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THE KEC ORDER - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 


Presents^ by the 

December /940 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witin funding from 

Tyndale University College and Seminary 

5C«00i -</VD OFFICES: 110 COLl EQE St.. TORONTO 



Vol. XIV.] 


[No. 1. 

A^erpbers of Corporation. 

liKV. Kl.mukk Haukis. D.I).. Pnsiilint. 

Hcthcilen, W'iihuer Road, Toronto. 
Uky. R. p. M.v(K\v. I>.I>.. 1 

Toronto. > J'ice-PrcNidentn. 
.1. I). X.v.sMlTii, Toronto. J 
Jns. N. SiiENSTOXE. Treasurer, 

•10 Wiilnicr Road. Toronto. 
Rkv. Wm. Stewart. D.T).. Secretory. 

13S St. (iforKC St., Toronto. 
Rkv. John McNicdu H.I)., Frincipnl, 

nil Colk'tre St., Toronto. AtTON, Toronto. 
K. Hooper, M.K.. Toronto. 
R. Kii.GoiR, Toronto. 
Klias Rooek!^;. Toronto. 

I\.STRlCTOK.S A.Nl) LeCTI'RER.S KOR I}«l7-(t8. 

Rkv. .John- AIcNicol, n.D. 
Rkv. Wm. Stewakt, I).I). 
Rkv. Ki.mokk Hahius, I».|>. 

A. C. OAKIiKI.KI.N. I>.I). 

Rev. F. s. Wkston, m.a. 
Rev. V. H. (O^.-^akt. H.I>. 

Exa.MI.SEKS KOR l!»fl7-<iS. 

Rev. W. H. Hi.ncks. LL.R 
Rev. T. R Hvi>e. M.a. 
Rkv. H. M. I'ak.^ov.s. I».I». 
Rkv. F. s. Weston. M.a. 
Ml-ss .\\.NiE BlR.Ns. Asuuit. Sec. ami Lilirarian. 

Genere^l Council. 

BAftRIE : 

.IrrKJE Ardagii. 

Belleville , 
Rev. R. Walf-ace. 


C. Cook. 

Fra.nk M. Fo.ster. 


.IrixjK Reynolds. 

ft. G. STRrTHER.S. 

Qerhantown, Pa. 
Rev. II. W. Fkost. 



R. M. II(.H.S(.N. 

Hamilton .■ 
Rev. Frek K. Howirr. 
Kingston .■ 


Rev. (}. .1. Mi.miop. D.I). 

Montreal .- 
I '• Ko. Hagve. 

The names of other 
I res are y'ft to be adde<l 


Rev. Tiios. A. Rodger. 
Paris .- 


St. Catharines .■ 
Geo. W. Hodgetts. 

DiNCAN Stewart. 

Orn Dksiox.— The ^jreat df.sijr,, ,,f the 
School i.s the tiainiiij; of i-onscciated 
men and women fop Christ ian service at 
liome and abroad. 

CoN-THiru-TFONs. Any fri.Mids desip- 
injj: to lia\e feIlowshi|» iii tlie woik may 
send theip contrilmtions to the Tpeas- 
urei-. .1. X. Shenstone, K.s<|.. |(l Walniep 
Hoail. Toponto, op to any otticer of the 

Toronto : 

Dr.Kd.St. (J. HAr.iiwiN. 
Tiios. S. Coi.e. 

('. M. ('OPEl.AND. 
.1. W. F'l.AVKI.I.K. 
J. .1. (iARTSIIORE. 
f. S. fiZOWSKI. 
W. II. How ITT. M.D. 
.lolIN M ACK AV. 

Rkv. D. .McTavisii, 


(HE.STKR D. Ma.'^.SEV. 

<i. H. Meadow.s. 
Rev. H. yi. Parsons, 

F. .M. Pk.vTT. 
W. .1. RoHERrsoN. 
Hakrv L. Stark. 

friends in important cen- 
to the {fcnerni C'ounc-il. 

Another Session Begun. 

The fouPteentll ses..,i,)ii ,,f tile Scln»ol 

is now well on the way. It opened on 
the 17th of Sept«'mher with a k<^<><1 <'»i- 
pohnent. which has jr,,ne on steadily 
incpeasiiif?. The actual nninl>«-pof names 
on the roll at presetit is not ^pe.itei- than 
at the same jM'piod last yeai-. hut tin- 
avepaK«'atten(hince of students is U-ttt-p. 
It Is intepestiiif^also to notice that while 
last yeai'at this time the women stu- 
dents were in a consich-pahle majority, 
this yeapthe munlH'ps ape alH>ut e«|u,dly 
divided. The students ni-e all takinj^ 
liohl of theip work with conmiend/il>l<- 
dilij^ence and earnestness. 


Public Lectures. 

The session lu-^^aii as it also did a ycai- 
a^o. witii a number of publir U-ctiucs 
by Mr. A. ('. (Jaeb»'l»Mn of New Voik. 
'riiese leetm-es were delivered in tlu> 
iifterno«)ns and evenings of the first three 
ihiys. The afternoon lectures were on 
prophetic themes, and were liased on tlu- 
Hook of Joel and on two of the Psalms. 
The j'vening lectiu-es took the form of a 
conrse «»f expositions of the Epistle to 
the (Jalatians. Mr. (Jai-belein's inifold- 
ing of the teaching of this Epistle was 
deal- and helpfnl. particidarly his ex- 
planation and illustration of the differ- 
ence between law and grace. Many 
wei-e heard to spi'ak of the benefit they 
had rt-ceivtMl from these expositions. 

New Lecturers. 

We welcome to the number of the 
Instructors of the School two new lec- 
tiu-ers who have been appointed for the 
present year to dividi- the subject of 
Bible Doctrines, formerly tanght by Dr. 
.Stewart. The Rev. F. S. Weston is 
carrying on this work with great efifi- 
eiency during the first part of the session. 
The H«'v. V. H. Cow.sert will c(Mitinvie 
it .ifter the new year. 

Student Organizations. 

A students" Kxecutive Committee 
was a|)point<'d early in the .se-ssion to 
deal with matters ctmcerning the gen- 
eral student l»ody. It consists of the 
following nienil)ers: Mr. George Tester, 
Chairman ; Miss N. E. Tloulding, Secre- 
tary: .Mr. n. L. Troyer. xMiss M. G. 
Le.sslie, Ml-. H. E. Jones, Mr. I.. R. Rist. 

The Missionary Society has been or- 
ganized with .Mr. H. L. Troyer as Presi- 
dent, Mr. Cieorge .Sander.son, Vice-Presi- 
dent, and M. (J. I..«'.sslie. Secretary- 
Trens\ir»'r. The Society is carrying on 
a systematic study of China, a«-coi(ling 
to the plan of the Young People's 
Korwar«l Missionary MovtMuent. 

The l-^angelistic Hand is under the 
leadership of Mr. It. E. .fone.s, with Mr. 
r.,. H. Hist as A.s.sociat^ Iv«'ader, Miss M. 

K. Ilalpenny and .Miss A. (iarbutt as 
Seci'etaries. Alri'ady much blessing 
has attended the work which the stu- 
dents have Ix'en carrying on in soine of 
the mis,sions throughout the city. 

Special Classes. 

The morning in Engli-sh are 
l)eing conducted this year by Mr. Fied 
Hai-ris, a son of the President of the 
School, who has iccently graduated with 
distinction from Princeton University. 

Mr. t^ringan's music class on Tuesday 
afternoon has been resumed. Vei-y 
.satifactory progress is being made in 
this department. 

The Medical Lecturers this term are 
Dr. E. F. Bowie and Dr. G. D. Porter. 
The former lectures every Wednesday 
on "Drugs and Medicine," the latter 
every Thui-sday on " Medical and Surgi- 
cal Emergencies." 

To Foreign Fields. 

Since last annual meeting seveial of 
our former students have removed to 
distant fields of labor. Mr. E. C. Austin, 
Canada's fiivst missionary to Peru, has 
gone to labor among the Incas, about 
two millions of whom have no know- 
ledge of the love of .Jesus. Miss Maud 
West, who was a missionaiy teacher in 
Argentina, is now at work for the 
Mast(?r at Santa Cruz, Teneriffe. Miss 
M. E. Standen, who has been home for 
fvnloiigh, has i-ecently retui-ned to hei- 
imj)orlant field in Kiangsi, China. Miss 
Lily Tilley, who graduatt^d with us, and 
then took a of ti-aining as a 
nurse, has .sailed for China, under the 
auspices of the China Inland Mission. 
.Miss Lucy M. Jones has just left for 
India, where .she will labor in connection 
with the wonderfully successful mission 
among the Telugus. 

We may also state that Mr. Charles 
Waddell, with his young wife, expect** 
.soon to return to Northern Nigeria, and 
that Miss C Donnn has beiMi accejjted 
for- .service in the same distant and needy 
field. May the blessing of God accom- 
pany all these friends, and make them 
wise in wiiuiing souls. 

rill-: i{i:( i)i{i)i;u. n 

' — — Letters from Friends. 

W't' Imvr iH't'll rlicricd |«t<'lv l)V !•••- 

The Rev. T. C. DesBarres. M.A. ....j^.j,,^, ,^„ innvusinK .uhuIht "..f .io.m- 

Hy til.' .l.alli ..r Ml. I ».sl{;iiivs ..ii tli.- < i' 'Hs fiom fonn.'i-Htiul«>nUs. and !>>• (lu-ii- 

2iul of S,.i)t."inl.iT. til,- 'I'r.iiiiiiiK Stli.M.l •'•''iHy \v<.nU< ..f appivfiutimi. Two 

lias lost oiu> of it.s waiMi.'st lii.-iuls. He HicmlM-is of our KvriiiiiK Cla.s.srs. ii..w 

was a im-mlM'i- <.f th.- Council from tlw •"'»>ii^«>. ^VI•i(«• as follows : 

lu'^finniu^, aiul at difVfiu'nt *tinii-s In- " W'r f»'«'l that wr owi- a ^^rt-al dial to 

iravi' univh anpiv.-iat.'d a.ssistaiui-, l)oth tlu'^' and inspiialiou w.- i-..r,.iv,-d 

, , ' , . ,, at (hf. School. \N (• will nrv«M-fori'«4 t lie 

as loctuivr an.l examiner. H.. was an ,,,^^,,„^ ,^.,. ,,..„. , ^.j,,,;,, j^^ ^^.^^(^^^ ^^,,,, 

«» Hiblc student and a ^i't'''! fx- the sweet Christ ian fellowship. We 

positor of the Word of (iod. To the hi«' ><fill looking forward to the time 

Kieat evangelical liutlis, which the « l''-'> " e may he al.le to at tend again. 

:, , , , • . . , "'it tor the present we will prav <'ai- 

hcluud makes pi<.muient, he gave •h'- „^,^i|y f,„. y,,,^,. ,^,,„, |,.,^,.„ ,^,„, ^^,;,, ,„,. 

votod allegiance and consistent testi- wlio teach, ^'oii will please put 
mony during a ministry of forty-seven "»ii" imnie.s on your list of yearly con- 
years. Our sympathies liave been ex- tributors." 

tended to his son and daughter in their Another student, now in theCana«lian 

groat loss. May God up others North-West, in sending what he calls 

wh«) shall manifest like loyalty to the ^'''^ "little mite." adds these encoiirug- 

Scriptiuvs and con.secration to the iiig words: 

Saviour as our friend did who now rests "' cannot forget the School or its 

from his labors. Instructors. The le.sson.s are t<.o .l.-.-ply 

unpressed .on my mind tor that. It is 

my eaiiiest piayei- that the Woid of 

^^^^^^^^""■^■^^"^^^■"■"■""■■■■■^^ God may continue to be taugiit in the 

same clear an<l )>owerful way as in 

Another Death. former y«ars." 

Still another graduate, a young lady, 

Mrs. W. .T. Standen, mother of Miss Ijears this testinH)ny : 

M. K. Standi'n, whose retm-n to mission .. j ,,„„„. j,,^^ ,,„„. ^,,.,.,^, ,^ ,,),,^.^i„^, th.- 

work in China is recorded in another Training School has ix-cii to myself, and 

ct)humi, died verv .suddeidv in tliis city 'i'^" t<> nmiiy who otherwise could not 

cm Nov. 13th. She wa.s "an earnest. have had such a as it alf.n.l.s. 

e -A.! e I r^\ • ,- j i ^ i •<• I '«'* trust that manv will vet have the 

faithful Christian and a d..vot.'d wile „pp„rtunity of atten.ling" the School 

and mother. We sympathize with the and taking its many comses of Bible 

l>ereaved husband and famiiv in their stiuly, and being ble.ssed by its spiritual 

gi-eat loss, and especially with our teaMiing in their lives and s.-rvice." 

former studi-nt, Miss Maybeth, who will ^^'•' sulijoin two othei- extracts fi-oni 

not know of hei-nioth»'i''s death till some well-known professional men in this 

timeaftershereachesherdist.mtstation 'ity., The lirst says: 

in China. May the Lord give all nee<led "I enclose, with pl«-asuie. my contri- 

^,1, ,,„,,. f ' bution for the liible Tiaining Sclio«)l. 

;ind congratulate you on the great suc- 
cess of the work." 

Tlu' othei- is fi-oni one of the most 
prominent Christian men in Canatia : 
O.N Monday evening. D...-. .1 gr.-at .. ,t ^,iv,,s me very great pleasmv t.. 
trt'at will Ix" provided toi- .ill memlu-rs know of the good .it t<'iulance and the 
of the Training School and theii' frit-nds. bright prospects of the Training .School. 
An illustrated lecture on Burma, with a»i»l the large work that you are able to 
a ■ -11 1 • • 1 accomplish. It is a matt«'r of refresh- 
fine views, will be given in our large ,„,.,„ ,„„i,,^( ,,„. „„„„. „tta.ks now 

audience room by the Rev. Kriiest being made ujion the only reliable Book 

Grigg, returned missionarv from that '" the world, to find that youi' School 

interesting <-ountrv. Admission is free. «t«'"l^ ^" t''"" ^".'i- . ' V'"'.' ' ?'"''' '""'•* 

.„ ,„ . n 1' . I .• ., y"" more, but if the little che<pie eii- 

An offering will be taken low the cause ,.,„^,.,, j., „f „^,. („ ,.„„ j, „.;„ ,;^. ^,^^^. 

of missions. pleasing to ine." 


Students' Public Meeting. 

will lu' lu'ld oil Monday evening, Dec. 2nd, 

The next StiidfMts" ruhlir Mci'tin 
with IJH' lollowiii^' prograninu' : 

(iiiiirniiuis Address : Rev. Klnioie Harris, D.D 

Miss May C'arter : "Tlie Quiet Hour." 

Mr. L, R. Rist : " Love never Faileth." 

Miss Abbie Garl)utt : " Tlie servic» of Christ." 

Mr. Ma Won : " My Faith in Jesus." 

Mrs. .Tas. Longley : " Jesus tlie Saviour." 


We have now 1,229 volvunes in the 
library, with room on the shelves for 

The students are writing essays this 
session on the Names and Titles of our 
blessed Saviour. 

Miss M. B. McCobmack, one of our ic- 

rent graduates, is enjoying her work in 
Wiiniipeg as Deaconess of the Free 
Kindergarten School. 

Rev. T. a. Rodger, a former Secre- 
tary of tlie School, has a(;cei)ted a call 
to the pastorate of Knox Clmrch. Owen 
Sound. AVc wish him nnuh blessing in 
his work 

Rev. L. N. SiHKEr.L, one of our first 
gi-aduates. has removed from Gouver- 
neur, N. Y., to become pastor of an 
important church in Flmira, N.Y. 

Rev. E. Lahkk. another of our early 
graduates, has been very successful in 
his ministry in the Congregational 
church of Biwabik, Mimi. Tlie local 
paper i-eports his seriiKHis. 

The wi-itten examinations of tlic Day 
Classes will begin on Dec. 18th, and con- 
tinue till Dec. 2(tth. lliose of the 
Evening ( Masses will be held on Tuesday, 
Dec. 17th, and Thursday, Dec. l!)tli. 

Aki'KH the Chi'istmas holidays, the 
woi-k of the classes will D.V. be resumed 
on Tuesday, .lanuary 7th, 1!H)S. when we 
hope to \\elcom«' all the ])reseiit students 
and a g(M)<lly nunil)er of new ones. 

Mu (;. J. RwHOMand Mr. J. A.Clark, 
our l)Iiiid >tudeiit, did very successful 
work for the C C. Tract .Society during 
the summer, the one in Kenfrew ( "oiiiity 
and the other in Oxford County. 

Mk. Rkmaiu) E. Jones labored as 
(•(►Iporteur for the Bible Society in New 
Liskeard. and other localities in New 
Ontario, and Mr. (J«'orge Tester has been 
engaged in agency work for the same 
Soeiet V in this citv. 

We have learned of special blessing 
attending the ministry of some of our 
fornu-r students — Mi-. Albert T. Finlay- 
son in Alvinston, Out., where he was 
aided by Mr. Halliwell, and Mr. Wm. 
Digby, at Griffin's Corners, Elgin 
County, where about thirty made a 
profession of their faith in Christ. 

Rahbi Bhe(4MAN, who is still with us 
in the classes, has been doing eai-nest 
and faithful work among the .Jews of 
the city : and Mr. Jacob M. Sampson, of 
Lodz, Poland, a foi-iner student, who 
can sjieak five languages, is employed as 
missionary in Brantford, among the 
sixteen himdred foreignei-s fi-oni Ein-ope 
now in that citv. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

Donations received from April 30th to 
Nov. 21st, 19(J7 : 

,No. 1. 

$:■> m 

10 00 

.5 00 

•> (Xt 

5 00 

5 00 

20 00 

.5 (X) 

.T 00 

10 25 00 

11 o 00 

12 ... 250 (Kl 

i:{ 10 00 

14 100 00 

15 25 00 

16 10 no 

17 1 0<J 

18 2 00 

ii» 10 m 



10 (JO 


5 00 


15 <KI 


10 00 

24 . ... 

M) (K) 


2 (Kl 


2 (X) 


1 IIO 


2 fK) 


. . . . 2 (HI 


. . . . 1 (W 


. . . . 1 00 


5 00 


2 OO 


10 00 


25 (XI 

■Mi $10 (K) 

.•{7 10 00 

38 50 00 

39 5 00 

40 20 00 

41.... 2 00 

42 5 00 

43 20 IK) 

44 5 (M» 

45 250 00 

46 2 tH> 

»7 10 OO 

4S 50 0(J 

. . 5 (X) 

... 2 00 

... 2 00 

... 1 00 

... 5 00 

,... 1 (XI 

... 20 (XI 

... 10 (X I 

... 1 (X) 

... 5 (X) 

, . . . 2 00 

... 1 (X) 

... 10 00 

.... 5 (X) 

... 1 00 

64 100 (X) 

m 5 (X) 

66 2 (X) 

67 25 (XI 

68 .50 00 

69 5 CX) 

70 • 5 00 

Total.... 81345 00 
.losKi'H N. Shexstone, Trectft. 

51 .. 
53. . . 
.54 .. 

.T(;. . . 

57. . . 
.58 . . 
60. . . 

/ '^rr'^x