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THE HEC ORDER - 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 



Presentee by the 

December 79 40 

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in 2010 with funding from 

Tyndale University College and Seminary 


School and Offices.- Uu Culiuje St., Toronto 



Vol. XL] 


[Nos. 3 and 4 

A^crpbcrs of Corporation* 

Kkv. Elmore Hakkis, D.l)., President, 

Betheden, \V aimer Road, Toronto. 
Kkv. R. p. Mackay, V.D.A 

Toronto. > Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Nasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. S.Shkssvohv., Secretary and Treasurer, 

40 W aimer Road, Toronto. 
Rev. \Vm. Stewakt, D.D., Principal. 

138 St. Oeorvre St., Toronto. 

James Acton, Toronto. 

E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 

R. KiLG OUR, Toronto. 

Thos. a. Rodger, Yorkton, Assa. 

Elias Rogers, Toronto. 


Rev. \Vm. SrKWART, D.IJ. 
Hkv. Ki.moke Hauri.s, D.U. 
Kev. John McNuoi,, B.U. 
Rev. H. W. Kkost. MA. 
Rev. T. C. Des Bakres. M.A. 
Rev. R. p. Mackav, D.D. 
Rev. R. J. TRtXKAVEN, M.A. 
Examiners for i;hi.!-o». 
Rev. T. C. Des Barres, .M.A 
Rev. W. ir. lliN(Ks, LL.B. 
Rev. T. M. Hyde, M.A. 
Rev. H. p. Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Wei.ton, D.D. 
Miss Annie Burns, Asst. Secretary and Librarian. 

Gcnerz^l Council. 

Barrie : 
Judge Ardaimi. 

Brantford . 
C Cook. 
Frank M. Foster. 

b£ll£ville : 
Rev. R. Waui-ace. 


Jldge Reynolds. 


R. <i. Strcthkbs. 




St. Catharines .• 
George W. Hodgetts. 

Toronto : 
Thos. S. Colk. 
C M. Coteland. 
Rev. T. C. Des Bakres, 

J. \V. Flavellk. 
H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshore. 


\V. H. HowiTT, M.D. 

Our Design. — The great design of the 
School is the training of consecrated men 
and women for Christian service at home 
and abroad. 

Contributions. — Any friends desiring 
to have fellowsliip in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

REV.T.WARDRorE,D.D. Rkv. T. B. Hyde. 

R. M. HoBSON. 

hamilton : 
Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston , 
B. \V. Robertson. 

London .■ 
Rev. G. J. BisHor. 

Montreal .■ 
Geo. Hague. 

: J. .Mackay. 
! Rev.Wm.MacWilmam, 

Rev. D. .McTavish, 

Chester D. Mas.sev. 
' G. B. Meadows. 

R. J. Montuomkrv. 

Rev. H. .M. Parsons, 
i D.D. 
j F. M. Pratt. 
I John Htauk. 

The name."* of other friends in important centres 
are yet to he added to tlie General Council. 

Progress and Blessing. 

With thankful hearts we record another 
year of progress and blessing in the Bible 
Training School. The reports presented 
in the present issue of the Rei^oroek 
show that the eleventh session has been 
one of growth and i)rosperitj-. The total 
enrolment of students has been the 
largest in our history, the great purpose 
of the School has been steadilj' and de- 
tinitelj- pursued, and a goodly number of 
consecrated young men and women have 
gone forth to labor for Christ at home 
and abroad. To Him who has guided 
and ble.ssed our institution in the past, 
we again coinmond it for thoda.\ s to come. 


Eleventh Annual Meeting. 

The Eleventli Session of the Toionto 
Bible Training School closed on Fiiday, 
April '28th, 1905. In the afternoon of 
that da}' the Annual Meeting of the 
united Board of Incorporation and 
General Council was held, when the re- 
ports for the j'ear were presented, and 
the work of the School received careful 
consideration. There was a good attend- 
ance of members, who manifested much 
interest in the growth and prosperity of 
tlie institution. At the close of the meet- 
ing, on the kind invitation of the Presi- 
dent, the members present, with two 
other friends practically interested in 
the work of the School, had tea together 
in the library. 

At the evening meeting the graduating 
exercises brought together one of the 
largest audiences ever gathered in the 
Assembly Hall. Devotional services 
were conducted by Dr. Hooper and Rev. 
T. B. H^'de, both of this city. President 
Harris gave a brief outline of the work 
of the session, referring particularly to 
the large numbers who are again going 
forth to the home and foreign fields and 
to the increased attendance of j^oung 
men and young women in the Day 
Classes. Appropriate addresses were 
given by four of the graduating students. 
Mr. E. Higgins spoke on " Christ Knock- 
ing," at the door of the Christian and of 
the lukewarm church. Miss Lila Russell 
enlarged on a " Passion for Souls" as an 
essential pre-requisite for Christian ser- 
vice, and Mr. R. A. Walmsley urged the 
vital importance of " Preaching the 
Word." An appropriate valedictory ad- 
dress was also delivered by Rev. George 
Orman. Diplomas were then presented 
to the following thirteen students who 
have completed the course of study pre- 
scribed for the Day Classes, and have 
passed satisfactory examinations thereon: 
Messrs. Edward C. Austin, Herbert 
Stanley Bennett, Elijah Higgins, Ken- 
neth F. McKenzie Thomas G. Murphy, 
Rev. George Orman, Horace Greeley 
Smith, Francis Graliam Stotesbury, 
Robert Alfred Walmsley ; also Misses 
Lila Russell, Mary Stewart, Louisa Maud 

Warren and Jennie Beatrice Wilkins. 
Certificates were also given to the follow- 
ing students who have satisfactorily 
completed the course of study in the J 
Evening Classes: Miss Mary Ortency ^ 
Burleigh; Messrs. Walter William Don- 
noly, William Fred Moule and Robert 
Simpson. A special Testimonial was also 
given to Mr. John A. Stevens for new 
subjects in post-graduate work. The 
Principal, Dr. Stewart, thereupon ad- 
dressed the graduates in a few parting 
words, in which he charged them in 
their future ministry, whethei' at home 
or abroad, to remember and seek to follow 
the Divine order of all efficient Christian 
service: "Prayer, Power, Preaching." 
The closing address of this excellent meet- 
ing was given by Mr. W. R. Newell, of 
Chicago, who spoke with convincing 
power on the "Inspiration of the Scrip- 

Report of the Prineipal 

Presented to the Board of iNCORPor- 

ATioN, AND General Council, 

April 28, 1905. 

By the good hand of our God upon us 
the eleventh session of the Toronto Bible 
Training School has come to a close. 
The year has again been one of advance- 
ment and blessing in the chief depart- 
ments of the work. Indeed the histox-y 
of the Institution from its beginning un- 
til now has proved it to be a tree of the 
Lord's own planting. According to His 
word of sure promise. He has kept it and 
watered it, so that it has grown to goodly 
proportions, and brought forth fruit to 
His name. 

During the session there has again been 
an increase in the enrolment of the Stud- 
ents over previous years. In the Day 
Classes the number has been sixty-eight, 
and in the Evening Classes two hundred 
and fifty-four. In the Day Classes there 
have been 37 young men, of whom 5 were 
sent by the Provincial Committee of the 
Young Men's Cliristain Association, and 
81 young women; and in the Evening 
classes the enrolment has been 81 young 
men and 17;5 young women. In attend- 
ance on some of the regular courses of 



study tliere have also be«n former grad- 
ates ami occasional students and visitors. 
During parts of the session tliere was 
more sickness among the students than 
usual, and this somewhat interfered with 
regularity in attendance. In other res- 
pects, however, the work of the classes 
has gone forward with much encourage- 
ment and success, and a spirit of earnest 
devotion to study has been very gener- 
ally manifested. 


The regular lecturers in the Day Classes 
have again been Dr. Harris, Mr. Mc- 
Nicol, and myself. Dr. Harris has given 
two courses of expository lectures each 
week, one on the book of Deuteronomy, 
and the other on the First and Second 
Epistles to the Thessalonians. My own 
subjects have been iis follows : — Bible 
Doctrines, with the "Word of God as our 
only text book ; the Pastoral Ep'stles ; the 
ministry of the Apostle Paul ; and Bible 
Readings. I have also had charge 
of the essaj^s of the students and the 
exercises in public speaking. Mr. Mc- 
Nicol's subjects have been: — Outline 
Studies of the Books of the Old Testa- 
ment ; Studies in the Gospels ; Inspira- 
tion of the Scriptures ; and Lands of the 
Bible. He has also conducted the early 
morning classes in English Grammar 
and Comjiosition, and in New Testament 
Greek. In his report of the session's 
work Mr. McNicol says : — 

"In all my classes without exception 
the students did faithful work and made 
very satisfactory progress. Their eager 
desire to know the Word of God, and 
whatever is connected with it, makes 
teaching a delight." 


The introductory lecture of the session 
was delivered by our friend. Rev. H. W. 
Frost of Philadelphia, who gave a helpful 
ami appropriate address on the " Inspira- 
tion of the Scriptures." Verj' valuable 
courses of instruction were also given by 
Rev. T, C. Des Barres, who presented to 
the students a most able and impressive 
exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews ; 
by Rev. Dr. Mackaj-, who gave a series 
of interesting and instructive addresses 

on " Mission Work in India ;" and by 
Rev. R. .1. Trolcaven, of Parkdale Meth- 
odist Church, who discussed " Methods of 
Evangelistic Work," with great fervency 
and effect. Our best thanks are due to 
these friends for their valued services so 
freely and cheerfully given to the School. 


From time to time the School has re- 
ceived visits from other eminent servants 
of Christ. Prominent among these was 
Dr. H. Grattan Guinness, the founder 
of Harley College, an institution similar 
to our own. His lectures in the School 
were such as could only be given by one 
.so noted as a Bible Student, ami so dis- 
tinguished for the .service he has long 
rendered in preparing laborers for the 
regions beyond. Two instructive lec- 
tures have been given to the Mission 
Study Class by Rev. J. G. Brown, re- 
turned missionary from India ; while 
Mrs. Mills from China, and Mrs. McGill. 
Liberia, have also given helpful addresses 
to the students. The visits and services 
of all these friends were much apprecia- 


These Classes have been held on four 
evenings of each week. On Tuesday and 
Thursday the regular course of study 
has been pursued. Dr. Harris has given 
lectures on the same subjects as in the 
Day ; Mr. McNicol has given in- 
struction in the Teachings of our Lord, 
and I have conducted the studies in Bible 
Doctrines. Special Classes have also 
l>een held on Monday and Friday even- 
ings, on the former of which Mr. Mc- 
Nicol has given instruction in Homiletics 
10 the young men of the Day Classes to- 
gether with some others ; and on the lat- 
ter to a well-attended class of Sunday 
.School teachers, giving an exposition of 
the lesson. The work on both these 
evenings has been maintained with much 


During the session medical classes were 
again conducted by three of the doctors 
who have given us faithful and efticient 
.service in the past. Dr. Bowie gave 
lectures on the Practice of Medicine, 


" denling specially witli the important 
subjects of Emerpoiicies.'" During the 
first half of the session Dr. Hooper had a 
class of lady students to wliom he gave 
instruction on '"Obstetrics" and the 
nursiuR of women ; while Dr. Howitt 
commenced in January his course on 
" Tropical Diseases." A new member of 
the medical staff is Dr. Allan Shore, who 
very kindly took the place of Dr. Porter, 
absent from the city for the winter, and 
lectured on the foundation Studies of 
Anatomy and Pliysiolofiy. These med- 
ical gentlemen have rendered excellent 
service especially to the students prepar- 
ing for the foreign field, and they des- 
erve the best thanks of the Board and all 
the friends of the School for their gener- 
ous and valuable help. 


The efficient services of Mr. A.T. Cring- 
an were again secured to conduct a class 
once a week during the session in the 
theory and practice of singing. The class 
was a real benefit to those wlio atten- 
ded it, and tlie instruction received can- 
not fail to be of much help to many of 
the students in leading the service of song 
in their future ministry. It should be 
added that the cost of conducting this 
class has again been kindly provided for 
by our President. Dr. Harris. 


Written examinations have again been 
held twice during the session in all the 
courses of Bible study pursued by the 
Day and Evening Classes. Tiie mini- 
mum standard for each paper is fifty per 
cent., but more than half the students ob- 
tained seventy-five per cent.and upwards, 
while in the Day Classes fully one-third 
obtained ninety per cent, or over on sev- 
eral of the subjects. Very few failed to 
reach the required standard, so that the 
examinations as a whole have been (juite 
satisfactory. The only regret is that a 
larger number of the Evening Class stu- 
dents do not submit to this test. One set of 
papers from the recent examination was 
read by our friend, Rev. Dr. Parsons, 
who reports about them as follows : 

" I have had the privilege of examin- 
ing the papers of the students of the first 

year in their course of study in the Gos- 
pels, and I am greatly impressed with the 
evidence shown of their proficiency. The 
knowledge of the Scriptures studied is 
definite in clearness of expression, and 
tlie system pursued by their Instructor is 
most effective in giving an intelligent 
understanding and personal experience 
of the truths of the Text." 

A set of papers written recently by the 
students of the second year was exam- 
ined by Rev. Dr. Welton, another of our 
examiners, who gives the following es- 
timate regarding them : 

" I have examined carefully the paper ^-: 
which were submitted to me, and am 
happy to say that they give ample evi- 
dence of the excellent work that is being 
done by the School, and by each indivi- 
dual student. Nearly all sliow a remark- 
ably clear comprehension of the subjects 
upon which they have written." 


The students have done a very large 
amount of evangelistic and city mission 
work in the city and neighborhood. At 
beginning of the session they formed 
themselves into an evangelistic band, 
which conducted services in churches 
and mission halls nearly every Lord's 
day. Most of these were largely attend- 
ed, and not a few persons profe-ssed to 
receive spiritual benefit from the meet- 
ings. Some places outside the city have 
also been supplied with preaching by our 
young men. The j''oung women have 
also been active and useful in several 
of the missions in the city, in household 
visitation, in Sunday School teaching, 
and Young People's services. In these 
different ways much direct good has been 
accomplished, while the students them- 
selves have received a valuable training 
for future service. 


The culture of the spiritual life of the 
students has been one of the chief aims 
of the School since its organization. 
Every Tuesday forenoon a devotional 
service has been held with much interest 
and profit. Many of our students in dif- 
ferent parts of the world unite with us 
in praj^er on that day for special blessing 
on the work of the School, and on all 
who have gone forth from its classes to 



hibor for the Lord. An early Thursday 

inorninji missionary prayei-incetiuK luis 
also been uuiintained with a good atten- 
ilence, especiallj' of Student Volunteers. 
Of these there have been fully one-fourth 
in the Day Classes this session, wholiave 
expressed a detinite desire for serviou in 
the foreign field, should God in His pro- 
vidence open up the way. They have 
also formed a class for missionary study, 
which has been conducted with much 
interest, and has proved to be very help- 
ful. The maintenance of this stiong 
missionary and devotional spirit in the 
School is a reason for much thankfulness. 


Since last annual meeting, in addition 
to our three East Indian students, who 
returned last May to missionary- service 
in India, five others have left Canada for 
work in foreign fields. These are Miss 
Nay lor and Miss Brooking, who went to 
China; Miss Barbara Mould, who has 
become a worker in the Industrial Evan- 
gelical Mission of Northei'n India ; and 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boyne, who have 
gone to the district of Allahalead in 
North-Western India. In addition to 
these about twenty of our young men 
have lately gone, or are just going, to 
destitute fields in various parts of tlie 
Dominion under the different Home 
Mission Boards. 


During the year the School has lost by 
death some of its best friends. The first 
of these was Mrs. John Harris of Brant- 
ford, a noble Christian woman, who aided 
many good causes, and was a liberal 
supporter of the School from its begin- 
ning. Another was Mr. R. S. Schell, 
also of Brantford, a member of our Gen- 
eral Council, and much interested in 
Bible study. Two of our most promising 
students ahso rest from their labors. One 
of them was Mr. J. K. McCormick, of 
Bervie, Ont., a fine Bible scholar and 
consecrated Christian worker, who died 
just as he was ready to go out to India. 
The other was Mr. Edwin Ratcliffe, of 
East Toronto, a noble young man, who 
was suddenly called away from earth, in 
the midst of earnest preparation for 

missionary work in China. Our prayer 

is, that God may graciously comfort the 
mourners, and raise up others like-minded 
to take the places of those who have 
gone before. 


It would not be right to close this 
report without referring to the brotherly 
love which has prevailed in every depart- 
ment of the work. This is noteworthy, 
seeing tliat the School has always been 
strictly inter-denominational in its lec- 
turers and also in its student body. 
In the harmonious meetings of the Board 
of Incorporation, in the unity of spirit 
and purpose which has inspired the 
officer's and instructors, and in the real 
Christian fellowship which has been 
maintained among the stiidents, there 
has been continuous and abundant cause 
for gratitude. Consecrateil young men 
and women from ten different evangeli<al 
denominations have come to our classes, 
and their devotion to study and zeal in 
Christian service have been in every way 
commendable. Surely there can be no 
grander work than that of training these 
young minds in the knowledge of God's 
Word and the abilit}- to use it in Christ's 
cau.«e ; so that in the power of the Snirit 
they may go forth from the School, as 
scores have already done, to fields of 
labor at home and abroad and seek to 
win souls for the Saviour. 

In my last annual report I referred to 
the possibilitj' tiiat I might soon be laid 
aside from the service of the School. 
During the session my health, by the 
blessing of God, has continued to be 
fairly good. But I have felt at times as 
if the burdens and responsibilities of my 
position were becoming too much for me ; 
and I think it might be best, both for the 
School and myself, if, during the coming 
session I could be relieved of some, or if 
thought desirable, of all my duties. May 
the Board and mj'.self be divinely directed 
in this important matter. .Surely we 
may feel confident that He who has so 
gracious!}' guided and blessed the Toronto 
Bible Training School in the past will 
still give the wisdom that is profitable to 
direct, and provide both the man and the 
means for all the service He requires at 
our hands. So to Him we again com- 
mend our beloved institution, with the 
[irayer that its fruits may go on ripening 
and gathering until the great harvest 

Respectfully submitted. 

Wii.i.rAM Stkwart. 


Treasurer's Report. 


Balam-e on haiul, April 2!)th, 1901 


Incidental Fees . . - . 
Resilience and Hall - 
Collections . . - - - 


raid Piincii)al, Instructor and Ass't Sec. 
" Ground Rent ------ 

" Caretaker 

" Coal 

" Li^ht and Water - . - - - 

'■ Telephone - - 

" Printing Catalogue, Rkcokubk.s, etc., and 
Advertising . - - - 

" Postage .------ 

" Repairs 

" Insurance (3 years) ----- - 

" Taxes 

" Sundries 

Balance on hand, April 28, 1905 

.$6 78 

3,3H9 00 

434 50 

280 00 

46 20 

$4,106 48 

860 GO 

280 00 

196 00 

287 60 

56 64 

45 00 

91 50 

31 85 

92 92 

77 40 

55 91 

8 63 

• — — — 

$4,083 45 


$23 03 

It was reported that the number of contributors had increased during the year. _ 
Several members of the Board expressed their gratification at the Report, which was : 
unanimously adopted with thanks to the Treasurer for his faithful services. : 

Students in Day Classes, Session 1904-05. 

MiKs K. M. Arcliiliald, Toronto 

Miss K. A niDld, Toronto. 

Kdwiinl C. Austin, Toronto. 

Mi.'».< Annie Hartlett. Owen Sound. 

Golan IJarton, Toronto. 

Herbert S Bennett, PickerinB. 

T. J. K. Black, ( >rangeville. 

.1. K. Cairn.'*, Berlin. 

Lonis China!, Detroit, Mich. 

K. .1 . B. Chisholm, St. Thomas. 

L. \V. Collins, Toronto. 

Hartley Conn, Hcalhcote. 

Rev. S. H Drake. Tnroiito. 

.James Kills, Holstcln. 

K. Fowerakcr, Entrland. 

A. Fia.ser, Toronto. 

Miss L. G.alt, Toronto. 

MisKGnlt. Toronto. 

Miss r»iliillan, Bowmanvillo. 

Mrs. D. (lilllcs, Toronto. 

W. V. Gonder, Niapara. 

K. Hianinf. Kveter. 

Miss K. M. Holm<9, Toronto 

Miss Mina Howden. Hamilton. 

Miss A. M. Int'lo, Ed<ii Mills. 

Misll.l. .lohnston. Toronto. 

Mrs. ('. B. Kf-rr. Toronto. 

Mis." M W Kidd, Toronto. 

Misj C. (',. I.cpK. Toronto. 

Miss M Lesslie. Toronto. 

Martin l.ov., Toronto. 

K F. McKcnzii-, Paislev. 

Miss M. Marr. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Mrs. S. T. V. Mason, Toronto. 

\V. Milton, Oak Lake, Man. 

Miss A. Mun.son. Wansa, Neb. 

T. G. Murphy, Oxford Mills. 

Miss M. North, Toronto. 

Rev. Georjjre Orman, Toronto. 

Miss .\ . Ferry, Maynooth. 

A. F. I'iercy, Atwood. 

I. J. Hansom, Abilene, Kan. 

Mrs. A. I.. Ritts, Warren. Fa. 

W. E. KoberLson, M.D., Milton 

Miss M. A. E. Rogers, Toronto. 

MissN. Rupert, Belleville. 

Miss L. Ru.ssell. T<iront<i. 

Sherman Hutledfje, Holt. 

A. G. C. Simiison, Whitcihurch. 

H. G. Smith, Toronto. L. Spears. Tara. 

Miss. F. B. Standen. Mincsin;;. 

.John Stevens. Greenock. 

Miss .M. Stewart, Toronto. 

K. (i. Stotesbury, Toronto, 

Mrs. Sullivan, Toronto. 

.1. S. Teet, Gait. 

Miss M. Thompson, Toronto. 

.J. C. Trofflcr, Mercersburf,', Fa. 

H. I,. Trover, T<nonto. 

R Vanzaiit, Collintrwond. 

it. A. Walnislev, Liverpool. TCuf?. E. M. Warren, Toronto. 

Mrs. Webster, Montreal. 

Miss E. M. WilUins, Toronto. 

Miss J. H. Wilkins, Toronto. 

Rev. I. F. Williams, Toronto. 

A. Wrenshall, Raveima. 



The followin-; studonts, having: pursued tl>e two years' i-ouish of study, and 
passed satisfactory examiiuitions tliereon, ri»c',»»iv«>d tin* Di|iIoui;i of tlm S. IkjoI at, ili« 
close of last session : 

Kdward C. Austin. 
HerlxTl S. Hi'imetl. 
K. Hijrt.'in'' 
Keiiiu'tli K. Mi'Keiizio 

Tho.*. (f . Murphy. 
Uev. Cieci. Oriiian. 
Mtsi$ LiUi Uu.HSi-ll. 

Il.iracr 1 1. >.iiin ii 
Ml*a Miirv Sltnvarl 
K. G. sti.iosliurv. 

IC .\ \\ Illll-I.'N 

Mlna L M, W urreii. 
MIhhJ. |(. W llkliiit. 

The following post-f^raduiite student, havinjj: passed an examination in new 
studies durint: his third session, received a special Testimonial : .John A. Stevens. 

Students in Evening: Classes 
The foUowino; is a list of Students in the Evening; Classes who have passed one 
or more of the written examinations. The total enrolment of all the Evening 
Students was 254. 

Miss H. I. Allum. 

W. \V. Donnolly. 

E. C. Luce. 

U. Slmi>8<)n. 

Miss A. Aiiiont. 

Miss F. Fee. 

Miss M. MtCauley 

Miss T. G. .Sleep. 

Miss E. Amhuiiy. 

E. S. Kisii. 

Miss A. McFleKK.-ui. 

F. Stanley. 

Miss V. H:iker. 

.Miss E. Gray. 

F. W. Moule. 

.Miss Georwie Smith 

Miss M. Bilker. 

\V. G. Hamilton. 

Miss E. Moull. E. St. John. 

A. Bell. A. E. Hel>urn. 

A. T. Nash. 

.1. J.Tavlor 

Miss 1. K. Huwmai). 

F. F. Haynes. 

S 0. Oke. 

Miss E. 'iMer. 

Miss L. E. Brown. 

Miss M. I'mrie. 

E. B. Palmer. 

A.J. Uailace. 

Miss.I. Uurleisirh. M. Jenninjfs. 

\V. Patterson. 

F. We.stlake. 

MissM. O. Burleif^h. 

MissC. B. Kel-sall. 

A. L. Hitts. 

MissC. Wiildilield. 

Miss M. Burt. 

Miss M. Kenyan. 

Miss A. Hossiter. 

II. N. Smith. 

Miss A. Carmichael. 

R. D. Lees. 

.Miss A. Ku.s.sell. 

.Miss A. Watson. 

Mis-s M. Cliurcli. 

MissM. Lockhart. 

Miss E. Schoiield. 

A minimum of fifty per cent, is required to pass the examinations. It h«s been 
decided that, should any of the Eveniii<? Class students desire to take a fuller course 
of study in tlie Daj' Classes, the examinations they have already passed will count 
so much towards obtaining the regular Diploma of the School. In general it may 
be stated that three sessions in the Evening Classes will be regarded as equivalent 
to one whole session in the Day Classes. 

Evening Class Graduates. 

The following Students having pursued the three years' course of stud}-, and 
passed satisfactory examinations thereon, received the certificate of the School last 
Session : 

Miss M. <). Burleitrli. 
W . NV . Donnolly . 

Wm. F. Moule. 
Kol>ert Simpson. 

From Former Students, 

.\ student who finished the course of 
studies in the Evening Classes last ses- 
sion, has written to the Principal as 
follows : 

"I desire to thank Dr. Harris, Mr. 
McNicol, and yourself for the great help 
I have received within the walls of the 
Bible Training School, whose memory 
I shall always hold dear. My prayer is, 
that my life inay be more fully conformed 
to the precious truth I have been taught 
with you, and that I may now be enabled 
to teach and help others." 

Another student, in sending a recom- 
mendation with one of his scholars for 
admission to the School, sajs : 

" I do trust that his staj' will be as 
pleasant and profitable as mine was, and 
that the studies will be for the deepening 
of his spiritual life. My earnest prayer 
for all in connection with stich a glorious 
institution, is that the blessing of God 
may continually rest upon it, an I that 
all who go out to engage in service for 
Christ, ma}- be equipped for the great 
work of winning souls and strengilienini: 
their brethren." 



The next session of tlie Bibli- Tniininp: 
School will open (D.V.) on Tne.sclay, 
September 19th, 1905, at U) a.m. 

All students, espoiiall}' those who 
are entering the School for the first time, 
should bo on hand at the beginning; of 
the new session. 

Messrs. H. G. Smith, I. J. Ransom, 
and A. F. Piercy are engaged for the 
summer in colportage and evangelisbic 
work for the Upper Canada Tract Societ}' 

Mr. B. C. Sircar, one of the three 
students from Burma, who graduated 
last year, has become Secretarj- of the 
College branch of the Y.M.C.A., Cal- 
cutta, India. 

Mr. L. W. Collins, one of our stu- 
dents, now of Carnegie, Pa., has recently 
published a neat, instructive, and scrip- 
tural little pamphlet, entitled, "Christ is 
All and in All." 

.Since the first of May, as many as six- 
teen of our young men have been ap- 
pointed to fields of labor in destitute 
parts of the Dominion under the Home 
Mission boards of the different churches. 

The marriage of Mr. W. J. Hanna to 
Miss Roxie H. Wood, took place a few 
months ago at Yun-nan Fu, China. Both 
are esteemed graduates of the School, 
and devoted workers in the China Inland 

The Toronto Bible Training School 
has always been a strictly missionary 
and inter-denominational College. This 
last .session ten different Churches have 
been represented in its faculty and stu- 
dent body. 

At the beginning of the new session in 
September, a supplemental examination 
will be held for those students who were 
unable to take the recent examinations. 
All intending to write should make their 
purpose known to the Principal. 

The Students' Public Meeting held on 
March 9th was well attended and quite 
successful in its exercises. In the ab- 
sence of the President, ourVice-President 
Rev. Dr.Mackay, took the chair, and ad- 
dresses on helpful Bible themes were 
given by«^s Kenjon, Marr, Wilkins, 
and Messrs. Smith', Stotesbury. and 

We are glad to announce to friends in 
the city, that several of our students 
who are remaining in Toronto during the 
summer months, have arranged to hold 
a prayer meeting in the library of the 
Bible Training School eveiy Tuesday 

Two or three ladies, who have taken 
the full course of Bible study with us, 
are ready to engage in service as Bible 
women, pastor's assistants, or Sunday 
School missionaries. Any friends desir- 
ing such helpers should correspond with 
Dr. Stewart. 

Miss M. HowDEN, of Hamilton, a stu- 
dent of the session just closed, has been 
appointed Bible Woman and Sunday 
School Missionary in connection with 
the Eastern Avenue Mission of this city. 
We wish her much blessing in this im- 
portant work. 

The new Catalogue and Announce- 
ment of the School will be published early 
in July, giving full particulars about In- 
structors, Lecturers and Courses of Study 
for next session. Copies may be obtained 
on application to the Principal, Dr. 
Stewart, or to Miss A. Burns, the Assist- 
ant Secretary, 110 College St., Toronto. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following donations have been re- 
ceived from Feb. 14th, 1905, to April 28th, 



So 00 

5 00 

ISO. 129 

.. 130 

" 131 

■ 132 

" 133 

M 134 

" 136 

" 136... . 

" 137 

" 138 

.1 i:{9 

a 00 

15 00 


25 00 

10 00 

1 00 

2 00 

103 . 

5 0" 

1 00 

2 00 

25 00 

11)0. . 

25 00 

20 00 

25 00 

5 00 




76 00 

2 00 

2 00 

5 00 

2 00 

2.'-, 00 


" 140 

" 141 

" 142 

" 143 

•• 144 

" 145 

1 00 



1 00 

2 00 

100 00 

40 00 

U3 . 

5 00 

2 00 

1 14 . . 

5 00 

25 OO 

116. . 

1 00 

3 00 

50 00 

" 146 

'• 147 

" 148 

" 149 

5 00 


118 . 

75 00 

5 00 

10 00 

G 00 


2 00 

25 00 

5 00 


" 150 

" 151 

5 00 


5 00 

15 00 


2 00 

" l.-)i! 

5 00 

126 . 

10 00 

25 00 

20 00 

.'Ml 00 

" 1.53 

" 154 

" 1.55 

" 15(! 

" 157 . .. 

Total ... 

14th, 1905.... 

5 00 

10 00 

1.50 00 

.50 00 


1 00 

25 0() 

100 OO 

Previously ack 
Total to Feb. 

.. SI, 131 00 
. . 2.208 00 

. $3,389 00 

Joseph N. Siienstone, Treas.