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THE KECORDEh -" 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 




Presents^ by the 




lyr^dale Afci 

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in 2010 witin funding from 

Tyndale University College and Seminary 


9^ \e 


School and Offices.- 110 Colleqe St., Toronto 



Vol. Xin.J 


[No. 1. 

A\ernl7Crs of Corpor2ition» 

Rev. K1..M0K1; Hahhis. D.D.. PrcsUhnt. 

Hitliedeii, NValmcr Road, Toronto. 
Rev. R. p. Mack a v. D.D.. l 

Toronto. > Vice-Prcsidetits. 
J. D. N'as.mith. Toronto. J 
Jos. X. .SiiE.\.STOXE, Treasurer, 

40 Waliner Rood, Toronto. 
Rkv. W'.m. Stewart, D.D.. Secretary, 

138 St. George St.. Toronto. 
Rev. John McNicol, B.D., Principal. 

110 CoUege St.. Toronto. 

James Acton. Toronto. 
K. Hooi'EK. M.D., Toronto. 
R. Kii.oofR, Toronto. 
Ki.iA.s RoGEKS, Toronto. 


Rev. John MiNkou H.D. 
Rev. \\m. Stewakt, D.D. 
Rev. K1..V10RE Hakris. D.D. 
Prof. H. F. Tracv. Ph.D. 

A. V. (iAEItEI.EIN, D.D. 

Rev. H. W. Frost. 

Examiners for IIXKM*?. 
Rev. T. C. DksHakrks. M.A. 
Rev. W. II. IIiNc Ks. LL.H. 
Rev. T. H. Hvde. M..\. 
Rev. H. M. Par.sons. D.D. 
Rev. F. s. \Ve.ston. M.A. Annie Burns. Atittist. ,S'<c. and Liln-arian. 

Gencrzil Council. 


Belleville i 
Rev. R. Wallace. 

C. Cook. 
FitANK M. Foster. 

Brock V ILLS .• 


R. G. Struthers. 

Qermantown. Pa. 
Rev. H. W. 


R. M. HoH-soN. 

Hamilton s 
Rev. Fred E. Howitt. 

Kingston , 
B. \V. Robertson. 

Lindsay : 
Rev. (i. .1. HisiK.r. D.D. 

montreal : 
Geo. Hague. 

The names of other 
ta-es are yet to be added 

I Orillia. 

Rev. Thos. A. Rodgeij. 
I Paris .■ 

St. Catharines » 
Geo. W. Hodgetts. 

DiwcAN Stewart. 

Toronto .• 
Dr.Ed.St. G. Baldwin. 
Tnos. .'^. Cole. 

C. M. Coi'ELANI). 

Rev. T. C. DesBarres. 
J. W. Flavelle. 
, J. J. Gartsiiore. 


W. H. Howitt. M.D. 

Rev. T. B. Hvde. 

John Maikav. 
, Rev. D. McTavish. 
I IK^: 

, Cnrj?TER D. Massev. 

G. B. Meadows. 

Rev. H. M. Par.sons. 
j F. M. Pratt. 

W. J. RoHERTStlN. 

I Harry L. Stark. 

friends in important fon- 
to the General Council. 

Our Design.— The great de.sign t»f the 
School is the training of con.sft-rated 
iiu'ii and woiiicn for C'liristian .service at 
home and al)i-oad. 

CoNTHim-TioNs.—Any friends desir- 
ing to have fellowshiji in tlie work may 
.send tlieii' conti ilmt ions to tlie Trea.s- 
urer. .1. N. Sliciistoiic, Ksfj., U) \\'ahiier 
lioad, Toronto, or to any officer of tlie 

The New Session. 

On the ISth of Septc'inher tin* present 
Session was opened— the thirtc'eiith in 
the history of the .School. In the two 
months that have elap.sed since that 
date the work has gone on with uiiahat^-d 
interest and with every promii^e of con- 
tinued hle.ssing. The enrolment of stu- 
dents in the Day is 40. and in the 
Evening t'ljus.scs over 2(((l. This is 
slightly in excess of the mimlM'rs for the 
corresponding jicriod of last year. The 
diligence and th-votion of the .stu«Ient« is 
in every way commendahle. We 
the friends of the School will continue 
to pray that the hle.ssing of (iod may 
ahide upon this im]>ortjint work. 


The Public Lectures. 

At th«' annufil iiH'i-tiii^: (if llu- Hoanl 
and Council in thf spring?, it was dt'cidcd 
to invit*' two or three prominent Hible 
teachers to give each a course of public 
lectures in Ci>nnection with the work of 
the present session. The first series of 
these special lectures was given during 
the opening week of the session by Mr. 
A. t". (iaebelein. of New York, editor of 
Our Hope. Mr. Ciaebelein gave two 
Irctun's each day. In the afternoons he 
took up in outline the Book of Revela- 
tion, and in the evenings he expounded 
more fully the Epistle to the Colossians. 
The lectures were largely attended, and 
many expressed their appreciation and 
enjoyment of Mr. Gaebelein's teaching. 

It is expected that the next comse 
will be delivered about the middle of 
.lanuary by an old and warm fiiend of 
the Bible Training School, the Rev. H. 
W. Frost, of Philadelphia. 

Student Organizations. 

Early in the session an Executive 
Connnittee was appointed to be asso- 
ciated with the Principal in dealing with 
matters affecting the general student 
iMtdy. The members of this Ctnumittee 
are: Mr. H. L. Tioyer (Chairman), Miss 
F. J. Ray (Secretary), Miss M. G. Lesslie, 
Mr. R. E. Jones and Mr. J. C. Hobson. 

The Evangelistic Band has been or- 
ganized, under the leadership of Mr. 
Hobson. with Miss M. Hali)enny as Sec- 
ret.iry and Mr. Wm. Digby as Assistant 
U-ader. The students have been con- 
diK-ting. or assisting in. Gospel services 
in several of the Missions of the city, 
and report that nmch blessing is resting 
upon their work. Many persons al- 
ready have Ix'en led to Christ througii 
tlu' efforts of the Band. 

Of the Missionary Society Miss M. G. 
I.«'sslie is President, Mr. R. E. Jones, 
Vice-President, and Miss M. B. .McCor- 
mack Secretary-Treasiner. The Society 
meets every Tuesday at '.^ o'clock for the 
study of missions, and the members 
jn-ejiare themselves to conduct or taki' 
part in missionary meetings in churclies 
and Young People's Societies. 

Special Visits. 

The last ln)ur every l^'riday morning 
is devoted to the study of methods of 
practical Christian work, and at this 
pei'iod the students sometimes have the 
privilege of hearing missionaries and 
other Christian workers representing 
various aspects of the great cause of 
Cln-ist throughout the world. During 
the present session we have been favored 
ah-eady by several such visits. One 
morning Mr. Charles Waddell, one of 
ovir own graduates, gave a very inter- 
esting and instructive talk on mi.ssion- 
ary work among the Soudan ti-ibes of 
Africa. Mr. Waddell has been laboring 
for the past thi-ee yeai-s in Northei-n 
Nigeria, and has had to return home for 
awhile to recover from the serious effects 
the severe climate of that region has 
had upon his health. On other occa- 
sions most helpful addresses were given 
by Mr. D. E. Hoste, General Director of 
the China Inland Mission, and by Mr. 
Albert Head, Chairman of the Keswick 
C(mncil of England. Mr. Hoste spoke 
of the essentially spiritual character of 
the missionai-y's work, sliowing the ne- 
cessity for i-eal sjniitual preparation. 
Mr. Head pi-esented the work of the 
South African General Mission. By the 
time this copy of the Recorder reaches 
all our friends, we expect to have had 
visits from Mi-. J. N. Farcjuhar, General 
Secretary of the Calcutta Y.M.C.A., 
and from Dr. Henry Guinness, of the 
Regiinis Beyond Missionary Union. 

Dr. Tracy's Class. 
A new feature has been inti-oduced 
into the work of the School this session 
in the form of a of lectures on 
the Piinciples of Teaching, by Prof. 
Fred. Tiacy, of the University of To- 
ronto. This work is taken up with the 
Evening C'lasses every Thursday at 7:4.5 
p.m., and is proving of great interest 
and profit. Di-. Tracy is an autlua-ity 
on whatever concerns the training of 
the teacher, and his are of special 
v.ilue for tiiose who are engaged in 
Sunday Sciiool work, and for others 
who wish to ])repare themselves for it. 


The Missionary Meeting. 

The si'coiul puMic Missioiiaiy .Sci\ icr 
under tl>e auspices of tlie Students' Mis- 
sionnry Society was held on Tues<hiy 
evening. Nov. (Uh, and was attend»'d hy 
a lai>re ^atherin^, mostly of young 
people. Shoit, telling; wei'e 
given hy four representatives from dif- 
feivnt sections of the world field. Miss 
F. L. Morris spoke for C'liina ; Hev. .]. I{. 
Haifoiu't for India; Mr. ('has. Waddell 
for Africa, and Hev. Ueo. Smith for 
Soutli America. Missionary charts and 
maps hung around the walls of the As- 
sembly Hall reinforced the appeals from 
the platform. A missionary exhibit, 
cai-efully prepared by the students in 
one of the side class rooms, also added 
to the interest of the meeting. 

Dr. Frost's Bible Readings. 

In the early part of the session a few 
of Dr. Harris's classes were conducted 
by the Rev. A. J. Frost, D.D., of the 
Northwestern Bible Training School, 
Minneapolis. Dr. Frost gave a numlx^r 
of illuminating Bible readings. ])ervaded 
btith by quiet humor and by rich spirit- 
ual teivching. Tlaey were gi-eatly appi-e- 
ciated by all who heard them. 

Sad Bereavement. 

Our President and Mrs. Harris experi- 
enced a sore tiial in August, in the 
deatli of their third son, Frank, residt- 
ing from an accident. He had nearly 
reached young manhood, had i-ecently 
made a c<mfe.s.sion of his faith in Christ, 
and a life of gi-eiit promise seemed t<» In- 
opening up to him. But the gracious 
I^)rd, who doeth all things well, has 
taken him home, to Ix* with Hims»'lf. 
D?-. and Mrs. Harris have had the sym- 
pathy and prayei-s of many Christian 
friends in their l)eit>avement. For a 
time the health of Dr. Hai-ris was 
somewhat impaii-ed, but we are thank- 
fid that after a .short rest he has nou 
returned to his work in the Tiainijig 

Afternoon Classes. 

The ("lass ill N'ocal .Music has Im-cii i-e- 
sumed under theetlit-ient leadeiship of 
Mr. A. T. Criiigan, .Mus. Bac. It meetw 
«'Very Tiies<lay at 2 o'clock, and has a 
good attendance. The Medical Classes 
this teiin are <-onducte«l by Dr. E. F. 
Bowie aiHl Dr. W. H. Howitt, who are 
giving very valualde instruction. Dr. 
Bowie lectures at 4 p.m. on Wednes«lay 
on " I)is»'ases and their Treatment," and 
Dr. Howitt at the same h<»ui- on Thurs- 
day on "Tropical Medicine." 

Our Three East Indian Students. 

A recent letter from .Mrs. H. M. N. 
Armstrong, the wi'Il-known missionary 
of Rangoon, Burma, bears very gratify- 
ing testimony to the work which is now- 
being done by the three East Indian 
students, who gi-adiiated from the Bible 
Training School in 190i. Mrs. Ann- 
strong writes as follows: 

"Daniel and I.srael are doing good, 
steady woik in our School, an<l they 
assist the pastor of the Tamil and Telugu 
clnirch in j)reaching. Their stay in 
Canada was a great blessing to them, 
and gave them a detiniteiicss of view 
and a knowledge of their Bible, which is 
es.sential to goo»l work anywheiv, and difficult, almost inii>ossible. to get 
here luider present circumstances. Israel 
was marrit'd U^ an excellent Christian 
girl about a year ago, antl it has i)roved 
a v«'rv happy thing for them Intth. 
After less than a year's jiastorate of the 
I'ldu cliui-ch here. Sircar accejiti-d a 
position as one of the nativ*- Secn-taries 
of the University Y.M.C.A. at Calcutta, 
where he is i-endering efficient service. 
Some native hel])ers continue the work 
since h«' h-ft, the principal of whom is 
Stephen, our first I'ltlu conveit. who 
gives promise of being an ••xcellent 
|ueaclier. and whom we would like you 
to receive as a student. The teaching 
which the Bible Tiaining School gives 
is just what oin- young prea«'hei-s neinl, 
and I know of no other place .so suitablt> 
for them." 

We may add that we hope t«> welcome 
St«-phen as a stud«'nt in SeptemlxM", 11M)7, 
when th«' next .si'ssion opens. 



Tlu' fii-st StiukMits" Piihlif .Mcetii)}; for tlu> Session will he licld on Monday 
■vciiinji, Dri'. 'Md. Tlu' I'ollowinjj; is tlu' progranmu' : 

Chairninn's Addrrss — Rev. Elmore Harris, D.D. 
One of PaiU's Prayws.— Mr. R. E. .Tones. 
"What think yo of Christ?"— Miss Ethel Collins. 
"The Spirit of Love" — Mr. Frank Westlake. 
"The .loy of Oliedience" — Miss N. E. Houlding. 
"The I'plifted Seri)ent" Mr. .T. A. Clark. 


Pastor W. G. White, one of our 
first students, has removed from Port 
Hinon. .Mieh., to Moe's River, Quo. 

Attention is specially called to the 
])roi;ranune of the Students' Public 
Meeting, ari-anged for Monday, Dec. .Srd. 

Mu. E. S. Fish, a recent graduate 
from the Evening Cla.sses, is now taking 
a medical course, with a view to foreign 
missionary service. 

Miss K. M. Holmes, of Toronto, a 
former graduate, is leaving for Winiii- 
j)eg, where she expects to engage in 
city mission work. 

Mr. C. p. EN(iLANr), a student of last 
session, is laboring at Abbott's Corner, 
Que., where he has been conducting 
successful evangelistic services. 

AmoNO the students enx-olled during 
the present term are two converted 
.lews from Poland, one C'hinese Chris- 
tian, one lady from Italy and one from 

Two of oiu' former students. Mi', and 
Mi-s. Hoyne, with their little child, have 
recently returned to Toronto from their 
mission work in India, having found 
the climate too trying for tlu-ir health. 

Mif. W. I). SpiNKS, one of our giadn- 
ates, whose health broke down at his 
missionary post in Nigeria, has ent<'red 
tlieSoutluM-n nai)tist Theological Semin- 
ary at Louisville, to pursue a furthei- 
«-oui>!e of studv. 

We sympathize very deeply with Miss 
E. Grace Bi-ooking, of Winni]ieg, a stu- 
dent of last year, in the sad and sudden 
bereavement she recently sustained in 
the death of her father, resulting fi-om 
an accident. May she be graciously 
sustained in her gi-eat sorrow. 

It is expected that the written exam- 
inations of the present term will take 
place from Dec. 11th to 21st, and that 
the woik of th(^ new term will be re- 
sumed after tlie Christmas holidays on 
Tluu.sdav, J-an. 3rd, VMl. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following are the amounts re- 
ceived from May 1st to Nov. 23rd 1906: 


1 §10 00 

2 5 00 

3 2 00 

4 50 00 

5 . 25 00 

6 00 
10 00 
5 00 
5 00 
1 00 






11 50 00 

12 2 (Kl 

13 5 0(J 

14 250 0(1 

15 300 

16 25 00 

17 2 (Kl 

18 50 (K) 

19 1 00 

20 125(H) 

21 10 00 

22 5 (Kl 

23.; 10 (K) 

24 I 'S 

''5 . 2.') 00 

.!(; 10 (III 



§50 00 


2 00 


5 00 


20 00 




.S4 .. .. 

.... 5 OO 
20 (K) 

.... 100 00 

10 00 

1 00 


2 00 




5 00 

5 00 

5 00 


50 00 



... . 2 00 
.... 15 00 


5 00 


1 00 



.... 5 00 
250 OO 

4 00 
1 00 

25 00 
100 00 

5 00 


.$1,.385 75 
.losici'U N. SiiKN.sToNK, Treas.