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Full text of "A record of the lands and descendants of Henry and Anne Clark : who settled on the headbranches of Whippany River, Roxiticus, Old Hunterdon County, New Jersey, in the year 1728"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

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Henry and Anne Clark 



(;Ei) IirXTi:K])OX ( OT'NTV. XJ'W JER^l'V, 


Collected and Arranged bv 
H. E \ R \ S 1' E N C E R C L A R K. 


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Ill the Year 171G 

Three adjoining surveys nuide to Col John Evans, 
Charles Brockden and \\'iHiam Penn, of Philadelpliia, 
Pa., recorded in Surveyor General's office, Burling- 
ton, X. J. To t^vans 1666 acres from which (172S) 
a tract of 5''i3 acres was taken from northwest corner. 
Brockden's>ii4 acres on south had a tract taken 
(1754) of 506 acres in tu-o lots along north, bounded 
on south by Morristown road and on east and west b}' 
three roads leading from said road north to Brook- 
side. A tract of 277 acres (1757) from southwest 
corner of Penn's 3750 acres joined ^fi}, acre 
tract along on north. Western boundaries of 
these surveys and tracts form base line beginning at 
first cross roads east of Mendham, runs due north 
through Grey's Hollow, 160 chains to old tree corner. 
W'hippany River has its source in two main 
branches — east branch two miles long, rises at east 
Mt. Freedoin, runs southwest, crossing southeast 
corner 277 acre tract, enters mortheast corner ^f)^ acre 
tract, bends due south at head of Dismal Glen throuirh 

whicli it ilows one mile to junction with wost branch, 
which, rising- at West Tslt. Freedom, runs soiUhwept, 
bends south and at crossroads unites with In anch from 
west through Gre\'s Hollow and sn)all brancii fiom 
north. Another small branch from south side of Cold 
Hill empties in at IJrookside and soon after joins ea-t 
branch, now forming the\\'hipi)any, crosses northeasi 
corner 506 acre tract east five miles from jr.nction to 
Morristown, The road from IMendham to IMt. Freedom 
nortlieast across 563 acre tract crossing- a road from 
P.rookside northwest forms only cross roads on ti)e 
three tracts and halt mile northeast of cross-road-, 
forks to east and west Mt. Freedom. An old road 
from Grey's Hollow through woods, bends east arormd 
a cleared field. Southwest from west line of this n-; !d 
an old chestnut tree yet marks the corner of 563 acre 
tract (in deed of 1755 called "sapling'')- Two old 
roads each side of glen ''Tingley'^ on east, "Shores"' 
on West. 

Henry Cla rk (a Scotchman) came to Suiiold 
County, L. I.., Ronkonkoma, where, leaving wife and 
child with relatives vTio preceded theni and setil<^d, he 
went in search of land on which to setth'. \\'ent wesr 
via Elizabeth to Morristown, then containing three 
' famili'-s, and Mendham, one follnw-d ui^ rivor. then 

cast branch to head of t;'ltn and bend in branch 
where a few chains west from eastern edge 
of plateau a spring emptied into branch. At 
this sprms:, on plateau, found it would make a good 
farm with vwater power nearby, made a clearing, built 
'og house, then returned to m.ove out his family. 
Their nearest neighbors wore two families who soon 
after settled at head of branch— one named Cooper. 
For some years after they settled only a footpath to 
Mendham and Morristowri. 

No record of this first purchase of land is known, 
but the date is fixed by other facts. In 1734 built 
frame house by side of log house ani put an iron 
knocker on door bearing date. About 1750 assisted by 
son and sons-in-law, built dam and saw mill at head 
of glen. This dam yet standing firm as at first. Sept. 15 
1754, bought the 506 acre tract of Charles Brockden 
(deed on small parchment). March 25, 1755, deeded 
to his son the 563 acre tract (deed on paper, witnessed 
by Andrew Patterson, William Boyd, Benjamin Pit- 
ney). Dec. ist, 1756, bought the 277 ac^e tract (deed 
on large parchment). In 17^7 mortgaged sawmill witii 
62 acres to Robert Adams or Mendham. (storekeeper) 
for ;!{^250. May, I7'S8, deeded to grandson, Samuel 
Cozad. Jr., 40 acres of southeast corner 27" acre tract 


(deed on paper). The 506 ar~r<^ tract probably sold 
soon after purchase as none of his descendants are 
1 *.->\vn to liave owned any of it. 

Henr\' Clark, 3r., kno-^"n as ''the Lonj^" Island 
Yankee," was tiorn abo it ir>oo,died about 1770. Anne, 
his wife, born ihg^, died 15th Nov., 1756, and are 
buried in Hill Top Cemett-ry. Mrndhani, \vi<h many 
others of their descendants. They had three children, 
Abif;a!l. Anne. Henry, jr. 

Abig'ail born 1726-7, died 15th April, 1702, mar- 
ried 1753 Nathaniel Doty, born about 1725, died 
1810. Settled on loo acres north and east of cross- 
roads where he built a sawmill. Deeded farm to son 
1796, and married, second, Elizabeth Lewis, nee 
W'inans. She died in iSii It-avin-x a will, recordei in 
Liber A, pa;.i'e 3-57. Nathaniel Doty and his first wife 
had one child, Henry C. I>oty, born 1754, died of 
dysentary about 1707. H'=' married, in 1774, .Mary 
Loree, iDorn 1757, died prior to 1820. They had 
Abigail. Sibillia. The first v/as born 14th ^Nlay, 1775, 
died of cancer 9th Dec, 183^: married, about 1796, 
CoL W'm. Pool, born 22d Ma>-, 1771. f^'"d ist April, 
1836, and had Abitjai!. Nathaniel Doty niarried 
Alfa Meeker. Anna married Nathaniel Diekrrson. 
John L. Phcb^' married T'-ter Dickerson. Henrv 

married Charity Clark. Mary married Samuel Nick- 
son. William, Jr., married Phebe Pool. Col. Pool 
lived on the homestead of Nathaniel Doty, Sibillia, 
born I5ih April, 1779, died 20th July, 1845, married 
7th Jan., 1796, Daniel Lawrence, born iSth May, 
1773, died 26th June, 1S37. They had Henry. Eliza 
married Daniel Dalrymple. George. Mary married 
Elias Thompson. Philemon married Hannah Moo- 
ney. Julia married William Trimmer. Jemima. 
Samuel Tyler married Margaret Trimmer. Daniel 
married Mary xVlooney. William. Daniel Lawrence 
lived on northeast corner 277 acre tract. 

Anne, born 1729, died about 1775, married 1753 
Samuel Cozad, Sr., born 1723, died 181 1. They 
settled in forks of west branch on 100 acre strip 
alont;- west oi 563 acre tract and bounded east by north 
fork west branch. He bought this of Henry Clark, 
Jr., Ma\', 1755. Deed on paper, witnessed by Pater- 
son, iJoyd and Pitney. About 1800 moved upon 
north side Cold Hill and built cider works. He became 
wealthy and was for many years an elder in Hill 
Top church, Mendham. His will was made 15th Feb., 
1S06, recorded in Liber A, page 301. He married, 
about 1785, second, widow of Ezra Fairchild, nee Per- 
cilla B'.irt, born 1730, died 182s. Samuel Cozad, Sr., 

.md first wife had Anno. Samuel, Jr. Henr\ C. 
Abigail. Elizabeth. Mary. Phebe. Anne born 
1754, died about 1825, married 1774, Nathaniel Bon- 
ncl, Sr., died about 1820. They settled near the bond 
in north fork, and in 1804 sold the 52 acre tract to N. 
Clark and moved op to head of fork, wiiere they died. 
They had Elizabeth, born 1776, died 1850, married 
about 1705, Reuben Hull>ert, and had Louis married 
Hester ]^ell. Phebe married a Clary. 2d Louis, La- 
Eorgc. Elizabeth married John Claik. Jane married 
Henry Stage. Berthania married William Howell. 
Henry, born 1777. Nathaniel, Jr., bom 177a, died 
I St Ajjril, 1868, married i3oo Mar\- Sturgos and had 
Carman S. Mary. Abigail. Barnabas. Nathaniel, 
Jr. I^maline. Robert G. Martha A. Thompson, 
born 1782, died 1S2 -, married 1S02 Massa Clark and 
had Charles married Jane Garbrant. John married 
Sarah Wycoif. Aaron PL, married Elizabeth Waller. 
Henry married Mary Poland. Miranda married 
Daniel Millen. Lav/rence and three others died 
young. Aaron, born 1784. Anne, born 24th ^Larch, 
1786, died 3d Nov., 1865, married 4th Nov., iSo^, 
Jacob Drake, born irth April, 1787, t'-if'fi S^^t Ma'ch, 
iS'^'i, and had Rhoda married F'erer Coo. 
Eliphalet married Caroline Stewart. Marg;iret 

married John Burnett. Catharine married 

Jacob William born 3d Aug., 177S, 
died 1844, married 20th April, iSii, Elizabeth 
Consider, born ist Mav, 1794, died 5th June, 1882, and 
had lacob D. Aaron. Elizabeth. Jane. I'hebe. 
William. Squire L. Charles P. Samuel Cozad, 
Jr,, born 12th June, 1756, died ?d March, 1822, mar- 
ried 28th March, 17S5, Jane, daughter of Elder 
Mcllrath, born 4th Oct., 1765, died 6th Oct., 1824. 
They, v/ith many others, went, in 1796, to l-iedstone, 
Washington Co., Pa., and ten years after to Euclid, 
near Cleveland, Ohio, v.-here they are buried. They 
had Jacob born 17S6. Elias, born 1700, married 
Hannah Palmer. Anne born 1702, died 1ST3, married 
John Carlton. Samuel, born 1794. died 1870, rnar 
ried Mary Condid. Henry, born 17961 died 1S13. 
Sarah, born 1799, died 1855, married WiUia;n Mather, 
second Jonathan Hale. Andrew, born 1801, d'ed 
19-3, married 1825, Salley Simmons and had eii^ht 
children, third one, Justus L., contributed his branch 
to this record. Nathaniel Clark, born 1803, died 1S28, 
married 1824, Ann Collier. Ilenry C, born 175'^^ 
di'-d 1812, married 1792 Catharine Drake, nee Lozier, 
b:»rn 176-, died 1832 (one son Jacob Drake), by sec- 
ond inarriaye had four children, Eliphalet, born i6r!i 

April, 17Q-}., died loth Nov., iSr>3, niraricd nth 
M'ch, 181S, Polly A, ISIontg-omery. Anne, died 
youn^'-. Catharine, born 22d March, 1801, died aSth 
Nov., 1831, maTied 17th Sep., 1S17, William Houg- 
land and had ei.L'^ht children. Oliver, horn nth Jan., 
1808, died 6th Sept. 18SS. married igth Jan., 
1832, Jane Van Kirk, born 12th Nov., 1817, died 
iGth March, 1884.. They had Henry. Caroline. TsJary 
Ellen. Ruth. Cassias C. Samuel \V. (Oliver 
L., son of Henry, collected the Henry C. branch for 
this record). Said "Henry C," about 1807, went to 
Washington Co., Pa., where his descendants are yt-t 
living. Abigail, married Andrew and Elizabeth mar- 
ried Thomas Mcllrath, (sons of Elder Mcllratli of 
Mendham.) ^Slary. Phebe married Ziba Casteriine, 
Henry CJark, Jr., (called Stuttering Henry, ) born 3d 
June, 1731, died of paralysis, loth fan., 1797, mar- 
ried 25th Jan., 1759, Mary Faugerson, born loth 
May, 1728, died 17th March, I7^^2, and had l^ev. 
Henry. John. Mortgagf-d 62 acres in 1767, to 
Increse Mather of Morristown, (Cordwainer, ) an:i 
married second 23rd Aug., I7^3> the wiJow of Samuel 
Lorr-e, Sr., nee Siblllia Newton, born 1736, died 2 jth 
Aug., 1822, her Vvdll 1820 Rec. in Liber C. 
bv th.i- second marriage had Nathaniel. I ;na^. Anne. 

Rev. Henry, horn 26th Jan., I7<''0, died 5th 
Feb., 1S4Q, married 25th Feb., 17S1, Mary, (dauf^hter 
Jesse Smith,) born 6th May, 1761, died 5th April, 
I Si 5 They settled on 100 A., near forks of road on 
stnall branrh. The house he built 17S5 burned Tith 
April, iS3,S. He was nine years member ist Church, 
Morristown, beconiing converted to iSIethodism by 
Re.'. Aaron Hutchinson of Flander's circuit. He 
travelled and preached nearly fifty years, served in 
Revolutionary War, and had rare taste for readinix 
and reminiscenses. John, born -26th Dec, 17S1, died 
May, 1536. married 20th ?\Iatch, 1S02, Phene Roberts, 
born 31st March, 1782, died 12th June, 1S53, they 
had Sally. Joanne. Albert. Horace Nelson. 
Joseph. Aaron H. i\Iahlon. Sylvester. Eli- 
zabeth. Maryette. Charles Henry. Massa, born 
26th Oct., 17S3, died 1S3-, married 1S02, Thompson 
Ronnell, and had nine childrf^n. Jane, born 12th 
Jan., 1786, di:>d 12th Feb., 184.0. Aaron H., born 
3rd Sept., 1701, died 27th Sep., 1734.. Anne, born 
nth Jan., 1784, died loth Oct., 1864, married 1822, 
James McLaus:h1in, born i>t Nov., 1703, died loth 
July, 1845, and had James, Jr. Jesse C. Susan, 
i\nne. Jesse S., born 5th Feb. 1708, died 20th May. 
1873, married 1820, Sarah V. Millon, born 


3 1 St Dec, 1704, died loth Nov. 1S62, married 
second Susan Van Lieu. Henry, horn ytb Feb., 
1801, died 13th Dec, 1S73, married 27th May, • 
1S30, Mari^^aret Smith horn 20tl: Dec. 180+, died 20th 
Oct. 1S63, they had Henry Spencer, (member Co. 
E., 27th Reo-. N. J. v., and maker of this record, ) 
Richard H., Margaret Caroline. Mary Naomi. 
Nathaniel, (moniber Co. U., nth Res^. N. J. V.). 
Jesse S. John, horn 1761-2, died of srriall pox 
at close of war, in v;hirh he served six years The 
French musket he carried now an heir-ljom in famdy. 
Nathaniel, horn 22nd March, 17*^7, died 20th Au?;. 
1836, married 1786, Joanne Newton, born 17^2, 
died iSth July, 1830, they had Ebene7,er, settled 
on west fork of road aud was a prosperous farmer, 
1826 released farm to son, and married. S'-cond. 
widow of Col. Silias Axtell 1S31. Ehenezxr, born 
17th Tslarch, 1787, died of Apob^xy 4th Oct., 1843, 
married 1810, Phebe Blackford, born 22nd July, 
1792, died 27th Sept. 1850. They had Nathaniel, 
died 181 8, aged 7 years. Joanne married Mahlon 
Pniden, Mary married Elias Millen. Charitv mar- 
ried Henry Pool. Sibillia married John Osborn. 
K Newton married Tvlary H r^h^^n. Mir^aret married 
Charb-5 Hudson. Isaac. born I7^V''. died 20th 

Jan., 1^41, married f^lh June, 1793, Phebc Axtcll, 
born 23d June, 1771, died 31st Oct., 1S32, they 
lived on old homestead, and the house of 1734 he 
rel>uilt with an addition, also stone milk house and 
bark house and tannery, and cider Nvorks on spring- 
run, married, second, Mary Pierson, by fust marria- 
ge had Abii^^ail. Silas C. Stephen. Anne, the 
llrst born 25th May, 1794, died 2d Feb., 1878, mar- 
ried 26th June, 1S14, Henry Axtell, born iSlh 
Aug., 1793, died 2':)th July, iS-h^. Henry Axtell 
and wife, had five children. Silas C, born 
20th April, 179S, difd 28th Febr., 1871, married 
28th June, 1 82 1, Nancy Janscn, born 21 Sept., 
1801, died 5th Sept., 1866, they had Many Ann. 
Phebe K. Abi^^ail M. Sar;.h E. Anne J. Silas 
bl. H., (ist Vice-Pres. and Gen. Manager ^lo Pac 
R. R. Co.) Isaac, 'member Co. !>., 27th Reg. 
X. J. \.) Nancy A. Stephen, born 1800, died ist 
April, 1870, married 1S20, Phebe Meeker, and had 
Susan. Plectra A. Catherine. Caleb M., Abigail 
A., Henry A. Isaac N. Martha B. Mary 1!. 
Sarah. Stephen 13. Anne, born 2d June, 1805, 

died married 28 Oct., 1835, John Crammer, 

and had Phebe A. Anne, ("only daughter,) born 
7th April, 1777, died 13th Aug.. 1822, marr!<-d 7th 

Jan., I70'i, Eli^f.ha I'each, Jr., born 5lh Sept., 
170^, died 25 June, i'^5o, niesnbers of Hill Tot) 
Church, of which he was many years an elder. 
They had Sibillia C. Xancy. Henry. Henry C. 
Ainzi. Isaac C. Phebe. Step'ion. Sibillia C, 
born 13th April, 1797, died Qth June, 1879, married 

1S31, Stephen Gary, born , died loth Ajiril, 

1S70, they had Anne B. William. Phebe ^I. 
Charles H. Edward 15. Xancy, born 6th Sept., 
1708, di?d Xov., I79>^. Henry, born 6rh Fell., 
died 7th Febr., 1800. H-^nry C, born sSth Xov., 
iSoi, died 14th Feb., 1882, married is^h July, 1825, 
Eliza A. Corwin, and had ^lartha A. F^malinc, 
Win. C. Sarah W Amzi A., born i8th July, 1807, 
died 2 1 St Xov., 1840, married Martha P. Fowler, 
and had Henry M. Isaac C, born ist Au:^., 1809, 
died 23rd March, 1879, married E. Y. Jacobus, and r\Iarianna, wife of R.A. Panta, Esq., ot Oran.ce. 
X. J., (^v.'ho furnished the I'each brand of this 
record.) Phelie C, born othjun'^, 1811, died I7tli 
Feb., 1S83, married 20th Au.2;., 1835, Smith K. 
Cratio, and had Elias P. Fred. Annie P.. Mary 
V. Amz! B. Wilber. Ste;)hen, born roth April, 
1813, died 8th Auk-, i8ifi. The widow Loree -Clark, 
married 3rd Di?c., 1814, Elisha Beach, Sr., Iji- di'-d 

2nd Febr., 1S15. By first husband Samuel Loree, 
Sr., born 1729, died 21st March, 1762, married 1755, 
she had four children, Joanne, married John Johnson 
of Mt. Freedom, and had (1820) five surviving- 
children, Samuel, Sibillia, Hannah, Lewis, Mary. 
Mary married Henry Doty, Samuel, Jr., married 
Sarah Price, and had (1S20) ei^-'ht survivins;' chil- 
dren, jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Stephen, Lewis, 
Henry Doty, Sarah, Harriet. Elizabeth, born 
1760, married Caleb Newton, born 1759, died 1840, 
they lived at Ronkonkoma, L. L, and had five 
or more children, Joseph, Nathaniel, one daughter 
married an Arthur, one a Benjamin, one married 
Isaac Green. 

Morris Co. was taken from Hunterdon Co. 
1738. Mendham was called Roxiticus prior to 1749. 
Most of the early settlers in this vicinity came from 
Ent^land. The Cozad family v\-ere settled in Morris 
Co. 1742 — three brothers and one sister, she mar- 
ried Eliphalet Lewis of Roxl^ury, Samuel lived 
and died near Mendham. Jacob, born 1724, died 
1812, at Mt. Olive, v/here he settled. Job, born 
1726, died 1815, at Branch\-ille, N. J., married 
Hannah \\'inan>, and had ten children. Anthony 
lived and died in Somerset Co., marrif-d Katv 


Coon, ap.d had v.iuc chiluren. Of the old land- 
marks on iho 563 .\. Tract, only 4 remain, viz. 
Pond and dam at lioad of .alen. nld rhof.lrjiit 
iree at north end l-.ase line, hcdf-^c l*-nce in v.-ood-- 
halt mile southeast of cross-roads, rnarkinG," ollset 
in south line, chestnut tree in riorcheast corner 
5^3 A tract. Of mills, etc., later and lirior to 
i'>^oc\, tliere v.-ere cider mill of Philip Till, at 
head of ea^t branch, saw iinill of Pools k McCord, 
al>o\-e b'--nd. on west branch nail faetory of Oliver 
Lo::ier, coojier shop of Canrian l^onnel. cider 
works of St^.rphen Loree and INI. S. Hulb-Tt, 

The parchment and pai^er deed^ nan»ed in this 
record • now owned bv the writer of tliis sketch. 
v,'ho could have adcP'd to it much more if others 
of the descendants had taken equal interest. AM 
the main facts and dates here tjiven are correct, 
and have been coll :-cted with diiii'^uliy, 
thou^Th a period of twenty years. 

"Domestic hearths, ancestral records, iiail ! . 

Restored to liu"ht, I ^kT-tlly \'ou salute,'