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THE KECORDEH - 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 



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December 79 40 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 


School and Offices: 1J(y Colleqc St., Tohonto 



Vol. XII.J 

TORONTO, JUis'E, 1906. 

[Nos. 3 and 4 

A\crnbcrs of CorporAtior). 

Rkv. Elmukk IIakius, O.D.. President, 

Betheden, Walmer Road, Toronto. 

Kkv. R. p. Mackat, D.D.,) 

Toronto. V Vice-Presidents. 

J. X). Xasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. X. Shexstone, S(icre<ary and Treasurer. 

■10 Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rev. \Vm. Stewart, D.D., Principal. 

i:i8 St. Geor!,'e St., Toronto. 
James Actox, Toronto. 
E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
R. Kii.GOi'R, Toronto. 
Thus. a. RoiKiEK, Yorkton, As-sa. 
Ei.iAS RoGKBS, Toronto. 

General Council. 


Judge Ardacsh. 

C. C'J(»K. 

Frank M. Fo.^ter. 

belleville : 
Rev. R. Wallace. 

Brock viLLE .■ 


R. (J. Strdthers. 


R. M. HoBSON. 

hamilton : 
Rev. Fhei>. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .- 
B. W. Robertson. 

LiNDSA r : 

Rev. G. J. Bishop, D.D. 

Montreal .• 
Geo. Hague. 


John I' 

Tlie name* of otlicr frie 
are yet to Ix' added t 

St. Catharines .■ 


Stratford .• 


Toronto : 
Dr. Ell. St. G. Bamiwin 
Thos. S. Colk, 

<;. M. OflPKLAND. 

Rev. T. C. DesBakres, 

J. W. FLAVET.t.E. 

Rev. H. W. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshoke. 
C. S. GzowsKi. 
W. \1. Howitt, M.n. 
Rev. T. B. Hyde. 
.l"iH\ Mack AY. 
Kkv. I). .McTavish, 

CHKSrElt I). Massey. 
<i. B. Meaimiws. 

W. .1. RoBERrSoN. 

1{EV. H. .M. Parsons, 

K. M. Pratt. 
Harry L. Stark. 

niU 111 important lentres 
tlie General Council. 

Instructors and Lecturers for 19o.5-o6. 
Rev. Wm. Stewart. D.D. 
Rev. Elmore Harris, D.D. 
Rev. John .McNhiil, B.I). 
Rev. Ale.\. I'attek^on. 
Rev. T. B. Hydk, .M.A. 
Rev. Ale.x. Krler, M.A. 

Examiners khr liKLVoc. 
Rev. T. C. Des Bahres, .M.A 
Rev. W. H. HiNiKs, LL.ll. 
Rev. T. B. Hyde, M.A. 
Rev. H. m. Parsons, D.D. 
Rev. H. p. W ELTON, D.D. 
Miss Annie Burns, ^««<. .'Secretary and Lihrarian 

Our Design.— The great design of the 
School is the training of consecrated men 
frft4 women for Christian service at home 
and abroad. 

Contributions.— Any friends de.siring 
to liave fellowsliip in tlie work may send 
their contributions to tlie Treasurer J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

A Year of Blessing. 

The Toronto Bible Training Sdiool has 
again been favored with a year of 
iiig. From the reports jiublished in the 
following j>age8, it will be .•^oen that every 
department of the work has been pros- 
pered. "We trust these leports will he 
carefully read by our friends, .so that 
tlit>y may join with us in thanksgiving 
to the Lord for Mis guidanrcand ble.tsing 
Certain important rhanges are pending, 
involving a re-arrangeiiK'Ht and enlarge- 
mt'iit of tlie work of instruction ; but He 
who has been our Helper in the paot will 
be with us in the daj's to come. To Him 
we again rommend all the interests of 
our beloved institution . 


Twelfth Annual Meeting. 

The Twolftli Session of the 'roronto 
Bible Truining School closed on Friday, 
April 27th, 190G. In the afternoon of 
that day the Annuiil Meeting of the 
united Board of Incorporation and 
General Council was held, when the re- 
ports for the year were presented, and 
the entire work of tlie School received 
careful consideration. A good attend- 
ance of members was present, and much 
interest was manifested in the continued 
progress and prosperity of the Institu- 
tion. At the close of this meeting, on 
the kind invitation of the President, the 
members present, with one or two other 
friends, had tea together in the library. 

At the evening meeting held in the 
Assembly Hall, there was a crowded 
attendance of friends of the School intei-- 
ested in the graduating exercises. After 
prayer, by the Venerable Dr. Wardrope, 
of truelph, President Harris gave a brief 
outline of the work of the session, and 
indicated some 'changes that were con- 
templated. He also referred to the goodly 
numl^er of students who had recently 
gone forth to labor in the foreign and 
home fields. Appropriate addresses were 
then given by five of the graduating 
students, representing the Day and 
Evening Classes. Miss E. Anthony 
S[)oke effectivelj' on "Our Great Ex- 
ample"; Mr. I. J. Ransom on "The 
Living and the Written Word," a theme 
of vital importance to-day; Miss M. 
Howden showed the necessity of being 
'Out and Out for Christ" in service, 
companionship and consecration ; Mr. 
H. L. Troyer emphasized the importance 
and duties of " Amljassadors for Cinist" ; 
ai.d Miss M. Cr. Lesslie presented Paul's 
conception of the " Christian's Ambi- 
tion," closing with appropriate valedic- 
tory remarks. Diplomas were then pre- 
sent^l to the following ten students, who 
have completed the course of study in 
the Day Cla.sses, and passed satisfactory 
examinations thereon : — Misses M. E. 
Howden, A. M. Ingle. .1. Johnston, M. 
G. Lesslie, and Mrs. S. T. V. Mason ; 
Messrs. L. E. Chinal. Jas. Ellis. A. F. 
Piercy, I. .John Ransom and H, L. 

Troyer. The following ten students of 
the Evening Classes also completed their 
course of study in a satisfactory way 
and received Certificates :— Misses H. I. 
Allum, E. A. Antliony, C. Baker, C. B. 
Kelsall, A. Maude Kenyon, A. M. Mc- 
Feggan, Laura A. Shepard, E.M. Tyler; 
also Messrs. W. J. Hamilton and John 
J. Taylor. 

The Principal, Dr. Stewart, gave 
parting words of counsel to the gradu- 
ates, exhorting them " to continue 
stedfastly in prayer and in the min- 
istry of the word," Acts 6 ; 4. A most 
interesting address was then given by 
Baron Uixkuill, a Russian nobleman, 
who is earnestly engaged in evangelistic 
work among his own countrymen ; and 
Rev. Alex. Esler delivered a stirring 
speech on the power of the Divine Word. 

Report of the Principal. 

Presented to the Board op In- 
corporation AND CoiiNCIL, 
April 27, 1906. 

At the close of tlie twelfth session of 
the Toronto Bible Training School, we 
have again with grateful hearts to record 
another year of progress and blessing. 
There has been an excellent attendance 
of students, and the work carried on in 
the different departments of the Institu- 
tion has been much prospered. The 
great design of the School has been 
steadily kept in view, namely, the train- 
ing of consecrated men and women in 
the precious truths of God's Word, so 
that they may teach others the way of 
life and salvation. In a goodlj' measure 
this design continues to be realized, as 
our students go forth to labor in the 
gospel at home and abroad. 


In the Daj' Classes the total enrolment 
of students for the session lias been sixty- 
six, and in the Evening Classes two 
hundred and sixty. In the Daj^ Classes 
the number of young men and of young 
women has been equal ; while in the 
livening Classes the enrolment has been 
seventy-seven young men and one hun- 
dred and eighty-three young women. 
Owing to the great interest and enthus- 


iiisni awHkened by the Torrey-Alexandnr 
CHinpaign, the ntteiiilance at the evening 
lectures during January wiis smaller 
than usual ; but the numbers in tli<' 
different classes soon increased, and we 
hope next session to welcome to the 
School nut a few uf the recent conv»Mts, 
who would tind the study of God's Woi d 
a jjreat helj) to tlieir own spiritual life, 
and a necessary preparation for eilicient 
Christian service. 


The reprular lecturers in the Day Classes 
have again been Dr. Harris, Mr. Mc- 
Nicol, and myself. Dr. Harris has given 
courses of expository lectures on Tuesday 
and Thursday of each week, his sul>jects 
being tlie book of .loshua and the I'irst 
Epistle of Peter. My own subjects have 
been the following: — Bible Doctrines, 
with the Word of God as our great text- 
book ; the Messianic Prophecies; Old 
Testament'Tjpes and Figures; and Bible 
Readings. I have also had charge 
of the essays of the students and t.he 
exercises in public speaking. Mr. Mc- 
Nicol's subjects have been as follows : — 
Outline Studies of the Books of the New 
Testament ; Christian Evidences ; Studies 
in the Gospels, including a special course 
on the M iracles of our Lord. He has also 
conducted the early morning classes in 
English Grammar and Composition, and 
has had a small class in New Testament 
Greek. Mr. McNicol again bears testi- 
mony to the diligence and fidelity- of the 
students, as follows : — 

"The work as a whole was highly 
Satisfactory. Deep interest was shown 
in all the classes, and in many cases 
marked improvement coubl be seen 
throughout the year." 


The introductory lectures of the session 
were delivered by the Rev. Alexander 
Patterson, of Morgan Park, 111., a well- 
known teacher and writer on Bible 
themes. The first special lecturer for 
this session was our friend. Rev. T. 
Bradley Hj-de. of this City, who con- 
ducted with the students a valuable and 
instructive series of studies on "The 
Person and "Work of the Holj- Spirit."' 

The other special lecturer was Rev. 
Alexander Esler, M A., pastor of Cooke's 
Church in this city, who took as his sub- 
jc' t, "Christ and the Old Testament 
St riptures," on which he gave a course 
of very timely and helpful addresses. 
Tliese brethren have rendered a real 
Service to the School, which was much 

OTMKK visrroits. 

Other esteemetl friends from time to 
time during the session visited the School, 
and gave hel|>ful addresses. Among 
these were Rev. Charles E. Hurlbert, 
Director of the East African Mission, on 
his way to the distant field in which he 
is specially interested; Mr. .1. W. Wil- 
kins and Miss E. E. Hall, two of the 
Ciirly graduates of the School, who have 
been laboring faitlifully in connection 
with the China Inland Mission, and are 
now home on furlougli ; Miss Minnie 
Brimstin, another graduate, wlio has 
also been at work in China under the 
Women's Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Church ; Mr. E. B. Biggai-, 
representing the agency work of the 
Canadian Bible Society ; and last but not 
Irast, Rev. Thomas Bone, the veteran 
Welland Canal missionary, who de- 
lighted the students with his racy talk 
and instructive experiences. The visits 
ami addresses of all these friends were 
nuich appreciated. 


.•Vs in previous sessions, the regular 
evening classes have been lield on Tues- 
day and Thursday of en di week. Dr. 
Harris has given instruction on the same 
sul)jects as in the Day Classes; Mr. Mc- 
Nicol has conducted Studies in theGos|>el, 
ad the Principal has lectured on I'ible 
I'octrines. The special Monday and Fri- 
day Evening Classes have also been con- 
ducted by Mr. McNicol during the ses- 
sion, the former, attended principally by 
the young men of the Day Classes, being 
engaged in a course of Homiletics. and 
tlo latter in the study of the Sunday 
School Ijession. In both classes there was 
a good attendance, and increased interest. 

TIll^: REOOliDKK. 

Mi'dica! classes were asiiiii conducted 
l>y three of the doc^tors who liave given 
tho School such faithful and efficient ser- 
vice in the past. I>r. Howie liad a class 
in " the practice of Medicine and Pharnia- 
colojjry"; and Dr. Allan Shore conducted 
a course of study in " Physiology and the 
Elements of Pathology." Dr. Howitt 
again gave instruction on "Tropica! 
Diseases" during the latter half of the 
term. These medical studies are of 
special value to all the students who 
expect to engage in missionary work ; and 
the doctors who have given such helpful 
service deserve the best thanks of the 
Hoard and the students for their generous 
and self-denying labors. 


Our President, Dr. Harris, again se- 
cured tlie able services of Mr. A. T. 
Cringan, Mus. Bac, in conducting a 
class once a week in the theory and prac. 
tice of si)iging. The instruction was 
much appreciated, and it cannot fail to 
be of great advantage to the students in 
conducting gospel services. 


During a considerable portion of tha 
session. Miss M. A. Baker, formerly 
teacher of Elocution in Albert College, 
Belleville, conducted a course of instruc- 
tion with the students once a week in 
voice culture and reading. From her in- 
terest in the principles and work of the 
.School, Miss Baker kindly offered to give 
her services gratuitously, and lier class 
found them to be very helpful. Our best 
thanks are due to Miss Baker for the 
good work she has done. 


Writt:in examinations liave been held 
twice during the session on all the 
of Bible study pursued by the Day and 
Evening Classes. The minimum stand- 
ing for each paper is fifty per cent., but 
more tlian half the students obtained 
seventy-five per cent, and upwards, and 
nearly one-fourth obtained ninety per 
cent, or over on most of their subjects. 
Ver3- few failed to reach the prescribed 

standard, so that the examinations as a 
whole have been verv satisfactory. 1 
could wish that a larger number of the 
Evening Class students would submit to 
this test. 


It it not too much to say that there has 
been a inarked increase in Evangelistic 
zeal among the students during the ses- 
sion. They formed themselves into two 
bands, and held numerous services in 
mission halls and smaller churches of the 
city. As a result of these labors in the 
gospel, many instances of s|)i ritual bless- 
ing were reported, while tlie students 
tViemselves had an experience which must 
prove a benefit to them in their future 
work. The bands held meetings for 
prayer and were addressed by several 
well-known ministers of the City ; while 
under their auspices a well-attended and 
useful Conference on Evangelistic Work 
was held in our Assembly Hall one after- 
noon and evening, wlien methods were 
discussed, and experiences given by 
several friends who have been prominent 
in seeking to win souls. 

The missionarjr spirit continues to be 
manifested among the students. There 
has been an increase in the number of 
Student Volunteers, both from the Day 
and Evening Classes ; while the mission- 
ary prayer meeting and the mission study 
class have been maintained with much 
profit. A most interesting union mission- 
ary service was held under the auspices 
of the students, at which addresses were 
given by returned missionaries from 
India, China and Africa. The School 
was also represented at the great Student 
Volunteer Convention held in Nashville. 
Tenn., by our President, Dr. Harris, and 
by three members of the Day Classes :— 
Miss L. Armstrong, Miss J. Dale, and 
Mr. H. L. Troyer. 


Since last annual meeting. Miss Alma 
Schofield, who took the full course of 
study in our Evening Classes, has gone 
to Nigeria, to labor in connection with 
the Africa Evangelistic Mission ; Miss 
A. Munson, who was a student with us 


last session, was acceptod by the Council 
uf tiie Chiiui IiiIkikI Mission, hik] Iihs al- 
ready reached tliat };>'*'*it eiiipiro aiiil 
entered on tlie work of studying the 
lant>;uage ; Miss Barbara Mould, a ki""«1- 
iiatu of liH^l, has been appointed to the 
staff of tlio 'relunu Mission, niaintained 
liy thu Baptist Board of the Maritiim- 
Provinces ; M iss Annie Clare Ims recent 1 y 
gone to enjja^c in mission work amon^ 
tlie Indian chiklien of the Nortli-West ; 
and Dr. W. Ed^ar Robertson, a well- 
equipped medical p:raduateand a student 
with us during the session of 1901-U5, 
will leave in a few weeks to take charge 
of the Presbyterian Hospital in Hong 
Chow, Hunan. Cliiiia; while Miss Etta 
.1. Fletcher, a graduate of 1908, has been 
appointed to the position of Field Secre- 
tary' of the Women's Foreign Mission 
Society of the State of Michigan. In 
addition to these, not a few of our stu- 
dents — nearly twenty in all — have just 
been appointed to destitute Home Mis- 
sion tields in New Ontario, Quebec, Mani- 
toba and the North-West. Others will 
be emploj'ed as Bible women, nurses, 
Y.M.C.A. secretaries, Bible and Tract 
Society colporteurs, and in other spheres 
of Christian usefulness, where we hope 
that much blessing will attend theii* 


During the year, two of the students, 
who gave great promise of usefulness and 
devotion in Christian service, have been 
called away from earth. One of them, 
Miss Annie Perry, died last November in 
the hospital in Port Arthur, as the result 
of a serious surgical operation. The 
other was Mr. Harry E. Smedlej', of this 
city, who, after a period of study with 
us, was accepted for Mission work in 
Northern Nigeria, where, after a year of 
earnest and faithful toil, he contracted 
one of the malarial fevers prevalent in 
the countrj-, and had to return to this 
city to die. Both of these young friends 
enjoj'ed the fullest confidence of their 
instructors and fellow-students, and th' ir 
memory will long be held in the higl;i.-st 
esteem. Another sei-ious loss was sus- 
tained in thedeatli of Ladj' Gowan, wife 

of Sir James Gowan of Karrie, a well- 
known Senator of the Dominion. Lady 
Gowau WHH a warm frien<l and Ruppurti-r 
of the School from its beginning. She 
w,is sincerely and intelligently altachod 
to the evangelical principles for which 
0111 institution has always stood, and 
she abounded in every good work. May 
the God of all grace be tlie stay and com- 
fort of her aged husband in his liereave- 
nient; and nuiy others be laised \ip to 
take the j)lace8 of those who rest from 
their labors. 


From this simi)le report of the work 
accom|)lished by the Toronto Bible Train- 
ing School during another year, it can- 
not be doubted that the blessing of God 
has continued to rest upon it. Students 
of former years, from every ((uarter of 
the world, are bearing their testimony to 
tlie great benefit they still find from the 
Bible training they received in its classes, 
and some of them are shewing their ap- 
preciation by contributing of their slender 
resources to its support. For the testi- 
mony also which it bears to the inspira- 
tion and .supreme authority of God's 
Word — a testimony all tlie more needed 
in these days of growing departure from 
the truth— our institution may well 
claim the earnest prayers and practical 
sympathy of all who desire to hold fast 
and hold fortli the Word of Life. 

A personal reference may be allowed 
ere I close. By the goodness of God 1 
hiive been enabled during the session to 
discharge the duties devolving upon ma 
as Principal without interruption from 
ill-health, and witli a large measure of 
comfort and satisfaction. Indeed, it is 
not too much to say that the twelve years 
of my connection with the Institution 
have been the happiest, and I trust have 
not been the least fruitful, of ray service 
for Christ. But for many reasons, chief 
ftinong which are the future progress and 
prosperity of this great work, I still feel 
strongly the necessity of securing relief 
from some of my duties and responsibili- 
tii'S. May the Board and Council be 
iJivinelj- guided in making the very best 
arrangements. God has been so very 


njracious to \i8 in tlu> past, that we cannot 
doubt He will continue to care for our 
heloveil School, and in His g^iod Provi- 
(leiuu! will supply nil itsnowlsof men and 
uu'aus for the day^ that are to come. 
Therefore to Him do we again confidently 
commit it, with the earnest prayer, " Es- 
tablish Thou the work of our hands u|)On 
us : yea, the work of our hands establisli 
Thou it." 

Respectfully submitted, 


Dr. Stewart's Resignation. 

At the recent annual meetinp; of the 
Board of Incorporation and General 
Council, the following preamble and re- 
solutions in regard to Dr. Stewart's re- 
signation of the principalship and services 
to the School were unanimously adopted : 

Moved by Rev. Dr. R. P. Mackay. 
seconded by Mr. J. D. Nasmith, and 
supported by President Harris, Rev. Dr. 
McTavish and others. 

A letter was read from Rev. Dr. Stew- 
art, tendering his resignation as Prin- 
cipal of the Toronto KibleTrainingScliool, 
owing to the fact that, with advancing 
years, the steadily increasing lesponsi- 
bilities of the position had become somp-- 
what burdensome; but specially, because 
in his judgment, the time had come when 
a younger man should be selected, who 
might become qualified at an early date 
to discharge the duties of the Principal- 

Dr. Stewart further expressed his 
willingness to continue to perform the 
duties of his office, in whole or in part, 
until a suitable man is chosen, and to 
leave himself entirely in the hands of the 
Board, to be used by them as might be 
deemed best in the interests of the School. 

In accepting this resignation, the 
Board record their high sense of the 
value of Dr. Stewart's services during the 
twelve years of his ministry as Principal. 

In the administration of the affnirs of 
the School, and espeiially in the qualitj' 
and method of the Bible instruction im- 
parted to thehundieds of students who 
have passed through his hands during 
these years, a work has been accomplished 
that has not only justified the existence 
of the School, but will have a far-reach- 
ing influence that Eternity alone can 

With love and loyalty to the School 
and to the truth, Dr. Stewart has given 

himself unsparingly to the work, and 
with such results as must be an abiding 
gratilication to himself as well as to the 
fri(>iids of the Institution. 

The Board would further express their 
appreciation of Dr. Stewart's willingness 
to place his services at their disposal to 
be used in such a way as will best facili- 
tate the securing of a successor or other- 
wise promote the interests of the School. 

Dr. Stewart's ability as a Bil>le teacher, 
as well as liis knowledge of details, ac- 
quired througli years of experience, is so 
valuable an asset that the Board gladly 
accepts this offer of service to be applied 
in such departments as the requirements 
of the School may demand, and his 
strength maj' allow. 

The prayer of the Board is that Dr. 
Stewart may be permitted to share in the 
work of the School for many days to come, 
and that the evening of life may be 
greatly enriched by the personal experi- 
ence of that Divine and living Word he 
has so diligently and faithfully sought to 
interpi-et toothers. 

In pursuance of these resolutions, it is 
expected that Dr. Stewart will Ije relieved 
of (certain duties connected with the in- 
ternal administration of the School, and 
that Mr. McNicol, who has rendered very 
efficient service as Instructor for four 
years, and greatli^ endeared himself to 
all bj^ his Christian character and devo- 
tion, will be appointed Principal. Dr. 
Stewart will also be relieved of a certain 
part of his work of teaching, Dr. Harris 
kindly taking one of his day classes, and 
other arrangements being contemplated 
for one of the evening classes. It is pro- 
bable that Dr. Stewart will act as Secre- 
tary of the School, and in other ways 
will seek to advance its interests. It is 
contemplated also, during the coming 
session, to secure the services of some 
well-known visiting lecturers, so as to 
increase public interest, and add to the 
efficiency and success of the Institution . 

The new Catalogue and Announce- 
ment of the School will be published early 
in July, giving full particulars about In- 
structors, Lecturers and Courses of Study 
for next session. Copies may be obtained 
on application to Miss A. Buiiis, the 
Assistant Secretary. 110 College Street. 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 


Treasurer's Report. 

The Treasurer. Mr. Shenstone. presented tiie f>.llowii>p statement of Rpcei|itH Hml 
Disbursements (or the year eiuliiif; April llth. lixxj. 


Balance on haml 

Gifts - 

Incidontal Foos - - - . 

Bent of Residence and Hall ... - 

Collections ------- 


Paid Principiil, Instructors, and Ass't Secy. - 

" Ground Kent 

" Caretaker 

" Coal 

" Light and Water 

" Telephone 

" Printing Catalogue, Rkcorders. etc., and 


" Lecturer, expenses of - 

" Postage 

" Care of Grounds ----- - 

" Taxes 

" Repairs ------- 

" Sundries ------- 

$28 03 

3.118 m 

43:. 15 

295 00 

44 70 

$i,9'i2 00 

280 00 

192 75 

316 75 

77 46 

45 00 

86 50 

40 00 

86 50 

10 00 

•55 91 

16 63 

19 52 

|H,2UJ 74 

Balance on hand 

«;4,109 02 
«107 72 

The Report was received with expressions of satisfaction and gratitude, and the 
best thanks of the Council and Board were given to Mr. Slienstoue for his faithful 
and efficient services. 

List of Day Students. 

The following is a list of StuJents enrolled in the Day Clases for the Session 
1905-06 : 

Miss I^ena Armstrong, Shelbina, Mo. 

Miss Kmma Arnold, Toronto. 

Miss Carrie Haker, Toronto. 

Mr. F. Blain, Toronto. 

Mr. W. J Hurton, Toronto. 

Ri'V. W. Brewing, Toronto. 

Mis« Iv G. Urooking, Winnipeg, Man. 

Miss .\. Brown, Toronto. 

Mr. L. E. Cliinal, India. 

Miss Annie Clare, Toronto. 

Mr. R. H. Clark, Toronto. 

Miss Cook, Toronto. 

MissC. M. Cuinniing, I,yn, tint. 

Miss Jennie Dale, Toronto. 

.Miss Clara Donun, .Alsfeldt 

Mr. Jas Ellis, ilolstein. 

Mr. C P. England, Dunhani. Que. 

Mr Fred Forfi, HaniiltDu 

Miss Mabel Fraztr. Cliflord. 

Mr. C. Gardiner, Kaveniia. 

Miss Margaret Cofortli, Picton. 

Mr. H. F. Griffith, Slavner. S. Haslett, Belfast, Ireland. 

.Mrs. W. Heiulerson, Toronto 

Mr. J. C Hobson, Guelph. 

Miss Mina E. llowden, IIatni1ti>n. 

Mis-s Marj- Howitt, Toronto. 

Miss A. M Ingle, F:<ien Mills. Jennie Johnston. Toronto. 

.Mrs. A Laing, Wiiiiii]>cK, Man. 

Mi.s,s M. G. I.esslie, Toronto. 

Mr. P. B. L,on» V, Toronto. 

Mr. M. Love, 'rorontt). M. B. McCormack, .-Vrthiir. 

Mr. R. H. MacDonald, nufT.iIo, N.V. 

Miss Nellie McFarland. Midland 

Mr. J. J. MacLeod, Tiirontn. 

Mrs. S T. V Masou, Toronto. 

Miss F"rancis Moule, Toronto 

Mr. L. B. Mullin, Toronto. Evelyn Mullin. Toronto. 

Miss Margaret North. Toronto. 

Rev. George ornian. Toronto 

Mr. A. F. I'icrcv, At wood. 

Dr. Olive Rea, ''foroiito. 

Miss F. J. Ray, Toronto. 

Mr. I. John Ransom, Abilonr, Kans. 

Mr. Thos Reekie, Scotland 

Mr. A. RevnoUls, Mo,)sejaw. SaKk 

.Mr. S. Rntl ilk;e, Holt. 

Mr Jacob Satnjison, l.oilz, Poland. 

.Mr. \. M Sh.innon. Gait. 

Mr. Cha- .■>milh, luigland. Emily Sprague. yuc^n-^villc 

Mr. J. A. .S'uvens, <ireen.>ck. 

.Mrs. H. M Sullivan. Tocnto 

Mr. A. E. Taylor, Toronto. 

Mr. f.eorgc Tester, Mount Horert. 

Mr. II. L. Trover, Toronto. 

.Miss Vernon, I'oronto. 

Mr. J. C Walli~. port Carling. 

Miss J B W-'k-!i<:, Toronto 

Mr. C.c 
Mr. A. W 
Mr. A. W i 

Mr C. R vv I 


N V 


Evening Classes. 

The followirii; is a list of Students in tlie Evening Classes, wlio hjive passed one 
or more of the written examinations of the session. Tlie total enrolment of all the 
Kveninir Students was 2i)0. 

Miss T. Ct. Sleep. 
IVtiss C. Smith. 
Miss M. Taylor. 
Mr. J. J. Taylor. 
Miss E Tvler. 
Mr. C Wa"lker. 
Miss A. J. Watson. 
Mr. F. Westlake. 
Miss H. Williams. 
Miss P. J. Wright. 

Miss II. I. .\lhim. 

Mr. Wm. Dijihv. 

Miss C. 

H. Kclsall. 

Miss !•" .Xiithonv. 

Mr. C. ^r. KairtieUl. A 

M. Kenyon. 

Miss C. linker. 

Miss C. l'"leniiiij;. 

Miss A 

SI. Mcl-'eggan 

Mr. A. Hell 

Miss t,- Oaidiucr. 


Newsome. M. (>. nurlciRli. 

Mr. W. Gidlow. 

Mr. W. 

I'oyntz, M. Hurt. 

Miss E. Garrett. 

Miss H. 


Miss A. Carmichael. 

Mr. W. J. Hamilton. 

MfSs M 

. Ktcliniond. 

Miss M. Cluirch. 

Miss M. Hewetsoii. 

Miss A 


Miss E. Collins. 

Mr. A. Hughes. 

Miss A 


Miss E. O. Culler. 

Mi.ssM. Ilutty. E 

St. John. 

Mr. C. S. Dale. 

Miss M. Jennings. 

Miss Iv 

A. Shepard. 


The new session of the Toronto Bible 
Training School will open (D.V.) on 
Tuesday, September 18th. 1906, at 10a.m. 

It is verj' important that all students, 
especially those who are entering the 
School for the first time, should be pre- 
sent at the beginning of the session. 

The students who are remaining in 
Toronto during the summer months have 
arranged to hold a prayer meeting every 
Tuesday evening in the hall of the Mis- 
sion Union, Laplante Ave. 

Miss M. Gofokth, Miss E. Arnold and 
Miss E. Sprague will be engaged in 
the Nursing-at-Home Mission of this 
city, and Miss Grace Brooking is likely 
to offer her services to the China Inland 

Three of last session's students,. 
Messrs Louis Chinal, J.J. McLeod and 
W. J. Burton, expect to enter definitely 
on Y.M.C.A. work. The' first of these 
would like to labor in India, where he 
lived for many years. 

Miss Maud West, who graduated in 
1902, has been since engaged in Mi.'ssion- 
ary service in South America. She has 
recently entered on a new spheie of labor 
in Santa Cruz. Argentina, and is much 
encouraged in her work. 

Mr. J. J. McLeod. one of our Y.M.C.A. 
students of last term, has gone to Havana 
Cuba, to take part in tlie work of the 
Y.M.C.A. of that city. He has gone 
out under the auspices of the West Side 
Y M.C.A. of New York City. 

The Toronto Bible Training School has 
always been a strictly missionary and 
inter-denominational College, 'i'his last 
session eleven different Christian denom- 
iriations have been represented in its 
faculty and student body. 

Two or three ladies who liave taken 
the full course of Bible study with us. 
are ready to engage in service as Bil)le 

women, pastor's assistants, or Sunday 
School missionaries. Any friends desir- 
ing such helpers should correspond with 
Dr. Stewart. 

Messrs I.J. Ransom, A. F. Piercy, 
J. Sampson and Chas. Smith will be en- 
gaged in colportage work by 'the Tract 
Society, and Mr. George Tester will labor 
for the Bible Society. 

Mr. a. M. Shannon has been appointed 
to a Home Mission field in Manitoba, and 
Mr. James Ellis has received a similar 
appointment in Northern Ontario, while 
Mr. C. P. England will preach in the 
Province of Quebec, Mr. H.L. Troyer in 
the County of Grey, Ont., and Mr. R. A. 
Walmsley is appointed to Milberta. 

Receipts for General Fund 

The following donations have been re- 
ceived from Feb. 14th, 1906, to April 27th, 
1906 : 

No. 116 $-An 00 

" 117 ft 00 

" 118 25 00 

" Hi) 25 00 

" 120... 5 00 

" 121 75 00 

" 122 5 00 

" 123 10 00 

" 124 25 00 

I- 125 .'i 00 

" 12(5 .'■i 00 

■' 127 6 00 

" 12K 2 00 

" 129 10 00 

.. ISO 2 00 

•■ 1.11 5 no 

■' ld2 2 00 

.. ISii 10 00 

" l.'J4 5 00 

.1 1.35 10 00 

■ i l.W 25 OO 

,, i:t7 5 oO 

" 1.18 M> 00 

'• i-V.) 5 00 

" ilO 20 00 

" 1.11 5 oO 

■ 142 2 00 

" 113 5 0(1 

" 114 .T OO 

.. 115 10 (lO 

N0.14G $4 00 

" 147 50 00 

"148 1 OO 

'• 149 20 00 

" 150 5 00 

" 151 1 00 

•' l.i2 5 00 

" 1.5.S 25 00 

•• 1.54 15 00 

" 1.55 25 (K) 

" 1.56 1 00 

" 158 5 00 

" 1.5i> 100 00 

II 160 40 00 

•I li»l 10 00 

II 162 2 00 

" 163 2.50 00 

" IH-l 5 00 

" 165 ..■ 50 0(1 

'I l(i6 2 (M) 

I- 167 10 00 

II 168 75 (H) 

" 1(!9 2 W) 

•I 170 25 00 

" 171 2 00 

.< 17» 5 (K) 

11 173 25 00 

I. 174 4 86 

.1 175 10 00 

I' 176 36 00 

Total.... *1.201 86 
ously aeknowledfjred 2,217 00 

Total for the year $3,418 86 j 

.losEiMi N. Shenstone, Treas.