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THE HEGORDEH - 1895-1920 

Toronto Bible College 




PresentSC by the 

December /940 

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Tyndale University College and Seminary 



1 » If 

School and Offices.- 110 College St., Toronto 


Vol. XII.] 



[No. 2 

A\crnl?crs of Corporation* 

Rev. Elmure Hakris, 0.1>., President, 

Bethedeii. Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rev. R. V. Mackay, D.D.,) 

Toronto. y Vice-P residents . 

J. D. Xasmith, Toronto. J 
Jos. N. Shenstonk, Secretary and Treasurer, 

40 Walmer Road, Toronto. 
Rev. \Vm. Stewart, D.D., Principal, 

1.18 St. Geor!?e St., Toronto. 
James Acton, Toronto. 
E. Hooper, M.D., Toronto. 
R. KiLGOUR, Toronto. 
Thos. a. Rodoer, Yorkton, K9»a.. 
Elias Roukrs, Toronto. 

General Council. 

Barrie , 
Judoe Ardagh. 


U. Cook. 

Frank M. Foster. 

belleville : 
Rev. R. Wallace. 


R. G. Struthers. 


R. M. HoBSON. 

St. Catharines .■ 
George W. Hodgetts. 

Stratford . 
DoNCAN Stewart. 

Toronto : 
El). St. (iEO. Baldwin, 

Thos. S. Colk. 
c. m. ooi'kland. 
Rkv. T. C. Dks Barres, 

J. W. Flavellk. 
Rev. H. W. Frost. 


Hamilton .• C. S. Gzowski. 

Rev. Fred. E. Howitt. w. H. Howitt. M.l>. 
KINGSTON .- ?^-^■• T. B. Hyde. 

B W RnnvRTRnv J"HN MackaV. 

a. » . K0BERT80N. jj^.y ^ .McTaVI.'^H. 


Rkv. G. J. Bishop, D D. Chkptkr D. Massey. 
G. B. Meadows. 
Rkv. H. M. Parsons, 

F. M. Pratt. 
I W. J. Robertson. 
! Harrv L. Stark. 

The names of other friends in imi»ortant rentrcs 
«re yet to be added to the General Council. 

Montreal .• 
Geo. Hague. 

PAR/S : 

John Penman. 

Instructors and Lecturers kor i905-ot; 
Rev. Wm. Stewart, D.D. 
Rev. Elmoke Harris, D.D. 
Hkv. John .McNicol, B.D. 
Kev. Alkx. I^ATTKRm»X. 
Rkv. t. B. Hyde, M.A. 
Rev. ale.x. Ksler, M.A. 

Examiners kor r.xi.'ioe. 
Rev. T. C. Dks Barhks, M.A 
Kev. W. H. Hincks, I.L.B. 
Rev. T. H. Hyde, M..\. 
Rev. H. p. Paks..ns. D.D. 
Rev. H. p. Welton, D.D. 
Miss Annie Burns, A$at. Secretary and Librarian. 

Our Design.— The great desiRii of tlie 
School is the tiaiuinf? of conseriateil men 
and women for Christian service at liome 
and abroad. 

CoNTRiBUTiON.s.— Any friends deairinp 
to have fellowsliip in tlie work may send 
their contributions to the Treasurer, J. 
N. Shenstone, Esq., 40 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, or to any officer of the School. 

Attendance this Term. 

By the blessing of God the Bible Train- 
ing School continues to prosper. The 
enrolment of students in the Day Classes 
up to Feb. 16th is Gl, and in the Evening 
Classes it is 28*i. Owing to the great in- 
terest and enthusiasm awakeiuMl \>y the 
Torrey-Alexauder campaign, the attend- 
ance was smaller than usual at the even- 
ing lectures during .lanuary. This was 
to be expected, but our numbers have 
attain increased ; and we have every 
reason to believe that good work is being 
done in all the departments of the School. 


The Torrey-Alexander Mission. 

The great evangelistic services held in 
this city hv Messrs. Torrej' and Alexan- 
der during tlie month of January resulted 
in what has probably been the most 
remarkable revival ever experienced in 
Canada. The members of the Bible 
Training School took a very prominent 
part in connection with the great meet- 
ings. Our President, Dr. Harris, ren- 
dered important service as chairman of 
the devotional committee. Some of our 
young men did u good deal of self-denying 
work as ushers ; some of the young ladies 
were members of the choir ; while others 
of our students were greatly blessed in 
leading not a few of the inquirers to put 
their trust in Christ as their personal 
Saviour, and thus to enter on the Chris- 
tian life. Since the special services closed, 
we have been pleased to welcome several 
of the recent converts to our Evening 
Classes, where we trust they will find 
the study of the Word of God to be help- 
ful to their spiritual growth, and also to 
be the means of furnishing them unto 
every good work. 

Visiting Lecturers. 

In December our friend, Rev. T. Brad- 
ley Hj'de, completed his valuable and 
much appreciated course of lectures on 
the " Person and Work of the Holy 
Spirit.'' The special lecturer for the pre- 
sent term is Rev. A. Esler, M.A., pastor 
of Cooke's Church in this city, who is 
taking as his subject, "Christ and the 
Old Testament Scriptures," an important 
and timely theme. Dr. Bowie and Dr. 
Shore have resumed their medical lectures 
on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, 
and Mr. Criiigan is again conducting the 
vocal music class. Dr. Howitt has been 
spending part of the winter with his 
family in Nassau, so that the students 
cannot have the benefit of his instruction 
this term. A new lecturer is Miss M. A. 
Baker, who is kindly giving to the stu- 
dents every Friday afternoon a course of 
useful training in Voice Culture and 

Our Evangelistic Band. 

Mr A. !M. Shannon, leader of the 
Evangelistic Band for the present term, 
reports as follows : 

"The work of the Evangelistic Band 
during the past three months has been, 
on the whole, most encouraging, God 
having at nearly every service manifested 
Himself in the saving of one or more per- 
sons. To Him be all the praise for hav- 
ing thus blessedly owned our weak and 
imperfect efforts, and given us an expect- 
ant confidence that He will continue to 
bless our work during the remainder of 
the session. The Band conducts at least 
three services every week, but very often 
we have had to respond to one or more 
extra calls. On several occasions two 
meetings have been conducted on the 
same evening, in which case the Band 
has divided. In all. some forty meetings 
have been conducted since last report." 

Two Deaths. 

In the end of November, one of our 
Day students, Miss Annie Perry, died in 
the hospital at Port Arthur, after under- 
going a serious operation. Gentle in 
disposition, faithful in her studies, and 
earnest in her desires to engage in Chris- 
tian service, she had the fullest confidence 
and esteem of her instructors, fellow- 
students and friends, who sympathize 
with her family in their sore bereave- 
ment, and will hold her memory in the 
highest regard. " To depart and be with 
Christ is ver3'' far better." 

We learn also with deep regret of the 
recent death in this city of Harry E. 
Smedley, a student with us for a time in 
the Evening Classes, who has been called 
away at the early age of 24. He had 
spent a year in mission work in Northern 
Nigeria, where he contracted one of the 
deadly native diseases, from which he 
never recovered. He was a young man 
of great promise, ability and devotion. 
The bereaved familj' have our sympathies 
and prayers. 


Loss by Fire. 

We greatly regret to learn that the 
mission buildings at Bidti, Northern 
Nijieria, West Africa, where our two 
former students, Mr. Chas. Waddell and 
Miss A. Schofield, have been laboring;, 
were destroyed by fire in December, and 
nearly everything belonpicfj to the four 
missionaries at the station was lost. The 
fire originated from the burning of corn 
husks in the vicinity. This is a sore 
calamity. Help is urgently needed, and 
we trust that some who read this notice 
will send an early contribution to Rev. 
R. v. Bingham, 262 Delaware Avenue, 

Examination Papers. 

The following are three of the papers 
on which the students wrote at the ter- 
minal examinations, which were held 
just before the Christmas holidays : 

1. PETER. 

1. What is the theme of this Epistle and 

where is it so stated in the book 

2. Give a general outline'of the Epistle. 

3. What passage in Paul's Epistles sums 

up the main teaching of this letter? 

4. Explain the term 'strangers" in 

verse 1. 

5. Write a brief note on verse 2, giving 

onlj' its general significance. 

6. Distinguish "grace"' and ''mercy "'in 

verses 2 and 3. 

7. State the significance of "salvation" 

in the New Testament and illustrate 
from this letter. 

8. Explain the expression "Gird up the 

loins of your mind" (v, 13), giving 
some Scripture passages. 

9. Enumerate some blessings involved in 

"the Grace ... to be brought . . . 
at the revelation of Jesus Christ "' 
(v. 13). 

10. State briefly Peter's thought by the 
Spirit of the " Methods of Holiness " 
(v. 14). 


1. Why is the study of Christian Evi- 

dences ncceshary ? 

2. State briefly' the moral argument for 

the existence of God. 

3. Show how man is fitted to receive a 

further revelation of God than that 
of nature. 

4. How would you reply to the objection 

against the character of God Ijased 
on the existence of evil in the world. 

5. Give a definition of miracles. 

6. Give reasons for believing that the 

Mosaic account of the origin of the 
religion of Israel is historically true. 

7. The Laws of the Old Testament claim 

to have been instituted by God 
through Moses. State briefly the 
evidence in support of this claim. 

8. Mention five of the most prominent 

miracles in the histor\' of Israel, and 
point out indications of truth in the 

9. Write a note on the fulfilment of Old 

Testament prophecy in regard to the 
great nations of the time. 

10. How is the treatment of the Canaan- 
ites consistent with the character of 


1. Explain the meaning of prophecy, and 

of the name " Messiah." 

2. What prominence has Messianic 

teaching in the Old Testament? 

3. Show that important New Testament 

truths are suggested in the prophecy 
about " the Seed of the woman " 

4. Write a note'on "theShiloh prophecy." 

5. What is meant bj- the expression, "the 

sure mercies of David." 

6. Give the meaning of the decree, "Thou 

art M V Son : this daj- have I begotten 

7. What is meant by Shoshanim. Mas- 

chil, Sons of Korah, Song of loves ? 

8. Write a note on the extent of Messiah's 

Kingdom as set forth in Psalm 72. 

9. Explain " Thou art a priest for ever, 

after the order of Melchizedek." 

10. What seven-fold gifts of the Spirit 
were to rest on the Messiali ? 



We aio inclRbteil to our friend, Rev. 
Dr. Parson.s of tliis citj', for the recent 
Rift of ten useful volumes to our library-. 

It is expected that the closint; exercises 
of the present — which is the twelfth — 
session of the School, will take i)lace on 
Friday, April 27th. 

Tub next students' public meeting has 
been appointed for Monday evening, 
March 5th. An interesting programme 
has l)een arranged. 

Our former students, Pastor J. S. 
Leckie, of Brighton, and Pastor J. Des- 
son, of Norwood, have been greatly 
blessed in recent evangelistic labors. 

Miss Annie Clare, who was for a 
time a member of the Day Classes, has 
been recently appointed to Mission work 
among the Indian children of the North- 

The meetings of the mission bands in 
the Day and Evening classes are well 
attended, and the officers are kept busy 
replying to invitations to outside appoint- 

At the Torrey-Alexander meetings one 
of our experienced students had conver- 
sation with 38 inquirers, who definitely 
professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ 
as their personal Saviour. 

Among the most earnest and faithful 
workers in the Torrey-Alexander Mission 
was our former student, Miss M. G. Mit- 
chell, who came to the city for a month 
to take part in the work. 

Miss Etta J. Fletcher, a graduate 
of the School in 1903. has received an ap- 
pointment as Field Secretary of the 
Baptist Women's Foreign Mission Society 
of Michigan. We wish her all success in 
this important service. 

The School is represented at the great 
Student Volunteer Convention at Nash- 
ville, Tenn.. by President Harris, and 
also by Mr. H. L. Troyer, Miss L. Arm- 
strong and Miss J. Dale of the Day 

President Hakris has been recently 
taking part in two Bible Conferences in 
Florida; and on liis return north heat- 
tended the great Student Volunteer Con- 
vention at Nashville, Tenn., where he 
was to preside over the section of Bible 
study in Training Schools and Colleges. 

We regret to announce that our friend, 
Mrs. S. T. V. Mason, who has been so 
much esteemed and beloved during the 

years of her connection with the School, 
has been suffering a good deal lately 
from the malady under which she is 
afflicted. In the midst of jniin and suffer- 
ing, however, she is rejoicing in Christ 
her Saviour. 

A VERY pleasing incident occurred just 
before the close of the fall term, when 
the three permanent instructors of the 
School received eacli an address and suit- 
able presentation from the students. 
Miss Burns, our faithful helper in the 
office work, was similarlj' remembered. 
All made thankful acknowledgement of 
these kind tokens of appreciation from 
the students. 

The various Missionary Societies and 
Bands of the School have recently been 
amalgamated into one large society. At 
the meeting for organization the follow- 
ing officers were elected : Hon. Presi- 
dents, the Instructors of the School, Dr. 
Elmore Harris, Rev, AVm. Stewart, D.D., 
and Rev. John McNicol, B.D. ; President, 
H. L. Troyer ; Vice-Pi-esident, Miss L. 
Shephard ; Recording Secretary, Miss L. 
Armstrong; Corresponding Secretary, 
Miss M. Goforth ; Assistant Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Miss M. Eraser; Trea- 
surer, Miss M. G. Lesslie. 

Receipts for General Fund. 

The following donations have been re- 
ceived from Nov. 23rd, 1905, to Feb. 14th, 
1906 •: 


.51 , , , 

$10 00 

No. 84 

. . . «10 00 


5 00 

.- 85 

. . . 10 00 


5 00 

. 5 00 


... 10 00 

M .. 

" 87 

... 4 UO 

hh .. 

1 00 

•■ 88 

... 1 00 


12 00 

" 89 

... 5 00 


1 00 

'■ 5*0 .. 

... 1 00 


5 00 

" 91 

... 10 00 


5 00 

■ 92 

... 5 00 


5 00 

" 93 

... 25 00 


1 00 

" 94 

... 10 00 


50 00 

" 95 

... 10 00 


1 00 

" 96 

... 10 00 


15 00 

" 97 

... 5 00 

6.5 . 

5 00 

.. 98 

1 00 


25 00 

'• 99 

1 00 

(>7 , 

5 00 

" 100 

1 00 


1 00 

" 101 

... 10 00 


.5 00 

36 00 

•• 1()2 

... 10 00 


" 103 

. . 15 00 


12 00 

" 104 

... 1 00 


10 00 

., lO.i 

... 10 00 


.5 00 

•• 106 

... :■) no 


... 50 00 

10 00 

" 107 

4 dO 


" 108 

... 10 00 


10 00 

•• lii9 

... 5 00 


. . 10 (10 

"10 .. . . 

... 3 00 


25 00 

" 111... 

... 1 00 


2 00 

10 01) 

2 00 

... 5 00 

" 112. 

5 00 


.. 11.3 

5 00 


,. 114 

... 25 00 


•■ 115 

... 25 00 


25 00 



. J627 00 

Previously ac 


. 1,.590 00 

Total to Feb. 

14th, 1906 

. »2,217 00 

Joseph N. Shenstone, Treas. 

i rPpuX./