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THE KECORDEK - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 



Presentee by the 

December 79 40 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 



School and Offices.- 110 Colleqe St., Toronto. 



Vol. XII.] 


[No. 1 

A^erpbcrs of Corporation. 

Rkv. Elmork Harris, D.D., President, 

Bethcden, Waliner Koad, Toronto. 
Kkv. R. p. Mackay, L).D.,1 

Toronto. > Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Nassuth, Toronto J 
Jos. N. Shknstone, Secre<arw and Treasurer, 

40 N\ aimer Koad, Toronto. 
Rev. Wm. Stewart, D.D., Principal, 

138 St. GeorffC St., Toronto. 

James Acton, Toronto. 

E. Hooi'KR, M.D., Toronto. 

R. KiLGOUR, Toronto. 

Tiius. A. RoixJER, Yorkton, Assa. 

El. IAS Rogers, Toronto. 

Generzil Council. 


Jijdue Ardagh. 


C. Cook. 

Frank M. Foster. 


Rev. R. Wallace. 


Judge Reynolps. 


R. G. Struthkrs. 


R. M. HoBSON. 


Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .• 
B. W. Robertson. 


Rev. G. J. Bishop, D.D. 

montreal : 
Geo. Hague. 

Paris .- 
John Penman. 

St. Catharines .• 
George W. Hodgetts. 

Stratford .• 
Duncan Sjewart. 

Toronto : 
Eu. St. Geo. Baldwin, 

Thos. S. Cole. 
I O. M. Coi-eland. 
Rev. T. C. Des Barres, 

J. W. Flavellk. 
Rev. H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshohe. 


W. H. Howitt, M.O. 
Rkv. T. B. Hyde. 
John .Mackay. 
Rkv. D. .McTavish, 


G. B. Meadows. 
Rev. H. .M. Parsons, 

F. M. Pratt. 
\V. .;. Robertson. 
Harry L. Stark. 

Instructors and Lecturers for 1905 (J6. 
Rev. Wm. Stewart, D.D. 
Rev. Elmore Harris, D.D. 
Rev. John McNicol, B.D. 
Rev. Ale.x. Paiterson. 
Rev. t. B. Hyde, M.A. 
Kkv. Ale.\. Ksler, M.A. 

E.XAMINERS KOR ltKl.')-06. 

Rev. T. C. Dks Barres, M.A 
Rev. W. H. IIincks, LL.B. 
Rev. T. H. Hyde, M.A. 
Rev. H. p. Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Wei.ton, D.D. 
Miss Annie Burns, Aist. Secretary and Librarian. 

Our Design.— The prreat design of tlie 
Scliool is the training of consecrated men 
and women for Christian service at liome 
and abroad. 

Contributions.— Any friends desirinj? 
to have fellowship in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 40 VValmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

The names of other friend.s in inii>ortant centres 
are yet to be added to the General Council. 

Enrolment of Students. 

We are glad to announce that the en- 
rolment of students on November 27th, 
the date of writing this, is 45 in the Day 
Classes, and just about 2<XJ in the Even- 
ing Classes. These numbers are almost 
exactly the same as those at the corres- 
ponding jieriod of last year. There has 
been more sickness than usual among 
students and their friends, and this lias 
interfered somewhat with regularity in 
attendance. Notwithstanding this, the 
work of the different classes has been 
going on with much interest and with 
evident tokens of the Divine blessing. In 
the case of .several of the students there 
is a real entliusiasm for Bible studj'. For 
all this we are very thankful, and also 
for the spirit of jirayer and the earnest 
desire for Christian usefulness which are 
quite manifest in the School. 


Prospective Changes. 

It is known to most of our readers that 
Dr. Stewiirt, who is now in his 12t]i year 
as Principal of tlie Bible Training School, 
desires to be relieved from the duties of 
his position, in part at least, if not en- 
tirely. Havinjr been nearly forty-seven 
years in the Christian ministrj-, and hav- 
ing been laid aside twice during the last 
two j-ears by a somewhat serious illness, 
he feels that he ought now to have some 
rest. As yet no successor has been found 
for the principalship of the School, and 
an earnest request is made to all our 
friends that thei'e may be much prayer 
for Divine guidance in the choice of the 
right man for this important and re- 
sponsible position. 

In connection with the coming of the 
new principal there will arise the neces- 
sity' for a larger income to meet the in- 
creased expenditure. The death of sev- 
eral of our warm friends and supporters 
has already cut off a considerable portion 
of our support ; for, while others have 
been raised up to take their places, the 
help which these are able to give is not 
so large as we require. May we ask, 
therefore, that all our subscribers who 
can do so would increase their subscrip- 
tions, and that other friends will have 
fellowship with us in maintaining this 
important work? 

It has been suggested that many of our 
former students who know the blessing 
the School has been to them — and of these 
there are now considerably over twelve 
hundred— might each contribute a small 
sum annually to help in our ever-growing 
work. This would bring us all the addi- 
tional income we need. 

We have no doubb that God will con- 
tinue to guide and bless our beloved 
School as He has so graciously done in 
the past, and therefore we confidently 
commend it again to the continued sym- 
pathy and earnest prayers of all our 

Evangelistic Band. 

Shortly after tlje beginning of the 
session, the Evangelistic Band was again 
organized by electing Mr. I. .1. Ransom 

as leader ; Mr. H. L. Troyer, assistant ; 
Miss M. B. McCormack, Secretary ; and 
Mr. E. F. Griffith, Treasurer. The Band 
holds regular weekly meetings at the 
Yonge St. Mission, and on Lord's Day 
evenings it holds services in some of the 
smaller churches and at various missions 
in the city. Instances of spiritual awak- 
ening have already occurred as the result 
of these labors. 

Prayer Meetings. 

In addition to the regular Tuesdaj' 
forenoon devotional service, which has 
been maintained with much interest and 
profit ever since the establishment of the 
Training School, several of the students, 
in view of the united evangelistic meet- 
ings soon to be held in Toronto, and im- 
pressed with the need of more definite 
and concerted intercessory prayer, have 
decided to meet every day during the 
hour preceding the morning session of the 
School for special prayer and supplication. 
Already the presence of the Holy Spirit 
has been realized in these gatherings. 

Special Lecturers. 

Our special lecturer at the opening of 
the session was Rev. Alexander Patter- 
son, of Morgan Park, III.. the well-known 
Bible lectuier and author. The three 
themes he presented were interesting and 
important. The visiting lecturer for this 
tarm is Rev.T. B. Hyde, of this city, who 
has been giving to the students on suc- 
cessive Fridays an instructive and helpful 
series of studies on the "Person and 
Work of the Holy Spirit." 

Afternoon Classes. 

The Medical Classes for the present 
term are again under the competent in- 
struction of Dr. Bowie and Dr. Shore. 
They meet on Wednesday and Friday 
afternoons. The Vocal Music Class meets 
on Tuesday afternoon, and is again effi- 
ciently conducted by Mr. A. T. Cringan, 
Mus. Bac. The attendance at these 
classes, and the interest manifested, are 
verj^ commendable. 


Mission Band and Study Class. 

Tliose stuJoiits wlio are ilctinitely pre- 
paring!: for service in tho foreign field 
have formed themselves into a distinct 
missionary band for eonference, encou- 
ragement and united prayer. A special 
object they liave in view is to address the 
various organizations of Christian j'oung 
people in the city, and to bring before 
them the Master's " Great Commission," 
so that some may hear the " Macedonian 
Cry," and give themselves to the blessed 
work of carrying the Gospel to the re- 
gions beyond. 

The mission study class has been re- 
organized for this session, with Mr. 
Troyer as leader, and an enrolment of 
twelve members. They have chosen Af- 
rica as the special field for study, using 
"Christus Liberator" as the text-book. 
No doubt deep interest will be aroused 
regarding the needs of "the dark conti- 

Examination Papers. 

At the request of several friends, we 
again publish some of the examination 
papers on which our students were re- 
quired to write at the close of last session" 
These will show something of the char- 
acter and scope of the instruction given 
bj' the lecturers. They contain questions 
connected with three of the courses of 
study pursued from January to the end 
of April. 


1. Distinguish the themes of the two 

Epistles to the Thessalonians. 

2. Give a very general outline of Thess. 

4:1; 5 : 28. 

3. Give the main objects dealt with in 

1 Thess. 4: 13-18, and write a very 
HRiEF note on each. 
4. Explain somewhat fully " Quench not 
the Spirit" (5 : 19), and its connection 
with the context. 

5. Give the relations of the Second Ad- 

vent to the Spiritual Life as found in 
this Epistle. 

6. "Write a note on "Everlasting De- 
struction " (2 Thess. 1 : 9), illustrating 

from other Scriptures. 

7. Give correct rendering and full ex- 

planation of 2 Thess. 2:1. 

8. Write a full note on "Tho Lawless 
One "of chap. 2: iM2. 

0. Illustrate the teaching uf .lonaii 2: 9 

from chap. 2 : 18, 14. 
10. Give correct rendering and discuss 
fully chap. 8: 5. 


HY MR. MC.NICdt.. 

1. Give an outline of the life of Ciirist, 

showing its main divisions. 

2. Explain the differences between the 

genealogies in Matthew and Luke. 
8. What were the influences in the midst 
of which .Jesus grew up at Nazareth ? 

4. Why did Jesus present Himself for 

baptism, and what was the result 
upon His life? 

5. AVh3' did Jesus devote the first part of 

His ministry to Judea? Wliat in- 
cidents took place during His first 
public visit to Jerusalem? 

6. To what different classes of people did 

Jesus direct His teaching and preach- 

7. Give the main divisions of the Sermon 

on the Mount. 

8. Explain "the salt of the earth" and 

"the light of the world" in Matt. 
5: 13, 14. 

9. What did Jesus teach as to the char- 

acteristics of true prayer? 

10. What is meant by " taking up the 
cross " in Matt, lu : 38. 


1. Draw a parallel between the old crea- 

tion and the new. 

2. " God created man in His own image," 

in what did that consist ? 

3. Write a note on the origin of redemp- 


4. State the three main ideas represented 

by the Old Testament sacrifices. 

5. Name and answer two of the objections 

made to the atoning sacrifice of 
H. Define death, and point out the differ- 
ent kinds of death mentioned in the 

7. Explain fully the words employed in 

the Old Testament and the New to 
represent the separate state. 

8. Show five of the great purposes for 

which Christ will return in person to 
tliis world. 

9. Specify certain contrasts between the 

present body and the resurrection 

10. Write a note on the millennial glory. 



Aftbr the Christmas holidays, the 
work of the classes will be resumed on 
Thursday, Jan. 4th, 190G. 

Mr. H. S. Bennett, one of our recent 
graduates, has taken up Home Mission 
work in Sundrid>i;e, Northern Ontario. 

Rev. J. W. Salton has been rejoicing 
in several conversions in his new iield of 
labor at the Tabernacle Mission, Mon- 

We hope to welcome a number of new 
students at the beginning of the j^ear. It 
is a good time to begin special Bible 

We learn that Rev. T. G. R. Brown- 
low, a member of our first graduating 
class, has been much blessed in his work 
as pastor of the M.E. Church of Marengo, 

Rev. Charles E. Hurlbert of Phila- 
delphia, Director of the East African 
Mission, visited the School in October, 
and gave us a useful and impressive 
missionary address. 

An Executive Committee of the student 
body has been formed, consisting of the 
leaders and officers of the different so- 
cieties. These have chosen Mr. A. M, 
Shannon as Convener. A. MuNSON, of Wansa, Neb., 
who was with us as a student last session, 
has been accepted by the Board of the 
China Inland Mission, and expects to 
leave before long for her distant field of 

The written examinations of the Day 
Classes will begin on Thursday, Dec. 14th, 
and continue till Wednesday, Dec. 20th. 
Those of tlie Evening Classes will be held 
on Thursday, Dec. 1 1th, and Tuesday, 
Dec. 19th. 

Mis.s Bakbr, formerly teacher of Elo- 
cution in Albert College, Belleville, has 
recently' commenced a course of instruc- 
tion with the students in voice culture 
and reading, from which we expect ex- 
cellent results. 

Mr. W. D. Si'INKS, after a period of 
devoted missionary service in Northern 
Nigeria, during which his health was 
seriously impaired, has returned to Can- 
ada, and received an appointment to a 
Home Mission field at Moe's River, Que. 

The next Students' public meeting is 
arranged for Monday, Dec. 11th. Ad- 
dresses on Bible themes will be given by 
Misses Allum, Brooking and Sprague, 
and Messrs. Chinal, Palmer and Tester. 
All friends of the School are very cor- 
dially invited. 

Our President, Dr. Harris, is conduct- 
ing Bible Studies this session with 
leaders of Bible Classes connected with 
Toronto University. Just now he is 
holding Bible Conferences for a week 
under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A., 
Quebec City. 

Miss Alma Sciiofield of this city, 
who took a successful course of study in 
our Evening Classes, has been designated 
for service bj^ the Africa Evangelistic, 
formerly the Africa Industrial, Mission, 
and has sailed for Nigeria, Central Sou- 
dan, followed by the prayers of many 
Christian friends. 

Several of our former students have 
recently removed to new fields of labor : 
Rev. L. N. Sirrell from Clayton, N.Y., 
where he has done an excellent work, to 
Gouverneur in the same State; Rev. W 
N. Scott, lately of Port Huron, Mich., 
has become pastor at Selkirk, Ont. ; and 
Rev. Geo. A. Paull, of Wilkesport, with 
restored health, has accepted the pastor- 
ate of churches at Shedden and Fingal, 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following donations have been re- 
ceived from May 1st to Nov. 23, 1905. 


1 82 00 

2 100 00 

:) 5 00 

4 10 00 

.5 5 00 

6 1.") 00 

7 10 00 

8 1(1 (10 

9 10 00 

10 10 00 

11 t, 00 

12 fi 00 

13 25 00 

14 5 00 

15 25 00 

16 250 00 

17 250 00 

18 20 (K) 

li» 1 00 

20 5 00 

21 .")0 00 

22 25 00 

23 20 00 

24 2 00 

25 ,. 50 00 

No. 26 

" 27 

11 28 

$ 5 00 

5 00 

20 00 

" 29 

5 00 

11 30 

5 00 

.1 31 

1. 82 

" 33 ... . 

5 00 

10 00 

5 00 

M 84 

10 00 

11 35 

^ 1 00 

11 3(J 

" H7 

1' 38 

11 39 

20 00 

10 00 

75 OO 

1 00 

" 40 

11 41 

15 00 

10 00 

" 42 

11 48 

10 00 

2.')0 00 

" 44 

" 45 

1.50 00 

5 Oo 

" 46 

" 47 

1. 48 

1" 49 

25 00 

25 00 

5 00 

2 no 

" 50 


Total $1,590 00 

Joseph N. Shenstone, Treas. 

y ^l^'P^^i