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Full text of "Record of the services of graduates and non-graduates of Amherst college, in the Union army or navy during the war of the rebellion"

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Class El H 1 






Union Army or Navy during the War of the Rebellion. 


Revised and Enlarged, 1905. 

1905 . 


At the time of the semi-centennial celebration of the College 
in 187 I, the undersigned was directed by the Faculty to prepare 
for publication a record of all graduates and non-graduates who 
had served in the Union army or navy in the war of the rebel- 
lion, so far as their names and services could be ascertained. 
This was published in a pamphlet of forty-eight pages, contain- 
ing the names of two hundred and forty-seven. Copies ot this 
were placed in the Library for distribution among the alumni, 
at the successive commencements following. 

Since then, the names of ninety-seven others, who served in 
the war, have from time to time become known, and it has 
seemed desirable that the record should be made more com- 
plete by the insertion of their names in a new edition, with 
such information respecting their services as could be obtained. 
The cost of this has been defrayed by the liberality of some 
of the alumni who served in the war and a few others. 

It has been ascertained that several of those graduates whose 
names are marked with a % in the Quinquennial Catalogue were 
not in actual military service, and accordingly their names have 
been omitted in this record. 

In an appendix will be found a summary, a statement respect- 
ing the memorial chime of bells in the tower of the College 
Church, and a copy of the inscription on the cannon in the 
vestibule of Williston Hall. An index of names has also been 

E. P. Crowell. 

Janiiiiry, igo^. 


MN 24 i91U 



Graduates and Non-Graduates 


[Non-graduates are indicated by the letters n. g.] 


Timothy Robinson Cressey. 1861-63, Chaplain 2nd Regt. 
Minnesota Vols. *i87o. 


William Frank Nelson. Commissioned Hospital Chap- 
lain, July, 1862 ; stationed at Cincinnati during the war, with 
detail service to Louisville and Chattanooga, after the battles 
of Chickamauga and Lookout Valley, Gen. Rosecrans com- 
manding ; wounded in the face, while on duty, and disabled. 
Mustered out, July 28th, 1865. *i875. 


Thomas Reed Rawson. Commissioned Hospital Chap- 
lain, Aug. 1 6th, 1864 ; stationed at General Hospital, Albany, 
N. Y. Mustered out, Oct. 31st, 1865. *i877. 

James Clark Stuart, n. g. Surgeon, 17th New York 
Vols.; Brigade and Division Surgeon, 1861-65. *i87o. 


Orlow Mather Dorman. Appointed Paymaster, July, 
1862, with rank of Major; served at Baltimore under Gen. 
Wool ; Hilton Head, S. C, under Gens. David Hunter and Q. 
A. Gilmore ; Fort Monroe and Norfolk, under Gens. B. F. But- 
ler and U. S. Grant; Raleigh, N. C, under Gen. Ruger ; Flor- 
ida campaign, under Gen. Gilmore ; Forts Wagner and Sumter, 
and around Richmond. Sick with dysentery and typhoid 
fever. Mustered out at Washington, D. C., Feb. 1866. *i879. 

Nathaniel Augustus Fisher. Commissioned State Sur- 
geon, Feb. 14th, 1862 ; March 7th, 1863, Surgeon 13th Conn, 
Vols.; Jan. 2nd, 1864, Surgeon 29th Conn, (colored) Vols. 
Entered New Orleans soon after its surrender ; served at Port 
Hudson, Bayou La Fourche, Red River campaign, &c., under 
Gens. Banks and Butler. Sick in St. James Hospital from 
April 25th to middle of June, 1864, when the commission was 
resigned. Was connected with the 29th Conn. Regt. two 
months, leaving on account of health. *i883. 

*John Lawrence Fox. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon U. 
S. Navy, Sept. 6th, 1837 ; promoted Surgeon Aug. i6th, 1847 ; 
appointed Fleet Surgeon spring of 1864 to North Atlantic 
blockading squadron rendezvousing near Fort Monroe. Under 
arduous labors his health gave way, and in Nov. 1864, he left 
the service and died Dec. 17th, 1864. 

*David Lewis Johns. Enlisted at Chicago in one of the 
earliest regiments raised there, but almost immediately after, 
was taken sick, and died in camp, Dec. 25th, 1861. 


Robert Wilson. Commissioned Col. of 14th N. H. Vols., 
Sept. 24th, 1862; not promoted, though often performing Brig- 
ade and District service. Served from Oct., 1862, to April, 

1863, in Valley of Potomac, between Great Falls and Harper's 
Ferry, Gen. Grover commanding; April, 1863, to Jan. 7th, 

1864, in defenses of Washington, Gen. Martindale command- 
ing ; Jan. and Feb., 1864, independent command in West Va., 
hunting guerrillas; April 12th, 1864, reported to Gen. Banks 
at New Orleans, and placed in command of District of Carroll- 
ton ; June 7th, joined 19th Army Corps at Red River, La., 
under Gen. Emory; July 21st, 1864, reported to Gen. Grant 
at City Point, Va.; Aug. i8th, to Gen. Sheridan, near Berry- 
ville, Va. Sick with diphtheria, Jan., 1864 ; with malarial 
fever July, 1864, on account of which, resigned and was mus- 
tered out Sept. 6th, 1864. *i87o. 


William Oliver Collins. Commissioned Col. of nth 
Ohio Vol. Cavalry in the summer of 1861 ; reported to Gen. 
Halleck, at St. Louis, and ordered to open communications to 
Salt Lake City. Advanced in March, 1862, to Fort Laramie, 
and from thence up the North Platte to South Pass, leaving 
detachments at various points. Though nominally in the 
Dept. of Missouri, District of Nebraska, and under Gens. Hal- 
leck, Custis, Schofield and Pope, was, to all practical purposes, 
a detached and independent commander, over a district 
extending from the junction of the North and South Platte, to 
Green River in Utah Territory, including the tribes of the 
Sioux, Arapahoes, Cheyennes, Kiowas, and Utes. Engage- 
ments numerous and sufferings intense, but no great battles or 
campaigns. Returned in spring of 1865, and was mustered 
out at Omaha. *i88o. 

John Flavel White. Hospital Surgeon, Covington, Ky. 
and Cincinnati, O., and Surgeon, 2nd Regt., Kentucky Vols. 


John Wheelock Allen, n. g. Chaplain, U. S. A., Baton 
Rouge, La., 1862-63. 

Samuel Hopkins Emery. Commissioned April, 1862, by 
Secretary Stanton to visit the army with nurses and stores. 
Subsequently appointed Hospital Chaplain and served at 
Quincy, 111., until close of the war. *igoi. 

William Graves Williams. Commissioned Hospital 
Chaplain Sept. 23d, 1864 ; mustered into service at Ashfield, 
Mass., Oct. 8th ; stationed at Jackson Hospital, Memphis, 
Tenn.; served in that and the Washington and Marine Hospi- 
tals of that city, till July 27th, 1865 ; Chaplain of U. S. Gen- 
eral Hospital and U. S. Military Prison, at St. Johns, Ark., 
Gen. Reynolds commanding. Mustered out at St. Louis, May 
26th, 1866. *i874. 

John Harvey Wright. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon U. 
S. Navy, 1839, promoted Surgeon, 1855. By reason of 
infirm health, was placed on the reserved list at an early period 
of the war. *i879. 


Robert Gordon Williams. Capt. Co. G., ist Regt. Con- 
necticut Heavy Artillery, May 22, 1861-March 24, 1862. 
During his term of service the regiment was stationed at Forts 
Richardson, Scott and Barnard. *i894. 


Alfred Brewster Ely. Commissioned Nov. 9th, 1861, 

Quartermaster 13th Conn. Vols., with rank of Lieutenant ; 
Nov. nth, 1 86 1, appointed Aid-de-camp to Brigadier Gen. 
Benham in West Virginia; resigned from 13th Conn., and 
appointed ist Lieutenant Co. I, nth Conn. Vols., and senior 
Aid to Gen. Benham. March 26th, 1862, appointed acting 
Asst. Adj. Gen., Northern Division of Dept. of the South, 
under Gen. Benham. In active service at Hilton Head, Beau- 
fort, Fort Pulaski, &c. April 30th, 1862, appointed Asst. Adjt. 
Gen., with rank of Captain. After battles of Edisto and Stone, 
ordered North, and served on staff of Maj. Gen. Morgan. On 
sick leave for several months from disease contracted in the 
marshes of the Edisto and the Stono. Resigned in 1863. 

Edward Corrie Pritchett. Appointed Sept. loth, 1861, 
Chaplain 50th N. Y. Regt. (Engineers), brigaded under Gens. 
Woodbury, Butterfield, and Benham, with Army of Potomac 
under Gens. McClellan, Burnside, Hooker and Meade. In 
active service at siege of Yorktown, the march to Hampton, 
battle of Mary's Heights, and below Fredericksburg ; during 
campaign of the Wilderness detained at Washington with Brig- 
ade Hospital. Sick with Virginia fever during campaign on 
the Chickahominy, but never lost a day. Mustered out Sept. 
20th, 1864. *i892. 

Nathaniel Richardson. Appointed May 6th, 1864, Chap- 
lain 36th Mass. Vols. Served before Petersburg, most of the 
time in Field Hospital of 9th Army Corps, under Gen. Burn- 
side ; sick at Campbell Hospital, Washington, and Annapolis, 
Md., twelve weeks. Mustered out at Alexandria, June, 1865. 


*James Averill. Commissioned Oct., 1862, Chaplam 23d 

Conn, Vols.; in Department of the Gulf, at Camp Parapet and 
La Fourche under Gen. Banks ; taken with malarial fever in 
May, and died at La Fourche, June nth, 1863. 

Uriah Balkam. Chaplain 6th Regt. Maine Vols., Jan.. 
1864-Sept., 1864. The regiment was in the 6th Corps, army 
of the Potomac, and with it he was in the battle of the Wilder- 
ness and all the subsequent engagements near the Weldon 
R. R. and before Petersburg. *i874. 

Robert Stevens Hitchcock. Commissioned Chaplain 2nd 
Md. Regt., Aug. ist, 1861 ; served under Gen. Burnside, in 
S. C. and Va., at 2nd battle of Bull Run, Chantilly, Antietam 
and Fredericksburg ; transferred to Ky.; severely wounded, 
and left in charge of hospital in Frankfort, Ky. Resigned 
soon after. *i89i. 

David Stuart, n. g. Enlisted July 20, 1861, commissioned 
Lieut. Colonel of the 42nd Regt. Illinois Vols, promoted Col., 
55th 111. Regt. Oct. 31, of the same year. Served under 
Grant and Sherman in Vicksburg campaign and continued in 
the service until the end of the war. *i868. 


Joel White Fletcher. Commissioned Aug. 23d, 1861, 
2nd Lieut. Co. I, 2ist Mass. Vols.; on detached and recruiting 
service ; arm fractured, and in consequence resigned June 20th, 
1862. *i88o. 

Henry Obed Mayo. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, U. S. 
Navy, Feb. 24th, 1846; promoted Surgeon, Jan. 24th, 1859 ; 
served in Mediteranean, Home, and Brazil squadrons until 
opening of the war; 1861, on sloop Savannah; 1862-3, on 
steam sloop Powhatan, South Atlantic squadron; 1864-5, on 
flag-ship of West India squadron. *i892. 

John Spare. Commissioned Apr. loth, 1862, at New Bed- 
ford, Mass., acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. N. April, 1863, 
served in Mediterranean squadron, blockading the Sumpter at 
Gibraltar and watching blockade runners ; 1863-4, on the 
blockade at Wilmington, N. C; battle of Fort Fisher, Admiral 
Porter commanding ; 1864-5, blockade of Charleston ; off that 
city at its evacuation ; 1865-6, in Gulf squadron at Apalachi- 
cola, Pensacola, &c., under Admiral Thatcher. Resignation 
accepted July 2nd, 1866, at Pensacola Navy Yard. *i9oi. 

*Charles Ellery Washburn. Commissioned 1862, Sur- 
geon 112th N. Y. Vols.; promoted Brigade Surgeon and Medi- 
cal Director of Gen. Ames' division of Gen. Terry's command ; 
participated in some of the bloodiest battles of the war, the last 
of which was the storming of Fort Fisher ; taken sick with 
typhus fever at Wilmington, N. C. while caring for returned 
Union prisoners, and died April loth, 1865. 


Nathaniel Hudson, n. g. Asst.-Surgeon, army of the 
Pacific, during the war. 

Thomas Grier Murphey. Commissioned Sept. 23d, 1861, 
at Wilmington, Del., Chaplain ist Regt., Del. Infantry, with 
rank of Captain of Cavalry. Re-commissioned, Oct. ist, 1864, 
in same regiment, the first in the army of the Potomac mus- 
tered in as veterans ; participated in the following battles : cap- 
ture of Norfolk, Ya., May loth, 1862, under Gen. Wool; Antie- 
tam, Md., Sept. 17th, 1862, Gen. McClellan ; Fredericksburg, 
Va., Dec. 12th, 1862, Gen. Burnside ; Chancellorsville, Va., 
May 13th, 1863, Gen. Hooker; Gettysburg, Pa. July 2nd and 
3d, Gen. Meade; Wilderness, Va., May 5th to 12th, 1864, 
Gen. Meade; Spottsylvania, Va., May 12th to 17th, Gen, 
Meade; before Petersburg, June 15th, 1864 — April 2nd, 1865 ; 


capture of Gen. R. E. Lee, and army of Northern Va., at 
Appomattox Court House, April 9th, 1865. Sick with typhoid 
fever during first winter of the war, and also in summer of 
1862, at time of battle of Antietam. Mustered out July 14th, 
1865, at Wilmington, Del. *i878. 

*Amiel W. Whipple, n. g. A graduate of West Point ; 
commissioned 2nd Lieut, of Artillery; transferred to corps of 
topographical engineers. Appointed Brig. Gen. of Vols,, April, 
1862 ; in command of a brigade at Washington until Sept., 
1862 ; in command of a division of 3rd corps, army of 
Potomac, at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville ; brevetted 
Lieut-Col., Col., Brig-Gen. and Major-Gen. in the regular army, 
for gallantry ; mortally wounded at Chancellorsville, died at 
Washington, D. C, May 7, 1863. 


Edwin Coburn. Enlisted June 10, 1862,23rd Regt. Illinois 
Vols., and immediately promoted Sergeant-Major. Commis- 
sioned ist Lieut. Sept. i, 1864; afterwards promoted to the 
rank of Major. Mustered out July 24, 1865. *i867. 

Prosper Kimball Hutchinson. Surgeon, 12th Regt. 
Rhode Island Vols., Oct. 16, 1862 — April 14, 1863. Resigned 
on account of sickness. *i872. 


Lauren Armsby. Commissioned Jan., 1863, Chaplain 8th 
Minn. Vols. In battle with Sioux Indians, valley of the Little 
Missouri, Aug. 8th, 1864, Gen. Sully; near Murfreesboro' 
Dec. 4th to 7th, 1864, Gen. Milroy. For a month cut off from 
all supplies, at Fortress Rosecrans ; from there marched to 
Clifton, Tenn., then transported to Washington ; ordered to 

Fort Fisher, thence to Beaufort and Newbern ; March 21st, 
1865, joined Sherman's army at Goldsboro', and started in 
pursuit of Gen. Johnston ; on Gen. Lee's surrender left Gen. 
Sherman at Raleigh, and marched to Charlotte, N. C. Mus- 
tered out July nth, 1865. ^1904. 

Cyrus Sweetser Mann, n. g. Asst. Surgeon 31st Regt. 
Mass. Vols., in Louisiana, 1863-64. 

Edward Duffield Neill. At commencement of the war, 
commissioned Chaplain ist Minn. Vols. Served at Bull Run, 
Chickahominy, Fair Oaks, Wilderness, and Military Hospital 
in Philadelphia. Resigned. Jan., 1864. *i8g3. 

Horace Dwioht Train. Capt. Co. E., 49th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., 1862-63, serving under Gen. Banks in the Louisiana 
campaign. *i879. 


Calvin Holmes. Commissioned Nov. 26th, 1862, at Cin- 
cinnati, O., in Paymaster's Dept,, rank of Major ; promoted 
Lieut. Col., Jan. 1865. Served at Washington, Fortress Mon- 
roe, with armies of the Potomac and James, under Gens, Butler, 
Schenck, Meade and Grant. Mustered out July. 1869, at 
Washington, D. C. *i878. 


Daniel Dvvight Hitchcock. Commissioned Feb. 28th, 
1863, at Bentonville, Ark., Asst. Surgeon with rank of Captain, 
Qd Indian Regt. Home Guards. Served at Prairie Grove, and 
in Various marches in Missouri and Arkansas, but mostly in 
Hospital service in the field and at Fort Gibson. Appointed 
March 14th, 1865, Medical Inspector 3d Brigade, 3d Division, 
Gen. J. M. Thayer. Health poor, but off duty only two weeks. 

Arrested at home and property confiscated Aug. 15th, 1862, 
and held prisoner for three months. Mustered out May 31st, 
1865, at Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation. *i867. 


Charles Louis Woodworth. Commissioned INIarch 30th, 
1862, Chaplain 27th Mass. Vols. In action at Trenton, N. C, 
July 26th, 1862 ; Ball's Ford, Nov. 2nd, 1862 ; siege of Wash- 
ington, N. C, March 30th to April i6th ; Gum Swamp expedi- 
tion, April 28th, 1863 ; battle of Walthals' Junction, May 5th, 
1864; Arrowfield Church, Va,, May 9th, 1864; Drury's Bluff, 
May i6th, 1864 ; Cold Harbor, June ist to 3d, 1864, and 
Petersburg, June 1 8th, 1864; under Gens. Burnside, Foster, 
Wild and Butler. Mustered out June 20th, 1864. *i898. 


Daniel Emerson Barnard. Commissioned Sept., 1862, 
Captain 88th 111. Infantry ; served in Kentucky campaign, near 
Nashville and Murfreesboro', Tenn., 1862-3 '■> advance on Tul- 
lahoma, Bridgeport and Chattanooga, 1863 ; near Knoxville 
and in Atlanta campaign, 1864, under Gens. Buel, Rosecrans 
and Thomas, commanding united armies at Chattanooga and 
Atlanta ; Corps Commanders, Gens. McCook, Granger, How- 
ard, Stanley and \\'ool ; Division Commanders, Gens. Sheridan, 
Newton and Wagner. Mustered out near Nashville, Tenn., 
June, 1865. 

Saimuel Mark Fletcher. Enlisted private Oct. 8th, 1862, 
in 12th R. I. Vols.; promoted Asst. Surgeon, April 25th, 
1863; served in first battle of Fredericksburg, under Gen. 
Burnside, Gen. Sumner commanding Division. Transferred to 
Kentucky, March, 1863, under Gen. Burnside, Corps Com- 
mander, and Gen. Nagle, Division Commander ; occupied Lex- 


ington, Winchester, Richmond, Lancaster and Jamestown ; 
returned July 5th. Mustered out at Providence, July 27th, 
1863. *i875. 

Salem Marsh Plimpton. Commissioned Sept., 1861, Chap- 
lain 4th Vt. Vols. At close of one year resigned on account of 
ill health. *i866. 

Harvey James Skiff. Enlisted private Oct., 1861, Co. 
B, 13th Iowa Infantry; promoted Nov. 3d, Quartermaster 
Sergt.; March 12th, 1862, Captain of Co. E ; served in advance 
on Corinth Sept. and Oct., 1862 ; siege of Vicksburg 1863 ; 
taking of Atlanta 1864. Division Commander, most of the 
time, Gen. McArthur. Commanders of Army of Tennessee, 
Gens. McPherson and Howard ; Dept, Commanders, Gen. 
Halleck at Corinth, Gen. Grant at Vicksburg, Gen. Sherman at 
Atlanta. Suffered much from sickness. Mustered out Nov. 
4th, 1864, at Chattanooga, Tenn. 

*JoHN Andrew Thompson, n. g. Captain on Gen. Fre- 
mont's staff, 1861 ; Captain in Regular Army, 1862 ; in com- 
mand of 2nd Battalion, i8thU. S. I.; wounded at Hoover's Gap, 
Tenn., June 26, and died at Nashville, Tenn., June 30, 1863. 


*JosiAH Bent, n. g. Enlisted Sept. i, 1861, Co. A, ist 
Wisconsin Cavalry, promoted Sergeant ; commissioned 2nd 
Lieutenant, June i, 1862. Served in Arkansas; sick in hospi- 
tal at Helena, Ark. Died at Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 9, 1862. 

George Soule. Commissioned Dec. 15th, 1861, Chaplain 
nth Conn. Vols.; served in expedition to Newbern, N. C, 
under Gen. Burnside. Resigned on account of ill health Aug. 
2nd, 1862. *i867. 



Augustus Holmes Bixby, n. g. Appointed ist Lieutenant, 
Co. L, I St Regiment New England Volunteer Cavalry, Dec. 3, 

1861 ; appointed Captain Co. B, July 10, 1862 ; transferred to 
Co. D. Jan. 14, 1863 ; wounded June 18, 1863, Middleburgh, 
Va.; transferred to Co. L, ist N. H. Cavalry, Feb. 8, 1864; 
discharged for disability, Nov. 9, 1864. Brevet Major, U. S. 
v., March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious services in 
action near Middleburgh, Va. 

William Smith Clark. Commissioned Aug. 21st, 186 1, 
Major 21st Mass. Vols.; promoted Lieut. Colonel, Feb. 28th, 

1862 ; Colonel, May i6th, 1862 ; served at Roanoke Island, 
Nevvbern, Camden, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly, South Mountain, 
Antietam, ist Fredericksburg, under Gens. Reno and Burnside, 
Pope, and McClellan. Resigned and honorably discharged, 
Apr. 22nd, 1863, at Cincinnati, Ohio. *i886. 

*Samuel Fisk. Enlisted private Aug., 1862, at Madison, 
Conn., 14th Conn. Vols. : promoted 2nd Lieut., and ist 
Lieut., and Capt., Co. G, 14th Conn. Vols.; served in army of 
Potomac at Antietam, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettys- 
burg and Wilderness ; on special service as Inspector of Brig- 
ade, and Aid on staff of Gen. Carroll ; taken prisoner at Chan- 
cellorsville but liberated in a few weeks. On 6th of May, 1864, 
in battle of the Wilderness, mortally wounded and died at 
Fredericksburg, Va., May 22, 1864. 

George Washington Goodale. Commissioned Aug., 
1862, Chaplain 8th 111. Vols.; transferred to the 49th 111. Vols.; 
served at Camp Butler till the consolidation of that Regt. with 
another ; in Home Guards on frontier of Illinois till close of 
the war. *i899. 


Francis Augustine Howe. Enlisted volunteer Surgeon, 
May 17th, 1862; employed in hospital service at Yorktown, 
Va., till June 17th, 1862, time of the expiration of the contract; 
sick with malarial fever. 

John Franklin Severance. Commissioned May 20th, 
1864, Chaplain 21st Mass. Vols.; served in battles of Wilder- 
ness Spottsylvania, North Anna, Petersburg, at storming of 
Petersburg, and surrender of Lee ; under Gen. Meade, com- 
manding army, Gens. Burnside and Porter, Corps Commanders, 
and Gen. Potter, Division Commander. *i898. 


George Pierce Baker, n. g. Surgeon in hospitals at 
Hampton, Va. for a short time during the war. 

Edmund Young Garrette. Chaplain in army of the Poto- 
mac, 1862; in the battle of Antietam. *i902. 

Edward Lyman Hill, n. g. Surgeon, 20th Ohio Vol. Mil- 
itia in three months' service in West Va.; surgeon 20th Ohio 
Vol. Infantry, in three years' service, including the campaigns 
of Vicksburg, Atlanta and the March to the Sea ; in charge of 
U. S. General Hospital, No. 2, in Vicksburg, nine months, 
and later of other hospitals. 

Jacob Merrill Manning. Commissioned Aug., 1862, at 
Boston, Chaplain 43d Mass. Vols.; served in battles of Kins- 
ton, Whitehall and Goldsboro, N. C; in movements around 
Newbern and Little Washington, spring of 1863 ; returned 
home July ist, 1863 ; dangerously sick with malarial fever six 
months. *i882. 



Ethan Ely Boies. Appointed Asst. Paymaster, in 1863, 
and served till the close of the war. *i869. 

Joseph Seaver Curtis, n. g. Enlisted Jan. i, 1861, Co. 
E, 42nd Regt. Wisconsin Vols. Promoted Corporal, April 17, 
1863 ; commissioned 2nd Lieut., July 29, 1864. Mustered out 
June 25, 1865. 

Henry Bull Hammond, n. g. Enlisted Dec. 14, 1861, Co. 
A, I St Regt. Rhode Island Cavalry; promoted Corporal; 
taken prisoner at Elk Run, Dec. 25, 1862 ; released at City 
Point, Va., Jan. 6, 1863. Commissioned Lieut., June 24, 1863. 
Completed his three years' term of service. *i878. 

Bentley Howard Smith. Commissioned Major 42nd 
Penn. Vols., July 6th, 1863. Mustered out with Regt. Aug. 
12th, 1863. 

Thomas Miller Thompson, n. g. Commissioned Capt. 
Co. A, 14th Regt. Illinois Vols. May 25, 186 r. Resigned Dec. 
7, 1861. 


John Humphrey Almy. Commissioned Oct., 1861, State 
Agent for Conn., in New York City ; Nov., 1862, commissioned 
Asst, Quarter-master of the State, with rank and pay of Lieut. 
Colonel of cavalry. Served in this capacity through the war, 
with the addition of taking the State Agency for R. I., attend- 
ing to the transfer of regiments, supplies, sick and wounded 
soldiers through the city, both to and from the seat of war, as 
well as revising passes, obtaining back pay, bounties, etc., 
etc. *i878. 


Lebeus Cornelius Chapin, n. g. Commissioned Assistant- 
Surgeon U.S. Vols., with the rank of ist Lieut., Oct. 29, 1864. 
In charge of hospital at Beaufort, S. C. until the close of the 
war, and after that at Burlington, Vt., for a time. *i885. 

James Riley Hale, n. g. Member of Marine Corps, U. S. 
Navy, 1861-1865. 

Augustus Greene Kimberly. Commissioned acting Asst. 
Surgeon, May 22nd, 1862. In battles of Chickahominy, May 
30th; Fair Oaks, May 3fst; Mechanicsville, June 26th; 
Gaines' Mills, June 27th ; Chickahominy, June 28th; Savage 
Station, June 29th ; White Oak Swamp, June 30th ; Malvern 
Hill, July I St, 1862 ; also in several smaller engagements. 
Served in charge of transport steamer, for carrying sick and 
wounded from Fortress Monroe to Alexandria ; on duty at U. 
S. General Hospital at Hampton, Va., from Sept., 1862, to 
March, 1864 ; on duty as Surgeon in charge of Hospital within 
" inner line of defenses " of Norfolk and Portsmouth in 1864 ; 
in charge of Naval Brigade at Norfolk and Portsmouth. Served 
under Generals P. St. G. Cooke, Pleasanton, Kilpatrick, and 
others. Severe sickness at Harrison's Landing, in General 
Hospital, and " in the field " near Norfolk, Va. Mustered out 
Aug. 31st, 1865. 

Edward Stuart Larned. At the outbreak of the war he 
was prominently identified with the Union cause in Texas, was 
twice arrested by the Confederate authorities, and sentenced to 
be hung, but made his escape through Mexico, riding thirteen 
hundred miles on horseback. In 1862 he was examining Sur- 
geon of New York Vols., New York City. In 1863 he was 
Adjutant and afterwards Major, Pierrepont Rifles, U. S. Vols. 

James Austin Littlefield. Enlisted, 12th Regt. Mass. 
Vols. Wounded and taken prisoner in second battle of Bull 
Run, and in hospital till Oct., 1862. Orderly-sergeant, 56th 
Veteran Regt., 9th army corps, in all the battles under Gen. 
Grant, until July 15, 1864, wounded in the trenches before 
Petersburg. Commissioned 2nd Lieut, for gallantry in the 
battles of the Wilderness, and later promoted ist Lieut, and 
Captain. *i903. 

Joseph Grant Longley, n. g. Enlisted 51st Mass. Vols., 
Sept. 25th, 1862 ; promoted Corporal ; ist Lieut. Company A ; 
served under Gen. Wild. Mustered out July 27th, 1863. 

Charles Leland Porter. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1861, ist. 
Regt. Wisconsin Cavalry ; commissioned ist Lieut., March 25, 
1862 ; in tM'O engagements near Bloomfield, Mo., May and July, 
1862 ; in battle of Jonesboro', Ark. Aug. 2, and of L'Anguelle 
Ferry, Aug. 3, 1862, where he was taken prisoner, but after- 
wards paroled. Promoted Captain, Sept. 26, 1862. Discharged 
March 22, 1863. *i896. 

Joseph Stevens, n. g. Louisiana Med. Univ., 1856; prac- 
ticed his profession in that state until 1861. Served in the 
Union army as surgeon during the war. *i872. 

George Nelson Webber. Commissioned June, 186 i, Chap- 
lain I St Conn. Vols, under Gen. Tyler ; served in first battle of 
Bull Run. Mustered out at New Haven, Aug., 1861. 


Abial Ralph Abbott. Enlisted April 19th, 1861, at Chi- 
cago, 111., Co. A, ist 111. Light Artillery; promoted Corporal, 
Sergeant, Orderly-sergeant ; and Jan. ist, 1862, ist Lieut. Co. 


E ; acting Captain, commanding Co. E. at Shiloh and most of 
the time afterwards ; served in battles of Belmont, Fort Donel- 
son, Shiloh, and siege of Vicksburg under Gen. Grant, com- 
manding army, and Gens. C. F. Smith and Thomas, Division 
Commanders ; wounded in the body at Shiloh, and in the leg 
in the Tallahatchie campaign against Gen. Bragg. Resigned, 
on account of wounds, after capture of Vicksburg. *i89i. 

*EzRA T. Bailey, n. g. Enlisted June ist, 1861, at New 
York, in the gth N. Y. Vols.; resigned soon after, and was 
appointed Captain's clerk to Captain, (since Rear-admiral,) 
Theodorus Bailey, on board U. S. steam frigate Colorado ; 
sailed for Fort Pickens, Fla., in June ; taken sick with dysen- 
tery, and died Aug. 4th, 1861. 

Henry Leonidas Boltwood. Went to New Orleans, April, 
1864, as agent of U. S. Sanitary Commission, and served as 
relief agent at New Orleans, Port Hudson, Baton Rouge and 
Mobile; appointed Chaplain 67th U. S. C. I., Dec, 1864, but 
received no commission, and was not on duty with the regiment ; 
served with U. S. Sanitary Commission till June, 1865. 

Bowman Bigelow Breed. Enlisted April i6th, 1861, in 8th 
Mass. Vols., as Surgeon, with rank of Major ; promoted Brevet 
Lieut.-Colonel, Aug. 15th, 1865. Served in three months' cam- 
paign and Washington hospitals, 1861-1862 ; Medical Purveyor 
8th army corps under Gen. Foster, 1863 ; battles of Kinston 
and Goldsboro, N. C, 1863 ; in hospitals in St. Louis, Mo., and 
Nashville, Tenn., under Gen. George H. Thomas, 1864-1865. 
Mustered out Aug. 15th, 1865, at Lynn, Mass. *i873. 

Henry Ellsworth Daniels, n. g. Private secretary. 
Admiral Dahlgren, South Pacific Squadron. *i866. 

John Alexander Hamilton. Commissioned Jul)- 1862 
at Keene, N. H., Chaplain, 6th N. H. Vols.; served at 'battles 
of 2nd Bull Run. Fredericksburg, and at siege of Vicksburg 
Mustered out Aug. 1863, at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Stephen Edward Jones. Commissioned May, 1861, by 
Governor of Kentucky, ist Lieut, and assigned to duty as Aid- 
de-camp upon staff of Major General Nelson; July 1861 
transferred to staff of Major General Thomas ; June, 1862, trans- 
ferred to staff of Major-General Boyle, commanding district of 
Kentucky, Headquarters at Louisville. Promoted to rank of 
Captain, June, 1863 ; acting Provost Marshal General of the 
District of Kentucky ; continued in the service on staff duty 
until the close of the war. 

Ralph Lyman Parsons. Commissioned acting Asst. Sur- 
geon, July, 1862 ; stationed at General Hospital, Bedloe's 
Island, N. Y. Harbor; resigned, June ist, 1863. 

*Henry Reuben Pierce. Commissioned, Nov., 1862, 2nd 
Lieut., 5th R. I. Infantry; served under Gen. Burnside in 
expedition to Newbern and fell at the battle of Newbern while 
leading his men in a successful charge on the enemy's rifle pits 
March 14th, 1863. ' 


John Cooper. Commissioned Surgeon, 1861 ; on the staff 
of Gen. Fremont, 1862 ; in charge of hospital at Alexandria, 
Va., 1 863-1 864; served at the prisons for Confederates, New 
Orleans, La., 1864-1865 ; staff Surgeon, 17th army corps, 
1865. *i904, 

Alexander Baxter Crane. Commissioned Aug. 15th, 
1862, at Terre Haute, Ind., Captain 85th Ind. Vols.; promoted 

Lieut. Colonel Sept. 4th ; Provost Marshal, Oct., 1862 ; Colonel, 
July 2 1 St, 1864; stationed at Nicholsville and Danville, Ky., 
and Nashville, Tenn., under Gen. Granger in Reserve Corps of 
army of the Cumberland, spring of 1863 ; placed on the Board 
for examining applicants for office among colored troops, at 
Nashville, Tenn., Aug., 1863 ; rejoined Regt. in Gen. Sher- 
man's army, spring of 1864; served in Atlanta Campaign, and 
" Sherman's March," and was in the battles of that army till 
the surrender of Johnston. Taken prisoner at Thompson's Sta- 
tion, March 5th, 1863, and transferred to Libby Prison, but 
exchanged in the middle of May, 1863 ; mustered out June 
12th, and discharged, June 28th, 1865, at Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Calvin Kimball. Commissioned Chaplain 8th Mass. 
Vols., Oct. 2nd, 1862 ; served in 8th army corps, at Newbern, 
Roanoke Island and Elizabeth City ; ordered to Baltimore, 
June 25th, 1863, thence to army of Potomac after battle of 
Gettysburg; mustered out Aug. 7th, 1863, at Wenham, Mass. 

*Edward Burns Olcott. Enlisted 1861, 5th Regt. N. Y. 
Heavy Artillery ; served in various battles, and was taken pris- 
oner at Staunton, Va., in summer of 1864, and carried to Libby 
Prison ; died there of chronic diarrhoea, Aug. 9th, 1864. 

Edmund Morris Pease. Commissioned Aug. i6th, 1862, 
Asst. Surgeon, i6th Conn. Vols, at Hartford, Conn.; discharged 
from i6th Conn., and appointed in 9th U. S. C. I.: 
acting as Brigade Surgeon, Dec. ist. 1863 — May, 1865 ; served 
as chief medical officer ist Div., 25th army corps, May, 1865 — 
Jan., 1866 ; chief medical officer of District of the Rio Grande, 
Jan., 1866— Sept., 1866. Served at " Old Church Hospital," 
Frederick City, Md., at time of battle of Antietam ; at Suffolk, 
Va.; with Gen. Dix's expedition near Richmond ; Benedict, 
Md.; Port Royal, S. C, under Gen. Foster ; with army of the 


Potomac before Petersburg, under Gen. Meade ; with army of 
the James, under Gens. Butler and Terry; with 25th army 
corps, at capture of Richmond; Brownsville, Texas, June, 
1865, under Gens. Steele, Weitzel and Sheridan, till Sept.,' 
1866; New Orleans, till Dec, 1866. Sick with typhoid fever', 
Nov. 17th, 1862— March ist, 1863. Mustered out at New 
Orleans, Nov., 1866, and discharged Dec. 21st, 1866, at Balti- 
more, Md. 

Ira Welch Pettibone, n. g. Commissioned Oct., 30th, 
1 86 1, Major loth Conn. Vols.; promoted Lieut. Colonel, Feb. 
8th, 1862; Colonel, June 15th, 1862. Served at battles of 
Roanoke Island and Newbern. Discharged on account of 
sickness, Nov. 15th, 1862. 

Henry Martyn Saville. Appointed Surgeon 4th Mass. 
Vols. April, 186 1. Served at battle of Big Bethel and in hos- 
pitals. Left service in the field Aug., 1862 ; examiner of 
recruits for Norfolk Co., Mass., for the remainder of the war. 



Edwin Cone Bissell. Commissioned Sept. 8th, 1862, 
Captain Co. K, 52nd Mass. Vols., at Westhampton, Mass! 
Served in Gen. Banks' Expedition to Louisiana, in the raid up 
Bayou Teche and at the siege, assault and capture of Port 
Hudson. Mustered out Aug. 14th, 1863, at Greenfield, Mass 

Albert Henry Bridgman. Enlisted at Maysville, Iowa, 
in Co. H, 32nd Iowa Vols, Aug. 14th, 1862 ; promoted 
Sergeant. Served most of the time in hospital and as clerk in 
Provost Marshal's office at Island No. 10; with the Regt. 
in the i6th army corps, army of the Tennessee, on two expe- 


ditions through Mississippi, in pursuit of Gens. Forest and S. 
D. Lee. Furloughed from Memphis Aug. 29th, 1864, and 
served with superintendent for forwarding troops. Mustered 
out at Cairo, 111., July 21st, 1865. 

Francis Frederic Brown. Commissioned Dec, 1862, at 
Readville, Mass., Asst. Surgeon 48th Mass. Vols.; served at 
Baton Rouge under Gen. Banks, Corps Commander ; also at 
Port Hudson ; sick for several weeks with malarial fever at 
Port Hudson. Mustered out Sept. 5th, 1863, at Wenham, 
Mass. *i89o. 

John Curtis Caldwell. Commissioned Oct. i6th, 1861, 
Colonel nth Me. Vols.; promoted Brig. Gen., May 13th, 1862 ; 
and afterwards Brevet Major General. In battles of Young's 
Mills, Yorktown, Lee's Mills, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, 
Mechanicsville, Peach Orchard, Savage Station, White Oak 
Swamp, Charles City Cross Roads, Malvern Hill, 2nd Bull 
Run, Antietam, Charlestown, Snicker's Gap, Fredericksburg, 
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Robertson's Tavern, Bristow Sta- 
tion, Auburn, Falling Water, Mine Run and Morton's Ford. 
One of the guard of honor to escort Pies. Lincoln's remains to 
Springfield, 111. Slightly wounded at Fredericksburg. Mustered 
out Feb., 1866. 

RuFUS Choate. Commissioned, May 28th, 1861, 2nd 
Lieut., 2nd Mass. Vols.; promoted Captain, Sept. 17th, 1862 ; 
served in battles of Jackson, Front Royal, Winchester, Cedar 
Mountain and Antietam ; suffered greatly from neuralgia 
throughout the service, and compelled by disease to resign Oct. 
31st, 1862. *i866. 

John Jay Colton. Commissioned Paymaster of Vols., Feb. 
24th, 1865, with rank of Major. Stationed at Philadelphia for 


payment of mustered-out soldiers. Mustered out Sept. ist, 
1865, at Philadelphia. 

MiCAH Sampson Croswell. Commissioned ist Lieut. Co. 
E, 8th Minn. Vols., Aug. 25th, 1862, at Fort Snelling, Minn.; 
March 27th, 1863, promoted Commissary with rank of Captain ; 
Jan., 1866, Brevet Major; May, 1866, Brevet Lieut. Col. Served 
at Monticello, Minn.; Fort Ripley, on the Upper Mississippi ; 
summer of 1863, on expedition against Sioux Indians, under 
Gen. Sully; May, 1864— March, 1865, at Fayetteville, Ark., 
Gen. Steele, commanding; March, 1865— Aug., 1866, at Fort 
Smith, Ark. Sick at Fayetteville with dysentery, and at Fort 
Smith with chills and remittent fever. Mustered out Aug. 4th, 

George Edward Dunlap. Enlisted Aug., 1S62, at Roch- 
ester, Mass., Co. C, 51st Mass. Vols.; promoted Orderly Ser- 
geant; served in expedition to Goldsboro, N. C; at battles of 
Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, under Gen. Foster ; stationed at 
Beaufort and Fort Macon, N. C, at time of battle of Gettys- 
burg ; at Baltimore, searching for concealed arms and prison- 
ers. Mustered out, July 27th, 1863, at Worcester, Mass. 

Alfred Douglas Evans, n. g. Served under Farragut in 
U. S. Navy. 

Asa Severance Fiske. Commissioned Jan., 1862, Chap- 
lain 4th Minn. Vols., at St. Paul, Minn.; served at Corinth, luka 
and Vicksburg, under Gens. Grant, Rosecrans, Pope and Sher- 
man. For two years in charge of freedmen in District of Mem- 
phis, by order of Gen. Grant. Mustered out April, 1865, at 
Washington, D. C. 

Appleton Howe Fitch. Commissioned May, 1864, ist 


Lieut., Co. F., 139th 111. Vols., at Peoria, 111. Mustered out 
Oct., 1864, at Peoria, 111. 

*Edward Smith Gilbert. Enlisted April 20th, 1861, at 
Rochester, N. Y., Co. D, 13th N. Y. Vols.; commissioned 2nd 
Lieut; May ist, promoted Captain 25th N. Y. Vols.; Major, 
April 17th, 1862, and Lieut.-Col., Sept. 12th, 1862. Served at ist 
and 2nd Bull Run, Hanover Court House. Yorktown, Mechan- 
icsville, and Gaines' Mills, under Fitz John Porter, command- 
ing Division, and Gen. McClellan commanding Army. Taken 
prisoner at Gaines' Mills, June 14th, 1862 ; carried to Rich- 
mond, and exchanged Aug. i6th, at Harrison's Landing. Died 
from disease contracted in Richmond, Va., Feb. 22, 1863. 

*Dixi Crosby Hovt. Enlisted July, 1861, in 13th Mass. 
Vols., at Westboro, Mass. Discharged soon after on account 
of sickness. Commissioned Post Surgeon at Readville, in 
summer of 1862, and Asst. Surgeon 5th Mass. Vols., Oct. 22nd. 
Engaged in battles of Newbern and Kinston, N, C. Mus- 
tered out July 2nd, 1863, and Aug. 24th of the same year 
appointed ist Asst. Surgeon, 2nd Mass. Heavy Artillery. 
Stationed at Beaufort and Newbern, N. C; died there of yellow 
fever, Nov. ist, 1864. 

George Lowell Montague, n. g. Enlisted April 29th, 
1861, at Beloit, Wis., in 6th Wis. Vols.; commissioned ist 
Lieut. May, 1861; resigned in Nov. of the same year, to 
assist in raising troops. Enlisted Aug. nth, 1862, at 
South Hadley, Mass., in 37th Mass. Vols. Promoted Cap- 
tain, Aug. 13th, 1862 ; Major, Sept. 4th, 1862 ; Lieut. Colonel, 
Jan. 17th, 1863; Brevet Colonel, Sept. 12th, 1864, for dis- 
tinguished gallantry at Spottsylvania Court House ; in com- 
mand of the Regt. from May 6th, 1864, except when in com- 
mand of Brigade. Served at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wil- 


derness Spottsylvania Court House, Cold Harbor, Petersburg 
Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, etc., under Gens. Bu™swf' 
Frankhn Hooker, Meade, Sedgwick, Grant and Sheridan 

vT a Cour^H "t ''''""""^' ''"' ""'" •™- »' Spotts," 

less than^h- ^T' ?°' '"""^'^ ' ^''=^"' "°"' -""-"d 
less than thirty days, and resigned on account of injury received 
from fall of his horse, March 4th, ,865. received 

Charles William Moore, n. g. Enlisted Co. I, erst Re« 
Mass^ Vols., Aug. rgth, .86., for nine months se rice ; pfo 
moted IS. Sergeant, May ,5th, 1863 ; commissioned .nd Lieut 
June ,st, ,863. Mustered out July 27th, ,863. 

Joseph Brown Reynolds. Commissioned May 2nd ,86^ 

Hudtr'u" ''•\''"^- """'■ ^^^'- ^"'^-"^ '" battle of Port 
Hudson May 27,h, and June ,4th, .863, under Major Gen. N 
P.^Banks. Mustered out at New Orleans, in iay, .864: 

son, Wis., ,„ Co. K, ,st Wis. Vols.; promoted Corporal and 
Sergeant; Adjutant 8th Wis. Vols., Oct., ,86r ; .Sept '3.1 
.864, promoted Colonel 42nd Wis. Vols.; served a' Falfing 
Waters and Frederick.own, Md., New Madrid, Island No o 
uka, Corinth, Vicksburg, Pensacola, Red River expedition 
stationed as commander of the Post, a. Cairo, Sep,., ,864 ■ lef; 
the service July, 1865. *i888. i^. 1004,1611 

John BUFEIKGTON Sticknkv, n. g. Enlisted Co. A „th 
Ocf\T:se """'■":■•'''■' commissioned rs, 'Je^ul: 

cha;ge"}u:r;th,r8r4°"'' '^^"'" '""- -"^' "^^- °'^- 

Chauncev Boardman Thomas. Commissioned Hospital 


Chaplain at Washington, D. C, June 6th, 1862. Served at 
Alexandria, Va., June, 1862 — July, 1863 ; at New Orleans, La., 
until mustered out July 13th, 1866. *i88i. 

Charles Henry Walton. Commissioned ist Lieut. 6th 
N. Y. Vols, at New York, in autumn of 1861. Promoted 
acting Asst. Quartermaster. Served at Santa Rosa Island, 
Fla.; sick with swamp fever and resigned in autumn of 1862. 


John Loren Wilson. Enlisted Aug. 5th, 1862, at Spring- 
field, 111., in 114th 111. Vols. Commissioned Captain; pro- 
moted Asst. Provost Marshal at Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 27th, 
1864, and Provost Marshal Oct., 1864. Served at Memphis 
and Vicksburg under Gen. Grant. 


George Pemberton Bangs, n. g. Commissioned ist Lieut. 
Co. K, 2nd Regt. Mass. Vols., May 25, 1861 ; promoted Cap- 
tain, June 13, 1862. Honorably discharged March 29, 1863. 

*John Henry Bradley, n, g. Enlisted Co. G, 2nd Regt., 
Conn. Vols., Jan. 4, 1864. Died of disease, March 18, 1864. 

James Marsh Ellis. Commissioned May 28th, 186 r, 2nd 
Lieut. Co. B, 2nd Regt. Mass. Vols.; assigned to staff duty with 
Gen. Banks, as Captain and Commissary of subsistence; Nov. 
22, 1861, transferred to staff of Gen. Abercrombie. Commis- 
sioned in 1863, Lieut. Colonel and Chief Commissary of subsis- 
tence, 23d army corps, on staff of Gen. Hartsuff. Served in 
Shenandoah campaign under Gens. Patterson and Banks ; 2nd 
Bull Run, Gen. Pope ; Antietam, Gen. McClellan ; Fredericks- 
burg, Gen. Burnside ; East Tennessee, Gen. Hartsuff; Baton 
Rouge, and Red River campaign, Gen Banks. Resigned, Oct., 


*Edwin Coleman Hand. Enlisted early in the war and 
assisted in raising a company for loth Regt. N. Y. Cavalry in 
which he was commissioned 2nd Lieut., and promoted Captain. 
Served through the war; was in the battle of Antietam, and in 
several cavalry raids. Died of typhoid fever, at Binghamton, 
N. Y., June 27th, 1865. 

Augustus Harrington. Enlisted 136th Regt. N.Y. Vols., 
at Camp Portage, Livingston Co., N. Y.; left^camp for the 
front, Oct. 2nd, 1862 ; promoted Captain, commission dat- 
ing from Sept 2nd, 1862 ; at Fredericksburg, and afterwards 
on picket and outpost duty on the Rappahannock ; in the 
advance at Bank's Ford. Va., Jan. 21st, 1863. Resigned, and 
mustered out Jan. 22nd, 1863. *i895. 

Thomas Peverly Herrick. Commissioned early in the 
war. Captain, 7th Regt. Kansas Cavalry, and promoted Col. 
Served in battles of Corinth, Coffeeville, and Tupellos, in Mis- 
sissippi, in command of brigade. Suffered from neuralgia, 
but served to the close of the war. *i866. 

William Bird Kimball. Enlisted May, 186 1, at Westboro 
Mass., in 13th Regt. Mass. Vols. Promoted Sergt., July igth^ 
1861 ; Commissary Sergt., March ist, 1862 ; 2nd Lieut, May 
25th, 1862 ; ist Lieut., Feb. 27th, 1863 ; Captain, Oct. 4th, 1863. 
Served at 2nd Bull Run, under Gen. Pope ; on detached service 
in Commissary Dept. at time of Antietam and ist Fredericks- 
burg battles ; 2nd Fredericksburg under Gen. Hooker, Gen. 
Reynolds, Corps Commander; at Gettysburg under' Gen. 
Mead, and Gens. Reynolds and Doubleday, Corps Comman- 
ders ; in campaign of Wilderness, Gen. Warren, Corps Com- 
mander. Mustered out at Boston, August ist, 1864. 

SiTLLMAN Rice. Commissioned at Madison, Conn., Sept. 
ioth,2nd Lieut. 27th Regt. Conn. Vols.; promoted ist Lieut., 


March 13th, 1863. Served at Fredericksburg under Gen. Burn- 
side, Gen. Sumner, Division Commander ; Chancellorsville, 
under Gen. Hooker ; Gettysburg, under Gen. Meade. Taken 
prisoner at Chancellorsville, May 3rd, 1863, reached Libby 
Prison May 8th, paroled May 13th. Mustered out at New 
Haven, Conn., July 27th, 1863. 

Samuel Chester Staples. Commissioned Major, Sept. 
15th, 1862. Served in army of the Potomac as Paymaster, 
from Sept., 1862 to Jan., 1863 ; ordered to Newbern, N. C, 
under Gen. Foster, but in July, returned again to army of the 
Potomac; served under Gens. Kilpatrick, Gregg and Pleasan- 
ton ; Feb. 8th, 1864 ordered to Santa Fe, New Mexico, thence 
to El Paso, Texas, and Department of Arizona, under Gen. 
Castleton ; in spring of 1866 ordered to Department of Cali- 
fornia, under Gen. McDowell. Mustered out at Santa Fe, 
July 20th, 1866. ^1870. 

William Franklin Wilder, n. g. Enlisted Co. D., 46th 
Regt., Illinois Vols., Dec. ist, 186 1 ; commissioned Captain. 
Resigned Nov. 24th, 1862. 


John Henry Boalt. Commissioned June 26th, 1863, ist 
Lieut, nth Regt. Ohio Cavalry. Mustered out, April ist, 1865. 

JosiAH Copley, n. g. Enlisted June 26th, 1861, in Co. F, 
2 ist Regt. 111. Vols. Served in Missouri under Col. U. S. Grant ; 
fought at Fredericktown, Mo., 1861, under Col. Carlin ; siege 
of Corinth, under Gen. Pope ; battle of Perryville, Ky., under 
Gen. Mitchell ; Knob Gap, Tenn. and Stone River, 1862, 
Gen, McCooke ; Liberty Gap and Chickamauga, 1863. Sick 
with hemorrhage and swamp fever. Confined in Libby Prison ; 


Danville, Va.; Andersonville, Ga.; Florence, S. C. Mustered 
out at Springfield, 111., June 28th, 1865. 

Alva Lillie Frisbie. Commissioned Chaplain 20th Regt. 
Conn. Vols., Aug., 1863. Present at Resaca, and skirmish at 
Cassville, Ga.; marched with Sherman from Chattanooga to 
Atlanta ; served under Gens. Sherman, Slocum, Hooker and 
Thomas. Mustered out, July, 1864. 

Thomas Gordon Grassie. Commissioned Chaplain io8th 
Regt. N. Y. Vols., April 26th, 1864, at Falmouth, Va. In bat- 
tles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Bristow Station, Wilder- 
ness, Ream's Station and Deep Bottom ; served under Major 
Gens. Couch, Warren and Hancock, August, 1863, on sick leave 
twenty days ; attacked with malaria fever in August, 1864, and 
obliged to leave the service. Mustered out at Washington, D. 
C, Jan., 1865. *i898. 

George Trask Higley. Enlisted Oct. 8th, 1864, at New 
York City, 13th Regt. New York Cavalry ; acting Company and 
Quartermaster Sergeant. On defenses at Washington ; in 
pursuit of Mosby's and Johnson's guerillas ; served under Brig. 
Gen. Gamble. Mustered out at Washington, D. C, Sept. 25th, 

Ferdinand Shaw. Enlisted Jan. 14th, 1862, at Albany, 
N. Y., 12th N. Y. Light Battery. Promoted Quartermaster 
Sergeant April 5th, 1863 ; Lieut, and Quartermaster, Aug. 
nth, 1864; Commissary of subsistence, rank of Brevet Major, 
July 6th, 1865. Throughout the campaign before Richmond, 
commencing active service at Gettysburg. Served under Gens. 
Meade and Grant ; also served in Commissary Dept. one year 
after surrender of Richmond. Mustered out at Fredericksburg, 
Va., April, 1866. *i892. 



Timothy Field Allen. Commissioned Aug., 1862, actings 
Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., from New York. Stationed in hospi- 
tal at Point Lookout, Mo. Resigned after serving four months. 


Henry Maturin Bishop. Medical cadet in the army, in 
New York City and Newark, N. J., 1864-1865, for a part of 
this period stationed at Fort Schuyler. *i902. 

Daniel Jay Bliss. Enlisted 34th Regt. Mass. Vols., July 
7th, 1862, at Ware, Mass. Fought at Newmarket, May 15th, 
1864, Gen. Sigel commanding. Wounded and disabled for the 
rest of the war. Mustered out at Washington, D. C, June 
27th, 1865. *i903. 

Ethan Allen Paul Brewster. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. 
8th Regt. Mass. Vols., April 30th, 1861. Mustered out Aug. ist, 
1861. Commissioned Captain 23d Regt. Mass. Vols., Oct. 8th, 
1861. Promoted Major, May 5th, 1863. Served at battles of 
Roanoke, Newbern, Rawles' Mills, Kinston, Goldsboro and 
Appomattox. Mustered out Oct. 13th, 1864. *i877. 

George Adams Bright, n. g. Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. 
Navy, May 16, i86x ; Asst. Surgeon, Aug. 8, 1864; served 
until the end of the war. 

James Collins. Commissioned Surgeon 3d Regt. Penn. 
Reserve Corps, June 21st, 1861 ; Asst. Surgeon, L^. S. A., Feb. 
loth, 1864; Surgeon, U. S. A., Feb. 7th, 1865 ; Brevet Lieut. 
Col., June I St, 1865 ; in battles of Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mills, 
Peach Orchard, Charles City Cross-Roads, 2nd Bull Run, 
Antietam, Fredericksburg, Wilderness and Petersburg. Under 
Gens. McCall, McDowell, Porter, Reynolds, Crawford and 


Meade. Confined in Libby Prison. Mustered out July 19th, 
1865, at Washington, D. C. *i895. 

Horace Smith Fuller. Commissioned acting Asst. Sur- 
geon, U, S. A., March 30th, 1865. Ordered to McDougal 
General Hospital, Fort Schuyler, N. Y. Harbor. Honorably 
discharged at closing of hospital, Aug. i8th, 1865. 

John Francis Gleason, n. g. Private, 22nd Regt. Mass. 
Vols., 1861-1864; Sergeant after battle of Antietam. After 
battle of Gettysburg, detailed to assist in re-organizing colored 
troops at Washington, D. C. 

Chester Warner Hawley. Commissioned Chaplain, Oct. 
loth, 1864, 185th Regt. N. Y. Vols. With Regt. before Peters- 
burg ; at Weldon R. R. raid, Dec, 1864; Hatcher's Run, 
March 29th, White Oak Road, March 31st, and at surrender 
of Gen. Lee at Appomattox Court House, April 9th, 1865. 
Under Gens. Meade and Warner. Mustered out at Washing- 
ton, D. C, May 3d, 1865. *i902. 

*JosHUA Barker Flint Hobbs. Commissioned ist Lieut. 
Co. F, ist Regt. Mass. Cavalry, at Boston, Oct., 1863 ; promoted 
Captain ; fought at Cvilpepper, Auburn, Todd's Tavern, around 
Richmond, Vaughn's Road, St. Mary's Church and Cold Har- 
bor ; disabled by the explosion of a shell; in hospital at 
Annapolis. Mustered out at Boston, Oct., 1864. Died from 
injuries received in the service Jan. 6th, 1865. 

*Henry Martvn Kellogg. Enlisted in summer of 1861, 
Co. C, 33d Regt. 111. Infantry, at Bloomington, 111. Pro- 
moted Lieut, and subsequently Captain. Sick at St. Helena, 
Ark. Killed at siege of Vicksburg, Miss., May 20th. 1863. 


Benjamin Franklin Smith, n. g. Adjutant, 7th Regt., 
III. Vols., 1862 ; Captain and Asst. Adj. Gen., 1862-1865. 

Havilah Mowry Sprague. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon 
U. S. A., with rank of ist Lieut., May 26th, 1861. In battle of 
Wilson's Creek, Aug. loth, 186 1 ; afterwards on Gen. Halleck's 
Staff as medical attendant at Corinth, Miss. Ordered to St. 
Louis in the autumn of 1862 ; in charge of General Hospital 
at St. Louis in spring of 1863 ; in New York. City, in autumn 
of 1863, member of a Medical Board of examination ; in 
summer of 1864, in charge of General Hospital at Fort Schuy- 
ler, N. Y. Harbor ; in autumn of 1864, on Examining Board 
at New York City. Resigned at New York City, May ist, 
1865. *i874. 

Henry Goddard Thomas. Enlisted April 27th, 186 1, at 
Portland, Me., Co. G 5th Regt. Me. Vols.; commissioned Captain, 
May 4th, 1861. Appointed Captain nth Infantry, U. S. A., 
Aug. 5th, 1861, for gallantry in McDowell's campaign ; Col. 2nd 
Regt. U. S. colored troops March ist, 1863 ; Col. igth Regt. 
(colored) Dec, 1863 ; Brig. Gen. U. S. Vols., Nov. 30th, 1864; 
Brevet Maj. Gen., March 13th, 1865 ; Brevet Maj. U. S. A,, from 
battle of Spottsylvania ; Brevet Lieut. Col., from explosion of 
Petersburg mine, July 30th, 1864; Brevet Col. and Brevet Brig. 
Gen., for gallantry in campaign of 1864, and transferred to 
20th Regt. Infantry U. S. A., July 28th, 1866. Served under 
McDowell in Virginia campaign of 1861 ; went to La,, in 1863, 
under Gen. Banks ; returned to army of Potomac, soon after 
ordered to Maryland, and raised a colored Regt.; joined gth 
Corps under Gen. Burnside, in command of Brigade, May 3rd, 
1864; in Grant's campaign from Wilderness to fall of Rich- 
mond, then transferred to army of the James. Sick with gas- 
tric and malaria fever. Captured Aug. ist, 1864, and released 
next day. *i897. 


Justin Edwards Twitchell. Commissioned May 29th, 
1863, at Dayton, Ohio, Chaplain 131st Regt., Ohio Vols. Sta- 
tioned at Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, Md. Mustered out at 
Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 25th, 1863. ^igoo. 

*Charles Boardman Whittlesey, n. g. Enlisted Aug. 30, 
1862, Co. D, 23d Regt., Conn. Vols.; mustered in Nov. 14th, 
1862, for nine months' service ; mustered out Aug. 31st, 1863. 
Continued in service in a position not ascertained. Died at 
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 21st, 1864. 


William Lee Apthorp. Enlisted at Kingston, N. Y. 90th 
Regt. N. Y. Vols. Promoted Sergeant, June 27th, 1862 ; Cap- 
tain 2nd Regt. U. S. Vols, (colored) March 3rd, 1863 ; Lieut. Col., 
March ist, 1865. Served during the war in Dept. of the South. 
On Morris Island during siege of Charleston and bombardment 
of Fort Sumter, and in all operations from South Carolina to 
Florida, under Gens. Hunter, Gilmore and Foster. Mustered 
out at Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 28th, 1866. *i879. 

James Fitzgerald Claflin. Enlisted 5th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Marlboro, Mass. In battles of Whitehall and Kinston, and 
in all the marches and skirmishes under Gen. Foster during 
winter of 1862-3. Sick with congestive fever, and returned 
home, July, 1863. Mustered out at Boston, in Aug., 1863. 

*JosHUA Oilman Hawkes. Enlisted in the 52nd Regt. 
Mass. Vols., in the autumn of 1862. Soon promoted Sergeant. 
In Jan., 1863, while in camp at Baton Rouge, was sick with 
camp fever, but recovered so far as to accompany Regt. in the 
Teche expedition in April and May ; at the siege of Port Hud- 


son and the assault of the 14th of June. On the 23rd of 
July, 1863, embarked with his Regt. on the steamer Chouteau 
for Cairo ; the next morning was missing ; probably fell over- 
board in the night. 

*SiDNEY Walker Howe. Commissioned ist Lieut., ist 
Regt. N. Y. Excelsior Brigade under Gen. Hooker. Killed at 
battle of Williamsburg, May 5th, 1862.' 

Hiram Judson Noyes, n. g. Commissioned Ass't Surgeon, 
4th Regt. U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery, July 24th, 1864. Mus- 
tered out with the regiment, Feb. 25th, 1866. 

Philander Read. Enlisted 75th Regt. N. Y. Vols., Sept. 
14th, 1861, at Auburn, N. Y.; promoted Hospital Steward, 
March 14th, 1862, and Chaplain 4th Regt. La. Native Guards, 
April nth, 1863. Present at engagement at Bayou La Fourche, 
Oct. 26th, 1862 ; 1865, in campaign against Mobile; and at 
the capture of Fort Blakely, April 8th, 1865. Mustered out at 
New Orleans, Dec. 31st, 1865. *i904. 

Luther Rominor Smith. Commissioned Junior ist Lieut.^ 
9th Mich. Light Battery, Aug. 14th, 1862, at Detroit, Mich.; 
promoted Captain early in 1864; fought at battle of Gettysburg 
under Gen. Stahl ; in autumn of 1863 in army of the Cumber- 
land, and spring of 1864 transferred to 20th army corps under 
Gen. Hooker ; participated in all the battles in which that corps 
was engaged until fall of Atlanta. Mustered out at Detroit, 
Mich., July, 1865. 

Edward Horace Spooner. Enlisted Co. D 3rd Regt. 
Heavy Artillery, Mass. Vols., June 30th, 1863; promoted com mis- 

'See Appendix II. 


sary Sergeant, specially detailed to have charge of Post at Gal- 
loup Island, Boston Harbor, Discharged May 17th, 1865. 

Henry Martyn Tupper. Enlisted 36th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
July 14th, 1862, at Monson, Mass. Promoted Sergeant; with 
the army of the Potomac from Sept. 7th, 1862, to Feb., 1863 ; 
at I St battle of Fredericksburg, and afterwards transferred to 
Newport News ; March 20th sent to Kentucky, in June to 
Vicksburg, and after its surrender, in the pursuit of Gen. Johns- 
ton. Served under Gens. McClellan, Burnside, Hooker, Grant, 
and Sherman ; sick with chills and fever in Kentucky, and sent 
to Portsmouth Grove Hospital, R. I.; after recovering, placed 
in 2nd Veteran Reserve Corps. Discharged July 14th, 1865. 

John Stites Whilldin. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, 
145th Regt. Penn. Vols., Sept. 12th, 1862 ; promoted Surgeon 
208th Regt. Peiin. Vols., Feb. 25th, 1865 ; served with army of 
the Potomac, and in nearly all its battles from Antietam to 
surrender of Lee at Appomattox. Discharged June ist, 1865. 

Richard Morris Wyckoff. Commissioned acting Asst. 
Surgeon, U. S. A., rank of Capt., Aug. 3d, 1864; served at 
McDougal General Hospital near Fort Schuyler, and on hospi- 
tal transport S. R. Spalding. Mustered out July 20th, 1865. 


Luther Armstrong. Enlisted Co. K, 33d Regt. Missouri 
Vols., Aug. 21, 1862. Promoted Sergeant Major; ist Lieut, 
and Quartermaster, June 20, 1864. Mustered out Aug .19, 


Samuel Ashurst, n. g. Contract Surgeon in U. S. Hospi- 
tal, Nashville, Tenn., in 1861 and 1862. Resigned on account 
of ill-health. *i9oi. 

Horace Binney. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., iiSthRegt. 
Penn. Vols., Aug. 30th, 1862. Promoted ist Lieut., then Cap- 
tain. On the staff of Maj. Gen. Wright, April i8th, 1863— 
June, 1865 ; Aide-de-Camp to Brig, and Brevet Maj. Gen. Neil ; 
Brevet Maj. U. S. Vols. Served in all general engagements of 
army of Potomac from Antietam to Petersburg; in battle of 
Winchester ; wounded in first day's battle of Wilderness. 
Mustered out June 7th, 1865. *i88i. 

Samuel Almiron Fitch, n. g. Asst. Surgeon, N. Y. Vols. 



Andrew Boyd Hutchinson, n. g. Commissioned ist 
Lieut., promoted Captain, 49th Regt. Penn. Vols., 1861 — 1864; 
in army of Potomac and Shenandoah Valley under Sheridan ; 
wounded, Rappahannock Station, Nov. 7, 1862, also at Mine 
Run and Cold Harbor; Aid to Gen. Edwards, 1864; Brigade 
Inspector, 1864. 

Justin Perkins Kellogg. Enlisted Aug. 20th, 1862, 52nd 
Regt. Mass. Vols. Promoted 2nd Lieut. Sept. 12th, 1862, and 
ist Lieut. Oct. 28th ; in Gen. Banks' expedition to New 
Orleans ; also in expedition against Port Hudson, March, 
1863 ; and Bayou Teche in western La. in April ; in the fight 
at Irish Bend, and in siege of Port Hudson. Resigned Aug. 
14th, 1863. 

*Joseph Mason. Appointed Hospital Steward of the hos- 
pital ship Euterpe, July, 1862. Acting Medical Cadet at the 
Mill Creek General Hospital, Aug. 5th to 25th. Died of 


typhoid fever at Mill Creek, near Fortress Monroe, Nov. 19th, 

*Lucius Lathrop Merrick. Enlisted July, 1862, 36th Regt. 
Mass. Vols.; promoted Sergeant. Served in defense of Knox- 
ville, Gen. Burnside, commanding ; wounded, and taken pris- 
oner ; in battle of Wilderness, May, 1864, again wounded ; in 
battle near Petersburg shot through the body and captured by 
the rebels. Died on one of their hospital boats, Oct. 7th, 1864. 

William De Forest Prentiss. Commissioned May 26th, 

186 1, 2nd Lieut., Co. G, 31st Regt. N. Y. Vols. Promoted ist 
Lieut. Oct., 1861, and Captain, Dec, 1861. Served at ist Bull 
Run, West Point, Gaines' Mills, Savage Station, Malvern Hill, 
South Mountain and Antietam, under Gens. McDowell and 
Franklin. Mustered out on account of sickness, at Frederick, 
Md., Sept. 29th, 1862. *i896. 

Samuel Tyler Read, n. g. Commissioned Captain, 3d 
Regt. Mass. Vols., Sept. 17, 1861 ; promoted Major Nov. 13, 
1863. Discharged Nov. i, 1864. 

Charles Herbert Richardson. Chaplain, 92nd Regt. N. 
Y. Vols, from Feb. 4, 1864 — Jan. 4, 1865 ; and from that date 
98th Regt. N. Y. Vols, until Sept., 1865. With these regiments 
participated in a number of noted battles, including those of 
Cold Harbor and the Wilderness. *i903. 

Samuel Forrest Robinson, n. g. Enlisted Co. A, i6th 
Regt. Me. Vols., May 21, 1862. Promoted Lieut. July 21, 

1862. Commissioned Captain, Nov. 19, 1862. Discharged 
Jan. 24, 1863. 


Edward Olcott Shepard. Commissioned ist Lieut., 32d 
Regt. Mass. Vols. June i6th, 1862. Promoted Captain Nov. 
I ith, 1862 ; Major, June 30th, 1864 ; Brevet Lieut. Col. Feb. 6th, 
1865. Served in battles of Gainesville, 2nd Bull Run, Chan- 
tilly, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, 
Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Petersburg, and at Wel- 
don Railroad. Under Gens. Meade, Warren, Griffin, and Fitz 
J. Porter. Wounded at Gettysburg, Wilderness, Petersburg ; 
wounded and taken prisoner at Hatcher's Run, Feb. 6th, 1865. 
Mustered out at Boston, July 17th, 1865. *i903. 

Samuel John Storrs. Enlisted 5 2d Regt. Mass. Vols., 
August, 1862. Promoted Captain, August, 1862, and Lieut. 
Col. Nov. 19th, 1862 ; served in the Teche campaign, spring 
of 1862 ; Port Hudson, summer of 1862. Under Gens. Grover, 
Weitzel and Banks. Mustered out at Greenfield, Mass., Aug. 
5th, 1863. ^1892. 

Francis Amasa Walker. Commissioned Sergt. Major, 15th 
Regt. Mass. Infantry, July, 1861. Promoted Captain, Asst. 
Adj. Gen., Sept., 1861 ; Maj., Asst. Adj. Gen., Aug., 1862 ; 
Lieut. Col., Asst. Adj. Gen., Jan., 1863 ; Brevet Col. of Vols., 
1864; Brevet Brig. Gen. of Vols., 1865. Served with Gen. 
Stone on upper Potomac, in summer of 1861 ; with Couch 
near Washington, Sept., 1861 ; Peninsular campaign with 
McClellan ; siege of Yorktown ; battle of Williamsburg ; Fair 
Oaks ; " Seven Days "; 2nd Bull Run ; Antietam, Fredricks- 
burg, under Burnside, and Chancellorsville, under Hooker ; 
in campaign of Gen. Grant, 1864; battles of Wilderness, 
Spottsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. 
Wounded at Chancellorsville ; captured at battle of Ream's Sta- 
tion, Aug., 1864 ; paroled Oct., 1864. Resigned, Jan., 1865, on 
account of disease contracted in prison. *i897. 


Lewis Willard West. Enlisted Sept. i6th, 1861, 27th 
Regt. Mass. Vols., at Hadley, Mass.; promoted Corporal, Nov. 
ist, 1861 ; served in Burnside's expedition to North Carolina; 
battles of Roanoke Island, Newbern, N. C; Gen. Foster's expe- 
dition to Goldsboro ; battles of Kinston and Whitehall. Sick 
with bilious fever, and twice with diphtheria. Mustered out at 
Newbern, N. C, April ist, 1863. 

Edward Reed Wheeler. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, 
24th Regt. Mass. Vols., May loth, 1864 ; promoted Surgeon, 
Nov. loth, 1864. Served at Drury's Bluff, Va.; Deep Bottom, 
Va.; Deep Run, Va.; Petersburg, Sept.; Darbytown Road, Va.; 
under Gens. Butler, R. S. Foster, Terry, Binney, Ames and 
Turner. Mustered out at Richmond, Va., Jan. 20th, 1866, 


Copley Amory, n. g. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., 4th Regt. 
U. S. Cavalry, Aug. 5th, 1861. Promoted ist Lieut., Oct. 
17th, 1862. Resigned Dec. 15th, 1863. *i879. 

Edwin Norton Andrews. Commissioned Chaplain, 2nd 
Regt. N. J. Cavalry at Memphis, Tenn., Jan., 1864. Served in 
several cavalry raids under Gen. Grierson ; sick with remittent 
fever at Memphis, Feb., 1865. Mustered out March 21st, 1865. 

John Perkins Apthorp. Enlisted Aug. 28th, 1862, loth 
Mass. Light Battery at Boston ; served in defenses of Wash- 
ton, under Gen. Heintzelman ; battle of Auburn, under Gen, 
French ; battle Kelly's Ford, Nov., 1863, under Gen. Hum- 
phrey ; battle of Wilderness ; Spottsylvania ; battle of North 
Anna, under Gen. Hancock ; Cold Harbor ; siege of Peters- 
burg : Ream's Station ; Hatcher's Run ; Lee's retreat and 


surrender. Mustered out at Galloups Island, Boston Harbor, 
June 9th, 1865. 

Thomas Blagden. Appointed Captain's Clerk, U. S. 
steamer Housatonic, Feb., 1862 ; commissioned acting Ensign 
and attached to Admiral Uahlgren's Staff, June, 1863 ; served 
in blockade off Charleston, S. C, and in bombardment of 
Forts Wagner, and Sumter. Resigned November, 1863. 

Charles Eugene Chenery, n. g. Entered naval service as 
acting Asst. Paymaster on board steam sloop Narragansett, 
Pacific squadron, June i8th, 1862 ; commissioned Paymaster, 
May 4th, 1866, and served in North Atlantic squadron under 
Rear Admiral J. S. Palmer. Resigned Sept. 15th, 1868. 

Edward Comstock. Commissioned Oct. ist, 1862, 1st Lieut, 
and Adjt., 46th Regt. N. Y. Vols.; promoted Brevet Captain 
and Major. Served in battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellors- 
ville, Gettysburg, and in all marches of army of the Potomac 
from Nov., 1862 to Aug., 1863 ; Staff officer in cavalry during 
Gen. Sherman's advance from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Under 
Gens. Burnside, Hooker, Meade and Sherman. Resigned at 
Chattanooga, Aug. 28th, 1864. 

Sidney Crawford. Commissioned Asst. Paymaster, Aug, 
13th, 1864. Stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. and Denver, 
Colorado. Left the service Aug. 13th, 1865. 

James Martyn Cushman, n. g. Enlisted Co. G, 4th Regt. 
Mass. Vols., April i6th, 1861, Served at Fortress Monroe as 
clerk at chief headquarters ; in battle of Big Bethel under Gen, 
Butler ; afterwards stationed at Newport News and Hampton, 


Va. Mustered out at Long Island, Boston Harbor, July 
22nd, 1861. 

John Dole. Enlisted on Volunteer Medical Staff, May, 
1862 ; served in the seven days' fight in Peninsula campaign ; 
appointed Medical Cadet in the regular army, and transferred 
to Army General Hospital, New Haven, Conn., under Post 
Surgeon Jewett. *i872. 

John Herbert Evans. Commissioned ist Lieut., 56th Regt. 
Ohio Vols., at Portsmouth, Ohio, Oct. 15th, 1861. Promoted 
Captain Nov. 20th, 1861. Served at Shiloh, April 6th and 7th, 
1862 ; marched to Memphis and St. Helena ; in two expedi- 
tions up White River to Duval's Bluff, Ark.; in expedition 
against Vicksburg ; battles of Port Gibson, Miss., Raymond, 
Champion Hills ; siege of Vicksburg ; expedition to Jackson ; 
transferred to army of Gulf ; joined Gen. Banks' Red River 
expedition ; in battle of Sabine Cross Roads. Sick with fever 
at St. Helena, Ark. Mustered out at New Orleans, Nov. 
25th, 1864. 

Samuel Page Fowler. Enlisted Co. K, 8th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Danvers, Mass., Sept., 1862. Promoted Sergeant, 
Sept., 1862. Served in campaign in North Carolina, from Nov., 
1862, to July, 1863, under Gen. J. G. Foster and Gen. Hoff- 
man ; sick in hospital from May to July. Mustered out at 
Wenham, Mass., Aug., 1863. 

Benjamin Franklin Hamilton, Post Chaplain at Camp 
Parole near Annapolis, Md. for paroled prisoners from March 
15th, 1863 to Nov. 15, 1863. Aided also in the care of the 
wounded on the battle-fields of Chancellorsville and Gettys- 
burg, and at the hospitals at Annapolis and Washington. 


Elijah Harmon. Enlisted 5 2d Regt. Mass. Vols., at Haw- 
ley, Mass., Aug. 15th, 1862, and soon after promoted Sergeant. 
Served in campaign of 1863, resulting in capture of Port Hud- 
son, under Gen. Banks. Mustered out at Greenfield, Mass., 
Aug. 14th, 1863. 

*Henry Abijah Hubbard, n. g. Commissioned Sept. 20th, 
i86t, at Springfield, Mass., Captain, Co. I, 27th Regt. Mass. 
Vols. Served in Burnside's expedition ; taken sick and died at 
Roanoke, Island, Feb. 12th, 1862. 

Arthur Kemble, n. g. Commissioned Aug., 1861, acting 
Asst. Surgeon, U. S. N. Served in North Atlantic squadron ; 
at siege of Fort Macon. Resigned May, 1862. 

Charles Goodrich King. Enlisted May 26th, 1862, loth 
Regt. R. I. Vols., at Providence, R. I.; appointed Hospital 
Steward June ist, 1862. Mustered out at Providence, R. I., 
Sept. loth, 1862. *i88i. 

Frederic Bartlett. Lawson, n. g. Commissioned acting 
Asst. Surgeon, U. S. N., Sept. i6th, 1862. Served 1862 — 1864 
on sloop Dale, at Key West, East Gulf squadron, Rear Admiral 
Bailey commanding; steamer Huntsville, 1864-65 ; ship 
Sabine, Norfolk, Va., 1865. Resigned Nov. 20th, 1865. 

Joseph Allen Leach. Commissioned Feb. ist, 1864, 
Chaplain, 19th U. S. C. I., at Baltimore, Md.; acting Aid-de- 
Camp. With army of the Potomac most of the time till close 
of the war. Mustered out at Washington, D. C, June, 1866. 

Edwin Rufus Lewis. Commissioned ist Lieut, and Aid- 
de-Camp to Gen. Lewis Wallace, Sept. ist, 1861 ; resigned 
Dec, 1861. Enlisted 21st Regt. Mass. Vols., Aug. 23d, 1862. 


Promoted Sergt. Major., Dec. 3d, 1862 ; ist Lieut, and Adj., 
April 26th, 1863 ; Captain, June i8th, 1864. Served at battles 
of Fredericksburg, Blue Springs, Tenn., Campbell's Station, 
siege of Knoxville, Wilderness, Va., Spottsylvania, Shady 
Grove Road, Cold Harbor, Petersburg Mine, Weldon R. R. 
Wounded twice at Fredericksburg and once during siege of 
Knoxville. Mustered out Aug. 30th, 1864. 

James Lewis. Commissioned Captain, Co. C, 144th Regt. 
N. Y. Vols., Aug. 14th, 1862. Promoted Lieut. Col., July 3d, 
1863 ; Col. Nov. 27th, 1864. Served at siege of Suffolk in 
spring of 1863; under Gen. Dix on Peninsula; at siege of 
Charleston, and bombardment of Fort Sumter ; capture of Forts 
Wagner and Gregg, in Aug. and Sept., 1863 ; in engagement 
on James Island, Feb. loth, 1865. Mustered out at Elmira, 
N. Y., July 14th, 1865. *i899. 

David Starrett Morgan, n. g. Enlisted Co. H, ist Regt. 
Mass. Heavy Artillery, July 22, 1862 ; discharged on account 
of wound, 1864. *i879. 

Daniel Thurber Nelson. Served in Hospital transport 
service June — August, 1861 ; acting Medical Cadet at Mass. 
General Hospital, Boston, Mass., Aug., 1862 — March, 1865 ; 
acting Asst. Surgeon in armies of the James and Potomac until 
close of the war ; in campaign before Richmond and Peters- 
burg ; battles in pursuit of Gen. Lee. Mustered out at Rich- 
mond, Ya., June 20th, 1865. 

Henry Clay Roome, n. g. Conunissioned ist Lieut., N. Y. 
Vols. Promoted Captain, with command of Regt. at Rich- 
mond, 1865, 

Frederick Milton Sanderson. Enlisted 21st Regt. Mass. 


Vols., at Worcester, Mass., Aug., 1861. Promoted ist Sergt., 
Oct. sth, 1861 ; 2nd Lieut., March 3d, 1862 ; ist Lieut., 
July 2 ist; Captain, Sept. 2d. Served at Roanoke Island in 
Feb., 1862 ; Fredericksburg, Rapidan River, Culpepper Court 
House, Bull Run, Chantilly, Frederick City, Md., So. Mountain 
and Antietam. Under Gens. Burnside, Reno and Sherman ; 
slightly wounded at Roanoke Island. Mustered out at Mt. 
Sterling, Ky., April 25th, 1865. 

Moses Porter SxXell. Enlisted Aug. 6th, 1862,36th Regt. 
Mass, Vols., at North Brookfield, Mass. Appointed ist Lieut. 
39th U. S. C. I., April 26th, 1864, at Baltimore, Md.; served in 
Wilderness campaign and seigeof Petersburg; Sept. 23d, 1864, 
detailed as acting Aid-de-Camp to Maj. Gen. Crawford; in ist 
and 2nd battles of Hatcher's Run, White Oak Road, Five 
Forks, and at Lee's surrender; for services in this campaign, 
promoted Brevet Captain ; afterwards served as A. A. D. C. to 
Gen. Duncan at Newbern, N. C. Mustered out in Dec, 1864. 

David Porter Stowell, n. g. Enlisted Co. F, 8th Regt. 
New Hampshire Vols., Nov. 25th, 1863. Promoted Lieut, 
and Asst. Surgeon ; on account of ill-health, resigned June 
24th, 1864, and honorably discharged. Served in the Depart- 
ment of the Gulf, and participated in the battles in which the 
regiment was engaged during that period, in Louisiana. *igo3. 

Edwin James Sweet, n. g. Enlisted Co. G, 40th Regt. N. Y. 
Vols., at Yonkers, N. Y., June 21st, 1861. Promoted Corporal, 
Jan. ist, 1863; Sergt., Feb. ist, 1863; ist Sergt., March ist; 
2nd Lieut., June 5th, 1863 ; istLieut. and Adj., Feb. 5th, 1864 ; 
Brevet Maj., April, 1865. Served at siege of Yorktown, Va., 
April, 1862 ; Williamsburg, May 5th; Fair Oaks, May 31st, and 
June ist; Malvern Hill, July ist; 2nd Bull Run, Aug. 30th; 


Chantilly, Sept. ist; Fredericksburg, Dec. 13th; Chancellors- 
ville, May 5th, 1863 ; Gettysburg, July ist-3d ; Wilderness, May 
5th, 6th, 1864; Spottsylvania, May 12th; North Anna, May 
24th; Cold Harbor. June 3d ; Petersburg, June i6th and i8th. 
Under Gens. McClellan, Heintzelman, Kearney, Burnside, 
Hooker and Meade ; wounded in the breast at Gettysburg, July 
2nd, 1863; sick with pneumonia, spring of 1864. Mustered 
out at New York City, July i8th, 1864. 


Edward Adams, n. g. Appointed Surgeon's Steward, Feb. 
13th, 1865, on U. S. Steamer Wachusetts ; March 5th sailed 
in search of rebel privateer Shenandoah ; afterwards joined 
the Asiatic squadron, under Rear Admiral Bell. Discharged at 
New York City, Feb. 8th, 1868. 

Francis Wayland Adams. Enlisted 51st Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Brookfield, Mass., Sept., 1862. Promoted ist Lieut., Oct. 
8th. Served in North Carolina under Gen. Foster; at battles 
of Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsboro. Sick with malarial 
fever, and obliged to return North. Resigned Jan. 25th, 1863. 

Washington Irving Allen. Commissioned ist Lieut., Co. 
D., 31st Regt. Mass. Vols., at Ware, Mass., Oct. 9th, 1861. 
Promoted Capt., Dec. 24th, 1862; Major, Nov. 24th, 1864; 
Lieut. Col., June 7th, 1865. Served at siege and capture of 
New Orleans ; Port Hudson ; in Gen. Banks' Red River expe- 
dition ; in battles of Sabine Cross Roads, Mansfield, Cave 
River Crossing and Yellow Bayou; assault on Spanish Fort 
and capture of Mobile. Under Gens. Butler, Augur, Grierson, 
Banks and Dudley. Wounded at Port Hudson, June 14th, 
1863. Mustered out at Mobile, Ala., Sept. 9th, 1865. 


Augustus Alvord, n. g. Enlisted ist Regt. Conn. Heavy 
Artillery, at Hartford, Conn., Nov. 24th, 1863. Promoted 
Chaplain 31st Regt. U. S. C. I., Feb. 9th, 1865. Served 
before Richmond and Petersburg ; at capture of Rich- 
mond and surrender of Lee ; in expedition to Western Texas. 
Under Gen. Grant in army of the James, and Gens. Sheridan 
and Weitzel, in Texas. Mustered out in Texas, Oct., 1865. 

Arthur Gardner Biscoe. Enlisted 51st Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Aug. 25th, 1862. Served under Gen. Foster in battle of 
Whitehall, N. C, Dec. i6th, 1862. Mustered out at Worces- 
ter, July 27th, 1863. *t879. 

Joseph Willard Brown. Enlisted Co. K, 7th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Abington, May 24th, 1861. Promoted 2nd Lieut., 
July 15th, 1854. Served at Washington, Fredericksburg, Shen- 
andoah Valley, Beaufort and siege of Suffolk ; in command of 
Fort Ethan Allen, Va., and Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Cotton- 
wood Springs, Neb., Fort Laramie, Wyoming Ter., in expedition 
against the Indians. Mustered out at Washington, D. C, Dec. 
i6th, 1865. 

Joseph Clark Clifford. Enlisted 42nd Regt. Mass. Vols, 
at Medway, Sept. 3rd, 1862. Promoted Sergeant; 2nd Lieut., 
Nov. 12th, 1862. Served in Dept. of the Gulf, under Gens. 
Sherman and Banks. Mustered out at Readville, Aug. 20th, 
1863. Commissioned ist Lieut. 5th Regt. Heavy Artillery, at 
Concord, N. H., Sept. 8th, 1864 ; acting A. D. C. to Gen. Has- 
kins in Dept. of Washington, Nov. 1864 — June, 1865. Mus- 
tered out at Concord, June 22nd, 1865. Appointed 2nd Lieut, 
in Ordnance Dept. U. S. A., June 23rd, 1865. ^1890. 

Ezra Christian Ebersole. Enlisted Penn. Cavalry, Home 
Guards, June, 1863. Served three months in State defense. 


Mustered out and re-enlisted in 44th Regt. Iowa Infantry, at 
Davenport, la., June ist, 1864. Promoted Sergeant and served 
at Memphis and La Grange, Tenn., under Gen. Washburn. 
Mustered out at Davenport, la., Sept. loth, 1864. 

John Lewis Ewell, n. g. Enlisted Co. F, 60th Regt. 
Mass. Vols. July 20, 1864, for one hundred days' service ; pro- 
moted Corporal. Mustered out Nov. 30, 1864. 

George Farr, n. g. Enlisted Co. D. 13th Regt. New Hamp- 
shire Vols. Aug. 14th, 1862 ; commissioned Captain, Sept. 19th, 
1862 ; wounded at Cold Harbor. June ist, 1864. Mustered 
out June 2 ist, 1865. *i895. 

Dyer Ball Nelson Fish, n. g. Commissioned Asst. Sur- 
geon, 27th Regt. Mass. Vols., at Boston, Jan. 9th, 1863. Pro- 
moted Surgeon Sept. 20th, 1864. Served in siege of Little 
Washington, Gum Swamp, Port Walthall, Arrowfield Church, 
Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor, and siege of Petersburg. Under 
Gens. Foster, Butler, Smith, Ord, Palmer and Schofield. Mus- 
tered out at Newbern, N. C, June 26th, 1865. *i895. 

Henry Allen Ford, n. g. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., Co. 
F, 19th Regt. Mich. Infantry, July 28th, 1862. Promoted ist 
Lieut., April 24th, 1862, and Captain, June ist, 1864. Served 
in battles of Thompson's Station, Resaca, Dallas, Cassville, 
Beechtree Creek, Bentonville ; Kentucky campaign against 
Smith and Bragg, and Sherman's raid through Carolinas. 
Under Gens. Dustin, Baird, Butterfield, Granger, Williams, 
Hooker, Rosecrans and Sherman. Captured at Thompson's 
Station, Tenn., March 5th, 1863, and confined two months in 
Libby Prison, Mustered out at Washington, D. C, June 
.9th, 1865. 


Lucius Abial Furney. Commissioned Captain, Co. F, 
45th Regt. U. S. C. I., Aug. 3rd, 1864. In the battles of Cha- 
pin's Bluff and White Oak Swamp in 25th C. I. 1864 — 1865. 
In battle of Hatcher's Run and present at Gen. Lee's surren- 
der. In Gen. Weitzel's expedition to Texas in 1865. Mus- 
tered out Nov. 4, 1865. 

Lucius Fayette Clark Garvin. Enlisted 5TSt Regt. 
Mass. Vols., at Worcester, Nov., 1862. Served at Kinston, 
Whitehall and Goldsboro, under Gen. Foster. Suffered much 
from sickness. Mustered out at Worcester, Mass., July, 1863. 

Henry Hill Goodell. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., Co. F, 
25th Regt. Conn. Vols., at Hartford, Conn., Aug. i6th, 1862. 
Promoted ist Lieut., April 14th, 1863 ; A, D. C. on Staff in 
19th army corps, July 8th of the same year. Served at Irish 
Bend, Vermillion, siege of Port Hudson and in the Teche cam- 
paign. Mustered out at Hartford, Conn., Aug. 26th, 1863. 

*Henry Gridley. Commissioned ist Lieut., 150th Regt., 
N. Y. Vols., at Amenia, N. ¥., Sept. 6th, 1862. Served in bat- 
tle of Gettysburg, pursuit of Lee ; transferred to army of Ten- 
nesee fall of 1863; Sherman's march to Atlanta; battle of 
Marietta, Ga. Sick with fever at Kellogg's Ford in summer of 
1863. Killed in battle of Marietta, June 22d, 1864. 

Eben Thomas Hale, n.g. Enlisted Co. A, 45th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Camp Meigs, Readville, Mass., Aug. 30th, 1862. 
Served at Goldsboro, Kinston and Whitehall. Mustered out 
at Readville, Mass., July 8th, 1S63. *i868. 

*Joseph P'rancis Hall, n. g. Sergeant, Co. F., 112th Regt. 
New York Vols. Died at Jamestown, N. Y., Aug, 13, 1864. 


Samuel Harrington. Commissioned ist Lieut., 25th 
Regt., Mass. Vols., at Worcester, Mass., Oct. 12th, 186 1. 
Promoted Captain, Nov. 5th, 1862 ; Lieut. Col, Jan. loth, 
1865. Served at Roanoke, Newbern, Kinston, Whitehall, 
Goldsboro, Port Walthall Junction, Arrowfield Church, Drury's 
Bluff, Cold Harbor, Petersburg and Wise's Forks. Under 
Gens'. Burnside, Foster, Butler, Smith and Meade. Mustered 
out July 13th, 1865. *i89S. 

Thomas Henderson, n. g. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, 
Feb. 3d, 1863. Served in Lawton General Hospital at St. 
Louis, Mo., General Hospital at Rolla, Mo. and Harney Gen- 
eral Hospital. Sick with varioloid. 

Charles Marsh Kittredge. Enlisted 13th Regt., N. H. 
Vols at Mt. Vernon, N. H., Sept. ist, 1862 ; promoted Orderly 
Sergeant ; 2nd Lieut., May ist, 1863. Served at Fredericks- 
burg, siege of Suffolk and Peninsula campaign. Under Gens. 
Burnside and Getty. Wounded at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13th, 

1862. Sick at Norfolk, Va., Aug., 1863. Resigned Nov. 14th, 

1863. *i896. 

Alva Aziza Knight. Commissioned ist Lieut. 34th Regt. 
U S. C. L at Beaufort, S. C, April 13th, 1864. Promoted 
Captain, Oct. 12th, 1865. Served at James Island, Fort Wag- 
ner Morris Island, John's Island, Devaux Landing and Honey 
Hill. Under Gens. Hunter, Gilmore, Hatch, Foster and 
Birney. Mustered out at Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 12th, 1866. 

Zechariah Edwards Lewis. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, 
U. S. A., June 7th, 1864. Served at Jefferson General Hospi- 
tal, Jeffersonville, Ind. Resigned Sept. 7th, 1864. 


RuFus Pratt Lincoln. Commissioned 2ncl Lieut., 37th 
Regt. Mass. Vols., at Amherst, Mass., Aug. 27th, 1862. Pro- 
moted Captain, Oct. 15th, 1862 ; Major, July 17th, 1864 ; Lieut. 
Colonel, March 4th, 1865 ; Colonel, May 19th, 1865. Served 
at battles of Fredericksburg, Mary's Heights, Franklin's Cross- 
ing, Gettysburg, Rappahannock, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spott- 
sylvania. Cedar Creek, Hatcher's Run, Petersburg and Taylor's 
Creek. Wounded at Wilderness and Spottsylvania. Mustered 
out, July 29th, 1865. *i90o, 

George Macomber. Commissioned ist Lieut. 34th Regt. 
Mass. Infantry, Aug., 1862. Promoted acting Adjutant, June, 
1863 ; acting Asst. Inspector General, Army of West Va., July, 
1864; Captain, Sept., 1864; transferred to 24th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., and promoted Brevet Major, June, 1865 ; 2nd Lieut., 
14th Regt. U. S. Infantry, May, 1866. Served at Ripon, 
Newmarket, Piedmont, Snicker's Gap, Winchester, Hallstown,. 
Berryville, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, Hatcher's Run, Peters- 
burg and Appomattox Court House. Under Gens. Hunter 
and Sheridan. *i869. 

Edward Maynard, n. g. Enlisted ist Regt. East Tenn., 
Vols., Sept. 1st, 1861. Promoted 2nd Lieut.; Adjutant; Lieut. 
Colonel, April, 1862. Served at Mill Springs, Chickamauga, 
Nashville, and in Atlanta campaign. Under Gens. Nelson, 
Anderson, Sherman, and Schofield. Seriously injured in Atlanta 
campaign, by falling from horse. Mustered out at Nashville, 
1865. *i868. 

Ephraim Merriam, n. g. Commissioned Asst. Surgeon, 
40th Regt. Mass. Vols., May 6, 1864 ; discharged July 7, 1864. 
Served also in hospital at Washington, D. C, 1864 — 1866. 


Edward Morris, n. g. Enlisted 46th Regt. Mass. Vols., at 
Springfield, Aug. 29th, 1861. Served at Newbern and Ply- 
mouth, N. C, under Gen. Foster. Mustered out at Springfield, 
July 29th, 1863. 

Frederick Daniels Morse. Enlisted 42nd Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Medway, Sept. 3rd, 1862. Served at battle of Brash- 
ear City, in army of the Gulf, under Gen. Banks. Captured at 
Brashear City, June 22nd, 1863, and paroled June 26th. Mus- 
tered out at Readville, Aug. 20th, 1863. 

*Elliot Payson, n. g. Enlisted in Naval service at Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Feb., 1863. Served on gunboat Tecumseh, in 
Western gunboat fleet. Died of pneumonia, at Cairo, 111., 
March 24th, 1863. 

Cyrus Murdock Perry. Commissioned Chaplain 2 4fh 
Regt. N. Y. Cavalry, April 14th, 1865. Served under Gen. 
Sheridan. Mustered out at Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 4th, 1865. 

Samuel Barrett Pettengill, n. g, Enlisted 7th Squad- 
ron, Rhode Island Cavalry, June 24th, 1862 ; promoted Ser- 
geant, Aug. 15th, 1862. Mustered out Oct. 2, 1862. 

Alvah Mills Richardson. Enlisted 45th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Boston, Aug., 1862. Served in Gen. Foster's expedi- 
tion and battles of Kinston and Whitehall. Sick with typhoid 
fever. Mustered out at Boston, Aug., 1863. 

Frederick Augustus Stevens, n. g. Enlisted Co. A, 13th 
Regt. Maine Vols., Oct. 6th, 1861. Commissioned Captain, 
Nov. 20th, 186 1. Honorably discharged, by reason of disa- 
bility, Oct. 4th, 1864. 


Samuel Augustus Stoddard. Enlisted 24th Regt. Light 
Artillery, at Perry, N. Y., Sept. 5th, 1862. Promoted Corporal, 
Oct., 1862. Served in battle of Newbern and at Plymouth, N. 
C. In hospital eight weeks with remittent fever. Mustered 
out at Syracuse, N. Y., July 7th, 1865. *i886. 

Mason Whiting Tyler. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., 37th 
Regt. Mass. Vols., at Amherst, Mass., Aug. ist, 1862. Pro- 
moted ist Lieut., Sept. 4th, 1862 ; Captain, Jan. 17th, 1863 ; 
Major, Mar. 4th, 1865 ; Lieut. Colonel, May 19th, 1865 ; Col- 
onel June 26th, 1865. Served in battles of ist and 2nd Fred- 
ericksburg, Burnside's Campaign, Salem Church, Gettysburg, 
Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, 
Hanover Junction, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Fort Stearns, 
Summit Point, Winchester, Hatcher's Run and Forts Steadman 
and Sedgwick. Wounded at Winchester and Fort Sedgwick. 
Mustered out at Washington, D. C, July 2nd, 1865. 

Samuel Colville Vance. Commissioned Captain, 27th 
Regt. Mass. Vols, at Springfield, Oct. 9th, 1861. Promoted 
Major, 70th Regt. Ind. Vols., Aug. 9th, 1862 ; Colonel, 132nd 
Regt. Ind. Vols., 1863. Served in battles of Roanoke, New- 
bern, and Russellville, Ky. Under Gens. Thomas and Burn- 
side. Mustered out at Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 5th, 1863. 

George Warrington. Commissioned 1st Lieut., 8th Regt. 
U. S. C. I. at Philadelphia, Penn., Nov. 14th, 1863. Served in 
battle of Olustee, Fla. and in Dept. of the South, under Gen. 
Seymour. Wounded at Olustee, Feb. 20th, 1864. Mustered 
out at Annapolis, Md., Oct. 3d, 1864. *i9oo, 


James Carlos Adams, n. g. Enlisted 13th Regt. U. S. 
Infantry, at Dubuque, la., Jan. 14th, 1862. Promoted Asst. 


Surgeon, March 4th, 1864 ; Hospital Steward, U. S. A., June, 
1864. Served at Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Malvern 
Hill, Mission Ridge and siege of Vicksburg, under Gen. Sher- 
man. Mustered out at Philadelphia, Penn., Dec. 28th, 1865. 

William Nelson Batchelder. Enlisted 102nd Regt. N. 
Y. Vols, at New York City, Dec. loth, 1861. Promoted 2nd 
Lieut., April 5th, 1862, ist Lieut., July i6th, and Captain Nov. 
12th, of same year. Served at Harper's Ferry, Cedar Moun- 
tain and Antietam. Under Gens. Banks, Fremont, Pope, 
McClellan and Hooker ; wounded at Cedar Mountain and in 
hospital one month. Resigned April, 1863. 

Jonathan Gordon Bigelow. Enlisted 3rd Regt. Maine 
Vols., June 5th, 1861. Promoted Captain and received gold 
medal for gallantry at Fredericksburg ; during latter part of 
the war commanded 65th U. S. C. L Served at siege of York- 
town, I St and 2nd Bull Run, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Glen- 
dale, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, Chantilly, and Freder- 
icksburg. Wounded three times. Under Gens. McClellan, 
McDowell, Pope, Burnside, Hooker and Banks. Mustered out 
in spring of 1865. 

Ami Ruhamah Dennison. Enlisted 27th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Aug., 186 1. Promoted Captain, 1862 and Major, Feb. 
loth, 1864. Served at Roanoke Island, Newbern, Kinston, 
Whitehall, Goldsboro, Gum Swamp, Chickahominy, Drury's 
Bluff, Petersburg and Richmond. Mustered out Nov. ist, 1864. 

Joseph Edgar Dickson, Appointed Asst. Prof, of Ethics, 

in U. S. Naval Academy. Served on Academic Staff U. S. 

Naval Academy, Newport, R. I., 1862 — 1865, under Com. 
G. S. Blake. 


Edgar Leroy Draper, n. g. Enlisted Medical Cadet U.S. 
A., Dec. loth, 1862. Promoted Brevet 2nd Lieut., and Asst. 
Surgeon, U. S. N. Served at Trinity, Harvard and Capitol 
Hospitals. Resigned Aug. 30th, 1865. Appointed Asst. Sur- 
geon 40th Regt. U. S. C. I. Served in battles of Clarendon 
and White River. Mustered out at Chattanooga, Tenn., April 
25th, 1866. 

George Ephraim Fuller. Enlisted Hospital Steward, 
27th Regt. Mass. Vols., Sept. 20th, 1861. Mustered out Sept. 
22nd, 1864. Re-enlisted Hospital Steward U. S. A., Nov. 4th, 
1864. Served at Roanoke, Newbern, Kinston, siege of Little 
Washington, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. Mustered out at 
Washington, D. C, April 30th, 1866. 

Nelson Newton Glazier, n. g. Enlisted nth Regt. Vt. 
Vols., Aug. nth, 1862. Promoted Corporal, Nov., 1862; 2nd 
Lieut., Nov., 1863 ; ist Lieut., Jan., 1864. Served at Wash- 
ington, and in Virginia campaigns. Lost left arm at Spottsyl- 
vania Court House, May i8th, 1864. Discharged Sept. 3d, 

Clarke Hewitt Griggs. Enlisted Hospital Steward, U. 
S. A., at Washington, D. C, Jan. 8th, 1864. Served at Wash- 
ington and Nashville, in Dept. of the Cumberland, under Gen. 
Thomas. Discharged Aug., 1865. *i872. 

Edward Pavson Jackson, n. g. Enlisted 45th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Sept., 1862. Promoted Corporal, June 2nd, 1863. 
Commissioned 2nd Lieut. 5th Mass. Vols., July 27th, 1863. 
Served in battles of Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, and Bach- 
elor's Creek. Mustered out Nov. i6th, 1864. 


Henry Orlando Marcy, n. g. Commissioned Asst. Sur- 
geon 43d Regt. Mass. Vols., at Newbern, N. C, April 27th, 
1863. Mustered out at Readville, Mass., July 3rd, 1863. 
Commissioned Surgeon, 35th Regt. U. S. C. I., Oct. ist, 
1863. Served at Olustee, Fla., Honey Hill, Devaul's Creek, 
siege of Charleston and campaign of Carolinas. Under Gens. 
Gilmore, Seymour, and Sherman. Resigned at Charleston, S. 
C, June 25th, 1865. 

Parker Whittlesey McManus. Enlisted 27th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Springfield, Mass., Sept. 26th, i86t. Promoted ist 
Lieut., Oct. i6th, 1861 ; Captain, June 24th, 1864. Served at 
Roanoke, Newbern, siege of Little Washington, Post Walthall 
Junction, Arrowfield Church, and Drury's Bluff. Under Gens. 
Burnside, Foster and Butler. Taken prisoner at Drury's Bluff, 
May 12th, 1864, and confined in Libby, Savannah, Charleston 
and Columbia prisons. Escaped Nov. 29th, 1864, and trav- 
elled two hundred miles by night through swamps and woods 
to Union lines. Sick with typhoid fever and diphtheria. Mus- 
tered out at Washington, D. C, Feb. 7th, 1865. 

William Fessenden Merrill. Enlisted ist Regt. Mass. 
Heavy Artillery, at Cambridge, July 24th, 1862. Promoted 2nd 
Lieut. 3rd Regt. Mass. Heavy Artillery, Feb. 23rd, 1864; ist 
Lieut., April 9th, 1865. Served at Arlington Heights, Harper's 
Ferry, Norfolk and in Gen. Butler's campaign ; also Aid-de- 
Camp under Gen. Thomas from Dec, 1864 to fall of Rich- 
mond. Mustered out at Washington, D. C.,June 13th, 1865. 

*Christopher Pennell. Enlisted 34th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
July 31st, 1863. Promoted Sergeant; Lieut., and served on 
Gen. Thomas' staff. " At Petersburg mine, his first and only 
engagement, when our troops began to waver, he seized the 


Brigade colors and advanced calling upon his men to follow 
him. He fell far in front of the column, and of those who 
rushed to i\is rescue, all but one shared his fate." July 30th, 

Ransom Dickinson Pratt, n. g. Enlisted 27th Regt. 
Mass. Vols., at Amherst, Mass,, Sept. i8th, 1861. Soon after 
promoted Sergeant. Served at Roanoke, Newbern, Goldsboro, 
Charleston, Burnside's expedition in North Carolina, and Fos- 
ter's expedition in South Carolina. Sick with typhoid and 
intermittent fevers. Mustered out Newbern, N. C, Sept. 19th, 

Albert Roberts, n. g. Enlisted 5 2d Regt. Mass. Vols., at 
Amherst, Mass., Aug., 1862. Served in his regiment until battle 
of Port Hudson ; then sick with typhoid fever. Mustered out 
at Northampton, Mass., in autumn of 1863. 

Franklin Charles Severance. Enlisted 52nd Regt.Mass. 
Vols., at Greenfield, Mass., July, 1862. Promoted Sergeant; 
2nd Lieut., Sept., 1862. Served in Gen. Banks' expedition to 
New Orleans, Western La. campaign and capture of Port Hud- 
son, under Gen. Grover. Mustered out at Greenfield, Mass., 
Aug., 1863. Appointed Hospital Steward, U. S. A., at New 
York City, March, 1865. Served in U. S. General Hospital at 
Knoxville, Tenn.; in Medical Director's office at Knoxville, 
Memphis, Nashville and Dept. of the Cumberland. Mustered 
out April, 1867. 

*Frazar Augustus Stearns, n. g. Commissioned ist 
Lieut. Co. I, 21st Regt. Mass. Vols., Aug. 21st, 1861 ; served 
as Acting Adjt. of the Regt. at Washington, Annapolis, Roa- 
noke Island and Newbern. Distinguished himself at the battle 


of Roanoke Island and twice wounded ; mortally wounded in a 
charge at the battle of Newbern, and died March 14th, 1862.' 

Warren Burzillar Stickney, n. g. Enlisted 8th Regt. 
Vt. Vols., Nov. 19th, 1 86 1. Promoted Lieut. 99th Regt. U. S. 
C. I., Sept. loth, 1863 ; Acting Asst, Quartermaster. Served 
at Ship Island, New Orleans, Opelousas R. R., Port Hudson, 
and Mobile ; also Supt. of Colored schools and Freedmen's 
Bureau. Mustered out Dec. nth, 1865. 

William Gillon Thompson, n. g. Commissioned 2nd 
Lieut, Co. H, 6th Regt. N. J. Vols., Oct. 24, 1862. Pro- 
moted ist Lieut., May 3, 1863. Mustered out Sept. 7th, 

Joseph Augustus Titus. Appointed ist Sergt., 42nd 
Regt. Mass. Vols., Aug. i8th, 1862. Served at New Orleans 
and Lakeport. Mustered out at Readville, Mass., Aug. 20th, 
1863. Commissioned 2nd Lieut, in 60th Mass. Vols., at Wor- 
cester, Mass., July 20th, 1864. Promoted ist. Lieut., Aug. ist, 
1864; Adjt. of 62nd Regt., Mass. Vols., March ist, 1865. 
Served in Uept. of the West. Mustered out at Readville, 
May 5th, 1865. 

Henry Parkhurst Wells. Commissioned ist Lieut., Co. 
K, 13th Regt. N. Y. Vols., Sept. 30, 1863 ; with " Naval 
Brigade " during greater part of the war. Mustered out June 
28, 1865. *i904. 

*JoHN Marshall Whitney. Enlisted ist Regt. Mass. 
Cavalry, Sept. 6th, 1862. Promoted Hospital Steward, U. S. 
A.; acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. N. Served as Clerk in Surg.- 

'See Appendix III. 


General's office, and Asst. Surgeon in U. S. N. Drowned 
while bathing in St. John's River, Aug. i6th, 1864. 

*JosEPH Ells Wilder. Enlisted 31st Regt. Mass. Vols., 
Nov., 1 86 1. Promoted Corporal and Sergt.; Quartermaster 
Sergt., April 30th, 1863. Served in campaigns of Gens. Butler 
and Banks. Killed at Sabine Cross Roads, La., April 8th, 

Eri Davidson Woodbury, n. g. Enlisted Co. E., istRegt. 
Vt. Vols., Dec. 14, 1863; promoted Sergt., July 1, 1864; 2nd 
Lieut., Co. E., Nov. 19, 1864 ; ist Lieut., Co. B., Feb. 9, 1865 ; 
Breveted Captain for gallant and meritorious service, March 
13, 1865. Mustered out June 21, 1865. 


*Albert Dean Amsden, n. g. Enlisted 2nd Regt. Mass. 
Cavalry, (Rifle Rangers) ; under Gen. Butler. Sick with fever, 
and died at New Orleans, May 13th, 1862. 

Nelson Freeman Bond, n. g. Enlisted 31st Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Amherst, Mass., Oct. 5th, 1861. Promoted ist Sergt. 
Nov. loth, 1861 ; 2nd Lieut., July ist, 1862 ; ist Lieut., Nov. 
20th, 1862; Captain, Aug. ist, 1864; Brevet Major, March 
13th, 1865. Served at Fort Bisland, Alexandria, La., siege of 
Port Hudson, Banks' Red River expedition, Sabine Cross Roads, 
Cave River, Bynam's Mills, Moore's Plantation, Yellow Bayou, 
Pensacola, Spanish Fort, and siege of Mobile. Under Gens. 
Butler, Banks and Steele. Wounded at Port Hudson. Mus- 
tered out at Mobile, Ala., Sept. nth, 1865. 

William Jackson Clark. Enlisted 5th Regt. 111. Vol. 
Cavalry, at Camp Butler, Springfield, 111., Sept. ist, 1861. 


Promoted Commissary Sergt., Oct. ist, 1861. Served under 
Gen. Curtis. Mustered out Sept., 1862. 

*Francis Amsden Clary, n. g. Enlisted 31st Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Amherst, Mass., Oct. 6th, 1861. Soon promoted Ser- 
geant and in Dec, Regt. Color Bearer. Served at New 
Orleans, Fort Jackson, Teche campaign, and Port Hudson. 
Under Gens. Butler and Banks. Killed at Port Hudson, June 
14th, 1863. 

John Brown Dunbar. Enlisted 52nd Regt. Vols., 
at Hadley. Mass., Oct. nth, 1862. Mustered out Aug. 14th, 

1863. Re-enlisted in 16th Mass. Light Artillery, March nth, 

1864. Served in defense of Washington and at Fairfax Court 
House. Mustered out June 22nd, 1865. 

Charles Warren Gray, n. g. Served as Medical Cadet, 
Feb. 7th, 1863— May 6th, 1S63. 

William Barrows Grover, n. g. Enlisted 9th Regt. Me. 
Vols., Sept. loth, 1862. Appointed Medical Cadet Nov. 13th, 
1863. Served in Quartermaster Dept. Mustered out at Bos- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 23rd, 1864. 

Jonas Guilford. Enlisted Co. F, 60th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
July 13th, 1864. Served in the army of the Potomac and the 
army of Ohio ; chiefly engaged in guarding rebel prisoners at 
Camp Carroll, Ohio, and in suppressing '' The Knights of the 
Golden Circle," a treasonable organization in Indianapolis. 
Later, on guard duty at Camp Morton, Ohio. Mustered out 
Nov. 13, 1864. 

*Williajm Lewis Howe, n. g. Enlisted 36th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Worcester, Mass., Aug. 4th, 1862. Promoted 2nd 


Lieut., June 29th, 1863. Served under Gen. Burnside. Died 
at Milldale, Miss., July 7th, 1863. 

Luther Clark Howell, n. g. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. 
Co. D, 31st Regt. Mass. Vols., at Ware, Mass., Oct. 9th, 1861. 
Promoted ist Lieut., Nov. 20th, 1862 ; Captain, Dec. 4th, 1863. 
Served at New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Port Hudson, Teche 
campaign, Red River expedition, Sabine Cross Roads, Mans- 
field, Cave River Crossing and Mobile. Under Gens. Butler, 
Augur, Banks, and Dudley. Mustered out at Mobile, Ala., 
Sept. 9th, 1865. *iS66. 

David Allison Irwin, n. g. Commissioned Major 13th 
Regt. Penn. Cavalry. Promoted Lieut. U. S. A., at close of 

James Hattrick Lee. Commissioned 2nd Lieut, ist Regt. 
Mass. Heavy Artillery, at Boston, Aug., [864. Served in 
defenses of Washington, under Gen. De Russy. Mustered out 
June, 1865. *i903. 

*Anson Brainard Norton, n. g. Enlisted 52nd Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Aug. 29th, 1862. Promoted Corporal, Oct. 30th, 1862. 
Served at Port Hudson, and in Teche campaign, under Gen. 
Banks. Died at Bayou Bluff, April 19th, 1863. 

Ebenezer Burgess Park, n. g. Enlisted Co. B, 42 nd Regt. 
Mass. Vols., autumn of 1862. Served in Gen. Bank's expe- 
dition to New Orleans, at battle of Ijayou La Fourche, and 
Brashear City. Mustered out at Readville, Mass., autumn of 

George Harlow Pratt, n. g. Enlisted Co. F, 42nd Regt. 
Mass. Vols. October, 1862. On guard duty at Lakeport, La., 
from April to August, 1863. Discharged Aug. X5th, 1863. 


Martin Luther Williston. Enlisted 52nd Regt. Mass. 
Vols, at Northampton, Mass., Aug. 28th, 1862. Promoted Ser- 
geant. Served in Dept. of the Gulf, Teche and Red River 
campaigns, siege of Port Hudson and battles of Irish Bend 
and Vermillion River. Under Gens. Banks and Grover. Mus- 
tered out at Greenfield, Mass., Aug. 14th, 1863. 


Charles Alphonso Ames, n. g. Enlisted 13th Regt. N. H. 
Vols., autumn of 1862. Promoted Quartermaster Sergeant, 
1862. Served until close of war. 

Horace Franklin Barnes. Enlisted 47th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 2d, 1862. Served at Camp 
Bisland, Vermilion Bayou, Franklin, Opelousas, Port Hudson 
Plains, and Port Hudson. Mustered out at Boston, Mass., 
Aug. 19th, 1863. *i902. 

Henry Clay Bucknam, n. g. Entered the army of the 
Potomac, autumn of 1863, and served at the front until close of 
the war. Sick in hospital at Washington, D. C. *i875. 

*Thomas Burnham, n. g. Enlisted 104th Regt. 111. Vols., 
Aug. 14th, 1862. Promoted Corporal, Sept. 15th, 1862. 
Served at Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mis- 
sion Ridge and Atlanta campaign. Under Gens. Rosecrans 
and Sherman. Mortally wounded at Atlanta, and died July 
20th, 1864. 

* Alfred Dwight Clapp, n. g. Enlisted 52 nd Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Greenfield, Mass., Sept. ist, 1862. Served in Gen. 
Banks' expedition to Louisiana. Sick with malarial fever and 
died Nov. 22nd, 1863. 


Ebenezer Draper, n. g. Enlisted 40th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
Aug. 15th, 1862. Promoted Sergeant soon after; Sergeant 
Major, May 21st, 1864; Adjutant, April ist, 1S65. Served at 
Washington, Suffolk, Gettysburg, Morris Island, Fort Sumter, 
St. Mary's Creek, Olustee, Cedar Creek, Petersburg, Drury's 
Bluff, Cold Harbor, Seven Pines, and Fair Oaks. Mustered 
out June 30th, 1865. *i877. 

RoDOLPHUs Dickinson Fish, n. g. Enlisted 52nd Regt. 
Mass. Vols., at Rowe, Sept. ist, 1862. Served in Gen. Banks' 
expedition, Port Hudson, Brashear City, and Opelousas. Cap- 
tured at Port Hudson, and paroled July 8th, 1863. Mustered 
out at Greenfield, Aug. 12th, 1863. 

Sereno Dwight Gammell. Enlisted 45th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 4th, 1862. Promoted ist 
Lieut., Aug. 23d, 1864. Served under Gen. Banks at New 
Orleans and at defense of Washington. Mustered out at 
Washington, D. C, June 20th, 1865. 

*Ed\vard Dickinson Gaylord, n. g. Enlisted 4th Regt. 
Del. Vols., summer of 1862. Promoted Orderly Sergeant. 
Served in Grant's campaign. Mortally wounded at Petersburg. 
Died at Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C, Aug. 23d, 1864. 

Edward Payson Gray, n. g. Enlisted ist Regt. Mass. Cav- 
alry, at Springfield, Mass., Aug. i8th, 1862, and transferred to 
Invalid Corps. Promoted Sergeant, Feb. 5th, 1864. Served 
at Potomac Creek Station and Aquia Creek Station; also Clerk 
in Adj. General's office. Severely injured at Aquia Creek, and 
sick eight months. Discharged Nov. 18th, 1864. 

George Monn Tracy Johnson, n. g. Enlisted ist Regt. 
N. Y. Cavalry, at Binghamton, N. ¥., Aug. 27th, 1864. Served 


in Kanawha Valley, Va., under Gens. Cook and Sheridan, 
Mustered out at Wheeling, Va., June 8th, 1865. 

Edmund Adams Jones. Enlisted 42nd Regt. Mass. Vols., 
Sept. 13th, 1862. Promoted Sergt., March 28th, 1863 and 
Commissary Sergt. in May, of same year. Served on transport 
Shetucket, in Gen. Banks' expedition and at Brashear City, New 
Orleans and Bayou La Fourche. Severely wounded at Bayou 
La Fourche, June 21st, and mustered out at Readville, Mass., 
Aug. 20th, 1863. 

Edward Payson Lee. Enlisted nth Regt. Vt. Vols., at 
■St. Johnsbury, Vt., Aug. 8th, 1862. Promoted Sergt., Aug. 
12th, 1862; I st Lieut., Sept. 2nd, 1862; Captain, Nov. 2nd, 
1863. Served at Spottsylvania, Hanovertown, Cold Harbor, 
Petersburg, Fort Stevens, Charlestown, Va., Winchester, Fish- 
er's Hill and Cedar Creek. Under Gens. Sherman and Grant. 
Wounded at Cedar Creek, Oct, 19th, 1864; mustered out at 
Washington, D. C, June 24th, 1865, 

Samuel Valentine McDuffie. Enlisted 3d Regt. N. H. 
Vols., autumn of 1863. Transferred to Signal Corps, 1864. 
Served at Port Royal, Forts Wagner and Gregg, and Jackson- 
ville, Fla. Mustered out at Jacksonville, Aug., 1865. *igo4. 

John Ames Mead. Enlisted 39th Regt. Mass. Vols., July 
29th, 1862. Served at Washington, Hatcher's Run, Fort Stead- 
man, Five Forks, Farmville, Petersburg and Appomattox, 
Under Gens. Heintzelman, Meade, Sherman and Hancock, 
Taken prisoner, Oct. nth, 1863, and paroled, March 29th, 1864. 
Mustered out at Alexandria, Va., June 2nd, 1865. *i89i, 

*Harlan Page Moore, n. g. Appointed Orderly Sergt. 
.36th Regt. Mass. Vols., at Worcester, July 28th, 1862. Detailed 


Clerk in Quartermaster's Dept. Served in Burnside's Corps at 
Fredericksburg, Falmouth, etc. Sick with brain fever at Camp 
Nelson, Ky., and died Feb. 29th, 1864. 

Samuel E. Nichols. Enlisted 37th Regt, Mass. Vols., at 
Northampton, July 15th, 1862. Promoted 2nd Lieut., Sept. 
19th, 1864 ; ist Lieut, and Adj., May loth, 1865. Served at 
Fredericksburg, Mary's Heights, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, 
Spottsylvania, Wilderness, Petersburg, Winchester, etc. Under 
Gens. McClellan, Burnside, Hooker, Meade, and Sheridan. 
Mustered out at Hall's Hill, Va., June 21st, 1865. *i898. 

Zabdiel Sidney Sampson. Enlisted 3rd Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Lakeville, Mass., Sept. 23rd, 1862. Served on garrison duty 
in North Carolina, under Gen. Foster. Mustered out at Lake- 
ville, June 26th, 1863. *i897. 

*Nathaniel Bemis Smith, n. g. Appointed Orderly Ser- 
geant 58th Regt. Mass. Vols., Dec. 12th, 1863. Served in bat- 
tles of Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Har- 
bor. Died on the battle-field at Cold Harbor, June 23rd, 1864. 

Sylvester Lamson Stockbridge. Enlisted 37th Regt. 
Mass. Vols., at Hadley, July, 1862. Soon promoted Corporal. 
Seived under Gens. Burnside and McClellan. Mustered out 
on account of disability, at Camp Falmouth, Va., Feb., 1863. 

^Joseph Knight Taylor, n. g. Enlisted 37th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Aug., 1862. Served at Fredericksburg, Mary's Hill, 
Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, 
etc. Mortally wounded at Charlestown, Va., and died Aug. 
31st, 1864. 



Charles Henry Chandler. Enlisted 31st Regt. Mass. 
Vols., Oct. nth, 1861. Served in New Orleans campaign. 
Discharged on account of sickness, Sept. 22nd, 1862. *i885. 

Noah Saxton Cooley. Enlisted 46th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Longmeadow, Mass., Aug. 20th, 1862. Promoted 2nd Lieut., 
Sept. 1 8th, 1864. Detailed on Signal Corps. Served at New- 
bern. Folly and Morris Islands, and siege of Forts Wagner and 
Sumter. Under Gens. Foster and Hunter. Mustered out 
Oct. loth, 1863. 

Henry Tho.aipson Peirce. Enlisted 44th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Boston, July, 1862. Served at Rawles' Mills, Kinston, 
Whitehall, Goldsboro, Plymouth, etc. Under Gens. Foster and 
Stevenson. Mustered out at Boston July, 1863. 

Stephen Bailey Rand. Enlisted 46th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
at Holyoke, Sept. 30th, 1862. Served at Newbern, Kinston, 
Whitehall and western Maryland campaign. Sick at Newbern. 
Mustered out at Springfield, July 29th, 1863. *i893. 

Asa Adams Spear. Enlisted 52nd Regt. Mass. Vols., at 
Amherst, Aug. 24th, 1862. Promoted 2nd Lieut., Oct. 28th, 
1862. Served at Port Hudson, Irish Bend, and Teche cam- 
paign. Mustered out at Greenfield, Aug. 14th, 1863. 

George Frederick Ziegler. Enlisted 126th Regt. Penn. 
Vols., Aug. 5th, 1862. Promoted Sergt. Major, Aug. 15th, 
1862. Served at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Mary's Heights, 
and Chattanooga. Mustered out at Harrisburg, Penn., May 
20th, 1863. 



George Warren Barber. Enlisted Co. E, 9th Regt. N. 
H. Vols., 1862. In the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, 
and Fredericksburg. Discharged because of the loss of an 
arm 1863. *i886. 

John Warren Beaman, n. g. Enlisted 2nd Mass. Battery, 
at Hadley, Jan. 4th, 1864. Served in Red River campaign, 
battles of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, etc. Sick at Alexandria. 
Mustered out summer of 1865. *i904. 

Francis Wayland Brown. Enlisted Co. H, 9th Regt. New 
York Vol. Cavalry, Sept. 27th, 1861. On account of a severe 
wound honorably discharged at Philadelphia, May 30th, 1862. 

Edward Bartlett Earle. Enlisted i8th Regt. N. H. 
Vols., Dec, 1864, and served until the close of the war. *i9oi. 

James Harvey Earle. Enlisted 3d Regt. R. I. Heavy 

Daniel Swan Ells, n. g. Enlisted at Abington, Mass., 
July i8th, 1864. Served at Indianapolis, Ind. Mustered out 
at Readville, Nov. 30th, 1864. 

John Barnard Fairbank. Enlisted 36th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Oakham, Aug. ist, 1862. Promoted Sergt., Sept. 
loth, 1862 ; 2nd Lieut., May 2nd, 1863 ; ist Lieut., Aug. 23d, 
1863 ; Captain, May 13, 1864 ; Brevet Major of Vols., by 
President Lincoln, for gallantry at Petersburg, and Brevet Col- 
onel for meritorious service. Served at Fredericksburg, Vicks- 
burg, Jackson, Knoxville, Wilderness, Petersburg, Antietam, 


etc.; wounded at Knoxville, Wilderness, and Petersburg. 
Served under Gens. Burnside, McClellan, Meade, Grant and 
Schofield. Mustered out at Alexandria, Va., June 8th, 1865. 

Seth Waldo Maltbie. Enlisted Co. E, 87th Regt. Ohio 
Vols., 1 86 1. Promoted Orderly Sergeant. Commissioned 
Captain, Co. E, 4th Regt. U. S. C. I., 1863, and served four- 
teen months. Resigned in 1864. 

William Clark Peckham. Enlisted Co. H, 23d Regt. 
Mass, Vols., October, 1861. Served in Burnside's expedition. 
In battles of Roanoke Island and Newbern. Provost Guard of 
Newbern. Discharged May, 1862, 

Charles Lysander Storrs. Enlisted 27th Regt. Mass. 
Vols,, at Amherst, Sept. 20th, 1861. Promoted 2nd Sergt., 
Nov., 1861 ; ist Sergt., July, 1862 ; Captain, March ist, 1864. 
Served at Roanoke Island, Newbern, Kinston, Whitehall, 
Goldsboro, siege of Washington, etc. Under Gens. Burnside, 
Butler, Gilmore and Foster. Mustered out in October, 1865. 

*Melvin Blanchard Tasker, n. g. Apppointed Sergt., 
i8th N. H. Vols., at Concord, N, H,, March 29th, 1865. 
Taken sick with lung and brain fever, April 14th, and died 
Oct. 31st, 1865. 

Frederick Henry Thompson, n. g. Enlisted loth Regt. 
Mass. Vols., August, 1862. Honorably discharged September, 


Edwin Fisher Bayley. Enlisted Co. B, 41st Regt. Wis. 
Vols., one of the " 100 days" regiments. Sent to Memphis, 


Tenn., June, 1864 ; on picket duty there during summer of 
1864. Mustered out, September or October, 1864. 

Abner Thomas Buchanan. Enlisted Co. E, 122nd Regt. 
Penn. Vols., Aug. 4, 1862. In 2nd battle of Bull Run. Quar- 
termaster Sergt. of I St Brigade, 3d Div., 3d army corps ; mus- 
tered out May 15, 1863. Re-enlisted June 29, 1863, Co. C, 
47th Regt. Penn. Vols.; promoted Captain, July 7. Dis- 
charged Aug. 13, 1863. 

Albert Cotton Fuller. Enlisted for thirty days, Co. I, 
N. J. Militia, Pennsylvania Emergency, Gettysburg campaign ; 
July 5, 1863, promoted Sergeant; discharged July 23, 1863. 
Commissioned ist Lieut., Co. I, 34th Regt. N. J. Vols., Oct. 
19, 1863 ; resigned Aug. i, 1864, because of disability. *i884. 

Alfred Eaton Ives. Enlisted Co. E, 26th Regt. Maine 
Vols., Sept., 1862 ; served in the siege and capture of Port 
Hudson, and the Red River expedition of Gen, Banks. Mus- 
tered out, September, 1863. 

Albert Howard Livermore. Enlisted 60th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., at Worcester, July i6th, 1864. Served in guarding rebel 
prisoners, and at Camp (Concord, Indianapolis, Ind. Mustered 
out at Boston, December, 1864. 

John Worthington Marsh. Enlisted 3d Regt. Vt. Bat- 
tery, Nov. 14th, 1863. Promoted Sergeant, Jan. ist, 1864; ist 
Sergeant, May ist, 1865 ; 2nd Lieut., June 12th, 1865. Served 
in army of the Potomac, at Petersburg, Richmond, etc. 
Wounded Aug. i6tli, 1864. Mustered out at Burlington, Vt., 
June 15th, 1865. *i896. 


Charles Franklin Wells. Enlisted Co. G, 27th Regt. 
N. Y. Vols., May 21,1861. Was in ist battle of Bull Run, 
and in all the battles of the army of the Potomac, to and 
including Spottsylvania. Served under Gens. McDowell, 
Sedgwick, Wright and Hooker. Discharged May 31, 1863. 

Hiland Hill Wheeler. Enlisted 8th Regt. N. Y. Artil- 
lery, at So. Butler, N. Y., Jan. 4th, 1864. Promoted 2nd Lieut., 
Feb. i6th, 1865 ; ist Lieut., 2nd N. Y. Artillery. Served at 
Washington, Petersburg, Shenandoah, etc. Wounded in battle, 
and sick with typhus fever. Mustered out at New York City, 
Oct. loth, 1865. 


Henry Martyn Matthews. Enlisted Co. H, 9th N. Y. 
Vols., Oct. 8, 1861 ; promoted Sergeant; discharged April 9, 
1862. Re-enlisted Co. E, 136th Regt. N. Y. Vols., Sept. 2, 
1862 ; served in battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Lookout 
Mountain and Missouri Ridge. In Sherman's Atlanta cam- 
paign, was wounded at the battle of Resaca, May, 1864. Gen- 
eral Wardmaster of Field hospital at Bridgeport, Ala. Dis- 
charged May 18, 1865. 

Lewis Meacham, n. g. Private, Vermont Vols.; ist Lieut., 
New York Highlanders, 1862-1865. *i878. 

Charles Stedman Newhall. Enlisted Co. K., 45th Regt. 
]\Iass. Vols., Sept. 30th, 1862 ; promoted Corporal. In the 
battle of Kinston, N. C. Mustered out July 7. 1863. 

John Kendall Richardson. Enlisted Co. D, 22nd Regt. 
Mass. Vols., Sept., 1861 ; promoted Corporal. Was in 1st 
Brigade, ist Div., 5th army corps. Served in siege of York- 


town, and battles of Malvern Hill, Gainsville, Fredericksburg, 
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Wilder- 
ness, Laurel Hill and Spottsylvania. Wounded and disabled 
at Spottsylvania, May lo, 1864. Mustered out Oct. 14, 1864. 

Edwin Charles Stickel. Enlisted Co. K, 150th Regt. 
Ohio Vols., May 9, 1864. Served on the defences of Washing- 
ton, doing fort, guard and picket duty at Fort Stevens ; was 
wounded there. Mustered out Aug. 23, 1864. 

Alfred Edwards Tracy. Enlisted Co. A, 41st Regt. Wis. 
Vols., May, 1864, for 100 days' service. Employed in picket 
duty at Memphis, Tenn. and in repelling Forest's raid on that 
city. Mustered out Sept., 1864. 


Charles Loammi Harrington. Enlisted Co. F, 42nd 
Regt. Mass. Vols. (100 days' service), July 11, 1864. Employed 
in guard and police duty at Alexandria, Va. Discharged Nov. 
1 1, 1864. 

William Dexter Mossman. Enlisted Co. D, 46th Regt. 
Mass. Vols., 1 8th army corps, Sept. 6, 1862 (for nine months' 
service). In the battles of Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, 
Newbern and Gum Swamp, N. C. In the service of the U. S. 
Sanitaiy Commission from 1864 to the summer of 1865. 

William I) Perry. Enlisted Co. F, 15th Regt. N. V. 
Engineers, Sept., 1864. Served as Hospital Steward in and 
about camps and trenches before Petersburg and Richmond. 
Discharged June, 1865. 

Harvey Porter. Enlisted Co. F, 46th Regt. Mass. Vols, 
(for nine months' service), Aug. 25, 1862. Served in North 


Carolina in Gen. Foster's brigade in the Goldsboro campaign 
in the winter of 1862-1863 ; was in the battles of Kinston and 
Goldsboro. Later, detailed for garrison duty at Plymouth in 
the same state. Discharged July 29, 1863. 

George Eaton Sutherland. Enlisted Battery A, ist Regt. 
N. Y. Artillery, 1862. Captain, Co. B, 13th Regt. Heavy 
Artillery, U. S. C. I., 1864 ; served on stafif of Gens. Palmer 
and Burbin, and on Court Martial and Military Commission, 
1864-1865. Wounded and taken prisoner at Eddysville, Ky., 
Oct. 13, 1864. Recommended for rank of Major. Mustered 
out 1865. *i899. 

Joseph Tyler Ward. Enlisted Co. G, 139th Regt. 111. 
Infantry, May 14, 1864. Mustered out Oct. 28, 1864. 


Edward Southworth Fnz. Enlisted Co. K, 43d Regt. 
IMass. Vols., 24th army corps, Aug. 25, 1862, (nine months' 
service). In the battles of Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, 
Blountsville and Old Creek, and in the siege of Little Washing- 
ton, all in North Carolina, and in a later engagement in Mary- 
land. Mustered out July 30, 1863. Afterwards Chaplain in 
hospitals and on the field, until 1865. *i902. 

William Greenwood. Enlisted Co. H, 6th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., July 16, 1864. Chiefly employed in guarding rebel pris- 
oners at Fort Delaware. Mustered out Oct. 27, 1864. 

William H Hartzell. Enlisted Co. C, 36th Regt. 111. 
Infantry, 4th army corps, xAug. i, 1861. Was in the battles of 
Pea Ridge, Corinth, Nashville, Mill Creek, Stone River, Chick- 
amauga, Lookout Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree 


Creek and whole series from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Wounded 
twice. Mustered out Sept. 30, 1864. 

David Hill. Enlisted Co. F, T52nd Regt. N. Y. Vols., 
Oct. 15, 1862 ; commissioned ist Lieut., November, 1862 ; 
promoted Captain, January, 1863 ; in the battles of the army 
of the Potomac, from that of Fredericksburg to end of war. 
Disabled from wound at Spottsylvania. Discharged and mus- 
tered out May 2, 1864. *i9oo. 

" It was in the Wilderness battle at Spottsylvania that the 
famous charge was made in which the 152nd regiment partici- 
pated. It was just before daybreak and in its front were three 
lines of rifle pits, and in the rear of them two formidable lines 
of log ramparts ; these were about five feet thick at the base 
and six feet high, each at the rear commanding the one in 
front. As soon as it was light enough to see, the signal was 
given and the entire corps pressed forward. x\s the attacking 
force dashed over the first and second lines of rifle pits and 
captured the swarms of soldiers in them, a wild yell burst forth 
from the Union lines, which was responded to by a withering 
fire of cannon and musketry. Still undaunted they pushed on. 
The color Sergeant was killed, and the color guard being wholly 
wiped out, the men hesitated at the third line. Captain David 
Hill caught up the flag and with a shout jumped into a section 
of the pit in front and alone sent thirty bewildered rebels to 
the rear. Another moment and we were pouring over the 
works, the colors still carried by Captain Hill, but he was soon 
forced to drop them, as he received a painful wound." ' 

" The shattered hand was a constant reminder of one splen- 
did deed of courage, that is worthy a high place in the country's 
tales of bravery. It was in Hancock's charge at Spottsylvania. 
In command of his company, all on fire with the rage of war, 

'Hardin's History of Herkimer County, New Vork. 


he commanded : ' Come on, boys ! ' and dashed ahead. The 
field was covered with smoke, and the impetuous officer was 
soon lost to view. Suddenly he found himself on the very 
brink of a rifle pit, swarming with rebels. ' In one instant,' he 
said, ' every deed of my life flashed before me, for that place 
was certain death.' Without a pause he jumped directly into 
their midst, thundering : ' Surrender. Lay down your arms ! ' 
And such terror did his aspect cause that every gun fell. 
When his line came up, thirty-two prisoners were filing out at 
his command. Over six feet tall, black-eyed, black-haired, 
bearded, swarthy, with a voice like a cannon's roar, he must 
have seemed in that supreme moment a very demon of wrath 
or the very god of war. Later in the day he found himself in 
command of his regiment, every other higher officer dead or 
disabled. Leading another advance, the flag in one hand, 
three color-bearers having been shot down, he received a bullet 
through his right hand. The sword whirled away from him 
and he fell. He turned the command over to a sergeant and 
left the field. That night 82 out of 600 men reported at roll 
call, and but three of these were unwounded. Captain Hill 
was there, and a soldier brought in the sword with the bullet 
firmly embedded in the hilt. In the New York draft riots, he 
was in command of the first boat load of troops that landed 
and marched them down a gang plank at charge bayonets, into 
a howling mob. But they dared no violence in the face of 
such a man leading such men." ' *i9oo. 

George Franklin Sawyer. Enlisted 17th Regt. Maine 
Vols. July 27th, 1862. (3rd army corps at first, afterwards 2nd.) 
In the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville,' the Wilder- 
ness, before Petersburg and Aurelia Springs. Wounded at 

'Easthanipton (Mass.) News. 


Chancellorsville and taken prisoner, but paroled ; wounded also 
in the Wilderness. Discharged, June. 1865. 

Samuel Watson Tindell. Enlisted Co. G, 9th Regt. 
Tennessee Cavalry, Aug. i6th, 1863. Promoted 2nd Sergeant, 
Co. K, Oct., 1863. Transferred to staff of Gen. A. C. Gillem, 
October, 1864. Promoted Captain, Co. G, 7th Tennessee 
mounted Infantry, March i, 1865. Served in the capture of 
Cumberland Gap, the siege of Knoxville, the battles of Green- 
ville, Morristown, Panther Springs, Watauga, and Bull's Gap, 
all in Tennessee. During the siege of Knoxville, volunteered to 
go inside the enemy's lines, in one week obtained vahiable infor- 
mation, captured three prisoners, and rescued three Union sol- 
diers. Mustered out July 27th, 1865. 


James Dingvvell. Enlisted Co. 1, nth Regt. Rhode Island 
Vols., 22nd army corps, Sept. 17th, 1862 ; was in the siege of 
Suffolk by Gen. Longstreet, and in the pursuit of the Confed- 
erates to Dismal Swamp and Blackstone River ; afterwards was 
at Yorktown and Williamsburg on the Peninsula. Mustered 
out July 1 6th, 1863. 

Steven Alvah Thurlow. Enlisted Co. K, 5th Regt. Mass. 
Vols., July 2ist, 1864. (one hundred days' service). Mustered 
out, Nov. 1 6th, 1864. 

WiLLARD White. Enlisted Co. I, 22nd Regt. Connecticut 
Vols., Sept. ist, 1862, (nine months' service). Assigned to 7th 
corps, under Gen. Gordon. Located chiefly at West Point, Va. 
Mustered out July 7. 1863. 



Leverett Bradley. Enlisted ist Mass. Regt. Heavy Artil- 
lery, Sept. 14th, 1861, (only fifteen years of age). Appointed 
Orderly Sergeant in 1864; commissioned 1st Lieut., early in 
1865 ; afterwards in command of a company. Mustered out, 
Aug. 25, 1865. *i902. 


WiLLAM James B'eemster. Enlisted Co. A, ist Regt. Ala- 
bama Cavalry, January, 1864. Mustered out November, 1864. 




Number of graduates in the Army and Navy, 


Number of non-graduates in the Army and Navy, 








Other commissioned otilicers, 


Non-commissioned officers, 





The chime of nine bells in the tower of the College Church 
was presented to the College by George Howe, Esq., of Boston, 
the father of Lieut. Sidney Walker Howe, of the class of 1859, 
who was killed at the battle of Williamsburg, May 5th, 1862. 
The gift was designed by him to be a memorial of all the sons 
of Amherst who sacrificed their lives in the service of their 
country in the war of the rebellion. 



In the vestibule of Williston Hall is placed a cannon cap- 
tured at the battle of Newbern by the 21st Mass. Regt., on 
which is the following inscription : 

Order of Gen. Burnside : Headquarters of North Carolina, 
Newbern, March 16, 1862. Special order No. 52. 

The Commanding General directs that the six-pounder brass 
gun taken in the battery, where Adjutant Stearns of the 21st 
Mass. Volunteers met his death while gallantly fighting at the 
Battle of Newbern, shall be presented to his regiment as a monu- 
ment to and memorial of a brave man. 

By command of Brigadier General Burnside, Lewis Rich- 
mond Assistant Adjutant General, Lieutenant Colonel Clark 

U. S. 


The gun belonged to a battery of artiller}', which was silenced 
by a bayonet charge of the 21st Regiment Mass. Volunteers 
under Lieutenant Colonel W. S. Clark, at the Battle of Newbern, 
N. C, March 14th, 1862. 

It is the first piece surrendered on that day and was presented 
to the Regiment by Major General A. L. Burnside, who so suc- 
cessfully directed the attack on this stronghold of the Rebels. 
The officers of the 2rst with the approval of their gallant Brig- 
adier General J. L. Reno have unanimously resolved to place 
it in the keeping of the Trustees of Amherst College, many of 
whose members were on the bloody field, as an enduring monu- 
ment to the memory of their lamented brothers who fell while 
bravely fighting for Liberty and Union. 


First Lieutenant F. A. Stearns Acting Adjutant. He was an 
honest man, a true Christian, and a model soldier, faithful, 
active, intelligent and brave among the bravest. His comrades 
in arms will never forget his many virtues nor cease to mourn 
his loss. 

The names of nineteen other members of the Regiment slain 
in that battle are also inscribed. 

Lieut. Colonel William Smith Clark was a member of the 
class of 1848, and Adjutant Frazar Augustus Stearns, son of 
President W. A, Stearns, was a member of the class of 1863. 


[The figures refer to the pages.] 

Abbott, A. R. 
Adams, E. 
Adams, F. W. 
Adams, J. C. 
Allen, J. W. 
Allen, T. F. 
Allen, W. I. 
Almy, J. H. 
Alvord, A. 
Ames, C. A. 
Amory, C. 
Amsden, A. D. 
Andrews, E. N. 
Apthorp, J. P. 
Aptboip, W. L. 
Armsby, L. 
Armstrong, L. 
Ashurst, S. 
Averill, J. 

Bailey, E. T. 
Baker, G. P. 
Balkan! , U. 
Bangs, G. P. 
Barber, G. W. 
Barnard, D. E. 
Barnes, H. F. 
Batchelder, W. N. 
Bayley, E. F. 











Beaman, J. W. 
Bent, J. 
Bigelow, J. G. 
Binney, H. 
Biscoe, A. G. 
Bishop, H. M. 
Bissell, E. C. 
Bixby, A. H. 
Blagden, T. 
Bliss, D. J. 
Boalt, J. H. 
Boies, E. E. 
Boltwood, H. L. 
Bond, N. F. 
Bradley, J. H. 
Bradley, L. 
Breed, B. B. 
Brewster, E. A. P. 

Bridgman, A. H. 

Bright, G. A. 

Brown, F. F. 

Brown, F. W. 

Brown, J. W. 

Buchanan, A. T. 

Bucknam, H. C. 

Burnham, T. 

Caldwell, J. C. 
Chandler, C. H. 











Chapin, L. C. 


Emery, S. H. 


Chenery, C. E. 


Evans, A. D. 


Choate, R. 


Evans, J. H. 

Claflin,]. F. 


Evvell, J. L. 


Clapp, A. D. 


Clark, W. J. 


Fairbank, J. B. 


Clark, W. S. 


Farr, G. 


Clary, F. A. 


Feemster, W. J. 


CliSord, J. C. 


Fish, D. B. N. 


Coburn, E. 


Fish, R. D. 


Collins, J. 


Fisher, N. A. 


Collins, W. 0. 


Fisk, A. S. 


Colton, J. J. 


Fisk, S. 


Comstock, E. 


Fitch, A. H. 


Cooley, N. S. 


Fitch, S. A. 


Cooper, J. 


Fitz, E. S. 


Copley, J. 


Fletcher, J. W. 


Crane, A. B. 


Fletcher, S. M. 


Crawford, S. 


Ford, H. A. 


Cressey, T. R. 


Fowler, S. P. 


Croswell, M. S. 


Fox, J. L. 


Curtis, J, S. 


Frisbie, A. L. 


Cushman, J. M. 


Fuller, A. C. 


Daniels, H. E. 


Fuller, G. E. 


Dennison, A. R. 


Fuller, H. S. 


Dickson, J. E. 


Furney, L. A. 


Dingwell, J. 




Gammell, S. D. 


Dorman, 0. M. 

Garrette, E. Y. 


Draper, E. 


Garvin, L. F. C. 


Draper, E. L. 


Gaylord, E. D. 


Dunbar, J. B. 



Gilbert, E. S. 


Dunlap, G. E. 


Glazier, N. N. 


Gleason, J. F. 


Earle. E. B. 


Goodale, G. W. 


Earle, J. H. 


Goodell, H. H. 


Ebersole, E. C. 


Grassie, T. G. 


Ellis, J. M. 


Gray, C. W. ' 


Ells, D. S. 


Gray, E. P. 


Ely, A. B. 


Greenwood, \V. 



Gridley, H. 


Jackson. E. P. 


Griggs, C. H. 


Johns, D. L. 


Grover, W. B. 


Johnson, G. M. T. 


Guilford, J. 


Jones, E. A. 


Jones, S. E. 


Hale, E. T. 


Hale, J. R. 


Kellogg, H. M. 


Hall, J. F. 


Kellogg, J. P. 


Hamilton, B. F. 


Kemble, A. 


Hamilton, J. A. 


Kimball, J. C. 


Hammond, H. B. 


Kimball, W. B. 


Hand, E. C. 


Kimberly, A. G. 


Harmon, E. 


King, C. G. 


Harrington, A. 


Kittredge, C. M. 


Harrington, C. L. 


Knight, A. A. 


Harrington, S. 


Earned, E. S. 

Hartzell, W. H 



Hawkes, J. G. 
Hawley, C. W. 


Lawson, F. B. 
Leach, J. A. 


Henderson, T. 


Lee, E. P. 


Herrick, T. P. 


Lee, J. H. 


Higley, G. T. 


Lewis, E. R. 


Hill, b. 


Lewis, J. 


Hill, E. L. 


Lewis, Z. E. 


Hitchcock, D. D. 


Lincoln, R. P. 


Hitchcock, R. S. 


Littlefield, J. A. 


Hobbs, J. B. F. 


Livermore, A. H. 


Holmes, C, 


Longley, J. G. 


Howe, F. A. 


Macomber, G. 


Howe, S. W. 


Maltbie, S. W. 


Howe, W. L. 


Mann, C. S. 


Howell, L. C. 


Manning, J. M. 


Hoyt, D. C. 


Marcy, H. 0. 


Hubbard, H. A. 


Marsh, J. W. 


Hudson, N. 


Mason, J. 


Hutchinson, A. B. 


Matthews, H. M. 


Hutchinson, P. K. 


Maynard, E. 


Irwin, D. A. 


Mayo, H. 0. 

Ives, A. E. 


McDuffie, S. V. 



McManus, P. W. 
Meacham, L. 
Mead, J. A. 
Merriam, E. 
Merrick, L. L. 
Merrill, W. F. 
Montague, G. L. 
Moore, C. W. 
Moore, H. P. 
Morgan, D. S. 
Morris, E. 
Morse, F. D. 
Mossman, W. 13. 
Murphy, T. G. 

Neil], E. D. 
Nelson, D. T. 
Nelson, W. F. 
Nevvhall, C. S. 
Nichols, S. E. 
Norton, A. B. 
Noyes, H.J. 

Olcott, E. B. 

Park, E. B. 
Parsons, R. L. 
Payson, E. 
Pease, E. M. 
Peckham, W. C. 
Peirce, H. T. 
Pennell, C. 
Perry, C. M. 
Perry, W. D 
Pettengill, S. B. 
Pettibone, I. W. 
Pierce, H. R. 
Plimpton, S. M. 
Porter, C. L. 
Porter, H. 















Pratt, G. H. 
Pratt, R. D. 
Prentiss, W. D. 
Pritchett, E. C. 

Rand, S. B. 
Rawson, T. R. 
Read, P. 
I Read, S. T. 
Reynolds, J. B. 
Rice, S. 

Richardson, A. M. 
Richardson, C. H. 
Richardson, J. K. 
Richardson, N. 
Roberts, A. 
Robinson, S. F. 
Roome, H. C. 

Sampson, Z, S. 
Sanderson, F. M. 
Saville, H. M. 
Sawyer, G. F. 
Severance, F. C. 
Severance, J. F". 
Shaw, F. 
Shepard, E. O. 
Skiff, H.J. 
Smith, B. F. 
Smith, B. H. 
Smith, L. R. 
Smith, N. B. 
Snell, M. P. 
Soule, G. 
Spare, J. 
Spear, A. A. 
Spooner, E. H. 
Sprague, E. T. 
Sprague, H. M. 
Staples, S. C. 












' ii^ 


Stearns, F. A. 
Stevens, F. A. 
Stevens, J. 
Stickel, E. C. 
Stickney, J. B. 
Stickney, W. B. 
Stockbridge, S. L. 
Stoddard, S. A. 
Storrs, C. L. 
Storrs, S. J, 
S to well, D. P. 
Stuart, D. 
Stuart, J. C. 
Sutherland, G. E. 
Sweet, E. J. 

Tasker, M. B. 
Taylor, J. K. 
Thomas, C. B. 
Thomas, H. G. 
Thompson, F. H. 
Thompson, J. A. 
Thompson, T. M. 
Thompson, W. G. 
Thurlow, S. A. 
Tindell, S. W. 
Titus, J. A. 
Tracy, A. E. 
Train, H. D. 
T upper, H. M. 
Twitchell, J. E. 
Tyler, M. W. 















Vance, S. C. 

Walker, F. A. 
Walton, C. H. 
Ward, J. T. 
Warrington, G. 
Washburn, C. E. 
Webber, G. N. 
Wells, C. F. 
Wells, H. P. 
West, L. W. 
Wheeler, E. R. 
Wheeler, H. H. 
Whilldin, J. S. 
Whipple, A. W. 
White, J. F. 
White, W. 
Whitney, J. M. 
Whittlesey, C. B. 
Wilder, J. E. 
Wilder, W. F. 
Williams, R. G. 
Williams, W. G. 
Williston. M. L. 
Wilson, J. L. 
Wilson, R. 
Woodbury, E. D. 
Woodworth, C. L. 
Wright, J. H. 
Wyckoff, R. M. 

Ziegler, G. F. 














V^.:/ /-