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THE KEC ORDER - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 




Presentee by the 

December jg^O 

lyr^date A 

f c ^. I L/t 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 

t<t^^ '"^^^^ "^"Cj-^ 

School and Offices: 110 College St., Toronto 



Vol. VI.] 


[Nos. 3 AND 4. 

f^crpbers of Corporation. 

Kkv. Elmokk Haukis. D.D.. President. 

Bethcden. Walmer Road, Toiontn. 
Rkv. R. r. Mackay. D.D.,^ 

Tiiroiito. \ Vice-Presidents. 

.1. D. Xasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. X. Shenstone, Secreforj/aurf Treasurer, 

Ifi Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. \Vm. Stewart, D.D.. PiHncijml. 

ViS St. George St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
Thos. a. RoiKiER, Hamilton 
Elias Rogers, Toronto. 
A. Sampson, Toronto. 


Rev. \Vm. Stewart. D.D. 
Hev. Wm. MacWii.i.iam. LL.B. 
Kev. Ei.more Harris, D D. 
Wev \i. V. Mackay. U.D. 
Mi{. II. W. Frost. 
Rkv. W. (;. MooREHKAK. D.D. 
Rev. W. .J. Eki>max, D.D. 

Examiners for is:»:i.i;h(ii. 
Rkv. S. D. Ciiown, D.D. 
Rkv. T. C. DksHarrks, .M.A. 
Rkv. T. H. Hyde. 
Rkv. D. MtTavisii, D.Sc. 
Rkv. W. \V. Weeks. 

Miss Annie Burns, .4a«<. Secretary and LU^rarinn. 

General Council. 











>i:e Arda(;h. 
Brampton : 
. G. J. Bishop. 



<>. Foster. 


V. D. Spencer, LL.D. 


•■■. R. Wallace. 
brock ville : 
•). Reynolds. 


li. Caveks. 


:v. T. Wardrope, D.D. 
M. HonsoN. 


V. Frei>. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .• 

W. Robertson. 

... H.V(iUK. 

lie nanici< of other friond* in important centres are 
10 be added to the General Couucil. 


Prof. F. T. Harrison, 



St. Catharines .- 
George W. Hoixjetts. 

TlIOS. S. CoLK. 

Rev. T. C. DesBarres, 

S. C. Duncan-Clark. 
J. W. Flavellk. 
H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gaktshoke. 

('. S. GZOWSKI. 

Rev. T. B. Hyi.k. 

R. KiLCftiR. 

J. Mackay. 

W. E. H. Massey. 

Rev. D. McTavisii, D.Sc. 

G. B. Meaimiws. 

R. J. Montgomery. 

Rov. H. M. Parsons, D.D. 

John Stark. 

Our Design. — Tlie ^reat dosipn of the 
School is the traiiiiiif; of consecrated men 
anil women for Christian service at home 
and ahroad. 

CONTKiHUTiONS. — Any friends desirinp: 
to have fellowsliip in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 16 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

Annual Reports. 

The Annual Reports contained in tliis 
double number of the Kkcouueu show 
that the Bible Trainin;; School has been 
blessed with another yoar of ipros|>erity. 
The enrolment of students diirinjj the 
session, the numbers who have ^one to 
definite fields of labor, and the contribu- 
tions for the maintenance of the work 
have all been most encouraging;. We 
commend the present issue to the careful 
perusal of all our friends. 


Sixth Annual Meeting. 

Tlio sixtli session of the Toionto l»ible 
Training School closed with appropriate 
exercises on Tuesday, May 1st. In the 
afternoon the joint meeting of the Board 
of Incorporation and (reneral Council 
was held, when the reports for the year 
were presented. These were of a very 
fxratifyinji character, and called forth re- 
marks of warm approval. The afternoon 
meeting was scarcely as large as usual, 
owing to the absence of several friends 
at the great Ecumenical Missionary Con- 
ference at New York ; but the proceed- 
ings were full of interest and every depart- 
ment of the work received careful con- 

At the evening meeting the Assembly 
Hall was crowded with friends of the 
School interested in the graduating 
exercises. After the usual devotional 
exercises. President Harris gave an en- 
couraging outline of tlie work of the 
session. Brief but excellent addresses 
were given bj' four representatives of 
the graduating class — Mr. H. Bryce 
speaking on "'Practical Christianity"; 
Miss J. B. James, on "That I may know 
Him"; Mr. W. F. Roadhouse, on "Pray 
ye the Lord of the Harvest " ; and Miss 
M. L. Whitelock, on " Christ the Master 
Workman." Diplomas were then pre- 
sented to the following fourteen students 
who have completed the two years' course 
of study in the Day Classes or its equiva- 
lent, and have also passed the neces- 
sary examinations : — Mrs. K. li. Brechin, B. M. Fish, E. A. Hewitt, M. E. 
.lack, T. Linton, L. Robertson, M. L. 
Whitelock; also Messrs. H. Crickington, 
W. C. Frank. H. E. Hunt. W. A. Hunter, 
W. F. Roadhouse, H. Wilkins and J. D. 
Wilson. Mr. H. Bryce, who received a 
(certificate three 3'ears ago, having pursued 
additional Studies since, was also award- 
ed a diploma. Certificates were given to 
the following five students who have 
pursued the three years' of study 
in the evening,and passed success- 
ful examinations : — Misses J. B. James, 
L. M. Jones, and B. Ross; also Messrs. 
C. W. Leigh and C. McQuesten. The 
Principal, Dr. Stewart, gave parting 
words of counsel to the graduates, in 

which he reminded them of their great 
work as being " Witnesses for Christ." 
Mr. Sampson, on behalf of tlie Treas\u-er, 
called attention to the financial supi)ort of 
the School, suggesting that those whom it 
had benefited should especially remember 
it in their gifts and prayers. Mr. Elias 
Rogers testified to his warm appreciation 
of the gr. at work the School is doing, 
and the Rev. Fred. E. Howitt, of Hamil- 
ton, gave an admirable address on the 
" Imi)ortance of Bible Study." The meet- 
ing was one of great interest and profit. 

Principal's Report. 

In presenting the Sixth Annual Report 
of the Toronto Bible Training School, 
devout thanksgiving must first of all be 
given to our Heavenly Father for the 
abundant blessing which has continued 
to rest on the work. The enrolment and 
attendance have been very nearly the 
same as during the previous session; 
larger numbers than usual have gone 
forth to important spheres of Christian 
service at home and abroad ; while the 
interest displayed by the students and 
the spiritual tone of the School have 
never been surpassed. 


The number enrolled in the Daj^ Classes 
has been sixty-two. Of these, twentj^-four 
are young men and thirty-eight young 
women. In the Evening Classes the en- 
rolment has been 195, of whom fifty-five 
are j'oung men and 140 young women. 
The total number of students has thus 
been 2.')7, besides occasional visitors, who 
have attended some of the courses of 


The regular work of the Day Classes 
has again been conducted by Dr. Harris, 
Mr. MacWilliamand myself. Dr. Harris 
has given two courses of lectures each 
week, one on the Gospel of John, and the 
other on the Epistle to the Philippians. 
My own subjects have been the follow- 
ing : — New Testament Introduction and 
Outlines, including a somewhat care- 
ful consideration of the purposes and 
contents of each book; Bible Doctrines 
with the Word of God as the one text- 
book ; Exposition of the Messianic pass- 


a^res of the OM Testament ; ami Prepar- 
ation of (Jospt'l Addresses. Mr. MacWil- 
liam reports that lie gave a course of 
lei'tures on the Evidences of Religion, hoth 
Natural and Revealed. Ho also taught 
a class in the Cros|)els, pursuing the same 
course and method as in previous j'ears ; 
i^iving special attention to the exposition 
I ud illustration of the text, and furnisli- 
ing many outlines for Gospel addresses 
■n different passages, as well as on all the 
I'arables of our Lord. His third class 
was composed of lady students of the first 
year who received instruction in the pre- 
paration of Bible Readings and Evangel- 
istic Addresses. Mr. MacWilliam has also 
conducted, as in former j-ears, earlj' 
morning classes in English (rrammer and 
Greek New Testament. 


Owing chiefly to ill health, two of the 
visiting lecturers who have kindly aided 
us in past years, and whose services were 
expected during this session, were, much 
to their regret and ours, unable to come 
to our help. These were Rev. Dr. Moore- 
head of Xenia, Ohio, and Mr. H. W. Frost 
of the China Inland Mission. A very 
instructive, stimulating and much ap- 
preciated course of six lectures on the 
" History of Missions" was given by our 
Vice-President, Rev. Dr. R. P. Mackay. 
The School was also favored with special 
addresses from Miss De Prayser, a Eura- 
sian lady, who spoke on " Medical Mission 
Work in India"; Mr. George R. Wette, 
whose theme was "Mission Work in 
South America": Rev. Dr. Fulton, who 
spoke very earnestly on "Revivals"; 
Rev. Dr. Robert Cameron, who gave an 
admirable lecture on the Gospel of Mat- 
thew; Rev. Thomas Bone. Welland Canal 
Missionary, wlio gave a lacy address on 
" Personal Christian Work " ; Mr. Wal- 
ter B. Sloan, English Secretary of the 
China Inland Mission, who opened up in 
a searching way from God's Word the 
" Spiritual Preparation for Missionary 
Service " ; and by Dr. Harry G. Guinness, 
whose interesting lecture on South Am- 
erica and earnest appeal to our students 
will not soon be forgotten. The best 
thank? of the School are due to all these 
visitors for their valued services. 


The regular Tuesday and Thursday 
evening classes liave been ronducted as 
in previous sessions. Dr. Harris lecturing 
on the Gospel of .John and the Epistk> to 
tlie Philippians, Mr. MacWilliam on 
Christian Evidences, and myself on Bible 
Doctrines. Monday and Friday evenings 
have also been devoted to special addi- 
tional studies. On the former of these 
evenings Mr. MaeWilliani has taught 
two small cla-sses in New Testament 
Greek, and I liave had a well-attended 
class in the Preparation of Gospel Ad- 
dresses. The Friday evening class, which 
I have again conducted in the study of 
the Sunday School lesson, has been 
marked by an increase both of interest 
and of regularity- in attendance. 


Twice during the Session written ex- 
aminations have been held on the subjects 
taught in the regular courses of study 
laid down for the day and evening classe.s. 
A specialty has been made of tliese, and 
the results show that, on the whole, quite 
satisfactory work has been done. Very 
few, indeed not more than three per cent, 
of the day students, and less than five 
per cent, of the evening students, have 
failed to reach the minimum standard of 
50 , on tlieir papers. On the other hand, 
about one-fourth of all the students wlio 
have written on the examinations have 
obtained 90% on most of the sul)jects. It 
is very desirable, however, that a larger 
proportion of our evening students should 
submit to the test of these written exam- 


In addition to the English classes 
taught l)y Mr. MacWilliam, instruction 
has been given in Dictation, English 
Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition by 
Miss Alice R. Hitchon, one of the stu- 
dents, who has been a High Scliool 
teacher. This has been rendered neces- 
sary from the fact that several of the 
students come to us without liaving en- 
joyed the l)enetit of a good English edu- 
cation. Mr. MacWilliam, in his report, 
expresses his '" strong conviction that 
attendance on the English sliould, 
in the case of students deficient in educa- 


tion, 1)0 made ooinpulsory." Now that 
ample provision is made for instruction 
in Enjjlish, I very heartily concur in the 
recommendation suggested. Nonesliould 
hereafter leave the School, with the im- 
primatur of its diploma, who cannot use 
the English language correctly. Verj- 
few young men and women can hope in 
these days to be efficient in Christian 
service who are delicient in an ordinaiy 
English education. 


The missionary spirit continues to per- 
vade the School. Twenty-three of the 
students, chietly in the day classes, ai-e 
members of tlie Volunteer Band. These 
have held a regular prayer-meeting 
weeklj', with a well-maintained attend- 
ance and excellent interest. A profitable 
study-class has also met regularly, giving 
special attention to Africa. Two ladj^ 
missionaries, home on furlough from 
India, who attended lectures for some 
months in the School, liave given their 
unsolicited testimonj^ in letters to myself 
— the one to the great value of our full 
course of Bible study as a preparation for 
the foreign field, and the other, after 
mentioning the ''profitable weeks in the 
classes," thinks that the fact that those 
who go forth from the School "are so 
constantly remembered in prayer, must 
give them wonderful strength and cour- 
age " in all their work for the Master. 


During all the six sessions of the 
School, the Tuesday forenoon devotional 
service has been a marked feature of our 
work and a means of blessing to manj'. 
Hoth in the cultivation of the spiritual 
life and in numerous striking answers to 
prayer, it has been graciously owned of 
God. Many of the students who have 
gone to far dista,nt lands refer to it grate- 
fully in their letters, and unite their 
prayers with ours each week as the day 
comes round. It is my firm conviction 
that the Christian ftllowship and spirit- 
ual growth of the School have been won- 
derfully promoted by the devotional 


As in past years, the students have 
been largely engaged in Sunday School, 

Young People's and Mission work, and 
in conducting mission hall and evangel- 
istic services. One of them has opened 
up a new form of Christian effort among 
neglected young lads in the north-west- 
ern section of the city, and no small 
blessing is attending the work. The 
labors of our students have been quite 
accei)table ; and while the results can 
never be fully known, there is no 
doubt that not a few through their 
instrumentality have turned unto the 


During the session the librarj- has re- 
ceived an addition of fully 200 volumes. 
More than half of these are the gift of 
Mrs. Dr. Oldright, of St. Catharines, 
being a part of the library of her late 
father, Rev. A. Wilson. The rest are 
from one of the instructors of the School. 
An additional book-case has been re- 
quired, and it is hoped that its shelves 
will soon be filled with suitable volumes. 
The reading-room has again been supplied 
with tlie chief religious [tapers and maga- 
zines by the thoughtful liberality of the 
friend who has given similar help in 
previous years. 


Probably more of our students have 
gone to definite fields of service during 
the past year than during any previous 
one in the history of the School. Seven 
have gone to labor as foreign mission- 
aries — tlu-ee to China, of whom two are 
in connection with the China Inland 
Mission, two to India, one to Central 
Africa and one to Turkey in Asia. Two 
others have also latelj' received appoint- 
ments from the Mission Boards of tlieir 
Churches, one to labor in Africa and the 
other among the Telugus of India. Nine 
others liave been called to engage in 
missionary and pastoral service in con- 
nection with Methodist, Congregational, 
Baptist and Presbyterian churches. One 
has become a Y.M.C.A. Secretaiy, and 
three or four others are looking forward 
to evangelistic and colportage work in 
Ontario during the summer months. 
May abundant blessing attend the labors 
of all these friends. 



A new depart lire was made last sunnner 
in the holdin;^ of Bible Conferences in 
ilifferent towns and cities of the province. 
Five of these were held during May and 
. I line at Berlin, Brantford, Peterboro', 
Stratford and London. The President 
and Principal of the School attended all 
the meetings and received valuable lielp 
in conducting them from the following 
brethren, members of tlie General Coun- 
cil : Dr. McTavish, Mr. Frost and Dr. 
Wardrope. All the conferences were 
well attended, and much interest was 
manifested in the exposition of God's 

A Bible Conference lasting ten daj'S 
was also held in our own building here 
in the month of July. The program of 
subjects covered a wide ground, the 
attendance of ministers of the Gospel, 
students and other Christian workers 
was good, and the interest was well sus- 
tained. Courses of lectures were given 
by Dr. Harris, Mr. MacWilliam and my- 
self, and also by Dr. Erdman, Principal 
Caven, Professor Farmer, Dr. Mackay. 
Rev. W. H. Hincks, and Rev. AVm. Pat- 
terson. The work of each day was intro- 
duced by a series of addresses on the 
Holy Spirit and the culture of the 
spiritual life. These were given by Drs. 
Parsons, McTavish and Harris, and 
Messrs. Hyde, Brj-an and Frost. Much 
interest was manifested, and a strong 
desire was expressed for a similar series 
of Bible studies this year. 

All these Conferences did good service, 
directly b^' fostering an interest in Bible 
study, and incidentally- bj- turning atten- 
tion to the importance and work of the 
Bible Training School. 


With one somewhat sad exception the 
health of the students has been generally 
good. As a rule, the instructors have 
found them diligent, appreciative, and 
disposed to make the most of their gifts 
and opportunities. Unbroken harmony 
lias prevailed, and the divine blessing has 
signally rested on all the work. The vast 
importance and far-reacliing influence of 
tlie school impress me more deeply year 
by year. Most heartilj' can I adopt as 

my own tlie fujlowing words in which my 
esteemed fellow-laborer, Mr. Mac Wil- 
liam, closes his report : 

" I can only repeat my constant am) 
increasing enjoyment in the work of 
the School. It is my most earnest and 
unceasing prayer that it maj' continue to 
be a place where Christ Himself raaj' 
always be the Great Teacher of us all, 
and where His Spirit shall ever make 
Ifis home and manifest His iiresence and 

I believe that it is the constant aim and 
earnest prayer of all connected with the 
work of instruction that our In.stitution 
may be more and more a true Training 
School, from which consecrated men and 
women shall go forth in increasing num- 
bers taught in the Word and "able to 
teach others also." May such workers 
ever be trained in our classes, not neces- 
sarily- those who have the highest schol- 
arship, but those who are faithful and 
devoted, possessed of lofty aim and 
spiritual power, seeking to live and serve 
in the energy of the Holy Ghost. 

Doctrinal Basis of the School. 

The School is evangelical in its char- 
acter, and the instruction imparted will 
be in accordance with the following doc- 
trines : 

1. The Divine Authority and Plenary 

Inspiration of tlie whole Canonical 
Scriptures as originally given. 2 Tim. 
H: IH. 17 ; 2 Peter 1: 21. 

2. The Doctrine of the Trinitv. 2 Cor. 

13: U; Matt. 28: 19. 

3. The Fall of Man and his consequent 

Moral Depravity and Need of Regen- 
eration. Rom. 5: 12 ; 3: 10. 

4. The Atonement through the Substitu- 

tionary Death of Christ, Mark ln: 
45; 1 Peter 3: 18. 

5. The Doctrine of Justification by Faith. 

Rom. 3: 21-26; Acts 13:39. 
T). Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. 
1 Peter 1 : 23-2t> ; James 1 : 18 ; John 
1 : 12, 13 ; John 3 : «. 

7. The Doctrine of Sanctification. Heb. 

12 : 14 ; 1 Peter 1:2; John 17 : 17. 

8. The Second Coming of Christ and the 

Resurrection of the Dead. 1 Thess, 
4: 16, 17 ; Acts 24: 15. 

9. The Eteinal Bles.sedness of the Saved 

and the Everlasting Punishment of 
the Lost. Matt. 2"): 46. 


Treasurer's Report. 

The Treasurer presented the followin)^ stutoinent of receipts and disbursements 
for till' j'ear ondin*;; April Both, IfllMt : 


Balance on liand 


Incidental Fees - 

Rent of Residence - 

Collections - 

* 131 08 

:i,lCH 00 

2H<» 00 

181) 00 

18 70 

mj\4: m 


Paid Principal, Instructors, Secretary, etc. 
" Ground Rent ------ 

" Caretaker 

" Cement Floor - - - . . 

" Coal, Light and Water - - - . 
" Telephone ------ 

" Printing Recoudkr, Catalogues, Adver- 
tising ------- 

" Postage ------- 

'■ Repairs and Sundry Expenses 

$2,525 00 
280 00 
191 00 

86 oO 
352 78 

45 00 

ir,4 70 
27 57 
1(5 87 

S3, 078 92 

Balance on hand 

S35 46 

The Report was received with ex])ressions of much satisfaction and gratitude 
and referred to the Auditor. Mr. J. O. Anderson. 

List of Students. 

The following are the Students enrolled in the Day Classes for the Session 1899- 

Mis^ Klliul ArcliiT, Toronto. 

.Miss Bt-rvl ArinsiroiiK. Toronto. 

Mrs. K. k. I'.r.cliiii, Toronto. 

.loliii Brown, Montreal. 

Mrs. Dr. Burnliani, Toronto. 

Misa E. Cliiillenfr, Toronto. 

(Jha.s. A. Coakwell. Toronto .Innction. 

(iforjfe Constable, Doncasttir. 

Henry Crick intcton, Toronto. 

K. H.'Cuniiiiiutiain, Preston. 

Miss A K. Uaviilson, Hcllliaven. 

Mlt.s ,M. K. P. Poison, Alloa. 

.laine.s K. DiifT, Mis.sionarv from Cliina. 

Mi-^s Bertha M. Fisli, Otterville. 

Tlios. C. Kiancp, Hcnilock. 

W.C. Frank. Bowmanville. 

Miss M. E Kunk, South Cayuga. 

IliUfh I). Gnnlner, Toronto. 

Miss -1. I), (iorilon. Missionary from Inrlia. 

MifW K. (ireen. Toronto. 

!■•. Halliwell. Cornwall. 

.Miss K. A. Hewitt. Streetsville. 

Miss L. H it'll. Toront<». 

Miss A. K. Hit<hoi). Belleville. 

.Mi.s. <; W . Hulet, M.I).,Xorwiih 

Herl.erl K Hunt, Carlisle. 

Wm. A. Hunter, Toronto. 

Miss Mary E. .lack. Toronto. 

Miss Theresa l.inton. Aurora. 

Miss .Annie Little. Toronto. 

Mrs. C. Ij. Mark, Toronto. 

\V. H. L. Marshall, Forest. 

Miss H. S. Masscy. Sumiuerside, I'.E.l. 

Mis.s AufTUSta Massnian. Buffalo. N.V. 

Wm. Mathe.son, River Dennis, N.S. 

Miss M. Middleton, Kingston. 

Miss M. Miller, Sprneedale. 

.Mrs. M. A. Morgan. St. Stephen, N.B. 

Miss A. B Mossip, Thorndale. 

Miss E. A. Munn. Toronto. 

Aliss L. Mclnnes, Toronto. 

Mrs. McKenzie, Toronto. 

R. A. Pliair. Swansea. 

(ieo. A. Paull, Killarney, Man. 

Miss B. I'tolemy, Missionary from India. 

Win. F. Koadlii'use, Berlin." 

Miss L. Kohertson, New Durham. 

Chas. H Robinson, New))urgh. N.Y. 

Walter N. Scott. Toronto. 

Wm. D. Spinks, Brsntford. 

Miss M. .1. Sherlock, Toronto. 

Mrs. Sullivan. Toronto. 

Miss A. M. Sylvester, Toronto. M. E. Thom)>son, Toronto. 

.). W. N'ernon, Tara. 

Mrs. .). E. Watson, FefK-ua. 

Miss Maud West, Penetanguiahene. 

Miss M. L. Whitelock, Toronto. 

Miss E. M. Windruni, Toronto. 

Harold Wilkins, Toronto. 

Miss Fanny U ithers, Toronto. 

.1. DeW itt'WiLson, Princeton. 


Evening Classes. 

^The enrolment of Students in tlie Evening? Classes was l!t5. Wi- iiave not room 
for the entire list, but j;ive only the names of those who have |ias8ed one or more of 

the written examinations. 

K. R. Austen. 
\V. A. Boatoii. 
II. Kroi-liiii. 
Miss .1. Biecliin. 
Miss J. Brnwii. 
H. Hivco. 
Miss fC. Chalk. 
Miss A. K. Cullen. 
.1. C. Dill. 
Mrs. .1. C. Dill. 

.Mrs. .M. L. Elliott. 
F. Iniijj. 
F. A. Jacobs 
Miss .1. H .lames. .M. .leniiiiiKS. 
MIssL. .M. .luiies. 
Ml.-w H. I.eOn.s. 
C. W. Lfi^'h. 
Miss M H. Ma(l«lh. 
.Miss E. R. .Macrhail. 

.Mis,s.l. .MfLellaiid. 
( . .McyiicsUMi. 
Mi.os M. .Ma ley. 
Mi8.^C. .Mane.-. 
Mi^sM. A. Morton. 
.Miss L. .MovtT. 
.Mis.^C. .1. S.'ellos. 
.MissM. .M. Reid. 
W . D. RolK-rtsoM. 
Miss E. Roper. 

Miss |{. OSS. 
.Mi.HS K. \ . Sjiins. 
Mis- A. Siin|«<iii. 
II. K. Sniedlev. 
Miss L. Tilley. 
.Mis* S. Nance. 
Miss.l. \\ e.<<tiin. 
Miss K. Whlteloi-k. 

Post Graduate Students. 

The following: Students have pursued additional studies since receiving their 
Diplomas and Certiticates : 

Miss.M Beare. 
11. Bryce. 

Miss E. Cliallener. 
Mrs. Gray. 

TheiF Fields of Labor. 
Our students of last session will soon 
he widely scattered. Miss B. M. Fish 
has been accepted as a missionary to 
Africa, where she will labor under the 
auspices of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church of the United States. Miss Ger- 
trude Hulet, M.D. , will soon leave for 
India as missionary to the Telugus, sup- 
ported by the Women's Baptist Foreij;ii 
Mission Society. Messrs. W. A. Hunter 
and J. DeWitt Wilson have {^one to 
Presbyterian mission Helds in the far 
North- West. Mr. John Brown has be- 
come Assistant Secretary of the Y. M . C A . 
of Montreal. Mr. Chas. A. Coakwell is 
engaged as student pastor in the Wych- 
wood Mission in this city. Messrs. \V. 
F. Koadhouse, W. N. Scott, H. E. Hunt 
and W. D. Spinks are about to start on an 
evangelistic tour through Ontario under 
the direction of the Union Colportage 
Association. Others of our students will 
soon be at work in other fields. We trust 
that they will all have abundant blessing 
in the service of the Master. 

Local Conferences. 

The local Bible Coiifereiieos arranged 
for the month of May have been held. 
At Hamilton, owing to theextreme heat, 
■ne or two of the meetings were not 
largely attended. Others had good audi- 
ences and much interest was manifested 
in the exposition of God's Word. All 

W. H. L. Marshall. 
MissM. .J. Sherlock. A. E.Toms. 
Mrs. .J. E. Waf-ioii. 

the meetings were held in Association 
Hall, ami Mr. Thos. A. Rodger, Secre- 
tary of the Y.M.C.A., gave valuable help 
in making the arrangements. Mr. Frost, 
Dr. Harris and Dr. Stewart were the 
lecturers. At Belleville the meetings 
were very successful from beginning to 
end. Mr. H. C. Hunt, President of the 
Y.M.C.A,, had made excellent arrange- 
ments, the ministers of the city generally 
gave their co-operation and churches, and 
the attendance was large, intelligent and 
deeplj' interested. Rev. Dr. McTavish 
gave two much-appreciat«d lectures, in 
addition to those of Drs. Harris and 

The Conferences at Gait and Guelph 
are going on as we go to press. 

Second Summer Conference. 

A second Summer Conference for Bible 
Study, beginning on Monday, June 18th, 
at 8 p.m., and lasting for ten da^s, will 
be held in the Assembly Hall of the 
Toronto Bible Training School, 110 Col- 
lege Street. Lectures will be delivered 
at 10 a.m.. 3 p.m., and 8 p.m. of each 
day. In addition to the staff of the 
School, the Rev Drs. Erdman and Moore- 
head from the United State's, representa- 
tives from the leading theological col- 
leges of the city, and other well known 
Bible teachers will conduct the exercises. 
A feature of the program will be a series of 
studies each forenoon on " Worship in 


the Spirit us illustrated by tlie Taber- 

Not a few ministers of tho Gospel, 
students, Suuila^- school teachers and 
otluM- Christian workers found the session 
of last summer to be very proiitable. A 
ver3' cordial invitation is afjain extended 
to all Christian friends who can attend 
the meetings. Those who desire ])io- 
j^rams or other information should apply 
to IvGV. Dr. Stewart, PrincJTial of the 

TllK next session of the Bible Training 
School will be opened, D. V., on Tuesday, 
September 18th, 1900, at 10 a.m. 

It is very imjiortant that all students, 
especially new-comers, should be on hand 
at the bof^inuinfi; of the session. 

Mr. Kobert J. Garrett, one of our 
"graduates, after a very thorough examina- 
tion by a council, was ordained on May 
7i,h as paotor of the Bar*^^ist Chnv«;h in 
Monck, Ont. 

* * 

At the recent joint meeting of the 
Board and Council, Miss Annie Burns, 
who has given eificient service in tlie 
office, was appointed Assistant Secretary 
and Librarian. 

* * 

We deeply regret that, owing to a 
severe attack of fever, Mr. A. F. Taylor 
has been ordered home by the doctors, 
who say he could not live in the climate 
of Central Africa. 

* * 

The newCatalogtieand Announcement 
of the School will be pul)lished early in 
July. Meanwhile intending students 
and other friends will lind full informa- 
tion in the i»resent number of the Re- 

Tub Principal invites correspondence 
from any who may think of entering tlie 
School next session. He will gladly- 
answer inquiries and also furnish the 
necessary form of application to those 
who wish to become members of the Day 

We are pleased to learn from a corres- 
pondent that Mr. W. H. L. Marshall is 
" doing good work" in liis ministry in 
the Congregational Church of Forest. 

Our library has recently been jiresented 
with about a hundred useful volumes 
from our good friend, Rev. Dr. Parsons. 
A member of the staff of instruction has 
also given a hundred. These are wel- 
come additions, and there is room for 
more on the vacant shelves. 

The fee of §2.00 per session is not a 
charge for tuition, but for incidental ex- 
penses of heating, h'ghting, and caretak- 
ing. There is also an outlay of from 
.S3. 00 to .$5.00 for books. Board can be 
obtained at about $3.00 per week in com- 
fortable Christian homes convenient to 
tlie scliool. 

* * 

When the new session opens we hope 

to have a number of occasional students 

in attendance on certain lectures. There 

a^'p not a few Bible students in the city 

who are unable to take the full course of 

studj', but who would be greatly helped 

by taking some one of our courses two or 

three times a week. 

At the last annual meeting of the Gen- 
eral Council, it was decided that all the 
day students who are found by the Board 
of Instruction to be deficient in the 
branches of an ordinary education shall 
be ret^uired to take the classes in English 
provided for them. Miss Hitchon will 
again give her services in this depart- 
ment of the work. 

Receipts for Current Expenses. 

The following are the amounts leceived 
from March 1st to May 1st, 1900: 

No. 8.S $ 10 (X) 

No. 84. 
No. S.'i. 
No. 87. 
No. S8. 
No. 90. 

No ill. 
No. !I2. 

.5 00 
."iO 00 
l.*) 00 
3(M) CO 
10 00 

a 00 

1 00 

2 00 

r, 00 

No. 93 If 100 00 

No. 94.. 

No. p.").. 

No. OtJ . 

No. 97.. 

No. 98.. 

No. 99.. 

No. lfx>.. 

.10 00 
.10 00 
2.1 00 

4 00 
100 IM) 
25 00 

3 00 

Total S 760 00 

Prcvioii.«ly acknowledged. 2, .34 1 (X) 

Grand Total $3,104 Od 

Joseph N. Shenstone, Treas. 

jjy ^ji^puAf