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THE HECORDEH - 1895-1920 
Toronto Bible College 



Presents by the 

December 79 40 

I yi\ 

Cjau r\i«.-#v*u^< 

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School and Offices: 110 College St., Toronto. 



Vol. XIII. 


[Nos. 3 &. 4. 

A^erpbers of Corporzition* 

Kkv. Kl.MdKK HaHKIS. I>.I)., I'll. siili tit. 

Hotlu'diMi. \\'iiliiier Uuml, Toronto. 
Kkv. H. 1'. Mackav, I ).!».. \ 

Toronto. > I'icr-Prciulcnts. 
.1. 1». Nasmitii, Toronto, f 
Jos. N. SiiK.v.sTONK, TiTiininri: 

4(1 WalniiT Koiul. Tonmlo. 
Kkv. W M. .'^rKWAKT. D.l)., Smrtiiri/, 

Via St. Geoige St.. Toronto. 
Kkv. Joii.n' MrXicoi., B.I).. Priiiri/xil, 

IKJColk'trc St., Toii.rilo. 

.Ja.mes .\cTf).N. Toronto. 
!•:. Hooi'KK. M.I>.. Toronto. 
U. KiiJidiK, Toronto. 
Ki.iAs KoiJKKS, Toronto. 


Rkv. John McXicni., RI). 
Kkv. W.m. .Stkwakt. D.I). 
I{i:v. Ki.MoKi; Hakuis. D.I). 

I'KOK. H. r. Tl{A< V, I'll.]). 
A. ('. (lAKHKI.KIN, D.D. 

Kkv. H. W. Fico.^t. 


IJkv. T. C. DKsHAituKs. M..\. 
Kkv. W. II. HiscK-s. LL.»{. 
Kkv. T. H. IIvdk. yi..\. 
Kkv. H. .M. I'ai{S(i.\s. D.D. 
Kkv. F. S. \<>.n'. .M.A. 
!.<!.•< Anmk Hi K.\s. ,-J.s-.sw<. Sir. ami Lihriirioii. 

General Council. 


.liiMiK .\ki>a(;ii. 
Belleville .- 

Kev. K. \\a!.L.\CK. 


(". Cook. 

Frank M. Fo.stkk. 


.IriKiK Kkv.voi.i).'*. 

K. <i. STUflllKH.S. 

Qermantown. Pa. 
Kk\. H. W. 


K. M. Honso.v. 

HA¥II ton : 

Kkv. F-uki) K. Howrrr. 
Kingston .■ 



Kkv. (i. J. Hi.xiioi'. D.D. 

Montreal .■ 
Oko. Haglk. 

The names of other 
ires are yet to be added 

Ki:v. Tiio.s. A. l{oi)(iKK. 

PAR'S ! 

Joii.N' Pkn.m.w. 

St. Catharines .- 
Geo. W. Hodhetts. 

Stratford .■ 
Dr \( • A .V s rK \v a kt. 

Toronto : 
Dk.Ki) ft. Hai iiwi.N. 
Tikis. S. C'oi.k. 
c. .m. coi' 
Kkv. T. f. DksUahuks. 
J. W. Fr.AVKi.i.K. 

.1. .1. (iAUTSIluHK. 

< '. S. (i/.uw SKI. 

\V. II. lIciWITT. .M.D. 

Kkv. T. It. Hvi.K. 

.Icm.V Mai KAV. 

Kkv. D. .M.Tavisii, 


(IIKSTKI! I). Ma.s.SEV. 
(i. H. Mkaiiow.s. 
Kkv. H. M. I'ar«o.vs. 

F. M. Pratt. 

HaKRV L. SlAltK. ' 

friends in iin|)ortant i-en- 
to the General Council. 

Oik Design.— The pri'eat d*'si^,ni (.f Hi.- 
ScJKxiI is the ti-aiiiinj,' of coiisi-ciatt-d 
iiicii and woiiicii foiClii-istian .stTvicf at 
lutiiic and ahr<»ad. 

Co.NTUiiUTTio.Ns.^^Any friends d.-sir- 
iiiK to liavc fcll()"\\slii|) in tli.- work mav 
send their conliil^rfTkyi^ to the Ti-ra.s- 
nrer. •'• N. SJicnsloMfrivsrf.. 40 Walnn-r 
Koad. Toi-onto. or t<i any oftic-cr of tin- 

The Thirteenth Session. 

The [ucscnt doid»](' inindu'i-of tin- Hk- 
(OKDKU contains tlir icpoit.s of tlic 
tiiiil»'«Mith .session of the Toronto Hilije 
'I'rainiiiK Sdiool. It will In- .st-en that 
llu' institntion continncs to prosper 
under the (guidance and Messinj^ of (iod. 
The past year is considered to have Iwi-n 
on<' of tin- most sncct'.ssfid in its history. 
We trust our friends will join us in 
thanksgiving for the hie.ssings of the 
j)ast, and in earnest prayer for the work 
of the future. Wt- hope also that they 
will coniint'iid the School to «)th«'rs who 
may not know of the chara<ter an<l 
purpose of its work. 

nil-; ItKCOHDER. 

The Closing Exercises. 

Tlif 'riiirtct'iitli Session of IlicScliool 
\v;i> ln-ou^ht to ail I'lid witli tlif usual 
i-losiiijr cxciciscs on Friday, April 2()th, 
1S)(>7. In till- inorninjj the stiultMits met 
for tlu'ir linal dfvotional service. In the 
afternoon at I o'clock was held the 
Annual Meeting of tlu' Hoard of Incoi" 
li«)iiiti(»n and tlu* (Jeneral Coiuicil. when 
the various reports of the yearwi-re prt-- 
sentt'd and plans for the future work of 
the School were considered. At the of this meeting th^^eiuhers pic- 
sent jidjourned to the ReadiniX Room, 
where, on the kind invitation of the 
President, they had dinner toK»'tlu'r. 

The puhlic meeting ill the eveninjj: was 
attended by a large gathering of the 
friends of .the School, which occupied 
every part of the Assembly Hall. The 
Rev. F. S. Weston conducted the open- 
ing devotional exercises; and the Chair- 
man, Dr. Harris, gave a summary of the 
main featiues of the work of the session, 
i-efeiring espenjally to the increased in- 
tei-est in the Day Classes, and the good 
work done by the students in their mis- 
sion study classes. The graduating 
class was represented on the piogramme 
by two of its menibeis. Mr. Percival 
Loney gave an earnest on the 
death of our Lord, representing it as 
"The Darkest Hour in Hi.story." Miss 
Flora .). Ray ga\ e a very ai)propriate 
valedictory, in which she i>ortrayed with 
true appreciation the real characteris- 
tics of the student life of the School. 
Tlie Diplonuis and Certificates weri' then 
I)resented as follows : Eleven students 
received Diplomas for having satisfac- 
torily completed the two year.s' 
in the Day Classes, viz.: Annie 
Rartlett, .Jennie Dale, Clara S. Donnn, 
Sarah Flasletl. .Mary R. McCormick, 
Flora .1. Ray, Fmily M. Tyler, ami 
Messrs. R. E. Jones, P. R. Loney, S. C. 
Rutledge and (ieorge TesUn-. Two 
former graduates. Miss M. (J. Le.s.slieand 
Mr. H. L. Troyer, received special dip- 
lomas for an additional year of post- 
graduate study. Five .students received 
certificates for the three years' course in 
th«' Evening, viz.: M. 
Jennings, M. I. McCauley, (i. .Smith and 
E. St. John, and Mr. Frank West lake. 

A few fai'cwell words were then spoken 
to these stvidenls by the Piincipal, who 
urged them "to follow on to know the 

The two main addresses of tin' evening 
were delivered by the Rev. Dr. McTavish 
of Toronto, and the Rev. .To.seph Sulli- 
van of Rrantford. Dr. McTavish made 
an earnest ai)peal for consecrated ser- 
vice, and Mr. Sullivan gave a .stirring 
address on the importance of Bible 
study, and thus a most ijiteresting meet- 
ing was bi'ought to a'. 

The one regret felt during the proceed- 
ings of the day Wiis cjiused by the 
absence of the revei-ed and beloved Di'. 
Stewart. As explained in another pai't 
of this paper, he had been taken ill just 
befoie the close of the session, and was 
unable to attx'nd tiny of the meetings of 
this day. His presence was especially 
mi.s.sed from the platform at the closing 
meeting, for every year since the begin- 
ning of the School he. had presented the 
graduating class and addres.sed them in 
))aiting words of counsel. 

Report ot the Principal. 

In icviewing the past session, the first 
note must be one of thanksgiving. For 
although the work has been carried on 
at some disadvantage on account of the 
illness and ab.sence of the President for 
a great part of the time, yet it nuiy be 
truly said that under the good hand of 
(iod the Hible Training School closes 
to-day a very successful year. 

enr()l:\U':nt .vnd .xttendance. 

The number of students enrolled dur- 
ing the year in the Day Classes was Iki 
(SI men and 35 women), representing 12 
denominations. This nund)er is the 
same as last year and indicates no in- 
crease. Tin' average attendance, how- 
ever, which is a truer test of the jnogi-ess 
of tin- School, shows a marked advance. 
The daily attendance of .students taking 
the regular course during the latter half 
of the session was largei- than at any 
previous ])eriod in the history of the 

The number eiuolled in the three 
evening classes was 240 (73 men and 167 

THK l{IO( (HU»EH. 

wotin'ii). with an av«'iiijrt' Mdciulancc KXVMIN \TH>N> 

alxnit tlic same .IS last vt-ar. 


'rill' result of till' <'xaiiiiiial iuiis lu-lil 

,^ . ,, , . ,. ,, • "II til. • i.-^iilar class w. Ilk that lias tliiis 

DiiriiiLr tin- cai'lv part ol thr sfssiuu, , ,11,, ... 

,. ,, . . , .•., ,, , ,. ,, , Ix-i-n mitliiifd has Imtii \<TV ^'latifviiii;. 

Dr. Harns taueht thr lionk of hxudiis. ,, , , ,, , . ', , , " 

, ,,. , ,, .... ., ., . ... , It lias siiiiw 11 tliat on till' wluilr till- stu- 

th»' I'Mst Kpistif to the ( onnthians. and 1.1 ■ ,.,. ,',..,,., 

^,. ,. ... , ,, , ^, . .. . . , «i«'nts have Ik-«-ii dili^jnit anil laithfiil 

.Stiulu's ot the llolv .Sniiit. i^iviiiK to : ,1 • , ■• ,. ., ,„ . , 

•, ' , ,v '" tl>»-ir stiiilics. 1)1-. .M.Tavish. in rc- 

rafh sill) t'ct oiu' a wct-k. Dr. ... , . , „,, 

^ : ,,e 1 • . .1 1 poit iiiK on his work, .says: '-Till- ii'siijts 

Stewart taiii^iit four subjects through- ,^,, .. ,. , , i • 1 1 .1 

'^ , , . , , .,, . '•" t''^' ^vholl• art' koimI. imlrcd. tin- iiia- 

oiit the vcar. alioiit which he will j^ivc a . .,,. ,. ,, , ., ,, . 

'^ jorityot th«' papers I consuler exceHent. 

IHMsonal report. ,j.,,,.,,,. ^^..,^ ^.,.,,,.,.,111,. „,, i,„,.||ij,,.„t ^^..^sp 

HesHles this, classes were held once .,• < 1 1 • . "1 *i 

, . ,,., ,. , , , . <'■ 'he siilt|«'et, ami the answers were 

clearly expres.sed.' 

each week in Int roiUictioii (in- 
chuling the Canon and the Inspiration 
of the Scriptures, and the (Jeo^:raphy of spKciAr, (i.assks. 
Palestine), in Studies of the Parables of xiie in vocal niiisjc has been car- 
oiir Lord, and in practical studies of ,.jj.jI ,„, .^^.^■^^^ „,„i,.,. i|„. h-adership of 
Hoiniletics and methods of personal Mr. A. T. C'riiiKan. Mus. Bac., whore- 
work : while every day throuKhoiit tlie p,„.ts that the stmh-nts haveihme better 
session a class was conducteil in the con- ^vork this year tlian ever before, 
seeutive study of the Old Testament 'I'l^, generous help received from the 
iM.ok.s. For part of the sessiim addi- d,,(tors has been continued. 'I'liive 
tional classes were held for those who medical couises of -ri-,.;,i \;,Iii.' uci-c 
desired teach in K' in Knglish and in New ^.,^1.,, ,hniiiK the winter. Dr. K. V. 
Testament Greek. Howie lectured on "Diseases and their 
evenim; classes. Treatment'": Dr. \V. H. Howitt on 
The Evening students also have had a --Triipical Medicine" ; and Dr. K. Hooper 
variety of subjects. In the early jiait ,„, ••Obstetrics" to a special class of 
of the .sessiim Dr. Harris took them women students. The iniportan<e of 
through the main part of the Honk of this in.striiction, especially for intending 
Kxodnsand into the .study of the Holy missionai-ies. cannot be oveiestimat«'«l : 
Spirit, teaching twice each week ; while and the thanks of the School are due to 
Dr. Tracy of the University of Toronto ,„„. medical brethren who have .so liU-r- 
gave a valuable series of lectures on the aHy giv,.,, ,,f ih,.ii- time for this 
Principles of Teaching. In the latter 

, ,. ., . ,, n M T ,.■ 1 Pl'ULIC LECTIHES. 
part ot the .session Itev. Dr. .Mc lavish 

and Kev. T. B. Hyde, who kiiully un- In pnr.snanee of the resolution ado])ted 

dertook to sujijily Dr. Harris's classes by the ("oimcil a year ago. t wo promin- 

diiring his absence, gave two inti-resting cut Bible students were secured to de- 

;iiid profitable of study. Dr. liver public lecturt-s during the year. 

.McTavish lectured every Tuesday even- At the opening of the session in Septeni- 

ing on the Life and Writings of the Ijer, Mr. A. t'. Gaebelein, of New Y«»rk, 

Ajiostle Paul, and .Mr. Hyde every gave twos<'riesof instriictiveexpositions 

Thursday evening on the Holy Spirit. on the Book of Itevelation and the 

In addition to these classes, the evening Epistle to the Colossians. In .lanuary, 

students followed a course of stuilies in the Hev. W. H. Frost, of Philadelphia, 

the Paraliles throughout the whole si's- gave {wtt .uhlresses on the important 

sion. and a spe<-ial coursi' of Bililc ( )iil- and timely themes, the Deity of 

lines during the latter part of it. Christ and the .Vtoiieim'iit. and two 

The Fi-iday evening for .Sund.iy practical and impi-e.ssive Bible K«*a<lings 

School Teachei-s has been maintained on Dedication and Con.secration. In 

with encouraging inten'st. Forthepast this connection may l>e mentioneil aii- 

two years this class has Ix'en continued other series of illuminating Bible Bead- 

for a month after th«' close of the regular ings by the Hev. Dr. A. .1. F'rost of the 

session of the School. Nortliwesti-m Bible Training School. 


Afinnrnpolis. who visitod thi* School in 

tli<' fiirly i>ail of the sosioii. 

si'iu lAi. \ isirous. 

i)\iiinjx th<' tlu- stndcnls l\avc 
hf«'n favored from tiinc to time willi 
visits and aihlrrssi's from a mmilM'r of 
inissionarit's and Christian h>adtMs rr- 
Uri'sciitinf? various aspects of the great 
«-ause of C'lirist tiiroughovit the worhl. 
A munber of these may he mentioned. 
Two of our own graduates, Mr. C'has. 
AVaiUU'll. who has been hiboring among 
the Soudan tribes on the Niger, and Mr. 
E. L\ Austin, who has recently been ap- 
pointed the first Canadian missionary 
to a newly opened mission field in Peru ; 
Mr. I). K. Hoste. (ieneral Director of the 
China Inland Mission: Mr. Albert Head, 
Chairman of the Keswick Covmcil of 
England, who represented also the South 
African General Mission ; Mr. J. N. Far- 
([idiar. General Secretary of the Calcutta 
Y.M.C.A. ; Dr. H. Grattau Guinness of 
the Regions Beyond Missionary Union; 
Rev. H. W. Pope of the Northfield Exten- 
sion Movement ; Rev. H. F. Laflamme of 
India : Rev. J. L. Muriay of the Student 
Vohuiteer Movement for Foreign Mis- 
sions ; Dr.'H. Karl Kunnn of the Soudan 
Unitt'd Mission Rev. W. E. Hassard 
of the British and Foreign Bible Society ; 
and Rev. H. R. Home of the Upper 
Canada Tract and Book Society. 


A considera ' le addition has been made 
t<i tlif Library. Through the kindness 
of Dr. Harris we have been enabled to 
purchase a large munber of new and 
important books, especially Biblical and 
missionary works of refei-ence. In ad- 
dition to this \\v would gratefully ac- 
knowledge a valuable donation of l»ooks 
fronj Mr. .1. D. Nasmith. Tluoe are now 
altog«'tlier 1.2(HI vohunes in the Lilnary. 

During the Chiistmas vacation llu' 
Library was overhauled, a new cata- 
logue was pi-epared, and the books were 
classiti«'<l and arranged upon the shelves 
in sections marked in such a way as to 
guide the stiuh'Ut.s in their \ise of them. 

The reading room has Iwen kept well 
supplied with current religious ])eriodi- 
<-als. We are again inilebted for this to 

the liberality of Mrs. T. M. Harris. We 
desire also to thank the Presbyterian 
Board of S. S. Publications for their 
kindness in voluntarily sending one of 
their weekly pui)cis for the rcgidar use 
of the reading room. 


A word should be said abovit the prac- 
tical work and sjiiritual lite of the stu- 
dent l)(i(l\'. Tile two depai'tments of 
piactical work carried on are repre- 
sented by the Evangelistic Band and the 
Missionary Society. The Evangelistic 
Band has conducted Gospel meetiTigs 
every week in one <jf the Missions of the 
city, besides assisting in many other 
services. This work has pi-oved of great 
value as a tiaining for the students 
themselves, and has been blessed in the 
conversion of many lives to the Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

The Missionary Society has been very 
active in fostering the missionary spirit 
and in furtlu-ring the systematic study 
of missions jiniong the students. A 
I)ublic meeting, esi)ecially intended for 
reaching young people with the mission- 
aiy appeal, was held under its auspices, 
and was accomjianied with every mark 
of success and blessing. While all the 
students take an active interest in both 
the missionary and the evangelistic 
work, theie aie fifteen who are volun- 
teers for foreign missions. 

In order to unify the various parts of 
the life and work of the School, a repre- 
sentative Conunittee was apjiointed by 
the students at the beginning of the 
session to act with the Piincipal in all 
matteis relating to the student body as 
a whole. This simple organization has 
pi-oved satisfactory, and is intended to 
be continued from year to year. 

A beautiful spirit of harmony and 
Christian fcllowshii) has charactt^-ized 
the life of the School. Early in the 
session an unusually deep spii-it of prayer 
maidfested itself, the effect of which was 
continued throughout the year. The 
Tuesday morning devotional service 
CDUtinues to be a soiuce of helpfulness 
to the si)iritual life of the students. On 
the whole, the uninterrupted blessing 

THE UKi(>i;i.| IJ 

that has rostrd np<in tho life ntid wm*k 
of tlir School tluou^litnil tlir yrar is 
I'jiusj' for drrp ^^ it uilf and t liaiiks^i\ - 
inn '" t""d. 

I{(-^l>.Tlt"iilly siihiniK.-il. 


lii.-^-~iii^. Hc»\V«'Vi-l iiia\ Im-, It iiar< 
Ik'cii a dfli^lit to nu- in tliis sci-\ icr iif 
Sccrt'tary during the past si-ssimi to do 
what I can to make imi- Institution still 

nioic ii-ct'id an<l >nccc>stiil. 

Report of Rev. Dr. Stewart. 

Duiiiij; this session of iSMMi-dT, I ha\f 
iM'on enabled, without the loss of a .sinj^Ie 
hour, to attend to my duties iu tin- liihle 
Training School, it is with gratitude 
to (Jod for His goodness that this record 
is UKide. My work has been the instruc- 
tion of the Day Classes in Bible Doc- 
trint's, in the Life and Ministry of I'aid. 
in Hil>le Headings, and in the interpre- 
tation of DitWeult Pas.siiges in the Nt'W 
Testament. In the absence of Dr. Har- 
ris, I also gave to the EvcMiing Classes 
foin- lectin-es on Methods of Bible Study. 
The conduct of the students has bet'U 
exemplaiy, their inteiest in the studies 
has been marked and the progress made 
by them has been (juite gratifying. It 
has been a gi-eat joy to me to gather 
with these yoinig Christians 
ai'oinid the \\'oixl «)f God day by day, in 
honest, patient and prayerful .study. 

I have had continuous duties to 
perform as Secietary of the School. 
Fii-st of all, there is the W(fik incident to 
the .iniMial meeting, and the nu'etings 
of the Board of Incorporation. Then 
there is a large correspondence re<|uired 
in reminding the fri«'nds of the School 
of its ne»'ds, and in seeking to secure 
new friends, who will have fellow.ship 
with us in providing for its mainteii- 
jinci'. There ar»' also not a few letters 
from former stu«h'nts at home and 
abroad whieh nuist receive, as indeed 
they de.seivt'. kind and sym|>athetic 
answei-s. Then last of all. there are not 
only numei-ous re<piests for information 
al»out the School from int«'nding stu- 
ih'Uts, but als(» for advic«' alHiut Bilile 
study and Bible <hfliculties. to .dl of 
which prompt replies must Ik' s«'nt. In- 
deed I have frequently considere*! of 
Iat«' wlietlu-r the inauguration of somejj 
c«)rrespondence classes in important 
lines of Bible study might not jtrove a 

Dr. Stewart's Health. 

On the morning of the day after he 
wiote his short r»'port of service fur tin- 
past year. Dr. St4'wart was .seized with 
a light paralytic sti-oke. which affected 
his left si<h', and from which he has with 
the blessing of (iod In-en gra<lnally re- 
covering. He is now .ible to walk aiiout 
with condort, and attend to ordinary 
dutii's. While it would be unwise for 
him to a.ssume the steady lalnii-s of past 
sessions, he yet hopes to continue his 
work as Secretary of the Sch(»ol. anil 
render such otlier .service as the l.K»rd 
will. In the meantime the Board of 
Incorj)oralion an<l .i Connnitt«'e of the 
(leneral Coimcil are making the Im*s1 ar- 
rang«'ments they can for the etiicient 
instruction of all the of the 

Encouraging Testimonies. 

I-'rom the Hev. T. B. Hyde, who gavi- 
a much apprc-ciated course of lectures 
last term, we have re<«'ived the follow- 
ing note in regard to tin- u ork of the 
class : 

"I enjoyed my evenings with the stu- 
«h*nts. and their papers on the whole in- 
dicate tliat they got hold of the std»ject 
very well. Some <>f tin- papers an- iv- 
markal>ly full, and obtained fidl marks." 

We miss«'d fi-oni the recent annual 
meeting of the Board .-tnd Council one 
of our fiist helpers in the work, the Ilev. 
Di-. H. M. I'ai-sons. who wrot«' as fol- 

" I regret very nnich that on account 
of aiisen<'e from the city I shall not Im* 
able to In' present .'it your annual meet- 
ing. I regret als(» to miss the closing 
exi-rcises of the Schoid. \\ hich I always 
enjoy. I appreciate gi<'atly the Hue 
eviden<e always given of tlie thorough 
work done in the coui-se of biblical study 
'presclilM'il to your stUilellts." 



T\n' vs\vruw{\ ('()!ifj:rc^:atinnal pastor 
at Kronif. Out., tlu' l{<v. W. H. L. Mar- 
shall, who is a txiadiiatc of the School, 
as is also his wife, in si'iuliiifj: a recent 
donation, said in hislettei-: 

•• I am k1'>'1 to know thai tlic Mihlc 
Traininji School, to which .Mrs. M. and 
nivself owe a jj^reat (h-al, is getting along 
so well, antl trust that it may continue 
to he hlessed and used of ticxl even in a 
greater measmt'. When one gets out 
into tlie world and comes in contact 
with so nnich 'advanced thought ' and 
radical speculation, he feels prol'oundly 
grateful that he has had such a thorough 
training in tlu- old orthodoxy as the 
School gives."" 

A Missionary Designation. 

.\ farewell meeting to hid God-speed 
to Mr. E. C Austin, on the eve of his 
departure for Peru, was held in the 
Guild Hall on Thursday evening, the 
Oth of May. Tlie chair was occupied hy 
Mr. J. K. Macdonald. The Rev. T. B. 
Hyde, Mr. Austin's pa.stor, delivered 
the parting address to the missionary, 
and the Rev. Dr. Harris ottered the 
dedication piayer. Brief addresses were 
also given hy the Rev. Dr. Gilray, cxnd 
hy the Rev. George Snnth, the Secretary 
of the South American Branch of the 
Regions Beyond Missionary Union, 
under whose auspices Mr. Austin's work 
will he cairied on. In a few appropriate 
words Ml-. Austin told- of the influences 
in his life which led him to heconie in- 
terested in foreign missions and espec- 
ially in South AuH'rica ; aiul he spoke 
particidarly of the very great hlessing 
an<l value of the two years' he 
had taken in the Bihle Training School. 
He expected to sail from New Vork on 
the 2oth of April. 

I. (iive th«> different forms of the 

"(Jreat Commission," showing the 

order of thought. 
."). .State definitely the oltice and work 

of the Evangelist. 
(5. I'oiiit out some of the methods 

of Soul-winning. 

7. (iive a di'finition of Death, and also 
a list of the phi-ases used in Scrip- 
ture to explain it. 

S. Explain the following terms used in 
the Revised Version : Sheol. 
Hades, Paradise, Gehenna, and 
"The Second Death." 

9. State the contrast between the pre- 

sent and the Resurrection body. 

10. Name five chief purposes of our 

Lord's Second Coming. 

Bible Doctrines. 
Rkv. W'm. STKWAirr. D.D. 

1. l-'xplain the call to Salvation and 

the call to .Seivice. 

2. W'lilt- a mile on the !>ordshi|) of 

:{. Indicate fully tlu' objects and in- 
fluence of the Chi-istian's hope. 

The Minor Prophets. 
Rev. J. McNicoL, B.D. 

1. Tell what yon know of the prophets 

Amos, Micah, Zephaniah, Zechar- 

2. Give an outline of the Book of 

Hosea, and write a brief note ex- 
plaining its main theme. 

3. Show how .Tonah is (1) a type of 

Isiael and also (2) a type of Christ. 

4. State the subject and the leading 

idea of each of the following 
])r()))hecies : .loel, Nahmn, Olwidi- j 
ah, llahakkuk, Haggai. 

"). What facts in the life of C-hi-ist are 
foretold by the minor prophets ? 

(i. Name the books from which the fol- 
lowing (piotaticms are taken, and 
state how they are used in the 
New Testiiment : 

(1) "I desire mercy and not sac- 


(2) " I will pour out n)y Spirit 

upon all flesh." 

(3) "'i'he just shall live hy lii^ 

(I) " Behold I send my messengn 
and he shall prepare the 
way befoi-e me." 

THE KKC()1{I)K|{. 


Treasurer's Report. 

Tlir Trcasiurr, Mf. Slniisloiw. pitsfnliil tin- lullnw iii^,' slahiiniil of |{«T»i|>t.s 
and Disliursi-nii'iits lor llu- yiar iiuiin^' April 2<illi, 1!H»7 : 

ui;( Kii'Ts, 

Bnlancr on liatul ---;.. $I(t7 72 

Gifts :{. tS(l 7;') 

Iiu-iilciital Ffcs I2<J (H» 

Spi'cial 2S(I (Kl 

Collections INMM 

$4 ,:«.-) 17 


Paid Piiiicipal. Instnictors anil Ass't Secy - $^.114 A'l 

" (ti-ovhuI Kent " - 2S(l (H» 

'* Caiftakfi' ISS (M) 

'* (-\)ai ;i27 (K) 

" Lijjlit and Watt-r - - . . . (J7 22 

•• T('lfi)honf I.") IMI 

•• Printing ("atalogu*-, HKCoKDKifs. etc., and 

Advertising ..... ((72;") 

•• Postap- :^7 IK 

" Taxes .">« 71) 

" Repairs S ")") 

•• Sundries 2;") iXJ 

" IMiotographs 50 (M) 

$l.2!«» IS 

Palance on iiaiid .... $85 W) 

Tlie Ht])ort was received witli expri'ssions of sat i>ta(t ion and gral it ndr. and 
the iM'st thanks of the Council and Hoard were given to .Mr. Shen.->tone for his 
faithful iind eflicient services. 

Day Classes. 

Tlu" following is a list of Students eniolled in the Day Classes for the S«-ssion 

Mrs. .\iiislii-. Toronto. 

Mis.s .1. .^. .Xndri-sori, Toronto. 

Mr. W. .1. Hcrtnim. Toronto. 

Mr. \V. A. H« St. CollinKwiKHl. 

Jlis> M. 1{. Uoycr. Utrlin. 

Mr. Ilt'nry Urcginan. Toronto. 

Miss K. liniltii-r, Toronto. 

Miss N. C'liiiip, Liinililon Mills. 

Mr. A. I). CariH-ntcr. .\lil)(>tt's ( ornirs. l^ic 

Mr. .1. A. Clarke. Woodslook. 

Mr. J. U. Colxr. Mcspclcr. 

Miss .1. I)alf. Toionto. 

Mr. W. Dijrliv. Toronto. 

MissC. nomni. .Msfeldt. 

Mr. A. Duir. Toronto. 

Miss H. K. M. Fcnstad. »oston. Mass. 

Mr. \V. Forj,'ii-. Toronto. 

Miss M. 1{al)><Min\. I»roniore. 

Mi.ssS. Haslctt. I«<lfa-t. In-lan.l. 

Mr. .1. C. Hobson. Cuclph. 

Miss N. lIouUlinK. -Mount I'loasant. 

Miss .\. K. Hoiistr. HiifTalo, .\.V. 

•Miss U. Huj;j,'itt. Victoria. H.C. A. .lack. Toroi to. 

Mis.s \j. .lavkfs. Toronto. 

Miss K. .laojTcr. (icrinany. 

Mr. K. K. .Jones, Toronto. 

Mr. .J. Kent, Torr)nto. 

^Il•s. Kerr. Torftnto. 

Mis.s M. (;. Lesslie. Toronto. 

Mi.s.s M. Lewis, Toronto. 

Mr. J. L. Lister, Toronto. 

Mr. P. U. l>oney. Toronto. 

.Mrs. Lont,'ley. Tororito. 

Mr. .M. Love. Toronto. 

Miss Marconi. Tonnito. 

Mr. Ma Won. China. 

Miss M. H. Mi-Corniack. .\rllinr. Out. 

Mis.s.\. .McFarlanii, Midland. 

Mi-s. McNiiol. Toronto. 

Miss M. North, Ton)nto. 

Hev. (!. Ornian. ."^nssex. .\.H. 

Mr. W. I'irie. Ta\ istcM-k. 

.Miss. I. .\. I'lannt. Kenfrew. 

Mr. K. I'orler. (ila.-.jfow. .'<<'olland. 

Mr. I. .). Hansom, .\liilene. Kunstus. 

Miss F. .L Itav. Toronto. 

Miss M. A. K. Holders. Toronto. 

.Mr. .S. C. Kntledjfe, Holt. 

Miss L. Seitrrist. ."^hallow Ijtke. 

.Miss L. Sharpe. (iiielph. 

MissJL .-^lade. Toronto. 

Mr. F. X. Stanley. Toronto. 

.Mr. I .Sternall. Chippewa Hill. 

Mr. H. .sternall. Chippewa Hill. 

Mr. .J. McK. .stinson. Toronto. 

Mrs. Sullivan. Toronto. 

Mr. (J. Tester. Mount Forest. 

Mr. H. L. Tniyer. Toronto. 

Mis.^ K. M. Tvler. Toronto. 

Mr. .1. It. W.ilker. Hamilton. 

Mr. .1. < . \Valli«. I'ort ( arliiiK. 

Miss M. K. ^\■allis, Port ( arlin»f. 

Miss I. \Vea\cr. Torotito. 

Mr. .1. West. Toronto. 

Mr. C. Wrijrht, Toronto. 


Evening Classes. 

Tilt" fi)lliiwiii,LC is a list of Stiidt-iits in tlu' Kvciiing Classes, who have passed one 
or move of the written examinations of the session. Tlu' total einohuent of all 
the I'lv.'nini;- Sln.leiits was 210: 

Mi-- I. Allan. 
Mi— K. Mfulialy. 
Mr. A. K. Hijr^'ar. 
Mi— M. Hilling. 
>ii— C. Hiiiit. 
Mi— M. O. MMrlci;rli. 
yir. .1. (.'aiiUMiiii. 
^iiss A. Carniicluu'l. 
Miss M. Carter. 
Mr. It. H. (lark. 
Miss K. Collins. 
Mis- K. «>. Cmlcr. 
Mr. C. S. Dalf. 
Mr. \V. I»if,'»>.v. 
Miss M. Dnltns. 
Miss A. Klliott. 

Mr. C. M. I'airlielii. 

Miss K. KraiiRT. 

Mr. A. K. .Shcpard. 

Mr. C. niinin^'. 

;Miss ,). Lonplmrst. 

MissT. (J. Sleep. 

Miss L. (Janliner. T. Mcyuarrie. 

.Miss(;. Smith. 

Mi-sC. (Jay. 

Miss H. Xcwsonio. 

Miss K. K. Si)ra>,Mie. 

.Mr. 1". C. (Jcrrcd. 

Miss(i. I'attor.son. 

Mr. ('. W. TavU.r. 

Miss.s. (ioldrintr. 

Mr. II. .S. I'atton. 

MissM. Tavlor. 

Miss K. M. (iray. 

^liss K. Peacock. 

Miss .M.Toms. 

Miss II. (iicK'iry. 

Miss I. I'earce. 

Mr. C. Walker. 

Mr. .1. II. Ilall. K. I'hylli.s. 

Miss I,. Watson. 

Mr. F. Hancock. 

Mr. W. I'oynts. 

Miss A. .1. Wat.son. 

Miss M Ilcwel.son. 

Mr. W. G. Price. 

:\Ir. F Wcstlake. 

Mr. A. Hutrlios. M. Robertson. 

Miss. .M.E. Whiteford 

Miss K. M. Hutchison. 

Mr. I). Paunilly. 

Miss H. Williani.s. 

Miss M. Hiitty. F. .Scabrook. 

Mr. E. .1. Wood. 

Miss I,. \V. Inirie. 

Miss K. St. John. 

Miss M. .Icnning's. 

Miss J. Sharpc. 


Mn. (iKoiUiK Tkstki! has ^one to 
Kn^land, and has ottered his seiviees to 
the Fiii'iids" Forei^ni .Mi.ssionary Society. 

The slndents who are remaining in 
the city during the summer months are 
holding a prayer meeting in the School 
evei-y Tuesday evening. 

Three students are engaged in work 
in Home Mi.ssion fields. Mr. A. D. 
Carpenter is at Man.sonville, Que. ; Mr. 
Win. Dighy at Belle Kwart, Out. ; and 
Mr. J. C. Hobson at Nortli Hatley, Que. 

Two of our students are engaged in 
colportage work during the vacati(m. 
.Mr. H. K. Jones is lahoring imder the 
Upper Canada Bihle Society, and Mr. 
Reubi-n Sternall under the Ci)per C'ana- 
da Tract and Book Society. 

The next session of the Toronto Bible 
Training Sch(»ol will oi)en (l).V.)'on 
Tu.-sday, Sept. ITth, at 10 a.m. It is 
very imi)ortant that all stu<lents. espec- 
ially entering the S«'hool for the 
first lime, slioidcl In- present at tlie 
begiiming of the session. 

The valedictoiy address given by Miss 
Hay at the dosing meeting of the .ses- 
sion has been nut in printed form for 
distribution. 'I his has been done at the 
reipu'st of many friends who appre- 
ciated its value'as a representation of 
the atmosphere of the life of the School, 
and jvs a testimony to the influence 
winch the School exerts ui)oii its 

The students of the Bii)le Training 
School take an active and practical in- 
terest in both Home and Foreign Mi.s- 
sions. The amovmt of $84.10 was con- 
tributed during the past session as a 
missionary offering from the School. 
This was divided between the King St. 
Mission in Toronto, with which the 
Kvangelistic Band was clo.sely associate<l 
during the winter, and the work in 
Peru, undei- Ihi' Kegions Beyond Mis- 
sionary Union, which is being under- 
taken by Mr. E. C'. Au.stiu. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following are the amounts re- 
ceived from Feb. loth to Api-il lJ)th, 
1907 : 

No. 120 S2o 00 






12() Kt IHt 

127 .5 (K) 

12S 7.5 0(1 

12!l 10 00 

;{ 00 

10 IK) 

5 00 

1 00 

:? IM) 



i:«.. . 



m .... 
i:«) . .. 





Ill 25 00 

n-J 250 00 

14.3 20 00 

114 50 00 

5 00 
2 Wl 
.3 00 
5 00 
2.50 (Kl 
25 00 
2 (N) 
5 (M) 
2 (JO 
5 00 
5 00 


145 ?15 (H) 

14fi 10 (M) 

147 5 (K) 

148 5 00 

149 2 00 

15(J . 25 00 

151 2.5 00 

152 2 (K) 

15:J 4 (10 

154 25 00 

155 2 (K) 

15(> 10(10 

1.57 5 (Kt 

158 25(H) 

15!) KXI (K) 

UH) 5 (K) 

Kit 2 00 

U)2 5 00 

IKi 50 00 

161 2 00 

KiT 2 00 

im 2 00 

l(i7 10 (X) 

1(» 1(K) 00 

1(59 40 00 

Previously ackno\vled>j:ed 

81279 00 
2,201 75 

Total for the year $3,480 75 

Joseph N. Shenstoxe, Treas.