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Full text of "A record of the descendants of Richard Hull of New Haven, Conn."

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Containing the names of over One Hundred and Thirty 

families and Six Hundred and Fifty-four 

descendants and extending over a 

period of Two Hundred and 

Sixty years in 




August, 1894 



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Among the early New England colonists there were five 
persons by the name of Hull, or Hulls, as it was then spelled, 
who are supposed to be brothers, and came from Derbyshire, 
England. Their names were John, George, Richard, Joseph 
and Robert. John Hulls was made freeman by the Gen- 
eral Court of Mass, in 1632; was Captain of the Artillery Co.; 
died in 1670. George Hulls, of Dorchester, Mass., was 
freeman in 1633; was representative to the Gen'l Assembly; 
moved to Connecticut and was Ass't Governor of that State 
in 1637. Richard Hulls was made a freeman in 1634 ; 
sold his house in Roxbury to Philip Sherman, in 1637; moved 
to New Haven, Conn., in 1639. Joseph Hulls of Hing- 
ham, was freeman in 1638; representative to Gen'l Assembly 
of Mass., in 1638-39. The town of Hull, Mass., is said to 
have been named after him. Robert Hulls, of Boston, 
was freeman in 1637; he died in 1666; his son John, was free- 
man in 1649; he was a goldsmith and a highly respected 
citizen of Boston; his children all died except Hannah, who 
married Judge Samuel Sewall, Chief Justice of the Province, 
in 1676. He (John) became Treasurer and master of the 
Mint, in 1652; he died in 1683, leaving a large estate; when 
Hannah was married, her father put her on the scales and 
balanced her weight with silver coin, for her dowry. A 
Josiah Hull, married Elizabeth Loomis, in 1641; she was 

daughter of Joseph Loomis Josiah was deputy to the Gen- 
eral Court, in 1659-60-62; he moved to Killing-worth, Conn., 
in 1662: was deputy from that town, in 1667; he died in 1675. 

In the Genealogy of the Loomis family, there appear the 
names of 1150 descendants of Josiah and Elizabeth Loomis 

There is a good deal of information about these families 
which is not noted in this record, the design being to compile 
a record of the descendants of Richard Hull only. 

The original intention was, to record only the lineal an- 
cestors of Rev. Leverett Hull, for the benefit of his descend- 
ants. So much data was obtained of the collateral lines, 
that it was determined to arrange in as compact a form as 
possible, all the facts learned about the various lines of 
Richard's descendants, in order to preserve the same, to 
assist any one among such descendants, who might wish to 
write a genealogy of the Hull Family. 

The Record though incomplete, represents a great deal of 
labor and study and is the result of extended examination of 
town histories, numerous family records and genealogies, and 
extensive correspondence with descendants of Richard and 
with town and church clerks in various parts of the country. 
Some of the parties corresponded with, have lived in Wal- 
lingford or Cheshire all their lives and have heard from their 
parents and grandparents, the family traditions prevailing in 
those towns. 

It has happened in several instances that different birth 
dates have been given by different authorities, for the same 

individual. In these cases the dates which have the prepond- 
erance of evidence are here given. 

The system of numbering is as follows : 

Beginning with Richard, the names are all numbered con- 
secutively, his oldest child being numbered 2 and so on. This 
consecutive number immediately precedes each name, and 
immediately preceding this consecutive number, appears the 
number of the father of that person, so that each line can be 
traced back to Richard by the numbers. 

The different families in each generation are separated by 
a single red line across the page. 

Milwaukee, August i3th, 1894. 


Richard Hull, of Derbyshire, England, was made 
freeman in Dorchester, Mass, in 1634. Was in Boston 
in 1637. Moved to New Haven in 1639, took the oath 
of fidelity there in 1644. Was representative to the 
General Court of Conn. He is on record in the New 
Haven colony as having sold six acres of upland to 
William Thompson in 1646. Made his will in August, 
1662, and died in September, 1662. His wife's name 
is not known. He moved to New Haven, "because he 
would not endure puritanism." 


1-2 Dr. John, was born in New Haven in 1640. He was a 
planter in Stratford in 1661, where he lived until 1668. 
Received grants of land there. Resided in Pawgassett, 
afterwards called Derby, in 1668. Received grants of 
land there. Probably did not move his family to 
Derby until 1675. He was prominent in all town and 
church matters. He built the first parsonage and 
meetinghouse in Derby. .Was on the building com- 
mittee and was chief director of the work. He built 
dwelling houses for himself and sons, also built the 
first corn and flour mill in Wallingford, Conn. His 
first wife's name is not known. He married 2nd, Mary 
Jones in 1672, and married 3rd, Rebecca Turner, on 
May 1 3th, 1675. Dr. John Hull and Joseph Hawkins 



moved in the General Court at Hartford, to have the 
privilege of a plantation granted to the inhabitants 
of Pawgassett, there being twelve families settled 
there and as many more ready to settle. The General 
Court granted their motion. This plantation of Paw- 
gassett was named by the court, Derby, as some of 
these first settlers came from Derby a shire town of 
England, 127 miles from London. 

The original twelve settlers of Derby were Edward 
Wooster, Francis French, Stephen Pierson, John 
Hull, Joseph Hawkins, Samuel Riggs, Ephraim 
Smith, Abel Gunn, J. Johnson, Jabez Harger, Ebe- 
nezer Johnson and John Tibballs. 

In 1677, at a town meeting, the ist church was 
organized, and John Hull, John Bowers and Joseph 
Hawkins signed the petition. Abel Gunn and Joseph 
Hawkins were appointed to present the petition. A 
certificate was given these men as their authority, 
signed by John Hull and Sam'l Riggs. The petition 
was granted. 

In 1687, Dr. John Hull moved to Wallingford. The 
General Assembly granted him 700 acres of land in 
this town for services in King Phillip's war. He 
owned about 1500 acres of land in Wallingford. He 
was selectman of the town of Derby in 1677-80-83-87, 
also a member of the General Assembly from Derby. 
He acquired property with the mill in Derby, all of 
which he gave to his sons John and Joseph in i696. 
He died Dec. 6, 1711. 

Hannah, born in New Haven 1642. Married Edward 
t/to *o L 

1-4 Jeremiah, was the eldest son of Richard the date of 
his birth is not known, and there is no further infor- 
mation found about him, except that he was executor 
of his fathers will.* 

1-5 Mary, married John Jackson. 


Dr. John, born in 1662 at Stratford ; married Mary 



2 10 

Jacobs ; was a farmer ; was representative and select- 
man ; lived in Derby; died in 1753. 

Samuel, born 1663; married Deborah Beers of Fairfield. 
Mary, born in 1664 ; married John Prindle. 

Cap't Joseph, born in Derby 1668; married in 1691, 
Mary Nichols, daughter of Isaac Nichols; she 
died in 1733. He then married Hannah (Botsford) 
Prindle in 1735. She was widow of John Prindle and 
was his third wife his first wife having been Mary, 
daughter of Dr. John- Hull. Capt. Joseph was a 
representative to the General Assembly ; had large 
business interests in Derby; was a captain of the militia. 
He died in 1744. He was the great great grandfather 
of Commodore Isaac Hull, who commanded the cele- 
brated frigate "Constitution." 

Dr. Benjamin, was born at Stratford in 1672. In 1693 
he married Elizabeth Andrews. She was born in 1674 
and died' April 27th, 1732. She was daughter of 
Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth (Peck) Andrews, of 

* The names of Richard's children appear on the records in the order 
yiven here, but when the copj- of Richard's will was obtained, Jeremiah 
was therein called the oldest. It was then too late to change his number, 
but this makes no material difference, since none of his ck'sciMidants (if he 
had any), are entered in this Record. 


New Haven, who were married in 1661. Samuel 
Andrews was born in England in 1632. He was a son 
of William Andrews of Hampsworth, England, who 
came to America in the ship ''James" in 1635. He 
landed in Boston and was freeman there the same year. 
Was at New Haven with Eaton and Rev. John Daven- 
port. His first wife's name is not known; she was the 
mother of all his children. His second wife was Anna, 
widow of William Gibbons, colonial secretary in 1657. 
William Andrews died in 1676 at East Haven. Samuel 
Andrews took the oath of fidelity in 1654, and died in 
1704. His wife, Elizabeth Peck, was daughter of 
Deacon W r illiam Peck of New Haven, who was born 
in London, England in 1601 and was a merchant there. 
He was a representative to the General Assembly in 
New Haven in 1646. He held many positions of trust 
and was an influential citizen of New Haven. Dr. 
Benjamin Hull was a prominent physician in Walling- 
ford, and died there March 3rd, 1741. His wife died 

2-11 Ebenezer, born at Derby 1673; married in 1706 Lydia 
Mix. She was born in 1682 and was daughter of John 
Mix, the son of Thomas Mix, Sr. , of New Haven. 
Ebenezer died in 1709. His widow administered the 

2-12 Richard, born in Derby in 1678; moved to Wallingford. 

2-13 Dr. Jeremiah, born at Derby 1679; married in 1711, 
Hannah Cook of Wallingford. She died in 1741; she 
was daughter of Samuel Cook and Hope (Parker) Cook 
who was a daughter of Edward Parker of New Haven. 
Samuel Cook was in New Haven in 1663, and was a 
son of Henry Cook of Plymouth, Mass., who was there 


. ^ KCL _ -ir 

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2 14 

before 1640. Dr. Jeremiah died 1736, at Walling- 
ford, Ct. 

Andrew, born in Derby in 1685. 

6 16 

6 18 





Deborah, born in 1691 at Derby; died in 1772. 

John, born in 1693. 

/ / 9 9 
Daniel, married in 1732 Elizabeth Lum (or Lane) of 


/ M+- 
Miles, born in 1700; married in 1729 Mary Tuttle; 

settled in Wallingford. Mary was daughter of Deacon 
Timothy Tuttle, who was a son of Simon the son of 
William, who came from Devonshire, England, in 1635. 

Ebenezer, born in 1709; married in 1731 Hannah Bates. 
Mary. /< 
Martha. i*%0 
Priscilla./ ^ 

Samuel, born in Derby, Conn., in 1692: married in 1724 
Anna Riggs; she died in 1731. He was a partner in 
the old Hull Mill. Anna Riggs was born in 1704, and 
was daughter of Capt. John Riggs and Elizabeth 
(Tomlinson) Riggs. Capt. John was son of Ensign 
Samuel, who was the son of Edward the son of Edward, 
who came to America in 1633; settled in Roxbury, 
Mass, and greatly distinguished himself in the Pequod 
war by rescuing his commander and twelve of his com- 
pany from ambascade. He was afterwards known as 
Sergeant Riggs. In 1646 he settled at Milford, Conn. 


9 24 

9 25 


9 29 

10 32 
10 34 

In 1654 he moved to Pawgassett, afterwards called 
Derby. The house of Edward Riggs was where 
Whaler & Goff, the Judges of Charles ist, of England, 
took refuge in 1661. In 1666, Edward and all his 
family, except Samuel, moved to New Jersey. 

Capt. Joseph, born in 1694 at Derby; married ist, 
Bertha - ; married 2nd, Sarah Bennettf~daughter 
of Dea. Daniel Bennett, who gave a breakfast to Gen'l 
La Fayette and his officers, while en route from Rhode 
Island, to join Washington at the Highlands. Joseph 
died in 1778. Sarah died in 1792. He was a repre- 
sentative to the General Assembly. 

Caleb, born in 1695 at Cheshire Conn.; married Mercy 
Benham of Wallingford in 1724. She was a descend- 
ant of Joseph Benharn, one of the first planters who 
moved from New Haven to Wallingford, in 1670. She 
died in 1766. Caleb was an Ensign in the Revolu- 
tionary Army and when 80 years old he marched with 
his company to the relief of Boston. He died in 1788. 

Abijah, born in 1697; married in 1727, Abigail Harger 
of Derby. 

Andrew or Archer, born 1698. 

Sarah, born 1701; married William Beach of Stratford. 

Mary, married in 1720, Timothy Russell of Derby. 

Andrew, born in 1694; died 1717. 
Mary, born in 1696; married Eben Bronson. 
Elizabeth, born 1698; married Nathaniel Merriman. 
Dainaris, born 1700; married in 1722, Elanthan Street. 
Dr. John, born in 1702, on the same property that was 

given to his grandfather Dr. John Hull, in 1687; 
married in 1727, Sarah Ives. She was born in 1708, 
and was a daughter of Gideon Ives and Mar)' Royce, 
his wife, who were married in 1706. Mary Royce was 
born in 1686; died in 1742, and was daughter of Joseph 
Royce and Mary (Porter) Royce, who married in 1684. 
Joseph Royce died in 1704. He was a son of Robert 
Royce, who was at Stratford in 1644 and was one of 
the first planters of Wallingford. Gideon Ives was a 
son of John Ives, who was the first of the name in 

10 35 Abigail, born in 1704; married Ensign Eliasaph Mer- 

10 36 Capt. Samuel, born in 1706; married in 1733, Sarah 
Hall: resided in Cheshire and died there in 1789. He 
was a captain of Militia. Sarah died in 1763. Capt. 
Samuel was obliged to cut his way for six miles 
through the forest to the tract of land which he had 
taken up. This same land is still in the possession of 
his descendants. 

10-37 I Sarah, born in 1710 ; married in 1733, Samuel Hall. 

10 38 Benjamin, born in 1712; married in 1735, Hannah Par- 
melee. He was a physician. 


Hannah, born in 1707. 

13-40 John, born in 1712; married in 1735, Mary Andrews. 
He married twice. He was a pl^sician. 

13-41 Moses, born in 1714; died in 1736. 
13 42 Tabitha, born in 1717. 


13 43 Hannah, born in 1720. 
13 44; Anna. 

13 45 Jeremiah, born in 1729: married in 1753, Mary Merri- 
man. She died in 1774. He married again and died 
in 1790. 

13 46; Joseph, born in 1733; married in 1754, Hannah Corbitt. 
13-47 Patience, born in 1735. 
13-48 Keturah. 

16 49 
16 50 
16 52 
16 53 


John, born in 1703. 
Tamar, born in 1705. 
Mary, born in 1708. 
Ebenezer, born in 1715. 
Susannah, born in 1726. 

17-54 Daniel, born in 1734. 

17-55 Samuel, born in 1735. 

17 56 Elizabeth, born in 1738. 

17-57 Ebenezer, born in 1741; died 1764. 

17-58 John, born 1744. 

17-59 Jeremiah, born in 1752. 

18-60 Martha, born in 1730; died in 1730. 

18 61 Martha born in 1732. ) 

18 62 Esther, born in 1732. } 


.* ^ - / 

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> ''..,<*,, -. ,- 

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, /p (f 


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18 63 
18 64 
18 65 
18 66 
18 67 

18 68 

19 70 
19 72 

19 73 

19 76 
19 77 
19 80 
19 81 

19 82 

Elizabeth, born in 1735. 
Elijah, born 1736; died 1736. 
Eunice, born 1738. 
Mary, born in 1740. 

Miles, born in 1743; married in 1761, Eunice Hulls, a 
daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah Hulls, of Wal- 

Abigail, born in 1745; married in 1761, Elam Cook. 
Abijah, born in 1747. 

Joseph, born in 1731; died in 1732. 
Daniel, born in 1732. 

Lydia, born in 1734; married Nicholas Andrews of 

Eunice, born in 1736; married in 1761, Miles Hull of 

Esther, born in 1737. 

Anna, born in 1738; married E. Gaylord of Wallingford. 

Mary, married in 1764, Ephraim Tuttle of Wallingford, 

Joseph, born in 1740. 

Rena, born in 1741. 


Sarah, married Benjamin Sperry, of Wallingford. 

Ebenezer, born in 1750; married Patience - He 
was a farmer at Yalesville, where he died in 1812. 
Patience died a few years later. 

Esther, born in 1756. 


. - 

.- ' " 

'~ : 'f*d ' 

.^ -" 

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x j - 


^ 2i: 


< ,^ Jo 

* / / 




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A c 

c ^ i; 



23 83 

23 85 


24 89 

24 90 

25 91 
25 92 

25 94 

25 95 
25 96 

Child, born in 1725; died in infancy. 

Hannah, born in 1726. 

Eunice, married John Wooster. She was born in 1727. 


Temperance, born in 1714 at Derby. 
Sarah, born in 1726 at Derby. -dU^ 

/ - 

Capt. Joseph, born in 1728 at Derby; married in 1749, 
Elizah Clark, a descendant of Thomas Clark, one of 
the pilgrims. Joseph died in 1775. 

Elizabeth, born in 1731 at Derby, died in 1738, 
Anna, born in 1736; married Rev. Dr. Mansfield. 

Sarah, born in 1725; married in 1752, Reuben Atwater 
of Cheshire. 

Andrew, born in 1726; died in 1774; married Lowly 
Cook. She was a daughter of Capt. Samuel Cook and 
Hannah (Lewis) Cook. Hannah Lewis was daughter 
of Ebenezer Lewis. Capt Samuel Cook was son of 
Samuel Cook and Hannah (Ives) Cook and grandson 
of Samuel Cook and Hope Parker. 

Mary, born in 1728; married in 1745. Johnathan 

Samuel, born in 1730; married in 1753, Eunice Cook, a 
sister of Lowly Cook. Samuel died in 1791. Eunice 
died in 1803. 

Joseph, born in 1732. 
Abijah, died young. 
Joseph, died young. 


25 98 Caleb, died young. 

25 99 Summit, died young. 

25 100 Patience, born in 1740; died in 1764. 

25 101 Joseph, born in 1741. 

25 102 Caleb, born in 1742; married Mary Street; died in 1767. 

26 103 Esther, born in 1728. 
26 104 Daughter. 

34 105 Dr. Zephaniah, born August i5th, 1728 at Walling- 
ford, Conn., now Cheshire, on the land given to Dr. 
John Hullin 1687. He married at Wallingford. Hannah 
Doolittle in 1749.* They settled in Bethlehem, Conn. 
He was a physician and an intimate friend of Dr. Bel- 
lamy. Dr. Hull and his wife both died November loth, 
1760, of the "Great Sickness" and were buried in one 
grave. Two of their children died the same day - . 
Soon after these deaths a flock of quail flew over the 
garden and all fell to the grass; in a few minutes three 
arose and flew away, the rest died. It is a curious coin- 
cidence that only three of all the family who were sick 
at that time recovered. The sister of Mr. Chas. Hull 
Clarke, well remembers hearing her grandmother 
(Lydia Hull Clarke, daughter of Dr. Zephaniah) tell 

* Cothren's History of Woodbury and Davis' History of Walling-ford, 
both state that Zephaniah married Hannah Cook. Davis also says that 
Zephaniah married Hannah Doolittle, and still other authorities assert 
that Hannah Cook married, not Zephaniah. but Jeremiah Hull, The town 
>-t-i-i\ff of \Vallintrford, show that Zephaniah married Hannah Doolittle, 
and still stronger proof of this is found in the fact that Zephaniah's son 
Andrew, lived with Moses Doolittle and inherited the latters property, as 
hi-, trrandson, and lived there until he died and his descendants still live 
on this property, and they also state that Dr. Zephaniah married Hannah 


The following is a copy of an old family paper which was 
received too late to be bound in this book. This paper is 
another proof that Dr. Zephaniah married Hannah Doolittle. 

"A record of the children of Lieut. Moses Doolittle of 

Oldest son, Thomas Doolittle, born February r4th, 1730. 
Died November, 1760. Married to Lois Hull. Had three 
daughters: Lois, Lucy and Abigail. 

Oldest daughter, Hannah Doolittle, born November 7th, 
1732. Married to Dr. Zephaniah Hull, oldest son to Dr. John 
Hull and his wife Sarah. 

Second daughter, Eunice Doolittle, born October i7th, 
1734. Married David Hotchkiss, December 25th, 1752, by 
whom she had 13 children, 6 boys and 7 girls. 

Third daughter, Damaris Doolittle, born May 28th, 1736. 
Married to Benjamin Hall. 

Second son, Reuben Doolittle, born April i2th, 1738. Died 
November, 1760. 

Third son, Moses Doolittle, born February I4th, 1743. 
Died October, 1759, at Lake George, in the French war. 

Fourth daughter, Lydia Doolittle, born February 28th, 
1746. Married Jeremiah Arnold." 

The above was folded and endorsed as follows: "A Record 
of Moses Doolittles family, taken at Cheshire, June ist, 1808, 
by Titus Hull." 

this story. Dr. Zephaniah was a man of high char- 
acter and great influence, both, as a man and as a 
physician. Hannah, his wife, was born in 1731 and 
was a daughter of Moses Doolittle and Lydia Richard- 
son, his second wife. Moses was a son of Ebenezer 
Doolittle and Hannah Hall, his wife. Ebenezer was 
son of Abraham Doolittle and Abigail Moss, his wife. 
Abraham was in Massachusetts very early and in New 
Haven before 1642, and owned a house there. He 
took the freeman's oath in 1644, and was made chief 
executive officer of the county. He was chosen to 
superintend the new settlement (part of New Haven), 
which was afterwards called Wallingford. He was a 
member of the Vigilance committee, during King 
Phillip's war. His house was fortified by a picket-fort. 
He was deputy several times from New Haven and 
Wallingford to the General Court, was also selectman. 
He married in 1663, Abigail Moss. She died in 1710. 
He died in 1690. Ebenezer Doolittle was born in 
1672; married in 1697, Hannah Hall; they resided in 
Cheshire. He died in 1711. Moses was born in 1702 
and died in 1781. Hannah Hall, who married Ebenezer 
Doolittle, was born in 1673. She was a daughter of 
Capt. Samuel Hall and Hannah Walker, his wife. 
Capt. Samuel Hall was born in 1648; married in 1668; 
died in 1725. He was deputy to General Court, 1698, 
1700, 1701, 1705. In 1704 was appointed captain of 
the "Wallingford Train Band." This band took an 
active part in the old French and Indian wars. Sam'l 
was a large land holder in the vicinity of Meriden, 
Conn. Hannah (Walker) Hall was born in 1646, and 
was daughter of John and Grace Walker. Samuel 
Hall was son of John Hall and Jeanne Wollen, his 


wife. John Hall was born in England in 1605. He 
married Jeanne in 1641. He was one of the original 
proprietors of Wallingford and died there in 1676. 
He held many important civil and military positions. 
His son Thomas received fifty acres of land for his 
father's services in the Pequot war, 1637. Jeanne 
Wollen came from England with the Wilkin's family, 
who were relatives. She was of good family and well 
educated. The crest borne by her family is as follows: 
A demi lion, between its paws, a cushion tasseled. 
It is supposed that John Hall came to America in the 
ship "Griffin" in 1633. It is not positively known 
from what part of England he came, but every indi- 
cation points to Coventry, Warwick. There is a Hall 
family living there, many of whom have been physicians, 
and also many of the Wallingford Halls were physicians. 
Theodore Parsons Hall, states in his Hall Geneology, 
that he has seen at Stratford, on Avon, the seal ring 
with which Dr. John Hall, of that town, married Sus- 
anna Shakespeare and that both , Dr. John and Susanna, 
were buried by the side of the immortal William. The 
name was originally "De Halle" and was given to 
those who came from the city of Halle in Saxon}'. 
John Hall made his will in 1676. It was as follows : 
"The testimony of Samuel Street, Samuel Hall and 
Mary Hall sayeth, that about the time he fell sick, they 
heard him say and he said to them, that he doubted 
not of his wife's love and care of his children and 
therefore would leave and dispose of his whole estate 
to his wife, not questioning but his children w r ould be 
satisfied therewith." He and his sons used a coat of 
arms, described as follows: "Argent on a chevron, 
sa. between three columbines, stalked and leaved vert. 


a mullet of six points or. The crest a Talbot's heaa 
erased ppr. The Motto, "Turpiter Desperatur. " 
John Hall and Jeanne Wollen Hall, were the ancestors 
of Lyman Hall, a signer of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence and governor of Georgia : also ancestors of 
Hon. S. H. P. Hall, of Binghampton, N. Y. ; also of 
Rev. Samuel Kail, first pastor of the Cheshire Church; 
also of Col. Street Hall, an officei of note during the 
Revolution " the terror of the tories." Hon. N. K. 
Hall, of Buffalo, is also a descendant of John and 
Jeanne Wollen Hall. 

34 106 John, died 1739. 

34 107 Elizabeth, born in 1733; married Ephraim Cook in 1752. 

34-108 Sarah, born in 1737; died in 1740. 

34-109 John, born in 1739. 

34-110 Desire, born in 1740. 

34 111 Sarah, born in 1742. 

34-112 John, born in 1744; married Hannah Hitchcock in 1764. 

34-113 Dr. Amos, born in 1745; married first, Martha Hitch- 
cock, in 1764; married second Norton. He 
built a house about one mile south of the center of the 
town and lived there. This house is still standing in 

36-114 Sarah, died in infancy. 
36-115 Samuel, died in infancy. 

36-116 Samuel, born in 1737; married in 1761, Sarah Hum- 
iston. She died in 1775. He married second, Hannah 
, who died in 1811. 


36 117 
36 118 
36 119 

36 120 

38 122 
38 123 
38 124 

38 126 
38 127 

38 128 
38 129 

38 130 
38 131 
38 132 
38 133 

40 135 

Sarah, born in 1738. 

Love, born in 1738, married in 1757 Thomas Atwater. 

Jesse, born in 1745; married Ruth Preston of Cheshire. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution for six years. 

Benjamin, born in 1775; died in 1835; married Mary 
Andrews. He was a large landholder in Cheshire. 

Levi, died in 1751. 

Patience, born in 1736. 
Phebe, born in 1737. 
Hannah, born in 1739. 

Benjamin, born in 1741; married Esther - in 1763. 
He was a physician. 

Eliakim, born in 1742. 

Charles, born in 1744; married Sarah Atwater of 
Wallingford. He died in 1819. He owned the 
Ruggles farm at Yalesville. 

Sybil, born in 1746; died in 1758. 

Joel, born in 1749; married Sarah Blank: lived in 
Yalesville. Sarah died in 1816. Joel sold his farm 
and moved to Ohio. 

Beda, born 1753. 
Lois, born in 1757. 
Asahel, born in 1759. 
Ephraim, born in 1767. 

Sarah, born in 1736. 

Mollie, born in 1738; married Thomas Sheppard. 


40 136 
40 137 

40 138 

40 139 

40 140 
40 141 
40 142 

45 144 

45 145 

45 146 
45 147 
45 148 
45 149 
45 150 

46 151 
46 152 

Sarah, born in 1741; married Colonel Asa. 

Moses, married Mary Ives; lived in Wallingford; built 
the house where Mr. Berry was living in 1870. 

John, married Lois Beadles in 1759. She was daughter 
of Capt. Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Hitchcock) Beadles. 

She died in 1802. John married second, Phebe 

who died in 1834. He was a farmer and owned and 
lived in the house formerly owned by Mr. Durand. 
He died in 1828. 

Nathaniel, married Mehitable Beadles in 1762, a sister 
of Lois. 

/Aaron, born in 1746: was a farmer in Meriden, Conn. 
Abigail, born in 1747; 
Hannah, born in 1750. 

Caleb, born in 1753; married Miss Tyler. 

Jeremiah, married Sarah - -; married second Phebe 

Hart, daughter of Nathaniel Hart, of Wallingford. 

Jeremiah was a farmer. 

Samuel, married Lois Peck of Wallingford; was a 
farmer and lived in his father's old home. 

Ann, married Jacob Rice. 

Levi, lived in Wallingford.. 

Hannah, married Mr. Heath. 

Eunice, married Mr. Pratt of Essex Co. 

Mary, born in 1751; 
Caldwell, born in 1759. 



67 153 Amzi, went to Canada. 

67 154 Luther. 

67 155 Miles. 

67 156 Polly, married Levi Douglas of Meriden. 

67 157 Daughter, married Mr. Sizer of Meriden. 

81-158 Joseph, married Rebecca Mix. She was born in 1787, 
and was daughter of Josiah and Mindwell (Royce) 
Mix and granddaughter of Jesse and Deborah (Parker) 
Mix and great granddaughtei of Josiah and Sybil 
(Holt) Mix and great great granddaughter of Thomas 
and Deborah (Royce) Mix and great great great grand- 
daughter of John Mix of Wallingford, who was the 
oldest son of Thomas Mix, Sr., of New Haven. Joseph 
died in 1818. 

81-159 Ira, died in 1812; unmarried; left his estate to his sister 


81-160 Sarah, married Amos Austin of Meriden. 
81-161 Amy, married Lyman Hitchcock. 

88 162 Lieut. Joseph, born in Derby in 1750; married for his 
second wife, widow Nichols, mother of Rev. Charles 
Nichols; Joseph entered the army in 1776, as Lieut, of 
Artillery; was taken prisoner at Fort Washington; is 
said to have shown great gallantry in the defense of 
this fort; he was not exchanged until 1778; after his 


exchange he again entered the army. In 1779 he was 
given command of a flotilla on Long Island Sound, 
consisting of several old whale boats, fitted out to 
annoy the enemy as opportunity offered. On one 
occasion a British armed schooner was lying in the 
sound; Joseph proposed to go out and take the schooner; 
that evening 20 men, under his command, embarked 
in a boat similar to those used in carrying wood the 
boat had the appearance of being loaded with wood- 
as they approached the schooner, the sentry on deck 
hailed Hull, who was steering; he answered the call 
but continued his course 'till quite near the schooner, 
when by a sudden movement, he ran close alongside; 
all hands sprang aboard the schooner; the British capt. 
aroused by the firing of the sentries, came on deck and 
was shot dead. The hatches were fastened down and 
the schooner conducted in triumph to jDerby. "This 
gallant soldier was the father of Commodore Isaac 
Hull. He engaged early in life in the West India 
trade and became familiar with a seaman's life as well 
as that of a farmer. During his most active career, the 
whale fishery was carried on in the Sound in open 
boats, manned by four or six oarsmen, a steersman 
and a harpooner. This was a most dangerous calling, 
requiring a high degree of skill and perfect drill and 
unity of action. In this school his son Isaac took his 
first lessons in seamanship. One day Isaac was enter- 
taining a party of ladies with a sail on the river, in one 
of his father's whale boats, when a sudden squall 
capsized the boat. By almost superhuman effort Isaac 
succeeded in saving the whole party of eight or ten 


Joseph's coolness and presence of mind as well as 
fearlessness is shown in the following anecdote: While 
on his way to New Haven, just as he came to the top 
of the hill in West Haven, he saw some British officers 
advancing towards him; turning in his saddle he 
motioned as if for his company to hasten, and riding 
forward, commanded the British to surrender, they 
supposing the enemy to be near at hand, delivered up 
their swords. 

88 163 Gen'l William, born in 1753 at Derby; entered Yale 
college when 15 years old and graduated in his 2oth 
year; was elected captain of a Derby militia company; 
he was preparing to join Col. Webb's regiment, when 
his father died, leaving him considerable property; he 
refused to take any of it, saying, "I want only my 
sword and uniform." He joined his regiment at once 
and marched to Cambridge. The next year the regi- 
ment took possession of Brooklyn Heights. Gen'l 
William was an intimate friend of Capt. Nathan Hale. 
At the personal request of Washington, Capt. Hull 
was made acting field officer during the battle of 
Trenton and was soon afterward promoted by Gen'l 
Washington, to be major of the 8th Mass. He was 
also engaged in the battle of Princeton and many of 
the most important battles of the war; was promoted 
very rapidly for bravery and effective service. He 
held many positions of trust after the war. In 1776, 
he was appointed Major-General of Massachusetts 
militia; in 1805, was appointed governor of Michigan 
and held that office until 1812, when he was appointed 
to command the Northwestern army. He was greatly 


censured for the surrender of Detroit and after a court 
martial, was condemned to death. The sentence was 
withdrawn by the President on account of " Gen'l 
Hull's brilliant services during the war of the Revo- 
lution." Gen'l Hull claimed, that the blame for the 
surrender did not attach to him, but to the authorities 
at Washington. His personal papers and effects had 
been lost or destroyed and he was not able to prove 
his assertions until twelve years later, when he ob- 
tained access to the papers and records of the War 
Department at Washington. These showed plainly 
that he had been the victim of a series of misunder- 
standings and complications arising from incompetency 
at Washington. He published an account of the cam- 
paign, viewed in the new light of these records, and 
was fully vindicated and received a tardy recognition 
from the government. Happily, he lived long enough 
to know that he had been completely exonerated, and 
to enjoy the consideration due to his valuable services. 
He married Sarah Fuller, of Newton, Mass. He 
died in 1825, November 25th. His wife died in 1826. 
She was born in 1759 and was a daughter of Judge 
Abraham Fuller and Sarah (Dyer) Fuller. Abraham 
was a son of Lieut. Joseph Fuller and Sarah (Jackson) 
Fuller. Lieut. Joseph was a son of Joseph Fuller, 
born in 1652, and Lydia (Jackson) Fuller. Lydia 
Jackson was daughter of Edward Jackson and Eliza- 
beth Newgate, his wife, a daughter of John Newgate, 
who was the son of Philip Newgate who married Joan 
de Hoo. The latter was a lineal descendant of Alex- 
ander de Hoo, the Crusader, who married Devorgilda, 
daughter of King Alexander II, of Scotland, a descend- 
ant of Alfred the Great of England. 


88 164 
88 165 
88 166 

88 167 

88 168 

92 170 
92 171 
92 172 
92 173 
92 174 

92 175 
92 176 
92 177 

Samuel, born in 1755; was a Lieutenant in the War of 
the Revolution. 

Elizabeth, born in 1759; married 

Smith, of Derby, 

Isaac, born in 1760; married Martha Clark; went to 
Canada about 1804; afterwards went to Maumee City, 
Ohio, in 1810; died at Monroe, Mich., in 1829. He 
was living in Canada and refused to take the oath of 
allegiance to the British Crown during the war of 1812 
and was arrested and imprisoned for some time. 

Dr. David, born in 1/65; studied medicine with Dr. 
Eustis, of Boston; lived for a time with his brother 
William at Newton, Mass. ; married a daughter of 
Rev. Andrew Elliot, of Boston; settled at Fairfield, 
where he died in 1834. 

Sarah, born in 1769; married Mr. Gillette, of Derby, 
Levi, born in 1791: died young. 

Doremus, born in 1749. 
Larly, born in 1753. 
Hannah, born in 1754. 
Damaris, born in 1755. 

Gen'l. Andrew, born in 1758; married Elizabeth Ann, 
daughter of Reuben Atwater, of Cheshire, who was a 
son of Phineas Atwater, a descendant of Daniel 
Atwater, of New Haven. 


Ausulah, born in 1760. 



92 178 
92 179 
92 180 

94 181 
94 182 
94 183 
94 184 

94 185 
94 186 

94 189 
94 190 
94 192 

102 193 




Lovisa, married Dr. Hull and moved to Vermont. 

Son, born in 1755. 

Jedediah, born in 1756. 

Son, born in 1758; died same day. 

Samuel, born in 1759; married Abigail Doolittle. She 
was born in 1766 and died in 1835. Samuel was a 
farmer in Cheshire. He died in 1828. 

Zephaniah, born in 1761; moved to Wallingford. 
Epaphras, born in 1763; died in 1827. 

Eunice, born in 1765; died in 1820; married Mr. 

Lois, born in 1767; died in 1777. 
Caleb, born in 1768; died in 1816. 
Elizabeth, born in 1770; died in :777- 
Josephus, born in 1772; died in 1813 in Vermont. 

Hannah, born in 1775; married A. Meacham, of Ver- 

Mary, married Mr. Hudson. 

Lydia, born in 1749; died in 1750. 


105 197 Dr. Titus, born March 25, 1751, at Bethlehem, Litch- 
field County, Conn. ; studied medicine with Dr. Seth 
Bird, of Litchfield; resided in Bethlehem: moved to 
Danbury, Conn., in 1805: moved to New York State 
in 1807. He married, ist, Lucy Parmalee, daughter 
of Johnathan Parmalee, of Chatham. The} 7 had two 
children, both of whom died in infancy. Mrs. Hull 
died in 1776. Titus married, ad, Mrs. Olive (Lewis) 
Parmalee in 1778. She was the widow of Abram 
Parmalee, of Goshen. Olive's mother was a descend- 
ant of the Strong family, of Massachusetts, who were 
in Dorchester in 1630. Titus lived with his uncle in 
Cheshire for several years, studying medicine. He 
was a Surgeon in the Revolution, and at one time a 
"Minute Man." (See official records of Connecticut 
during Revolution, also history of Ancient Woodbury 
Cothren.) He was Town Clerk from 1794 to 1803. 
He died in New York State. 

105-198 Lydia, born in 1753: married J. Judson in 1769; 2d, 
Amasa Clark. 

105 199 Squire Andrew, born in 1754; married Naomi Lewis 
in 1776. She was daughter of Belah Lewis, who was 
a son of Dr. Benjamin, who was a son of Ebenezer 
Lewis, who was a son of Benjamin Lewis. This last 
Benjamin was the person with whom Dr. John Hull 
exchanged places in 1687, Dr. Hull moving to Wal- 
lingford and Dr. Lewis to Stratford. When Andrew 
was six years old his parents, Dr. Zephaniah and 
Hannah Hull, both died, and he was carried on horse- 
back from Bethlehem to Wallingford by his grand- 
father, Moses Doolittle, with whom he lived until Mr. 
Doolittle died. Andrew came into possession of the 


105 200 

105 201 

Doolittle property and lived there until his death in 
1824. Naomi died in 1824. The place was then 
known as the Parish of New Cheshire in the Town of 
Walliugford. In 1780 Cheshire was set off as a sepa- 
rate town. Andrew was sent to the legislature for 
thirty-six different sessions and nineteen different 
years, from 1788 to 1815. He was First Selectman 
for man}, years; was Justice of the town and held 
many other offices of trust. He was a man of great 
independence, prompt action and decision of character. 

Hannah, born in 1757; died Nov. 10, 1760, of the 
"great sickness," on the same day as her father and 

Sarah, born in 1759; died Nov. 10, 1760. 

112 202 John, moved to the western part of the state. 

113-203 Dr. Amos Q., married Lydia Cook, daughter of Aaron 
Cook, of Wallingford. 

116-204 Samuel, born in 1777; died in i83i; married Alma 
Humiston, of Cheshire. 

119-205 Samuel, born in Wallingford in 1766; married - 

Mainwaring, of Essex. He lived on the old homestead 
of his father Jesse. He was a farmer and a man of 
great influence in his community. He died in 1858 at 


119 206 Thelus, married and moved to Ohio and has descendants 
living there. He had eight sisters, most of whom lived 
in Western New York. 

120 207 Rice Andrews, moved to Canada. 

120 208 Lucy, married Samuel Beach, of Cheshire. 

120 209 Chauncey, born in 1794, married Hannah, daughter of 
Isaac Hotchkissj died in 1830, leaving several children. 

120-210 Darius, married Martha - -. She died in 1858. They 
lived in Cheshire and had a large family. 

120-211 Amasa, born in 1806; died in Cheshire. 

120-212 Benjamin, born in 1806; died in 1812. 

120-213 Abiatha, born in 1814; died in 1839. 

120-214 Samuel Lee, born in 1818; died in 1838. 

125-215 Benjamin, born in 1763. 

127-216 Lucinda. born in 1760; married Thomas Ruggles. 
She died in 1833. 

127-217 Lucia, born in 1770; died in 1848; married B. McCarthy. 


Anson, died in Ohio. 

138-219 Nathaniel, born in 1759; died young. 

138-220 Mary, born in 1762; married Mr. Beach. 

138 221 Sarah, married Samuel Wolcott. 

138 222 Sallie, married Reuben Ives. 


138 223 Eunice, married Ephraim Humiston. 

138 224 Melinda, married Samuel Simpson. 
138-225 Diana, married Benjamin T. Cook. 

139 226 Daughter, married Mr. Curtis. 
139-227 Wyllis, married M. Mix; died in 1830. 
139 228 Mary. 

139 229 George. 

140-230 Joel, married Hannah Hall, a daughter of Dickerman 
Hall, of Wallingford, and a descendent of John and 
Jeanne (Wollen) Hall. 

140-231 Cornelius. 

144 232 Alma, married Ira Morse, of Wallingford. 

144 233 Julia, married Ira Andrews, of Wallingford. 

144-234 Philo, married Betty Cook, of Wallingford. 

144-235 Hiram, married Caroline Ives, of Wallingford. 

144 236 Mary, lived at the old home in Wallingford. 

144 237 Lucy, married Senator Blakeslee, of Wallingford. 

144-238 Orrin, married Anna Dowd. 

144-239 Jeremiah, married Sophronia Dudley. 

145-240 William, married Alma, daughter of Reuben Hall. 

145-241 Sylvester, married Deliah Morse, daughter of B. 

145-242 Lois, married Miles Ives, son of Ichabod Ives. 


158 243 
158 244 
158 245 
158 246 

162 247 

162 248 
162 249 

162 250 
162 252 
162 253 



Maria, married Johnathan Ives, of Meriden. 



Dr. Joseph, born in 1771; studied medicine with his 
uncle, Dr. David Hull; married in 1800, Susan Barteft. 
He died in 1810. 

Levi, born in 1773; married in 1811, Mary Wheeler. 
He died in 1848. 

Commodore Isaac, born in 1775 at Derby, Conn.; 
married in 1813, Ann Hart, of Saybrook. They had 
no children. From childhood he was noted for his 
coolness and bravery. He was one of the most 
efficient officers in the United States Navy. He com- 
manded a ship at the age of nineteen. He was 
appointed as Lieutenant in the navy, and at twenty 
years of age he was in command of the frigate "Consti- 
tution," whose well known story needs no repetition 
here. He distinguished himself in the war with 
Tripoli, and was a member of the Society of the 
Cincinnati. He died in Philadelphia in 1843. 

William, born in 1781; died in 1812 in New York. 
David, born in 1784; died in 1817 in Mississippi. 
Henry, born in 1788; died in 1853 at Huntington. 

Charles, born in 1792; married Lavina Mann, of New 
York; died in 1829. 


163 254 
163 255 
163 256 
163 257 
163 258 
163 259 
163 260 

164 261 
164 262 
164 263 
164 264 
164 265 

166 266 

166 267 

Sarah, born in 1783; married in 1802, John McKesson, 
of New York City. 

Eliza, born in 1784; married in 1805, Isaac McLellan, 
of Portland, Maine. 

Ann Binney, born in 1787; married Captain H. H. 
Hickman, U. S. Army. 

Maria, born in 1788; married Edward Campbell, of 
Augusta, Ga. 

Rebecca Parker, born in 1790; married Samuel Clark, 
of Newton, Mass. 

Caroline, born in 1793; married Rufus Page, of Hal- 

lowell, Maine. 
Julia Knox, born in 1795; married James Wheeler, of 

Augusta, Ga. 


Harriet, married Sheldon Bassett. 

Eliza, married Mr. Walker. 


Sophy, married Mr. Moulton. 

David, born in 1771; was a Captain in the U. S. Army 
at Fort Defiance, Ohio, where he died. 

Isaac, born in 1773. 

166 268 William. 

166 269 

166 270 

Sallie, married Dr. Parker, of Monroe, Mich. They 
had one son, Samuel. 

Lucy, born in 1792; died in 1858. 


166 271 

166 272 
166 273 
166 274 
166 275 

167 276 
167 277 

174 278 

174 279 

174 283 
174 284 

184 285 
184 286 
184 287 
184 288 
184 289 

Anil Eliza, born in 1794; married Horatio Conant, of 
Maumee City, Ohio; died in 1828. 

yf- ; ( /.'.> t 'rt/vi'-tX 

Isaac, born in 1801; married in 1827, Chloe Spofford. 
Elmira, born in 1803; married R. H. Forsythe. 
Joseph, born in 1807; died in 1831 unmarried. 

Levi, Lieutenant in the U. S. Army. Aid to General 
Washington. He was killed by Indians in 1817. 


Susan, married Jno. C. Sanford, of New York City. 

Eudocia, married Gov. Samuel A. Foote, of Cheshire, 


Son, died young. 

Merab, married Henry Whittlesey, of Cheshire. 

Elizabeth, married Rev. Dr. A. Todd, of Stamford, 


Mary, married William R. Hitchcock, of Cheshire. 
Sarah, married Rev. Mr. Cloud. 
Adeline, married Mason. 

Stella, born in 1786. 

Jedediah, born in 1788. 

Ann, born in 1793; died in 1818. 

Abigail Ann, born in 1794. 

Linda, born in 1796; married David Brooks, of Cheshire. 


184 290 
184 291 

184 292 
184 293 
184 294 
184 295 

197 296 

197 297 

Eunice, born in 1798; married Birdsey Booth. 

Charlotte, born in 1800; married John Olmsted, of 
Hartford, Conn. 

Samuel C., born in 1802; died in 1804. 

Samuel, born in 1805; died in Illinois. 

Julius, born in 1807; married Lucy Ives; moved to Ohio. 

Andrew Franklin, married Adelina Mtinson. 

Laurens, born in Bethlehem, Litchfield County, 
Conn., June 6, 1779. Studied medicine with Dr. 
David Hull, of Fairfield. Licensed to practise by the 
Connecticut State Medical Society, May, 1802. He 
moved to Oneida County, New York, in the same year, 
where he practised until 1836. In 1813 he was elected 
a member of the Assembly from Oneida County, New 
York. In 1817 he was a delegate to the State Medical 
Society, and was twice re-elected, each term being four 
years. In 1824 he was elected life member of the same 
society. In 1825 he was again elected to the State 
Assembly. In 1826 he was elected Fellow of the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons of the University 
of New York. He received the degree of Doctor of 
Medicine from the same university. He was twice 
elected Vice President of the New York State Medical 
Society, and twice President of same society; ^was 
United States Senator from New York State from 1837 
to 1841. He married Dorcas Ambler in 1803. She 
was the daughter of David Ambler, of Bethlehem. 
Her mother was a sister of Rev. Benjamin Wildman, 
of Southbury. 

Athea, born in 1780; married - - Hill. 


197 298 Charles, born in 1782; was a physician in Oneida 
County, New York; died there in 1833, leaving a son 
and three daughters, all married. 

197 299 Betsy M., born in 1783; married E. Hinsdale, of 
Leroy, N. Y. 

197 300 Gen'l. Elias, born in Bethlehem in 1786. Was a Cap- 
tain in the war of 1812; volunteered with an inde- 
pendent company, which he raised, for one year. He 
was a brave and valuable officer and received a com- 
mission as Brigadier-General of the New York State 
Militia. He afterwards resided in Alabama and was a 
practising attorney. He married Anna Riggs at 
Lyons, N. Y. She died at Columbus, Ga., in 1863. 
He died at Somerville, Ala., Oct. 5, 1865. 

197 301 Lucy Olive, born Aug. 23, 1788: married Oct. 17, 
1807, Ezra Starr, of Danbury, Conn. 

197 302 Olive E., born in 1790; married Col. Elijah Morse, of 
Eaton. She died in 1834. 

197 303 Andrew Clark, born at Bethlehem, Litchfield County, 
Conn., in 1792; resided in Nelson and Birdsall; moved 
to Angelica, N. Y., in 1837 or '38. He was first Judge 
of the County of Alleghany for five years. He held 
many other offices of trust and honor; was Postmaster 
under four administrations. He married in 1818, Betsy 
Morse, at Eaton, N. Y. She was born at Sherborn, 
Mass., in 1792 and died at Williamsport, Penn., in 
1876. Andrew died at the same place and in the 
same year. 

197-304 Rev. Leverett, born at Bethlehem, Conn., Dec. 3, 
1796; graduated at Hamilton College in 1824 and at 
Auburn Theological Seminary; held several pastorates 


in New York State; moved to Sandusky, Ohio, in 
1844; died there in 1852. In conjunction with Dr. 
Eben Lane he established the first Teachers Institute 
in Ohio. He married, ist, Julia Scoville. She died 
and he married, 2d, in 1830, Sarah Lord, of Rome, 
N. Y. She was the only daughter of Zelotis Lord and 
Sallie Farnham, his wife, and granddaughter of Solo- 
mon Lord, of Windham, Conn., and Miriam Coleman, 
his. wife. Solomon Lord was a soldier in the 4th 
Regt. Connecticut Line during the Revolution. (See 
official records of Connecticut in the Revolution.) 

Sallie Farnham was a daughter of Capt. John and 
Elizabeth (Chapman) Farnham. He was probabty in 
the Revolutionary Army. Sallie was living in Hebron, 
Conn., with her sister, Mrs. Peters, when she married 
Zelotis Lord. This sister, Elizabeth, was the wife 
of Judge John T. Peters, of Hartford, Conn. They 
were the parents of Abigail Peters, who married Rev. 
Dr. C. B. Treat, for many years Secretary of the 
American Board of Foreign Missions. One sou, Rev. 
Charles Treat, now resides in New York City. Miriam 
Coleman, wife of Solomon Lord, was a daughter of 
Gersham Coleman, of Coventry, Conn., and Mercy 
Allis, his wife. 

Rev. Leverett intended to go into mercantile life 
and would have done so, under most favorable circum- 
stances. While waiting for the time when he was to 
enter upon his business life he was teaching near 
Lyons, N. Y., and entered into this work with the 
earnestness of purpose which was one of his most 
marked characteristics. During this period he altered 
his plans and studied for the ministry. After moving 
to Sandusky he was obliged to give up preaching en 

- 37 


199 306 

202 307 

204 309 

205 310 

account of ill health, and was appointed agent of the 
American Board of Foreign Missions, and afterwards 
agent of the Bethel Cause. He was especially gifted 
as a preacher, being a fine elocutionist, tall and erect 
in person, having an earnest and impressive manner 
and at the same time was filled with love and 
enthusiasm for his work. After his death Mrs. Hull 
moved to Cincinnati and lived with her sons. She 
was a woman of unusual attainments and very marked 
character. She had a very wide circle of friends ini 
many parts of the country and was greatly beloved by 
all. She died March 3, 1893, at Maryville, East 

Rufus Lewis, died young. 

Naomi, married about 1798, Capt. Wm. Brown, of 
New Haven. 


Aaron Cook, a physician in Brooklyn. 


Caleb E., resides in Wallingford. 
Josiah M., is a farmer in Cheshire. 
Samuel T., a farmer in Cheshire. 


205 313 

209 314 

215 315 

247 316 

247 317 

248 319 

Savilian Richard, born in 1827 at Cheshire, Conn.; 
graduated at Yale College. Is a lawyer and resides at 
New Haven. He was named Richard, after the original 
settler Richard Hull No. i. 

The compiler of this record is indebted to Mr. S. R. 
Hull for the copy of the first Richard's will, which is 
inserted in this volume. 

Chauncey, born in 1817. 



Joseph, born in 1801; was a Captain in the U. S. Navy; 
married Amelia Hart. 

Eliza, died in 1859. 

Sarah Ann, married Ira Upford, of Derby. 

Mary Augusta, married in 1851, F. A. Platt. 

248 320 ' Sarah Lucy, married in 1851, P. S. Galpin. 

248 321 

298 322 
298 323 
298 324 
298 325 

Win. Frederic, died in 1833. 



No information could be obtained of these four children. 


300 326 

300 327 
303 328 

303 329 

303 330 
303 331 
303 332 

303 333 
303 334 

303 335 
303 336 

John Riggs, married in 1852 or '53, Mary Clay Fish- 
Imrne, daughter of Gen'l Benjamin Fishburne, of 
Charleston, S. C. They settled in the South. John 
R. died at New Orleans, La., in 1870. Mrs. Hull now 
resides at El Paso, Tex. 

Lucy A., married Peter McLaren. 

William B., horn at Nelson, N. Y., in 1819; married 
in 1841, Mary D. Clark, of Ellicotsville, N. Y. He 
died at Angelica in 1845. 

Cornelia Sophy, born at Nelson, N. Y., in 1820; mar- 
ried in 1846, Ariel Standish Thurston; died at Elmira 

in 1865. 

Cornelia M., twin sister of Cornelia S. ; born in 1820 
at Nelson; died at Eaton, N. Y., in 1828. 

Elizabeth Morse, born at Eaton, N. Y., in 1822; mar- 
ried at Angelica in 1844 to Wm. E. Hart, of Elmira. 

Andrew Jackson, born at Eaton in 1824; married in 
1846, Frances Brown Perkins, of Oxford, N. Y. He 
died at Oxford in 1891. 

Harriet E., born at Eaton, N. Y., May 14, 1827; mar- 
ried Volney Aldridge at Angelica, N. Y., in 1846. 

Maria Cordelia, born at Birdsall, N. Y., in 1829; 
married at Angelica in. 1856, Frederick Mortimer 

Alpha Morse, born at Birdsall in 1831; died at Hous- 
ton, Tex., in 1863. 

Henry Elias, born at Birdsall in 1834; died at Shreves- 
port, La., in 1862. 


303 337 

303 338 

304 339 

304 340 

Darwin B., born at Angelica in 1836; married in 1868 
at Brooklyn, Eliza J. Whitman. She was born in 1849. 

Frederick Marcus, born in Angelica in 1838; married 
at Savannah, Ga., in 1861, Harriet G. Gladding. She 
was born at Savannah in 1840. 

Robert Leverett, born in Deposit, N. Y. , in 1831; 
moved to Ohio with his parents in 1844; was in busi- 
ness in Cincinnati and several southern cities; died in 
New Orleans in 1867. During the civil war he was 
connected with the transportation department and was 
of great service in connection with furnishing supplies 
by rail to Gen'l Sherman's army on the "March to 
the Sea." He married Ellen Merrill, of Avon, N. Y. 

Leverett Russell, born at Watertown, N. Y., in 1834; 
moved to Ohio in 1844; prepared to enter college, but 
was obliged to change his plans. He went to Cincinnati 
and began a very successful business career, as book- 
keeper for Stedman & Co. About 1861 he established 
the firm of Addy, Hull & Co., commission merchants, 
afterwards in the cotton and pig iron business. He 
was an influential business man, and also prominent 
in church matters. He volunteered to enlist in the 
Federal Army during the civil war, but was not 
accepted, as he was not physically able to endure the 
service. He then sent a substitute and gave largely 
in money to the cause. He was of a very kind and 
unselfish disposition and possessed a good deal of the 
Hull humor. He married in 1862, Florence Dodge, 
daughter of Dr. Israel S. Dodge and Emily (Dana) 
Dodge, of Cincinnati. Florence died in 1870. Leverett 

304 341 

304 342 

died in 1877 at Colorado Springs. Florence was a 
granddaughter of John Dodge. Emily (Dana) Dodge 
was a daughter of Geo. Dana and Deborah Fisher, his 
wife, and granddaughter of William Dana and Mary 
Bancroft, his wife. Deborah was a daughter of Daniel 
Fisher and Sybil Draper, his wife. Leverett R. mar- 
ried, ad, in 1873 at Cincinnati, Elizabeth Skinner. 
She survived him a few years. 

Mary Scoville, born at Angelica in 1838; educated at 
Leroy Seminar}-, New York. She married in 1871, 
John C. Tucker, Jr., of New York City. 

George Huntington, born at Danville, N. Y., Nov. 
22, 1840: moved to Ohio in 1844; educated at Oakfield 
and Alexandria. N. Y. : began his business life as a 
clerk in a wholesale grocery house in Cincinnati; later 
was bookkeeper for L. H. Sargent, salt manufacturer. 
April 16, 1861, he left Cincinnati with his military 
company, the "Cincinnati Zouaves," for Washington, 
at the call of President Abraham Lincoln for 75,000 
troops for three months service. The three Cincinnati 
companies left their homes at this call in advance of any 
other state troops. The zouaves became Company D 
of the 2d Ohio Regiment: this regiment was under the 
command of Gen'l Tyler at the first battle of Bull 
Run. George returned to Cincinnati in August, 1861, 
with his company and was appointed Paymaster in the 
Navy and assigned to Commodore A. H. Foote's flag 
ship at Cairo, 111., but he preferred to accept a posi- 
tion in the U. S. Quartermaster's office at Cincinnati. 
He was Chief Clerk of the Contract Department in this 
service. He resigned in 1862 to take a position as 
bookkeeper with Addy, Hull & Co. He was admitted 


to the firm in 1865. In 1867 he established a pig iron 
business in Louisville, Ky. In 1871 he established 
the Hull Coal & Coke Co. and the G. H. H. Freight 
Car Line. He was a Director of the Second National 
Bank and Board of Trade of Louisville. He is a 
member of the Pendennis and Fincastle Clubs of 
Louisville. He also organized the Charity Organiza- 
tion Society in Louisville. He married, Oct. 30, 1877, 
Lucia E. Houston, of Louisville, Ky. They moved 
to New York City in 1890 where, in 1889. he had 
organized the "American Pig Iron Storage Warrant 
Co." He is now President of this company and 
resides at Tuxedo Park, N. Y. He is a member of 
the Union League Club, Lawyers' Club and Tuxedo 
Club; also a member of the Sons of the Revolution, 
Sons of the American Revolution and the Metropolitan 
Museum of Art. 

Lucia Eugene Houston is a daughter of Judge Rus- 
sell and Grizelda (Polk) Houston, and granddaughter 
of David and Hannah (Ragan) Houston. David was 
a son of John Houston, who came from the North of 
Ireland. John's wife, - Rose, was born in Scot- 

land. Hannah Ragan was the daughter of Reason 
and (Pugh) Ragan. Grizelda Polk was the 

daughter of Dr. William I. Polk and Mary L. Long, 
his wife. Dr. William was a son of Col. William 
Polk and Grizelda Gilchrist, his wife. Col. William 
was a son of Gen'l Thomas Polk and Susan Spratt, 
his wife. Gen'l Thomas was a son of William Polk 
and Priscilla Roberts, his wife. William was a son of 
John Polk and Joanna Knox, his wife. John was a 
son of Robert Polk and Magdalen Tasker. Robert was 
a son of John Polk. 


Mar)' L. Long was a daughter of Lumsford Long 
and Rebecca E. Jones, his wife. Lumsford was a son 
of Col. Nicholas Long and Mar}' McKinney, his wife. 
Grizelda Gilchrist was a daughter of Judge Thomas 
Gilchrist and Martha Jones, his wife. Susan Spratt 
was a daughter of Thomas Spratt. Magdalen Tasker 
was a daughter of Col. Tasker, who commanded a 
regiment in Cromwell's Army and was afterwards 
Chancellor of Ireland under Cromwell. Rebecca E. 
Jones was a daughter of Gen'l Allen Jones and 
Rebecca Edwards, his wife. Gen'l Allen was a son 
of Gen'l Robin Jones and Sarah Cobb, his wife. 
Martha, who married Judge Thomas Gilchrist, was a 
sister of Gen'l Allen Jones. Gen'l Robin Jones was 
a son of Robert Jones. 

Sarah Cobb was a daughter of Robert Cobb and 
Elizabeth Allen, his wife, who was a daughter of Rev. 
William Allen. 

Col. Wm. Polk was appointed Second Lieutenant at 
the age of 17 in the 3d South Carolina Regiment in 
1775. He was Major in 1776 and was a member of 
the Society of the Cincinnati; was in many of the 
important battles of the Revolution. He was Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel at the close of the war. 

Gen'l Allen Jones was educated at Eaton, England; 
was a Bridadier-General in the Revolution, and was a 
member of the Continental Congress in 1779-80. 

Gen'l Thos. Polk had great influence in securing 
the adoption of the Mechlenburg Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. He was a Colonel duHng the Revolution 
and served three years under Washington's direct 
-command; was detailed to guard the baggage train 

304 343 

transporting the famous Liberty Bell; was also Com- 
missary-General of the state. 

Col. Nicholas Long was Commissary-General of 
North Carolina; superintended the manufacturing of 
military equipments, in work shops erected on his own 
premises; was a member of the Committee of Safety. 

Gen'l Robin Jones was Attorney-General of North 
Carolina in 1761. 

Robert Polk was an officer in the regiment of Col. 
Tasker in Cromwell's Army. He was the ancestor of 
President Polk. 

Mary McKinney, wife of Col. Nicholas Long, was a 
most efficient co-operator in her husband's patriotic 
work during the Revolution. 

John Polk lived in the time of James VI., of Scot- 
land. He owned an estate near Glasgow. 

Puella Follett, born in 1850 at Sandusky, Ohio; moved 
to Cincinnati in 1862; married William L. Mason, of 
Cincinnati, June 5, 1878, at Ithaca, N. Y. 

314 344 



326-345 Herbert L., resides at Fort Worth, Tex. He married 
in iSSi, Sarah Jones Benning, daughter of Henry 
Lewis Benning and Mary Howard Jones, his wife. 
Herbert L. is engaged in the cotton business at Gal- 
veston and Fort Worth, Tex. 

326-346 Anna Augusta, married Herbert L. Manson, Aug. i, 
1894; resides at Atlanta, Ga. 


326 347 
326 348 

326 349 

326 350 

328 351 

332 352 
332 354 

337 355 
337 357 

John M., died in 1865. 

Edmund E., married Margaret Reily, May 5, 1887. 

They reside at Fort Worth, Tex. He is a printer and 


Walter Bacon, married Rhoda E. Hubert, Dec. 30, 
1886, at Temple, Tex. They reside at El Paso. He 
is a dealer in machinery and printers' supplies. Mrs. 
Rhoda Hubert Hull died Oct. 14, 1892, aged 24 years. 

Elliot Clay, is a printer and publisher at El Paso, Tex. 

Walter Clark, born at Angelica in 1843. He entered 
as a private in the 37th New York Volunteers in the 
civil war; was elected Captain and, later, Colonel of 
the 2d New York Cavalry in 1864; was killed in his 
first engagement at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Nov. 
12, 1864. He is said to have been the youngest 
Colonel in the cavalry service at the time of his death. 

Agnes Perkins, born at Angelica in 1851; married in 
1876 at Oxford, N. Y., William R. Mygatt. 

Gerritt Henry, born in 1858 at Walthonville, Ga. ; 
died at Denver in 1881. 

Catherine M., born in 1856 at Walthonville, Ga. 

Anna C., born in 1869; died in 1870. 
Stella L., born in 1872; died in 1880. 
Henry E., born in 1873; died in 1873. 

Leland M., born in 1884. 

All the above were born at Savannah, Ga. 


338 359 
338 360 
338 361 
338 362 
338 363 
338 364 
338 365 

340 366 
340 367 

340 368 

Wm. Gladding, born in 1863 at Savannah, Ga. 
Margaret Wade, born in 1865 at Savannah, Ga. 
Cornelia Thurston, born in 1868 at Savannah, Ga. 
Harriet Gladding, born in 1870 at Savannah, Ga. 
Ida Morse, born in 1872 at Savannah, Ga. 
Frederick M., Jr., born in 1875 at Savannah, Ga. 
Darwin B., born in 1881 at Savannah, Ga. 

342 370 
342 372 

Alice Dana, born at Cincinnati in 1863; died in 1878. 

Helen Fletcher, born at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1865; 
now resides at Avondale, Cincinnati, with her mother's 

Leverett Lord, born at Cincinnati in 1867; graduated 
at Yale College; now engaged in the pig iron business, 
which was organized in Louisville by his uncle, Geo. 
H. Hull. No. 342. 

Grizelda Houston, born at Louisville, Aug. 22, 1878. 
Geo. Huntington, born at Louisville, June 2, 1880. 
Lytle Buchanan, born at Louisville, April 20, 1882. 
Russell Houston, born at Louisville, March n, 1884. 
Lucia Eugene, born at Louisville, Oct. 15, 1885. 

345 374 


Herbert L., Jr., born March 14, 1882; resides at Fort 

Benning, born June 2, 1884; resides at Fort Worth. 


345 376 Hazel, horn Nov. 13, 1886; resides at Fort Worth. 

345 377 Lucius Chappell, born Dec. 23, 1887; died May 30. 


348 378 John Riggs, born in 1888. 

348 379 Bonnie, born in 1890. 

349 380 Mary Clay, born in 1888. 

349 381 William Hubert, born in 1890; died in 1890. 
349 382 Ruth Rhocla, born in 1892. 
All born at El Paso, Tex. 


The records of the family of Dr. Laurens Hull aud S. Eichard Hull 

were not obtained in time to insert the names of their 

children in their enumerative places, but 

they are added here with same 

system of numbers. 


296-383 Lucia, born in 1804: married in 1826, J. B. Fish; died 
in 1830. Descendants reside at Oakland, Cal. 

296 384 Delia, born in 1807; married in 1832, Milton Johnston, 

of Sidney Plains, N. Y. She died in 1882. 

296 385 Henry Laurens, born in 1809; died in 1813. 

296 386 Julia, born in 1811; married in 1833, James Benham. 
She died in 1879. 

296-387 Laurens, Jr., born in 1813; died in 1842. 
296-388 Chas. Andrew, born in 1815; died in 1824. 

296-389 Azel Backus, born in 1817; married in 1840, Ruth A. 
New.comb. He died in California in 1890. No children. 

296-390 Marcus Ambler, born in 1819; married in 1848, Susan 
C. Ackerman; resided in Pike, N. Y. ; was Collector 
of Customs near Suspension Bridge on the Canada 
side. He died at Chicago in 1891, at the home of his 
daughter, Mrs. G. B. Shaw. 

296-391 Henry David, born in 1823; married in 1855, Isabel 
A. Renwick. They reside at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

313 392 
313 393 
313 394 

Samuel Byron. 
Savilian Ralph. 
William Henry, 


313 395 
313 396 
313 397 




390 398 

390 400 


Charles Henry, born in 1850; resides in Yelm, Wash. 

Mary D., born in 1852; married in 1875, Frank Elliott. 
He died in 1876, and Mar}' married in 1885. Gilbert 
B. Shaw, of Chicago. 

Laurens, born in 1861; married in 1891, Anna Howe; 
resides in Aurora, 111. 

391 401 

391 402 
391 403 
391 404 

William A., born in 1856; married in 1886, Ida 
Browker; resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Julia, born in 1858; resides in Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 
Frances C., born in 1862; died in i888. A 

Henry E., born in 1864; married in 1891, Mar}' Harris; 
resides in Williamsburgh, Iowa. 


'- ;; - - 

/ c 

7 r ' l o 

u. ^ A^ 

>/' > f ^* ^^ 

( tetsy^^ 9s^^~J a*^t- 

v Aj^/^ ^^ 5 >/^^- "?*- /^*/ : - 

of a feu? of 
anb ^ome of 


2-8 Mary Hull, born in 1664; married John Piindle in 
in 1685. His first and second wives died; then he 
married Hannah Botsford in 1699. He died in 1734. 
his widow, Hannah, married Capt. Joseph Hull in 
: 735- No information about children. 

9-28 Sarah Hull, married Wm. Beach, who was a son of 
Isaac Beach and Hannah Birdsey, his wife. Hannah 
was born in 1671 and was the daughter of John Birdsey 
and Phebe (Willcoxen) Birdsey, of Stratford, Conn. 
John was one of the original proprietors of Stratford 
and was a son of John Birdsey. Isaac Beach was a 
son of John Beach, of Stratford. Isaac was born in 
1669 and died in 1741. Wm. Beach was a West India 
merchant and a man of note. 

Children of Wm. Beach and Sarah were Isaac, Ann, 
Abel, Henry and Abijah (twins), Ann married Wm. 
Sam'l Johnson. Wm. Beach died and Sarah married 
Dr. Sam'l Johnson. 

9-29 Mary Hull, born about 1703; married in 1720, Tim- 
othy Russell, of Derby, Conn. His father gave him 
three hundred acres of land with a house and barn on 
it. Timothy was town clerk, justice of the peace and 
held some military position. He was a son of Sam'l 
Russell, of Bradford. 

Children of Timothy and Mary (Hull) Russell were 
Abigail, Sibila, Mary, Joseph and Samuel. Joseph 
married Elizabeth Clark. 


10 33 

10 35 

18 68 

19 76 

Damaris Hull, born in 1700; married Elnathan Street 
in 1722. He was a son of Sam'l Street and Hannah 
Glover, his second wile. Sam'l Street was a son of 
Rev. Sam'l Street and Anna Miles, his wife. She was 
a daughter of Sam'l Miles. Rev. Sam'l Street was a 
son of Rev. Nicholas Street, who was in New Haven 
in 1649. 

Abigail Hull, married Eliasaph Merriman in 1719. 
He was a son of Caleb who was a son of Capt. 
Nathaniel Merriman, one of the original settlers of 
Wallingford, 1670. Capt. Nathaniel Merriman died 
in 1693, aged 80. Abigail Hull and her daughter were 
killed by lightning in 1758. Eliasaph died ten days 

Their children were Eunice, Eunice, Eunice, Sarah, 
Titus, Caleb, Amasa, Elizabeth, Esther, Abigail and 

Abigail Hull, born in 1745; married in 1761, Elam 
Cook. He was a son of Ephraim, who was born in 
1699 and died in 1774, and married Lydia Doolittle. 
Ephraim was a son of Samuel and Mary (Roberts) 
Cook, who were married in 1690. 

Mary Hull, married in 17^4, Ephraim Tuttle. He 
was a son of Ephraim and Hannah (Paine) Tuttle. 
Hannah was a second wife. Ephraim was born in 
1710 and died in 1771. He was a son of Deacon 
Timothy and Thankful Doolittle, his wife. Timothy 
was born in 1681; was a son of Simon and Abigail 


Beach, his wife. She was a daughter of John Beach. 
Simon Tuttle was a son Wm. Tuttle, who came to 
America in 1635 in the ship "Planter." He came 
from Devonshire, Eng. 

Mary and Ephraim had one child, Uri, born in 1766; 
married Peggy Morrison. Mary (Hull) Tuttle died in 

23 85 Eunice Hull, born in 1727; married John Wooster in 
1746. He was a son of Thomas, Jr., who was the son 
of Lieut. Thomas, who was the son of Edward, who 
was a son of Edward born in England; was in Milford 
in 1654: lived in Pawgassett or Derby until his death 
in 1687. He lived eleven years in a deep wilderness 
with his family and three neighbors. His grandson, 
Gen'l Wooster, and his family are celebrated and well 
known personages in early American history. 

24-90 Anna Hull, born in 1736; married in 1751, Rev. 
Richard Mansfield, of Derby. Married by Rev. Sam'l 
Johnson, of Stratford. Rev. Richard Mansfield was born 
in 1724 in New Haven. He was prepared for college 
at the age of n, but, owing to the rules, could not be 
admitted until he was 14. He graduated with first 
honors in 1741. He finally entered the Espicopalian 
church. He was principal of a grammar school in New 
Haven two years and he fitted many young men for 
college. Yale College conferred on him the degree 
of D. D. He went to England in 1748 where he was 
admitted to Holy Orders by the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. " He returned and settled in Derby and began 



-. . - 

7 , 






-^ ' 

his work in the face of the jealousy, prejudice and 
opposition engendered by the Puritans. The Revolu- 
tion brought troublesome times. He was a loyalist, 
and, having sworn allegiance to the British crown in 
his vows of ordination, he was not easily forced to 
abandon his chosen ground." Finally he was obliged 
to flee to Long Island. He was allowed to return 
afterwards. The Colonies seemed soon to forget his 
Tory record on account of his honesty, ability and 
earnest Christian work. He was Rector of St. James 
for seventy-two years. He died aged 96. He was a 
descendant of Jonathan Mansfield who was born in 
New Haven in 1686. 

Children of Richard and Anna Mansfield: 

RICHARD, married Abia Shelton. 

Axx, married Elijah Humphreys. 

SARAH, married - - Blakeslee. 

WILLIAM, married Eunice Hull. 

STEPHEN, not married. 


BETSEY, not married. 


25-91 Sarah Hull, married Reuben Atwater. Reuben was 
a son of Phineas and Mary Ward, his wife. Sarah 
had one daughter, Sarah; then she died, and Reuben 
married again. Phineas was a son of John and Abigail 
Mansfield, his wife. John was a son of Daniel. 


Elizabeth Hull, born in 173-9; married 


of Derby. Their children were Isaac, Joseph, David, 
William, Susan, Eliza and Hannah. 


88 168 

105 198 

138 223 


Sarah Hull, born in 1769; married Gillett, of 

Derby. Their children were David, William and 

Lydia Hull,* born in 1753; married J. Judson in 1769. 
They had four children. Mr. Judson died and Lydia 
married Amasa Clark, of Cheshire, Conn. He was a 
son of Stephen and Ruth Clark, his second wife. 
Stephen was a son of Ebenezer Clark and Sarah Peck, 
his first wife. She was a daughter of James Peck, of 
New Haven. Ebenezer Clark was born in 1651; was 
a son of James, of New Haven. Lydia had three 
children, Theodocious, Beliner, and a daughter who 
married Alfred Hitchcock. 

Theodocious Clark married and had William Judson, 
a daughter, Henry and Charles Hull Clark. These 
last three brothers were living in Southington, Conn., 
and were in the bolt manufacturing business. Berliner, 
a son of Berliner, lives in Cheshire. Charles Hull 
Clark now lives in Milldale, Conn. 

Eunice Hull, married Ephraim A. Humiston, son of 
Ephraim. They had Sherlock, Hiram, Diana and 

Sarah Hull, born in 1783; married in 1802, John 
McKesson, a lawyer, of New York, 

*There is an old house still standing-, which was probably built by Dr. 
John Hull (No. 34), grandfather of Lydia. Her father. Dr. Zephaniah 
(No. 105). was probably born there and lived there. The old house is built 
on or near the site of the house of Dr. John Hull (No. 2) on the land 
granted to him for services as Surgreon in King- Philip's War. 


Their children were: 
WILLIAM H., born in 1803; died. 
WILLIAM HULL, born in 1805; died in 1837. 
JOHN, born in 1807. 
GEORGE, born in 1809. 

163-250 Eliza Hull, born in 1784; married in 1805, Isaac 
McLellan, of Portland, Me. She died in New York in 
1864. He died in Boston in 1849, aged 81. 
Their children were: 

ISAAC MCLELLAN, JR., born in 1806; educated at Bowdoin 
College, Maine; was a lawyer and author. 

WILLIAM HULL MCLELLAN, born in 1807; is a merchant. 
REV. HENRY MCLELLAN, born in 1809; graduated at 
Harvard College in 1829; died in 1833. 

PARKMAN MCLELLAN, born in 1811; died young. 

JAMES A. MCLELLAN, born in 1813; died in California 

in 1847. 

MARY E., born in 1815; married Wm. Page. 

DR. FRANCIS, born in 1817; graduated at Harvard Col- 
lege in 1837; was a Surgeon in the U. S. Volunteers; 
died in Virginia in 1863. 

SARAH A. F. MCLELLAN, born in 1820; married in 1842, 
Dr. Wm. Read, of Boston. Their children were 
William, Frederick F., Robert and Charles F. 

163-256} Ann Binney Hull, born in 1787; married Capt. 
H. H. Hickman, U. S. A., in 1808. She died in 
Richmond, Va., in 1846. 


Their children were: 
ANNA MARIA C. HICKMAN, born in 1809. 
SARAH LOUISA HICKMAN, born in 1811. 

Anna Maria married Zachariah Mead. 

163 257 Maria Hull, born in 1788; married Edward F. Camp- 
bell, of Augusta, Ga. He was born in 1786; graduated 
at Harvard College in 1814. He died at Savannah, 
Ga., in 1861. Maria died at Augusta, Ga., in 1845. 
Their children were: 

SARAH HULL CAMPBELL, born in 1817. 

EDWARD F. CAMPBELL, JR., born in 1819. 

SARAH F. CAMPBELL, born in 1823; married J. M. Sims. 

MARIA CAMPBELL, born in 1827; married M. W. Mont- 

163 258 Rebecca Parker Hull, born in 1790; married in 1805, 
Samuel Clark, of Newton, Mass. She died in Boston 
in 1865. He died at Newton in 1820. 

Their children were: 

SAMUEL C. CLARK, born in 1806; married in 1849, 
Lucinda M. Larned, of Providence, R. I. She died 
in 1859. They had a daughter, Edith Larned Clark, 
born in Chicago in 1851; died in 1862. 

REV. JAMES FREEMAN CLARK was born in 1810; married 
in 1839, Anna Haidekoper, of Meadville, Pa.; resided 
in Boston. Mass. 

Their children were: 

HERMAN H. CLARK, born in 1840; died in 1849. 

LILIAN R. CLARK, born in 1842. 

ELIOT C. CLARK, born in 1845. 

CORA CLARK, born in 1851. 


Their children were: 
ANNA MARIA C. HICKMAN, born in 1809. 
SARAH LOUISA HICKMAN, born in 1811. 

Anna Maria married Zachariah Mead. 

163 257 Maria Hull, born in 1788; married Edward F. Camp- 
bell, of Augusta, Ga. He was born in 1786; graduated 
at Harvard College in 1814. He died at Savannah, 
Ga., in 1861. Maria died at Augusta, Ga., in 1845. 
Their children were: 

SARAH HULL CAMPBELL, born in 1817. 

EDWARD F. CAMPBELL, JR., born in 1819. 

SARAH F. CAMPBELL, born in 1823; married J. M. Sims. 

MARIA CAMPBELL, born in 1827; married M. W. Mont- 

163 258 Rebecca Parker Hull, born in 1790; married in 1805, 
Samuel Clark, of Newton, Mass. She died in Boston 
in 1865. He died at Newton in 1820. 

Their children were: 

SAMUEL C. CLARK, born in 1806; married in 1849, 
Lucinda M. Lamed, of Providence, R. I. She died 
in 1859. They had a daughter, Edith Larned Clark, 
born in Chicago in 1851; died in 1862. 

REV. JAMES FREEMAN CLARK was born in 1810; married 
in 1839, Anna Haidekoper, of Meadville, Pa.; resided 
in Boston. Mass. 

Their children were: 

HERMAN H. CLARK, born in 1840; died in 1849. 

LILIAN R. CLARK, born in 1842. 

ELIOT C. CLARK, born in 1845. 

CORA CLARK, born in 1851. 


163 259 


WM. HULL CLARK, married in 1856, Ann Gay, of Boston. 
Their children were Angela C., Robert P. and William 


ABRAHAM FULLER CLARK, married Susan S. Fisher, of 
Boston. Their children were Eva, James F., and 
William Newton. 

THOMAS C. CLARK, married Susan H. Smith, of Port 
Hope, Canada- West. Their children are Herman, 
Rebecca L., Arthur S. and Beatrice V. 

SARAH A. CLARK. No other information. 

Caroline Hull, born in 1793; married in 1819, Rufus 
K. Page, of Hallowell, Me. Caroline died in 1825. 

Their children were: 

WILLIAM RUFUS PAGE, born in 1820; settled in Constan- 
tinople as a merchant: married a Greek lady. 
JOHN O. PAGE, born in 1822. 
SARAH H. PAGE, born in 1824. 

Julia Knox Hull, born in 1795; married James 
Wheeler, of Augusta, Ga. Julia died in 1842. James 
died in 1866, aged 70 years. 

Their children were: 
LUCY J. WHEELER, born in 1830; married Sterling 


SARAH L. WHEELER, born in 1832. 
WILLIAM HULL WHEELER, born in 1834. 
JOSEPH WHEELER, born in 1836: married Ella Jones 



164-262 Harriet Hull, married Sheldon Bassett. He was a 
prominent man, Town Clerk, Justice of the Peace 
and merchant. He was a son of William, who was a 
son of James, who was a son of Ebenezer, who was a 
son of Captain Samuel, who was a son of Sargeant 
Robert, who was a son of Robert, Sr. , who was a son 
of John Bassett, of New Haven, in 1643, 

Children of Sheldon and Harriet (Hull) Bassett 
were Helen, William, Royal M., Lavina, Lucy and 

167-277 Susan Hull, married John C. Sanford, of New York 
City. They had one daughter, Susan E. She married 
Theodore Salter and they had a son, S. Salter. 

174-278 Eudocia Hull, married Gov. Sam'l Foote. He was a 
graduate of Yale in 1797; studied law, and, after his 
marriage, was a partner of Gen. Andrew Hull in New 
Haven; was elected Member of Congress in 1823; 
re-elected in 1834; was Speaker of the House of Rep- 
resentatives of Connecticut in 1825-26; was U. S. 
Senator from 1827 to 1833; elected Governor of Con- 
necticut in 1834; received the degree of L.L.D. from 
Yale College. He died in 1846, leaving three sons, 
Hon. John A. Foote, of New Haven, Rear Admiral 
Andrew Hull Foote and Augustus E. Foote, of Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Rear Admiral A. H. Foote was born in 1806; died 
in 1863. "Any extended notice of so distinguished 
and well known a character as Admiral Foote is not 
necessary here. His distinguished public services in 


174 280 

a long course of active duty, and more especially his 
Hlirieiicv in suppressing the slave trade on the coast 
of Africa, the destruction of the Barrier forts in China, 
and the creation of a flotilla and bombardment of the 
fortifications of the Tennessee, Cumberland and Miss- 
issippi are matters of history." His sword is preserved 
as a sacred relic by the N. H. Historical Society. 

Gov. Sam'l A. Foote was a son of Rev. John Foote 
and Abigail (Hall) Foote. Rev. John Foote was a 
descendant of Nathaniel Foote. 

Abigail (Hall) Foote was born in 1748 and died in 
1788. She was a daughter of Rev. Samuel and Ann 
(Law) Hall. Ann Law was a daughter of Gov. Jona- 
than Law. She was born in 1702; died in 1775. 

Rev. Samuel graduated at Yale in 1716. He was a 
son of John Hall, who was born in 1670, and Mary 
(Lyman) Hall. John was a son of Samuel and Hannah 
(Walker) Hall. This Samuel was a sou of John and 
Jeanne (Wollen) Hall, who were born in England. 
Rev. Sam'l Hall was the first minister at Cheshire. 

Rev. John Foote was a son of John and Abigail 
(Frisbie) Foote. This John was a son of Robert 
Foote, of Wethersfield. 

Merab Hull, married Henry Whittlesey, born in 1782. 
Merab was his second w.ife. Henry was a descendant 
of Elisha and Susanna (Hall) Whittlesey. Elisha was 
a son of Rev. Samuel, who was a son of John and 
Ruth (Dudley) Whittlesey. 

Rev. Samuel was born in Saybrook in 1686; gradu- 
ated at Yale in 1705; married Sarah, daughter of Rev. 
Nathan Chauncey, who was a son of Rev. Charles 


Chauncey, President of Harvard College. The Chaun- 
cey family is traced to William de Chauncey, Baron of 

184 289 Linda Hull, born in 1796; married David Brooks, of 
Cheshire, Conn. They had several children. A 
daughter, Elizabeth, married Henry W. Chatfield and 
now resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

David Brooks was a son of Dr. David and Elizabeth 
(Doolittle) Brooks. Elizabeth Doolittle was a de- 
scendant of Abraham Doolittle, of Wallingford. 

Three of Linda (Hull) Brooks' ancestors were in 
the Revolutionary War. 

184-291 Charlotte Hull, born in 1800; married John Olmsted, 
of Hartford, Conn. They had a son, Frederick Law 
Olmsted, who is one of the most celebrated landscape 
architects in the world. He laid out the grounds of 
the World's Fair, held in Chicago, 111., in 1893. He 
resides near Boston, Mass. 

197-297 Althea Hull, born in 1780; married Mr. Hill. 
Their children were: 

1 MARIA, married Mr. Smith. 

2 SUSAN OLIVE, married Dr. Camp. 

3 CORNELIA, married Mr. Chubbuck. They reside in 

some western state. 

4 JULIA, married Mr. Atwater. Mrs. Atwater resides in 

Chicago with her son. 

5 LUCY. 


ANN, married Mr. Mathews. They have a son, George, 
and a daughter, Mary Olmsted. They reside in Bay- 
field, Mich. 


197-299 Betsey M. Hull, born in 1783; married E. Hinsdale, 
of Leroy, N. Y. They had a daughter, Harriet. She 
married Hiram Haskell, of Leroy. They had a 
daughter, Alice Haskell, who married Mr. Charles 
Root, a merchant in Detroit, Mich. They had two 
sons. Mr. Root died a few years since. The family 
resided in Detroit in 1890. 

Mrs. Betsey Hull Hinsdale died and Mr. Hinsdale 
married again and had several children. One son is 
Elizur B. Hinsdale, of New York City. He is Attorney 
and General Counsel of the Long Island R. R. 

197-301 Lucy Olive Hull, born in 1788; married in 1807, 
Ezra Starr, of Danbury, Conn. Lucy died in 1813 
and left two daughters. 

One daughter was Sophie. She married James 
Arnold. Their children were James, Charles and Lily 
Arnold. All reside in Angelica, N. Y. 

JULIA, daughter of Ezra and Lucy O. (Hull) Starr, 
married Ransom Lloyd in 1830 at Birdsall, N. Y. 
Ransom died in 1870. Julia died in iSSi. 

Their children were: 

DELOS LLOYD, married in 1890, Mrs. Sarah S. Warren. 
He is a clerk in the Treasury Department at Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


JULIA LLOYD, married David Richardson and resides at 
Angelica, N. V. 

HARLAX P. LLOYD, married in 1869, Harriet Raymond 
at Yassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. She was a 
daughter of Rev. Dr. John H. Raymond and Cornelia 
(Morse) Raymond. Dr. Raymond was the first Presi- 
dent of Vassar College. He was a son of Eliakim and 
Mary (Carrington) Raymond. Cornelia Morse was a 
niece of Col. Elijah Morse, who married Olive E. Hull, 
No. 302; also a niece of Betsy Morse, who married 
Judge Andrew Hull, No. 303. Doctor and Mrs. Ray- 
mond were married by Rev. Leverett Hull. Harlan 
and Harriet Lloyd had a son, Raymond, born in Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, in 1871, and a daughter, Marguerite, 
born in 1873 in Cincinnati. Harriet wrote a life of her 
father after his death. She died in Cincinnati, April 
30, 1890. Harlan served in the civil w 7 ar; was a 
Major. He and his famify now reside in Cincinnati, 
Ohio. He is a lawyer. He married again in 1892 or' 93. 

NELLIE, fourth child of Ransom and Julia S. Lloyd, is 

teaching in the South. 
STARR, fifth child, married Helen Young in 1882. They 

reside in Chicago, 111. 

L. IDA LLOYD, sixth child, resides in Angelica, N. Y. 

197-302 Olive E. Hull, born in 1790; married Col. Elijah 
Morse, of Eaton, N. Y. Olive died in 1884. Their 
children were Mary, Charles and Edward. All 


199 306 Naomi Hull, married Capt. Wm. Brown about 1798. 
He was lost at sea in the brig "Trenton" in 1811. 
He ^vas 39 years old. Naomi was living in New 
Haven when the War of 1812 commenced. Her 
father, Squire Andrew Hull, hearing that the British 
were approaching New Haven, started from Cheshire 
with his horse and wagon, drove to New Haven and 
brought Naomi and her children back to his home in 
Cheshire. The British vessels were in sight as Mr. 
Hull drove out of New Haven. Naomi lived in 
Cheshire after this. Her father left his property to 
her. Naomi and Capt. Brown had a son, Wm. A. 
Brown, and a daughter, Hannah Brown. 

Wm. A. Brown married, ist, in 1828, Cornelia Ives, 
a daughter of Rev. Reuben Ives. They had Mary 
Brown, born in 1829. She married G. B. Finch, of 
Southington, Conn., and had two children, William A. 
and Nellie Finch. 

William E., second child of William A. and Cornelia 
(Ives) Brown, was born in 1831; married Eliza J. 
Hotchkiss. They had a son, William E. Brown. 

Cornelia (Ives) Brown died and William A. married 
in 1833, Martha L. Roys. She was a descendant of 
Samuel Roys or Royce. This Samuel was a brother 
of Joseph Royce, who was an ancestor of Mary Royce 
who married Gideon Ives in 1706. This Gideon was 
the father of Sarah Ives who married Dr. John Hull, 
No. 34. The name is spelt Royce by one branch of 
the family. Mrs.- Martha (Roys) Brown is still living 
and is 84 years old. 

ANDREW HULL, first child of William A. and Martha 
(Roys) Brown, died in infancy. 



AI.KRED A., the second child, was born in 1835. He 
married Mary Stone. They live now at the old home 
of Andrew Hull. They have no children. 

KI>\VIN R. BROWN, third child, was born in 1837; mar- 
ried Laura H. Hickox. Has one daughter, who is 
married. No children. Edwin R. resides in Cheshire. 
He is a merchant and a prominent man in the town 
and church. The Methodist Society of Cheshire have 
recently dedicated a new church. Mr. E. R. Brown 
read a very interesting paper giving a history of the 
"Old Bell' for the last one hundred years. This 
bell was purchased for the Congregational church, 
Cheshire, in 1790. In 1891 it was presented to the 
Methodist Church, and it was at the dedication of 
this church that Mr. Brown read this paper. He also 
gave an address at the 2OOth anniversary of Cheshire, 
July 4, 1894. 

The compiler of this little book is very much 
indebted to Mr. E. R. Brown for data. 

Hannah Brown, daughter of Capt. Wm. Brown and 
Naomi Hull, his wife, married Alfred Doolittle in 1826 
and they owned and lived on a part of the land that 
descended to Hannah from her grandfather, Andrew 
Hull. After Alfred Doolittle's death this part of the 
Hull farm was sold to the town and new buildings 
were put up, and it has since been known as the 
" Town Farm. " 

Alfred was a son of Sam'l Doolittle, who was a son 
of Ambrose, who was a son of Abraham, who was a 


son of Abraham, Sr., and his first wife. This Abraham 
Doolittle was one of the original proprietors of Wal- 
lingford, Conn. 

Children of Hannah and Alfred Doolittle were: 

EMILY A. DOOLITTLE, married Mr. G. Weed. No 

ANDREW H. DOOLITTLE, married Mary Andrews. They 
had two sons. 

ELLEX C. DOOLITTLE, married L. K. Andrews. They 
have five sons and live in Cheshire. 

Mr. Wm. A. Brown was a deacon of the Congrega- 
tional church for forty years, and he was a prominent 
and greatly respected man. He lived with Andrew 
Hull when he was a young man. After the death of 
Andrew Hull, William A. lived in the same house 
until he built a new one on the same premises. 
William A. died in 1871, aged 64. 

300-327 Lucy A. Hull, married Pe.ter McLaren. They had a 
son, Edwin Hull, who married Valarie Lamar at 
Macon, Ga. They had one child who died young. 

303-329 Cornelia Sophie Hull, born in 1820 at Nelson, N. Y.; 
died in 1865 at Elmira, N. Y. She married Judge 
Ariel Standish Thurston in 1846. She was his second 
wife. He was Judge and Surrogate of Chemung 
County, N. Y. He was born in 1810 at Goffstown, 
N. H.^ He was a son of Stephen and Philomela 
(Parish) Thurston. 


Children of Judge and Cornelia (Hull) Thurston 

WILLIAM HULL THURSTON, born in 1847; died in 1861. 

JULIA HART THURSTON, born in 1849; married in 1871, 
Geo. \V. Thomas. He was born in 1825 and was a 
son of Vial Thomas, Julia Thomas died in 1881. 
Geo. W. Thomas died in 1889 at Angelica. They had 
two children, Wm. Standish and Cornelia Thurston. 

CHARLES P. THURSTON was born in Elmira, N. Y., in 
1851; married in 1874, Mary T. Reid. She was born 
in 1849 and was a daughter of James B. Reid and 
Jane Eliza DeGraff, his wife. 

Children of Charles P. and Mary (Reid) Thurston 

JAMES REID THURSTON, born in 1877, 
JANE ELIZA THURSTON, born in 1884. 

ELIZABETH MORSE THURSTON was born in 1855 at Elmira, 

N. Y. She married Henry Bowring. who was a son 

of Charles T. and Harriet Bowring, of London, Eng. 

Children of Elizabeth and Henry Bowring were 

Cornelia H., Elizabeth T. and Charles T. 

RICHARD HULL THURSTON was born in 1863 at Elmira; 
marrried Jane Tuthill Reid. She was born in 1866 
and was a daughter of James Riley and Mary Bradford 
(Tuthill) Reid. 


303 331 Elizabeth Morse Hull, born at Eaton, N. Y., in 
1822; married at Angelica in 1844, William E. Hart, 
of Elmira. William was born at Goshen in 1817. 
Mrs. Hart died at Elmira in 1855. 

Their children were: 

ALICE E. HART, born in 1845; married in 1868, Seward 
F. Gould, of Rochester, N. Y. 

Their children were: 

JAY HART GOULD, born in 1868; died at Avon, N. Y. , 

in 1883. 

FRED S. GOULD, born in 1870 at Avon, N. Y. 
HARRY P. GOULD, born in 1873 at Avon, N. Y. 
ELIZABETH GOULD, born in 1875 at Rochester, N. Y. 

Second child of Elizabeth Hull and Win. E. Hart 
was Fred Hull, born in 1847; died at Elmira, N. Y., 
in 1864. 

Third child of Elizabeth and Win. E. Hart was 
Frank Parmalee, born in 1850 at Elmira. 

303 333 Harriet E. Hull, born at Eaton, N. Y., May 14, 1827; 
married Volney Aldridge at Angelica, N. Y. , Aug. 25, 
1846. Volney was born Aug. 26, 1818, at Dryden, 
N. Y. He was the eldest son of Benjamin and Lydia 
White (Lewis) Aldridge; was a merchant at Angelica, 
N. Y. ; then agent of the Erie R. R. at Belvidere, 
N. Y., Paterson and Jersey City, N. J. Now resides 
in Brooklyn, and for man} years has been agent of the 
White Star Line Steamship Co. We are indebted to 
Mr. Aldridge for data of the descendants of Dr. 
Laurens and Judge Andrew Hull. 


Children of Yolney and Harriet (Hull) Aldridge are: 

HKLKN MORSE ALDRIDGE, born in Angelica in 1847; 
married Benjamin P. Smith in 1868. Mr. Smith was 
born in 1829 in Troy, N. Y. ; died at Brooklyn in 1881. 

Their children were: 

HELEN ALDRIDGE SMITH, born in 1869; married in 1892, 
Arthur S. Tuttle at Brooklyn. Mr. Tuttle was born 
at Burlington, Conn., in 1865. 

RAYMOND M. SMITH, second child of Helen and Benja- 
min Smith, born in Brooklyn in 1871. 

LEONARD H. SMITH, third child of Helen and Benjamin 
Smith, was born in Brooklyn in 1876. 

FANNIE H. ALDRIDGE, second child of Volney and Har- 
riet (Hull) Aldridge, was born in 1850 at Angelica; 
married in 1869 in Brooklyn, Dr. John Theodore Mac 
Farland, of Savannah, Ga. He died there in 1888. 

Their children were: 


of the Chattanoga Southern Railway Co. 

nected with the Smelting and Refining Co. at East 
Helena, Mon. 


All born at Savannah, Ga. John died in 1894. 


ELIZABETH PERRY ALDRIDGE, third child of Yolney and 

Harriet (Hull) Aldridge, was born in 1855 at Paterson, 
X. J. : married in 1876, Rev. Wm. W. Ayres, of 


They had four children: 
HARRIET HULL AYKKS, born in 1877. 
LUCY OLMSTED AYRES, born in 1879. 

AJ1 born at Wickford, R. I. 

DARWIN RAYMOND ALDRIDGE, fourth child of Volney and 
Harriet (Hull) Aldridge, was born in 1858 at Paterson, 
N. J. In 1891 he married Clara Billou, of St. Louis, 
Mo. Clara was born in 1868, and was a daughter of 
Lewis Charles and Clara (Peterson) Billou. Darwin 
is one of the Directors and Secretary of the China and 
Japan Trading Company of New York City. He 
resides in Brooklyn. 

and Harriet (Hull) Aldridge, was born in 1859 at 
Brooklyn; married in 1884, Bessie Lowry, daughter of 
Charles and Sarah (Jones) Lowry. Frederick T. 
Aldridge is Secretary of the Long Island Loan & 
Trust Co. He resides in Brooklyn. 

They had two children: 

CHARLES LOWRY ALDRIDGE, born in 1885; died, in 1885. 

Both were born in Brooklyn. 

WALTER HULL ALDRIDGE, sixth child of Volney and 
Harriet (Hull) Aldridge, born in 1867 in Brooklyn; 
graduated from the School of Mines, Columbia Col- 
lege, New York, in 1887. He was Superintendent of 


303 334 

304 341 

304 343 

the Colorado Smelting Co. in 1891-92. He now 
resides in East Helena, Mont., and is Manager of the 
United Smelting and Refining Co. at East Helena and 
Great Falls. 

Maria Cordelia Hull, born at Birdsall, N. Y., in 
1829; married Frederick Mortimer Hartshorn in 1856 
at Angelica, N. Y. He was born at Walpole, Mass., 
in 1816. 

Mary Scoville Hull, born at Angelica in 1838; moved 
to Ohio in 1844 with her parents; was educated at 
Leroy Seminary; married in 1871, John C. Tucker, Jr., 
son of John C. Tucker, of New York City. They lived 
at Langdon and Minneapolis. Minn. Mr. Tucker was 
physician there. Mary died in 1881. After her death 
Dr. Tucker and their children, Leverett and Florence 
Augusta Tucker, went to live with Dr. Tucker's father 
in New York City. Dr. Tucker died a few years since. 

Puella Follett Hull, born in 1850 at Sandusky, Ohio; 
moved to Cincinnati in 1862; was educated at Mt. 
Auburn Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, and at Vassar 
College, New York. In 1878 she married William L. 
Mason. They resided at Chicago, 111. William L. 
was born in 1847 at Cincinnati, Ohio; was educated at 
Phillips Academy, Andover, and at Yale College; 
moved to Chicago in 1873, where, for seventeen years, 
he was in the lumber business with Chas. S. Gardiner. 
In 1891 moved to Milwaukee, Wis. Is now Auditor of 


the Milwaukee Street Ry. Co., Secretary of the Edison 
Electric Illuminating Co. and Vice President of the 
\Yest Side Railroad Co. He is a son of T. B. Mason, 
son of Col. Johnson, who was a great great grandson 
of Thomas, who was killed by the Indians in 1676 in 
Medfield, Mass. This Thomas was a son of Robert 
Mason, of Roxbury. 

\Ym. L. Mason's mother was a daughter of Capt. 
Sam'l Hall (a Revolutionary soldier) and Sarah 
(Cheney) Hall. Sarah Cheney was a daughter of 
Ensign Timothy Cheney and Sarah Prentice, his wife. 
Sarah Prentice was a daughter of Capt. Thomas and 
Elizabeth fjackson) Prentice. Elizabeth Jackson was 
a daughter of Dea. Edward Jackson, of Newton, Mass. 
Edward was a son of Edward Jackson, Sr. , and Eliza- 
beth (Newgate) Jackson. She was a daughter of John 
Newgate, who was a son of Philip Newgate and Joan 
de Hoo. Joan de Hoo was a great great great great 
great granddaughter of Robert de Hoo, who was a son 
of Alexander de Hoo, the Crusader, who married 
Devorgilda, a daughter of King Alexander II., of 
Scotland. This line is traced back to A. D. 857. 

296 386 Julia Hull, born in 1811; married in 1833, James 
Benham; died in 1879. They had two sons, A. Morse 
Benham, married and resides at Oakland, Cal., and 
Henry L. Benham; married Mary Sibley, daughter of 
James Sibley, of Cincinnati, Ohio. A, Morse Benham 
has one child, J. W. Benham, who is in business in 
Phoenix, Arizona. 


Children of Henry L- and Mary S. Benham. 
MARY HULL BEXII \\i. married E. C. Page and resides 
in Chicago. 

ETHEL SIBLEY BENHAM, married R. S. Bassett and 
resides at Station C, Cincinnati, Ohio. 



Child of E. C. Page and Mary (Benham) Page: 
MARY KATHERINE PAGE, who is of the eleventh genera- 
tion, counting from Richard Hull, No. i. 

390 399 Mary D. Hull, born in 1852; married Frank Elliott in 
1875. He died in 1876. She married Gilbert B. 
Shaw in 1885. They reside in Chicago, 111. Mr. 
Shaw is President of the American Trust & Savings 

Children of Gilbert B. Shaw and Mary (Hull) 
Shaw are: 

MARGARET, born Aug. 30, 1886. 
HELEN, born Sept. 16, 1888. 
DORIS, born April 2, 1893. 



J"H\ MCKESSON, son of John and Sarah (Hull, 254) 
McKesson, is a druggist in New York; married Maria 
Leffrets, of Belford, L. I. 

Their children are: 
ELIZABETH D., married H. M. Camp. 
MARIA A., married J. H. Herrick. 
JOHN, married Leila Forbes in 1866. 
CATHERINE A., married John L. Kirkland in 1865. 

GEORGE C., born in 1849. 
VIRGINIA G., born in 1852. 
IDA L., born in 1854. 

\V.M. HULL MCLELLAN, son of Isaac and Eliza (Hull, 255) 
McLellan, married Mary Beers, of Topsham, Me., in 
1840. He is a merchant in Boston; born in 1807. 

Their children were Joseph W. , Anna, William and 
James H. 

Anna married Joseph Vila or Vilas, of Boston. Mass. 

Hickman and Ann Binney (Hull, 256), his wife, born in 
1809; married, ist, Geo. A. Otis, of Boston. He died 


and she married Rev. Z. Mead in 1836. He died in 
1848 and she married Mr. Chalmer, of Virginia. 

Children of Anna Maria and Rev. Z. Mead were: 

GEO. A. OTIS MEAD, Surgeon in U. S. Army; married 
Miss Barry, of Newton, Mass. 

EDWARD C. MEAD, lived in Virginia. 
WILLIAM Z. MEAD, died in Georgia. 
ANNA L. MEAD, died in 1840. 

SARAH LOUISA HICKMAN, daughter of Capt. Hickman 
and Ann B. (Hull, 256), his wife, born in 1811; married 
1828, Sam'l J. Smith, of Providence. They had a son, 
Chas. J. Smith, born in 1831; died in California in 1844. 

SARAH HULL CAMPBELL, daughter of Edward and Maria 
(Hull, 257) Campbell, born in 1817; married Dr. P. M. 
Kollock, of Savannah, Ga. Their children were M. 
Kollock, Maria F., Joseph T. and Sarah C. 

EDWARD F. CAMPBELL, JR., son of Edward and Maria 
(Hull, 257) Campbell, born in 1819; a civil engineer; mar- 
ried a daughter of the Hon. W. F. Pierce, of Alabama. 
Their children were Harriet T., Fannie M., and 
Edward F. 

LUCY J., daughter of James and Julia (Hull, 260) 
Wheeler, married in 1849, Sterling Smith, of Brooklyn. 
Their children were Caroline, Sterling S., Louis M., 
Lucy W., Sheldon, Mary S. and Julia H. 

75, son of James and Julia (Hull, 260) Wheeler, 
graduated at West Point in 1859; was Colonel of the 
igth Alabama Volunteers in 1861 ; Brigadier-General in 
1862 with cavalry command; in 1865 Lieutenant-Gen- 
eral. He married in 1866, Ella Jones Sherwood. 
They had one child, Lucy L. Wheeler, born in 1866. 

MARY ELIZABETH MCLELLAN, daughter of Isaac and 
Eliza (Hull, 255) McLellan, was born in 1815; married 
in 1845, Wm. H. Page, of Boston. They had one 
child, Ella Wingate Page. 

CAPT. JOSEPH, No. 24, married Sarah , and not 
Sarah Bennett, as this record has it. Sarah Bennett 
married Lieut. Joseph, No. 162. 

GEN. WILLIAM, No. 163, had one son, Abraham Fuller 
Hull, who was a Captain in the U. S. Army and was 
killed in 1814. 

The name of the wife of Joseph, No. 247, was Susan 
Bartine instead of Susan Barton. 

ZEPHANIAH, No. 105, removed to Bethlehem. 
No. 391 should be Henry Davis. 

The last will and testament of Richard Hull, late of New Haven, 
deceased, made ye 2ist of August, 1662. 

I, Richard Hull, of New Haven in New England plantan., being 
sick & weak in body, but through the mercy of God at present of 
sound & prfect mind & meory, and having a desire to settle and 
dispose of ye small estate wherewith yt hath pleased God to bless 
me, do make and declare my last will & testamt. in manner and form 

In the first place, I comitt my soule into ye hands of Jesus 
Christ, whoe hath redeemed it by his precious blood, and through 
whom only I hope for eternal life, & my body I comitt to the earth to 
be decently buried according to the discretion of my executor, know- 
ing yt my redeemer liveth whoe will rays up the same at the last day, 
and as for my outward estate my mind is & I doe dispose of the same 
as followeth: 

Imprimis. I give unto my eldest sonne Jeremy Hull ^whom I 
make executor) the house I now live in and home lott with yt barne 
& appurtenances and all my other land & meadow lying and being in 
this towne & plantation of New Haven, except such part and parcel 
thereof as I shall otherwise dispose of by this my will, hee paying 
out of ye sd. house, home lott & premises ye sume of twenty pounds, 
current pay toward ye raysing of such legacies as I shall give by this 
my will. 

Item. I give unto my sonne John Hull the sume of ten pounds 
in full of his part. 

Item. I give to my daughter Hannah Hull the sume of fforty 
pounds, the greatest part of which sume I will shall bee payd out of 
my household goods and movables and it is my mind ye sd. legacies 
of ten pounds & fforty pounds be payd within the time of twelve 
months after my decease or sooner if it can be raised. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law John Jaxson & 
my daughter Mary his wife, one piece or parcell of meadow which I 


bought of Timothy Nash, lying and beeing on the east side near the 
ferry and all my upland, situated lying and being at the Oyster point, 
and also two acres more of upland in the Yorkshire quarter,* to have 
possess and enjoy all the said upland and meadow to him my said 
son-in-law Jno. Jaxson, his wife & to their heyres & assigns for ever 
from and immediately after my decease. 

Item. I give the sum of five pounds to be paid to the deacons 
of the church of New Haven aforesaid for the use of the poore of the 
said church, within one year or sooner as aforesaid. 

Item. It is my mind and will yt if my estate should not amount 
to the payment of the said several legacies bequethed as aforesaid by 
this my will, that then there be a proportionable abatement in each 
legacy, with due respect and consideration to my sonne Jeremy unto 
whom I intend to give full value of thirty pounds and leave estate 
out of the house and home lott and my other land bequeathed to 
him, excepting as is before excepted. 

Item. It is my will that my executor in the first place see that 
all my just debts be fully payd and satisfied and funeral expenses 
discharged. And in witness that this is my last will and testament. 
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 2ist day of August, 1662. 

This will was signed, sealed 
& declared ye day and year before 
mentioned as the testator's last 
will and testament in presence of 




Died in December, 1662. 

*The word Yorkshire in the above will is probably an error in the original copy of the 
will, as Richard owned property in what was once called the York Square quarter, and that 
is where this property, referred to in the will, was located. 

Dr. John Hull (No. 2) left no will. Letters of administration were issued to his sons 
Joseph and Benjamim. 



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