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I :;J>» 

^f'r'^A^'fi;'^ THE 

^N SUMMER 2000 



•, f^i 






^ -1, 






Walter Michael Bortz III 






Fnr detiiih visit www.hsc.cdii/prcsident/inaiigurarion 


(804) 223-6000 W'WW. HSC. EDU 

William C. Boinest '54, Chairman of the 
Board of Trustees 

Walter M. Bortz lU, President 
(804) 223-61 10. wbortzti' 

C. Beeler Brush, Vice-President for 
Institutional Advancement 
(804) 223-613". bbrush(S'hsc.edii 

James W. Blackburn, Dean of Students 

(804) 223-6128. jbbckhijrn(? 

Anita H. Garland, Dean of Admissions 
(804) 223-6120, agarlandgihscedu 

C. Norman Krueger, Vice-President for 
Business Affairs & Trecuurer 
(804) 223-6216. nkrueger(» 

Lawrence H. Martin, Dean of the Faculty 

(804) 223-6112. Imartint''hscedu 
Thomas H. Shomo '69, Director of 
Public Relations 
(804) 223-6263, 

Hampden-Sydney College offers equal 
opportunit}' in all areas ot education and 

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On the front cover: President and Mrs. Bortz. 
Photogi-aph by Jon Goell, Warrenton, Virginia. 





VOLUME 75, NO. 3 

SUMMER 2000 

"All true, every bit of it" 2 

What are the new President and his wife like when 
they are not the object of a press release? The Record 
interviewed them casually before they moved to campus. 

"To serve them all my days" 7 

Perennially popular Dean of Students Lewis Harrison 
Drew '60 retires after three decades of calming influence 

Nurse Crawley retires 12 

Stylish hats, bright jogging suits, good advice, a house fidl of 
music, and a broad smile — all good memories left behind 

Another insect to worry about 14 

Hampden-Sydney biology professor William Shear 
discovers a new ynillipede species in Virginia 

On the Hill 17 

Faculty Notes 26 

Sports 30 

Class Notes 33 

Alumni Association Activities 52 

Three stages in the renovation of the Birthplace, the 1 750s law office in which Hampden-Sydney 
was founded: as it was; jacked up for a new foundation; dressed in new siding and cedar shingles. 




Summer 2000 

What are the neiv President and his wife tike what 
they are not the object of a press release? The Record 
interviewed them casually before they moved to campus. 

''All True, Every Bit of It 


By Richard McClintock 

Walter Bortz must 

have hem a very 

impressive young 

man. Why else 

would anyone have 

named a 25-year-old 

newly graduated as 

Dean of Men? 

Walter Bortz as a senior at 
Bethany College. 

interaction with a crowd." "Down-to- 
earth." "ForceRil but willing to listen." 
"Too good to be true." Those are the 
sorts of comments that one hears around campus when 
someone brings up the topic of the new first family ot 

While most people would describe Dr. Walter Bortz 
as considerate, fair, and willing to listen, he prefers the 
epithet "solver of problems. " His wife Lorraine agrees, 
saying that he plans constandy, going over every scenario 
for every issue, business or non-business. " 1 look at every 
eventualit}', look at every option, so that, institurionally 
or personally, I've thought through all the directions that 
can be taken in a variety of outcomes," he says. "But I'm 
still right only half the time." Why does he do this? Is he 
a compulsive worrier? No, he replies; it's simply because 
"I'm not terribly fond of surprises." 

Similariy, Mrs. Bortz says that her staff members have 
described her to their colleagues as "tough but fait. " Her 
reaction was that she could not imagine anyone perceiv- 
ing her as tough. "But maybe because 1 have high expec- 
tations and assumed they would do it right and do it 
now," she says, "they saw that as tough. I just saw it as a 
natural thing." 

Dr. Born is quick to jump in and point out that she 
is also very smart. "She continues to remind me," he 
laughs, "that she scored one point higher than I did on 
our Graduate Record Exams in biolog}'. " 

"I do not, " she retorts with a smile. "Obviously it 
stuck in his mind. But I haven't thought about it in 
twenty years." 

Biology is their great common passion. She was a 
student lab assistant at Bethany College in West Virginia 
when they met, 36 years ago, over a biology lab work- 
table (they were married during his senior year). She 
would remain a biolog)' researcher-teacher for ten years; 
his career, however, while destined tor advanced study in 
biology, would take a dramatic and unexpected turn. 

Walter Bortz finished his undergraduate work in 

mid-year. As he "sat around waiting to go to graduate 
school" the next lall, one of the administrators at 
Bethany offered him a temporar\- position, in institu- 
tional research, which "back in those days meant count- 
ing classrooms and students and chairs. " Then, after a 
few months, when the Dean of Men was reassigned, the 
Dean ot Students came to Walter Bora and said, "We'd 
like you to take this position." At that point, youngster 
though he was, Walter Bortz figured he could always 
study the respiration ot fish eyes, "since the ox}'gen and 
the fish eyes would still be there," whereas an oppor- 
tunity like this might never come again. "And I loved 
the college," he adds, "and Lorraine and I were married 
by then, and we had just had a child, and, boy, that 
sounded like a lot of fian. So I said, what the heck?" 

The position as Assistant Dean ot Students and 
Dean of Men was an education in itselt, and not always 
as much fun as it promised to be. "That was a tough 
time, in 1967 and 1968," he recalls. "During a couple 
ot diose years so many students were dismissed that it 
appeared that more students left than remained. Some 
of it had to do with alcohol and drugs; and some of it, I 
thought, had to do with problems with our admissions 
message. So the vice president said, 'Well, if you know 
so much about the kind of students who ought to be 
here, go ahead and find them.' And he made me Direc- 
tor ot Admissions. 1 just took to it as a duck takes to 
water. It was great fiin, to have a chance to tell everv'one 
about a college that I loved, about higher education and 
the liberal arts and a bucolic setting — wow, what more 
could you want?" 

"You got to coach lacrosse," his wife adds. "And 

Almost without being noticed, the postponement of 
graduate school and its waiting fish eyes stretched from 
a semester to a \'ear, then to seven years. It prett)' much 
faded from the picture when the accidental admin- 
istrator had the opportunin' to go as a deliberate one to 
Texas Christian L'niversin', like Bethany College an 
aftiliate ot the Disciples of Christ. There he would 

spend three years as Dean of Admissions. "We had a 
wonderful time at TCU, which has a very strong liberal 
arts tradition; as a matter of fact, the founders of TCU, 
Addison and Randolph Clark, had been students at 
Bethany and had been taught by Alexander Campbell, 
its founder. In recognition ot their contribution, Texas 
Christian's College of Arts and Sciences is called Adran 

Then, Dr. Bora recalls, "The person who had 
recruited me to Texas Christian went to East Carolina 
Universit\' as its chancellor. After a year he said, 'You'll 
like it over here. Why don't you come be my director of 
admissions and help me out on particular projects, be 
my special assistant.' So we went to Eait Carolina, and 
were there for three years — actually I was there two and 
a half and Lorraine was there the fiill three years — and 
the guy who had recruited me there decided he wanted 
to leave, because things hadn't worked out. I was very 
closely associated with him and 1 decided I didn't want 
to stay either, so we started looking around, and the 
Universit}' of Hartford came up on the screen." 

Bob Chernak, the associate VP for academic affairs 
at Hartford, put Dr. Bortz in charge of their admissions 
operation, which was in "terrible straits." Originally the 
Director of Admissions, he soon became the Director of 
Admissions and Financial Aid, then of what was newly 
st\'led Enrollment Management (which included all 
aspects of admissions, financial aid, and retention). 
Then in 1985, in the middle of a capital campaign, the 
vice president for development left, and Steve Trach- 
tenberg (at that time president at Hartford), said. 

"Walter, I need help. We're in the middle of a 
campaign. You know the players. Put this piece in your 
portfolio also." The result was a ponfolio of Institu- 
tional Advancement, in which Dr. Born oversaw enroll- 
ment management as well as development, alumni rela- 
tions, publications, and media relations. 

left Hartford, to become the president 
of The George Washington Univer- 
sit)'. With him went Bob Chernak, "my 
buddy," as Dr. Bortz says. Borrz himself was, in his 
words, the "player to be named" — he was to remain at 
Hartford for one year, adding the portfolios of the vice 
presidents for administration and student affairs to his 
own institutional advancement area. Working closely 
with the acting president. Hank Lebed ("a super guy — 
I loved him dearly"), Bortz and a vice president for 
academic affairs oversaw the University's operations for 
a year until a new president could appoint his own 
team. "The three of us kind of ran the place for that 
year," Dr. Born recalls. "But they had a good search 
committee and hired a new president fairly early in the 
year; he and 1 overiapped through August of 1989. 
Then on September first, I was down at GW." 

Born went to George Washington without a fixed 
portfolio. "My only requirement of President Trach- 
tenberg was that I didn't have to do the same things," 
he says; "I wanted to be challenged with new and differ- 
ent responsibilities." Among the different things he got 
to do was the development of an entire information 




Sianmer 2000 

Walter Cronkite with 
Dr. Bortz before a speech 
at The George Washington 

At the graduation of the 
Bortzes 's daughter Catherine 
from The George Washington 
University medical school: 
Walter Bortz, Catherine 
Bortz Palmer. Zachaiy 
Palmer. Lorraine Bortz. and 
Walter Bortz V. Catherine 
Palmer is noiv finishing a 
residency in pathology at the 
Medical College of Virginia: 
she and Zachary have a 
three-year-old daughter, 
Virginia. Walter Bortz V is a 
technologi specialist with the 
Clemson University Exten- 
sion Service. 

(The restored Lisner Auditor- 
ium is in the background.) 




Summer' 2000 

Walter Bortz (at far right, 

in suit) founded and 

coached the lacrosse team 

at Bethany College. 

Walter Bortz welcomed 

Nancy and Ronald Reagan 

to an event at The George 

Washington University. 

systems and service unit, which included everything 
from telecommunications to academic and admin- 
istrative computing. He continued to run university rela- 
tions and publications, but added othet units, ttom the 
registrar's office to the personnel office (between the 
university and its medical center, GW is the largest 
private employer in the District of Columbia, with 
almost 10,000 employees). In addition, he was in charge 
ot developing an entirely new office, University Special 
Events, which was to be responsible for highly-visible 
institutional activities like symposia and celebrations 
(among them, the Millennial and Ambassadors lecture 
series and the 175th anniversary of the University in 

One of- his favorite tasks was the management of 
Lisner Auditorium — "a wonderiiil venue in Washington, 
D.C." He oversaw extensive renovations, testoring the 
facility to its original beauty; one of its glories is a hand- 
painted fire curtain, a one-ot-a-kind relic ot early safety 
measures and, in its own way, a historic archive — for the 
last thirty yeats it has been signed by performers. During 
the farewell reception for the Bortzes on the stage of 
Lisner Auditorium, he was asked to play the guitar — at 
which point the cunain was lowered onto the stage. 
"So I got to sign the curtain along with all the other 
artists," Walter Bortz recalls, with obvious glee. "It was 
a lot of fiui." 

went back to their alma mater, to see 
old friends — and because Bethany 
wished to recognize Walter Bortz for his 
accomplishments. "It was great," he says, "to see some of 
the people we had not seen in years. Bethany, like 
Hampden-Sydney, is one of those places in which you 
can pick up the conversation where you left it off years 

before. My majot professor, Gary Larson, still teaches 
there; in fact, he read the citation for my honoran' degree. 
That's one of the wonderful things about a small college. " 

What made the Bortzes decide to come to Hampden- 
Sydney? "Universities are terrific, complex and compli- 
cated places, " Df. Bortz replies. "But Lorraine and I both 
have felt for many, many yeats that we wanted to return 
to a small liberal arts college, in the main because of our 
own experience at Bethany. I attended a very small all- 
men's prep school, the Kiski School, and loved it dearly 
because of its size and because of the bonding and the 
camatadetie that we enjoyed there. A small liberal arts 
college was a natural [after] that experience. And there 
certainly has been this tug at me for many years to go 
back to what I believe are the roots of higher education in 
America. " Whereas they could have gone on to another 
university or added to the portfolio at George Washing- 
ton, the Bortzes felt ready for a change, especially because 
Dr. Bortz particulaily had had less and less interaction 
with students. 

"That wasn't the case with me; I saw students daily 
and worked with them for years," Lorraine Born says. 
"But the mote Walter climbed the administrative ladder, 
the fewer students he interacted with. " 

Walter Bortz nods his agreement, and continues: 
"I will be going to three graduations this year: at Hamp- 
den-Sydney, at Bethany College, and at George Washing- 
ton. My guess is that I will know as many students at 
Bethany College and at Hampden-S\'dney — each gradu- 
ating between 150 and 200 students — as I will at George 
Washington, which is going to graduate 4,500 students 
total, about 1600 undergraduates. Ihats too bad, and 
I don't think that's the way it should be. Faculty 
members at George Washington know all kinds of 
students, but I don't. I was in the administrative arm of 
the institution, where I knew that evenithing I did had to 


have direct implications for tiie classroom, but I never 
saw the recipients of what was going on in my opera- 
tions." His only interaction with students had come 
with his occasional forays into teaching, usually at the 
graduate level (in the school of education) but once — 
and this was his hivorite — in a one-credit heshman 
orientation seminar. "It was a nice model," he says: a 
teaching team ot a student, a professor, and an admin- 
istrator worked with a group ot two dozen students. 
"That was the year I actually knew some ot the students; 
I still keep in contact with them." 

The desire to know students well was a strong factor 
in their willingness to move, the Bortzes say, as is the 
charm of "the whole atmosphere ot an educational 
communit}', so very different at a small, contained 
liberal ans college, from what it is at a major urban 
university in the world's capital." Beyond the recollec- 
tions of their own experience at Bethany, and the 
hunger for an enterprise on a more himian scale, they 
say, was "our need to put our arms aroimd something." 

Now that they will have the opportunity to see 
students all the time, what sort ot plans do they have? 
"We're going to use the refurbishment of Middlecourt 
to get a lot of people into our house," Dr. Bortz says. 
"We are looking forward to inviting faculty and 
students to Middlecourt regularly, using Middlecoun as 
the focal point for additional interaction among 
students and faculty. Also we'll involve ourselves in the 
life of the students — simplistic things like attending 
athletic contests and the lectures that occur on campus 
and the debates that students have from time to time 
about issues that concern them. Part of it's making 
time — there are 24 hours in a day, but students are up 
at 3 o'clock in the morning, you know!" 


I professional career as a biologist, later 

I branching out into academic admin- 

istration. "I've had a wonderful career," 
she says. "I was able to balance it with raising a family — 
a challenge today, not easy. For 10 years I was in biol- 
ogy. Then, for a little bit more than 20 years, I've been 
involved in the career services field. In each case 
1 worked with students. At Bethany, I taught biology, 
1 ran the lab. I had students working with me on some 
research projects, 1 managed a grant from the American 
Lung Association. 1 loved biology. In tact, I'd take my 
daughter — two, three, four years old — up to the lab 
with me as I set up for classes, and she'd look starry- 
eyed up at the cabinets of skeletons and things in bell 
jars and be intrigued by what she saw there. We 
contend that maybe she's a physician today because of 
her early looks through a microscope and her romps 
through die biology hall and the department of science. 
At least it makes a good story." 

"I've seen how difficult it is for young women to 
have a powerful job and to run a family at the same 
time," she says. "Not everybody decides to have a family 
but a good many want it all, and it's difficult. So when 
many of my friends and colleagues were expecting that 
I would be conducting a job search, I surprised them by 
saying, 'No, this time I'm not doing that. I've had a lot 
of wonderfiil work experience, but I'm going to be 
devoting my time to volunteering at Hampden- 
Sydney.' I'm going to be supporting Walter's work; I'm 
going to be doing what 1 can at the school." 

To her husband's tongue-in-cheek suggestion that 
she could have stayed in Washington if she wished, she 
remarked that some people had in fact seriously 




Summer 2000 

One reason the 
Bortzes came to 
was "our need 
to put our arms 
around something. " 

Bethany College recognized 
Walter Bortz this spring for 
his achievements in the 
academic world. His former 
hioloff professor, Gary 
Larson (at far left), hoods 
Dr. Bortz as President 
Duane Cummins congrat- 
ulates him. 




Summer 2000 

suggested that she keep an apartment there and 
continue in her position [executive director of GW"s 
Career Center], a ven,- modern thing to do. But that was 
not for her, she says. "Walter and I were apart from 
each other for one semester — six or seven months — 
when the children and I stayed at East Carohna and 
Walter had gone to the Universiu' of Hartford. It was 

Dr. Bortz (at the tiller) and his 
brother Peter on the river at the 
Bonzes 's cottage on Virginia 's 
Northern Neck. Dr Bortz talks 
fondly about growing up tvith 
his older brother Donald 
and his younger brother Peter in 
western Pennsylvania, where 
their father, Dr. Donald W. 
Bortz, Sr., and his wife Virginia 
still live: the elder Dr. Bortz 
practiced medicine there for over 
fifty years. All the Bortzes gather 
together once or twice a year — 
brothers, parents, cousins, grand- 
children, and great-grand- 
children. "Those are important 
holidays for us; we cherish the 
time together. " he says. 

awful, with the family split that way. We said we'd 
never ever do that again. We never have." 

"The telephone bill was too high,"' he responds. 

".'^nd the flights," she continues. "You couldn't just 
hop in the car and dri\-e dov\'n — though one time he 
did that when it snowed. It snowed in Ma\' in Connec- 
ticut and Walter got in the car ;ind drove to North 
Carolina and said, "Call me when the snow is mne." 

Mrs. Bora is interested in literacy training; she 
would like to get involved with the Farmville group. 
She has also become more and more interested in 
gardening over the years. "^Tien I was a biologist, the 
animal kingdom was the thing that interested me — 
anatomy and physiolog\' and histologv'," she recalls. 
"But now I ha\e gotten realK' interested [in plants]. Get 
out into the garden is what 1 like to do. It's good ther- 
apy. I'd like to do work on the good that's been done 
on the garden at Middlecourt. llie litde garden beside 
Coleman Cottage has good bones, and that wonderfiil 
Osage orange." 

As befits endiusiastic gardeners, the\' like perennial 
plants. "We never move without digging up as manv of 
our perennials as we can fit in the car and taking them 
with us to plant at our new home," Lorraine Bora says. 
"You'll see a lot of those at Middlecourt." 

Walter Bora, who shares her enthusiasm for garden- 
ing, says they also have to put in some vegetables, to 
have peppers and tomatoes. "There's nothing better 
than a fresh cucumber. You cut up a tomato and vou 
cut up an onion and you cut up a cucumber and get a 
little bit of sour cream . . ." 

central to the Bonzes's lives in e\-en' 
place that they have lived. (Anong 
their hvorite museums are the Kimball 
in Fort Wonh and the Smithsonian in Washington; 
here the Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum has 
appointed Mrs. Bora to its board.) At Hampden- 
Sydney they look forward to attending and promodng 
cultural events like the Music Festival; Lorraine Born 
herself was a violinist and loves classical music. The 
Boraes want to increase the exposure of the ans in 
general at Hampden-Sydney, encouraging both 
students and facuin- to participate in them more; they 
are ven- enthusiastic that one of the College's priorities 
is a new fine arts center. "One thing we should do," 
they suggest, "is stan to buy student art. " Bethan\- 
College used to buy several pieces ot student an each 
vear, editing the collection after ten years and selling the 
leftovers to raise money to buy more. "Walter and 
1 ha\'e several pieces we bought there," Mrs. Bora sa\^, 
"that we still love. " 

In addition to art, she collects teacups, ruby glass, 
and baskets; she has "dabbled in" baskerwea\'ing. On 
the other hand, she sa\'s, "Walter has big, nois\' collec- 
tions — chiming clocks and music boxes. " Quick to 
respond, he notes that when, some years ago, he started 
collecting toiuitain pens, "Ever)'one was very excited, 
because they didn't make any noise." 

But their most unusual collection? "You could prob- 
ably say people," Walter Bora savs. "We have a 
consuming interest in meeting people. People are a ver\' 
imponant part of our life." 

Finally, asked how the\' might react to what people 
at the College are saying, that the new President and his 
wife seem too good to be true, Walter Bora replies, 
with a twinkle in his e\'es, "Not to worn*: it wall true, 
even' bit ot it. " 

Pei'enuMlly popuLir Dean of Students 
Letvis Hairisou Dreiv '60 retires 
after three decades of calming influence 

To serve them all my days 

By Thomas Shomo '69 




Summer 2000 

aries, I first met Lewis H. Drew in the 
Admissions Office on the second floor 
ot Atkinson Hall. For me, it was the 
summer of 1965, the summer before my senior year in 
high school. I am only one of thousands of Hampden- 
Sydney men whom Dean Drew has faced across a desk 
in his 37 years as a member of the administration. 

A 1960 magna cum laude graduate of Hampden- 
Sydney with a major in economics. Drew was hired in 
1963 by President Thomas E. Gilmer '23 to be the 
College's first director of admissions and financial aid, 
and the registrar. Before that appointment, admissions 
was handled by the dean of students. "I helped Charlie 
Vale (the academic dean) whenever 1 could with the 
work of the registrar, " Drew recalls, "but admissions 
travel was gready increasing and it was not practical for 
me to perform that function." 

Even when he left Hampden-Sydney the possibilirv 
of returning was in his mind. "I mentioned to Claude 
Pritchard '50 (the business manager) and Graves 

Thompson '27 that 1 would like to return to Hamp- 
den-Sydney in about twenty years to be de;in of 
students." That desire would wait only ten years to be 
realized, but it was to Baltimore, Maryland, that he 
went after graduation. He received his Master of Arts in 
Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University in 1961 
and taught and coached at St. Paul's School for Boys 
near Baltimore from 1961 to 1963. In 1962, he married 
Nellie Louise Peyronnet. Lewis and Nell had both 
attended Thomas Jefferson High School in their native 
Richmond, Lewis graduating in 1956 and Nell in 1958. 
Nell graduated from Mary Washington College in Fred- 
ericksburg in 1962. 

The return to Hampden-Sydney occurred at a time 
of transition. Although hired by Dr. Gilmer, by the 
time Drew arrived to begin work, Dr. Gilmer had 
returned to teaching and Dr. W. Taylor Reveley II 
'39 had become President of the College. Dt. Reveley 
would be the first of five presidents under whom Lewis 
would serve. It was also a time of change in Lewis and 
Nell's life. Their first child, daughter Laura Darby, was 

"The emphasis on 
character — and the 
seriousness with 
which it is taken — 
sets Hampden-Sydney 
apart fom the major- 
ity of institutions of 
higher learning. 
No one comes to 
College ivithout 
realizing that " 

Dean ofSiuJems 1970-2000 

For more than three decades 
Nell and Lewis Drew have been 
campus fixtures — and role 
models — fi>r the majority of 
Hampden-Sydney 's alumni. 




Summer 2000 

Dean Drew received the 

Hiibard Award for Service to 

the College at Commencement. 


Community Involvement: 

• Elder in College Church 

• Leadership positions in the 

Presbytery of the Peaks 

• President of the Farm- 

ville Rotary Club 

• Chairman of the Rotayj 
District 760 Ambassadorial 

Scholarship Committee 

• Board of the Prince Edward 

County United Way 

• Board of the Prince Edward 

County Heart Association 

• Board and Advisor)' Board of 

First Virginia Bank — 

Colonial (Farmville) 

• Board of the Soiithside 

Community Hospital 

Honors and Awards: 

• Phi Beta Kappa 

• Omicron Delta Kappa 
'American Council on 

Education Fellow 

• James J. Keating Medallion 

• The Robert Thruston 

Hubard Award 

• The Alumni Citation 

• The Student Government- 
Senior Class Commencement 

Award (three times) 
• President of the Virginia Asso- 
ciation of Collegiate Registrars 
and Admissions Officers (twice) 
• President of the Virginia 
Association of Student 
Personnel Administrators 

born in 1964. In the mid-60s, the first of the post- 
World War 11 baby boom was entering college, and the 
number ot applicants tor the number ot places to be 
filled favored institutions of higher education. However, 
the great expansion in higher education to accom- 
modate the baby-boom generation was beginning. 
Expansion in both the public and private sector would 
continue almost unabated (as it has to this day), while 
the number of college-bound students would propor- 
tionally rise and fall. Hampden-Sydney also grew 
during the 60s; the enrollment in the fill of 1963 was 
318, in the fall of 1970 it was 645. Growth demanded 
the recruitment of ever-larger Ireshman classes. 

A second daughter, Katherine Moyer, was born in 
1967, and, in 1968-69, Drew took a leave of absence 
from the College to continue work on his doctorate in 
education at the University of Virginia. (John Waters 
'58, who had returned to the College as registrar in 
1965, assumed the duties of director of admissions and 
financial aid.) The Ed.D. was awarded in 1970. Drew 
returned to admissions for only a year, sharing former 
dudes with Johnny Waters, who became director of 
financial aid. In 1970, Dr. Donald Onner resigned as 
dean of students to return to teaching, and Drew was 
appointed to his take his place. 

So ten years after graduation and ten years "ahead of 
schedule," the job he had pondered as a senior was now 
his. Dean Drews career as a student was one of active 
involvement and achievement in and outside the class- 
foom. He was a member of Kappa Sigma, the baseball 
team, the Glee Club, the Honor Council, sports co- 
editor of the Tiger, and had been elected by the student 
body as the president of the Student Christian Associa- 
uon. He remembers well as a junior pitching the game 
against Loyola that gave Hampden-Sydney the Mason- 
Dixon Championship. He twice received the Sports- 
manship Award for baseball, the Math Award as a fresh- 
man, and was chosen for membership in both Phi Beta 
Kappa and Omicton Delta Kappa. 

The breadth ot his undergraduate experiences and 
training in higher education administration prepared 
him well for his new position. "In those days," he 
recalls, "it was a one-person office. Anything that 
needed to be done, I did it. You really had to be a gener- 
alist. Perhaps, you had to sacrifice some ot the profes- 
sionalism, but, by philosophy and necessit)', the admin- 
istration perpetuated the long-held core belief that 
smdents should run their own affairs to die extent that 
they are able and willing. The role of the administrarion 
was to give support and to set limits." 

In 1977, Dean Dtew was selected as an American 
Council on Education Fellow in Academic Administra- 
tion, an honor that went only to forty persons nation- 
wide. He, Nell, the girls, and Nicky (a Welsh Corgi 
trained to roll over and play dead when asked if he 

would rather die or go to Randolph-Macon), spent the 
1977-78 academic year at Colby College in Waterville, 
Maine, where Lewis worked with the president and 
other top administrators. Nell recalls how easy it was to 
lose a Corgi in the snows of Maine. 

That year, I served as acung dean of students and 
came fiilly to appreciate what Lewis faced each day and 
the importance of his solid \'alues and thoughtftil 
approach. He had left me a yellow legal pad with a 
hand-written comprehensive list of all the routine tasks 
that had to be performed during the year. It went on for 
pages and pages, and, obviously, it did not include the 
crises. Before the year was out, I knew Lewis's telephone 
number in Waterville by heart. 

the summer of 1978, the one-man 
dean of students office was expanded 
to one and a half I ser\'ed pan-time as 
assistant dean of students for the next five years while 
connnuing as directot of financial aid. When 1 left 
Hampden-Sydney in 1983, 1 was replaced by a full-time 
associate dean; in 1987, a fiill-time assistant was added. 
In 1999, another fiill-time staff member, who splits his 
rime between intercultural affairs and residence life, 
joined the staff. During that same period, campus secur- 
ity came into being — before which. Dean Drew recalls, 
he "used to get the calls in the middle of the night," — 
and the student health sen'ice expanded to allow more 
outreach. Although still relarively small when compared 
to colleges of similar size, the Hampden-Sydney student 
affairs staff, whom Drew ctedits with most ot the 
success of his department, has tried to respond to the 
increasing expectarions ot parents and students for 
greater professional involvement in student affairs. "It is 
a national trend," says Drew, "and we must respond, 
but we must balance it with the Hampden-Sydney 
philosophy of allowing students to manage theit own 
affairs. Nationall)', howe\'er, not just at Hampden- 
Sydney, students are less inclined to take initiati\'e than 
was true in the past. Students tend to look to the admin- 
istration to provide structure and activities in their lives, 
although, in many ways, students today are more like 
students 30 years ago than they are different — perhaps 
more so here than at other schools. There survives here 
a basic gendemanliness, civilit)s honesty, deceno.', open- 
ness, and friendliness. The informal friendliness, the 
sense of camaraderie, is not as great as it used to be, but 
that may be a factor of increased size." 

"One constant through the years has been the will- 
ingness of Hampden-Svdnev students to come to the 
aid and support ot a fellow student going through a 
personal crisis. At those times, students themselves take 
initiative and are willing to work hand in glove with 
others — administrators and facuin'." 


"I find most saidents in disciplinary trouble are 
usually more open and fi'ank in acknowledging respon- 
sibility tor their actions than they are inclined to hedge 
or cover up. We try to help them learn from their 
mistakes — the real purpose of any disciplinary action. 
In part, their openness is due to the seriousness with 
which most students take the Honor Code." Reflecting 
on the past, he savs, "In the late 60s and early 70s, 
academic honor codes came under attack nationally, 
and the Hampden-Sydney Honor Code experienced 
stress. However, a group of student leaders in the early 
and mid-70s were truly devoted to the ideals of the 
Code. They took the old Honor Council and combined 
it with the Judician- Board to create what we know 
today as the Student Court. This single judicial body 
drew from the best of student leadership and changed 
student governance by using the strength of the Honor 
Code to heighten a sense of individual responsibility tor 
other areaj; of- student life. The actions of those men at 
that time afrlrmed that the Honor System was student 
run and could be sustained, and is sustained to this day, 
as one ot the best in the countr}'. Each year the student 
leadership conveys to new men that the Honor Code is 
a set of ideals in which students here believe and want 
to see sustained. If the Honor System did not belong to 
the students, it would not survive. If a young man 
comes here with good basic values, he will find those 
values strengthened because of the commitment to the 
Honor Code." 

first years of her husband's tenure as 
Dean of Students. "Students had just 
discovered that they had rights, and 
Lewis was challenged at every turn. But it was an excit- 
ing time, tor those students were among the most inter- 
esting and involved I have knovm. Those years may 
have been the most rewarding of Lewis' career." 

For Dean Drew, the essence of Hampden-Sydney is 
an awareness by all who live and work here of a deep 
commitment to the short statement of purpose on 
which the College was founded and the ideals behind 
it — "to form good men and good citizens in an atmos- 
phere of sound learning."' "The emphasis on character 
and the seriousness with which it is taken," he says, 
"sets Hampden-Sydney apart from the majority of insti- 
tutions ot higher learning. No one comes to Hampden- 
Sydney without realizing that. Somerimes, I regret to 
say, the concept of "a good man and good citizen' does 
not earn,' over into other aspects of students' lives as 
much as it should. Respect for the Honor Code causes 
most students to equate the good man, good citizen 
ideal with honesty and good manners, which makes life 
here pleasant, but this is too narrow an interpretation 
of the mission. For many students, it does not afreet as 
much as it should their attitude toward alcohol abuse, 
related propert)' damage, and human relations." 

"Abuse of alcohol has been present, if not prevalent, 
since my smdent days," recalls Dean Drew, "but the 




Summer 2000 

"The challenge for my 
successor is to 7'nake 
the entire mission 
statement the essence 
of campus life,.. . 
to put as much 
emphasis on 'in an 
atmosphere of sound 
learning as on 'to 
form good men and 
good citizens. '. . . 
In all that is done, 
we should focus on 
nurturing an 'atmos- 
phere of sound learn- 
ing. 'By institutional 
budgeting, planning, 
and patterns of 
support, we should 
make it clear what 
we believe in. " 

Nell and Lewis Drew with 
their family at the Richmond 
Alumni Club spring evening 
event. Front row, from left: 
Kate Drew Bond. Nell Pey'ron- 
net Drew, Darby Drew Sorbet, 
Mrs. Peyronnet (Nell's mother). 
Back row, from left: Keith 
Bond, Lewis Drew, Barbara 
Peyronnet, Doug Peyronnet 
(Nell's brother). Mr Peyronnet 
(Nell's father), Terry Sorber. 




Summer 2000 

Nell and Lewis Drew at the 

party gii'eii by the Student 

Affairs staff in honor of 

Lewis Drew 's retirement. 

"I hope that we will 

sustain the tradition 

of student leadership. 

. ..We must foster 

student initiative. 

If traditions such as 

the Honor Code cease 

to belong to the 

students and instead, 

become thepropaiy 

of the administration, 

they will die. " 

abuse then was usually in the context of celebration — 
of trying to have fun; there was a spontaneity' to it. 
About ten years ago, however, it changed. There devel- 
oped a certain grimness to drinking: students plan 
ahead to get drunk, they generally drink tar more and 
drink more often. Surveys indicate that about 40% 
regularly practice abusive patterns of alcohol consump- 
tion. These are nadonal norms. On the other end ot the 
spectrum are those who abstain. This number is about 
20% nationally and about 10% at Hampden-Sydney. 
Between the two extremes are those who use alcohol for 
the most part in a low-risk manner. That middle group, 
however, will occasionally engage in abusive pracrices, at 
times with serious complications, both social and 
academic. The challenge tor the College is to support 
those who abstain, to encourage those who use alcohol 
in moderation to do so at all times, and, through educa- 
tion and disciplinary actions, to move those who abuse 
alcohol into one of the other two categories." 

"The chdlenge tor my successor is to make the 
entire mission statement the essence of campus life. 
Instimtionally, we do not put as much emphasis on 'in 
an atmosphere of sound learning' as on 'to form good 
men and good citizens.' If we were more successflil in 
building bridges between academic matters and student 
life, some of the elements in our campus environ- 
ment — such as alcohol abuse — which undermine the 
academic mission, would be lessened. In all that is done, 
we should focus on nurturing an 'atmosphere ol sound 
learning.' By institutional budgeting, planning, and 
patterns ot support, we should make it clear what we 
believe in." 

"I hope that we will sustain the tradition of student 
leadership. As we react to the national trends discussed 
earlier we will add student affairs staff to provide 
support and continuit)' for student activines, but, also, 
we must foster student iniriative. It tradirions such as 
the Honor Code cease to belong to the students and, 
instead, become the properu' of the administration, 
thev will die." 


ale the 

I felt College Church was a natural 
place for me to worship, " Dean Drew 
replies, when asked about his enduring 
have never believed that my involvement 
with College Church is part of my job, but 1 do feel that 
when students come to College Church, either to 
worship or to participate in events held there, and see 
the Dean ot Students as an active member ot the 
congregation in a natural way, it is a plus. The ideals 
espoused in student atfairs are consistent with the ideals 
ot the church. Perhaps my involvement in the church 
gi\'es greater credibilit}' to what I work toward protes- 

"The great satistaction of my career h;is been getting 
to know students and ha\'ing ongoing relationships with 
so man\- ot them. As you know, my act has never been a 
solo one. Nell and 1 h.ive shared this work. She has been 
both partnet and helpmate. The triendships we have 
nude with students h.ive enriched and .idded meaning 
to our lives. " 

"1 guess, " says Nell, "m\' role been chief cook 
and bottle washer, but I have enjoyed ever\- minute ot 


it. Lewis' job is difficult, and tnany students see him 
only in his office and often as the 'heavy.' However, 
when students are in our home, they see him in a differ- 
ent context; they come to know him as a person. " Nell 
cannot even count the number of students whom she 
has entertained; without doubt, it runs into the thou- 
sands. "We have been close fi'iends with many of them. 
It's been like having thousands of sons, and, as they 
grew up, our daughters had thousands oi" big brothers. 
These young men have enriched the lives of my family. " 

Nell has provided more than just good food and 
hospitality over the years, "1 remember the freshman 
who knocked on the door one evening and said he just 
needed to be inside a home. He sat in a chair in the 
living room and talked tor hours. Another time, I eot a 
call from a student who said he had a new pair of khakis 
that needed to be hemmed and did I have a sewing 
machine he could use. I said yes, and he came over to 
the house. When I showed him the sewing machine he 
said, 'Could you show me how to use it?' I ended up 
hemming the trousers." 

"Hampden-Sydney students are real gentlemen. 
Today, many of our students come from difficult home 
environments. They have more emotional baggage, but 
as gentlemen they are still the cre<mi of the crop. " 

Standing on the front stoop of the home she and 
Lewis have occupied for 30 years, with the azaleas in full 
bloom, she says, "It's like living in a garden; everything 
is so beautifiil. Hampden-Sydney has been a wonderful 
place to live and to rear a family. We have had stability 
in our family life and a rich diversity of relationships 
with coundess students." 

The "other women" in the Dean's life include "three 
great secretaries" — Louise Allen, in admissions, Barbara 
Fore, who served for 25 years, and Dottie Fahrner, his 
current secretary. They are among the many staff 
members who have been associated with Student Affairs 
over the decades, each of whom has made special and 

unique contributions and come to appreciate Lewis' 
extraordinar)' devotion to his work and to his principles. 
Lewis has high praise for his secretaries and the many 
outstanding staff members with whom he has worked 
in student affairs over the years. 

Hampden-Sydney, either as a resident 
or as a professional. He and Nell will 
continue to live in their home on 
Wilson Circle, where so many generations of students 
have eaten ice cream pie and enjoyed the warmth of a 
loving and caring home. He will work part time on a 
task-by-task basis at the direction of President Bora. 
"I am not exacdy sure what those tasks will be," he says. 
"It depends in pan on the new Dean's interests and 
background and where Dr. Bortz feels I can be of help. 
Training the Student Court is a possibility, as is involve- 
ment with the student leadership program. The Society 
of '91." 

"Lewis' work has been so demanding and confin- 
ing," says Nell, "that we will enjoy the freedom to go 
away when we want. But I know Lewis will also enjoy 
taking advantage of all that is offered here on campus — 
weekday afternoon athletic contests, evening 
programs — that he has not had the time for. He loves to 
read, and I know he will do more of that, and, at last, he 
has the time to do something about the yard. " There are 
also two grandsons to keep both Lewis and Nell busy. 

His broad goal when he graduated from Hampden- 
Sydney was teaching, coaching, working with students. 
Lewis Drew has fulfilled that goal. For three decades, he 
has been a teacher, one without a classroom, but no less 
a teacher, the coach of successive teams of young men 
whom he taught to play the game of life with honor, 
and whose work with students has won him the respect 
of all and the deep affection of many. 




Summer 2000 

As part of his perennial efforts 
to identify with the "student 
mind, " Dean Drew kept 
abreast of current fashion, to 
the point of growing side- 
bums in the 1970s. 



•T{EcoRD OF Stylish bats, bright jogging suits, good advice, a house fidl of music, 
HAMPDEN-SYDNEY ^„^ ^ broad smile — all good memories left behind as . . . 

Summer 2000 

Nurse Crawley retires 
from the 'infirmary 

By Thomas Shomo '69 (with Eunice Canvile '92) 

If Dr. T. Edward Crawley 

(right above) had been less a 

"presence" in his own right. 

Mrs. Crawley i custom-made 

hats would have stolen the 

show wherever they went 


has been my life since 

I married Ned. 

I'm fortunate to have 

been 'Mrs. Cratuley' 

and to have been at 

Hampden-Sydney all 

this time. It has let me 

continue to be me. " 

Retiring campus nurse 

RIGHT: Nurse Crawley 
working at her files. 

When I heard that Mrs. Crawley had announced her 
retirement and depanure fi-om Hampden-Sydney, I went 
by the Moore Student Health Center to ask if she would 
let me interview her for the Record. She was gracious, as 
always, but said that in 1997 Eunice Carwile '92 had 
written an article about her and that "was as good as it 
can get. " There follows a reprint of that short piece: 

4 13 a nurse in the Moore Health Center 
I \ who has lived at Hampden-Sydney 

^^^ since 1955 and worked here since 
1966, often says, "A lot of people get to MCV [The 
Medical College of Virginia] by way of Hampden- 
Sydney, but I came to Hampden-Sydney by way of 
MCV." The Florala, Alabama, native got to know 
Hampden-Sydney when she was a nursing snident 
and scrub nurse for the chief of surgery at MCV: 
"Dr. Bigger liked to get students from Hampden- 
Sydney," she recalls. "He often said, 'Give me a 
Hampden-Sydney man with a B.A. and we'll 
give him his science.' " 

But it was through another nursing student 
that she met T. Edward Crawley, Jr. '41, who 
was teaching English and directing the Glee 
Club at the College. When Ned brought her 
to Hampden-Sydney for a visit in 1949, she 
was "enchanted. " ("1 still am," she adds.) 
After they came back to Hampden-Sycbey 
in 1955 to stay, Bert managed to entertain 
students, glee clubs, and musicians while 
working fiill-time at the local hospital. 
They had "a house fiill of music, all the 
time. " She left the hospital and came to 
work at Hampden-Sydney s infirmary 
in 1966. 


When her husband died in 1984, she gave no truck 
to self-pit}', but felt sorr)' instead for "all the students 
who would never have him, never know him, never see 
him walking down the street." She stayed on in Thorn- 
ton Place and continued to work for the College. She 
has made Hampden-Sydney her home, taking long 
walks through the early morning sounds, watching the 

sun come up over the Field House, and looking after 
die students who come into the Health Center. "Hamp- 
den-Sydne\' has been mv life since I married Ned," she 
declares. "I'm fortunate to have been 'Mrs. Crawley' 
and to have been at Hampden-Sydney <ill this time. It 
has let me continue to be me." 

'We talked a little that morning in the health center. Dr. 
and Mrs. Crawley were married in Chapel Hill in 1952, 
while Dr. Crawley was completing his doctoral studies. 
(Dr. Crau'ley, luho had served in the Navy, Wiis urged by 
Dr. Thomas £ Gilmer '23 to continue his education 
while he was still eli^blefor benefits under the GI Bill } 
There Mrs. Crawley worked fir the head of surgery at the 
UNC Hospital They returned to Hampderi-Sydtiey in 
1955, to an upstairs apattment in Wesftnerton. In 1957, 
when Dr. Crawley became Dean of Students, they moved 
to Thornton Place. 

Our conversation turned to gardening and flowers, a 
shared love of the Crawleys. We talked of the iris, which 
were Dr. Crawley's special interest, and the roses, which 
Mrs. Crawley cultivated. Both proved over the years to 
require more maintenance that she could give them and 
passed from the garden. "I have tried to maintain some of 
ivhat Ned created in the garden at Thornton Place, "she 
said, her voice catching just a bit; "he brought so much 
beauty to the campus. When Ned would do arrangements 
for late-spring events, we would harvest the roses for weeks 
in advance and keep them in the walk-in refrigerators here 
[referring to Winston Hall, then the Commons and now 
the location of the health center, the Publications Office, 
and the Fine Arts Department]. It was unbelievable to 
open the door and to see the mass of bloom. " 
Mrs. Crawley loves all God's orations (even the deer 
which used to eat her roses). She has nursed sick students 
and lost dogs, provided for the birds in winter, and cares 
about the environment. 

Mrs. Crawley is moving to Kingsmill near Williams- 
burg. "I still pLiy a little golf but I canrwt swing the big 
clubs that well I keep at it though. It was not really for the 
golf that I chose Kingsmill; the location puts me near dear 
friends. " She leaves behind her at Hampden-Sydney many 
other dear friends who will miss her. 

A Caring History: Infirmaries 
and Infinnarians at the College 

Despite the lengthy tenures of women like 
Ben Crawley and Linda Manin, Hampden- 
Sydney's student health service has survived a 
relatively itinerant past. Numerous location 
changes appear, for now, to be a thing ot the 
past — unless, and when, plans to expand 
Winston Hall into a new library are enacted, 
in which case the nurses will be sent packing 
yet again. 

Beginning with the work of college physi- 
cians Dr. Paulus Aemilius Irving 1877 and 
Dr. Ray A. Moore, Sr. 1900, Hampden- 
Sydney tried to ministet to the health ot its 
students. Dr. Moore, in particular, was an 
energetic advocate of what would now be 
termed a "holistic" approach: in 1930 he 
established a plan for comprehensive physical 
training of all students, after, of course, each 
smdent was individually examined and tested. 
He also worked to sanitize the College milk 
supply and to limit the quantities ot food 
served to students. As could be expected, both 
then and now, this latter effort was not terri- 
bly popular in the dining halls. 

Throughout diese years, Miss Delia 
Brock served as the infirmarian. In 1917, 
after thirty years of agitation, an infirmary 
was established on the third floor of Atkinson 
Hall (then known as Westminster Hall). The 
fact that it was on the third floor may have 
served to deter those with more psycho- 
somatic ailments, as well as providing a real 
obstacle to any tnxly hobbled smdents. 

In 1954, the infirmary moved into the 
rear of Graham Hall, or the "old gym" as it 
was known at the rime. In this incarnation, it 
contained six wards, a treatment room, a wait- 
ing room, and even a nurses apartment. 
Beginning in the eariy 1960s, the infirmary 
took residence in Maples and was named after 
Dr. Moore, who rerired in 1962 after 35 
years as college physician. It remained there 
until its present move, as the Moore Student 
Health Center, to Winston Hall. 



Summer 2000 

Miss Delia Brock 

Dr. Rizy A. Moore, Sr. 1900 

The infirmary was located on 
the third floor ofWestminster 
Hall (now Atkinson Hall). 





Summer 2000 

Hampden-Sydney biology professor 
Williayn Shear discovers a neiv 
millipede species in Virginia 

Another insect to worry about 

By Kathryn Orth, Richmond Times-Dispatch staff writer 

About 8,000 

species of millipedes 

are known — and 


represents only 

about half the total 




OF FEBRUARY 3, 2000. 


The Hampden-Sydney millipede. 

Cleidogona n.sp. male, much 

enlarged (it is only three-fourths 

of ail inch long in real life). 

College thousand-legger," a little bug 
that has been found nowhere else on 
Earth, except for the one specimen 
picked up on campus. 

The real name of the three-quarter-inch long milli- 
pede, found in an armload of dead leaves in the woods 
behind the science building, is Cleidogona n.sp. male, at 
least for now. That means it is a member of the genus 
Cleidogona, a group of millipedes found in the eastern 
United States and Mexico. They are arthropods with 
two pairs of legs on each body segment. (The total 
nimiber of legs is actually 55-60, not 1,000 as the tamil- 
iar name of the animal implies.) 

The n.sp. stands simply for new species: the little guy 
doesn't have its own name yet. 

And ;«/?/('.•' Well, that's a long storv. 

There are some physical characteristics, panicularly 
male reproductive structures, that allow experts to tell 
millipedes apart, said Dr. William Shear, the Hampden- 
Sydney biology professor who found and identified the 
millipede in November. 

"That's the definition of a species, a population of 
reproductively-isolated individuals. What we think is 
that these male structures have to exacdy match repro- 
ductive structures on the female to make it possible to 
mate. It's handy for us, too, to tell the species apart, "' 
Shear said. 

And there is a huge variety of millipedes. There are 
about 8,000 species of millipedes known and that prob- 
ably represents only about halt the total, Shear said. 
"There are four or five other Cleidogona species in this 

area. It's hard to tell." 

Shear, an expen on millipedes, and his students have 
collected thousands of bugs of all types from the woods 
around Hampden-Sydnev. Shear often assigns his basic 
biology classes an anim;il identification project. 

"We go out in the woods and collect a big plastic 
bag of leaves. Then we put the leaves in a Berlese 
funnel, a big metal hinnel with a wire screen at the 
bottom," Shear said. The top of the fiinnel is covered 
with a lid that houses a 100-watt light bulb. 
Underneath the funnel is a container of alcohol. 

"In the course of 24 hours, the heat and light (from 
the bulb) drive the little animals down into the alcohol, " 
Shear said. The students separate the bugs, often thou- 
sands from each sample of leaves, and put them under a 
microscope for identifiaition. They may find 200 or 
more species in one sample. 

Shear found Cleidogona n.sp. male floating in the 
container of alcohol one day. In comparing his find 
with specimens preserved at the Virginia Museum of 
Natural History in Martinsville, Shear discovered that 
there were other examples of Cleidogona n.sp. male 
preserved in bottles there. They were not identified or 
named, but labels on the bottles indicated that Shear 
had found the matching millipedes on the Hampden- 
Sydney campus in 1975. 

He also found one in Fluvanna Count}' about the 
same time. That one Fluvanna specimen indicates that 

the millipede is not exclusive to the 
Hampden-Sydney area but is prob- 
ably found throughout central 
Virginia, Shear said. 

"Millipedes as a group have not 
been studied very much, " Shear 
said. He is working on a paper that 
will describe more than a dozen 
new species from Virginia. 

"There is a tremendous amount of 
biodiversit}- out there. Probably a 
lot ot species will disappear without 
ever being discovered, " he said. 

About 1 million animal and 
plant species of all kinds ha\e been 
named and described. Shear said. 
The total possible number of species 
may range from several million to 
tens of millions more plants and 
animals than we know, he said. The 
groups that we have not paid much 
attention to, like millipedes, have 
many more species than the 
mammals that are most familiar to 
us, he said. 

Although relatively little is known 
about millipedes, they are ver,- 
important to ecosystems because they 
eat dead leaves. Shear said. 

"They are prime recyclers. They 
are the main soil-forming organisms 
in tropical areas. Also they are walk- 
ing chemical faaories. They defend 
themselves with repellent chemicals, " 
Shear said. 

Scientists may discover uses for 
these chemicals, Shear said. "One 
reason tor preserving species is that it 
might be in our best interests to do 
so. We have a responsibility, while 
we're taking the planet apan to tr\' 
to imderstand it, that we don t throw 
anything away that might be needed 

Shear has always had an interest 
in millipedes. While most mammals 
and birds are named and are well- 
described, "millipedes remain myster- 
ious. It was clear that the number of 
people working on millipedes was 
diminishing, " he said. So Shear and a 
colleague from Chicago, Dr. Petra 
Sienvald at the Field Museum of 
Namral History, applied for and got 
a 5750,000 grant from the National 


Kingdom. Animalia 

Prokaryotae (bocterio) 
fungi (mushtooms. fungi) 
Protista (omoebas, olgoel 
Pionlae Iplonlsl 
Animalio {animab) 

Phylum: Arlhropoda 

pofifero (spongesl 
Cnidorio (jellyfish , corals) 
Plalyhelminthes (Rot & tapeworms) 
Nematoda (roundworms) 
Annelida (earthworms, leeches) 
Mollusco (snails, clams, squids) 
Arthropodo (jointed animals) 
Echinodermola (sea urchins) 
ChordotQ (with spinal cords) 

Class: Diplopoda 

Arochnida (spiders) 

Diplopoda (millipedes) 

'hilopoda [centipedes) 

-'urainsecto (springtails) 

[nsecio (wosps, bees) 

'' Pouropodo ((ike centipedes) 

'" Symphyla (like centipedes) 

Order Chordeumatida 
u Glomehdesmido 


' •:- ■;-''-i!hefida 

family: Cleidogonidae 
' "trlei^^onidoe '"■'■^^™ 

Genus: Cleidogona 



Species: New 
new species 





Science Foundation. The grant, spread 
over a five-year period, is intended to 
further the study of taxonomy, the science of 
naming animals and plants and describing 
how they are related. 

"The National Science Founda- 
tion recognized that many research- 
ers were going into more high- 
profile fields, like genetics," Shear said. 
"But the Greeks said that the beginning 
of wisdom was the naming of things. 
So the NSF established grants for 

Most of the grant money is used 
to support smdent activities at Hamp- 
den-Sydney and at several Chicago- 
area universities where Sierwald teaches 
graduate students. 

The students in Shear's "system- 
atics" course study classifications and 
evolutionary relationships of animals, 
use computer systems to work out 
phylogenetic trees and keep track of 
species on data bases, and compare 
species using molecular methods. 

The class will also have the oppor- 
tunity to suggest names for Cleidogona 
n.sp. male, Shear said. "You can name a 
species after a place, a person, or an 
outstanding characteristic ir has, or you 
can just make up a combination of 
letters," Shear said. The species' names 
are in Greek or Latin. 

Cleidogona n.sp. male might end up 
with the name Cleidogona Hampdeni, 
which would mean that the species was 
named for John Hampden, after whom 
the College was named. Shear said. Or 
it could be called Cleidogona Hampden- 
sidnensis. That would mean something 
like "the Hampden-S)'dney College 
millipede." Or the smdents might come 
up with something completely differ- 
ent, Shear said. 

In the meantime. Shear continues 
the search for previously unknown 
millipedes. There is the thrill ot the 
himt in his work, he said. "I have found 
and named hundreds [of species], but 
it's still exciting. It's the closest thing to 
being an explorer in today's world. You 
get all the excitement of discovery, but 
you still get to go home for a hot 
shower and a nice dinner. " 





Summer 2000 

We have a 
while we're 
taking the planet 
apart to try to 
understand it, 
that we don't 
throw anything 
away that might 
be needed later. 

Patterson Professor of Biology 




Summer 2000 

How millipedes help students: 
Professor Shear explains the link 

By William A. Shear, Patterson Professor of Biology 

While high-quality 
teaching is, and 
always should 
remain, the primary 
goal at Hampden- 
Sydney, a faculty as 
active as ours in schol- 
arly pursuits provides 
important benefits 
to students. 

Patterson Professor ofBiolo^' 

among small liberal arts colleges in its 
enthusiastic suppon of faculrv 
research. Faculty members are encour- 
aged to apply for grants from outside agencies to Rind 
research, and if they get them, the college is generous 
with released time and matching funds. The College has 
its own grant program, too, under which faculty 
members can compete tor Summer Fellowships that 
provide expenses, travel money, and modest stipends lor 
summer work on scholarly projects. Hampden-Sydney 
is also generous with unpaid leave, allowing researching 
faculty to take extended time at other institutions, and 
has a strong (but still improvable!) sabbatic;il program, 
in which faciJty can apply for paid leave in every 
seventh year of service. Hampden-Sydney formally 
recognizes excellence in research with awards and public 
praise. Clearly, this kind of work is valued by the 

While high-quality teaching is, and always should 
remain, the primary goal at Hampden-Sydney, a faculty 
as active as ours in scholarly pursuits provides important 
benefits to students. It's easy to get students excited 
about leaf ning particular subject matter when it "s some- 
thing you yourself have discovered or researched. 
Students can get involved in their own projects derived 
from a taculn' member "s research, and learn the tech- 
niques and methods of their field — this gives them a 
great advantage when they need to work independently 
in graduate school or on the job. And there is often the 
oppormnity to spend class time talking about original 
research in the subject at hand, research done just down 
the hall in a professor's lab or office. 

This past year, my own research has been direaly 
applicable in two classes. In my course, History of Life, 
my work on the fossil evidence for the earliest terrestrial 
animals pro\'ided material for at least two days ol discus- 
sion on the crucial events of the Devonian Period, when 
both plants and animals were rapidly colonizing the 

land. Students in the class were able to read not only 
technical articles I had written on the subject, but also 
some popiJar accounts I worked up for magazines like 
Earth, Natural History, and American Scientist. In mv 
new course on systematic biology (the study ol classifica- 
tion and evolution), not only did we take litter samples 
which included the new species ol milliped discussed in 
the Times-Dispatch article reprinted here, but smdents 
actually worked with specimens of other undescribed, 
imnamed species, wrote their own descriptions, devised 
species names, and used advanced computer programs 
to place the new species in an evolutionary framework 
called a "phylogenetic tree." 

Wouldn't you like to study Vitginia history and poli- 
tics with the man who wrote the definitive biography of 
Harrv F. Bvrd, Sr.? Work on gamma rav astronomy 
widi the former chief scientist ol NASA "s Gamma Ray 
Observatory? Perform Shakespeare 's sonnets in Europe 
with a recognized authotit)' on the poems? Participate in 
a symposium on the Trojan War with top interpretets 
of Homer? All of those opponunities have been avail- 
able at Hampden-Sydney, and students have had a 
richer education because ol them. 

WTiile big tesearch bucks and major programs will 
always be limited to mega-universities where research 
professors do little if any undergraduate teaching, excel- 
lent scholarship can be carried out in the small-college 
environment, too. And as the examples given above 
illustrate, students, rather than being isolated from the 
men and women at the cutting edge of new knowledge, 
see them every day in their Hampden-Sydney class- 
rooms and laboratories. 


News from campus 

On the Hill 



Summer 2000 

President Wilson gives his "farewell 
salute " at Commencement 2000 

Marking the end of the College's 224th academic 
year, Hampden-Sydney's commencement exercises were 
held on May 7. One hundred eighty-four students from 
the class of 2000 received their degrees. 

Samuel V. Wilson presided over his final commence- 
ment as the College's 22nd president. After thanking 
the Trustees for "taking a chance on me" and offering 
him "what has been the most flilfilling and enjoyable 
responsibilit)' of my life," Ptesident Wilson gave the 
commencement address, a message he described as 
"short and bone-hard simple." He then related an anec- 
dote about musing over the names, one snow)' evening, 
on the College's war memorial gate. This teminded him 
ot the Biirish military cemetet)' on the India-Burma 
border, nearly 12,000 miles away, where etched in 
marble are the words 

"When you go home 
Tell them of us and say 
For their tomorrow 
We gave our today." 

"Here's to your tomottow, my young ftiends, " said 
President Wilson, "Remember." 

In his concluding remarks. President Wilson went 
fi-om asking the class of 2000 to remember to utging 
them to respond: "It is now your world; it is not mine 
anymore. And it is a beautiful, blue jewel, a shining 
sphere. Love it, cherish it, protect it, and keep it." 

Later in the ceremony, an honorary Doctor of 
Divinity degree was presented to the Revetend Young 
Kyun Keum, a leadet of the Pfesb}'terian Church in 

William Brian Hamilton, of Cullen, Virginia, 
was valediaorian. He graduated siimma cum laude with 
honofs in histon'. 

Jack E. Jirak won the Gammon Cup, given annu- 
ally to the graduate who has best served the College by 
his character, scholarship, and athletic ability. Mr. Jirak 
was also awarded, along with T. Bradshaw Henry, 
the Samuel S. Jones Phi Beta Kappa Award. 

The Anna Carrington Harrison Award, given to the 
student demonstrating the most constructive leadership, 
went to Paul B. Sparzak. 

Adam M. Jurach and Ryan M. Pemberton were 
awarded Algernon Sydney Sullivan medallions for excel- 
lence of charactei and generotis sendee. Othet recip- 
ients, chosen from the friends of the College, were 
C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. '46, Thomas N. Allen 
'60, and Virginia "Susi" H. Wilson. 

The Senior Class Award went to two outgoing lead- 
ers: President Samuel Wilson and Dean of Students 
Dr. Lewis H. Drew '60. The Cabell Award, for 

ABOVE: Pioneering Korean 
Presbyterian leader Young Kyun 
Keum received an honorary 
doctorate of divinity. 

LEFT: Graduate Peter 
Wintermute received his 
diploma from his mother. 
Trustee Donnan Winter- 

BELOW: Graduate Chris 
Fox witi) friends. 




Summer 2000 


Jack Andrew Carter 

Timothy John Chatmau 

James Robert Elliott 

Jason Randtill Fowlkes 

Christopher Keith Gross 

William Brian Hamilton 

Grant Charles Hayes 11 

Jack Edward J irak 

Jeremiah Williams Joh>i 

Charles Frank Koontz II 

Christopher Raymond Lea 

Preston Lawrence Lovekce 

David Cooper Phillips 

Marcus Daughny Reading 

Nathaniel David Somerville 


Frank Hou>ard Baber IV 

Timothy John Chatman 

James Robert Elliott 

Robert L. Foley 

Jason Randall Fowlkes 

Arthur Trevilian Greene III 

Christopher Keith Gross 

Travis James Hardy 

Thornton Bradshaw Heniy 

Jack Edward Jirak 

Adam Michael Jurach 

Kevin P. Kolbash 

Ryan Matthew Pemberton 

David Cooper Phillips 

Thomas LeVar Ransom 

Nathaniel David Somemille 

Paul Boyd Sparzak 

Jared M. Tully 

Brad Demetrious Washington 

Galen Huss 00, who 

was commissioned into 

the US Army during the 

Commencement ceremony, 

accepts congrattilations. 

ABOVE: Trustees marching with the giaduates: W. Birch DougLis III '65, Roger H. W. Kirby '88, and Allen Mead Ferguson. 

outstanding classroom contributions, went to Dr. 
James F. Pontuso, Elliott Professor of Political 
Science. The Fuqua awards, also lor teaching excellence, 
were awarded to Dr. Victor N. Cabas, Jr., adjunct 
associate professor of rhetoric, Dr. Ronald L. Heine- 
mann, Squires Professor of Histon', Dr. Kenneth 
Lehman, Elliott Professor of Histor)-, Dr. Peter M. 
Mitias, Elliott Associate Professor of Economics, and 
Dr. James Y. Simms, Jr., Elliott Professor of Histor>'. 

C. Norman Krueger received the Roben Thrus- 
ton Hubard IV award tor distinguished service and 
devotion to the College. 

Morgan Award recognizes public service 

At the annual banquet ot the Center tor Leadership in the 
Public Interest, President Wilson received the Patrick Henn' 
Award, presented by past recipient Harvey B. Morgan 
'52. A moment later — much to the surprise ot Delegate 
Morgan — a new award, named in his honor, was 
announced. Established by his wife, Mary Helen 
Morgan, the Harvey B. Morgan Public Service Award is 
presented to the graduating senior who completes the 
Public Service Program at Hampden-Sydney, demon- 
strates an interest in public ser\'ice, and reflects the char- 
acter and intetrrin- ot Mr. Morgan. The award's inau- 
gural recipient is Ryan B. Pemberton '00, president 
of the student body this past year. 

Mr. Morgan has served in the Vitginia House ot 
Delegates since 1979, focusing especially on environ- 
mental and health care issues. 

Tailgating policy review 

A touneen-person committee, appointed to te\iew last 
falls new tailgating plan, has deemed the approach an 
overall success. Aftet considering a number of suggestions, 
the committee decided to move tonvard with the same 
basic plan tor this tall, allowing for minor modifications. 

The most important change is that College Road, 
trom the entrance gates to College Church, will be closed 
to vehicular traffic during games, for safety reasons. 

As was done last tall, all tans, upon entrance, will be 
given a map with the designated areas where alcohol, 
within the law, can be possessed and consumed (Kitb\- 
Fieldhouse-Lake Mayes area for all; the Crawley Forum 
parking area tor Founders] and a description of the plan, 
which encourages and permits tailgating and picnicking, 
without .ilcohol, in and around the stadium area. 


Trojan War lives again in a cross- 
disciplinary symposium 

The Trojan War has shaped and continues to shape the 
way people in the West think of themselves and their 
cukure. The war and its associated m\'ths deal with all 
the fundamental issues of our lives — honor, betrayal, 
friendship, the disruptions caused by sexual desire, the 
challenge ot persuading by speech, social obligations, 
reverence toward the gods, and the abuse of religion for 
military or political gain. 

In order to explore some of these issues, Hampden- 
Sydney presented a symposium enrided Immortal Troy: 
Enduring Legacy in Western Culture from February 29 
to March 2. 

In the month before this, a series of six seminar 
lectures introduced the Trojan War and the symbolism 
surrounding it. James A. Arieti, Thompson Professor 
ot Classics at Hampden-Sydney and the organizer of the 
symposium, began the lectures with a discussion of the 
Trojan War in mnh and history. Roger Barrus, Elli- 
ott Professor of Political Science, revealed the roots of 
Achilles' anger. 

Shirley Kagan, assistant professor of fine arts, 
spoke on the challenge of directing classical Greek plays 
for modern audiences, specifically Sophocles' Philoctetes, 
which was presented as a capstone to the symposium. 

In the symposium itself. President Samuel Wilson 
began the first session, "Why the War Remains Rele- 
vant," ranking the Trojan Horse as the quintessence ot 
successful deception in the art of military intelligence. 

In the second session, "The War, The Reality," 
Ralph Hattox, Elliott Associate Professor of History, 
examined the striking similarities between the World 
War I battle at Gallipoli and the Trojan War three thou- 
sand years before — and the unlikely but true identifica- 
tion of the early modern Turks, struggling against a 
European enemy, with the cause of the ancient Trojans 
fighting against the Greeks from across the sea. 

Diana Rhoads, adjunct associate professor of rhet- 
oric and English, discussed the rewriting of the Trojan 
War in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart as part of the 
final session, "The War as Symbol." She was followed 
by Evan Davis, visiting assistant professor of English, 
who examined the reasons that the eighteenth-century 
never managed — or even tried — to produce a major 
epic poem; his conclusion was that they felt inadequate 
in the face of Homer's genius, with which they were just 
becoming acquainted in new translations. Dr. Arieti 
concluded the symposium by focusing on Odysseus as 
presented in the Philoctetes. 

In addition to the wide range of Hampden-Sydney 
participants, visiting scholars came from the University 
of Cincinnati, VMI, Virginia Tech, Metropolitan State 
College of Denver, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. 

Among the outstanding lectures were an analysis of the 
accuracy of Homer's descriptions of batdefield emotions 
and post-traumatic stress syndrome, by Dr. Jonathan 
Shay, a doctor with the Veterans Administration; a 
rapid-fire slide show of Troy-inspired paintings and 
sculptures from the last 2000 years, by Dr. Andrew 
Clarke ot the Getty Museum; a review ot his work on 
the excavations at Troy by Brian Rose; and a compari- 
son by Alan Farrell from VMI ot Homeric warfare 
and real-life war in Vietnam. 

In conjunction with the symposium, the fine arts 
department presented a modern staging of the Philoc- 
tetes, in a new translarion by Professor Arieti. Almost 
more than a narrative or a slice of action, the Philoctetes, 
like many Greek plays, uses a particular episode in the 
epic tradition as an excuse for a lengthy philosophical 
examination of the morals and motives of the characters 
involved. In addition to the student cast, the play 
featured a cameo appearance by President Wilson as a 
(Uus-ex-machina Heracles. 

The Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum mounted 
two related exhibits. The first focused on the newly 
examined Hampden-Sydney amphora (see box on next 
page), giving a detailed overview of its place in the 
history of art and the methods ot its manufacture and 
authentication. The second exhibit traced the influence 
of the Trojan epic through art history into our own 
times, when references to Homer are still alive and well, 
from James Joyce's Ulysses to Ajax cleanser. 



Summer 2000 

1/ / 

Dr. James Arieti, Thompson 
Professor of Classics, master- 
minded the semester-long 
cross-disciplinary symposium 
on the legacy of Troy and its 
story in western culture. 

Doug Banks '00 as 
Neoptolemus, the resolutely 
honorable son of Achilles, 
placates the woimded 
Philoctetes (Trains Hardy 
'00), whom he had been 
commissioned to take 
back to Troy. 




Summer 2000 

President Gammon (left) 

and Professor Philip Ropp 

'30 at the presentation of 

the Charter of the Eta of 

Virginia, Phi Beta Kappa. 

December 1949. 


This telegram was sent 

from the national convention to 

President Gammon to announce 

the grant of the charter. 

The Fijiieth Aiiniveisary of Phi Beta 
Kappa at Hampden-Sydjiey 

The Eta chapter of Phi Beta Kappa celebrated its fiftieth 
anniversan' at Hampden-S\'dne\' College on April 4. 
Dr. Graves H. Thompson '27, Blair Professor Emer- 
itus of Latin and Dr. W. T. Joyner '51, professor of 
physics and astronomy, were the featured speakers. 

Chartered on December 13, 1949, Hampden- 
Sydney's Phi Beta Kappa chapter was a long time 
coming. Despite the belief of earlier generadons that a 
chapter had been established in 1 7''9 (making it one of 
the first chapters ever), no conclusive evidence was ever 
presented. After efions to prove the existence ot this 
"lost" chapter failed, interest in establishing a new chap- 
ter gathered steam in the 1930s, only to be disrupted b\' 
World War II. 

In 1949, Phi Beta Kappa members of the Hamp- 
den-Sydnev facult}- applied tor a new charter. As Dr. 
Thompson recalls, no charters had been issued by the 
national body between 1 943 and 1 946. Given the man\- 
applications already on the docket, and the Societ}''s 
stated concerns about the qualit\' of Hampden- Sydney's 
libran- and the adequacy of its endowment, the appli- 
cants were encouraged to defer their petition. Dr. 
Edgar G. Gammon '05, President of the College, was 
not deterred. "He forged ahead, " Dr. Thompson said, 
"despite n\'o strikes against us. " 

Dr. Joyner graduated in three years and thus missed 
being inaugurated into the first class of Hampden- 
Sydnev Phi Beta Kappa members. He was, however, a 
part of the second class. In his remarks, he reminisced 
about the past fift\' years of scholarK- achievement at 
Hampden-Sydney. In his imdergraduate days, to be 
"well educated" meant that vou took courses "one 
wouldn't otherwise touch with a ten-foot pole " and that 
the only decision left to the student was which modern 
language to study. 

Simiming up the proceedings. Dr. Thompson 
observed, "Well, that was a half a century ago, and here 
you all are, and here we all are — thank goodness. " 

In conjunction with the fiftieth-anniversan' celebra- 
tion, the Atkinson Museum organized an exhibit of 
memorabilia connected with the founding of the chap- 
ter — including photographs of the 1949 initiation meet- 
ing and banquet, the original parchment charter 
presented at the time, and the actual telegrams sent 
from the national convention, congratulating President 
Gammon on the grant ot the charter. 


Presented as a teaching aid to the College b\' Dr. 
J. William Hinton, this Greek black-figured \'ase 
has sat, pretty much imdisnirbed except by the 
occasional visit of Dr. Graves Thompson's art 
appreciation classes, in the Library's Jones Rare 
Book Room since 1965. Thanks to the efforts of 
an history professor Mary Prevo, it is getting a 
new meed of recognition. In honor of the Trojan 
War ST.Tnpositmi, the Addnson Museum 
presented an exhibit on the vase, its place in art 
history, and the methods used to test its authen- 

And it is authentic — the product of a known 
painter in fihh-centuri--B.C. Athens, according 
to Dietrich \on Bothmer of the Metropolitan 
Museimi of Art, the premier hving expert on 
Greek painted vases. Its paindngs show a fight 
o\er the body of a fallen warrior and weeping 
women and an old man bidding farewell to a 
\-oung warrior. 

While the \ase is \aluable, it is more valuable 
as a teaching tool than as a resource to sell, so it 
will conrinue to sen'e the fiinction for which it 
(and a pendant coUecnon of ancient coins) was 
given. Now, however, its tranquilit)' risks being 
disturbed more often. 

Conservator Sharon Koehler (below) uses an ultra- 
violet light to examine details of construction and 
previous repairs on the amphora. 


Black Alumni Mentorship Reunion 

The 1 hh annual Black Alumni Mentorship Reunion 
on March 4th and 5th, organized by the Minority 
Student Union, the official student group formerly 
known as "The Brothers," featured a panel discussion, 
reception, and banquet. 

Addressing this year's theme, "A new beginning 
from the struggles of the past," James Carter '95 
(above) gave the keynote speech. Earlier in the day, 
current students brought the alumni up to speed on 
recent campus events and future plans. 

According to Randy Williams '96, director of 
intercultural affairs at Hampden-Sydney, "This reunion 
is not the traditional gathering where alumni reminisce 
about their experiences. Instead, these alumni return to 
provide insight and motivarion, create network oppor- 
tunities, and serve as distinguished role models for the 
current students." He added that it is a great help in 
retaining current students. 

Endoimnent of maintenance of baseball 
field given in memory ofTy Cobb 

A ceremony was held on April 22, during a double- 
header against Bridgewater, to dedicate Hampden- 
Sydney 's newly renovated baseball complex. After being 
re-graded (the outfield was raised six feet) and te-sodded 
with SportsGrass, a hybrid natural grass and plastic 
mesh turf, the field was ready for action this spring. 
In addition, drainage and irrigation systems were 
installed, as well as new dugouts and fencing. 

John C. Ellis '70, who was instrumentiil in orches- 
trating the project, led the ceremony, which also 
featured comments by President Samuel Wilson and 
the Rev. Dr. William Thompson, college chaplain. 

Peggy Cobb Schug and Dr. John B. Schug '52 
were honored for their generous gift, which will endow 
the perpetual maintenance of the baseball complex in 
honor of Tyrus Raymond Cobb (1886-1961) the first 
inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Mrs. Schug is the 
granddaughter of Ty Cobb. 

Other key contributors to the renovation were Mr. 
and Mrs. Bruce Spencer '37, whose major gift helped 
rebuild the playing field, and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin G. 
Horner, parents of Jack Horner '86, whose earlier 
gifts helped underwrite construction of the dugouts in 
honor of former baseball coach Stokeley Fulton '51. 

"These gifts have provided the College with an 
exceptional baseball complex," said C. Beeler Brush, 
vice president of institutional advancement, "and have 
ensured that generations of baseball players will have an 
outstanding field to play on." 



Summer 2000 

At the ceremony held on April 
22 to dedicate Hampden- 
Sydney 's new baseball complex: 
Mr. and Mrs. Bmce Spencer 
37: John C. Ellis 70: Dr. John 
B. Schug '52 and his wife Peggy 
Cobb Schug, the granddaughter 
of Ty Cobb: President Wilson: 
and Mrs. Imin G. Horner. 




Summer 2000 


h'&0\'Y.: Jil and Hiter 
Hams III '83 

Henry Spalding '60 and 
Dr. Glenn Hurt '60; 

Fran Krueger, Virginia 

Douglass, Birch Douglass III 

'65, and Lorraine Bortz. 

Robert Eason '40 and Anna 

Belle Eason with James and 

Mary Ellis Fannon, parents 

of Daniel Fannon '94: 

Julia Gray and 
Dr. Richard Michaux '34. 

Founders Weekend at Tides Inn 

On April 8, the Sociery of Founders held its 
annual weekend event at The Tides Inn in Irvington. 
After golt and tennis outings, the Saturday night 
banquet featured a tribute to President Samuel V. 
Wilson for his vision and leadership. A number of 
speakers shared anecdotes and memories about Pres- 
ident Wilson's eight years in office. 

The James J. Keating Medallion, in recognition of 
outstanding service and devotion to the College, was 
also presented. After introducing previous honorees, 
President Wilson annoimced this year's recipient, 
William G. PanniU. 

Praising Mr. Pannill as "one whose foresight and 
generosity will have long-lasting benefit for the 
College," President Wilson regret- 
ted that his "most active involve- 
ment with the College was for all- 
too-brief a time." Mr. Pannill 
served on the Board of Trustees 
from 1987 to 1992 and, along 
with his son, current Trustee 
William L. "Will" Pannill '77, 
provided the funding to construct 
a new dining facility at Hampden- 

Will Pannill accepted the 
medallion on behalf of his father, 
who was unable to attend. 

2000 Alwmii Siamner College: 
"One of the Finest-Ever!" 

No centur)' in human histoiy showed as much 
progress — and devastation — as the one we just lived 
through. "The 20th Century — A Retrospective" was the 
topic oFthe 2000 Akimni Summer College. According 
to this year's participants, the program was extremely 
successful. Organized and directed by professors Ron 
Heinemann and Jim Simms, the Alumni Summer 
College is a favorite event tor many alumni and guests. 

Friday's program began with an excellent visual pres- 
entation by Dr. Heinemann, highlighting great people 
and events of the 20th Century. He then moderated a 
panel discussion of great events of the past one hundred 
years: Jim Simms on World War I, President Sam 
Wilson on World War 11, Saranna Thornton on The 
Cold War, and Roger Barrus on "the end ot history." 

Professors Elizabeth Deis, Sarah Hardy, and Kathy 
Weese enlightened Saturday attendees as they discussed 
the "changing role of women during the past century." 
Their presentation was followed by a faculty panel 
debating the greatest person of the century: Tom 
De Wolfe on Sigmund Freud, Roxann Prazniak on 
Mao, Ken Townsend on John Keynes, and Walter 
McDermott on Albert Einstein. 

The Saturday entertainment program, orchestrated 
by Jim Simms, has become one of the most popular 
Summer College sessions. A musical journey across the 
century, performed by Hampden-Sydney faculty, staff, 
and community members, stirred emotions of years 
gone by. 

Sunday's program brought additional Hampden- 
Sydney faculty and their views on the major scientific 
and technological events of the century: Bill Porterfield 
on the electric tube, Bill Anderson on changing perspec- 
rives of the universe, Alex Worth on medical break- 
throughs, Mike Dougherty on generic breakthroughs, 
including DNA and cloning, and Tully Turney on the 
tangled ethics of these new capabilities. 

Alumnus and Alumni Club to be 
recogiiized during Homecoming 

On Friday, October 6, Alumni Reunions will take place 
on campus and in Richmond (see box at right). Alumni 
in reunion classes will receive registration information in 
a special mailing. Please note that the Richmond reun- 
ions are at the Marriott Hotel this year. 

Saturday, October 7, features registration at 9:30 
a.m. beside Crawley Forum. In the inaugural "Weenie" 
Miller Alumni Baseball Game at 9 a.m., on Yank Bern- 
ier Field, the varsity team will take on alumni stars in an 
exciring exhibition match. 

The annual Homecoming Run 5K Race boasts a 
new venue for its twenty-first year, the new Wilson 
Trail. Regisrer by filling out the form on the Home- 
coming mailer, or at the starting line at 9:30 a.m. 

The Alumni Lacrosse Game at 10 a.m., on the 
lacrosse practice field, will pit alumni against the varsity. 

At the Alumni Association meering (1 1 a.m., Craw- 
ley Forum), the Alumni Citation & Waters Cup 
Awards will be presented. Malcolm Myers '57, indus- 
trialist, philanthropist, and Trustee of the College, has 
been selected to receive the 2000 Alumni Citation, 
which recognizes outstanding loyalty to and support of 
the College. The Tidewater Alumni Club will receive 
the Waters Cup for excellence in programming and 

At 1 1 :30 a.m., on Miller Field, the varsity soccer 
team takes on Eastern Mennonite. 

The grand Homecoming lunch runs from 1 1 :30 
a.m. to 1 p.m., on Hampden House lawn. 

The ever-popular Cheedeading Clinic for Children 
begins at 1 1 a.m. in Gammon Gym; participants will 
lead cheers during the Homecoming football game 
against Emory & Henry. The game starts at 1 p.m. 

To cap off the day, alumni and friends are invited to 
the Kappa Alpha House deck to enjoy the nostalgic 
sounds of "Bill Deal & Ammon Tharp — The Original 
Rhondels," sponsored by the KA Class of 1970. 



Summer 2000 


Kirby Field House 
45th Reunion, CLzsi of 1955 
40th Reunion, Class of 1960 
35th Reunion, Class of 1965 
25th Reunion, CLtss of 1975 

Marriott Hotel 

30th Reunion, Class of 1970 
20th Reunion, Class of 1980 
15th Reunion, Class of 1985 



Classes of 1990-1995 

Specific reunion information 
and registration forms 
will be mailed to each reunion 
class member. You may also 
register by calling the Alumni 
Office at (804) 223-6148 or by 
e-mail at aoyorkOPhsc. edu. 

BELOW: The "Hampden- 
Sydney Community Choms" 
regaled the Summer College 
with a musical trip through 
the twentieth century. 





Summer 2000 

"Great thin^ are 

going to happm 

in e-commerce. 

Business is chan^ng 

before our eyes — 

this is the first 

truly significant 

change in retailing 

since the Egyptians 

invented stores 

5,000 years ago." 


President and CEO ofKonover 

Property Tntst, developer of 163 

shopping centers in 23 states 

C. Camniack Morton '73, 
Visiting Executive 

Camm Monon returned to Hampden-Sydney on 
March 22 as a Visiting Executive to address the Entre- 
preneurship Societ}'. He discussed the changing face of 
business in the Internet age. 

"Great things are going to happen in e-commerce, " 
he said, citing the explosion in business-to-business 
Internet transactions. In the years to come, increasingly 
povverhil and portable access to the Internet will further 
fuel this revolution. "Business is changing before our 
eyes," he said. The distance between retailers and consu- 
mers will shrink, as the supply chain becomes increas- 
ingly efficient. Traditional retailers, such as Wal-Mart, 
will see their dominance dwindle, Mr. Morton prechcts, 
as new competitors keep popping up overnight. 

This is the first trulv significant change in retaihng 
since the Egv'ptians invented stores 5,000 years ago. Mr. 
Morton pointed out that with Bill Gates we are witness- 
ing the first time that the world's richest man has not 
owned annhing phj'sical. This is the third industrial 
revoludon, after steam and electricitv'. 

The challenge of keeping up with all this change will 
be especially acute for large corporations. "The bigger 
the asset base, the slower to make a decision, " Mr. 
Morton said, expressing amazement at the number of 
CEOs who still think they can ignore the Internet. 

Mr. Morton is currendy the President and CEO of 
Konover Properrv Trust in Gary, North CaroHna. The 
compan\- owns, operates, or has under development 

163 shopping centers in 23 states. Mr. Morton joined 
the compan)' in 1995 when it was known as Factory 
Stores of America. 

Before that, he founded Charter Oak Development 
Company, a real estate firm that was bought b\- Roths- 
child Realty of New York. Mr. Morton subsequendv 
became vice president and partner of Rothschild. 

Throughout his career, Mr. Morton has been grate- 
ful for the liberal arts education he received at Hamp- 
den-Sydney, though he chdn't realize how good an 
education it really was until after he left. "The brightest 
people working for me now are from a liberal arts tradi- 
tion. They know how to write and think, " he said. 

After graduation, Mr. Morton earned a Master's 
degree in honiculture from die Universitv' of Florida, 
said\'ing subtropical citrus fiiiits. In 1980, he received 
his M.B.A. ftom East Carolina University and shortly 
thereafter entered real estate development. His first 
major position was as President and COO of the retail 
development division of the Western Development 
Corporation (now known as the Mills Corporation), 
where he was instrumental in creating Potomac Mills 
near Washington, D. C. and in developing the "Mills 

Professor John L. Brinkley introduced Mr. 
Morton as a "bright spot" in a contentious and self- 
indulgent time and included him among the "cadre of 
my adopted sons." As number 82 on the football team, 
Mr. Morton enjoyed "four charmed years" during 
which the Tigers won 19 straight games. In providing 
an explanation for Mr. Monon's successes, Mr. Brink- 
le\- said that he anracts good people and deals honesdy 
with them. Above all, however, he possesses what Mr. 
Bnnkley called "that simple, precious bundle of qual- 
ities we call character. " 

Professor John Brinkley '59 (far left) 
introduced C. Cammack Morton 73 
(near left) as a "bright spot in a conten- 
tious and self-indidgent time. " 
Mr. Morton, a real estate entrepreneur, 
invented the idea of outlet malls like 
Potomac Milb in northern Virginia. 

Community Farewell Gala 
celebrates we "Wilson Legacy " 

Under the title, "An Officer and a Gendeman — 
A Lifetime of Leadership," President Samuel V. Wilson 
was honored on May 4, with a "gala evening ot dancing 
and dessert." 

The Board of Trustees invited the Hampden-Sydney 
community to celebrate President Wilson's eight years 
of devoted service to the College. 

After a multi-media presentation of highlights from 
President Wilson's career, he was presented with two 
honors. The first, a portrait of President Wilson by Clai- 
borne Gregon- of Richmond, was unveiled. The second 
came with the announcement that the Center for Lead- 
ership in the Public Interest has been renamed the 
Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest. 



Summer 2000 

"An Office)' and 
a Gentleman — 
A Lifetime of 
Leadership " 

TOP: Sam Wilson admires 
his new portrait. 

,\BOVE RIGHT: Sam and 
Siisi Wilson (at right) with 
the President's family, from 
lefi: brother James and his 
wife Jean; brother John and 
his wife Jean: and sister 
Virginia Dnien. 

ABOVE LEFT: In recognition 
of his youthful ambition to 
be a big-band leader. Pres- 
ident Wilson was invited to 
direct the orchestra at the 

LEFT: Sam and Susi Wilson 
are joined on the dance floor 
by William and Jane Boinest 

54; Mr. Boinest is Chair- 
man of the Board of 






Summer 2000 

News from the classroom and beyond 

Faculty Ni 


Robert Rogers (Religion) 
and (iretchen Rogers 

Two campus icons retire, a third resigns 

Dr. Robert Rogers, professor ot" religion, is retiring 
after 25 years at Hampden-Sydney. The beaming Bibli- 
cal scholar will no longer be a daily presence on campus, 
though his influence will linger in many ways. 

Dr. Rogers taught a range of courses over the years 
but is most proud of two that he recendy developed. 
Using CD-ROM technolog)', his Dead Sea Scroll 
course gave advanced students the opportunit)' to do 
original research into the Hebrew texts. Of the first four 
students to take the course, rvvo are now graduate 
students at Harvard in the near-Eastern stuches depart- 
ment. Dr. Robert Hall will teach this course now. His 
other newly beloved course is a seminar on the Holo- 
caust. Drawing on colleagues from the English, fine 
arts, economics, and modern language departments, Dr. 
Rogers led junior and senior students in an attempt to 
understand the 20th-centun,''s central atrocity. 

According to Dr. Gerald Carney, professor of relig- 
ion. Dr. Rogers was an "incredible teacher, in and out 
of the classroom." With his infectious enthusiasm, he 
made students into "active learners." In courses like the 
Holocaust seminar, he was able to bring the resources of 
the College together. Dr. Rogers is a past recipient of 
the Cabell Award for distinguished teaching. 

Aside from his most recent responsibilit}' as chair ot 
the religion department, Dr. Rogers served as Dean ot 

Freshmen for nine years and directed the Honors 
Program, which he helped found, for ten years. He 
became Dean ot Freshman, a newly established position, 
at a time of low retention rates. The position has now 
expanded to provide academic support for all students. 

"It shows his versatilit)' as an educator," Dr. Carney 
said. Whether as Dean ot Freshman, running the honors 
program, or informal mentoring. Dr. Rogers always 
attempted "to help students be successful and to involve 
them in a communit}' ot learning." 

Dr. Rogers saw the College grow from 700 to 1 ,000 
students during his tenure. This led to more course offer- 
ings, a greater diversity of faculty backgrounds, and the 
chance to, in his words, "expose students to broader 
perspectives." Aside from the classroom, which he dearly 
loves, Dr. Rogers will miss all the personal contact with 
students, facult)', and staff that Hampden-Sydney engen- 

As a gesture of their commitment to Hampden- 
Sydney, Dr. Rogers and his wife Gretchen established 
the Baird-Lalendorf scholarship fiind several years ago in 
honor of their parents. Preference is given to rural public 
high school students from the surrounding counties. 

The Rogerses have sold their home of 25 years 
("Linden") to a colleague and will be moving to Rich- 
mond. Although they ran Linden as a bed and breakfast 
for a number ot years, coundess students were welcomed 
there as well. The Rogers made particular efforts to 
provide support for Hampden-Sydne\'"s minority 

Dr. Rogers has plans to keep teaching, albeit as a 
volunteer in an inner-cit\' elementarv school. Dr. and 
Mrs. Rogers also intend to volunteer at a local hospital. 

Despite the move, Dr. Rogers says he will not drop 
off our radar screen. He plans to return next spring to 
lead the Holocaust Seminar and will still attend as many 

basketball games as possible. 

Dr. Pamela Langlois, adjunct associate 
professor ot histon', is retiring after 13 
years at Hampden-Sydney. She initially 
taught Western Civilization, but was 
soon asked to assume the responsibil- 
it}- of teaching upper-level courses in 
her specialty', 10rh-centur\' Europe. 
L^r. langlois de\ekiped a course to 
coincide with the bicentennial of 
the French Revolution, which she 

continued to offer regulaiiv, along with a course on 
19th-century Urban Europe. Her favorite course was 
the Belle Epoque, especially when she was able to interest 
students in Art Nouveau. 

As the first teniale tacult}' member in the history 
department, she encountered some initial grumbling, 
though "nowadays nobody bats an eyelid" as the 
number ot temale professors has steadily increased. Over 
the years, she has seen Hampden-Sydney students 
display a greater interest in the world at large and in 
study-abroad programs. 

Originally from England, Dr. Langlois and her 
French-born husband will spend the coming year in 
Paris, where he will direct the Sweet Briar Junior Year 
Abroad program. For the first time, three Hampden- 
Sydney students will also be participating in the 
program. Dr. Linglois intends to finish work on her 
study ot Marguerite Durand, a nineteenth-century 
French feminist. 

Dr. James Schiffer, Elliott Protessor ot English and 
chair ot the English department, is leaving Hampden- 
Sydney to become head of the English Department at 
Northern Michigan University, where he will guide 
their new M.F.A. program in creative writing. His wife, 
Susan Schiffer, a cataloguing assistant in Eggleston 
Library, will also be leaving Hampden-Sydney. 

Dr. Schiffer has taught Shakespeare, Milton, English 
literature surveys, creative writing, and rhetoric since he 
came to Hampden-Sydney in 1985, He has also been 
an active scholar, publishing a critical study ot the 
contemporary author Richard Stern as well as a recent 
book titled Shakespeare's Sonnets: Critical Essays. Dr. 
Schifter's interest in Shakespeare led him to adapt 
selected sonnets for performance; the Hampden-Sycbey 
Sonneteers have presented their "Sonnet Variations" to 
audiences from Scodand to Georgia (see Faculty Notes). 
In 1989 Dr. and Mrs. Schiffer collaborated on Foul 
Deeds, an academic mystery novel. 

Dr. Schiffer has said, in a Tiger interview, that "one 
ot the best things about Hampden-Sydney for a teacher 
is being able to watch students awaken to their poten- 
tial. This school specializes in turning students who 
think they are average into really great students." 

One ot his tondest memories of Hampden-Sydney 
was watching his daughter Tanja graduate, as vale- 
dictorian, in 1993. "I was proud of my colleagues and 
of the College for the wonderful education she received 
here," he said. 

ProjHotions and appointments 

At its May meeting, the Board ot Trustees promoted 
the following to the rank of Professor: Edward W. 
Devlin (Biology), Kevin M. Dunn (Chemistry), John 
H. Eastby (Political Science), Robert G. Hall (Relig- 

ion), Ralph S. Hattox (Histor)'), and David Dodge 
Lewis (Fine Arts). In addition, Dianne O. Marion 

(Rhetoric) was promoted to the rank of Adjunct Asso- 
ciate Protessor. 

Research and scholarly activity 

A paper written bv Steven D. Bloom (Physics and 
Astronomy), "Radio to Millimeter Spectral and Tempo- 
ral Properties of Candidate High Energy Gamma-Ray 
Sources" was published in the February issue ot The 
Astrophysical Journal Another paper, "Analysis of the 
Multiwavelength Spectrum of BL Lacertae, " written by 
Bloom in collaboration with Markus Boettcher of Rice 
University, appeared in the February issue of The Astro- 
nomical Journal. Bloom also reports that a paper written 
in collaboration with Paul Wallace of Berry College and 
Donald A. Kniffen (Phvsics and Astronomy) has been 
accepted tor publication in The Astrophysical Journal 
The paper is "A Systemaric Search for Short-term Vari- 
abilit)' of EGRET Sources. " 

An article in the February 10 issue ot the New York 
Times entided "Faulty Gyroscope Threatens to Doom 
Science Satellite" contains an interview with Kniffen, 
who is currendy on leave and working at the National 
Aeronautics and Space Administrarion. The article 
concerned the danger of "premature death" tor the larg- 
est American scientific satellite, Compton Gamma Ray 
Observatory; Kniffen is the deputy program scientist tor 
the Compton project. 

A paper co-authored by Anthony M. Carilli and 
Gregory M. Dempster (Economics) on "A Multiplier 
Based Theory of the Austrian Trade Cycle " has been 
accepted by The Review of Austrian Economics. Carilli 
attended the annual meeting ot the Virginia Association 
of Economists and presented a paper, co-authored with 
his colleague in the Department of Economics, Justin P. 
Isaacs, "The Economics of the Phantom Tag: Rules, Effi- 
ciency, and Umpiring. " In March Carilli attended the 
Austrian Scholars Conference. At that conference, Rory 
Rohan '00, an economics major, presented a paper that 
was part ot an independent study he worked on in the 
tall and that he wrote with Carilli and Dempster. The 
paper, "The Policy Implications ot Competitive 
Currency and 100 Percent Reserve, " was presented in a 
general session on Austrian Business Cycle Theory. 

Lowell T. Frye (Rhetoric and Humanities) attended 
a conterence on "The Carlyles in the Americas" in Phil- 
adelphia in April, reading a paper entided "Stump 
Oratory: The Collapse ot Language in Thomas Carlyle 's 
Latter-Day Pamphlets." Frye is also continuing his work 
on the editorial board of The Carlyle Encyclopedia, publi- 
cation of which is scheduled tor Spring 2001. 

In a special section on the 20th century, "Our 
Times," the Richmond Times-Dispatch s attick on 
Harry F. Byrd, Sr., offers several comments on Byrd by 



Summer 2000 

Pamela Langlois (History) 

James Schiffer [English) 

Steven Bloom (Physics) 





Summer 2000 

Gregory Dempster (Economics) 

Kevin Dunn (Chemistry) 

Ralph Hattox (History) 

Ronald L. Heinemann (Hisron'), described as "the 
Hampden-Sydnev College historv' protessor who wrote 
an acclaimed biography of Byrd in 1996. " The article 
was reprinted in several other papers in Virginia. 

Ending a year-long tenure as president of the 
Virginia Library Association, Sandra W. Heinemann 
(Library) chaired the association 's annual conference at 
the Homestead last Oaober. The conference was 
attended b\' five hundred librarians and library support- 
ers from throughout the Commonwealth. In April 
Heinemann ser\'ed on the adjudicator panel, chaired by 
Dr. Charles Sydnor, tor the Virginia Center tor the 
Book to select the best works by or about Virginians 
published in 1999. Winners will be recognized at a 
black-tie event at the Libran' of Virginia in September. 

Kermeth D. Lehman (History) presented a paper 
entitled "Systemic Crisis and Mass Mobilization in 
Boli\ia" at the conference of the Latin American Studies 
Association in Miami in March. In April he presented a 
second paper, "Reflecdons of the American Revolution 
at the Other End of America: \'icente Pazos Kanqui, " 
based on research hmded by a grant from the Society of 
the Cincinnati of the State of Vitginia, at the annual 
meeting of the Middle Adantic Conference ot Latin 
American Studies in Rochester, New York. That paper 
examined the story of an indigenous Aymaran Upper 
Peruvian of the independence period, Vicente Pazos 
Kanki. Pazos Kanki came to the United States in 1817 
and joined a group of Latin American revolutionaries 
who seized from Spain Amelia Island off the coast of 
Florida. ^Tien President Monroe sent a naval expedi- 
tion to dri\'e out the re\'olutionaries, Pazos wrote a series 
of letters to Monroe and Henn- Clay protesung the 
action and asking U.S. support tor the wars of inde- 
pendence in Latin Ametica. 

David E. Marion (Political Science) was appointed 
to the ten-member academic advisory coimcil of a new 
Washington-based Bill of Rights Insnmte in March. 
On April 1, Marion and his colleague Roger M. Barms 
made presentations at a workshop on the Constitution 
held at Monteplier, James Madison s plantation home 
in Otange Coimty. The rvvo collaborated in mid-April 
on an essay tor the Washington Times, "Prudence and 
the Passions: Rediscovering the Madisonian 'Mean.' " 

At the Hemingway International Biennial Confer- 
ence held in Bimini, The Bahamas, Lawrence H. 
Martin (English and Dean ot the Facult\') delivered a 
paper on "Ernest Hemingwa)', Gulf Stteam Marine 
Scientist: The 1934-35 Hemingway-Cadwaladet- 
Fowler Academy of Natural Sciences Correspondence. " 
Hemingway, as a naturalist as well as big-game spott 
fisherman, used his extensive tamiliatit)' with the Cult 
Stream north of Cuba to assist ichthyologists and 
marine scientists from the Academy of Natural Sciences, 
Philadelphia. Martin's paper was based on a collection 

of Hemingwav manuscript letters held b\' the Academv. 

Daniel G. Mossier and Robert T. Herdegen III 
(Psychology), who at Final Convocation in April joindv 
received the John Peter Mettauer Award for Excellence 
in Research, in March attended the annual meeting of 
the Eastern Ps\'chological Association in Baltimote. Ten 
students accompanied them. Mossier presented two 
research reports, one on "A Comparison of the Effects of 
Eyewitness Testimony and DNA Evidence on Decisions 
Made by Mock Jurors " and the other on "Cognitive, 
Personalit}', and Social Factors Associated with the 
Decline of Prejudice in School Aged Children. " Jeremy 
Harris '00 was a co-author on the first presentation, 
while W. Travis ElKvanger '99 and Thompson E. Davis 
'98 collaborated with Mosslet on the second. Mossier 
also collaborated on two other presentations, one, enti- 
ded "The Relationship Between Job Performance, Job 
Satisfaction, and Depression in Paid and Volunteer 
Workers," with Grant Hayes '99 as senior author; and 
the other on "The EtFeas of Gender and Attitudes 
Toward Women on Judgments about Rape " with Rob 
O'Brian 00 as senior authot and Thomas E. DeWolfe 
(Psychology) as second author. Mossier remarks that 
such collaborations have aided students in getting into 
and succeeding in graduate programs. Mike Jones '00 
has been accepted into the graduate progtam in school 
psychology at Radford University; and among recent 
graduates, Brian Mackey '99 is finishing his first year in 
the doctoral program in school psycholog}' at Tulane 
Universirv', Tom Davis '98 is completing his Master's at 
East Carolina University and has been accepted into the 
doctotal ptogram in clinical ps)'chology at Virginia Tech, 
and Baker Wright '98 is also finishing his Master s at 
East Carolina Universin' and has been accepted into the 
doctotal program in experimental psycholog}' at Auburn 

William W. Ponerfield (Chemistt)') attended the 
second conference on Contemporari' Inorganic Chem- 
istr\' at Texas A&M during spring break, organized in 
honor of F. Albert Cotton of A&M, an internationally 
known inorganic chemist. The text-reference book by 
Cotton and Wilkinson is, b\' a wide margin, the most 
influential book on inorganic chemistry of the 20th 
centun', having been through six editions since it first 
appeared in 1962. Porterfield presented a mint copy ot 
the fifst edition to Cotton for his signature. Cotton 
expressed surprise that it was available, saying that he 
himself had only two copies left. 

This spring Roxann Prazniak (History) was commen- 
tatof for a panel on "Non-Western World History" at 
the "Writing Wodd History, 1 800-2000 " Joint Confer- 
ence ot the German Historical Insritutes, London and 
Washington. In February she presented a paper, 
"A Commitment to Scholarship and Service within the 
Academy: Examples from the Prince Edward Sympo- 


slum on Civil Rights in Education " at the Ametican 
Association for Highet Education meeting in New 

James M. Schiffer (English, see resignation profile) 
and the Hanipden-Sydney Sonneteers in March 
performed "Sonnet Variations" to an enthusiastic audi- 
ence at Berry College in Georgia, where Christine and 
Scott CoUey were the group's hosts. Sonneteers this year 
included seniors Douglas L. Banks '00, Travis J. Hardy 
'00, and Nathaniel D. Somerville 00 ; and faculty 
members Matthew R. Dubroff, Shirley Kagan, and 
James C. Kidd, all ot the Department ot Fine Arts; and 
Joan E. McRae (Modern Languages) and Peter M. 
Mitias (Economics). In the spring "Sonnet Variations" 
was filmed in various settings around Hampden-Sydney 
and will be available in September dirough Films for the 
Humanities and Sciences. The videotape, for which 
Dylan Kidd, son of James Kidd, served as videog- 
rapher-editor, will air on pubhc television in Virginia 
and other states — this fall on WCVE in Richmond. 
Schiffer presented a paper tided "Othello among the 
Sonnets" at this year's annual meeting of the Shake- 
speare Association of America in Montreal in April. 

In late April Herbert J. Sipe, Jr., and Kevin M. 
Dunn (Chemistry), accompanied by four senior chem- 
istry students, attended the annual undergraduate 
research poster session at the University of Virginia that 
is sponsored by the Virginia Section of the American 
Chemical Society. Student research presentations, 
conducted under the supervision of either Sipe or 
Dunn, were made: under Dunn's supervision. Soft Bin- 
Salamon '00 presented "Improved Synthesis of Boraz- 
ocine-suspect"; Regan G. Hanson '01 , "The Attempted 
Synthesis and Characterization of Borazocine "; and 
Christopher R. Lea '00 , "Ab Initio Determination of 
the Barrier to Dissociation for Octaazacubane. " Mario 
L. Marano '00 worked with Sipe on "A New Approach 
to Peroxidative Generation of Free Radical Metabolites 
of Xenobiotic Compounds. " At the final convocation in 
April, Lea, who will be attending the University of Illi- 
nois graduate program in physical chemistry this fall, 
was recognized as Hampden-Sydney 's outstanding 
chemistry major in this year's class. 

Susan M. Smith (Modern Languages) delivered a 
paper, "The Triple Appeal of Sor Marcela's Colloquies," 
at the Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures in 
March. She has also been selected as treasurer for the 
newly-formed Asociacion de Escritoras de Espafia y las 
Americas (L%0-1800), an international group for schol- 
ars researching and writing about women writers from 
Spain and Latin America during the late Medieval 
through the Early Modern periods. She will continue 
her personal research in the archives of the Trinitarian 
convent in Madrid this summer with support from a 
Mednick Fellowship awarded by the Virginia Founda- 

tion for Independent Colleges. 

Saranna R. Thornton (Economics) presented a 
paper on "Faculty Benefit Policies: An Assessment of 
Academic Compliance with the Maternity Benefit 
Mandates of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 
1 978" at the March meetings of the Eastern Economic 
Association. She also served as a discussant on a panel 
addressing Academic Labor Markets. 

In early April C. Wayne Tucker (Classics) partic- 
ipated in "Paideia: A Collegiate Symposium" at Virginia 
Episcopal School in Lynchburg with a talk on "Aeneas 
as Universal Hero." The program brought ficulty from 
fourteen institutions of higher education in Virginia to 
the VES campus to address students on subjects related 
to the facult}' members' fields. Tucker attended two 
conferences this spring. The first was the annual meet- 
ing of the Classical Association of the Middle West and 
South in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the second, the 
72nd annual convention of Eta Sigma Phi, the national 
honorary classics society, of which he is executive secre- 
tary, at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. Two 
students, Timothy G. Daly '00 and Matthew C. 
Fryman '01, were the College's Beta Theta Chapter's 
delegates to the latter convention, and in elections 
Fryman was elected national treasurer. Tucker has also 
written four arricles, three on early Roman authors and 
one on the emperor Tiberius, for the Encyclopedia of the 
Ancient World, to be published by Salem Press. 

Patrick A. Wilson (Philosophy) presented a paper 
on "Inferences to 'Design'" at the Institute for Liberal 
Studies Conference on Science and Culture in April. 



Summer 2000 


W. W. Porterfield (Chemistry) 

Susan Smith (Spanish) 

Dean of the Faculty Lawrence 
Martin (top right) presents the 
John Peter Mettauer Award 
for Excellence in Research to 
psychologf professors Robert 
Herdegen (left) and Daniel 
Mossier (right) at Spring 





Summer 2000 

News from the fields and courts 

Spring Sports 

By Dan McCormick '95 and Donnie Turlington, Sports Infonnation Directors 


Despire having a brand new coaching staff and no 
seniors on the roster, the Hampden-Sydney baseball 
team posted its highest win total in the last seven years. 
The Tigers finished the season with an overall record of 
13-16 and an ODAC record ot 6-10, placing them 
eighth in the 10-team conference. Hampden-Sydney 
has not won this many games since posting a 1 6-9 
record in 1993. 

Todd Lampman '91 took over the head coaching 
position last fall and tied the College record for wins by 
a first-year head coach. The Tigers were an impressive 
9-4 in games decided by two runs or less. Sound funda- 


mentals, combined with good execution and timely 
hits, helped Hampden-Svdne\' win fi\'e games by a 
margin of just one run. 

In ODAC action, the Tigers split doubleheaders 
with Emory & Henry, Washington & Lee, Eastern 
Mennonite, Guilford, and Randolph-Macon. They 
also won their lone game .igainst Lynchburg. 

Hampden-Sydney set the tone for a strong season 
by winning the first three games in its final at-bat. The 
Tiger pitching staff had a team ERA of 6.22, a full two 
runs lower than last season. Sophomore reliever Drew 
Kennedy paced the young staff with a 4-2 record and 
three saves. The pitching staff will remain largely intact 
for the next two years, as over 95% of this season's 
innings came from freshman and sophomore pitchers. 

At the plate, two-sport star Neal Herndon was one 
of the top Tigers again this year. A sophomore short- 
stop and wide receiver on the football team, Herndon 
led the team with a .350 average and 21 RBI. Fellow 
sophomore David Szymanski, a Second-Team All- 
ODAC selection as a freshman last year, followed 
Herndon with a .289 average and 18 RBI. 

A highlight of the 2000 spring season was the inau- 
guration of the newly-renovated baseball field, with its 
level playing surface and SportsGrass turf, and the 
related announcement that its maintenance had been 
endowed in perpetuitv, in memory of baseball Hall-of- 
Famer Tv Cobb (see photo on page 21) by Dr. and 
Mrs. John B. Schug '52. 


After 12 consecutive top-three finishes in the 
ODAC, the Hampden-Sydney tennis team was 
poised to take the next step and claim its first cham- 
pionship since 1982. After posting a perfect 5-0 
record in conference pla\', and a 9-4 overall record, 
the Tigers narrowly lost the ODAC championship to 
Washington & Lee. The fate of both teams came down 
to the No. 2 doubles draw where Washington & Lee 
won 6-3, 7-5, edging out Hampden-Sydney for the 
team title by a margin of 66-65. 

Senior Bryan Duquette won the No. 1 singles cham- 
pionship and became just the second player in confer- 

ence liistor)' to be a three-time ODAC PLiver of the 
Year. He posted an 1 1-2 singles record and teamed 
with freshman Man Hopke for a 14-2 record at No. 1 
doubles. Hopke and sophomore John Moss were solid 
at the No. 2 and No. 3 singles positions while Moss 
paired with classmate Chris Duquette for a 13-3 record 
at No. 2 doubles. 

Coach Bert Molinary was named the ODAC Coach 
of the Year. 


After facing off against numerous nationally-ranked 
teams, the Hampden-Sydney lacrosse team finished the 
season with an 8-6 overall record and a 3-3 mark in 
ODAC competition. 

Three members were named to the All-ODAC 
team: seniors Tom Oast and Randy Ashton earned 
First-team honors, while freshman Chris Lucas was a 
Second-team selection. 

Oast, a detenseman, was named ODAC Player of 
the Year. He finished the season with a team-leading 
123 ground balls and totaled 303 ground balls for his 
tour-year career, in which he played in ^ill 58 possible 
games and anchored the stingy Tiger defense. 

A senior midfielder, Ashton was Hampden- 
Sydney 's leading goal scorer with 36 goals and finished 
second on the squad with 48 points. Lucas, an attack- 
man, led the squad with 52 points, which topped the 
freshman scoring record held b\' Hampden-Sydnev 
Hall of Famer Jeff Jackson '88. He also led the team 
with 19 assists. 

Other seniors concluding their outstanding careers 
were Mac Brown, Russell Caner, Pat Kelly, Gibson 
Luck, and Matt Yancey. 


With a veteran, talented group, the Hampden-Sydney 
golfers posted top-three finishes in si.x of eight events 
this season. The Tigers claimed two team wins, includ- 
ing an impressive showing at their own Hampden- 
Sydney Invitational in late March. With A and B teams 
participating, Hampden-Sydney claimed 10 of the top 
16 spots. Appomattox native John Williams '01 won 
the event tor the second vear in a row with a rwo-under 
69 in the one-day event. 

At the ODAC championships Hampden-Sydney 
finished third in the nine-team field. John Mears '00, 
an All-ODAC selection for the second year in a row, 
finished in a tie for ninth place to lead the Tiger squad. 
He finished the season with a team-best 77.8 stroke 
average and tied for sixth at the Virginia State Cham- 
pionships. Williams, another All-ODAC selection, had 
the second lowest average (79.6) and claimed medalist 
honors in two consecutive tournaments. 



Summer 2000 

Midfielder Randy Ashton 
(if 24) was named First- 
team All-ODAC. 

The 2000 Tiger 
lacrosse team. 





Summer 2000 

New sports injori>ianou 
director Dannie Turlington 

Jackjirak was the best 
shooter in the nation, 
leading all of NCAA Divi- 
sion in with a .668 ficlA- 
goal percentage. He also 
graduated magna cum 
laude with Honors in 
English and was named 
to Phi Beta Kappa. 

Donnie Turlington named new 
Sports Information Director 

Donnie Turlington began working this summer as 
Hampden-Sydney's Sports Information Director, 
replacing Dan McCormick '95, who resigned this 
spring. A native of Chesapeake, Turiington graduated 
from Campbell University in North Carolina with a 
degree in mass communications and public relations. 

For the past two years he worked as a graduate 
assistant in the Sports Information Office at Old 
Dominion University, where he was responsible for 
covering eight sports, including men's and women's 
soccer and men's golf. 

Turlington is excited about handling all eight of 
Hampden-Sydney's intercollegiate teams, especially 
football, for which Old Dominion does not have a 
team. He invites alumni to check out the athletic 
department's revamped website, 
athletics, which features profiles, statistics, and game 
summaries. "Almost everything I do, " he said, "will be 
posted on the web, often minutes after the game ends." 

Basketball post-season honors 

While Hampden-Sydney's basketball season did not 
have an ideal ending, as the top-ranked Tigers exited 
the NCAA Division III tournament in the second 
round, the team garnered 26 consecutive wins, a first- 
ever perfect 18-0 record in the ODAC, a flutry of 
honors for the four senior players, and a trio of coach- 
of-the-year awards. 

In his 1 4th season as head coach, Tony Shaver 
claimed his second-consecutive ODAC Coach-of-the- 
Year award and was named the Vitginia Coach of the 
Year by both the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the 
Virginia Sports Information Directors. 

Seniors T.J. Grimes, Jack Jirak, Chris Fox, and 
Jeremy Harris finished their careers with a record of 
99-18. They broke the college record for wins by a 
class, previously 90 by the 1 999 seniors. In addition to 
the 99 wins, they tecorded a College-first four consec- 
utive 20-win seasons and four consecutive NCAA 
appearances. All four scored over 1 ,000 career points, 
>ilso, a Hampden-Sydney first. 

Grimes, an Onancock native, was the most highly 
decorated of the group, earning First-Team NABC All- 
American honors. He also picked up South Region and 
ODAC Player-of-the-Year accolades, First-Team All- 
State and AJl-ODAC honors, and was a Second-Team 
Ail-American according to 

Jirak, from Lexington, Kentucky, was the best 
shooter in the nation, leading all of NCAA Division III 
with a .668 field goal percentage. Jirak also set single- 
season and career records for blocked shots. Along the 
way he earned Second-Team All-State and All-ODAC 
honors, and finished as Hampden-Sydney's second 
leading scorer. On another front, he received the 2000 
"Doc" Jopson award for the ODAC's best male 
student-athlete — the second straight year that a Hamp- 
den-Sydney student-athlete has won the award. Jirak 
graduated in May magna cum laude with honors in 
English and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 

Fox, a Hampton native, was a First-Team All- 
ODAC and Second-Team All-South selection. 

Harris, a Farmville native, was a Second-Team All- 
ODAC selection and an ODAC All-Tournament selec- 
tion. He was one of just two Division III players 
named to the 1 999-2000 Ail-American Farm Team for 
men's basketball. 


Class Notes 

Compiled from information received hy J u>ie 15, 2000. 




Summer 2000 


honored in March at the Friends of 
Scouting dinner in Winchester. 
Although the occasion was a dinner 
praising his work in scouting, the 
former Winchester mayor was also 
recognized for his long list of contri- 
butions on behalf of local residents 
and organizations. 


JOSEPH C. KELLEY was recently 
honored bv the directors and staff of 
the Big Walker Soil and Water 
Conservation District. Mr. Kelley 
has seived the SWCD for more than 
28 years as a director and, since 
1979, as chairman. In December 
1999, the Virginia Soil and Water 
Conservation Depanment awarded 
him the R. E. "Bobby" Wilkenson 
Award for Outstanding Director. 


The Honorable HARVEY B. 
MORGAN, Virginia House of 
Delegates, has emerged as a leader in 
the Republican-dominated Virginia 
General Assembly. After schooling at 
Hampden-Sydney, the Medical 
College of Virginia, and a Navy 
dispensary, Mr. Morgan returned to 
Gloucester to help run his family's 
drugstore. When he thought about 
entering politics, he remembered his 
father's admonition, "Anyone in 
business shouldn't go into politics. 
They'll accuse you of being a horse 
thief." In 1978, however, Mr. 
Morgan sought and won a seat in 
the House of Delegates from the 
98th District. During the years in 
the minority party, Mr. Morgan 
built a reputation for fairness and 
integrity. With the retirement of 
State Senator joe Ganlan (D- 
Fairfax) and Delegate W. Tayloe 
Murphy, Jr. '53 (D-Westmoreland 
Count)'), Mr. Morgan came into the 
spotlight. Gartlan and Murphy were 
the Senate and House's environ- 
mental gurus, the "go-to guys" not 
onlv for the state's environmental 

communirv' but also for other 
lawmakers eager for an expert's 
advice on the often technical and 
arcane subject. Mr. Morgan was 
ready to assume their role. 

In a January Richmond-Times 
Dispatch feature on the Virginia 
Community College system, "The 
'Great Gateway,' " Ruth S. Intress 
wrote, "In 1948, 17-year-old 
headed to Hampden-Sydney 
College, only to trade his scarcely 
used textbooks for a more alluring 
Navy uniform. . . . Two decades 
after leaving Hampden-Sydney, 
Wrenn was among the first students 
to enroll when Southside Commu- 
nity College opened in 1970. 
Though it took years, he persevered 
in wedging early-morning lectures 
and evening labs around his work as 
clerk of Greenville County Circuit 
Court. "I'd have never gone back to 
school had it not been tor a commu- 
nity college,' said Wrenn, who was 
spurred on to earn a bachelor's 
degree from Virginia State Univer- 
sin' and to serve through much of 
the 1990's on the State Board for 
Community Colleges. " 


The Honorable AMOS C. SAUN- 
DERS retired after 23 years as Super- 
ior Court judge in Passaic County, 
New Jersey. (See dumni profile.) 


MOTTLEY of Scottsdale, Arizona, 
has written a book on leadership. The 
Turnaround. Working with 7\iizona 
State University football coach Bruce 
Synder and other mentors, he has 
formulated three necessary qualities 
tor true leadership: quiet selt- 
confidence, teamwork, and disci- 
pline. Mr. Motdey has been in the 
mining business for 35 years, but has 
also coached tootball in colleges, 
high schools, and youth leagues, 
usually as a volunteer. A political 
columnist, he has written four 
books; The Tumaround'n 3.\3i\d!o\t 

William Hoffman '49 
(center) signed hooks at the 
release of the neiv critical 
analysis of his work by 
William Frank (left) in 
Charlotte Court House in 
May. Mrs. Hoffrnan is at 
the right. Dr. Frank is the 
former chairman of the 
English department at 
Longivood College. 

H. William Swertfeger, Jr. '57 
(left, in white) with the boat 
that will claim much of his 
attention in his retirement. 





Slimmer 2000 

R. MiKwell Meador '58 

Marvin Scott '59 

at national bookstores and online. 


JR., retired from the Virginia Beach 
School System in June after 10 years 
of service. He looks forward to inter- 
acting with his grandchildren and 
continuing to garden, to play bridge, 
and to sail. 



initiated as an honorary member of 
the College's Beta Theta chapter ot 
Eta Sigma Phi, the national classics 
honor fraternity, at a ceremony on 
campus on February 16. After gradu- 
ating from Hampden-Sydney, Mr. 
Meador joined the faculty at 
Virginia Episcopal High School, 
where he teaches Latin and has 
coached football, basketball, and 
baseball; he has been assistant head- 
master since 1981. 

of Lawrenceville, a retired architect 
specializing in historic preservation, 
sits on the Board of Directors of the 
Historic Christ Church Foundation, 
which oversees the National Historic 
Landmark in Weems. He is also 
architectural consultant to the 
Board. Christ Church, built in 1732 
by Robert "King" Carter, is regarded 
as one of the finest Georgian 
churches in the country. 


Dr. MARVIN W. SCOTT, profes- 
sor of biology and chair of the Natu- 
ral Sciences Department at Long- 
wood College for 23 years, was 
awarded emeritus sams on his retire- 
ment in June. After graduating hom 

Ronald B. Davis '58 and '59 
gave a harpsichord to the 
College this spring; it saw its 
premiere performance at the 
Glee Club 's concert of 
Vivaldi 's "Gloria " in April. 
Here he is shown explaining 
the history and use of the 
instrument to a music appre- 
ciation class at the College. 

Hampden-Sydney, Dr. Scott taught 
school in Lynchburg for one year, 
was a research assistant at Oak Ridge Laboratories, and spent 
four summers at the Mountam Lake 
Biological Station, an extension of 
the University of Virginia. He taught 
biology at Hampden-Sydney before 
continuing his gradtiate program in 
botany and microbiology at VPl. He 
returned to Longwood to teach in 
1966, received his doctorate in 
1968, and was named chair ot the Sciences Department in 

1970. He became a full professor in 

1971. In Farmville he has been 
active in various civic organizations 
and the Farmville Presbyterian 

retired as President and CEO of Bell 
Atlantic-Virginia. (See iiliimiii 


J. ROBERT BRAY, executive direc- 
tor of the Virginia Port Authority 
and a Trustee of the College, was 
chosen by the Containerization and 
Intermodal Institute as a recipient ot 
its 1999 Connie Award. In present- 
ing the award, the executive commit- 
tee ot the Institute noted that Mr. 
Bray has devoted his entire career of 
more than 30 years to port manage- 
ment. His work ensured that 
Virginia's ports adapted, changed, 
and upgraded over the years to meet 
the challenges ot containerization 
and intermodalization while his 
involvement in port authorities on 
national and international levels has 
allowed others to benefit ftom his 

WILLL\M G. BENSON retired 

in April from the State Corporation 
Commission's Bureau of Insurance. 

The Rev. E. DOUGLAS 
VAUGHAN, JR., retired in the tall 
ot 1 999 after more than 36 years in 
the ministry and more than 10 as 
pastot of the First Presbyterian 
Church in Wilmington, North 
Carolina. He and his wife Martha 
now live in Easley, South Carolina. 


the Fairfax office of Dewberry & 
Davis as Director ot the Technical 
Specialist Team for the FEMA Flood 
Insurance program in their Manage- 
ment Engineering and Technicil 
Services Division. Mr. George has a 
Master's degree in environmental 
and water resources engineering and 
a bachelor's degree in civil engi- 
neering, both ftom the University of 
Maryland. His bachelor's degree 
from Hampden-Sydney was in 
mathematics. He will bring to his 
new position 27 years of experience 
in the field of water resources and 
environmental engineering and will 
manage a team of technical special- 
ists who ptovide practical guidance 
and ptogtam support in the fields ot 
hydrology and hydraulics tor riverine 
and coastal flood studies through 
integrating innovative approaches 
into FEMA programs. 



spoke recently to the Northimiber- 
land Count}' Historical Societ)' on 
Thomas Jefferson's relationship with 
the institution of slavery. Dr. Craw- 
ley has spent his career at Mary 
Washington College, where he holds 
the Rector and Visitor s Chair in 
History. He serves as Historian of 
the College and is the author of 
several publications, including a 
biography ot Virginia Governor 
Bill Tuck. 

was inducted as a Fellow ot the Inter- College ot Dentists, an 
honorary organization that recog- 
nizes outstanding and meritorious 
service to the profession, at the 69th 
annual convention held in Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii. Dr. Littrell practices in 
southwest Virginia. 

(.^unliniied on page 36 



Amos Saunders '55, 

Not long ago, boxing promoter Don 
King (lie of the light-socket hair) 
complained to a British magazine 
about the ditFiculr\' o|- arranging 
championship fights in the state of 
New Jersey. There is one judge, he 
said, who always rules against me. 

That one judge, Amos C. Saun- 
ders '35, was a Superior Court Judge 
in Passaic County, New Jersey, tor 
the past 23 years until his recent 
retirement. For the last ten of those 
years, he presided over the Chancer\' 
Coun, which issues injunctions in 
addition to handling probate and 
contractual disputes. 

ShortK' after Mike Tyson was 
unexpectedh' dethroned by Buster 
Douglas in 1990, Judge Saunders 
ruled on his first boxing case, order- 
ing, against Don King's wishes, 
Douglas to fight Evander Hoh'field. 
Many more decisions followed, 
including one in which he 
compelled Don King to forfeit 
Si million. Such is his reputation 
that heavweight fighter Lennox 
Lewis once flew by Concorde jet 
from England to appear in his coun. 
Once he received a favorable injunc- 
tion from Judge Saunders, Lewis got 
back on the Concorde and flew 

"My jurisdiction stemmed from 
the fact that Main Event Produc- 
tions, one of the country's largest 
promoters, is based locally, " Judge 
Saunders said, "and many fights are 
held in Adantic City." 

Despite Don King's grumblings. 
Judge Saunders become known as an 
expert on the legal issues of boxing 
promotion. In 1997, International 
Boxing Digest placed him at No. 16 
in their list of the 50 most powerful 
people in the sport. This past spring, 
he participated in a Seton Hall Law 
School symposium, "Boxing at the 
Crossroads, " alongside Judge Mills 
Lane and Evander Hoh'field. 

The main problem with boxing 
today, he explained, is that the ruling 
bodies "don't follow their own 
rules. " In his court, he telt compelled 
to protect the interests of the boxers, 
since "the promoters always take care 
of themselves. " 

Although he was a boxing fan 
growing up. Judge Saunders did not 
attend any prizefights while on the 
bench, in order to maintain his 

How did he make the journey 
from Hampden-Sydney student to 
Don King nemesis? A native of 
northern New Jersey, Judge Saun- 
ders came down to Virginia after 
hearing about the College from his 
high school friend William Taylor 
'54. He visited Mr. Taylor one 
weekend, and fell in love with the 
place. Coming to Virginia in 1951, 
when Brown v. Board of Education 
was still pending. Judge Saunders 
recalls being labeled "one of those 
crazv liberals from up north. " After 
graduation, however, when he went 
back nonh from Virginia, to attend 
Columbia University' Law School 
(Irom which he graduated in 1958), 
he was promptly labeled a conser- 

After practicing civil law 
for nearly twenty years, 
he was appointed to the 
bench in 1 977, a posi- 
tion he has relished ever 
since. "You're dealing 
with issues that no one 
has dealt with before," 

Judge Saunders said, "so there are no 
set answers out there. You try to 
resolve problems in the best way for 

He cites the case of an anorexic 
adult woman who had refused treat- 
ment and was near death. Her 
parents petitioned the court to 
appoint a legal guardian for their 
daughter. Just as he was about to 
declare her legally incompetent for 
nutritional needs (a solution he 
devised), she agreed to seek treat- 
ment. Her case was later made into 
an ABC movie. For the Love of 

Judge Saunders credits his Hamp- 
den-Sydnev liberal arts education 
with providing the broad framework 
that helped him find the right 
answers in difficult cases like this. 
He recalls how professors like Dr. 
Graves Thompson '27 ("a wonder- 
ful gentleman ") set an example of 
how to deal with people. 

While he is stepping down from 
the bench. Judge Saunders will 
continue to be professionally active, 
doing arbitration work for a local 
law firm. And now that he no longer 
has the legal power to rile Don King, 
he has begun attending prizefights 
again, but only as a fan. 



Summer 2000 

"You 're dealing ivith 
issues that no one has 
dealt with before, so 
there are no set answers 
out there You try to 
resolve problems in the 
best luayfor everyone. " 

Superior Court Jtulge 

Judge Saunders in his 
courtroom (left) and 
(at right) with the 
"Golden Glove" he 
received from his admir- 
ers at his retirement part)!. 




Summer 2000 

EcUie R. Lowrj, jr. '69 

Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood, 

Jr., went to Tibet last fall; 

he is shown before the 

Dalai Lama 's former 

palace in Lhasa. 

Connntied from page 34 



was re-elected the Mayor o{ Frank- 
lin. Mr. Councill received consid- 
erable recognition and praise in the 
fall of 1999 for his eftons to bring 
Franklin back from the devastation 
of the flooding caused by Fiurricane 
Floyd. {See alumni profile). 


WOOD, JR., a Trustee of die 
College, participated in a trek to 
Tibet last fall. While a student at 
Hampden-Sydnev, Dr. Chitwood 
was the photographer for the Kalei- 
doscope, and he again picked up his 
camera to photograph the beautiful 
mountains, rivers, and people of 
Tibet. On the 10-day trek he met 
the 14-year-old Karmapa, who fled 
Tibet earlier this year, and visited 
Kathmandu, Nepal. He reports that 
the most challenging part of the trip 
was breathing at 18,000 feet. 

Chair of the Joint Committee on the 
Classics in American Education of 
the American Philological j'\ssocia- 
tion. At the December 1 999 meeting 
of the APA in Dallas, Dr. Lowry 
presented the first APA Awards for 
excellence in high school teaching. 
Dr. Lowry is professor of romance 
and classical languages at Ripon 

In November 1999, RICHARD 
W. McCONNELL had his 150th 
career win in scholastic basketball. 
Mr. McConnell teaches history and 
coaches at Lee-Davis High School in 
Mechanicsville. He began coaching 


David E. Pearson (son of 
Russell Howe Pearson 1916) 

wants a copy ot the 

1913 & X'^X^ Kaleidoscopes. 

His address is 11617 Pine 

Creek Ct, yMedo, TX 76008, 


at Lee-Davis in 1 972 and took over 
as head coach in 1977 and has led 
the Confederates to five district tides 
and tour regional finals. 

The Honorable DENIS F. 
SODEN was recently appointed a 
judge in the Henrico County Juve- 
nile and Domestic Relations District 
Court with shared responsibilities in 
the Chesterfield County Juvenile 
and Domestic Relations Coun. 


EDWARDS, CEO of die American 
Red Cross for the Appalachian 
Region, a forty-five county area 
spanning several states, attended a 
special blood drive at Hampden- 
Sydney, sponsored by Beta Theta Pi 
and the Good Men, Good Citizens 
student volunteer organization, on 
Februan- 9-10, 2000. 

Dr. HENRY C. ROW has relo- 
cated his general family practice 
from Haves to Riverside Walter 
Reed Hospital in Gloucester. Dr. 
Row has practiced medicine in Glou- 
cester since 1976. He lives in Capa- 
hosie with his wife Bernice. They 
have two children, Henry, Jr., who 
lives in Richmond and attends 

Virginia Commonwealth Universit)', 
and Mary who lives in Manhattan 
and works for an architectural firm. 


Governor Gilmore has named 

III chief operating officer ot the 
\'irginia Alcohol Beverage Control 
Board. Mr. Coleburn had been the 
agency's Policy-Judicial-Legislarive 
director, handling the agency's legal 
matters and super\'ising the Bureau 
of Law Enforcement Operations. 
As COO, Mr. Coleburn will concen- 
trate on management and business 
fiinctions. He will continue to serve 
as secretary to the Board. A graduate 
of T.C. Williams School of Law at 
the University of Richmond, Mr. 
Coleburn was legal counsel tor the 
Virginia State Police betore joining 
the ABC Board. 


In October 1999, ARCHIBALD 
"A.C." BUCHANAN III was made 
Head of the Organic & Separations 
Section in the Chemical & Analyt- 
ical Sciences Division at Oak Ridge 
National Laboratories in Tennessee. 
He will be responsible for four 
research groups conducting a wide 
range of basic and applied research 
for an array of federal and non- 
federal sponsors. At the same time he 
will continue his research in pyroly- 
sis mechanisms and free-radical 
chemistn,', as principal investigator 
for two research programs. (He 
earned his Ph.D. at the Universit)' ot 
Wisconsin-Madison, under the same 
thesis advisor who had helped his 
Hampden-Sydney mentor, Protessor 
Herb Sipe.) In his spare time he 
plays on a Softball team and occa- 
sionally can work in a round of golf 
He and his family have traveled to 
Alaska and Hawaii in the last tew 
years. His wife Michelle is Associate 
Division Director of the Life 
Sciences Division at Oak Ridge; her 
recent research has centered on the 
use of advanced mass spectrometry 
techniques in structural biology 

III is enjoving his rvvelfth consec- 
utive year coaching baseball in 
Norfolk's Naval Base Little League. 




of Suffolk was recently featured in an 
article in tfie Suffolk Sun. A senior 
vice president of Bank of America in 
Norfolk, Mr. Henderson has been 
committed to Suffolk's Orlando 
Conservation project for the past 
two years, giving his personal time 
each month to conduct first-time 
home-ownership workshops at the 
Suffolk Redevelopment & Housing 
Authorit}'. He has taught more than 
250 individuals who desired to 
achieve their dream of becoming a 

was re-elected to a second term on 
the Waynesboro City Council. He is 
also serving his third term as the 
mayor of Waynesboro. 


HOWARD B. WATERS has been 
elected chairman of the board of 
Thomas Nelson Community 
College. He is president of Waters 
Advertising Agency in Newport 


A. WILLL\M REID, owner of 
Rising Tide Productions, Inc. of 
Virginia Beach, has opened a new 
music venue — Norva — in down- 
town Norfolk. The 1,500-person 
concert hall resembles a turn-of-the- 
century warehouse and opens onto 
Monticello Avenue facing the 
MacArthur Center. About 75 head- 
liners have been booked so far, 
including former Beade Ringo Starr 
and perennial classic James Brown. 


Sarah, and two daughters, Molly and 
Barrie, have added to the family two 
puppies, a golden retriever and a 
yellow lab, Daisy and Peaches, and 
are enjoying every minute with their 
extended family. The Stedfasts live 
in Norfolk. 



lives in Charlotte with his wife Julie 
and son Gray and daughter Lauren. 
He is a partner and member of the 
Board of Directors in the law firm of 
Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson. Mr. 
Caldwell's practice includes banking. 

commercial lending, mergers and 
acquisirions, and sports law. His 
clients include NASCAR Winston 
Cup driver |eff Gordon. 

taken the position of associate dean 
for administrative services at the 
College of Health Sciences in 


On February 7, MICHAEL T. 
BENNETT became a partner in 
Hunton & Williams in its McLean 
office. For eight years before the 
move, Mr. Bennett was a member of 
the senior management team of the 
federal Agricultural Mortgage 
Corporarion (Farmer Mac) where he 
structured and negotiated a wide 
variety of securities transactions and 
was responsible for overseeing all of 
Farmer Mac's reporting. He was 
instrumental in helping the 
company grow from a start-up to a 
public company listed on the New 
York Stock Exchange. Mr. Bennett 
holds a Juris Doctor degree from the 
University of Virginia School of 

has been installed as president of the 
South Carolina Association of 
Orthodontists. He received his medi- 
cal degree from the Medical Univer- 
sity of South Carolina and his ortho- 
dontic training at Georgetown 

This year ROBERT R. "RAN" 
HENRY IV will publish his first 
book, Walk Dowti the Beach, a 
collection of 12 years' worth of 
stories from the Miami Herald's 
Tropic Magazine. Henry lives in 
Hollywood, Florida. 


was profiled in The Tidewater News 
in January. Mr. Hotckiss is manag- 
ing director and branch manager of 
First Union Securities in Franklin. 
He is an active member of the 
community and involved in various 
civic organizations of which the 
James L. Camp, Jr., YMCA and the 
Boy Scouts are among his favorites. 
"I feel great satisfaction seeing young 
people reach goals they didn't think 
were possible. 1 really enjoy working 
with children in this community. 
They are the future." 

(D-6th District) was named Minor- 
ity Whip in the Virginia House of 
Delegates before the 2000 Session. 

JR., was promoted to operations 
manager at Spring Industries' new 
plant in Reymosa, Tamaulipas, 
Mexico. Since his assignment there 
in August of 1999 his responsibilities 
have included all facets of the plant 
start up — recruitment of 300-400 
production associates, the necessary 
training, and quality implementation 
for what will become Spring 
Window Fashions Division's second 
largest plant. 

III, editor of The Farmville Herald, 
won three Virginia Press Association 
writing awards, presented at the 
statewide convention in January. 
He has also completed a volume of 


E. S. "SID" HUNTER III is a 

developmental biologist with the 

Continued on page 39 



Summer 2000 

Bruce B. Hopkins 72, Anne 
Tipton, and Horace Tipton 
'87 at the Old Dominion 
Party, an annual outing for 
Memphis-area alumni of 
Hampden-Sydney, Hollins, 
Mary Baldwin, Randolph- 
Macon, Sweet Briar, the 
University of Richmond, 
VMI, Washington & Lee, 
and William &Mary. This 
year's event was held at the 
farm of a W&L alumnus in 
Mason, Tennessee. 




model of the Home's superinten- 


K R. "Hugh" 
Stallard '59, 

dent. Dr. Bernard Bain '28, to stay 


in school. Mr. Stallard attended 

Summer 2000 

Boonesboro High School and played 
center on the basketball team along 

Telephone Man 

with four other starters from the 
Presbnerian Home. 

Dr. Bain also helped arrange the 

Until just recently, roadside tele- 

scholarships that allowed Mr. Stal- 

"Mamging is all 

phone repair crews in Virginia were 

lard to attend Hampden-Sydney, 

often visited by a friendly, but curi- 

where he concentrated in math and 

about huilding 
relatiomhips and 

ously knowledgeable, observer. The 

physics under the energetic tutelage 

man who pulled oft the highway, 
usually dressed in a business suit, 

of Drs. T. E. Gilmer '\i and W.^T. 
Joyner '51. 

^ving recognition 

asked how thev were doing and if 

While he entered Hampden- 

to othm. " 

they needed any help. While some of 
the veteran employees may have 

Sydney with little idea ol what he 
wanted to do, Mr. Stallard left confi- 


recognized him, newcomers were 

dent in his abilities, particularly in 

Retiring President and CEO 

often skeptical when the man 

science and math. Immediately upon 


modesdy said that he was Hugh Stal- 

graduation, he joined the Ches- 

lard, the president and CEO of their 

apeake & Potomac Telephone 

company. Bell Atlantic- Virginia. 

Company of Virginia in the engi- 

Mr. Stallard, who began his 

neering department. After a short 

career with the telephone company 

period in the Coast Guard, he 

40 years ago and spent )'ears super- 

returned to the company and 

vising repair crews around the state. 

entered the operations division 

did not want his employees to think 

(where he traveled the state with 

he was checking up on them. "1 

repair crews). In 1977, he returned 

enjoy talking to them and 1 want to 

to engineering as the chief engineer. 

know if there's annhing they need 

a highly technical job that n'pically 

to help them work better," he said. 

went to an engineering school gradu- 

This type of modesty comes natu- 


rally for Mr. Stallard, who spent 

Finally, in 1985, he became head 

most of his childhood at the Presby- 

ot the company, a position he held, 

terian Home in Lynchburg. Instead 

under different tides, until he retired 

of a probable ftiture working in the 

this past spring. Mr. Stallard main- 

coalfields around his native Norton, 

tains that he had no designs on the 

Hugh Stallard '59 

as much of his family did, Mr. Stal- 

executive suite when he started his 

in his Richmond garden 

lard was guided bv the inspiring 

career. "1 didn't e\en know what 

^•* %■•/' 



^Mr- ^^^^ 




BBUfat,-, ^""-^ 

» - *• a't -^^ ■ 



^r ^HB 

AJI. '^/ 



ftLl&r ^ ' 


T'^ ^W^ 



CEO stood for," he said. In response 
to contemporan' business advice about 
being ruthless and aggressive, Mr. Stal- 
lard said, "I wouldn't know how to be 
a shark." Instead, he said, "Managing 
is all about building relationships and 
giving recognition to others." This 
approach governed his relationship 
with all employees, from line techni- 
cians to vice presidents. 

During Mr. Stallard's tenure as 
CEO, Bell Adantic invested billions of 
dollars in Virginia, converting nearly 
all of its switching centers from analog 
to state-of-the-art digital switches, 
while also installing hundreds of thou- 
sands of miles of fiber optic cables. 
Mr. Stallard also helped broker an alli- 
ance among Bell Atlantic, Virginia 
Tech, and the town of Blacksburg to 
build an "electronic village, the first 
of its kind in the nation. 

As for the ftiture of the tele- 
communications industry, Mr. Stal- 
lard foresees further consolidation. 
Bell Atlantic has recently joined with 
GTE, creating a company of nearly 
1 50,000 employees. Barring regulatory 
obstacles, this npe of merger will 
continue on a global scale, as Euro- 
pean and Japanese companies seek to 
enter the U.S. market. "We may end 
up with four or five huge global 
companies dominating the industry," 
he said. 

Despite huge advances in wireless 
technolog)', Mr. Stallard does not see 
traditional wired lines disappearing in 
the next ten years. "It s a matter ot reli- 
ability," he said. In developing coun- 
tries, however, where reliable wired 
networks are not in place, it will be 
more affordable and eftlcient to skip 
straight to wireless systems. 

Conrent to watch these trans- 
formations from the sidelines, he will 
be busy with a number ot acti\'ities, 
including assuming the presidenc)' of 
the Virginia Historical Society. He 
will also assist his wife Alice in 
running a capital campaign tor Long- 
wood C'ollege, her alma mater. 

But he assutes us he will not forget 
about Hampden-Sydney, where as a 
hunible young man he learned many 
ot the skills that paved the path tor a 
successftil career. 


Contitiued from page 37 

EPA in Research Triangle Pari<, 
North Carolina, researching the role 
of reactive oxygen species in indtic- 
ing apoptosis in embryos, and their 
potential as critical mediators of the 
toxicirv' of many teratogens (cancer- 
causing sustances). For his work, he 
received the Young Investigator of 
the Year award from the Teratology 


R.GRADYJONES has been 

appointed president ot Dayton Inter- 
iors in Harrisonburg. Mr. Jones was 
most recently vice president of opera- 
tions at Decorite Inc. ot Ashland, a 
manufacturer of decorative pillows 
and cushions. He lives in Bridge- 
water with his wife Beverly, a math 
teacher in Augusta Counrw and 
their three sons. 

has been named by Virginia 
Governor Gilmore to the Board ot 
Visitors ot Mary Washington 
College in Fredericksburg. Mr. 
Thompson is the owner of Thomp- 
son Hospitality, a S53-million 
restaurant and tood-service provider 
for schools and government. 

and his wife Amy have two children, 
Paul and Sara; they live in Wacha- 



recently finished his term as local 
dental society president. He main- 
tains a private practice in Williams- 
burg and Providence Forge. Cory 
and his wife Allison live in Williams- 
burg with their four sons. 

R. BRYAN DAVID is the new 
administrator ot Amherst County. 
Mr. David was county administrator 
in Brunswick County for two and 
half years. Before that, he worked in 
Isle of Wight County, first as the 
environmental planner and later as 
director ot planning and zoning; in 
that office he helped to balance the 
needs of industrial growth with the 
preservation of the Chesapeake Bay. 
He holds his Master's degree in 
urban and regional planning from 
Virginia Commonwealth University. 

joined the field sales division ot 

Aventis Pharmaceuticals in the 
Roanoke territory. 


the first Tidewater attorney elected 
chairman ot the International Prac- 
tice Section ot the Virginia State Bar. 
been named a vice president for port- 
folio analytics with Fannie Mae, the 
nation s largest source ot financing 
for home mortgages. Dr. Mills is 
responsible for the management and 
oversight of financial models that aid 
Fannie Mae's decisions to buy and 
hedge mortgages. Dr. Mills began 
his career at Fannie Mae in 1991 as a 
manager in economic research. In 
1993, he was ptomoted to Director 
of Economic Research and in 1994 
assumed the position of Director of 
Portfolio Management, which he 
held until his recent appointment. 
Before joining Fannie Mae, Dr. 
Mills was senior economist at the 
World Bank. He holds a Ph.D. from 
Tulane University. 



formed mrc2, a marketing research 
and strategic innovation consulting 
practice that is based in the Research 
Triangle Park (NC). He and his 
partner, a totmet colleague, have 
several contracts including a pilot for 
a national transportation safety study 
and the development ot a marketing 
plan tor an international trans- 
portation safety training company. 
Mr. Chevalier has also joined the 
faculty ot NC State's Computer 
Training Unit as a contract instruc- 
tor in database programming and 
the faculty of Louisburg College as a 
regular part-time assistant professor 
ot Business and Computer Science. 
He remains an adjunct assistant 
professor of strategic management 
and organizational development at 
North Carolina Wesleyan College. 
was profiled in the January 24 Rich- 
mond Times-Dispatch along with his 
father, Burke, and his brother 
Taylor. The [ohnsons have 
purchased Guy Smith Hardware in 
Richmond's Westhampton neigh- 
borhood. The family has owned a 
West Point hardware store, York 
Supply Co., tor 60 years. Mr. John- 
son returned to the family business 
from an executive position with 

Mitsui OSK Lines, a Japanese steam- 
ship company. The challenge for the 
Johnson family is keeping the neigh- 
borhood hardware store viable in a 
market dominated by the large 
home-improvement chains. 

president ot the Richmond Medical 
Group Management Association, 
President-Elect ot the Virginia Medi- 
cal Group Management Association, 
and Legislative Liaison of the Year. 

PAUL D. STANCS is a sales 
executive with National Fairways 
Corp., a golf course management 
and development company in South- 
port, Connecticut. He is five-time 
golf champion ot the Litchfield 
Country Club. He and his wife 
Karen have two children, Sabrina 
and Luke. 


BRADLEY S. SIMMS joined the 
C&F Mortgage Corp. as a senior 
loan originator. He was formerly 
with North American Mortgage. 

accepted the position of director for 
private equity with the MIT Endow- 
ment and Retirement Plan. The 
family lives in Boston. 


J. CHARLES COLLIE has opened 
Collie & Associates, a strategic busi- 
ness consultancT firm in Richmond. 

WORTH is one ot the authors of 
Inorganic Mass Spectrometry: Ftinda- 
rnentab and Applications. Dr. Duck- 
worth received his Ph.D. in chem- 
istry from Clemson University and 
has been at Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory ever since. 

tains a law practice in Leesburg 
focusing on land use, real estate, and 
chancer)' litigation as of counsel to 
Shreves, Schudel, DeVol, Saunders 
& Jackson and to RGS Tide. 


STUART S. COX is a cause rela- 
tions associate at, an 
Internet-based virtual shopping mall 
that lets an individual shop and be 
philanthropic at the same time. 

Dr. JAMES M. MOORE is on 
the staff" of the UCLA Medical 
Center as director ot orthopedic 

Contiimed on page 41 




Summer 2000 





Summer 2000 

"The best part 

of being at 


was learning how 

to do things. 

You learned how 

to think, how to do, 

how to get by." 

Mayor of Franklin 

Jim Coiincill 111 '67, 

mayor of Franklin, 

cutting the ribbon to the 

restored downtown area. 


James P. Councill 
III '67, Mayor 

When he was first elected part-time 
mayor of Franklin, Virginia, in 
1996, James P. Councill Iir67 
rarely spent more than 40 hours a 
month fulfilling his responsibilities. 
The rest of the time he was busy 
with his own downtown insurance 

" On September 16, 1999, all that 
changed. In the aftermath of Hurri- 
cane Floyd, unprecedented flooding 
covered downtown Franklin with 
eight feet of water, carrying with it 
dangerous quantities of oil, fertiliz- 
ers, pesticides, and other contam- 
inants, and seriously affecting 1 50 
homes and 1 82 businesses. 

According to an account written 
by Howard N. Soucek '70, the 
entire town was transformed: 
"Normally the drone of the distant 
mill and the horn and roar of an 
occasional locomotive — now the 
noisy quiet, interrupted frequently 
by the sound of a fire or rescue vehi- 
cle or by the sound of helicopters 
conducting security and rescue 
surveillance, 24 hours a day. 
Normally the minute-and-a-half 
stoplight downtown — now the 
inabilitv to even go downtown. 
Normally the interruption of the 
phone — now the journey to friends' 
houses and to emergency centers just 

to stay in touch and to make plans. " 
The entire town was declared a disas- 
ter area and Mr. Councill's part-time 
position became a 24-hour-a-day 
job. With his own business 
destroyed, he turned his attention to 
rebuilding his hometown. 

For two weeks he held daily 
public briefings to keep residents, in 
this town of 8,500, abreast of relief 
efforts. Operating out of his car and 
with his cell phone (city hall was 
destroyed and phone service 
disrupted), Mr. Councill tried to be 
everywhere at once, attempting to 
bring a distraught community back 
together. He spearheaded an effort 
to build a "mobile business 
village " — a series of trailers assem- 
bled to keep the local economv 
afloat while the downtown streets 
remained closed for nearly three 
months. He became the town's 
number one cheerleader, appearing 
in newspapers statewide. "Our town 
will become the most beautiful small 
town in the state of Virginia," he 
predicted shortly afterward. Even 
though his efforts to rebuild the 
town were not without controversial 
aspects, he was re-elected to a third 
two-year term in May. 

Mr. Councill developed the lead- 
ership skills he has needed this past 
year when he helped run the intra- 
mural program at Hampden- 
Sydney. "The best part of being at 
Hampden-Sydney," he said, "was 
learning how to do things. You 
learned how to think, how to do, 
how to get by." He also praised the 

opportunities one gets at a small 
college, such as working with the 
Dean's office to bring speakers to 

Mr. Councill lives with his wife 
Bambi (whom he met through a 
Kappa Alpha brother) in his grand- 
parents' home, Boxwood Farm. His 
father, a delegate in the Virginia 
General Assembly, still grows 
peanuts, cotton, and soybeans on the 
surrounding acres. The Councills 
have five children and one recent 
grandchild (James P. Councill V). 
His eldest son, James P. Councill IV 
'98, attended Hampden-Svdney for 
several years (he became his father's 
fraternity brother) and now lives in 
Franklin. A member of the Mormon 
church since 1973, Mr. Councill is 
an active church leader. His young- 
est son just completed his mission in 
Argentina. In addition to his church 
work, Mr. Councill helped found 
the Virginia chapter of the Make-a- 
Wish foundation. 

After graduation, Mr. Councill 
worked brieflv in the tobacco busi- 
ness until enlisting in the Air Force, 
where he served for five years. With 
a Hampden-Sydney classmate, he 
began selling insurance in Winston- 
Salem in 1972. In 1978, he and his 
familv moved back to Franklin, 
where he lived a relatively quiet life 
until 1996, when a group of local 
residents persuaded him to run for 
mavor. Little did he know that a visi- 
tor named Floyd would soon thrust 
him into the limelight for the better 
part of a vear. 


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recently played the role ol Charlie 
Baker in a production of Larry 
Shue's comedy The Foreigner at St. 
Dunstan's Theatre Guild, an 
amateur troupe in Cranbrook, Mich- 
igan. The play received coverage in 
the Detroit Free Press, among other 
papers, and was a great success for 
the company. Mr. Wiswall writes, 
"The greatest thrill tor me.. .came 
from the opportunit)- to relive one of 
my most memorable experiences at 
Hampden-Sydney: I played Charlie 
in The Foreigner on the Johns Audi- 
torium stage in October 1986, 
during my senior year, the role for 
which I received the Porterfield 
Award in Drama." Mr. Wiswall 
teaches history at the Cranbrook 
Kingswood School. 



named a 1999 Distinguished 
Achiever by Hometown Realty in 
greater Richmond. 

CYPHERS is the Director of Institu- 
tional Research at the School ot 
Visual Arts in New York City. 

Dr. F. CARL DERRICK is prac- 
ticing internal medicine in Beaulort, 
South Carolina. He and his wile 
Alice have two boys, Crosson Brad- 
ford Derrick, born June 10, 1999, 
and Heyward Fletcher Derrick, born 
May 20, 1997. 

JR., has become a director and share- 
holder in the law firm of Durrette, 
Irvin & Bradshaw, P.L.C. Mr. 
McArthur works primarily in the 
firm's Richmond office, where he 
focuses his practice on anti-trust law, 
complex litigation, government rela- 
tions, and health care law. He is a 
registered Virginia lobbyist and 
serves as chairman ot the firm's 
Health Care Practice Group. 

designated certified financial 
manager and earned the title ot 
senior financial consultant in the 
Boynton Beach, Florida, office of 
Merrill Lynch Smith Barney. 


the 1999 MediSYS Top Account 
Manager Award which recognized 
him as the top producer of the Medi- 
SYS systems sales for central and 
north Alabama. MediSYS is an 
Alabama-based provider of medical 
management systems and services for 

PAUL E. PISANO is working 
tor Congressman Dan Miller from 
Sarasota, Florida. Mr. Pisano, who 
holds a law degree trom Catholic 
Universirv, lives in Alexandria. 

has joined the Harrisonburg law 
firm of Clark & Bradshaw, P.C. He 
will continue his practice in estate 
and business planning, elder law, 
and taxation. He and his wife Lisa 
(SBC '89) live in Harrisonburg. 



accepted an in-house attorney posi- 
tion in July 1999 with Virginia 
Power and its parent company, 
Dominion Resources Services, Inc. 
Comer Construction, which has 
been in business in Roanoke for four 
years. He and his wite Brandon have 
two daughters, Kaki and Sarah 
Ragan, and a son Bridges. 


JOSEPH G. GLASS is the librarian 
at Bryant & Stratton College in 
Parma, Ohio. He, his wife Amy, and 
their d,iughter Emma live in South 

in his fifth year with Willbros Engi- 
neers; in 1999, he was promoted to 
planner-scheduler II. Mr. O'Briant 
works closely with project managers 
on pipeline design and construction 
projects, watching costs, progress, 
and schedules. He lives in Tulsa, 

and his wife. Amy, have two chil- 
dren, Paid and Sara. 


JAMES F. BEBEAU is director of 
emergency services tor the Danville- 
Pittsylvania community mental 
health services, supervising numer- 
ous clinicians and the psychological 
evaluations of clients. He remains 

active as a volunteer with the local 
rescue squad and has held several 
appointed and elected positions in 
the Danville lite-saving crew. (See 
Adviviced Studies. ) 

litigation legal assistant at Reed 
Smith Shaw & McClay in Washing- 
ton, D.C., and is active in commu- 
nity service through his church. 

III is in his eighth year ot teaching 
mathematics at Savannah Country 
Day School in Georgia. He is chair 
ot the Math Department in the 
Middle School and director of disci- 
pline. Mr. Hickam is in his fourth 
year as director of the Savannah 
Parochial Athletic League, which is a 
league made up of 18 middle schools 
in the Savannah area. He and his 
wife Caroline have a daughter Made- 
line Jewel and a son Liam. 

DAMIAN A. JONES made his 
first run tor political office in the 
March 7 primary election in Cali- 
fornia's 44th State Assembly 
District. Although he got into the 
primary very late — on the filing 
deadline in mid-November — he 
raised $140,000 and showed very 
well, losing by only 3500 votes. 
During the campaign on January 8, 
his wife Michelle gave birth to their 
first child, Quinton Thomas. Mr. 
Jones is Regional Public Affairs 
Director for Fannie Mae. 

resigned his post as assistant basket- 
ball coach at Wake Forest Univer- 
sity. He and his wife Elizabeth 
moved to the west coast where Eliz- 
abeth will complete her residency at 
the University of California's San 
Francisco School of Medicine. Mr. 
Turner established the all-time scor- 
ing record with 2,272 career points 
while playing for the Tigers. He 
coached at Hampden-Sydney in 
1993-94 before joining the staff at 
Wake Forest. 

been named a vice president at 
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in 
Baltimore. In 1998 and 1999, he 
was named to the Director's Club. 


Jenny are proprietors of Turkey 
Mountain Outfitters in Sperrvville. 
The couple are guides on the Thorn- 



Summer 2000 




Murk Lewis '89 





Summer 2000 

Bill Carr '82, former pres- 
ident Josiah Bunting III 
(now Superintendent of 
VMI), and Trustee 
Raymond B. Bottom '51 at a 
meeting of the Kiivanis Club 
of Williamsburg. 

ton River, Shenandoah National 
Park trout streams, the upper James, 
and the South Fork of the Shenan- 
doah Ri\'er; the\' specialize in teach- 
ing clients how to fly fish. 

Following his judicial clerkship 
with the Honorable Alex T. 
Howard, Jr., of the Southern 
District of ,\labama, GREGORY 
L SMITH, JR., has joined the 
Atlanta office of Paul, Hastings, 
Janotskv' & Walker. He is an asso- 
ciate in the firm's Employment Law- 
Department, where he represents 
employers in all aspects ot employ- 
ment law. Mr. Smith graduated 
from Vanderbilt School ot Law in 
May 1998. 

D. BLAIR MAURY has been 
with Kinko's tor two years and is in 
charge of corporate sales develop- 
ment in Hampton Roads — which he 
has grown by over 300% since 1998. 
At a recent national sales conference, 
held in Hawaii, Mr. Maun.' placed in 
the top 30 in the national sales 
contest. Mr. Maury's son entered 
Kinderganen last fall and, as his 
father writes, seems eager to enter 
the H-SC class of 20 16. 

been appointed chiet operating offi- 
cer for UPN 63, a television station 
in Richmond. He has been in the 
television business since he gradu- 
ated, with positions at WGNT-TV 
in Norfolk-Portsmouth and UPN 
stations in Washington, D.C., and 
Seattle. UPN 65 is owned by Lock- 
wood Communications ot Hampton 
and was recently cited by the Para- 

mount Stations Group for extraor- 
dinary performance (viewership) as a 
result of the November 1 999 Neil- 
sen ratings. 

founded Williams Residential, Inc. 
in September 1999. The construc- 
tion firm, based in Richmond, 
specializes in new homes. Mr. 
Williams continues his affiliation 
with Oceanbay Properties, Inc., a 
real-estate brokerage company. 


The Rev. TIMOTHY D. 
ARNOLD recently accepted a call to 
be pastor of the Presbnerian Church 
ot Lowell, NC, a 200+ member 
church ot the Presbnerian Church, 

completed his MBA in finance at 
Virginia Tech in May 1 999. He 
works for U.S. Trust Company, 
N.A., in Washington, D.C. He is a 
financial oftlcer in the Special Fidu- 
ciar\' Division. 

The Rev. V. BLAINE HILL and 
his wife Lauren are in Kottayam, 
Kerala, India, helping at the Agathi 
Mandiram (Destitute Home). 
Founded in 1930, the institution 
today provides shelter for 1 20 sick 
and homeless people, a 200-bed 
hospital with psychiatric and mater- 
nity wards, a home nurse training 
program, a laboratory technicians 
training program, a nursing school, 
.and a retirement complex. Mr. Hill, 
a gr.iduate ot Columbia (Georgia) 
Seminary, assists with administrative 

and ministerial duties, and Lauren 
Hill works with children and teach- 
ers at a Church ot South India 
school tor hearing-impaired and 
mute children. 

RUSSELL W. RYAN is an Inten- 
sive Probation & Parole OtFicer with 
the \'irginia Department ot Correc- 
tions. He supervises high-risk felons 
guilty of offenses ranging from 
forger,' and drug offenses to rape and 
murder. He has been in the District 
Office in Ashland since July 1998. 



has become the new Director ot 
Development tor the Friends of the 
St. Paul Public Library, in St. Paul, 
Minnesota. He had been director of 
the annual fund at St. Paul Academy 
and Summit School. As the first full- 
time permanent development 
director of the Friends of the 
Libran', Mr. Bedford will be respon- 
sible for bettering the S500,000 of 
additional funding they have been 
providing each \'ear and for helping 
the Board to take a greater role in 

In November, JOSEPH E 
BUSH accepted the position ot 
probation and parole officer with the 
Circuit Court ot the C\xx ot 
Roanoke. His wife Julie is an assist- 
ant principal in the Roanoke Cit\' 
Schools and is working on her docto- 
rate through L'\A. The Bushes live 
in Vinton. 

MARTIN B. CLAPP lives in 
Birmingham, j\labama, and works in 
technical applications tor Schreiber 
Waste Technologies. 

Intake Playback Coordinator with 
NBC News in Charlotte. 

promoted to General Manager and 
elected an officer ot the Corporation 
of Bristol Machine & Design, Inc. 
located in Blufl^Cin', Tennessee. He 
lives in .Abingdon. 

ANDREW M. REID is running 
the Excursions Office at Club Med 
on Lindeman Island in the Whit- 
sunday Islands, Australia. 


recenth' passed his primar)' engi- 
neering certificate exam and moved 
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T. Burwell Robin- 
son, Jr. '67, teacher 

Burwell Robinson '67 slid a news- 
paper clipping across the table. "This 
kid could've been saved," he said, 
referring to a former student ot his, 
recently convicted of two homicides. 
"With the amount of money we're 
going to spend to keep him locked 
up tor the rest ot his life, if we'd just 
spent some of that up front getting 
him the help he needed, then maybe 
this wouldn't have happened. " 

A special-education English 
teacher for behaviorally disturbed 
students at Richmond's George 
Wythe High School, Mr. Robinson 
does not give up on any of his kids. 
He sees them as angt)', conRised 
students who need a therapeutic 
listener as much as they need an 
English teacher. 

"These kids are drowning," he 
said, "and every litde thing we can 
do is a step forward." Mr. Robinson 
is not terribly concerned with stan- 
dardized tests and enforcing dress 
codes — to him these issues too often 
distract from the real problems of 
broken families, poverty, and 
emotional damage. "I connect with 
them," he said, "maybe because 
I was angry myself and always 
wanted to be listened to." 

Whereas his students have few 
constructive channels for these feel- 
ings, he was fortunate enough to be 
in a eating, stimulating environment 
at Hampden-Sydney. "I took seri- 
ously the G?/a/o|afJr statement about 
'understanding the world and our 
place in it.' I guess that's what I'm 
still trying to do." 

Mr. Robinson's faith in the possi- 
bility of saving every troubled kid is 
nothing new to him. He did not 
have a mid-life crisis and suddenly 
decide to "make a difference." He 
has been at this, in one form or 
another, since he graduated from 
Hampden-Sydney and went straight 
into teaching in the recently 
reopened Prince Edward County 
public schools. "I haven't burned out 
yet," he marveled, "and I don't 
know why." 

When he began at Moron High 
School, he was a 22 year-old teach- 

ing students who were often as old 
as 20, because of their interrupted 
schooling. "They were just nice 
countr)' kids disabled by their lack 
of information," he said. Toward the 
end of his second year, however, 
Mr. Robinson's contract was not 
renewed, ostensibly because he was 
"incompetent." Even today he does 
not profess to fully understand why 
he was dismissed. "They considered 
me a disruptive influence because 
1 was too friendly with the kids," he 
recalled. "I went fishing with them." 
He does admit, however, to aiding 
the yearbook staff in their efforts to 
put a controversial photo on the 
cover. He also encouraged students 
to speak their mind, which, given 
the tenor of the times, was not 
unusual. Indeed, once word spread 
that Mr. Robinson was being 
dismissed, a number of students 
staged a protest, effectively shutting 
down the school for several days. 

"I never set out to be a 'cause.' 
I was teaching the kids and it just 
happened," he said. Nonetheless, 
Mr. Robinson's teaching career 
was interrupted and he became 
another chapter in the tortured 
saga of the Prince Edward 

After several jobs and a year 
spent in seminary, he found his 
way back to teaching, earning a 
Master's degree in special educa- 
tion at Virginia Common- 
wealth University. He spent 
fourteen years running the 
Methodist Charterhouse 
School for emotionally 
disturbed children 
before entering his 
current position five 

years ago. 

Despite the many twists and 
turns of his career, Mr. Robinson 
considers his Prince Edward County 
experience to be formative. "It took 
me years to even talk about it," he 
said. When he was invited to partic- 
ipate in the Prince Edward Stories 
symposium last fall at Hampden- 
Sydney, he was initially reluctant to 
accept, both because he did not want 
to dredge up his own past and 
because he feared the event would 
lead to little more than a rehashing 
of old wounds. "It was an amazing 
experience," he said of watching old 
enemies embrace. "I didn't think it 
was possible here." 

Mr. Robinson also had the 
chance to get reacquainted with 
some of his former colleagues and 
students. This allowed him to see 
how many of his current students are 
just as "isolated" as his Prince 
Edward County students were over 
thirty years ago. "I don't think we've 
made as much progress as we think 
we have." 



Summer 2000 

"These kuk are 
drowning, and 
every little thing 
we can do is a 
step forward. " 

Special-education English teacher 





Summer 2000 


September 2, Away 

September 9, Away 


September 23, Home 

Family Weekend 

September 30, Away 


October 7, Home 


Washington & Lee 
October 14, Away 

October 21, Home 

1:30 pm 
Inauguration Weekend 


October 28, Home 

Hidl of Fame 

November 4, Away 


November 1 1 , Home 

106th Meeting 

All games at 1 pm except as noted. 

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CO Deer Park, Texas, to join a private 
engineering firm, Costanza Engi- 
neering, as a civil engineer. He 
received his Master's degree in civil 
engineering fi'om the University of 
Alabama in 1999. 

JEREMY A. ELLIS has left 
Robinson-Humphre)' in Atlanta, 
Georgia, with several colleagues to 
assist in opening the Adanta oftlce of 
Robertson Stephens. Robertson 
Stephens is an international invest- 
ment-banking firm focusing exclu- 
sively on growth companies. Mr. 
Ellis is a senior associate. 

BRL\N K. EVANS has been 
promoted to Managing Director of 
Ashton Brand Group and has moved 
to San Francisco to open the fitm s 
west coast office. 

promoted to 1st Lieutenant in the 
U.S. Marine Corps. He is stationed 
at the Marine Air Station at Cherry 
Point, North Carolina. He sensed in 
the Kosovo campaign while 
stationed at the U.S. Air Base in 
Aviano, Italv. 

GOODHART took over diis last 
spting as head coach of the Lexing- 
ton (\'A) High School lacrosse team. 
He was previously assistant coach. 

On June 4, JONATHAN H. 
MEADOWS competed in a c\'cling 
centur)' in Like Tahoe, Nevada. In 
this event, Mr. Meadows sponsored 
Weston Mariottini, a 5-year-old boy 
stricken with leukemia. Mr. Mead- 
ows' goal is to raise $6000 for cancer 

Since January 1999, GLENN E. 
TOSTEN II has been living in 
Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volun- 
teer. He writes that living in a devel- 
oping nation still suffering from 
numerous political and natural disas- 
ters has been both challenging and 

is director ol customer service with a 
stanup company in New York 
City — Transbeam Communica- 
tions — which is building "the data 
communications network of the 
future," with the ability to carry data 
and voice communications over the 
same network. 


RYAN C. HAYES was commis- 
sioned as an Ensign in the U.S. 
Na\yonJuly 16, 1999. He is in 
primar}' flight training with \T-27 
in Corpus Chrisri, Texas. 

his first season of professional soccer 
in the USL D3 Professional League 
for the Northern Virginia Royals. 
Following a two-goal performance in 
a 5-4 win against Delaware, he was 
named 'TIayer of the Week." Mr. 
Hughes lives in Stafford and works 
for Information Systems Support. 
He is contracted out to the U.S. 
Army, LMWS Office, at Ft. 

ated in May 1999 from Duke 
Universit^' with a Master's degree in 
public polio' and a concentration in 
finance. He is a financial analyst for 
the Federal Reserve Bank in New 
York with bank mergers and acquisi- 
tions. While in graduate school (in 
1999), he won a national competi- 
tion with an essay in which he 
outlined a plan for public-private 
partnerships as a way that American 
executives can remain competitive in 
a changing global economy; he was 
the only public policy graduate 
student to win a prize (the rest were 
MBA's and finance students). Mr. 
fvaalund has also been named to the 
Executive Leadership Council and 
Foundation, established in 1989 "to 
provide j\frican-American executives 
with a network and leadership forum 
that adds perspective and direction 
to the achievement of excellence in 
business, economic and public poli- 
cies fot the .'\frican-American 
community, their corporations and 
the communit\' at large." 


named assistant dean of students at 
Hampden-Svdnev College. 

WYNDELL hunt' 
advertising coordinator with I'C 
GiJWfr magazine in Brisbane, Cali- 



is an analyst in the regional credit 
office of Branch Bank & Trust 
(BB&T) in Winston-Salem, North 



associate analyst at Morgan Keegan 
& Co., a Memphis-based investment 

JOHN D. JORDAN is a profes- 
sional print and web designer at 
Point of Vision, a branding and 
identity fitm in Atlanta. He has also 
staned two entrepreneurial endeav- 
ors of his own: Cloudjammer Studio 
(wimL', an associa- 
tion of freelance designets, artists, 
and musicians, and 

work on January 3 for UUNET. He 
did a public relations tour across the 
United States promoting the Yellow 
Pages. Mr. Rudzinski was hired 
through the Martin Agena' in Rich- 
mond and hit 1} cities around the 
perimeter of the U.S. He writes that 
it was a "blast" and that he met 
James Earl Jones in Boston and Miss 
Michigan in Grand Rapids. 

'WILSON is living in Park City, 
Utah, working for Deer Valley Ski 
Resort. He plans to attend law 
schoolin the fall of 2000. 


DAVID A. BOZELL is working in 
the public relations office of the 
Washington Redskins. 

management trainee with Enterprise 
Rent-a-Car System in Mechanics- 

teaching science at Charlotte County 
high school. 

'grant C. HA'iTS is among 
the group that has opened the High 
Street Diner in Farmville. Located in 
the old Wevanoke Hotel building on 
High Street, the 1950s-motif diner 
caters to both sttidents and adults 
with a large menu of "gourmet fast- 
food" items. An Old English style 
pub is planned fot a downstairs 
room. The former hotel is being 
converted into private housing for 
Longwood students. 

JAMES L. POORE is teaching 
in the Amelia Counn' schools. 

been named an assistant dean of 
admissions at Hampden-Svdney 


Advanced Studies 


ated from Columbia University 
School of Business on May 17, 
2000, h.iving completed an executive 
MBA program, with Dean's List and 
Beta Camma Sigma honors. He is 
director of human resources in the 
Manhattan office ot Pfizer Phar- 


In June 2000 Dr. MICHAEL 
ARNZ completed his residency in 
osteopathic medicine and surgery at 
the Veterans Hospital in New 
Haven, Connecticut. He has 
received a fellowship that will enable 
him to continue at the Veterans 
Hospital; after funher study in New 
York City, he will assume additional 
responsibilities on a rotating service 
in area hospitals. 


GARNETT W. BYRD received 
their MBAs from Wake Forest 
University's Babcock Graduate 
School of Management in May 
2000. Mr. Benton is executive vice 
president of Centennial Commu- 
nications, LLC, in Newport News. 
Mr. Byrd works in sales and market- 
ing at MarQuipt, Inc., in South 



is currently working on a MCSE and 
Information Systems Management 
degree. (See Weddings.) 

elected president of the Student Bar 
Association at the T.C. Williams 
School ol Law of the University of 
Richmond. The SBA is the law 
school's equivalent of a student 

received his MBA from Lynchburg 
College in August 1999. 

completed his Master of Arts degree 
in English in 1995 at Virginia Tech, 
married Heidi Ann Krueger in 1998, 
and has been working as a mortgage 
loan officer with Legacy Financial 
Group in Roanoke since 1996. 


JAMES F. BEBEAU received his 
M,ister ot Science in Education 
degree trom Longwood College in 

TON graduated trom the Univer- 
sity ot Alabama Medical School in 
May 1999; he has begun a general 
surgery residency at the University ot 
Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. 

MARLOWE graduated from 
Kenan-Flagler Business School 
(UNO in 1999. He married Emily 
O'Brien in 1998. He is working for 
First Union Securities in High Yield 
Organization in Charlotte. 

passed the Massachusetts Bar and is 
working tor John Hancock Insu- 
rance as an arbitration attorney. He 
lives in Boston. 


JOHN J. MEADOWS will attend 
the T. C. Williams School of Law at 
the University of Richmond this fall. 
He had been a federal contracts 
administrator at McCall-Thomas 
Computers in Augusta, Georgia. 
He holds a Master's degree in public 
administration from Augusta State 



graduated on May 21, 1999, from 
the George Washington Universit}' 
School ot Medicine. He is a resident 
in orthopedic surger)' at the Univer- 
sit}' of Rochester in New York. 

graduated from the Medical College 
of Virginia on May 13, 2000. He 
will do his residency at Portsmouth 
Family Practice. 

On May 6, STEVEN M. 
McGARRY received his Juris 
Doctor degree trom the T.C. 
Williams School ot Law at the 
University ot Richmond. 

elected Vice President ot the Student 
Bar Association at the T.C. Williams 
School of Law of the University of 
Richmond. The SBA is die law 
school's equivalent of a student 


On May 6, 2000, EDWARD A. 

MEYER, JR., received his Juris 
Doctor degree from the T.C. 
Williams School ot Law at the 
Universit\' ot Richmond. 

PRINCE received his Juris Doctor 
degree trom the T.C. Williams 
School ot Law at the University of 
Richmond in August 1999. 


On May 6, JEFFREY P. BEN- 

(cum Liitde) received their Juris 
Doctor degrees from the T.C. 
Williams School of Law at the 
University of Richmond. ERIC A. 
TINNELL graduated (cum laude) in 

JR., graduated in May 2000 from the 
Cumberland School of Law in Birm- 
ingham, Alabama. 


JOHN JAY KAPP received an MBA 
from Oglethorpe University (Geor- 
gia) in May 1999. 

PONTIUS received his MBA from 
Virginia Commonwealth School of 
Business in May 1999. 

VANCE E. TYSOR III is a repre- 
sentative for the second-year law class 
in the Student Bar Association at the 
T.C. Williams School of Law of the 
University of Richmond. The SBA is 
the law school's equivalent of a 
student government. 



will study history in graduate school 
at the University ot Richmond. 

attending Yale Divinity School. 


pursue graduate study in religion at 
Princeton University this tall. 

attend Duke Divinit\' School. 

received a full-tuition scholarship to 
study chemistry in the graduate 
school of the University of Illinois. 

PAUL B. SPARZAK will enter 
Midwestern University s Chicago 
College ot Osteopathic Medicine in 



Summer 2000 


1. Color or black-and- 
white both work. Photos 
can be returned if you 
request it; otherwise they 
will be kept on file. 

2. Alumni group shots at 
weddings should iilways 
include the bride. Please 
identify everybody. 

3. Baby shots should be 
taken with the lather ot 
both parents, preferably 
when the babies have 
developed a personality. 
(Photos of newborns 
don't reproduce well.) 
Baby shots will be printed 
only as space allows. 





Summer 2000 

Dr. William R. Jones 37 

and Gloria Black were 

married on May 27, 2000. 

At the wedding of Francis 

Benjami)! Harrison '91 and 

Mary Catherine Powell 

on October 9, 1999. 

At the wedding ofjohn- 

Garrett Kemper 93 and 

Katherine Logan Stuart 

Taylor on September 25. 




were married on June 10, 2000, at 
the First Presbyterian Church of 
Norfolk. The Rev. Dr. J. Shepard 
RusselL Jr. '51 officiated. The bride 
is a graduate ot Hollins College and 
originally met Dr. Jefferies while he 
was in medical school at the Univer- 
sit)' ot Virginia. World War II inter- 
vened and set them on separate 
paths. They did not see each other 
again until about five years ago, 
when Dr. lefferies moved back to 
Charlottesville following the death of 
his first wife. He borrowed the 
Hollins alumnae directory from a 
friend and gave Mrs. Penzold a calL 
She had also been widowed and a 
romance ensued. The couple will 
live in Charlottesville, where Dr. 
lefteries still conducts research at the 
medical school. 


Dr. W1LLL\M R. JONES, JR., and 
GLORLA BLACK were married on 
May 27, 2000, at the First English 
Lutheran Church in Richmond. 
They live in Richmond. 


JONES celebrated their fiftieth 
wedding anniversary on June 3, 


BRAKEBILL were married on 
September 1 1, 1999, at the 
Armstrong Lockett House, in Cres- 
cent Bend, Knoxville, Tennessee. 
Mr. Wilkerson is a certified public 
accountant with PBR Automotive, 
LLC. The bride, a graduate of Sweet 
Briar C'ollege and the L'niversin' ot 
Tennessee, is vice president ot opera- 
tions tor Brakebill Nursing Homes. 
The Wilkersons live in Knoxville. 


MAURA BOYLE were married on 
April 8 at Our Mother of Consola- 


tion Roman Catholic Church in 
Philadelphia. The bride is a graduate 
ot Georgetown Universirv' and 
promotions manager at, an Internet educa- 
tional services company in San Fran- 
cisco. Mr. Flynn is a vice president 
tor sales in San Francisco with the 
retirement plan services unit of J. & 
W. Seligman, an investment 
management company. 


August 1998. John M. Kuper '90, 
Michael L Breeden "91, P. Thomas 
Thurmond III '89, and M. Scott 
Gregg '93 were groomsmen. Mr. 
Gregg is employed by Cardinal 
Fiealth. The Greggs and their son 
Trev live in Powhatan. 


were married on November 6, 1999. 

were married on June 17, 2000, in 
Newport News. Mr. Fiveash is co- 
owner ot Clockwork Advertising, a 
advertising and promotional prod- 
ucts company in Raleigh, North 
Carolina. The bride, an alumna of 
the Universin' of Virginia, has a 
Master's degree in health administra- 
tion from the Medical College ot 
Virginia; she is a healthcare analyst 
with Blue Cross-Blue Shield in 
Chapel Hill. Among the groomsmen 
were Gregory Davis '89, David 
Grubbs '91, and Gordon Roim- 
tree, Jr. '91. 

POWELL were married on October 
9, 1999, in First Presbyterian 
Church of South Boston. 


KEYSER were married on April 1 5, 
2000, at Westovet Plantation. The 
bride is a graduate ot Hollins College 
and a decorative artist. Mr. Davis is 
employed with Robinson Sigma 
Commercial Real Estate, Inc. They 
live in Richmond. 





Summer 2000 

At the wedding of William W. 
Rabke '96 and Ernilie C. 
Morneau on September 12, 
1998. in Fredfricksburg. 

At the wedding of John 
Neuner IV '97 and Corbin 
Lynn Williams on August 
7, 1999: Michael P. 
DeBender '97 was best 
man and Michael J. Camip 
'97, James A. Harrell III 
'97. Christopher L. Vale 
'97, Jerry W.Hyatt '97 
and Peter K Griffith '98 
were groomsmen. 

At the weddi?ig of Kris Douglas 
'98 and Emily Alexander on July 
31, 1999 (from left to right): Lee 
Gwaltney '97, Jon Jackson '98, 
Larry Procise '96, Kris and Emily, 
Adam Harliss (Longwood '98), 
Dave Blocker '97, Jason VanSice 
'98, and Brian Workman '98. 





Summer 2000 

Wade H. O. Kirby 79 

and Linda Kirby with 

Croft (at right) and new 

nvins Taylor and Reade. 

Mr. Kirby is an actor, 

singer, and producer in 

New York City. 

married on April 8 at Holy Trinity 
Catholic Church in Washington, 
D.C. Mr. Meath, a filmmaker, 
works for Heintz Media produc- 
tions. The bride is a graduate of 
Mar\-wood College in Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, and works tor BP 
Amoco Corporation. They live in 


married on March 25, 2000, at Trin- 
ity Episcopal Church in South 
Boston. The bride is a graduate of 
the Uniyersity of Virginia and the 
University of North Carolina's 
Kenan-Flagler Business School. 
Mr. Carter is the co-founder of The 
Graphic Cow, a screen-printing and 
T-shirt business in Greenville, South 

STUART TAYLOR were married 
on September 25, 1999. 

FER WALDROP were married on 
May 20, 2000, in Fairfax. He is 
general manager and chief operating 
officer of UPN-65, a television 
station on Richmond. The Walshes 
live in Glen Allen. 


KELLNER were married on 
September 1 1, 1999, in Orange, 
California. Jon K. Kjos '93, James 
A. Evans III '95, and Matthew D. 
Michael '95 attended the wedding. 
The Hos live in Anaheim. 


NICKI were married on April 3, in 
the Chapel ot the Cross Episcopal 
Church in Chapel Hill, North Caro- 
lina. The bride, a graduate of the 
Universit\' of Nonh Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, is a business develop- 
ment manager in New York Cir\' for 
Doubleclick, an Internet advertising 
company. The groom is a partner in 
and stock trader at Madison Trading 
in New York. 

on November 13, 1999, at St. 
Stephen Presbyterian Church in Fort 
Worth, Texas. The bride, a graduate 
of the University of Colorado Law 
School, is an attorney with Shannon, 
Gracey, Radiff & Miller. Mr. Shield 
is a project manager with Kaufman 
& Broad. Thev live in Fort Worth. 

COMB were married on April 14, 
2000, at St. [ohn's Episcopal 
Church in Richmond. The bride is a 
graduate of the University of 
Virginia and works for Crestar Bank. 
Mr. Schwab works for Circuit City. 
They live in Richmond. 


MORNEAU were married on 
September 12, 1998, in Fred- 
ericksburg. He is a partner in Dyna- 
mark Securirv Centers. 

ABETH BARKLEY were married 
on March 27, 1999. The bride is a 
1996 graduate of Sweet Briar 
College. The groom is the son of Dr. 
Edward J. Ramsey, Jr. '69. 


married on August 7, 1999, at First 
Presbnerian Church in Salisbury, 
North Carolina. Michael P. 
DeBender '97 was best man and 
Michael J. Canup '97, James A. 
Harrell III '97, Christopher L Vale 
'97, Jerr)' W. Hyatt "97, and Peter 
K. Griffith '98 were groomsmen. 
The bride works in interior design 
for Jerry Pair and Associates. Mr. 
Neuner works for Wachovia bank. 
They live in Atlanta, GA. 

FELLER on August 14, 1999, m 
Williamsburg. At the wedding wete 
J. Talbot Lawrence II '97 and John 
A. Howard, Jr. '97. The Parrinos 
live in Birmingham, Alabama, where 
he recently graduated trom Cumber- 
land Law School. 


98) were married in Atlanta, GA on 
July 31, 1999. They live in Smyrna, 
Georgia. Mr. Douglas is a banking 
officer with Wachovia in Atlanta. 

married on December 19, 1999, at 
Blacksburg United Methodist 
Church. The bride is a graduate of 
Roanoke College and a tourth-grade 
teacher at Kingswood Elementary 
School in Can-, North Carolina. Mr. 
Hardy is with Wachovia bank in 
Durham. He is the son of J. Daniel 
Hardy, Jr. '71. 

LUCILA MAURELLI were married 
on February 26, 2000, in Buenos 
Aires, Argentina. The Williamses live 
in Costa Rica, where he is interning 
as an assistant in a program for 
young people. 




BUCHANAN, a son, Connor 
Adams Buchanan, on July 30, 1998, 
in Greenville, South Carolina. 



daughter, Emaline Price Carr, on 
February 11, 1999, in Williamsburg. 


HOOVER, a daughter, Eleanor 
Kingwell Hoover, on September 5, 
1999, in Waterbur}', Vermont. 


a daughter, Fallon Patricia Curry, on 
December 16, 1999 in Pittsburgh, 


LAND, a daughter, Sadie Leigh 
Strickland, on March 16, 1999, in 
Angler, North Carolina. 


FINCHER, a son, William James 
Fincher, on January 29, 2000, in 
Leesburg. He joins a brother, 

KISS, a son, Ross A. Hotchkiss FV, 
on August 15, 1999, in Alexandria. 


TYRE, a daughter, Cecilia Grace 
Mclntyre, on November 20, 1999, 
in Dacula, Georgia. 


ANSELL, a son, James Spencer 
Ansell, on January 14, 2000, in 
Roanoke. Spencer joins two broth- 
ers, Forrest and Ryland. 

NEGUS, a son, Sidney Stevens 
Negus FV, on January 20, 2000, in 
Richmond. He joins a sister, 
Kyleigh, born in November 1998. 
Mr. Negus works for Arthur Ander- 
son & Co. in Richmond. 



son, Thomas Davidson Evans, jr., 
on March 26, 1999, in Richmond. 

McEVOY, a daughter, Virginia 
Gray McEvoy, on March 27, 2000, 
in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. She 
joins a brother, Richard Claiborne 
McEvoy III, born on June 10, 1997. 

ABETH MOORE, a son. Mason 
Etheredge Moore, on July 28, 1999 
in Coral Gables, Florida. 



son, Spencer Walker Barr, on Febru- 
ary 24, 1999, in Blackstone. 

BENTON, a daughter, Avery Jayne 
Benton, on November 30, 1999. 

PLEASANTS HIGGS, a daughter, 
Margaret Albury Hagen Higgs, on 
April 9, 1999, in Nassau, Bahamas. 

To MIKE and LYN PAGE, a 
daughter, Katherine Edmond Page, 
on January 1 , 2000, in McLean. 


daughter, Elliejune Ballou, on 
March 27, 2000, in Chappaqua, 
New York. She joins Michael James 
Ballou, born on November 3, 1997. 

SCHNEIDER, a daughter, Cham- 
bliss Delaney Anne Schneider, on 
January 20, 2000, at Womack Army 
Hospital, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 

TOWNSEND, a daughter, Mary 
Charlotte Townsend, on July 15, 
1999, in Prospect. 


BENSON, a son, David Gray 
Benson, on November 1, 1999, in 
Oxford, Mar)'land. 

GLENN, a son. Carter Davis 
Glenn, on December 16, 1999, in 


FORD, a son, William Ivey Craw- 
ford, on October 22, 1999, in 
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 

CREASY, a son. Stover Henry 
Creasy V, on August 24, 1999, in 

COVANEY, a son, Jason Daniel 
Covaney, on September 17, 1999, in 



RHODES, a son, William Taylor 
Rhodes,Jr., onJunel7, 1999, in 

PAGE SPENCER, a son, John 
Benjamin Spencer, on October 4, 
1 999, in Charlottesville. 

daughter, Eleanor Grace (Ellie) Vick, 
on February 10, 2000, in Greenville, 
North Carolina. Dee Vick, formerly 
assistant basketball coach at Hamp- 
den-Sydney, is an assistant basketball 
coach at East Carolina University. 



MORGAN, a founh child and first 
son, Joshua Aiden Morgan, on 
February 10, 2000. Mr. Morgan 
took a job in July as a technical 
writer with PPI Inc. in Solon, Ohio. 

College Family 

To STAN CHEYNE (associate 
professor of physics) and his wife 
LISA, triplets, on May 27, 2000: 
William Garrison Cheyne, Natalie 
Allyn Cheyne, and Andrew Sullivan 

To EVAN DAVIS (visiting 
assistant professor of English) 
and his wife, MARY 
BOODEL, a daughter, Elizabeth 
RavenelDavis, on July 1,2000. 

To SARAH HARDY (assistant 
professor of English) and her 
husband GAVIN LOWER, a son, 
Ian Rutherford Lower, on March 9, 

To JANA DeJONG (assistant 
professor of Spanish) and her 
husband JOHN GREEN, a son, 
Pieter William Green, on February 
3, 2000. 

To PETER MITL\S (assistant 
professor of economics) and his wife 
CATHY (lecturer in economics), a 
daughter, Samira Jeanne Mitias, on 
June 21, 2000. 




Summer 2000 

Richard Ansell '88 and 
James Spencer Ansell. 

Richard Williams '83, 
George Thurston Williams 
IL, and friends. 





Sunnner 2000 


Shirley E. Mullens 33 



Fresno, Calitornia, has died. He was 
a retired physician. 


CUMMINGHAM died in Januan- 
2000. Mr. Cunningham attended 
Hampden-Sydney on a baseball 
scholarship until the depression 
brought his plans tor medical school 
to an end. He retired in 1973 as a 
tobacco grader tor the USDA, 
although he continued to be active 
after retirement. In ]9^6. at the invi- 
tation ot the Brazilian government, 
he went to South America to orga- 
nize a tobacco grading system in 

school teacher and coach, died on 
May 26, 2000, in South Miami, 
Florida. A native of West Virginia, 
he returned to Charleston after grad- 
uation to begin his career in educa- 
tion, teaching and coaching at the 
former Washington District High 
School for twent\' vears (he was its 
first basketball coach, before the 
school had its own g)'m). "He was a 
good, moral person, but he was a 
tough coach," recalled Kelly Parsons, 
a former player. "He built a lot ot 
character into a lot ot us countrv' 
boys." In 1954 he and his family 
moved to Florida, where he taught 
and coached at West Miami Junior 
High and Miami Palmetto Senior 
High; he retired, as a guidance coun- 
selor, in 1975. After his retirement 
he was an active member of the 
Mahi Shrine. 


BELL, JR., ot Sparta in Caroline 
Counrv', died on Februar)' 15, 2000. 
In the early 1940's, Mr. Campbell 
played in the majors for the Cleve- 
land Indians. An outfielder, he 
played against Joe DiMaggio, Ted 
Williams, Left}' Gomez, and Red 
Ruffing, and in the 1941 game that 
stopped DiMaggio's 56-game hitting 
streak. His teammates were jetF 
Hc.ith and Bob Feller. Campbell, 
known tor his strong throwing arm, 
batted .246 in 139 career major 
league games. His baseball career was 

interrupted bv World War II, when 
he spent four vears as an Armv offi- 
cer, the last 12 months in Guam. 
After the war, he had three seasons 
with the Baltimore Orioles. He 
taught and coached at Sparta High 
School and was principal ot Sparta 
Elementar)' School. After 14 years in 
the dairy business, he spent 14 years 
as a marketing representative selling 
electric appliances tor the McGraw- 
Edison Company, retiring in 1978. 
In the early 60's he served on the 
Caroline County Board of Super- 
visors. He was elected to Hampen- 
Sydne\'s Athletic Hall of Fame in 
1989. Mr. Campbell was the father 
of Dr. Clarence Campbell III '73. 

died on Januan- 8, 2000, in Charles- 
ton, West Virginia. Mr. Fitzgerald 
served four years in General George 
Patron's Third Armv in the Euro- 
pean Theater during World VC'ar II. 
In 1946, he moved to Vista, Cali- 
tornia, where he was in the avocado 
business; he was president of the 
Farm Bureau of Vista. After retire- 
ment, he moved to Lajolla, where he 
lived until his wife's death in 1998. 



Island Park, New 'I'ork, died in 
1 99^; he had been an anornev. 


BARKLEY died on Februar,' 4, 
2000, at Augusta Medical Center. 
.'Kfter graduating from Hampden- 
Svdney, Barklev attended L'nion 
Theological Seminar\' in Richmond 
and received his Master's of divinity' 
degree from Duke University Divin- 
ir\' School. He served churches in 
Virginia, Nonh Carolina, and West 
Virginia, retiring in 1971 from 
Union Presbyterian Church in 



retired orthopedic surgeon and part- 
ner in the Richmond Orthopedic 
Center, died on March 19,2000. 
Until he sufi^ered a stroke in 1998, 
Dr. May was teaching at the Medical 
College of Virginia, treating X'irginia 
Commonwealth Universin' athletes, 
consulting and teaching at McGuire 
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and 

seeing inmates as chief of orthopedics 
tor the Virginia Department of 
Corrections. He served in the Arm\' 
Medical Corps during World War II 
and, for 8 years, worked at what is 
now Children's Hospital (Rich- 
mond), where he was the first ortho- 
pedic surgeon in the state to imple- 
ment a system using devices inserted 
into backs for correcting scoliotic 
spines in children. He served as sports 
team physician at VCU for 52 years. 
Dr. May was for many years clinical 
professor of orthopechc surgery at 
MCV, where a lecture series and 
chair of orthopedic surger}' bear his 
name. In 1977, Hampden-Sydney 
awarded him the Algernon Svdnev 
Sullivan Medallion. He was the fathet 
of Robert A. Mav '72. 

Longmeadow, Massachusets, died on 
December 6, 1998; he was 80. He 
was president of Luster-On Product, 
Inc. of Springfield, Massachusetts, tor 
thirty years, until his retirement in 
1983. He was a member of the Amer- 
ican Electroplaring and Surface 
Finishing Societ}- and sened on the 
board of the Metal Finishing Suppli- 
ers Association. An active member ot 
the First Church of Christ, he was a 
32nd-degree Mason and a 20-year 
member ot the Longmeadow 
Masonic Lodge. He and his wife 
Viola were married for 5^ \'ears. 

'WILLL\MS, JR., died on Januar)' 
3 1 , 2000, after a long illness. He 
joined the U.S. Army in 1939, sen- 
ing in Pattons "'Oth Armored Tank 
Battalion during ^'orld War II. Mr. 
'VCilliams worked in the Chesterfield 
County government from 1954 imtil 
his retirement in 1978. 


JR., a nati\'e and long-time resident 
of Petersburg, died on March 4, 
2000. Mr. Tiylor ser\'ed in the U.S. 
NavT during \X odd \\ ,ir II. He was 
retired from William G. Taylor & 
Sons, Realtors. 


tanburg, South Carolina, died on 
Fcbruan' 1 6, 2000. He was the senior 
partner ot Bean & Bean .■\ttorne\'S at 


Durham, North Carolina, died after 
a short illness on April 1 3. 2000. 
Mr. Pa\-ne was a ps\-chologist in 
pri\'ate practice |-or many years. 



Atlanta, Georgia, died on December 
1, 1999. In 1943, he entered the 
U.S. Army, where he served as 1st 
Pilot of a B-24 bomber in the 13th 
Air Force and was decorated with 
the Air Medal tor courageous service. 
He received his LL.B. from the 
University of Virginia in 1949 and 
began the practice of law in Taze- 
well. In 1960, he joined the Depart- 
ment of Labor as a trial attorney in 
Nashville, Tennessee; in 1964, he 
joined the Interstate Commerce 
Commission as a trial attornev in the 
Bureau ot Enforcement. At his tetire- 
ment in 1986, he was regional attor- 
ney of the Southeastern States in 


CARRINGTON of Richmond died 
on Februan' 1 1 , 2000. He attended 
St. Christopher's School, Episcopal 
High School, and Hampden- 
Sydnev. He sen'ed in the U.S. Army 
during Wodd War II in the Pacific 
Theater. He was a member of St. 
Pauls Episcopal Church, the Rich- 
mond Optimist Club, and the 
Countr)- Club of Virginia. 


WOMACK, JR., died on October 
8, 1997, in Hickory, North Caro- 
lina. He served as a minister in the 
Presbyterian Church for over 40 


on March 28, 2000, in Orlando, 
Florida. A native of Roanoke, he 
served in the U.S. Navy in World 
War II. He founded his own 
company. Industrial Steel, Inc., in 


DEANE, JR., died on February 27, 
2000, at Augusta Medical Center. 
He was a 1948 graduate of Augusta 
Military Academy, attended Hamp- 

den-Sydney, and graduated in 1 956 
Ircmi the Medical College of 
Virginia. After two years of service in 
the U.S. Navy, he opened his dental 
practice in Staunton. Dr. Deane was 
a lilelong member of Augusta Stone 
Presbvterian Church. 


ROBERT A. LEE, JR., of Dispu- 
tanta, has died. He had been assist- 
ant manager of the Credit Union of 
Prince Georges County. 



Ronceverte, Greenbriar Count}', 
West Virginia, died on April 20, 
2000. After graduating from the 
College, he received a master's 
degree from the Universit\' of 
Virginia. He was a retired Green- 
brier County educator and active in 
the Ronceverte Presbyterian Church 
and the Boy Scouts. 


Dr. GEORGE P. DAVIS died on 
January 1 5, 2000. A native and long- 
time resident of Newport News, Dr. 
Davis received his degree in dentistry 
from the Medical College of 


on April 25, 2000. He was formerly 
president ol Nelson-Roanoke Corpo- 
ration and a director of the First 
National Exchange Bank. He was a 
member ot the Second Presbyterian 
Church and was active in various 
civic organizations, including the 
Downtown Roanoke Rotarv Club. 
He was the father of Robert J. 
Nelson '89 ^d Richard R. Nelson 



Murray, Kentucky, died on March 
8, 2000, A native of Petersburg, he 
received his M.S. degree from Flor- 
ida State University after graduating 
from Hampden-Sydney. A Vietnam 
veteran, he served as a German 
language linguist with the U.S. 
Army Security Agenc)' in West 
Germany. After his discharge, he was 
assistant director of educational 
programs tor the Colonial Williams- 
burg Foundation and later an educa- 

tional specialist with the Tennessee 
Valley Authorirv'. 


May 9, 1999, of cancer. He had been 
a historical interpreter with Colonial 
Williamsburg's Schools and Group 


ERIC PAIGE MABRY died on April 
24, 2000. Eric was a 1989 graduate 
of Pulaski County High School and 
attended Hampden-Sydney. He was a 
veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He was 
a member of the football team while 
at the College. 

College Family 

former trustee ot Hampden-Svdney 
College and retired chiet ot the Rich- 
mond office of the Central Intel- 
ligence Agency, died on Tuesday, 
February 22, 2000. A native of 
Kansas City, Missouri, he attended 
Duke University and graduated in 
1939 from the School ot Business 
and Public Administration of the 
University of Missouri. He joined the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation in 
1940, serving as a special agent until 
1948. From 1949 until he retired in 
1971 he was with the CL^. Mr. 
Taylor was for ten years a member of 
the Henrico County Community 
Diversion Incentive Board and an 
ardent supporter of the Douglas Free- 
man High Schools athletics 
programs. Mr. Taylor was the father 
ot J. Bruce Taylor "74 of Charlotte. 

WORTHY, a heating and air- 
conditioning engineer with the 
College, died on May 18,2000; 
he was to have retired on July 30. 
Very active in community afTairs, 
he had served on the Prince Edward 
County School Board from 1 969 to 
1978; he was its chairman for several 
years. He sat on the County's Equal- 
ization Board, which reviews real 
estate assessments, and was several 
times president ot the Prince Edward 
County Farm Bureau. He had also 
been president of the local Ruritan 
club, which he attended without 
missing a meeting tor 31 years. He 
held a bachelor's degree in marine 
engineering from Duke University. 




Summer 2000 





Sianmer 2000 

Ahtnuii and frieutis 

attended the Richmond 

Abimni Club tribute 

to Sam and Susi Wilson 

and Lewis and Nell Drew. 

Alumni Association 

Richmond Tribute for 
Wilsons and Drews 
Draws Record Crowd 

A record 538 Hampden-Sydney 
alumni and friends attended a trib- 
ute for Sam and Susi Wilson and 
Lewis and Nell Drew at the Tuck- 
ahoe Woman's Club on May 10, 
2000. The event was hosted by Bank 
of America, PaineWebber, and 
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company. 
The turnout reflects the love and 
admiration for two of f^ampden- 
Sydney's finest families. 

Binningham Club 
Continues Success 

For the past several years, the Hamp- 
den-Sydney Club of Birmingham, 
Alabama, has achieved great success 
promoting many aspects of our 
College, especially student recruit- 
ment. This year was no exception as 
prospectives and alumni gathered at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Phil 
Cook on April 1 8, 2000, for Ceneral 
Wilson's annual visit. President 
Wilson also spoke to the Downtown 
Kiwanis Club and high school 
students at Mountain Brook High 
School. The College is thankful for 
Birmingham's leadership in promot- 
ing Target City initiatives. 

President Wilson speaking 
at the Birmingham Club 
meeting at the home of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Philip Cook 
on April 18. 2000. To the ^^^ 
left are Meade Whitaker ^ 
'94 from the Admissions 
office and C. Beeler Brush 
from Development; at 
right is Trustee Phil Cook. 

Piedmont North Carolina: 
President Wilson thanks 

Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Fultz '67 
hosted a farewell to President Wilson 
in their lovely home on May 24, 
2000. The Greensboro/Winston- 
Salem area has tremendous potential 
tor our College, and we are thankful 
for the efforts of the newly created 
leadership team in Piedmont North 
Carolina. The team consists of Mark 
Conger '85, Bret Grieves '86, 
Brandt Deal '70, Leigh Fultz '67, 
and Bob Boydoh '88. 

Jacksonville, Florida: 
Target City Strategy 
Works in Jacksonville 

President Wilson had a packed 
agenda for the spring trip to Jack- 
sonville. He met with the Jack- 
sonville leadership team for break- 
fast, spoke to approximately 200 
members of the Downtown Rotary 
Club, and attended a reception at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carter 
Bryan. Mr. and Mrs. Br)'an have 
hosted the lacksonville reception for 
several \'ears and continue to spear- 
head alumni efforts. 

Peninsuln Club: 

James River Event Success 

Over 100 alumni and special guests 
attended the annual event at the 
lames Ri\er C'lub in Newport News. 
Mr. Rick Donaldson '73 and Mr. 
Ray Bottom "51 acted as hosts for 
the evening. Manv prospective 
students and families attended this 
year's event. As a highlight, alumni 
were asked to stand and reflect on 
iheir most memorable moment at 





Ryan Peiyibenon '00 
named assistant director 
of Alumni Relatiom 
and the Anniuil Fund 

Ryan M. Pembenon '00 (above, 
speaking at Opening Convocation) 
is the new Assistant Director of 
Alumni Relations and the ,\nnual 
Fund at Hampden-Sydney. He will 
be working specifically with young 
alumni in several capacities, includ- 
ing organizing voung alumni reun- 
ions, planning fraternit)' phone-a- 
thons, and working with the student 
development committee. One of his 
priman" goals will be to bolster the 
connections between young alumni 
and current students so that all 
concerned can establish networking 
relationships and stav involved with 
the College. 

"Ryan made great contributions 
to Hampden-Sydney as a student 
and I expect even better things from 
him in the future," says Richard P. 
Epperson II 79, Direaor of Devel- 
opment. "He will be an important 
link to our recent graduates." 

A political science major, Mr. 
Pemberton was Student Body Pres- 
ident this past year. He also served 
on the Honor Court and played 
guard for the football team. Last 
summer he interned in the office of 
Lt. Governor John H. Hager. 

For all his aaivities, the Char- 
lonesville native was elected to 
Omicron Delta Kappa and was 
awarded an Algernon Sydney Sulli- 
van medallion and the first annual 
Harve}' D. Morgan '52 Public 
Service Award. 


.^BOVE: Bill and Missy 
Can '82 and frieTid. 

.\BO\T LEFT: President 
Wilson with Paul and 
Rosemaij Trible '68. Mr. 
Trible, a former Senator, 
is president of Christopher 
Newport University in 
Newport News. 


LEFT: Randolph "Huck" 
Hudgins '46, Anna 
Hiidgins, Debbie Epper- 
son, and Richard Epperson 
LI '79. 

Sommardahl '96, Beth 
Annacone, and Alex Arnz 






Summer 2000 

Tim Butler Memorial 
Golf Tournament 
Raises $14,000 

145 Hampden-Sydney College 
alumni and special guests partic- 
ipated in the 3rd Annual Tim Butler 
Memorial Golt Tournament at the 
Highlands Golfers Club in Chester 
on May 17, 2000. Proceeds from 
this year's tournament totaled 
Si 4,000 for the first time and will be 
applied to the Tim Butler, Jr., Schol- 
arship Fund. 

The Butler family thanks every- 
one tor their participation, sponsor- 
ship, and donations to this year's 

Toimiament Summary 

1st Place: Chris Daly '83, Frank 
Geho '83, George Macon '65, and 
Neil Farmer '78 (16 under par-56). 
2nd Place: Tom Gates '88, Rusty 
Gates '76, Rick Jackson, and Don 
Rhodes '88 (13 under par-59). 
3rd Place: Flemming Williams, 
Justin Sproull '97, Jay Serrao, and 
Steve Serrao (13 under par-59). 


ARAMARK- Jim Pohl 

The Bank of Charlotte County - Ed 

Baker '64 
Colonel and Mrs. Thomas A. Austin 

C.P. Dean Co., Inc. - Bill Selden 
Cumberland Building and 
Supply - W.C. Sprouse 
Donald P. Whitley '59 
Dynamark Security Centers 
- Frank Pegram '79 
-armville Printing - Steve 
Wall '78 

Hampden-Sydney College Alumni 

Hometown Realty - Deane Cheat- 
ham '88 and Jetf LaVangie '89 
Hugo Boss Golf- Ken Pritchett '64 
Jersey Mikes Subs and Salads - 

Robby Waldrop '87 
Lewis P. Armstrong D.D.S. and 

Shannon M. Butler D.D.S. 
Parker, Pollard, and Brown, P.S. - 

Henry Pollard '64 
Second Bank and Trust Culpeper - 

Tripp Butler '91 
Sutton-Clark Supply, Inc. -Jack 

Clark '75 
Walker-Hudson Construction 

Company - Tom Walker '77 
Wit-Tees, LLC t/a Alphabet Gifts - 

Bob and Mary Smith 


Mr. Bowlman Bowles, Jr. 
Mr. McGuire Boyd '64 
Mr. Beeler Brush 
Mrs. Susan Butler 
Mr. Lee Cohen 
Mr. Charles W. Crist '66 

ABOVE: Volunteers helped 

the Tournament nin 

smoothly. From left: Pat 

Burcher (with Jack Butler), 

Cindy Rowley, Betty Potter, 

Macon Austin, Shannon 

Butler (with Caroline 

Butler), Susan Butler, Errol 

lachini '03, Judy Fugate, 

Carol McCamish, and 

Maiy Beth Butler. 

Volunteers not pictured 

were Tom Austin, Kathy 

Burcher, Jennifer Clarke, 

and Robert McClelland. 

RLGHT: The HighLinds 
Golfers Club in Chester 



Summer 2000 

LEFT: The Butler family 
with the winners of the 

LEFT: The Butler Golf Tourna- 
ment Champions — Chiis Daly '83, 
Frank Geho '83, George Macon '65, 
and Neil Fanner 78. 

BELOW: ErrolA. lachini '03, who 
holds the Butler Scholarship, 
thanked the panicipants for their 

nil Kiilki Mcmoi 
( loll I oiri 11. Ilium 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Epperson 79 

Mr. Allen M. Ferguson 

Mr. Charles Fonville '97 

Mr. Ronald Henry '56 

Mr. Bobby Howard 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Hutcheson '94 

Mr. George Macon '65 

The Honorable Harvey Morgan '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Non, Jr. 

Mr. Chris Nott 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'York 

Mr. Fain Peebles '78 

Mr. Billv Russell '41 





Summer 2000 

Thomas H. Shomo 69 

Peter B. Davies 

Neiv Record editor selected 

Dear Fellow Alumni, 

In mid-June, Peter B. Davies was appointed Editor of the Record. Pete graduated from North- 
western Universit)' with a B.A. in English and creative writing and earned his MA. in English from 
the Universit)- of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also completed course\\'ork toward his Ph.D. He has 
taught English at the University' of Wisconsin-Madison, worked for Proof Positive/ParrowhTie, a 
publishing development house in Evanston, IL, and for Disnev/H\perion Children's publishing in 
New York. Before moving to Farmville, he held a unique posidon investigating police misconduct 
with the Civilian Complaint Review Board of New York City; there he inteniewed complainants and 
witnesses, gathered doctunentan' evidence, questioned police officers, and wrote closing repons recom- 
mending dispositions. This unique experience, coupled with his educational and publishing back- 
ground, con\'inced the Search Committee that Pete is idealh- suited to take the Record in the direction 

Although Pete will work with an Advisor}' Committee, comprised of Richard McClintock (who, 
after 20 \'ears as its editor-designer, will continue to design the magazine), myself and the new direc- 
tor ol alumni relations, he is charged with actively and independendy seeking out interesdng stories 
about people and events, both historical and contemporan'. Records will include more on the many 
and di\'erse people associated with Hampden-S\dne}- who make the College a special place — "an 
atmosphere of soimd learning." Records will expand reporting on the alumni who by their lives vali- 
date the Colleges historic mission "to form good men and good cidzens. " We are committed to 
continue the high-qualit}' wriung and graphic design you have come to expea in the Record. 

j\] though the RecordwiW focus on people, it will not ignore the issues that affect the life and future 
of the College — issues about which alumni and friends need to be informed and to imderstand fiilly. 
We hope that teaders will respond to those issues through letters to the editor. The Record i\\o\i\A 
reflect a dialog between the College and its alumni and friends. 

We also realize that we must explore and use the newest technologv'. Although the Record \\\\\ 
continue to be published in its present form for many, man\' \'ears, Pete has been asked to explore on- 
line possibilities. It is difficult to say just when we will be ready to move in this area, but we believe 
that the first priorit}' should be to make Class Notes available on-line. The most recent reader survey 
confirms that Class Notes is the seaion of the Record most eagerly read by alumni. The publication of 
the Record onW three times a year often means that months pass before the news of marriages, births, 
relocations, promotions, and deaths reach fellow classmates and alumni. This is just one area where 
the Internet can improve the disseminadon of information to alumni and friends of the College. 

I hope that a'ou will feel free to write or e-mail Pete about the Recorder talk to him about the 
magazine it you see him at an alumni club fonction. The Record is the primal)' means b\' which 
Hampden-Sydney commimicates with over 15,000 alumni, parents, and friends. It is our desire to 
continue to provide all of you with a publication that informs and entertains, pleases both the mind 
and the eye, and reinforces )'our connection to Hampden-S}'dney, no maner how man}- years and 
miles separate you from this special place. 


ThomaM^. Shomo '69 
Directotofjiiblic Relations 

You mav contact Peter Davies by telephone at (804) 223-6397, by e-mail at, 
or b\- m.ul at Post Office Box 626, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943-0626. 



n^on ors 







Recognizing gifts during the 1999-2000 Fiscal Year 


© 2000 Hampden-Sydney College 

The lists contained in this report are to be used only for the information 

of Hampden-Sydney College 's alumni and friends. 

All other uses, especially commercial uses, are strictly prohibited. 

BETWEEN JULY 1, 1999, AND JUNE 30, 2000. 

IN THE 2000-2001 HONOR ROLL. 

Every effort has been made to compile as accurate a report of donors as is possible. 

If, however, you discover a mistake, please let us know: 

Recorder of Gifts, Office of Institutional Advancement, Estcourt, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943, 

Telephone: (804) 223-6136 • Fax: (804) 223-6381 • E-matl: 

www. hsc. eduldev 


Scenes from a successfrd year. 




and in this, the 225th continuous season of intellectual pursuits on this Hill, it is my great pleasure to ofifer 
thanks for the efFons of our founders so many years ago, and to those of you who have followed in their 
footsteps. You, the founders' successors, play an instrumental role in the many successes we enjoy. 

My official duties commenced July 1 of this year, but my formal affiliation with Hampden-Sydney 
College began over a year ago when I had the high honor to be elected its 23rd president. I have 
succeeded an unusually talented individual who came out of retirement and whose eight-year tenure 
brought much-needed strength and stability to this institution. All of us 
associated with Hampden-Sydney are grateflil for Sam Wilson's devotion to 
the call of duty and for the inspiration of his long life of service. And we are 
fortunate that retirement fails to be a siren call he answers. President Emer- 
itus Wilson continues to teach, to work on behalf of the Wilson Center for 
Leadership in the Public Interest, and to perform other tasks for the 

The last year has afforded many opportimities for me to get to know 
Hampden-Sydney College well. We have a wonderful faciJty conunitted to 

. Walter M. Bom III 

excellent teaching, as well as a talented group of staff and administrators. PruMWit, Hampdm-Sydruy College 

We are blessed with parents who readily adopt the College and whose ener- 
gies on her behalf are as enthusiastic as those of their sons. Members of the 

Board of Trustees care deeply about the College's heritage and lend great foresight and resources to her 
future. These, and others, comprise the extended Hampden-Sydney family, and all clearly stand at the 
ready to do whatever necessary to assure that the new century and miDennium will be the College's best. 

The 2000-2001 year is underway with the second highest enrollment ever — 976 — and the spirit on 
campus could not be more upbeat. We clearly ofifer a unique — and uniquely attractive — educational expe- 
rience, one worth preserving and strengthening. I look forward to working with you to do so. 

I hope that I have the opportunity during my tenure to thank each of you personally for your support. 
Please know that we cannot succeed without it. The years ahead will challenge each of us to dig deeper as 
we raise our sights higher. . .to assure that Hampden-Sydney College remains a vital national resource. 

Walter M. Bortz III 
President of the College 




OF i'RU 

Henry P. Custis, Jr. '67 

S I'KKS 2( 

Roger H. W. Kirby '88 


George P. Piros '75 

William C. Boinest '54, 
Chainnan of the Board 
Walter M. Bom III, President 

Onancock, Virginia 
Partner/Attorney, Custis, Lewis 
and Dix 

Richmond, Virginia 
Executive Vice President, 
Guilford Company 

Savannah, Georgia 
Savannah Radiologists, PA. 

W Birch Douglass III '65, 

Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

Willette L. LeHew '57 

Philip deButts Rome '68 

Vice Chairman 

Dillityn, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

John C. Parrott 11 '64, Secretary 


Physician-OB/GYN, OB/GYN 


C. Norman Krueger, Treasurer and 

Kyanite Mining Corporation 

Associates of Tidewater 

Williams, Mullen, Clark and 

Assistant Secretary 


W Birch Douglass III '65 

Earl E Lockwood 


Richrno>id, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Gordon D. Schreck '65 

William C. Boinest '54 
Richmond, Virginia 
Chairman Emeritus, 

Tax Attorney, McGuireWoods 

H. Hirer Harris III '83 
Richmond, Virginia 

President, Chairman, CEO, 
Betac Corporation 

John B. Long, Sr. '38 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 
Attorney/Senior Shareholder Buist, 
Moore, Smythe and McGee. PA. 

Craigie Incorporated 

Partner, Harris Williams & Co. 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Julious E Smith, Jr. '65 

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. '51 
Hampton, Virginia 

M. Peebles Harrison '89 
Nags Head, North Carolina 

Chainnan, J. B. Long Company 
John G. Macfarlane III '76 

Richmond Virginia 
Chairman and CEO, Williams, 
Mullen, CLirk and Dobbins 

Chairman and CEO, 

Attorney/Partner, Gladden, Rose, 

Darien. Connecticut 

Centennial Communications, LLC 

Jones and Harrison 

Chief Operating Officer, Tudor 

Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

]. Robert Bray '60 
Portsmouth, Virginia 
Exeaaive Director, 

Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Farmville, Virginia 

President & Insurance Agent, SMH, 

Investment Corporation 

David J. McKittrick '67 
Boulder, Colorado 

Richmond, Virginia 

Managing Director Lowe, Brock- 

enbrough, and Company, Inc. 

Virginia Port Authority 


Executive Vice President and CEO, 

Joseph E Viar, Jr. '63 

Charles L. Capito, Jr. '76 

Charleston, West Virginia 

RobertV. Hatcher, Jr. '51 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 

OnStream, Inc. 
Malcolm R. Myers '57 

Alexandria, Virginia 
DynCorp Chairman, Retired 

First Vice President and Manager, 

Johuon and Higgins, Retired 

Mentor, Ohio 

Anne Marie Whinemore 

Salomon Smith Barney 

Bruce B. Hopkins '72 
Memphis, Tennessee 

Chairman of the Board Cloyes 

Richmond Virginia 

George B. Cartledge, Jr. '63 

Gear and Products, Iru:. 

Attorney/ Partner, McGuireWoods 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Executive Vice President and 

William T.-M. Newton '89 

Donnan Chancellor Wintermute 

Chairman of the Board, 

Manager, Executive Financial 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Grand Home Furnishings 

Services Division, First Tennessee 

Sales, Brokerage Services, Cushman 

Vice President/Real Estate Broker, 

W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68 


and Wakefield of Florida, Inc. 

Pardoe & Graham Real Estate, 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Stephen L. Hughey '79 

William L. Pannill '77 

Professor and Chairman, 

Houston, Texas 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Peter T.Worthen 

Department of Surgery, 

President, Lava Exploration, Inc. 

Chairman of the BoardJCEO, 

Birmingham, Alabama 

East Carolina School of Medicine 
A. Philip Cook, Jr. 

Maurice A. Jones '86 
Arlington, Virginia 

Tacoma, Inc. 
Richard C.Parker '81 

Chairman and CEO, 
Schreiber Corp., Inc. 

Birmingham. Alabama 

Deputy Director, Community 

AtLinta, Georgia 

Chairman and CEO, 

Development Financial Institutions 

Private Financial Investor 

Cook Publications, Inc. 

Fund, U.S. Department of the 

Comanche Investment Co., LLC 

Charles W.Crist, Jr. '66 


John C. Parrott II '64 

Roanoke, Virginia 

William B. Jones 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Vice President for Finance & 

Washington, District of Columbia 

Senior Vice-President/Investments, 

Administration, Hollins University 

Robert W. King, Jr '52 
Charlotte, North Carolina 
Attorney, Moore & Van Allen, 

Salomon Smith Barney, Inc. 



den-Sydney College has under- 
gone a number of significant 
changes. The eight-year "tempo- 
rary" presidency of Lt. General 
Samuel V. Wilson came to an 
end when he was replaced on 
July 1,2000, by Dr. Walter M. 
Bortz III. Previously Vice- 
President for Administration and 
Information Services at The 
George Washington University, 
Dr. Bortz brings a wealth of 
experience to the Hampden- 
Sydney presidency. "The Board 
has had no greater responsibility 
than to choose the right man to 
lead Hampden-Sydney in the 
next millennium," said Chair- 
man of the Board of Trustees 
William C. Boinest '54, "and we 
believe without a doubt that we 
have done so." 

In the first months of his 
presidency. Dr. Bortz conducted 
an ambitious tour of alumni 

clubs, attending 23 events in 
order to meet as many members 
of the extended Hampden- 
Sydney family as possible. Two 
major themes recurred in his 
remarks: the importance of devel- 
oping the College's resources in 
order to meet established goals, 
especially pressing needs for a 
new library, a new fine arts build- 
ing, and a centralized student 
services facility; and the need to 
market the College more aggres- 
sively to reach the largest possible 
applicant pool of young men. 

In another significant transi- 
tion, Dr. Lewis Drew '60 retired 
after 30 years as Dean of 
Students and was replaced this 
summer by Dr. James M. Black- 
burn, who previously was the 
Assistant Dean of Students at 
Randolph-Macon College. Since 
both President Emeritus Wilson 
and Dr. Drew still grace the 
campus with their regiJar pres- 

ence, Hampden-Sydney has the 
benefit of drawing on the institu- 
tional memory of each leader. 

In another move, Dr. Paul S. 
Baker, who has served since 1 992 
as Executive Assistant to the Pres- 
ident, has been named Vice Pres- 
ident for Administration. Other 
changes in the past year include a 
new director of alumni relations 
(Howard Stracke '75), a new 
director of development (Richard 
Epperson '79), and a new head 
football coach (Marty Favret). 


Fundraising: Hampden-Sydney 
College enjoyed another success- 
fill fundraising year. Spurred on 
by the annual fund goal of rais- 
ing "Two Million in 2000" for 
retiring President Wilson, the 
overall effort netted nearly $6 
million. This reflects an increase 
of $L3 million from 1999. Brian 
Sommardahl '96, the new Direc- 

Dr. Walter M. Bortz III became the 
23rd president of Hampden-Sydney 
College on July 1, 2000. He is shown 
above giving his inaugural address 
during the investiture service held 
October 21, 2000. 

An aerial vieiv of the campus at sunset. 
In preparation for the College's third 
century on this hill a master plan was 
developed to address present and future 


The BirthpUce, the 1750$ law office in 
which Hampden-Sydriey College was 
founded, is being carefiilly restored in 
time jhr the College's 225th anniversary 

tor of the Annual Fund, attrib- 
utes this success to the strength 
ot the Hampden-Sydney family, 
who "again stepped forward to 
meet a significant fundraising 
challenge. " 

The budget support portion 
of the Annual Fund totaled 
$2,002,456, while overall fund- 
raising reached $5,971,889. This 
includes the establishment of 
eight new scholarships, three new 
endowed awards, and thirteen 
gift annuities. These gift annu- 
ities will in time become one 
professorship, four scholarships, 
three undesignated endowment 
fijnds, and one general endowed 
scholarship. 'The wonderful 
thing about a gift annuity is that 
it is part gift and part income for 

the donor," said Barbara Henley, 
Director of Planned Giving. 

Just over 40% of alumni 
participated in the Annual Fund, 
while 65 faculty and staff 
members contributed as well. 

"This year," said Mr. 
Sommardiihl, "our goal is to 
improve upon last year's totals 
while emphasizing die percent- 
age of alumni participation." 

Endowment: Hampden-Sydney 
College ended its fiscal year on 
June 30, 2000, solidly in the 
black for the 22nd consecutive 
year. At June 30, 2000, die 
College's financial report showed 
assets of $195 million, a growth 
of approximately $9 million over 
June 30, 1999. Once again the 

auditors awarded the College a 
"clean" audit with no exceptions 

The College's total endow- 
ment value as of June 30, 2000, 
was a shade under $120 million, 
reflecting an increase of $3.7 
million from 1999, and an 
increase of $88.7 million from 
1988. Hampden-Sydney College 
participates in the Annual 
Endowment Study undertaken 
each year by the National Asso- 
ciation of College and Universit)' 
Business Officers (NACUBO). 
This survey, which covers the 
vast majority of managed endow- 
ment funds in the United States, 
is the definitive report on endow- 
ment performance and manage- 
ment in the United States. As of 





OTHER 1.8% 

FEES 48% 











— -.^ 11.8% 




SUPPORT 11.5% 

OF PLANT 1.-^k 



Tuition & Fees $15,961,100 

Federal grants and contracts 403, 1 93 

State grants and contracts 1,547,061 

Private gifts, grants, contracts 2,522,944 

Endowment income 4,523,990 

Auxiliary' enterprises 7,857,472 

Other sources 635,220 

Total Revenue $33,451,030 


Education & General: 

Instruction $7,394,915 

Research 174,434 

Academic support 1 ,764,03 1 

Student services 3,938,891 

Institutional support 3,853,088 
Operation & maintenance 

of plant 2,434,849 
Scholarships & 

fellowships 6,308,295 

Total Educational & General $25,868,503 

Loan fund matching grant 1 0,387 

Transfers 1,421,863 

Auxiliary enterprises 5,93 1 ,687 

Total Expenditures $33,232,440 


\mKmmon: Inelmln aU apendimm jm MOdlemu lUpaTTmfntd txfenM, faculty uiLru, and bnupD, jmt mmmrr u^ • Rocarth: liuluJf, rcpmAimm far ,f»iwmt nuanh m Mrordancr atlh ihr urrm of panti. caniracB, or atl^ aijrmmt^ • Aadcmic Suppun: Wuiiio^- 

ttinirafor Utrrary aprraitow, aimsmmi. and rampuiing oprrmoni • Student Scivico : Includa tht mu ofiht Hepjnar'i Ogitt. Admiawm Offiet. fiiuaaal Aid Offitt. l)tan afSmdenU 0§Kt. Ail,l/na. Canrr Sonata and Counseling Offitn. Htallh Senwa. and Hatdtntt Uftfunaien,. 

' \miimxonA iiafpcm-. Incbida aU acfenduum rrUttn^ia iht gnural arcutnr and adminutrath* o§uo uiiiih itnv die nttin inmtuMn; tlv t^id^ 

mem. • Opcntion & Mjintcrunn of Plwr latludeiapendmiTB for thtaptranan and mamienantt of die inaimtianifliiimd plain and tarraf pounds • SchoLt^hip, uid f^AawHiiya^ InthJe, all exfmduuft, fin Undent finjnciA aid uiththeoxrfieanofloanfiindior^indimniedfroin 

the federal Cotlefi Wori^Shtdy Program, ' AuiiJuty Enicipnui; Inclnda all tmn lUMiatrd u^iili the operation of aitxitiary mteifntti- Ttletommunicatieni, food Servitr optratuiu. mulenirmdenta.^uuliy-iiaffrmtalpropertity Bnokaorr oferatum. and Sunuiur PiopwuL 

1999-2()()() HONOR ROLL OF DONORS 

June 30, 1999, Hampden- 
Sydney College's endowment 
ranked 257th in size when 
compared with the 503 reporting 
institutions. Ot the 344 private 
institutions panicipating in the 
study, Hampden-Sydney College 
ranked 92nd in endowment per 
student. The College's 14% total 
return for the twelve months 
ended June 30, 1999, ranked 
98th among all participating 
colleges and universities. For the 
five-year period ended June 30, 
1999, the College enjoyed a 
21.7% annual compound rate of 
return which ranked us 1 1 th 
among reporting institutions. 

Budget: The College's revenue 
for die fiscal year 1999-2000 
totaled $33,451,030, with fifty- 
one percent (51%) of the reve- 
nue coming from tuition and 
fees. This percentage has been 
roughly consistent for the past 
eight years. 

The College's expenditures 
totaled $33,232,440, with forty- 
three percent (43%) of the 
money going to the areas of 
instruction, scholarships, and 
fellowships. [See Revenues and 
Expenditures chart at left.] 


Students: At the core of any 
fiindraising effort is support for 
the students. While most donors 
may not know them personally, 
it is important to have a sense of 
who they are. 

In the fall of 2000, die 
College enrolled 976 students. 
Sixty percent (60%) of these 
students are from Virginia, ten 
percent (10%) are from North 
Carolina, and smaller but nota- 
ble contingents come from 
Alabama, Maryland, Georgia, 
and South Carolina. The 
Virginia counties producing the 
highest number of students are 
Chesterfield, Henrico, and Fair- 
fax, while the top Virginia cities 
are Virginia Beach and Roanoke. 
The minority population is five 
percent (5%), a figure that has 
remained relatively steady for the 
past ten years. The entering class 
of 2004, numbering 297 fresh- 
men, was culled from 998 appli- 

The College's emphasis on 
small classes has not wavered: 
seventy percent (70%) of the 
classes this fall had fewer than 20 
students. The student-facult\' 
ratio is less than 11 to 1 . The 
most popular majors are 

economics (with over 31% of 
declared majors) and history 
(with 22% of majors), followed 
by political science (9%), biology 
(8%), English (7%), and 
psychology (6%). 

Hampden-Sydney strives to 
recruit the best available 
students. This fall, 15% of the 
students are Honors Scholars, an 
8% increase over the past ten 
years. Last year, Hampden- 
Sydney student Kristian Harga- 
don '01 became the College's 
first Goldwater Scholar. A highly 
selective national program. Gold- 
water Scholarships are awarded 
to outstanding students pursuing 
careers in mathematics, the natu- 
ral sciences, and engineering. 
Kristian is a biology major who 
has spent the past two summers 
conducting research. 

Attracting and retaining 
students of this caliber requires 
resources. The College's financial 
aid program tailors its awards to 
students from a range of back- 
grounds. Overall, more than $12 
million in financial aid was 
distributed to students this year, 
reaching 88% of all students. 
This is the highest percentage of 
students receiving aid in the past 
sixteen years. Fifty percent (50%) 

A ceremony was heU on April 22, 2000 
to dedicate Hampden-Sydney 's new base- 
ball complex. From left, Mr. and Mrs. 
Brtice Spencer 37; Mr. John C. Ellis 70: 
Dr. John H. Schug '52 and his wife Peggy 
Cobb Schug, the granddaughter ofTy 
Cobb; President Wilson; and Mrs. in'in 
G. Homer. 


The Madrigal Feaste, an Elizabethan 
Christmas celebration presented by the 
Glee Club, is entering its third successfid 


At the Prince Edward Stories Symposiu77i. 

actor James Earl Jones joined students in 

a disatssion of civil rights and American 

schools. Around them is a dispLiy of 

amvork depicting "fiHetidship" by 

students from the Prince Edward County 

Public Schools and from the Ei4^ua 



All of Hampden-Sydney CoUtge's frater- 
nity houses have been rebuilt or renovated 
in the past few years. Pictured above is 
the new Sigrna Chi house. 

of all Students received need- 
based aid. Of the $12 million in 
total financial aid, 46% came 
from Hampden-Sydney sources, 
38% from federal programs, 
13% from state sources, and 3% 
from elsewhere. 

Faculty: A dedicated, expe- 
rienced faculty is essential to an 
excellent academic program. 
Hampden-Svdney College 
professors, both old and new, 
spend the bulk of their days 
teaching students, both in and 
out of the classroom. 

Seventy-six percent (76%) of 
the current faculty have earned 
doctoral degrees, an increase of 
8% over last year. Because of 
generational shifts in the facult}' 
population, Hampden-Sydney 
has had to replace a number of 
retiring professors. Forty-seven 
percent (47%) of the faculty have 
been at the school fewer than six 
years. When the beloved teachers 
of the present choose to retire, 
Hampden-Sydney is placing 
great emphasis on replacing them 
with the esteemed scholars of 

While Hampden-Sydney 
faculty are required to be teachers 
first, they are ably supported in 
their research pursuits. A 

sampling ot current projects 

• Panerson Professor of Biol- 
ogy William Shear's work on 
arthropods. In addition to exten- 
sive publications. Dr. Shear has 
become something of a science 
celebrit)', appearing in two 
nature specials, one for the 
Discovery Channel and one for 
the National Geographic Society. 

• Historv' professor Ken 
Lehman's work on Bolivian 
history, recendy published as 
Bolivia and the United States: 
A Limited Partnership. 

• "Sonnet Variations, " a 
dramatic adaptation of Shiike- 
speare's sonnets prepared b\' 
former English professor James 
SchifFer. Professors Matthew 
Dubroff, James Kidd, Shirley 
Kagan, Joan McRae, and Peter 
Mitias, along with several 
students, performed it in the 
U.S. and Scotland. 

In addition, faculty members 
have been busy bringing a 
number ot cultural and intel- 
lectual programs to campus. Last 
fail, history protes.sor RoxiUin 
Prazniak led a campus-wide 
effort to host Prince Edward 
Stories: Race, Schools, America, a 
symposium on the history and 
legacy of the local school integra- 

tion crisis. In the spring, Hamp- 
den-Sydney held a symposium 
on the Trojan War and its endur- 
ing legacy in Western culture. 
And this year, the College will 
host a major symposium on the 
moral, legal, and ethical implica- 
tions attendant upon the comple- 
tion of the Human Genome 
Project. Entided "Know 
Thyself," the symposium will 
feature nationally-known speak- 
ers representing an array of legal, 
scientific, and theological 

Hampden-Sydney's flagship 
leadership program has been 
renamed the Wilson Center for 
Leadership in the Public Interest, 
in honor of President Emeritius 
Samuel V. Wilson; he has also 
been appointed to the Center's 
James C. WTieat, Jr., Professor- 
ship in Leadership. 

The Campus: List winter, the 
Board of Trustees approved a 
Master Plan to guide develop- 
ment of the Hampden-Sydney 
College campus over the next 
couple decades. Based on an 
eventual projected enrollment 
slightly greater than 1 000, the 
plan provides for additional 
buildings while preserving the 


historic unity of the architectural 
style. Three projects have top 

• A new Hbrary. Winston 
Hall, which served as the library 
from 1878 to 1961, will be trans- 
formed by an extensive addition 
to return to its former funcdon. 
The Computing Center may also 
be located in the new library, 
providing a common site for the 
College's information tech- 

• A new fine arts facility. In 
the space across Via Sacra from 
Gilmer Hall, a new fine arts 
building will be constructed to 
include a new theater, as well as 
studio, gallery, and performance 

• A central student services 
building. Once the new library is 
completed, Eggieston will be 
renovated as a student services 
center, bringing together the 
bookstore, post office, health 
center, career planning center, 
and the Dean of Students offices. 

On a smaller scale, significant 
improvements have already been 
made to the existing campus: 
Middlecourt has been renovated, 
all fraternity houses are being 
thoroughly renovated or rebuilt, 
with the last two currently under 
construcrion, and the athletic 
facilities, particularly the lacrosse 
practice field and the baseball 
stadium, have been upgraded 
and improved. 

Finally, the Birthplace, the 
1750s law office in which Hamp- 
den-Sydney College was 
founded, is being carefiilly 
restored in time for the College's 
225th anniversary celebration. 

Technology: Hampden-Sydney's 
efforts to combine the best of the 
old with the best of the new were 
recendy rewarded when Wired 
magazine, the premier guide to 
the digital age, ranked the 
College at number 63 among 
America's top 100 "most wired" 

colleges. The rankings were 
based on the pervasiveness of 
recent technologies on each 


A college is more than the sum of 
its parts. While support for 
students, faculty, and the campus 
environment is vital to Hamp- 
den-Sydney College, the gener- 
ous contributions of alumni and 
friends allow many other activ- 
ities to flourish. Beyond the class- 
room, Hampden-Sydney 
students engage in athletics, the 
ans, community service, and a 
host of addirional pursuits: 

• For several years, the basket- 
ball team has represented a 
model blend of athletic and 
academic excellence. In 1999, 
they reached the NCAA Division 
III national championship game, 
losing only in the second over- 
time period. Last year the team 
finished the regiJar season unde- 
feated. In addition to all the 
victories, members of coach 
Tony Shaver's team excel in the 
classroom. Jack Jirak '00 was 
named the ODAC's best male 
student-athlete — the second 
straight year Hampden-Sydney 
has won this award (succeeding 
David Hobbs '99). 

• Last year the Fine Arts 
department staged two perfor- 
mances — the comedy Lend Me a 
Tenor and Sophocles' tragedy 
Philoctetes. The latter was 
presented in conjunction with the 
Trojan War Symposium and 
featured the voice of President 
Wilson as Heracles. This year will 
include productions of Shake- 
speare's A Midsummer Night's 
Dream and Harold Pinter's 
Betrayal. The Glee Club contin- 
ues its now annual tradition of 
holding a Madrigal Feaste, an Eliz- 
abethan Christmas celebration of 
food and music. For the first three 
days in December, Winston Hall 
is transformed into a castle 
banquet hall, as costumed 
performers entertain guests with 
period songs and courtly jests. 

• In an effort to bring the "real 
worid" to Hampden-Sydney (and, 
in turn, to show off Hampden- 
Sydney to the "real world"), the 
Visiting Executive Program 
invites prominent business figures 
to campus. Last year, C. 
Cammack Morton '73 came to 
discuss his experience developing 
outlet malls and the effects of the 
Internet on retail shopping. This 
fall, Salvatore Giannetti '86 
shared his knowledge of inter- 
national finance. 

The Hampdai'Sydney Music Festival, 
now entering its twentieth year, is nation- 
ally recognized for its chamber music 

Kei'in Sivann 01 will be one of the 
leaders this year as the Hampden- 
Sydney basketball team attempts to 
match last year's undefeated regular 



HAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE is a four-year traditional liberal arts college for men. Its 660-acre 
campus is in south-central Virginia, 60 miles southwest of Richmond. Since 1776 Hampden-Sydney has 
sustained its mission "to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning." Ranked 
among the country's top liberal arts institutions, the College continues to live up to its historical promise 
by producing honorable men who serve the public good. Among its alumni are one U.S. President, thir- 
teen Senators, and many Congressmen, state representatives, doctors, attorneys, ministers, and leaders in 
business and industry (one alumnus in ten is president, owner, or CEO of a company). 




(Market value as of June 30, 2000) 


Tuition $16,690 • Room and board (average) $6,1 10 • Special fees $499 • Total $23,299 


Total enrollment 976 
60% from Virginia • 40% out-of-state (34 states, 3 foreign coimtries) 

CLASS OF 2004 

Applications 998 • Enrollment 297 • Honors Scholars 43 

SAT mid-50% range 1020-1210 • Average High School GPA 3.11 

59% come from public schools, 41% from private schools 


Full-time faculty 70 • Part-time faculty 37 

Student-faculty ratio lltol • Average class size is 15.5 

Most popular (declared) majors: Economics (31.3%), History (22.7%), Pohtical Science, Biology, English 


50% of students receive need-based financial aid administered by die College. 

Approximately 16% of the Colleges operating budget is used to give financial aid. 

The average need-based financial award is $14,834. 


About 25% of students take part in 8 intercollegiate varsity sports (NCAA Division 111). 
70% of students take part in 9 intramural sports. 


Hampden-Sydney College, while exevipted from Subpart C of the Title IX regulation with respect to its admissions and recrttitment activities, does not discriminate 

on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age. national origin, handicap, or veteran status in the operation of its education pro-ams and u'ith respect to employment. 

For information on this non-discrimination policy, contact the Business Office. Box 127, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943, (804) 223-6220. 


1499-2()()() FOUNDERS 


section of the Honor Roll of Donors because of the profound impact the Founders 
have had on the mission of this College. For the past three 
years, this group has contributed over three-quarters of all of the 
monies raised for Hampden-Sydney College, which equates to 
an average of $4.5 million a year. Based on what the College 
draws from its endowment, this amount is equal to the earnings 
of an endowment in the range of $90 million! 

One might say, then, that the Founders represent a "living en- 
dowment," one that thankfiilly affords Hampden-Sydney Col- 
lege the resources "to form good men and good citizens in an at- 
mosphere of sound learning." As we celebrate the College's 

225th year, let us hope the fiscal responsibility exhibited by the Founders will continue 
and grow for another 225 years, and let us offer up our thanks to these 682 individuals 
who have contributed so greatly to the betterment and preservation of this singular 

With best wishes for the coming year. 

William C. Boincst '54 
Chairman of the Board of Trmtees, 
HaTr:pdai'Sydney College 

William C. Boinest '54 
Chairman of the Board 





Honoring Donors of $1000 


or more 


Mr. John C.Ellis, Jr. 70 

Gushing Society 

Hoitoriiig Dii'ion of $10,000 or more 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge '68 
Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers 
Richmond, Virginia 

during :hf 1999-2000 fiscal yenr 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III '43 

Dr.&Mrs.JohnB. Schug'52 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet, Jr. '31 

Mr. Buford Sears 

Richmond, Virginia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Buffalo, New York 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Austin 71 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hirer Harris III '83 

Mr. Burn Sears 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Benton '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydnor Settle '55 

Newport News, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Morristown, New Jersey 

Mr. C. Howard Bliss '37 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66 

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hatten '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Grant C. Sipp '49 

Richmond, Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Abuquerque, New Mexico 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Hughey '79 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Houston, Texas 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. '51 

Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 

Mrs. Glenn W. Small, Sr. - Deceased 

Hampton, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Jiilious P. Smith, Jr. '65 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virgmia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45 

Dr. Willette L. LeHew '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

High Point, North Carolina 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. '43 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb '66 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Bruce Spencer '37 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. '38 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Manakin-Sabot, Vitginia 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Palm Beach, Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Canledge, Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Lock-wood 

Mr. Joseph Triplett Trotter '35 - Deceased 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph ChitNvood, Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III '76 

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Venable '42 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Darien, Connecticut 

Los Alamos, New Mexico 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashby W. Coleman '87 

Mr. Craig L. Massey '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morton Venable, Jr. '50 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr. 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes '36 

Mr. Joseph F. Viar, Jr. '63 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Dinwiddle, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKittrick '67 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III '75 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Boulder, Colorado 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Whitley '59 

Dillwvn, Virginia 

Schley, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Mr. &c Mrs. David G. Monette 

Mr. E. Carlton Wilton, Sr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers '57 

Mrs. Donnan C. Wintermute 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mentor, Ohio 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnC. Ellis.Jr. '70 

Mr. Russell B. Newton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Worthen 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Birmingham, Aabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. M. Newton '89 

Dr. &Mrs. EdwinS.Wysor'4l 

Richmond, Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Mcchanicsville, Virginia 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Mr. & Mrs. William L Pannill '77 

La Jolla, Calitornia 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter B. Frischkorn III 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81 

Richmond, Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. J. B. Fuqua 

Dr. & Mrs. George P. Piros '75 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Savannah, Georgia 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Pollock '87 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Dr. Arthur S. Gear, Jr. '55 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38 

South Hill, Virginia 

Bluefield, West Virginia 



Venable Society 

Honoring Donors ofS5.000-$9. 999 
dunng lite 1 999-2000 fiscal year 


Mr. A. Jackson Watkins Barber '89 

San Francisco, California 
Mr. & Mrs. James N. Boyd '58 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Roben Bray '60 

Ponsmouth, Virginia 
Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Columbia, South Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Burroughs, Sr. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. Richard C. Burroughs, Jr. '99 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. Donald A. Caldwell 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Capito, Jr. '76 

Charleston, West Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Citrone '87 

Westport, Connecticut 
Ms. Peggy Wilton Copeland 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Cox III '77 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. Richard F. Cralle, Jr. '65 

FarmviUe, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Crosby, Sr. 

Mobile, Alabama 
Mr. Ronald W. Davis '59 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas U. Dudley '65 

Upperville, Virginia 
Miss Jane Dunn 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Franklin Flippin '69 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr. &c Mrs. Anhur P. Flippo '41 

Doswell, Virginia 
Dr. Paul Flowers 

Dothan, Alabama 
Dr. Richard M. Frazer, Jr. '52 

New Orieans, Louisiana 
Dr. & Mrs. Flichard M. German, Jr. '40 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Giannetd 111 '86 

Darien, Connecticut 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Giles '65 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Fred T. Given, Jr. '49 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Goodmon 

Raleigh, North Carohna 
Mr. &c Mrs. Richard P. Flankins, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John Willard Kirk 111 '72 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Lindsay '52 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. L. White Matdiews III '67 

Dallas, Texas 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis B. McClung '82 

Salem, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. '42 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr. '65 

KnoxviUe, Tennessee 
Mrs. Mary Fielen Morgan 

Saluda, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr. '67 

Marion, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parrott II '64 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Peake '51 

Newport News, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. '45 

Lubbock, Texas 
Mrs. Manha C. Sanders 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad F. Sauer IV '72 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Stallard '59 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Tashjian '77 

Greenwich, Connecticut 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor, Jr. '57 

Radford, Virginia 
Mr. John FI. Thompson III '43 

Orlando, Florida 
Mr. Edward B. Titmus 

Sutherland, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Trammell '58 

Hershey, Pennsylvania 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Case Whittemore 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Willcox 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. George Wright III '48 

New York, New York 
Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. '44 

KnoxviUe, Tennessee 

Atkinson Society 

Hmonng Donors of$2.500-$-i,999 
dimng the 1 999-2000 fiscal year 


Mr. &c Mrs. Thomas E. Adkins, Jr. '82 

Jacksonville, Florida 
Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond, Jr. 

Hanover, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Arthur, Jr. 

Haverford, Pennsylvania 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Q. Bass, Jr. '75 

Raleigh, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Boyd '40 

Lexington, South Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr. '56 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Breiner '82 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. John E. Brush, Jr. '76 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Buder '63 

Winchester, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Carr '73 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary '85 

Vienna, Virginia 
Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. '69 

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Custis, Jr. '67 

Onancock, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. '63 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Diecz '52 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds 111 '93 

Louis\'ille, Kentucky 
Mr. &c Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. '64 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan, Sr. '40 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Flowers 

Dothan, Alabama 
Mr. James Gordon Frazer '57 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Frischkorn, Jr. '61 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. A. Frederick Gall, Jr. 77 

Charleston, West Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John L Gibson III '82 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Grover '80 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Darby G. Hand '77 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Harker 

Danville, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Ronnie Harrell 

Dothan, Alabama 
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Peebles Harrison '89 

Nags Head, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Hatchett, Jr. '84 

Rock Hill, South Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory B. Henderson '76 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Dr. Lawrence K. Hill, Jr. '77 

Greenville, South Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. H. William Hoffman '49 

Charlotte C. H., Virginia 
Mr. Irvin G. Horner - Deceased 

Moseley, Virginia 
Mrs. Irvin G. Horner 

Moseley. Virginia 
Mr. Claude S. Hornsby 

Roswell, Georgia 
Mr. & Mrs, Caner W. Hotchkiss '79 

Franklin, Virginia 
Mr. William Henry Hubbard '39 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Mark Kelly '83 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. King, Jr. '52 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Thompson Lawson 111 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leary '61 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Lewis '78 

LutherviUe, Maryland 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Lowry, Jr. '66 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Matney '63 

Santa Rosa, California 
Mr. & Mrs. David S. McClung II '51 

Salem, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Meredith, Jr. '45 

Arnold, Maryland 
Mr. John M.Miller '56 

Roanoke, Virginia 




Mr. & Mrs. William S. Moore 78 
Petersburg, Virginia 

Cabell Society 

HorwnngDomn <ifSl.00O-S2.'i99 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Blank, Jr. '78 
Litde Rock, Arkansas 

Mr. & Mrs. Banow Morgan, Jr. '94 

during the 1999-20mfixulyMr 

The Re\-. Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bluford, Jr. '43 

Lawaenceville, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Cammack Morton 73 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Kwasi N. Boafo '83 

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Adelman '70 

Paramus, New Jersey 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham '40 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Elliott Bondurant '79 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Mr. William S.Adkisson, Jr. '29 

West Point, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Nottingham III '74 

Clover, Virginia 

Mr. Mnon P. Boon '74 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mrs. Elizabeth LeSueur Aldhizer 

Ashe\'ille, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. '56 

Richmond, Virginia 

.Mr. Obie Henry Boodi '62 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William Bwn Alsup 111 '68 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. Charles Dec O'Dell 11 '87 

Washington, Distria of Columbia 

Dr. & .Mrs. Walter M. Bortz III 

Chicago, Illinois 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Altizer '84 

Hampden-Sydnc)-, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Mendham, New Jersey 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Scott BosNvell '73 

Portsmouth. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Ames IV '73 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam"M. Passano, Jr. '33 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mn. John M. Boswell '63 

Baltimore, Mar)Jand 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. '36 

Burkeville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Fain'Peebles '78 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Bowles '76 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Wesley G. Andrews, Jr. '49 

Libertyville, Illinois 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion Wooten Peebles, Jr. 

Carson, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. xMar\'in C. Bowling, Jr. '48 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Mr. Alexander Arnz '89 

Powhatan, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen H. Peer, Jr. '72 

.•Mexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James R Bowman, Jr. 

Woodstock, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. ^Mvan M. Aron '33 

Raleigh, North Carolina 


Union Hall. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Grayson Boyce '63 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Ayers, Jr. 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Pritchett '64 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breeden III '56 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Bailey, Jr. '43 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John R Ragsdale 111 '66 

Sanibel, Florida 

Mr. John L. Brinkle)- '39 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ray 

Hampden-Svdney, Virginia 

Mr. Eric). Bnnsfield''88 

Devon, Pennsylvania 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Baker, Jr. '89 

Wdmington, Delaware 

Mr. & Mrs. R Rick Reiss '70 

Brooklyn, New York 

Dr. &Mrs.J. MillsBritt,Jr. '36 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Fred Ball, Jr. 

Franklin, Virginia 

Mrs. John C. Richardson 

Dallas, Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. 

Catons\ille, Maryland 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip deButts Rome '68 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner T. Brooks, Jr. '51 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Walter Cason Barco '68 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Schaaf 111 '69 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Brown '87 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E.^Baril '77 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. ^'. Denis Brown IV '80 

Charleston, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. DaNld R Barrett 

Monroe, Louisiana 

Maj. & Mrs. Steven Michael Sharp USAF, MD '86 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Carter B. Bryan 

Frankfon, Kentuckv' 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Basilone '83 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C.'Shiflett '46 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon C. Bryan '96 

Roanoke, Virginia 


Adantic Beach, Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. James R Smidi 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. BPr-ant '53 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Beck '67 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl, Sr. '63 

Savannah, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buck '58 

Richmond, Virginia 


Chesapeake, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Taylor '74 

Palatka, Florida 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Buckman '77 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Beckner '68 

Halifax, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Thomson '85 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. James Wesley Burgess '62 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Bedinger 111 '76 

Soudi Boston, Virginia 

Mr. Alan Toothman 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Burke '80 

Woodstock, Virginia 

Mr. Edmund L. Benson Iir39 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Willis '42 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Burton '68 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Cmdr. & Mrs. G. R Berkeley, Jr. 

Charlonesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Wilson '60 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Jameson George Buston II '58 

Covington, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Bernhardt, Jr. 

Richmond, Vlrpnia 

Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Butler 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard Hunt Berr)-man '65 

Farmville, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn '46 

Likeland, Florida 

Mrs. William T.Butler, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. MarcellusJ. Best, Jr. '80 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Banon K. Yount III '70 

Goidsboro, North Carohna 

Mr. Lonnie A. Byrd 

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Bird '37 

Newport News, Virginia 

Monterey, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Cabell '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvard R. H '71 

Richmond, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Craighead Caldwell, Jr. '38 
Richmond, Virginia 



Mr. & Mrs. W. Davidson Call 

Mr. & Mrs. T, Frank Crowder '45 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Ebel '76 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Caplin '86 

Mr. Douglass C. Crummett '43 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. '53 

Pipersville, Pennsylvania 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. &:Mrs.JohnG. Cargilllll 

Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett 

Mrs. Rose S. Emerick 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Leesburg, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Carney 

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Crump III '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. English '78 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Dunnsville, Virginia 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Carter '68 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn CuUey, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II '79 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. George B. Cardedge III '86 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Keidi Eubank '42 

Roanoke, Virginia 

[ ^ — ■ 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Carwile '92 


Mr. & Mrs. Christopher K. Evans '68 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 


Irvine, California 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Cadett '43 

-M ^ -^ 

Mr. &Mrs.J. DavidEwing'91 

Richmond, Virginia 


Decatur, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Caudle, Jr. '68 

.f r>w 

Mr. James H. Fannon, Jr. - Deceased 

Richmond, Virginia 

vf -^ *■'* 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates Chappell '64 


Mrs. James H. Fannon, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 


Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Deane Cheadiam III '88 

A - - 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Parish, Sr. 

Ashland, Virginia 

^k ^^>^' 

Chadotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barry Chenault '88 

^^ X:w 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Stuart Farmer, Jr. '74 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Cherry '73 

"Nowhere else 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Faussemagne 

Richmond, Virginia 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. &: Mrs. Kenneth E. Childress '70 

like it." 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Feldmann, Sr. '70 

Brentwood, Tennessee 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mrs. Ruth .Anne Reed Chitwood 

Atkinson Society 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Ferneyhough '59 

WnheviUe, Virginia 

Monroe, Virginia 

Ms. Bonnie Christ 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Scott Fife '83 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabney '76 

Great Falls, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Christian, Sr. '72 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Dabney 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. John G.Clark, Jr. '75 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Finger '66 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Daly '83 

Cedar Vale, Kansas 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Clarke '50 

Richmond, Virginia 

Col. & Mrs. William R. Foley 

Devon, Pennsylvania 

Mr. & Mrs. Nonvood H. Davis, Jr. '63 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David \. Clay '73 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Pace M. Fonville, Sr. 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Kennedi Davis 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Earnest D. Coalter, Jr. 

Hanover, Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.J.CabellFooshe'92 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Brandt Deal '70 

Arlington, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Don R. Cochran '73 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Forbes Iir69 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Deal '73 

Ramsey, New Jersey 

Mr. M. J. Boyd Colgate 

Statesville, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Forehand, Jr. 

Chase City, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry Clark Deriso 

Spring Grove, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45 

Savannah, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Fowler '74 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Jackson Dickinson, Sr. 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs, E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Fox '38 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers, Jr. '53 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mr. John E. Corey '80 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Gordon France, Jr. '76 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Dooley, Jr. 

Spananburg, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cowherd 111 '50 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

Maninsviile, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Douglass '69 

Lexington, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Coxe '46 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 

St. Louis, Missouri 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Doudiat '64 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Cozan '84 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Craddock '55 

Farmville, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gardner, Jr. '57 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter E. Craig '84 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred L. Garrett III '62 

Charlonesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Driver '50 

Bowlers Wharf, Virginia 

Mrs. Roberta A. Crawley 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Garrett, Jr. 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis^J. Duckwall '59 

Gastonia, Nonh Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Lucian Crockett, Jr. '42 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. Ray A. Gaskins 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr. '69 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John Armstrong Cross, Jr. '54 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Gates '78 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Eason, Sr. '40 

Pamplin, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Cross '44 

Orange, Virginia 

The Hon. & Mrs. Ernest P. Gates, Sr. '45 

Spananburg, South Carolina 

Chesterfield, Virginia 



Mr. & Mrs. Erncsr P. Gates, Jr. 76 

Mr. & Mrs. Paulus 1. Haynsworth '62 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 

Powhatan, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

South Boston, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Gates, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Hazlegrove '76 

Mr. Samuel G. Jones, Jr. 

Farmville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Gemborys 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett A. Hellmudi 111 '75 

Dr. Samuel S. Jones '43 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Tucson, Arizona 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Genet 73 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Henley 

Dr. William Russell Jones, Jr. '37 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Gilbertson '69 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner, Jr. '51 

McLean, Virginia 

Charlortesville, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. Joseph P. Gillach '82 & Mr. Timothy L. 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul P. Hicks, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. '56 


Farmville, Virginia 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

San Francisco, California 

Mr. Timothy E. Hildreth '73 

Dr. & Mrs. Christophet Keeley '89 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert R. Gillespie '33 

Gahanna, Ohio 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Staunton, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hill 111 '76 

Mr. RalphD. Keightley,Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. '54 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lcwisburg, West Virginia 

Severna Park, Maryland 

Mr. Thomas B. Hilton 

Mr. William C. Keightley '75 

Mr. J. Edwin Givens 

Charlotte. North Carolina 

Savannah, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Hoffmann '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd J. Kellam 111 '77 

Mrs. Louise G. Givens 

Richmond, Virginia 

Belle Haven, Virginia 

Irvington, Virginia 

Dr.&Mrs.HartyF. Hoke,Jr. '54 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. KeUy '74 

Dr. John R. Good '52 

Richmond, Virginia 

Soudi Charleston, West Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

The Hon. Dr. & Mrs. Clarence A. Holland '52 

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Khoury '74 

Mr. R. Warden Good '81 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Darien, Connecticut 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Hopkins '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. l<aefer '75 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Goodloe, Jr. '49 

Memphis, Tennessee 

Sparks, Maryland 

Urbanna, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Hopkins '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Kimbrough 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Goodnight 

Amherst, Virginia 

Davidson, North Carolina 

Halifax, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hopper '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Kinney, Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Goodwin 

Richmond, Virginia 

El Cerrito, California 

Loudonville, New York 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin G. Horner, Jr. '86 

Dr.&Mrs.HubertE. Kiser,Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gravender 

Moseley, Virginia 

Bluefield, West Virginia 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Howard '77 

Dr. Paule G. Kline 

Mr. Roben Tyree Greene, Jr. '83 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Blacksburg, Virginia 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Norton Howe, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Erik A. Koroneos '79 

Dr. & Mrs. George L. B. Grinnan '57 

Adantic Beach, North Carolina 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard '62 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Krueger 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan 111 '57 

Roxboro, North Carolina 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. David F. Huddle '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Krupin '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L Grubb, Jr. '57 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Bevedy Hills, California 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. '46 

Mr. Gary M. Lane, Sr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Guerrant '33 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Adanta, Georgia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Walton L Huff '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane 

Dr. & Mrs. Darrow E. Haagensen, Jr. '66 

Sugar Land, Texas 

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 

Sacramento, California 

Mr. & Mrs. William E.Hunt. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl D. Laughlin '79 

Lt. Gov. & Mrs. John H. Hager 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Severna Park, Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Ireland 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Haley '77 

Thomasville, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Winnetka, Illinois 

Mr. Robert L Ireland, Jr. '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton '75 

New York, New York 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Irwin IV 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. LeHew '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin, Jr. 

Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Brian Jackson '87 

Mrs. Susan Weems Leachman 

Mr.&Mrs.J. Daniel Hardy, Jr. 71 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Ashland, Virginia 

Blacksburg, Virginia 

Mr. J. Bruce James, Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Lecky, Jr. '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Rives S. Hardy '54 

Richmond, Virginia 

Summit, New Jersey 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Devereux Jarratt '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Burton P. Lee 

Mr. &C Mrs. Robert G. Harper III '38 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Lee '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph C. 1 larrell '84 

Greensboro. North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar F. Jessee '42 

Dr.&Mrs.Willmiil. Lee7l 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Harrington, Jr. '60 

Richmond, Virginia 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

Raleigh, North (Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryce D. Jewett, Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Monte Lehmkuhlcr '88 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Allen Harrison 

Richmond. Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Jupiter, Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Boyd Johnson '74 


Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Hatchctt 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Johnson '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh '40 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard H.1W lir78 

Burkeville, Virginia 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Thomas W. Johnson, Jr. '96 

Dr. & Mrs. Henn,-' S. Liebert, Jr. '52 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Lancaster, Virginia 



Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Long, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Miller, Jr. '62 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Parks 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard N. Love 76 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller III '79 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Patton '63 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Laurel, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lucas '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Mishoe, Jr. '74 

Mr.&Mrs.RayM.PauLJr. '79 

Beckley, West Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L Lunsford II '64 

The Hon. & Mrs. John R. Mitchell, Jr. '77 

Mr. Marshall N. Pearman, Jr. '61 

Moneta, Virginia 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnW. Liixton'71 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd B. Mize, Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Peebles 

Richmond, Virginia 

Ruther Glen, Virginia 

Gloucester, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Wicldiffe S. Lyne '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Moore, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Wayne Penick '70 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Reedville, Virginia 

The Rev. & Mrs. W. Daniel MacGill III '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Moorman '64 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Percy, Jr. '69 

Snowshoe, West Virginia 

Lawrenceville, Virginia 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. Howard D. MacPherson '25 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Morgan 11 

Mr. Robert D. Perrow 

Mahwah, New Jersey 

Newport News, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Mack, Jr. '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. Morris '80 

Mr. George M. Peters 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

South Boston, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Madden '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Moseley, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Banks Peterson, Jr. '85 

Richmond, Virginia 

Hague, Virginia 

Roswell, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Mansfield, Jr. '78 

Dr.V.AtwellMotley.Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral, Sr. 

Gainesville, Georgia 

Abingdon, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Manson, Jr. '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Motdey '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Pollard LV' '64 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Marks '72 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Muller, Jr. '88 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Porterfield 

Franklin, Virginia 

Hickory, North Carolina 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. James J. Marshall, Jr. '34 

Dr. & Mrs. Roderick A. Mundy '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Hanson Powell III '73 

New York, New York 

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 

Newnan, Georgia 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Manin. Jr. 

Dr. Anthony J. Munoz 

Dr. & Mrs. Randall W. Powell '67 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mobile, Alabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hawley Martin '67 

Mrs. Anthony J. Mufioz - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. John Maynard Power '79 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Southern Shores, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Winfield Massie '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Tayloe N. Negus '88 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. '50 

Spring, Texas 

Richmond, Virginia 

Summerville, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Maxwell I! '65 

Mr. John Cason Newbern '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pue 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

TroutN'ille, Virginia 

ChaHotte, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Barrett Nichols '72 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Pumphrey III '70 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Winchester, Kentucky- 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Judson McAdams '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. O'Brian 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Greyson Quarles, Jr. '63 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Cary, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McBratney, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stedman Oakey, Jr. '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ramey, Jr. '51 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Pinehurst, North Carolina 

The Rev. & Mrs. Claud W. McCauley '52 

Mrs. Jean cold 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McClung '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence T. Orgain '41 


Salem, Virginia 

Alberta, Virginia 

Greenwood, South Carolina 

Mr. Maurice A. McDougal 

Mr. &C Mrs. John Gurganey Overstreet '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Rasor, Jr. 

Florence, South Carolina 

Bedford, Virginia 

Cross Hill, South Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy G. McGarry '83 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Overton '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Holman C. Rawls III '63 

Abingdon, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. cV Mrs. R. Matthew McGee '84 

Dr. John A. Owen,"jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Reeves '44 

Richmond, Virginia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Jonesboro, Arkansas 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Pace, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. A. William Reid '76 

Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dr. Benjamin Harrison Mcllwaine '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Pace '82 

MrE.A. Rennolds.Jr. 

Ford, Virginia 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Rosa H. McLaughlin 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Padgett, Jr. '63 

Mr. C. Edward Richardson III '51 

Rockbridge Baths, Virginia 

Berhesda, Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Carl Messerschmidt, Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Page '88 

Dr. & Mrs. WiUiaiii D. Richmond '79 

Bavtown, Texas 

Richmond, Virginia 

Pawley's Island, South Carolina 

Mr. &Mrs. William M. Metcalf, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Page '90 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Cabell Rives III '55 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

McLean, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Painter '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Roach '73 

Richmond, Virginia 

Warrenton, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. William R. Middelthon, Jr. '63 


Mr. James C. Robbins '55 

Coral Gables, Florida 

Richmond, Virginia 

Newark, Delaware 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Miles III '66 

Mr.JohnN. Park.Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Stewart Robertson '54 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 

Kingwood, Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Miller '77 

The Hon. & Mrs. Westbrook J. Parker '70 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. '64 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Franklin, Virginia 

New Canaan, Connecticut 



Dr. & Mrs. Fred D. Robinson '54 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Snavely '40 

Mr. Harry Downing Temple 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Blacksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Snyder III '50 

Mrs. Sarah M. Thompson 

Columbiana, Alabama 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson '69 

The Hon. & Mrs. Robert B. Spencer, Jr. '43 

The Hon. & Mrs. W. Carrington Thompson '37 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Dillwyn, Virginia 

Chatham, Virginia 

Mr. William F. Robinson, jr. '65 

Ms. Molly P. Squire 

Mrs. Verser Todd 

Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Emporia, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '70 

Dr. & Mrs. PeterV. Squire '48 

Mr. &: Mrs. W. Waverley Townes 'GG 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Emporia, Virginia 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Roncaglione, Jr. '83 

Mr. GeorgeM.TribleIV'91 

Charleston, 'West Virginia 


Williamsburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Rosenbaum '54 


Dr. & Mrs. E. Randolph Trice '44 

McLean, Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Lewis Royster, Jr. '62 

1 WM 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Trice '40 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 


Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Rude '70 

^ W ^Wj 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Roanoke, Virginia 

\ ^^\f 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr.JosephM. Ruffin.Jr. '62 


Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 

Richmond, Virginia 


Petersburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Russell, Jr. '64 


Dr. & Mrs. William V. Tynes 11 '57 

Norfolk, Virginia 

.^ ^ ^1 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Sanders '56 

^^ m ^^ 

Dr. & Mrs. S.Craig Vranian '81 

Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Wellford L. Sanders, Jr. '67 

"Every alumnus 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Walker '77 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford B. Sauer '74 

who believes in 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wall '78 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, Jr. '60 

Hampden-Sydney College's 

Greensboro, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. '60 

Newport News, Virginia 

mission and goals 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Scarborough '70 
Portsmouth, Virginia 

has an obligation 

Mr. & Mrs. Earle R. Ware II '57 
Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. John H. Schaefer 

to give back. 
This is why I give. " 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Ernest Warinner III '47 

Casselberry, Florida 
The Hon. Dr. James R. Schlesinger, Sr. 

Ordinary, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Arlington, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scott '63 

Gammon Society 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Warren '59 

Lexington, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sells '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Srephen K. Waskey '90 

Alpharetta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Curtis Steele, Jr. '67 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard Settle '50 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters III '58 

Lawrenceville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Mark Stepanian '93 

Emerald Isle, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Shaner '62 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Watson 

Fairfax Station, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Graham Stephens '49 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus R. Shelly III '75 

Troun-ille, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Watson 

Severna Park, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Stokes '40 

St. Simon's Island, Georgia 


Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph H. Watts '67 

Salem, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Ben Stone III '61 

White Stone, Virginia 

Mr. Thomas H. Shomo '69 

New Bern, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. '69 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Kearfott M. Stone '67 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Short '73 

Gloucester, Virginia 

Drs. Michael & Nancy Webb 

Salem, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Stoneburner, Jr. '78 

Beckley, West Virginia 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine III '94 

Richmond, Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Srradinger '69 

Marietta, Georgia 

Mr. William L Shumate III '66 

Mynle Beach, South Carolina 

Mr. Richard H. West '68 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Walter N. Street, Jr. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred L. Silbernagel, Jr. '50 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. D, M. Westerhouse, Jr. '68 

Frederick, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suitt, Jr. 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley S. Simms '85 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Jere F.White, Jr. 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. George Summers, Jr. '67 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Dr. Herbert J. Sipe, Jr. 

Goodview, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs' Paul F. NXIiitc '60 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. T. Austin Sydnor, Jr. '52 

Salem, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James I. Slaydon, Jr. '54 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs. Robert H.^-hitt, Jr. '78 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Walker P. Sydnor, Jr. '71 

Danville, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. James H. Smith '56 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mr. John L Wilcox 

Highland Springs, Virginia 

Mr. H.Tinsley Taliaferro lir71 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Mr. James H. Smith 

Warsaw, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Corbin McCue Wilkes '68 

Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John Ed Tankard 111 '85 

Arlingron, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith '59 

Exmore, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Timothy WiUiford '88 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Wilson, North Carolina 

1 ')')')-::()()() iH)N('»m<()i I oi donors 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. WillLs, Jr. '42 

Mr, Colin T. Monette '95 

Mrs. William C. Chewning 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson, Jr. '63 

Mr. Stuart J. Morris '97 

Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chitwood* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lexington, Kentucky 

Wytheville, Virginia 

Mr. &: Mrs. Layton B. Wilson 

Mr. Charles D. Perry '03 

Mr. James J. Coleman, Jr. 

Austin, Texas 

Birmingham, Alabama 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

President & Mrs. Samuel V. Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter W.Rabke '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter P. Conrad, Jr. 

Hanipden-Sydney, Virginia 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. Robert H. Wine, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Howard Selzer '94 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dallas, Texas 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Winhoeflft '68 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Stuart Shiplert '90 

Dr. Dorothy F. Cooney 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcott, Jr. '42 

Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl '96 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '45' 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Woltz, Jr. '71 

Mr. J. Ellsworth Summers, Jr. '94 

Mr. Clifford A. Curlee '85 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Andrew Woody '63 

Mr. Charles C. 'White '03 

Mrs. Kay Booker Davidson 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mobile, Alabama 

Halifax, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. F. Taylor Wootton III '81 

Mr. M.Alexander White '96 

Mr. John S. &: Dr. Joyce S. Degenhan 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Racine, Wisconsin 

Mr. & Mrs. John W.Wright '71 

Mr. Michael Degenhan 

Richmond, Virginia 

Racine, Wisconsin 

Mr. D. Rick)' Wyatt '80 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dennis 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Theiisrtrtsk ' tntiicatei Ltfctntte Founeifrs who were active fionors 

Lively, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Neifw. Yeargin "62 

to the College m the 1999-2000 fiscal year. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65* 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

DiUwyn, Virginia 

Dr. Stephen S. Young '83 

Dr. Mary Virginia Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk A. Zambetti '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60* 

Dr. John D. Drinko 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Zirkle, Jr. '74 

Mr. W.Dudley Allen, Jr. '43* 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. '56* 

Adanta, Georgia 

Wilsons, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. '36* 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70* 

Farmville, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Gammon Society 

Nononrtg Donon front ibf cLuiei of 1990 forward who gave $500 

Dr. William H. Armstrong '36 - Decetued 

Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 

Kent, Connecticut 

Proctorville, Ohio 

$999 dunng the 1 999-2000 fiscal year 

Mrs. Anne P. H. Ayres 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Everett '63 

Staunton, Virginia 

Stuart, Florida 

Mr. Charles P. Brin '92 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Kyle Baldwin '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson* 

Richmond, Virginia 

St. Simon's Island, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gray Ferguson 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William G.Ferreir71 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Bryant '90 

Mr. &C Mrs. Robert W. Banning 

Wallace, North Carolina 

Hyattsville, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bumgardner IV '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Alban K. Barrus, Jr,* 

Glen Allen, Virginia 

Kinston, North Carolina 

Greenwich, Connecticut 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan E. Burcher '91 

Mr. Stewart Bell, Jr. '31 

Mrs. John A. Field, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Winchester, Virginia 

Naples, Florida 
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29* 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder Iir91 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54* 

Culpeper, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Mr. R. Scott Carr '95 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth, Jr. '42* 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Finley II '34* 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. John D. Dove in '91 

Mr. Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. '51* 

MissJuliaB. Fleet* 

Irving, Texas 

Hampton, Virginia 

La Jolla, California 

Mr. Christopher H. Dowdy '99 

Mrs. Cecil C. Bowman 

Mrs. S. Douglas Fleet 

Richmond, Virginia 

Staunton, Virginia 

New Kent, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Fox III 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45* 

Alexandria, Virginia 

High Point, North Carolina 

Maui, Hawaii 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Mahood Fonville, Jr. '92 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray "60* 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Franck 

Richmond, Virginia 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

Martinsville, Virginia 
Mr. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 - Deceased 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Mr. &Mrs.J. B. Fuqua' 

Atlanta, Georgia 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. German, Jr. '40* 

Mr. Lee Marion Giles '95 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Burris '76 

Matthews, North Carolina 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Mr. F. Brawner Greer '90 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. '43 *- Deceased 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Manakin-Sabor, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. G.Todd Joyce '90 

Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Mr. John L. Gibson 11 

Mr. Paul B. Kelley '96 

Mr. Edward J. Campbell 

Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Racine, Wisconsin 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Albert R. Gillespie '33* 

Mr. Alexander Z. Kroustalis '90 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cardedge, Jr. '63* 

Wmston-Salem, North Carolina 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45* 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Joseph Landaiche, Jr. '94 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Salem, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


HAMPI)l•^■-svn^■h^■ (a)li.ix;e 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon C. Goodman '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberr W. King, Jr. '52* 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Russell, Jr. '64* 

Arlanta, Georgia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. Albert H. Gordon 

Mr. James Lewis Kirby, Jr. 

Mrs. Martha C. Sanders' 

New York, New York 

Claremont, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. James W. Gordon, Jr. '32- Deceased 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby '88* 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, Jr. '60' 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. Randolph M. Gregg '57 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew* 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Schug '52* 

Washington, District of Columbia 

Clifton Forge, Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Gudiridge '68* 

Dr. Willette L. LeHew '57* 

Mr. Buford Sears* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Buffalo, New York 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III '43* 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggert, Sr. '68* 

Mr. Burn Sears' 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet, Jr. '31* 

Mr. Edsel H. Lester '55 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Selden V '70* 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Grundy, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Hancock '38' 

Mrs. Sydney Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Sydnor Settle '55* 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Morristown, New Jersey 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin, Jr.' 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Lockwood* 

Mrs. W. Sydnor Settle 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Alexandria, Virginia 

New Vernon, New Jersey 

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Harris' 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. '38' 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '41 

Richmond, Virginia 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Nassawadox, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65* 

Mrs. William W. Lucado 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66' 

Farmville, Virginia 

Sea Island, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '51* 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane II! '76* 

Dr. & Mrs. FrankJ. Simes* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Darien, Connecticut 

Durham, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hatten '69* 

Mr. Craig L. Massey '88* 

Mr. & Mrs. Granr C. Sipp '49* 

Newport News, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Mrs. William R. Hill, Jr.- Dfrnzj^-^ 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Morgan Massey 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith '59* 

Medora, Illinois 

Richmond, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph P. Hines 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes '36* 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60' 

Rice, Virginia 

Dinwiddle, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay* 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. * 

Mr.&Mrs. S.Bruce Spencer '37* 

Farmville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Miss Genevieve V. Holladay 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKittrick '67* 

Mrs. Robert S. Spradey 

Richmond, Virginia 

Boulder, Colorado 

Richmond, Virginia 

Miss Natalie V. Holladay - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57* 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Stokes '40' 

Richmond, Virginia 

Schley, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. Marshall B. Hopkins '34 - Deceased 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34* 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers' 

Goleta, California 

Richmond, Virginia 

Palm Beach, Florida 

Mr. Irvin G. Horner * - Deceased 

Mr. Rodney B. Mitchell 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves Haydon Thompson '27' 

Moseley, Virginia 

Houston, Texas 

H;unpden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mrs. Irvin G. Horner ' 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette* 

Mrs. Muriel King Trinkle 

Moseley, Virginia 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard '39* 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers '57* 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morton Venable, Jr. '50* 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mentor, Ohio 

Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. '46* 

Mr. Russell B. Newton, Jr. * 

Mr. Joseph F. Viar, Jr. '63' 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mrs. Roben F. Hutcheson III 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kemp Norman, Jr. 

Mrs. William W. Walton 

Emporia, Virginia 

Mompelier, Virginia 

Lexington, Kentucky 

Mr. J. Bruce James, Jr. '53* 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham '40' 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III '75* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Anson Jamison '39 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. '56' 

Mrs. James C. 'Wheat, Jr.* 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Caret, Virginia 

Dr. &:Mrs. SaulE.Joftes 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. PanniU 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R ^X'hitehouse '34* 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mrs. J. Monroe Johns - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Pannill '77* 

Dr. & Mrs. William T. Wilkins* 

Farmville, Virginia 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81 ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Willis '42* 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Adanta, Georgia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hill Jones, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Patterson, Jr. '37 

President & Mrs, Samuel V, Wilson' 

Rumson, New Jersey 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs. W.Robert Jones 

Mr. Stanley F. Pauley 

Dr.&Mrs. EdwinS.Wy.sor'4l' 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. '56* 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38* 

Mount Pleasant. South Carolina 

Blueficld, West Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin 1 jwrencc Kcndig, Jr. '32* 

Mr. E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kiefer '75* 

Mr.&Mrs. Gary W.Rollins 

Sparks, Maryland 

Atlanta, Georgia 


l')^)')-2()()() riCJKRCLUB 



Honoring Donors of $5 


00 $999 


Mr. 8d Mr. Charles E. Agce 111 '84 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Childrey '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Hogan 

Mr. Colin T. Monette ^95 

Mr. & Mr. James S. Shropshire, Jr, '75 

Col. & Mrs. Anthony C. Aksiin 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Chinn '66 

Mr. Richard D. Holcomb '76 

Dr. R. Carter Morris ^66 

Mr, 8l Mr. Edwin W. Sienema '57 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Ryan Anderson, Jr. '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Clifford 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F, Holland '77 

Mr. Stuart J. Morris "97 

Mr. & Mr. Gary D. Silverfield 

The Hon. & Mrs. William C. Andrews 

Mr. & Mis. Charles R. Cobb '69 

Dr. & Mrs. .\rthur C Houts '70 

Col. & Mr, Francis R Munt '42 

Dr. James Y. Simms, Jr. 

III '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Corbin 

Mr. Joseph L. Hudson '33 

Mr. & Mrs. James L.Nance '71 

Mr. &Mrs. PeterW.SmidiIV'67 

Mr. & Mrs. R. David Anthony '77 

Mr. & Mr. Arthur G. Costan III '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Huskey, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mr. Charles T.Nash 

Dr. Theodore R. Smith, Jr '65 

Mr. & Mrs. A. MacaiJey Aron. Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Q. Cunningham '59 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Dabney Jarman '27 

Mr. R Russell Neely 

Lt. Col. & Mr, L. Rucker Snead III '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Bank III 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T.Curlee '47 

Mrs. Lucy Latane Jeffers 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Nicholls '50 

Mr, Brian C. Sommardahl '96 

Mr. William F. Banner '72 

Dr. & Mrs. Lonnie B. Dickens, Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert C. Jones '48 

Dr. & Mr. John Y Nicholson 111 ^56 

Mr & Mr. Edward M. Spratley '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Barkc '88 

Mr. .Alexander B. Dickinson '37 

Mr, & Mrs, G, Todd Joyce '90 

Mr. Joseph Herman Nicholson 

Mr. &MR.W.C.Sprouse,Jr. '76 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Barker '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander F. DiUard, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs, Christian C, Kauiz- 

Dr. & Mr. Wallace C. Nunley, Jr. ^69 

Mr. & Mr. Peter W. Squire, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ewell Barr 

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Dorrill 


Mr. & Mr. Edward V. O'Hanlan '78 

Mr. E.H.Stanley, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bascom, Jr. '73 

Mr. John D. Dove III '91 

Mr, Paul B. Kelley '96 

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin R Ogburn 52 

Mr, & Mrs, Ray C, Steele 

Mr. & Mrs. Kemper M. Beaslev. |r. 

Mr. Christopher H. Dowdy '99 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert D. Kelly '70 

Mr. & Mr. Gerald M. Pace '63 

Mr. & Mn. J. Randolph Stokes '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy E. Belcher 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham S. DriskiU '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Kemper Iir51 

Dr. &Mr. BariyN. PaRley^72 

Mr. & Mr. W, Scott Street 111 '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Bennen '79 

Mr. RobertT. DuPuis.Jr. '84 

Mr. &: Mrs. Franklin W. Keplinger 

Mr. James D. Panon 111 

Mr, J, Ellsworth SummeR. Jr. '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Berglimd '78 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnG.Eagan,Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mis, Gary L, Kessler '86 

Mr. & Mr. W. David Paxton '76 

Mr. &Mrs.J.AllenSydnor.Jr. '74 

Mr. Elmer Billman 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Echols '74 

Mr, & Mrs, C, Marshall Kibler 

Mr. & Mr. R. Briggs Peery '83 

Mr. Motte L. Talley '77 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Blankenship '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Evans '39 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Burke King '85 

Mr. & Mr. George F. Perkins '64 

Dr. & Mr. Frank E, Taylor '43 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Blanks '67 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. King '77 

Mr. Charles D. Perry '03 

Mr & Mr, Huben S, Taylor, Jr. '48 

Dr. Sc Mrs. Francis Nash Boney '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Farina, Jr. '83 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kirk 

Dr. & Mr. Walter C. Plunken '75 

Mr & Mr. Robert B. Taylor, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. George Steel Bowers, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil P. Farmer '78 

Mr. & Mis, Sidney H. Kirstein 73 

Dr. & Mr. James F. Ponruso 

Mr. & Mr. Robert D. Taylor '73 


Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Farmer III '70 

Mr. Alexander Z. Kroustalis '90 

Mr. & Mr. John Carlisle Priddy '58 

Dr. & Mr. J. Bradley Terry '87 

Mr.OtisH. Bradley, Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Leavenworth M. Ferrell '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lancaster '29 

Mr. & Mr. Sumner R Pugh, Jr. '57 

Dr. & Mr. Curtis H. Thomas, Jr, '61 

Mr. Robert J. Braig 

Dr. Kcidi W. Fitch 

Mr & Mrs. Paul Joseph Landaiche, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter W.Rabke '96 

Mr. & Mr, Michael W. Thomas '76 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Briggs, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Mahood Fonville, Jr. '92 


Mr. & Mn. Charles B. Ramsey 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves Haydon Thompson 

Mr. Charles P. Britt '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Fox '60 

Doaors Oscar M. & Sarie G. Laserna 

Dr. & Mr. Harry E. Ramsey, Jr. '58 


.Mr. & Mn. Francis B. Brown 

Mr, & Mrs. Paul McKay Franks '84 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.Rapp.Jr 

Mr. & Mr. James Christian Thomp- 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. French '57 

MrRobertW. Lawson,Jr, '30 

Dr. & Mr. John A. Rawls '56 

son, Jr. '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Brown '76 

Mr.RobertN. Fricke,Jr. '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 

Mr. &: Mrs. James G. Bruce III '66 

Mr. & Mrs. David C Fuller '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M, Lee '52 

Mr. & Mr. John A. Rees, Jr, 

Mr. Joseph W, Tuck '66 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Btvani '90 

Mr. John A. Gam '85 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis 

Mr, & Mr. Milton P. Reid 11 '68 

Dr.HeniyJ. Tucker, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Michaux Buchanan '52 

Mr.8cMrs.JohnF.Gayle,Jr. '71 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Charles E. Ux III 

Mr. R. Stephen Reinhardt 79 

Mr. & Mr. Travis J. Tysinger '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bumgardner FV 

Mr.&Mrs. FrankhnYGeho'83 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Lodge, Jr. 

Ms. Lola C. Reinsch 

Mr. & Mr. Dennis M. Uhrich 71 


Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Moncure Geho '87 

Mrs. R Clifton Long, Sr, 

Mr. Marie Eason Reveley-Harris 

Dr. & Mr. Edwin B. Vaden '42 

.Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Gerloff '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Uud, Jr, '55 

Mr. & Mr. James C. Roberts '55 

Mr. & Mr. Ut2 H. Van Dvke '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan E. Burcher '91 

Mr. Lee Marion Giles '95 

Dr & Mrs, Bruce M. Lovelace 111 

Dr. & Mr. Kenneth H. Roberrs '76 

Mr, & Mr. Richard C, Walker, Jr. '76 

Mr. Charles F. Burroughs, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Goforth 

Mr. & Mrs. Buford T. Lumsden 

Dr. & Mrs. Giles M. Robertson. Jr. 

Mr, & Mr, John R Wallace 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Phillips Burruss 

Mr Alexander C. Graham, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Macon 111 '65 


Dr. & Mrs KK Wallace, Jr. '54 


Mr. F. Brawner Greer '90 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnW. Malonev'88 

Dr. & Mr. William A. Robertson ^60 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell W.Wallace, Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Mapp 74 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. RogeR 11 ^65 


Mr. & Mni. Stratford W. Butterwonh 


Mr. & Mrs. L, Richmond Martin III 

Mr. John L, Roper III 

Mr. & Mr. David C. Wadiins, Sr 


Dr. & Mrs. C. Earl Guthrow, Jr. '63 


Mr. & Mr, Pauls. Roper 71 

■Mr.J,WaiiamWaRon,Jr, '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Y. Caldwell IH'T] 

Dr. John H.Hall, Jr. '37 

Mr, & Mrs. Robert R. Martin 

Dr. & Mr, Peter Rosanelli, Jr. ^58 


Mr. & Mn. WiUiam R. Capehan III 

Mr. &:Mrs.R.GarnettHall,Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Buder Martin, Jr, 

Dr. William Rosenberger 11 '78 

Mr. Charles C. White '03 


Mr. & Mrs. Walter V.Hair5l 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Mason 111 '66 

Mr. Judy N. Ross 

Mr. M.Alexander White '96 


Mr, & Mrs. B.W. Hamilton, Jr 

Captain & Mrs. John M. Mathews 

The Hon. Donald Henry Rumsfeld 

Dr. & Mr. R Glen Wiggans 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Carrington Hi 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Haywood Hardin '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Journey Preston Mauldin 

Dr. & Mr. Rudolph B. Rusun III '79 

Mr. & Mr. Stuart P. Wilbourne '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Carson 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Harris '73 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mayfield, Jr. 

Mr. Francis Y, Savage '43 

The Hon, & Mr. Jere M. H. WiUis, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Caver '64 

Dr. & Mrs. James S. Harris, Sr. '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell G, McAllister, Jr. 

Mr. Edward M.Schaaf.Jr, 


Mr. FrankC. Chaffin.Jr. '41 

Mr. & Mrs. T. G. Harris 


Mr. & Mr, Kent H, Schmidt 


Mrs. Yvonne M. Charles 

Mr. Benjamin R, Harvey, Jr, '83 

Mr. & Mr. Adrian L McCardell 111 

Mr, & Mrs. Gary W.Scott 

Mr. & Mr, Herben D. Wolff III '62 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Allen P, Hazlegrove 67 


Mr. & Mr. Walter C Scon '39 

Mr, FletcherJ. Wright 111 '57 

Mr. & Mrs. W, Sreve Hendrix 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

Mr. & Mr. John Howard Selzer '94 

Mr. & Mn. Leighton D. Yates, Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. PhUip B. Hereford '76 

Dr. & Mr. Thomas R. McDaniel '63 

Mr. & Mr. John Banks SesveU 11187 

Dr. & Mrs, Ralph C. Hess III '73 

Mr. & Mr. Bryant C. McGann '82 

Mr. & Mr. Kcidi Shepherd '64 

Mr Thomas E. Hill 

Dr. & Mr. Murphy F. McGirt, Jr. '59 

Mr. Edward H. Shield '63 

Dr. & Mrs. G. Phdip Hillen III '63 

Mr. & Mr. John G. Mcjunkin '84 

Mr &MR.JohnD. Shields '51 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Hillman, Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mr. Richard W. McLam '77 

Mr. &Mn. Walter D. Shields '44 

Mr. & Mrs. T. David Hinlon '66 

Mr. & Mr. Charles V. McPhillips '82 

Mr. & Mr. S. Stuan Shiplert '90 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Roben Hippensteele '59 

Mr. & Mr. David N. Meeker 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale M. Hodges '69 

Mr. & Mr. John A Mcll '80 
Mr. & Mr. Alfred M. Michel 
Mr. & Mr. John C. Middleton '76 
Mr. & Mr. Claude W. Milam '49 
Dr& Mrs. J. Milton Miller, Jr. '54 
Mr. & Mr. Thomas H. Miller '82 
Mr. & Mr. G.Gilmer Minor III 







Donors of $350 $499 


Mr. & iMn. James T. Alexander III ~6 

Mr.JohnW. Eure.Jr. '36 

Mr. & Mrs. VCUIiam .Andrew Karo '81 

Dr. & Mis. E. Blackford Noland. Jr. 

.Mr. & Mn. Paul English Smidi '78 

Dr. & Mrj. Jeffrei- A. Alloway '80 

Mr. & Mn. Welford S. Farmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L Krouse 



Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Asseilc '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Srephen D. Farthing '81 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kulinski 

Dr. William R. Nottingham. Jr. '67 

Mr. Robert M. Speaks '71 

Mr. & Mn. David Anderson Barton 


Mr. & Mrs. Leon Agee Lacke>', Jr. '67 


Mr. & Mn. P. Warren Spiadey. Jr. '49 


Lt. & Mrs. Dean Lloyd Firing '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Da\'id B. Larison 

Dr. & Mrs. Wdliam L Odom '57 

Mr. & Mn. F. Bruce Stephens '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Baskervill 75 

Mr. Forrest L Gagef, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Laux '80 

Mr. & Mis. Theodore G. Ofiteidingei 

Dr. Joarme C. Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lee Beale '80 

Mr. U Mrs. William D. Gallalee '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Long '80 


Mr. & Mn. E. Toles Summen '83 

Mr. & Mrs. l^vis C. Bosher "77 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Garlock '48 

Mr. & Mrs. George Pattereon Manson, 

Mi. & Mis. Stephen L Owen 74 

The Hon. & Mn. Wdliam A. Tallev. 


Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Garrison '84 

Jr. 75 

Mi. & Mis. Graham F. Paintei. Jr. '64 

Jr. '66 

Mr. & .Mrs. G. Tyler Brooks 111 74 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Garsr 

Dr. & -Mrs. Randolph P. Martin 

Dr. & Mis. James E. Payne '66 

Col. & Mn. Clayton B. Tasker '41 

Mr. Lee F. Brooks 75 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Gay 73 

Mr. & Mrs. Roderick B. Mathews '63 

Mis. Barbara Pembenon-McAdams 

Mr. & Mn. J. Christopher Thomas '71 

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Bn-son, Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. Genny, Jr. '65 

Mr. Veibon Mathis 

Dr. & Mis. John W. Pendleton '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph E. Trow. Jr. '64 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Biirje lir84 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry George 111 '76 

Mr. & Mis. WiUiam B. May. Ji. 75 

Mi. & Mis. Wallet L. Penn 111 '63 

Mr. & .Mn. Lawrence J. Tweel '66 

Dr. & Mrs. James T. Campen '68 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas E. Gihner, Jr. '48 

Mr. William E. McBramey III 75 

Mi. & Mn. Heniy R. PoUard V '88 

Dr. & Mn. Wallace T. Van Nortwick 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. H. Carpenter 79 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Gihner '4^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wilson McNcely 

Mr. & Mrs. Caperton D. Pun '87 


Mr. Joshua W. Chapman '96 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Given '84 

P.' '86 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry A. Raddin. Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Branch W. Vincmt HI '83 

Mr. Leon M. Cohen 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwyn, Jr. 

Mr. Matthew D. Michael '95 

Dr. & Mrs. Dudles- A. Rainc, Jr. '62 

Dr. & Mn. Marcellus E. Waddill '52 

Mr. Arthur P. Cook in'97 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. MitcheU. Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam Dehan Redd '78 


Dr. & Mrs. Richard L Coons '61 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Graves '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Atkinson Moore, Jr. 


Mr. & Mn. Gerald M. Walker '69 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Cope '65 

Dr. & Mrs. LawTcnce W. Greer. Sr. 


Dr. William .-Ulan Rees '92 

Mr. & Mn. Richard C. Walker. Sr. 

Mr. Donald C. Coumow '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Hamlen, Sr. '72 

Mr. Patrick Taylor Morgan '87 

Mi. Roy C.Rhodes '48 

Mr. & Mn. Richard L Ware '81 

Mr. WdUam T. Covington, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Neil Fiammerstrom 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Winston Morris. Jr. '86 

Ml. & Mis. John F. Richards '56 

Mr. & Mn. Edwin D. Warinner '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hardin '63 

Cmdr. & Mrs. Frank M. Morton. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Theodore Ripberger. Jr. 

Dr. & .Mn. Peter R Watson 79 





Mr. & Mn. T. Ashby Warts I\' '87 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Crawford 111 '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin L. Harris '77 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Robertson '77 

Mr. & Mn. Meade Whitaker. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Crone '64 

Dr. & Mis. Robert T. Herdcgen 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam Haiveycuner 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas F. Wdliams, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Cumes '74 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawencc E. Hightower '68 


Robenson '51 


Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Curtis '77 

Professor Ehzabeth Alexander Holtze 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee Rogers ^74 

Mr. & Mn. Richard W. WJtthire, Jr. 

Mi. & Mrs. Jon M.Daly '78 

Dr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Homey '73 

^ ^^^^^B 

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Sale 111 ^62 


Major & Mrs. John William Dennis, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Houska '84 

^^^^K ^H 

.Mr. & Mis. J. Chrisiopher Schoen ^88 

Mr. &Mn. Taylor Woody 


Mr. & .Mrs. David D. Hudgins '77 

^Bb9^ 4C. !■ 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Daniel Shelbume '36 

Mr. & .Mn. William T. Ziglar '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester L Dillard '40 

.Mr. Garv D. Hudson '77 

.Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Showalter '62 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Addison Dunlap 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Charles Hurt 111 '95 

^^^^^^ ^1 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Shuping, Jr. 

Ellison. Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Johnson '61 

^Hk^ ^1 

Mr. & Mn, David H. Smidi ir61 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben D. Johnson '77 

Mr. Gamett F. Smith '60 

Di. & Mrs. David F. Jones '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Jones 

"My thoughts 

ofteti return to 

this sacred spot. 

The words 



can never be 

fiiUy appreciated 

unless one has really 

lived on the campus. 

The real spirit of 


is and remains 

within the heart. " 

RONALD DAMS '58 & '59 

VenabU Society 


c;enii!R^'(:i A 15 19'^)-2() 



Honoring 1 

' CT \ JR 

Donors of$l 


00 $349 



Mr. & Mrs. Gerald V.Bailey 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Blandford '72 

Mr & Mrs. Edward D. Buchanan 

Doaors Surrinder & Kamlesh Chopra 

Mr. & Mr. WiUiam L Abbott 78 

Mr L Philip Bailey, Jr '64 

Mr & Mrs. Charles A. Blanton III '75 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Buchanan '80 

Mr & Mn. Gcoff'rey S. Christ '89 

Mr.John Fletcher Abele. Jr. '94 

Dr. K. Drew Baker '86 

Mr & Mrs. Edward L. Blanton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Buckner 

Dr & Mn. Russell E. Christenscn '70 


Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Baker 80 

Mrs. Kadilecn M. Blanton 

Dr. & Mrs. James Luckin Bugg, Jr '41 

Mr & Mis. Gary F. Christie '75 

Mr. & Mrs. Anhur U. Adams. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Baker III '66 

Mr & Mrs. Philip F. Bleser '82 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Burgess '79 

Mr. & Mis. Francis L. Church 

Mr. Joseph Clark Addington III '86 

Mr. Richard Aaron Bakewcll '98 

Mr & Mrs. W. Charles Blocker, Jr. '84 

.Mr Daniel John Burke '98 

Mr & Mrs. David A Clark '73 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Addison '64 

Mr. & Mrs. WJliam N. Bilas '49 

Mr & Mrs. Harold E. Blondeau 


Mr & Mrs. Donald H. Clark, Jr '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. .Adelman '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Suaon P. Baldwin '84 

Mr Dougald L Blue III '64 

.Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Burnene '73 

Mr &Mn. John R. Clark Iir77 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred A Adkins 111 '51 

Mr & Mrs. George G. Ball lir81 

Mr & Mrs. Blake H. Blvthe '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Bumette '76 

Mr & Mrs. Roben C. Clary, Jr '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Ray .Adldns '95 

Mr. & Mrs. .Andrew Cornell Ballou '91 

Mr & Mrs. Harold U. Blvthe '64 

Mr. .Michael B. Burnene '95 

Dr & Mn. John G. Claudy '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L Ag'ee IV '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bance 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas J. Boehling 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Darren Burns '86 

Dr. & Mn. Jeffrey A ClJton '83 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Agsten '65 


Mr & Mrs. Andrew C. Bohnengel '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mn. WJham A. ClJton, Jr. 


Dr & Mrs. Scott J. Banning '85 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Louis Bohorfoush 

Mr & Mrs. James Reuben Bunon, Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. David A. ■Mbertson '69 

Mr. Sabat P. Barber '92 

Mr & Mrs. James W. Bolton, Jr '76 


Mr & Mn. J. Garland Coates 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. .Albright, Jt. '74 

Mr & Mrs. D. Bret Barger '74 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas 0. Bondurant 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush 

Dr. & Mn. David S. Cobbledick '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander .Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. Dai-id M. Barker 

Mr & Mrs. Walton G. Bondurant, Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Baylor Buder, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. abell F. Cobbs '46 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Alexander 111 '80 

Mr & Mrs. WJham C. Barnes '57 

Col. & Mis. WJliam T. Bondurant, Jr 

Dr & Mrs. Corydon B. Buder, Jr '82 

Mr & Mn. Charles R. Cochran '85 

The Rev. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Mr & Mrs. Steven D. Bamhan '"9 


Dr. & Mrs. Gerald .A Buder '65 

Mn. Lynn R. Cochran 

Mr. Milton D. Alcxandet 111 '96 

Mr Wdham E. Ban '87 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth III '66 

Mr. Stratford W. Bunerwonh, Jr '70 

Mn. Charles E. Coe 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Alexander '84 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bartell '40 

Dr. & Mrs. George W. Booze '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Jamieson P. Byars, Jr '69 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas Troy Coghill '90 

The Rev. & Mis. John D. Affiend '50 

Mr. & Mis. Thomas M. Bareizza '84 

Dr. & Mrs. D. Christopher Bosworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Garnen Wilhamson Byrd 

Mr. Priesdey Cooper Coker FV '97 

Dr. & Mrs. D. Mowbray .Allan '55 

Dr& Mrs. John M.Bass '69 



Mr. Roben Custis Coleburn '44 

Mr. Scot 1. Allan '97 

Mr & Mrs. Roben W. Batten '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr '63 

Mr & Mrs. Michael C. Byrne '89 

Mr & Mrs. H. Edmunds Coleman 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Allen. Jr. 

Dr & Mrs. Philip M. Bayliss '78 

.Mr & Mrs. Martin S. Bounds '74 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell III '72 


Lt. Col. & Mrs. John R. Allen 

Mr & Mrs. Daniel L. Beaird 

Mr & Mrs. Sidney M. Bounds '72 

Mr. & Mrs. WJliam Qbell 


Ms. Paula .Mien 

CoL& Mrs. Charles H. Scale, Jr '42 

Mr WJliam Braddock Bourne I\' '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Andiony V. Caggiano, Sr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Roben B. Allen '55 

Mr & Mrs. Richard C Bealc '71 

Dr. & .Mrs. Thomas P. Bowe, Jr. '57 

Mr Joseph Scon Caldwell fV '91 

Captain & Mrs. Charles B. Collman 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 

Mr & Mrs. Josephs. Bean, Jr '79 

Mr & Mrs. Ben James Bowers '54 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Stokely G. Caldwell. Jr. '78 


Mr. & Mrs. William J. Allen 

Mr.&Mrs.DavidT. Beasley'78 

Mr & Mrs. David A. Bowers '70 

Mr. Henry W. Calhoun 

Mr. & Mn. Eric M. Coloney 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Alley '67 

Dr & Mrs. Ludlur A. Beazlev III 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Jeffrey Bowker '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund M. Cameron 111 

The Rev. Dr & Mn. Marvin K. 



Mr. & Mrs. Bowlman Bowles, Jr 


Compher '37 

Mr. & .Mrs. William M. Alphin '53 

Mr & Mrs. Waldo H. Beck '44 

Mr. Norman Lee Bowles, Jr '98 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Camp '83 

Mr & Mn. W. Mark Conger '85 


Mrs. .Andrea J. Becker 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Bowman, Sr. 

Dr Addison D. Campbell '42 

Mr & Mn. Danny W. Connelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Jefiey F. .Ambrose '86 

Mr & Mrs. Edward C. Becker '68 

Mr. James .A. Y. Bowman '88 

Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Campbell 111 '73 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas F. Connelly. Jr. 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles C. Ames '58 

Mr & Mrs. Christopher L Bedford '95 

Mrs. Barbara C. Boyd 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Malcolm Campbell '38 


The Rev. & Mrs. F. Sidney Anderson, 

Mr & Mrs. George S. Bedsworth, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. R. Boyd '84 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Scon Campbell 111 '68 

.Mr. & Mn. Barrv B. Conrad 

Jr. '41 

Mr & Mrs. David Brian Belfield '94 

Mr&Mrs.LeoJ. M.Boyd '92 

Dr & Mrs. Hawes CampbeU 111 '60 

Mr James Gilliam Conrad '37 

Dr & .Mrs. Philip R. Andci^on '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. Bell II '78 

Mr & Mrs. J. C.Bradford III 

Mr Hawes Campbell IV'92 

Mr. & Mn. Dilwonh S. Cook, Jr '54 

.Mr. & Mn. W. Ward Anderson 111 

Mr & Mrs. Ernest W.BeUlir67 

Caprain & Mrs. Rex A Bradley 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray S. Campbell, Jr '71 

Mr John F. Cook lir90 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 

Ms. Rachel C. Bell 

Mr. & Mn. Numa P. Bradner '52 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dale Cannady '70 

Dr & Mrs. Phillip M. Cook '62 


Mi. & Mrs. Timodiy Bell 

.Mr. & Mrs. WJliam P. Bradshaw 

Mr & Mrs. Brian F. Canterbury '90 

Mr. & Mn. Paul H. Cooksey '70 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Andrews. Sr. 

Mr & Mrs. William Joseph Bclmonte, 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Brailsford '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cantus '85 

Mr. Christopher D. Cooper '93 

.Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. .■Andrews '91 

Jr '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A Brandis 

Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Capocelli '81 

Mr. & Mr. Richard S. Copeland '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Leo R- Andrews. Jr '61 

Dr&Ml^.LairyP. Belole'71 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion P. Brawlcy III '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. CardvrcU '63 

Mr. & Mn. H. Otis Copley '49 


Mr & Mis. C. Huntei Bendall '76 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Peirce Brawner, Jr. '50 

Dr. 8d Mrs. Tony C. Carnes '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Corkran '67 

Dr & Mrs. Bumess F. Ansell, Jr. '54 

Mr & Mis. Marvin Buder Bennen 111 

Mr. R. Morgan Bray '91 

Mr Christopher Francis Carney 

Mr. & Mn. David P. Corrigan '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Vic Ansley '75 


Dr & Mrs. Lewis WJUam Bridgfonh 

Mr & Mrs. John H. Carpentei 

Mr Peter G. Cosby Iir34 

Mr. & Mn. Steve H. Apking 

Mr & Mrs. Robert H. Bennett '63 


Mr. & Mrs. James F. Carper '61 

Mr. & Mn. David L Costenbader '63 

Mrs. Carol E. Applegate 

Mr Coard Ames Benson '94 

Mr & Mrs. John B. Brinson IV '88 

Mr & Mn. WJliam A. Carrington '8 1 

Dr. & Mn. James E. Cousar III '42 

Mr.&.VIrs. Davnd.AArias'84 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edward H. Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney P. Britt 

Mr & Mn. WJliam Alexander 

Mr&Mn. F.NeJCowan,Jr'85 

Dr. & Mrs. James A .Arieri 

Ret. '55 

.Mr & Mrs. Scon Broaddus '61 

Carrington '38 

Mr Gurney Branch Cowling '97 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. .Armiield 111 '67 

Mr. & .Mis. William G. Benson '60 

Mrs. .Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mn. A Robinson Can '79 

Dr. & Mn! Roben Y Cox '80 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Armistead '46 

Mr & Mis. John H. Bergeron '64 

Mr & Mrs. Henry W. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mn. Roben W. Caner '59 

Mr. & Mn. Todd B. Cox '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Ira L. Armstrong III '77 

Mr & Mrs. David E. Bergren 111 '66 



Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Coxe III '43 

Mr. John 1. Armstrong '35 

Mr & Mrs. Archie C. Berkeley, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael .A Brogan '82 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Caruso 

Dr & Mn. Boyd Coyner 

Dr. Richard H. Armsrrong 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Staley Berry '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Brooks, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. John R. Caniso '86 

Mn. Rosa Lee Cozan 


Mr & Mrs. Aaron C. Beshears '92 

.Mr Stephen M. Brooks '70 

Mr. & Mn. Kennedi M. Caden '72 


.Mr & Mrs. Scott Simpson Aron '79 

Mr & Mrs. Charles W. Best lir83 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham N. Brooks 

Mr & Mn. Thomas Y. Cadcn '81 

Dr & Mn. George F. Craft II '83 

.Mr & Mrs. Charles B. Arrington, Jt. 

Mr & Mrs. James R- Benendorf 

Mr. & Mrs. William Townsend Brooks 

Mr. & Mn. David P. Chalkley '71 


Mr & Mrs. Kes-in L Arrington '91 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Doddridge H. Biaett III 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Brost '89 

The Hon. & Mn. James H. Chamblin 

Mr & Mrs. Burke H. Graver Jr. '69 

Mr Adam Robert Artigliere '95 


Mr. & Mis. Archibald M. Brown 


Mr. & Mn. Charles F. P. Crawley '63 

Mr & Mrs. Peyton W. Am '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Horado A. E. Bigelow '68 

Mr. & Mis. Edward F. Brown '81 

Mr & Mn. R. Lee Chambliss, Jr '35 

Mr WalrerC. Crawley '36 

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Asam '85 

Mr F.Lewis Biggs '91 

Mr. John Bagby Browning '61 

Mr. & Mn. C. Bruce Chandler '47 

Dr & Mn. WJham B. Crawley, Jr. '66 

Mrs. James Ashby III 

Admiral & Mrs. David S. BUI III 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph G. Brownlee, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. D. Carlyle Chandler III '93 

Mr & Mn. Stover Henry Creasy IV 

Mr. Gordon H. Ashworth 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Binford '52 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Garnen Bnice, Jr. '36 

Mr. L. Frederick Chapman III '66 


Mr. & Mrs. David L Addnson, Jr. '73 

MrHardtW. Bing'93 

Dr&Mrs.JayC. Bmmiield'89 

Dr & Mn. R. CecJ Chapman '50 

Mr Francis N. Crenshaw 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Addnson '48 

Mr. Warren L. Birdsong '79 

Mr & Mrs. Wdham A. Bryan 

Mr. & Mn. WJham G. Chapman '89 

Dr & Mn. Joseph M. Crocken 11 '73 

Dr Robert LeRoyAtweU, Jr. 

Mr. Michael Joseph Bizon 

Dr & Mrs. Alton E. Biyant III '85 

Dr & Mn. Henry W. Chappell, Jr '75 

Mr Roben Van Wyck Croker 111 '94 

Mr & Mrs. Blake P. Auchmoody, Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Blackburn, Jr. 

Mrs. Judy G. Brvant 

Mr G. PhJip Cheatham '46 

Mr Michael K. Crookshank '74 



Mr. & Mrs. William 0. Bryanr '59 

Mr. & Mn. Paul W. Chesser 

Mr. & Mis. Brian F. Crony '86 

Mr & Mrs. John G. August '72 

Mr. & Mrs. WJham D. Blackfonl '79 

Mr D. Todd Brydges '90 

Mr & iMn. Clarence C. Chewning III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Crowder 111 74 

Mr Paul G. Babb '93 

Dr. & Mrs. WJliam A. Blackman '76 

Dr & Mrs. Gilben H. Bryson '56 


Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. Crowder '78 

Mr & Mrs. Ryland A Babb, Jr. '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Wardman Blair 

.Mrs. Robert H.Bryson.Jr 

Dr. & Mn. StarJey A. Cheyne 

Dr & Mrs. James A CrowcU III 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Baber III 


Mr Robert Holmes Bryson 111 '94 

Ms. Catherine G. Chiari 

Mr & Mn. J. David Crate '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M.Bagley '53 

Mr & Mrs. Edward E. Blake '82 

Mrs. A C. Buchanan, Jr 

Dr. & Mn. John W. Chinn, Jr '73 

Dr & Mn. Kim S. Gulp 

Mr. & Mn. George E. Bahen, Jr. '53 

Mr & Mrs. Edward W.BIakely 

Dr & Mrs. .Archibald C. Buchanan 111 

Mr & Mn. Leonard B. Chittum '35 

Dr & Mn. Jesse W. Cumbia 

Mr & Mrs. Dean A. Bailey '61 



Mr & Mn. McLin S. Choate. Jr '50 



Mr. & Mrs. R. Madison Cummings. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Cunningham III 

Mr. John M. Currcnce '87 
Mr. Timoihy M. Currin '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Curtis. Jr. '55 
Dr. & Mrs. Barrv- K. Cucright 78 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Dacl 
Mr. & Mn. Ruiiis E. Dalcon 
Mr. & Mrs. Dabne)' M- Daniel '78 
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Daniel 
Dr. & Mrs. Michael O. Daniels 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Adams Darden I\' '88 
Dr. & Mrs. Oscar B. Darden, Jr. '45 
Col. & Mrs. Robert S. Darden '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Ham- Thomas Dames, Jr. 

Mr. 'OTliam H. Daughtrcy, Jr. '55 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sidney Davenport W '64 
The Rev. & Mrs. Charles N. Davidson, 

Jr. '66 
Mr. T. Bradley Davidson III '96 
Mr. & Mrs. 'WTlliam S. Das-idsort '63 
The Hon. & Mrs. Jose Davila, Jr. '57 
The Hon. B. A. Davis III 
Mr. & Mrs. Beverly M. Davis '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian j. Davis '88 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Cause\' Dasis, Jr. 72 
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Das-is. Jr. '54 
Mr. Gr^ory R. Davis "91 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Rex Davis '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Davis 
Dr. & Mrs. Philip C. Davis '58 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Davis '78 
Mr. Richard W.DavU, Jr. '87 
Mr. NCilliam T. Davis, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon D. Dawson '53 
Mr. Alan Scon Day '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. Day 
Mr. & iMrs. Philip Moring De Haas '53 
Mr. Michael P. DeBender '97 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Forrester DeBuys III '88 
The Hon. John E. DeHaidit '45 
Mr. Sam DeVane 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. DeWolfc 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Deacon II 
Mr. & Mrs. David A Deane '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Horace A- Deane. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Enrico Giacomo Del 

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Delaney '76 
Dr. & Mrs. George D. Delo, Jr. '59 
Dr. & Mrs. Brian A. Dementi '60 
Mr. & Mrs. WiUard E. Dent 
Dr. & Mrs. William Etvin Des Portes 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Devine, Jr. '78 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Randolph DiPrisco '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip T. DiStanislao, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. "Wayne Dickens 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Dickinson '68 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Dickinson '83 
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence M. Dickinson "87 
Caprain & Mrs. King H. Dietrich '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Diccz, Jr. '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Jackie E. Diggs 
Mr. James David Diggs '87 
Dr. & Mrs. Franklin Dill 
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Diir83 
Mr. & Mrs. James R Dillon III '90 
Mr. & Mrs. James R Dillon. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. j. Tyler Dinsmore '86 
Dr. J. William Dixon, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. William Dayton Dixon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R Conrad Dodl, Jr. '45 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Doggctt 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Dohcrty 
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Dombalis II '72 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. A. Donclson '86 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Donne '75 

Mr. & iVlrs. Daniel A. Donohue '"3 

Mrs. Francis R. Donohue 

Dr. David W. Donovan "82 

.Mr. & Mrs, J, Marshall DosweU, Jr '42 

The Rev. & Mrs. Bernard E. Dotson 

Mr. WilUam J. Dougherty, Jr. '64 
Mr. & Mrs. James Christopher Douglas 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass '79 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Benton Downer III '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Doyle, Jr. '66 
Mr. Graham T. Dozier '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Draney 
Mr. Stephen M. DnscoU '92 
Mrs, Nlrginia Druen 
Mr. & Mn. W. Sidney Drtien '64 
Mr. WiUiam H. DmmeUer '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Dudley '48 
Mr. & Mn. W. Berry Dumas '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren P. Dumford '86 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Duquerte 
Ms. Mary Ellen Durham 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Early '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Eason, Jr '37 
Mr. W. Robert Eason. Jr '67 
Dr & Mrs. L. Edward Eckley III 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Kirk Edens '85 
Mr & Mrs. James B. Edge, Jr '67 
Mr & Mrs. Gene H. Edmonds '74 
Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. 

Mr G. Berkeley Edmunds '95 
Mr & Mrs. John V. Edmunds '45 
Mr W. Holt Edmunds 
Mr & Mrs. J. Randolph Edwards '69 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Travers Edwards, Jr. '68 
Mr David Grier Egenon '97 
Mrs. Doris I. Egenon 
Mr & Mrs. Stuan Egenon II '62 
Mr & Mrs. John A. Eichler 
Mr. James W. Eirel. Sr. 
Mr. Thomas M. Ekman "93 
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Elder 
Dr & Mrs. Henry N. Elksnin "74 
Dr & Mrs. Mm T. Elhon "67 
Mr & Mrs. W"illiam J. Elliott IV "75 
Mr. Jeremy Alexander Elhs "96 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben W". ECidiorpe 
Mr&Mrs. DalcP. Ennis'91 
Mr. Roben L. Ennis "5 1 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Enright, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Enright '90 
Dr. &: Mrs. Freeman Epes '52 
Mrs. Aileen Epperson 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Eschinger '90 
Mr. Lance O. Estes II '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Elias Etheridge, Jr '43 
Mr. & Mrs. .Mfred L Evans, Jr 
Mr. James .Wiur Evans III '95 
Mr. John Kindley Es-ans '98 
Mr. Mark Hodges Evans '98 
Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Evans, Jr 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Evans '89 
Dr & Mrs. John K. Evert '85 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Ewald III "61 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ewing 11 "70 
Mrs. Dorotha Fahmer 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fainberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd T. Fallen 
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd T. Fallen, Jr "92 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis F. Falb "63 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Falls '90 
Mr. B. Noel Fallwell '36 
Dr. W. Franklin FallweU '34 
Mr. & Mrs, Andiony P. Farina '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Farina "85 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Marcus Fariss "79 
Mr. & Mrs, Richard A. Farmar III '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Mann Farmer '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Farrand 
Brig. Gen. Alan F. Farrcll Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Irving L. Pass 
Mr. Jeremy D. Pass '92 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Faust '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Faulh III '78 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Michael Fay '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Feldmarm "79 
Mr. T. Ruthertoord Fergmon '95 
Mr. & Mrs. J. WJliam Ferrell III "62 
Cmdr. & Mrs. John E. Fidler D.D.S. 

The Rev. & Mrs. Anhur M. Field, Jr 

Mr & Mrs. Frank L Field, Jr '50 
Mr. Mark Finelli "98 
Mr & Mrs. James D. Finley II '34 
Mr & Mm. Lowery D. Finiey III '63 
Mr Lowery D. Finley, Jr. '39 
Mr & Mrs. Samuel W. Finney '89 
Mr. & Mr?. Brendan E. Finucane 

"I feel great about 
giving back to 


on a 

consistent basis 

so that others can 

have the positive 

experiences that 

I had in my 

four years there. " 

Cabeil Society 

Mr. & Mrs. NeUon H. C. Fisher "82 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R Fisher 
Mr. Oscar P. Fitzgerald, Jr "35 - 

Mr & Mrs. William C. Fit^erald '53 
The Hon. Duross Fitzpatrick 
Mr. Roben Emmet Fiveash "91 
Mr & Mrs. David H. Fletcher "81 
Mr & Mrs. Mason S, Hinn "89 
Mr&Mrs.JohnD. Flory'86 
Mr & Mrs. William W. Flowers "71 
Mr & .Vlrs. Banon L Floyd '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Fogle. Sr 
Lt. Col. & Mrs. John W. Foley 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Foley "84 
Mr & Mrs. Roben L. Foley "00 
The Rev. & Mrs. Thomas W. Foley '48 
Mr & .Mrs. Charles T. FonviUe '97 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Forbes '85 
Mr. & Mrs. Alben C. Ford "53 
Dr& Mrs. Charles W.Ford "67 
Mr. & Mrs. Garren T. Ford "72 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Foreman "71 
Dr & Mrs. William S. Foreman, Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. William S, Formwalt "36 
The Hon. & Mm. Dixon 1.. Foster "47 
Dr, & Mrs. John Caldwell Foushce "40 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Fowler "60 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwether Fowlkcs, Jt. 


Mrs. John H. Fowlkes 
Mr. & Mn. J. Thomas Francis, Jr. '78 
Mr. R. Ford Francis '80 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Franck III '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin P. Franklin '32 
Mr. & Mrs. Mervin A. Frantz. Jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Freestate '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Stuan T. Ftench '69 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Conrad Prey, Jr. '51 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Friechnan 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Fry- 
Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 
Mr. & Mrs. ThomasJ, Fulcher, Jr '45 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Fulghum 

Ms. Robin H. Gabriel 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Galanri 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Gallowav '51 
.MrHenryH. Galusha,Jr'45 
.Mr. & Mrs. John C. Garber 
Mr. & Mrs. Rodenck M. Gardner '88 
.Mrs. Allen H. Garland, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gamer '71 
Mr. & Mrs. John U. Garner 
.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Gamer '80 
Dr. & Mrs. Stanford Taylor Garnen III 
-Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam C. Ganen, Sr '43 
Mr W"dliam C. Garten, Jr '74 
■Mr. Charles R Ganison '89 
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde M. Ganison III '77 
Mr. Marthew S. Ganison '99 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred H. Garvey, Jr. '84 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas B. Gates '88 
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Gayle '74 
Mr & Mrs. John Cole Gayle. Jr. '76 
Mr & Mrs. Norman J. Gaynor "68 
.Mr & Mrs. James R. Geiger "71 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geoghegan "56 
Mr & Mrs. Patrick N. Gedein '89 
Mrs. Charles J. Geyer Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Geyer '41 
Mr. & Mr5. Wilham C. Gibson, Jr. "41 
Mr. and Mrs. David Giles 
The Hon. & Mrs. Herben C. Gill. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben T. GiUam, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Ritchie P. Gillespie 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald PalJ'erv- Gillespy '88 
.Mr. & Mrs. John H. Gilliam, Jr. '39 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Charles Gills '64 
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Gilunan. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. George E. Gimpclson '^^ 
Mr. & Mn. Jack A. Glascock '49 
Mr & Mn. Mark B. Glascock. Jr "51 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas E. Glascock "55 
Dr. & Mn. Lowrie R Glasgow '69 
Mr. & Mn. James B. Glenn II '92 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas W. Godfrey, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Edward K. Godsey, Jr. '61 
Mr. & Mn. Richard H. Godsey 
Mr. Richard S. Godsey '85 
Mr. & Mn. James \. Godwin 
Mr & Mn. Jesse F. Coins III '88 
Mr. & Mn. R Gravson Goldsmith "76 
Dr. & Mn. Harvey W. Goode, Jr. '45 
Mr. & Mn. Lewis B. Goode, Jr. "50 
Mr. & Mn. Read F. Goode. Jr '89 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas E. Goode "79 
Dr. & Mn. Juhus Temple Goodman 

Mr & Mrs. Frattk Goodpasture III 
Mr & Mn. Stuan H. Goodwin '75 
Mr. & Mn. Thompson W. Goodwin 
Mr. & Mn. Dickinson M. Gould '66 
Dr. & Mn. T. Winston Gouldin "50 
Mr & Mn. Harvey Granger, Jr. 
The Rev-. Dr. & Mn. James H. Grant. 

Jr '60 
Mt. & Mn. W. Lawson Grant '69 
Mr. & Mn. Charles E. Green 111 "73 
Mr. &: Mn. Edward J. Green, Jr '84 
Mr. & Mn. James W. Green 
Mr. & Mn. Roben P. Green 
Mr. & Mn. .Arthur T. Greene, Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. Harr)' S. Greene, Jr '77 
Captain & Mn. Wallace A. Greene 

Dr. & Mn. David L. Greenlees "38 
.Mr. John Roben Greenwood "9^ 
Mr. & Mn. Kossen Gregory '42 
Mr. & Mn. Bret S. Grieves '86 
Dr. St Mn. Francis G. Griffin "46 
Dr & Mn, Lloyd T. Griffidi "52 
Mr & Mn. Thomas F. Groonell 
Mr Thomas J. Groonell "88 
Mr. & Mn. William P. Grosedose "49 
Mr. .^drew Edward Gross '86 
Mr Sruan R Gmbb '99 
Mr & Mn. Earl David Gnibbs, Jr '9 1 
The Hon. & Mn. Rav Wilson Gmbbs 

Mr & Mn. John R. Grymes '62 
Mr. Wilham Moultrie Gueny 
Dr & Mn. James W. Gulick. Jr "70 
Mr & Mn. David E. Gunier "82 
Dr & Mn. H. Nelson Gusun III "74 
Mr. & Mn. Timothy B. Guthrie '83 
Captain & Mn. .Alton Lame Gwaltney 

III '90 
Mr. & Mn. Ors-ille L. Gwaltney-, Jr. 
Dr. & Mn. David S. Haga '79 
Mr. & Mn. Harry- V. Haga. Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mn. Forrest Lee Hagan III '84 
Dr & Mn. Hugh J. Hagan III '76 
Mr & Mn. William C. Hagan '52 
Mr John Virgil Hager '95 
Mr & Mn. LeRoy Y. Haile, Jr '50 
Col. & Mn. Richard E. Haislip 

USMC(Ret.) "53 
Mr. & Mn. H. Edward Hales, Jr. 
Dr Roben G. Hall 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas O. Hall, Jr '45 
Dr. & Mn. William Thomas Hall '38 
Dr & Mn. William W. HaUigan, Jr 

Mr. & Mn. Bmcr H. Hamilton 
Mr & Mn. Derek H. Hamilton 
Mr. & Mn. John R P. Hamilton '61 
Mr. & Mn. Fred E. Hamlin III '89 
Mr & Mn. Giffbrd D. Hampshire 
Mr & Mn. J. Harrison Hancock '38 
Mr & Mn. Thom F. Hanes '58 
Mr & Mn. Howard H. Hanmer Jr 

Mn. Demenia V. Harma 
Mr Troy M. Hanna '92 
Mr. & Mn. Michael S. Harcum '78 
Dr & Mn. A Lawson Hardie. Jr '41 
Mr & Mn. David R. Hardie '77 
Mr & Mn. Samuel C. Harding, Jr. "63 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas A. Harding '66 
Mr. & Mn. Donald E. Hardison. Jr 
Mr & Mn. Vincent D. Hardy "71 
Mr. & Mn. R. Bryant Hare FV' "80 
Mr. & Mn. Michael C. Hargadon 
Mr. Edward S. Harlow, Jr "58 
Mr. & Mn. John P. Harlow, Jr. '42 
Mr & Mn. Charies D. Harman 111 "89 
Dr. & Mn. Austin B. Hartelson "5" 
Mr & Mn. Richard N. Harris "49 
Mr&Mn.W. LceHanis,Jr"74 
Mr. & Mn. F. Benjamin Harrison '91 
Mr & Mn. Holmes C. Harrison '63 
Mr. & Mn. John P. Harrison III '86 
The Rev. & Mn. Langston Randolph 

Harrison '50 
Mr. & Mn. T, Michael Harrison '76 
Mr. & Mn. William E. Harrison '81 
Mr William K.Hamsonlir4l 
Mr & Mn. Dan M. Hartzog, Sr. 
rhe Rev. Dr. & Mn. Collier S. Harse\-, 

Jr '50 
Mr William L. Harvie '45 
Mr. James I.. Hatcher. Jr. '57 
Mr. & Mn. Homer P. Hatrcn '40 
Dr. & Mn. John Q. Hanen '44 
Mr L. Dayton Haugh '77 
Mr & Mn. Leon W. Hawker Sr. '60 
The Hon. & Mrs. Williara P, Hav, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Mich.-ie! Craig Hayes '92 
Mr & Mn. W. Eugene Hayes "^I 


CHNTURYCIA'B l')99-2()()() 

Mr. & Mr. Bruce R. Hazclgrovc 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Howell '68 


It, Col, & Mrs, Dennis Roben 1 jwler 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Marshall '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Haziegrove. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Ivan Hoy ',% 

Mr. 6c Mrs. Kenneth M.Johnston '79 

Ret, '75 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse C. Marshburn 11 


Mr. & Mrs, Wayne E. Hoy '61 

Mr. & Mrs, Prentiss D. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. W. Uavis Lawlcy, jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sidney Martin III 

Mr. & Mrs. Io.seph A. Hazlegrove. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin 1, Hubbard '82 


Mr. & Mrs. David G. Lawrence, Sr. 



Dr. & Mrs. Maury A. Hubbard, Jr. '58 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Alan Johnston '76 

Mr. & Mrs. William j. Lawrence '64 

Mrs. Linda L. Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. R. George Hubbard '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence 0. jonak '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis P. Lawson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Martin '84 

Hazlegrove III 'M 

Mr. William J. Hubbard '85 

Dr. & Mrs. David C. Jones '69 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Lee LeCompte '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Martin, Jr. 


Mrs. Patty L. Hubet 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Marston Jones 111 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. LeCompte '82 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Martin. Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. John H.Heard '69 

Mrs. Paul S. Hubcr, Jr. 

Mr. &Mni. Gregg K. Jones '72 

Mr. William C. Leach '80 

Mr, & Mrs. Kc-vin E. Maningayle '88 

Capi. & Mrs. Joel B. Hcaron 

Mrs. Jean P. Hudson 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Benj,-imin Jones, jr. '61 

The Hon. & Mrs. Joseph A. Leafe '58 

Mr. Stephen C. Manson 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hceiy 78 

Mr- & Mrs. John A. Hudson, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Kevin Jones 

Mr. Jonathan E. Ledbettei '92 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Mason '69 

Mr. &Mrs. PhilhpM, Heflinjr. '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Leigh P. Huff, Jr. '80 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Trent Jones '88 

Mr.&Mrs. Donald E.Lee, jr. '68 

Mrs. B. Henry Massey 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Heflin 

Mr. cV Mrs. Neil D. Huffman '82 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jones, Jr. 

Mr, a Mrs. Douglas B. Lee '77 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Franklin Massie III '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Hcidelbach '42 

Dr. John D. Hughes '68 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones, Jr. '45 

Mr, Robert E. Lee V '86 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kemp Mathews, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Scon Heidler '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Hughes '69 

Mr. & Mrs. James Monroe Jones III '78 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Leftwich, Jr. '76 

Captain & Mrs. Roben S. Mathews '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Hughes '86 

Sen. & Mrs. James P. Jones 


Mr. & Mrs. James D. Manox 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Hellams, jr. '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Hughey, |r. '72 

Mr. Jeffrey C.Jones '75 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Armistead B, Mauck '86 

The Hon. 8i Mr^. Stephen H. Hclvin 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Vance Hull '8U 

Dr. & Mrs. Keith M. Jones '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Chaffraix A. Leiong, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Scon Maupin '54 


Dr. & Mrs. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark T.Jones '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben Bryant Lcndrim '86 

Mr.&Mrs. Robert A. May '72 

Mr. & Mrs. John Lee Hcmmer III '<)5 


Mr. Richard G. Joynt '58 

Mi. & Mrs. Gilben B. Lessenco 

The Rev. Ann B. Mayo '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Henderson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUoughby S. Hundley, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Kaminsky, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Lcvenon '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Mayo 111 '61 



Mr. & Mrs. W.Richard Kay, jr. '71 

Mi. & Mrs. Dan Levine 

The Rev. Dr. Edgar C. Mayse '57 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Henderson 

Dr. & Mrs. J. David Hungarland '92 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Edwin Keefer III '75 

Mr. Geoffrey J. Lewis '85 

Mr.jakeJ. Ma£ulewicz'89 


Mr. & Mrs. James V. Hunt 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Kehoe '88 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis lir81 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. McAllister '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl C. Henderson '58 

Major & Mrs. C. Kendall Hunter, jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. EdwinC. Kellam,Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lewis, Jr. '77 

Mr, & Mrs. William H. McBiide 

Dr. A. Clayborn Hendricks '71 


Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Michael Kelley 

Li. Col. & Mis. John E Lewis. Jr. '41 

Mr. & Mis. Michael Walsh McCabe. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hunter 111 '75 


Mr. Lynwood W. Lewis. Jr. '84 


Mr. Ryan S. Henry '96 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Huntct '50 

Mr. James Clinton Kelly '97 

Mr. RoyT. Lewis. Jr. 

Di. & Mrs. Calvin 0. McCall 

Mr. & Mrs. Thornton M. Henry 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter, Jr. '75 

Mr. & Mrs. Philander Kelsey '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Winston P. Lewis, Ji. '36 

Mr. Junius McCair95 

Mr.WiUiamC. Henry.Jr. '87 ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Hurt 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Lawrence Kendig. 

Mf. George A. Light '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. McCann 111 71 

Dr. Si Mrs. Larry D. Hensley '64 


jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Lightner '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. McCardiy '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Hentz. Jr. '75 

Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Hurt '91 

Mr. Samuel R. Kennedy '95 

Mr. William E. Linden III '84 

Mis, Richard McCarthy 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Herod '73 

Mr. DanielA. Huskey'81 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Kem '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Clark E. Lindsay 11 '77 

Dr, W, Austin McClell'an '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Willram R. Hess '59 

Mr. Kennedi Gray Hutcheson '94 

Mrs. Norma S. Kernodle 

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Mi. & Mrs. Harold L. McCloskey '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil W. Hickam III '92 

Dt. & Mrs. Charles E. Hutchinson '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Trent S. Kerns '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Lissenden '73 

Mr.&Mrs. Richard Wayne 

Mr. & Mrs. James Hickey 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hun 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon G. Kerridge '92 

Dr. & Mrs. David Lee Litchfield '54 

McConnell '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hickman, Jr. 

Mr, CaryA.Hutter'40 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Ketcham 

Mr. &Mrs.CIarkW.Linle'80 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. McCracken III 


Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Brodie Hyde 11 

Mf. & Mrs. Russell A. Ketcham 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Little 46 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh L. McCulley 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Frederick Hicb '76 


Mr. Phillip W. Key, Sr. '56 

Mr. H. Timothy Litde '63 

Dr, & Mrs. John N. McDaniel '63 

Mr. Richard B. Higginbotham '70 

The Hon. & Mrs. Tristram T. Hyde IV 

Mr. L. Wilson Kidd, Jr. 

Mr. John Roben Lively, jr. '98 

The Rev. & Mrs. Carlyle A McDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hill 


Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kight, jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Stanley Livesay, Jr. '48 


Dr. & Mrs. Gabet G. Himmelwright. 

Mr. Edward T. Hyman 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. KUby '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. McEachem '72 

jr. '33 

Mr. fit Mrs. Jaime G. Ibarra 

Mr. joe Ray Kilgore 

Mr. Ray E. Lockard '95 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. McEnderfer '85 

Cmdr. & Mrs. Hebcr H. 

Dr. & Mrs. Wellfotd W. Inge, ji. '58 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Kendall Killgote '87 

Mr. & Mb, •Wdliam G. Lockwood III 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. McEwen 11 '78 

Himmelwright '70 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Roben Irby '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Killinger '55 


Mrs. Linda G. McEadden 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hinkle, Jr. '91 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Irminger '52 

Mr. & Mrs. K Michael Kines '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross M. Lodge '97 

Mr. & Mrs. Hobson C. McGehee. Jr. 

Mr. J. Bradford Hitchen '97 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. John 

Mr. & Mrs. David F. King. jr. '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Harr)' C. Lonergan, Jr. '50 


Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hock 

Montgomety Irvine, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. King '86 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Long. jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. McGiU, Jr. '58 

Mr. F. Spain Hodges '95 

Mr, William Pinckney Irwin V '94 

The Rev. & Mrs. Frank C. King '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Looney '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. McGinn, Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hodges, jr. '58 

Mr, & Mrs, Harold T, Isaacs 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. King Iir72 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Kemper Lorraine '48 

Mr. William M. Mcllwaine '50 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hodson 

Dr, & Mrs, Robert W, Israel 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Leroy King, jr. '94 

Mr, & Mrs. C. Keith Love '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Mclnnis '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Hoflman '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde C Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John T.King '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben H. Loving '37 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. McLean. Jr. '71 

Mrs. Virginia P. Hogan 

Dr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kinnamon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Uwery 111 '63 

Mr.&Mrs. John P. McLean '68 

Mr. & Mrs. WiWhm Jephdia Hogan, 


Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. Kirchmier '87 

Dr. & Mrs. Eddie R. Lowry, Jr. '68 

Mr. J. Moore McMahon '79 

Jr. 71 

1 he Hon. & Mrs. Thomas M. Jackson, 

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Klein '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Macavlay Lucey 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl McManamy 

Mr.&Mrs.PhilipA. Hoge'59 

jr. '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Rodger W. Kleisch '74 


Mr. Silas C.McMeekinlir90 

Mrs. William C.Holbrook 

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton W. James '91 

Ms. Miriam W. Knight 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Luke 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McMillan, Sr. 

The Rev. George R. Holden '42 

Mr. W.Borden James '87 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Knox '59 

Dr. & Mrs. James W.Luke, jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. McMullen '89 


Dr. Allyn G. Janney '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Mario J. Kokolis '92 

Mr. G. Thomas Lumpkin III '74 

Mr. & Mrs. H. P. McNeal 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S.Holland '82 

Dr. & Mrs. Allyn G. Janney, Jr. '82 

Mr. & Mrs. George j. Kostel '48 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Mr. J. Vincent McPhiUips 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Michael Holland '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Jarvis '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Allie B. Kreger 111 '76 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Rodgers Lunslord 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McShane 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Uoyd HoUenbeck 


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kreienbaum III 

Ms. Patiicia D. Lust 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVey '61 


Dr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Jefferson, Jr. '75 


Mr. & Mrs. Harvey S. Lutins '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Brian McVey '90 

Mr. James B. Hollingsworth '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Gavin D. Jeffs '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kreienbaum, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton D. Lytic '68 

Mr. &Mrs,JamesH.McVey'89 

Mr. & Mrs. F, Bvrd Holloway '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Jenkins '36 

Mr, & Mrs, J, Thomas Kremer, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. MacClarence '69 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Maxwell Meador '58 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Holt '78 

Mr. & Mrs. jerry W. Jenkins '67 

Mr. Kevin Joseph Kulp '97 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell C. MacDonald '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Meeks '92 

Mr. Duran P. Holton '83 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Jenkins 

Mr, & Mrs, Richard P, Kunh 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Macllwaine IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Olin R. Melchionna, Jr. 

The Hon. & Mrs. George E. Honts III 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Geoffrey Jennings '69 

Mr,&Mrs.JeffR. LaVangie'89 

Mr. & Mrs. Tinsley Mack '48 


Mr. & Mrs. NX-iUiam H. Hoofiiagle 111 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Forrest jessee, Jr. '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. UVier 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenton L. Mackey '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richard Melvin. Jr. 

Mr. A. P. Jackson & Dr. E. Marie 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. jirak 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar W. Lacy 11166 

Mr, & Mrs, A. Caner Magee, jr, '76 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Melvin '58 


Mr. F.Powell Johann, Jr. '72 

Dr. & Mrs. 0. W. Lacy '47 

Mr, & Mrs. Ronald C. Magnuson 

Dr. & Mrs. Reinaldo R. Menendez 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hoover 111 '83 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Emerson Johnson III '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Ladd 

Dr. & Mrs. R, Kevin Mahoney '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Merriam, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Keidi Hope '87 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Lunsford Johnson '80 

Mr. & Mrs. John Laing '45 

Mr, &Mrs.ThomasJ.Mallis''92 


Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hopewell '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Stuart Johnson '63 

Mr. Perrin C Lamar '91 

Mr, & Mrs. Walter J. Malone, Jr. '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Merrill '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. Hopkins '43 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Charles Johnson '60 

Mr. I. S. Lamdin 

Mrs. Anna K. Mansfield 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnM. Merrirt'91 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hopkins '33 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. C. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer H. Lammay, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Lawrence Mansfield, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Meyerhoeffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Hopper 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Johnson 

Dr.&Mrs. ElmerK.Landis,jr. '52 


Mr. R. Bradley Meyers '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert CHord, Jr. 

Mr. L. Bradley Johnson '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Langhorne '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Manson. Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. &rl B. Mica '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Home, Jr. '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Johnson, Sr. 

Mrs. W. T. Langhorne 

Dr. & Mrs. David E. Marion 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michaux 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Horner, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Johnson '78 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Wayne Lankford '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale T, Marks '78 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Mileham III 

Mr. Michael W. Homer '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Johnson '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Turner C. Laramore, jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. Dudley H.Marks '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Miller '86 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Horsley, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Johnson '53 


Col. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Marousek 

Mr. Harmon B. Miller IV '89 

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin R. Horstraan 111 

Mr. Sage Brannon Johnson '92 

Mr. Frederick Clinton Larmore '74 


Mr, & Mrs, Henry R, Miller FV 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan L. Horton '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Johnson '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Latane, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert .Arnold Marsh 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Huntei MiUer '52 

Mr. David F. Host '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Todd C. Johnson '78 


Mr. Hugh B. Marshall '57 

Mrs. June Lancaster Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Hotchkiss III '86 

Dr. & Mrs. William T. Johnson '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon H. Laughbaum 

Mr. & Mrs. McAlister C. Marshall 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Miller '73 

Mi, & Mrs. John W. Howard, jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Lavecchia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. LavezzoE 


Mr. & Mrs. BiUie M, Millner '50 



Mr. George W.Mills II 

Mr. Seivais Eviard Neil '98 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Perry 

Mr. & Mr. James H. Rhodes '69 

Mr. & Mr. James R. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. 0. Randolph Minter, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Neuncr III 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Persinger. Jr. 

Dr. & Mr. George S. Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mr. John Guerard Scon, Jr. '94 


Mr, &: Mrs. Charles A. Newcomb 

Mrs. Laura M. E. Peteis 

The Res'. & Mr. W. Ramses' 

Mr. & Mr. John S. Scon. Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen R. Minter '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Robcn T. Newcomb '82 

Mi. & Mis. Chailcs A. Peteisen, Jr. '59 

Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mr. Marion S. Scon, Ir. "54 

Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Minton, 

Mr. & Mrs. Meigs A. Newkirk '5 1 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Peterson, Jr. '52 

Mr, & Mrs. Edward H, Richmond. Jr, 

Mr. Petci M. Scon 111 


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Newman. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, AUen C, Phillips '46 


Mi. R.BiooksScuriylir92 

Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Misenhelter '52 


Dr. & Mrs. WJliam J. Phipps. Jr. '77 

Mr. Margaret L. Ricketts 

Dr. & Mr. D. Scon Seare ^39 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashton D. Mitchell III 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Pierce '59 

Mr, & Mrs. Wade H. Ridgway '50 

Mr. & Mr. Roben L SeaR 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Frederick Mitchell '63 

Ml. & Mis. William W. Nexsen '74 

Dr. Paul G. Pierpaoli. Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mr. E. Thomas Rilce ill '75 

Mr. & Mr. Everene Meade Seay IV 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred N. Mitchell. Sr. 

Ml. & Mis. Thomas J. Nichols 111 '44 

Mrs. Carole P. Pilcher 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Rilee.Jr. '51 


Mr. & Mis. Jay D. Mitchell '85 

Mi. & Mis, Charles Biyani Nickeison 

Mr. & Mrs. Henr)' B. Pinnell 

Dr. & Mr, Frank M, Ripberger '38 

Mr. Ralph L. Sebrell 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Mitchell 

Mi. & Mis. Kenneth E. Niemaseck 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Pisano '89 

Dr. & Mr. Clement J. Robbins 111 '5 1 

Mr. Herbert LSebren. Jr. ^66 

Mr. Kci'in R. Mitchell '86 

Ml. & Mis. Thomas J. Nilan. Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Pittman 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Saunders RobcRon. Jr. 

Dr. & Mr. Ellery Sedgwick 

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan David Mize '89 

Mi.&Mr. Richard E.Nolan '51 

Mr, & Mr. Virginius S. Pinman 11 '84 


Mr. & Mr. Joseph W. SeegeR ^69 

Mt. & Mrs. Charles R. Modlin 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Nolley '86 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Plunken. Jr. 

Mr. Jesse F. Roberts. Jr, 

The Rev. & Mr. Donald H. Seely 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Vaughan 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Norfleet '72 

Mr, & Mrs. Christopher C, Poe '86 

Mr. & Mr. Lucien W. Robert.s 111 '84 

Mr. &Mrs. LaineJ. Secly'94 

Monahan '94 

Mr. & Mrs. George D. Norrington '81 

Mr. Dennis C. Poehler '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Atkinson Roberts. 

Mr. & Mr. Lannis N. Selz ^76 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Montague. Jr. 

Mr.GeorgeW. Norris.Jr. '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Braxton B. PoUard '91 

Jr. '94 

Mr. & Mr. Dale E. Selzer 


Ms. Dawnene M. Norton 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Pollard '37 

Mr. & Mr. John A. RoberBon '5 1 

Mr. &: Mr. Douglas Alan Selzer ^90 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Montaigne, Jr. 

Mi. Chris Non 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Pollard '67 

Mr, Mark J. Robertson '93 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Semones 64 

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Montgomery '29 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Nott. Jr. 


Dr, Thomas J. Robertson. Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mr. Oden K. Semones, Jr. ^77 

Mrs. Karen P. Montgomery 

Mr. Troy W. Noningham '84 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Lear Ponton '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs, Benjamin E, Robinson '86 

Mr. & Mr. Richard B. Sessoms '56 

Mr. Walter Scon Montgomery IV '9^ 

Mr, & Mrs. R. Dee Novak. Jr. '84 

Mr. &Mrs.JeflTe>J. Poole'74 

Mr, & Mrs. Herbert G. Robinson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Joseph E.Senlelir71 

Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Moomaw, Jr. '51 

Miss Alicia Novey 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C.Pope IV 

Mr. & Mr. Roben H. Robinson. Sr, 

Mr, & Mrs, William R, Shands. Jr. ^52 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Moomaw, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Nunnally '85 

Mr. & Mrs. David L Ponerfield '81 

Mr. & Mr. Donald C, Robison '69 

Mr. & Mr. John J. Shannon fV 


Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. O'Connell '73 

Mr.WendellB. Ponerfield.Jr. '70 

Ms. Emile T. Rodwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Sharpe 

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Moore, Jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel V. P. O'Connor '72 

Mr. Edward A. Potter '87 

Mr. Emily Mudd RogeRon - Deceased 

Dr. & Mr. Thomas M. Shelburne ^74 

Mrs. Carrie E. Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. O'Connor 

Dr.&Mrs. FrankS.PoweU'84 

Dr. & Mr. Dbion M. Rollins, Sr. '65 

Mr. &MR.WilliamA-ShcUy'82 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moore '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. O'Donohue 

Dr. James R.Poweir95 

Mr.&MR.Brian.A. Rollison'93 

Mr. & Mr. Clyde E. Shelton '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Moore, Jr. '66 

Mrs. Andrea L. O'York 

Mr, & Mrs. George R. Preas. Sr. 

Mr. & Mr. Charles H. Rolston '48 

Mr. MarkJ. Shelton'83 

Mr. & Mrs. Jackie G. Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Oast 111 

Captain & Mrs. H, S, Pres'erte. Jr, 

Mi. &MR.JohnW, Romm.Jr, '63 

Mr. & Mr. Edward C. Shepherd IV 

Mrs. Mae H. Moore 

Dr. & Mrs. Vincent H. Ober, Jr. '70 

Mr. & Mrs, Michael A. Prizzi '84 

Mr. & Mr. John I. Rose 11 


Mr. Marion L. Moore '75 

Mr. Samuel Todd Ogletree '92 

Mr. Samuel S. Proctor '88 

Mr. & Mr. Robert R. Rosebro '80 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Kelly Sheridan '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Moore '46 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old. Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dulany Proaor 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Rosensrock, Jr. 

Mr. Anthony C. Sherman '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Moore '43 




Mr. & Mr. John W. Sherman III '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Moore '76 

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Olson 

Mr.J.PrestonProffltt.Jr. '45- 

Dr. & Mr. R. Douglas Ross '81 

Col. & Mr. William E. Sherman 

Mr. Thomas C. Moore '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Oppenhimer. Jr. 


Mr. & Mr. Robert T. Ross '79 

Mr. Andrew P. Sherrod '96 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Moore. Jr. '63 


Mrs. J. Preston Protfitt. Jr. 

Dr. & Mr. Stephen E. Rostan 

Mr. & Mrs. .Martin Manker Sherrod 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moore. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Osgood '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Pryor 111 '89 

Mi. & Mr. J. Ranson Roussel '91 


Mr. & Mrs. M. Holt Moran '^5 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. Osth '73 

Mr. William D. Pucken II '93 

Mi. & Mis. James H. Roussel 

Dr. & Mr. Kenneth D.Shick 71 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C Morehead W ""8 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse W. Overbey '64 

Mr. William A. Pumphrey '96 

Mi. Christopher T. Rudzinski '99 

The Rev. &: Mr. Kenneth Vernon 

Mr. & Mrs, George L. Morelock 

Mr. & Mrs. Dai-id D. Owen 

The Rev. & Mrs. Allan L. PuniU, Jr, '96 

Ml.&MR.WiUiamJ, Rue.Ji. '74 


Mr. Gerald Morgan. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Owen '67 

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Purvis 

Mt.& Mr. ■Thomas C.Ruft" 41 

Mr. & Mr. Pendleton M. Shiflen 111 

The Hon. & Mrs. Harvey B. Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Owings III '62 

Mrs. S. Waverly Putney. Jr, 

The Hon. & Mr. Joseph P, 



Mr. & Mn. Warren M. Pace. Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Horsley Putt. Jr. '58 

Rushbrooke '55 

Mi, & Mr. Samuel S. Shiplen '68 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Stuan Morgan '73 

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Painter. Jr. '42 

Mr. Frank B. Pyott ^86 

Mr. & Mr. D. Lindsay Russell '82 

Mr. & Mr. Richard O. Shirah 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Morgan '82 

Mrs. Jane H. Palmer 

Ml. & Mr. John S. Quackenboss '75 

Mr. & Mr. H. E. Vann Russell '92 

Mr. & Mr. Frederick L, Shreves 11 '65 

Mr. & Mrs. L V. Morgan 

Mr. Russell V. Palmore, Jr. '69 

Dr. &:Mrs.JohnM.Quarles'50 

TheRev. Dr. & Mr. J. Shepherd 

Mr, & Mr. John K. Shumate. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Pankey, Jr. '85 

Mr. & Mr. John M. Quarles, Jr. '79 

RusseU.Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mr. Stewart M. Sigler '80 

Mr. & Mrs, B. Christopher Moring III 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pantoulis 

Dr. & Mrs. Perer R. Quarles '85 

Mr. & Mr. John B. Russell 

Mr. Christie A. Simmons 


Mr. Jeffrey C.Paris '92 

Mr. & Mr. G. Richard Query 

The Rev. & Mr. T. Field Russell '84 

Dr. & Mr. David B. Simmons '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Morris '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Parker, Jr. '89 

Mr. & Mr. Michael C Rady '77 

Dr. &: Mr. William B. Russell '41 

Dr. & Mr. James W. Simmons '37 

Mr. Derrik R. G. Morris '85 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Russell Parker 111 '67 

Mr.&MR.ArthurW. Raine'59 

Dr. & Mr. Edsvard Russo, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Mitch Simmons 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Morrison '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Loren L. Parker. Jr. '44 

Mr. & Mr. Michaux Raine III '57 

Dr. & Mr. Samuel B. Ryburn '50 

Mr. Mark C. Simonton '96 

Mr. & Mrs. John Harris Morrison. Jr. 

Captain & Mrs. WUliam B. Parker 

Mr. & Mr. Kerr C. Ramsay 11 

Dr. & Mr. John E. Sadler III '87 

Dr. & Mr. Hassetl A. Simpson 

The Hon. & Mrs. Norman Devere 

D.D.S. '73 

LTC & Mr. David L. Ramsey '71 

Mr. & Mrs. John E.Sadler, Jr. '56 

Mr. & Mr. W. Carter Sinclair. Jr. '76 

Morrison '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Parrish '87 

Mr. John David Ramsey 

Mr. & Mr. Robert L Saffelle. Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mr. WiUiam D. Sites '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison. Jr. 

Mr. Michael C. Patrick '97 

Mr. Robert H. Ramsey '97 

Mr. & Mr. WiUiam L. Sager. Jr. '78 

Mt, &MR.JohnP.Siveir43 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissene 

Mr, & Mrs. Lowell H. Patterson 111 '81 

Mr. & Mr. Michael Gregory Todd 

Mr. &: Mrs. Waltei D. Samans 

Mr. & Mr. Clarence 0. Sligh. Jr. '62 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Philip Morrissette 111 

Mr. Mark W.Patterson '76 

Randall '92 

Mi. & Mr. Roben L. Samuel. Jl. '76 

Mr, Edian Sloane 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Morton III '89 

Mr. R, Fleming Patterson 111 '00 

Mr. & Mr. Don R. Rapier '48 

Mi. & Mr. Joseph T. Samuels, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mr, Kent A. Smack '62 

Mr. R. Dennis Morton '57 

Mr. & Mn. Steven A. Panerson 

Mr. & Mr. James W. Rapier '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. SandeR 111 

Mr. & Mr. Allen E. Smith 

Mr. James F. Moseley. Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Paiteison III 

Mr. & Mrs. Lannv Max Rauer 


Mr. & Mr. Charles H. Smith 111 '75 

Mr. & Mr. William O. Moseley. Jr. 


Mr. & Mr. Christopher Haley Ray '91 

Mr. & Mr, Warren E. Sandidge '45 

The Hon. Charles H. Smith. Ji. 64 


Mi. & Mrs. James D. Patron IV '78 

Mr. & Mr. Richard Ray 

Mr. Claude A. Sandy 

Mi. & Mr. Charles W. .Smidi.Jr. '51 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Moss 

Dr. & Mrs. David P. Paul III '70 

Mr, & Mr. Robert F, Ray '71 

Mr. Jonathan D. Sargeant '90 

Mr. Edward D. Smith '99 

Dt.&Mrs. UoydF.Moss,Sr.'37 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Paulene '66 

Df. & Mr. William F. Raybuin '71 

Mr. & Mr. S. Rowcll Sargeant. Jr. '69 

Mr.&MR. EdwinSmidi'51 

Mrs. Sallie Addnson Mowbray 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Paulerte '84 

Mi, & Mr. Heniy M. Read '53 

Dr. & Mr. Thomas L. Sarvay. Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mr. Eugene R. Smidi 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Roger Mower. Jr. '61 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Payne 111 '72 

Mi. & Mr. Ben D. Reading 

Dr. Richard G. Saul '74 

Mr. & Mr. Gibson L. Smith 

Mr. Shirley E, Mullens '33 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Peabody '84 

Mi. Alex J. Reczkowski 

Mr. & Mr. Robin A. Saul '76 

Dr. Gladsrone E. Smidi. jr. '52 

Mrs. Shirley E. Mullens 

Mr, & Mrs. E. Stiles Pcabody'lll '83 

Mi. Richaid C. Redd '89 

The Hon. & Mr. Amos C. SaundeR 

Mr. & Mr. Glen A. Smith 

Mr. Patrick D. Mulquin '91 

Mr. Karl Ernest Peace 

Mi. & Mr. Warren C. Redfern '67 


Mr. & Mr. Halsey W. Smith, Jr. '56 

Mr. Gary M. Munsey '76 

The Hon. Nina K. Peace 

Mr. & Mr. Henry C. Reed '36 

Dr. & Mr. Wade H. SaundeR 111 '63 

Ml. & Mr. Harn' Houghton Smith 

Ms. Ruth S. Murphy 

Mr. David B. Pcarman '93 

Ms. Robin E. Reed 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas J. Savage. Jr. '55 

Mi. & Mr, Haivaid B, Smith '87 

rhe Hon. & Mis, W. Tayloe Murphy. 

Mr. &Mrs.JamcsG. Peden'43 

Mr. & Mr. John |. Regan. Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. N. Hartley Schearer. Jr. '68 

Df. & Mr. James Millet Smith, Ji. '34 

Jr. '53 

Dr.&Mrs.JamesM. Peeiy.Ji. '70 

Mr. &Mr. P.iull.. Reibcrlll '"0 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hamilron Schcrer. Jr. '64 

Ml. & Mr. John E.Smith. Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Murray '96 

Mi. C Graham Pcmbiokc. Jr. '57 

Mr.&Mrs. J. William Rcid.Jr,'9l 

Dr. & Mr. James M. Schiffer 

Mi. & Mr. Jon D. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Muse '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Penick '60 

Mr. &: Mr. John M. Reid '67 

Mr. & Mr, Roger C. Schmurz 

Mi. & Mr. L. Norfleet Smith. Ji. '84 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Myers lH'ftO 

Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo Penny 

Mr. Milton P. Reid 

Mr. BrentJ. .Schncidet'96 

Mr. & Mr. Landon Carter Smith '60 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Nafagcr '89 

Mr, &: Mrs. Raymond A. Pcpe 

Mr. & Mrs. Todd T. Reid '96 

Ml. Wilson W.Schoellkopf '93 

Mr. & Mr. Michael D. Smith '93 

Mr. Justin Z. Naifch '96 

Mr. Sean Phillip Pepe '94 

Mr. & Mr. Francis J. Reidy 

Ml. & Mr. David G. Schofield 

Mr. Robert S. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher F. W. Perkins 

Mr. Robert Worthington Remick '82 

Mi. Richard H. Schofield '87 

Mr. & Mr. W. Bowman Smith '96 

Mr. & Mr. Frank L. Nanney, Jr. '56 


Mr. & Mr. Thomas C Rcpcnning '77 

Mr. Thomas R. Schroeder '91 

Mr. & Mr. Walter P. Smith 111 '79 

Mr. E. Dawson Nash '76 

The Rev. & Mrs. William T. Perkins 

Mr. & Mr. Allen H. Reynolds '58 

Mt. & Mr. David C Schultheis '74 

Mr. & Mr. William S. SmirheR 111 '82 

B. Gen. & Mrs. Gordon C. Nash '71 


Mr. & Mr. David W. Reynolds '65 


Mr. & Mr. Waller F. Snead 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert W.Nash. Jr. '69 

Di. & Mrs. I«inard V. Perrone 

Mr. & Mr. John L Reynolds IV '96 

Mr. & Mr. WillL-mi P. M. Schwind 93 

Mr.&MR. Richard H.Sncll. Jr. '75 

Mr. Sidney .S.Neblett '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Perry '71 

Mr, & Mr. Joseph A. Reynolds 11191 

Dr. Charley Scott 

Mr. & Mr. Robert E, Snidow '81 


c;I•^'^l:R^'c;l,UB 1^)94-2000 

Mrs. Norman K. Snook, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. H.Tyler Taylor III '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Lance W, Van de Castle 

Mr, &:Mrs. RKingWaddiir59 

Mr, & Mr. C Nelson Williams 

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Snyder III 71 

Mr.&Mrs. H.Tyler Taylor, Jr. '41 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wade '91 

Mrs. Deborah Brown Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Warner 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor 111 '82 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Vansant '50 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Wade 

Mr. & Mr. Donald F. Wdliams 

Sommardahl. Jr. '91 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Taylor '79 



The Rev. F. Bryan Williams '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanford L Soudiworth 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Taylor. Jr. '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Lcroy B. Vaughan '70 

Mr. & Mrs. John Wagner 

Dr. & Mr. George M. Williams '54 


Mr. Bradley B. Traguc '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Page H. Vaughan, Jr. '53 

Mr. HuntB.Wagstafr'64 

Mr. & Mr. Harry Lee Williams Iir96 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry E.Spalding '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Teefey. Jr. '88 

The Rev. & Mrs. Roben C. Vaughan, 

Mr. & Mr. Wyndham P. Waike, Jr, 

Mrs. Isham Rowland Williams, Jr. 

Mr. M. Alcster Spears '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne T. Tennenr '67 

Jr, '40 


Mr. & Mr. Richard J. Williams '69 

.Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Sranley Spencer. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. William W. Tennent 111 

Mr, William F.Vess, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mr. Herman B. Walker '56 

Mr. Richard Scott Williams 



Mr, & Mrs, Harold A Via, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Lewis M. Walker 111 '61 

Dr. & Mr. Robert B. Williams '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Spencer '54 

Mr. R. Timodiy Tepper 111 '94 

Mr.&Mrs. Michael A, Via '77 

Mr. Taylor S.Walker '90 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas C. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Hawes C. Spencer '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Terjen, Jr. '60 

Ms. Judith F.Vogelback 

Mr. & Mr. Eric H. Wall '53 


Dr. & Mrs. Jerr^- D. Spencer 

Mr. Kevin T. Terminella '99 

Mr.&Mis.RicksS.Voight.Jr. '66 

Mr. H.EwingWall.Jr, '56 

Dr. & Mr, William B, Williams, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Spencer '39 


Mrs. Jennifer Irving Wall 


Mr. & Mrs. Anhur H. Sperry '84 

Dr. & Mrs, R. Dean Tesrer '54 

Mr. & Mr. William B. Wall '50 

Mr, J, Larry Williamson '73 

Mr. Gordon R. Spessard 
Mrs. Paula R. Spraker 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Thalman '82 

Mr. & Mr. loseph L. Wallace, Ir. '54 
Mr. Sean D. Wallace '82 

Mr, BeniammJ.Willislir83 
Mr, & Mr, Gregory A, Willis '75 


.Mr. & Mrs. James T. Spratiey '44 

Mr. & Mr. Brian Sutherland Thomas 

Mr. & Mr. Gerald Walsh 

Dr. James B. Wdson 

iVlr. Justin Lawrence Sproull '97 


1 '- 1 

Mr. & Mr, Daniel K. WalteR '77 

Mr.&Mrs. James F.Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Sprye, Jr. '67 

Mr. Donald W. Thomas '76 

^^IV ^^^^^^^1 

Mi. & Mr. David W. Walton '70 

Mr.&Mrs. James H.Wilson '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Stackhouse '82 

Mr. Gregory A. Thomas '99 

^^^Hi ,^^^^^1 

Di.cV Mis. J. W.Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Wilson '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Stancs '84 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Rogers Thomas '32 

^^n ^-^ i^^^H 

Mr. Lacy B.Ward, Ji. 

Dr.&MR. Robert J. Wdson '82 


Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Thomas 

^A r^^ 

Mi. & Mr. Michael D. Ward '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wilson '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam M. Stanley, Jr. '89 

Mt. W. Scon Thomasson '96 


Ml. & Mr. Roben C. Waidwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley WJson 

Mr. McKeen Starke '98 

Col. & Mrs. Car)' A, Thompson, Jr. '42 


Mi. & Mr. Alexandei H. Ware '84 

Dr. & Mr. William Lockett Wilson 

Mr. Richard C. L. Starke '76 

The Rev. James G. Thompson '40 

•■■■**?»» ^MpWM': 

Mi. & Mr. Guilfbid D. Ware 


Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M.Stcdfot '83 

Mr. James L Thompson '74 

'JL ^: 

Mr. John F. Ware Iir91 

Mr, 'WiUiam Page Wilson, Jr. '90 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Watts Stcger 111 '70 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Thompson 11 

^^ W^3^ 

Dr. & Mr. WiUiam E. Ware. Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mr. WiUiam B. WUBhirc '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Stein '60 


^^k. IL)^^. 

Colonel & Mis. A S. Warinnei '54 

Mr. & Mr. Robert C. Wimer '65 

Mr. & Mi^. H. Wayland Stephenson, 
Jr. '55 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam Charles 
Thompson '66 


Mi. & Mr. Harry H. Warner. Jr. '84 
Mi. & Mr. Harvey L. Warnick, Jr. '86 

Mr. Ruth Windsor-Mann 

Mr. & Mr. Rupert R. Winfree '67 

Ms. Anne Lee Stevens 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. William E. 

Mr. & Mr, Harvey Lee Warnick 

Mr. Andrew B. Wise '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stewan '76 


someone asks. 

Mr. & Mr. Kennedi E. Washburn '65 

Mr. & Mr. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Stickley, Jr. '47 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Thornton 111 '47 

Mr. & Mr. Carlton B. Waskey 


Mr. & Mrs. Reese M. Stidham 111 

Mr. cV Mrs. James W. Thweatt '95 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Waskom 

Mr. & Mr. Edward C. Wltthoefft, Jr. 

Mr. Dwayne H. Stinson '94 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Michael D. Tiller '69 

Mi. & Mr. Drew Watetbury '84 


Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Morton Stokes. Jr. 

Mr. John R. Timmons '90 

in jest or in sincere 

Mi. & Mr. Howard B. WateR '75 



Mr. & Mrs. Donald R Tindall 

Mi. & Mr. Robert P. WateR '64 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Aden Wolf 

Dr. & Mrs. James B.Stone 111 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Stetson Tinkham '67 


Ms. Margaret Watkins 

Professor & Mrs, L. Barron Wood, Jr. 

Mr. John M. Stone '95 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace M. Tipton '87 

Mr. & Mr. William F. Wadans. Jr. '48 


Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Stone, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. Tirus '62 

'Where the heck is 

Mi. & Mr. Bradley L. Watson 

Mr. & Mr. Roy C.Wood '65 

Mr. Steven T. Storer 

Mr. a Mrs. William E. Toland '56 

Mi. & Mr. Robert L. Watt 111 '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Suelen Woodall 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Slough, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Tompkins 111 '62 


Mi. & Mr, R. C. Watts III 


Mr. & Mrs. B. Brack Stovair74 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Scott Trainum 

Mi. & Mr. T. Ashby Watts Iir57 

Mr. & Mr. WiUiam D. Woodley '89 

Dr. & Mrs. John Michael Straughn 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Trapani, Jr. '86 

I respond 

Mi. & Mr. Douglas M. Webb '77 

Mr. & Mr. Milton H. Woodside, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Troy A. Street 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Travis. Jr. '46 

Mi. & Mr. G. Randolph Webb. Ji. '86 

Mr. & Mr. AUan C. Wooldridge. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Stnbling 

The Hon. & Mrs. Paul S. Trible. Jr. '68 

'It may be in the 

Di.& Mrs. Robert B.Webb, Jr. '47 


Mr. William W. Stribling '96 

Mrs. A. Taylor Weeler 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L, Woosley. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Strickland '85 

Mr. Lawrence T. Trice. Jr. '67 

middle of nowhere. 

Mr. & Mr. George E. Weicker 111 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Stnngfellow, Jr. 


Dr. & Mr. Ivan S. Weiner 

Mr. & Mr. Dean S, Worcester '74 


Mr, &: Mrs. Raleigh A. TroviUion '85 

hut it's in the center 

Mr. & Mr. Christopher R. Welch '88 

Ms. M. Diane Wresinski 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Stronach 

Mt, & Mrs. David C. Trumbower '71 

Mr. & Mr. Richard W. Wertz '60 

Mr. & Mr. CecU B. Wrighl 111 

Dt. & Mrs, Alfred H. Stuan '33 

Mr. Matthew J. Tucker '92 

of everything. ' 

Mr. & Mr. John Drewiy Westbrook 

Mi. & Mrs. Robert G.Wright 

Mr. & Mis. John D. Stuait 

Mr. & Mrs. Palmer G. Tunsrall '50 


Mr. Davis S. Wrinkle '86 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sruhr 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Turgeon 

And in that remote. 

Mr. & Mr. Charles H. Wheeler IV '65 


The Hon. & Mrs. J. Robert Sttunp '61 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Morris Turner, Jr. '77 

Mr. & Mr. I. Kendall Whitaker, Jr. '67 

Mt. & Mrs. John PanniU Yeaman '67 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Lawrence Smrts '8 1 

Mr. Arthur G. Turner '44 

small country place, 

Ml. & Mr. Maidiew B. Whitakei '92 

Mr. & Mr. A. Huntei Yeatts. Ji. '63 

Mt.&Mrs.U. D.Sudduth.Jr. '70 

Mr. Cleveland D. Turner '95 

Mi. & Mr. Biinson C. 'White '77 

Mr. Sandy Yeatts 

Mr. Ryan Marthew Summers '98 

Mr. James M. Turner, Sr. '56 

this urbanized 

Dt.& Mis. ChailesF. White, Jr. 

Mr. Michael Sheridan York '98 

Mr. Kenneth R. Sumner 

Mr. 8f Mrs. John H. Turner Iir87 

Mi. & Mr. James E. White, Si. '70 

Mr. & Mr. R. Douglass Young '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Sutton '78 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Noel Turner 

corporate lawyer 

Mi. & Mr. Lewis M. White '42 

Mr. & Mr. Richaid W. Young 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Svoboda 

Mr. & Mrs. Morris L. Turner 

Dr. c'i Mr. WiUiam B. White '40 

Mr. & Mr. Walter H. Young 111 '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Markley Swisher '98 

Dr. & Mrs. Remus S. Turner, Jr. '67 

finds his own center: 

Dr. k Mr. Francis R Whirehouse '34 

Mr. & Mr. Edward F. Younger III '66 


Mr. & Mrs. William E. Turner III '77 

Mr. & Mr. Furman B. Whitescarver, 

Mr. & Mr. George E. Younger '72 

Mr. & Mrs. James A Sydnor '47 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gmy Turde, Jr. '76 

a community in 

Jr. '55 

Mr. & Mr. George W. Yurgaitis. Jr. 

Dr. Malcolm K. Sydnor '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R Tweel '68 

Mr. &Mr. RTylerWhidey'59 



Mr. & Mrs. E. Kemper Uhler, Jr. '53 

which personal 

Dr. & Mr. James H. S. Whimey '71 

Mr. & Mr. Michael Zambetd 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuan A. Talbott '52 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Underwood 11 '78 

Mr. & Mr. Wdliam G. Whirter 


Ml. & Mrs. George P. Tarty, Jr. '64 

Mr. & Mrs. T. George Underwood, Jr. 

integrity, selfless 

Mr. & Mr. Kennon C. "Whitde. Jr. '55 

Mr. & Mr. Richard G. ZeU 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Tarty '61 


Dr.&MR. RichaidA.Wiani'49 

Mr. Douglas F. Zier '77 

Dr. & Mrs, WaUace C, Tarty '84 

Mr. Charles T. Upchurch '95 

citizenship, in- 

Mr. & Mrs. Dorsey W. Wilberger. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Joseph M. Ziglar. Jr. '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham H. Tavenner '86 

Mr. William LUsnik, Jr. '85 

Mr. & Mrs. James L.Wiley, Jr, '57 

Mr. & Mr. D. Christopher Zobv '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Brem W.Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Utt. Jr. '80 

tellectual curiosity. 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wilhoire '65 


Mr. & Mrs. Daryl W.Taylor '86 

Mr. Charles C. Vadcn '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Emery C. Wilkerson '41 

Mr. Jean Francois de Richemont '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Gervas Storrs Taylor III '72 


and simple friend- 


Mr. & Mr. William G. deWmdr 

Major & Mn. C. Richard Valiant, Jr. 

Dr. & Mr. Wdliam T. 'Wilkins 


liness are indeed 

Mr. Edward R.Willcox,Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Van Ness V '93 

Lt. Col. & Mr. A, A Wdhams '40 

Col. & Mrs. Robert B. Van Sice. Jr. 

central " 

Tiger Club 



ALUMNI DONORS 1999-2000 


Dr. Harry H. Bryan - Deceased 
Mr. Howard D. MacPherson 

Class of 1927 

Dr. W. Dabneyjarman 

Dr. Graves Haydon Thompson 

Class of 1929 

Mr. William S.Adkisson. Jr. 
Dr. William C. Finch 
Dr. Robert S. Lancaster 
Dr. John F. Monrgomerv' 

Class of 1930 

Mr. Robert W. Lawson. Jr. 

Mr. Campbell Pancake, Jr. - Deceased 

Class of 1931 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet, jr. 

Class of 1932 

29.4% of the class contributed 

Mr. Benjamin P. Franklin 

Dr. Edwin Lawrence Kendig, Jr. 

The Rev. Frank C. King 

Mr. C. Theodore Ripberger, Jr. 

Mr. H. Rogers Thomas 

Class of 1933 

50% of the class contributed 

Dr. Aiben R. Gillespie 

Dr. John L. Guerrani 

Dr. Gabel G. Himmelwright, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Hopkins 

Mr. Joseph L. Hudson 

Mr. Shirley E. Mullens - Deceased 

Dr. Alfred H.Stuan 

The Rev. Milton C. Wilkerson 

Class of 1934 

60% of the class contributed 

Mr. Peter G.Cosby III 
Dr. W. Franklin Fallwell 
Mr. James D. Finley II 
Mr. James J, Marshall, Jr. 
Dr. Richard A. Michaux 
Dr. James Miller Smidi. Jr. 
Dr. Francis R. Whitehouse 
Dr. John Bell Woodworth 
Mr. L. Q. Yowell 

Class of 1935 

48% ot the class contributed 

Mr. John I. Armstrong 

Mr. R. Lee Chambliss, jr. 

Mr. I.eonard B. Chitrum 

The Rev. Bernard E. Dotson 

Mr. Oscar P. Fitzgerald. Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. Percy Harris, jr. 

Dr. VCilliam McK. jefferies 

Mr. James B. Masscy. Jr. - Deceased 

The Rev. Gordon Rutherford Nichols 

Mr. Everett M. Owen 

Mr. Joseph Triplen Trotter - Deceased 

Mr. James G. Watson 

Class of 1936 

68.9% of the class contributed 

Mr. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. 
Mr. Stuart H. Barrell 
Mr. Roben M. Boyd, Jr. 
Dr. J. Garnett Bruce. Jr. 
The Rev. Day Carper 
Mr. Walter C. Crawley 
Mr, J. Tucker Doyne, Jr. 
Mr. John W. Eure, Jr. 
Mr. B. Noel Fallwell 
Mr. William S. Formwalt 
Mr. Howard H. Hanmer, Jr. 
Dr. W. Ivan Hoy 
Mr, Preston B. Hundley 
Dr. Daniel E. Jenkins 
Mr. Winston P. Lewis, jr. 
The Hon. D. Carleton Maves 
Cmdr, Frank M. Morton, jr. 
Mr. Henry C. Reed 
Mr. George Richardson III 
Mr. C. Daniel Shelburne 

Class of 1937 

55.2% of the class contributed 

Mr. C. Howard Bliss 

Mr. Frank M. Booth 

Mr. Alexander Phillips Burruss 

Mr. John Frank Chambers 

The Rev. Dr. Marvin K. Compher 

Mr. James Gilliam Conrad 

Mr. Alexander B. Dickinson 

Mr. Thomas D. Eason, Jr. 

Dr. John H.Hall, Jr. 

Dr. William Ru-ssell Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Lawrence W. Laiane, Jr. 

Dr. Robert H. Loving 

Dr, Lloyd F. Moiis, Sr. 

Mr. Herbert S. Newman, Jr. 

Mr. Frank D. Pollard 

Dr. James W. Simmons 

Mr. S. Bruce Spencer 

The Hon. W. Carrington Thompson 


Mr. John Drewry Westbrook 

Mr. Robert Henry Wilson 

Class of 1938 

60% of the class contributed 

Mr. Eugene Craighead Caldwell, Jr. 

Dr. E. Malcolm Campbell 

Mr. William Alexander Carrington 

Dr. Martin Donelson, Jr. 

Dr. Rus.sell E. Fox 

Dr. David L. Grccniees 

Dr. William Thomas Hall 

Mr. J. Harrison FLincock 

Mr. Roben G.Harper III 

Mr. Joseph A. Hazlegrove, Sr, 

Mr. Kenneth L. Hudson 

Mr. Frank T. Hyde 

Mr. Prentiss D. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. John B. Long, Sr. 

Mr. Clarence V. Montgomery, Jr. 

Mr. Winston O. Noel 

Mr. Roben M. Richardson 

Dr. Frank M. Ripberger 

Mr. Samuel Oliver Ruff 

Dr. W. Conrad Stone 

Mr. Meredith E. Watson 

Class of 1939 

54.2% of the class contributed 

Mr. James M. Blanton, jr. 

Mr. Bernard T. Doyle, Jr. 

Mr. Lewis D. Evans 

The Re\'.AnhurM. Field, Jr. 

Mr, Lowery D. Finley. jr. 

Mr. John H. Gilliam, Jr. 

The Rev. D. Kirk Hammond 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard 

Mr. Joseph P. Lawson 

Mr. Thomas H. Lightner 

Mr. David J. McCallion 

The Rev. Carlyle A. McDonald 

Lt. Cmdr. James S. Mcllwaine. jr. 

Mr. Ralph M. O'Hair, Jr. 

Mr. Walter C. Scon 

Dr. D. Scott Sears 

Mr. T. Randolph Sherman 

Mr. Wilham B. Spencer 


Class of 1940 

64.4% of the class contributed 

Dr. Roben P. Barrell 

Mr. William H. Boyd 

Mr. Lester L. Dillard 

Mr. W, Roben Eason, Sr. 

Mr. William H. Flannagan, Sr. 

Dr. John Caldwell Foushee 

The Rev. James B. Garrett 

Dr. Richard M. German. Jr. 

Mr. Homer P. Hanen 

Mr. Benjamin Franklin Hun 

Mr. Gary A. Hutter 

Mr. Hunter M. Leach 

Mr. Monroe Leigh 

Dr. Roben E. Mitchell, Jr. 

Mr. Charles D. Nottingham 

Dr. j. Davison Philips 

Dr. Lewis G. Richards. Jr. 

Dr. Hoskins M. Sclater 

Mr. William P. Snavely 

The Rev, Millard Gray Stimpson 

Mr. Herben R. Stokes 

Dr. Ralph Monon Stokes, Jr. 

The Rev. James G. Thompson 

Dr. Roben P. Trice 

The Rev. Robert C Vaughan, Jr. 

Mr. Emory S. Waldrcp 

The Rev. Dr. William G. Walker 

Dr. William B. White 

Lt. Col. A. A. Williams 

Class of 1941 

64. 1 % of the class contributed 

The Rev, F. Sidney Anderson, Jr. 
Dr. Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr, 
Dr. James Luckin Bugg, Jr. 
Mr. Frank C. Chaffin, Jr. 

Cmdr. Hugh H. Dunkum,Jr. - 

Mr. Arthur P. Flippo 
Mr. Joseph B. Geyer 
Mr. William C. Gibson, Jr. 
Mr. Henry C Green 
Dr. A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 
Mr. William K. Harnson III 
Dr. Matthew L. Lacy II 
Lt. Col. John F. Lewis, Jr. 
Dr. Ray Atkinson Moore, Jr. 
Mr, Theodore G. Offterdinger 
Mr. Clarence T. Orgain 
Dr. J, Hunter Peak, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas C. Ruff 
Dr. William B. Russell 
Dr. Robert G. Schuln 
The Rev. Kenneth Vernon Shick 
Gol. Clayton B. Tasker 
Mr. H. Tyler Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. Richard B. Whiting 
Mr. Emery C. Wilkerson 
Dr. Edwin S. Wysor 

Class of 1942 

71.4% of the class contributed 


Dr. John S. Baker 

Col. Charles H.Beale, Jr. 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth. Jr. 

Mr, Thomas C, Bowen, Jr. 

Dt. Addison D. Campbell 

Dr. lames E, Cousar III 

Mr. William T. Covington, Jr. 

Dr. Charles Lucian Crockett. Jr. 

Dr. J. William Dixon, Jt. 

Mr J. Marshall Doswell, Jr. 

Dr. W. Keith Eubank 

Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. 

Mr. lames B. Gregory 

Mr. Kossen Gregory 

Mr. John P. Harlow, Jr. 

The Hon. William P. Hay, Jr. 

Mr, Frank S. Heidelbach 

The Rev. George R. Holden 

Dr. Kenneth Lloyd Hollenbeck 

Dr. Thomas M. Horsley, Jr. 

Mr. William G. Huggins 

Dr. Charles E. Hutchiason 

Dr. Allyn G. Janney 

Mr. Hcrndon P. Jeffreys, Jr. 

Dr. Edgar F. Jessee 

Dr. Lewis D, Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph C. KeOey 

Mr. Roben A. Kelly 

Mr. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 

Col. Francis R, Mimt 

Dr William G. Painter. Jr. 

Mr. Samuel W. Purviance 

Mr. HenrA' Shepherd V 

Mr. Philip L. Strader 

Col. Cirv A. Thompson. Jr. 

Dr. Edwin B. Vaden 

Dr. Douglas Venable 

The Rev. Ira B. Watson. Jr. 

Mr. William A Webb 

Mr. Lewis M. White 

Mr. Benjamin J. Willis, Jr. 

Mr, Gordon C. Willis 

Mr. John N.Wilson. Jr. 

Dr. I.itiifs M. ^'olcon, Jr. 

Class of 1943 

59% of the class contributed 

Mr. W.Dudley Allen. Jr. 

Mr. Francis P. Bailey. Jr. 

Dr. Frank McFaden Blanton 

Mr, Royal E. Cabell. Jr. - Deceased 

Dr. John B. Catlen 

Mr. William H. Clarke - Deceased 

The Rev. Thomas C. Clay 

Dr. Joseph W. Coxe III ' 

Mr, Douglass C. Cnmimen - Deceased 

Dr. Austin 1. Dodson, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. Addison Dunlap Ellison, 

Mr. William B. Elwang, Jr. ■ Deceased 
Mr. Elias Etheridge. Jr. 
Dr, Hugh Fit2patrick III 
Mr. William C. Garten, Sr. 
Mr. William B. Graham 
Mr. Thomas O. Gwaltney III 
Mr. Jesse R. Hopkins 
Dr. W. Robert Irby 
Dr. Samuel S. Jones 
Mr. Thomas G. Lane. Jr. 
Dr. Charles E. Llewellyn, |r. 
Dr. H. Carl Messerschmidt, jr. 
Dr. Roben P. Moore 
Dr. Roderick A. Mundy 
Mr. Caner Noble 
Mr. James G. Pcden 
Mr. Francis Y. Savage 
Dr. John H. Shaw 
Mr.JohnP. Sivell 
The Hon, Roben B. Spencer, jr. 
Mr. M. Spencer, Jr. 
Dr. Frank E. Taylor 
Mr. John H, Thompson III 
Dr. Sidney J. Venable, Jr. 
Mr. Alan J. White 
The Rev. Thomas C. Whitehouse 
Mr. Edward W. Wolcon - Deceased 

Class of 1944 

54% of the class contributed 

The Rev. Allan C. Anderson 

Mr. Waldo H. Beck 

Mr. Henry W. Brockenbrough 

Mr. Roben Cusiis Coleburn 

Mr. John H. Cross 

Dr. William W.Halligan. jr. 

Dr. John Q. Hatten 

Mr. Henr)' M. Jarvis 

Mr. Turner C. Laramore, Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. Man.son, jr. 

Mr. Thomas J, Nichols III 

Mr. Loren L. Parker. Jr. 

Mr. Charles S. Reeves 

Col. Roben Tyler Richmond 

Mt.JohnA. L Ruff 

Mr. Walter D. Shields 

Mr. James T Spratley 

Dr, E. Randolph Trice 

Mr. Arthur C. Turner 

Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. 


I ')')')-2(H)() ALUMNI 

Class of 1945 

65.5% of ihe class contributed 

Dr. Wilbur F. Amonette III 

Mr. Tucker G. Bedingcr 

The Rev. Dr. Roben Bluford, jr. 

Mr. Lewis E. H. Brandon 

Mr. Stanley G. Ciine HI 

Dr. C. Barrie Cook 

Lt. Col. D. R. Copeland 

Mr. T. Frank Crowder 

Dr, Oscar B, Darden, Jr. 

The Hon. John E. DeHardit 

Dr. Lonnie B. Dickens, Jr, 

Mr. R. Conrad Dodl, Jr. 

Mr. Harley C. Easter 

Mr. John V. Edmunds 

Mr. William N. Eikridge 

Mr. Thomas J. Fulcher. Jr. 

Mr, Henry H. Galusha, Jr. 

The Hon. Ernest P. Gates, St. 

Mr. B. Richards Glascock, Jr. 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin 

Dr. Harvey W. Goode. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas O. Hail. Jr. 

Mr. William L. Harvie 

Tlie Rev. George G. Henley 

Mr. C. Carnngton Herbert 

Mr, Paul L, Johnson, Jr. 

Mr. James M. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Ralph D. Keightley, Jr. 

Mr, John LaJng 

Mr. William B, Lambert 

Mr. Gary L. Meredith, Jr. 

The Rev, Dr. Joseph L. Nelson, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Owen. Jr. 

Mr. Harry K. Parb 

Mr, J, Preston Proffitt. Jr. - Deceased 

Dr. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. 

Mr, Warren E. Sandidge 

Mr. WiUiam R L, Smidi ill 

Class of 1946 

69-4% of the class contributed 

Mr. John G, Armistead 

Mr, Stratford W. Bunerworth 

Mr. G. Philip Cheatham 

Mr, Cabell F. Cobbs 

Dr. William S. Coxe 

Mr. Claiborne W, Craddock 

Dr. Junius E. Crowgey 

Mr. J. David Crute 

Dr. Francis G. Griffin 

Mr. F. Byrd Holloway 

Mr. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Mr. Francis P. Jones 

Mr. Oscar G. Jones 

Mr. George B. Litde 

Mr. Robert M. McAllister 

Dr. W. Austin McClellan 

Mr, Charles W. Merriam, Jr. 

Mr. Roben G. Moore 

Dr. Richard David Noel 

Dr. W.Levi Old, Jr. 

Mr, Allen C, PhUlips 

Mr. Ronald C, Shiflert 

Mr. Walter D, Southaii 

Dr. Charles C. Travis, Jr. 

Dr, Hugh Orian Wrenn 

Class of 1947 

60% of the class contributed 

Dr. John D. Seal! 
Mr. C Bruce Chandler 
Mr. Alfred T. Ciirlee 
The Hon. Dixon L. Foster 

Mr. Wdiiam N.Gilmer 
Dr. Harvey E. Jeffreys, Jr. 
Dr. O. W.' Ucy 

Mr, J, Cidlen C, l>eigh 
Dr. William Morris Riggins. Jr. 
Mr. Roben P, Srickley. Jr. 
Mr. James A. Sydnor 
Dr. John L. Thornton III 
Dr. RobenW.TirrellJr. 
Mr. J. Ernest Warinner 111 
Dr, Robert B.Webb, Jr. 

Class of 1948 

81.8% of the class contributed 

Mr. William E. Atkinson 
Mr. Marvin C, Bowling, Jr, 
Mr. Roger W.Dudley 
The Rev. Thomas W. Foley 
Mr. Donald Lee Garlock 
Dr. Thomas E. Gilmer, Jr. 
Mr. Harry V. Haga. Jr. 
Mr. Clivie C. Haley, Jr. 
Dr. James A. Higgs, Jr. 
Mr. Robert C. Jones 
Mr. George J, Kostel 
Mr. J. Stanley Livesay, Jr. 
Mr. C. Kemper Lorraine 
Mr. Tinsley Mack 
Mr. John H. Michalek 
Dr. Thomas P. Overton 
Mr. Don R. Rapier 
Mr. Roy C. Rhodes 
Mr. C. Wilson Rives 
Mr. Charles H. Rolston 
Dr. Peter W. Squire 
The Rev. Dr. Charles C. Talley 
Mr, Benjamin L. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. Hubert S. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. P. Edmond Virgili 
Mr. William F. Warkins, Jr. 
Mr. George Wright III 

Class of 1949 

76, 7% of the cLus contributed 

Mr. Wesley G. Andrews, Jr, 

Mr. William N. Balas 

Col. William T. Bondurant, Jr. 

Dr. Francis J. Brooke III 

Mr. H. Otis Copley 

The Rev. John R. Dail 

Mr. William D. Gallalee 

Dr. FredT. Given, Jr. 

Mr. Jack A. Glascock 

Mr. John A. Goodloe, Jr. 

Mr. William P. Groseclose 

Mr. John E. Hansbarger 

Mr. Richard N. Harris 

The Rev. Everett A. Hellmuth, Jr. 

Mr. H. William Hoffrnan 

Mr. John A. Hudson, Jr. 

Mr. Richard D. Hudson 

The Rev. Dr. John Montgomery Irvine. 

Dr. James W. Luke. Jr. 
Dr. Winfield Massie 
Mr. Anhur H. Michel 
Mr. Claude W. Milam 
Mr. Henry R. Miller III 
Mr. Grant C. Sipp 
Mr, Edward M. Spradey 
Mr. P. Warren Spradey, Jr. 
Dr. W. Graham Stephens 
The Rev, Anhur H, Stevens, Jr. 
Mr. Charles C. Vaden 
Mr. AjTlbrose R. Vulgan 
Mr. Edwin D. Warinner 
Dr. Richard A. Wiant 
Dr. William Lockett Wilson 

Class of 1950 

65- 6% of the class contributed 

Mr, Herben H. Adkins 

Mr, Eari T. Agee 

The Rev, John D. Alfriend 

Mr. Richard J. Basto 

Mr. H. Peirce Brawncr, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel E. Bray, Jr. 

Mr. Harry T. Bridges 

Mr, George T, Bryson, Jr, 

Mr. Douglas G. Chapman. Jr. 

Dr. R. Cecil Chapman 

Dr. Jack W. Chevalier 

Mr, Lynn P, Chewning 

Mr. McLin S. Choate. Jr. 

Mr. Donald F. Clarke 

Mr, John W. Cowherd ill 

The Rev, Russell R. Davis 

Mr, William Dayton Dixon, Jr. 

Mr. Robert W. Driver 

Dr. Samuel A. Elder 

Mr, Joseph Davis Elmore 

Mr. Frank L. Field. Jr. 

Mr, Lewis B. Goode, Jr. 

Dr. Julius Temple Goodman 

Dr. T, Winston Gouldin 

Mr. LeRoyY. Haile.jr. 

The Rev, Langston Randolph Harrison 

The Rev, Dr. Collier S. Harvey, Jr. 

Mr. A. Milan Hitt, Jr. 

Mr, John W. Howard, Jr. 

Mr. R. George Hubbard 

The Rev, Charles R. Hughes, Jr. 

Mr. William A. Hunter 

Mr. Robert E. Johnson 

Mr, Charles B, Leech III 

Mr, Harry C. Lonergan, Jr. 

Mr, Thomas S. Lovelace 

Dr. Russell C. MacDonald 

Dr. William W. Marun, Jr. 

Mr, Samuel D, May, Jr. 

Mr. Harold L. McCloskey 

Mr. Wilham M. Mcllwaine 

Dr. William D. McLean 

Mr. Billie M. Milker 

Mr, Paul M. Nicholls 

Mr. Robert B. Osburn 

Dr. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

Dr. John M. Quarles 

Mr. Thomas C. Rennie, Sr. 

Mr. Wade H. Ridgway 

Dr. Samuel B. Ryburn 

Mr. J. Howard Setde 

Mr. William H. Shirey 

Mr. Fred L. Silbernagel, Jr. 

The Rev. R. Daniel Simmons 

Mr. Philip M.Snyder III 

Mr. Palmer G. Tunstall 

Dr. John H. Vansant 

Mr. Richard Monon Venable, Jr. 

Mr. James M. Vest, Jr. 


Mr, Wdiiam B. Wall 

Mr, John E.White III 

Dr. Lindley M, Winston 

Mr. George E, Withers, Jr. 

The Rev, V. Neil Wyrick, Jr. 

Class of 1951 

64.1% of the class contribttte 

Mr. Alfred A. Adkins III 
Mr. Raymond B, Bottom, Jr. 
Mr. Walter W. Bridges, Jr. 
Mr. Gardiner T. Brooks. Jr. 
Mr. Randolph B. Chichester 
Dr. David S. Cobbledick 
Dr. William Ervin Des Pones 
Mr. Joseph D. East 
Mr. Robert L Ennis 
Mr. Ernest C. Fisher 
Dr. William S. Foreman, Jr. 

Mr. A. Conrad Frey, Jr, 

Mr. Roben L. Galloway 

Mr. W. Marshall Geoghegan, Jr. 

Mr. Leslie B. Gilliam 

Mr. Mark B. Glascock, Jr. 

Mr. Walter V. Hall 

The Rev, Samuel P. Han 

Mr. Roben V. Hatcher, Jr. 

Mr. Walton L. Huff 

Mr. Willoughby S. Hundley. Jr. 

Dr. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. 

Mr. Albert S. Kemper III 

Mr. Edward P. Kinney, Jr. 

Mr, Harvey S. Lurins 


Mr. Robert P. McLean 

Mr. B. F. Moomaw, Jr. 

Mr. Donald C. Morris, Jr. 

Dr. V. AtwelIModey,Jr. 

Mr. Sidney S. Neblett 

Mr. Edwin P. Nevin 

Mr. Meigs A. Newkirk 

Mr, Richard E. Nolan 

Mr.JohnR. 0'Connell,Jr. 

Mr. George W. Patteson III 

Mr. William C, Peake 

Mr. C. Lear Ponton 

Dr. Roben H. Ramey, Jr. 

Mr. C. Edward Richardson III 

Mr, Eugene T. Rilee, Jr. 

Dr. Clement J. Robbins III 

Mr. John A. Robertson 

Mr. William Harveycuner Robertson 

The Rev, Dr. J. Shepherd Russell, Jr. 

Mr. John S. Scon. Jr. 

Mr. John D. Shields 

Mr. Charles W.Smith, Jr. 

Mr, Edwin Smith 

Mr. John D.Wilson 

Class of 1952 

66. 6% of the class contributed 

Mr. Sheppard K. Ames, Jr. 

Mr. Sterling P. Anderson, Jr. 

The Rev. Lawrence W. Avent 

Dr. Charles C Binford 

Dr. Francis Nash Boney 

Mr. Numa P. Bradner 

Mr. W. Michaux Buchanan 

Mr. Henry G. Coghill, Jr. 

Mr. Charles M. Dietz 

Dr. Freeman Epes 

Dr. Richard M. Frazer, Jr. 

Dr. John R. Good 

Dr. Uoyd T. Griffith 

Mr. William C. Hagan 

Mr. Richard C. Hassold 

The Hon. Dr. Clarence A. Holland 

Mr. George R. Irminger 

Dr. A. Emerson Johnson III 

Dr. William T, Johnson 

Dr. John W. Kilgore 

Mr. Roben W. King, Jr. 

Dr. Elmer K. Landis, Jr. 

Dr. Richard M. Lee 

Dr. Henry S. Lieben, Jr. 

Mr. G, W. Lindsay 

Mr. Gordon B. Marshall 

Captain Robert S. Mathews 

The Rev. Claud W. McCauley 

Mr. Hobson C. McGehee. Jr. 

Dr. Eugene Darden Milener III 

Mr. J. Hunter Miller 

Mr. G. R. Misenhelter 

Mr. Thomas C. Moore 

The Hon. Harvey B. Morgan 

Dr. Charles H. Moseley, Jr. 

Mr. Lewis F. Nonon 

Dr. Benjamin R. Ogburn 

Mr. Henry W. Oppenhimer. Jr. 

Dr. Charles H. Peterson, Jr. 

Mr. James Gordon Rennie, Jr. 

Dr. George S. Richardson 

The Rev. W. Ramsey Richardson 

Dr. John B. Schug 

Mr. William R-Shands, Jr. 

Mr. William D. Sites 

Dr. Gladstone E. Smith. Jr. 

Dr. T. Austin Sydnor, Jr. 

Mr. Stuart A. Talbott 

Dr. Marcellus E. Waddill 

Mr. William CWanbaugh, Jr. 

Mr. UighC.Whalcy.Jr. 

Mr. William H, Wright 

Class of 1953 

60.3% of the cLiss contributed 

Mr. Wdiiam M, Alphin 

Mr. Alvan M. Aron 

Mr. Joseph M. Bagley 

Mr. George E. Bahen, Jr. 

Mr. William A. Blair 

Mr. A. G.W.Christopher, Jr. 

Mr. Vernon D. Dawson 

Mr. Philip Moring De Haas 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers, Jr. 

Mr. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. William C. Fitzgerald 


Mr. Alben C. Ford 

Col. Richard E. Haislip. USMC(Ret.) 

Dr. James S. Harris, Sr. 

Mr. Frank R. Hoffmann 

Mr. J. Bruce James, Jr. 

Mr. Roben M. Johnson 

Dr. Hubert E. Kiser, Jr. 

Mr. E. Lee LeCompte 

Mr. Harry G. McGinn, Jr. 

Mr. Owen R. Minter 

Mr. Lloyd B. Mize, Jr. 

Dr. French H. Moore, Jr. 

The Hon. W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr. 

Mr. Sydnor C. Newman. Jr. 

Mr. J. Harding Owen 

Mr. William M. Passano. Jr. 

Mr. Henry M. Read 

Mr. Roney Rowland 

Mr. Robert L. SafFeUe. Jr. 

Dr. J. Webb Simmons HI 

Mr. J. Edwin Stanfield 

Mr. Robert S. Tucker, Jr. 

Mr. E. Kemper Uhler. Jr. 

Mr. Page H. Vaughan, Jr. 

Mr. Eric H. Wall 

The Rev. F. Bryan Williams 

Class of 1954 

63-3% of the class contributed 


Lt. Col. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 
Dr. Burness F. Ansell, Jr. 
Mr. William C. Boinest 
Mr. Ben James Bowers 
Mr. Dilworth S. Cook, Jr. 
Dr. John Armstrong Cross, Jr. 
Dr. Frederick C. Davis, Jr. 
Dr. T. J. Ferrell, Jr. 
Mr. Caner B. S. Furr, Sr. 
Mr. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. 
Mr. Rives S. Hardy 
Dr. Harry F. Hoke, Jr. 
Dr. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr. 
Dr. David Lee Litchfield 
Mr. Gordon Macavlay Lucey 
Mr, Joe Scon Maupin 
Dr, J. Milton Miller, Jr. 
Mr. E. Stewan Robertson 
Dr. Fred D. Robinson 
Mr. Robert F. Rosenbaum 
Mr. Romulus M. Sanders, Jr. 
Mr. Ashby C. Saunders 
Mr. Marion S. Scon, Jr. 
Mr. James I. Slaydon, Jr. 
Mr. Harold R. Spencer 



Mr. W^my B. Taylor 

Dr. R. Dean Tester 

The Rev. Dr. Ernest T. Thompson. Jr. 

Dr. Henry J. Tucker, Jr. 

Mr. H. Benjamin Vincent. Sr. 

Mr. Glen G. Vought 

Mr. Joseph L Wallace, jr. 

Dr. K. K.Wallace. Jr. 

Colonel A. S. Warinner 

Dr. George M. Williams 

The Hon. JereM.H. Willis. Jr. 

Dr. W, P. Wiltsee Young 

Class of 1955 

60% of the cUss contributed 
$J 19,216. n 

Dr. D. Mowbray Allan 

Dr. Roben B. Allen 

Mr. James G. Anderson, Sr. 

Lt. Col. Edward H. Benson, Ret. 

Mr. Douglas A. Bryant 

Mr. John W. Craddock 

Mr. John Worth Crandall 

Mr. Robert E. Curtis, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Daughtrey, Jr. 

Dr. Arthur S. Gear, Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. Thomas E. Glascock 

Mr. John Ray Jennings 

Mr. Richard B. KiUingcr 

Dr. John WJson Kolmer 

Mr. Edward H. Loud, Jr. 

The Re\-. Richard L. Newkirk 

Mr. George H. Randall 

Mr, W.Cabell Rives III 

Mr. James C. Robbins 

Mr. James C. Roberts 

Mr. Robert F. Roberts 

The Hon. Joseph P. Rushbrooke 

The Hon. Amos C. Saunders 

Mr. Thomas j. Savage. Jr. 

Mr. W. Sydnor Settle 

Mr. H. Wayland Stephenson, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas F. Stewart 

Mr. Elben N. Trinkle. Jr. 

Mr. Furman B. Whitescarver, Jr. 

Mr. Kcnnon C. ^Tiitde, Jr. 

Cla^s of 1956 

55.5% of the class contributed 

Mr. Fred A. Bebeau 

Dr. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr. 

Mr. Edward L. Breeden HI 


Dr. Gilbert H. Bryson 

Dr. William P. Edmondson, Jr. 

Mr. Roger K. Elliott 

Mr. Richard M. Geoghcgan 

Mr. Ronald M. Henry 

Mr. Lawrence H. Hoover. Jr. 

Mr. James J. Keating, Jr. 

Mr. PhiUip W. Key. Sr. 

Mr. M.Edwin McCall.Sr. 

Mr, John M. Miller 

Mr. William 0. Moseley, Jr. 

Mr. Charles C. Motdey 

Mr. Frank L. Nanney, Jr. 

Mr. John Nichols 

Dr.John Y.Nicholson III 

Dr. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Rawls 

Mr. John F. Richards 

Mr. Donald A. Ross 

Mr. John E. Sadler, Jr. 

Mr. Edward L. Sanders 

Mr. L. Edward Scru^ 

Mr. Richard B. Sessoms 

Mr. John W. Sherman III 

Mr. Halscy W. Smith. Jr. 

[)r. James H. Smith 

Mr. William E.Toland 

Mr. James M. Turner, Sr. 

Mr, Herman B. Walker 

Mr. Calvin N.Warfield, Jr. 

Class of 1957 

78. 6% of the class contributed 

Mr, William C. Barnes 

The Rev. Thomas T. Biggs 

Mr. George C. Bird 

Dr. Thomas P. Bowe, Jr. 

Mr. Sidney S. Bridgforth. Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. Warren B. Caner 

The Hon, Jose Davila. jr. 

Mr. William H. Drumeller 

Mr. Edward W. Earlv 

Mr. James Gordon Frazer 

Mr. William C. French 

Mr. WJham R. Gardner, Jr. 

Mr. Clarence R. Gillespie 

Dr. George L. B. Grinnan 

Mr. R. Bryan Grinnan III 

Dr. Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 

Dr. Austin B. Harrelson 

Mr. James L. Hatcher, Jr. 

Mr. B. Graves Kerr III 

Mr. Thomas F, Kilbv 

Dr. Willette L LeHew 

Mr. Thomas C. Looney 

Mr. Hugh B. MarshaU 

The Rev. Dr. Edgar C. Mavse 

Mr. Henry H. McVe>' III ' 

Mr. R, Dennis Morton 

Mr. Lewis H. Mundin III 

Mr. Malcolm R, Myers 

Dr. William L. Odom 

Mr. William O.Payne, Jr. 

Mr. C. Graham Pembroke. Jr. 

Mr. Sumner R. Pugh, Jr. 

Mr. Michaux Raine III 

Mr. Joseph B. Shelor 

Mr. Clyde E. Shelton 

Mr. Edwin W. Siersema 

Mr. Benny B. Smith 

Mr. James C. Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. Clifton R. Titus, Jr. 

Mr, Roben G. Traylor 

Dr. William V. Tynes II 

Mr. Joseph P. Vaughan, Jr. 


Mr. T.Ashby Watts III 


Mr. James L. Wilev. Jr. 

Mr. Frank D.Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. Fletcher]. Wright III 

Class of 1958 

62.5% of the class contributed 

Mr. Charles C. Ames 
Mr. James N. Boyd 
Mr. Miles S. Brooks 
Mr. Thomas S. Bryant, Jr. 
Mr. Frank Buck 
Dr. Jameson George Buston I 
Mr. E. Eugene Cooke 
Mr. Richard S. Copeland 
Dr. Philip C. Davis 
Mr. Charles M. Dennis 
Mr. Robert R. Edens 
TTie Rev. Peter C. Fulghum 
Mr. Thom F. Hanes 
Mr. Edward S. Harlow, Jr, 
Mr. Percy Harris III 
Mr. John E. Harwood, Jr. 
Mr. Karl C. Henderson 
Mr. John F. Hodges. Jr. 
Mr. Alexander L. Hoffman 
Dr. Maury A. Hubbard, Jr. 
Dr.WcllfordW. Ingc.Jr. 
Mr. Richard G. Joynt 
The Hon. Joseph A. Irafc 
Mr. HenryP. McGill.Jr. 
Mr. R. Maxwell Mcador 

Mr. James C. Melvin 
Mr. Nathaniel P. Neblett 
Mr. Michael G. O'NeHl 
The Rev. William T. Perkins 
Mr. Harr}' Borum Price III 
Mr. John Carlisle Priddy 
Mr. J. Horsley Putt, Jr. 
Dr. Harry E. Ramsey, Jr. 
Mr. Allen H. Reynolds 
Dr. Peter Rosanelli, Jr. 
Mr. Edward C. Shepherd IV 
Mr. Venable L. Stern, Jr. 
Mr. G. Granville Sydnor III 
Mr. James M, Trammell 
Mr. John Hardy Waters III 

Class of 1959 

73. 4% of the class contributed 

Mr. Edmund L. Benson III 
Mr. John L. Bnnkley 
Mr. William O. Bryant 
Mr. Robert W. Carter 
Mr. Stuart W. Copeland 
Mr. Robert Q. Cunningham 
Mr. Ronald W. Davis 
Dr. George D. Delo. Jr. 
Mr. Alexander F. Dillard, Jr. 
Dr. Francis J. Duckwall 
Mr. James E. Edwards 
Mr. Wdliam L. Fagan. Jr. 
Mr. William M. Ferguson, Jr. 
Mr. James G. Femevhough 
Mr. WiUiam R. Hess 
Dr. J. Roben Hippensteele 
Mr. Philip A. Hoge 
Mr. Clarence Brodie Hyde II 
Dr. William P. Knox 
Dr. Richard A. LeHew 
Mr. Charles F. Lucas 
Dr. D. Hunter Marrow III 
Dr. Murphy F. McGin, Jt. 
Mr. John N. Meadows, Jr. 
Dr. Elben P. Osborne, Jr. 
Mr. Charles A. Petersen, Jr. 
Mr. William S. Pierce 
Mr. Thomas B. Ponerfield II 
Dr. James J. H. Price 
Mr. Arthur W. Raine 
Dr.John N. Ralsten 
Mr. Edward H. Richmond. Jr. 
Mr. Bobby Gene Saylor 
Dr. John M. Shepherd, Jr. 
Mr. Lawrence N. Smith 
Mr. T. Robison Smith 
Mr. Hugh R. Stallard 
Mr. R. King WaddiU 
Mr. Fred G. Warren 
Mr. Frederick G. Weaver 
Mr. Donald P. ^liidcy 
Mr. R. Tyler Whidev 
The Rev. John R. Wilcox 
Professor L. Barron Wood. Jr. 
Mr. James K. Woodley, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas S. Word, Jr. 

Class of I960 

52.8% of the class contributed 

Mr. Thomas N. Allen 

Mr. Silas W. Barnes, Jr. 

Mr. William G. Benson 

Mr. J. Roben Bray 

Mr. Edward H. Bryant, jr. 

Dr. Hawes Campbell III 

Captain Charles B. Collman 

Dr. Benjamin M. Crowdcr 

Dr. John C. Crump III 

Mr. Harry Thomas Darncs, Jr. 

Dr. Brian A. Dementi 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew 

The Hon. Nelson T. L^urden 

Mr. Clayton W. Eisinger 

Mr. Donald A. Fowler 

Mr. F. Meriwether Fowlkes, Jr. 

Mr. Edward H. Fox 

Mr. William H. Goodwyn, Jr. 

Dr. James H. Grant, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Graves 

Mr. John N. Harrington, jr. 

Mr. Leon W. Hawker, Sr. 

Mr. E. Marun Hedgepeth.Jr. 

Mr. M. Nonon Howe, Jr. 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun 

Mr. J. Charles Johnson 

Mr. J. Thomas Kremer, Jr. 

Mr. Wayne C. McLean 

Dr. John W. Myers III 

Mr. John E. Pappas 

Mr. Paul M. Penick 

Dr. William A. Robertson 

Dr. Thomas L. Sarvay, Jr. 

Mr. Wdliam T. Saunders, Jr. 

Mr. Anthony C. Sherman 

Mr. Garnen F. Smith 

Mr. Landon Carter Smith 

Mr. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. 

Mr. Alan D. Stein 

Mr. Henry A. Terjen, Jr. 

Mr. E. Douglas Vaughan, Jr. 

Mr. Raymond B.Wallace. Jr. 

Dr. WtUiam E.Ware. Jr. 

Mr. Richard W. Wenz 

Dr. Paul F. White 

Mr. Wdliam T. Wilson 

Class of 1961 

60. 9°o of the class contnbuted 

Mr. John M. Acken 

Mr. Leo R- Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. RylandA. Babb,Jr. 

Mr. Dean A. Bailey 

Dr. Lewis William Bridgforth 

Mr. Scon Broaddus 

Mr. John Bagby Browning 

Mr. James F. Carper 

Mr. Jack H. Chappell 

Dr. Carroll A. Cloninger 

Dr. Richard E. Coons 

Mr. Roben B.Ewald III 

Mr. Charles H. Frischkorn. Jr. 

Mr. Edward K. Godsey. Jr. 

Mr. John R. P. Hamilton 

Mr. Daniel M. Hawks 

Mr. Wayne E. Hoy 

Major C. Kendall Hunter, Jr. 

Mr. Frederick F. Johnson 

Mr. H. Benjamin Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Hugh K- Leary 

Mr. Gary B. Mayo III 

Dr. George J. McVey 

Mr. D. Roger Mower, Jr. 

Mr. William H.Pav-ne 

Mr, Marshall N. Pearman. Jr. 

Mr. H. David Reitz 

Mr. David H. Smith II 

Mr. Olen C. Stewan. Jr. 

Dr. H. Ben Stone III 

The Hon. J. Roben Stump 

Mr. Samuel L. Tarr)' 

L^r. Cunis H. Thomas. Jr. 

Mr. Lewis M.Walker III 

Dr. Robert E, Wallace 

Mr. Boyd Alton Webb 

Mr. Thomas C. Williams, Jr. 

Dr. William B, Williams. Jr. 

Mr. Michael L. Wooslcy. Sr. 

Class of 1962 

61% of the class contributed 

Mr. Robert VC'. Batten 
Mr. Obie Henri' Booth 
Dr. George W, Booze 

Mr. James Wesley Burgess 

Dr. Phillip M. Cook 

Mr. Stuart Egenon II 

Mr. j. William Ferrell III 

Mr. Fred L. Garren III 

Mr. John R. Grymes 

Mr. R. Garnen Hall, Jr. 

Mr. Paulus I. HaiTisworth 

Dr. William ]. Heinzer 

Mr. Charles E. Hubbard 

The Hon. Tristram T. Hyde IV 

Mr. David F. Lykins 

Mr. Donald P. Miller, Jr- 

Mr. Irvin Owings III 

Mr. Stephen Dulany Proctor 

Dr. Dudley A. Raine, Jr. 

Mr. John E. Roberts, Jr. 

Dr. R. Lewis Royster, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph M. Ruffin, Jr. 

Dr. William G. Sale III 

Mr. Daniel H. Shaner 

Mr. Nelson Showalter 

Mr. C. Frederick Shultz 

Mr. Clarence O. Sligh. Jr. 

Mr. Kent A. Smack 

Dr. Robert G. Thompson II 

Mr. Harry H. Titus 

Mr. John T. Tompkins III 

Mr. Thomas S. Tredway 


Mr. TTiomas F. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. Herbert D.Wolff III 


Class of 1963 

58. 8% of the class contnbuted 

Mr. Douglas R. Allen 
Mr. Robert H. Bcnnen 
Mr. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr. 
Mr. George Steel Bowers. Jr. 
Mr. Carl F. Bowmer 
Mr. G. Grav-son Boyce 
Mr. Otis H.Bradley. Jr. 
Dr. W. Hamilton Bryson 
Mr. Benjamin M. Buder 
Mr. Richard H.Cardwell 
Mr. George B. Cardedgc. Jr. 
Mr. David L. Costenbader 
Mr. Charles F. P. Crawley 
Mr. Thomas B. Davidson. Jr. 
Mr. William S. Davidson 
Mr. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. 
Mr. Francis F. Falls 
Mr. Leavenworth M. Fcrrell 
Mr. Lowery D. Finlcy III 
Mr. Mervin A, Frantz, jr. 
Mr. James M. Galloway 
Mr. Gerald T. Gilliam 
Mr. Donald R. Gladstone 
Dr. C. Earl Guthrow.Jr. 
Mr. James W. Hardin 
Mr. Samuel C. Harding, Jr. 
Mr. Holmes C. Harrison 
Dr. G. Philip Hillen III 
Mr. J. Knox Hillman, Jr. 
Mr. William D. Humphreys 
Mr. Hal Sman Johnson 
Mr. H. Timothy Litdc 
Mr. William W. Lowery III 
Mr. Roderick B. Mathews 
Mr. Arthur J. Matncy 
Dr. Russell G. McAllister, Jr. 
Dr.John N.McD,iniel 
Dr. Thomas R. McDanlel 
Mr. William R.Middelthon, Jr. 
Mr. C. Frederick Mitchell 
Mr. William E. Moore. Jr. 
Mr. Gerald M. Pace 
Mr. Philip G.Padgcn, Jr. 
Mr. James L. Patton 
Mr. Waiter LPcnn II! 
Mr. W. Greyson Quarlcs, Jr. 
Dr. Holman C. Rawls III 



Mr. John W. Romm, Jr. 

Dr. Wade H. Saunders II! 

Dr. Kenneth N. Scon 

Mr, Ed\s'ardH. Shield 

The Re%'. Glenn W. Small 

Mr. Charles W. Sommardahl, Sr. 

Mr, Marshall H. Sruart 

Mr. William W. Tennerit III 

Mr. Joseph F. Viar, Jr. 

The Rev. Linwood G. Wilkes 

Mr. DavidG.WJson.Jr. 

Mr. Raymond Andrew Woody 

Mr. A. Hunter Yeatts, Jr. 

Class of 1964 

5Z-i%of the class contributed 

Mr. David D. Addison 

The Rev. John L. -■Mexander 

Mr. L Philip Bailey. Jr. 

Mr. John H. Bergeron 

Mr. Henr)' Staley Berry 

Mr. DougaldL.Bluelll 

Mr. Harold U. Blythe 

Mr.J. P.McGuireBoyd 

Mr. W, Kent Caner, Jr. 

Mr. Michael D, Caver 

Mr. W. Bates Chappell 

Mr. John B. Cline 

Mr. Michael T. Crone 

Mr. J. Sidney Davenpon I\' 

Mr, WdliamJ. Dougherty. Jr. 

Mr. James F. Douthat 

Mr. W. Sidney Druen 

Mr. Aldrich Dudley III 

Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. David C. Fuller 

Dr. J. Charles Gills 

Mr. Edwin H. Graves - Deceased 

Mr. F. Wayne Gray 

Dr. Larry D. Hcnsley 

Mr. R, Devereux Jarratt 

Mr. Nathaniel A. Jobe. Jr. 

Mr. William J. Lawrence 

Mr. Fontaine B. Lawson 

Mr. Stephen C. Leverton 

Mr. Thomas M. Lewis 

Mr. Charles I. Lunsford II 

Mr. Michael F. Moorman 

Mr. Wayne A. Morrison 

Mr. Jesse W. Overbey 

Mr. Graham F. Painter, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Parrott II 

Mr. George F. Perkins 

Mr. Henr>- R. PoUard IV 

Mr. Kenneth M. Pntchen 

The Hon. John D. Roberts 

Dr. Giles M. Robertson, Jr. 

Mr. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. Allan Ross 

Mr. C. Edward Russell, Jr. 

Mr, J. Hamilton Scherer, Jr. 

Dr. John D. Semones 

Mr. Keith Shepherd 

The Rev. Dr. Louis A. Skidmore 

The Hon. Charles H. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. George P. Tarry, Jr. 

Mr. Clifford L. Thomas 

Mr. Randolph E. Trow, Jr. 

Mr. Hunt B. Wagstaff 

Mr. Robert P. Waters 

Class of 1965 

58.8% of the class contributed 

Mr. Herben S. Adams 
Dr. Joseph E. Agsten 
Dr. John E. Anfin 
Dr. John R. Barker 
Mr. Frederick W. Beck III 
Mr. Maynard Hunt Berryman 
Mr. Doddridge H. Biaen III 
Mr. John M. Boswell 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Bowker 
Dr. WlliamL. Burner III 
Dr. Gerald A. Budcr 
Dr. John G. Claudy 
Dr. Thomas F. Connelly, Jr. 
Dr. James F. Cope 
Mr. Richard F.Cralle. jr. 
Mr. Richard H. Crane, Jr. 
Mr. R. Madison Cummings. Jr. 
Mr. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. 
Mr. W. Birch Douglass III 
Mr. Thomas U. Dudley 
Dr. William M. Edwards 
Mr. Fred B. Gentry. Jr. 
Dr. Richard D. Giles 
The Hon. Herbert C. Gill. Jr. 
The Hon. Ray Wilson Grubbs 
Mr. Scon M. Harwood. Sr. 
The Hon. Stephen H. Helvin 
Mr. David L. Johnson 
Mr. Edward C. Johnston, Jr. 
Mr. John T. King 
Mr. Elmer H. Lammay, Jr. 
Mr. George W. Macon III 
Mr. Richard C. Manson, Jr. 
Mr. Roben W. Maxwell II 
Dr. Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr. 
Mr. David W. Reynolds 
Mr. Wilham F. Robinson, Jr. 
Mr. Daniel E. Rogers 11 
Dr. Dixon M. Rollins, Sr. 
Mr. Gordon D. Schreck 
Mr. Frederick L. Shreves II 
Mr. JuJious P. Smith, Jr. 
Dr. Theodore R. Smith. Jr. 
Mr. Carter B. Spalding 
Mr. W. Scon Street III 
Mr. David E. Trickier 
Mr. Michael K. Vaughan 
Mr. Kenneth E. Washburn 
Mr. Charles H. Wheeler IV 
Mr. John R. Wilhoite 
Mr. Robert C. Wimer 
Mr. Edward C. Witthoefift, jr. 
Mr Roy C. Wood 

Class of 1966 

56.2% of the class contributed 

Dr. Philip R. Anderson 

Mr. Dwighi L. Andrews 

Dr. Samuel H.Baker III 

Mr. David E. Bergren III 

Dr. Frank M. Booth III 

Mr. James G. Bruce III 

Mr. Theodore J. Burr. Jr. 

Mr. L. Frederick Chapman III 

Mr. Clarence C. Chewning III 

Mr. Mark S. Chinn 

Dr. WiUiam B. Crawley. Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Crist 

The Rev. Charles N. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. Alan Scott Day 

Mr. Stephen C. DeBell 

Mr. Roben E. Doyle. Jr. 

Mr. Dennis P. Finger 

Mr. Dickinson M. Gould 

Dr. Danow E. Haagcnsen. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas A. Harding 

Dr. Jack I. Hayes 

Mr. T. David Hinton 

Mr. Wdliam D. Hopkins 

Mr. Roben L Ingram, Jr. 

Mr. John R. Kight, Jr. 

Mr. Edgar W.Ucy III 

Mr. James F. Lipscomb 

Dr. Thomas W. Littrell 

Mr. William F. Lowry. Jr. 

Dr. Daniel W. Mason III 

Mr. Joseph D. Mdes III 

Mr. Ernest E. Moore, Jr. 

Dr. R. Carter Morris 

Mr. R. Stedman Oakey, Jr. 

Mr. James R. Painter 

Mr. Michael W. Paulette 

Dr. James E. Payne 

Mr, James R, Pickens 


The Rev. James Michael Rissmiller 

Mr. Doi^as B. Scon 

Mr. Herben L. Sebren, Jr. 

Mr. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Mr. Wlliam L Shumate III 

The Hon. Wdliam A. Talley. Jr. 

Mr. Wlliam Charles Thompson 

Mr. W. Waverlcy Townes 

Mr. Joseph W. Tuck 

Mr. Lawrence J. Twee! 

Mr. Travis J. Tysinger 

Mr. Ricks S. Voight.Jr, 

"As an alumnus, 

my involvement 

with Hampden- 

Sydney is like 

rereading the 

classics-you knew 

they were special 

the first time you 

read them, but 

each time they are 

revisited, the true 
measure of their 

worth is revealed. " 


Cabell Society 

Presuient, Alumni Association 

Mr. B. KirkeWhite.Jr. 

The Rev. WJllam W. Williamson, Jr. 

Mr. Edwajd F. Younger III 

Class of 1967 

61. 1 % of the class contributed 

Mr. David C. Alley 

The Hon. Wdliam C. Andrews III 

Mr. Charles G. Armfield III 

Mr. Stephen D. Beck 

Mr. Ernest W. Bell III 

Mr. Archie C. Berkeley. Jr. 

Mr. WiUiam H. Blanks 

Mr. Wdham C. Childrey 

Mr. Charles B. Cocke 

Mr. Thomas D. Corkran 

Mr. George G. Cralle. Jr. 

Mr. Henry P. Custis, Jr. 

Col. Robert S. Darden 

The Rev. Eddie \X'. Dedrick 

Mr. F. Randolph DiPrisco 

Mr. W. Robert Eason. Jr. 

Mr. James B. Edge, Jr. 

Mr. Conley L. Edwards III 

Dr. Alan T. Ellion 

Dr. Charles W. Ford 

Mr. John Franklin III 

Mr. John P. Grove III 

Mr. Michael G. Haynie 

Lt. Col. .Mien P. Hazlegrove 

Mr. Joseph A. Hazlegrove. Jr. 

Mr. Leighton S. Houck 

Mr. Randall H. James 

Mr. Jerry W, Jenkins 

Mr. Robert E. Johnson 

Dr. Keith M. Jones 

Mr. R. Daniel Keeling II 

Mr. Thomas B. Kern 

Mr. Leon Agce Lackey. Jr. 

Mr. Greene H. Lawson. Jr. 

Dr. Roben H. Loving, Jr. 

Mr. Wckliffe S. Lyne 

The Rev. W. Daniel MacGill III 

Mr. Richard B. Madden 

Mr. Stephen Hawley Martin 

Mr. L. White Manhews III 

Mr. David J. McKirtrick 

Mr. Edward C. Moomaw, Jr. 

Dr. Charles C. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Morrison 

Dr. Perry D. Mowbray. Jr. 

Mr, Roben W. Mullin 

Dr. E.Blackford Noland, Jr. 

Dr. William R. Nottingham. Jr. 

Mr, Roben H, Owen 

Mr. J. Russell Parker III 

Mr. Wdliam N. PoUard 

Mr. Richard E. Poner 

Dr. Randall W. PoweU 

Mr. Warren C. Redfem 

Mr. John M. Reid 

Mr. T. Burwell Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. James A. Rosenstock, Jr. 

Mr. WellfordL Sanders, Jr. 

Mr. Peter W.Smith IV 

Mr. Walter C. Sprye. Jr. 

Mr. R. Curtis Steele, Jr. 

Dr. Kearfott M. Stone 

Mr. George Summers. Jr. 

Mr. Robert R. Swann 

Mr. Wayne T. Tennent 

Mr. H. Stetson Tinkham 

Mr. Lawrence T. Tnce, Jr. 

Dr. Remus S. Turner, Jr. 

Mr. Randolph H. Watts 


Mr. Rupert R, Winfree 

Dr. Thomas Suelert Woodall 

Mr. Jan Michael Yarosz 

Mr. John Pannill Yeaman 

Class of 1968 

65.8% of the class contributed 

Mr. William BymAlsup III 
Mr. Ronald W. Axselie 
Mr. Walter Cason Barco 
Mr. Edward C. Becker 
Mr. James L. Beckner 
Mr. Horano A. E. Bigelow 
Dr. D. Christopher Bosworth 
Mr. George W. Boylan 
Mr. Ronald H. Burton 
Mr. F. Scon Campbell III 
Dr. James T. Campen 
Mr. William P. Caner 
Mr. Roben K. Caudle, Jr. 
The Hon. James H. Chamblin 
Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood, jr. 
Mr. J. Leonard Cobb 
Mr. Christopher M. Daniel, Jr. 
Mr. Frank P. Dickinson 
Mr. jeffress S. Dortch III 
Dr. J. Travers Edwards. Jr. 

Mr. Christopher K. Evans 

Mr. Norman J. Gaynor 

Mr. Charles M. Guthric^e 

Mr. David J. Hanse 

Dr. Lawrence E. Hightower 

Mr. Roben L. Howell 

Dr. John D. Hughes 

Mr. Bryce D. Jewen, jr. 

Mr. William Edward Lane 

Mr. Donald E. Lee, Jr. 

Mr. James B. Lee 

Mr. Peter A, Le^n, Sr. 

Dr. Eddie R, Lowry, jr. 

Mr. Milton D. Lyde 

Dr. John W. Mack, Jr. 

Mr. Richard Wayne McConnell 

Mr. John P. McLean 

Mr. James R. McSpadden. Jr. 

Dr. John W. Pendleton 

Mr. E, K. Prcwin, Jr. 

Mr. Milton P, Reid II 

Mr. Philip deBuns Rome 

Mr. N. Hardey Schearer, Jr. 

Mr. Pendleton M. Shiflen III 

Mr. Samuel S. Shiplen 

The Hon. Denis F. Soden 

Mr. W. Malcolm Tilson 

The Hon. Pauls. Trible. Jr. 

Mr. Ronald R- Tweel 

Mr. Robert L. Wan III 

Mr. Richard H. West 

Mr. D. M. Westerhouse. jr. 

Mr. Corbin McCue Wdkes 

Mr. Richard W.Wdtshire, Jr. 

Mr. Charles F. Witthoefit 

Mr. Leighton D. Yates, jr. 

Class of 1969 

50.8% of the class contributed 

Dr. David A. Albertson 

Dr. John M. Bass 

Dr. Richard C. BelJ 

The Rev. Dr. Wdliam P. Brown 

Mr. Jamieson P. Byars. Jr. 

Mr. Charles R. Cobb 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. 

Mr. Arthur G. Costan III 

Mr. Burke H. Graver. Jr. 

Mr. Charles M. Douglass 

Mr. W. Berry Dumas 

Dr. A. Russell Dunnington, jr. 

Mr. J. Randolph Edwards 

Mr. G. Franklin FUppin 

Mr. Wdliam E. S. Flory. Jr. 

Mr. John A. Forbes III 

Mr. Wdliam F. Franck III 

Mr. Stuart T. French 

Mr. Larry R. Gilbenson 

Dr. Lowrie R. Glasgow 

Mr. W. Lawson Grant 

Mr. Robert R. Hatten 

Mr. John H.Heard 

Mr. Dale M. Hodges 

Mr. Phdip W. Hughes 

Dr. Lee Anderson Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. F. Geoffrey Jennings 

Dr. David C. Jones 

Mr. Michael J. Krupin 

Mr. Wdliam G. Lockwood III 

Mr. John W. MacClarence 

Mr. Wdliam M. Mason 

Mr.J- Kemp Mathews, jr. 

Mr. John D. McRae 

Mr. Dale L. Morris 

The Hon. Norman Devere Mortison 

Mr. HiUery Benton Myers 

Mr. Huben W. Nash, jr. 


Mr. John Gurganey Overstreet 

Mr. Warten M. Pace, Jr. 

Mr. Russell V. Palmore, Jr. 

Mr. John T. Percy, jr. 

Dr. Harry A. Raddin, jr. 

Mr. James H. Rhodes 



Mr. W. Randolph Robinson 
Mr. Donald C. Robison 
Mr. S. Rowell Sargcant, Jr. 
Mr. Edward M.Schaaf III 
Mr. Joseph W. Seegers 
Mr. Thomas H. Shomo 
Mr. David C. Stradinger 
L[. Col. Michael D. Tiller 
Mr. Gerald M. Walker 
Dr. Edgar N. Weaver. Jr. 
Mr. Richard J. WiUiams 

Class of 1970 

•i8.2% of the elms contributed 

Mr. Michael J. Adelman 

Mr. David A. Bowers 

Mr. Stephen M. Brooks 

Mr. Stratford W. Butterwonh, Jr. 

Mr. A. Dale Cannady 

Mr. Kenneth E. Childress 

Dr. Russell E. Christensen 

Mr. Paul H. Cookscy 

Mr. Stuart T. Crook 

Mr. R. Brandt Deal 

Mr. John W. Drescher 

Mr. John C Ellis. Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Ewing II 

Mr. Roben E. Farmer III 

Mr. Frank L. Faust 

Mr. Mark E. Feldmann. Sr. 

Dr. James W. Gulick. jr. 

Mr. Randolph L. Hallman 

Mr. Richard B. Higginbotham 

Cmdr. Heber H. HimmelwTight 

Dr. .Arthur C, Houts 

Mr. Roben D. Kelly 

Mr. K. Michael Kines 

Mr. Gary M. Lane. Sr. 

Mr. Olin R. Melchionna, Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. MerriU 

Mr. W^iUiam W. Muse 

Dr. Vincent H. Ober, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas D. Page 

The Hon. Westbrook J. Parker 

Dr. David P. Paul III 

Dr. James M. Peery. Jr. 

Mr. C. Wayne Penick 

Dr. Vance J. Plumb 

Mr. Wendell B. Porterfield, Jr. 

Mr. VCIIIiam R. Pumphrey III 

Mr. Paul L Rciber III 

Mr. R. Rjck Reiss 

Mr. Charles D. Robison III 

Dr. Roben E. Rude 

Mr. Boyd Scarborough 

Mr. WiUiam D. Sclden V 

Dr. John Philip Sherrod 

Mr. Howard N. Soucek 

Mr. Philip C. Spencer 

Mr. H. Watts Steger III 

Mr. Charles S. Stringfellow. Jr. 

Mr. U. D. Sudduth. Jr. 

Dr. James L Tompkins 

Mr. Leroy B. Vau^ian 

Mr. David W.Walton 

Mr. D.Richard Weiglcin, Jr. 

Mr. James E. White, Sr. 

Mr. Barton K. Yount III 

Class of 1971 

61 % of the class contributed 

Dr. Joseph I.. Austin 
Dr. John H. Barker, Jr. 
Mr. Richard C. Bcalc 
Dr. Urry P. Belotc 
Mr. Harvard R. Birdsong II 
Mr. Joseph E. Blackburn, Jr. 
Mr. Andrew C. Bohnengel 
Mr. Charles Y. CaldweU III 
Mr. Ray S. Campbell. Jr. 
Mr. U. Caner Carson. Jr. 

Mr. David P. Chalklev- 
Mr. H. Edmunds Coleman III 
.Mr. David C. Crauford III 
Dr. William F. EgelhofiF, Jr. 
Mr. William W. Flowers 
Mr. Gregon' D. Foreman 
Mr. John A. Garner 
Mr. John F. Gayle, Jr. 
Mr. James R. Geiger 
Dr. C. EmesiGibb.Jr. 
Mr. J. Daniel Hardy, Jr. 
Mr. Vincent D. Hardv 
Mr. W. Eugene Hayes 
Mr. J. Christopher Henderson 
Dr. A. Clavborn Hendricks 
Mr. .Andrew G. Hoffinan 
Mr. William Jephtha Hogan. Jr. 
Mr. James B. HoUingsworth 
Mr. W. Alex Honeycun. Jr. 
Mr. Thomas L. Hoy 
Dr. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr. 
Mr. W. Richard Kay. Jr. 
Mr. Lance A- Lavenstein 
Mr. RobertP. Lecky.Jr. 
Dr. William I. Lee 
Mr. John W. Luxton 
Mr. Gordon Lee Mallonee, Jr. 
Mr. L, Richmond Martin III 
Mr. Frank B. McCann III 
Dr. Benjamin Harrison Mcllwaine 
Mr. George A. McLean. Jr. 
Mr. Wcntz j. Miller. Jr. 
Mr. E. Comvav Moncure, Jr. 
Mr. Francis R. Nance 
.Mr. James L. Nance 
B. Gen. Gordon C. Nash 
Mr. John NicoU 
Dr. H.Lee Perkms 
Mr. Charles A. Perry- 
Mr. Dale Wood Pittman 
Mr. Samuel Wills Pur^-iance 
Dr. Harry D. Quarles III 
LTC David L. Ramse\' 
Mr. Roben F. Ray 
Dr. William F. Ray^sum 
Mr. Paul S. Roper 
Mr. Joseph E. Setde III 
Dr. Kenneth D. Shick 
Dr. Christopher Snyder 111 
Mr. Roben M. Speaks 
Dr. Parker R. Stokes 
Mr. Walker P. Sydnor. Jr. 
Mr. H. Tinsley Taliaferro III 
Mr. Guy G. Terrell 
Mr. J. Christopher Thomas 
Mr. David C. Trumbower 
Mr. Dennis M. Uhrich 
Dr. James H. S. Whitnev 
Mr. WiUiam B. Wiltshire 
Mr. Roben W. Woltz. Jr. 
Mr. ElvinA,Wright.Jr. 
Mr. John W. Wright 


37-5% of the class contributed 

Mr. John G. August 

Mr. William F. Banner 

Mr. Charles W. Bishop 

Mr. James R. Blandford 

Mr. Sidney M. Bounds 

Mr. Royal' E.Cabell III 

Mr. Kenneth M. Caden 

Mr. Michael S. Christian, Sr. 

Mr. W. Cunis Coleburn III 

Mr. Richard Garrett Cook 

Mr. E. Causey Davis, Jr. 

Dr. Michael J. Davis 

Major John William Dennis. Jr. 

Mr. Nicholas J. Dombalis II 

Mr. GarrcnT. Ford 

Mr. W. Frederick Genheimcr III 

Mr. Alexander C. Graham. Jr. 

Mr. Roben B. Hamlctt, Sr. 

Mr. J. Roben Hams III 
Mr. Bruce B. Hopkins 
Mr. Harold L. Hughey. Jr. 
Mr. F. Powell Johann. Jr. 
Mr. Gregg K. Jones 
Mr. Harry R. King III 
Mr. John Willard Kirk III 
Mr. Chatlraix A. Lelong, Jr. 
Mr. Roben C. Long, jr. 
Mr. H. Scon Lowry 
Mr. John R. Marks 
Mr. Roben A- May 
Mr, Peter H. McEachem 
Mr. Thornton W. McNeal 
Mr. W. Barren Nichols 
Mr. Edward B. Norfleet 
Mr. Daniel V. P. O'Connor 
Dr. Barry N. Parsley 
Mr. John W.Payne III 
Mr. Allen H. Peer. Jr. 
Mr. Joseph T. Samuels, Jr. 
Mr. Conrad F. Sauer FV 
Mr. Roben H. Sells 
Mr. David W. Shelor 
Mr. Steven F. Shreckhise 
Mr. Daniel S. Smith 
Mr. David A. Taylor 
Mr. Gervas Storrs Taylor III 
Dr. H. Tyler Taylor III 
Dr. Wallace T. Van Nortwick 
Dr. Roben B. "aiUiams 
Mr. George E. Younger 

Class of 1973 

39-5% of the class contnbuted 

Mr. Steven C. Akers 

Dr. James E. Ames I\' 

Mr. David L. Atkinson, jr. 

Mr. William C. Bascom, Jr. 

Dr. H. Scott Boswell 

Dr. Archibald C. Buchanan 111 

Mr. Frank C. Burnette 

Dr. Clarence Campbell III 

Mr. William R. Capehan III 

Mr. Richard L. Carr 

Mr. John B. Chappell 

Mr. James C. Cherry 

Dr. John W. Chinn. Jr. 

Mr. David A. Clark 

Mr. David 1. Clay 

Mr. Don R. Cochran 

Dr. Joseph M. Crocken 11 

Mr. Stuan H. Deal 

Mr. Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel A. Donohue 

Mr. Bryan D. Eads 

Mr. Bob Mann Farmer 

Mr. Roben N. Fricke, Jr. 

Mr. William C. Gay 

Mr. John E. Genet 

Mr. Charles E. Green III 

Mr. Howard G. Harrell 

Mr. J. Scon Harris 

Mr. Richard N. Herod 

Dr. Ralph C Hess 111 

Mr. Timothy E. Hildreth 

Mr. Michael W. Homer 

Dr. Wayne D. Horney 

Mr. Steven T. Huff 

Mr. C. Michael Johnson 

Mr. Thomas T. Johnson 

Mr. Sidney' H. Kirstein 

Mr. Roben M. Lissenden 

Mr. Ralph Clinton Lukhard 

Mr. WiUiam P. Manhall 

Mr. Michael P. Miller 

Dr. J. Stuan Morgan 

Mr. B. Christopher Moring III 

Mr. C. Cammack Monon 

Mr. Ciner Noble. Jr. 

Mr. Gary B. O'ConncU 

Mr. Craig P. Osth 

Mr. Ronald O. Ovcrsirect 

Captain Wdliam B. Parker. D.D.S. 

Dr. Jack Hanson PoweU III 

Mr. Frank W. Roach 

Mr Phillip A. Shon 

Mr, Sidney L. Stem II 

Mr. Roben D. Taylor 

Mr. WiUiam D, Wheeler 

Mr, j. Lair}' WiUiamson 

Mr. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Class of 1974 

38.3% of the class contnbuted 

Mr. Jonathan J. Adelman 

Mr. George F. Albright, Jr. 

Mr. Peter C. Bance 

Mr, D. Bret Barger 

Mr. Duncan Wardman Blair 

Mr. Myron P. Boon 

Mr. Martin S. Bounds 

Mr, Marion P, Brawley 111 

Mr. G, Tvler Brooks III 

Mr. Charles L. abeU 

Mr. John B. Coupland 

Mr, Michael K. Crookshank 

Mr. Roben V. Crowder III 

Dr. John T, Cumes 

Mr, Stephen R. Echols 

Mr, Gene H. Edmonds 

Dr. Henr\' N. Elksnin 

Mr. W^ Stuan Farmer. Jr. 

Mr. J. Randolph Fowler 

Mr. WiUiam C. Ganen, Jr. 

Mr. John B. Gayle 

Dr. H. Nelson Gustm III 

Mr. W. Lee Harris. Jr, 

Mr. Charles R. Henderson. Jr. 

Mr. B. Boyd Johnson 

Mr. Francis P. Jones, Jr. 

Dr. Lawrence B. KeUy 

Mr. George S. Khoury 

Dr. Rodger VC^ Kleisch 

Mr, Frederick Clinton Larmore 

Mr. John E, Legard 111 

Mr. G. Thomas Lumpkin III 

Mr. Stephen W. Mapp 

Mr. Adrian L. McCardeU III 

Mr, Thomas M. Mishoe. Jr. 

Mr. F. Davis Newsom 

Mr. William W. Nexsen 

Dr. CUfford A. Noningham III 

Mr. Frank L. Ovenon 

Mr. Stephen L. Owen 

Mr. Jeffirvj, Poole 

LTC Watson O.Powell III 

Mr. Charles L. Rickens III 

Mr. Roben Lee Rogers 


Mr. Bradford B. Sauer 

Dr, Richard G. Saul 

Mr. David C. Schultheis 

Dr. Thomas M. Shelburne 

Mr. R. Kelly Sheridan 

Mr. B, Brack Stovall 

Mr. J. AUen Sydnor, Jr. 

Dr, J. Bruce Taylor 

Mr. David A. Thompson 

Mr. James L, Thompson 

Mr. Lance W. Van de C^^stlc 

Mr, Dean S, Worcester 

Mr. Walter H.Young III 

Mr. Charles B. Zirklc, jr. 

Class of 1975 

~i-} y"o of the cLiss contributed 

Mr. Judson C, Anderson 
Mr. Vic Anslcv 
Mr. Charles T. Baskcrvill 
Mr. Samuel Q. Bass. jr. 
Mr. Charles A, Blanion III 
Mr. 1.CC F. Brooks 
Mr. Robert W. Carson 

Mr, Gary F. Christie 

Mr. John G. Clark. Jr. 

Mr. J. Andrew Donaldson 

Mr. John T. Donne 

Mr. William J. EUion IV 

Mr. Joseph A. Farmer 

Mr. Mark M. Freestate 

Mr. Stuan H. Goodwin 

Mr. Bernard S. Grosedose. Jr, 

Mr. Timothy B. Hampton 

Mr. J. Thomas Hardin 

Mr. Everen A. HeUmuth III 

Mr. Lawrence H. Hentz, Jr. 

Mr, Charles E, Hunter III 

Mr. Wdliam A- Hunter. Jr. 

Dr. Glenn E. Jefferson, Jr. 

Mr. Richard P. Jeffrey III 

Mr. Jeffrey C, Jones 

Mr. C. Edwin Keefer HI 

Mr. William C. Keighdey 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Kiefer 

Lt. Col. Dennis Roben Lawler. Ret. 

Mr. George Patterson Manson. Jr. 

Mr.WilUamB, May.Jr. 

Mr. Wdliam E. McBramey III 

Mr. James R. Melton 

Mr. Henry R. MiUer IV 

Mr, Ashton D, Mitchell III 

Mr. Marion L. Moore 

Mr. M. Holt Moran 

Mr. John F. Petersen. Jr. 

Dr. George P. Piros 

Mr. Roben D. Plan 

Dr. Walter C. Plunken 

Mr. Kenneth E. Powell 

Mr. John S. Quackenboss 

Mr. Richard F. Rein 

Mr. Roben P. Richardson 

Mr. E. Thomas Rilee 111 

The Rev, Dr. Michael -A. Rowland 

Mr. Thaddeus R. Shelly III 

Mr. James S. Shropshire, jr. 

Mr. Charles H, Smidt III 

Mr. Richard H.SneU. jr. 

Mr. Howard W, Stracke 

Mr. Armistead Traynham. Jr. 

Dr. James B. Tubbs. Jr. 

Mr. Howard B. Waters 

Mr. James C. Wheat III 

Mr. Gregory A. Willis 

Class of 1976 

46. 1 % of the class contributed 

Mr. James T. Alexander III 
Mr. Shaun C, Anderson 
Mr. Frank C. Bedinger III 
Mr. C. Hunter Bcndall 
Dr. WiUiam A, Blackman 
Mr. James W. Bolton. Jr. 
Mr. William L. Bowles 
Mr, Timothy T. Brown 
Dr. John E, Bnish, jr, 
Mr. .Mark G. Burnette 
Mr. H. Joseph Camper 
Mr. Charles L. Capito, jr. 
Mr. Donald S. Qarkc 
Mr. N. Macon CoUier III 
Mr. Donald C. Cournow 
Dr. C. William Dabney 
Dr. John P. Delaney 
Mr. Roben S, Downs, jr. 
Mr, Mich.iel L. Duffer 
Mr. C. Thomas Ebcl 
Mr. Christopher D, Eib 
Dr. H. Gordon France. Jr. 
Mr. Ernest P. Gates, jr. 
Mr, John Cole Gayle. jr, 
Mr. H,ury George III 
Mr. R. Gray-son Goldsmith 
Dr, HughJ, Haganlll 
Mr. Scott M. H,irrington 
Mr. T. Michael Harrison 
Mr. Richard B. H.^^rovc 
Mr. Gr^ory B. Henderson 


l'nW-2(){)() AI.UMNI 

Mr. Philip B. Hereford 

Mr. Kevin L, Harris 

Mr. Robert B. Johnson 

Mr, lohn Maynard Power 

Mr, Sam D. Eggleston III 

Mr. W.Frederick Hicks 

Mrs. Kim Siahl Harris 

Mr. Todd C.Johnson 


Mr. Stephen D. Farthing 

Mr, William R. Hill III 

Mr. L. Dayton Haugh 

Mr. James Monroe Jones III 

Mr. R, Stephen Reinhardt 

Dr. R. Michael Fay 

Mr. Richard D. Holcomb 

Dr, Lawrence K, Hill, Jr. 

Dr, David A. Klein 

Dr. William D. Richmond 

Mr. David H. Fletcher 

Mr. Edwin B, Horner III 

Mr. James C. S. Holladay 

Mr. Gerald E, Laumann 

Mr. Robert T.Ross 

Mr. R. Warden Good 

Mr, David F. Host 

Mr. Gregory F. Holland 

Mr. Keith W. Lewis 

Dr. Rudolph B. Rustin III 

Mr. Michael Lee Gun n 

Dr, John R. Hubbard 

Mr. Frank L. Home, Jr. 

Mr. C Keith Love 

Mr. Walter P. Smith III 

Mr. Gregory J. Haley 

Mr. F. Allen Itgcn 

Mr. William B. Howard 

Mr. John E. Mansfield, Jr. 

Mr, Peter W. Squire. Jr. 

Mr. WiUiam J. Hancock 

Mr. R, Alan lohnston 

Mr. David D. Hudgins 

Mr. Dale T.Marks 

Mr. Cecil T. Talley, Jr. 

Mr. William E, Harrison 

Mr. I. Reid Kelly 

Mr. Gar>- D. Hudson 

Mr. James C. McEwen 11 

Mr. James R. Taylor 

Dr, David F. Huddle 

The Rev. Dr. William M, Klein 

Mr. Robert D. Johnson 

Dr. Steven W, Melhorn 

Mr. Robert B. Taylor, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel A. Huskey 

Mr.AllieB. Kregerlll 


Mr. William S. Moore 

Dr. Peter R. Watson 

Mr. William Andrew Karo 

Dr. Thomas F. Lelrwich. Jr. 

Mr. Joseph L, King 

Mr. Ralph C. Morehead IV 

Mr, James K. Woodley III 

Mr. John C. Keesling 

Mr. R. Gordon Long, Jr. 

Mr. Richard C. Langhorne 

Dr. WyartR. Murphy, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel Eric Zedaker 

Mr. Jonathan L. Kyle 

Mr. Leonard N. Love 

Dr. C. Wayne Lankford 

Mr. Edward V. O'Hanlan 

Mr. Gary C. Levering 

Mr, John G. Mactarlanc III 

Mr, Douglas B. Lee 

Mr. Thomas W. Osgood 

Class of 1980 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis III 

Mr. A. Caner Magce, Jr. 

Mr. James R. Lewis, Jr. 

Mr. John N.Park. Jr. 

34. 6% of the cLiis contributed 

Dr. R. Kevin Mahoney 

Mr. John C. Middleton 

Mr. Clark E. Undsay II 

Mr. P. Tulanc Patterson 


Mr. David C. Noftsinger 

Dr. William L. Montague, Jr. 

Mr. Dudley H.Marks 

Mr. James D. Patton FV 

Mr. George D. Norrington 

Dr. Andrew L. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. James D. Mason IV 

Mr. J. Fain Peebles 

Mr, James M. Alexander III 

Mr. Richard C, Parker 

Mr, Ronald L. Moore 

Mr. E. Franklin Massie III 

Mr. Joseph B. Penick 

Dr. Jeffrey A, Alloway 

Mr. Lowell H. Patterson III 

Mr. Gary M. Munsey 

Mr. E. Judson McAdams 

Mr. William Dehart Redd 

Mr, Philip B, Baker 

Dr. Andrew J, Pollock 

Mr. E. Dawson Nash 

Mr. Richard W. McLain 

Dr. William Rosenberger II 

Mr, Herbert H. Bateman, Jr. 

Mr. David L Ponerfield 

Mr. Mark W, Patterson 

Mr. Phillip C. Metcair 

Mr. William L. Sager. Jr. 

Mr, Kevin Lee Beale 

Mr. Michael A. Rhea 

Mr. W. David Paxton 

Mr. David S. MiUcr 

Mr. Paul English Smith 

Mr, Marcellus J. Best. Jr. 

Mr. John C. Rogers 

Mr. Cruger S. Ragland, Jr. 

TheHon.JohnR. Mirchcll.Jr. 

Mr. Samuel E.Smith, Jr, 

Mr. E. Scott Boze III 

Dr, R. Douglas Ross 

Mr. T. Smith Ragsdale III 

Dr. Michael S. Morgan 

Dr. Frank D. Stoneburner. Jr. 

Mr. W. Denis Brown IV 

Mr. RobenJ. Shepherd 

Mr. A. William Reid 

Mr. William L. PannUI 

Mr. John A. Stough, Jr. 

Mr. George C, Buchanan 

Mr. Christopher L. Sims 

Dr. Kenneth H. Roberts 


Mr. Richard S. Sutton 

Mr, John D.Burke 

Lc. Col. L. Rucker Snead III 

Mr. Richard 0. Royce 

Mr. Michael C. Rady 

Mr, Charles S. M, Tipton 

Mr, HerbertJ. Buder.Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Snidow 

Mr, Robert L Samuel, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas C. Repenning 

Mr, Randolph E. Traynham 

Mr. Brian M. Cann 

Mr. William C. Stephenson IV 

Mr. Raymond £. Sanders III 

Mr. D. Scott Robertson 

Mr, John M. LInderwood II 

Mr. John E. Corey 

Mr. R. Lawrence Stun^ 

Mr. Robin A. Saul 

Mr. Oden K. Semones, jr. 

Dr. Thomas C. Wall 

Dr. Robert Y. Cox 

Mr. James Christian Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. Marcus C. Scheumann III 


Mr. Robert H.Whitt. Jr. 

Mr, Charles M.Dietz, Jr. 

Dr. S. Craig Vranian 

Mr, Lannis N. Selz 

Mr. Mottc L. Talley 

Mr, Robert M, Wilson 

Mr. Ralph W. Dodd 

Mr. Richard L. Ware 

Mr, Martin Manker Sherrod 

Mr. David L. Tashjian 

Mr. James M. Face 

Dr. David J. West 

Mr, W. Caner Sinclair, Jr. 

Mr. A. Morris Turner, Jr. 

Class of 1979 

39.8% of the class contributed 

Mr. Barton L. Floyd 

Mr. Thomas F. Wilcox 

Mr, Richard C.L. Starke 

Mr. William E. Turner III 
Mr. D. Ian Valentine 

Mr. R. Ford Francis 
Mr. Thomas A. Garner 

Dr. F. Taylor Woonon III 

Mr, Robert M. Stewan 

Mr. Michael A. Via 

Mr. Thomas P. Gray. Jr. 

Class of 1982 

38.5% of the class contributed 


Mr. Thomas E, Adkins. Jr. 
Dr. J. Ryan Anderson, Jr. 
Mr. Blake P. Auchmoody, Jr. 
Mr. Edward E. Blake 
Mr, Philip F. BIcser 

Mr. Robert J, Stuckey 

Mr. Edward W. Taylor, Jr. 

Mr. Donald W. Thomas 

Mr. Michael W. Thomas 

Mr. J. Gray Turtle, Jr. 

Mr. Richard C. Walker, Jr. 

Mr. Steven C. Wilkshire 

Mr. Emmett Filmore Williams III 

Mr. James H. Wilson 

Mr. Thomas B. Walker 
Mr. Daniel K. Walters 
Mr. Charles W. Ward 
Mr. Michael D. Ward 
Mr. J. William Watson, jr. 
Mr. Douglas M. Webb 
Mr, Brinson C. White 
Mr. Douglas F. Zier 

Dr. Robert L, Agee P/ 
Mr. Scott Simpson Aron 
Mr, Steven D. Barnhart 
Mr. Joseph S. Bean. Jr. 
Mr. Lewis W, Bell 
Mr, Michael T, Bennett 
Mr. Warren L Birdsong 
Mr. William D, Blackford 

Dr. Robert E, Gtover 
Mr. R. Bryant Hare IV 
Mr. C, Mathew Hogg, Jr. 
Mr. George A. Horkan III 
Mr. Leigh P. Huff, Jr. 
Mr. W. Vance Hull 
Mr. C, Lunsford Johnson 
Mr. David K. Johnston 
Mr. Trent S. Kerns 

Mr. B. EUiort Bondurant 

Dr. Michael J. Breiner 

Mr. Robert B.Wilson V 
Mr. Edward W. Wolcott, Jr. 
Mr. Gary E. Wright 

Class of 1978 

39.8% of [he elms eontriktted 

Mr. David W. Burgess 
Mr. Donald Davison Canday 
Mr. John T, H. Carpenter 
Mr, A, Robinson Cart 

Mr. Jerome E. Laux 
Mr. William C. Uach 
Mr. Clark W. Litde 
Mr. Christopher S. Long 

Mr, Michael A. Brogan 
Dr. Corydon B, Buder.Jr. 

Mr, W, Keidi Cannady 
Mr, William H.Carr 

Class of 1977 

45-5% of the cims contributed 

Mr. William L. Abbott 
Mr. A. Macauley Aron, Jr. 
Dr. Philip M. Bayliss 

Mr. Robert C. Clary, Jr. 
Mr. David P. Corrigan 
Mr. Christopher M. Crowley 
Captain King H. Dietrich 

The Rev. Timothy S. Maxa 
Mr. W. Overton McGehee 
Mr. John A. Mell 
Mr. Robert C. Modlin 
Dr. Mark J. Morris 
Mr. W. Randolph Nexsen 
Mr. Andrew D. Owens, Jr. 
Mr. Dennis C Poehler 
Mr. James R. Richards 
Mr. Mark I. Richards 
Mr, Robert R. Rosebro 
Mr. Stewan M. Sigler 
Mr, J, Randolph Stokes 
Mr, James W. Un. Jr. 
Mr. David Paul Watson 
Mr. D. Ricky Wyan 
Mr. Mark E. Yates 

Mr. Michael R. Chevalier 
Mr. Thomas S. Cottrell 
Mr. William B. Crenshaw 
Mr. Hugh C. Cunningham III 

Mr. Timothy S. Ails-worth 
Mr. William K. Almond 
Mr. R. David Anthony 
Mr. Ira L. Armstrong III 
Mr. Stephen E. Baril 
Mr. James R. Belcher, Jr. 
Mr. Lewis C. Bosher 
Dr. Paul S. Buckman 
Mr. Randolph A. Capel 

Mr. David T. Beasley 
Mr. Alexander H. Bell II 
Mr. Scott W. Berglund 
Mr. Richard H. Blank, jr. 
Mr. Dennis D. Bryant 
Mr. Stokely G.Caldwell. Jr. 
Dr. John F. Canter 
Mr. David M. Clough 
Mr. Thomas M. Crowder 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass 
Mr. John G. E^an, Jr. 
Mr. Richard P, Epperson II 

Mr. F- Marcus Fariss 
Mr. Richard A. Farmar III 
Mr. Gregory W. Feldmann 
Mr. Gary W, Fralin 
Mr. Thomas E. Goode 
Dr, David S. Haga 

Dr, David W. Donovan 
Mr. Brian H. Dunbar 
Mr. Nelson H. C. Fisher 
Mr. Richard G. Gerloff 
Mr. John L.Gibson III 
Mr. Joseph P. Gillach 
Mr, Curtis D. Gordon 
Mr. F.Bradley Gray, Jr. 
Mr. William E. Green, Jr. 

Mr, Timothy E, Carpenter 

Dr, Barry K. Curright 

Mr. Robert R. Henry IV 

Mr. David E. Gunter 

Mr, Rafiiel F. Castro 
Mr, John R. Clark III 

Mr. Jon M. Daly 

Mr. Dabney M. Daniel 

Mr. Carter W. Hotchkiss 
Mr. Stephen L, Hughey 

Mr. Gifford R. Hampshire 
Mr, Jeffrey S. Holland 

Mr. W. Scott Cox III 

Mr. Richard A. Davis 

The Hon. Thomas M. Jackson, Ir. 

Dr, Edmond A. Hooker 

Mr. Steven A. Curtis 

Mr. Patrick C, Devine, Jr. 

Mr. Kenneth M. Johnston 

Mr. Joseph M. Ziglar, Jr. 

Mr. Kevin L. Hubbard 

Mr.JamesK, Dille.Jr. 

Mr. Frederick L. Dewey III 

Mr. Philander Kelsey 

Class of 1981 

34.7% of the elms contributed 

Mr. Neil D. Huffman 

Mr. Philhp T. DiStanislao, Jr. 
Mr. W.Benton Downer III 

Mr. Richard E. English 
Mr. Neil P. Farmer 

Mr. Erik A. Koroneos 
Dr. Carl D. LaugMin 

Dr. AUyn G. Janney, Jr. 
Mr. Gavin D. Jeffi 

Mr. Darrell T. Drummond 

Mr. Gerald W. Fauth III 

Mr. Gordon C. Lee 

Mr. Paul T, KeUey 

Mr. Michael A. Farrell 

Cmdr. John E. Fidler, D.D.S. 

Mr. David J. Lucey 

Mr. George G. Ball III 
Mr. Edward F. Brown 
Mr. Sergio CapoceUi 
Mr. William A. Carrington 
Mr. Thomas Y. Caden 
Mr. John W. Craddock, Jr. 
Mr. C. Jeffrey Daly 
Mr. Thomas M. Davis 
Mr, WiUiam S. Driskill 
Mr, A. Michael Edwards 

Mr. TimodiyJ. Lass 

Dr. A. Frederick Gall. Jr. 

Mr. J. Thomas Francis, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph P. Marchetti, Jr. 

Mr. William H. LeCompte 

Dr. Clyde M. Garrison III 

Mr. Douglas S, Freeman 

Mr. J. Moore McMahon 

Mr. Edward T. Mack 

Dr. George E. Gimpelson 
Mr. Harry S. Greene, Jr. 

Mr. David H. Gates 

Mr, Thomas W, Godfrey. Jr, 

Mr. W.Sheppard Miller III 
Mr. David E. Moore 

Mr. Lewis B. McClung 

Mr, George M. Grizzard 
Mr. Edward E. Haarsgaard 

Mr. Michael S. Harcum 

Mr. William W, Newell 
Mr. G.Michael Pace, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas G. McClung 
Mr. Bryant C, McGann 

Mr, Philip A. Haley 
Dr. Darby G. Hand 

Mr. Thomas M. Heery 
Mr. David P. Holt 

Mr. Alec A. Pandaleon III 

Mr. Ray M.Paul, Jr. 

Mr. Charles V. McPhiUips 
Mr. Scon F, Mdler 

Mr. David R. Hardie 

Mr. Robert B.Huskey, Jr. 

Mr. Frank L. Pegram 

Mr. Thomas H. Miller 



Mr. Joseph K. Morgan 

Class of 1984 

Class of 1985 

Mr. John P. Harrison III 

Mr. Patrick Taylor Morgan 

Mr. Robert T. Ncwcomb 

43"'o of [he class cotitnbuted 

27.5% of (he class contributed 

The Rev. Mark L. Heilshorn 

Mr. Anthony P. Morris 

Mr. W. Crenshaw Newman IV 



Mr. Forrest S. Hi^inbotham 

Mr. Manm j. O'Brien III 

Mr. F. Barret Normann 

Mr. David UTiitehead Hobbs 

Mr. Charles Dee O'Dell 11 

Mr. Charles G. Oakes 

Mr. Charles E.Agee III 
Mr. Steven T. Alexander 

Dr. Stephen A. Asam 

Mr. Irvin G. Homer. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas M. Parrish 

Mr. jon A. Pace 

Dr. Scott J. Bannmg 

Mr. RossA. HotchkissIII 

Mr. John W. PoUock 

Mr. Benjamin W.Rawles III 

Mr. Christopher C. Altizer 

Mr. John E. Basilone 

Mr. WiUiam L. Hughes 

Mr. Edward A. Poner 

Mr. Randy W. Reed 

Mr. David A Arias 

Mr. David W.BIankenship 

Mr. Gary L Kessler 

Mr. Capenon D. Putt 

Mr. Robert Worthington Remick 

Mr. Sunon P. Baldwin 


Mr. Charles E. Kimbrough 

Dr. John E. Sadler III 

Mr. W. Jeffrey Roberts 

Mr. Thomas M. Barzizza 

Mr. Michael R. Boudreau 

Mr. Douglas M. King 

Mr. Richard H.Schofield 

Mr. D. Lindsay Russell 

Mr. W.Charles Blocker, Jr. 

Mr. Gr^oryAlan Brandt 
Mr. Brian E. Brotzman 

Mr. Robert E. Lee V 

Mr. John Banks SeweU 111 

Mr. Leslie Sawyer. Jr. 

Mr. Allen C. Blow 

Mr. Roben Bryant Lendrim 

Mr. Harvard B. Smidi 

Mr. WiUiam k. Shelly 

Mr. Thomas B. Bowling, Jr. 

Dr. Alton E. Bryant III 

Mr. George A, Light 

Mr, Hawes C. Spencer 


Mr. D. Campbell Bowman, Jr. 
Mr. Howard H. R. Boyd 

Mr. Charles H. Cantus 

Mr. ]. Lawrence Mansfield. Jr. 

Mr. S. NeU Stout 

Mr. Scephen M. Stackhoose 

Mr. Bradley H. Gary 

Mr. Donn E. Marshall 

Dr. J. Bradley Terry 


Mr. John M. Burge III 
Mr. Stuan M. Close 

Mr. Charles R. Cochran 

Mr. Armistead B. Mauck 

Mr. Paul M. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. James C Taylor III 

Mr. W. Mark Conger 
Mr. F. Neil Cowan, Jr. 

Mr. John R. McGhee. Jr. 

Mr. Horace M.Tipton 

Mr. Thomas D. Thalman 

Mr. William C. Cozan 

Mr. Edward W.McKmney 

Mr. David B. Troner 

Mr. Henry S. Vaughail 

Mr. Claiborne W.Craddock II 

Mr. Todd B. Cox 

Mr. Charles Wilson McNeely IV 

Mr. John H.Turner III 

Mr. Sean D. Wallace 

Mr. Hunter E. Craig 
Mr. L. Daniel Crooks 111 

Mr. Peter S. Dent 

Mr. Daniel P. Miller 

Mr. T. Ashby Watts IV 

Mr. Larry G. Wesrem 


Dr. Da%id L. Miller 


Dr. Robert J. Wilson 

Mr. Jeffrey H. Curry 

Dr. John K. Evett 

Mr. Kevin R. Mitchell 

Mr. Robert T.DuP'uis, Jr. 

Mr. Kevin B. Farina 

Mr. E. Winston Morris. Jr. 

Class of 1988 

Class of 1983 

Mr. Lance 0. Estes II 

Mr. J. Scott Finney 

Mr. George W. NoUey 

Mr. Erik John Ollson 

Mr. G. Linwood Parsons III 

30.9% of the class contributed 

40.8% of the class conmbutcd 

Mr Nathanael C. Evans 

Mr. John M. Forbes 
Mr. John A. Gant 


Mi. Richard D. Foley 

Mr. Richard S. Godsej' 

Mr. Elmer J. Peters 

Dr. Michael Aim 

Mr. Thomas R. Atkinson 

Mr. Paul McKay Franb 

Mr. Phillip A. Hess 

Mr. Christopher C. Poe 
Mr. Frank B. Pyon 
Mr. William S. D. Read 

Mr. Michael R. Barke 

Mr. James Burwell Ault 
Mr. Charles W. Best III 

Mr. James G. Gamble V 
Mr. .Man F. Garrison 

Mr. Thomas A. Hickman, Jr. 
Dr. Brian A. Hoev 

Mr. Craig E. Beckler 
Mr. James A. Y. Bowman 

Mr. Charles M.Billings IV 
Mr. J. Kwasi N. Boafo 

Mr. Alfred H.Garvey, Jr. 
Dr. Robert W. Given 

Mr. William J. Hubbard 
Mr. C. Burke King 

Mr. Benjamin E. Robinson 
Major Steven Michael Sharp, USAF. 

Mr. Bryan Lee Brendle 
Mr. Joseph H. Bridges 

Mr. Roben E. Brailsford 

Mr. Michael J. Grace 

Mr. WiUiam C. Knox 111 

Mr. EricJ.Brinsfield 

Mr. Richard M. Bruni 

Mr. Edmund M. Cameron III 

Mr. Edward J. Green, Jr. 
Mr. Forrest Lee Hagan III 

Mr. Robert R. Lawson 
Mr. Geoffrey J. Lewis 

Mr. Michael E. Shelton 
Mr. William H. Tavenner 
Mr. Daryl W. Taylor 
Mr. Philip R. Trapani, Jr. 
Mr. Edward S. Utyro 
Mr. Lin H. Van Dyke 
Mr. Anthony W. Vermillera 
Mr. Samuel K. Wallace, Jr. 
Mr. HarvevL. Warnick, Jr, 
Mr. G.Randolph Webb, Jr. 
Mr. Ros R. WJhs 
Mr. Davis S. Wrinkle 
Mr. William T. Ziglar 

Mr. John B. Brinson I\^ 
Mr. M. Deane Cheatham III 

Mr, Robert H. Camp 

Mr. Randolph C. HarreU 

Mr. DavidP. McEnderfer 

Mr. Michael Barry Chenault 

Mr. Ered L. Campbell III 
Dr. Jeffrey A. Clifton 
Mr. Anthony B. Conte 

Mr. Joseph W.Hatchett.Jt. 
Dr. Roben B. Houska 
Mr. Brian P. Jeter 

Mr. Joseph E. Mclnnis 
Mr. DerrikR. G.Morris 

Mr. C\Tus Colangelo 
Mr. David B. Dahbura 
Mr. E. Adams Darden I\' 

Mr. F. Andrew Cook III 

Mr. Mark A Johnson 

Mr. PaulC Nunnally 

Mr. Beverly M. Davis 

Dr. George F. Craft II 

Mr. Lawrence 0. Jonak 

Mr. Kenneth G. Pankey. Jr. 

Mr. Brian J. Davis 

Mr. Christopher H. Daly 
Mr. John C. Dickinson 

Dr. David F. Jones 

Mr. W. Banks Peterson, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph J. Pierce 

Mr. Br>^n H.Davis III 
Mr. J. Forrester DeBuys III 


Mr. Lynwood W. Le^vis. Jr. 

Dr. Peter R, Quarles 

Dr. F.Carl Derrick III 

Mr. James Duffy 
Mr. Brian S. Dyer 

Mr. Wdliam E. Linden III 
Dr. Kenton L. Mackey 

Dr. Da\'id B. Simmons 
Mr. Bradley S. Simms 

Mr. Graham T. Dozier 
Mr. Anthony P. Farina 

Mr. Louis D. Farina. Jr. 

Mr. Roben P. Manin 

Mr. Bradford R. Smith 

Captain Glenn A. Fink 

Mr. K. Scott Fife 

Mr. John M. Mayeske 

Dr. Harry E. Spalding 

Class of 1987 

Mr. Frank W. Friedman 

Mr. WUliam M. French 

The Rev. Ann B. Mavo 

Mr. Peter B. Strickland 

32.9% of the class contributed 

Mr. Christopher G. Fulghiun 

Mr. Fianklin Y. Geho 

Mr. M.Edwin McCall, Jr. 

Mr. John Ed Tankard III 


Mr. Roderick M. Gardner 

Mr. Roben C. Gentry 

Mr. R. Matthew McGee 

Mr. Donald W. Thomson 

Mr. Thomas B. Gates 

Mr. Roger A Glover III 

Mr. John G. Mcjunkin 

Mr. Raleigh A. Trovillion 


Mr. Gerald Palfery GiUespy 

Mr. Roben Tyree Greene, Jr. 

Mr. James F. Moseley, Jr. 

Mr. William L Usnik, Jr. 

Mr. Peyton W. Artz 

Mr. Jesse F. Coins III 

Mr. Timothy B. Guthrie 

Mr. Trov W. Nottingham 

Mr. J. David Walker 

Mr. James L. Banning 

Mr. Thomas J. Groonell 

Mr. H. Hiler Harns III 

Mr. R. Dee Novak, Jr. 

Mr. Berkeley W. Young 

Mr. WiUiam E. Barr 

Mr. Harold M.Harris. Jr. 

Mr. Benjamin R. Harvey. Jr. 

Mr. Phihp E. Paulene 

Mr. P. Bradiord Young 

Mr. David C. Brown 

Mr. Phihp T. Hickman 

Dr. RalphD. Hellams.Jr. 

Mr. Bnan W. Peabody 

Mr. Courtney W. Campbell 

Mr. Harlan L Honon 

Mr. Duran P. Holton 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Peterson 

Class of 1986 

Mr. Robert K. Citrone 

Major C. Patrick Howand 

Mr. Roben A. Hoover III 

Dr. PaulG. Pierpaoh.Jr. 

37% of the class contributed 

Dr. HoUins P. Clark 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Jackson 

Mr. Mark T. Jones 

Mr. Virginius S. Pittman 11 

Mr. Ashby W. Coleman 

Mr. J. Trent Jones 

Mr. C. Mark Kelly 

Dr. Franks. Powell 

Mr. EricM. Cotts 

Mr. Andrew M. Kamm 

Mr. David F. King, Jr. 

Mr. Michael A Prizzi 

Mr. Joseph Clark Addington 111 
Mr. Jeffrey F. Ambrose 
Dr. K- Drew Baker 

Mr. Stuan S. Cox 

Mr. Michael P. Kehoe 

Mr. Denis J. McCarthy 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Richardson 

Mr. John M. Currencc 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby 

Dr. Timothy G. McGarty 

Mr. Lucien W. Roberts 111 

Mt. Richard W. Davis. Jr. 

Mr.DavidJ. UChapelle 

Mr. Michael J. McKeever 

Dr. Thomas J. Robertson. Jr. 

Mr. B. Darren Burns 

Mr. Laurence M. Dickinson 

Mr. Monte Lchmkuhler 

Mr. Joseph A Nicholson, Jr. 

Mr. Charles A. Roest 

Dr. Lawrence B. Caplin 

KAt Tnnv C ("arn*^ 

Mr. James David Diggs 

Mr. John W. Maloncy 

Mr. WJliam W. Patterson 111 

Mr. Francis D. Rosenberger 11 

Mr. Richard W. Egglcston 

Mr. Kevin E. Maningayle 

Mr. E. Stiles Peabody III 

The Rev. T. Field RusseQ 

Mr. George B. Canledge III 
Dr. John R. Caruso 
Mr. J. Charles Cx)IIie 

Mr. Timothy C. EUer 

Mr. Craig L. Masscy 

Mr. R, Briggs Peery 


Mr. Mark J. Fader 

Mr. O.Randolph Mintcr. Jr. 

Mr. Stephen L. Robinson 

Mr. Arthur H. Spcrry 

Dr. George E. Fahy III 


Mr. Henry M. Rogers III 

Mr. Paul D. Srancs 

Mr. Brian F. Crottv 

Mr. Harrison Moncure Geho 

Mr. TaylocN. Negus 

Mr. Carl J. Roncaglionc, jr. 

Dr. Wallace C. Tarry 

Mr. James William Currv 

Mr. Andrew T.Gray 

Mr. Frank C.Page 

Mr. Mark J. Shelton 

Mr. Alexander H. Ware 

Mr. Carl Edwin Dalton 

Mr. Michael G. Hamady 

Mr. Charles W.Payne, Jr. 

Mr. Kevin L. Slatnun 

Mr. Harr>'H. Warner, Jr. 

Mr. Randy S.Davis 
Mr. J. Tyler Dinsmore 
Mr. John M. A. Donelson 
Mr. Warren P. Dumford 

Mr, Phillip M.Heflin, Jr. 

Mr. H.Stephen Perl 

Dr. Mark A. Soltany 
Mr. JeffVey M. Stcdfast 

Mr. Steven H. Warren 
Mr. Drew Waterbury 

Mr. W. Scott Heidler 
Mr. William C. Henry, Jr. 

Mr. Henry R. Pollard V 
Mr. Samuel S. Proctor 

Mr. E. Toles Summers 

Mr. Todd A. Wcinert 

Mr. Richard Keith Hope 

Dr. Alexander George Rabchevsky 

Mr. Brian Sutherland Thomas 

Mr. David H. White. Jr. 

Lt. Dean Lloyd Firing 

Mr. John D. Flory 

Mr. Edward W, Gamble IV 

Mr. John B. Hylton 

Lt. F. Carl Riedlin 

Mr. Branch W. Vincent 111 

Mr. J. Brian Jackson 

Mr. J. Chnstopher Schocn 

Mr. John S. White 

Mr. W. Borden James 

ITie Rev. Anthony Sgro 

Mr. Stuart P. Wilbournc 

Mr. Salvatore Giannetti III 

Mr. Patrick B. Kane 

Mr. Miller F.Smyth 

Mr. Benjamin j. Willis III 

Mr. Bret S. Grieves 

Mr. J, Kendall Killgorc 

Dr. A. Douglas Spitalny 

Dr. Stephen S. Young 

Mr. Andrew Edward Gross 

Mr. Patrick H. Kirchmicr 

Mr. John P. Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. John A. Gurkin III 
Mr. J. Haywood Hardin 

Mr. MarkAUen Lasyone 

Mr. Joseph M.Teefey, Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Lcc 

Mr. E. Rcid Wade 


1999-2000 ALUMNI 

Mr William E. Ware III 


Mr. Christopher B. Coleman 

Mr. Christopher Haley Ray 

Mr. Bradley B. Teaguc 

Mr. Christopher R. Welch 

Mr. Timothv J. Ware 

Mr. Gary H. Darden 


Mr. Matthew J, Tucker 

Mr Michael S. Wheeler 

Mr. Phillip Lee WiUiams 

Mr. K. Christopher Darnell 

Mr. Joseph A. Reynolds III 

Mr. Russell D. Turner 

Mr. Christopher M. Wilkinson 


Mr. Gregory R. Davis 

Mr. Charles Conrad Rickers III 

Mr. T. George Underwood, Jr. 

Mr. "lodd V. Williams 

Mr. George ^'. Yurgaitis. Jr. 

Dr. Kevin L. Dixon 

Mr. Thomas J. Robinson 

Mr. Raymond J. Vcno. Jr. 

Mr. C. Timothy Williford 

Mr. John D. Dove III 

Mr. Gordon E. Rountree, Jr. 

Mr. Matdicw B. VCTiitakcr 

Class of 1990 

Mr. J. Kevin Dumond 

Mr J. Ranson Rousscl 


Class of 1989 

27% of the class contributed 

Mr. Raymond H. Ehnore 

Mr. L. Stephen Satchell 


33.6% ofthf elms contributed 


Mr. Dale P. Ennis 

Mr. John W. Savage 


Mr. J. David Ewing 

Mr. Thomas R, Schrocdcr 

Class of 1993 

Mr. Carlos A. AJvarenga HI 

Mr. J. WJIiam FerrcU P.' 

Mr. Barclay M. Shepard 

19.5% of the class contributed 


Mr. Marvin Buder Bennett 111 

Mr. Robert Emmet Fiveash 

Mr. Michael B. Snyder 


Mr. Marc k. Ajlocca 

Mr. j. Scott Benton 

Mr. 0. Drew Grice, Jr. 

Mr. Charles Warner Sommardahl, Jr. 

Mr. Alexander .\mz 

Mr. J. Phillip Bollinger 

Mr. Earl David Grubbs. Jr. 

Mr. M. Alcster Spears 

Mr. Paul G. Babb 

Mr. Ralph W.Baker. Jr. 

Mr, Brarmon T. Brewer 

Mr. John F. Townsend 111 

Mr. Leonid Barkan 

Mr. A. Jackson Watkins Barber 

.Mr. Scon C. Brooks 


Mr. George M. Trible IV 

Mr. Jefferev H. Biederman, Jr. 

Mr. Michael R Brosi 

Mr. Thomas M.Browder III 

^^B P^^^^S^^^^I 

Dr. Robert C, Wade 

Mr. HardtW. Bing 

Mr. Mason S. Brugh 

Mr. David W. Bryant 

^^B d^^^^l 

Mr, Kcidi H, Wadsworth 

Mr. B. Bradshaw Bray 

Dr. Jay C. Brumfield 

Mr. D. Todd Brydges 

^^B U B^^^^l 

Mr, Murray M, Wadsworth, Jr. 

Mr James David Carter 

Mr. Michael C. B)Tne 

Mr. Rudolph Bumgardner IV 

^^■i H. ^^^^^H 

Mr. Christian J. Ward 

Mr D.Carlyle Chandler III 

Mr. Joseph K. Carroll 

Mr. Gamen Williamson BvTd 

Mr. John F. Ware III 

Dr. Alan R Clardy 

Mr. Brian P. Cassidy 

Mr. Brian F. Canterbury 

^^H \ 'T^^^l 

Mr. MUes C. Williams 


Mr. ^TUiam G. Chapman 

Mr. Donald H.Clark. Jr. 

^^m w^ -jj^^^l 

Mr. R. Douglass Young 

Mr. Christopher D. Cooper 

Mr. Geoffiey S. Christ 

Mr. Thomas Troy Coghill 

B ^ '"' ^^1 

Mr. D. Christopher Zoby 

Mr. Stover Henrv Creasy IV 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Collins 

Mr. W. Paul Conrad III 

Mr W.David Gulp, Jr 

Mr. Timothy M. Cunin 

Mr. John F, Cook III 

^^^ — \ ^' -"^"ygpfc^^^^ 

Class of 1992 

Mr. Joseph R. Durant 

Mr. J. Rex Davis 
Mr. Tucker D. Davis 
Mr. David A. Deane 
Mr. Thomas D. Evans 
Mr. Samuel W. Finney 

Mr. Joseph W. Codin III 
Mr. James R. Dillon III 
Captain Mark K- duBose 
Mr. Jean Paul DuBuque 
Mr. Thomas Roland Edwards, Jr. 

24% of the class contnbuied 

Mr Hugh G.Edmunds III 
Mr Thomas M. Ekman 
Mr Robert M. Fleet 
Mr. Holt Bradshaw Gray 
Mr Matthew Scon Gregg 

^^^^^^- '■ "• • 

jj— ^ — — (B , 

Dr. Mahdi M. Abu-Omar 
Mr. Paul B, Amos 

Mr. David C. Fleming 

Mr. J. Michael Enright 

"Looking back, 

Mr, Sabat P. Barber 

Mr Christopher D. Haddock 

Mr. Mason S. Flinn 

Mr. Charles M. Eschinger 

Mr. Peter C, Bennen, Jr. 

Mr David H. Head, Jr 

Mr. David R. Foreman, Jr. 

Mr. Mark P. Falls 


Mr. Schuyler G. Benson 

Mr Jeffrey B.Hensley 

Mr. Charles R Garrison 

Mr. H. Phillip Goering 

Mr. Aaron C. Bcshears 

Mr William L Hicks, Jr. 

Mr. David P. Gerber 

Mr. Edwin B. Gough III 

College provided a 

Mr. Bradford A. Bodamer 

Dr. William C. Hope IV 

Mr. Patrick N. Gedein 

Mr. F. Brawner Greer 

Mr. Leo], M.Boyd 

Mr. Tliomas Wade Johnson 

Mr. Read F. Goode. Jr. 
Mr. Walrer Lee Grubb 111 

Mr. J. Donald Gregg, Jr. 
Captain Alton Larue Gwaltney III 


Mr. Charles P. Brin 
Mr. Marc A. Brown 

Mr. Jon K. Kjos 

Mr. John A. March, Jr. 

Mr. Fred E. Hamlin III 
Mr. Charles D. Harman III 

Mr. Downing A- Hayes 
Mr. L. Allen Herrington, Jr. 

re-enforced the 

Mr. Josiah Bunting IV 
Mr. James T. Cah 

Mr. Andrew C. M. McClintock 

TTie Rev. John Spencer Randolph 

Mr. David L. Hobbs 
Mr, .^an H. Hulvey 

values taught me 

Mr. Hawes Campbell IV 
Mrs. Eunice W. Carwile 

Mr. Carl B. Mica 

Mr. E. Lendon Norman, Jr. 

Mr. Marion Peebles Harrison 

Mr. G. Todd Joyce 

by my father and 

Mr. Stephen M. Driscoll 

Mr. Timothy R. Ortman 

Mr. John C. Hopewell 

Mr. Alexander Z. Kroustalis 

Mr. Rand M. DuPnest 

Mr. David B. Pearman 

Mr. John M. Hopper 

Mr. Darnel J. Kungl 

family, and, in 

Mr. Floyd T. Fallen, Jr. 

Mr. Charles E. Perry III 

Mr. Roben L Ireland, Jr. 

Dr. Roben Scon Lake 

Mr. Jeremy D. Pass 

Mr. WiUiam D. Pucken 11 

Mr. Daniel k. Jenkin 

Mr. Christian D. Marthinson 

general, gave me 


Mr. Mark J. Robertson 

Mr. L Bradley Johnson 

Mr. Silas C McMeekin III 

Mr. J. Cabell Fooshei 

Mr. Noel Mark Robinson 

Mr. Gr^on' E. Jones 

Mr. J. Brian McVcy 

the confidence 

Mr. Matthew J. Ford 

Mr. Brian A. RolJison 

Dr. Christopher Kcclcy 

Mr, Christopher M. Meadows 

Mr.James B.Glenn II 

Mr. Wdson W. Schoellkopf 

Mr. Arthur H, Krcienbaum III 

Mr, Michael A. Page 
Mr. John Jerry Pappas 

I needed to survive 

Mr. Stewan M. Hall 
Mr. Troy M. Hanna 

Mr. Wdliam P. M. Schwind 
Mr. Michael D. Smidi 

Dr. Michael K. Leonard. Jr. 

Mr. Christopher F. W. Perkins 

in this tvorld. " 

Mr. Michael Craig Haves 

Mr. Pablo C. Souza 

Mr. Edward Mark Lewis 

Mr. Roben E. Prather 

Mr. Cecil WHickam III 

Mr. L. Mark Stepanian 

Mr. Douglas E. Maddox 

Mr. Jonathan D. Saigeant 

Mr. Alan J, Hiss 

Mr. John J. K. Taitague 

Mr. David C. Mason 

Mr. Douglas Alan Selzer 


Mr, D. DaviesHood.Jr. 

Mr. John T. Tapscort 

Mr. Jake J, Mazulewia 

Mr. S, Stuan Shiplen 

Atkinson Society 

Dr. J. David Hungarland 

Mr. Edward T. Trapani 

Mr. Daniel C.McMuIlen 

Mr. John R. Tinimons 

Mr. Christopher C. Jackson 

Mr. James H. Van Ness V 

Mr. James H.McVey 


Mr. Sage Brannon Johnson 

Mr. Charles Morgan Wdson 

Mr. James W. Mercer. Jr. 

Mr. Taylor S.Walker 

Mr. F. Benjamin Harrison 

Mr. RGUes Jones 

Mr. Scon T. MUcs 

Mr. David S. Wallace 

Mr. Glen C. Hasling 

Dr. J. Scon Just 

Class of 1994 

Mr. Harmon B. Miller I\' 

Mr. Stephen K. Waskcy 

Mr. Robert W.Hinkle, Jr. 

Mr. Scon G. Kerridgc 

31-8% of the class contributed 

Mr. Jonathan David Mizc 


Mr. Jon Michael Holland 

Mr. Mario J. Kokolis 


Mr. Michael E. Moore 

Mr. Kirk A. Zambem 

Mr. R. Edward L Holt P.' 

Mr. Thomas R. Layer 

Mr. John B. Morton III 

Mr. Michael T. Hubbard 

Mr. Jonathan E. Ledbener 

Mr. John Fletcher Abcic, Jr. 

Mr. j. Christopher Nafagcr 

Class of 1991 

Mr. Roben Hun 

Dr. Michael Byrne Lirdeton 

Mr. PaerTreida Albert 

Mr. Peter Jonathan Neville 

30. 6% of the class contributed 

Mr. Clayton W. James 

Mr. TTiomasJ. Mallis 

Mr. Michael Winfield Aver 

Mr. William T. M. Newton 


Mr. John B.Jewell IV 

Mr. McAhster C. Marshall 11 

Mr. David Anderson Banon 

Mr. Timothy M.O'Kccffe 

Mr. Michael Scott Jones, Sr. 

Mr. Douglas P. Meeks 

Mr. David Brian Belfldd 

Mr. D. Eraser Orr. Jr. 

Mr. William P. AUison 

Mr. Perrin C. Lamai 

Mr. David S. Naismith 

Mr. Coard Ames Benson 

Mr. Gordon E. Parker. Jr. 

Mr. Joseph L Andrews 

Mr. David N. LeGault 

Mr. Anthony M. Nichols 

Mr. Clinton Chsby Betry III 

Mr. Chfford P. Parson 

Mr. F. Lee Angus, Jr. 

Mr C. Scott UHew 

Mr. George W. Norris. Jr. 

Mr. Roben Holmes Btyson III 

Mr. Paul E. Pisano 

Mr. David Ken Archibald 

Dr. Jonathan E. Manton 

Mr. Samuel Todd Ogletree 

Mr. Michael TTiomas Bucciero 

Mr. Charles W. Piyor III 

Mr. Kevin L. Arrington 

Mr. Lawrence H. Marrin III 

Mr. Daniel S. Owen 

Mr. Wdham Blakency Bun 

Mr. James W. Rapier 

Mr. Andrew Gomell Ballou 

Mr James J. McGrady 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Paris 

Mr. WJIiam A. W. Buxton 

Mr. Jake Rasor HI 

Mr. James F. Bebcau 

Mr. Jonadian L. McGrady 

Mr. Clunet H. Penyjohn III 

Mr. Christopher A. Chase 

Mr. Richard C. Redd 

Mr. F. Lewis Biggs 

Mr. John M. MerritT 

Mr. Michael Gregoty Todd Randall 

Mr. Stephen R. Chesnun 

Dr. John N. Richardson 

Mr. Blake H.BIythe 

Mr. Roben Field Moorman 

Dr. William AUan Rees 

Mr. Roben Yates Clagcn, Jr. 

Mr. C. Saunders Roberson. Jr. 

Mr. R- Morgan Bray 

Mr. Patrick D. Mulqujn 

Mr. Frank Hardy Roddy 

Dr. Beverlev Boyden Clary III 

Mr. R. Kinckle Robinson 

Mr. Michael L. Breeden 

Mr John W. Myers rV 

Mr. C. David Runnels III 

Mr. Roben Van WyckCroker III 

Mr. Stanford L Southworth 

Mr. Bryan E. Burcher 

Mr Mark A. Newcomb 

Mr. H. E. Vann Russell 

Mr. Roy Braxton Culler I\^ 

Mr. William M. Stanley, Jr. 

Mr. WdliamT. Buder III 

Mr. J. Michael Parkerson 

Mr. Gary Scardina 

Mr. Christopher R. Dodson 

Mr. Gregory L. Taylor 

Mr. Joseph Scon CaldweUrV 

Mr. Russell V. Parrish, Jr 

Mr. R. Broob Scuny III 

Mr. Christopher Lawrence Fallen 

Mr. John S. Vail 

Mr. Michael J. Gnone 

Mr. Braxton B. Pollard 

Mr. John Web Tyler Smidi 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon 

Major C.Richard Valiant. Jr. 

Mr. Gardner E. Cobb m 

Mr Brent W.RaUey 

Mr. Jackson W. Tarver IH 

Mr. John Christopher Faussem^e 



Mr. Michael Sinclair Finucane 

Mr. David Christopher Kelley 

Class of 1997 

Mr. Thomas Edward Kegley 

Mr. Hunter D. McCaa 

Mr. Robert J. Geiger 

Mr. Timothy Michael Kelley 

1 4. 7% of the class contnbuted 
S^ 985 00 

Mr, Christopher Ryan Keyser 

Mr. Andrew R. McElroy III 

Mr. Bradford Keith Harris 

Mr. Samuel R. Kennedy 

Mr. William Joseph Lamie 

Mr. John R. Oakman HI 

Mr. Joseph Anderson Hazlegrove III 

Mr. Ray E, Locbrd 

^i^^t -^ ^J' ^ V 

Mr, John Robert Lively, Jr. 

Mr. Adam A. Olchowski 

Mr. Samuel Patrick Hcnrv-. Jr. 

Mr. Andrew C. Lowe 

Mr. David Lee Adamson 

Mr. Bruce Merie Lovelace 1\' 

Mr. Edward L Pugh 11 

Mr. Jacob .Andrew Horstman 

Mr. Junius McCall 

Mr. Scot I. Allan 

Mr. Anderson Lockett Manh 

Mr. John S. Pumphrey 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Hutcheson 

Mr. Matthew W, McGuirk 

Mr. Christian Clark Andrcsen 

Mr. James Bryson McCain 

Mr. Charles E, Redding 

Mr. William Pinckncy Irwin V 

Mr, Matthew D. Michael 

Mr. James Reuben Burton, Jr. 
Mr. Christopher W. Callard 
Mr. Priesdey Cooper Coker IV 
Mr. Arthur P. Cook III 

Mr. Carrol! W. Moon 

Mr.AlbenE. Rhodenizerlll 

Mr. Ralph Hudnall Johnson III 

Mr. Cohn T. Moncne 

Mr. Douglas Bishop Morgan 

Mr. Alex D, Robbins 

Mr. Herben Leroy King. Jr. 

Mr. Kelby M. Morgan 

Mr. Scrvais Evrard Neil 

Mr. Christopher T. Rudzinski 

Mr. William James Kinnamon III 

Mr. Jeffrey G. Overand 

Mr. Brandon L. Ogbum 

Mr. James 1. Shew 

Dr, Jeremy Randel Koons 

Mr. Anastasios M. Pantoulis 

Mr. Gurney Branch Cowling 
Mr. Michael P. DeBender 

Mr. John Campbell Palmer V 

Mr. Eric M. Shocnfeld 

Mr. Paul Joseph Landaiche. Jr. 

Dr. James R. Powell 

Mr. Christopher Kilian Peace 

Mr. Edward D. Smidi 

Mr. James Christopher Lemons 

Mr. MatthewJ. Regan 

Mr. Brett E. Eckley 
Mr. David Grier Egenon 
Mr. Charles T. Fonville 

Mr. Robert Avery Peay 

Mr. Ryan I, Smits 

Mr. Gordon McLain MacGill 

Mr. Arthur K. Rowe, Jr. 

Mr. Bradley Edward Roberts 

Mr. Patrick T. St. Clair 

Mr. Edwin Sidney Martin III 

Mr. David Laurens Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Robinson 

Mr. Bryan S. Sunon 

Mr. R. Bradley Meyers 

Mr. John M. Stone 

Mr. Roben S. Frick III 

Mr. William Cameron Robinson 

Mr. Kevin T. Terminella 

Mr. Robert WatersMitcheU 

LTIG Christopher M. Sutter 

Mr. Gordon S. M. Galloway 
Mr. John Robert Greenwood 

2nd Lt. Jonathan Laurence Schneider 

Mr. Gregory A. TTiomas 

Mr. Timothy Vaughan Monahan 

Mr. Brian Michael Taylor 

Mr, Rodney Craig Seay 

Mr. Victor B. Tremonte 

Mr. Banow Morgan. Jr. 

Mr. James \C'. Thwean 

Mr. James M. Haynes. Jr. 
Mr. Cameron R. Heck 

Mr. William Douglas Selden VI 

Mr. Joseph S.Wells 

Mr. John Cison Ncwbern 

Mr. Cleveland D. Turner 

Mr. Craig Thomas Smelter 

Mr. Scon R. Wiggans 

Mr. John Arthur Nolde III 

Mr, Charles T. Upchurch 

Mr. J. Bradford Hitchen 

Mr. William Todd Smith 

Mr. Francis E. Zellner 

Mr. Dale Robert Nowery 

Mr. John W. Warren, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Howard, Jr. 
Mr. Gordon H. Johnson 

Mr, McKeen Starke 

Mr. Sean Phillip Pepe 

Mr. Ryan Matthew Summers 

Class of 2000 

Mr. Joshua Hartley Rahman 


Mr. James Clinton Kelly 

Mr. Justin Markley Swisher 

13.9% of the class contnbuted 

Mr. William Robert Reid 
Mr. W.Taylor Rhodes 

243% of the class contnbuted 

Mr. Kevin Joseph Kulp 
Mr. Joseph R. Kusak 
Mr. John E. Lansche. jr. 

Mr. Thomas Bryan Tims 
Mr. W.Uiam Vernon Tynes III 

Mr. Tliomas Atkinson Roberts, Jr. 

Mr. M, Baxter Vendrick, Jr. 

Mr. Sofi Bin-Salamon 

Mr. Robert Houston Robinson. Jr. 

Mr. S. Griffith .Aldrich 

Mr. Adam J. LaVier 

Mr. James Yancey Washington 

Mr. Michael C, Bizon 

Mr. Chad S. Runnion 

Mr. Milton D. Alexander III 

Mr. Ross M. Lodge 

Mr. Matthc\v Phillip WiUis 

Mr. David A. Bozell 

Mr. Russell Wade Ryan 
Mr. John Guerard Scott, Jr. 
Mr. Everette Meade Seay IV 

Mr. Christopher M. Anderson 
Mr. Wdliam Joseph Belmonte. Jr. 
Mr. Trey J. Blocker 

Mr. William Douglas Lowry 
Mr. Shawn L. McMahon 
Mr. John Ryan Melody 

Mr. Brian Philhp Workman 
Mr. Michael Sheridan York 

Mr. Jonathan P. Bradway 
Mr. McDowell C. Brown 
Mr. Anthony V, Caggiano 

Mr. Laine J. Seely 

Mr. John Howard Selzer 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine III 

Mr. David Rhoades Sommardahl 

Mr. William Braddock Bourne IV 

Mr. Walter Scott Montgomery IV 

Class of 1999 

Mr. R. Garrett Cline 

Mr. Sheldon C, Bryan 
Mr. Jonathan S. Carr 
Mr. Joshua W. Chapman 

Mr. Smart J. Morris 
Mr, Warren M. Pace III 
Mr. Michael C, Patrick 

25. 4 % of the class contnbuted 

Mr. Andrew R, Duggan 

Mr. James R. Ellion 

Mr. Manin N. Fentress, Jr. 

Mr. Calvin Stanley Spencer. Jr. 

Mr. Cole S. Condra 

Mr. Robert H. Ramsey 


Mr. Roben L. Foley 

Mr. Robert Woods Spessard III 

Mr. James A. Crowed IV 

Mr. Mark E. Ranson 

Mr. Daniel A. Armata 

Mr. Manin C. Gill 

Mr. Dwayne H. Srinson 

Mr. John Carter Stone 

Mr. J. Ellsworth Summers. Jr. 

Mr. Douglas L, Daniels 
Mr. T. Bradley Davidson III 

Mr. Che Findlay Roop 
Mr. Stephen A. Saunders 

Mr. James Ashby FV 
Mr, Benjamin G. Barbour 

Mr. William Brian Hamilton 
Mr. Travis J. Hardy 

Mr. Jean Francois de Richemont 

Mr. Gregory L. Seamstcr 

Mr, Daniel L. Barlow 

Mr. TTiornton B. Hcnrv 

Mr. Gregory Douglas Suskind 
Dr. Malcolm K. Svdnor 
Mr. R. Timothy Tepper III 

Mr. Jeremy .Alexander Ellis 

Mr. John Caner Shaw 

Mr, Jonathan P. Bierowski 

Mr. David Michael Jones 

Mr, Alfred L. Evans III 

Mr. David M, Sheppard, Jr, 

Mr, Robert Justin Bohorfoush 

Mr. Adam M. Jurach 

Mr. Jason E. Farrar 

Mr. Justin Lawrence Sproull 

Mr, Gerald Russell Bradshaw 

Mr. Jared D. JurendcufF 

Mr. Christopher Dudley Turgeon 
Mr. Charles Malcolm \1ser 
Mr. Andrew B. Wise 
Mr. Bruce Marshall Wood 

1 r I 4 1 1 \V7 t 1 

Mr. Ryan S. Henry 

Mr. James J. Stone 

Mr, Roben B, Brown 

Mr. Christian B. Kautz-Scanavy 

Mr. Timothy Daniel Hickey 

Mr. Adam T. Talaber 

Mr. William L. Bryant 

Mr. Sidney S. Kellam 

Mr. William Christopher Hight III 
Mr. Waiiam G.Hughes III 

Mr, Robert P. Wood III 

Mr. Richard C. Burroughs, Jr, 
Mr, Tyler J, Carney 

Mr. Charics Frank Koontz II 
Mr. Brian A. Krouse 

Mr. James Alexander Wood, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas W, Johnson, Jr. 

Class of 1998 

Mr. Matthew A. Chidley 

Mr. Grant D. Lavezzoli 

Class of 1995 

Mr. Berkle>' D. Jolly 
Mr. Paul B. Kelley 

21. -i % oj the cLiss contnbuted 

Mr. Shawn C. Cowling 
Mr. Rifife C. Culpepper 

Mr. Christopher R. Lea 
Mr. Gregory C. Magnuson 

19- 7% of the cLus contributed 

Mr. RJchardA.LeHewII 

Mr, Reid J. Davis 

Mr. Matdiew S. Markham 


Mr. Timothy M. McKay 

Mr. Richard Lowell Alexander 

Mr, Christopher H. Dowdy 

Mr. R- Fleming Patterson 111 

Mr. Lane B. Moore 

Mr. Richard Aaron Bakewell 

Mr. Roben D. English 

Mr. Roben Br^r-ce Panerson 

Mr. Matthew Ray Adkins 

Mr. Leiand Thompson Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Edward Bell III 

Mr. John C. Fruit 

Mr. Ryan M. Pembenon 

Mr. Adam Roben Ardgliere 

Mr. Michael S. Morse 

Mr. Joshua Lee Bettridge 

Mr. Norman Lee Bowles. Jr. 

Mr. Daniel John Burke 

Mr. Christopher Chadwickc Caples 

Mr. Glen Russell Carpenter III 

Mr. Jonadian H. Carwile 

Mr. Brian T. Church 

Mr, Greshaun J. Fulgham 

Mr. David C. Phillips 

Mr. James F. Barwick, Jr. 

Mr. Michael E. Murray 

Mr. Matthew S. Garrison 

Mr. Thomas M.Pickral, Jr. 

Mr. Christopher L Bedford 

Mr. Jusrin Z. Naifeh 

Mr. Kevin F. Garst 

Mr. Peter Samuel Plunkett 

Mr. Christopher W. Bishop 

Mr. Jeffrey H. Nottingham 

Mr. A, Ritchie Gillespie 

Mr. Charles S. Sanerwhite 

Mr. Christopher A. Bissinger 

Mr. Clay B. Persingcr 

Mr. Thomas A. Gillespie 

Mr. Marshall NealSmidi, Jr. 

Mr. H. Gordon Bivens 

Mr. WiUiam A. Pumphrey 

Mr. Todd A. Goodnight 

Mr. Paul B. Spaizak 

Mr. Michael B. Burnene 


Mr. Stuart R. Grubb 

Mr. Shing Yuc Tang 

Mr. Joseph F. Bush 

Mr. Walter W. Rabke 

Mr. Brian Robert Conner 

Mr. S. Lcsesne Hamilton 

Mr. Rohen Parrish Taylor 

Mr. R. Ncal Bun 

Mr, Todd T, Reid 

Mr. Clyde W.Copeland III 
Mr. Peter Byers Corrigan 
Mr. Bradley Gray Dalton 
Mr. James Christopher Douglas 
Mr. Mark S. Dreux. Jr. 
Mr. Eric Hernan Esquivel 
Mr. John Kindley Evans 

Mr. Andrew B. Hampton 

Mr. Christopher R. Thompson 

Dr. Jonathan J. Carmouche 

Mr, J. Andrew Reynolds 

Mr. Richard R. Heath, Jr, 

Mr. Russell Girard Viault 

Mr. R. Scott Carr 

Mr. John L.Reynolds IV 

Mr, Roben C, Henson 

Mr. Jay P. Williams 

Mr. John Edward Day III 

Mr. John F. Roscnbaum 

Mr. DavidA. Hobbs,Jr. 

Mr. Steven Shane Williams 

Mr. John Lee Dudley 

Mr. Brent J. Schneider 

Mr. Justin P. Holofchak 

Mr. Jeffrey Scon Witte 

Mr. G. Berkeley Edmunds 

Mr. Nathan E. Schwab 

Mr. William G, Homillcr 

Mr. Cleveland A. Wright. Jr. 

Mr. James Arthur Evans III 

Mr. Andrew P. Sherrod 

Mr. Haden B. Hopkins 

Mr. T. Rutherfoord Fei^on 

Mr. Mark C. Simonton 

Mr. Mark Hodges Evans 

Mr. Stephen G. Hopkins 

Class of 2001 

Mr. Wesley B.Garrett 

Mr. W. Bowman Smith 

Mr. Richard Flather Farley II 

Mr. Ryan T. Hutchins 

Mr. ].i(.ob\t. Win 

Mr. Lcc Marion Giles 

Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl 

Mr. Marc D. Faucheux 

Mr. James Michael Irvin, Jr. 

Mr. Milion H. Woodside III 

Mr. William Adams Gillespie, jr. 

Mr. F. Bruce Stephens 

Mr. Mark Finclli 

Mr. William Gustav Johnson 

Mr. Donald Gilliam 
Mr. Ryan V. Godsii 

Mr, William W. Stribling 
Mr. W. Scott Thomasson 

Mr. Dwight David Fleming 
Mr. David Caldwell Gardner 

Mr. John D.Jordan 
Mr. George G. Keener 

Class of 2002 

Mr. John Virgil Hager 

Mr. Randolph Edmonds Trow III 

Mr. Ryan Michael Gravcnder 

Mr. Justin A. Kelly 

Mr. Sannid V'.iuj;hjn Wilson III 

Mr. Buckner Woodford Hamilton III 

Mr. M.Alexander VChite 

Mr. David Blair Hanna 

Mr. Manuel J. Lassaletta 

Mr. John Lcc Hcmmer III 

Mr. W. Palmer Wilkins III 

Mr. Jason Daniel Hardy 

Mr. Daniel F. Layman 

Class of 2003 

Mr. Dcmpsey Wood Hodges III 

Mr, HarrvLeeWiiliaimlll 

Mr, John Cabell Higginbotham 

Mr. John M, Lowry 

Mr. Ch.irl» D. Pern- 

Mr. F. Spain Hodges 

Mr. Brian J. Hooper 

Mr. PaulV. Lowto 

Mr. Kerr C:. Ramsay III 

Mr. Thomas H. Hogshead III 

Mr. Charles Scott Flughes 
Mr. David Ryan Jones 

Mr. CoiteB. Manuel 

Mr. Olarla C. White 

Mr. Roben T. Hord 

Mr. Raymond Joseph Maroca> 111 

Mr. Henry Charles Hun III 

Mr. John Jay Kapp 

Mr. Jonathan L. Manin 


1999-2000 PARENTS 

PARKM'S 1999-2000 


Mr, & Mrs, Thomas 0, Bondunmt 


Ml. & Mrs. Jackie EDiggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Fogle, Sr. 

Col. & Mrs. Anthony C. Akstin 

Mt. & Mrs. Walron G. Bondurant, Jf. 

Mr. & Mn. Ralph R. Chesson, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn, Franklin Dill 

Mr. & Mn. Daniel L. Foldenauer 

Mr. &: M[^. George h". Albright. Jr. 74 

Dt. & Mrs. Frank M. Boorh 111 '66 

Mn. Rurh Anne Reed Chitwood 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester L. Dillard '40 

Lr.Col,& Mrs, John W.Foley 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. Bowlman Bowles. Jr. 

Doaofs Surrinder & Kamlesh Chopra 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Dillon, Jr. 

Col. & Mn. William R. Foley 

The Rev. & Mn. John L. Alexander "64 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Bowling 

Mr. & Mn. Michael S. Christian, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William Dayton DLxon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Pace M. Fonville, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Allen, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Bowman, Sr. 



Mr. & Mn. Robert E. Forehand, Jr, 

Ms. Paula .yien 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bowman. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Henry P. Clifford 

Mr. & Mn. William T. Doggert 

Mr, & Mn. Gregory D. Foreman '71 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen 'SS 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Boyce 

Mr. & Mn. William A Clifton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Richard A. Doherty 

The Hon. & Mn. Dixon L. Fosrer '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hobbs Allison 

Mts. Barbara C. Boyd 


Mr. & Mn. Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. R. Stanley Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Bovd '58 

Dt. & Mn. Earnest D. Coalter, Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Fowler, Jr. 

Mr. Rawle A. .MIoway 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C, Bradford III 

Mr. & Mn, J. Garland Coates 

Dr. & Mrs. Martin Donelson, jr. '38 

Mrs. John H. Fowlkes 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Alsup, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Numa P. Bradner '32 

Mrs. Lynn R. Cochran 

Mrs. Francis R. Donohue 

Mr. & Mn. Christopher E. Fox. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Airman 

Mr. & Mrs. Patteson Branch, Jr. 

Mr. &'Mn. William T. Cocke 

Mr. & Mn. James F. Dourhar '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Friedman 

Mr & Mrs. Charles C. Ames '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard L. Brandt 

Mr. M. J. Boyd Colgate 

Mr. & Mn. Charles H. Dowdy 111 

Mr. & Mn. Hunter B. Ftischkorn 111 

Dr. & Mrs. John Wilkins Ames. Jr. 


Mr. & Mn. ArtJiur L. Collins 

Mr. & Mrs. Timodly P. Draney 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Fruir 

Mr. Sc Mrs. James G. Anderson. Sr. '33 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray '60 

Mr. & Mn. Eric M, Coloney 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Graham Driscoll 

Mr. & Mn. Alfred E. Ely 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward Andei5on 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breedcn 111 '36 

Mr. Robert T. Comer 111 

Mr. & Mn. Charles Wills DuBose 

Mr. & Mrs. Carter B.S.Furr.Sr. '54 

Dr. & Mn. George C. .\ndrews, Sr. 


Mr. & Mn. Danny W. Connelly 

Mr. & Mn. 0. W. Dudley III 

Mr. & Mn. Paul E. Galanti 

Dr. & Mrs. Burness F. Ansell. Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Brincgar 

Mrs. Pamela W. Connolly 

Mr. & Mn. William B. Duggan 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Gamble IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Apking 

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney P. Brirt 

Mr. & Mn. Barry B. Conrad 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Dunnagan 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Gammons 

Mrs. Carol E. Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. A. Philip Cook, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ammon G. Dunron. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John C. Garber 

Mr. Si Mrs. Alvan M. Aron '53 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Mr. &Mn. Paul J. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Duquerte 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Benajah Gardner 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Aithut, Jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. Edwin D.Brooks, Jr. 

Ms. Pe^ Wilton Copeland 

Ms. Mary Ellen Durham 

Mr. & Mn. William R. Gardner, Jr. '57 

Mt5. James ,\shby III 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner T. Brooks, Jr. '5 1 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Corbirt 

Mr. & Mn. Bryan D. Eads '73 

Mrs. Allen H. Garland, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Stewart Addnson 

Mrs. Katherine M. Broob 

Mn, Rosa Lee Cozart 

Mr. & Mn. W. Robert Eason, Sr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. John U. Garner 

Dr. & Mrs. William H.AtwiU 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Brooki 

Mr. & Mn. John W. Craddock '33 

Dr. & Mrs. L Edward Eckley 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Stanford Taylor Garnert 111 

Mt. & Mrs. Charles E. Ayers, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William Townsend Brooks 

Mr. & Mn. Richard A. Crittenden 

Mrs. Sara M. Eckstein 

Mr. & Mn. Fred L. Garrert 111 '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry W.Aylor 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUicL. Brooks, Jt. 

Dt. & Mrs. Charles Lucian Crockett, 

Mn. Jane T. Edens 

Dr. & Mrs. John B.Garrett. Jt. 

Mr.&Mrs. RvlandABabb.Jr. '61 

Mi. & Mts. Archibald M. Brown 

J I. '42 

Mr. & Mn. Robert R. Edens '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Macdowell 1. Garrett 

Mr. &: Mrs. Frank H.Baber 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis B. Brown 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Crosby, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Hugh G. Edmunds. Jr. '64 

Mt. & Mrs. David W.Garst 

Mr.&Mrs. Gerald V.Bailey 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '43 

Mr. & Mn. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

The Hon, & Mrs, Ernest P. Gates, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C Fred Ball, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Brown 

Dr. & Mn. James A- Crowell 111 



Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bance 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Brownlee, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Kim S. Gulp 

Dr. & Mn. J. Traven Edwards, Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mn. Ernest P. Gates, Jt. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Bandyke 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B. Bryan 

Mrs. Mary Ann Ctdp 

Dr. & Mn. Wilham M. Edwards '65 

Mi. & Mrs. John S. Georghiou 

Mt. & Mrs. C. P. Banister. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bryan 

Mr. &Mn. John E. Culver 

Mn. Doris 1. Egerton 

Mr. & Mn. George 1. Getz. Jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. Charles A Banks III 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bryan 

Dr. & Mn. Jesse W. Cumbia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Eisenbeiss 

Mr. & Mn. Roger D. Gibson 

The Re\'. & Mrs. Edwin B. Barbour 

Mrs. Judy G. Bryanr 

Mn. M. F. N. Cummings 

Mr. James W.EiteLSr. 

Mr. & Mn. Laiiy R. Gilbertson '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Barlow 

Mrs. Robert H. Biyson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Alfred T. Curlee '47 

Mr. & Mn. Howard L. Ekey 

Ml. & Mis. Robert T.GiUam.Ji, 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ewell Barr 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Buckner 

Mr. & Mn. Donald D. Curtis 

Col. & Mn. M. E. Ekman 

Di. & Mn. Ritchie P. Gillespie 

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Bartctt 


Mn. Mary Louise Curter 

Mr. & Mn, Randolph M, Elder 

Di. & Mn. Fied T. Given, Ji. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Aiban K. Barrus, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bnice C. Burns 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Dabney 

Mr, &Mn. Michael T.Ellen 

Mn. Louise G. Givens 

Mrs. Julia M. Baskervill 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr, Jr, '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Dael 

Mr. & Mn. Colin M. Elliot 

Ml. &Mn. John V. Glass, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Beach 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Burroughs, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Ruftis E. Dalton 

Mr. & Mn. Robert W. Ellirfiorpe 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas H. Glass 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Beaird 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush 

Mr. &Mrs.WdftidADalylll 

Mn. Rose S. Emerick 

Mr. & Mn. Richard H. Godsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Kemper M. Beasley, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Buder '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Daniel 

Mr. & Mn. Edward T. Enrighr, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Godwin 

Dr. & Mrs. Luthui A Beazley ill 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Baylor Buder, Sr. 

Dr. & Mn. Michael 0. Daniels 

Mn. Aileen Epperson 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Goforth 

Mr. &Mrs. FredA.Bebeau'56 

Mrs. William T. Buder, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Oscar B. Darden, Jr. '43 

Mrs. Juanira A. Epps 

Dr. John R. Good '32 

Mrs. Andrea J. Becker 

Mr.&Mrs.HoltW. Burt.Jt. 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. Alfred L.Evans, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. James F. Goodmon 

Mrs. Robert D. Becker 

Mt. & Mrs. William P. Bunerfield 


Mr. & Mn. Thaddeus Evans, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Goodnight 

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Bedsworth, Jr. 

The Hon. & Mrs. J. D. Butznet, Jr. 

The Hon. B. A. Davis 111 

Mr. & Mn. George H. Everen 

Mr. & Mn. Frank Goodpasture III 

Mr. & Mrs. Gaylon T. Beights 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. '43- Decwed 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Causey Davis, Jr. '72 

Mr. &Mn. Floyd T. Fallen 

Mr. & Mn. Thompson W. Goodwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Biliy E. Belcher 

Mrs. Royal E.abcU, Jr. 

Mrs. Glenda G. Davis 

Mr. James H. Fannon. Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. & Mn. W. A Goodwin 

Mr. & Mn. Wiiiam J. Belmonte. St. 

Mr. & Mrs. Anrhony V. Caggiano. Sr. 

Mn. Gloria S. Davis 

Mrs. James H. Fannon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Deanes Gornro 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey T. Bennert, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Davidson Call 

Dr. & Mn. John E. Davis 111 

Mr. & Mn. Gregory S. Parish, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. WJIiam B. Graham '43 

Ms. Patricia Ann Benze 

Dr. & Mrs. Hawes Campbell 111 '60 

Mr. & Mn. Leonard Davis 

Mr. & Mn. Allen B. Farmer 

Mr. & Mn. Harvey Granger, Jr. 

Mr. &Mt5. F.J. Bernhardt, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Campbell 

Mrs. Peggy Camper Davis 

Mr. & Mn. Bob Mann Farmer '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gravender 

Mr. & Mt^. James R. Bertendorf 


Dr. & Mn. Ronald Kenneth Davis 

Mr. & Mn. Welford S. Farmer 

Mr.&Mrs. James W.Green 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bierowski 


Mr. Samuel F. Davis, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Philip S. Farrand 

Mr. & Mn. Robert P. Green 

Admiral & Mrs. David S. Bill III 

Mrs. Katharine Livaudais Carnahan 

Mr. WJIiam T. Davis, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Irving L. Pass 

Mr. & Mn. Arthur T. Greene, Jr. 

Mr. Elmer BiUman 

Mr. Christopher Francis Carney 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon D. Dawson '33 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Faussemagne 

Mr. & Mn. Robert T. Greene, Sr, 

Mr. Michael Joseph Bizon 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carpentet 

Mr. & Mn. Phillip H. Day 

Mr, & Mn. Donald C. Fava 

Captain & Mrs, Wallace A Greene 

Mr. & Mrs. James W.Blackburn 

Mr. & Mr5. WiUiam R Carpenter 111 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph H. Deacon 11 

Mr. & Mn. Mark E. Feldmann, Sr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Greer, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Blakely 

Mr. & Mn. Richard A Carrington III 

Mr. & Mn. Horace A Deane, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mn. Kossen Gregory '42 

Mr. & Mrs. James R, Blanchard, Jr. 

Ms. Doretha S. CartoU 

Mr. & Mn. Enrico Giacomo Del 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Ferguson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. R. Bryan Grinnan III '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Blanton, Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Carson 



Mr. & Mn. Gary A Gronewald 

Dt. & Mrs. Fnmk McFaden Blanton 

Mr. Edward B. Carter, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Dennison 

Mr. & Mn. J. William Ferrell 111 '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Groonell 


Mr. & Mn. William P. Orter '68 

Mr. & Mn. Willard E. Denr 

Mr. & Mn. Dennis P. Finger '66 


Mrs. Karhleen M. Blanton 

Mr. & Mn. George B. Cardedge, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Henry Clark Deriso 

Mr. Lowery D. Finley, Jr. '39 

Dr. & Mn. Walter L. Gnjbb, Jr. '57 

Mt. & Mts. Harold E. Blondeau 


Dr. & Mn. P. C. Devine 

Mr. & Mn. Brendan E. Finucane 

Mr. & Mrs. Morris E. Gunn, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bluford. 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Caruso 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas E. DeWoIfe 

Mn. Maynard N. Fisher 

Mr. & Mn. Charles M, Gudiridge '68 

Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Carwile 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Wayne Dickens 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas R Fisher 

Mr. & Mn, Orville L. Gwalmey, Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold U. Blythe '64 

Mr. & Mn. Robert K. Caudle, Jr, '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis M. Dickinson 

Mr. & Mn. William C. Fitzgerald '53 

Di.&Mn. Richard J. Haas 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Boehling 

The Hon. & Mn. James H. Chamblin 

Mr. & Mrs. John Jackson Dickinson, 

Mr. & Mn. WJIiam H, Flannagan, Sr, 

Mr. & Mn. Barry A. Hackney '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Louis Bohortoush 




Mr. & Mn. Harrv V. Haga, Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon N. Boiling 

Dr. & Mn. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr, 

Mr. & Mn. Charles M. Dietz '52 

Mr. & Mn. Philip D. Flemion 

Mn. Bertie W.Hagar 



Lt. Gov. & Mrs. John H. Hager 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank T.Hyde '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben B, LeComptc. Jr. 

III '67 

Mr. & Mm. John Harris Morrison, Jr. 

Mr.&Mc5. H.EdwirdHales.Jr. 

The Hon. & Mrs. Tristram T. Hyde IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Bunion P. Lee 

Dr. & Mrs. WiUiam A. Macllwaine IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Morrison 

Mr.&Mrs. B.W.Hamillon.Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 


Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Lany Hyland 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne B. LeGrande 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Magnuson 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Phihp Morrissene III 

Mr. & Mrs. Derek H. Hamilton 

Mr. Edward T. Hyman 

Dr. Allen E. UHew 

Mrs. Phyllis Malonc 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Moss 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam H. Hamilton 

Mr. &: Mrs. Jaime G. Ibarra 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. LeHew '59 

Mrs. .^nna K. Mansfield 

Dr. & Mrs. Uoyd F. Moss. Sr, '37 

The Rev. & Mrs. D. Kirk Hammond 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Ireland III 

Dr.WilIeneL LeHew'57 

Mi. & Mis. Richard C. Manson, Jr. '65 

Mrs, Patricia C. MuUek 


Mr. & Mrs. James M. Irvin, Sr. 

Mn. John W. Leming. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Mapp '74 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Myers Iir60 

Mr. & Mrs. Gifford D. Hampshire 

Mr, & Mrs. WJham P. Irwin IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Leonard 

Col. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Marousek 

Mr. & Mrs. Sman P. Mycn 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Isaacs 

Mrs. J. Boiling Lewis. Jr. 


Mr.&Mrs. Charles T.Nash 

Mrs. Demetria V. Hanna 

Dr. & Mis. Roben W.lsiael 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. Van C. Marr 

Qptain & Mrs N. C. Nash 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde C. Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Lex III 

Mr. & Mrs. Herben Arnold Manh 

Mr, & Mrs. Charics H. Neal 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Hardison, Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Henry S. Liebert, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse C. Marshbum 11 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnG.Neely.Sr. 

Col. & Mrs. A W.Hardy 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Jendron, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Lindsay '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Martin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Neuner III 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Daniel Hardy. Jr. 71 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiamL. Jenkins 

Dr. & Mrs. Randolph P. Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A Newcomb 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Hargadon 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian I. Harker 

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Jennings 
iVlr. & Mrs. Wollom k. Jensen 

Mr. Stephen C. Martson 

Dr. & Mrs. Winfield Massie '49 

Mr. RusseU B. Newton. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Wallet R. Nexsen 

fMirriT i^ 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Harlow. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Jirak 

hH V3 

Mi, & Mrs. James D. Manox 

Mr. & Mrs. Nolan R. Nicely. Sr. 


Mrs. William A. Johns 

^ s 

Mr. & Mrs. Journey Preston Mauldin 

Mr. Joseph Herman Nicholson 

Dr. & Mn. R. Ronnie Harrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Johnson '61 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas F, Mauldin 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bryant Nickerson 

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Julian S. Johnson III 

^^^W_ Hi 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mayfield. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Niemaseck 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Hams III 72 

Mr. & Mrs. Kes-in M. Johnson 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo FV 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Nilan, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scon Harris 73 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Johnson. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McBramey, ]r. 


Dr. & Mrs. James S. Harris. Sr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Johnson '53 

^^^^^^Im .^HBH^ 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam H. McBnde 

Mr. Larry B. Nolen 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Jones, Jr. 

^^^^^B^L ^^K7^ i 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walsh McCabe, 

Mrs. Daphne L. Norfleer 

Mr. & Mrs. T. G. Harris 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Marston Jones III 

^^^^^K^ffl\^,^V j/^ 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Norman 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Allen Harrison 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Kevin Jones 

^^^^^^K^^i^r ^^1 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Edwin McCaU, Sr, '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan M. Hartzog, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Malcohn Jones, Jr. 


Mrs. Richard McCarthy 


Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood. Sr. '65 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jones, Jr. 


Ms. Valerie B. McCauliey 

Mr. & Mn. Roben O'NeUl 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Halchett 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones. Jr. '45 
Sen. & Mrs. James P. Jones 


Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. McQy 
Di. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

Mr. &Mn. John E.Oakley III 
Mr. & Mn. William H. Oast III 

Dr.&Mn.JohnQ. Hatten'44 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry E. Jones 


Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. McCloskev '50 

Ml. & Mn. Roben M. O'Brian 

Mr. & Mrs. Darnel M. Hawb '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Jurach 

Mr, & Mrs. David S. McClung ij '51 

Dr. & Mn. David L. Olson 

The Hon. & Mr^. William P. Hay, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K- Jurentkuff 

Sydneygave me 

Mrs. Elizaberhine G. McClure 

Mr. & Mn. Henry C. Oitman 


Dr. & Mrs. H. R. Jusus 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin G. McCoUum 

Mr. & Mn. John Gurganey Oventreet 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Haynie '67 

Mr, & Mrs. Christian C, 

the foundation 



Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Hazelgrove 


Mr, & Mrs. Peter M. McCoy, Sr. 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas P. Ovenon '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph \. Hazlegrove, Jr. 

Mr. RalphD. Keighdey.Jr. '45 

for my professional 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. McCracken III 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh L. McCulley 

Mr. & Mn. David D. Owen 
Dr. John A. Owen, Jr, '45 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph A. Hazlegrove, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C.KeUev '42 

studies and career. 

Mrs. Linda G. McFadden 

Mr. & Mn. Gerald M. Pace '63 


Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. KeUv III 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann. Jr, 

Mr. & Mn. Warren M. Pace, Jr, '69 

Capt. & Mrs. Joel B. Healon 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Heflin 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben D. Keilv '70 
Qptain & Mrs. William Kelly 

The relationships 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard J. McGarry 

Mn, Jane H, Palmer 

Mr. & Mn. Fred W. Palmore III 

Mrs. Harrison H. Heiberg, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alben S. Kemper Iir51 

and friendships 

Mr.&Mrs. P. Joseph McGee ' 

Mr. & Mn. Nicholas Pantoulis 

The Rev. & Mrs. John H. Hcinsohn, 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. Keplinger 

Dr. & Mrs. Huntei H. McGuire, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John E. Pappas '60 


Mr. & Mrs. James G. Kerridge 

established there 

Mr. & Mrs. WUliam E. McKissick 

Dr. & Mn. WJIiam R. Parks 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Steve Hendrbc 

Mr. &Mrs.JeffteyH. Ketcham 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKittrick '67 


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Ketcham 

are some of the 

Mrs. Roben J. McMahon. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Steven A. Patterson 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Henry, Sr. 

Mr. Phillip W. Key, Sr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl McManamv 

Mn. James D. Panon III 

Mr. & Mrs. Thornton M. Henry 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Marshall Kibler 

most important 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McMUIan. Sr. 

Mr. Karl Ernest Peace 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Mr. Joe Ray Kilgore 

Mr. J. Vincent McPhUlips 

The Hon. Nina K Peace 

Mrs. Sandra Ward Hestct 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Kimbrough 

things in my life. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McShane 

Mr. &Mn. William C.Pcake '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell E. Hewett 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kinnamon, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVes' '61 

Ml. & Mn. David L. Peebles 

Mr. & Mrs. James Hickev 
Dr. & Mrs. Paul P. Hicks, Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. John W. Kirk 

Dr. &Mrs.HubenE. Kiser.Jr. '53 

I want Hampden- 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 
Mrs. Virginia B. Mell 

Mr. & Mn, Marion Woolen Peebles, 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Frederick Hicks '76 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas P. KUne 

Sydney to continue 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richard Melvin. Ji. 

Dr, & Mn, James M, Peery, Jr, '70 

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Higgs. Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy F. Knight 

Di. & Mrs. Reinaldo R. Menendez 

Mn, Barbara Pembenon-McAdams 

Mr. Thomas B. Hilton 

Mr, & Mrs. William F. Koehler 


Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Mennetri, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Alonzo Penny 

Ml. & Mrs. James R. Hock 

Mrs. Herben M. Krauss 

,Mt. & Mrs. William M. Metcalf. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Raymond A. Pepe 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hodson 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kreienbaum, Jr. 

that educational 

Mr. Michael J. Melts 

Mr. &Mn. John T.Percy. Jr. '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Krouse 

Mrs. Diane I. Metzfield 

Dr. & Mn. Leonard V. Penone 

Mrs. Anne C. Hogge 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kulinski 


Mrs. Vincent R. Michael 

Mr. & Mn. Edgar J. T. Perrow 

The Hon. & Mrs. George E. Honts 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Kurth 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michaux 

Mr. & Mn. Howard M. Peninger, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. 'mtiim H. Hoofiiagle 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Matdiew L. Lacy ir4 1 

for others. " 

Mr. & Mrs. AUied M. Michel 

Mn. Laura M. E, Peten 

Mn. Raymond C. Hooker, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Ladd 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Mileham III 

Mr. & Mn. Craig H. Petenon 

Mr. & Mrs. BiUv G.Hopkins 

Mrs. Sandra M. Lakin 

Mrs. Leslie J. MiUei 

Mn. C. H. Pettyjohn, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Hopkins '66 

Mr. 1. S. Lamdin 


Mr. George W. MUls II 

Mr. &Mn. L b. Phaup.Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Hopper 

Doctors Edward and Ruth LaMonte 

Venable Society 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen R. Minler '53 

Mr. &Mn. Robert J. Phillips 


Mr. Gary M. Lane, Sr. '70 

Mr. & Mn;. George Thomas Minton. 

Mn. Barbara A. Pickels 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Horner III '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregor)' T. Lane 


Mr. & Mn. Thomas M. Pickral. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Horner, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred N. Mitchell, Sr, 

Mn. Carole P. Pilcher 

Mr. Irvin G. Horner - Decttued 

Mrs. W. T. Langhome 

Mr. & Mrs, John M.Mitchell 

Mr. &Mn, Charles C.Pilcher, Jr. 

Mrs. Irvin G. Horner 

Mrs. Barbara Nexsen Lansche 

Mr.&Mrs. Donald R. Lodge, Jr. 

Mrs. R. Clifton Long, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Lovelace III 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles R. Modlin 

Mr. & Mn. Henry B. Pinncll 

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin R. Horaman 111 

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Larison 

Mr, & Mrs, Dennis J. Mogan III 

Mr. & Mn. Anhur T. Piraino 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Howard. Sr. 

Doaors Oscar M. & Sarie G. Laserna 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette 

Mr. &Mn.JohnP. Pittman 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Howard. Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Philip Latham 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Ixivelace '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Montaigne, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. H.irry G. Plunkelt. Jr. 

Mrs. Patty LHuber 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Lavecchia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Lowry. Jr. '66 
Mr. & Mrs, Clinton W. I.ucado 

Mr, & Mrs, Ernest E. Mooie, Ji, '66 

Mn. Suzanne M. PIvbon 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charics E. Lavczzoli 

Ml. & Mfs, Jackie G. Moore 

Mr. c\' Mn. Henry R. Pollard IV '64 


Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. laVier 

Ml. & Mis. Charles F, Lucas '59 

Mrs. Mae H. Moore 

Mr. & Mn. Nonnan H. Pollock 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hudson, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Lawrence, Sr, 

Mr. & Mis. Fiedeiick M. Luck, St. 

Ms. Patricia Moore 

Mr. & Mn. Benj,amin B, Pomeroy 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Hunt 

Mr. & Mre. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Mi. & Mrs, John Lucdeke 

Mr. & Mrs. William E, Moore. Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mn. Don C. Pontius 

Mr. & Mrs. WJIiam E.Hunt, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Thompson Lawson III 

Mr. & Mrs, Frederick Luke 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moore. Jr. 

Mr, &Mn. Mark C.Pope IV 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis P. Lawson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Clinton I.ukhard '73 
Mr. & Mn. Buford T. Lumsdcn 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Moorman '64 

Mr. & Mn. Edward L. Potter 

Mr.&Mrs. Robert J. Hun 

Mr. & Mr. Hunter M. Leach '40 

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Morclock 

Mr. & Mn. George R. Preas. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hutt 

Mrs. Susan Weenis Lcachman 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Rodgers Lunsford III 
The Rev. & Mrs. W. Daniel MacGill 

Mr. & Mrs, John B, Morgan 11 

explain & Mn. H. S. Prcvcne, Jr, 


Mr. & Mrs, Roben W. Learoyd, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Morgan 

Mr. & Mn, Anhur Pue 


1999-2000 PARENTS 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam R. Pumphrey 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Rosenbaum '54 

Mrs. Glenn W. Small. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. TTiomas S. Tredway '62 

Mrs. Deborah Brown Williams 


Mrs. Judy N.Ross 

Mr. & Mrs, David L, Smith 

Mrs. George M.Trible Hi 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Williams 

Mr & Mrs, Samuel Wlls Purviance 71 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Roscan 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Smith 

Mrs. Waring Trible 

Mrs. Isham Rowland Williams, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Purvis 

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Rostan 

Mr. &: Mrs. Gibson L. Smidi 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph E. Trow, Jr. '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy F. Williams 

Mr.&Mrs.J.HorslcyPun.Jr. '58 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Roussel 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Houghton Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Turgeon 

Mr. Richard Scon Williams 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Quarles '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton L. Rowe 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. M.Noel Turner 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Benjamin J. Willis, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Richard Query 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Roy 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Morris L. Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank T.Willis 

Mr. & Mrs. Dane W. Ragsdaie 

Dr. &: Mrs. Robert E. Rude '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon D. Smith 

Dr. & Mrs. William V. Tynes 11 '57 

The Hon. & Mrs. Jere M. H. Willis, Jr. 

Mrs. Martha N. Rapdalc 

"TheRev. Dr. & Mrs. J. Shepherd 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith '59 

Mr. Wallace H. and Dr. Sara 0. Vale 


Mr. & Mrs. Michaux Raine III '57 

RusseU.Jr. '51 

Mr. Roben S. Smith 

Col. & Mrs. Roben B. Van Sice. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson, Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Kerr C. Ramsay 11 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwatd Russo, Jr. 

Dt. Theodore R Smith, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Vaughan, Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. R.-imsey 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sadler, Jr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter l.Smits 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Via, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Layton B. Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Samans 

Mr. & Mrs. Walrer F. Snead 

Ms. Alvson H. Vordermaik 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Wilson 

Mr. & Mr5. VXIlliam D. Rinnals 

Mrs. Judith K. Sands 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Wade 

Mrs. Ruth Windsor-Mann 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Rapp. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Schaaf 111 '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl. 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. WafF III 

Mrs. Donnan C. Wintcrmute 

Mr. &Mr5.JakeRasor.Jr. 

Mr. Edward M. Schaaf, Jr. 

Sr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. John Wagner 

Mr. & Mrs. James W.Win 

Mr. & Mrs. Lanny Max Rauer 

Mrs. Virginia S. Schaefer 

Mr. & Mrs. Yoon S. Song 

Mr. & Mrs. Herman B. Walker '56 

Mr. Roben H. Wine. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Holman C. Rasvis 111 '63 

Dr. & Mrs. James M.Schiffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Latham C. Speiden, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Walker, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Edward C. Witdioeflt. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ray 

The Hon. Dr. James R. Schlcsinger, Sr. 

Mr. 8d Mrs, Harold R. Spencer '54 

Mrs. lacqueline Wall 


Mr. & Mrs. Ben D. Reading 

Mt.C.Jefters Schmidt, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. jerry D. Spencer 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wall '50 

Mrs. Velma H. Wobus 


Mt. & Mrs. Kent H. Schmidt 

Mr. Gordon R. Spessard 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Wallace, Jr. '54 


Mrs. Ben Reed 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Schofield 

Mrs. Paula R Spraker 

Dr. & Mrs. K. K.Wallace, Jr. '54 

Mrs. Edward W. Wolcon 

Mr. &Mr5.JohnA. Rces.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Schwab 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Warren Spradey, Jr. '49 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Wallace '61 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcon, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Regan, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Daniel R. Scott 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Squire '48 

Mr. & Mrs. RusseU W. Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Allen Wolf 

Mrs. Milton P. Reid 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary W.Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Stallings 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Walsh 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Wolter 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton P. Reid 11 '68 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Scon 

Mr. &Mrs.W.W.Stanfield,]r. 

Dr. & Mrs. J.W.Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Woodley, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis]. Reidy 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scon '63 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Stasko 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Wardwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton H. Woodside, Jr. 

Mr.E.A. Rennolds.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Sears 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray C. Steele 

Mr. & Mrs. Earle R. Ware 11 '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Woody 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E.Rhodes, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jessie M, Seay 

Ms. Anne Lee Stevens 

Mr. & Mrs. Guilford D. Ware 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter T.Wonhen 

Mr. & Mr3. John F. Richards '56 

■The Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Seely 

Mr. c^ Mrs. Roben P. SticUey, Jr. '47 

Dr. & Mrs. William E.Ware, Jr. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38 

Mr, & Mis. William D. Seldcn V '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Reese M. Scidham 111 

Mrs. Rosalind Warfield-Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil B. Wnght III 

The Rev. & Mrs. W. Ramsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Selzer 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl R Stockton 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Warinner '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Wright 

Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mrs. EUion M. Server 

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Stone 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Har\'ey Lee Warnick 

Mr. & Mrs. George Wright lir48 

Col. Robert Tyler Richmond '44 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydnor Settle '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Kearfon M. Stone '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Sherriil Royster 

Mr. & Mrs. John W.Wright 71 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Wilson Rives '48 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shands, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Sruan C. Stone, Sr. 


Mr. Roben E. Wright 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar L. Robbins 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Shannon FV 

Mr. Sreven T. Storer 

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton B. Waskey 

Mt. & Mrs. Roben G. Wright 

Mrs. Jesse F. Roberts, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Sharpe 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Brack Stovall '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Waskom 

MfS. Claudia Albright W^yan 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Stewan Robettson '54 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Shelor '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Stracke '75 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Wadcins, Jr. '48 


Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey C. Robinson 

Col. & Mrs. William E. Sherman 

Dr. & Mrs. John Michael Straughn 

Mr. & Mrs. James F.Watson 

Mr. &:Mn. David V.Wykle 

Mr. &c Mrs. Herben G. Robinson. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John Philip Sherrod '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Troy A. Street 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Ashhv Wans lir57 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Yarborough, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Robmson, Sr. 

The Rev. & Mrs. Kennedi Vernon 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Scon Srreet 111 '65 

Drs. Michael & Nancy Webb 

Mr. &: Mrs. Francis B. Youmans, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Robinson 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Stribling 

Dr. & Mrs. Ivan S. Werner 

Ms. Nancy H. Young 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Shiflen '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Siringfellow. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R Welch 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W.Young 


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Shiplen '68 


Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E.Welden, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zamberri 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison 111 '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard 0. Shirah 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. StroUo 

Mrs. James C. Wheat, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Zauddce, Sr. 


Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Stronach 

Captain & Mrs. William C. Wheaton 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard G. Zell 

Mrs. Emily Mudd Rogerson - Deceased 


Mr. & Mrs. John D. Stuan 

The Rev. & Mrs. H. Van Wheeler 

Dr. & Mrs. lohn H. Zoller 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Dixon M. Rollins, St. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Shumate, St. 

Mr. & Mrs- John A. Snihr 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kendall Whitaket, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. William J.deButts, Jr. 

Mr. John L. Roper III 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Shuping, Jr. 

Dr. Joanne C. Suggs 


Mr. & Mrs. Wilham G. deWmdt 

Mr. & Mrs. John 1. Rose 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. SUverfield 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suin. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. White, Jr. 

Mrs. Christie A. Simmons 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Whire, Sr. '70 

Dr. & Mn. Hassell A. Simpson 

Mr. Kennerh R. Sumner 



Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Svoboda 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Whitehouse '34 

Mr. & Mrs. James 1. Slaydon. Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Sydnor '47 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Case Whinemore 

Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Smack '62 

Dr. & Mrs. T. Ausun Sydnor, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Brem W.Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Gervas Storrs Taylor III 72 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert S. Taylor, Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor. Jr. '57 

Mrs. Branch P. Teachev 

Mr. bi Mrs. W. Parker Terry. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Thalman 

Mrs. Sherrv E. Thurston 

Mr, & Mrs. Donald R. Tindall 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Scon Trainum 

Dr. &Mrs. RichardA.Wiant'49 
Di. & Mrs. R Glen Wiggans 
Mr. & Mrs. Dorsev W. Wilberger, Jr. 
Mrs. William P. Wilkins, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. WiUcox 
Mr. & Mrs. C Nelson WJhams 



FRTRVDS 1999-2000 


Mrs. WiUiam H. Clarke 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Heiner 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gihuer Minor 111 

Ms. Jennifer Huston Sgro 


Mrs. Charles E. Coe 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Henderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Minor 

Mr. & Mn. Eric H. Sheriff 

Mr. & Mrs. AnJiur U. Adams. Jr. 

Mrs. Phihp Cohen 

Mrs. Virginia P. Henderson 

Mrs. Rose-Wanen Berryman 

Mr. & Mn. Mitch Simmons 

Rendy .Adams 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Couch 

Ms. Anne B. Hennessey 


Mi. Ethan Sloane 

Mrs. Elizabeth LeSueur Aidhizcr 

Dr. Francis L Counselman 

Mrs. Jacqueline F. Herod 

Mr. Gerald Morgan. Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. Allen E. Smith 

Mr. AJex Alexander 

Dr. & Mrs. Boyd Coyner 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hill 

Mrs. Mary Helen Morgan 

Ml. &Mn. Glen A- Smith 

Ms. Carolyn C. Alexander 

Mrs. Roberta A. Crawley 

Mr. Thomas E. Hill 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissene 

Mi. James H. Smith 

Admiral & Mrs. L. J. Alexanderson 

Ms. E. Lois B. P. Creamer 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Brooks Hock 

Mr. & Mn. John Stcwan Morton. Jr. 

Mn. Norman K. Snook. Jr. 

Li. Col. & Mrs. John R. Allen 

Mr. Francis N. Crenshaw 

Mrs. Vliginia P. Hogan 

Mrs. Sallie Atkinson Mowbra\- 

Ms. MoUv P. Squire 

Mr. & Mrs. Vemon C. Allen 

Ms. Julia W. Crichlon 


Mrs. Shirley E. Mullens 


Mr. & Mrs. William J. Allen 

Mis. Douglass C. Ciummett 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 

Dr, & ,Mn, ,Anthonv J, Munoz 


Dr. Braxton L Apperson III 

Ms, Carolyn P. Cunningham 

Professor Elizabeth Alexander Holcze 

Ms, Rudi S, Murphy 

Mn, Walter N,Streer,Jr, 

Ms. Arm H, .Archer 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cunningham 

Mr. A. P. Jackson & Dr. E. Marie 

.Mr, Roben S, .Muse 

Mr. 8c Mn. James B. Sruan 

Ms. Anne Armistead 

.Mr. & .Mrs. David .A. Dasiiiell, Jr. 


.Ms. Fneda E. Mven 


Dr. Richard H. Armstrong 

.Mr. Ronald L Davidson 

Mr. Claude S. Homsby 

Mn. Harold W.Nase 

Mn. Martha J. Tavlor 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Arrington. Jr. 

Mr. Sam DeVane 

Dr. J. Daniel Huband 

Mn. R. Russell Neely 

Mr. Harry Downing Temple 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Arkinson 

Mr. Quincy Ryland Dedes 


Mr. & Mn. A. Parker Neff 

Ms. Martha M. Tennant 

Dr. Robert LcRov.Ats^ell. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Denman 

Mrs. Jean P. Hudson 

Mn. Doris WJson Netherland 

Dr. Elaine M. Themo 

Mrs. E. Ballard Baker 

Mr. 1. B. Dent 

Mr. James S. Hunter 

Ms. Dawnette M. Nonon 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Thomas 

Mr. H. Furlong Baldwin 

Mr. John D. Detleften 

Mr. Dean Enc Hybl 

Mr. Chris Nott 

Mrs. Sarah M. Thompson 

Mr. & Mn. Ruliis G. Baldwin. Jr. 

Mrs. Rae E. Dcvine 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W.Hyman 

Mi.&Mn. P.Bradley-Nort.Jr. 

Mrs. Thomas L Thorne, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C Chadwick Ballard 

Miss Anna Dickhotf 

Mrs. Lucy Latanejeflfen 

Miss Alicia Novey 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred T. Thrasher 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Barker 

.Mr. Paul W. Dillingham 

Mr. & Mr^. Roben C. Jcndron, Sr. 

.Mr. & Mn. James M. O'Connor 

Mr. Edward B. Titmus 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Baylor 

Mr. &Mrs. R.T.Doolev,Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Jerome 

Mr. & Mn. Neil F. O'Donohue 

Mrs. Verser Todd 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Baylor 

Dr. & Mn. William F. DorriU 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Johnson 

Ms. Delores M. Obcr 

Mr. Alan Toothman 

Mr. WaUam M. Beard ' 

.Mrs. Virginia Druen 

Dr, & Mrs. John W. C. Johnson 

Mn. Jean C. Old 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 

Dr. R. Nels Beck 

Dr. & Mrs. BoLing S. DuBose, Jr. 

Mr. Edward S. Jones 

Dr. & Mn. Wilham Levi Old III 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Walton TumbuU 

Ms. Rachel C.BeU 

Dr. Edivard Duling 

Mr. & Mrs. JuUan W.Jones. Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Edvvard C. Oldfieldlll 

Mrs. CaroUne S. G. T\4er 

Mr. & .Mrs. Timothy Bell 

Miss Jane Dunn 

Mr. N.C. Jones 

Dr. Charles M. Olmsted 

Dr. & Mrs. Fredenck V. Vance. Jr, 

Cmdr. & .Mts. G. R^ Berkeley. Jr. 

Mr, Richard M. Dunn III 

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan S. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. .Albert M.OrgainFV 

Mr. John H. Vamer 

Ms. Ann Embleton Bird 

Ms. Terrell H. Durmavant 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Jones 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Ms. Judith F. Vogelback 

Mrs. Shirley V.BIackwell 

Mr, & .Mrs. Philip Dupont 

Mr. Samuel G. Jones, Jr. 

.Mr. &Mn. William C. Pace 

Mrs. Jennifer Irving Wall 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Blaker 

Mi. W. Holt Edmunds 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayland H. Jones 

.Ms. Emily C. Pancake 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wallace 

Ms. Mary Bedi Blessing 

.Ms. Mary Meade R. Edwards 

Ms. Bcny W. Jordan 

Mr. Richard B. Payne 

Mr. Thomas Walter 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter M.Bortz III 

Mr. &-Mrs.JohnA.Eichler 

Mrs. Goodwin Shepherd Jordan 

Ms. Barbara Lewis Penhale 

Mr. John Hardin Ward rV' 

Mi. & Mis. Richard L Boyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Einhom 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Kaminsk\', Jr. 

Mr. Robert D. Pertow 

Mr. Uc>' B.Ward. Jr. 

Captam & Mn. Rex .A Bradley- 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Erickson 

Mrs. Joseph L Kelly 

Mi. & Mn. Donald E. Peny 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Ms. Kathryn G. Bradshaw 

.Mr. & Mn. Joseph Fainberg 

Mr, L Wilson Kidd. Jr. 

Mi.&.Mn.AndyG, Pinson 

Mr. George A. Warrhen 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam P. Biadshaw 

Brig. Gen. Alan F. FarreU, Ph,D, 

Mr. & Mrs. Meade B.King 

Ml. & Mn. fames L. Poland 

Mr. & Mn. David C. Waddns. Sr, 

Mi. Robcit J. Braig 

Mr, & Mn. .Allen B. Fine 

Dr. Paule G. Kline 

Ml. &Mn. William T. Prince 

Ms, Margaret Watkins 


The Hon. Duross Fitzparrick 

Ms. Miriam W. Knight 

Mn. J. Pieston Proffin. Jr. 

Mi, & Mn, Bradley L, Watson 

Mn. Sidney S. Bridgfoith. Jr. 

.Miss JuhaB. Fleet 

Ms. Elizabeth W.Koontz 

,Mn. MariU-n M. Putnam 

Mi. & Mn. Huntei R. Wanon 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Dr. Paul Flowers 

Dr. Pamela S. Langlois 

Mn. S. Waverly Putnev-, Jr, 

Mi. & Mn. R. C. Wans III 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Brown 

Dr. & Mn. Roben E. Flowen 

Mr. & Mn. Gravdon H. Laughbaum 

Ms. Maigaret Shepherd Ray 

Mi. & Mn. Wilham M. Webb 

Ms. Mary Perkins Brown 

Mr. & Mn. James B. Forehand, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs. Roland V. Lamn, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Richard Ray 

Mn. A. Tavloi Weelei 

Mr. Townsend Brown. Jr. 

.Mr, & Mn, Lam- Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. Lessenco 

Ms. Robin E. Reed 

Mi. & Mn. Geoige E. Weickel III 

Mr. Tren L. Brownie)' 

Dr WiUiam L. Fiank 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lexine 


Ml. Joseph A- Weinbeig 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Brunson 

Mn. Judith B. Fugate 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lewis 

Ms. Lola C. Reinsch 

Mn. Manha F, Whitehead 

Mrs. A. C. Buchanan, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Herberr 0. Fimstcn 

Mr. RoyT. Lewis, Jr. 

Mn. Marie Eason Reveley-Harris 

.Mt.&Mn. James LWhitlock 

Mr. & Mis. Edward D. Buchanan 

Mr. and Mn. J. B. Fuqua 

Mr. Harvey L Lindsay, Jr. 

Mr. Steven Rhoads 

Mi. & Mn. H. Wallet Whinemore 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Talmadge Buchanan 

Ms. Robin H. Gabriel 

Mr. & Mrs. VC'arren H. Linkous 

The Res-. & Mn. John B. Rice 

Mr. & Mn. William G. Whiner 

Mr & Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Mr. Forrest L Gagcr. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Mt. & Mn. Cecil S. Richaidson 

Ms. Emilie \'cme Wggins 

Mr. Charles F. Burroughs. Jr. 

Mr. Blair C. Gammon 

Mr. Robert B. Uoyd 

Mn. John C. Richaidson 

Mr. John L Wilcox 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Burt 

Ms. V'erlie D. Gardner 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Lockwood 

Ml. & ,Mn. Timodiy P. Ring 

Captain Quenrin E. Wilhehni 

Mr. & Mrs. Nadian Bushnell 111 

Ms. Shirlev S. Garris 

Ms. Patricia D. Lust 

Dr. Joseph C. Roben 

Di. & Mn, William T. Wilkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdham F. Buder 

Mrs. Oliver H. Garrison 

Mr. & Mrs. Randy A. Manning 

Mr. & Mn. K. Ciaig Rogcn 


Mr. Lonnie A. Bnd 

Dr. Ray A. Gaskins 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Manz 

Di. & Mn. Roben G. Rogen 

Mr. & Mn. Kent Williams 

Mr. & Mis. William Cabell 

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Gates, Jr. 

Mrs. Landon E. Marston 

Mi. Ray RoUms 

Dr. James B. WJson 

Mr. Donald A. Caldwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Sibbley P. Gaunn 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Martin 

Dr. & Mn. Mason Romaine III 

Mr. E. Carlton Wilton. Sr. 

Mr. Hen ly W.Calhoun 

Mrs. Charles J. Gcyer. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Butler Martin. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Fred Rosen 

Mr. &Mn. Barclay C.Winn 

Ms. Elizabeth Susan Campbell 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Giltinan, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Martin. Jr. 

The Hon. Donald Henry- Rumsfeld 

Mr &Mn. William C.Wmn 

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Chandler 

Mr. J. Edwin Givcns 

Mrs. B. Henr)' Masse)- 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Russell 

Mr. & Mn. P. W. Wmsron 

Ms. Sarah 1. Charles 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gnehm 

Captain & Mrs. John M. Mathews 

Mn. Manha C. Sandcn 

.Mr. & Mn. WiU Wolstein 

Mrs. Yvonne M. Charles 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Godbout 

Mr. Verbon Madiis 

Mr. F. Brent Sandidge 

Mt. Vernon C. Womack 

Mrs. Elmira M. Chcnuult 

Mrs. Edwin H.Graves 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Mayo 111 

Mr Claude A. Sandy 

Mi. Paul H. Wood 

Ms. Cadiciine G. Chiari 

Ms. Olive H. Griffin 

Dr. & Mrs. Cal^-in O. Mkjll 

Mr. John H. Schaefer 

Ms. M. Diane Wresinski 

Ms. Bonnie Chrisr 

Mr. VC'iliiam Moultrie Guerrv 

Dr. James A. McClcllan 

Mr. & Mn. Roger C. Schmutz 

Ml. & Mn. Douglas M. Young 

Mr. &: Mis. Francis L. Chuich 

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L Hall 

Mr. Maurice A. McDougal 

Dr. Charley- Scott 

Ms. Flav-ia L Zappa 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Clark, Jr. 

Ms. Elizabeth V. Hallanan 


Mr. Peter M. Scon 111 

Mi. Roben E. Zukowski 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Neil Hammcrstrom 

Mrs. Rosa H. McLaughlin 

Mr. Buford Sears 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Hankins. Jr. 


Mr. Burn Scan 

Ms. Hilda M.Harris 


Mr. Ralph L Sebrell 

Mrs. Carolyn T. Hastings 

Mr. Hughs. Meredith 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Mcyerhoeffer 

Mrs. June Lancaster Miller 

Ms. Katharine B. Miller 

Dr.&Mrs.J. ThomasMilb.Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. EUcry- S<.-dg»ick 



999-2000 VFIC 



Albemarle Corporation 
Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Bell Atlantic Foundation 
Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 
Camp Younts Foundation 
CSX Corporation 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Ethyl Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 
Gotrwald Foundation 
The Herndon Foundation 
The Fiomestead 
Shelley Krasnow Estate 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
North Shore Foundation 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
E. Claiborne Robins Estate 
George A. and Lorraine Snel! & 

Snell Construction Corporation 
Tredegar Industries, Inc. 
Virginia Power Company 



American Electric Power 

AT&T Foundation 

Bank ol America - Virginia 

Barnhart Endowment 

Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 

jane Parke Batten 

The Baiicn Foundation 
BB&T of Virginia 
Beazley Foundation, Inc. 
William E, Bens, Jr. 
Birdsong Peanuts 
Macon F. Brock, ]r, 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundaiiun 

Camp Younts Foundation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 
Canon Virginia, Inc. 
Carpenter Company. Inc. 
Preston C. Caruthers 
Capital One 
The Case Foundation 
Circuit City Foundation 
Clark- Winchcole Foundation 
Robert B. Claytor/Norfolk Southern 

Colonial Williamsburg Hotel 

Properties, Inc. 
Columbia Energy Group Charitable 

Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 
Christian & Barton 
Mf. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins, 111 
CSX Corporation 
Mr. Ralph B. Davis 
Deloitte & Touchc 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund Endowment 
Eagle Corporation 
Empire Machinery & Supply 

English Foundation - Trust 
Ernst & Young 

Ethyl Corporation 
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 
First Union Mid-Atlantic 
First Union Securities 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
C. B, Fleet Company. Inc. 
Washington Forrest Foundation 
The Fort James Foundation 
Foundation lor Independent Higher 

Fredericksburg Savings Charitable 

Furnace Associates/Lorton Landfill 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, 

Gottwald Foundation 
GE Financial Assurance 
Mr. and Mts. Bruce C. Gottwald 
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray 

The Herndon Foundation 
Emily S. &c Coleman A. Hunter 

Charitable Trust 
Hunton & Williams 
Invensys Controls 

Shelley Krasnow Estate 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 

The Virginian-Pilot 

The Roanoke Times 
AinsleyJ. Lester, III 
Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation. Inc. 
Chas, Lunsford Sons and Associates 
Markel Corporation 
Massey Foundation 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Mays & Valentine 
McGuire, Woods, Banle & Boothe 
H. P. McNeal 

Media General, Inc. 

Bmiol Herald-Couner 

The CharbttesvUU Daily Progress 

Culpeper Star-Exponent 

Danville Register & Bee 

The Lynchburg Daily & News 

The Manassas Journal Messenger 

Potomac News 

Richmond Times- Dispatch 

Sujfolk News-Herald 
Lewis N. Miller, Jr. 
Mrs. Jeanette Moore 
Philip Morris Companies, inc. 
Nationwide Insurance Company 
NBC12 Jefferson Pilot 

Noland Company Foundation 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 
North Shore Foundation 
Owens & Minor, Inc. 
Clarence R. Payne 
Performance Food Group Co. 
Perry Foundation, Inc. 
The Pew Charitable Trusts 
The Pittston Company 
W. Russell Ramsey 
ReiiaStar Foundation 
Reynolds Metals Company 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 
Robins Foundation 
Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins 
E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 
E. Claiborne Robins Scholars 
Rouse-Bortom Foundation. Inc. 
Shenandoah Life Insurance Company 

George A. and Lorraine C. Snell & 

Snell Construction Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snow 
Southern States Cooperative, Inc. 
Sprint Mid-Adantic Telecom. Inc. 
SouthTrust Bank of Alabama. N.A. 
SunTrust Bank Mid-Adantic 
Sylvan Learning Systems 
Target Stores 

The Titmus Foundation, Inc. 
Tredegar Corporation 
The Truland Foundation 
Ukrop's/First Market Bank 
United Parcel Service/Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 
Universal Corporation 
Verizon (formerly Bell Adantic 

Viasystems Technologies Corp. 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Wachovia Bank. NA 
CoUis Warner Foundation 
Washington and Lee University 
Weinstein Management Company. 

Wesrvaco Corporation 
The Fred Whitaker Company 
Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins 
The Wilton Companies 

"It is so valuable for students to have this kind of dynamic 

experience: being directly involved with the world's largest 

art festival This is a way of learning that needs to be 

encouraged and fostered as much as possible. " 

(who helped fund the HampeUnSydney Sonneteers ' tnp to the Edinburgh Fringe Femva/} 



FACULTY & STAFF 1999-2000 

Mr. S. Griffith Aldrich '96 

Dr. Stanley A. Cheyne 

Dr. &C Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Mrs. Andrea L. O'York 

Dr. Saranna Robinson Thornton 

Dr. James A. Aricti 

Mr. Leon M. Cohen 

Dr. & Mrs. William R.Hendlev 

Mrs. Debbie M. Ownby 

Dr. C, Wayne Tucker 

Mrs. Barbara Armentrout 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn Culley. Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara M. Henley 

Mr. George M. Peters 

Mrs. Rosalind Warfield-Brown 

Mr. Gordon H. Ashworth 

Ms. Debra Gregory Dansberger 

Dr. Roben T. Herdegen 111 

Mr.L, D. Phaup.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.Watson 

Dr. George F, Bs^by. Jr. 

Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean 

Mrs, Jody Hogan 

Dr. James F. Pontuso 

Dr. G. Daniel Weese 

Dr. Paul S. Baker 

Dr. Edward W. Devlin 

Dr. Vincent A. Iverson 

Dr. & Mrs. William W.Porterfleid 

Dr. Katherine Weese 

Mr. Bcniamin G. Barbour '99 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. DcWolfe 

Mrs. Cynthia C. Jones 

Dr. Mar\' Prevo 

Dr. Alexander J, Werth 

Dr. J. Michael Berman 

Dr. Michael J. Dougherty 

Dr. W.Thomas Joyner. Jr. '51 

Mr. John David Ramsey 

Dr. Patrick A. Wilson 

Mr. Christopher A. Bissinger '95 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew "60 

Mrs. Norma S. Kernodle 

Mr, & Mrs. Ray Rostan 

President Samuel V. Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Blackburn 

Mr. Richard P, Epperson II 79 

Dr. James C. Kidd 

Dr. Mary M. Saunders 

Dr. Lewis Worthington 

Mrs. Erlene Bowman 

Mrs. Dorotha Fahrner 

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Klein 78 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Schiffer 

Mrs. Sandy Yeatts 

Mr. John L, Brinkley '59 

Mr, Richard Flather Farley 11 '98 

Dr. Donald A. KnifFen 

Mrs. Sharon Scrcombe 

Mr. C. Beeler Brush 

Dr. Keith W. Fitch 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Krueger 

Dr. William A, Shear 

Dr. Gerald M. Bryce 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Mr. Thomas H. Shomo '69 

Mrs. Janice Burkhan 

Dr. Ray A. Gaskins 

Dr. David E. Marion 

Dr. &Mrs. Frank J. Simes 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush 

Dr. & Mrs, Stanley R. Gemborys 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H, Manin, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Hassell A. Simpson 

Dr. Gerald T. Carney 

Mr. & Mrs. David Giles 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV 

Dr. Herbert j.Sipe. Jr. 

Mrs. Eunice W, Carwile "92 

Mr, Paul L. Gricr 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClinrock 

Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl '96 

Mrs. Lisa Bierowski Cheney 

Dr. Robert G.Hall 

Mrs. Karen P. Montgomery 

Dr. Graves Haydon Thompson '27 

Mrs. Joan M. Hamlett 

Mrs. Carrie E. Moore 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. WiUiam E. 

I "'/^ 

Dr. Sarah Hardy 

Dr. Paul H. Mueller 
Mrs. Daphne V. Norton 

1 M/'^X' C 


1 ooo o/ 





The Community Foundation of 


The Himt Family Fdtn. of Nashville. 


C. E. Richardson Benevolent 


TheTitmus Foundation, Inc. 

M. S. Bailey & Sons Bankers Trust 

Collier County 

TN, Inc. 


Triangle Community Foundation. Inc. 


Fannie R. Cooke Fund #1 

The Ireland Foundation 

The Roller-Bottimore Foundation 

Virginia Environmental Endowment 

John M. Borders. M.D. Memorial 

D.H.R. Foundation 

Helen S. Lanier Foundation, Inc. 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 

Virginia Foundation for the 


Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

The Lind Lawrence Foundation 

The William H., John G. & Emma 


The Brunmg Foundation 

Andrew Horsley Easley and Annie 

Charles P. & Marion G. Lunsford 

Scott Foundation 

The Wiley H.& James C meat 

William M. Cage Library Trust 

Owen Easley Charitable Trust 

Charitable Trust 

The Noel A. &W.Sydnor Settle 


The Carson Family Foundation, Inc. 

Edmondson Family Foundation 

Massey Foundation 


The Canlcdge Foundation 

The Farrand Foundation 

The Marietta McNeill &C Samuel Tate 

William E. Simon Foundation. Inc. 

Charitable Gift Fund 

The A. E. Finley Foundation. Inc. 

Morgan, Jr. Foundation 

Seth Sprague Educational & 

The Communit)- Foundation 

The Foundation for Roanoke Valley 

The Norfolk Foundation 

Charitable Foundation 

The Community Foundation of 

Foundation for the Carolinas 

The Marv Morton Parsons Foundation 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Greater Greensboro 

James F. Goodmon Family Fund of 

The Presser Foundation 


the Triangle Comm. Fdin. 

The Rasor Charitable Trust 

Frances W. Thompson Memorial 

Harris Brothers Foundation 

Emerson G. & Dolores G. Reinsch 



iSTS 19 



Estate of Edward & Edna Bain 

Estate of Arthur S. Gear '55 

Estate of Emily M, Rogerson 

Estate of Dr. Hart)- H. Bryan '25 

Estate of D. Rankin Hervey '35 

Wilmina R. Smith Revocable Trust 

Jean Dunnington CuUen Trust 

Estate of Katharine G. Mum 

Estate of Joseph Triplctt Trotter '35 


1999-2000 BUSINESSES 

COMPANIES 1999-2000 

AbbotT Laboratories Fund 

Borden Foundation. Inc. 

ExxonMobil Foundation 

Liz Claiborne Foundation 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

Aetna Life & CasuaJcv' Foundacion 

J. C. Bradford & Company 

FBD Consulting 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Science Applications International 

.Mbany Internaiional Corporation 

Bridgestone Firestone, Inc. 

Fifth Third Bancorp 

Lucent Technologies Foundation 


.Alcoa Foundation 

Brown & Williamson Tobacco 

The FINOVA Capital Corp. 

Mallinckrodt Specialty Chemicals 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 

j\lliedSignal Foundation 


First Union Corporation 


The Sonat Foundation 

Allmerica Financial Charitable 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

First Virginia Banks 

Marsh & McLennan Companies 

Spring Industries, Inc. 


Capital One Services, Inc. 

Fort James Foundation 

The May Stores Foundation, Inc. 

Spnnt Foundation 

.Allstate Foundation 

Carolina Power 

Freddie Mac Foundation 

The McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

American Electric Power 

Central Carolina Bank & Trust Co. 

GenCorp Foundation 

MediaOne Group 

SunTrust Company of Georgia 

American Express Foundation 

Champion International Corporation 

General Electric Foundation 

Merrill Lynch & Company 


American Home Products Corporation 

Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 

General Motors Foundation 

Metro Information Services 

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, 

,\moco Foundation. Inc. 

CIGNA Foundation 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

Milliken & Company 


.\mSouth Bancorporation Foundation 

Circuit City Foundation 

Glaxo, Inc. 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Texaco, Inc. 

.\ndersen Foundation 

Compaq Computer Corporation 

W. W. Grainger, Inc. 

National Grange Mutual Insurance Co. 

Thompson & Litton 

,ARCO Foundation 

ConAgra Foundation 


National Processing Center, Inc. 

Tiger Management Corporation 

Arthur Andersen & Company 

The Cordant Technologies 

The Guardian Life Trust 

Nationwide Foundation 

Time Warner Inc. 



Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Inc. 

New York Life Foundation 

Towers Perrin 

.\5hland Oil Foundation 

Crestar Bank 

Harcourt General. Inc. 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Tricon Foundation. Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Crestar Financial Corporation 

Honeywell Foundation 

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation. 

Union Pacific Resources Group, Inc. 

.AX.A. Foundation 

CSX Corporation 

IBM International Foundation 


Universal Leaf Foundation 

Ball Corporation 

Davis-Taylor-Forster Company 

LN.C.O. Alloys, Inc. 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Ins. 

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc. 

Bank of America 

The Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Intel Foundation 


The UPS Foundation 

Bankers Trust Foundation 

Deutsche Bank Amencas Foundation 

International Paper Company 

Pfizer Foundation 

Vanguard Group. Inc. 

C. R. Bard, Inc. 

Dime Bancorp 


Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation 

Virginia Power 

Bell Adantic Foundation 

Dimon. Inc- 

Jefferson Pilot Corporation 

Philip Morris. Inc. 

Wachovia Bank 


Dominion Resources 

Johnson & Johnson 

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 

Warner-Lambert Company 

L. M. Berry and Company 

Eh Lilly & Company 

The Kiplinger Foundation, Inc. 

Ptintpack, Incorporated 

Waters Corporation 

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

L)T "CT'V 

The Equitable Foundation 

"cccrrc < 

LandAmerica Foundation 

ir ry 1 '1 T 

Prudential Foundation 
Raytheon Company 

L' 1 ) c 1 on 

West Motor Sales 
Westvaco Foundation 



Lowe, Brockenbrough & Tattersali 
Mailing Services, Inc. 



v,Rb I yy 




.yiA\tARK Corporation 

Richard M. Marshall Insurance Agency 

Commonwealth of Virginia, DMV 

Allen Reunion Fund 

Bank of America 

Meredith Corporation 

Department of the Naw 

College Presbytenan Church 

Buckingham County Arts Council, 

The Bank of Charlotte County 

Muhlenberg Ford-Mercury 


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 


BB&T Company 


National Science Foundation 

Saint Giles Presbytetian Church 

Buder Memorial Golf Tournament 

The Buffalo News 

New York Lite Insurance Company 

Virginia Commission for the Arts 

Second Presbyterian Church 

The Christian Giving Fund 

The Caldwell & Gregory Foundation 


The Synod of the Mid-Adantic 

Colleagues Investment Club 

Colonial Hills Golf Course, Inc. 

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. 

Endowment Fund of the Jewish Com- 

Cook Publications 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual 

munity Federation 

Diamond Paper Company 

Insurance Co. 

Goodrich Family Advised Fund 

Dunbar, Milby, Williams. Pictman & 

The Pepsi Bottiing Group, Inc. 

Hampton Roads Naval HistoncaJ 


Pepsi-Cola Company 


Eastover Obstetrics & Gynecology 

The Profit Source, LLC 

James Allen Chapter N.S.D AR. 


The C. F- Sauer Company 

Landing View Golf Association 

Fannon Color Printing 

Scon Insurance 

The Newton CLT III -1997 

Pint Union - V.VMD/DC 

South Atlantic Association of 

NRA-Instituie for Legislative Action 

First Virginia Bank-Colonial 


Seaboard Medical Association of VA/ 

Freedom Service Center. Inc. 

SponGrass, Inc. 


Highfill & Associates PC 


Society of Cincinnati in the State of 

Frederick B. Hill & Company. P.C. 

The Sprint Foundation 


Simshine Fund 

Society of Colonial Wars in Virginia 

TTie Kiplinger Foundation 

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 

University of Virginia 

Kyanite Mining Corporation 

Virginia Pilot Association 

Wachovia Bank, NA 


WilHams, Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 

Charitable Fdtn. 
The Woodbury Foundation 

Virginia Library Association 
The Worthen Family 




Anonymous ( 1 6) 

Dr. Mary Virginia Alien 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Austin 71 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Dr. & Mrs. John Danforth Beall '47 

Mr. Stewan Bell, Jr. '31 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Scott Benton '90 

Mr. C. Howard Bliss '37 

The Rev. Allan Bond, Jr. '50 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Roben Bray '60 

Mr. B. Louis Briel, Jr. '66 

Miss Marguerite Lewis Britton 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 

Mr. George T. Bryson, Jr. '50 

Mr. Frank Buck '58 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. '43 - Deceased 

Mrs. RovalE. Cabell, Jr. 

Mr. Royal E. Cabell 111 '72 

Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander Carrington '38 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. '69 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45 

Mr. Richard F.Cralle, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '45 

Mr. Douglass C. Crummett '43 - Deceased 

Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett 

Dr. J. "William Db<on, Jr. '42 

Dr. &: Mrs. Martin Donelson, Jr. '38 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass 111 '65 

Mr. Christopher Hamilton Dowdy '99 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Finley 11 '34 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwether Fowlkes, Jr. '60 

Mr. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 - Deceased 

Mrs. George C. Freeman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. Fulks, '72 

Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 

Mr. Caner B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 

Mr. Blair C. Gammon 

Ms. Anita Holmes Garland 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. German, Jr. '40 

Dr. Fred T. Given, Jr. '49 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Dr. John R. Good '52 

Mr. Randolph M. Gregg '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L. Grubb, Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge '68 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet, Jr. '31 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Hancock '.38 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Harper 111 '38 

The Sallie Wright Harrison Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Mr. Roben V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 

Mrs. Roben V. Hatcher, Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph William Hatchett, Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hatten '69 

The 1776 Society, 

named after 


inaugural year, 

was established to 

recognize the many 

alumni and friends 

who, through intended 

bequests and 

life-income gifis, have 


the Colleges future. 

If you have included Hampden-Sydney 

in your estate plans, please let us know, 

so that we may thank you. 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Henley 

Mrs. William C. Holbrook 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Hopkins '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard '62 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard '39 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. '46 

Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 

Dr. &Mrs.JethroH. lrby,Jr. '38 

Mrs. J. Monroe Johns - Deceased 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Henr>' M. T. Jones '94 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. '56 

Mr. RalphD. Keightley.Jr. '45 

Mr.AlbertS. Kemper III '5! 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Lawrence Kendig, Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. King, Jr. '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Huben E. Kiser, Jr. '53 

Mr. Roben W. Lawson, Jr. '30 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben H. Loving '37 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Madarlane 111 '76 

Mr. Howlene B. Manin, Jr. '55 

The Hon. D. C. Mayes '36 

Dr. W. Austin McClellan '46 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Maxwell Meador '58 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monene 

Mr. Ben D. Monon, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Moseley, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Motdey '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. C. L Elhnger O'Brien II '89 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Odom '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81 

Mr. Charles G. Patterson, Jr. '37 - Deceased 

Mrs. Charles G. Parterson, Jr. 

Mrs. C. Lewis Pitzer, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ramey, Jr. '51 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben G. Rogers 

Dr. Sam B. Ryburn '50 

Mrs. Sam B. Ryburn - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Schug '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Schultz '41 

Mr. & Mrs. William Prescott Mills Schwind '93 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Selden V '70 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Daniel Shelburne '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '41 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Simes 

TheRev. Glenn W. Small, Jr. '63 

Mrs. Glenn W. Small, Sr. - Deceased 

Mr. David H.Smith '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Julious P. Smith, Jr. '65 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. L Rucker Snead 111 '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Mr. Hugh R. Stallard '59 

Col. & Mrs. Clayton B. Tasker '41 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Dean Tester '54 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Rogers Thomas '32 

Mr. John H. Thompson III '43 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysingcr '66 

The Rev. & Mrs. Roben C. Vaughan, Jr. '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Venable '42 

Mr. & Mrs. R. King Waddill '59 

Mrs. William W. Walton 

Mr. J. Ernest Warinner III '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey L. Warnick, Jr. '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Warson " 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Whitehouiie '34 

Mr. Edward W. Wolcott '43 - Deceased 

Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott 

Dr. &Mrs. EdwinS.Wysor'4l 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert H. Young, Jr. 




In memory of Ms. Ga)'le Rainey Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. William Cabell 

Ms. Julia W. Crichton 

In memory of Mr. J. Stokelev Fulton, 

In memory of Dr. Valerie Hall 

Mr cV Mn. John W. Dreschcr "0 

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Chandler 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Dupont 

St. '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Keeiey '89 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Let '68 

Mrs. William H. Clarke 

Mr. &Mrs. DavidCiltinan.Jr. 

Mts. William T. Buder, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Fmncjs R. Nance '^! 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney 111 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Jeffrey Daly '81 

In memory of Mrs, Robert V. Hatcher, 

The Hon. & Mrs. Wcstbrook J. Parker 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Wdliam Dabney '76 


The Hon. B. A. Davis 111 



Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Dictz '52 

Ms. Elizabeth V. Hallanan 

Dt. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 

Ml. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass 111 '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Hereford '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Johnson '53 

!n memory of The Rev. John H. Allen 

Dr. &: Mrs. Lcsvis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Alan Johnston '76 

Mr & Mts, Claude W.Milam '49 

In memory of David M. Haw '81 

Ihe Rev. Glenn VC. Small '6} 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen B. Fine 

Mr. Ralph D. Keighdey. Jr. '45 

Mr. Thomas M. Davis '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert 0. Funsten 

Ms. Miriam W. Knight 

In memoty of Dr. Edgar Gammon '05 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw Iir78 

In memory of Mr^. Ora Mae Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Garren, Sr. '43 

Dt. & Mrs. Calvin 0. McCall 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude W, Milam '49 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis lir81 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Glover 111 '83 

Ms. Barbara Lewis Penhale 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

Mr.JohnN. Park.Jr. '78 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. '51 



In memory of Dr. William H. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Heiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen E. Smidi 

In memory of Mr. Joe C. Hereford '43 

Armstrong '36 

Mrs. Jacqueline F. Herod 

The Rev. & Mrs. Arthur H. Stevens, Jr. 

In memory of Mrs. C. Hobson Godtlin 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. adett '43 

Dr. & Mrs- Kenneth N. Scon '63 

Mr. Thomas E. Hill 


Mr. & Mrs. William R Gardner, Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney HI 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Brooks Hock 

Mrs. A. Taylor Weeler 

Dr. William R. Jones, Jr '37 


In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Bernard 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward W.Wolcott 

Mr. & Mrs. Hcnrv H. McVey 111 '57 

Mr. & Mm. Phdip B. Hereford '76 



Dr. & Mis. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 

Ms. Miriam W. Knight 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mr. J. Bruce James, Jr. '53 

In memory of Mr. August A. Dietz 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn '46 

Mrs. William A. Johns 


In memory of Mr. D. Rankin Hervey 

In memory' of Mrs. Margaret D. 

Dr. William R.Jones. Jr. '37 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Bteeden 111 '56 

In memory of Mts. Sue Goodrich 



Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leary '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore III 

Mr. &:Mrs.JohnP.Ackerlylll 

.Mr. cS: Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Kemper Lorraine '48 

In memotyof Mr. Jeflfress S. Dortch, 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. L. Smidl 111 '45 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Mayo 111 

Jr. '35 

In memory of Mr. Philip M. Grabill, 

In memory of Joseph J. Basilone '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVcy 111 '57 

Mrs. Elizabeth T- Harris 

Jr. 71 

In memory of Dr. Wdham Holbrook 

Mr, & Mrs. John E. Basilone '85 

Dr. & Mrs. Huntet McGuite, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Catlen 72 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor 111 

In memory of Mrs. Wdliam B. 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr, 

In memory of Ma)-nard Warren 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Minor 

Douglass, Jr. 


In memoty of Mr. Richard J. Holland, 

Berryman '33 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers '57 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Heeler Brush 



Mni. Rose W. Berryman Mogabgab 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parrott 11 '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip deB. Rome '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 
Mrs. Eunice W.Carwile '92 

Mr. & Mrs, David C. Schultheis 74 

Mr & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

In memory of Mrs. McLemore 

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad F. Sauer IV '72 

Mrs. William H. Clarke 

In memory of Mr. Kossen Gregory, Jr. 

In memory of Mr. Irvin G. Homer 


Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Ms. V'lAnn Farmer 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 

Mr. Charles D. Robiscn 111 '70 


Ms. Olive H. Griffin 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Franklin Flippin '69 

Society of Colonial Wars 

Ms. BetTv W. Jordan 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Geotfrey Jennings '69 

In memory of Mr. John M. Hunt '31 

In memory of Mr. Richard B. 

Mr. si Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

R.W. Lynch 

Mr, & Mrs. David W. Walton 70 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Johnson '53 

Bridgforth, Jr. 

The Scott Foundadon 


Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham '43 

Mr Ue C. Tait 

Mrs. Robert J. McMahon.Jr. 

In memory of Mr. Wallace C 

In memory of Dr. John E Husted '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank E. Taylor '43 

Mf. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey 111 '57 

Gregory, Sr. 

The Rev. & Mrs. D. Kirk Hammond 

In memorv' of Mr. David P. Bruce '84 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Mr. & Mrs. F. A, Meyerhoefifer 

Ms. Debra Gregory Dansberger 


Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Blanton Jr. 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Mr. Roben S. Muse 

Mrs. Donna Gr^ory Dean 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Walton TurnbuU 

The Profit Source, LLC 

In memory of Mr. John Willard Kirk, 

Mr.JosephF.Viar.Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Ricketts 111 '74 

In memory of Mrs. Eleanor Meacham 


In memory of Mr. John R. Brinser '27 

Mr. George A. Warthen 

Mt. & Mrs. Timodiy P. Ring 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Case Whittemore 

Mr. Fleet Roberts 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard. Jr. 

W, M. C & D Charitable Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam F. Shumadine, Jr. 


In memory of Mrs. Mvrene Putnam 

In memory of Mr. William T. Buder, 


Ms. Emtlic Verne Wiggins 


Jr. '62 

In memory of Clarke J. Caleb, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Enright, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bowlman Bowles, Jr. 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mrs. William J. Steed, St. 

In memory- of Mr. Howell L. Gniver 

Dr. &: Mrs. John W. C. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Bovd '64 


Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller 111 '79 

Mrs. William T. Buder, Jr. 

In memory of Dr. T. Edward Crawley 

In memory of Herman L. Duncan 

Mr. & Mr. Richard L Boyer 

Soudi Adanuc Assoc, of OB/GYN 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder 111 '91 


Dt. & Mts. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jt. 

Colleagues Investment Club 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Crist '66 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 


Mr. Qiiincy Ryland Dedes 

In memorv of lidwin P. Lyle, Jr. '75 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Former Members of Educational 

Dr c^ .Mrs Hasscll A. Simpson 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. Ronald W.Davis '59 

In memory of Mrs. Pocahontas W. 

Consultant Services 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Fonville '97 

Dr. & Mis. H. Nelson Gustin 111 '74 


Mr. & Mrs. Sibbley P. Gaunn 

In memory of Mr. Nathan B. Lytm '95 

Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. & Mts. William R. Gardner, Jt. '57 

Ms. Hilda M. Harris 

Dr. & Mrs. Hassell A. Simpson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 


Mr. RoyT. Lewis. Jr. 

The Hon. & Mr^. Harvey B. Morgan 

In memoty of Miss Elizabeth C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Linkous 

In memory of Dr. James B. Massey, Jr. 


In memory of Mr. J. Strother Crockett 


Mr. & Mrs. Harvey S. Lutins '51 


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Overton '48 


Dt. & Mts. Richaid C. McClintock 

Ms, Dawnette M. Nonon 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Crockett 11 '73 

Clemmer & Richard Matheny 

Mrs. Virginia Druen 


In memory of Mr. William B. Elwang, 

Ms. DeloresM.Ober 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Enright, Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Welch '88 

In memoty of Mr. Joseph M. Crockett 

Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M.Orgain IV 

Mrs. B. Henry Massey 


Mr. & Mrs. John E. Basilone '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Andy G. Pinson 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

In memory ofDr.CharlesL. Cabell 

Dr. & Mn. Joseph M. Crockett 11 '73 

Mr.&Mrs.CartetB.S.Futf,Si. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. James L, Poland 


Mi. & Mts. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jt. 

Mr. C Edward Richardson Iir5I 

In memory of Mr. James D. Manox. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Kemper Lorraine '48 

In memory of Mr. Douglass C. 


Co-workers of Becky Gruver at 

Jr. '65 

Crummett '43 

Mts. Edward W. Wolcott 

V Technologies International Corp. 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Mattox 

In memory of Royal E Cabell, Jr. '43 

Ms. Ann Embleton Bitd 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Russell 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N.AUen '60 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas 0. Bondurant 

In memory of Reginald Scott Fleet 

Mr. F. Brent Sandidgc 

In memorv of Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. 

Mrs. E. Ballard Baker 

Ms. Kaihiyn G. Btadshaw 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Mr. Claude A. Sandy 


Mr. & Mrs. WJliam C. Boinesr '54 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Btadshaw 

Ms. M. Diane Wresinski 

Mr. John L Brinkley '59 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Brown 

In memory of Mr. S. Douglas Fleet 

Mr. Robert E. Zukowski 

Mr. &Mn.C.Beeler Brush 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Cadett '43 

Miss Jane Dunn 

The Hon. & Mrs. J. D. Bulzncr. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Couch 



In memory of Dr. Ray Moore, Sr. 

In memor)'of Dr. Thomas Shear 

Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Pace 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon M. Godbout 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude W.MiUm 49 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward W. Devlin 

The Rev. & Mrs. Eddie W. Dedrick '67 

Mr. cS: Mrs. WiUiam F. Shumadine. Jr. 

Mr. William Motdtrie Gucrty 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchord. Jr. 

Dr. Michael J. Dougherty 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Randolph DiPrisco '67 


Mr. & Mn. Thomas 0. Gwaltnev III 


Dr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Gemborys 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

Mr. Paul H. Wood 


Mrs. Jody Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sidney Druen '64 

Mi. & Mrs. Curtis L. Hall 

In memory of Delia Irene Pucketi 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds, jr. '64 

In memory of Mr. Orrm 0. Whyte '79 

Hampton Roads Naval Histotical 

Ward Myers 

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Werth 

Dr. & Mrs. William M. Edwards '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Donohue '73 


Mrs. B^bara M. Henley 

Dr. & Mrs. Alan T. Elliott '67 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass '79 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Harlow. Jr. '42 

In memory of Mrs. Emily Shomo 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ford '67 

The Hon. & Mrs. WiUiam P. Hay. Jr. 

In memory of Mr. R. Russell Neely '28 

Dr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson Jacbon. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Giles '65 

In memory of Mr. Wdliam P. Witkins, 


Mrs. R. Russell Neely 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Gudiridge '68 

Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben S. Henderson 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Earl Guthrow, Jr. '63 


Mrs. Virginia P. Henderson 

In memory of Mr. Theodore G. 

In memor)' of Mrs. Vera Simms 

Dr. & Mrs. Darrow E. Haagensen, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Carrington Herbert '45 

Offterdinger, Jr. '74 

Mrs. Rosalind Warfield-Brown 


In memory of Dr. Thomas W. 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin ill 74 

Lt. Col, & Mrs, AUen P. Hazlegrove '67 

WiUiams '38 

Frederick B. Hill & Company 

In memory of Mr. Reginald G. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Hazlegrove, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric H, Sheriff 

Mrs. Pauls. Huber. Jr. 

In memory of Mr. H. B. Overcash 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. G. PhiUp HiUen III '63 

The Hon. & Mrs. Stephen H. Helvin 

In memoryof Mrs. D. C. Wdson 


In memory of Mr. Richard Owen 


Mr.JohnL Brinkley^59 

Mr. Wdham G. Huggins '42 

In memory of Mr. W. Allan Overton 

Snyder '74 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry D. Hensley ^64 

Mrs. Lucy Latane Jeffers 


Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III 74 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Hightower "68 

In memory of Dean David Wdson 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Johnson 

Dr. & Mrs. Hassel! A. Simpson 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Schultheis '74 

Mr & Mrs. R. Devereux Jarratt "64 
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer H. Lammay, Jr. ^65 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude W. Milam '49 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 
Mr. Edward S. Jones 

In memory of Mr. Frank D. Pendleton 

In memor)' of Mr. CharUe Carrington 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Loving, Jr. ^67 

In memory of Mr. F. D. Wdson, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan S. Jones, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Wickliffe S. Lyne ^67 


Mr. Samuel G. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. HarcyR. King 11172 

Mr. & Mrs. C Beeler Brush 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Mack, Jr. '68 

Mrs. Doris Wilson Netherland 

Mrs. Goodwin Shepherd Jordan 

Dr. & Mrs. John'w. Pendleton '68 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard C. Manson. Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Wdson, Jr. ^57 

Mrs. Joseph L. Kelly 

In memory of The Hon. WJham B. 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Mason III 66 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lewis 

In memoiy of Mr. Bili Piephoff 

Spongjr. '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Ma.xwell 11 65 

In memory of Mr. William E. Wood 

Mr. Harvey L. Lindsay, Jr. 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles W. Crist '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell G. McAllister, Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Uewellyn, Jr. '43 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Mr. Hugh Marshall 

In memory of Mr. C. Robert Plybon 

In memory of Mrs. John Steck 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKitlrick '67 


R. M. Marshall Insunmce Agency 

Mrs. Suzanne M. Plvbon 

Dr. Claudius H.Pritchard. Jr. '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbiay, Jr. '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Mullin '67 

Dr.&Mrs.W.Uvi Old, Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy B. Martin, Jr. 
Captain & Mrs. John M. Mathews 

In memory of Mr. L Thompson 

In memoryof Algernon Sydney 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Blackford Noland. Jr. 

In memory of Mr. Charles T. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. McAllister '46 

Quarles '66 

Sullivan and Mary Mildred 



Mt. & Mts. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth III '66 


Mr. & Mrs. R. Stedman Oakev, Jr. '66 

Mrs. Barbara M. Henley 


Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse W. Overbey '64 

Mr. & Mrs. H. P. McNeal 

In memoryof Miss Virginia George 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham F. Painter, Jr. '64 

In memory of Mr. Edward W. Wolcon 

Mr. Hugh S. Mcredidi 


In memory of Mr. George E. Taylor 

Mr. S( Mrs. James R. Paintei '66 


Ms. Katharine B. Miller 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C, McClintock 

Mrs. E.Ballard Baker 

The Hon. & Mrs. John D. Roberts '64 

Rendy Adams 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller HI '79 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boineit '54 

Mr. William F. Robinson, Jr. '65 

Admiral & Mrs. L. Alexanderson 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

In memory of Dr. W. Taylor Revelev 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '70 

Mr, H. Furlong Baldwin 

Mr.&Mrs.A. ParkcrNeff 

II '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Buchanan 

Mr. &: Mrs. James A. Rosenstock, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Chadwick Ballard 

Mrs. Jean C. Old 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew "60 

Mr. & Mrs, Nathan BushneU III 


Mr, & Mrs. James E. Baylor 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr '46 

Mrs. Marie Eason Reveley-H arris 

Ms. Carolyn P. Cunningham 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Baylor 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Old III 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cunningham 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Scott '66 

BB&T Company 

Dr. & Mrs. E. C. Oldfield III 

In memory of Mr. Geoi^ Richardson, 

Mr. John D. Dedefcen 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Semones '64 

Ebbie Bell 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Payne 

Jr. 1910 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Dietz '52 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Ms. Rachel C. Bell 

Mr. J. Preston Proffin, Jr. '45 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Robcn M. Richardson '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 


Cmdr. & Mrs. G. R. Berkeley, Jr. 

Mrs. J. Preston Proffitt, Jt. 

Eastover OB & GYN Associates 

Mr. William L Shumate Iir66 

Mr. Patrick H.Boodl, Jr. '42 

Mrs. Marilyn M. Putnam 

In memory of Mr. John C. Richardson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II '79 

Dr. Theodore R. Smidi, Jr. '65 

Captain & Mrs. Rex A. Bradley 

Ms. Margaret Shepherd Ray 


Mr. & Mrs. James Forehand. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Scon Street III '65 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Raiy 

Mrs. John C. Richardson 

Mrs. Virginia P. Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysinger '66 

Ms. Mary Perkins Brown 

Col. Robert T. Richmond '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Hyman 

Mr. & Mrs. Ricks S. Voight, Jr. '66 

Mr. Townsend Brown, Jr. 

Mr. c\: Mrs. Charles D. Robison 111 '"0 

In memory of Dr. John B. Robbins '60 

Mrs, R. Clifton Long, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Washburn '65 

Mr. Tren L. Brownley 

Dr. & Mrs. Mason Romaine III 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace. Jr. 

Mr. &C Mrs. Randy A. Manning 

Mr, & Mrs. William P. Brunson 

Mr. & Mrs. Waltet D. Shields '44 


Mr. & Mrs. Walter D, Manz 

In memory of Mr. William G. Traylor, 



Mr. Malcolm R. Mvers '57 

Jr. '41 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Talmadge Buchanan 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Spradey '44 

In memory of John and Frances 

Frances Perkinson 

Mr. H.Tyler Taylor. Jr. '41 

Mr. Charles F. Burroughs, Jr. 

Sunshine Fund 


Mr. & Mrs. William T. Prince 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Qdett ^43 

Dr. & Mre. Frank E. Taylor '43 

Mr- lames C. Robbins '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

In memory of Mr. James L. Triidde 

lodi. Heather, Lisa, Kim, Laurn & 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 



Mrs. Caroline S. G. Tyler 

In memoryof Dr. Philip Ropp 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabney ^76 

Ms. Catherine G. Chiari 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Vaden '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

In memory of Dr. Richard W. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Clarke ^76 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred V Vance, Ir. 


Topham '65 

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. 

Mr. & Mrs. Cabell F. Cobbs '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Guilford D. Ware 


Trotter '35 

Dr. Francis L. Counselman 

Mr, & Mrs. WiOiam M. Webb 

In memoryof Mrs. Elizabeth D. Ryan 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Agsten '65 

Mrs. Florence C. Watson 

Mr. William T. Covington, Jr. ^42 

Mr. & Mis. Alan J. White '43 

Mrs. June Lancaster Miller 

The Rev. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis N. Crenshaw 

Mr. & Mis. Fl. Wallet Whittemoie 

Dr. & Mrs. Philip R. Anderson '66 

In memory of Mr. Richard Wilfred 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Crockett, Jr. '42 

Mi. Edward RWillcox,Ji. 

In memoryof Mr. William Schulthcis 

Mr. & Mrs. Dwighi L. Andrews '66 


Mr. Douglass C. Crummett '43 - 

Mi. & Mn. Benjamin J. Willis, Ji. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Schulthcis 74 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Barker '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Earle R. Ware II '57 


Mi. & Mis. Barclay C Winn 

Mr. Frederick W. Beck 111 '65 

Mrs. Dougla.ssC. Crummeri 

Ml, c«C Mis. William C, Winn 

In memoiy of General John Baytop 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Boswell '65 

In memory of CoL Charles E. Turley 

Mt. & Mrs. David A. Dashielljr. 

Di. & Mis. James M. Wolcott, Jr. '42 


Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 


Dr. & Mrs. P. C. Devine 

Dr. & Mrs. Charley Scoit 

Mr. & Mrs. Jam« G. Bruce 111 '66 
Dr. 8; Mrs. Gerald A. Buder '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.Johnson '53 

Mrs. RaeE. Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Marshall DosiveU, Jr. '42 

In memory of Colonel Thomas Scott 

Dr. & Mrs. James T. Campen '68 

In memory of Dr. Karl K Wallace, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Many Einhorn 

Dr. & Mrs. Charley Scoti 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates Chappell '64 


Mt. William B.F.iwang, Jr. '43- 

Mr. & Mrs. Glarence C. Chewning 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Rulus G. Baldwin, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Burt 

Mrs. Willl,itn B. Elwang, Jf. 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood, 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G.Denman 

Mt. & Mrs. William N. Eskridge '45 

Jr. '68 

Mrs. Carolyn T. Ha.stings 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip S.Farrand 

Dr. &: Mrs. James F. Cope '65 

Ms. Anne B. Hennessey 

Ms. Karen Findley 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cianc, Jr. '65 

Miss Etnilie C. HolLaday 

Ms. VcHie D. Gardner 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Crist '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon H. Laughbaum 

Ms. ShiHey S. Garris 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Cuslis, Jr. '67 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Mills, Jr. 

Mrs. Oliver H. Garrison 

The Rev. & Mrs. Charles N. Davidson, 

Dr& Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 

Dr. 8d Mrs. Fred T. Given, Jr. '49 




All American Farm Scholarship 

Meredith Corporjlion 

James Allen Scholarship 

L[, Col. & Mrs. John R. Allen 

.\llen Reunion Fund 

Mr, & Mrs. Vernon C. AlJen 


Mr. & Mrs. John M. Boswell '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Brandis 

Mr. Henrv W. Calhoun 

Ms. Elizabeth Susan Campbell 

Mr. & Mrs. ^'illiam N. Clark. Jr. 

lames Allen Chapter N.S.D-A.R. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Johnson '67 

Mrs. Jesse F. Roberts, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Smith 

Mr. John H. Varner 

Mrs, Martha F. Whitehead 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Whirter 

Paul Tulane and Esther Thomas Atkinson Scholarship 
Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Bernard E. and Edna B. Bain Scholarship 

Estate ot Edna Bain 

Baird-Lalendorf Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G- Rogers 

Frank Cleveland and Lena Reekes Bedinger Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C, Bedjnger III 76 
Mr, & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

The Benton Scholarship Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Benton "90 

David Bruce Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Dt. Anne C. Lund 

The Clinton E. and Martha S. Brush Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Becler Brush 

William T. Butler, Jr. '62 Memorial Scholarship 

The Bank ol Charlotte County 

Mr. Benjamin G. Batbour '99 

Mr. & Mrs. Bowlman Bowles, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Bceler Brush 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan E. Burcher '91 

Buder Memorial Golf Tournament 

Mrs. WiUiam T. Buder, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder III '9 1 

Mr. David M. Clough '78 

Mr. Leon M. Cohen 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II 79 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Fonville '97 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Garnen Hall, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Hutcheson "94 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner, Jr. '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Macon 111 '65 

The Hon. & Mrs. Harvey B. Moi^an '52 

Mr. Chris Nott 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Nott, Jr. 

Mrs. Andrea L. O'York 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Overton '48 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Fain Peebles '78 

Dr. & Mrs, Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. "50 

Dr. & Mrs. Wilham B. RusseU '41 

Mr. H. Tinsley Taliaferro 11171 

Mrs. George M. Trible 111 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters III "58 

William Carroll Chevming, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 
Harris Brothers Foundation 

Edmund Madison Chitwood Jr. Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68 

W. Randolph Chitwood, Sr. '41, M.D. Scholarship 
Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chitwood 

Class of 1951 Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. "51 

Nelson W. Coe III Memorial Scholarship 

Mrs, Charles E. Coe 

Aylen B. Coleman Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashby W. Coleman '87 

Edward A. Crawford Scholarship 
Mrs. E. Ballard Baker 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Bass '69 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bettendorf 

Dr. & Mrs. William A, Blackman 76 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Becler Brush 

Dr. & Mrs, John E. Brush, Jr. 76 

Mt. & Mrs. Edward D. Buchanan 

Mr. & Mrs. Nadian Bushneil 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Jeflrey A. Clifton '83 

Ms. CaroljTi P. Cunningham 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cunningham 

Mt, John M. Curtence '87 

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Delaney '76 

Mr. John D. Dedeften 

Mr. & Mt^. Charles M. Dietz '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Eastover OB & GYN Associates 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson 11 '79 

Mr. &c Mrs. James Forehand, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Haga 79 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Hellams, Jr. '83 

Mrs. Virginia P. Hogan 

Dt. & Mrs. Wayne D. Homey 73 

Mr. &C Mrs. Edward W. Hyman 

Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd J. Kellam III '77 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl D. Uughlm "79 

Mrs. R. Clifton Long, Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Randy A. Manning 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D.Manz 

Mr.& Mrs. Jay D. Mitchell 85 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Stuart Morgan '73 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr. '67 

Mr, Malcolm R, Myers '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Manin J. O'Brien III '87 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Prince 

Mr, & Mrs. William j. Rue, Jr. '74 

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Snydet 111 '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Taylor '74 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wall '78 

Dr. &: Mrs. Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. '69 

Thomas Edward Crawley Scholarship 

Mr. Benjamin G- Barbour '99 

Crockett- Flannagan- Weaver Scholarship 

Mr. George B. Cardedge III "86 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan, Sr. '40 

Department of Classics: Study-Abroad Scholarship Fund 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 

Designated Annual Scholarships 

Mr. Scot 1. Allan '97 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Bebeau '92 

Dr. &Mrs. LarryP. Belote7l 

John M. Borders, M.D. Mem. Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C.Bradford 111 

Dr. Harry H.Bryan '25 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr, Jr. '66 

Mr. Christopher W. Callard '97 

Mrs. Katharine L. Carnahan 


Dr.&Mrs.JohnW.Chinn,Jr. '73 

The Rev. & Mrs. Thomas C. Clay '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Barry K. Cutright '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Elder 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Farmer'75 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Fava 

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Foreman, Jr. '51 

Mr. Greshaun J. Fulgham'99 

The Rev. & Mrs. James B. Garrett '40 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hock 

Mr. James C. S. Holladay '77 

Mr. Justin P. Holofchak '99 

Mr. William J. Hubbard '85 

Mr. Edward T. Hyman 

Mr. David Ryan Jones '98 

Mr. George G. Keener '99 

Mr. Joseph R. Kusak '97 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew 

Mr. Andrew C. M. McClintock '93 

Mt. & Mrs. George W, MOls 11 

Mr. Sidney S. Neblett '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Winston O. Noel '38 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Mrs. Ben Reed 

Mrs. John C Richardson 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Schmutz 

Mt. & Mrs. Eugene R, Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Houghton Smith 

Mt. Walter D. Southall •46 

Mr- & Mrs. Paul D. Scancs '84 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Steele 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Svoboda 

The Synod of the Mid-Adantic 

Frances W. Thompson Mem. Fund 

Mrs. Thomas L. Thorne, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Sidney J. Venable. Jr. '43 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. William G. Walker '40 


Mr. Richard Scott Williams 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles C. Wright 

Mr, &Mfs. Richard G.Zell 

W. Birch Douglass III Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Meyerhoeffer 

John W. Drescher 70 Scholarship Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Andrew H. Easley and Arme O. Easley Scholarship 
The Easley Charitable Trust 

Edinondson Foimdadon Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. '56 

H. H. and R- C. Edmunds Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. '53 

H. Spencer Edmunds Memorial Scholarship 
Second Presbyterian Church 

The Ellis Family Scholarhsip 
Mr. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70 

FaciJty Scholarship Fund 

Dt. & Mrs. Christopher Keeley '89 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson '69 



Alien Mead Ferguson Scholarship Fund 
Mr. & Mrs, Allen Mead Ferguson 

First Union Foundation Scholarship 
First Union - VAJMDIDC 

William Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship 
Saint Giles Presbnerian Church 

Reginald Scott Fleet Scholarship 
Miss Julia B. Fleet 

S. Douglas Fleet Scholarship 

Miss jane Dunn 

Stokeley Fulton Scholarship 

Lc. Col. & Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. '54 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Mrs. WUIiam T. Buder, jr. 

The Hon. B. A. Davis III 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Dans 78 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Robcn D. Johnson *77 

Arthur S. Gear, Jr. Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Gear. jr. '35 

Richard McEwen German, Jr. '40 and Marjorie Wolfe German 

Dr. & Mrs, Rjchard M. German, jr. '40 

Thomas Edward Gilmer Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gilmer, Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam N. Gilmer '47 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. jr. '51 
Dr. & Mn. John Y. Nicholson III '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Eric H. Sheriff 

The Hardy-Given Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Fred T. Given. Jr. '49 

Alfred P. Goddin Scholarship 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Scott C. Goodman '82 Scholanhip 
Helen S. Lanier Foundation. Inc. 

Philip M. Grabill, Jr. 71 Endowed Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Blandford '^2 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Catlen 72 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher'70 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Henderson '71 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr. '71 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein '71 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Lee '68 


Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance '71 

The Hon. & Mrs. Westbrook J. Parker '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen H. Peer, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Stuan Shiplen '90 

Mr. Alan Toothman 

Randolph Bryan Grinnan Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan HI '57 

Hatten Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. CBeeler Brush 

Hereford-Crummen West Virginia Scholarship 

Ms. Ann Embleion Bird 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Bondurant 

Ms. Kathryn G. Bradshaw 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Bradshaw 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Capito, Jr. '76 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Cadett 43 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Couch 

Ms. Julia W. Crichton 

Dr. J. William Dixon, jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. PhiHp Dupont 

Mr. & Mrs. David Giltinan, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Gwaltney HI '43 

Ms. Elizabeth V. Hallanan 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Hereford "76 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Alan Johnston '76 

Mr. Ralph D. Keighdey. jr. '45 

Ms. Minam W. Knight 

Dr, & Mrs. Calvin O. McCail 

Ms. Barbara Lewis Pcnhalc 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sivell '43 

Mr. & Mrs. .Mien E. Smith 

The Rev. & Mrs. Arthur H. Stevens, Jr. '49 

Mrs. A. Taylor Weeler 

Mrs. Edward W. ^'olcon 

The Houston County Scholarship 
Dr. Paul Flowers 
Dr. & Mrs, Roben E. Flowers 
Dr. & Mrs, R. Ronnie Hanell 

The Hun Scholarship 

Dr. W.Glenn Hun '60 

Henry Y. Ingram Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Curtis '77 

Thomas Wyndham Jamison Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Showalter '62 

Roben Watkins King Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Dooley. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. King. jr. '52 

Lawson-Johnston Scholarship 

Dr, & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston. Jr. '42 

The LcHew Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. John W, C. Johnson 

Dr. Wiliene L LcHew '57 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller III '79 

South Adantic -Assoc, of OB/GW 

Lipscomb Scholarship 

Mr, & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb '66 

James J. Marshall, Jr. Scholarship 

Mr. James j. Marshall, Jr. '34 

James Buckner Massey Scholarship 

Mrs. Virginia Druen 

Mrs. B. Henry Massev 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M.' Ryburn, Jr. '45 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 - Decease^/ 

Martha L. Mayo Scholarship 
Dr, Thomas T. Mavo FV 

McGuire-Boyd Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. James N.Boyd '58 

Henry W. McLaughlin Endowed Scholarship 

Mrs. Rosa H. McLaughlin 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr.'65 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVey '6l 

Mr. Harry Downing Temple 

Claude Morton, Jr. Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Cammack Morton '73 

Maurice Nottingham, Jr. Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, jr. '56 

Wallace C. Nimley Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C Nunley, Jr. "69 

Theodore G. OSterdinger, Jr. and Virginia C. WJIiamson 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Erickson 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Kaminsk)'. jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Edwin Keefer III '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offterdinger '41 

Michael Goodrich Palmore Scholarship Fund 

William C. Peake '31 Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Banks III 

Mr. Roben j. Braig 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnic A. Byrd 

.Mr. & Mrs. John P. Harrison III '86 

Mr. Claude S. Hornsby 

Mr. Maurice A. McDougal 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Peebles 

Mr, Todd A. Rccder 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Roach 73 

Mr, & Mrs. William H. Tavenner '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Mr. John L. Wilcox 

M. W. "Dyke" Peebles, jr. Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. j. Earn Peebles '"8 
Mr. & Mrs. M.W.Peebles, jr. 
Ms. Molly P. Squire 

Philip Morris-Soyan Scholarship 
The Christian Giving Fund 

The Samuel Macon Reed Scholarship 

Mr. Frederick W. Young. Jr. '44 

W. Taylor Revele)' II '39 Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs, Lewis H.Drew '60 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D, Eason. Jr. '37 
Mrs. Marie Eason Re\'ele\'-Harris 

George Richardson, Jr. Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Richardson '38 

The C. E. Richardson Benevolent FoundatioD Scholarships 

C, E. Richardson Bene\'olent 

Phihp H. Ropp Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Scholanhip Aid Assistance 
The Svnod of the Mid-Adantic 

Scholanhip Awards 
The Norfolk Foundation 

The John B. and Peggy C. Schug Annual Scholarship 
Dr. & .Mrs. John B. Schug "52 

Shumadine Scholarship 

Mr. Roben D. Penow 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66 

William L Simon Scholarship 
William E, Simon Foundation, Inc. 

Glenn W. Small, Jr. Aimual Scholarship 
The Rev. Glenn U' Small'63 

Glerm W. Small, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Small Scholarship 
Ms. Carolyn C. .Alexander 
Mr. Ronald L. Davidson 
Mr, & Mrs. David A. Hutt 
The Rev. Glenn W, Small '63 

Richard Owen "Rick" Snyder 74 Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Guson 111 '~4 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Aimual Scholarship 
.Algernon Sydnev" Sullivan Foundation 

George E. Summers Annual Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

George Ellis Stmmiers Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Synod Student Aid Scholarship 
The Svnod o( the .Mid-.Adantic 

Thalman Scholarship Endowed Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Boyd '58 

Dr.&Mrs.j, MillsBritt,'jr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs, Robcn E. Curtis, jr. '55 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers, Jr. '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Le\\is H. Drew *60 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Glascock '55 

Mr. & Mrs, William H. Goodw)!!, Jr. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L. Gnibb. ]u '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Rives S. Hardy '54 

The Hon. & Mrs. Tristram T. Hyde IV '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Johnson '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe S. Maupin '54 

Mr, & Mrs. William E. Moore, Jr. '63 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette 

Mr. & Mrs, Henry M. Read '53 

Mr, & Mrs, W. Cabell Rives Iir55 

Mr. &C Mrs, Da^d H. Smith 11 '61 

Mr. & Mrs, Halse\- W. Smith, Jr. "56 

Mr. & Mrs. LawTcnce N. Smith '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. "60 

Mr. & Mrs. Henr)- A- Tcrjen, Jr. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. VCTiitc '60 

Mr. & Ms, William T. Wilson '60 

Graves H. Thompson '27 Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Julian W. Jones, Jr. 



Unrestriaed Scholarship Endowment 

Mr. Douglass C. Crummett '43 - Dfceastd 

Mr. & Mrs. Cunis L. Hall 

Mr, & Mrs. G.TylaBro.iblll '^-i 

Mrs. Douglass C. Crummeti '43 

Hampton Roads Naval Hist. Foundation 

Mrs. Oorothii Fahrncr 

Mr. &Mrs. DavidA. Dashiell.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Harlow, Jr. '42 

Mr.&Mrs.W. Uc Harris, ]r. 74 

Dr. & Mrs. P. C. Dcvine 

The Hon. & Mrs. William P. Hay, Jr. '42 

Dr. & Ms. David A. Klein 78 

Mrs. Rae E. Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben S. Henderson 

Mr. G. Thomas Lumpkin III 74 

Mr. & Mr. J. Marshall DoswcU. Jr. '42 

Mrs. Virginia P. Henderson 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray. Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Many Einhorn 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Carrington Herben'45 

Mr. John David Ramsey 

Mr. William B. FJwang. Jr. '43 - Deceased 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert 1« Rogers 74 

Mrs. William B.EIwang.Jr 

Frederick B. Hill &c Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Lance W. Van de Casde 74 

Mr. & Mn,. William N. Eskridge '45 

Mrs.PaulS. Huber.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Young III 74 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Farrand 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. '46 

Ms. Verlie D. Gardner 

Mr. William G. Hoggins '42 

Richard Morton Venable Scholarship 

Ms. Shirley S. Garris 

Mrs. Lucy LataneJefFeis 

.Mr. & Mrs. Richard M Venable. Jr. '50 

Mrs. Oliver H. Garrison 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Johnson 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred T. Given. Jr. '49 

Dr. & Mk. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 

V.F.I.C Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon M. Godbout 

Mr. Edward S. Jones 

\'irginia Foundation For Independent Colleges 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Nadian S. Jones. Jr. 

Wallace- Bamer Fund 

Mr. William Moultrie Guerry 

Mr. Samuel G. Jones. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Rufiis G. Baldwin. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwalmey 111 '43 

Mrs. Goodwin Shepherd Jordan 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Bun 

Mrs. Joseph L. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Dcnman 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lesvis 

.Mrs. Carolyn T. Hasrmgs 


Mr. Harvey L. Lindsay, Jr. 

.Ms. Anne B. Hennessey 


Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Uewellyn, Jr. '43 



R. M. Marshall Insurance Agency 

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon H. Laughbaum 


Mr. & Mrs. Roy B. Manin. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Mills. Jr. 

^^^v ^^^^^1 

Captain & Mrs. John M. Madiews 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Lev, Old. Jr. 46 

^^^m ^^^^1 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. McAllister '46 

.Mr. & Mrs. William C. Pace 


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann. Jr. '42 

.Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. H. P. McNeal 

.Mr. Paul H. Wood 

Mr. Hugh S. Meredirh 

^^L ■-<■ ^I^M 

Ms. Katharine B. Miller 

Joseph Moss White and Josephine Virginia Brown White 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller III '79 


^^^^^ "^ ^H 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

Ms. Elizabeth W. Koontz 

^^fttaM.. ll 


Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. White '60 


Mrs. Jean C. Old 

Jasper Dennis Wdson Scholarship 
jM^AMARK Corporation 

E^ .I^B 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Old III 
Dr. & Mrs. E. C. Oldfield III 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker 

Edwu-d W. Wolcott '43 Scholarship Fund 

"Hampden Sydney was such 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Payne 

Mr. J. Preston Proffin. Jr. '45 - Deceased 

Rendy Adams 

Admiral & Mrs. L. Alexanderson 

a formative experience for our 

Mrs. J. Preston Proffin, Jr. 
Mrs. Marilyn M. Putnam 

Mr. H. Furlong Baldwin 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Chadwick Ballard 

father [Roy B. Sears '42] 

Ms. Margaret Shepherd Ray 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ray 

Mr. & Mn. James E. Baylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Baylor 

that my brother and I felt 

Col. Robert T. Richmond '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '70 

BB&T Company 
Ms. Rachel C. Bell 

it totally fitting to honor him 

Dr. & Mrs. Mason Romaine III 
Mr. & Mrs. Waltet D. Shields '44 

Cmdr. & Mrs. G. R. Berkeley. Jr. 
Mr. Patnck H. Booth. Jr. 4; 

and the school which he so dearly 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Spradcy '44 

Caprain & Mrs. Rex A. Bradlcj' 
Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

loved by establishing the 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Stokes '40 
Sunshine Fund 

Ms. Mary Perkins Brown 
Mr. Townsend Brown. Jr. 

RoyB. Sears Endowment 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank E. Taylor '43 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Thomas 

Mr. Tren L. Brownlev 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam P. Brunson 

for student internships. 

Mrs. Caroline S. G. Tyler 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Vaden '42 

Dr. & Mr. John E. Brush. Jr. '76 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Talmadge Buchanan 

Hopefully the endowment will 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred V.Vance, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Guilford D. Ware 

Mr. Chatles F. Burroughs, Jr. 

allow other Hampden-Sydney 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Webb 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. White '43 

Ms. Catherine G. Chiari 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Clarke'76 

students to enjoy the sort 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Waller Whirtemore 
Mr. Edward R-Willcox. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. QbcU F. Cobbs '46 
Dr. Francis L. Counselman 

of rich and fulfilling experience 

Mr. & Mrs. Beniamin J. Willis, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Barclay C. Winn 

Mr. 'W^iUiam T. Covington. Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis N. Crenshaw 

which he enjoyed " 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam C. Winn 
Mrs. Edward W. Wolcort 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Crocken. Jr. "42 

Cushing Society 


Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcon, Jr. '42 


The Spalding Professorship 

E. Lee Trinkle and Helen Ball Sexton Trinkle Professorship 

James C. Wheat Professorship in Leadership 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding Jr. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabney '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Greene H. Lawson. Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III 75 



VOLUNTEERS 1999-2000 

Recognizing in-kind contributions of time, effort, and concern 

Board Development 

Mr. William C. Boinest '54 

Mr. Raymond B. Bonom, Jr. '51 

Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood. Jr. '6« 

Mr. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

Mr. Allen Mead Fei^on (Chairman) 

Mr. RobenV. Hatcher. Jr. '51 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby "88 

Mr. John B. Long. Sr. '38 

Mr. David G. Monette 

Mr. Russell B. Kewion, Jr. 

Mr. Richard C.Parker '81 

Mr. George P. Piros 75 

Mr. William F. Shumadlne. Jr. "66 

Mrs. Donnan C. Winrermute 

1999-2000 Alumni 
Association Officers 

President - Mr. R. Brandt Deal 70 
Vice President - Mr. Robert H. Whitt, Jr. 78 
Secretarj' - Mr. G. Michael Pace. Jr. 79 
Trustee Representative - Mr. John C. Ellis. Jr. 70 
Immediate Past President - Mr. Travis J. Tysingcr 

1999-2000 Alumni Club 

Alabama - Mr. Gerald P. Gillesp>- '88 
Alabama - Mr. William D. Puckctt II "93 
Alli^eny - Mr. Joseph H. Wood "60 
Adanta - Mr. Frank C. Bedingcr III 76 
Augusta/Rockinghiun - Mr. Alan F. Garrison '84 
Baltimore- Mr. Peter A. B. Hoblitzell III "84 
BluefieldrTazewell - Mr. George O. Van Dyke 74 
Charleston, SC - Dr. Roben D. Calcotc 79 
Charleston. WV - Mr. Philip B. Hereford 76 
ChaHotie. NC - Mr. C. Mark Kelly '83 
Charlottesville - Mr. John E. Maddux, Sr. 72 
Dallas - Mr. John Howard SeLwr '94 
Danville - Mr. Roben H. Whin, Jr. '78 
Eastern Shore - Mr. Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. '84 
Fredericksburg - Dr. Lloyd F. Moss, Jr. 73 
Halifax/South Boston - Mr. James W. Burgess '62 
Jacksonville - Mr. Sheldon C. Bryan "96 
Lexington - Mr. Frank W. Friedman '88 
Lynchburg - Mr. Charles R, Cobb '69 
Martinsville - Dr. Edward P. Snyder 78 
Memphis - Mr. Bruce B. Hopkins '72 
Palmetto - Mr. James David Caner '93 
Peninsula - Mr. Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 73 
Petersburg - Mr. William S. Moore '78 

Piedmont - Mr. W. Mark Conger '85 
Raleigh - Mr. R. Br>-ant Hare FV "80 
Rappahannock - Mr. Thomas J. Nichols III '44 
Richmond - Mr. M. Deane Cheatham III "88 
Roanoke - Mr. G. Michael Pace, Jr. 79 
South Hill - Mr. Joseph E. Dunn "93 
Southside Vir^nia - Mr. John M. Boswell *65 
Tidewater - Mr. Charles V. McPhillips '82 
Washington, DC - Mr. Randolph C. Harrell '84 
Winchester - Mr. Benjamin M. Buder '63 

1999-2000 Parents 
Council Members 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Banks lil 

Mr. & Mrs. Kemper Morton Beasley. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Luthur ,\bner Beazle)' 

Admiral & Mn. David Spencer Bill III 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Briggs, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Barlow Brown 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L Brown 

Mr. & Mr3. William Davidson Call 

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson B. Carothers 

Mrs. Doretha S. Carroll 

Dr. & Mrs. Earnest D. Coalter, Jr. 

Ms. Peggy Wilton Copeland 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred M Dabney 

Dr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Daniel 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Kenneth Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Deacon II 

Mr. & Mrs. John Jadcson Dickinson, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. B. Thomas Duquette 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thomas Enright, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Greg S. Parish Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Matthews Fogle, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Pleasants Gates '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodpasture III 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Harker 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hendrix 

Mr. & Mrs. William Dabne>' Hopkins '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin R, Horstman III 

Mr. & Mrs. Da\id E. Johnston 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daniel Kelly 70 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell AJan Ketcham 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. luxton 71 

Mr. & Mrs. John Blackmore Morgan II 

Mr. & Mrs. Devereux Parka Moring 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Theodore Nash 

Mr. & Mrs. Kermedy C. O 'Herron 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Oversireet '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Wdliam R. Parks 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Woody Price 

Mr. & Mrs. Anhur Puc 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben LouLs Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '70 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sanders 

Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson Screws 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Shclor "72 

Mr. & Mrs. John Stuan 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suitt. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Case Whittemore 
Mr. & Mrs. U>TOn B. Wdson 
Mr. & Mrs. John Wdham Wright 71 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cason Yowell 

1999-2000 Student 
Development Committee 

Mr. Danid M. Barren 03 

Mr. Charles Beach rV '02 

Mr. Michael H. Blackwell '01 

Mr. Matlhew C. Brown '01 

.Vlr. William O'Donndl Gucci '02 

Mr. Hugh Caldwell Clarke 01 

Mr. Marthew V. Cochrane-Logan '01 

Mr. PhaipA.Cox'03 

Mr. Robert Clifford Craviiord III 02 

Mr. Anthony D. Draper II '01 

Mr. Cory A. Evans '01 

Mr. Connor B. Framptom 01 

Mr. David C. Gerritz '02 

Mr. Bryan T. Glover '01 

Mr. Scott C. Harris '01 

Mr. R™ S.Jones '00 


Mr. Peter M. McCoy 01 

Mr. William Andrew Mcllreavy '03 

Mr. Joseph R. McKnew '02 

Mr. Garland Matthew Morrison '01 

Mr. William Philip Morrissette l\' '02 

Mr. Barrett W.R. Peters '02 

Mr. Charles R. Smith '00 

Mf. Derek T. Springer "02 

Mr. Matthew A. Wages '01 

Mr. Andrew Blair Walton '01 

Mr. J. Bennett White '01 

Mf. Charles A Wiseman '03 

1999-2000 Senior Class 
Campaign Volunteers 

Mr. Christopher E. Fox. Jr. '00 
.Mr. Brian A Krouse '00 
Mr. Adam T. Lawson '00 
Mr. Ryan M. Pembenon '00 
Mr. Michael B. Schmidr '00 

Career Resource Fellows 

Contributing tothflifr of the College by shanng 
career advice, job Uadi. ami intrrrtships in their 
respective career fields, the 181 alumni below joined 
the Career Resource fellows program dimng 1999- 
2000. Their contact infbrrruuion is made available 
to interested students. In all over 600 alumni partic- 
ipate in this worthwhile activity. 

Mr. Thomas E. Adkins, Jr. '82 

Banc Boston Mortage Corp. ■ 
Mr. Bruce C. Ainslie '72 

Westjn^muse Electric Corp. 
Mr. J. David Allen '85 

U.S. Marine Corps 
Mr. Viaor R. Alpizar '82 

Metro-Dade Police Dept.. Crime Lab Bureau 
Mr. Richard D. Anke 73 

Teacher. WaUenpaupack School Dist 
Mr. David C. Ansell '82 

Virpnia Honu RrmodeUrs, Inc 
Mr. Christopher T. Aposde '85 

Sottyeby i 
Mr. David A. Arias '84 

Data Sales 
Mr. Richard A. Bagb)- "79 

Emerson College 
Dr. K. Drew Baker '86 

Medical University ofSC 
Mr. Peter C. Bance '74 

Johnson &Higgim 
Mr. A. Jackson Watkins Barber '89 

Goldman. Sachs & Co. 
Mr. John L Basilone '85 

McNeer. Midland & McMunn 
Mr.JoscphS. Bean.Jr. '79 

Energen Corporation 
Mr. David T. Beasle>- 78 

WachoiHa Bank 

Baker, Worthinpon, Crossley, Staruberry & 

Mr. William P. Bishop '83 

The Savitz Organization. Inc. 
Mr. Trey J. Blocker '96 

U. of Texas Law School 
Mr. Rober J. Bonaventura '83 

Sands Brothers & Co. 
Mr. Clyde H.Bond 72 

Bond Publishing Inc. 
Mr. William T.Bonficld '90 


American Lung Association ofVA 
Mr. Michael R. Boudrcau '85 

Graduate School 
Mr. TTiompson C. Bowcn III '73 

Taxewell County 
Mr.J. P. McGuireBoyd'64 

Davenport & Co. 
Mr. Bryan Lee Brcndle '88 

Olympic Committee ACOG 
Dr. Paul G. Brown 78 

Smyth County Family Physicians 
Dr. W. Hamilton Bryson '63 

T.C. Williams. School of Law 
Mr. Thomas C. Burroughs '84 


1999-2000 VOLUNTEERS 

Wachovia Mortgage 

Mr. E. Martin Hedgepeth, Jr. '60 

Mr. James W.King "87 

Mr. William J. Martin V '83 

Mr. Charles Y.Caldwell. 11171 

International Paper, Hammermill 

Deluxe Corp. 

DePuy-Whitty & Associates 

Lawyen Title Insurance Corp. 

Mr. William Scon Hengerer "95 


Mr. Ian McDade '95 

Mr. Donald Davison Cantlay 79 

American Express 

Actor. Singer, Producer 

Sands Brothers & Co. 

The Lawrencevilk School 


Dr. Hubert E.Kiser '53 

Mr. Timothy M. McKay '96 

Mr. William H.Carr '82 

Hanover Community Sen'ices 


VA State Police 

Suti Trust Bank 


Dr. David A. Klein '78 

Mr. Peter A. McWiliiams '65 

Mr, Kennech A. Cerf. Jr. '85 

Nansemond'Suffiflk Academy 

Hampden-Sydney College 

Durham Academy 

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 

Mr. Duran P. Hoiton '83 

U. Hal V. Uckey. Ill '85 

Dr. EdwardL. Millncrll'74 


Fidelity Investments 

U.S. Embassy - Ankara 

Vir^nia Commonwealth University 

Olin Chemicals Research, Olm Corp. 

Mr. Philip W. Hughes '69 


Mr. Michael L. Moles '84 

Mr. Ashby W. Coleman "87 

Flagship Ftnanaal Corp. 

Town of Front Royal 

IDS Financial Services 


Ugg, Mason. Wood & Walker 

Mr. Gerald Montaigne '73 

Morrisette Paper Co., Inc. 
Mr. Peter D. Moore '77 


Mr. Mark R. Cruise "82 

Unisys Corporation 

New River Valley Community Services 5oard 

Mr. WiUiam S. Moore '78 

Mr. Carl Edwin Dalton '86 

G C Wright Insurance 

McKesson HBO 

Mr. Anthony P- Morris '87 


American Silk Label 

Jones, Waldo, Holbrook &McDonough 

Mr. John David Morris '91 

Mr. John C.Dickinson '83 

The Tie Company 

Cummins Engine Co. 

The Rev. Robcn L. Morriss '66 

Mr. MarthewT. Dooley'91 


Winchester Unitarian Society 

Dell Computer Corporation 

Mr. John F. Moss 75 

Mr. W. Sidney Drucn '64 

Fredericksburg Orthopedic Assoaates 

Nationwide Insurance Co. 


Mr. John Cason Newbern '94 

Copty <y Company 

Pretlow, Easorn &Pretlow 
Mr. James B. Edge, Jr. '67 

"Hampden-Sydney has meant so much to me 

Mr. W. Barrett Nichols '68 

Citizens Fidelity Bank (PNC Financial Corp.) 

Cornerstone Financial Management. Inc. 

and to my family over the years; 

Mr. Joseph A, Nicholson '83 

Dr. Samuel A. Elder '50 

Danville Physical Therapy Center 

Naval Academy 

^ving back is not only an honor 

Dr. Wdliam R. Nottingham '67 

Dr. Henry N. Elksnin '74 

Learning & Evaluation Resources 

but something I should do as an alumnus. 

Mr. Gary B. 'Connell '73 

Mr. William J. Elliott rV 75 
Haynes Cheinvlet. Inc. 

It is a priority. 

City of Charlottesville 
Mr. Edward Owens '80 

Mr. W. Wayne Enroughty, Jr. '83 
W. W. Enroughty & Son, Inc. 

You should give back in whatever way you can. 

Edward Owens Agency 
Mr. Jon A. Pace '82 

Mr. Thomas D.Evans "89 

whether it is money, recruiting for admissions, or 

Alexander & Alexander, Inc. 

Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc. 
Dr. John K. Evett '85 

career counseling. Every alumnus 

Mr. Warren M. Pace '69 

Maryland National Bank 

Emergency Medicine Associates 
Mr. Mark P. Falls '90 

can find a way to help the school 

Mr. Jonathan S. Pananas '82 
LakeLnd Tours 

Dean Witter Reynolds 

We are all its ambassadors 

Mr. Brian W. Peabody '84 

Mr. Michael R. Fitzsimmons "95 

United Technologies Automotive - Engineered 

Something Now, Inc. 
Mr. W. David Florence '84 

and representatives. We should take pride 

Systems Divuton 
Mr. Charles A. Perry 71 

Blatr Academy 

in promoting it. We should take pride 

Hunton & Williams 

Mr. Willie Fobbs III '87 

Virginut Dept. of Professional & Occupational 

in what the school meant to us 

Mr. Dale Wood Pittman '71 

Southside Virginia Legal Services, Inc. 

Mr. David E.Forbes '91 

and in the direction it is going. 

Mr. E. KPrewirt.Jr. '68 
Central Carolina Bank 

KPMG Peat Marwick 
Mr. WiUiam P. Frix '86 

We all need to take an active part in helping 

Mr. Robert A. Pullum '87 
Hal Riney & Partners 

Crawford and Co. 

the College meet the challenges of the future. " 

Mr. WarrenA.Quinn'81 

Mr. John Cole Gayle, Jr. '76 

American Association ofNunerymen 

Freed. Hasktns & Gayle, P.C 


Mr, WiUiam Dehan Redd '78 

Mr. William A. GiUespie, Sr. '67 
Quantum Medical Services 

Childress Klein Properties 

Mr. Curtis D. Gordon '82 

Mr, Robert L. Ireland, Jr. 89 

Mr. Gary M. Lane. Sr. '70 

Office of the Governor 

Dankos & Gordon. P. C. 

Houston. Effier. Hampel & SufaniiUs 

Huffines-Russel C Associates 

Mr. Allen H. Reynolds '58 

Mr. W. Lawson Grant '69 

Mr. Brian A. Irving '92 

Dr. Richard P. Leggett '82 

US Army Biomedical R&D Lab 

Daninlle Register & Bee 

Emery ^'orldwule 

Southeastern Counseling Center 

Mr. David F, Riddick '77 

Mr. Ronald Tyree Greene '83 

Mr. Edwin N. James '82 

Mr, Peter A. Leggett '68 

Albemarle County Public Schools 

Depuy Orthopedics (sales) 

Alliance Mgmt. Group 

Le^eU Enterprises 

Dr. Clement]. Robbmslir51 

Mr. Bret S. Grieves '86 

Mr. Alan P. James '82 

Dr. Joseph A, Leming '79 


First Union National Bank 

Carilion - Roanoke Manorial Hospital 

Waverly Family Practice, P C. 

Mr. W. Jeftey Roberts '82 

Mr. ThomasJ. Groonell '88 

Mr. Patrick B. Kane '87 

Mr. Gr^ory B. Levin '95 

Jeffrey Roberts & Co. 

Deutsch Advertising 

Clover Hill High School 

NBC News 

Mr. Carl J. Roncaglione, Jr. '83 

Mr. Fred E. Hamlin III '89 

Mr. James Warren Kelly '78 

Dr. Phillip N. Light '78 


National Data Corp. 

Nations Bank 

Greenbrier Plrysicians 

Mr. Andrew S. Rosenfield '77 

Mr. J. Haywood Hardin '86 

Mr. Philander Kelsey '79 

Mr. William F. Lowry '66 

Florida Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative 

Wachovia Bank 


Lowry & Associates 


Mr. Archibald Hardy IV '88 


Mr. Wallace S. Mahanes '79 

Dr. MarkC, Rummer8I 

Nations Bank 

Wachovia Bank NA. 

£ A Weber 

Wyoming Valley Surgical Associates 

Mr. William N. Hedge. Jr. '88 

Mr. Charles E. Kimbrough '86 

Mr. Robert P. Martin '84 

Dr. Rudolph B. Rustin III "79 

Emerf Worldwide 

Ktmbrough Bros. Co. 

Crestar Bank. Roanoke 




Mr. J. Keith Sands 75 

Coudert Brothers 

Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Mr. Edward C. Irby '73 

Franson, Aldridge & Saruis, PA. 


Mr. James Andrew Y. Bowman "88 

FHC Health SystemslABS 


Henrico County 

Omega Financial. Inc. 

Mr. Alan P. James '82 

Merrill Lynch 

Mr. Gregory A. Warner '87 

Mr. David C. Brown '87 

Carillon Consolidated Lab 

Mr. James R. Schlesinger "93 

Wachovia Investments 

PECO Energy Company 

Mr. James C. Jamison 11 '93 

Kello^ Graduate School ofMgt. 

Mr. Fred G.Warren '59 

Mr. Sheldon C. Bryan '96 

PriceivaterhouseCoopers LLP 

Mr. Richaid H. Schofield '87 

Qtiisenherry & Warren 

Lincoln Financial Group 

Mr. C. Michael Johnson '73 

Sheltering Amis Rehab. Hospital 

Mr. FninklinP.Waddns.Jr.'81 

Mr. J. Mark Burris '76 

U.S Army 

Mr. WUliam P. M. Schwind '93 

QuUmus Byrd Press 

The Burris Agency 

Mr. Jeflrey L. Kiefer '75 

Baker &McKeni^e.P.C. 

Mt. James M.Wells 71 

Mr. Charles H. Cantus "85 

University of Marylaiui at Baltimore 

Mr. Albert W.Schyman '85 

James M. Wells. DDS 

Professional Services Council 

Mr. Charles Frank Koontz, 11 '00 

Mtlsui OSK Lines 

Mr. Matthew B.Whitaker '92 

Mr. R. Scott Carr '95 

Wachovia Securities. Inc. 

Mr. Thomas R. Scon, Jr. 74 

Crestar Securities Corp. 

Wheat First Union 

Mr. William Douglas Lowry '97 

Street. Street. Street. Scott, &Boimian 

Mr. Dana C Williams '77 

Mr.M.Deane Cheatham III '88 

Lj}ivry & Associates. Lnc. 

Mr. Heath C. Scott '96 

American Healthcorp. lnc 

Hometown Realty 

Mr. Michael D. Lyster '87 

The Prudnitial 

Mr. Robert M. Wilson '78 

Mr. Ralph R. Chesson. Ill '96 

Wachovui Bank. NA 

Dt. Vance C Shields '72 

Potomac Foods of Virginia, Inc. 

Hmiage Bank & Trust 

Mr. Kendrick W. Manox, 111 '93 

Pediatric Dentist 

Mr. Richard W. Wiltshire, Jr. '68 

Mr. J. Charles Collie "86 

ComerCap Investment Counsel 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine 111 '94 

Home Beneficial Corpooration 

Sanders Consulting Group 

Mr. Bryan S. McClendon '90 

Wachovia Bank 

Mr. James Alexander Wood. Jr. '94 

Mr. Barry Bruce Conrad ir9I 

Merrill Lynch 

Mr. William D. Sites '52 

Montague, Miller & Company 

Bank of America 

Mr. Andrew R. McElroy 111 '99 

Consultant & Appraiser 

Dr. F.Taylor Woonon '81 

Mr. DavidE.Cul]en.Jr.'83 

U.S. Senate Finance Committee 



Va. Office of EMS 


PMA Group 

Mr. Jeffrey H.Curry '84 

Software Spectrum 

Mr. John Patrick Slifka '87 
LiCA Dominion LLospital 

Alumni Career Expo 

Techinomics, Inc. 
Mr. R. Bryan David "82 

Mr.GriffidrJ. Morris'87 
The Recording Academy 

The Rev. Glenn W.Smair63 


Brtdnsu'ick County. Virginia 

Mr. Tayloe N. Negus '88 

Counseling Services Associates, Lnc. 

Dr. David W. Donovan '82 

Arthur Aiuiersen LLP 

Mr. William S. Smithers 111 '82 

Northern Michigan University 

Mr. John Campbell Palmer V '98 

Rylatid Homes 

The following Alumni Career Expo participants 

Mr. Matthew T. Dooley '9 1 


Mr. G. Yancey Snavely, Jr. '85 
Viking Enterprise. Inc. 

came to campus during 1999-2000 to provide 
career information and assistance to students. 

Dell Computer Corporation 
Mr. John D. Dove '91 

Mr. Michael W. Paulene '66 
Bank of America 

Mr. Robert E.Snidow '81 

TDK Corporation of America 

Mr. Milton P. Reid, II '68 

John Hancock 

Dr. F. Stephen Alexander '72 

Mr. Christopher H. Dowdy '99 

Burlington Industries 

Mr. Howard N.Soucek '70 

Counseling Assonates of Virginia 
Dr. WiUiam A. Biackman '76 

Drs. Ramsey, Biackman & Cure 
Mr. Charles H. Cantus '85 

Professional Seniices Council 

Northwestern Mutual Life 

Mr. Terrence J. Richardson '89 

Computer Management Services 
Mr. Robert N. Springer '77 

Mr. Graham T. Dozier '88 
Vnginia Histoncal Society 

Crestar Bank 
Mr. Bruce D. Robertson '94 

Virginia Commonwealth Textiles 
Mr. Stephen M. Stackhouse '82 
Norfolk Collegiate School 

DC Metropolitan Police Dept 

Shirley Pewter Shop Inc. 
Mr. Benjamin E. Robinson '86 

Mr. WiUie Fobbs III '87 
Regulatory Commission 
Mr. R. Ward Good '81 

Scott & Smn^ellow, Inc. 
Mr. EdwardC. Irby.Jr. 73 

FHC Health Systems 
Dr. David A. Klein '78 

Mr. Jeremy Alexander Ellis '96 

Phi Gamma Delta Educattoml Foundation 

Mr. John Henry Stearns '95 


Mr. Marshall W.Schoenthal '95 

American Express Financial Advisors 

Mr. Robert D. English '99 

NDC Group 

Mr. Curtis A. Street '87 

Doug Ose (R-CA) 

Mr. Everette Meade Seay. IV '94 

Southern States Coop.. Inc. 
Mr. Charles S. Stringfellow. Jr. 70 

Mr. William H.English. Jr. '92 
Network One 

International Transport Logisl 
The Rev. Glenn W. Small. Jr. "63 

Mid-Atlantic Can, Inc. 

Mr.S. WayneErwin.Jr. '93 

Counseling Services Associates 

Mr. PhillipA.Sua2o"85 
Holly Cross College 
Mr. Joseph A. Sweeney '93 

Hampden-Sydney College 

Martin & Company 

Mr. Kevin E. Smith '92 

McGuire Woods. Battle & Booth 

Mr. R. Maxwell Meador '58 
Virginia Episcopal School 

Mr. Gregory A. Warner's? 
Wachovia Bank 

Mr, Gregory W. Feldmann 79 
Fariss FeUmann Hu{f& Company 

Shepardson Stem & Kaminsky 
Dr. Patrick J. Taylor '89 

Big R Construction 


M.I T. Lincoln Laboratory 

Dr. J. Bruce Taylor '74 

Eastover OB-GYN Assoc. Inc. 

Hitt Contracting 
SportGrass Lnc. 

Mr. Bradley B. Teague '92 
Cogrios Corporation 

Mr. David A. Taylor "72 

Mr. John M. Forbes '85 

Mr. James C. Thompson. Jr. '81 

Commonwealth of VA. Depi. of Air Pollution 

Gutierrez-Palmenberg, Lnc. 

ACS Group oj Companies 


Mr. John D, Fry, Jr. '72 

Mr. John H. Turner Iir87 

Mr. Brian Sutherland Thomas '83 

Electronic Mentors 

National Allergy Supply. Inc. 

Williams. Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 

University of Richmond 

Mr. Randolph L. Hallman '70 

Dr. Thomas M.Walshenr68 

Mr. Harry B. Thompson IV "87 

Seventy-three Electronic Mentors are re^tered on 

Rictmioiui Times-Dispatch 

Harvard Medical School 

Conklin Metal Industries 

the H-SCfobtrakxom website and are available for 

Mr.JosephW.HatchcttJr. '84 

Mr. Stephen K. Waskey '90 

Mr. W. Waverley Towncs '66 

student inquiries via e-mail 24 hours a day. seven 

First Union Capital Markets 

First Union Securities 

Miller. Mosley. Chre, & Toumes 

days a week. 

Mr. Karl C. Henderson '58 

Mr. Garwood P. Whaley 111-91 

Mr. RaleighA.Trovillion"85 

Electronic Systems & Services 

MicroStratgey, Inc. 

United Missouri Bank of St. Louis 

Dr. James E. Ames IV 73 

Mr. T. David Hinton '66 

Mr. Matthew B. Whitaker '92 

The Rev. Joseph A. C. Wadsworth 11179 

Virginia Commonwealth University 


Cresttir Securities Corp. 

Second Congregational Church ofStaffi)rd 

Mr. Adam R. Aniglierc '95 
Tour Charleston. LLC 

Ml. George M. Howe 111 '92 

Mr. Henry Ryland Walker. Jr. '90 

Tint Union Capital Markets 

Averett College 

Mr. John G. August 72 

Mr. David A. Ingram '91 


August Automation, Inc. 
Mr. L Philip Bailey. Jr. "64 

Virginia Housing Development Authority 
Mr.JohnE. Basilone'85 

Moody. Strople & Kbeppel. Inc. 
Mr. David K. Blackwcll "87 

Fairfax County Public Schools 
Mr, James W.Bolton 76 

Simpson Realty Co. 
Mr. Charles P. Bowles. Ill "82 

Noochee Solutions