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Full text of "A record of some of the branches of the family of Simeon Clark, of Amherst, Mass."

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HIS DEATH IN 188;!. 

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Some of the Branches of the Clark Family. 

The first ancestor of the Clark famil}' that caine to this country from 
Knghmd, was AVh.i.iam Clauk. He sailed from Plymouth. Kngiantl, in 
the ship Mara and John on the HOth of Marcii, UVM), and arrived the 
30th of I\Iay, following-, and was among tlie iirst settlers in l)orehester, 
near Boston. Richard INIalher was the first settled minister at Dor- 
chester. In 1G51» Eleazer Mather, son of Kiehard, was preaching at 
Northampton and liie town voted to give a (juantity of land to such 
men as Mv. Mather should invite to come and settle there. William 
Clark was one of that number and came to Northampton with his 
family. His wife rode on horseback with two baskets called panniers, 
slung across the horse, carrying one boy in each basket, and one in 
her lai), her husband on foot; thus tlicy moved to Northaiii|)ton, and 
land was set off to them in 1G59. In 16G0 was chosen selectman. In 
IC16I, with others, foiincd the first church in Northampton, and was 
chosen lieutenant of the train-band, a very important odice at that 

He held other important oflices, and died July 19th, IG'.M), aged 
eighty-one. lie had four sons, William, John, Samuel and Na- 
thaniel. His son John, our ancestor, married his second wife Mary 
Strong, March l6th, lC>71t, l)y whom he had eleven children, six sons 
and li\e daughters. The six sons: — 

John, born December U8tli, IGT'J. 

Nathaniel, born May l.'Uh, 16«1. 

Ebenezer, born October 18th, 1082. 

Increase, born April 8th, 1(!84. 

Noah, born March, 28th, 1(;:)4. 

Josiah, born June 11th, IGDT. 
The above six brothers all lived near each other in Northampton, 
had large families, lived with their wives more than fifty years, and 
survived them, and all of them were living when the youngest was 
seventy years old, and all of them lived over eighty years each, one 
ninety-nine and three of them over ninety years. When the young- 
est, .losiah, died in 1789 aged ninety-two years, he was the last of 
the six sons and the five daughters, and at the time of his death there 
was known to have been descendants of the six l)rothers only, to the 


number of 1 158 cliildren, gnind-cliildren and groat-grand-children of 
whom more thun 925 were living. 

Incukase, the fourth son of John, above-mentioned, and one of the 
six brothers, died August 27th, 1775, the father of eight cliildren, the 
fifth, SiMKON, my grand-father was born October 20th, 1720, married 
to Rebecca Strong, November 2d, 171'J, b}- Uev. Jonathan Edwards 
and moved to Amherst, wheie his twelve children were born, viz : — 

Eunice, born Auyust 11th, 17.")0, and died JMay (ith, 1776. 

Simeon, born June 25th, 1752, and died May ;)d, 1831. 

Levi, born August 27th, 1753, and died September 1st, 1835. 

Judah, born April 18th, 17oG, and died Septemlier 9th, 1757. 

Lois, born March 9th, 175S, and died June 20th, 1759. 

Judah, 2d, born August l.sth, 1759, and died July 18th, 1842. 

Asahel, born Eebiuary (Jtii, 1702, and died March 7th, 1800. 

Lois, 2d, born January od, 1764, and died December 4th, 1803. 

Justus, born November 2-1, 17G5, and died December 25, lS-17. 

Mary, born December 13th, 1767, and died June 30th, 1855. 

Jerusha, born May 31st, 1770, and died January 19th, 1771. 

Jerusha, 2d, born INIay 12th, 1772, and died March 25th, 1815. 

Simeon Clark, father of the above twelve children died October 
28th, 1801, aged eighty-one years, and Rebecca, his wife, died Jiui- 
uarv 13th, 1811, aged eighty-seven 3'ears. 

Eunice, daughter of Simeon Clark and Rebecca Strong, married 
Timothy Green of Amherst, and at her death left three chihhen, 
Zerah, Timothy and Clark. 

Lois, 2i), married Oliver Cowles of Amherst, died leaving one 
daughter (Thankful), who married Capt. Enos Dickinson. 

Jekusha, 2ii, married Dea. John Stebbins of Granby, died leaving 
five children, Josepheus, Philena, Erancis, Lucius and Simeon. After 
the death of Jerusha, Dea. Stebbins married Mary, her sister, who 
survived him many years. 

Lkvi, second son, settled in Lanesborough, County of Berkshire, 
was the father of nine children, viz: Levi, Eunice, Closes, Dcixter, 
Salome, ijinus, INIary L., Rhoda II. and Zeuas S. 

AsAiiEL killed in the grist-mill in this town in March, 1800, was 
the father of several children, only two of whom lived to adult age, 
viz: Silas, who lived in Springfield and died in July bS73, aged 
eighty two 3'ears, and Irene, who married James V. Dexter, and died 
May 3d, 1880, aged eighty years. 

Judah died July l«th, ]8'12, left a widow but no posterity. 

Justus, youngest son, died on the old homestead of his father, Dec. 
25th, 1847, leaving two cliildren, viz : Achsah, who married Simeon 
Smith, and Mary who died November 23d, 18M3. 

Simeon, the eldest son of Simeon the son of Increase, was born 
June 25th, 1752. Lucv Huubako, first wife of Simeon Clark, was 


horn September IGtli, 175s, they were iiuirried October 4th, 1781, 
their cliildren were : — 

Ku.iAn, born May 20lh, 178;^, du'd ()clo))er l.'Uh, 1833. 

KuNiCK, born JMarch 2Gth, 1785, died August 8th. 1873. 

PiiiLOMEi.A, l)orn September Tith. 1787, (bed October 2Gth, 1837. 

Luov IIum'.AKi), wife of Simeon Ciaik, died lAIarch IDlli, 17'J3, and 
Simeon (Mark married Ikknk Lkwis his second wife (born April iStli, 
1703). Ai)ril 2:M. 17'jr), their chiUlren were : — 

Lucy, born March llth, 1796, died May 12Lh, 1798. 

Ldcy, born June IGth, 17!)8, died December '22d, 1819. 

AsAiiKL, l)orn February 23d, 1801, died July 27th 1803. 

Simeon, born October 15th, 1807, died duly olst, 1883. 

Im.i.iah, son of Simeon, born May 20th, 178,3, married bibel Green 
May 8th, 1805, was the father of nine chikben, viz : — 

J.ucretia, born .June 13th, 1807, died September 28th, 1809. 

Asahel, born June 8th, 1809. 

Rufus, born June 17th, 181 U 

JiUcius, born June 10th, 1813, died November 5th, 1878. 

Chester, born April 12th, 1815, died November 2(!th, 1882. 

Elijah, born February lOlh, 1817. 

Dexter, born February llth, 1819, died October 5th 18(;i. 

Joseph Barnard, horn Septeml)er llth, 1821, died May 20th, 1842, 

Mary Ann, l)orn May 2(;th, 1821. 

Elijah Clark, father of the above nine chihlren, dieil (October 13th, 
1833, and Sibel, the mother, died in lieloit, Wis., October Gtli, 18G7. 

Eunice, daughter of Simeon, born March 2Gth, 1785, married 
Thomas Hastings November 1st, 180;>, and was the mother of thir- 
teen children, viz : — 

Sophia, born February 1st, 1805, died July 13th, 1852. 

Mary, born Septeml)er 28th, 1807, died October 8lli, 1808. 

l\Iury, born Ft'bruary 17th, 1S09, died February IGth, 1811. 

Lucy, born March 3 1, 1811, died June I5lh, 1812. 

Thomas, boin (Jctober 12th, 1812, died September lOth, 1837. 

James, born October IGth, 1813. 

Henry, born November llth, 1814, died September 28th, 1815. 

Harriet, born May 15th, 181 G. 

Henry, born May Ist, 1818. 

William, born April 18ih, 1820. 

P^dmuud, born March 4th, 1822. 

Lucy, horn November 27th, 1823, died May 20th, 1847. 

Philomela, born January lOtli, 1828. 

Thomas Hastings father of the above thirteen children, died Octo- 
ber llth, 1858. Eunice Hastings, the mother, died August 11, 1873. 

PiiiLOJiELA, daughter ol Simeon Clark, born September 12th, 1787, 
married Joel Green November 30th, 1809, and was the mother of 
nine chiklren, viz : — 

Horace, born November 24tli. 1810, died August 2d, l.s4;). 

Lucy H., born April 15, 1S12, died Sei)teiiil)eV 15th, 1«51. 

Sibil II., born January lUli, 1814. 

Timothy E., born IMay 2Gth, 1815. 

Simeon C, born November 20th, 181G died March 27lh, 1842. 

Frederick (i., born July lytli, 1818. 

Irene L., born INIay iCth, is-jo, died May 5th, 1825. 

Joel, born INIarch Gth, 1.S2;>. 

Irene L. 2d, born February 4th, 182G, died October 18th, 1857. 

Philomela Green, mother of liie al)ove nine cliiidren, died at Syl- 
vania, Ohio, October 26th, 1«37. Joel Green, llie father, diL'd at 
Toledo, Ohio, February 27th, 187;). 

Lucv, daughter of Simeon and Irene Lewis Clark, was born June 
16th, 1798, married Frederick A. Taliner, December ;'.d, 1817. W:ts 
the mother of one cliiUi, Albert IL, born March I4t!i, 181 :». 

Lucy Clark I'almer died December 22(1, 18 ID, at West Springfield, 
while on a visit at her husband's father. 

Albert lvi})ley Palmer graduated at Amherst College August ]H',V.t, 
studied law antl settled in Kacine, Wis., where he died September 
12th, 18 IG. 

Frederick A. Palmer, born November 20, 1798, died July U, 1874. 

Simeon Clark, father of the above-named children, died Mav od, 
1831, aged seventy-nine. Irene Lewis, his secund wife, rlinl Ahiy 
lull, 1.S55, aged ninety-two. 

Simeon Clark, son of Simeon and Irene Lewis Clark, was born 
October loth, 1807, married J\Iay 21st, 1.S21), by Kev. Jolin Wood- 
bridge, to INIyra Cowles, daughter of Silas Cowles, of Iladley, who 
was born October olst, bsOG. Their nine children are : — 

Juliette, born July oOth, 1830. 

Asahel Lewis, born July 25th, 1832. 

Iu)yal Washburn, born April 2s lti34, died March 28tli, ls79. 

Zilpha Gilbert, born January 21st, 1.S3G, died December 15th, 18.s0. 

Edwin Warren, born September 21st, 1837, died May 5th, 1838. 

Emily Maria, born JMay 28th, 183'J, died September 15th, 183'.). 

Emily Adelia, born June 28th, 1840. 

Edwin Warren, born December 2d, 1842. 

Albert Simeon, born May 14th, bS48, died September I'Jth, 1848. 

Myra C. Clark, mother of the above nine children, died June 8th, 
1871. Simeon Clark, father of the above nine children, died July 
31st, 1883. 

JuLiicTTE, daughter of Simeon and Myra Clark, was born July 
30th, 1830, and married November 2Gth, 1.S5G, George 11. Estabrook, 
of Worcester. Their four children are : — 

Maria Louisa, born April 22d, 1858. died December, 30th, 18G0. 

Myra Clark, born May 14th, 18G0, died August 17th, 1860. 

Milly, born December, 28th, 18G1, died January 12th, 18G2. 


George Arthur, born Deceml>er 22d, 1S68, died March L'5th, 1870. 

Asahel Lewis Clark, son of Simeon imd Myra Clark, was horn July 
2r)lh, 18;)2, and married Phehe P. (iooeli, September lUth, 18(;0. 
Their children are : — 

Sarah Pierce, born December 21st ISC;}. 

William (;(jocli, born January Hlh, l.SGG, died February 28, 18GG. 

Rol)ert, born April Ifith. IS&J. 

Helen May, born May 2«th, 1875. 

/ilpha Gilbert Clark, daughter of Simeon and Myra Clark, was 
born January 21st, 1836, and nuirried Theodore J. Hriggs, of Orange, 
November 2Uh, 18;V,i. Their children are: — 

Theo McLane, born February 21 st, I8(;i). 

Kudo Chnk, ))orii Decembei' 8th, 1870. 

Mabel Etta, born March 2Gth 1S71. 

Emma, born November 27th. lcS7r), died January 27th, 1S76. 

Zilplia G. Hriggs, mother of the above children, died December 
I5tli, 1880, in San Antonio, Texas. 

Emily Adelia Clark, daughter of Simeon and Myra Clark, was 
born June 28th, 1840, and married Rev. Francis H. Hoynton, May 
21th, 18G6, and their children are : — 

Myra Louisa, born Jul}' 9th, 1S70 

Louis Francis, born January ;')th, 1874, and died July 1st, 1878. 

Carrie Adelia, born February iGth, 1877. 

Roland Andrews, born ,Iune tSOth, 187'.». 

Ivlwin Warren Clark, sou of Simeon and M3^ra Clark, was born 
December 2d, 1842, and married Louisa M. Ivellogg, December 8th, 
1808. She died July l8th, 18G1). lie married Liz/ie L. Henry Feb- 
ruary 28th, 1872. Their children are: — 

Waller Edwin, born April Kith, 1874, died July 18th, 1875. 

Howard ICstabrook, born Novendter 17th, 187G. 

Fanny Louise, born July 2'.iih, 18S1, died January 8th, 1883. 

The following obituary notices of Dea. Clark at the time of his 
death, are co[jied from The Amherst Record and The Congregation- 

Dkacon Simeon Clakk, died in Andieist, Mass., July 31, lS<S3, 
aged seventy-six yt-ars. 

INIuch that could be said of a truly good man could be said of Dea- 
con Clark. His piety was of a cheerful, stoaily, faithful character. 
He always lived up to and adorned his profession. He was constant 
in his place as a member and oilicer in the First Church and Sabbath 
school. A member of that cluirch for over lifty years, and a scholar, 
teacher or supei'intendent in the Sabbath t^chool for over sixty-live 
years. He hjved to sing the songs of /ion, and for many years 


was a leader of the choir r.nd of Ihc siii<2;iiig in the prayer meetings. 
He always sought and worked for the peace and prosperity of the 
eburch and society. ]'rornpt, deciiled and of excellent judgment, his 
counsels in the church and town were wise and reliable, and often 
sought f. ir many a good work. He was so Just, true and faithful, that 
he was honored with many important trusts in the community ; set- 
tling many estates and befriending the widow and ori)hau. He way 
a man of pra3er, as his faithful family altar testitied, and his voice so 
often beard in the pra3'er-meeting. 

His faith in God's covenant was strong and steadfast, and his part 
in keeping it was not lacking. Blessings which he souglit tlirough it, 
descendetl upon his household, where his intluence and example were 
always Judicious and happy. He was a warm friend of missions, and 
a faithful (.'ontributor, iciucuibering the foreign and home mission 
boards in a legacy. He had a long and painful sickness, which he 
patiently endured, and passed quietly to his rest and reward, from 
the house in which he was born and always lived to His bouse not 
made with hands eternal in the heavens, where, "far removed from 
pain and anguish, he is chanting hymns above." 

Capt. Simeon ('lark died at his re&idence about 1 o'clock yesterday 
morning, duly j51. He obtained the title of Cajjtain by being cliosen 
a connuander of a militia conii)any at the early age of twenty and 
Avas a good ollicer and an uncommonly energetic promising ^young 
man. He held the otiiee of captaincy live or six years or until the 
Amherst militia comi)any was discharged. He has held many impor- 
tant [)ublic ollices, elected by the town and has been a wise and judi- 
cious administiator of many estates. But his ellic-ient services were 
doubtless not less valuable in the church, in the C'ongregatiijual soci- 
ety and in the Sunday school, where he was a most useful member 
for over half a century, and where he led the service of song for over a 
(piarter of a conlury. He bi'camo connected with tlie churcli in ISol, 
and his life and example have exerted an inlluence l"or good in this 
conununity, such as but very few citizens enjoy. He was born Oct. 
15, 1807. May 21, 1<S28 he married Myra, daughter of Silas Cowles. 
Four of their nine children are living, — Mrs. Estal)rook, wife of Cieo. 
H. Kstabrook of Worcester ; Kev. A. L. Clark, a l'resb3terian pastor 
in Orange County, New York; Emily A., wife of Kev. F. H. Boyn- 
ton, pastor of the Congregational church at llya, N. II. ; and Kdwin 
W. Clark who has lived with bis father and cari'ied on his farm. His 
wife died June 8, 1871. Mr. Clark received his education at the old 
Amherst Academy. His father built the house at JNlill Valley in 1780 
and it is a fact of more than ordinary occurrence that C-apt. Clark 
was born in this bouse, lived in it his whole life and within its walls 
passed to his heavenly reward. His occupation has been principally 
farming, though he studied lield-surveying, and followed it, more or 
less for forty years. He has been justice of the peace thirty years, 

selectman, assessor, and overseer of the poor for many years. lie 
was deacon of the First church sixteen years. In politics he has been 
identifieil with the Wliig and republican pailies. A resident of Am- 
lierst for a period beyond the allotted time of man, always taking a 
lively interest in the growth and upbuilding of her institutions, he has 
lived to see the churdi of which his grandfather was one of tlie foun- 
ders become a lich and |)rosperous society and a powerful factor in 
shaping the reli'iious sentiment of the community, and tlie college, 
for the fi'st building of which he helped to draw the bricks and santl, 
grown to rank among the foremost institutions of the lanil 

At the reception of the First church, tendered to Capt. Clark and 
Mr. S. C. Carter, on the 9th of last March, several letters were read 
wiitten by former pastors and loruicr members of tlie church and old 
citizens of tiie town, among wnich was a letter from Rev. A. M. Colton 
of Fasthamptoii, from which we (juote as follows : 

"lie was of a hopeful and (cheerful make. lie lived in 'Sunny Side' 
I never saw him gloomy and sullen. I never saw a bitter scowl on 
his face. I never heard a harsh word from his lips. He was gentle 
unto all. * * * There was no cross-grained timber in his make : 
nor was there in his house and home. And his home and family were 
of the happiest and best. * * * And then in the Sa))l)ath school, 
as teacher or superintendent, in those days and since. * * ♦ 
And he was so (jood a man, so judicious, blameless, hai'udess, consis- 
tent, everywhere and always. This "everywhere" should certainly 
include — should include, perhaps, by eminence Dea. Clark's long and 
faithful service in the Sabbath school, as also in tlie oHice of Dea- 
con, to which with great unanimity, the church called him, in com- 
pany with Luke Sweetser of blessed memory. In what I have now 
said I have not been at all anxious to single out for special mention 
any one particular form of christian work or services done by Dea. 
Clark — he was so good altogether, and all around.