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Full text of "A record of the family of John Wallace : with sketches of the history of previous generations"

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Wallace, Josephine, 18 
A record of the family of 
John Wal lace 

A. 271 n O O XX ID 


The H~ i ^.2vcix j ~^" 




HkctclieH of the liutoi ,\ of Previous Gener- 


Milton, [ndiana, 1805. 

Milton Ni wa Piiint. 








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The author in compiling this volume has depended 
to a great extent upon friends and relatives of the 
different branches of the family, among whom Wallace 
Sigerson has furnished some very valuable facts in 
a paper written in 1878. 

The volume deals principally with the family of 
John Wallace, my grandfather, as little is know ©f 
the other branches. 

Hoping that my efforts to compile and preserve 
for future generations the record of the family will 
be appreciated, 1 am 

Yours truly, J. W. 

Page 1 


The Wallace family is of Scotch descent, said to be descended 
from the illustrious statesman and warrior, Sir William Wallace, 
hero of "Scottish Chiefs''. 

William Wallace came from Scotland or Ireland to the colony 
of Virginia about 1730, and lived in Albemarle county, where his 
family was born and reared. The family consisted of four sons, 
and at least, one daughter, perhaps more, viz: John, William, 
Michael, Josiah and Hannah (Woods). Nothing is known of the 
families of William and Josiah. 

Michael had one son, Michael, who settle in Madison county, 
Kentucky, and died there. His widow removed with her family to 
Decatur county, Indiana. 

The only remaining members of the family are Mrs. Nancy Warden, 
of Xenia, Ohio, and John A. Wallace, of Jefferson county, Indiana. 

John A. Wallace raised a family of four children, John, Samuel, 
Laura and Alice M. John resides near Madison, Indiana, and has 
four children, three sons and one daughter. Samuel is a grocery- 
man in Hanover, Indiana, and has four children, two sons and 
two daughters. Laura (McMillan) died some years ago leaving one 
son, John, who is now eighteen years of age, and is studying 
dentistry. Alice M. is a teacher in the public schools in Hanover, 

Collins' History of Kentucky gives the following thrilling 
account of an adventure in the life of the sister, Hannah Woods: 

"In the year 1784 or 1785, near the Crab Orchard, in Lincoln 
county, a very singular adventure occurred at the home of a Mr. 
Woods. One morning he left his family, consisting of a wife and 
a daughter, not yet grown, and a lame negro man, and rode off to 
a station near by, not expecting to return till night. Mrs. .Voods, 
being a short distance from her cabin, was alarmed by discovering 
several Indians advancing towards it. She instantly screamed 
loudly, in order to give the alarm, and ran with utmost speed, in 
hope of reaching the house before them. In this she succeeded, but 
befiore she could close the door the foremost Indian had forced his 
way into the house. He was instantly seized by the lame negro man 
and, after a short scuffle, they both fell with violence, the negro 
underneath. Mrs. Woods was too busily engaged in keeping the door 
shut against the party without to attend to the combatants, but 
the lame negro, holding the Indian tightly in his arms, called to 
the young girl to take the axe from under the bed and dispatch 
him by a blow on the head. She immediately attempted it, but the 
first attempt was a failure. She repeated the blow and killed him. 

"The other Indians were at the door trying to force it open 
with their tomahawks. The negro rose and proposed to Mrs. Woods to 
let in another and they would soon dispose of the whole of them in 
the same manner. 

"The cabin was but a short distance from the station, the 
occupants of which having discovered the perilous situation of the 
family, fired on the Indians and killed another, when the remair.< 
made their escape." 

Page 2 


John Wallace, the elder brother, was born in 1732, and lived 
six miles from Monticello, Virginia. He came from there to Ken- 
tucky in the spring of 1783, and stopped at Crab Orchard one year. 
From there he, with his wife, (whose name was Whorry before marriage), 
and children went to the north side of the Kentucky river and 
settled in Jessamine county, about ten miles from Lexington. His 
wife died there and was buried at Pisgah "Meeting House," in Wood- 
ford county. Their family consisted of seven children, viz: Hannah, 
Rosanna, Polly, John, Patsy, Thomas and Betsy. About the year 1800 
he moved from Kentucky to Monroe, Ohio. In 1812, the family, under 
the leadership of the eldest brother, John, moved to Wayne county, 
Indiana, where John had entered land in the fall of 1811. 

The family at that time consisted of the father, two sons, John 
and Thomas, and one daughter, Betsy, all single. The war broke out, 
and being only two miles from the Indian boundary lines, they were 
in danger from Indian raids. The first summer Betsy was sent into 
the older settlement on what was called the East Fork of Whitewater, 
and lived in the family of a Mr. Hunt. The father lived until 
about the year 1820. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, 
and a soldier of the Revolutionary War. The powder horn carried 
by him through the war is now in the possession of his grandson, 
John Wallace. 


The family of Hannah Philips consisted of four children, William, 
Polly, Sally and Jane. All are dead. 

The family of Rosanna Stout consisted of four children, Mollie, 
Susan, Nancy and an infant. But one living at last account. 


The family of Polly Sigerson consisted of seven children, Je. 
Wallace, Margaret (Reed), John, William, Mary, (died single), and 
Nancy (Sunderland). Only two now living, William at Ocean Sprin , 
Mississippi, and Nancy in Burlington, Iowa. 

(Subject of this sketch) 

Page 3 

The family of Patsy Cassaday consisted of six children, 
Polly, William, Samuel, Betsy, Nancy and James. Only two now 
living, Polly (Amnions) somewhere in Illinois, and Samuel at Mason, 


He was a successful farmer, and for some months lived in the 
neighborhood of Crawf ordsville, Indiana, where he took sick, of 
measles and died, unmarried, about the year 1830, and as near as 
can be ascertained, was about thirty-five years of age. At the 
time of his death he owned the east half of the farm now belong- 
ing to Isaac Kinsey. 

Wallace Sigerson, in his account of him, says: "Of all the 
young men 1 have known in a long life, he was preemminently the 
Model Man. He was medium size, weight, summer and winter, 144 
pounds. Physically, the best man of his size I have ever seen, 
possessing an endurance that was unheard of in the country where 
he lived. He has said he could never lift nor work hard enough 
to tire him. In morals and religious character he had no equal 
among men where he lived. In disposition, noble and generous 
almost to a fault. He was a good neighbor, and would drop his 
work, no matter how pressing, and go at their call. He commanded 
the love and respect of all who knew him. He had been heard to 
say if there was such a thing as fear, he had never experienced 
it. He was never sick until he contracted the disease of which 
he died. 


The family of Betsy Dennis consisted of four children, 
Warren, Franklin, Nancy and Thomas. Only two living at last 
account, Franklin in Missouri, and Nancy in California. 

Page 4 


John Wallace was born September 26th, 1780, and was married 
March 16th, 1815 to Mary Banks, who was born December 1st, 1798, 
in Kentucky. She was a daughter of Adam Banks, a noted Baptist 
preacher of early days. It is said the marriage engagement was 
made on first introduction, he being thirty-four years of age and 
she not over seventeen. 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was successful in business 
and accumulated large property. He died September 23rd, 1842, aged 
sixty-two years. His wife survived until February 27th, 1867, and 
died at the home of her son, Richard, in Milton, Indiana, aged sixty- 
eight years. 

Their family consisted of twelve children, Oliver, Cyrus, Stephen, 
James, John, William, Preston, Sarah, Richard, Emily, Allen and a 
daughter who died in infancy. 

Oliver Wallace, the eldest of the family, and the first white 
child born in Washington Township, Wayne county, Indiana, was born 
two and one-half miles south of Milton, February 19th, 1816, and 
was married August 8th, 1850, to Mary Ann Doran, daughter of John 
and Mary Ann (Jones) Doran, who was born October 18th, 1830. They 
still live where they began housekeeping, two miles south of Milton, 
on a part of the "old homestead." Their family consisted of three 
children, Linville, Jasper and Flora. The latter died in infancy. 


Linville Wallace was born June 26th, 1851, and was married 
October 15th, 1883, to Lucinda Dehaven, daughter of James I. and 
Eliza (Hamilton) Dehaven, who was born one and one-half miles west 
of Connersville, Indiana, November 17th, 1852. Since their marriage 
they have resided with his parents 


Jasper Wallace was born August 18th, 1853, and was married 
February 11th, 1880, to t ida McConnakp .daughter of Thomas and 
Christina (Kramer) McConnaha, of Centerville, Indiana, who was 
born July 28th, 1861. 

They lived near Washington, Indiana, for near two years; they 
then located on the farm adjoining his father's on the east which 
he purchased, and lived there until his death, which occurred April 

Page 5 

17th, 1888. In the summer of 1893, his widow erected a beautiful 
home near the site of the old one. Their family consists of two 
sons, Oliver T. and Clark M. 

Oliver T. Wallace was born November 20th, 1880. 

Clark M. Wallace was born June 2nd, 1884 

Page 6 


Cyrus Wallace was born May 19th, 1817, and was married 
September 18th, 1842, to Catherine Hunt, of Abington township, Wayne 
county, Indiana, daughter of John and Mary (Whitehead) Hunt, 
who was born October 8th, 1824. After their marriage they re- 
sided on a farm two miles south-west of Milton until December, 
1892, when they moved to Milton, where they purchased property. 
Their family consisted of two daughters, Mary H. and Martha F. 


Mary H. Wallace was born September 8th, 1844, and was married 
October 9th, 1861 to James S. Baker, son of John and Mary (Hannah) 
Baker, who was born December 25th, 1837. They lived on a farm 
two miles south-west of Milton until September 1882, when they 
moved to Milton, where they have since lived, and for several years 
he was engaged as traveling salesman for different companies. 
Their family consisted of five children, Kate, Delia, Emma, John C. 
and an infant, deceased. 

Kate Baker was born November 22nd, 1863, and was married 
January 18th, 1882 to Lewis F. Wilcox, son of Ransom and Elmira 
(Ferguson) Wilcox, who was born in Wabash county, Indiana, May 
1st, 1860. For about three years they lived on her father's farm, 
south of town. From there they moved to Indianapolis, where they 
now reside at 67 Oliver Avenue, and where he is employed at C. J. 
Gardner's wholesale establishment. 

Delia Baker was born January 4th, 1866, and was married April 
12th, 1888, to James Elbert Gresh, son of Joshua and Mary Ann 
(Callaway) Gresh, who was born in Milton, Indiana, August 1st, 1865. 
For near three years they lived in Milton where he was engaged 
with the ^roerican express company for some time. In the year 1890 
they moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he accepted a position as express 
messenger on the Hocking Valley railroad, and held that position 
until he met his death November 9th, 1893, in a railroad wreck 
near Fostoria, Ohio. His widow has since resided with her parents 
in Milton. 

Emma Baker was born May 5th, 1867, and died December 16th, 1868. 

John C. Baker was born July 15th, 1869. He has spent a large 
part of his young manhood in Indianapolis, but at present is em- 
ployed at Richmond. 


Martha F. Wallace was born September 16th, 1845, and was 
married September 30th, 1863, to Oliver Ferguson, son of Linville 
and Elizabeth (Loder) Ferguson, who was born in Fayette count , 
Indiana, February 5th, 1840. They lived on a farm four miles south 
of Milton until September 1879, when they moved to Hilton where 
they resided until her death which occurred March 13th, 1886. Their 
family consists of two daughters, Mary Luella and Rossie Belle. 

Mary Luella Ferguson was born March 1st, 1865, and was married 
December 27th, 1882, to 0. Lafayette Beeson, son of Marcus D. and 
Ellen (Harvey) Beeson, who was born in Wayne county, March 10th, 
1858. They lived in a pleasant country home two miles south of 

Page 7 

Rossie Belle Ferguson was born September 1st, 1866, and was 
married in Covington, Kentucky, December 7th, 1882, to Homer E. 
Newman, son of Edmund B. and Mary Ann (Harden) Newman, who was 
born October 4th, 1859, in Milton, Indiana. For less than one 
year they lived in Sherman county, Kansas, and since then have 
resided in Milton where they have a pleasant home and where he 
was engaged in the furniture business for a few years. They have 
one child, Luella. 

Luella Newman was born in Milton, Indiana, December 22nd, 

Page 8 


Stephen Wallace was born December 16th, 1818. He remained at 
home until the spring of 1843, when he went to Hendricks county, 
Indiana, and engaged in the nursery business with his cousin 
James Sigerson. In the winter of the same year the nursery was 
removed to Missouri, six miles south of St. Louis. He remained 
there until near the close of the year 1844. In June of that year 
occurred the great freshet of the Mississippi valley. After the 
water had receded, Stephen, with many others, contracted the 
disease known as "Mississippi shakes." He returned home early in 
the winter, where he died of bleeding at the nose January 16th, 

Page 9 


James Wallace was born February 17th, 1821, and was married 
October 18th, 1849, to Nancy Cluckner, daughter of Joseph and 
Terressa (Mannor) Cluckner, who was born in Lancaster county, 
Pennsylvania, July 10th, 1829. She came to Indiana with her 
parents when about a year old, and located three miles south of 
Milton, where she lived at the time of her marriage, and continued 
to live until the death of her husband which occurred July 20th» 
1880. Their family consisted of four children, Alonzo, Melinda, 
Cornelia and Clara. 


Alonzo Wallace was born July 30th, 1850, and was married 
February 26th, 1874, to Phoebe Caldwell, daughter of Samuel and 
Mary (Parish) Caldwell, who was born in Fayette county, Indiana, 
August 3d, 1850. They live on the farm where Alonzo was reared. 
Their family consists of one daughter, Minnie Lee. 

Minnie Lee Wallace was born September 28th, 1874 and was 
married May 10th, 1893, to C. Emmet Crowe, son of James D. and 
Barbara (McConaha) Crowe, who was born February 15th, 1867. They 
reside on a farm two miles south of Milton. Early in the winter 
of 1894 they purchased the Bridenbucher farm one-half mile farther 


Melinda Wallace was born February 6th, 1852, and was married 
January 11th, 1877, to George E. Manlove, son of William and 
Margaret (Munger) Manlove, who was born in Fayette county, Indiana, 
January 25th, 1845. They are pleasantly located on a farm in 
Fayette county, two miles south-east of Bentonville, Indiana. Their 
family consists of two daughters, Bertha and Ortha. 

Bertha Manlove was born May 1st, 1878. 

Ortha Manlove was born May 12th, 1881. 


Cornelia Wallace was born Marcf, 5th, 1854 and died of diph- 
theria, October 15th, 1859. 


Clara Wallace was born September 11th, 18t>l, and was married 
December 1st, 1880, to Albert R. Griffin, son of Charles W. and 
Charlotte (Armstrong) Griffin, who was born in Fayette cou; 
Indiana, March 4th, 1860. They are located in Fayette coui 
four miles north of Connersville, Indiana. Albert is a 
successful farmer and breeder of fine horses. Their family con- 
sists of two children, Maud and Harr 

Maud Griffin was born August 9th, 1882. 

Harry Griffin was born March 25th, 1890. 

Page 10 


John Wallace was born September 3rd, 1822, and was married 
September 26th, 1848, to Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Joel and 
Sarah (Birely) Wright, who was born in Marion county, Indiana, 
near Broad Ripple, April 17th, 1824. They lived on a farm three 
miles south of Milton until November 1888, when they moved to 
Milton where they have since resided. John was successful as a 
farmer, and though not now actively engaged in farming, still 
takes pride in raising the famous "Wallace" watermelon. He numbers 
his friends by his acquaintances, and his favorite sport is hunt- 
ing the fox. Their family consisted of four children, William 
Melvin, Savanah Dove, Frank Wright and Josephine. 


William M. Wallace was born July 10th, 1849, and married March 
3rd, 1874, to Adora S. Veach, daughter of Joshua and Harriet (Brown) 
Veach, who was born in Fortville, Hancock county, Indiana, November 
27th, 1855, and died May 29th, 1881. Their family consists of two 
children, Marvin V. and Dora Belle. 

William M. was again married November 23rd, 1887, to Eva J. 
Adams, daughter of John C. and Hannah (Win ite) Adams, who was born 
in Cambridge City, Indiana, October 17th, 1861. They live at 
"Sunnyside" farm three miles south of Milton, where he is success- 
fully engaged in small fruit culture and stock raising. He is the 
owner of the well-known "Sunnyside" herd of Duroc Jersey swine. 
Their family consists of one daughter, Edna. 

Marvin V. Wallace was born February 13th, 1879. He graduated 
from the country schools in the spring of 1893, and following 
winter entered high school at Milton. 

Dora Belle Wallace was born May 20th, 1881, and makes her home 
with her grandparents in Milton. 

Edna Wallace was born June 29th, 1891. 


Savanah Dove Wallace was born October 18th, 1856 and died of 
diphtheria January 12, 1860. 


Frank W. Wallace was born April 20th, 1863, and was married 
October 31st, 1888 to Leona Harvey, daughter of Ira and Me Hie 
(Watkins) Harvey, who was born in Shelbyville, Indiana, October 
17th, 1870. They reside on the old homestead, three miles south 
of Milton. He is a successful young farmer and breeder of fine 


Josephine Wallace, the author of this work, was born three 
miles south of Milton, Indiana, May 23rd, 1866. She came with her 
parents to Milton in 1888, where she has been engaged in different 
mercantile pursuits. During the winter of 1891 she was employed 
as saleslady in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since the beginning of the 
present administration she has been assistant postmaster at Milton. 

Page 11 

She was married June 20th, 1895, to Frank W. Clouds, son of George 
C. and Mary (Shearer) Clouds, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
February 25th, 1870. He learned the house painting trade, and' 
was for a time engaged as fireman on the P. C. C. & St. L. rail- 
road, leaving this occupation to attend Moores Hill college, where 
he was graduated in stenography in 1893. Since that time he has 
been engaged in newspaper work, being at present employed on The 
Milton News. 

Page 12 

William Wallace was born in Wayne county, Indiana, October 
20th, 1824, and was married February 12th, 1850, to Vienna 
Ferguson, daughter of Nimrod and Elizabeth (Isbell) Ferguson, who 
was born in Wayne county, Indiana, October 11th, 1824. They located 
on a farm near Wabash, Indiana, and remained there, successfully 
engaged in farming, until her death which occurred November 12th, 
1882. Their family consisted of five children, John Milton, 
Charles, Mary E., Frank W. and Thomas. 

William was again married November 8th, 1883, to Amanda (Wright) 
Bruce, daughter of Elizabeth (Lawrence) Wright, who was born November 
6th, 1849. They have a pleasant home in the city of Wabash. 


John Milton Wallace was born April 15th, 1851 and died October 
12th, 1860. 


Charles Wallace was born in Wabash county, Indiana, May 15th, 
1854, and was married December 27th, 1876, to Lillie Stone, 
daughter of William and Elizabeth (Thomas) Stone, who was born in 
Wabash county, Indiana, April 20th, 1861. For a number of years 
he lived on the homestead farm, then moved to Wabash where he at 
'present resides although still actively engaged in farming. Their 
family consists of three children, Grace Marie, Lawrence Lee and 
William Auston. 

Grace Marie Wallace was born November 23rd 1877. 

Lawrence Lee Wallace was born October 28th, 1880. 

William Auston Wallace was born November 18th, 1882. 


Mary E. Wallace was born September 24th, 1858, and died June 
1st, 1864. 


Frank W. Wallace was born September 26th, 1863, and died May 
17th, 1864. 


Thomas Wallace was born July 18th, 1865, and died October 
8th, 1875. 

Page 13 

Preston Wallace was born in Wayne county, Indiana, October 
17th, 1826, and was married September 15th, 1851, to Mary Melissa 
Ewing, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Lamm) Ewing, who was born in 
Montgomery county, Ohio, September 8th, 1829. They moved to Wabash 
county, Indiana, October 17th, 1851, and located on a farm of 120 
acres, where they lived until her death which occurred October 
16th, 1885. He has retired from active labor, and at present 
resides with his son Walter on the old homestead farm. His family 
consists of five children, Walter S., Mary Florence, Henry Edgar, 
Laura Jane and Lulu Belle. 


Walter S. Wallace was born June 5th, 1852, and was married 
November 24th, 1881 to Rhoda Ann De Armond, daughter of Albert and 
Mary J. (Beaver) De Armond, v/ho was born March 27th, 1861. They 
reside on his father's farm near Wabash, Indiana. Their family 
consists of one son, Austin. 

Austin Wallace was born August 5th, 1887. 


Mary F. Wallace was born in Wabash county, Indiana, July 16th, 
1854, and was married November 2nd, 1882, to Leonidas S. Springer, 
son of Nathan and Ann (Beaver) Springer, who was born near Fayette- 
ville, Rush county, Indiana, December 7th, 1852. They located in 
Marion, Indiana, where they have since resided. January 10th, 1895 
they moved into their new house at 809 West 2nd Street. 


Henry E. Wallace was born October 27th, 1857, and was married 
May 24th, 1887, to Emma F. Wallace, daughter of Richard and Blizabeth 
(Shortridge) Wallace, who was born in Rush county, Indiana, January 
12th, 1860. They are located near Wabash, Indiana, where he is 
successfully engaged in market gardening and fruit growing. Their 
family consists of one son, Albert M. 

Albert M. Wallace was born July 28th, 1888. 

Laura J. Wallace was born near Wabash, Indiana, May 17th, 1864, 
and was married June 29th, 1887, to Daniel Webster Hutchens, who was 
born of Quaker parents in South Wabash, Indiana, January 1st, L8 
They spent one year in Springfield, Missouri. In the spring of 1890 
they moved to Marion, Indiana, where he engaged as abstractor of 
titles, and finally returned to their former home at South Wabash 
where they now reside at 158 West like Street. 


Lulu B. Wallace was born February 29th, 1874, and resides in 
South Wabash with her sister Laura. 

Page 14 

Sarah Wallace was born January 27th, 1828, and was raariied 
September 26th, 1850, to Newel Wright, son of Eli and Elizabeth 
(Nelson) Wright, who was born February 5th, 1827. The following 
year they moved to Wabash county, Indiana, where they located 
on a farm near Wabash, and lived there until his death which 
occurred November 10th, 1876. She continued to live in her home 
with her youngest son, Charles, until she died, April 6th, 1888. 
Their family consisted of five children, Elbert Melvon, Emsley W., 
Oliver M. , Nora and Charles Wallace. 

Elbert Melvon Wright was born in Wabash county, Indiana, July 
15th, 1851 and died September 4th, 1852. 


Emsley W. Wright was born in Wabash county, Indiana, March 
28th, 1853, and was married March 12th, 1880 to Anna Greer, 
daughter of John and Hannah Greer who was born in Wayne county, 
Indiana, south-east of Milton, January 17th, 1856. Since their 
marriage they have resided on a farm near the old homestead. 
Their family consists of two children, Clarence V. and Lola Mame. 

Clarence V. Wright was born February 12th, 1881. 

Lola Mame Wright was born May 1st, 1886. 


Oliver M. Wright was born in Wabash county, Indiana, May lt>th, 
1855, and was married September 2nd, 1880, to Amanda Miller, 
daughter of Newel G. and Margaret Miller, who was born in Miami 
county, Indiana, December 27th, 1856. They reside on a farm four 
miles west of Wabash. Their family consisted of four childrei., 
son and daughter who were born March 26th, 1881, and died in in- 
fancy, M. Lee and Bruce Wallace. 

M. Lee Wright was born July 6th, 1882. 

Bruce Wallace Wright was born December 28th, 1890. 


Nora Wright was born in Wabash county, Indiana, September 29th, 
1857. In 1875 she married to Samuel Ewing. One daughter, Mable 
Evangeline, was born to them. The marriage proved an unhappy one 
and they separated January 1st, 1881. 

On December 20th, 1887, she was united in marriage to Marquis 
De Lafayette Swank, only son of David and Mary Swank, who was born 
in Montgomery county, Ohio, February 2nd, 1857, and at an early 
age moved with his parents to Madison county, Indiana. As a result 
of this marriage one child, Jesse C. , was born. In 1891 they moved 
to Anderson, Indiana, where they still reside. 

Page 15 

Mable Evangeline Ewing was born in Wabash county, Indiana, March 
30th, 1878. 

Jesse C. Swank was born in Wabash, Indiana, April 17th, 1889. 


Charles W. Wright was born in Wabash county, Indiana, September 
21st, 1868, and was married March 27th, 1893, to Rose Miller, 
daughter of George B. and Nancy E. Miller, of Brookfield, Missouri, 
who was born February 17th, 1871. They reside on the family home- 
stead near Wabash. Their family consists of one child, Hugh B. 

Hugh B. Wright was born August 11th, 1894. 


Page 16 


Richard Wallace was born in Wayne county, Indiana, December 
10th, 1829, and was married December 16th, 1852 to Elizabeth 
E. Shortridge, daughter of Harrison and Mary Jane (Loder) Short- 
ridge, who was born February 3rd, 1836. For ten years they lived 
in Raleigh, Rush county, Indiana. They then came to Milton where 
he engaged in the mercantile business until the fall of 1871, when 
they went to Maumee, Ohio, remaining there but a short time; then 
a short residence at Toledo, Ohio, then at Neapolis, Ohio, making 
six years in all. They then lived at Monroe, Michigan, until 1885, 
when they moved to Wabash, Indiana, where they engaged in small 
fruit culture, and remained there until his death, which occurred 
February 28th, 1895, of pneumonia. Their family consisted of 
seven children, Eliza A., Mary J., Emma F., Martha A., Albert M. , 
Addie S. and William 0. 


Eliza A. Wallace was born in Rush county, Indiana, December 
19th, 1853, and was married January 21st, 1872, to Dayton H. 
Warren, son of Levin and Sarah (Holloway) Warren, who was born 
at Carthage, Indiana, December 24th, 1849. For two years they 
lived in Hartford City, Indiana, and with the exception of a few 
months spent in Montpelier, Indiana, they have resided in a pleasant 
home in Milton, Indiana. For the first few years after marriage 
Dayton was engaged in mercantile business, and afterward spent ten 
years with the Dorsey Machine Company, as shipping clerk and 
bookkeeper. He is at present engaged as a traveling salesman. 
Their family consists of two children, Levin H. and R. Wallace. 

Levin H. Warren was born in Hartford City, Indiana, March 
19th, 1872, and was married June 6th, 1894, to Aurelia Blackburn, 
daughter of Harry D. and Aurelia (Garrison) Blackburn, who was 
born in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 6th, 1874. They live in Warsaw, 
Indiana, where he is engaged in celery growing. 

R. Wallace Warren was born in Milton, Indiana, February 22nd, 


Mary J. Wallace was born in Rush county, Indiana, April 
17th, 18B6, and was married March 27th, 1878 to Herbert N. 
Bartlett, son of Warren and Mary (Harvey) Bartlett, who was born 
in Monroe, Michigan, September 11th, 1848. They moved to Dallas, 
Texas, in 1887, the intervening years having been spent in Detroit, 
Michigan, Crawf ordsville, Indiana, and Alexander, Arkansas. He 
is in the employ of the H. & T. C. railway company as agent and 
operator, that having been his vocation since fifteen years of 
age, and she has taught for the last six years in the public 
schools. They own their home in Oak Cliff, Texas, a suberb of 
Dallas, but reside in the city at present. Their far.ily con- 
sisted of three children, Mary Harvey, Dick Wallace and Emma 

Page 17 

Mary H. Bartlett was born in Detroit, Michigan, December 
27th, 1878. 

Dick W. Bartlett was born in Schoolcraft, Michigan, February 
22nd, 1881, and died at Alexander, Arkansas, September 7th, 1884. 

Emma A. Bartlett was born in Alexander, Arkansas, August 
28th, 1885, and died August 18th, 1886. 


(See page 13 . ) 


Martha A. Wallace was born in Raleigh, Indiana, April 29th, 
1863, and was married August 31st, 1886, to Edwin E. Macy, M.D. , 
son of Pemberton and Nancy Ann (Ellis) Macy, who was born in Wabash 
county, Indiana, August 31st, 1857. Dr. Macy is a graduate of 
Hanneman Medical college, Chicago, class of 1885, also of Indiana 
State Normal, class of 1894. He practiced medicine three years in 
Roann, Indiana, and one year in Huntington, Indiana. Since that 
time he, with his wife, has been engaged in school teaching, she 
having been a teacher for a number of years. 


Albert M. Wallace was born in Milton, Indiana, December 27th, 
1866, and died of brain fever February 22nd, 1871. 


Addie S. Wallace was born in Milton, Indiana, November 1869, the 18th, 
and was married March 1st, 1895 to Charles E. Shull, son of Rufus 
and Mary Ellen (Hostetler) Shull, who was born in Silver Lake, 
Kansas, June 26th, 1871. They have both engaged in school teach- 
ing for several years, and reside near Wabash, Indiana. 


William 0. Wallace was born in Neapolis, Ohio, June 27th, 1875. 
He resides with his mother near Wabash, Indiana. Much of his 
time has been spent in the study of natural science. 

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Emily Wallace was born June 15th, 1831, and was married 
August 29th, 1850, to James Williams, son of Joseph and Charity 
(Adams) Williams, who was born in Wayne county Indiana, January 
2nd, 1822. They resided on a farm four miles south of Milton 
until the year 1885, when they purchased property in Milton and 
moved there, where they resided at the time of his death, which 
occurred May 27th, 1890, of heart trouble. The widow with her 
granddaughter still lives in her home. Their family consisted of 
three children, Amanda E., Willard E. and Sarah I. 


Amanda E. Williams was born June 16th, 1851, and was married 
September 23rd, 1874, to Albert Caldwell, son of Samuel and Mary 
(Parrish) Caldwell, who was born in Fayette county, Indiana, 
January 19th, 1848. They lived on a farm four miles south of 
Milton, Indiana, until her death which occurred June 27th, 1878. 
Their family consists of one daughter, Amanda W. 

Amanda W. Caldwell was born June 13th, 1878, and resides in 
Milton with her grandmother. 


Willard E. Williams was born July 3rd, 1853, and was married 
October 11th, 1876, to Fannie M. Potter, daughter of William and 
Rachel (Taylor) Potter, who was born in Butler county, Ohio, October 
9th, 1856. For eleven years they lived on a farm near his birth- 
place, and in the fall of 1885 removed to the homestead farm. In 
September, 1894, they purchased property in Milton, where they are 
now pleasantly located. Their family consists of two children, Ina 
Belle and Homer W. 

Ina Belle Williams was born December 3rd, 1877. 

Homer W. Williams was born August 3rd, 1884. 


Sarah I. Williams was born September 28th, 1855, and was 
married February 17th, 1875, to Oliver H. Beeson, son of B. F. 
and Katherine (Howard) Beeson, who was born in Wayne county, 
Indiana, June 12th, 1853. They lived on a farm six miles south 
of Milton until October 1890, when they moved to Milton. Since 
the fall of 1893 he has conducted a meat market and feed store. 
Their family consists of two children, Alice M. and Ralph W. 

Alice M. Beeson was born September 3rd, 1881. 

Ralph W. Beeson was born October 29th, 1886. 

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Allen R. Wallace was born in Wayne county, Indiana, July 30th, 
1834, and was married at Greenfield, Indiana, October 19th, 1857, 
to Martha E. Martindale, daughter of Austin and Katherine (Tague) 
Martindale, who was born in Greenfield, September 18t^',~ 1840. At 
the time of his marriage he was engaged in mercantile business in 
Greenfield with his uncle, Shelton Banks, where he remained four 
years. In 1861 they removed to Mattoon, Illinois, where for eight 
years they were engaged in the dry goods business. They then spent 
one year in Ft. Scott, Kansas, after which they came to Milton, 
Indiana, where they remained three years. They then spent two years 
in Indianapolis, and one year near Toledo, Ohio. They then went 
to Switzerland county, Indiana, where they remained seven years 
engaged in farming. From there they removed to Knox county, 
Tennessee, where they lived ten years engaged in farming and market 
gardening. He died there of pneumonia and heart trouble, January 
7th, 1893. The widow, with her daughter, removed to Milton, Indiana, 
in September 1894. Their family consisted of five children, Rosa 
May, George Lewie, Frank Todd, Edward Wilson and Annie Gertrude. 


Rosa May Wallace was born in Greenfield, Indiana, August 
12th, 1858, and died of brain fever December 25th, 1860. 


George Lewie Wallace was born in Greenfield, Indiana, January 
10th, 1861, and died in Mattoon, Illinois, of lung fever February 
13th, 1864. 


Frank Todd Wallace was born in Mattoon, Illinois, April 
29th, 1868, and died August 29th, 1868. 


Edward Wilson Wallace was born in Milton, Indiana, July 19th, 
1871, and was killed by lightening in Knox county, Tennessee, June 
11th, 1884. 


Annie G. Wallace was born in Switzerland com , idiana, 
November 3rd, 1880, and resides in Milton with h- jwed moth.