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THE HEC ORDER - 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 



Presentee by the 


December 79 40 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 


'. I'\ 


School and Offices. 110 Coliege St., Toronto 



Vol. IX.] 


[Nos. 3 and 4 

/^crpbcrs of Corporation. 

l\Kv. EuMiiKK Harris, D.D.. President, 

Betheden, Waliner Road, Torontu. 
Kkv. R. 1". Mackay, l).D.,"j 

Toronto. ]■ Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Xasmith. Toronto. J 
Jos. 'S.HHKSSTnUK. Secretary and Treasurer^ 

10 Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. \\m. Stkwaut, D.D., Principal. 

138 St. (ieorse St., Toronto. 
Jamks Actox, Toronto. 
E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
R. KiLGOtR, Toronto. 
Tiios. A. Rodger, Haniiltun 
Elias Rogers, Toronto. 

General Council. 

JL'DGE Ardagh. 
Brant FORD: 

C. C-XiK. 

Geo. Foster. 

belleville : 
Rev. R. Wallace. 

Brockville .• 
JiDGE Reynolds. 


R. O. Struthers. 


H. M. HonsoN. 

Hamilton .■ 
Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .- 


Rev. G. J. BiSHor. 
Montreal .• 

<^EO. HAGtJE. 


John Penman. 

St. Catharines .- 
Geokge W. Hodgetts. 

Toronto : 
Thos. S. Colk. 

C. M. Cfil'ELAXD. 

Rev. T. C. Des Barues, 

J. W. Flavelle. 
H. \V. Frost. 



W. H. HoWITT, M.n. 

Rkv. T. B. Hvdk. 

J. Mackav. 

Wev.W M.Mai William. 

Rev. D. .McTavisu, 



G. B. .Meadows. 


Rev. H. M. Parsons, 
i D.D. 

F. M. Prati. 
I John Stark. 

Instructors and Lkcturkrs for !■ 
Rev. Wm. Stewart. D.O. 
Rev. Wm. Ma<;Wii.i.iam, LL.B. 
Rev. Elmore Haukis, U.D. 
Ri;v. .luMN M(:Ni( oL, H I>. 
Rev Khkd E. IImwiit. MA. 
K'lv. R. I'. .MacKav, 1>.L). 

f:xaminers For l!K>iO:i. 
Rev. S D. Chown, D.D. 
Rkv. T. C. Dks Barhes, M.A 
Rev. T. B. Hyde. 
Rev. H. ,M. Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Welton.D.D. 

Miss Annie Burns, Aast. Secretaryand IAi>ritrinii 

OuK DfiJSiGN. — The great desit;ii of the 
School is the training of consecrateil nipii 
and women for Christian service at home 
and abroad. 

Contributions. — Any friends desiring 
to have fellowship in tlie work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer .T. 
N. Shenstone. Es<i., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

The names of other friends in important centres 
are yet to Ix; added to the General Council. 

A Prospepous Year. 

The present double number of the Hk- 
COKDKR presents a brief review of the 
work of tlie Bible Training School during 
its Ninth Session. In days when 
doubts are cast on tlie integrity and in- 
s|)irationof the Word of God, the imjiort- 
a 'i<e and value of the School can scj^rcejy 
be over-estimated. Its great aim is to 
commit a knowledge of the saving truths 
of the Bible to faithful men and women, 
tliiit thev may be"al)le to teach others" 2 Tim. ii. 2. The record of the year 
just closed can liardly fail to present a 
ground of encouragement to our friends, 
and a claim for continued .sympathy and 
support in our great work. 


Ninth Annual Meetingr. 

Tlie Ninth Session of the Toronto Bible 
Training School rh)sed with iippropriate 
exercises on Thursday, April Hotli. In 
the afternoon of that day the Annual 
Meeting of the united Board of Incorpor- 
ation and General Council was held, 
when the reports for the year were pre- 
sented, and all the work of the session 
received careful consideration. There 
was a p;ood attendance of members, who 
manifested mucli interest in the continued 
proicress and prosper itj- of the School. 

At the evening meeting the graduating 
exercises brought together one of the 
largest audiences ever gathered in the 
Assembly Hall. Devotional services 
were conducted by Rev. T. Bradley Hyde 
and Rev. Dr. McTavi<5h, both of this city. 
President Harris gave a brief outline of 
the work of the session, referring parti- 
cularly- to the large number, who are 
again going forth to the foreign field, and 
to the increased attendance of young men 
in the Day Classes. Appropriate ad- 
dresses were given by four of the gradua- 
ting students. Mr. Henry Hellyer spoke 
on "Canada's Opportunity" in giving 
tlie Gospel to the thousands who are 
crowding into the great North- West. 
Miss Nellie Hutchings took God's direc- 
tion to Joshua, "Be Strong and very 
Courageous," as the subject of her ad- 
dress. Mr. Charles Waddell reminded 
different classes of Christians that they 
are "Appointed for Fruit-hearing."' Miss 
Bertha McAuslan sliowed the import- 
ance and necessity of the i-equest of the 
disciples, "Lord, Teach us to Pray." 
Diplomas were then presented to the fol- 
lowing nine students who have completed 
the course of study prescribed for the 
Day Classes, and have passed satisfactory 
examinations thereon : — Misses Jessie 
Brechin, Emma Campbell, Margaret 
Fisher, Etta Fletcher. Mary Langton, 
Bertha McAuslan, Sarali Windel; also 
.Messrs. Henry Hellyer and Charles Wad- 
dell. Certificates were given to the follow- 
ing four young ladies, who have satisfac- 
torily comjileted tlie course of study in the 
Evening Classes : — Misses Jennie Brown, 
Nellie Hutchings Ethel Richardson and 
Grace Smith. The Principal, Dr. Stewart, 

addressed the graduates in a few parting 
words, urging them to make the Word 
of God their standard, the will of God 
their law, and the work of God their 
business. The closing address was de- 
livered by Mr. W. R. Newell, of Chicago, 
who spoke with great earnestness and 
power on the Scriptural characteristics 
of the " Man of God." 

Report of the Ppincipal. 

In presenting the Ninth Annual Report 
of the Toronto Bible Training School, 
grateful acknowledgement must again be 
made to our gracious Lord of His con- 
tinued guidance and blessing. The past 
year has been one of <iuiet, stead}- pro- 
gress. Wliile the enrolment and attend- 
ance of students have been nearly the 
same as during the past session, there 
have been new and encouraging features 
of the work for which we thank God and 
take courage for the future. For the 
first time in the history of the School^ 
young men and young women in training 
for their work as Secretaries of Young 
[Men's and Young Women's Christian 
Associations have been taking a course 
of Bible study with us. 


The number enrolled in the Day Classes 
has been sixt.y-one. Of these, thirty-two 
are young men and t\yenty-nine young 
women. This has been the only year in 
which the number of the former has 
exceeded that of the latter. In the Even- 
ing Classes the enrolment has been 171, of 
whom 41 are young men, and 130 young- 
women. The total enrolment of students 
has thus been 232, besides visitors, grad- 
uates and occasional students, who have 
attended some of our courses of lectures. 


In the Day Classes the regular instruc- 
tors have been Dr. Harris, Mr. MacWil- 
liam, Mr. McNicol and myself. Dr. 
Harris has given two courses of lectures 
each week, one on the Book of Leviticus 
and the other on the Epistle to the Gala- 
tians. My own subjects have been the 
following: Bible Doctrines, with the 
Word of God as the one text-book ; The 
Ministry and Teaching of the Apostle 


Paul ; The Figurative Language of Scrip- 
ture ; and Prepiirntion of Gospel Ad- 
dresses. Mr. Mac William gave instruc- 
tion twice a week on Inspiration and the 
Canon of Scripture; and also on Jewish 
Archieoiogy. He liad also two small 
classes in the Greek New Testament. 
Mr. McNicol's suhjects have been Out- 
line Studies in the Books of the Old 
Testament ; Studies in the Gospels, with 
a special course on the Miracles uf our 
Lord ; and Preparation of Bible Read- 
ings. He has also conducted the early 
morning classes in English Grammar and 
Language Lessons. Mr. MacWilliam 
states that in ' ' all the classes the students 
exhibited hearty interest in their work,'" 
and that he "can report most favorably 
of their progress, attention and whole 
behaviour." Mr. McNicol closes his 
report of his first year's service in the 
School as follows : — 

" Looking at the work as a whole one 
cannot but notice that a deeply reverent 
spirit characterized the students in their 
studj- of the Word of God. and that the}' 
keep constantly before them a definitely 
practical aim. The fellowship that exists 
in the School is a verj- delightful thing. 
It has been a great joy and privilege to 
have a share in such work." 


During the first half of the session the 
visiting lecturer was Rev. F. E. Howitt, 
of Hamilton, who conducted a helpful 
and suggestive course of instruction on 
"Scripture Types and Symbols." This 
last term our Vice-President, Rev. R. P. 
MacKay, D.D., has given an instructive 
and inspiring series of lectures on ' ' China 
as a Mission Field." Both of these 
brethren have again laid the School 
under great obligation to them for their 
valuable and much appreciated services. 
Other visitors have addressed the classes 
from time to time during the session. 
Prominent among these was Mr. James 
H. McConkey, of Philadelphia, who gave 
a most helpful course of devotional 
studies on the "Life of Prayer."' Mr. 
John L. Jarrett gave a graphic account 
of " Mission Work among tlie Indians of 
Peru."' Two ladies on a visit to Toronto, 
Hon. Emily Kinnaird, of London, Eng- 
land, and Miss Edge, of Bombay, gave 

interesting addresses on the Bihle and 
Medical Zenana Mission : Rev. Dr. 
Moffat, Secretary- of the Upper Canada 
Tract Society, presented its work and 
claims to the students ; and Rev. Thomas 
Bone, of the Welland Canal Mission, 
gave a rich and racy talk on " Personal 
Work in Winning Men to Christ." All 
of these addresses were excellent, and 
greatly appreciated by the students. 


The regular Evening Classes have Ijeen 
held on Tues<lay and Thursday of each 
week as in previous years. Dr. Harris 
has lectured on the same subjects as to 
the Day Classes; Mr. McNicol has given 
instruction on the Miracles of our Lord, 
and the writer on Bible Doctrines. There 
have also been special classes on tlie 
Monday- and Friday evenings. The first 
of these was a well-attended and inter- 
esting class conducteil by myself on the 
Preparation of Gospel Addresses, and the 
second was the class for the study of the 
Sunday School lesson, conducted by Mr. 
McNicol with good interest and attend- 
ance. Mr. MacWilliam had also a small 
Monday evening class in New Testament 
Greek for the gi'eater part of the session. 


The medical classes establisheil last 
year have again been conducted this 
session with considerable success. Dr. 
E. Hooper, who has been deeply inter- 
ested in the School from its beginning, 
gave a course of instruction to young 
ladies ; Dr. Bowie had a class for both 
sexes in Anatomy, and Dr. G. D. Porter 
in the Practice of Medicine. During tlie 
second term of the session, Dr. W. H. 
Howitt, who is now a member of our 
General Council, again conducted a class 
in Tropical Diseases. These medical 
courses have scarcely- been as well at- 
tended as last session ; but they have 
been much appreciated, and they cannot 
fail to be a great help to the students in 
their work for Christ in the coming days. 
The best thanks of the Board and Council 
are due to these medical gentlemen, who 
freely gave their time and services, and 
conducted the classes with great ability, 
fidelitv and zeal. 



Written uxivmiimtions have bein licKl 
eHcli term on tlie covuses of study pro- 
vkled for tlic l>iiy and Eveninj: Classes. 
Witli very few exceptions ail the stu- 
dents who write on these exiuninations 
have passed very creditahly. The mini- 
jnura standard is 5o% on each paper, but 
more than one-half obtained 75%, and 
fully one-fourth obtained 90% ov over on 
most of their subjects. These examina- 
tions are required of all these who wish 
to receive the Certificate or Diploma of 
the School. The instructors are very 
anxious that a larj^er number of the stu- 
dents should submit to this test. Several 
of the papers were handed over to Rev. 
Dr. Welton, one of the examiners, who 
after fjivinj; them very cai-eful con- 
sideration and raarkinf;, has reported as 
follows : — 

" I have looked over the examination 
papers on Bible Doctrines which were 
placed in my hands, and I am much 
j)leased with the clearness with which 
the students, with very rare exceptions, 
have apprehended and expressed the 
truths of the subject, Tlie papers are 
certainly a credit both to the students 
and to the school. 


The students continue to be usefully 
employed in active Christian work dur- 
ing the session. Every Thursday even- 
ing they have conducted the services of 
tlie Yonge St. Mission, and on Saturdaj'^ 
evening they have been engaged at the 
Mission Union. From both of these 
places hearty testimony lias been given 
to their acceptability and usefulness in 
evangelistic work. Five or six places 
outside the city, and several in the city 
have been supplied with preaching on the 
Lord's Day by our young men. In Sun- 
day .School and Young People's work, 
in labors in thirteen different missions 
in the city, and in house to house visita- 
tion, the young women as well as the 
young men have taken part, and in this 
way liave been receiving a valuable 
training for future usefulness. While 
the results of this varied labor can never 
be fully known, there is no doubt that 
much blessing has followed in souls won 
to the Saviour. 


The Tuesday forenoon devotional ser- 
vice continues to be a great blessing, 
l)oth in the cultivation of the spiritual 
life, and in the answers to prayer which 
God has graciously given. Frequent 
reference is made to it in letters which 
we receive from our former students, 
now laboring for Christ in the regions 
beyond. They get great comfort and 
courage from the thouglit that they are 
constantly remembered in prayer ; and 
as the day comes round, tliey unite with 
us in drawing near to the one common 
mercy seat. An early Thursday morn- 
ing missionary prayer-meeting has also 
been maintained by the students with 
good interest, and the mission-study 
class has been continued with much pro- 
fit. There can be no doubt that the 
Christian fellowship, spiritual progress 
and missionary spirit of the School have 
been greatly promoted by these services. 


For the last two years there have been 
comparatively few additions to our 
Library. Some friends have occasionally 
presented volumes of real value, but 
there is much need for other works that 
would be a great help to the students. 
The total number of books in the Library 
is now 1,080. The students make good 
use both of the Library and Reading 
Room. Through the liberality of a lady 
friend the latter has again been well 
supplied with religious papers and maga- 


Since October last, five of our students 
have gone to labor for Christ in foreign 
fields, and eight others have been ac- 
cepted for service, and will go forth in 
the near future. Of these thirteen for- 
eign missionaries, four will bear the glad 
tidings to China, one to South America, 
four to Africa, and four to India. Tliis 
is a larger number than during anj- pre- 
vious year in the history of the School. 
About twelve others are going to definite 
fields of service in Canada or the United 
States. These will labor as pastors, 
evangelists, Y. M. C. A. Secretaries, Bible 
women, colporteurs, and in other spheres 


of Cliristiaii usefulness. Surely it is 
mutter for devout Kriitituilc that year l>y 
.\ L'lir our Siliool is funiisliiiij;; laborers in 
increasing nuuihers for the wide and 
wliitenin}^ harvest. 


In all the meetings of the Hoird, antl 
in all the relations of tht' students witii 
one another and with their instruetors, 
the spirit of harmony and brotherly love 
has remained unbroken. Twelve differ- 
ent denominations have a$;ain been repre- 
sented in the School, and have dwelt 
together in unity. Tiiere has been de- 
lightful Christian fellowship in waiting 
upon God in prayer, not only for a fuller 
knowledge of His word, but also for a 
fuller realization of the presence and 
l>ower of the Holy Spirit in the life 

and work. Tliree or four of those wlio 

have had fellowship with us in the work 
from tile beginning have been cHlled 
away from earth, but others are taking 
their {ilaces to aid in jtreparing men and 
women to carry the testimony of Chriht 
to the uttermoMt parts of the earih, and 
thus hasten His coming and kingdom. 
Surely we have aliundant reasoti to men- 
tion the loving-kintlness of the Lord, who 
has blessed us in every way since the 
opening of. the Institution; and to Him 
we must still look for whatever will be 
needed of men and means, of wisdom and 
help in the days that are to come. " The 
Lord hath been mindful of us: He will 
bless us." 

Respectfully submitted, 


Treasurer's Report. 

The Treasurer, Mr. Shenstone, presented 'the following statement of Receipt.>^ 
and Disbursements for the j-ear ending April 30th, 1903 : 


Balance on hand - - - § 90 10 

Gifts ----- ^^ 39,i 25 

Incidental Fees - - - 299 50 

Rent of Residence and Hall - - - - - - 245 00 

Collections ---------- 28 07 

$4,058 92 



Principal, Instructors and Assistant Secretary 

Ground Kent - 

Caretaker - 

Coal - - 

Light and Water - 

Telephone -------- 

Printing Catalogues, Jvkcokukk, etc., and Advei 



Care of Grounds - 


Sundries --------- 

2,901 64 

280 00 

I9.S 00 

;«0 05 

57 1:5 

15 00 

91 02 
27 70 
20 00 
31 &i 
15 75 
$l.al8 li 

Balance on hand 

SIO 77 

The Report was adopted with expressions of grateful acknowledgement to the 
friends who continue to supjiort the School, and with thanks to the Treasurer for the 
careful and economical management of the tinances. 


List of Students. 

Tlie followinfi is u list of the Students enrolled in the Duy Classes for the Session 

Miss J. S. AiwIiTsoM, TiinmlK. 

S. S. Ai.liii. KiiKliiinl. 

K. Frasor Hfll, l>i'Siiiiiii(l. 

Mrs. K. Hoyiif, Toronto. 

(;. \V. Bnuil.'V, Uiirtalo. \.V. 

r. A. Urt'aki'y, Toronto. 

Mil,') .Icssio Hicohin, Toronto. 

MIsM Ooiina l!iM°(far, W'llland. 

Miss X. Camp, Laiiihton Mills. 

Miss E. Caniplii'li, Arinow. 

F. .\. Ck>nmTs, Wal.sli. 

.Miss M. Coouibes, Toronto. 

Waltor G. Crai^', Toronto. 

I'. C. Deeth, Toronto. 

Israel Devarlas.s, Ranjjroon, Hnrnia. 

A. T. Finlayson, Toronto. 

Miss M. I). Fislier. Toronto. 

.Miss E. .J. Fletcli.r, Parkliill. 

E. A. Frowdc, Petorl)oro'. 

James A. Funk, Sontli ("ayufra. 

E. Halliwell, Cornwall. 

H. Hellycr, 0(le.=9a, Hussia. 

Miss H. Henderson, Bervie. 

J. A. Henderson, Buffalo, N.V. 

Miss M. E Jack, Toronto. 

\V. M. P. Jerrett, Rooklyn. 

Miss M. F. Langton, Bracebridge. 

Mrs. Lcgg, Toronto. 

Miss C. Legg, Toronto. 

('. J. liOncy, Toronto. 

Miss X. Martin, Toronto. 

Mrs. T. V. Ma.son, Toronto. 

Miss A. Mas.sman, HulValo, N.V. 

James MatliiT. Kowland. 

Miss L. MaoDonald, Toronto. B. M. Mi'Ansl.ui, lleathoole. 

MissC. McCormic'k. Bervie. 

J. K. McCormick, Bervie. 

J. 1,. MeCullocli, Brandon, .Man. 

Tlios. McKay, Toronto. 

Thos. G. .Murphy, O.xford .Mills. 

Mrs. K. C. Xicliolls, T(jronto. 

K. E. NiclioUs, Toronto. 

H. A. Pearson, Lindsay. Lida l'ii)es, Amherst, N.S. 

Stephen Rogers, Creemore. 

Miss Nellie C. Ross, B.A., Toronto. 

F. J. Shore, Buffalo, N.Y. 

A. G. C. Simpson, NA'hiteclmrdi. 

B. C. Sircar, Rangoon, Burma. 
Daniel Solomon, Rangoon, Burma. 
.1. A. Stevens, Eden Grove. 

Miss M. Stewart, Elfrida. 

Mrs. Sullivan, Toronto. 

Miss Lily Tilley, Toronto. 

R. Tuttlc. Toronto. 

Charles U'addell, Terjninus. 

F. S. Weaver, Bi-lleville. 

\V. P. Webb, Ottawa. 

Miss C. M. Wilkins, Toronto. 

Miss Sarah A. Windel, Toronto. 

Evening Classes. 

The following? is a list of Students in the Evening Classes who have passed one 
or more of the written examinations of this last session : 

H. S. Bennett. 
A. E. Bernhardt. 
Mlssd E. Brooking. 
Miss J. Brown. 
G. M. Byres. 
Miss M. Doig. 
W. W. Donnolly. 
C. Dunn. 
Miss X. Elliott. 

Miss K. W. Holmes. 
MissN. Hou.ser. 
Miss X. Hutcliings. 
R. E. Jones. 
W. Keen. 
R. D. Lees. 
Miss A. M. McFeggai 
F. W. Morton. 
.Miss B. Mould. 

Miss A. Moule. 

F. Moule. 

Miss E. E. Nay lor. 

Miss L. Pascoe. 

W. Price. 

E. B. Ratditte. 

Miss M. Ray. 

Miss E. .A Richardson. 

Miss B. Rol)inson. 

J. Robinson. 
Miss A. Sehofield. 
Miss E. C. Shields. 
R. Simpson. 
Miss C. G, Smith. 
.Miss L. Taylor. 
Miss L. ^^'arwood. 
Miss .L Weston. 

Examination Papers. 

We fjive below three of the examina- 
tion papers on which the students were 
required to write last session. The first 
was prepared by Mr. McNicol for the 
flass in Old Testament Outlines; the 
second by Dr. Harris for the in the 
Kpistle to the Galatians, and the third b3' 
Dr. Stewart for the class in the Prepara- 
tion ot (Jospel Addresses. 

1. Write u of the topics of Gen. 1 : xi. 
in their order. 

2. What were the four important epochs 
in God's dealing with Abraham? 

'6. Give a general outline of the book of 

4. What spiritual truths was the Taber- 

nacle intended to symbolize? 

5. Write a brief account of the rebellion 

of Israel at Kadesh, and state also 
its cause and its consequences. 

6. Indicate the main events in Israel's 

conquest of Canaan (Josh. I : xii). 

7. Describe the moral and religious con- 

dition of Israel during the time of 
the Judges. 



TIIK Kr,(t»UI)KIl. 

8. Write a note on David's training for 

the kinyjilom, showing (1) wliat it 
was, [2) wliat efTort it iiad on his 

9. What were the features tliat ilistiii- 

jruishtd Solomon's reijjn ? 

10. Wliat causes led to the revolt of the 

'Pen Tribes? 

11. in wliat respect did the ministry of 

Elisha differ from that of Klijah? 

12. Write a note on the Covenant witii 

Abraliam and the Covenant with 

N.B. — Answer any ffn questions. 


1. Give the name and general outline of 

the Second Main division of this 

2. Give the twofold division of " The 

Law," and the purpose of each. 

3. State clearly the signification of " Re- 

demption" in Galatians, giving one 
or two passages, 
t. Write an explanatory note on "The 
Spirit of Sonship" (iv.: 6), giving 
parallel from Romans. 

5. How was the appeal not to return to 

bondage of '' weak and beggarly 
elements" (iv.: 9) applicable to once 
heathen Galatians'? 

6. Give another word for " Blessedness " 

in iv.: 15, and explain the circum- 

7. Explain "Christ formed in" those 

alreadj- believers (iv.: 19). 

8. Give the meaning of "hope of righte- 

ousness " in v.: 5. 

9. Distinguisli "burdens" and "burden" 

in vi.: 2, 5, and show their relation 
to the immediate context in each 

10. Explain the^ words "how large a 

letter " in vi.: 11. 

11. What is the "Rule" alluded to in 

vi.: 16? 

12. Write a note on "the marks of the 

Lord Jesus" in vi.: 17. 

N.B. — Answer any fi^n of the questions. 


1. Give the meaning of different Scripture 

words used in the New Testament 
to convey the idea of preaching. 

2. State the chief rules of division. 

3. Explain fully what is meant V)y a 

textual discourse. 

4. Point out different wajs in which a 

subject maj' be illustrated. 

5. Show the importance of Hpplication to 
a sermon. 

t). Make a brief <livi.sioii an<l outline of 
any one of the following texts: — 
Gill. 1:4; Ej.h. fi : Ki; Luke I'j : :i-7. 

Extracts trom Letters. 

A member of our General Coun<, in 
.sending his annual subscription to our 
Treasurer, wrote as follows : 

"There is no Institution on my list 
which I cojisider more worthy of supjtort 
than the Bible Training School, and none 
to which I have more i>leasure in con- 

Our excellent friend, Rev. Dr. Parson.s. 
who has been a valued counsellor and 
helper in our work from the beginning, 
Ijeing unable to attend the annual meet- 
ing of the Council, sent the following 
note : 

"Though I am improving in health, I 
regret that I cannot be present with \ou 
at the meeting of April 30th. When .so 
many are departing from the faith, I re- 
cognize more than ever the importance 
of the work in which the Bible Training 
School is engaged. I rejoice in its con- 
tinued prosperity, and shall be glad to 
serve you in any way I may be able in 
the great work you are doing." 

A former student, now engaged in 
successful evangelistic work, sent a letter 
to our President recently, from which 
we make the following extract : 

" I was glad to read in the Recorder 
of the prosperity of the School. I think 
those of us who received training theie 
can never forget it. and must ever bless 
God for such opportunities as were ours. 
I am glad the work is extending, ami that 
more yet are permitted to hear the Scrip- 
tures expounded in the clear and impres- 
sive manner in which they are opened up. 
^[any, many times have I thanked God 
for your teaching, and for the able, clear 
and full instruction received from all 
who taught in the Toronto Bible Training 
School. May God ever bless the work 

Opening of Session. 
The Tentii Session of the Bible Train- 
ing School will open (D. V.) on Tuesday, 
September 22nd, 1903, at 10 am. It is 
very important that all students, espe- 
cially those who are entering the School 
for the first time, should be present at the 
beginning of the session. 



Mk. i'bTKK Jamii:si)N lias become Sec- 
retary of the Y.M.C.A. aL Wanen. Pa. 

Mr. JS. RotiKKs has been Hppoiiited 
liy tlie L'|iper Canada liible Society as 
Colpoiltnu- in Manitoba. 

Miss Bkssik Kosshas gouo toChica-^o 
to eDgap;e in City Mission work as Bible 
Woman unil District Visitor. 

Mk. W. p. Wkhh will supply for the 
summer two preacliin^ stations belonj^in}? 
to the Friends near Newmarket. 

Mil. C. J, LoNEY will spend his vaca- 
tion in colportage work in Ontario, under 
the direction of the Upper Canada Tract 

Mis.s M. F. Lan'gton and Miss L. 
Tilley, graduates of the Day Classes, 
have entered on a course of practical 
training as nurses at the Western Hos- 
pital of this city. 

Messrs. J. K. McCokmick and J. L. 
McCulloch of the Day Classes, and Mr. 
K. D. Lees of the Evening Class, have 
been appointed to Presbyterian mission- 
fields in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. 

Mr. E. Halliwell has gone to labor 
in Teeswater.Ont. ; Mr. J. W. Salton has 
been set apart for special work as an 
Evangelist, and ^Ir. Henry Hellyer has 
entered on his duties as a missionary 
among the Doukhobors and Galicians of 
the North-West. 

The new Catalogue and Announce- 
ment of the School will be published in 
.July, giving full particulars about In- 
structors, Lecturers and Courses of study 
for next session. Copies may be obtained 
on application to the Principal, Dr. 
Stewart, or to Miss A. Burns, the Assis- 
tant Secretary, llU College St., Toronto. 

The members of the Day Classes pre 
sented Miss M. F. Langton, one of their 
number, with a neat watch in recognition 
of the efticient help she had given them 
in reviewing their different studies pre- 
paratory to examinations. The presen- 
tation was made at the home of Mr. J. 
L. McCulloch, East Toronto, to which 
the students were kindly invited for a 
social evening. 

The first marriage solemnized in the 
Bible Training School occurred on May 

2nd, when Miss Annie Fra.ser, one of our 
first graduates, and missionary to the 
deaf mutes of the city, was married to 
Mr. J. R. BjMiie. The interesting cere- 
mony was performed by Rev. T. B. Hyde, 
the sign language being used in part for 
the l)enefit of the many deaf mutes who 
were present. Mr. and Mrs. Byrne have 
the congratulations and best wishes of 
numerous friends. 

TiiK Bible Training School biiilding 
has become a kind of headquarters for a 
great deal of the inter-denominationa 
work carried on in Toronto. The Sunday 
services of the deaf mutes are held in our 
Assembly Hall, while tlie regular board 
meetings of the Africa Industrial ]\Iission 
and of the Leper Mission, and tlie monthly 
jn-ayer meetings of the Y.W.C.A. officers 
and workers are also held in our rooms. 
We are glad to give these friends the use 
of the premisi'S, when not required for 
the pur|)0ses of the School. 

One of the most notable missionary 
meetings ever held in Toronto was the 
one which assembled in the Bible Train- 
ing School on Maj^ U-ith, when eight new 
missionaries were dt'signated for service 
in Nigeria. Four of these had been stu- 
dents of the Bible Training School. They 
go out under the auspices *of the Africa 
Industrial Mission, which has secured 
an excellent location, and made a good 
beginning of work at Patagi, in "dark 
Soudan." A large number of friends 
met at the Union Station on the morning 
of May 15th to wish the missionary party 
Godspeed on their departure. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following amounts have been re- 
ceived from Feb. 9th to April 30th, 1903 : 

Xo. «.')... 

$10 00 1 No. 103 a 00 

8G 5 00 

K7 50 00 

«8 300 00 

8!) . . 5 00 

<»(» 20 00 

ill as 00 

lO-l 1.100 

Id.") 10 00 

lot; 50 no 

92 50 00 

'J3 .5 00 

04 1 00 

!t5.... 1 00 

!)6 o 00 

!»7 10 00 

!I8 5 00 

'.ttt 100 00 

KM) .10 00 

11)1 5 00 

102 2.T 00 

Speiial 100 00 

Previously acknowledged 2.122 21 to April .iO, 1!)03 $3,396 2 

Joseph N. Suenstonb, Treas.]] 

^ f