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Full text of "Record of the alumni, College of Liberal Arts, U.S. Grant Univeristy, Athens, Tennessee. 1866-1896."

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/Ilt^> ^^^^-j^.^^ "^ 7 

2lecorb of t^e CClumnt, 

dollegc of iibcral Qrts, 

U. S. (Srant UntpersitY, 

citizens, (Tennessee. 




(JfaduatiE^ at i^fslien^, Tenne^^ee 


MMU EDlSGOpai GHurcH UnivGrsiiy, 


East T6nn6SS66 Wesleyan College, 1866-67. 
East Tennessee Wesleijan University, 1867-86. 
Grant Memorial University, 1886-89. 
U. S. Grant University, 1889 ■ - ■ ■ 


Prof. DAVID ALEXANDER BOLTON, Class of '72, Editor. 




The Alumni Association of the College of Liberal Arts of 
U. S. Grant University, at its Annual Session, May 22nd, 1895, 
in Athens, Tennessee, took action favoring the publication of 
a General Catalogue and Record of the Graduates at Athens 
since the founding of the University. The following were 
appointed a committee with power to act in the proposed pub- 
lication: D. A. Bolton, J. W. Bayless, H. B. Case, W. F. 
McCarron, W. A. Wright. The committee thus constituted, 
after a series of meetings, proceeded to collect material for 
this Record, and appointed D. A. Bolton as editor of the same. 

Tills work was coinmenced in 1895, and completed August, 
1896. The causes of delay will be appreciated when it is con- 
sidered that the committee had no fund to pay current ex- 
penses, that it has been impossible to find tlie post-offices of a 
few alumni, and to get any responses to circulars sent to 
some others. This accounts for the absence of facts in connec- 
tion with a few names in this pamphlet. 

The thanks of the committee, and especially of the editor, 
are hereby tendered to all who have in any way aided in the 
publication of this Record. 

D. A. BOLTO?^, 

Class oj '72, Editor. 

Chronological List of Presidents of the Uni= 

versity from 1866 to 1896, with 

Term of Service. 


President of East Tennessee Wesleyan College, 1866-67. 


President of East Tennessee Wesleyan University, 1867-72. 


President of East Tennessee Wesleyan University, 1872-75. 


Pre>:ident of East Tennessee Wesleyan University, from 
June, 1875, to October, 1875. 


President of East Tennessee Wesleyan University, from 
October, 1875, to May, 1886; of Grant Memorial Univer- 
sity, 1886-89; Chancellor of LT. S. Grant University, 
1889-91 ; and was President, 1891-93, during the Chancel- 
lorship of Bishop I. W. Joyce. 


Vice-chancellor, 1890-91. 


Chancellor U. S. Grant University, 1891-96. 

REV. R. J. COOKE, D.D., 

Vice-chancellor, 1893-96. 

The Alumni Association Organization for 

JOHN WALKER BAYLESS, Class of '81, President. 

JAMES MELVIN MELEAR, Class of '91, Vice-President. 

MILTON R. M. BURKE, Class of '75, Secretary. 

MRS. ANNIE COOK ROBINETTE, Class of '83, Treasurer. 

WILLIAM A. WRIGHT, Class of '78, General Manager of 
Alumni Endowment Funds. 

A Statement and a Plea. 

We now have thirty years of history behind us. This Record will show 
that our alumni are scattered over many States, and are successfully pur- 
suing various avocations. All have not attained wealth and fame, Ijut 
most are enjoying a competence of this world's goods ; and, with scarcely an 
exception, by a life of industry and Integrity, they are reflecting honor on 
their alma mater. But a new generation has sprung up since we ended our 
college days— among them our own children. The work of Chrlsilan edu- 
cation must be carried forward; and In this, the University expects the 
co-operation and support of her alumni. My brothers and sisters, a united 
move on our part along the line of endowment, will give an Impetus to the 
work that must result In the pei'manent establishment and enlargement 
of the school. Many have already responded, and we trust all will count 
It a privilege to do something. Notes may be given In denominations of 
$100 and upward, the interest payable annually, and the principal In easy 
Installments. Blank notes and further Inforrnatlon will be furnished on 
application. Fraternally yours, 

Business Manager of Alumni Endowment Funds, 


CLASS OF 1871. 

EDWIN AUGUSTUS ATLEE. b. Athens, Tenn., March 16, 
1846. Served as 1st Sergeant Co. B., 7th Tenn. Inft., U. S. A., 
during last year of Civil War. Educated in University at 
Athens. Degree A. B. Professor of Latin and Greek in Alma 
Mater until 1873. Admitted to the bar. Corpus Christi, Texas, 
1874 — in active jjractice ever since. At Laredo, Texas, 1879- 
1896. A member of Texas Legislature 1886-96; two years in 
the House — eight years in the Senate. Lawyer in Laredo, 
Texas, 1896. m. Elizabeth F. Foster, March 14, 1877, at Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

JOHN HENRY CLAY FOSTER, b. in McMinn county, 
Tenn., June 12, 1845. Early life on the farm. Entered East 
Tenn. Wesleyan University 1867. Degree B. S. on graduation. 
In street raih'oad business Cincinnati, O., 1872-85. On farm in 
native county 1885-86. County Court Clerk in McMinn 1886-96. 
County Court Clerk, Athens, Tenn. m. Bertie Gaston, Oct. 
24, 1871, in McMinn county, Tenn. 

JOSEPH LEANDER GASTON, b. in McMinn county, 
Tenn., Jan. 29, 1848. Fitted for college in Athens, Tcru., High 
School. Entered University in same place 1867. A. B. at 
graduation, after which taught school three years and read 
medicine. Graduated in medicine in New York 1875. Mem- 
ber Tenn. State Senate 1881-82. Collector Customs Port Chat- 
tanooga 1881-85. U. S. Examiner Pensions, Chattanooga, 
1884-88. Chattanooga City Physician and President Board of 
Health 1886-92. In practice of medicine, Bowie, Texas, Jan. 
1896. m. Celestia Lamon, December, 1879, in Hamilton countyi 

WILEY S. GASTON, b. in McMinn county, Tenn., Nov. 
28, 1847. Early life upon the farm. Went to public schools 
and one session to Forest Hill Academy, Athens, Tenn. Was 
graduated a B. S., and then read law in Athens. Obtained 
license Aug. 14, 1872, since which time he has been actively en- 
gaged in the practice of law at Athens, Tenn., where he is 
now, 1896, Attorney and Solicitor in Chancery, m. Hattie 
Howard, of Athens, in Cleveland, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1875. m. 
Annie E. Knowles, Athens, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1890. 


JOSEPHINE GASTON HALE. b. in McMinn county, Tenn.. 
Nov. 5, 1851. Entered University at Alliens, 1867. Degree 
on graduation, M. E. L. Taught school during most of the 
ten years following. House-I<eeping,20 Pearl Place, Knoxville, 
Tenn. m. J. M. Hale, Dec. 7, 1881, near Athens, Tenn. 

CORNELIA ATLEE HUTSELL. b. Athens, Tenn., March 
27, 1850. Fitted for college in Athens where she entered in 1867. 
Graduation degree M. E. L. Taught school in 1871,-73,-74,-82. 
Dressmaker, Athens, 1882-88. m. W. H. Hutsell, Oct. 18, 1888, 
in Athens. Home-making near Athens, Tenn. 

JOHN JENKINS MANKER. b. in Brown County, Ohio, 
Dec. 24, 1839. Attended High School at Ripley, Ohio. Was 
three years in Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 
Served nearly three years in Federal Army, 1861-64, Private, 
Non-commissioned Officer, First Lieutenant, and Captain. 
Graduation degree, A. B. Professor of Greek, East Tennessee 
Wesleyan University, Athens, Tenn., 1870-72. Dean of School 
of Theology, Chattanooga University, 1886-89. During all the 
remaining j-ears has been in regular ministerial work as 
Pastor or as Presiding Elder. Received A. M. froin Ohio 
Wesleyan University and D. D. from University of Tennessee, 
Knoxville, Tenn. Presiding Elder Chattanooga District, M. 
E. Cliurch. Address, Chattanooga, Tenn. m. Julia Tarbell, 
Sept. 9, 1863, at Ripley, Ohio. Bereaved by her death, Sept. 
21, 1880, at Greeneville, Tenn. m. Ida Kirk, Feb. 4, 1891. 

ton, Greene county, Tenn., Nov. 15, 1842. He was a farmer boy. 
Enlisted in U. S. Army Sept. 1, 1862. Discharged Oct. 7, 1865. 
Prepared for college at Laurel Hill Academy, Tenn. Entered 
East Tenn. Wesleyan College, August, 1867. Was graduated 
with A. B. Professor of Mathematics East Tenn. Wesleyan 
University 1871-73. President Holston Seminary, 1874-75. 
Studied law. Admitted to bar 1876. Special Examiner U. S. 
Pension Bureau 1881-85. Member of Tennessee Legislature 
from native county 1887-89, ditto 1893-95. Took a post-gradu- 
ate course at the University of Michigan, and on examination 
received A. M. Commander Department of Tennessee, G. A. 
R., 1894-95. Lawyer, Greeneville, Tenn. m. Florence E. Wil- 
liams, Oct. 1, 1878, at Ducktown, Polk county, Tenn. 


MARY J. MASON PRESNELL. b. near Loudon, Tenn., 
Feb. 28, 1846. Taught country schools, also in the Loudon Ma- 


sonic Institute. Fitted for college in Athens Female Insti- 
tute and entered the University at Athens 1869, receiving on 
graduation M. E. L. Teacher in Loudon High School 1877-78; 
ditto Stewardville College 1883-84. Professor of English Lit- 
erature and History, Chattanooga LTniversity, 1886-88. Was a 
correspondent of Chattanooga Times and KnoxviUe Journal. She 
died at Loudon, Tenn.. Dec. 28, 1888. m. Alexander Mathes 
Presnell, class of '72, at Loudon, May 21, 1874. 

CLASS OF 1872. 

DAVID ALEXANDER BOLTON, b. Paynetown, Washing- 
ton county, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1847. Reared on the farm until 
seventeen years of age. Attended the country schools. Stu- 
dent in Franklin Academy, Tenn., 1860-63. This school was 
broken up in Oct., 1863, by a skirmish of the Civil War ; thence, 
in Nov., 1863, crossed the mountains to Indiana. On farm in 
that State 1863-64. In the Federal Army 1864-65. Student in 
Laurel Hill Academy, Tenn., 1865-67; ditto Franklin Academy 
again 1867-68. Taught country school in Washington county 
1868-69. Student in East Tenn. Wesleyan University 1869-72. 
Was graduated with A. B. Prin. of Franklin Academy 1872-73. 
Prof. Greek and Latin, East Tenn. Wesleyan U^niversity 
1873-76. Prof. Mathematics in same University 1876-96 — serv- 
ing three of those years in Chattanooga, 1889-92. Prof. Mathe- 
matics, L^. S. Grant LTniversity, Athens, Tenn., in 1896-97. 
m. Lizzie A. Hornsby, June 19, 1872, at Athens, Tenn., in the 
University Chapel. 

MARSHALL MONROE CALLEN. b. Knox county, Tenn., 
May 16, 1849. Fitted for college in the schools of Tennessee. 
Teacher in Preparatory Department East Tenn. Wesleyan 
College, 1867-68. Graduated with A. B., and received from his 
Alma ]\Iater D. D. in 1887. Principal Female Academy, Cleve- 
land, Tenn., 1872-73. Pastor First M. E. Church, Chattanooga, 
Tenn., 1873-74. Financial Agent East Tenn. Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, 1874-75. In business Greeneville, Mich., 1875-76. 
Joined Michigan Conference M. E. Church, 1876; since then 
has been pastor of the best churches in the conference. Min- 
isterial Delegate to the General Conference of 1892, and of 1896. 
Minister of the Gospel, Hillsdale, Mich. m. Helen Bosworth, 
Jan. 1, 1873, at Shelbyville, Tenn. 

SAMUEL SILAS CURRY, b. at Chatata, Bradley county, 
East Tenn., Nov. 23, 1847. Much of the preparation was done 
alone without a teacher. Was assistant in Chatata Academy. 
Principal of Mouse Creek School, afterwards of Georgetown 
Academy. Tutor in Livy one year in college. Was graduated 
with A. B. from East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Teacher 
of Latin and Greek, New Hampshire Conference Seminary, 
1873. In charge of Ruggles' Street Mission, Boston, 1874-78. 


Was its pastor after it was formed into a church. Pastor of 
Roslindale M. E. Church, 1878-79. In 1879, elected Univer- 
sity Instructor of Elocution and Oratory in Boston University. 
Snow Professor of Oratory, Boston University, 1883-89. Davis 
Professor of Elocution in Newton Theological Institution, 
1884-96. Instructor in Elocution and Oratory in Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1891-94; ditto in Yale Divinity School, 1892-96. In 
1881 established a Department of Elocution and Oratory, Bos- 
ton University, afterwards organized as the School of Ex- 
pression, which was incorporated in 1888. Dean of said School 
from 1888 to 1896. Librarian of Boston Art Club and member 
of Board of Management. Took degree of B. D., Boston Uni- 
versity, 1875; degree of A. M. for post-graduate work in 1878; 
post-graduate Ph.D. in 1880. 

Published "Province of Expression," 1891; "Elements of Vo- 
cal Expression," 1895; established "Expression," a quarterly 
review, 1895, is editor of it, also of "Classics for Vocal Expres- 
sion," and "Imagination and Dramatic Instinct," 1896. Now, 
1896, teacher in School of Expression, 458 Boylston street, Bos- 
ton, also Instructor of Elocution in Yale Divinity School, and 
acting Davis Professor of Elocution in Newton Theological 
Institution, m. Anna Baright, Poughkeepsie, New Yorki 
June 30, 1882. . 


county, Tenn., Nov. 15, 1847. Fitted for college near his home 
at Laurel Hill School, of which his brother. Prof. Henderson 
Presnell, was for many years principal. The post-office near 
by is now Gladstone, Tenn. Taught school at Blue Springs, 
Bradley county, Tenn., with success. Was graduated with A- 
B. from East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Then studied law 
at Athens, and at Knoxville, Tenn., under Judge Andrews. 
Practiced law with success at Dandridge, Tenn., where he 
died March 16, 1875. m. Mary J. Mason, class of '71, at Lou- 
don, Tenn., May 21, 1874. 

CLASS OF 1873. 

FELIX T. xMcWHIRTER. b. Lynchburg, Tenn., July 17, 
1858. Resided a few years in Athens, Tenn., prior to receiving 
the A. B. degree from the East Tenn. Wesleyan University. 
Received Ph.D. from DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind., 
in 1884. Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, De- 
Pauw University, 1884-88. State Chairman of Indiana Pro- 


hibition Central Committee, 1894-95. Member of Prohibition 
National Committee 1896. Now, 1896, Real Estate Broker, No. 
74 East Market street, Indianapolis, Ind. m. Luella F. Smith, 
Nov. 18, 1878, at Greencastle, Ind. 

CLASS OF 1874. 

JOHN T. BLAKEMORE. Came to the University from Col- 
linsville, Ala. Was fitted for college at Andrew's Institute in 
that State. Graduated with A. B. Afterwards engaged for 
years in teaching in Alabama and Indiana. In 1883 was edi- 
tor Higmore, Dakota. 

THEODORE A. H. O'BRIEN, b. near Elizabethton, Carter 
county, Tenn., Jan. 11, 1852. On a farm in Greene county, 
1858-67. Entered Preparatory Department, Tusculuin College, 
Tenn., 1867; remained there three years. In East Tenn. Wes- 
leyan University 1870-74. Received B. S. on graduation. 
Principal Female Academy, Greeneville, Tenn., 1874-75. A 
delegate from East Tennesse Sunday-school Association to the 
International Sunday-school Convention, Baltimore, Md., 1875. 
Licensed to preach in M. E. Church, 1875. Received into Wil- 
mington Conference 1876: has been in the active ministry ever 
since. Closing third year as pastor at Fairmount, Md. m. Cor- 
nelia Smith, April 1, 1884, at Wilmington, Delaware. 

JOSHUA C. ROYSTON. b. McMinn county, Tenn., Sept. 12, 
1851. Reared on the farm in the same. Was graduated with 
B. S. Died in his native county, Jan. 12, 1875. 

ALFRED D. WEXLER. b. Pactolus, Sullivan county, 
Tenn., July 25, 1851. Reared on the farm. Fitted for college 
at Kingsley Seminary in his native county. Was graduated 
with A. B. Teacher in West Tenn. Seminary 1874-75; ditto 
Asheville, N. C, 1875-76. Merchant at Fall Branch, Tenn., 
1877-96. Address Fall Branch, Tenn. m. Saraphina Hunt, 
1876, at Fall Branch. 

LOUISE HOW ARTER WORKMAN. Was a resident of Knox- 
ville, Tenn., at graduation, when she received M. E. L. degree, 
m. Rev. — . Workman, of Missouri, 1875. 

CLASS OF 1875. 

MILTON R. M. BURKE, b. near Athens, Tenn., Aug. 2, 
1855. Spent years of childhood and youth upon the farm. 
Began teaching in the scliools of the county at age of 18 years. 
Prepared for college in Riceville Academy, Tenn. Entered 
East Tenn. Wesleyan University Feb. 1874. Was graduated 
with B. S. Teacher at Half Moon Island, Roane county, 1878- 
81; ditto Ten Mile Valley Academy, 1881-83. Principal of 
Chatata High School, Tenn., 1883-89; ditto Charleston High 


School 1889-91; ditto Forest Hill Academy, Athens, Tenn., 
1891-92. Supt. of Public Instruction of Bradley county, Tenn., 
1885-93; ditto McMinn county, 1894-96. Principal of Prepara- 
tory Department, U. S. Grant University, 1894-96. m. Leona 
Rowe, Dec. 25, 1877, in Bradley county, Tenn. 


NAIVNIE REMINE LYNCH, b. Greene county, Tenn., Feb. 
13, 1855. Received at graduation B. S., and was a resident of 
Greeneville, Tenn. Taught school in Tennessee and Texas. 
Was married to a Mr. Lynch ; died at their home Sanford, 
Fla., Nov. 10, 1889. 

WILBUR R. TURNER, b. Clarksville, Habersham county, 
Ga., Sept. 18, 1854. Spent boyhood at Jonesboro, Ga. Went to 
private school there in 1866-67. Student in Lookout Mt. Ed. 
Institute, 1867-68. Clerked in a store until he entered East 
Tenn. Wesleyan University. Was tutor in same University 
while taking course of study. Was a resident of Atlanta, Ga., 
when graduated with A. B. Teacher in Holston Seminary, 
New Market, Tenn., 1875-76. Read law in 1877, and has since 
practiced it. Took regular course of the Chatauqua Literary 
and Scientific Circle, and was graduated in class of 1894. Law- 
yer, Knoxville, Tenn. 

C, Aug. 8, 1854. Prepared for college in schools at Jonesboro, 
Greeneville and Knoxville, Tenn. Was graduated from Uni- 
versity with M. S. m. J. S. Yearwood in Dec. 1878, at Chuckey 
City, Tenn. She died at Sweetwater, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1894. 

CLASS OF 1877. 

NELLIE BRIDGES MABRY. b. in Athens, Tenn. Living 
in Knoxville, Tenn. 

MAGGIE LUTER MILLER, b. in Goliad, Texas, June 19, 

1858. Spent early life in Athens, Tenn., where she was edu- 
cated, and graduated with M. E. L. degree from East Tenn. 
Wesleyan University. Resides in Knoxville, Tenn. m. A. J. 
Miller, Sept. 15, 1887, at Athens. 

CLASS OF 1878. 

WILLIAM TAYLOR FOUTE. b. in Blount county, Tenn., 
Nov. 16, 1854. Early life spent on the farm. Went to common 
schools and to Powell's Station High School, Knox county. 


Entered University at Athens, 1875. Was graduated with B. 
S., while living at Lenoir's. Studied medicine. Received M. 
B. in 1882, from Southern Medical College, Atlanta, Ga. ; has 
been in practice of medicine since then. Physician, Lenoir 
City, Tennessee, m. Josephine E. Prater, June 19, 1889, in Lou- 
don county, Tenn. 

SAMUEL PA.TTEN FOWLER, b. in Knox county, Tenn., 
Jan. 14, 1855. Early life on the farm. Taught in the Public 
Schools of Anderson and Knox counties, Tenn. Was prepared 
for college in native county at Powell's Station Academy. 
Was graduated from University with A. B. Principal of 
EUijay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga., 1878-80; ditto Holston Semi- 
nary, New Market, Tenn., 1880-85; ditto Public Schools, 
Morristown, Tenn., 1885-86. In the practice of law Knoxville, 
Tenn., 1886-96. President of East Tenn. Sunday-school Asso- 
ciation, 1895-97. Lawyer, Knoxville, Tennessee, m. Mary 
Lee Robertson, June 5, 1895, in First M. E. Church, Knoxville, 

JOSEPH W. FRAKER. Was from Greene county, Tenn. 
Was graduated with A. B., and afterwards was a teacher and 
preacher of the Gospel. 

ORLANDO R. GOLDMAN. Was graduated an A. B. After- 
wards studied medicine and practiced it awhile near Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 

FREDERICK WILLIAM HENCK. b. Baltimore, Md., July 
14, 1856. About age of fourteen years a student fifteen months 
in an Industrial School, Baltimore ; then eighteen months in a 
Preparatory School ; then two years in Dickinson College, Car- 
lisle, Pa. ; then to Athens, Tenn., where he received A. B. Soon 
after graduation joined the Central Tennessee Conference, M. 
E. Church. In Boston School of Theology, 1883-84. Health 
failed and did not complete the course. Member of Holston 
Conference, 1885-93. Was Pastor, Tract Agent, Evangelist. 
Died while in Evangelistic work, Sept. 28, 1893, near Charles- 
ton, Tenn. m. Mary Curry, Jan. 12, 1882, near Charleston, 

Tenn., Jan. 3. 1850. Was reared a farmer boy and trained in 
the country public schools until sixteen years old. Afterwards 
he attended private school in Athens, and the preparatory de. 
partmentof East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Then alternated 
between teaching public schools and attending the University. 
Was graduated with B. S. in 1875, and A. B. in 1878. Re- 
ceived Ph.D. on post-graduate course in 1886. Joined the 
Holston Conference M. E. Church, Oct., 1875. Was sent to 
station at Asheville, N. C, where he was Professor and Presi- 
dent of Chandler College, 1875-79. Elected Principal of Pow- 


«ll's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn., in the summer of 

1879, which he resigned during the year and departed as a 
missionary for Japan, Jan. 21, 1880. First returned from Japan 
Aug. 16, 1885. Sailed a second time for Japan, Nov. 9, 1887. 
Second return from Japan, Aug., 1890, and in a few days went 
to Asheville, N. C, where he died Sept. 4, 1890. At Nagasaki, 
Japan, he founded Cobleigh Seminary. He began the trans- 
lation of the Bible into the Japanese language, but died before 
its completion, m. Flora S. Smith, of New York State, in 1879- 

HENRY C. MOORE, b. Jan. 25, 1854. Came to the Univer- 
sity from Knox county, Tenn., and took the A. B. course. 
Died in Athens, Tenn., April 28, 1878, just before Commence- 
ment Day. 

EDWARD LUCIEN PATTERSON, b. Kingston, Tenn., Aug. 
28, 1856. Preparatory education was obtained at Mary Sharp 
College, Winchester, Tenn.. and at Athens. Degree at Uni- 
versity B. S. Taught at Heiskell's Station. Licensed to preach 
by M. E. Church, at Elizabethton. Tenn., Aug. 6, 1881. Re- 
entered University in 1882 to take the A. B., but before com- 
pleting it died in Washington county, Tenn., April 20, 1882, 

WILLIAM H. PERKINS, b. July 3, 1840. Came to the Uni- 
versity from Powell Station, Knox county Tenn. Had taught 
much in public schools. Took A. B. on graduation and re- 
turned to teaching. Died Jan. 5, 1881. 

ADAM CLARK PETERS, b. Morgan county, Tenn., Nov. 6, 
1843. Reared on farm — entered ministry 1872 — traveled four 
years before entering University. Fitted for college at Stony 
Point, Bledsoe county, Tenn. Took census Morgan county 

1880. Presiding Elder Holston Conf. M. E. Church two years. 
Pastor Dayton, Tenn., two years; ditto Kingston one year. 
All the time in the active ministry. Degree B. S. on gradua- 
tion. Traveling preacher, Burrville, Tennessee, m. Mary R. 
Jett, Jan. 11, 1872, in Morgan county. She died Jan. 17, 1881. 
m. Nina Abred, Oct. 6, 1881, at Jamestown, Tenn. 

ELBERT HUNTER VAUGHAN. b. Sullivan county, Tenn., 
Jan. 9, 1849. Fitted for college in Preparatory Department 
King College, Bristol, Tenn. Came from Roanoke, Va., to the 
University and was graduated an A. B. Pastor M. E. Church, 
Manassas, Va., three years, Norfolk, Va., two years; Presiding 
Elder Roanoke District, four years; President South West 
Kansas College, three years; ditto Soule College, Dodge City, 
Kansas, 1893-96. Ph.D. on post-graduate coui'se in East 
Tenn. Wesleyan University, 1881. D. D, from Ashland Uni- 
versity, 1895. B. D. from Drew Theological Seminary, 1878, 
President Soule College, Dodge City, Kansas, m. Emma V. 
Pennyson, Aug. 15, 1883, Madison, New Jersey. 

WILLIAM A. WRIGHT, b. Johnson City, Tenn., Oct. 25, 


1853. Fitted for college at Johnson City High School, Milligan 
College, and Greeneville and Tuscnlum College. Taught sev- 
eral terms in District Schools. Received from University A. 
B. on graduation. From the same A. M. in cm sxi 1881, and 
Ph.D. pro nierito 1894. Principal of Walnut Grove Academy, 
Knox county, Tenn., two years; ditto Powell's Valley Semi- 
nary, Well Spring, Tenn., five years. Prof . of Latin Language 
and Literature, U. S. Grant LTniversity, 1885-89; ditto and Dean 
of the College of Liberal Arts, L^. S. Grant University, 1889-96. 
m. Clara A. Luter, June 10, 1880, in Athens, Tenn. 

JAMES C. WRIGHT. Received A. B. in 1878, and B. D. in 

1888. Is a member of the Holston Conference of the M. E. 
Church, in which he has received good appointments. Pastor 
of Church in Harriman, Tenn., 1895-96, 1896-97. 

JOHN BURREL ZJEGLER. b. McMinn county, Tenn., 
April 2, 1853. Reared on the farm. Taught in country public 
schools. Fitted for college in the Preparatory Department of 
University at Athens, where he was graduated with B. 8. 
Taught in the public schools at Athens, Daisy, Harrison, Retro, 
Ooltewah, Taylorsville — all in Tennessee. Principal of Chil- 
howee Institute, Tenn., two years. Principal now of Retro 
Public School, Retro, Tenn. m. Jennie Ward. Sept. 16, 1877, in 
McMinn county. She died Mar. 18, 1894. m. Emma Ward, 
May 16, 1895, at Dayton, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1879. 

GEORGE LAFAYETTE BURKE, b. McMinn county, Tenn., 
Dec. 8, 1855. Early life spent on the farm. Fitted for college 
at Riceville Academy, Tenn. Teacher in public schools. 1875- 
77. Teacher at Unitia, Tenn., 1880-81; ditto Seven Island 
Academy, Tenn., 1881-83; ditto Dresden Academy, 1883-84. 
Member of Tennessee Legislature — House — from Roane 
county, 1887-88. Editor and publisher of Hepublican, 1888-89. 
Lawyer, Kingston, Tenn., 1885-96. Degree of B. S. from Uni- 
versity at graduation. Address, Kingston, Tenn. m. Varina 
Doris Wardlaw, Dec. 5, 1888, at Shelbyville, Tenn. 

GEORGE MICHAEL CALLEN. b. Thorn Grove, Knox county, 
Tenn., March 22, 1851. Reared on the farm. Went to common 
schools and taught in same. Degree of B. S. on graduation. 
Teacher in Holston Seminary, New Market, Tenn., 1879-80. 
Studied law, 1881-82. Examiner in U. S. Pension Bureau, 
Washington, D. C, 1882-85. Student in National University 
Law School, Washington, D. C, 1882-84. Received from it 
B. L. Lawyer, Knoxville, Tenn., 1887-89, In business, San 
Jose, Cal., 1890-91. Teacher in public schools Knox county 
Tenn., 1893-95. Farming now. Address, Thorn Grove, Tenn. 
m. Mary A. Daily, Jan. 4, 1881, at Knoxville, Tenn. 


WILLIAM HARRY ROBESON, b. Athens, Tenn., Sept. 8, 
1860. Prepared for college in private schools and Cane Creek 
Academy, Tenn. Was in Jilast Tenn. Wesleyan University, 
then in Emory and Henry College, Va., then back to Univer- 
sity at Athens, where he received the A. B. degree. After 
graduation, studied law in Athens. In Law School, Vander- 
bilt University, 1881-83, of which he is an alumnus. Attorney 
at Law, Athens, Tenn., 1888-93. U. S. Asst. Attorney, Depart- 
ment of Justice, Washington, D. C, 1898-96. Address, Wash- 
ington, D. C. m. Indie Ferguson, Oct. 18, 1887, at Kichmond, 

CLASS OF 1880. 

JAMES HAYNES AMIS. b. near Rogersville, Tenn., Jan. 8, 
1853. In public school in winter, on farm in summer. Gradu- 
ated from University with B. S. Taught in public schools 
three years. In the regular pastorate in the Holston Confer- 
ence M. E. Church at Sneedville, Tazewell, Fincastle, Greene- 
ville, Rogersville, Andersonville, Jellico. Minister, Jellico, 
Tenn. m. Ollie F. Petree, Oct. 28, 1884, at Well Spring, Camp- 
bell county, Tenn. 

JAMES MADISON CALLEN. b. Thorn Grove, Tenn., April 
10, 1853. Reared on a farm. Went to public schools and after- 
ward taught in them. Received B. S. from the Univei'sity on 
graduation. Teacher in Knox County Public Schools 1880-81 ; 
ditto in Middle Creek Academy 1881-82; ditto public school of 
native county 1882-83; ditto in Porter Academy 1883-84; ditto 
in public schools of Knox county from 1884 to his death, March 
3, 1891. 

WILFORD CAULKINS. Was graduated with A. B. from 
East Tenn. Wesleyan LTniversity. While a student there he 
served from 1876 to 1880 as a tutor with more than usual suc- 
cess. Professor in East Tenn. Wesleyan University 1880-86; 
ditto in Chattanooga University part of 1886-87. Principal of 
Caulkin's School, Chattanooga, 1887-92; ditto of Chattanooga 
High School 1892-94. Representative of Ginn & Company, 
-school-book publishers, 1894-96. Address, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

RICHARD JOSEPH COOKE, b. New York, Jan. 30, 1853. 
Attended public school. Then High School in 1872, Entered 
ministry of M. E. Church 1874— ordained 1876. Entered col- 
lege preparatory department of East Tenn. Wesleyan Uni- 
versity and was graduated with A. B. from same institution. 
Has been in the active ministry. Was pastor at Cleveland, 
Tenn., and served full terms in Atlanta, Ga., and Knoxville, 
Tenn. Has been Vice-Chancellor of U. S. Grant University 
and has served as Prof, in its School of Theology and Editor 
-of Methodist Advocate-Journal. Delegate to M. E. Church Gen- 


era! Conference, 1896. Took Theology, Philosophy and His- 
tory at University of Berlin, Germany, and has certificates 
from Professors for work done. Received degree of D. D. from 
University of Tennessee. Author of "Doctrine of the Resur- 
rection," ''Reasons for Church Creed," "Christianity and 
Childhood," "The Historic Episcopate," and various articles 
for magazines. Now, 1896, Preacher, Editor Methodist Advocate- 
Jonrnal, and Prof, of Theology in Grant University, with 
address Athens or Chattanooga, Tenn. m. Eliza G. Fisher, 
Athens, Tenn., April 20, 1881. 

LUCIUS H. MASSEY. b Massey's Cove, Haywood county, 
N. C, May 17, 1851. Early life chiefly on a farm — about three 
months each winter in common school. Came to Cocke 
county, Tenn., in 1870. Soon left home in search of an educa- 
tion. Taught first school in the Smoky Mountains. Student 
in Newport, Tenn., High School. Then taught. Student and 
tutor in Academy, Waynesville, N. C, 1875-77. Then was con- 
verted — called to preach — desire for an education intensified — 
joined the M. E. Church. Local preacher's license, Sept. 21,^ 
1877. Entered East Tenn, Wesleyan University in Oct., 1877. 
Remained until graduated with B. 8. Teacher in Holston 
Seminary, New Market, Tenn., 1880- 81. Pastor of M. E. Church, 
Jonesboro and Johnson City, Tenn., two years; ditto Athens, 
Tenn., two years ; ditto Birmingham, Ala., one year. Student 
in Boston University School of Theology, 1886-89; was gradu- 
ated from it with S. T. B. Pastor in East Maine Conference; 
then in Southern New England Conference since 1891. Now, 
1896, pastor, Norwich Town, Conn. m. Minnie A. Warren, 
June, 1892, at Guilford, Maine. 

WILLIAM WATSOIV MATNEY. b. in Yadkin Valley, Cald- 
well county, N. C, Feb. 2, 1851. At fifteen, came to Leesburg, 
Tenn. Boyhood on the farm. Entered Preparatory Depart- 
ment of University, 1874. Taught two years in public schools 
while taking college course for B. S. Principal of Mountain 
City High School, Taylorsville, Tenn., seven years. Superin- 
tendent Public Instruction, Johnson county, one year. Teacher 
in Knoxville, Tenn., City Schools, two years. Professor in 
Murphy College, Sevierville, three years; President the third 
year. Principal of Pigeon Forge Academy, Tenn., two years. 
Has done much Institute and Normal work. Teacher. Address,. 
Pigeon Forge, Tenn. m. Sallie D. Donnelly, May 16, 1883, at 
Mountain City, Tenn. 

JOHN WESLEY McGEE. b. in Macon county, N. C, Jan. 
24, 1852. Reared on farm. Taught school at seventeen years. 
Prepared for college at Franklin Academy, N. C. Was grad- 
uated with B, S, Teacher in Alabama, 1880-86, Joined the 
Holston Conference, M. E. Church, 1886. Has been in the 


ministry ever since. Pastor at Chuckey City, Tenn. m. Nan- 
nie L. Long, in 1877, at Athens, Tenn. 

JAMES G. PARKS, b. Mineral Bluff, Ga., Nov. 25, 1860. 
Student at Roanoke College, Salem, Va., 1877-78. Received B. 
S. on graduation at Athens. Began the practice of law in 
1882. Member of the Tenn. Legislature in 1889. Appointed 
by President Harrison Supervisor of Census for Second Dis- 
trict of Tenn., embracing twenty-six counties in 1890. Judge 
of 17th Judicial Circuit of Tennessee 1894-96. Took a course 
of lectures and clinics at the University of the City of New 
York in 1880. Author of "The Law of Pleading," a law book 
on Circuit Court practice, adopted by the University of Ten- 
nessee as a text-book. Address, Judge of 17th Judicial Circuit, 
Cleveland, Tenn. m. Jessie L. Julian, June 27, 1888, in Brad- 
ley county, Tenn. 

JAMES R. PENLAND. b. Big Creek, Tenn., July 6, 1856. 
Reared on farm. Went to school but little before nineteen 
years old. Then left home to shift for himself. Student at 
Mosheim College, Greene county, Tenn., one year; at Wea- 
verville, N. C, two years; at East Tenn. Wesleyan University 
two years; received from it A. B. Teacher 1880-83. Entered 
practice of law in 1884. Has practiced it ever since. Served 
three terms in Tennessee Senate 1888-94. Lawyer, Sevierville, 
Tenn., 1896. m. Sallie Stuart, Oct. 21, 1885, at Parrottsville, 

JOHN K. RANDOLPH, b. in Bradley county, Tenn., Dec. 
9, 1858. Was reared on farm and obtained early education in 
public schools of Bradley and Knox counties. Received B. S. 
from East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Taught school in 
Bradley and Polk counties 1880-90. Trustee of Bradley county 
1890-94. Now, 1896, Attorney at Law, Cleveland, Tenn. m. Liz- 
zie Davis, in Polk county, Tenn., Dec. 1, 1886. 

MARTHA E. CALLEN RANKIN, b. Thorn Grove, Knox 
county, Tenn. May 10, 1857. Entered Preparatory Department 
of East Tenn. Wesleyan University in 1869, and continued 
there three successive years. Then out of college five years, 
meantime taught one school ; returned to the University and 
received B. S. After graduation taught much in the public 
schools; one year assistant at Middle Creek Academy; ditto 
at Porter Academy. Spent three summers in State Normal at 
Knoxville, Tenn. Present business home-making, at Flat 
Gap, Jefferson county, Tenn. m. Andrew N. Rankin, Oct, 21, 
1886, at Thorn Grove. 

CLASS OF 1881. 

JOHN WALKER BAYLESS. b. in Washington county, 
Tenn., July 5,1854. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University, 


Sept. 1876, from which he was graduated with A. B, Teacher 
at Morning Star, in native county, two years. Engaged in 
merchandise at same place until 1889. Hardware merchant, 
Athens, Tenn., 1889-96 — which is his present business, m. 
Agnes Byington, class of '81, Sept. 13, 1881, at Athens, Tenn. 

AGNES BYINGTOA B4YLESS. b. Near Athens, Tenn., May 
8, 1859. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University, Sept. 1877, 
and was graduated from it with A. B. Teacher in public 
school at Morning Star. 1881-82. Since has been engaged in 
home-making, chiefly at present residence, Athens, Tenn. 
m, John Walker Bayless, class of '81, Sept. 13, 1881, at Athens. 

MARION CLARK BRUNER. b. near Augusta, 111., Dec. 12, 
1855. On a farm until Jan. 1875. Then in a mill until Sept., 
1877. Attended public schools during the fall and winter in 
early life. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University, Sept., 
1877; was graduated from it with B. S. Taught in public 
schools before graduation. Admitted on trial to Holston Con- 
ference, M. E. Church, Oct. 22, 1881. Served as pastor at Wart- 
burg, one year; Jasper, two years; Dayton, two years; Dayton 
and Spring City, one .year; Sherman Heights, one year; Hill 
City, one year. Clerk for Dayton Coal and Iron Co., three 
years. Presiding Elder of Athens District, three years. Now, 
1896-97. Pastor on Loudon circuit. Address, Athens, Tenn. 
m. Annie Spargo, Ducktown, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1882. 

DOUGLAS CAULKINS. b. in Duchess county, N. Y., Dec. 
15, 1857. Came to Knoxville, Tenn., at thirteen — taught school 
at seventeen — prepared for college at Powell's Station, Knox 
county, Tenn. Was graduated from University at Athens, 
with A. B. Principal of Knoxville Public School, 1881-82. 
Commercial traveller from Chicago, 188H-84. Druggist, Dubu- 
que, Iowa, 1884. Took medical lectures, Rush Medical College, 
1882-83; ditto in Hahnernan College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1885- 
86, from which received the M. D. President of Tenn. Homeo- 
pathic Medical Society, 1895-96. 1896, Pliysician, Knoxville, 
Tenn. m. Lucy Tydeman, March 31, 1886, at Knoxville. 

JACOB EMMETT DEACON, b. Oak Dale, Rockbridge county, 
Va., Jan. 14, 1854. Reared on farm — early education in private 
and public schools of Virginia. Teacher in same State. De- 
gree of A. B. from East Tenn. Wesleyan University; alsoB. D. 
in 1889. Entered Virginia Conference, M. E. Church, in 1884. 
Principal of Georgia Conference Seminary, Mt. Zion, 1881-88; 
ditto Virginia Conference Seminary, Roanoke, Va., 1883-86. 
Teacher after graduation one year in alma mater. Began ac- 
tive itinerant work in Virginia Conference in 1889; transferred 
to Philadelphia Conference in 1892, where work has been to 
1896. Minister, Greene, Lancaster county. Pa. m. Virginia 
Lee Whitman, Oct. 5, 1892, at Pulaski City, Va. 



HENRY F. KETROIV. b. Bloomingdale, Sullivan county, 
Tenn., April 16, 1847. Reared on farm. Teacher. Fitted for 
college at Reedy Creek Academy and Kingsley Seminary in 
native county. Received A. B. at Athens. Principal of Lei- 
cester Academy, N. C, 1881-84. Teacher at Reedy Creek 
Academy and Institute, Blountville, Tenn., 1884-87. Associate 
Principal Masonic Institute, Mountain City, Tenn., 1887-88. 
Principal of Leicester Academy, N. C, 1888-93; ditto Parrotts- 
ville Academy, Tenn., 1893-95; ditto Wesleyan Academy, 
Chucky City, Tenn., 1895-96. Lay delegate from Blue Ridge 
Conference to M. E. Church General Conference, Cleveland, 
Ohio, May, 1896. Address, Chucky City, Tenn. m. Hattie 
F. Palmer, May, 22, 1884, at Leicester, N. C. 

SAMUEL ii. KETRON. b. at Bloomingdale, Sullivan county, 
Tenn., June 12, 1855. Before entering college taught in public 
schools. Prepared for college in Kingsley Seminary in native 
county. Was graduated from University with A. B. degree 
and then entered the active ministry in the Holston Confer- 
ence of the M. E. Church. Pastor of Kingsport circuit, 1881- 
82; ditto Mountain City circuit, 1883; ditto Fall Branch cir- 
cuit, 1884-85; ditto Johnson City station, 1886-87; Kingsport 
circuit, 1888-89 ; ditto Greeneville circuit, 1889-90; on Greene- 
ville district, 1891-97. Address, Bloomingdale, Tenn. m. Fan- 
nie Smith, Feb. 1, 1883, near Bloomingdale, Tenn. 


LAURA E. DODSON LOWRY. b. near Athens, Tenn., 1858. 
Prepared for college in the schools of Athens and McMinn 
county, and one year in Female Seminary, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Received B. S. at Athens. Teacher in Athens Public School, 
1881-83; ditto Warren College, Chucky City, Tenn., 1883-84; 
ditto public schools of McMinn county, 1884-87; ditto public 
schools of Hill City, Tenn., 1889-92; ditto Knoxville City 
Schools, 1892-94. Now, 1896, house-keeping, 1027 Stewart 
Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. m. John R. Lowry, Jan. 11, 1888, near 

JOH\ H. McCALLIE. b. Trundles Cross Roads, Sevier 
county, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1854. Reared on farm — attended country 


free schools. Received B. S. at Athens. Five years teacher 
at Harrison Normal Academy, Tenn. Nine years Principal of 
City Public School, Knoxville, Tenn. One year in National 
Normal, Ohio. Now, 1896, Principal of 9th Ward City School, 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

FRANK 0. McNEW. b. Well Spring, Campbell county, 
Tenn., July 27, 1858. Student Powells Valley Seminary 1873-77 ; 
ditto East Tenn. Wesleyan University 1877-78 and 1881; ditto 
University of Tennessee 1879-80. Teacher in Powell's Valley 
Seminary 1880. Received A. B. at Athens, Tenn. Book-keeper 
Knoxville, Tenn., City Transfer Co. 1881. Examiner of Pen- 
sions, Washington, D, C. 1882. Promoted to Clerk of Class 1, 
Treasury Department, Washington, 1883; Class 2, 1885; Class 
3, 1889. Student in Columbia Medical College since 1893. 1896, 
Clerk of Class 3, U. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C. m. Sarah 
Baird, of Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1884, in Washington, D. C. 

WILLIAM FLOYD RAMEY. b. in Scott county, Va., June 
24, 1857. Taught in common schools. Prepared for college in 
Kingsley Seminary, Bloomingdale, Tenn. Received A. B. 
fron:i East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Principal of Clinch 
River High School, Va., 1881-83; ditto Gladeville Seminary, 
Va., 1883-85 ; ditto City High School, El Dorado, Kan. 1885-88 ; 
Riverview Seminary, Va., 1888-93. Superintendent of City 
Schools, Carlisle, Ky., 1893-96. Teacher, 1896, Carlisle, Ky. 
m. Ella Hickox, June 11, 1882, at Athens, Tenn, 

VANEVRIE NEWTON SMITH, b. Laurel Hill, DeKalb 
county, Tenn., Sept. 11, 1861. Studied at Indiana Asbury Uni- 
versity prior to entering senior class at East Tenn. Wesleyan 
University, where he received B. S. Postmaster at Laurel 
Hill, Tenn., 1883-84. Has been engaged chiefly in farming and 
the practice of law. Is now, 1896, thus employed at Buffalo 
Valley, Putnam county, Tenn. m. Emma W. Henderson, 
Athens, Tenn., March 14, 1883. 

GEORGE W. WINSTEAD. b. in Weakly county, Tenn., 
Dec. 28, 1856. In early life worked on farm in summer, went 
to country schools in winter. Teacher from age of seventeen 
years to twenty years. Graduated from University at Athens 
with B. S. Returned to native county to teach and read law. 
Principal of Sharon Academy 1881-82; ditto Dresden High 
School, 1882-83. Elected Supt. of Public Instruction, Weakly 
County, March 1882, served two years. In 1884 a candidate for 
Elector on National Republican Ticket for 9th Cong. District 
of Tenn. Admitted to bar Jan. 1883, at Dresden, Tenn. Prac- 
ticed law there until 1892. In 1888 a delegate from Tenn. to 
National Republican Convention in Chicago. Appointed As- 
sistant U. S. District Attorney for West Tenn. by President 
Harrison in 1889. Nominated by State Republican Conven- 


tion at Nashville May 4, 1892, for Governor of Tenn. Made 
sixty-six speeches in State canvass. Removed from Dresden 
to Knoxville, Tenn., Jan. 1893, and since then has there prac- 
ticed law. 1896, Lawyer, Knoxville, Tenn. m. Annie E. Neal,, 
of Helena, Arkansas, Nov. 2, 1887. She died Aug. 16, 1889. m. 
Carolyn L. Scott, Nov. 14, 1894, at St. Louis, Mo. 

RANSOM DAVID WHITTLE, b. in East Tennessee, July 
31, 1852. Fitted for college at Thorn Grove Academy, Knox 
county, Tennessee. Received, on graduation at Athens, B. S. ; 
afterwards taught school one and a half years. Then entered 
manufacturing business in Knoxville — been engaged in same 
ever since. Present business, trunk and bag manufacturing, 
Knoxville, Tenn. m. Mrs. Sallie E. John, June 5, 1879, at 
Athens, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1882. 

DAVID F. ARTHUR. Was from Macedonia, S. C, wherL 
graduated from the University. After graduation he engaged 
in teaching; then in real estate business in the same State. 

ROBERT BURRELL BURCHFIELD. b. in Bledsoe county, 
Tenn., Sept. 14, 1859. Was reared in Jefferson county, Tenn.». 
on the farm. Student in Murray Academy, Dandridge, in 
same county, two years fitting for college. After receiving 
B. S. at Athens, taught school two years in Sequatchie Val- 
ley, Tenn. Has since been engaged in civil engineering and 
surveying in Florida. Elected Surveyor for Brevard county, 
Fla., in 1888, which position he still holds in 1896. Appointed 
U. S. Deputy Surveyor for Florida in 1888, which position he 
still holds in 1896. Also gives attention to growing oranges^ 
and pineapples, at Georgiana, Indian River, Fla. m. Belle 
Bruner, at Victoria, Tenn., Nov. 1, 1883. 

FRANK M. CLEMANS. At graduation was from Miamis- 
burg, Ohio. He received Ph.B., and has since been engaged 
in the active ministry of the M. E. Church. 


WILLIAM ATLEE LONG. b. in McMinn county, Tenn.,, 
March 5, 1855. Was a farmer boy until nineteen years old. 
Attended public and private schools. Taught public schools 
and also science in Candler College, N. C, 1878-79. Was gradu- 
ated at Athens with B. 8., and afterwards engaged in teaching 
in Tenn. and N. C. in 1883-86. Member of Tenn. Legislature, 
Representative from native county in 1895. For years has been 


a practicing attorney in Athens, Tenn., where he now, 1896, re- 
sides, m. Ellen R. Candler, near Asheville,N. C, April 5. 1881. 

FREDERICK LEE MANSFIELD, b. near Tarboro, Edge- 
combe county, N. C, June 6, 1862. Obtained common school 
■education at Cartersville, Ga. Removed from there to Athens, 
Tenn., in Dec. 1877. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University 
Jan. 1878, where he remained until graduated with A. B. Be- 
gan practice of law July, 1884, at Atliens, Tenn., and has 
practiced there since then except one year in Texas. Gradu- 
ated in law at National University, Washington, D. C, June 
10, 1884, tlie ninth in a class of forty-eight members. 1896, 
Lawyer, Athens, Tenn.; member of firm Burkett & Mansfield, 
in, Mollie Magill, Athens, Tenn., March 31, 1892. 

GIDEON R. MATTHEWS, b. in Meigs county, Tenn., April 
27, 1860. Was a resident of Athens, Tenn., when graduated 
with B. S. Book-keeper in a wholesale dry goods store at 
Walla Walla, Washington Territory, from March, 1886, to May, 
1887. Died at Seattle, Washington Territory, July, 1887. m. 
Annie Keho, Seattle, May, 1887. 

'8, 1856. Received Ph. B. from the University. Afterwards 
was Supt. of City Schools Johnson City, Tenn. Instructor in 
■Geology in University of Tenn., and Assistant of State Geolo- 
gist of Ga. Took two years post-graduate work in Johns Hop- 
kins University in Geology and Biology. Has written on the 
marbles, gold deposits, and phosphates of Georgia. Now As- 
sistant State Geologist, Atlanta, Ga. 


JOHN F. WILSON, b. in Knox county, Tenn., Jan. 18,1854. 
W^orked on the farm until fifteen years old. Alternately a 
student and teacher in public schools. Thus he fitted for col- 
lege. Was graduated from East Tennessee Wesleyan Univer- 
sity in June, 1878, with B. S., having also completed the greater 
portion of the classical course. He later finished it and re- 
ceived A. B. Then taught two years. Merchant and post- 
master at Lyonton, Knox county> Tenn., from 1884 to 1896 — 
"where he now resides, giving time to farming and the practice 
of law. m. Maggie E. Sherrod, Lyonton, Dec. 24, 1878. 

CLASS OF 1883. 


SAMUEL HARDEN COOK. b. in Loudon county, Tenn., 
Dec. 6, 1861. Fitted for college in the Loudon High Hchool. 
Was graduated with Ph.B. Was a printer by trade, and at 
one time editor of a weekly paper at Charleston, Tenn. He 
died at Dayton, Tenn., June 27, 1889. m. Irona Frye, Cleve- 
land, Tenn., Nov. 15, 1888. 

ANNIE COOK ROBINETTE. b. at Loudon, Tenn., July 22, 

1860. Fitted for college in the Loudon High School. Public 
school teacher one or two terms. Took the A. B. degree at 
Athens, m. Rev. J. J. Robinette, of the Holston Conference 
M. E. Church, at Loudon, Oct. 23, 1883. 

JAMES F. SWINGLE, b. in Washington county, Tenn., 
April, 1859. Fitted for college at Johnson City, Tenn., Public 
Schools. Student in Milligan College, Tenn., 1879-81; ditto 
East Tenn. Wesleyan University, 1881-83, receiving from it 
A. B. Adjunct Professor Ancient Languages, East Tenn. 
Wesleyan University, 1883-84, Principal of Powell's Valley 
Seminary, Tenn., 1885-87. Employed in Census Bureau, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1889-94. Received LL.B. and LL.M. from Na- 
tional Law School, Washington, D. C, in 1890 and 1891. Ad- 
mitted to Washington bar in Dec, 1898. Lawyer at Greene- 
ville, Tenn., 1894-96, present residence, m. Emma Bement 
Alexander, at Collingdale, Pa., Dec. 31, 1895. 

more, Md., June 9, 1863. Attended school in Ducktown, Polk 
county, Tenn.; at East La Porte, Jackson county, N. C. ; at 
Shamokin, Pa., and at Hecla, Mich. Was graduated from 
East Tenfn. Wesleyan University with B. S. Teacher at St. 
Elmo, near Chattanooga, in 1883; ditto in Sequatchie College, 
Tenn., 1884-85 ; ditto at Clinton, Tenn., 1885-96, where she re- 
sides and teaches. 

CLASS OF 1884. 

JAMES B. BURNETT, b. near Knoxville, Tenn., July 10, 

1861. Attended Knoxville City Schools two years. Taught 
school in Knox county. Was graduated with B. S. at Athens. 
Principal of Coal Creek Academy two years. Merchant two 
years. Admitted to bar in Knoxville in 1886. Author of "Ex- 
emption Laws of Tennessee." Lawyer, Clinton, Anderson 
county, Tenn. m. N. O. Edwards, in 1885, at Coal Creek, Tenn. 
She died . 

SAMUEL A. CROCKETT, b. in McMinn county, Tenn., 
Dec. 5, 1855. Reared on the farm and received early education 
in the common schools of native county. Entered East Tenn- 
Wesleyan University in Sept. 1878, from which he received B. 
S. Since then has been Principal of Forest Hill Academy, 
Athens, Tenn., Brown Seminary, Leicester, N. C, McKinney 


High School, Sneedville, Tenn., Mountain City Seminary, 
Mountain City, Tenn., and of the Graded School, Johnson 
City, Tenn. In general mercantile business, Tellico Junction, 
Tenn,, 1894-96. m. Kate M. Haun, Class of '85, Whitesburg, 
Tenn., June 27, 1889. 

JAMES ALEXANDER FOWLER, b. in Knox county, Tenn., 
Feb. 22, 1863. Student in school at Heiskell Station in native 
county, and in Holston Seminary, New Market, Tenn. Re- 
ceived on graduation at Athens, A. B. Tutor in East Tenn. 
Wesleyan University, 1884-85. Principal of Clinton High 
School, Clinton, Tenn., 1885-86. Has since been engaged in the 
practice of law at Clinton, Knoxville, and other places. Lay 
delegate from Holston Conference M. E. Church to the Gen- 
eral Conference, 1896, Cleveland, Ohio. Address, Clinton, Tenn. 
m. Lucy E. Hornsby, Athens, Tenn., May 28, 1885. 

ISAAC T. FOX. Was at graduation a resident of Loy's 
<Jross Roads, Tenn. He received B. S., and afterwards en- 
gaged in teaching. He died . 

JOHN N. HINES. At graduation was from Knoxville, 
Tenn.. and received B. S. Address in 1896 said to be Fresno, 


JAMES WILEY PARKER MASSEY. b. in Haywoocf county, 
N. C. Nov. 18, 1856. Prepared for college in Newport Academy, 
Newport, Tenn., and Preparatory Deparment of East Tenn, 
Wesleyan University, from which he received Ph.B. Editor 
of Newport, Tenn., Journal^ 1884-86. Teacher and Principal of 
Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn,, 1886-89 ; ditto 
Academy, Sevierville, Tenn,, 1889-91. President Murphy Col- 
lege, Sevierville, 1891-92. Post-graduate Study in English and 
Classics in alma mater, and also special work in English and 
Pedagogy, National Normal University, Lebanon, Ohio, Pas- 
tor M. E. Church, Sherman Heights, Tenn.. 1892-93, Principal 
High School, MoDade, Texas, and Normal Instructor, Gid- 
dings, Texas, 1894. Principal of High School, Alvarado, Texas, 
1896, m. Eliza Woodson, Well Spring, Tenn,, Dec, 25, 1888, 

EUGENIA LONG McINTURFF. b. Athens, Tenn., Nov. 3, 
1863. Received B. S. at graduation, m. Rev. David N. Mcln- 
turflf. Class of '86, at Chattanooga,'Tenn., Jan. 28, 1866. Since, 
has been the wife of a minister and missionary of the M. E. 
Church in Tennessee, Japan, Oregon, and Washington. Now, 
1896, President of Woman's Home Missionary Society of Co- 


lumbia River Conference, and also engaged in home-making 
at Spokane, Washington. 

CARRIE COLEMAN MILLER, b. Urbana, Ohio, July 24, 
1864. Received B. S. at Athens, m. Robert J. Miller in Chat- 
tanooga, March 17, 1886. Residence, 416 Houston st., Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. 

JAMES R. SMITH, b. near Whitwell, Tenn., Dec. 20, 1859. 
Worked on the farm during early life and taught country 
schools. Was graduated at East Tenn. Wesleyan University 
with B. S. Has been in Chattanooga, Tenn., most of the time 
since graduation, engaged in the grocery, produce and grain 
business. 1896 in the produce business at 813 Cherry street, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1885. 

GEORGE ELIJAH BARNARD, b. Barnardsville, Roane 
county, Tenn., Feb. 6, 1859. Clerked in store and taught school 
until he entered the Seminary at Concord, Tenn. Fitted for 
college at Seminary. Was graduated a B. S. Merchant, Pilot 
Point, Texas, 1886. Secretary of Medicine Company, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., 1887-88. Special agent for the Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co., of New York, in Texas 1889-95. In 1896 in the Fire 
and Life Insurance business. Celeste, Texas. 

LENORA M. E. WEST BOWEN. b. Near Tampieo, Grainger 
county, Tenn., Attended public schools in native 

county and two years a student in Holston Seminary, New Mar- 
ket, Tenji., two and a half years in Sulphur Springs Academy, 
Joppa, Tenn. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University in 
fall of 1883, and was graduated a B. S. in 1885. Teacher of Mu- 
sic, Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn., 1885-86; 
ditto Warren College, Chucky City, Tenn., 1886-87; ditto Par- 
rottsville Seminary, Parrottsville, Tenn., 1888-89; ditto at her 
home, Athens, Tenn., 1890-91. Took a course in instrumental 
music at Athens and received Mus. B. in 1891. m. Sidney A. 
Bowen, Athens, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1891. Now, 1896, house-keep- 
ing and home-making at Jewell's, Ga. 

RICHARD CALDWELL BRAMLETT. b. in Gwinnett county, 
Ga., Sept. 16, 1859. In very early life became religious and was 
called to preach. Entered Ellijay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga., in 
1876, where he fitted for college. Was graduated an A. B. 
Has travelled and preached every year, except one, since grad- 
uation, in the Georgia Conference M. E. Church. Principal of 
Du Pont Seminary, Ga., 1890-91 ; ditto Mount Zion Seminary, 
Mount Zion, Ga., 1895-96. Teaching and preaching in 
1896, Mount Zion, Ga. m. Lillie A. Puckett, Dec. 22, 1891, at 
Gainesville, Ga. 


KATIE HAUN CROCKETT. A native of Hamblen county, 
East Tenn. Received instruction in common scliools. Then 
began teaching. Student in High School, Whitesburg, Tenn., 
two years. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University, winter 
1883-84. Received there, B. S. Then taught school — public, 
select and private until 1889. m. Prof. Samuel A. Crockett, 
Class of '84, Whitesburg, Tenn., June 27, 1889. Then taught 
three years at Mountain City, Tenn. Then went from school- 
keeping to house-keeping, and is now, 1896, thus employed 
at Tellico Junction, Tenn. 

SAMUEL B. HIKES. At graduation was from Knox county, 
Tenn. Received B. S. at Athens. Resides now, 1896, at Fresno, 

iVATHANIEL G. JACKS, b. near Athens, McMinn county, 
Tenn., Dec. 6, 1849. Early education neglected on account of 
civil war. At fifteen years of age enlisted in the U. S. Army 
in 1864. Discharged at Nashville, July, 1865. Fitted for col- 
lege at Cog Hill in native county, and taught school before 
graduation at Athens with B. S. Pastor of First Christian 
Church, Knoxville, Tenn., in 1882-83. Principal of High 
School, Ooltewah, Tenn., 1885-87. Pastor of Second Christian 
Church, Augusta, Ga., 1887-96 — which position he holds in 1896. 
Has served also as special evangelist with marked success in 
Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina. Author of 
pamphlets and evangelistic sermons in book form. m. Tennie 
Womack, near Chattanooga, Tenn., Dec. 23, 1879. 

Tenn., at graduation, when she received B. S. She married 
Mr. John Kennedy, and resides now, 1896, in Knoxville, Tenn. 

HENRY FRANCIS KINSER. b. in Monroe county, Tenn., 
Feb. 28, 1858. As a boy had few school advantages. Entered 
college at Mosheim, Tenn., Jan. 1878. In school there and at 
Tulegahler in native county two years. Taught a few public 
schools before entering East Tenn. Wesleyan University, where 
he received B. S. Since then has taught in public schools and 
academies of Monroe and adjoining counties. Now, 1896, 
teacher, Madisonville, Tenn. m. Laura Lauderdale, in Lou- 
don county, Tenn., July 20, 1886. 


ROBERT LEE MADISON, b. at Staunton, Va., Feb. 17, 1867. 
Instructed at home by his mother until his ninth year. Then 
for six years was in private schools and Classical Department 


of Lexington, Va., Graded Schools. Father died in 1878. 
Family removed in 1881 to Dalton, Ga., thence to Cleveland 
and later to Athens, Tenn. Here he entered the East Tenn. 
Wesleyan University, and was graduated a Ph. B. Taught 
three months in Cumberland county, Tenn., in 1885. Principal 
of Quallatown, N. C, Seminary, 1885-88; ditto of Jackson 
Academy, Sylva, N. C, 1888-89; ditto of Cullowhee High 
School, Painter, N. C, 1889-96. Has a series of common school 
texts in preparation. Now, 1896, Principal of Cullowhee High 
School, Painter, N. C, containing a Normal Department, es- 
tablished by the State and aided by an annual appropriation 
of $1,500. m. Ella Virginia Richards, of Galveston, Texas, at 
Cullowhee, N. C, Nov. 25, 1891. 

LIZZIE J. McMAHAN. b. near Athens, Tenn., Feb. 9, 1865. 

Fitted for college in McMinn county public schools and taught 
in them two terms before entering East Tenn. Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, where the A. B. degree was received. Teacher in Elli- 
jay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga., 1885 and 1887 ; ditto Warren College, 
Chucky City, Tenn., 1886. Then taught a few years in native 
county public schools. Teacher at Kirkland, Texas, 1894-96. 

JAMES EBLEN TALLAXT. b. near Ooltewah, James 
county, Tenn., Sept. 9, 1860. Father died when he was three 
years old. Reared on farm until nineteen years of age, occa- 
sionally went to public school. Joined the M. E. Church, 
1878. Licensed to preach in 1882. Entered Academy at Red 
Clay, Ga., in 1879. Alternated teaching in public schools of 
native county and attending East Tenn, Wesleyan University 
from 1880 to 1885. Was graduated a B. S. Principal of Harri- 
son Academy, Harrison, Tenn., 1885-1888. Professor of Latin 
and Mathematics in Seminary at Ellijay, Ga., 1888-93, during 
last three years was Principal of Seminary — resigned in 1893. 
President of Chico Male and Female Institute, Chico, Texas, 
1893-96. Now, 1896, a member of Austin Conference M. E. 
Church, and teacher and preacher at Chico, Texas, m. Cale- 
donia Nichols, in Knox county, Tenn., Dec. 17, 1885. 


CLASS OF 1886. 

JOHN LIGHT ATLEE, Jr. b. Athens, Tenn., April 1, 1866. 
Fitted for college in private schools and in Preparatory De- 
partment of East Tenn. Wesleyan University. Was graduated 
from Grant Memorial University with Ph.B. Taught school 
in Hamilton county, Tenn. In grocery business in Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., 1887-88. Assistant Secretary Y. M. C. A., Chat- 


tanooga, 1888-89. General Secretary Department of Virginia, 
Y. M. C. A., 1889-91. General Seeretaty Y. M. C. A., Danville, 
Va., 1891-93. Editor and Manager of Woman's Health Journal, 
1893-96, at Chattanooga, m. Margaret Patten, Chattanooga, 
Sept. 16, 1891. 

ELLSWORTH BETHEL. b.^Smyrna, Ohio, June 20, 1863. Was 
educated in public schools of Ohio, and at Scio College, Ohio. 
Student two years in Grant Memorial University, Athens, 
Tenn., where he was graduated a B. S. Taught in public 
schools of Ohio before graduation. Professor in Greeley Bus- 
iness College, Colorado, three years. Instructor in Natural 
Sciences in Denver High School, Denver, Col., 1890-96. Speci- 
alty is Biology. Has personally made large and valuable col- 
lections. Author of a work in Zoology and Botany used in 
grammar grades in the public schools of Denver, Col. Ad- 
dress, 296 South Grant ave., Denver, Col. 

SAMUEL C. BROWN, b. in Cumberland county, Tenn., 
Is ov. 5, 1855. Attended common schools, but studied more at 
home. Was graduated a B. S. Superintendent of Public In- 
struction of Cumberland county five years. Clerk and Mas- 
ter, Chancery Court, Crossville, Tenn., four years. Practiced 
law 1892-96. Delegate from 4th Congressional District of 
Tenn., to National Republican Convention at Minneapolis, 
1892. Now, 1896, lawyer, Crossville, Tenn. m. M. Alice Cline, 
North ville, Cumberland county, Tenn., Dec. 5, 1887. 

JOHN HENRY EARLY, b. Livingston, Ga., Aug. 23, 1860. 
Attended such public schools as native community afforded. 
Was graduated an A. B. Principal of Seminary at Ellijay, Ga., 
1886-87. State Senator from the 8th Senatorial District of 
Tenn., in 1891-92; also, in 1895-96, which position he now holds. 
Lawyer in 1896, Chattanooga, Tenn. m. Serelda F. Wallace, 
of Anderson county, Tenn., at Athens, Tenn., Aug. 16, 1885. 

ELIJAH JEFFERSON FOUTE. b. in Knox county, Tenn,, 
Nov. 19, 1861. Reared on farm and obtained preparatory train- 
ing in public schools. Received B. S. on graduation and since 
tlien has been engaged in the practice of medicine at Trigo- 
nia, Tenn. 

JOHN PELER GRIFFITTS. b. Unitia, Tenn., Sept. 20, 
1857. Worked on farm until twenty-two years old. Then 
entered Academy at Friendsville, Tenn. Entered Grant Uni- 
versity in 1884, from which he received B. S. Professor of 
Mathematics Loudon College, Loudon, Tenn., 1888-89. Princi- 
pal of Union High School, Virtue, Tenn., 1892. President of 
Roane College, Wheat, Tenn., in 1893. Prof. Natural Science 
Ewing and Jefferson College, 1893-95. Took courses in Teach- 
er's Department University of Tennessee, and the National 
University, Chicago, 111., and received degrees. Now, 1896, 


President of Roane College, Wheat, Roane county, Tenn. m. 
Mary E. Kollock, Eaton's Cross Roads, Tenn., April 23, 1891. 

FLETCHER HAMLINE. From Peekskill, New York, as a 
non-resident student. On examination of manuscript and 
theses on a post-graduate course received Ph.D. 

NORA RANGE LONG. b. near Johnson City, Tenn. Oct. 5, 
1867. Fitted for college under private teachers. Was a stu- 
dent two years in Milligan College, prior to entering Grant 
University, from which she received B. S. Taught music in 
Johnson City, Tenn., two years after leaving college, m. Ed- 
win A. Long, M. D., Class of '87, at Johnson City, Tenn., March 
12, 1891, where she now resides. 


DAVID NATHANIEL McINTURFF. b. near John?on City, 
East Tenn., Sept. 8, 1860. Father served in Federal Army three 
years. Early in life became religious and began to preach 
when fifteen years of age. Entered Preparatory Department 
of University at Athens, where he fitted for college work. Was 
graduated an A. B. Pastor of M. E. Church, Rockwood, Tenn., 
1886-87 ; ditto at Asheville, N. C, 1887-88. Missionary to Japan, 
three years. Pastor St. Paul's Church, Portland, Oregon, two 
years; ditto at Eugene, Oregon, two years. Now, 1896, Pas- 
tor of church at Spokane, Washington — membership, 700. Re- 
ceived D. D. from Baker University in 1891. While in Japan 
was editor of Japanese Chn'stinn Advocate, and now is chief 
editor of Union Leader, and Pastor of M. E. Church, Spokane, 
Washington, m. Eugenia L. Long, Class of '84, at Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., Jan. 28, 1886. 

HATTIE E. McMAHAN. b. in McMinn county, Tenn., Aug. 
12, 1866. Completed the studies in the country public schools 
before entering college. Received at Athens on graduation, 
Ph.B., and afterwards engaged in teaching in the public schools 
of McMinn county. Address, Athens, Tenn. 

SALLIE R. McSPADDEN. b. Cleveland, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1868. 
Resided at graduation near Concord, Tenn. Received B. S. at 
Athens, Tenn. During much of the time since then has been 
a teacher. Teacher in North Knoxville High School, Knox- 
ville, Tenn., 1891-96. Address, 729 N. 4th ave, Knoxville, Tenn. 

y CHARLES WILLIAM MILLER, b. in Monroe county, Ala., 

I Nov. 1.3, 1859. His father was killed in battle of Chickamauga 
in 1863 — mother taught school. Was a student in Andrews In- 


stitute, Ala., in 1880-81. Local preacher and served as supply. 
Received B. S. at Athens. Assistant pastor of M. E. Church, 
Birmingham, Ala., in summer and fall of 1886. Missionary to 
South America, 1886-93. While there wrote two pamphlets, 
several tracts, and edited for one year a monthly paper La 
Verdad, (The Truth), all in the Spanish language. Now, 1896, 
a member of Holston Conference M. E. Church and pastor of 
Cumberland Gap circuit. Address, Well Spring, Tenn. m. 
Mary E. Woodson, at Well Spring, June 8, 1886. 

CLASS OF 1887. 

NINA LELIA BAILEY, b. Carter Station, Greene county, 
Tenn., Attended a common school for a few 

years, which became Oakland Seminary, where she was fitted 
for college. Was graduated at Athens a Ph.B. Teacher in 
Preparatory Department, Oakland Seminary, Baileyton, Tenn., 
1888-89. Teacher in saine of Latin, English and Rhetoric 
1889-95. Principal of Oakland Seminary, 1895-96. Has been 
teaclier there eight years. Address, Baileyton, Greene county, 

WILLIAM HENRY COX. b. in Washington county, Tenn., 
Jan. 15, 1852. Early life on the farm. Had no school privileges 
vintil about eighteen years old. Tlien entered Boone's Creek 
Seminary in native county. Was graduated at Athens in 
Science and Theology, receiving B. S. and B. D, Clerk in 
store, Jonesboro, Tenn., 1888-95. Local Preacher in M. E. 
Church, Jonesboro Circuit two years. Superintendent of Pub- 
lic Instruction for Washington county, 1895-96. Now, 1896, 
farmer and County Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
Jonesboro, Tenn. m. Dora Hill, May 13, 1888. 

JAMES WEBSTER DORTON. b. at McLenden Stand, Tenn., 
July 8, 1858. Was graduated at Athens with Ph.B. Since then 
has been studying and practicing law. Now, 1896, Lawyer, 
Crossville, Cumberland, county, Tenn. 


CHARLES HENRY JENNINGS, b. in Blount county, Tenn., 
Nov. 3, 1863. Deputy Postmaster at New Market, Tenn. Stu- 
dent there in Holston Seminary five years. Then entered 
University at Athens. Teacher in Powell's Valley Seminary, 
Well Spring, Tenn., 1885-86. Then book-keeper at Knoxville, 
and afterwards Deputy Clerk of Supreme Court in same city 
three years. Received A. B. from Grant University. In Call- 


fornia 1890. Memlier of law firm, Johnson City, Tenn., 1891-94, 
where he is now, 1896, Corporation Tax Attornf^y, and Attor- 
ney for the Southern Railway Co. m. Lula M. Coleman, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn., Nov. 15, 1892. 

JAMES TEMPLETON JONES, b. in Hamilton county, Tenn., 
Sept. 20, 1856. Prepared for college in country schools. Was 
graduated from Grant University in Science and Theology, 
receiving B. S. and B. D. Has been in the ministry of the 
Cumberland Presbyterian Church since graduation. Now, 
1896, Pastor of C. P. Church, Batesville, Miss. m. E. G. Kelley 
in Marion county, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1894. 

JOHN MARCUS LEVERITT. b. in Randolph county, Ala., 
Nov., 1859. Studied at Rock Mills. Ala., and at Oxford, Ga. 
Received B. S. on graduation. Taught school at Ashland, 
Ala., 1887-90, and continued to teach at various places until 
April, 1896. Now engaged in merchandising and farming at 
Oaklone, Ala. m. Cora L. Gilbert, June 15, 1890, Pinckneyville', 

JAMES ALBERT LONG. b. in McMinn county, Tenn., Aug. 
7, 1859. Taught in public and high schools prior to graduation 
when B. S. was received. Student in Chattanooga Medical 
College, 1889-90. Received from it M. D. Pension Surgeon at 
Loudon, Tenn., 1890-93. Secretary of McMinn County Medical 
Society in 1894. Now, 1896, Physician, Chucky City, Tenn, 
m. Lillie Robinson, Loudon, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1887. 

EDWIN AUGUSTUS LONG. b. Athens, Tenn., Nov. 24, 1861. 
Fitted for college at Williamsburg Academy, in native 
county. Taught two years at Wedowee and Pleasant Hill 
Academies in Alabama, and public schools in Tennessee prior 
to graduating with B. S. at Athens. Instructor in Math- 
ematics at Warren College, Chucky City, Tenn., in 1887-89. 
Received from Medical Department of University of Louis- 
ville, Ky., in 1891, M. D. Now, 1896, Physician at Johnson 
City, Tenn. m. Nora Range, Class of '86, Johnson City, Tenn., 
March 12, 1891. 

MAMIE GIBSON MILLER, b. at Bainbridge, Ga., Dec. 5, 
1867. Fitted for college in the private schools of Athens, Tenn., 
and Martha Washington Female College, Va. Received B. S. 
from University at Athens, Tenn. m. Lawyer W. B. Miller, 
at Athens, Tenn., Sept. 5, 1889. Address in 1896, Dayton, Tenn. 

JOHN BELL RICE. Was a resident of Lot, Ky., when he 
was graduated at Athens, receiving A. B. m. Emma Lee Da- 

EMMA LEE DAVIS RICE. Resided at Yellow Sulphur, 
Tenn., when graduated with B. S. m. John Bell Rice. 

JAMES HAMILTON RIDDLE, b. in Gordon county, Ga., 


March 19, 1855. Reared on the farm. Received primary edu- 
cation at Fairmount, Ga. Associate Principal of Lineville 
High School, Lineville, Ala., three years. Principal of Bethel 
Institute, Chiy county, Ala., two years. Received Ph. B. from 
Grant University, and three years later Ph.M. Associate 
Principal Ashland High School, Ashland, Ala., three years. 
President i^shiand College, Ashland, Ala., three years. Vice- 
President Lineville College, Lineville, Ala., one year. Secre- 
tary of County Board of Education, Clay county, Ala., six 
years. Commissioner in 1893 to survey and locate boundary 
line between Clay and Talladega counties, Ala. Now, 1896, 
Member of Board of Education, Morgan county, Ala., and 
President of Hartselle College, Hartselle, Ala. m. Idora 
Jenkins, Lineville, Ala., June 23, 1883. She died. m. Emma 
Conger, Hackneyville, Ala., Dec. 27, 1894. 

WILLIAM EtiBERT ROUERS. Reared on a farm in Weakly 
county, Tenn. Academic education at Hickory Grove in same 
county. Held a clerkship at Martin, Tenn., two years. Re- 
ceived B. S. at Athens, Tenn. Teacher at Eva, Texas, two 
years; ditto at Aurora, Texas, one year. Practicing Attorney 
in Cooke county, Texas, 1892-96. In 1896, Lawyer at Gaines- " 
ville, Texas, m. Lola C. Wells, in Cooke county, Texas, Oct. 
22, 1891. 

HENDERSON DAVAULT SPROT.ES. b. in Sullivan county, 
Tenn., in 1855. Parents were poor. Was reared on a farm 
Attended school until able to teach. Then taught public 
schools in Washington, Sullivan, Greene, and Hawkins coun- 
ties, Tenn. Received B. S. at Athens. Principal Church Hill 
Academy, Hawkins county, Tenn., 1887-89; ditto of Male and 
Female Institute, Blountville, Tenn., 1889-91 ; ditto of Academy, 
Kingsport, Tenn., 1891-92; ditto again at Blountville, 1892-93; 
ditto Mill Point Institute, 1894-95. Occupation in 1896, farm- 
ing. Address, Slaughter, Tenn. m. Mattie J. Bell, in Sulli- 
van county, Tenn., July 24, 1895. 

JAMES MILTON WILLIAMS, b. at Morristown, Tenn., April 
7, 1861. His parents died when he was very young. Early 
education obtained in public schools of Morristown. Student 
in Hiwassee College, Tenn., one and a half years. Entered 
University at Athens, Jan., 1882. Received; from it B. D. and 
A. B. Principal of Warren College, Chucky City, Tenn., two 
years ; Parrottsville Seminary, one year ; ditto Powell's Valley 
Seminary, Well Spring, one year; ditto Holston Seminary, 
New Market, Tenn., 1893-96. Now, 1896, teacher New Market, 
Tenn. m. L. Sabina Bailey, at Baileyton, Tenn., April 30, 1889. 

L. SABINA BAILEY WILLIAMS, b. at Baileyton, Greene 
county, Tenn., July 13, 1867. Educated chiefly at Oakland 
Seminary near home. Received Ph.B. from Grant University. 
Taught as Assistant and Instructor in Music, Parrottsville 


Seminary, Parrottsville, Tenn., 1889-90. Teacher in Sulphur 
Springs Academy, 1892-93. In 1896, teacher at New Market, 
Tenn., in Holston Seminary, m. Prof. James M. Williams at 
Baileyton, Tenn., April 30, 1889. 

CLASS OF 1888. 

fJEORGE DOUGLASS ADAMS, b. Decatur, Tenn.. Nov. 4, 
1862. Learned the printers' trade. Teacher in public schools 
of McMinn county, Tenn. Student at Decatur Academy. Re- 
ceived B. S. from Grant University. Principal Chilhowee In- 
stitute, Tenn., one year. Teacher in Collegiate Institute, 
Parker county, Texas, two years; ditto in Brock Santo Semi- 
nary, Santo, Texas, three years. Now, 1896, finishing- second 
year as teacher in Palo Pinto Academy, Palo Pinto, Texas, 
m. Georgia Thomas, Weatherford, Texas, Sept. 25, 1890. 

Tenn., Jan. 11, 1861. On the farm until the age of twenty-one 
years. Attended the public schools of the rural districts. Re- 
ceived B. S. on graduation. Elected a member of Knox County 
Court, August 1894. Attorney at law, Powell's Station, Tenn. 

CHARLES A. GRISE. Resided at Wilmington, Del., when 
he was graduated an A. B. at Grant University. 

JOHN THOMAS HENDERSON, b. near Loudon, Tenn., Aug. 
16,1862. Reared on the farm and received early edvication 
chiefly in the public schools, in which he afterwards taught. 
Received B. S. on graduation. Principal of Maury Academy, 
Dandridge, Tenn., 1888-91 ; ditto of Fall Branch Graded School, 
Washington county, Tenn., 1891-94. Supt. of Public Instruction 
in Loudon county, Tenn., 1893-97. Address, Loudon, Tenn. 

THOMAS WRIGHT MATNEY. b. near Asheville, N. C, 
April 8, 1862. Student in Masonic Institute, Taylorsville, Tenn. 
in 1883. Taught school to support himself while in college. 
Was graduated from Grant University with A. B. Received 
the B. D. from the same in May, 1889. President of Bloom- 
ington College, Bloomington, Tenn., from his graduation until 
his death at Bloomington, Oct. 13, 1889. Was also pastor of 
Bloomington and Cookville charge, M. E. Church, during his 
presidency, m. Mary Elizabeth Hagey, Athens, Tenn., June 
13, 1888. 

Philadelphia, Pa., July 7, 1868. Student in private school Pied- 
mont, W. Va., and afterward in public schools of Baltimore, 
Md., and Washington, D. C. Was graduated from Washington 
High School, June, 1884. Entered Grant University, A ug., 1886, 
and was graduated an A. B. Teacher of Music Bloomington 
College, Bloomington, Tenn., 1888-89. Also taught in prepara- 


tory department at same place. Now, 1896, Clerk, Stenogra- 
pher and Typewriter in Life Insurance, 115 W. Duval street, 
Germantown. Pa. m. Rev. Thomas Wright Matney, Athens, 
Tenn., June 13, 1888. 

SAMUEL J. MORRIS. Resided at Harrington, Del., when 
graduated with A. B. from Grant University. 

MARION GRANT RAMBO. b. in Greene county, Tenn., 
March 20, 1866. Teacher in Greene county public schools, 
1885-87. Fitted for college at Warren Collegiate Institute, 
Chucky City, Tenn. Was graduated from Grant University 
with B. S. Principal of Holston Seminary, New Market, 
Tenn., 1888. Pastor M. E. Church, Aullville, Mo., 1889. Ad- 
mitted to St. Louis Conference, M. E. Church, in 1890, and ap- 
pointed to Rockville 1890, Smithton 1891, Independence 1892. 
Transferred to Des Moines Conference in 1893, and stationed at 
Yorktown, Iowa, 1893-96. Now, 1896, Methodist Minister, York- 
town, Iowa. m. Mrs. Ada E. Pearson Smith, Higginsville, 
Mo., Oct. 3, 1889. 

THOMAS WILLIAM SALT. b. in England, May 20, 1862. 
Received preparatory training in Manchester, England. 
Studied under private instructors two years. Licensed to 
preach by M. E. Church, Dec. 25, 1882. Entered travelling 
ministry in 1884. Was graduated at Grant University in The- 
ology in 1888, and received B. D. Then took post-graduate 
course in Grant LTniversity, receiving A. M. in 1889 and Ph.D. 
in 1890. Pastor of Spruce street M. E. Church, Nashville, Tenn., 
1888-89. Took while there a course in medicine in State Medi- 
cal College. President Bloomington College, Tenn., 1889-90. 
Pastor of Spruce street M. E. Church, Nashville, 1890-91; ditto 
Huntington Church, 1891-96, and also served as Vice-President 
McLemoresville Collegiate Institute from 1892 to 1896, which 
positions he now, 1896, holds, and is also Professor of Lan- 
guages. Address, McLemoresville, Tenn. m. Cleopatra Al- 
man, McLemoresville, Tenn., July 4, 1888. 

ELEANOR E. McLAIN SPERRY. b. Fayette, Iowa, Sept. 1, 
1870. Student at St. Louis Seminary, 1884; ditto Toledo, Ohio, 
High School, 1885. Studied Music in St. Louis, Mo., 1882-84. 
Was graduated from Grant University a Bachelor of Music, 
Assistant in Music Department of Alma Mater, 1888-89. 
Teacher of private class, St. Louis, Mo., 1889-91. Principal of 
Music Department Salisburg Academy, Salisburg, Mo., 1891-92. 
Teacher of Elocution, Banjo and Guitar, at Centenary College, 
Cleveland, Tenn., 1893-94. m. Isaac Dunham Sperry, St. 
Louis, Mo., July 18, 1895. Address, 310 Odd Fellow's Building, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

WILLIAM MARION THOMAS, b. at Folger, McMinn county, 
Tenn., March 18, 1862. Student at Riceville and Calhoun, 


Tenn. Superintendent of Public Instruction for McMinn 
county, 1887-88. Was graduated from Grant University a B.S. 
and from St. Louis College of Physicians an M. D. in 1891, 
Took post-graduate course in INIedicine at New Orleans, La., 
in 1895. Physician at Blue Ridge, Texas, 1891-95. Practicing 
medicine now, 1896, at Farmersville, Texas, m. Mary J. Hon- 
aker, Farmersville, Texas, Jan. 31, 1894. 

ROBERT HILTOK THOMPSON, b. near Athens, Tenn., 
Dec. 23, 1866. Prepared for college in the public schools and 
the preparatory department of East Tenn. Wesleyan LTniver- 
sity. Taught in public schools before being graduated from 
L'J^niversity with A. B. Representative from McMinn county, 
Tenn., in the State Legislature, 1889-91; editor of The Athenian-! 
1890-91. Attorney at law, Denison, Texas, m. Ona Prather 
in Athens. Tenn. 

HENRY CLAY WRIGHT, b. Johnson City, Tenn., Sept. 20, 
1865. Early years spent on a farm. Preparatory education 
obtained chiefly at Milligan College, Carter county, Tenn. 
Was graduated from Grant University an A. B. Studied 
medicine in Chattanooga Medical College and in University 
of Louisville, Ky., receiving M. D. from the latter in 1892. Has 
since been a practicing physician and is now, 1896, such at 
Nashville, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1889. 

ANNA B. LONG ARNOLD, b. in McMinn county, Tenn., 
Jan. 30, 1866. Prepared for college in the academic department 
of Grant University. Was graduated with B. S. Address, 846 
Michigan Ave., Portland, Oregon, m. Rev. George R. Arnold, 
in Portland, Oregon, July 11, 1892. 

ERNEST BLAKE CALDWELL, b. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 12, 
1869. Removed to Athens, Tenn., in 1880, and entered East 
Tenn. Wesleyan LTniversity and was graduated with A. B. in 
1889, and B. D. in 1892. Teacher in Walnut Grove College in 
Ala., 1892-93. Pastor of M. E. Church, Deansboro, New York, 
1893-96, and a member of the Northern New York Conference, 
Address, Pastor M. E. Church, Deansboro, Oneida county, New 
York. m. Gertrude Flora Beeler, Ottawa, Kansas, June 3, 1891. 

SAMUEL CROOK. Was a resident of Baltimore, Md., at 
graduation, when he received at Athens B. S, 




HARRISON ADAMS GREAVES, b. Wilmington, Del., Sept. 
20, 1864. Was a student in public schools, Wilmington, Del., 
Wilmington Conf. Academy, Dover, Del., and Delaware Col- 
lege, Newark, Del. Was graduated from Grant University an 
A. B., and from Drew Theological Seminary a B. D. Pastor of 
M. E. Church, Chelton, ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
ditto Eddystone, Pa. ; ditto Cokesbury M. E. Church, Marcus 
Hook, Pa. Now. 1896, Pastor of M. E. Church, 904 12th St. N. 
W., Washington, D. C. m. Dr. Blanche Fiscus, Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 14, 1892. 

EDGAR REAMER LING. b. in Bedford, Pa., 1863. In early 
life taught in the public schools of East Tenn. Student in 
preparatory department of East Tenn. Wesleyan University, 
from which he was graduated a B. S. Principal of Powell's 
Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn., 1889-91. Superintend- 
ent of City Schools, Morgan. Texas, 1891-92. President of 
Bloomington College, Bloomington, Tenn., 1892-94; ditto of 
Shawnee Normal, Shawnee, Oklahoma, 1895-96. Has taken 
special work in English Literature, German, Spanish and 
Pedagogy. Author of serials, "In the Quarry," and ''Indie, or 
Art Legion of the Rock House." Now, 1896, teacher at Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

MARY ATLEE LUTER. b. at Goliad, Texas, June 13, 1868. 
Lived the most of her life at Athens, Tenn., where she was 
educated and completed a course in music, receiving the 
Bachelor's degree, Mus. B. Principal of the Department of 
Music in Grant University at her death, Feb. 1, 1893. 

MART WE\TWORTH McLAIN. b. Fayette, Iowa, March, 
31, 1869. Obtained early education in St. Louis, Mo., Seminary, 
1882-84, and Toledo High School, Toledo, Ohio, 1884-86. Was 
graduated from Grant Univei'sity a B. S. and also a Mus. B. 
in 1889. Had private pupils, St. Louis, 1891-92. Principal of 
Music Department, Scotland Academy, Scotland, S. Dakota, 
1893-94. Governess, Marion, Va., 1894-95. Address, Tuxedo, 

GEORGE GILLIS MILLER, b. in Dale county, Ala., Jan. 
28, 1861. Farmed — cut cordwood — quarried building stone- 
worked in flouring mill. Student in Andrew Institute, Ala., 
taught school — was janitor, book agent and Bible colporteur. 
Received B. S. from Grant University. Principal of Mallalien 
Seminary, Kinsey, Ala., 1890-93; ditto School No. 20, Escam- 


bia county. Fla., 1893-94. In the active ministry of the M. E. 
Church, 1894-96. Now, 1896, Minister in Ala. Conference of M. 
E. Church, Marl, Greene county, Ala. m. Julia Amanda 
Mixson, Tabernacle, Coflfee county, Ala., June 26, 1892. 

MARION HARBIN MONROE, b. in Lumkin, county, Ga., 
June 29, 1855. Attended Dawsonville Academy, Ga., and 
served as supply pastor in the Georgia Conference, 1888-92. 
Took the course of Theology at Athens, and received B. D.; 
also took other literary work. President of Warren College, 
Chucky City, Tenn., 1889-90. Principal of Parrottsville Semi- 
nary, Parrottsville, Tenn., 1890-93. Pastor in Holston Confer- 
ence M. E, Church, 1894-96. Now, 1896, Pastor of Chatata cir- 
cuit. Address, Chatata, Tenn, m. Sarah L. Self, March 27, 
1879. She died. m. Mary A. Kyker, July, 17, 1884, Athens, 

JOHN PATTERSON MORTON, b. at Forkvale, Tenn., Aug. 
26, 1855. Was a student at Fincastle and Well Spring, Tenn. 
Then Superintendent of Public Instruction of Anderson 
county, Tenn. Received from Grant University in 1889. A. B. 
and also B. D. A member of the Holston Conference M. E. 
• Church, and apj)ointed pastor and served as follows: Morris- 
town, Tenn,, 1889-90 ; South Pittsburg, 1890-91 ; Kingston, 1891-93 ; 
Clinton, 1893-94, where he died Sept. 15, 1894. m. Helen Little, 
at Well Spring, Tenn., July 13, 1882. 


JOEL FRANKLIN SMITH, b. in Wilkes county, N. C, 
Nov. 4, 1863. Attended district school in 1881. Student in 
Trap Hill Academy, N. C, 1881-82; ditto in Leicester Academy, 
N. C, 1882-83; ditto in Roaring Gap Academy, same State, 
1883-84. Entered East Tenn. Wesleyan University in Nov. 
1884, from which he received in 1889 both A. B. and B. D. Prin- 
cipal of Fair View Seminary, Trap Hill, N. C, 1889-92. Sup- 
ply Pastor of M. E. Church, Perkins, Okla., July to Dec. 1892. 
Pastor of M. E. Church, Guthrie, Okla., 1892-93; ditto Still- 
water, Okla., 1893-94. Presiding Elder Oklahoma District, 
1894-95. On account of failing health was transferred to Erie, 
Col. Died at Salida, Col., Oct. 7, 1896. m. Maggie E. Day- 
wait, at Concord, N. C, Nov. 12, 1885. 

CARET FLETCHER SPENCE. b. Knoxville, Tenn., Jan. 21, 

1869. Six years in Knoxville City schools — two years in the 
LTniversity of Tennessee. Was graduated at Grant University 
with B. S. With the Southern Building and Loan Associa- 


tion, Knoxyille, Tenn., 1890-96. Book-keeper for it in 1896. 
Address, Knoxville, Tenn. 

yiOLA TARWATER. b. Knoxville, Tenn., July 28, 1868. 
Fitted for college in preparatory department of East Tenn. 
Wesleyan University, and was graduated from it a B. S. Ad- 
dress in 1896, French, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1890. 

WILLIAM REED BAILEY, b. Baileyton, Greene county, 
Tenn., Jan. 15,1871. Taught school one year. Fitted for col- 
lege in Oakland Seminary near home. Was graduated from 
Grant University, a Ph.B. Teacher at Oakland Seminary, 
Baileyton, Tenn., 1890-95. Since then has been in the mercan- 
tile business at Romeo, Tenn. 

THEODORE BRADLEY HACKER, b. Jonesboro, Tenn., 
Feb. 17, 1869. Student in graded schools of native town to 
completion of Eighth Grade. Was graduated a Ph.B. at 
Grant University. Since then attorney at law and fire insur- 
ance agent at present residence, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

ROBERT JOHN HAGEY. b. at Germantown, Philadelphia, 
Pa., May, 15. 1870. Prepared for college in High School, 
Washington, D. C. Entered Grant University. April, 1886. 
Professor of Mathematics, Bloomington College, Bloomington, 
Tenn., 1888-89. Taught public school at Martin's Creek, Tenn., 
in Fall of 1889. Returned to Athens in Jan. 1890, and was 
there graduated with A. B. President of Bloomington College, 
1890-92. Taught public school at Boma, Tenn., in Fall of 1892. 
In Jan.. 1893, became clerk in an Insurance office, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Now, 1896, chief book-keeper. Insurance Office, 115 
West Duval street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

JOHN ASRURY HICKS, b. in Anderson county, Tenn., May 
11, 1867. Was sixteen years on farm — attending free school 
part of time from three to six months each year. Fitted for 
college in Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn. 
Taught two terms of public school in the country. Received 
from Grant University A. B. Adjunct Professor of Ancient 
Languages and Natural Science in Alma Mater, 1890-93. Pro- 
fessor of Latin Language and Literature, American Temper- 
ance University, Harriman, Tenn., 1893-94. Studied music 
and voice culture in Universities while teaching, and contin- 
ued that training in Chicago, 111., in 1894-95. During 1895- 
96, was a "wandering minstrel," being part of the time with 
the Emerson Quartette, Cleveland, Ohio, then with the Sil- 
ver Lake Quartette of New Y'ork. Voice, baritone. Excels 
in oratorios and ballad singing. Address, Bull Run, Knox 
county, Tenn. 


WALTER LEE MASSEY. b. in Walker county, Ga., March 
19, 1868. On the farm until the age of sixteen years. Entered 
Preparatory Department of Grant University, Sept. 1884, and 
was there graduated with Ph.B. Was graduated from Law 
Department of Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn., Jan., 
1892, with LL.B. Has practiced law from 1892 to the present, 
1896, at Lafayette, Ga., where he now resides. 

ISAAC HILL MILLER, b. at Auburn, Ala. Began to 
preach at age of sixteen years; joined Alabama Confer- 
ence, M. E. Church, at eighteen years. Was graduated 
from Grant University in Theology, 1890, and received B. D. 
Previous to this he had received A. B. from Andrew's Insti- 
tute, Ala. Pastor of M. E. Church, South Pittsburg, Tenn., 
four years. In 1895-96 pastor of Second M. E. Church, Knox- 
ville, Tenn. Address, 114 Cowan st. m. Victoria Bond, of 
Alabama, Oct. 1874. 

NETTIE TAR WATER STAIR, b. Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 10, 
1872. Fitted for college in preparatory department of Grant 
University. Was graduated from it a B. S. Address in 1896, 
French, Tenn. m. H. Fletcher Stair, at the home of her pa- 
rents, Neubert Springs, Knox county, Tenn., Oct. 23, 1894. 

LAURA HIPP SULLIVAN, b. in Gilmer county, Ga., near 
Ellijay in 1868. Fitted for college in Ellijay Seminary, and 
taught in same before entering Grant University, from which 
A. B. was received. Teacher in Powell's Valley Seminary, 
Well Spring, Tenn., 1891 ; at Buren, Ga., 1892; at Phillipsburg, 
Montana, 1893; at Maysville, Ga., 1894; at Buren, Ga., 1895. 
Now, 1896, teacher at 1018 East 9th st., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
m. R. P. Sullivan, Buren, Ga., March 31, 1892. 

ELLA J. STEWARD WITHERILL. b. in Delaware county, 
Ohio, March 14, 1859. Went to Alabama in 1870. Lived an 
eventful life. No preparation for college except general read- 
ing before entering Grant University. Acquired drill in busi- 
ness by assisting her father in his office. Completed course of 
Music in Grant University in 1889, and received Mus. B. En- 
tered the third year preparatory department of University 
in 1886, and received Ph.B. at graduation. Taught school at 
South Pittsburg, Tenn., seven months in 1893-94; ditto at 
Walnut Grove, Ala., two months in 1894. Remainder of time 
since 1890 engaged in office work in Birmingham and River- 
side, Ala. Present occupation in 1896, home-maker at River- 
side, Ala. in. Roy A. Witherill, at Birmingham, Ala., March 
25, 1896. 

CLASS OF 1891. 

JOHJV S. BAKER, b. Maynardville, Tenn., March 20, 1868. 
Early life on the fai*m and in a store. Fitted for college at 


Liberty Academy in native town. Was graduated from Grant 
University with Pli.B. Then was a school teacher two years, 
County Superintendent of Public Instruction two years, and 
merchant one year. In 1896, merchant at Maynardville, Tenn. 

HUtJH BOYD. b. in the northern part of Ireland, April 19, 
1854. Left there when a boy and came to United States. 
Worked on gravel train, then in a freight depot. Graduated 
from Duff's Business College, Pittsburg, Pa., in 1873. Returned 
to Ireland — was a short time in a national school. Came 
back to United States and was licensed to preach in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., in 1875, and in same year joined the Georgia Con- 
ference of M. E. Church, and was appointed to Church in 
Dalton. Was a student in Ludville Academy and Ellijay 
Seminary, in Ga. Made Presiding Elder in 1884, and a mem- 
ber of General Conference in 1888. Took course in Theology 
in Grant University, and received B. D. in 1889. Received A. 
B. from same in 1891. Has been in the active ministry of M. 
E. Church in New York State since graduation. Is taking a 
post-graduate course in Philosophy, and Pastor at Limestone, 
IS^ew York. m. Emma Thurman,of Walker county, Ga. Sept., 


PHIDELLA. P. CARROLL, b. Mountaintown, Ga., Jan. 12, 
1861. On a farm until nineteen years of age. Studied in Elli- 
jay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga. Received B. D. in Theology in 
Grant University in 1889, and A. B. from same in 1891. Pastor 
of M. E. Church at Monet, Mo., 1891-92; ditto Golden City, 
Mo., 1893-94; ditto Cuba, New York, 1895-96. Was graduated 
at the Philadelphia School of Elocution in March. 1895. Now 
Pastor of M. E. Church, Cuba, New Yoik. m. Carrie O. Faulk- 
ner, of Elmira, New York, at Marionville, Mo., Dec. 31, 1891. 

JESSIE HICKS GILLESPIE, b. in Buncombe county, N. C, 
Oct. 29, 1852. Reared on a farm. Went to public schools. Stu- 
dent in East Tenn. Wesleyan University, 1877-79. Practiced 
medicine, 1882-83. Licensed by M. E. Church to preach in 
1883. Joined Blue Ridge Conference, Oct., 1884. Entered 
Chattanooga University, Nov., 1886, and was graduated there 
an A. B. from Grant L^niversity in 1891. Pastor of Bryson 
City circuit. Blue Ridge Conference M. E. Church, 1891-93; 
ditto Pisgah circuit, 1893-94. Entered School of Theology of 
Grant University at Chattanooga, Nov., 1894, where he is now 
a student. 


MARIS R. HACKMAN. Was from Caldwell, Idaho, at grad- 
uation in Theology, when he received B. D. 

E. ABBIE HENDRICKS, b. Chatfield, Minn., Nov. 21, 1866. 
Attended the public schools in Dover, Minn.; then was three 
years a student in Carleton College, Northfleld, Minn. Taught 
school one year before entering Grant University, where Ph.B. 
was received on graduation. Principal of school at Henry, S. 
Dakota, 1892-93. Teacher at Dover, Minn., 1894-96, where she 
now teaches, and is "wedded to church and school duties." 

XENOPHON ZENAS HICKS, b. Clinton, Tenn., May 2, 1872. 
Student in Clinton High School, then entered Grant Univer- 
ty and was graduated an A. B. Was graduated from Cumber- 
land University Law School, with LL.B., June, 1892, and since 
then has been in the practice of law at Clinton, Tenn. 

WILLIAM L. HUMPHREY, b. in Ehea county, Tenn., Oct. 
25, 1866. Prepared for college in Flint Spring Academy and 
taught public schools before being graduated from Grant Uni- 
versity a B. S. Since then has taught school two years. Then 
began the study of law. Now a lawyer at Cleveland, Tenn. 

JOHN B. JACOBS. Was a resident of Chattanooga, Tenn., 
at graduation, where he received B. S. He entered the min- 
istry of the M. E. Church, and was drowned at some place in 
the State of Missouri. 

MART E. KEYS. b. Limestone, Washington county, Tenn., 
Nov. 26, 1869. Fitted for college in Wesleyan Academy, 
Chucky City. Tenn. Was graduated with B. S. from Grant 
University, and now resides at Millbrook, Washington county, 


JAMES MELVIN MELEAR. b. in Sullivan county, Tenn., 
Aug. 14, 1868. Prepared for college at Kingsley Seminary, in 
native county, at Bloomingdale. Was graduated an A. B. 
from Grant University, Chattanooga Branch. Received from 
the same B. D. pro merito. Has been in the active ministry of 
M. E. Church since graduation. Now a member of Holston 
Conference and Pastor of Athens Station, Athens, Tenn. 

CORA LEE MASSEY MIMS. b. in Haywood county, N. C, 

May 7, 1868. Fitted for college at Newport, Tenn., High School, 
and Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn. Was grad- 
uated with Ph.B. Has taught four years since graduation, 
one year Preceptress at Mallalieu Seminary, Kinsey, Ala., one 


year Assistant at Powell's Valley Seminary, and two years in 
Graded School at McDade, Texas. Now house-keeping at 
Newport, Tenn, m. W. O. Mims, Newport, Tenn., Dec. 19, 1895. 

LEVI KIRBY McNElL. b. in Bland county, Va., Nov. 2, 
1859. Was a student in several academies in Virginia before 
entering Grant University, where he took B. D. A minister and 
member of Virginia Conference M. E. Church prior to 1891. 
Has been in the active ministry since graduation, in St. Louis 
Conference 1891-93, in West Nebraska Conference 1893-95, in 
North Nebraska Conference 1895-96, and is now Pastor at 
Plainview, Pierce county, Neb. m. Minnie Foutts, Athens, 
Tenn;, May 27, 1891. 

THEDA COBLEICtH PEAKE. b. in Athens, Tenn. Pre- 
pared for college in the preparatory department of the Uni- 
versity, where she afterwards received A. B. on graduation. 
Taught in her Alma Mater at Athens 1891-93. Address, Athens, 
Tenn. m. Franklin A. Peake, teacher of elocution and oratory 
in Grant University, at Chattanooga, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1893. 

GEORGE R. ROWAN, b. Rogersville, Tenn., May 4, 1861. 
Reared on farm. Attended McMinn Academy in Rogersville. 
Held various clerkships in Chattanooga, Tenn., 1882-85. Re- 
ceived A. B. from Grant University. Then taught school two 
years. Principal of Aaron Seminary, Montezuma, N. C, two 
years. Pastor M. E. Church in Oklahoma and Principal of 
Chandler Schools, Chandler, Oklahoma, two years. Now Pas- 
tor of M. E. Church, Cleveland, Tenn., in the Holston Confer- 
ence, m. Jennie P. Daywault at Guthrie, Oklahoma, Dec. 26, 

JETTE SHERIDAN. Was a resident of Johnstown, Pa., 
when graduated from the Musical Department of Grant Uni- 


county, Tenn., July 4, 1866. Attended only public schools be- 
fore going to college. Taught in them about three years. Sold 
goods in a country store. Entered Grant University, from 
which he received A. B. Principal of Walnut Grove Acad- 
emy, 1891-92; ditto Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, 
Tenn., 1892-94. Professor in American Temperance University, 
1894-96, and now Dean of College of Liberal Arts in the same 
at Harriman, Tenn. 


WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. in Anderson county, Tenn., Feb. 12, 
1868. Student in public schools until 1887; tlien in High School 
at Clinton, Tenn. Keceived A. P.. from Grant University. 
Was admitted to Clinton, Tenn., bar in June, 1892, and has en- 
gaged in practice of law since then. Now a lawyer at Jacks- 
boro, Campbell county, Tenn. 

JOHN ALEXANDER VINTON, b. Ironton, Ohio, Sept. 3, 
1857. Was engaged in the iron and brass business at Youngs- 
town and Finley, Ohio, before entering Grant University, from 
which he received Mus. B. Was assistant pastor of M. E. 
Church at Tiffin, Ohio; was transferred and appointed pastor 
Parkwood Ave. M. E Church, Cleveland, Ohio, in Oct., 1894. 
Author of "The Vinton Preacher Life's Record." Address, 
14 Melvin street, Cleveland, Ohio. m. Effle Clare Cartwright, 
Niles, Ohio, April 26, 1883. 

THOMAS STANLEY WALKER, b. at Fall Branch, Wash- 
ington county, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1872. Was a student at Oakland 
Seminary and Warren College, Tenn., and National Normal 
University at Lebanon, Ohio. Taught before entering the Ju- 
nior class at Grant University. Received the degree of Ph.B. 
Read law at Greeneville, Tenn., and has been in the practice 
of law there since May, 1894. Address, Greeneville, Tenn. 

GEORGE HENRY WEST. b. at Tampico, Grainger county, 
Tenn., Feb. 5, 1869. Lived on a farm until seventeen years old. 
Recieved primary education in public schools of native county, 
in Sulphur Springs Academy, and Holston Seminary, New 
Market, Tenn. Entered University at Athens in 18S6; after- 
wards taught public schools and returned to college in 1888, 
and was graduated an A. B. Taught school and studied law 
in 1891-92. Graduated from Law School of University of Ten- 
nessee in 1893 with LL.B. Since 1894, time has been spent 
chiefly in traveling. Now, 1896, at Juneau, Alaska Territory. 

ALICE BRYANT ZELLER. b. Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 16, 1871. 
Fitted for college in Preparatory Department of Grant Univer- 
sity, and was afterwards there graduated with Ph.B. Reported 
for 27ie ^(Co?(/, Mount Vernon, N. Y., 1893-94. Gave private 
lessons in English branches, mathematics and sciences, 1893- 
95. Now living at Hennepin, Putnam county. 111. m. Rfev. 
Julius C. Zeller, class of '93, at Mount Vernon, N. Y., Jan. 1, 

CLASS OF 1892. 

ARTHUR BURKE CHILDRESS, b. at Kingston, Tenn., Aug. 
17, 1871. Was a student in public schools and academy of na- 
tive town. Received Ph.B. at Grant University. Principal of 
Chilhowee Institute, Tenn., one year; Superintendent of High 
Schools at Dundas, Minn., two years. Took special work in 


Political Economy, Common, International and Statutory 
law. Now, 1896, law student at University of Minnesota. Ad- 
dress, 1413 University ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BERMCE HARRISON DAVID, b. at Lowell, Indiana, Dec, 
28, 1871. Received early education in public schools of native 
State. In 1888 entered Preparatory Department of Grant Uni- 
versity. Acted as tutor there in Latin and Greek for several 
years preceding graduation with A. B. Was teacher of An- 
cient Languages and Literature in Marionville Institute, Ma- 
rionville, INIo., 1892-94. One year and a half in Boston Univer- 
sity School of all Sciences, m. Rev. Ira Edward David, 
member of Central Illinois Conference M. E. Church, at 
Athens, Tenn., Sept. 6, 1894. In 1896 house-keeping and other 
work of the ministry at Upton, Mass. 

JOSEPH CULVER HARTZELL. b. New Orleans, La., Sept. 
10, 1870. Early education in private and public schools of na- 
tive city until 1882. In public schools of New York 1882-84. 
Instruction under specialists in Cincinnati 1884-88. Taught in 
Clark University, Atlanta, Ga., 1888-89; ditto Central Tenn. 
College, Nashville, Tenn., 1889-90. Student at National Nor- 
mal LTniversity, Lebanon, Ohio, 1891. Was graduated B. S. 
from Grant University. Prof essor of Biology and Mineralogy 
in Claflin University, State Agricultural College, and Me- 
chanics Institute, Orangeburg. S. C, 1892-96. Is the author of 
articles on scientific topics published in leading magazines. Is 
a member of Ohio State Academy of Science, American Orni- 
thologist Union, and Geological Society of Washington. Ad- 
dress, Orangeburg, S. C. m. Helen Hitchcock Thresher, of 
Manson, Mass., at Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 31, 1893. 


HERBERT WESLEY SMALL, b. Rumford, Me., March 19, 
1867. Fitted for college at Nichols Lat. School, Lewiston, Me. 
Studied at Manual Training School, Boston, and U. S. Grant 
University Theological School. Received B. D. from Grant 
University, m. Minnie Johnston, May 6, 1890. 

WILLIAM ROSS WEEMS. b. near Greeneville, Tenn., March 
29, 1869. Studied at Oakland Seminary and Washington Col- 
lege, Tenn., 1885-89. Was graduated from the Seminary in 
1889, taught school in fall of 1889, and entered Grant Univer- 
sity Jan. 1890, from which was graduated with A. B. Taught 
school in 1892-93. Since then has been engaged in milling and 
mercantile business at Mohawk, Tenn., where, in 1896, he re- 


sides, m. Etta Hicks, of Anderson county, Tenn., March 29, 

CLASS OF 1893. 

FLORENCE BELLE BAILEY, b. at Bailey ton, Greene 
county, Tenn., June 15, 1874. Fitted for college in public 
schools and Oakland Seminary at her native place. Was grad- 
uated with Ph.B. from Grant University, and since then has 
presided over the household of her father, her mother being 
dead. Address Baileyton, Tenn. 

JESSE GRANT LOWE. b. at Rhea Springs, Rhea county, 
Tenn., July 29, 1864. Early life was passed upon the farm, 
clerking in a store and teaching public schools. Was grad- 
uated from Grant University with Ph.B. Since then has been 
engaged chiefly in teaching school, as Principal of Walnut 
Grove Academy, Fork Vale, Tenn., and Principal of Public 
Schools in Athens, Tenn., which is his address in 1896. m. 
Anna Alexander, at Griffltts, Loudon, county, Tenn., May 25, 

WILLIAM RADEBAUGH. b. in Vermilion county. 111., 
Feb. 27, 1866. Was educated in the public schools, then a 
student three years in the Illinois State Normal. Principal of 
Martinsville, 111., schools for two years. Was graduated from 
Grant University an A. B. Principal of Schools, Creighton, 
Neb., 1893-94. Graduate student at University of Chicago, 
1894-96. Work in Illinois Wesleyan for M. A. in 1893-94. In 
1896, Principal of Grammar School, 5488 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 

JULIUS C. ZELLER. b. Spring Bay, 111., Dec. 15, 1871. 
Fitted for academy at Spring Bay Public Schools, then took a 
Scientific Preparatory Course of Study at the Academy of 
Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. Was graduated an 
A. B. from Grant University. Since then has been engaged 
in the active ministry of the M. E. Church, and in pursuing 
'its course of study as revised in 1892. Was ordained to dea- 
con's orders in 1895. In 1896, clergyman, Hennepin, 111. m, 
at Mount Vernon, New York, Alice E. Bryant, Class of '91, 
Jan. 1, 1895. 

CLASS OF 1894. 

HERBERT ODAS ECKEL, b. Sevierville, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1872. 
Learned printing early in life at Dandridge. Fitted for col- 
lege in public schools at Dandridge and Morristown, Tenn. 
Was foreman on Morning Gazette, at Asheville, N. C, in sum- 
mer of 1892. Graduated from Grant University with Ph.B. 
Professor of Latin and Mathematics in Murphy College, 
Sevierville, Tenn., 1894-96. Received from Grant University 
Ph.M., in 1896, on special course taken in Philosophy. Now, 


1896, Professor in Murphy College, Seviervllle. Tenn. m. Liz- 
zie May Wynn, at Sevierville, Tenn., June 22, 1896. 

JAMES BASCOM HUGHES, b. near Cleveland, Tenn., Aug. 
1, 1871. Taught in public schools of Bradley county, two years. 
Was a student at Red Hill Academy. Received B. S. from 
Grant University. General manager of Cohutta Butter and 
Cheese Factory, Cohutta, Ga., June, 1894, to Jan. 1896. In 1896, 
teacher in High School, Cohutta, Ga. 

HUGH G. LEMON, b. near Ovrosso, Mich., in 1871. Fittedfor 
college at Flint Normal, Flint, Mich. Completed three courses 
in elocution — one in Fenton Normal, one in Detroit, Michigan, 
School of Elocution, the other in Grant University, receiving 
from it B. O. Was two years a teacher in public schools, and 
two seasons engaged in dramatic work. Minister of the Gos- 
pel, 521 Pine street, Owosso, Mich. 

COREY E. HARRISON MITCHELL, b. at Wheeler, Porter 
county, Ind., Aug. 31, 1874. Received early education in pub- 
lic schools of native State. In Aug., 1886, her father and fam- 
ily removed to Athens, Tenn. There she entered the Prepara- 
tory and Musical Departments of Grant University in the Fall 
of that year. Was graduated in music there in 1889, and re- 
ceived Ph.B. in 1894. Was married at Athens, Tenn., Oct. 1, 
1894, to Rev. Harry L. Mitchell, a minister of the M. E. Church. 
Address, Petersburg, 111. 

NICHOLAS SHERMAN RIDENOUR. b. in Anderson county, 
Tenn., Nov. 30, 1861. Reared on a farm and attended public 
schools in native county. A student two terms at Powell's 
Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn. Entered Grant Uni- 
versity and alternated between a student there and a teacher 
in public schools until he was graduated with B. S. Principal 
of Powell's Valley Seminary, 1894-95; ditto Aaron Seminary, 
Montezuma, N. C, 1895-96, his present address. 



JOSEPH ROBERT WESTBROOK. b. at Spring Garden, Ala., 
July 20, 1871. Parents and brother died, leaving him at age of 


seventeen. Was Secretary of M. E. Church Sunday-school 
two years while a student in Grant University. Was president 
of Class of '94, and delegate to Kappa Sigma Fraternity, 
Washington, D. C, October, 1892. Entered Grant University 
in 1889, and was graduated with A. B. Has taught since grad- 
uation two years at Mount Vernon, Texas, holding professor- 
ship in Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Franklin Insti- 
tute, and is also Assistant Principal. Now, 1896, Professor in 
Grayson College, Whitewright, Texas. 

CLASS OF 1895. 

GRACE EMMA BARLOW, b. Jacksonville, 111., Aug. 22, 1877. 
Began practice of music about 1884, at native home. Studied 
at Conservatory of Music, Hannibal, Mo. Taught music one 
year at Holbrook College, Fountain City, near Knoxville, 
Tenn. Was graduated from Department of Music in Grant 
University in 1895. Taught music in the same 1894-96, and re- 
elected for 1896-97. 

OPHIE MAY BOLTON, b. in Washington county, Tenn., 
May 15, 1873. Pursued literary course in the preparatory de- 
partment of Grant University. Made a specialty of piano — 
later of voice training. Taught music in Powell's Valley 
Seminary in 1892. Had charge of music in College of Liberal 
Arts at Athens from Feb. 1893, to May, 1894. Was graduated 
from Department of Music in Grant University in 1895. 

MAE EDNA ECKELS, b. Jefferson, Iowa, April 10, 1875. 
Removed with parents to Holly Springs, Miss., Oct., 1883. Was 
fitted for college in the public schools of Mississippi and the 
Academic Department of Grant University at Chattanooga. 
Was graduated with Ph.B. from the College of Liberal Arts 
at Athens. Teacher of Music in Murphy College, Sevier ville, 
Tenn., 1895-96, and elected to same position for 1896-97. 

WALTER FRANKLIN, b. in Bartow county, Ga., Feb. 16, 
1868. Attended High Schools at Fairmount, Ga., Walesca, 
Ga., and Ashland, Ala., in 1888-90. Held position in U. S. In- 
ternal Revenue Service in 1892. Edited The Beptiblican, Jasper, 
Ga., 1892-93. Received A. B. from Grant University. Princi- 
pal of Powell's Valley Seminary, Well Spring, Tenn., 1895-96, 
and re-elected for 1896-97. m. Lizzie Dail, Class of '95, June 
21, 1896, at Clinton, Tenn. 

LIZZIE DAIL FRANKLIN, b. in Dutch Valley, Anderson 
county, Tenn., Feb. 25, 1873. Attended public schools in the 
country until age of fifteen. Entered Powell's Valley Semi- 
nary in 1888 — remained there one year, and afterwards taught 
school. Received Ph.B. from Grant University, m. Prof. 
Walter Franklin, Principal of Powell's Valley Seminary, 
Class of '95, June 24, 1896, at Clinton, Tenn. 


CARUS HICKS, b. Clinton, Tenn., Oct. 4, 1874. Fitted for 
college in Clinton High School. Student in Grant University, 
1889-92. Then out a while and returning was graduated with 
Ph.B. Afterwards taught four months in Clinton High School. 
Taught in Ellijay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga., 1896. Address, Clin- 
ton, Tenn. 


7, 1872. Attended Troy High School, N. C, and Ridgewood 
Academy, Endicott, N. C Received A. B. from Grant Uni- 
versity. Principal of Gladstone Academy, N. C, 1895-96. Ad- 
dress, Gladstone, N. C. 

ROYAL A. SIMONDS. b. at Eagle Lake, Minn., June 15, 
1874. Attended High School in native place and later in Clin- 
ton, Tenn. Was graduated with A. B. from Grant University. 
Principal of Ellijay Seminary, Ellijay, Ga., 189')-96. Address, 
Clinton, Tenn. 

LOTTA M. ULREY. b. New Palestine, Ind., July 26, 1878. 
Came to Athens, Tenn., in Oct., 1882. Fitted for college in Pre- 
paratory Department of Grant University. Was graduated 
from Department of Music. Member of Class of '97 in A. B. 
course and candidate for advanced degree in music. Address, 
Athens, Tenn. 

CLASS OF 1890. 

LEWIS WILLIAM CASS. b. in Watauga Valley, Carter 
county, Tenn., Nov. 5, 1871. Until twenty years of age was on 
the farm. Attended public schools and academy at Eliza- 
bethton, Tenn., one year. Received A. B. from University. 
Is engaged in teaching and reading law. Address, Johnson 
City, Tenn. 

ALYIS CRAIGr. b. in Union county, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1870. 
Fitted for college at Big Valley Academy, Andersonville, 
Tenn., and preparatory department of Grant University. 
Taught one year before entering the University. Was grad- 
uated with A. B. Taught school in Andersonville in summer 
of 1896. Associate Principal of Powell's Valley Seminary, 
Well Spring, Tenn., in 1896-97. 

WILLIAM F. HUFFINE. b. Johnson City, Tenn., March 24, 
1869. Was fitted for college in the schools of his native 
county — Washington — and six years a teacher in the public 


schools of the same. Was graduated with A. B. In 1896-97, 
Principal of High School at Highland Park, Tenn. 

ANME BRAZELTON McKELDIN. b. Athens, Tenn., April 
20, 1876. Was fitted for college in the private schools of her 
native place and in the preparatory department of Grant Uni- 
versity. Was graduated with A. B. degree. 

SAMUEL ERNEST MILLER, b. Johnson City, Tenn., June 
22, 1873. Attended the public schools of native town before 
entering college. Taught five months at Roane Mountain be- 
fore graduation from the University with A. B. Since then 
has been reading law at Johnson City, Tenn. 

JOHN MAYNARD RUTHERFORD, b. at Corryton, Tenn., 
May 25, 1872. Was fitted for college at High School in native 
town. Was graduated with Ph.B, from the University, and is 
now engaged in teaching near his native town. 

JOHN RUSSELL TRETT. b. on Strawberry Creek, near 
Franklin, Ark., Feb., 28, 1859. Reared on farm — a church mem- 
ber at thirteen years — exhorter at seventeen — licensed to 
preach at twenty — was on charges in the M. E. Church, three 
years in Arkansas ; six years in Nebraska. Was a student three 
years in Little Rock University; two years Principal of Wood- 
land Academy, Miss. Received B. O. from Grant University 
in 1896, and is a candidate for A. B. in Class of '97. m. Sept. 27, 
1885, in Arkansas, to Elizabeth F. Williams; and Sept. 1, 1889, 
in Nebraska, to Amina J. McCoi:.nell. 

NELLIE K. ULREY. b. New Palestine, Ind., July 20, 1870. 
Removed to Athens, Tenn., in 1882. Studied music at Grant 
University. Taught music in Leicester Academy, 1888-89; at 
Powell's Valley Seminary, 1890-91; at Charleston High School, 
in 1892; in Murphy College, 1894-95. Has also taught private 
classes. Was graduated in music from University. Now 
teaching music at Athens, Tenn. 


Alumni of College of Liberal Arts of U. S. Grant University, and 

Graduates in Theology, in Music and in Elocution 

at Athens, Tennessee. 

Adams I 

'ss George Douglass 


'SO James Haynes 
'81 Barsheba 


'«! Mrs. Belle Long 


'8i David V. 


'71 Edwin Augustus 
"71 Cornelia 
'85 John Light 


87 Nina Leila 
'87 L Sablna 
'90 William Reed 
'118 Florence Belle 


'ill Johns. 


■;>.') Grace Emma 


'83 George Elijah 


\si John Walker 

"81 Airs. Agnes Bylngton 


"sii Ellsworth 


'74 John 1. 


'1-1 David Alexander 
'it') ophle May 


•111 Hugh 


'77 iselUe 


's.") Mrs. Leonora West 


'8;', Addison M. 


'85 Richard C 


'8(i Samuel C 


'81 Marlon C. 


'91 Alice E. 


'7.-. Milton R. M. 

'79 George Lafayette 


'8i Robert Barren 


'81 Agnes 


"91 James L. 


"89 Ernest Blake 


"72 Marshall Monroe 
'79 George Michael 
'80 MattleE. 
'80 James Madison. 


"91 I'hlder.a P. 

'9. Lewis William 


"Sn wiltord 
'81 Douglas 


"92 Arthur Burke 


'80 Richard Joseph 


'8S isamuel Harden 
'83 Annie 


"84 Carrie 


"91 Theda 


'88 Alexander Donnell 


'82 Krank M. 


'87 William Henry 


'9(5 AlvlS 


'84 Samuel 

'85 Mrs. Kate Haun 


'75 Adam F. 


'89 Samuel 


'7i bamuel Silas 


'89 Aiyrta 


'95 Lizzie 


'92 Mrs B. Harrison 


"87 Mary Lee 


"81 Jacob Emmett 


'82 John A. 
'89 W. Scott 


'81 Laura E. 


"S7 James \Vebster 


'8() John Henry 


91 Herbert Odas 


'95 Mae Edna 


'81 Mrs. Rhoda Inman 


'75 Mary B. 


"71 John Henry Clay 


'78 William Taylor 
'86 Elijah Jefferson 


'78 Samuel Patten 
"81 James Alexander 


'84 Isaac T. 


'78 Joseph W. 



".).") Walter 

'<).-! Mrs. Lizzie Dall 


71 Joseph Leander 
•71 Wiley S. 
'71 Josephine 


's7 iMamle 


'1)1 Jetsle Hicks 


'78 Orlando R. 


'Si) Harrison Adams 


'S(i JohnPeler 


"88 Charles A. 


'71 Mrs. J. Gaston 


'90 Theodore Brodley 


'8s .Mary Elizabeth 
'90 Robert John 


'i)l Marls R. 


'815 Fletcher 


'92 Bernlce G. 
'94 Corey E. 


'92 John Culver, Jr. 


'95 Simeon S. 


'85 Katie M. 


'78 Frederick William 


'87 SueM. 

'88 John Thomas 


'91 E. Abbie 


'90 John Asburv 

'91 XenopLion Zenas 

'95 Carus 


'84 John J. 
'85 bamuel B. 


'90 Laura 


'74 Louise 


91) William F. 


'94 James Bascom 


'91 vviHlamL. 


'7i Mrs. Cornelia Atlee 


'84 Mrs. B Amis 


'81 Rhoda 


85 Nathaniel G 


'91 John B. 


"87 Charles Henry 


'87 James Templeton 


'85 Mrs. G. Rodefer 


'81 Henry F. 
'81 Samuel G. 


'91 Mary E. 


'So Henry Francis 


'8l Samuel J. 


'91 Charles W. 


'85 William A. 


'94 HughG. 


's7 John Marcus 


'89 Edgar Reamer 


'78 Carroll Summerfleld 

'82 William Atlee 

'84 Eugenia 

'86 Mrs. Nora Range 

'87 Kdwln Augustus 

'87 James Albert 

'89 Anna Belle 


'Sti James Pryor 


'81 Mrs.L. Dodson 


'9o Jesse Grant 


'77 Maggie 
'89 Mary Atlee 


'75 flirs. N. Ilemlne 


'85 Robert Lee 


'77 Mrs. Nellie Bridges 


'71 John Jenkins 


'82 Frederick Lee 


'7t Mary J. 


'so Lucius H. 
'81 James Wiley P. 
'90 Walter Lee 
'91 Cora Lee 


'80 William Watson 
'N8 Thomas W^right 
'88 Mrs Mary Hagey 


'82 Gideon R. 


'80 John Wesley 


'81 John H. 
'82 Samuel W. 


'82 William F. 


'84 Mrs Eugenia Long 
'Sti David Nathaniel 


'9t) Annie Urazelton 


'88 Eleanor Etta 

'89 Mary Wentworth 


'85 Lizzie J 
'8B HattleE. 


'91 Levi Klrby 


'81 Frank O. 


'8(i Sallle R. 


'78 Felix T. 


'91 James Melvln 


'71 William E. F. 


'77 Mrs. Maggie Luter 
'84 ftlrs. Carrie Coleman 
'8(1 Charles William 
'87 Mrs. Mamie Gibson 
'89 George GUlls 



'90 Isaac Hill I 

"in; Samuel Ernest 

Minis I 

"1(1 Mrs. Cora Massey | 


'111 Mrs. Corey Harrison 


'sy Marlon Harbin 


"71 Susan Lizzie 
'78 Henry C. 


'S8 Samuel J. 


'89 John Patterson 


'92 William Henry 


'71 Theodore A. H. 


'89 David Fletcher 


'80 James G. 


"95 William Alexander 


'72 James Milton 
'78 Edward Luclen 


'91 Mrs. Theda Coblelgh 


'80 James R. 


'78 William H. 


'78 Adam Clarke 


"71 Mrs. Mary Mason 
'72 Alexander Mathes 


"88 Marlon Grant 


'93 William 


•81 William Floyd 


'86 Nora 


'80 Mrs. Mattle Callen 


'80 John K. 


'73 Nannie 


'87 John Kell 
'87 Mary Davis 


'87 James Hamilton 


'94 Nicholas S. 


'^8 Mrs. Annie Cook 


'8.5 Gertie 


'79 William Harry 


'87 William Egbert 


'91 George R. 


'74 Joshua C 


'9B John M. 


•88 Thomas William 


'91 Jette 


'95 Royal A. 


'ji Vaneverle N. 
'84 James R. 
'89 Joel b. 


'92 Herbert Wesley 


's9 Carey Fletcher 


'88 Mrs. E. McLaln 


'87 Henderson D. 


"90 Mrs. N. Tarwater 


'91 William David 


'90 Ella Jeannette 


'91 William L. 


'94 Mathew P. 


'9U Mrs. Laura Hipp 


'88 James F. 


'85 James E. 


'89 Viola 
'90 Nettle 


'91 William 


'.->8 William Marlon 


'88 Robert Hilton 


'9o John Russell 


'83 Mary E. J. 


'75 Wilbur R. 


'9.5 Lotta M. 
'96 Nellie K. 


'78 Elbert Hunter 


"91 John Alexander 


'91 Thomas Stanley 
'94 Emma K. 


'92 u uilam Koss 


'85 Leonora M. E. 
'85 Oscar L. 
'87 Mrs. Sue Henderson 
'91 George Henry 


'9t Joseph Robert 


'74 Alfred D. 


'81 Ransom D. 


'87 James Milton 
'87 Mrs. s. Bailey 


■82' John F. 


'81 George W. 


'90 Mrs. Ella Steward 


'74 Mrs. Louise Howater 


'78 William A. 
'78 James C. 
'88 Henry Clay 


'75 Mrs. M. Fitzgerald 


'91 Mrs. Alice Bryant 
'93 Julius C. 


'78 John Burrell