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THE KECORDEH - 1896-1920 
Toronto Bible College 



Presents by the 

December 79 40 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 


School and Offices: 11(^ Colieqe St., Toronto 



Vol. VIIL] 


[No. 2. 

A\ernbcrs of Corporation. 

Hkv. Ei.moke Haukis, D.D., President, 

Betliedou, NValiner Road, Toronto. 
Rev. K. V. Mackay, D.D.,") 

Toronto. V Vice-Presidents. 

J. D. Xasmith, Toronto J 
Jos. N. Shenstdnk, Sec»"etarj/ awff Treasurer, 

It; Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rkv. Wm. Stkwart, D.D., Principal, 

1.H8 St. Oeorfje St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
E Hooi'EK, M.D., Toronto. 
Thus. A. Rodgek, Hamilton 
Elias RuGebs, Toronto. 

General Council. 


Judge Arijagh. 


C. Cook. 
Gk". Foster. 
r. s. schell. 

belleville : 
Rev. R. Wallace. 


E. J. Reynolds. 


J. R. Cavers. 


Rev. T. Warhrope, D.D. 
R. M. HonsoN. 

Hamilton t 
Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. 

Kingston .• 
B. W. Robertson. 


Rev. G. J. Bishop. 

The names of other friend>< in important centres are 
vet to Ix- addfd to the G.-iiiTal Council. 

Montreal .■ 
Geo. Hague. 

Paris .■ 
John Penman. 

St. Catharines .• 
George W. Hougetts. 

Toronto : 
Thos. S. Colk. 
Rev. T. C. Des Barres, 


H. \V. Frost. 
J. J. Gartshohe. 
c. s. gzowskl 
Rev. T. B. Hvi>e. 

R. KlLGOt R. 

J. Mackay. 

Rev. D. McTavish.D.Sc. 
CiiEsrEU I). M \ssEV. 
G. B. Meaim)WS. 


Rev.H M. Parsons, D.D. 
John Stark. 

Instructors ani> Lechrers for 1901 o:;. 
Rkv. Wm. Stewari. D.I). 
Hev. Wm. MacWilliam. LL.H. 
Hkv. Klmokk Harris, D D. 
Ml!. H. W. Fhosi. 
Kkv T. H. Hvi.k. 
Rev. a. B. Winchesier. 

EXA.MINEHS KoR 1!»II1-02. 

Hev. S D. Ciiowx. D.D. 
Rev. T. C. Dks Barres, M.A. 
Rev. T. B. Hyi>e. 
Rev. H. M. Parsons. D.D. 
Rev. H. I'. W ELTON, D.D. 

Miss Annie Burns, >!««<. Secretary and Librai-ian. 

Our DksKtN'.— The sieat (lesi>;n of tlie 
School is the training? of consecratetl men 
and women for Christian service at home 
and abroad. 

Contribution's. — Any friends desiring 
to have fellowsliip in the work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer. J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 16 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

Still Prosperous. 

By the blessing of God the Bible Train- 
ing School continues to prosper. Up to 
Feb. 2lth, the enrolment of students in 
the Day Clas.-^es for the present session is 
ti2, and in the Evening Cia.sses 17'i. The 
three ine'licul classes formed last t^rm 
are continued with much interest, and a 
fourth class was begun in .January by 
Dr. W. H. Howitt, on diseases peculiar 
to warm countries. This last cannot fail 
to be of value to those who are lookini; 
forward to foreign mi.ssioiuiry service. 
In all tlip Bible study classes, the in- 
striictor-* lind much reason for gratitude 
ami encoiiragi'inent. 


Words of Appreciation. 

Wo liave vfceivcil a most interesting 
letter from Miss A. Hertlia Mossip, of 
Thonulale, Out., one of tlie fjraduates of 
last year. Miss Mossi|ilias been engaged 
in evan^ielistic work in the district around 
London, and much l)lessinK has attended 
her labors. We subjoin an extract from 
her letter, as follows : 

Dkau Dr. Stkwart, — Tliou>;h some 
montlis have passed since school re- 
opened and 1 liave sent no letter to ac- 
(juaint you of my wliereal)outs and work, 
yet I have not forgotten the School and 
those connected witli it. It is ever with 
feelings of j^ratitude and }?lad remem- 
brance tiiat I think of the sacred place, 
and bless God for its teachinf!; and help- 
ful influences. No day passes without 
my breathine; a prayer for those in it 
now, as well as those who have pone 
forth from its classes to serve in other 
parts. How widely scattered the stu- 
dents from such an institution become, 
and yet how closely bound in heart they 
remain ! Thank God for the ties of Chris- 
tian friendship, prayer and love which 
keep us in touch with one another. 

I am glad to know that the School still 
prospers, and pray it raaj' ever be used of 
God as a great power in the world. I 
would like to be remembered by the stu- 
dents at their Tuesday devotional service, 
that I may !)e strengthened for the work 
and that many may be brought to the 
Saviour. Give my kindest regards to Dr. 
Harris. Mr. Mac William, and all the 
students who know me. 

Returned missionaries from China. India, 
Africa and Turkej^ have also been mem- 
bers of our classes. 

Foreign Mission Interest. 

We are glad to report a continued in- 
terest in foreign mission work among the 
students. The weekly prayer-meeting of 
the Volunteer Band has an attendance of 
twenty, and the missionary study class, 
under the leadership of Miss Hitchon, a 
membership of sixteen. Two esteemed 
graduates of the School, Miss Roxie 
Wood and Mr. W. G. Hanna, have been 
recently accepted by the Council of the 
China Inland Mission, and it is expected 
that before long they will leave for their 
distant field of labor. It is also a matter 
for great thankfulness, that since Mr. 
and Mrs. R. A. Phair have gone to Brazil, 
the School has now its representatives, 
engaged in Christian service, in all the 
great divisions of the world — in Euroite, 
Asia. .Africa, Nortli and South America. 

Students' Public Meeting. 

The Students' Meeting of last term was 
well attended, and the exercises were 
interesting and profitable. Addresses on 
suital)le Bible themes were given by 
Misses Fisher and Langton and Messrs. 
Halli well and Waddellof the Uay (.'lasses, 
and by Miss Grace Smith and Mr. A. E. 
Bernhardt of the Evening C/las>es. It is 
expected that the next public meeting 
will be held earl}' in March. 

Death of Mr. Sampson. 

At the meeting of the Board of Incor- 
poration of the Bible Training School 
held on February l'2th, attention was 
called to the recent death of Mr. Alex- 
ander Sampson, whereupon after remarks 
bj' several of the membi-rs, the following 
resolution was unanimously adopted : 

Moved by Mr. J. D. Nasmith. seconded 
bj- Rev. Dr. Mackay and Resolved. " That 
the members of this Board r cord their 
deep sense of the gn-at loss thej- have 
sustained in the death of their friend and 
colleague, Mr. Alexander Sampson. As 
a member of the Executive Committee of 
the Bible Training Scool from the begin- 
ning, and afterwards as a member of the 
Board of Incorporation from the fuller 
organization of the Scho >1. Mr. Sampson 
has served it with rare fidelity. His clear 
judgment and counsel, always freely 
and gladly given, have been of inestim- 
able value at every stage of the work ; 
while his genial courtesy and Christian 
devotion greatly endeai ed him to all his 
a.ssociHtes. Thej' desire to convey to 
Mrs. Sampson and family their sincere 
sympathy with them m this sore bereave- 
ment, and they earnestly praj' that the 
Go<l of all comfort may be their Strength 
and Guide in all the days to come " 

It was agreed that a copy of this resolu- 
tion should be sent to the family of the 
deceased, and also to his pastor, Rev. Dr. 

From Different Countries. 

Since the School opened in 1891, stu- 
dents have been in attendance from five 
provinces of the Dominion, and also from 
several of the United States. Europe and 

rilK RI«)RI)ER. 

Asia have likewise furnished representa- 
tives, as natives of England, Scotland, 
Irehuul. Wales, Sweden, Ilussia, SjTia 
and China hiive been at different times 
menihers of our classes. Next session we 
hope to have some natives of Hurmah 
with us as students. 

The subjects of the essajs assigned to 
students of the Day Classes for the pre- 
sent term are as follows: "The Deity 
and Personality of the Holy S[>irit," 
"The Messiah in the Book of Psalms," 
" The Messiah in Isaiah," " The Parables 
of our Lord," "The Miiiistrj' of Angels," 
and "The Pastoral Epistles."' As a rule 
the essaj-s have been carefully written, 
and they fairly represent the teaching of 
Scripture on the important themes of 
which they treat. After receiving any 
correction that may be necessarj', tliey 
are read to the class. 

Examination Papers. 

The following are three of the examin- 
ation papers, on which students of the 
Day Classes wrote at the close of last 
term. The first was prepared by Dr. 
Harris for his class engaged in Studies in 
the Pentateuch, the second by Mr. Hyde 
on his Lectures on the Holy Spirit, and 
the third by Dr. Stewart for his class in 
Introduction to New Testament Study. 


1. Explain the meaning of " Penta- 

2. Give the main themes of the Five 
Books of Moses. 

3. Give a brief outline of the book of 

4. Explain the relation of the second 
verse of Gen. 1 to the first. 

5. Write a note on Gen. 1 : 2G. 

6. Explain the "rest of God" in Gen. 
2 :2. 

7. Give j'our views of the change from 
"God." in Gen. 1:1-2 : 3, to "Lord God," 
in Gen. 2 : 4. 

8. Sketch briefly- Satan's plan in the 
Temptation in Gen. 3, and give Scripture 
paralK'ls from the New Testament. 

9. Write a note on "The Primitive 
Worship " as brought out in Gen. 8 and 4. 

10. Give causes leading to the univer- 
sal corruption of the " Days of Noah." 

TiiK Holy Si'Iiut. 

1. Give five facts in which the Person- 
ality and Deity of the Holy Spirit are set 

2. State three particulars in which He 
takes the place of Christ on the earth. 

3. Give five emblems of the Spirit, with 
the significance of each. 

4. How naany kinds of worship are 
there? In wiuit particulars in Christian 
service is the Spirit promised? 

5. Enumerate the conimamls concern- 
ing the Spirit. Distinguish between 
" grieve " and " quench." 

fi. What is meant by Sanctify? Show 
the difference between the "Godward" 
and " Manward" aspects of the truth. 

7. To what extent are our lives to be 
sanctified? Give three means used for 
its accomplishment. 

8. What is the guidance of the Holy 
Spirit, Negative and Positive, and how 
is it realized ? 

9. What is the Spirit's work with the 
unsaved, and how is it accomplished? 

10. What is the " Power of the Spirit," 
and how maj' it be experienced ? 

New Testament Introduction. 

1. What is meant by New Testament 

2. Explain the following terras : canon, 
canonicity, synoptic gosi>els, autoptic 
jjospel, genuine and authentic. 

3. Give the key-words of the first eleven 
books of the New Testament. 

1. Show what aspect of Christ's person 
or work is set forth in each of the four 

o. Give a brief outline of the gospel by 

'i. What is the kev-verse of the Acts of 
tlie Apostles, and wliat bearing has it on 
plie contents of the book? 

7. Write a sketch of the training of the 
,\postle Paul. 

s. State the occasion and design of the 
Epistle to the-Galatians. 

9. Show from 1 Corinthians the condi- 
tion of the Church in C<rinth, and the 

i.'stions that had been discussed by its 

1(). Give a brief outline of the Epistle 

i tlie Koinan=;. 


Student Volunteer Convention. 

Tlu> jjrent Stiulent Volunteer Conven- 
tion just held in this citj* was, in many 
respects, a most wonderful feathering. 

For numbers, zeal, enthusiasm and 
spiritual power the meetings have never 
been surpassed. The cause of foreign 
missions has been brought home to the 
consciences and hearts of manj' hundreds 
of Christian young people, chiefly stu- 
dents in schools and ('ollegt'S, in a way 
that cannot fail to produce lasting results 
for good. Our own Training School was 
represented at the Convention by forty 
delegates, and a most important confer- 
ence was held in our Lecture Hall, under 
the presjdency of Dr. Harris, on "Methods 
of training for Missionary service." 


It is expected tliat the closing exercises 
of the session will take place on Friday, 
April 2oth. 

This .session there are fourteen different 
evangelical denominations represented in 
the School. 

Rev. L. N. Sihrell, a member of our 
first graduating class, has become pastor 
in Clayton, N.Y. 

Mr. Harold Stephens, a student of 
last term, is successfully engaged in 
evangelistic work in Sault Ste. Marie, 

Four of the students who began the 
session with us are now "far hence," 
preaching the Gospel, two in China and 
two in Brazil. 

Mls.s Marv J. Mereuith, a student of 
this year, has gone to Indiana, to become 
the wife of Rev. Mr. Graham, a Presby- 
terian minister. 

Mr. J. R. Lewis, a student during the 
first half of the present session, has be- 
come pastor of theCongregationalChurch 
of Economy, N.S. 

Rev. W. H. L. ^Iar.shall, one of our 
(graduates of 19(X), has become pastor of 
the Congregational churches of Fergus 
and Spee<lside, Ont. 

Rev. Julius T. Bunx, for some time a 
member of our classes, and pastor of the 
African Methodist Episcopal Church of 
this citv. has removed to New York. 

Mrs. M. a. Morgan, a student with 
us in 1900, has found work to do for the 
Master away off in Mexico. 

Mr. Chester D. Mas.sey has kindly 
consented to take the place on the General 
Council of the School rendered vacant 
by the lamented deatli of his brother, 
Mr. W. E. H. Massey, 

The Rev. A. B. Winchester, pastor 
of Knox Church in this city, is the visit- 
ing lecturer for the present term. He is 
conducting a series of valuable studies th 
the Acts of the Apostles. 

Mrs. Marling, returned missionary 
from Africa, who attended the School in 
18f)9, is now in London, England, super- 
intending the publication of her hymn- 
book in the Oru language. 

Our president, Dr. Harris, has recently 
conducted of Bible study at the 
annual convention of the Young Glen's 
Christian Associations of this province 
at Berlin, and of those of Michigan at 
Battle Creek. 

Mr. John Brown, Junior Secretary of 
the Y.M.C.A. of Montreal, who was 
called to his present work two years ago, 
just before com pleting his course of study, 
will take, his final examination and grad- 
uate with the class of 1902. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following are the amounts received 
from November 23rd, 1901, to February 
26th, 1902 : 

No. 5K $2S 00 

" r,l 10 00 

" .^8 20 (X) 

" 5!l 3 00 

• (>0 1 00 

" 61 1 00 

.1 62 10 00 

" 63 10(10 

.. 64 10 00 

•" 65 10 00 

.1 66 10 OO 

.1 67 10 00 

•> 68 1 00 

" 6!l 2 (0 

.. 70 5 00 

n 71 10 00 

" 72 20 00 

" 7.3 .") 00 

.1 71 .*) 00 

" 7.5 .") (« 

" 76 .S 00 

" 77 l.'iO 00 

.. 78 26 00 

No. .32 

" 3a 

$10 00 

10 00 

" .St...".... 
i> 3.5 

2 CO 

25 00 

i> 36 

1.50 00 

M 37 

<i .38 

5 00 

5 00 

" 39 

25 0(J 

" 40 

.• 41 

" 42 

■ 1 43 

5 (H) 

5 00 

5 00 

. . 1" 00 

" 44 

<i 45 

25 00 

25 00 

" 46 

.. 47 

" 48 

•• J'.i 

10 00 

2 00 

15 0(1 

5 00 

.. 5t 

5 0(1 

" .".I 

" .'il 

2 (M) 

3ft (K1 

1 .50 

•' .51 25 

1. .5.1 25 00 

Previously acknowledged... 

1,210 .50 

Total.... $1,080 25 

.TnsKPii N. SuKNSTONE, Tvias.