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Fob Membkbs or thz Sogibtt only. 
Nninber l^,,"^ 

OorruGHT, 1904, 


OouuoAL aoaarr ow PxmiA. 


The following records are printed from volumes 68 and 69 
of the Collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania 
in the Library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania at 
Philadelphia, which were copied from the original manuscript 
in the Office of the Prothonotary of the Superior Court for 
New Castle County at Wilmington, Delaware. They begin 
October 10, 1676, and end December 12, 1681, the original 
manuscript consisting of two books, called Liber A and Liber 
B respectively, and cover the period embraced in the Record 
of the sister Court at Upland published by the Historical 
Society of Pennsylvania in 1860. 

By the kind permission of the Prince Society there is repro- 
duced as a frontispiece a portrait of Governor Edmund Andros, 
which appears in the first volume of "The Andros Tracts," 
published by that Society in 1868, taken from the original 
picture in the possession of Annas Charles Andros, Esq., of 
London, England. 






New Castell In Deloware Octo : 10 Ifil^fl 

HU Hono^ Govern' Edmond Aiidross Iiaveing issued out a 
Commissiou for New Majestraets and Justices of the peace in 
the Towne and Jurisdiction of New Castell, The following 
p'sons where this day Swome and Establisht in their s** Places 
by Capt" John Collier and Capt" Edmond Cantwcll, viz. 

M' John Moll 

M' Henry Ward 

M'- William Tom 

M' Gerret Otto 

and Ephraim Herman Clarke 

The several! New Commissions Granted By his Hono*^ the 

Govern" to Capt'' John as also to the Justices, w"* 

their instruct — and the Commission to the Clarke being 
openly Read ; Itt was ordered that Same should be Re- 


By the Govern' 

These are to Authorize Capt" John Collier & Capt" Edmond 

Contwell or either of them to give the to the Now Mages- 

trates att New Castell and up River att delowaro as 

alsoo att the Whorekill — doing Whereof this shall bee yo' 
Warrant. Given under my hand in New Yorke this 27th 
day ofSeptomb' 1676 

(Signed) E Andross. 

(Loco Sigilla.) 

Edmond Andros Esq': Seigneur of Sausmarez, Liv*<fe gov- 
ern*' Gen*^' under his Royall Highnesse James Duke of Yorke 
and Albany &a of all his Territories in America : — 

By Vertue of the authority Deryved unto mee, under his 
Royall Highnesse, I do hereby Constitute and appoint you 
Capt" John Collier to be Commander in deloware River and 
Bay. You are therefore to take care that the Militia in tlie 
Severall places, boe well armed, duly exercized, and kept in 



good order and discipline and the officers and Souldiers thereof 
are Required to obey you as their Commander and yo^ selfe to 
observe such orders and directions as you shall from tyme to 
tyme Receive from mee or other yo^ supporior officers accord- 
ing to the rules and diacipliue of warre and the Trust Reposed 
in you. 

Given under my hand and seale in New Yorke the 23"" 
Day of Sept4jmb' 1676. 

(Signed) E Andross. 

(Loco Sjgili.) 

Edmond Andross Esq' Seigneur of Sausmarez — Liv' and 
Govern" Genu^ under his Hoy"" Higlinesse Jamea Duke of 
York and Albany <&c of all his Territories in America, 

By Vertue of the authority Derived uuto me I do hereby 
constitute and appoint you Capt" John Collier to bee Sub : 
Collect' of his M^""» Oustomes of New Castell in deloware, 
together w"" the River and Bay, and Receiver of the Quit 
Rents or other his Royall Highness Revenue there. In which 
you are to net pursuant to Law and his Royall Highnesses 
orders for this Governm' and to observe such orders and di- 
rections as you shall from tyme to tyme Receive from mee or 
other yo' Superiors, of w*=** all p'sons concerned are to take 
notice and Conforme themselves thereunto accordingly for y" 
w** this shall be yo' Sufficient Warrant. Given under my 
hand and Scale in New Yorke this 23'^ day of Septemb' 1676. 

(Signed) E ANDRosa 

(Loco Sigili.) 

Edmond Androes Esq* Seigneur of Sausmarez Lieu' and 
OJovern'Genn*" under his Royall Highnesse James Duke of 
Yorke and Albany etc. of all liis Territories in America. 

By Vertue of the Authority derj'ved unto n)ee I doe hereby 
in his Maj"** name Constitute, appoint and authorize you M' 
John Moll, M' Henr>* Ward, M' William Tom, M' fibppe out- 
hout, M' John PauU Jacquel — M' Gerret Otto, to be Justices 
of the Peace in the Jurisdiction of New Castell & dependencies. 


And any three or more of you to be a Court of Judicature. 
Giving you and every of you full Power to act in the s^ em- 
ploym* according to Law and the Trust Keposed in you of 
w*** all p'sons are to take notice and to give you the due Re- 
spect and obedience belonging to yo' plnces in the discharging 
of y' Duties. 

This Commission to be of fforce for the space of one yeare 
after the date hereof or till further order. 

Given under my hand & seale in New Yorke this 23"* day 
of Septemb' in y* 28**" yeare of his Maj**" Raigne Anno Dom- 
ini 1676; — (Signed) E Andross. 

(Loco Sigili.) 

Edmond Androsa Esq' Seigneur of Sausmarez Lieu* and 
Govern' Genn*^' under his Roy*" Highueese James Duko of 
York and Albany &c : of all his Territories in America. 

By Vcrtuc of the Authority Deryvcd unto mo under his 
Royall Highncsse I do hereby constitute and appoint you 
Epbraira Herman to bee Clarke of the Court at New CasteU 
in Deloware and also of the Court att upland, in the River. 
You are thereforo carefully to discharge yo' duty of n Clarke, 
according to Law and Practice : Given under my hand and 
Seale in New Yorke this 23^^ day of Septemb' 1076.— 

(Signed) E Andross. 


Edmond Andross Esq' Seigneur of Sansmarez Lieut and 
Govern' Gen**' under his Royall Highnesse James Duke of 
Yorke and Albany &c of all his Territories in America: 
Whereas, The last yeare at my being att deloware, upon 
Application of the Inlmbitants Representing that my Prede- 
cessor Govern' Lovelace had Ixigun to make a Regulacon for 
due admin istracon of Justice according to the Lawes of this 
Govermn* Pursuant to w** I did appoint some Mngestratea <fc 
make some Rules for their proceeding the yeare ensuing or 
till further order In w<* having uppon Mature deliberacon 


By the advice of my Counsill made some alteracon They are 
to Remain and bee iu force in forme following : — 

1. That the Bookes of Lawes establisht by his Roy**^ High- 
nesse & Practiced in New York — Long Island and dependen- 
cies bee likewise in force and practice in this River and 
j/cincts, excejjt, the Coiifitables Co'*" Countrj' Rates and some 
other thin^ Peculiar to Long Island : and the Militia as now 
ordered to Remaiue in the King. But that a Constable bee 
yearly in eacli place Chosen for the Preservation of his M^j"** 
Peace w^ all others Powers as directed by Lawe. 

2. That there bee three Courts held in the Several! Parts 
of the River & Bay as formerly to witt — one in New Castell, 
one above at upland — Another below att the whorckill : 

3. That the Courts Consist of Justices of the Peace — 
whereof three to make a Coram, and to have the Power of the 
Court of Sessions and decide all matters under twenty pounds 
w%ut appealo in w*''* Court the eldest Justice to preside un- 
less otherwise agreed amongst themselves — above twenty 
pounds and for crime to Life, Limb or Bannishment to admit 
of appeale to y** Court of Azzises. 

4. That all small matters under the value of 6ve pounds 
may be determined by the Court w"*out u Jury unlesee 
desierod by the Portyes, as also matters of Equity. 

5. Thnt y*" Court for New Castell bee held once a month to 
begin the first Tuesday in each moneth, and the Court for 
uplands and the whorokill quarterly and to begin the secund 
Tuesday of the month, or oftcner if occation. 

G. That all necessary By-laws or orders (nott repugnant to 
ye Lawes of the Govermnt) made by y** said Courts bee of 
force, and binding for the space of one whole Jeare, in the 
Severall Places where made, They giving an accomp* thereof 
to the Govern' by the first opportunity and that no fynes be 
made or Imposed butt by order of C-ourt. 

7. That the severall Courts have pouwer to Regulate the 
Court and officiers fees nott to exceed the Rates in the Booke 
of Lawes nor to bcc under halfe the valine, therein exprcst. 


8. That there bee a high Sherrif for the Towne of New 
<^sten, River and Bay, and that the said High Slierrife have 
Power to make an under Sherrife or Marehall, being a fitt 
p^aoDf and for whome he will be Kesponsible to bee approved 
of by the Court, Butt the Sherrife as in England and accord- 
ing to y* now Practice on Long Island, to act as a Principal! 
officer for the execution of the Lawes hut not as a Justice of 
Peace or Magistrate. 

0. That there be fitting Bookes Provided for y"^ Records In 
w*** all Juditiall Proceedings to bee duely and fairly entered, 
as also publicq orders from y* Govern' and the names of the 
raagistrates and officers authorized w"* the tyme of their ad- 
mission the s^ Records to bee kept in English to w*^^ all per- 
sons concerned may have free Recourse at due or Seasonable 
tymes : — 

10. Tliat a fitt person for a Clarke (when vacant) bee 
Recomuiended by each Court to the Govern' for liis appro- 
bacon in whose liaiids the s'' Records to bee kept. 

11. That all writts, Warrants *fe Proceedings at Law shall 
be in his Maj"'* name — Itt having ben Practyzed in y'^ 
Govemni* ever seucc the first wryting of the I>awe Book, and 
it being his Royall Highnesses special) Pleasure & order: — 

12. That no Rates bee Imposed or Ijovyes of money made 
w*in the Towne of New Cast^U, River or Bay, by any under 
what denomination soever w'** out the approbation of the 
Govern*" unlesse upon extraordinary occasion, in case of neces- 
sity of w^** the CJovern' to have a p'^sent accompt sent him. 
That uppon the Levy of any Rates, there bee a faire accompt 
kept, both of the Receipt" and disbursements, w''** accounts to 
be given in to the next Genn*^^ Court there to be past & then 
sent to the Govern' for his allowance, until w"'' not to be a 
sufficient discharge. 

Whereas By this Regulation there are no overseers ap- 
pointed nor Constables Court butt all matters to be deter- 
mined by Justices I ; do therefore Recommend the Composure 
or Referring to arbitracon, of as many matters, (Particularly 



under the vallue of five pounds) as mnj* profXTly be deter- 
miued that way, Provided it ma^* bee by the consent of 
partees: — 

That any p''son desiering Land, make application to the 
Court in whose bounds it is who are required to sit once a 
month or oflener if there bee occasion lo onler therein, and 
Certify the Govemo' for any land nott taken upp and Im- 
proved, fitt proportions not Exccciling fifty acree p' head 
unleeso uppon extraordinary occasions wlien they see good 
Cause for itt, w'^" Certificate to l>ee a sufficient authority or 
warrant for the Surveigor to Survey the same, and w*** the 
Surveiors Return to bee sent too New Yorke for the Govern'' 
approbacon : That in the Certificates bco Spccifyed liow much 
upland and meadow w"' one regard that each may have a 
proportionable sheare according to the jilaoe they are in Land- 
ward : Given under my hand and Sealo in New York the "25^ 
day of September in the 28*^ year of his Maj"*^* Raigne, 
Annoque Domini 1676, 

(Signed) E Andkoss. 

Octob' 12"* 1676. Att a meeting of the Justices in tlic 
towue of New Castell ; 

Capt" John Colier 
M^ John Moll 
M' Henry Ward 
M*" foppe Outhout 


M' ffoppe Outhout not being p'sent when the oath was ad- 
ministered upon y* other Justices, was this day Sworne : — 

Itt was This day mutually agreed between the Justices to 
draw severall neocssnr)* things for the best of the place, etc. 
into a Peticon and send to Iiis Mono' the Govern'^ for his ap- 
probation : w** was accordingly done But there being no 
opportunity in a good wyll after : The Justices att their Court 
hold 7; 8 & 9 of Novomb' made some alteration in the above 
s** Peticon & sent the same to his bono'- The coppy thereof 



is therefore entered & Kec-orded the same date here following : 
The Justices this day ordered the former Clarke M"" William 
Tom to deliver the Records of y' Court & other Publicq 
bookes <& writings unto the now Clarke Ephraim Herman. 
Teusday 7"' G"' 167G. 

Att a Court held at New Castle. By the Authority of 0"^ 
Soveraigne Lonl Charles The Secund by the Grace of God of 
England, Scotland, france and Ireland King, defender of the 
faith, the 7*^ of Novemlxir and in y** 28"* yeare of his s* 
Maj**** Raigne Annoq Domini 167G — 
P'sent M"" John Moll 

M' Henry Ward 

M' William Tom 

M' fopp Outhout 

M' Jean Paul Jacquet 

M' Gerret Otto 


M^ Jean Paul Jacquet not being heretofore p'sent when tho 
oath was admiuistred to tho other Justices in Commission 
was this day swome in Court to his s** Place. Nota. Justice 
Henry Ward was not p'sent at the first beginning of the Court 
but came in some Tyme after : 

Uppon the Petition of Thomas Spry desiering that hee 
might bee admitted to plead some Peoples cases in Court etc : 
The Worpp'* Court have granted him License So long as the 
Petitioner Behaves himself well and carrys himself answerable 


Hanb Pietebsen Def^ 

The P" declares that this def* about one Jcare scncc was tho 
occasion that he the P'^ Lost the use of his boddy, so that he 
was A is not able to worke for his wyfe A family tt therefor© 
humbly craves that the Def ' may be ordered to hire a Servant 




for him untill lie bee Restored to liealth : — The Court having 
heard the answer of the def* and finding by the evidences 
sworue in Court, as also by the P'* owne Confession that itt 
was an accidental) mischange, doo order that the def^ Shall 
Pay the curing to the Doctors bill this date and moreover 
Pay uuto the P'* in regard of his smart and Payne w*^** the P" 
bath suffered the sumc of one hundred and fifty Gilders, and 
pay costs of Sut«. 

ViGESsiMUS Nettleshipp P'^ 
Mist"* Mary Block Def* 

The P" declaration being Read, 
his Allegations heard and 
severall witnesses sworne and 
the Jury Reddy to go out 
The Pit declared to withdraw 
his action and was willing to 
suffer a nonsuite. 

The Court ordered him to pay 
the Costs. 

Jurors Sworno 
Mr. Thom Hedge, 
Robb Hutchinson, 

— Iwin Snelling, 
James Cratford, 
Norris Liston, 
Roelof Andries, 

— ele Toersen, 
ntony Brj-ant, 


— hn Skot, 

— arten Gerretson. 


Justice John Moix Def^ 

T!ie P*" declaration being Read & the def* answer heard 
thereuppon, as alsoe severall witnesses sworne in Court. The 
charge was given to the Jurors, who went out and brought in 
their verdict viz* : do find for the PI* Billa Vera w"* costs of 
sute : — 

M^ John Moll entered a demur & declares against the In- 
suffiency of the verdict & w^** all Proffers Bayle to prosecute 
his demurr. 

rscobd3 op the court of new castlb. 

Johannes Dk Haes P" 

Anthony Hendbicx Deceased D^ 


Execution ivued out 
f Iff* NoTcmb' 

The P'^ declares that this Def* Became 
Indebted to him for Rom delivered 64 
gilders, Prayes Condemnation of a horse 
hee hftth attached of y« Def* w*** Costs. The P'* haveing 
Proved his ^ debt by y* evidence of Moses degau, and his 
owne oath, The Court ordered that Judgement should bee 
entered ag"^ the Def* and the Sherrife ordered to sell the s** 
horse by outcry and to pay the P'* his s** debt w''' costa. 

Jacob Jouno P^* 1 

Majioajiet Pennory dec^ DeP \ 

The P'* declares that this dcP was Indebted unto him for 
one steere delivered twoo Jeare sence, the quantity of 800 lbs 
of tobbacco : — for which he hath attached a horse, now w'** in 
this Jurisdiction, and craves condemnation w"* costs. The 
Court fiiidinf:! that the ^ horse did ns well belong to the deft 
as to Anthony Heudricx, do order that Johunnea de Haas 
who bad laid the first attachment on the s^ horse should first 
bee paid and the Remainder to this P'^ 

Stephen Jurianskn Lace Hendricx \ piti 
Matthias Baktelsen & Erik Jurians J 
Peter Jeoou Def 

The P"* declare that this deP is Indebted unto them by 
bill for not haveing p'fomied a certain Condition in the s* 
Bill mentioned, the aume of 1800 gild" for w*''' they crave 
Judgement w** costs: The def produced a Certificate under 
the hand and Sealc of Govern^ Cartret alledgeing that hee can 
obtaine no other Pattent by Reason of the division of the 
Province etz : — The Worpp" Court haveing beard the debates 
of both Parties did order Judgement to bee entered against 
the der for the s'* sume of 1800 gild" w'*" costs of sute : 


Petkk Jkoo a John Ommkksen \ p.^ 
Attornies of Hendrv Jacobs / 
John Ogle DeP 

The P"" not haveing entered any declaration the DeP 
Craved a nonsute against the P''' which the Court Granted. 



Lace Hendkicx and \ rj r u 


The case in difference being about a house w*^^' the def* had 
pulled downe and destroyed ; standing att the East syde of this 
River on the P'" land, — 

The Court having examined the case and heard the Def** 
owne confession did take the matter into their Consideracon. 
But before Judgem' pas*, The P^' & Def" did mutually agree: 
xfch 8<! agreement (uppon the P'**- request) after the Def" had 
acknowledged the same was ordered by the Court to bee Re- 
corded viz* — ^The def** do Ingage w**'in one month to build 
uppon the same Ground, where they destroyed tlie house, a 
better house then the other was, w*** windows and doors in the 
same, and Pay costs of suite. 

William GuiUAMSEN P'*) Suspended till next Court 
Joseph Cheo - - - DeH J day. 

Pktf.r Jeood - - P" 
Christ: Barnes - Def* 

■ This action was withdrawn 

NoTA. See this CVm- : Uppon y« motion of Joseph Cheu in 
Tei^ce Recorded in I ^j^^ ^^^^f ^f Robberd Monny ; The 
f Keconb of Con- ; , , mi i y^ • <• 

Teiganow to: 1= ' Court ordercti That the Conveigauce of 

Lewis Johnson to the s^ Rob : Monny & 

Henry Touls bnreing dato SO"* of Janu 1673 : of 400 acres 

of land on the soutli side of Oppoquenemen Creeke should be 

Recorded : Thum : SnelHug one of the Witnesses to the same 



aknowledged his hand in Court. Court adjourned till to- 

Wednesday the S^ of Novem', 1676 : 

The Court continued & the Justices all p'sont in y* Court ; — 

Justice Jolin Moll P" 

Joseph Chou - - Def ' 

Uppon the P'" desire the case is withdrawn 

Vtcessimus Nkttleship P" 
\P WiLUAM Tom - - Def* 

The P'^ declares that on the 30* of 
June Last hee was violently assaulted 
A Beaten to the gi-ouud : and Lykewise 
w'" scorroulus Tvonguage abusttd by the 
Def' in the house of usyn Martiall : do- 
siercth satisfaction, w^^ costs of suite : — 
The l>cf* coiifesscth the P^*" declaration 
and refers himself to the mercy of the 


Tliom : Hedge 
Rub : Hutchinson 
Geor : Tanckersly 
Thorn Suelling 
JamoB Crafford 
Moris Liston 
RocJef Audries 
Oele Toureen 
Antony Bryant 
W" Grant 
John Scott 
Mart: Gerrets 

The P"f craves a Jury ; But the def* still Refers himselfe to 
the Judgement of the Court : 

Scverall witnesses being examined and swome in Court ; 
the Charge was given to the Jury, who Brought in their Ver- 
dict vizV do find for the P^' Billa Vera damadge 5" shill' w**" 
costs of suite : 

The worpp" Court ordered That the dof ' shall pay to the P" 
6 Shill : damadge, w*** Costs of suite only excepting the charge 
of the Jury w'^*' the P" shall pay By Reason the Jury went 
out uppon his desire : The def* Confessing the fact and Refer- 
ring himselfe to the Co" as above The P" declares to appeale 



from y* Judgem* of this Court, to the Court of Azzises In 
New York : — w*"* the Co^ do grant the P'* Provided hee Puts 
in sufficient Security according to Law. 

John Oglk P'* 
John Ommersen Def* 
The P'* declares that the def* ia Indebted unto him for sun- 
dry goods the sume of three hundred sixty and one gilders for 
w*^** he craves Judgem* w"' Costs of Suite: — The Def' 
acknowledges the Receipt but sayetb that it was in part 
of payment of a bill etc. 

The worpp" court onlered Judgment against the Def for y* 
s^ 361 : w"* Costs. 

John Oolk P^* 
Pbter Jegou attorn^ ) j^ « 
of Henry Jacobs / 
The P'^ declares that Uenry Jacobs is Indebt^ unto him 
80 gilders : for w*'** he hath arrested this deP as the Attomy 
of the s^ Jacobs Humbly Craveing Judgem' for the same w"* 
Costs : 

The s** P" Producing and Prooveiug his actompt in Court; 
and the def* not denying to have effects of the s** Jacobs in his 
hands ; The Court ordered Judgement ag" the def* w"* Costs. 

Justice John Moll P" 
RoBBKRD Androb Def ' 

DeccmV 1?* 1676 The P'^ declares that this Def* is justly lu- 
ErwuUoD iMBUed. ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^.^^ j^^, ^^-j, ^^^^ thousand w« 

of tobbacco & cask dutch w" and more p^ ace' one Imn- 
drcd nynty A twoo of tobb & cask : for w"** hee Imth attached 
all the 8^ def** effects A Tobbacco: at the Plantation of Joseph 
Cheu in oppoquenemen — ^humbly craveing Judgement, w^ 
cost of Court. — 
The def* being fled out of the Govemm* and the P" Prov- 


ing his s*^ Bill By *i witnesses and his ace* hy oath : the Court 
do order that Judgem^ bee entered against the deP and that 
the s^ flttaclied effects Bee appraized towards the Payment 
of the P** for w*** the Court will appoint appraizors accord- 

WiLUAM Tom P'» 
Hekry Johkson Def 

This case By y* def" desire suspended till next Court & 
then to be heard in Equity according to the Govenio" order. 

Kalph Hutchinson by \ p^^ 

Rob: Hutchinson his altorn: J 
Mh. W11.LIAM Tom Def* 

The P'^ declares that this def* is Indebted unto him by Bill, 
the sume of foure hundred and fifty gilders in wheat Craves 
Judgement w^ cost. 

The Def* aknowlcdges the bill but sayeth that hee hath 
payeth somethings uppon it ; Itt was ordered that Judgem' 
should bee entered ag* the def for y^ s^ 2^450 according to 
Bill w**" costs; But no Kxecution to bee Issued untill next 
Court day : 

Symon Gibson P'^ 
William Kilbek Def* 

The P^* declares that this def* is Indebted uuto him as p*" 
ace' produced in Court the sume of three hundred & one gil- 
ders, for w^** hee craves Judgem* w'** costs : — The def* disown- 
ing part of the ace* and the P" Proving butt 210 gilders of 
his said ace* denying to Prove the Remainder of the s** 301 : 
gild'* by oath — Itt was ordered that Judgem* should bee en- 
tered ag" the def* for the a'* sume of two hundred and ten 
gilders w"* Coet. 



Capt" Ed: Cantwell High Sherrife -j 
in y" Behalfc of o' Souveraigne Lord >P" 

the King. 
Symon Gibson 
Jury Swornc 
Thorn: hedge, 
Rohb: HutcInnsoD, 
Geo: Tanckersly, 
Thorn Sn el ling, 
James Crafford, 
Morris Liston, 
Roelof Aiidries, 
Oele Toursen, 
Anlh: Bryirnt, 
W° Grant, 
John Skotl, 

Tho P" ludyts the def* for have- 
ing committed a Rape uppon the 
Boddy of hie maid servant Sara 
Jennings, desires punishm^ accord- 
ing to Laws uterrits. 
The def* Pleads not Guilty : 
The evidences being examined 
and Swome in Court; The charge 
was given to the Jury, who Brought 
in their verdict for the def^ and find 
him not guiltj'. 

Marten Gerrette. 

Tlie Co* do allow of the verdict : and ordered the Ci^'er to 
cleare the def* by Proclamation, y,-'^^ was done accordingly. 

Capt* Kdmond Cantwell High Sherrife in y* 1 p,t 

Behalfe of o' Souveraigne Lord The King / 
Symon Gibson Def* 

UppoD the Tourifl order The P'* in the Behalfc Aforsaid de- 

Execution «as Uued j^^^^^.,^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^ jj^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^y^ 

out the IC" of No- ^ , ^ ,, ^ „ » , . / ■ 

Twiib' 1676 8ijfned of lawfull monuy of England itt being 

by Justice Moll the forfeiture uppon a Bond produced in 

Court : — The worpp" Court haveing Examined the Papers & 

Evidences and also heard the dof" owne Confession, do find 

that the s** def* hath forfeited bis s^ bond of 40**^ to the use of 

o"' a^ Soueraigne Lord the King : and do order that Judgem^ 

bee entered accordingly : 

Mart Block widdow <fe 1 p,i 
Relict of Hans Blok deC^ / 
ViCESSHivs Nbttelshipp Def* 



Thom hedge 
Rob: Hutchison 
William Currier 
Thom Suelling 
James CraOoni 
Roelof Audries 
Ocle Toursen 
Antony Bryant 
John hermsen 
John Scot! 
Marten Gerritl 

The P" declares tliia deP In June 
last falsely & scandalously hath de- 
famed tliis P'* in a full and knowne 
Company By w** she the s** P'* is 
damiiifyetl in hur Credit & Reputa- 
tion 200 Ihs. 

Craveing Reparation for the s** 
scnndall w**' Costs : — Tlie def denying 
what was alledged Severall evidences 
were examined & sworne and the 
Charge given to the Jury who brought 
in their verdict viz^ : — Imp** wee bring 
in 0*^ verdict for the P'S w*^ twelve pence damadge for the 
deP and Lykewyse Cost of suite as Court Charges, and Lyke- 
wyse the s** Vicessimus in open Court to make Humble Con- 
fession unto the s^ widdow Blocke for liis defamation. — ^The 
Court ordered Judgement to be entered according to ver- 
dict: The dei* in open Court made Humble Confession unto 
y' s^ widdow Block for his defamation according to verdict: — 
The Court adjourned till tomorrow being Thursday y* 9*" 
of Novemb'. 

Thursday y* 9"» of NovembM676 
The Co*" Continued and the Justices all Compleat: also 
Capt" Colier who was p'^sent towards the latter end. 

Uppon the motion of Capt" Cantwell high Sherrife The 
Court granted execution against Symon Gibson uppon the 
Judgem* past against the s^ Gibson yesterday to b© levjed 
uppon the goods & Chatles of the s^ Gibson etc : 

Thomas Spry P» 
Otto Wolleoast Def* 
Uppon the Rtque-st M' Wharton the def" attorney The 
Court granted a Referrence until next Court day. 


VicESHlMirs Nettelshifp P** 

Symon Gibson Def 

The case in difference being about the non p''fomiance of 
Building of a house w*^'* the def Profl'ercd to build, as soon 
this Co" was over being before p*vented by sickness A the 
necessity of his being attthis Court etc w'^ the Court concidnr- 
ing, They found no cause of action . ordered a non suite and 
the 8^ P" to pay Costs : 

VicEssiMUB Nettelshipp P'* 1 An attachment of the 
Symon Gibson Def / servant of ye def. 

The Court finding that this action was on the same ace* as 
above : ordei'ed a non suite and the P" to pay Costs. 

Gboroe Oldfield and Pietermella his wyfe-<| 
Execut' of the Last Will and Testjimeut of >P'* 
Cap' John Carr deceased. J 

James SANnERUNo Def* 

The P" craved a Reference till next Court A pi-offers secu- 
rity etc:^ — The def* produced an aec* against the P'^ demands 
for ^ 717:10 and desires that the same may Bee allowed of. The 
Def having made oath to liis s*^ acc^ the Court ordered that 
the same should bee allovred. 

Uppon the Peticon of James Sanderling desiring that M' G: 
Oldfield might be ordered to make good and Prosecute his 
action (entered against the a** Petition^ and Lykewyse to pny 
all damages alreddy past and costs of suite: The Court grants 
the Peticonor his request. 

In the Case of the difference between George More admin- 
istrator of the Estate of Thomas Lane deceased & M' Walter 
Wharton, the Court have appointed \P Thomas Hedge <fe M"" 
Thomas Morse: who are hereby desiered to view Examin the 
accompts *fe other Papere, botweone them, and if possible to 
decide the difference, otherwise to Chuso a third p^son as an 
umpier; and to make a Returne att next Court 

The Court have Thought fitt to appoint M' James William 


A Hendrik Vanden Burgh : To appraize the attHched horse of 
Anthony Hendrix & Margaret Pennory 

See ihis Paiieni Re- Upon the Teticon of M'GeorOldficM 

corded in y Records ^j^^ ^^^^ ordered that Cap' Cantwell 
of C-oiiTetgaaceB oo 

folio 3 A fo. 4: should deliver to the s^ Old field a cer- 

taine Pattcnt belonging to Capt" John 
Can* deceas^ and that the same should be Recorded 

Josejili Cheu aknowle<lged in Co" his 
mortgage to Johannea d'haes, of his land 

Bee this deed Recorded 
in the Records of Con- 
vannoes of Mort- 
gages on folio 6 A <fe Plantation In oppoquenemen, for the 

folio fi - Bume of 2000 lb tobb*'. The s"^ mortgage 

bearing date 22 June 1678 : The Court ordered that the 

same should be Recorded. 

Bm xhi» Recorded in y* Uppon the motion of Cap* Ed : Cont- 

R«oi^ of Couveig- ^.^,1 m ^,^g Lvkewyse ordered that the 

assigum* of a Patient for 500 acres of land 

in Oppoqueneraen made by Timothy Love unto John Walker 

should b6 Recorded 

Cam* Edm: Cantwell High Sherrife in 1 p,t 

y^ Behalfe of o' Sever : Lord ye King i 
Matthias Bartelsen & Larence Hendricx Def* 

James Sanderlin 
Rob: Hutchinson 
\V" Currier 
Jam: CrafFord 
Moris Lieton 
A nth: Bryant 
Thom: Snelling 
Roelof Andries 
Jan hermensen 
John Scott 
Martin Gerretz 
Oele Toersen 

The P" in y*" Behalfe afores*' Pesents 
the deP that thoy the s^ def" in or 
about June nppon y*^ Land of 
fopp outhout on the .... syde of 
this River have violon'ly endeavor 
.... burnc tlie h^ outhoula house, 
^ch jjy reason of ... . greenesse not 
burning, they the s** def*" pro .... 
their violent fury, Cutt and pulled itt 
to the ground : w*"^ being Repugnant 
to the Lawes of the Govemm* in such 
cases provided : . . . . P^' desires that 
the 8** def" may bee fyned accoitling 
to their demcrritt : 


The deP* being heard The Jury went out and brought in 
their verdict : That the def " should |)ay 50 Shillings w"* costs 
of sute : The worpp" Court ordered Judgeni* to bee entered 

George Oldpield & Pihtermella his wyfe^ 
Executricx of the last will & Testament VP*' 
of Capt" John Carr deceased. J 

MouNS Powell Def* 

The P" demands a gun Long sence d ... by Capt" Car 
dec^ etc The deP aknowledgos tiie Receipt but . . . hee de- 
livered a quarter of beefe to Capt" Carr and is willing to 
deliver tlie gun Provided pAymen^ bee made for the s** Beefe : 
The Partecs agreeing that the DeP Should keep the gun and 
so acquit each other each paying halfe charges ; The Court did 
approve of the same ; 

George Oldkield ife Pietkrmklla bisi p^ 

Wyfe Executricx etc J 

Peter Alriohs Def* 

Suspended until next Court p'* giving security for prosecut" 
<fe charges. 

Ditto Oldfield & his wyfe P" 1 j j u 
„ , ,. . ^ ordered as above 

Peter Alrichs Dei* ) 

Uppoii the Petieon of Peter Jegou ; desiering that he might 
have a Rehearing in Equity before this Court of the case 
wherein the Peticoner is overthrowne in Common by 
Stephen Juriansen & the three other fins att Pompoen hoeck ; 
The worpp" Court haveing weighed the Reasons by the 
Petieon brought forth ; do grant him a Rehearing in Equity : 

Geo : Oldpield A Pietermella his wyfe Exec"" of \ 
the Last Will & Testament of Capt" John Carr lp» 
deed. i 

Henrv Corsvorne Def* 

This Action is suspended till next Court, the P* giving 
security for prossecut : and charges. 



Joseph Chku 
RoBBERD Andersen 

• Both P'ties default. 

Jacob Young P" \This case is suspended till next 
Lucas Ebell Def^ i Court. 


Thomas Spry appearing io Court Con- 
fessed Judgement to M' Henry Ward in the 
behalfe of John Whyte and Lucas Ebell for the Sumo of 
460fl>of tobbacco and Sixty and one gilders seawant w'** Costs. 

TboK Keoorded in t* 
Bcoords of CooTeig- 
anoee on fo 9: l(h & 
11 = 

Itt was ordered by the Court that the 
Paltent of 188 acres to Jacob fiana, Jacob 
fiauas assigning for the same to Morris 
Daniels & Timothy Love and the s** Tim- 
othy Love's assigum* of his moyety to the s^ Moms Daniels. 
All produced in Court, Should be Recorded. 

Vicessimus Nettelshipp appearing in Court declareth to with- 
draw and lett fall his appeale entered Jesterday the 8*** Instant 
in the case wherein tho s'' Nettelshipp was P'^ and W™ Tom 
def* and declares to stand to the verdict of the Jury. 

Itt was Resolved by the Court to ajonie untill Satturday 
the ll'** Instant : and then to meet att New Castle etc. 

In pursuance of a Resolution taken .... 
Justices att a meeting held by them .... 

Castle the 12 of Octob^ Ljist ; Tlie foil 

Letter was this day by tliem signed a . . . . 
to his hono^ the Govern' att New Y . . . . 
Right Hono'**'* Governo' 

Wee yo^ Hono" Humble .... 
being com mission a ted by yo' Hono' to be m ... . 
for the Towne and Jurisdiction of New Castle 
do 6nd ourselves oblidged for tho best of tho 
Towne and Inhabitants humbly to p' . . . . 
to yo' Ilono' the hereafter mentioned .... 
for w*^*" wee desire his llono" favorable .... 



1 — That yo' Houo'' will be pleased to se . . . . 
Lrfiwbooke of his Royall Highnesse, corre , , . . 
of all such Lawes and orders as do not .... 
Concerne this River: yo' Hono' being plea .... 
Make mention of the same att his being .... 

2 — lit proves verry Burthensora to these w . . . . 
to the Company of the Militia of this .... 
(Who for y* most part live oult Itt . . . . 
3 or 4 :) to come, and watch in y® for ... . 
therefore suppose itt to be better (if his ... . 
thinkea fitt) that some small number .... 
Were kept (it being not only for the oas .... 
People butt also for the Reputation of the .... 
Concidering that this is a frontier place .... 
was in y* tymo of yo^ Hono" pMecessors .... 
find that severall of the Inhabitants .... 
Rather Inclyne to pay towards their ma .... 
then to be constrained to watch themselves 

3 — That yo' Hono" will be pleased to bestow . . 
Lesser Scale for y* office, thore being nece .... 
Severall Respects for the same* and cbeef .... 
sending papers or Instruments to the neig .... 
CoUonies who have a Scale in Kvery .... 
given them for the Lyke purposes. 

4 — There being no prison for the securing of debtors fuge* 
tieves and malefactors, who often mnke their escape for want 
of the same. Wee therefore desire his bono" order for the 
erecting of a prison w'=*' we immadgine would bee convenient 
to stand in y* forte and that yo' Hono' will LyVewyso 
p'scribe what Allowance prisoners shall have and by whome 
to bee paid Also that the Sherrife may be reejionsible in case 
of escapes. 

5 — There was by the last Gencr**^ Court here an order made 
allowing 40 gilders for every wool fa head to be Levyed from 
ye Publicq of w'^** said order wee Inclosed send his bono'" a 
coppy desiering yo' Hono" approbacon uppon the same 



'Sevcrall of the Justices <& others haveing laid out monucy on 
y* said acc^ and Lykewyse further desire his lion" order Ira- 
powring us to raise a Levy for the defraying of small publicq 
chaises. lit being now tyme for payment : And whereas itt 
often hapi>ens that fynos are Imi)osed by the Court, uppon 
particular persons : wee lykewyse desire his bono" grant tliat 
all such fynes may henceforth be converted for the defraying 
Publicq Charges in Repairing of the forte, Building of a 
Prison or the Lyke (allowing the sherrife out of the same 
what yo' hono^ sliall thinke fitt) as also that all f^'nes herettv 
fore Imposed and not as yet paid may bo Lykewyse converted 
to the same use. 

lastly and cheefly wye are constrayned to loll yo^ Hono' 
that Incaise Sloops and vessels be henceforth p'mitted to go 
upp & downe the River, tradeing w*'' the people & getting 
all the Heddy and best pay (as they now do) that this place 
will in a short tyme bee deserted and come to nothing (w*''* 
then will make this River as bad as Maryland) for the mer- 
chants and traders here duely supplying the Teople their wants 
in the Summer, trust to be ])aid att the cropp of w^ they are 
Putt by Puj' the s** sloopes & vessella 

Little Regarding the 3 p^ C" Custom . . . 
Inconsiderable, as now the ketch and .... 
Are both gon upp, the Sloopc (takeing .... 
opportunity of Capt" Coliers going to ... . 
and o' Clarke whome bee had deputed .... 
his absence, going but 2 or 3 days to ... . 
Iiim) went upp the River w'*' out Cleariu .... 
or paying any Custome, all w''** and the .... 
doth quijt disharten the People and New Commers here. 
Wherefore wee in all humility Intreat yo' bono' (concidering 
necessity for itt) to Prohibite the going .... 
veaaells whatsoever up and downe the River & Bay on 
the a^ accompt, as it was in ... . 

tyme of y' Ilono" pMecessors, and Lykewyse that this Towne, 
as being the only medium &. best place. 



May bee the only place of L , . . . 

unlouding <fe keeping of stores for all mer .... 

and that y' hono"^ will bee pleased to or<3 .... 

that a publicq weigbouse A storehouse m . . . . 

bee erected, which will verry much enc .... 

Tradesmen & Merchants to Resort belber .... 

this place will not only bee populated b . . . . 

also the whole River will thrive by itt 

Uppon the aforesaid Perticulars wee h . . . . 

Intreat his bono" favorable answer and 

approbacion so far as yo' Hono' in his ... . 

Shall think iitt. Kemaining : 

Right Hono'*"* S'— 
Yo"" Hono" most humble 
and fiiithfull Subjects 

John Moll, 
Henry Ward, 
William Tom, 
fopp Outhout, 
Jean Paul Jacquct, 
Gerrett Otto. 

New Castle (signed) 

Novemb' y« 8* 1676 
(The Supperscription was) 
To tlie Right Hono'"* 
govern*'' Mayo' Edra : 

Forte James in New 

Att a Rejomed Co" held at New Castle according to the- 
Resolution of the Justices. Saturday Novemb'=' 11"' 1G76. 

Capt" John CoHer Commander 
M' John Moll 1 
P'sent M' Henry Ward V Justices 

M' William Tom ) 
Capt" Ed: Cantwell High Sherrife. 

Uppon the Peticon of Anthony Bryant w<* was By bis 
hono' the Govenio' Referred to this Court for to Report Bake* 
to his bono' the Govemo'. 



The Court Reports that they have nothing to do w'*' 
orphans Land butt if the Peticoner will take M' Geo: Old- 
field's Security hee is alt Liberty so too doo. 

Uppon the Peticon of Marten Gerritsen desiering payment 
for worke don for the Publicq to the Kings ditch & Highway 
in y' Jeare 1675, as p"" ace* the some of 120 gilders. The 
CTonrt answer that after the dykes bee surveiged and the ace* 
made upp the Peticoner shall have his Just dues Payed. 

The Court orders the same answer to bee upjwn the Peticon 
of hendrik Janscn van Breemen for his worke to the dyke 

Bee tlu> aingnmcnt Re- 
corded in ilic HeconLs 
of Cooveigan.' on (o:~ 

George More appearing in Court 
aknowledged the assignment of his Pat^ 
tent of 280 Acres nf lond Lying in St 
Georges Creeke to James Cmtford his 
The Court ordered that the same should 

heirs and assignea 
be Recorded. 

The Peticon of Peter de AVitt w*^' the order from his bono*" 
the govemo' thereuppon being taken in concideration : The 
Court answer that after the dykes etc bee surveiged and the 
ace** made up the Peticoner shall have his just dues Payed. 

An order of Court for M^ Walter Wharton to Surveigh the 
Dykes ete. 

Whereas Several] p'"sons have been Tmployed Last Jeare for 
the Publicq to make and Repair the Towne dyke and also 
bans Blocqs dyke Lying on the Eastsj'de of this Towne of 
New Castle: and whereas the s** P'sons have given in their 
accompt* for their said worke to the Court desiering sattisfac- 
tion accordingly The Court have tliought fitt before they 
would proceed further therein To appoint AP W'^alter Wharton 
who is hereby desire<l to view and surveigh the Length of the 
a** Dykes and to see what A how much Repaire is done to the 
same and to make a Returne thereof att the next Court : New 
Costlo Novemb^ U: 1676. 

Upon the Peticon of James Wallian & Samuel Land shew- 


Jug Ihat they by will hfc ordained to bee Execut" of the Last 
Will and Testament of Peter Huff deceased to dispose of such 
as hee the S* Hoofe I-oP behind him and to pay and Receive 
all such debts as are due to or from the said Pieter huff for 
the proper use and behoofe of the 8^ Peter his wife and child, 
and to bee sent to them, of all w^** a** goods they have before 
twoo sufficient Witnesses of this Towne t^ken a true In- 
ventory, and therefore desire that the Court will appoint 
appraizers to appraize the goods of the deceased or else that 
they might have liberty to sell them to the most advanladge 
of the woomen A Child : — The Court Conciedering that the s*" 
estate is soo Inconcidcrablothat it is nott worth the Chiirgo to 
send to New Vorke for probata of the will and the s** will of 
Peter Huff being produced in Court, and Thorn : Spry swome 
A M' William Tom aknowledging who were the witnesses 
thereunto. The Court ordered that the same should bee Re- 
corded and order for appraizers M' Whalter Wharton and 
Peter Jcgou who are to make a Uetunie of the True vallue of 
what the decejised hath ]>efl att llie next Court w*** tf* ap- 
praizers were sworne in Court accordingly. 

Coppy of Peter Huffs will & Testament. 

In the name of <iod Amen, this 30"' day of September in 
y*^ yeare of o^ Lord God 1B7C, I : Peter Huff now a sujenier 
in New C'astle on delowar, being sik and weake in body butt 
of perfect mind A memory thankes be given uulo God there- 
fore calling unto minde the moilality of ray boddy & knowing 
tliat itt is ap[>ointed for till men once to dye do make and 
oniaine this my Last Will & Testament in manner & forme 
following — that is to say, first and Principly I give my soule 
unto the hands of God that gave itt mee, and for my Boddy 
I commend itt to the Earth to bee Uuricd in ('hristian decent 
manner nothing doubting butt at the gener" Resurection I : 
shall Receive the same againe by the mighty Pouwer of God : 

And as touching sucli worldly estate wherewith itt hath 
pleased God to blesse me in this Lyfe I : give dovyse bequeath 



and dispose the same in manner & forme following, first I : 
give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wyfe Ellinor Iluff 
and my Little daughter Elliner Living in St. Martin's in the 
fields in the County of Middlesex, all ray Worldly estate, as 
goods Chatties moveables and Immoveables both in the Land 
of England as also in New Castle on delowar or any other 
pari in America, to uso occupy and dispose of as shee my s^ 
wyfe sliall see necessary and convenient for the use of herselfe 
and my Little daughter : In the next place if itL please God 
to Call mee out of this world in the Towne of New Castle, I : 
do ordaino and appoint my beloved friends M*^ James Wallian 
& M' Samuel Land to bee Execut" of what worldly estate I 
shall here Leave behind mee and to use the best of their In- 
deavours tliat either itt or the effects thereof may be sent to 
England for the use of my beloved wj-fe & daughter, w*** all 
that they both pay all debts due from mee to others and Re- 
ceive all debts due from others to mee. and hereby I : do 
utterly disallow Hevoake and annul! all and every other 
former Testaments wills Legflcys bequeaths and execut"" by 
mee in any wise before this tyme named willed or bequeathed : 
Ratifying & Confirming this tfc none other to bee my Last 
Will and Testament ; In Wittnt-sse Whereoff I : have hereinto 
sett my baud & scale the day tt ycoro above written. 

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced Peter Huff. 

and declared by the s^ Peter Ilutf (si) 

as his Last Will tfe Testament in 

the p'seuce of us. 

(signed) Will Tom, 
Tho : Spry. 

Uppon the Peticons of severall Inhabitants of this Towne 
p'tending monnys & debts created heretofore, and in the 
tyme of Govern*" Lovelace on the ace' of the Publicq etc — The 
Court ordered tho Clarke to take an acc^ of all such pHended 
foxmer debla and to draw them up together. 



Upon the Peticon of Erailius de Ring Reader in the 
Church — The Court ordered that those who have signed to- 
wards his maiutainauce shall jmy tlieir Erricr. and the under- 
sherrife to collect it for w** hee shall have ten p^ C*. 

The Court have & do hereby sett att Jjiberty the goods & 
Estate of harmcn Johnson <fe his wyfe to have Liberty to pay 
and receive their debts and the Sherrifo his fees. 

At A C-ourt held alt New Castle the 5^ day of decemly 
ao 1676. 

Capl John Colier. 

M' John Moll 
P'sent M' William Tom 

M' foppe Outhout 

M' Jean Paull Jacquet 


William Guiljams P*' "I t> iu »• j r i* 
^ > Both p'ties default. 
JOSEPH Cheu Def* J 

Thomas Spry P'^ 
Utto Wor.i.EOAST Dcf 

Tlie P'' declares that this def* liaveing married the widow 
of Michill Grace and as his successor is Indebted unto him as 
p'" ace* the sume of 65 gilders : for w"** hee craves Judgem* 
w* costs : 

In regard the def* and attorney (who caried a Referrence 
no longer then to this Court) were both default and the P" 
having made oath to his acc^ The Co" ordered that Judgem' 
should bee entered against the def* by default for the s"^ G5 
gilders w'** Costs : — 

William Tom P" 
Hekrv Johnson Def* 
n dec* 1676 EiecatUm This Case being Referre<l by his Hono^ 

m"moi7* '^'^"* "*' ^^^ ^^ovQmo' to this Court to bee heard 

and determined in Equity and the Co" 

thereuppon liaving examined the evidences & heard the the 



debutes of both p'tees, do determine & order, The def* to pay 
for killing the P"" horses, the sume of six hundred gildera : 
and if the dcf* can inukc ap{)care that hisownc fences att tliat 
tyme were suflScient, hee may have his Remedy by course of 
Law against the P" for his p'tcnded damages, and the dcf to 
pay Costs. 

Geo : Oldfield A Pietermella his wyfe \ j^^ 
Execul* of Capl° John Carr Deceaa** / 

James Sanderling DeP 

The P'* being absent nothw"' standing itt was ordered him 
by the Court, to bee Reddy & prosecute his actions this Court 
day a non suite was ordered against th P'^ with CostA 

Geo: Oldpield & 

Pietebmella etc P" 

Peter Alriohs DeP 

Geo: Oldfikld & 

Pietermella his etc P*' 

Peter Alrigus DoP 

Geo: Oldfikld & 

Pietermella his wyfe P" 

Henry Corvorne Def 

a non suite 

ordered as above 

a non suite 
ordered as above 

a non suite 
as above 

Jacob Joungh P'* 

Lucas Ebell DeV- 

This action is continued uutill next Court day as when 

Capt" Cantwell will bee at Court and the former uudersherrife 

of oppoquenemen Roelof Andries, is to make Returne of the 

Syie facias formerly sent to him aboutt hendrik van diemen. 

Henry Ward by his Attorney 1 pn ^ In an action of 

John Adams J > deV to the sume 

Lucas Ebell Def» ) of 628 lb tobb : 

The deP pleading that hee was nott tymely arrested; The 

Court have granted to this deH tyme to pay his s^ debt, be- 



tweene this & the C'ourt following ; But in case of Longer de- 
lay Judgement to passe ags^ the def^ for the some. 

Justice John Moll P'* 
Vicessim: NETTLKsmrr Def 
The case of notion being about the def* swar .... the Peas 
against the P^' who was and is one of his Maj***^ Justices, and 
the def* nottstand .... uppon his vindication etc. The Court 
ordered the dof^ to make liumble confession in open Court to 
the P'^ for his offence, and to pay costs of suito. 

The def ticcordingly in open Court made humble confes- 
sion to the P" for his s" offence. 

Wir.LiAM Tom P" 

ViCESsiMus Nettleship Def 
The case of action being about the Dcf^ sworeing the peace 
against the P" by w*^** bee for the space of 4 or 5 months was 
hindered of his Just fees and emehnnents, and the def not 
standing uppon his vindication The Court ordered the def* 
to make humble confession in open Court to the P" for his s* 
offence and ordered him to pay Costs. The def* accordingly 
in open Court made humble Confession to the P^* for s^ offence. 

Heniiy Ward P'* 1 m • .- •*! j „ 

, , , ^ , V This action is withdrawn. 

Geo: Lockert Def^ J 

Vjcessimus Nettklshii* P" 
Symon Gibson Def* 

This case is suspended by the Court untill Symon Gibsons 
Returne from N: Yorke. 

VicKssiMCs Nettelship P" 1 o j j V 

„ ^ »> ,. > Suspended as above. 

Symon Gibson Def ) 

John Adams for his Mast: Dervall P'* 
Thomas Spry Def 

April sih Kxmit: The P" declares as p' declarition for the 
i»u«d out. gun„ of 45 gilders in wheat att 5 gild' p' 
skipple with Cost. 


The deH uknowledging the debt, desiprc<l butt twelve duyes 
Respitt for pnyment: Thv Court ordere^l Judgement to bee 
entered against the def* for the a** 45 gild' butt no execution 
to bee issued out until after the »** 12 dayes bee expired. 

JusTA Andril's P" 1 This action is withdrawn by P'** 
Pkter Jeoou DeP / Attorney in open Court. 

JusTA Andriks P" 1 This action is withdrawn by P" 
Peter Slober Def^ J hiraselfe in open Court. 

pit ■» 

Hans PiKTEKSEN a it .- e 1 t^ 

_ _ >I» an action of defamation. 


Severall evidences being examined & eworne in Court: 
The Court find hctherto no cause of action therefore order a 
non suit against the P'* with CN^sts. 

John t' Chapf by ) pn 

John Ogle his nttorney / 
Christopher IJarnks Def* 

loth de«mb 1676 The P" declares that the def* is Justly 
Ejecui : gnuiied ^^to John t' Chaff for whome hee is at- 
torney, by his obligation bnreing date 25 Aprill 1C70 : the 
quantity of 180411) of Tobbacco <t Caske; for w^'' hee craves 
Judgem* w'*' costs. 

The Letter of Attorney being pro<luced in Court and the 
debt and obligation being owned by the def* The Court 
ordered Judgement against the def for the s'* 18G4lh oi 
Tobbacco w*** Costf. 

Jamks Bath P'* \ In an action of the case for 10 

John Berker Def / wet'kes service : 
L'ppon examination of the Pnrtees the Co" find no cause of 
action, and therefore ordered a non suite to bee entered ag^ 
the P" v!"^ Costs, 

JoHX Bkbkkr P>t \^^PP°" tbe request of the P- at- 
V torney this case is suspended un- 

JAMES ijATH X/6t ■ I'ti i ^^ • 

J till next Court 



■r.1. 1 An attachment of the deP* 
Antony Bkyant P" I ^^^^ ;„ ^,,^ ^^^^^ ^f 

Jacob vandek \ £ER DeP j ^^^^^^ Williams. 

This action is Continued untill next Court and if the Def* 
puts in bayle hee may have his ^ attached goods. 

In an action of debt 
for 300 gildere p' 

John Adams for his Mast : \ pu ") 
William Dcrvall J I 

Geo: More DePJ 

The P" haveing by the wittnesses Jacob A''anderveer & 
Peter Jegou proved his bill, and the def being Imployed 
uppon the Contry buisnesse» the Court continued this action 
untill next Court day. 

In an action 

of assault & 

William Sandford P" 

Harm EN Johnson -j 
Sibrant Johnson VDof*' 
John Johnson J 

Ilarmcn Jolinsou being only apprehended & af)pearing in 
Court, The Court ordered that hee should bee bound over to 
answer the next next Court, and that the warrant for Sybraut 
Johnson & Johu Johnson stand in force & bee executed if 
possible they can bee found. 

The Court finding that there was no Constable in Christina 
Creeks for the p'"servatton of his Maj***^* Peace, This day ap- 
pointed Charles Romsey for Constable there ; and was sworne 
accordingly. — M' Vicessimus Nettelship upon his request was 
by the Court dismist of his Constables place ; and M' Samuel 
Land est-ablish* and sworne Constable of this Towne of New 
Castle in the room of s*^ Netielshipp. 

The Court have this day put out a Certaine orphan Girle 
named Tryntie Jausen daughter to John Sybrantscn unto 
Peter Maltijsen, for the terrae or space of three Jeare ensuing, 
Provyded the child have good useadge, soo that no complaints 
bee made, w*^^ if so the Maid to bee taken from them. 

The s** Peter Mattijssen Promised and Ingaged to the Court 



To maintain the s** Tryntien w'** Cloaths washing and Lodge- 
ing and will give hur att the three Jearea end a hefTer w" 
Calfe, aud doth akuowledge to have given her alreddy a Sow 

In pursuant of an order made the last Court M*" Walter 
"Wharton this day made report of the length of the Towne 
Dyke and also y* Length of Mislris Blocques Dyke, being the 
new worke viz' — 

The Towne D)ke 
Martin Gerritsens part (as 

Hend : Johnson reports, is 306 foott 

Hendrik Johnsons Part is 318 foott 

Peter de Witts Part is 519 foott 

The whole length of the Towne dyke 

(allowing 12 foott for the sluice) is 1143 foot 

Martin Gerretsen Sayeth y* hee hath done Seaven foot in 
hendrik Johnsons part, butt Hendrik sayes the Contrary. 
Mistris Blocks Dyke 
The whole Length of all y* new worke (being veny slightly 
done «& allowing 12 foott for the Sluce) is S52 foott 

Novemb*^ 21«' p^ Mee 
(Signed) Walter Wharton 
The Court ordered that All those who have workt to the 
same (dykes) ahull bring lu their acc^ what & how much they 
have Received & of whome, 

Uppon the Peticon of OCle Toersen shewing that he for- 
merly in the tyme of Cap' Car & in the tyme of the Command 
of Cap' Cantwell by their & the Coui-ts order had workt about 
the dyke of this towne etc : the space of 21 dayes, desiering 
some sattisfaction for the s^ worke. — The Court answer that 
they will Kxamin the dykes ace' and if anything is over, the 
Peticon' shall be sattisfyed 

Uppon the Peticon of John Adams for aud in the Behalfe 
of his Mast' W" Derwall and Capt" Thomas De Lavall Shew- 
ing — ^That the E*eticon*' in the yoare 1675 in the behalfe 
aboves"' attached of y® effects of Capt" John Carr in this River 



the aume of nineteen hundred gilders «tc : — deeiering that thn 
worpp" Court would paase an order, so that the Peiiconer 
might have sattiafaction according to his aboves^ attachment 
and the order of the execut' oldfield etc : 

Whereas there hath past twoo defaults & this being the 
third The Court ordered Judgement to bee Entered against 
the 8^ Estate of Capt° John Car in this River according to 

Uppon the Peticon of Walraeveii Janss Marten Gerretsen 
Jan Staal Kopp John Ogle Andries Andriese Jan Andriess 
Andries Simccus Sophy Andries Jurianss widdow Jan Gerritz 
& Peter Jegou :— desiering that this Court would give them 
Leave, when they fetch in their old outLying hoghs to Marke 
the Jouug ones that shall be w'*" them, in the p'senco of their 
Neigbours in Cristina Creek etc ; The Court Referr the Pe- 
ticon" to the former orders Provyded In such Lyke Cases. 

Beo the Inventory etc; Recorded 
in the Rcgifltcr of p'ticulnr 
Iiutrumcats fo 

The Execut" of Peter Hoofe de- 
livered In Court the Inventory and 
A ppraizem* of the s*' Hoofes Estate : 
The Court ordered the same to bee Recorded. 
Upon the Peticon of Justa Andries desierin to have his son 
Sybrant bake from M^ Alrigs. The Court will give answer to 
the same next Court day. 

Upon the Request of the Exocut*' of Peter Hoofo, The Court 
grant them Leave to dispose of the goods of the deceased for 
to make Retumes to the widdow iu England. 

Alt a Meeting of the Oomander and Justices held In the 

Towne of New Castle on fryday the 8"* day of decemb' 1676 ; 

Capt John Colier Commander 

M' John Moll ^ 

P'sent M' William Tom , ,. 

,*. «. ^ , > Justices 

M' ffoppe Outhout 1 

M*" Jean Paul Jacquet J 
Capt John Colier by his speech declared to the Court that 



in parsuant of his hon*' the Oovemo'* orders to him hee had 
on the 4'** past sent a friendly and Civill Letter w"' the undo 
Bherrife to Mayo^ John fenwike shewing that hee had Received 
orders from his s*^ hono' And dessiered him to come to New 
Castle, uppon w**" the u** fenwike sent a Letter in answer re- 
fusing to come Ac : as by the b'' Letter produced in Court 
more plainly did appeare, further dcclarcing that ho© the s^ 
Capt° Colier had ben in owne p''son on the 7"^ past w**" the s* 
fenwike utt his house, where coraming none of his Company 
were suffered to come in the house butt himsclfe as when hee 
delivered to the s** fenwike In substance as followeth — That 
hee the s^ Colier had not questioned butt according to his 
letter sent the 4*'' past, butt tliat hee would have Come over 
w^ the undersherrife or att Leastwise have sent a more sattis- 
factory answer but scncc hee the s^ fenwike still stood out, by 
w*^** hee had given him the trouble. Come over in p^son did 
therefore give liim to understand that it was his bono" the 
Govemo™ order to have him the s^ fenwike, to come and 
appeare before him and Councill att New Yorke w*"** Long 
before hee had understood by his s** Hono" spetiall warrant 
sent to him and therefore deeiered him now in all civility w*^ 
oat further trouble to obey the a*' orders, There being now a 
fitt opportunity for hia going. 

Uppon w*^^ May' fenwike Replyed that hee did not know 
that the Governo' of Yorke had anything to do w^ him and 
that hee would obey notliing but what should come from his 
Maj"* the King or his Highnesse the duke of Yorke and was 
Resolved not to leave his house w"* out he was carried away 
either dead or [alive] and if any one dearst come to toko him 
itt was att their Perills, and hee would do their buisneese ; and 
ftfter the a** Capt. Colier went out suffered him to come in 
againe but keeping his doore double boultcd spoke to him out 
of a small skuttell hole at the end of the house. 

Capt" Colier declaring further to the Court that hee seeing 
that the s^ May' fenwike was and continued so Refractory and 
stood uppon his defence ; and further Conciedering that the 


magestrates by his bono'* order were Equally in the Buisnesse 
Concerned w'*" him, thought best to take their advycc before 
hee would proceed to Rigeur, w*^ was now the occassion of 
Calling this Court etc. 

The Court haveing Coucidered and maturely deliberated 
uppon the orders from his bono' the Governo' to them, and 
also the orders from his Hono' the Goven' to Capt" John 
Golier in perticular, do Judge itt necessary sence the s^ fen- 
wike in Contempt to his houo" orders stands outt, upjKin his 
Perrill, That force be used and hee the s** feuwike taken and 
sent to Yorke to his bono" w"* the first sloopo, for the doing 
whereof they are willing to give forth the warrant etc. 

The warrant Given forth by the Commander and Justices 
for the apprehending of Mayo** fenwick. 

By the Command' & Co'^ at New Castlo In Delowurr : 
These are in his May"*'* name to Impower and appoint you 
Lievetenn^ Johannes d'hnes, M' Michill Baron and M^Geo: 
More undersberrife of this place to Levy twelve souldiera out 
of any of the militia of this River and w'*' them to Repairo to 
the house of Mayor John fenwike, and him the s" fenwike to 
bring by force before us to this Towne of New Castle uppon 

Giving and hereby granting unto you and ever\' of you full 
power and authority to pull down, breake, bunie or destroy 
the fi^ house for the apprehending of him the said fenwike <fc 
further to act and use all or any forceable act or acts as the 
Experiency of the tyme shall offer to yo' Judgemen"* w'*^ all 
giving and hereby Granting to you and every of you and every 
Respective Souldier under you full power in Case of Resist- 
ance or p'seuting any gunn or guns to yo' detriment : to fyre 
uppon him the s"* fenwike or any others soo p'senting or In- 
tending to shoote, and if Incase hee the s^ fenwike or any 
others resisting shall happen to bee killed^ you and every 
of you shall bee hereby absoluthly and freely discharged 
and held Innocent as being done in pursuant of Ute Dukes 




lievctenn" order and of us by his bono" order Recom- 

Given under o' hands alt New Castle in delowarr this 8"* 
day of decemb' 1676. 

(Signed) John Colier 

John Moll 
Will Tom 
foppe outhout 
Jean Paul Jacquet 

His Hono" Govemo' Ed : Andross' Letter to the Command' 
A Justices of New Castle In answer to their Letter sent 8"* of 
Novemb' 1676 : 

Gentlemen : 

I : have Received your Letters of the 8*** (by the post ex- 
presae sent hither) w"* several other papers and wrytings Re- 
lating unto Mayo"" John Fenwikes actings on the East syde of 
delowarr River, by his granting Pattenta for land, and Refus- 
ing to obey my speciall warrant Ac as also touching your 
more perticular affayres; whereuppon haveing taken advyce 
of my Councell, I have thought fitt (itt importing his may**** 
service and the good <fe quiett of those parts & Inhabitants, 
That Mayor John Fenwike bee sent hither w* the first con- 
venience : and if there bee occasion that the Commander & 
you the Magistrates doe use force for seizing uppon & send" 
ing him. 

And there being no Lawfull authority for his giving forth 
Pattents for Land, those sent hitber are nott to bee Returned 
bake for the p'sent, butt the p'sons who have paid their 
monnys for them may have their remedy at Law against the 
p'son that gave them before bee depart© out of Custodie. 

As for Jean Paull Jacquet, who hath beene disposests ; of 
some land on the East side of deloware River, of w*^** bee was 
in possefision att the last Comming in of the English Gov- 
emm^ : he is to bee Reposest, and you are to take order about 
ilt & if occasion the Commander is to assist therein. 


To the Comander and Court of New Castle in delowaire. 
In answer to yo' Proposalls, one of his Royall HighneBse 
Law bookee shall bee sent you by the first opportunity. 

The Inhabitants of the Towne of New Castle (And w"' in a 
mile thereof) Are to keepe watch, but none to bee oblidged 
to come to itt ftirther ; as to the proposalls about souldiers to 
bee sent for itt, the same shall be taken into further Con- 

For a Publicq Seale, care will bee taken against the next 
Yeare ; In the ineane tyrae you are to make use of yo' owne 
scale, as is usuall for Justices of the Peace Everywhere : You 
may cause a prison to bee built in y<^ forth & the Sherrife ia 
to bee Responsable for prisoners, For the allowance or fees 
you are to be directed by the Law booke (with r^ard to 
former custome and practice. I : do Confirme the order made 
aboutt killing of Wolves, for the p'sent yeare & till further 
order. As to fynes I : doe grant thera to the Court for the 
Jeare Currant, and for the twoo Yearea Last post (Since the 
English Governm') to bee applyed for Publicq uses for the 
wich the Sherrife and Receiver or Receivers are to bee called 
to accompt and pny in the same to the Courts order who are 
to make a Heturue to the Governo' how disposed of; The 
Sherrife for his paynes in Collecting or Levying the same to 
have five shillings in the pound, and for extraordinary 
Charge, either att New Castle upp the River or into the bay, 
to bee ftirthcr allowed by the Courts, as there shall bee cause. 
And Lykewyse toward the farther defraying of Publicq 
charges in the Townp of Newcastle, as also upp tlie River A 
in the Bay, a Levy allowed to bee made of one penny in the 
pound uppon every Mans Estate, to bee Tait by indifferent 
p'sons thereunto appointed by the Respective Courts, and by 
the s^ C-ourts to bee disposed of accordingly whereof an ac- 
compt to be given hither to the Governo'. 

The former orders prohibiting Sloopee & vessels goeing up 
the River above New Castle to trade, are to bee duely observed 
aas heretofore, and ere to bee taken that none goe upp. And 


a Wetghouse is Lykewyse allowed to bee built in the Town« 
of New Castle, for the w*'*' you are to appoint an officer to bee 
swome thereunto. 

If the Saaquehannos should aply to yoa for any thing, you 
are to use them kindly still as Tiansiant friends butt fbr more 
then that to Refer them to come hither to the Governo^ where 
ibey may expect all Airther just favor w"* dispatch in what 
they may desire. 

The tyme a yeare nott admitting my doing what I : othep- 
wayes would Indeavour I : have nothing to add to y' above 
for the p'sent but that I : shall alwayes bee Reddy to Improve 
all opponmtyee for y* good of the River and nott doubting 
yo' Contiaued Care accordingly. 
Remaine : 
Yo^ afectionate frind 
(Signed) E ANDRoe8. 

New Yorke the 23" of 
November 1676. 

(The Supperscription was) 
For the Comander and 
Court att New Castle : 


Att a Councill held in New Yorke December the 5*" 1675. 

The letter from Capt" Edmond Cantwell being taken into 
CMicideration Concerning the arrivall of M' Fenwike and 
others iitt delowar w*^ their p'tences. 

Resolved That M' Fenwike haveing no order (wich if heo 
had, ought to have ben brought lirat and Recorded here) is 
nott to bee Received as owner or Proprietor of any Land what- 
soever in delowar, butt to be used civily paying all dutys as 
otbera his May"*" Subjects in those parts, and if hee or any of 
the p^sons y' come w"* him desire Land to the Westward that 
there bee assigned them fitting projiortious, as to others, and 
due Ruturne made of the Surveigs. 

As to any Priviledge or freedom of Cuatorae or traeding on 



the East ehoare, none to bee allowed in any case to y*" smallest 
veSGell Boate or p^son. 

The Magestrates and cheefe oflScers are to bee very carefull 
that there bee no abuse Committed on the Ensteme Shoare 
under any p'tencc whatsoever Contrary to the above. 

As to Customes New Castle to pay butt as New Yorke twoo 
p'Cento Ac butt above the Towne or any other place in the 
Bay or River except whorekill, to pay the addition of three 
per Cent as p' Kegulacon. 

By order of the Governo' 
in Councill 
(Signed) Matthias Nicolls Secr^. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle on Tuesday 
the2'«*of Janu:1676. 

Capt. John Colier Command' 

M' John Moll \ 
P'sent M' William Tom V Justices 

Mr. Gerrett Otto i 

Capt. Ed: Cantwell High Sherrife. 

Jacob Joung P'* 
Lucas Ebell Def 
In Pursuant of an order made the Last Court Roelef 
Andries the former underaherrife of oppoquenamen appeared 
and declared that Lucas Ebell did Remaine security for Wil- 
liam Vandiemen, and that hee could prove the same by suffi- 
cient witnesses. 

The Court ordered the said Roelef to Prove what is above 
said against the next Courts 

Henry Ward by John \ p„ 

Adams his attorney / 
Lucas Ebell Def* 

In au action of debt to 
the sume of 628 ^^ of 
The def* not haveing paid the debt 
according to former order ; The Court 
ordered Judgem^ against deP w*** Costa. 

1677 Ap> 18. Execul: 
lancd oot 



£xectition laned oat 
11" Jono 1676 

JOHX Adams for his Masf^ \ p^ \ In an action of debt 
William Derwall / f ^ *^® sume of 300 

Gbobgb More Def* J gild" by bill. 

The der being default and P" haveing 
the last Court Proved his debt ; the Court 
ordered Judgem' to bee entered against the def* by default 
according to the s* bill, 

Ambrose Backer P^' 
Harm EN Johnsen Def* 
A non-sruite ordered against the P*^ by default. 

Johannes DeHass P" 
Andries Sinnecus Def* 
The P^^ declares that this def^ stood Indebted unto Poull 
Mounsen the sume of ninety Gilders in wheat, w*"'' s" debt the 
i* Poull did on the 29*** of Janu: 1676 make over unto this 
P" who haveing often demanded the same, can not as yett 
Receive the same hee humbly craves Judgem^ w*** costs. 

Uppon the Def confessing the debt, The Court ordered 
Judgera' to be entered against the def* w''' Costs. 

John Oolk P" 

Barent Eoberkb Def* 
Uppon the def*" request this action is Continued untill next 

John Bercker 
James Bath 

pj( /-This action was by John 

_. ^< Tarkinton asattom: for 

I the P"* withdrawn 

Anthony Bryant P^' -^ 

Jacob Vander Veer Def^ T'^"^*""^ ^J' **^*^ *^'""^ 

William Sandi'ord F' *^ 

Harmen Johnson 1 
SiLRANT Johnson V Def* 
John Johnson ■' 

both p'"ties Default 



VICE88IMIIS Nbttki^siiii' P' 
Syuon Gibson UqP 

„ /-Suspended 

V1CKB8IMU8 Nbttewhip P" 1 ^ . , 

Syuom Gibson Def* / ^^^^ 

16 Jano !67«; Ex«ou- Whereas thoro hath Past heretofore au 
tloi. iMued ouu: ^^^^ against oele Toersen for letting of 
the Goods w®'' were under arrest belonging unto Jacobus 
fabritius, goo out of his hands and whereas Peter de Witt as 
attorney for Hendrik Aricus hath Requested to the Court that 
the s** goods ; now in the hands of Hondrick Jansen ; might 
be sould by execution ; etc : The Court ordered that the s* 
goods w*^'' are now in the hands of s^ Uendrick Jansen be- 
longing unto Jacob fabritius, bee Sould by execution for the 
Paying of The s^ Peter de wilt so far forth as the value 
thereof will extend, and for the Remaining part of the Costs 
hee the s* Peter dewitt may have his remedy against the s* 
oele Toersen. 

The Constable Samuel Land being authorizetl (in the 
absence of the Sherrife) by Justice John Moll for to serve the 
execution uppon the goods & chatties of Henry Johnson, att 
the Suite of M*^ Will : Tom appearing in Court made a Re- 
tume, haveing seized Viz' — Twoo Mares and one Coult 

Two gunnes 
9i Schipple of Malt 
twoo brewing Tubbs: 
The Court Impowered M' oele Tourseu & M' Robberd 
Hutchinson to appraize the above s'^ goods & chatties under 
execution who were according Sworne in Court: 

M' Robberd Hutchinson brought in Court three woolfes 
Tungs. Cap' Colier declared that hee saw the heads belonging 
to the 8^ tunges. 

The Court have Impoured the High Sherrife to chuse twoo 
of the fittest p'sons of the neighbours and swaro them, to 
appraize the goods & Chattels w*^ the s^ Sherrife shall seize 



on, Qppon the execution of John Ogle against Chmiopher 

Tbe Court do grant to the High Sherrife for the Regulation 
of his fees untill further order, so much as Sherriffea at New 
Yorke usually have allowed them, of wich a coppy U here- 
under annexed vizt : 

/ Serving a warrant £0:1:8: "\ j ij 

Arrest -; takeing security ----- jC0:2:6: >'£0.5.n 
iReturneingy* Warrant - - - jeOrOilO J 

J f Tmpauneling a Jur}- £0:2:6 

\ Everj' Verdict and Judgem* each £0:1:0 
Execution Ever}' Execution . - - - £0:5:0 besydes al- 
lowance in the Law w'^'* is 12*^ in y*^ £ 

p, f Everj' dayes Imprizonm* 12** p' day for dyet 

I Imprizoning feea 18d. 
for every sumons before a Magistrate £0;2:6: 

Cap' Edmond Cantwell and Johannes de 
Haes Excuto" of the Last Will & Testament 
of Dirk Albertsen of this Towne, deceased 
this day appeared In Court, and aknowledged 
a certaine Conveigance by them sealed & de- 
liverefl in the p^sence of Capl° John Colier commander A Jus- 
tice John Moll of a certaine Lotl & Peece of Ground w"** was 
Sould by the s'' Dirk Aberts" unto hendrik Williams of this 
Towne: Ttt was ordered that the same should bee Recorded. 
Whereas bis Hono' the Govemo^ att a speciall Court held 
in the Town© of New Castlo the 1S"» & 14*»» day of May 1676, 
did order that Highways should bee cleared from Place to 
place w"* in the Pr*cincU of this Governm' and where as Itt 
ia found that there is great necessity for a good Highway be- 
tweene this Towne & oppoquenemen Creek : 

The Court have therefore thought fitt to order that the In- 
habitants of oppoquenemen Creek, St. Georges Creek and 
p'cincts do w'*' the first Convenience betweene this and the last 
day of february next make & clcare a good and Passable High- 
way twelve foot broad from the s^ oppoquenemen to the Red 

Bw thii daed mU 
Ijvge Reeofded in 
the Rcoordii oTCon- 
TeisaDoeson fo: 12 
A 13. 


Lyon, and do appoint M^ John Larkinton to bee overaeer of 
the same, wlio is hereby Impowred to warne all the s* Inhabi- 
tants that is to say out of every family one to attend the same 
worke, and in case any one shall Romaino absent and not at- 
tend att the tyme by the overzeer p'fixt To pay ten Gilders 
for every dayea neglect and do further Require M' Gaspares 
Herman & Dick Uiurens w"* the first convenience to find & 
marke oufct the best way, for the Kest to cleare as above. 

Rymer Vander Coelen this day acknowledged a certain© 
Conveigance for the halfe of Certaine Plantation and marish, 
commonly Called the Hay Makers hoeck unto Peter dewitt 
Jan Barentfien & Cornells Jansen, w**" was ordered to bee 

Uppon the Peticou of Walter Rowles John Foster Joseph 
Aires and John Cooper Shewing that they were com w*** their 
familys into this Govemra^ w* Intention to settle, desiering 
the Court to give order and wjthall a warrant to take upp 
twoo hundred dk fifty acres of Land each family, that is not 
yett taken upp etc ; The Court do grant the Peticoners their 
Request, Provided they Conforme themselves in the manner 
of settling etc : according to his Hono^ the Governo'" orders. 

The following Warrant was Given to each of the above 
named p^sons : — You are hereby required to Lay out for 
Walter Rowles on the West side of Delowar River or Bay w* 
in the Limits of this Court twoo hundred <fe fifty Acres of 
Land w"* a fitt proportion of Marrish according to the place 
the Land Lyeth in the s" Land being nott alreddy Granted or 
taken upp. 

You are to make a due Retume of the 8urvoigh of the 
quantity of the acres & Scituation of the place to this Court 
w'^'in the space of three months for to bee sent to N : Yorke 
in order that a Pattent maybe had, and In so doing this shall 
bee yo' warrant : 



To Capt Edmond Cantwell 
Surveigo' in Delowar; 
or his Deputy : 

Where as his Houo' the Goverao' ait a speciall Court held 
in the Town of New Castle the 13 & 14**^ of May 1675 did 
order the makeing of Highwayes from Place to place and itt 
being found necessary that a good Passable Highway bee 
cleared from this Towne to meet those of oppoquenemen at 
the Red Lyon. 

The Court have therefore thought fitt to order that the In- 
habitants of this Townc, of Swanwilce, Craine hocck and all 
those living on the South syde of Christina Creeke do w"" the 
first convenience betweene this and the Last of februery next 
make & clear a good and Passable Highway twelve foot broad 
the same to begin at this Towne of New Castle, and end att 
the place Called the Red Lyon ; And appoint for overzeers 
vizt : M' Johannes do Haes to bee over the Towne People and 
is to Cloare from this Towne to the furthermost Branch of the 
Beverdams, W Hendrik Williams to be overzeer of the Inhab- 
itants of Swanwiko & Crainehoek, and are to Cleare from the 
s^ Branch of the beverdams, a Alyle Past M' Tom's Run & W 
John Ogle to bee Overzeer of the Rest of the Inhabitants on 
this sydo of Cristina, and are to begin their Clearing att the 
place where \P Williams Leaves of & so continue to the Red 
Lyon above s^ — W*^ s** Overzeers are hereby Impowred to 
send the Constable & warnc each of them all his s^ men, that 
is to say, out of every family one to come & attend att the 
day p''fi3ct by each of the a^ overzeers, and for every mans 
neglect who shall be warned, the Court lias Imposed a fine of 
ten Gilders p"" diem ; The Court further Requiring M' Cas|)ares 
Herman and Dirke Williams also to fmd & Marke out the 
hesl wav for the Rest to Cleare as above. 


Att a speciall Co" held by the Governo' att New Castle in 
Deloware River the 13"* & 14"" dayes of May 1675 Itt was 
ordered oa followeth 



That the Churcli or place of meeting for Divine worship in 
this Towne & the affaires thereuuto belonging be Kegulated 
by the Court herein as orderly & decent manner as may bee 

That the Place for meeting att Craine Creek do continue ; aa 
heretofore. That the Church at Tinnecum Island do serve 
for uppland and Parts adjacent. And whereas there is no 
Church or place of meeting higher upp the River then the 
8* Island, for the Greater ease & Convenience of the Inhab- 
itants there, Us ordered that the magestrats of uppland do 
cause a church or place of meeting for that Purpose to be 
built at wickegkoo, the w<^ to bee for the Inhabitants of 
Passayunk & so upwards. The s'^ Court being empowred to 
Raize a Tax for itts Building, & to agree uppon a competent 
maintainauce for their minister, of all wich they are to give 
an ace* to the next General! Court, and they to the Govemo' 
for his approbacon. 

The Buisncsse of Highwayes being taken into Consideration 
Itt was ordered ; That some Convenient way bee made pass- 
able betweene Towne & Towne in this River, The uiaunor of 
doing itt to be ordered by the Respective Co'*" and Lykewiae 
the cliarge : That Capt" Carres Meaddows at the North End 
of the Towne being Represented to the Court to bee a Genec^ 
Nusance to this Place & Country as itt now Lye-s, there being 
Neither Bridge nor fitting way to passe by or through it, and 
that the Towne is in groat Straight for want of itt — Itt is 
ordered that the said Meddow Ground shall bee appraized by 
Indifferent P'sons and the Towne to have the Refusall, but 
whosoever shall enjoy itt, shall be oblidged to raaintaine 
safiiciont Bridges and wayes through the Limits thereof With 
a Cartway — the appraizers two p^sons appointed by the 
magestrats of this Place & twoo more by the Court of upland, 
The Appraizement to be Returned into the next Court held in 
this Towne : As to the small peece of low Ground or swamp 
on the south side of the Towne, Itt being in Like manner 
Represented as a nusance, Itt is ordered to bee Ditched w^ in 
one month in order to itts Drayning by the owners if any ; 



otherwayes to bee done by tlie Towne w*** in one month after 
the Kxpiraiion of the former, <fc they to enjoy it for the time 
to Come: 

That the orders about High wayes Bridges etc. bee put in 
Execution by tlie Magestraets within whose p'cincts they 
shall bee in the Tyme of three months after tlie date hereof^ 
or theSherrife Shall have Power to gctt it done &, Country to 
pay Double the Charges for their Default ; 

That a ferry boat bee maintained & kept alt the falls at the 
west syde of this River a horse and man to pay for passage 2 
gilders a man w*" out a horse 10 styvers ; That there bee a 
Prohibition against selling strong Drinke or Licquors to 
Indians by Retayle or a Lesse quantity then two gallons att a 
time, under the Penalty of Five Pounds for any such offence : 

That no Come or graine bee distilled by any of the Inhab- 
itants in this place River or Bay under the Lyke Penalty of 
five pounds every time : That the (JeneH^ Courtt to be held in 
this place, for tlie Towne River & Bay doe begin the Second 
Tuesday in the month of May next vf^*^ shall bee in tlie yeare 
1676, unlesse upon Extraordinary' occations Itt shall bee 

called before. 

By Ord^ of the Govemo' & 

Special! Court: 


MATTniAS NicotLS Secr'. 


By the Govemo' : 

Whereas there was an obmission att the Last Gen*" Court 
in this place by the not p'senting the want of Come-Mills, or 
not keeping of them in Due Repaire in this River, the defect 
of wich is a great predjudice to the Inhabitants and Tracders, 
I : do therefore Recommend to the Justices of the severall 
Courts, that w^out delay they examine the same & cause all 
such mills alreddy made and the Bankes to bee well fitted &. 
kept in due Repaire and if they see Cause others to bee built 
in Such Convenient & fitting places, where none are, for the 



moat Convenience dL* service of the In habitants, In order to 
wich, & that they Regulate the Tols or Prizes, for Grinding, 
and Give Such other fitting Incouragement as they shall 
Judge j>roper, for the rf' Mills, according to wich all millers 
are to Regulate and Conforme themselves thereunto, the said 
Regulations to bee Inforce till the next Generall Court: 

Whereas there hath beene heitherto a neglect in duly Re* 
cording of Lands w*^** oflen occasions Litigious Sutes, and the 
Lossc of some mens Reall Estate I : have therefore ordered 
that all new Lands bee duely surveiged and Pattented and 
the same to bee Recorded m the Co'* bookcs of the Severall 
Jurisdictions or Precincts, and doe alsoe Require that all 
Lands atreddy or formerly taken upp and settled but not 
surveiged & the owners have not Pattents for the same that 
such owners do forthwith & before the next Generall Court 
Give notice to the Surveigor Gener" that itt bee done and 
they take out Pattents for Confirming & assuring unto them 
their s^ Lauds so to p'vent all future Sulcs or doubts for the 
same, and that itt bee Recorded, in order wicli, that you Give 
Publicq notices att y*' next monthly or quarterly Courts or 
by such otlier means as you shall Judge Most proper in the 
Severall p'cincts, that all p'sons Concerned may bee adver- 
tized A Conforme themselves thereunto accordingly Itt being 
a Gener*" Concerne A good of the Inhabitants, 

Given under my hand att New Castle this 16"* day of May 
1676. (Signed) 

E. Andboss. 

To the three Severall Co"" of dolowar River or Bay. 
Att a Co" held in the To^iie of New Castle on Tuesday 
the 6* & 7"* days of febniory in the 29"' yeare of his Maj**" 
Raigne A^ 1676. 

M' John Moll 

M' WUliam Tom 
P'uent M' Foppe Outhout i- Justices 

M' Jeau Paul Jacquet 

M' Gerrett Otto 

Cap* Edmond Cantwell, Sherrife. 



Jacob Joono P" 

Lucas Ebell Def* 
Itt being proved in Court by two Evidences that the Def* 
Lucas Ebell was and did remaino Baj'le for William Van- 
diemeu in the suite of the S" Jacob Joung. The Court do 
order Judgi^m* against the def* as the Bayle of the s** Van 
diemon, acconling to former <fe the Uill ; Tlie deP de<iucting 
what he can make appeare that either hore or In Maryland is 
paid uppon the same ; and Def* to pay Costs. 

John Oole P" 

Barknt Eohberts Def^ 
The P" declares that y* was in or about the month of No- 
vember in the yeare 1675, possessed of one heifer about twoo 
years old aa the proper goods *fe chatties of the s** p" w*^ said 
heifer hec the dofl tooke out of the possession & of from the 
plantAtion of the P'* and unjustly detayned and converted to 
his owno use : and the said heifer although often demanded of 
the def* he hath and still Refuses the same: wherefore the 
P" prayes that liee may have his said heifer w^h his Coat ife 

The Def making his Reply and 
Severall witnesses being Examined 
and sworne in Court: Upon tlie Def" 
Request the Case was Committed to 
a Jury who brought in their Verdict, 
and find for the P" w"* Costs of suit 
The Court ordered Judgera* to bee 
entered accordingly. 

John Palkinton 
Will: hamelton 
Peter Jegou 
Char: Ramsey 
Will: Sandford 
Rynier V. Coelen 
Thom: Philips 
Thorn: WooUeston 
Roelef Andrics 
Oelo Toereen 
John Law 
Mact: Baron. 




Amthony Bryant 
Jacob Vandkr Vekr 
Rynieb V. CoKLEN Sen' i 

pit ^ 

I DeH" J ^^'^^^ agreed. 

JoiSEPH Cheu P" "i The P" default and no Attorn: 

Philip Chevalier Def* / appearing, a non suit ordered. 

Gaspares Herman P" 
Ralph Hutchinson Def* 

The P^' according to declaration demands the sume of 
twelve hundred forthy and six gilders uppon ace'; The Def 
appearing in Court denies not but that he sent such horses to 
P" butt affirms that heo has fully sattisfyed the P^* for the 
Same by Johannes Codcrk. 

The P" Lykewyse produces into the Court a Letter under 
the hand of the def* w'^*' the def* ownes and Lykewyse tender* 
his ace* in perticulars w*^ he Svrarcth to. 

The Der not being Reddy att this Court desiera Liberty 
untill the next Court for his defence, tis Granted. 

Jan Pieterskn P" \ In an aeon of the Case about y* 
Dirk Williams Def / Lending of a Cras Cutt Sawe. 
The P" not Proveing his declaration, The Court find no 

cause of Action, and order a non suit to bee entered ag"' the 

P«w* Costa. 

- Action of Debt. 

Justice John Moll P" 
William Currkr Def* 
The partees agreed before Judgem* past 

An Attachment. 

Pieter Maksland P'* 
Jacobus pabritius Def* 

1677 10 April! Eiocat: Whereas the P*' made itt appeare to the 
l«uedout- f^^^ ^^^^ ^^g ^^^ ^^^ Indebted unto 

him by ballance of accounts one hundred and fourthy Gilders, 
and more by a note under the deft* owne hand the sume of 
fourthy Gilders ; The Court ordered Judgem' to bee entered 


Against the dof* for the 8*^ eumee of 143 & 40 gildors and order 
the attached house & ground Lying on Swanwike belonging 
unto the def* to bee sould for the paym* w"^ costs. 

Edmond Cantwell P** 

JoH>' Walker Def' 
12 Apriii 1677 Ezeco- The P^^ declares that this Def* stands 
tionI«medoaL Indebted unto him the full quantity of 

twoo thousand & foure Imndred fl> of Tobb: & Caske for w*** he 
craves Judgem* w''* Costa. The def* confcssoth in Court that 
bee accepted to pay the P" the debt : Itt being a bill paat by 
the def* to Thimothy Love for a Certaine tract of Land in 
Sasafrack Creeke : but produced a bond of 8000 fl> tobbacco 
W*^'' tlie 3** Thimothy had past to the def' for making ouer the 
said land etc. The Court order Judgem* to bee Entered 
against the Def by his owne Confession w^ Costs. 

John Browne P'* 

Chkistophek Baknes Def 
The Def* being arrested & not appearing The Sherrife 
promises to end the buissnesse w^** the Def* in the P'*" behalfe! 
The Co" do allow of the s** Prosser. 

Henrv Ward by John i j^ 

Adams his attorney J 
Georoe More Def* 

The P'* by his attorney demands of the Def* the Sume of 
twoo hundered and eighty six gilders to bee paid uppon de- 
mand as by the bill of the def* bearing date 15*** of November 
1676, doth appear: The Def* confessing the Debt, the Court 
ordered Judgem* to bee Entered against the Def* according to 
the s* obligation together w*** Costs of Suit. 

John Niewblaoh P'' 
Jacobus fabritiub Def* 

^ y attachm* uppon the def** effects. 

1677: 10 Avril, Ex- The P" demands of the Def* as p' ace' 
ccat»Dl»aedoiit ^j^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ hundered & fifty nine 


gilders being the ballance of tlie s^ accorapt produced in Court 
and whereas the def* now is and has ben a Long tyme absent 
out of the lliver so that tlie P" can not sue the Def** boddy hee 
hath therefore attached of the Def* now in the P'" owne hands, 
one suit of black silkc cloaths and one dowlace Shirt humbly 
craves an order so that hee might get sattisfaction out of the 
^ attached effects w^ Coats. Henry Johnson appearing in 
the Def** behalfe makes sume objections in the Def*" behalfe 
and desiers that the p'* may sware to his acorap'- 

The P'* haveing Sworne to one of the articles of his ace* viz' 
for worke done 36 dayes, w^** makes the Ballance fifty nine 
gilders. The Court order Judgem* against the dcf and his (^ 
attached effects for the s^ sumo of 50 gilders and as for the 
Roraaining one bundered Gilders, the P** must bring better 
Proofes of the same. 

Justice John Moll Tenders in Court paym' for his house 
bought in vendu formerly belonging to Capt" John Carr 
deceased, Provyded hee might have a Tyttle for the same 
from the seller etc: and bee ensured that he might not pay the 
same In his owne wrong etc. 

See thii deed Recorded William Currer acknowledged in Court 
in tb« Hcoords of ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ j^, j^^j^^ j^j^jj 
CoiiT«ig»n folio: 16. ,, . . T . . rr. . IT , 

all his Kignt Tytle and Interest of and 
to a Certaine tract of Land Lying In St. Georges Crecke ; as 
by the deed produced in Court moixj att Large doth appear©. 

Wednesday y« 7* of february 167f the Court Continued 
Justice Moll absented himselfe from the two following 
actions : 

Cap" Matuias Nicoll by \ 
Cap-"* Cantwell his attorney / 
M« William Tom vendu M' Def 

12 Aprill 1677 exccut: 
was Iwaed out. 

The P'' demands of the def as vendu 
mast^ of the Land <& houses of Cap^ John 



Carr the sume or quantity of fifty five Bevers or thirteen 
bundered and twenty Gilders sewant w*^ s^ same was allowed 
of att a Court held iu New Castle y" 24* of March 1674 ; and 
accordingly Judgem* did passe w**' stay of execution untill the 
arrivall of his bono' the Govemo' here ; who being come Left 
the Cause to the usuall proceedings att Law; wherefore the 
P" craves that hee may have his s" sume of 1320 gilders paid 
w*** the Costs and such damages as shall bee thought just. 

John Tarkinton 
Will : bamiltou 
Petor Jegou 
Cbarl : Ramsey 
Will Sandford 
Ryn : vand' Coelen 
Tbom : PhiUps 
Thorn : Woolleston 
Roelof Andries 
oele Toerson 
John La we 
Mact. Baron 

The def* in his said quality as 
vendu Mast' confesses Judgem* and 
desiers to have the benefitt against 
the house sould in Vandu. 

Whereuppon he produces the 
conditions of s"* vendu. The Court 
ordered Judgem' to bee entered 
against the def* for the s** Sume 
according to Confession but as to 
the damage by the P^* demanded 
for 14 months; the same was by 
the Court Referred to a Jurj' who 

brought in their verdict and find 
for the p'* 10 p' cento for the Jeare and after that Rate for the 
ad) months : with Costs of suit. Tlie Court ordered Judgement 
for the same to bee entered according to verdict. 

Edmond Cantwell 11 Sherrife P'^ 

M" William Tom Vondu Mast' Def 
The P'* demands of the def* as Vendu Master of the Land 
<t houses of Cap* John Carr the sume of 19G2 gild' ten stivers 
for 80 much paid by him the s'* P'* to Jussrow armegerant 
Prints (als) Papegay, w^** was In part of the sume of three 
bundered fifty and fyve pounds w*^ Costs of Court, w"** sbee 
the s" armigerant Recovered in the Court att New York© 
against Andrew Carr and PerciUa his wyfe and Cap* John 
Carr as their security & attorney, as by tlie execution under 
the hand of CoUonell fran : Lovelace and sence Renewed by 


the p'sent Goveruo^ And roe may appeare : wherefore he craves 

Judgemen* against the def* with Costa : 

The def* Confesses Judgem' : M' John Moll tenders to pay 
Gilds sty 
the P" the sfl sume of 1962 : 10 : In part of the houses and 

Lotts by him bought in Vendu as belonging unto the s^ John 

Car Provyded hee the P" secures the s'^ M' Moll that the said 

monny shall not hee twyce demanded w*^** the P" accepts to 

do; The Court do allow of the s^ M' Moll's Prosser : and 

Judgem* was ordered according to Confession. 

See ihia deed Recorded Jaoob Vandcr Veer of Gristina Creeke 
xDiheRecordsofCoD- speared in Court and there aknowledged 

T«ig: Transports etc / . a i . « ^ 

00 foh 17:= *■"* assignment A makeing over of a Cer- 

taino Pattent and the Lott of Land therein 

Contained unto Hendrik Williams of the Towne of New 

Castle, Lying and being w"*in this Towne of New Castle as 

by the s** deed uppon Records more att Large doth appeare 

MA-rrniAs Matthiassen P" \ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ 
Haks Pietersen Def* } 

The Court finding that this was the same action ; (of which 
the Court have formerly viz^ the 3 of August 1675) past 
Judgement and that the def* had neither Craved a Rehearing 
or to bee heard in Equity do therefore Refer themselves to 
their s"* former Judgement And order a nonsuit against the 
F» w"» Costs. 

Ephbaih Herman P" \ In an action of debt by obliga- 
JxcoBUs PABRiTius Def* / tiou the sume of 117: 10. 
Whereas Ephraim Herman made itt appeare to the Court 
that Jacobus fabritius was and Stood Justly Indebted unto 
him the sume of one hundered and seventeen Gilders & ten 
styvers by his obligation beareing date 9*^ of Septemby 1676 ; 
to bee paid here In delowar — The Court ordered Judgement 
to bee entered against the s^ deP for the s^ Sume of 117 Gild' 
and 10 styvers, together w^*" Costs ; And do farther order the 



Sherrife to make delivery of the attached overplus of the 
DeP* monny in his hands unto this F^ 

John Hebhsbn P'^ 
Sahubl Land DeP 

M' Will : hamelton 

Roelof Andries 

Jan Siorix 

Markn gerritz 

Mact : Baron 

Robb: Hutchinson 

John Walker 

Tho : harrison 

oele Toersen 

Ryn' V. Coelen 

Geo : More 

James Walliam 

The P^* demands of this def* for 
Carpender Worke done to this def*" 
house according to Contract the 
Sume of twoo huudered and seventy 
Gilders : also the forfeiture of the 
a^ bond or Contract for the deP not 
haveing paid the s^ 270 gilders w** 
S^ forfeiture was the sume of 200 

The def* sayes that he tendered 
this P'' payment according to Con- 
tract, w*"* hee prooved by twoo evi- 

dences : The P" and def* desiering 
n Jury, the case was Referred to them : who brought in their 
verdict, that the def* shall pay to the P'* the sume of twoo 
hundered & seventy Gilders according to Contract : the P^' 
Lykewyse finishing his worke, and the P" to pay costs : 
The Court ordered Judgem' according to verdict. 

Jannettik Vidette attorney 1 p^ 

for Thomas Rushmork / 
Hbndrik Janskn DeP 

In an action of 
Debt for 50 Sch: 

of wheat due by 
The P" not producing a sufficient Pouwer or Letter of 

attorney : uppon the def" Request a non suit was ordered 

ag** the p'". 

Henorik Jansen P" 

Jannettie Vidette the widdow & \ rj « 
Executrix of John Vidette dec** / 
The P" demands of the def* by aoc' from the 3"* of October 



1674 unlill y* 18^ of July 1676 : for worke the sume of sixty 
A foure gilders. 

The def* desiers that the P^' may aware to his s^ accompt : 
the P^* swarea to 39 Gilders of his 8^ ace' and sayes that hee 
can proove the article of twenty fyve gilders about the Cano ; 
by Mathias de Ring etc. 

The Court do order the def* to pay the b"^ therty nine 
Gilders, excepting the canoo w**' Costs. 

Edmond Cantwkll P^* 

Thomas Snkllino Def* 
1677 11 Api^ Execution The P" demands by bill of this def* 

lamed out, ^1^^ ^^^ ^^ 2483 ft of tobbacco & Cask© 

for w^ hee Craves Judgement against the def* w*^ Costs of 
salt: The def aknowledging the debt & bill: The Court 
ordered Judgement to bee Entered against the def* according 
to Confession w*^ Costs. 

Anthony Bryant 


Jacob Vander Veer & 1 r. «, V Parties agreed. 

VicEssiMUs Nettklbhip P" 1 Withd in Court by th& 
Symon Gibson Def* / p". 

VicEssiMUs Nettelship P" 

Symon Gibson 

robberd hutchinson 
Thomas Morse 

Philip Chevalier 
John Anderson 

William Currkr 
Just: John Moll 

Thomas Hkmmixo 
John Roud 


I Withd as above. 

P^* 1 Withd: the partoes being 
Def* J agreed, 

pU 1 

_ ^ > Partees agreed ; 

J"'* I Withd: 

pu 1 

* > Continued by the Court 

D©r J 



Dantell Linsey 


Percevell Westerndall Def* 

> Partees agreed. 

John Tarkinton 
John Larisson 

John Tarkixton 
Daniell Li>*set 

John Tarkinson 


John Walker Junior 
James Bastick 

Edmond Cantwki.l 
John Bereer 

P" ^Retaraed, non est In- 

Def ' / ventus. 

P" 1 Returned, non est In- 
Def / ventus. 

P" \ Returned, non est Tn- 
DeH J ventus. 

pit ) 

> Partees agreed. 




Non Est Inventus. 

Uppon the Request of Justa Andries desiering this Court to 
grant him him a Certificate to his hono' the Governo^ whereby 
hee might obtaine a Pattent for the house & Lott of ground 
Wherein hee now dwclleth and of w'^^ hec is Posscst etc: 
The Court do find, that the s^ house A Lott of old did belong 
unto Justice Outhout who made sale thereof unto Jacob 
Vanderveer Jacob Vanderveer made sale thereof unto Thomas 
Snelliug the a* Snelling to John Henry deceased, and Cath- 
erine the widdow of the s^ John Henry made sale thereof that 
is to say of the house and halfe of the Lott to Justa Anderson 
the p'sent possessor : Justice Ouihout declares that at the 
tyme when hee made over the Lott & house to Jacob V: Veer 
hee had a Pattent for the same w***' then he delivered in Court; 
butt that the s^ Pattent is seiice nutt scene. 

Uppon the Peticon of Jan Sierix Shewing that hee had 
disburst for the ace* of the Forte att Oppoquenemen 60 Gild" 
desiering that he meight be paid againe out of the fines of the 
ftbeent etc. 

The Court order that those who have not workt as the 



others to the s** fort© shall pay for their a^ neglect six gilders ; 
as also those who have sence Lived in the Forte, to pay hier 
for the same : The Court further Impouring Justice Otts to 
Receive the funds and hiere, out of w<* hoe is to pay the 
Peticoner his s^ 60 gilders ; and for the future hee is desiered 
to Lett the s** Forte out to hier out of w^ the s^ Forte is to 
bee kept in Kepair. 

Uppon the Peticon of M' Will : Tom Sheweing that hee 
obtained Judgem' in this Court for six hundred ft of yron. 
against Joseph Cheu and the s^ Peticoner not finding suffi- 
cient effects of the s** Joseph attached part of his estate in the 
hands of Thom: Philip to the valine of six hundered ft of 
Tobbacco: where oppon hoe desiera that his s^ attachment may 
bee held good and that Judgement may passe against the 
goods of the s^ Cheu so attached as above. 

Thomas Philips appearing in Court Confesses to stand 
indebted to the s** Chew -i95 lb of tobacco. 

The Court thereuppon ordered the s" Thomas Philips to pay 
the a^ attached 495 ft of tobbacco unto the s^ William Tom. 

The Court haveing viewed the ace* of Justa Andries or- 
dinary Ceeper, for publicq expenses att the Last high Court to 
the sume of ss 551 : 10 : do allow of the same. 

Uppon the Peticon of John Sierix and Roclof Andries over- 
Koers of the orphanls of Jurian Sierix & Eremyntic decesed ; 
shewing that in the Jeare 1670 M' William Tom bought a 
oertaine p'"ccll of Land Lying att the Paerdeu hoek belonging 
unto the s** orphants for the sumo of 500 gilders: — desiering 
that t!ie s** M' Tom might be ordered to pay the s** sumc for 
the use of them the ^ orphants etc. 

M' William Tom being willing to sattisfy what hee is bo- 
hind uppon the s^ Land, w^'^in the space of 14 dayes or else to 
suffer Judgement to passe against him. The Court do there- 
uppon order the s** M' Tom to pay the Peticoner the same 
w^'in the space aboves** they saveing harmlesse both the Court 
& the 8^ M"^ Tom. 



The Court Continued the ft'*" of fehru 167f 

The Charges of tlie makeiug upp of the (Jykes being taken 
into Conci deration ; The Court order the Sherrife (according to 
his hono' the Govemo" order) to Levy from those who did 
not worke to tbo same duble the fine w*''' is viz* for Mist™ 
Blocqs dyke twenty Gilders, and for llie Towne Dyke fourthy 
Gilders; Provyded notw^^standing that incase any p'son (who 
ia prict downe by the then overzeers can wake appear to have 
not ben absent from the s^ worke such p^son or p'sons shall 
be excused and what heo otherwyse ought to have paid shall 
be deducted and passo for good paym^ against the accts : of 
such overzeer as shall so wrongfully have prict him downe. 
The Court allowing the ace* of disbursements of M' Moll to 
the sume of 818 gilders w*^*' he hath paid for and towards the 
B** worke w** is to bee Repaid him out of the abovesd ; funds ; 
and the Sherrife to have for collecting according to the 
Govemo" orders. 

The Court have thought necessarie (being thereunto Re- 
qniered by the magestrates upp the River to wryt the follow- 
ing Letter to the Court of Cecil County : 

Gentlemen : 

Being Informed that one Peter mouns a sweade Lately 
dyed att the house of M' Geo : oldfield in yo' County, Leaving 
a Son behind him Should have by will and Testament Left 
the s^ Child, together w*** alt his Estate in the hands of the 
8^ M^ OldBeld : and whereas the kindred and especially the 
bearer hereof Swen Swenaen being unkell to the b'^ orpbant 
and Brother of the deceased hath made application^ and have 
Informed us to have Intelligence that the aboves** : will was 
not Legally made, Requesting further o' Recommendations to 
you in his behalfe : Itt is therefore o' earnest desier that you 
bee pleased to make Inspection into the Legality of the said 
will and Testament of the deceased and if the said will [is] 
not Legall that the orpbant bee Returned into these parts w* 
his s^ unkle, w^** wee shall aknowledge as a neighbourly kind- 



nease <fe uppon any the Lyke occasions itt shall bee Retri- 
buted by 

Yo^ frinds A Servanta, etc 
(was signed) 

John Colier. 
(The supperscription was) 
To The p^sident & the Rest of the 
Commission" in Cecill County 


Man' land 


Symon Gibson appearing in Court delivered an order from 
his bono' the Governo' uppon his Peticon : Whereby his 
hono^ Did Remitt his breach of the peace ; & did deeier and 
order: that bee should bee wholy acquitted & pajnng Court 
Charges, his servants & goods Restored to hira ; The Court 
do well approve of what his bono' the Governo' hath done 
and do order the High Sherrife to make Redelivery of the 
goods under execution. 

Symon Gibson preferring in Court a peticon shewing, that 
the High Sherrife Cap^ Edmond Cantwoll did amongst other 
things attach a man servant of the Peticoner and had Im- 
ployed the s^ servant in his buisnesse but the Peticon' having 
got an Express order from the Govemo' att New Yorke for 
the Redelivery of his goods and Servant bee paying charges: 

Wlierefore bee desiered to have sattisfaction made him for 
the tyme that the s^ Servant was Iraployed by the s*^ Sherrife 

John Basley the a^ servant being asked what worke bee 
had done during the s** tyme made answer that hee thought 
that all the worke hee had done there, he could have done in 
6 weeks ; The Court do appoint John Harm' & George More, 
Carpeuders to view the worke of tlie s* John Bosly and to 
make a Returne thereof to the Court : The s^ p'^sons Return- 
ing make Report that all the worke the s** John hath done to 
the Bame & table etc of M' d' haes one of them could do in 



nine dayes & what worko hee had done for Capt : Cantwell in 
fyve dayes in all 14 dayes Besydes on© day for Cap' : Colier. 

The Court find that tho Peticon'' hath no cause of action. 

Uppon tho Petioou of James Orayford Complaining over the 
hardnesse and bad usadge of his Mast' Ralph Hutchinson 
towards hira : & desiering to have another master etc the 
Peticoner not prove what heo alledged ; tho Court do deny the 
Peticon' his Peticon. 

Ralph Hutchinson makeing complaint by his Peticon of 
the Refractorynesse and disobedience of hia man ssrvaut 
James Crayford toward him etc. 

The Court do order and charge the said servant for the 
future to obey his Mast" Lawful! Commands, and behave 
himsolfe obedient towards him ; and in case of further Com- 
plaint hereafter brought and prooved ag" him ; hee to Receive 
punnishm* according to Law and merrits. 

Uppon the Peticon of Robherd Hutchinson dosiering sattis- 
faction for his Paiues in appraizing tlio goods etc : under 
Execution of henry Johnson at the sute of AP Will : Tom etc: 
The Court do Refer tho Peticoner to the Lawbooke. 

The Court fouud itt necessary that the Letters of Attorney 
of Capt : John Carr & of his wyfe bee put uppon Record : also 
the veudu List of the houses and Land sold by outcry. 

Coppyof th«LoUeraof Kuow all men by these p^sents that I 
attuniej j^j^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ j^j^^^ j^^ ^^^^^^ County 

in y* Province of Maryland, hath made ouer all my Right 
and tytlc of my Reall or p'sonal Estate now Lying or being 
In delowar River w''*' by Pattents or otherwyse may apeai*e to 
bee rayne, unto my welbeloved wyfe Peterouela Carr, pro- 
vide<l that my said wyfe shall poy my debts due to any per- 
son or persons in New Yorke or tho said River of delowar : 
further I : doe give my wyfe Potcrnolla Power to sell or dis- 
pose all or any of the s^ Estate either by herselfe, or her 
attorney, and further I ; doe give hur or hur attorney full 
power to aske demand Sue Recovei; Imprison or Impeat for 



all debts due to race in tho said Rivor of dolowar, and to Give 
discharges or acquittances for such debte by hur or her 
attorney Iteceaved, 

In Witneese whereof I : haue hereunto sett my hand A 
seale this tenth day of aprill a^ 1675. 
Signed & Sealed in the (signed 

presence of us ; John Carr (l s) 

Jan Cosyns 
The marke of 
Patrik P C Carr 


Know all men by these p'sente that I: Petoronela Carr of 
EIke River Jiaueing Receaued full power from my husband 
John Carr for the disposing and selling of all o' Estate per* 
sonall and Reall doth therefore think fitte by vertue thereof 
to Constitute and appoint you Thomas Sprye to bee my true 
and trusty attorney to sell all or any of my Reall estate now 
Lying in dclowar River for the payment of such debts as can 
bee anyway made good from any person, made or contracted 
by my husband or mee and that y** remainder of my Estate 
shall bee for y® use of me <& my Childeren, the w*^ estate I: 
can produce Pattente for, and further I : doe constitute & ap- 
point you my Lawfull attorney <fe doe by these p'senta give 
you fiill power to aske demand & Receive all sutch debts as is 
due to me in the s^ River of delowar & further I : doe give you 
Power to Imprison Implead acquit or discbarge as if [1] was 
p'sonally present. And for the better intent & meaning of 
this my Letter of attorney I : have thereunto set my hand & 
seale this 2°'* day of June a** 1675. 
Sealed & delivered in y* (Signed) 

presence of us : Jan Cosyns Petronella Carr 

The mark of Patrick Carr (s) 

p c. 



Coppy of the Vendue 

of Capt ; Carr's Estate. 12"* of June 1675. 

A : outcry to bee held of all the houses Lands and possessions 
of Capt. John Carr in the Townc or River of delowar, the 
Conditions are as foUoweth — they that shall buy shall pay the 
payment before the Last of November next ensuing, the pay 
to be in wheal, porke in Caskc, Tobbacco or servants or 
peltery price Currant ; and if any p'son shall bu}' that cannot 
p'sently bring in security for his payments, then what bought 
to bee again sold att same outer}', to the damadge of the 
bayer if Lesse ; if more to the profit of owner ; the Vendu 
Mast' to have a styver in the Gilder, and the Cryer halfe a 
Btyver, all this payment to bee p'sent Execution for fayler, 

B: Block. 

The house of Capt" Carr 
called by the name of the 6tats 

The houses and Land knowne ^ 
by tlie nam© of the greate 
house w^ the blokhouse and 
kitcliing w**' the erves thereto 

The house belonging to Capt" 
Carr lately in the Posses-sion 
of Anthony Bryant Lying be- 
tweone Valley & Valley accord- 
ing to pattent. 

The Land byond the Creeke 
if the Govemo' give it away to 
the Towne well, if not the 
Towne to pay the s^ sume. 

■ Jo Moll for Henry 




M' John Edmonssen / 3300 

Capt" Cantwell . . ^ 1250 


Gilders/ 8450 

M' John Laa aknowledged in Court a mortgage of 1000 
gilders by him past to Justa Anderson uppon the house <fe 
twoo Lotts of ground by him the said John Lawe bought of 



the tf* Juata w*^ 8** mortgage boares <lalo 24* of January 
1676, etc. 

William Currer aknowlodges in Court to have made over 
unto JusLico Johu MoU all his Right tytic and Intrest to twoo 
Cowes w*** he is to have of Justa Anderson ; to bee Reccond 
att 800 ft) of Tobbacco, Lykowyso what Tobbacco and Come 
is att the plantation of tlie s^ M^ Moll for the payment of 
2767 & of Tobbacco A tlie Remainder to be Returned unto 
tf* Currer, 

Uppon the Peticon of John Walker sheweing that the 
Peticon^ was ordered by this Court to pay to Capt" Cantwell 
by assignment of Timothy Love the quantity of 2400 fl> 
tobbacco: w*^** s'^ tobbacco was in full payment of a Cei'taine 
percell of Land of 500 acres Lying in Sasafracx Creeke for w*^** 
8^ Land the Peticon' can gett no Lowfull assurance by Reason 
the 8^ Timothy is Run away ; notwithstanding that the s* 
Timothy entered into bond of 8000 lb of tobbacco to make yo"" 
Poticoner assurance for the same in this Court by the 9^ of 
May past: wherefore the Peticouer desiers that itt may boo putt 
uppon Record that the s'^ 2400 lb of tobacco W*" hee is now 
ordered to pay to Capt" Cantwell, is in full payment of the 
s^ 500 acres of Land etc. 

The Court do Graut the Peticoner his s^ Request and order 
that w"^ is aboves"* to bee putt uppon Recoi'd. 

Thomas Woolleston was this day sworne in his place of 
uudersherrife niarshall & Cryer of the Court: followeth the 
forme of the oath etc. 

Whereas you are Chosen by the high Sherrife and Confirmed 
by the Comander & Court of Now Castle to bee uudersherrife 
niarshall and Cryer of this Court w'^'in the Jurisdiction thereof; 
You do sweare by the ever living God that you will truly and 
faithfully discharge the said place of uudersherrife raarshall 
and Crier, that you will fully Execute and p'forme all war- 
rants attachments summonses & the Lyke W^*" shall from tyme 
to tyme bee directed to you from his bono' the Govemo' or 
from the Commander or Court hcre^ and in all Respects dis- 



charge the s^ places and the Trust Reposed in you, according 
to the Lawea of the Govemm^ and the best of your knowledge: 
so help you God. 

According to his hono' the Governo' order. Itt was this 
day Resolved & Concluded by the Commander & Court, that 
A Prison w"* a dungeon under itt bee built iu the fork w'** all 
Expedition, also a weighouse to bee built with the Lyke 
expedition in some Couveuient place ueare the watersyde. y* 
manner of building the same is Left to the Contryvauce & 
ordering of Cap^ Jolm Colier and M' Moll. 

The Court Resolved this day to send to his hono' the Gov- 
ernor The followiug Letter: — 

N. Castle feh'^ 8"» 167f 
Right Hono'"*'^ S' 

We have Received yo' Hono" Gratious answer dated y" 
23"' of novemb^ Last past to o" of the 8"' of same moneth, 
and doe hereby Retume yo' Hono^ humble thanks for his 
Reddynesao to Iinproovo all opportunitys for the good of the 
River and in [>erticutar of this place, wheitjof wee ure made 
dayly more Sensible: In further answer to y*' same, order is 
taken for the Erreoting of a prison, and a weighouse to bee 
built with all possible Expedition ; about the watching of all 
those w^'^in a mile of the Towne woe Reply that some of those 
of Swanwike wil fnll w"*in the mile <fc others their neighbours 
w'^^out, allhougli they Live but next doore, wich will cause 
discontent the one haveing w^^'in a small matter as farr to goe 
as the other wee therefore desier his liouo" furtlicr order 
therein ; As to the Levy of a penny in the pound w*'*' yo' 
hono^ was pleased to allow The People Live so far distant and 
their Estates for the most part soe Tnconaiderable, that we can 
find noe Convenient way to discover the vallue of their said 
estates, and if discovered to bring itt in a valluable manner to 
Receive. But ifyo' Hono"" will bee pleased to allow of a Levy 
to be laid by the Pole as those of Virginia and Maryland doe 
And have Continued itt for so many Jeai-s not finding out a 


more easie and better way, then the Levy can beo easier mad& 
and Reoeive<l : The Sasquehannos have not been in Towne. 
but jiassing by on the bakeside, went upp the lUver U they 
had desiered any thing tiiey should have ben treated accord- 
ing to yo^ hono" order; We hope yo' bono'' Will be pleased 
lo Remember o^ former Peticon about the sending of soldiers, 
the Lawbooke, and seale : here Inclosed wee send yo' bono'" 
a coppy of the former fynes as alsoe of the fynes sence Capt" 
Ooliers comming. 

Woe alsoo now p^sont hie bono' w"" the hereafter mentioned 
particulars, humbly desiering his bono" order and approba- 
tion for the same. 

1. That yo' Hono' will bee pleased soe far to Impower the^ 
Commander Capt" John Oolier or the Court that wills may 
bee proved before them and Letters of administracon granted 
accordingly w^ y" fees for the estates of the most part of the 
People in these parts, are so Inconcidcrable, that otherwyse 
the Charges ^fe Exiwnses of going to yo' bono' atl Xew York© 
for to obtaino the same may Proove mutch to the hindorance 
of such Estates. 

2. Wee desier his Hono' to nominate some fitt p'son for 
vendu master in the River, or els to Impower the Court to do- 
the same, Itt haveing alwayes hen a eustomc here and often 
occasion Requires the same. 

3. That the valley above the Towne Lately belonging to 
Capt" John Carr and by yo' Hono^ given to the Towne for a 
Common, may be a stinted Common, to bee shut upp the first 
of May & opened againe tlio Last of July : and that Every 
Individual Burger have his Equall sheare therein, and their 
parts being Laid out by the survpigo', then to draw Letts for 
their Shears, and noe man to jnit in more then one other : 
Lykewyse thatt all p'sons who shall bee Concerned in the said 
comon bee oblidged to maintaine the dyke & fence w'*» the 
sluice in keeping itt in Repair, and if any one openly Refuse, 
then to Loose their 8^ Commonadge. 

4. That an order may be set forth in the River and Bay 



forbidding all p'sons not to Transport or sett over, or Lend a 
Vessell to any strange p'son to goe over to the Eastsyde of this 
River w^ out a Ticket from a raagestrate as alsoc servanta, 
uppoD penalty that every such p'son soe setting ouer or con- 
veiging any p'son who shall bee ftigitieve & in debt be Lyable 
to make good the debts, and if a servant to make good the 
Tyme of his servitude to the master ; Yo' hono*^ may bee 
pleased to concieder that if such order be© not made (when 
the alteration of the Governm' comme* (V) on the other syde) 
wee shall not bee able to keep any servants on Uiis syde. 

And Lastly that yo^ Hono' will be pleased to admit of a 
General! Court or meeting of all the Justices as heretofore (if 
butt onley for the makeing upp of the Levys Collecting of gen- 
erall Revenus & other I'ublicq and Gener" afayres) w*''* if yo' 
Hono^ thinkes not Convenient to bee that then yo' Hono' will 
p'scrybe us a way how that that w'^ is alreddy In generall 
done shall bee stated and devyded, and alsoe how the Levys 
and other Generall Taxes yet to come shall be ordered and 

Uix)n all the aforesaid particulars wee humbly desier his 
bono" favorable order & Construction, Wee being reddy to 
observe his bono'" orders and to use all possible Endeavours 
for the good of the River and advancement of the People over 
whome yo^ hono' hath Put us who are 

Right Hono^*''* Governo' 

Yo' Hono" most humble 

Subjects and servants 

The Court of New Castle In Delowar 

The Supperscription was) 
To the Right Hono'"« 
Mayo' Edmond Andross 
Esq' and Governo' Gener" 
under his Roy" iligbnesse 
N. Yorke. 

By order of y* Same 
Eph : Herman 



Se\*orall p'soiis Markes Recordei^. 

Charles Ramsey of Cristina Creeke appeared in the office 
and desLored to have the Eare marke of hU Cattle and hoghs 
Kccorded w^^ was vik' a forke in the Left Eare and a cropp ia 
y*" Right eare. 

Casparoa Herman desiered to have the Eare marke of his 
Cattle A hoghs Recorded viz' two Cropps and a Slitt in Each 

Dirk Laurentz of oiJpoquonemon ; his marke one Cropp of 
the Loft eare and twoo slitts in the same, w"* an underkiell in 
the Right Eare. 

Dirk Willemsen of oppequen: his mark — In each Eare a 
swallow forke and In the Right eare an underkiell. 

John Street in oppoqueucmen his marke — a Crop on Each 
Eare and an underkiell on the Right Eare. 

Justice Gerrett Otto his marke a Crop of the Left Eare and 
a hole in the same Kare. 

Jan Siericks his marke. In the Right Eare twoo slitta ; and 
one underkiell in the Left Eare w^ a slitt in the same Eare 
close unto the s^ underkiell. 

Ephraim Herman his marke: two cropps and one slitt iu 
the Right Eare. 

Aprill 2°** 1677 : Robberd Morton of oppoquenemen his 
marke one Crop and twoo slits in the Right Eare, and one slit 
in the Left Eare. 

^uo William Grant his marke a crop and twoo slits in the 
Left Eare and a swallowforke in the Right Eare. 

John Scot of St Geoi^es his Eare marke two Cropps and In 
each Eare an underkiell. 

WTiereas I : am Informed that a serv' belonging unto 
Cap': Edmond Cautwell named Richard fitmn is found 
dead at high waters naarke neere unto St. Georges Crtieke: 
You are therefore Requiered w"'out delay to Empaiinell & 
Bweare a Jury of twelve men of the Neighbours, they to 
make an Enquest uppon the boddy of the deceased and 



after the manner of his decease makeing Retume tJiereof unto 

New Castlo febraary 13^ a^ 167*. 


John Colier. 
To Justice Gerret Otto 

In oppoquenemen 
february 19"' A" ]67f : did Justice Gerret otto make a Re- 
tume of the verdict of the Jury w** was, that the aboves^ 
Richard was drownded in getting ouer the Creeke. 
February the 20"' 167f 

Att a Court hold in New Castle the 3*^ and Continued the 
4"iof Aprill 1677. 

Capt John Colier Command' 

M' William Tom 

M' Fopp Outhout 

M*" Joan Paul Jacquet 

M' Gerret Otto 

Capt" Edm. Cantwell H : Sherrife. 


- Justices 

Octob' y 3: 1677 Exe- 
cation wrb taken oat 
by yp" ngst: y'defU 
goods & chattels 

Gaspares Herman F'^ 
Ralph Hutchinson DeP 

The Court haveing heard the cause 
and the def* by his attorney Thomas 
Spry alledgeing that hee Caimot at p'sent 
make any defence for want of his papers 
w^ by order of the last Court hee was to bring in this Court: 
Doe order that Judgem' passe against the Def for the sume of 
twelve hundered forthy and six gilders w*** the Costa ; w* 
Condition if def bring suflScient Testimony or Wrytings to the 
Contrary between this and the next Court, then Execution 
till then to stay, and after that tyme Execution to issue out 
ex-officio for fayler of p'tended proofe. 


John TARKr>n'ON P'* \ An attachment tor 560 & of tob** 
John LAiiRtsoN DeP / in James Crawfords hands. 
The def hiraselfo being absent a Referrence was Craved in 
the behalfe of James Crawford whoe appearing before the 
Court broake upp desiered that the case might now be tryed 
w""* the Court grant ; but before tryall the partees agreed be- 
tweeue themselves. 

Just: John Moll P'^ "I This action is suspended untill 
John Bkkkkr DeP i y* next Court. 
1677: ti«' Apriii Uppon the Peticon of Moris Liston 

Ez«etit: i»ued out: g^eweing that James Bestike, was In- 
debted fur his dyet ground and accommodation, the Last Jeare, 
uppon the Peticon" Plantation, the quantity of six hundered 
and sixty pounds of Tobbacco ; and tlie s"^ James being Run 
out of the Govemm* the Peticon^ humbly deaiered, that bee 
might be p^ferred before the other attachments, for soo much 
of the s^ James Bestikes Tobacco now made and still Remain- 
ing uppon the Peticoners Plantation w*^ the Costs. 

The Court doe allow of the Peticon" Peticon: and order 
that hee shall bee first p'ferred for the CGO fl> of tobbaco ; aa 
being Lord of the soile. 

Stephen Juriansen P'* 1 attachm* uppon y*" def*» 
May" John FEN\\^KE Def^ / effects for £6. 

The P'' declares hee was deceived by the def* who sold him 
land w^ haveing any Right to the same, for the sume of £12: 
Whereuppon the p'' hath paid him 6 ib as by t!ie def** Re- 
ceipt appeares, the p*^ bill Remaining in the deft*" hands yett 
for the full £12: soe that the p'* hath attached suuie part of 
the dof*' estate desiering that the s" attached goods might bee 
put to sale for the Repaying of the p" his s^ £6 and Lykwyse 
that the P" might bee by order of Court Cleared of hie bill yet 
in the deP* hands, etc 

The Court do order (that sence Mayo^ fonwiko is as yet a 
prizoner in New Yorke that this action shall bee suspended 


tmtill the next Court, In the mean tyino the bill to bee 
allowed and the p"* attachraeut to bee p'ferred, and In case 
the def^ doo not make dofenco either by himselfe or attorney 
att the next Court then itt will bee taken unto further con- 

Lace Hendricx P'' ) an attachmn* uppon the 

Mayo'' John Fenwike DeP / Def* effects for £H. 

The P" by his declaration desiering Restitution of £S by 

the def* Received of the P^' for Land sould wheieto the deP 

had no Lawfull right together v/^^ annulation of his bill of 

£12:10 etc. 

The Court finding that this action was of the same nature 
418 that of Stephen Jurians doe give the same order therein as 
In that of 8^ Stephen Jurians. 

Matuiab Bartelsen P*' \ An attachment uppon the 

Mayo* John fenwike DeP J deP effects for j£3:12. 

The P'' by his declaration desiering Restitution of je3:12: by 

the deP Received for Land sould whereto the Deft had no 

Lawfull Right together with annulation of this P"* bill past 

to this deP on same accompt. 

The Court finding that this action is of the same nature as 
the others of Stephen Jurians and Lace Hendricx, doe give 
^ve the same order herein as before. 

John Sietrick P'^ 1 An attachm* of a certaine Cowe in 
James Bestikk DcP / y* p'** owne hands. 
1677 11 Ap' Execution The P'» makeing itt appeare to the Court 
^*"'^°"*- that this deP had bought a Ceriaine Cowe 

of this p" for w*^** heo the doP had not paid anything to the 
P'^ — The Court order that the P'' shall have the Cowe againe 
and as for the Costs the same is to bee found out of the deP" 
Effects by the P'* attached uppon the Plantation of Moris 
Listen hee as the Brst attachment to have the p^ferrenco for 
the same. 



Harmen Reyndkrse P" 
IIenbv J0HN8ON Def* 

The Court haveing lieard the Case were proceeding to 
Jadgemt: but before Judgem* past, the Partees agreed and 
withdrew their action. 

Samukl IIedqe P'^ \ Suspended by the Court* 

Mayo" John fenwike Der ' orders. 

Thomas hemming P'* f 
John Roude Def* j 

the P^' default a non suit was 
ordered against the p" w* 

Execation wiu Inaed 
out uppon thli Judge- 
ment >nd liie same 

Ngned bj Jostice 
Will Tom. 

Whereas Johannes De haes made itt 
apj>eare to this Court that Joseph Cheii 
by Ills deed bearing date 22** of Juno 
Last Past : did fully clearly and abso- 
luthly make ouer unto him the s^ d' haes 
his heirs and assigns for ever a certaine Tract of Land of 400 
acres Lying and being in oppoquencmen Creeke nearo the 
old Landing to gethcr w*** the Plantation housing and other 
the appurtenances thereuppon w"" tliis Provisor only that lu 
case the s^ Joseph Chen should well and Truly pay or Cause 
to bee paid, unto the g^ d'haes the full and Just quantity of 
2000 ft» of tobbacco att or before the 10"* day of March Last 
past that then the s** Land and premises should Returne unto 
him the s^ Cheu^ w** s^ deed was aknowledged by the s^ Chew 
att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle the 8"* of 
NovemV last past and Recorded by order of the same, and 
the Tobacco or any p'"ccll thereof not being paid and the s* 
de haes Craveing Judgem' uppon the s^ deed and that hee 
might be put in full <fe quiet Possession of the Land & p'misses. 
The Court ordered Judgem' to bee Entered uppon the s"^ deed 

John Adams 
Mayo** fkkwice 

P" 1 Suspended till next 
DeP J Court 




John Anderson P" 

Thomas Snkluno Def* 

JusTA Anderson P^* 

RoBBKRD Morton Def* 

Thomas Lee by^WALTER 1 „,( 

Wharton his attorney j 
John Roud Def* 

f this action is with- 
< drawn by the 
I parteea. 

f Parteea agreed 

(Suspended by the 
Court the p'^ being 
liindered by sick- 
nesse to appear 

Walter Wharton 
Jan akentsij: backer 

Walter Wharton 
Will : Grant 


n ft f Suspended as above 


y^ „ ?• Suspended as above 

The Court adjourned till the 4*** of Aprill. 
Aprill 4^ 1677. Cnpt: Colier absent. 

DoM : Lack Cakolus P'* 

Hans Piktekskn Def* 
The P'' declares that y* def* Contrary to tbo knowledge or 
w%ut the order of the P" did take upp a maro of yo' P" w** 
run in the woods w"' intention as yo' Plaintife dotli Really 
thinke to defraud yo' Plaintife of the s^ mare, Challenging yo' 
P"* mare for his owne although itt can bee proved by severall 
witnesses the niaro properly belongeth to yo^ Plaintife and 
that yo' plaintife Caused the mare to bee marked w"* his owne 
marke there never being any other marke on the »** raarea 
cares but what was put on by yo"" P'" order and that the S^ 
mare hath been knowne to bee yo^ P"* ever since itt was a 
filly, notwithstanding w'=*' the def* still Challenges the s^ mare 
as his owne and would if itt lay in liis Pouwer defraud yo* P^* 
of the 8^ mare. Exposing by his unlawfuU demands yo' P** 
to Great Cost & Trouble, wherefore yo' P'* humbly craves of 


this worpp" Court that hce may have an order peaceably to 
Enjoy tlio s^ mare, being pro|x)rly his owne, as alsoe y* the 
def may Render him sattisfaotion for the Trouble hee hath 
been exposed unto through his occasion w"* Costs of suit. 

The def being an lUiterat p^son did humbly desier that 
Cap* Cantwell might speake for him there being no other 
attorney but what the p" Imployes w** y^ Court grant. 
Whereuppon fifteen wittnosses being swomo & examined In 
Court, and uppon the p'^ Request a Jury empannelled ; The 
Court did find upjion due Examination of all the s^ Wittnessea 
before the Jury was swome ; that the p*' had no Cause of 
action unlesse the p" brings better proofe to proofe his declara- 

W...MAM Hamilton & \ P» ^ ^,^ „tt^,i,„,,„t „f th^ 
Wn-LiAMSKMrLB IP" V DeP- effects. 

James Bbswirr Def* ) 

23^ Octob. 1677 execut: Wlierefts the P*" made it appeare to the 

Imied oui «g« r Court that the dcr James Beswicke stood 
del giKxiB or bouuy. 

Justly Indebted unto them by his bill 

beareing date 8*** of Novem'' Last past the sume of seven hun- 

dered foxii-thy and seven gilders tliree styvers ; for w°^ they 

have Laid an attjichm' the first of March Last past uppon the 

s* def" eflects, w"^" s** attachm^ the p'^ desier that according to 

the Retume of the undersherrife may slimd good ; and desierd 

y' they may have their s^ sume w*** the Costs. 

The Court ordered Judgem* to bee entered according to bill 

against the deP and his ctlet'ts attached as above. 

John Adams for bis Mast' 1 pn 

Wir.UAM Dekwall 1 

The Estate of Dikk Abkktb dec* Def» 

The P" declares as p' declaration for EUeven hundred fifty 
gilders 10 styvers due by ballance of ncc* with Costs. Capt 
Cantwell and Johannes de haes appearing in Court desier in 
the bebalfc of the orphants, that the Case may be Suspended 


until! Ihe Letter of Administration bee come and the art' be- 
tweono the Kstate of Marten Roosoman & Dirk Albertsen 
whix' have dealt in Ooni|>any & C^opartnership w*** tlie P^^ bo 
made upp and Lookt afler. 

The Court do suspend this action untill the bookea of the 
deceased bee viewed and exaniincd and a Letter of administrQ- 
tion bee come from New Yorke. In the meantyme, and untill 
wich the acc^ is allowed of, and the P'^ to be p^'feired, upon the 
s^ Estate. 

William Tom P" 1 The P'^ suffered a uon suit will- 

JoHN Biscus 0er f ingly. 

TT T nit { A.n attachment for the sumo 

HkNUKIK LEHiklENS P" ] , „. ., , . „,. 

T> n «-{ of 34 gild^ m y« F" owne 

Peter hendricx Der I , , 

V hands. 

The def* default. 

Symon Gibson P" ) An action of debt by ace* the 

Gko: Tanckebslv Def' ^ aume of 125 gild^ 
The dcf* nmkeing some objections against the P^' not tymely 
Entring of his declaration: The Court ordered that this and 
the other action of the P* against the deV- shall bee Continued 
until next Court-, the dcP giving security for his appearance 
and answering the action. 

Symon Gibson F* i t *• r j r *• 

_ _ ^ - > In an action of defamation. 

Geo : Tanckerslv Def* * 
The action is suspended as above the def* giving security for 
his appearance & answering the action. 

Hakmkn Kyndeksen P'' ) In an action of debt sixty and 
Geo : Tanckersly DeP ) one Gilders for houserent. 

Apr" 5** Exocoi : israed The Court order Judgcm* to bee entered 
*''* against the def^ uppon his owne Confession 

for Sixty one Gilders, according to declaration w^ Costa. 



John Adams for his Mast' \ pn 
William Dervall / 

yWithdrawnby P" 

Deft J 

pit ■» 

V Partees agreed, 
i^ei J 

?" I Withdrawn by the P^' 


Withdrawn by the P" 

Jacob Janse 

Moses De Gan 
Jan Boeyer 

Geo : Tanckersly 
Symon Gibson 

Geo : Tanckersly 
Symon Gibson 

Symon Gibson P" 1 ^jj^j ^ ^j^^ p. 

Geo : Tanckersly DeP ) 

Ralph Hutchinson P" •> The P" not appearing in Court 
„ „ T^ -♦ > a non suit was ordered 

Charles Lkley Der ( • ^ xu u i. j-a ix 

) against the p^' by diiult, 

Ralph Hutchinson P** \ A non suit ordered against 
James Hewlin Def* / the P" by default. 

Justa Anderson 
John Scot 

William Semple 
John Lawe 

John Lawe 
John Scot 

Walter Rowles 
John Street 




Partees agreed. 


I Withdrawne by the P" 

^' I Withdrawne by the P»* 
Def* j 

pit -i 

^ «. > Withdrawne. 


William Sandfokd P'* 

\ Withdrawne by the F* 

Uppon the Peticon of Roelof Andries as attorney for Wilham 
Ohamberlin Desiering an order against Lucas Ebell as the 



Bayle of William Vandiemer etc. The Court order a Sciere- 
facias to bee entered aud Issued out against the s^ Lucas Kbell 
the bayle of the s^ Vandiemer. 

Amilius Do Ringh delivering in Court a List of several! 
p'sons whoe had promissed to Contribute towards his main- 
tenance, as a Keader in tJie X Church togetlier w'** an order of 
Court of the lO*** of May 1075, as alsoe an order of this Court 
beareing date ll*** of Novemb^ Last past, Complaining that 
notw^standing the same, liee could not Receive his said prom- 
issetl maintenance etc. The Court Confirms the order of the 
10"* of May 1075, and order the sherrife to Levy monny of the 
unwilling by disstresse. 

Uppou the Pcticon of CapK'untwell and Johannes De Haes, 
Sheweing that they had bought in open vendu a peece of Land 
formerly belonging to Cap* John Can* for the sume of 1250 
gilders, w^out any Chiynio to the same of »ny of the neig- 
bours w*^ s^ sale was Coufirniod by the Riglit Hono'^'* Governo^ 
as by tlie Pattent may appearo ; and the Peticoners haveing 
fenced the same Notwithstanding w*^ the fences are dayly 
Trowne down and mistris Bloke dayly dryving Imr Cattle in 
the Peticon" Laiid, saying itt is the way to the wchxIs; and 
that they the Peticon" could make appeare that neither by the 
dutch or English Govenn^ any way was allowed only by suf- 
ferance ; The s" Peticon" desiering that they might bee main- 
tained and have an order (juicily t/t i«>ssess their s^ Laud : or 
Incase Mist" Bloke ctin make appeare any clayme to the same, 
the Pcticon" are willing to Joync Issue w^^ hur Either here or 
before his hon' the Governo' at N. Yorke etc. Mist" Bloke 
producing in Court an order of Councill touching the s*' way: 
and Capt° Cant well and M' de hacs their Pattents etc. The 
Court do ans\s'er that they deare not breake either of his bono" 
orders, but Refer the Case bukc to his bono' the Govcrno' to 
determine, and that the imrtces In the Meautyme prepare 
themselves to Informe his hono*^ the Governo' about the same. 

Gysbert dirksen producing in C-ourt a former order of Court 
against James Crawford bearing date 2"^ May 1676 : Proffering 



his acconipt of the booke debt to the same of ;C158 :5 and 
proveing the Same by oath ; The Court do Confirme the 
aboves^ order of the 2™* of May 1676 : Including the s" booke 
debt to the Same of 158 gild'' & 5 sty vers. 

Severall p'sons marks Recorded. 

The undernamod i/sona apj^eurt'd att sundry tyines in the 
office dcsieriiig that the Eare uiarkc of their Cuttle & hoghs 
might bee Recorded vizt: 

Aprill 4*^ 1677. Moris Liston liis Marke, twoo Crops, and 
twoo slits in y* Right EaR' and ono slilt in the Lefl Eare w*^ 
an underkioll in the s^ Lcfl Eare. 

Aprill 4 1677. The mnrke of his son (Jurret- — twoo slitta in 
the Left Eare and one Slit in the Right Eare w"^ an underkiell 
in s** Right Eare. 

Aprill 4*^ 1677. Christopher Barnes — his Marke. In each 
Eare a swallow forke and in tlie Right Eare an overkeel. 

Ap' 28, William Sandford his marke, of each Eare a cropp 
and of each Eare on the fore side n 8quaa> peece taken out. 

June the 5"*. John Nummersen of CVistina his Marke on 
the Right Ei;re a cropp & twoo slitts in the same, the Left 
Eare Cropt w"' ao upi>er and uuderkeell out of the same and 
a alitt in the s** Left Eare. 

ditto. Hendrik Walraeveu of oppoquenemen his marke, of 
each Eare a Cropp and out of the Left eare an underkooll. 

^Robberd Tallent's Marke one Slitt in the right Eare and 
a Cropp of the Left Eare. 

Att a Meeting of the Coniauder & Justices lield in the 
Towne of New Castle uppon the inf . . , of CoUon*' Coursey'a 
Commin . . . w** a conciderable party of ... as an agent or 
Erabassad'' going to New Yorke May the 15'** a** 1677. 

Capt" John Colier Command' 

M*- John Moll J 

F'sent M*" M'illiam Tom > Justices. 

M"" Jean Paul Jacquet ) 
Capt : Edmond Cantwell. 



M' Punster Comming Liitely front Marjland being sent for 
in Court — examined, declared upjwn oath, Th . . . fryday hee 
the deponant was att the house of Coll^ Couraey In Maryland 
. . . beard then there y* C-oU : Coui-sey was to . . . out the Munday 
following and that . . . was a Reix)rt tliat a great many Gen . . . 
&. their attendance were to Come w'* . . . lieither, and tliat they 
were warned . . . bee Reddy against Munday afore ... A fur- 
ther Sayeth not. 

The Commander & Court haveing ... by severall ji'soiis In- 
telligence of the S^ C^oU : Courscy's comming lierc, & not 
kuoweing C<;rtainly uppon what accompt Thought itt therefore 
necessarj* lo order that Capt° Cantwell Summon his Compau : 
of the militia to uppeare w'** their armes and ammunition on 
the morrow at 7 the Clocq, at the forte in this Towne there to 
bee upi>on tlieir Garde and Receive sucli further order as shall 
be found necessary. 

Itt being iiirther by the Commander & Court Concluded y' 
In case Collon" Coursey sends in and gives notice aforehand 
of his Comming & in what quality hee Uien to bee Hono"' 
Received and liis charges bonie, but if nut &. that hee cornea 
in as a privat p'son on surprizall, no notice to bee taken & 
heo to quarter where he pleases. 

Tlio Court further Conuiederiug that the Lalo X Church War- 
den Marten Rosernond being deceased, some fitt p'^sons ought 
lo bee appointed to supply and administer the j)hice of s^ X 
Church warden in this Towne of New Castle, Have therefore 
thought fitt to Apf>oint M' Hendrik Williams and M"" John 
harniens" to bee s"* Church Wardens In the Roome of the de- 
ceased, for and during the space of one yeare now next ensu- 
ing this date. 

Att a sjx'ciall Court held in tlie Towne of New Castle on 
Satturday the lO"* day of May 1677. 

Cap' John Colier Command'' 
M^ John Moll -j 

P'sent M' Fopp Outhout Vjustieies. 

M' Jean P. Jaequet J 
Cap*" Cantwell H : Sherrife 



Capt. Thom : Db Lauall P» 

M' William Tom 
John Shackerly 
Tho : Morse 
Sam : Land 
John Carr 
Ralph Ilutclunaou 
Peler AlrigH 
— sbert dircx 
— enrick Williarns 
laocq Taync 
Reyn' : V. fJoelon 
Will : Thiossio 
— Amraertscn 


The P« demands of y« def* y« 

trume of foure thouftand one hun- 

dered ife twenty gilders due to this 

P'^ by a bill under the hand & seale 

of the def^ bearing date 27*** of 

Aprill 1872: payable in good and 

merchaudable winter wheat at 5 

gilders or in pelteiy after y*' first of 

decomber then following together 

yftii y« Costa, Interest & damages. 

The def* disowning the bill M' 

Walter Whiirttm one of the witt- 

nessos to the Same was Swome & 

dci^larcd that he to the best of his knowledge was p'sent and 

did see the s** bill signed sealed A delivered. The Court 

June 10* 1677 Execa- haveing heard the debates of both partoes 

tiot, i«n:«i out a^* did Refer the Case to a Jury whoe 

the bodujr of the deT: . » • ,r »• e r. i .. 

brought in their V erdict & find for the 

P" according to the Contents of this def" obligation and that 

the def* for non payment According to the Contents of his 

bond shall pay fyve p' Cento p' annum and the def ' to pay 

Costs of suite. The Court ordered Judgem^ according to y" 


Cap™ Thom : De Lauall P'* 

JusTiCK Will : Tom Def 

The P'* declareing that this def* in the Jeare 1672 became 
Indebted unto Jacob Milborne then this p"* servant Intrusted 
by the P'' w'^ a Cargoe in this River the sume of 132S Gilders 
as by the def" bill to the s*' Milborne bcareing date y« 28*^ of 
Aprill 1672 appeared desiering Judgcm* against the def to- 
gether w"* Interst Costs and damages, and the debates of both 
partoes being heard, The Court did Refer y* Case to a Jury 
whoe bringing in their verdict found a non-suit for the P" by 



Reason of no proofe or assignm' from Jacob Milborne. The 
Court did allow of the s^ verdict. M' William Tom desiere 
to appeale &t>m the verdict of the Jury, before his bono' 
the Governo' att New Yorke; w*^ the Court will allow of 
pTOvyded hee gives in Sufficient security according to Lawe. 

M' John Darby of Cheater River in Maryland det:lared in 
Court that hee had A did Constitute & appoint M' Thomas 
WooUeston under Shorrife of this Court to beo his Generall 
attorney in this Governm* to Receive and pay all his Debts, 
w*** the s^ WooUeslon accepted. Mr John Darby swome in 
Court to one ace* by him Kxhibited Contra Elizabeth Morgan 
widdow, to tlie sume of 604 fl> of tobacco, as alsoc to one ace* 
w*** Joseph holding the bal lance thereof being 750 fb of 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle Begun the 5"* 
and ConUnued the 6 & 7"» of June A** 1677. 


Oapl John Colier 
M' John Moll 
M' William Tom 
M' Fopp outhout 
M' Jean l*aul Jacquet 
M' Gerret Otto 
Capt : Ed. Cantwell 



High Shorrife 

Mr. Will : Tom the former Clarke brought in Court twoo 
small old paper Bookes the one sowed w"* sheets most of his 
owne hand wrytiug; saying that the same were the Records of 
y® former proceeding here w** the Court delivered into the 
Castodie of the now Clarke etc. But afterwards the s** Records 
being Examined & Camplaint of the Insufficiency thereof made 
to the Court by M' Henry Ward ; The Court did think good to 
eeale them upp delivering them upp into the hands of the 
Comand' to bee sent to his bono' the Govemo* for his further 
order therein. 



Justice John Moll P" i In an action of debt by ace* 
John Berkeb Def* ) the sume of 445 : gilders 

The P'* Proveing his accompt by oath und the deP Remain- 
ing still default, The Court ordered Juilgem' to bee Entered 
against the def for the s*^ 445 gilders w"* the Costs. 

Uppon the Peticon of M' Henry ward concerning the 
InBufficncy tfe detayning of the former Records etc. The Court 
anHwer that gene© the Records are in Buch a Bad Condition as 
tbey are and not fitt so too bee. That the s** Records shall boe 
sealed & sent to his bono*" the Govemo'' for hia order therein. 

Uppon the Peticon of John Mathews desiering to bee ad- 
mitted as an attorney in this Court etc : The Court did admit 
the Peticon' as an attorney and was swome accordingly : You 
The oath bj the Co" ^^^^ sware by the Everliving God That 

ordered for m at- you will according to Lawe Iruely plead 

**™®7- & manadge all Cases wherein you shall 

bee Imployed by yo' Clyant that you will not exact in yo' fees 
above what shall bee allowed by the Qovemo' & Court That 
yon will not in one and the same action take fees both of the 
P'* and def* That you will not take any apparent unjust Case 
in hand, but in all Respects behave yo* selve as all attorneys 
are obliged to by the Lawes of this govornm*. 

Thonina Spry uppon his Request was admitted A sworne an 
attorney for this Court of New Castle. 

Stephen Jdrians P" \ 

Mayo" John fenwike Def / 

The Court did thiuke good to Continue this action until! 
next Court day. 

Lace Hendriks P*' 

Mayo" fbnwtkk 

} Continued as above. 

Mathias Bartels 
Mayo" John fenwike 

Sau: Hbdqk 

Mayo" John fenwike 

P" 1 Continued by the 
DeP ( Court 

I«t 1 Continued by the 
Def* f Court, 



John Adams 

Mayo* John fenwjkk 

P»' IContinuwl by the 
Def* J Court 

Thomas Lke bv Walter ) nu "» ^ , , 

„, V* .. f ' ( Purttiea affreed as the 

Wharton his attorney ) / „,,,-« 

John Roud 

D fi f p" declared in CJourt. 

Hknorhc IjKMMKNS 
Psi.LE Hbndriks 

an uctiou of debt 
the Bumo 34 
gildera by ace* 

The ace* being examined & the debates of both partees 
being heard, The Court did Judge that the P'^ had no cause 
of action and ordered a non tniit accordingly. 

Walter Wharton 
John Arentsk 

Walter Wharton 
William Grant 

pn f This action was with- 
-. „ < drawno by the p^* 
I in Court 

F* 1 Continued by the 
Def / Court. 

John Adams for his \ pn 

Mast' William Dervall / 
Dirk Abertse deceased DeP 

Simon Girpon 

This Case is by the 
Court suspended un- 
till the finall de- 
termination of this 

' In an action of debt 
for y*= sume of 125 
gilders by acc^ 

The def* by his attorney John Mathowes desiering that the 
p"* might pnxtve hi« occ^ whereuppon M' Thomas Morse being 
swome about one article of a SadJe for 100 gilders & M' 
Thomas WooUcston Testifying to the C°" about y* other article 
of 25 gild™, The Court did order Judgm* to bee entered ag* 
the def* for the s"* sume of 126 gild" The def deducting what 
hee CAU make appcare to have paid uppon the same. 



- In an action of defamation. 

Simon Gibson P'^ 
Ge» : Tackkrsly Def* 

The P'^ declaration being read the Court find no Cause of 
action and ordered a non suit ag* P^' 

Richard Guy 
Sahueli. Hbdok 

pn j-Thifl action is Continued by 

^^ i the Court untill y« p" Re- 

l tume firom New Yorke. 

John Tarkjnton P" 

John Broadbs Def 
The P'" attorney John Mathews desiering in the P'*" bebalve 
a Continuance of this action untill next Court, and no boddy 
appearing in the def* behalfe, The Court did Continue this 
action untill y'* next Court day. 

MagiB' JacobuB fabritma appearing in Court desiering somo 
Bespit of tjrme to Sattiafy the Judgorn^ of Court A Execution 
by Peter Maealand obtained against the s** fabritius & his 
effects etc. The Co^ ordt>red tliat Magister fabritius In case 
hoe paid Peter Maesland in the tynie of six weckfi, then the 
Execution to bee stopt otherwyse to bee sould by exocTition. 

Walter Wharton 
Mact : Baron 
Morris Listen 
John Siericx 
— n Morse 
gerr : Johnson 
Marten Gerretz 
Jos : Chen 
Char : Ramsey 
Wni Sand ford 
Brod Sinnex 
Math : Matheass" 
of y* good behaviour 

Sibrant Johnson being heretofore 
Indyted for haueing Committed a 
Rape uppon the Boddy of Anna 
Jurians, this day appearing in Court, 
desiering to Stand his Tryall : and his 
Hono' the Governo" answer to a 
Peticon p'sentod in his behalfe, w"* 
other papers and evidences being Read 
and Severall witnesses Sworne ; The 
whole ease was Committed to a Juiy, 
who brought in their verdict, and 
find the prizoner not gilty of a 
Rape. The Coart ordered that he bee 
cleared by proclamation yet hee to bee 
A appearo from Court to Court. 



Henby Johnson P" 

Wn-LUM Tom Def* 
The P'* not Proveing liis declaration or that y* Come A 
Land was this P'** as hee alledged ; The Court did find no 
Caus€ of action and ordered a non suit to boe Entered against 
the P» w"* Corns. 


William Giljamsz by Gbo : \ 
MoKK his attorney / 

Joseph Cheu DeP 

Jane &* 1677 Execution T!ie P*' declares that this def* Stands 
ag" the p- UMidy. j^j^jJy Indebted unto him by his bill bear- 
ing date 17* of Septemb*" 1675 : The sume of one hundered 
and thirty six gilders desicrs payment w*** Costs. The deft 
confessing the debt. The Court ordered Judgem^ to bee en- 
tered against the defl. w"" Costs. 

Edward Williajjs Attorney 

for Geo : Wells by Tho : Spry 
John Tarkinton DeP 

Uppon the desier of both partees (John Mathews in the 
Def** behalfe) This action is Continued untill next Court. 

John Browning Admistrato' -i 

of y* Estate of John (-Iilbkrt by > P*' 
Cab : Herman his Attorney J 

John Oole Def 

The P" declares as p' declaration for 480 & of tobbacco ; The 
deP alledging not to owe so mutch. The Oiurt suspended this 
Action untill next Court, In the raeau tyme the j)'* to bring in 
his ace' of perticulars and the def* his Contra Ace*. 

Hknry Jone.s Attoniey ) p^ 

for John Lkk ( 

Ja>ib8 Crawford Def 

This Action being Continued by the Court The P** did the 
same day withdraw y* same. 




Thomas Spry Def* ) 

pn r Witlidrawn, Justice otto declareing 
» - / to have heard the p'* say he was 


Mart Blocq Executrix \ p,| 
of Henry Blcicq deed i 

John Cimbkix Dof* 

Janejref^ The P** declares that this def^ stands 

EiecuUoa. Justly indebted unto her sd : deceased hus- 
band by his bill bearing date y* 5^^ of January 1675, The 
same of twoo huudered & eighty foure Gilders for w*** the p** 
hath attached twoo Cowes & two Calves & 6 sheep now in hur 
owne hands, desiering Judgem' against the def" ^ attached 
effects w"* Costs : 

The bill being proved by one of the witneasee, The Co^ 
ordered Judgem' to bee entered against the def according to 
the bill, and that the attachment stand good and the attached 
Cattle and sheepe bee appraized. 

Uppon the Peticon of John Taylor of Virginia desiering a 
warrant from this Co'* to take upp GOO acres of land in this 
River promissing to seate the same out of hand w* a oon- 
ciderable family, The Court have granted to the Peticon' a 
warrant & Liberty for 500 acres of Land hee seating the same 
according to the Govemo" orders. A warrant was granted 
according to y* above, to bee Returned In tliree months. 

The Co'* adjorncd untill to morrow the G^*" of June at 8 of 
the Glocq. 

June the 6'" 1G77. The Court Continued the Commander 
& Justices all p'sent. 

The Jury being Called ouer, Mact: Baron Morris Liston & 
Geo: More, found wanting, whoome the Court fyned twenty 
ahill: o peece. 



Walter Wharton 
John Sirricx 
Geo: More 
Mart : Gerretz 
Chart ; Ramsey 
WiU: Sandford 
broer Sinnex 
Math : Nf athea^ 
Will : orian 
bans Muller 
gerret Smit 
Jan Boyer 

John Johnson being Indyted by the 
High Sherrife in y* behalfe of o' Sov- 
eraigne Lord y*' King . . . 

The 8* John Johnson pleading not 
Guilty The examination tliereuppon 
was Read and Sevorall wittncssos 

The Court did give the B^ Charge 
to the Jury, whoe brought in their 
verdict viz' That the prizoner is Guilty 
uf the fact . . . wee find not: but by 
the Evidence A whole Circumstancee 
wee find his Intent to bee very evilh 

Henry Jones 

The Court Couciederiug uppon the whole matter <fe Circum- 

Tliiit Judcem* Stances and weigliing tlie Prisoners former 

£xecate<l y" 7* of iH behavior; Did order y* the s^ John John- 

Jnnc att New Caailc soQ bco whipt twenty and one strokes or 

Lashes ; and afterward bee bound & give security for his good 

behaviour : Paying the Charges of his Imprizonment etc. 

Samukll Niccoi.lsen P'^ 
Jacob Jounqh DeP 

JusTA Andkies 
Joseph Chku 

■ This action withdrawue 

Withdrawne by the p*** wyfe 

in Court. 

Arthur Carelton P'« I withdrawne by the p". 
James Crawpord Def' J 

DoM : Laurextius Caholub P'^ 
Hans Pietersen Def* 

The P*' declares for mare by this Def* unjustly detayned 
from the P'^ whereby the s^ def* did Expose this p'' to great 
Trouble Cost & Charges att uppland Court w^ a fyne of one 
hundercd and fifty Gilders to the Sherrife besides the damadge 
«8 to the p'** Credit A Reputation ; etc : wherefore the P" 



desiers that bee may have satisfact : in equity from this deP 
for the sland bee hath Laycd uppon his Credit & Reputation 
as also for all the Coats fines & Oliargo bee hath been ex- 
posed unto by y*' unjust demands of the said Hans Peteraon 
in uppland Court, as also that he may have a peaceable Injoy- 
ment of the s** mare w^'^ the a*" def* so unjustly Challengeth as 
his owne etc. w"' Costa of suit : The def" answer being heard 
Jury the Court thought good (uppon the 

Walt^ Wharton P**" request to Refer the Case to a 

Tho : Morse Jury : whoe Brought in their verdict 

John Siericx viz' : wee find for the P" against the 

Heudrik Williams def* w^ 400 gilders zewants valine 
for damadge, and all Costs of suit: 
and wee doe Lykewyse find that the 
mare W* the P" caused to be 
marked in his owne. 

The Court ordered Judgem' ac- 
cording to verdict. 

Ilenry Jones 
William Orian 
gerrot Smit 
broer Sinnoxe 
Hans Muller 
Peter Maesland 
Ambroos Backit 
John Boeyer 

Tho ; Mork by Josep Chku his attorn : P^* 
John Coopkr Def^ 

The def» 
demi y* 

Jony Lawe P' 


' I The p" default. 

Henry Ward 
Anthony Bryant by 

P" -j An action of debt to the 

^ „ V sume of f. 58 : 10 : in 

Tho : Spry his attorn. / ) wheat by ace'. 

The P" haveing made oath to liis accV The Court ordered 

Judgem' for the s^ f 63 : 10 to bee Entered against the def* 

w"* Coats. 



rr , . ytr pn T Ih an actioH of dcbt by bill the sumc 

„, ™ t-» «^ of 200: irilders : in Tobbacco A 

William Tom Def* 1 r> , j i tt j 

». rorke accord : to Vondu pay. 

S Juu. 1672 £xccul. 
grunted ag* y' Eiitate 
ftoodfl & ChaUl«0. 


The Deft aknowledging tho debt The 
Court ordered Judgemt too bee Entered 
against the dof* according to Confession 

Hknuy Ward P"' 1 In an action of debt to the eume 

Waltkk Wharton Def* J of 1200 lb of tobb" by bill. 

June r 3 1678 Eiccat : The deft aknowledging the debt The 

^ f good* Court ordered Judgement to bee Entered 

** against the def* for the s^ 1200 ib of 

tobb<» A Costs. 

Henry Ward P" 1 In an action of debt by acct. the 
William Orian Def J sume of 77 gilders. 
IS* March 167} Eie- The debates of both partees being lieard 

and the partees ace*" Compared, The 

lion Issued oiitag" 7* 

boddy of j* def*. 

Court ordered Judgcm' against the dcT 

for aeveuty-fyve gilders w'^ Costs. But stay of Execution 

untill the W^ of October next. 

Hksry Ward P'* 1 In an action of debt to tlie sume 

Hbrmen Reynpers Def* / of 128 gilders by bill 

The deP aknowledged the debt but sayetb tliat the P" 

promissed to Let him eamo itt out in work, dcsiers 6 weeks 

Respit to pay the same. The Court ordered Judgom* to bee 

entered against the P" vf^ 6 wcckes stay of Execution, 

Matkias Mathiass P" 

Haxs Peterson Def* 
Walt' Wharton 
Tho : Morse 
John Siericx 
Hend : Williams 
Uen: Jones 
Will: orian 

gerret Smit 
Jan Boeyer 
broer Sinnoi 
bans Muller 
Peter Maesland 
Ambros Backss 

This case being put 
to a Jury they find for 
the def* against the P*' 
w"* Costs of suite. 

The Court allowed 
of 8^ verdict etc. 

recx)rds op the ooubt of new castlr. 

Dirk Lawrkntse P" 

Elizabeth tlie widdow \ t^ « 
of Jo : Morgan / 

A non suit was ordered against the P" by Reason The: 
Spry the p^** attorney has no warrant of attorney. 

John Siericsk P" 

John Tarkinton Def^ 
The P'^ declares against the dcf for y' the def^ hath V Chal- 
lenged this P'* in the field etc. The def* in p'son not appear- 
ing but by John Mathews his attorney Craveing a Continuance 
of this action. The Court haveing examined into the buiss- 
neese Did order y' a warrant bee Issued out against the def* 
to keepe him in Custodie untill hee gives security for his good 
behavior until tlie next Court, tlien to answer the action ft 
have a tryall for the same. 

Stmon Gibson P** 

John 0«le Def* 
The P'* demands of tlie def* by his bill the sume of 1700 ft 
of tobbacco & caske. The def* makes appeare that he hath 
paid severall sumes toward the debt & tenders to pay the Re- 
mainder before tomorrow* night and In case the Tobbacoo bee 
not good, the def is willing to sufler JuUgem' to passe against 
him w*=^ the Court doe allow of. 

John Oolk P^* 1 xuj u ^i. nn 

^ «t 5- withdrawne by the P" 
Geo : More Def ) 

Geo : More P" ) Continued by Consent of both 
Jacob Joitng Def* / partees. 

Jacob Jouno P" 

John IIeyland Def* 
The P" declares as p* declaration for the upholding A de- 
tajTiing of this p'*" molatto servant In Maryland, demands for 
damage 3000 lb of tobacco, desiers that the attaclim* by the p" 



Laid uppon twoo Cowea & two Jearlin heiffers now in the 
Jurisdiction of this Court may hee held good etc. The Court 
doe order that the s"^ Cattle shall Kemaine attached; and 
senoe the def^ havciug had notice of the attachment & not 
appearing by himaelfe or attorney to vindicate his Case, That 
therefore the s^ Cattle shall bee Kun nppon Kisico of the 
of the def untill the next Court and Incase the def* doe not 
then appear then Judgem* to passe against him. 

• In an action of defamation. 

Jacob Vander Vkkr P*' 
Hans Pietersen, Def , 
This action being wrongfully stated, The Court ordered a 
non suit ag* the p'K 

Epmond Cantwkfj, P" 
Hans Piktekskn, Def 


In an action of defamation. 

The P" proveing his declaration : but the def* humbly ask- 
ing forgivenesse for what hee had trespassed against the def* 
& Court, The Court did Remit the deP his defiamation the 
p" being Lykwyse willing etc. 

Tho: Spry 


Henry Johnson Def 

ithdrawne by the P**. 

Hans Pietersk P*' 
Oele Toersen, Def 

I Withdrawne by the P". 

Thomas Morse 
John Test 

P" \ In an action of debt to the sume 
Def i of 85 gild" by acc^ 

16T7 The S** of July Whereas the P^' made itt appeare by 

■gunst the gooas A 

Cbattlcaofders I*" ^^^^ ^^^ def* stood Indebted unto 

him the surae of 85 gilders. Tlie Court 
ordered Judgem* to bee Entered ag** the def* for the ^ sume 
w* y* Costs. 



John- Test by M» Will: \ pu W *• r ^ x.. ^ 

rp . . ,; f ' ( I" a" action of debt for 

Tom hi3 attorney / V 49 .,^„ ^v ace' 

Thomab Morse Def J ^^ ^^ ^*^ ' 

The deP disowneing severall particulars of the aec* The 
Court suBpended this action untill next Court and the p" then 
to proove his s^ acc^ 

Walter Kowles P" 1 both partees default a uou suit 
John Fostkr Dof* / Entered against tlio P'* 

Thom: Williams P" \ ...,,,„, 

John Tabkinton Def I " """ ^" •'°**«'^ ^^ *^«'^^"" 

John Adams for his Master 1 p^ 

William Dervall J 

William Orian Def* 

In an action of debt 
by ace' for four- 
thy & one gilders 
A two sty vers 

The def aknowledging the debt Judgein' was ordered by 

Geo: More P" \ AViihdrawne by the p" in 

Walter Wharton Def* / Courte. 


Philip Huggan 

Fra>'cis Stkkvens 
Phillip Huggan 

■ Withdrawn. 

1 M'ithd 


Uppon the Peticon of Mist" Mary Blocq sheweingthat John 
Cimbell stands Indebted by ace* the sume of three hundered 
& fourthy Gilders, besides the bill of 284 gilders : for w**" she© 
desired an order w*** Costs : The Court haveing Examined 
the 8^ ace* and being sattisfyed as to the Juatnesse thereof: 
did order Judgement for the s** 340 Gilders w"^ Costs: and 
ordered that the 8^ Cimbells Cattle &. sheepe bee appraized for 
ltf77. 7 of June Exe- the pajTnont of the same ; appointing for 

cation gnmt«i. appraizciB John Barentse ^ John Ogle. 

Whoe were sworne in Court accordingly. 



Justice John Moll F* \ ,„. . , r xi ■• 

.- „ > Withdrawne by the p". 

P>* \lhe P" default a non Boit 
DeP J ordered 

Wn-LiAM Ortan 

John Lawe 
William orian 

In a Caae of Difference betweene George More A Walter 
Wharton, Concerning the Estate of Thomas Lane deceased ; 
The Court Iiave appointed M*^ Peter Alrichs & M"^ Job : deliaea ; 
whoe are hereby desiered to view & Examin the accompts 
and other papers betweene them and if possible to decide the 
difference, otherwyse to t' Chuse a third person as an umpier 
and to make a Relume of their proceedings att the Next 
Court day. 

Uppon the Peticon of Mist" Mary Blocq shewing that bur 
neighbour Pello Mathias had of Late thrown down part of a 
midle fence betweene this .Peticon' whereby shee is Mutch 
damnifyed in her hay ground etc. The Court, haveing made 
Inquiery into the Common Custome of the Lyke Cases & 
neigbours uppon the Lyke subject doc order that the s** Pelle 
Mathias make forthwith good his s^ middle fence according 
to Custome, and Incase of neglect, to bee liable to make good 
the damadges thereby sustayned. 

Uppon the Peticon of Hendrlk Williams Marten Gerritz 
Peter de wilt and Peter Maeslander, desiering a warrand and 
Liberty for Each of them to take upp 300 Acres of Land etc 
The Court doe Grant the peticon" their s^ Request, and order 
the Clarke to draw warrants accordingly. 

Whereas Lucas Ebell made itt appearc by his acomp* pro- 
duced and prooved in Court : that Claes Carstense deceased 
stood Justly Indebted unto him att the tyme of bis decease, 
the sume of 441 lb of Tobbacco & 278 Gildera The Court 
order Judgem' to bee Entered Against the a"^ Estate of Claes 
Carstenas for the above s^ sumea w"* Costs. 

The Court have this day appointed Comolis Post to bee 
viewer A packer of Tobbacco in this Towne and p'cincts 
thereof, whoe was swome accordingly: for salary bee is to 



have viz' in case he pakes Tobb : w'** y* help of an other to 
hand him 3 gildera & w**" out y" holpp 4 gilders p' hhd : and 
for Receiving one gilder if good & if Refused 10 sty vers p' hhd. 
• Uppon the Peticon of Thona : DodnoU dcsiering that some 
p^son might bee appointed to Locke after y® Estate of Vicessi- 
mu8 Nettelshipp deceased : and that lieo might have his dis- 
bursm' for provisions paid to him againe etc. The Court 
answer that they will appoint an administrate 

Uppon the Peticou of ITendrik fransen dcsiering sattisfao- 
tion for haveing Lookt after y* Plantation Cattle and Come 
of Harm^ Johnson. The Court answer that Capt" Cantwell 
shall Receive and collect the peticon" due along w"* his owne 

Uppon The Peticon of Caspares Herman desiering Execu- 
tion uppon the Judgement obtained the Last Court against 
Ralph Hutchinson, The s** Ralph Hutchinson not appearing 
by himselfo or attorney to bring in any p'tonded proofe, The 
Court doe allowe the Peticon' his Request and order execution 
to bee Issued out uppon y® s** Judgement. 

Justice Gerret otto This day Shewed in Court a Woolves 
Toung desiring that the same might bee taken notice of <& 

Hans Peterson of Cristina Kill appearing in Court aknowl- 
edged a Certain deed of sale beareijjg date 27 September 1672 : 
of a Certaine peece of Land Lying in Cristina Kreeke afores^ 
by him sold unto Andries Juriansen : w"^ rf* deed of sale was 
written in dutch by Justice Hans Blocq : and is Recorded in 
the Records of Conveigances etc, on folio : 18. 

Rebecca Kghbcrts Late widdow of Barcut Eghbcrts deceased 
this day produced In Court the Will A Testament of hur rf* 
deceased husband bearing date y" 20"* of October 1674: de- 
clarcing that the same was his Last Will and Tesfiuuent : de- 
siering a Letter of administration accordingly etc. Huybert 
Heudricx *fe Thorn: Spry witnesses to the s^ Will appering 
in Court declared nppon oath that they were p'scnt and did 
see the s** Barent Egberts deceased signe to the s^ Will. The 
Court doe grant unto the s*^ Rebecca Egberts the adminia- 



tration according to the s^ "Will Shee Conforming hureelfe 
according to the Lawes of the govemm* and doe order that 
the s^ will bee Recorded. 

The Last Will and Testament of Marten Roosemond do- 
ceased boareing date the 28"" of November 1G76; being pro- 
duced in Co" by the Executo' thereof Johannee d'haea & 
Ephraim Hennau : The s^ Will being examined and twoo of 
the witnesses to the same viz' John herrasen & Barent Gerritz 
awome In Court that they did see the s^ Will signed sealed 
and delivered and pronounced by the s'' Roosemond. The 
Court do Give and Grant unto Johannes d'haes & Eph : Her- 
man full Power to administ"^ uppou the s^ Kstate of Marten 
Roosemond deceased, according to the s^ Will. They giving 
aocurity for the p^forming of their Trust and order y* the 8^ 
Will be Translated and Recorded. 

Capt" Edmond Cantwell : desiering of the Court that hee 
might bee admitted to administer uppon the estate of Claea 
Carsteuso of this River deceased whoe dyed Intestate : The 
Co^ doe Give and Grant unto the s^ Edmond (Jantwell Power 
to administer uppon the s^ Estate of Claes Carstense deceased: 
hee conforming himselfe iu the Execution thereof according to 
the Lawes of this Govemm*, and Giving security for the per- 
formance of his Trust. Ephraim Herman declared to bee hie 
security for the same. 

Whereas Vicessimus Nettleship Lato of tliis Towne Dyed 
Intestate : and whereas Itt was represented to this Court that 
ilt was necessarj' : (There appearing none of his kindred) That 
some fitt p'son bee appointed to administer uppon the estate 
of the E^ deceased: and to take Care of his plantation etc. 
The C>ourt doe therefore Give and Grant unto Ephraim 
Herman (hee being prooved to bee the greatest Credito^ 
Knowne, to the a^ Estate) Power & authority To administ^' 
and to bee administrator of the Estate Goods & Chatties of 
what nature or kind soever heretofore belonging unto the s* 
Vicessimus Nettelship deceased : giving & granting unto the 
9^ Eph : Herman Power to enter uppon and take Possession 



of the p'misscs and dispose tlieroof as administrator by the 
Lftwcrf of this govenim* are allowed to doo hee Conforming 
hiraselfe & giving security for the j/formiug of his Trust 
Capt" Edniond Cantwell declared in Co'* to bee security for 
the s^ Eph : Herman. The Court have A doe further order 
the s"' Ephraim Herman to Iceope the plantation of the s^ 
Cobansik Creeke going, and to find all neceflsarys for the 
Vicessimus Nettelsliip in maintaynance thereof, out of the s^ 
estjitt' : appointing further appraizers of the s*' Estate of Vices- 
simus Nettfclshipp ; M^ Peter Alrichs & M' John Adams. 

Whereas Dirck Albortso Late of this Towue of Now Castle 
dyed w^out raakeing any formal will in wrytiiig, yet as a 
nuncupative will did >H.'fore suflBcient Testimony (some short 
tynie before his dcoousc nominate and appoint Capt"Edm: 
Cantwell M^ Peter Alrichs &. W Johannes de Haes to bee his 
Executct": and tlie s'' Capt" Cantwell, M*" Alrichs cfe Johannes 
De lines makeing application to the Court that they may 
have Letters of administration uppon the estate of the s'' Dirk 
Albertse The Court doo therefore adraitt the s^ Edm : Cant- 
well Potor Alrichs & Johannes De Haes To all Intents and 
purposes, Administrato" of the Estate goods and Chatties of 
what nature or kind soever heretofore belonging unto the R** 
Dirk Albertse and the b*^* Edmond Cantwell Peter Alriclis & 
Johannes d'haes haue hereby full pouwer and Lawfull author- 
ity to Enter uppon and take possession of the premisses and 
dispose thereof as administrato" by the Lawes of this Govern- 
ment are allowed to doe, they Conforming themselves <fe giv- 
ing security for the p'forming of their Trust according to 

Capt" John Colier In the behalfe of His Royall Highnes 
the Duke of Yorke : desiering of the Co" that hee might bee 
admitted admiuistrato' of the Estate goods and Chatties of 
Francis Barents deceased w'*'in this Government. The Co" 
did Grant the 8* Captu Colier Power to admiuist' uppon the 
p'misses according to tlie Lawea of Govenunent. 

The Court adjorued uutill the first Teusday of September 



next Ensuing ; and a meeting of the Justices was appointed 
to morrow att 8 of the Clocq. 

Att a meeting of the Command^ and Justices held in the 
Towne of New Castio June 8* A' 1677. 

His Hono" the Govemo" answer to the Justices former 
Letter was Red in Co'* viz* ; 


Au answer to the proposalb of the Court of New Castle in 
their Letter bearing date february the S'*" a** lG7f . 

None to Watch or Ward in the Towne or fort but sutch as 
Live in or neare the Towne unlesse on alarmes or Extra- 
ordinary occasions. Levys to bee Laid by the Pole as usually, 
notice being first given of the sume, then a Hesponsable 
Tresurer to bee appointed, whoe is to bee accountable and to 
cleare everj* yeare. 

A Lawo Booke to bee sent by the first Convenience. 

The past and next yeares fynes (the sherrife allowance ex- 
cepted) granted for publicq Charges so to Lessen the Rate. 

The severuU Co*^ may att a Session take proofes & Security 
& grant administracoa of wills but if above twenty pounds to 
Remit the same here to the Secretarys office to bee Recorded. 

The Co'* tx) Recommend one for Vendu-Maeter who must 
give security <fe accompt once a yeare then to bee Recorded. 
The feee to bee six pr Cento besydos the Cryer and no other 

The Commons to bee R^[ulated by the Co'* as Equally as 
may bce> alsoo the maintaining y' dykes since and fence, till 
further order. 

All p'sons in Delowar River or Bay Leaueing the Govermn* 
to sett up their names, where they live & in New Castle and 
this Citty according to Custome in these parts. In default 
thereof and any assisting their departure to bee Lyable to the 
penalty, and any servant prisoner or CYiminall Running 
away to bee pursued by hue & Cry as is ueuall. 

The Levy by the Pole in the Severall Jurisdictions answers 
the next particular as to publicq Cliarges, 


Liberty is granted for Sloopee etc Going upp the River as 
formerly for thia yeares effects or former Debts. 

Fyve Gunues thirty' Hods and one ancor of Rume the Re- 
mainder of the pay for the Land att the falls to bee forthwith 
paid the Indians The Remaining part of y" Land betwixt the 
old and new Purchazo as also the Island called Peter Alrich 
or so mutch as is not alreddy purchazed (& y' the Indiaus 
will part with) to be bought of them : for w"** Capt" Israeli 
helm is to Enquier for the owners, and if they will bee Reason- 
able to bring them to the Coniander <fe Co" att New C'astle for 
agreeing Coiicliiding & Confirming a bargaine thereof. 

Matthias NicoUs Sec^ (Subscribed) 

Now Yorke Ap» y** 6"^ 1677. E Andross. 

The Court haveing perused and deliberated upon the efi 
Letter of his Hono' thought good to wryte the following Letter 
in answer To his bono' the governor 

Right Houo'*''* Governo'. 

S' : In answer to yo" Hono"" Letter bearing date 6^ of Aprill 
Last past wee humbly Reply : About the watching, 

1"* That there is noue Lives neare the Townebutawanwike, 
ftnd Incase they are exempted from watching and warding, 
most part of the Towne will probably fly Iheither so to bee 
free from y" same and t' cheefiy those who are no house-keep- 
ers: so that the strength of the Towne will thereby much 
decrease : wee therefore humbly Intrcat yo' Hono' to fiirnish 
us w"* a small number of souldiers to watch y* forte wlioe may 
bee serviceable uppon all occasions to the Commander & Court 
as formerly ilt hath ben allowed of by yo' Hono" P'decessors : 
for wee humbly Conceive that there is no keepeing of a forte 
w^ out Souldiers, and that it is better to have no forte than a 
forte w'*' out some to keope it. 

2. And whereas yo' bono' hath ben pleased to admit of a 
Levy by the Pole, wee find that the same can not be Laid w''* 
out a gener" meeting, or high Court of all the Justices once a 



Jeare, whereof in o*" former Letter bearing date the 8^ of feb- 
ruary weo have imidf niontioii to yo' bono' wee therefore 
humbly desier Uiat his hoiio^ will take the same in Concider- 
ation, and that y*" same meeting or gener" Co** may begin in 
September next, so that those wboe have Long sence disburst 
their monny for the jmbHcq accorapt, may know where to b«e 
Kepaied for w*** out the same no p'"8on will for y*' future bee 
willing to disbours for any publicq ace' : A if so no Workemen 
will bee to be had and no publicq worke goe forward : and 
as for a Treasurer wee appoint M*^ John Moll and desier his 
Hono' to nominate the Tresaurers fees. 

Wee Lykewyse humbly desier that the sending of the Lawe 
Booke may not bee forgott : there being great occasion for the 
same. Wee further Returno his hono"" humble thanks for the 
gracious act of granting the fynes for the Leseniiig the Levy, 
but wee feare itt will bee vtrry difficult to Collect unlesse yo' 
bono' Resolves to scMid souldiers to assist the Shcrrife in the 
Execution thereof, the People fyned haveing formely shewed 
their Mutenus actions. 

As to Letters of administration wee shall follow his bono" 
Instructions. For vendu master wee nominate the Clercq 
Eph: Herman, (but in Regard the Trouble in Collecting of 
the debts by Reason of the distance of the Peoples Living) wee 
think that itt would boe Convenient to Raize the salary to 
above 6 p' Cento. The Dyke and Since being by a storm 
Lately broke and much out of Repair, Cap* Colier & Capt" 
Cantwell have therefore Ingaged the payment for the Re- 
makcing of the same ogaine, the Charge thereof amounting to 
about SOD Gilders : for the Repaying thereof the Court have 
ordei-ed that the burgers in Gener" bee Called together & that 
those whoe will pay pro Rato towards itt to have their parts, 
but those whoo Refuse to Loose their Comonadge. And as to 
the departing of i>'8on8 w^"^ out a passe wee shall endeavor to 
observe his Hono" order and make the people acquainted 
therewithall. As for the Liberty Given to sloopes for the 
going up the River for Receiveing former debts wee suppose 


Ihej will never bee without that p^tence. And about the 
Indians wee Refer o' selves to what Capl" Colier hath writt to 
yo* bono' about the same. So Recommending to the Protex- 
ion of almighty God Remain Right bono'*' Governo' : 

Kew Castle Jane 7* &^ 

Yo' bono" moat humble 
Subjects & Servance 
The Co« of New Castle 
By ord*' of the same 
£ph : Herman Clarke 

(The Superscription was) 

To the Right Ilono'*'''' 

Mayo' Edmond Androae 

Esq' & Gouern' Gene" 

Under his Roy" Highnesse 
Att New Yorke These. 

The Court have allotted to the roarsball for his fees in 
watching a prisoner p' diem fyve gilders untill the prison be 
made upp. 

The Crj'er of the Court is to have for every Attorney tliat 
shall be admitted A swome in Court twelve Gilders or halfe 
a bever. 

Itt is Resolved and ordered by the Court that nil the In- 
habitants of this Towne doc meet & come together on Sattur- 
day the 16"' of this Instant Month of June in y* aftomoone at 
2 of the Clocq, att the forte, to give their answers to what 
shall bee proposed Concerning the fly and Commonaadge of 
this Towne etc. 

By the Command*' & Co"^ of New Castle. Whereas Itt is 
found by dayly Experience tliat the hoghs by their C^^ntinuall 
Rooting doe Mutch damnify & Spoile the fly & Commonadge 
about this Towne of New Castle. Itt is therefore this day 
ordered by the Coraander <fe Court aboves** that all hoghs w*^ 
shall be found not Ringed w^** Ring through their Noses 
uppon the Commons or in the fly of this Towne of New Castle, 
after the space of one month after the date hereof; such 
owner or owners of any hoghs so found as above : shall pay a 
fine of ten Gilders for Every hogh not Ringed, suckling pighs 
only Excepted. The s^ fyne to be Levyed by distresse : The 



one halfc to boo for the Tnformur and the other hatfo fur the 
King. Of w'^'' all perstms are to take notice aiid Confonne 
themselves thereunto accordingly. 

Att a SpetiaU Court held in the Towue of New Castle June 
the 8* Ao 1677. 

Capt" John Colier Comand' 

M' John Moll >» 

P'Seut M^ William Tom 

M'' Fojjp outhout 

M"" Gerret otto 

' Justices. 

James Crawford P*' 
RoBAET Williams Def* 

The P'^ declares for y* sume of thirty eight Gilders as p' 
aoc^ Produced. The dof desires that the p^* may proove his 
demands, and donys the debt. The debates of both partoos 
being heard severall wittnesses examined, and the dcP dis- 
prooving twoo articles of the P'" ace* The Court did find no 
Cause of action and ordered a nonauit ag" P" w^ Costs. 

Uppon the Peticon of Docto'" Jolin Disardins doaiering that 
an Inventory might bee taken of the goods & Chatties of 
Isacq Tayne Late of this Towne deceased etc : Itt is oi-dered 
that the High Sherrife w"' twoo wittnesses shall take an Inven- 
tory of the goods A Chatties of the s** deceased, and that the 
sou Jt daughter of the deceased who are now in Possession 
make oath that they slmll bring all to tlie view of the a^ High 

Att a Court Caled by the Request of Capt" John CoUer In 
New Caatle. July y« 12"' a" 1677. 

M' John Moll 1 

P'sent M"" William Tom > Justices 

M' Jean Pan 11 Jacquet J 

Capt" John Colier Complayues A sayes that docto' Thorn : 
Spry on the 9^ of this Instant month of July in a most 



Shameful & unhandsome way (w*^ out any Case) hath abused 
him y** said Colier w*^*" dirty and uncivUl Lanj^adj^e, presum- 
ing further to strike him Uie s*' Colier w'** a Caine uppon the 
head etc. The s" Cnpt" Colier Leaueing the matter to the 
Co*^ to Inflict sutch punishment uppon the s** Spry for his S* 
ofienco as the Co" sliall Judge fitt 

Thomas Spry makcing answer saves not to Remember That 
hee hafch Committed the abovcs^ offence ; by reason that hee 
was verry mutch overcome w* drinko, dcsiers forgivenesse for 
what lice hath done amis. 

Whereuppon the wittnesses Johannes de haes and Moses 
degan being swomo and examined and The humble peticon : 
of the s^ Spry to Capt" Colier being Read, The Co" In Regard 
of the Iiumblc submission of the s'* Spry (although the merrit 
of the fact deserved a more severer punishment) doe order the 
8^ Spry publicqly In Court to Craue pardon and nske forgive- 
nesse of the 3^ Capt" Colier for his rf' ofl'eoce, and doe Con- 
demne the s** Spry In a iyiie of twoo hundred Gilders, to bee 
paid to Capt: Coliers order, together w^ Costa. 

Thomas Spry in open Co" asked forgivenesse of Capt" 
Colier for his s** offence Committed, according to the aboves"^ 
order. Cap' Jolm Colier did thanke the Court for what they 
had done, and did in open Court Give the ahoves'' 200 Gilders 
fyne to Amilius de Ring, The Reader of t' Clmrch. 

M^ Johannes de' haes sworae in Co" declares that on the 9"* 
of this Instant month of July The deponant was uppon his 
Cart by his doore and did see doclo' Spry stand before Capt" 
Colier's house, and that Capt" Colier came out of his doore 
and spoke twoo or three tymes to docto' spry bidding him to 
bee gone, and tlio deponant stooping dowue, when heo IxKiked 
up againe did see docto' Spry and Capt Colier striking one the 
other w'*' their Caines or stikes and after Severall Blowes on 
both sides docto^ Spry broke his Caine upon the head of y* fi* 
Capt° Colier, uppon w**" Capt" Colier Closed in and CoUoring 
the s** Spr}' throw him to the Ground Commanding Brantio to 
bring the sf' Spry to prizon. 



Moses d'Gan declares the same In substance as is declared 
here above by Johanuee d'baes. 

Alt a speciall Court beld in the Towue of New Castle the 
24**" of July aM677. 

M' John Moll 
M' William Tom 
M"" Kopp outhout 
M' Jean Paul Jacquet 



Capt* EdmondCantwei.l High^ 
Sherrife in the Behalfe of o^ If» 
Soveraigne Lord The King J 

Symon (jIBSON 
Jury Impanelled 
M^ Hend : Williams 
M^ Wm Semple 
M' gisbort direx 
M"^ John hermsen 
M' Ambros Baker 
M^ Huybert hendricx 
M^ gerret Johnson 
M' Peter d'Witt 
M^ oele Toersen 
M' harm. We».sell8 
M' Jan Boyer 
M^ Corn : Johnson 


The P" in y*^ behalfe aforesaid 
Indytes the def*^ for that heo the 
def on or about y* 16'*' day of July 
1677 ; did by force and . . . detayne 
from M' Thomas Morse, one sandy 
browne Coasting Coate to y* vallue 
of fyve ft) then in his Custodie, itt 
being the proper goods tfe chatties 
of the s*^ Thomas and the same 
although by him the s'' Thomas 
often demanded yett denyed, and 
often y*' s^ Thomas had caused his 
said Coate aa above to bo j>ublicqly Cryed by y* publicq 
Ciyer of the Towue of Now Castle abovesaid, to bee detayned 
at y' Pcrrill of any holding y'' same, hath Tiotw'*^tandiug hia 
often demands & after such publication, felloniously and 
against the fonnc of sevorall statues In that Cause made & 
provided, and y* publicq peace of o"" said Soveraigne Lord y* 
King openly publicqly A feloniously detayned A denyed 
untill such tyme as the above-mentioned Thomas procured a 
warrant for the searching for the said Coate. In pursuance of 



w**" warrant the Coate to y* vallue as above, by search was 
found in they custodio by tbe publicq oflScer, of all w<* 
felonius detencon art thou Guilty or not. 

The def & prizoner pleaded not Guilty & deeiered to beo 
tryed by God & y" Country. Uppon w*^ severflU depositions 
& Evidences being Read. The t' charge was given to the 
Jury : whoe brought in tlieir verdict and found symon Gibson 
Guilty in Concealing of the Coate The vallue of the Coate 
Eighty Gilders in Contry pay. 

TheCo^ ordered y' tbe sf^ prizoner should Remaioe in Close 
prizon until) opportunity p''sents to send him to New Yorke. 

You Thomas Morse shall owe and nknowledge yo*" selfe to 
bee Indebted unto o' soueraigne Lord the King in the sume 
of 20 lb to bee Levyed uppon yo' goods & C'liattels I^ands and 
Tennemcnts to prosecute the action now depending betweene 
o* soveraigne Lord the King and one Symon Gibson att the 
next Co" here to bee hold, and then this Ilecognizance to bee 
voyd and of none eftect or else to Remaiue & bee in full force 
and Vertue. 

The Examination of Thomas Morse Gentl : taken before 
Justice Will : Tom the W^ day of July 1G77. 

Imprimus bee sweareth that about ten weekes seuce bee 
miased this same Coasting Coate now found in the house of 
Symon Gibson, whereuppon hee went to the s^ Symon and 
asked him if beo knew anything of his Coato whoe answered 
hee did not I : then made answer that I : would not be posi- 
tive, but I : beleeved I, loft ray Coate here, whoe againe 
answered hee knew nothing of itt, uppon such tyrao I : tould 
him that if hee had itt as I beleeved I I^efl itt in y® house de- 
liver itt to mee and make noe further trouble for I : will have 
itt Cryed, and if you or any other p'soii hath ill after t's 
Cryed, l>ee itt att yo' or their perrills, uppon w*'*' hee said doe 
what you will for I am unconcerned In itt ; after that I 
caused itt to bee Cryod. Some short tyme after the s^ Symon 
Came to mee and said what I heare you will have yo' Coat 
Cryec] wheruppou 1 : said I : have done that alreddy whoe 



Replyed as before hefl knew nothiug of itt Wlierouppon not 
expecting to heare further of itt I Left the buianesse for a 
tyuie dormant uuiill about foure or five dayes since being ia 
Company w*^ M' Johnson <fe others at Ralpli Hutchinsons M' 
Johnson (^mplayuing liee had Lost a pairo of pocket pistolla 
for w*'^ hee 8eeme<i to bee Troubled I : touid him itt was no 
wonder if anything of so small a bulke should bee Lost, when I 
had not Long before Jjost one of a greiiler (to witt) a Coasting 
Coate and John Eaton M' Alrichs servant being by said no yo' 
Coat« is not l^oat for aence itt was Cryed 1 : saw il in Symon 
Gibson his house, Upon w"'' I went to Symon the verry day 
and demanded the Coate, W^*" lioe deuyed agaiue wboruuppon 
I tould him 1 iiad Iieard itt was In his house sence the Cry- 
ing and if occasion was I, would jjroovo by oath, therefore if 
hee would Let .John Eaten or my Selfe Serch, he answered 
neither hee nor yon shall Search nor noeboddy Els In my 
house, uppon W^^ I : went to M' Molls and obtained Jiis war- 
rant ; but whetlier the Coate was detayned wilfully or not hee 
sweareth not. 

Thomas Woolaston Sworne declares that going w'*" bis War- 
rant to search the house of Symon Gibson and being there 
M' Morse Came in and the dei>onant searching of a barrell in 
the house lie found a Coate w'"'' boo jmlled out and showing 
itt to M^ Morse asked him if that was his, Whoe Looking 
uppon it answered yes. Whereuppon the deponanl tooke the 
Coat and said to Symon CJibson y* by vortue of his warrant 
hee must goe before M^ Moll or some other Justice, whoe Re- 
plyed 1 : will not goe l^efore M*" Moll for hee is a foole, and 
asking to goe before any other Justice hee answered hee would 
not they were all fooles, then asking if hee would obey the 
warrant hee said I : know what I : have to doe. 

John Carr Deputy Constable sworne, declares, that going 
with his warrant to search the house of S)rmon Gibson and 
being there M' Morse came in and the deponant soarcbing of 
a barrel! in the bouse hee found a Coato w^^ heo pulled out 
and sheweing itt to M' Morse asked him if that — 



John Carr Deputy Constablo swomo declares that by veitue 
of a warrant granted by M"" John Moll to apprehend the boddy 
of Symon Gibson liee found the doare shut uppou him and 
demanding liim to Ofien itt hee would not whpreup]>on hee 
came for another warr' w*^ power to bi*eak open the doare, w"" 
ho had and was forced to breake open the doare w'^" hee did 
before hee could apprehend the prisoner 

Jolin Dunston aged about 23 Jeares Bwome, declares that 
M' Morse about one hower before hee fetcbed a Warrant to 
searcli for his C^oasting Coate, desiered Symon Gibson to Lett 
him or his man Looke for his s** Coate W* the s^ Symon Gib- 
son did refuse sayiuj^ w"' dirty Language neither of them 
should doe itt, and further iSaycth not. 

Roberd Hutchinson aged 27 Jears sworne declares that 
upon the 14* day of this Instant Symon Gibson Comming att 
his house told him if hee knew anything of M' Morse his 
Coasting Coate where itt was, that het? was best to Let hime 
haue itt againe for that there would come Trouble of itt but 
he Replyed hee knew nothing of itt ifc further sayes not, 

John Eaton aged about 21 Jeares sworne declares that about 
2 months agon his mast^ Thomas Morse haucing occasion to 
make use of his Coasting Coate could not hnd the same, Came 
to y" house of Symon Gibson and asked him if his s** Coate, 
was there, who made answer No. Whereuppon M' Morse did 
Reply well Symon did I not Leaue my Coasting Coate here 
when Capt° Colier his man brought itt here Jea said Symon 
but if thou didst thou may haue taken itt away sence. go 
Looko for itt, where you can find itt, since wich tyme the de- 
ponant att Sundry tymes has heard his p'^ Mast^ Thom : Morse 
aske the s'^ Symon Gibson for his s** Coate whoe denyed the 
same att all tynies saying I know nothing of iti. And i\jr- 
ther declares y'" deponant that about 3 weekes sence hee came 
att the house of the s*' Symon Gibson Lookeing for hia b' 
Mast" Cap and feeling w"* his hand into a barrcll for the 9^ 
Cap pulled out one end of his s*' Mast" Coasting Ckmte then 
missing, and was then Intending to have told his Mast^ of itt 



but forgot itt till in the beginning of the Last weeke hee heare- 
ing his mast' speake of his s** Coate Called himselfe to mind, 
and told his mast' that hce had seen his said Coasting Coate 
In the house of the s^ Symon Gibson In y® barreU. M' Morse 
made answer Simon Gibson is now out of the Towne but as 
Boone as he comes in Towno I : will demand my Coate of him 
againe as I liave often done alreddy but Received uncivil! 
Languadge w^ denyalls, but if he will not lett me have Coate 
by fayre meancs I : will search his house for knowes I : have 
had my Coate Cryed and given him sufficient warning : uppou 
the 16**' day of this Instant the same day when a warrant for 
searching of the rf* Coate was Issued out, the deponant went 
by order of his mast' to y'^ house of the s'' Symon Gibson In- 
deavoring if hee could pursuade him by faire meanes to 
deliver upp tlie Coasting Coate, asked Symon Gibson to Look 
for itt or that he would give him Leave to Looke but Keceived 
for answer that hee was a son of a whore and his Masf was 
another, and that none of them should Search his house, said 
alsoe if y* Coate bee here or wheresoever itt is Let ytf" Mast' 
Looke for itt for hee Shall have none here, and further sayeth 

Rebecca Spry aged about 40 Jeares swome declares that 
shee hath heard John Eaten M*" Thorn : Morse's his Servant 
Bay that his mast' had lost his Coasting Coat & that hee had 
asked Symon Gibson several tynies for itt whoe did deny the 
same Jet that hee knew that the s** Coate was in the house of 
the s** Symon Gibson for hee had seen itt there but that hee as 
yett had not told his mast' of itt but was Resolved to tell itt 
his mast' if the a"* Symon Gibson should not deliver itt bake 
uppou his owne accord & further sayeth not : 

Swome before mee this 20"» day of July 1G77. 

(Signed) John Moll. 

Att a Court held In y* Towne of New Castle on Teusday 
the 4^'' day of September a" 1677, and Continued the 5"' day. 




M' John MoU 
M*" William Tom 
M"" Fopp outhout 
M' Jean Paul Jacquet 
M*" Gerret otto 


The folowing Comissions and orders being Sent from his 
Hono' the Govemo' were this day publicqly Read in Court: 


Edmond Andross Esq' Seigneur of Sauamarez Livet* and 
Govern' Gener" under hia Roy" Hip^hnosse James Duke of 
Yorke and Albany etc. of all his Territories in America. 

By virtue of the Authority derived unto raee under hia 
Roy" Highneese I : doe hereby Constitute and appoint you 
Capt'' Christopher Billop to beo Commander in dclowar River 
A Bay. You are therefore to take Care that y* miHlia in y" 
severall places boe well armed duly exercised and kept in good 
order and discipHne and y"-* officers & souldiers therefore are 
Requiered t<i obey you as tlieir Comander and yo' selfe to 
observe such orders and directions, as you Rhall from tyme to 
tyme Receive from Mee or other superior officers according to 
the Trust Reposed in you. Given under my hand & Seale in 
New Yorke this H'*" day of August 1677. 


E. Am>B0S8. 

To Capt" Christopher Billop 

Past y*" office 
(signed) Wil: Nicolls 
01 r 

By the Govcrnour 

By vertuo of the authority derived unto mee under his 
Roy" Highneese, I : doe hereby Constitute and appoint you 
Capt" Christoph' Billop to beo subcoUector of y*^ Customes of 
Deloware River; You are therefore Carefully to discharge 
your duty therem perticularly that nothing bee any wayes 
imported or Exported but according to acts of parliament, or 
to make seizure and due prosecution, and if condemmed one 




third to y* Informer one third to yourselfo and one third to 
J* King and to give an accompt of your proceedings, and 
observe such orders as you shall from tyme to tyme Receive 
from y® t' Chief Collect' or other principall officers of y* Cus- 
tomes here: and superiors: New Castle y*" only Port for all 
enlrys & Clearings, and for what you shall lawfully Act or 
doe in the premises this shall be your sufficient authority & 
warrant. Given under my hand in New Yorke this 13** of 
August 1677. 

Past the oftice (Subscribed) 

W : Nicoixs Clr. E AjiDKOss 

By the Govemour 

By vertue of y® Authority^ derived unto mee under his Roy" 
Highnesse I : doe hereby Constitute and appoint you M' 
Ephraim Herman to be Clercq of y"" permitts Entrys and 
Clearings for all dutys of Customea in Deloware River for w"* 
Capt° Christopher Billop is subcollector you are therefore 
Carefully to discharge your duty therein to Enter in a booke 
and keepe a faire accompt of all things as is usual both in and 
out as pnst by said subcollector alsoe to Receive the King or 
Dukes third of any forfeitures fur goods imported or exported 
contrary to acts of parliament, for wieh this shall be your 
Buffient warrant 

Actum in New Yorke this 13"* day of August 1677. 
Past y* office (Subscribed) 

W. NicoLLS E Anuross 


By the Govemour 

By vertue of my authority under his Roy" Highnesse I doe 
hereby desier & Requier all persons that have or Clayme any 
Land in delowar River and Bay that they do w*** out delay or 
as soon as conveniently may bee make a Returne to y* Clercq 
of y® Court in whose Jurisdiction said Land Lyes of such their 
Laud quantity and scituation according to y^ 8ur\'eigs Platta 
or Cards thereof, and said Courts to make a Returne of the 


whole unto meo nnd whether seated and Improved that all 
such wanting (iraunta or Pattctits may haue tliem despatched 
and sent This order to bee published in several] Courts w<* to 
take care therein, and Kurveig' also to give notice and eee itt 
bee observed where hee shall know or finde the defect. 
Actum in Now Yorlco this IS*** day of August 1677. 
Past the oflfice (Signed) 

W. NicoLM E Andross 


By the Govemour 

By vertue of my authority under his Roy" Highnesse I: 
doe hereby constitute A appoint you M' Ephraim Herman to 
bee Receiver of y** quit Rents in dolowar River in y*^ Jurisdic- 
tion of New Castle and Upland Co^ for w"'' to give due dis- 
charges and keepe an exact accomt to bee sent liere by y* first 
of may made up to y" 25^ of Marcli afore, for w** this shall 
bee your sutficient warrant, to Continue for y® space of one 
whole Jeare or till further order. Actum in New Yorke thia 
IZ^ day of August 1677 

Past the oSice (Subscribed) 

(signed) £ Aki>R08s 



The above standing order from the Governo' was publisht 
in Court and a true Coppy thereof in English and dutch fixed 
up at y" forte Gate in Now Castle. 

[Referring to the order on pi'ecediug ]>age.] 

Forte Jamee the lO* of May 1677 P'sent the Govemo' A 
whole CounciU. 

Resolved and ordered that pleading attumeys bee no 
Longer allowed to practice in y* Government but for y* de- 
pending Causes. 

Copy of order in Coundll 






New Yorke August y« U^ 1677. 

This is by Oapt" Billop whoe goes to Relieve Capt" CoUer 
and to be© Comand' of y* militia and forces in y* River and 
Bay and to take care as t' Chief officer and accordingly to 
determine any difference and order Guards & Guard places as 
occasion & will p'sently for y" outfarmes or plantations in 
New Castle bounds, hee is also subcollector, and M' Herman 
Clercq of y'' Customes, I : have also by M' Ephraim Herman 
Returned you y" old Records the Confusednesse or ill order of 
wich I can no otherwize Remedy, but that M' Tom the then 
Clercq, do forthwitli put y* same in order & Wryte or Cause 
them to bee fayrely coppied in a fitt booke, and attested by 
him and ansiver for any defects. 

I iuteude niakeing up your Court againe next month y' 
usuall tyme, when you may alsoe expect one of o^ Lawebookes. 

As to penall bonds or audi lyke Cases of Equity itt is the Cus- 
tomo and practise of Co^ hero to hearand Judge thereof accord- 
ing to Eijuity w^ you may alsoe observe aa allowed by Lawe. 

I : find no need of a Gener' or high Court in y' River Every 
Court haveing power to make fitting Rates for y^ highways, 
poor, or other necessaries, us is practized in England and un- 
lesse otherwayes ordered by said Court tht' Clercq proper to 
bee Receiver and pay all by order of Court for w^'* you need 
no further authoritj- or directions from y* Governo^ then 
former orders and Rules for keepeing due accompts to bee 
Jearly Examined and past in Court and Coppies Remitted here. 

You may appoint a Vendu Mast' hee giveing good Security 
and not to take above six }>er Cent w'^ I : shall bee Readdy 
to Confirm Pray take care and fitting orders for ordinaries, 
that they bee fitt p'sons duly Lyconced and well provided 
according to Lawe and that none Else bee admitted to Retayle 
Wich is all at p'sent from 

(The superscription was) 

To the Justices of y* Co'* 

of New Castle in delowar 

Att New Castle, 

Yo' flftectionate friend 
E Andross 


By the (Jovernour 

Uppon iuforniation and t'omplaint that owners of a C.^rtaiu 
mill staitding on a Creeke in Clu'istina Kill in delowar Kiver 
[are] dobarrud from Gutting wood for y" Repairacon tliereof 
by y" partees nwniug y" Land on Each side of y*' said Creeke. 

These are to give notice and order that y" persons to whome 
^ said mill belongs bee no AVayes hindered but are to have 
£ree Liberty to cut wood for said use upon any land not in 
fence according to Lawe. 

Actum in New Yorke this 14^'' day of August 1677. 
Paat y® office E Andross 

W.' NicoLW Clr, 

Walter Wharton P" 
WiLMAM Grant Dof 
The P*' declares against the dcf* for that the s'' deP stands 
Indebted unto him for y*" Resurveigh of y® def^ halfe of 500 
acres in Copartnership with Robbart Morton in the Jeare 1679 : 
The quantity of 400 tb of Tobbacco, for w'^'' he desiers Judgem* 
w"" y*" Costs. 

The Court havoing heard y* debates of both partees did 
order that the def * pay for the Resurveigh of 250 acres & costs. 

John Sisricx P" 
John Tarkinton Def* 
The P" complaynes against the def that this def* out of a 
malicious Ivell Intent w"" out any y® Least Case about y* 7"* 
of Aprill Last past, did Challenge this P" to fight w"" him in 
y* field w"* his Rapier, allegeing in his s*' Challenge that 
otherwise hee should not be Sattisfyed etc. The p'^ desiering 
thai y** def might hee bound to his good behavior and bee 
further punnishl according to Lawe. The def* aknowl- 
edged what was declared agoinst him, and threw himselfe 
uppon y" mercy of y*^ Court declareing to be sorry for what 
hee had done desiering that it might be Remitted. 
The Worpp" Co" Finding that y* p" was willing to forgive 



y" def* said offence did Lykcwyso Remit y" same and doe Con- 
demne y* def* in a fyne of one hundred Gilders, and he to pay 
all Costs of suit. 

By the Governour 

Uppon the Kequest of hana Pietersen concerning severall 
Judgements of y* Co'* of New Castle & upland in delowar in 
a Case bctwoene y® said Pietersen & D^ Laurentioa Carolus 
Concerning a Certaine mare : The Jury though Composed in 
part of y* same p'sons yett brought in Severall verdicts. The 
Co** liaueing given different Judgem' accordingly, and it not 
appearing by any Testamonys what mare was in difference I : 
doe therefore hereby order that the Executions in y® s** matter 
bee Suspended and a full accompt of all said proceedings in 
both Co*^" bee forthwith sent mee. 

Actum in New Yorke 28**' July 1677. 


To the Courts of New Castle K Andross 

A Upland and all officers in 

delowar Whome it may Conceme. 

John Test P'' 

Tho : Morse Def 
The P^* haveing prooved his accomp* of fourthy nine Gilders 
by oath and the def** attorney Thom : Spry haucing nothing 
to object Judgem* was ordered against der for y*^ s'' 49 gilders 
w^ Costs of suit. 

Uppon the Peticon of Mary Manning Coraplayning that 
Jeremy farringhton had deluded her from the house of Sara 
Thomas in sevorn makeing her beleeve hee had a good estate 
alt St Marios, and tolling y* Peticon*" hee would carry bur 
there & marry hur butt all that prooved a meere t' cheat and 
Instead nf that the sf^ farrington carried y* Peticon' upj) here 
to oppoquenemen, calling hur by the way his wyfe eta The 
peticon'" therefore desiered this Co'* to Cleare hur firom y* 
threats and future scandall of y* s* p'son. 



The Co" hauoing heard tlie debates of both partees, did 
find that the s** Mary Manning was not Ingaged in marriftgo 
to y* said Jeremy farrington, and therefore Cleared the s** Mary 
of y* same, and the 8^ Mary swaroing y* peace against the 8* 
Jeremy that ehee was in danger of htir Lyfe threu the threats 
of him the s^ Jeremy. The C/o" ordered the def- to give secur- 
ity and bee of y" good bebaiuor, or Els the Sherrife was or- 
dered to tiike him into Custodie. 

In an action of Defamation. 


Hans Peterson DeP 

The P^* declares as p' declaration y' the def' bath taxed y* 
p*' in y* face of the open Court that bee had swome a false 
oath etc. 

The Def sayes that the p*' hath formerly swome a false 
oath about y** killing of M' Toms horses by heudrik Jansen y* 
Brother of Sibrant Jansen. The Court threw this action out 
of Co" finding itt a vexaious sute. 

Jacob van hkr Vkkr ?'* 
Hans Peterson Def* 

Tlie P'* declares tliat this def* unjustly claimes a Certaine 
pooce of marrish or meddow Lying Just before this p"" Land 
being Survoigod by Ih Surveigo'' and hee haueing obtained a 
pattent Lykewyse for y" same, as also that this def* hath 
marked this p^*" woodland Just as if itt had ben done by a 
Surveigor so thai there are now twoo Markea in y" woods: 
dosicrs that the def may bo ordered not to medle w"* y* ^ 
meddows & to put out y^ markes in y" woods. The def* hana 
Peterson desiers that y* P'* may proove his declaration pro- 
duces his Pattent of y® 14*^ of Novemb' 1G68, and sayes that 
hee has no more land or marish then his Pattent Containes 
^ob jg ye Elder pnttcnt. The p'* produces his Pattent beareing 
date 24*'' of March 16J5» ^ *'•***' * Mapp of y^ surveig made 
by M' Wharton. The Court haueing heard the debates of 
both pertees and haueing Lykewyse Seen the diffinition w*^ 



M' Wliarton gaue of y'" premisses In Controvercy did order 
that the P'^ sliall haue his Laud & y* Marrisli adjoyning to y* 
8^ Land according to y*' Late surveigh of M^ Walter Wharton. 

Edward Williams attorn : 
for Gk<) : Wells 

lu an action of debt 

toy«sumeof 1927fl> 

of Tobb : uppon a 

Judgem* obtaind ags* 

s'' Tarkiiigton in 

John" Taukinton Def J Maryland. 

Thomas Spry as attorney for the def ^ ajMiared in Court, and 

Confessed Judgement for y^ s*^ sume of 1927 ft) of Tobbaooo 

w"* Costs and px-oduced a Warrant of Attorney for his soe 



John Andbrson DeP 

The P** Complaines against }'* def ' tliat tlio dof* in y* month 
of March last past tooko ui his jxissession one mare & Coult 
w"'' y*' P'* tlien Remved of y" wyfe of Justa Anderson w*^ a 
punctUHll proiniss tliat yo' def would deliver if Living y" s** 
mare ife Coult well broken into y* possession of y* p" or his 
order the s** Mare & Coult in y** Towne of New Castle the next 
Qqtx ^ub ^,^g jj^ Aprill last past thes'' defend^ makeing a puno- 
tuall agreement for y* sume of sixty gilders in good pay & two 
sciple of Rey to foddur the said niare & Coult & deliver bur 
safe in the Towne w"' y** Coult, now yo' P'* haveing paid in 
hand pnrt of y** pay & haveing often demanded the s^ mare & 
Coult according to agreement The def^ hath not as yol brought 
in y® s^ mare A Coult- but ConlrHrj' to liis agreement still Re- 
tiiBSS to Looke for <fe bring hur in to the great Losse A dam- 
adge of yo^ ]>'* Wherefore the p'* Prays tliat he may have au 
order ag" the deP for to bring in y* s^ mare & Coult according 
to Contract w**" Costs. 

The def*" Reply that the mare is not in their hands but is 
Run into the Woods, neither doe they know whether y** mare 



bee dead or alyve and that they were to stand no hazard of y** 
B* mare. 

Severall wittnesses being swome in Ccf^ and alledged that 
there wore yet more Witnesses on both sydes. The Cflurt 
suspended the determination of this action untill y*^ next Co^ 
and then the other wittnesses to apeare. 

The Co** adjoined untill tomorrow being y® 6 of Sep- 
temb' at 8 of y" Clocq. 

Uppon the Peticon of Symon Gibson desiering to haue an 
order for his going to New Yorke w*** y® first Sloope etc : The 
Court ordered y^ the High Sherrife should send y* Peticon' 
and prizoner w^ the first sloof* to New Yorke directing him 
to y** Custodie of the Sherrife of New Yorke. 


George olofield Def* 
The P'* declares that whereas the af* Def* by his order to 
his servant Thomas Stretton as under his owne hand to y^ s^ 
Thomas apeares did comand his s** servant to demand of M' 
Augustine hermau the stiyles and rigging of a Ccrtaine Siallop 
belonging to y* P" w*^ bee the s"^ Augustine had in his pOB- 
session w"^ bee delivered and the s^ Thonias by order as above 
in or about y*^ 20^ of y* mouth of November Last Past did 
take into his Custodie and possession the said sialLop w^ the 
sayles and Rigging in p''suancc of the said order and after- 
ward (to witt) y* one and twentieth of November as above did 
to his owne use and behoofe convert the s** Siallop, shee being 
att y* time of y** takeing y" proper goods & chatties of y*' P'S 
and tooke the said siallop out of y*" place where this p" had 
Layed bur Shee being in a secure harbour in a Creeke in 
Bohemia River, w'^'out this p*^ Consent privacy or knowledge, 
and makeing use of hur w^'out y" P"* order as above the rf* 
siallop was by his Carelessness & badnesse of whether staved 
in peeces so as shee is utterly disabled & spoyied for any fur- 
ther service to y* damage of y* p" the sume of Three Thousand 
pounds of Tobbacco & thereuppon hee brings his suit etc. 


The def* defaults but his Bayle & attorney Thomas Spry 
apearing desiered a Reffertnee untill y*^ next Co" and is will- 
ing incase the deP M' Oldfield shall not then appeare to 
suffer Judgem^ to passe against him. 

The Court allowed of the a** Thomas Spry's pi-offer, and 
ordered a Continuance of this action accordingly. 

JoHx English by 1 p,, 


Jonas Arskin Def* 

The P" deniands of def^ twoo Joung beasts, y* one thereof 
a heaffer of a year A a halfe old and y'^ other a bull of y*" same 
age, w*** fouiti bukeskins as by y'^ def** bill beareing date 23 of 
June 1676: appears w*"** s** bill was by the s'* J** English 
assigned ouer into y* s* Gaspares in y** p'sence of Justice J* 
Moll <fe Geo : Oldfield, desiers Judgem' ag"' the dof* w^ Costa. 

Thomas »Spry the Attorney & Baylo of the dcf* desiers a 
Continuance till next Co". The Court find the debt Just 
ordered Judgement to bee Entered against the def* according 
to y* e^ biU w"' Costa. 

Jacob Joung P'^ 
John Tajikinton Def^ 

the IS* of Sept' 1677 John Taxkinton appearing in Court 

Sxecut: wu Issued aknowledged & Confessed Judgement to 

**"*■ M' Jacob Joung for fyve hundred Eb of 

Tobb : & Costs Itt being Concerning y* horse by the def* used 

and spoyled w"" Carrying Come etc : att oppequenemen. 

Jacob Joung P" 
John Hkyland Def* 

The def' still Remaining default noiwith- 
staiidiiig Thomas Spry Certifyed to y® Co"* 
that hee had given the ^ def' notice of the 
Last order of this Court : The Court there- 
fore ordered Judgement to bee enterred against the def^ by 
default according to y* order of the Last Co*^. 

4" OctoV 1677 Ei- 
ecutioD Issued out 
ag" y* attached f '.31- 
Uc of y* def • 


The Co'* appointed for appraizers of the attached Cuttle of 
John heyland M' Peter Alrichs and M' Walter Wharton. 

M' John Moll absented himselfe from y* Bench att y* make- 
ing of y* following twoo orders. 

The Co" (upjx>n y* Request of Capt" Edmond Cantwell 
attorney for Oupt" Mathias Nieolls have appointed M' Peter 
alrichs & M' Walter Whnrton appraizers to ajmiize y* Estate 
of the Late Vciidu Mast' M' "William Tom, for the Judgemt : 
& execution by y® S^ Cantwell obtained ag** ilie s** M' Tom to 
the sunie of 1320 gilders. 

Upon the motion of M' William Tom the Late Vendu 
mast' desiering that the Court would bee pleased to give him 
power to Uesayle the house and Loft of Cap^ Car bought in 
vendu b}' M' Henrj' Ward, The s^ M' Ward fuyling of pay- 
ment, according to y* conditions of y* vendu. The Co" doe 
Impower the s** M' Tom to put y" s** house to a new or second 
sale according to y* Conditions of y* S^ vendu. 

John Edmonds delivering In Co" a petiuou shewing that 
hee had formerly in tlie tyme of Collou" Lovelace in y" Jcare 
1673 taken up a p^cell of Laud Lying and being in a Creek 
Called hespan or Racoon Creeke on y* West syde of delowar 
Bay Cont: by estimation 800 acres as by Certificate under the 
liand of M^ Wharton thou surveigo*^ Geuer" May appear, but 
before hee tlie Peticouer could then seat the Laud be was 
obstructed by the comniing of the dutch, hut as aotm as y" 
River was surrtaidered over again to his Mag'^'^ y'' Peticoner 
w*** a grant from from Capl" Cantwell seated y* land w*** in 
one yeare w'*' thr*x; hands and hath ever sence kept possession; 
Now the i^tieou"^ haveing been threatened by some p'sons now 
dead, and to avoyd the Lyke for the future hee humbly prayea 
hee may have from yo' Worpp' an order for a now Surveigh 
of y* 8** Land etc. 

The Co'* haveing examined the Case doe find that the 



Peticon' M*" Edmonds was the tirst as had y* Laud Surveiged 
in y® Tyrae of CollonoU Lovelace in y*= month of May 1673, by 
the then survoigo'' M^ Wharton : and sence approved of by 
Capt° Cantwell in June 1675 whoe alsoe had promissed to 
procure a pattent upon y^ s^ first aui-voigh ; and doe alsoe 
find that oue William Sirason A partner by surruptitious- 
nesse have sence obtained a pattf'ut from his bono' y® 
Governo' for the same w*^*^ s" Simson and partner are now 
both dead w"V>ut Leaveing any heir, and further that the 
rf* Simson etc. ivfoo Jeare before their decease did give i>ussea- 
sion of y* s** Liiiid to the a^ M"" Edmonds whoe Continues in 
possession and hath a plantation uppon y<^ game : Doe there- 
fore order y' this s** I>and bee Resurveiged and y* M*" Edmonds 
aply himselfe to the Goveruo' to obtnine a pattent, and that 
hee desier his hono' that the former Pattent to Will : simson 
& partner May bee disannulled upon Record. The 8^ M' 
Edmonds promissing in Co*^ to make an addition of servants 
proportionable to y* quantity of Land according to y^ Gover- 
no" orders. 

Joh: D'haks & Eph ; Herman Ex-\ 
ecuto^of y* Last Will and Testam* If^ 
of Mart: Rosemoxi> dec'' J 

John Edmonds Def* 

The P" demands of the def* y^' quantity of 500 ib of Tob- 
bacoo by y* der Received of one henry Allenson, as by the 
note under the def' Imnd produced in Co" apeara. The def 
ownes y* receipt but desiers to haue the bill of the s*^ Allisson. 
The Court ordered Judgem* to bee entered ags* the der for 
y* 8^ 500 ft) of Tobbacco and that y* p'* deliver unto y' def y* 
bill of the 8'' Allisson. 

JusTiCK John Moll P'^ 
Gbokgb oldfield Def 
The P'* demands of y" def* The sume of one Thousand foure 
hundered Eighty and nine ft> of Tobbacco & Caske to bee paid 


Upon all demands after y* 10* of octoV Last past at y* plan- 
tation of y^ def* in Elke River as by y" deP bill under hia 
hand A seole bearing date y* 8** of July 1676 appeared, d&- 
Biers Judgem' w*** C-oats. The def^ Remaining default but 
Thomas Spry aa his attorney <fe Bayle apearing desiered Respit 
that the Execution might not Issue out against him as y* 
Bayle of y* def* before the next Court. 

The Court ordered Judgement to bee Entered agaijist the 
def» for the s^ 1489 lb of Tobb : vr^ Costs. 

John Moll P*' 

Gborok oldfikld Def* 

The P'^ demands of y* deP the Same of one thousand seven 
hundered ninety and seven lb of good and merchandable 
Tobbacco and Caske payable upon all demands att y^' deP" 
plantation in Elke River, as by the def** bill bearing date the 
T*** of Octob"" 1676. and produced in Court did apeare. The 
def* Remaining absent but Thomas Spry as hia attorney & 
Bayle appearing dt'siercd Respit that Exet^ution might not 
Issue out against him a» y* Bayle before Next Court. 

The Co" ordered Judgom' to boo Entered against the dof 
for the s^ 1797 lb of Tobb ; according to bill w'** CVwts. 

Willl\m Tom P'* \ In an action of debt to y* sume 

John Bkoaoborne Def* / of 200 gilders. 
Thomas Spry attorney for dof* ajwaring in Court and 
aknowledging the debt : Judgem* was ordered ag* the def for 
the s^ 200 gilders w"* Coats. Thomas Spry attorney as aboves** 
promisses to pay M' Will : Tom the 200 gilders aboves^ & t' 
charges for y® s* J** Brodborne, out of y® bill of barmen Jansen 
now in his hands. 

Thomas Spry P'^ 1 In an action of debt by accl. to 
Uarmen Johnson Def* J y*' sume of 64 gilders. 
The def* alledging that hoc had paid y p" sundrj* things 
uppon his ace* ordered that the def* att y* next Court brmg in 
his Contra ace* and if not Judgement to passe ag* y" def*. 


JtfST : Jban P : Jacqukt P" 

Lace Way & Sam : 1*iktkrs Def** 
The difference being about land and meddow and the 
moweing of tho hay, The Co" thought fitt befoi*o they would 
proceed further therein to Refer the bui«neflae to y* surveig" 
M' Wharton whoe is desiered to view and exaniin y" p'miaBee 
in Controverey and to make a R^tume of y* same to tho Court. 

GEitRiTT Van Swkerinqkn P" 

John Browxing administrator of y'' ) r* « 
Estate of John Gilbert dec^ / 

The p** by John Moll his attorney Complains that John 
Gilbert dec*' is indebted unto y* P" by account sworno unto j'* 
20^ day of June 1676 before William Calvert Esq' one of y« 
Lord Baltimore his prive Councell in Maryland the sume of 
three hundered and nineteen ft of Tobbacco : w*** s^ sume of 
319 fl) of Tobbacco lias been often demanded from y® s^ ad- 
ministratora in Maryland, by and for the s'^ John Moll but 
has still denied the payment of y* same ; the P" therefore de- 
siers an order for y* same w**" Costs and that a certainc attach- 
ment Laid by tho s^ Moll upon a pair of Mill stones In y* 
hands of Capt" Cantwell may stand in force and serve in part 
payment of y® same. 

The Co" did order Judgem* to bee entered ag" y* def* for 
y* B^ sume of 319 ft of Tobbacco, and that y* Attachment : 
upon y* s^ Mill stones should stand good ordering for appraizers 
M' Peter Alrich & M' Wal' Wharton. 

DiECK Williams P'* 

Cattalyntie Sanders Def 
The Co** haveing Examined this Case found no cause of 
action, and ordered a nou suit og* the p'^ accordingly. 

Uppon the Peticon of John Carr desiering to bee admitted 
administrato'^ upon y® estate of henry Slanbrooko dec^ ; The 
Co" answer if y* Pelicon*^ proov© to bee y" Greatest Credito' 
(as alledged) then to bee admitted administrator : The Court 


Concidoring that itt would bee for more benefiti of y" Estate 
of Henry Staubrooke deceased. Therefore ordered that e** 
Estate should bee sould by open vendu or outcry. 

Upon the Pelicon of Joseph houlduig shewing that one 
John Cooper dying in the month of Aprill last at Iiis house 
where the s** John Cooper was a border stands Indebted unto 
him y* Peticon' the sume of seven hundered ninety and five 
ft> of tobb : for dyet and for funeral Charges as p' his ace' 
produced & swome unto in Co" apeared, desiering y' what 
few things the S^ Cooper (being nothing but halfe wome 
Cloaths and an old Chest) hath Left behind, may bee ordered 
by y* Co" to bee disposed of by y' peticon' for the payment of 
y* 8^ Bume as far as they will amount. 

The Co" ordered that Justice Gterret otto shall cause y" 
goods to be apraised, and that the Poticone^ shall be paid so 
far forth as y* goods will Reach. 

Upon the Peticon of Johannes de haes etc about y* differ- 
ence of the Pasture between Mistris Blocq and y** Pcticon^ 
desiering that tlie s** buisnesse may bee ended according to his 
hono' the Govenio" order, eta Whereuppoii they produce 
the Governo" order bearing date y** 27**' of July 1677. 

The Co" haueing considered y^ P" & def * hath been before 
y* Governor & seen no other Papers then what had been 
before y* Governor alroddy would not p'sume to give their 
Judgement to y* w** had apeared before y" Governo*" as before. 
But C'ap' Oantwell desiering that it might bee detennined 
by a Jury, Alistris Blocq Refused the same. 

Upon the Peticon of sibrant Johnson desiering that the 
Co** would bee pleased to discharge him of his good behauior 
and apearance from Court to Court promising to behauo him- 
selfe for jr* future Civilly, The Co" did grant the Peticon' hia 
Request hee behaueing himselfe Civilly as promised. 




Philip Huooan Def* 

Action of debt 

Thomas Spry P» 
Philip Huckjan Def* 

Action of debt 

Action of debt 

Eph : Herman P'^ 

Philip Hunkjan Def* 
The Co" ordered docto' Spry whoe has y* booke of what y* 
s^ Phil. Huggan earned, to post and state the s'' booke against 
the next Court and then to bring tlie ballance to Court, as 
wlion the Court will give further order thotein. 

Whereas itt was Represented to y® Court that Iwoo of the 
Children of Mathias Kskelse deceased as yet in minority, had 
no overzeer or guardian Left over thorn to take care of them 
the fi^ orpants aitd to save their patrimony from being em- 
bazeled. The Court have tlierefore this day appointed oele 
Toersen to take Care and bee guardian of one of the s*' orpants 
named Synion Matthias and aged 7 Jears : and Mist" Mary 
Blocq to hoe the guardian over the other orphant named 
Johannes Mathiass aged fourteen Jears: further putting the s** 
orphauts unto the s'' Guardians untill they Come to bee 
twenty one Jears of age : during w^* Tyme the s^ Guardians 
to maintain them : W^** they engaged to doe. 

The Clercq Eph: Herman delivering in Court y"^ old or 
former Records sent w'** him from New Yorke by liis heno' y* 
Govemo' The Court ordered y*' said Clercq to deliver the same 
to M' William Tom according to y*" Governo^ order. 

The Court haveing taken into Concidenition the absolute 
necessity of ft vendu master into this Jurisdiction according to 
y* Govemo" order do order M* Ephraim Herman to execute 
in y* same place and to Receive the fees by his Iiono' allowed. 

The Court allotted tliis day To all subpoened Wittncsses 
whylst they attend y* Court fyvc gilders per day. 

The Court have this day apointed M' Walter Rowles Con- 



stable for and during the space of one wliole Jeare, his Limits 
or bounds to bee from y* south side of St georges Oroeke, to 
Bomptics hoek Including opoquenomcn Blackbird Creekc and 
all betweene y* 8* St Georges Creeke and Brompties hoeok 

You are hereby Requierecl to take a true & exact List of all 
the Tydablea w"* in yo' bounds and the same to bring att y* 
next Court to bee held In New Castle for y* doing of w^ this 
shall bee y^ warrant. 

Given under my hand In New Castle this 6*^ of September 

To M' Walter Rowles (Signed) 

Constable of John Moll 


Itt was this day by the Court Resolved & ordered that the 
severall Constables of this ih'*' Jurisdiction should take Lists 
of all the Tydable p'sons, w*** in their Jurisdiction and that 
warrants should be sent them accordingly. 

Stephen Jurianss 
Mayo" J** fenwikb 

Lace Hbndricx 
Mayo* kenwikk 

Mathias Bertelss 
Mayo* fknwike 

Samuel Hkdoe 
Mayo* Jo fenwikb 

John Adams 
Mayo* fenwike 

Richard Guy 
SAin'EL Hedge 


\ The def^ being ab- 
_ „ > sent a Continua- 
J tion was granted 




pit ^ 


} Continued 

F' 1 Continued by the 
Def* / Co'' 

P" ) Continued by the 
Def*/ C6« 


or NEW castle. ^^^^^^I 

^^^^^^^ John Adamh for his MaM' 

1p>^ 1 ^W 

i > Continued ^H 

^^^^^^H Will : Dervall 

^^^^^^^■^ Dirk Ai.hrrtsk deceased 

Def J ^1 

^^^^^^H John TARRThfTox 

P» ) Withd : by P" in ^M 
Def* / Court ^M 

^^^^^^H JOHK BH0ADG8 

^^^^^^^H John Browmno administrato 
^^^^^^^1 of J° Gilbert deceased 

' i P" 1 Withd : portees ^M 

^^^^^^H JOHK OOLB 

^^^^^^^M Obo: More 

P" 1 Continued by F«" ^M 
Def / consent ^H 

^^^^^^H Jacob Jouno 


'no declarat: being ^H 

^^^^^^H William Tom 

P'^ entered a non ^^M 

^^^^^^^H Hbnry Ward 

DeT suit was ordered ^^^M 


L ag"P" ^^M 

^^^^^^H RoBEBB WiLLLAUs attorney 

I pit 1 Withdrawn by ^H 
J V Thos: Spry y« ^M 

^^^^^^H for Thom : Taylor 

^^^^^^^B Jamfs Crawford 

Def* J P'*" attorney ^M 

^^^^^^^1 John Brodborne 
^^^^^^^1 Clams Daniells 

pit ( Withdrawn by ^H 

Defi Tho:Spr7P>" ■ 

I attorney ^^1 


^^^^^^^B Hakmbn Johnson 

pu ( Withdrawn by ^^| 

Li The: spry P'- ■ 

I attorney ^H 

^^^^^^^ Thomas Spry 

P" i Withdrawn by y* ^H 
DeP ( F" ^M 

^^^^^^H Hakmen Johnson 

^^^^^^^1 Peter Jeoou 
^^^^^^^1 John Bradborne 

pi^ f Withdrawn by ^H 

J Tho:Spryattor- ■ 

^®^ I neyfory«F» H 

^^^^^^H John Moll 

P" 1 Withdrawn by ^M 
Def* J M' MoU ^M 

^^^^^^H James Crawitobd 


Jeares of adge w"' in yo' bounds, w*** is all y* South side of 
Cresteena Oeeke and so downward to the southsyde of St. 
Georges Creeke Including all the Inhabitants betweene the 
twoo Creekos and the same to bring alt y'' next Court to bee 
held In New Castle on y* first Teusday of y** month of Octob' 
next, for the doing of w*** this shall bee yo** warrant. 

Given under my hand In New Castle this 18* of Sep* 1677. 

To M' Sam : Land. (Signed) 

Constable of N. Castle John Moll. 

You are Required in his May**** name to take a true A 
Exact List of all the Tydable P'sons from 16 to CO Joares of 
adge w^ in your bounds, w*^'' is all y" northsydc of Crestocna 
Creeke up as far as y* boght Creeke above oele franssene 
house, and y*" mimes of y*^ s^ Tydables to bring in utt y® next 
Court to Ix^e held In New Castle on y*^ first Teusday of y* 
month of October next for y** doing of w*^^ this shall bee y' 

Given under ray hand In New Castle this 18* of Septemb' 


To M' Charles Ramsey John Moll. 

Constable in Crist-eena. 

Att a Spetiall Court Called by Capt" Xtopher Biilop in New 
Castle this 26* day of ScptemV a" 1677. 

M' John Moll -J 

nr i M' William Tom > Justices 

M' topp outhout ) 
Capt° Edm : Cantwell Higli Sherrife 

There being no Comittment for y® p'aoner francis Jackson 
(for whoes Case the Court was Called) after debates, The 
Court did not Judge y" verball Comittment Lawfull w*^** Cap* 
Biilop had done of his ownc authority, hee not haueing a 
Comission for y** same, nor acquainted any magistrat there- 



vithnll : Capt" Billop makes answer that hee thinkes hee 
hath power to Comitt any man to prison etc. 

The Court nothw'^taiiding no Commitment, after Capt" 
Biltop liad submitted to y" Co" in that perticular, Did proceed 
to examin the Buisnesse in hand, Capf^ Billop delivering In 
Court a ckxlaration in Writing, viz': 

Capt" Xtopher Billop Command' of New Castle upon delo- 
war, declares that ujion Monday Last one francis Jackson 
being att y*^ fort of New Castle aforesaid, did after bee had 
done most part of his worke send for drinkc and was verry 
disturbativu to Capl" Billop and others w***^ were then in the 
^ forte by singing and makeing a noyse. The.s*' dipt" Billop 
went down to y** s^ francis, uud did (.'ivilly Intreat him to be 
quiet and not to make such a noyse, hee returned y*^ s^ Capt" 
Billop aEfi-ontivc Language, w** Capt" Billop looke Little 
notico of but againe desiered him to bee more Civill and soo 
went up staires, hee p^sisting in the s'' disturbance, y* 8^ Capt" 
Billop went down to him y* second time <fe endeverred by all 
good wordes to p^suade him to boo gon, and hee the s^ francis 
Jackson did call him sou of a whoor and son of a bitch w* 
other afironlive & scurrelus Language, Capt" Billop still tooke 
no notice of his Scurroulus words but went upstairs the 
second tyme, hee quarreling w'*' all i>cople there lending to a 
riot, the s** Capt" Billop went down the third tyme and told 
him if he would not bo quiet hee would take a Course to make 
him, be Returning verry ill Language and Lifting his hand 
to strike att and Swearing (By God) he would fight moe, y* 
s^ Capt" Billop put him into y° Stokes, w*''' were not verry 
strong he endeavoured to breake them, takeing him out to 
put him into prison Capt" Billop standing w*** in reach of his 
arme, bee catched hold of his huire, and pulled him after 
him, Capt" Billop haueing a Key in his hand gave him & 
knock on y^ forehead to make him Loose his hold, hee seeing 
y" bloud come did againe [catch] Capt" Billop by y« hair 
and gaue him three or four severe stroakes w"' his fist on the 
head & face, after w*"^ y*^ s^ Capt" Billop caused him to bee 



putt in y" hold, hee still p^'sisting in his e** Rudonesso, raeve- 
ing and Calling y*^ ^ Capl" Billop many ugly names, soe 
Capl" Billop Ijeft him Raeveing as aboves" In witnesse of y* 
afores^ allegatious the s^ Capt" Uillop hath hereunto set his 
hand this 26"* of September 1677. 

(Signed) Christ . Bili.op. 

The Prisoner francis Jackson haueing heard his accusations 
Read and also what the hereafter written witnesses did de- 
clare, made answer that hee did not owue or disowue y" fact. 
But Left and and Referred it wholy to y*^ Censure of y* 

The Court haueing taken the business into Considemcon 
doe condomne y" prisoner to bee whipt twenty and one Lashes 
att y* next Court to bee held in this Towne of New Castlo on 
y* first Teus<iay of the month of October next and in y* mean- 
tyme to Remaine a prisoner in Close prison. 

Capt"^ John Colier haueing heard y*" accusation of Cap* Billop 
ag" francis Jackson read in Court, did afirme y" same to bee 
thruth. Richard hinton sworne in Court declares that hoe y* 
deponant was in y*^ forte and did hearo frau : Jackson singing & 
makeing a noyse & Capt" Billop going downe to him desiered 
him severftll tymes to bee quieU A to goe home if he had done 
his work© & the ^ frauds haueing a bottle of beare or nlher 
Lictjor in his hand. !i?ked Capt" Billop if hee would drinke 
whoo seemed to l*te wilting on condition heo would bee gone 
but y* 8* francis afterwards Lauwfing and Jearing at j-* h^ 
Capt" Billop, heo asked y* second tyrae whether hee would 
drinke w* him but Capt" Billoji Rofustd y" ^^nmo, and y*^ siiid 
frauris keeping still in y"^ same Tosture of Lauging A Jearing 
Capt" Billop Left him A desiercd him to he<- quiet & to make 
no noyse, and further Sayeth nott. 8nmuell Wheeler sworne 
in Court declares y' Last monday the dei>onant was in y* forto 
above stairen, and one francis Jackson being below who keep- 
ing a Lauging & singing. Capl" Rillop went downe to him 
(whoiue the depommt followed) endenvored to piicify y* s* 
francis Jackson and to make him quiet, but hee not being 

THK not 



quiet Capt" Billop came downe the second tyme : but y* s^ 
Jftcksoa not i\s yet keeping quiet, Uapt" Billop threatened to 
putt bim in y** stokes, and y'* said Jackson Kemayning in y* 
same Posture of singing & keeping a noy^o Cap' Billop came 
downe the third tyme, and then put him in y* stokes, but 
before hec was put in hee called Capt" Billop ill names viz' son 
of a whoore, son of a bitt«, liascuH and y* Lyke, and when y* 
8^Gapt°wentto Lett Jackson out of y* stokes agaiue, hec pulled 
Capt" Billop by y" haire and so y* deponaut threw >•* ffi Jack- 
son bakwards into y* prison hole, where y® deponaut Left y" s'' 
Jackson in a great Radge : and further sayeth nott. Claes 
Daniells sworne in Court declares that Last ruonday hee 
was att worke in y' forte, and did see Capt" Billop come 
downe from abovestairs severall t\'mes& y^deponant heard y* 
fi* Capt" Billop spcake to one francis Jackson, who was singing 
and keeping a noyse below, to bee quiet, & att Last y* s** Capt" 
Billop Comanded the dei>onant from his worko to putt the s^ 
Jackson into the stokes ; whoe when hee was put in raakeing 
each a great noyse and Endeavoring to breake y*" stoke», Capt: 
Billop Comanded y* deponont to help to take him out of y" 
stokes againe and to put him into the I'rizon hole, but before 
hee came to the hole or dungeon hee took Capt" Billop by a 
Loke of his haire and Capt" Billop thereuppou w"* a key w*** 
he liad in his hand slrooke the s'' francis on y'^ foreliead for to 
make hin» Ivet goe his hould, and afterwards, the deponaut 
did see the «** francis strike Capt" Billop againe two or three 
lymes and so w"' the help of Samuel Wheeler, got y* s^ Jack- 
son into y*-' prison hole, and further sayeth not. 

Evert Brantie sworn in Court declares in substance y* same 
as is declared before by y* other wittuesses, 

Symon Gibson y* Carpender brougt in Court an accompt for 
worke done to y* forte amounting to 14Ib 6" 3** of w** y"' Court 
have allowed Iiim Elleven pound seventeen shill : 3 ponce to 
hee paid according to y" Govemo" Instructions & ordeiu 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Cuatle Begun on 





Tuesday the 2"^ day of October and Continued y" 3"* of s* 
month 1677. 

M' John Moll 

M' William Tom 

M' Joan P. Jacquet 

M' Gerret otto 

Capt" Edmond Cautwell High Sherrife. 

By the Governo' 

Whereas I have and doc hereby, by vertue of y* Authority 
derived unto mee under his Royal! ITighnesse, appoint you 
M' Walter Wharton to be surveigor in lUlowar Bay and lliver 
I doe hereby consent to allow and authorize his Receiving for 
Surveiging of ever}" fifty acres and under ten shillings, above 
Sfty acres and under one hundered twenty shillings, above one 
hundered acree and under a hundered and fifty, therthy shill- 
ings, and so proportionabley for any greater quantity, and no 
more, giving to y* p'sons for whome any Lands shall beo so aur- 
veiged a sun'ey platt or Card of said Lands, and to make due 
Relumes of y* same into y* Office of Records, said persons also 
to finde boate or horse or allow itt, and other Travelling fittn 
ing Charges of y* Sun*eigo^ All Lands to bee Carefully Laid 
out from y® Watersy<le if itt may beo, or so as not to hinder 
any, or bee prejuditial to adjacent Lands, and to Lay out fitt- 
ing highways or Convenient Roades. 

Given under my hand in New Yorko this 14'*' day of Au- 
gust 1677. 

Past y* office (Signed) E Andross. 

W. NicoLLS Clk. 

M' Walter Wharton delivered in Court his Commission 
from his hono^ the Governo' to bee Surveigor, w** being Read 
in Court was ordered to bee Recorded. 

Capt" Xtopher Billop (in y« behalfe of his most Excellent 
May^) subcollector in delowar Complaines ag^ M*^ Edmond 
gibbon Merchant that hoc the s** Gibbon on y* 13*** of y* month 


1677 did Contrarj' to y* Regulacons and orders 
of y* GfOTcmm* Carry up tliis River of Delowar above y* Towne 
of New Castle iu y* Sloope of Dirk smitli, w'^out Entring or 
haueing paid the 3 p'. C*** Custome for y* same therteen yards 
of broad Cloath and twenty twoo and a Iialfe yards of duffills 
w*^ gj goods being by y* s** sub-Collector found in y* s^ sloope 
as above, were by him seized att uppiand and afterward 
brought downe to this Towne of New Castle were they still 

The said Sub Collector therefore in y* behalfe of his may^" 
aboves**, desiers that the s*^ goods as haueing been Carried up 
Contrary to orders and Regulations w*** an Intent of defraud- 
ing y* dutyg, and w^ut entring, may therefore be condemned 
to the use as in such Cases is practicable. 

names of y^ Jury Docto' Thom : Spry attorney for y* 

Tho : harwood s** M*" Edmond Gibbon pleads tliat the 

s^ M' Gibbon did not Intend to put y* 
goods to sale in this River, but had 
left them on board w"* a Charge to 
dirk 8niit to Carry them bake to Now 
Yorke, and produces the s** Masters 
Teslimouy. The ^ docto^ Spry being 
willing to Joyne Issue, and desiering a 
Jury a Jury was Impanneled accord- 
ingly, wlioe being swome and after 
they had heard y® debates, went out 
and brought in their verdict w** was 
viz* The Cause depending in this Court Betweene his May*^ 
and Edmoud Gibbon, wee doe find for y* P". 

The Court ordered Judgem' to bee entered according to 

W"' hamelton 
John Adams 
Peter A Inch 
Jos : Cheu 
gysbert dirks 
Ralph hutc-hinsou 
Rob : Morton 
James William 
Geo: More 
Peter Jegou 
John Ogle 

Upon y* Peticon of M' Henry Ward Concerning the Records 
of M*" William Tom the former Clercq. In his action ag* 
Joyce Cossin etc. The Court ordered M' Tom y® former Clercq 
to give y* Petitioner a Coppy of y*^ proceedings w** were for- 



merly in y* a*^ action, and that heealsoe Give the originall bill 
from y* fy. .(yet in his hands) to y® p'sent Clerk Eph: herman; 
whoe ia to give a copy of y" s^ originall bill of s<* Joyce, unto 
y* peliconer. 

RoBEBD Morton P'* 

John Anderson Def 
The Court after Ihoy had lieard the debates of both parteea, 
and what was swonie by Anna Mary y® Wyfo of Claes dauiells 
Did order that the deP John Anderson shall Iiaveonc Months 
tyine to Looke for y® said marc, and to proove whether she be 
dead or Alyve, and in case y® def* can not prove what is bo- 
oome of tlie mare in that tyme, hee to pay for y® s*^ mare to y* 
p*' and to bringe y^ foale to y* Towne according to agreement, 

Thomas Spry P* 1 The P'^ declared In Court to have 
Hknry Johnson DeP / agreed w** y® def . 

Justice Jkan P. JACijuET P'^ 
Lace Way & Sam : Piktbrss Def* 
This action is Continued by tlie Court M' 
gurveigo^ not haueiiig made a Ketume. 

Wharton the 


John Adams for his Master 

WitUAM Dervall 
The Estate of Dirk Alberts deed. DeP 
Nothing offering in Court against the p^* ace* of one thou- 
sand on hundered fifty nine gilders and ten styvers Zcw* The 
Court ordered Judgement to bee Entered ag*' y* s** Estate for 
y* s** sume, w*** Costs w"* this Condition that what can bee 
prooved hereafter to have ben paid more then for what the 
ace' gives credit the same io be allowed by the P*'. 

Stephen Jurians 
Mayo* kknwtke 

Lace Hendriks 
Mayo"* fenwikh 

P'* 1 The P" declared in C^urt to 
Def* J Iiave agreed w"" the deP. 

P" 1 The P'* det^lared to have agreed 
Def* / as above. 



Mathias Bertki-ss r^* \ The V^^ declared to 
Mayo" FKNWiKE Def*i agreed. 


Richard Guy 
Sam : hedge 

?" \ Both parteos default non suit 
Def* I ag* y* P'^ & def^ in default. 


Geo : oldfiei.d DoP 

Thomas Spry attorney and Bayle of Geo : Oldfield Hgreed 
in y® p^sence of y* Court w**^ Johannes Dehaes Coticerning this 
action of y^ aiallop viz' that y" a'* oldfield or Spry shall pay or 
('aust' to bee paid unto Johannes dehaes, or his order In somo 
Convenient one place In C«cill County in y* Province of Mary- 
land, upon all demands after y^ 10"* of October next the full 
8ume of twoo thousand ft of good nnd merchandable Tobbaoco 
and Ci\sks, and doth Ingage to pay all the Costs & Charges of 
y* Court in Maryland, w^** haue acrued by the action of Jo- 
hannes d' haes ag*' Thomas Stretton, and also all y* Costs of 
this Court hero. Joliainios dehaes uppon the s^ agreement 
withdrew his action. The Court ordered the s*^ agrtfcment to 
bee Recorded. 

Wlaereas itt was Represented to y*' Court that one John 
Tarlcinton for some time an Inhabitant att oppoquenemen in 
this Courts Jurisdiction, of Lale is Run out of the goverum' 
w"* all his family, w**" an Tnt,ent to defnnid his Cre<h"tors, as 
alsoe that the said Tnrkinton stands Tndpbled unto the Court 
and the Co** officers for their fees due in sundry actions Com- 
menced by y'' tf' Tarkinton ag* eoverall p'sons in this Court, 
besydes a fyiio of one hundered Gilders w"'* the s^ Tarkinton 
is alsoe Indcbteii to y* Court : etc The Court thought fitt to 
order Tliat the Courts fees together w* their officers fees (w*"*" 
mvording to Law arc upon Exwution) shall bee first paid out 
of what effects the s^ Tarkiiigton hath Left Uchiiide him and 
aftxT that the Judgements of Court alreddy granted, and after 
that the attachments as they come in Course ; and tho persons 



that James Crawford Imployed for y*' sauoing of y" Crop of 
C'-orne & Tobbss w** was upon the ground to bee paid before 
any other. 

RoKU)F A?iT>RrK8 P>' \ An aitachni' upon nn oxe of y* 

John Tarkinton Dcf J def 
The P'* declares as p' declaration for y* sumo of six huu- 
dei-ed ft of Tobbacco, due by tlie def*" bill bearing date 3^ of 
Aprill 1677 : and produces y® Bill. Aeliie the wyfe of Juala 
Andries apoara in Court and sayes that the ocx by Roelof au- 
dries attiu;])ed was huiMnix, and tliat shee hath killed the same 
as belonging to hurs<'lfe and not to John Tarkinton. 

There apearing nothing in y* Court to proove tliat the ox 
belonged to Justa, hut Kather to y** CoiitTary by what Capt" 
Cantwell A W Woolloston declared to y* Court, The Court 
therefore ordered y* Justa Andcrfii>u haveing no Right to y® 
OX shall pay the vallue of y*^ ox to y* Court or their order, and 
the P" Uy hoc first paid as y" first attachment according to y* 
Courts former order. 

M" Ffrepertk PniMPi*s by his attorney I p„ 
Hendrik Vandkx BuRon 1 


The P^* declares as p' dechiration for three hundered ninety 
nine and one third of a shi]iple of wheat lo bee delivered att New 
Yorke. The doP Keplys that heo doth not thiuke tiiat the 
P" will wrong him in his account but says that to pay all in 
wheat is not agreed. The DeP dosiering Kespit till y® next 
Court to peruse y* accompt to see whether y*^ same in y*= credit 
agreeth w'*' hie booke, The Court granted y* same. 

Henry Ward P*' \ In an action of debt to y^ sume of 

Thom Arnold Def J 1600 ft of Tobb. due by Bill. 

Tho ; Spry as attorney for y® Doft desiered a Continuance 

untill y* next Court alledging that y^ def* is rerry sick. 

Ordered that the def apeare at y" next C-ourt A Incase of non 

appeanmce Judgemt to passe against him. 


John Moix P" \ Continued by y* P* the Def» 

OKRRIT Smith Def* J not being preseut. 

Erick Cock and 1 pit, 
Erick Poulsen f 

Erick Jurians Def 
The P'*" demands as p' declaration an ace* of y* Crop of 
of Tobbacco made by a Certaine b . . . . servant w*** y* def^ 
had in Coraimny w*^ y* P^'" Brother Neeles oelscn deceased. 
The Court haveing examined the Case did order the def to 
pay to y* P"* more the sume of three hundered therty and 
fyve lb of merchandable Tobbacco being so mutcli as y* deT 
bath more than his due out of j'* Crop of y* boy. 

GsoRGE More P'* 1 The P" withdrew this action in 
Jacob Jounq Def / Court having agreed w*'' y*' def* 

Erick Cock and 1 p,t, 

Erick Pom-flEN } 

Mathias Bektklls Def* 
The P"* demand of y* def the delivery of an ox w** be- 
longed to s** p^'" Brother Neeles oelsen deceased. The def 
sayeth to have delivered the ox to those who burned the de- 
ceased nools oelscn for his buriall, and sayes further, that 
tbopo who folched the ox from hini, did demand the same, as 
given by the decejised neeles oelscn, in his I^yfetime towards 
his burriall : whereupon twoo wittnepses whoe were p'sent att 
y" niakeing of tlie will of the s^ deceased, being swonie : whoe 
declared y* they did not heare the s*' deceased att the makoing 
of his will mention anything of tlie ox to bee killed. 

The Court ordered that y* def* make good the valine of y" 
ox to the p"* hee huueing delivered the same to those whoe 
had no LawfuU order for t!ie same, and that the def* may 
have his remedy against tlio persons y^ had (he oxe from him. 

Lucas Ebei.l P^' f An attachment upon a mill a 
< grin stone &. one chest of def* 
John Tarkinton Def { at oppoqueneraen. 


The Court ordered as to y^ fees y* P" demands hee to bee 
Equall w^ y" other Courts officers, and as to y^ 100 gilders 
his attachment to come in Course according to former order 
of this Court, 

John Foster P" 
John Tarkin ton Deff 
The P'* demands of y® def* as p^ declaration fyve hundered 
lb of Tobbacco. for y^ securing of w'^*' debt (aontre y'^' def liath 
departed y* govermont) Thy P" Imth attached one yron Pott, 
two or three Clicsts and a Crascut saw w* other tilings y' were 
in y** housf. 

Tiie Court ordered tliat the V^^ uttiiehment should come in 
C-ourse according to former order of this Court. 

RoKi<OP ANDniK8 P'* 1 An attachment uppon y** def" 
John Taekinton Dei"* / effects att op|joquoncmen. 
Oi-dert'd tlmt tlie P"* attaclniient shall come iu Course ac- 
cording to former order of this Court. 

James Crawford P'* 
John Tarkinton Def 

The P'* demands as p' declaration by twoo several! bills y* 
surae of 1305 fc of Tobb : for w^ hee hath attached y* defe 
Come A Tobbacco on y® def* plantation, and hath put hands 
to Looke after itt. 

The Court ordered that the p'" attachment shall come in 
Course according to y" former order of this Court : and y* y* 
])eople by y" P'^ Iraployed In saueing of y* Corne A Tobbacco 
shall beo exactly j)aid for their Labour. 

JofiEPH Chet P*^ ) I" *^" action of debt to y* sume 
> of 6456 ft) of Tobbacco by aev- 
JoHN Tarkinton Def^ J erall bills and accompt. 

The Court ordered y' y* p"" attachment Laid upon y* Crop 
of Corne & Tobbacco sliall come in Course according to y* 
former order of this Court. 



JonN Andkkson P'' 
Thom : Def* 

RoBBEKD Morton P** 


Continued till next Court 

„ , ^ « > Continued till next Court 

Thom ; Snelling Dof j 

October 8* 1677 : 3 Upon v" Peticon of John ogle, oele Poulss 
Waminta to y* 8nr- and Marten gerritscu desiering an order 


TeiKo-Bigned byM' ^^ ^^^j^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ g^^ ^^^^ ^j 

land etc. The Court Granted the Petioon" 
their Request provyded they Confonue themselves in y* 
manner of seating and Iraproveing s^ Land according to his 
hono^ the Governo" orders and Regulations. 

Upon y® Peticon of Andries fiinnoxe, Broer Sinnexe and 
Thoniaa Woolleston desiering that this wurpp" Court would 
bee pleased to grunt them a warrant each to take upp 300 
acres of Land, prornissing to seatc the same according to his 
faono^ the Govonio" orders etc. The Court doe Grant the Peti- 
con" their Requtist provyded they Conforme themselves in y" 
manner of settling <fe otherways according to his bono' the 
Qovemo" orders and Regulations. 

the 3"* of octob' a warr* to Broer Sinnexc. 4"* of October 
warr* to andries Sinnexe & Thomas Woolleston. 

The Court adjoined uatill to-morrow ntt 8 of y* Clocq. 

Wednesday the 3"^ of October 1677 
The Co^ Continued, the Justices all p''8ont 
The Appraizers M*" Peter Alrich & M' Walter Wharton 
makeing Returne of their appraizement of y*= Cattle of John 
heyland attiiclicd by Jacob Joung. 

twoo Cowes a}>praiz*id at /300 : 

one Steer of l-i Jear old at 100 : 

one bull of y* same adge 100 : 

gild' /r)00 ; 

The Court ordered tlie gilder pay should bee Reeond ag* 
Tobb° in Maryland at G styv" per fl). 


Jan Numraersen of CVistina Creeke preferring in Court a 
Peticon sheweing y* y* F*eticoii** bad bought of y* Indians a 
peece of Land in y" Willekleys vail Containing 340 acres : and 
y* y* same Land was sence surveiged by M"" Wharton, after 
w*^** hee had got a patt<int for y* same, Notw"*standing w*^** y" 
peticon*^ was hindered to seat the same threw the forwurnings 
of M' John Edmonds, desiers an order peaceably to enjoy his 
8^ Land according to liis pattent & surveigh. 

The Court finding by the Information of M*" Wharton that 
y* 8** Land of y** Peticon' is no part of tlie Land belonging to 
John Edmonds : doe grant the Peticon' his Request. 

Uppon y** Peticon of Jan Andriessc Staalcop desiering an 
order from this Courfc to take up six hundered acres of Land 
for him A his eight children. The Court granted the Peticon' 
his Request hee seating the same according to his hono^ the 
Govemo" ordei*s and Regulations. 

John Taylor P^* 
William BuTr.Ku Def^ 
The P'* demands of def as p' declaration the sume of 60 
gilders w*^ Costs. Lucns Kbell in v" behalfc of y' def desiera 
yt ye pit jjjay proovo his declaration or otherwyse be non 

The P'* not Prooveing the debt a non suit was ordered ag* 
the p*^ w* C^sts. 

Upon the l*eticon of Adam Pietersen desiering a grant of y« 
Court to take upp 200 acres of Land : The Court granted the 
Peticon' his Request hee Conforming himsclfe in y*^ seating of 
y^ said Land according to his bono' the Govemo" orders and 

Octob' 4*** a warr* granted accordingly. 

Upon the Peticon of Thomas Snoden desiering a grant of y® 

Court to take upp twoo hundered acres of Land : The Court 

'granted y* Peticon' his Request, hee Conforming liimselfe in 



y® seating of iho said land accoi-ding to his houo*^ the Gov- 
ernor orders A Instructions. 

Upon the Peticon p'ferred in Court by M*" WaltcT Wbarton 
in y* bchalfe of Robord fest, dosiering to take op twoo huu- 
dered acres of Laud : The Court grant the Peticon^ his Re- 
quest hee seating tlie b'^ Jjand according to his hono^ the Gov- 
emo" orders and Instrnctions <t y** Lawe. 

Upon the Peticon of Anthony Wallis deaiering a grant for 
to tiikf op three hundered acres of Land. The Court granted 
y* Peticon*^ his Re(juei*t, heo sftating the s** Land according to 
his hono' the Governo" orders & Instrnctions A y'' Lawe. 

Upon the Peticon of Anthony Hrynnt desioring that heo 
might have som Ensurance of his Land whereon hee Lives, 
and y* hee might liave the s*' Land survt'iged, in order y' a 
Pattent might be© Granted unto him : The Peticou*^ haueing 
bought the Lund of georgo oldfield ; doclo' Thomas Spry In- 
gagod in Court in y" hehalfe of tlic s** george oldfield and 
Pieternella his wyfe execut" of y® Last will & Testament of 
Capt" John Car deceased by veiiue of his Letter of attorney of 
y* s^ oldfield to give siifficient security to y* Peticon' for to 
give him y* peticon' a sufficiant Tytle for y*^ one qunrti-r part 
of y" Pattent by y® Peticon'" bought, uppoa y" payment of y*^ 
some Contractod, To w*''' both partees did agn*e in C^urt. 
The Court ordered the s** agreement to bee Recorded. 

WiUiaui 8lierrer p'fcrring in Court a Peticon sheweing that 
there was formerly Land taken up by John Ashman and 
Samuel Jackson Lying upon the Cedar Swamp below Bhike- 
hirds Cr*eeke, but hath binne deserted by the purtees above- 
mentioned these throe Jeares, The Peticon*"" therefore humbly 
craues'y' y* worpp" Court would be pleased to grant him an 
order for twoo hundered acres of s*^ Land the s^ twoo p'sone 
being both gon out of y'' Country. The Court Referred the 
peticon' to liis hono' y* Governo'. 

Thomas Dodwetl produced in Court an ace' ag"' y« Estate 
of Vicessimus Nettleship, deceased w*** ace* beings by hira 
swomo unto iu Court that the stvme was a true & Just ac- 



compt. The Court allowed y* s^ dodwells ace' to the sume of 
fyve hundered eighty & foure Gilders. 

Cattelyntie Vander Coelen desiered in Court Liberty to dis- 
pose of a Certiiine Lot of Lund Lying and being in this Towne 
of New Castle, belonging unto hur husband Reynier Vander 
Coelen, for to pay a debt due by a bill from under y* hand of 
the B** Vander Coelen unto Gysbert Dircx to y* sume of fifty 
& fyve gilders ; The Co'^ gmnt<>d y* Peticon'' hur Request, 
Reynier hur son appearing In Court Consented also to y« 
same. Cattelyntie Vander Coelen Lykowyse acknowledged 
harselfe for hur husband Indebted unto huybert hendricx w** 
shee promissfis to pay out of y* produce of y* Lott of Land 
after gysbert is paid. 

Upon y* Peticon of Job Nettleshipp sheweing that hee was 
sent by his grandmother at his t* Charge, w^** his unkle vices- 
simus Nettleshipp deceased, into this Country, and y' his ^ 
unkle is sence deceased etc deslering to bee sent bake for 
England and that his passfidgo might bee paid out of y' Eptnt© 
of bis 8^ unkle deceased. The Court ordered y** petition' 
to be free as hee came in, and that hee according to his desier 
be sent for England unto his s** Grandmother, and y* his pass- 
adge bee paid out of the Labour of this Cropp, and that what 
goods are now in y* hands of Kph : horman as belonging unto 
him^ w'^'' are not appraized, bee aould for y* Peticon^ at y* next 
vendue to bee hold in y* Towne of New Castle. The goods 
are two small Cabbinetts and twoo Clove basketta, w*^ a sute 
of Cloaths. 

Up]x>n the Peticon of hendrek Lemniens and Symon Jansen 
Tnhahit^nte att the Crainhook desiering a grant from this 
C-ourt Each to take up fifty acres of fly or marrish, Lying 
betweene the place Called Kverts hoeck or Eyland & y* Baste 
Creeke. The Court allowed y* Peticonera a proportionable 
shears of y* fly. 

Crtpt" Edraond C-antwell did put himselfe security to y* 
Court as fi«eurity for Ephraim herraan, to bee vecdu master— 
wherewith the Court was Contented. 



The Court ordered the vendu raiist' Eph : hermaii to sell y* 
goods of henrj' Stanbrooke dece«i8ed by outcry : The Condi- 
tions of the vendu to bee as folIowotU, Tlic payment to bee 
made the 10^** of november next in \\'^heat Zewant Tobbacco 
Skins or other merchaudable pay In the Kiver, to bee deliv- 
ered in New Castle. 

Upon Complaint made to the Co^ lit waa ordered that those 
of swanwiko doe make up the street and highway before thoir 
houses and Land, good A passable betweene this and y^ next 
Co" day : and every ouo in defect to pay forty gilders fine. 

Upon y* Kequest of Mist" Man, The CJourt haue Remitted 
the Corporal! punnishment of Francis Jackson now a prisoner: 
provyded his master M' Abrain Man will bee or find security 
for the 8** Jacksons good bt^tiauior untill the next Court or 
further as the Court shall see fitt. 

His bono"" the Govenio" order in y* Case of liana Petersen 
and J<* Carolus, Againe being read in Court, Itt was ordered 
y* the proceedings shall bee sent to his hono' w**" y* first Con- 

Itt WHS this day Kesolved and M' John Moll desiered by y** 
Court that hee would Rombourso so mutch us for y** makeiug 
up of y® Court Roome in y® forte fitt for y* Court to sitt in in 
y" winter Tyme, and y' y* same Reniboursnient bee paid him 
againe out of y" Levy to bee Laid. The Court doe allow to 
y" measons to tinnisli y" Chimney in y*' forte as itt must bee 
twoo hundcrod and liily gilders. 

The Court ordered that all those whoo haue any ace" uppon 
y" publicq senco y" Coming of Govemo' Andioss, that they 
bring them in Court att y" next Court to bee held in this 
Towne of New Castle in y" month of november next Ensuing. 

Tlie Court adjomerl untill the first Teusday of y* month 
of november next. 

Broer Sinnik.«e of Cristinn Creeke apeared in y^ office this 
3'^ day of octob^ 1077 ; and desiered to haue liis luarke for 


Cfttde <fe lioghs Recorded viz* Both Ears Cropt one alitt in y* 
Right eare, aud in y* Left eare one hole. 

New Castle Oclob"" y' C"* A° : 1677. 

Ediitond Aiidross Esq^ seigneur of Sausmarez Luiet : and 
Governo'' Gencr" under iiia Koyali James Duke of 
Yorkc «fe Albany &c of his Territory^ in Aiiieriwi: A\^)e^eafl 
I: haue w^** y*' advyce of my Counoill (upijon a new nomina- 
tion) apiwintcd y' Justices of y*' Court of New Castle in delo- 
ware : These are by verlue of the authority <leryved unto ineo, 
to authorize you to administer y*" usual oath to said Justices 
for dischargeing y** trust Reposed in thorn for w*'*' this shall 
bee yo' suffiont warrant 

Given under my hand & soale in New Yorkc this 23"* day 
of September A" 1677. 

To Capt" Christopher Billop (Signed) 

Coinand' at Delowar. E Andross. 

Accordijjg to y* abovestanding Coniission Capt" Christopher 
Billop this day administered the oath unto; 

M' John Moll 

M' Peter Alrich 

M' William Tom 

M' Walter Wharton 

The new Commission being Lykewyse produced and Red 
as foUoweth ou y® next folio. 

EMmond Andros Esq' seigneur of Sausmarez 
P -i Lieut: and Govcrno' Goner^' under his Hoy" High- 

"• nease, James Duke of Yorke & Albany Ac of all his 

Territo" in America. 

By vertue of my Authority under his Roy^ Highnc^se I : 
doe hereby Constitute appoint <fe authorize you M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrich M' William Tom M' Fopp outhout M' Walter 
Wharton M' Paull Jacquet and M' Gerrit otto to be Justices 
of ye peace in y* Jurisdiction of New Castle and dependences 
and any four or more of you to bee a Court of Judicature. 





Giving you and every of you full power to act in y* s^ Im- 
ployment, according to Lawe and y' Trust Reposed in you of 
w** all p'sona are to take notice, and to give you the due Re- 
spect and obedience belonging to your places in y° diecharge- 
ing your dutye« : This Commission to beo of force for y* space 
of one Jeare after y* date hereof or till further order ; Given 
under my hand & scale of y* Province in New York© this 23"* 
day of September 1677. 

Past yo office E. Andross 

W Nicolls 

At a Court held in New Castle y« 6"» of octoV 1677. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrich 
M"" William Tom 
M' Walter Wharton J 
W Abram Man desiering in Court a Mittigation of y' 
Courts, Sherrifs Clercqs and marshalls fees in y* action of 
Capt° Billop against francis Jeckson, The Court Remitted 
halfo of their fee that is to say 9 : * of y^ speciall Court, but 
as to y" Sherrifs Clercqs & Marshalls fees sence y® Peticon* 
can not say that y* same are over t' Charged, The Court can 
not give away their officers fees. 

Thomas Wharcup Master of y® shipp Martha yesterday 
arrived from hull desiering to goe up y'' River w^ his shipp 
Loading and passengers, saying that heo has no goods for 
merchandize on board but only uteusills for his passengers. 
The sub Collecto' Capt" Xtopher Billop deaiering y" advyce of 
y* Court in this perticular whether itt was propper for to Lett 
y* shipp passe above the Towne. The Court haveing viewed 
Capt° Dyree Letters To Thomas olive & y® rest of his fellow 
Commissioners, and alsoe to Capt° Billop, are of opinion that 
for y* settling of the River The Shipp bee p'mitted to go© up 
the River sattis^'iug what Just dutys are Requiered : Itt is fur- 



ther the advyce of the Court that whereas docto' Daniell Wells 
declares y' Capt : dyre att New Yorke Kemitted y" Customes 
of twoo p' Cento upon utensils and other uncustomed Goods, 
and this master declareing that hee has no more on board then 
y*" vallue of 6 £ in merchandizes, but y* all y" rest of his Load- 
ing Consists in necessaries for building and settling of planta- 
tions, and y* his hono' y" Governo' hath ben pleased to give 
us the same priviledge as New Yorke, wee doe Couseive and 
beloeve that the auerment of docto^ Wells and Capt. dyres 
Letters aboves** being to y* same effect is true and that wee 
ought to follow y* former p'sident of y* Shipp tl»e Kent 
Cleared att New Yorke, this o^ advyce not being intended to 
obstruct Capt" Billop in noting as sub Collector. 

Upon y* Peticon of Eobbert Goolsburry desiering a Warrant 
to take up 200 acres of Land etc. The Court Granted the 
peticon' his Uoquest, bee seating and Improving the s** Land 
according to bis bono' y® governo" orders and Regulacons. 

Teusday November y« 6*^ A** 1677. 
The Court was this day adjomed by Justice Moll & Alricbs 
uniill to-morrow to 7**^ day of November. 

The 7*** of November, The Justices being met and the 
Comander Capt" Billop being not yet come from on Board the 
shipp the Willing Mindc whoe was Commissioned by his 
bono' the Govemo' to administer the oath unto the Justices 
according to y® new Commission Itt was Resolved (In Re- 
guard the Contry waigted upon y* Courts sitting) and the 
oath was administred by Justice Moll and Justice aln'ch (whoe 
were sworne before) unto 

Justice ffop outhout, 
Justice Jean P. Jacquet, 
Justice Gerret otto. 

Att a Court held In the Towno of New Castle upon 
Delowar, By the authority of o' Soucraigne Lord Charles The 
Socund by the Grace of god of England Scotland franco A 



Yrelnnd, King, Defender of the faith, The T*** and 8* dayee 
of Noveinb' In the 2d*^ Jeare of hia said May"" Raigne, 
Annoq« Dom : 1677. 

M' John MoU 

M' Peter Alrich 
P'sent M' fop outhout \ Justices 

M'^ Jean P : Jacquet 

M' Gerret otto 

Capt" Edm : Cantwell High Sherrife 


attorn : Hkntirik V. Burch J 
Gyshkkt Dircx Def* 

This action is ordered to bee Continued untill the next 
Court day. 

JusTiCB Jkan P : Jacquet P*' 
Lace Way a Sam ; Peters Def 

This action is Continued M*" Wharton not being p'scnt, 
whoe was ordered to examin into the buisnesse of the fly In 

Henry Ward by his \ p^ 

Attorney John Ogi.k J 
Thomas Arnold Def* 

1677 : Not' t** Exccut: The p" demands as p' declaration the 
grated «g- r boddy gyjjj^ Qf jgQQ ^ ^f Tobbacco duc by bill 

of Tho: Arnold "^ 

of y" 24^*^ of february ia7i. The def* 
aknowledges the bill, but sailh to haue an accompt in Contra 
against the same. M^ II ; Wards Letter of attorn, to John 
ogle produced Read & allowed In Court. The Court ordered 
Judgement to bee Kntorrod against the def' for IGOO tb of 
tobbacco due by bill w'** Costs. 

Engelbert Lott p'ferring in Court a Peticon desiering a 
grant from this worpp" Co" to take up y" Ijott att y® East End 
of this Towne where the old forte formerly stoode, The Court 


Granted the Peticon' his said Request hee Levelling the old 
walls and building upon the same according to liis liono' the 
Governo" Regulacons. 

John Anderson and 1 p^, 

Cathbina his wyfc / 
Thomas Skellino Def* 

The P'*" demand of j'" def* a pattent and Conveigance of a 
Certaine house & Lott of ground scituate and being in this 
Towne of New Castle, formerly brought of y* Def*. The de- 
bates of both partees being heard, The Court ordered Thomas 
Snelling to procure a Pattent and Give a Conveigance for the 
house and Lott to y* p^*". 

Justice John Moll P" } An attachm' upon y* def* 
John Smith Def* / Effects att Cohansy. 

The F^ demands of y'^ def* by bill bearing date y* 28**' of 
Juno 1677 the sume of 400 ft of tobb : dutch w" & larra and 
. . . and a halfe bevor in small peltcry : and the def* being 
Run out of y® Govemm', The P'* hath Laid an arrest uppon 
the def* Cropp and Effects att Cohansy and Craues Judge"** 
ag" the def and that y* s^ attached Effects may bee apraized 
for sattisfaction thereof vf^ y* Costs. The debt being prooved 
in Court by the said bill under the hand and seale of the de- 
fendant, The Court doe order Judgement to bee Entered 
against the def* for the said 400 ft of tobb: and Iwoo and a 
halfe bever in small petery and doe allow of y* attachment. 

Jacob Jounq P^' \ An attachment upon Uie Def** Effects 
John Smith DeP J in Cohansy Creeke. 
The P'* default and no declaration by him enterred. 

Thom : DoDWKLL P" i An attachrat of ye defts Effects att 
John Smith Deft / Cohansy. 

The P" demands of y« def the sume of 332^ ft of tobbacco, 
w*** B* sume . . . Iiigagod to pay for y" def* to d . . . and 


Ralph Hutchinson for Expen . . . the def* att his being here 
in Towne. 

The Court haueing Regulated the ace*, the ordinary keeper 
Ralph hutchinson . . . bcingpresent, doe order Judgement to 
bee Enterred against the deP for 207^ K> of tobb :, and doe 
allow . . . attachment. 

Jacobds fabritius P'' 


The P'* demands of def* as p' ace* y* sumo of 427 gilders 10 
Styv" for Cattle sold to def* and for salary. The Court haue- 
ing stated y** accoinpts betweene y" partees, doe find that y* def* 
stands Justly Indebted by baUance y" sume of 160 gilders w** 
Bume y* def* hath wrongfully paid to John ogle w**'oul y* P*" 
order, and doe order Judgement to bee enterred against y^ deft 
for said 160 gild' w*^ costs. 

Jacobus fabritius P'* 
Jacob Vander Veer Def* 

The p^* demands of def* as p*" ace* y* aume of 265 gilders. 
The def* makt*s objection and denys twoo articles of y^ s** p"" 
Bccompt The P^* haueing made oath to one of his articles 
of y* ace* viz : that of y* Cowe 20 schipple of wheat to be© 
delivered att New Yorke. 

The Court ordered Judgement to bee enterred against the 
def* for 130 gilders payable In wheat and as for the other 
twoo articles viz* of y* hocfer 60 gilders A for salary 48 gil- 
ders. The p^^ to bring proofe betweene this and the next 
Court that y* deft promissed y® same. 

John De Jordins Jnn Bisk and Isacq Tayne p'ferring in 
Court a peticon shewing that they had agreed amonghst 
themselves, Concerning the p'sonall and Reall estate of Isaaq 
Tayne (alias) Lapier, deceased, In manner and forme follow- 
ing viz* Isacq Tayne to have the Lott & House were bee now 
lives, Except therty foot of s** Lott betweene the s** house of s^ 



leaac <fe the house of Jan herrisen, w** a'* therty foott of land 
is by Consent of all partees given and Graiitcil unto John dee 
Jardins his heirs or assigns, and John Bisk .... have the 
house and Lolt botwixt M' Wil .... Semple and Gisbert 
Dircx, to him his heirs or assigncSj moreoucr itt is agreed by 
and betweene partees that the aforesaid John de Jardins, shall 
have and hath .... this day, The twoo seats of Land and 
prem .... thereof Lying and being on the East syde of Delo- 
war River, to hold to him the said Jardins his heirs or 
assignes for Ever. Th . . . . the abovesaid Peticon" humbly 
praying that this worpp" Court will bee pleased to grant unto 
them a Letter of administration and y" above agreement to 
bee Recorded. The Worpp" Court doe Grant the Petieon'^ 
their 8^ Request, That y* aboves'* agreement bee so Recorded 
and an order of administration bee granted them accordingly. 
Whereas Isacq Tayne (alias) Lape .... Late of this Towne 
of New Castle Dyed Intestate, and whereas the t' Children 
.... heirs of the s** deceased haue m . . . . application to the 
Court desiering .... An order to administer upon s^ Estate 
might bee granted unto them. The Court doe therefore Give 
and Grant unto Isacq Tayne John Disjardins and John Bisck 
power and authority to admiuist^ and to bee administrato"" of 
y" Estate goods & Chatties of what nature or kind soever be- 
longing unto the s^ laacq Tayne deceased : Giving and Grant- 
ing unto them the said Isacq Tayne John dis Jardius and 
John Bisk power to enter upon and take possession of y" 
premises and dispose thereof as administral" by the Law of y* 
Governra* are allowed to doe the)' Conforming themselves and 
Giving security for their trust. 

Jacobus fpabritids P" 

Peter Maesland Def* 

The p" demands of y® def* as p' accomp' the sume of 55 

gilders and 2 styvers. The Court pausing y* ace* of p'* & def* 

find that the baltance is but seven gilders 10 styvers and itt 

appearing that the debt was not demanded by the P'^ and that 


the def* hath always ben willing to pay y* same, The Court 
therefore find ao Cause of aclion against def*. 

Jacobus pabritius P" 


The P" demands of the def* as p' uccompt the same of 246 
gilders w* Costs. The def* brings In a Contra ace* of the 
sume of 113 gilders. The Court haneing examined all the 
articles of both ace'" doe order Judgement to bee entered ag* 
the def* for y* sume of fourthy three gilders and as for three 
other articles of j** P'** accompt to y® sume of 70 gilders, 
The p"* to bring better proofo of the same. 

Thom : Spky P» 

Andries Sinnkxe Def 
The P'* demands of y' def* as p' declaration for worVe done 
by mathias the smit the sume of therty twoo gildurs w*** Costs. 
The Court find uppon Examination of y* Case that the p" 
hath no Just Cause of action. 

Jacobus fabritius P** 
Hendrick AyDRiEssE Def 

The P" demands as p' ace* y** sume of 14 gilders 10 styvers. 
The Def* saycs to haue paid the F* all y" s** sume. The 
Contra ace* being Examined the Court ordered Judgem* to 
bee enterred against the def* for eight Gilders 10 styvers and 
def* to pay Costs. 

Gerrit Janse Smit P" 
Hermkn Johnson Def* 

The P'* demands of y* def* the delivery & Canselling of 
twoo bills formerly by this p^* past to y* def* and now fully 
paid The def* denys that the bills are fully paid. The s* 
bills beare date y* lO**" of October 1674 A y" 19 of may 1675. 

Jan Gerritsen declares upon oath that bee was p'aent att y" 
house of Gerrit smit The last faall att w*^ tyme the s*^ Gerrit 



Srait and harmen Jansen made up their accts. and that then 
Gerrit Smit Remained Indebted unto Harmen twenty and 
nine Gilders and no more. 

The Court ordered this action to bee Continued untill y* 
next Court. The bills till then to Remaine in the office and 
the p^^ to bring proofe that hee hath paid Harmen for y** same. 

Uppon the Peticon of Morris Listen desiering a grant of 
this Court to take up fyve huudered acres of Land : The 
Court granted the Peticon^ y^ same hee Seating and Improove- 
ing B^ Land exactly according to his bono' y* Govemo" 
Regulations & lustructious. 

DocTo" Tymen Stiddem P'' 

Jacob van der veer Def^ 
The Court Continued this action untill next Court day and 
the p** to get his evidences Reddy against the s* tyme. 
The Court adjorned untill to-morrow att 8 of y*" Clocq. 

Thursday the 8"' of November 1677. 
and the Justices all p'sent. 

The Court Continued 

Justice John Moll P*' 

John Tinoell 

9 Mirch 1«7{ Execu- 
tion I^ued out «g*^ 
7* goods & Chatties 
of def '. 


An attachment upon y« def" 
EJFecta In y*" hands of J* 
Cornelis & upon def" plan- 
The P'* demands of def* by a bill under 
y* hand and seale of the def bearing date 
IGt*" of July 1677 : The sume of one thou- 
sand and six hundcred &> of tobacco & Casko 
dutch w" to bee paid upon y* def** plantation wliere he Lived 
on, upon all demands, Desiering that Judgem' might bee eu- 
terred against y« der and that the attachment by him Layd 
upon y* Effects may bee allowed. 

The Bill being produced and allowed by the Court, Itt woa 
ordered that Judgem' bee enterred ag*' the def* for y* a'* debt 
according to bill, and the attachment allowed against the 
effects of 8^ Tingell 


Upon the Peticon of Machiell Barron desiering an order 
freely and quietly to possess the Land formerly by the Petic- 
on' Leased & Let out and now to will on y® 18^ of Octob^ 
delivered bake and made ower to him by his Tennant John 
Tiugell etc. Ordered that M' Barron make sufficiently 
appeare to y* Court that John Tingell has made ouer unto 
him as well the Tobbacco as the plantation and that the 
Enterlyning w*** is found in the Wrj'ting was before the sign- 
ing tliereof. 

Jacobos pfabritius P'^ 


The r" demands of y* deP the sume of one hundered and 
one gilders by ace' of the def* father Jan Sibrantae deceased 

The Court having heard the debates of both parlecs, doe 
order Judgem' to bee entered against the daV- for s^ sume 
of 101 gild" wi"* Costs. 

Jacobus fpabritils P" 
Harmen Janskn Def* 

The P'* demands of y® def by ballance of ace' the sume of 
fourlhy and nine gilders w^ Costs. The P^' haueing made 
oath to his acc^ and the def not prooveing any of his Contra 
allegations. The Court ordered Judgement to bee cnterred 
against the def* for 49 gilders w**' Costs. 

Justice John ^[otL P» 1 eo„tinued by P" desire. 
Gerrit Smit Def* i 

RoBBERn Morton 
Thomas Snelmno 

^ I Withd. by P" in Court. 

Mathias Bertelsen P^' 1 d _«* J 

_ , r^ „ r Parties agreed. 

Erik Juiuans DerJ 

Jacob Vander Veer P^' 
otbbert Diresen Def 

} Withd : by the P'' 


C0RNELI8 Jajisen P" 



Withd. by the p^'. 

Jacobus FABHiTius P" \The Court find no Cause of 
Stofpell Meyer Def* J action. 

Lace Way 

^" I Withd. by the F' 

Hans Petersen p^ferring in Court a Peticon Slieweing that 
there is in his hands belonging unto one frans Bareutse who 
dyed w**^ out any heir In Maryland, twoo Joung steers, six 
Schepple of wheat and a Screw gun for w** the Peticon" Bill 
is still out in the hands of Charles James in Maryland, and 
that y® s^ frana Barents did owe and was to deliver the 
Peticon' 75 gilders w"* twoo pair of shoes and stockings att y* 
Receipt of s^ steers, Sheweing further that Capt" Christopher 
Billop now demands of the Peticen' s'' steers w'*' the wheat & 
gun. The s** Peticon' humbly desiering that y* Court would 
bee pleased to order to whonie the s"* Peticon' must deliver rf* 
steers and of whome hee shall Receiye his Remaining 75 
gilders w^ y*" Shoes & stockings etc. 

The Co'* answer that tlioir opinion is (senco y" said frans 
Barents dyed w**" out any kindred and Consequently his 
Estate fallen to the king) That whome hia bono' the Governo' 
shall be pleased to order to Receive the above p'luisses from 
p* Peticon' the same then to bee a Lawfull delivery and that 
the same p'son whoe Receives the same ought to Cleare the 
Peticon' and saue him harmlcsse of future trouble about y* 

Upon the Peticon of Abram Man desiering that his bond 
past for y* good behaiuor of his man servant francis Jackson 
. . . now bee Canselled etc., The Court doe grant the Peticon" 
his 8(^ Request 

Upon the Peticon of Mathias Mathiaas Jacob vander Veer 
and Louis Allen desiering a grant from the Court each to 



take up 400 acres of Land, Tlie Court granted the Peticon" 
their Request they seating and Iraprooveing s^ Land accord- 
ing to his houo' the Governo" orders. 

Upon the Peticon of Justa Andries about y* ox of John 
Tarkinton etc., The Court answer that the Peticon^ ought not 
to have killed the ox before s** ox was Cleared of y* arrest, and 
that the Peticon' ought to proove that the ox was Lawfully 
delivered unto the peticon^ by Tarkinton before he Run away. 

The Court upon the Peticon of Hendrik fransen allowed 
him for haueing Lookt after y^ house of harmeu Janaen In 
the Tyrae of his Imprizonment for 3 months 120 Gilders w** 
the High Sherrife Capt" Cantwell to Collect & pay him 
according to former order of this Court. 

Pelle Mathias being bound ouer by Justice Williain Tom to 
prosecute Hendrik Johnson for that bee y* s** hendrik on y" 
8*** day of October hath detayned A uphuld a certaaine Girle 
named Catrina Jausen w^* was by the Court set out to y« s** 
Pelle, The debates of both partees being heard and y* Wit- 
nesses exam : The Court doe Condemne Henrj* Johnson for 
detayning and upholding s** Girle Contrary to I>awe, In a fyne 
of twenty fyve Gilders to the use as by the Govemo" orders is 
Exprest and lico to pay Costs. 

Upon The Peticon of Hendrek Johnson John Johnson Sib- 
rant Johnson <fe harmen Johnson desiering of this worpp" 
Court a grant to take up Each u scute of Land etc ; The Court 
doe grant them Liberty to take up such quantilys as hereunder 
is Expressed w*^ a t* Charge that they take Care to seate & 
Improve the same according to his bono' the Govenio' orders 
A. Regulatioiui : (viz^) 

Henry Johnson 300 : 

John Johnson 100 ; 

Sibrant Johnson 200 : 

Harmen Johnson 300 : 

Magist' Jacobus fabritius desiering by his Peticon and ver- 
bally of the Court that bee might haue an order to bring before 

Granted to 



any one magistrate any or . . . his debto" whoe are Indebted 
unto . . . smtill 8umes for Salary etc : and . . . tlie payni* thereof 
and after that In case any one of s** Credito" sliall still Refuse 
payment, That then the poticon' might have his Law full 
addresse In Court. The peticon" request is granted by the 

William Sherrer p'ferring in Court a Peticon desiering a 
grant to take up 150 acres of Land : The Co^ granted the 
same hee seating and Improoveing the same according to his 
hoiio"" the Govemo" Regulations. 

Upon tlie Peticon of Ephraim Herman desiering a grant 
fix)m the worpp" Court to tnke up foure hundered acres of 
Lund. The Court granted tlie Peticon" request hee seating & 
Improoveing s^ Land according to his hono' the Governo" 

Upon the Peticon of Thomas Sadler the Court granted him 
Liberty to take up 200 acres of Land, hee seating ife Improove- 
ing the same accordiDg to his bono' the Governo™ Keguhicona. 

The Court allotted to y* Clercq Ephraim Herman for his 
severall services to the Court, the sume of three hundred gild- 
ers to bee paid him out of y° Levy. 

see this deed Re- M'' William Tom aknowledged in Court 
corded in j" Bee- ^ Certaine deed & assienment for a Certaine 

ord» of Conveig- *^ 

once* etc on folio Pfltteut & 132 acres of Land therein Con- 

20. teined Lying in y* whoorehill by him the 

a** W : Tom, made ouer unto Luke Watson of y" Whoorekill 


The Court was adjourned untill the first Teusday of 

decemb : next. 

Att a Meeting of the Justices held In y* Towne of New Castle 
for y* makeing up y* account of y" Publicq Charge of this 
County, The 9 : of November 1677. 



M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M' Will : Tom 
p'sent M' Walter Wharton [ Justicea. 

M' fopp outhout 
M' Jean Paul Jacquet 
M' Gerrett otto 

A List of y*' woolfs heads brought in by 
W. heads 

Hendrik Everton 6 

Hendrik Anderson 1 

Andries Andriessen 1 

att Crainhook 

Lace Andries 1 

Ralph hutchinson 5 

M' John Moll 16 

John Smith 1 

M'P: Alrich 1 

Justice G : otto 2 

Johannes d'haes 6 

Moses d'gan 2 

Capt" Oolier 10 

Jolin Clerck 1 

Tymen Stiddems Son 1 

Capt Billop 1 

at 40 gild" 


Woolfs heads in all 55 

p' head as it was ordered 

by y* gener^^ or high Court 
To y® Cleicq Eph : herman allowed by the > 
Court as will appear by their order / 

To y*' High Sherrif for Collecting the 

aboves^ sumea allowed 625 : 


gilders /3125: 



The Court calling ouer the List of all the Tydablc p'sons in 
this Courts Limits doe find that for y* payment of y* above 
s^ same, from every Tydable p'son must bee Collected and 
Received the sumo of twelve gilders and ten styvers and the 
same to bee paid in either of the following species viz* : 
Wheat at 5 gilders Rey at 4 gilders & Barley att 4 gilders p' 
schipple Indian Come att 3 gilders p' scbipple Tobbacco att 
8 styvers p' ft» porke att 8 and Bacon att 16 styvers p' ib or 
els In Zewant or skins att pryce Courrant : and for y* Better 
effecting and Collecting of the above, The Court have thought 
fitt to order that the High sherife Capt*' Cantwell doe Collect 
and Receive the same same of twelve gilders &. ten styvers 
from every Tydable p'son In the annexed List set downe 
allowing unto the s** high Sherrife for his satlary after y* Rale 
of 5'* In y*' pound, and that hco the s^ higli sherrife bee 
BCcomptable to the Court bctweene this and y* 25*^ day of the 
month of march now next ensuing the date hereof : The Court 
doe also Give a speciall ord"" <fe Command to s'^ High Sherrife 
that bee also Collect and Receive the dyke niouuy according 
to y" former order of this Court bearing date the 8*** of 
february 167|, as also all the fynes w*^** were Imposed By this 
Court and also by the High Court sence the first coming In of 
his houo' Governo' Andross untill this date : and In case any 
p'flons shall Refuse the payment of their Just dues either of 
y* Pole monny, dyke monny or fynes, The s** High ftherrife is 
hereby Impowered by tlie Court to use Restraint upon any 
Refusing as before and after such Restraint to call together 
twoo of the neighbors and appniize the goods so strained as 
above, Returning the ouerplus (if any bee) to the owner and 
hee the s*^ High Sherrife to deliver In y" accompts and bee 
accomptable to the Court of all his said Receipts betweene 
this and y* 25* of inarch aforesaid. 


159 H 

^^^^^^^^^^1 A List of the Names of the Tydablo 


^^^^^^^^^^ p'sons Living 

ill this Courti) Jurisdiction 


' Jamee Viccory 

i John Street 


Will: Courter 

1 Bobb: Tallcnt 



1 Albert Blocq 


John hamien 

1 John Rerkcr 



. tbree nef^ros 

I John Atteway 


Morns Liston 



Joseph holding 

Henry Clercq 




John foster 

Tho: Jonea 




Tbo: Linke 

2 serv" of MorriH Listoo 




John Antor 





Roeluf AndrieH 

Broagt ooer 




Jan Waker 

t John Wallia & 1 aervant 



James Crawford A I semul 


^^^^^^L Bruugt ouer 

1 AugUBtin dikes 


^^^^^^H Adam Petersen 

Rich: Scaggs 


^^^^^^ John Siericx 

L John Scot 


^^^B James att J* Sierix 

Jacob Joung 


^^^H Jurian Siericx 

S elaTee it 1 serr* 


^^^1 Kut hudde 

Ef en Soliaberry 


^^^1 J** Wakcr senior 

John Rood 


^^^1 JobD Tajrior 

Joseph (.'ooxen 


^^H Will : SherroT 

Rob: homes 


^^^1 Jan Pictereen 

John hsylcs 


^^H Tho: Haddlcr 

L Robb: Whyto 


^^^H John Ariantwn 

Thomas daauM 


^^^H Jacob his mate 

Jowpb band 


^^^1 Peter Brink 

Joseph Biimham 


^^^H Hendrik Walravcm 

1 negro woman of M' Moll 


^^^H Dirk Loiiren8 

William Ciirrer 


^^^1 dirck Williams 

Jamee Crawford (als) doctor 


^^^B Edward & James Williams 

! Anlhony Brynnl 


^^^H Caapares herman 

Math: Bcckman 


^^H Pbil: CBTsIier 

John Adamit 


^^^H Williani Pattieon 

Ell^ert the smith 


^^H Tbe doctor 

Peter ?d' Alrichs mnn 


^^^1 John Peen 

John Eaton Taylor 



I neger of M' alrichs 


^^H Tbo: Gilbert 

barmanes Woasclls 


^^H Edward Swendcll ] 

John Kan 


^^^H Hana Muller 

henry Htanbrooke 


^^m WiU: Gmnt 

John bendrix 


^^H Tho: Snclling ] 

Brucr hb» muu 


^^H John M'hyte 

Ralph InitchitiMHi 


^^^^^^ Rob: Mortoa 

Robb: butcblnwn 






1^1 nil 11 UM 






S Evwtb 

Wm: OibnfM Ckrpaa^ 


Jsn Bo7«r 



Ekfcdt AiAia 

Joli:<f hMi 

n III lift Tii^iM 

Mtacad* gut 




Awirio AadriHH 



JtutM. Aodries 

fibAII MiebeU X7«r 

Rich: JeBtnatx 

P«t«> J*D A Pfmll Jaeqocl 

Erert AJden 

FMar ClM«t A S iRM 

John Malh/Be 

Felar Quaes bo J 

Will: Scmple 

Jnrian Boonmn Ann 

Will: buDcItoo 



Malhiat bntt 

Seger Aokci 

kcndrik Willianu mad 


SibrKoi fai* nun 

PdoU Lmsko 

hoTbect besdru 

Marten Gerriu dt hn stm 

B^icT V: Coelen 

John Ankin A Soo 

AmbrcKM Backer 

John Ogle 

gerrii Smith A mo 

Tho: barriA 

Tho; HpTj 

John Ogle's aerruit 

Fhill; hug|[an 

Jan Gerriu 

huniphrjr Cittlr 

George More 

JkO hulk 


Pvtvr Mualooder 

Andria Tille 

faaybart Lourcru 

Jolm WittkiDs 

P«i«r Volckert* 

Tho: JaculM Sc 3 bom 

CUcB Aodries 

Aert Jansen 


John Nummemen 

Bjmm &k«U 

Oele PuuUe A. his Bralher 

I'ftlrik Carr 

Bwart Jacob & i Bona 

I'virr MnlhtiiN) 

harmeo Janeen 

Ucndrik Hibraobi 

WUl: Ra/nboo 

^^^^^^^^^^ HECORDS OF 


161 ^^1 

^^^1 Walnvcn Janscn 


M' Oothouta 2 ierrants 


^^^1 Gjabert Wolrnveiu 


Will : GilynmscD 


^^^1 Brocr Sinnox 


Cbtcs Jaoiten 


^^^H Jurian JuriuDs 


Mach: lAcroa Senior 


^^^H Jftn Sinnez« 


Mach: Lacro Junior 


^^H Mathbu MatLi&as d' TM 


Jan Locroy 


^^^1 From ye next side 


Brougtit ouer 


^^^H Jkd Andrice 


Aert Jauden 


^^M Will: ^ndrt>n) 


Steithei) Juriana 


^^^H Cbarl(« T* frentiman 


Lace hendrika 


^^^H Sam; Pvtvre & »on 


Math: Hertelsen 


^^^1 Lac« Wajmiin 


Erik Jurians & Serrant 


^^^H Tynicn BUddain &, 4 sou* 


John Tingell 


^^^H John Andrie* & 2 sons 


Jan Comely m 


^^^H Jscob V : \'«er & 2 sotu 


Mach: baron & 2 90iu 


^^^H ham I'eten 


The: Arnold 


^^^H Peter hendrix 


gerrit V: Imtneo 


^^^H Jufltn I'otilMm 


Job: V: Immen 


^^^f Jun6 V* Smith 


Jelles Giljaiusen 


^^^H P«tcr Jegou 


bans Scbiex 


^^^H hendrik ncaleon 


John Pledger 


^^^H Jacob A oeic (.'leniiiieoa 


faipolel Lafever & servant 


^^^H Kendrilc Claassen 


John Smith 


^^^1 Lacc DcLscn 


Sam: NicoUa 


^^^H Ocle OcWu & 2 90DB 


(Niiii he<tgu & neger 


^^^H Puull Mi>en)>eD 


Rodger liugginga 


^^H Caiyll Pelenwn 


Kdwt Cbamnies A serr' 


^^^1 Xtopher Itaniee & 1 eerr^ 


Anthony Padge 


^^^H Barcnt Gerriue 


Will: goodcbild 


^^^1 Hnrkus Louroaa 


Will: WilkiH>en 


^^^H Ne«le(i NeelMU 


Will: MoesterHman 


^^^B Oele fratuen A son 


John fuller 




Markns Kllogart 




Rich: Guy 


^^^^^y Eastcroc Shoar* 

and 3 iiervants 


^ Jan hradrix 


Tliom: Wattcfon 


^^^P diaid A Peter hendriks 


Tho: dodwell & flerTant 


^^^B liacq Sauoy 


John Smilb 


^^^H Hathiaa Kealson & man 


Abram E^nlooa 


^^^H Mata Malaen 


John Kicolla 


^^^H Peter Roelorx A nnn 



^^^^ Luca« Petere & 2 una 


The whole number of y* 


^^H Jan £rix 


Tydiiblco being 


^^^1 Poal Mincx 


I Bty 307 Tydablea 


^^^1 Jan berm»en Kmll 







A Coppy of the fynes Imposed by the Court of New Castle 
as they wore given up by the fonner Clercq 4*** of May 1675 
Lucas Petersen ^60 : 

John Eriksen 60 : 

Jacob Clcmensen 60 : 

Fines by the High Court 

Jacob Vanderveer 400 

Evert Eck 400 

Thorn : Jacobson 400 

Matheus Mntheuss 400 

Jurian Boatsman 100 

John Ogle 400 

John Brodborne 800 

gerrit Smith for selling drinko 1 oaa 
to the Indians / 



Brought over / 3250 

Nov; y« O"- 1676 

Twoo of y" finns of pompoen hoek "i 
were fined for burning M^ outhouts liouao / 

I(V77 John Tarkinton was fyned for \ 

Sepi 4 Challenging Jan Sierics in the field / 

henry Johnson was fyned for up- 1 

holding Pelle Mathias Servant / 





A List and Coppy of those p^'sons who haue not wrought to 
the dykes as itt was delivered unto the oflSce by Justice J° 

. n boeck 

Cape" Even In j* Towne & in Blocqs dyke / 60 
Stoffell Meyer («Ib) Coiiiwebrjrer ditto 
Ilcndrik Smilh Tu Mist" Blwsja dyke 20 





Bronght ouer 


Henctrik Jaiuen his aoD 

SO : 

Gerrit Smith biB aon 


AmbroOB Backer his son AHflm 


Anthony Bryant A h.'a nan 


Jan JiujMin Lbo bocnt hoii 


Clirifrtopher vun Lner 

20 : 

Heodrik Vanden Burgh 


Enogli Bolten Smith 


Will : orian Smith 

20 : 

Barent y* Stockeu knitter 

20 : 

John Kemble 

20 : 

Oilden /'1920 

Itt waa this day Resolved and ordered by the Court, that all 
the Inliabitaiits of this Towne of New Castle whoe haue and 
Clayme any Intrest In the Common fly or Marrish, Every one 
to make up liis proportionable shoare or part of the fence w^ is 
now begun, and Lykewyse the Towns shcare betweono the s^ 
fly and the Laud of Capt" Cantwell and M' Dehucs, The same 
to bee done betweene this and the 25'*' of the month of March 
next upon penally that evoiy negleetivo p'^son shall forfeit the 
aumc of twenty and fyve Gilders ; and to Loose his shear© and 
lutrest In the same; The Court further appointing M' Johan: 
D© liaes & M' hendrik Williams to bee ouerscers ouer the 
Towno dyke sluys and the feiwre^ belonging to the Towne fly, 
whoe are hereby Imi)Owered and Requiered to see that the 
aforcstanding order bo observed p^senting all p'sons in default 
and to take Care that the said sluys dyke and fence bee kept 
In good Repair. 

The Court takeing into Co nsie deration that itt was necessary 
that the highwayes were Cleared ouer, and in aeverall places 
mended w*** Bridges and otherwayes ; did therefore appoint 
and authorize the following p'eons to bee ouerseers of the 
Highway between this Towne and oppoquenemen viz* : 

Johannes Dehaes and Hendrik Williams to bee oyerzeers of 
the People of this Towne swnnwyke and all on this syde of 
Ci-isteen their part of the Highway to bee fix>m this Towne To 
the Red Lyon. 


Gaspares herman to bee ouerzeer oner all the Inbnbitante 
of St Georges Oppoquenemen and Blakebird Creeke only 
Excepting the Towne People of Oppoqenemen, w*^ dwell 
betweene the drayers Creeke and the old Landing: his part 
of the Highway to bee from the Red Lyon to the Cartway of 
8* Gaspares. 

Roelof Andriea to bee overzeer over the Towne People in 
Oppoquenemen w"^ Lyo betweene the drayers Creeke and y* 
old Landing, his part of y" way to bee from oppoquenemen 
to Gaspares s** Cartway : and the s*^ ouerzeera are further Im- 
powred when they think fitt to warne Every one his s** men 
by sending the Constables about, and are Requiered to p'sent 
the defaulters. 

Att a Court held in the Towno of New Castle Begun the 
first <fe Continued the 2°"^ & 3"* of Janu leVJ 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrich 

P'sent M' Walter Wharton > Justices 

M' Jean Paul Jaoquet 
W Gerret otto J 

Capt Edm : Cantwell H : Shcrrife. 

The underwritten Letter from his bono' Governo' Androsa 
to this Court was this day opened and Read in Court. 

New Yorke y" 13*^ of Octo' 1677. 
Gentlemen : 

I haue writt to the Comand' and this is to acquaint you 
alsoe, that haueiiig his Royall Highnesse Leaue for my owue 
occasions, this winter So as to Retume in the spring all things 
being well throug the whole Government, I : Intend god will- 
ing Going home in a shipp here bound for London Leaving 
all things to Remaine in all parts of the Government as now 
settled, and therefore Recoraend Yo' being verry vigilant and 
Careful! (wich I will not doubt) for the due administration of 
Justice in yo' sevenill stations, and perticularly that Inferior 


RftCOKDB 0$ 

officers doe their duty for the good <fc quiet of their Respective 
places according to Law, any apealcs to bo to the Court of 
Azzizes, w^** or extraordinarys may bee sent to the aecretary 
Capt° Nicolla here and if occasion bee Comraunicated to the 


(The superscription was) 
For the Justices or 
Magistrate of y® Court 
of N : Castle in Delow' 

att N : Castle. 

I am 

Yo*^ affectionate frind 
to serve you : 


Capt° Xtopher Billop this day p'sented in Court a Ijetter 
The Coppy thereof w^ the Courts answer to the same is here- 
under Recorded viz': 
Gentlemen : 

His Hono' Uovemo' Andrews hauo Comanded mee that 
care should bee taken for ])utting the forte or Redute belong- 
ing to this Towno of New Castle in fitting Repaire for y* 
Contrey serves itt being for the publicq serves ought to bee 
Repaired by the Inhabitauts w'* in the p'cincts of this Juris- 
diction, and not out of any of his Royall Highnesse Revenews 
w**** I hope you will take emedeate Care for Ray ... of mon- 
neys In order to Repairing said forte, and In discharge of my 
Duty I : dcsiere this and ytf" answer may beo Recorded w*** 
all I : hope you will haue Reguard to the Redout att oppo- 
quenomen & Vordritige hook, no more but Remaine : 

N. Castell Janu 1 : 167J Yo' assured frind 

(The superscript : was) Chris. Billopp. 

These for the Justices 

of New Castle. 

The Courts answer to the aboves^ Letter of Capt Billop. 

That on the 25*** of March next the High Sherrife is to 
bring in his acct : of Receipts and that after what debts are 
alieddy due on the publicq ace* shall bee first paid & dis- 



charged, the (V* is willing that what then shall bee left in 
Cass: that the same bee Imployed to the use abovesaid. 

M' John Yeo produced in Court a Pattent of 800 acres of 
Land in Cristina Creeke w'^*' s'' Pattent was assigned ouer unto 
him the s*^ John Yee, by John Edmonds oft' Chaptank River 
in Maryland as by the assigum* upon y* Bak of s** Pattent 
then apeared. The said John Yeo Lykewyse produced an 
Indenture or Couveigance from the aboves** John Edmonds 
and Sara his vryfc for the aboves^ Pattent and the p'mifleee 
therein Contained bearing date 30*^ of November 1677 ; w"* 
said Indenture or deed stands Recorded by the Request of s* 
M' Yeo and the Co^ order in the Records of Conveigances on 
folio 22. Thomas how one of the witnesses to the Indenture 
and Assignment of the Pattent of John Edmonds A Sara his 
wife, being Sworne in Court declared that he was p^sent and 
did see Jolm Edmonds & Sara his wyfe Signe Seale and de- 
liver unto the deeds & wrytings hereafter mentioned (viz*): 

To the assignment of a Pattent of SCO acres of Land Lying 
In Cristina Creeke, also to an Indenture of Conveigance of 
the said Pattent alsoe to a bond of 100 pounds w*'' John 
Edmonds did passe for performance of the aboves^ p'misses, 
and Lykewyse a Letter of attorney of the said Edmonds unto 
M' John Moll for to aknowlcdge the aboves^ deeds in the be- 
halfe of a*^ Edmonds unto the aboves** John Yeo: The 
aboves** Thorn : how decltired Lykewyse upon oath that hee 
was p^sent and did see James Clayland signe seale and deliver 
unto a Letter of attorney from him the s** Clavland unto John 

M' John Moll akording to his Letter of attorney and power 
from John Edmonds, Did In Court aknowledge unto John 
Yeo The Pattent Land and p'misses above named. 

The Court udjomed untill the 2*"^ of Janu : now Instant* 



Janu : 2»^ The Court sate. 

John Cocx P'* 
John Hbrmsen Def 

Jury The P" demands of def the delivery of 

W" Somple a fatt ox by this P" bought of this def* in 

John Williams tlie month of October Laest, desiers that 
Casp : herman the deP may deliver the said ox or make 
bend : Williams good unto him his Damage to the vallue 
Roelof Andress of 400 fb of Tobb: w"> the Costs. The 
def desiers that the P'^ may proove his 
declaration^ and w"^ all that the Case may 
bee referred to a Jury: To w*"" the P'* 
being willing a Jury was Impanelled 
whoe (haueing heard the debates of both 
partees as well as the witnesses sworne) 
went out and brougt in their verdict 
wich was viz' Wee find for the P^' w"* Costs of suite twelve 
pence damadgc. 

The Court ordered Judgem* accordingly. 

geo: more 
John Ogle 
Charl : Ramsey 
Isacq Tayne 
Jan Bisk 
Mart : Gerritz 
John Can 

Abraxi Man P" 

Jarvis Marshall I)ef 

The P*' declares that on or about y* 26**" day of y* month of 
Novemb' Last past this P" agreed and bargained w^ this def* 
for 100 w" of suggar, for w°*> the P^* was to pay this Def* in any 
merchants pay in the Towne the sume of 50 shillings : Now 
80e itt is that the P'^ demanding the said suggar and proffer- 
ing to pay the def* in Reddy wheat, skins or Tobbacco (w** 
are all three good and Currant paycs of the River) The Def* 
Refused and still doth Refuse to deliver the suggar according 
to said agrecmont wherefore the P^* desiers this worpp" Court 
to order that the def* may deliver the s** suggar & Receive bis 
pay according to agreem* and bee beo ordered to pay the Costs. 

The def deneys the absohithnesse of the Bargaino and 



desiere that the P** may proove his declaration according to 

M^ Samuell Bercker being aworne In Court declares tliat the 
P^* declaration and every word thereof is truth : and the P" 
Lykewyse swearing the same the Court ordered the def* to de- 
liver the suggar and Receive his pay of the P" according to 
agreement, and pay Costs. 

17 Jwju : 167J exe- M' Johannes De Haes desiered in Court 
cat: ««•» y boddy. ^jj^^ j^^ j^jgjjj ^^y^ Judgem' Granted him 

against Docto' Thorn : Spry attorney & bayle of geo. oldficld 
upon the agreem* made before the Court the 2"** of October 
I^aest past Concerning the action of the siallop. The Co" 
haueing heard the allegations of doc to' Spry upon the same, 
Doe order that Judgem* be enterred against the s'' Thomas 
Spry that bee pay unto the s^ Dehaes according to the above 
agreement (als) execution. 

RoKLOF Andriks P^' 
Thomas Link DeH 

The P'* demands of deP by his bill bearing date 4* of May 
1677 the sume of 500 ft) of Tobbacco & Caske, and the def 
haueing departed the governm* w**'out sattisfying said debt 
the P" hath hath Laid an arrest upon so much of the deft' 
Crop in the hands of Lucas Ebell and desiers Judgem* w"* 
Costs. Joseph Burnham one of the Witnesses to the s** bill 
being sworne declares that hee was p'sent and did see Thom : 
Link signe scale and deliver the s*^ bill to the use of Roelof 
An dries. 

Lucas Ebell apearing in Court- sayes that there are no effects 
of the def* in his hands, but that the def did give the same 
unto him before his going. 

The Court ordered Lucas Ebell to proove that the def" 
Cropp belongeth unto him by the next. Court 



Jan Bt8ck and Isacq Tayne-v 

tho admiuislrato' (fc heirs of VP** 

Isaac Tayxe deceased ) 

Thomas Spry Dcf* 

6* Janu- iti:; Eie- '^'*® ^"* '" their said quality demand of 
catMtkenout hyy* the def by his bill the full and Just su me 
P" HR** y» iwdiJy of of 472 gilders Zewant or the vallue thereof 
^ * ■ ill good and uierchand : pay of the River as 

by s^ bill bearing date 18**' of October 1675 doth apcare and 

more the sumo of foarthy fyve gilders by accornpt. 

The deP ownes the bill but sayes that the Court Must pay 

300 Gilders thereof for Brantie. 

The debates of both partees being heard The Court ordered 

Judgement to boo enterred against the Defendent for tho sume 

of foure hundered seventy aud two gilders according to the S* 

Bill %•"> Costs of suit. 

John Edmonds by M* John Moll ) p^ 

his attorney J 

Thomas Spry Def* 

The P*' demands of the Def* by his the s"* def*« bill obligate 
ory the quantity of 86 bushoUs of winter wheat for the pay- 
ment of 42 Bushells as by said bond bearing date 2*" of June 
A*" 1675 (and now uknowledged by tho def) apeared. 

The Court ordered Judgem* to be Enterred against the said 
def* for the quantity of 86 bushells of wheat according to the 
s** bond w^** Costs. 

Whereas M' John Moll substitute and attorney of Gideon 
Gunry whoe was substituted and authorized by John Lee the 
attorney of Walter Tucker and Company made itt apeare to 
the Court that John Roode stands Justly Indebted unto the 
abovesaid Walter Tucker and Comp : In the full aud Just sume 
or quantity of one thousand twoo hundered eighty and nine ft) 
of good Tobbacco and Caske payable upon all demands as by 
the ef^ bill produced in Co^ did apeare. The Court ordered 
that Judgem' be entered against the said John Rood for the 



paym^ of the aboves^ sume of 1289 ft> of Tobbacco and Gaske 
w"* the Costa. 

Just: John Moll P" 
The Estate of John \ r^ « 
ASKiN decoaaod ) 

13* febraary 167; '^^^ ^'* demands of Dof* for sundry goods 
Exat: lasaed oat by the Def^ bought and Received during his 
signed hy Just lifetime as apeured by the accoinpt produced 
^^ in Court the aunie of fyve hundercd fortliy 

six gilders elleven sty vers zewunt vallue : and more sence the 
decease of the def^ paid for worke mens Labour by the Re- 
quest of this deP* widdow the sume of three hundered eighty 
& fy vegilders, for w** said sumes the P" hath Laid an attach- 
ment ufwn 8oe much of the defLs : effects, and prayes for 
Judgement w* Costs, The widdow of the deceased ucknowl* 
edging the debt In Court; The Court ordered that Judgem* 
bee entered against the 8^ estate for theaboves^ sumes, and do 
allow of the attachment. 

Peter Groenendyck ?•' 

Maria Block Def 

The P*" attorney not haueing tymely entorred his declara- 
tion and the Dcf* deeicring a Continuance untill the next 
Court ; The Court granted y* same. 


^ In an action of 
debt toy* sume 
of 360 gilders 
7 sty: by ace* 

Will: Hamilton 

Will : Simple 

The Estate Execute' or admin* \ r» « 
istrato' of John Ask in dec. J 
The widdow of deceased aknowledging the debt in Court: 
The Court ordered Judgement to bee enterred against the s** 
estate of the def* for the sume of three hundered sixty gilders 
and seven styvere w^ y* Costs and doe allow of the attach- 
ment by the P" Laid upon the Cowes. 



Just : Jean P. Jacqubt P' 

Lack Way & Samuel Peters Def* 
The differeuce being about a peece of marrish w°'' being 
heretofore by the Co^' Referred to the pxamination of M' 
Walter Wharton the yurvcigo' who© this day makeing Report 
to the Court that the marriah in Controversy whereon the hay 
was mowed by the def* doth according to the Patient belong 
unto the P*» M' Jacquet : The Court doe order tlmt the P'' for 
the future have quiet possession of 8** marrish : and tliat senc« 
itt proves the y* marrisli belongeth to the F* by Consequence 
alsoe the hay w** is mowed tliereon by the def*. The Court 
notwithstanding desiering M' Jacquet to Lett the def huue 
the hay In Regard of their Cattle for the winter. 

Whereas itt was Represented to the Co'* that att a Court 
held in this Towne of New Castle y" 7^ of July 1G73, There 
was Judgement past against twoo mares a Jcarling & one foale 
belonging unto Samuel hopkins then running in the woods 
and that the said mares haue sence not ben brought up, untill 
now one mare & Coult is brougt upp. The Court upon the 
Request made in behalfe of M' Will : Tom (wlioe obtained the 
aforesaid Judgem* ag" s'* mares) Doe authorize & Impower 
The high sherrife to Lay Execution upon the said mare & 
Coult now in hand and apoint for apraizers of the same John 
Gerritz and John ogle whoe are to make a Returne thereof to 
this Court. 

Upon the Peticon of Peter Bayard and John Wallis : The 
Co^ doe grant them Liberty to take up in the duke Creeke 
foure hundered acres of Land They Seating and Improoveing 
the same according to his bono"" the Governo" Regulacons. 

Upon the Petition of Lucas Ebell, The Court doe grant him 
Liberty to take upp twoo hundered acres of Land hee seating 
& Improoveing the s^ Land according to his bono' the Gov- 
orno" Regulacons. 

The Court adjomcd till tomorrow. 



Janu y* 3'^ Co^ sate. 

Ufjoii the Peticon of Richard Hudden The Court doe grant 
him Liberty to take up twoo huudered acres of Land hee seat- 
ing A. Impruovcing the said Laud according to his houo' 
Govenio"' Regulations. 

Upon the Re(juest of Will : hedges Tlie Court doe grant him 
Liberty to take upp a Lett w'" in this Towne of Now Castle 
hee building A iinprooveing y* same according to the Gov- 
erno" oixiera. 

William Tom P" 
Jacob Clementss Def 
Whereiis itt was made apt'are to the Court that The def* 

stands Indebted unto the P" Cor fees the sume of tlierty <fe 

eight gilders 12 sty vers, The Court doe order Jiidgm' to bee 

enterred ag** the def* for s^ debt w* CosLs. 

Arthur Carelton was ordere<l by the Court to pay for y* 

funcrall & Jury Charges of his ^Servant John herding whoe 

was found dead Iii the boate before oele Toursens house. 

S^-JanaieTjExwut: M'Jo'm ^^oll desieriiig Execution against 
taken out aft'* Tho: Thomas Spry as the Bayle of geo. oldfield 
Spr7»boddy«iniiio [a the twoo Judgements by him the said 
aKUoi». ^r ^lyii obtained y« f)"* of September Laest 

past against said oldfield — Tho: spry shewing no Lawful! 

Cause to the Contrary — The Co'' granted the same. 

John Moll P'* 

John Roodk Def 
The P'* declares ihat the def» stands rndebted unto the P" 
for sundry good« delivered as a|>eHrs by his accorapt, the full 
and Just surae of throe liundered ninety and three gilders 
payable in Tobbacco att 8 styvers p' pound att the plantation 
of s^ P" but in stead of ihat the duH hath deserted the Cropp 
w**^ hee made there whereby the said Cro]ip stocke and planta- 
tion of the P'* is damnifyed & prejudiced by the deP* Breatch 
of Covenant to the valluc of 4000 lb of Tobbaccu, and there- 



Upon he briuga his suite and desiers This Worpp" Courts 
order for his said debt & daraadg© w'*' the Costs. 

Tho : Spry 
geo : more 
Sam : Barker 
Ralph hutchinson 
John Can 
sam : Land 
fran : holtand 
W" Osborne 
W" hodges 
Jan heruisen 
John dauita 
Peter Abrink 

The deft Remaining default and 
the P" haueing made oath in Court 
to his abovea^ account : The Court 
ordered Judgement to bee Eiiterred 
against the dtjH for the aboves** debt 
of 3U3 gildera But as to the damadge 
the same was Referred to a Jury, 
whoe haueing heard the wittnesBes 
examined tfe sworne : as also the DeP" 
Conditions w"' the P^* went out, and 
brougt in their verdict w** was viz* 
III an action depending botweene M' 

Moll P'* and John Roode dof* 
wherein by M' Moll was called a Jury, wee tlie Jurors do 6nd 
for the P'* fifteen hunderod Sb of Tobbacco damage w*** Costs 
of suite. 

The Court ordered Judgement accordingly. 

Walter Wharton P" \ Continued untill The next 
John Berker Def* / Court. 

Charles Ramsey Constable of the north syde of Cristina 
apearing in Court and dosiering to be dismist of his Constables 
place and p'senting Mathias Mathiasse for Constable in his 
Roome, The Court this day appointed & authorized the said 
Mathias Mathiasse to be Constable in the Roome of the said 
Ramsey for and during the space of one Jeare or till another 
be sworne In his Roome and the s** Mathias was sworne and 
Received the Constables Staf accordingly. 

In Lyke manner as above was this day apointed & sworne 
(In the Roome of Samuel Land) Reynier Vander Coelen for 
Constable of the Towne of New Castle and the p'cincts thereof. 

John Taylor was In Lyke manner as above this day ap- 
pointed & authorized for Constable In the Roome of the de- 
ceased Walter Rowles his Limits to bee from the Southsyde of 



Edmond Cantwkll 
RAKMEN Johnson 

John ogle 
J** Tarkinton 

John Walkeb 
Petek Lucas 

Ann "Westkrndai.l 
John Foster 


John Anter 


I Withdrawn by y* P'« 


Deft / P't« Request 


P^' 1 both partoea default 
Def* / a noil suit ordered 

pit . 


by the 

The underwritten bill was this day past by Arthur Carelton 
In Court unto M' John Yeo. 
N : Castle as : 

Know all men by these p'sents that T : Arthur Carelton of 
the County of Cecil in the province of Maryland Gentl : doe 
owe and am Indebted unto John Yeo of New Castle upon 
Deloway River Clerai" the full and Just quantity of Twoo 
thousand pounds of good sound merchandable Tobbaoco in 
Casque to bee paid unto the said John Yeu or to his Certaine 
attorney his heirs Exocuto" or assigns att some Convenient 
Landing in deloway River att or before the tenth day of Octo- 
ber next ensuing the date hereof and for the true p'fonuance 
hereof well & faithfully to bee made & done I : bind myselfe 
my heirs, eiecuto" & administrato" firmly by these p'"sents, 
sealed with my sealo dated this second day of Janu Annoq 
Dom : 1677. 

Testes Subscrybed 

John Moll Arthur Carelton (LS) 

Walter Wharton 

An order for y* makeing of Woolfepitts. 
The Court taking into Conciederation the dayly & Contin- 
uall spoyle <k damadge w*^ y** Woolves Committ uppon the 



stockes of the InhabitaritSp and that the said woolves (notwith- 
standing the former order of the Laest high Court allowing 40 
gilders for each WooUe head) are no wayc* more destroyed 
than heretofore: Itt was therefore this day Resolved and 
ordered by tlie Court for the good of the Country in generall 
that ntt or about the places, neighbt>urhood6 A plantations 
hereafter mentioned by the Inhabitants thereof bee made and 
erected fitting woolfo pilts or houses wherein the said varmin 
may bee catched & destroyed, the same to bee made by the 
first of the month of May next uppon y* forfeiture and penalty 
of seventy and (yve gilders each partee neglecting the same : 
The severall Constables from tyme to tyme are to see that this 
order bee fulfilled and observed, and alsoe that the said pitta 
or houses bee in good order well bayted & tended ; They to 
Infonne ag*" the neglcctors, and to baue balfe of the forfeiture 
for their paynes. 

woolf« pittH or 
trap homes 
Hans Potors and y® other Inhabitants att \ 

Schilpatts kill to make one J 

Jacob Vander Veer att or about liis plantat : 
Jan Andriesse Stalcop & Tymen Stiddem 
Lace Way and Sam : Peters 
William Sandford 

Mathias Mathiass Jan Anderson A P. Jegou 
Broer Sinnexe & Walraven Janss 
William Raynbo & harmen Johnson 
Jacob Jansen & his sons 

The Inhabitants upon Bread A t* Cheese Island 
Charles Ramsey & Jan Nummersen 
Peter Blober & Sick oelkene 
Andriee Tilie to make 
Jan Gerritz A Ralph hutchinson 
Att Swart Nueten Island 
Att John Arskins Plantation 
Marten Gerritze 



CASTLE. ^^^^^^1 

^H^^* The InhabiUints ati vuerenhoek 


^^^^^ Jurian Boatsman 



^^^^H M' Jucquet & Peter Claassen 



^^^^H Moens Poulsen & StofibU myer 



^^^^^1 Crainhoek Inhabitants 



^^^^^H Swanwiko Inliabitantg 



^^^^H N. Castle Inhabitants 



^^^^H Anthony Bryant & Geo : More 


^^^H Att M' Totns PLaDtation 


^^^H Att M' Molls Plantation 


^^^^^1 Jacob Joung 


^^^^H John Scott 


^^^^H James Crawford 


^^^^H Gaspares herman 


^^^^H Dirck Williams S^ partner 


^^^^^B Hcnrick Walraven &. Jan Backer 


^^^^H John Taylor & Thorn : Suooden 


^^^^H gerret otto & Jan Siericx 


^^^^V Roelof Janse & Adam Pielers 


^^^^L Att Capt° Cantwella plantation 


^^^^H Lucas Ebell 


^^^^H Hans 


^^^^H Robb : Morton & John Street 


^^^1 Tho: Snelling & J'' Whyte 


^^^P Will : Grant 1, Robb : Tailent 1, Walter AVharton 1, ^| 

^^^^H Morris Listen 1 and Peter Bayard 1. 


^^^^^ New Castle february the 5*^ 167| Justice John Moll Justice ^^| 

^^^^H Peter alrichs & Justice Gerret otto meeting 

on this Teusdav ^^H 

^^^^H being the usual Court day and there wanting Justices to make ^^^| 

^^^^H up a full Court: The s** Justices therefore 

thought good to ^H 

^^^^H adjourne the Court untill the first Teusday 

in the month of ^H 

^^^^H March now next ensuing. 


^^^^B Capt" Edmund C antwell was ordered by the Justices above ^^| 

^^^^^1 named to secure the goods &. Chatties of M' 

William Tom de- ^M 

^^^^H ceased, untill the next Court as when the Court will appoint ^B 

^^^^H appraizers & take further order therein : 

r 1 




The Justices aboveaaid This day haue ordered & Impoured 
the p'sent Clercq Ephraim Herman to take the Records A 
other publicq writing of y** LatB Clercq Will ; Tom deceased 
into his Custodie and in Regard y* s** Records are as yet in a 
disorderly A distracted forme : notwithstanding his bono' the 
Govemo^ as well as this Court haue dyvers tymes ordered the 
8^ M' Tom to put y* same in better forme w^** beiag as yett 
not done A dyvers p'^sons Couserned dayly Complayning. The 
s** Eph : Herman therefore desiered & fully Impouwred to put 
y' same Records A j)ublit'q Consenies in y" best forme hee 
can, he eto haue for his paynes y* fees yett due by the said 
Records: w** will be more amply Confirmed the next Court. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle Begun y* 5*^ 
and Continued the sixth A 7^ of March Anuoq Dom : 167| 
M' John Moll 
M' Peter alrichs 
P'sent M' fopp outhout \ Justicee 

M^ Jean P : Jacquet 
M' Gerret otto 
Capt" Edmund Cantwellh : Sherrife 
M"" John Jeo M' Emilius De Ringh M' hendrik Williams & 
M^ Jan hermsen, did p'sent M"^ Walter Wharton for marrying 
himst'lfe or being marryed directly Contrary to y** knowne 
Lawes of the kingdomo of England A alsoc of the LaweR A 
Customs of this Province : The Court haueing heard the 
Relacon of Justice Gerret otto about y** same Doe order that 
M' Wharton answer y* brealch of y" Lawe A his Contempt att 
y® next Court. 

Itt being Lykewyse p'sented in Court that M' Walter 
Wbarton did promis Lands . . . enter y° same in his booke 
before that y** p'sous for whoome hee did itt had any grunt 
or ord"" of Co'* for y" same, ordered the hee alsoe answer his 
soe doing att y** next Court. 

Upon the Peticon of M' John Yeo desiering a grant of this 
Court to take up a peece of land Lying Just behind y^ Land 



by him purchased w*'** if taken up by any others will proovo 
mulch to his detriment : The Court haue granted the Peticon' 
to take up fower hundered acres hee seating A Improoveing 
the a* Land according to y* orders A Regulacons of his Hono' 
the gouvorno^ 

Upon the Peticon of Jan Eriksen Staphen Juriansen & 
Hendrik Evertsen desiering to bee Impowred to Looke after 
y® Estate of y^ orphans of Jurian Junsen deceased, whereof 
three Childeren heretofore by the Court are put out unto them: 

Itt was ordered that the Peticon" haue power to Collect 
what shall bee due to thorn the said Children by any manner 
of wayes or means, and they to nso all lyawfuU means for y® 
best of y* s** orphants in Looking after their Intrest, and to 
bee accomptable to y*^ Court for what they shall Receive & act, 
whoe then will equally devyde the same amonghst the orpans 
In Generall and give further order therein. Hendrik Junsen 
is ordered to deUver to annettie the daughter of Jurian Junsen 
the cowe belonging to hur by Inheritants of hur said fathers 
Estate. The Co" ordered Henry Johnson to deliver to Elizabeth 
the other daughter of Jurian Junsen deceased, hur Cowe fallen 
to hur bv Inheritants of the Estate of her said father deceased. 

Upon the Peticon of Samuel Bercq*" & francis Holland, de- 
siering a grant to take up a seat of land etc. The C^o" haue 
granted the Peticon" to take up each twoo hundered acres 
of Land they seating & Improoven the s** Land according 
to the orders & Regulacons of his Hono' ttie Govemo'. 

Ephraim Herman makeing appoare in Co" that M' William 
Tom deoeiised & his Estate is and stands Justly Indebt^xl unto 
him as p' ace* produced & sworno unto in Court, the sume of 
twoo hundered <fe fifty and twoo Gilders : The Co" ordered 
that the same bee paid him out of y® estate of y" s^ M' Tom : 
w"* y" CoeU. 

The ace* of Phisik adrainistred by docto' Daniell Wella 
unto henrj' Stanbrooke deceased w**" his Peticon being p'ferred 
In Court, The Co" ordered y** vendu master Ephraim Herman 
to pay y® s^ ace' to y* sume of sixty gilders w*** y' Costs unto 



y' 8^ docto"" Wells out of y* vendu monny in his hands belong- 
ing to y** Estate of y* said Stanbrooke. 

PiETKR Groenkndyck by ) pii 

Cap^ Edm : Cantwell his attorn : i 
Mary the widdow of H. Blocq Def* 

The P" demands of this Def by hur bill bearing date the 
30"* of July 1677 the sume of one hundered fourthy & fyve 
Gilders & 4 styvors Wampum or y* vallue thereof in Winter 
wheat att 5 gilders & 8 styv" p' skiple. 

The deP aknowledges y* signing of y* bill, but sayes that 
shee was thereunto forced through the Treats of y" P'^ att New 
Yorke, and proffers to make apeare that the Debt is no Just 
debt In case the Oo^ will bee pleased In hur Releefe to grant 
hur a hearing in Equity. 

The Co'* upon y** defendants aknowledgem^ doe order 
Judgem' ag^ y*' def* according to Bill, w"* stay of Execution 
untill y** next Co" as when y** Co" doe Grant the defendant a 
Rehearing thereof, Capt° Cregier being against that tyme 
Expected here whoe was p'sent att y" makeing of the Bill in 
New Yorke. 

r Neither P'* or 
dof* ai>eariug 
this Co" or- 
dered a non 
suit against 

pit y^ttX y. 


Walter Wharton 
John Bercquer 

John Williams Plaintife 
Estate of Barbnt Eqebbrtbe 


Upon Request 
of both par- 
tees this ac- 
tion is con- 
tinued until 
next Co" 




Vanden Burgh his attorney 
Gysbjsht Dirkben 


'In an action of 
debt by bal- 
lance of ace* 
the quantity 
of 367 sch : of 
winter wheat. 

Hendrik vanden Bxirgh attorney for P" apearing in Court 
and producing in Court, the ace* of M*" frederick Philips 
sworne unto before M' Stephonue van Cortland Mayor of 
New Yorke, the ballanco of w^ ace' being three hundered 
sixty & seven Schipple of wheat : and the Def Gysbert Dirck- 
sen having heretofore brougt in his Contra ace* by w*"** bee 
made apeare to haue paid more than M' Philips hath given 
him Creditt the valluo of sixty & one schipple of wheat, To 
w*** his tf* hee haueing made oath in Court: The Court doe 
order that .Indgein* bee entered agdinst the def* for y" quan- 
tity of three hundered <fe six Shipple of winter wheat w* 
the Costs. 

Tymkn Stiddem P" 

Jacob vander Veer Def* 

The P^' demands a Conveigance for a Certaino percell of 
Land by him bought of 3^ def* in y® Jeare 1667 : Lying on 
both sydes of y* Brandewyno Crcoke : The Def* Replys that 
he hatii 8ould to y** P'* no other Land but what Lyeth on the 
southsyde of y* Brandcwync Creeke w"^ the P'* now possesses. 
The Debates of both partces being heard Itt is ordered that 
the Land w**** M' Tymen Sttddem bought of Walraevcn Jansen 
& Moens Andries That hee the P^* may Cause the same to bee 
surveighed, and obtayne a Pattont for the same. 

Upon the Peticon of Justa Poulsen & Lace Martensen de- 
sieriug a grant to take up one hundered acres of Land, The 
Co" granted the same they seating & Itnprooveing the said 
Land according to his Hono' the Govcrno" orders and In- 



Edmund Cantwkll <fe 
Johannes Dehaes 

Aebt Janssn 

r In an action of the Case 

. pita for y* deP not f/forming 

of a Contract upon y* 

DeP P"* Land on tlje East 

^ syde of this River. 

Before Judgem* past, The partes did declare to haue mu- 
tually agreed as followeth : Aert Johnson is to make good the 
olde Btocke of six Cowea or the valine thereof, to bee vallued 
by Indifferent p'sona as also the halfe of a cowe w*^ is dead 
belonging to Roelof the sou of Johannes Deha«a and the 8* 
Aert doth further Ingage to fulfill y* Contract by makeing the 
Barae The stable or stall, The fences Cartway etc : botweene 
this & the month of octob^ now next ensuing. 

To the above both p'tees did declare to stand & agree in 
Co" whoe ordered the same to bee Recorded. 

Thomas Harwood P" 
Jacob Va.xdekvker Def* 

This action is by the Request of both partees and w*** y* Co"* 
Consent Continued untill the next Court day. * 

Upon the Peticon of Abram Mann desieriug a grant & order 
to take up 600 acres of Land : The Court Granted the same, 
The Peticon' seating and improoveing the s'' Land according 
to his Hono' the Govemo" orders and Kegulacons. 

In an action of 
debt for 3 peeces 
of serge due by 

RoBBERD Williams attorney 'v 

for Joseph Post of Long V P" 

Island i 

Abthub Carelton the attor-•^ 

ney of y" Widdow & ad- I r^ « 

ministrato*" of John Mok- | 

GEN deceased J 

Upon y* P'** Request this action is Continued untill the P^* 
can send to Long Island to haue the Testimony of one of y* 
witneeses to the bill whoe Inhabits there. 


Joseph HouLDiNG P" \Thi9 action is withdrawn by 
John Antbr Def f Tho : Spry the P**" attorney. 

Edmond Cantwkll P*' 
Pelle Mathias Def* 

1678 26 Mch : Eie- The P»^ demands of Def* by this def*» bill 

ention Iwaed ag* bearing date the first of November 1677 the 

7»bodd]rof7*D«ft. gmjje of one hundered seventy fyve gilders 

& fifteen styv'. The def* Confesses hee signed to y* bill but 

sayes that hee was therunto forced by the Plaintife. The Ctf* 

haueing heard the Cause doe order that Judgem* bee Enterred 

against the deP for y* s^ 175 gildera 15 styv : w^ Costs. 

The Court adjorued till tomorrow the 6^ of March. 

See tku deed Record- G^orge Moote Bon & heir of his deceased 

ed in y Records of mother Anne Wale, This day apeared in 

Conreigances jccon Court and then & there did aknowledge the 

. gg^ig ^jj^ makeing ouer of a Certayne Pattent 

firom the Right Houo^"* Govomo' Maytf Edmoud Andross 

bearing date y^ 5* day of Novemher 1675: together w"* y* 

Land & premisses therein Contayned being a Tract of Land 

Called Chelsey Lying & being on the southsyde of St Georges 

Creeke Contayning tliree hundered acres of Land w^*" the 

Marrishes thereunto adjoyning : unto John ogle of Cristeena 

Creeke his heirs and assigns for Ever. 

See thied«d Record- '^*'^" ^S*® °*' ^nsteena Ch-eek and Eliza- 
ed in y* Recoil of beth his wvfe This day apeared in the Co" 
ConreiganceB on <fe then <fe there aknowledged the sale & 
foi: 27 A 28: makeing ouer of the aboves'^ pattent Land 

& p^misses unto John Test of Upland merchant his heirs and 

assignes for Ever. 

8«, this deed Reconi. J°^^" '^^ ^^ ^P^^^^^ '*"« ^^3' '^P®*^^ ^^ 

ed in J* Rccoidfl of Co" and then & there did aknowledge the 
CoDTeiganceietcon gale & makeing oner of tlie above said Pat- 
o: 28 A 29. ^^^ Land & p'misses unto Marmaduke Ken- 

dall of London, Merchant, his heirs and assignee for Ever. 



Peter Bayard desiered to baue his marke for Cattle & hoghs 
att his plantation at bombies hoek Recorded w'^'* was viz' a 
Cropp and twoo slitts in t)ke Left eare and a overkeel on the 
Right eare. 

Elizabeth Moroen administrate of) p,t 

John Moroen deceased / 

Morris Liston by Edra : Cahtwkll Def* 

The P'' demands of this def the sume or quantity of Eight 
thousand i>ound of Tobbacco & caske due to this P" by a bill 
ander y" hand & scale of him the defendant past to this P'*" 
husband John Morgen deceased benring date the 28*** of de- 
cember 1674 of wh'^*' said debt the P'* iiknimledges that t!ie 
one halfe is paid and humbly craues Judgeni^ ag*' the def* for 
y* Remnyning 4000 ft of Tobbacco w** Costa & damages. 

The def* desieres that the P" may be ordered to make a 
Tytle & assignment w*** a Pattent for a Certayne Tract of Land 
bought of P^* in Talbot County in Maryland hee being willing 
to beare all the charges thereof, w*^ being done the def is 
willing to pay the 4000 ft of Tobbacco. 

The Debates of both p'tees being heard The Co" ordered the 
def to pay unto y® P" the sume of 4000 ft of Tobbacco, upon 
y* payment whereof the P'' to make & passe a Conveigance to 
yo def* for y*' Land by the def* bought of y« 1"' in Talbot 
County aforesaid, The Charge Whereof to bee paid by the def* 
w^ this provisoe that Incase the P" can make apeare by the 
Records of Talbott County that a Conveigance has formerly 
past & made to the def* for the Land there, then the P*' to bee 
discharged from makeing any other & the deft to pay Costs. 


John Addams for his master Wn.L : 

The Estate of John AnsKrN deceased Def* 

The P'' declares as p' declaration for y* sume of 363 gilders 
zewant or the vallue w*** Costs. 

The Court having heard the Cause and the widdow of the 




deceased nknowledging the Bond of hur deceased husband 
past to y® P" to y« sume of 600 gilders for y* payment of 363 
gilders, Doe order y* Judgom' bee enterred against the said 
Estate according to bond for 363 gild" zcwanfc or y® vallue 
w"* the Costs. 

JohnOolb P'^ f^" attachra* by the P" Laid 

John Tahkiston Deal "*'"" ^ ^^""'^ ""^ ^^'^ ^^^^' "' 

L y* hands oi Kobb : vVilliuma 

The P'* not haueing any bill and not prooveing his declara^ 
lion is non suited. 

Justice Gerbet otto P*' 


'An attachm' by the P" 
Laid upon y* def** effecta 
in y" hands of John 

- Sieriexe. 

The Def* Remayning default, The (V doe allowe of the 
arrest & if t!ie P" doe not apeare att y* next Court then 
Judgem* to pase against the def. 

The Co'* adjonied untill to morrow y* 7"* of March. 

M"" John Yeo miui.ster being Latley Come out of Maryland, 
this day apearing in Court did exhibit & produce his Letters 
of orders & License to Read divine service administer the 
Holy Sacraments & preach y* word of God, according to y^ 
Lawcs & Constitutions of the Church of England. Tlie Co** 
haue accepted of y* s^ John Yeo, upon y* approbacon of his 
Hono' the Governo*" hee to bee mayntayned by the Gifts of y® 
free willing Givers wherow*'' the s^ John Yeo declared to be 

Upon the Peticou of John Addams in the Behalfo of his 
maeter Capt° Thorn De Lauall desiering Execution against 
the Estate goods and Chatties Lands A Tennementa of M* 
William Tom deceased, upon a Judgem* by the said Capt" De 
Lauali obtained in this Court y" 19^ of May 1677 : 

The Co^ answer that whereas Capl° John Colier on y* 16**" 
of June Laest past by order of Oapt" Thomas De Lauall did 



take out execution ag** the Boddy of William Tom for the 
payment of 4120 gilders w*** the Interest ife Charges, w*^** 
execution was then signed by Justice John MoU, and the high 
Sherrife Capt° Cantwell makeing Retume upon s^ Execution 
that the s** M' Tom was Confined to his Chamber for want of 
a prison ; and the s** John Addams now pleading in Court 
that the said M' Tom has been seen out of y* p'^cincts of this 
Court & severall tymes out of y* Chamber where he was Con- 
fined to, and that hee made his will & alsoe Dyed in the said 
Chamber after a prizon was built (in w'^'' will hee declared to 
bee <fe dye a p^soner for y" debt of Capt De Lauall. 

Itt is therefore the Courts opinion that sence they have 
alreddy signed to one Execution ag" the Boddy That therefore 
itt is Improper for them to grant any other Execution But 
that the estate of M' Tom shall Remayne in Custodi© of y® s^ 
high Sherrife Capt° Cantwell, and hee to answer this Case be- 
fore his Hono' the Governo'" & Councill att New Yorke To 
whome the Court humbly Referre the determination thereof. 

The Court have & doe hereby appoint A authorize M*" Gis- 
bert Dirckscn and M' William Souiple appraizers to upraize 
The Estate goods and Chattels of M^ William Tom decetised. 

John Ogle P^' 
Geo : Mooke Def* 

I Withdrawn by the P» 

9 Mftrch 167{ EzccuU 
Ukw ont bj M' Moll 
ag" y* jB^ood* & Chat- 
ties of W™ Currer: 

Justice John Moll P"* 
William Curkkr DeP 

The P't Complaynes that the deP is 
debtor unto him as apenre by his aknowl- 
edgment made by him in this Co" y* 7*** 
of february 167? the sume 2767 Bb of 
tobbacco & Caske : and the P^* haueing often demanded the 
said sume is as yett uusattisfyed wherefore hee hath laid an 
attachment upon all the goods & Chatties belonging unto the 
def* utt the plantation of M' William Tom deceased and 
humbly craues Judgem* ag*' the deP for y** aboveel^ sume, and 



that hia attachm^ may bee allowed of, w"* y* Costs. The def 
beiug default, The Court ordered Judgem* to bee Entered ag^ 
the deV- for soe mutch as the deH hath not paid In full of the 
aboverf* 2767 ft tobb° and doe allow of y® aboves* attachm' 
w"' y' Costa. 

Upon the Requeet of M' John Moll, ordered, that for the 
worke that has beu made by humphry Kittly & Joseph Burn- 
ham M^ Molls Servant sence their Contract TImt what shall 
bee earned & Jett Just due \i\)on y^ same sliall ife may bee 
Received by M' Moll aforenamed untill this date. 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P*' 
Humphry Kittlr Def* 

The def being default & not apearing according to arrest, 
ordered y^ if the Dei"* do not appear att y° next Court then 
Judgement to passe. 

\ The def* in default 

Abram Man P^' 

Walter Wharton Def 
The P"* declaration being Read the Co" Referred this action 
untill next Court day. 

• The def* in default 

Hkndrik Williams P^* 
Walter Wharton Dcf* 
The ?*** declaration Read & Referred as above. 

Edward Williams Dof 
RoBBERD Williams P'* 

John Oglb 


> Continued by the Court 
I Withdrawn by the P" 

Upon y® Peticon of Justice Jean P. Jacquet & Peter Classen 
desiering a grant to take up 200 acres of Land, as un addition 
to their Land whereon they now live w^'out w^** the I*eticon" 
alledge to haue not one timber tree etc. The Co'* granted y* 
Peticon" to take up twoo hundered acres of Land, they Im- 



proveing the same according to his Hono^ the Governo" 
orders etc. 

Machiel! Barron p'ferring in Co'* a peticon together w**" y* 
Testimony of Thom : Arnold & his wyfe about y* makeing 
ouer of the Plantation Tohbacoo etc of John Tingell unto liim 
the said Mach ; Baron etc. Itt is the Court* opinion (they 
seeing the s^ Testimony of Arnold) that the Plantation & 
Tobbacco was made ouer unto y* Pelicon** before M' Molls 
attachm* thereon was laid. 

RoBBERD WI..UAMB P" 1 withdrawne by the P» 
George Moore DcP ) 

Georok Moor> P" 1 withdrawne by the P" 


Capt^ Xtopuer Billop attorney 1 pn fThis action is 
for Capt" John Colier J J Co^Hn by Re- 

j quest of both 
Symon Gibson Def* I. partees. 

John Bercqoer by Justick \pn ') 

John Moll his assignee i > 

Morris Daniells of Mar}'!** Dcf* J 

The deP default being dismist by the High Sherrife from jr* 

The Court have allowed of the ace' of John Can brought in 
against the Kst&tc of henry Stanbrooke deceased to y* sume of 
three hundred & therty gilders, and doe hereby order the 
vendu master Ephraim Herman to pay the same out of y* 
Kfiects of y* goods by him the s^ vendu master Sould in 

Ephraim Herman brought in Court his ace' against the 
Estate of Vioessimus Nettleship deceased to y* sume of twoo 
thousand fyve hundred fifty and one gilders A fifteen styvers, 
w*** ace' being examined and prooved in Court, The Court doe 



Grant the s^ Ephraim Herman an order to bee payed or pay 
himselfe first out of the s*' estate, hee being administrato'". 

Ephraim Herman being heretofore by this Court appointed 
administrator of y® Estate goods & Chatties of Vicessinius 
Nettlftship deceased : Did this day bring in his ace' of y* ad- 
ministration of y* said Estate unto y* Court deeieriog that the 
Co^ would bee pleased to peruse and Look over the same and 
after that that hee might bee dismist of his s*^ administrator- 

The Co'* haueing perused and Examined the said accompts 
doe well approve and allow of the same, and doe hereby acquit 
and discharge the s^ Ephraim Herman from his said admin- 
istratorship. But in regard none of the kin(h-od of y* s^ Nettlo- 
ship are att hand or none of the Credito" desiering to bee 
admitted administrate" for the future and that y" Estate might 
nott in the mean t^-me bee neglected, The Co" haue tliercforo 
desiered and Impowred y® s*^ Ephraim Herman untill further 
order to y* Contrary to keepe the bookes & ace** belonging to 
y* said Estate in ]iis hands, and to Receive & pay the severall 
debts and as mutch as hee can to minde the best of y* s^ Estate 
w**" this Condition that hee the s^ Ephraim horraan shall come 
not to any damadge & not stand to any Losse in what hee 
shall soc doe and act in the p'misses hee notw^'^standiug being 
Lyable to give an ace' when desiered unto this Co"* In whoese 
breast itt shall bee to allow him for his further Trouble as 
shall be thought Convenient. 

The Co^* haueing Examined the ace* of M*" Thom ; WooUes- 
ton by him brought in against the Estate of Vicessimus Net^ 
tleship deceased to y* sume of 226 gilders, doe allow of y" 
same and grant him an order for y* pa>'m* thereof. 

A Certayne order or Kegulacons from his Hono' the Gov- 
ernor formerly Given to Capt° Edmund Cantwell then sur- 
vejgo', being this day brought in Court, and itt being found 
that M' Tom the former Clercq had neglected the Recording 
thereof: The Co" therefore ordered that the some should now 
bee put upon Record. 



By the Govemo'" 

Whereas you are apointcd surveigo' for this River A 
p'cincts, the wich being alt so great a distance from N : Yorke, 
Therefore for the better <fc more speedy aceomodacon of such 
fitting p'sons as dayly resort hither to settle under his R: 
Highnesse Govemin* you are hereby further authorized as 
foUoweth : 

That you adraitt of aiiy such new comers & assigne them 
such tracts of Land proper for them, as hath not been yet 
taken up or settled according to y* La we & Custome of the 
govenim' w*** in three years allowing to each liead sixty acres 
of Land, they not parting w* such Land assigned them untill 
itt be settled and for their better Kncouragemeut such as take 
up new Land shall bee free of paying any quit Rent for y® 
first Three Jears. That upon all occasions of new CommerB 
you doo advize w*'* the magistrates Concerning the quantity 
of Laud to bee Given them and the most proper places : That 
from tyme to tyme you Give mee an accompt and send mee 
due Surveighs of all new Lands taken up as alsoe of all 
Lands settled that haue not beene surveiged <fe Pattented that 
tliere may bee Graunts & Pattents sent for the same, and 
dully Recorded in the Cff^ of the seuerall Jurisdictions or 
p'cincts to p'vent all future Litigious sutes. 
New CasLlo May y« 15^^ 1G75. 
To Cap" Kdraond Cantwell (was signed) 

Surveigo*^ of Delowar. E Axonoss 

The Clercq Ephraim Herman did this day againe put y* 
Co" in minde that notw^'slanding the Governo"' orders sent 
by him to this Co'* etc. and publisht several tymes here & ntt 
upland and also affixed up att y"^ forte gates Intimating that 
all p'^sons haueing or Clayming any Lands should haue tho 
aame Recorded etc : Yctt but few p'sons haue as yet, accord- 
ing to his Ilono" s'^ orders, Caused their Respective Lands to 
bee Recorded, and alsoe that the surveig' hath betlierto not 



visibly minded y^ same : desiering that tho worpp'' 00** would 
bee pleased to take some Course that his a^ bono™ orders 
might bee fullilled etc. 

The Co" doe desire <fe order the a^ Clercq as hee goes about 
for y* Receiving y^ quitrent to give notice once more to the 
People thereof etc. 

Mr. John Yeo ns nltome.y of James Clav- 
Eiecutiontakonout land desieruig the Renovation <fe Reviving 
b^ J' Joo: ag* re of a Judgcm' past in Tabbott County the 
boddyofWJohii- 21*' of September 1675, against Williams 
Johnson Taylor for y® payment of one man 
or woomen servant for 5 Jeares Servitude & y" Costs in Mary- 
land and alsoe here. The Co'* Granted the same, Except the 
said William Johnson can make apoare to haue paid & siittis- 
fyed the Judgem* before. 

Upon the Peticon of Anthony Bryant Shewing that y* 
Estate of Capt" John Carr is debt' unto him twoo bh'^* tob- 
bacco, desiering Satlisfaction in the hands of M' Moll etc. 
The Peticon"^ to hee paid or to stopp the aboves*^ sunie out of 
the Payment w*^ the Peticon** is to pay for y* Land he Lives 
upon bought of Geo: Oldfield. 

The Co" takeing into Consideration the necessity for the 
putting the Records of the Late Clercq \P Tom, in as good a 
postur as may bee, haue therefore made tlie following order viz : 
By the Co" of New Castle 

Whereas his bono' the Govemo' as well as this Co" haue 
divers tymes ordered the former Clercq M^ William Tom now 
of late deceased to put the Records by him kept, In good 
order and to deliver the same unto tlie j/aeiit Clercq Ephraira 
Herman, Notw'^standing w*"^ th same hath by him y® a"^ M' 
Tom ben neglected, w^** has occasioned divers Complaints by 
several! p'sons to this Co" about the same. The Court haue 
therefore thought necessary (for the good of all p'^sons thereby 
Interested) to Impower and authorize the p'.sent Clercq Ejih: 
Herman to take the s^ Records and publicq wrytings into his 
Custodie and w*^ all that hee put the same in the Best forme 


hee cfln to the end all p'sons Consornod may have their free 
iiegrcsse to the same as is usunll, and in Consideration of the 
said Eph. Hermans pnynes & Trouble in and about y* same, 
Tho Court hauo and doe hereby Give and Grant unto, and 
fully Irapower the s** Eph. llerman to haue Collect and Re- 
ceive, to his ownt? proper use and behoofe all fees and Emolu- 
ments due from tho souerall p'sona by the s^ Records, That is 
to say Boe much thereof & all that every p^son or p'^sons can not 
proove to hauo allreddy paid to tho afores^ M' Tom, In Con- 
firmation whereof the Justices of the C-o" above named being 
assembled & sitting in Court haue here unto set their hands. 
In New Castle this 7^ day of March 167i. 

John Moll Jean P: Jacq^uet 

Pieter Alricha gerret otto 

fopp outhout 

Upon tho desire tho Court have given unto the Clercq 
Ephraim The following Certificate: 

Weo underwritten The Justices of y" Court of New Castle 
In Delowar Doe hereby Certify and declare unto all whorae 
itt doth or may Concerne that M' Ephraim Herman being by 
the Right Hono^''^^ Govemo'" Edmond Andross Comissionated 
Clercq to this Court hath in his said office A Employ ever 
sence and in all other publicq Conscmos Bchaucd himselfe 
vigilant careful & honest, hco haueiiig Carefully & fully dis- 
charged his duty therein, and Lykewyse hath behaued him- 
selfe Civilly & his Given sattisfaction to all People. 

This to o' knowledge we Certify and In Testimony of the 
truth hereof wee hauo hereunto sett o'" hands being assembled 
<& sitting In oi>en Court alt New Custle this 7* day of March 
Annoq Dom : 167|. 

(Signed) John Moll 

Pieter Alrichs 
ffopp outhout 
Jean Poul Jucquet 
13 Gerret otto. 




Att a raceting of the Justices held In the Towne of New 
Castle y" 8»^» of March lO?^ 

P'sent M' John Moll 

M^ Peter Alrichs 

M^ fop outhout 

M^ Gerrt't otto 

Capt Kdm : Cantwell High Sherrife. 

The Court haue desiered and authorized the Clercq Ephraim 
Herman to put y® papers and small Consernes of Henry Stau- 
brooke deceased in good order & forme by way of accompt 
(and if hee can) or thinks fitt to Receive the debts due unto 
the s'* Stanbrooko in these parts, and bee aocoraptnblo for what 
bee might lleccive allowing him the s** Eph: herman of the 
whole w** hee shall put in order after y® Rate of eight p' 
Cento and haue further in all Respects allowed him soe mutch 
as the Execute" of Dirk Albcrtseu decoased haue agreed w*** 
y® s'^ herman. 

The Co" taking into Considoracon y® goner" Complaints of 
y" Inhabitants for y* severall straynes *fe unusuall actions of 
Capt" Christopher Billop Commander sence hia being here in 
severall particulars : viz^ 

That y* s^ Commander most parts of this whole winter & 
still makes use of y® Towne forte where y" watch on occasion 
was kept for a stable to put in his liorses. 

That lieo keeps y* Co" Roome above in the forte and keeps 
the same filled w"* hay & fother, That hee kept hogbs w"' in 
y" forte walls and by that meancs keepcs y* gates Continually 
Lockt up, That hee hath & doth still deny & debarr this Court 
from sitting in their usuall place in the forte, That hee makes 
use of y"* Souldier (whoe is in pay and is kept for to Looke to 
y* forte and to keepe itt klean) about his owno Pryvat affayres 
sending him y* most part or a Long whyle from home. That 
hee had denyed & forbidden the Sherrife to put any prizoners 
in y® usuall prizon In the forte, That to y* great discouradge- 
ment of all Inhabitants Contrary' to former practice and Uio 
Priviledges of this Towne hee hath forced y* people whoe are 



Livers w*in the Jurisdiction of this Court to pay Custome for 
Inconsiderable quantitys of goods by them bought In Towne 
for their necessity. 

The Court takeing the aboves" & other the Lyke actions 
Into Consideracon thought itt Convenient to Reason w*^ the 
said Commander, and to warne him of the dainger hee did 
Incur by acting as hee did, The more *fe especially by Reason 
the Indians begin to make disturbance In the neighbouring 
CoHony of Maryland, W^** might quickly Reatch heitlier, and 
if y" forte being as itt is could not serve for a place of Refuge 
on occasion. 

The 8^ Capt" Billop comming in Court answered upon y* 
aboves^ jjerticulars, Tliat hee had only to doe w*** y* forte A 
militia and that the Co** should not sitt in the forte, and that 
itt not Conserned the Co"^ and as to the Customes hee answered 
that although his predecessors had not taken Customes of such 
small matters bought by Inhabitants for their necessity, that 
the same was according to the Regulacons & hee would nott 
Remitt the same unlcsse the Governo' would send him such 
orders etc. 

Butt after a long dispute the s^ Capt" Billop promised to 
Remoove his horses etc. out of y® forte and to Cause the same 
to bee made Clean, and hee said that the Court might sitt 
there againe. Lykewyse that the Sherrife might again make 
use of y" County Prizon as formerly, and as to the Customes 
that hee would Remitt small things bought by Inhabitants 
for their maintainance. 

The Court ordered the above to bee soe Recorded. 

Att a Court held In the Towne of New Castle By his 
may"" authority May the 1^ A 8"* Annoq Dom : 1678. 


M' John Moll 

M*" fibpp outhout 

M*" Jean P : Jacquet 

M^ Gerritt otto 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell 


H : Sherrife. 



Hknry Wari> P» 
John cole Def* 

The P" demands of the Def by this def" bill bearing date 
the 7*** of februar}* 167^: the full sume of three hundered tfe 
twenty gildcrg to bee paid w*^in this Towne of New Castle in 
Tobbacco at 8 styvers p' ft dutch w" or in good & raerchand- 
able winter wheat att fyvo gild"" pr Schipple for w*^^ hee 
Craues Judgentent w'** Costs; The Def* aknoule<Igeing the 
debt The Co" ordered Judgem' to bee Entered ag* the def* for 
y* above** sume w^ y'^ Costa 

Upon the Peticon of John Smith deeiering a grant to take 
up 500 acres of Land : The Co" Referred the granting of y* 
same untill the Personall appearance of y'^ Peticon^ in C-ourt. 

Uppon y*^ Peticon of Henry Ward shewing that had an 
order of this Co" granted him for 128 gild" against barmen 
Reyndersen, due by bill, desiering that sence this Court were 
then pleased to grant y* s^ barmen Re3'ndersen six weekes 
tyme for payment in w*^'* tymo hee dyed and the Peticon' not 
sattipfyed, That therefore the Co" would take some care for hia 
sattisfaetion. It was ordered that John Ogle pay the same out 
of y* purchaze of y® house of y** s^ barmen w**^ hee the s^ ogle 
alsoe Ingaged in Co" to doe w**" iu six dayes following. 

The p'sentmeut Enterred against Walter M'harion y® Laest 
Co" & now ngiiin Red : and y" s^ Walter WTiarton not being 
p'sent Itt was Referred til! next Court. 

Thomab Harwood P** 

Jacob Vanderveer Def^ 
The def* being default the P'* by his attorney James Wil- 
liam desiering a Continuance. 

The Co" Continued this action untill next Court. 

Capt" Xtopher Billop attorney 1 pu 

for Capt* John Colieb / 

Symon Girson Def* 

. . Jiiiv ExccatioD I*. The P" demands of y" def* by his bill 
«ucd oat: under y« hand A seall of y« def* bearing 



date y* 26"* day of September 1677 the full A Just sume of 
Nineteen pounda & Elleveri Shillings & ninepence sterling, 
for w** hee crauos Judgom* w"* Coste. The bill being by the 
dof* owned, The Co" ordered that Judgem' bee enterred against 
the def* w"' Costa & doe allow of y* attachm* by y« P'* Laid 
upon y' def* man servant John Bosley <fe y* monny due to him 
out of y* publicq. 

Jeax Jacqukt JuNion I* 
Evert hkndriksen Def* 

The P*' demands of this def* for one mare Coult eouM and 
delivered unto this def* y* quantity of 12 Schipple of wheat 
and one Jeurling Oowe Calfe, for w<=^ hee humbly Cranes 
Judgem* w*^ y* Costs. 

The debates of botli partces together w"* the Testimonys of 
severall of )■* neighbours being heard, The Court ordered 
Judgement to bee enterred against j'* dof* for y® payment of 
y* 12 sch: of wheat A y* Jearling Calfe according to agree- 
ment together w*^ Costs. 

William Orian P" 
Casparks Herman Def 
The P* not appearing by himselfe or attorney the Co" 
ordered a non suit to be enterred against the P'* w''' Costs, 

Arthur Cahklton A Elizabet hia "I pn 

wyfe ndininist" of J** Moegen / 
John Nummersex Defendant 

The P'^ not appearing and noe declaration Enterred : upon 
y' doV Request a non suit was ordered og* y^ P** w'*' Costs. 

The CV>urt adjorned until to morrow being Wednesday alt 

Wednesday y« S*^ of May 1678 Co« Continued. 
Upon Complaint made by Gaspares Herman one of y* over* 
seers of y" bighwayes that severall p'sons notwithstanding 
notice and warning hath been given them doe Refuse to op- 


I)eare to help the makeing of y* highways, Ordered that a 
fipeciall warrant beo sent by the Constable that every one of 
them apearo on thorsday being the 16*^ of this Instant month 
of May att j** end of y* new Road att y* head of St. Georges 
Creeke, or otherwayes every defective p^son to bco fyned 
w"*out any Excuse. 

James Williams P" ^ An attachm* Laid by y* P" 

upon the one third of a 
mare belonging to y® def 

Edward Williams Def* -* for debt 62 J gild. 

The Court haueing heard y* Cause doo order Judgem' ag** 
y" def* for y* a** 02 gilders 10 sty : and allow of y" attachment 
with Costs. 

Mary Roscd by hur Mast' 


I pit 

William Clascg 


^ neither P^* or def 
apearing in Court 
a non suit was 

• In an action of debt. 

Adram Man P'' 
John Test Def* . 
The def being absent and a Reference being in his behalfe 
desiered The Co^ granted y* same. 

Edmond Cantwkll P" ^ In an action of Slaunder the 

Def* baueiug declared in 
Co« that this P»' forced him 
to aigne a bill. 

The deP uot makeiug good his words, The Co" ordered the 
def* to aske forgiveness upon his knees from y* P" for bis 
slaunder w^'* was in Co** openly by the def* p'formed, and y* 
dof* to pay Costs. 

Claes Daniclsen Prays Did this day in Co" (as the attorney 
of his mother Jannettie Jaspers, who is prooved to bee the 
widdow and soalo heir of Harmen Keyudersen deceased) 

Peter Mathi^^ss DeP - 

Srt;p Qlolnnial Batitty nf Prnnagluattia 

ICindly acknowledge receipt of Volume I! of Ike 
Records of the Court of New Castle. 

Dr. J. E. Burnett Buckenham, Secretary 
Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

If you should change your address, always notify the Secretary. 

Dr. J. E. Burnett Buckenham, Secretary 
The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania 

Chestnut Hill 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

This is to acknowledge the receipt of Volume II 
of the Records of the Court of New Caslle, 





Transport and niako ouer unto John Ogle of Cristina Creoke 
planter, his Iieirs and assignea for ever a Certaine bouse and 
Lott of ground Lying and being w"* in this Towue of New 
Castle Lying A being betweeue y* Lotts of bans Baenseus and 
Jean Jacquets behind y" p''8eut forte, Containing according 
to y" Paltent of Governo' Lovolaco bearing date y* first of 
May 1671 In length 190 foott and in breath 82 foott wood 
measure : w^** s^ deed was signed scaled and delivered by y* 
s^ Claes Danielss and by him aknowledged in Court. 

Thomas Morse makeiiig opeare in Court that Henry Stan- 
brooke deceased stands Indebted unto him by bill Eight hun- 
dered & ninety pounds of tobbacco and by nccompt Seventy 
and twoo gilders : The Co'* ordered the vendu Master Ephraim 
herman to pay y* s^ debt so far forth as y* KfiFects of y* s^ 
Estate In his hands will Kcatch too. 

Capt* Xtophkb Billop iu the Behalfe \ p^ 

of his Roy" hignosse / 

Haks Petersen (alias) Patascus DeH 

The P^* declares that this def stands Indebted unto one 
frans Barentsen whoe dyed Intestate in Maryland w"* out any 
heir by foure severall bills y* following sumes, to witt, 15 
Schipple of Barley 16 sch : of wheat twoo Joung oxen and a 
screw Gun, desiera that this Court will bee pleased to passe 
Judgem' ag^ the def* to pay y" s^ debts unto him hee liaueing 
sufficient pouwer to Receive the same etc 

The def sayea to owe no more than tlie twoo Joung oxen 
& 6 Schipple of wheat hee hauoing paid y' screw gun to 
Capt" Colier declares further against ye Insuffiency of y® bill 
for y* barly and that the figure of one in y" other bill of y* 
wheat is put before the figure of 6 after itt was signed and 
sayes further to hauo ben alwayes willing to pay what hee 
owes provyded he migh not pay itt in his wrong. 

The debates of both partoes being heard & itt being alledged 
by severall p'sons in Co*^ that frans Barentsen declared before 
his decease y^ hee bad a brother alyve in Europe whoem hee 


Expected into this Country : The Court therefore thought itt 
fitt, first to send their former opinion to his hono'' the Gov- 
ernor or the hono^*''* Coimsill att New Yorke, and take their 
order what they shall bee pleased to doe in the Buisnesse, the 
more sence some of the bills are found to bee not sufficient as 
they ougt to bee, The s^ def being still willing to pay what 
heretofore hee aknowledgeth to bee Indebted. 

Capt" BiLLop in Behalfe afores** P'* 


This buisnesse being of y® same Nature v/^ y' of hana 
Petersen itt is Referred as above. 

Cait* Billop in Behalfe afores'' P" 
Hans Hansen Mulder Def* 

This action being of y** same Nature w"^ y* of hans Petersen 
itt is Referred as above. 

Capt* Christopher Billop P^' 
John Test Pef* 

Y' IG-^ of M«j 1678 The F^ demands of the def* by this>nI«uedout: ^^^ ^-^^ ^^^^^ j^-^ j^^^j bearing date 21 

of Aprill 1678 the sume of foure hundered and seven pounds 
of tobbacco & Coske to bee paid upon all demands in delowar, 
for w"** liee Cranes Judgem* w*^ Costs. 

The def* not appearing and the Co" being Sattisfyed in the 
Justncese of y" debt: doe therefore order Judgement to bee 
Enterred ag** y* def* for y* payment of the s** debt w"* Costs. 

JiSTA Andries P" \ In an action of y* Case for a 
RoBBEUD Morton DeP / heiffer w^ Calfe. 
This action is Continued untill next Court. 

RoBBKRD Morton P^* \ In an action of debt for one 
Justa Andries DcP / Ancor of Rum duo by bill. 

The def" wyfo & attorney owned the debt but Sayes the p'* 


never made a demand of y* Same. Ordered that the P" proove 
his demande and that y* def* hath Refusal y® payment att y^ 
next Court. 

John Oqle P'* 
Gkoroe Moore Def* 
The P'' demands of this def* by his bond bearing date 2* of 
May 1678 y* sume of fourtheen hundered & fourthy gilders to 
bo paid in tobbacco or wheat for y® nou p'forraance of Cer- 
tainc Conditions in y® g* bond Exprest, viz' that this deP 
should well A truely saue and keepe harralesse this p'' of & 
fipom twoo bills w** the 8^ P^* hath Ingagcd for ye dcP y^ one 
thereof to M' William Dervall to y* sume of 300 gild" the 
other for y° sume of tliree hundered & twenty gilders to M' 
Henry Ward w*^ y" Def* not haueing done, he therefore de- 
alers Judgement w*** Costs. The def* owneing the bond, The 
Court ordered Judgement to bee enterred ag"* the deP accord- 
ing to y* bond w'*' Costs. 

JoHK Shackerly P» J eontiaued. 

Henry Salter Def* 

John Shackerly F' 
Jakxettie Videttk Def* 

> Referred till next Court. 

Epuraim Herman P" 
Symon Gibson Def* 

1678 24* may Eiecu- The P" demands of this def» by the def*» 
doD l»ued out i^jji yj^j^j. jjig jj^jj^ ^ gg^ig bc arlo g datc y« 

5* of Jaunuary Laest past y® sume of fyve pounds to bee 
paid in good and merehandable wheat Peltery Porke Tob- 
bacco or zew* w'^in this Towno of New Castle for w*^ s^ sume 
the P" humbly Craves Judgem' w**" Costs. 

The der owning the debt In Court : The Court ordered 
Judgem^ to bee enterred ag^ the def* for y* payment of y* 8** 
fyve pounds according to bill w**" Costa. 

202 bbcordfl op the coitrt of new castle. 

Ephratm Herman P" 
John Tarkinton Def* 

Tho P" demnnda of this def* by ace* for fees A otherwayos, 
the 8ume of one hundered seventy and six gilders & ten 
styvers, and tho def* being Run away out of the government, 
the P" halh therefore attached a Certaine bill of this def* of 
John Laughton on Long Island, for y® delivery of a Joung 
mare of three Jeares of adge w** was to bee delivered att oppo- 
quenemen Creake y" lO"' of October 1675: as by y" s** bill 
under y* hand & senle of y® S* John Laughton bearing date y* 
18 of december 1674 doth appears ; and humbly Cranes that 
bee may have Judgera* against the deP for his s'' debt w"* y" 
Costs and that his said attachment may bee allowed of. 

The P'^ makeing the Justnesse of his debt appeare, The 
Court ordered Judgement to bee entered against the def w*** 
Costs, and doe allowe of y* attachm* Laid on y* abovea** bill of 

Hendrik Williams P" "» Continued the def* Remayn- 
"Waltkr Wharton Def J ing absent. 

Marj' Blocq the \dddow and Relict of bans Blocq deceased 
being granted the Laest Court a Rehearing In the action of 
Peter Groenendyk ag^ hur y* s** Mary Blocq and thereupon 
the Co** haueing this day againe heard & Examined the Case 
doe find by y* Examination of y* Witnesses and Especially by 
the Testimony of Cap' Cregier that Peter Groenendyk had (as 
it was) forced y* s^ mary Blocq y" Last Jeare at New Yorke to 
y* signing of tho bill, and w"* all that in the said bill is In- 
cluded y* Costs & Charges of a non suit formerly obtayned by 
hrtns Blocq deceased against the said Groenendyk In the selfe 
same action then tr}'ed in this Court, w**** is altogether against 
Reason <fe practize and as to the Remainder of the debt w*^ 
was for Rum w*'*' y** s^ bans Blocq should haue had att y« 
Whoorekill in the Duch tyme, when he© was sent there upon 
y* publicq or Oountrys ace* Itt is y' opinion of y* Court that 
the same being Called for y^ publicq or Countryes us© that 



therefore the eame doth nott properly belong to bans Blocq 
in perticular, but that M'" Groenendyk ought to haue de- 
manded his pay of y* dutch Govemm* (or att Least then de- 
manded itt of bans Blocq) when doubtlcsso itt might haue 
been paid him as well aa others were paid. 

The Co** upon all y" abovea'* Consideraoons cannot find in 
Equity that mistris Blocq is now Lyable to pay y* same. 

Symon Gibson was p'sentod by the H: Sherrifo for a grind- 
stone found in his house w^ was stoalen away from y* bouse 
of M^ Abram Man. Symon Gibson being questioned bow liee 
came by y* s** grindstone Sayes to haue bought y* same of M' 
Mans servant y* Carpender. 

The Co^ ordered Symon Gibson to Redeliver the stone to 
y* master of y* servant and doe Condemn him the s** Symon 
Gibson in a fyne of fourthy Gilders to bee paid to y^ poore, 
for haueing Contrary to y* Expresse Lawes of y® govcrnra* 
bought y*> s*^ stone from a servant under itts vallue. 

Vpon the Peticon of oele Poulsen Complayning ag" his 
Brother Renk Poulsen, ordered that y* Peticon' bring his s^ 
Brother att y* next Court. 

Upon the peticon of M' Tymen Stiddem the Co^ haue 
granted him Liberty to take up one hunderod acres of Land 
hee seating and Improoreing the s^ Land according to his 
bono' y* Governo** Regulacons. 

Upon the Peticon of Reynier Vander Coelen y* Court haue 
granted him Liberty to take up twoo hundered acres of Land ; 
hee seating & Improovcing ^ Land according to his bono' the 
Goveruo" Regulacons. 

Jan Willkmskn P'' ) Continued upon 

The estate of Barent Eghbertss Def* J y* P'" desire. 

Gerret otto P'* \The Def* default at desire of P" 

FRANCIS Steevens Dcf* J this action is Continued. 


[■ Continued 

Justice John* Moll P" 


Edmun*d Cantwell 
John Street 

I Withdrawn by the P" 

Lucas Ebell P'' ) The P" default a non suit 

HuwrHRY KlTTLEY Def* J ordered ag^ the P" 

Edu. Cantwell 
Humphry Kittley 



Broer Sinnexe the husband whoe married the widdow A 
Relict of Andries Juriansen deceased This day apeared in 
Court together w^^ Sopl)ia his aboves'* wyfe and by his 
Peticon shewed That hee the Peticon' haueing married the s^ 
Relict of Andriea Juransa whoe had & still has fyve sinall 
Childeren of hiir s^ first husband whom to maintaino the 
Peticon' will willingly doe so far forth as hee is able, and that 
the s^ Andriea Juranss att liis decease was soverall sumes In- 
debted Insomuch that his Estate Could hardly pay the same: 
Shewing further that hee the Peticon^ has paid y* same for 
the most part and that there is Little else Left of y" said 
Andriea Juriansens Estate then the Land & plantation 
whereon the Peticon' now Liveth on w"** the Peticon' is not 
willing to bestow any more Costs and Charges (w"" w*^ itt will 
in short tymo bee worth Little) unlesse hee the peticon' conld 
iiaue the s*^ Land for himselfe & heirs forever, hee being will- 
ing to bestow on <fc Give to y^ s** Childeren when they Come 
to adgc sutch a Consideration as should be thought fitt. All 
the aboves'* p'misses being taken into Consideration by the 
Court, The Court haue thought fitt for y* best of y* s^ orphans 
of Andries Juriansen to agree & doe hereby Covenant <fe agree 
to and w^ The s^ Broer Sinnexe In manner & forme follow- 
ing (vizt) That hee the s^ Broer Sinnexe shall bring up and 
maintayne y* s^ fyve Childeren of Andries Juriansen untill 
they come to adge or marriadge : att w*^ tyme hee is to pay 



or Cause to bee paid unto them the 8^ Childereu t]ie full sume 
of twoo thousand fyve hundered Gilders in merchandable pay 
in the River, this 2500 gilders to bee distributed equally 
amongst Ihcm the s** orplmns or soe many of them as shall 
Come to adge or marriadge as aboves**, In Confoderacon 
whereof hee the s^ Broer is to baue and to hold the Ijand 
plantation &. other p'sonall Estate of the s** Andries Juriansen 
deceased, to him and his heirs A assignes forever. 

Upon information and Complaint mnde, The Co^ baue 
fyned oele Toereen for not haueing wrought att the Woolfe 
pitt the sume of twenty five Gilders, Twenty thereof to bee 
paid to Peter Macsland & huybort Laurens who made the pitt 
and fyve gilders to y* Constable whoa is to Collect itt. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle May the 9"* 
A" 1678. 

M' John Moll ^ 

p- , M*" fopp outhout I , , 

M' Jean Paul Jacquet | 
M' Gerret otto J 

The Justices upon occasion of Mayo' fenwikes raakeing of 
some new alteracons on the East syde of this River & other 
Consemes, did this day meet in the forte^ In order of wryling 
to New Yorke according to his bono' y* Governo" Laest sent 
orders in his Letter. 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell declares that hee being in N. 
Salem (alias) Swumptowne the 30*** day of Aprill 1678 where 
Mayo^ John fenwike had ordered a meeting of the Inhabitants 
of the Eastsj'de of this River, hoe the s*^ fenwike did then 
opoint some officers, viz': Samuel hedge Surveigo^ Generall 
James Nevill to bee Secretary Samuel winder Register, and 
declared that hee would nominate & appoint other officers att 
his Leasure, and Caused his s** Secretary to Read scvorall 
papers as his raay"*^ Pattont to bis Roy" Highnesso & his 
Roy" highnesse to y* Lord Berkely & a Coppy as hee said cf 
y* Lord Bercqieys to him the s^ fenwike w*** severall other 



papers w*^ y* atteatant did not minde, and after y" Reading of 
all these papers hee the a*^ fenwike demanded in his may"*^ 
name the supriority <& the aubniission of the People there as 
hia Right & Propriety, after hia demand hee brought a paper 
upon the Tahhle in the forme of an oath or sume sutch thing 
w'=^ Several! of hia people or officera aigned, after they had 
done I : touM hira that y^ moste part of y* People that was 
there, did not know what was Read hee anawered raee that 
they Could know well a noff to take hia land away, I alsoe 
tould liini that there was a amall Levy Laid by the Co** upon 
the People on y* sydo, hee said the Co" had no power to Lay 
no Levy on that syde and said whoesoever did pay any Levy 
should forfeit their Lands and priviledges. I : asked him if 
hee would bear them out & saue them harmelesse hee said hee 
would Give under his hand to answer itt before y* king, and 
Bayed that y* People should stand in their owno defence if any 
Boddy Carae to demand itt & alsoe did forbidd M' fopp outh- 
out not to act any thing in the behalfe of y* Co" of New Castle 
upon the forfeiture of his Estate I tould him that his hon<^ 
the Governo' had Comraissionated him the s** M^ outhout & 
was still pleased for to Continue him, he said y* Governo' had 
nothing to doe on that syde & that ho was subject to noe mon 
but God & y* King hee alsoe said that hee would doe or act 
nothing w'^'out the advyceof his Counsill w*** hee would nom- 
inate verry suddenly, w* aeverall more speeches w*"* y* attest* 
ant doth not now Remember. Justice fopp outhout declares 
to hauo been p^sent w*** Capt" Cantwell, and to haue heard In 
Substance the same that is hcreabovo declared by the s** Capt° 
Cantwell. M'Machiel Baron & Ruynier Von heyst swome In 
Court declare In substance to haue heard <& seen the same as 
heretofore by Capf* Cantwell is declared : Johannes Van 
Immen sworne in Court declares that being p'sent at y® house 
of one gillis Giljamsen att y® East syde of this River some tyrae 
in the Laest of y" month of A prill Laest post, att w*^** tyme 
Mayo' John fenwike came there, whoe demanded whey they 
the depon* and the rest that were there did not come att new 



Salem (as others did) to alcnowledge him meaning himselfe to 
bee Lord and proprietor of y*-" place upon w*^'* they answered 
him saying how they Could owne him so Long as they paid 
Levy to witt J 2 gilders 10 styvers p' head att New Castle 
Court, whereupon hee the s*' fenwike Replyed saying that all 
those whoe payed the same sliouM never Enjoy a foott of Land 
on the Eastern shoare & further sayeth nott. 

Right Hono*'i« Goveruo' 

S' Wee hope before sight hereof yo'" lion*" will bee safe Re- 
turned, w*** happy news wee doe mutch Long for, The In- 
closed Testimonyes and Informacona Given us Couseming tho 
new alterations made by Mayo' John fenwike sence his Laest 
Returno from N: Yorkc, on tlie Eastsydo of this River are the 
Cheof occasions of this wryting w*^** said Testimonyes we hope 
your liono' will be pleased to peruse and to give us yo' speedy 
order what and how wee sliall act in and about the same, wee 
Lykewyse send yo^ bono' here inclosed the Coppies of o* for- 
mer & Laest order Conserning the Estate of one francis Bar- 
ents deceased, there being soverall p^sona whoe are debto" to 
y' said Estate in this River whereof Capt" Cantwell has Re- 
ceived one Cow0 and twenty skipple of wheat, for w*^** hee is 
Reddy to bee accomptablo to yo** bono' and Capt" Colier a 
t-crew gun and Capt° Billop now seuwing the same p'sons de 
novo whoe formerly haue paid and wee being uncertaine 
whether the Brother of y** deceased (whoe was expected) bee 
dead or alyve, wee therefor desire yo' bono" order howe further 
to act safely therein : finally sence yo' bono™ Departure there 
baue happened severall Complaints of y^ Comontry Consern- 
ing severuU straynes actions of y" Commander Capt'' Billop, 
w*'*' bath occasioned some disputes & difference between us A 
y« s** Commander, wee knowing itt to boe </ duty not to suffer 
y* poore Comontrie to boe opprest, w*=*' all to Relate would bee 
too Long wherefore wee shall Refer that untill we are Certaine 
of yo' bono** arryvall, as when wee are Intended to depute one 
of o' Bench to treate w*** yo' honor about that & other mater- 



ial Consernes so haucing no more att i/seiit to enlarge weo Re- 
maine Right hono''''' Govern*/ 

Yo"^ bono" most humble subjecta & een'ants: 
Jean P. Jncquet John Moll 

Gerret otto fopp outhout 

(The supperseription was) 

To the Kiglit llono'^'*' May' Edmund Andros Esq' Govenio' 
Gener^* under his Roy" Highnesse James Duke ofYorkeA 
Albany of all his Territorys in America, or in his absence to 
the Hono'**^ Capf^ Mathiaa Nicolls Secretary & y« Rest of y« 
hoDO'**^** Counsil att N. Yorke these. 

Att a Speciall Co" held in y* Towne of New Castle upon y* 
Request of M' John Schackerly May the 9"* annoq dom: 1678: 

U' John Moll 
M' fop outhout 
M' Jeau P. Jacquet 
M' Gerrett olto 



John Shackkrly 
Henry Saltbr 

r In an action of the Case for 
the p'formance of a liargaine 
of some plate by y« P'* 
bought of y** deP" wyfe. 
The debates of both parteee being heard & henry not giWng 
any reaaou why Jolm Shackerly should not make oath to y* 
bargaino, Tlie Co" thought fitt to putt the b^ P" (The deft 
refuging) to his oath, whoo declared that bee bargained A ab- 
aoluthly bought of Anna the wyfe of henry salter, six spoons, 
Twoo small Tronsier salts A one parrengerall of silver for fyve 
ahillinga six pence an ounce, but for Cost of y* fashion itt was 
Referre<l to henrj' Salter, whoe was Lykewyse lo bring itt 
do^vn to New Castle and that hec tlic said Shackerly was to 
pay y" overplus w"'*' was above his freight, either to Capt° 
BiUop upon ace* of the deP* Custnmes or in molasses att first 
Cost in New Yorke and henry Salter Confessing in Co" that 
his wyfe would haue bad him bring downe the plute but thai 



hee would uot alledging that hee did Ihinke to pay John 
Sliackcrly in some other pay and itl hcing alsoe evident by y" 
Confession of the s" henry Salter as otherwnyes That his wyfe 
doth frequently as much as himselfe use to make bargaines & 
buys A sells goods whereof hee the s** Salter allows. 

The Co^ Therefore doe order the a"* defend* henry Salter to 
deliver y* plate & Receive his Remainder of y* pay according 
to bargainc A hee to pay y® Costs. 

Alt a Court held in the Towne of New Castle By his May**" 
Authority June y^ 4**" & 6*** Annoq Dom. 1678. 

M' John Moll 

M"" Peter alrichs 
F'sent M' Fopp outhout y Justices 

M^ Jean P. Jacquet 

M^ Gerritt Otto 

The Court haue Referred the Settling and Regulating of y* 
Church affaires of this place unto M*" John Moll & M' Peter 
Alrichs, They to make up y" ace** w*'' y* Render A wacrdens 
and to make sucli further orders A Regulacons as shall bee 
found most necessary. 

Hcndrik vanden Burch in the behnlfe of M' frederik Phil- 
ipps of N. Yorke; desiering this Court to explain y* place of 
payment viz* att N : Yorke ia tlio Judgem* by !iim obtayned 
against gisbert Dirksen, Order That y« Co" are not eensiblo as 
yett of any agreement or place of delivery. 

M' Walter Wharton being heretofore by the Minister 
Reader A t' clmrch wardens p'sented for marrjMng himselfe or 
being married directly Contrary to the Knownc Lawcs of Eng- 
land and alsoe Contrary to y* Lawes & Customes of tliis place 
A Province as alsoe for promissing of Lands and Entering the 
same in his Booke before y* the p'sons for whome heo did itt 
had any grant or order of Court for the same A y* s* M' 
Walter Wharton not apearing in three following Court days, 
and to the end the Reproach may bee taken away from the 
River and that such notorious Breatches of the Lawes and dia- 


orders may for the future not passe unpunnished Especially 
in p^sons of Lesser qualitys whoe if tliis of M^ Wharfons (whoe 
is in Commission and beares the office of a Justice of y* Peace 
ought to Give good examples to others) had not been Re- 
guarded might att all tymes hereafter bee held for a Bad p'si- 
dent. The Court doe therefore thiuke itt necessary Iiumbly 
for to offer the p'misses to y* Judgement of his hono^ the Gov- 
erno' forto Inflict such punnishment as his bono' in bis wis- 
dome shall thinke £tt &, Expedient. 

Abram Man P" 
John Test Def* 

The F' by his declarat : & ace* demanding six pounds 
seven shillings & six pence and aknowledgiug to haue Re- 
ceived fyve pounds & two shillings so that y® ballance Re- 
mayned one pound five shillings & six pence To W* ace' the 
P" haueing made oath in Court, The Court ordered Judge- 
ment to bee Enterred against the def for £ 1 :5 :6: togetlier 
w"» Costs. 

Abram Man Plaint*^ 

Walter Wharton Def' 

The P'' declares that this def* on y* 10*" day of Jannuary 
Laest past did Borrow of y® P'* a Boate & Riggin for to Re- 
turne y* same again y* next day, yett notw^'atanding Tl»e 
def hath detayned & kept y* Boate to this day and hath suf- 
fered y** Rigging thereof to bee burnt for y* want of w*** rf* 
boate y* P'* is Really damnyfie<I y** sume of six pounds : Ittem 
ye pii (jj(j ^ib jijg boate alsoc Lend y® def his man servant 
named Will : Burd for to bee Retumea & brought home y* 
next day w*** y® boate, whome this der instead of sending 
home hath kept from y« IC* of Janu : untill y* 22 day of y* 
month of february Laest during w*'' tyme y* def* w'** out any 
order or Cause hath mutch abused this dof*" said servant beat- 
ing abusing & breaking his Leggs so y^ y* s'' servant was not 
able to goe & doe his Mast** buisnesse ; alsoe the P^* demands 



of the def* by ace* for sundry Goods cfe wares delivered y* 
eume of fourthy six Gilders for all w*^ y* e^ P'* brings his suite 
& humbly Craues of thia worj>p" Court : viz* That y* defend- 
ant may pay y* s^ six pounds dauiadge for y* use of y* boate ; 
That alsoe hee may pay for the tyme hee has delay ned & 
Kept the servant as alsoe for y' cure of his Leggs, and LaesLly 
tliat y* def' pay y*' 4C gilders due on ncc* together w*** all Costs. 
Jury The def* M' Wharton still remayning 

Tho : Mors© absent and y" P" pressing for Judgo- 

Joh : Dehaes meut The Co" (in Regards tliat this 

Amb: Backer action hud now been Enterred three 

gisbert dircksen Court dayes in w** tyme y* def* did not 
apoare) did thinke fitt to putt y" buis- 
neese of y" boate and servant to a Jury, 
whoe brought in their verdict as foK 
loweth viz* : The Jury finds for the P'* 
foure pounds ten shillings in merchand- 
ablo pay of tbis River for ti boate deliv- 
ered by the P" to y" def* as alsoo twenty 
shillings for dainadge for y* want of y® 
8** boate as Lykcwyse twenty shill : for y* tyme he detnyned 
the P"* man from y" service of y* P'* w* y* Costs of suite. 

The Co'* did order Judgera* according to y* Jurj-s verdict 
and as to y^ P*"* ace* hee haueing made oath to y* same, The 
Co" did alsoe ord^ that the def* pay y* s** 46 gilders unto the 
F* w*** Cost of suite. ' 

James WuUiam 
Kob : hutchiiison 
Tlio : Spry 
Pieter Winster 
John Ogle 
gerrit Smit 
humphry Kittley 

JusTA Andrieb P" 
RoBiiERD Morton Def* 

In an action of y* Case for y* 
delivery of a Joung heiffer 
formerly bought of y* dof* att 
M' Toms plantation. 
The debates of botli partees being heard as alsoe seTerall 
Testimonys produced in Co", The Co" doe Judge tlial the 
Cowe or heiffer was formerly sufEciently delivered, and there- 
fore finding no Cause of action doe order a nou suit against 
ye pit w*" CosU. 




JusTA Andries Def 

' In an action of debt for one 
ancor of Rum to bee paid 
y* one hdlfe p'eent & y* 
other halfe in October next 
according to bilL 

The debates of both partees being heard and Jone y* wyfe 
of John Street deposing that shee heard Juata's wyfe deny y* 
paynaent of the Rum, The Court doe order Judgem* to bee 
EntenxMl against y" def * for y* payment of y* s^ rum according 
to bill w"" Costs. 

Edward English This day apeared in Court and then & 
there did produce an ace' against JuslaAndriea by y® Ballance 
of w*** ace* Justa Andrics Remained indebted unto y* 8^ Eng- 
lish y* sume of foure hundered seventy & six pound of 
Tobbacco in Maryland : To w*^** ace* y® s^ Edward English did 
make oath before y* Court 

JoHx Moll Pkintifc 1 j^ ^ ^^^^^^ „f ^^^, 

HtrMPHRY kiTTLEY Def* ) 

The Def* Humphry Kittley appearing 
in Co" did aknowlcdge to bee Indebted 
unto the F* M' ifoll y* sume of 2793^ ft 
of Tobb : due by twoo bills and an aec* and more for what M' 
Moll's servant the Cooper had earned y* Lnest Jeare w'** him 
y* sume of one thousand ft of Tobbacco in all amounting to 
the sumo of three thousand seven hundered ninety three & 
a halfe ft of tobb. 

The Court ordered Judgeni' to bee enterred agiunst y* def* 
humphry Kittley upon his Confession for y* payment of the 
sume or quantity of three thousand seven hundered ninety 
three & a halfe ft of Tobacco & Caske w** y« Costs. 

6 Jone 167S Execution 
Issued out ay^ y 
baddy of y* deP. 

1 In an action of 
p > debt for 300 ft 
i of tobb. 

Itt being pleaded & made appoare in Court that y" action 

John Williamssen Nkerino 
The Estate of Barent Eoberss 



was altered senco itts first Enterry by y* P^^ receiving most 
part of y* pay, The Coart doe find no Cause of action & order 
a nonsuit against the P''. 

John Shackerly 
Jansettie Vidette 

gerritt otto 
PRAN : Steevess 

pit . 

jj „ V Continued by The P'** desire. 
^" « 1 Continued bv y* P'" Consent. 

Thomas Spky P*» 


The P^' demands of y* def* by ballance of ace* y* same of 
twoo hundrc<l sixty seven gilders and sixteen styvers: The 
def* sayes to haue formerly agreed w"^ the P" to pay him no 
more for the whole then 4 Schypplo of wheat and a Jouug 
Sowe, and sayes that hee can proove the same ; ordered that 
heo proove the same att y*' next Court. 

W John Moll Prooveing by bill that M' William Tom de- 
ceased was his debto^ the same of Three pounds & ten shill- 
ings ; The Court doe order that y* same bee paid out of y* s* 
estate w**" Costs. 

M^ John Moll as attorney of y* widdow and Relict of Jona- 
than hopkinson of Wey River in Maryland producing in Co** 
twoo bills signed sealed and delivered by JP William Tom 
deceased bearing date y" 20^** day of November 1G74, y* one 
thereof to y" suine of 1712 ft of Tobbacco y*^ other for y" sume 
of 330 ft* of Tobbacco in all two thousand fourthy & twoo fib of 
Tobbacco desiering an order ag** the s^ M' Toms Estate for y' 
payment of y** b** sume, w**^ Costs ; w** by y" Court is granted 

Capt" Edmond Cantwell producing in Court his accompt 
against y" estate of M' William Tom deceased^ by w^ ace* 
there was due unto liim y" s^ Cantwell the sume of one thou- 
sand six hundred thirty & three gilders, desiering an order for 
y« payment thereof w** the Court doe grant. 



Edward English apearing in Court did produce an ace' 
agaiust James Crawford for y" sumo of nine bundered & fifly 
ft) of tubbacco \t' ballanco and mado oath to y" Justnesse 
thereof accordingly. 

M' Waller Wharton being Commissionated one of y* Jus- 
tices & members of this Court and hee haueing not appeared 
in fyve months or ordinary following Court dayes for to help 
to doe and attend y" publicq and Country buisncsse as others 
y' Justices & members of this Court from tyme to tyme to doe ; 
The Court therefore in Eegard that hee the said M^ Wharton 
during y* tyme of this his absence has not ben out of y" p'"ciucts 
of this River and Bay, Doe therefore thinko itt fitt that hee for 
an Example to others be fyned according to y" Expresse 
Lawes of y* govenim*, the sume of Ten pounds, and doe 
hereby Condemne him y° said M' Wharton in y« s* fyue of 
Ten pounds w*** y* Costs. 

The Court adjorned until tomorrow y« 5"* of Jane 1678. 

June y« S'" 1678. 
Upon the Poticon of Amilius & Matheus De Ring: The 
Court haue granted unto each of them, on Iho West end of 
this Towne on the other syde of y*^ Little swamp by M^ Alrichs 
along the River Syde, a Lott of sixty foot Broad and three 
hundered foott Longh, They the Peticon" Seating & Im- 
prooveing the same accoi'ding to his hono^y* Goveruo" orders 
and Regulacons. 

Hkndrik Williams P" 

Walton Whabton Def* 

In an action of y® Case for a 
boate by y* Def* borrowed 
& not Restored etc. 

Tho : Morse 
Joh : d haes 
Amb : Backer 
Gisb : Dirk 88 
James WalLiaai 

This action haueing ben Continued 
three following Court dayes in w"^^ tyme 
& still y* def* Remaynes absent, and y* 
P" desiering an Issue of this Case: The 
Court did think filt to Referre tho Case 
to a Jury whoe Returned their verdict 


Tlio : Snclling 

Rob hutchinson 

Tlio : 8pr>' 

Pietcr Winaler 

John Ogle 

Gerrit Smil 

huinphry Kittloy 
of Eighty gilders in 
Costa of suit. The 

as followeth viz'^Tbe Jury finds for y* 
P^* the sume nf sixteen hundered fc of 
merchandable Tobacco in Caske to Con- 
tayne y* same for y* boate A furniture 
thereof that was Lent by the P^ to the 
defend* as alsoe for the dainadge the P" 
liath sustayned for y* s^ botite the sume 
merchandable pay of this River w*** the 
Court doe order Judgem' according to 

I In 

an action of debt. 

HENnRiK Williams P'* 
Walter Wharton DeP 

The P^* demands of this defj by the def" bill bearing date 
y* 29*'' of May 1677 Uie full sume of six hundered twenty and 
three pounds of Tobbacco & Caske to bee paid Conveniently 
in this River in Tobbaccn wheat or peltry ; for w^ bee crauea 
Judgem* w"* Costs. 

The der Remaining absent three following Court days, 
The Court ordered Judgement to bee Enterred against y* def* 
for y*" payment of y*^ aboves"* debt due by bill w"* Ckjsts. 



The Estate of Doctor Jo 

an attachment Laid 
upon Smiths Tooles 

\ n n 1 ^^^ ^ horse beloug- 
DiBJARDiNs deceased j ^ J ing to the P'* 

This action was Continued by the Court untill next Court 

RoBBERD Williams by James Ip^ j^i^^ j^^i j^^ ^^^ 

Williams his attorney / } - j. 

George Moohe Def* ■' 

The Court Continued this action until next Court day. 


Samuell Wheeler Def 
No declaration being Enterred a nou suit was ordered ag** 
the F* w*^ Costs. 



Capt" Edraond Cantwell aa attorney and in behalfeof Capt° 
Mathins NicoUs of New Yorke producing in Court a bill under 
the hand of M' William Tom, deceased bearing date y" 13"* 
day of Aprill 1072; by y" ballance of w*'*' Bill itt apeared that 
yo jji ^jr 'Pom Remained & was debtor unto y* s* Capf* NicolU 
y* sumo of seven pound and one bever skin. The s^ Capt" 
Cantwell desiering an order for the payment thereof out of y* 
Estate of y" s^ M' Tom deceased : wich by y* 00** is granted. 

William Semple 
La&se Anpries 

William Semplk 
justa poulsen 

John Oolb 


Jf" 1 

jj „ V Withdrawne by the P" 
^*^p}withd:by theP" 

D V I ^V'^'^^^^^^^® ^y y" P" 

John Ada&o for his) p,i 
master W" Dkrval / 

John Oglb 

l^ithdrawne by the P" 


Ralph hutcbinson producing in Court an ace* against y" 
Estate of henry Stanbrooke to y* sume of twoo huudered & 
ninety gilders ten styv" desiering an order for y^ payment 
thereof: The Court doe allow of y® ace' to y'' sume of one hun- 
dered A Eighty & Eight Gilders and doe order y* rendu mas- 
ter Ephraim berman to pay y** same, In case y® Effects of 
stanbrooke in his hands will reach so farr : But as to y* Re- 
mainder of y* ace' for y*" p^tended funcrall Charges Amount- 
ing to y* sume of 102 Gilders, The Co** doe not allow of y^ 
same until better proofe appoare by Reason John kan hath 
alrcddy brought in his ace* of funerall Cbarges and hath ob- 
tayned an order for y* payment accordingly. 

The Co^ doe allowe of y" ace' of Ralph hutchinson brought 
in ag*' y* Publicq to the sume of 411 gilders 10 styv". 

The Co" doe alsoe allow of y** ace' of Ralph hutchinson 



against y" Estate of Viceesimus deceased to y" sumo of ono 
hundered gilders ten styvers. 

Elizabeth the Wyfe and attorney of John Bercquer of 
oppoquenemen, this day appeared in Court and did then & 
there aknowledge the sale & niakeing ouer by way of mort- 
gage hia y® s** Bercquers one whole fift part in a Certnine tract 
or parcell of Land unto M*" John Moll of N : Castle Contayn- 
ing in all twelve hundered acres Lying and being att y* 
northsyde of y* head of Blackbird Creeke Running up y* 
jnayn branch of y* said Creeke w*^ afores** fift part is 3* second 
Lott in the afores^ twelve hundered acres whereof y* first Lott 
belongs unto Ann Westemdall the third unto James Williams 
etc : together w^ a small dwelling house stunding upun }*• s^ 
one fift part, w"* all & Singular y* appurtenances etc : Provyded 
& w*^ this Condition that if John Bercquer shall pay or Cause 
to bee paid unto John Moll or his order alt or before llie IS'*" 
day of November next ensuing the date hereof in opjwquene- 
men Creeke Conveniently (he full quantity of Elleven hun- 
dred & twelve lb of Tobbacco & Casko w*** y* Court Charges 
Risen about this debt in dutch w" <& tarr as now is Customary 
then the aforenamed Land to bee Cleare and y* deed made 
void otherwayse to stand in full force Effect & vertue, the 
aforenamed deed bears date y* 18** day of May 1678, and was 
fligned A sealed by John Bercquer & Elizabeth his wyfe in 
the p^sence of John Street & Tho : Snelling. 

foUoweth the ace' of the Estate of henry Stanbrcoko de- 
ceased : by y* veudu Mast' Eph : Herman produced & allowed 
in Co" as foUowoth viz'. 

The Estate of Henry Stanbrooke deceased Sould in publicq 
outcry by y* Co^ order. 

By sundry p'sons for y* goods of y* b^ 
henry Stanbrooke as they were found 
an Inventoried at y" house of John Can 
aould in publicq outcry y® whole amount- 
ing to thesume of 1240 gild" & 15 sty vers / 1240:15 


Oct' a 




March 5 


May S 

Juno 5 

To doct'' Wells by y« Co™ order for 

Phiaik fOO &y° Costs fl5 
To John Caa by y* Co"" order paid 

fZ50 &y» Costs /"IS 

To Thora : Morse by y® Corta order ' 
paid 800 ft tobb : and 72 gilders w"* 
Coet.'i. y* tobb : att p'sent prys Cour- 
rant reduced w*** is 8 Sty makes in all 

To y« Cryer of y* vendue paid his fee 

To Ralph hutchinsoii by y* Co"* order 
and y* Costs 

To y« vendu Mnst' bis fees att 8 p' Ct° 
iiUowed of y* aume of 1240 : 15 

To iM' Moll for henry Stanbrookes Levy 
p** to y* h : Sherrif Cap* Cantwell 

To Clfirkes fees for makeing y" Inven- 
tory & severall other orders 











The Letter from y* hono'^' Councill att N : Yorke in answer 
to y* Letter of this Court seiit y* 9* of May Laest past viz*. 
Gentl : 

Yo" of y* 9"* Instant arrived y" beginning of y* week w** 
haueing not the hap to 6nd the Govern(/ Returned, was Com- 
municuted to y'^ Councill, upon Consideracon of tli© new altera 
ation made by Mayo^ John feuwike on the Eastsyde of tho 
River & p^isall of y* Testimonys and Inforraacons given Con- 
cerning tlie same, They have thought good to make tho lu- 
closetl order w"** they desire you will do yo^ part to soe itt put 
in execution (if occusiou) but w^ as Little mischief as may 
bee, Capt° Billop is written to Lykewyse Conserning the same. 

The matter of frans Barentsen was nott well represented by 
Capt" Billop to Capt" Brockkols, who supposing the accident 



of his death wa« verry Lately and itt being Lykewyse Inti- 
ranted that hee haueing no heiro the Estnte bee Left, did l)«- 
longh to the Duko as an Eschoate bee Gaue order to Capt° 
Billop to secure wliat hoo had and give accompt of y' same, 
but upon further Infonnacons that the said frans Barentsen 
dyed sevcrall Jears agoe^ and that tlic Court hath formerly 
taken Cognisance of y' s" Estate, and the Governo' haueing 
Likewyse been made aquninted therewith, They doe not think 
fitt that Cnpt" Billop should any further Concerne himseUe 
thereon but ttiat you prosecute what you had begun and Givo 
accompt thereof to y* Governo' : If the deceased bad a brother 
(as suggested) bee can baue no p'tence after y* disposall of ilt 
otliensyse a Jcare & sis wcekcs being past & no Cluyme made 
w*^ is the tyrae Limited by the Law : here hath bcu an ad- 
dresse from Capt** Cantwell in the name of his Son, Resigning 
all the Right Tylle and Intrcat his son might huue to y* 
Estate of William Tom doceasod by vertue of bis will, and do- 
eiering itt may be sould att a puhlicfi vendn for the pnyment 
of his Just debts, but tliat heo may haue p'ference before the 
Rest of y" Credito" next to Capt" dfhiuall wlio hath Judge- 
ment and Execution against the said Estate, The Couiicill doe 
tbinke itt Reasonable that the fiiiid Estate belonging to M^ 
Tom bee sould for y* payment of Jiis Debts but are not willing 
to alter the Course of y* Law, w'^'' gives Directions how debts 
should bee paid, That is statutes & Judgements first, then 
bonds & speciallys, after that booke debts and other Claymes, 
If any thing after that bIihU bee Left the son of Capt° Cant- 
well may haue itt. The sooner M' Toms Estate bee sould tbe 
Better after some weekes notice, for the Complaint made by 
Comoiialty against the Commander Capf* Billop wee are not 
Willing to Entermeddle therein the Rather for y' you Sigtiify 
yo' Resolucon to send some of yo' Bench to y* Governo' after 
bis anivall to treat w^^ him about that and other material! 
Consernes. This haueing as neare as may bee answered tbe 
perticulare of yo' Lett' I ; take Leaue & Remuine — Gent 

Yo' Most bumble Serv' 
By order of y" Councill 
May y* 25**' 1678 : Mathias NicotLS. 



The Letter to the Whoorekill being about publicq Conceme 
ia desiered may bee sent forward w*'* Care & Speed. 

Yo' M:N: 
(The suppcrscription was.) 

To the Justices of y* Court of New Castle 

Att N: Castle in Oelowar. 

FoUoweth the order of Counsell sent inclosed in the aboves^ 
Letter from New Yorke. 

Att a Councell hold in New Yorko 
May yo 22*^1678. 

Upon y** Receite of Letters from the Magistrates of the 
Towne of New Castle in Dclowar, about the alteracon begun 
to bee made by mayo' John fenwike on the other syde of y* 
River, where Contrary to his Engagement & Parole he hath 
acted by assuming a p'tcnded power to himsolfc. 

The same being taken into Consideracon to prevent any 
mischiefe that may happen upon that accompt : 

Itts ordered That a Messenger be forthw^*^ sent Expresse to 
y* Comander & Justices of New Castle in Delowar whoe are to 
give notice to y* said Mayo^ fenwike, that according to his 
parole he forbeare the assuming any power of Govemm* to 
himselfe on the East syde of Delowar River or any where 
else in those partes unlesse liee can produce more authenticq 
power out of England so to doe then liee hath yett done w*^ 
ought first to bee made knowne to y* Governo' in this place, 
and in Case of Refusal!, the said Comander and Justices are 
hereby Required to order him to come to New Yorke w*^ in 
the space of . . . dayes to make ans^'er to what shall bee al- 
ledged against him on that behulfe, and for breach of his 
Parole, w^*^ if bee deny to doe, TJiat then the said Commander 
& Magistrates together w**" y* Shorrifo doe use force to seize 
his p'son & send him hcither w^'out delay. 

By ord' of y* Councell 
Matthias Nicolls. 


In pursuant to y* aforestanding order of Iho Councell, The 
following Letter was sent to Mayo' fenwiko: 

Mayor feuwike 

Wee haue by an Expresse from New Yovke Received ord^ 
from y" hono^'* Councell to give you notice that according to 
yo^ Parole you forbeare the assuming any power of Governm* 
to yo'Selfe on y® East syde of Delownr Hiver or anywhere 
Else in those partes uiilcssc you can produce more autlientioq 
power out of England so to doe then you have yott done, w*^ 
if 80 you ought then first to haue made itt knowne to y* Gnv- 
erno'" in New Yorko, vipon w"^** wee expect yo' p''8ent answer 
w'^ this messenger. Remaining S' 

Yo' affect frinds 
New Castle Cnius ; Billop 

June 3"! 1678. J'' Moll 


P. S. Wee desire you not to fayle in sending yo*" answer 
by Reason wee are to dispatch y* expresse bake to New Yorko 
by to morrow, att night. The Incluso wee Received under o' 
Coverta by y* Expresse. 

(The Superscription was) 
To Mayo' John fenwike att N : Salem These 
foUoweth Mayo' fenwikes Letter In answer to y* above. 
The Copy of Mayo' fenwikes Letter sent bake by Tho: 

Woolleston undershcrrife. 

My frinds & Neighbours 

In answer to yo" of this date Conseming an Expresse 
therein menconed from y* Councell of New Yorkc to wbome 
my Reply is this that the Cause of my Long Imprizonment 
w** is nott unknown to them was because 1 would never bee 
p'awaeded to give security Either to bee of good Ijehauior, nor 
to forbear acting in that publicq Cappacity in w^ I : am 
authorized by vertue of y* Kings Lett : Patent, The dukes 



Grant to John, Lord Berckley & & George Carttret, and the 
Lord Berckleys deed to me, w^' were all produced before the 
Govemo' & his Counsel! by the Commissioners that arrived 
att Yorke the Laeet august, whereupon I : had my Liberty to 
come home w*** out any obligacon, and to Relume y* 6"* day 
of October following, w*^" accordingly, I : did to y* hazarding 
of my Lyfe, w*'^ is well Knowne, and the Govemo^ then tould 
mee hee wondered I: did come ngaine and Gnue order I: 
might Returne heithor againe about my Lawfull occasions. 
Itt is well Knowne Lykewyse that I was made & detayned 
p'soner to y* Co'* of azzizos and by their fauor and yo" I : 
cannot Looko upon ray sclfc to bee oblidged by my Paroll to 
apeare w'*^ out an order from y" Court of assize, the Sherrife 
Liberally importing the same and their order of Court being 
Relaxed as to fyve hundered pounds bond to bee of good be- 
hauior and not to act, and my Parole no wayes Ingageing 
mee thereunto, I am Lett att my Liberty to act or not to act 
upon y* Lord Berckleys Intrest, and further that if I ; shall 
be found to be a Transgressor ag* y* King of England & his 
Lawes in llio pursuance of the peace and good ijcttlement of 
my Collony according to his may*^** formerly declared will 
and pleasure. Itt will be tyme a nof for meo to suffer when I 
shall bee by !us May**" order Required to answer for my solfe 
before him to whom I am iiound to give an accompt of what 
Judgements or sentences I give Conserning the govemm^ of 
this Collonio w**^ in this Province, and therefor© I desire both 
y" Counsill and you seriously to weigh the Premisses, and bee 
assured of this I shall not be found bakcward to doe my duty 
to the kings May*^* and every of his subjects both in tyme and 
place when thereunto Legally required and accordingly in the 
Interim I desire to enjoy what is my Just and undoubted 
Right in the Peace of (rod and his May"* y* King of England : 
and doe in his name Implore both their & yo' assistance 
therein untill I shall bee Legally ConWcted of being a notor- 
ious offender of w*** 1 am not yett Confouned that I am in 
the Least guilty thereof, and so I can in verry mutch peace 
& Confidence Subscribe my Selfe. 



N. Salem the 3<* 
o{*^ 1678 

His May"" Loy" Suhject The 
Couneell <& yo^ peaceable neighbour 
and barty frind : 


A Letter sent by y" Expresse bake to New Yorke Directed 
to y« hono'*^ Counoelb 


Yo** Letter by y* Expresse of )■* 25* of May Laest past wee 
Received y* 2^ Instant together w^^ y* Inclosed order, pur- 
suant to wich wee the day following sent a messenger ouer to 
Mayo' J** fenwike w^ a Letter whereof a Copy is here Inclosed, 
By w** messenger hee Lykewyse in Answer Returned this his 
Inclosed Letter w*=** wee Immbly Refer to yo"" bono'* Consider- 
ocons, and y* yo' bono" may not bee Ignorant, the s** fenwiko 
doth proceed and assume full powers to bimselfe, sending on 
Satturday Laeat bis speciall warrant w*"* 6 or 8 p'sons prest to 
apprehend one John Edridge etc : and doth by his sevorall 
Evidentall Expressions declare that bee will stand out and 
that no man shall take him aly ve no not if the Govemo' cam© 
himsclfe, what yo*" bono" doe further Resolve about him if in 
Case directed to us wee desiro that itt may bee absolute ife 
sufficient for itt is o' opinion that bee will hardly bee taken 
w^'out Bloodshed or mischief: As to M' Toms deceased wee 
are sensible y' Ibore was an Execution ag** bis Boddy but not 
against y* Estate, yett In case yo*" bono" doe thinke itt filt that 
the whole Estate RcuU & personall bee scald, wee then desire 
a more positive A absolute order for o' so doing, and itt shall 
bee Reddily by us p^formed. The Inclosed for the Wboorekill 
wee haue sent w*^ y® first oportunity that p'eenled : w*** is all 
at p'sent from Hono*^**^* S™ : 

Yo' bono" most humble Servants : 

(signed) John Moll 

New Castle June 6^ Petkh alrichs 

1678 Jkan* p. Jacquet 

Gkrbet otto. 



- Justices 

(The Supperscription whs) 

ffor y* hono"^^" Capt" Matthiae Kicolls and y* Rtst of y" 
hono^« CounccU. 

In New Yorke 


The Court adjourned their ordinary sitting againe until! the 
first Teusday of y* month of October next, unlesse urgent or 
Multiplicity of Buisnesse should Require their sitting sooner. 

Att a Special! Court held in the Towne of New Caatle July 
the W^ 167a 

M' Alrichs 
^ M' Jean Paul Jacquet 

^ ^^^ W Gerrel Otto 

'M' fopp outliout 
Capt" Edmund Cantwell H: Sherrife. 

Edmund Cantwell High Sherrife in the behalfe of o' Souer- 
aigne Lord the Kiugh. Iiulytea Jusln Andriea and Aeltie hia 
wyfe for that they the said Justa and Aeltie, not haueing the 
feare of God before their eys and forgetting all Civility and 
the Respect duo unto the Court and Justices, whoe so nearly 
Represent the p'"aou of o*" aoueraigne Lord the King, haue on 
the 28^** of June Laest past in a most slanderous a!>surd 
tlireathning and menacing manner by their ill dirty Language 
slaundered this Court and their officers, saying God dam tho 
Court they bee all t' Cheating Rogues. Should I bee tryed by 
such Rogues as John Moll and a theef and hogh stealer as 
Gerret otto tliey haue Given away a Cowe from mee I am sure 
to Loose all as Comes to the Court. I will beat and make 
them fly all to the Devill Ifi I come to the Court in Earnest, 
saying further that hee would an other bout for the Cowe and 
lic6 would arrest Robberd Morton againe to y* Court and that 
then hee would see whether they meaning the Court had the 
hart to give away the Cowe w*** a great many more dirty scan- 
dalous words and Expressions against the Court and their 



officers, and on y* iwin© day Aoltio tho wyfe of y* 8^ Justa 
Atidries fell Lykewyse ft Railing Cursing and swearing ugninst 
the CJourt ond their officers in thoeo and y* liko words — God 
dnin thai Moll they are nil a Lyke (Cheating Rogues, Ciod dam 
tho Sherrifcs & Clarices etc : All w*'*' aboves** wordes were used 
(fc Bj)okcn to the uiidersherrife of thia Towne of Now Cnslle w*** 
80 ama7,cd the ^ undorsherrife that he departed w'" feare not 
hftuoing Executed his office moreouer they the s*^ Justa aod 
Aeltie his wyfe pursuing & following the evill intent and Im- 
mnginfltion of their hart5 on the first day of July Lacst past 
att w*^ tymo the Constable of this Towne came att their houro 
in Cliristiufl w*^ a warrant of Justice Alrichs in Search of y* 
boy servant to Kniilius do Ring, the son in Lnwe to y* said 
Justa hnth in the p'senoe of Justice John Moll who hapned to 
bee Ihereatt that same tyme w* force and armes tfe foull men- 
aoing words A expressions opi>o9ed Rebuked hindered & as- 
saulted the said Constable Refusing to obey the said warrant, 
and Justice John Moll then fairly Intreating the st\id Justu 
to obey authority, using many Civill arguments to Induce him 
thereunto, all w*'* not nualing w*** him the said Jueta Andries, 
The said Justice Moll wtiF forced to Command tho stnnders by 
in his May'^ name to bo aiding & assisting to the Constable 
in the doing of his duty att w^^ hee the said Justa Andries 
Grew BO Inraged llmt he looke up a Cleft stikc of wood and 
stepping w"' itt up to the said M' Moll Lifted itt up Ihreathning 
therewith to strike him the said Justice Moll and a small tyme 
after, Justice Moll y' Constable departing w* fearo and being 
come on this syde of Christina Creeko going humwarda, hee 
the said Justa Andries and neltie his wyfe still following the 
Evill Intent of their harts amongst otlier his foull slaunderouft^ 
words and menacing speeches to Justice Moll and the Con- 
etnble, spake and acted ns followoth Are you a Justice of tlie 
Peace you arc a devill and not worthy to sitt upon y® bench 
you hauo sworne to Ruine me« & myno and M' Moll keeping 
his pace being on horsbake going humwards Justa Andries 
said in a fbry now will I : hnuc & take yo^ hors from you, and 



w*** thai Run furiously to ketch the Baid horse W*" forced both 
him and the said Justice MoU and the Coustahle to fly for 
their safety in widi said actions neltie the wyfe of the said 
Josta was alsoe acting yeelding and w^ foull words part take- 
ing w"' her husband all wich p'mitiscs are directly Contrary to 
the Lawes and statutes of England as well as of this Govern- 
meut, and are alsoe of u bud Consequence and an Extreame 
ill p'sident to others. Insomuch that itt is a derision of the 
Kings May^'** authority and noe well Settled Govemm' can 
bee Established and maintayned where such notorious ofFencea 
are past by and y* offenders thereof not severely punnisht and 
an Example made to others ; of w*^ Contempt of Authority 
Slttundcr assault & breach of tho Peace are you both guilty or 
noe: To wich above said hulytnient Justa Audrics and acltie 
his wyfe pleaded not guilty but after the hereafter raenconed 
wittnesses were all sworne and examined in Court: They the 
a* Justa & Aeltic said that they would not stand out upon 
their vindiciition, but humbly threw themselves upon y° mercy 
of the Court w*^ being taken into CJ<tnsideratiori : 

The Court (haueing Regard to their submission) Doe order 
an Sentence as followeth -That they tire s'* Justa Andries and 
Aeltie his wyfe, doe both upon their knees in Court aske for- 
giveneee© for their s* offences and that Justa Andries bee of 
the good behauior (and give security for the same) during the 
Courts pleasure, and Laestly that they pay a fyne of six hun- 
dered Gilders and give security for y* payment thereof together 
v^ tho Costa. 

William Sanford and Mathiaa De Vos declared and proffered 
and bound themselves in Court in a bond of twenty pounds 
to be© paid to his May"*" use, that hee the said Justa should- 
bee of good behauior and keepo his may"" Peace to all his 
May"** Subjects w"^ in this Courts JuiTsdiction. 

William Sandford put himselfe security for Justa Andries, 
for y* payment of y" aboves^ fyne, and Justa andries declared 
in Court to Leaue y* Plantation whereon W" Sandford now 
lives in Cristina bound ouerto y* s^ W" Sandford as security 



for his Reimbourpement of y* s*^ fyiie. Justa Andries and 
aeltio his wyfc did also in open Court ui>on their knees nske 
forgivenesse of the Court for their offences according to 

Justice Jo!m Moll swome in Court and his deposition att 
Lai-ge fyled upon }•* fyle. Thomas WooUaston sworae iu 
Court and his deposition fyled as above. 

Marten Gerretaen and Chiistina his wyfe swome in Court 
and their depositions fyled as above. 

Andries Sinnexe and Margriet Iiis wyfe sworne in C</* and 
their depositions fyled. gysbert Walraveu Johnson his depo- 
sition swome unto before Justice Alrichs produced and Read 
in Court. Alsoe the declaration of Elizabeth y* wyfe of Jan 
Biscus, and are both fyled. Reynier Vander Coelen Constable 
sworne in Court and his deposition fylod. 

William Sandford sworne in Court declares that some tyme 
about y" Laest of y* month of June Laest hce being att the 
house of Justa Andries, Thomas WooUeston undersherrife 
came there, the deponant heard Justa Andries whoe waa 
Comming out of his house say. God dam them vriW they Uuine 
mee, and Lykewyse then heard Justa use many high & foul 
wordes the Conclusion of w*** was that Gerret otto was a hogh- 
stealer and not worthy to sitt upon the Bench but as to any 
other particulars the deponant docs not now Remenber. 

Broer Sinnexe Sworne declares that the same day Tho: 
WooUaston waa att Justa andersons being some tyuie in the 
Laest of June, This deponant was att the house of Justa 
anderson and heard amongst other words y*^ said Justa say 
that hoghsLealcr gerret otto and M' Moll whoe has swome to 
Ruine me and further doth not Remember. 

Sophia the wyfe of Broer sinnexe Sworae declares tliat Shee 
was p^sent att y* house of Justa andries when Tho ; Woollaston 
came there the deponant heard Justa Andries say that hogh- 
stealer gerret otto and that Moll whoe hath swome to Ruine 
mee, and on the tirst of July Laest past this deponant was 
Lykewyse att the house of y'^ s^ Justa and there heard a 



aeoulding and heard M' MoU say Carry Aclti© to prizon, 
wherewitli Justa AinJries tooke' «p a poece of wood and stood 
Lifted up w^ itt before M' MoU and heard then also aeltie call 
the Constable Contsohraeper and further sayeth nott. Chri^ 
Una the wyfe of Walraeven Jaiison sworne declares that she 
waa p'^sent y* first of July Laest att Justu's house and there 
heard Justa andereona wyfe haue acoulding words w*^ Justice 
MoU about a boy, and that M^ MoU Commanded the Constable 
to Carry Aeltie to prizou, whereuppon Justa Andries Came 
and talceing up a stike stood up before M^ MoU w"* y* stike 
and furtlier eayeth not Christina the wyfe of Jan Staalcnp 
Sworne declares that shee heard Justa andries say that he« 
had taken the boy as well as tlic woomen for good, and y' M' 
MoU answered yo' boy is put out by yo" wyfe, and sayea alao 
that shce hoard Aeltie caU y* Constable Conteohraeper and 
further sayeth nott Jan Biscus Swurno declares that after 
Uie Chyld of Mathias his brother was hurried they Comeing 
home again found Ileynior Vandcr Coeleo Constable there, 
whoe then tould y° deponant tliat hee came w*^ a warrant 
from N : Castle for the boy, att w*^** tyme Justa Andries denyed 
to Lett goe the boy saying that hee had given his wyfe uoe 
order to Lett goe y* boy, and a Little whyle after the depon- 
ant did see Justa andries stand w*** a stike in liis hand against 
M' Moil (fe further sayeth not. Matthias Mathiass debos 
swome declares that hee was p^sent the first of July Laest att 
Jast^ Andries house, and there heard Justa call y*^ Constable 
Oontschraeperand afler that M' Moll went suddainly ouer the 
Creeke and aeltie Justa's wyfe was schoulding atl the Landing 
OP Creeke syde^ and fUrlher doth not Remember what past 

Benjamin Nettelshipp appearing in Court produced a Peti- 
oon shewing timt hee was the only Brother to Vice^simus 
Nettelshipp deceased, and by Consequence tho Riglit heir to 
his Estate; and that Ephraim bennan y* administrato' to y* 
8^ Estate of Vicesaitnus Nettelship hatli finished hia adminis- 
Uaoon: Desieriug that therefore heo might haue the Papers 



ftnd other CoiieerDs delivered him aa the heir and profiferiDg 
to diacbarga tho Court and y* s*^ Lato adminigtratoi of the 
proussea etc: The said Ueujamiu NetteUhip produciug y'^ 
Teelimony of Kodger NetteUhip his hatfe brother, signifyiDg 
the hee the s^ Bei^amin was the Eight heir. The Court haue 
therefore thought 6tt to order that the a^ Estate of VicessiiuuA 
Kettelship w^ what thereuDto appertaynea bee delivered unto 
the fl^ Feticon' as his heir, hc« dischargiug the Court and the 
6^ Late administrator of y^ same, and makeiug good what Just 
debts might yett bcc brought in agaii>st the s^ Estate as far 
forth as the s'* Estate Sliall Reatch ; ftU w<* the a" Btiyamm 
Meltelship proniissed & Inguged to do& 

This day appeared in Court Job Nettelehip together w*** M' 
Johannos Deliaea. The s'* Jobb Nettclship declared to l>e will- 
ing W bind hiraselfe and did bind himselfe a servant to the s^ 
Joh : dehaes for tl»e space A terme of fy vo Jears to serve him 
y* »"* delmes faithfully during y* s^ space of fy ve Jears and hee 
tho s** deliaes promised to find him y* s** Job w^** meate drinke 
washing and Lodging and to give him a yeo Lamb tbia next 
spring to run w'^ M' Dehaes his sheep for profitt of s^ Joh, 
and att y" end of y* tenne to Give y* s* Job a C'owe and Calfe 
w''' twoo suits of Cloaths, also to Lett y^ s^ Jobb Larne to wry te 
& Readc. 

Stoffell Meyer prooveing in Court thai bee was sike all the 
tyme when the dyke was made and desieriiig that his fya« 
mighi be Remitted^ The Court did think his Request reason- 
able and that hoe ought to bee Excused of y*' dyke fyne- 

Att a meeting of the Justices bold ic the Towae gf Ne^r 
Castle July y« 17"^ 1678. 

M^ John Moll 
M"" Peter Alricha 
P'sent M' fopp outhout ^ Justices 

&r Jeau Paul Jacquet 
iM"^ Gerret otto 
Capt° Edmund CADtwcU High Shcrrifc. 



Itt being taken into Consideracon that seuerall necessary 
Buisnesses Relating to the welfare of this Towue of New Castle 
and the Parts adjacent ougt to bee demonstrated to his bono' 
the Govemo^att his bis arryvall from England as alsoo soaeroll 
priviledges and other good & beneGtiall orders and Grants, 
ougt to bee Requested att his bono" bands, The Court haue 
therefore thought best to the end itt maj' be well p^sented and 
his bono' made acquainted w'** all materiall passages here, 
and a Result and answer from his said Hono' y^ Govemo' ob- 
tayned, To desire Tmpower and dejiute M"" John Moll one of 
y* members of this Court in the bebalfe of the said Court to 
effect and accomplish the aboves^ and humbly to shew and at 
Large demonstrate the hereafter menconed particulars as fol- 
loweth viz'. 

1. To desire and humbly Request his bono' the Govemo' 
to grant us Leaue and permission to obtayne and haue an 
orthodox minister to bee maintajmed by the gifts of y' free 
willing Givers. 

2. To desire of his bono' that a double number of mages- 
trates may beo ordayned and to p'seiit as the fittest j)'sous viz* 
M' Johannes Dehaes M^ William Semple M' Abram Man and 
M' Hendrick Williams ; and that a Coroner may alsoe bee ap- 

3. To Intreat his bono' to send us the new corrected Lftw- 
booke and seale for y* office as heretofore promised. 

4. Whereas the Land of Capt" Car deceased Lying betweene 
M^ Toms Plantation and this Towno of Now Castle, was form- 
erly kept up in the vendue for the Townes use, and whereas 
the Towne haue nott as yett proffered any monny for itt, 
Therefore to desire his bono" orders to sell the said Laud 
publicqly and further to know what tytle shall bee given y'^ 

6. To make his bono' acquainted that the aurveigo' M' 
Walter Wharton neglects bis office of surveiging to the great 
obstruction and hinderance of seuerall People, as well w'*'in 
the Jurisdiction of upland Court as this Court, and that the 



Rate allowed to bee paid for his surveiging fees, farr Exceeds 
tlie Mar}'land Rale, w** much discourages the People, There- 
fore to desire that the fees may bee Equalized v,-^ Maryliuid 
fees and Cheefly to make his bono' acquainted how that to 
tlie Great blame and shame of the Governm* hee the a^ M' 
"Wharton hath married himselfe and further that hee prem- 
isses Lands to People and Enters the same in his surveigo" 
booke before that the p'sons haue any Grant or order of the 
Court, and takes bills under the Peoples hands for the same, 
all w°^ this Co" by an order bearing date the 4*** of June Laesl 
hauo Referred to the Censure of his bono' the Govenio', und 
more that hee hath forced one man in Mar)'land to assigne 
his Pattent to him only forsurveigo^ fees whereby two familys 
are hindered of settling w*'* s'' Land hee the s** Surveigor hath 

6. That his bono' will bee pleased to establish waigts and 
measures, and that a gage bee apointed in this River for all 
Coopers to make the Tobbacco hoghsheada accordingly. 

7, To make his hono^ acquainted how that Mayo' fenwike 
forbids the People of the eastern syde of this River to pay their 
Proportion of y* publicq Rate Layed Laest Jeare for the Pay- 
ing of the woolfsheads, and that hee the s** fenwike threatheus 
the People w^ Ruine incase they pay any, and that hee the 
said fenwike now has Laid a Tax himselfe, Therefore to know 
whether the People there Shall pay any of y* s^ tax and how 
for the future this Court Court shall act and behauue them- 
selves towards the said Eastsyde. 

8. To shew how that dayly seuerall People doe mutch Com- 
playne, that their old debts due unto them out of y" publicq 
are not paid, to desire his bono' to Consider the Poore people 
that some way may bee found out for their sattisfaction Either 
by the Lotts of Land yett to bee granted in this Towne or 
otherwaycs as his bono' shall thinke best 

9, To know bis hiono" will and pleasure whether a Levy or 
tax may bee Laid for the paying the debts made during the 
tyme of this govemm' Conserning the forte and the dyke etc. 


10. Whether bouses & Lands of p'sona deceased or Run- 
away are Lyable and may bee publicqly sould for y^ paymg 
the parteca Just debU, iiicasti (be p^soiiall Ki«taCe falU sUoct 
and how the Court shall act iu that, and y" Lyke buisnesseb 

11. That Liberty of Trade may bee granted U3 w'*' y* 
neighbouring Collony of maryland for the aupplyiug us w* 
negroe, Servants and utensiUs w^ out W^ wee caiwot eub«iat 
and alsoe that Liberty may bee granted us for o* owae vesatU* 
w'^h wee may jjett to enter and Cleare the same here w'^'out 
Touching att Now Yorko incase wee might eettd them Ua 
England, Barbados and other j)lacea wee observing the acU of 

12. To Represent & make his bono' acquainted w^ actioiu 
and proceedings of y* Comander Capt" BiUop here aence his 
hono" departure to y" end that the Poore People, may notl be« 
Cfi|]ireaaed and that the Court may know for the fUturo the Right 
meaning and Extent of the Commanders Comi^^iont The i' 
Cheef of w^** s** Comand™ aotingaWing breefly menconed. via* : 

1, That y^ s'' Comand' att his first Coroming here and all 
along hath {Mibltcqly btameil & defamed y^ Governo^ and aWoe 
that hee the s'^ Comaod'' Contrary to his duty stands up for 
and holds w^ Mayor fenwike, w^ hath so amazed the Inhabi< 
tants of y^ Eastern sboare tl^t »omeof them know not wbouM 
to obey: 2. To know whether the s^ Commander hath power 
over the Court to Com»nd them and y*" Lyke as Iwe in scuerall 
apeechcs hath declared. 3. To take a Coppy an to p'seot io 
his hono" view what in the Records y" 8* of March Laost is 
Entered dowue Conserning s^ Comander; 4. To desire his 
hono* to Explayne whether hee the e^ Capt" Billop hath acted 
Lawfully to take Poore Poaploa goods out of their houses w^** 
tbey had gott out of mnryland for old debts due for Cattle 
«old to the marj'landen* and w'*' out any Cwmo of Lawfull pro- 
ceedings to keepe the aame goods and Convert them to hu 
owne use, The p'eona from whome heo hath taken s*^ goods 
being Lasac dalbo Jan Boelsen Andriee Boen etc ; and humbly 
to Intreat his Ik>uo^ in the bohtdfe of y^ poore people that 



that and othor the Ljke buisnefises may bee oxamiiied and y" 
goods Kc-stoj'cd to them. 5. tfc l^aestly To make hia bono^ ac- 
quainted that bee the said Commander hath from tyme to 
tyme taken up and made sale of unmarkt hoghs horses & 
xnaree as alsoe of stray markt horses for Instance one horse of 
doctcv Tymen of Gaspares herman one markt mare taken 
owtof Capt" CarxkweHs pasture and sould to M' James C-oui^soy 
)n Maryland ibr 1200 ib of Tobbaeco, and seaerall hogs had 
of doctor Tymen A Jan Staalcopv To the End his Roy" high- 
ncese may haue tiia du^ out of the aboves^ Creatures, and 
further to desire his bono' to know whether tlie said Com- 
mander hath power to grant Lycensts fbr marriadge as to 
seuernll p^sons hee liath done, wlieroby y* Common Course of 
throe proclamations in the Curch or beands setting up is Laid 

Given under o' hands In New Castle this 17^ day of July 
AnnoqDom : 1678. 

(signed) (signed) 

Ed : Cantwei.l John Moll 

Pbtbr ALRicna 
f : odthout 
Jkan P : Jacquxt 
By ord' of Court Gsarkt otto 

Eph : Hrrman 


Johannes dehaes his Grant for a Lott of Land w^^in this 
Townc was viewed & Confirmed by the Court 

Att a meeting of the Comander and Justioes held in the 
Tbwne of New Castle July the 17"» 1678. 

Capt" Xtopher Billop Commander 
M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
P'sent M' fop uuthout \. Justice! 

M' Jean Paul Jacquet 
M' Gerret otto 
Capt° Edm; Cantwell High Sherrife 



The following Letter from the hono'**^* Counsill was this day 
Read vizK 


Yd" of y* 5* by tho lleturne of the Expresse sent to you by 
the Councill arrived here the beginning of the weeke, but yo' 
answer Seemed verry Little sattisfactor)' to any perticular they 
wryto about, as to y° order Conserning Mayo^ fenwike the 
Counsill did thinke and upon serious Perusall of ye same 
againe doe find that itt was absolute and full, Itt expresaing 
that incase of his Kefusall to act in assuming a power of 
governn* to hiraselfo order ... to Come to New Yorke ac- 
cording to his . . . upon yo^ summons that then the Com- 
mand' and you the magestrates were to use force to secure his 
person and send him heither, so you needed not any new Re- 
sult to bee directed to yo'selvcs alone (itt being thought fitt to 
direct itt to the Commander alsoe) more absolute then the 
former, w'* the Councill thinke sufficient, so shall not alter 
anything therein but Loaue you to answer yo' neglect to the 
Govemo' who is dayly expected and all predjudice or mis- 
chiefe that may hai)pen thereby to Lye att yo* Doors, they 
haueing done their duty, ffor the buisnesse of the Estate of 
>r Tom deceased, The Councill Lykewyse thought they hod 
Eiprest themselves verry Playne as to the sale of that Estate 
to sattisfy Creditors as the Lawe directs but thinke itt verry 
unreasonable to Exclude Capt" Delauall from his Judgem' bo- 
cause M' Tom did itt in his will, unlesse Errors can bee 
prooved in itt, or that itt was illegally obtayned. The strict 
nicety of his Boddy being taken in Execution being not 
thought sufficient to debarro tho Creditor of his Just duo debt 
where efl'ects can bee found to make sattisfaction neitfier hath 
itt ben ever practized in these parts, though in England itt 
may, where the Kestraint of prisoners is much more strict and 
of another manner then M^ Tom's ever was who in a manner 
had as much Liberty after as before the Execution Laid on 



The Coun&ill doth a1so6 much admire at the Court so 
suddnin giving Judgement agiiiust the Estate of the deceased 
for a stronger of Marj'land Concerning 2000 A odd hundered 
waight of Tobbacco upon so slender ppoofe (as they are in- 
formed) wich may defeate many others within the govemm' 
who can itt mny bee proove their debts more substantially: 
upon Consideracon had thereof & yo' desire of more partic- 
ular orders therein the Councill thinke itt Convenient that 
one ofy* Creditors doe administer upon the Kstate of the said 
William Tom, and in Kegard of y* Resignation of any Intrest 
in the Estate of the deceased by Cap" Edmund Cantwell on 
behalfe of his son to y® prodjudioe of the Credito" by vertue of 
the will made by the s** M' Tom wherein his son is named 
Execute^ Tliey are of opinion that y* s*^ Capt" Cantwell is 
y* fittest p'son to haue the same, whoe upon giving security 
to administer according to Lawe and Returning a Certificate 
thereof may haue Letters of administrncon from hence so to 
pay the debts and put an Issue to that buisnesse as is usuall 
in such Cases : Soe haueing noe farther at p'aent Conclude and 
Remaine, Gent : 

Yo^ most humble Servant 
By order of ye Councell 
(was aubscrybed) 

Matthias Nicoli^ 
(The supperscription was) Seer. 

For the Justices of the Court 
of New Castle in delowar — These 
In New Castle. 

New Yorke 
June 21*'' 1678 

The aforestanding Letter from the hono^* Council! Read 
and the Buisnesse of Mayo' fenwike taken into Consideracon 
by the Commander & Justices of this Court and Capf^ Billop 
signifying that att his Laest being oucr att Salem the Laest 
weeke, that then Mayo' fenwike was willing to answer the 
hono'^'" Counsills order att New Yorke and that hee will sur- 
render himselfo att New Yorke according to his parole ; Re- 


solved and ordered by the Comander Joyiitly w*^ the Court 
that Mayo'" fenwike iocase hee will Give under his hand by a 
Letter to y" Counsill that hee will not act by aasuminp any 
power of governm* to himselfe on that sydc of the River or 
anywhere else, and that hee within the space of Twenty dayes 
promisaea to make his p'sonall appearance att New Yorke 
according to his parole, that then hee bee Left there, but in 
cose of Rcfusall and that lioc doth not send a sattisfactory 
answer, That then the s^ Commander together w"" the high 
sherrife prewe mid take w^ them so many of the militia as 
tiiey think fitt and w"* them seize the s** fenwikes p'son and 
send him to new Yorke w'^* out delay according to the order 
of the hono'"'^'" Counsell. 

FoUoweth the Letter sent to mayo' fenwike 

Mayo*" Fenwike 

S' Capt° Billop eiguifj'ing to us that you haue 

altered yo' former Resolucon and that now you are willing to 
answer the order from the hono^^** Councill of New Yorke, and 
that you will goe and there surrender yourselfe according to 
yo' Parole, now therefore if you will forbeare the assuming 
any power of go\T3rnm* to yo'selfe and within the apace of 20 
dayes will apiware in New Yorke and there surrender yo^selfe 
according to yi/ Parole then signify soe mulch in a Letter 
under yo"" hand to y* hono'^'* Councell in New Yorke, and send 
the same Letter open to us under a Couert by this bearer that 
soe wee muy bee possitive of yo*" Resolucon. Remaining S' 
Yo"' affectionate frinds 

NrCastle July l?"* 

(The eupperscription was) 
To Mayo' John fenwike 
att New Salem 

(was signed) 

Christ : Billop 
John- Moll 
Peter Alrichs 
fop outhout 
Jean Paul Jacqukt 
Gerret otto 




Hono'**' 8'» 

Yo' Letter of the 21"' of Jone I^wt wep Rcceit-fd, In ftti- 
ftwer to w^** wee Reply, that the occasion of y' wryting alone 
the 6** of y* same month in w** to our sorrow yo^ Hono" 
Reply to Receive «oe Little sftttisfaction was wot that wee de- 
8iered to bee only Oonserned w"" out the Commander (who 
matoh takes the part of and is a great frind to mayo' fenwiko): 
but that w** was wrilt then Conserning mayo' fenwike we« 
had out of y* mouth of llic s** Commander, and his not sign- 
ing of the Baid Letter was by Reason the other particular! 
therein menconed Consemed him not: By the Inclosed Cop- 
pies yo' bono" will see what Result hath ben taken by the 
Comander and ussence the Receipt of yo's^ Letter: and sence 
the Commander and high tthcrrife haue fetched the said fen- 
wike to this Towne, and altough itt was suppomd to bee ft 
more secure and better way to send him by waeter in this 
Sloope, Yett y« Commander thinkee it best to send him by 
Land, w<* hee Lykewyse hath obligeth to doe. As to M' Toms 
Estate Capt" Cantwell oflers security and Intends to come to 
New Yorke himselfe to take out Letters of administraoon ; and 
as to the Judgement, so suddainly given as alledged, the same 
wnB for twoo bills w*** were divers tymes before Confessed by 
the deceased and those of Maryland make noe difference in 
the Lyke Casee w'** us, but suppose there will bee Little I^efl 
after Capt" d' Laualls debt is paid soe hauuig no more att 
p'sent Remaine 

Yo' bono™ most humble subjects & servants 

K. Castle The Co« of N. Castle 

July 24"" 1678 By order of the same Eph. Herman Cl» 

Att a Court held in New Castle November the 6fth 1678. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M' Peter Alricha 
M' Gerret otto 

Proclamation being made and the Co^ being opened the 





following new Commiesion from hU hono"^ the govern©' for 
the luagestrates was publicqly Read : 

S' Edmund Andros Kul seigno' of Sausmarez Lieut: and 
Goveroo'" Gener" under liia Roy" Highnease James Duke of 
Yorke & Albany etc : of ail liis Territories In America. 

By Vertue of his may"*" Lett" Patients & the Commission 
and authority unto mee ... by his Roy" highnesse I : doe 
hereby . . . May'^™ nnme Constitute apjxiint . . . you M' John 
Moll M' Peter alrichs M' fopj) outhout M' Gerret otto, M' 
Johannes d' haes M*" Abram Man and M' WilHani Semple to 
beo Justices of the Peace in the Jurisdiction of New Castle in 
Delowar and dependences and any four or more of you to bee 
a Court of Judicature and In case of aikncsso absence or other- 
wyse of the first etc the next in Commission to preside Giving 
and granting unto you and every of you full power to act in 
8^ Employment according to Lawe and former practize, of w*** 
all persons Cousemed are to take notice & give you the due 
Respect and obedience belonging to yo' places, in discharging 
yo*' dutyes. 

This Commission to bee of force the space of one yeare after 
date hereof or till further order Given under ray hand & seale 
of tho Province In Now Yorke this 26"* day of October in the 
30"* yeare of his may^*" Raigne Annoq. Dom : 1678. 


Examined by mee E Andross, 

Matthias Nicolls Seer. 

According to y* aforestflnding Commission were swome, M' 
Johannes De haes AP Abram Man and M' William Semple for 
Justices etc. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of Now Castle in Delowar 
by the Authority of o^ Soucraine Lord Charles the 2** ouer 
England Scotland franco & Yrcland King defender of the 
faith etc. the first [fifth] day of November in the 30"" yeare 
of his 8^ may**"" Raigne Annoq Dom : 1678 


M^ John Moll 

M' Peter Alrichs 

M' fopp outhout 
Psent M' Gerret otto )■ Justicea 

M' Johannes d' hacs 

M' Abmra Man 

M' William Seraplc 
The following twoo Letters from his hono^ the Governo' 
were protluced & Read in Court : 

N. Yorke y* 24*^ of August 1678. 

haueing presently after my Returne .... Leauc to and 
now sent to Capl" Billop Commander & sub Collector in yo' 
River . , . come to this place, This is to desire yo*" pHicular 
care in all Cases w*^** may occur for his may"** servis and quiet 
preservation of said River in the military as well as Civill and 
to acquaint you that I haue appointed M' Peter alrichs as 
Cheef and M' Tho : WooUeston CIcreq to take care of the Cus- 
tomes according to acta of parliam* A former practice, so de- 
siering to hear from you p' first good Convenience of the state 
of things with you I ; Hemaine 

Yo' verry affectionate friend to serve you : 
(The supperscription wa.s) E Andross. 

For the Magcatrates or Court of 

New Castle in Delowar River These 

Att New Castlo. 

Forts ammunition and Guns Received from Cap* Billop be- 
longing to y° forte viz' 8 yron Guns 7 Leaden aprons 18 match 
Locks 6 fyre Locks in all 24 muscquetts, 12 Collars of bande- 
licrs 66 yron shott 465 musquett buUetts one and one third 
barrill of powder 3 quiers of Cartridge paper 12 skaynes of 
match 2 LeadoUs 3 sponges 3 Rammers 2 wormea all upon 5 
sticks 1 bouge bariell 1 Lout stike. 

In New Castlo signed by JoitN Moll A 

Sept y« 6»* 1678 Pktek Alrichs 





I hftue Rec** yo* addresse in answer to w'** yo' desire of a 
miniaU'r is allowed by the Lawe. A new Commission for 
magestrtites is herew"* sent and alsoe a Lawc Booke. The 
Land Commonly Called Capt" Carr'a is allowe<3 to bee sould 
for the use of the Creditors and the purcbazer may haue a now 
Pattciit for his Tytle : The Co^ Imuc power to order matters 
Relating to the surveigo' in Every Rcsj>cut according to Regu- 
lacons & T^awe. 

Tlio booko of Lawcs gives directions for weights and meas- 
ures to bee English butt anticnt Custom may bee Lookt upon 
as Lawe and the publicq weighouso is to grosse weights only 
if or above a quarter of a hundered. 

When the ncc'* of publicq debts are stated and allowed Caro 
shall bee taken for their payment as desiered. Houses and Im- 
proovcd Lands are Lyable to pay debts as well as moveables, 
and where none administers the Court may appoint some Re^ 
spousable person to do© itt haueing due Reguard to widdowes. 

All favour may bee Ej^pectcd as to trade soe that the acts of 
jjarliament & orders thereupon be not Infringed w* due Re- 
guard to the Custome house here. 

The Late Comander is here and to give on ace* of bis actings 
in yo*" parts, and if any haue been wronged by him they shall 
haue Right & alsoe any publick matt^ w*^** may further acrew 
Rectifyed as soon as may be, I : Remaine. 
New Yorke Yo' verry affectionate friend 

Octob' 2G'*' 1678 D Andross. 

(The superscription was) 

For the Court Justices 

of the Court of New Castle 

These — In delowat. 

M' Machiel Barron for himselfe and in the behnlfeof the 
other old Inhabitants of the Eastern shore, This day brought 
and produced in Court a warrant from The Right Hono'*^* 
<Jroverno'' S^ Edmund Andross directed to this Court : The s^ 
warrant being here following Recorded, viz' 



By tlie Govemo' 

Whereas I : have Received seuerall peticons and Complainte 
from divers of the Inhabitants of the East syde of delowar 
River tliat haue ben disturWl in the Lawful! possession of 
Uieir Lands & Tennemt" there by Mayo' John fenwike <& 
others These are to desire and authorize you the Justices of 
the Court att New Castle to take Care that the snid Inliabi- 
tanls bee not disturbed in their possession upon any pretence 
whatsoever by the said Mayo' fenwike or others, and if occa* 
fiion to make inco forthw'*" acquainted w"' the same Given 
under my hand in New Yorke Uiia 28"^ of October 1678. 
To the Justices of tlie (was subscriber]) 

Co^ of New Castle E, Andross. 

The following order from his bono' the Governo*" about 
Lands was this day also openly read in Co'* & fixed up alt the 
Co" house : 

By the Govemo' : 

\V]iereas I : did in the Year© 1675 among other Regulacons 
then made for Incouradgem* Remitt the quit Rents for the 
first three Jeares of all New I^nds to bee taken up <fe seated in 
Delow' precints, w** haueing prooved Inconvenient by many 
takeing up Land and not seating att all, I : doe therefore Re- 
peall <fe Recall the same Except for such as haue seated A 
Improoved upon said order to bee accordingly Indomnifyed^ 
Butt all such as haue taken up Land A nott seated & iin- 
jtrooved and made due Retume thereof as by Lawe & orders 
(sent & published Last Jeare to bee Recorded, to forfeit tlie 
same and the Land not seated and Improoved to bee disposed 
of as vaccant Land, and all such as haue Improved & seated 
but nott maile such Returncs are Iiereby againe Required for 
Rectifying of former & prc'venlirig of future disorders) w"* in 
the space of six months next ensuing the date hereof, to make 
a due Returne as above of such their Land, quantity & scitu- 
ation according to the Pattent Surveighs or Cards thereof, to 


yo Ciercq of y' Court in whoso Jurisdiction their said Land 
Lyeth, to bee there Uecorded, and bv the Court Certifyed to 
the Kecreta" office here, and such as haue not taken Care to 
pay their quit Rente due for the Same that they w*%i the 
space of six months as abore account and pay the Erreaxs to 
the now Receiver from my first Coromiug into the Country in 
1674 and for the future all such as haue or shall take up Land 
are to pay their quit Rents from their takeing up Such Land 
and yearly atl the Townes of Upland New Castle and Whoore- 
kill for the eeverall precincts att their perrills and such as 
shall take up and nott Jinproove Land to forfeit the same 
according to Lawe This order to be forthwith published and 
sett up att the Court houses of Upland New Castle and whoore- 
kille in delowar Given under my hand In New Yorke this 
26"» of October 1678. 

(Signed) E Ani>ro6S. 

Resolved (In Reguard the Church doth veriy mutch want 
Reparation) That M*" John Moll & W Peter alrichs take Care 
and onlcr al>out the flame, The Charge A Cost to bee found & 
Raysed by a Tax if no Monuy bee more due upon the former 
List of yo Reader. 

Upon the Peticon of bans Peterson desiering a grant to take 
up 100 acres of Land Lying in 8c}ulpalts Kill formerly Tm- 
prooved by Lasso undrius: The Court thought fitt to lieferr 
this till next Court day. 

Samuel I'ietersen of Clirislina Creeke prooveingin Court by 
the oaths of M' Tymen Stiddim Jan Stjuilcop & Lasse Way- 
man, tiiat Jiins anderson smith Lnte of Christina deceased by 
A nun cupative will before his decease hatli willed & bequeathed 
all his Estate to him tht s^ Sumuel Peterson & hath made him 
hifl heir, and itt being alsoe manifested tliat the Estate of y' s^ 
deceased is vorry Inconsiderable, The Court did thinke fitt (In 
Reguard the s* Samuel Peterson had been att ye Charge of 
attending s^ deceased in his sikncFso and alsoe of his burriall) 
to allow of tlio 8^ Nuncupative will and do order and author- 



ize the s* Sonmel Peterson to administer upon the said Estate 
according to Lawe. 

Upon the Peticon of Peter Abriuck desiering a grant to take 
up in oppoquenenen twoo huiidered acres of Land etc: The 
Court Grant ye Peticoner liis Request hoe Beating & Improove- 
ing s*^ LanJ according to his hono"^ the Governo" Rules <fe 

Upon the Poticon of George Mooro against M' Walter 
Wharton Conserning the Estate of Thomas Lane deceased : 
urderefl that M' Wharton Either by hiniselfe or attorney 
apeare att y® next Court here in New Castle to answer to the 
S^ Peticon" demands, or otherways and In case of further delay 
Judgem* to ... . against him w"*out delay. 

The Court haue Granted to John Walker Junior upon his 
Request 200 acres of Land to take up, hee seating & Improove- 
ing 8"^ Land according to his bono' the Govemo" orders A 

Whereas Johannes Dehaes made itt appears to tlie Court 
that the Estate of doctor John Disjardius deceased stands 
Justly and Treuly Indebted unto him by Iwoo Certayne bills 
from under the hand & seaie of the s^ deceased bearing dale 
the 9"» of November 1677: The full quantity of three thou- 
sand seuen hundered <fe fifly Bb of Tobbncco & Caske : The 
Court doe order Judgm* against the s^ Estate for the sume of 
3750 tti of Tobbflcco, and doe allow of the attachm' w*^ Costs. 

Thomas Spry P" 

Harmex Jaxskn Def 
The P" not prooveing what he proffered to proove the 
Laest Court day ; and the Court haueing beard all what can 
bee alledged on both sydes; Doe order that Judgem* bee 
Enterred against the def for the former fees of ye Sherrife and 
Clarke to the sume of 103 gilders 6 styvers. and that the deP 
pay more unto the P^' a sowe that shall bee worth 50 gildora 
w*^ Costs. 



In an action of debt 
toy® sume of 200 
gilders by bill. 

ROBBERD WlLt.lAMS by lllS "| 

Attorney James Wil- > P" 


George Moore Def 

Tlie dcf* George Moore that his bill might bee produced, 
denying the debt whereupon the P'^ prooveing by tliree witt- 
nesses iinniely gisbert Dirksen Thomas Sprj' & John ogle, that 
the debt was duo and that this def had formerly owned and 
accepted to pay the debt to gisbert dirksen for y* PI** ace* : 
The Ck)urt hnueing heai-d the debates of both partees, Did 
order Judgcm' to bee enterred against the dcf* for the said sume 
of Twoo hundered gilders w"* Casts. 

Upon the Peticon of Moses Degan desiering a grant of this 
Court for a Lett next unto the Lott of Johannes Deliaes, w*** 
in this Towne of New Castle : The Court doe grant the Peti- 
con' Liberty to take up tliesaid Lott to bee In Lengt & breath 
Equall w"* tlie others Provyded the Peticon'" fences the s^ Lott 
and builds a dwelling house thereon, w^ in the space of six 
months now next Ensuing tlie date hereof. 

Ujwn the Peticon of Ja[i Boeyer desiering a grant of this 
Court for a Lott next unto the Lott of Moses Degan, w*** in 
this Towne of Now Castle : The Court doe grant the Peticon' 
Liberty to take up the said Lott to bee in Lenght & Breath 
Equal w* y* other Lolts. Provyded tlie Peticon' fences and 
builds a dwelling house thereon w*"* in the space of six 
montlis now next Ensuing the date hereof. 

Whereas M"" John Moll made itt appeare to the Court that 
the Estate of doctor John Disjardins deceased stands Justly 
Indebted unto him .... funerall Charges the sume of three 
.... and sixty and Twoo gilders, and m . . . . ballance 
of occ* tho sum of twoo h . . . . seventy and foure gilders, 
amounting .... to y° sume of six hundered therty & s . . 
. . The Court doe grant Judgem' ag" .... Estate of 
doctor John desjardiens for the sume of six hundered therty 
and and six gilders w"* p'fen-ence for the funerall Charges, 
and doe order that all the attached effects belonging to the 




said Estate of doctor John Disjardius bee publicqiy sould 
by outcry. 

Justice John Moll this day brougt in Court the papers 
found w* doctor John Disjardius Deceased^ alt his decease in 
New Castle, being sealed up : The same being opened and 
viewed by the Court lit was ordered that the said Papers 
should be againc sealed and delivered to Justice Peter Alrichs 
(whoe purposing to goe suddainly for Mai-jland did promis to 
deliver them to y*^ widdow or administraf), 

Josyn Boeyer the wyfe of JP AVilliani Semple for hur un- 
handsome A ill behauior being heretofore bound ouer to the 
Court, The Court, (in hopes of hur better behauior) did Con- 
tinue y*^ p^sentment till next Court day. 

Upon the Peticon of Andries Tilly dcsiering of this Court 
Liberty to take up one hundered & fifty acree of Land vi^ in 
the Jurisdiction of this Court : The Court Granted the Pe- 
ticon' his Kcquest hee seating <fe Improoveing the s^ Land 
according to Lawe & his bono' the Governo" orders & 


RoBBERD Williams attorney for i 
Joseph Post of Long YsH J 

Abthur Careltok & Elizabeth \ 
his Wyfe administrators of the Es- > Def* 
tate of John Morgex deceased ) 


by y« 

• Continued. 

Thomas Harwood P** 

Jacob \' andkrveer Def* , 
Elice the wyfe of oele Toerscn deceased shewing by Peticon 
that Jacobus fabritius heretofore did borrow of hur s** husband 
the sumo of seventy and seven gilders of the Monny then be- 
longing to y° Church att Swanwyke, as alsoe that there was 
yett a small parcell of wampum in bur hands of y*^ Church, 
desiering (sence those of y" Church of Crainhoek doe demand 
ilt) that this Court would order hur to whome she shall de- 
liver the 8** wampum as alsoe whoe shall Receive y* monny 



bake of s*' fabrilius: Ordered that the wampam as aleoe the 
debt of fabrilius bee Received by this Church of New Castle as 
the nearest to itt, Those of ye Crainhoek haaing alreaddy Ke- 
ceived a good part thereof. 

Itt being Represented to y* Court tliat notwithstanding y" 
former orders of this Court, the lligliwayes betweene this Towne 
of New Castle and oppoquenemen are as yett not fintsht, and 
that the ouerseers there of Caspares Herman and Roelof 
Andrioa notw^^tanding they had given due notice to the 
People to come and help the finishing of y" s^ highway, Yett 
seuerali p'sons Remained absent from y* worke etc: The 
Court therefore againe order that y* 8^ Highway be made A 
iinisht w^ in y* space of 14 dayes . . . each p'aon whoe (after 
notice given -by the overseer) shall Rcmaine . . . shall forfeit 
a hogshead of Tobbacco . . . one halfe thereof to y* overseer : 
Riwlof andries and his Company o . . . Cleare alsoe to The 
mill branch toward Maryland. 

John Shackbblv P» > Continued by y Court. 
Jaunettik Vidkttb Def* J 

Ephraim Herman shewing to the Court that y* allowance of 
6 p' Cento formerly allotted unto him as Vemlu Master was 
800 small that itt would not quit Costs the People Living soe 
remote etc : and therefore desiering to bee dismist of that Im- 
ploymenl of Vendu Master etc. 

The Court being sensible of the Trouble & Risicore where- 
unto the Vendu Mast' here is exposed. Did allowe for an In- 
couragemen* to y* s^ Eph : Herman in his said Iraploy of 
Vendu master, for what he aliall sell in vendu after the Rate 
of Eight p>er Cento. 


The P'» withdrew his 

Gkrrit otto 


action in Court do- 



claring to haue 



^^^^^^^^^^H KECOBDS OP THE 

court ok new castle. 249 ^H 

^^^^^^^^^r Edwabo EXGr.THH 

pu ^ 

Continued till next ^^M 

^^^^^^^^H Thom Allin 

Def* / Court. ^M 

^^^^^^^^^M Edward English 

_ „ V Coutinued as above ^H 

^^^^^^^^H JUSTA AkDBI£3 

Def ; 


^^^^^^^^V Edward English 

pit ) ^H 

^ V Continued as above ^^1 

^^^^^^^^H Jam£s Crawford 



^^^^^^^^^^ John 
^^^^^^^1 James Crawford 

1^'' 1 Withdrawn by y« P» ^M 

^^^^^^H Engelbert Lott 

pu 1 

Continued by ye ^H 

^^^^^^H John 

Den / Court ^B 

^^^^^^1 Daniell Makbrtt 

P" \ Continued by y« P"» ^| 


desire ^H 
I Partees agreed ^H 

^^^^^^^1 . . . 17D Joans Street 





Referred to next ^H 

^^^^^^H . . . Foster 


Court as when ^H 

^^^^^^H Crawford 


Lucas Ebell is to ^H 



appeare ^H 

^^F John Street 

P" 1 

Continued till next ^H 

^^^^^ Jerkmy herrinoton 

Dcf / Court. ^M 


_ > Continued as above ^H 

^^^^H TaoM: Snellino 

Def J 


^^^^B RoBBERD Morton 

_ ^ > Continued as above ^H 

^^^^H Jbrkmia ueruinuton 

Def* i 


^^^^^ William Grant 

pu ^ 
Def* J 

Withdrawno by y" ^^| 

^^^^H John Street 

pu H 


pu 1 
Def* J 

• Continued ^H 

^^^^H John Oole 



THo>rAS Morse attorn: 

for M' J*» Union 
robberd hutchinson 

John Oolr 

The Estate of txx,TOE ) 


Oele Swenson 
Henry Salter 

John Schackkrly attorn: 

for Walter Webly 
george oldfield 

John Schackkrly 
Henry Salter 

Doctor Daniel Wills 

1 Continued 
r Court 

by y* 

P" -J This action was by 

jy „ y the r" withdrawn 
) in open Court. 

P»* \ Continued by y» 

Def* J Court 

■ I P>* 1 

J y Continued as above 

DeP J 

pii ) 

^ ^ > Continued as above 

Dof* / 

P'' 1 

> partees agreed 

Tlie being alreddy seuerall orders i>ast .... Estate of 
doctor J° dbjardins deceased and .... actions Entered ag* 
d*"* Estate, Tiio Co" for y* most advantage of y« 8* Estate 
.... what cirects there are of y*^ sd Jardins .... Limits 
of this Court, attached and Cond .... that y* samo bee 
souUl by vendu or pu . . . . to y® most bidders : 

Gerritt otto and Geertie his wyfe the Late widdow of 
Cornelia Jorissen, Tliis day aknowledged a deed & Conveig- 
ance of a Certaine house & Lott of ground Lying & being 
w*** in this Towne of New Castle at y* Strand or Watersyde, 
unto Jan hermsen of this Towne afores* Carpender, w** s* 
deed stands att Large Recorded in tlie Records of Conveig- 
iinces on folio 30 : A 31 : 

John Ogle A Elizabeth his wyfe This day in open Court 
aknowledged a deed and conveigancc of a Certaine Island 
Lying in Christina Creeke Commonly known by the name of 
swart neuten Ysland, together w"* itta appurtenances unto 

heoobds of the court op nbw cabtlk. 


John Darby Late of Clieater River in Maryland, Planter, w*^ s** 
deed stands att Large Recorded in y* Records of Conveigancca 
etc on folio. 

The Co^ adjomod til] first Teusday in December next 
Att a Co" held in the Towne of Now Clastic By his May**" 
authority on Tousday December 3"" annoq Dom : 1678. 

M' John Moll 

M' Peter Alrichs 

M' fopp outhout 
P^sont M' Gcrrct otto !■ Justices. 

M' Joh : D' haes 

M' Ah ram Man 

M^ Will Somple 
Capt" Ed": Cantwell High Sherrife. 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell haueing made .... to the Gov- 
ernor to haiie Lres : of administration on the Kstate of William 
Tom Late of New .... in delowar deceased, whoe in his 
Last will .... Testament (after Just deb" paid w*** .... 
of Capt" d'Lanall) did give will . . . . of all his Estate, goods 
Chatties . . . . &c unto his god son Richard C .... of 
Capt" Edm : Cantwell, as his .... Execute' desiering or- 
dayning and . . . the Justices of y^CourtattnewCastle . . . . 
being to bee overseers and Guardians .... 8** Richard Ac 
untill he should come .... adge as in y* s** will is more 
particu .... forth, and the s* Capt : Cantwell .... formerly 
made suite to the Coun .... whole Estate both Reall & 
p^sonall .... William Tom deceased might bee appraized or 
puhlicqly sould to saltisfy the Credito" he the said Capt" Cant- 
well being willing and L>gageing in his son Richards behalfe to 
desist of ail benefttts etc, coming to his s^ son by the s** will and 
that the said will might bee disannulled & Canselled, whereunto 
the Councell ordered mee to Retunie an answer to the Court 
to the w'^'* I Referre you. The Governo' haueing now seen a 
Copy of M' Toms will and beard whatt Capt Cantwell hath 
alledged of his Resignation of the Rigt of Ms sou to the will 



(whereby the Trouble y* would haue bene given the Court as 
his guardians, will bee att an End) dotli Recommend itt to 
you to appoint one tilting to administer, and if you approove 
of Capt" Cantwell (whoo seemes to bee most proper and as wee 
thought was allowed of you before) Itts the Govenio" order tliat 
you admitt him, giving security to administer according to 
Lawe and give an accompt thereof heitlier w**^ the first oppor- 
tunity and Letters of administracon will bee granted from his 
bono' in y^ spring butt hee may haue Liberty to act in sale 
or disposall of the Estate of y® deceased and to pay debts 
immediately : I : have not further in Charge &s to this matter 
at p'sent but remain©— gentlem : 
(The supperacription was) Yo*" most Humble serv' 

To The Justices of y' Co^ of (signed) 

New Castle in Delowar. Matthias Nicolls. 


Att New Castle 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell haueing produced the aforcstand- 
ing Letter Relating to y* Estate of William Tom deceased in 
Court, and desiered to bee admitted administrato' of y« a* 
Estate; The Co" haueing Lykewyse perused the same, doe 
approove & Lyke of S^ Capt" Cantwell to bee administrato' of 
y** 8** Estate hee p'"forming according to y^ Tenor of y* rf* 

The following Letter of Capt Matliiaa Nicolla Secretary was 
this day, by Jan© the widdow of John Arskin produced in 
Court : 

Uppon The address© A complaint of Jane the widdow of 
sergeant John Erskine late of New Castle in delowar to the 
Govemo^ on behalfe of hurselfe & Children setting forth that 
suddainly after s^ husbands death before any ace' was taken 
of the Estate Left by him (hee dying intestate) or any admin- 
istrato' appointed to take care thereof as required by the Lawe 
M' John Moll one of the Justices there seized by attachm* on 
a forthy footl house of Tobbacco w*^ was struck & Lay in 



bulke, but not stript in the s* house, the w** Continued so, 
but was neglected by the s^ M' Moll & his agents, or the .... 
aherrife whoe attached it, (the widdow . . . daring to medio 
therewith the broad A R being put on the house) natill the 
greatest part was Lost, being rotten and the remainder ap- 
prized at a small value was Received by tlie said M' Moll 
w^ divers household goods and utensills belonging to a 
plantation taken in Execution, and upon another Execution 
obtayned by WilUnin Semplo her Cowes wereLykewyse taken 
away, xv^^ proovwl verry niiitoh to the prodjudice and 
diimadgo of y* said widdow & children ; By the Governo" 
order & direction I am to acquaint you that the proceedings 
herein Iiaue been verry irregular *& that the adminislracon 
(belonging to the widdow) if still refused by her the Court to 
nominate one or more responsible p'sons to administer & take 
that trust upon them ; and to appoint a tyme for the Credito" 
to make their olaynies, so y' care may be taken for y* payment 
of tlioir Just debts Equally according to Lawe w*'^ directs 
Judgements & specialtys to bee first paid, and other debts of 
bookcs and uccomjita afterwards, (that ia such Judgements or 
specialties as were oblayned in the partees Lyfetyme) with 
due regard to y« widdow and Children) but \\^ all to lake 
notice, that all Estates of houses or I>ands in this Country are 
as Lyuble to pay debts as moveables so that the persons whoe 
hnue Received any part or proporcon of the said goods or Es- 
tate upon pretence of Judgem^ since irregularly obtayned are 
to Redeliver (he same hake to the widdow and the adminis- 
tralo* to take ace* thereof and if any damadge hath hapened 
to the Tobbacco by occa.'^ion of tlie attachm^ through the want 
of Care of y® undersherrife or those that imployed him, the 
game is by them to bee made good : If the widdow desires to 
adminifrter (for whome it is most prop*) the Estate will bee a 
good part of the security and you will doe well not to bee 
hard with her for y" Kemuinder itt being supposed there ia 
enough for the Credito" and to Leaue a Competence for the 
widdow & Children As to the difference between the said 


widdow ftnd W Ephraim Herman (as one of the overseers of 
the Children of Martin Roseraond deceased) Conserning a 
small Lolt of Land in tlie Towne for w'''* bur husband had a 
Patient A possess y* same for y" space of neare fourtheen 
years, slie cannot bo ejected out of her husbands Right therein 
by any pretence of former Tytle or Latter Pattent but by due 
Course of Lawe. This being all I : have to Recommend to 
you I : Rest : Gent : 

Yo* verry humble sen'' 
New Yorke subscrybed 

November 4*'' 1G78, Mathias Nicolls 

(The supperscription was) 
for the Justices of the Court 
at New Castle in Delowar 
In Delawar. 

The Co^ having perused y* said Letter and The s** widdow 
Jean Erskin dcsiering to bee admitted as fldministrnlricx of 
tlie Estate of hur deceased husband John Erskin : The Co" 
doe thinke fitt to admitt the suid widdow to adminisf accord- 
ing to Lawe sliee Giving secunty accordingly. 

Jolin Ogle & Thomas Syry appearing before the Court, did 
Joyntly & Scuerally ... & put tberasclves Security for the 
true A effectuall p^forance of y* administracon of the 8^ 
widdow according to I^awe, and to bee Responsable for bur so 
far forth as assets & y" Estate shall come to. 

Justice John Moll dcsicring of y^ Court a Coppy of y* a?* 
Letter for as mutch as itt Concerned him, and that the pro- 
ceedings might bcc stopt till hce could make his bono' ac- 
quainted w'^ y*^ buisnosse : The same was granted. 

Ephraim Herman and Johannes De baes Executo" of and 
overseers of y" Estate of Marten Roosemond deceased bnueing 
heard y' Contents of y* uforcstanding Letter for as mutch as 
itt Conserncd y" did proffer and agree to and w"' y* widdow 
Erskin iu open Court, to Joyne Issue and stand tryall about 
the Lotts alt y* next Court day : 

hecouds of the court op nkw castle. 


Upon the Request of Anthony Bryant desiering tliat bee 
might hold y^ Land by him bought of George oldfield belong- 
ing unto Capt" Jolin Carr Lying on y* South syde of the 
Creeko Called degrooto kill whereon the Peticon^ now lives: 
Ita ordered that y" aforesaid Anthony Bryant haue one 
quarter part of y^ Land of Capt" Carr, w^ Lyeth l)otweene the 
Great Croeke and M^ Toms Creeko ; hcc paying proportionable 
to what y* other three parta shall bee sould for. 

Upon the Peticon of Ralph hutchinaon desiering that y® 
Court would bee pleased to order w*"" way hee should Receive 
y" sume of 411 gilders due unto him out of y® publicq w*^** 
was heretofore allowed him by this Co^: Ordered that the 
high Sherrife pay the Peticon'' out of the monny due to y® 
publicq yett in his hands. 

Wybregh Jaiise tlio widdow of Jan Sicricks deceased of 
oppoqucnemen, this day appearing in Court, did produce a 
Certjune matrimoniall Contract made by way of a will be- 
tweene liur Uie said Wybregh and liur s"^ deceased husband 
Jan Siericksen bearing date the 19"* of octob' 1676 : desiering 
that the Court would allow thereof, and admitt the s^ M'ybregh 
to administer upon bur said busbnnds Estate accordingly. 

The Court haueing seen and Pvxamined the Premisaes did 
thinke fitt to admitt bur the ^ Wybregh as administrate to 
administer upon the Estate of hur deceased husband Jan 
Siericksen, according to Lawe and the Contents of the s^ pro- 
duced matrimoninll Contract: wch Ihe Co'* doe order to bee 
Recorde<l, and that shee the said Wybregh Jansen give security 
according to Lawe; Justice Gerrett olio declared in Co'* and 
putt himselfe security for y* p^formance and due admiaislra- 
lion of Wybregh Jansen of the p'missea. 

Followeth the aboves** matrimoniall Contract. 

On the 11)'^ day of October 1676 apeared before mee 
Kphraim Herman Clarke of the Towne & Jurisdiction of New 
Castle in delowar admitted by the Right Hono^** Mayo' Ed- 
mund Andross Governo' Gener" under his Roy*^ Higbncsse 
James duke of Yorke & Albany etc. of all his Territories in 



America, and before the wittnesses hereafter menconed, Jan 
Sioricx Bntehelor, borne ut holsteyn and at p'sent att oppo- 
queneroen of y" one and Wybregb Janseii Borno att ditmarsen 
widdow of B . . . . heiidriks of the other partee, also dwelling 
att oppoquenemcn aforesaid, whoe unanimously declared in 
the feare of God to hauc agreed to Joyno themselves in the 
state of matrimony and to y" end that hereafter all difl'erences 
and mistakes may bee taken away: They the s^ Comparants 
thougt good to make & stipulate the following matrimoniall 
Contract: first that the children of bur the said Wybregb 
gotten by bur 6rst husband Barent hendricks deceased, named 
Annettie, Agnietie, PouUis & Styntien Barents, bee by the said 
Comparant Jan Sierickpen taken A held as bis owne cbilderen, 
and are to bee by him brought vip until! they the said Cbil- 
deren beo come to adge (or w* Consent) to the estate of mar- 
riage & maryadc, and after the decease of both the Compar- 
ants A not before, they the said Childoren shall then (allone 
or^ih yo cbilderen that by Gods blessing shall bee gotten dur- 
ing the tyrae of this now beginning matrimony) Inberritt and 
Injoy each proi»ortionable, their full shears of all the Ketate, 
so as the same shall bee Left by the Longest Liver att bis or 
hur decease and in case itt might happen that shee the s^ 
Wybregh might first depart this world, and that then hee the 
8^ Jan Siericks might Resolve to marry againe; then hee the 
8^ Jan Siericks is & shall bee oblidged before the solemnization 
of the said marriadge, to give and deliver unto the above 
menconed Cbilderen together w^ those A such cbilderen as 
shall off this wedlock bee procreated, the full & Just half of 
all his Estate A goods mooveable A Immoveable, none Ex- 
cepted so as the same then shall bee found in being, But in 
case hee the said Jan Siericksen shall first dye A depart this 
world, In such a Case hee the said Jan Siericksen, doth hereby 
make A ordayue as his only A universal heirs The cbilderen 
above menconed together A w*^ the children w** yett out of 
this Ensuing wedlock shall bee procreated, w*** said children 
shall hauc A proportionably divyde the whole Estate A goods : 


Prnvyded and itt is to beo underslocd, that shoe the &'' 
Wybregh Jansen shnll Rtmaino in Possession of tho wljolc 
Estate during hur Lyietyine or bo I»ng or untill shec shall 
happen to marry againe, then shoe is obliged to pay and de- 
liver unto the ^ Childeron the one halfe of all the Estate &. 
goods, In the same manner as herein before of Jan Siericksen 
is Exprest. In Confirmation of y® Truth hereof Tho Cornpar- 
anta together w*** y* anderwritton wittnesses luiue hereunto 
sett their hands <t seales desicring that hereof might boe made 
A Past an Instrument in Communa forma, actum N : Castle in 
delowar The date aboves*. 

as witnesses This is the xar; e 

Ed : Cantwell of Jan Sieriks LS 

The marke MU of William This is the -f nmrke 

Brocas. of Wybregh Jansen 

mee p'^sent 

Epli : Herman Cl^ 

Jacobus Andricss op opiwquenemcn this day appeared in 
Court, and did produce a Certaine will and Testament of his 
mate A partner Jan Arentsen (alias Jan Backer) deceased, 
whereby itt appeare<l tliat bee the ^ Jan Backer had willed 
and bequeathed all his Estate (excepting 40 gilders for y* 
poore) to him y* said Jacobus Andries ; Desieriug that the 
Court would bee pleased to allow s^ will : and to Confirme the 
p'mises .... unto him etc: The C" haueing examined y* 
^ will Did thinke Just to allow thereof: and doe admit the s*' 
Jacobus Andriess to administ' accordingly, bee giving security 
for p'formance according to Law. Lucas Ebell declared him- 
selfe security for the s** Jacobus Andriess. 

followeth y* Ooppy of y* s* will. 
In the name of (iod amen. Bee itt knowne unto all men 
whoe shall see or hear this Publicq will & Testament Read, 
that in y* year© of o^ Lord i& sauior Jesus Christ 1C75: the 
19.^ of May att noone about 12 of y* Clocq, appeared before 
us Lucas Ebell & Barent hendriks and Jan Petersen, Jan 



Ariensen Inhabit : here ntt oppoquenemen, whoe w*** good & 
perfect memory, colling to minde the fmilonesse of this Trans- 
itorie Lyfe the Certuinty of death and the uncertaiuty of y^ 
houre thereof; and not willing to depart out of this world, 
before hee had disposed of his worldly Estate, l)ee hath there- 
fore out of Love to his mate & heir Jacobus Andrics Given all 
his goods, hovise and Land, Cattle great & small, In summa 
all what hee the s^ Jan Arensen has or what his goode can be 
named, Excepting the sume of 40 gildere, which hee the s^ 
Jan Arensen gives to the Poore, But for all the rest, In case hee 
y*s* Jan Arensen comes to die, the s** Jacobus Andriessen shall 
haue & p088esse the same as his owne goods and shall keepe 
the same soe that noe man shall haue anything to say to y* 
as wittnesses The marke of i> 

Lucas Ebell Jan Arensen 

Barent hendriks 

The marke of Jan Piotersen ^^^ 

Thomas Eahwood P'* \ 
Jacob vander Veer Def / 

This action is Continued by y* Request of Def^ wyfc tlie 
P^' Lykewyso agreeing, and ordered that if y* def* doe not 
appear© either by himselfe or attorney judge m* to passe against 

John SnACKEULv F* 
Jankettus Vidbttb Def 

The P" nor his attorney ap- 

»■ pearing a non suit entered 
agrt pu ^th Costa 

RoBBERD Williams attorn : for \ p,i 
Joseph Post of Long Ysland i 

Arthur Cakelton & Elizabeth \ 
his wyfe administrat" of y® Es- > Def** 
tato of John Morgan deceased J 

This action is 
Referred till 
next Court 
and then to 
be ... . 
w^ out a . . 



John oolb Plaint' 
The Estate of doctor John \ j^ - 
Dksjardiks deceased j 

The P" demoflda by ace* of y* def* the eume of 4927 fc of 
tobb. English .... The P'* Imueing made oath to h . , , . 
and the CV* haueing deducted the .... of y* acct : Did 
grant Judgwn* a. .... ^ Estate for y* sume of three th . . . 
hundered A twenty seven ft of ... . waighl w'^ y* Costs and 
doe allow .... by y* P" Laid upon y** def** Effecta .... 
Jurisdiction of this Court. 

There being a difference betweene Peter Classen .... has 
hougt y" Intrest of moeus Poulsens ysland a . . . . bans 
Petersen whoe has bougt stoffel meyers I . , . . of y* said 
ysland) about the fly Lying before the yeland otc and both 
their Peticons being read, The Court did thinke fitt to referre 
the £*^ buianesse till next Court and then morus Poutsen and 
Stoffel myer both to appeare in Court 

The Case of diflfereiioe botwe«ie George More and Walter 
Wharton Gunserning the Estate of M*" Tbo: Lune deceased, 
being heard, The Court hauo Referred the delerminacon 
thereof till next Court day, and thought good that Oiere bee 
writt to M' Aug. herman Judge of y* Court of Cecill County 
and to desire him tliat hoe will gett }•• ace* A all y* paepere of 
M*" Stauely Relating to this businesso sent heitherto y* Court, 
whoe will Imediatly send y* same bake to M"^ Stauely. 

M' hendrik Williams produced in Court a deed & Conveig- 
ance of geo : old£eld & Pietemella his wyfe for ten acres of 
Land of y^ heretofore belonging to Capt° Carr deceased : de- 
siering the C^o^ opinion whether itt was Legall & if hee the 
said oldfield had power to dispose thereof etc: The Go" an- 
swer that after y* Lands & Estate of Capt" Carr in this River 
was Confiscated the same was then againe _given by the Gov- 
ernor only for y" payment -of y* Cretiitors, and so Long as the 
Creditors are not paid M*" oldfield & his wyfe haue noo power 
to sell any of the said Land unlcaac they will jSl doe first pajr 
all the debts of C'ajjl?* Carr afores*. 


lEs P^ \ partees agreed A 

INO Def * j y* act. withd. 

.... NoRSEX I* \ withdrawne by th© 

.... HKKKINGTON DeP i P**. 

, . . . HUTCHINSON P^* \ partees agreed & y* 
OoLS . . . Def* i ac» withd. 

Edward Engusk P" \ The def absent .... 
James Crawfokd Def JKefiered this act. . . . 

Edward Enqubh P** "I „, , ^. , 
JU8TA Andkim Def ; ^^' ''*f ''^^"'- 

Ordered that incase Justa Andriee doe . . . make appeare 
y* next Court tliat bee .... any part of the debt demanded 
to pas»c against hini. 

Upon the Petioon of Rcynior Vander Coelen, The Court 
Granted him a Lott of CO foott Broad & ^00 foott Long next 
to y* Lott granted to Jan Boeyer within this Towne of New 
Castle, Provyded & w^ Condition that hee the s** Vander 
Coelen fences the same and builds a dwelling house thereupon 
w^" in the space of six months now next Ensuing the date 

Edward English P*' ) In an action of d . . . 

Thcntas Aixin Deft J ^f 2900 K> of t . . . 
The P^' not haueing entorred b , , . . according to Lawe & 
Custome; .... the motion of Capf* Cantwell y' . . . 
granted a nonsuite ag* the .... 

Danikll Makbrty P** 

an a 



The def* owning his fault .... Co** ordered the def* to 
pay .... him to Kule his toung better. 



pit 1 

T\ n( withdmwno by , . . 

Oelk Swenskn P* 

UKSKY Salter 
Itt wa8 this day by the Court Resolved and ordered that 
500 or 600 acres of Laud bee Laved oiit for Glebb Land for a 
minister w* in this Courts Jurisdiction w* a fitt proportion of 
marrish : Too bee In tlie most Convenient place where Land 
not taken up cAn beo found. As alsoc that a Lott 120 foot 
Broad & 300 foott Long boe Layed out in Towne for to build 
a house for y* minister on, and that another Lott of 60 foott 
broad bee Layed out for a Scoolo as also a place appointed for 
the building of Church & a new Church yard in y*-' most 
fittest pUce as shall bee thought Convenient & besL 

J Mn an action of slander. 

.... BET P» 

* . . . RRINOTON Def* 

The def* saying timt hoe had nothing of dishonesty to say 
against the P", and itt being prooved in Court by twoo wit- 
nesses that the def^ hath abused this P** in hur good name : 

The Court ordered that the def^ pay to the Poore a fyne of 
one hundered gilders and y* Costs of Court and .... him 
for llie future better to Rule his Tongh. 

pjj -^ In an action of debt 800 Jb of Tob- 
> bacco for housing y* Cropp that 
J was at Tarkintona plantation 

The debatee of both partees being heard, The Court order, 
That senoe the P'' knew that James Crawford was for seuerall 
reasons discfaai^ed y^ Last Jeare, and that tlie P" notwitli- 
standing did neglect to Looke after y* Crop so that itt alt came 
to nothijig, that therefore y® P'* pay hiraselfe out of what 
Cropp hee saued upon y** Plantation of the s^ Tarkinton. 

Samuel Bercquer produc .... bill of Poul .... deliv- 
ered .... Billop y* debt proceeding from .... Barents^ 
desiering to haue .... opinion thereupon. T . . . . opinion 
tliat if the debt pro .... frauds Barents deceased, that 



.... Billop (according to y" Counsille .... their Letire to 
this Court) has .... doe w*** the same. 

Mors attorn : for "i 'j 

Union of New Yorke ^ \ ^^ ,V " 

D HUTCHINSON Def ) **^ ^ 

Thomas Mors attorn : for 


John Shackerly attorn : for 
Walter Webly of New Yorke 
georqe oldfield 

Ephraim hkrman P'^ 

The Estate of doctor \ n f t 
J" DI3JARDINS deceased J 
The P" prooveing that b . . . , 
. . . to bee Enterred against y* 

This ac . . . 
the Court 
upon y" . . 
Edmund . 

1 In an action .... 
y bill y* sume . . . . 

wittnesses. The Court 
. . . S« 800 ft) of tobb" 


allow of y« P^*» attachm' Layd . 

John Schackkrly P'' 1 ^ . 
Henry Salter DeP | Contmued 


Jan HERMSKN P^^ \ In an action of debt .... 

HEUO Williams Def^ / eume of 18 shills 6** . . . . 

The debt being aknowledged .... ordered Judgem*, ac- 
cording to ... . boddy of the def not appearing .... 
P"" desire the Court grant an ... . the Sherrife for y* same 
who .... promised .... between .... 

The Limitts & bounds between this Court of New Castle and 
the Court of Upland arc w*** both Courts Consent, agreed to 
bee in the boght att oele from sons Crocke othorwayes called 
tlie stone Creeke, and so ouer the liiver to the singeltree point. 

CH P'' \ In an action of debt to y« sume of 

Deft J 500 a of Tobbacco. 

Capt" Cantwcll the deP" attorney promising to pay this 


debt, hee haucing order of y* def for y" same, The action 
thereupon was taken of & withdrawne. 

Spry P" % In an action of debt by ace' 

doct' 1 p^fi I y«sumeofl836ft>ofTob- 

decd J J bacco. 

The P'* baueing made oath in Court to the Justncsse of y* 

ballance of his ace*, The Co" ordered Judgem' to bee En- 

teired against the 8** Estate for y« sume of 1836 Jb of tobb** 

w"* Costs. 

LOTT P*' 1 

^ „ > The P'* absent a non suit ordered, 
Dqv ) 

pit ■» 

^ « > Continued till next Court. 

Dcf* J 

P" 1 The P" withd : y* action in Court 

INSON Def* / declaring to have agreed. 

ER P'^ 1 la an action ofdebt to the sume of 

KR Def* I 530 ft of tobb« by bill 

Seuerall p'sous afiiTaing to y* Court the Juatnesse of the 
Case The Court thereupon ordered Judgem* to bee Entcrred 
against the deft for y« s^ 530 lb of tobb*^ w^ Cofta. 

Sybrant Jansen being bound ouer .... and the Peticon 
of agnicta hend .... now read in Court as alsooseuer .... 
Testimouyes heard, together w"* .... of both parteee, Itt 
appeared that .... Sybrant Jansen has bad Carnall .... 
w"* y* s** agnita & has gott bur ... . yett in reguard hee the 
8^ Sybrant .... same. The Court doe bind b .... over lo 
appeare before this Court .... they give security for y* 
same, th . . . . afler shee the ^ aguieta shall .... and 
then & there to stand & nbydo .... of this Court. 

Upon the Request of Capt" Edmund .... The Court 
Granted him a Lott w"* in this Towne of New Castle next to 



for Church wardens 

that granted to Jan Boeyer^hee seating & building , . , same 
according to orders. 

Upon the Request of Abram Man, The Co" Granted him a 
Lott w'** in this towne of New Castle next to y* old forte that 
is to say on y* East syde thereof, hee building and fencing the 
same according to orders. 

A nomination for Elders <& Churchwardens being this day 
delivered in Court, The Court this day made the following 

M' John Moll 1 , „„ 


John Smith 

Engelbert Lott 

Benjamin Gumry 

Samuel Bercker 

Will : Penton 

John Bisck and Isacq Tayne deeiering in behalfo of their 
sister the widdow of doctor Jordins deceased, that w**' y® sale 
of the Land of y" s"* Jordins might not bee proceeded, al- 
ledging that i it was tlieir a^ sisters EsUito etc : Orderecl that 
the sale of y* Land shall bee put of till next Court in the mean 
iyme the widdow may come or send an attorney whoe if they 
will take care to sattisfy tlie debts then the Land to Remaino 

Henrieta the daughter of Barent Eglibertsen deooased was 
this day w* hur owne free A voluntary will & w"* the Con- 
sent and approbacon of the Court as alsoe of hur father in 
Lawe doctor Thomas Spry & his wyfe put out unto Peter 
Claassen of Christiana Creeke for and during the space of 
foure Jears, she© to serve Iruely and faithfully, and Pieter 
Claassen and Swaentio his wyfe their heirs & assignes promisscd 
and are Ingaged to find bur the said henrieta, sufficient 
mcate drinke apparel washing A Lodgcing, and att the 
Expiracon of the 4 years, Peter Claassen is to give hur the s* 
henrieta a cowe and Calfe. 



The p^aona hereunder named being uott Como to worke atl 
the highway according to former order of this Court were fur 
their neglect & Contempt fynod as foHoweth viz* 

Joseph holding 200 Jb of tobb" 

Tho : Jones 200 ft of tobb" 

Itobbcrd Talleat 200 lb of tobb** 

John Street 200 ib of tobb** 

William Grant *fe Daniel Makerty 200 ft of tobb** for going 
away ag*' y* overaeers will. 

John Bcrckur 400 ft of tobb° 

The s^ fyncs to bee paid to thcovereeer & the , . , . werkt, 
and the sherrife ordered .... imrk-es do not pay willing 

Upon tlie Peticon of Waller Wharton .... for Susanna 
Garland preferred ag . . . . Estate of M' Wiliiam Tom de- 
ceased .... the sumc of 345 gilders due by bill .... The 
Court doe grant Judgem' ag . . . . the a^ Estate of M' Tom 
for y* su . . . . 345 gilders w^ Costs. 

Upon the Peticon of Walter W . . . . preferred in Court 
ogainst the Est .... Claes Carstena deceased : for y*^ sum 
.... hundered Eighty and six gilders .... etyvers p' 
ballance of ace' wh , . . . the said Walter Wharton haueing 
.... oath in Court : The Court doe .... Judgem' against 
y* ^ Estate .... sume of 18G gilders 4 sty vers, .... 
Uppon the Peticon of Walter .... against the Estate of 


M' William .... deceased : for y* sume of 171 : 8 . . . . 
due unto him the S* Wharton ^ . . . Will : Tom per ballance 
of ac .... his 8^ ace' hee the said wha .... made oath : 
The Court d . . . . Judgem* ag* y*" s** Estate for y* ... . 
one hundered seuenty & one g . . . . Eight styvors w^ y" 

Ujwn tlie Peticon of Caspares herman, the Co" granted him 
to take up fouro hundered acres of Land w* in the Liraitts of 
this Court hee seating and Improoveing rf* Land according to 
his bono" orders and Rcgulacons. 

There being some small A In .... quantity of goods be- 
longing .... hoUand deceased, in y' hands .... Tho 



Court ordei-ed the vcndu .... hcrnian to sell y"^ same pub- 
Hcqly . . . . y« funorall Charges & otiier .... as far forth 
aa itt will R . . . . Receive wliat debts there .... 

Jan Boeyer an Inhabitant of this Towne of New Castle, ap- 
pearing in Court Sbeweing that liee had purclmzcd and 
bought of mo9es do Gann a small house and Slipe of ground 
Bcituate Lying and being w"* in this Towne of New Castle ; at 
y* strande or water syde betweene the houses and Letts be- 
longing unto the heira of derrick albertsen deceo-sed and house 
of Jan hermsen Carpender, Conteiniiig, in brcatli before on y* 

watcrsyde . . . bohinde, foott. In Lenght foott : 

further desioring the worpp" Court to grunt him y*' s'' Jan 
Boeyer a Certificate of the p^mises, To send to New Yorke to y" 
end y* liee y** said Jan Boeyer might obtayne a Patient of 
Confinuacon for his said house and Lott so bought as above 
etc : The Court haueing examined into the buisuesse doe find 
the Case to bee as by the said Jau Boyer, shewed, and doe 
therefore order the same to bco so put upon Record. 

The Co" ordered the Clarke Eph. hnrraan to fix up ait y* 
forte Gate, That att y* next Court to bee held in this Towne 
of New Castle would bee sould by publicq outcry the Letts A 
Land of doctor John . . . jardins deceased^ as alsoe the Lott 
or Land belonging to Cnpl° John Can- Lying .... the soutli 
syde of this Towne of New Castle on the other syde of the 
Greatt Creeke, The same to bee sould in foure parts or Kquall 

The Court adjomed till first Teusday of y" month of Jan- 
nuaiy now next ensuing. 

New Castle Dec. 3"* . . . . 

Conditions whereupon by order .... worpp" Court of New 
Castle are .... att a publicq outcry to y*-' most bid .... 
attached goods belonging unto th . . . . doctor John disjar- 
dins deceased .... The payment is to bee made here .... 
att or before y" 25'^ day of March .... w^^ good & merchan- 
dable Tobbacco .... w*^ & tarr att 8 sty**^ p' fl> or with 



merchandable winter wliuat at 5 g . . . . scipple : The 
pupcbazera .... obliged to givo Imediate good sec ... . 
Lyking of the vendu master, and .... to pay all y* Charges 
of the vendu m .... a Bay Gelding w* a starr in his starr 
.... forhead bougl by Robb bulchinson .... Iiad Capf* 
Cantwell for his security .... 7 golly Potts & 2 small boxes 
w^ rnedsons .... and one paper w*^ saft'ran bougt by doctor 
Tho: Spry for/ 100: Capt Cantwell his p .... one gray 
bever hatt 1 Ruyser a w**" .... A a small silver Ear- 
picker bougl by Kph lierman for flOO: .... 2 pistolls tipt 
w*** silver bougt Eph : . . . . one sword w^ a silver whyer 
handell .... belt w*** silver Clasps bougt by ... . man, M^ 
Moll his security .... one sate of Cloatli Cloase Coate and 
brit .... bougt by Capt° Cantwell, M'"d*hae8 .... Smiths 
Tooles : one pr of bellowes one anvill on ... . one bickeren 
2 hamuers 3 or 4 ... . broaken tonga a vycc Clamp .... 
bougt by Edward English for . . . . JF John MoU his secur- 
ity ... . The goods sould amount to gild .... /1662: 

Walter Wharton the Surveigo' this day made Returne in 
Court of the hereafter menconed surveigs of New Lands, w** 
the Court ordered that should by the Clercq bee sent to New 
Yorko to y" secretary's office according to bis hono' the 
Govemo' orders : 

one surveigh made for Andries *fe Broer Sinnexe, of a jmr- 
cell of Land of GOO acres Lying on the West syde of delowar 
River and the northsyde of a branch of Christina Creeke 
Called whyte Clayes Creeke, the s** Land being Called Claes- 
burg : is not yett seated or Improoved : one surveig made for 
Roelof Anderson of a parcell of Laud Conteining 280 acres 
Lying on the north syde of oppoquenemen Creeke, betweene 
the Land of Claes kerstens and hendrik arensen, being called 
high ho«>ke, is not yett seated, but tho widdow of Jan Sierick- 
sen is going to make a beginning thereon, as Reported : one 
surveigh made for hendrik Walraeven of a parcell of Land 
Conteining about 200 acres of Land and about 25 acres of 
marsh Lying being on the north syde of ooppoquenemen 



Creeke, tlio ^ Land ia Callod hendrikshope aud hath been 
seated and Improoved ueare tlio space of Twoo Jeares : cue 
surveigh made for Jan Anderson Staalcopp, Conteining 600 
acres Lying and being on the Eastsydo of Branch of Cristina 
Creeke Called Rod Clayes kill, the said Land is Called the 
Southerland, aud ib not yett seated A Improoved. 

These aboves^ surveigs according to y* Courts order were 
sent to New Yorke to y** office by the Gierke in y® Sloope of 
Capt" Crcgier, Kourcns Sluys Mnstor. 

Dec 3"^ 1678 
Was fetched out of the house a .... of John Kan and 
brought in ... . Kooine, lu the p'aence of the .... by 
their order, the hereafter in ... . goods belonging unto 
francis .... deceased, w'^^ were then publicqly .... outcry 
to the most bidders viz' one broad Cloth suite of Cloaths .... 
A britchea, t>ought by Capt" Cantwell . . . . fur/l50:M'J: 
d'haoa his security . , . , one chest w"* a bagg in itt one 
Coarse sheet one small box with some , . . . ed thryffells 
more in itt all sould .... for 94 gilders and bought by Capt 
Cantwell one hock bed Rugg & boulster in ... . hands of 
Capt" Cantwell being .... slight & old, and vallued by 
p . . . . stjinders by that kew itt att . . . . In all y* sume of 
.... /■284:gildera 

Coppy of a Lett' of attorney from doctor Jordins Recorded 
at y« Request of M^ J° Moll. 

Know all men by these p'seuts, y* I : Jn° Desiardinea of 
Caesill County in y* Province of Maryland haue Assigned 
ordained & made And in my stead and place by tliese p'aents 
put and Constitutef] my Trusty & well boloued friend M^ Jn° 
Moll Marsh* of Delowar Ac: To bee my True and Attorney 
for mee and in my name and to my use Dispose of Bnrgaiue 
and Sell two seats of Land oppositt to New Castle upon Delo- 
war glueing and granting unto my saiil attorney uiy whole 
power & authority in and about the p'mises y^ same to p'forme 



na fully Largely & Amply in euery Respect to all Intents 
Constructions and purposes as I : myselfe might or Gould doe : 
yet upon y* Request of y* Byer I doe oblige my .... to 
acknowledg & Transport & Conferme y* said Land as mucb 
as my wifes ffather Isaac Taine haue Rec^ from Gouvern' 
Cortret and Anthony Bryant And further Rattify Oonfemi & 
hold stable all & whatsoever my sa^ Atumey shall Lawfully 
do© or Caues to be done in or about y" Premises by vertue of 
these p'sents as witness my hand & seale this Brst day of 
Decemb' 1677 

Sealed & Delivered (was signed) 

in p'sence of us J. Desjakdins L. S. 

.... English 
.... Dixon 

Twoo Seates of Land oppositt to New Castle as P' Record 
will appear being Possessed by my wifes father Isaac Taine & 
by these p'sents I doe oblige my selfe to Acknowledge upon y® 
Request of y* Byer A Transport the grant & Transport as y* 
said Taine haue receiued from y® Governor Cartret & Anthony 
M' MoU 

The land of Antony Bryant being in y® north side of Fopp 
outbout 15 tb sterling 

y* land y* south side of y" said fopp outhout 20 ft Ster- 
ling in goods att y® first penny or bill of exchange in England 
P' me 

(wag signed) 



Att ft Court heM In the Towne of New Castle in Delowar by 
the Autliority of (f Sounraigue I^rd King Charles the Second 
of Kngliuul Scotllnnd france and Ireland King Defender of 
the Faith, Tiie 7"" day of Jannuary and in y« 30"^ years of 
his said Moy**" Raigne Annoq Dom : 167| 

M' Jolin Moll 
M^ Peter Alrichs 
M' Gcrret Otto 
^®®"* M' Johannes Dchaee 

M' Abram Mann 
Capl" Kdraund Cantwell High Sherrife. 

Thomas Uakwood P'* 
Jacod Vander A' eer Def* 

The P** demands of this Dcf* by ace* for Sundry* goods and 
Comodit>'^ muld and delivered unto this defend* the suine of 
three hnndered ninety and three Gilders in good and mer- 
chandable winter wheat or peltery, of w^** s* sum© is paid 341 
Gilders 10 styvers so that there Rests due by ballance the sume 
of fifty and one gilders and ten styvers for w^^ hee cranes 
Judgom' w*^ the Costa The P'' raakes objection against the 
article of y* Penuiston in y'acc* that the same was overcharged 
and that the Pay has ben Reddy, and sayes that the same P" 
now alreddy is ouerpaid etc; The debates of both partees being 
heard and the P" hauing made oath to his accompt in Court, 
The Court doe order Judgement to bee entered against the 
def for the sume of 51 gilders & 10 styvers w*** the Coete of 

Jacob Vander Veer was this day by the Court bound in a 
bond of ten pounds To apfieare att the next Court to bee held 
in this Towne of New Castle on the first Teuiwlay of the month 
of febnmry now next ensuing, to answer to what shall then ife 
there be alledged against him for a Certaine stono fraudulently 




by him putt into a bagg of feathers sould and delivered unto 
Thomas llarwood the Jaest Jeare, w'=*' s^ stone waa now pro- 
duced ID Court etc. 

Thomas barwood sworn© in Court declared that Laest Jeare 
he© Receiuing a bagg of feathers of Jacob Vander Veer weig- 
ing 21 lb Kngliah w" In w^ Bagg the deponant comming 
therewith to New Castle found a stone of About 4 or 5 St 
waight w*"* s'' stone was waiged and delivered to him for fothera. 

Mary the wyfe of John Kan sworno in Court sayeth that 
shee was p^sent the I^aest yeare when Thomas harwood came 
w*** tlie bagg of feathers from Jacob Vander Veers and when 
the 0^ Bagg was Emtyed there was found in itt a Stone, w** 
the deponant beleeves to bee the same or the Lyke stone noxv 
produced in Court 

RoBBERD WiLtTAMs attom : \ , 

\ pii 

for Joseph Post of Long Ysl** / 
Arthur Carelton A Elizabeth \ 
his wyfe administr" of the > Def 

Estate of John Moroen Deceased ) 

In an action 
of debt by 
bill for 3 

peeces of 
good ordi- 
nary Serge 

The P'*" attorney James Walliam now prooveing the bill 
by the attestation of John Laughton and Bazalill Osborne, 
The Court doe order Judgem* to bee Enterred ag* the defend** 
for three peeces of good ordinary Serge according to the bill 
together with the Costs. 

Itt being Represented to the Court that Agnila hendricks is 
brought to bed of bur bastard cliyld w*^'* came dead into the 
world etc. The Court thougt fitt to examin the p'aons y* 
were p'sent att bur delivery. 

Mistriss Mar}' Blocq, Klizabeth the wyfe of John Darby, 
Barbara the wyfe of Peter Maesland and Carie the wyfe of 
bendrik Jansen whoe has acted as midwyfe apearing in Court 
and being sworue declare that they were p''fient on tlie fourlli 
of this Instant month of Jannuury, w"* Agnita Hendricks in 
bur Travell and y* before they would help bur or that she© y* 



said Agnitft wns delivered of hur chyld, They the depouants 
strictly examined & demanded of Imr the s*" Agiiita todivulge 
<fe declare unto them whoe Avns the father of the s^ Child, 
upon w**^ the s^ Agnielfi did protest that Sybrant Janseu 
A none else was the father, nnd wieshed that shoe might 
neuer bee delivered of hur chihl if any p^son Else but only 
Sybrant Jansen has had to doe with hur sencc shee had hur 
Lae«t chyld, and the deponanta declare further that the said 
Chyld came dead into the world w'** itts I-cggs and urmes 
bruised & broaken and that the boddy otherwaize was sore 
maimed and bruised of v^^ the dcponants demanding llie 
Reason Agnieta hondriks declared that Sybrant Jansen about 
seuen weekes before had Sorely abused beaten and bruised 
her the s:»id Agnieta, sence w'='' shee neuer felt the chyld Livo 
in hur boddy. 

The difference between bans Petersen & Peter Claassen 
about the fly Lying before mocns Poulsons Ysland, being 
Iieard & their Peticons read alsoe moens Poulscn declareing 
that hee sold noe fly Lasso Wayinan : Itt is ordered that 
Peter Claassen haue and Injoy the fly Lying before his part of 
the ysland by him Iwugt of Moens Poulson : and bans Petersen 
the fly Lying before his part. 

Edward Enoush 
James Crawkuku 

The def absent The Court 
thougt good to Continue 
this action untill next 

Edward English P'* 
JusTA Anduies Def^ 

The def* absent. The Court 
thougt 6tt to Cnntinuo 
this action untill next Co'* 

Upon the Peticon of Charles Petersen desiering a grant for 
100 acres of land for a new mill by the Peticon' and some 
more p'sons built in the Run of the Schilpais Kill above the 
old mill: The Couit gmntcd the Poticoncr Ins Recjucst pro- 
vyded his bono' the Governo" orders and Uegulacons bcc 



observed and y* this new mill and Land doth not proove 
prejudiciall to the old first built mill alsoe that the Land be 
not granted or taken up before, and that the water bee not 
stopt up or hindered frona the Lower mill. 

RoBBEBD HuTCHiKsoN P*' -\ The dcf* absent and upon 

I yo piu desire this act : is 
FRAN'cis Steevens Def* ) continued 

SvMON Gibson 


Bksjahin Nettelship Def^ 

The P>' being 3 tymee 
>■ called and not apearing 
was non suited 

Symox Gibson P»' I The F* nonsuited as above 

Benjamin Nettelship Def* J 

Joseph Houldino 
Thomas Jones 

P** \ Neither P" or Def* apearing 
DgP J a nonsuit© was ordered 

Ralph Hutchinson P'' 

Peter Claasskn Def* 
The P" demands of tliis def* for medecins by this P'" ser- 
vant and doctor James Crawford deliuered to this doP* man 
etc: the sume of sixty and nine gilders; The def* utterly 
denyed to haue Imployed y' s** Crawford or to haue proraissed 
liim payment. 

The Court ordered (upon the def*" oath and the Report of 
seurall p''9on3 that knew of the buisnesse) that a nonsuit bee 
Entered against y* P" w**^ Costa. 

In an action of debt for med- 
ecins by y"' P'* Doctor Jam : 
Crawford delivered to def*" 
wyfe & child the sume of 
45 gilders 

The Der saying Amakeing oath In Court that hee neoer 
Imployed or Received any medicins of the P"" serv*, The 

Ralph Hutchinson P'* 

Andries Sinnexe Def* 


!ft COURT 



Court ordered a nonsuite to bee Entered against y*^ ?*' w"* 

M' Thomas llarwood declared to haue given as a free gift 
towards the Repairing of the old or the building of a new 
Church w*** in this Towne of Now Castle, The Judgem' of 51 
gilders and 10 tityvers by him this day obtayned in this 
Court iigainat Jacob v : Veer. 

The Co" adjorned till tomorrow being the 8"* day of this 
Inst* month of Jannuary att 9 of y° Clocq. 

Jann : y" 8"» 167f The Co« Continued 
Upon the Peticon of Mary the widdow of Walter Wharton 
deceased, desiering to bee admitted to administer upon the 
Estate of Itur said deceased husband : The Co" answer that 
they are willing to admit the Peticon" she giueing Security 
according to F,,awe. 

Itl being Represented in Court that Henry SiiUer had 
slaundered and Impcachod this Co" of unjuslis done him y® 
8^ Salter in the action of John Shackerly, whereuptm the hero- 
after mcnconed depositions of Sam : Land & Mathcus de Ring 
being Read, and Henry Salt<.T beard, ItU ordori^Ml ihiit hoc tbo 
said Henry Salter give bond of one hundered pounds, to ap- 
pearc in p^son betweeno this and the month of May next att 
New Yorke then and there to make good and answer before 
his bono' the Governo'' his said slaundcr and Impcacbm'. 

Samuel T^and aged 27 years or thereabouts declarers that on 
Teuaday Laest being the 12*'' day of this Instant month of 
June this depon* stiinding by henry Salter in the Streets of 
this towne, and after some discourse w*^ y* said Salter, the 
Deponant tould him that hee the s^ Salter had not done well 
to sell the Plate to John SehiLckerty, and then afterwards not 
deliver itt, upon w*'*' hoe tho said Salter Replyod that hoe had 
not sould the Plate : The deponant then againo asked him 
why hee did deliver the Plate scnce he said not to haue sould 
itt, whereupon henry Salter in plain English words made 
answer, because John Shackerly had forswoorno himselfe and 


hecords op Tine cotmr ov nkw casti^b. 

tlial the Co" had done him. Meaning himselfe unjustis and 
further sayoth not. 

Mailmes de Ringh aged therty fyve Jears or thereabouts 
being deposed declared that att the Tyme and place aboue- 
mcnttoned hee heard hcnn' Salter say amongst his other dis- 
course oF some Plate, That John Hhackerly had forsworne 
hiinseli'o and that the Court had done him meaning himselfe, 
iinjuatis. alt w* tyme Samuel Land Bad henry Salter hauo a 
care what hce said for there were wittnesses by, and further 
sayeth not. 

Samuel alaoe declares that att the Tyme aboves^ after that 
discourse past, hee bad henry Salter haue a Care what hee 
saycd for y' there were witnesses by. 

These depositions sworne unto before 
mee in N.Castle 

New Castle (Signed) 

June 15"" 1678. Peter Alrichr 

John Sh.\ckerlv P" 

Henry Salter, Def* 
Tlio P'* nor any otloni. for him not apcaring in three fol- 
lowing Co^ dayes The Co'* at y^ def" motion doe order a non 
suite to bee onterred ag"* the P'* w"* Coats. 

John Shackerly attorney for i 
Walter Wkbly of N Yorke j 



The P" not 
ttjwuring as 
above the Co'* 
orderred a 
non suite w"" 


Ralph Hdtciiinson Def* 

The P'* demands of tliis defendant the forfeiture of his bond 
of 200 pounds of Lawful! raonny of England, In case hee the 
defend^ Still Kefusee to stand to the award of the arbitrator*. 



The Def* is willing to stand to y* arbitmto" award : The 
debates of both partees being board ; The Court ordered that 
Judgcm* bee entered against the def* to make good the award 
of the arbitrnto" w*^ this Provysoe that M' I?alph Hutchinson 
shall bee alowod what bee can make apearo betweene this and 
next Court day to haue paid sence the award or what Mas not 
brougt before the arbitrato" and there seen or Included in the 
award of the arbitrato". 

Samuel Berckeb F* ") This U-ing the first Court 

y day and y' def* not p'sent 
CHftiSTOPHER BiLLOr Dcf ^ J y* action is Continued. 

William Sempill 
Thomas Spry 

In an action of debt by bill 
for 49 Schiple of wheat 
to bee paid here in the 
Towne of N. Castle 

Tlie DeP in Court Confessing the debt and bill, The Court 
ordered Judgem* to bee enterrod against the def for the 
Payin* of 49 Schiple of wheat according to bill w* y« Costs. 

Ralph Hutchinson being by a Scierc facias summoned to 
appear att this Court to shew Cause why Execution should 
nott Issue out against him upon the Judgcm* by Caspurcs 
Herman obtaync<l against him y* s^ Ralph y* 3"* day of 
Aprill 1677, And the s^ Ralph hutchinson apearing and not 
sheweing any Lawfull Cause why Execution should not be 
granted : The Court doc therefore order that a ffiere facias 
or Execution bee Issued out and gmutcd ag* the s*^ Ralph 
hutchinson upon y* aboves** Judgem^ 

Thomas Spry 
Jacob Janskn 

P'* 1 This action was by the P*« with- 
DeP / drawne. 

Thomas Spry P" lln an action of debt by ace* y* 
Cbarlks Rumsky DeP / sumo of 50 gilders 
Itt being proovod in CV>urt by Two wittnesses that y* deP 
Charles Rumsey hath proffered to corao to ace' w^ and pay 


BEOoniMj OP mv cotrnr ov nkw castt.b. 

the P" his ballance w** prooves to bee bat 7 gilders, The 
Court Judge tliat this is but a vexatious suite and therefore 
doe order a nonfute to bee Enterred ag"' the P^' w*^ Costs. 

Thomas Spry P'^ \ In an action of debt by ballanc© of 
John Tkst DoP / ncc* y* sunie of 74 gilders 

The DeH* attorney hendrik Williams desiering that the P*' 
might proove his occ* by onth, w** y* P" haueing done, The 
Court ordered Judgem* to bee Enterred ag** the Def for 74 
gilders in wheat w*^ y^ Costs. 

John Smith one of the Church wardens of this Towne of 
New Castle haueing p'sented Mary the maydservant of Ralph 
hutchinson for haueing had on the 4^ of this Instant Month 
of Jannuary a bastard Chyld w* in this Towne of New 
Castle ; and thereupon being summoned and apearing in 
Court, The hereafter jnenconed woomen that were p'sent in 
hur Trauill, they being Examined and ewome did declare as 
followeth viz*: 

Rebecco Spry, Jane Erskin and Mary Wharton, declared 
upon oath that they were p^sent w*** Mary the maid servant 
to Ralph Ilutchinsor, and the deponants in the Extremity of 
hur Trauill strictly Examining hur after the father of the 
Chyld, and w"* all swearing hur, ahee declared then tliat 
Jarvis Mnrshnll und noe p'son Else was the father of the 
Chyld and that sheo knew noe other p'son but him. 

Thomas Spry and Rebecca his wyfc being examined and 
swome declare y* on the 24'** of August Laest past they the 
deponants, were p'sent w*** one Margret Lee in hur Trauill of 
hur Bastard Chyld w*"* in this Towne of New Castle, and 
haueing strictly Examined hur, she in hur greatest Extrcamity 
did declare that Will : Pryce of Elko River in Maryland & 
none but hee was the father of the snid Chyld ; and doc de- 
clare further that Will : Prjce has scnce owned unto them the 
Deponants thnt hee was the father of the said Margarets Chyld. 

Upon the Request of Mary the widdow of Walter Wharton 
deceased, desicring thnt Capt" Edmund Cuntwell might bee 



admitted to administer upon the Estate of hur said deceased 
husband, The Co" doe adinitt and allow of him the s'* Capt" 
Cantwell to administer upon the Estate of the said Walter 
Wharton deceased, hee p'forming and gluing Security accord- 
ing to I^awe. 

Abram Max P" 

Heni>rick Gerrktbbn Dcf 

Abram Man 
Samuel Berckea 

J [■ Withdrawne by the p*' 

. Withdrawne as above 

Abram Man 
Edward Curtis 

In an action of the caae 

Symon Gibson swome declares that hee was in the new 
frame of tlie house of Abram Man upon bread & Cheese 
Ysland and viewing itt being to agree to finish itt. The do- 
ponant then said that heo would rather that y*" frame was 
upon y* ground to begin itt a new. 

The P'^ in Court did suffer a non suit to passe against him. 

Gaspares Herman 
Matthias Matthiasse 

pit \ ^th ijQtij partees desire y* 
Def / action is Continued. 

JoHANNKS De Haes P^' 1 In an action of debt for 

Lewis Blangee Def^ J 3 peecea of serge 

The del* being a Resident in Maryland & This being y° first 
Court day, The Co'' Continued this action till next Coui-t. 

Upon the Teticon of Ephraim Herman vendu Master 
sheweing that Walter Wharton deceased had bougt att the 
vendu of Martin lloosemond deceased, a bed and furniture 
for the 8ume of 176 gilders in wbeat as by the Conditions of 
the Vendu more att Large doth and might appeare, in w** 
Conditions itt was alsoe agreed upon That all the purchaz" or 
such as should not make payment of such goods as they should 
purchaze. That the goods should bee publiekly sould againe, 



and yielding Lesse the purchazers to make itt good and yield- 
ing more, they to have no henefitt thereby and the Peticon*' 
shewing further y* the s^ Walter Wharton had not made any 
payment for y* s^ bed and therefore desiering that according 
to the Condicons hec might haue and sell the bed againo, 
The Co'* Iiaueing Examined into the Biiisnesse did thinkc itt 
Just to grant the Peticou' his liequest and order him to haue 
the bed againo. 

Upon the Peticon of John Walker and wybregh his wyfe 
Late uiddow of John Siericks deceased ; The Court haue ap- 
pointed and Authorized Justice Gerret Otto & M' Casparea 
Herman appraizers to appraize the Goods & Chatties Lands 
and Tenements of Jan Sieriksen deceased, and to make a 
return thereof att ye next Court, w'^'' said apraizcrs were 
sworne in Court accordingly. 

RALpn Hutchinson P" 
Symox Gibson Def 

The P" demands of this def* by ballance of ace' stated and 
made up w"* ye def ye Lnest day of decemV now Ijuest past, 
the sume of nine hundered gilders, for w'^*' hec Cranes Judgem' 
w*** Costs: The dof* owning his Iiand to the booke in Court, 
The Court ordered that Judgem* bee Enterrod ag* the Dof* for 
nine hundered gilders w**' Costs hee to deduct what hee can 
Justly make apeure to haue paid ye P'* more then in the Ace' 
is luchided and discounted. 


PFBANCI8 Stbkvens by his 

attorn : Ra : Hutchinson 
Wybreoh the widdow of I n ft 
J** SiERiKS deceased i 

The P" demands by Ace* sworne unto before Justice Peter 
Rambo & Justice I.3sse Andries y'= sume of 29G gilders deduct- 
ing 9 schipple of wheat Received, and humbly caues Judgera* 
w*^ Costs. 

Ye Def* disownee one article of y* Ace* of 250 gilders for ye 



suite of Clonllis saying that thoy were uot bougt but Left w*** 
hur In keeping etc : The Court Ueferred this action till next 
Court day. 

SvMON Gibson P'^ 

Benjamin Nettblship Def* 
The P" demands of the def* as the only heir of Vicessimua 
Nettelship deceased, and whoe has Received his Estate, y* 
sume of 2000 ft> of Tobbacco due by a ... bio bond unto tlie 
P'' from the def** s^ Brother Vicessim : Nettolship deceased for 
w*"'' hco humbly Craues Judgem' w*** Costs. 

The debates of both partees being heard and the buisncsse 
thoroughly examined, The Court in Keguard y* def* has Re- 
cieved y'' whole Kstate of his said deceased brother into his 
hands w*^** was furr more then this bill, doe order him to pay 
y* aume of one thousand |>ound of Tobbacco w*^ y* CoBts. 

Thomas WooUaston tt hendrick Vanden Burgh were ap- 
pointed & awonie in C-o" appraizers to apraize a Certayno 
horse bridle and Saddle of Benjamin Nettelship ujwn y* 
aboves** Judgem' taken in Execution: whoe Returning their 
s'' apprai.seinent viz* tobb : 

The hoi"se appraizefl att 620 ft» 

The saddle & brydle att 80 & 

In all y" sumo of 

700 ib 
Capt" Edmund Canlwell High Sberrife declaring to the 
Court that Thomas WooUaston his former undersherrife, had 
not taken Care to Execute &. p''forme his s** oflice, and that 
therefore, for his owne security and that the Countrys buis- 
ncsse might not bee neglected hee had appointed and Chosen 
M' Samuel! Land for undersherrife, Marshall & Cryer in the 
Roome of him v* said Thomas WooUaston, Desiering the 
Courts approbation thereupon and that hee the s^ Samuell 
J^nd might l»€e sworne and Elstjiblisht In liis said places. 
The Court doe approve of what the High Sherrife hath done, 
and M' SamucU Land was sworne accordingly. 



Jacob Jauscn was this day swomo and appointed Constable 
of the North sydo of Cristina Creeks and as far as the boght 
or oele franscns Creeke, for one whole yeare or till further 
order, in the Roome of Mathiaa Mathiassen devos. 

The Court Imve appointed authorized and swome M' Gerret 
otto & M^ Gaspares Ilornian appraizere to appraize all the 
Estate of M*" Walter Wharton deceased, and to make a Re- 
turne thereof att y" next Court day. 

The Court adjorned till tomorrow being y* 9*** day of this 
Instant month of Janii : at 9 of y* Clocq. 

Jann : 9* 167| The Co" sato, 
John & Joane Street P'* 
Jkremia Hehrixoton Def* 

The P" haueing Laid an attachm* upon the def" Cropp, and 
dcsiering that They might seize upon the same for the payra' 
of the Court Charges of the I^aost Court etc : and Capt" Cant- 
well prooveing that the s** def*" Crop was Made ouer unto him, 
The Court Reply that the P'^ must seeke out other Effects or 
the Boddy of y* deP for the paym' of y^ S^ Charges. 

John Mow. P" 

JoHX Lawe Def* 
The def* not apearing in Court and Lucas Ebell the under- 
sherrifc desiering a Continuance By the P'** Consent tlie same 
was granted. 

Walter Wharton 
RoBERD Tallent admiuist' 
ye Estate of J° hartop 



The P" being de- 
ceased sence y* 
Comencing of 
y" act ye Same 

Walter Wharton 


Action fallen as 


„ „ Dit 1 In ai^ action of 

Richard Edmunds P" , , . , , 

I. 1^ n n r °^^^ oy ace* 

The Def not apearing and Lvicas Ebell the underaherrife 
desiering tliat the action might bee suspended till next Court^ 
The Court did Grant the same, and doe order the s^ under- 
sherrife to see the s^ Def forlhconiming att the next Court: 
The P" in Court did make oath to his accompt. 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P** 


The def not apearing ujK>n the P^" request this action is 

RoBBERD Morton P'' \ In an action of debt by bill 
Jeremy Hkreington Def i 300 Ifc tobb 
Cap' Edmuiid Cantwell aknowledgiug in Court to haue 
promissed that hee would see the P'* Sattisfycd 300 lb of 
Tobbacco out of this def* Crop w*^** was made ouer to him, 
The P^* by Lucas Ebell his attorney thereupon withdrew his 
action and suffered a nonsuit. 

Edmund Cantweix P^^ 1 In an action of debt by ace* 

Thomas Jones DeH / fo2l : 16 

The def* being Run out of the Government, and the P" 

haueing made oath to his ace' In Court: The Court ordered 

Judgcm* to be Enterred against y* dcf* for 521 gilders & 10 

etyvers, and doe allow of >-* P"" attachmS 

Joseph Houldino P" 1 The def being deceased 

Walter Wharton Def* i ye action is fallen. 

The Execut** of the Es- -i ^ 

tate of DiRCK At- Ip" L ^ , , 

BERTSEN deceased J f ^° ^" «*=^'°° ^^ ^^^*' 

Symon Gibson Def J 

W"" the P"- Consent this action is Continued til! Next Court 



The former p'sentment against Josyn wyfe of Will : Semple 
is Continued till Next Court. 

The P" not appearing a 
noD suit ordered. 

George Tanckersly P" 
Thomas Moore DeP 

Upon Iho motion of M^ John Moll. The Court ordered (upon 
the Confession of M' Thomas Woollaston ye Late under- 
sherrife) that hee the said Woolloston Eitlier deliver the 
j/son of humphry Kittly here iu custodie w'-Hn y* space of Twoo 
Months, if not, that then hee ye said W'ooUaston make pay- 
ment of the order of Court by M' Moll obtayned ag*' the said 
humphry Kittley, the one halfe this and the other halfe next 
yen re. 

Huybert hendricks shewing in Court that there was a small 
slipe of ground stretching from the Comer of his fence Along 
the Kripple towards the fence of the Towno Dyckc, w**** Lying 
open in Common prooved verry hurtful to tlie Cattle A other 
Crcuturcs of this Towne, The same often Myrcing in y" same 
Kripple, further proflforing in case y*^ Court would bee pleased 
to grant the same to him ye s"* huybert hondriks, that hee 
would keepo the same in fence and make some Improovem' 
thereon etc : Tlie Court haneing Inquired into the premisses, 
did think good to grant the Peticon"' his said Kequest hee 
fencing the same that the Creaturs might not goe into y' 
swamp and makoing some Improovement thereon. 

Francis Jackson servant to M' Abram Man apearing in 
Court and desiering to purge himselfe by oath of the grin- 
stone heretofore said by Symon Gibson to haue ben given or 
sould to the s* Symon by tlie s^ Francis, The Court there- 
upon haueing sworne the s** francis Jackson, hee declared 
upon oath that he never directly or Indirectly sould or gaue a 
grinstone unto Symon Gibson. 

The p'sentment ag*' AgnitA Hendricks was Continued till 
next Court day. 

The p'sentmont ag** Mnry tlio maid Servant of Ralph or 
Robberd hutchinson was Continued. 



Williara Mansfield haueing heretofore made Complaints to 
y* Justices that hco the said Mansfield comming by evening 
unto y* house of liendrick Vaudenlmrg w"'in this Towne of 
New Castle, was att his first Enteranpe into the doore fallen 
upon and cut w"* a naked knyfe a Crose his Legg a verry 
deep gassh by Jan Mnthiassen sen'ant to Engelbert Lott and 
that att the same tyme twoo more p'sona were cut by the s^ 
Jan Mrtthiassen; The said buisnessc being now Examined by 
tbe Court and the a^ Jnn Mathiasscn being questioned did 
Confess© his fait, humbly Craueing for mercy promissing for 
the future to amend his Lyfe. 

The Court haueing Uegunni to the Jouth of him the said 
Jan Mnthiassen, did thinke fitt to Remit part of tlie punishm* 
w*^ otherways should haue ben Inflicted upon liim, anil there- 
fore doc order as followcth Viz* That the s^ Jan Matluasscn 
pay the sunie of 30 gilders for y'' C^iring the wound, to the 
doctor, as alsoe more for the smart & Lossc of Tyme to the s** 
W°* Mansfield y*= sume of 30 gilders ; and Laestly that hee the 
^ Jan Mathiassen shall sitt in ttie stocks for y'= space of 2 
bowers and that his Master bee bound for his good behauior. 

Engelbert Lott in Court did bind himselfe in a bond of ten 
pound for the good behauior of his s*^ servant Jan Mathiassen 
during the tyme of his servitude ; and did promis to pay all 
Costs of Court etc. 

Henry Salter being by this Court bound oucr to answer his 
Slaundcr & Impeachm* ; against tliis Court before his Ilono' 
the Governo' att New Yorke did this day apoare in Court and 
did by his Peticon as well as verball humbly aknowledge his 
fait and Erronr ; and humbly Intreatctl that the Court would 
Remit his fait and Excuse him of going to New Vorke. The 
Court considering the Peticon^ adge siknesa and humble sub- 
mission and aknowledgem* doe Remit the Peticonors fuult, 
order him to pay for an aknowledgra* to the Church for the 
reparation thereof 100 gilders, w"* tlie Costa of Court. 

Mary the Late widdow of William Hodges deceased this 
day apeared in Court whoe declared to haue putt out hur son 




Lauds should not Ihkj sould for the Sattisfying of Iho Credi- 
tors, That they doc itt. 

The Court adjomed till y" first Teusday of february now 
next Ensuing. 

Att a Co'* held in the Towne of New Castle in dclowar, by 
hia May"** authority february the 4"* & 6"* annoq Dom : 107{. 

M^ John Moll 
M' Peter Alricha 
M' Gerret otto 
P'sent. M' Joh: De Haes 

M' Abram Man 
M' Will Serupill 
Capt" Edmund Cantwell H : Sherrife. 

Jacob Vander Veer being examined about y* stone w**' was 
in y* feathers by him sould and delivered unto Thomas bar- 
wood ; Did deny to haue put the s*^ stone in y« featliers. Jan 
Staalcop sworne in Court declared that Jacob Vander Veera 
son, bringing Laest Jeare a bagg of feathers to this deponants 
house, for Tho : harwood the s* Bagg was weigod by the 
deponant the weight thereof then did agree w"* what tho s* 
boy did say that the feathers had weiged att his fathers house, 
and as soon as the feathers were weiged the servant of Thomas 
harwood did bring them in the Cauo : but whether the stone 
was in the feathers or noe the deponant Cannot tell. Tho 
Court upon Examination of a)! the Buisnesse, Greatly suspect- 
ing that Jacob Vander Veer is Guilty of the feet, and not be- 
ing willing to proceed to Judgeni* before that all evidences 
were brought in, Doe therefore order, that Jacob Vander 
Veer appeare at the next Court and that then alsoe oppeare, 
the p'son that was Tho: harwoods servant Laest Jeare and 
that found tho stone firet in y* bagg w"" feathers. 

• In an action of debt. 

Jacob Vander Yekr P'* 
Thomas Hauwood Def* . 
Tho P^* instead of bnngiug in a declaration baucing £n- 



tei"!"©*! an Iiituiigckd accompt w^'oul nny&umcscsprest of w*^" 
the Court hnue past their Judgpui* Lacst Court day agiilnst 
this P'^ at lliis dcf'" suite, an<l this P" I.ykewyse now not 
prooving what he brings in : The Court doe (herefore Judge 
this to bee a vexaious suite, and order a non suite to bee En- 
torred ag"* y^ P" w*'' Costs. 

Tyuien Stiddeni preferring in Co" a Pelieon shewing that 
heretofore he had i)urclia7.ed from moens andriessen & Jacob 
Vander Veer a Ceilayne pecce of Land, Lying on the North- 
syde of braiidewyn Creeke Just above y*^ Laud Called y" 
Smiths Land for w^^ bee hath yjaid the quit Kent and being 
(lesierous to haue further Confinuacon (hei"eof by Pnltent from 
his honu"" y* Govenn/ did tlicrefore desire this worpp" Courts 
order to the surveigo*" for to Lay out the s** Land being 300 
acres and bee the b'' Tymen Btiddem further Coniphn-ning to 
y* Court that Jacob Vander Vcqt liad, notw*^slandiiig liee was 
forewarned, by him y*" s'' Tyinen, of Late Caused a Kesurveig 
to bee made of liis Ysland ; and in the s*" Resurveigh liad 
Cotnpreliended and Included, this same Land of him y<^ 
Poticoner and that hec dayly Cutts downo the timber thereof, 
The C<)" baueing Examined the p'unssea doe think iitt before 
they proceed further therein, that bee ye s'' Tymen Stiddem 
doe bring att the next Court, all his papers and Evidences 
touching the s^ Land and that Jacob Vander Veer then also© 
iippeare for to vin<licatc himselfe as when the Co** will proceed 
to a fynal determinacon therein ; and in the mean© tyme 
Jncob Vander Veer is to forbeare Cutting of Timber upon y* 
same Land. 

Upon the X*eticon of Peter Dcwitt Gomelis Jansen, Peter 
MaoshindGr, Elsie the widdow of oole Toursen, Jan Bnrcntscn 
liendrik Jansen etc. all Inhabitiints of Swnnwjfce, Desicring a 
Grant of this Court to take up in Common nil y*" Ijind I-ying 
behind Swnnwiketo begin from Craenhoek Land and as far as 
Mistris Bloks Land to y* end that noe p^son else might here- 
after come and take up the same and y* soe the Peticon" 
might bee hindered of fetching wood and timber as well a*i 


ouUlrifl for tlieir Catle : The Co" answer that they will not 
grunt any Land so neare to p'jaclice not only the Peticon" but 
alsoe the Towne, But Uoe thinkc itt best that the Land shall 
Lye in Common as heretofoix;, as well for y" Peticon" as the 
Towne People. 


Beii itt Icnowne unto all men by tliese p'sents that I: Thomas 
Cramton of Duke Creeke in delowar Uiver doe by these p^sents 
freely give unto my servant John Pridgeraore the Running of 
one Sowe during the Terme of his apprenttshipp and att y* 
End & Expiracon of his said tymo that hee the said Pridge- 
more shall haue free Liberty to take the sowe away w"* all hur 
Increase, as wittuesae my hand in New Castle this 25 of Jan- 
nuary 1G78. 

Wittnessea hereto (signea) 

Samuoll Land Thomas -h Cramton. 

Kohberd hutchiiisun his marke 

The aboves** wryling is a true Coppy of y" originall by Sam: 
Land and Robberd hutchinson pi-oduced in Ckt'* & by their 
Request Recorded. 

Hondrick Vanden P>urgh prefeiTing in Court a Peticon, 
shewing, that hee haueing bought y* house <fe Lolt of Jannettie 
the widdow of Jan Videtto deceased w* in this Towuo of New 
Castle ; according to y* deed of sale or Contract w*^** hee y" 
said Jan Vidotte had made with M' Will : Tom deceased, of y* 
breadth of w** s* Lott the Peticon^ wjints six foote w"** hee de- 
sires that may l)ee added to y® same out of y" Lott of M' Tom 
adjoyning to it Ix^foro y' ill sould in Vendu : The Court 
answer that whereas this buisnesse in the Lyfetymeof Jan 
Vidette & M' Tom, was in question, and then decyded by M'. 
Moll M' huns Blocq <fe Capt" Cregier as unipier and the Peti- 
con^ now haueing in possession soe mutch ground as then the 
arbitrato" allowed, must therefore Rest himself Contented w'^ 
y* same. 



Richard Edmunds F^ 

William Grant Def* 
The P" being default nnd noe declaration Entered, upon 
the def*" Request The Court granted a uon euit« ag'^ y* P*' 
w"* Costs. 

Richard Edmunds F* ^ The P»^ not apearing by him- 

> selfe or attorney upon y* 
Henry Doll . . . DePj deP" Request is nonsuited. 

Edward English P" \ In an action of debt for 950 ft 
James Crawford DeH / of tobb" in Marj'land. 
5 feb IGJI Eiecat was The def* liaueiug made his Reply to 
feued.ont upon thw ^^^ p„. declaration : The Co^ doe order 


Judgem* to bee Enlerred against y" dof* 

800 ft of lobb° & Caske Payable in Maryland and as for y" 
article of the Remayning 350 ft of tobb* Cliarged for Co'* 
Charges ng^ The : Pryer, The P" sliall haue tlie same allowed 
if hoe can bring proofe that he hath Legally Charged the 
same and whereas James Crawford allcdges that Edw: Eng- 
lish has his bill for this debt, if so then M*" Kngliali to Re- 
deliver y* bill or to give a di&charge for y* same ujioii Record. 

RonBKRD HuTaiiNSON P" "I The def* being nbecnt upon 

V P"" desire this action is 
FRANCIS STBKVKN8 Def^ J Continued, 

Lintinued as above. 

RoDBEUD Hutchinson P" 


The Court adjomed uutill tomorrow being y* 5*^ of february 

Feb :y« 5*1671. 

Caspares Herman P*' 
Johh Walker senior Def* 
The P" demands by bill from this dcf' y* sume of 350 ft of 
Tobbacco and Caske English w" for w*^ bee CVaues Judgem' 





w*^ Costs. The def* ownes the debt. The 00** ordered 
JudgcJii* to boe cnterred ag" the def for 350 lb of lobb° A 
Gaske Knglish w" and as for the Tarr of y® Caske Jtt is the 
Courts opiniou that 72 ft> Knglisti w" ought to bee deducted 
for y® same. 

Agnicta Hendncka l)cing now Sicke & not in a Condition 
to appcarc att this Court Itt is ordered that shee ai>eare att y* 
next Court In the meane tynie shee to Heiuayno att niistris 
Blocqs whoe is ordered to see hur forthcoming att the next 
Court day. 

Ill an action of debt by ace* 
47G Iboftobb^ifeCaske. 

Edward English P'* 
JusTA Andkies Def' 

This action hauing ben Enterrod three Court dayes, and 
the def* notw^ttmding that bee was arrested not appearing, 
The Court doe order Judgem' to bee Enten-ed ag* the def* for 
y« s^ 476 lb of tobbacco w"» Costs. 

Sam: Bercquer P" 1 The def* not appearing y" Co'* 
Christopji" BiLLOP Def* / Continued y*^ action 

Mary The maid servant of Ralph hutchinson being ordered 
y" Laest Co" to apeare att this Court and not apearing, by 
Reason hee the said Ralph has sould and sent bur out of the 
County, Itt is theiefore by the Court ordered that Ralph 
hutchinson att the next Court day bring the s** Mary to Court, 
if not hee to bee fyued att the discretion of y*" Court. 

Anna the daughter of Bai-ent Egbortsen deceased was this 
day by doctor Thorn : Sprj' and Rebecca his wyfe, w"* the 
Consent and approbacon of the Court putt out to WMIliam 
Grant & his lieiiB for the terme of six years now next ensuing 
the dale hereof, during w*^*" tyme hee the s** William Grant did 
Ingage to find hur y" s^ Anna w"" sufficient meat drinke wash- 
ing Ivotlgeing and apparrill, and att the Expiraeon of y* s* 
tyme to give hur as good Cloaths (if not better) as shee now 
brings as alsoo twoo lieifers w^ two Calves, and a sowe w'^ 
Pigg or w*** Piggs by hur syde. 



Upon the Petioon of Jan Willeins neering, dcsicring this 
Courts order for to Resurveigh the Land by him bougt of M' 
Will : Toiu deceased as alao a grant to take up 400 acres of 
Laud adjoyning to y* same, Ordered that the Tcticon' may 
Cause y* s** Laud to bee Kesurveighed and I^ykewyse that hee 
may take up 400 acres of new Land if hee can find any be- 
tweone y" Red Lyon Run & the highway, seating & improve- 
ing y* same according U> his hono' y'= Governo" orders & 
Regul aeons. 

Job : Dehaes 
Lewis Blanoee 

pu 1 The def* default 
> the action Oon- 
I>©f' J tinued. 

John Moll 
John Lawb 

Caspares Herman 
Mathias Mathiass 

p» -J The deft absent 
y tlie action Con- 
J^ef* J tinued. 

pit \ 

^ - J-Contiimed as above. 

Def* J 

The Executor^' of >•* Estate of y 

Dirk Albertsen deceased 
Symon Gibson 

) > Continued. 

Dei" } 


John Moll attorney for 

John EoMCNns 
John Yeo Def* 

Upon y* desire of Capt° Cantwell y® def*" attorney this 
action is Oontinuwl untill next Court day. 

FUANCI8 Steevens by his 1 

Attorney Ralph hutchinson j 

Wybrequ the widow &c of \ j. » 
Jan Sibrices deceased / 

In an action of 
debt by ball- 
ance of ace* 
251 gilders. 

The debates of both partees being heard The Co^ in Re- 
guard tliat tlie P" hath made oath to his ace' doe order 



Judgem' to bee Enterred agaiust the def* for 251 gilileiB w'* 

JosKPH Holding P" 
Thomas Jones Def* 

The P" demandfi of this def^ by twoo bills and one account 
in all the surae of Eighteen huiidered and foarthy fcwoo ib of 
Tobbacco and Casfce : Tlie bills being produced in Court & 
the ace* sworne to Laest Court day, The Court ordered that 
Judgem* bee Knterred against the def* for 1842 ft" of Tobbacco 
and Caske together w^ Costa. 

The High Sherrife Capt" Cantwell made Retume to the 
Court that according to this Courts order bearing date y* 3"* 
of ApriH 1677 : and the Execution thereupon bearing date the 
23"* of October 1677 hee had put Johannes De haes in full 
Possession of a Certaine tract of Land of 400 aci-es together 
w'*' the Plantation housing and all appurteuances thereupon, 
Scituntc Lying <fe being In Oppoqaenemen Creeke and on the 
Northsydo thereof, att the old Landing; The said Land 
hauoing formerly belongeth unto Abrain Coffin deceased 
and sence to Lewis Johnson who© Running away Indebted 
unto Joseph Oheu The said Land and plantation wae Legally 
condemned att a Court held in this Towne of New Castle 
y* . . . of ... 1G7 ; and by the Co"^ made oner unto 
Joseph Cheu aforenamed ; whoc by his deed bearing date y® 
22"* of June 1676 haueing mortgaged and made ouer the 
said Ijand and premisses unto Johannes De haes att a Court 
held att New Castle y* 3"* of April 1677 obtayned Judgem* 
A Execution upon his aaid mortgage and was accordingly by 
the high Sherrife put in Possession of y* s^ Land and 
premisses, as by the aboves'' Retume of the High Sherrife did 

Peter Jegou preferring in Co'* a Peticon shewing that y* es- 
tate of doctor John Disjardins deceased sUmds Justly Indebted 
unto him by ace' y® sunie of 2384 gilders 10 styvers, and de- 
aiering this worpp" Go'*" order ag* jr* 8^ estate for the abovetf* 



debt, w*** y" Costa, The Co" haueing Examined y® s^ ncc* and 
Potor Jegou makoing oath iu Court to y" Justncssc tbereof doo 
grant the s^ Peter Jegou an order against y* said eetate oi 
Doctor John Dcsjnrdins to y" sume of 2384 gilders 10 styvors 
w*^ y* Costs. 

Gerret Otto & Caspares Herman being by the Court ap- 
pointed &. sworne to appreize the Estate of John Siei'icks de- 
ceased : This day made Keturn to y* Court of their said ap- 
praizm^ viat* 

firet y" Plantation houeinf; & premises "1 gild^ 
Lying next to Gorrct otto appraized for / 2500 : 

1 ould mare & 2 Coulte 400 : 

2 feather beds 2 Kuggs 2 blanckets & one 
bedsted att 450 ; 

2 suita of Cloathes & a Remnant of Cersay 240 ; 

3 gunnes 2 houlsters & pistolls 
1 percell of bookes 
1 percell of pewter & earthenware 
1 Looking glass 1 smoothing yron <& bed 


1 Chest with some yron ware 
in scuerall sorts of Wooden ware 

2 oxen 
7 cowes att 190 gilders per bead 

3 heiffers of 2 yeare old 





2 young steers of betweene 3 A 4 years old 280 : 
6 yearling Cattle att 80 gilders p" head 480 ; 
1 old sadle & fan 35 : 

1 plowe & harrow & 2 plow yrons 2 eyggs 105 : 
a parcell of small swyne 100 : 

Servants A childrens bedding 130 

1 Cowe w^*" W Alrichs had 200 : 

4 yron Potts 2 Kittles 1 frj'ing pan & 

gri^i yron 23 

in seuerall small household stuf 20 

cue mill 7 


1 bull 1 steer 1 hatt 

1 man scn'nnt to 

1 Kart 2 cbaiues A other furniture 

Chests tables Chaires & slaapbank 

Of w*'* aboves** mime 9400 gilders there belongs to y* Chil- 
dren of Wybreg Sierick8, according to the matrimonial Con- 
tract made betweene Jan Siericks & s** Wybregh, the one Just 
balfe being 4700 gilders, w*'' 8** sum e must bee paid and de- 
livered unto y® s^ children or y'' Longest Livers of them, ac- 
cording to the s^ Contract w** stands Recorded here before in 
y® Records A. 

Now to tlio end that the aboves** Childeren may bee secured 
of their aboves^ sume of 4700 gilders due unto them from the 
fathers eyde, John Walker the p'"sent husband of Wybregh y* 
Late widdow of Jan Siericks deceased, Did now in Court 
declare to haue and doth by theee p'sents mortgage <fe s|>ecially 
bind oucr unto the afores* Childeren for their security of y* 
ftboves** sume ; The plantation Land and appurtenances be- 
longing unto the s** Jau Sierickseu deceased Lying A being in 
oppoquenemcn Creeke as alsoe another parcell of Land & all 
its appurtenances Lying in oppoquenemcn Creeke afores^ Just 
below the draycrs Creeke, heretofore belonging unto Roelof 
Andries. Moreover John Walker did lugage to maintayne & 
bring up y^ 8* Childeren as bis owne etc. 

Gerret Otto and Caspares Herman being Laest Court ap- 
pointed & sworne appraizers to appraize the Estate of Walter 
Wharton deceased : Did this day make Returne of their said 
appraizem* as followeth viz* 

3 Cowes 570 : 

3 beasts of 2 yeare old 800 ; 

2 yearling Calves at 40 gilders 80 : 

1 ditto att 50 ; 

6 young shotee 2 young sowes 1 old sowo 160 : 


2 yron Potts and 1 frying pan 90 

1 pnyle 5 bowles 1 pewter bason 35 

1 be<l Kugg & blaucket 80 

In pouder and sliolt 14 

1 C^rass Kuteawe 80 

1 p' of mill stones 40 
1 remnant of stuf a Cake of aoape & Bome 

thread 70 

1 chest 1 barriU 1 tub 20 

1 tinn Cullander 1 old sadle & Cloallis 24 
7 pre of hinges & some other small Laches 20 

2 sighs 30 

1 hammer 1 Reipe hooke 2 plaine yrons 8 

2 Cocks and 3 bins 6 
1 broad ax 5 
The Plantation being GOO acree Xvying in 

blakebird Crecko att 2G00 


John Foster was this day Chosen and appointwl Constable 
of oppoqueneraen for one yeare in y* lioomo of John Taylor; 
and is ordered that hce bee summoned to appeare att y* next 
Court to take the Constables oath. 

See tbeee 2 CenificmtM Gerret otto delivered in Court twoo Re- 

rd' f I'Tumta tumes of surveigs of twoo parcells of Land 

surveigcd by M' Walter Wharton the sur- 

veigor, The one bearing date y* IT'** of Aprill 1677, for Gerret 

otto himselfe, y* other bearing date y® 8* of Jann: 1678 for 

Gerret otto's son in Lawc Richard hudden desiering the Court 

to Certifye his bono' the Govemo' that hee the s^ otto will 

seate them out of hsmd this si>ring: w"^ y" Court did order the 

Clarke to doo. 

The Co" adjorned till y** first Teusduy in march next. 

february y" 26'** Rpi^eared in y* oflScc William Sherar near 



to Blakbird Creeke whoe desiered to liaue y' marke for his 
Cattle & hoghs Recorded \'iz* — being a hart in y** Right Ear, 
and in y" Left ear a slitt and y° under peece cutt of. 

Att a Goart held In the Towne of New Castle By the au- 
thority of o* Soiieraigue Lord Charles the 2"** King of England 
etc: the 4*** & 5^ dayea of March in y* 31**" yeare of his a* 
may"** Raigue Annoq Dom: 167 . 

W John Moll 

M' Peter Alrichs 

M' fopp outhout 
Paent M' Gerret Otto ^ Justices 

M^ Joh: Dehaea 

M' Abram Man 

M' William Sempil 

Cupt° Edm Cantwoll High Shcrrife. 

March 4"* IGTJ 
John Yeo p'"ferring in Court a Peticon shewing tliat hee the 
Peticou' came to this place in y*^ montli of december 1G77 and 
was Received as minister to bee mayntoyued by the voluntar)' 
subscription of y° Inhabitants, and y* hee Continued in y^ 
ministerial! office, untill hee was denyed y*' same by Capt° 
Billop tlie Then Commander of this place, without any mani- 
fest proofe of any Cryme deserving such suspension; The s^ 
Peticon** therefore humbly desieriug this Court to Grant him 
an order for a quantum meruit proportionable to the T\Tne of. 
his the s^ Peticon' Preaching to the people of this place, being 
one third part of the subscription, and alsoe for other perqui- 
sitts due to him y* Peticon' for Rabtiising of Childeren mar- 
riadges and Burrialls etc. The Co" answer that sence the 
Peticon*" M' Yeo after he had been some small tyme here, did 
then in open Congregation in y** Church voluntarily out of his 
owne accord, throw up y* Paper of y® Peoples subscriptions 
hee saying i openly tlien declaring freely to discharge tbem: 
The Court can therefore not charge them againe Sence the 



Peticou^ licmselfe so publicqly discliarpod thoin, and if Capt" 
Billop (as \v"*()ut any order hce did) hiis ^ven y" Peticon'" this 
subscription bake, The Co" are of opinion that therefore the 
Peticon' may haue his ReniL-ddy ag" him y* s** Capt" Billop etc 
But as for perquisita of marriudgo Baptismo & Burrialls, the 
Peticon' ought to bee paid for y* souic what is Just ik Equi- 

William Pierce preferring in Co* a Peticon shewing that 
there are Twoo Ccrtayjie Tracts of Isanti formerly belonging 
& once in Cuslodie of John Morgen dea^ased and John Denny 
by Estiniacon about fyve hundorrod acres of Land Lying on 
y* West syde of delowarr River A on }•* north syde of a Creeke 
Called Dukra Creeke, as by Ptittents from his bono' Governo"" 
Andros doth apj>care, and that the s^ Morgen A Denny not as 
yett baue made any or but aniall Improovem' of s** Land, the 
one being doce«se<l A y* otlier not willing to sotit but haue 
both delivered their Pattents A Intrest to y** same Land to y* 
Peticon' whoe is verry willing and Reddy to seat y^ same w'*" 
all expedition, To pay all the Charges and to Couforme him- 
solfe to y* Lawes of this GovemmS and therefore humbly 
prayes of this C^>urt that hee may haue an order forthwith to 
Resurveigh said Land, to y* end hee may obtayne a Puttent 
in his ownc name, and may peaceably Injoy y* same p'missea 

The C'O'* haueing Examined y" p'miseee doe find by y*^ 
afiirmacons of seuerall [/sons in Co* that y* Peticon" allega- 
tions are soe as in y" Peticon is set forth and therefore doo 
Grant the Peticon' Libcrly to haue s^ Land A to get itt Re- 
8ur^'eiged, The Peticon*" paying tlie former quit Rents & all 
other Charges, and alsoe wmting A Improoveing s^ Land ac- 
cording to y^ Regulacnns and y* Lawes of y* governm'. 

Jacob Vander Veer being ordered the Laest Court to ap- 
peare att this Court for to answer to y* action of the stone w**" 
was Put into y" feathers By him sould and delivered unto 
Thomas harwood and being three tymes Called and not 
apearing, Reynier Petersen sworae in Court declared that 



Laest Jcnre hee being servant to Thomas Harwood was w'** 
tlic 8^ Imrwood att Jolin Slaolcops houBe in Cristine, where 
att that same tyme was brougt by Jacob Vaiider Veers sons 
some Corne and a bagg of feathers and the dpj)oiiant being att 
the Canoe w*'' Jacob Vaiider Veers sous lokciiig y* btigg of 
feathers out of Jacobs Canoe & putting y* same in Thom : 
harwoods Canoo did foole a stone in y' bagg of feathers & 
afterward Telling his master, when they came to New Castle, 
opening y^ bagg did find y" same stone in itt. 

All Circumstances & Evidences being taken in Consideracon, 
The Co^ are of opinion & doe find that y® stone was fraud- 
ulently by Jacob Vander Veer or his order put into y* bagg of 
feathore A w*** y^ same weighed A sould for feathers, and hee 
the said Jacob peremptorily Refusing the Laest Court day to 
appeare att this Court day, all w*^^ & other his uncivill car- 
riadges lioe merritt a seuere punnishment, Yet the Co^ Con- 
sidering the Poverty of him y* s^ Jacob Doe therefore only 
Conderoiic him to pay a fyno of Twoo Imndered gilders, for y* 
use & Kepairing of the forte, to bee Levyed upon his goods & 
Chatties Lands and Tennements Together w*'' all Costs & 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" 
FRANCIS Stekvens DeP 
The def* in default, upon the P'** desire this action is Con- 
tinued till next Court. 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" IThe Def in default Cont. 
FRANCIS Steevens Dcf / till nest Court. 

Oelb fransbn P" ) ^" ^^ action of debt to y° sume of 
> 188 gildera due by bill bearing 
PiETER Jegou Den j date y* 20"* of June 1678. 

Tlie Co'* hauoing heard y® Cause doc order Judgement to 
bee Enterred against the DeP for y* payment of y* s'* debt &• 



Coets, w'*" this provisoo that if M' Jegou lintli paid anything 
sence y* bill in part tliereof, t!ie same to bee discounted. 


The P" demands of this def* by a bill from under y* hand 
of y* def* bearing dat« y' 28"" of Octoly 1678 y* sumc of nine 
liundcred wnight of tol)bacco & Caske The deP in Court 
owned the debt and sayed that hce has Tendereth the P^* his 
Tobbacco in English waight The debates of both partees 
being iieard The Court orderrod Judgera* to bee Enterred 
against the def for the paym* of y® s** 900 lb of tobbo & Caske 
in y* usuall waigt of tho Kiver w*^** is dutch or gross w" 
Together w"' y** Costs. 

John Edmunds by his ^ \ In one action of debt by 

attorney John Moll / V bill y« sume of 2800 lb 

John Yico Oef* J of tobbo 

This action is w* y* Desire A Consent of both partees Con- 
tinued till next Court day. 

The Executo' of the Estate of i \ 

DiRCK Ar.nKRTSKN deceased j > In an action of debt. 

Symon Gibson Def* ) 

This action is Continued by the P^** desire. 

John Suackerly & Tho. Morse P** 

RoBBERD Hutchinson Def* 

The P*' demands of this DeP by a bill under y* liand of y" 
Dc^ bearing y^ 4^ of October 1078 the sume of Twoo liundered 
gilders in wheat alt fyve gilders per schipple or porke att 8 
styvers p' pound to bee delivered hei*e in New Castle: The 
deP aknowledging the bill, The Court ordered Judgen' to bee 
Enterred against the DeP for y® payment of the sfi 200 gilders 
according to y® bill, w^ y* Costs. 




Thomas Morsk attom: for ) p^ 
John Union att N: Yorke / 


T"* of Mareh 167S Kn- Tlie P'* tlemaiids of this Defend* by a 

ecuUon waB taken .ml ^jjj ^^^^^^ ^,, ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ^, ^^^^^^^ 

past in N : Yorke y« 10"' of Sepemb' 1678, unto M' John 
Jiiiana, whoee attorney this P** is the sume of therty three 
pounds Twelve shillings & six pence, for. w*^** humbly Craues 
Execution w'*' ye Costs. The def* Confesses y* debt and sayes 
that hee hath Tendereth the payment in Maryland to M' 
Jnians attorney there. The debates of both partees being 
heard, The (.V)urt ordered Judgem* to be Entcrred against y® 
def* for y* payment of the e^ debt according to bill w^ ye 
Costs (alias) Execution. 

Ttmbn Stiddem P^* ) In an action of y* Caae for a 

> piece of Land in y' Bran- 
Jacob Vander Veer Def J dewyn Creek©. 

The sherrife Returned his writt non est Inventus. 

Upon the Peticoii of John Ogle desieriiig a grant of this 
Court to take up twoo hundered acres of Land The Co^ haue 
granted the Peticon' his Request provyded Ih" hee forth w**" 
seats and Improovea the same according to Lawe Regulacons 
&. orders. 

Evert hendricks fin being Laest Co^ p*"&ented & ordered to 
appeare att this Court to answer for haueing twoo wyvea, and 
hee tlie a'^ evert accordingly this day appearing A producing 
from under y^ hand of y* former Dutch Commander & Co'* as 
alsoe of the English that his s^ marriadge was w*** Consent of 
them etc: hee y'' s** evert hendrika was thereupon dismist. 

John foster was this day swomo & apjxiiiiUKl Constable of 
oppoquenemen in the Roome of John Taylor for and during 
the .space of one Yeare or till another shall bee swome in his 

Upon the Peticon of John Cocx shewing that there is a 
Certayne Tract of Land of 200 acres Lying on the Southsyde 



of St Georges Creeke Called the Popler neck w''*' formerly be- 
longed to George Axton whoe haueing Left tlie River and 
never made any Tmproovenient upon the s^ Land, and that 
bee the Peiicou' was willing to seat the same forthwith & to 
Conforme himselfe according to tlio Lawes of y* Govenim* & 
therefore liumbly desiered an order for to haue the s'' Lund 
Resurveiged to the end that hee might obtayne a Patient for 
y« same in his owne name : The Court haueing examined y* 
buisnesse, Doe Grant the Peticon' his Request provyded hee 
payes all y* Charges & Errier of quitrents and that the Peti- 
con*" seats y® same Land att furthest the next fall hee further 
Conforming himselfe as well in y® manner of settling as other- 
wayes according to y* orders Regulacons & Laweaof this Gov- 

John Yeo this day appeared in Court and then & there did 
aknowledge a deed of Conveigance by him signed A sealed 
unto hearing date y* 30**" day of Aprill 1G78 of a Certayne 
tract of Land Lying in Whyte Clayes faall in Cristina Creeke 
Contayning 800 acres Called the mussel Cripple by him bougt 
of John Edmunds and by tlic tiboves^ deed by him y* s^ Yeo 
sould A made oner unto John Smith & his heirs A assignes 
for over, w*^** a^ dowl together w'** y*^ Patient A other wrytings 
touching said I^and are Recorded in y* Records of pattents A 

■ The deP 3 defaults. 

Samuel Bkrcker P" 

Capt" Xtopher Billop Dof* . 

The P'* demands of the dcf* y" sume of ninety eight gilders, 
and for proofe thereof produces a noate from under y* hand of 
y* deP w"'*' s^ noate Reflecting upon Robberd hutchinson 
assigning ouer of a bill to this P" due from one Poul Moons, 
and hee the s'' Robberd Imtchinson declaring in Court never 
to haue had any part of y* s^ debt of PouU Moens due to him : 
The Co" haueing Examined the Case doe order that Judgem* 
bee Enterred against the deft, for y" s^ 98 gilders w*** y* Costa 


and doe allow y* P*** attachm' Laved upon y® def*" Effects in 
the hands of William hamilton. 

Johannes Dehaes P" Uhe dcP 3"" default. 
Lewis Blanukk DeP } 

Tho P" demands of this def* by a bill from under y* hand 
of this def bearing date the 1« day of July 1675 tlireo full 
peeces of serge, deducting 16 ells thereupon Received, for w** 
he humbly Craues Judgcm* w*^ Costs and that his attachment 
Layed upon a horse of this def in the hands A Custodie of 
Gaspares herman may bee allowed of, & y® s^ horse appraised 

The Co'* haueing examined y* Case doe order Judgem* nc. 
cording to y** bill deducting 16 ells of scrgo Keceived & doe 
allow of y" P"* attachm* accordingly w*^ y* Costs. 

The Co^ adjorned till to-raorrow being y* 6^ of March at 
9 of y« Clocq. 

March y^ S'** 167t 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" 

Pktkk Claassen Def* 

Tlio P" demands of tho def for medicins by this def" ser- 
vant & Doctor Jamea Crawford delivered unto this deP" boy 
& servant of his from May the 14'*' unto June y'' 20*^ 1676, y" 
sume of sixty and nine gilders for w'"*' bee humbly Craues 
Judgcm* w'^ y* Costs. Tho def* deiiyes to haue Iniployed y* 
8^ Crawford or to haue promissed him any snttisractiou, but 
sayes that tbo s*' James Crawford did twyce or three tymes 
apply somelbing to an orphant then ntt his house whoe was 
mayntaj'ued by tho Poore w^^ s"' orphant tlien being sike, one 
Jolin de Paap had agreed w"* Martin Roosemond deceased 
then Deakon or Master of the Poore to cure him, in whose 
Roomo as tlie del* knows no better, liec the s** James Crawford 
did Come & apply y* ^ medicins. James Crawford sworne in 
Court declares that Peter Claassen Imployed him y" s^ Craw- 



ford hiraselfe to apply the medsons to y* boy and did himselfo 
promise to pay him y*= s*^ Crawford for y* same, and sayee 
further that hee did not apply y*^ s*^ medsons as any wayes 
conserued w*** Jan de Paap but atl the Imediate order of 
Peter Claasaen. 

The Co'* haueing Examined y" buisnesse & supposing that 
there may haue ben some misunderstanding in y** case will 
therefore take care to pay the P*^ his s^ 69 gilders themselves. 

RoBBEKD Hutchinson P^* 1 In an action of Trover <fe 
Thomas Morse Def* / Conversion 

Before Tryall the P" suffered a non suit willingly. 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" 
William Maynard Def 


James Sanderlin 
Tho : Woollaston 
John Kan 
Sym : Gibson 
oele Poulsen 
Geo : Moore 
Corn : Johnson 
Reyn"" V Coelen 
James Crawford 
gerret Jansen 
bend : Williams 
fran : Steevens 

The F' declares that this deft did att 
or about y® 23"* day of february Lacst 
past in his nlwence, use & liydo this P^** 
horse w^^'out the Leauc or knowledge of 
tho P" 80 that tho s^ horse his bake is 
utterly spoyled, whereby this P** is 
hindered of his buisnesse & is thereby 
Really daranifyed besides the spoyle of 
his s'' horse y* sume of 20 pounds w* 
hee can make appeare & thereuppon he 
brings his suite. The deP answers that 
hoe has had y* horse of M' Morse. 

John Walker swome in Court declares 

that hee see Will : Maynard take the horse of Robberd hutch- 
inson alt doctor Spryes yard and did Ryde w"" y° s^ horse 

Justice : otto declares that hee see William Maynard 
come w"" y" said horso of Robberd hutchinson to Appoquene- 
men &, staying there one night went away againe the next 

The def desiering a Jury, The Co'* did Referr itt to a Jury, 


whoc brought in their verdict as followeth (viz*) wee find 
for the P" twoo Imnderod gilders w"* Costs of suit, being 
for y* Losse of tyine A damatlge for want of the Horse. 

The Co" doe grant Judgein' accordingly. 

Agnieta Hendricks being ordered to nppeare att this Court, 
and being sick, Itt is therefore ordered that shee apeare next 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P'* ) In an action of ace' for 138 
Thomas Morse Def* / gilders. 

The def* not haueing made a Legall demand of his debt 
before y* arrest is therefore by y** Co" nonsuited. 

Thomas Spry P" \ The P'* withdrew his action 

Da>ikll Makerty Def* / in Court. 

Ralph Hutchinson P^* >The P" withdrew his action 
James Crawford Def* / in Court. 

John Moll P^* \ 

JoNN Lawk Def / 

The P^* withdrew this action in Court upon Capt" Cantwell 
promissing to see the P" his debt paid w"' y* Costa. 

RoBBiiRD Morton P*' 
Danikll Mackkkty Der 

\ Continued by the Co" 

Ralph Hutchinson P** \ 'i'^e P" not haueing enterred 

y any declaration a nonsuit 
Daniell Mackerty Den j vvas ordered ag* him. 

Ephraim Herman p'ferring in Co" a Peticon shewing that 
the Estate of Walter Wharton stands Justly Indebted unto 
him, for Clarks fees & goods delivered att y* funerall of y* de- 
ceased y* sume of Seven pounds twelve shillings & ten pence 
as p*" his ace' did appeare for w'='» s'* sume y^ Peticon" craued 
an order against the s^ Estate w* prelference of payment 
according to Lawe & Custome, The Co" haueing Examined 
y* p'misses doe grant y* Peticon^ his Request. 



Man' the widdow & Relict of WiUiara bodges, shew by 
Pcticoii tliat the Estate of Walter Wharton deceased is debtor 
unto bur y^ surae of one hundered gilders & that the s" waiter 
whaHon upon his death bed had desiered that shee y" peti- 
con' might bee one of the first sattisfyed, and therefore desier- 
ing that shee might Iiauo an order ag** y* s^ I'^tate for y* pay- 
ment of y* s** suine of 300 gilders, one of y* first according to 
the desire of y* s^ deceased. 

The Co*^ liaueing Examined y* p'misses doe grant y* 
Peticon' bur llequest. 

Capt" Edmund Gantwell Sheweing by Peticon that y* Estate 
of Walter Wharton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him, 
the following sumes viz*- By one bill under y* hand of y* de- 
ceased bearing dale y* 8*^ of June 1672 tiie sume three hun- 
dered <fe twenty gilders. Ittem by one bill from y* s** deceased 
to .lolni Tarkinton bearing date y* 22-* of June 1677 for 
500 lb of tobb" & by s** Tarkinton assigned ouer unto him 
y* Peticon' A Laestly by ace* y* sume of twoo hundered A 
seventy eight gilders for all w'^'' s^ sumes bee the Petioon' 
humbly craucd an order against the said Estate w^*" Costs. 

The Co" haueing Examined the p^'misses, Doe grant him 
y* Peticon" an order for the twoo bills, and as for y* ace* the 
Peticon' haueing made oath to y* Justnesse thereof, the same 
is alsoe allowed. 

M*" John Moll, sheweing by Poticon that y* Estate of Walter 
Wharton was Justly Indebted unto him by a bill under 
y"* hand of him y® s^ Walter wharton past unto James frisby 
yc 5it» day of May 1673 & by him y* 8^ frisby Assigned ower 
unto him y® Peticon'" y* 11"' of Aprill 1676 : the Just sume of 
fower hundered pounds of Tobbacco, and desiering an order 
ag* y* s^ Estate for y" same, The Co'* haue granted the 
Peticon' his Request. 

Ephraim Herman as attorney for Capt" Tho : Do Lauall & 
W SVilliam Dervall shewing by Peticon that y* Estate of 
Walter Wharton deceaaed stands Justly Indebted unto y* s^ 
William Dervall by a bill under y" hand of him y" s^ What- 



ton bearing date y*' 16* day of June 1677 the Juat sume of 
Twoo hundered & sixty twoo gilders & twelve styvers and de- 
aiering an order for y" same ag^ y* Estate afores''. The Co" 
haueing Exam : y* p'misses doe grant the Peticon' hie Request. 

James Crawford shewing by Peticon that "Walter Whaiiou 
deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him, by one bill under 
y* hand A se^le of y* e^ Wharton bearing date y* 8*^ of 
June 1672 y® sume of 1600 fib of tobbacco, and more by an- 
other bill Ix-aring date y* S** of June 1671, 320 ft> of Tobb*» 
deducting 25 gilders out of the same : In all y* sume of 1920 
fl) of tobb" for w*** bee humbly Crauod an order w'*" Costs. 
The Co" haueing Examined y* s^ bills doe grant him y* Peti- 
oon' an order ag*' y* s*^ Estate for the s^ 1920 S> of Tobbacco, 
deducting j'* 25 gilders ; and y Costs. 

Robberd Waede shewing by Peticon that Walter Whar- 
ton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto hira for sundry 
goods as |)^ ace' thereof written & signed by him y* s*^ Walter 
Wharton himselfe did apeare, y* sume of Three hundered & 
twenty five gilders & ten styvers, for w*^** hee humbly Crauee 
an order against y** s** Estate w"* the Costs, The Co" haueing 
Examined y" p''misses doe grant the Peticon" Request 

George Moore shewing by Peticon that Walter Wharton 
deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him by ace' that is to 
say y® ballance thereof the sume of 444 gilders, To wich hee 
haueing made oath In Court desiered an order accordingly : 
w*^ the Co" doe grant. 

Gysbcrt Dircksen shewing by his Peticon that Walter Whar^ 
ton deceased stands Justlj' Indebted unto him by ace' y* sume 
of Twoo hundered twenty six gilders & Eighteen styvers, and 
desiering an order for y* same, The Peticon' haueing made 
an oath to his ace* in Court, y® Co" doe grant him an order 

Jan Walker the husband of the Late widdow & Executrix 
of Jan Siericx of oppoquenemen deceased, Sheweing by Peticon 
that y* Estate of Walter Wharton deceased stands Justly In- 
debted unto y® Estate of Jan Siericx deceased by ace' sworne 



unto by the aboves"* widdow y° 1* of March before Justice 
Gcrret Otto the siime of three hundered & one gilders & ten 
styvers, and desiering an order for y* same ag** y* s** Estate of 
Walter Wharton, The Court haueing Examined y' Premisses 
do© grant tlio Peticon" Request. 

Benjamin Gumley shewing by Pettcon that the Estate of 
Walter Wharton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him by 
a bill from under the hand A scale of him y* s^ Walter Whar- 
ton bearing date the 31" day of July 1678 the Just sume of 
500 ftt of good & merchandable Tobbacco & Caske, for w^^ hoe 
humbly Craucs this Courts order w* Costs, The Co'* haueing 
Examined y*" p'misses doe grant the Peticon"^ his Request 

Joseph holding by his petition sheweing that the Estate of 
Walter Wharton deceased, stands Justly Indebted unto him 
by ace* y* sume of 1700 S> of tobb & Caske for w*'*' hee humbly 
Craued an order against y' 8** Estate w*** Costs, The Peticon' 
haueing made oath to his ace* y" 9"" of January Laeat past in 
this Court, The Court doe grant him an order accordingly. 

Samuel Bercker by Peticon sheweing that M^ Walter Whar- 
ton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him by ace* the 
sume of Twoo hundered & twenty twoo gilders, and desiering 
an order for the sume, hoe haueing iu Co^ made oath to his 
accS The Co" doe grant liim y* s* Peticon*" an order against 
the 8* Estate accordingly. 

Justice fop Jansen Outhout desiering of the Co" to bee ad- 
mitted to administer upon y® Estate of Jan hermsen whoe 
haueing Lived for some tyme as a freeman att his y" s^ M' 
outhouts house, is of Late tlicro deceased w*'' out Jiaueing 
made any will or haueing any kindred. The Co" finding by 
inquiery that the s** Jan hermsens Estate by him Left is verry 
Inconsiderable, and that hoe owes some small debt", Did thinke 
fitt to Impower & authorize him y*^ said Justice outhout, to 
administer upon the said Estate of the deceased, to Receive A 
pay the debts <fe to Ketume an acc^ thereof to this Court. Jus- 
tice Peter Alrichs In Co'^ did put himselfo security for M' out- 
bouts due administration. 



John Darby j/fferring in Court a Peticon desiering to beo 
admitted to keep an ordinary as well for horses as raen, and 
that none else might het; sutTerred to sell Licquers by Retayle 
eta: The Court doe admit him y* Peticon' to keei^e an ordinary 
provyded hee performes what now hee promises, w** ia viz*, 
That hee will keepe a good and orderly house, that bee will 
now begin with six beds and w^iu one twelve month procure 
6 beds more, that he will provyde good & suffieient meat & 
beer as also wyne & strong Licq" sufficient for all commers & 
goers that bee will provyde a good stable for horses, ns alsoe 
sufficient hay & pasturadge and in gcnerall to give good & 
Civill Entertaynment for all commers & goers; bee to haae 
for a raeals meat <fc Table beer 2 gilders, for strong malt beare 
2 gilders a gallon for sydcr 6 gilders a gallon Lesser measure 
accordingly, a horse to pay for a day & nigt for gras one gilder 
& for hay 2 gildera hee the s^ Darby p'forming the aboue to 
haue only y* priviledge to sell drinke by Retayle, In Case 
none others bee admitted more by the Court, But In case of 
non p'formance to bee fyned att y* discretion of y* Court 

The hereunder tt after written Vendues held by order of 
Court were ordered to be Recorded viz. 

fobruary y«'4"' 167f. — Then was sculd by order of Court att a 
publicq outcry held w^'^in this Towne of New Castle, a Certayne 
Lott of Land scituate Lying &. being within this Towne of New 
Castle, botweene the house & Lott of Isacq Tayne & Jan lierm- 
sen att y* strand, Conteining in breath before & behind therty 
foott, The same Lott was belonging unto the Estate of doctor 
John Desjai*din3 deceased & was given unto him y® s** Desjardins 
by Isacq Tayne (nls) Lapiere deceased, and was sould at the 
aboves** outcry unto Johannes Dehaes as the highest or most 
bidder for y" sume of fyve hundered <fe fourthy Gilders, The 
payment to bee made here in New Castle att or before the 
Laest of March 1G79 w^ good tobbo and Caskes dutch w" at 
8 styvers p^ pound or w*** wheatt att 6 gild' per schipple as by 
the Conditions of sale bearing date as above more att Large 
doth & may apeare wich abovesaid Lott was by the s^ Johannes 



Dehnes, made oucr unto Ephraim hcrman hee making good 
the purchaze abores** according to y* Conditions of sale. 

february y® 4*^ 167| — Then was sould by order of y* Court 
of New Castle, att a publicq outcry held iu the 8^ Towne of 
New Castle the Land formerly belonging unto Capt. John 
Carr deceased, Lying & being on the Southsyde of this Towne 
of New Castle betweene the Creeke Called y* great Kill and 
M*" Toms Creeke, Contayning according to the dutch Pattent 
Granted by the former dutch Gouverno^ AUcxandcr do liinjossa 
unto gerritt van sweeringen along the River & beginning att 
the said greatt Kill 1600 Rod and to bee in breath from y* 
River syde one myle into the woods and noe more. 

The said Tract of Laud was put to sale in foure Equal parts 
or shears to begin from y* aboves^ groat C'recke w^ No 1, the 
next quarter part or share was N" 2 : the next to that was N** 
3 & y* Lowermost quarter part next unto Nf Toms Creeke 
was N** 4. 

The Purchazers were to hauc their Lands surveigcd & 
might haue their Tytle granted unto them by his bono' the 
Govcmo''. The Payment was to bee made here in New Castle 
w**" good and nierchaudable Tobbacco & Caskes dutch w" & 
tarr or w**^ good and raerchaudable winter wheat att prj's 
Courrant in the River, the one halfe thereof att or before y** 
Laest of the month of March 1679 A the other halfe one 
whole Jeare after the first payment & noe Longer. 

N*' 1. Being the first quarter part of y* abovesaid Land ; Is 
seated A Improoved by Anthony Bryont and itt is by the Co'* 
granted & ordered tliat hee thes^ Anthony Br^'ant shall enjoy 
& Keepe the same quarter part hee paying Proportionably to 
its goodnesse <fe vallue & to what y° other parts do yeeld. 

N° 2. Being tlie next & secund quarter part to y" above, 
was bought iu y* S^ outcry by M^ Peter Alrichs for y* flume 
of twoo hundered & seuenty gilders. 

N<* 3. Being the third quarter part was bought Lykewyse 
by M*" Peter Alrichs for the aume of tliree hundered & Ten 



N" 4. Being the I^wennost quarter part of y" aforesaid 
Land was Lykewyse bougt by Pet^r Alrichs for y" sumc of 
fyve hundered & fourthy gilders. 

The Purchaz" were obliged to pay all the vendu Cliurges 
etc : as by tho Conditions of sale more att Large doth & may 

The CV* adjomed till y** 1"* Tensflay In y® month of Aprill 

Alt a Court hold in the Towue of New Castio In Ddowar 
by his May"" Authority the 2"*» & 3^ of Aprill in y« 31"* yeare 
of his s^ May''*' Rnigne Annoq Dom : 1679. 

Aprill y« 2"'> 1679 

M' John Moll 
M^ fopp outhout 
p'sent M' Job : De haes ^ Justices 

M"^ Abram Man 
MMVill Sempill 

John Edminosen by his \pjt 
attorn : John Moll j 

. John Yeo Def' 

The P" declarcs that this def by his bill stands Justly In- 
debted unto liim the siime or quantity of Twoo Thousand and 
Eight hunderred ft of Tobbacco A Caskes, to bee paid in Tal- 
bot or Calvert County in y* Province of Maryland, the 10*** 
day of October Lacst past, as by the ^ bill bearing date y* 
30*^ of October 1677 and under the def" hand & scale more 
att Large did appcare, for wich hec the P^' humbly Craued 
Jiidgem* ag** the def* w"' y'^ Costs. The def John Yeo did 
ajcnowledge the bill in Court, But Replyed that John 
Edmunds has not p'formcd his Bargaine of some Land etc : 
The debates of both parteea being heard and the deP M' John 
Yeo aknowledging in Co" the s*' bill to haue Received in 
hand a valluable Consideracon for y* s** Tobbaceo, The Co" 



doo therefore Grant Judgem* against y*' def* John Yeo for y* 
8*^ aume of 2800 R) of Tobbacco & Caske according to y" bill 
w^ y* Costs. The dof* John Yeo declared to apeale from the 
Judgement of this Co'* before liis liono' the Governo' att New 
Yorke w** the Court doe grant provyded hee gives good A 
sufficient security for double y'sunie for his Lawful! prosecu- 
tion. John Yeo againe appearing before the Court, did de- 
clare to withdrawe his aforesaid appeale. 

• The def* absent. 


yRAXciJi Stkevens Def . 

Upon the P'^ desire this action was Continued untill next 
Court day. 

RoBnERD Hutchinson P" 
FRANCIS Stkevens Def* , 

The Kxccuto" of Dirk ) 

• Continued as above. 

ALBEUT8EN deceased J >In an action of debt. 


Symon Gibson Def* J 

This action was by Job : Dehaes one of y* P**" witbdrawne 
in Court, The def* Symon Gibson then promissing to pay y* 

RoBBERD Morton 
Daniell Makertv 

pu r Neither P" nor def* apear- 
< ing a non suit was or- 
Def* I dered w*** Coeta. 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" 1 In an action of Trouer A 
William Maynaru Def*/ Conversion. 

The P" demands of this def* the sume of 50 pounds, for a 
horse by the def* taken used & spoyled without this P'** Leaue 
or knowledge together w**' y* Costs of suit. The def* not ap- 
pearing and M' Thomas Morse prooveing himselfe attorney 
for y* def* and further promissing in Court to answer y* action 
w*** Effect, and to stand to what y* Court should order, in y* 
Roome of s^ Will Maynard. The Case was brought to Tryall, 



and thereupon the hereafter mentioned wittnesses being swome 
ik Kxamined in Court^ and the debates of both parteee being 
heard, The Co" doe order Judgment to bee Enterred against 
the def*. That hee the s^ deP pay unto >■■ P" for y* 8* horse 
so taken & spoyled y® sume of fourtheeu hunderred pounds of 
Tobbacco & Caske, Together w^ y*' Coste of suite, but in Rft- 
guard the P'^ hath summoned seuerall more wittnesses ; then 
needed & were sworne, The F" therefore is to pay y* s** witt- 
nesses w'''' were summoned A not sworne himselfe: and in 
Keguard that hee the deP by his takelng of y* horse as hee 
did has given a verry bad p'aident, and to the end that others 
for the future may nott doe the Lyke, Tlie Co" doe thinke fitt 
to order it doe hereby Condemue the defend' to pay a fyue of 
one hunderred gilders, The same to be Imployed according to 
his bono' the Governo" directions. 

Hendrik Williams sworne in Court declares that the Laest 
Court day liee The doponant was p'sent & did see William 
Maynard bring the horse in Controversy to Robb : hutchin- 
sons house, But that Robberd hutchinson Refused to Receive 
y* s^ horse. The deponant saycs further that the s'* horse was 
then in such a bad Condicon That hco was altogether unfitt 
for any servis A <inyt spoyled. Thomas Woollaston swome 
In Co*^ declares the sjinio as hendrik Williams hcreahove. 
Gerritt Smith sworne declares the same. Samuel Land swome 
declares that hee heard William Maynard Laest Court declare 
t& say that hee had found the horse now in Controversy att 
doctor Sprys Pales & that from thenco he had taken him. 
John Walker swome declares the same as hendrik WiUiama & 
Samuel Land haue declared. 

Thomas Spry p'ferring in Court a Peticon & ace* against 
the Estate of Walter Wharton deceased for Phisicq adiniuis* 
tered unto him the said Walter Wharton, the sume of 262 
gilders ; desiering an order ag*' y" s"* Estate for the said sume, 
The 8^ Spry haueing in Court made oath to y'' Justnesse 
thereof The Co" doe grant him an order ag*' s** Eatat« accord- 


I The clef'dcfuuU 


Hendiuck Wim.tams P^' 
Evert Aldkihts Def* 

This action is by P^*" Request Continued till next Co^. 

Ralph Hutchinson P" \ This action was withdrawn 

Andries Sinnexe Det^ J by P"* orders 

John Moll P'* \Tbi8 action was withdrawn 

John Niewslao Def* / by P*' himselfe 

Abram Man P" ) xt * t i 

_ ^ _ T ^ : ^^^ ©si Inventus 

Okle Oklsen Tossen Dei^ ) 


Tymen Stiddem 

> partees agreed 


In nn action of the coae 
y for Land in brandewyn 
Jacob Vandeb Veer DcfO Creekc. 
The Sherrife for y* 2™* iyme Returned his wrilt Non Eat 

RoisBERD Hutchinson P'* 1 In an action of debt by ace* 
Thomas Morse Def* / y* sunie of 108 gilders 

The Co" baueing heard the Case & y® Attestation of James 
Walliam and y« P'* refusing te sweare to his ace* Itt is there- 
fore Judged that there is noe Cause action & y* P** is non- 
suited w**" Costs. 

John Smith P" 

John Gerrittze Def* 
The P'* declares as [Z declaration for hay forceably fetched 
out of this P'" house upon his Plantation on a sabbath day 
etc: The Court haueing Examined the bubnesse doe Judge 
this a Vexatious suite & therefore doe order a nonsuitc against 
P^^ w"" CosU. 



P" 1 This action is Continued A 
Def» J Referred till next Cor» 

John Smith 

Andries Tilly 
Edward Boulding swome in Court declares that lie heard 
Laest summer Andries Tilly asfce John Smith in y* Tobacco 
house, Twoo seuerall tymes Leaue to mowe a stake of hay upon 
John Smiths Land, and that s** John Smith saycd heo might 
if hee would mowe twoo stakes one for himselfe & y* other for 
him y" s^ John Smith & that his People should helpe Tilly to 
sett up y*' stakes & y^ deponant sayes that hee did help An- 
dries Tilly sett up one stake & att y'^ setting up of y" other hee 
y^ deponant was not by, and further that John Gerritzen & 
Andries Tilly came to y" house on a sunday, and that Andries 
Tilly asked this deponant (Whoe was all alone in y" house) 
whoe had Carried the hay into the house, whereupon Answer 
was made by this deponant that the s** hay was Carried by his 
Master John Smiths order & y' John Gerritzen thereupon said 
yo' Master migt come to Trouble for Carring another mans 
hay into y" house, upon wich Andries Tilly aayed I: will Carry 
itt out ttgaino for itt is my hay and so did Carry y" hay out of 
y* house againe; and the deponaul sayes that Jiee Lykewyse 
did see Jan Gerritzen Carry hay att or to y" Landing in hia 
arme, but not out of y* house, and further sayeth nott. 

John Yeo Assigne of 1 p^ 

Georoe Portku i 
Maylaxi* Stacy DqP 

The P'' as p' liis declaration declares for Land att New 
Beverly : w*^** place & Land being not delivered, nor yett any 
such place as new Beverly to be found, desiers therefore Resti- 
tution of his monuy to y" sume of 32 pounds Layed out A 
payd for y'= same Lund etc. The Case being heard, The 
Court are of opinion that in ciwo M' Yeo has his part propor- 
tionable & Kquall w'" y* rest of y* oUier purchazers according 
to y' deed, hee performing the Condicons in y® s** deed men- 
tioned, that then hee can Expect no more. But in defect 
thereof hee then may haue Just Cause of action, And sence 


y* B^ Land <fe proprieties are not yett fully sheared, and that 
the der is williug for his part to Lett the P'* haue his sheare 
of Land according to y" deed and that the P'' did not make 
a Possitive or Legall demand of y* Latter division before y* 
arrest, hee Confessiug to liaue Received & disposed of part of 
the Purchaze ; That therefore y* P" has as yett noe Legall 
Cause of action ; wherefore a noasuite is Enterred against hira 

w^ C06t8. 

The Co" adjonied unlill tomorrow at 9 of y" Olocq. 

Aprill y« 3"^ 1679 

Upon the Peticon of Samuell hedge desiering an order 
against y* Estate of Walter Wharton deceased, for y* sume of 
740 & of Tobbacco due by ace* svvorne unto the first of this 
Instant month of Aprill before Justice John MoU. The Co^ 
doe allow of y° same & doe grunt an order ag* y° s^ Estate of 
Walter Wharton for y*^ said 740 & of tobbacco accordingly 
w^ y« Costa. 

Hendrik Williams p'ferring in Go'' a Peticon sheweing that 
heo y* Peticon" on y* 5^ day of June 1G78 had obtayned twoo 
Judgements in this Co" against Walter Wharton y® one for y* 
sume of 1800 lb of tobbo & y* other for 623 ft of Tobbo & that 
hee y* Peticon^ had taken out Execution upon }'* s** Judge- 
ments & had Caused y" same to bee Layed upon y" Boddy of 
him y* s** W : Wharton whoe hapening to die before y* same 
Executions were sattisfyed, The s** Peticon' therefore humbly 
deaiered an order from this Court that his s^ Judgem** & Exe- 
cutions might bee p'forred <fe payed him out of y* Estate of y* 
8^ Walter Wharton according to Laue ife y*" p'^sident in y* Lyke 
Case betweonG Capt^ Thomas D" Lauall of New Yorke and the 
Estate of William Tom decease*!. The Co" dou thinke itt Con- 
venient to Refer the Peticon' to his bono' the Governo' att 
New Yorke for his determinacon & order in y" Buisnosse. 

Upon the Peticon of Appoquenemen : The Co" doe grant 
him an order against the Estate of Walter Wharton decreased 
for y* sume of 274 gilders according to his ace* aknowledged 
by the widdow Wharton. 



Upon the Peticon of Mary Blocq sheweiug that according 
to order of this Co^ shee had kept tended & Lookt afler 
Agnieta hendriks in hur Chyldbed & sikenesse unUU non', 
and therefore desiering that shee y* s^ Agnieta hendriks inigt 
bee ordered to give Reajw^iiable Sattisfaction Either by servis 
or othorwaycs. The Co" doe thinke itt Just & Reasonable 
that Agnieta hendriks pay unto Mist^ Blocq one huudercd 
gilders or serve hur one halfe yeare for y* same. 

Upon the Peticon of Claes Andriessen desiering Leaue to 
marry w"* Agnieta hendriks A that shee y* s^ Agnielii might 
bee Kxcuse<l from punishm* The Co" doe grant him Leaue to 
marry hur y'' s^ Agnictii hendriks after shee shall haue Re- 
ceived hur much deserved Correction. 

Whereas the 5'^ of febnuiry Lacst j)afit. This Co" oniered M* 
Ralph hutchinson to bring before this Co" the mayd servant 
of him y* s^ Ralph, as by the e^ order bearing date as above 
more att Large may appeare ; wich being not done The haue 
A doe hereby order & Condemue him y* a** Ralph hutchini«>n 
to pay a fyne of 150 gilders, w^*" is for the well deserved pun- 
nishment w"^** olherwayes should haue ben Inflicted upon hur 
y* a'^ Mury for hur liuueing a Bastard etc. 

Agnieta Hendriks being heretofore p^sented for haueing had 
three Bastard Childeren one after another, The Co" doe there- 
fore thinke fit! to order & sentence that sheo tlie said Agnieta 
hendriks bee publicqly whipt twenty seven Lashes & pay all 
Costs, w** aboves'^ sentence was accordingly Executed y* 3"* 
of Aprill 1670 att y* forte gate In New Castle. 

The Co" adjorned untill y® 6rst Teusday in June next 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Caatle by his May**" 
Authority June 3'^ & 4"* 1679. 



M' John Moll 
M^ Peter Alrichs 
M^ fopp Outhout 
P'sent M*" Gerret Otto J- Justices. 

M^ Johannes d'hoee 
M^ Abram Man 
M^ "William Sempill 
Cept" Edm : Cantwell H. Sherrife. 

Upon the Pcticon of Dom : Petrus Teschemacker desicring a 
Certayne Peece or Vacant Lett of Land for to build u house 
& makeing of a garden and orchard Thereon ; the same Lying 
on the west end of this Towne of New Castle, betweene y* 
Land of M"" Alrichs and y" Lott by this Co" granted to 
Matheus & Emilius d'Ring: The Court doe grant the s** 
Dom : Teschertnacker for his Incouragein* the s^ peece or Lott 
of Land so that a good broad street bee Left att y* watersyd© 
and to stretch behind as fan* as the street shall come ; and the 
Peticon' seating & Improoveing y® same according to bis 
bono' y* Govemo" regulacons & orders. 

Upon the Peticon of Dom : Petrus Teschermacker desiering 
an order ag* y" Estate of Walter Wharton deceased for 50 
gilders, being the one halfe of the supperscription of him y* s^ 
Walter Wharton, as alsoe that the Court would bee plea-scd to 
allow him out of the rf* Whartons Estate what was Reusonuble 
for his preaching the funeral Sermon etc : The Co" haueing 
taken the same into Considcracon ; Doc thinko it Just to order 
Capt" Edm : Cantwell the administrator of y sfi Estate, to pay 
unto the Poticon' out of the said Estate 60 gilders for y* sub- 
scription and 50 gilders more for y® funerall ser\'is etc with Costs. 

Upon the Peticon of Emilius De Ring desiering a grant for 
a Certayne slipp or Little nek of Land as an addition to his 
Lott on y* West end of this Towne, y^ same slipe Joyning 
upon his s^ Lott : The Case being Examined the Co" granted 
y* Peticon^ hiss*' Re<iuest, ProvydcHl a sufficient street <fc high- 
way bee Left, and that lilting Improovement be made thereon. 



A Copy of a Letter sent by the Justices of this Court to h'la 
hono^ the Governo" att New Yorke about a theft committed 
by Robberd hutchinson etc. 

N : Castle April! 23«> 1679. 
Hoiior^ Governo' : 

Whereas Adam WalUs his chest with sundry goods was 

well Lokt and putt into the house of Robberd hutchinson 

came from Maryland to fetch itt away and opening of itt, 

found y" f^ Chest had hen broake open Lokt againe & that 

tliere was taken out viz* one silver Tumbler markt A W 

bought by him for 50* nionny in New Yorke — Ittem twoo 

whyte fustian wastcoats and twoo pair of britches, 1 doulas 

shirt 2 p' of new Tjcather stockings 2 p' of woosted stockings 

1 p' of New lSIiobs, Almost 2 ft of silke, 2 ft) of CuUered thread, 

2 neck cloaths markt A W, 3 Remnants of Linnen 2 peeces of 
CuUercd fiUetting 1 ft> of whyted browne thread 1 p*" of new 
gloves, some napkins & some silver monny & 2 p' of sleeves 
and one shouldur knotty after three strikt Examinations the s* 
Robt>erd hutchinson has Confest before us, that hee had stonleu 
out of the said Adam Wallis his Chest, all the Particulars 
here above mentioned Except y* silver monny. Search being 
made there is found in the house of y° s"^ Robb: hutchinson 
of the goods hero aboue mentioned viz* One Silver Tumbler 
markt A W, 16| y'' of a kind of Locquerum Linnen 16J y** of 
hroad holland Linnen 3| y** of Indifferent f>'no Shifting Lin- 
nen, 2 fustian wastcoats 1 p' britches 1 doules sliirt 2 p' 
sleeves 1 p^ Leather stockings 1 p' gloves 2 neck cloaths 
marked A W, one course TowoU marked A, 43 skaxiies of 
thrid 40 skaynes of silke & one Remnant of old Ribband, 
Whereupon y* s^ Robberd hutchinson since y* 19 day of This 
Instant lias ben kept Close prizouer in o' forte, wee humbly 
desire yo' lion°" orders & directions after what manner wee 
are further to proceed in and about this buisnesse w^"* shall 
bee strictly obeyed by us etc. 

FoUoweth The Coppy of a Lett' from his bono*" the Gov- 



erno" Letter written by hia bono" appointm' by Capt" MathUa 
Nicolls Secretary etc : 

New Yorke May 19«» 1679 

The Govemo' hath Received yo" of the 23"* Ap* past touch- 
ing Robberd butchinsons thievish miscarriadgc in breaking 
open & taking out of Adam Wales his Chest Left by him att 
y* s^ butchinsous house some raoniiy Plate and seuerall goods 
the perticulars whereof are therein incerted, wliereupon l)uuo- 
ing secured his p''son «& what things could bee found upon 
search made in his house, you desire orders & directions how 
to proceed in y* matter; By his Kxcellencies Commands in 
answer thereunto, I : am to acquaint you that tlie matter of 
fact committed by the s** Robberd hutchinson would not Reach 
his Lyfe by the strictest Law (according to our compreljeiision 
here) if itt were in England, and the Dukes Lawcs nrc mutch 
more favornblc, where if you will turnc to the Capitall Lnwes, 
you may be further snttisfyed, Besydes the Chest (with what 
was therein) being Left at his house by the Party Ittrt but a 
breatch of Trust tkoug the thing is agrauatcd by his haueing 
bpoaken open or picking the Lock of y® Chest, & takeing out 
those things to Convert them to his owns use may bee Lookt 
on as Larceny or thieverj' & hee Acted as a gi'eat knaue &. 
Cheate, But whether itt will roach to the Crimiuall part so farr 
aa to burne him in y" hand w"*^ is Comonly Inflicted on a per- 
son that defier\'ea death yet haueing the benefit of the Clergy 
saues his Lyfe by reading though hee forfeits all his goods and 
Chatties and Liberty for a yeare, its a question however, the 
Proofe being so Cleai-e) I : suppose hee may at least deserve Cor- 
poral! punnishment, or u Considerable fyne and such further 
Penalty by Banishm* or the like, the w** his Excellency doth 
wholly leaue to yo' Co^ to adjudge and determine before 
whome hoe is to haue his trynll and whatsoever yo' sentence 
shall bee you are to put the same in Execution ; and as to the 
goods found of Adam Wallis in all probability youl see Cause 



to order them to bee delivered to him again and y' the delin- 
quent shall make gcwd what is wanting (if Capahle). I: am 
likewyse to acquaint you Itts the Goveruo" pleasure iu the 
Case between Thomas harwood &. Jacob Vander Veer Con- 
cerning the stone found or put into the bagg of feathers, That 
there bee noe further proceedings in yo"" Court upon that ac- 
oompt hee haueing remitted the 6ne & a slope is to bee put to 
the Levying of the Cliarges, The whole Case being ordered to 
bee heurd in this Place before the Governo*" & Councill alt tlie 
beginning of y" month of Octob' next when both Plaintife & 
defend' are to give their attendance. As to y® difference before 
yo' Court about y® pretence of Land betweene the said Jacob 
Vanderveer and his neiglmiir Doctor Tymen, The same is 
also to be remitted here, w^** all the papers or proceedings re- 
lating thereunto, by the first opportunity for a fynall deter- 

There is one thing more, upon application from y" d' I^^au- 
rentius Carolus, Complayning that an Execution against him 
hath for tlie greatest part beene Levyed by y* Sherrife & the 
remainder threatened & called for though hee hath Judgem* 
(If nott Execution) likewyse for a greater sume against y* same 
p*"son, but refused to bee served, Itt being an old difference 
about a mare and her produce between him and bans Peter- 
sen ; The same is alsoe to bee respited and his Excellency do- 
aiers au ace' how tliat matter stands betweene tbem, whereupon 
a deffinitive order will be given to issue the matter in differ- 
ence Lykewyse; Thus far I : haue in Charge from his Excel- 
lency the Govemo' to iransferr to you, wich is all from Gentl. 

Yo' verry humble Serv' 

Matthias Nicolls. 

If Capt° Jacob Vander Veer hath other matters in yo' Court 
wherein hee cannott well Expresse himtelfe itt can bee noe 
other than Reason to haue another to speake for him so itt bee 
□ot to increase Contention. Yo'* 

Exam ; of Robb : hutchinson — viz* 



Adam Wallis swonie declares y* hee bas Lost out of hia 
Chest w^ was in y* house of Robberd hutchinson — one whyt« 
fustian wastcoate w^ twoo sorts of white buttoufi and one 
whyte doulace shirt, where itt seemes y*" name ia pikt out 
litem one silver Tumbler of 50 shillings vallue bougt by him 
in New Yorke twoo pair of fustian britches, two pair of new 
Leather Stockings, twoo pair of woosted stockings, one p' of 
New shoes, almost twoo [wund of silke twoo pound of CuUered 
thrid two neck cloatha 2 Kemn&nts of Linnen Cloth one rem- 
nant of holland 2 p" of Cullercd Bllottings, one ft of whyted 
browne tlired, one pair of new wash Leatlier gloves a small 
matter of silver monny one other whyte fustion wastcoate A 
sumo napkins. 

Search being made by y* subsherrife one wastcoate one shirt 
A 3 remnants of Linnen were found in y*^ house of y® s** Rob- 
berd hutchinson : The dcponant absoluthly declares the wast- 
coat & shirt abovenamed & found in y* Custodie of y* s^ Rob- 
berd hutchinson is y* verry same wastcoate and shirt w^ hee 
has Lost out of his Chest. 

Robberd hutchinson Examined Replyes hee bougt the fus- 
tian were y" wastcoate is made of, from Thomas W'ooUaston, 
the buttons from M*^ Thomas Morse and that it was made 
Either by John Eaton or by Will : Still, Taylors, and that hee 
brought the shirt along w* him from Old England. 

Thomas Morsh Sworne declares hee never sold neither to 
Robberd or Ralph hutchinson any such sort of whyte buttons 
as are on the breast of y^ s^ wastcoate, neither had hee ever 
any of y' sort or fassiou in this River to sell. John Eaton 
Bworne declares hee never made neither for Robberd or Ralph 
hutchinson the s^ whyte fustian wastcoate now in question. 
William Still declares the same as John Eaton. Martha Wool- 
lastou the wyfo of Thomas Woollasten being sent for in hur 
husbands absence & sworne declares sheo remembers hur bus- 
band sold some whyte fustian to Rob: hutchinson but knows 
not whether itt was soc fyne as that where the s^ wastcoate is 
made of. 


The matter being taken into Consideracon Adam Walles is 
bound in his may*^** name upon y*^ forfeiture of 50 pounds 
sterl : monny of England to prosecute this his demands & 
Claymos against the s** Robb : hutchinson w^ Effect at o' 
next Court. M"" William Sempill obliges himselfe to bee 
security for the s^ Adam Wallis. Robberd hutchinson is alsoe 
bound in his maj"'=* name upon the same forfeiture of 60 
pounds sterl : monny to answer the s^ Prosecution at o' next 
Court & to stand to y* award Conseming the same for w*** hee 
is to give sufficient security to the high Sherrife or Else to 
remaiue into his Custodie until! further order. New Castle 
Aprill y« W 1679. 

N. B. the 3 remnants of Linen w** 
were found in Robb: hutchinsons 
his custodie conlaine — 
14 @ of y* Coursest sort 

-| V4J @ of y" finder sort 

W^ is Left w**» y* wastcoate 
& shirt into Sam : I>and y* sub- 
sherrife his Custodie. 

John Moll. 

John Moll 
piktkr alrichs 
J : D : HAKs 
Will : Sempill. 

Robberd hutchinson being Constable is dismist of his place 
untill next Court or further order, and M' John Cann swome 
this day Constable in his Roome untill further order. New- 
castle, Aprill y« 19"* 1679. John Moll. 

Ann kittle swome declares that shee has from Robberd 
hutchinson Received to wash and after washing delivered to 
him the said Robb : hutchinson, one Long playn carvat marked 
w"* small dutch letters A W about ten dayea agoo and that 
ahee never waaht y" Lyke neckcloath for him before that tyme 
and further sayeih nott, Swome before mee this 22 day of 
Aprill 1679. John Moll. 

The 22^ of April! a secund search by reason of the abovea^ 



oath being mode there was found att the house of the s^ Robb : 
butchinson in his Chest : 

16| yds of a kinde of Locquerum Linnen. 

1 neck cloath inarkt A W. 

1 Cours towill markt A. 

43 skains of thrid. 

40 skains of silke. 

1 remnant of old silke ribband. 

Robberd hutchinson being sent for, and Charged w"" the 
Robbery of the nbovomentioned goods Could Reply nothing 
in his owne deffenco whereupon itt is ordered to keepe hira 
Close Prisoner w**'out bayle or manprize untill next Court or 
further order. 

Aprill 22»»» 1679. John Moll 

J : D'habs 
Will : sbmpill. 

Hobberd hutchinson being further Exam : Confesses that 
hee did take out of y^ Chest belonging to Adam Wallis att his 
Coming home from Duke Creeke 16^ y**" of Linnen before- 
mentioned one dimety Wastcoate before menconed and Con- 
fesses in Generall to haue stolen all what is Claymed by y* s^ 
adam Wallis, Except the silver Tumbler, declared before us 
this 22"'' day of Aprill 1679. 

Testes (was signed) 

Edm : Cautwell Sherrife John Moll 

J : D : HAES 
Wat Sbmpill. 

Adam Wallis requesting for the Restitution of his gooda 
and that hee may bee Excused of y* prosecution seeing Rob- 
berd hutchinson has Confest the fact, and hee being a handy 
Craft man, and upon necessity homeward bound for soauome 
River in Maryland ; Wee do© Referr the s^ restitution of y* 
goods unto his hono' y" Govemo' and upon Consideracon that 
y* a^ Robb : hutchinson has made a gener^ Confession ol his 



Robbery this third tyme of his Examination, wee haue per- 
mitted the 8"^ Adam Wallis to goe about his buisneeae, and 
Excused him of }** prosecution whereunto bee was bound y* 
19"^ Instant. Ap'rill 23 A<^ 1679. 

(waa signed) 
John Moll 


J : d' habs 
Will : Skmpill. 

Sentence : 

Robberd butchinson being lieretofore Comitted a prizoner 
for theft and being this day by the high Sherrife Indyted for 
haueiug fellouiously Brooken open a Chest belonging unto 
Adam Wallis and atoalen out of y* s'' Chest seuerall goods to 
y valine of three pounds Sterling as by his owne Confession 
before the Justices of this Court and y« goods found on his 
bake & in his house was made appeare : To wich Indytmcnt 
hoe y* 8* Robberd hutchinson pleading guilty before y* Court : 
The Court haueing duely Considered & maturly deliberated 
upon the matter of fact Committed by the s^ Prizoner Robberd 
hutchinson, Doe order and sentence, that hee y* tf* Robberd 
butchinson for Example to others bee brought to the forte 
gate w"* in this Towne of New Castle, and there publicqly 
whipt therty & nine stroakes or Lashes, that hee pay and 
make good unto Adam Wallis the Remainder of y'^ goods 
stoalen out of y* Chest and not yett found, together w"* all the 
Charges and fees of this action and doe further for Ever Ban- 
nifih y* S* Robberd hutchinson out of this River of delowar & 
partes adjacent hee to depart w*** in Three dayes now next En- 
suing w^ Leaue to Chuse and appoint any p'son as his attorney 
to Receive & pay his Debts : God Saue the King. 

This Aboves^ sentence was put in Execution & Robberd 
hutchinson publicqly whipt y* same day in New Castle etc. 

Upon the Poticon of Benjamin Gumley ; The Court haue 
Granted him Liberty to take up 300 acres of Land w^ in this 


Courts Jurisdiction w*^ heretofore is not Granted taken up or 
Improoved by any others, The Peticon" forthwith seating & 
Improoveing the same, according to his hono' the Govemo" 
orders & Regulacons. 

Upon the Peticon of Thomas Snelling the Court haue 
Granted him Liberty to take up 200 acres of Land w"' in this 
Courts Jurisdiction w** heretofore is not Granted taken up or 
Improoved by any others, The Peticon' forthwith seating A 
Improoveing the same according to orders & rcgulucons. 

Tymen Sttddem P" 
Jacob V : Veer Def* 
This Case is Transferred to New Yorke according to his 
Exoellencys the Goveroo" orders. 

Hendrik Williams P'' 
Evert Aldretts Def* 

This action was by P" withdrawne in Court 

John Smith P*' 1 The P" being 3 tymes called A not 
Andrieb Tilly DeP / appearing is uon suited. 

The Executors of y® Estate \ p,t \ In an action of debt 

of Dirk Albertsen dec'* / V to y' surae 29 gild- 

Hkndrik Evertsen Def* J ers by ace* 

The def* remaing absent and ilt being prooved in Co" that 

the def* did owne the debt to bee Just, The Court ordered 

Judgem* to bee Enterred ag** the def for 29 gilders w*" Costa. 

Peter Dowitt in Co^ promissed to pay this aboves^ debt, att y* 


Upon the Peticon of Thomas Broxum The Court haue 
granted him Liberty to take up 200 acres of Laud w*** in this 
Courts Jurisdiction, w*^ heretofore is not Granted taken up or 
Improoved by any others, The Peticon" fortliwith seating and 
Improoveing the same according lo his bono* the Govemo™ 
orders and Regulacons. 



The Execute" of Dirk Albertsen P^** 
Jacob Vander Veer Def* 

22 JtilT J679 Execut: The F" demand of this deft for goods by 
Ismcd nut ag-' r tijjs d^ft bougt alt v^ vendu of y« s^ dirk 

goods & cfaatteEs. 6 J i i . 

Albortss the sume of twoo nundered and 

seventy twoo gilders and nine styvcrs. The debt being by y' 

def** son owned in Co": The Co" ordered Judgement to bee 

Enterred ag** y* def for y* s** 272 gilders and nine styvers, w*** 


The Executo" of Dirk Albertss P'* 
Evert henoriks fin Def* 

This action is Continued untill next Court as when the def* 
is to bring in proofe of his Contm acc^ 

William Pierce P'* \ In an action of Trespasse upon 
William Greene Def J the Case. 

The P'* declares that this deP w"* out any Leaue or orders 
from his hono' the Governo^ this 00** or any other Lawful! 
authority has seated hiiiiselfe upon a peece of Land mode ouer 
unto him y* P'* by J'' Morgcns successor John Denny & sence 
to witt in y* month of March Laest new Granted and Con- 
firmed unto this P'* by this Co^ as by the records will apeare 
and therefore desiers that this deP may bee ordered forthwith 
to quit and Leaue y* Land to y" end that bee may not liinder 
this P" sealing on the same: The debates of both partees 
being hoard and y* deft nott producing any warr* or order 
from any Lawfull authority for his seating on y*' s*' Land, 
The Court are of opinion, and doe order that the P" haue the 
Land according to Pattents and this Courts grant, and that 
y def* quit y* same. 

A Coppy of a Lett' from the Court to his bono' the Goremo'. 

Right Hono^« Govemo' 

S^ The Lett' of Capt° Mathiaa NicoUs of y« 19^^ of May 
Laeet writt by yo' Excellencys Comands, wee Received, In 



answer whereunto wee shall observe yo*" hono" directions in 
y* case of Robb : hutchinson, wee did not Expect to see y^ yo*" 
bono' would haue so soon given Ear to y"^ Complaints of Jacob 
Vander Veer, wich if wee had should before now haue given 
yo' bono' an acc^ of y* person, and his actions and bcbauior 
sence his Living here, hee haueing alwayes ben a Troublesome 
mutinous p'son and one of a turbulent spirritt from the begin- 
ning alwayes Contending w*^ and opywsing the authority, for 
wich Cause and other his misdemeanours hee formerly was 
Bannisht this Towne and his Wyfe from New York, his lyfe 
and Living resembling more that of Indian then a Christian, 
Sence o' tyme hee has ben in Continuall strjfe w**" his neig- 
bours, and in the mutiny made by severall p'sons in y' tyme 
of Capt° Cantwells Command was hee found one of t* Cheef 
Ringleaders, they are by all p^sons that know them here ac- 
counted the worst scum of y* Land but that wee may not bee 
toe tedious to yo' Excellency in makeing so Long a narrative 
wee humbly say that aw^ording to llie best of o' Judgem* wee 
did in no wayes goe to hard but ruther to soft in y' sentence 
past against him, w'''' yo' Excell : has ben platsed to rcmilt, 
thereby makeing gowl tlie words of him y^ h* Jacob whoe in a 
scandalous deriding and threatning nianrer sheaking his fist 
at y* whole bench, was pleased to tell us, that hee did not 
vallue what wee ordered, and would scome Ever any more to 
come before the Court etc : Certaynly if yo*" Excell : was sensi- 
ble of y* foull behauior of that p'aou in perticular towards the 
magestrats, wee are Certayne y^ hee should not haue had that 
accesse w^ now hath aoe mutch Incouraged him and every 
the Lyke p'sou, that o^ faces wee are thi-eatned and publicqly 
by the s** Jacobs wyfe affronted and Termed perjured persons, 
for w** cause wee doe most humbly request yo' Excell : (if yo' 
Excell: will be pleased Longer to Continue us in o' places) 
that wee may Ijce better mayntayned and that Every Com- 
plaint may not so Reddily bee Credited. Yo' Excell : knowes 
that in all actions y" one can but haue Right of his syde, untill 
y* Contrary appears, althoug both partees stryve for it : The 



deterrainacon of the difference of the p^tence of Land botweeDe 
y* 8* Jacob and M' Tymeu wee gladly referr to yo' bono' ss 
ordered. As to y* luforuiations given to yo' bono'' about Lau- 
rentius Carolus are false^ wee knowe of no Execution neither 
has y* high sberrife served or denyed to serve any Execution, 
But Certaynly that D** Laurentiua and bans Petersen did make 
a fiuall agi-eement aence yo' bono" Laest order, before tlie Oo^ 
of Upland the Coppies of w**^ proceedings wee shall send yo' 
bono' by the first as desired : So bauing noe more att p'sant 
to trouble yo"^ Exoell w"" wee humbly take Leaue Subscrybiug 
o' selves: Right nono**** S' 

New Castle Yo' Excell : most humble & faitbfuU 

4 Juiio 1679 Subjects & Servants 

(The Supperscription was) 
T(, the Right Hono^^'^* S' 
Edm : Andross Kn* and Governo' 
Geuer" under his Roy" Highnesae 

In New Yorke 

JoHX Moll 


fofp outhout 
gerbet otto 
Job : D'haes 
Adham Man 
Will Sempill. 

The Co" being made acquainted that there arc twoo Cowes 
given unto the orpbanta of Edw ; Swindell deceased, the one 
by Jun Pielersen & y" other by Cobus Andriess: and that y' 
sfi Cowes are now y« one at y* house of Roelof Andriess and 
y* otlicr att y* house of y** aboves** Cobua In Appoqueneraeu. 
Itt is this day by the Co'* ordered to y® end that the s^ Chil- 
deren may not bee depryved of the same by their mother or 
others : that the s^ twoo Cowes Reraaine in Custodie of y* s* 
Uoolof and Cobus for y'= s^ Cbilderens ace* unlUl further order 
of this Court. 

Tymen Stiddem preferring in Co" a Peticou Shewing that 
bee had Cured a Certayne man servant belonging unto 
Christopher Barnes, for w*'*' bee was to haue 800 lb of 
tobbacco ; and tliat the s** servant upon a warrant from Justice 
Moll was brougt to Justice Abram Man, whoe still keepes 



him, and y* Peticon' wanting yclt part of his pay, doth there- 
fore most humbly request that b** Justice Man wlioe Claymes 
B^ servant (Christopher Harnes being runaway) to pay y* 
Peticon" s** Cure w*** y" Costa; The Ck>" upon Examination 
of y* Case, doo order, That In Case W Tymen can proofe that 
M' Man has promissed to pay him for any more then the 
halfe of y* Cure, then s** M' Man to pay him y^ whole. 

Oele Oelsen (alias) Toasen desiering by Peticon to haue 
sattisfaction for three woolfs heads, by him Killed before y* 
Lflest Levy was Layed on that ace' etc. The Case being Ex- 
amined, The Co** ordered that the Peticon' bee payed out of 
y* next Levy. 

Oele Oelsen desiering by Peticon*" to haue a grant, and 
priviledge to sell up a watermill in y" Run of the Schillpatts 
Creeke above the other mills: The Co" haue Granted tlio 
Peticon' his s*' Request, Provyded itt bee in noe way predju- 
diciall or a hinderance to the twoo Lower mills on the same 


William Darvall by his Attorn : 

& factor J^ Addams 
Thomas Spry DeH 

The P'» demands of this dcf by his bill bearing date y* 30"" 
of July 1678 ; The sume of Tliree hundered and fifty eight 
gilders in mercliandable Tobbacco and Caske, to bee delivered 
here in this Towne of New Castle upon all demands after the 
10"* day of Octobo Laest past ; for v^ s^ sume the P'* humbly 
Cranes Judp;em* ag^ this Uef* w'*' the Costs. 

The deP Thorn : Spry aknowledging the debt, The Co" 
ordered Judgem' to be Enterred against the def* for the »** 
sume of 358 gilders according to bill with the Costa. 

The Executo" of Dirk Albertss P" 1 in an action of 
Thomas Spry Def* / debt 

The def* alledging that hee had an ace' in Contra to bring 
in ag^ the P"* acc\ This action is therefore Continued untill 



the next Court and the Def* ordered to bring in his rf* Contra 
ace' and y" proofes and wittnesses to itt. 

The Execute™ of Dirk Albkrtss P*' 
Jacob Jaxsen Def 

The P" demands of this deT by ace' the sume of twoo hun- 
dered fourthy and fyve gilders six styvers, for w*^** they Craue 
Jiidgoni* w**' y^ C^wts. 

Tlic debates of both partees being heard ; The Court ordered 
Judgein' to bee Enterred ag"' y" def for the sume of 245 gild™ 
6 styv"" w**" all Costs, The def deducting what hee can Justly 
make apeare to haue paid towards y® s** debt. 

Upon Peticon of fubian Orrae ; The Court hauo Granted 
him Liberty to take up 200 acres of Land w*** in this Courts 
Jurisdiction w*"** heretofore is not granted taken up or Im- 
prooved by any others ; hoe the Petieon' seating and Iinproove- 
ing tile same according to his Excellency the Govcrno" orders 
and regulacons. 

Just A Amjries P*' 

John Street Def 
The P'* demands of this deP by one bill under y* hand of 
this def' bearing date y'' 30"* of July 1677 the sume of foure 
liundered pttunds of gofxl and nierchauduble <& Caske to be 
paid unto this P" y* 10^ of Octob' 1077^ and more by another 
bill bearing date the 5^^ of Septemb 1677, the sume of six 
huudcred pound of tobbacco & Caske; In all amounting to 
1000 lb of tobb, for w<^*' hee humbly Cranes Jndgem* w"' 
Costs : Itt being averred in Co*^ that the debt was Just, The 
Court ordered Judgem' to bee Enterred against the def* for 
the payment of y* said 1000 B) of tobb according to bill w*** 
y* Costa. 

Abram Man P^* 
Jacob Jansex Def* 
The P'* demands of this def* by a noate under this def*" 



hand bearing date y* first day of Aprill Laeat pa^st, the Bume 
of cue hundered <fe ninety gilders for w*^" bee Craues Judgera* 
w''* Costs, The def ' aknowledges the debt, but sayes that y* 
P'' waa to 8tay for his pay till the faall : The Co'* haueing 
heard tlie debates of both partees doe order tliat Judgement bee 
Enterred ag-^ the def* for 190 gilders w* Costs. 

I pit 

William Darvall by his attom : 

& factor J" Addams 
Cbhistoph" Barnes Def* 

The P" demands of this def* by a Certayne Mortgage bear- 
ing date the 29"* of June 1677, the sume of fourtheen hun- 
dered ninety & fower gilders & six stjTera, in good and 
merchandablc Tobbacco at 8 styvera p' pound or merchand- 
able winter wheat att 5 gilders p"" Scipple and humbly Crauea 
Judgem' accordingly : The def* Christopher Barnes being 
broflke out of Prizon, and the debt being knowne to bee Just, 
the Co" doe grant Judgem* ag* the deP accordingly w*** y* 
Costs: and the Lund to bee apraized as part of the debt. 
N Bene. W' Man did not Consent to this Judgem*. 


John Oolk Def* 

The P" demands of this def* by one bill from under the 
hand of y* def* bearing date y* 7*^ of August 1678 the sume of 
three hundered and fourthy gilders, in good & merchandable 
Tobbacco and Caske to bee p*^ y* 10"* of October Laest past in 
Appoqueiiemen or Cristina Ci*eeke, at prys Courrant for w**' 
hee Craues Judgem* w*** Cost : The def* Confessing the debt, 
The Co" ordered Judgem* to bee Enterred ag** the def* for y* 
8^ 340 gilders, w*^ Costa. 

John Ogle P" 
Will: Rambo Def* 
The P" demands of this def* y* sume of 1400 ft of tobb, 
1000 ft thereof to pe paid in y yeare 1678 & y" rest 1679 lU 



being nlledged tliat this def had delivered unto y* P" a bill of 
part of this debt to Receive att >'• wboorekill, and that itt is 
not yet knowne whether the same is Received or nott ; TTie 
Court haue therefore tlwught fitt to Continue this Case till 
next Court 

Machie! liaron of the East eydo of this River preferring in 
Co'* a Peticon shewing that y* Indian Proprietors had given 
him in y' yeare 1671 a Certayne Tract or nek of Land Lying 
in y* firkins or salem Creeke, the s" Land being Cnllpd and 
knowne by the nntneof tjuiettetting, and that the s'' pareell of 
Land was accordingly by the ord' of John Edmunds sur- 
veiged & by him y* Peticon' Some Improovement made 
thereon; .Shewing further that notw ""standing the above 
mayor fenwike has some tyme past disposest the Peticon' and 
hath given the same to one John Pledger, whoe sence sould 
the same unto Christoplier Sanders, The s^ Peticon' therefore 
humbly requests this Court that (according to his bono' the 
Governo" order) to assist this Peticon' so that hee may haue 
his 8* Land restored <fe Peaceably Injoy the same; The Co** 
ordered that this Case bee first Examined by the Court att 
Salem, and that Justice outhout Endeuuour to make an End 
of itt, w** if not that the whole case bee Transferred ouer in 
wryting for further Result and determination. 

Upon the Peticon of William Sempill in y* l>ehflJfe of Adam 
Wallis, desiering that the goods taken by liobberd hutch- 
inson out of s" Adam Wallis his Chest & alreddy found <fc in 
the eherrifes Custodie migt bee restored as alsoo that Rob: 
hutchinson might bee ordered to make good the remainder of 
y* s^ goods taken out of y* Chest and not as yelt found w'^ all 
Costs and Charges : The Co" order that y** goods bee rcdeliv- 
ere<l to Adam Wallis, and that Robberd hutchinson make 
good what is yet missing of them w^ all Costa & Charges. 

Whereas Thomas Morse made itt apeare to y® Court, that M' 
Will : Tom deceased, by a bill under his hand bearing date y* 
18* of July 1677 stands Justly Indebted unto him the sume 
of Three pound one shilling & 3 pence, The Co'* ordered that 



Fudgm* be Enterrod against y* Eetate of y^ ^ M' W illiam Tom 
deceased for y*^ payment of the said S'** !■ 3** w*" Costs. 

The Co^ haue this day appointed M' hendrik Williams A 
Hondrik Vandon Uurgh nppraizers, to oppraizo y* goods 
under Execution of M"" Tliom : Morse against Robberd hutch- 

Upon the Peticon of Christopher Ellitt The Co'* haue 
granted Liberty to take up w"*in this Co**" Jurisdiction 
twoo hundered acres of Land, w*^'' heretofore is not granted 
taken up or Improoved by any others, The Peticon" seating 
&, Improoveing y* same according to y* orders & Instructions 
of his hono* tlie Gove^no^ 

Upon the Peticon of John Diiston the Co'* haue granted him 
Liberty to take up twoo hundered acres of Land w** heretofore 
is not granted taken up or Improoved by any others, The 
Peticon'^ niakeing p'^seiit Improvement A seating the same 
according to his bono' the Govcrno"' orders & rcgulacona. 

Upon the Peticon of Thomas WooUaston The Co'* haue 
granted & allowed him twenty one gilders for y* Co*** sitting 
att his house 7 dnyes in the winter 1G7J w*^ is to be payed 
unto him y" next Levy if any bee Layed. 

Upon the Peticon of Elias Browne llie Co" haue granted 
him to take up 200 acres of Land w"*in this Co'*" Jurisdiction 
w*^** heretofore is not granted taken up or Improoved by others, 
The Peticon' Forthwith seating and Improoveing y* same 
according to his bono' the Governo" orders & regulacons. 

M' Ralph Hutchinson sheweing by Peticon that the Estate 
of Walter Whai-ton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him 
for Charges in his sieknesse and funerall Charges as p' y* ace* 
appears the sume of Twelve hundred & twenty gilders, de- 
fiicring an order of this Co'* for the paym* of y* i^ debt w*** y* 
Costs, The Co'* doe grant the Peticon' an order for y* s^ 1220 
gilders ag** y" s* Estate w*** y* Costs. 

Ralph hutchinson preferring in Cof* a Peticon shewing that 
M' Walter Wharton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto him 
as p' acct for meat drink And Logeing the sume of Eight 



liundered A fourtheen gilders, desiering an ord' for y* s** debt 
w"* Costs; The Peticon^ haueing made oath to the Justness© 
of his debt in Co", The Co'* doe grant him au order accord- 

Abram Man P" 


upon the P^'" desire the Co^ haue referred tJiis action until 
next Court. 

Upon the Peticon of Marten Gfrritaen and Peter Maesland, 
The Co" doe order the h : sherrife to pay them vix* To Marten 
Gerritzon for his worke fitt y* dyke as p' his acc^ y* sume of 
120 gilders. To Peter Maesland JO gildfrs on y* same ace' of 
y* dyko, w*^^ a** sumes'are to bee allowed to 3'* tf* high Sherrife 
out of y* wliole. 


Samuell Wheklhr Def 
The P'^ being yett a Prijioner The Co" haue thougt fitt to 
suspend this Case. 

Robbkro HUTcniKSoy 





^ > Suspended as above. 

> Suspended as above. 

Hendrik Vanden BUROIl P'* 


Thomas Spry 
John Street 

The warrant was Re- 
V turned non Est lu- 
l^ef'J veutus. 

,^ithd:by y"P". 

Thomas Spry 
Daniel Makerty 


■ Withd : as above. 

This day apeared in Co" Justa Andries of Crislina Creeke 



wboe then & there did aknowledge a Certayiie deed &. Con- 
veigance for the makeing ouer unto Joha Williamss ueering 
of this ToT^Tie of New Castle merch' a Certayne house and Lott 
of ground and Pattcnt, the s'^ house & Lott Lying & being 
vr^in this Towne of New Castle betweene the houses and Lotts 
att p'sent belonging unto Capt" Cantwell & Willium Sempill ; 
as by the s** deed recorded in y* recoixla of Couveigunces more 
att Large doth & may appeare. 

This day apeared in Co"^ John Anderson of Cristina Creeke, 
whoe before y^ ('o'* did nknowledge a Certayne deed and Cou- 
veiganoe, for the Transporting and makeing ouer unto oele 
Poulseu his heirs and assignes all his the s** John Andersons 
Right Tytle and Intrest, w*** is one full & Equall sixth part of 
all the Lund on hoath aydea of the Creeke belonging unto and 
knowne by the name of Bread & Cheese Island, Lying in 
Cristina Creeke, together w"* all the marshes and other the 
appurtiuances thereunto belonging as by the e^ deed bearing 
date y® 3"^ of June 1679 ik recorded in y" records of Conveig- 
ances more att Large doth A may appeare. 

Henjamin Gnnily this day in Co" aknowledgod a deed for 
the makeing ouer unto Jan Pioterss of a Certayne tract of 
Land of 200 acres Together w*** a riautaliou housing <fc 
p^'misses thereon, Lying and being in Appoquenemen Creeke, 
betweene y" Land of gerret otto and Jan Arensen ; the s** Land 
& premisses haueing heretofore belonged unto bans hansen 
Miller as by y® deed recorded in the records of Conveigaucos 
more att Lai^e dotli & may apeare. 

This day appeared in Co*"' Jacobus Andries whoe for him- 
selfe and as the only heir & Executo^ of hia Partner Jan 
Arensen deceased, did aknowledge the assigning and makeing 
ouer, unto Jan Pieterss of Appoquenemen, a Certayne Pattent 
from Gover' Ijovelace bearing date y" 26*'' of fcbruary 1671 
together w* the Laud & premisses therein Conteined as by 
the 8** Pattent & Assignm* Recorded in y* Records of Con- 
veigan : more at Large may appeare. 

Justa Andries In Co^ aknowledged the makeing ouer unto 



Ralph Hutchinson a Certayne House and Lett of ground 
w*" in this Towne of New Castle Lying betweene the houses 
& Lotta of Jan hendriks and Isacq Tayne. and heo y« a* Juata 
Andrics did aknowledgc to haue Kcceived full Sattisfaction of 
y* s^ Ralph hiitchinson for y* same. 

Ralph hutchinson did in Lyke manner aknowledge y* 
makeing ouer of y* aboves** house & Lott unto John Darby as 
by the deeds Recorded in y* recorda of Conveigauces more att 
Large doe ap(>eare. 

Justa Andries of Cristina Creeke this day in Co^ aknowl- 
edged the Transporting & makeing ouer unto Henry Jeanes a 
Certayne Peece or parcel! of Land Lying on the Eastsyde of 
Delowar River opposite Cristina Creeke, Called and knowne 
by the name of swant hoek w'** s^ Laud was granted by Capl° 
John Berry deputy Govemo' of New Jersey & his Councill 
unto Capt" James BoUiu and by the s** Bollin seriee made 
ouer unto y* s** Juata Andries as by the original! deeds more 
att Large may appeare ; 

The Co'^ adjorned till y* first Teusday in July next. 

Att a Co" held iu tlie Towne of New Castle by his May**" 
authority on Teusday the first of July 1679. 

M^ Jo'hn Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M^ fop outhout 
M' Gerret otto 
M' Job: D'haes 
M' Will Scmpill , 

The Executo" of y^ Estate of 1 pH 

Dirk Albertskn deceased / 
Evert Hkndriks fin Def* 

Tlie def* absent : This action was Continued by the Co'* 

Upon the Peticon of John Shackerly desiering that the 
goods of Robberd hutchinson talceu in Execution in his action 




may bee sould by Publicq outcry, to the moet advnntadge, to 
bee paid according to y* order of Co" in wheat or Porke, The 
Court doe graut that the goods bee sould by outcry for the 
most advantage, att Satturday next. 

The Executo" of D : Albersen P" 
Thomas Spry Def 

The def* being verry sike & not able to apeare this action is 
therefore Continued till next Co". 

Abrau Man P'* 

Oele Poulskn Def* 

> Continued by the Court. 

Eph&aim Herman P'^ *) An attacbm* for 1000 ft of 

> tobb : in y* hands of Sam 
Robberd hutchinsoit Def J Wheeler. 

The deP nor attorney not being present upon The P^** desire 
this action in Continued till next Co^^ 

John Moll P" 


The P'* declares that one Daniel Linsy being his debtor the 
sume of 847 lb of Tobbacco & Caske did on y* day of 
1G7 ; mortgage Trasport & make ouer unto this P" a Cer- 
taino peece of Land Lying in Apj^oquenemen Creeke, above y" 
old Landing w*** tf^ niortgngo and Trausp" was to beo void 
upon y* payment of y* s^ 847 lb of tobb att y* time in y* s* 
deed Exprest, as by the s* mortgage bearing date as above 
more att I^rge did appeare, and that this deP Robberd hutch- 
inson, haueing sence bougt tlie s^ Land from y* s** Linsey did 
promise to pay y* P^* his s** debt w"** being uott performed, 
The P'* is now forcc<l to Commence his action in l^awe, and 
humbly Cranes this Co'^ order so that hee may haue y® for- 
feiture and benefitt of his afores^ mortgage and that hee may 
bee put in peaceable Possessiou of the B^ Land according to 
the s** deed. 


The Co" haaeing Examined the premises doe Judge that 
according to Lawe and the s** deed the Land aboves^ is for- 
feited and belonging to y" P'' and therefore do order that the 
P*' bee put in Lawfull Possession thereof. 

William Hamilton by Will: 1 p,t 
Skmpill his attorn : / 


Eieciition Iwuod ont Tlio P'' demands of this def* by a bond from 
under y® hand and scale of Ibis dcf bearing date y" 7 day 
September y* sumc of 2800 B> of tobb and the Def* not haue- 
ing performed the articles in y* s^ wrj'ting Exprest, The P^ 
therefore humbly Craucs Judgcm^ against the s^ deP for y* 8** 
2800 ft) of tobbacco, and y* his attachm* of soe much of this 
def** Effects in y' hands of John Darby may bee held good 
and hee pay Costs. The Case being Examined The Court doe 
grant Judgem* ag* y** deP for y° s^ 2800 fl> of Tobbacco w"» 
Costs and doe allow of y* allowance. 


KoBBERn ntrrcHiNsoN Def* 
The P" demands of this def by a bill under y' hand 
and scale of this dof* bearing date y" 4^ of Jann : 167| the 
sume of 300 ft) of Tobbacco and Caske payable upon all de- 
mands and more by ace* the sume of one hundered and twenty 
three gilders, for w** hee Cranes Judgem' and that his altachm' 
Layed on soe mutch of this def" Eifects in y* hands of John 
Darby may bee held good. The bill being prooved and the 
ace* swome unto by the P" in Co" The Co" doe order Judgem* 
to bee Enterred ag« y" der for y« s^ 300 !b of tobb and 123 
gilders, w*^ Costs & doe allow of y® attachment to stand good. 

William Dakvall by his ) p^ 'i In an action of debt 
Attorn : John Addams / > to y* sume of 179 

Richard hankock Def^ J gilders by aooS 

This Case is Continued. 



Jan Jaquet 
JoHK oar.B 


John Ogle P" 

William Raynbo Del"* 

I Withd : by y» P". 


By the Go" of New Castle. 
Whereas itt is necessary that some one or more persons or 
members of this Co^ bee authorized and Impoured to appeare 
in behalfe of the Court before his Excell : the Governo' att 
New Yorkc. on seuerall occasions and particulars, as well in 
defenaion of y*" Co" and the orders and sentences by them past 
and made, as also in all humility to propose desire Request 
and obtayne any necessary Privilege or Priviledges for and in 
behalfe of y" Co^. The Towne and County Also to make 
kuowue all Inconveniences discouragemenLa or agreevances, 
that are or may any wayes hinder y* aboves'' and to desire 
that the same miglit bt« remooved and further to act in Everj* 
Respect for y® good of y^ Co" etc : as if they were p'"senl : Itts 
therefore this day resolved and M' John Moll C-ap*** Kdmund 
Cantwell and y® Clarke Eph : herman, Joyntly and seuerally 
to bee the p''8ong who are hereby authorized and appointed to 
Effect and accomplish the same as aboves*^ and all and what- 
soever therein by them or any one of them shall bee done or 
Effected Itt shall bee held Reputed and allowe*! of as if done 
by all and Every member of y* Co", Whoe in Wittnesse and 
Conformacon hereof haue hereunto Sett their hands la New 
Castle this 2"** of July 1679. 

(was Subscrybed) John Moll 

Pieter Alrichs 
fopp outhout 
J: d' habs 
Will: Sempill. 

Hbndrik Vand' Burgh P" 


The P" demands of this def* by Ballance of accompts the 



sume of eight six gilders and t«n styvers for w** hee Oaues 
Judgem* ag*^ y* def* w*** Costs and desires Umt his attachm' 
Laid on y* def*" Effects in y* hands of John Darby may bee 
held good. The P*' liaueing in Court made oatb to his ace*, 
The Co'* doe order Judgem* to bee Enterred against the def* 
for y' s** 86 gilders 10 styvers w*** Costs and doe allow of y* 

cnt: laraed out. 

En'oelbkrt Lott P" 


Tl)e P'^ demands of this def* by Ballance 
of accompts the sume of Two hundered and 
therty fyve gilders and 4 styvers, for w** hee humbly Cranes 
Judgem^ w*** Costs and that his attachm* Layed on soe mvitch 
of this def** Effects in the hands of John Darby may bee hold 
good. The P'* haueing in Court made oath to his ace' Judgem' 
was ordered for 235 gilders 4 styvers ag** y* def* w"* Costs, and 
y* P^** s*" attachment allowed of. 

Catherin the wyfe of Charles Rumsey this day appeared in 
Court & declared to stand lo and allow of (to all Intents A 
purposes) To y® liargaine sale and alienation, made by him 
bur s** husband, unto M^ John Moll, of his Plantation & part 
of his Land att Whyte Clayes fall kill. 

Upon the motion of M' John Moll, The Co'* doe Certify to 
his Excellency the Governo"^ tliat AP John Moll has Purchased 
of Will : Cnrrer &. Will : gooldsmit 000 acres of Land it has 
sence in y" resurveigh added 400 acres more to y" Same, w*^** 
s^ Land has this seuerall years ben seated w"' a good stock & 
good Improovem* made thereon. 

Reynier Van der Coelen being heretofore by this Co^ granted 
B Lott of ground w"" in tins Towne of New Castle next unto 

the Lott of and hee y® s^ Reynier haueing Lett fall 

hia Intrest to the same, The Co'* haue therefore upon the 
Peticon of hendrifc Vanden Burgh granted him y« same Lott 
abovementioned hee p'forming & seating the same w*** in the 
Tyme Limitted by the Court unto the aboves'' Reynier Vand'^ 



Johannes Dehaes A Ephraim Herman in Co" Tendered 
themselves to bee security for tlio administrat: of Capl" C-ant- 
well, upon The Estates of M*^ Tom & W Wharton deceased. 

Upon the request in behalfe of Robberd Tallent &. Thomas 
SnelUng, The Court haue granted them each to take up fyve 
hundered acres of Land in Rlnkebirds Creeke^ They forthwith 
seating & Improoveing the simie according to his Excellency 
the Goveruo" orders & Regulacona 

The Co" adjorned till the first Teusday in octob: next. 

Att a Co" to bee held in the Towne of New Castle on Teus- 
day T*** oct' 1679. 

There being only Psent Justice Peter Alrich & Justice 
Joh : Dehaes the Co" was by them adjorned till first Teusday 
in november next Ensuing etc. 

Att a Court to bee held in New Castle on Teusday NovemV 
4*^ 1679. 

M' John Mnll 

M' fopp outliout 
P'sent M' Gerrett otto 

M' Joh : d'haes 
M' Will : Sempill 

This day was by Justice John Moll delivered unto Mary the 
widdow & Relict of docto' John Deg'ardins deceased, a Cer- 
tayne gold Ring by the s^ doctor Jordins bequeathed unto his 

The Co'* adjorned untill Orst Teusday in Decemb: next, 
the Cl^ being absent. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle by his May**" 
Authority the 2°^ & 3"* dayes of dccembcr 1679. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrich 
M' Fopp outhout 
M*" gerret otto 
M' Joh : D'haes 
M' Will : Sempill 
Capt" Edm : Cautwell h : Sherrife. 







Peter oelsen Slobbo being heretofore bound in a bond of 
one hundered pound for to prosecute Thomns Hancock for a 
Rape Committed by y* s" Hancock upon margrita the wyfe of 
y® 8** Peter Oelsen : for w^ y* s^ Hancock was Comnnlted to 
Prizon from where bee made his Kscape, The s** Peter oelsen 
was by the Co" Cleared of his bond untill hee y** s^ Hancock 
should bee taken agaiuo to w*^^ End Hcu <& Cryes baue ben 
sent. / 

This day apeared iu Court Richard Guy & Robberd Zanea 
Inhabitants of the Eastsyde of this River ; who produced in 
Co" the Laest will & Testament of Rich : Hunter of y'' Citty 
of Dublin in Ireland dcconscd ; desiering that (according to y* 
Tennor of the s^ Will) there might be granted unto them to- 
gether w"* Witt : Cooper of Burlington Lett" of administracon 
to Execute y® s^ will in America etc : whereupon the s" will 
being Publicqly Read in CV* John Tomson and James Nevill 
y* witnesses to y' same were Examined whoe declared in the 
p^sence of God almighty that they were p'sonally p'sent and 
did see & hcare y" ^' Rich ; liunter deces^ signe scale & 
publish the same will as his act A deed etc: Whereupon the 
Inventory & appraizra' being produced tfe Examined, security 
was demanded of them y* s^ Richard Guy & Rob : Zanea, for 
their due administracon according to Lawe. 

John Tomson of Elsenburg *fc James Nevill of Salem did in 
open Co" thereupon Tngage & declare themselves securitys for 
the due & Lawfull administracon of them the s^ Rich : Guy 
Robb : Zanes and Will Cooper, upon y* Estate of the 8^ Rich : 
hunter deceased according to Lawo & y* true Intent & mean- 
ing of the s^ will tfe Testament above mentioned upon w*^*^ y* 
Co" ordered the s*" will tfe y^ Inventory should bee Recorded 
& did grant unto them y" s^ Rich : Guy Robb : Zanee & will 
Cooper, the follow : order of administracon. 

Whereas Richard Hunter of the Citty of Dublin In the 
Kingdom of Ireland Tanner dyed within the Precincts of this 
Towne of New Castle and haueing by his Last will and testa- 


ment baring date the first of Septeinb' lfi79 Produced and 
Proued In Court: iioiiiinated and appointed Riclmrd Guy of 
Elsenburg yeoman Robberd zanes of new salem mnrChant 
and William Cooper of Burlington Blacksmith to be Executors 
of all his Estate In anny Part of America as by the said will 
upon Recorfls more att Large may nppeare^ And the said 
Richard Guy Robberd Zane and William Cooper makeing 
application to CV Desiering Letters of administration upon 
the Estate of the Decesd accordingly they haveing given Se- 
curity to the Court, The Co'* doe therefore admit the said 
Rich** Guy Robb^ Zanes A Will : Coojier Executers of the said 
Last will and testament to take in Possession all & singular 
y** Estate goods and Chatties what so ever heretofore belong- 
ing unto Rich : Hunter Decescd In America hereby fully Ini- 
powring them to disjjose thereof as Execut" by the Lawes of 
this Govcmm* are allowed to doe they haueing nllready given 
security for the Performing of that trust according to Lawe. 

The tirst day of the maiitii Called September 1G79 I Rich- 
ard Hunter of the Citty of Dublin In lorland Tanner haueing 
taken a voyage By sea and now being in the Province of We-st 
New Jersey sick and weake In boddy But of sound and Perfect 
memory Praised Bee God and Knowing the Certanty of Death 
and the uncertainty of the lyme thereof Doe make and or- 
daine this my Last will and Testament I manner and forme 
following viz*: Imp'* I will and my minde is that all my 
Estate In Ireland and In the Province off West Jersey afore- 
said or In any other Parte of America or Elswhere be Equally 
Devided amongst my wyfe Elizabeth and my four (Children 
(to witt) my son Benjamin My daughter Anna my Daughter 
Rachell and my Daughter Elizabeth and my mind and will 
is and I doe give and bequeath unto my s^ son Benjamin a 
Double portion when he shall attaine to age of one and twenty 
years and to my said Daughters tliere aforesaid Parts and 
Portions when they shall attaine to y" age of one and twenty 
years or alt the day of their marrage which first shall happen 
and if it shall happen that Either of my said Children shall 



dye or departe this natural! life before that they attaiue to the 
age of one and twenty years or shall be niarryed then my 
mind and will Is that the Portion of such decesed shall de- 
scend to the rest that shall survive to Bee Equally Devided 
Amongst them. And I doe make and ordaine my Son Ben- 
jamin and my daughter Anna Execul' and Executrix of this 
My Last Will and Testament, and for the Confidence that I 
haue in Thomas Sharkey and Thomas Adderton of Dublin I 
do appointe them to bee overseers of the Execution of this my 
Last will during the menority of my s^ Executor and Execu- 
trix and for that Parte of my Estate Lyes within the Province 
of new west Jersey aforesaid and tlie Adjacent Provinces in 
America, I doe nominate and ordaine Richard Guy of Elsen- 
burgh yeoman Robberd Zane of new salem merchant and Wil- 
liam Cooper of Burlington Blacksmith to bee my Executors 
to take up and receive all y* Is due unto me from anny Person 
or Persons Whatsoever In anny Parte of America and the 
same to transport and Convey to my a*^ trusty ffriends y* over- 
seers of this my Last will aforesaid and In Case any Ditferance 
or Contention shall hapen to arise between my s** three Ex- 
ecutors here In these parts about anny matter or thing what- 
soever Concerning their Executersi* of this my Last will my 
mind and will la y* whatso Ever two of the 3^ three Executors 
agree In or on the third shall bee Included And I doe giue 
And Bequeath unto my three Exocuters Last named the sume 
of six pounds of starling to witt forty shillings Each of them 
ouor and above there ncssary Charges & Expenccs. In witt- 
ness whereof I haue hereunto Put my hand and scale y" day 
and yeare first aboue written Conteyning 2 sheets of Paper. 
Published and declared In Rich : Hunter L. S. 

y* Presence of 

John Thomson 

James Nkvill. 

An Inventory of y® goods Belonging to Richard Hunter off 
Late Deceased as it was taken before the Executers and was 
appraised October 17"* 1679. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^im!oRri^o^ra^oouBT new 







^^^^^^^^^^ 8 barrills imd a lialfe of melasses 




^^^^^^^1 1 burrill w^'' gun pouder q^ 50 tb at 9** p^ 

Eb 1 


- 6 ^M 

^^^H 1 Hug 



^^^^^^H 1 feather pillow and a small Sock bed 






^^^^^1 tt> bmdds at 4*^ p' ib 



4 ^^1 





^^^^^^^1 22 mlncq skins great and smal 




^^^^^^^1 otters 






6 H 

^^^^^1 Catts 




^^^^^^H 16 jfox skinea great and small 




^^^^^^^B 31 small Uaconc skins 




^^^^^^H more 




^^^^^^H 12 ditto more In a Match Coat 




^^^^^^^1 8 Ijt'uuor Skiniis at 9" [/ skin 




^^^^^^^H 3 ditto skins at lO' pr ukiu 




^^^^^^^H 2 ditto ()' per skin 




^^^^^^H 13 ditto skins great and small 




^^^^^^^H 10 Raw dear skines 




^^^^^H SO d refit buckskines at 2« 6<^ 




^^^^^^^1 137 drest doe skines at 1 : 6 




^^^^^^H 1 saddle and brydle girts and Croopers 




^^^^^^H 1 Payer Bootes 




^^^^^^^B 3 guns or fowling peoes 




^^^^^^H 11 y^ of Kersey at 5' 6^* per yard 




^^^^^^^H 9 payor of stockings at 5' 6*^ per payer 




^^^^^^^H 8 yds antl a halfc of fTustiaa 




^^^^^^^H 1 searge wastecoate 




^^^^^^^H 1 searge 




^^^^^^^M 1 Payer of Britches & drawers 




^^^^^^^B 1 Gray searge Blanket 




^^^^^^^1 2 Silver Poeket watches 




^^^^^^^1 small Bras Clock 




^^^^^^H 2 Payer of mathematical] Compasses 




^^^^K 360 RRCUROB OK^ra^ToTOTO^N^^ 



^^^^H 1 Looking Glass 

0: 01 

6 ^^^^1 

^^^^^1 4 gross of tbred Laces 

^^^^H Carried oner 

1: 00 


62: 16 

4 ^M 

^^^^H 1 Remnant of Sattin Ribbin 

0: 01 

6 ^M 

^^^^H 2 Dozen of Silkc of Laces 

0: 12 


^^^^H 1 Richmond Capp 

0: 03 


^^^^H 1 Payer of Stil lards 

0: 08 


^^^^H a Parcell of Raw silk 

0: 02 


^^^^^1 silver spone 

0: 10 


^^^^H Combes 

0: 02 


^^^^H a Parcell of fHsh Hookes & Lynes 

0: 02 


^^H^^ 4 Dowlas sliirts 1 Capp 2 Towells 

0: 02 


^^^^^ 6^striped Hanchoroheifs att 9^ p"" peece 

0; 04 

6 ^H 

^^^^H 6 Bands of Ismgani liulland 

0: 12 


^^^^H 5 Hancbercbeifs & 3 nockclotbs 

0: 04 

6 ^M 

^^^^H 3 Payer of tbroed stockings it 2 p^ wollens : 12 

6 ^^M 

^^^^H 2 White we&coats & 3 payer of Drawers 

0: 17 


^^^^H 2 Bibles and 3 small Bookes 

0: 09 


^^^^^1 1 Razer & a boane 

0: 04 


^^^^H 1 Payer of Shoaes 

0: 04 


^^^^^1 J ib of uuimeggs 

0: 05 


^^^^H 2 Brushes £ a Parcell of od things 

0: 03 


^^^^^^^^ I Pewter bason 

0: 03 


^^^^^^^ft sluto 

0: 00 


^^^^^^^1 1 whipp saw & one Cros Cutsaw 

0: 10 


^^^^^^^H ffryaii Pann 

0: 04 


^^^^^^^H In 

0: 14 



2: 05: 


^^^^^^^1 1 fTyer sbovcll 1 payer of tongs 

0: 06 


^^^^^^^1 117 9> of wrought lorn at 6^ per pound 

2: 18 



0: 10: 


^^^^^^^1 2 Broad Axscs on of them small 

0: 09: 


^^^^^^H 540 £b of Lead in barrs at S** per pound 

6: 15 


^^^^^^^1 1 Crow lorn & frame & a Coopers Com- 


^^^^^^H pflHS 

0: 04: 




16 Baggs of sholt 684" att S^ per pound 9 : 09 : 

1 Brass Paun 0: 12: 

a parcell (tf sperraas Citty 4 : 00 : 
1 hh** Rom at 3" 6'' per gallon q"i 

88 gallon which Lyeth att I 15:08: 

Robb Watts at upland J 

1 quadrant and senit quadrant : 12 : 

1 Dry Casko : 01 : 

3 ankers and a J of Rom at 3" G^ fi : 02 : 

3hh*ofniolase8 225gallonsatl'pergal. 11: 05: 

Totall 132: 16: 6 

Wee underwritten being chosen to he y* apraizera of y* 
Estate of Richard Hunter decesed doe vallew what hath bin 
brought before us to IS'i"* 16" 6** Boston mony October y« 8* 
1679. The afore mentioned Estate wo allreddy finde to bee 
lytoy" val!ewof55'»'9". 

John Can 

JaM£S WALL] am 


An Apraisement of y* goods of Richard Hunter which waa 
at Elsenburgli y« 28"» day of the Q^ month 1G79. 

^ 8 d 

4 wosted Lyned Coata 1 Payer Briches 
&, wescoat 

1 Payer of Drawers 

5 shirts 3 Creauats 2 hands 1 capp 1 
1 whyte Hanchercheife 3 stryped / 
1 pound of Black thread 
1 hammock att 
1 Leather Cloak Bagg 
14 thousand of Beads 
8 Pitt akses 1 paving hammer 
a Parcell of nedtes 
a Dyal & Equaaotiall Dyall 







1 : 








0] : 













a Brass seulo & a bore skin 
a Penn knife a payer of oM ahos a halt 
In sewant 2 gilders 
In starling money 
a Parcell of Cokernutts att 
a Payer of Britches buttons and ) 
3 Payer of shirt Buttons / 

0: 03: 
0: 01: 

7: 09: 
0: 04: 

0: 04: 


lb 8 d 
jei7: 17: 1^ 

£17: 17: IJ 

Apraised by us (signed) 

John Thompson 
Andrew Thompson. 

Abram Man P" 

Dels Poulsen Def* 
The P^* not appearing by himselfe or attorney & no© decla- 
ration Enterred was therefore by the Co^ upon the dcP* Re- 
quest nonsuited w*^ Costs. 

Edmund Cantwell P'* 


The def* absent, the action was w"* the P'** Consent Con- 
tinued till next Court. 

John Ogle P" 

Will: Rainbo Def 
The P" demands of this Def* the sume or quantity of 1400 Bb 
of tobb : (feCaskes for w*'' heehumbly Craues Judgera'w''' Costs. 
The Court haueing Examined the Case doo order tiiat Judgem^ 
bee Enterred against the dei"* for y* eume of 1000 ib of tobb: 
& Caske in y® Common w" of the River and also more for 
what this P" can make apeare to haue paid more for Chaiges 
in y* def** buisuesse att y® whoorekills. 

Thom : Talpinqh P" \ partees agreed before tryall y* 
Will : Philips Def* / def Ingaged to pay y* Costs 



IIendrik Williams P" 
RoBB ; Tallknt Def* 
The der absent upon y" P'* desire this action is Continued 
till next Court day. 

Edmund Ca>twell P" 
John Strekt Def 

The P'* demands of this dcf* by ballance of nccoumpt & a 
bill y* suinc of fyvo huudered Eighty & six gild" & 10 styv" 
for wh. ho C'raues Judgem*. The Case being Examined the 
Court doe order Judgein' to bee Enterred ag** y*' def* for 5S6 
gild" & 10 styvcrs to bee paid out of y^ Crop before itt goes 
from Capt" Cantwells Land w"* Costs. 

Hanna Salter makcing in Court appeare that Walter 
Wharton deceased stands Justly Indebte<l unto her for goods 
by him bougt & received the sume of 300 gilders and desier- 
ing an order against y® 8** Estate for y* payment thereof, The 
Co** doe grant her y® 8^ hanna Salter an order ag* y* Estate of 
Walter Wharton for paym* of y* s*" 300 gilders w* y« Costa. 

On tliis day appeared in Court Hannen Johnson Sybrants 
son together with his wyfo Belica, whoe then & there aknowl- 
edged a deed & transport for a Certaine plantation & peece of 
Land Ikying on y* north eyde of Christina Creeke betweene a 
Little Run and y* Laud of Walraven Janscn d'vos together 
w*** halfc y" marrish and halfe y*^ Cripple belonging to all y' 
tract of Land Called y* miucquaes Plantation; unto William 
Rainbo planter of Christina, as by the Records of Lands 
wherein y* above s^ deed is att Large recorded may more att 
Large ap|>eare. 

Harmen Jansen P" 

Ambroos Backer Def* 

The P^' declares to haue sould unto this def* his part or 

shcarc in a Canoe & a fishing nett for 24 gilders & a Cowe 

Calfe y" Choice out of three and y" def* Rehising to fulfill y* 

bargaine the P'' therefore had sued him & humbly Crauod 



Jtidgeni* w"* Costs, foure Wittnesses being Examined & y' de- 
hates of both pnrlops lipard tlic Court ordered Judgem* ng** y* 
def* for 24 gilders iiiid a Cowe Calle tlie Choice out of three 
aceording to bargaine w**" Costs. 

Upon y" Peticon of Robberd Johnson the Co" Granted him 
Liberty to take uj) 200 acres of Land w*''in this Courts Juris- 
diction w** heretofore is not granted taken up or Improoved 
by others, bee fortliwith seating A Improoveing y* same ac- 
cording to Lawc *fc regiilacons. 

Daniel Makbrly F'* 
William Grant Def* 
The P^' absent was by y* Court nonsuited. 

}upon an attachmV 

Thomas Harris P'^ 

Rich : Wnirrox Def* 
The def* absent y® Case was by y* Co" Continued. 
The Co" adjorned till tomorrow the 3*^ of december. 

Dec 3*^ 1679 Co" sate. 

On this day appeared in Co" bans hansen (alias) Miller 
whoe aknowledged a deed A TraiL-^port unto Hendrik Williams 
of this Towne of New Castle merch* for a Certayno Plantation 
& peece of Ijind in Appoquenemen Called Knolbushauen 
Coat : 400 acres as by s'' deed Recorded in the Records of Lands 
more att Large doth & may appeare. 

Hendrik Williams Sheweing by Peticon that according to 
this Co"* answer to y® Peticon'" upon his Peticon the 3"* of 
of Aprill 1679; Conserning his 2 Judgem** & Executions 
against the Estate of Walter Wharton deceased The Peticon*" 
had by Peticon addressed himselfe to his Iwno^y® Governo'att 
new Yorke, Whoe had given for answer that bee thougt itt 
butt reason that y* Peticou' should bee paid liis debt ont of y" 
8^ Estate of Walter Wharton. The sfi Peticon' therefore desired 
an order w"* p'ferrence ag* y* s^ Estate of Wharton for y* pay- 
ment of his twoo Executions etc. Ordered that senoe his bono* 


y* Goveni*/ is of opinicm timt y* Peticon' ought to bee iwid, 
That hee bee paid accordiugly out of y* Estate of b** Waller 
Whnrton dcc('iLsed, but no p^ferronce to bee nUowod unlesse his 
houo' shall thinke fitl soe to order itt. 

Upon the Request of hcndrik Williams, The Co" Granted 
hira an order to take up a small parcell of l-and of about 50 
acres Lying behind or adjoyning to his the s'' hendrik Wil- 
liams Ills Land Calletl Knolbushaven in Appoqucncracn, Pro- 
vjfded y*samo bee Cleare and that itt bee Improoved accord- 
ing to La we and regulaeons. 

Hans Peterskn ) J" "^^ action of the Case for twoo 
> pecces of marrish & y* hay thereon hrndrtks ) mowed. 

The Case in differnnce being about marrish & hay groutul 
of w*** the CV kan not well Judge of before itt bee further 
Examined: M*" Gysbert Dircksen M*^ hendrik Williams and 
Peter d' witt are therefore by tlie Court desiered and author- 
ized to heare y* diflei'ence and debates of both partees, To view 
the marrish & Examine all the papers & Evidences of both 
partees and to make a true Retume thereof to this Court all 
y" next Court day. 

Engelheut Lorr P" 


The P'' and deP being absent and noe declaration Enlerred, 
The Court ordered a nonsuit against y* P". 

Abram Man P" 

Ralph Hutchinson Def* 
The P" by his declarat : declares for X6 : 17 : The def be- 
ing absent this action was Continued till next Court day. 

Abram Man P" 1 ^^j^^j , ^ ^^^^ p,. .^ ^^^^ 

William osborne Def* ) 



'\ An (ittachm* XmUI upon a 
Abram Man P» I bond of this P'^ w^i* was by 

WILLIAM Clarke Def* | y* 1"* assigned oucr unto 

Sara. Bercquer. 
The ?*•■ declaration Read and his allegations heard; y* 
Court Judge this action wrong Laid and therefore order a non 
suit «g« y* P'' w'^ Costs. 

Upon the Peiicon p'ferred in the behalfe of Arent Jansen 
V^andenhurgh, The Co^ hfiuc granted him Liberty to tiikc up 
100 acres of Land behind Breiid & Cheese Island together w*** 
halfe of y* marrish tliereunto adjoyning hee makeing Im* 
prooveinent tliereon according to Lawe and regulacons. 

Upon the Peticon of Charles Uumsey tlie Court doe grant 
liim an order to lake up 200 acres of Land next to )■* Land 
granted unto arent Jansen together w^** y® half* of y* marrish 
adjoyning, liee seating A tnakeing Improovemont according 
lo Lawe tt regulacons. 

Edmund Cantwell P^* 
Evert Hen'dhiksen Def* 

The P*' demands of this def* by his note under y* deP* hand 
y" sume of fourthy twoo gilders and 10 styvers w*" s** sume 
The def* refusing to jmy tlie 1"* hath ben forced to Commence 
this his action & humbly Craues Judgem* w^ Costs. The de- 
butes of both partees being heard and y" der not denying his 
Imnd to y* note the Court ordered y* Judgem' bee Enterred 
iigrt y" def* for the s^ 42 gilders 10 sty vers w*^ Costs. 

The Executo" of the Estate of"! p,t 

of DiKK Albertss deceased. / 
Thomas Si'ky Def* 

The P" demands of this def* by ace* the sume of three huu- 
dered & one gilders nine and a half styvers, part thereof l>eing 
vendu monny it part thereof other bookedcbti* for w*"*" b^ sume 
they humbly Crauos Judgem* w*^ Costs. The def* Thorn : Spry 
saying as att SGverall Courts before hee had done that hee had 



some ace* in Contra Lo bring in w*'" hottiei'to is not by him 
done; The Court therefore ordered Judgeni'y*Judge«i^ bee »g* 
y* def* for y« payment of y" s^ 301 gild" 9J styvers w"' Costs ; 
and what Thorn : Spry can make Evidently apeare lo haue 
paid in part of y* aboves^ sumo lo be deducted him out of y* 

Upon the Peticon of Justice William Sempill, The Co" doe 
hereby p'mit & grant him to take up w^ in the Jurisdiction 
of tiiis Court, Fourr hundred acres of Land w*** fiti proiwrtion 
of marrish, w*^*^ heretofore is not granted (aken u|> or Tm* 
prooved by others, hoe seating & Iniproovcing the shuic uccord- 
ing to Lawe & regulacons. 

Upon the Peticon of Sike ocllsens The Co^ haue Granted 
him to take up 200 acres* of Lund w"* in the Jurisdiction of 
this Court, w*** heretofoi-o is not gninted taken ui> or Im- 
proovcd by otliers, hee seating and Improoveing (he same 
according to Law & regulacons. 

Upon the Peticon of William Green The Court haue 
Granted him to take up 200 acres of Land within their Juris- 
diction, w*^ is heretofore not taken up granted or Ini]H'oovtd 
by others hce seating and Improoveing y* same according to 
Lawe & regulucoiis. 

• an ntlachm* 

Edmund Cantwkll P" 
RoiiBERD Hutchinson Def* 
The deP l" default The action Continued. 

Lucas Ebell P'* 

Capt-"* Martin Kkeqier by \ n « 
HEND : V : BUHQH Iiis atloru : / 
March 4"' 16^ The P** by his declaration declared as fol- 

June Laest past mnke an agreemeiU w"* the P" for to bring 
his sloop to Appoquenemen Creekes mouth & there to take in 
upon freight nfter y* rate of 50 lb of tobb : per hh** the ful 
number of seventeen hli**' of tobb: or moro nccording lo rate 



and that y* P'* Expecting y* sloope y* first voyadge aftor ac- 
cording to bargnine i% Contrnct did make reddy all Itis Tobb : 
But y* sloope haueing hen here Twoo voyadgcs eence, instead 
of takeing in the P'** tobb: halh ben imployed in otber mens 
(^onseniea & hath Left this P"* tobb (w''* was reddy) here to 
this day notwithstanding y* y* mast' hath bbU onee arrested 
and seuerall tyines desiered to take in y* same tobb : accord- 
ing to Contract hee hath & doth still refuse y* same, w*^'' is to 
y" damadge of y* P" for y* Losse of his Tyme & other Con- 
veniencys w*'^ might haue Ensued to yo"" P'* if hee had 
|/8ued his voyadge, as also what by yo' P"* Iraployer can bee 
hereafter demanded wherefore y* P'* humbly prayed this Co" 
that hee may haue an order ng"' y^ dof for y* Losse <fc dam- 
adge hee hath sustayned for y® want of y* passage of his tobb ; 
according to agreem' w'*" Costs of suite. 

The deP by his uttiirney hendrik Vandenburgh uknowl- 
(^ges that hee was to Carry the tobb: to New Yorke but aayes 
y* tliere was noe tyme perfixt. 

Jury T!ie Case being by the Court lieard 

Tho: Spry was w"* both partees consent referred to 

Will. Grant a Jury : whoe haueing Iieard the debates 

Jam : Crawford of both partees & y* wiltncsses Examined 
John Eaton brought in their verdict as followeth viz*. 

Ueiul: Lemrnens Wee find for y* P" 850 lb of tobb: w*^ 
gisbert Dirks C'osts for Losse of his Tyme. The Court 

Hen<l : Williams passe Judgeni' according to verdict 
Caspnres hernian 
gerrit Smith 
rob : morion 
moses d*gan 
John Darby 

Capt" Mart : Kregier by his 1 p,t 

Attorn : Hknd : Vand : Hukgh / 
Lucas Kbell DeP 

The P" demands of tliis deP for one p' of shoes, y* sume of 



twenty gilders to be paid in hyJes at 16 slyv ; per ft : lit 
being in Court declared by Cap" Cantwell Justice Gerret otto 
<fe M' Sam ; I^nd that Lucas Ebell tendered Capt" Cregier pay 
before y® errest ; The Court doo therefore Judge lliat y* P'* has 
no Cause of action and therefore doo order a nonsuit to bee 
Entered ag«* y" P" w*** Costa. 

Ralph Hutchinson P" 1 both parties absent a nonsuit 
John Yeo Def* / ordered 

The Executo" of Dirk Ai.BiiRTSKN P" 1 Continued by 
EvEKT Hendkiks Def* J Consent 

John Cocx of Maryland 
The Estate of J** Shack- 
BBLY deceased 

Act: of debt by bil! 
an attacbni^ Laid 
upon def* Effects 
in hands of John 

The deP being deceased & noe one as yett knowne to ad- 
minist' upon y* Estate tlio Court therefore thougt good to 
Continue the action untill noxt Court dav. 

Edmund Cantwell 


The Estate of John Shack- 1 t. « 
RRLT deceased / 

An action of debt 
by ace' an attach- 
ni' Layed upon a 
horse of this def* 
in y" hands of 
Jolni Darby 
This action is Lykewyse Continued for y* reason aboves*. 

An action of debt 
by ace' an attacli- 
m' Laid in y* 
hands of John 

This action is also Continued by tlie Co" for y* reason 
above given. 

Thom : Sprv pi' 

The Estate of John Shack- \t\ n 
EBLV deceased / 



oFthbcoukt of new CASTrr. 

■ DeP 

An action of debt by 

Gabkiell MiNviELLE by \ 

his Attoni: Edm : VP" 

Cantwell J 

The Estate of John 


This action is Lykewyse continued for y* reason above 

ace* attach m' Laid 
upon y* def" Effceta 
in y* hands of John 

John Oolb 


The Estate of J** Shack- \ ^^^ 
KBLY deceased / 

Continued as above. 

An action of debt by 
ace* au attuchin' 
Laid upon y* def*" 
Estate in y* hands 
of John Kan. 



The Estate of John 1 p p 
Shackerly deceased / 

An action of debt by 
ace* an attachm* 
Laid upon y^ def^ 
Effects in y* hands 
of John Kan. 

This action w^ y" rest is continued by the Court for y* 
reason first above written. 

Hanua the widdow of Henry Salter deceased apearing in 
Court dcsiered to lK?e admitted adrainistrat* of y' Estate of hur 
husband Henry Salter deceased, The Co'* Examining into the 
buisnesse doe tijinke fitt to admitt hur y* S* Hanna Salter to 
all Intents & Purposis administ* of y* sf^ Eistate of heury 
Salter in this River of Delowar, Shee Giveing sufficient security 
to y* Court fort!ic p'fornianco of bur Trust according to Lawe. 
Capt" Edmund Caiitwill did oblige A put hiniselfe in Court 
security fory* dueadministnition of the aboves^ Hanna Salter 
upon her husbands Estate w'^'iu this Governm*. 

FoUoweth y* Inventory of Henry Salter by y* widdow this 
day produced in Co". 


The Inventory of Henry Sailers Goods In New Salem taken 



by James Neville and Henry Jennings y* 10* & ll*** day of 
y month called Aprill 1679. 


one feather bed one Boulater <fe 5 Pillows — one flock bed & 
an old Bed ticking — 2 old Green Ruggs & a Camell haire 
Rugg — 2 saddle Ruggs &. 3 old BlancketU &. two more — 6 
Turkey worke Covers for Cbayres — one Large Scales BeameA 
a timber Jack — 1 winde up Jack — a Pcece of Ceuel fring & a 
remnant— 40 pecea of Beefe — a Pareell of small whale bone — - 
a Payer of small wemeus shoes — 3 Cors sheets & 7 Paines of 
Glass — a Cros Cutsaw & 13 Plane stocks — 2 handles & a ring 
for a syth & Iron Croe — an Iron sledge and a hand saw Iron 
—one Pit Saw — A small Caske of teyd Tallow about 2'^— one 
Earthen Pott w'** 2 Ears — 3 Gunnes — 3 mattocks 4 ares one 
broad Ax — one hatchett 2 doggs to draw Timber — a Steele 
xoill — a warmiu Pan & one frying Pan— one spitt 20 harrow 
teeth — 5 wedges one vice a paire of old mens Gloves — a Paire 
of small bras scles & a payer of Large brass scales — one set of 
bras wights from a lb to a q' of an ounce & a set of troy 
weights — a bras 4 lb wight : A great old Byble — An old syth 
2 paire of Pott Racks — 2 halfe hundred weights one quarter 
and 4 small wights — a grinde stone spindle & winch — a great 
Copper KitUo & a small bras Pott one Iron Pott : a paire of 
hors harness & 3 Pjnt Copper Potts — a wodden Can & 4 
Earthen Panns — a Candle Peuter Cupp 4 Tin Saws Pan* — a 
skillet a brass Pott Lead 4 Pewter Dishes — a Learge Pewter 
trencher Plate and a Pewter Py Plate a Pewter Chamber pott 
& a Pewter quart Pott twoo Earthen bed Pans & 8 wodden 
Trenchers : a Piggin & A Tinne pmle : an ox yoake w^ a Ring 
and 2 hookes a peck of mault & 2 stcelo spades a small sack 
a Learge Cours bagge — a Leather belt a hough of Bacon — A 
paire of spurs 3 white Earthen plates — An Iron Ladle a brass 
Ladle a paierof old bellewsan old fyerShouell & Tongs — An 
old Green Rugg & Coverlett 2 Cushojs — one Chest 7 coUen 
& a dozen belly Peces — a Remnant of Cullerd silke — ^a Rem- 
nant of Peas Porridge Tayney cloth — a Remnant of Coars 



broad Cloth — 2 wemens morning Coales: 13 gross & 9 dozen 
hollow Pewter buttons — 11 Doz tJired Laces & 11 peces of 
bobing Laceing — 2"* of sadd CuUered thred & y® bottom of a 
fine haire Sive : 6 Combe brushes & 5 payer of si/.ers 4 par- 
cells of knitting needles 600 sowing needles 12 dandrist 
Combes & 10 Ivory Combes, 4 JxK)king glasses — 6 Dozon & 3 
payre of Childrens Cotton gloves— 8 peeces of Ribbin & 3 
Remnants — a Remnant of gallon a ft> of beaten ginger — 2 
payer of Werncns shoes a swaithing hand and a payer of 
small stockings — a fe & 14 oz J of sowing silke 2 small Rem- 
nants of blew & white narrow tape — a small Remnant of Cul- 
lered fustian — 10 small thimbles two small punch caps — a 
small rt^mnant of white thred Loopo Lace 3 ordinarj* Knives 
2 steels to stiike fire a brns Tobacco box & a silver Case and 
loth Picker 2 payer of Iron buckles for shoes 3 Combe Cnses 
12 oz & 3 q*" of sealing wax 2 small Papers of great Pinna 21 
ordinary kniues & old razor — a small brjiss chaine & C dozen 
of brass thimbles S^'' & 4 oz of thred — A'^ & 7 oz seiding wax 
SOOO of small Pins & 10 brass boxses: a Remnant of blew 
fianniU a Remnant of Printed stuff — 7 small looking glases 2 
payer of Childrens bodyea ; 2 doz ; small Gotten Gloues a Pece 
& ^ of w* Ivooping — A quier & } of wryting Pai^er — A Payer 
of mans Shoes — 4 Gross of Pewter buttons 3 great spice 
greaters & 4 small greatora 2 Tynn Dri|)pin Pans a dublet & 
briches and A old Chamblet Cloake a Largo Cuse with Clats 
bottles & gallon & 2 of Malasee 5 payer of mens woosted stock- 
ings 8 paire of doore hinges — 3 Iron door Latches an Iron 
froe — 27 plainning Irons 3 falling axses — one hold fast 23 
paire of Duffales — 2 Large rest for a Saw 3 boalta 3 spring 
Locks a marking Iron 7 pecee of Castele soap about 3'** ) oz 
fyles G augers 20 Chizells & goudges a great gimblet — A Tapp 
Auger & 5 door staples 2 TroweDs — 5 Iron Latches with 
catches one spring Playne a Rabbit Playne 10 Dozen of G1«6S 
buttons a silver porringer & Silver Salt, a CMrry Comb a 
Lyncy Wollsy vallans an old Payer of eilke fctockiiigs: 5 quitr 
of narrow wiyling Pajier G bunds 3 Caps a neckcloth A silver 



watch a set of gold wights & scales half n hogg of ginger & 
half a bagg of white starch a paper of s|>riggs — 9 Dozen of 
pewter buttons. (was subscrybed) 

James Nevill 
Henky Jknninob 
y* marko of 


Upon requeal made by James AValUani in behalfe of Thomas 
morse, Itt is ordered that y* goods belonging unto robb: 
liutchinson A «tt p'sent under Execution of J" Shackerly bee 
publicqly sould by outcry to bee paid in wheat l>etwecne this 
(t mareli next. 

Whereas it was made apeare to the Co" that Walter Whar- 
ton deceased stands Justly Indebted unto Robberd Williams 
of Lushem on Long Island by a bill under y* hand of y* a^ 
Wharton y* full quantity of fourtby drest dearekins J thereof 
bukes <fe \ dowes, The Co" doe passo an order for the payment 
of y* s^ skins out cf y® Estate of s'* Walter Wharton w"' Cvsia. 

Upon y" Uoquest made by ITeudnk Vandeu Bui-gb in y* 
belinlfe of one Cornolis Lourenseu, The Co" haue granted unto 
y" 3^ Comelis Lourenaen u Lott of ground In Land Street next 
lo y" Lott grautc<l unto y« s^ liendrik Vaiiden Burgh : pro- 
vyded hee y* a** Cornells I^urens tomes here A builds & Im- 
[iFooves y* same, att furthest y* next summer. 

Upon y" roquoat (ff Gysbert Direksen, The Co^ granted him 
(in Liew of his old pHences and y" debts duo to him from y" 
pubiicq) twoo Lolts of ground iu Lund Street next to the Lott 
granted by the Court unto Cornells Laurcnss, 

Ilendrik L-mmens of Crain hoofce shewing by Peticon that 
there was formerly granted unto him the Peticon' by M' Tom 
bans Blocq A fopp outhout, one hundered acres of Land Lying 
near y* mose next to Crainhooke from y* Badstove point up 
along y* mosi*, of w*^" Grant the Peticon** finds nothing re- 
corded iu y" records doth therefore now desiere a Confirmacon 
and new grant from this Court for the same etc. 



Tho Co" haueing Examined the buisnesse: doe grant y* 
Peticon' his Request provided itt bee uot prejudiciuU or in 
y* Lyues of any other Lands. 

RoBBERD Johnson P" 

|withd:by y-'P" 

Phillip Teunis P" 
John Andersen Def^ 


John Boeyer 
John OrtLK 

Withdrawne by P" 

John Oolk 
John Boykr 

ithd : as above. 

Whereas for y* Common Good of tlie Country itt is found 
necessary that y* highwayes from place to place bee Annually 
made good & Cleared Itt is therefore resolved viz* That Every 
resjwotive overseer lake Care that beiweene Kvery decern: & 
March las part of y® liighway bee made good & cleared, upon 
y* penally & forfeiture of 1000 ft) of tobb: if prooved to bee 
y« fault of y* ovorzeor: and if any Inhabitant resorting under 
the Company of any overaeer shall refuse upon due notice lo 
worke alt y* highway till it be fiuishl hee to forfeit for Eacii 
such neglect 400 ft) of tobbacco. 

The highway to bee Cleared as foHoweth viz* The way lo 
beo made cloare of standing & Lying Ireefi nt Least 10 fool 
broad all alumj>es & Shrubs to bee close Cult by y* ground, 
The trees markt yearly on boatli sydes, sufficient bridges lo 
bee made & kept ouer all marshy swampy & difficult dirty 
places & what ever Klse shall be tougt more necessary in and 
about y* highwayes nforeai^. And For the more ease of the seu- 
erall Inhubilants of this County, the Co^ haue divyded them 
in Seuerall Companies and haueapj>ointed ouer them seuerall 
p'sons as overseers as hereafter foUoweth (viz*) !■* Comp: 

The Inhabitaiita of the Southsyde of Appo<iuenemen and of 



blakbird Crcckc to bee in one Company their part or sheare to 
Klcnre a Iiighway from Appoquoneraen to y" head of Duke 
Orceke or wlicre Else it sliaU bco CJonvcii* und to make a 
bridge ouer y* s* Duko Crooke if possible fitt for horse A foott 
to pnsse ouer That Compai»y to haue for ouersocr ouor thorn 
Capt" Cantwell. 

2"^ The Inhabitants of the northsyde of Appoquenemen 
from the head to y^ drayera Creeke to bee in one Company 
theyr or sheare to bee, to make y® way good from Appo- 
queneraeii to y* Cartway of Gaspares Herman and also from 
y* Cartway of Appoquencmen as fair as Marj'Iand : Roelof 
Andries overseer. 

3^ The Inhabitants from y*^ drayers Creeke downe wards 
and as far as St Georges to bee In one Company their part to 
bee from y* Cartway of Casparea Herman to y* halfe Bridge 
of St Georges. Caspares Herman to be their overseer. 

4*** The Inhabitants of st Georges and up as fair as M' Toms 
Plantation to bee in one Company, their part or sheare: to bee 
from y* halfe of St Georges Bridge to the Red Lyon Run. James 
Crawford to bee overseer. 

5'*" The Inhabitants of this Towno of New Castle from M* 
Toms plantation upwards swonwiko Crainbooke A all those 
on the southsyde of ('ristina Creeke to cleare from this Towne 
downwnrds as fan* as the Red Lyon <fe from y* Towne upwards 
to the house of M*" Jean Paul Jaquette in Cristina and M' 
Ambros Backer is appointed overseer in y* roome of Job : 
Dchnes and M^ hcndrik Vandenburgh ovei-seer in y' roome of 
M*" hendrik Williams over y* Towne People aforenamed. 

0"* The Iiilial>itants of y® norlhsydc of Cristina Creeke, 
from y* White Clays ftiall to y* brandewyn Kill to bee in one 
Company They to cleare from Cristina at Jan Staalcops Round 
y* Cristina Creeke hejid to this Towne, and a bridge ouer 
Cristina licad nearc John ogle's M*" Ah. Man overseer. 

7*** The Inhabitants between Brandewyn Creeke & soe far 
fts Oelc fransons in the boghl, to Lee in one Company they to 
Cleare from y® going ouer of brandewyn Creeke &. also from 



Jacob VanderVeers up as farr as oele franseiis in y* bogt 
aforefi^ They to hauo for overzeer Hans Petersen. 

The Co^ adjorued till first Teusday in Januiiary next. 

Att a Co'* held In the Towne of New Castle, By his may**** 
Authority on Teusday C^'' Janu IGJJ 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alricba 
P'sent NP Gerret otto f Justices. 

M^ Joh : D'haes 
M' Will : SempiU J 
Capt" Edmund Cantvvell High Sherrife. 

Thom : Harris 
Rich : Whitton 


P»i \ the deft 2^ default y« 
Def* / action is Continued. 

P'^ ) the def* 2'» default y 
DeP / action is Continued. 

Hans Petersen P^' 

Pellb Hendricks by \ Oef* 
Tho : Spry his Attom : J 
Upon y" def* desire the action is Continued till next Co" dk 
then to bco determined. 

Abram Man P'* 

Ralph nifrcniNSON Def* 
The P" not appearing by himsclfe or Attorney upon y* def** 
request the Co" ordered a nonsuit ag*' y* P'* w*** Costs. 

Abram Man P'* 

OkLE PofLSEN Def* 

Tho P^* or Attorney not ape*iring & noe declaration En- 
terred : The Co^ upon y** def** request ordered a non suit ag* 
y* P>« w**» Cost«. 

Abram Man 
Oele Poclsen 

P" "I A nonsuit ag** the P" as 
Def* / above 



Edmund Cantwell P'* \ An attachm* y* del" 2* de- 
RoBBEBD Hutchinson Def J fault Act : Continued. 

Philip Teunis 

John Andersen 
Peter Dewitt 

Rich higinbottom 
Hendrik Williams 


Engeltie Vandie- 
MEN by Tho: 
Spry hur attorn: 

John hermsen & 
Catherin his 
wyfe y* Late wid- 

dow of HANS 

Banes decesed 
Eph : Herman 

Mathias Mathiass 

John Cocx 

The Estate of J° 

P" 1 Continued by both partees 
> desire as y® undersherrife 
Def* J reports. 

P^' \ neither P" or def* appeare 
y & no declara: Euterred 
Def ) a non suit is ordered. 

P" \ y« def" 2'* default it is Con- 
Def* / tinned. 



Upon y« request of P*** at- 
torney y* action is Con- 

P" 1 the deft absent the Co" 
> Continued the case till 
Deft J next Co" 



SiiACKERLY decens'* i " ) 


Edmund Cantwell P" 
The Estate of J" 

Deft V Continued. 
SiiACKERLY deceas** / J 

Thom : Spry P^t . 

Ditto Estate of John \ t\ « > Continued. 
Shackerly / ) 




by Edm: Cantwell Ip" 
Ilia nttoni : ) 

ditto Estate of JonN\ 
Shackerly de->Def* 
ceased J 



Estate of J<» Shack- 
ERLY deceas* 




Eph: Herman 
Est: of J° Shack- 1 j^^ > Continued. 
ERLY deceafi^ J J 

This being the 2*** Court and no ndministr' as yetl appear- 
ing all the aboves'' actions ag^ y'' estate of John Shackerly 
deceased are therefore Continued till y* next Court. 

The Executo'* of-j 
Dirk Albert- > P" 
SENS Estate J 

Evert hendrix DeH 

Continued y* ace* nott being 
settled as yett 

Thomas Spry 


An attachni* upon the def* 
y Effects in y* hands of 
RoBB : HUTCHINSON Dcf J Johu Darby. 
This being y° 1" Co" y^ action is Continued. 

John Darby P" 


An altachm* in y' P'** 
ownc hands. Continued 
as above. 

Upon the Peticon of Willem Janss, Joan matsen, Symon 
Jause, Eskell Andriesse & hendrix Andricss Inhabitants of 
Crainhoek desiering that the Grant of 100 acres of Land 
granted unto hendrik Lemmens yf Loest Co'* Lying behinde 
Crainhook along y* mose; shewing for Keasons first that, that 



8amo Land was heretofore by AVnller Whiirton the surveigor 
Comprehended <fe surveiged in and to y* Land of all the In- 
habitants of Crainhoek In Gennerall & secundly that itt was 
to y* utter Knine of y* Peticon" they liaueing no other place 
to fetch wood from etc: Whereupon y' C'c»" hauoing Exam- 
ined into y*' p'misses & heard y* dcbnlcs of both parteea, Doe 
order that all the Land that is to say wootUand w*^** was sur- 
veiged by y* surv' Walter Wharton atl Cruinhook, shall bee 
A reraaine in Common for Every Inhabitant (o cut wood 
where hee pleases for Iiis owne occasion, until licreafter the 
Inhabitants shall by Consent haue their Lands slieared & 

Upon the Poticon of Ralph Ilukhinson desireing Restitu- 
tion of y** goods and Eflects heretofore taken from him upon 
the Execution of his Brother Robberd hutchinson etc : The 
Co"* haueing Examined all y* proceedings in that Case & also 
heanl what y* Peticon' could alledge in his owne bilialfo doe 
Uelurne for answer as followeth viz' That y* 3"^ August 1678 
the award of tlie Arbitrate" was Given whereby the Peticon' 
waa found debtor to his Ui-othcr Robberd X72 : 13 besydea 
some goods to bee Restored and in Jannuary following y* 
Peticon' not sattisfying y* s'' award (nor prooveing anything 
more ag** y" ace* sence the award) Robberd hutchinaon sued 
this Peticon^ (and the Peticon'' declaring then in Co^ that he 
was willing to st:ind to y* award aboves**) Judgem* then 
against him accordingly, w'^ this provisoe that JP Ralph 
hutchinson should l>ee allowed what hee could make appeare 
betweeno that and y" next Court day to hauo i)aid sonce y* 
award or what was not hrotjgt before the arbitrators <fe there 
seen or Included in y* award but the Peticon^ never sonoc 
(til now) brought in nothing soe that Robberd hutchinson 
afterwards pressing for obtayned Execution upon y* above«^ 
.ludgem' and y* same wiis Laid upon this Peticon" Estate 
goods and CThattlcs and nppraizemen^ made thereof y* 7'" of 
April 1070. After w'"'' to wilt in July Lnest A seuce seuerall 
p'aons obtayning Judgom" against Robberd hutchinson did 



Lay tlieir Executions upon his Estate part thereof being thai 
w*** before was taken upon Execution from this Peticoi/ and 
llicrefore Considertnl not as this Peticon" but ns bis Brother 
Robberds Estate, Now this Peticon'' during all this tyme & 
nfterwnrds l)ringins in nothing to Interrupt & hinder y' pro- 
Liecdings an<l now bringing in an ace* by the date of w'^*' ace' 
itt appears, thut y* greatest part of y* ace* was before y' 
Judgem* and y* rest sence y* Execution was A appraizem' 
made (and yett never before now brought iu) all the preraissoa 
being Considered, The Co'* doc Judge that itt is out of their 
|K)wer and ag" y" Lawe to Disannul! ail the fonner orders *k 
proceedings A. to Restore the afores^ goods & Estate to the 
Peticon' sence others l)nuo Lawfully Lnyed their Executions 
on ill as Kobbcrds Estate and therefore if y'^Petioon' is wronged 
by his Brother itt is altogctiier his owne fault, hco haueing 
neglected and Long overslippeil his Tymc *fe therefore hce 
must seeke hia Remedy by Course of Lowe ag** his &** Brother 
or his Estjitc. 

Roelof Andrif« & Jacob Aerlsen preferring in Co" a Peticon 
showeiiig that there was by his Excellency the Governo" Pat- 
tent bearing date y* 5** of Novemb' 1G75 : Granted unto Ann 
Whale deceased a Ccrtaine tract of Land Called Chelscy, Lying 
and being on the West syde of Delowar Kiver & on tlie South 
syde of St. Georges Creeke being the 6rst neck of firme land 
w**'in the s^ Creeke being bounde<l as by the s'' Pattenl bearing 
date as above more att Large may appeare, and Contayning 
:iOO acres of Land : and tliat on the ^ Land not as yett is 
Tiinde any settlement : but that it hath ben: (Gontraiy to 
Iaxvuc and Hegulacons) sould, fii-st by (ieorge More y* son of 
Ann Whale unto John Ogle and by John Oglo to John Teat 
and by the s^ John Test unto one Marmaduke Randall ; The 
Peticon™ sheweing further tliat they humbly Conseivcd y" 
same Land by y* Jjawe & Regulacons and his Excellency the 
(Jovemo" L»atter proclamation sent and published here bear- 
ing date y* 25*** October 1G78, absolullily forfeit, and therefore 
they did most humbly Request the Co" that according to y* 



V* proclamation of the 25**" of October I/acst meiUioned tliey 
wouU! bee please<l to dispose thereof as vacant Laud and that 
they the pelicon" might haue a grant to take y* same up, and 
w*** the Co^ grant & CertiBcate obtayne a Pattenl from his 
hono' the Governo' In tlieir owne names : They the Peticon™ 
Ingngeing to make p'^scnt aetllement thereon : according to 

The Co^ Examining into the buisneese doe find the Peli- 
con" allognlionfi true and therefore doe Judge that the AforeS* 
Land (liaveing l>en taken up this Fyve yeare & no Im- 
prt>ovem' made thereon) acTording to Lawe & Regutacons and 
y* i)rochiniation of y* 25* of October 1678 : is absoluihiy foi^ 
feit and may bee dispoaetl of as vacant Land, and doe Grant 
the Peticon" Power to take j* same Land up and ohlaync a 
Pattent for y* wime in their owne names; Provyded they the 
Peticon" make Imediate settlement thereon accortling to Lawe 
A Regulacons. 

This day apeared in Co'* John Ogle of ClirisLina Creeke and 
Elizabeth his wyfe who aknowledged the salc^ makeing ouer 
of a Certainc Tract of Land 300 acres In St Georges Creeke, 
unto Augustine Dix or Dixen of St Georges planter : as by the 
Pattent & y* deed of Conveigance for y* same recorded in y* 
records of Pattcnts & Conveigancos more att Large doth A 
may appeare. 

Upon the motion of James Walliam in bebalfo of Tho; 
Morse its ordered that acotirding to y* orders of the Laest 
Court the goods under Execution of Rob: hutchinson bee 
aould a Satturday next. 

Itt being taken in Consideracou that a ferry is necessary to 
bee kept in CYislina, The Clercq is ordered to draw up some 
Regulacons & orders & to p'eent them to y* Co'* y* next Court 

The Co^ adjorned till y* first Teusday in the month of 
febmary next Ensuing. 




Att a Co" held in the Towno of New Castle by his may**" 
Authority februnry y<> S"^' A 4«'' lOJi 

M'John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M' Gerret otto 
P'wnt M' Job: D'bae^ 

M' Abrain Man 
W William Sempil ^ 
Capl" Edmund Cantwcll Uigh Sherrife. 

Thomas Harris P" 1 Anattachm*upeny*der*porke 
Richard Whitton r>ef* / in y* bands of Jas Ci*awford. 

Jacob Joung apearing in Co^ produces a note under Rich : 
WhittoDs band of y« S"» of Septem' 1679, and alledges ibat y« 
porke is his. Its by tlie Court ordered that M' Joung shal 
proove at y'' next Court by sufllcient wittuesses that y* porko 
was made ouer before the attaclwn* olherwnys Judgein' to passe. 

James Crawford Sworno In Court declares that about a 
month after Tho : barris bad attached llie porke of Richard 
Whitton in this dcponants hands, Ricliard Whitton Came to 
yo®' dcponant A deaiered him to pay the porke to Jacob Joung 
y* deponant Answerctl that if bee would Cleare itt of y* 
attachment bee would pay itt to any man. Rich: Whitton an- 
swered that y* porko was made ouer to M' Joung before y* 
attachm* & further sayeth not. 

Apeared in Court M' Philip Pocock whoe delivered in Co'* 
a Commission for his Excel 1 : y* Governo' for his being sur- 
vwgo' etc : w*=*' Commission being publicqiy Read was ordered 
A is hereafter Recorded : viz*. 

S' Edmund Andros Kn' Seigneur of Sauzmares Livet' and 
Governo' Gen" under bis Royall Iligbnesse James Duke of 
Yorke and Albany etc : of all his Territories in America : By 
virtue of his may""" Lett" Pattcut and the Commission and 
authority derived unto roee, I : doe hereby Constitute and 
appoint you M' Philip Pocock to bee surveigor of New Castle 
in Dolowar and dependences w^ in the Jurisdiction of tliai 



Court, In wich Imployment you are to act in Surveiging oi 
such Lands for wich you shall from tyinc to tyme Receive 
wurranls or orders and to make duo and Exact Kcturnes 
thereof and in all things to behauoyo'selfe according to Lawa 
Given under my hand and eeale in New Yorke this 15*^ 
day of doccmber in y* 31* yearo of his may**** Raigne Annoq 
Dom: 1679. 

Past y* office (was subsciybod) 

Mathiiis Niools secret: E. Amuross. 

The der* 3^ default 

Edmund Cantwell P** 


The P'* demands of this dcf* by one bill under y* hand of 
tills def* bearing date y« S^*" of May 1677 : y« sumeof 630 ib of 
tobbneco and Caske payable in S' Jones Creeke unto this P'* 
or John Avorj' or either of them ; Item by another bil under 
y* hand <fe scale of this def^ bearing date y® 4"* of Noyemb' 
1675 past unto Peter Baoom ; for 400 ib of tobbacco & Caske 
payable in St Jones' afores** w*** these words Inserted in y* 
bill viz* when I : y® S* huberlus francis being able to puy y'rf' 
tobbacco; makeing in all 1030 lb of tobbacco, for w^*" hee 
Craues Judgeni* w* Costs: This being y^ 3** Court and y* deP 
not apearing : The Court thought good to Enter Judgem' 
against y* def for 1030 lb of tobb according to y* Tenuor of 
y" bills w"" Costs. 

Hans Pktkrskn P" 

Pkllk Hexdhicx Def* 
The Case of differance being about twoo jeeces of marrish 
Excluinp;od y* one w* y* other & also for y* hay thereon 
mowed and there being noe wrj'tings betweene them & noe 
plnyne Evidence apearing: The Court (In Reguard y' Case is 
»o obscure) doe order that nil y* P'*" & def** pretended Ei- 
changos of marrish Land shall be void : and that Every one 
haue his Land & marrish hee Bmi bougt & possessed and that 
what money hath ben paid to each other on that bcc' shall bee 




repaid and what hay hath ben mowed this ycare heo w** 
mowed it to Injoy itt : and wliat Corne sowed y** {lerson y^ 
sowed it to Injoy itt: and soc Long y* Corne Is on y* ground 
noe fences to bee remooved to y" prejudice of Each other: & 
after y* Each to haue and to haue and take up his owne fences : 
That y* partoea for y® future Live pcacetthly tc^ether : and 
each to pay y" halfe of y' Charges uf this action. 

Peter dewitt ap{>earing in Court produced an ace* agaiu&t 
Rich : highinbottom to y" surae of 145 gild" p' ballance : and 
did niake outh in Court to y* Justuesso thereof. 

Hendrick Williams P" 

RoBBERD Tallknt DeP 
The def" wyfe api>earing in Court but producing no Lett' 
of attorney from hur husband : w*^ both parlees Consent this 
action is Continued. 

Ekgeltie Vandie.mkx P'* 
Jan hermskn Def 

The P" demands of this def' as y* successor of lians Bance 
deceased y* sume of f200 : The def prooveing by bans banes 
his booke that vandicmen was in bans banes Itis debt etc. 
■ The debates of both |)artees being heard & y* bookes & 
wrytings Examined the Co'^ can find noe Cause of action & 
therefore doe order a nonsuit ag"* y' P" w'" Costs. 

Followeth a Coppy of y* ace* of Capt Edmund Cantwell 
Administnito' of y* Estate of Walter Wharton deceased w** y" 
Court wiU |Joruse and Returue their sentiments on etc 

The Estate of Walter Wharton. 

To his bono' y* Gov- 

erno' f20l: 

To y* administration 

of Capt" Nicolls . 80 : 
ToM'Eph;herman. 526: 
TofeeatoNPherman. 21 : 

p' Contra Credit 
By y* appraiznent 
as appears upon 
y* records . . . /4232 : 
due to ballance. 838 : 1 1 





To M' ward >'• execu- -v 

tion 1333 «> tobb V 533 : 4 
at 8 styv: p' ft - i 

To M* mans Execu- 
tion 506: 

ToEdinrCantwell . 998: 

To y* fees in y* ac- 1 «« . 
tion of M' Ward . J 

To my sallary as ad- 

iniiiiatrato'. . . . 423: 

To y* appraizers . . 68 : 10 

/•3393 : 9 

Da tod utt new Castlo 
y« 6* of Jannuar 1079. 
(Was signed) 

P' Ed Cantwet.l Adminislrato'. 

iThedef 3"> default 

Edmund Cantwell P*' 


The P'' demands of this def* by ballance of ace* y* eunie of 
fyve bundered & fifteen gilders & 13 styvers for w*^** bee huUi 
atlacbed soe mutch of y" deV Efiecls in his owne hands A. 
humbly Craues Judgem* accordingly. 

This being y* 3*^ Court day and the P'* haueing made oath 
in Court to y° Justnesse of his accl, The Court doe grant 
Judgeui* «g* y" deP for 515 gilders & 13 styvcrs & doo allow 
of y* attachm* & y* goods to bee taken by y® P** att y* rate as 
they were appraized on in they" action of Robberd hutchinson 
iig* Ralph hutchinson ; together w"" Costs, 

ABR.VM Man P" 

Ralph hutchinson Def* 
The P*' demands by ace" y* eume of six pound & soventeeD 
eliillings: The def^ brings in a Contra ace'. The Court makeing 
up the ace' and both partecs makeing oath to their ace*" in 



Court ; Juilgem* waa ordered ng«* y* deP for 61 gilders A ten 
Btyvors w**" Costs; and further ordered that M' Ralph hutch- 
insoii makes good to M' Man what tobb : ia short iu Mui7l^ 
deducting his sallary for deceiving y* Tobbacco in Maryland 

Itt being Roprtsented to y* Court that Lucas Kbell of Appo- 
quenemen of Late is deceased, intestate and that it was neces- 
sary that some p'soii wuk a])poiiitf'(l to administer on the 
Estate of the s** deceased to y* End that, that Small Estate 
Left by him might not bee Embazpled. 

The Court haue therefore thought good to appoint and au- 
thorize, and doe hereby appoint and Authorize Roelof Andriea 
of Appoquencnion aforeH** adininistrato' of y* Estate good and 
Chatties of y* s^ Lucas Ebell deceased, and doe hereby order y' 
hee make a Just Inventory of all y* Estate Left by y* s^ Lucas: 
and to get appraizem^ made and also to make a List of all 
debts due & oweing by y* s** Lucas: of all w*** bee is to make 
returnc to y" Court at yc next Court day. Adam Peters and 
John Taylor were by the Court appointed appraisers: Justice 
gerret olto to give them tlieir oatli accorciiiig to Lawc. 

Complaint being made in Court ag** doctor Tho: Spry, thai 
hee keeps a dangerous hurtful dogh ; for man A beasts Itts 
onlered & doctur Spry was by y* Co^ fonvarned, not to keepe 
y* &^ dogh any Longer, otherwoyes whatsoever mischiefe y* s^ 
dogh slmll happen to doe hee to make good & the dogh to bee 
Tmcdiately Kild. 

C-ornelis Junsen of swanwikc desicring that a Certaine 
Chest Left at his bouse by Richard highinbottom, might bee 
opened & that some shirts and otlier things belonging to y* 
boy serv* to y* s*^ Richard higinbottom also Left at his house 
might bee taken out: The Court ordered that the Chest be 
opened by y* Constable in y* p'seiice of two of the neigbours, 
and that an Exat Inventory bee taken of what shall bee found 
in y* 8"^ Chest, That y* shirts & Close belonging to y* boy bee 
taken out, and y* rest to bee Left in y* same Chest in Custodio 
of y* 8^ Cornelig Jansen. 



John Moi.l ?'» 
John Smilh Dei* 
IN march 1t>j) Excculton 

wu taken out 

The P" demands of this def* by bul- 
lancc of y* Rent of his house and 
farmo according to ContracL y® quan- 
tity of eixty twoo schipples of soiumer 
barly and twenty eight schipples of 
wheat ; The def* ownes the debt but aaycs that hcc hath paid 
some small matter more towanls itt ; w*^** if soe M*" Moll prom- 
issed to allow him what hee could make a})pearo more to haue 

The Co" doe order Jiidgem' to bee Enterred sg" y* def ac- 
cordingly together w"" Coats of Suite. 

Abham Max P'* \ In an action of y* Case for a tytle 
Oei.k Poui-Skn Def* / to Lund. 

AsxtAM Max P" ■* Ai\ attachm' Laid by y* P" in his 
V own© hands for to haue a Tytle 
Oklk PoULSEN Def*) to y® Land ahovcfi^. 

Both pnrtces Agreed in Court as followelli viz* — ^Tbat oele 
should acquit M' Mun of the remuining £G : (3" yet due to oele 
from M*" Man for y* Land v;^^ M'Man has bought of him, and 
lliat oelo also shall pay the Costs of these actions <& y" former 
actions whereon nonsuits were granted ; and M' Mnn there- 
upon acquits <fe discharges oele of y* Clayme of makeing any 
Tytle to y* 140 acres of I^nd in Whyte Clayos Creeke, and of 
all other pretences on y* uec* of y* Loud Afores^. 

Jan Nummcrsen w«s this day by y* Court ap|>oint©d A 
swome Constable of y" northsyde of CVisliuu Creeke up to y* 
end of y® County in y* Roome of Jacob Jansen whoe was dis- 

The Co" adjorne<l till tomorrow morning at 9 a Clocq. 

fehruary 4*** Co" sate all y" Justices p'sent. 

Upon y" request of Morris Listen the Co" doe renew his 
former grant, he baueing Liberty to take up 400 acres of Land 
w**" in the Juriedielion of Ibis Court, Provj'ded & w*** this Ex- 
prease Condition, that hee y* s'' morris Liaton seats & Improovcs 
the same Land nccoi-ding to Lawe & Regulacons. 



Samuel Bercquhe P" 
Abram Man Def* 

This Case was by y« Court Referred til next Court day. 

Upon the Peticon of Daniell Mokerty The Court doe grant 
him Liberty to tuke up w^^'in the Jurisdiction of this Co" Iwoo 
huudered acres of Land Provyded & w'** this Expresse Condi- 
tion that hee y« s** daniell makerty scales A Improoves y* same 
Land out of hand according to his Excell y* Governo" rogula- 
cons <fe y" Lawes of y" Governni*. 

Jan Biscus was hy the Co'* appointed and sworne Cons(ahIe 
of this Towne of new Castle and dependences for one yearo or 
til another bee sworne in his Roomc ; and John Can was 
die mist. 

Upon the Peticou of Poul Moens The Co** doe grant him 
Liberty to take up w"*in the Juriwliction of this Court, one 
hundered acres of Land and a smal parcel of marrish propor- 
tionable, Provyded hee st;ates & laiprooves y* same accord- 
ing to Lawc & Rcguhicons. 

Upon the Peticon of Abram Man The Co" doe Renew their 
former grant of 400 acres of Land to take up, Provyded it 
proovos not prejuditiall to y* neigbourhoods ; & y* M^ Abram 
Man scats & Improoves the same, according lo Lawe Regula- 
tions & orders. 

Upon the Peticon p'ferred in Court in y* bohnlfe of Peter 
Bayard : The Co" doe Grant Libert}' to make a Uesuneigh of 
his Land att bompics hooke ; and if more found then in first 
surveigh, hee to have prefference to take it up. 

Upon the Peticon of Thomas harris The Court doe grant 
him Liberty to tiike up w*** in the Jurisdiction of this Court 
200 acres of Land, Provyded that it be© seated <fe Iraproove<i 
accor<ling to Lawc Rcgulacons & orders. 

Jonas Schaegin dcsiering by Peticon Restitution of a Cer- 
taine peeco of Land Lying tt being alt Swanwyke next unto 
y^Land of Jan Barentsen and by the s"* Jonas sould unto Jan 
Niewslagli & sence by Jan Niewslagh sould & Exchanged to & 
w"* heudrik fransen etc, Jonas Schaegin & hcndrik franscn 



after a Long debate did mutually in Court and Conclude as 
followeih viz' — That a Certaine bil of 167 gilders due from 
barmen Jansen unto Jan Niewslagh should be Received by 
Jonns: and that for y* remaining sume yell due upon y* sale 
of y* s^ T>and Jonas should Loose it — That hendrik fransen 
should discharge & keepe Jonas Schaegin harmlesse of y* 
former f^uitronts ; w*^** b** quitrents the Court did thinke Just ; 
that the seuerall |ios$esFors of y* s^ Land should Cleare Each 
for y* tyme hee had y* Land — hendrik fmnssen to Cleare 
Jonas his tyme thereof as aboves''. A fter all w*"^ Jonas 
Schaegin did declare in Court to desist & make oucr unto hen- 
drik fransson afores^ all his right tytle & Intrest to y* same 
Land aboves**. 

Upon the Kequest of George Oldfield the successor who hath 
marryed y* widdow of Capt" John Car deceased The ace* in 
part was stated of the a** Capt" Car's Estate here in delowar y* 
Coppy whereof doth here follow viz' 

The Estate of Capt" John Carr in delowar. 


1675 Ap' fP* gildora 

ToCftpt" (Ualb nicolla 

p* owl" of C</* 46 

be«r8 nr25! 

X* h: Bherrifii fe«s- -. 16 : 
J* h: sher: few for y" 

Exec:..*: 69 : 10 

Clarko f«« 37 : 10 

Manib: & Crven fevs 12 : 

■/I260 : 


To M' C\>ni 


Judgem' for. f 602 : i 
hiSberrifiifcoi. 16: 

CI'fM«. 37 : 10 

Manh St Ciyer. 12 : 

To <iab: Min- 

Tieltco y* 

Judgcm* for. f S71 : 

b: sli: fees 16 : 

Cl'fwfl. 87 : 10 

Uhnh feci eta 12 : 

f 667 : 14 

/ 6JU : 10 

1675 Juno gildera 

By J* bourn Called the Sbit»- 
hcrberg nould in Teodue to 
M- MoU n900: 

^^^^H RECORl 

^^^^^H Taylor JudKfr- 

^^^^^H high aherr: Ttfcs- 

^^^^H ManhJtCryer. 

^^^H Web- 
^^^^^H J Judgem* 










^266 : 10 

/1434 : 10 
^043 : 6 



. nM2 : 10 

By y* great bouse A I^iu Miild 
in vendoe to Jo Edmunds & 
Hence by Jo E^lmitndfl mi^c 

By y* Laiid called Anthony* 
Land sould uaio Kdm: Cant- 
well ife Job d'haea in vendue 


^^^^H Sherr fees . . 
^^^^H CI' fees. 

^^^^H To Cai>t» Tho 
^^^H d'Laanll 
^^^^1 Judgem' for n 
^^^^^^H li:Sherr feeit-> 

^^^^^^H Marali A cryer* 

^^^^H To Dirk Albert- 
^^^^^H sen Judj^m* 

By \ part of y* Land on /• 
Booth syde of y*Townc Boald 
by M"" oldfield (ag hee sajm) lo 

By 1 parta of y* Land on ,y* 
eoulb »iyde of the Town next 
to Anthonyi as faras Naroaoa 
Crccke suuM br y* Co™ order 
puraunnt to bis bono' the 
Ooverno" ord" in his Lett' 
dated y« 26 of Octobr 1678 
upon Kecord A wa« Sould in 
open vendu to Mr Peter Al- 

By Walter Webly w* M' Geo: 
oldhcld uyes to hniie paid 

^^^^H Slicrr: fett-. 

^^^^1 Crreea. 

^^^^^1 Mareh A Crjrer. 

^^^^^H To y* Execution of A 
^^^^^^^^ To Aiutiony Ilryaol 

There remaiiu doe lo ball: this 



^^^H gilJen r9760: fV^W'. 

^^^^H Cieorge Oldfield the busbaud of PetcrncHa the Late widdow 
^^^^H & Executrix of Capf^ Jolin Carr deceased ; This day in Court 
^^^^^1 did promisse & Ingage, to pay the ballance of y^ w*''instaud- 
^^^^H iiig accompt and what else is Justly due from the Estate of 



Capt" John Carr w*** in this Governm* to any p'son or |>^f!ons 
whatsoever ; dcsiering Lykewyse that hce might Lykewyse 
Receive wliatsoever hee can find due or oweing unto y* s^ Es- 
tate of Capt" Garr from any person or persons whatsoever, w** 
the Court doe grant Provyded M' Oldfiehl Renders an ace' 
of y* overphis (if any shall happen to hec:) and bee uccompt- 
ahle to y" s^ Estate A y** lieirs thereof according to Lawe. 

Upon the Request of M' George Old field the hushund of 
Peternella llie Late widdow and Executrix of Capt" Jolin Carr 
deceased : sheweing the hereafter named seven 7 persons stand 
Justly Indebted unto y" Estate of Capt" John Carr deceased ; 
each of them twoo Bevers for Pnltents by Capt° Carr hereto- 
fore upon Ihcir desires brougtit from New Yorke; for w*"^ said 
Patients Ciipt" Curr hath paid y*' Secretary Capl" Mathios 
Nicolla in New Yorke etc: The Co" haueing Examined the 
Case doe grant the Pelicon"" his Request : and doe order John 
Boelaen Robberd Jones Leonard Tcunissen Will : Eves Charles 
hutching dorothy hutchins & Chnstophor 8entel, they and 
each of them Repay unto him the 8^ Geo: Oldtield for y® use 
of y*^ s** Estate of Capt" Jolm Each of them for his pattont twoo 
Bevers, makeing in all fourtlieen Hevere : together w*^ Costs 
(Excepting him or them that can make sufficiently appeare to 
have paid the same twoo bevers or valhie before to Capt" John 
Carr aforcs**). 

M' George Oldfield did in Court promisse to deliver & sur- 
render up all deeds and Pattents of any Lands or houses, 
heretofore sould in vendue belonging to y" Estate of Capt" 
John Carr deceased and Lying & being in or neare this Towne 
of New Castle. 

Upon the Request of M' Ralph hutcIiin?on The Co*^ hauc- 
ing Informed Lhemselves) do© Certify : That one \ViIliani 
Joung was Reputed & owned to bee the Eldest son of Thomas 
Young of St Jones's Creeke deceased. 

Upon the Request of Ralph hutchinson The Co'* doe order 
Cflpt" E<lmund Canlwell the ndrainistrHto' of \V«lter M hnr- 
lons Estate, to pay unto him y'' t,^ Ralph y* sumo of 1220 



gildors for fvinerall Charges according to a former order of tbia 
Cn'* beariug date 4"' of June 1079. 

Capt" Kdmund Cantwell administrato' of Walter Wharlons 
Estate was this day ordered to pay unto Thom : Spry Chir- 
urgeon, out of y* s** Whartons Estate Twoo huiidercd & sixty 
twoo gilders and unto Mary y" widdow hodges one hundered 
gilders according to former orders of Co". 

John Cocx of Maryland P» 1 (.„„ti„„^ ,, ^e^^^ 

The Estate of Jo: Shackerlv Def* ) 

Edhuatd Cantwell 
Estate of J" Shackerly 

Thomas Spry 

Estate of J** Shackerly 

John Oglk 

Ditto Estate of J» SnACK- 

pit 1 Continued for y* 
> reasons before y* 
DefJ 3"» of Xb' given. 


-Continued as above. 

- Continued as above. 

Efuraiu Herman 
Ditto Estate of J» Shack- 

Gabriel Min\'IElle by his 
Attorn: Edm: Cantwell 

Ditto Estate of J° Shack- 1 ^ ^.t 
erly / 


'Continued as above. 

' Continued etc. 

Itl was during y* sitting of this Court severall tyines pub- 
lit!qly by the Cryer of this Co" Proclayined to y° lienring A 
warning of y* Peo^ile viz* as followeth — That all manner of 
persona whoe haue or Clayme any Lands or Letts of ground, 
yffth jp y« Jurisdiction of this Co" of new Castle are hereby 
ogaine desicred & Requiered to Come it nccontpt A pay their 
Errier of y* quit Kents due for y* same w'*" in this Tuwne of 



New Castle, according to Lnwe & orders heretofore publislit, 
betwccnc this & y* first of y* month of ninrch next upon payne 
of such forfeiture ns y*s^ Lnwe & orders is Exprest. 

The Co** being Informed thul notw^^'stiinding y* mnnifold 
warnings desires & the tyme given by the Co" to Miiry y*^ wid- 
dow and Rehct of doctor Jordins A to 'hur brothers in hur 
behalfe, to bring in if (Iiey could any thing to Shew & hinder 
the seizing & Condemning of y* Letts A Land of y* s" doctor 
Jordins Lying in Tliis Towne A County, w"** hetherto they 
could not doe; Thiit nntwithsUniding y* same, shee the f^ 
widdow had made severall reileclions upon y* CV" Injustice 
done to hur y* s** widdow : by ordering tliat y* s^ Jjotts should 
bee publicqly sould to y"^ most bidders for y" sattisfying of y* 
severall Cre^lito" of y" s'' Estate of doctor Jordins in this 
County whoe by due Corns of Law had ohtayntd Judgeni" for 
their Respective debts & J-aid their attaehni'* upon y^same 
Lotts *fe Land as y** Estate of s** doctor Jordins: Tlie Court 
therefore this day againe sent for y« b^ Mar)' Widdow afores** 
in Court <fc againe demanded what shce could shew touching 
y'= premisses, but y* b^ widdow producing nothing, Tho Co" 
thought good to give hur tyme upon hur desire until next 
Court day. 

Apeared in Co" Thorn : Spry of New Castle Chimrgeon 
whoe aknowledged the Transporting and makeing ouer unto 
Jacob Joung of St Georges Creeke of a Certayne parcel of Land 
of IGO acres, Lying in St Georges Ci-eek togcather w*** y* plan- 
tation thereupon w*^ S^ transport bears date 2^ february 16f| 
and is Recorded alt Large in y Records of Patients. 

Apeared in Court Cole Poulsen of Christina Crceko whoe 
aknowledged a deed A transport bearing date 4"' day of feb- 
niary IGJJ unlo M' Abnim Man for y* niakoing ouer unto 
him tlio taid Abram Man bis heirs and assignes Iwoo sixth 
parts of brtad & Cheese I^hind A y" housing etc : and one third 
part of 240 acres of Land besydes, as by y* s** original trans- 
port Recorded in y" Rccoi"ds of Patients more att Large may 



Thom : Spry P" 1 An^i r* n i^i *• j 

*. ^ « /■ 2'"' Co" Continued. 


John Darby P" » This action was by y* P" 

Robberd HUTCHIK80N Def^ / witbd la Court. 

The following Letter to his Excel!'' the Governn' was &[>- 
pointed to bee wrilt : 

Right Honof***' S» 

Of late wee haue Received none of yo' Excell : Comands, 
This is Cheefly occasioned upon y* Request of severall of y* 
Planters Inhabitants of this County, whoe are debtors to yo' 
Excoll : wheat for y* quit rents of their Lands & being often 
before & nowe of Late i)ublicqly warneiJ l>y y* Receiver M' 
Ephraim hermon to pay their s** quit rents w**" out further de- 
lay this spring (upon penalty as in yo' Excell : former orders 
is Exprest.) They doc declare to have noe wheat *& nothing 
else then Tobbacco w*^' M' barman refusing to Receive, he de- 
claring to have noe orders from 3'0' Excell : to Receive Tobb: 
on 8*^ ace*. Itt is therefore their most humble Request that yo' 
RxccU : will bee pleased according to his wonted gcodnefpe to 
allow them to pay their s'' quit rents in lobb : alt such a 
Reoeonable rate as yo' Excel! : shal bee pleased to put thereon, 
the Custome being in the neigbouring Colonies 2'* per tt», 
otherwayes severall i>erson8 will necessarily forfeit their Lands 
A Livings. Furthermore wee most liumbly request yo' Excell : 
to direct us for o' Rule whether quit rents nnist bee paid for 
Lands forfeited for want of settlement, that is to ?tiy if those as 
doo afterwards ohtayno y" same forfeited L^inds are Lyable to 
pay the arrier of quit rent due of y* first possessors from y* 
tyme of its first taking up or noe, also whether those whoe 
haue forfeited tlioir I^inds for want of Setllem*, and themselves 
Requesting a new grant for such their forfeited Land (if not 
granted before their request to others, are to bee preferred, if 
they make present settlement and also y" Trf)ngefit tyme to all 
persons for settlem* of their l^nds. 


S': there's one Evert Branlie whoe haueing ben Iinploycd 
in y* tymo of y* Commmidere & sence here as a Bouldicr for to 
f/ooko after y* forte armea & amunition and a^ Evorl Urnntie, 
being ancient & verry Poore, doth ninst biiinUy Intreut yo' 
Kxcell : to nllowo him some pay for y* tyme sence Capt" Bil- 
lop's departure hence; i\w humbly desiorinpf ytf Kxcell : fur- 
tber to order us whether y^ s^ Evert UratUie shall bee any 
Ivonger Continued in pay as a SouldierA also whether y* forte 
or house of defence here (w*** wanU^ verry much repair) must 
bee repaired & how y*' meanes thereof sliail bee found. Laestly 
wee understanding that a new CommiKsion for inagestrates is 
by yo' Excell : appointed to bee sent and M*" Abram Man one 
of y* mngistrnlcd now in Conimission haueing jmt up his name 
A Intending this spring for England wee therefore humbly 
p'sent M' hendrik AVilliams and James Walliam as p'"£ons fit- 
test to bee put in Commission if yo^ Excell : soe llunkes titt, 
in y" roomo of M' Man : The Enlargeni' of y" County up A 
downward as far as St Jone's wee humbly Conscive would for 
y* Convenieucy of y* People be necessary. M*" Pocoek arry ved 
hero about three wcekos sence & hope lie will duely Execute 
the place wherein hy yo' Excell : hoe is [lut, newes wee hauo 
Little of Certainty Iiere ult p'sent, all LhiugH Cnnliiming wel 
as before, notiiing more mateiial oiTering woe Conclude Pray- 
ing y* almighty to Continue yo' Excell: in health & pros- 
perity wee remainc A Uightly subscrybo o'aelves. 
Right i{ono'"«S' 
New CasLle Yo^ Excell most humble 

feb 4* 16H & faithfull serv*» 

John Moll 

JOH : D*]IAG8. 

The Co" adjorncd till y* first Teusday in March next. 





Alt a meeting of }■• Justices held in New Castlo feb IS"* 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M^ Joh : D'hnes 

Joseph Moore (alias) marshiill being run away from middle- 
sex County in y* Province of Virginia, aiid haucing Intyced 
and taken w*** him fower servants belonging to their Refipect- 
ive masters and also a boale and ether goods, and being pursued 
by James Parker of y* s"" County of middlesex and appre- 
hended hero \v**'in y* precincts of this Court; being this day 
brought before y* Justices of this ])lace, was found upon exami- 
nation guilty of y' aboves^ fact and Confessed furtlicr that hce 
had changed his name and Lykewyse had shott a bullock of 
some persons by y** way : Itt was thought good by y" Justices 
aboves^ that lie y* said Joseph mora for these and other his 
former misdemeanours and for an example to others bee first 
liere publicqly whit 24 Lashes and y* bee then Imcdiately bee 
Bent buke w"* y* s*^ James Parker to Virginia to ye place bee 
came from, and doo further for Ever bannish him y* s*^ Joseph 
Moore or Marshall out of y^ precincts of this Kiver of Delowar. 

This sentence was put In Execution y" same day above 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castlo by his may"" 
Authority Marcli the 2<* & 3" ISfJ. 

M^ John Moll 

M' Peter Alrichs 

M' fopp outhout 
Psent M' Gerrett otto } Justices. 

M' Joh: D'haes 

M' Abram Man 

Capt" Edm : Cantwell High Sherrife. 



TuoMAs Harms P* 
Rich: Whitton I)ef* 
Tlie P" demands of this deP by ncc* y Fume of twoo hun- 
dercd <fe fourthy pounds of Tobbooco for w** hce hath attached 
f>ome porke of this dt»f* in y* hands of James C^wford, to y* 
tjuantity of 200 fl) A humbly Craues Judgem* w**" Costs & that 
liis i^ attachm* may bee allowed of w**' Costs ; Jacob Joung 
not apjiearitig acconling to ordtT of y* T^est Court ; Tlie Court 
doe thinko fitt to order Judgem' to bee Enterred ag** y* def 
for 240 ft) of tobb A doe alio we of y^ attach m* in y* hands of 
James Cravvfoixl on j-* porke w*** Costs. 

MAcmBh Bakon Appell* <fe P" 

HiPOLKT Latevrr ik 1 J -„ 

Jon.N Pj.KDfiKU / 

Tho P'^ (liJiueing apixjaltHl from y*' Judgcm' of y* Court att 
fcjalein of y* O"* of februnr)' Lacst past about a pecce of Laud 
Called qui«ttetting Containing COO acres) declares iu substance 
OS followeth v\'i} — 1* That hee y* P^ had by a gener^* grant 
from Govomo' Cartret Long before y* division of y* Province 
was made had purchazed this Land Called quiettetting from 
y* Indian pixtprieto" 2^ Thai the same Lend was Confirmed 
unto him by John Edmund & Will: Tom, Mayo' fenwikes 
agents A by their ordt*r 8ur\'eiged by TK-nn,* Parker then Sur- 
veigo*" 3^ That hoe y* P'* for several yeare past had made some 
beginning of settlem' on 8* Land but was hindered by mayo^ 
fenwikes threats He 4**'*' That y" Indians when they sould the 
other Landn to mayo' fenwike had Exempted all J^nds w** 
before were by Ihem sould or aliened to others etc : as by y* 
originall declaration upon y* fyll more alt Large dolh & may 

The def* Reply that that I^iid of quiettetting w* a greater 
quantity to y* number of 6000 acres was sould unto them by 
mayo' fenwike ; That ilt was survciged unlo them by fenwikes 
order and y' they have had three years quit posscssioD of part 



in y® name of y* whole 6000 acres, That this P" has forfeited 
Ilia Intrest by nott settling in soe many years, as by y* Lawes 
& Limitations bee was obliged to doe etc. 

Clirinlopb^ Sanders a quacker dtH;lni*es y* y* Liicat Fall heo 
huueing made a ainiill house upon quiettetting I^nd by John 
Pledgers oMcr, llireo Indians came tliere in a Rude manner 
nnd HOC well ns the declarant could understand they sayed to 
him that H sleepcs raoro Baron would come and make a wig- 
wam on y" Land and further y* heo y" attestant thereujwn 
lofl llie I>and till y* Controversy should bee Ended betweeno 
John Pledger &. niuchicl Baron. This hee aBrnies to bee 
y* truth & nothing but y* truth and hath attested y* same 
in Co'* w*** his hand marke: X. 

Justice fop oulhout swomo in Court declares, that about y" 
Latter end of y* Jeare 167n, this deponnnt wns desiered by 
Mnyo' fenwike to bee p'seut & one of y* Interpreters when t** 
fenwiko bought y* Lnnd of the Indian Proprietors, and that 
the bargaino was w*** y* Indians that mayo' fenwike should 
have all y* Land then more particularly mentioned Except- 
ing Such I^nds as they had iSonld & disposed of before and y« 
depon* sayeth well to Remember that that distinction was by 
y* Indiana made and morcouer that the Indians then Lyke- 
wyse would haue had him drawe y* wrytings but that mayo' 
fenwike Refused that tt drcwe the wrytings himselfe. Roynier 
van Eyst sworne declareth that mach : Baron a year agoo gaue 
order to him & his brother Abram to goe and build a house 
on quiettetting Land, and y" deponant sayes that hee and his 
brother did accordingly goe & fell trees A did cut them out 
for a Log house & planted [wach stones but bad weather hap- 
ening & y* depon* haueing noe shelter there they came away, 
and y* deponant sayeth that this was before John Pledger 
made any beginning of building on y"* Land. Thom : Nouh^ 
& Williiim Warner sworne declare that when by M' Pledgers 
order a house was first built upon quielting Land A. Come 
planted, that then there was no© Improovem* made on y* Land 
by m' Haron Excepting 3 or 4 trees fell, and further say not. 



Kxnmiiiation of y* Case did tliinke fitt 
(both jiarlees Hwiuiesiu thert'tinto) lo 
Keferr y* Case to a Jury, wlioo Lyko- 
wyse hauciiig hcurtl y* dcbaU-a of both 
fKartws nnd y* papers & Evidences Ex- 
HiJiined & Keceiviiig their Charge. 
went out and Returning brought in 
tbeir verdict as followtth viz* Wee find 
for y* dePag* y* 1'" v^ Costs of suite. 
The Court doe passo Judgoin' according 
to verdict. 

The Court upon 
names of y* Jury 
James Walliam 
John Darbv 
James yanderlins 
Caspores liermaii 
John Williams 
hend : Williaois 
Phil : Pocock 
John Can 
Tho ; Spry 
Sam : Beruquer 
John Taylor 
John Ogle 

^ , I Tl»edef»«3'« default. 


7 March ifliJ Exc The P»' demands of def by balhnice of 
cui: I«u«l uut. ^j.^, ^., g^i^jg ^f ^jjg Imndereti <fe ninety 

eight gildei-s 15 styvers for w^ hee Craucs Judgem' w"* Costs 
and that his attacbm' for eoe mutch of y* def^ Effecla in y* 
hands of John Darby may be allowed. 

The def* haueing ben absent tliis three following Court 
daycs, and y" P" hnueing in Court made outh to his ace* in 
Court, The Court ordered Judgem' to hve Enterred against y* 
def* for y" ^ 198 gilders 15 styvers w* y« Costs, and doe 
allowe of y* attachm* on y* deP* Eflecls in y" hands of John 

Upon y* Request of Mist" Maria Blocq, The Court doe grant 
t!mt shef y* s^ mary Blocq may Cause Imr Land ntt Swanwykc 
to bee Resurveiged shoe not Exceeding y* bounds of bur piittent 
& when y" Resurveig io made that hur neigbours of each sydo 
may bee p^sent or that lit boc w**" their Cognisance that soe noe 
p'^son may bee Injured & that all future stiyfes & Contentions 
may bee avoydcd. 

390 becords of the couet of new castle. 

Samuel Bercq" PH 
Abram Man Dcf 

The deP not liaueing some material papers w*** him in nul- 
dinosso the Case is referred til next Co**. 

Upon the desire of Dom : Petrus Teschennnrker The Co'* dov 
grant him au oi'der for liis Biilury iig'^ the E:^Uites of Ralpli 
Hutchinson and Lucuss Ebell And now and for yf future, Its 
y* opinion of y* Court that y* domeni Teschermarker for his 
aalarj* is to bee & haue Execution and profierence ag** y* Es- 
taten of all those that hnuu signed or proniiss^id him lownrd8 
his maintaynance. 

Its ordered that Thomas Snowden and Elizabeth his wyfo 
doe both appeare here alt y* next Court or soc soon sliec y* 
s** Elizabeth shall bee able after delivery of bur Chyld fur to 
Clearo themselves of y"' words spocken touching y* murtheiing 
of their Chyld etc : Justice Otto to see y* they apptare as p' this 

JusTA Andriks & his wyfe Aei.tie P"" 1 in an aetion of 
Jan Anwiiess Staalcop Def I Defamation. 

The Case is by tlie Co" reflerred till next Court day, as when 
all yo wittuesses are personally to appeare, and also Ju£tii 

Upon Complaint made by Justice A brum Man as overseer 
of y* higliway on y* other syde of Christina against Jan Ger- 
ritsen for not workeiiig att y* highway & disobeying of y* S* 
Justice his warrant. The Court haueing heard y* deffeuce made 
by him y* s*' Jan Gerritze doe see Cause to Condennie him y" 
s** Jan Gerrilzen lo pay a fyne of fower hundered ft of toblK> 
according to former order to y' use of the overseer an*! y* itsI 
of those that workt att y* highway, and the Costs. 

James Sundcrlins in behalfe of Marmaduko Randall pre- 
ffered in Co** a'peticon shcweing that hee y* s** marmaduke 
some ytyircH past did purehazc a pecce of Land of John Test 
Contjiyning 300 acres Eying & being in St Georges Creekc, for 
w** s<i Land hee y* s"^ Pcticon' had paid y* quitrent I.acst 


Jeare A. was willing to pay itt thifl yoare, w^ s^ Lund as lioe 
y* Peticoii' is Informed is by llic Court Exclieatcd for want of 
settlement. Tlie Petieon"" therefore humbly Dosiered y'^ Co" to 
take itt in Consideration that hce y® S^ Murmtuliike had ben a 
prizoncr in Turkey, and to order that bee might liauo the 
Land againe etc. 

The Co*^' anew Kxamining the Case doe 6nd that the aboves** 
Land was three tymes sould from one lo another before itt was 
bought by marmadukeand notwithstanding never a-syett any 
Improovement or settlcm* made thereon w** is aUogother Con- 
trary to I^wo & Regulucons, luid therefore Kxchoated, and 
scnce y* Court can not Ijiwfully Hecall their former grant & 
order therein unto Roelof andrios & Jacob Aorlaeii They doo 
therefore Keferr y^ Peticou' to his Excel! y* Govemo' att New 
Yorke for his Excell* order and determination therein. 

The Executors of Dirk Albert- 1 j,|, 

BEN deceased J 

Evert hkxdrk:ks fin DeP 

The P" demands of y* def* by ace* y* sunie of one hundored 
& Eighty one gilders A nineteen styvers for w*** they Crane 
Judgem* w*** Costs. The def* still remayning absent & not 
bringing in hia Contra ace* as heretofore hoe had promissod to 
doe : The Court did grant Judgera' ag" y* def* for 181 gilders 
& ninctcenc styvcts, provyded that y* P" shall deduct and 
aUowe all & whatsoever the def* shall Justly make appcare to 
haue paid in part of y* s^ def* as aboves^. 

UiHin the Peticon of Samuell Pietersen, The Court doe grant 
him Liberty to take up w**" in y* precincts of tliia Co^ Juris- 
diction three hundered acres of Land w*^** heretofore has not 
ben grante<l taken up or Improoved by olliors, hee Peticon' 
seating A Improoveing y* same accortling lo Lawe order and 

Upon the Peticon of Hans Petoracn Patascus, The Co^ do© 
permit him to take up w*** in the CV Jurisdiction Twoo hun- 
dered acres of Land w*^* heretofore has not been granted taken 



up or Improoved by others, Provytlod y* Peticon'" so.its <fe Im- 
proovos y* same according to Ijawo Regulucoiis and orders. 

Upon tho Peticon of Peter hendricx of Shilpattikill ; The 
Court doe grnnt A permit him to take upTwoo hundred acres 
of Land w*" in tiicir Jurisdiction, Provydeil he© seats and Ini- 
proovcs y" siitne, uccording to Lawo Rogulacona and ordeiTi 
and y* the s** Ijind whereon the Peticon^ shall pitch bee not 
granted taken up or Improoved before by others. 

Upon the Peticon of Peter hendriks, Tho Co" doe grant 
that hee may Cause his Land att Schitpats Kill to bee Kesur- 
veiged, Provyded hoe dolh not Exceed y* bounds of his 
Patient ; and that y* adjoining neigbours bane notice thereof; 
that 8O0 noo i>^son may thereby bee Injured & that all future 
(intention may bee avoided. 

Upon the desire of bans Pulersen, Justice Abrara Man de- 
clart'd in open Court tbiU hee did not know or had not sayed 
that bans Petersen Jiad taken a false oath or tliat hee was a 
Hogue ; but that all what hee had sayed was this that hee had 
heard that bans Petersen bad furmerly gon about to hire a 
man to sweare for him & further nott. 

Edmund Cantwkix P'* 

Henry Boama.v Def* 
Upon y® Kcqut*st of Henrdrik Vanden Biii^h y* Baylo of y* 
def* dcsicring that this action might bco Continued ]>rotnissing 
to pay the debt in case of y* def*" non appearance att the next 
Conrt; Tlie Co" did grant y" s^ bendrika Request & y" action 
to bee conliuuod. 

Geo: Oldfikm) & Pikternklla his wyfe Exec-\y,io, 

ul* of Capt" Juhn Carr deceased / 

Maky widdow of HANS Bixk-q deceased Def* 

The P" not appearing nor any attorney for him & noe de- 
claration Eiitcrred, njwn y* dof** Re<piest a nonsuit is ordoreil 
og« y« P^* w»'' Costs. 



Mathias nEKTKLeKN P'* 1 An altuchni' upon a grapplin 
JusTA Anpries Def* / in y* liands of Jun Boe.ver. 

P" ftiid (let'' both Hlisont & noo declaration Enlerred a non- 
suit was ordered w"*' Costa. 

Upon the Pelicon of Will : Philips The Oonri doo gmnl & 
permit him to take up w"'in this CJouris Limit* Twoo hiin- 
dered acres of Land, w'* heretofor hath not ben granted taken 
up or Iinprooved by othere, Provydud the Poticou' Scales & 
Improoves y* Banie according lo Lawe Regulacons & orders. 

Lltaohni' for 250 & of 

}An iLltao 

Edmund Cantwkll P" 

John Bkucqueh Def* 

The def* absent y* action for y* lirst tynie is Coutinued. 

Upon the Peticon of John Tiiylorof duke CreekeTlie Court 
doe grant & pcnnit him to take up w**'in the Jurisdiction of 
Ihis Court Twoo linndered acres of Land w*^** herelofnr is not 
granted taken np or Improoved by others, tlio Peticon*" Seating 
& Improoveing y^ same according to Lawe Regulacons and 

Upon the. Pelicon of John Taylor of Appoquonemen : The 
Co" doo grant that hee y" Peticon"" may Cause his Ijxnd being 
250 acres bougt of Walter Wharton deceased the Land by hira 
y" fi* Taylor taken up by a grant of this Co" to bee Resur- 
veiged, hee not Intruding upon other mens I^nd, and keep- 
ing the Court harmiosso uf future troubles & Coutcutions. 

A n nllachm* upon y® def*" tobb. 


John iJKKcm'KK Def' / 

The dcP Absent this action is for y® first time Continued. 

Upon the Peticon of Tliom : 8pry The Co" doe grant A per; 
mil him to take up within y" precincts of this Court twoo hun- 
dered acitw of Lund, w*^ hetX'loforo is not granted taken up or 
Improoved by others hoe Seating & Improoveing the same 
according to Lawe Kcgulacons and orders. 

Mar}' the widdow of Doctor John desjardins being this day 
flgoiuc seut for in Court and deniuoded what shee could pro- 



duce or showe to hinder A disariDul the former sales of >• 
Lotts of doctor Jordiiis w^Hn this Towne of New Castle, sould 
by publicq outcry by y* Courts order for y® payment of y* 
Creditors of hur s** deceased husband, here etc ; ahee tlie 8^ 
Mary produced a puper writt in frencb ; w'^^ being Read A 
luterpreted the substance thereof was; that doctor Jordins did 
declare to beo Esfwused to y* s^ Mary and that all what shoe 
should bring w^ hur to him if hee dyed w'** out Children, 
should Uctum to hur etc and slice the s^ inary suposed the 
same to bee a Joyiiture and by verlure thereof slice Claymed 
all the Estate w*^" doctor Jordins had w* hur & sence from 
Isncq Taync hur father deceased. The Co"* Rightly & Ma- 
turely deliberating y* case; doe give their opinion of y* s** 
Paper & Judge itt to bee noe Joynlur nor of sulllcient force 
to debarr y® Creditors from tlieir Rights for y* following 
Reasons, vi?} first because the s** paper is not of y* nature of a 
Joyiitur — 2^^ by Reason itt was not writt or Recorded by any 
Clarke or publicq person, and never knownc of til of Late — 
3diy By Reason Itt is Conditionally that if sbee gott noe Chil- 
deren by Inni w*^'' if shee did (as shee has) (hat then the Estate 
should bee soe & soc parted, now Cliililren cannot wel Inher- 
rit before y® debts are paid. 4*' Itt is saved in y" s** paper 
that shee should banc what slice then broiigt w^ hur to him ; 
this was before niarriadge, and y* Lotts & Land w^** the Credi- 
tors haue aitache<I and are sould; the same were by Isacq 
Tayne & Jan Biscq made ouer to doctor Jolin Dcsjardins his 
heirs & assignes, y" 7*^ of November 1077 as by y" records 
wil apeare : Att w^^ tyme & Long aflcr til now of Late this 
pretence of y* s^ Mary was not knowne. The Co" therefore 
for a fynall End and delerminacon doe Referr the »•* mary 
to his Excell : the Goveruo' att new Yovke for his Result & 
order in y'= buisnesse. 

John foster was this dny Swome undcrshorrife of this Co** of 
part of y* Lower End of y" County & at appoqueneinen in y* 
roome of Lucas Ebell deceased. 

Upon the Peticou of huybert francis The Court doe grant 



& permit him to tiiko up w^ iu this Courts Jurisdictiou twoo 
hundcred acres of Land w*'*' hath not ben heretofore granted 
taken up or Improoved by others, hee seating & Improoveiog 
y' same Land according to Lawe Regulacons & orders. 

Upon the motion of John Ditrhy Itt is by y* Court ordered, 
tliat all what M^ Darby shall Lawfully pay upon y* Execution 
of Robberd butchinsou of y* Tobb: that was formerly Ralph 
hutcbinsons, that hee y® s*' Darby shall liaue discharges from 
y* Executors of Ralph's Estate or Receipts Indorsed on y* bake 
of y" bill from s'* Darby to Ralph buU-hinsou. 

Apeared in Court Casparea hcrroan whoe then <fe there ak- 
nowledged y" makeing ouer of — acres of land in Arcntics 
Creeke unto Jan Biscq marten gcrritzen and Matbias Mathiass 
de vos ; w*'*' s^ transport it y® pattent are both alt I^rgo Re- 
corded in y® records of Lands. 

Appeared in Court Peter Alrichs & Thomas Woollaston 
whoe produced the Laeat will and Testament of Ral]>h hutch- 
inson deceased desiering that according to y" Tennor of y* a"* 
will there migtit bco granted orders of administration unto 
them togotlier w*^ James Walliam etc: whereupon the s^ will 
being publicqiy Rend in Co^ Cupl" Edmund Cautwell Philip 
Pocock and Will : Still the witnesses to y* same wore sworne 
in Co" wlioe declared that the same will produced in Court 
was Ralph hutcbinsons Lacst will and Testament: The Co" 
thereupon did grant unto them y' s^ Pieter Alriohs, James 
Walliam and Thomas Wooliaston an order to administ' ac- 
cordingly that y* 8** wil be Reconled and y* y* s** administra- 
tors Cause an Inventory and appraizem' to beo made of y* 
Estate of y* s^ Ralph hutcbinson deceased ; and that they 
make Returne thereof and give in security according to Lawo 
att y" next Courlday. 

Hendrik Vanden Burgh & John Kan vera by y* Co" aj>- 
poioted to bee y" appraizers to appraize y" Estate of Ralph 
hutcbinson of this Towno of Now Castle deecaaed : followcth 
the Laest will & Testament of Ralph hutcbinson deceased. 

In the namo of Cud Amen I : Ralph hutcbinson being 



weukc of botldy but blessed be God iu fterfect sence nnd uiem- 
01 y doc inukc OonsLitutc and appoint tliis to be my hucbl'Win 
*fe Testiiment, Kevokcing all other wil or wills wbatsomever and 
this only to bee my Latest Will & Ttslanicnt. In the name of y* 
father and of y" son and of y' Iioly gost Amen, Committing ray 
Boule into y* hands of Almighty God and my boddy to the 
Karth and all my worldly goods to b(« diiijx)scd in nDanner 
and forme following. Item I : will and bequeath unto Capt" 
Nicolls his wyfe one bill due from Daniel Sileuantof fairfield. 
Itom I : will and bequeath uiito M** Piutor Alrichs my Plush 
Saddle and I give unto Wessol Alrichs the maro alt John 
Cokses. Item I give and bequeath the t woo C0U5 of that mare, 
to John Ogles Twoo sons, and fewer ])ound8 due from I^K-kerand 
Jones arskin. Horn I : will and bequeath unto James WaUiams 
five pounds in y" best i>ny of y* Ilivor duo to mee. Item I : wil 
& bequeath unto Thomas Woollaston fyve jiounds in y® best 
pay of y* Kiver due to me. Item, I : give y* Cross Cut Sawe 
and axes and things att John Garret^iens to y^ said Woolhistou, 
Item, I : give unto his wyfe some uupkins and Table Linnen 
Ihals in the Chest, Item : I give unto Jklary Woollaston The 
&o;rcs att John 8miths, Item I: give unto John Darby the 
mare Running u(Hin y® Island Item, I give unto y*> daughter 
of APSempil the monnysdue from John Anderson of Christina 
to buy a Coate, Item I : give uuto Anu Woollaston the monnya 
due to mee from Swart Jacob to buy hur Cloathes, Item I : 
give & bequeath unto my Bruther Robert hutchinson my 
gray suite and my sarge suite and y* Land at Poppler neck, 
<tr if heo bee not crapable of using itt to bee put in y'' hands of 
some one for y^ maintaynanco of him and twoo shirts, Item I : 
give unto nmond bedford six oyled skins that are in n)y 
Chest, and also I : give and l>e<iueHth unto my nnkle John 
bedford fower thousand pounds of Tobbacco; and my Planta- 
tion att Christcen Creeke if not sould to my sisters use if the 
debts bee 6utlisf>ed w^' y" other Consernes, and if that my 
said brother Robbnrt doth Contiime in y" disabled Condilion 
wee understand hce is in I : ulsoe will and bequeath the pat- 



tents thats assignofi ouer to mee from Benjamin Nettelsbip 
perchazed ougt to mayo' fenwikea Collony but In case of his 
mortality I : bequeath ilt to my brother & sister m ould Eng- 
land or their use, and y* Rest of the over{)lus of my Estale 
when my debts bee sattisfyed, to y® discretion of my father <fe 
mother I : will A bequeath itt and all feunerall Charges sattis- 
fied : alsoe I further appoint Peter Alrichs and James Walliam 
and Thomas Woollaston of New Cnstle in y" province of New 
Yorko to bee my ndmitiistrators & Executors upon my Estate 
according to usu.rll Custome, Given under my hand & sealo 
this 16'" day of lebmnry A. " 16H- 
signed sealed and (was signed) 

delivered in y'^ p'senco of as Rai.i-h iiUTrniNSoN L S. 

Will: stili. Tymkn SrinnKM. 
pH : Poc<x;k Kd : Cantwell. 

Jan Pieterseii was this day chosen appointed and swome 
Constable of Appoquenomen in y® Roome of John foster for 
y* space one yeare or til Another bee sworne in his place. 

John Dabby P' 

Rob : hutchinsox DeP 

Hkxi>rik Williams 


JonN Cocx of Mnrvland P" 

This action waa by 
>■ the P»* with- 

J'^f. Jwithd:byyP' 

The Estate of J° Shackkkly \ry n 
deceased f 

Edmitnd Cantwell P" 

The Estate of J** Shackerly DeP 

Thom : Spry 

Ditto Estate of J*» Shack : 

This is yM**" Court 
day the act : is 
Continued for 
y* Reasons Brst 

• Continued as above 
■ Continued as above 



QABRIEL MINVIELLK by Edm ^ 1 pu ") 

Cantwell his Bttorn: / > Continued as above 

Ditto Estate of J** Shackeri.y Def* J 

John Oole 

Ditto Estate of J* Shack : 

Era : Herman 

Ditto Estate of J° Shack: 

pit 1 

^ ^ > Continued as above 

DeP / 

pii ■» 

^ ^ > Continued as above 

Def* i 

Hans Jurian 


Lasse Andries 


John Rycraft 


Henry Dull 


}withd partees 

j- partees agreed. 

The Co'^ adjourned till !■* Teusday in April next. 


Wee underwritten tlie Justices of This Towno of New Castle 
Doe hereby Certifie That upon the Request of Justa Andnes 
wee hauo made Examinacoii and doo fiend that there was 
heretofore in y* yeare 1675 souM and made ouer by Rob : 
Scot Josyn y* widow of John Marshall deceased John Cosins 
and John Boeyer unto him y* said Justa Andries a seartaine 
Pattent for fouer hundered acres of Land Lying and being in 
C-ristina Crceke aforesaid betweene the Land of Jau Staalcop 
<t y*' mill Creeko as by y" said Pattent baring; date y* first of 
octoher 1GC9 may more att Large appeare but by y^ neglect of 
the former Clercq M"" William Tom (as is supposed) nothing 
Can bee found upon Record thereof however Living wittnesses 
To wilt John Rotyerand Josyn marshall and others doe attest 
y* there was sucli a Transport Past In y* Court of newCastle 
In wiinesse Whereof wee haue herunto sett o^ hands att New- 
Castle this 15 day of March 16f|. 

(was signed) 

JoHK Moll 
Pieter Alrichs 
J : d'haes 
Will : Sempill 

urtords op the gourt of »bw cAstle. 


Att a Speciall Court held upon y« Request of M' Humphrj' 
Ouyn : in the Towne of New Castle in Delowar this 24"" day 
of march 16}|. 


John Moll 
Pieter Alrichs 
■ Joh : D'haea 
William Sempill ^ 

■ Justices. 

In an nclion 
upon y* Case. 

Hdmpdry Guyn as the At- \ p„ ' 
torney of John Delawood ( 

Casfauks Herman Def- 

The P'* sheweth that >•■ s** John Pelawoo<l hath a servant 
absented himnelfe out of his servis named John Kallet a Lad 
of about 16 years of adge, and taken up in Maryland by M' 
Cas])Hres herman of this River & wrongfully detayned from y* 
s" John Delawood ; and therefore humbly Praycth that y" 8^ 
Gaspares herman may bee ordered to appeaie before yo' worpp* 
to shew Cause why he detayneth the s** servant. The dof 
Caspares herman denyes the P'*" declaration & Replyea that 
hee being Ernestly solicited & Inlrcatcd by James Parker as 
t' cheef & y* olhcrs that came in pursuit of y* Kuunway ser- 
vants from middlesecx County in Virginia did after Long per- 
suasion make an ahsohith agreement w'^ them that In case 
hee y* s"* Caspares Ilermnn should goo in pursuit and appre- 
hend y* servants, hee then to haue the choice of one of them 
for his paynes; and that pursuant toy* s^ agreement hee went 
after y* s^ servants and w'*' a great deal of paynes Trouble & 
Charge, apprehending them, did first of all pitch uiK>n Thomas 
Ballard servant to Bartholomew Austin but afterward being 
Long solicited & Intrcnted by James Parker somerseth dauids 
Thorn : hasselt & y* others to take the boy by name John 
Callet in the Roouie of y* servant Thorn : Ballard, hee att 
Laest agreed thereunto: and thcrcui)on w*** y" Consent & 
approbation of nil the partecs above named the s^ Boy servant 
John Callet was delivered to him & was by summerset dauids 
himselfe Conveiged to his house in Delowar, from whence hee 



then also tooke & Received y® s* Thorn : Bnllard ; nnH further 
he© y* s^ Gaspares hcrmati produced in Court nn absolute bill 
of seale & assignm* for y" s** servant John Cullct : fit>m under 
y" hand of hiui the s** James Parker bearing y* 14 day of 
february 16J^ and sayes that h-ee out of Compassion (seeing 
that they had nothing w*** them) did pay Gratis ouer & above 
his agreement y*sume of one hundered & twenty gilders (o 
persons in Delowar for charges about y*'takeing up of y* s** 
servants, all Iiec y* s* Ciispares Iierman Proffers to Proove 
more amply & to y* full sattisfaction of all y* woHd by above 
a double number of sufficient wittnesses if itt bee rcquiered & 
y' tymo bee given for y* summoning of them. 

The Court Examining y* Case & Iwing partly sensible of itt 
themselves doe Judge tlie def* Gaspares hormans allegations 
True : and sence M*" James Parker by hue & Cry from y" Lord 
Baltimore was only & Cheefly Consenied, and that Gaspares 
herman (noe p''8on in tlieso parts quesiioning the s** Parkers 
pouwer) has houcslly Earned a servant & pnid ouer and above 
his agreement 120 gilders Gratis and has nn absoluth deed of 
sale & assignmen* from y* s^ James Parker for y* s^ servant 
John Cellet. The Court doe therefore Judge that In Equity 
y* g* servant John Oellet doth belong to him y* s^ Gaspares 
herman : but notwithstanding NP James Parker if hee had no© 
power to dispose of y* s** servant Is livnblc to make reasonable 
sattisfaction to this P'" Imployer Jolin Dehiwood. 

Followeth y* Coppy of y* assignmen* by Gaspares herman 
produced in Court. 

Know all men by these p'senls that I : Jnmes Parker of 
middlesex County iu Virginia haue bargained sould ni>d de- 
livered and doe by these p'sents bargainn & deliver unto Cas- 
par herman of delowar bay, on boy servant by name John 
Callet haucing Six yeares & throe months to son-o after the 
date hereof Lykewyse for the tymo hee absented himsolfe from 
his servis wich was y* 22 of January Laest past : Lykewyse I : 
James Parker doe wariant I ho sale of the aboves"* servant from 
any p'fion or p'sons whatsoever Laying Clayme to the servant, 



To Gaspares hermon bis bcirs or aasignes as witinesses my hand 
14''* of february 16f| in Boliemia. Lykewyse I : James Parker 
doe aknowledge to bnue Received full satlisfiictioii Rec** in 
hand ; as witncssc my hand. (was signed) 

(In niargine Testor) James Pahkkr. 

witnesses Tho : Hassold 

Anna Mahoret Hkrman. 

foUoweth the Coppy of y* Letter of attorney from John Del- 
awowl unto humphry Gwyn. 

To all to whome these p'sents sbal Come I: John Delawood 
of Gloucester County in Virginia send Greeting. M'liereas John 
Kellet ft I-add about 17 years old serviuit to mee the rf* John 
Delawood afores^ hath abeeiited himselfe and Runaway from 
my servia about 6 weekes or thereabouts nnd whereas y" a*' 
servant was taken up in niarylaml, and from hence Carrj^ed 
to delowar Bay and delivered to Caspares herraan w^''out any 
power or authority from mee his mfister to those whoe deliv- 
ered him. Know yee therefore that I : the a* John Delawood 
doe by these p^'sents authorize and Impower M' humphry 
Gwyn of Gloucester Countie in Virginia afores^ for mee and 
in my name to use all meanes possible for y* apprehending 
and securing of y" a^ Runaway servant and bringing him 
home to liis master; and if y* a fores" Gaspares Herman to 
whomc y" s*' servant umn was delivered Shall refuse to deliver 
him then y" s"* m*" Gwyn to take what course he best thinkes 
fitt for tho recover)' of him and whatsoever y* s^ m' humphry 
Gwyn shall act or doe in or about y* premisses 1 : doe hereby 
Ratify C-onfirme and allowe tlie same. In Testimony whereof 
I : hereunto sett my hand and seale this 2. day of March 1670. 
Signed sealed <fe delivered (was signed) 

in y* p'seuce of us : John Delawood L. S. 

Walt* Wuitakkr 

isacq poxcroft 

Claude Vallott 

James Parker 

RoBKRT I3e\*erly Pub** not: Virg". 



Att a Co" held by his maj'^" Authority in y* Towne of Ne« 
Castle Aprile y« 6* 1680. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 

P'sent M' Joh : D'haes [ Jostices. 

M' Abmm Man 
Capt" Edmund Cantwell High Sherrife. 

Jan Ericksen & hendrik Andriessen pTerring in Co" a peti- 
con shcwcing that they were Left as ovciseers of Hendrik 
Junsen an orpbant & Eldest son of Jurian Junsen deceased A 
thai the Land & farme belonging to j® s^ orphant att swan- 
wyke <fe now in y Tennure or occupation of hendrik Jansen 
fiybrants whoe had married the widdow of him y* s* Jurian 
Junsen ; is by the s<^ Tennaut quyt« spoyled all y* houses pulled 
downe A burned soe that y* s^ orphant when be comes to adge 
will haue Little good of itt. The Peticon' therefore desiering 
the Court to make Inspection in y* buisnesse <fe to order that 
y* 8* Land & farme bee sould & that y* monny Remaine for 
J* orphant etc. 

Whereujwn the neiglx)urs to witt Peter de witt Cornells 
Jansen Jan hulck & others being in Co" asked did declare 
that hendrik Jansen Sybrants doth dayly spoyle burne 4 pull 
downo y* houses & fences Insomuch that all is as good as 
spoyled etc. 

The Co" takeing all y* p'misos into Consideracon doe find 
& Judge itt for y" best of y® orphant that y* s'^ Land A farme 
bee sould ; and therefore doe order that y« s^ Land bee sould 
by public outcry to y* most bidder : the payment to bee made 
^ part w'^'in S years } part w'^in 6 years <fc J part the 7*** 
yeare, that the Land bee bound by mortgage untill y* pay- 
ment shall bo made by y" purclmzor to y* s*' orphant w"* y* 
Co"" approbation : that y* vendue master (in Regard y* tyme 
of payment is so Long) bee discharged, that all y® Charges bee 
paid by y* purchazer A In case this orpant hendrik Jurians 
should dye before hee bee of adge that then the monny fall to 
y" other Childeren. 



Samoell Bercquer P** 
Abram Man Def* 

Tliis action is againe Continue*! in Expectation that m' 
Clarko may bee up hows liinisolfe by y* next Courtday. 

John Moll P'* 
Symon Gibson Def* 

The P" demands of this def* by a note under y* def* hand 
bearing date 31" decemb' 1078 the sume of thirty shill: ster- 
ling moiiny or y® vallue thereof; T}ie P" Conftsscs the debt; 
The Co" tlieroupon orden'd Judgcra* to bee Enterred ag*' y* 
def* for y* s*' 30" sterl ; or tho vallue, w**^ y* Costs, and the 
ettachm* for soe mutch in tho hands of mary Blocq to be held 

In an action of slaun- 
der & defamation. 

Justa Andries and Aei.- i 
TIK his wyfe / 

Jan a^deiese Staalcop \ ^. - 
A Christina his wyfo J ^ , 

The def" both absent; upon the P^** request the following 
wittnefises were Examined A sworne in Co'*. 

Sara the wyfe of Mathias Mathiasse sworne declares that 
being upon y' wedding of Staalcops daughter, shee y* deponant 
ace <fe heard Staalcopa wyfe Challenge the Capp upon y* head 
of y* daughter of walraeven Jansen : A s^ Staalcops wyfe sayed 
further tliut shee could eweare that it was hur Capp A after- 
wards the deponant heard s^ Staalcops wyfe say that Justa's 
aeltie should Restore hur y" Capp or quoif againe & that itt 
was hurs. 

Christina the wyfe of walraeven Janss sworne in 00** de- 
clares upon oath that staalcops wyfe tould hur that shee had 
not don well to give y* quoife bake to Justa's wyfe, for that a 
theefe would bee found out by itt. 

Ann the wyfe of Will : Sandford sworne declares that shee 
heard Jan Staalcops wyfe Challenge y* quoife A my that itt 
was hurs. 



Robberd Whyte sworno in Court declares thnt upon y* 23*" 
day of fobruan' being in Company in m*" Tymens bouse in 
Obrislina hce y^ deponant did hearo Jan Staalcop say to Justa 
Audries that his wyfe had atole a mutch or Capp from his 
wyfe, (he s** Justa siiyed wil you proove that, Jan Staalcop 
answered hee would doe it. 

William Cob was sworne before Justice Otto Ernest in upland 
County hia declaration is as followeth viz': Tliat upon y* 23^ 
day of february being in Company att M' Tymens house in 
Christina did heare John Staalcop call Justa Anderson his 
wyfe a theef to hia face but for what y* deponant could not tell- 

The Co'' did Continue this action until next Court day A. 
then Jan Staalcop to appeare. 

Henry Boaman sheweing by Peticoii & ace' in Co'* that 
Ralph hutchinaon deceased stand.s Justly Indebted unto him 
for a mare & otlier things the sume of £3 : 4", The Co" doe 
order that hee y" s* boaman (hee huueing made oath in Court 
to the Juslncssc of the debt) bee paid out of Ralph's Estate in 
his degree acconling to Lawe. By the Consent of the Ex- 
ecutors of Ralph hutchinson in Co'* Itt Avas agreed that m' 
Boaman should take his mare againe were hee can find hur & 
acquit y* Estate of Ralph of his s** debt 

Edmuxi) Cantwell P" "1 The def" 2*> default Con- 
JoHN Bercquer De(^ J tinned. 

JoH : B'HAES f'* lye dcf 2" default Continued. 

John Bercqukr DeP } "^ 

Ed-vund Cantwell P" 1 ^r-.uj i. ^ t^u ■ f^ ^ 

Jan Biscus 
Rob : Tallknt 

Itt being alledged in Co" that 
this def was verry sik the 
Case therefore by y* Co" 



Abram Man P* 

Arnolpus i>'Laoranoe Def* 

Upon the desire of M' J** Moll the dcf* fttlorncy the action 
i« Continued till next Court day. 

Upon the Peticon of WiUtHrn CInrke of Nieshambenios 
Creoke, The Co" doe grant A permit him to take up on y* 
west syde of this River w***in this Courts Jurisdiction twoo 
hundered acres of Land w*" heretofore hath not ben granted 
taken up or Improoved by others, hee y' peticon' forthwith 
making Improovements & seating y*' same according to orders 
and Regulaeoiis. 

Upon the Peticon of frank Walker the Co" do© Grant & 
permit him to take up w**'in this Co^ Jurisdiction Twoo hun- 
dered acres of Land w** heretofore hath not ben granted 
taken up or Improoved by others, hee y* Peticon' forthwith 
seating A Tniprooveing y* same according to orders & regu- 

Jonic Dabby P^' ) an atlaehai' in y« P"« o«me 

Rob : hutchinson Def ' / hands. 

This being y« first Court day the act: is Continued, y* def* 

Enqelbert LOTT P" \ ^, ^. , ..,, ^ _, ^ , 
_ . , IX « ? Contmued till next Court day. 

PiETEE Maeslands Def* J "^ 

William Philips 


John Moll 
Rob : Morton 

P^* \ partees ageed as Capt° 
Def* / well reports. 

pu ^ 
T, , J- Continued til next Co" 


_. . . ... , Itt was this day Resolved & ordet-cd by 

fijt uj. all r Chureh the Court and all People are hereby for- 
dooreforaii p'BOMto warned: not to take in board or shelter 
^^ any strainge p'son or p'sons whatsoever 

unlesse they will bee security for him or them & to kooiie y* 



County harmlcssc & Clcaro of Charges w'^'' might Eusue by y* 
decease or otJier misoarriadge &. misdemeanour of Sacfa per- 
sona see twkcii in & harboured as above. 

Upon tlio Peticon of Abram man y* Court doe grant him a 
Lett of ground of 60 foott broad next to y* Lett of Engelbert 
Lott or y* old forte provyded the s** Peticon' makes Improove- 
ments thereon according to Lawe. 

■ Continued till next Court 

TnoM : Spry P^ 
John Taylor Def* 

Upon the Peticon of Eldort Egberts Vannos the Smit, The 
Ctf' do Grant liiui a Ix)tt of Ground CO foott broad next to }• 
Lott Granted unto Abram Man on y" East syde of y* old forte ; 
for an Incouragement to him, provyded Itt bee seated accord- 
ing to regulacons. 

Upon the Request of Ephraim Herman y* Court doe grant 
him a Lott of Land, that is to say soe mulch in breadth & 
Lenght as shall beo yett found to be remaining betweeue y* 
Lott of Eldert y* smit & y* Lott formerly taken up by James 
Walliam, Lying next to y*= Little Creeke on y* East End of 
y* Towne, y* Lott abovementioned to Contayne about GO 
foot or thereabouts. 

This day appared in Court Thomas Woollaston whoe pro- 
duced y* Laest will & Testiiment of John Eaton Laet of tbis 
Towne of New Castle deceased, who desiered that the same 
might bee allowed & that hee might beo admitted to administer. 

John Darby & George Moore sworne declare that they were 
p'sent <fc wittnesses to y* will & Testament of John Eaton now 
produced in Court : foUowelh y" true Coppy of y* Laeat will & 
Testament of Jolm Eaton decesd. 

In the name of God amen the Laest Will & Testament of 
John Eaton of New Castle being in Perfect sence 5t memory 
blessed be god but weeak of boddy through sickncsse In the 
name of the father & of the son & of the holy goste Commit- 
ting my soale into y^ hands of Allmighty god and my boddy 
to the Earth. 



Imprimis. I will nnd bequeath Thomas Woollaston of New 
Castle to bee my Executor for the Receiuing & paying of all 
my Just debts when made api>e-are. 

Item. I give unto Marse Jordeens my Bible and one I*ice 
of Riband. Item. Itt is my desire to be hurried desenlly & 
the overplus of my Estate when my debts and funcrall 
Charges are paid I doe will &. bequenth unto william iSteele A 
Marsey Jordeen A Thomas Woollaston <fe his wyfe to bee 
Equal! diuided betiveene them fotver for their Propper use & 
behoofe as witnesse my hand y^ 2 day of Aprill A" 1680. 
Testes was si^^ned 

John Darby. John Eaton. 

Geo : MOORE. 

The Co" doe of y* a^ will <fe doe admit m' Thomas Wool- 
laston to ndminisf aceordingly. 

Upon Complaint <fe Infonnacon Given, The Co** Doe againe 
order that all those overseers of y* highwayca As doe not mako 
their parts of y^ liighwayes betweene this & y® next Court, 
shall bee fyned according to former order of this Court In 
that behalfe provyded. 

Appeared in Charles Rumsey of Cliristina Creeke whoo ak- 
nowledged a deed & Conveigance for the Transporting and 
mukeing oue^ unto John Wattkins Sayer of a Certayne parccll 
or Tract of Land of Twoo hundered acres Lying A being on 
the westayde of Delowar River nigh unto the upper end of 
bread A Cheese Island in Christina Creeke afores** and on y* 
northsyde of a Branch thereof called whyte Clayee Creeke, 
This aboverf' 200 acres is y* Lowermost i>art of a Certayne 
parcell of Land of fyve liundered & seventy acres gmnted 
unto Charles Rumsey and Walraevcn Jansen de vos by a 
Pattent from Govemo' Edmund Andros l>earing date y* 25 of 
March 1676 : for w®** s* Land and appurtenances Charles 
Rumsey aknowledge<l to haue Received full satlisfnction to 
Content. The uboves^ dw^d was signed by Charle-s Rumsey A 
Catherin his wyfe y* 4"* of dec* 1679 in y* p^sence of Eph ; 
Herman A John Cann. 



Apeared in Court Charles Uumsey of Christina Whoe 
Aknowledged to have Bargained sold Transported and 
made ouer unto John Can Taylor, his heirs and a^ignes a 
Certain© parcell or slipe of Ground Lying and being on y' 
northsyde of Whyte Clayes Crecke in Cristina being y" upper- 
modt slipe or part of Ltmd of a Patient from Governo^ Ed- 
mund Audros granted unto The s^ Charles Rumsey A wal- 
raven Janss devos, y* whole Pattent Contayning 570 acres of 
Laud this aforea** slipe of ground being divyded from y* Rest 
by marked treea. 

John Cocx of Maryland P'^ 
The Estate of J« \ d f 

SliACK£HLY dec. / 

Edm : Cantwbll P" 

Estate of J*^ Shackerly Def 

Thom : Spry P** 

ditto Estate of Shack- 1 _ , 
> Del 


Oab : MiNYiELLE by \ 
his attorn Edm : > P'' 
Cantwell J 

ditto Estate of Shack- \ rj ^ 


John oole P^' ) 

ditto Estate of Shack : Def* i 

The Co" Continued this 
& all the other actions 
ag" y* Estate of J** 
Shackcrly untill the 
anyval of Joh : Kip 
y** attorney of y* ad- 
rainiatrat" of J^Shack- 
erly who is dayly Ex- 

- Cont. as above. 

Continued as above. 


Estate of J° Shackkrly 0et' 

Continued aa above. 

The Court adjorned till y* first Teueday in May next, 

ApriU y* 10* 1680. 
Pursuant to an order of this Court bearing date y* G*** of 



Aj^l Laest past, was Uiis day by publicq outcry Bould y^ 
plantation or farme of y* orpant of Jarian Junsen, present 
Justice John moU Justice Peter alrichs Justice Joh : Dehaee 
(t Justice Will : Sempill. 

follow y« Conditions of sale viz'. 
Articles and Conditions whereupon by order of y* Court of 
New Castle bearing date y" 6^ day of Aprill Laest past, is to 
bee sould at this publicq outcry a Certayne farme or pecce of 
Land togeather w^** y^ marrish bousing fences and a small bilt 
of Land Lying att paordon hoeck w* all and singular the 
iippurtenances thereunto belonging, The s** farme & premisses 
Lying & being on y* Eostsyde of This Town of New Castle att 
flwanwyke betweeno y* farmes & Laud of Pelle niathias on y' 
west & y* street and y" Land of Claes Andrieas on y* Eastsyde, 
Contayning in Length & breath according to pattent and as 
y* same hath ben i^asessed by Jurian Junsen deceased and 
the p'aent Teanant Hendrik Jansen Sybrants : Soe that by 
these p'senta is sould all y* right & Intrest of y® orphanta of 
Juriau Junsen therein & noe more: The purchazer is to haue 
& take possession of y* housing Land <fe premisses the first 
day of may now next Ensuing, The Come w*** is now sowed 
upon the Land by hendrik Janss is Excemtud out of the sale : 
The payment is to be made at Swanwyck unto y* orphant of 
Jurian Junsen deceased by an order or w"* y* Cognizance of 
y® Court, w"" and merchandable Come or other good & Cour- 
rant pay in the River then att prys Courrant : y^ one third of 
y* whole sume w'" in y* space of three years now next Ensu- 
ing the one third w*** in y** space of six years & y* Laest third 
part w*** in y* space of seven year after y* day of y* date hereof 
w<* will bee in y" yeare 1687. 

The s** I^and & nil & whatsoever there is & shall bee made 
or done & made thereupon together w^ all & singular the ap- 
purtenances & dependences, is hereby well Expressly: mort- 
gaged and Rcmaines to all Intents & purposes as a Speciall 
mortgage & security bound unto y« s'' orphant until! y" Laest 



payment shall bee fully made. The vendu master is by order 
of Co^ discharged of his being bound for lo see the payment 
hereof forthcoming & Imlh nothing further to doe then to sell 
the Land. The Buyer or purchazer is obliged to pay all y* 
Charges of this outcry & allso for all further wrytiuge as shall 
bee necessary for y*^ inakeing ouer of y* same. The purchazer 
and his heirs is further obliged nott to sell or dispose of y* said 
Land until] y* full payment shall be made, Except hee Gives 
suflBcient security for the full payment of y* whole purchaze 
to y® Lykeing of y* Court. 

These articles & Conditions were soe made and stated by 
y* ndvyce & order of Justice John Moll, Alrichs, Dehaes & 
Will : Sempill afores''. 

The Land Souid to P. According to y" above Conditions did 
d'witt for 1426 giWere. p^ter dewitt of swauwvke Remaino pur- 
chaser of y* aboves'' Land & premisses as y* most bidder to y" 
Slime of fourtheen hundercd and twenty five gilders, and 
did Ingage himsolfe his heirs and assignes to performe y" 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle by his may"% 
Authority the 4"* of May 1680. 

M' John Moll ^ 

W Peter Alrichs 
P^sent M^ fop outhout } Justices. 

M' Gerret otto 

M' Job : D'haes 

JusTA Andriks and Ael- 
TIE his wyfe 

Jan Andriess Staalcop 1,-1 

In an action of slaun- 
der & defamation. 

& Christina his wyfe j 

The case of difference being about some Slaunderous words 
that this def* & his wyfo should haue Called this P'** wyfe a 
theef. The Co" did thinke fitt to referre y" Case to a Jury, 
whoe being Returned brought in a verdict for y* P'* as follow- 



eth viz* wee find for 

Tho : Spry 

Hend : Williams 

John ogle 

John Kan 

('Orn : Janss 

Jan Bareutss 

Roelof Aiidries 

JO Walker 

Ambrooa Baker 

Jan Gorritze 

gisbert dircx 

gerrit smit. 
hee did not hear Jan 

y* P" ag*' tlie def 12 pence damadge w*** 
y« Costs of suite. The Co" passe Judgem' 
according to verdict ; Ilendrik Lemmens 
a witncsse for y* def was sworne in Co'* 
before y" Juiy went out declared that 
being alt y* wedding of M^ Tymens he« 
hoard y' Jan Staalcop sayed to Justa 
Andries why doe you goe by ray house 
& doe not come in. Justa answered that 
because you haue accused my wyfe for a 
theef. Jan Staalcop sayed So if o' wyves 
haue trouble toge^thor Lot us be firinds 
& drinko for wee are Come heither to 
bee merry, and y* deponant sayes that 
Andrioss caal Justa or bis wyfe a theef. 

• The deP* 3"* default. 

Edmund Cant well P" 

John Bkrcquer Def* 
The P" demands of this def p*" ballance of ace*" y" sume of 
350 ft of tobbacco for w"^ he© humbly Craues Judgem' w* 
Costs and that liis attachment for .soe mutch Layed on a per- 
cell of hoggs may bee allowed w*^ Costs. The P" haueing in 
Court made oatli to y* Justncsse of y* ballance of his ace' The 
Court doe order Judgem* to bee Enlerred accordingly and doe 
allow of the attachment w'** Costs. 


le deV 3"> default. 


John Bkrcquer Def* , 

Tho P'' demands of this def by a bill under y* hand of this 
def* the sume of 405 Jb of tobbacco, for which s** sume heo 
humbly Craues Judgem* w"* Costa & that his attachm' on y* 
def tobbacco may bee allowed w*** Costa. Thedef* being Run 
out of y* Goverora* and this being the 3*^ Court day : The 
Court ordered Judgem' to bee EnteiTed for 465 ft) of tobbacco 
according to bill and the attachm' allowed of w*** Costs. 

Docto'' Thomas Spr}' haueing often before and now ugaino 



Eameatly desieriug that y* Court woold be© pleased to order 
y* Dcftkona or Pooremasters of this Church of New Castle to 
pay hira y' s^ Spry y® suine of Throe liundered gilders Due to 
him for Curing Evert Branties Legg etc : The Court takeing 
the buisness in Consideration haue thougt fitt to order, That 
y* 9^ Deakons shall Deliver unto s^ Doctor Spry y* Cowe be- 
longing to y* Poorc alt p''scnt upon halfe Increase w*^ bans 
Schier after y*^ tyme shall boe Expiered for 200 gilders : and 
y* the vendu master Eph : Herman shall pay y* remaining 
100 gilders to y^ s*^ Spry out of y** Cowe aould in vendu unto 
m' Peter alricha. 

Upon Complaint made itt is ordered that James Crawford 
shall make good hia sheare of y* highway betweeue this and 
next Court in default thereof bee to pay y* fyne of 1000 ft» of 
tobbacco according to former order of Court 

Samukl Bercquer P" 
Abram Man Def 

This action is Continued by y° P'*" desire untill m' williara 
Clarkes Comming up from the whorekill or till further order. 

Jan Biskus P^' 
Rob : Tallext Def ' 
The def^ being deceased sence the action was Enterred : Th© 
action faals in Court. 

Tho. Spry P** i This action was by y* P" 

John Taylor Def* J withdrawne. 

John Darby P' 1 ^^^j . ^ ^ p,. -^ Court. 

William Osborne Def* J 

John Darby P" i „. , „^ «. , « . 

ry r. « > The def" 2** default. 


The action was by y* Court Referred. 

Upon the Peticoji of Hans Coderus a Cooper ; The Co^ doe 



grant him to take up w'^in This Towne of New Castle one Lolt 
of Laud w^** heretofore is not granted to othere, Provyded he© 
y* Pelicon' liimse)fe settles y* same & followes y* Coopers trad« 
for Incourradgeni* & y" Conveniency of y* Inhabitants. 

John Moll P'* 


The P^* demands of this def by twoo Cortnine bills under 
y* hand & scale of this Def* y' Just and full quuntitya of 
1713 tb of tobbacuo & Caske and 476 ib of porko dutch w" & 
tart: for w^ hee Craues Judgem' w**" Costs; The def* being 
absent and y" debt prooved ; The Court did thinlce fill to Ro- 
(brro this action untill next Court and if y* P" doe not apeare 
or doth not sattisfy y* debt befoi-e tlicn Judgement to passo 
ag* y* high sherrife. 

Upon tlie Peticon of Christopher hodden The Court doe 
grant bim Liberty to t^ike up twoo hundered acres of Land, 
on the weatayde of this River of Delowar w^'in this Courts 
Jurisdiction, the b"^ Land to bee not granted taken up or Im- 
prooved by others hee y* Peticon' seating & Improoveing y* 
same Land according to the Regulacons of Ida Excellency the 
Governo' & y" Lawes of y* Goven\ni*. 

Apoared in Court Jan Biske of this Towne of New Caatle 
vhoe by lita deed of Conveigance bearing date y* H* of May 
1680 did declare to assigne Transport & make ouer uuto 
Huybcrt Lourcnsen of swanwike one hundered & ten acres of 
Land Lying & being on y" westnyde of thia River of Delowar 
opposit against Reeten Island and thei*e on the North syde of 
a Certayne Croeko Culled St Auguetines Creeke (als arenties- 
kill) This aboves^ 110 acres being the full & Equall one third 
part of a Certayne pattent of 330 acres of Land by the Right 
Hono'^'" S' Edin : Androa gmnted unto Casimrejs Herman 
bearing date y* 25"* of march 1670 This one third to boe y" 
Lowermost part or sheare of y* whole tract; Jan Biske 
aknowle<lged to haue Received full sattisfaction of a'* huyberl 
to Content. 



Upon the Peticon of Gary )•* formor widdow of Jurinn 
Junsen deceased & >•• present wyfe to hendrik Janseii desier- 
ing hur | of y* Lande A farnie sould by order of Court y** 10"* 
of Aprill Laest unto Peter Dewitb for llie use of y* orphant of 
y* 8* Juriaii Jun.sen The Court hauo agreed w* s^ Gary & hur 
husband hendrik Jmiscn that s** Gary shall haue in full of oil 
hur demands, on hur s^ former husbands Estate, out of y* 
first payment for y" Land from Peter Dewitt one Gowe & one 
Cftlfe w^^ by y* Court is valluwl ntt Iwoo huudered Gilders: 
where witii s^ Gary & hur husband were fully sattist'yed. 

Upon the Peticon John Arnald Tlie Court doe grant him 
Liberty to take up w^^in this Courts Limits twoo hundered 
acres of Land w*'*' heretofore is not granted or taken up by 
others, liee seating & Improoveing the Same according to 
Lawe & KcgulacoDS. 

Upon tho Peticon of Darby Regan, The Court doe grant him 
Liberty to take up w"* in this Courts Jurisdiction Twoo hun- 
dered acres of Land w*^ heretofore is not Granted or taken up 
by others^ hee seating and Improoveing the same according to 
Lawe and y" Regulacons of his Kxcell ; the Governor 

Apeared in Court George Moore the son A heir of Anne 
whale deceased, whoe declared to nssigne Transport and make 
ouer unto Ephraim llerman his Jieirs and assignes forever a 
Certuyuo house & Lott of ground scituate Lying & being w'*' in 
this Towno of New Castle at y* strand between the houses and 
Ijotts of Juata Andries <& Matheus & Kinilius de King Con- 
tayning in breath sixty foot and in Lenght from y" strand to 
y* mart Equall w"* y" other Lotts and the s** George Moore 
did aknowledge to haue Received full Sattisfaction of y* s* 
Kphniim Herman for the same to Content. 



The Court adjorned till the 1 Teusday in June next. 

> withd : by the p^*. 



May the l^^ 1G80 : New Castle. 
M' Johannes Kipp the attorney of m'' Cornelia Steenwyk 
adniiaistraf of the Estate of John Shackerly deceased Com- 
uiing in tho Towne and desieriiig to haue a speciall Court 
Called : upon his Request y^ same was granted. 

Alt a S[»eciall Court held in the Towne of new Castle att y* 
request of M' Joh : Kipp. May 19^^ 1680. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
P'sent M' Joh : D'haes . Justices 

M' Abram Man 
M' Will : Sempill 

John Cocx by Thom : Spry liis attorn. T* 

Johannes Kipp attorney of M*" Corn : Steen- \ 
WVK Administrate of y* Estate of John >Def* 
JShackerly dec** ) 

The P'* demands of tho Estate of J** Shackerly deceased by 
a bill under the hand of him y* 8^ John Shackerly The full 
number of seven Yeos. The s** debt was prooved and owned. 

Edmund Cantwell 


Corn : Steenwyk the adm. of y* Estate of J° "I pj - 
Shackerly deceased by Joh: Kip his attorn: J 
The P" produces an ace' by the ballance Whereof there 
was due from this def^ 199 gilders & Eighteen styvers and one 
pound 10* A 10'* sterl : w** s** ace* IheP" by hig oath in Court. 

Gabriem. Minvikixic by Capt" Edmund Cant- 1 pj( 

WELL his attorn : ) 

Corn : Steenwyck adminiat' of y* Estate of -v 
J** Shackerly deceased by Joh: Kipp his sDef* 
attorn : ) 

In nn action of debt by ace* y* sume of 2269 gilders 11 
styvers and 20 firkins of soape W*" ace* was by M"" Minviell 
Prooved in New Yorke. 



TnoM : Spry P" 

Corn : Steknwyk adm : as ftbovc by JoH : Kip Def* 
In an action of debt by accO 307 gilders & 5 styrera, to y" 
Justnesse whereof tlie P" made oath in Court. 

John Oole 


Corn: Steestwvk administ'of J**Shacksfly8 Xry^n 
Estate by Joh : Kip his attorney J 

Tlie P'» demauds of y* deH 950 fe of Tobb : f bnllanoe of 
ace* whereuoto y* P^' made oath in Court 

Ephraim Herman P" 

Corn : Steenwyk adm : as above by Jon : Kip \ j. « 
his attorney / 

The P'* being absent & att Now Yorke soc that hee could 
not be present here, Itt was ordered & agreed on that hee shall 
haue Ecjuall priviledge w^ y* other Creditors above mentioned 
forsoe inutcli as hee shall Justly make ajieare to bo biB due etc. 
M' Johannes Kipp y* attorney for M' Cornelia Steenwj'k 
administrator of the Estate goods & Chatties of John Shack- 
erly deceased : This day agreed in Co" w"* y" Creditor? of y" 
S^ Shackerly here aforementioned and doth oblige himselfe to 
pay all y* afores** Creditors here aforementionetl w*in these 
p'cincts proportion ably soe far forth as the Estate shall goe 
according to Lawe and y*^ Governo" orders : upon w^^ s^ agree- 
ment y" aforementioned Creditors doe w^drawe their actions 
and alsoe discharge their severall attachments. 

Johannes Kipp attorney of M" Corn: Steen--j 
WVK administrate of y" Estate of J" Shack- VP'* 
KRLY dee. J 

Capt* Edmund Cantwell Def* 

The P*' demands of this def* by ace* the sume of 1782 gild- 
ers & 4 sty vera. The def* Capt" Cantwell made oath in Court, 
tliat directly or [lulirectly hee never had anything of John 
Shackerly but what hee had given him Credit for in his ace' 
and y* the Laest ace* w*** s^ Cantwell had from y* s^ Shackerly, 



there was due to y* s^ J" Shackerly 284 gilders <& 2 styvoi-s 
w*^ is the first article where tbo s"' Cantwell gives Credit for 
unto y^ s^ Es^tatc, and that tlioro still r^miiines due unto him 
y*'s^ Cantwell 199 gild" 18 atyvers A 1"* 10" 10" as is before 
declared and sworne unto. 

JOH : KiPP attorn : of M" Cou.v : Stkknwyk \ 
administrate of the Estate of John 8hack- vP" 
KRLY deceased J 

John Can Dcf 

The P'* demanda of the def by bill the quantity of thirtio 
eight hovers y* one halfe in good winter wheat A y^ other 
halfe in peltery, and more by ucc* y^ suine of 1S2 gild" 10 
sty vers. In all y* suioe of 1112 gild"" 10 styvers for w*^' 
liee Craues Judgem' w^ Cost<i. The def^ ownee the billt 
but brings in a Contra ac-c' og** y" P'* by w*""* this s.^ P" is 
Indebted unto y* del"* 3* sume of 18 gildors p"" ballance, to 
^.ch ye (jjjfi iiifldo oiith iu Court, whort:uiiOn its onlered to bee 
deducted out oi y" bill. The debates of both partees being 
heard and }•]' ICph : Herman haueing Laved an attachni* upon 
part of y* KilacU W^** y def* is Indebted to y" P", and the 
P'^ Ingiigcing to iu Court to beare y* dcf hannlessc from y* 
attachm* Layed by M' hennan, The Court Pnsse Judgem* by 
Consent of y" dcf* and y*" P'' to pay the Costs if y*debt boo 
jttiid in Eigt daycs Tyn)e. 

VI ■ Corn : Stken-'j 


JoHANNF^ Kii'r attorn : of M" Corn 
wvK adminisf of y* Estate 1 

John Dauby Def* 

Tlie P'* declarts as j)*" declaration that y* deP stnnds Justly 
Indebted y*" sume of Eighty Eight pounds 2 shillings &. 10 
pence p' bill and more p^ ace' 150"* 1" & 3 Ca?kes of Sugar att 
10 pence p' pound for w*'" hee Craues Judgem*. The deP 
prooved in Court y^ y* bill of 88"' 2* 10** as alsoo y" 3 Caskes 
of Sugar are Comprehended iu y* acc^ of 172"" 14* & W more 


a hhd of Rum of 84 gall: which Amounta to 3S"» 12" the 
Def* declares he nouer Received y* ^ hhd of Rum directly 
nor Indirectly y* being discounted out of y* s^ 172: 14* : 10* 
there Remains due 139 : 2*: lO** by bond & account for w*** y* 
def Confesses Judgem* provided y* fifty pound of y* afores** 
sum of one hundered tliirt}* nine pound 2 shillings A ten {wnc* 
is to hoe pftid w"' fine thousand Bb of Tobbacco according to 
agreement upon w** y« def* halli giuen his oath & y* Court 
passed Judgem' accordingly. 

S' Edmund Andros Kn' Signour of Sausmarez Lieut: and 
Gouenior GeneH' under liis Roynll Highness James Duke of 
Yorke & Albany &c. of all his Territories In' America 
Whareas John Shackcrly Late of this Citty marchant, de- 
ceased did in his Last will <fe testament nominate & apoint 
Sara his wife to bee liis Exeeutricx, to see y* same fulfiled 8t 
profe huuing bin made thereof att y* Court of May** St 
Alderman whare many Creditors Appearing Shee Relinqnisht 
her Exet'utricx ship & together with s** Creditors did Request 
ni' Comelyus Steenwyck one of y* Creditors to take y* admin- 
istration upon him y' the Creditors might bee paid Propor- 
iionubly as fur as y* Estate will goe & y* Remainder bee for 
y* wiihlow & Children y* which he hath accepted of and y* 
Court Approued of y* same those p'sents may Certify & de- 
clare that y* above Comelyus Steenwyck is admitted & con- 
fermwi to all Intents & porposes administrai' of y* Estate 
goods & Catteli of y' said John Shackerly deceased hee hau- 
ing hereby full power *fc lawful! Authority to enter into or 
kcepe Possession of y" Premisses for y* use and hehoofe of the 
Creditors widdow & Children Aforementioned & to dispose 
thereof as an administrator according to Law hce bauing 
given Security & Rendering Ac' of the same as in y* Law is 
Required giuen under my hand and Scale In New Yorke this 
23 day of Desember IflTO. 

Past the office and Security (was signed) 

taken by mee E Andkoss 

Matthias Nicols 



Compareerde voor my Willem BogarduB not, Publicq in 
New Yorke Resideerende geadmitteort by den weel ed : A 
Hechtachtss H^ S' Edmund Androa Govern' Gener^* wegenp 
syn Koonincklshooght : den heere Jaracs llertoogh van Yorke 
<fc Albany etc : oucr alle syno Territorien in America & voorde 
nftorgenoeindo getuygon d'h' Corn : Sleenwyck in qualitie al« 
ndininist' ouer den naergelnoten staet & boedcel van wylen 
John Shackerly, dewelcke & claerde gocon^litueert <fe volconien 
maghtigh gomaeckt te hebbcn gelyck hydoet by dcsen m' 
Johannis Kipp ommc uytden naom & qualiteydt als voors: 
vanden h' Constituant, Te Kyscheii vordereu En ontfangeu 
van den genen des behooronde soodanighe sommo van pen- 
nengen en Effecten als deselue volgens de bewysen obligatie 
Rceckeninge als Anderainta den goconstitucerde tcr handen 
geslcit Schuil digh syn nen den staet van gomelte Jn" Shack- 
erly sail : tot dton eynde met een Igelycke te reeckennen en 
Kckenningh voerdeeren descUie te apppoberen Roffuseren oft 
Contrarierent sy hit gehcel oft ten deelet slot en Keliquen van 
dieii meerdo te Reoouerreeren en ontfangen alomnie vanden 
ontfangst quittantie te passeren, en voor namaioge te Caueren 
Item oiior alle questieu & vorfchiellen le niogen accorderen t« 
compromittereii Transigeren en f-ubmitt^ren voor goede 
inannen ofte arbiters wettigh geatelt ofle willtgt eoren der 
seiner desio sie te Approbereu oil daen van te Renunseeren 
des notfl synde ende wegens alle andere tocunllende saeekteii 
te mogen C'ompareeren Rechts voor deninge plegen voor 
soodanige heereii rechtera en gerechlen des behourende alle 
dagen en termynen van Rechten dn Royale Kxeoutien in 
Clyus te obserueren en vorders alles mcor te doen in Rechten 
on dacr byten wos tot do volcomen uyt vooringe vando saekc 
Enighsinte eoude mogen werdeii gereequeveete en vereyachen 
eiidat met swtlunige Alisolutie Last macbt en Autboritytt als 
off <len li'' constituant selfe present syndc soude eoinen ofte 
mogou docn met macht merdo een oft nicer personen Adlitos 
als andera beneffens hem en in ?yn Plaets te Rnseii en subsli- 
tuteren belouende voor goet vasibondigt envan warden te 
houden en te doen houden wat byden geconslituerde en dcs 



iwlfa geaubetitueereiides uyt crai'hte desea sail vorde)i gednen 
richi oil der verbant nlft naer Recht^n mils gehonden 
blyuende ondor gelytk vcrbunt van haer oiitfnnghl en uyt gift 
en vprriolite ie d(H'»i beboorlyck Rcekeniiinge bowys en Heliqua 
Indireonde de Biinutet deses bydcn h' Compamnt boneffens 
m' liinero Willeinss Andcrus gerevenrael ale getuygcn beir 
toe gerequiert on my notftrio den Protluicolle ondertekent. In 
New Yorke den 23 february A<» 167^. 

Tweick getnyg^ 

was getceckent 
Will : Booardub 
Not. Pub. 

Att a Conrt beld in tbe Towne of New Castle by his may**" 
authority the 15'*" day of June 1C80. 

Followeth the Coppy of tlie New Commission for the mag- 

8' Edmund Andi-os Kn' Liev* and Governo' Gene*^ and Vice 
Admirall under his Roy" Higbnesse James Duke of Yorke 
and Albany etc : of New Yorke and dependencies etc in Amer- 
ica, By vertue of tbe Authority derived unto mec I : doo 
hereby in his may***" name, Constitute apoint A authorize 
you M^ John Moll M' Peter alricbs M'^Gerret ottoM' Jobannes 
De Haes and \P William Se.m|nll to bee Justices of the Peace 
in tbe Jurisdiction of New Castle in Delowar and depeudencea 
and any three or more of you to beo a Court of Judicature, 
Giving you and Every of you full power to act in the said 
Imployment according to Lawe and the Tmst Re|K)sed in you 
d w*^^ all p^8ons are to take notice and to Give you the due 
Respect and obedience belonging to yo' places in y* dis* 
charging yo^ Dutycs. Tbis Commission to bee of force for tho 
space of one whole yeare from tbe date hereof or till further 
order. Given under my hand and Sealc of the Province in 
new Yorke tliis 28"' day of May Annoq Dom : 1680. 

PuHt the otiice (was signed) 

Matuias KicoLs Sec'. K AsDnom- 



At y* Cort Aforementioned were p'scnt viz' 

M' John Moll ^ 
M^ Peter AlricliH 
M' Gerret Otto 
M' Joh : P'haes 
Capt° £dm : Cantwell high Shemfe. 


■ Justices. 

Justice John Moll produced in Couil a Jitter from his 
Excel! ; the Govenio' utt New Yorko The C!oppy thereof doth 
hereafter follow vi^^ 

New Yorke IS*** may 1080. 
M' Moll 

Itt being neither practice nor I.awe of o' nation or Contry 
to baniiisl), thoug vagabonds, Coniniing first to a place lent 
out afore settlement or (Generally) six weekcs residence, this 
is an Intimation thereof to yo'selves that if Hob: hutchinson 
should come to yo' Towne for his Privat Lawfull occasions for 
some dayts Comporting himselfe as he ougt, I: think© t'will 
bee well bee be not hindered or turned out upon ace* of for- 
mer Bannishra^ and you may bee assure<I I : shall always bee 
Careful! to preserve the Hono' and reputation of Courts as farr 
AS is fitt for race to my power, and Kemaino 

yo** Afoctionate frind 
(The mipperscription was) (Signed) 

To M"" John MoU or E Awdross 

M' Peter Alrichs 

att New Castle 


Samdkl Bkrcqukr P" 
Abaam man Def^ 

The determinacon of this Case is referred as \f y* former 
order of y* Laest Court. 



S*' Coiirt. 

John Darby P** 

Rob : hutchinson Def . 
The P'* demands of this Uef* by ballajico of ace* y* surae of 
333 gildcra for w*^ hee Craues Judgeoiciit w^*" Costs. Tho 
def^ apearing made objectioiia ag" part of y* ace' and further 
produces a Contra ace* w** being Examined & slated in Court 
tho deH was allowed out of his s** ace* 56 gilders soe tliat the 
ballance duo to y* P" wn,s 277 gilders lo w"" s^ ace* y" P" 
made oath in Court. The Court haueing fully Examiued the 
buisncsse doe order Judgom* to bee Enterred ag* y* def* for 
the s* sume of 277 gilders w'** Costs w*** this provisoe tliat in 
the payment of y* s^ debt the p" is to allowe for 425 lb of 
tobb : in Maryland to bee Received there att 8 sty vera p' tt> 
as hee has Charged the dcf* in y* ace*. 

ITiere being nn 
Co'* without 

John Mou, P'* Justice Moll 

who cannot sit 

Rob: horton Def on bis owne 

Case, I Its there- 
fore lieferrod. 

Gab: by his Attorn: \ ,„( 



The Estate of Rali'h Hutch- 
inson deceased 

There being as yett uo Lett' of administrat' granted, tht3 
Case is Referred. 

In an action of 
debt to y* sumo 
of seventy twoo 
pounds 7 shill. 

Abram Man P^* 

Sakukll Brrcquer Def* 

f 2S x^ 1680 Kxecu- 
lion lakeii out bj j* 
P*^ Ab: Mbd apon 
ihui Judgem* 

The 1"' by his declaration demands of 
this dof* one good sound merchandable 
hoghshead of tobb: to bee delivered in 
the Towne of New Castle and 25 gild" in 
good sound pay of this River, for w''*' hee Craues Judgem* m*** 



Costs. The def* snyes to haue paid 15 gild" towards y* 25 gild" 
The debates of both partees Iwing beani The Court doe order 
Judgem' to be*? Knterred ag" the def for one hhd of tobb : tfe 
liventy five gildtrs ac«>rdiiig to the Tenor of y* bill w*'* y* 
Costs, The dcf di-ducting what hce can nuike epeare to liouc 
paid towards \t\. 


Abuam Man by his Attorn: 
Jo8 : Baknks 

WiLi- : osnoRNK Def* 

The P" declares that this def* haueing Ingagcd in y* be- 
halfe & for one Ed w : Curtis to build one sixty ftKitt tobb: 
house for yo"^ P" Yett the def* doth still i-efuse & put y« P* of 
Insoemuti'h that y* P^* ie thereby mutch daninifyed & halli 
begun to build a bouse himsclfe, and therefore hunably desires 
that this def* may bee ordered to pay the vallue of y* worke 
bee was to doe &. to pay y* Chaise hee was to pay and the 
damadge y® P" has suatayned. The def* Replyes that hee al- 
wayes has ben readdy to performe the worke, whenever the 
P* should bee reddy for him & send him word to Come: and 
now in open Court Tendered to goo & finish the worke 
Imediatly if y* P'^ was reddy. Samuel Bercquer swome in 
Court declares, that when William Osborne markt the timber 
trees out for the building of y* tobb : house hee y* 8* Osborne 
then tould M** Man that hee shuuld gett the trees falen and all 
things in a Reddinesse and then send him word and hee 
would come and build, and afterwards this defionant being att 
y* house of M' Man heard Mist" man say, I : wonder thai 
William Osborne doth not come, upon w*^** this dejionant Re- 
plyed hee Expects that you shall give him notice, mistrie Man 
made answer, what are woo to give him notice, upon w** M' 
Abram man answered Yes I tould him I would send him 
word when wee were Renddy, and further sayeth not. John 
Morgen servant to Al>ram Man sworne declares that hee hath 
fallen by his masters order, twoo timber Trees, but that they are 
neither sawed nor ronlcd and for any other timber thcrea none 

-J 24 


Rcaddy to his knowledge and farther sayelh nott. The def* 
humbly Cnuies a nonsuit ag** y" P'* for that there is no Cause 
of action ag* him. TIic debates of both parlcea being heard 
The Court doe Judge, that seiice M"" Man doth not proovo y* 
bee has got any Timber Ileddy neither ttiat hee has given any 
notice to Will : Osborne to come <fc build y*^ tobbacco house 
and that hee was Reddy, and will ; osbonie declaring that heo 
has alwayt« & still is Reddy to build y" house, as soon as M' 
Man is reddy for itt, Tliat therefore (here's noe Cause of action 
and doe order a nonsuit ag*' y" P'* w'** Costs of Suite. 


Wirx: pATTistsoN DeP 

Upon y* Retjuest made in the behalfe of y* def* by Justico 
otto alledging an Impossibility of y* def apearing this Court 
day : The ('ase is Referred till next Court day. 

Jan Hiscq and Isarq Tayne p'ferring in Court a Pc-ticon de^ 
siering a grant to take up betweene them 3 vacant Lotts of 
ground w*^ in this Towne of New Castle In Consideration of a 
former old debt due nnto Ihem as y** heira of Tsacq Tayne de- 
ceased from the Publicq etc: The Court takeing the buisnesso 
in C^nsideracon doe grant them for y* Consideracon abovos* 
three Lotts of ground behind y* Lotts granted to moses degan 
& hcndrik vnnden Hurgli each Lott to bee GO foott broad and 
y* Lenght to be as long as for Conveniency & scituation itt 
will fall; they raakeing Iniproovem* A settloin* according to 
I^we <fc Hegulacon.s. 

Upon the Request of John Cgle one of y* Creditors to the 
Estate of doctor Jordins, The widdow of s^ Jordins was sent 
for in Court and demanded what order or Result shee had 
from his Exceil^ the Governo' att New Yorke; shoe replyed 
none but tlwvl ihe (joverno' had tould hur he would doe hur 
Justice ; The Co" Referred y* Case till September next and in 
y* meane tymc the widdow Recommended to gett y® Governo** 
Result and order: otherwaycs ihe Court will bee forced U> 
proceed therein. 



Ambrooe Backer ono of 3^ overseors of y" highway A dyke 
ordered to gett y* Cartdyke ouer y* Towne fly innde out of 
hand ; the sw«iiu-yko Toople Ui doe on the other and y** Towne 
I'eople on tiiis Hvdo y*-" bridge. 

The Co" ndjorned till y* first Teusday in Septemb' next. 

By tlie Court of New Castle. 
Whereas notwilhstundiDg y* former order from his Excell' 
(iouenior Kdniutid Andross prohibiting and strictly for- 
bidding all manner of jjorsons w*in th* Unitnits of this Kiver 
of Delowar not to giue or suU unto any Indian by Rctnyll any 
strong Licf|uor3 under y^ quantity of twoo gallonfl A that to 
hoe Carryed out into 1h<^ woods upon the jKjnalty A forfeiture 
oT 200 gilden* ns by the wiid onler may more att Large ap^ 
f4*are Yott the same hath hitherto not ben observed but to y** 
C'4>nlnBry by many soiling of Licquora by Kctuyll unto y* In- 
dians scuerall great misfortunes & sad Accidents of 1-ate luid 
lyke to hftue happened which to prevent for the future The 
Justices of this Couit of Now Castle haue thought itt their duty 
and most necessary to order & doe hereby order and forbid all 
tlie Inhabitance of this Towne of New Castle & all others 
within the .Jurisdiction of this Court none Excepted That they 
for the ftiture & from the day of the date hereof doe not in 
any waves sell give barter or exchange by Uetayll under the 
quantity of one Imlfeancor to and with any Indian or Indians 
whatsoever any Rom Brandy strong waters strong beare Cyder 
or any other strong Liequors whatsoeuer under the penalty A 
forfeiture of twuo hundretl gilders to bo Levyed by Execution 
upon y* goods & Chatties Lands & Tenement of any such 
offenders one third part thereof to be for the Informer | part 
for the high Shorrife & ^ part for y® Church and whereas Itt 
is hereby permitted to sell to an Indian y* quantity of one 
halfc ancor Itt is further ordered that all those as shall soe sell 
any halfe Ankors of Licquors to any Indian shall take such 
Care y* the s** Licquors or any part thereof be in no wayes 
drunk out w"'in this Towne but y* itt be Conveiged att I^east 




one myll from the Towiie A so Likewise from any Inhabitance 
houses and Allso that no licquoratt all be sould on y" sabbath 
or lords day upon y* penalty afores* This ordur to be forthwith 
publisht by the Cryer & affixed up att y* Church door to the 
end all persons may take notice & Conforme themselves there- 
unto Datted att New Castle this 2" day of August In y* 32 
yeare of his may"«* Raigne Annoq Dom KiSO. 

Att a meeting of the Justices held in the Towne of New 
Caatlo by his may"" Authority y« 21"* of August 16H0, 

The following Letter To his Kxcell : y** Govemo^ att new 
Yorke was writt & sent by Eph : herman Clarke of y" Court 
etc. : 

Right Hono'**^*' Govcrno'" 

May itt please yo^ Excell : M' Epliraira Herman has shewed 
us yo' Excell* Letf and tlie hoc" of Capt" John Colier ; yo' 
Excell : will be pleased to know that there was never any 
other Tax or publicq Levy Laid here, then in 1077 w** was 
w^ yo' Excell" approbation & only on y* ace' of y* woolfes 
heads ; and att y® same tyme were Collected the fynes ; whereof 
then also an ace' was sent to yo* Excell : The ace* of Capt° Colier 
wee have perused the article therein for woolfs heads Capt" Cant- 
well the high Sherrife is & hath ben Keaddy to Give Capt" 
Colier Sattisfaction for soe mutch when demanded ; also for 
the article of £1 : 9* : Chained for repairing the dyke to Martin 
Gerrilfion ; The severall persons whoe haue shears in y*" towne 
fly will bee reddy to pay proportionably to Capl" Colier or his 
order soe mutch &» hee hath Layed out for them on s^ ace' 
and for what Consernes y* rest of s* Capt" Coliera ace' wee 
humbly acquaint yo' Excell : that att p^sent wee know not 
w** way itt may bee paid haueing now nor before any Cash 
or publicq store to pay y" sjinie. The 25 p' Cento Charged by 
Capt" Cantwell for his Collecting y* woolfe y* dyke &. (yne 
monny weo in all humility desire yo' Excell : to soe Regulate y* 
same as yo^ Excell : shall thinko Just & Equitable ; This goeth 
by 0' Clarke M^ Eph: herman whoe can further verbally ac- 



quaint yo' Excel! : of itt, and of all things in these parte w** 
Continue att p'seut well. This is all at p''sent from 
Right Ilono'*"* Governo' 

Yo' Excell : most humble A faithful servants 
New Civstle John Moll 

Aug** y* 21'* 1680 Pktkk Alriciis 

JoH ; D'haes 
Will: Sempill 

The 23** of August 3680 apeured in y* office Benjamin 
Gunibly Living in blnkebird Crecke, whoe desiercd to haue 
y* ear mnrke for his Cattle A hoghs etc recoi*ded w**^ was as 
foUoweth viz' A swallow forke upon y* Right Ear & a flower 
the Luce upon y* Left Ear. 

Att a Court held iji y« Towne of New Castle Sept : 7^ 1680. 

M' John Moll 1 

P'sent M' Peter Alrichs V Justices 

M' William SempillJ 
Capt" Edm : Cantwell H : Sherrife. 
Proclamation being made, The Co^ adjorned till y* firet 
Teusday in y* month of October next Ensuing. 

( ) 

Att a Court in y* Towne of New Castle October 6^ 1680: 

Proclamation being made the Co'* was adjorned by Justice 

John Moll & Sempill untill y* first Teusday in November next 

At a Court held in the Towne of New Castle by his may**" 
Authority November y« 2^ A 3" A« 1680 ; 

M'"John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M' Johaimes D'haes 
M' Will : Sempill 
CapL" Edm : Cantwell high Sherrife. 

The Court being Informed thai Marten Gerritsen of Chris- 
tina Creeke hath ben missing Ever sence Sunday y* 31" of 


^ Justices. 

4** of Nov' 1680 KxMU- 
tton Itufiicd out. 


Octob: Laest past, and that itt wa.s suppOHed Ly all ^gties & 
Circumstances that hee y" s* Marten Gerritsen was drowned out 
of his Canoo, Itts thert-foro ordered that y* Constable Jan Num- 
Qiersen make diligent serch and Inquiry after y* tfi l[arlon 
Gerritzen : and if not found or further heard of to hee alive that 
y* s** C-onstable lt)geathor w"* in"" Mutliias de Ring in y* j>''sence 
of twoo of the neighoura take an Inventor}' of what is found in 
y* house and belonging to y* s^ Marten Gerritsen, and that 
they secure the same untill further onler, and also that an 
Expresse hee sent up to Lasse Andries, Swen raoensen and y* 
Rest of s^ marten Gerritzens relacons at moymcnsink to make 
them acquainted w"* ye premisses. 

John Moll P^' 


The P" demands of this def* by ball- 
ance of twoo bills under y* deP hand & 
Scale y* sumos of 1713 ft) of good sound mcrch : Tobb : in 
Caske w"* dutch w" & tarr, as also 476 lb of good merclmnd : 
porko dutch w" and to bee Conveniently i)aid in Appoqucne- 
men Creek for w** hee Crauos Judgem* w^ Costs. The de- 
bates of both pflftoes being heard and y* def not haueing 
had his paym' Rcddy when itt was demanded ; The Court 
Judgem^ to bee Knterred ag** y* deP for 1713 ft) of tobhaceo 
A Caske and 47l» ib of porke to bee paid according to y* 
Tennor of y* bills w*"* Costs. 

Peter Groenendyck of New Yorke preferring in Court a 
Peticou sbewcing that Capt" Edmund Cantwell in y* bchalfe 
of y® Peticon' Did upon y*^ 5** day of March lt>i^ obtiiyne a 
Judgem* in this Court of N; Castle against Mary the widdow 
of bans Blocq deceased for y* sumc of 1 io gilders and y* not- 
withatimding y° s* Judgcm' shee y* s** Mury tliroug hur mis- 
informacou to this Court allcdging that shoe bad ben forced 
to eigne to y* bill of 145 gild" att New Yorke, Did on the 7"* 
of May 1678, obtayne a rehearing in Equity of y* s*^ Case be- 
fore this Court: where itt was found that shee y* s^ Mary 



filocq was not Lyable in Equity to pay y« a^ debt uboves^ 
Tpoug w"** 8** order y* Poticon^ finds himselfe mutch ftgreeved: 
hee not haueiug ben p'sent att y* s'' Kehearing etc : and there- 
fore the Peticon' now humbley Kequesleth that this Court 
would bee pleased to Confirme y* s** order of y* 5^ of March 
aforementioned & to grant him Execution for y* s** 145 gild- 
ers w*** Costs. 

The Court aiwwer, that sence there hath jmst a Judgem' 
and aftJ?r that a Rehearing of the s*" Case alx>vementioned that 
therefore they can not proceed further Uierein unlesse by 
speciall order from his ExccU : Uie Governed 

Whereas m' Peter Groenendyck of New Yorke made itt 
apeare to y* Court that Walter Whai^ton deceased, by a bill 
under his hand tt seale bearing date y" 16*** day of NovemV 
1677 stands Justly & Truly Indebted unto him y* full and 
Just sume of one thousand and twenty fyve lb of good sound 
merchandable Tobbacco and Caske to bee w*** in one niunth 
After y" date, Conveniently att or abont the Whoortkill : Tbe 
Co" doe paaee Judgem* ag* y' 8** Estate of M^alter Wharton 
for y' payment of y* e** debt of 1025 lb of tobbacoo according 
to y* Tenner of the s^ bill and the directions of the Laivc w"" 

RoBBERD Hutchinson P" 

William Pattishox Def* 
The P'* demands of thia def* 40 shill sterling, w*"*" sume 
this def* uigagetl to pay to y* P'* for y* widdow of Jo6Gi)h (iar- 
ner deceased whoe owed soe mutch to y* P" The deP Replyea 
that ho owes to the k*' widdow of Joseph Garner 'JOO lb of 
Tobbacco but to thin P'* no monny or gilderp, and sayes tbat 
bee hatli always ben Readdy to pay s^ tobbacco. The debates 
of both partees being heard the Court find noe cause of action 
A therefore order a non suit against y* P^ w*** Costs. 

Petk& Dbwitt P" 1 
MofiKis lasTON Def* j 

In an action of y* Case for one hhd 
tohb : not delivered good iiecord- 
ing to promise. 


Itt being auerred in Court by the neigbours of tho def that 
said def* is siko <fe not in a Condition to upcare; The Court 
therefore Referred this Case tintill y* next Court day. 

Hekdrik Vani)en BiiRon P*' 
Hendrik Jansen Sybrantb DeP 
The P'' demands of tlie def* by ace* y* sume of 110 gilders 
& 9 styv" for w"^^ hee hath Layd an attachm* ujwn y* deP* 
Corne in y*^ hands of Jan Jansen. 

The def^ not being in yS County <fe not knowing of y' arrest. 
Its ordered to bee referred & this to bee y* first default, 


The P" demands of this def* by ace* y" sume of 1450 ft> of 
tobbacco & 6 barrils and 2 Schippels of Indian Corne and y* 
deT being Runaway out of y" Govemm' the def hatli there- 
fore Laid an attachm^ upon the def Cropp now upon his 
owne Plantation & humbly Craues Judgem* w* Costs, This 
being the first Court, The Case is Referred, 

RouDERD Hutchinson Apj)eU' 

Thomas Smith James Pierce Wii.mam Jhon- \ ^^ «, 
SON & Wir.h: Waygtman / 

The partees being called for, Thomas Srait one of the def* 
only apeared alledging that hee was impowred by the other 
three to answer, but producing noe Letter of attorney or power 
in wryting: Tho s'' Thomas Smitli was willing and Did Pinter 
Into bond for that they the other three def" abovenamed, 
should stand to & allow of what by him y" s** Smith should 
bee acted in this Cose now depending; whereupon the Court 
did tliiuke fitt to proceed to tryall, and by y" mutuall Consent 
of y* partofls a Jury was Imjwnneled & swome whose names 
are as followeth — Thomas Spry, John Andersen, John Taylor, 
Thorn : harris Tho : wooUaston, mathina d'Ring, Gisbert Dirck- 



aen, W" Grant, John Walker, Geo : more Reynier Vander 
Coelen WilJ ; Pultishon after v:^^ the Proceedings of y* Court 
of Salem being read, The appelU by his dcdaration declared 
as foUofveth viz^ That hee the s** appell' haueing had an 
action depending in y* Coxirt of New Salem ag* these def* 
about a ('ertaine p" of Land Lying in Cohansey Creekc and 
y* tf* Court haueing on the 11"' of octob' 1G80 past their 
award mutch to the detriment of him y" s** appell' y' hee 
therefore had apealed from y"* award of y* s^ Court to tliis Court 
of New Castle, and did hope to make the Justnesse of his Cause 
ftpeare : And first y* appcll' sayed that on the 8^* day of June 
1675 John ICdmundson did grant uuto Andrew Juriansen 
and John Dunn 540 acres of Land Lying on the southsjde of 
Cohansy Creeko (or Kiver) buUeti and bounded, as by a Cer- 
tificate thereof made under y* hand of Walter Wharton then 
Sui-veigor by y* appointment of John Edmundson & Will 
Tom attorn: for John fenwike for setting and granting of Lands 
in those parts may appeare and sence Sophia Juriansen Relict 
of Andrew Juriansen deceased did Sell hur Inireat togeather 
w* Charles Rumsey Assignee of John Dun, of in and to 
y* premisses unto Vicessinius Nettelshipp on y* 20"' of ftbruary 
then next following, whoe hud severall bouses built thereon and 
a Considerable quantity of Ground Cleared & planted w'^in y^ 
tyme Limited, and Iiiid also full and quiet possosaion thereof 
during the tyme of his J-yfe: and dying his brother Benjamin 
Nettelship as the nearest in hloud became Lawfully Invested 
unto y* s** Estate, whoe sould the s** Land Plantation and 
premisses unto yo' appell' for y'' sume of 4000 lb of Tobbacco 
as by a deed thereof under the hand and scale of the s^ Ben- 
jamin dated 25 of July 1678 may more att Ij«rge upeare, and 
yo' appell* haueing of Late ben in mutch trouble and for a 
tyme berell of his Right sences was thereb}* hindered to Looke 
Bfler his s** Land, as otherwayes hee would haue don, in w** 
tyme these def* haue seated themselves on y' &*' Land & Plan- 
tation, denying yo' nppell* possession ; and thereupon hee 
brings his suite and desires Restitution and full suttisfaction 



of all Costs Charges Losses A damages etc The DeP pleads 
That they nre now in popsessinn of y* Land and havie bought 
itt from Mayor fenwike, That the pormit of John K<Smundson 
ia insufficient that Benjamin Nettelship is not prooved tho 
heir of liis Urother Vicessimus Nettclshipp, and that Charlea 
Rurnsey was not John Dunn. To w**" the app'' Replyed That 
y* def* arc unlawfully possest of y'' Land, That mayor fen- 
wikc had noe Lawful! Right to sell y* same, That Edmunds & 
m' Tom were y*' Lawful! attorneys of mayor fenwike and had 
sufliciout power to grant permits, and moroouer that they y* 
s** J" Edmunds & W™ Tom were both actually p'sejit when 
Waltor Wharton first Layod out y* Land, That Benja- 
min Nettelshipp is sufficiently prooved & allowed to Viee the 
heir of his s*^ brother Vicessimus in this Court of New Castle, 
and that Charles Rumsey had sufficiently made itt appeare att 
Salem Co" Laest thathee wasy'^ Lawfull assignee of John Dun ; 
whereupon y*^ appell* further produced seuerall papers w^** 
being Read and y*^ Case sufficiently dehutud. The Jury went 
out and Returning Brought in their verdict, as followeth viz' 
Wee find for y* appell* against y** defendants w^^' ull Costa of 
suite: The Court Doe passe Judgem* according to verdict: 
From w'=^ abovestanding verdict & Judgem* Thomas Smith 
desiered to appeale to y° next of Azzizes to boe held in New 
Yorke in the month of Octob'" next, allcdging for Reasons 
That his deeds from Mayo"^ fenwike are att p''sent in Enst Jer- 
sey and for that hee thinkes to bee Lawfully possest: w*^'' 
appeale y* Cuurt doe grant Provyded hee y* s^ Thorn ; Smith 
Sufficient Security for the prosecution thereof and for all Costs 
Charges & daniadges, according to Lawe; and in Regurd y* s* 
Thomas Smith alledgeth that hee can not give Imediate secu- 
rity being a slrainger here, The Court thei-efore upon hts Re- 
quest hauf graiitcil him Rcepit of Tyme untill y® first Teusday 
in y* month of Junnuary next to bring in his security & to 
pertbrrae all things in y* Lawe Required : In defect thereof 
hee to Loose y* benefitt of y*^ apix^alo. 

Upon the Request of Jurian Bootaman The Court doe grant 


him Liberty to mixke a Resurveig of his Land in Cristina A 
for that hee hath a givat family of Children that therefore hee 
haue an addition of 200 acres of Land annexed (o his p^sent 
Land, if there bee soe mulch found to hee Clear©. 
The Co" adjomed till tomorrow att 9 of 3''* Glooq. 

Nov 3** The Co" eatc & were Conipleat as before. 

Upon the Request of Peter Groeueiidyck against Mary 
Blocq about twoo heiffers & 7 sheep formerly made ouer unto 
him by John Cimbell : The s* mary Blocq Appearing in 
Court & Consenting to stand tryall w"* y* fe** Groenondyck 
about y* same in y* afternoon, The Court doe approove tliereof. 

Upon the Peticon of Lucas Stiddem tlie Court doe allow© 
him 200 acres of Land to take up w"*in the precincts of tliis 
Court, hee seating & Improoviug the same according to Lawtt 
& KeguUiLons. 

Upon the Request of oele fransen markus Lourensen & 
Neels Keelsen The Court doe grant them to take up y" mar- 
riflh Lying before their Land w*^** lieitherlo hath ben by them 
Improoved for hay it not to Exceed 30 acres. 

__ ' ^ „ > Continued bv P*** desire 


TnoMAS Spry P* 

JusTA Andrtks & Akltie his wyfe Def* 
Upon y* P"* desire y" def*" wyfe being not in a Capacity to 
npcarc y* action is Continued. 

TH0MA.«i Si»RT & Rebecca his wyfe P" 
JusTA ANDRIE3 & Aeltie his wyfe Def* 
Continued upon y* P*** desire y* doP not being in a Cap- 
pacity to ai)care. 

Samuell Behcquer P'* 
Abram Man DeP 

The dcf* not apearing and y* P'* pressing for Judgem' Itt is 



ordered that this Case bee tryed & fynally Ended alt y* next 
Court and that y* P" gives notice to y* def* that the Papers of 
M' Clarke formerly Expected are now come & y* hee y* deP 
appears otherwayes Judgetn' to passe. 

Thomas Spry P'* ■» an attachm' on y* def" come 
Hkndrik Jansen Def j att Swanwyk. 
noe declaration Enterrcd The Case referred. 

In an action of slaun- 
der A defauiation. 

Rynier Vander Coelen P" 
WiM. : Skmpii.l a Josyn 1 ta « 
his wyfe J f 

before y® declaration was Read the dcf* allcdged that Justice 
Job: D'haes was by y*^ p** summoned us a wittnesse and y' 
therefore hee could not sit as a magistrate & w^out him noe 
full Court, whereupon Samuel Land y* undersherrifo was 
flwome & sayeth that hee was w^^ m"" d'haes A had lould him 
I : haue a summons to summon you, upon w*^ m' d'haes R&- 
plyed there are wittnesses anof Ac'^^out mee, and that there- 
upon ht>e y* 8^ Samuel Land went away. The Omrt are of 
4)pinion that itt was noe Lawful! summons^ and that m^ d'haes 
may sitt as a magistrate notwithstanding y' he was an Ey and 
Ear wittnesso was p'sent att the abuse. Josyn the wyfe of 
William Sempill in open Court did Terme & call Ryuior 
vander Coelen a man w"* twoo fathers a murtherer a Uoug 
and a dogh. M' Will : Semiiill desiers that y* Case may be 
referred till next Court to y® end hee may bee the better pro- 
vyded, w""* the Co** Grant and doe order that y° P" & def bee 
both & each of them bound in a bond of £40 for their good 
behavior till then, hee w*^** first breakes y* peace and afronts 
y* other shall bee Imediately Iniprizoned & pay y* 8^ 40 

Mary hodoes P** i In an action of slaunder & defa- 
An NETTIE oelas Dcf* / matioH. 
The P'* declares that this def^ hath slauudered hur in a 



liijjh nature by falsly saying A divulfjitig that this P" had 
Layne w*** one Jan Cornel is. . . The def* Denyes itt <fc sayea to 
have sayed noe otherwayes but that John Comclis had tould 
her that y* P'* had . . . The Case being heard A wittnesscs 
Kxainined, The Court ordere<l ihat the def shall make pub- 
licq aknowlodgm* in Court that shee has falsly defamed y* 
P** <fe pay y** Costs. The def' in Co" made publicq aknowl- 
nlgna* as above. 

Peter Gkoenkndyk P" 
Mary Bu>c(j Def* 

The P^' by his declaration declares for twoo heiffers or 7 
phcepp by John CimbpU mad© ouer unto y* P" on y* 3** of 
Jannuary 16f2 w*'*' then were & still are in y* Possession of y* 
def* A were put thero to winter etc: The def Rcplyes that 
y* 8^ Croaturs were never Lawfully delivered by S* Cimbcll 
nnto y* P" that they had ben in y*^ possession of y* def* 4 years 
A then for a debt due to her from s^ Cimljell attached A Law- 
fully Condemned, that shee has had them aenee y*s** attachm' 
untill now three years in quiet Possession, and that s** P^* in 
all that 7 years tyme until now never made any Lawfull de- 
mand of the same. 

C-aspares Herman Swome in Court declareth that for some 
years past John Cimbell comming from y* whoorekill to this 
dcponants house, a** deponant asked John Cimbell how his 
affairs stood att y" whonrekill, hee replyed Uiat Peter groenen- 
dyk had Catched him there but y' hee had now Sattisfyed 
him. The deponant demanded how hee y" s^ Cimbell would 
aattisfy him, g^ Cimbell answered that bee had Left a bill of 
2200 lb of tobb : in y* hands of francis whitwell and saved that 
yo"" depon' should haue that . The deponant replyed againe, 
what if groenendyk should haue attached y'^s'* bill, John Cim- 
bell thereupon made answer, what will you not believe me 
that I : haue paid Groenendyk and thereupon hee produced a 
paper and sayed this is a discharge from groenendyk and yo' 
deponant Looked and Sawe groenendyks name to y* same 



Thorn : Woollrtston 
John wnllcer 
John tnylor 
giebert Pircks 
gefl: raoro 
Reyn* V Coelen 
Gerrit smU 
will grant 
Tbo: Harris 
John Pierce 
John Andf»raon 
Rob : morton 

paper but did not Head all y* wryting, and y*deponant sayelb 
further that hee meeting M' Groenendyk a whyle after w^'in 
this Town© of Now Castlo y® deponaul asked about y* s^ bill 
of 2200 Ik of tobbacco and hee answered 
y* deponant thnt hee had attached y* 
bill, att w*** y* deponnnt was somewhat 
troubled. M' Groenendyk replycd there 
is more then will pay me and y* rest bee 
for you, and further saj'eth jiott: The 
Case being referred to a Jury whoc baue- 
ing heard y* debates of both partees, went 
out and Returning againe brought in 
their verdict viz* Wee find for y" F*» 
against y" def w*"" Costs of Suite. Tho 
Co" passe Judgem' that y* def* make de- 
livery to y* r" of twoo heifFers of y' same 
adge as they were att y* tyme Expiered, 
w"** was in May 1076, and Seven sheep 
fleducting twoo sheep w*"-^ were fetched away, y* one by M* 
Stavely A y* other by M' Toms order, and y* P^' pay to y'def* 
for one years wintring of y* 8* Creaturs and y* def* to pay y* 
Costs of this suite. 

Ephniim Herman being Commisaionated by his bono' y* 
Govemo'' to bee sur\'eigo' of this & St Jone's: County, did 
produce his s* Comission in Court w** was publicqly Read & 
hereannex recorded. 

S' Edniond Andros Kn* Liev* and Govemo*" Gener" under 
his Roy" Higbnesse James Duke of Yorke and Albany etc: 
i>f New Yorke etc in America, Whereas M' Phil : Pocock Late 
Surveyor alt New Castle & p''cincts is Lately deceased, I : doe 
hereby appoint and authorize you M*" Ephraim Herman to 
bee Surveyor for y* s* New Castle & p'cincLs as aisoe for St 
Jones dependencies to survey & Lay out Land as a survey* 
ougt to doe in any place not duely taken up; and according 
to such Warrants as you shall from tyme to tyme Receive 
from ray selfe or upon Extraordinary occasions for y* benefitt 



of y* place to fitt persons as shall apply for y" same, of v,*^ to 
make duo Retiimes to }'• Secretaries office att New Yorke 
according to Luwe, and for soe doing IhiR shall ho yo*" wai^ 
rant, Given under my hand A Seale att EHzaheth Towne in 
new Jersey the 12*^ of June 1680. 

(was signed) 
Examined by mee E Andkoss 

Mathias NicoLLs seer. 

By the Governo' 

Being informed of some difference in passing Capl" Cant- 
well the Hiph Sherrifo of Delowur his accounts for his fees for 
Collecting the assessments nmerciamentfl & fines; There i» 
ttUowed to y* Petty Constable one shilling to y* high Coi^ 
stable 6 pence to y* high Sherrife six pence in all twoo shill- 
ings per pound according to y* directions in y* Lawe, w*^' hee 
is to haue Hccordingly and noe mow, not**standing any 
Greater Latitude formerly Given upon misinfommcoii, Con- 
trary to I.awe. 

Given under my hand in Now York y* 4*** day of Octob' 

To y* magestrates of )•• Co" was signed 

att New Castle in Delowar River E Axnitoss 

ord' for y* Sherrifs fees in delowar River 


Att a Councill held in New Yorke the 24^^ day of sept' 1680. 
The govemo' A CouncoU. 
Whereas y* daughter in Lawe of Ambros Kaker of delowar 
was Lately killed by a horse, vr^ is by Lawe forfeited A Ex- 
cheated to his May"* & taken into Custodic by y® Sheirife aa 
apenrs by the Peticon of y* s** Ambros, but noe accompt or 
furlhET proceedings thereon given by y* Sherrife. Ordered 
that y* s^ hors bee forthwith killed and y* sherrife to haue noe 
fees in this matter for his neglect therein. 

By ord' in Councell (was signed) 

John West C\' Coun. E. ANOBoas. 



Anna Jouno in the Behalfe of 
hur husband Jacob Jouno 


John Taylor of Appoquon : Def 

Id an action of 
defamation for 
saying that 
Jacob Joung 
bad hired In- 
diuns to kill 

The def* makeiiig Reply to y* Conrt saying that what heo 
had sayed was only by hearsay of Jolm Arnold etc: Ordered 
that y« dcP shall publicqly aknowledge his fault ; W* the 
def in open Court did saying, hee noe otherwaycs but that 
Jacob Jouug is an honest man aiul noe waves guilty of any 
«ach Crime ; The Court ordered def* to pay Coats of suite. 

2^** Court y« Case 
' Continued. 

Gabbiell Minvikllk by Capt"\ 
Edmvnd Cantwkll his at- >P" 
torney ) 

The instate of Ralph hutchinson Def 
Upon a Peticon in y" behalfe of Joseph More p'sented The 
Court doe take of his bannishmeiit & grunt him Liberty to 
dwell in y' County, Provyded hee bee of the Good behuuior 
for one yeare & six weekes & to find Fifty pound security for 
his performing & Keeping y* same, The aftornamod p'sons be- 
came securitys & bound for s^ Joseph more for his good be- 
bauior for one year A G weeks. Each of them for ^5 viz* 
Capt" Cantwell for £5 Eph : herman for £5 

Casp: Herman 5 John Ogle 5 

John Taylor 5 \VilI:(Jreen 5 

John "Walker 6 Tho : harris 5 

Will: Grant 5 Rob : morton 5 

£25 £25 

The Court this day did slate *fe make up tho ace* of y* 
Estate of docto' John Jordins as followeLh viz*. 

The Estate of Doctor John Desjardins deceased in New Castle- 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RECORDS 

^^^^ 1678 ToCffpesforanunl' 
^^^H 9br 5 about y* papers & 

^^^H To ditto ft>r an order 
^^H of Court that y* 
^^^H goods ptiould bM 
^^^^ Konld bj outcry • • 
^f dec 3 for an other nrder A 
^^^^^^^ fixing up of bills 
^^^^^^H for y* *k\e of y* 

^^^^^^1 An otbor ordor. • • • • 
^^^^^^P JioQ? Bccordioft y* Tcodu 

^^^^H 1660 

^^^^^^H To Hoc inutcli p^ by 
^^^^^H Cnpt" to 
^H^^^ M' Job: r>ehae8.. 
^^1^^ To John Moll by 
^^^BH! Juhn Ogieti ordrr 
^^^^^^L A upon his Judge* 

THE eot 



783: 1ft 




By sundry p^sons for 
goods »ou1d ibctD 
in Vendti as p^ y* 
List heretofore 
Recorded appean 

y Smils toolet ..--f 




Sfil ; 


200 : 

ft4 : 
27 : 

ly u 


/'1662 ^H 

y" cloths A mede- 

By y* Estate of H< 
Tom for y* mort- 
gage on y* T^tt 

By y* 30 foott LoU 
•Sonid in Vendo 
& Btt p'sent poft- 
aened by Kph: 
Herman wassould 

<2202: ^H 
f 540 ^H 

— / 580 : 19 ^M 

lit ^H 

nto doctor ^H 
according ^H 

^^^H To M' Moll paid . . . 

^^^^^^ft T** ballance due yel 
^^^^^^^^■1 in y* hands uf y* 

^^^^^^^^^^ This aSoTO^ ballance 
^^^^^^^^K Is to bee 
^^^^^^^^^V paid by y* Court as 

^^^^^^^^m To John for 

^^^^^^^^™^ To Job: d'haes upon 

% To John Ogle upon 
\ his Judgem* 

^^^^^ Tbo Court ordered C 
^^^^H Spry out of y^ Kstalti 

upon w«* is paid by 
Eph: bennnn vis* 

his Judgem' for SOO 
Ebof lobb: atety: f 

1 Cowe i«id by Eph: 
herman to y' wid- 
dow of Jordins-. 

8) c of aerge paid 
by Eph; btrrnian to 
ditto widdow 1080 

1 Vendu M" fcea.. 

1786: « 


811 : 4 

W7 : 10 

Soe that Eph: her- 
man hath o*er> 

m: Cant well to pi 
T Whartou decea 

606: 14 

'apt" Ed 
of WalU 



to a former order of Court y* sume of 2G2 gilders, y* s^ for- 
mer order l>ears April y" '^^ 1679. 

The Court doe grant unto Doctor Thoin : Spry upou bia 
Request, to take up one Imndored acres of Lnnd, as an addi- 
tion to his former Grant of 200 acres; upon Condition of Set- 
tlement A Improovcment as before is ordered. 
Thin sentence waa E«e- Agnieta Ucndriks was this day p'sente<l 
cuted y* 4^* of No?' by )'• Consliible for haueing y* 3** tyrae had 
Kcordingly. ^ Bastard Chyld w'»»in this County. The 

Case being Examined, The Court ordered tlmt shee y* s** 
Agnietn shall be publicqly whipt 31 Lashes & pay the Costs, 
and doo bannish hur y* e** Agnioia hendriks out of this County 
for y* space &. Terme of fyve years nest Kusuing, sheo (o de- 
part w^'in 3 dayos After punnishinent reoeive<l. 

Apeared in Court Rodger raeasnro whoe humbly desiored 
that y* punnislim' of whippin v/^^ by order of this Court of y* 
7*** of Sept' I^est, hee Wiis to haue niiglit bee remitted Proffer- 
ing to pay u fyne of fyve pound : The Court did thinke fitt 
to remitt y* same i)rovyded a fyne of fyve pounds bee to y* 
use of the Church. Cupl" in Court did Ingage to pay y* e^ 
fyve pound ft)r s^ Rodger for y* Church use wherew^ t^ 
Rodger was dismist. 

M' John Moll this day makes the Court acquainted that hee 
hath Received of y® fyne of John Brodborne one linndered 
gilders & noe more y* s^ Brodborne being sencc dead & his 
EJstate Insolvent : ami that hee hath given the High Sherrife 
Capl" Kdin. Cnntwell Credit for y* same. 

Upon y' Request of M*" John Moll as being ntl present 
Cheefly Intrcsted, The Court orderml llmt Doctor Spry & 
huybert Ilendrika shall open y* streets w** by them are att 
p'sent closed up, hetweene this & next Court day. 

Upon the Reqticst of John Biske, The Court (in Regard 
that y* Lotts formerly granted him and Isacq Tayne proove 
BOO short, Doe grant him y* addition of another Lott of 60 
foott broad adjoyniiig to y® otlier 3 heretofore granted. 

The (k)" upon y* Peticon of Sybrant Muthiass granted hira 



to take up w"'in tliis County 200 acres or LnnrJ upon Conclition 
of settlera' an by Lawe & Rogulacon. 

The Court ndjornecl unLill y* first Teusday in Jaunuary 
next Ensuing. 

Alt a Speciall Court callefl by Hobberd AVacdo & hold in y* 
Towue of New Castle the 9^ of decern ber 1(J80. 

M' John Moll I 

Psent M' Job ; D'bacs > Justices. 

M' WilhSempill J 

RoBBERn Waedk 
John Grub & 

Richard Bovinqton 



N J J 

an action of y" Caaa 

Tlie P" by his declaration declares ajj*' these def" for y' 
nonperformance & breach of a Certayne Indenture bearing 
date y" 10"* of July 1G78 and alsoe for nonperfornnuice & 
brunch of a Certayne award of arbitrators & a bond made 
tljereon Iwaring date y« 8"* & 9'^ dayes of March 16j|, and 
t horefore desires that th&JO def" may bee ordered lo (wrforme all 
& Fivery article of y" .s*^ Indenture & award eoo far forth as 
they are not p'formed, and to make good y** damadge sua- 
tayned throug the nonperformance thereof w^ all Costs <& 
Charges. The def** Deny y* P"" declaration and Reply that 
they haue performed the a^ Indenture & award, soe farr forth 
as ilt is nott gaynsayd & cut of by a CollatoruU agreem' made 
sence by y« P" def**. 

Andrew makluer Sworne in Co" aayeth that John Gnib A 
Rich; Bovington after that they had thrassedy' straw did throw 
itt upon heapes ouer a fensh & there Lett itt Ly in y** Rayue 
iind after that threw more straw upon itt & that the Cowea 
haue Trodden itt under foott & further sayeth nott. 

John Bales Sayeth y* same as Andrew makleur hereabove. 

Anna Pitman Sworne in Court paycth that slice was p'sent 
at y* house of Rob' waede when y" Lapst a^eem* was made 
betweene Robberd Waede & John Grubb & Rich : Bovington, 



and after s* agreera* was signed, John Grub & Rich : Boving- 
ton did then demand & Receive of Robberd Waede the GOO 
gilders mentioned in the award of y* arbitrators & further 
sayeth nott. 

M' Samuel Land Sworne sayeth y* same as Anna Pittman 

Albert llendrix haueing given a deposition & sworne before 
M"" Moll & being now in Court & askt sayeth y* same as fol- 
low^ That sometymo in y" month of Aprill Lacst past John 
Grub & Rich: Bovington came to y*' deponants house w^ a 
bottle of Rum, and desiered yo' Deponant to Clapp a Certayno 
bull belonging to Robberd waed's stock w*^*^ was tlien there, and 
y* deponant not knowing any otherwayes but that itt was w*** 
y* 8** Robberd waed's knowledge did Klupp the s** bull and after 
y' done a^ Grubb desiered yo' deponant not to speake of itt to 
Rob : waede for sayed hee this will bee as good a trik as that of 
his Ram whoome I : cutt & hee (meaning Robberd waede) 
Kuowncs, not but that hoe has still a Rain & further sa^'eth 
nott : Thomas Nossiturs deposition taken before M' Moll y" 2" 
of xbr instant was as followeth, That some tyme in y* month 
of Septemb' this declarant cam© to y" house of Robl>erd Waede 
& bougt of John Grub & Rich: Bovington twoo schipples of Rye 
& whylst bee was cleaning y* same in y® barue Lydia the wyfo 
of y^ siiid Robl>erd Waede came & tonld John Grub & partner 
that to sell corne as then was Contrary to their agreement, upon 
w*^^ they y" said Bovington & Grub Replyed to bur wee haue 
sent away a boat load w'^ hancock the other day and doe you 
not know that, to W^*" shee replyed noe & they made answer 
againe Yes wee haue done itt, w'*' more other words w^** y* 
deponant doth not now Remember^ and further declares that 
hee in y* s^ month of 7 V did Buy & Receive a Cowe from 
Richard Bovington w*^ then was upon Rob: wacds Plantation 
& further Sayetli nott. 

The Court did seuerall tymes demand of y* def** whether 
they Judged that at y" signing and delivery of y® Laest agroe^ 
ment w^'Robb: Waede they Intended that thos'' Laest agrcem* 



should totally abollish and disannul! all the former wrytingn 
that is to say the Indenture & y' award to w*^ y* def** refused 
to answer Possitive y* or no© ; The Co" doe Judge tlie y" t»^ 
Indenture & award ar« botli in force soo farr as they are not 
gaynsayd by y® s** Laest agreement : Michill Izard a wittnesse 
for yo def" sworne in Co" dfclareth, that hee was p^sent and 
did heare Hoh : Waode demand a debt of oUO gilders of John 
Grub & Kichard Bovington whoo thereupon discounted w"> 
him y*^ s^ Robbcrd Waede y® nOO gild" allowed them by y* 
awjird of y* arbitrnlors and further that bee was p'"seiit &did 
heare & see that Rob: Waede did accwpt of all y* Cattle & 
utensils Excepting a Cart to bee sett upon y* wheels & a pecce 
of swead fence to bee made, w'^'* now is p^^formed & further 
sayeth nott. 

The def*- John Grub <fe Richard 
Bovington desiering a Jury Itt was 
granted and a Jury was Impunnolcd 
whoeliaueing heard y" Case debated 
and all j*' papers and Kvidences 
Read went out and Returning 
brougt in their verdict as followeth 
viz' Wee find for y* defend'". The 
Cou rt doe alio we of the J u rys 

Names of y* Jury 
M' Will : hamilton 
M' Michael Cantwell 
M' John Williams 
M' hend: Williams 
M'Tho: Woollnston 
M' John Walker Jr 
tiV Gisbert dirksa 
M' Engelbert Loti 
M' Will : Philips 
M' John Boeyer 
M' hend: V: Burgh 

M' Will; Osborne 

Ephraim Herman made y* Court acquainted y' hee bad 
perused and Examined y^ papers belonging unto francis Hol- 
land deceased and y' hee found Little of Concerne in them as 
it apeared to him desiering the Co" to order w' hee y* s* 
Clarke should further doe w'^ ihem as also w^ y* papers of 
Henry Stanbrooke yet in his bands and of small Concerne 
etc The Co" doe order & desire him y" e^ Clercq to keepe 
y* s** paffcrs in Cuatodio untill any boddy Couceruod shall 
come fur them or till further order of this Court. 





The Co" adjorned till first Teuaday in y* month of Jannu- 
ary next 

Alt a Court held in the Towne of New Custle by his may**"* 

Jannuary the 4**' & 5^ 16|f. 
M^ John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 
M' Joh: D'haes 
M' Will : aemjiiU 
Cap" Edra : Cantwell High Sherrife. 
The following Letter from his Hono^ the Governo'' by Capl" 
Edmund Cantwell was this day publicqiy read in Court. 

New Yorke dccember y" 23^ 1680. 

Ilaueing Received orders & going for England p' next, 
upon w*** sent and ordered a gencrall Court or meeting of y* 
Justices to bee here y" 17^ past, Excusing yo*" selves by reason 
of y* distance & season of y'^yeare, (and now on oportunity & 
accompt by Capt" Cantwell) this to acquaint you herewith & 
my designed Leaueing Capt° Brokholls my LJeve'. as Laest 
tyme in Command here w^ut any olher alteracon, also that 
M' John Lewin a gentleman Sent by his Rov" highnesse is 
arryved authorized to Inspect the Revenu as p' his Commis- 
sion of w*^ I : send you a Coppy to bee observed accordingly 
and not doubting yo' i>rudence and diligent care in yo*" stations 
in all publicq matters for y* Continue<l welfare Quiet & saefty 
of yo*" parts, I; have only further to Recommend loyo'Exami- 
nacon an accompt of Capt" Cautwells for sundry disbursments 
on the publicq accompt of the forte & River, and that what 
shall uppeare to bee due you take care the same may bee sat- 
tisfyed him, w*^ a Consideracon for his p^sent Journey heither. 

I am 
for the Justices & Court Yo"" Affectionate friend 

Att New Caatle in E ANDROsa, 


records of the court op nsw cabtlb. 445 

Samuell Bercq" P" 
Abuam man Dof 

Wtt 24 Jann: Execit- The P'^ by his declaration demands (»f 
tion Iffiiied oat upon ihis dof* hy & bill of this dof" past unto 
ihiflJadgem'. William Clarke of new Salem y" 20"' of 

febnmry 1677 and sence to wit on y« 12"' day of July 1679 
a«igne<l ouer unto this p*^ the bnllunce thereof being six 
pound A fower shillings in wheat Rey, Indian CornoA barley 
att prys C'ourrant: for w*"** hee humbly Craues Judgem* w*" 
Coete. The def* jdcads lliat William Clarke is in his debt 6 
pounds for funerall Charges of Thomas Greenup, Clarkca Ser- 
vant etc. The Co" haneing examined y* award formerly 
made to M' Moll in that case doe find that y' s** 6 pound is 
included & Ended in y* same, and therefore not due to y® def, 
and doe passe Judgement ag^ the defend^ for y® payment of 
ye 8** six pounds & 4 shillings to y* P" according to y' tennor of 
y* bond w^ Costs. 

Abram Man P'* 

Samuell Bercq" Def* 
The P" demands of this def* hy accomp* the eume of sixty 
& seven gilders. The del"* disownes the ace' etc. Jan Num- 
merseu Constable sworne in Court declares that being the 
other day w"* ftp Man at y* house of Samuell Earcqucr, there 
did hearo M' man demand of s^ Samuell Bercquer what hee 
owed him, whereupon Samuel Barker Keplyed & asked what 
doe I owe you, to w**» M' Man Replyed againe thirteen gild- 
ers, Samuel Bercquer Replyed noe itt is but Eight gilders & 
you may haue itt when you will, M' Man sayed againe you 
promissed to bring itt to my house to w** y* other sayed 
againe you may fetch itt when you please. The Co" did 
thinke fitt to Referre this Case untill next Court day as when 
y* P" is ordered to bring his booke in Court, to see how 
y* same agrees w*** his accompl. 



Abram Man P'^ 

William Philips DeP 

The P'* demands of this def* by ace* twenty fyve gilders in 
wheat and twoo Barrills of Indian Corae. The def denyea 
to haue had dealings w"* the P" otherwayes then upon Will 
oabornes ace*. 

The P^* makeing oath in Court to y* Justnesae of all his 
ace* & Every tiling therein mentioned, doe order Judgement 
to bee Enterred ag* y* def* for twenty & fyve gilders in wheat 
& twoo barrills of Indian Come to gether w'** Costs of auite. 

Peter Dewitt P" 

Morris Listok Def* 
The def^ not apearing and Will Grant pleading that y* def* 
was sike & not able to come and attend y* Court, and desier- 
ing iu his behalfe that y* case waa referred, The Co"^ Referred 
y" same till next Court. 

Hendrik Vanden Burqh P^' > , « «^ , , , 

TT T c Fi rt J- y* def 2** default. 

HKNnniK Janbs Sybrants Dor y 

The Co"* Referred this act : till next Court day. 

John Moll 

Hknd: Droogstraet 



Thom : Spry 

Hend : Janss Sybrants 

P" >|The def" 2<» de- 
V fault the action 
Def* J referred. 

Gabriell MiNviEiXB by 1 p^ 

Capt" Edm : Caktwell / 
Estate of Ralph Hdtchinson \ £. « 
deed / 

The ?'* haueing Laid his action wrong is ordered to begin 
a new og* y* administrators. 


Will : Grant P" i an Rttnchm* upon a Cowc & Calfe in 
John Arnalp Def* J y* P^*" owne hands. 

The deP being three tymes Culled did not apcoFOf wherefore 
y* case is Conl. 

Upon the desire of Samucll Bercquer The Court doe Judge 
that 300 ft) of neat Tobbacco dutch w" <t tarr sliall bee held 
as a merchandable hhd of Tobbacco and that Samuel Bercquer 
shall pay soe mutch upon y* Execution of M' Man. 

Sarauell Bercquer was this day appointed A sworne Con- 
stable of the norlhpyde of Cristina and soe upwards in the 
roome of Jan Nummersen for ouo yeare or till another bee 
fiwonie in his Roooie. 

RoBERD Morton P'* llhe def* 2* default act; Con- 
RoBBERD Johnson Pef* / tinned. 

Henry Rennolls P'* 
Thomas olyvb Def 

The Plant : being 3 tymes Called did not nppearo, nor none 
as an attorney for him upon y" desire of John Ogle tlie def** 
attorney y* C/Ourt ordered a non suit ag** y* P'* w**" Costa. 

John Moll P" 
Pktkr Slobe Def* 
The dcf absent, upon y* p**" desire y" action is Referred till 
next Court. 
The Co" adjomed till tomoiTow ail 9 of y* Clocq. 

Januuary 5*** 16f;. 

John Taylor P» 1 ^^^ aitachra* upon y« def»- Effects. 
John Arnold Dcr J 

The def being 3 tymes called did not apeare and upon 
y* P"" wyfes desire, the action is referred till next Court. 

, ,^ ' ,, „ >the3'*writtnonestInventusRelumed. 
John Scott Def* ) 



Orderetl thafc if in case y* defend* absents hiinseJfe Longer A 
thai hee doth not apeare ntt y* next Court Jndgem* to passe 
aguinat him according to Lawe. 

Ju8TA Andries P^' > An attachm* upon a Cowe in y* 
John Aukold Def / liands of Capt" Cantwell. 

Referred till next Com-t 

M' Abram Man prefferring in Court a peticon desiering an 
arrest upon the Judgem* past against liim yesterday alt y* suite 
of yam : Bercquer alledging for reasons that y* assignm* upon 
y* bond is noe Lawfull assignm* yett prooved in Court, there 
being noe witnesses to y* same : The Court Reply that they 
Judge y" peticon" Reasons Insufficient & noe Cause of arrest 
upon y* same Judgem* By reason that y" Peticon' did promise 
paym* yesterday after y* Judgem* in Court and M' \V" Clarks 
Confirming of his s'' assignm* by Letters to M*" Moll <fe M' John 
Can <fe by bis speaking verbally <fe also by wry ting to Capt" 
Canlwcll Laest Summer prooves y*as9ignm* upon y* bond to 
bee good. 

Upon y* Peticon preferred in y" beJialfe of Mary y" widdow 
of Will : hedges, The Court doe Grunt hur to take up a Lott 
w"*in this Towne of new Castle; on y" west syde next to y» 
Lotta Granted unto Jan Biscus & Isacq Tnync, provyded she 
forthwitli builds tliereon according to Lawe & Rogulacons. 

Jan Boeyer was this day sworne Constable of this Towns of 
New Castle in y* roome of Jan Biscus for one year or till 
another bee swomo in his Roome. 

Henry Ward his Ear niarke for Cattle and hoghs recorded 
vii* Twoo Cropp,-) and underkeeld on y* Iveft Eare, Ditto y* 
marke for his borses : underkeeld on y* Left Ear and branded 
w»" y* Letters HW. 

The Court adjoriied till y" first Teusday in March next. 

10|J fobruary 19"' John Taylor of Duke Creek e his Eare 
murke for Cattle & hoggs recorded viz* a Crop on y* right 
Eare a hole & a slitt on v* Left Eare. 

' JuBiicea. 


Att a Court held in y* Towne of New Castle by his may**** 
authority y« 1"* & 2^ of March 16^. 

M^ John Moll 
P'seut M^ Gerret Otto 

M^ Joh : D'haes 

M' William Sompill 

Capt'' Edm : Canlwell H. Sherrife. 

Upon y* Request of Anthony Bryant, The Court haue 

Granted him to take up a small narrow sUpe or angell of 

Land Lying w***in this Towne of New Castle behinde his pur- 

chnzo from M*" Alrichs, in breath next to y® Lott of dom : 

Tessemaker about fyve paches and some thing broader next 

to y* swamp, to Correspond w*** the street of gerrit Smith, 

upon Condition that bee y** s** Anthony Bryant in Liew thereof 

shall Lcaue of his owno ground next to Dom : Tessemakor, a 

street of 30 foot broad. 

Apeared in Court Jonas Erskin son & heir of his father 
John Erakin deceased and attorney of his mother Jean y* wid- 
dow and adniinistra" of y* Estate of y* s*" John Erskin de- 
ceased, whoe then and there aknowledged by his deed bearing 
date y* 31^ of Jannuary 16|^ the Transporting and makeing 
ouer unto John Wattkins sayer & Charles Kumsey Each 
y* Equall halfe of a Ccrtaync Plantation and tract of Land 
heretofore Granted & Confirmed unto y' s^ John Erskin de- 
ceased by Pattent from Governo*" Rich : nicolls bearing date 
y" !•* day of Jannuary 1GG7 in Company w* Thomas Browne 
& MarteD Gerritzen y" Laud to bee Equally divyded betweone 
them as by y* s*^ Pattent more att Large doth appeare y* s^ 
parcel! of Land Lying between fyren hoek & swart neuten 
Island in Cristina Crecko by Estimation 500 acres more or 
Lease ; and y* s" Jonas Erskin declared further by his said deed 
to haue Received sattisfaction of the said Charles & John, by 
specialty under their hand & scale for 6000 & of tobb : as by 
y" s^ deed under hand & seale of y' s^ Jonas Erskin in y* 
p'senco of John Ogle and Ephraim herman wittnefises mors 
att L»arge doth & may appeare. 



FoIIoweth the Coppy of a T^ctter of Attorney by Jonaa 
Erskin produced in Court & prooved by John Ogle one of y* 
wittnesses to y* same, by his oath in Court. 

Know all men by these p'sents that I : Jeane Arskin y* 
widdow A administ* of Jolin Arekin deceased : doe by these 
p'scots ordaine make Constitute aud appoint my trusty and 
well beloved son Jonas Erskin of Cristina Creeke in dolowar 
River to bee my true and Lawfull attorney and in my name 
and stead and to my use to Lett sett assigno oner bargainc and 
to make sale of infeofe and Confinno any part or parcell tract 
or tracts of Land belonging to y** Estate or administ* of John 
Arskin for y* paying of y*" debts of y" s** John Krskin, and to 
aske demand sue for Levy and Hecoiiur and Keceive all sutch 
debt or debts that shall bee due to y*' said John or anministrat* 
Either by bill bond or account from any p'son or p''son8 Living 
w^''in this River & Buy of delowar, Giving and by these p^sents 
gmnting unto my said attorney my full power <t authority in 
and about y* p'misses & Every part and parcell thereof as 
amply tt fully aa if I : myselfe were there p'^sent, bee paying 
the debts of John Erskin soe farr forth as hee Receives and for 
what my said attorney shall Lawfully act or doe in the 
premisses I doe Confirm the same to all Intents and purposes, 
as witnesse my hand & scale in New Castle this 16"^ day of 
Novomly Anno : 1679. 

Signed Sealed <fe Delivered 
in y* p'senco of 

John Darby 

John Ogle 

Jean Jan arskin 


Peter Dewitt P" 

Morris Liston Def* 

The P" declares that this def* stands Justly Indebted unto 

him y* sume of 1-45 gilders for w""*" this def* was to deliver one 

hhd of tobb : good upon his word, but Instead of sending up 

of a good hhd of tobb: y« def* sent up a bad rotten hhd of 



John Can 
John Walker 
Hend : Williams 
Eng : Lott 
giabert dirkss 
Roelof Aiidries 
Jos : Barkstead 
W" Grant 
Rob : Morton 
John hermsen 
Geo : more 
H : V : Burgh 

Tobb : by Moses y* boatman and therefore y" P'* desirea that 
y* def may bee ordered to Fay the s** debt w**" good & mer- 
cbandable Tobb. 

The def* denyes to have promiaaed to 
Deliver a hhd tobb: goud upon his word: 
Witli y' Consent of both partees y** Case 
waa referred to a Jury Peter dewitt 
Bwome in Court declares that Morris 
Listen promisaed to pay him in Tobb: 
good upon his word : Moses D'Oom 
sworne in Court Sayeth that Peter de 
witt ordered him to bring or fetch a hhd 
of Tobbacco for him of Morris Liston, 
and gaue him a note, and being att y* 
house of y® s^ Morris Liston, s'^ Morris 
delivered a hhd of Tobbacco and would 
haue had y** deponant open itt, but y" deponant Replyed to 
hauc noe skill in tobbacco, and sayeth that hco not open itt 
but brougt itt To Towne as t'was delivered. The Jury 
heard y* debates of both partees A y* Evidences Sworne, went 
out & Returning brought in their verdict as foUoweth viz* 
Wee find for y* defend' w* Costs of suite. 

ABRANf Max P" 

Samikl Bercquer Def* 

The P'* demands of y® dcf* by ace* y" sume of 67 gilders for 
well liee Cranes Judgem* w"* Costs. 

The def* objects ag*^ 8i denyes severall articles of y" accV 
The Court haueiiig ordered y* P'* I*aest Court to bring his 
booke in Co" alt this Court to see how y" same did agree w*** 
his ace* and y* s^ P" bringing now only a pocket booke w^** 
hee Confesses to bee none of the originall booko wherein y* efl 
def" ace* was first Enterred and y* s* Pockott booke being 
found not to agree w"* y' ace' before given in Court, and 
moreouer y" P" hauoing before tendered his oath to sweare to 
all his ace' in w*'** was sett downo for y* spoyll of one saddell 




26 gild" to w*'^ article y* Court Judge that hee could not 
safely swearc, y" s'' sadle haucing not ben seen or Apprayaed 
by any and itt appearing also by y* Constables oath Laeet 
Court that y* P^* had not demanded Any more than thirteen 
Gilders ; Tlie Court therefore doe Judge this but a vexatious 
suite and doe order a nou suite to bee Enterred ag" y° P'* w*** 

The Laest Will & Testament of Walraeven Jansen devoa 
Late of Christina Creeke deceased was produced and prooved 
in Court by the Wittnesses Pieter de Cooiiink & Johannes De 
Rivier upon oath, y* s** Will being hereannex Recorded viz* 
Gysbert Jansen Eldest son of Walraeven Janaen is to haue y* 
halfe of his fathers plantation & Land in Cristina upon Con- 
dition that hee shall help to maintayn his mother & y® rest of 
y" unmarried Childeren during Lyfe and that hee bee obedi- 
ent & not refractory to his 8** mother and in case that y" rf* 
Gysbert should happen to marry and then in case of disagree- 
ment hee is to sJieare y" Land w**^ his said mother Each halfe, 
all y* unmarried Children att y* decease of y* mother or before 
if shee thitikes fitl, are upon marriadge to haue as mutch of 
y" Cattle & mooveables as thdse haue had that are married 
before this date and what shall afterwards upon the decease of 
y* mother bee found over, the same to be Equally sheared be- 
tweene all the Childeren Each a Lyke, and att the Decease of 
y* mother Jonas Jansen the Joungest son of y'' ^ Walraeven 
Janaen is to haue the other halfe of )■* plantation <fe Land 

Hkndrik Vandf-n BrROH P" 1 ^,^^ ^^p. 3, ^^^^^j^ 
Hkndrik Jansen Sybrants Dev J 
The P'' demands of the dei* by ace* the sume of one hun- 
dered A ten gilders & nine styvers for w*"" heeCmues Judgem' 
yr^ Costs and that his attachm* upon y* def" Corne in the Cu9- 
todie of John Jnhnson may bee held good. The ^ P" haueing 
Swome to y* Justncsse of his ace' in Court and the dei"" haue- 
ing ben absent three severall Court dayes, The Court doe passe 


Judgem* ag* 3'* deP for 110 gilders & nine sty vers & doe allow 
of y* attachra" on y* Come w* Coets. 


The P'^ demands by ballanco of ace' of tins doP y* sumo of 
258 gilders & 10 styvors for w"*" hee Craues Judgem* w*" GoetB 
and that his attachm' upon y* def* Come now att y* Iiouse of 
Pella Mathiassen att swanwyke may hee allowed ; Tlie def* 
haueing ben absent 3 severall Court dayes, The Court (upon y* 
P*"* oath in Court to y® Justnessc of his acc^) doe passe Judgem' 
ag*' y* def* for y* said 258 gilders 10 styvers & y* attachm' 
allowed of w*^ Costa. 

William Grant P« 1 ^j^^ ^^p. ^a d.^uH. 


The P" demands of this def* by bill y* sume of /S? in Corae, 
This being y* 2** Court y* ace* is Continued. 

RoBBERD Morton P» 1 ^^^^ ^^^ 3, j^j.^^j^ 

KoBBKUD Johnson DeP J 
The P" demands by aoc* of this deP y" quantity of 1400 ft> of 
Tobb : & 5 barrills and 2 schipplo of Indian Come for w** he© 
Craues Judgem' w*^ Costa and that hie attachm' on y* def" 
Cropp on y" ?'*■ owne Plantation may bee allowed of w**" Costs. 
The P" mukeing oath in Court to y* Jitstnesse of his ace*, The 
Court doe order Judgem* to bee Enterred ag** tlie deP for y* e/^ 
1400 ft> of Tobbacco & 5 barrills and 2 Schipple of Indian 
Come w**^ Costs & doe aliowe of y* attachm*. 

Patrick Cabr P'* 
John Oole DeP 
The P'* demands of this deP by bill one mare and ye sume 
of 140 gilders. 

The P'' alledgee that has delivered y' mare to gisbert 
Dirksen y" P'* attorney according to the bill, heudrik vanden 
burgh & will : osbome swome in Court say that Gysbert Dirk- 
sen aknowledged before them that hee had Received y* mare 



of John ogle for TatTicka aocompt, Justice Sempill says y* 
same. The Co"^ does find that the mare was delivered and y* 
therefore John Ogle is discharged of y'' same and as for y* 140 
gilders sence there is found to bee ace** betweene y* partees 
tbcy are ordered to state y* same betweene on another. Par- 
tees afterward declared to haue agreed Each to pay ^ Costs of 

John* Taylor of Drayers Creeke P" 
Jonx Arnold Def 

The P" nor def* not appearing a non suit was ordered ag* 

y€ pU yfOi Costs. 

JusTA Andhies P" "» The def 2^ default 
John Arnold Def* J y* action was Continued. 

JusTA ANnniES P" i an attachm' upon a pott of y* 
Pktkr Jegou Def* J def. 
The def' absent v* Action was Continued. 

an attachm' up>ou all 
y« Effecte & debts 
of y" EsUite of y* 
def in these 


his Attorn : Capt : I P" 
Edm : Caxtwell ) 

The Estate of JoHKlp^^, 
Shack ERLY ) 

The declarat : Read : Tlie Court are of opinion & doe Judge 
that M' gab : Minvielle must sue y* administ" M' Com : Steen- 
wyk att new Yorke sence they both Live there & y* y* debt is 
there Created & that s^ John Shackerly dyed also in y^ same 
place ; and therefore a non suite is Enterred ag* y*^ P" w*** 

John Moll P" i 
Seger Aukes Def* J 

y« def* default, by y" F" desire y* 
action is C-ontinued. 

WiLLLAM Philips P" 
Thom : Snowden Def* 

The P" demands as p' declar : for worke don 22^ schipple 



of Indian CSorne & 16 gild" 15 styvers. The def denya to 
owe Corne to y* P" but that hee y* p^* was to haue 300 lb of 
tobb : when y* house was finished W^*" is not yet <\}iyi done. 
The Co'* referred this iiction untill next Court & in y* meane- 
tyme Roelof Andries & John foster are appointed to view y* 
house, what itt w^orth & whether sufficient done & to make 
retunie atl next Court. 

The Court adjorned till tomorrow y" 2*^ of March Instant at 

March 2** Court sate y® Justices all p'sent. 

John Walker was appointed & swome for Constable of Ap- 
poquenemen & p'cincts for one year or till another bee put 
in his roonie, in y** stead of Jan Pietersen y* I^aest Constable 
whoe was discharged. 

Robberd Batty servant to morris Listen being by his s^ 
Master brought in Court to bee Judged what tyme hee should 
serve for Imvieing ben Runaway att sundry tymes y" space of 
fyve months & 15 dayes, and for Charges w** his el* master 
has ben out in jmrsuits apprehending & bringing bake y® s^ 
servant (one boate & furniture w^ y** s^ servant runaway w^ 
& Lost being therein included) y" same of 132G gilders etc., 

Pannell of the 
John Can ' 
John Walker 
hend : "Williams 
Eng : Lott 
gisbert dirksen 
Roelof Andries 
Tho: Woollaston 
W"" Grant 
Rob : Morton 
Jan hermsen 
Geo : more 
hend : V. fiurgh. 

The Court did thinke fitt to Referre 
y* Case to a Jury ; Morris Listen was 
sworne in Court to y"^ Justnesse of y" 
number of montlis & dayes and y* per- 
ticulars of tho Charges, y* s^ servant 
being Lykewyse asked made noe objec- 
tions ag^ y" same. The Jury haueing 
Received their Charge went out and re- 
turning brought in their verdict as fol- 
loweth viz^. It is mutually agreed that 
any Indented servant that shall absent 
himselfe from their mast'' or dames 
servis shall serve fower dayes for Every 
day hee is absent 



Ttt is further agreed y* any raon y* is in pursuit of his ser- 
vant shttU be© allowed fower gilders p^ day & all other charges 
tliat heo can make apeare to bee Just, and this monny to bee 
paid as foUoweth ; in servis att fyve gilders p' weeke the 
master allowing the servant all things necessary for a servant 
y' tyme of servitude. 

The Co'* doe approoveA allow ofy'' s** Juries verdict, and itt 
being stated & Cast up in Court howo Long y* s* sen*ant 
Robberd Batty was to serve by that rule aforc^s^ Itt is found 
to amount to seven years six months A 15 dayes w°^ tyrae y® 
Co" doo order, Judge it allot him to serve accordingly. 

Thomas Snowdkn P" 
William Phtlipps Def* 

This action is Referred till next Court to y* End y* P" A 
def* may discount if y* Co" find Cause. 

Thomas Snowden being bound oucr upon Information & 
CompI* of William Philips, on suspitioii of burnt naylcs found 
in his house, and y* s* Will : Philipps being Lykewyse bound 
ouer to prosecute hira y® s*^ Thomas Snowdon about y* same, 
und y" Case being Kxaminod <fe noe wittncsses appearing to 
proove any thing materiall to y* s* Case: The f'ourt could 
find no matter of fact or Cause of action and therefore y* s* 
Thomas Snowden was Cleared of his bond. 

Samukll Land P'* 
Abuam Man Def* 

The P^* demands of y® def* by a bill under y® hand of y' 
def* y* sume of iid gilders to be paid unto y® p^' here in y* 
Towne of New Castle att or before y* first day of febniary 
Lacst in bacon att 16 styvors p' tt>. The deH rcplys that this 
p** was to receive y* bacon first att his house in Cristina *fe that 
hee y* dof* then was to deliver itt in y® Towne <fe thatt hee 
had sent y** bacon to y" Towne to pay y* P'* etc. 

Oele Thomassen swome in Court sayeth that after y* bill 
was writt the words (viz*) after it is Received, \vere skrats out^ 


to y* Scarlsing out of w*^ words M' Man att first was unwilling 
but afterwards agreed & Consented to y* scratsing out of them. 

John Cau Sworne in Court sayeth that y* blotting out of y* 
words in y* bill viz* (after itt is Received) was w'*" M' Mans 

Henry fisher sworne in Go" sayeth that Laest satturday 
hee being p'sent on y* road M*" Land meeting M^ Man on 
y* Road spoake to him about y« bacon that itt wanted of itts 
waight & not merchandable & undervallued itt mutch to w** 
M' Man Reply ed that hee owed him no dutch w" and y* same 
day in y* afLernoone M' Land seemed verry willing to decide 
y* buisnesse and sayed to M' Man where shall wee goe to w**" 
M' Man sayed come to my house whereunto y* other agreed 
but did not come. 

The Court appointed M' John Can and oele Thomass to 
view y* bacon, whether itt bee merchandable; whoe returning 
in Co*^ declared that y* bacon is not worth 16 sty^" p' lb nor 
merchandable. The def aknowledging y*" bill y« Court doo 
order Judgem' to bee Enterred ag* y* def* for 69 gild" in 
bacon at 10 sty : per fti. according to bill w"* Costs. 

JoHx Smith P" 

John Moll Def 
The P" declares that being indebted to this def* a Certayne 
sume w*^** was to beo paid in wheat & barly this dcP did ob- 
tayne a Judgem' & Execution ag* y"" P'* and w'*' y* snme did 
seize upon & take away a Certayne man servant who was ap- 
praized att an undervallue (as y* p" supposes) notw'\standing 
that yo' P^' dill pnjfler to sattisfy y* def* in Catlell pewter 
brasse bedding or any other goods w*** hee had (y" P'* haueiug 
att that tyme noe wheat or barly) by w'** y^ P'' finds himselfe 
Really damnifyod y* sumo of 40 pounds & thereupon hee 
brings his suite, humbly Craueing yo^ worpp* to take y* 
p^misses in Consideracon & to grant yo' P'' that his s** ser\'ant 
may bee restored or that y* def* may Give Sattisfaction for 
him according to his valluo. 



The Pannell of y« 

John Can 
John Walker 
hend : Williams 
Eng : Lott 
Roelof Andries 
Tho : wooUaston 
W" Grant 
Rob : Morton 
Mioh : Cantwell 
Morris Liston 
John hermseu 

The P" in Co" dcaierod to haue nn 
attorney allowed to speak for him, w*** 
y* Co" did grant, & y" s^ P'' thereupon 
made choyce of Abram Man. The def* 
desiered that y* Case might bee Referred 
to a Jury ; w^'* was Granted A a Jurj' 
was Impanntled & sworne. The doP 
further deaiered y* y* p'^ should proove 
his declaration ; w^ y® P^^ not doing 
before y'^ Jury went out y* P" declared 
& was willing to suffer a non suit w*^ 
by y* Court was ordered to bee Enterred 
ag* y" P'* accordingly w"* all Costa 

Geo : more. 

Abram Man of his owne accord in ojien Court declared & 
Impeached Justice John Moll saying tliat hec y^ s^ John Moll 
was nott fitt to sitt as a Judge in C^surt and tendered to proove 
what hee saved, w^^ Justice John Moll desiered to bee re- 
corded and thereupon withdrew himselfe from y* bench. 

Tho Court doe order that 8^ Abram Man Give bond of one 
hundered pounds sterling & shall bind ouer his Plantation 
Land and all his Estate goods tfe Chatties in this River for 
security thereof, to answer prosecute & make good his abovca* 
Impeachment att y* next Court to bee held in this Towne of 
New Castle. 

Abram Man P" 

William osbornk DeP 
The P^' declares tliat whereas y" def* was to build one sub- 
stantiall dwelling bouse in y*' Towne of New Castle as by his 
bond may more att Largo apoarc dated y* 13*** of Septemb' 
1080 ; now may itt please yo' worpp' that y" s" deP hath not 
p'formed his bond, and now doth refuse to doe itt soe that yo' 
p** is forced to bring this his action att Lawe hopeing that yo^ 
worpp" will bee pleased to give yo*" P" according to yo" P*' 
bond, that y® deP may be foi'ced to p'forme y* said bond in y* 
finishing of y" s^ house and all costs of suite. 



The def* Replyes & sayes that this P'' was to find furnish 
& bring in place y* nayles Clabbords & timber : and that bee 
hath for above twoo montlis agoe, sett up all y* frame Com- 
pleat as itt may boe seen but that y* p'^ not bringing y* Clab- 
bords hee y*^ def* for want thereof Could not Compleat y* e^ 
house, but was forced to Leaue y* frame ife take other worke 
and that In y* meanwhyle throu a hard Gust of wind y* s^ 
frame was blowen downe & spoyled ; and that all this was 
through meanes of y* P'S desicres that y* Case may bee put to 
a Jury. 

Samuel Land swome in Co^ sayeth 
y' M^ Abram Man tould him that hee 
was to bring downe y* Clabbords for 
William Osborne to worke. William 
Philips swome Sayeth that bee heard of 
Abrara Man & Will : osbome, that hee 
y" 8* Abram Man was to bring all 
lumber to place. The Court Referred 
y* Case to a Jury whoe went out & re- 
turning brought in their verdict viz* wee 
find for y" def^ w''' Costs of suite. The 
Court doe Confimie y" Jurj's verdict. 
The P'* desires an eppealo from y* ver- 
dict of y* Jury & Court to y* high 
Court of Azzyaes, in New Yorke alledging for reafK>n tliat hee 
was not sattisfyed w* y* Judgcm*. The Court doe grant the 
appeale Provyded y® P'* Gives good security and performea all 
things according to Lawe. 

Abram Man P" 

Samvell Bebcqiter Def* 
The P^' by his declaration declares for falls Imprizonm' in 
an action formerly Entered ag* y* p^* to w^^ this dcf did not 
apeare etc. 

before tryall both parteee did mutually agree in Court 
withdrawing y** action & Each to pay ^ costs of suite. 

The names of y* 

John Can 
John Walker 
bend : Williams 
Eng : Lott 
Roelof Andries 
Tho; Woollaston 
W" Grant 
Rob : morton 
Mich ; Cantwcll 
Morris Liston 
John hermseii 
geo : more. 



Upon a p'sentment of Sara : Bcrcquer Constable of Crislina 
ag** Abrani man for haueing Contrary to Lawe against the 
will <fe Consent of twoo servants that Lived w"' him (viz*) one 
man named William Burd and a Joung maid Catherin 
Barnes daughter to Christopher Barnes, aould and disposed of 
y* s^ twoo servants unto another or other Governments w^ 
out Just Cause Either heard or knowne etc : ordered that m' 
man produce att y" next Court by what power in what man- 
ner & liowe hee hath disposed of y* s^ twoo Servants out of 

ye riyer_ 

upon the Peticon of mathyns mathyassen smith of Cnstina 
desioring a grant for a Lott of Land w"* in y" Towne etc., 
The Court doe grant y" Peticon' to take up a vacant Lott in 
y* Towne w^ hath noe owner ; provyded that hee Cornea him- 
selfe to build A Live thereon w*^ in y* space of six months 
next Ensuing. 

Upon y" Peticon p'ferred in y* bebalfe of Joseph moore, the 
Court doe Grant him to take up w"^ in y* p'cinct« of this Court 
200 acres of Land hee seating & Improoveiug y* Land accord- 
ing to Regulacons <fe Lawe. 

Upon the request of Kdmurid Gantwell A Gaspares herman ; 
The Court haue granted them Joyntly Each y* Just halfe to 
take up twoo hundcrcd acres of Land w*'*' heretofore hath not 
bon Granted or Iinprooved by others Lying on y^ branch of 
drayers Creeke on each syde of s** branch, 100 acres Itt being 
for y* use of a watermill w'^*' y* ^ Cantwell A herman doe In- 
tend to Errect on y® s** branch for y* publicq good of y* In- 

Upon the Peticon of Geo : Kent The Court haue Granted 
him to take up w^'in y® p^'cincts of y* Court 200 acres of Land 
w** hath not ben granted or Improovod by others, hee seating 
& Improoveing y** same according to Lawe & regulacous. 

John Moll 
Pktkr Slobbb 

P" -1 Withdrawn by y« 
Dcf* / parteos agreed. 




Def* f C<^°*^°^^ ^ above. 

Edmund Camtwell P" 


Know all men by these P'sente that wee Awsawith Woap- 
peck- Jan Awiehara y® soalo Indian owners and Proprietors of 
a Certaine Parcell or neck of Land Called Kachkillkane- 
hackin, Lying and being on the Eastayde of Delowar River 
ouer against raarrities hook beginning on the west or Lower 
end with a Creeke Galled and knowne by the Indians by the 
name of Mattieh Cussing and by the Christiaoa the old mans 
kill and so up along the Riversyde to the first small Kill 
Called by the Indians Cachkikanahacking und so South East 
into Uie woods Including all the Laud and meadowes betwene 
the said twoo Creekes ; for an In concideration of twoo halfo 
ankers of Licquors twoo guns two match Coates fower Double 
hanfulla of Pouder two Kittels fower Barrs of Lead fower 
Looking glasses fower Kniues and fower alls to us in hand 
payed by bans lioffman and Peter Junsea as also more payed 
by Guns Justasen for the account of tliem the said hans hoHT- 
man and Peter Junsen one gun one anker bear one bar of 
Lead and one Dubble handful! of Powder w''** Abouesaid 
seuerall Perticulars wco the above said Ausawith Woappcck- 
Jan and Awioham doe hereby Acknowledge to haue Received 
in hand to o' full sattisfaction and Content and therefore 
hereby acquitt Exonerate and Discharge them the said hans 
hoffman and Peter Junsen for y* same Uaue giuen Granted 
Bargained Sould Assigned Transported and made ouer and 
by these P'sents doe fully Clearly and Absoultly give grant 
assigne Transport and make ouer unto them the said bans 
hoflinan and Peter Junsen their heires and Assignee all and 
singular the aboue mentioned Land and Meadows Lying be- 
tweene Old mans Creeke and Cachkiekanhacking Creeke 
aboues*^ To haue and to hold the aboues'' Percell & Tract of 
Land marsbies and Primises with all and singular the Ap- 
purtenances as allso all the Right Tittle & Intrcst of them the 
said Ausawith Woappeck Jan <ft Awicliam their heirs <fc As- 
agnes therein unto the s^ hans hoffman & Peter Junsen their 



heirs and Aasignee unto the soale and Proppor use and bo- 
hoofe of them the said haus hoffman and Peter Junaen their 
heirs and assignes for euer. 

In witness whereof they the Abouefl^ Indian Proprietors 
haue hereunto sett their hands and scales In Delowar River 

this lo"» of Nouemher 1676. 

Signud, Sealed & De- 
liuered &, the full mean- 
ing & Contents of the 
aboues** Deed to the 
Indians Expounded In 
the p^sence of us 

Henry Rioos 

Jou>- Dabuy. 


marke I 

Oppeck Jan 


(Was signed) 




^^\ his seale 

A True Coppy of the originall. 

By Philip Cartrett Esq' Gouemo"" of the Province of New 
Cesaria of New Jersey under the Right hono*^* Jn" Lord 
Berkely Barron of straton and s^ George C'artrett Knight and 
Barronett the Absolute Lord' Proprietors of the said Province. 

Whereas Coruelia Learaen vrinde ole Rase ory Janseu A 
oth" of y* their assoaiutes haue Requested my License for the 
Purchuzing from the Indians a Certaine tract of Land lying 
on the east syde of Delowar Riuer from Timl>er Kill to old 
mans Kill togeather with a small Island thereunto adjacent 
Called Rrttkons Island with an Intent and purpose to popu- 
late and Inhabbitt y* same these are therefore to C-ertify all 
whome itt may C'oncerne tlint I haue w* y* Advice of my 
Councell giuen my free Consent and leave to the said Comclis 
Learsen Vrinde ole Ruse ory Jansen and their Aso&iates to 
purchaze the said tract of Land from the Indians in the Lords 
Proprietors names & that they & euery of them & Uieir As- 
sosiates may settle themselucs upon the same after a Legall 
Purchaze made and Just sattisfaction giuen to the Indians ac- 
conling to agreement made with them for the said Tract of 
Land and that they and euery of them and their afisociates 



may Allott to euery Porticular family such a Proportion ot 
the said Land as he or they shall be able to Iniproove and 
manuure which after a Surueigh is Taken by the Surueigo' 
Geiinorall or his Deputy shall be Approprieted by Pattent to 
eutry of tliem & their heirs foreuer. 

Prouided that they the said Cornelis I^earsen Vrinde ole 
Riiso ory Jansen their Associates & euery of them shall be 
obedient to the Lawcs of this Prouince and shall doe and ob- 
serue all such Conditions & things as are Contwyned In the 
Lords Proprietors Conssessions and itt is further Prouided y* 
the Purcbaze of the said Tract of Land from the Indians sliall 
be taken in writing under the sachem and Chief owners 
thereof hands with an acknowledgni* of Payment and Sattia- 
faction before good and sufficient Wittness who are to attest 
y* same under their hands w** Instrument or writing shall be 
sent to the Secretary to be Entred upon Record giuen under 
my hand and Seale of the Prouince att Elizabeth Towne y" 
25 day of June 1668. 

entred upon record) (was signed) 

J. B. Ph : Carthett. 

By y® govemo' 

James Boujn Seer. 

Bee it Knowue unto all men tliat I : oela Base from and for 
me my Iieirs & Assigues for a good and valluable Considera- 
tion to me in hand Giuen the Recipt whereof and of eueiy 
part Thereof I aknowledge doe Acquitt & Discharge Jeames 
Justasen haue Bargained Aliend & sould and in and by these 
p'sentfl doe bargaine alliene and sell unto the aboues^ James 
Justus all y' my Right Title and Iiitrest to this within writ- 
ten Warran* In Wittness whereof I : haue hereunto sett my 
hand this 9 day of Nouembe*" 1675. 

"Wittnesses in y® margent (was signed) 

Edm : Cantwkll The marke — --^^ of 

Will : Tom O 




Those may Certify all whome itt Doth and may Concorue 
that I : Juns JuEtasen hnue Bargained Aliened & sould & doe 
by those p'sents fully and Absently bargaine Allicne and bcI! 
unto Lasse Andriesen Gohnan y** one third part of all y* Land 
by Vertue of y* aforestanding Warran* from Gouemo' Cartret 
rnrchtizcd from the Indiana Lying and being on the East 
syde of this Riucr of Delowar on the north east syde of horat- 
konk Oreeke to geather with one third Part of tlie meadow 
and other the appurtenances To haue & To hold the snid one 
third part of all the Land meadow & I'rimises with all A 
eingular the appurtenances unto y* said Lasse Andriese Col- 
man hifl heirs & Assignes for euer In Wittneas whereof the 
eaid Juns Justasen hath hereunto sett his hand <& seale In 
Delowar this 19"* Sept«" 1678. Juns Justasen Acknowledged 
to haue Keceived full sattisfaction of Laaae Colman before 

Wittn esses 
£pB : Herman 
J" Moll Junior 

Whereas Philip Cartret Esq' Gouerno' of the Province of 
n«w Cesaria or New Jersey under y* Right huuorahle Jn° Lord 
Berkly Barron of Stratton and S^ George Cartret Knight <fc 
Barronett the Absoute Lords Proprietors of the said Province 
did on the 25 day of June 1668 grant Lysence & free Leaue 
unto Cornells or Neles Ijcarsen Oele Rn.^en Oela Jonson (other- 
wayes Culled Carriuga oela) and others their Associates to 
Purchaze from the Indians a Certaine Tract of land Lying on 
the east syde of Delowar Riuer from Timber Kill to old maiiB 
kill and y' they y** aboues** Cornelis Laersen oele Raeaen and 
ole Jansen might settle themselues upon the abouosaid Land 
after a Legall Purchaze made and Just sattisfaction giuen to 
y* Indians according to agreement as by the abouesaid grant 
and Lycenoe under y" hand and seale of him the said Gou- 
erno' Cartret baring date as aboue more att Large doth and 
may appeare. 

And whereas Uana hofiman Peter Junsen & Juns Justaaon 

The marke of Jhns 



are y* Assignes and Ascosiaties of y* aboae said Cornells 
Learsen oele Raesen and oele Jansen of aud to y* aboue said 
Permit of Gouernor Cartrett and y® Land therein raentionod 
who hauiug Legally Purchazed and payed y* Indians for y* 
same Ijands Doe Request a CertiBcate & Attestation of the 
Truth and Realty of y® I'rimisesa Wee the Justices of y" 
Towne of N : Castle in Delowar River doe therefore Certify 
and Declare unto all to whonie itt any wayes doth or may Con- 
cerue y* they y* said hans hoffman Peter Junsen & Juus 
Justasen are the Assignes <fe Ascociates of them y* said oele 
Raesen Comelis Learsen & oele Jaiisen & y' they y® said hans 
hoffraan Peter Junsen and Juns Justasen haue T^egally Pur- 
cliazed & payed y* Indians for y* same Land & haue seated A 
Improovod upon y° said Land for y* space of seuen yearos 
now Last past att w*^"* aboues'^ we doe Testify to be y* Truth 
& Id wittness thereof wee haue hereunto sett our hands att 
new Castle. 

In Delowar Riuer This 15 day of may 1680. 

(was signed) 


J : D'haks. 
By ord' of y® Justices aboves** 

E : Herman 01^ 
Bee itt known to all men by those p'sents that I : Jacob 
Jonsou Christeene Kill plant^ doe by these Psents sell to broor 
Sinnix of Christeen Kill husband man the fowerth part of all 
the marsh or fly that Lyeth between the mill Kill on m' 
Lagrange's Plantation sell Andries Anderson the said fowerth 
part of marsh lyelh betwixt the small Runn ouer against 
feme hook Landing and the mill Kill Running up north 
which parcell of marsh is formerly Diuided betweene Jacob 
Jonson and Walrauin Johnson and I: the said Jacob bought 
t!ie same of hans Boons and haue now sould all my Right 
Tittle and Intrest unto the said brewer his hoirs exacto™ or 
Assignes and I doe by these P'sents Acknowledge my selfe to 



be fully Satisfied & payed before the signing of ibis bill and 
doe by these P^sents bieud myselfo my heirs or Exacito** to 
make the sarae ouer in Court fer roe to the 8^ Broor that the 
8ai<l brooer may Injoy the same forth part of the marsh from 
all Claimes whatt socuer and I : Jacob to bee att all the 
cliarge in Bccording the same in Court according to Law as 
wittness my hand this 8*^ of June 1680. 

Wiltnosscs (was signed) 

Abraham Man The marke + of Jacob 

John Noumers Jansun. 

The 00** ordered that y" highwayea throughout this County 
ahould bee mended &. Cleared ouer w^ Bridges were needful 
and hnuo appointed for overseers viz' Roelof Andrius to make 
y* way as far as halfe St Geoi^es Bridge, y"^' people on tliis 
syde Appoquenomen a« far as Gaspares Hermans to bee under 
him. Augustin Dix another overzeor hee to make y® way as 
for as } Red Lyon bridge the I'eople from Caspar hermans to 
J' Williams Plantation to bee under him, Ambroa Baker & 
bendrik Vanden Burgh to Continue as before. Thomas 
Woollaston to bee overseer in M' Mans room. Hans Peterss 
overseer on y* othersyde of Brandewyn Creeke as far as Up- 
land Crccke as formerly. The way to bee made according to 
former orders & practice betweene this & 25'** March next. 

The Co" adjomed till y*" !■* Teusday in Aprill next. 

Att a Court held in the Towno of New Castle in Dclowar 
by his may"" Authority Aprill y« 5^ G"* V"* A S"* 1680. 

Capt" John Lewin his Roy" highnes his agent 
M' John Moll 
P'sent M' Peter Alrichs 

M' Johannes : D'haes 
M' Will : SempiU 
Capt" Edmund Cantwell High Sherrife. 
Capt° John Lewin produced his Commission from his Roy" 
Highuesse & understanding that y*' said Commission had ben 




publicqly Red here in Co" did demand whether any Boddy 
did question y* same, but none appearing, Itt waa ordered 
that y® same should hve recorded. 

James Duke of York© & Albany &c. 
To John Lewin Gentle : &c ; 

Know yee that I : Reposing great trust & confidence in yo*" 
Integrity and ability haue appointed and by these })^sents do© 
authorize and appoint you to bee my agent & Serv* in New 
Yorko and Albany and other my Lands and Territories in 
America and thcTcfore you arc w^ y^ first opportunity of 
shipping bound for those parts to take yo' passndge to New 
Yorke and upon yo' arrivall there you are by all good and 
Reasoniible wayes & mcanos to aply yo' selfe to Enquire & 
find out all y'^ Estate Rents Revenues proffiU and pcrquizitts 
w^ in any sort doe of Right belong and appertaine to mee 
and arise in any of those places and to Examin all bookes 
papers Records and other matters relating thereunto, and to 
that End I : doe hereby authorize & empower you to demand 
aske and Receiue of from oil and Every of my offieera and 
Servants or any other Employed in any places of Trust be- 
longing unto mee, alt bookes papers, writings Records Regis- 
ters acct' and all other things which may Tend to y* discouery 
or manifestation thereof and I : doe hereby Requier and Com- 
mand a!] my said oflBcers and others Employed in any such 
phices and Trusts t« produce and shew unto you and to suffer 
you to haue the free and full use of them so often and soe 
Long as you shall thiiike fitt and haue occasion for the same, 
and I : doe also further authorize Empower and Requier you 
in a more Especial! tnanner to Enquier and find out whether 
y* free Traede of any of y* Inhabitants of tbose places or any 
merchants Traeding thetlier now is or hath ben Lately ob- 
structed or hindered and by what meanes the same hath beu 
soe obstructed or hindered and how & by what methods the 
Traede & Traeders In those places may bee Encourraged and 
Encreascd, Itt being my Reall Intention and desire to Encour- 
age and advance the Ease bcnefitt & advantage of Traede and 



y* merclmnta and Iiihabitauls there ; and for y** better Ex- 
ecuting of this Trust w'^** I haue reposed in you 1 doe require 
you to observe aud follow Such directions and Instructions aa 
you shall herew'^ receive. Oivea under my hand & eeale at 
Windsor y" 24"' day of May 1680. 

By Comand of his (signed) 

Roy" Highnesse Jamks. 

(signed) _t=)-«-r=^ ' 

Jn* Werden. 

{ ni-Mi^ 


John Yeo being ^''sented by Capt° Edmund Oantwell High 
Slierrife of this Towne and County of Now Caslle for hauoing 
spoken declared and divulged on y" IS"* day of march Laest 
w*"* in this Tuwne of New Castle utt y' house of Thorn : Spry 
in a most seditious Mutinous & Tumultous mauner that this 
Towne and County of Now Castle was not witliin y« gouemm* 
or under y* Jurisdiction prftriotory of his Roy" Highnesse aud 
further that this Co"^ of Justices allhoug appointed Authorised 
& Commissionated by his hono' (his May**" & Roy" High- 
nesses goveruo^) wore no Lawful! Court nor would lice him- 
selfe in noe waycs oV>ey y' same etc : of w*^** Capf* John Lewiu 
being p^sent and Informed, s^ John Yeo was questioned whoe 
denying and Contradicting y' 8^ Indgtm', The depositions of 
Joseph Burnhnm Rebecca Spry and Edward Hudson taken 
before Justice Job; d'haea & Justice Will: Sempill y" 2** of 
Aprill Instant were publicqly read and by y* deponant 
owned againe in Court ; upon w"** afler y* Case had ben 
Lookt into & debated and y* s^ John Yeo not submitting 
himsolfe to acknowledge his Oryme, but deaiering a Jurj' and 
that y" wittuesses might bee swome againe de novo, Itt was 
Granted and a Jury Impanneled viz* M' James Sanderlin M' 
henr)' Riggs, M' Geo ; Moore M' John Can M' John Darby M' 
John Kerby M' John Biscus M' John Wattkins M' AmbrooB 
Backer M' oele raesen M*^ henry Rennolds, M' Tho : harris. 
The Jury being sworne and y® p'sentment Read y" def* J'* Yeo 
pleaded not Gilty. 



Joseph Burnham sworne in Court declareth on Sunday 
y* IS*** day of y* month of month of march Laest past hee was 
p'scnt by the house of Doctor Spry and did henre when NP 
John Yeo was speakeing w*** Cornelia the Brewer about y* 
Chest hee y® 8^ John Yeo sayed from whoome haue the Court 
their Commission and in Substance disowned y* power and 
LegaUty of y* Co" abovementioned. 

Rebecca Spry Swome in Court dechireth tliat slice was 
p^sent and did heare when M*" Yeo was speaking to ComeUs 
Jansen about his Chest, That M' Yeo replyed I : denye y* 
power of y* Court and farther sayeth nott. 

Edward Hudson swome in Court sayeth that hee was also 
present and did heare M' John Yeo say to Cornolis Jansen 
that this Court was noe Court of Equity and that therefore hee 
would not obey itt 

Joseph Barnes swome in C-ourt declnreth that being in 
Maryland some tyme past did heare M*" John Yeo discoursing 
w"* M"^ Man About William Pens haueing a grant from y" 
King for part of this River, s^ M' Yeo sayed then if that bee 
tnio then wee shall Ijee free, and tliey say here that New 
Castle belongs to Maryland and if that bee true I ; question 
whether New Castle Court bee a Lawful! Court and further 
sayeth nott. 

The Jury Receiving their Charge went out and Returning 
brougt in their verdict. Wee find y* def* not Guilty. 

William Grant P" 


The def*- S-* default. 

April y« »* 1681 Exe- 
culioa Kruited out 
U[ioa tbU Sentence. 

The P^* demands by bill of this def* y" 
sume of 57 Gilders for w** hee humbly 
Crauee Judgem* w"> Costs. The def** 3^ 
default and the bill being prooved Judgem' is ordered ag^ y* 
def* w^ Costs for 67 gilders, and y' attJicbm' allowed of. 



John Ogle P" 
James CRAwyoHD Def 

Tlie P'' being 3 tymes Called and not appearing himselfe or 
an attorney for him, was non suited w"* Coste. 

Abram Man in Co'' deliuered An Ind}'tnient ag** M' John 
Moll and desired that his bond giuen Laest Court might bee 
deliuered up, The Court deliuered up y" bond, and Abram 
Man Entered into bond of 100 pounds sterl : to his may**" use 
to prosecute, and M*" John Moll Enterred into Lyke bond of 
£ 100 to answer att y* next Gener" Court of Azzyaes to bee 
held In New Yorke. 

John Smith P^' 
John Moll Def* 

The P*' by his Declaration declares ag"' y* def for a Ccr- 
taine man Servant named Edward Boulton unjustly taken 
away from the P'' by y* def* w** s^ Servant had twoo & a 
halfe yeare to serve & was taken by Execution for a Certaine 
debt w*^ yett never was made appeare to bee due etc : This 
action was w*" Consent of uU the parties suspended unlill the 
huisnesse of M' Man <fe M' Moll is tiyed and Ended About y* 

This indenture made the 22*^ day of March Anno Dom : 
167G betwccnc francis Jackson of Jx)ndon Carpenter of y® one 
part and John Ridges Cittizen ife skinner of London on y* 
other part ; wittnesseth that the said irancis Jackson doth 
hereby Couenant promise and grant to and w* y^ s^ John 
Ridges his Execut" and aasigues from y** day of y* date hereof 
untill his first A next arrivaU in West New Jersey in America 
and after for and during the tearme of fower years to serve in 
such service and Iraployment as hee y* s^ John Ridges or his 
assignes shall there Imploy him according to y" Custome of y* 
Country in y" Lyke kind ; In Conaideracon whereof y" s^ John 
Ridges doth hereby Couenant and Grant to and w**" y* 8* 
^ancis Jackson to pay for his passadge and to find and allow 
him meat drinke apparrill and Lodging and pay and allow 



him ten pound sterling yearly w*** other nocesaaryea daring y* 
said tenne and att y* end of y* s^ tenao to pay and give unto 
the B^ francis one Suite of apparriU Liunen aud woollen and 
other necessaries and such allottment of I^ud & other Imple- 
ments & things as are usuall and according to y* useage & 
Custome of West New Jersey afores^ In wittnesse whereof y* 
parteefl abovementioned to these Indentures haue interchange- 
ably sett their hands &. sealee the day & yeare abovewritten, 

(was subscrybed) 
John Ridges 
Sealed and delivered z-^'— ^ , 

in y* presence of < Scale V 

Abram Man *— v— ' 

Rodger Drake 

A true Coppy of y* originall. 

JusTA Andkies P" 

John Aknald Def 
This action is Continued by the Court untill next Court 
day y** def* being absent aud y* P^** attorney upon y" Jury 
of In({uest. 

JusTA Andries P'^ lAn attachm* upon a groat yron 
Peter Jkgou Def / pott. 
The dcf*" 2^ default the act : Continued. 

Edmund Cantwell P** 


This action was by y* P*' withdrawn in Court. 

John Bokyab P** 

HsNDitiK Vandbn Burgh Def 
The P^^ alledges that hee wants a materiall Wittnesses w*** 
was Summoned and did not appoare. 

The Co^ fyned Peter Claesaen Junior 10 shiU : for not vp- 
pearing as a Wittnesse upon a summons. 


Tlu3 action is Referred untill next Court by reason the P^* 
materiall wittiiessea w*^ were suuiinoued did not appeare. 

M' John Moll in Court declared that hee is not Intended to 
aitt any more as a magistrate untill the Case of y* Indytem^ of 
Abram Man ag^ him in y" behalfe of o*" Soueraine Lord the 
King bee ended att New Yorke, unlesse further order of his 
Superiors ; hee takeing into Couaideracon that by M' Man & W 
Jolin Yeo itt was openly in Co" declared in the behalfe of tlio 
Country (as they sayed) that itt was their desire that itt 
should bee eoe, uyton w*^** y* twoo actions of M^ Yeo & John 
Smith were suef»euded by Consent untill y* aboues** action 
Should bee Ended. 


John Boevar Def* 

The P^^ demands of this def* by ace* the sume of 249 gildera 
& 15 sty vers. The def* produces his ace* in Contra Ut the sume 
of 114 gild" & 8 styvers to w'=*' hee haueing mode oath in 
Court and the P" Lykowyse haueing Swome to his ace* in Co'', 
The Co^ ordered tliat Judgem* bee Knterred ag** the def* fop 
the sume of one hundered and therty iyve gilders «& seven 
styvers w*^ Costs of suite. 

KiELES Nielsen Rippat P" 

Hans oelsen Def 

The P** demands of this def* the sume of one hundered and 
sixty gildors for one mare high w** foale Sould nnd delivered 
to this def* for w'** hee Craues Judgem' w'^ Costs : The def* 
Roplyes to bauo paid w*** one Largo blancJcet y* sumo of 140 
gilders towanls y* 8^ demanded 160 gild". The Co" liaueing 
Examined y* Case doe passo Judgem* ag" y* def* for y® pay- 
ment of 160 gilders in Corno the one halfe this spring & y* 
other halfe next faall according to agreement w"* Costs. 

This day were produced in Co" twoo Ceiijiine Letters of 
attorney to Gerrit Janss Smith w*^** were ordered to bee Re- 
oordod as followeth viz'. 




Know all men by these p'senta that I Peter Jegou of 
Cecill County in y* Pro\ance of Maryland haue assigned 
and madi) nud in my name sted & place by these p'^sents 
put and Constituted my Trusty and well beloued friend 
Gerrett Jansen (Alias) Smith of y* Towne of N : Castle upon 
delowar River To make ouer and Transport unto S' amoldua 
D'Lagrango his heirs Exccuto" administ" for Ever, one third 
part of a plantation sould unto him by John Andriess hereto- 
fore s*' Plantation Lying & being in Christina Creeke upon 
s^ Delowar Kiver Giving and by these p'sents Granting unto 
my said attorney full power and Lawful! authority in y'' p'm- 
ises to doe say p'forme, and in my name as afores^ to deliver 
in Court, Give oucr and Transport unto y« abovea^ S' De 
Lagrange or his assignee the one third part of y^ Plantation 
afore mentioned belonging to mee w^ the appurtenances and 
give him S' De Lagrange all and Every Such act & acts need- 
full in Law for his assurance of the afores** one third part and 
appurtenances Ratifying and Confirming what my s^ attorney 
shall therein act and doe to bee as good in Lawe aa if my Selfe 
were there p^sonally j/sent. Given under my hand & scale 
this 7* day of April 1681. (was signed) 
signed Sealed & delivered 

Petkr Jkoou 

i seale > 

in y® p'sence of us 

Evan Carew 

The marke of Jeremy 

I M markum 

Even Carew <fe Jeremy Markum tliis day made oath in 
Court that they were p'sont and did see M' Peter Jegou Signe 
Scale & deliver as his act and deed y^ aboves^ Letter of 

Know all men by these p^scnta that J : Peter Jegou of Elke 
River in y* Province of Maryland haue assigned ordayned 
and made, and in ray name stead & place by these p^sents put 
and C\)nstitutc my Trusty and welbeloued friend Gerrit Smit 
of New Castle upon delowar River To bee my true and l^w- 
full attorney for mee and in my name and to my use to aske 



Sue for Levie requier recouer and receive all and every such 
debts and suraes of monny w*^ are now due to mee by mons' 
amoldus d'Lagrauge, Giving and Granting unto my 8** at- 
torney my whole power strongt and authority in and about y* 
p'misses and upon y* receipt of any such debts or sumes of 
monny afores'* acquittances or other discharges for mee and in 
my name to make Seale and deliver and all and Every Such 
act and acts thing and things devyce and dovyces whatsoever 
in y* Lawe for y® recovery of all such debts or sunies of monny 
for mee and in my name to doe Execute and P^forme as fully 
Largely and amply in Every respect to all Intents and pur- 
poses as if I : my Selfe might or Could doe if I were there in 
my owne p'son j/sent Ratifying alowing and holding firme 
and stable all and whatsoever my s^ attorney shall LawftiUy 
doe or Cause to bee done in or about y* Execution of y* 
p^misses by vertue of these p'senta. 

In witlnessc whereof I : liaue hereto set my hand & Seale 
this 12 day of Sep' 1680. (was signed) 

Seale<l Signed and delivered ,'— ^— ^ . 

in y" p'scnce of Pbtkr Jeoou < seal V 

peter andriess hallman ^— -v— ' 

Evan Carcw. 

This letter of attorney prooved in Co" by Evan Carew. 

Christoph' Ellit of Duke Creeke Records y* marke of his 
Cattle & hoggs viz*: a Hgure of three in y* right Eare & a 
Cropp and twoo slitta in y* Left eare. 

Mr. John Moll ub»eut. 

Henry Rennols of marritics hoeck P*"senta Hans Petersen of 
Schilpivtts Creeke in bebalfe of o"" soneraine Lord the King for 
a Commor Barrator : vexing y* Court and y" Good People of 
this County w^ frequent & frivolus actions eta 

Isacq Sauoy Swonie in Co^ eayeth in substance that hee y* 
deponant heard bans Petersen say to Jan Jansen in Iiis action 
w*** oole Raesen why should hee y*' b^ Jan Jansen come to 
agreement w*** oele Raesen ; for that hee knew himselfc Gilt- 
lesae of y** fact & had not done itt, & further sayeth nott. 



Jamos Browne Swome Snyeth that bee was p'sent and did 
hearo that Hans Peterss did say to Jan Jansen that if ho 
should agree w* oelo Raosen itt would seeme as if bee y" s^ 
Jan Janscsn was Gilty of itt & further Sayeth nott. 

The Ck)" haueing heard y* Evidences & fully Examined y® 
Case; can not fynd bans Petersen Gilty of any Barrattry and 
therefore doe discharge s^ Hans Peterss of y® p'sentment, and 
doe order henry Renuolds to pay Costs. 

Henry Rennolds P** 
John Johnson Def* 

The P*' demands of this def by ballance of ace*" y® sume of 
31 gild™ & 11 sty vers in wheat or peltery; The def* ownes y" 
debt but objects against wheat and peltery. The debates of 
both partees being heard The Co" ordered Judgem* ag* the 
def* for 31 gild™ 30 styv™ in River pay prys Courraut w*** Costa. 

Oklk Rawsen P^* 
John Johnsen Def 
The P*' by bis declaration declares for a C-ertaine bull, by 
meanes of y* def* and his childeren Killed upon y* def** 
Plantation in inarrities Kill, for w<^ boo Craues eattisfuction 
w*^ Costs. The dof^ deuycs y® P*" declaration. 

Morten Knoetsen Swome in Co" sayeth that bee heard Jan 
Jansen say if bee should find y*^ bull in his Cowhouse bee 
would beat him out w* the ax hammer & further sayeth not, 
James Browne Swome sayeth that bee heard Jan Jansen 
i3ay that his boy had strak y® bull out of y® marsh w*^ a weed 
of an Elderatike. 

The P'* desiering a Jur}', The same 
was Impanneled & swome and haue- 
ing heard y* debates of both partees 
and y® Evidences Examined went out 
and returning brougt in their Verdict 
via* for want of Evidence wee find for 
y^def*. TheCo^doeallowofy* Juries 

Abram man 
John addams 
geo : moore 
gj'sbert dirkss 
Charl : rumsey 
Arnold d'Lagrange 
henry hasting 



laaee Dalboo 

Jeremy ninrkam 

John Williams 

Isacq Savoy 

John Wattkins 

T!ie Co" ordered CornoUa Jansen of swanwyk to bring in 
Co" a Certaino Chest Left att his house by R : higginbottom 
there to bee opened and an Inventory taken of y* siune. 

Hkndhik Niklson P" \ this action by y^ Consent of 

> both partecs is referred till 
Adam Stiddem Def*) next Court 


The P^* nor attorney not appearing the Co'* ordered a Non- 
suit to bee Enterred ag*' y^ J'" w**" Costs. 

Chahles Johnson of man* : hoek P" 
OELE Raeskn Def* 

The P" not appearing nor noe declaration Enterred is non- 
suited w*** Costs. 

Edmund Cantwkll P" 
Thou : Snowdkn Def* , 

Referred till next Court. 

James Sandbrlin P^* > In an action of Debt 922 
Henneiiy Rennols Def* / gilders. 

The Partecs appearing in Co" declared to haue agreed as 
followeth viz* The def* to pay to y® P'* in one month the sume 
of nOO gilders, and the remainder being 422 gilders the next 
Spring following all to bee paid in wheat Bever or peltery : 
The Court ordered that their s^ agreem* should bee soe 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell y* administrato' of y* Estate of 
waiter Wharton deceased this day produced an accompt of 
Sundrj' sumes paid for y^ s^ Estate of Walter Wharton sence 



his aoc' delivered in Court y*' 3** of febniary 16^ and then 
recorded : This Laest accompt amounting to y® sume of 838 
gilders 11 styvers being in full of y^ appraizem* of 4232 gilders, 
made by Gerret otto and Caeparea Herman y* appraizera and 
recorded y^ 5* february 167| heretofore, w** account being 
perused was by y" Co" allowed of and upon the further Re- 
quest of y* s'^ Edmund Cantwell desiering a quietus, The Co** 
haue and doe hereby Grant unto the s*^ Edmund Cantwell a 
quietus est for soe mutch as was appraized of y* s^ Whartons 
Estate being 4232 gilders as p^ y*' appralzem^ upon Record 

foUoweth the ace* of y* s^ Edmund Cantwell now Laest pro- 
duced in Co" viz^ 

The Estate of Walter Wharton 



To dom Tesscheraaker 


To y* widdow hodges 


To docV^ Thomas Spry 


To Ralph hutchinson 


gilders /•838:11 
(was signed) 

p' Edm : Cantwell administrator. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle upon Delowar 
the 3*^ of May annoq : Dom : 1681. 

M^ Peter Alrich 
M^ Gerret otto 
M' Joh : D'haes 
M' Will : Sempill 
Capt" Edm : Cantwell H : Sherrife. 



Henprik Nillsen 

Addau Stiddem 



partoea agreed & y* 
def to pay twoo 
thirds A y" P** one 
third part of y* 


JusTA Andkiks P^* 

iThedef-a-* default. 

John Arnold, Dcf 

Tlie P'' demands of y" def* by ballanco of ace** y* sume of 
Sixty Gilders for w** hee Craues Judgem' w"* Costa. The 
def* being y« S'' default. 

John Darby Sworne in Co" eayeth that hee was p'sent when 
John Arnold went away and did make up ace** w*^ Justa 
Andries & that then John Arnold remayned debtor 55 gilders 
& had raore a sadle Cloath for 5 gilders in all 60 gilders A 
further sayoth nott. 

The Co'* haueing Examined y* Case doe order Judgem* to 
bee Enterred against y* def* John Arnold for 60 gildess w* 

John Bokyar P*' \ In an action of Slaun- 

Hendrik Vandkn BuROiH Def* i der etc 
Susanna y" wyfe of Geo : Moore sworne in Co'* sayeth that, 
shco washing att y* house of Jan hermsen did heare Hendrik 
Vanden Burgh say Ibat y* waslecoate V^ John Boeyar had 
was Lyko to y"* wasteconte hee had Lost, and y*' deponant re- 
plyed that shec had seen such a wastecoate w*^ aeltie brought 
from William Sempills wyfe & therefore did not thinke itt to 
bee y* same & further sayeth nott : Pet«r Claesen sworne 
Sayeth that hee heard hendrik vanden Burgh say that hee 
supposed the Blancquet which Brantie had bought of John 
Boeyar was his & att an other tyme hoe heard hendrik vanden 
Burg's wyfe say that itt was a sad thing that a man must see 
hur owne things Every day wome & w*^ that y" deponant 
eawe aeltie Bocyars pas by but whether shce was meant y* 
deponant knowes nott : Edmund Cantwell Sworne sayeth that 
being in y® office of M' Herman Hendrik Vanden Burg Came 
in there and y* deponant asked what was y^ matter w"* him 
hoe replyed that John Boeyar had in y^ Street threatned to 
stryke him, w*** y* Constables stike and that John Boeyar had 
bad him to goe to mist" Darby ; an ugly theefe as hee is 
Bayed y* s^ hendrik whereupon y® deponant sayed you must 



not say see. Yes replyed y* s^ hendrik. I ; can proove itt 
and further sayeth nott. 

The CV thought itt fitt to referre this action untill next 
Court day &. y* deP hendrik vanden Burgh then to appeare, 
or Else Judgem* to passe w*^ out delay. 

Upon the Teticon of Adam Hay desiering a Lett w**" in thia 
Towne of New Castle, The Co" Granted the Peticon' to take up 
w*** in this Towne of New Castle a vacant Lott of J^and pro- 
vyded the Peticon' Seates itt w*** in 12 months and that itt bee 
nott sould before settlem*. 

Carsten Lourensen a I^ott w*^in this towne granted to take 
up on y* same condition aa that of Adam hay hereabove. 

Upon the Peticon of Will : Grant. The Co« doe Grant him 
Liberty to take up w^in this County 200 acres of Land w*** 
heretofore is not Granted or token up by others hee seating & 
Improoveing y* same according to Lawe <fe Regulacons. 

Granted to James Smothers to take up w^^'in this County 
200 acres of Land w^** heretofore is not granted or taken up by 
others hee seating & Improoveing y* same according to Lawe 
& Kcgulacons. 

Hetume of an appraizem* of a Cowe of John Arnold, aa 
foUowoth viz* Wee whosR names are here underwritten being 
Chosen & Appointed appraisers of a Certaine Cbwe & Calue 
belonging to John Arnold taken by Execution in an action 
of William Grant we© do© appraize y^s** Cowe & Calue to bee 
worth 200 gilders as wittnesse o' bauds y* 29 day of April! 
1681. (was signed) 


John Boeyar. 


Peter Jeoou Def* 

Upon y* def** desire in his Letter & w*^ y« P"* Consent y* 
Oo^ haue referred this action till next Court day. 

Upon y* Peticon p^ferred in behalfe of henry Rennols of 



marretica hooke deeicring a grant to take up a Certaine marshy 
Island Lying oppositt to marretios Kill etc. 

The Co*^ answer that tliey will not nicdle w*** y* granting of 
any Islands they haueing noe order. 

Upon y* Peticon of hendrik Gerritzen The Co^ doe grant y* 
Peticon' to lake up w"^in this County twelve acres of vacant 
marsh, provyded itt bee not prejudiciall to any seats of Land. 

Upon the Request of Laers andriessen Loccinus & Swen 
nioenaen Lom The Co" Grant them aa y* nearest in bloud 
adminiatracon ife power to administer upon y*-' Kstate of Mar- 
ten GeiTitzen of Cristina Creeke deceased they to Receive all 
A pay all y® debts and the overplush to secure it Lykewyse to 
take care of the orphants and to p'forme (& returne an ace' 
of their ^ administracon accordiug to Lawe. Justa Audries 
in Cq^ did put himselfe security for y® due administ : of tliem 
y" s^ Laers A^tlries A Swen Moensen. 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell High Sherrife sheweing by Peticon 
that one francis Barnes by Casually came by his death in 
Maryland y* said Barnes Leaueing no Executo' in these parts 
and hiiuoing some matter of debts in these purtfj, in quality as 
high Sherrife in behalfe of his Roy" liighuesso desires for to 
bee admitted administraf etc : The Court doe Grant the Peti- 
con^ administration hce to Receive y" KSects of francis Barnes 
deceased and to returne an ace* to the Govern'. 

The Co" adjorued till y" 1** Teusday In June next 

June 9"" 1679 in New Caatle, 
Justice Oerrett otto Justice Joh : Dehaes Just; Will Sempill 
this day adjomed the Co" till y* first Teusday in y' month 
of July next: by Reason Justice Peter alriclis was absent att 
New Yorke. 

July the n"» 1681. 

Justice Peter Alrichs & D'haea this day adjomed the Co" 
till 1" Teusday in y* month of Se|>temV next Ensuing by 
reason Justice otto was not well and Justice Will : Sempill 
absent att New Yorke. 



Att a Court held hi the Towne of New Castle uf>on Delowar 
By his may"** Authority Septemb' the 6*^ Anuoq Dora : 1681. 

M' Peter Alricbs 
Ar Gerret otto 
M' Joh : D'haea 
M^ William Sempill 
Capt** Edmund Cantwell H : Sherrife. 



John Boyar P'* ) In an action of defamation for 

Hen-drik V: Euro Def i Calling y« P>* a thief. 
The def* being 3 tymes called did not appeare nor none for 
him. This action hauein^; Long Continued in Co'* and sence y* 
def did not attend y** Court Contrary to y* order of y* Laest 
Co", The Court doe therefore order liiin to pay y" sume of 60 
gilders as a fyne for y* Slaunder souce hee did not proove it; 
and that y* def* pay y* Costs of suit. 

Jan Barentsen P" 1 In an acliou of Trespasse upon 
Peter De Witt Def* J y* Case. 

The P" declares that this def hath Trespasaeth upon hia 
Land belonging to him by Pattent from Govemo^ francis 
Louelace botli by Plowing of y* same and plucking up of y** 
stakes Sett up by the survoyo' for Landraarkes and further aa 
p' declaration etc: The def* pleads y* Insufficiency of y® Pat- 
tent w*"'' y* P" hath & sayes that y* Land Soe farr hee plowed 
was his owne I^nd. 

The debates of both partcea being heard and y« Pattent and 
other Evidences Examined, The Co" doe Judge y*^ Pattent to 
bee good w*^** y* P" hath and that therefore hee luiue his 25 
rod in breath before and 20 Kod in breath behind According 
to y® s^ Pattent, further also allowing of y* Laest survay w*** 
y^ P" made, and that thoroforo y* Land markes bee sett up 
againe wore they stood before; and that y* def ^ further pay 
all costs. 

A Peticon being p'ferred in Co" by Gapt" Edmund Cant- 
well for and in y* behalfc of Comelis Commegies Junior 



sheweing that in the Jeare 1675 one Richard Scaggs and Wil- 
liam Merritt did lake up twoo tracts of Land Joyning boath 
togealher Contayning 400 acres w*^** to this day Ly unsettled 
and y* p^sons whoe tooke them up boath departed y* Country 
& a« is sayed dead w*^ out haueing made any Improovem* 
thoroou ; the Peticon' therefore desiering a warrant for both 
parcells of Laud to take up being 400 acres & Lying both 
together, The Co" doe Grant y' Peticon^ to take up y* s* 
Laud of Merritt <fe Scaggs according to his Peticon, hee inake- 
ing p'sent lmproovem**& Settlem' thereon, according to Lawe 
& y* Governo" regulacons. 

Edmund Cantwell attorn : for 1 pu 


The Executo*^ of y« Estate of) p^fi 
Ralph Hutchinson deceased / 

The P'* by his declarat : declares for 144 pound 14 shillings 
of Lawful! new England monny due from Ralph hutchinson 
to y P'* by bond. 

M' Pctor alriclis desires that the Case may bee suspended tall 
next Co^ in w** tyme hee proffers A will send to New Yorke 
to y* greatest Credito" as Iiee has done hefoi-e for one of them 
to administer or some in their Roome w*=^ if they refuse then 
hee Inguges to Keepe y'^ administration himselfe and will 
Stand to itt and goe on w* the administration w"' out delay 
att the next Court, w'^*' the Co^ doe order to bee soe recorded. 

William Dervall by his 
Attorn ; Eph : heiuian 

I pit 


In an action of 
dobt by one 
hill for 2577 
gildes 10 sty- 
vers in tobb : 
A 382 gildes 
10 sty vers in 

M' Peter Alrichs desiers that y" Case may bee suspended 

The Executo" of y« Estate of 1 p^jt 
Ralph hutchinson deceased / 



till next Court iii w** tyme bee proffers and will send to New 
Yorko to y" Greatest Credito" as bee bas done before for one 
of them to adminst^ or some in their roome, w*^** if they refuse 
then boo Ingagcs to keepo y* administracou himselfe and will 
stand to itt and goe on w"" y® administration w"* out delay att 
y« next Court, w*"* y" Court doe order to bee recorded. 



In an action of 
debt by a bond 
for 5937 gild- 
ers & 16 sty- 

James Matheus by his at- 
torn John Darby 

Peter Alkichs & Thomas 
Woollaston administra- 
tors of y* Estate of Kalp 


M^ Peter alrichs desiers that y* Case may bee Susiiended 
till next Co" in w*'* tyme bee proffers and will Send to New 
Yorke to y' greatest Credito™ as bee has done before for one of 
them to adrainisf or some in their Roome w** if they refuse 
then bee Ingages to keci>e y" administration liimsclfe and will 
stand to itt and goo on w^ y^ administration w'^'out delay att 
y next Court, w** the Co" doe order to bee soe recorded. 

Rkykier Vander Coelen P'' 

Doctor Thom : Sprv DeT 

The P^' by his declaration demands of this def* by a Cer- 
taine bill under y* hand & sealo of y* def bearing date y* 8*** 
of marcli 168J y« full quantity of 2000 lb of good sound mer- 
cbandable tobb : dut^h w" in Caske to bee paid here in the 
Towno of New Castle upon all demands after y® 25**" of march 
Laest past for w*^** bee Cranes Judgem' w"* Costa. 

The def* ownes the debt : The Co'* doe passe Judgem* ag* y* 
def* for 2000 ft> of tobbacco to bee paid affording to y" bill w*** 
Costs. Rynier Vander Coelen in Co" promissed to stay w*^ y* 
def* till octob*" or Novomb^ next Ensuing before bee takes out 
Execution upon this Judgement. 


Edmund Cantwklt. P" lone writt returned non est In- 
Jacob V : Vker Def* J vonlus. 

Edmund Cantwell P" \ The def 3 tymes Called did 
Thomas Snowden Def* J not appeare. 
The P" desires tJinl this action may bee Continued, w*^ the 
Co" doe grant. 

Peter maesland P" "I in an action of debt by ace' to y* 
Thom : Spry Dei^ J sume of 239 gilders. 
The def* ownes tlie debt but de-sirea a refferrence till next 

Co" by reason heo has some small ace' ag* itt : w** the Co^ 

doe Grant. 


Edmund Cantwell P" 
Jacob Vandeb Veer Def 

feb ]68i Exe*: The P" by his declaration demands of 
granted. ^'^^ ^^^ ^^ ballance of accompts the sume 

of ninety nine gilders A ten sty vers ; and produces his ace' in 
Co". The def* wyfe denyes to bee Indebted anything to thia 
P**. The Co" doc order Judgem* to bee Entorred ag** y* deP 
for 99 gilders 10 slyvers w"* Costs. 

Is ACQ Savoy P" IThe def being 3 times Called 

Chaulks Johnson Def / remained absent. 

This action upon y* P"** desire is referred till next Court. 

Hans Petersen P'^ 

Jan Andriessen of y® Eastsyde Def* 
W*' y' P"" Consent this action is refferred till next Court. 

ly« def default 

Arnoldus De Lagrange P" 
Broer Sinnexk Def 

The P" haueing Enterred noe declaration was nonsuited 
w*** Costs. 



John Williams 
Just A A.vrmiE.s 

John Williams 
Andrew Mullica 


Pkteu Jkoou 



> Pftrtees agreed. 

pit 1 

> Partees agreed. 
Uet ) 

pit ^ 

> Partee3 agreed. 

Jamks Walliam P" 


The P» declares for 139 gildei« due to Walter Wharton 4 
by 8** Wharton iu his Lyfe tyme assigned ouer to y* P" and by 
y* F* then accepted. 

The def* sayea to bee willing to pay Provyded his Land bee 
surveyed according to his warrant. 

This action was referred till next Court & then Thorn : 
WooUaston as a witiiesse to apeare. 

Upon the Peticon of Michill offlcy the Court Granted unto 
him to take up w^in this Co^ Jurisdiction 3U0 acres of Land 
^.oh heretofore hath not ben granted or taken up by others Iiee 
seating and Improovoing the same according to T^awo A 

Upon the Peticon pTerred in y* bohalfe of John Pears ; The 
Co" Granted him to take up w^^in this Co*** Juristiiction 200 
acres of Land w'^ heretofore hath not ben granted or taken 
up by others hec seating and Improoveing y^ same according 
to Lftwe & regulaoons. 

Upon the Peticon of Robberd Somes The Court Granted 
him to take up w*** in this Co"* Jurisdiction 200 acres of I^nd 
w'^* heretofore hath not ben granted or tiiken up by others heo 
seating and Improoveing the same according to Lawe & 

William Gordiu Servant to Capt° Edmund Cantwell appears 
in Court and declares to bee willing in Regard his s** master 
has put him to Samuell Land Taylor to Learne y* traede of a 



Taylor for y* space of twoo years) that therefore hee will serve 
y* e^ Cantwell y* selfe same tyme hee had to Serve before and 
y' his s^ master shall Loose noe tyme by itt Sence itt is for his 
owue good. 

Upon y* motion of Justice Will : Sempill ordered that if y« 
Cooper hans Codenis doth not settle his Lett Granted him by 
this Court Lying next to Engelbert Lett, w"* in one yeare after 
y* date of y*^ grant, then hee to forfeit y* same and M' Sempill 
to haue p'ferrenee to take itt up before any others. 

Upon a Peticon p'ferred in Co^ by I>orayno for and in y* 
behalfo of James feron Bricklayer and brik maker ; The Go'* 
doe Grant him to take up alt one end of y^ Towne a double 
Lott on Consideration of setting up and following his traede 
of brik-making for y" Generall benofitt and good of tlie Towne 
& County. 

Itt being represented to y* Court that severall of y* high- 
wayes & bridges w'*' in this County are mutch out of repair 
A some not passable Itt is therefore by the Co""' ordered that 
y* overseers of y® s^ highwayes Cause y* same highwaycs & 
bridges to bee mended and made passable bctweene this Sc 
next Court in defTect thereof they to bee fyned ; of w**" j** 
Constable to Give them notice. 

"Whereas the frequent shooting of Partridges w*** in this 
Towne of New Castle on y" sabbath or Lords day doth mutch 
tend to y« prophaning of y* s^ Lords day ; Itt is therefore this 
day by the C-o*^ ordered, that for the future noe p'son Inhabit- 
ing w*^ in this Towne of New Castle shall p'sume on y* Lords 
day to goe on hunting or shooting after any Partridges aa 
well w**'out as w^'iii this Towne, or any other game, upon y" 
Penalty and fyne of 10 gilders for y' first, 20 gilders for y" 
second and y« Lose of y* gun for y® 3** ofiFence of w*"** all p'^ssons 
to take notice, and the Constable to Care itt bee observed. 

Edmund Cantwell being thereunto by a Letter of attorney 
from Jan andriess Impowered did this day in open Co"* de- 
clare for and in bchalfe of y* s** Jan andries, to aknowledge a 
Certaine deed of sale and Conveigance for the Transporting 



and makoing over of a Certnine Peece or parcel! of Land in 
Cristina unto M' ArnoWus de Lagrange his lieirs and assignes 
for Ever. The a** pcecc of Land being made oucr unto him 
y** e^ Jan andriesse by his father Andries Andriess and his 
mother Cristina Goolbrant y* first day of Sepf 1073. lit be- 
ing y« one Just balfe of all y* right Tytle & Interest of y' s^ 
Andries Andriessen in a Certayne Pattent Granted unto him 
y« g<* Andries by Governo' francis Lovelace y" first of Septemb' 
1669 in Corapanie w^** Sinneke Broer and Walraven Janss De 
Vos for y* quantity of 450 Morgen, Lying & being on y" north- 
syde of Christina Creeke being bounded on y* east syde w"* 
y* Land of George Wale y*^ Limits betweone them being a Cer^ 
taine Markt tree haueing upon itt three names aforementioned 
& also that of Geo : Whale, So Stryking into y* woods direct 
northwest 300 Rod, itts in breath alongst y* kill 350 Rod from 
y* markt trees aforcs^ itt strykes to y* mill kill more west then 
north 300 Rod Jn all amounting to about 450 morgen, haue- 
ing by agreement w"' Geo : Whale y* swamp or K ripple Lying 
w*^in their Limits in Common betwixt them all ; Soe that Jan 
Andriess makes ouer unto y" s^ Arnold : dc Lagrange all his 
Right & Inlrest in y" aboves'^ Pattent being y* one halfe of 
his 8^ fathers Intrcst therein & Contaynes about 150 acres as 
well Cleared as woodland more or Lesse ; as by y* 8* deed and 
Transport bearing date 19 of March 16^ and Signed Sealed 
and delivered by y" s^ Jan Andriess in y" p'sonce of Johannes 
D'haes and Samuell Land doth more att Large appeare. 
?tJ^The Co'* fldjorned till y" first Tuesday of y" month of Octo- 
ber next Ensuing. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Ostfltlo in Delowar 
By his May"« Authority the 4'" of Octob' 1081. 

M*" Peter Alrichs -v 
P'aent M*" Gerret otto > Justices. 

M*- Joh : D'haes J 
Capt° Edm : Cantwell H : Sherr : 



Peter Makslam> P" 1 In an action of debt by ace' to 
Thomas Spry Def* J to y* sume of 239 gilders. 
The def* being three tyraes Called did not appeare and in 
regard that itt was alledged that y" def* was sike and not able 
to appeare y« action was referred till next Court day, 

IsAdSAUOY P" \ij,g„ action Of yo Case. 

Charleys Johnson Def* J 

The def* 3 tymes Called did not apeare. The Co" saw good 
to reffcr the action till next Court day. 

Edmund Cantwell P'* 1 partees agreed y® dcP to pay 
Thomas Snowden Def* J Costs. 

pit 1 

^ ^ i- in an action of debt 139 gild". 

Der J 

James Walliem 
Brokr Sinnexk 

Thomas WooUaston not appearing, the action Continued & 
WooUaston ordered to appeare next Court. 

Capt" Edmund Cantwell and Johannes De haes this day 
aknowled & declared in Court that they had Given and 
Granted unto Evert Alrctts his heirs & assignes out of their 
Pattent from Gouvemo' fran : Louelace, a Certaiue parcoll or 
peccc of Land Lying and being in y* boght above Verdrietige 
hooke, haueing to y* West y* boght Kill and to y* East a 
email gutt or Run, w*^'* parts this from y« Land of oele Coockoe, 
this parcell of Land Contayning by Estimation one hundred 
acres of Land ; To have and to hold the s** peece and parcell 
of Land & premisses w**" all Singular y* appurtenances unto 
y" s^ Evert Aldretts his heirs and assignes forever. 

This day appearetl in o|)en Court Evert Aldretts and Eliza- 
beth his wyfe whoe declared and jiknowledged before y" Co" 
that for and in Considcracon of a Certaine valluable sume of 
monny to them in hand paid by bans oelsen of marretis hooke 
& for divers monj other reasons fit Consideracons them there- 
unto mooveing they had Given Granted Bargained sould 


Aliened assigned Transported & made ouer and doc by tbcso 
p'sents fully Clearly and absolnthly Give Grant Bargaino Sell 
alien assigne Transport & make ouer unto y® s* bans oelsen 
his heirs and assignes a Certaine peece or parcell of Land 
Bcituate and Lying on y* west syde of this River of Delowar 
in y* boght above the Verdrity hooko haucing to y* west 
y* boght kill and to y* east a small gut or run w''*' parts this 
from y* Land whereon formerly oele Coccke Lived, Contain- 
ing by Estimation about 100 acres togetber w*^ all and Singu- 
lar y* houses fences planf^tion & other y'' appurtenances there- 
upon, To have and to hold the s** pocce or parcell of Land 
Plantation and premisses w*^ all and Singular y** appurten- 
ances as also all y" right Tytle and Intrest of them y*^ s^ Evert 
Aldretts & Elizabeth bis wyfe therein unto y* s^ bans oelsen 
his heirs and assignes unto y® scale and proper use and be- 
hoofe of bim y* S^ bans oelsen bis heirs and assignes forever 
etc. This Land was heretofore Given & made ouer unto s** 
Evert Aldretts by Capt" Edm : Cantwell & M^ Johannes de 

Hans Petersen P^' -\ 

Jan Andriesse of y* \ tj n > partees agreed. 
East syde / i 

Arnoldus De Lagranok P" 


ARNOLnus De Lagranok P'' 

• Act : of Debt 

Beobk SiNNEXE DeP } A«' = °^ y C^- 

Arnold : D Lagrange P" 1 , , * . ^ 
Brokr biNNEXK l)ev } 

M^ Lagrange being vcrry sike upon bis request w"* y*^ deP" 
Consent y* above 3 actions were Continued til next CV*. 

Upon y* Severall Peticons of the hereafter named p'sons 
the Co" Granted unto Each of them y' Land hereafter speci- 
fyed to take up w"* in this County of New Castle w*^ hereto- 



fore hath uot bea Granted or taken up by others ; they the 
Peticon" and every of them Seating and Improoveing y* some 
according to Lawe & Regulacons and y* Survey' ordered to 
Lay y** same out and make return according to Lawe A 
Custom e. 
Grimted to take up unto vis* 

John Walker Junior 300 acres of Land 

William Cheake 200 acres — 

WiUiam AViliiams 150 acres — 

JelTul Griffin 150 acres — 

Edmund Cantwkll Attorn : for Garuibll \ pu 
MiNviELLE of N. Yorke ) 

The Execut" of y* Estate of Ralph Hutch- \t\ n 
rxaoN deceased J 

Eph : Herman Attorney for JP Wii-i. : \ 
Dkrwall of N : Yorke / 

The Execute" of y^ Estate of Ralph h utch- \ 
INSON deceased / 



John Darby Attorney for James Mathkus 1 pn 

of New Yorke J 

The Executo" of y® Estate of Ralph hutch- > r. « 
INSON deceased J 

There being no full Co" w*** out Justice Peter Alrichs whoe 
is a party Conserned, therefore these above three actions ag** 
Ralph hutchinsons Exccuto" are referred till next Co^. 

Jeane Nash Late Servant to M' John Moll of this Towne of 
New Castle being on the 16* day of Septemb' Laest past Ex- 
amined in y* p'sence of Justice Johannes Dchaes, Capt" Ed- 
mund CantwcH High Shcrrifo M''Jolin Moll and M"" Arnoldus 
De Lagrange, Concerning scverall goods Stoalen, Shee the said 
Jeane Confesseth that all y* goods found in her Custodie Shee 
hath stoaleu from M^ De Lagrange, Except twoo Remnants of 



osnabriggs Linnen and a holland sheet & some Castil soape 
w^ belong to bur Mast^ M"" Moll, all M' Lagranges goods sbee 
Confesseth to bmie atoalen out of his store liouso att three sev- 
erall tymes once in y* night & twyce by day. Mr MoUa Lin- 
nen shea stoalc out of a Chest up in the Chamber the sheete out 
of a Trunke the soape she stoulo out of a box under her Mast" 
bed & shee further declared that no other p'son has ben any 
way privy to hur stealing of y® a^ goods or any parte thereof. 

An Inventory of y® goods stoalen p' Jeane Nash and found 
SeptemVy*' 16^ 1681: 

Imprimis 2 remnants of osnag Linnen 12 Ells : I : M. 

1 p' of red woomen stockings. 

1 pin kusain 1 p^ stockings thred. 

1 holland sheete I-C. .... 

3 remnants q' 5^ EUb of fyne holland. 

J ft) of CuUered thred 

1 p' of holland mens sleeves marked A L. 

3 handkert'cheefs of holland & 1 Laced neckloath. 

2 p^ of Castill soape & 1 p^ of sizzors. 
6f Ells of broad blew Ribband. 

Blake & Red & other CuIIard Ribbin & thred The Exact 
quantity not knowue. 

Some pepper A ginger & som strue blew. 

3 p^ of Woosted stockings 

1 fyne blew apron 

5?J Ella of blewfyne Linning. 

2 unmade Course blew aprons. 

Jeane Nash haueing ben Committed to prizon and apearing 
this day before the Co" was there Indyted by Uie higli Sherrife 
Edmund Cantwell in y* behalfe of o' soueraine Lord y* King 
for haueing att sundry tymes & places felloniously stoalen y* 
above mentioned goods and C-unveiging them out of y* house 
of M' John Moll to other liouses etc. 

To w^*^ Indytment y" s** Jeane Nash in open Court pleaded 
Guilty. The Co^ there upon takeing y* matter of y* fact Com- 


mitted by y* s* Jeane Nash into Consideracon ; doo order and 

sentence, that shoe y* 6* Jeane for an 

"^c^uJildT*"^ ^y Example to others, bee pubUcqly wLipt 

in New Cisiie. att y" forto gate w^ in this Towue of New 

Castle, twenty and one Strypes or Lasliea, 

and that shee pay all Casts. God Saue y* King. 

This day apeared in C-o" Elizabeth Hendricks widdow and 
Executricc of Jacob Jansen of Cristina doceesed whoo then & 
there did aknowledge y® makcing oner unto Broer Sinnexe of 
Cristina Ch'eoke of a Certaino peecc of marsh in Cristina Sould 
by hur s** husband in his Lyfe tymo, as by the deed thereof^ 
under y" hand & seale of y* s^ Elizabeth hendrix bearing dat«j 
4*** of October 1G81 may more att Large appeare. 

The Co" adjorned til first Teusday iu Novemb*" next. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle in Delowar 
by his May'*'* Authority Novemb'' 1 & 2*1 1G81. 

M^ John Moll 
P^sent M"" Gerret otto 

M^ Job : Dehaes 
M^ WilhSempill J 
Capt" Edm ; Gantwell H : Sherrife; 

Peter Makslander P" 


Thom : Spby 


Not: 8 16S1 Exec-- la- 
Biied out. 

The P'^ demands of this dof^ by acc^ 
the sume of 289 gilders for vt^' hee Craues 
Judgem* w**^ Costs. The dof ownes the 
debt and brings in an acc*'of 52 gilders styvers ag^ itt w"^ 
the P*' allowes of. The Co'* ordered Judgem* ag*' the def* for 
y" payment of y" ballance being 186 gilders 14 styvers w"* 

Justice John Moll this day produced in Co'* a publication 
of y* Co'* of Azzyses; W* Lykewyse was publisht logeather 
w*** a Coppy of the proceedings of y* Co** of Azzyses in the 
action of Abram \(an ag^ y* e,^ John Moll w*'*' boath are here- 
nnder verbatim recorded viz'. 



AU a Gene" Co'* of Azzyses holden in the Cilty of New 
Yorke the 5"* <fe 6"* dayos of October by his May"" authority 
in y* 33*** yeare of y* Raighne of o' Soverain Lord Charles y* 
2°*^ by the grace of God of England france and Ireland King- 
Defender of the faith and in the yeare of o' Lord 1681. 

Whereas Severall persons haueof Late p'sumed Contrary to 
the knowno Laws and Pratteis of the Kealme of England to 
Exliibit and preffer Divers Causlc«sc and vexatious Aocusa- 
cons and Indictm" into the Courts within tliis Govemm* 
against several! Magistrates and others Concerned in the Pub- 
licq affaires of the Governra* which Causeth Great Trouble 
and Disturbance and tends to the Griveance and Disparig- 
mant of seuerall of his May*^** Loving subjects and the hin- 
drance of the said Magistrates in Executing their offices and 
Places as they ought, severall parsons Likewise Questioning 
and Endeavoring the Alteracon and Disquitt of y* Govemm' 
as settled to the end that the same may be for the future pre- 
vented and that the peace and Quiett of his May"*^" subjects 
may be preserved and offend" in the Like nature haue their 
Due Reward It is ordered by this Court and by the Authority 
thereof that noe p'"son or p'sons whatsoeuer Doe from hence- 
forth presume to Bring Exhibite or preffer any accusacon or 
Indictm* against any person or persons whatsoever into any 
Court within this Govemm' Butt the matter Cause and Ground 
of such accusacx>n or Indictment to l>ee first he^rd and Ex- 
amed Before two Justices of the peace who are to Proceed 
therein By Binding ouer the Partyes or otherwise as the merritt 
of the Case shall Require makeing Record of y* proceedings and 
Examinncons taken therein as is directed (fe Practiced by the 
Lawes of England and that if any P'son or P^sons shall from 
henceforth presume to Question or Endeaver Inovacon or 
Alteracon or make nny other Disturbance in the Governm' as 
settled and Established they shall be proceeded agginst accord- 
ing to Law this Court Being Resolved to Support and main- 
taine the same as settled and all Tnferio' oflicors in the Due 
Execution of their offices and Trusta untill ord" from biB 


May**' this to be published in the Citty of New Yorke the 
seuerall Rydings on Long Island and other parte of the 

By order of y* gene" Co" of Azzyaea. 

(was signed) 

John West CI'. 

Att a Generall Court of Assizes holden in the Cifcty of New 
Yorke by his may**** Authority the 5"' & 6"* Daves of October 
in the 33**" year of Iho Reigue of o' Souerigne Lord Charles 
the second by tlie Grace of God of England Scotland (Trance 
and Ireland King Defender of the flaith etc : and in the 
yeare of o*" Lord 1681. 

M' John Moll Justice of the Peace and p'sident of the Court 
att New Castle Being Called to answer to an Indictement 
Exhibited against hiui by one Abraham Man for seuerall 
words and Expressions by him said to be uttered and .ipoken 
in Court and att other tymes, To which the said John Moll 
pleaded not guilty and a Jury being Impannelled and Swome 
with seuerall Euideuccs they Brought in their verdict and 
found him Guilty of apeakeing the words menconed in the 
first and Second Articles and of Denying Execution when de- 
manded menconed in the fourtti article and for the Rest not 
Guilty the which the Court takeing into Consideracon Doe 
adiudge the said Indictm* to bee Illegal! and vexatious and that 
the said John MoU by what found against him is not Guilty 
of any Cryme or Breach of any Knowne Law therefore Doe 
acquett the said John Moll from the same and order the said 
Abraham Mann to pay the Costs of Court, the said Mann moued 
for an appeale for England whicli is granted he Giueing suffi- 
cient security to the value 1000 ft to prosecute the same and 
pay Damage to the party If Cast 

By order of the Gonerall Co" of Azzyses 

(was signed) 

John West CI' 



francis Jeckson Late serv* to Abram Man appeared in Co'* 
and there did deliver a paper written and Sipied by the rf* 
Abram Man ; declaring that the s^ Abram Man had ordered 
him to bring y® s** Paper in Co" & to gett itt there publisht 
& fixt up att y* Co'* doare ; and the s** francis Jcckson being 
asked whoe were p'sent when his s'' mast' had delivered liim 
the Paper & gave him that order, did say & declare that M' 
James Walliam John Kan & d«ctor Spry had bcu p'scnt att 
the delivery thereof whereupon the b** paper being publicqiy 
Read in Court was found to bee Verbatim as foHoweth viz*: 

This is to sattisfy all whome this may Concernc that John 
MoU of y* Towne of New Castle was by a Juo' alt New Yorke 
att the Court of Azzysos found Uilty of the Indyctmeut prose- 
cuted by Abram Man in y* bt-halfe of o' soucraigne Lord 
King Charles wich may bee prooved by the hands of the Jury 
yett after the verdict past against y* said Moll, part of Justices 
of the Court did say tliey would Cleare y* s*' MoU and that I ; 
should take cure to pay y* Charge theirfor for that unlawfull 
proceedings and actings I : did apeale from their Lawlesse 
Judgement to King and Councill, then after there was an ap- 
peale granted, they tould me that I : should putt in a tliou- 
sand pound Sterling 3e<;urity to prosecute w*^** security I : did 
tender provyded they could shew mee Lawe I was bound to 
doe itt, they could shew mee noe Lawe but the bearre order of 
part of y* Justices of Court, soo tliat the t^aid MoU is not 
Cleared by Lawe as yett. Therefore I : am now bound for 
England w"* go<ls I^eaue to prosecute y* 8^ Indictment against 
MoU, I : shall bee going by the first shipping therefore this is 
to desire all people that hath any accompts to make up that 
they would send them as soon as Ihey can and y* Latter end 
of this next month they shall hnue their Just due Requiering 
all that oweth to him they may doc the same as wittniss my 
hand this 31* of October 168L 

(was signed) 
Abraham Man. 



Doctor Thomas Spry John Can John Walker Roelof An- 
dries John Darby John ogell James Crawford Gisbert Dirksen 
Joseph Burnharn Thorn: Woollaston pieter maesland & will 
Sherwood were Eiipannelcd and Swoi-ue for a Jury to attend 
the Co^ and try all Cases. 

James Walliam P" 
Broer Sinnkxe Def* ■ 

The P" demands of this def* by assignmn' of Walter Whar- 
ton deceased and accepted by this der*wyfey*sume of 139 gild- 
ers for w''*' heo C'raues Judgeni' w**" Costs. Thomas Woollas- 
ton sworne in Co'* declares that being att y* house of James 
Walliam, Sophia y* dofl^ wyfo came there, and y* s** James 
Walliam did then showo y* s** wyfe y" note from M' Wharton 
whoe then accepted y* payment thereof and M"^ Walliam waa 
to stay till the faal for his pay. 

The Co" refeiTed this Case to a Jury whoe brougt in their 
verdict wee find for y** P" ag*' y« def* w"" Costa of suite. The 
Co'* doe order Judgement according to verdict. 

Upon the Peticon of John Smith y" Carpend% The Co^ doe 
grant him to take up w"'in y* Limits of this Towne one Lott 
of Land provyded bee Builds a house thereon & fences lit 
w*^in the apace of 6 months otherwayes to forfeit itt. 

Upon the Petition of Arnoldus D'Lagrauge, The (-o** haue 
Granted him a vacant peece of Land Lying towards y* north 
east end of this Townc of Now Castle Joyning upon y* Lott 
w*** was fonnerly Richard Kittles. Also a small pecce of 
vacant marsh ndjoyning to y* aboves^ Land provyded and w*** 
this Condition tliat hce the s" De Lagrange according to his 
owne proffer shall build on y» s" Land a goo<l windmill for 
the Common good of the Inhabitants and to haue for toul of 
grinding noe more than one Tenth part, and that hec draynes 
y" marsh : and all this to bee done w"^in 12 months after date 
hereof, otherwayes & in deffect thereof bee to forfeit what is 
now granted. 



Hahs Petersen P" 


This Case was by y* P'** desire referred till next Co'' y* def* 
being nolt in a Cappacity to answer itt. 


Bkobr Suinexk Def 

in an action of y" case 
for a peece of mash 
& hay by y* def* 
thereon mowed. 

The P^' declares that this deP hath possessed bimselfe of a 
peeoe of marsh in Cristiua belonging unto this P'* and Con- 
trar}' to forwarning hath mowed hay t hereon etc; The def* 
eayes that hee has noe other marsh then wbat is his proper 

Malhias Matliiass De vos Sworne in Court sayeth that Broer 
Sinnexe has not mowed upon any marsh of M' Lagranges but 
has mowed y*^ marsh w*^** his father afore him had & hee 
alwayes did use to mowe. 

Cristina walraevens sworne in Court sayeth y* y* marsh w^ 
Broer Sinnexe mowed is the same w** Broer's father did sell 
unto his predecessor andries Jurians, •k'^ hee Eversence has 
had & further sayeth nott. 

The Case being put to y* Jury they went out and returning 
brougt in their verdict viz* wee find for y' def* w'** Costs of 
suite. The Co'* doe passe Judgem^ accordingly. 

'\ In an action of debt by 
Arnoldus Db Laorange P" I ace' to y' sunie of 
Broer Sinnexe Def* 153 gilders & 10 sty- 

vers in wheat. 
Itt is ordered that M' De Lagrange deliver in an ace* of all 
dealings hee has had w**^ Broer Sinnexe & that Broer Sinnexe 
haue a Coppy 8 dayes before y* Court, and that Picter De 
Coominck whoe has delivered part of y' goods fit rec: pay bee 
summoned as a wittnesse ag** next Court 


Arnoldus De Lagrange P'* j in an action of y* Case 

> for a peoce of Land 
Brorb Sinxexb Def J in Cristina Creeke. 

The P^^ declares that this def* doth Kco}>e in poaseasioD a 
small peece of Land belonging to y** P". 

Referred to y" Jnry whoe brouglit in their verdict as fol- 
loweth viz* wee find for the def* w"* Costs of suite; The Co** 
ordered Judgem' according to verdict 

Mathias Mathiass sworne in Co^ sayeth that the Land in 
Controversy was first by JuhUi Andries sould to y* deponant, 
from y® depon' againe sould to Justa, Justa againe Sould itt to 
Andriess Sinnexe and andries sould it to this def* broor Sin- 
iiexe whoo stil is in possession and y* dcponant sayeth further 
that there was belonging unto this Land marsh or meddow 
for three stakes of hay twoo stukea thereof on y* northsyde of 
M' Lagrange's Point and one stake on y° south syde & 
furtlier sayeth nott ; bans Peterss Swome in CV* sayeth y* 
same as mathias Mathiass. 

Edmund Cantwell attorn : for Gabriell 

MiNviELLE of New Yorke 
The Execut : of y" Estate (by name Peter 1 rj « 


I8febi68l Exec: ukcn ji^q pn demands of y« dcf by a bond 
*^'' under the hand A scale of y® def Ralph 

hutchinsou deceased y* sume of seventy twoo pounds <fe 7 
shillings or y* sume of 2894 gilders in morcliandable wam- 
pum winter wheat porke beefe peltry or Tobbacco in New 
Yorke att pryco Courrant, for w*^'' hoe (Jraues Judgem* against 
y« def* Peter Alrichs as y® Executo"" of y^ Estate of y* s^ Ralph 
w"* Costs. The Co** perusing the former oi-der & Ingagera* of 
y« s* M*^ Alrichs upon record ; Doe passe Judgem* ag*' }'* S* 
Execute^ & administrator for y paym* of y" s** 72 pounds 7 
shill : according to bond, w"» Costs. 


WiLUAM Daj?vall by his attorney Eph : "I pn 

Herman J 

Peter alricus Execut' & adm' of Estate \ ^ ^ 
of Ralph hijtchinson dec^ / 

The P" demands of this def* by a bill under y* hand & 
seale of Ralph hutchinson deceased y*= sume of 2577 gilders & 
10 atyvera in merchandable Tobbacco & Caske, and more by 
y* same bill y* sume of 382 gildors 10 sty vera in merchandable 
polteiy to bee delivered and paid lier w"*in this Towne of 
Castle, for w*^ hee Craues Jutlgem' ag*' this def w"* Costs. 

The Co" perusing tlie fonuer order & Ingagem' of s^ M' 
Alrichs upon record, and y* debt knowne to bo Just doe order 
Judgem* ag^ the def* for y* payment of 2577 gilders A 10 sty- 
vers in tobb : and 382 gilders 10 styvors in poltery w*** Costs 
of suite. 

John Darby attorney for Jamks Matheus 

of New Yorke 
Peter aluiciis Executo* & adminisf of 1 j^ - 
y* Estate of Ralph iiutcuinson dec** J 
The P^* demands of this def* by a bond of y* fl* Ralph 
hutchinson decease<l under his hand & seale y*^ sume of 2968 
gilders and 18 styvcrs to bee paid att New Yorke in wheat 
Porke or pelteiy att pryce Couni* for w"'' he Craues Judgem* 
w"» Costs. 

The Court perusing the former order and Ingagem* of y* 
8^ W Alrichs upon record and y" debt knowne to bee due ; 
doe order Judgem' ag* y* deH for y" payment of 2968 gilders 
18 sty vers according to bond w*** Costs of suite. 

Pkter Groenendyk P*' 

AIatiieus & Emilius D'Rino DoP 

The P" demands of this def by bill & accompt jr" sume of 
1251 gilders 4 styvors for w"" hce Craues Judgement w*** 
Costs. The def* doe owno the debt but bring in an ace' ag" 



itt to }'• sume of 469 gilders of w"* y® P" idso allowes. Tho 
Co" doD order Judgeni^ ag** the def* for the paym' of y* ball- 
ance being 782 gilders 4 styvers w^ y* Costs of sute. 

The Court Grauted to y* hereunder named p^sons upon 

their seuerall Peticons the following parcells of T-and to take 

up w*in this Courta Jurisdiction ; Provyded the Land bee 

Cleare and that y" Potieon' Each for themselves doe seat A 

Iraproove y*^ same according to Lawe & rcgulacona 

Granted To Thomas & John Bratchie 400 acres of Land. 

William Bordin 200 aci-es of Land. 

John ogle for his twoo Sons 

Thomas & Johii*ogle each 200 acres of Land. 
Jacob Aertsen 200 acres of Land. 

James Crawford according 
to an old wnrr* from his 
hono' y^ Governo' 400 acres, 

Thomas Snowden 100 acres of Land. 

Sara the daughter of Cristopher Barnes deceased aged 4 
years was this day put out by the Court to hur Godmother 
Cliristina y* widdow of M'alraeven Jauseii A to bur heirs for 
y" space of 12 years now next Ensuing the date hereof, shee 
to dnd hur w*^ meat driuke apparill washing & Lodging and 
att y" Expiration of y" tyine to Give y*' Chyld a Cowe w*** 
Calfe & a sowe bigg w**" pigg and Cloathing according to their 

Roelof andries one of y* overseers of y* highway p'sents y^ 
Afternamed p'sons for not workeiug at y" highway & bridge 

JoHX Taylor ^ The Co" doe fyne each of them to pay 
Thomas Snowden > 300 fc of tobbacco according to for- 
Philip Chevalier J mer order in tliat Case provyded. 

The Court doe order y* overseer that a drawbridge bee made 
over y* drdyers Creeke w"^ all Convenient speede. 



Nou the 15 next following Sur- The Surveyor Efihraim Herman 
I*^r"T'!!"r';rl''?^^"' <^>d this dav make relume to y- 

dent M' John Moll & tJien sent - *' 

tfl New Yorke to y- office in ord' *^'o of ^"e hereafter meuUoned 1 7 
forPattetiuofCoofirmatioDdcc: Kur^'^cys of Lauds & Lotts by him 
^* *^^^' Surveyed forsundn.' |>'8on8 accord- 

ing to the Grants & warrants of this Court wich 8** Certificates 
of surveys beiug by the Co'* viewed & Lookt ouer were allowed 
& Confimied A ordered to bee Kocordod. 

John O^le 4,^1 By vertiio of n wan' from y® Co" of new 

*'''^" Castle Laid out for John ogle a Tract oi 

Land Called the fishing place Scituated and being on y* west 
ayde of Delowar River and on y*^ SouthEast syde of y* Souther- 
most maine branch of Crislina Creeke : Beginning att u Comer 
marked spannish oake standing by y* s^ Creeke att y' mouth 
of TiUys Run from thence S E by a Lyne of marked trees 132 
perches to a corner marked red oake then S : E : B : E by a 
Lyne of marked trees 188 perches to a corner marked wliyte 
oake from thenoe S : W : B : W : 92 j>erch to a comer marked 
read oako then W : 186 perclies to a Corn' marked spannish 
oake from tlicnco W : B : S : by a Lyne of marked trees 76 
perches to a Corner marked blakc oake then W : *i6 perches to 
another marked spannish oake Standing atl y* head of pprys 
run then downe y** s** run N : W : b ; W 48 perches N : N : W : 
40 perches N : b : W: 40 perches to a corner marked swamp oake 
ataiiding Att y* mouth of Sprys run nearc y* maine Cretke 
then stryking ouer y* a* Creeko itt takes in 10 acres of marsh 
Land for hay Lying on y* northsyde of y® s^ maine Creeke A 
thence downe allong y" s*^ Creeke following y* several! Courses 
thereof to y" first mentioned spannish oake Contayuing 419 
acres of fast Land A 16 acres of marsh, surveyed y* 4"* of 
Octob' 1680. 

p' Era : Hrrmak 

Cminbooke 784 

Laid out for hendrik Andrieesen Wil- 
liam Janseu Hendrik Lemmens Eskell 



andries Joan Matson nnd Syrrion Janson Inhabitants of Crain- 
hook, their Land f-alled Crainhooke itt being formerly begun 
by the Survey' Walter Wharton but not Compleated ; The s^ 
Land being scituatcd on y* west sydo of Dclowar River and on 
y* Lower syde of y" month of Cristina Creeke ; Beginning att 
a Com'" inarki'd blake cake standing at y* upper syde of lien- 
drik Andriessens home Lott neare a swamp syde w^ divided 
this from a small Island Called Mocus Poulsens Island and 
from thence running W : up along y* said swamp 48 perches, 
then W : S ; W ; GO pen^hea toy* head of one of y" brainches of 
y* s** swamp then W : b : N ; 74 pei-ches to a Comer marked 
Bpannish oako standing neare a pocosen and from y* s^ sj>an- 
nish oake by a Lyne of marked Trees W : b : S : thwarting y* 
Kings Koad IOC perches to n marked blake oake standing att 
y* Lyne of Pieter Claassens Land thence S : W : along y* Lyne 
of Pieter Claassen 23 perches to a Comer marked whyte oake : 
and from y"* s^ whyte oake S : 30 perches to another marked 
whyte oake standing neai*e y* Kings Road from Ihence S : W : 
by a LjTie of marked trees 265 perches to a Corner marked 
whyte oake then S : E : by a Lyne of marked Trees 112 perches 
to a Corner marked read oake Standing neare y* head of a 
Swamp called y" moso, then down along y^ said mose or swamp 
following y* severall Courses thereof 472 percliM to a Comer 
marked blake oake Standing at y" marsh neare y' River Syde, 
and from thence N : E : b : E : along y** marsh syde 174 perches 
then N : 171 perches to y' first mentioned oake Containing 
and Laid out for 724 acres of fast Land, haueing y* marsh or 
hay Grounds Lying before and betweene s^ Crainhooke Land 
and y" River syde also belonging unto them w^ said marsh 
Containes 60 acres, w*"** makes in all 784 acres of Land A 
Marsh ; The above named persons haueing further alsoe Each 
their deflerent shears and proportions in y** aboves^ tract of 
Land and Lykewyse their home Lotts apart Each different 
from y** other w*^** being Layed out are as followeth viz'. 

Hendrik Andriessen his home Lott Lying next to y"^ swamp 
of moens Poulsens Island Containes in breath 68 perches, 



William Johnson hia homo Lett Lying next onto y® s* hend- 
rik andriessen Lott Containes in breath 36 perches & 4 foott 
hendrik Lemmeus one homo Lott next unto y* said AVillem 
Jansens Cootaines in breath IS perches and 2 foott and an- 
other home Lott of y® s^ Lenimena Lying betweene y* Lott of 
Eskell andries on y* north and Joan matson on y" South Con- 
taines in broath 18 porches & 2 foott Eskill andries home Lott 
Lying betweene the twoo Lotts of hendrik Lemmens Containes 
in breath 18 perches & twoo foott, Joan Matson his home 
Lott Lying next uuto that of hendrik Lemmens Coutiiines 36 
perches & 4 foott, and Symon Janson for his home Lott and a 
email parcel! of Land by Pattent adjoyulng next unto Joan 
Matsons Containes in breath 86 i>erche8, The Lenght of all y* 
aboves** home Lotta allowed to bee from y* front of j'* River & 
running W:b: N: into y* woods 150 perches, and for the 
division of y* mai-sh for hay Ground Lying before y* 8^ Crain- 
hooke Each p^aon to haue the breath of marsh before bis 
homo Lott and answerable thereunto. Surveyed y* 20'**" of 
October Annoq Dora : 1680. 

p^ Eph: Hermaji Surv'. 

Memorandum for y" remainder of y« Laud bake of their 
home Lotts ; Itts Consented and agreed betweene y* partees 
that proportionable to y* greatnesse & quantity of their s** 
home Lotta they are to haue y" s*" bake Land Equivalent 
thereunto w*** att p^sent is by their request only to remain in 

E : Herman Surv^ 

Andpow Tiiijr By vertue of a warr* from y* Co" of N : 

micrea. (.ggt_]Q Lg^j ^^^ ^^j. AudTGw TiWy a tract 

of Land Called Chestnut Point Scituated and being on y" 
westsyde of delowar River and on y* south Easteyde of Cristina 
Creeke, Beginning att a Corner marked rod oake standing by 
y* s** Creeke from thence S : E : by John Garritzons Lyne of 
marked trees 320 perches to a corner marked red oake of John 



Garrilzons Land from thence S : W : by a hyiie of mai'ked 
trees 23 perchea to a Corner whyte cake of John ogles from 
thence N; W: b: W 188 perches to a corner marked Red 
oake of y® s^ ogles Land from thence N : W by a Lyne of 
marked trees 132 porches to n Corner marked Spannish oake 
stBnding by Cristina Creeke syde at y' mouth of a small Gutt 
or run Called Tlllys run and from thence downe y* s^ Cristina 
Creeke following y* Severall Courses thenxif to y* first men- 
tioned Red oake Coutayning & Laid out for 123 acres of Land 
Surveyed y« 5**^ of octob' 1680. 

p*" Eph: Herman 


Kveri hendrlkM Resufveycd for Capt° Evert hendriksa 

^^'"^ fin, a small neck or point of Land being 

a Peninsula scituated and bedng oa y" west syde of dellowar 
River, hauo to y* north East & Joyuing unto Crainbooke and 
on y" NorthWest y** mose or Swamp : Beginning att a Comer 
marked oake being the Southermost bouiided tree of Craiu- 
hooke from thence on soverall Courses along y" marsh syde 64 
perches to a Corner marked oake standing by y* raarshsyde 
from E : b : N through y" said marsh to y* River syde 44 
perches from tlience downe along y® s** Rivorsyde (J5 perclios 
then W : N : W : againe throug y' marsh 40 perches to a Cor- 
ner marked oake standing by y^s^ marshsyde, from thence on 
severall Courses along by y* swamp syde 104 perches to a 
comer marked oake standing by ye afores^ Swamp syde then 
E ; 6 perches to the first mentioned blake oako Containing 12 
acres of fast Land and 16 acres of marsh in all 28 acres Sur- 
veyed y*" 18*^ day of octob^ 1C80. 

pf Ei'h: Herman 


Hahs Peterson 
125 ficres. 

By virtue of a warr* from y* Co'* of 
New Castle. Laid out for hans I*etersen 
ofSchilpatts Kill a tract of Land Called Carelhookescituateand 
being on y* west syde of Delowar River and on y* N : syde of a 


branct of Cristina called y* scilpattg Creeke belweene a small 
Creeke Called y* Crump Kill and y" Land Called the Wildo or 
Indian Poiut : Beginning atl a Corner marked whj^ooko of y* 
Land of y* bA Wildo or Indian Iiooke standing by y* raareh syde 
from thence N : E : 32 perches to a Corner marked whyte ouke 
standing by y* syde of y* Cninip Kill from thence up y* b*^ 
Run IGO perches to a Corner marked wh}i« oake standing alt 
y* head of y** Run and from y* s^ Whyto oake N : W : by a 
Lyne of marked trees 212 perches to a Corner marked hickory 
standing by Smiths Run, from thence S : W : 50 perches to a 
Comer marked wliyte oake & from y® h^ whyte oake S.K : by 
a Lyne of marked Trees 407 perches to y" first mentioned 
whyte oake Contayning 117 aeres of fast land it 8 acres of 
marsh in all 125 acres, fciurvcyed y** 23*^ of octob' 1680. 

p' Eph : Herman 


Htm Petereen By virtu© of a warr* of the Co" of 

103 acres. ^^^, ^.^^^^ ^ayed out for bans Poter- 

in a tract of Laud called Chestnut hill scituated and being 
on y* West syde of Dclowar River Lying behinde y* Schilpats 
Kill about twoo myle and a halfo into y* woods betweene y' 
run Called lilrik matsons Run and AUpockns Run. Begin- 
ning att a Corner marked hickory Standing by y" syde of 
matsons Ruu from thence W : by a Ljtio of marked trees to a 
Corner marked Chestnut Tree standing by the head of Ala- 
ptjcas Run 120 perches A from thence S. by a Lyne of marked 
trees 116 perches to a Comer marked blake oake from thence 
S : E: b :S : by a Lyne of marked trees 40 perches to a Corii^ 
marked hickory by a great flatt rock from thence E : by a 
Lyne of marked trees 110 perches to a Com' marked hickory 
from thence N : b : \V : by a Lyne of marked trees 46 perches 
to a Corner marked whyte oake standing by y* syde of Mat- 
sons Run &. from thence N : up along y" s* Run 100 porches 
to y* first mentioned hickory Containing 103 acres of fast 
Land. Surveyed y* 25"* of Octob' IGSO. 

p' Eph : Herman 



Bchiipatu mill i^nd Laid out foF Jan Staalcop, Pet«r dewitt 

TRacree. j^j^^.^ Blocq, Hans Peteres Pelle hendriks 

A severnll other p'aona more, their associates whoe also© faaae 
a sheare or part in a Certaiue water mill standing in y* Schil- 
pata Creeke, a Certaine Parcel! or tract of Land for y« use of 
y« 8^ vvfttermill Called Schilputs-mill-Land scituated & being 
on y* west sydc of Delowar River and att y® head of a Cer- 
taine Creeke w*^** proceedeth out of Cristina Creeke Called y» 
Schilpats Creeke on boath sydes thereof, Beginning att a Cor- 
ner marked wliytc oake stan<1ing on y* west syde by y^ S* 
Creekes syde and from thence Running N : W : b : N : by a 
LjTie of marked trees 102 perches to a Corner marked whyte 
oake standing by y" syde of a small Run from thence downe 
y« 8* Run and over y*' maine Run of Scbilpalts Creeke £ : N : 
E : by a Lyne of marked trees 143 perches to a Corner marked 
blake oake standing att y** Lyne verdrietige hooke Land fi-ora 
thence South by their Lyne of marked trees 71 perclies to a 
Corner marked whyte oake standing in y* s^ Lyne from thence 
6 : W : by a Lyne of marked trees SO perches to a corner 
marked blake oake standing by y" Eastsydo o( s** Schilpats 
Creeke Contoyning and Layed out for 78 acres of fast Land 
Surveyed 23 of octob' 1680. 

p' Eph Herman 

Pool Moena By virtue of a warr* from the Co" of 

■«"»■ ^eiy Castle Layed out for Pouel Moensen 

a tract of Land Called Moenseus hoeck scituated on y* west 
syde of Delowar River and on y" N : K : syde of a branch of 
Cristina Creeke Called y* Schilpats Creeke, Beginning att a 
Comer marked blake oake standing near y* Creeke itt being 
also a Comer marked tree of y" Schilpatta-Mill-Tjand from 
thence N : E : by a Lyne of marked trees 86 perches to a Cor- 
ner marked whyte oake standing in y" Lyne of Verdreety 
hook Land from tlience South by their Lyne of marked trees 
120 perches to a Corn' marked spannish oake, standing by y* 



syde of a marsh from thence on several! Coui-ses 125 perches 
to y" first mentioned hluke cake Contuyning 32 acres of fast 
Land and 10 acrus of marsh Land Lying before y" s** Land in 
all 48 acres; Surveyed y* 26"* of octof 1680. 

p^ Ei'H : Herman 

Oele Oelsen 100 By Virtue of a warr' from y* (V* of New 

'^^^ Castle, Laid out for oele Oelseii Tossen a 

tract of Land Called y^ good Run scituated and being on y* 
West syde of Delowar River and att y* head of Schilpate 
Creeke; Beginning att a Corner marked Clieslnut standing by 
y* side of run called y* good Run from thence N : b : W : by a 
Lyne of marked trees 100 perches to a Comer marked hickory 
from thence W : b : S : a Cros Schilpatta Creoke run by a Lyne 
of marked trees 160 perches to a Corner marked blake oake 
from thence S : b : E : by a Lyne of marked trees 100 |>ercbe8 
to a Corner marked whyte oake from thence E : b : N : agalne 
Cros y" 8** Creoke 160 perches to y" first menconed Chesuut 
Containing 100 acres of Land Surveyerl 22 Sep' 1680, 

p* Eph ; Herman 

Jmta PouUen 129 Ry virtuo of a warr' from y* Co'* of Now 

'^"^ Castle Laid out for Justa Poulsen u tract 

of Land Called Millhooke scituated and being on y* westsyde 
of Delowar River on y* N. W. syde of a branch of Cristina 
Creeke Called y' Schilpata Creeke belweene y" Scliilpats Mill 
Land and y" Land of Hans Petersen Called Carle hook ; Be- 
ginning att a Corner marked whytc oake of y* mill I>and of 
Schilpatts Kill and rujiuiug from thence by y" Lyne of 
marked N: W : b: W : 102 perches to a comer marked whyte 
oake of y* s^ mill Land from thence N : W : by a Lyne of 
marked trees 214 perches to a Comer marked hickory from 
thence S : W : by a Lyne of marked trees p2 perches to a cor- 
net marked hickory of bans Petersen standing by y* syde of 


a Run from thence S : E : by y* s* Petersons Lyne of marked 
trees 214 (>erclies to a corner marked whyte oake stnnding ail 
y* head of y* Cromp Kill from thence downe y* s** Kill S : E : 
b : S : 124 perches to a Corner marked whyte cake standing by 
y« syde of y" Crompkill from thence N : E : 62 perches to y* 
first mentioned whyte oake Contayning A Layed out for 125 
acres of fast Land and 4 acres of marsh in all 129 acres Sur- 
veyed y» 24*^ of oetob' 1680. 

p' Eph; Hkiiman 


Eph : Hermao a Ijou in By virtue of an order from the Co" of 
Towne. -^^^^ Castle : Surveyed for Kphraim Her- 

man, a Lott of ground scituatcd and being w^in this Towoe 
of New Castle att y" North Kast End thereof haueing to y* 
west y* Lott Cranted to Ahram Man, to y" north y' Street now 
Called y® dyke Street, to y^ East a Lott formerly Granted by 
I'attcnt to James Walliam, and to y*^ South y* Strand or Street 
at y® River syde This Lott being the secund Lott from y* 
Little or Towne Greeke and Contains in breath before and 
behinde 00 foott and in Ijenglit three hundered foott Equal 
w*^ y* other ndjoyning Lotts Surveyed y* 10*** of OctoV 1680. 

p*" KlClIARD NOBLK l^cp**" SuFV'. 

Juriwi Boataman Ry virtue of a warr* from y* 00** of 

man of Cristina Crceke a tract of Land Called Long hooke 
K*ituated and being on y' west syde of Delowar River and on 
y" South syde of Cristina Creeke and betweene the Land of 
John Paul Jacquet and fcarn hooke: Beginning att a Comer 
marked white oake standing by y* syde of a swamp w*^** 
parts this from y® Land of y® s** Jan Paul Jacquet from 
thence up along y* s** swamp or Cripple S : S : E : 100 perches 
then S : E ; b : E : 60 perches by y* S^ swamp to a Corner 
marked blake oake Standing by y® s*' Swamp, then S : 
by a Lyne of marked trees 40 perches to a Comer marked 


whj-te oake Standing nearey" Kings Road from thenco S : W : 
b : S ; by a Lyne of marked trees 200 j)erchea Intersecting y' 
8 : W : Lyne of y* Land of Cranehooke <fe Crossing y* Kings 
Road then along y* sai<l Crane hooke Lyne 143 perches to a 
comer marked whyte oake, from thence N : N : W : by a Lyne 
of marked trees 94 perches to a Corner marked blake oake, 
from tlieuce N : E : b : N : by a Lyne of marked trees 112 
perches to a Corner marked Read oake and from thence 
N : N : E : by a Lyne of marked trees 200 perches to a Comer 
marked oako standing by a swamp sydo from thence N : 
downe by y** s^ Swamp ami through y* marsh 100 perches to 
y* maine Creeke of Cristina, and from thence downe y* a^ 
maine Croeko following y® soverali Courses thereof to y* mouth 
of a small gut or Run then up y** said run 25 i>ercbos to y* 
first mentioned whyte oake Containing & Laid out for 380 
acres of marsh & wood Land Surveyed y' 30*** of March 1681. 

p' EpH : Hkrmam 

Iaqm Stiddem By virtue of a warr' from y* Co" of 

230 WTM. j^g^ Castle. Laid out for Lucas Stiddem 

a tract of Land Called Ck)ntent Scituated and boingj on y" 
westsyde of Delowar River and on y" northsyde of Cristina 
Creeke: Beginning at a Comer marked Poplar standing by 
Little faal Creeke from thcuco N : N : W : by a Lyne of 
marked Trees 64 perches to a Corner marked Spannish oake 
from thence W : N : W by a Lyuc of marked trees 180 Perches 
to a Corner marked whyte oake standing by a small brainch 
from thence N : N : W : by a Lyne of marked Trees 66 perches 
to a Corner marked whyte oake, from thence W ; b : N : by a 
Lyne of marked trees 92 perches to another Corner marked 
whyte oako standing near y" North Lyne of John Staalcopa 
Land from thence S : by y* 8^ Staalcops Land Lyne 52 perches 
to a Comer marked Poplar standing by y* syde of Little faalls 
Creeke from thence downe y* said Creeke on y" severall Courses 
Uiereof 420 perches to y* first mentioned Popplar Containing 



226 acres of fast Laud & 4 acres of marsh in all 230 acres. 
Surveyed y« O'** of May 1G81. 

l*f Eph : Herman Su^v^ 

Adam Hay 


By ^virtue of an order of y* Court of 
Now Castle. Laid out for Adam hay a 
Lolt of Ground scituated aiid being w"'in this Towns of New 
Castle att y* W : end thereof, Itt being a Corner Lott haueing 
to y" East y® street w'^^ parts this from y* Land of Anthony 
Bryant and now Called Anthonys Street to y* South y" Street 
Vf°^ parts this IjoU from y* Domonies Lott and now Called 
hay Street to y" west a vacant peece of Land nott as yet haue- 
ing any perticular owner and to y* north another Street w°** 
Leads towards Gerrit Smits, Containing in Lenght 310 foott 
and in breath GO foott. 
Surveyed y" 28"* of octoh"' 168L P' mee 

Eph : Herman Surv'. 

Mary Hodges By viftue of an order from the Court 

" '°^^ of New Castle Laid out for ifary hodgee 

a Lott of Land Lying and being w"*in this Town© of New 
Castle haueing to y" west y* harte Street to y® north y 
Brewers Street to y* East a vacant peece of Land nott oa haue- 
ing any particular owner and to y^ Soutli a street now Called 
St. Marie«i Street, Containing In breath sixty foott and in 
Lenght one hundered and sixty foott Surveyed y® 8* of 
Jannuar}- Annoqs Dom : 16Jf. 

p' Eph : Hersian 


ResuTTcyfor haos Pet- Resurveycd for bans Petersen & Pelle 
ei«n A Peiie hen- Hendfike their Und Granted them by 
Fattent from Govemo' fraucis Lovelace 
and according to y* buunds thereof: The S** Land Being Scit- 
uated on y* west syde of Delowar River and on y* north west 
syde of Scliilpats Crecke & Commonly Caled y" wilde or 


Indian hooke beginning ait n Corner raurkeJ uhyle oftke 
sUinding by y*" marsh from thonce N : W : fonrc huiiderutl Sfc 
sixty perclies l>y a I-yne of niflrked trees to a Corner luarkeH 
hickorj* and from y* 8** hickory by a Lyne of marked trees 
S : W : 72 parches to a Corner marked oake and tlien 3 : E : 
415 parches ninning through y* Cleare Land &, y® nrnmh to 
y* Schilpata Creeke neare y" house of y*^ s^ bans Petersen ntid 
from thence up along y* If* Creeke following y* sovorall 
Courses thereof TOO parches to y* month of a Littel gutt or 
brainch <fe from thence N : W : 50 perches to y^ first mentioned 
white oakc Contayning one hundered & ninty acres of fast 
Land & Elleven acres ai marsh In all 207 acres whereof PeJl 
hendrike his i)art is 103 acres and hnns Petersen 104 acres 
Surveyed 22** of octob' 1G80. 

p' Ki-H : Hekman 8urv'. 

Romrvey for Resurveyed for Jolin Harentsen of 8w4Ui- 

j»nBarenwn. ^^,^^ according to a Patient from Gov- 

emo' Lovehice Grunted unto Gcm-t Sanderson and by y" s*' 
John Itnrentaen bought of y* s** Oerret Sandersen a Certajne 
Ivott or parcell of Land Lying on y*^ weatsyde of Delowar River 
above new Castle alt a place Called Swanwyke betueone y" 
Land of Peter I> : witt on y* north East & y" Land of Claas 
andrics on y'^ Southwest ; b^inning alt a stake Staudiug stt 
y* way or strand syde next to y" Land of s^ Pcier de wilt A 
Running N : W : b : W Somting more northerly into y* woodi< 
being in breath 18 perches <& 3^ foottand st4iked out nn bo«th 
fivdea as far as y" Cleare Land goeth w'*" stakes : y* purteo dt^ 
sioring to banc his Land noe further then itt was Cleare 
Layed out to End a difference betweene him and Peter d' witt 
wherefore noe further Certificate can att p^stnt thereof boe 
given. New Castle may ti*^ 1681. 

p"" Epn: Herman 


The Co'* ordered m' Thomas wooUaalon to make y" high- 



ways about Cristina of w**' hee is ov*" seer ; and y* bridges fiU 
A passable betweenc this & uexL C'o^ aud the Constiible 
ordered to suiniiiou y" People thereto. 

The Co'* adjomed till y* 1" Teusday in decemb"" next. 

Att a meeting of y* Justices in New Castle Nov' 3** 1681. 

Resolved that M'^Abram Man of Cristina should bee aant 
for and Examined upon his Scurrilous & most Abusive paper 
by him sent intc» Co'* tlie 1" of this Instant month of Nov<unb' 
«tc : and y* following wun** Issued forth viz*. 

Whereas Ahram Man of Cristina Creoke did on the !•* day 
of this InsUiiil month of novemb'" send into Co" a Ccrtatne 
paper under his owne liand there to bee publisht and then 
fixt up att y* Ck/* dore, in w*"** juiper he doth in a high nature 
abuse y* govemo' and Gener*' Court of Azzyses, and doth by 
his speaelies lo several] publicqly Seeme to Endeauor y* dia- 
quict & disturbance of his May**" peaceable subjects Contrary 
to y* knowne Lawes of England : 

These are therefore in his May**** name to will and Requicr 
you that you bring before us y* hoddy of y* s^ Abram Man 
w"^n this Towne of New Castle to bee there Examined A 
proceeded against as the merrit of y* Cause shall Kcquiere 
according to Luwe for y* doing of w"** this shall be yo*" warr* 
Given under o' hands att New Castle this 3^ day of Nov*" lOttl. 

To M' Kam : Land subsherrife 
A M' Sam : Berker Constable 
of Christina and assistance 
if occasion. 

(was signed) 

Jons Mou. 
petkr alrici18 
Gkkkkt otto 
Job : Dkuaes 
Will: Skmpili,. 

A Letter writt by the Justices to y* Governo' att New Yorke 
Conserning M** Ab: man was as foUoweth viz*: 

Kight Hono'^'* 
8' the first of this Instant month of Novemb' being o' ordi- 


nary Court day one francis Jeckson Late servant to M' Abram 
Man apeared in Court <fe there did deliver a paper written & 
signed by his s** master Abram Man whoes order was that itt 
should bee there publisht and then fixt up : upon w^ wee Re- 
solved to send for y® s** Man <fe after Examination further to 
proceed against him, to w** purpose wee Issued forth a warr* 
but y* s^ Man ; made his Escape from the under Sherrife A 
Keepes now att p'sent in Pensilvania and burlingtoii, wee 
send yo' Ilono' here inclosed y* C^ppies of all the Papers & 
other proceedings, and desire yo' bono" further order & In- 
structions for 0^ further Rule in this and y* Lyko occasions. 
The Proclamation w** M*" Moll brought along w"* him is pub- 
lisht wee haue nothing att p'sent further nil things continuing 
well as before. 

wee remaine Right Hono*'« 

N : Castle Nov' 11**» 1681. yo' most humble serv*« 

(The Supei-scription was) John Moll 

To y* Right Ilono^" Capt° Peter alrichs 

Anthony Brockhols Esq' Joh : D'haes 

Dep*y Gov' Will : Sempill. 


In New Yorke. 

Att a Court held in the Towne of New Castle by his May*** 
Authority decemb' 6"> 1681. 

M' John Moll 
M' Peter Alrichs 

^®^"* M' Joh : D'haes 


M' Will: Sempill^ 
Capt" Edm : Cantwell high Sherrife. 

George Baker P^* 

Peter Jacxjuet Def* 
The P" declares for a small bloke walnut Chest w*** Lock A 
Key by y® def* taken & carried away in j* tyme of this P'*" 
wyves servitude etc : The def alledges that hee bought the rf* 


Chest of 3* P"" wyfe elc : Tlio Case being lieftrd ordered iliii 
^y* C!iest l>ec delivered to y* P" and y* deP to pay Costs. 

Edmund Cantwell P** 
Samuei, Uercq" Pef 
The deP 3 tynies Called did not aptare upon y* P**" desin 
y" Case is referred till next Court day. 

ErnitAiM IIkkman P" > In an action of dobl 

Jacobus fahritius by his -j by ace' to y* su mVi 

attorney & Baylk II kn- VDef ' of250i;ilders& ife 

DRiK V : liuROH J J styversin wheat. 

Upon y" def" Uayles desiro y" case is RcfiV'rred till next 

Court & then to beo tryed. 

Hans Pktkrskn P" ITn an action of ^launder A 
JuuiAN Boatsman Dei"* / dofuniatiou. 

The partees agreed before y* Court as followeth viz* The 
def* declares that hee is sorry for what hee has Bayed ag* 3** 
pu ^cb Lykewyse y* P" forgives him, the deP promisses for y" 
future not any waycs to molest or affront y® P** & y" def to 
pay y® Costs. 

Hans Pk^ersen P" 1 In an action of assault <fe But- 
Jlrian Boatsman Def* / tery. 
The Partees in Co^ declared to haue agreed in y* same 
manner as hereabovo is mentioned The def* to pay y* Costa. 

Upon the scverall Peticons of the hereafter named p'sona ; 
The Co" Granted unto Each of them the severall quantitys of 
Land hereafter Exprest : The Peticon" Each for himselfo seat- 
ing and Improoveing y" same according to Lawe, The Lands 
E0-* to be taken up to bee w^^'iu the Limits of this County of 
New Castle and not belonging to others before. 

Granted to Benjamin Gumley to take up 200 acr: of Land. 

To Ephraim hermau 400 acres of Land. 



Gaspares hcrman 400 oci-ns of I^nd. 

To Josepli Bunihum one Lott within this Towne of New 

Upon the Peticon of Nicolaes Maniere shewing that o»)0 
doctor John Donienick of Late dyed in his house and upon 
l^ia dea .... did give unto y* Pelicon' what was . . . him 
from sundry p^eoua w'^^in this County etc: The Peticon' there- 
fore desires to bee admitted to administer upon y* Estate of y* 
B** deceased. 

The Court haueing Incquicred into y' matter and finding 
that y* Peticon' was att y* Charge of y* S* doctors funeral! A 
kept him in his aicknesse, And that what is due to y*' s^ doctor 
Iicre in verry Inconsiderable, Doe therefore Orunt y* Peticon' 
power to administer upon y* si* Estate of John Domenick de- 
ceased hee to receive all y* debts and to pay n'hot Just debts* 
y* E^ domenick might bee Indebted w'*in this County as iiir 
&» assets and to return an acc* into Court. 

Itt being brought in adjotalion & debated whether strong 
Licqo' & other drinko should beo permitted any Longer to bee 
sould to y' Indians and j** magistrates not agreeing in their 
Judgements Conserning y*aame ; their s* verdicts are tlierelbro 
hereunder recorded viz*. 

Justice John Moll his Judgem* & verdict is that according 
to y* Lawe of y* Governm* noe manner of strong Licqo" Shall 
bee any more sould to y" Indians. 

Justice Alrichs, Justice Will : Sempill & Justice Dehaes are 
of opinion, that drinke shall bee sould by y' halfe ancker but 
not by y* small measure & y® halfe anckers Carried out of y* 
Towue OS before. 

lit is the Co'^ opinion & order that all those as hauc sould 
drinke to y* Indians Contrary to a former order of this Co** 
bearing date y* 2'' day of August 1080, and y^ ToUerution of 
y* Governo' shall bee fyned according thereto. 

Tho Constable John Bocyar p'sents hcndrik Vandcu Burgh 
apd Reynier Vander Coelen for selling of drinke to y" Indiana 
by y" small measure. 



John Boyar swome in Court Sayclh that hee has si-cn lien- 
drilc Vanden Rurgh take ilriiike by y* bottell to y* IinJians, 
and that hoc sawo twoo Indian woonien driuke firnall chyter 
att Uyuier Vander Cwislenfl. This Case rcfferrwJ till next Court. 

Twoo woomen Servants of M' Pettr alrichs being p'sented 
by y* Constable for baueing Each a Bastard Cliybl, nrderwl y* 
M' Alrichs see them boath foi'thcoming att y« next Court 

1681 dec 30* M' Abrani man apeared in y' offico and desired 

tliat his marke might bee recorded w"^ waa as followetli vix'- 

Each Ivare Cropt & in Each \ . ,,..,. il oi 

'^ > for Cattle hogs ts Shoop. 

Eare twoo slitts. ; 

Twoo halfe Cropps A twoo 1 

Slitts in both cars. ( 

for horses. 

Att a meeting of y' Jiistictu licld in New Castle decemb' 
12* 1681. 

M*" Peter alrichs \ 
W Job : D'haes > Justices. 
MMVillrSempill ) 
Capt" Edui : Cantwell h : Sherrife. 
Abram Man of Cristina being by y* high Sherrife appro- 
bended and brnnghl before y" Justices above** to bee Exam- 
ined upon his Abusive & slanderous paper by him sent in 
Co" & there read y* lirst of Nov' Lacst: and being asked 
whether heo owned y* s* paper now Laid before him etc: The 
ffi Abram Man did deny' to answer to y" question asked un- 
less hee was brougt upon his Trj'all : M' Jomes WalHam 
Sworne Sayeth that he© was at y' house of Abrani Man, and 
did see Abram Man wryto a paper and give itt to fruncia Jeck- 
8on to fix ilt upp att y* Court doare, and y" s^ Jeckson did 
Come w*'^ 3*0' defwnant to y* towne on y* Sunday nigt and 
delivered itt in Court att y' Teusday following, and y*" dcpo- 
nant sayelh that this paper now read and Sliowen is in Sub- 
stance y* same as M' Abram Man did wrytc & Give to francis 
Jeckson as aboves^. 


Doct' Thomas Spry Sworne Sayeth that hee was p'sent and 
heard and sawe y^ same as M' James Walliam liereabove. 

Abram Man haueing heard y* annexed Lett' from y* deputy 
Govemo' Capt" Anthony Brockhols read, did declare to sub- 
mit accordingly, whereupon y® Justices ordered, that y* rf* 
Ab : Man should Give 

[Cetera desunt.] 



Abcrtt, ip« Alhert»ea. 

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^^^^P or 


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^^H 104, ICO, 204. 217. 246. 200, 264, 

373, 374, 375, 380, 381, 382, 386, ^H 

^^H 266, 364, 308, 443, 448. 461. 472, 

302, 393, 395, 397, 308, 402. 404, ^H 

^^B 473. 480. 4S1. 483, 517.518. 

405. 406. 411, 415, 416. 421, 422, ^H 

^^^B Bfkdbome, m« Broadbonia 

426, 427. 428, 437, 438, 439, 440, ^H 


^^^^^^V INDEX OV 


^^^^^^^ 44fl, 448, 440, 4M, 400, 461, 

CHaMcn, see Claasscn. ^^^^^^^^^| 

^^^^K ')f>2, 4^14, 467, 4f^U, 472, 477, 478, 

ClayUnd, JamPt, 167, 192 ^^^^^^H 

^^^^B 470, 480. i8-i, 4S3, 484, 4S6, 4S7, 

aemmen.s Oule. 161 ^^^^^^H 

^^^^H 488» 489. 400, 491, 402, 403, 4U4, 

Cterck. John. 157 ^^^H 

^^^^H 600, M5. &18 

Clerrt], Henrr, 159 ^^^| 
Clemcnsen, Jacob. 161. lOS. 103. 173 ^H 

^^^^^H (.unt^vcll, Mictiael or MJctiill, 443,458. 


Clement, eee Clpnietu-en. ^^H 

^^^^H Cantwell. Richard, 251 

(JIpmpnU«i, see ClriiietiKcn. ^^H 

^^^^^^B C'«r, fee Curr. 

Cleniinens, see ClemenM.'!). ^^H 

^^^^H Carelton, Arthur. 88. 173, 176, 1S3, 

CoK William, 404 ^H 

^^^^H 197. 204. 217, 247, 258. 274 

G>ck. K<>e Otto EmcBt, ^^H 

^^^^^H ('Brchon, Kliubelh or ElJEabet, 107, 

CcKk, Krlch, 137 ^H 

^^^^H 2(H, 217. M7. 2-58, 274 

Cocx. John, 168, 304, 350, 967, 383, ^H 

^^^^^^1 Carew. Evan, 

396. SiVT. 408, 415 ^H 

^^^^^^H Cnroliis, Ijiurentitifi or Lac«, 73, 88, 

Coderk. Jnhanneti, 50 ^^| 

^^^^H 114. 143, 324. 332, 479 

Co<)£rus, Units, 412, 488 ^H 

^^^^H Carr. AaJrcw. bi. 380 

Coffin, Abmm,296 ^^M 

^^^^■_ Carr, John. 18. 19. 20. 29. 33. 34. 40, 

(.'oks sec Cocx. ^^H 

^^^^^^ 62, &3. 54. 61, 62, 63. 66. 78, 119, 

Colier, .lohn. 3, 4, 8. 23. 24. 28. 34. ^H 

^^^^^^K 141, 192. 232, 242, 255, 259, 266, 

35, ae, 37, 40. 42. 43. 60, 61.65. 66. ^H 

^^^^^^K 289, 31:), 379. 380, 381, 392 

69, 73, 79, 80. 82. 97. tOO. 102. 103, ^H 

^^^^^^H Out. Patrick or I'auik, 62, 160, 453, 

113, 130, 157, 186. 189, 196, 19Q. ^H 


206, 426 ^H 


Collier, see Colier. ^^H 

^^^^^^^^H Ckrr. Petcronetfl, PeteraeUa or IVtro- 

Colman, Laaae Aiidriewti or Aodrieve, ^^H 

^^^^^^^^H nella, vee Htfti-mella Otdfieltl. 

465 ^H 

^^^^^^^^^H Carstens. 5ce Car«ten.Hc. 

Cotnmt^lca. Carndis. Jr., 483 ^^H 

^^^^^^^1 CRnRensc. CUes, 94, 96, 265, 267 

Cooper, John. 44. 76. 89. 123 ^^1 

^^^^^^^^H C^rtrel, nee Carlrett. 

<'ooper, William. 346, 347 ^H 

^^^^^H Cartr«t, Sir G«orgc, 224, 269, 337, 463, 

Cooxeti. Joseph. 159 ^^H 


Copp. 163 ^H 

^^^^^^^H Cartrett, dee Carlret. 

Cornelia. John or Jan, 152, 161, 436 ^^M 

^^^^^^H Cartreit, Philip, 463, 464, 465, 466 
^^^^^^^^^B C-erltrct. tu^ (art ret. 

CoraelyM. aee Cornelia. ^^H 

C'Onrpi, ftee C^rti-et. ^^H 


Corevome, see Corvome. ^^H 

^^^^^^^^^H OTalicr, sec Cberalier. 

Corrome. lienrjr. 30, 29 ^H 


Coainn, fee Cim^-m. ^^^| 

^^^^^^^^^H CtiuiDbfrliD. 77 

Cottrnit, Jan or John, 62, 398 ^^H 

^^^^^^^^H CbaiLinlta. Edward, 161 

CoealD, Ju,rcc, 133 ^^H 

^^^^^^H 161 

Courspy, (.'uliinel, SO ^^^| 

^^^^^^^H C:harle9 It., King of Enelaod, 9. 35, 

Conn«ev. Jamos. 235 ^^H 

^^^^^^1 140, 224, 226. 210, 470, 495. 496, 

Courtor, William. 169 ^^1 


(.'<iuf»ebrycr, hcu Stod'el Meyer. ^^H 


(-rafTord. see Crawfoni, ^^H 

^^^^^^^^H Chcu. Jo»eph pr Jo«ep. 12, 13, 14, 19, 
^^^^^V 21, 28. 50. 58, 72, 76, 85. 86, bS, 89, 

Cramion, Thomaii, 292 ^^H 

Cmwrord, Jamca. 10, 13. 16. 17, 10, ^H 

^^^^^B 133, 138, 296 

25. 61, 70, 78, 86. 88, 102, 126, 130, ^H 

^^^^^H Chevalier, Philip. 50. 56, 150, 502 

138. 159, 178, 215, 219. 260. S8I, ^H 

^^^^^^H Cimbell Jolin, 87, U3, 433, 435 
^^^^^^^^ Ciulj. Humphry. 

275, 276, 293, 306, 307, 306, SIO^ ^H 

358, 365, 372, 387, 412, 471, 408, ^H 

602 ^H 

^^^^^^H Claamen, Hcnilrik, tOl 

Crarford, nee Crawford. ^^| 

^^^^^^^1 Claa<^n, PtHer, KjO, 163, 176. 188, 

Cregier, Martin, 181, 202, 268. 202, ^H 

^^^^^^H 259, 264, 274. 276, 306, 307, 480 

357, 368. 359 ^H 

^^^^^^^^H Claeoeo, k« Claaaacn. 

Cnrfume^endrik, 163 ^H 
t^irrer. William, 17, 19. 50, 62, 58, ^H 

^^^^^^^^H Claeswn, Peter, Janior, 472 


64. 159, 187, 344 ^H 

^^^^^H Clarke. William, 198, 356, 400, 445, 

Carrier. m>6 Ciirrer. ^^H 

^^^^^^H 4'i8 

Cartis, Edward, 281,428 ^H 

JVDiftC OP 1»ltRSo^. 


D«Iho. Liiffle, 2S4, 477 

DullNto, wd liHlha. 

Dnaiell.Hfe iJanJells. 

Dnniclls, 8e« Dunicla. 

]>iiuivl)H. Anoa ^ary, 134 

Dnnif)!-, i lae*. 126. 13i, 134, 100. 109 

Diioiit-, Morris.::!. 18J 

Dsrby. Eliwhclh. 274 

Diirbv. JuUn, «2, 2.';1. 274. 812, S40, 

342. 344, 308. iiffV, dOS, 3B4. 389, 

396. :«W. 31*7. 40S, 406, 407. 412, 

417, 4'J2. 4-30, 4G3. 4ti9, 4S4I, 485. 

492, 4V8, fMt 
Darvnll, Bee [Vrrnll. 
Dmton. John, :137 
I>iaicW, Kc DniiiclliL 
Dnvitt. John. 174 

Davidf, SimierMtli or Hiiinnicroet, -TOO 
iMvic*, Th^.roM. 1 jl> 
D» Cooiiilnck. »*« De <'<KKiit)k, 
I^ Uooiiink. Pieicr, 4d2, 499 
lytiniu, sec I>cgiin. 
X)'tr«ii, bcu Dc^o. 
P« Ubd, we Di^fcM. 
Uc^iui. Moses, 11, 77. 103. 104. 157, 

ItfO, 240, aSfi, 36S, 424, 451 
De (i&nn, w« DrRin. 
iJc Hbiw. fcee I>ellftcs. 
iynae».«P« [)eHaM. 
I)« Ha^fi. Johannes. II. 10.36,41.43. 

45. GO. 72, 74, 7S. 94, 96. 97. 103, 

104. 117, 120. 123. ]3A, lo7. 160. 

164, leP. 183. 212, 215. 216. 2:11. 

232. I'M, 2-10. 241, 24r.. 2-16, 2.S1. 

i54. 2fi7, 2ij8. 273. 281. 290, 296. 

296, 300. sort. 312, 313. 314, 315. 

321, 326. 327, 328, 332, 340, 342, 

348. S-IS, IK'S. SOS. 37J. 386. 386, 

393, 898, 399, 402. 404, 409. 410. 

411, 415. 420. 421. 427, 434. 439, 

441, 444. 449. 466. 467. 469. 478. 

482, 483, 489. 490. 491, 492, 494. 

614, 615. 517.518 
Do Hnc«, lloelof. 183 
De Uaffi. Hcc t>v UacH. 
Dc iiinjdwa. Allcxanilur, 313 
De Jardins, i-ee D«fj»rtlinB. 
De JorHiM. we De^Anlin-i. 
ly La^nngt, aee De Ijtgnage 
De |jiKninj!P. Aroold or AmoliluB, 

4ll.i, -(N, 474. 476. 486, 480. 491, 

492, 4',i3. 4118. 499, :>00 
De UroU. Thnmaji. 33, 81. 180, 187, 

221, 2:W. 239. 309, 319. 380 
DeUwood. John. 399. 400, 401 
Dennj, John. 30l.!t30 
De Pnap, John. 306, 307 
D'Kinf^. K« I'e King. 
De Ring. Kmiliiu ^r Amilitu, 28, 78. 

108, 179, 215, 227, 321, 414, 501 

De Uittg. Molhirm or Ihlatliciu 56. 127, 

160. 215, 277, 278, 321, 414, 428. 

430. 501 
T>e Ringh, s(« De King. 
l>e Hivicr. Jalmnai'n. 452 
Dervall. William. 30. 33. 41. 74,77, 

84, 93. 1-J6. IM, ltj5.S01.2lS, 3M, 

SSa. 335, 342, 461, 484, 492, 601 
Dttjanlins, John. 102. 149, 150,216, 

246. 246, 247, 250, 259, 262. 'JM, 

266, 268. 269. 2S9, 296, 297, 312. 

383. 3^3. S94. 424, 438, 439 
Deeianlins, Mary. 345, 383.393,394, 

424. 4:^9 
De Ulultnikcr.Jan, 163 
IV Voe, BOO Do Vos. 
Dcvm, tea iHi Vwt 
De Voe, .^[athIlUl or Mothiiut Mathlam 

or Mflibiu Mathuuwn, 85. 161. 238, 

230. 284. 395. 499 
De Voe. VVulraefca Jancen. Wal- 

iftTeo Janaen or WiiJrseveu Ja&w, 

308. 353. .107. 452, 4S9 
De Win. I'oicr. 25. 33. 42.44.04, 104, 

160, 291, 329, 355, 367. 374. 402, 

410, 414, 429, 446, 450, 451, 4ft3, 

508. 513 
Dikp!i. Augustin. 159 
LHrcks, Me Dirk>en. 
Dircknen, we Dirksen. 
Dipci. see Dirkam. 
Dirks, ¥c« Dlrksea 
Dirk^^tt, (iiiilten or OyNbert. 78. 81, 

IW. 13:S. l:{6, 142. 147. 15o, 153, 

160, 175. 182, 187. 210, 212. 215, 

24)1. 810. 3.-15, :t.-i6. 3l4, 411. 430, 

436. 443. 4.*it. 453, 455, 470, 498 
Dirk.'V. Mw Dirkwn. 
Dtwiitlin!!. we DeMftfJins. 
Ditijnnlins aud Dis Jardins. )<ec Ot^ 

Dix or Dtien, Aiigitntine or Augosttn, 

Dixon. 2139 
Doduell, »e« DiKlwell. 
Dodwell. ThiHuufl. 95. 127, 141, 148. 

Doll, Henry. 285, 29 1. 398 
Iktmeiiiok. John. 517 
Domcnie. The, 512 
Drake, Uodger. 472 
Dnxigxlrftel, ilendrik, 433. 440 
Dull, nee l>ill. 
Dun, neu I^unn. 
Dunn. Jolin. 431,432 
DunMen, 160 
DuHHler, SO 
Dun«ton, John. 107 
Dyru, Captain, 146, 146 

Entcn, see Eaton. 

E«ion, Jnlin, ItW. 107, 108, IM, 325, 
HM, -loo 

Ebell. Lillys or Lttcass, VI, 29, -lO. 49, 
77, 78. IM. 137. Iii9, 172.178.205, 
24;l, 2^)7. UTS, 285, 367, S58, SSO, 

£ck, KvGit, 102 

KdiiuindM, John, 63, 119, 120, 140, 
1117, 170, 2»5. 30;t. 30.5. 314, 338, 
3aO.;ttt7. 4.H 1,432 
EdruiiiKK San, 167 
Kdmundasen. Bee EUmondiL 
Edaitim). ace tJImoncU. 
KduiuiidH, MK KdmuriOii. 
EdmutKU, RicbanJ 2>A. 293 
£(]tnuiiiJ«i-n, Hcc Euuiundei. 
IfidDiuiultHm, »ee h^lnKindft. 
EealuuH, Abrum. 161 
Hgbeiw, Hvc l*lgbberU. 
Egberts, itee KsliberlB. 
Egberts*, 6ce l^liWru. 
Egbertdcn, nee l-^liltcrts. 
Egbertiten, Anna. 2D4 
Eg«beiui!, HM 1-^hbertB. 
EghbcrU. Kanml, 41, 4y, \)b. 181, 203, 

213, 2114 
EgliberiH, Itcbccck, 05 
Eilgbbt-rtMeii, 204 
EghbtTtiwn, llenrieta, 2&4 
EKliberlM. see Egbburta 
Eklev, Chnilofs 77 
ElleKnrt, Murkos, 161 
KIlegtTt, 1-VJ 

EUit. ChriBiopber, S37, 476 
£111 U, fw Ellit. 
Knglub, 2(>0 
Eoglibh, Edwanl. 204, 213, 215, 249, 

260, 207, 275. 293, 294 
English, Jubn. 118 
Erickaen, Hee KnkHen. 
Ei-iViH-n. Jun or John, 101. IC2. 180, 

Erix, sec Eriksen. 
Em est, Olto. 404 
Er^kin, mni Ankin. 
Erekin, Jnn«. J«uii ur Jcane, 252) 254, 

2tj0. 44:*. 4oO 
Enkin, Jubn. 100, 171, 177, 185, 217, 

252, 254, 449. 450 
Entkin, Junu. 116, 396. 449, 450 
Erskine, m^ F^rnkin. 
Eskell. SvmeD. 160 
Eskelse, Mathiu, 124 
Evert, Captain, 162 
ErcrtB, see Evertnen. 
Ereitsen, Hendnk, 157, 160, 180, S29 
ETts, William, 381 

Fabritius. Jacobn?. 42, /jO. &1,-. 

149. 150, IM, 153, IM, ld6, 247,' 

248. 516 
Farrinylon. Jeremy. 114. 116 
farritiKhton. ite« Karriugtiio. 
Kenwick, Jobn, 3.1, :i9. 37. 3fl. 70, 71, 

72. 83. 84 125. 134. 135, 20«, i07, 

208, 220, 222, 223, 225, 2.t4. 23«, 

237, 2;!8, 239. 24.-i, 387, 388. S9T, 

431. 432 
Fenwikc, see rpnwiL^k. 
Keron. Jamm. 4HS 
Feat. Boberd, 141 
Fiana, Jncab. 21 
Fisher, Hi-nrj'. 457 
Fitoin. Richard, 118 
FuKtcr, 249 
Foater. Jubn. 44. dS. 138. li^9. 17a, 

2U9. 304. 304. 307, 455 
Foxcmfl. iRicq, 401 
Francis, 268 
Francis, tluyben or Uubcrtaa, 333 

siJti. 373, ym 

Fninsen, Uendrik, 96, 156, I GO, 378. 

FntiiHcn. Ode. ItH. 1(13, 302, 366. 4SS 
FmniBtm, s-ce Frarwen. 
Frisby, James. 309 
FuUer, John, 161 

Garland, Susanna. 265 

(Jamer, JoKcpb,42J 

Uarretiwn, nev i^erritwn. 

Uarriiaun. see Uerritaen. 

Geor^, 159 

Cferreiti, «ce Oerritscn. 

Gerret&en, »e6 Gernuen. 

(ierrvtoen, Uendrick. 281, 432 

Gerrctson. we Gerritscn. 

Genx-tu, see Gerritscn. 

GeiT*U. see (ierribmn. 

Gerrctren. oce Gerritsen. 

Gexritse. see Gcrriifien. 

GerrilMvn, Jan nr John, 34, 151, 100. 

172, 177, S17, 318. 390, 390, 411, 

505. 506 
<lerrliiwn. Marten. 10. 13. 10. 17. 19. 

25, 33. 34. 55, 8i, 88. 94, 139. 1«0. 

108, 177, S29, 338, 395, 426. 427. 

GerritMm, we GtrrltACO. 
Oerritt, see Gcnitsen. 
Gerriiue, secGerritaeD. 
Gerriu, see Gerritsen. 
Gerriu. Bareut, 96, 161 
Qerrilu, at« Gerrlutcn and Gerrita, 
Gcrriiccn.ace Gcrriucn and Gerrotaeii. 
Gibbon, Ednumd, 132, 133 




Gibwo. SjiQon or Simon. 16. 10, 17, 
18, 30, 42. M, (10. 75, 77. 84, 85, 1*1, 
104. 105. 108, 107. 108, 117. ISl, 
IGO. 176, 189, IVW, 201. 203, 27(1. 
281, :82, 283, 285, 280. 205, ;UJ3, 
307, 316. 40;i 

aitbm.John, 8fi. 122, 120 

(jilbert, Tlioiiiiui. 151) 

Giljaniite, tieti (iilvfimticn. 

GiljarDsen. UillU'or Jellc«. IGI , 207 

GU>aiiiHcn, William, 12. 2». 80, 101 

G<KxlchiM, AVilliam, ItU 

Goolbrnnt, ChriMinn, 489 

GooldKtnit, WilJinm, 344 

Gooltibiirrv. R(>bl>«-it, HO 

Gordin. \Villiaro. 487 

Grace, Micliill, 'JB 

Grant. 10 

Gram, William, 13, Ifi. C^. 73, 84. 
113. 159. 178, 2)9. 265. 293. 2t»4. 
354, 3.58, 431. 43il, 438. 447, 451, 
453, 455. 458. 459. 470, 481 

Green. William. 330. 357, 438 

Greene, see Green, 

Greenup Thomas. 445 

GnfBn. Jerrul, 4tt2 

(imtnenlHircli, ^'oenraeib. 163 

Gn>enendvck. IVler or Piel«r, 171, 
Jtil, 20i 203, 428, 42U, 433, 436, 
43(i, 501 

Oroeocodvk, we Grocneiulvck. 

Gmb.Jobn. 441,442. 44.1' 

Grabb, pee Grub. 

Gubbe. LoAase, 1(13 

Guiliamflci), t>ec Gilyomtwn. 

Galljamii, flce GilTamAco. 

Guinblj, »ee Gumle;r. 

Gumluv. Benjamin, Sll, 338. 339, 

Oiimlv, see Gnmlcjr. 

Gumr/, Benjamin. 264 

Gunrv, Gidwn. 170 

Gnv.'Kicbard. 76, 85, 125. 136,101, 
S4C, 347. 348 

Guyn, ftcc Gwyn. 

Owyu, Uumpiiry, 399, 401 

llallmin. Peter Andriem, 476 

llamvltan. mc Ifnniiltnn. 

Uaniillon. Willi»m. 41). 63. 6S, 74, 

133. IflO. 171, .106. .142, 443 
ilinoock. TbomiM. 340 
Hand..l(w[)b. 159 
Hinkock. Bicbard,342 
HtDwn. llan.-. 339, 354 
[larman, vee Herman. 
Ilarmen. see llermenMii. 
Harmen, tiroot, tee LUrmcn Jumctu 
llarmetiaa, see llemivuWD. 

liarmsen. see Ilennenson. 
Ilarrift, Tbomas. 127, 100, 204, 354, 
Sm, 372, .S78, 387, 430, 430, 438, 
409, 481 
^larriflOQ. 'Fliomu. 55 
Hortop. John. 2n4 

Uarwood, Thnmna. 133, 183, 190. 217, 
247, 258, 273, 274. 277, 290, 301. 
302. 324 
Hawelt. Tbomas. 3119 
IlasMld.Ttioma*. 401 
Hasting, Ilenrv, 470 
lUy, .Adam. 481. 612 
[Invtes, Julin. 169 
li&iga. H«raiiel or Samuell, 72, 70, 83, 

85, 125. I«5. nil, 200, 319 
llei)f{e, Tlionintt, 10. 13. 10, 17, 18 
llt-dgeA. Williiiin. 173 
Mflm, iHmell, 1/9 
Hemming, 'i'liomiu, 55, 72 
Ifpridrlrkn. f^ee Hendriks, IlendrikHcn 

ond Hendricz. 
riendrickii. Klirabeth. 494 
llendrirx, Anthony, 11. 19 
Hendricx. Uuybert. 95. 1(M, 142, l(iO, 

■J80. 440 
Hendricx. Lace nr Ijirenoe, 11. 13. 19, 

71.83, 125. 134. Kil 
ilendricx. Ptter nr Telle, 75. 84, 101, 

365. 306. 373. 3!i2, 506, 612 
Uendrika, wc Hendricks, Ucndrlci, 

Hi'mtrix and IK'ntlrikvcn. 
Hcndrikfi. Agnieu or AcnJU. 2itI3, 

274. 275. 286, WM. 3(«8, 320. 440 
Hi-ndiiks, I^rvnl, 250, 257, 268 
Hon.lrikv Darid. 101 
HendrikMn. Evert, ItiO, 107,289,304, 
317, 3;i0, 340. 360, 869, 368, 391, 
Hendrikw, ecc llendriksen 
llendrix, see Hendricks, Hrodricx ami 

Ilcndrix, Albert, 442 
Hendrix. John or Jan, 169, 161,340 
Henry, .Tohn, 57 
Herdinfj. John, 173 
Herman, 480 

Herman, Anna Mnrgret. 401 
Hermati, Aagustiiie or AugiutlD, 117. 


Herman, CasfMires or Caapar, 44, 46, 
60. 88, 69,86. UO. 118, lot). 105. 108, 
178, 197, 235, 248. 3(»5, 270, 281, 
282. 284. 293. 295. 297, 2U8. 300, 
358, 305, 389. 395, 3U9. 400, 401, 
413, 4;i.i. 460.407,478, 517 

Herman. Kpbmim. 3. o. 9. 54. 67, 88. 
96. 97, 100, 101, 111, 112, 120, 124, 
142, 143, 150, 157, 179, 180, 18U. 

^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^H 


SI. 96. H^. 133. H9, 157, 159. 174. 

^^^^^^^^H 239. 254. 25-^. 267. 

175, 177. 204, *_>J6, 2IS, 2*J0. 254 

^^^^^^^^H SU2, 2t)fl, li67, 80!^. :»K), 341. 

■-■7(1. 273. 279. 280, 2S2, £««, 2iH 

^^^^^^^^H 343. 34n. :}tA). 3tl7. 368. »74. 382, 

295, 308, 317. SlH), 3a.=i, .^37. »40. 

^^^^^^^^H S8<l, :t'J6, 'i(Ai. 407, 408, 

855, :ioiJ. Sttfl. 36«. 37o. 37C. 3S1 

^^^^^^^^H "lie. 4;ti, 

390. '.m, 397, 4iH, 412. -422, 438. 

^^^^^^^^H 4411, 4ttl, 4m, 4B-I, 4^2. 501, 

446, 461. 473, 479, 48'l, 4Sf,*, 600. 

^^^^^^^^H &05, .UM, 607, 5Ua, 6(X), 510, 611. 

51' 1 


Hutclunfon. Robhord. Robrrd or Rob- 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H UenornHn. Jnn or John, 17. 19.65, 

bnrt, 10. 15. 16, 17. 19. 42, .>5.56. «. 

^^^^^^^^M 60, 90. 104. 159, 160, 168. 171*. 

107, 124, 159. 175. ISS. IPC, SM. 

^^^^^^^^V 250, 262, 26tl. 811, 312, ItOT, S74. 

212. 216. 217, tl49, £S0, 200, 252 

^^^^^^^^V 4SU 

267. i.'7B. 278. 285. 28<t. £8» 20S. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^K Herruaen, nre 

293, 302, 3W1. :k»4, 3l*5. 806, 307 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H Uemeen, Cnlherin, 

808. :il5, 316, 317, liiJ, S23, ,S»4 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H HerringtoD, JpreinJn or Jeremy. S49, 

325, 326. 327. 32S. .-i'tl, 330. 337. 

^^^^^^^^H S84, 385 

338. 340, 341, 342. 34;t, M4, An7 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H Jail. 150 

3ft3. .iti", .^JH. 360, :i70. S71, 376 


384. 389, 3W. SW, 31*7, 406 -l-n 

^^^^^^^^H 119. 139 

422. 424. 429. 430 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Ilijtginboitom. M>e H ighinhotlotn. 

HuirliiHon. ROC HntcKinpon. 

^^^^^^^^H Hi^hitibottom, lUchanl, 367. 374. 370, 

Uutliinnon. «c« Hntcbinson. 


Uuit, Mttlliia-s 160, 163 i 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H 1Iif{inbottmn. nee flighinbiitlom. 


^^^^^^^^^^^^H L'hurles, 58^ 

Izan), Michill, 443 ^H 

^^^^^^^^V llodgoi. Miiry, 2H7, 309, 382, 434. 

JarlcMm. Fnrnrw. rJ8, 120. ISO, ISl 

^^^^^^^^K lIodgcK. William. 174, 2B7. 309. 448 

143. 145. 154. 280.471,497,516. 518 

^^^^^^^^H Homimn, 463. 4'U. 466 

Jackwyn, Sninurl. Ml 

^^^^^^^^H Holding. Jw«nh, 82, 17(1, 
^^^^^^^^H IH4, 265, 276, 285, £88, S89, 296. 

Jai>ih, 8C« Jm.'olwn. 

Jacob. 159 

■IT^^^^^^I 311 

Jacob, Paul. 103 

T^ ^^^H llutUnfl. 2<t.^ 

Jnoob, Swan, K'O, 163, 390 

i ^^^P Hollaud. Kntncii, 174, 180, 443 

Jacobs, see Jacolnon. 

Homes, Koberi, 159 

Jacobs, Ocle. 163 ^m 

lioore, see lIutT. 

Jacob*, Pieter. 163 ^^1 

llopkinH. Sxnitwl. 172 

Jacol«, Tlioma*. 288 ^ 

Hopkinmin. Jonntlinn, 214 

Jacobeen. Hendrik, HeniliT' or Heonr. 

Ilouldin);. fice Holding. 

12. 14. IW 

How. Tlininat. 1U7 

JarobMjn. Thorou. IGO, 162, 163 

Hndile. Hot. 159 

Jftcquct, Jan, 160. 343 

^ Huddeo, Chri.<)topher, 413 

Hudden, Kicliai-d, 173, 29U 

Jacquet, Jean. 199 

Jacftiiet, Jean, Jimlor, 197 

Hndson. h:dff«rd, 469. 470 

Jiicqiicl, Jobn 1'niill, Jean Paul, Jean 

f Ilntr. Ellinor. 'J7 ' 

I'uull or Jnn rnul, 4. 9, 24, 28. 

4 Hiiir. PeUjr. 20, 27. 34 

1^4. 37, 43, C.y, 79, 80. 82, lOl, 104. 

■ Hnggan, Philiti ur Pliillip, 93, 124, 

109, 122, 132, 134. 144, 14ii, 147. 

W 160 

167, 165. 172, 178, 179. 1S8. 193, 

1 Huggings, Rodg«r, 161 
f Hulck, i*ee Hulk. 

195, 206, 209. 210, 225, 226, 2Si. 
235, 238. 264. 3(i6. 610 

1 Hulfc. Jan. IfiO. 4(f2 

Jacquel, Potcr, l'K>. 515 ^^M 

Hunter, Anna, 347, 348 

Jact)iiot. Poull, 100 ^^1 

^ Hunter, Bvitjiun'm, 347, 848 

Hunter. Ktiinlictli. 347 

Jama, 159 ^^| 

James, Duke of Yorkr and Albany. S^^^H 

■^^^^^^ Hunter. Huchell, 347 

4, 6, 22. 35, 38. 97, 100, 110. III.^H 

^^^^^H Hnntpr. Riclmid, 346, 348, 351 

144, 206, 209. 221, 223. 240, 2&S.^H 
372, 418, 419, 420, 436, 468, 4d» ^M 

^^^^^^B Hmchins. CtmrleK. 381 

^^^^^H Huirlvino. Domthv, 3H1 

James, Chnrlea. 154 ^^M 

^^^^^H Hutciiiiuon, Ralpii, 15, 60, 61, G9, 77, 

Janae, see Jaosen and Johoaoo. ^^H 



JwamtOaMl in."; 

JaaM« Boetuf , 17H 

JanMn, see Jokn»)n and Wolraeren. 

Jaiuen, Aert, H>u, lul, 1K> 

Jmown, Curie. 274 

JinAcn, (.'■iirioM, 16-5 

Juiiten. ( liriBtinA, ^0, 50'2 

JanM-n, ClneB, 101 

Juiwn, Con>elii, 44. 104, MQ. 164* 

imi, 201, 307, 87d, 402, 411, 470, 

JattMo, Gysbert or Grt^ben AValraercD, 

2ia. 4.''.-' 
Jansen, Jacob. 77, Kn, 177, 279,284, 

8a4. -Au, A*it\ 407, 494 
JanBrn, JonaA, 4>')2 
Jansen, 0\v nr Oete. 4116, 4C6 
JanMMi, Orv, 40.'1, 4'i4 
JanM.ti, Hvmon, 142, 100, 3&<^ 504, TiOS 
Janiien,l'ryntie, 32 
JanaeD. W»lnMren, »ee De Vos. 
Joiwcn, Wslinvcn or Walracvcn. B4, 

161, 177, 182. S'A}, 4n.J. 4ftfl. 602 
JonscD, AVybrcjcb, 1!.'>6, 20(), l^T 
JonitoQ, Bve Jansra. 
JwMM, ■«« Jansen. 
Jum, Ileodrtk, fee S^bnoti. 
Jsqticl, mx JaL-i|tieL 
Jaqiieite, M-c JncyiueC 
Jsruiua, h.-« Dojurtlina. 
Ja!(pcni, Jnnnetiie, IMH 
Jracoz, Witliam, JOO 
Je«n««, Itenrr, 840 
Jeckron. see JBcknoa. 
Jcdenion, Kiobard, 100 
J^o, ttec Jegou. 
Jegon. PeCer nr Pieter, 11, 12, H. 20. 

SI, 82. :U, 4H, v>3. I2t.I. 133, 161, 1«3, 

177. 2«9, 2rK>, 207, 302, 803, «4, 

472,474.475, 481.437 
Jennlngi. Ilenr^. mi, .SOS 
Jvnoing)*. Sara, 16 
JeO, aw Yen. 
Jbooaon, tec JohitMin. 
Jalutt, we Uiiiun. 
Johnwa, sec Johnson. 
Johoaon, see Jtiucc and WiJrBeven. 
Johnaoa, lOtI 
Johtwrm, Bf1ie». 353 
JohoMiD, Charlcd. 477. 486, 400 
Johnaoii. Orrrct. (irrnitt or C««rrit, 

alias Hmit or SaiUh, H5, KM, ]76. 

SOT, 474 
Jobawn. UartDcn, 28, S2. 41, 70, 121, 

12ft. 101, 162, |6.'t, 165. \m, 103. 

175, I7H, 177, 214, 24.5. iiUli, 370 
JohniKin, Uenr/. Jlirn<lrik or Hen- 

drick, Ifi, 26, 28. A^^ 42, 62. 66» 61, 

72, 76. m. 02. 115, 127, l.W. 156, 

102, 104, 160, 274, 201, 414. 1:14 


Johnson. Joba or Jan. S3, 41, 160, 

1*H, 4:!<l. 452, 475, 476 
Johnnon, lyeww, 12. 2JH} 
Johnwn, litibbcnl. 3<y{, 864, 430, 447, 

Johnson. Sibrant or Bybntnl, 32. 41, 

86. 113, 123,153.165,100,263,275, 

Johnson, WilUam, 102, 368. 430, 503, 

JonfB, Hrary. 8Q, 88, 80, 90 
Jmies, KAbbcrd. 381 
Jo&<«, Tbunaa, 159, 176, 1:66, 270, 

2K6, 289, 206 
Jonson, sec Jansen. 
JotwDn. Uola. alias Carringa Oela, 405 
Jordeen, see Jordeens; 
Jordeens, Marae or Maney. 40T 
JonlinB, mv. iV-MnrdinK. 
Joriaeen, (Vmelia. 2-^) 
Jnai, Comelin. liiO 
Joung, nee Young. 
Joiing, Anna. 4:-l6 
Joiiog. \VIHiitm, .^81 
Jonngh, ece Young. 
Jimfl, UH 
JumH.>n, <^'orr. 414 
jDruwn, Kltutbrth. 180 
Juneeo, Jlendrik. IHO, 402 
Junaen.Jiirinn, 180. 402. 4iM), 411 
Junnen, Poter. 462. 463, 466, 4tiU 
Jiiriaii, IlaitH, 308 
Jiirians, i»ee JurauucD. 
Jarians. Anna, 85 
JuriftiM. Krik or Eriek, 11, i:n, ]S3, 

154. 161 
Jiirianii, Jnriua. 161 
JurunKn, Andnesor Andrew, 05, 205, 

Jurian<«eo. Hnphis or Sophy, 34, 431 
Jurianseti, Stephen or Stitphon, 11,20, 

70, 71, Ki, 12.i. IS4. I6l. im 
Jariana. see Jnriansen. 
JtMasen. Jesmes, Jaaics, Oona or Jura, 

4*12, 4t», 465, 466 
Juittaqpen. see Joataien. 
Jusios. see JostiMn. 

Kallet, see CtilleC 
Kan. si-c Can. 
Keiuble. John, 164 
Kent. (jeofKo, 4<*ll 
Kvrbv. Jiihii, 460 
Kctt.'Jobn. 163 
Kett, PmijI. 163 
Kcnilenn, we Cantens. 
Kilbee, William, 15 
Kip. see Hipp. 

Kipp. Johannes or Johannit, 40^ 415, 

^^^^^^^1 OF PEBSOKS. ^^V^^V^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^H Kinic, SCO Kittl«r. 

Lott. En;relbcrt, 147. 160, 2V.K 2*^4,^^^^ 


:;S7. 2f-9, 344, S55, 405, 406, 44."*. ■ 

^^^^^^H KittU', Riclmrd. 

461 , 466. 468, 469, 4S8 ^M 

^^^^^^^^^H Kiltlcv, Ilnmphrey or Uumplifv, lft8. 

Loarens, sec Laorcns. ^^H 

^^^^^^H £i>4,':^, 'JI2. \:is, tiiv^ -^iH, insii 

Loareos, Hurbert, lUO, 413 ^^1 

^^^^^^^H KitUjr,iee Kiittey. 

Loarens, Markiu, 161, 1A3, 433 ^H 

^^^^^^^^^H Knoetaen. Marten. 4T6 

LoareoH, see Lonren». ^^| 

^^^^^^^^^H Krenper, sec Crciiier. 

LooranMn, see LourtOL ^^| 

^^^^^^^^^H Krull, Jan Hermsen, 161 

LoonHiSM), Careten, 481 ^^| 

^^^^^^^H Kanniickle. 'Wi 

Loaremen. Comelis, 3G3 ^^H 

LoareDaB, s«e Loonrnsen. ^^H 

^ I-aa. Bee Lswe. 
^L • lAcro, Machiel. Jmiior, IRt 
^^^L IjH^roa, MHchiel, Senior, Hi\ 
^^^M iMiToy. Jnn. 101 

Love, Timothy. 19. 21.61, &4 ^H 

Ix)TelAcc, Fmncis. 6, JT, 53, 1 19, ISO, ^H 

100. 4H3, 4K9, 400, 613 ^H 

Lucas, Peter, 176 ^^| 

^^^^^H Loenen, Pint or PouQ. 100, 163 


^^^^^H LaTcTcr. Uipolet. 101, oS7 

MsckertT, see Makerty. ^^^ 

^^^^^^H Li^^nge^ »c« Dc Xd£r«nge. 

MaesUnd, mw Matslnnder. ^^^| 

^^^^^H L*nd, Stmuel or SkihocII, S*). 'SI^ 32, 

Maesland, Barbsm, 274 ^^| 

MaesUudcr, Peter or Pieter, ^iO, 85, ^^| 

^^^^H 42, 65, Ml, 1'^, 174, 'JJ7, -J7N, 'JWt. 

H9, 90, 94. 160, ICO, 'Mil. 274, Sbl, ^H 

^^^^1 £^2, 31G, 32tJ, 36n, 434, 442, 4m, 

833, 406, 486. 49o. 494, 4M8 ^H 

^^^^M 467,487.44-9.614 

Makerly, I>aDieI or Dantell. 240, 200. ^H 

^^^^H Une, TbomM, 18, S4, ::45, 259 

2<15, ;M)H, 316, 338, S.54, 378 ^H 

^^^^^^1 Lapier, we T»jne. 

Maklaer. Andrew, 441 ^^H 

^^^^^^M Lapiere, se« Tajne. 

3[an, Abrain or .Abraham, 143, 14^ ^^H 

^^^^^^H Larinon, John, o7, 70 

161, 168, IHH, 1S8, 198, 203. 204, ^H 

^^^^^^H JjarriHson, sw LariHson. 

211, 232. 240, 241. 261, 204, 179, ^H 

^^^^^^1 lAUgtttun, John, 202, 274 

2U1. '2m, 2h8, 2m, 300, 314. 317, ^H 

^^^^^^H LaurrnH. sou Loumuwn. 

321, 332, S88, 8U, 338, 341, SA2, ^H 

^^^^H Laurens, Pirk. 44, 68, 91, 1S& 

365, 368. 365, 366, 372, 376, 876, ^H 

^^^^^^1 Uiureiis, iiii^bert, 2i'6 

377, 376, 383, 886, 380, 390, 392, ^H 

^^^^^^H I.aurontf'e. see Laur«m. 

402, 403. 405, 408, 412, 414, 4I&, ^M 

^^^^^^V Lnurenu, see LaiircDs. 

421, 422, 428, 424, 433, 446. 446, ^H 

^^^^^H Law, see Lawe. 

447. 44S, 461, 4-~A 467. 468, 469, ^H 

^^^^H Lawe, John, 49. 5S, 6S, 77, 87, 89, 94, 

461), 461, 407, 470, 471, 472, 473, ^H 

^^^^H 24U, 2»t,29-'i.308 

476. 491. 406, 497, 610, 614, 615, ^H 

^^^^^H l^oanen, ComcliB or Nclee, 4US, 4Gft 

618, 519 ^H 

^^^^^1 Leo, John, 

Man. Mistress, 143 ^^H 

^^^^^^1 Loe, Margret, Mar^^tt, or Margaret, 

Maniere. Ntcutacs, 617 ^^H 

^^^^H liiiO. ::6b 

Mnnn.56eMnn. ^^H 

^^^^^1 1^, Thomu, 73. 84 

Marinint;. Mnrv, 114, 116 ^^H 

^^^^H Lcmtneaa, Hendrik, 76. 81, 142, 160, 

Mannfielil, William, 287 ^H 

^^^^H 368, 31)3,368,411,603,005 

MarkDiD, Jenmy, 474, 477 ^^H 

^^^^H L4>win. John, 444, 4D7, 468, 469 

Marienaen, I^ce, 182 ^^M 

^^^^^^B Link, sec Linke. 

Marv. •:>,{). 28^, 294, 320 ^H 

^^^^H Linke, Thomais 159, 1G9 

Mar?)hiitt, sec Joseph Moro- ^^H 

^^^^^^H Linsey, Daniell, 57 

Man-hHil. Jarris, 168, 204. 217, 280 ^H 

^^^^^^M Listen, Garret, 79 

Marshall, John. 398 ^H 

^^^^^H Lialon, Morris or MorU, 10, TR. 19. 70, 

Man»liuU, Jusyn or Uayn. 13, 308 ^^H 

^^^^H 71. 79. 86, 87, 162, 169, 176. 178. 

^^^^H 186, 377. 429. l^G. 460, 461, 466, 

Malheufi, Jnmes, 4b6, 492, 601 ^^^H 


MathetJas, Maiheiu. 102 ^^^^| 

^^^^^^M Loccinos, Laem Andriemon. 482 

Mathewes, see Mathews. ^^^^H 

^^^^^^B liockert, (jeorge, 30 

Mathews, Joho, 83, tH, 86, 160 ^H 

^^^^^^P Lorn, 8wcn Moetwen, 482 

Malhlas. 103 ^H 

^^^^^^1 Lorayne, 4b8 

Maihiivi, Peter or Pelle, 33, 04, 166, ^^M 

^^^^H Lou, 

100, 162, 184, 198, 409 ^M 

^ ^^^^ISDKX OK 

531 ^^^^1 

^^^V Mniliiam, Ae«Mfttliiiiflant1 MarihiaKMm. 

44S, 41!), 454, 457, 45S, 460, 461, ^^^B 

^^^1 Miiihi&!«t, Johannes. Jtin o<- .)oliii, 

Aiu. 471. 473. 476. 479. 492, 493, ^M 

^H y^4, \m.'2»7 

4!M, 496. 497. 6(t3, 514, 515, 517 1 

^^H MathiuH, Hrbmnt. 41il 

!ttnnnjr. Ilubbeni, 12 , 

^^H Mathisaie, «ee MaiihiaeNen. 

MooFQ. aee More. 

^^H Matliiuwe, Hani. 44IH 

Moonp. Siwnnna. 4fiO 

^^^H Matliiamen, apf> Malhiaw. 

More. Oairpe, 18, 26. 32. 3«, 41,51, 

^^^1 MHtliiiPH. nee MHihpw.'t. 

55, 60. hii, 87, 88. 91. {Ki.'M, 126. 

^^^1 Mai)iYKH«. K£c ftlailiiaKs, 

la;;. i;t7, iwi. itm. I74. 178, 1S4. 

^^^1 MaUM-ti, bve MntllnasBen 

]H7. 189, :;ii|, 216, ::ia, 246, 259. 

^^H Mauwn, Joan. :>({», dU4, SU5 

SU7« 310, 370, llMi. 407. 414. 431. 

^^^B MatiKiu, Hcu Mnlsen. 

480. 451, 455, 4-*>H, 459, 409, 476. 

^^^B Miitfo)!). Brik. 43U7 


^^H MaithioB, iSvmoii. }'2-\ 

Mure. Joaeph. 386. 438. 460 

^^^1 Matthiasiii, ttov MnllhinRscn. Thoraaa. 76. 89, 286 

^^H Matthiaasen, Matlhias or Matliiiu. M, 

Morgnii, EIJKibeib. 82.91. 175. 185 

^H 88. mi, ia4. itJi. Mi2, 174. itt, ;>!, 

Mor;i';in. Jobn. '.*1. 1*1. |H.j, 197, 2>M, 

^^m -Jiyfi . 3(iT , MVi . fioo 

21 T. 247. 274. 301 . 3;iU. 423 

^^H ,\fnttg!ten, nee Matbtwk 

Mnr^n, see Morgan. 

Morse, 85 

^^K MultMcm. Jobn. lUO 

Morae, Thomaa. 18. 56, ,80, 64. 80, 00. 

^H Maynard. William. .lO-t. SOT, <116, 816 

92,93. 1U4. 105, 106, 107, 108, 114. 

^^B Mttisur, Kodfivr. 1(H), 440 

199» 212. 215, 220. 350, 262, 303, 

^^H MvrritI, W'illinm. 4H4 

304, aOi^ 308. 315, 317, 325, 336, 

^H Mover, .StoO'ell. 1 >t, ia:>. ITC.iStl, 2A» 

;<37. 363 

^^H Mir)CX,iVMil, Itil 

Moruh.aee Monie. 

^^H Milbome, .lacub. K1, H2 

Morton, Kobberd. 68. 73, 113, 116, 

^^^H Miller, see Hans Ilntwini. 

133, 131, 139, 153. 159, 178. 200, 

^^M Mttivielle, Ciabriell vr (iabriel, mi. 

212, 213, 226, 249, 28.% 3(t8, 315. 

^^M :i68, 370, 3,%!, .tl)N, 4l>i», 415. 42J. 

:15S, 4aj, 413. 422. 428. 430. 436. 

^H 4;j8, 44G, 454, 4U], 479, 484. 492. 

438, 447. 451, 453, 4->5. 468, 4M 


Motwtt. 451 

^^^1 Mocma, aee Moenaen. 

Mocna, Peler. 5!t 

^^H Moenaen, Foul. I'oull or Pooel. ICI, 

Muliler, Hans lionaen. 200 

^^m 16U, 2<)n. :^ft5. s?^. ^hh 

MiiIUt. Han-i. PM. 89, Ou. 159, IT8 

^^^1 Moenaen, Siren. 4'JK 

MiillIcA, Andrew, 479, 487 

^^H Mncsteraman, WIlHam, 161 

Myer. aee Mever. 

^^M Moil, Jubn,». 4, H.», 10. 1.1, 14. 1A, 

Mver. BtoncU'Michall. 160 

^^B 1>4, 2H, »(l, S4, 37, 4<), 4-2, 4,'{, 48, /iO. 

^^1 o2, 04, fig, 69. ti3. 64, ttS, 7<». 70. till. 

Noah. Jewie, 4i»2, 4J»3. 4M 

^^1 82, S.'t, 04. UK). 102, 104. Urfl, 107. 

Neabfoi), Iltndrik. 161 

^H 1U8, too, 118. lU). 120, 121, 122, 

Nealaoa, Matbiaa, 161 

^H 126, 126, 12H. 1,'!2, t:i7. 143. Ml, 

Neelaeo. Nevln, Neeleri or Nicies, Itil, 

^H 146, 140, 147, 14\ I-',::, in;^ l.'iT. 

433. 477 

^^M ViiH, 162, 165, J67, 170. 171, 17». 

Ncerinf^.Jan Wtllcms.John Williatnec 

^^1 174. 176. 170. ITH, l?.l, lb7, lUH, 

or John \VIIIiAm)*«-n. 213, 295, :{39 

^H 18H: 192, 1fl», 194, lOri. 20.S, 200, 

NettelHbip, flee NeitcUbipp and Neuie- 

^^B 2UD, 210, 213, 214, 217. 218, 2-.'0. 


^^H 223, 225, 226, 227, 22B. 22», 2tO. 

N'ettoUbip, lUidgf-r, 231 

^^1, 2:^2, 2X.<), 2.S8, 2»U, 240, 241. 

Nellelsliipp, fl«ie NeUlf>sbipp. 

^H 244, 246. 247. 2^1, 262, 253. 2.'>4. 

^'t:tlelahipp. Befnaniio, 2.;;u, 231, 276. 

2.M;!, ;Ut7, 4^il.432 

^^B 264, 267, 264, 273, 2»4, 286, 200, 

^H 292, 295, HIHJ, 80.S, 30H, ,SO0, R14, 

NeillcNbip, Bee NetllMbipp. 

^H 317. 319, 321, ;^26. .127. 328, 332. 

NettlL-^hipp, JoborJobb, 142. 1U0,2!11 

^H 340. .S41, S4:^ 34t. 345. :^6, 372, 

NettlMbipp. Viceaaimua, 10, 13, 16. 17, 

^^B 877, 870, 380, 385, 3841, 3im, 3M). 

18, 21. 311, .S2, 42. 56, 90. 97, 141, 

^H 402, 4ai, 40). 401», 410, 413, 415. 

142. 189. lUU, 219, 230, 231. 283, 

^^B 420, 421. 422, 427. 428. 433, 4:iO, 


^^B 440. 441, 442, 444, 445. 446, 447, 

Nevill, Juuts, 206, 346, 348, 361, 363 

^^^^B TKHSONa. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^H Nrrilte, ace Nerill. 

Olive. Tbnmas, 145, 447 ^^^^^^| 

^^^^^^H NicniUM-n. hvc Nicnilft, 

01>'V<-, BtX ^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^H 2(ichoUii. <jt.-nrf;e. It^l 

OmiiterKn. John, 14 ^^^^^H 

^^^^^H Nicill.Mf: Nicolh. 

0|>pt:ck, Jan. tee Woappcck-Jaa. ^^H 

^^^^^H NkolK 

Oruiti, Willinm, 88, b'J, Mi, S3, 94, ^H 

^^^^^^1 Nioollct. Mnithiiii or Mftthiiu, 40, 47, 

ItH, 107 ^H 

^^^^H 6::. '.<*.», 1 lu. -Jxt^. .lis, :z:i!l, 2:*-i, i:.".*, 

Oniie, Fabian, S34 ^^^H 

^^^^1 1:40, ^iol. SA, HSU S-H. HSii, »7.-{. 

OxlHitnc. K<ualill, 274 ^^^^^H 

^^^^1 374, 370, »S1. :!t><l. 418. 4JU. 4:(7 

Otto. Oocrtie, -J^ ^^^^M 

^^^^H Niui>IU, Kioliai<l. 44!» 

Otio, iJerKt, Gerrctt or G«rrit, .% 4, ^^^^| 

^^^^H Niot>tli<. Siiiuutfl nr Snmuell. 7(>. 8I:(. 16] 

V, 24. 40, 44, 6K, 6H. 611. H:f, }^^, ^H 

^^^^H Niuolltt, Willinm. Ib9, IIU, 111. UN, 

102. 1:^1, 152, 144. 146. 147, lo7, ^H 


165, 178, 171^. 1S6, 1ia, 194, 1B5, ^H 

^^^^^1 Niutls, Ifiiiitplirjr, 1(tU 

2li:t, 2116, -Mf>, 2ln, 214, 22.5. :£», ^^1 

^^^^^^1 NiL'olwn, nco NioolU. 

L".".!, 231, 2:^, 2:iK, 2^, 240, 241, ^H 

^^^^^^m KiclMii. HOC NMilncn. 

248, 2.-MI, -51, 2.-I.), lT-S. 2S2, 2«4. ^H 

^^^^^H NieUun, Il4>iiilrik, 417.478 

2110. 2U;, 2I'K, 2iKJ, H»l, ^11, ^'1, ^H 

^^^^^^K NiewBlag. see Niou-HU^'h. 

HK2. 'AH^, itW, 816. ;j6ij, ^6. 372, ^H 

^^^^^^1 NiewMligh, .Iftfi or John, •)\, fiI7, 878, 

^7U, :tK6, ft»0, 410, 42l>, 421. 4^ ^H 


4411, 47b, ^^H2^ 4Ki, 4H!t, 41)4, 514 ^H 

^^^^H Koblti, Klclmrd, Sill 

Outhout. Fop{w, Fopp or Fo[> Jan5en, ^^H 

^^^^^H Nubahi's. 

4, H, », 12, 24. 2>). :U, S7, 4N, 57, ^H 

^^^^^^B Noilli-M. T>ioiii!U!i. .VMj 

uy, HO, H2, 1U2, 104, 10!*, 128, 144, ^H 

^^^^^^1 Nnatmvrsen. JoLii or Jnn. 7U, 140, 

146, 147, 157. 161. lt>2, 17U, ]»:{, ^H 

^^^^H ItJU, lu, :i77. 4:!U, 41.J. 447 

194, 1V5, 20U, LM7, 2l»9, 210, 2:^. ^H 

2:11, ^.^S, 238. 240, 241, 251, ::ii!>, ^H 

^^^^^^1 OeU, Carriii^, svo Oola Jon»on, 

;i0li, 311, -.iU, 321, 3.12, a36, ^lo, ^H 

^^^^H Octas, Aiincliiv, 4iU 

.H43, 340, .'t6:>. S^i, Hb8, 410 ^H 

^^^^1 ()«le, Klocker. 

Oslxirne, WilliaiiK 160. 174, 3-50. 412, ^^| 

^^^^^^M Oclk(.>nE). £^K-k or Sike, In, U67 

il^, 424, 44;i, 446, 4C»tJ. ihO ^^^M 

^^^^^^H OeUon, T<Hwrn. 


^^^^H OeUen, lUnH, 47:{. 4SIJ, 4f>l 

l^gc. Aothonj, 161 ^^^^^1 

^^^^H Oelscn, Laceor LttBsc. 

pHlkJtigton, Jolio, 4if ^^H 

^^^^^^^ Oolccn, ?«ocle8 or Neels. Iii7 

Papt'fpiy, JuMirow Armcgcrant Prints ^^| 

^^^H Ootsen, Oele, lt}t 


^^^^H UelMm. I'eter. 461 

I'irkcr, Jnm««, 36(S 387, SOO, 40.'), 4ltl ^^^H 

^^^^m OflUv, MiL-hill or MicheU, 4tU, 47:>, 


pRttixlion, ttei- Paltit'dn. ^^^^^| 

^^^^H Oflly. sec Otitey. 

Piiiison, Willinm, 161), 424, 42!). 4:J1 ^^^H 

^^^^^^B t^gell, hee 

Pattiaion, s«e I'aiLifon. ^^^^H 

^^^^1 Ogle, Klttubeth, 2^t, ItTl 

Pears, Jolni, ^^^^^^H 

^^^H Ogle, John. 1:^, 14. .Sl,»4.41.4.'l, 4o, 

Pen, Willmni, ^^^^^H 

^^^^H 4it. m, !M. u:!, iLii, J-^, l:i:{, Ui>, 

^^^^1 147, Ut>. 154. 16^1, 16:^ Itk-^, Ift^ 

Pcnnorx-, Murgarel, 11 ^^^^^^| 

^^^^K 172, 176, 17B, IM, I8ti, 187, 188, 

Penton, William, 2»4,3U3 ^^^^1 

^^^^^^^ IW, I'.m, 2U1, :*l>4, 212, 1^1(1, 218, 

Perckl^, Pdle, 1U3 ^^^^H 

^^^^^H £46. 2oo, ::->4. :i>v.i, -jm, •^H\ »o4. 


^^^^^^K aSA, H4;{, H.'i2, tMi\t, »t(4, »«>.^. 36S, 

Petcn, ftec Petersen. ^^^^^H 

^^^^^^B »TI», :i7l, 3S:^, n89, fIdO, .St>8, 40», 

Pelcra, A«lruii. ^^^^H 

^^^^^^V 411. 41ti, 4-J4, -i.1M, 4^)^, 417. 449, 

Peten, Hamiiel, 122. 1.14, 147. 161, ^^^H 

^^^^V 4A0. 4oS. 4.U. 471, 41M, dOl!, A0.1 

177. 244, 245 ^^^H 

^^^^^H Ogle, Jnlm (iK>n of Joint), tiui! 

Pelfnte, see Pvlerv. ^^^^^| 

^^^^M Ogiv. ThiHiiiui. Mi-1 

Petctven, we Pietcnicn. ^^^^H 

^^^H OldiieUl. (.icorgc. 18, IS, 20, 26, 29, 
^^^H M, &ii, 117. 118. 120. 121, Kid. 141. 

Petersen, Cart-II, 161 ^^^H 

Peteraeii, Charles, ^^^^^H 

^^^^1 17.'{, l»2, J.^0. :;.'». l;6-j. :.'7b, ;i70, 

Petersen. Liictu. lUl. 162 ^^^^H 

^^^^H im>. 

Pelctsen, Reyiiier, !llll ^^^^H 

^^^^H Oldfield, Pietemella or PetemdU, IS. 

Pe(fn«, see Fietemen. ^^^^^H 

^^^^B iu.i»i,i>i,u;^,]4i,J$i.;i»),aKi,30j 

Philip[i9, »ce PUilipa. ^^^^^| 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IN'DRX PERS0K8. ^^^| 

^ Pliilipa. Fredcrik or Frederick, ISC, 

Haynbo, WilUam. 160, 177, S4S^ IVffi, ^^^| 

^H 1-17, IT.i, 18:^.1*10 


^H Phiiipis riinmius 49, 53, &S 

Karn^o, we lUrnbu. ^^^^^M 

^H Fhilim, WUIiam. 35:.^ S93, 4Uo, 4411» 
^H 44B,-I54, -l'>t>, U^9. 461 

Ko)?an, Dnrbv, ^^^^^| 

R4.-n<]un. M« RsnduU. ^^^^^| 

^^H l^erce, James, 4^ 

Rcnnvld.<, Ueni-y, 447, 401', 476,470, ^^^M 

^^H Pierce, J'>hii, -130 


^^1 Fiem-, William. MHl, :t30 

RctiDolLx, Atia Ki^nnnlds. ^^^^^| 

^^^L Pictcrs, »cc I'icterwn and Pefen. 

Rvimols, MU Rennoldi. ^^^^^| 

^^^^^H Pic^^ntc, (U^ I'k-iprHcn. 

Rcpat. lUndrik. 163 ^^^H 

i^^^^^H Pictenien, spe Pt4«rH, 

KviMt, NenU, IthS ^^^^1 

^^^H Pletentcn, Adarn, MU. I^M), 178 

Rcynitora, tee Itcyndcnicii. ^^^^^| 

^^^H PieUTMti, lliini«, 9, 21, .U,73. HS, m, 

KeynJtfnic. see Iwvnilvrwn ^^^^^| 

^^^H fN).H2,»&, 114, IIG, 14:1, ir>4, 101, 

K«viidi.THcn. Ilannen or Hermen, 712, ^^^^^H 

^^^H 177. 190. 244, ::6!>. irr.i. ;i'^l. S-AJ, 

75, VO. 1116. ^^^H 

^^^^M S&5, »da. S7;i. st>i. :m\-2, 4hi, 4ii7, 

RidKivt. Jolm, 471. 472 ^^^M 

^^^H 475, 476, 486, 4f)l. 49'.), 500, 500, 

Ki^K!*. HtTinr. 4t>:^. ^^^^| 

^^^^ 507,508,509, 512. 5It: 

Ri|iiiuii. Nit>l(s Niclien, 473 ^^^^H 

RfH-luflt. ^^^H 

^^V Picteracn, Jan, 50. 150, 257. HuS, 332, 

^H ;i.S9, ;j07. 4-%i 

lltHnse/. see KamM^. ^^^^^| 

^^^1 Pictcrwn, Santuel, o9I 

R«w>d. sec Roi'idc. ^^^^^| 

^^H Pictcnu. Kce Peters. 

Koodu. Jiilin. .')6, 72, 73, 84, 150, 170, ^^^1 

^^H Pitman, Anna. 411, 443 


^^^1 Pittiuon, nee Pilinan. 

R<K«cmAn. see RiXM'm'ind. ^^^^^| 

^H Pludgor, J uliD ,161, SSa. 867, HhS 

R(.MiN;mnTid. Miirtcn or .Murtiii, 75, HO, ^^^^^H 

^^M Pocock, 385 

OIK li^'. '.'51. ^^^H 

^H Poeock, Philip, S72, AS9. Afl-% fl67, 

Rfiscfutinil, ucv KfxKMfmoiid. ^^^^^| 

^H 4.SB 

ECtiHn, MaT7, 108, i;ii4 ^^^^H 

^^1 Porter. George, 318 

Ruud. ik*e RiMdc, ^^^^^H 

^^m PoKt, Cornetis. m 

Rimdt;. we RoO<le. ^^^^^| 

^B Pcwt, JoHcph, IK!, SIM, 217, 1!47, 258. 

RowI«, Walter, U, 77, OX, 124, 126, ^^H 



^^H Potielb, tee Pimiwn. 

Rtionej, Oathmn, S41. 407 ^^^^H 

^^^H Ponbe, »ce PouIsl'd. 

Rumttcv, (Tlinrlo. 270, :i44, 3*i0, 407, ^^^H 

^^H Poul)«cn. Erick, i:t7 

4U8. Ul , 4:12. 449. 470 ^^^H 

^^K PouLien, Jiii<Ui, 101. 1Hl>, 218, 500 

Riuliniore, TIiomM, 5-} ^^^^^H 

^^^H Poitliten, MiHfits or MoiineH, 0, 2U| ItiO, 

Ryvraft. Juhn. ^^^^H 

^^1 ITS. 2avl.i.T4. 51^ 

RyntJcnien, tee ReyndcrMD. ^^^^H 

^^M PoulBcn. Oete, imt. 100, PH, 203, 307, 


^H M8H. 311, 3iS-J, :<m, »T7, 3b3 

Suddler. Tbomax. 156, 160 ^^^H 

^^H PniilNm, licnk. i9l»8 

8«dler. soc Snddler. ^^^^H 

^^H PniiliM, K^ PoiilM^n. 

S*liabcrn-, Kvon. 15» ^^^H 

^^H Powvll, WW PntiUi'n. 

Sailer, Anmi, ^^^^H 

^^H Pridgcmore, John, 2^12 

Salter, llannu, :;o3, :'00 ^^^^H 

^^K PriivR, r:iflM Daiiielflen, 198 

Siiliur, Henry. 200. 2.'yO. 261 , 2t;2. ^TJ^ ^^^H 

^^H Prycv, Wittiam, :^))0 

27M, 2^.7. -.'.tHi ^^^H 

^^H I^iTcft Tbomus. IS^ 

Siinderlin. James, 18. 10, 29, 307, 389, ^^^H 


^H Raesea, Ole or OeU, 76, 463, 464, 405, 

BanilTlinir. w^ SiuiderliTi. ^^^^^H 

^H 4r.ti, 4ut), 475, 47tt, 477 

Saiidt-Tliiis. aev Sandcrlin. ^^^^^H 

^H Rnnibti, Peter, -^'Z 

Kondtfrx, i allnlj'niic, 122 ^^^^^| 

^^H Ramho, William, 335 

Sanderv, C:|trit»to;>ltrr. 336, £88 ^^^H 

^H Runirter, CliarLc<(, :]2, 40, o3, 68, 85, 

SttnilcT»en, Oorrcl, 513 ^^^^^H 

^^1 H*-, 1-JH, 16;{, ItiK, 174, 177 

Snniir<itnl, Ann. 403 ^^^^^| 

^^1 Runtlall, Marmadake, ItU, STO, 300, 

Sundronl, William, 32, 41. 40, 53, 77, ^^^H 


T'l. S8. 101. 177. 2iS.22», 403 ^^^H 

^^H Bttu, sae Koeiec. 

Sanfoid. Kin: ^luidfurd. ^^^^^| 

^^H Buen, nee Karseo. 

Snvnv. I»»ci]. 101. 475. 477, 486, 490 ^^^H 
dc««g», Uii'ltard, )?», 159, 484 ^^^H 

^^H Rawson, Me Bmwo. 

^^H 534 



^^^^^H SchBckcrl)-, see Bhaekerijr. 

Sinnexe, Andrics or Andrieas, 13d^^^^^^H 

^^^^H gchoegin. Jan*?. :i7B, 3TV 

1.51. 164>. 10:1. 229.267, ^iS, 317, 5(M> ^1 

^^^^^^B (H^liier. 

Sinnexe. Bmer. S5, bS, W, 00. ]39« ^M 

^^^^^^H 8rho«nniaI(i'r, <.)cle. 10K 

i\x ifii, ifi:{, 177, ao5, i>06. s:^, ^H 

^^^^^H Scliricck. John, 10.'t 

2117. im, 4:0. 4S6, 4S7, 490, 4&J, ^| 

^^^^^H Scot. tuL-e So'itU 

4!M. 4U8, 4U0. 500 ^M 

^^^H Sivt, RfWrt, H98 

Sinnexe. Jan 161 ^^^H 

^^^H Soon, Jolin, 10. 13. le. 17, 

19, 88, 77, 

Kinnexe, Marj{ri«t, 229 ^^^^| 

^^^H ITK. -147. -Ii)! 

Sinnexe, Sopbis. 205, £18« 498 ^^^M 

^^^^H Scott. 

Hinnik^e. Me Sinnexe. ^^^^H 

^^^^^H .Scmpil. Ke SemiHll. 

Hinnix, ttee Binnexe. ^^^^H 

^^^^^H .SiTopill. JoHTH, 1^47. 4^4 

Skot and Skott. aae SootL ^^^H 

^^^H Srnipill, Willinm, 74, 77, 



Slnbbe, Me Slobee. ^^^H 

^^^H mil, 1(>N. 171, 2(14, 



Slobbe, Mareritii. 346 ^^^H 

^^^H J40, IMI, 247. L'6I, :»4, 



Slobo. soe Slobee. ^^^^| 

^^^H 2fi(i, LI'O. 3lA>, S14, .S^:1, 



SWihec, Peter (Mp<iW or Peter OelseD. ^^^^| 

^^^H HL'H, lii'I, ».-}», ».^f, c;4u. 



HI. ItiO. hCt, 177.340,447,400 ^^H 

^^^H 84o, ."t^T, :ttK^ H72, a8(t. 



SInys, Kourcnn, 208 ^^^^| 

^^^H 3»», 402, 40!). 410. 41.'>, 



Km'it, ftee Smilli. ^^^H 

^^^H 4.-11. 441, 444, 4-IS), 4M, 



.Smit. Gerrit, Gcrret, Gerrit Juise or ^^| 

^^^H 478, 4HI), 482, 4h3, iSti, 



Gerrit Janus, lH, 88, 89. SKt, ]»7, ^^^M 


1.51, I.V2, ir>>t. ITiO. I(;2, KV4, 17.1. ^^H 

^^^^^H Semplc. se« Stimpill. 

212. 216, :{58, 411, 43<t, 4(9, 473, ^^H 

^^^^H Senlcl, < 'liri.<>U>plier, 381 

474.612 ^M 

^^^^H tSbiickcrl/, MA 

Smith, Me Bmit. ^^^^| 

^^^H Sliackcrly. John, 81. 201, 



Smith, John. 148. 157. lOl, 19G. 204, ^^H 

^^^H 24ti, 2d<i. 2>5H, ^2, 277, 



280, 305, :tlO, an, 318, 329, 377, ^^H 

^^^H S4b, »dO, 3tiO, ^"l, US', 



^M, 457, 471 , 40H ^^^H 

^^^H m)7. .398, 408, 416. 41U, 



Smith. Mitthros Matbynsseo, 460 ^^^^| 


Smith, Thonias, AHii, 4i.\^ ^^^H 

^^^^^1 Shcrar. see Slirrrer. 

Smothers, JameA. 481 ^^^^H 

^^^H Sla-rrLT. Willunn. Ml. loti. 



SntUin, bc« Snelling. ^^^^H 

^^^H ^jhv^wc»o(t. William, 408 

Sni'Uinf;, ^^^H 


Snelling, Thomas, 12, 1H. 16, 17, in. ^^^H 

^^^^^H Sibmnis. ilt-tidrilc. KM) 

5U. 57. 7:j, Vi\), 14H, 153. ISU. 178, ^^H 

^^^^^H Silininl^, John «ir .lim. IS3, 


212, 216, 219, 249, 2Gfl, 329, :tl5, ^^H 

^^^^^V Sibramae. bcc Sibranu. 


^^^^^H Sieriekfl. see f?i(:ricl(t<cn. 

Snodcn, eee Snovden. ^^^^H 

^^^^H SierickH, W^'bn.'gli, ::H2, 2^J-^ 


Snooden, t<eo Snowden. ^^^^| 

^^^^^H Sierickecn, Jim or Julm, ^5, 57 

, M, 

Snowrl(4i, KlizHli<!lh, ^tlMJ ^ ^^^^H 
Snovden. Thomiu, 140, 17H. !190, 4^7 ^^^H 

^^^^H Kh. S5. KS, SI», <JU. VI, 113 

1, loit, 


^^^H ]7K. ]m, 2^, l!5t}, 257, 



4.5tS, 477 479, 486. 490, 60!! ^^^1 
Somni. RobberO,4K7 ^^^^H 


^^^^^1 Sierics, m:i> SierickBon. 

Sprr, 20:{ ^^^1 

^^^^^1 Slericic, nve Sicricksen and Sieriz. 

Sftr^. lC«becca, lOS, 280. 294. 435, 4«9, ^^H 

^^^^^1 Sicriczo, sec Sic-rickscn. 


^^^^^^B SierikH. kcv Sieriokn. 

8pr7, Thomas, 9. 17, 21, 2H, 27, ^. ^^^1 

^^^^^^fa^ Sieriksen, wc SieriL-lcKen. 

flO, A2, 69. 8», 80. 87, S9. 92, 95, ^^^M 

^^^^^^^^H Sicrix. see Sicrickftcn. 

102, 103. 114, lit;, IIH. 121. 124, ^^^H 

^^^^^^^^H Kivrnvnlie, •'>8 

12i{. 127. 1:13, n4, 1.S5, 136, 141, ^^^H 

^^^^^^^^1 Sierlx. 6H, 150 

151, 100. 169, 170, 173, 174, 175, ^^^1 

^^^^^^^ Kictru'k. 

1IS4. 212: 214. 216, 245, 246, 264, ^^H 

^^^^H SitevariL, Uuniel. .^96 

267, 279. 2H0, 294, S07, SOS, Sltt, ^^^B 

^^^^^H Sinieciis, ecL- Sinnecos. 

S33. 338, 341, 35rt, 357, .S-OB, S59, ^^^H 

^^^^^m Siotpie, sco Hempilt. 

366, 367, r>tU^ .S76, .<t82, 383, 3»4, ^^^1 

^^^^^^ SiniMin. WilliHin. 120 

389, 393, 397, 40'>, 408, 411, 412, ^^^H 

^^^^^H SiDneciis. Anilrtes, 84,41 

4)5, 416, 430, 433, 434, 4-^9, 440, ^^H 

^^^^^H Hinnekv. aw Siimexe. 

440. 453, 4(V,^ 47(1. 478. 479, 485, ^^^H 

^^^^H Hianei, wv tiinuvxe. 

486, 499. 494. 497, 498, 519 ^^^M 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^TNDEI OF 

VKRBOHS. 636 ^^^1 

^^J^^^Blmaloop, ChmliitA, 22D. 403, 410 

Taylor, Tliutnag, 12C ^^^H 

^^^L^^ Slaalcop, Jah, John. Jun Andriecs, 

Ta/nu, learq or Ikuic, 81. 102, 140, ^^^^^H 

^^^^^K Jin AndricBM or Jan Andenoa, 34, 

160, lOU. 108, no, 176, 204, 20i>, ^^^^^H 

^^^H 140, 177, 230, 2SS, £44, 288. 290, 

312. .340, 304, 424. 440, 448 ^^^^^H 

^^^V nn2, 8<}-3, S»0, 896, 4U3, 404, 4l(i. 

Twchemacker, Petriu, 321, 300, 449, ^^^^^H 



^^^^^^ Rtiialoupp, H« Stmalrop. 

TeBchermaeker, see TeHcburaockcr. ^^^^^H 

^^H Btaalkopp. see Staalcop. 
^H Btacy. Miylind. aiH 

Tescbemutrker, aee Teaoheuacker. ^^^^H 

Tcmckemakcr, im Teachemacker. ^^^^H 

^^H 8ta1coi>, nee Sinnlcttp. 

TeaHcmakeT, sec Tnchemxcker. ^^^^H 

^H SlanbrtK)k<;, Htnrv. 122. 123, 143. 159, 

Test. John, 1)2. m. 114. 184, 198, 200, ^^^H 

^H 1H0, ihi, me,']S4, 109, 21U, vne. 

1 , 2K0. 370, 3fH) ^^^H 

^H 2^. 443 

Teunie, Pbiltin or Philip, 304, 3C7 ^^^H 
Teaniascn. Robberd. 3»1 ^^^^H 

^H BUTcly. '2m. 430 

^H Steele, Willium. 407 

Thicsue, Williuin, ^^^^1 

^^H Strenw>-ck, wrc Stcenwrk. 

Thomaa, Sara. 114 ^^^^^| 

^^H Btecnwvk. Comulifi or Cuniclviu, ST9, 

Tboma»en, Oole, 450, 467 ^^^H 

^H 416,41(>. 417, 41H, 4I», 4^'i4 

Thompaun, Andrew. 362 ^^^^^| 

^H BteeroM. FrancU, f)3, If^, 203. 214, 

Thompflon. John, 362 ^^^^^| 

^H 248, 27i>, :^U, 285, 2d3, :£Uo. 30.', 

Tille. Andries or Andrew. 160, 163, _^^^^M 

^H 807, SIG.SSH 

177, 247, 318, 329, 506 ^^^^^1 

^^^m Btiddiin, see Btiddem. 

TilW. w« Tille. ^^^^^B 

^^H Btiddem, Adsni, 477,478 

Tioxell, John, 162. 163, 161, 189 ^^^H 

^H Btiddem, Ltieas, 433, £11 

Toennm, Kticv. 217 ^^^^H 

^H Btiddem, Tymen, li>l*, lo7, 161,Itt3. 

Tocwn. tMe, 10, 13, IB. 17.19,33, ^^^H 

^^B 17S. 177, 181!, 2U8. 2:to, :!44, 191, 

42, 4!<. 53. 66. 92, lOl, V2i, 100, ^^^H 

^H SIU, 317, ^-24, S2U, :U2, 33.1, 397. 

173, 2()K. 1:47, 291 ^^^1 


Tom, William. 3, 4.9,13,16,21,21, ^^^H 

^H Stilt, WiiliiLoi. ir.0, 325. fl05, 307 

2ft. 27, 28, 30, 34, S7, 40. 42, 45, 4% ^^^H 

^V Street, John. R8, 77, 1:^, lAQ. 178, 

52. 6:^, 68, Ul . 6!l, 7A, 7K, 79, N| , M2, ^^^H 

^H 2l>6. t;i3, :;1U, 240, 201, 2Ud, 284, 

80, 9U, 83, 102, 104. 106. 1U9, 112. ^^^H 

^H 334. KIH, 353 

116. 119, 121, 124, 12tl, 12H, 132, ^^^H 

^■_ Btrvet. June or Jtuinc, 213, 249, 281 

133, 144, 14<'>. 166. 160. 167. 172, ^^^H 

^^L^ Btrelton. Thnmu. Mt. 135 

173, nH, 179. 180. 180. IM7, 100. ^^^H 

^^^^^B Swend^li, h^f. Swintl^H. 

192. 193, 212, 214, 21S, 221, 226, ^^^H 

^^^^^ Bwenwn, Oe\e^ ','d4>, -til 

232, 2.S0, 2.^7, 2.-^9, 261. 262. 266, ^^^M 

^^H Bwensen, Swen, 59 

206, 2»2, 296, 313. 319, MiH. .3^17. ^^^H 

^^H Bwenaon, «ee S*rrai>(>n. 

ft46, 30 1, Kts5, 3h7, 398, 431, 43^ ^^^H 

^^1 Swindell, RiUunl. ['i9, 332 

43!t. 404 ^^^H 

^^H Sybranui, IJcndrik Jaoseo, 402, 409, 

Tomai. Ocle. 'Z-iS ^^^H 

^^M 430, 444), 4o:J 

Tnm»on. John. 340. 348 ^^^H 

^^H BybrenlMvi, John, 82 

Tomer, Duniell. 477 ^^^^^| 


ToM». Laue. 163 ^^^H 

^^^1 Taine, nee Tavnii. 

TniMe. Ovle., ^^^^H 

^^^_ Talteot. Robb«rd or Rvberd, 77, 79, 

Tomen, 0«le Oclsm, 317,888. 609 ^^^H 

^^^H 169, 17B, 2Ad, 2U, 346, 363, 307, 

Toula. Uenry. 12 ^^^H 

^^^H 874, 397, 404, 412 

Tonrwn, aee Toeraen. ^^^^^| 

^ Tnlpingh. ThomM, 862 

Tooraen, E[5ie, 291 ^^^H 

^H Tuickentlr, 10 

Tocker, Walter, 170 ^^^H 

^^H TanckenJy, George, IS, 16, 76, 77, 84, 


^H 86.286 

Duion. John, 260, 262, 804 ^^^H 

^^V Tarkirif^on, we Tarkinton. 

Urinde, Comvlis Leanwa, 403, 461 ^^^^1 

^H Tarkinton, John, 44. 63, 67, 70, 76, 

Uty, Nathaniel, 127 ^^^^H 

^^^_ 86, 91. 93, 113. no, 118, 126. 127, 


^^^H 13.% 136, 13T, 138. 166, 162, 170, 

Vallot, 401 ^^^H 

^^^H I HC., 202. 2ft] , 2H.S, 3U9 

Van lEreain, Hendrik Jaoaen, 463 ^^^^H 
Van Coelen, iwe Van der Coelea. ^^^^H 

^^^^^ Taylor, Ilenrjr, 3.S0 

^^1 Tavlur, John, 87, 140, 160, 174, 176, 

Van Coelen, Kynier. Senior, 60, 6B ^^^H 

^^^^ 2nU, .'^04, .370, 38f), 3a3. 400, 412, 

Van Cortland. 8l«phanaa. 1K2 ^^^H 

^^^H 4:n), 430, 438, 447, 4^18, l-M, 602 

Van Borcfa, aee Van den Burgh. ^^^^H 

^^^^1 INDEX OP 


^^^^^^^1 Van Biirffh, wo Van den Rureh. 

Wnllinn, (tee Walliam. ^^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^H Van <ii- llnrffh, !«ee V:in den llurgti. 

Wallieto, 8eo Walliam. 

^^^^^^^^^H Vlin (\pi\ Burffh, Arunt J»nw>n, MtW 

WhIIis, Adam. ^22, ;i23, 323, SS)6, tST, 

^^^^^^^^H Van den Riirfth, lEenilrik or Hrndnck, 

•■i'ds. 3:1s 

^^^^^r 19. im, 147. iii4, \ir,, ih:>. 

Wuilia, Antlionr, HI 

^^^^F £17, tlKi, 2H7, 2^J, .>3S, .S!1T, HHS, 

Wallis. Jotui. lV>!>. 172 

^^^^ft S4S, H44, HA7, ;i^, 3tK{, »U6. »1M!. 

Wiilraert'D, see Wnlravcn. 

^^^^H SnS, 4l>4, 4»ll, -M:;. 44I>, -i.*)!, 4^V^ 

WalraeTenH, Cbrutina, 4UD 

^^^^H 4&1, 4.Vt. 461. 407, 472, 4V.i, im, 

Walniven, KIS 

^^^^M 4«), 4H8,61b. o)7, ^>lb 

Walraven. Heudrik or Henrtk. 70, 

^^^^^^B Van durCocton, 1^attc:lynlir, 141! 

1-w. 17S, ;;u7 

^^^^^^1 Van der Cut*lvii, Kvmer. Hyiiier or 

Walraveiw. iiyBbert, 101 

^^^^H Rcynicr. 41. 49. 6», o6. 81, 14::. ]IM>, 

Wanl. :^76 

^^^^H 174, •Jl'iii, I'L'?, 2lN, i::Ut, ^(',41, 2S)>, 

Ward, Henry, 3, 4, 8. 9. 21 , M, IK). 80, 

^^^H 5M7, 344, 431, 4S4, 4!Hi, 486* 617, 

40, 5K m, M2. 83, Mf, IKi, 1 Ui, IjfiB, 

^^^H 618 

113. 13IJ. 147. 190.201,448 

^^^^H Van dcr Veer. Junb. .12. 41. AO, .~>4, 

Warner, Willi«m.:^HS 

^^^^H 66« 67. »::, Ho, U!», ir>i:, i.>3, 154, 

Walkins, sec Waitkina. 

^^^^H J6I, Kit', I't^, 17>>, 177, Ibi!, 1H», 

Wattkins. Jolm, lwt,407,449, 469,477 

^^^H 106, i:t7, 1>47, 25H, 27.3, 174, 277, 

Watiion, Luke, 16'i 

^^^^H £f)0. li^l. :jni, :»)l!, 804, JU7, 8;M, 

Wallson. Thuma8. IGl 

^^^^H ?2fl. .%tn. S?.]. :t:i2, .nCd, 479. 4S6 

War, Ijh», 122, 134, 147, 164, )7«, 

^^^^^H Vandicttien. Eiifccitic, Stil, 374 


^^^^H VandicniL^n, William. 40, 78 

W^ajrinnn. ]j«ee or Iasm, IGl, 10S« 

^^^^^H Van £vBi, Abram, 'iHA 

1:44, 274 

^^^^m Van Kynt. Revnicr. 207, 8SS 
^^^^^^1 Van Hey«t, Hoe Van KyisL 

Warfftiuan. Wiltium. 430 
Webber. William, 127 

^^^^^^1 Van Inioien, Gerrit, 

Weblv, Walter, 2^. 202. 27ft, 350 

^^^^^H Van Inimen. Johannes^ Kil, 807 

Well!!, I>iuiiell or Damul, 140, 180. 

^^^^^^P Van Jjocr. ChriMoplKT, KH 

]«]. 2JU 

^^^^^F Vnniieit. KUlvrt K;;b(Tt^. 41H> 

Wells. I>octor, 2:» 

^^^^^^k Van Kw««ritij;;Hn. UcTritt. 122, JllS 

WelN, George, Stt, 116 

^^^^^^P Van Veer, see Vuo der Veer. 

Wenlen, .Jolm, 4B9 

^^^^^^H Viccorj, Jntncfl, loU 

WeDttclU. Iliinnanes, 104, 169 

^^^^H Vidclte, JanneUie, 63, 20), 214, 248, 

Weasels, see WesHelk 


Weal, John, 437, 4St6 

^^^^^H Videite. Jolm or Jan, -55, 21)2 

Wcstemdall. Ann, 170, 219 

^^^^H VolckerU, Pclor. lUi) 

Weatenidull. IVrL-eTcIl, 57 


Wbnle, see Wale. 

^^^^^H Wacd. sec Wac«ie. 

WharcQp, Tbonvu;, 145 

^^^H U'nede. K^^bbi-rd. »10, 441, 442. 443 

Wbnrtor, Mary. 277. 380. 810 
Wbaruw, Walter, 17, 18, 25, 2C, M, 

^^^^^^H Wakcr, see Wutkcr. 

^^^^H Wnlc, Anne or Ann, 184, 370, 4T4 

73, hi. SI, K.'i, 88, 80, 90. 08, W. 

^^^^H Wnle, Oeurev. 4S)I 

113, 115, Il«. no, li^O. 122. 132, 

^^^H WalcB, Bcc Wnllifl. 

134,, 14(1, 141, 144, 146, 167, 

^^^^1 Walker, Fmnk 40u 

190, 172. 174, 1711, 178, 179, 181, 

^^^H Walkt r, Hendrik. 4'>1 

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^^^H Walker. John or Jim, 19, 61. 65, G4, 

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^^^H 111, 481, 436, 438. 4.56, 4-)8, 46<). 

28H, 298, 2i<9, 3U8, 309, SIO, 311, 


3Hi, 310, .^21, 337, 345. 863, ^4, 

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^^^^^H Walker. John, Senior, 169, 203 

429. 431, 432, 439, 477. 478, 487, 

^^^H Walker, Wybregh, 28;! 

■lOS. 50 i 

^^^^H WiilUam, James, 26. 27. 66, IRO, t:04. 

Wheeler. Samuel or Sarauelt, 130, ISl, 

^^^H 212, 215. 274, 317, .-^-il , SHi, 371, 


^^^^H 3S6, ZH9, :ia^, :im. mj, 40^, 47d, 

Wbiinker. Walter. 4(»1 

^^^^1 'IK?, 41)0, 497. V.\H, 610, 618, 610 

Whition. Richard. :if,i, 3G8, 372, 887 

^^^^^H WaDiams, see WnUiam. 

Whilwell, Fnuicis, 4.'t6 



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o)», 68, 122, 159,178 

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219, 246 

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4fi7, 477, 487 

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188, 198 

Woappeck-Jan, 462, 463 

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84, 100, 139, 190, 223, 229, 241, 
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498, 513 

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178, 372, 383, 387, 438 
Yoang, Thomas, 381 

Zane, see Zaoes. 

&ne8, Kobbetd, 346, 347, 348 






Peter Penn-Gaskell Hall. 

First Vice-President, 
Sumuel Whitaker Pennypacker. 

Sectmd Vice-President, 
John Woolf Jordan. 

Frank Earle Schermerhorn. 

Assistant Secretary, 
Herbert Hart Boyd. 

Gregory Bernard Keen. 

Harrold Edgar Gillingham. 

Councillors : 
Charles Henry Jones, President, Charles William Potts, 
Louis Henry Carpenter, Earl Bill Putnam, 

Josiah Granville Leach, William Brooke Rawle, 

Joseph Leidy, Edwin Jaquett Sellers, 

Walter Lippincott, Abraham Lewis Smith, 

Caleb Jones Milne, Charles Smith Turnbull, 

Effingham Buckley Morris, Stevenson Hockley Walsh, 

Samuel Davis Page, Harman Yerkes. 

Henry Pemberton, Jr., 


^^^H ^^^V ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

^^H ^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^H Glmrb'-s Weaver Bailey, 


^^^^H Joseph Trowbridge Bailey, 2(1, 

Frank Brooke Kviitis, ^^^^^^| 

^^^^1 Joseph Trowbridj^G Builey, 3d, 

Samuel Evans, ^^^^^H 

^^^H Westcott Bailey. 

Isaac Price Ewing, ^^^^H 

^^^^1 George Falos Baker, 

John Eyerman, ^^^^| 

^^^H George W. Bauks, 

EUicott Fisher, ^^H 

^^^^1 Edwin AlLec Barber, 

Thomas (^astor Foster. ^^^H 

^^^^1 Paul Henry Barnes, Jr., 

Edward James Foulkc, ^^^H 

^^^^1 Henry Heston Belknap, 

Frank Foulke, ^M 

^^^^1 Clarence Sweet Bement, 

Howard Barclay French, 1 

^^^^H Amos Bonsall, 

Henry Jonathan Abbett Fiy, ^M 

^^^^B Herbert Hart Boyd, 

Henr}' Taylor Cause, ^^^H 

^^^^H Abraham Bruncr, 

William Warren Gibba, ^^^H 

^^^H John Kdgar Burnett Buckcu- 

Harrold Edgar Gillinghamp ^^^f 


Joseph Eddy Gillingham, ^^^H 

^^^^H Reuben Nelson Buckley, 

Aiiuesley Rieliurdsoii Govett, ^^^H 

^^^H Edward Tatnall Oanby, 

Peter Pcnn-Gaskell Hnll, ^^H 

^^^^H Louis Henry Carpenter, 

Edward Hanee Hancc, ^^^^| 

^^^^H Samuel Castner, Jr., 

(ieorgo Aiitbony Heyl, ^^^^| 

^^^^1 Charles Davis Clark, 

Edwurd Strutton HoHoway, ^^^H 

^^^^H John Browning Clenient, 

Azariah Williamson Hoopes, ^^^H 

^^^^H Samuel Mitc-heU Clement, Jr., 

Herman Hoo])e3, ^^^H 

^^^^H James Harwood Cloi^on, 

Edward Isaiah Haekcr ^^^H 

^^^H Samael Poyntz Cochran, 

Howell, ^^^1 

^^^^1 Charles Howard Colket, 

Henry Douglas Hughes, ^^^H 

^^^^H Porter Farquharson Cope 

Henry LaBarre Jayne, ^^^H 

^^^^1 Joseph GazKam Darlington, 

Charles Francis Jenkins, ^^^H 

^^^^H Henry Kuhl Dillard, 

John Story Jenks, ^^^H 

^^^^1 Edward Tonkin Dobbins, 

William Henn,' Jenks, ^^^H 

^^^^H Murrcll Dobbins, 

Lawrence Johnson (Life Mom- ^^^H 

^^^^H William Alexander Newman 


^^^^1 Dorlandf 

Robert Winder Johnson (Life ^H 

^^^^^ George Howard Earic (Life 

Member), ^^^H 

^^^^ Member), 

Charles Henry Jones, ^^^| 

^^^^1 Henry Howard Ellison, 

Richmond I^cgh Jones, ^^^H 



Ewing Jordan, 

John Woolf Jordan (Life 

Gregory Bernard Keen, 
Joseph Allison Kneass, 
Thomas Howard Knight, 
Frank Dale LaLanne, 
George Henry Lea, 
Josiah Granville Leach, 
Edward Clinton Lee, 
Horace Hoffman Lee, 
Lewis Jones Levick, 
Davis Levis Lewis, 
George Davis Lewis, 
George Harrison Lewis, 
Oborn Garrett Levis Lewis, 
Samuel Bunting Lewis, 
Craige Lippincott, 
Jay Bucknell Lippincott, 
Walter Lippincott, 
Henry Warren Littlefield, 
William Supplee Lloyd, 
Edmund Herbert McCul- 

Charles Barnsley McMichael, 
Horace Magec, 
George Egbert Mapes, 
Charles Marshall, 
Samuel Marshall, 
Henry Vogdes Massey, 
Rodney Augustus Mercur, 
Ulysses Mercur, 
Charles Warren Merrill, 
Houston Mifflin, 
Lloyd Mifflin, 
John Rulon-Miller, 

Caleb Jones Milne (Life Mem- 
Caleb Jones Milne, Jr. (Life 

David Milne (Life Member), 
Thomas Harrison Montgom- 
Effingham Buckley Morris, 
Thomas Milnor Morris, 
Samuel Davis Page, 
Alexander Hamilton Peacock, 
Chauncey Hulburt Peacock, 
Harold Peirce, 
Henry Pemberton, Jr. (Life 

Enos Eldridge Pennock, 
Joseph Eldridge Pennock, 
Samuel Whitaker Penny- 
Charles Penrose Perkins, 
Arthur Peterson, 
Charies William Potts, 
Thomas Harris Powers, 
Edward Augustus Price, 
Earl Bill Putnam, 
William Brooke Rawie, 
Howard Reifsnyder, 
John Henry Wallace Rhein, 
Henry Alden Richardson, 
Lucien Moore Robinson, 
John Augustus Roebling, 
Harry Rogers, 
Wilbur Fisk Rose, 
Juhus F. Sachse (Honoraiy 

Edward Stalker Sayres, 



Clarence Eaton Scherraerhorn, 
Frank Earle Scherraerhorn, 
John Loeser Schwartz, 
Horace See, 

Edwin Van Deusen Selden, 
Edwin Jaquett Sellers, 
Samuel Richards Shipley, 
Benjamin Hallowell Shoe- 
Charles John Shoemaker, 
Harold Montgomery Sill, 
John Sinnott, 
Abraham Lewis Smith, 
Alfred Percival Smith, 
Benjamin Hayes Smith, 
Thomas Guilford Smith, 
Henry Miller Steel, 
Warner Justice Steel, 
Joseph Allison Steinmetz, 
Daniel D. Test, 
Joseph Thompson, 
iSamuel Swayne Thompson, 

Charlemagne Tower, 

David Cooper Townsend, 

Charles Lockwood Tracy, 

Charles Smith TurnbuU, 

Ernest Leigh Tustin, 

Edward Barnes Tyson, 

Charles Harrod Vinton (Life 

Stevenson Hockley Walsh, 

Clement Weaver, 

Aubrey Herbert Weigh tman, 

Eben Boyd Weitzel, 

Ashbel Welch, 

Theodore Edward Wieder- 

William Caner Wiedersheim, 

Ogden Dungan Wilkinson, 

Charles Williams, 

Ellis D. Williams, 

Harman Yerkes (Life Mem- 


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Charter, Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Committees, Mem- 
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1 ^JM 

\ \