of the staff, wlio has kindly 
taken the place of Dr. Porter, tem- 
porarily absent from the city, and is 
lecturing every Friday afternoon on the 
foundation studies of Anatomj- and 
Physiologj-. All these classes have a 
good attendance, and the students mani- 
fest much interest in the lectures. 

Testimony to the SehooL 

The Kpiscojxil lii'corder of Philadel- 
phia, of July 7th, contains a report of the 
ordination by Bishop Hoffman of Rev. 
George Orman, one of our students, and 
now Rector of Emmanuel Church, To- 
ronto. Dr. Stewart preached the sermon 
on the occasion, and gave a short charge 
to the candidate. The account of the 
ordinaiion closes with the following 
tribute to the work of the Training 
School : 

*i The course of study that Mr. Orman 
has been pursuing in the Bible Training 
School in Toronto, as his examiners for 
onlinatiun can testify, enabled him to 
pass an exHUiination in every way 
credital'le to himself and to the careful, 
thorough and evangelical instruction 
that is iranarted in this sjdendid school 
for the stua3' of the Book of all books." 

Mr. Orman had large experience in 
Christian work before coming to Canada. 
We wish him much blessing in his 
ministry in the Reformed Episcopal 


Special Lecturers. 

The first special lecturer for tliis term 
was Hev. H. W. Frost, of Philadelpliia, 
wlio gave tlie classes some very valuable 
and helpful instruction on the "' Inspira- 
tion of the Scriptures.'" Our other visit- 
inp: lecturer is Rev. T. C. DesBarres, who 
has presented to the students a very able 
and impressive exposition of the Epistle 
to the Hebrews. 


The beginning; of January is a {?ood 
time for new students to enter the Bible 
Training School. 

Rev. J. G. Brown gave an excellent 
address to the Mission Study Class the 
other Tuesday afternoon. 

After the Christmas holidays, the work 
of the classes will be resumed on Thurs- 
day, Januai-y 5th, 1905. 

Four of the present students of the 
Day Classes have been, or are now, en- 
gaged in the Christian ministry. 

Mr. J A. Henderson, a recent gradu- 
ate, was married on Thanksgiving day 
by the Principal of the School to Miss 
H. M. Sage. We wish them all happiness. 

We hear a good report of the work 
done by Miss Alice Hitchon in the west 
end of the city as a Sunday School 
teacher and visitor. She has recently 
organized a useful Normal class. 

Rev. W. G. White, one of our first 
students, who has been for nine years a 
devoted laborer among the Indians on 
the Grand River reservation, has ac- 
cepted a call to a pastorate at Hesperia, 

The class in vocal music is again 
taught this session by Mr. A. T. Cringan, 
Mus. Bac. There is an excellent attend- 
ance, and the students greatly appreciate 
the valuable instruction they are re- 

The written examinations of the pres- 
ent term will be held from Thursday, 
December 15th to Wednesday, December 
2lst. The examination of the Evening 
Classes will take place on Thursday, 
December 15th. and Tuesdav, December 

.Among those in attendance at the 
recpiit Sunday School Institute were 
Rev. Thomas McKay, Methodist minis- 
ter, and Rev. A E. Armstrong. B.A., 
Presbyterian minister. Both of them 
were for a time students of the School. 
Thej- s|)oke in terms of grateful apprecia- 
tioi» of the great benefit they had re- 
ceived from their studies with us. 

Miss A. Bertha Mossip, one of our 
esteemed graduates, who has done good 
service as an evangelist, has been 
married to Rev. J. F. Sutcliffe, Metho- 
dist minister, Grand Bend, Ont. We 
extend our congratulations. 

Tlie attendance at the Sunday School 
Institute held last month at McMaster 
Univeisity was not as large as was ex- 
pected ; but the excellent addresses given 
were found to be very helpful by the 
pastors, theological students, and Sunday 
School workers who were present. 

Miss Martha Marr. a second year 
student, was called away from the classes 
for a few weeks by the somewhat sudden 
death of her father at Caledonia, N. Y. 
Her fellow-students united in a special 
letter of condolence, and in earnest prayer 
that she and the bereaved ones might be 
graciously sustained and comforted. 

The next Students public meeting is 
arranged for Monda3\ Dec. 5th. Ad- 
dresses on Bible themes will be given by 
Misses Lesslie and Russell and Messrs. 
Collins and Ransom, representing the 
Day Classes, and bj^ Mr. R. D. Lees repre- 
senting the Evening Classes. Friends 
of the School are cordially invited. 

We have just received an interesting 
letter from Mr. Wm. J. Hanna, telling 
of the blessing which is attending him 
at his station in the province of Yunnan, 
China. Hostility has in large measure 
abated, there have been some conver- 
sions, and among the inquirers are per- 
sons of education and good standing in 
the communitv. 

Receipts for General Fund 

The following donations have been re- 
ceived from Maj' 1st to Nov. 19th, 1904 : 

S"o. 1 

" !! 

•I 3 

*10 00 

."iO (10 

10 00 

.. 4 

" 5 

5 00 

5 00 

• . f, 

10 00 


5 00 

" 8 

100 00 

" 9 

2 00 

" 10 

1 00 



II 12 

3 00 

H 13 

.«) 00 

.1 14 

2.5 00 

" 15 

.5 00 

II 16 

2.i OO 

" 17 

1.10 00 

.1 18 

2.5 (H) 

" lf» . .. 

2.50 00 

" 2() 

II 21 

.50 00 

1 00 

II 22 

2 00 

" 23. 

5 00 

I' 24 

2 00 

II 2.S 

.5 00 

■ • L'6 

20 00 


27 J20 00 

28 2.5 00 

29 4 00 

.90 .5 00 

31 :?0 00 

Si 15 00 

33 iO 00 

34 50 00 

35 5 00 

.S6 2 00 

37 .50 00 

38 10 00 

•S'.l 1 00 

40 150 00 

41 2 00 

42 10 00 

43 10 00 

44 25 00 

45 5 00 

4A 5 00 

47 15 00 

48 5 00 

4!> 15 00 

.50 10 00 

51 5 00 

Total $1,2.55 00 

Joseph N, Shenstone, Treas. 


V ^f^'P^^X