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Newcomb & Gauss, Printers 
Salbm, Massachusetts 


The Charter of " The Governor and Company of Massachusetts 
Bay in New England," granted March 4, 1628-9, provided that 
annually there should be chosen from among the freemen of the 
Company, a Governor, Deputy-Governor and eighteen Assistants. 
Among the duties prescribed for this governing body was that of 

" vpon every last Wednesday in Hillary, Easter, Trinity and 
Mich[aelm]as termes respectivelie for ever, one greate, generall, 
and solempe Assemblie, which foure Generall Assemblies shalbe 
stiled and called the Foure Greate and Generall Courts of the saide 

For a number of years this Court exercised the entire judicial 
powers of the Colony but with the increase of population there 
came a necessity for additional tribunals, and at a session of the 
General Court held in Boston on March 3, 1635-6, the following 
law was adopted : — 

<< Further, it is ordered, that there shalbe ffoure Courts kept 
eu'"y quarter, 1, att Ipsw<^^ to which Neweberry shall belonge ; 2 
att Salem, to w'='' Saugus shall belonge ; 3, att Newe Towne, to w"^^ 
Charlton, Concord, Meadford, & Waterton shall belonge; 4"', att 
Boston, to w'='^ Rocksbury, Dorchesf, Weymothe, & Hingham shall 

" Eu''y of their Courts shalbe kept by such magistrates as 
shal[lbe] dwelling in or neere the said townes, & by such other 
psons of worth as shall from tyme to tyme be appoyncted by the 
Gen^all Court, soe as noe Court shalbe kept without one magistrate 
att the least, & that none of the magistrates be excluded, whoe can 
& will intend the same ; yet the Gen^'all Court shall appoynct w'^" 
of the magistrates shall specially belonge to eu''y of the saide Court. 
Such psons as shalbe ioyned as assotiates to the magistrates in 
the said Court shalbe chosen by the Gen^'all Court, out of a greater 
number of such as the seu'^all townes shall nominate to them, soe 

•Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Boston, 1853, Vol. I, p. 11. 


as there may be in eu^'y of the said Courts soe many as (with the 
magistrates) may make fyve in all. Theis Courts shall trie all 
civil causes, whereof the debt or damage shall not exceede x", & 
all criminall causes, not concerneing life, member, or banishm*'. And 
if any pson shall finde himself e greived with the sentence of any 
the said Courts, hee may appeale to the nexte greate Quarter Court, 
divided that hee putt in sufficient caucon to psent his appeale with 
effect, & to abide the sentence of the magistrates in the said greate 
Quarter Court, whoe shall see that all such that shall bringe any 
appeale without iust cause be exemplaryly punished. 

" There shalbe foure great Quarter Courts kept yearely att Bos- 
ton, by the Gou''n' & the rest of the magistrates ; the first, the 
first Tuesday in the 4th moneth, called June; the second, the first 
Tuesday in Septemb"" ; the third, the first Tuesday in Decemb"" ; the 
fourthe, the first Tuesday in the !"• monethe, called Marche. The 
inferior Courts shalbe kept the 1'", the last Tuesday in June, & the 
rest the last Tuesday in eu^y of the said monethes. 

" All accons shalbe tryed att that Court to w*^*" y^ def* belongs. 

"All offenders which shalbe in the prison att Boston att the 
tyme of any Court there holden , shalbe tryed att that Court, ex- 
cept in the war* of his comitm* hee be reserved to the greate 
Quarter Court. And it shalbe lawfull for the Gou''n% or Deputy 
Gou'^n'", or any two magistrates (vpon speciall & vrgent occacon), 
to appoyncte Courts to be kept vpon other dayes then in this order 
are appoyncted."* 

The first session of this Court in Essex County was held June 
27, 1636, at Salem. With the continued increase of population 
there came a demand for more frequent sessions of the Courts 
and on June 2, 1641, the General Court established four quarter- 
annual courts as follows : — 

" Whereas it is desired by this Court to ease the countrey of all 
unnecessary travells & charges, it is ordered, that there shalbee 4 
Quarter Courts kept yearly by the ma*''^*^ of Ipswich & Salem, w*'' 
such others to bee ioyned in comission w*^"^ them as this Court shall 
appoint, not hindering any other ma*''*** that will help them ; this 
order to take effect after these next Quarter Courts shalbee ended 
at Salem & Ipswich, two of these Quarter Courts to bee kept at 
Salem & the other 2 at Ipswich, the first Court to bee kept the last 
third day of the 7*'' month at Ipswich, (& the rest at the same time 
the former Courts were), the next quarter at Salem, the 3"* q''ter at 
Ipswich, the 4*'' at Salem, & the ma*"'"** of Ipswich & Salem to at- 
tend every of these Courts, but no iurymen to bee warned from Ip- 
swich to Salem, nor fro Salem to Ipswich ; to each of these places 

•Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Boston, 1853, Vol. I, p. 169. 


a grand iury shalbee warned once a yeare, & these Courts to have 
the same power, both in civill and criminall causes, the Court of 
Assistants hath at Bostou, except tryalls for life, limbs or banishm*', 
w*^"" are wholly reserved to Bostou Court ; provided, it shalbee law- 
full to appeal from any of these Courts to Boston. And it shalbee 
in the liberty of any plantitfe that hath an action of above one 
hundred pounds principall debt to try his cause in any of these 
Courts or at Boston ; the tines of these Courts to defray the charges 
of the same, & the overplus to bee returned to the Treasurer for 
the publique. And Sals berry & Hampton are ioyned to the iuris- 
diction of Ipswich, & each of them to send a grand iuryman once 
a yeare to Ipswich."* 

Massachusetts Bay was divided into shires or counties by a law 
passed May 10, 1643. The territorial limits of Essex County were 
much as they are at the present time, save that all the towns lying 
north of the Merrimack river were established as the county of 
Norfolk, thereby including the towns of Haverhill and Salisbury. 
Norfolk County was divided into two court jurisdictions, Dover 
and Portsmouth forming the northern and the remaining towns the 

The Quarterly Courts in the southern jurisdiction were held at 
Salisbury and Hampton and the records of these sessions are in- 
cluded in the following pages until Feb. 4, 1679-80 when the towns 
of Haverhill, Amesbury and Salisbury were placed within the jur- 
isdiction of the Essex County Courts. 

These County Courts or Inferior Quarterly Courts had juris- 
diction in civil and criminal cases except in cases of divorce and 
crimes involving life, limb or banishment. They had power to 
summon grand and petit jurors, to appoint their own clerks and 
other necessary ofiEicers, to lay out highways, license ordinarys, 
to see that a proper ministry was supported, to prove wills, 
grant administrations and to have general control of matters in pro- 
bate. In 1664, they were authorized to admit freemen. In general, 
they had jurisdiction in all matters not reserved to the Court of 
Assistants, which was the Court of Appeal. The writs, declara- 
tions, and other pleadings, complaints, indictments, and course of 
proceedings in the courts were simple, brief and informal. For the 
first twenty years the testimony in a trial was written down by the 

•Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Boston, 1853, Vol. I, p. 325. 



clerk of the court and became a part of the records in the case. 
But in 1650, on account of " the inconuenience of takeiuge verball 
testimonyes in Court by reason of many imptinencyes in theire 
relations, so that the clarke cannott well make a pfit record there- 
of "* it was ordered, that henceforth all testimony be given in writ- 
ing to be attested in court if the witness lived within ten miles of 
it, and before a magistrate, if the witness lived at a greater dis- 
tance. These statements or depositions went to the jury who re- 
turned them to the court with their verdict. 

The records of the Essex County Quarterly Courts for the colonial 
period (1636-1692) are now preserved in seventeen volumes. There 
are also copies of Norfolk County records (southern jurisdiction), 
in two volumes, made in 1852 by David Pulsifer. The originals 
from which these copies were made are not in the custody of the 
clerk at the present time and seem to have disappeared. 

Essex County Quarterly Court Records. 

Salem Courts, 27 


.. u 14:9 

" «« 29 : 9 

" " June 25 

«' " 25 : 9 

" " 30 : 4 

" " June 27 

Ipswich Courts, Mar. 31 : 1646— 25 : 7 
" " 4:9: 1645t— May 5 

" " 29 : 4 : 1664— Sept. 29 

Sept. : 1682— Apr. 20 
'« " April : 1666— June 20 

Inclusive dates of records Volume number 

1636— 25 : 11 : 1641, 58 numbered leaves (1) 
1638— 1:1: 1647-8, 232 " 
1648 — 26 : 4 : 1655, 77 unnumbered leaves 
1655— 19 : 9 : 1666, 178 numbered leaves 
1667— 24 : 4 : 1679, 135 
1679— Apr. 24 : 1692, 81 unnumbered leaves 
1674— 29 : 9 : 1681, 90 numbered leaves 
1682— Nov. 24 

1685, 155 

1666, 158 numbered pages 
1663, 75 numbered leaves 
1674, 134 " 

1686, 63 " 

1682, 382 numbered pages 







'« ♦' Sept : 26 : 1682— Mar. 29, 1692, 89 unnumbered leaves (15) 

Births, marriages and deaths, 1654-1691, 60 numbered leaves (19) 

1658-1701, 98 
1663-1786, 128 


♦Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Boston, 1854, Vol. Ill, p. 211, 

tProbably a " waste book," i. e. a preliminary, rough record made by 
the clerk. 

jNo earlier records of the Ipswich court have been preserved, save the 
sessions for 28 Dec, 1641 and 29 March, 1642 which are recorded in the 
Ipswich town records. 


Norfolk County Quarterly Court Records. 

Salisbury and 

Hampton Courts, 26 : 7: 1648— Apr. 12 : 1670,* 79 unnumbered leaves (16) 

" " 8:8: 1672— Nov. 11 : 1679, 112 " " (17) 

Births, marriages and deaths, intentions of 

marriage, ear marks and strays, 1670-1747, 375 numbered pages ( — ) 

Supplementing the record books kept by the clerks of the courts 
is a large collection of original papers consisting of presentments, 
depositions upon almost every conceivable subject, correspondence 
and documents of greatly varied character, deeds, \?ills, invento- 
ries of estates, contracts, attested copies of records, papers con- 
nected vt^ith the witchcraft trials, apprentices' indentures, inquests, 
writs, executions, and papers of every kind connected with the 
various cases. These papers or files, connected with the Salem and 
Ipswich courts, are arranged and mounted in fifty-four folio vol- 
umes and there are two volumes of papers relating to Norfolk 
County. '* Waste books" or books of preliminary records were 
kept by the clerks and when the entries were transcribed into the 
books of permanent record, not infrequently a word or a phrase was 
overlooked or omitted. Such omissions are here included within 
brackets with proper indications as to their source. 

The records and files are here printed in abstracted form, free 
from needless verbiage, but every essential particular is retained so 
that the historian, genealogist and sociologist may be assured that 
nothing of value has been omitted. The subject matter in leaded 
type above the line, is taken from the clerk's books of records. 
That below the line, set in solid type, is found in the files. The 
footnotes appear below. But little attempt has been made to eluci- 
date the text or the obsolete spelling by means of footnotes, but 
autograph signatures and seals are always noted. Names and words 
are spelled exactly as they appear in the original records or files, 
but they have been indexed under modern spelling when the mod- 
ern form could be determined. Nearly all of the contractions used 
appear in the original record and are easily understood. 

In modernizing the early dates it should always be remembered 
that previous to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar by Act of 
Parliament to take effect Sept. 2, 1752, the month of March was 

*The records of sessions of the court between 3:8: 1654 and April 8 : 
1662 are lacking. 


the first month in the year and " double-dating" prevailed between 
Jan. Ist and March 24th inclusive, in each year, so that 21 : 
12 mo : 1656-7, when modernized, should read Feb. 21, 1657. 

Cordial acknowledgment is due to the Board of County Commis- 
sioners for the County of Essex, who, appreciating the present and 
future value of these records, have heartily co-operated by assum- 
ing the larger part of the cost of abstracting. Thanks are also due 
to Edward B. George, Esq., Clerk of Courts for Essex County, and 
to his corps of assistants, for facilitating the progress of the work 
in every way. The work of abstracting the frequently obscure 
originals and of arranging the copy has been done by Miss Harriet 
S. Tapley, but the final proofs have always received the careful in- 
spection of Sidney Perley, Esq., who at all times has encouraged 
and aided the work. 

George Francis Dow, 

Salem, Mass, Editor. 

November 1st, 1911. 


On the cover of the first volume of records is written the form 
of oath for commissioners and for constables, together with memo- 
randa showing when various constables took the oath. 

" The Forme of an oath for Commissioners : You doe heere take 
God to witness and doe sweare by his name that in all causes or 
controversies that shall come before yo° you will in Gods feare use 
yo"" best skill & abilitye dilligentlie to search out & rightlie to 
iudge w"^out ptiallitie betweene cause and cause & ptie & ptie ac- 
cording to the testimonie & euidence that is brought before you. 
so help yo° God." 

" The forme of an oath for the cunstables, 28 : 1 : 1637 : Whear- 
as you are chosen to the office of a cunstable w'^'in the towne or 
liberties of Salem for the space of a yeare un[til a] new be chosen 
in yo"" roome, yoa doe heare sweare and take God to witnes that 
you will faithfully serue this Comonwealth in the said office, dure- 
ing all the said tyme, yo" shall carefullie see to the p''servaco of 
the peace, you shall arrest all such as in yo'' p^'sence shall goe about 
to disturbe the same & carie them to the next maiestrate, you shall 
duly execute all warrants and comandes delieuered to you from 
Lawfull authoritie. you shall endeuor to find out and p'"sent all 
disorders in comon victualling howsses & all offence of drunken- 
ness and you shall see that true weights & measures be kept and 
vsed by all men in you' towne. so help yo" God." 

William Meades sworn constable of Gloster 22 : 9 : 1648. 
Phillip Virrin sw : x : 2 mo : 1637. 
Mr. Gardener. 

Jno. Alderman sworn 8 : 5 mo : 1639. 
Gervas Garford sworn 13:1: 1639. 
Edward Tomlins de Lyn sw : 31 : 1 : 1640. 
Edward Burcham sw : 31 : 1 : 1640. 
Robt. El well sworn 30: 4 : 1640. 



Wm. Lord sworn 1 : 5 mo : 1640. 

Joseph Bacliler swor of 5 uio : 1641. 

Spooner swoin 20 : 8 : 1641. 

Mr. Henry Bartbolmew 10 : 6 mo : 1 642. 

Mr. Tho. Venner swor. 10 : 6 mo : 1642. 

Mr. liobert Butten 29 : 9 mo : 1642. 

Obediah Brewen 28 : 10 mo : 1642. 

Rich Prence sworu 27 : 10 : 1642. 

John Gillo sworn constable 28 : 4 : 1643. 

Tho. Tresler sworn constable 4 : 7 mo : 1643. 

Moses Maverik sworu constable 26 : 10 : 43. 

Walter Tibott for Gloster 2 : 10 mo : . 

W. Fisk for Wenam 26: 12 : 1643 for Salem. 

Tho. Edwar^J 25 : 1 : 1644 for Marblehead. 

David Co 10 or 11 : 5 mo: 1644. Georg Kesar of Lynn 

and James Axe of Lynn. 

31 : 10 : 1644 Richr. Bishop of Salem. 
Phineas Fisk of Wenam. 

Charles Glover of . 

Chosen constables and sworn : — 

Henry Harwood 7 : 2 mo : 1645 for Salem. 

ISTathaneell Handforth 10 : 5 mo : 45 for Lyn. 

Richard Johnson 8 : 5 : 45 for Lynn. 

Jefferey Massy 15 : 2 : 46 for Salem. 

Mr. Walter Price 26 : 8 : 1646. 

James Moulton, Wenham, 29 : 10 : 1646 . 

Andrew Lester, Gloster, 7:11: 1646. 

Henry Skerry, constable of Salem. 

Mr. Robt. Mansfield and Georg Tayler for Lynn. 

31 : 6 : 1647, John Sibley, Manchester. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4 : 1636. 
Present : Cp. John Endicott, Esq., Cp. Nath. Turner, Mr. Towen- 
shend Bishopp, Mr. Tho. Scrugge. 

The last three above named were sworn as commissioners. 

Corn in constable Wood's hands. 

Thomas Standley, constable of Saugus, fined 10s. for absence 

from court. 

William Woods, juryman, fined 5s. for absence from court, but 
excused by Mr. Humphryes. 


All canoes at Salein, at the north side, ordered to be brought 
" the next second day being 4 : 5 mo : 1636, unto the cove of the 
common landing place of the North River by George Harris his 
house ; and those of the south side before the Storehouse in South 
river," no canoe to be used under penalty of 40s. to the owner, 
except those approved by the surveyors, there to be viewed by 
John Holgrave, Peter Palfrey, Ricr. Waterman, Roger Connant 
and Phillip Verrin. Fine for neglect, 10s. 

Salem watchmen to meet the constable at the meeting house half 
an hour after sunset and in the morning. Penalty, 5s. 

Jury : Timothy Thomlins, foreman, Jeffery Massie, Lawrence 
Leech, Daniell Ray, Ricr. Waterman, Ricr. Rayman, Henry Freake, 
Boniface Burton, John Woodbury, Tho. Talmadge, John Smith and 
John Sibley. 

Civil cases : — 

Phillip Verin v. Francs Perry. 

John S3'monds v. Ricr. Lambert. 

Margret Swifte v. Robt. Cotta. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 7 : 1636. 

Present : Cp. Jno. Endicot, Esq., Cp. Nath. Turner, Mr. Towen- 
shend Bishopp and Mr. Tho. Scrugs. 

Tho. Standley fined 10s. for absence last court ; corn in Mr. Wm. 
Wood's hands to be attached. 

Canoes are to be marked on day to be appointed. 

William James and hi.s wife Elizabetli held in 401i. to appear at 
next court in Boston to answer for confessed uncleanness. 

William Dixie paid 3s. fine for taking 3s. per day. James 
Smith fined 20s., John Stone and Jno. Sibley fined 3s. each for 
taking excessive wages. 

Thomas Brooke fined 10s. " for being overseen in drink ;" fine 
paid by his master, who is to be satisfied by Brooke working out of 

Jno. Adams whipped for running away from his m[aste]r 

Mr. Thomas Scrugs fined 5s. for a pound breach. 

Jury: Jno. Blackleech, foreman, Charles Gott, Phillip Virrin, 
Thomas Gardener, Lawrence Leech, Jeffery Massie, Thomas 
Smith, John Carman, Robt. Driver, Sarg. Walker, Robt. Bottfish 
and Tho. Coldhara. 


Civil cases : — 

Robt. Cotta V. Sargt. Dixie. Assault. 

Robt. Cotta V. Win. Jeggle. Assault and battery. 

Michaell Sallows v. James Smith. Trespass. 

Georg Emerie v. Ben. Felton. 

Matthew Weston v. Richd. Hutchens. Debt. 

John Stone v. Ricr. HoUinworth. Mr. Peters mentioned. John 
Home and Samuell Archer by the procurement of Richr. HoUin- 
worth to view the trees he felled within 6 days. 

John More v. James Smith. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 10 : 1636. 

Present : Mr. Jno. Endicott, Esq., Cp. Nathaneell Turner, Mr. 
Townshen Bishop and Mr. Tho. Scruggs. 

Richard HoUinworth to answer for misdemeanors at the General 
Court in the Bay. Withdrawn upon his submission , etc. 

William Dodg's boy whipped for running away from his master 
several times. 

Jno. Luff to sit four hours in the stocks for resisting constable 


Thomas Gay presented for defaming John Pikworth. 

The worshipful John Humphreys, Esq., fined for absence and 
not giving warrant to the constable of Saugus to warn a jury to 
serve the Commonwealth this court ; and also to demand five shill- 
ings for Willia Wood. Remitted 26 : 10 : 1637. 

Josua Holgrave ordered to appear for pound breaches. 

R. Fogg ordered to collect fines. 

Jury : Robt. Molton, foreman, Phillip Virrin, Daniell Ray, Rcr. 
Waterman, Jeffery Massy, Ricr. Raymt, John Hardy, Peter Palfrey, 
Roger Conant, Law. Leech, Jno. Black and Geo. Willia[m]s. 

Civil cases : — 

John Pike of Newbury, atty., p. Mr. Esou v. Robert Coles. 

John Sweet v. Thomas Bushrode, p. Mr. Johnson's atty. 

Thomas Babb, atty. of Xptor Browning v. Hugh Browne. 

Tho. Babb v. Thomas Gray. Verdict for plaintiff, 81i. beuer 
and 4s. costs. 

Mr. Babb v. Stukley Wescott. 

Mr. Babb v. Jno. Pride and Wm. Vinson*. 

* John Pride's memorandum, dated Jan. 20, 1636:— 7 shirts at 
4s., Hi. 83. : 1 pair worsted hose and garters, 5s. 6d. ; 4 1-2 yds. nb- 


Ricr. Saltonston, Esq., and Stephen Apleton, ex'rs of Sara 
Dillingham, by their atty., Thomas Weld, v. Elias Stilman. 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 1 : 1637. 

Present : Mr. Jno. Endicot, Esq., Mr. Jno. Humphrey, Esq., 
Mr. Townshen Bishop and Mr. Tho. Scruggs. 

Abram Whitheare borrowed a canoe of R. Fogg, which was 
taken by Goodman Lord's wife, being found upon the rocks by 
Darbie's fort in danger, and rescued by Georg Wright. Goodman 
Lord was ordered to pay five shillings to Wright for his pains, and 
twelve pence to Whitheire for loss of time in seeking it. 

Jury : Roger Conant, foreman, Law. Leech, Peter Palfrey, Jno. 
Woodbury, Daniell Ray and Mr. Tho. Read, all of Salem, Mr. 
Moses Maverik of Marblehead, Jno. Carman, Goodman Coop, Tho. 
Couldham, Tho. Hubberd and Robt. Bottfish, all of Saugus. 

Civil cases : — 

Jno. Gillo of Saugus v. Jeremy Willis. 

Wm. Hedg v. Ensigne Walker and Mr. Ed. Tomlins. 

Willia Comins v. James Smith. 

Edm. Bridgs of Saugus v. Wm. Ballard. 

Jno. Pike, atty. for Mr. Eson v. Mr. Humphreys, Esq. Debt. 

Tho. Pane of Saugus v. Nich. Poore. " y* master to make 
good his apparell as good as he found it, & his tyme to begin in 

Geo. Wright v. Cp. Lovell. Jeffery Massy and Robt. Moulton 
to settle accounts between them. 

Abram Whitheare v. Cp. Lovell. 

Ricr. Beefer v. Geo. Burrell. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4: 1637. 

Present: Endicott, Mr. Roger Connant and Mr. Hathorne. 

Peter Palfrey's servant Jane Wheat whipped for killing his 
neighbor's poultry, for lying and loitering and running away from 
her master. 

bon, Is. 3d. ; for silk, 8d. ; more ribion, 9d. ; for an iron potte and 
left to pay for a halyitt, lis. ; lent in mony, 7s. 6d. ; for a pound 
powder, 2s. ; for Mr. Babb, total, 31i. 2d. 

More to John Prid :— Muskitt rest bandeler and powder and shot, 
Hi. 10s. ; for a bible, 5s. ; for a Codd line and 3 hooks, 3s. ; 100 
makrill & a qr. 100 Cod fish, 15s. ; 6 yds. fushion, 12s. Total, 311. 
5s. In all, 61i. 5s. 2d. 


Mr. Woods' servant Isaack Robinson whipped for running away 
from his master very often and enticing others to run away. 

Nicholas Gary reproved for extreme correction of his maid servant. 

John Talbie's wife Dorothy, for frequent laying hands on her 
husband to the danger of his life, and contemning authority of the 
court, to be chained to a post, being allowed only to " come to the 
place of gods worships," until she repents. 

Jury : Thomas Gardener, foreman, John Woodbury, Peter Pal- 
frey, Thomas Olney, Samuell More, Richr. Raymt, Thomas 
Talraadg, Henry Collins, Willia Andrews, Robt. Driver, Willia 
Kiuge and Robt. Bottfish. 

Civil cases : — 

William Wood of Saugus v. Thomas Parker. Trespass. Wit : 
Edw. Dillingham, Jno. Poole, John Carman and Richard Chadwell. 

John More of Salem v. John Gaily. Debt. Referred to the 
town of Salem. 

John Gillo of Saugus v. Christopher Foster, ibid. Debt. 

Geo. Burrell of Saugus v. Mr. Huraphreye, Esq. 

Garves Garford of Salem v. Geo. Roaps. Debt. 

William Pester of Salem v. Francs Dent. Debt. Two cases, both 
void, not being warned. 

William Pester, ibid v. Francs Perry. 

Court held at Salem, 3:8: 1637. 

Present : Endicot, Mr. Jno. Humphreys, Mr. Howe, Mr. Connant 
and Mr. Hathorne. 

Marmeduk Barniston whipped for frequent lying, burglary and 
running away. 

Jury : Robt. Molton, foreman, John Woodbury, Lieft. Daven- 
port, Peter Palfrey, Edw. Batter, Tho. Olney, Francs Weston, John 
Balch, Rich. Walker, Robt. Driver, Willia Woods and Tho. Read. 

Civil cases : — 

Richard Inkersell v. Jno. Norman. 

Robt. Moulton, atty. here of Jno. Grant v, Mr. Isaack Allerton. 

Archiball Thompson v. Cp. Lovell. The latter being absent, 
attachment made. 

Isaac Allerton v. Michaell Lambert. 

Anthony Colebie of Ipswich v. John Hall of Saugus. 

Court held at Salem, 26: 10 : 1637. 
Present: Endicott, Mr. Humphreys, Mr. Connant and Mr. 


Margret Weston challenged three of the jurymen of Salem, Jeffrey 
Massie, Edm. Batter and Anth. Dike. 

Jury : Lawrence Leech, foreman, Lieft. Davenport, John ]3alch, 
Willia Allen, Rich. Brakeubury, Peter Palfrey, John Woodbury, 
Time, Tomlins, Joseph Armetage, Henry Collins, Jenkin Davis 
and Ricr. Walker. 

Civil cases : — 

Isaack Allerton v. Mich. Lambert. 

Wm. Pester v. Francs and Margret Weston. Defamation. 

Lt. How V. Richard Chad well. 

Francs Weston v. John Codman. 

William Browne v. J oh. Elford. 

Thomas An tram v. Nicholas Gary. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 1 : 1638. 

Present : Col. Endicott, Mr. Humphreys, Esq., Cp. Turner, Mr. 
Hathorne, Mr. Edw. Howe and Mr. Roger Connant. 

John England whipped for eavesdropping, a common liar and 
running away from his master Poole of Saugus. 

Richard Lambert fined 10s. and to sit in stocks on two public 
days, to be determined by Col. Endicott, for drunkenness. 

Robt. Morgan fined 20s. and Edward Hall, servant to Mr. Freind, 
fined 10s. for " being overseen in drink." 

John Stone complains that Richr. HoUinworth has not satisfied 
verdict of 1636 ; ordered that the trees be viewed by John Home 
and Samuell Archer within ten days, at the charge of HoUin- 

Thomas i^ay sued Mr. Elias Stilman. The latter allowed 5s. 
for loss of time and witness, i^ay not prosecuting against him. 

Thomas Gray to sit in stocks two hours and Abrara Whitheire 
one hour for misdemeanors. 

Jury : John Woodbury, foreman, Lawrence Leech, Peter Palfrey, 
Jeffery Massy, Richr. Davenport, Thomas Venner, Geo, Norton, 
Joseph Rednap, Francs Lightfoot, Thom. Parker, Willia Hedges 
and Jno. Ramsden. 

Civil cases : — 

Wm. Swifte v. Richard HoUinworth. Debt. 

Mrs. Daniell v. Richard Beckly. 

Abrara Warren v. Peter Buscott. 

Jacob Chapman of Boston v. Edmund Audley. Debt. 


Court held at Salem, 26 : 4 : 1G38. 

Present : Col. Endicott, Mr. Edw. Howe, Mr. Willia Hathorne, 
Mr. Willia Ballard and Mr. Roger Connant. 

Mr. Burrell fined lOli. and to sit in stocks at Lynn next train- 
ing day there for uncleanness, etc. 

John Legg, for uncleanness, to sit in stocks one hour at Salem and 
one hour at Lynn tomorrow being training day, with said Burrell, 
and make confession on the Lord's day after Church meeting and 
blessing pronounced. 

Willia Edmonds' wife to confess her sin before the congregation. 

Robt. Key for unseemly behavior toward Goody Newell to sit in 
stocks at Lynn one hour with her, and one hour at Cambridge 
before Lecture on 4th day of next month. 

Marmeduke Barton, servant of Francs "W^eston, to be whipped 
and a lock put upon his foot for running away from his master and 
filing off his lock, unless Col. Endicott see cause to release him. 

Peter Buscott, smith, to sit in stocks one hour for contemning 
authority of court. 

Elias Stilraan fined 5s. for absence from jury. 

Thomas Oliver and his wife Mary held in 201i. to answer at 

Jury : John Woodbury, foreman, Jeffery Massy, Law. Leech 
Peter Palfrey, Elias Stilman, Thom. Venner, Willi. Allen, Rich. 
Raymt, Henry Feack, Willi. Wood, Joseph Armetage and Rich. 

Civil cases : — 

William Vincent v. Michaell Lambert. Slander. " Tho : 
Chadwell being absent Court Lett fall." 

John Leech and Wm. Vincent v. Jde. [Jno.] Pride. Slander. 
"Let fall " for want of testimony. 

Wm. Browne v. Tho. Scruggs. Debt. 

Mary Maxell v. Geo. Burrell. 

Michaell Sallows v. James Smith. Defamation. 

Willia Pester v. Rich. Lambert. Debt. 

Edm. Grover v. Tho. Scruggs and Wm. Alford. Verdict for 
plaintiff, seventeen bushels corn at harvest. 

Antho. Buxton v. John Pride. Debt. 

James Smith v. Peter Buscott. 

Tho. Oliver v. Peter Buscott. Debt. 


Court hkld at Salem, 25 : 7 : 1638. 

Present: Col. Endicofct, Mr. Howe, Mr. Coimant, Mr. Ballard and 
Mr. Hathorne. 

Dorathy, wife of John Talbie, whipped for misdemeanors against 
her husband. 

" The right worshipl Collonell John Endicot's " servant William 
Poole whipped for running away from his master and to do twelve 
months' service to said master. 

Jury : Lieft. Davenport, foreman, John Woodbury, Jefferey 
Massy, Phillip Virrin, Jacob Barney, Peter Palfrey, Ensigne Reade, 
Nicholas Browne, Henry Collines, Joseph Armetage, Eichard John- 
son and Joseph Redkapp. 

Civil cases : — 

[Nathaneell Skinner of Lin v. Benjamin Parmenter. 

Mr. Houlgraue v. Tho. House. 

Jno. Pride, pottor, v. Anthony Buxton. 

John Harison v. Mr, Jno. Hawes and Mr. Hawks. Peter John- 
son was a witness. 

James Haines v. Mr. Howes and Mr. Hawks. 

Issac Disberoe of Lynn v. Ann Burt. — [Vaste Book.'] 

Robert Quodnam v. Henry Harwood. 

Mr. Haugh v. Cp. Turner. Debt. 

Richard Chadwell v. Daniell How. Defamation. 

Mr. Houlgraue v. Tho. Howes. Trespass. 

Abram Temple v. "ye worshipful mr John Humphreys, mr. 
Hows & mr Hauks." Trespass by their horses. Verdict for 
plaintiff, two bushels corn and 5s. 

John Pride v. Anthony Buxton. 

Hugh Browne v. Tho. Howes. Trespass. 

Stephen Batchler v. Richard Chadwell. Debt. 

James Molton v. Mr. Howes and Mr. Hauks. Trespass. 

James Hinds v. Mr. Hows and Mr. Hauks. Trespass. 

Henry Skerry v. Mr. Howes and Mr. Hauks. Trespass. 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 10 : 1638. 

Present : Col. Endicott, Lt. Col. Winthrope, Mr. Hathorne and 
Mr. Connant. 

Richard Graues and Peter Busgutt indicted for breach of the peace. 
Graves to sit one hour in stocks for beating Busgutt in his own house, 
and Busgutt whipped for contemning court and Mr. Newell. 



Mathew Reade, servant to Mr. Charls Gott, severely whipped for 
drunkenness on the Lord's day, pilfering from his master, etc. 

Jane, wife of Joshua Verrin, presented for absence from reli- 
gious worship. Mr. Peter requested time to confer with her again. 
Jury : Liefte. Davenport, foreman, John Woodbury, Jeffeiy 
Massy, Jacob Barney, Ed. Batter, Lawrance Leech, John Baleh, 
John Smith, Joseph Armetage, Thomas Parker, Willia Knight 
and Jarrett Spencer, the last five being of Lynn. 

Civil cases : — 

John Freind v. Hugh Browne. Debt. 

Georg Ching of Marblehead v. Peter Busgut. 

John Farington of Lynn v. Jno. Hale. Trespass. 

Isaack Disberoe v. Ann Burt. She was absent, and her husband 
Hugh Burt answered for her. 

France Linford, by his attorney Tho. Brook v. Hugh Norman. 

" The worship" Jn° Humphreys EsqV' Jno. Winthrop, Esq., and 
Mr. Hugh Peter v. Phillip Kertland ; action of lOli. debt due to 
Francs Dent. 

Richard Graves v. Peter Busgut, two suits. Defamation. 

Sargant Dixie v. Geo. Wright and Rich. Graves. Trespass. 
Wright sent confession which was published 1 : 2 mo : 1640. 

William Vinson v. Geo. Willia[ms]. 

Isaack Disberoe v, Hugh Burt. Defamation. 

Richard Hollinworth v. Raph Ellinwood. Trespass. 

Isaack Disberoe v. Nath. Kertland. 

Raph Fogg v. Ensigne Read. Trespass. His horse eating up 
the hay grass of R. Fogg. 

Worshipl. Jno. Humphrey, Esq., had attachment against person 
of Peter Busgutt. 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 1 : 1639. 

Present : Colonel Endicot, Mr. Hathorne and Mr. Connant. 
Jury : Jno. Woodbury, foreman, William Clarke, Henry Bird- 
Letter of John Lyon dated, Marblehead, Feb. 16, 1638, and ad- 
dressed to " Right worshipfull," on file. 

Court willed Jno, Lyon,* Jno. Hardy and Geo. Vicass to certify 
what was in their hands 25 : 1 : 1639. Ordered for Tho. Tuck in 
part payment of his dues. 

1639] RliCOllDS AND FILES 11 

sail, Jno. Holgvave, Joseph Batchler, Georg Williams, Peter Woolfe, 
Joseph Hermitage, Richard Johnson, Francs Lightfoote, llobt. 
Driver and Robt. Parsons, the last five being of Lynn. 

Civil cases : — 

William Vincent v. William Bennet. 

Abram Temple v. William Browne. Debt. Two suits. 

Willia Browne v. Abram Temple. 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 4 : 1639. 

Present : John Winthrop, sr., Gov., John Endecott, Col., John 
Winthrop, jr., Lt. Col., John Humphreys, Esq., Emanuell Downing, 
Esq., Mr. Thomas Willes, Mr. Willia Hathorne and Mr. Edward 

Hope, an Indian living with Mr. Hu. Peter, whipped for run- 
ning away and being drunk. 

Edm. Audley to answer charges. 

Abram Warren bound to good behavior for twelve months. 

Mr. Anthonie Thatcher complains that Jane James took things 
from his house. She and her husband Erasmus James bound for 
her good behavior. " The boys to be whiped by the Governor of 
the Familie wher the[y] had offended." 

Mr. Gervas Garford hired a cow of John Pease for a year ; Pease 
being then absent, Garford was ordered to keep the cow till Pease 

''m"- Holliock in behalf of the Lord Brooks, by m^ Ballards 
agreem* ordered to pay 50s. per hire of a yoke of oxen for 3 months 
to Rich' Hutchenson." 

Jury : Lieft. Davenport, foreman, Robert Molton, John Alder- 
man, Jeffery Massy, Jacob Barney, Georg Norton, John Gidney, 
Rich. Sadler, Thomas Layton, Joseph Armetage, Jenkin Davis 
and Francs Lighfoot, the last five being of Lynn. 

Civil cases : — 

[Georg Roaps v. Elias Stilman, sa.— Waste Book-I 

John Pickeringe of Salem v. Richard Lambert. 

Phillip Verrin v. Joseph Pope. Referred to Mr. Hathorne and 
Mr. Sharpe to audit the account. 

Francs Perry and Jane Perry v. Phillip Virrin and wife Dorcas. 
Defamation. Free release on both sides procured by motion of the 

John Tarbx v. Daniell Salmon. Debt. 

.ftr ''' '■ '., ,•■'. \ 


John Leech v. John Pride. Debt. 

John Leech v. Ricr. Graves. Lt. Col, Winthrop promises to pay 
the debt if Graves acknowledges it. 
John Humphreys, Esq. v. Ed. Audley. 
John Goit v. Isaack Disberoe. Debt. 
Elizabeth Pitt v. Daniell Salmon.* 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 24 : 7 : 1639. 

Present : Colonel Endecott, Mr. Emannell Downing, Mr. Wm. 
Hathorne, Mr. Edw. Holliocke and Mr. Tho. Willes. 

Edward Audley fined 20s. for buying a sow fraudulently. 

Mary Olliver sentenced to prison at Boston indefinitely for her 
speeches at the arrival of some new comers. She to be taken by con- 
stables of Salem and Lynn to the prison at Boston. Thomas Olliver 
bound in 201i. for his wife's appearance at next court in Boston. 

George Harris fined 5s. for stopping poundage of swine. 

Jury : Lieftenant Davenport, foreman, Robt. Molton, Thos. 
Gardener, Jervas Garford, Jefferey Massy, Thomas Fenner, Boni- 
fac Burton, Joseph Armetage, Francs Lightfoote, Jarret Spencer, 
Michaell Spencer and Richard Johnson. 

Civil cases : — 

[Jno. Woodbury, Peter Palfrey and John Balch v. Elizabeth 

Edmund Audley V. Edward Burcham. Slander. — Waste Book.'] 

Thomas Olliver v. Geo. Harrys. Trespass, " acording to ord. 
of Towne, Jn° Woodberry, tres." 

Joan Tapp v. James Smith and wife. Defamation. 

Thomas Couldham of Lynn v, Thomas Scire of Lynn, Trespass. 
Wit : Josias Stanborough and Boniface Burton, 

Hugh Burt of Lynn v. Isaack Disberoe. 

Jeffery Estie of Salem v. Ricr. Hollinworth. If Estie does not 
pay for the time in five weeks or the other accept his boat, court to 
give execution. 

Edmund Thompson v. " The wo'p^ Jn° Humphreys Esq''." Wit : 
Jno. Abbie and Daniell Fairefield ; " by warrant, Jn° marston Laun- 
slot West Jn° more, and Jere : Vale." Granted attachment of 91i. 
15s. on Mr. Humphreys. 

•Elizabeth Pitts* was of Dorchester. She signed a receipt for 
61i : 10s. on 21 : 9 mo : 1639. 


John Pickering v. Richard Lambert. Debt. 

James Moulton v. " ye wo'^p' Jn** Humphrey Esquir." Trespass. 

James Vnderwood v. " y* wo'^p' Jn" Humphrey Esq." Trespass, 
sixteen bushels of corn spoiled. Mr. Humphreys being absent and 
no attorney appearing, court granted attachment of 91i. 13s. for 
James Moulton and 51i. 7s. for James Underwood. 

John Prid v. Wm. Vinsent. Prid to have 2s. for a day's work.* 

Ricr. Inkersell v. Jacob Barney. Upon motion of Colonel Ende- 
cott, Jeffery Massy and others ordered to lay out lands of defen- 

Daniell Salmon's person to be attached for a debt. Joseph Ar- 
metage and Garret Spencer bound that he pay Mrs. Pitts. 

Court held at Salem, 31 : 10 : 1639. 

Present : Colonell Endecott, Mr. Ema. Downinge, Mr. Wm. 
Hathorne and Mr. Edward Holliock. 

Mr. Phillip Verrin v. Joseph Pope, continued. 

Abram Whitheire and Jno. Legg bound in 201i. for their wives' 
good behavior. 

ti ye -^,ro''pi Jn° Humphreys Esq'' " v. Thomas Chubb. 

John Webster and Thomas Oddingsall, witnesses in case con- 
cerning Micha Tver, fined 5s. each for absence. 

Roger Scott bound in lOli. for good behavior. 

Constable at Lynn ordered to arrest Joseph Garlik and Thomas 
Mercer, and if they do not give bonds to take them to Boston 

[Francis Felmingham v. Francis Skerry. — Waste Book.'] 

" The woV ni'' Em: Downing" complained of Tho. Sams for 
speaking to his maid servant without her master's or mistress' 
consent, for coming unseasonably on Lord's day and in nights, for 
being contracted without consent of his master or mistress by Wm. 
Allen with their lies in presence of Jno. Balch and Mr. Ja. Downing. 
To sit in stocks one hour. 

Goodman Witter [Winter.— Waste Book.'] v. Jno. Pickering and 
Sam. Bennet. 

♦Bill in favor of John Pride. 6 yds. canvis, 12s. ; new shirt, 
5s. ; " for about what I stands bound to Mr. Walton," 10s. ; left to 
pay of a debt of 41i. 10s., 10s.; 2 weeks' work with John Leach, 
12s. ; to Mis. Goose, 2s. 9d. ; 1-4 of hundred of lead, 9s. ; canvis 
drawers, 28. Total, 21i. 14s. 9d. " wh. he pd my moth^ 6s." 


Jury : Lieft. Davenport, foreman, Edmund Batter, Lawrence 
Leech, John Sanders, Jeffery Massy, Richard Brakenbury, John 
Sibley, Edward Howell, Richard Sadler, Richard Walker, Joseph 
Floyd and Henry Collins. 

Nich. Browne, constable, had charge of the jury. 

Civil cases : — 

Hugh Burt V. Isaack Disberoe. John Farington, surety. 

Edmund Thompson v. " the wo''p' Jn" Humphreys, Esq''." 
Defendant's witnesses: Edward Richards, Jno. Abbie and Daniell 
and Jno. Flute who said that he drove out eight Marblehead cows 
and eight calves from Mr. Thompson's. Mr. Stephens' (of Marble- 
head) boy or Mr. Maverik " fetched them away." 

James Molton, v. . [Henery Stephens testified that 

he had seen two black cows and one branded in Goodman Molton's 
and Mr. Tompson's corn, and had seen Mr. Felmiughara drive them 
often. Edward Richards testified that the year before he had 
seen cows owned by Marblehead men in Goodman Molton's corn. 
— Waste Book.'] 

James Vnderwood v. Mr. Humphreys. 

Micha Iver v. Tho. Tuck. Slander. Wit : Jno. Cook, Mr. 
Clark's man, Charls Turner and Mr. Fester's man. John Webster 
and Thomas Oddingsall, absent witnesses. 

Micha Iver v. George Dill. Defamation. 

George Dill v. Micha Iver. Slander ; " caling him drunken 
slave, & y* he would marke him for an ould Roage." 

Abram Whitheire v. Jno. Legg. Trespass. To be determined 
by Mr. Moses Maverik. 

Abram Whitheire v. John Legg and wife. Slander. 

Erasmus James v. John Legg and wife. Defamation. 

Phillip Kertland v. Geo. Keysar. Verdict for plaintiff, four acres 
of land due by ye bounds trespass 12d. and trees felled. [Jos. 
Pope and Hugh Burt, witnesses. — Waste Book.] 

Georg Keyser v. Jno. Pickering. Wit : Timothy Tomlins and 
Ensigne Walker, 

William Fisk v. Wm. Pester. 

William Ivory v. Roger Scott. Defamation. 

Tho. Tuck V. Micha Iver. Slander, viz : " y* he war drunck, 
respited a little." 

Adam Hauke v. Mr. Bridgs. 


CouKT HKLD AT Salem, 1 and 2 : 11 : 1639. 
Barbery, wife of [Edw.— Wdste Book.} Clark, to be whipped 
for unchaste words, etc. ; and is " not to haue to doe w^*> this man 

Joanes (who is a married man) to be set in stocks one lio>ir for 
drunkenness, and fined lOli. for his carriage with the said Mrs. 
Clark. Neglect to pay, to be severely whipped. [Wit : Elizabeth 
Oliver, Barbery Pearce and Thomas Oliver. — Waste Book.'] 

Charles Turner fined 51i. for false swearing. AVm. Pester, security. 
Mr. William Pester admonished for excessive drinking. [Susan 
Stakhouse deposed. — Waste Book.} 

Mr. James Downing admonished to take great heed of such com- 
pany. He manifested great remorse which gladdened the hearts of 
his friends. 

Mr. Jno. Holgrave presented by grand jury, but nothing proved ; 
" to draw a note hear of & send to Boston to clear his name." [Mrs. 
Holgrave said that Geo. Dill came '' to Mr. Holgraves for 2 or 3 
qts of wine. She gave liberty for 1 qt. & he went to Lydia & said 
they gave leave for 3 qts." — Waste Book.} 

Micha Iver bound in 201i. to answer Tho. Tuck at Boston con- 
cerning money that Tho. Tuck wants. " See Jn° Cooks deposi- 
tion." Thomas Tuck bound to prosecute. [Said Iver was strongly 
suspected by Thomas Tuck and others of taking away certain silver. 
— Waste Book.} 

Geo. Dill fined 40s. for " drunkenes, & to stand att the meet- 
ing hous doar next Lecture day, w^*^ a Clefte stick upon his Tong, & 
a pap[er] vpon his hatt subscribed for gross || p'^meditated ||. 
Lyinge." Mr. Humphreys' security. 

Jno. Cook same as above. His master Clark to pay. Neglect to 
pay, to be whipped. 

Tho. Tuck same as above, except the paper is to be marked 
simply " for Lyinge," and " noe cleft sticks on his tong." 

Micha Ivers same as Tho. Tuck. He places as security his lot 
in the cove near Mr. Holgraves, by Dixies, also one-half an acre of 
land upon the neck toward Winter harbor that he bought of Geo 

[" If any of the Towne shall know any person that shall live 
out of a pticular calling shall inforrae the Graniury that the[y] may 
pceed ageanst them." — Waste Book.} 


Court held at Salem, 31:1: 1640. 

Present : Col. Endecott, Jno. Humphreys, Esq., Mr. Emal. 
Downinge, Mr. Will. Hathorne and Mr. Edward Holliock. 

Arthur Sandin appointed to keep an ordinary at Marblehead 
until ye General Court. 

Thomas Gray of Marblehead convicted of drunkenness on testi- 
mony of Mr. Wm. Walton and Phillip Choppin. Recognized to 
answer in court at Boston. 

Tho, Mercer and Joseph Garlike to answer at next court for 

Constables of Salem and Marblehead ordered to arrest and com- 
mit to gaol in Boston, Wra. Maid and Tho. Ashley to answer at 
next court in Salem to Jno. Bible in debt and for absence from 

Mr. Clarke refers himself to next court about fine of his servant 
Jno. Cooke. 

Mr. Humphreys, Mr. Thompson and Marblehead men also to 
produce witnesses about trespass in Mr. Tompson's corn by cattle 
of Marblehead. 

" Francs Nurse a youth for stealing of victualls & for suspition 
of breaking a house."* 

All or both the Smiths, Mr. S. Smith, James Smith, sr., and his 
son James Smith, jr., to answer, etc., next day. James, sr., 
recognized for appearance of James, jr., at next court for contempt 
of court, departing without leave ; and James, sr., and his wife 
Mary recognize for his appearance at next court for theft. 
[Georg Harys testified that young James Smith " stole pouder wch 
was found in his pockett." " Collonel Endecot Doth revoke any 
good testimony that he hath given of him for he now finds him 
not worthy any good report." Thomas Skiling accused James 
Smith, sr., of saying that this court was partial, and he must go to 
Boston court to get justice. Mr. Smith and his son testified 
against James, sr. James Smith, jr., "Confessed y* he had 
taken a little p*= of baco in the"" old house when Goodman White 
lived there and 2 qts. of English meale & about ^li. of suet. Also a 
peece of Cheece, but I am cleare of anything that the acuse me of." 
The 5s, gold he had of his mother and three half crowne pieces 
from Sam. Eaborne. Jno. Bickett deposed against him saying that 

»Thls is crossed slightly. 


Smith told him that he bought 21i. of suet of White's wife, pay- 
ing 7d. per li., and about a pound of cheese. Young James Smith 
confessed " he spent a pint of wine att wind mill." Sam Eaborne 
produced a witness named Thomas Bays. Both fined for theft. — 
Waste Book.'] 

Abram Whitheire and wife and Jno. Legg and wife discharged, 

" The worshipl Jno Humphreys Esquir" v. Tobias Hill and wife. 

John Stone v. Jno. Luff. Mr. Jervas Garford and Jeffery Massy 
to end it. 

Tobias Hill recognized for his wife's appearance. [Benjamin. 
Parmiter and E.icr, Uzald testified that it was an ordinary thing 
for Tobias Hill to profane the name of God. Jno. Bratley was 
another witness. " Jn° Woodburys man said that Edward B"" M"* 
Connants & man W™ Wellman a boy did hear Tobias Hill say y* he 
had ynough of his wyf now, y' he could spare his wyf to any in the 
Towne now for 3 or 4 days. And m'' waltham & ra'' Maverik report 
y* one philip Beare doth usually frequent the house of this Tobias 
Hill, & lives dissolutely." Phillip Beare, being " vehementlie sus- 
pected fo'' vncleanes & inordinat Liveing by making disention & 
discord in the house of y^ s,^ Tob. Hill," is ordered to keep away 
from Hill's house and wife. — Waste Book.] 

Charls Turner to answer next court. 

Jury: Lieft. Davenport, foreman, John Woodbury, Will. Lord, 
Tho. Venner, Edm. Batter, Jeffery Massy, Edw. Tomlins, Wm. 
Knighte, Nicholas Potter, Edward Burcham, Wm. Longley and 
Jenkin Davis. [The last six from Lynn. — Waste Book.] 

Civil cases : — 

Samll. Eaborne v. Ja. Smith, jr. Burglary, for stealing 10s. out 
of his house. 

Sam Eaborne v. Mary Smith, sr. Defamation. 

Sam Eaborne v. James Smith, sr. Slander. 

Samuell Smith v. James Smith, sr. Theft. 

Sml. Smith v. Mary Smith, sr. Suspicion of felony. 

John Bible v. Wm. Maide and Thomas Ashley. Nathaneell Pitt- 
man testified that defendants had warrants for their appearance 
under Mr. Winthrop's hand. 

Henry Addis v. Joseph Roots. 


Court held at Salem, Juue 30, 1640. 

Present : Colonel Endecott, Mr. Jno. Humphreys, Mr. Em. 
Downing, Mr. Wm. Hathorne and Mr. Tho. Willis. 

Richard Gell, an apprentice boy unto Mr. Jno. Yongs, sentenced 
for burglary on Lord's day and stealing, to be " severii whipped 
tomorrow being Lecture day & to sett an hower before the Lecture 
w*'' a pap[er] writt and sett vpon his head for breking a hous, 
stealing, etc. on the Lord's day." 

Mr. Pester became surety for Charls Turner's fine. 

Will of Bethia Cartwright of Salem, deceased, dated INIay 2, 
1640, proved June 30, 1640. No executor being named, John 
Jackson is appointed administrator. Georg Norton had expended 
about 51i. under the deacons' hands during her sickness, which is 
to be paid him, the coat mentioned in the will to be made a part 
of it. Norton's man attended her,* 

On behalf of Thomas Tuck attached 26s. of William Hilton's in 
Mr. Pester's hands. 

Tobias Hill cleared out, being in debt, and Mr. Moses Maverick 
and Mr. Wm. Pester, two creditors, were appointed receivers. 
[Tho. Venner is to have an attachment of 8s. of Hill's goods in 
Mr. Pester's and Mr. Maverick's hands. Mr. Stilman propounded 
a case of some meadow and marsh land. — Waste Book.'] 

Mr. Willia Brown's goats came near Mr. Batter's farm, and Mr. 
Verrin's maid set a little dog on them. Mr. Batter's great dog fell 
upon the goats and killed one. Mr. Batter was ordered to pay for 
the goat. 

*She bequeathed " my bed, my bolster and two pillow-beres with 
a blancet and a coverlet unto Elizabeth Capon my sister in walders- 
wick in Sutf item I give unto Mary Norton the wife of Georg Nor- 
ton in Salem my best coat, item I giue unto my sister above said 
thre peuter platters and a double saltseller, item I give vnto John 
Jackson the son of John Jackson half a dozen spoones and a por- 
renger, item I give unto Margret Jackson the wife of John Jack- 
son of Salem my box of linning, with a payre of shetes, item I will 
that fower payer of sheets be sold to pay pt of my debts, item I 
give unto Elizabeth Kellem a surg wasot. Item I give unto John 
Jackson aforesaid my bible, item I will that my two best cloath 
wascotes to be sold as my shets aforesaid. Item I give unto Eleza- 
beth Nicksone my payer of Anderens, item I will that ray napkins 
and bord cloaths to be sold as my wascots aforesaid." Wit : 
Elizabeth Nickson* and Thomas Warren.* 



William James was fined 40s. for " proud peremptory carriage 
against the court." He had some money in Mr. Ruck's hands, 

James Smith, jr., to be severely whipped for filching and steal- 
ing and disobedience and stubbornness to his parents. 

James Smith, sr., fined lOli. for charging the court with partiality. 

Joseph Garlick fined 40s. for drunkenness, and being indebted 
to Mr. Moses Maverick 31i. and Mr. Holgrave 15s., he is ordered 
to serve Maverick 12 months for the value of 121i. and 15s. to 

*•' John. Webster the Baker admonished for brewing and tiple- 

George Dill commanded to pay his fine of 40s. in weekly pay- 
ments of 6s. to " mee R : Fogg." 

Mr. William Pester and Georg Wathan dispute about one acre 
of ground and a garden, — two indifferent men to be appointed to 
say what Pester shall give Wathan, and if Pester "can prove ag* 
Thomas Chubb he may recover of him." 

Mr. Jno. Holgrave acquitted of his presentment for drawing 

William Lord, constable, ordered to keep weights and measures. 

Jury : Lt. Davenport, foreman, Henry Bartholomewe, Jacob 
Barney, John Gidney, Edmund Batter, Peter Palfrey, Georg Nor- 
ton, Richard Brakenbury, Georg Tayler, Robt. Driver, Christopher 
Foster and Thomas Layton. 

Civil cases : — 

John Holgrave v. Jno. Pride. Cutting down fence on highway, 

Robt. Codnam v. Richr. Cook of Marblehead. Debt. 

Daniell Salmon v. " y^ wo'^p^ Jn" Humphrey Esq''." Debt. 

John Luff v. Jno. Bullfinch. Debt. 

Augustin Calera, goat keep, v. Mr. Connant and others. 

Georg Wright v. Edward Barton. Debt. 

William Lord, Francs Felmingham and Jno. Pickeringe, attor- 
neys for Thomas Burwood and Xptor Berry v. Thomas Oliver. Oli- 
ver to pay 221i. within 10 days, and the house, ground and fruit 
to be his, or " to reenter the house and Oliver to pay 61i. and 
himself to have the fruit." 

William Towne v. Jno. Cook. Debt. To measure Cook's land, 
and if 5 acres be remaining to make up Town's land, to pay the 
latter 6 marks, etc. 


[Henry Aldis v. Francs Perry. Debt. Defendant absent, Mr. 
Browne, his attorney. — Waste Book.'\ 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 7 : 1640. 
Present : Colonel Endecott, Jno. Humphrey, Esq., Emanuell 
Downing, Mr. Tho. Willes, Mr. Wm. Hathorne and Mr. Edw. 

John Cooke, servant to Mr. Wm. Clark of Salem, to be severely 
whipped and have a shackle put upon his leg for resisting his mas- 
ter's authority, for most desperate speeches touching his appearance 
in court, pointing his hand at his side saying, •' You shall see a hole 
here first," & if he were in hell he should have more company, for 
theft, etc. Mr. Clark and sister Clark testified that they were in 
danger of their lives, and fearful of their children in point of lust. 
[John Pearce, Mr. Batter's man, counselled him not to take correc- 
tion from his master. Pearce was sent for. — Waste Book.'] 

Marmeducke Barton, servant to John Home, for running away 
and pilfering, to be severely whipped. [He acknowledged that he 
went into two houses on the Lord's day and took half a cheese and 
a piece of cake out of Goodman Gouldsmith's and ate it, and 
also a knife and a little milk. " The other house was neare the 
great Cove where I took nothing. Mr. Jno. Home desired the 
court's mercy and favour in behalf e of his servant." — Waste Book.'] 
Mary Boutwell (also Boudwell) of Lynn, for not working, and 
living idly and stealing, " taking away oth''* victualls p''tending 
Comunitie of all things," sentenced to be whipped, but through 
clemency only admonished. [Her brother testified that she threw 
beans to swine when milk should have been given them. — Waste 

Captain Traske admonished to be more careful about grinding 
and toll-taking. Richr. Inkersell testified that he had grists 
weighed before Lawrence Leech, a grandjuryman, before they went 
to mill, and when they came back they were much short of weight 
wanting in two grists 71i. each and 51i. in another, besides being 
badly ground. Others testified. Richard Inkersell to have satis- 

Allen Yewe and William Reeves to answer at Boston for mis- 
demeanors. [Wm. Reeves witnessed that Yew was " something 
in drink." John Bartoll said that he was drunk and fought. — 
Waste Book.] 


Robert Adames to be set by the heels in the stocks for being 
uncharitable to a poor man in distress, taking his canoe, for charg- 
ing court with injustice, etc. [Ricr. Roots testified that he and 
Skudder took Adams' canoe on the Lord's day but did not take it 
over. — Waste Book.'] 

Jno. More, Joseph Garlick and Barton for slandering John 

Hardy, etc., continued. 

VVillia Bowdish summoned as a witness by John Stone, having 
lost a good part of two days, to have five shillings. 

John White to be paid for bacon, cheese and suet stolen from 
him by James Smith, jr. Warrant delivered to Jno. Woodbury. 

Jury : Lt. Davenport, foreman, John Alderman, Robt. Molton, 
John Woodbury, Peter Palfrey, Henry Bartholomewe, Tho. Lay- 
thorpe, Tho. Smith, Boniface Burton, Joseph Floyd, Francs Ligh- 
foote (also Lightfoote) and Henry Collins, the last four being of 

Civil cases : — 

Jacob Barney v. Richard Inkersell. Feeding cattle in his marsh. 
Verdict : Two loads of hay at water side as convenient as his own 

John Bradshawe v. " y® wo''p' Tho : Willes." Debt. Verdict for 
plaintiff, his wages according to agreement. 

John Checkley v. Josias Standborow. Plaintiff promises to act 
as attorney for Mrs. Fitner (also Fitney) in later suits. [Mrs. 
Fitnei-'s book showed Standborow debtor to her in 51i. 7s. 2d. 
Mr. Corwin, Tho. Silsbee and Tho. James deposed that Mr. Stan- 
borow acknowledged the debt. — Waste Book.] 

Thomas Ruck, Willia Brown, Benjamin Felton and Thomas 
Dixie v. Henry Skerry, Thomas Olliver and others for not making 
a fence on Darbie fort side. Mr. Humphreys promised to find 
posts and rails and begin to place them this winter. [Robt. Good- 
ell, Edw. Ingeram, Tho. Dixie and Peter Palfrey deposed as to 
number of bushels spoiled. Cp. Traske deposed that when he laid 
out ground of Mr. Humphreys he promised to fence betwixt, but 
cannot say it was a condition in the grant. Peter PaKrey and 
Jno. Woodbury deposed that they were to fence. — Waste Book.] 

Mr. Humphrey's sureties were Henry Stephens and Wm. 

Michaell Spencer v. John Pickering. Defamation. 

Robt. Isbell v. Ens. Tho. Reade. Mr. Gardener to be paid 3s. 



by plaintiff for waiting at court. [\Vm. Made deposed that Mr. 
Read promised in the winter time to procure 18 or 201i. within a 
fortnight or three weeks after Jan. 15, in payment for the fence 
about the neck of land on the north side.— Waste Book.] 

Josua Verrin v. Richard Inkersell. Defendant to maintain his 
share of the fence for one acre of ground. [Geo. Inkersell de- 
posed that he heard Milliard Verrin read that Goodman Giles was 
to make the fence betwixt his father and Goodman Giles and the 
fence at the end of the half acre and the general fence of the two 
acres on the outside. Edw. Giles deposed that there was no 
agreement between himself and Richd. Ingersell that he was to 
make and maintain any more than hjs proportion in the general 
fence belonging to one acre. — Waste Book.] 

Timothy Tomlins v. John Pickering. Defamation. Defendant 
is fined and " in some publik meeting att Lynn before next Court 
* * * shall publiklie acknowledg the wronge done y« sd Tomlins," 
etc. [Wm. Knight and wife testified that Tomlins was very affec- 
tionate, etc. — Waste Book.] 

John Bartall v. Allen Yew (also Yewe). Plaintiff said defen- 
dant was drunk and fought. Attachment of defendant's boat or 
dered, in custody of Jno. Goit. 

Robt. Adams v. John Skudder. Trespass. 

Francs Lause v. Robt. Isbell and Willia Wake. " bro : Tho. 
Smith" said that Lynn men received 2s. 6d. each or were to 
have it made up by men of their town. 9s. were laid on the 
table and Tho. Laythrop took up 5s. and Mr. Bartho[loraew] 3s. 

Tho. Ruck V. John Abbie. Trespass. 

George Norton v. Rich. Hollinworth. 

Wm. Browne v. Rich. Hollinworth. 

[Tho. Odingsalls v. Jno. Webster. — Waste Book.] 

John Stone v. Jno. Thorndike. Defamation. 

Wm. Clarke v. Ens. Tho. Reade. 

Jno. Thorndik v. John Stone. 

Wm. Vinsent v. Jno. Holgrave. 

Tho. Olliver v. Jno. Pride. Debt. 

Robt. Tike v. Samuell Archer. Defamation. Two cases. 

Elin Codd v. Wm. Pester. Debt. 

Sam. Archer v. Robt. Tike. 

Jno. Sibley v. James Smith, jr. Trespass. 

William Lord for Thomas Burwood and Christopher Berry, who 


" went for Ould England," moves and court orders that John 
Woodbury and Peter Palfrey measure one-half acre of land at 
Thomas Olliver's new house. 

" The Court sent a warrant to m"" Stephens." 

A committee to be chosen to consider about a field to be enclosed 
i' about m'' Peters, etc." 

Court hkld at Salem, 29 : 10 : 1640. 

Present : Colonel Endecott, Jno. Humphreys, Esq., Emanuell 
Downing, Esq., Mr. Willia Hathorne and Mr. Edw. Holliocke. 

George Inkersell fined 10s. for making a mistake in a deposi- 

Joseph Garlick slandered John Hardy by saying that he heard 
Benjamin Hammon, Hardy's servant, say that he heard Hardy 
swear and curse and beat his man. [John More deposed that 
Hammon said " if you see my nir you litle think wt is in him for 
he is a very hasti man." Joseph Garlik deposed " when I came to 
him for mony yt he owed me Ben : Answrd he would pay when he 
had it & said it was wors with him now yn when he lived wth 
Lieft. howe for now he works night & day." The Court found 
Hammon " a yong rash, unsetled & indiscreet yong man ready to 
run into divers enormities if Lett ivee."— Waste Book.'] Garlick 
was discharged and Hammon was sentenced to serve Hardy twelve 
months longer. 

Nicholas Pacie and wife Katherin made confession in writing 
about a marriage contract.* 

John Cook recognizes to appear in court. 

Mr. Fog is ordered to attach for fines, and after one month's time 
sell the goods. 

Joseph Hermitage fined 5s. for absence as juror. 

Jury : Lieft. Davenport, foreman, Jacob Barney, Jefferey Massy, 

♦Nicholas Pacy confessed that he knew of his wife's promise to 
marry Marke Vermass of Salem when he married her. " I do 
hereby desire that this ray hearty acknowledgment may be accept- 
ed of all men and that it may be a warning to all whom it may 
concerne, not to deale rashly in matters of such weight to the 
griving of the harts not only of my wife and the party aboves^d, 
whom I have wronged, but also to other godly christians." His 
wife Katharn confessed that she had been troubled in her conscience 
about it since her marriage, and had sinned in denying conjugal 
respects unto her husband because of her scruples. 


Henry Bartholomew, Lawrence Leech, Edin. Batter, Tho. Gard- 
ener, John Alderman, Peter Palfrey, Nicho. Browne, Richrd. 
Walker and George Keasar, the last three being of Lynn. [Mr. 
Garford was constable for the jury. — Waste Book.'] 

Civil cases : — 

Thomas Olliver v. Charls Turner. Verdict for plaintiff, due for 
one quarter's rent of house 7s. 6d. and 4s. for the cellar. 

" The worp' Jn° Humphreys " v. John Holgrave. Verdict for 
defendant and the remainder of the salt is for Mr. Humphreys. 
[Marmaduke Barton, Lydia Gouge and Mrs. Holgrave examined 
about salt. — Waste Book.] 

Review of cases of Josua Verrin, Richard Inkersell and Edw. 

Walter Knight v. Ricr. Cook. Debt. 

William Bowdish v. John Norman. About defendant serving a 
warrant at Jeffrey's Creek. 

Daniel Fairefield v. Zacheus Gould, Trespass. 

John Bartall v. Jno. Legg and Tho. Sams. Debt. Referred to 
Mr. Fowle. 

[Lanclet West testified in the matter of hogs in the corn, that 
he took out 18 or 19, and " we had the key of the hous a little 
after harvest," and there were barrels and nets and other things 
under the cabbages. Also, Henry Stephens, Jno. Flute and Wm. 
Willia testified that they met " Daniell " with a bushel of turnips, 
1-2 peck parsnips, and about 100 cabbages, that " 1-2 of the body 
of last load of Cabidges we fetched, & did not see any rooting in 
the Garden by swine & that few of them were whole but most of 
them broken & Cutt." John Hodshen said he had seen " Daniell " 
many times put turnips to his own use. 

Wm. Woodbury v. Wm. Jygls. — Waste Book.] 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 1 : 1641. 

Present: Collonell Endecott, Jno. Humphreys, Esq., Mr. Em. 
Downing, Mr. Wm. Hathorn, Mr. Edw. Holliock and Mr. Tho. 

James Smith, jr., for stealing two fishing lines, to return twice 
as many lines and pay 20s, for loss of owner's time. 

" Thomas South is in regard of his adge etc. exempted fro 
Trayning paying 6* p Ann to this Court and freed fro his former 


Ricr. Fowler fined for reproachful speeches concerning church 
discipline, on complaint of Obediah Holmes. Fined 40s. 

Ruben Gup pi to be severely whipped " for running away to the 
Estward fro his wyfe great w"' Childe ; for stealing & Blasfemie 
Lying & swearing etc.," on complaint of Wm. Vincent. [Robt. 
Pease complained that Guppi had stolen his axe. " 0'' Collonell " 
finds him to be a thief not only in stealing wood axes but Sargeant 
Dixie and others had seen a hen in Guppi's breeches. Samuell 
Fuller and Robt. Fuller testified that they went to Guppi's house, 
and Guppi said that he did not go to meeting and that the par- 
ings of his nails and a chip were as acceptable to God as the day 
of thanksgiving. He also swore. — Waste Book.'] 

Wm. Poole having stolen stockings from Tho. Rood and taken 
away a canoe of Mr. Enierey's, is ordered to return the stockings 
and be whipped for lying, 

Wilia Bowdish fined 10s. for misinforming the court and causing 
J no. Stone to be unjustly fined. 

Georg Williams' apprentice boy, Mathew Jellet, to serve him two 
years longer ; but as Francis Perry deposed that the apprenticeship 
was only for seven years and to end in March, the court " freed the 
youth," who agreed to serve his master six months longer, which 
the court agreed to. 

Hugh Browne's wife, for breaking his head and threatening that 
she would kill him, so that he is even weary of his life, throwing 
stones at him, causing his face to bleed, calling him beast, and 
-wishing him hanged and that he might never come home, to be se- 
verely whipped. She also annoyed the neighbors. [Wit : Goody 
Harwood and Goody Nixon, who saw them scuffling together. — 
Waste Book.'] 

William Wake " was so vaine as to defame m"^ Pestor on so sleight 

[Goodman Auger is ordered to call a general town meeting the 
second day of the week to see about a free school. — Waste Book.] 

Accounts of widow Baker and Nathaneell Pittman, and deposi- 
tions relating to them, examined. 

Mr. Freind's damage in his corn through defect of men's fences. 
All who neglect to repair fences on south side of the South field to 
pay Friend 30s. and make repairs both on the part next to town and 
meeting house and on south side, to prevent damage on one end as 
■well as the other. 


Juiy : Henry Bartholomew, foreman, John Woodbury, Thomas 
Lothrop, John Gedney, Peter Palfrey, Elias Stilmau, William 
Knight, Nicholas Potter, Thomas Towenshend, John Rainsdall, 
Thomas Parker and Jenkiu Davis. 

Civil cases : — 

John Bartall v. John Legg and Tho. Sams, which was referred, 
to Mr. Fouls. Mr. Downing promised to see the matter ended. 

Ricr. Hollinworth v. Edmund Woodley. 

William Pester v. Ann Pigdon and Willa Wake. Defamation. 
[Wit : Goody James, Wm. James, Mrs. Goose, Charls Turner and 
Robt. Henfield.— Waste Book.] 

Mathew Williams V. Susan Greene, widow. Jno. Woodbury to 
end the business. 

William Fisk v. Mathew Waler. Fisk to have 20s. for the house 
he hired and to finish the house within fourteen days or be liable 
for damages and " breking of the axes to answe"^ W"" fisks seruant 
Loss of tyme goeing so farr furthe"^ to work y" he needed to have 
done." [Francs Nurce deposed that the axe was whole before, but 
after was " brok so as he might Lay his finge"^ in it." — Waste 

Joseph Harrington, servant to Cp. Keane v. Thomas Keysar of 
Lynn. Debt. 

Georg Williams v. Jno. Pickworth. [Jno. Home testified as to 
agreement between the parties that Pickworth should not meddle 
with any more of those trees. — Waste Book.] 

[Francs Perry v. Jno. Stone. 

Robt. Nash v. Walter Knight. Debt. 

Wm. Pester v. John Stone. Debt. 

Wm. Pester v. Xptor Lynsey. Debt. 

The Worpl. Emanuell Downing and Edmund Batter v. Wm. 
Langley of Lynn. Trespass. 

Dierman Mathew v. Nathan eell Tayler. Slander. 

Ricr. Graves testified that a certain bill was made a little before 
he was married. — Waste Book.] 

Court held at Salem, 29: 4: 1641. 

Present : Jno. Endecott, Dep. Gov., Mr. Jno. Humphreys, Esq., 
and our Serg.-Maj.-Gen., Mr. Emanuell Downing, Mr. Wil. Hath- 
orne, Mr. Edw. Holliocke and Mr. Tho. Willes. 

Thomas Gardener fined 2s. 6d. for absence from jury of trials. 


Joseph Arraetage's fine partly remitted for absence from jury. 

Mr. Walter Price brought in an invoice of clothing that was left 
by his servant John Watkins, who died within six or seven weeks 
after landing. IMr. Price was ordered to keep the goods as he had been 
at charge for Watkins' passage, and had no service of him of value. 
[Price brought Watkins with him from England and had paid 511. 
for his passage. His clothing was appraised at 51i. 4s. lOd. by 
James Gary and Abel! Kelly, as follows : Piece of leather, Gs. 8d. ; 
pair of gloves, 6d. ; an old suit, 8s. ; a suit of clothes, Hi. 5s.; 2 
pair drawers, 4s.; 6 pair stockings, 7s. 6d. ; 2 cots, Hi. 2s.; 3 
pair new shoes and 2 old, 12s. 4d. ; l-21i. thread and a little 
hemp, 2s. ; 3 shirts, 10s. and 3 ragged ones, 2s. 6d., 12s. 6d. , 
a chest and a few nails, 2s. Gd. ; an old hat, lOd. ; 3 old bands ; 
total, 51i. 4s. lOd.— Waste Book.] 

William Knight, constable of Lynn, complained against consta- 
bles of Lynn for not accounting. Court answers that they cannot 
until they have chosen " Townesmeu." 

John Cook (on Mr. Clark's good report) discharged of his recog- 

Ordered that the creek leading up to Clay brook against Mr. Stil- 
man's lot be mended against great cattle : all damage being paid 
by owners of common fence there. 

John Kettle, a boy, apprenticed to Jno. Lovett of Mackerell cove 
to be severely whipped, and to serve his master 40s. longer to pay 
fine (which Lovett is to pay) " for breking open Jn° Wards house 
& stealing milk (though he had eat milk that same morneing) " and 
" his willfull breach of y® saboth." 

A boy [Willia] Elliott, servant to Hugh Laskin, witness against 
Tho : Chubb, etc., for perjury. 

[Mr. Gervas Garford, constable for Salem. 

Peter Pettford of Marblehead, 30 : 4 : 1G41, deposed that he 
killed a sow for Mr. Keans (also Kayne) which had a black spot 
under one of its eyes before it was killed, showed it to Mr. Keans' 
servant, Henry Chapman, after he had killed it. It belonged to 
goody Sherman (or Sheerman). Another servant was gone to Con- 
necticut. He scraped the spot off after the sow was killed, and 
acknowledged goodman Jeggles oath to be true. He killed another 
for goody Chaffy which had a spot in the skin ; and another for 
himself. Mr. Kayne would have his killed at midnight. 

Cp. Trask ordered to make a way or passage for a shallop by his 


mill according to the true intent of his grant or else pay all damages. 
" I myself gave him notice of this imediately goeing thith'' myself." 

Mr. Batter, Jacob Barney and Jeffry Massy to determine all mat- 
ters about fence on Darby fort side. — Waste Boole] 

Jury : Lt. Davenport, foreman, Robert Moulton, John Wood- 
berie, Henry Gaines, Godfrey Armetage, John Alderman, Jeffry 
Massy, Georg Tayler,Wm. Thorn e, James Hubbard, Henry Barthol- 
omew and James Standish. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Thos. Ruck, Thos. Dixie, John Robinson and Miles Ward v. 
the worpl. Jno. Humphreys, Serg.-Maj.-Gen., Thorns. Olliver, John 
Marston and others. For not making a fence on Darbie fort side. 
[Peter Palfrey testified as to rye of Jno. Robinson. — Waste Book.] 

Thomas Keysar v. Joseph Armetage of Lynn. Due from the 
pinnace upon Moses account. 

Robt. Adams v. George Haries. [Tho. Chub's wife said that de- 
fendant was not at home when the canoe was taken, and the kellek* 
was broken when he had the canoe, and the little boy said (the 
rest is stenographic). — Waste Book.] 

George Story v. Peter Pettford of Marblehead. Defamation. 
Defendant to give public satisfaction, 

John Luff V. Willia Bennett and Georg Roaps. [ Bulfinch 

spoke to Jno. Luff about defective fence, told him he did not do it 
well and that it must be done better, and " we found some palliza- 
does loose & some rotten." Sa. Colborne said that he was asked 
to mend it and was not willing, but being persuaded he got "withs" 
and poles. Tho. Chubb testified. Elizabeth Elwood said that 
after Luff had mended the fence defects were found, and they had 
Sa. Colborne mend it. — Waste Book.] 

Nathaneell Pitman v. Osman Dutch. [Wm. Cotten deposed that 
Dutch bought a raft upon condition that it would •' swim," and he 
sent on to cut another raft. Thomas Ashley deposed he was there 
and could not do anything with the raft. Robt. Duch said they 
" had all the Roadf out & hauled up the GrapnerJ & it would not 
budg," and in the morning went and took away what they could. 
Ricr. Stakhurst deposed that Dutch was to pay the price of 100 
fish or 10s. and he was to order the raft made. — Waste Book.] 

*Killock — a small anchor or weight for mooring a boat, sometimes con- 
sisting of a stone secured by pieces of wood. 
tRode — a rope attached to a boat-anchor. 
JGrapnell or anchor. 


Kichrd Inkersell v. Josua Verrin. Referred to Lieft. Daven- 
port, Mr. Henry Bartholomew and John Woodbury to determine 
by six o'clock to-morrow. 

William Harper v. Thomas Dexter, sr. Mr. Wells testified. De- 
fendant is " to gett the sack and such things as was in it agene to 
ye pi ... 

Same v. Same. Judgment for plaintiff for his servant eleven 
months, and for his men's sickness, physic and attendance. 

Same v. Same. For men's board when they did not work. 

William Witter v. Christopher Linsey. Execution to Mr. Pester 
for him. 

John Webster v. William Barber. Walter Knight and Thomas 
Chubb deposed that the warrant was served on Bai-ber by Tho. 

[Thomas Weeks and Jno. Gidney v. Wm. Pester. Debt. 

Thomas Smith v. Xptor Foster and Daniell King. Debt. 

Isbell Babson v. Jno. White. Samuell Colborne testified. 

Gervas Garford v. Richard Lambert. Defamation. Defendant 
acknowledged his fault. 

Michaell Sallows v. Jeffry Easty. Debt. — Wa^te Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 11 : 1641.* 

Present : Mr. John Endecott, Dep. Gov., Mr. Richr. Saltonstall, 
Esq., Mr. Symon Bradstreet, Mr. Emanuell Downing, Esq., Mr. 
William Hathorne and Mr. Edward Holliocke. 

William Bowdish quit of his fine. 

William Edwards fined 20s. " for untrue & falce dealing about 

Raph Woorey v. Samuell Hay. 

' ' George The Indean broth'' of Georg Sagamore sent to Boston 

t [Civil cases : — 

Willia Pester v. Jno. Webster. Debt. Lt. Davenport, Mr. Henry 
Bartholomew and Jno. Webster to view Mr. Pester's book. 

*0n the last leaf of the first book is a copy of the oath of a freeman and 
the following memoranda : — Xovember '62, Mr. Croad, Mr. Corwin, Mr. 
Browne, Mr. Price, Mr. Woodcock, Mr. Gardner, senr., John Hathorne, 
Arther Sands, Mr. Gedney. June Court '62, Mr. Henry Bartholomew, Mr. 
Duncan, Mr. Gidney for strong water, Tho. Marshall, Mr. Riddan, William 
Edmonds, Mr. Johnson, Richd. Waters, Benjamin Parmiter. 

tThe records for the next five years are abstracted from the " Waste 
Book," the original records for these years not having been preserved. 


Wni. Pester and Charles Turner v. John Webster and wife 
Defamation. Wit: Mrs. Pester, Richard Lambert, James Joans, 
Luce Gage, Ann Pigdon and Tho. llobbins. 

Goody Webster testified to accusation concerning Mr. Joseph 
King, Tho. Tuck, Thomas Oddinsall and Charls Turner, and they 
all went away but Mr. King. Mr. Pester said it was true that 
none were left but Go[odman] Webster's son, etc. Mr. Pester came 
a second time and said he must be gone and left none but the man, 
and "my son" at school. Mr. Pester came in as an indicted man, 
etc. Daniell Oules deposed that Mr. Pester said to Mr. King that 
he would help him to a wench to cure his melancholy, and that 
Charls Turner said he would warrant his master could do it if he 
said it. Mr. Pester said he never owed Mr. King. Mr. Hathorne 
deposed concerning " the pflugancy of this m'' King in wronging 
his brother." Walter Knight deposed how G[oo]dy Webster com- 
plained and he persuaded her to let it alone. Tho. Oddinsall 
deposed : "I went to m'' websters to enquire for TIio. Tuck, & there 
sawe m'' King sitt in the house neere m""* webster, none elce being 
in the house, & m"" King wished me to stay to drink of some wine & 
while I stayed p''sentlie comes on m'' Burcher into y* house. m"" 
Pesto'' sd yt m''* webster earnestlie desired to goe to England w^'^ 
m^ King." 

William Pester v. John Holgrave. Debt. 

William Pester v. Wm. Prichard. Debt. 

Joseph Robinson v. Charls Glover, Georg Wathen and Richard 
Graves. Trespass. 

William Vincen v. Samuel Gatchell of Marblehead. Debt. 
Georg Keysar deposed, 

Willia Pester and Charls Turner v. Daniell Owles. Defama- 

Mr. Batter, Jacob Barney and Jeffrey Massey are to determine all 
matters about fence on Darby fort side. 

Elias Stilman, sr. v. John Pease. 

John Blakleech v. Tho. Venner. 

John Podger of Dorchester v. John Bartall. 

John Stacy v. Richard More. For killing his swine. 

Robt. Leomon v. Jno. Stacy. Trespass. For his mother, widow 


Ruben Guppy v. Mr. Scott. Goods at Mr. Scott's stage. 
Will. Alford v. Cp. Wm. Trask. 

1641] rp:cords and files 31 

William Luckin of Marblehead v. Wm. Keine. 

Wm. Keine v. Jno. Devoreux, in case of the stage. Referred to 
Mr. Moses Maverick and Mr. Nicho. Shepley. 

William Kiene of Marblehead v. John Devorix. "y® makerel 
to be divided between Jn° Devorix & Edw. Clark et Keine." 

William Kiene v. Abram Whitheire. Slander. Wit : Mr. Moses 
Moses, Eicr. King and Geo. Vicar. 

Tho. Venner V. Jno. Gent. Slander. Also fined for perjury. 

Thomas Dexter, jr. v. Wm. Dexter, Carp [enter]. Defendant to be 
servant to plaintiff and Mr. Welles. 

Wm. Goult V. Ricr. Lambert. Defamation. 

Thomas Dextor, jr. v. Wm. Welles, gent. For detaining from 
him the abovesaid Wm. Dexter. 

Ann Fuller v. Thomas Goldsmith. Debt. 

John Webster v. Wm. Pester and Charls Turner. Defamation. 

Edward Payne v. Richard HoUinworth. Defamation. Defen- 
dant confessed to pushing and provoking plaintiff. Charls Glover, 
deputy to Mr. Edw. Payne, deposed that HoUinworth said that 
Payne made more "pittering" than he needed to, that Mr. Payne 
took up a mallet " to beat of the knee," and that defendant came 
with his •' ads on his arme and put it up to the knee," upon which 
defendant called a witness that Mr. Payne struck him with the 
stick. Payne struck defendant in the face with his hand, called 
him knave, and said, " if thou beest a man come forth of the shipp 
& shew thy self like a man, for I had rather thou should cutt my 
flesh then give me such words." John Parker deposed. 

William Browne v. George Wathan. 

Edward Payne v. Thomas Keyser. Defamation. Jno. Webster, 
security. " Mr. Keysar said Mr. Paine put away his ma : in 

Joseph Yongs v. Richard HoUinworth. Francs Perry and Jo- 
seph Pope deposed. 

Joseph Yongs v. Richard Graves. Debt and trespass. 

William Waller v. William Pester. 

Richard HoUinworth v. Edward Payne. Assault and battery. 
Defendant fined for challenging him to fight. 

John Gent v. Ricr. Graves. Defamation. 

Richard HoUinworth v. Joseph Yongs. 

John Gent and wife v. Rich. Graves and wife. Defamation. 

William Bowdish v. John Norman. Debt. 


Edward AVillson v. Joseph Yongs. Defamation. Willson is a 
young man. 

Richard Cooke v. Walter Knight. Debt. 

Richard Cooke v. John Northy. Slander. 

John Gent v. Thomas Keasar. Debt. 

Ruben Guppi v. Ricr. Hollinworth. 

Ricr. Graves and wife v. John Gent and wife. Defamation. 

Richard Hollinworth v. Daniell Rumble. Slander. 

Richard Hollinworth v. Ruben Guppi. 

Robt. Hawes v. Wm. Pester. Debt. 

John Leech v. William Mead and Wm. Cotten. 

Thomas Pickton v. John Pride. Debt. 

Wm. Seamont v. Edw. Ingeram. Debt. 

William Coniins v. Markes Vermais. Trespass. 

Richard Russell of Charlstowne v. Mr. Ada[m] Ottley. Debt. 

John Turner (for Mr. Story) v. William Pester. "For his atten- 
dance upon him, etc." 

Mr. Adam Ottley v. Joseph Armetage. 

Miles Ward v. John Gent. Debt. 

Mr. Adam Ottley v, William Welles. Trespass. 

William Pester v. Robt. Hawes. Debt. 

John Kertland of Lynn v. Wm. Edwards. Jno. Deacon heard 
noise of bees of " my neighbor Kertland," and offered to go with 
him and show him where they were, but they were gone. Good- 
man Edwards felled a tree, and he requested Deacon's boy to help 
him cut it up. But not being able, he got another, and then came 
and said that Mr. Tomlins said there were bees in it. Edw. Tom- 
lins deposed that neighbor Edwards came about six weeks since and 
demanded satisfaction for some defect in the corn, and desired this 
tree which was a crooked one. When they found the bees were 
there he told him that although he gave him the tree he did not give 
the bees. Timo. Tomlins (one of the jury) deposed: " I put myself 
to all y® Conceits I could to conseve w' he would doe w*** the tree," 
etc. It was Edwards' first offence, and the court, considering 
that " his estate is not great," fined him only 20s. 
William Browne v, John Holgrave. Debt. 

Joseph Armetage v. Edmond Audley. Joseph Howe deposed 
that they agreed to go to sea and when they heard the school had 
come in they were the first boat that went out and took the first 
fish. Three boats went to sea and the fourth did not have men 


to sail her John Stone deposed that he and Goodman Armetage 
agreed to begin on Oct. 7th. Wm. Harker and Jeremy Howe also 

Robt. Tsbell v. Edward Ingeram. Debt. 

Robt. Isbell v. Georg Harrys. Lt. Davenport to end it. 

Robt. Isbell v. Thomas Smith. 

Henry Walton v. Jno. Blackleech. Two cases. Debt. 

Joseph Armetag v. Tho. Ashley, Abram Robinson and James 
Smith. Debt. 

Georg Carr of Salisbury v. Willia Harper. Verdict for plaintiff, 
his servant to pay 10s. for default of service and loss of time and 
also '' to be restrained from Following y^ Ferry as his calling and 
that the Indentures be made according to y** custom of ould 

Jno. Whit V. Jno. Stone. Debt. Whit to be paid for waiting 
three days on this account. 

The Lady Debora Moody v. Francs Ingers. Replevin of a horse 
impounded. Defendant not appearing " the Lady is discharged of 
her bond." 

Georg Carr v. Ricr. Harper. Trespass. 

Grand jury: Of Salem, Edmond Batter, John Hardy, Jeff ry 
Massy, Lawrence Leech, John Blackleech, John Woodbury (absent, 
now dead) , Henry Bartholomew, Moses Maverik (absent), Thomas 
Gardener and Jacob Barney ; of Lynn, Cp. Robt. Bridges, foreman, 
Lt. Ricr. Walker, Richard Sadler, Nicholas Browne, Henry Collings 
and George Keysar. 

" to send to m'" W™ Payne, & if he will pay well oth''ways to 
goe to Ipswich & Levy." 

Jury of trials : Salem, Lt. Davenport, Peter Palfrey, Obadiah 
Holme, Gervas Garford, Willia Lord, Richard Raymond, James 
Moulton, Roger Maury ; Lynn, Timothy Tomlins, Thomas Layton, 
Francs Lightfoote and Thomas Marshall. 

Mr. Batchlor and Goodman Spooner, constables of Salem. 

Richrd. Lambert admonished for stealing a coat from Tho. Mar- 

Cp. Robt. Bridgs v. John Smith. 

Mr. Edward Holliock to see that Jno. Smith, servant to Cp. 
Robt. Bridgs, is severely whipped at a lecture day or town meet 
ing for often withdrawing himself from his master's service and 
also to serve a month extra time. 

1^ [ ■ -. i. 


Mr. Edward Holliock to see that William Willson, servant to 
Cp. llobt. Bridgs, is whipped at a lecture day or towa meeting for 
cursing his master. 

John Thorpe, Mr. Thompson's man, fined for stealing a pair of 
stockings, a handkerchief, a pair of shoes and a herring, which he 
" often denied also und'' p''tence of relligeon." 

Mr. Pester, Tho. Oddingsall, Charls Turner and Ricr. Lambert 
to answer presentments of grand jury. 

Christopher Yonge had three presentments against him for abus- 
ing the watch. " We did hear a laffing noys att m"" Pestors & saw 
som light & went & asked why the[y] did not goe to bedd, etc." 
Pester faltered in his speech and smelled of drink. Joseph Yong 
also deposed. 

Mr, Edmond Batter complained of Mr. William Paine's speeches. 
The answer was extenuation " of his brothers acco saying y* hee 
but struck him w''' the back of his hand." Fined. 

Mr. Ricr. Sadler and Thomas Marshall to determine differences 
between Tho. Dexter, sr,, and Wm. Harp[er] by the first day of 

Tho. Oddingsall presented for idleness. He is to bring in a 
weekly account of his employment to Mr. Hathorne. 

Wm. Pester presented for abusing the watch and being found at 
the Potter's house three nights very suspiciously, and common 

Jacob Barney produced Mr. Hathorne and wife and Ricr. Stak- 
hous to testify to Mrs. Pester's forwardness to send for drink, etc. 

Ricr. Graves fined or be whipped for kissing of, and unseemly 
carriage to Goody Gent. AVilliam Allen deposed that " he herd 
Ric'' Graves kissed Goody Gent twice." Confessed it, and that he 
" spoke foolish & base words." 

Wife of Thomas Olliver admonished for contemning the ordi- 
nance of God, etc., to take heed to her way, to humble herself to 
Mr. Norris ; but Wm. Goult accused her in saying her husband was 
none of her husband. John Blackleach deposed that he had heard 
.unseemly passages from Goody Olliver. 

Thorn, Eaborne admonished for insufficient tanning. 

William Walcott to be whipped for idleness. Mr. Down[ing] 
and Mr. Hathor[ne.] 

Mr. Willia Wells admonished for extortion, and fined SOs. for 
lying to court. 


Cp. Trask sentenced for neglecting training three times and keep- 
ing an insufficient miller. He said " he shall never more be my miller 
or that he will hang up his beame & skals." Continued to next court. 

Mr. Pester acknowledges his sinfulness in being at the Potter's 
house, saying : " I was invited by Prid et ux'' & Jn° Stone & his 
wyfe & was att Stons hous fro whence we weare fetched to y* 
Potters." Benjamin Felton deposed being at Mr. Pester's. Prid 
said " he was att Plimoth & it was afte"^ I came fr Plimouth y* he 
was invited by vincen : & he was ther in my absence. Prid also 
witnessed it was att diner y*' himself invited but w'" Vincen." 
Goody Hardy deposed : " T saw m^ Peste'' his hos unfastened be- 
tweene 8 and 9 in morning & he seemed to me as if he had Laine all 
night ther." Goody Felton and Goody Pride also deposed. Moon 
rose about eleven or twelve o'clock at night. Left Goody Vincent 
there, and Mr. Pester and nobody else. Wm. Vincen and Hary 
Weare left the house at eight o'clock. This was about Nov, 2. 

John Gardener and Samull Shadock testified to a presentment. 

Hary Cook testified as to Petter's unseemly words : " m'" Corwin 
y® Cp. hath beene very square, but Pete'' hath beene very pettish 
and peevish as ever I saw : & one tyme I came for some meale & 
Pasca Foot bringing some in sd Pete'' ther is but 3 pks pete"^ sd 
wel well & standing by he tooke up a toule dish as full as Could 
be heaped & anothr not altogethr so full." 

Peter Simes to be whipped for beating Mr. Perry's servant. He 
confessed he beat him once or twice, " and had rather beat him 
then he mee, yea sure I did beat him." Court enjoins him not to 
take " any more toule " or it will be accounted theft. 

Eobert Ellwell, constable of Marblehead, 1 : 12 mo : 1641. 

John Neal of Marblehead, servant to Mr. Wm. Cokraine, to be 
whipped for burglary. 

Marmeduke Barton and Robt. Allen fined for receiving silver 
" stoulne." John Devoriux undertook to pay for them. To be 
whipped tomorrow, being lecture. Allen to serve his master, Mr. 
Williams, a month extra time. 

Benjamin Hammon, John Hardy's man, fined 51i. and whipped 
for disobeying his master, and bound to good behavior for one year. 

John Goit admonished for saying " its better to goe to hell gate 
for mercy then to m"" Endecott for iustice." 

Peter Thatcher, for running away, to appear at next court. — 
Waste Book.] 


Court held at Salem, 1 : 12 : 1641. 

[William Keine of Marblehead fined 31i. for striking John Bar- 
tall with a stone in his hand and swearing by the blood of God. 
Henry Singlman fined for swearing. 

Thomas Gray presented. Wit: Jno. Devorix, "he is sick." 
Ricr. Lambert, '< y« ioyne""," fined for drinking; also, Charls 
Turner and others, and to sit in stocks two hours tomorrow at 

Charls Turner, for scurrilous speeches and tippling; confessed 
that he had been often for three hours or more " in his m'' & g : m : 
Hollinworth Comp," fined and whipped, " & to stand in y« meeting 
house w*** a pap[er] on his head written a falce acuse"^." Saml. Archr 
and Wm. Allen also fined for being in such company and drinking 
too much, although not " unto drunkenes," the latter being inti- 
mate with Mr. Pester. 
Widow Margret Neave bound in 201i. to good behavior. 
John Kussell presented for idleness, etc. 
John Gent fined for untrue speaking in court. 
Mr. Pester and Charls Turner complained of Daniell Owls for 
drinking. Tho. Oddingsall said Owls spoke when he came in as 
if he was drunk, and went to bed and in a quarter of an hour 
"eased his stomak in the Chimney." 

Miles Ward said that Wm. Alen " was Loath to goe to m'' Pesters 
sine y*' Charls Came for he thought he would undoe him." 
" Tho : Dexte"^ also de Charls Turne"" acusing w'" Allen." 
" Edm : Batte"" de m"^ Ruck." 
"Ibid : Samue" ArcheJ in y^ same." 

" M" Pester de w"" Allen & Sam" Arche^ " that Archer smelt of 
beer and goodman Allen reeled, and drank a pipe of tobacco on 
account of which she thought he had been drinking, that it was on 
the day of the training at Lynn, and they had been drinking 
strong water at Mr. Johnson's. 

Robt. Allen, wife of Sam. Archer, Goody Web and Mr. Pester 
deposed that Turner staggered, but floor was uneven. Edm. Bat- 
ter deposed that he told Mr. Ruck that he feared he would be pre- 
sented, and came another time and saw these three persons drink- 
ing a pint of sack and they almost constrained him to drink. Mr. 
Ruck and Mr. Pester spoke against his being there, etc. 
John Fayrfield presented. 
Marblehead fined 10s. for want of a pair of stocks. 


Daniell Owls to pay 20s. fine or sit in stocks for " Leaping & 
dancing att his house & had like to fale into fire he answerd 
I doe not care for the best maiestrat in the Land. If mett them 
in the field I should slash them fo'' I have beene a pretty f el low- 
in my tyme." Complained of by Mr. Pester. 

Mr. Euck presented by Mr. Edmond Batter for baking of white 
bread contrary to order of court and for allowing tippling at his 
house. Ruck to be admonished, fined 20s. and cautioned concern- 
ing leaving the ordinary. 

Wm. Goulte's case continued. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 2 : 12 : 1641. 
[" William Cantlebury Caled in question Concerning the death 
of william Stark (servant to m"" Tho : Read) who is gone to Engld 
& now was comitted unto m'' W™ Clark & by m"" Read's ord'' to be 
w"* the s** Cantlebury : And being now dead." — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Ipswich, 28: — :t 1641. 

Present : Deputy Gov. ; all, tet, mer, 

Hubbard, Symonds, Dudley. 

Grand jury : Jo. Remington, Mr. Robert Payne, Robert Has- 
selton, Mr. Willm. Payne, Fra. Parrett, Mr. Samll. Appleton, Jo. 
Osgood, Jo, Whipple, Jo. Perkins, the elder, Richard Kent, Jo. 
Sanders, Geo. Giddings, Mathew Boys and Wm. Fuller. 

The other jury : Mr. Edmund Greenleaf, Thos. Robison, Rich- 
ard Jacob, James Howe, Humfrey Bradstreet, Henry Archer, 
Stephen Dumer, Joseph Jewett, Maximilian Jewett, John Jarrett, 
Mark Symonds and Robert Lord. 

Writ, signed by Increase Nowell,* to the Salem marshall : 
Francis Norton v. Walter Knight. 9 : 25 : 1641. 

Letter : — " M' payne my loue to you this to intreate you to de- 
liuer to John Maduxes & Robert Leeues the som of thirtene pounds 
fortine shillings & sex pense for ther worke which is due to them 
from mee so I pray you faile not. 

Your freind 

Richard (his mark) hollinworth 

from Salem the 19 day of agust 1641 

Receipts signed by marks of Robart Lues and John Mattvixes 
and an order of Richard Hollingsworth on Mr. William Payne to 
pay Robert Lues. 


t Probably December. 


Constables of Salisbury and Hampton fined lOs. for not retiuu- 
ing their wai'rant. 

Civil cases : — 

Stephen Kent v. Richard Knight of Hampton. 

John Kent and John Hutchins v. Ruben Guppy of Salem, 

Mathias Button v. Thomas Boreman. 

Henry Walker v. Thomas Boreman. 

Jo. Andrews v. Mr. Samuel Symonds. 

William Whitred v. Nathaniel Bishop. 

William Holdred v. Thomas Rowell of Salisbury. 

George Wilby v. Edmund Bridges of Rowley. 

John Kenuyng fined for a pound breach. 

Mr. Saltonstall v. Mr. Tuttle. 

Francis Barrett v. Richard Lewis and John Mattock. 

Jo. Lee fined 10s. for lying and stealing a Bible from widow 
Haffield. To pay the widow 15s. 

George Carr appointed to keep the ferry at Salisbury, at the 
island where he now dwelleth, for three years, provided he finds a 
sufficient horse boat and gives diligent attendance. Ferriage : a 
man, 2d., a horse, 6d., great cattle, each 6d., calves and yearlings, 
each 2d., goats, each Id., and hogs, each 2d. And a penny apiece 
more if present pay is not made. If any be forced to swim over 
their cattle for want of a great boat they shall pay nothing. 

Jo, W to answer at General Court. 

Thos. Stacey fined for a rescue of swine. 

Jo. Shatswell and Humphrey Griffing appraised cow sold to Jo. 
West and Jo. Wyatt. 

Will of John Goffe of Newbury, dated Dec. 4, 1641, proved. He 
bequeathed his lands, housing, cattle and moveables to be divided 
into two parts equally, one half to wife Amy, and the other 
half to his two children, Susan Goffe and Hannah Goffe, in equall 
portions. Edward Woodman, Henry Short, Richard Kent, junior, 
and John Cheney, all of Newberry, to be executors and improve the 
property to use of wife and children. If either child die the 
other to have her portion, and if both die, their shares to go to 
wife. If children live to marriage or to the age of 18 years to have 
power to dispose of their portions according to their own pleasures. 
Jno. (his mark) Goffe. Wit : Thomas Browne and William White. 

Execution delivered to the constables, Mr. Firman and Thomas 
Scott, to pay fines to Mr. Hubbard, treasurer of the court. 


Robert Coaker of Newbury and Miryam Kinge of Hampton pre- 
sented for fornication. Wit : Willim. Palmer of Hampton. 

Jo. Pemerton and the wife of John llobinson of Newberry pre- 
sented for obscene and filthy speeches and carriages. Wit : Jo. 
Merrill and Jo. Thurston of Newbury. 

Town of Rowley presented for not mending the highway enter- 
ing upon the marsh leading to Newberry. Wit : Jo. Osgood and 
Jo. Kent, grand] ury men. 

Salisbury and Hampton presented for not mending the high- 
ways between their towns. Wit : William Payne, grandjuryman. 

George Carr presented for not keeping the ferry, but suffering 
people to stand waiting at the water side three hours, to the preju- 
dice of their health, and for taking 4d. a head for cattle swimming 
over the ferry, he not affording them his help. Wit : Jo. Sanders, 

Richard Knight of Hampton presented for lying. Wit : Mr. 
Payne, grandjuryman. 

Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Knight presented for keeping cattle within 
the common fence contrary to order. Wit : Geo. Giddings, grand- 

Mr. Bradstreet, Mr. Tuttle and Jo. Satchell for breaking the 
same order. Wit : Mr. Whitredg and James Howe. 

Inventory of estate of John Goffe, late of Newbury, deceased , 

Dec. 4, 1641, taken by Edward Raw , Richard , Tho. 

H and John , Dec. 16, 1641 : — Wearing apparel, 1 purple 

cloth sute, dublett and 2 hose, Hi. 4s. ; 1 short cote, 9s. ; 1 longe 
blew coat, 14s. ; 1 longe white coat, 4s. ; 1 pr. lead Coll. breeches, 
lis. ; another same, 3s. 4d. ; 1 pr. drawers, Is. 6d. ; 1 greene 
dublet, 4s. ; 1 cloth dublet, 7s.; 1 leather dublet, 8s. 6d. ; 1 ])t. 
shoes, 3s. 8d. ; 1 pr. leather stockins, 2s.; 1 pr. cloth stockins, 
Is. 2d. ; 1 pr. wollen stockins. Is. 6d. ; 2 hatts, 2s. 6d.; 1 cloth 
capp. Is.; total, 51i. 5s. In the hall, 3 bedsteeds. Hi.; 1 pr. cur- 
tens, 3 rodds, 18s. ; one greene rugg. Hi. 6s. ; 2 blanketts, 15s. ; 
1 bed, bolster, 4 pillows, 41i. 10s. ; 1 Coverlet, 10s. ; 1 bed matt, 
2s. ; 5 wedges and 2 rings waighing 271i., lis. 3d. ; 3 peck axes, 
3s. 6d. ; 1 gouge, 4 chissels, one pr. giraboles* and 2 wimble trees,t 

*Gimbal, a contrivance, as a ring moving on horizontal pivots, for secur- 
ing free motion in suspension, or for suspending anything, as a chronome- 
ter, so that it may keep a constant position. 

tWimble, an instrument used for twisting bands for trusses of hay, fag- 
gots, etc. 


6s. ; old Iron waighing 231i., 7s. 8d. ; same waighing 181i., 3s.; 

one hand bill,* ; 1 chafing dish, ; 2 old axes, ; 24 

11. of waights, ; one trevet, a tramell chayne, 5s. ; one pitch 

fork, heaving billf, ; 1 spade, 3s. ; 2 rausketts, 1 sword, bande- 

leers and rest, 21i. ; one spitt and slice, 3s.; 1 pr. bellows, Is.; 
longe sawe, 4s. ; 1 shovell and 1 pick ax, 3s. ; 2 pitchforks & a 
sith, 4s. ; 1-2 of the boat, 12s.; 1 wheele barrow, 5s. ; 1 wim- 
shete,t 5s.; 1 peece of leather, 4s. ; 1 Chest, 5s.; a trunke, 6s.; 
4 hogsheads, 8s. ; 2 old boxes, 2s,; 2 sackes and one bagg, 6s. 

8d. ; 1 old cloth, 5s.; total, . In provitions, 160 waight of 

pork, 21i.; 7 bushells Indian come, ; 1 bushell of english 

wheat, 4s. ; 1 bushell mault, 4s.; 1 bushell meale, 2s.; 121i. but- 
ter, 6s.; carretts and cabbidges, 12s. ; total, 41i. 8s. Cattle, 2 
cowes, llli. ; 1 steere, 41i. 10s. ; 2 cow calves, 31i. ; 1 steere, 31i. ; 
4 piggs, Hi.; total, 221i. 16s. 3d.; house and land, a farme of 
80 acres, 91i. ; a house with 6 acres upland and 6 acres marsh, 

; a hooke, hatchet and old kettle, ; a peece of wooden 

; tubbs, platters, spoo . 

Court held at Ipswich, 29 : 1 : 1642. 

First trial jury : Edward Rawson, Richard Davenport, James 
Browne, Jo. Lowell, Henry Shorte, Abraham Tappan, Tho. Mihill, 
Maximillian Jewett, Robert Hunter, Fra. Lambert, Joseph Jewett 
and Michael Hopkinson. 

Second trial jury : John Woodbridg, Jo. Baker, Philip Fowler, 
Edward Gardiner, John Webster, William Addams, John Jackson, 
Robert Day, Jo. Musselwhite, Roger Langton, Cristofer Osgood 
and Theophilus Wilson. 

The grand jury were the same as last court. 

Civil cases : — 

Samuel Winslow of Salisbury v. John Ilsley. Trespass. 

John Ilsley v. Henry Somersby and Maurice Hobbs, 

John Whipple and Edward Browne, pi. in the name the 

Town of Ipswich v. Mr. . Mr. Rogers, Mr, Saltonstall and Mr. 

Bradstreet mentioned. 

Henry Sewall v. . Defamation. Mr. Woodbridg, Mr. 

Rawson and Mr. Woodman to approve at Newberry. 

*A bill hook or hedging hook for trimming or cutting down hedges. 

tBeeving bill, an implement for cutting down a growth of hedge or 

JWimsheet, a provincial English form of winnow sheet. A contrivance 
for separating the chafE from the grain. 


John Musselwhite v. Mr. John Woodbridg. 

John Hutchins of Newberry v. James Hay ward and Hugh 
March. Slander. 

Maurice Hobbs of Newberry and Henry Som[er]sby v. Robert 
Coker and Nathaniel Badger. 

John Wedgwood v. Mr. Bacheller. 

John Fuller v. Robert Crosse. 

John West v. James Pitney and James Howe. 

John West v. George Varneham and Jo. Nor[th]. 

Mr. Bradstreet v. Sergeant Hewlett. Concerning herds of cows. 

Daniel Hovey v. James Pitney and James Howe. 

Daniel Hovey v. Jo. Lee. 

Daniel Hovey v. George Varnham and Jo. North. 

Jo. Moulton of Hampton v. Richard Knight. 

Tho. Moulton v. Richard Knight. 

Willm. Estowe v. Richard Knight. 

James Davis v. Richard Knight. 

John Browne v. Richard Knight. 

Moses Cook v. R . 

William Howard v. . 

Isaac Perkins v. Richard Knight. 

Mr. Stephen Bachellor v. Richard Knight. 

.Fo. Davis v. Mr. Samuel Appleton. 

James Hayward of Salem v. Jo. Hutchins. 

Ann Stratton, widow v. Wm. Pester. 

John Bradbury, late constable of Salisbury, fined 10s. for not 
returning warrant removed. 

James Hayward of Salem v. Jo. Hutchins. 

Stephen Kent v. Richard Knight. Debt. Defendant's goods 
attached at Hampton ; he did not appear. Next Salem court to 
dispose of the goods. 

Town of Hampton fined 10s. for defect in highways, and if not 
repaired by August next to pay 51i. more. 

George Carr fined for defect in keeping the ferry at Salisbury. 

Henry Waker v. Thomas Boreman. 

John Satchwell and Humphrey Griffin to sell dead cow at Jo. 

Mr. on Olliver, late of Newberry, died intestate, and John 

is appointed administrator. Mr. John Woodbridg men- 


Court held at Salem, 12 : 5 : 1642. 

[Present : Mr. John Endecott, Dep.-Gov., Mr. Richard Salton- 
stall, Mr. Symou Bradstreefc, Mr. Emanl. Downeing, Mr. Wm. Hath- 
orne and Mr. Edw. Holliock. 

Walter Knight acknowledged judgment of lOli. in favor of 
Thomas Ruck. 

Francs Lightffoote and Henry Collines sworn constables of Lynn 

Thomas Spooner, constable of Salem, lined 10s. for absence. 

Mr. Wm. Hathorne, Thomas Gardenr, and Jefferey Massy chosen 
commissioners to determine damage done by cattle in Richard In- 
kersell's lot by the North river side. 

Peter Palfrey and Jeffrey Massy, instead of Jno. Woodbury, de- 
ceased, appointed to fix charges, etc., for a five-acre lot bought by 
and on complaint of Mr. Mathew Williams of Marblehead. 

Jury: Mr. Edw. Tomlins, Robt. Di-iver, Math. West, Ricr. 
Johnson, Edw. Baker, of Salem; Wm. Allen, James Standish, 
Esdras Reade, Robbert Button, John Sadler, James Molton and 
Nathaniell Porter. 

Civil cases : — 

Richrd. Norman, Jno. Norman and Company v. John Devoreux. 
Account. Mr. Fowles mentioned. 

William Edwards v. Cp. Trask. Trespass. Entered against 
Trask, instead of Mr. Wm. Browne. 

Ruben Guppy v. Wm. Pester. 

Richard Cook v. Walter Knight. Debt. Defendant to appear 
at next court in Boston. Richrd. Hollinworth, surety. 

Erasmus James v. Edw. Payne. 

Thomas Keysar v. Edward Paine. 

James Dowing v. Wm. Flint. Slander. Defendant absent. 

Jno. Webster v. Edw. Payne. Debt. 

John Gedney and Tho. Weeks v. Jno. Harbert and Jno. Smale. 

Tristram Dalebar v. Francs Perry. Debt. 

Samuell Eaborne v. Robt. Hawes. 

Joseph Armetag v. James Smith, Tho. Ashley and Abraham 
Robinson. Debt. Gave execution against James Smith to con- 
stable at Gloucester. 

Robert Cotta v. Dorcas Verrin. Slander for perjury. Referred to 
Mr. Hathorne and the elders, Mr. Norris and Mr. Sharpe, by consent. 

Robt. Cotta V. Phillip Verrin, jr. Slander. Two cases. Referred 
as above. Jacob Barney testified that Phillip Verin, jr. and 


Michael Shafien charged Robert Cotta with removing a bound 
stake. Michael Shafien testified that Francs Weston removed it. 

Robt. Hawes v. Charles Glover. Debt. 

Robt. Hawes v. Robert Lewes. Debt. 

Abraham Robinson, Wm. Browne and James Babson v. Tho. 
Ruck. About taking up a skiff. 

Zacheus Gould v. Mr. Ada[mJ Otley, Ricr. Sadler and Joseph 
Armetag. Debt. 

Zacheus Gould v. Nath. Tyler. Debt. 

George Gardener v. John Luff. Slander. 

William Browne v. John Webster. Debt. 

Wm. Browne v. Mr. Holliock. 

John Griffin v. Walter Knight. Debt. 

Daniell Salmon v. John Sachwell of Ipswich. 

Edw. Hall V. Nathaniel Pitman. Debt. 

Francs Perry v. Thomas Keysar. Loss of salt. 

Thomas Watson per Mr. H. Bartholomew v. Fraucs Perry. Debt 

William Harp v. Walter Knight. 

John Tilton v. Richard Sadler. 

Jno. Sadler of Glocester for Mr. Addis, Mr. Millward and Wm. 
Southmead v. Thomas Ashley, and his goods attached by the con- 
stable of Cape Ann.f 

Charles Glover v. Richr. Ilollinworth. 

Same v. Same. Slander. 

Georg Roaps v. Charles Glover. Debt. 

William Hudson v. Richard Hollin worth. Debt. 

" Georg Sagamore & Edward alius ned of wight" v. Francs Light- 
foot. For land. Left to Boston court. 

Georg Emery v. Tho. Cole. Debt. 

John Holgrave v. Elizabeth Harwood. Slander. 

Richard Hyde v. Nathaneell Pitman. Debt. Defendant to pay 
in work. 

John Blackleech v. Thomas OddenselL* 

John Godfrey v. Ricr. Kent. Slander. 

Richard Kent charged Godfrey with stealing and selling 61i. of 

*8 : 9 mo : 1642. Attached in hands of Mr. Tho. Ruck, at suit 
of Mr. John Blackleech, money due to Thomas Oddensell. Order 
to take it out is signed by John Blackleach.J 

tThis is the first insolvency case in the county courts. 


shot to Indians, offering a gun and offering to give Jno. llidgh four 
shillings to keep his counsel ; also for speaking disgracefully of the 
magistrates. To answer at next Ipswich court. 

James Smith, jr., tfe be moderately whipped for pilfering and 
stealing on the Lord's day. 

Elizabeth Johnson, servant to Mr. Jos. Yonge, to be severely 
whipped and fined 51i. for unseemly practices betwixt her and an- 
other maid ; also, for stubbornness to her mistress answering rudely 
and unmannerly ; and also for stopping her ears with her hands 
when the Word of God was read ; also, for " spurning an ew goat 
till both dyed ;" also, for killing a pig and burying it. " That 
shee who had beene g : m : Lords servant maid said to Elizabeth 
y' Goody Bulfinch was most pivish woman to servants." 

Robt. Cocker bethrothed himself too securely to one maiden, and 
then contracted with another woman. To be severely whipped, and 
to pay to Thomas Kinge, who subsequently married the first maid- 
en, five pounds. 

Mathew Gillet to sit two hours in the stocks and to pay Jno 
Norma ten shillings for pilfering a piece of soap to wash his 
shirts with, as he said, which he took from the " cubbord." Wit : 
Benjamin Parmeter and Ricr. Norman. 

Christopher Yongs v, Jno. Stacy. Attachment granted for five 
bushels Indian corn due Yongs. Wit : Jos. Yong and Ricr. More. 

Cow keeper on Darbie fort side warned to keep cattle there. 
Warrant sent to Ricr. More. 

James Smith's fines remitted. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 10 : 1642. 

[Grand jury : Lt. Ricr. Dauenport, Peter Palfrey, John Hardy, 
Gervas Garford, Wm. Lord, Phillip Verrin, sr., Elias Stilman, sr., 
John Balch, Thomas Lothrop, Moses Maverik ; Lynn, Richard Sad- 
ler, Edward Tomlius, Nicholas Browne, Richard Walker, Thomas 
Coldam , Edward Bercham and Edward Baker. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Roger Connant, foreman, Mr. Thomas 
Scruggs, Lawrence Leech, Daniell Ray, Jefre Massy (discharged), 
William Osborne, Thomas Gardner, Michaell Shafflen ; of Lynn, 
Thomas Marshall, William Knight, Thomas Laugh ton, Nicholas 
Potter and Henry Geanes. 

Present : John Endecott, Esq., Dep. Gov., Mr. Richard Salton- 
stall, Mr. Wm. Hathorne and Mr. Edw. Holliock. 


" Now begins & Taks force the orde'' of Generall Court for x' 
entree of an acco Though the order made befor this tyrne." 

Civil cases : — 

Jno. Devoreoux v. Richard Norman, John Norman and Company. 
Concerning fish. 

John. Devoreux v. Richard Norman, Defamation. 

Henry Harwood, Wm. Blancherd and Margery Wathen v. 
Thomas Tuck. Trespass. 

Ruben Guppy v. Mr. Wm. Payne. Trespass. 

Osman Dutch v. James Smith. Trespass. 

Joseph Armetage v. James Huberd.* 

John Cutting v. Henry Sewall. Jno. Cutting, jr., gave affidavit 
of service of process. 

Frances Nurce v. Elin Downing. Defamation. 

Edward Ingerum v. Francs Perry. Debt. 

John Thorndick v. Thomas Sherman, Raph Dicks and Jeremy 
Newland of Ipswich. Trespass. 

Edward Tomlins, attorney for Thomas Willes, v. John Deacon. 
Defendant to make up the half fence between Mr. Willes, Jno. 
Deacon and others of that field. 

Zacheus Goold, Thomas Putnam and James Huberd v. Mr. 
Ada[m] Ottler, Jos. Armetag and Rich. Sadler. About a boat. 
" Zacheus Gould his man's tyme," etc. 

Henry Walton v. Michaell Lambert. Constable, Henry Collins. 

Thomas Olliver v. Georg Harries. Debt. 

Mr. Ada[m] Ottley, attorney for "ye worshipful Jno. Humphreys, 
Esq.," V. Francs Linfford. Debt. 

Richard Hollinworth v. James Huberd. About a boat. 

Tho. Gray v. Walsingham Chelsey. For withdrawing his ser- 
vice contrary to covenant. 

Will of Samuel Smith of Enon, dated Oct. 5, 1642 and proved 
27 : 10 : 1642. Wit : Jno. Thorndike, who deposed that he had his 
senses ; Georg Emerey, that " he had a fitt of a feaver y® day be- 
fore and the vapors in his stomake caused paine in his head, and 

♦Plaintiff recovered judgment, which was attached by Zakeus 
Gould, James Hubert and Tho. Putnam, partners. Tim (his 
mark) Tomlins was witness to plaintiff's answer. Letter from 
Tho. Putnamt to Mr. Fogg, 29 : 4 : 1643. 



did cause sleep troubid sleep & y* Last day till toward 2 of 
the Clock was very sensible." Mr. Jno. Fiske, Mrs. Fisk, and the 
two witnesses to the will, Richard Pettingell and William Sawyer 
also deposed.* 

*" Vnto my wife Sarah Smith my farrae in Enon with all the 
housen vpou it as allsoe all the frutes vpon it as corne hemp and 
the like : for har owne proper vse for the tearme of har lif vpon 
consideration that she shall discharg me of that promise vpon 
maridge ; which is vnto my sunn : william Browne fiftie pounds : 
as allsoe that she shall giue vnto his two children william and John 
Browne || 20' between y™ || : all which shall be paid || by || ray 
exequetors hearafter named : my will further is to giue vnto Sarah 
my wif all my Cattell nowe vpon the farme young and owld as 
neat bests horse bests and swine in full consideration of that hun- 
dred pounds that I stand bound vnto har by A bond obligatore in 
lue of A former Joynter payabell after my dissease which shall be 
parformed by my Exsequetors as allsoe further my will is that my 
farme with all the medowe and upland belongine thearvnto my 
sunn Thomas Smith shall haue it to himself and his heairs for euer 
vpon this consideration that he shall pay vnto his sister mare if 
then liuing fiftie pownds in thre years after the entrie of it that is 
to say sixtene pounds and A mark A yeare and for the parform- 
ance hearof he is to lay in good securetye vnto the Exsequetors if 
the lord take har away by death this payment is to be made vnto 
the Children of the aforesaid william Browne and Thomas Smith 
that then shall be liuing Equally deuided among them further my 
will is that if my sunn : Thomas shall die without issue that my 
land and housen vpon it shall com to my daughter mare and har 
heaires foreuer : and after har to william Browne and his heaires 
for ever all wich debtes and legasies and || other || parformances 
are to be parformed by my two Exsequetors which I haue Apointed 
which is my Louing wife and my trustie sun william Browne : & 
my will further is that if Sarah my wif shall marey that then the 
first gift of my farme shall stand voyd and my will is that she 
shall then resigne it vp into my other exequetors hand with A Just 
accounte of all those goods and whatsoever belong to the manad- 
gine of the farme || & proffitt || except that hundred pounds which 
har due which is to be paide har in Cattell by the Judgment of 
men: and all my houshould stufe within dores whatsoeuer it be I 
give to my wife : and my will is that my excequetor william 
Browne and my sunn Thomas Smith to Joyne with him to leat the 
farme : or improue it to the best advantage for the good of my 
daughter mare and to be accounted with and prouided for by my 
excequetor william Browne in that particquler : Item with || this || 
consideration that if my wif marey that then the farme is to be 
leat as aboue said untill thear be gathered for || viy \\ A portion 


Joseph Dalebar testified that Singlemau was distempered in 
liquor and reeled out of Kieney's house. Thomas Bowen also tes- 

Mr. Nicholas Shapley paid William Waller a bond ; discharged 
to Mr. Wm. Pester. 

Mr. Ad [am] Ottley, Mr. Walton and Dearman Mathew, alias 
Mahony, commissioners, with power to produce witnesses. Farmer 
Dexter to undertake it. 

II of II A hundred and fiftie pounds to be paid vnto the excequetor 
william Browne and he to pay that hundred & fiftie pounds at har 
day of maredg & if har mother leave har then the excequetor wil- 
liam Browne to se ye bringing of har vp. allsoe my sunn Thomas 
Smith is to be Aquitted of that fiftie pound he stand ingadged to 
pay vnto har : and all the ouerplush of A hundred and fiftie pounds 
if the lord give longer life vnto my' wif Arising out of y" farme is 
to be left in my sun browns hand and improved to the best vse and 
after har dissease to be equally parted betwixt my daughter mare 
and all the grand children I shall haue then living further my will 
is that my sunn Thomas Smith whome I feare not : will be truly 
faithfuU to me shall be thearfore my Suprevisor of this my last 
will : Samwell Smyth", [seal] 

Inventory of Samuel Smith's estate, 18 : 9 : 1642, appraised by 
Lawrence Leach,* Jefferie Massey* and Will. Howard* : Dwelling 
house, barn, etc., 401i.; farm of 234 acres, 83 broken up, 177 in 
common and 24 meadow, 991i. 8s. ; 6 calves, 71i. ; 3 heffers, lOli 
10s. ; 4 oxen, 241i. ; mear and coult, 201i. 10s. ; 2 young stears 
91i. ; 7 cowes, 361i. 10s. ; 9 swine, 141i. ; Inglish and Indian Corne 
281i. ; hempe, 21i. 10s. ; hay, etc., 121i. 6s.; carte, plow, harrow 
etc., 31i. 15s. ; silver beacker, and 2 spounes, 21i. 15s. ; peauter 
brasse. Iron potts, 81i. 6s. ; 2 muskitts, 1 birding pese & 1 pr 
bandelerers, Hi. 10s. ; sword and belt, 12s. ; in cellar, 31i. 10s 
corne & hemp sed, 31i. 10s. ; severall towles. Hi. 16s. ; bed, boulster 
& blanckits, 21i. ; bed & bedstead, 41i. 2s.; bed in chamber, 12s. 
bed, blancits & Ceverlet, 71i. 8s., another, 91i. 3s. 6d. ; beed teek 
21i. ; bed, bedstead & furniture, 41i. 14s. ; wearing aparell of his 
71i. 6s.; A 11 Cushings, 21i. 15s.; one carpitt, 16s.; Cobbard 
Clothes, Hi. ; 3 Chists & A whele, lli. ; napkins & bord lining, 41i. 
18s. ; pillow bears, 31i. ; sheets, 71i. 16s. ; bookes, 15s. ; wood worke 
viz., 1 tabell & standard, warming pann & stooles, 31i. 3s. ; 1 grin- 
stone, a brake, tuter & Iron Rake. Total, 39511. 9s. 2d. Goods 
not seen by appraisers but reported to them : Hand carte, 5s. ; 
2 towe comes, 5s.; a small cowe hide, 8s.; total, 18s. "the boyes 
time Prised at three pownds intending the boyes Covenant to be 
performed as it is in the indenter," 3 li. 



Wm. Payne acknowledged receipt of money from Georg Reaps.* 

Goods, house and land of Thomas Ashley, in custody of Thomas 
Millward, attached. 

Georg Davis (presented from Lynn) admonished for unseemly 
carriages toward his first wife's daughter.f Wit : Edmund Audley 
and wife. 

Thomas Gray of Marblehead whipped for drunkenness.! 

William Keney (also Keine) of Marblehead presented for suffer- 
ing disorder in his house. Quit; not being his house. § 

Widow Woodbury to bring in her husband's will and inventory 
of his estate. 

Walter Price, Robert Gutch, Georg Gardener, Richard Prence, 
Robert Leoman, Thomas More, Thomas Tresler, and Wm. Robin- 
son, all of Salem, and Hugh Cawkin of Lynn, made free and 
sworn, 27 : 10 : 1642. 

Lady Deborah Moody, a Lynn presentment, presented for not 
believing in infant baptism. She did not appear, report being 
made that she was in a way of conviction before the elders. 

Jeffery Esty (also Estie) , a Salem presentment, admonished for 
much sleeping on the Lord's days in time of exercise. || 

James Grover, apprenticed servant to James Hubberd, by con- 
signation of Mathew Bancke, apprenticed himself to Edward Tom- 
lins of Lynn to learn the carpenter's trade. He is to pay Hubbard 
eight pounds. If 

One-half of fine of " W"> Joans Tayle''" remitted, etc., the rest 
to Mr. Tho. Ruck. 

Fine of Mr. Wm. Payne remitted ; also that of his cousin Ed- 
ward Payne due to Mr. Thomas Ruck. 

Joseph Armetag, attorney of James Hubberd, confesses judg- 
ment in suit brought by Edward Tomlins. 

♦Petition of Georg Roaps to have his bond released, he having 
paid Richard HoUingworth. 

tMary Audley, who testified. 

jWit : Willra. Barber, Sam; Dallabar and one Nichoson. 

§Wit: Joseph Dallabar, Abra. Whityeare, and Devorux his 
man Thomas. 

II Wit: Jeffery Massie and Geor. Curwin. 

il Hubberd " being one not Orthodox in Judgm'," but going to 
live out of his jurisdiction. If Hubberd return, he is to have his 
apprentice back. 


Francs Johnson, breach of town order, felling trees to sell with- 
out consent. Order sent by Burows and Wm. Wake. 

Account between Mr. Wm. Woodcoke of London and Mr. Wm. 
Browne of Salem taken 1 : 12 : 1640, by Mr. Edward Holyocke and 
Cp. Robert Bridgs, auditors, and sworne to by Mr. Browne before 
Governor Endecott. 

Thomas OUiver preferred against several delinquents about fence 
at Darby fort side. Referred to Mr. Hathorne and Raph Fogg. 

Daniell Rumble (also Rumball)* fined 2s. 6d. for extortion. 
Wit : William Clarke, " and the Cause duely waiged by smiths & 
others of the same Calling." Rumble to have but 20d. from Mr. 
Clark for " y* work done about a howe." 

William Goult* for reproachful and unseemly speeches against 
the rule of the Church to sit in stocks an hour and be severely 
whipped next lecture day. 

Henry Bulflower,* servant to Tho. West, for visits, and entering 
house of Willm. Browne and Thomas Eaborne (also Eburne) in 
time of public meeting on Lord's day, and there taking and eating 
provisions, to be severely whipped. f 

Guido Baly* admonished for beating his wife. J 

Thomas Tuck* fined for drunkenness and common tippling. § 

John Peach, sr.,* fined 20s. for giving Trustrum Dolliver oppro- 
brious provoking words urging to a breach of the peace. || 

Lawrence Leech,* Daniell Ray (also Rey),* Robert Molton,* 
Mr. Bacon,* Willm. Walcott (also Woollcott),* Capt. Trask,* Mr. 
Walter Price,* Thoms. Smith,* Georg Wright,* Robert Goodell 
(also Goodale),* Richard Ingerson (also Inkerson),* and Roger 
Hascall* presented for breach of order of court, keeping their cattle 
in the common corn fields, and all but last named fined. Hascall's 
cattle being " diseased," he was quit. Complained of by neighbors. 
Wit : Lawrence Leech, Richr. Bishopp, Jno. Shepley and Geor. 
Harries. As the cattle were his brother's, " a poore man Gone for 
England & his wyfe heare," half of Walter Price's fine was 

Question whether a swamp is in Salem or Lynn. Line to be run 

*Salem presentment. 

tWit : Willm. Browne and Thomas Eaborne. 

jWit : Humphrey Woodbury. 

§Wit : Charles Turn[er] and Walter Knight. 

II Wit : Sarah, wife of Ro. Allen, and John Devorux. 


by Cp. Trask, Mr. Edm. Batter and Mr. Clarke to the tree marked 
in Mr. Humphrey's island. 

A post with a pillory to it to be set up by the constables. 

Wm. Jaraes' fine remitted. 

Osman Dutch's petition considered. 

Richard Ingersall's motion concerning trespass by Goodman 
Leech's cattle referred to Mr. Hathorne, Mr. Gardner and Goodman 
Massy. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 12 : 1642. 

[Present : John Endecott, Esq., Dep.-Gov,, Mr. William Hath- 
orne, Mr. Simon Brodstreet, Esq. and Mr. Edw. Holliock. 

Richard More, Hugh Stacy, Thomas Avery, Edward Beauchamp, 
Tho. Edwards, John Kitchen and Henry Harwood made freemen. 

John Holgrave admonished for perjury and for affirming untruths 
before the Church in Salem. 

John Colever, servant to Wm. Kieney, presented for carrying a 
burden on the Lord's day. Absent, not in the country. 

Robert Cotta and Phillip Crumwell admonished for reproachful 
speeches against Phillip Verrin. 

Robert Cotta presented for removing a bound stake. 

Josua Downing presented for carrying a burden upon an ass on 
the Lord's day about two years ago. Wit : Elias Stilman. " Non 

Raph Elwood presented for absence from watch. Not proved. 

Jeffrey Eastey, being overseer of their field, admonished for want 
of a fence. 

William Flint presented for not living with his wife. Answer : 
" his mother was not willing to Lett his wyfe come." Quit. 

Richard. Graves presented for neglecting to tend the ferry care- 
fully. He confessed and said that he was not put in by the court, 
and it was necessary that he go to the mill. Also presented for 
oppression in his trade of pewtering. Quit. Admonished for taking 
rails from Christopher Yong's lot ; and fined for taking wood, of 
Thomas Edwards, and evil speeches, calling " him a base fellow, & 
y* one might Runn a half pike in his bellie & never touch his hart." 

Richard Johnson of Lynn presented for reproachful and un- 
seemly speeches against Mr. Hanford and his wife in a slanderous 
way. No testimony. " Divers of Lynn Gon to Long Hand & 
some not warned : Goodman Thorne & Michaell Meller." 


Walter Knight presented for not living with his wife. Quit. 

" Richard Lambert for stealing of Boards at Makerell Cove. 
Absent in Bay, to Sum" him ; to Peter Woolf, & Jn° Tuker & other 
witnesses, 5' apiece, fees." 

Michaell Millner of Lynn presented upon a common fame of 
idly and unprofitably spending his time. " Gone to Long Hand." 

Richard Norman, jr., fined 10s. for slighting ordinances and 
carrying a burden on Lord's day. His father, Richard Norman, 
answered for him. 

P'rancs Perry presented for putting his oxen into South field 
before harvest. 

John Pickworth presented for absence from watch. Quit. 

John Pickering of Salem presented for not making a bridge 
sufficient and safe for man and beast. 

William Robinson of Marblehead presented for absence from 
ordinances and carrying a fowling piece on Lord's day. 

Sara, wife of Henry Renalds of Salem, presented for pilfering. 
Now in childbed. Admonished, to sit in stocks one hour next 
lecture day, and to make restitution to Goodman Bullock. Wit : 
John Reeves. 

Thomas Roots, being overseer of their field, presented for want 
of good fences. Quit. 

Peter Simes presented for living without his wife. He being 
absent, Capt. Trask satisfied the court. Quit. 

Roger Scott of Lynn presented for common sleeping at public 
exercise on Lord's day, and for striking him who awaked him. 

Josias Stan borough presented for seeking to defraud an execution. 

Capt. William Traske fined for want of a toll dish, over toll, bad 
grinding, want of beam and scales hung up, and suffering Peter 
Simes to grind, the court having before disallowed it. Fined 10s. 
for want of scales. 

Thomas Trusler, presented for oppression, is quit. 

William Thorns (" but his name was John") presented for re- 
fusing to watch in the military watch. Gone to Long Hand. 

Thomas Tucke fined 5s. for refusing to watch. 

John White, sr. presented for refusing to watch. Wit : Charles 
Turner. " Tho : Lothrop must be summoned if witnes." 

Willia Wake presented for not living with his wife. Quit. 

Mr. Robt. Butten absent. 

William Winter (also Witter), a Lynn presentment, presented 



for saying that Mr. Cobbett taught things against his own con- 
science, and for speaking against the ordinance of infant baptism. 
Wit : Geor. Farr and Robert Driver. He is willing to see light 
from speech of our elder, Mr. Norris. To acknowledge his faith 
next lecture and ask Mr. Gobbet's forgiveness.— W^twite Book.^ 

GouRT HELD AT Salem, 27 : 4 : 1643. 
[Present : John Endecott, Esq., Dep.-Gov., Mr. Symon Brod- 
street, Mr. Wm, Hathorne, Mr. Edw. Hollioek and Mr. Eichard 

Lynn presentments : — 
Thomas Patience, by a common fame, and upon vehement sus- 
picion, not only of holding, but also of fomenting the error that 
baptism of infants is no ordinance of God, and hindering his child 
from baptism. Gone away. Wit : Jno. Ruckman. 

Mrs. Kinge and James Hubberd, for not believing in infant bap- 
tism, the latter for his arguments in public. Gone. 

The wife of John Tillton, jr., same, and speaking contemptu- 
ously of it. Wit : Gerrard Spencer. 

Roger Scott, for idle speeches and excessive drinking. Wit • 
Thom. Chadwell and Mary Knight, servant to Mr. Hen. Walton 

Dated 14 : 10 : 1642. Signed by Raph Fogg,* Sec. Return, 16 : 
10 : 1642, by Francis Lightfoote. A similar copy is signed by 
Robert Bridges,* foreman. 
Salem presentments : — 

Walter Knight, for a frequent liar and glorying in his and his 
wife's illegal relations before marriage. Wit : Jno. Maston and 
Miles Ward. 

Peter Petford, for perjury. 

William Bound and wife, for holding the baptism of infants to 
be no ordinance of God. Dated 15: 10 : 1642. 

Wm. Bound was dispensed with, being in a way of conviction 
before elders. 

James Hubberd. Gone away. Peter Petford. Gone. 
Writ : Phillip Vdall v. Wm. Addis of Gloster, 2 : 9 mo : 1642. 
Served by Georg Norton, deputy of the Salem marshall. Bond : 
William Barnes of Gloster, surety, dated 26 : 9 : 1642. Wit : 
George Norton, Mary Norton and Joseph Parker. 

Venire to constable of Lynn, 20 : 12 : 1642. Signed by Raph 
Fogg.* Returned by Francis Lightfoote,* constable. 

Writ: Willm. Wells v. Tho. Dexter, jr., 13: 10: 43. By the 
court, Edward Tomkins. Timothy Tomlins is security for defend- 
ant's appearance. Endorsed by Willm. Longley,* constable of 



Civil cases : — 

Rose Fletcher of Boston v. Mathew Waller. Debt. 

Phillip Vdall v. William Cantlebury. Debt. Wit : Tho. West. 
" Cotton wooU tendered p m'' Gardene*"." 

Thomas A.llen and Richard Collacott, assignees to Mathew Allen 
of Harford in Conecticott v. Mr. Ed. Holliocke, attorney for Francs 
Webb of London, dyer. 

John Godffrey v. Richard Kent, sr. of Newbury. Kent found 
greatly criminal. To be whipped. 

Lt. Edmund Greenliff of Nubury v. Willia Waldron of Dover in 
Pascataway River. Referred to Mr. Spencer and John Emerey. 

Richard Hyde v, Charls Glover. 

John Hardy and Henry Swan & Company v. Francs Perry. Debt. 

Robert Lewis and John Maddox v, Wm. Paine of Ipswich. 

Robert Lewis v. John Aslett of Rowley. Debt. 

Thomas Ruck v. John Coggan of Boston, merchant. 

Same v. John White, sr. Trespass. 

Same v. Robert Codnam. Debt. 

Same v. Thomas Weeks. Debt. 

Grand jury same as last court ; and other names as follows : 
Lt. Richard Walker, Thomas Gardener, sr., Thomas Spooner, 
Thomas Antram, Willia Allen, Esdrase Reade, Marke Vermass, 
John Woods,* Willia Cawdre,* John Gillo, James Axey* and 
John Mansfield. The three whose names are starred (*) were 
sworn freemen the morning the court convened. 

Thomas Trusler fined for absence from jury. 

Henry Collins and Henry Walton, " Lambert's witnesses." " Of 
Lieft. Howe or his brother." 

Francs Johnson had summoned Hill and Benjamin Parmeter to 

Wm. Harker 4s. and costs, and nonsuited James Huberd. 

Charles Gott and John Home, deacons of the church at Salem, 
confess judgment against themselves of lOli. to George Emerey. 

Ann Sallowes called for a witness against Renalds. 

Joseph Armetag confesses judgment in favor of Willia Caudre 
as attorney for Samuell Wade, merchant tailor, of London. 

Petition of Dearman Omahone, Thomas Dexter confessed judg- 
ment in favor of Dearma Mathew alias Mahonie for wages due. 
Execution to constable at Lynn. 

Elizabeth Estick deposed concerning the service of Mary West, 

..u. ■ 'i A ,^;;;,'0'i'T 


that she was not present when Mary demanded 20s. wages, and that 
Goodman Canterbury said that it was less, for she did not have as 
much in another place and that they had complained of her negli- 
gence, whereas " y® woman is a very diligent woman." 

John Whitlock fined 20s. for neglecting ye watch. 

John Mascoll, servant to Mr. Goog, fined for neglecting the 

Farmer Dexter moved for costs after Joseph Armetage had gone. 

Thomas Oddensell fined for breaking court's order, neglecting 
the watch, etc. 

Robert Cotta admonished and fined. 

Mr. Edward Tomlins deposed about a mare and two oxen in 
execution against Mr. Goold, Putnam and James Hubbert. 

Will of Thomas Eaborne proved, and inventory presented. 
Amount, 211i. 16s. 5d. 

Will of /^ohn Woodbury, deceased, proved. His widow Ann 
Woodbury, executrix, ordered to bring in inventory. 

Inventory of William Ballard of Lynn, deceased, filed. 

Accounts, etc., of Peter Busgutt, smith, brought into court by 
Raph Fogg. 

Joseph Boyse petitioned concerning disposal of hides left in liis 
custody by Samll. Eaborne, deceased. Court ordered " every man 
to have halfe a hyde of y*^ wch is unmarked and unknowne for 
the making up those that wear Lost & for y*^ Lethe'' y*- is marked he 
is to have his thirds & his pay out of the Lethe"" " 

28 : 12 : 1639, Phillip Verin of Salem acquitted Francis Perry 
of Salem and his wife of all debts, etc., and of a bond due to Ed- 
mund Batter from my son Robert Verin, deceased. Wit : Wm. 
Hathorne and Anna Hathorne. 

Will of Anne Scarlet, who died "the last day of the 12"^ 
month," was dated 2:1: 1639 and proved 30 : 4 : 1643. Mr. En- 
decott, Dep.-Gov., delivered it to court 11 mo : 1642. " I doe 
Desire to have some order taken for the payinge my brother Sam- 
uell ... in old England the some of Tenne pownds w*^^ he layd 
outf or mee. And also my brother D[avid's] Children twelve 
shillings a peece to buy them a w*hall. And for the rest of my 
goods & moveables, & lynnen & wollin I desire they shall be 
equallie Devided to my three children. Mary Margaret & Joseph 
equally alike to them : Also I Doe give unto my sister Dennis my 
blew gowne further I give to my brother James Hindes tenne 
shillings. And alsoe my three Children to be wholy execute""* & 


22: 2 : 1638, Mr. John Blackleech of Salem agreed not to dis- 
pose of his farm, 3 cows, 1 heifer, 23 ewe goats, 7 weathr goats, 
and his house at Salem, also his 10 acre lot, without the consent of 
his wife Eliz. ; and that after their lives it shall be for the use of 
their children. Wit . Jo, Winthrop and Hugh Peter. 

Jno. Holgrave v. Mr. Adam Ottley, as assignee or agent for the 
worshipful Jno, Humphreys, Esq. Debt. Referred to Mr, Ha- 
thorne, Mr. HoUiook and Mr. Batter, commissioners of Mr. Hum- 
phrey's estate. 

Thomas Dexter v. Richard Harper. Debt, Attachment granted 
against Rich. Harp[er] and Wm. Wells, his surety. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 26 : 10 : 1643. 

[Present: Jno. Endecott, Esq. Dep.-Gov., Richr. Saltonstall, 
Esq., Mr, Symon Brodstreet, Mr. Wm. Hathorne, Mr. Emanuell 
Downeing and Mr. Edw. Holliock. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Townsend Bishop, foreman, Mr. John Blak- 
leech, Wm. Lord, Nicholas Browne, Tho. Leighton, Edw, Burcham, 
Henry Collins, Francs Lighfoote, John Bulfinch, Thomas Law- 
throp, Gervas Garford and Thorns Venner. 

Civil cases : — 

Robert Lewis and Jno. Madox v. Mr. Wm. Paine. Debt, 

William Clark v, Edm, Batter. Trespass. Referred to Mr. 
Endecott, Depy., Mr. Hathorne and Jeffry Massie. 

Henry Sewall v. Wm. Ting, treasur.^and David Yale, merchants, 
as agents for Mr. Georg Foxcrofte. Execution against D. Yale to 
marshall of Boston. 

Henry Sewall v. Abram Tappin aud Richard Knight. 

Christopher Lawson v. John Smart. 

Peter Palfrey v. Cp. Thomas Hawkins, attorney for Georg Rich- 
ardson, mariner. 

Henry Roby v. Ann Needum. Attachment to constable of Exeter, 

William Sargeant v. Mr, Wm. Hook of Salisbury. Debt of 56s. 
in corn at price it was three months ago. 

my brother Browning & his wiefe advisers. And also my brother 
Joseph Grafton I desire him to advise in the ordering of my goods 
& my things as are abovewritten. And that ray children may 
equallie devide such of my goods as shall remayne aftere these 
things be discharged that are abovenamed equallie amonge them. 
Anne Scarlet."*' Wit: James Hinds,* James Moulton.* 



Georg Norton v. Steplien White, for stealing a dog. Trespass. 

Jaraes Smith v. OUiver Fishley. Trespass. Attachment to eon- 
stable of Gloucester. 

Rose Whitlock v. Francs Tharley, for unjust molestation. 
Released each other from any "lyes or bonds concerning mariag." 

John Pease v. Thorns. Trusler. Trespass. 

Cp. Robt. Bridgs, foreman. 

John Fayrfield fined 30s. for attempting chastity of wife of 
Goodman Goldsmith.* 

Thomas Gray of Marblehead to be whipped for being overseen 
in drink. To pay Wni. Barber. 

Lt. Ricr. Davenport, foreman. 

Josias Stanborough gone out of Contry & pattent. 

Lt. Davenport, foreman, 27 : 4 : 1643. 

William Borradg, " its Buriott," Zacheus Curtise (also Curtese) 
Mr. Downing, Lt. Richr. Davenport, Robert Goodell, Richard 
Inkersall (also Inkersell), John Putnam, Francs Perry, Daniell 
Ray (also Rey) and Tho. Spooner fined for putting their cattle 
into the North corn fields. f 

Auld Churchman of Lynn, presented for living without his wife 
for seven or eight years, and for having the wife of Hugh Burt 
locked with him alone in his house, discharged, provided he bring 
to Mr. Endecott, Deputy-Governor, Mr. Dumer's certificate that 
he has the means for his wife's coming. He was fined. J 

Rise (also Rice) Edwards and his wife admonished for incontin- 
ency before marriage. § 

Zacheus (also Zacharey) Fitts of Lynn presented for keeping 
great cattle and swine in his own land within a common fence. || 

•Summoned by constable of Salem. 

tWit : Tho. Read. 

J Wit: Joseph Flood and Jarrard Spencer. 

§ Wit : Henry Walton and Mary Bourne. 

II Wit : Ro. Driver. 

Deed of Wm. Hugheslf of New Meadows [afterwards Topsfield] 
to Richard Barker of Quichichock, dated Aug. 13, 1643, for 381i., 
and 181i. more to be paid before Oct. 14 next, cattle, house and 
house lot of 7 acres broken and 2 unbroken, with corn, hay and 
straw "at the farme of Mr. Raim" where I Willia now livs." Wit : 
Ada[m] Ottley,** John Hughes.** Ackn owledged before Jo. 
Wiuthrop, Dept.-Gov. and Increase Nowell,** Sec. 

If Autograph and seal. 
*• Autograph. 

1643] rh;cords and filks 57 

John Freiud confessed that he struck Nathaneell Pittnian in his 
own house. Admonished. 

Marie Hill of Marblehead fined for being overcome with wine.* 

Grand jury : Salem, Roger Connant, foreman, Thorns. Gardener, 
Jacob Barney, John Alderman, Henry Bartholomew, William 
Woodbury, Jeffry Massy. Wenhara, Joseph Batchler. Gloster, 
Hugh Calkin. Lynn, Tim. Toralins, Joseph Flood, James Axey, 
John Wood, Nichos. Potter, Willia Knight. 

Christopher Lawson to answer for extortion, brought for Wm. 
Coale, Thomas Wight and others. The petition of those Exeter 
men who should prosecute is likewise granted. 

William Tayler, servant to Zacheus Goold,to be severely whipped 
for stealing, and to make double restitution. 

William Willson, servant to Cp. Bridgs, fined for being drunk. 
To be paid by Mr. Holliock. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 10 : 1643. 

[Robert Driver complained of Sarauell Hall of Salesbury for 
beating his daughter Phebe Driver (about eight or ten years old). 
Fined 25s. 

Wm. Barber admonished for beating his wife. 

David Nicholson, servant to Mr. Jno. Freind, complained of 
want of clothing ; is to be supplied, " James Smith offering a moose 
skinn, upo m"' Stephens acco to m"" Freind." 

John Poole and Joseph Armetag gave bond that Tege Omohoine, 
son to Dierman oMahonie, shall be taught to read the English 
tongue, which indenture was delivered again to Joseph Arme- 

28 : 10 : 1643, John Marston and Thomas Marston, appointed 
administrators of estate of Robert Marston unto the true 
heirs, who are in England. John Sanders and Thomas Macey, 
both of Salisbury, joined with them for direction, etc. Bond, 
lOOli. To bring in inventory at Ipswich court. 

Thomas Dexter, sr., to answer Wm. Wells. 

John Russell recognized for good behavior, and whipped for 
beating his wife. 

Willia Walcott's wife, children and estate committed to Richard 
Inkersell, his father-in-law, to be disposed of " according to God ; 
& the said Wm. Walcott to bee & Remaine as his servant." 

* Wit : W. Blanchett, Jo. Blanchet and B. Parmeter. 


John Peach and Goody Bartall to answer for certain lascivious 
speeches, etc. ; " a girle of Xpr. Ould " mentioned. Wit: Goo<ly 

Joseph Arnietage (Lynn presentment) fined for procuring a 
warrant summoning seventy persons as witnesses before the Gov- 
ernor.* Also presented for selling mortgaged house and land, bat 

Christopher Avery presented for living absent from his wife. 

William Barber presented for beating his wife and quarrel- 

Jonas Clay admonished for being addicted to lying and deceitful 
dealing, t 

Thomas Chubb presented for misspending his time idly to the 
prejudice of his family. § 

Phillip Crumwell presented for living apart from his wife. Not 

William Clark to be whipped for spying into the chamber of his 
master and mistress, and for reporting what he saw.|| 

John Devoreux fined 40s. for striking Henry Stacy in his own 

Thomas Dexter presented for evading justice in challenging cat- 
tle of Mr. Ottly (also Otley) under execution, and putting others in 
their room. Quit.^ 

Wife of Wm. Edwards admonished for striking a man and 
scoffing at his membership. " She is conceaved to be a very igno- 
rant sottish & Imperious woman."** 

Mr. Griffin presented for swearing by the name of God. 

Robert Hethersay presented for lying from his wife these many 
years. His answer satisfied the court.ff 

Walter Knight, John Leech, sr., Peter Simes and Thomas Tuck, 
presented for living absent from their respective wives, were dis- 

♦Wit : Mr. Edw. Tomlins and Nicholas Browne. 

fWit : Mr. Russell of Charls Towne. 

jSummoned by Wm. Fiske, constable of Wenham. 

§Wit : Thorn. West and William Dixie. 

i Wit : Tho. Goldsmith, Michaell Sallos and Edw. Willsou. 

•[[Wit : Mr. Edw. Tomlins and Joseph Armetage. 
**Lynn presentment. Wit : John Wood and Bonifac Burton. 
tfLynn presentment. 


Christopher Lawsun (also Harson) of Weuham fined for stealing 
money from Mr. Edward Tomsou.* 

John Russell and his wife severely whipped for fighting between 
themselves and idleness. 

James Standish fined for being vehemently suspected of being 

John Studdley fined for stealing his master's axe and selling it 
to him.f 

Roger Scott to be severely whipped for drunkenness. 

Captan Traske, for not having scales and weights hung up in his 

Robert Tike admonished for stealing wood from Thomas Reade. 
Wit : Tho. Read, 

William Wake, presented for living from his wife many years, 

Mr, Henxie Walton of Lynn presented for saying that " he had 
as Leeve to hear a Dogg Barke as to heare m' Cobbett Preach." 

William BarnesU fined 51i. for swearing; to give security to Wal- 
ter Tipper (also Tibbott), constable of Gloucester. Surety, Wm. 
Addes. Wit. to bond : James Smith and the mark of James Bals- 
din, Barnes and Addies of New Gloster. 

Mr, Phillip Thome, mate to Mr. Griffin, presented for swearing 
and drinking to excess. 

John Hodges, Stephen White, Edw. Bullok and Anselm Whit 
presented for swearing, and fined 10s. each. 

Richrd, Hedges presented for swearing and abusing the watch, 
and fined 15s. 

John Bruer presented for swearing and drunkenness, and fined 
Hi, 10s. 

Mr, Phillip Thorn e gave bond for all. 

Richard Hollinworth and Charles Glover agree that all things 

*Wit : Mr, Tompson and his wife, Rumball and his wife, 

and William Fisk, summoned by William Fiske, constable of Wen- 
ham, 9 : 12 mo : 1643. 

tWit : Tho, Trusler, Raph Talbot and Tristra. Dallebar. 

iWit : Rich. Prence, Nich. Stacy, Tho. Trusler and Hugh Stacy, 

§ Wit : John Smith and two others. Summoned by William 
Longley, constable, 20 : 12 : 1643. 



concerning the ship and account be referred to Cp. Hawkins, Mr. 
Win. Hathorne, Robert Molton, Henry Bartholomew and Jeffry 

Creditors of widow of Charles Turner, deceased, to prove claims. 
Inventory of his estate to be brought in, "for y^ more peacable & 
comfortable subsistance of the widdow." 

Will of John Sanders of Salem proved 28 : 10 : 1643.*— Waste 

Court HELD at Salem, 20: 12: 1643, by adjournment. 

[Present : The Worshipful Jno. Endecott, Esq., Dep.-Gov., Mr. 
Dudley, Mr. Symon Brodstreet, Mr. Wra. Haythorne, Mr. Holli- 
ocke, Mr. Symonds, Mr. Bellingam and Mr. Saltonstall. 

Mr. Thomas South freed from training on 30 : 1 : 1641, paying 
5s. per annum, is now quit on account of age. 

Richard Gell, servant to Francs Felraingham, to be severely 
whipped for breaking into house of Mr. Keaser on the Lord's day 
and stealing 2 parcells of tobacco, etc. 

John Id galls and Mary Bentley fined 10s. each for wanton dal- 
liance, etc.t 

Edward Richards fined 10s. for unwarrantable proceedings 
against above parties, in acquainting the magistrates. 

Inventory of estate of John Woodbury, deceased, sworn to by 
his widow. 

Will of Abram Belknap sworn to. J 

*He bequeathed "unto my sonn John Sandars my Tenn Aker 
lot with my hous new built on the Commons side right over 
a gainst it when he Come to the age of one & twentie yeers or at 
the death of his mother with the Aker And halfe of middow 
ground adioyning to it and I do be trust my father Joseph Graf ten 
& goodman Hardie to see this my will & ded performed mad in 
the yeere 1643 y« 28 of October." Wit: Nathaniell Porter,§ 
Henrye Bird3all.§ 

t John Vpsell testified that he heard Thomas Winterton say to 
John Ingals : " Thou hadst need give me a good many — to stick to 
thee in this case." 

Jlnventory of estate of Abraham Belkuap of Lynn, who deceased 
the beginning of the 7 mo. 1643, taken by William (his mark) 
Tilton and Edward Tomlins, 16 : 12 : 1623 : Sheep, 4 yewes, oli. ; 
2 wethers, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 7 yerlinge calfes, 31i. lOd. ; 2 cowes and 
calfes, 81i. lOs.; 2 yerlinge calfes, 31i. 15s.; 4 yow gotes, 



Jabez Hackett, Thom. South, Wm. Prichard and Tho. Winter- 
ton fined for drinking. Charges of witnesses to be allowed by the 
persons fined proportionately, only Lawrence Douse and his wife 
are to have 5s., half by Jno. Smith, and half by parties fined, and 
Mary Rowden by John Smith to have 2s. 6d, ; Tho. Putnam 20d. by 
the three. 

Jonas Clay confessed judgment in a suit bought by Edmund 
Torapson. The house and land as security. Execution delivered 
21 : 3 : 44 to Mr. Thomson's maid and Wm. Fiske, constable of 
Wenham, to receive from Jonas Clay 31s. and charges. 

Tho. Chubb fined for taking another man's axe, and to pay to 
Wm. Allen, 4s. 

John Smith, servant to Henry Walton, severely whipped for 
lying, stealing, disgraceful behavior toward his master, and absent- 
ing himself from his service. Fined 301i., which, if he cannot 
satisfy by service, his master " hath power to sell him." 

Randall Houlden examined in court. Discharged. Go[o]dy 
Olliver to be whipped for saying that Houlden suffered wrong by 
the court, and should be vindicated. Wit : Henry Burdsell and 
James Standish. — Waste Book.'] 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 9:5: 1644. 
[Present : Jno. Endecott, Esq., Gov., Mr. Richr. Bellingham, 
Mr. Sym. Broadstreet, Mr. Wm. Hathorne, Mr. Em. Downing, Cp. 
Robt. Bridges and Mr. Ed. Holliocke. 

Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 1 kidd, 4s.; 1 sow and piggs, Hi.; 4 shottes, Hi. lOe. 
the houses and 5 akres of land, 71i.; 2 akers of planting Land, Hi 
10s.; 2 akers salt marsh, Hi.; 6 akers saltmarsh at fox hill, 21i. 
30 akers at the village, 21i. ; 1 braspitt, 10s. ; 1 iron cettle, 6s. 8d. 
1 brascettle, 3s. 4d. ; 3 ould skillets, 3s. ; 1 friing pan, Is. ; pot 
hookes and pot hangers, 2s. 6d. ; 1 spitt. Is. 6d. ; 7 pewtor platters, 
14s. ; 1 bras pestill & morter, 23. 6d. ; 1 candle stick and dripping 
pan, 2s. ; 1 ould warming pan, 3s. 4d. ; 1 payre of tongs, Is. ; 1 
payre andirons, 2s.; 1 table, 3s.; 1 Chyer, 2s. 6d, ; 1 chest, 1 box, 
4s. ; 1 chest, Is. ; 2 flock beds, 1 boulster, 13s. 4d. ; 1 fether bed & 
boulster. Hi. ; 3 coverlettes, lli. 6s. 8d. ; 4 blankits, 13s. 4d. ; 3 
pillowes, 6s. ; 3 prs. sheetes, lli. ; 1 sheete, 2s. 6d. ; 2 payre pillow 
beres, 63. ; 2 table clothes, 4s. ; 1 doos. of napkins, 33. ; ould iron, 
4 wedges, 4s. ; 1 ould ax. Is. ; 1 ould hachett, 8d. ; 1 mattock 
Is. 6d. ; total, 531i. 10s. 3d. Signed by Mary (her mark) Belknapp. 
The estate owed Joseph Armytage, Francis Ingalls Goodman 
Phillipes, Rich. Rowton, Tho. Laighton, Ed. Farington, Jerard 
Spencer, Mr. Kinge and John Person, amounting to 51i. 13s. 3d. 


John BartoU and wife v. Alice, wife of John Peach, jr. De- 
famation. John Peach, the husband, had gone to sea, when the 
process was served. Wit : Richard Cook and wife of Marblehead, 
Goody Tompson, Mr. Moses Maverik, John Devoreux and wife 
Abraham Whitheire and wife. They mention that John Bartall 
had his child (also " barne") in his arms. Goody Devereux called 
John Peach a wittall.* 

Grand jury : Roger Connant, Thomas Gardener, Jacob Barney, 
John Alderman, Henry Bartholomew, Willia Woodbury, Jeffery 
Massy, Joseph Bachler, Hugh Caulkin, Timothy Tomlins, Joseph 
Flood, James Axey, John Wood, Nicho. Potter and Wm. Knight. 

John Burridg, a boy apprenticed to Jno. Porter, being but little 
and his first offence, to be whipped severely for breaking up two 
chests and said Porter's man's chest, a hat band, and for taking a 
pig (which he said he had found one and one half miles from Mr. 
Downing's farm, but did not cry it), a chisel and a drawing knife, 
and selling them. He sold the knife to Ricr. Leech. His master 
said that he lost a shirt the year before, and suspected the boy. 

Six acres of land lying by Farmer Dexter, given him by the 
town, challenged by Tho. Dexter by a former gift. It is agreed 
that he shall have the six acres near Mr. Holliock's twenty acres. 
He said that he bought one hundred and fifty acres, house and 
wares, at twelve pence per acre, 

John Pickering thinking he had given satisfaction by going to 
Lynn and acknowledging the wrong done to Mr. Tomlins, asked to 
be quit. Left to Mr. Tomlins to settle, presuming he will deal 
kindly with him, and admonishing John Pickering that " it is a 
matter of such consequence as might have cost him much." 

Samuell Hall admonished about Driver's girl. 

Goodman Witter of Lynn brought in willf and inventory of estate 
of ould Hugh Churchman of Lynn, and the will dated 4:4: 1640, 
was proved by Zacheus Gould. Estate to be preserved in Wm. 
Witter's hands. 

♦Witnesses summoned by David Curwethyn (also Curwithin). 
Summons, dated 24 : 4 : 1644, was signed by Raph Fogg.:}: 

Writ : Mr. Hugh Ap Prichard v. John Sadler, dated 3 : 4 mo : 
1644, signed by Obadiah Broen, and addressed to the constable of 

t"I give my howse and Lot || in Len || w*^ ale my march and ale 

J Autograph. 


Joseph Armitag declared that Cp. Hawkins owed him for " 200 
tun of squar & saw ; Timber at 17s. per tunn, 12 keutall & 401i. of 
dry Codd & 3 hundred of 2 Inch planck." Wit: Major Sidgwick, 
Mr. Edw. Tomlins and Goodman Chaffy. 

other the apurtenances tharevnto belonging to wilyam wenter tel 
his son Josias shale atayen the age of twenty one yeares and then 
to his son Josias and his Ayeres for ever : w^** this Condicon that 
he shale paye to his sister hanna winter ten poundes w**" in one 
hole year after the aforsayed Josias winter shale atayen the age 
of twenty one yeares and if be shale Ilefeuse to paye to his sister 
hana winter ten poundes of Corant money then my will is that 
hanna winter shale have the bowse and lotw'*' ale and singeler the 
apurtenances to ber and her ayeres for ever and she shall paye to 
her brother Josias ten poundes : and my will is that if the afore- 
said Josias shale dy before he shale atayen the age of twenty & one 
yeares that then the aforsayed hanna shale have it w**>out paying 
aney thing out of it : and my will is further that if the aforsayed 
Josias and hanna shale booth dy before that they e shale atayen the 
age of twenty one yeres that then wilyam winter or his now wif 
or the longer liver of them shale have it to them and thar Ayeres 
for ever : I do give to the widow Androes that thre shilinges 
that she oethe me and further I do giv her one buchel of Ingen 
Coren to be payed w^^'in one moneth after my death : I do give 
gorge far one buchel ale so to be payed at the same tyem : I do ale 
so give to edward burt ten shilinges to be payed w'^'^in one hole 
yer after after my death : I ale so give to m' whiten and m"^ Cobet: 
five shilinges apece to be payed w^'^in one hole year after my 
death : ale the Rest of my goodes or Chateles vnbequeaved I give 
to wilyam winter whom I do macke sole exeter to this my will, 
hegh Churchman."* Wit : Zacheus Gould.* 

Inventory taken 4 : 6 mo : 1644, by Nathaniel Tiler, Hugh 
Burtt and Robert Driver : Wearing aparrill, 21i. ; straw bed, two 
blankits, tow pillows, three shetes. Hi. ; little iron pot, little bras 
cettle & a friing pan, 10s. ; puter pint pot & 2 sponns, 2s. ; gred- 
iron, pot hookes and bellowes, 2s. ; one trofe with a cover and a 
little kneding trof, one tra, and other woden dishes & trenchers, 
6s. 8d. ; 2 emti cask, a pale, a peck and a halfe peck, 4s. 6d. \ 2 
chestes, 4s. ; shers and presing iron and yard & a qushing. Is. 6d. ; 
betle and wedgis, 2 axis, 2 sawes, 2 hows and other working towls, 
16s.; a fiich of bacon, 6s. ; puter Chamber pot. Is. ; a bed cradle, 
with other lumber, 3s. ; 20 bushels wheat, 411. ; 4 bushils Indian, 
12s. ; 2 bushils barly veri cors & musti, 4s. 6d. ; 3 bags, Is. 6d. ; a 
bible with another booke, 4s. ; corne one the ground, 21i. 10s. ; 
debts due, Hi. ; 4 scins, 6s. ; total, 141i. 14s. 8d. Atendance in his 
siknes & ,chargis at his buriall, Hi. 15s. 6d. Debts owing by him, 
263. 3d. House, lot and marsh appraised at 61i. 

* Autograph. 


Jury of trials : Thorn. Lathrop, foreman, John Hardy, Phillip, Richard Bishopp, Thorns. Spooner, Richard Prence, 
Peter Palfrey, Georg Keysar, Thorns. Marshall, Thorns. Putman, 
Thorns. Parker and Mathew West. 

John Poole v. Nicholas Potter and Nicholas Browne, in behalf of 
Lynn. Case for six acres of land, due eight years since or more. 

John Poole v. Hugh Burt and Robert Mansfield of Lynn. Case 
for taking away his arras. John Poole to maintain six poles and 
two feet of fence. 

Joseph Armetage v. Cp. Thomas Hawkins. Debt. Case to be 
tried at Boston. 

Goodman Wm. Harker and Dearmon O'Mahone undertake to pay 
Mr. Raph Woory some money. 

Mr. Tho. Clark of Dorchester brought in Mr. Adam Ottley 
by attachment. Security, Mr. Tim. Tomlins. Confessed judg- 

Thomas Lothrop and Thomas Putman fined 3s, 4d. for absence 
from jury, and fine remitted. 

Samuell Winsley of Salsbury v. Mr. Wm. Hooke of Salisbury. 
— Waste Book.'\ 

Court held at Salem, 10 : 5 : 1644. 

[Thomas Smith v. Robt. Hawes. 

Mr. Wm. Hooke, by his attorney, Mr. Rawson v. Mr. Samuell 
Winsley. Breach of bond. 

Samuel Greenfield of Exeter v. Henry Ambros of Hampton. 
For detaining and entertaining Jonathan Thinge, a boy, contrary 
to order of court.* 

William Prichard v. John Browne of Hampton. Debt. 

Richard Smith of Ipswich v. Mr. Wm. Paine of Ipswich. Debt 
Paine « hath pd the debt of 341i. 10s. for one 6th p"^ of a 16th p""* 
of the shipp Sarah." 

James Smith v. Jno. Freind and Henry Greene. For taking and 
spoiling a shallop. Referred to Mr. Towenshend Bishop, Mr. Hol- 
grave and Joseph Armetage. 

*Wit : Nathanyell Boulter, Richard Bulgar and Thomas Keney. 
Writ dated 18 : 4 : 1644, and signed by Willia Wenborne, for the 
court. Bill of costs to Samuell Greenfeld, including travel from 
Exeter to Boston and return, 5 days, 10s. ; 2 days going for the 
marshall to Dover, 43., etc.; total, 21i. lOs. 8d. 


John and Stephen Talbie admonished for unbecoming speeches 
about a dog in the water, though not proved the baptizing of him. 

Phillip Mannaring fined 50s. for abusing the watch on the Lord's 
day. Lt. Haward sent to for security ; note sent by Henry 

No land that was Mr. Howells of Lynn and sold to Jno. Elder- 
kin of Lynn, shall be enrolled by any such men as have since 
bought it of Jno. Elderkin till ordered by court. Gave transcript 
of this record to Mr. Emanuell Downing at request of " o'' bro: 
Marshall of Lynn." 

Inventory of estate of Robert Lewis,* deceased, brought in, and 
referred to the Governor to take oath. John Croxen swore 
that the deceased made Goody Jackson, wife of John, his executrix 
to pay his debts and give the remainder to his wife and child. 

Willt of Mrs. Joanna Cummins of Salem, proved, and inventory 
of her estate allowed. 

*He died May 4, 1643. Inventory taken by Goodman Edwards 
and Goodman Prince, 6 : 5 mo : 1644 : Mr. Fowles bill, 71i. ; bill of 
John Bond, 31i. 20s. ; Richard Hollingsworths bill. Hi. 7s, ; his 
best clothes, 16s. ; 2 yards 1/2 ell of kersie, 9s. ; ould hat, 7s. ; ould 
stuffe dublett, 3s. ; a cotten wasecoate, 3s. ; cotten paire of breech- 
es and wasecoate, and a paire of Cotten stockeings, 3s. ; paire 
stockings, 2s. ; 2 shertts, 7s. ; cotten sheete, 53. ; 10 yards of lock- 
rum, lis. 8d. ; 4 bands, 2s. 6d. ; a chist, 5s.; a bible, 8s.; hatte, 
7s. ; paire shewes, 4s. ; one pillow, 2s.; total, 261i. 12s. 8d. 

tWill dated May 11, 1644. She bequeathed to her " sonn John 
my house & ground & my gote : & my sow & he shall give vnto 
gooman Cornish a hog pig of tow months ould : m"^ :es noris shall 
have my mufe. I dow give my Cow to ra[y] gran Child mary 
Bourne : [I dow give ||all|| my best Apparil & Beding & bed to my 
Gran Child Johanah to by a heafer of tow yere ould to bee put 
forth for hir good & that wich ken a parte of that to my sonn John 
to Buery mee with all J] 

I will have my debtes to bee payed out of the pipe staves & that 
wich Remaynes to bee giuen the one halfe to my granchild mary 
borne & the other halfe to Johanah borne my gran Child. 

I will haue all my best Apparel bed & bedding & all my hous- 
ould goods sould : & out of that a heafer of tow yere ould to bee 
bought for Johanah Bourne & ||ere/r to burie mee|| I give to m' 
Noris Twenty shilings & to the Church twenty shilings : desiring 
y™ to Exsept so smal a gift I giue to goody Cotta my Blew petti- 
cote & a wast Cote. My trunck & Cloth vpon it Goodye wathin 

JThe words enclosed in brackets are crossed out in the original. 


Jiio. Cook asked to have fine partly remitted toward buying his 
arms, and will leave them to the town if he moves away. Graiited. 

shall haue it for tenn shilings & the feet to bare it vp with & 
Goody ||wathiii|| shall bee payed what I owe hir & the Rest to the 
deacons for them to giue wher Is appoynted Goody Feld shall haue 
my lorn pot at 4'' a pound to bee payed that I owe hir & that w«" 
Remaines to the dacuns I giue to goody Beacham a petticot with 3 
laces about & a green savegard* & an ould wast Cote & an ould linin 
Change I giue to Ann shiply Tow linin Changes. I give goodman 
boyce an ould blanckit wc [is] vp in the Chamber & a pilow wich 
he hath a Redie what so euer is vnder my bed I giue to goody 
Corning & goody wathin to bee Equally' deuided I giue John 
brownes wife a whit Cutworke Coyfe : I giue goody wathin a 
blacke Coyfe w"' a lace : a grograne Coyfe : I giue my whit lias 
wast Cot & ould hat to Deborah wathin I giue goody Feld one of 
my lase han carchefes w*'^'' is at good bornes 

I desire That II the II Tow deacons m'' Got: & goodman home: 
that they shall haue the ordring & desposiug of these things in my 
will to Improve for the Children s good : y* it may not bee bungled 
away. Jone Comins."t Wit : Mary Beacham, Elizabeth Corning, 
Elnor. Wathin, all signed with a mark. 

On the same paper upon which the will is written the testatrix 
gives a list of her debts, viz : " I owe to John Mattstone 25s., upon 
his covenant concerning my house; M'"is. Goose for a pound of 
sugar ; Goody Feld, 3s. 6d. ; Mr. Cocall, Is. 6d. ; Good Masse, 6d. ; 
ould Knight, 3s. 6d. ; yong Goody Lech, 8d. ; something to Good- 
man Salace, let him tell it, and the deacon will pay it; Goodman 
Salace, 5s.; and Goody Sharman in the Bay, 6d." Inventory taken 
17 : 3 : 1644, by Gervase Garford, Jetferie Massey and Georg Em- 
ery : House and quarter acre of ground, with the corn upon it, 
31i.; ewe goat, 7s.; spotted sowe, 18s. ; milch cowe, 51i. 10s. ; fether- 
bed and flockej boulster, Hi. 15s. ; 1 green rugge, 10s. ; 1 litle 
fether pillow. Is. 6d. ; 3 blankits whitt, 14s.; one littell Darnix cur- 
tayn, 3s. ; 2200 pipe stavs of whitt oake, 81i. 16s.; one sad collored 
Carsy gowen and hud sutable. Hi.; 1 stamill§ Carsy peetty coot 
mitered about the scirts with vellvit, 1 li. 6s. 8 d.; l" green Carsy 
petticot, 3 laces, 10s.; 1 blew petticote, 7s.; 1 stufe petticoot, 7s.; 
1 blacke wastcoot, Is.; 1 red cotton shage wastcot, 3s.; 1 whit shagg 
wastcoot, 5s. ; 1 blacke cloake, Is. ; 1 blacke grogerane Goune, Hi. 
6s. ; 1 wastcoot and petticoote, 12s.; 1 tauny seay appron, 2s. ; 1 
green say appron, Is. ; 5 Corse sheets, Hi. ; 1 blacke hatt, 4s. ; 2 
callico approus lased about, 5s.; 9 Crostcloths,|| last and playn, 
4s. 6d. ; 2 Coyfes, one Cutworke, one blacke worke, 2s. 6d.; 4 hancher- 
ifs, more playn. Is.; 2 payer stockins, 2s.; 1 brass morter& pestell, 

•Safeguard, a heavy petticoat worn to guard women's other garments 
from mud while riding, t Autograph. 

JLocks of coarse wool or pieces of cloth cut up fine. §Red. 
II Part of headdress worn with the coif. 


Will of John Mattox* proved by Thomas Pickton and inventory 
brought in. 

Willf of TIio. Payne proved. — Wdstc Booh.'] 

3s. 4d. ; shifs ould, 7s. ; 1 lining pillabear, 2s. ; looking glass, 3s.; blew 
apron, 6d. ; payer of shoos, Is. 6d. ; trunkewith a foot, 14s. 6d.; littell 
Box with locke & key, Is. 6 d. ; carpitt and tabell, 7s. 8d. ; one 
mufe, 2s. ; Chamber pott, 6d. ; 2 syves, 2s. ; tubs and paylls, 8s. ; 
littel barrill. Is.; pare bellows, Is. ; Iron pott and hanger, 8s. ; bras 
kettell and scellit, 6s. ; whell, 4s. ; Candell sticke, 4d. ; total, 331i. 

*He died April 22, 1643. Inventory taken 6 : 5 mo ; 1644 by 
Goodman Edwards and Goodman Prince : bill of Mr. Fowles, 51i. : 
John Buds bill, 21i. 7s. ; bill of John Bonds, 21i. 16s. 9d. ; best 
shute. Hi. 10s. ; ould shute of truckinge Clothe, 4s. ; cotten shute, 
6s. 6d. ; ould Cloth shute, 10s. ; ould graye shorte Coate, 2s. ; paire 
of knitt stockings, 2s. ; 4 bands, 5s. ; paire of Cloth stockings, 2s. ; 
paire of Russitt bootes, lis. ; paire of Canvis sheetes, 20s. ; 2 
shertes, 7s. ; Chistle, 4s. ; ould blanckitt, 2s. ; paire of shewes, 4s. ; 
ould hatt, 4s. ; 4 Raile hoockes, 4s. ; an old pillow, 2s. 6d.; paire of 
shewes, 4s. Total, 141i. 13s. 9d. 

t Will of Thomas Payne of Salem, dated 10 : 2 : 1638, proved 
— :5 mo: 1644. He bequeathed, "First unto my wife, my house 
I now live in, gardens & houcefitting with my two acre lotte witli 
the piitts accrewing therefrom during her life ; commending unto 
my Son Thomas the care of his mother, & the diligent improvem* 
of the sayd ground, to his mothers use ; during her life, in consid- 
eration whereof, he to have his dwelling with his mother, & ||the| 
forth pte of the pfitts of the lott, & the third pte of the pfitts of 
the garden so iraproued by him during the sayd terme of time. 
It, I give unto my wife the bedstead Beding & there appurtenances 
as they now stand in the hall. Item I bequeath my pte of the 
Ship Mary-Anne of Salem, to be sold, & my debts to be payd. 
And the residue of the monies with the rest of uiy goods to be 
devided asfolloweth. Item I giue Thomas my Son my Loomes & 
Slides with there appurtenances concerning his trade of a weaver. 
Item I give the s^ Thomas one Coffer wch was his grandfathers. 
Item I give unto my three Sons my ten Acre lott & my one Acre 
of meddow to be equally shared amongst them. Item concerning 
the residue of the monies arising from my pte in the Ship, & the 
rest of my goods I bequeath them to be valued reasonably, & 
equaley devided to my wife & my Children, my wife to haue the 
choise of the first pte excepted : & ray Children to share in the 
rest as their ptes fall, pvided alwaies & reserved out of the sayd 
goods one fetherbed lying on the trundle bed with coverlett & 
blankett, one bolster & pillow, w*^'' I give & bequeath unto mary 
my daughter. Item I giue my house wherein my wife should live, 
with the goods remaining of hers, to be sold after her decease, & 


Court hkld at Salem, 11 : 5 : 1644. 

[Mr. Wm. Bacon of Salem and Richard Badger of Wenham took 
the oath of freemen. 

James Thomas, servant to Daniell Ray, to be severely whipped 
for stubbornness and disobedience to his master. 

John Stone and James Smith presented. 

Robert Goodell complained of Ruben Guppy for rent and burn- 
ing fence. To pay 30s. 

Obadiah Govis to be severely whipped for several misdemeanors. 
Wit : Jno. Verrin and Giles Core, Antram's boy. 

William Walcott's fine remitted at request of his father Inkersell. 

Wm. Dudbridg served summons in case of James Smith v. Mr. 
Wm. Ades. Addes to appear at Boston court. 

Widow Rachell Turner brought in inventory of estate of her 
husband, Charles Turner. Estate to be paid to creditors by Raph 
Fogg, for the court. 

John Whitlocke has fine partly abated, at request of Mr. ISTorrice 
in writing. 

The wife of Thomas Trusler fined 20 marks for saying that their 
teacher Mr. Norris taught the people lies, and that Mr. Norrice 
and Mr. Endecott were the foundation of their church and they 
were unfaithful. Wit : Lawrence Soothweek and his wife who 
testified that Goodwife Trusler said that there was no love in the 
church and that they were biters and devourers, and that Mr. Norrice 
said the men would change their judgment for a dish of meat, and 
that Mrs. Southwick said she did question the government ever since 
she came. In defence, she said that before she came to New England, 
she knew that men were not the foundation of the church. Mr. 
Endecott forgave her. 

Tender of account from Raph Fogg to the court : Mr. Emanuell 
Downing and Mr. Wm. Hauthorne should audit it. — Waste Book.'} 

the monies to be equally divided amongst my children. My mill 
left in the hands of Henery Blomfeild my kinsman, I bequeath to 
be sold, & the monies thereof returned into my executor's hand, & 
so to be equally divided to my wife & children. Item I Constitute 
& appoynt Thomas my Son executo'' to this my will & m"" John 
fiske of Salem Suprevisor, Thomas Payne."* Wit : John Fiske,t 
John Thurston, t Mary (her mark) Beechum. 

•Autograph and seaL 
t Autograph. 

I > ' ■ ■ iMt. ' . .w; .'. T 'l ' 


Court held at Salem, 27 : 6 : 1644, by adjouknment. 

[William Burriot fined for suffering his cattle, oxen, cows and 
hogs to do damage to his neighbors in the North field. Deputy, 
Tho. Fickton. Wit : Sam. Eaborne and Jeffry Massy. 

Robert Goodell fined for suffering his goat to go in his neigh- 
bor's cornfield. 

Alee Georg of Gloucester to be whipped or fined for railing 
against Mr. Blynman, "calling him wicked wretch," etc. Wit: 
Tho. Joans and Wm. Meads. 

•'The ould house ||In Salem || which once was m'' Skeltons being 
in Eminent Danger of present falling to the endangering of the 
lives of Children & Cattell and others," it was ordered that the 
house be taken down in ten days. Transcript given to Mr. Browne, 
and another to be set on the meeting house. Wit : Peter Palfrey 
and Elias Mason. 

Wra. Hewes and son John fined 50s. each and to confess "for 
deriding such as Sing in the Congregacon tearming them fooles," 
and William for saying that Mr. Whiting preached confusedly, 
and John for charging Mr. Cobbitt with falsehood in his doctrine. 
Wit : Timothy Coop and his wife and Wm. Longley. William 
Hewes testified that they falsified his words ; " as for this woman 
she is scandalous throughout the plantation." 

Hugh Laskin and his wife fined 40s. for hard usage of his late 
servant in victuals and clothes. Wit : Jacob Barney, John Balch, 
Wm. Kinge, Wm. Dodg and Edmund Grover. Jacob Barney testi- 
fied that he heard the greater part of his diet was coarse bread and 
■whey ; but Goodman Laskin denied it. John Balch acknowledged 
the sin of not having dealt brotherly with him. Edmund Grover 
said he had come to their house and said that he had eaten 
nothing that day. Wm. King said that from the report of 
his wife concerning coarse bread he inquired of *' brother Balch" 
■who said he had dealt with him about clothing and purposed to 
deal further. The bed and clothing were not as should be and 
King showed the piece of coarse bread and goodman Laskin did 
chide his wife for it. One time the boy did not eat until 11 
o'clock. Goodman Balch said the boy was growing thin. 

Richard Leech received a pig of John Burrage, servant to Jno. 
Porter and himself, and his uncle Jno. Leech concealed it, not 
having it cried, until three months later. Wit: Jacob Barney. 
Richard and Jno. Leech fined 20s. each. 


Micliaell Lambert of Lynn, drunk. Wit: Wm. Bicknoll and 
Jabez Hackett. Also for giving two contrary testimonies. Wit : 
Timothy Tomlins. At request of Mr. Nash, confessed that he 
drank three or four cups of sack. 

Mr. Adam Ottley for forging Capt. Hawking's name. Wit : 
Mr. Downing and Mr. Hathorne. Uespitted until next General 
Court. To pay Jos. Armetag 8s. per test. 

Jno. Pride of Salem fined for contemning a warrant. Wit : Mr. 
Holgrave and Jno. Hard3^ 

Daniell Ray, for trespass of his horses, cows and hogs in North 
field to his neighbor's damage. Wit : Jeferey Masy. Mr. Ha- 
thorne and Mr. Downing to fix damages. 

Goodman Joseph Redknape for not suffering a child of his to be 
baptized. His wife to see it done next Lord's day. If her hus- 
band object the constable of Lynia to take him to Boston to the 
prison. Wit : Goodman Evans. The Governor asked, " What is 
the reason you will not have the child baptized?" Mr Redknap 
said " he wold not troble ye Court & he is not satisfyed in the 
thing, he himself not being in fellowship. I would not justify ray- 
self nor yet condemne myself, he would have noe hand in it." The 
Governor said, " You shall have noe hand in it & the Child shall 
be baptized & then their [will be] noe sin of yours." Redknap said, 
" I would se y** mind of God in it," and the Governor asked, " Upon 
what ground?" Redknap answered, "because it doth not under- 
stand y® Covenant of y^ Lord : J : & is willing to submit unto y® 
ordenanc of y® Lo : J : Christ & of the Court too. I understand 
y* Covenant of Grace is farr otherwise y° y® Jewes had." Mr. 
Hath[orn] quoted 2 Acts, 38 v. " God is many tymes in his dis- 
pentatio : beyond ou'^ faith." 

John Stone of Gloster fined 50s. for scandalizing Mr. Blinman, 
charging him with false interpretation of the scriptures, etc., and 
for saying that " if an angell from Heaven should preach the same 
he would not beleeve it," and there were others of his mind. Also, 
for telling James Smith things that tended to the reproach of the 
doctrine delivered by Mr. Blynman. Wit : James Smith, Goodman 
Stone himself and Wm. Cotten and his wife. Wm. Cotten testified 
that " Goodman Stone came & sate him downe in my house & sd, 
a poore man had starved had it not been for him, & y* it would be 
Long er m"" Blinman of this, & sd y*^ Blinman had falcelie interprited 
scripture, . . . naraeing 2 placs of scrip : in Nehemiah & Ezra." 

1644] KEC()1U)8 AND FILES 71 

Alee Williams lined 51i. and whipped for foniicatiou with Wm. 
Flynt. Mr. Downing, security. 

James Georg, servant to Wni. Cantleburie, to be whipped for 
often running away from his master, and " the boy " to make up 
his time at end of service. 

John Croxton fined 40s. for refusing to obey the corporal of the 
watch, Ilicr. More. 

Jury of inquest on the servant of Raph Elwood, who was found 
dead : Mr. Tho. Gardener, Wm. Lord, Kicr. Bishop, Thomas 
Spooner, Mr. Alen Keniston, Thomas Goldthwait, Wm. Waller, 
James Hynde, Daniell Baxter, John Balie, Tho. Olever and Phillip 

Present : Jno. Endecott, Gov., Mr. Wm. Hathorne and Mr. 
Ema. Downing. 

Inventory* of estate of widow Wathen brought into court. The 
two deacons of Salem, Mr. Charles Gott and John Home, appoint- 
ed executors. Nathaniel Porter took oath in court. 

♦Inventory of widow Margery Wathin, taken 20 : 5 : 1644, by 
Peeter Palfray,t William Alfordt and Nathaniel Porter:t One greene 
rugge, 15s. ; white blanket, 5s. 6d. ; one white blanket, 2s. 6d. ; 
1 white course ould rugge, is. ; 1 mixt color Coverlett, 7s. ; 1 pare 
of grene say curtaines & vallences, 12s. ; 1 stripte carpet & cubberd 
cloth, 123. ; 1 red bearing blanket with 2 gr : Laces, 10s. ; 1 flock- 
bed 2 flock boulsters & one feather pillow & one boulster tike, Hi. 
5s. 6d. ; one ould stockbed & Cradlebed, 5s. ; 1 purple goune of 
cloth lined with gr : say. Hi. 4s. ; one purple wastcloth laced, 7s. ; 
1 red petecote& wastcloath, 18s. ; 1 tawny cloake cloth, 5s. 6d. ; one 
ould mixt color cloth gowne, 5s. ; one russet gowne of cloth ript 
open, 16s. ; one pr. petuana hoods, 3s. ; one ould purple petecoate 
& wastcloth cloth, 6s. ; 1 pr. of white blankets, 1 being litle, 8s. ; 
1 tawny dublet & portingal cap, 5s. ; 1 ruset pr. aprons, 4s. 6d. ; 2 
pr. aprons 1 say & 1 linsy wolsey, 5s. 2d. ; 1 holland white wast- 
cloth, 6s. ; 1 holland aprone, 6s. 8d. ; apron of fleecy holland, 3s. ; 
4 necke handkerchiefes laced, 5s. 4d. ; 1 neck handcherchief, 8d. ; 
3 plaine neck handkerchefes, 3s. ; 3 pocket handkerchiefs, Is. ; 3 
pocket handkerchiefes & 1 long neckcloth, 6d. ; 3 laced neckclothes 
at 18d. pr. & 2 at 6d. pr., 5s. 6d. ; 2 plaine crosclothes at 3d pr., 
6d. ; 1 white wrought coife, Is. 6d. ; 4 white stuff coyfes, 6d pr., 
2s. ; 3 ould coyfes, 2d pr., 6d. ; 2 holland coyfes and an ould one, 
2s. 6d. ; 3 white stuff stomachers, 6d.; 3 white wrought stomachers, 
2s. 2d. ; 1 pr. white knit thrid gloves. Is. 4d. ; 1 pr. handcuffs & 1 
yd. seaming lace, 5d.; white & colored thrid, 3d. ; 1 silke girdle. Is. 
8d. ; 1 yd. of stript callico, Is. ; 1 bundle of smal linen in a corse 



Ezekiell Wathen, a boy of about eight years and a half, com- 
mitted to Tho. Abr6 as an apprentice until he is twenty years old, 
if bis master live so long. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 28 : G : 1644. 

[John Pride, petitioner, was ordered, with consent of Mr. 
Adam Ottley, about delivery of 50 doz. of earthen ware to Mr. 
Ruck, and that a bond from him to Mr. Humphreys be delivered to 
Ea. Fogg to be cancelled. 

John Price, bound to constable Trusler for appearance, being 
drunk. Attachment of person granted. — Waste Book. ~\ 

Court held at Salem, 31 : 10 : 1644.* 
[Daniell Ray, John Symons and Thomas Trusler presented for 
suffering cattle to go at large before fruits were in. Continued. 

cloth, 6s. ; 1 holland sheet with a seaming lace, ; 1 pr. ould 

flaxen sheets, ; 10 sheetes, 1 course one, 21i. ; 2 flaxen table- 

cloathes, 3s. 6d. ; 1 wrought towell, ould fushion, 2s. 4d. ; 2boulster 
cases, 6s. ; 1 pr. pillowbeares, 8s. ; 1 pr. Scotch cloth pillowbeares, 
4s. ; 1 pillowbeare with tossells, 2s. 6d. ; 1 pr. flaxen pillowbeares, 
4s. 6d. ; 1 fringed & 1 diap. napkin. Is. 4d. ; 4 short napkins, 3s. ; 
6 flaxen napkins, 6s. ; 4 napkins, 2 towells, 3s. 4d. ; 5 childs beds, 
9d. ; 5 wooraen's shiftes, 16s. 6d. ; 1 pr. cotton gloves & 1 straddle 
baud, Is. 6d. ; 1 rema* painted 1 imbroyderd girdle. Is. 8d. ; 1 
pr ould shooes, 2s. 6d. ; 1 white apron, 3d. ; 1 blew apron, 1 necke 
handkerchief, 16d. delivred to Deborah for Mrs. Traske to pay for, 
8s. 2d.; 1 bed cord. Is. 8d. ; 1 pr. ould wosted stockings, lOd. ; 1 
flannel neckcloth, 9d. ; 6 bags, 4s. 7d. ; 2 hatts, 4s. ; bible & one 
testament, 9s. ; 24 ould books, 8s. ; 4 chests, a settle & a box, Hi. ; 
1 pr. whalbone bodyes, 1 cotton wastcoate & 2 cloake buttons, 7s. ; 
341i. pewter at 9d., Hi. 5s. 6d. ; 121i. kettle brass at 12d., 12s.; 2 
skimmers. Is. ; ould iron & tooles. Hi. ; 2 brass candlesticks, 2s. 
4d. ; 1 box, smothing iron, Is. 4d. ; 1 whipsaw, 1 ould gun, 1 spit, 
nailes, etc., 12s.; 2 brass potts, Hi. 15s. ; 1 case with 5 bottells, 2s.; 
1 glew pott. Is. & 1 looking glass. Is., 2s. ; 2 earthern potts & 
yarne, 2s. ; chaires, woodden dishes, lOs.; wood & timber, 6s. 8d, ; 
corne, 6s. 6d. ; 5 barrells, 4s. ; 1 house, 7li. 10s. ; halfe a heifer at 
Goodman Southwickes, 15s. ; oue heifer at Mr. Batters farrae, 31i. 
5s. ; total, 391i. 13s. 5d. Order of court, 3 : 11 : 1649, for disposal 
of goods for settlement of estate signed by Jo. Endecott,! Govr. 

Deposition of Godfrey , taken 26: 10: 16 — . He heard a 

tumult near his lot and went out to learn what it was. When he 
came to the place in the woods he saw the Indian who was called 

•The first six pages of the record of this court are missing. 

•< .,1 

1644] KECOllDS AND FILES 78 

Susan West, presented for immodesty, warned, but not admon- 

" Rec. in 2 ""' : 1645 A verdict of the Jury upon the Death of 
Henry Hall servant to Daniell Rumble." 

Christopher Lawson's petition, 31 : 10 : 1644, concerning Thomas 
Wight of Exeter that testators might appear vive voce. 

Mr. Tayler v. Mr. King. Robt. Bridges deposed " that after 
M'' Kinges Bull had his horns cutt, myself being on horsback 
w*h my wyfe behind mee, y® s** bull stood in y* highway as I was 
riding a Longe when I came up to the Bull not knowing whos 
beast it was, neither thinking of any opposition, I struck at the 
bull w'h my stick to put him out of the way, ymediatly y® bull 
made att my Mare & placed his horns upon her should'', & had well 
nigh ov''come both the mare & her riders, & although I indeauored 
to shunn y® bull yet he still p''st upon mee, y' I cannot but con- 
ceaue, had not the heardsman bin att hand to beat him off y* some 
hurt had bin done either to o'selves or my mare, or both, but gods 
good hand bette'' provided." At Boston court, 7:3: 1646, agreed 
that the bull did kill the mare, that she was great with foal, and 
that the owner of the bull ought to have taken order to prevent 
any future mischief. Signed by Increase Nowell.t Judgment at 
Salem, Mr. King to pay half the value of the mare to Mr. Tayler, 
the mare being appraised at 141i.* 

Sampson lying drunk upon the ground, against which he was 
beating his head. Darbey Field was there. The witness heard 

Nathanell Boulter say that he had the sack of . Sworn to 

before Tho . 

Bill of Nathanell Boultar, 2 : 11 m : 1644. 

*Anne (also Ane) Knightf deposed that she dwelt then with 
Mr. Taylor and saw the mare alive the evening before eating 
chaff, as they had been winnowing corn, and next morning at 
break of day saw the bull near their house, but thought of no 
harm. Then going into the house with a few sticks for the fire, 
and returning saw the mare lying on her side, etc. She had 
helped to dress the same mare of a former wouud that was very 
deep. William Worcester* deposed that Mr. Taylor came to his 
house the last 6th day to " fetch Ann Knight now dwelling with 
me to bee a witness for him but my wife being very ill and myself 
being called as a witness," they were not willing to spare her, etc. 
Salisbury, 6 : 5 mo : 1644. Sworn before Raph Fogg,t 31 : 10 mo : 



Jury of trials: Mr. Roger Conant, Peter Palfrey, Henry 
Bartholomew, Obadiah Holme, John Kitchin, Richard Prince, 
Thorn. Edward, Robert Moulton, sr., and Francs Lawso ; and of 
Lynn, Joseph Flood, Francs Lightfoott, Edward Burcham and 
Thomas Coldam. 

Grand jury : Jefferey Massy, Mr. Gervas Garford, Jacob 
Barney, Willia Lord, Thomas Lothrop, John Balch, John Gedney, 
Allen Keniston ; of Lynn, Nicholas Browne (not at court 5 mo : 
1645), Thomas Layton (also Laighton), John Gilloway, Thomas 
Hudson, Nathaneell Handford, William Langley ; of Gloucester, 
Hugh Calkin (dispensed) ; of VVenham, Esdras Read. Mr. Moses 
Maverik was added 8 : 5 mo : 1645. 

John Dolitle, Natha. Hanforth, Thomas Hudson and Timothy 

John Bartoll* certified that Mary, daughter of himself and wife 
Parnell, was born Feb. 1, 1642. 

John (his mark) Bennett certified, 11: 12: 1644, that Marie, 
daughter of Jno. and Margrett Bennett, was born Sept. 2, 1638. 

John and Elizabeth Blackleach* certified that their children 
were as follows : Desire, born 13 : 2 : 1636, aged eight years ; 
Exercise, born 11 mo : 1637, aged seven years ; Joseph, born 8 : 
11 mo : 1639, aged five years : Elizabeth, born 10 mo : 1641, died in 
1642; Benony, born ye prim : of ye 3 mo: 1643; and Elizabeth, 
born 12 : 6 : 1644. 

Henry Bullock* certified that his wife Susan died about Nov. 2, 
1644 (third day of the week). " I do promise to pay y® 3d per me, 
Tho. Rucke." 

Tristram Dallebar* certified that his wife Mary, died July 3, 1644. 

John Norman* certified, 29 : 11 : 1644, that the children of him- 
self and wife Arabella were born as follows : John, born Aug. — , 
1637 ; Lidia, born middle of Jan., 1639 ; Hanua, born Jan. 4, 1641 ; 
Arabella, born middle of February, 1643. 

Richard (his mark) Hutchenson (also Hutcherson) certified, 27: 
9 : 1644, that John, the son of himself and wife Als, was born in 
May, 1643. 

John Marston* certified, 27 : 9 : 1644, that the children of him- 
self and his wife Alces were born as follows : John, born 29 : 6 : 
1641 ; and Ephraim, born 30 : 8 : 1643. 

Jno. (his mark) Inkersell certified, 16 : 1 : 1644, that John, son 
of himself and his wife Judith, was born middle of 7 mo : 1644. 

Robert Heberd* certified, 13: 11: 1644, that the children of 
himself and his wife Joan were born in Salem as follows : Marie, 
born 27 : 9 : 1641 ; John, born 24 : 11 : 1642 ; and Sarah, born 26 : 
7 : 1644 ; died 8 : 10 rao : 1644. 




Coop, all of Lynn, and John Hathorne of Salem, made freemen. — 
Waste Hook.'] 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 1 : 11: 1644. 

[Sarauell Archerd, William Browne and Walter Price presented 
for selling wine contrary to order. Continued. 

John Bartoll presented for breaking Sabbath. Quit, it appearing 
necessary for the safety of the ship. 

Wm. Burriott and John Gedney presented for trespass in North 
field. Continued. 

Georg Burrell fined for trespass. 

Roger Deuhurst fined for excess in drinking. He was also pre- 
sented for being disguised in drink. 

Roger Hoskall presented for trespass in the general field. Con- 

An Haggott presented about a Cockinoven.* Quit. 

Wm, Ivorie and Daniel King presented for putting cattle in the 
general field before harvest. 

Robert Knights presented for excessive drinking of sack. 

Allen Keniston and John Neale presented for trespass, suffering 
cattle to go in the general field. Continued. 

Geo. Kesar admonished for insufficient tanning. 

Willia Prichard, Thomas Tuk and Edward Wilson admonished 
for excessive drinking. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 3 : 11 : 1644. 
[Zaccheus Curtis fined 20s. for rash and unadvised " cuming in 
and to have sworne falcelie." — Waste Book.] 

Court held at Salem, 10 : 11 : 1644. 
[Jacob Chapman of Boston to pay fees for being overseen in 

Inventory of John Talbey, taken by Peter Palfrey and William 
Lord, 11 mo : 1644 : 20 bushels Indian Corne, 21i. 13s. 4d. ; 3 pekes 
Dates, 7s. ; apparrel and beding, 10s. ; a Cannoe, Hi.; a Ten acre lott, 
31i. ; brasse kettels, 14s. ; one Barrel & one Tub, 5s. ; one old axe, etc., 
3s. 6d. ; one axe more, 4s. ; spookshave, Is. ; one wheele to spin 
with, 4s. ; rakes and rake hedds, 7s. 8d. ; 2 Chares, Is. He had claims 
against William Bayly, Richard Singeltarie of Salisberie, Richard 
Edwards and Mr. man. Anne, Stephen and their elder broth- 
er John Talby to have certain parts of the estate. 

*Coke or charcoal oven? Possibly cooking oven. 


Will* of Richard Inkersell proved and inventory brought in. 

The fine of William Keene was abated. 

3: 11 mo: 1644, court ordered (signed by Jo. Endecott,! govr.) 
estate of Widow Margery Wathen to be disposed of according to 
her will by the two deacons of Salem, Mr. Charles Gott and John 
Horne. p. curia, Raph Fogg.j 

♦Will of Richard IngersoU of Salem, dated July 21, 1644; 
proved Jan. 2, 1644-5. The following abstract is from a copy made 
by Joshua Coffin many years ago, the original having disappeared ; 
" I give to Ann my wife all my estate of land, goods & chattels 
whatsoever except as followeth, viz. I give to George IngersoU my 
son six acres of meadow lying in the great meadow. Item I give 
to Nathaniel IngersoU, ray youngest son a parcell of ground with 
a little frame thereon, which I bought of John P[ease?] but if the 
said Nathaniel dy without issue of his body lawfully begotten then 
the land aforesaid to be equally shared between John IngersoU my 
son, & Richard Pettingell & William Haines my sons in law. I 
give to Bathsheba my youngest daughter two cowes. I give to my 
youngest daughter Alice Walcott my house at town with 10 acres 
of upland & meadow after my wife's decease. R (his mark) I. 
I read this will to Richard IngersoU & he acknowledged it to be 
his will. Jo. Endecott." Wit : Townsend Bishop. 

Inventory of the estate of Isabel West, taken 30 : 10 : 1644, by 
Henr. Skerry,! Robert Cottaf and George Ropes :t House and tow 
acres of ground, 41i. ; 10 acre lot in North Feld, 71i. ; 10 acre lot 
on dabyfort side, 21i. 10s.; foure gotes, Hi. 8s.; one sowe, Hi. 6s.; 
sawes, 10s. ; playnes, Ackes & sawes & other smale toules, Hi. 14s.; 
an lorne persters J & 6 bites belonging to it, 5s. ; 16 bushels of Indian 
corne, 21i. 8s. ; 5 bushels pease. Hi. ; a grinding stone & the iron of it, 
14s. ; Three ould howes, 2s. 6d. ; an ould spad & a matock, 2s. 6d. ; 
one Joynt Chest, 10s. ; one sea chest, 5s ; one fether bed & tow 
boulsters, 21i. ; one ould fether bed & two boulsters, Hi.; one rugge 
& 2 ould blanketts, Hi. 10s. ; pare of sheetes & a bedsted, Hi. 5s. ; 
old pare of sheetes, table cloth & a pilabere, 5s.; 2 ould Jerkines, 
10s.; one hat, 10s. ; a whele, 8s.; one iorne pot, 10s.; ould iron 
pot & an Iron skelet, 13s. ; puter plates & dishes, 16s. ; bras Cetel 
& a bras skelet & 2 brase Candelsticks, I63. ; tow Cheares & tow 
Cushenes, 6s.; fringpan pot hokes & pot hangers, pare of trays, 
10s. ; chest, 3s. ; pales, trayes, dishes & spoones, 10s. ; 2 peeces of 
bacon, lOs.; debts due from Nathaniel Vering, 31i. ; John Tbore, 
21i. ; John Whitlock, 31i. ; Thomas Smith, 30s. ; and James Smith, 
20s., 2s. lOd.; Philip Udale, Hi,; other small debts. Hi. 7s. ; a spit 
& a sawe, 10s. ; other debts, 21i. 8s. ; total, 541i. 12s. 

t Autograph. 

tPercer or piercer, i. e. an auger. 


1 : 7 ino : 1644, Thomas Wattson was made feotie in trust of 
Margret Pease's will. Inventory was brought in and sworn to by 
Obadiah Holme and Jno. Barber. Upon request of An, wife of 
Robt. Isbell, Goodwife Watson must allow her for her pains, or else 
the court will. 

3 : 11 mo : 1644. Robt. Peas died intestate, and his son Robt. 
Pease was committed to his mother, Marie Pease, who was appoint- 
ed administratrix of the estate. Inventory* brought in. 

Mr. Obadiah Brewen of Gloucester licensed to draw wine. 

Judgment was granted against Richrd Hollinworth in favor of 
William Lampson. 

Thomas Hudson of Lynn discharged from training, paying 5s, a 
year to the train band of Lynn. 

John Devoreux, Mathew Gillett, Richard Cook, John Focor (also 
Fokor), Wm. Davies, Thomas Oddensell, Jno. Lyon, John Northy, 
Wm. Keene and Thomas Bowen fined for drinking wine, etc — 
Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 8:5: 1645. 

[Present: Jno. Endecott, Ser.-Maj.-Gen., Mr. Ricr. Bellingam, 
Mr. Sym. Brodstreet, Wm. Haythorne and Cp. Robt. Bridges. 

Jos. Armetage v. Garet Spencer. Case of a cow. Plaintiff to 
have the benefit of the dead beast. % 

♦Inventory of estate of Robert Pease of Salem, late deceased, 
taken 3 : 11 mo : 1644, by Jo. Alderman and Myhill Shaflinge 
(also Michaell Shaflen) : Pyre ewe goats and three lambs, 31i. 6s. ; 
iron pott and iron kettle, a posnettf and tow Pewter dishes, with 
other small things of pewter, Hi. ; one Conell, tube, three trays and 
one paile, 7s. ; one flockbede, a teike, one Cowhide and a little ruge, 
Hi. 10s. ; one sheet, one Pilowbere, 3s. 4d. ; one stone hammer, two 
trowells, one lathing hammer & axe, Gs. ; one Barrall and a Pecke, 
2s. 6d. ; one Chest and a little table board, 5s. ; an acre of wheat, 
one of Barly, acre of Pease, 21i. ; 2 acres Indian Corne, lOli. ; one 
muskett with Bandileers and the sword, 16s. ; one house and a Barne 
and 11 acres of ground, 141i. ; 2 shuts of aparell and a Coate, 31i. 
10s. ; one hatte, one Payr of stockins, one payre of shoos, two shirts, 
2 bands, 10s. ; a sack. Is. ; swyne. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; a Cannew, 10s.; 
total, 391i. 12s. 6d. Indebted to several persons, 61i. Widow Marie 
Pease appointed administratrix 3: 11 mo : 1644. Robert Pease was 
the eldest son of the deceased, and John Pease the second son. 
There were other young children. The deceased's mother is men- 
tioned. " Abraham " is also mentioned. 

tA small basin or porringer. 

IThis case crossed out in the original. 


Request from AVm. Hues, 1 : 11 mo: lG4o. 

Samuell Winsley of Salisbury was attached. Tn the margin : 
" ye goods of m"" Venner at sut of K.ic'' Knight." 

John Deakin and Andrue Mansfield of Lynn and John Bourne 
of Salem made freemen 8 : 5 mo : 1645. 

Mr. Wm. Gerrish and Jno. Hart made freemen 9 : 5 mo : 1645. 

Wm. Hughes v. Joseph Armetag. Case of a cow. With con- 
sent of Joseph Armetage and Gerret Spencer, defendant shall have 
three pounds and the benefit of the dead beast. 

Constables sworn: llichrd. Johnson of Lynn and Nathaneell 

Jury of trials : For Salem, Mr. Henry Bartholomew, Mr. Roger 
Connant, Peter Palfrey, Obadiah Hulme, John Kitchin, Ricr. 
Prince and Thomas Edwards ; for Lynn, Willia Knight, John 
Deacon, Georg Tayler, John Mansfield and Andrew Mansfield. 

Willia Paine v. Wm. Hughs. 

Edward Calcord of Hampton v. Robert Nash of Boston. For two 

Joseph Armetag v. Mr. Adam Ottley. Mr. Daniell King chal- 
lenged a right in the debt. 

Richard Barker of Andivar v. William Paine. 

John BartoU v. Alice, wife of Jno. Peach, jr. Defamation. Say- 
ing that plaintiff's wife, Parnell Bartoll, committed adultery with 
the boatswain of the ship Sampson in the cabin of Parnell Bar- 
toll, about four years ago, etc.* 

John Bartoll v. Richard Cook. Same cause. 

Francs Johnson, in behalf of Wm. Pester v. John Thorndick. 

Richard Smith of Ipswich v. Robt. Lord, marshall, as agent for 
Ipswich. Replevin. Case of highway. 

Henry Greene, per Edw. Calcot, atty. v. Richr. HoUinworth. 

Thomas Trusler v. William Lord. Case of a sow. To pay 
Robt. Hathorne, a witness, 5s. for three days. 

Edward Richards v. Mr. Ad[am] Ottley and " ye worshipful John 
Humphreys, Esq." 

*Wit: John Stuedly (also Stugly), David (also Davie) 
Thomas, Jno. Foker, Thomas Bowen, Tristram Dallebar and Lieft. 
Torie of Weighmoth. One witness came from Nantasket at a 
cost of 8s. for two men and a boat two days to bring him. The 
defendant proved the truth of her assertion. 


John Leggafc of Exeter v. Richard Graves of Salem. Defamatiou. 

Christopher Lawson v. Clemorit Campion. Court at Dover. Debt 
of 81i. for 2000 pipe staves. " One thousand staves y' wear Cast 
on shoare are to be culed by an indifferent man wthin a month & 
so many as are not merchautabl Cyto*" Lawson is to tak in prt of 
paymt at 31i. 5s. per thousand." 

Zacheus Gould v. Wm. Perkins of Waymouth. Debt. 

Thomas Dexter of Lynn v. Robert Nash of Boston. Two cases. 

John Cogswell (also Coxall) of Ipswich v. John Layton. 

Ric. Norman testified that Goody Peach told him that she spoke 
only what she said to Goody Blancher.l 

Zacheus Gould v. William Tayler of Gloster. Jno. Newmarsh 
swore that he served the warrant. John Snooke testified that 
" Goodman Gould went up with me." Isaac Parker said that four 
of .the nine cows were heifers. Jno. Denison said that Goodman 
Hughs was willing to accept four of the heifers for cows. 

Upon complaint of the magistrate of Plimouth, and also by 
several special allies brought in by Willia Vinson concerning Henry 
Glass, an apprentice, now conveyed to West Indies and passed over 
from person to person, it is ordered that William Vinson and 
Thomas Smith of Gloster be lawful attorneys for said Henry 
Glass to prosecute any person for him. Henry Phelps presented 
for selling his servant, Henry Glass, to Nicholas Phelps to trans- 
port him beyond seas.* 

Those who disturb the court by speaking to be fined 12d. 

Jno. Stone's time for paying fine extended. 

Thomas Tuck's request put in 5 mo : 1640 presented, and al- 
lowed 18s. out of his fine. — Waste Book.J 

Court held at Salem, 9:5: 1645. 
[Thomas Laighton brought in a nuncupative will of Jane Gaines, 
deceased. Court appointed Thomas Layghton and Nathaneell 
Hanforth overseers to see the will fulfilled for the good of the 

*Writ of Giles Rickard v. Henry Phelps. Action of trespass 
concerning Henry Glass, an apprentice boy, wanting, and 61i. pay- 
able to said Glass, dated 23 : 4 : 1645. 

flnventory of estate of Jane (also Gane) Gaines, lately deceased 

JThis case crossed out in the original. 


John Croxton fined 40s. for fornication with Marie Chandler, a 

in Lynn, taken by Nicholas Brown and Edmund Needham, 14 : 

11 : 1644, and sworn to by Thomas Leighton* and Nathaneell 

Hanforth,* 10: 5 mo: 1645: One house and lote of upland con- 

taininge 6 acres with a smale parcel of salt marsh lyinge before 

the door & 2 acres of salt marsh lyinge in Rumley marsh, 81i. ; 30 

bushill of Indian corn, 41i. ; one fetherbed and a feather bolster, 2s. ; 

one fiockebed & one flock bolster & 6 flock pillows, 16s. ; three 

feather pillows, 8s. 6d. ; curtains & valance, 17s. ; one bolster 

ticke, 2s. 6d. ; one covering for a bed. Hi. 2s. ; one blankett for a 

bed, 10s. ; another, 6s. 6d. ; another, 4s. ; another, 3s. ; another, 5s. 

6d. ; one covering for a bed, 3s.; one trundell bed, 2s. 6d. ; one 

man's coat & breeches, Hi. 4s. ; one man's dublett, 12s. ; one weas- 

coat for a man, 3s. ; one Gowen for a woman, Hi. 14s. ; one weas- 

coat for a woman, 3s. ; one man's coat, 6s. ; two weascoats for a 

woman, 9s. 6d. ; one cloake & hoode for a woman, 13s.; one 

petycoat, 14s. ; one petycoatt, 5s. ; too petycoats, 3s. 6d. ; one hatt 

for a woman, 2s. 6d.; one blankett for a child, 3s.; one paire 

sheets, lis. ; another, 8s. ; another 4s. 6d. ; another, 4s. 6d. ; one 

sheet, 8s. ; another, 6s, ; another, 4s. ; too pillowbears, 9s. ; too 

pillowbears, 5s.; one bord cloath. Is. 8d. ; three napkins. Is. 6d. ; 

too Diaper Napkins & one linnen skirt for a shift, 2s. 4d. ; too 

shifts for a woman and too skirts for shifts, 6s. lOd. ; one old peece 

of linnen cloath & a whit apron, 5s. 6d. ; tenu Haudkerchers, 

9s. 4d. ; twelfe coyfes, 6s. ; twelfe croscloaths, 3s. ; one parcell of 

blackstuff, Is. 6d.; too croscloaths, 3s. 6d. ; three headcloaths & 4 neck 

cloaths & too bands, 3s. lOd.; a parcell of childbed linnen, 6s. ; too 

coshens &achaire, 3s. ; too silver nippls, Is. lOd. ; bonelassf & thread 

& a pinn coshen. Is. ; a sword, 5s. ; one trunke, 2s. ; too boxes, 2s. 6d. ; 

too old weascoats, — ; straw hatt and brush, 2s. ; one brass pann, 10s. ; 

one warming pann, 2s. ; one Kettell, Is. 7d. ; another, 5s. ; another, 

4s. 6d. ; foure pewter dishes with other pewter, 12s. ; one little 

skellett & one fryinge pann, 2s. Id. ; 3 wegges & 2 beetle ringes, 

4s. 6d. ; one daubinge truell & a parcell of old Iron, 2s. 6d. ; one 

gouge & a chisle & a wimble, Is. ; one handsaw. Is. ; a paire of 

bellows. Is. ; one spade, 2s.; one Iron pott, 6s.; one drawinge 

knife & an old Hatchet, — ; three old & narrow axes, 4s. ; one 

spitt and a gridiron, Is. 4d. ; a stocking hooe, Is. 6d. ; too pott 

rackes, 4s. 8d. ; paire tonges & paire pott hooks, Is. 9d. ; a 

pichfork and one gimlet. Is.; three spoons, a ladel and an earth- 

ern pott, Is. 4d. ; one pair choos, Is. 6d. ; a tub & chirne, 6d. ; too 

leather Bottls, 4s.; a flick of bakon, 8s.; too piggs, Is. 5d. ; an old 

Chest & foure trayes, Is. ; an old barrell & an old hogshead, 2s. ; 

a pair of glovs, Is. ; a Apron & a paire of stockiuges, 4s, 8d. ; 

* Autograph. 

tLace made by use of a bone bodkin. 


Mr. Daniell King, Mr. Georg Burrill, sr. and Willia Ivorie (also 
Avery) presented for putting cattle into the general field before the 
corn was gathered, to pay damages to Gerrard Spencer, Francs 
Ingolls and Edward Burt.* 

Three warrants, Boston, Lynn and Dover, to attach body of 
Richard Knight, late of Hampton, and convey him to prison in 
Boston, for stealing sheets, shoes and stockings from several parties, 
11: 5: 1645. Raph Fogg,} Sec. 

Mr. Townshend Bishop presented for turning his back on bap- 
tism, and detaining his child. " Refered to the Elders to be con- 
vinced by them." 

John Bartlett of Marblehead presented for stealing ropes, iron 
bolts and blocks from Richard Hollinworth. Wit : Roger Deu- 
hurst, Thomas Bowen and Arthur Sandy and his son. 

Same, presented for defaming certain of his women neighbors, 
and in a libelling way calling some captains, some lieutenants, 
etc. Wit : John Tucker, Thomas Bowen and John Foker. 

John Bartollf presented for saying that there were some that 
should suppress sin did countenance it, and naming Mr. Moses 
Maverick as one, saying that one night divers persons were husking 
corn at said Maverik's house when two of the men were drunk, and 
he did not complain of them. Wit : Erasmus James and wife Jane. 

Same, presented for swearing by the name of God. Wit : John 
Hart and Marie Chichester. 

Parnell Bartollf presented for her miscarriages on the ship 

3 pair of bodys, 10s. ; two bibles, 10s. 6d. ; a baskett & a sife, Is. 
4d. ; a parcell of books, 3s. 6d. ; a barrell & bedcord, Is. 4d. ; a 
parcell of Hay, 3s. ; a barrell with some oats in it & sife, 4s. ; a 
parcell of white pease & beans & hempe & flax, 3s. ; a locke for a 
doore, 10s. 6d. ; a sieth & a sneath & a peece of sieth, 4s. ; two 
paire of hinges & too hookes & a cheafendish, 2s. 2d. ; foure old 
hooes & a piece of old Iron, 4s. ; little table. Is. 8d. ; too meal 
baggs, 2s. 6d. ; debt due from Will. Patridge, 9s. ; due from Samuell 
Bennett, Is. ; 1 pinte pott Is. 4d. ; one paire pattens, Is. ; one paire 
sheers, iod. ; one old sith, Is.; 431i. total, 5s. 7d. 

♦Edward Burcham was also a witness. Warrant was served by 
James Axey,t constable of Lynn. Maj.-Gen. Endecott excused 
their non-appearance in court, certified Nathaniel Handforth}, con- 
stable of Lynn. 

fMarblehead presentment. 


I 1 ; 111- 

■ 1 :> 

A 'V 



Sarauell Bennett* presented for saying scornfully that he cared 
neither for the town nor its order. Wit : Allen Bread and John 

Richard Cooke* presented for offering John Peach, sr. his neck- 
cloth in exchange for his, and daring him into the woods. Wit : 
John Bartoll and wife of Richard Norman, sr. 

Marie Chandler for fornication with John Croxton, Roger Deu- 
hurst, Wm. Clark and John Hudson on her own confession, to be 
severely whipped, but having sore breasts and boyles her punish- 
ment was respitted until next Lecture day. 

"Thomas Goose for being disguised with drink aboard the 
French Frigett in Salem Harbor," fined 5s. Wit : Roger Deuhurst. 

Ruben Guppie, for saying that if his wife had been ruled by 
him, Michaell Sallows should have come to his house to his wife, 
and he would have hid himself in some secret place, and come in 
and taken Sallows there, and gotten his share of corn. Wit : 
Christopher Waller. 

Ruben Guppie for carrying away fence of Mr. Gervas Garford. 
Wit : Mr. Garford and Xptor Waller. 

Wm. Prichett of Lynn presented for excessive drinking of wine, 
being drunk, entering house of Bartholomew Barlowe of Boston, 
and swearing and striking Barlow's son on the head with a cudgel. 
Wit : Bartholomew Barlowf and Thoraiis Barlow. 

Same, for defrauding Jabez Hackett by threatening to prosecute 
him for taking seven or eight apples from his orchard, if he did not 
release him from a debt of 65s., which release was given. Wit : 
Edward Richards and Jabez Hackett. 

Edward Richards of Lynn presented for " assaying to draw " 
Nathaniel Tyler to suffer him to take away the brass from Mr. 

Postscript to warrant on presentments, served by David Car- 
wethynj 9 : 7 mo : 1646 : " Yo° may signify to Ric' Curtis y' he 
is not quit of a p'^sentm* concerne him." 

*Marblehead presentment. 

tBartholmew BarloeJ wrote to the court that William Prichard 
came to his house in a passion one year since, and had since slan- 
dered him, offering to strike his son. " I came to Salem, and Ed- 
ward Richards came to me and repeated the slanders." Timothie 
TomlinsJ deposed that William Prichett was at his house and got 
a pint of wine. " My wife and I were out of the house, and he 
drew more wine himself and drank too much." 



Humphrey's mill, and for doiug the same to Nathaniel's son by of- 
fering him 10s. in gold to give to his father, and saying he would 
put a " pible stone " in its place. Quit. Wit : Nathaneell Tiler 
and Joseph Tyler, brought in by Farmer Dexter. 

Edward Richards, presented for saying to two men that he and 
nine more took a ship at Plymouth in old England, and killed all 
the men but one, and that he himself was captain, who commanded 
his men to bring the living man before him, and his head was taken 
off ; and that he and his company were taken, and all but himself 
hanged, he having escaped, being under age. Wit : John Peabodie 
and Thomas Winterton. This was about fourteen years ago. Rich- 
ards said that they were false statements. Fined ten shillings, and 
to acknowledge his sin and evil at Lynn before the congregation 
next lecture or Lord's day. 

" Daniell Rumble for Crueltie in Correcting Henrie Hall his late 
servant." Wit : Edward Beachamp. 

Daniell Rumble, fined upon his own confession, and admonished, 
for striking said Henry upon the head with his hand hammer. 

Michaell Sallowes presented for wanton dalliance with Ruben 
Guppie's wife. Discharged. Wit : The wife of Ruben Guppy. 
Verdict of jury presented by Jefferie Massy. — Waste Book.'] 

Nathaniell Handforth,* constable of Lynn, certified that he 
warned Willyam Prittchett, Edward Richards, Nathanyell Tyler, 
Joseph Tyler and Jabis Hacckett. 

Warrant to Salem constable, dated 29 : 3 : 1645, to summon 
Thomas Tuck, Roger Dewhurst, Edward Wilson and Robert 
Knights, for excessive drinking of sack, six of the company having 
drunk a gallon at once. Wit : Roger Dewhurst and Robert Knights. 
Roger Dewhurst, for being disguised with drink. Wit : Thorns. 
Smith and John Jackson and his wife. Susan West for immodesty 
toward An Palgraue (Goodman Dallebar's "Nan"). Wit: Tris- 
tram Dallebar (also Daliber) and Ann Palgrave. Roger Hoskall 
(also Hascold) for suffering his cattle to go at large in a general 
field to the prejudice of his neighbors. Wit: Georg Roaps (also 
Roapes) and Samuell Fuller. Daniell Ray, Wm. Burriott, John 
Symonds (also Simonds), John Gedney, Allen Keniston and John 
Neale, for same. Wit: Thorn. Goldsmith (also Gouldsmith) and 
John Smale. Thomas Truster (also Trasseller) for same. Wit : 
John Gedney and Syraon Buhie. Walter Price, William Browne 
and Samuell Archer for selling wine without license. Wit : Jefferey 
Massy (also Massie) and Jno. Deuorex. 



Court held at Salem, 9:7: 1645, by adjournment. 

[Present: Maj.-Gen. Endecott, Cp. Win. Hathorne and Cp. 
Robt. Bridges. . 

Joseph Duntton of Lynn fined for stealing three shirts, two 
from Thomas South and the other from Jno. Ramsdall, and two 
bands, one from his master and the other from Nicholas Battie. 
Duntton to make double restitution. 

Marblehead constable to attach Jno. Bartlett. 

" Daniell Rumble p'"sented de his man hall Deceased, m'' Georg 
Emery swore that it was only the blow he told me of a nail in the 
door, or in the shutters, only a bruise, and it being so long before 
it was dressed, and the point of a nail went through his skull." 
Mr. Norris said, though his master had given him some blows, the 
cause of his sore was the blow of the door. 

Thomas Antram exempted from training, and is to pay 10s. a 
year. Bowdish to train only when he is able. 

Thomas Goldthwait, being often troubled with sciatica, is ex- 
empted from training when he has such pains as will disable him 
for that duty. 

" Daniell Rumble beating his boy 50 blowes." 

" John Black being poore & adged 54 exempted fro Trayning." 

" M' John Thorndik : in regard of his weaknes of body and 
adg pleaded : but must Trayne." 

Will* of Frances, wife of Robt. Hawes (also Haws), sworn to 
by Mr. Wm. Goose July 24, 1641, and 10: 7: 1645. 

" John Bartoll sd yt he can prove Jane James a common Lyer, 
a theef & a falce forsworne woman." 

Richard Johnson, constable at Lynn, fined 10s. for not making a 
return. Fine remitted. 

On the 10th, some persons took the oath of fidelity at Lynn be- 
fore Cp. Robert Bridges. — Waste Book.'] 

♦Return received from brother Fairfield. She died June 12, 1641. 
She bequeathed " to the little Child w'^'^ she had by Robt Hawes 
twentie pownd and to her two sons Robert Edwards & mathew Ed- 
wards, & her young Child Thomas Hawes to bring them vp in lern- 
ing her sayd Husband Robert Hawes is to pay into the Hands of 
same honest man ten pownds to see them brought vp in lerninge & 
to his daughter she did will to be given (Alis Haws) her worst 


Court hkld at Ipswich, 4:9: 1645. 
[Grand jury : Mr. Ed. Carlton, Tho. Barker and Sebastian Brig- 
ham of Rowley, William Payne, Ed. Browne, llich. Jacob,* Tho. 

Philip & Cheny gown & two petticoat & a wast coat & two Aporns 
w''"' all smale linnin sutable to it & a siluer bodkine & a payre of 
pillowbeers & to Robert & mathew Hawes she Did will to be giuen 
to each of them a payre of sheets & each of them a payre of pil- 
owbears & each of them half a duson of napkins & two siluer 
spoons & a gould ring to thomas Hawes & to El in Hilles her sister 
in owld England she wiled to be sent two yerde of lawn and a bible. 
Alsoe to the tow mayds that kept her in her sicknes she did will 
to be giuen to them namly Kathrin Dor low & Sarah bartlett each 
of them a new handkerchor a Coyf & Crocloth & to Katurne Dor- 
low half an ell of lase : morouer in the presens of Katrin Dorlow 
& Sarah Bartlett she Did will fowre pound w*** her husband pmised 
to send to owld England to a Child ther & a pewter dish. Wit : 
Wm. Goose, t Katerin (her mark) Dorlow, t Sarah Barttlet.t 

Will of widow Margit Pease of Salem, dated 1 : 7 mo : 1644, 
proved by the witnesses, Obadiah Holme and Jno. Barber, 1 : 11 
mo : 1644. She died in 1644, and wills " that her grane childe 
John pease the sonne off Robert pease shall with the rest of her 
goods be put ouer to Thomas : wadsson off sallme to be as her true 
feffeye off trust to despoes off her estate as she dereckteth : at this 
tyme beinge in parfite memory fist yt as before Tht the sed John 
pease shall be give frely to the sed Thomas wadssou that he shall 
desposse off him as his one child and : seconly : yt the housse she 
liff in & with the ground beloninge ther to shall be give to the sed 
John pease all soe haffe an acker off Indon come all soe he is to 
have my heffer all soe y' John shell have my bede and all yt 
belonges to it all soe that her grane childern the childeru off Robert 
peasse her sonne she givth to the rest off them the tow gottes & 
kids to be equally despossed a monge them and all her mouffeabell 
goods are to be at thomas wadsho despoes for the good off John, 
all soe her grane childe Robert pease shell have : her lesser chist 
and y*' if yt the sed John pease die then his Brother Robert pease 
must have the rest off the estatte and all yt doughter pease the 
wiffe off Robert pease is to have my best cloth gowne and all par- 
tiqlers are not set dun the same mst Thomas wadson is to desposse 
off it for the good off John her grane childe." [No signature.] 
Wit : John Barbor,t Obadiah (his mark) Huellrae. Petition 
of Robert Pease, son of Robert Pease, who had been allowed 611. 
out of his father's estate by the court ; he now desires to know how 
the money shall be paid, and having remained twelve months with 
his mother, now wishes to be free to choose a master and to have 
sufficient clothing to fit him out. Ann, wife of Robert Isbell, testi- 

•Crossed out in the original record, 
t Autograph. 

■ iii- 


Scott, John Grose and Christ. Ossgood* of Ips[wich] ; Henry Short, 
Rich. Kent and John Pike of New [bury] ; Tho. Bradbery of Sals' 
bery, John Cram of Exeter and Walter Roper of Hampton. 

Jury of trials: Sebastian Brigghara, Marke Simons, Georg 
Gittens, Moses Pengrye, Andrew Hodges,* Tho. Howlet, John 
Denison,* Edmon Bragg,» Sebastian Brigham,* Tho. Dickason 
Michal Hopkinson, Hugh Smith, John Merill, Rich. Browne, John 
Pemerton and Archelas Woodman. 

Made freemen : John Ayres, jr., John Eaton, Philip Ghallisf 
and John Ay res, jr. of Salsbery ; Robert Glements and Tristram 

fied that after widow Margaret Pease had made a written will she 
gave to Faith Barber her best red petticoat; also that Susan, 'wife 
of Henry Bullock, deceased, was present when bequest was made 

Inventory of her goods and chattels, taken by John Alderman't 
and John Bulfinche:t 1 fether bed, 2 Bolsters, 4 pillowes 2 
blanketts, one coverlid, 21i. ; 4 courtaynes & 4 rods of Iron lis • 
one Payr of fine sheets, 12s. ; two Pilcovrs and two Pa'ver of 
course sheets 10s. ; one cloth gowne, 10s.; one stuffe gowne, 
12s.; one red Petticote, 13s. 4d. ; two old Putticoats, 6s.; two old 
wascoats, 4s. ; one red wastcoat, 5s. ; two hoods, 5s. ; one Gloake 
5s. ; one greene apron an a hatt, 4s. ; 14 peeces of Small and great 
rewter, 10s. ; one small brasse morter and Pestle, Is. 6d • tow 
Cettles and an old Gettle, 12s. ; one brasse Pott, 7s. ; one frying pan 
and an old warming Pan with a paire of tongs and an old fire 
shovell, 3s. 4d. ; on pair of bellows and a payr of doges and a 
pott hanger and a skillett, 5s.; one whele, 2s. 5d. ; two chests 5s 
5d. ; tow old chayres and a old Barrel and a Payle with all other 
things that are not seene, 2s.; tow bushells of corne and tow 
busshels of Indian corne, 13s. 4d. ; half acre of Indian corne 16s • 
som rye that is betwine Goodman Suthweeks and Goodwiffe Pease' 
4s.; one earlinge heifer, 21i. 10s. ; for Pte of a sowe and one Pig' 
l^s. 3d. ; the howse and 3 quarters of an acre of ground Hi 10s 
two goats and a kid, 18s. ; Marie Pease oweth her mother Pease 
111. Mr. Bacon owth Megerett Pease, 10s.; Goodman Barbour 
oweth me a bushell of corne, 2s. 8d. Total, 191i. 2s. 8d Note of 
charges layed out by Thomas Wattson for wid. Margaret Pease • 
lo Mr Rucke for bread and beere and wyne, 16s. 8d. ; to Goodwife 
Bullocke for fyve days attendance in sickness, 7s. 6d • to Good- 
rnan Burchain for her Coffiue, 6s. ; for making her grave. Is.; to 
William Woodbery for keeping a heifer and for some part of wynter- 
ing her, 7s. 6d. ; to the ferryman to bring her over the water, lOd • 
for writinge. Is. ; total, 21i. 6d. ' • > 

•Crossed out in the original record. 

tThis name was first written " Chesslye" and then crossed out. 

J Autograph. 



Coffen of Haverill ; aud John Wiate, Frances Dane and Edward 
Lomasse of Ipswich. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Simon Broadstreet, assignee of Thomas Dextor v. Robert 
Nash. Debt of 2001i. on bond. 

John Andrews v. Mr. John Clarke. Debt on bond. Withdrawn. 

Thomas Millar v. Richard Hayues. 

Henry Greene v. Richard Holinworth. Debt. 

Edward Ingram v. Robert Nash. Debt. 

Henrye Bachelour v. Susan Bucke. Slander. Verdict for 

Town of Ipswich v. Rich. Smith. Debt. 

Mr. Simon Broadstreet v. Frances Perry. 

Jonathan Thing v. Juda Parker. Debt. 

Mr. John Coggswell v. Mr. Jeames Noyce. 

Ralfe Blasdell licensed to keep an ordinary at Salsbery and to 
draw wine till the next General Court. 

Anthonye Stanion sworn constable of Exeter. 

Robert Read v. Mr. Stephen Bachelour. Debt. 

John Samborne v. Thomas King and Nathaniell Boulter. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall and David Yale v. Tho. Waverton. Debt. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall, assignee of Mr. Richard Saltingstall v. 
goods of Mr. Hugh Peeters. Account. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall, assignee of Edward Sandors, agent for 
Captain Champuowne v. AVilliam Payne. 

William Payne, assignee of Edward Payne, deceased v. Richard 

William Payne v. goods of Edward Payne. 

Jonathan Wade v. Edward Bendall. 

Mr. William Hubard v. Richard Coye. Verdict for plaintiff 
" vpoii the Bargain made w"' m'' Whittingham 10 years service." 

Richard Walderne v. ]\Ir. William Payne. 

Edward Colcord fined " for drinking wyne to the abuse of 

Thomas Bradberye sworn clerk of the band for Salsebury. 

Richard Bidgood fined five marks, and to give bond for good 

Robt. Tuck is allowed to draw wine at Hampton. 

Presentment of town of Salsbery for want of an ordinary is 

; .' ■'• L 

•f V, 1 >n '. 1 ' 


Execution against town of Ipswich for want of a watch house is 
suspended to next court. 

Wife of Mr. Samuel Hall fined 20s. for miscarriage in words 
against the constable of Salsberye. 

Mr. Henry Sewall, for misdemeanor in the ordinance of preach- 
ing, admonished and to give bond for good behavior. 

Robert Nash appealed to the next quarter court of assistants at 
Boston in the case of Edward Ingroam against him. 
Jonathan Wade fined for speeches affronting the court. 
Mr. Robert Saltingstall, sentenced by Mr. Wade to appear, was 

Robert Nash and Richard Graves, parties to a bond conditioned 
that said Nash prosecute his appeal in court of assistants, in action 
of Edward Ingroom against him. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall and Mr. William Walderne, agent for 
Mr. Shurt, agreed that the action of Mr. Robert Saltingstall and 
David Yale v. Tho. Wavertons, jr., be transferred to court of 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall, assignee of Mr. Maning or Mr. Dickfield 
V. the lands of Mr. Frances Champnoone. Tranferred to court of 
George Barlowe discharged of his bond for good behavior. 
Eunice Cole, for breach of bond for good behavior to sit half an 
hour next lecture day at Hampton and to pay the witness, Isacke 
Perkings, 7s. and to make public acknowledgment of her slander- 
ous speeches of Susan Perkings and Lidia Pebody. 

Humphry Willson and Anthony Stanion allowed fees. 
Joseph Armentage to hold his hands of Richard Knight, 
late of Hampton, now at Road Hand, and give account thereof to 
the court. 

Nathaniell Boulter fined 5s. for selling wine to the Indians by 
which one was made drunk. 

Robert Heddersye, Mr. Johnathan Wade and Mr. Tuttell were 
each fined 5s. for selling wine without license. 
Thomas Cralye defaulted. 

Robert Beacham fined 5s. for selling wine without license. He 
was presented 8 mo : 1644. 

Mr. Baker fined 5s. for selling wine, etc. 

Henry Greene summoned by Richard Holinworth. Action not 


Mr. Edward Hilton lined 81i. and bound to good behavior for 

great abuses offered to three several women. Wit: Willox 

and his wife, Hester Biggs and Mary Wooden. 

Edward Hillton acknowledged to stand bound in 401i. for good 

Mr. William Walderne and Robert Lord testified in case of Ed- 
ward Ingroom at Ipswich court, 7 mo : 1644. 

" Richard Smith for not shewing his armes," fined. Half of fine 
to go to Jerymy Belcher and the other half to Edward Browne for 
his attendance at court. Also fined for his words to the surveyor 
and to pay Marke Simonds for his attendance at court. 

Richard Smith fined for speaking blasphemous words concerning 
a difference between the town and himself. 

Delivered to Mr. Broadstreet his bond, etc., and Thomas Falk- 
ner's oath. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salkm, 30 : 10 : 1645. 

[Present: Maj.-Gen. Endecott, Mr. Simon Brodstreet, Capt. 
Wm. Hathome and Cp. Robert Bridges. 

Grand jury : Of Salem, Lawrence Leech, foreman, Richard 
Prince, Daniell Ray, Thomas Edwards, Walter Price, Ens. Wm. 
Dixie and Wm. Dodge ; of Lynn, Henry Collings, Nicholas Potter, 
William Knight, Thomas Couldham, Georg Kesar and Mathew 
West ; of Wenham, Wm. Fiske ; and Walter Tippet (sworn 30 : 4 : 

Jury of trials : Of Salem, Henry Bartholomew, foreman, Jefiry 
Massy, Jacob Barney, Willia Lord, Peter Palfrey, John Jackson 
and Samuell Archer; of Lynn, Mr. Joseph Flood, James Axe, 
Joteph Armetage, John Ramsdall, Richard Mowre and Phillip 

Civil cases : — 

Moses Maverik and David Carwethen, attorneys for Wm. Wal- 
ton, John Peach and others of Marblehead v. Mr. Phillip Alhe, 
Mr. Thomas Dyer and Mr. Christopher Rogers. Trespass. For 
cutting wood. 

John Kitchen v. Robert Adams. Defamation. Defendant fined 
6s. for saying that the court ought to have thrown the case out. 
Elnor Downeing testified that Robert Adams called John Kitchen 
false fellow. 

Richard Hollinworth v. Henry Greene. Bill of Jno. Jackson. 


Richard Hollinworth v. Mr. Thomas Fowles. Account about the 
ship Expedition. 

Henry Green v. Eichrd. Hollinworth. Debt. Mr. Wm. Paine 
testified that Wm. Story discharged Hollinworth of the bond. John 
Andrews also discharged. Richard Graves testified. Francs Perry 
testified that " they were deluded." 

Mr. Symon Broadstreet, Esq., assignee of Thomas Dextor v. 
Robert Nash of Boston. Debt of 2001i. Mr. Bradstreet testified 
that Thomas Dexter owed him money and Nash promised to pay 
it in beaver. Nash's attorney was Mr. Wm. Waldern. 

Mr. Robt. Saltonstall v. Mr. Charls Gott and Mr. John Home, 
agents for Mr. Hu. Peters. Replevin. 

Thomas Ruck, Thomas Dixie, Frances Perry, Abram Whitheire 
and Mr. Charls Gott v. John Gatchell. Trespass. 

Mr. Charls Gott and John Home, deacons, and agents for Mr. 
Hugh Peter v. Mr. Robt. Saltonstall, assignee to Mr. Richard Sal- 
tonstall. Wit : Mr. Wm. Paine, who affirmed. 

Thomas Smith and Wm. Vinson in behalf of Henry Glas v. 
Henry Way. 

Mr. Phillip Ally of Marblehead fined for being overtaken in 
drink. Wit : Mr. William Walton and Robert Dyar. Mr. Thomas 
Dyer said that Ally had not drank much, that Mr. Walton called 
his attention to it, and he left Ally standing at his " fleaks," but 
■when he sent his men thither, Ally was on the ground. Samuel 
Carwithin (also Carwithy) and Thomas Sams asked for pay for 
coming from Marblehead as witnesses for Alley (also Aly.) 

Robert Pease, son of Robert, deceased, bound to Thomas Roots 
of Salem, weaver, as an apprentice for five years to learn linen and 
woollen weaving, and to have two suits of clothing and 20s. at the 
end of his time. The 61i. allowed him by the court to be paid to 
the deacons of Salem before 1 : 3 mo : and his mother to allow him 
meet clothing for the year past. 

Davie Thomas testified about Jno. Bartoll. 

Thomas Browning discharged from training 30 : 11 : 1645, pay- 
ing 10s. a year to the company. — Waste Book.'\ 

Court held at Salem, 31 : 10 : 1645. 

[Christopher Waller asked for clothes he had delivered to Jno. 
Stacy, for which he could get* no satisfaction. Stacy ordered to 
pay for clothes or return them in good condition. 



Thomas Sherman, servant of the worshipful Simon Brodstreet, 
to be whipped next lecture day at Ipswich, "that is faier wether," 
for running away, stealing money from his master, from a maid, 
Abigail Dixe, and a man, writing a defamatory letter from Eng- 
land, and forging one from his father to the prejudice of the coun- 
try and his master. Mr. Symonds to see him whipped. 

Mr. Thomas Scruggs and Thomas Goulthwait discharged from 
training, paying to the company 10s. and 8s., respectively. — Waste 

Court held at Salem, 1: 11: 1645. 

[William Paine v. Edward Calcord. 

Jams Avery of Gloster took oath of freeman. 

Capt. Wm. Hathorne to audit Raph Fogg's account book. 

Mr. Ralph Fogge to have ten pounds out of the fines yearly for 
his attendance on the court, besides his fees, which " doe of right 
belonge to his places of trust." 

William Prichett of Lynn discharged. 

Jonathan Wade and Mr. Robert Saltonstall submitted to arbitra- 
tion. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 18 : 12 : 1645, by adjournment. 

[Present : Maj.-Gen. Endecott, Cp. Wm. Haythorne and Cp. 
Robt. Bridges. 

Timothy Allen and Mary Hill, both of Marblehead, presented 
for uncleauness, bound over in 401i. each to Boston court (Thomas 
Pitman surety for Allen), and also bound not to be together pri- 

Mr. Wm. Clark of Salem advised to forbear being offensive in 
suffering a shuffling board in his house, occasioning misspending 
of time. 

Robert Goodell was accused by Myghel Sollis (also Sallow) of 
stealing four goats. Sollis had lost one old and three young goats 
and finding such, with his mark on them, in custody of Goodall, 
the latter promised to return them. When Sollis went for them, 
Goodall said that he had killed one and the rest were lost. Quit 
for lack of testimony. Wit : Henry Bullock and The. Bullock. 
Thomas Wheeler testified that he had goats of Wm. James, one 
of which was yellow. 

John Pickerin of Salem, presented for defect of bridge that leads 


into town, being very dangerous, Avas discharged, as he had made 
satisfaction to town of Salem. 

Josiah Rootes of Salera, drummer, fined 10s. for being over- 
taken in drink at the last exercise of the artillery in Salem, which 
wa.s publicly known to the bench. 

Town of Salem presented for defect of highway at Mackerell cove, 
lacking a convenient bridge for passengers to pass over the creek. 
Sufficient bridge to be made. Penalty, 20s. 

William Wheeler of Salem fined for being overtaken in drink. 
Wit: Walter Price and Mrs. Elizabeth Corwin. 

William Winter (also Witter) of Lynn presented for saying 
that they who stay while a child is baptised worship the devil, 
etc. Henry Collence and Mathew West dealt with him, and 
he told them that they who stayed took the name of the Father, 
Son and Holy Ghost in vain, and broke the Sabbath. Wit : Edward 
Ingalls. To make confession next Lord's day at Lynn in the open 
congregation or to answer at next General Court. 

John Wood (Woodd) presented for holding the doctrine of 
anabaptism and withholding his children from the ordinance. Wit : 
Nicholas Potter and George Keysar (also Kesar.) 

Edward Harnett, paying 5s., Mr. Emanuell Downing, 10s., Jeff ery 
Estie, 5s. and William Lord, 8s. were discharged from training, 
the latter being aged. 

Mr. Thomas Gardener discharged from training when his sixth 
son comes in. — Waste Book.'] 

Michael Shaflin,* constable of Salem, returned warrant 17 : 12 : 
1645. Nathaniel Haudforth,* constable of Lynn, returned warrant 
16 : 12 : 1645. 

List of presentments signed by Lawrence Leach.* 

Entry to be made against Henry Way, at request of Henry 
Waye, Henry Phellps and Goodman Thorston, in a case of 
attachment. Ens. Wm. Dixie, ferryman, addressed by above 

Francis Stephen remembered that Goodman Richards went to 
" sallmin" to fetch Goodman Ricr. Graves to come to Boyston to 
Mr. Hill and Mr. Kot to make agreement about some brazen molds, 
which were in dispute. Spent about ten or twelve days 1 : 6 mo : 

John Bartall presented for working on the Sabbath day. War- 
rant addressed to constable of Marblehead, dated 12 : 4 : 1645, 

* Autograph. 

1645-6] llECORDS AND FILES 93 

Court hkld at Ipswich, 31: 1: 1646. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Robt. Payne, Jonathan Wade, Will. Barthol- 
omew, Tho. Tredwell, Tho. Borman, Tho. Firman and Theop. 
Willson ; of Rowly, Robt. Hunter, Maxsmel. Jewet and Jo. Garat ; 
of Newbery, Jo. Chenye and Will. Elnsly ; of Salsbery, Jo. Eaton ; 
and Jerymy Belchar and Henrye Archer. 

Made freemen : Will. Acy (also Asey); and Will. Wyld (also 
Wild) of Rowley, and Jo. Woodam and Mark Qilter of Ipswich. 

Roger Laugton and Henrye Archer sworn constables of Ipswich. 

signed by Raph Fogg,* and returned by David Carwithen.* Wit : 
Richard Cooke, John Deuereux and Willia Kieney. 

Thomas Tuck says that Richard Moore made a well upon the 
common for his own use the last summer, being very dry and water 
scarce upon the neck. Tuck hired a cow, which came to drink 
at the well, and the water being very low the cow broke her neck. 
1 : 11 : 1645. 

William Southmayd* (also Southmate) certified that the children 
of himself and wife Millisson were born as follows : William, 17 : 
7 : 1643 and John, 26 : 8 : 1645. 

Guydo Baley* certified that the children of hiniself and wife, 
Elisabeth Baley, were born as follows : Elisabeth, July 27, 1642 
and Joseph, Nov. 6, 1644. 

Willia (his mark) Allen certified to his family record as follows, 
on 24 : 7 : 1645 : My son Samuell, by wife Als, born 8 : 11 mo : 
1631; my wife died 8: 1 mo : 1631-2; my daughter Elizabeth, by 
wife Elizabeth, born 7 mo : 1634 ; Deborah, born April — , 1637 ; 
Bethiah, born 12 mo: 1639; she died 12 mo: 1640, all by wife 
Elizabeth. My servant, Robt. Joans, died 12 mo : 1640. My 
son Onesiphorus, born last of 4 mo : 1642, by wife Elizabeth ; 
Persis (as we intended to call her), by wife Als, born 12 mo : 
1630 ; died within a week. 

Edward Giles* certified, 12 : 3 : 1645, that his son John, by his 
wife Bridgett, was born 15 : 2 : 1645. 

Debora (her mark) Skellin certified, 30 : 3 : 1645, that Thomas, 
son of herself and Thomas Skellin, was born Nov. — , 1643. 

Christopher Yongs* certified, 30 : 3 : 1645, that his children by 
his wife, Prisca, were as follows : Sarah, born latter end of 10 mo : 
1639 ; Mary, born about 8 : 12 mo : 1640 ; Judeth, born about the 
middle of 7 mo : 1642, and died beginning of 11 mo : 1644 ; and 
Christopher, born 2 : 12 mo : 1643. 

Larranc (his mark) Soothwick certified, 11:4: 1654, that Pro- 
vided, daughter of himself and wife Kesander, was born 10 mo : 



Isacke Buswell sworn constable of Salsbery. 

Made freeman : Rich. Good well and John Dickason of Salsbury ; 
Daniell Hendrick of Haverell ; and Joseph Parker and Edraond 
Falkner of Andivar. 

Henry Short, Rich. Kent, John Chenye and Will. Elnsly, jurymen, 
fined 2s. 6d. for not appearing. 

Town of Rowly v. John Crose of Ipswich. Slander. For saying 
that they hid or hurt his cattle. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Constable of Newbury fined for not returning warrant. 

Rich. Bayly of Rowley v. John Crose. Slander. 

Theophilus Shatswell, Edward Chapman and Thomas Perkings 
V. Roger Cheston. 

Town of Rowley v. John Crose. Slander. For saying they coveted 
his farm. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. Ezekell Rogers v. John Crose. Slander. Verdict for 

William Sticknye fined 3s. 4d. for striking Goodman Broadstreet's 

Will. Howard v. Christopher Lauson. 

Will. Payne v. Robt. Tucke and Ed. Colcord.* 

Will. Payne, assignee of Edward Payne v. Edward Colcord. 

Edward Colcord v. Mr. Will. Payne, in behalf of Mr, Ed. Payne. 

Edward Colcord v. Jeames Wall. Account. 

Edward Colcord v. William Howard. Trespass. For taking 
away two cows. 

Town of Hampton fined 50s. if they do not repair the worst part 
of their highways within three months and the remainder in three 
months more. Salsbery to repair highways in two months on pen- 
alty of 50s. fine. 

Judith Parker given costs, being attached. 

Edward Colcord given costs, being summoned by Mr. Hooke. 

Rich. Carver, being summoned by Mr. Hooke, given costs for 
himself and his wife to be paid by Thomas Cralye, who is to answer 
his presentment next court. 

Rich. Bidgood had part of fine respitted. 

*Payne promised to pay defendant 40s. out of a judgment against 
Richard Waldern, and if Colcord made up 10,000 pipe staves with- 
in two months, to give him 208. more, 2:2: 1646. Wit : William 
Waldern, Will. Hilton. 


Town of Ipswich presented for not training eight times in 1642. 
Town of Newbury discharged of their presentment. 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 4 : 1646. 

[Present: Maj.-Gen. Endecott, Mr. E-ichrd. Saltonstall, Esq., 
Mr. Symon Brodstreet, Mr. Samuell Symonds, Cp. Wm. Hauthorne 
and Cp. Robt. Bridges. 

Walter Tippet added to the grand jury. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Roger Connant, Mr. Henry Bartholomew, 
Lt. Thomas Lothrop, Mr. Gervais Garford, Jacob Barney, John 
Porter, Peter Palfrey and John Kitchen ; for Lynn, Edward Bur- 
cham, Thomas Putnam, Wm. Longley and John Gillo. 

Civil cases : — 

Samuell Hutchinson of Lynn v, Thomas Dexter, sr. of Lynn, 
Assault and battery. Verdict, 40s. for plaintiff. 

Georg Hadlye v. Jonathan Wade of Ipswich. Replevin. 

John Bartoll (also Bartele) of Marblehead v. Jane Podger* of 
Hingham. Wit ; Cp. Davenport and Lt. Clapp. 

Jonathan Wade of Ipswich v. George Hadley of Ipswich. Two 
cases about rent. 

William Prichard (also Pritchard), assignee of Tho. South v. 
Samuell Benitt. Debt due to South. f 

James Wale of Exeter by his attorney, Mr. Wm. Bartholomew 
V. Edward Calcord of Hampton. For taking lOli. and detaining it. 

Christopher Hussy, by his attorney, Edw. Calcord v. Robert 
Lord, the marshall of Ipswich. About care of a heifer. 

Evan Morris of Ipswich v. Georg Carr of Salsbury. Wages, 

Morrise Hobbs of Hampton v. Robert Coker of Newberie. 
About a boat three years since. 

William Paine (also Payne) of Ipswich v. Robert Tuck of 

♦Defendant, who was a widow, appointed Lt. Roger Clapp of 
Dorchester her attorney to defend the action, June 27, 1646. Wit : 
Geo. Weeks. 

t Warrant signed by Edward Burchum,| 

Bill against John Trumble (also Thromble) , including a boat to 
go to Dover and to carry Paine up the river, and paid to John 
Wilds and Lt. Howard, total, 21i. 18s. lOd. Wm. Payne's bill of 
charges, 31i. lis. 2d., allowed 3:5: 1646. Two cases. One about 
2500 pipe staves to be delivered at Boston, and 5000 bolts. 



Edward Calcord of Hampton v. Jams Wale of Exeter. Debt. 

Mr. Sam. Winsley of Salsbury and Mr. Trist. Coffin of Haverell 
V. Richard Ayre (also Aree) of Salsbury. 

Georg Varnam summoned by Sara. Greenfield, action not entered. 
Robt. Lord was Varnam's attorney. Henry Greene of Hampton 
was also summoned as a witness for Greenfield. 

Inventory* of William Goog brought in, and his widow Ann 
Goog (also Gouge) appointed administratrix. Court gave her the 
goods for the bringing up of her three small children, 

Mr, Ralph Fogg excused from training. Showed Mr. Garford 
this order. " Scrip : p. Cp. Hathorne." 

John Pride excused from training, paying 5s. yearly. 

Richard Dodg of Salem and William Tylton of Lyn sworn 

John Decon (also Deacon) of Lynn sworn constable. 

William Tilton of Lynn freed from training, paying 6s. yearly, 
but to keep his arms fixed, 

Thomas Couldam of Lynn sworn constable, 1 : 5 mo : 1646. 

Mr. Richard Stilman acknowledged judgment of 171i. 6d. to John 
Home, attorney for "Nicholas Pacy of Lowestoft in the county of 
Suff, m^chant." 

*Inventory of estate of William Goog, lately deceased, taken 
28 : 8 : 1645, by Nathaniell Handforth.f Francis Lightfootef and 
Francs Ingols.f His purse and apparrill, Hi. 4s. ; 1 house & lott 
& 2 ackers of medow and one ten acker lott, 81i. ; 4 hoges, 21i. 10s.; 
5 bushels of wheate, Hi. ; ten bushels of Indian Coren, Hi. 10s. ; the 
beddinge, Hi. 18s. 8d. ; Flax in the bun [die], 14s. ; one cheste & 
a chaier, 13s. 4d. ; 3 wheles, 7s. 6d. ; one handsaw & one wharte 
saw, J 5s. ; one sword & a belte, 5s.; one muskett & bandeleares. 
Hi. ; one warming pan, 33. ; one payer of bellis, Is. ; one Friinge 
pan, 4s. ; one gridiron & recke hookes, 3s. 6d. ; one peice of Steele, 
8d. ; soume ould leren, 2s, ; too ould howes, 2s. ; one reappinge 
hooke & a sith, 4s. ; gunpouder, 2s. 6d. ; hay, 10s. ; a pece of 
wolen Cloth, 5s. ; a pece of lininge Cloth, 14s. ; aleven pott hookes, 
7s. ; one scellitt & posnitt, 3s. 6d,; earthen pott. Is. 8d. ; 6 spoones, 
Is, ; 3 wood trayes & 3 wood boules & 3 wood dishes, Is, 9d. ; one 
runlitt, Is. ; paieles & tube, 3s. ; 2 bages, 2s. ; one ould chaier & 
stoole & trunke, 2s, 6d. ; one old axe & other small thinges, 2s, 
6d. ; one Cow, 41i. 10s. Debts to be paid out of this, 411. 9s, 7d. ; 
total, 281i. lis. 7d. 


t A saw used for cutting an irregularly growing tussock of grass. 

w. U >? 


Mr. Gervas Garford fined for absence from jury. He came 

12 mo : 1G45, the court ordered a foot-bridge to be made at 
Makerell cove in the highway, which had not been attended to, and if 
not completed before last day : 7 : 1646, town of Salem to pay fine. 

Evan Morris, accused by his master, Georg Carr, for threatening 
to kill his master, etc., as by Mr. Bellingam's letter, dated 24 : 4 : 
1646, for running away from the constable, and for an action of a 
high nature done in England, was fined 20s. Daniell Clark, surety. 

Edward Calcord fined 20s. for a false oath. 

Georg Hadeley, who summoned Mr. Jonathan Wade to Salem 
court and did not prosecute his case, to pay 8s. costs. — Waste Book.'] 

Inventory of estate of William Plasse, deceased, at the house 
of Thomas Weekes* (also Wickes and Wikes), 15 : 2 : 1646 (per- 
haps date of death) : One fetherbedd, twoe fether bolsteis, one great 
Bible, one psalme booke, one ould Chest, tooles that Richard Wal- 
ters hath that he must give accompt of. " And whereas ffy ve 
pownds was given to the sd Plasse by the Towne which I gathered 
up in Corne for him, I did thus Discharge it, viz. : Imprimis By 
so [much] unto my self for dyett & elce yt I had Laid out befor 
y^ Towne granted him 51i. y* some of 21i. & out of the 31i. Left I 
pd fo'' 1 pr shoes, 6s. ; cloth to make him a Capp, 3s. 6d. ; a pair 
of stockings, 2s. 4d. ; for Steele Iron & Cole, 4s. ; total, 21i. 16s. 
lOd. ; spent in dyett, 21i. 4s. 2d. ; total, 51i." In hands of Richard 
Walters ; One chere & stoole, one anvile, 2 vices, one smale 
beakhorne, 2 hamers, one smale and one great ; one old pair of 
Bellows, 18 files, 1 pr. vice Tongs, 1 pr. snuffers with a bras chayne 
& 3 kegs, 2 storne plates, 2 pr. & 1-2 of forging tongs, 2 match 
Locks, 2 stock nail tooles, 2 brok Iron bolsters & a drill boxe, 7 
forging hott punches, 2 Iron wrenches, I brass Lampe, 1 litle hack- 
hamer, 2 pan bores & galloes, 25 smale Could punches, 1 burnishyng 
Steele & a harth staff, 3 hartopps prt. brok, 1 old pr. mittins, 1 turne 
vice, 5 fil hafts & a flatt bord, 10 li. ; 8 oz. of old bushell Iron, Hi., 
8 oz. of Lead, one wrench for breech pi. Charges of Thomas 
Weekes for William Plass in his sickness : For Veale & Fowle, 
5s. 2d. ; sugar, 4s. 9d. ; Bread, Is. 2d. ; beare. Is. 7d. ; more for egges, 
6d. ; spices, 6d. ; 2 weekes board before he fell sick, 9s. ; for a debt 
that I am in gaged to Goodman Rumball before he fell sick, 3s. 6d. ; 
cofiin, 6s. ; bread and beare att his buryinge, 6s. ; for Goodwife 
Ager, Is. ; for the Grave makinge. Is. ; for wood & aleven dayes 
tendance as you maye thinke meete, 21i. 10s. 2d.; more the towne 
is willing to allowe him for buriall & atendance of him, 9s. lOd. ; 
total, 31i. 


;i. '■■■■/• ' 


CouKT HELD AT Salem, 1:5: 1646. 

Robt. Lord deposed in case of Wm. Paine v. Robert Tuck, that 
when he was at Mr. Wm. Paine'a this acquittance was sworn to 
by Mr. Wm. Waldron, and it acquitted Mr. Edward Calcord of all 
accounts except those for which Robt. Tuck was security. Lt. 
Haward deposed as to security to be given by Edward Calcord. 
Deponent's wife mentioned. Robert Tuck of Hampton gave security 
also and then deponent delivered two cows to Colcord which were 
detained by him, and released attachment against Colcord, where- 
upon the cows and other goods were made over by bill of sale to 
Tuck, as security. Henry Walthans' and Jonathan Walthams' 
depositions, 1 : 5 mo : 1646 (enclosed in a letter from the governor). 
Richard Woodman, Robert Lord and Mr. Wm. Bartholomew also 

Jno, Andrew deposed in case of Georg Hadlye v. Jonathan 
Wade, that Mr. Wade was coming from the fai-m when Wade 
asked Geo. Hadley what he intended to do. He replied that he 
would pay him in wheat and barley at 4s. per bushel, and rye and 
Indian corn at 3s. per bushel. 

Lt. Haward deposed in case of James Wale v. Edward Calcord, 
and counter suit, that Edward Calcord made demand for ten 
pounds of James Wale, who was bound for Ricr. Bulgar. Wm. 
Bartholomew deposed about the same matter. Anthony Stanion 
deposed, that being at Salem 10 mo : 1644, at Mr. Clerk's farm, Mr. 
Calcord said he wished that the account between Richr. Bulgar 
and himself might be settled, etc. 

Mr. Samuell Winsley deposed, in case of Samuel Winsley and 
Tristram Coffin v. Richard Ayre, that when he had carried down 
goods to load Codnam's vessel, Mr. Coffin desired to have his beef 
carried. Deponent said he would refer it to Goodman Codnam, 
who told him not to overload the vessel but rather to put some of 
the bolts on shore. Raph Blazdale and Robt. Quinbee also deposed. 

Moris Hobbs deposed, in case of Morrise Hobbs v. Robert Coker, 
that he left a summons at house of Robert Coker in Newbury, 
where he lived, to summon him to court. His wife said he had 
left eight days before. Hobbs saw Coker the day before the 
court, and he said he would not be there. — Waste Book.] 

Mr. George Taylor of Linn presented for withdrawing from 
infant baptism, saying his child is not a fit subject for baptism. 
Wit : Capt. Bridgis and Nicholas Potter. 


Court held at Salem, 3:5: 1646. 

[Cop}'- of agreement signed by Joseph (his mark) Armitage dated 
2:2: 1646, William Payne for himself and Edward Payne agreed 

Joseph Redknap(\vit: Henry Collins and Joseph Harmitage), 
William Harker (wit: Nicho. Potter and Henry Collence), Joseph 
Flood and his wife and Mathew West (wit : Nicho. Potter and 
George Kesar) (Lynn presentments) admonished for withdrawing 
from infant baptism. 

Mr. Joseph Flood was fined for lying when he was dealt with 
by the. church about his opinions. Wit: Tho. Layghton and Tho. 

Wife of Tho. Coats (Lynn presentment) admonished for saying 
publicly and disturbing those who sat near, when Mr. Cobbett was 
preaching on a Sabbath, that Christ was circumcised on the eighth 
day, and that then he was not baptized. Wit : Johanna Couldom 
and John Decon's wife. 

William Hewghes (also Hewes) (Lynn presentment) quit for 
not supporting the ministry. Wit : William Longley (also Longeley). 

Edward IngoUs (Lynn presentment) fined for bringing home 
sticks in both his arms on the Sabbath day from towards Mr. 
HoUyokes rails. Wit : Joseph Flood, Obadya Flood and Jane 

Edward Richards (Lynn presentment) presented for being dis- 
tempered with drink at the artillery at Salem. Wit : Capt. 
Bridgis and Mathew West. 

Town of Gloucester presented for neglect of training. Wit : Wal- 
ter Tippatt and George Ingorsoll. 

Richard Norman and Mathew Jellett of Marblehead presented 
for breach of the peace and bloodshed. Wit : John Hart and 
Roger Connant. 

Robert Knight of Marblehead, formerly of Salem, fined, 23 : 2 : 
1646, for being distempered with drink. Wit : Tho. Edwards and 
Hewgh Stacey. Summoned by David Curwithen. 

Richard Lambert fined for being distempered with drink, 19 : 3: 
1646. Wit : Tho. Edwards and William Goult. 

Wife of Thomas Clever (also Ollyver), for saying that all min- 
isters in the country were blood-thirsty men, to be tied to the 
whipping post with a slit stick on her tongue. Robert Cotty 
heard her and told her that she spoke blasphemy. She replied that 
her blood was too thin for them to draw out. Wit : Robert Cotty 
and wife of John Blak. 

Michaell Shaflen (also Myghell Shafflen) presented for withdraw- 
ing from baptism. 

Peter Sims, alias Ford, presented for stealing Indian corn out of 
the water mill. Wit : Tho. Robins and Tho. Lovell. 

Capt. Trask (also Traske) discharged from presentment for 


to settle with Edward Calcord, except concerning Robert Tuck's 
bond and amount allowed out of a judgment against Richd. Waldern, 
etc. Signed also by Wm. Waldern, Will. Hilton and Robert 

Robert Mansfield of Lynn and Edmund Farington freed from 
common training, keeping their arms complete. 

Obadya Govis to serve a longer apprenticeship for purloining 
corn of his master, Thomas Trusler, several times. To make 
doiible restitution, and serve his master eight weeks longer. t 

Esaiyas Wood, apprentice to Mr. Dorman of Ipswich, convicted 
of an attempt to force the body of his master's child. 

John Stephens deposed in case of Sam. Winsley and Trist. CoflBin 
v. Richard Ay re, that he went to his brother Codnam to inquire 
whether this hogshead of beef was staved with his consent. At 
first he did not consent, but upon second inquiry, he bade him do as 
he would. Richard Aree, Robert Codnam and Nathaneell Greene 
deposed, 8:3: 1646, before " o'' honno"^ Gov"^" Winthrop. Robert 
Barker deposed, 4:3: 1646, before Mr. Timo. Hatherlie. 

John Ramsdale deposed in case of Samuell Hutchinson v. Tho- 
mas Dexter, both of Lynn, that when going to work, " just as we 
came to goodman Dexters he light of his horse, & Laid on many 
blowes, & bade him goe, but Laid on so many blows, the said 
Samuell Hutcheson could not well goe unless he Rann." Edward 
Ingeru deposed that Thomas Dexter struck said Hutcheson with 
the great end of his stick about twenty blows, that the man was a 
quiet man and that Goodman Dexter had no cause to complain, 
and that he felt a bunch upon his head the day after. John 
Rawkins deposed that he struck the horse, etc., as hard as he could. 

Mr. Ed. Calcord said he paid Mr. Story lOli. for James Wale, 
and Wale swore that Calcord paid it. 

oppression in grinding in case of Tho. Tresler, who charged that 
in one bushel, nine pounds were wanting. Wit : Tho. Tresler and 
Obadya Govis. 

Return of warrant by Mychall Shaflin| of Salem and John DeconJ 
of Lynn, 4:6: 1646. 

*Edward ColcordJ of Hampton, in writing, released William 
Payne of Ipswich from all claims 1 : 2 mo : 1646. Wit: William 
Waldern} and Will. Hilton. | Also, claims against Edward Payne, 
deceased, same date and witnesses. 

tWit : Allen Keniston and Tho. Tresler. 



Robert Lord deposed concerning action between Mr. Wade and 
Geo. Hadley. Also concerning Walter Roper. With consent of 
Jonathan Wade and Georg Hadley, in action of trespass, Hadley 
to pay Wade the rent in wheat, etc. 

Edward Calcord, attorney for Robt. Tuck, to answer Willia 
Pane. Appealed to Boston court. Granted, 3 : 5 : 1646. — IVaste 

Court held at Salem, 4:6: 1646. 

[Present: Maj. Gen. Endecott, Cp. Wm. Hathorne and Cp. Robt. 

Thomas Chadwell, Samuell Bennett, Hugh Burt, the elder, and 
Thomas Dexter, sr., admonished for sleeping in time of service.* 

Wife of Wm. Bowdish admonished for offensively withdrawing 
from infant baptism. 

Thomas Coat's wife admonished for speaking to the disturbance 
of the congregation. 

Mr. William Clerk (also Clark) discharged of his presentment 
for affronting the constable, having confessed publicly.! 

Mr. Jos. Floyd fined for lying. He and his wife were admon- 
ished for withdrawing from the ordinance of infant baptism. — 
Waste Book.'\ 

♦Bennett and Burt (who is also called senior) were fined. Fran- 
cis Lightfoot was admonished for a similar offence. 

fHe had affronted the constable twice, once when the latter 
came to his house about a " hew and crye," and again when the 
constable demanded his measure to try by the town's measure, 
supposing it to be too small. Wit : Francis Perry and Richard 

The nuncupative will of John Thorne of Salem was sworn to 4 : 
6 : 1646. Wit : Elisabeth Harwood, Margaret Jackson and Elisa- 
beth Esticke, all signing with marks. They heard him say on July 
27, 1646, " that heedid giue unto Ann : Pallgraue all his Estate of 
mony. goods, aparell. & debtts out of which sayd aparell it was the 
will of the sayd John that John Jackson Junio"' should liaue his 
best Hatt and further moure it was his will that James Thomas 
should haue somthinge out of his Estate if the said Ann : Paul- 
graue so pleaseth." 

John Thome's inventory taken Aug. 1, 1646, by Jefforie Mas- 
sey,J George Emery J and John Harbert,t and sworn to before Jo. 
Endecott :t 201i. of Indico at 3s. 6d. per li., 31i. 10s. ; 1 Roule of 
Tobaco, containing 731i., at 4d. per li., Hi. 4s. 4d. ; 1 Roule of 




Court held at Ipswich, 29 : 7 : L646. 
Grand jury : Mr. John Whittingham, Jonathan Wade, Will. 

tobaco containing 791i. at 4d. per li., Hi. 6s. 4d. ; 81i. of tobaco in a 
Eunlet* at 4d. per li., 2s. 8d. ; 1 Greate Cooate, Hi. ; 1 Cloth Shute, 
12s.; 1 Stufe Shute, Hi. 2s.; 1 Cloth Shute, Hi.; 2 Hatts, 12s.; 
2 shurts, 3 bands, 2 HandCarshers, 10s. ; 1 pr. of mille stockings, 
4s. ; 1 pare of yarne Stockings, 2s. ; 2 pare of Shues, 5s. ; 1 wast 
coate, Is. 6d. ; Carpenters tooules, 16s. ; in monny, 31i. 17s. 6d. ; 1 
Sea bed and pillo, 7s. 6d. ; 1 bible and 1 Cap, 4s. ; 1 Musket, Ban- 
dileas, soard & rest, Hi. 6s. ; one aker and 3 quarters of Land, Hi. ; 
debts owing, 81i. 3s. 4d. ; total, 271i. 16s. 2d. 

Will of Richard Bartholomew, in the form of a letter, proved 4 : 
6: 1646, and addressed "To my Louinge Brother Henry Barthol- 
omew " : — 

" Boston the 6'^ : 11™° : 45 

Brother Henry heare in Clossed is anotte of whatt estatte I have 
shippt w*^*^ niee & whatt is here oweinge to mee : w^'' whatt I owe 
in England w*^'' is all I owe in the world as I know off: these things 
only the bills of ex*^ I have Consigned to m"" Edward Shrimpton in 
London hee is y'^ brassiers bro at Boston : to him I haue wrighte 
y' in Case god should not bringe mee to London y* hee would vs. 
these goods [to] pay my debts & returne y® Remaynder to you : 
I should have bine glad to have scene you before I went, butt if 
god should not returne mee againe but take me away by death : my 
desier is if the returns of these goods Come to yo'' hand : that they 
may be thus dispossed of : viz To yo' two children 40" apeece to 
my bro willms 3 Children 20" apeece to my moth^T if liveinge 10" 
to m'' Gearringe beinge very poore : 10" & the remaynder of my es- 
tatte bee it whatt will more or lesse all that is mine I dessier may 
be equally devided betweene o"" bro Thomas : Abraham & Sister 
Sara, only what Jacob Barney owes to mee I giue it to him, butt 
for any other debts house ground &c devide as before, this is my 
desier & that I would haue done if god shall please to take mee away : 
I desier to Cast my self only uppo him & to rest myself only in the 
armes of his mercy in Christ Jesus intreatinge of him to stay my 
soule there in the worst howers even in death itself, vnto him I 
leaue you with yo'^s to gather w*'^ myself & all his and rest : yo' 
faythf ull and Lovinge Brother : 

Richard Bartholmew." 

Richard Bartholomew's inventory, taken 27 : 5 : 1646, by William 
Hathornet and Jefferie Massey :t Parsell linen cloth, 501i. 12s. 
lid.; parsell woUen cloth and stockins, 301i. 9s. 6d. ; parsell of 
hatts, lOli. 12s. ; parsell of boddis, 31i. 17s. 9d. ; parsell of shott, 
31i. 12s. 7d. ; lead, 91i. 9s. lOd. ; parsell of stuffes and yearne, 301i. 

*Small barrel. 


Bartholomew,* Andrew Hodges, Tho. Bishop and Edniond Gardner 
of Ipswich ; Frances Plumer and Nicholas Noyce* of Newbery ; 

5s. ; parsell of heaire bottoms, 31i. 4s. ; 4 chests of glasse, 71i. ; 8 
ferkins of sope, 41i. 8s. ; advance upon these goods, the executor 
bearing the charge, 221i. 10s. ; 100 bushels of malt, 141i. 16s. ; 2 
trunkes, 6s. ; 3 ould sheetes with some ould linen and other smale 
thinges in the old trunke, Hi. 3s. 4d. ; an old flockbedd, 10s. ; 2 
feather pillowes, 10s. ; 2 old blanketts, 2s. 6d. ; one old hatchett. 
Is. ; a paire of bootes and a paire of shooes, 14s. ; a house and one 
acre and halfe of lande, 51i. ; ten acre lott, 61i. ; a Carbine, 18s. ; 
brass ketle and scillett, 9s. ; a fire shouell and pott hangers, 3s. ; a 
howe, a frow,f 4 wedges, a hammer and shoe home, 5s. ; total, 
20611. 19s. 5d. Debts owing to him, 791i. Is. 9d. Total, 28611. 
9s. Id. 

Will of Francis Lightfoot, dated Lj^nn, Dec. 10, 1646, proved 
Dec. 29, 1646. He bequeathed " to my brother John Lightfoote, 
off Loudon, in case hee bee Livinge, or his children Lawffullye 
begotten off his bodye, y" sura off one pounde when ever it shall 
bee Demanded, & I Desyre y* all good meanes maye be vsed to 
giue them Know Lidge off it. To my sister Isebell Lightffoote 
Liuinge in Linckhornshire in Frestone neare ouLde Bostone, one 
pounde, & Doe Desyer shee maye haue notis off it, as sooue as 
conveniently maye bee." To " mye Brother Pell," one pound; to 
Samuel Cocket, Fiue shillings ; to Hannah Pell, Fine shillings ; to 
Darytye whiting, one Lambe ; to ELisabeth whiting, one Lam be ; 
Samuell Cobit, one Lambe; his wife Anne, Executor. " I Owe to 
James Axe For tending mye sheepe y® Sumer tyme : with y® 
month Octob, & one weeke : in November, onelye in pte off payment 
I haue payde vnto him nineteen groats : & eLeven pence, I owe him 
alsoe For y® winter Beffore." Other debts : To M'' George Burrell, 
9s. 6d. ; " Goodm : Mansfeilde, when hee hath Careyed three Loades 
off wood more For mee," 10s. ; Alliun Bread, 5s. 2d. ; due From 
Samuell Bennit, 19s. 4d. ; Hugh Alley, 2s. and one peck off indion 
corne ; Edward Iresonn, 3s. ; John Witt, 4s. I Likewise Doe Depute 
my Brother Handforth & my Brother Pell as overseers, francis 
lightfoote."! Wit: Nathaniell Handforth,! Francis Borrell J and 
Andrew Mansfield. | 

Francis Lightfoot's inventory taken 21 : 10 : 1646 by Edward 
Burchum,! Francis (his mark) Ingalles and Wm. (his mark) Til- 
ton : His purse and apparell, 2li. 12s. ; his house & 2 ackers of 
ground it stands on, with 3 ackers of medow, 61i. 13s. 4d. ; too 
kowes with Calfe, 911. ; two yearlinge steares, 31i. 13s. 4d. ; to 
this yeare Calves, 211. ; 5 Sheepe, 51i. 5s. ; 2 lorn potes and kettell, 
one war[m]ingpan. Hi. Is. ; one kettell & a littell pan, 5s. ; pewter 

•Crossed out in the original record. 

tA cleaving tool, having a wedge-shaped blade, used in splitting staves 
for casks and also shingles. 


John Eaton and Tho. Barker of Salsbery ; Robert Hunter and 

prised at 18s. ; one spitt & asmoothinge leron, 2s. ; one hogesheade, 

2 tubes, 7s. 6d. ; one lanthoren, Is. 4d. ; one tube & one ould Chiste, 
3s. 6d. ; one loyne box & a littel trunke, 5s. ; one Joynt Chiste & 
a Chayer, 14s. ; one trundell bed & a Foot path, 3s. 4d. ; one payell 
& 4 trayes, 4s. ; 2 barells, 2s. ; one axe, 2 howes & one spaide, 
5s. 6d. ; one wascote, 4s. ; too hoges, 31i. ; in butter & Eages, 12s. ; 
one Chane, 2s. 6d.; in earthern ware, 6s. 4d.; one hand saw and 
trauell, one pr. of tonges & frying pan, & a broylinge leren, 6s. 4d. ; 
in Corn, English & indian, 21i. 10s. ; flax in the bund[le] , 10s. ; in 
bever, 5s. ; a weuers loame & furniture belonging to it, Hi. 13s. ; 

3 ould sithes & 2 leren wedges & a Ringe, 4s. ; linse yarn & Gotten 
yarn & tow, 12s. ; flax seed & a bage & flax & yarn, 6s. 4d. ; hay, 
21i. ; one littell gune, 8s. ; one bed & fui-niture, 31i. ; one box & one 
Chayer, 2s. ; linse, Hi. 2s. 6d. ; one payer of stockings, 3s. 4d. ; 
total, 511i. 2d. Debts due to estate, Hi. 8s. 4d. Money owing 
wife, 21i. 

Thomas (his mark) Bowen, aged about 24 years, and his wife 
Elizabeth (her mark) Bowen testified that Jane James spoke to 
William Barber in Bowen's house and Barber said " get yo" out of 
doars yo" filthy ould Baud or elce 1 will Cuttle } ou'' hyde, yo" 
ould filthy Bagage & tooke up a fire brand, but did not throw it 
att hir." He also saw Barber carry away a shoulder of mutton that 
Jane James should have had, giving her a push and saying he 
could eat a shoulder of mutton as well as she On 26 : 10 : 1646, 
Erasmus James was plaintifE in suit of Jane James v. William 
Barber for slander. 

Inventory of estate of widow Emme Mason, deceased, 26 : 3 : 1646, 
taken by Georg Corwin* and Walter Price.* Sworn in court, 30 : 10 : 
1646 : All the lyning smalle & great, 21i. ; 1 boulster & 1 pillow, 
13s. 8d. ; 1 fether bed, 31i. 5d. ; 1 bedsteed matt, and Cord, 7s.; 
1 Red Rugg, 8s. & blanket, 4s. 6d., 12s. 6d. ; 1 blankett, 13s. ; 3 
ould Curtens, 18d., 14s. 6d. ; 1 settle, 4s. 6d. ; a Chest, 5s., 1 box, 
18d., lis. ; a table boord, 4s., 2 payles, 2s. 4d., 6s. 4d. ; one trunk, 
8d., a linsy woolsy sutte, 10s., 10s. 8d. ; one carsy waskott, 12s., 
one pettycott, 12s., Hi. 4s.; one sarfe, 16s., 2 ould wascots, 18d., 
7s. 6d. ; 1 ould bodes, 8d., 1 stuff wascott, 2s. 6d., 3s. 2d. ; a Carsy 
whood, 2s. 6d., a hatt, lis., 133. 6d. ; in pewter, 9s. 7d., more in 
pewter, 4s., 133. 7d. ; one brass cansteeke, 4s., a pestle & morter, 
3s., 7s.; one ould warming pann, 33. 6d., 1 hachell, 2s. 6d., 
6s. ; 1 ould chafing dish, lOd., ladle, 6d., Is. 4d.; a sift, 15d., 
one skimer, 6d., Is. 9d. ; one hake, 3s. 6d.; tongs, 4d., grd. 
iron, 18d., 6s. 4d. ; one baking Iron, 2s. 6d., one brass kytle, 
16s., 18s. 6d. ; one Iron kytle, 10s. lOd., an Iron pott, 2s., 12s. lOd. ; 
one brass skillett, 4s. 6d., another skillett, 8d., 5s. 2d.; one Iron 


>i ■ ' .' •'.' ,T» :.•■ -> 


Maxemilion Jewet of Rowley ; Will. Eastow of Hampton ; and 
Godfry Dearborne and Abraham Tappen of Exetor. 

Dogg, 2s., 9 books, ISs., 153.; 2 books, 4s., one byble, 9s., 13s.; 
one salme booke, 16d., & a sermon booke, 6d., Is. lOd. ; one lining 

wheele, ; one Gotten wheele, 2s., a halfe pek, 6d., 2s. 6d. ; 6 

boules, 2s., and 2 payles, 14d., 3s. 2d. ; 2 trayes, 6d., 3 platters, 2 
wooden dishes, 16d., Is. lOd. ; one erthen pann, 6d., 1 pot, 4d., a 
brush, 8d., Is. 6d. ; in yaron, 16s. 8d., 16s. 8d. ; 2 cushings, 16d., 
Is. 4d. ; one house and an Acre of ground, 21i. 10s. ; one smalle 
kow, 311. 15s.; in new fensing stuff, 12s.; total, 251i. 16s. Court 
disposed of these goods according to law, to the elder brother a 
double portion and the remainder to be equally divided among the 
rest of the children. 

Inventory of goods of Edward Candall, deceased Nov. 15, 1646, 
taken by John Bourne,* William Ager* and Peter Palfrey :* 19 
Bushell of Indian Corne which I bought of him before his Depart- 
ure at 2s. per bushel, Hi. IBs. ; his close being prised at 13s. ; 
total, 21i. lis. Payd to severall men for him before & after his 
Departure : to Mr. Price for Shugr for him, 2s. 4d. ; Mr. Feald & 
Phillip Cromwell, 6s. 6d. ; William Willemore, 7s. 6d. ; Henry True, 
3s. ; myself for Logein and Diet, Hi. 8s. 2d. ; Buriall and Coffing, 
13s. 6d. ; total, 31i. Is. Due to Mr. Emry for him, 3s. ; due to me 
for him, 10s. 

Will of Michael Sallowes of Salem dated 14 : 9 : 1646, proved 
31: 10: 1646. The executors declined to serve, and Jeffery Mas- 
sey, John Jackson and George Emerie were appointed in their 
place. He bequeathed "first unto micha Sallowes my young- 
est Sonne the sume of eight pounds for & towards the educa- 
con of the said micha and doe desyre that Georg Emerie John 
Jacksonne and Jefferie Massey will dispose of the said micha and 
of the some afforsaid for the welfarr of the aforesaid micha Sal- 
lowes, Itm I gyue and bequeath vnto Martha Sallowes my daughter 
the some of six pounds twoo pillow beeres a morter & a Jug pott 
w'*" my ernest desyer that the said John Jacksonne shall bring vp 
the said martha and improue the said six pounds for my said 
daughters best advangtage. Itm for the remainder of my estate my 
will is it be equallie divided amongst the rest of my Children viz. 
Thomas Sallowes, Robert Sallowes & John Sallowes & Samuell 
Sallowes my sonnes and to Edward wilsone my sonne in law, by 
equall porcons And for the better pformance of this my will & 
testam* I doe apoint for my executo'' Edward wilson my said sonne 
in law & Robt Sallowes my sonne & for ouerseers of this my will I 
doe desyre the aboue said Georg Emerie John Jackson & Jefferie 
massey. Michaell (his mark) Sallowes." Wit: Georg (his mark) 
Williams, John Tucker,* Jefferie Massey,* Georg Emery.* 

* Autograph. 


Jury of trials : Mr. John Lowell, Moses Pengrye,* Tho. 
Clarke,* Jeames Howe, Simon Tomson, John Wiate, Samuel 

Inventory of estate of widow Mary Hersome of Wenhani, de- 
ceased, taken by Esdras Reade,t John Fairefilde.t William Fiske,t 
and George Norton, f 2:7: 1646 : A house and three Acres of 
ground Joyning to it, Two Acres and halfe of it broken up or 
theree abouts, 41i. 5s. ; Halfe of the Corne growinge upon that 
two Acres an halfe, with the other fruits, 21i. 10s. ; Ten Acres of 
upland more with two Acres of middow lyinge Remotte, Hi. 5s. ; 
a Cowe, 41i. ; A Swine, 18s.; Three sheets & a halfe, 15s.; one 
Bedsack, with two Boulsters, one Pillow, 10s. ; one old Coverlett 
and one Old Blankett, 6s. 8d.; two shifts, two Aporns, a litle box 
with other small lininge, Hi. 2s. ; three Peticots, 16s.; three old 
doublits, with one old shortt Cote, 5s.; two wheles & a reele, 6s. ; 
a Brass Candlestick, Is. 4d. ; payre of Cards, Is. ; a parsell of 
tow, 2s. ; two hatts, 6s. ; fower Bushels of Endian corne, 10s. 8d. ; 
three pecks of wheat, 2s. 9d. ; three Baggs, 2s. 6d. ; one peuter 
Plater, two spons, 2s. ; an old Brass Pott and a skillett, 5s. ; two 
bibles and two small books with an Inkhorn, 10s. ; one fryinge pan, 
3s. ; one old Chest with a hammer with other old Iron, 2s. 6d. ; a 
Matcuke and two old Howes, 3s. ; a Muskitt and a barrel of a litle 
burden peece, 16s. ; three pots with butter and one Earthing Pott, 
lis.; two trayes, two Panns with a litle suit, Is. 8d. ; two payre 
of shoos and Stockings, 5s. 4d. ; one Rundlitt, lOd. ; a parsell of 
small Cheeses, Is. 8d. ; one Bundell of lyning yarne, 5s.; ladder, 
a forme, a Cooke & hine & a payre of bodyes, 4s. 6d. 

Will of George Pollard of Marblehead, dated 13 : 3 : 1646, 
proved 31 : 10 : 1646. He bequeathed " to Goodman Tiler of linne 
the summe of tenne pounds Also to John Hart y* younger the 
summe of fine pounds & to Christopher Nicolson the sonne of Ed- 
mond Nicolson the summe of five pounds, lastly to see this my 
will performed I doe appoint Wm Walton of Marblehead my exec- 
utor to see my debts payd the remainder of my whole estate I give 
vnto y® sayd executor & also I doe intreate m'' Mauerick & William 
Charles to be assisting «Sc helpefull to my sayd executor for ye re- 
covering of my debts. George (his mark) Pollard." Wit : Moses 
Mavericke,t John (his mark) Hart, William (his mark) Charles. 

Inventory of estate of George Pollard. Amount, 601i. 4s. 3d. 
All credits : Due from Willm. Walton, Moses Mauerick, John 
Deuereux, Wm. Charles, David Carwithin, Nicolas Merit, Ephm. 
Keene, Ralph Parker, George Vicai-y, John Coit, Abraham White- 
hear, George Chin, Richard Norman, Richard Curtis, Edmund 
Nicolson, John Peach, sr., John Peach, jr., John Bartol, Thomas 
Pitman, John Hart, Samuel Gatchel, John Gatchel, Thomas Sams, 
Arthur Sandin, John Legg, Mary Hill, Nicolas Lisson, John Lyon, 

•Crossed out in the original record. 


Younglove,* and Will. Addams of Ipswich ; Mr. John Lowell,* 
Anthony Sumersbye and John Bartlet of Newbury ; Tho. Mighall, 

Wm. Chichester, John Northy, Richard Cooke, Samuel Delabarr. 
Due to John Deuereux for diet for two years and a quarter, 171i. 
123.; and to John Bartol for his boy, 61i. 

Inventory of estate of Jone Cummins, taken by Henry Skerryf 
and Georg Emery :t The house & lot at home & the tenn Aker 
lot & the corne upon them both, 221i. ; halfe an aker of salte marsh. 
Hi. 10s. ; 1 heafer of 2 yeares old & vantage, 31i. 10s. ; 2 swine, 
Hi. 10s. ; 1/2 a canowe, 5s. ; 2 fethar bedes, 4 bolsters, 3 pillowes, 
31i. ; 6 blankets, 1 ruge & one covering, 10s.; 6 dieper napkines & 
2 tow towalles, 7s. ; 3 par of sheetes, Hi. 4s. ; 1 warminge pan, Gs. 
8d. ; 1 trunke & 2 chaistes, 15s. ; 9 peeces of putor, 15s. ; 3 boxes 
for lining, 4s. ; 1 bedstead, 4s. ; 1 brase kettell & a skellet & 2 
skimmers, 6s. 8d. ; 2 chayers & a forme, 4s.; 1 Iron pott, Gs. ; 1 
payer of sheetes more, 10s. ; glasses, trayes & earth weare & other 
old lumber, Gs. ; total, 391i. 3s. 4d. 

Warrant to constable of Lynn, to summon Hannah Knight for 
uncleanness with Isaack Hawkes ; Jabez Hackett, upon suspicion 
of uncleanness with Jane Somers (wit: Roger Morey and John 
Elderkin) ; and Joseph Armetage, for selling wine at retail with- 
out license (wit : Jarret Spencer and John Deacon), 29 : 10 : 1646. 
Return by John Deakin.f 

Warrant to constable of Salem, to summon Henrie Harwood, 
Thomas Rowell, Timothy Laskin and Marie Wesgate, to testify 
about John Keagle and others of his company, presented for being 
disguised with drink on the Sabbath day, 16: 12: 1646. Return 
by Walter Price. f 

Warrant to constable of Marblehead, to summon John Kegle, 
for being disguised with drink and for swearing very profanely 
(wit : Abra. Whithear and his wife, Henry Harwood, Thomas 
Rowell, Timothy Laskin and Marie Wesgate) ; Peter Pitford and 
Wm. Barber, for fighting in the house of the latter, so that the con- 
stable was sent for to keep the peace (wit: Jno. CuUever, Jno. 
Stacye and Mr. Carwithee) ; and John Northee, for being disguised 
with drink (wit : Mr. Carwithee, Samuell Carwithee and Will. 
Chichester), 29: 10: 1646. Return by David Carwithin,t consta- 
ble of Marvilehed. He did not warn Henry Horrod, Thos. Rowell, 
Timothy Lasky and Mary Westgate, because they were of Salem. 

Children of Wm. and Elizabeth Walton of Marblehead : John, 
born April 6, 1627, at Seaton, in Devon ; Elizabeth, born Oct. 27, 
1629, at Seaton ; Martha, born April 26, 1632, at Seaton ; Nathan- 
iel, born March 3, 1636, at Hingham, New England; Samuel, born 
June 5, 1639, at Marble Head ; Josiah, born Dec. 20, 1641, at Mar- 
blehead; Marie, born May 14, 1644, at Marblehead. 

•Crossed out in the original record. 


Tho. Leaver and Will. Ace of Rowlye; and Will. Patteridge and 
Philip Chalice. 

Rog. Laugton in place of Antho. 8u.merby in case of Morria 

Edmund Marshall* certified that Benjamin, his son by his wife 
Melysen, was born 12 : — mo : 164-. 

Hendry Trew* certified that Hendry, his son by his wife Israeli, 
was born 8:1: 1646. 

Jno. (his mark) Tompkins certified that Elizabeth, his daughter 
by his wife Margerete, was born 29 : 9 : 1646. 

William (his mark) Robinson certified on 4 : 1 : 1645-6, that 
Martha, his daughter by his wife Isbell, was born 2 : 12 : 1645 ; 
and died 5:12: 1645. 

Thamasin (her mark) Buffam certified on 28 : 1 : 1645-6, that 
Lydea, daughter of herself and husband Robt. Buffam, was born 
Feb. 19, 1644. 

Richard Waters* certified that his father-in-law, William Plasse, 
gunsmith, died in Salem 15 : 2 : 1646. 

John Pickering* certified on 26: 9: 1646, that Elizabeth, his 
daughter by his wife Elizabeth, was born 17 : 6 : 1645. 

Henry Pease of Marblehead deposed that he heard Peter Pitford 
of Marblehead say that Goodwife James was a witch and that he 
saw her in a boat at sea in the likeness of a cat ; also, that his 
" garden frughtes " did not prosper so long as he lived near that 
woman ; and that said Pitford often called her " Jesable." Henry 
Trevett of Marblehead also deposed. 

Bill of charges of Andrew (his mark) Lester, constable of Glou- 
cester, and John Pearse and Thomas Gydkin (Judkin), two and 
one-half days, 5s. each, for going to Ipswich with Thomas Waldo, 
17 : 12 : 1646. George Blake and Cornelius Waldoe.f 

Thomas (his mark) Grey of Marblehead released Thomas Fowle 
of all debts, Oct. 28. 1646. 

Wm. (his mark) Dixy certified that he and others, a committee 
of Salem appointed to lay out a way toward Manchester, had done 
so, and made it sufficient, 30 : 10 : 1646. 

Garrard Spencer deposed that on artillery training day, coming 
from Salem with others, Edward Richards overtook them, and that 
he was distempered with drink, stumbled in his going and faltered 
in his speech, 10 : 31 : 1646. 

Charles Glover, constable of Gloucester, deposed 30 : 7 : 1646, 
that William Vinsonne had been chosen by the town to keep the 
ordinary, and to sell wine, and the court was asked to confirm him, 
30 : 10 : 1646. He was licensed to keep an ordinary, but not to sell 


tTbe last two names appear on the reverse and are crossed out. 


The constable of Salsbery fined for not returning warrants. 

Moses Pengrye, juryman, fined 5s. for not appearing. 

Made freemen : Godfrye Derburne of Exeter, Thomas Clarke 
of Ipswich and Christ. Bartlet of Newbury. 

Jonathan Wade, grandjuryman, fined for his absence; fine re- 
mitted later.* 

Dauiell King v. Georg Taylour. About the death of a mare by 
a bull. 

Richard Kent v. Henry Shorte in behalf of the town of New- 
bury. Revenue of commons. 

Susan Buck v. Henry Bachelour. For detaining goods. 

William Averill (also Avery) v. Thomas Newman. Debt. 

Mr. Henry Sewall fined. 

Mr. John Clarke v. John Shatswell. Debt. Defendant to pay 
for his son's cure 31i. 2s., for his servant, 31i., for " phisick " 8s., 
and for a bushell of wheat, 4s. 

Mr. Edward Woodman v. Rich. Kent. Slander. Non-suited. 

Mr. Simon Broadstreet v. Thomas Firman. Debt. About cattle. 

Robert Lord, in behalf of the town of Ipswich v. Thomas Scott. 

John West v. John Cogswell. Breach of promise. 

John Lewis v. John Moore. Debt. Attachment of goods in the 
hands of Frances Hudson. 

Moris Hobs v. Robert Coker, Review of case about a boat. 

Roger Cheston v, John Newman. Debt. 

Town of Ipswich v. Thomas Rolingson. The town appointed 
Robert Lord to plead. 

Mr. Johnathan Wade v. William Lamson. Debt. For with- 
holding twenty-five bushels of corn. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall v. Will. Payne. Defendant given costs, 
being summoned by Mr, Robt. Saltingstall. 

Daniell Clarke v. Tho. Rolingson and Michaell Cartrick. Re- 

Edmond Greenliefe v. William Walderne. Debt. 

Mr. Nicholas Davison (also Davyson) v. Richard Swayne. Debt. 

William Whittred v. Michaell Cartrick. Plaintiff to pay to John 
Wild 30s., defendant to pay 20s., and John Wild to pay the other 
20s. to himself. 

Agreement to accept the judgment of the court on all differ- 

•Crossed out in the original record. 

I r> .:..'. I 


ences between Mr. Ezekiell Rogers, the town of Rowly and Richard 
Bayly, on one part, and John Crosse of Ipswich on the other 
part. Signed by Jo. Endecott,* Richard Saltonstall,* Simon Brad- 
street* and Samuel Symonds.* Dated Oct. 2, 1646. 

Hana Smith of Rowly, for stealing a silk girdle, two croscloths, 
a pair of knit cotton gloves, all valued at 15s., of which 12s. be- 
longed to Tho. Clark and 3s. to Ed. Bridges, and also for lying, to 
sit in the stocks. 

Inventory of John Webster's lands and goods sworn to by his 
widow, Mary Webster, who is appointed administratrix. 

Thomas Crawly for his presentment 1 mo : 1645 and 1 mo : 1646, 
to be fined or whipped. 

Samuell Winsley acknowledged receipt of 20s. of John More, due 
to Richard Knight and set over to John Lewes, 2:8: 1646. 

Edward Hilton's bond for good behavior withdrawn. 

Will. Randall could not be found to answer to his presentment. 

Will of Thomas Croomwell brought in to be proved, Gyles Croom- 
well objecting to it, court ordered Mr. John Lowell and Mr. Ed- 
ward Woodman to take an inventory of the estate. 

Anthonye Stanion confessed to his presentment and was fined. 

Will of Joseph Mose proved 29 : 7 : 1646, and inventory proved. 

Order to marshall to take some stray swine and have them cried 
" at the nex market townes." 

John Emery, for his miscarriage with the wife of Henry Trav- 
erse, fined 31i. or to be whipped, and pay witness fee to Christopher 
Bartlet. Bound to good behavior and not to frequent the company 
of the wife of Henry Traverse. 

Brigett Traverse fined 10s. for her misdemeanors. 

Henry Greene allowed 9s. costs, being summoned by John Lee, 
and the writ not entered. 

Presentments, Sept. 29, 1646 : — 

Town of Ipswich, for not repairing highway between Ipswich 
and Rowley. 

Aquila Chase and his wife and David Wheler of Hampton, for 
gathering pease on the Sabbath. Wit : William Samburne and 
William Fifeild. 

William Palmer of Hampton, for challenging John Sanburne 
into the field. Wit : John Samburne and Edward Colcot. 

Thomas Crawley of Exeter, for charging Maj. -Gen. Endicott with 



Court held at Ipswich, 30 : 1 : 1647. 

Judges : Maj.-Geu. Endicott, Mr. Simon Broadstreet and Mr. 
Sarauell Simonds. 

Made freemen and sworn : Of Rowley, William Tenny, William 
Law, Nicolas Jackson, Thomas Burkbye, Abell Langley, Tho. Eli- 
trop, John Tresor (also Treson) and Richard Clarke ; of Haverill, 
Job Clemant (also Clemont) ; of Exeter, Thomas Wight (also 
Whyht and Whyght). 

Jury of trials : John Tuttle, John Crose, Luke Heard, John 
Dane, Robert Whittman and Marke Symonds ; of Newbury, Abell 
Huse and Henry Sumersbye ; of Rowley, Humphry Reyner (also 
Rayner), John Trumble and Richard Bayley ; and of Haverhill, 
Thomas Hale. 

John Stevenes (also Stephens) sworn constable of Salsbery. 

Jeames Howe and Thomas Wells sworn constable of Ipswich. 

Job Clement sworn constable of Haverill. 

Henry Robye fined 20s. for drawing wine and beer without 

John Emery discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

Warrant for George Abott, Thomas Abbott, sr., Thomas Abbot, 
jr. and Nehemiah Abbot, about putting out one of the sons of 
George Abbot by the town of Rowley. 

John Legate, in behalf of Samuell Fogg, his kinsman v. Will. 
Fullar of Hampton. For not teaching him the trade of a lock- 
smith. He had four years longer to serve. To be bound for the 
remainder of his time to Isaack Cosen, an expert smith, of Rowley. 
Thirty shillings costs allowed Fogg. [Also 2s. for ferriage. — 
Waste Book.'] 

Thomas Maston v. Jeames Browne of Charlestowne. 

not dealing justly in examination of him about an oath he took 
against Thomas Wright. Wit : William More and Thomas Wright. 

Henry Roby of Exeter, for drawing wine and beer without 
license. Wit : Godfrey Deareband. 

Town of Exeter, for neglecting to appoint a house of entertain- 
ment. Wit : Godfrey Dearebarnd. 

Anthony Stanien of Exeter, for striking John Busley. Wit : 
Godfrey Dearebarne. 

Town of Exeter, for want of a watchhouse and pound. 

Signed by John Whittingham* for the rest of the jury. 



Morice Hobs v. Will. Palmer of Hampton. Defamation. All 
differences between Hobbs, Palmer and Thomas Maston to be ended, 

Richard Smith v. Joseph Fowlar. Defamation. 

Frances Johnson v. Larance Suthick. Trespass. Wit : John 
Conkelin, Thomas Skuddar, William Traske and Frances Perry. 

Richard Smith, in behalf of his daughter v. Joseph Fowlar. 
Defamation. Wit : Abigaill Tuttle, Lidia Perkins, Elizabeth Hasey 
[Acey ?] and Dorcas Ridelsdell. 

William Bartholmew, in behalf of the town of Ipswich v. Tho.' 
Rolingson. Debt. For a rate toward building the meeting house. 
Wit : William Payne, Edward Browne and Robert Lord. 

William Bartholmew, in behalf of the town v. Robert Robards. 
For his rate toward the meeting house. 

Robert Tuck v. Will. Payne. Review. 

Robert Tucke v. William Payne. Review of case about 2500 
pipe staves. 

Will of John Shatswell proved by oath of Johnathan Wade and 
Jeames How. Inventory, taken by Johnathan Wade and Thomas 
Howlet, was also filed. 

Mrs. Chamberline, dying intestate, an inventory of her estate, 
amounting to 321i. 4s. 5d., was filed. Ordered to be divided, two 
parts to the son, and one part to the daughter. [Mr. Whiting- 
ham and Joseph Medcalfe to be administrators. Marke Symonds 
and Edward Browne to help divide the goods. — Waste Book.^ 

Richard Swayne of Hampton acknowledged judgment to Robt. 
Lord, attorney of Nicolas Davison, lawful attorney to Mrs. Rebecka 

William Palmer to pay 63. lOd. to John Samborne, a witness in 
his presentment. 

Sarah (her mark) Cartrick and John Gage testified 1:2: 1647, 
that the land that William Whitred sold to John Lee, which he 
formerly bought of Goodman Cartrick, to whom it was laid out, 
was delivered to Goodman Whittred and paid for. Sworn to before 
Maj. John Endicott and Mr. Simon Bradstreet. 

Edward Colcord acknowledged judgment in favor of Richard 
Swayne of Hampton, 

Rich. Swayne, being summoned by Edward Colcord as a witness, 
allowed his costs. 

Raph Blassdell of Salsbery and John Baker of Ipswich had 
their licenses for drawing wine renewed. 


Will of Michael Cartrick proved by oaths of Edward Browne 
and Robert Lord, and inventory received. 

Joseph Fowler (also Fowlar) fined 20s. for striking John Pindar 
on the Sabbath day.* 

Elizabeth Smith admonished for light carriages. 

Exeter, being presented for want of a house of entertainment, a 
watch house and a pound, was discharged. 

Ipswich, being presented for defect in highways, was discharged. 

Aquila Chase and his wife and Davyd Wheelar were presented 
[for gathering pease on Lord's day. — Waste Book.'\. Summons sent 
to Hampton. Constable returned that they were not at Hampton 
[but were gone to Newbery. — Waste Book.'\. 

Mr. William Hooke, summoned to answer John Severnes, was 
allowed costs, as the suit was not entered. 

John Emery, summoned by William Thomas, not being prose- 
cuted, allowed his costs. 

Stray swine found. Isacke Commings and Thomas Newman 
swore that they belonged to Mathias Button. 

Thomas Milner of Rowley was allowed to keep an ordinary. 

Goodwife (also widow) Andrews admonished for cursing and re- 
viling her son-in-law, Umphry Griffin. Wit : Will. Knoulton.f 

Town of Rowley allowed to put forth Thomas Abott, jr., son of 
Georg Abott of Rowley, to be an apprentice to John Boynton (also 
Boy ton) for seven years. Boynton to pay him 51i. at the end of 
his time. Case to be referred to next court, in order that the boy's 
father have opportunity to object. 

Summons sent [to Exeter. — Waste Book.'] to summon Thomas 
Cralye (also Crawly). Not served. 

Goodwife (also widow) Hafield (also Halfield and Haifeild) 
fined 20s. '• for taking the name of God to wittness to a lye afirm- 
ately and negatively." [She first told John Fuller and his wife 
that her daughter struck her, and then denied it. — Waste Book.'] 

Joseph Fowlar admonished for "nawty speeches." 

*Wit : Goody Pindor, Goodman Pritchet, John Anable and Ri. 

tUmphrey Griffin of Ipswich presented for reviling his wife's 
mother. Wit : Will. Knoulton. 

Presentments, 31 : 1 : 1647, signed by John WhittinghamJ in the 
name and for the grand jury : — 



Court held at Salem, 6:5: 1647.* 

Present: Maj.-Gen. Endecot, Cp. Robt. Bridgs, Cp. Wm. Hath- 
orne, Mr. Samul Syraouds and Mr, Simon Brodstreet. 

Henry Skerry of Salem sworn constable. 

Mr. Robt. Mansfield and Georg Tayler sworn constables of Lynn. 

Robt. Hibbert of Salem and Nathaniell Kertland of Lynn sworn 

Robert Driver acknowledged that he had sold to Georg Kesar of 
Lynn for 40s. land in Rumley marsh at Fox hill, which was grant- 
ed him by the town of Lynn. 

Phillip Veren petitioned for his grandchild, Robert Veren, who 
was detained by Francs Perry. 

John Lyon, Jno. Northy and Thomas Bowen swore as to the 
misdemeanor of Humphrey Digens. 

Ann Linsford, Apphia Clerk and Roger Deuhurst sworn. 

John Tarbox testified. 

Thomas Marshall and Richard Woodman sworn. 

John Mansfield testified. 

Samuell Winsley, jr., testified that the vessell being beneaped and 
his father being absent, he took out some bolts and wheat. 

Walter Tibbot of Gloster, aged sixty three years, dismissed from 
training, paying 5s. yearly. 

Cornelius Waldo pledged a fowling piece to his brother Thomas 
to secure a fine of 40s. 

Grand jury : Mr. Henry Bartholomew, Mr. Roger Connant, Lt. 
Tho. Lothrop, Mr. Gervas Garford, Mr. Allen Keuiston, John Ged- 
ney and Will. Lord of Salem ; and Tho. Putman, Nath. Han- 
ford, John Gillo, Richard Johnson and Geo. Tayler of Lynn; and 
Willia Allen of Manchester. 

Jury of trials : Jefferey Massy, Willia Dodg, John Balch, Robt. 
Molton, Samuell Archer, Joseph Pope and Geo. Gardner of Salem ; 
and Thorn. Layton, Nicholas Potter, John Mansfield, Wm. Longley 
and Edw. Burcham of Lynn. 

Widow Goodhu, for neglecting to come to the meeting. 

Salsbury, for want of a sufficient watch house. 

Hampton, for not mending highways and for want of a sufficient 
watch house. 

Robert Petherso of Exeter, for striking Sam. Grenfeild. Wit : 
Mr. Staniel and Samwel Grendfeild. 

*Ten pages of the records of the previous court are missing. 


Civil cases : — 

John Gillo v. Sainuell Bennett of Lynn. For not setting up the 
frame of a house. 

John Gillo v. Samuell Bennett of Lynn. For not fulfilling cov- 
enant about a ten acre lot. 

Mathew Standley v. Walter Knight. Defamation. 

Sarah Walters v. Walter Knight. Defamation. 

John Alderman v. Henry Cook. Accouut about fourteen goats 
valued at 61 i. 4s. 

Eobert Lord, attorney to John Stooe (or Stood) of Roxburie v. 
John Birchley (or Birckley) of Exeter. Debt.* 

Henry Cooke v. John Alderman. Defamation. 

Mr. John Tuttle (or Tuttell) v. Robt. El well, William Browne 
and William Dudbridg of Gloster. Case concerning a boat which 
was delivered to them and lost. Jeremy Belcher, Franc Wain- 
wright and Tho. Haries testified about Mr. Tuttle's boat.f 

Mr. Moses Maverick v. John Legg and wife Elizabeth. Defama- 

Mr. Wm. Walton v. John Legg and wife Elizabeth. Defamation. 

Tristram Coffin v. Robert Codnam, Richard Ayre and Nath. 
Greene. Case about beef delivered aboard Codnara's vessel to be 
carried to Boston. Wit : Robt. Barker, Robt. Codnam and Nath. 

Mr. Willia Gerrish v. Maj. Robert Sedgweek. Debt. Defendant 
to appear at next court at Ipswich. 

Georg Barley v. Thomas King of Exeter. Battery on Lord's 
day. Plaintiff fined 81i. for battery and 40s. for breach of peace 
and Sabbath. 

Samuell Bennet v. John Gillo. Debt. 

Cap. Wm. Hathorne and Walter Price v. Erasmus James and 
Geo. Hardy n. Debt. Defendants confessed judgment to plaintiffs 
and Mr. Geo. Corwyn.J 

*Writ, dated 21 : 4 : 1647, and signed "By the court, John 
Whipple." § Returned 23 : 4 : 1647, by Robert" Lord, § marshall. 

fWrit, dated 1:4: 1647, and signed " By the court, John Whip- 
ple."§ Returned 15 : 4 : 1647, by Robert Lord,§ marshall. 

J Writ, dated 29 : 3 : 1647, signed by and addressed to Raph 
Fogg,§ marshall of Salem, and served by his deputy Walter Price§ of 
Salem, who attached defendant's goods in the hands of Peter Pitford. 



Charls Glover v. Mr. William Ackles. Case concerning the build- 
ing of a bark. 

Thomas Gray of Marblehead v. John Devoreux. Debt for five 
kentalls of merchantable fish and one and three quarters kentalls 
of refuse fish. 

The Worpl. Symon Brodstreet, Esq. v. Kichard Haines and Wm. 
Haines. Case concerning death of two cows valued at 91i. 5s. 

Will* of John Fairfield proved, by Mr. Jno. Fisk, Wra. Fisk 
and Robt. Hawes. 

*Will dated 11 : 10 m: 1647. He bequeathed " to Elizabeth my 
beloued wife my pte of house & ground which I haue in Coptner- 
shipe with Joseph [Bat]chelder to her & to her Heires foreuer 
Item : I doe giue vnto my wife all my moueables within dores and 
without as namely my Cowes Cattle Swine Corne Housall Imply- 
ments and vtensels Bed bedinge Lininge Woollinge Brass Peuter 
mony Debts and whatsoeuer is mine eyther in Possesion or accru- 
inge or belonginge to me for her the said Elizabeth to haue and 
inioy the same as her o^vIle fee Simple to disposs of at her pleasure 
without Interruption or molestation from any other, and also my 
will is that my said wife shall haue the vse and occupation of the 
house I now Hue in & the ground Appertayninge thereunto and of 
my fearme had from Salem ; vutill such time as Beniamen my 
yongest soune shall Come to twenty yeeres of Age ; and then my 
minde and will is that this house & Land & my moueable Goods || 
then remaininge || shall all be equally in the proportion devided, 
betwine my wife, and three Children || soe many of them as shall 
then survive ||. And further this is my will that my wife shall see 
the briuginge vp of my Children Christian Like and Honestly and 
alsoe the due disposall of them vnto such honest occupations or 
lawefuU Callings or Conditions of life as she in her wisedome with 
the advice of the supvisors of this ray tvill shall esteem most meete, 
this her said Care of them to extend towards my said Children 
vntill my yongest son Beniamine Comes to twenty yeeres of Age : 
And Likewise ray will and pleasure is my sonne Walter shall rest 
himself satisfyed with what I heere haue done as Conceminge him 
and to take it as my minde and advice that he would approue him- 
selfe dutifull vnto his Mother vpon whose Curtisy he shall depend 
for ought elce he might expect : Alsoe my minde is my said wife 
shall make no estripp or wast of Timber fensinge, and shall keepe 
my said houses in good and sufficient Reperrations and my ground 
sutably fenced and inclosed accordinge as she finds the same dur- 
inge the said space of Tearme, and in Cause she shall disposs her 
selfe in marry age that then she shall before the solemnisinge of 
the same enter into suflBcyent bond and security for the fulfill- 
inge of this my will vnto the Supvisors, further my minde and will 

I J 


Inventory* of estate of John Fairfield of Wenham taken 23 : 10 : 
1646, and sworn to by widow Elizabeth Fairfield, 7:5: 1047. 

is that for my gunes and swordes : my Chrildene shall haue the vse 
of them as need require Item I giue vnto Mathew Edwards my 
Cossen Twenty Acres of vpland lyinge within my fearme had from 
Salem wth two acres of meddow to be laid out most inditferently 
by my supvisors to inioy it at one and twenty yeeres of Age. 
Item I Constitute And ordayne Elizabeth my wife sole Execu- 
trix And my Louinge and well approued f reinds Mr Henery Bar- 
tholomew of Salem and Robertt Hawes of Salem these two Supvi- 
sars to this my last will and Testament." John (his mark) Faire- 
fild.t Wit : Jo. Fiske,t William Fiske.t Robert Hawes. J 

*One dwellinge house, 71i. 10s. ; seventie five Acres of upland 
and seven acres of meddow, 211i. 16s. ; fearme of Eightie Acres of 
upland and eight acres of meddow, 61i. ; a Joynte purchase with 
Joseph Bachelder, containing fortie eight Acres of upland and 
three Acres of meddow & a dwellinge bouse and a Cowhouse & 
Corne sowed upon it, lOli. ; wheat unthrashed, Hi. ; Rye un- 
thrashed, Hi. ; Indian corne, 81i. 15s. ; five loads of hay, 21i. lOs. ; 
three cowes, 131i. lOs. ; three yeereling Calves, 4li. 16s. ; one suck- 
inge calfe, 83.; one fatt Hogge, 21i. 10s.; one sow, Hi. 15s. ; one 
hogg, 1 li. 8s. ; two shotts, lli. 4s. ; three piggs, Hi. 43. ; one feather 
bed & Bolster & five feather pillowes, 31i. ; under bed, one greene 
rugge and one blankett, lli. 123. 6d. ; one feather bed, one feather 
boulster and one flock boulster, 21i. 5s. ; two coverlits, one pillow 
and two under Blankets, 16s. 6d. ; Greene lincye woUsie curtaynes 
and a darnick§ Vallience, lli. ; one Bedstead and cord, 5s. 6d. ; 
fowre payre of old sheets, lli. 4s. ; two sheets and a halfe of fine 
flax, lli. 8s. ; fowre pillowbeeres, 8s. ; two diaper boord clothes and 
one little playne boord clothes, lOs. ; two diaper napkins and three 
playne napkins, 4s. ; two hand towells & one old boord Cloth, 4s. ; 
one great brass Kettle, 18s. ; one middle brass kittle, 128. ; one lesser 
brass kittle, 7s. ; one brass bakinge pann with a Cover to it, 7s. ; 
three brass skillitts and a brass scommer, 5s. ; one small iron pott, 
2s. ; five peuter dishes, 93. ; two fruitt dishes and two sawcers, 3s. 
6d. ; fowre peuter porringers, 2s. 4d. ; one pinte pott of peuter, 2s. ; 
one double salt of pewter. Is. 6d. ; one peuter Candlestick, Is. 8d. ; 
six pewter spoones, 6d. ; a chamber pott of pewter, 2s. ; two chests, 
10s. ; three boxes, 3s. ; one cubbortt, 5s. 6d. ; two payles, 2s. ; one 
beere barrell, 5s. ; one spitt, 2s. ; a payre of andyrons, 3s. ; a grid- 
iron, Is. 6d. ; a frying pan, Is. ; a payre of tongs & fyre shovell. 
Is. 6d. ; a warming pan, 2s. 6d. ; a muskett with a fyrelock, 14s. ; 
an old Fowlinge peece, 14s. ; a pistoll dag, 5s. ; a sword and 


t Autograph. 

§Name formerly given to goods manufactured at Tournay, Belgium, and 
used for curtains, hangings and carpets. 



Josiah Roots petitioned for remission of artillery fine. 

Nicholas Patch, sr. and AVillia Woodbery & Company, inhabi- 
tants of Makerell Cove, petition to be exempted from watching. 
Referred to General Court. 

Abraham Whitheire was allowed 10s. for a wolf killed. 

John Beamont, son of John Beamont, deceased, being son-in-law 
to John Tucker, is placed in the care of Daniell Ray as an appren- 
tice until he is 18 years old. Ray is to teach him to read and write. 
John Barber mentioned. 

Mr. Edward Rawson, Richard Kent and Henry Short of New- 
bury appointed administrators of the estate of Mrs. Goodale until 
the General Court takes further order. 

Mr. Willia Gerish, Richard Lowle, Nicholas Noyse, John 
Saunders and Richard Knight appointed administrators of the 
estate of Mr. John Lowle, late of Newbury, deceased, until the 
General Court takes further order. 

bandlears, 8s. ; a beetle & fowre wedges, 4s. ; two old axes , 3s. ; a 
croscutt saw, 8s. ; a hand saw & two old shovels and payre of pin- 
sons, 4s. ; twenty-three harrow tines, 4s. 9d. ; three hanginge locks, 
2s. ; an iron foot, Is. ; two payre of hookes & eyes for a gatte, 
2s. ; a browne bill, 2s. ; an iron spade, 4s. ; twenty pounds of lead- 
inge weights, 5s. ; old iron, 5s. ; three sickles, 2s. ; a Bible with 
Bezes notes, 10s. ; a smothing iron, 2s. ; a black stuff sute, Hi. ; an 
old jerkin and bretches of silke russett cloth, 12s.; an old full 
coate and whood. Hi. ; an old Black hatt, 2s. ; a payre of boots, Is. 
6d. ; a wicker fan, 4s. ; a halfe bushell and halfe peck measure^ 2s. 
6d. ; two old hoggs heads, 4s. ; a barrell with a cover, 3s. ; hempe, 
5s. ; two baggs, 2s. ; fower trayes, 3s. ; a trundle bed, 5s. ; a broad 
box, 6d. ; a wheele barrow, Is. 6d. ; fower old howes and an old 
garden rake, 3s. ; a pitchfork and a dung forke, 2s. ; a woollinge 
wheele and a linginge wheele, 6s. 8d. ; a brason morter & pestell, 
3s.; eighten pound of drest hempe, 12s.; three old chayres, 3s. ; 
two pott racks & a payre of bellowes, 5s. ; a lether sack and an 
iron peele & some other old iron, 3s. ; a mattocke, 2s. 16d. ; total 
11311. 3s. 7d. 

*2 cowes, 91 i. ; 3 steers and heighfers of 2 years old, 71 i. 10s. ; 1 
calfe under one yeare, 10s. ; 1 hogge, 21i. ; a sowe and a smale 
pigge, Hi. 4s. ; a bush, of Indian Corne, 3 bush, of wheate; total, 
201i. 4s. ; for the keeping of the two Children, the one 2 years & 5 
months & the other 2 yeare, lOli. ; the rent of the Farme & stock, 
per yeare, 81i. ; the wife's pte, 41i. ; 1 child 5 moneths, Hi.; the 
estate being devided into 4 pts is to each, 91i. 12s. lOd. 

*This paragraph is on a separate piece of paper. 


The court addressed Mr, Woodman, saying that the Ipswicli 
court ordered INIr. John Louie and himself to take into custody the 
goods of Thomas Cromlom of Newbury, deceased, that were in the 
hands of Samuel Scullard, deceased. Not having done so, they are 
now ordered to answer next court, and this order to be published 
next lecture day.* 

Joseph Armetag of Lynn is exempted from training for one year, 
paying 10s. 

Fine of Henry Bullock of Salem abated on account of age and 

Jeffery Massie discharged from training next four times on ac- 
count of having part of his rate to gather. 

Mr. Tho. Ruck having remitted 5s. in entry of action against 
Thomas Weeks, about three years ago, and it having passed into 
account to Mr. Auditor Duucora, he was to have allowed him back 
the 40s. which he had from Mr. Thomas Odensell. Said 45s. was 
paid to Mr. Rucke by Sam. Archard, marshall. 

Edmund Bridgs excused for neglect of public service, at his re- 

Inventoryt of estate of Mr. Wm. Clerk (also Clarke) of Salem, 
deceased, taken 25 : 4 : 1647. 

*Order signed by Raph Fogg, J Sec. 

tinventory made by William HathorneJ and sworn to by Mrs. 
Katherin Clerk, 9 : 5mo : 1647 : An eight pte of a barke in Robert 
Lemmon his hands, lOli. 10s. ; an eight pte of a barke in Mr. Gooses 
hand, 201i. ; twoo thirds of a shallop att marblehead in the hands 
of John Keagle, 7li. ; a house & land ueere Mr. Johnsons & 200 
acres of land neere Mr. Humfryes farme, 201i. ; a third of 9 acres 
of come upon the ground, 31i. ; the houses & an acre of land neere 
Mr. Brownes, 281i. ; three Cowes, 131i. 10s. ; 12 small swine, 61i. ; 
pte of a bagg of Cotten, containing 1^ hundred weight, 61i. 153. ; 
401i. of ginger at 9d. per li.. Hi. 10s. ; 500 waight of Tobacco in Mr. 
Peeters seller at 4d. per li., 81i. 6s. 8d. ; in Mr. Downing's seller, 
lOOOli. of Tobacco at 4d. per li., 161i. 1.3s. 4d. ; one hogshead & pt. 
of 2 hogsheads of suger, being about 7001i. waight, 261i. 5s. In the 
Hall : One long Table ^^' frame, 4 Joynt stooles & a bench, Hi. 13s. ; 
1 Court cubberd & old cloth. 14s. ; 3 red Leather chaires, 13s. 4d. ; 
1 short forme, 2s. In the Parlor : 1 Table, 3 formes & a stoole, 14s. 
6d. ; 1 halfe headed bedstead, 7s. ; 1 curtaine & vallance, 53.; 1 
feather bed & bolster, 21i. ; 1 straw bed & flocke bolster, 7s. ; 1 
white blauckett, 3s. ; 1 pr. of sheetes, 7s. ; 1 greene rugg, 14s. ; 1 


." { ,'> 


Humpfry Diggius and Johu Northy summoned before Maj.-Gen. 
Eudecott; summons directed to constable of Marblehead. 

other bedstead & mat, 7s. ; 1 Curtaine & valance, 2s. ; 1 canvas 
flocke bed, 10s. ; 1 Feather bolster, 14s. ; 1 pr. of old sheetes, 4s. ; 
2 old blancketts, 4s.; 1 lied Rugg, 8s. In the great Chamber : In 
a Deske in silver, 41i. lis. 3d. ; in Wampon about oli. worth, 31i. ; 
his deske, Hi. ; 3 Joynt stooles, 5s. ; 3 Leather stooles, 5s. ; 1 old 
Turky carpet, 8s. ; in the Closett in Endico, 51i. ; trenchers & other 
small things, 14s. In the hall Chamber : 1 table & forme, 10s. ; one 
old carpett, 3s. ; one Joyned bedstead, 14d. ; Cartiues & vallances, 
16s.; 1 feather bed, 31i. ; 1 feather boulster, 15s.; 4 feather pil- 
lowes, Hi.; 1 matt, 2s. 6d., 1 Tapestry covering, lli. 10s., Hi. 12s. 
6d. ; 1 Eound Table, 7s. ; 1 Cubberd cuishion, 2s. ; 1 greate blacke 
Trunke wth locke & key, 10s. ; 1 great cuishion wrought with 
wosted wth a chaire covering, lli. ; one sempiternum* cubbord 
cloth with silke frenge, lli. ; 2 Cubberd cuissious of dammaske & 
one needle worke one, lli. ; 1 phylaselle cloake lined with plush, 
31i. ; for lli. of silke frenge, 10s. ; 3 say curtaines & a peece of val- 
lance, 15s. ; 3 red capps, 3s. ; 6 silver spoones & 2 small peeces of 
plate, 31i. ; one small Truncke, 6s. ; one dussen of diaper napkins & 
a table cloth, lli. 4s. ; 1 dussen of lockrumf napkins & a table 
cloth, lli. ; 1 dussen »& ^ of Holland napkins wrought & a table 
cloth, lli. 14s. ; a paire of holland sheetes wth seaming lace, lli. ; 
a dussen of towells, 2s. ; 1 close stoole, 6s. In the Chamber over 
the kitchin : 1 great truncke, 2s. ; 10 pr. of sheetes, 5li. ; 2 dussen of 
flaxen napkins & 2 table cloths, lli. 4s. ; 3 dussen of old napkins, 
10s. ; 3 old Table clothes, 10s. ; 1 great chest, 14s. ; 1 Turkey Car- 
pitt, Hi. ; 1 old Carpitt, 8s. ; 1 great truncke with some small things 
in the same, 12s.; 1 bedstead, 5s.; curtaines & vallance, 7s., 12s.; a 
feather bed and boulster, 41i. ; a covering & a blanckett, 8s. ; a fire 
shovell, tongs & a pr. of andirons, 10s.; in a low bedstead, 1 
feather bed & boulster, 21i. ; a blanckett Rugg & a curtaine, 6s. ; a 
Cutlas & a leather belt, 14s. 4d. ; 1 old quilt, 3s. 4d. ; a warming 
pan, 4s. In the Garrett : 2 flocke beds & a boulster, 14s. ; a quilt & 
a Rugg, 4s. ; some old tubs & Lumber, lli. ; 3 bushells of Indian 
corne, 8s. ; 15 bushells of wheat at 8d. per li., 21i. 15s. ; 35 bushells 
of mault at 4s. per bushell, 71i. In the kitchin : 20 pewter plat- 
ters, 21i. 10s. ; 2 great plates & 10 little ones, 12s. ; 1 great pewter 
pott, 1 flagon, 1 pottle, 1 quart, 3 pints, 4 ale qrts., 1 pint, 6 beare 
cups, 4 wine cups, 4 Candlestickes, 5 Chamber potts, 2 pewter 
lamps, 1 tunnill, 6 sawcers & old pewter, 31i. 18s.; China dishes, 
12s. ; 1 great brasse Copper, lismall Copper kittle, a great kettle, 1 
brasse pan, 1 brasse pott, 1 little kettle, 61i. 19s. ; Iron, 1 great 
pott, 3 hangers, 2 spitts, 1 treevett, a paire of tongs, 1 fire shovell, 

*A twilled woolen material formerly used in England. 
tA kind of coarse linen. 


Will of Edith Smith, made 3: 12 mo: 1642, proved 9: 5 mo: 
1647, by oath of John Robinson. 

Will* of Christopher Yong (also Yonge) of Wenham proved by 
Mr. John Fiske and Edward Spalding. 

1 peele, 1 Jacks wth som old Iron & tubs in the kitchin, 31i. 2s. 6d. ; 
in the seller, hogsheads & old lumber, Hi. ; a bible & Purchas Pil- 
grimage, Hi. ; his wearing apparell, 61i. ; owing to him per book, 
olOli. 13s. 5d., but what debts he oweth doth not to us appeare ; 
total, 58611. 2s. 2d. 

*The will dated 9 : 4 mo : 1647, was proved 8 : o mo : 1647, as 
follows: " that there be made out of my Cloath, linin, &c. two 
suits of Appel a peece for each of my three Children, to be sent 
into England w^^ them , & then the rest of my Estate moveable and 
immoveable to be sold or disposed of according to the discretion 
of my executors, in pte towards the pviding for my Children 
whilest heere remayning in this land, & the seasonable transpota- 
tion of them oner Sea into o'' Native County vnto Greate yarmouth 
in Norfk in old England, & the Residue that shall remayne to be 
sent over vnto my feffoes of Trust there, to be imployed by them 
to the vse of my sd Children. 

It. my will & mind is to bequeath my two daughters vnto my 
deere mother in Law m'''^ Elvin. in Greate yarmouth entreating her, 
& my loving father in law m'' Elvin her Husband, to take care of 
them, at what time the providence of god shall bring them ouer. 
when I due also hearby constitute my fefoes of trust together with 
m"". John Philips of wenham or any one of these at that time sur- 
viving to see to the dispose of these my s*^ Children, & of what 
estate shall remaine to be destributed betwene them. And I doe 
bequeath my Son in Special vnto the care of the sd m"" John Phil- 
ips if he shall then Hue to be disposed of by him as his owne ; these 
my children to be sent ouer vnto yarmouth aforesd. to be disposed 
of as specifyed 

It. my will & desire is, that my children during the time of 
there abode in this County shall remayne with my two Sisters, the 
wife of Joseph Yongs, & the wife of Thomas Moore of Salem, 
they to be allowed for the time by my executors what may be con- 

It. I giue my greate Bible to my daughter Sarah, & my lesser 
bible to my daughter mary & booke entitled Of Gods alsufficiency 
vnto Christopher my Son, to be carefully p^'served for them & to 
there use, to enjoy as a remembrance of my affection & welwishing 
towards them. & I giue my booke entitled the Deceitfulnes of 
mans Heart to my deere friend Ezdras Read as a Testimony of my 
love towards him. 

lastly I doe heereby constitute & ordeyne my trusty & welbe- 
loued freind m''. William Browne of Salem, Ezdras Read of 


Inventory* of the estate of Christopher Yonges of Wenham, 
late deceased, taken July 5, 1647, by Phinheas Fiske, William 
Fisket and Edward Spaulding.f Sworn to, 7 : 5rao : 1647, by Esdras 
Read,t executor. 

Wenham, & the wife of Joseph yongs of Salem executors to this 
my last will to see to the dispose & transportation of my children, 
towards my buryall & paym« of my debts & to the Sale & dispose 
of my estate as heerein is specifyed. & forther paynes & expences 
thereabouts ray will & mind is, they should haue reasonable satis- 
faction out of my s<* goods, glueing an accompt heereof vnto my 
Supvisor & finally I doe heereby make my beloved friend W Hen- 
nery Bartholmew Supvisor of this my will. Christopher Yongs." J 
Wit : John Fiske,§ Edward Spoulding.§ 

*A dwelling House wth five acres of ground Joyning to it & ten 
acres more Kemote, 81i. 10s. ; one acre & Quarter of Corne on the 
ground. Hi. 10s. ; Two Cowes, 91i. 10s. ; One Swine, 10s. ; One 
Lome wth ye Gares belonging to it & seven Reeds, fowre beinge 
Hernest & two brassen Reeds hernest, 31i. 10s.; One Bedstead & 
Cords, 12s. ; Curtains & Valliants, 5s. ; One fetherbed & Boulster 
& three fether Pillows, 31i. lOs. ; One old Rugg, 9s. ; Two old Chests, 
4s. ; Three Iron Potts & two payre of pothooks & a brass Skillett, 
Hi. ; One Postiron, a hale and a how, 5s. ; Two old axes wth some 
old Iron, 2s. ; One Muskett & Rest, 16s. ; One Pewter basen, a 
drinkinge pott, three platters, three old saucers, a salt & an old 
Porringer, 10s. ; One Bakinge Pan, 6d. ; Two Lamps, 2s. ; Spoons, 
Trenchers & Dishes & pipking,i| Is. 6d. ; a Box with some Salt, 
6d. ; Two Chayres, Is. 6d. ; a Settle, 3s. 4d. ; a Spade, 3s. 4d. ; 
Three trayes, two payles & a boule, 3s. 2d. ; a Table & Minginge 
trough, 3s. 4d. ; a Looking Glass, 6d. ; a Smoothing Iron & three 
knives, 3s. ; two bibles & some other old bookes, 13s. 4d. ; one 
Hogshead wth Certaine hempe & flax, 5s. ; two Boxes with some 
other old things, 5s. 9d. ; Corne, 4s.; a hammer, 6s.; a pichforke, 
Is. ; two payer of sheets wth other Lininge, 19s. ; five yards & halfe 
of serge & lace, Hi. ; a payer of gloves & some boss yarne, 5s. 4d. ; 
line sowinge thrid & a Ruff, 2s. ; Power bredthes of old stuff, 5s. ; 
one payer of upper bodyes, Is. ; Cartine Tape, Is. 6d. ; a bearinge 
Cloth, 10s. ; Three Peticots, fowre wescots, a whood & an Apren, 
21i. 13s. ; Three black wrought Coifes, three Cut worke Coifes, a 
silke Cap, seven Cross Clothes, two handkerchiefe, three Aperns, a 
stuff Cap, Hi. 5s. ; a Diaper Boordcloth & halfe a dozen diaper 
napkins, Hi. ; two yards of Holland & five other psels of new 
lininge, 12s.; Certaine Lininge for a Child, 16s.; Three Sheets & 

tAutograph on original inventory in the tiles. 

J Autograph and seal. 


II Pipkin, a small earthern boiler. 

u* ' "1 .. ■■'■■ '■" ti ' ' . \! ■' ■' ■':. f^^ V . 


On petition of Mrs. Clerk of Salevu, widow, 9 : 5 mo : 1647, she 
was licensed to keep the ordinary there, with liberty to draw wine, 
paying a fee of lOli. annuall}^ and to provide " a fitt man y' is 
godlie to manage the busines," he to be approved by Salem court. 
Signed by Increas Nowell, secretary of General Court. Approved 
by Salem Court. Robt. Gutch appointed to assist Mrs. Clark. 

Cp. Wm. Hathorne, Mr. Georg Corwin and his widow Kathar- 
ine Clerk, all of Salem, appointed administrators of estate of Wil- 
liam Clerk, late of Salem, deceased. 

Guido Baily of Salem presented for striking a child of Ensign 
Dixsie on a Lord's day with a cudgell, and seriously injuring said 
child. Wit : John Tasker and Jo. Rootes. 

Walter Knight and Obadiah Govis presented for taking tobacco 
abroad contrary to order. Wit : Henry Bartholmew and Mr. 

Phillip Cromwell presented for living from his wife seven or 
eight years and not sending any relief to her or the child he left 
with her (wit: Henry Swan (also Swann) ; for frequently keeping 
company with the wife of Mathew Nixson, so that a fame is raised 
(wit : Tho. More (also Moore) and Robert Leomon (also Leemon) ; 
for being at house of Theophilus Downing the greater part of 
one night with the wife of Mathew Nixson and wife of William 
James, the man of the house not being at home, to the disturbance of 
the neighbors (wit : Miles Ward's wife and her servant) ; for being 
at said Downing's house the greater part of one day with the wife 
of Mathew Nixson, wife of William James, wife of Thomas Smith, 
and wife of said Downing, her husband being away from home, 
giving grounds for jealousy and of overmuch familiarity (wit : the 
wife of John Browne and wife of Miles AVard) ; for suspicion of 
being over taken with drink (wit : Ja. Haines and George Norton) ; 
admonished and bound in 51i. not to keep company with Elizabeth, 

a peece of new cloth, Hi. 5s. ; Certaine other Lininge, 2s.; Black 
thrid & Gray, Is. 6d. ; a weskott, Is. 6d. ; Two hatts, 10s. ; Fowre 
yards of Carsy, Hi. ; a yard & halfe of Carsy, 7s. 6d. ; a payre of 
stuff Briches and a peece of Stuff of the same, Hi. ; Silke & But- 
tons, Is. ; a Gowne, 15s. ; a Doublett, Briches & Cott and two 
payre of Lynings and some other old Clothes, 14s. ; a payre of 
Stockings, Is. ; an old Straw bed and Creadle Rugg with an old 
Bed Rugg, 6s. ; a Shurtt, 2s. 6d. ; a Butter Pott, Is. ; a persell of 
Goods sent over this yeere from Ingland, 2s. 5d. ; a Ringe of a 
beetle, Is. ; an old Coat, Is. ; Poultry, 3s. ; total, 511i. lis. 



wife of Mathew Nixoii, or wife of Wm. James, unseasonably or 
unnecessarily ; also, to go over to England to his wife, before the 
next court in December, and to return if he wish. 

Summons to be sent to Nixon's wife, the wife of William James 
andAllyn, the wife of Theophilus Downing, to appear at next 

Court held at Ipswich, 28 : 7 : 1647. 

Judges : Major Endicott, Esquire, Eichard Saltingstall, Esquire, 
Mr. Symon Bradstreet and Mr. Samuell Syraonds. 

Grand jury : [Rov^lej.— Waste Book.'] Mr. Edward Carlton (also 
Calton), Humphry Rayner and Thomas Barker; Andover, John 

Ossgood; [Haverhill, , ; Hampton.— JFa-s^e ^ooA:.] Thomas 

Ward; [Exetor.— TFo^^e Book.-] Henry Elkin ; [Salsbery.— ll^o^ie 
Book.] Mr. Will. Hooke ; [Newbery.— ^Fas^e Book.], Abraham 
Tappen (also Abram Tapen), John Meril and Anthony Sumersby ; 
[Ipswich.— JFo^^e Book.] Thomas Tredwell, Theophilus Willson, 
John Wiate (also Wyate) and Sergent Belchar (also Bechar). 

Jury of trials : Mr. Edward Woodman, Samuell Plumer, William 
English, Jerymy Bellcher, Symon Torason, Marke Sym[on]ds, 
Jeames Howe, Georg Gittens, Thomas Scott, Joseph Medcalfe, 
Will. Goodhue and Daniell Hovey. 

Jury in Mr. Symonds and the Town case : Mr. Henry Mounday 
(also Moonday), Thomas Myghill (also MyhiU), William Asey, 
Thomas Leaver, John Pickard, Ralfe Blasdell, John Severnes, 
Anthony Sadler, Richard Knight, Nicholas Noyce, John Sanders 
and Henry Shorte. 

[Mr. Woodman fined 10s. for not appearing to serve on jury.— 

Waste Book.] 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Samuell Symonds v. William Storye and John Dane. Tres- 
pass. For breaking down fence. Verdict for plaintiff, his title to 
the land according to the records is good, and, if the fence stands 
upon his ground, to be allowed 31i. damage and the repairing of 
the fence as it was. The commissioners, Richard Knight and 
Henry Shorte of Newbury and Mr. Edward Carlton of Rowlye, to 

settle it. 

John Tuttle v. Robert Elwell, William Browne and William 
Dudbridge. Review. Case of a boat which was lost. Tried upon 
depositions of Frances Waynwright, Thomas Perkins, Robert 


Roberds, Jacob Perkins, Robt. Walis, John Newmarch, Thomas 
Harris, Eobert Dutch, Tho. Harris, Joseph Medcalf, John Perkins 
and Ossmund . 

John West v. Philip Long. Defamation. For saying that he owed 
him and would attach his body if he should fish for Mr. Web and 
that he had told one hundred and fifty lies. Mathy Clarke testified 
that plaintiff said that Philip Long said he had spoken to Mr. 
Bartholmew when he had not, and yet it appeared he had. Joseph 
Fowlar and Frances Waynright also testified. 

Thomas Perkins v. Mathias Button, Abraham War and Robt. 
Beacham. Debt. 

Rich. Jacob v. Humphry Griffen. Trespass. Nonsuited. 

John Musellwhite v. John Pike, sr. Appeal from the three men 
to end small causes. 

[Job Clemant, constable of Haverhill, fined for not returning a 
warrant. — Waste Book.'] 

William Symonds acknowledged judgment in favor of Mr. Jona- 
than Wade of Ipswich. 

William Thomas v. Richard Bulgar. Debt. " m^ Spensur 
undertakes for this action," Defendant acknowledged judgment of 
47s. 9d. 

Mr. Edward Rason, in his own and other townsmen's names v. 
John Musellwhite. Forfeiture of a bond. [The parties agree 
that eleven men, leaving out Mr. Woodman, shall try the case. — 
Waste Book.] 

John Rudge v. Mr. Henry Sewall. Debt. [Case concerning a 
pair of vrheels. — Waste Book.] 

William Howard v. [Anthony Stanion. — Waste Book.] and Nath- 
aniell Boulter of Exetor. Trespass. The jury referred it to the 
court, finding the case too difficult. 

Will of Gyles Bager proved by oath of Richard Knight. Inven- 
tory proved by Henry Short, Ed. Greenliefe and Richard Knight. 

Will of Robert Hunter proved. 

[" The Towne yelds that the tytle of castle hill to be tryd & 
concluded by Court & Jury." Commissioners to decide the case 
were Richard Knight and Henry Short of Newbery and Mr. Carl- 
ton of Rowly. Mr. Symonds mentioned. — Waste Book.] 

Mr. John Woodbridg v. John Pemarton (also Pemerton), in 
behalf of the town. Replevin. [Jo. Sandins.t — Waste Book.] 

tThis name is written in the margin. 


Will* of Luke Heard proved by oaths of John Wyat and Symou 
Tomson. Inventory proved by oaths of Jeanies Howe and John 

Will of Samuell Scullard proved by oaths of Henry Shorte and 
Rich. Knight, and the inventory proved by John Emery. 

John Birsley summoned by John Legat, not prosecuted, but 
allowed costs [and for ferriage. — Waste Book.'\. 

*A copy of the nuncupative will of Luke Heard, attested by James 
Chewte:t " Imprimis I give vnto my eldest Sonne John Herd ten 
pounds to be paid him at the age of 21 yeares Item I doe give 
vnto my sonne Edmund five pounds to be paid him at the age of 21 
yeares Item I give ray bookes vnto ray two sonnes to be equally 
parted betweene thera also this is ray will that my two sonnes be 
brought vp to writing & to reading & then when they shalbe fitt 
to be putt forth to such trades as they shall choose. Alsoe I make 
my loving wife Sarah Herd my sole executrix. Thus much as 
abovesaid was expresd by the above named Luke Herd in the 
p'sence of vs." John (his mark) Wyatt, Simon Tompson. 

Bond of Joseph BexbyJ (also Bigsby) of Ipswich, husbandman, 
and Sarah (her mark) Heard§ (also Herde), widow, to Ipswich 
court, for 301i., dated, 10 : 15 : 1647. Wit : Margaret Rogersf and 
John Rogers. t Condition : Parties intend to raarry each other ; 
the two children (sons) of said Sarah and her late husband Luke 
Hearde of Ipswich, linen weaver, to be well brought up, be taught 
to read and write, at the age of thirteen at the furthest to be 
apprenticed to such trades as Mr. Nathaueel Rogers, their grand- 
father Wyat and Ensigne Howlet ordain, and that they be paid at 
the age of twenty -one the 151i. given to them by the will of their 
father, viz : lOli. to the elder and 51i. to the 3^ounger, and the 
books bequeathed them by their father ; that 51i. be paid to the 
children of said Sarah if living, she to divide it according to her 
-discretion, equally, or to give the whole to the younger, if the 
elder be better provided for ; and that the land in Asington, in 
Suffolk, England, which was to be Sarah's after the deceased of her 
mother, the tenure of which was not certainly known by them, if 
the land was not entailed, to be Sarah's solely, the said Joseph 
Bigsby to have no right in it on account of marriage. 

Petition of Nathaniel Rogers and John Wiatt, under the will of 
Luke Heard and above bond, requesting General Court to fulfil 
will of deceased, Joseph Bigsby being gone out of the country 
without giving notice of his return. Ordered, attachment of 
estate of Joseph Bigsby to the amount of the children's legacies, 
his estate being so weakened that the petitioner's fear for the 
security of the children's property. 

(Autograph. §Seal. tAutograph and seal. 


William Bartholmew v. Edward Colcord. Defamation. Charg- 
ing Rich. Bulgar and himself with cheating. 

Mr. William Payne v. Edward Colcord. Defamation. For sland- 
erous oath taken at Dover, etc. Confessed, and said it was to pay 
witness fee of AVilliam Walderne that he promised to pay 10s. to 
Mr. Baker in 9 mo : 1645. He was willing to make confession at 
the General Court at Boston and at Dover at any seasonable time. 

John Pyke, sr., of Newbery to pay 32s. damages and costs for 
taking coat of Thomas Blomefield, detaining it after it was cried 
three times and cutting it in pieces. 

John Fullar v. Samuell Winsloe. Not legally summoned. 

Eichard Bulgar confessed judgment in favor of William Thomas 
of Newberye for a bill of 3 Is., etc. 

William Huse v. John Cogswell. Defendant acknowledged judg- 
ment of 51i. 

John Leighton v. John Coggswell. Case " about a ware." Town 
of Ipswich and Mr. Cogswell, each to choose a referee in the case. 

Thomas Scott v. Humphry Grifen. 

John Pemerton v. Rich. Kent, jr. Non-payment of goods. 

Mr. William Gerish, Richard Knight and Nicolas Noice, admin- 
istrators of estate of John Lowell, acknowledged judgment of 401i. 
in favor of Persifall Lowell, against the goods of John Lowell. 

Nuncupative will of Samuell Scullard of Newbury proved by 
oaths of Henry Shorte and Rich. Knight. Administration granted 
to John (his mark) Bishop and Rebecca (her mark) Bishop, his 
wife. The houses and lands to be divided between said John and 
his wife and the two children. The cattle and the rest of the stock 
for John and his wife to take as they were appraised. Henrye 
Short, Rich. Knight and Rich. Kent were ordered to dispose of half 
of the houses and lands of Samuel Scullard for the good of the 

Salsbery presented for -want of a watch house, the town to pro- 
vide one within six weeks on penalty of 20s. 

Hampton presented for bad highways, discharged. Also pre- 
sented for want of a watch house, and if a sufficient one is not up 
by next Ipswich court, to pay fine of 40s. 

In the action of Mr. Will. Barthlomew & Company v. Mr. Robert 
Knight, a bill of exchange of 22011. 14s. for fish to be made good 
in London to the plaintiffs, viz : Mr. William Payne, Mr. John 
Whitingham, Mr. Robt. Payne, Mr. Jonathan Wade and John Whip- 


pie. [Symon Tomson, Isack Cummings and Joseph Reding.* — 
Waste Book.] 

Marke Symonds appointed administrator of the estate of George 
Abott, late of Rowley. The will referred to General Court. 

William Fullar of Hampton, constable, summoned in behalf of 
the town to answer to Willm. Howord. Fullar acknowledged 

Robt. Lord, attorney to Willm. Vinson of Gloster, acknowledged 
judgment in favor of Mr. Willm. Payne of Ipswich. 

John Saudors appointed in place of John Loele to end small 
causes in Newbury. 

Humphry Grifen fined. 

Joseph Armentage, presented at Dover, is fined here. 

Rich. Bidgood, having forfeited bond of good behavior, stands 
bound in 201i. to this court for good behavior [to all men and 
women, but especially to his wife. — Waste Book.']. 

John Browne fined 30s. for striking his wife, and bound to good 

William Fullar of Hampton, having had notice of the order of 
court putting out his servant Samuell Fogg to Isacke Couzens of 
Rowley, an expert smith, to learn his trade, presented his servant 
to the court, and was thus relieved. 

Philip Long admonished for saying that John West lied. 

William Clarke of Ipswich bound to good behavior. Daniell 
Clarke, surety. To answer at next Ipswich court his misdemeanors 
[concerning a girl and others. — Waste Book.]. 

Thomas Craley (also Cralye) forfeited bond. 

Will of Richard Bartlet proved by oaths of Anthony Sumersby 
and Mr. Edward Rason to the first part of the will. Inventory 
also sworn to by Anthony Sumersby. 

Will of Mathy (Matthew) Whipple proved by Theophilus Will- 
son and Thomas Knolton. Inventory proved by oaths of Mr. Robert 
Payne and John Whipple. 

Presentments at Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 1647 : — 

Edward Gillman of Ipswich and wife Elizabeth, for marriage 
before being legally published three times. Wit : Jeremiah Belt- 
cher and Robbertt Lord of Ipswich. 

Town of Ipswich, for want of a watch house. Wit : Mr. Wilson 
and Sargent Beltcher of Ipswich. 

*These names written in the margin. 


Court held at Salem, 28: 10 : 1647. 

[Grand jury : John Porter, Waltr. Price, Petr. Palfree, John 
Kitchin, Tho. Scrugges and William Woodbury of Salem ; Mr. Tho. 
Lawghton, William Knight, George Reiser, John Deacon, Rich. 
Johnson and John Mansfeild of Lynn ; John Goite of Gloucester ; 
and Pheneas Fiske of Wenham. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Tho. Gardner, sr., Richard Bishopp, John 
Alderman, George Williames, John Hardy and Ens. Will. Dixsie ; 
and of Lynn, James Axey, Edward Burcham, Nicholas Pottr., 
Natha. Hauforth, Henry Collins and Natha. Kirtland. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Persivall Lowell, by his attorney Mr. Edward Rawson v. Mr. 
John Vawer. Debt.* 

Marke Quilters of Ipswich, for enclosing a certain spring which 
ought to lie in common to the town of Ipswich. Wit : Thomas 
Scott and John Wyatt of Ipswich. 

Unice Cole, wife of Will. Cole of Hampton, for crying " Mur- 
der ! Murder !" when the constable went to serve an execution. 
Wit: Will. Fuller and Isack Perkins of Hampton. 

Will. Cole of Hampton, for offering to rescue goods out of the 
hands of Will. Fuller, the constable, and himself and wife for 
biting the constable's hands. Wit : Will. Fuller and Isack Perkins 
of Hampton and Willm. English. 

Wife of Will. Cole of Hampton, for saying the constable, Will. 
Fuller, was as bad as any of them. Wit : Will. Fuller and Isack 
Perkins of Hampton. Also, for saying that some persons. Will. 
Fuller and others, foreswore themselves. Wit: Will. Fuller. 

Humphrey Wilson of Exeter, for having neither weights nor 
measures in his mill. Wit: James Walle and Henery Elkin. 

Town of Exeter, for want of a common fold. Wit : Henery 
Elkin and James Walle. 

Town of Haverill, for want of a convenient jerry for their 
river. Wit : Thomas Hayle of Haverhill. 

Edward Collcott of Hampton, for cheating men of their 
goods. Wit : James Oliver and Isack Grosse of Boston. 

Signed by Edward Carltonf in the name of the rest. 

*Note of John Vawert of City of Bristoll, mercer, dated July 
24, 1638, promising to pay Mr. Lowle, the elder, lOli., and another 
October 11, 1638, for 201i. The houses and lands of John Lowle, 
late of Newbury, deceased, having been delivered by execution to 
James Mattox, cooper, of Boston, as the attorney of Mr. John 
Vawer of Bristoll, mercer, for said John Lowle, the constable of 
Newbury was ordered to attach said estate in the hands of said 

t Autograph. 

;)' , :i , ■■ r,, I ; 

t " 


Daniell Kinge v. George Taiber. Review. 

Joseph Jenckes v. Thomas Brouge. Debt. Tho. Trowton testi- 
fied that he delivered attachment to constable of Gloucester and saw 
him serve it. 

Lancelott Graingr. v. Thomas Smith of Ipswich. 

John Goite of Glostr. sworn freeman. 

Christofer Averie of Glostr. sworn constable of Glostr. 

Richard Goldsmith sworn constable of Wenham. 

William Addums, sr. of Ipswich was discharged from training 
on account of his age. 

Thomas Coldam of Lin was discharged from training, paying 5s. 
per year to the company. 

John Turner, living at the iron works in Lin, presented for 
stabbing Sara Turner, his daughter-in-law, and swearing by the 
eternal God that he would kill John Gorum, and for being over- 
taken in drink, etc., to be severely whipped at Salem ; then to be 
sent to Boston prison until he be whole ; and later to be whipped 
at the iron works. Sentence was revoked. 

William Geare and James Moulton of Wenham to answer com- 
plaint of Rob. Hawes. Defamation. 

Richard Hollingworth of Salem v. John Holgrave of Salem. 

Thomas Laighton and Thomas Putnum, on behalf of the town of 
Lin V. Joseph Armitage. Breach of a bond. 

" The worshipfuU Captaine " Rob. Bridgis summoned George 
Keaser of Lynn to appear in an action of trespass, cutting down 
his rails, breaking his gate post and carting over his ground. Court 
ordered that a letter be written to the town of Lin to lay out a 
convenient way for the carting of hay. 

Lawrence Southwicke petitioned for the disposing of John Scott 
as per covenant with Mr. Emanuell Downinge. Ordered that Mr. 
Southwicke put forth said Scott for three years to any honest man. 

Nuncupative will of George Abbott of Rowley sent here from 
General Court. Ordered that it shall stand ; and after paying 
legacies to the children, the remainder shall remain in hands of 

Mattox and answer unto Mr. Percivall Lowle ; dated Nov. 10, 1647. 
P. Curiam, Anthony Somerby.* John Pemberton,* constable, at- 
tached two houses in Newbury, with six and one-half acres of ara- 
ble land, and two barns belonging, with nine acres of exchange 
land in " y^ new Towne." 



Marke Simons of Ipswich, according to the will, to be disposed of 
to the children, who are to choose their guardians, etc. Marke 
Simons to have 4d. and the wintering of two cows. 

Timothie Tomlins and Thomas Erington were appointed guard- 
ians of the children of William Ballard, deceased ; and Timothie 
Tomlins having since deceased, Nicolas Batty of Lin was appointed 
in his place. Thomas Putnum of Lin and Thomas Laughton were 
appointed to divide the lands between the mother and children ac- 
cording to the will. 

Mr. George Emorie and Jefferie Massie having been appointed 
executors of estate of Micaell Sallowes, deceased, were discharged 
upon request. John Jackson, the other executor, was continued, 
two of the children being with him. The account of the two ex- 
ecutors discharged, under the hands of Capt. Hathorne and Mr. 
Curwin, approved by the court. 

Jeffery Massy of Salem was discharged from training on account 
of age and service to the town, paying 5s. yearly to the company. 

John Pride of Salem died intestate, and his widow brought in 
an inventory* of his estate. 

Court ordered distribution to his son, under twenty-one years, 81i. 
and two daughters, under eighteen years, 41i. each. The mother 

*One dwellinge house, one barne and worke house with foure 
Akers of land adjoyninge to it, 161i. ; marsh and uplande grounde 
uppon the necke beinge the one halfe of that sometime belonginge 
to Mr. Holgraue, 81i. 15s. ; one halfe aker of marsh and halfe an 
aker of upland, Hi. lOs. ; two Cowes and one heighfer of two 
yeares old, 131i. ; three Calves of this yeare, 31i. ; one hogge and 
two shotts, 21i. 17s. 6d.; foure ewe gotes and 2 lambes, 21i. ; one 
fether bed, one bolster, foure pillowes, one Rugge, one pr. blank- 
etts, 61i.; two old Rugges, two course beds, one blanket and one 
bolster, 123. ; three pr. of sheetes, Hi. 13s. 4d. ; for other smale lenen 
in the same chest, Hi. 10s. ; bands and capps, 10s. ; wearinge appar- 
rell, 61i. ; one brass kettle, 1 lettle brass pott and one Iron pott, 
Hi. 4s. ; thirtie and seaven dozzen of earthen ware, 41i. 123. 6d. ; 
warminge paun and three pewter cupps, 6s. 8d. ; leade and other 
earthen ware, Hi. 7s. ; a bible and other books and a glass, 12s. ; 
two fryinge pauns, 73. ; one Fowlinge peece, one muskett rest and 
sword, 21i. 10s. ; a pr. of pot hookes and hangers, 7s. ; foure Axes, 
a spade and a picke Axe, 14s. ; two table boords, two chests, two 
boxes with chaires and stoole, Hi. ISd. ; one bed steed and a trun- 
dle bedsteed, 10s. ; fifteene Akers of Lande on Cape An side, 91i. ; 
for wheats, barly, Pease and Indian Come, 31i. ; total, 881i. I63. 

V,: .,,■;, 

/I ' ■ t(..' •( '/ll 

.-I :- I 


was to bring them up. House and land bought of Mr. Holgrave, 
security. — Waste Book.'] 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 10 : 1647. 

[Mrs. Katherine Clarke of Salem, widow, petitioned the General 
Court about the settlement of her husband's estate and it was re- 
ferred to this court. The widow to have ISOli. and the four younger 
children to have llOli., 401i. to be allowed toward their educa- 
tion, and the remainder to be paid when of age or upon marriage. 
" The elder son to have a double pchon and his eldest son by his 
former wife to have 201i., the oth"' lOli. and shee that was married 
in his life time, 51i." 

Richard Graves of Salem apprenticed his son John to Mr. John 
Alderman of Salem for ten years or until he is eighteen years old, 
he being between seven and eight years old. Said Graves to teach 
him to read and write, and at the end of his time to give him two 
good suits of apparel ; also to give him a two year old heifer, when 
he reaches the age of seventeen years. 

Nuncupative will* of Richard Woodman of Lin, deceased, proved. 
Joseph Redknapp swore to the inventory. 

Thomas Abree of Salem to have one quarter of that house, some- 
time of the widow Wathen, deceased, and one quarter of one year's 
rent of the same for the use of Ezekiell Wathen, who is committed 
to him. 

*The following is a copy of the original : " Being spoken to by 
Nicholas || Potter || to make his will [he] said that hee would make 
his will and being asked by John Gillow too whome hee would giue 
his goods said that hee would giue fower pounds to the Elders of 
lynn fortie shilings apeece, and l|all|| the rest of his goods hee 
would giue to Joseph Redknap Richard moore and ||to|| his master 
John Gillowe, equally to either of them alike and y' Joseph Red- 
knap he did make his exequtor. Witnesses to this will John Gillow 
& Richard moore witness that Joseph Redknap is the executor. 
John Gillow." t Order of court, allowing the will, signed by Henry 

List of presentments, 9:5: 1647 : — 

Rafe Fogge presented for speaking falsely and dealing corruptly 
in his place, taking pay of divers persons and demanding it again ; 
and some having paid twice for one and the same thing, he de- 
manded it the third time (wit: Jacob Barny, Elias Stileman, sr., 
Henry Herricke and Natha. Pitman) ; also for forging a paper that 

t Autograph, 


Warrant to arrrest wife of Mathew Nixon, wife of William 
James, and Elin, wife of Theopliilus Downing, 13 : 6 : 1647. 
Served by Henry Skerry,* constable of Salem. — Waste Book.~\ 

Court held at Salem, 29: 12: 1647. 
[Christopher Averye and Richard Window of Gloucester presented 
for living from their wives. Wit: William Vinson (also Vincent) 
and Andrew Lister (also Lester). Window was acquitted. 

he said before was torn out of Mr. Gutch's book by Mr. Norrice 
and thrown with indignation into the fire and for a like dealing 
with Mr. Norrice, swearing falsely that this paper was the one Mr. 
Norrice had lent him (wit: Rob. Gutch and his wife). Acknow- 
ledged to Mr. Norrice and Jo. Gednye. 

Town of Salem presented for want of a staff for the constable. 

Nicolas Penionf presented for beating his wife. Wit : Ezekiell 
Gilbert and Lewis Evans. 

Benjamin Hearndalet presented for beating his wife. Wit : 
Ezekiell Gilbert and Henry Collens. 

Robert Bloodf presented for abusing William Knight in provok- 
ing speeches, challenging him to a fight, pushing him with his arm 
and breaking his fence, in which he had impounded some of his 
cattle (wit : Isaacke How and Sara Hall) ; and for abusing Henry 
Rodes, seeking to take away a tree that belong to Rodes, pushing 
him with his arm and threatening him (wit: Hugh Burt, jr., and 
Henry Rodes). 

Mathew Boomer, f servant to Mr. Edmond Nedum, presented for 
striking at his master with a pitchfork. Wit : John Blood and 
Robt. Blood. 

Nicolas Penionf presented for common swearing. Wit : John 
Jacksell and John Hardman. 

John Bloodf presented for uttering mutinous words in a public 
place, tending to a disturbance of the peace. Wit : Edward Rich- 
ards and Capt. Bridgis. 

Town of Lynn presented for want of a staff for the constable. 

Town of Gloucester presented for want of a pair of stocks, pound 
and staff for the constable. 

Town of Manchester presented for want of a staff for the 

The constable of Wenham presented for sending a prisoner from 
Wenham to Salem on the Lord's day. 

Wenham presented for neglecting to send a juror. 

List of presentments signed by Henry BartholmewJ for the rest 
of the jury, 

•Autograph on warrant in files. 
tLynn presentment. 


Richard Window of Gloucester was fined for cursing, saying, 
"These are the bretheren, the divill scald them."* 

George Tucker of Marblehead fined for swearing, being drunk, 
and disguised with drink two different times at Marblehead. To 
pay two witnesses from Gloster 12s. f 

Mathew Coe, Morris Somes, John Wakely and David Wheeler 
presented for breaking the Sabbath, hunting and killing a raccoon 
in the time of the public exercise to the disturbance of the congre- 
gation. Somes and Wakely fined. The others not appearing, 
their cases were continued to next court. t 

Thomas Bowin (also Bowing) of Marblehead fined for sailing 
from Gloster harbor on the Lord's day, when the people were going 
to the morning exercise, having hay in his boat.§ 

Nicholas Penyon (also Pynyon), Nicholas Russell, John Fed- 
ricke, John Hardnian (also Heardman), Quinten Pray of Lin, 
Richard Stiche and Richard Praye were fined for swearing. Wife 
of Nicholas Pynnyon was presented for swearing. || 

Nicholas PenyonH (also Pynyon) presented for absence from 
meeting four Lord's day's together, spending his time drinking, and 
profanely. His wife was bound to good behavior, but having 
broken her bond, to pay fine or be severely whipped.** 

Nicholas Russell fined for remaining in Nicholas Penyon 's house 
after he had ordered him to keep away, being jealous of his wife ;tt 
also, for spending a great part of one Lord's day with Nicholas 
Penyon, at house of Joseph Armitageft and drinking strong water, 
delivered to them by Arraitage, and then returned home, spending 
the remainder of the day drinking strong water and cursing and 
swearing. §§ — Waste Book.'] 

*Wit : Hewgh Roberts, Andrew Lester and Will. Sariant. 
twit: Andrew Lester and William Sariant. 
fWit : Andrew Lester and Tho. Larckin. 
§Wit: Will. Vincent and John Studley. 
II Wit : Joseph Oincks and John Chacksell. 
IFLynn presentment. 

**Wit : John Chacksell and Ralphe Russell. 
ttShe said that if Nicholas Russell departed the house she would 
depart also. Wit: Joseph Gincks and John Chacksell. 
J t Also Joseph Harmitage, sr. 
§§Wit: John Chaksell and Quintin Praye. 

1647-8] RECORDS AND FILES 136 

Court held at Salem, 1: 1: 1647. 

[Nathaniel! Chew presented for bringing another man's wife here 
from England as his own, and so continuing with her in that rela- 
tion. Continued to next court at Boston.* 

Good wife Sara Ellis (also Elles)t presented for not living with 
her husband the last eight years. She said he abused her when they 
lived together, and consented to her coming over. Acquitted, t 

Elizabeth, wife of Micaell Lambert of Lin admonished for 
brewing on the Lord's day. She left some things from her brew- 
ing on the last day to finish on the Lord's day.§ 

Rice (also Reesse) Edwards and Henry Hagott (also Hendry 
Haggett) of Wenham admonished for fighting together. There were 
no blows given ; they only struggled together, and never having 
been before the court for a similar offence, were to pay only wit- 
ness fees and costs. |( 

John Deverexe (also Devorex) of Marblehead fined for fighting 
with Thomas Graye (also Greye).1[ 

Nicholas Pynyon presented for killing five children, as his wife 
says, one of them being a year old. Wit : Quinten Pray and Charles 

Robert Pike (also Picke), William Coleman (also Collman), Wil- 
liam Tratt, John Pedericke and William Dowdreg of Marblehead 
presented for rolling a cask on a Lord's day in time of public ex- 
ercise. Acquitted, as it was necessary.** 

Ann, wife of Francis Linsford (also Lynsford), fined for being 
disguised with drink. ft 

William Wiseman fined for being disguised with drink. J t 

John Hardman of Lin fined for breaking the head of Tho. Pic- 
ton (also Piggdon) of Salem. §§ 

*Wit : John Smith and Tho. Billington. 

tLynn presentment. 

JWit : John Deakin and John Mansffeeld, juror. 

§Wit : John Halle and Heugh Burtt, juror. 

II Wit : Phyneas Fisk and Ezdras Reade. 

If Also for breaking his face. Wit : Walsingum Chilson and 
John Spark. 

**Also for placing the cask in a house. Wit : David Carwythey, 
constable, and Robert Sallowes. 

ttWit : Goodwife Benett and Goodwife Parmyter. 

jjWit: Georg Chyn and Richa. Whytman. 

§§ Assaulted upon the highway. Wit: Tho. Pigdon, Tho. Day e 
and Richa. Montegue, 

>;•., I . .,:.) 


Edraond Nicolson of Marblehead fined for being disguised with 

Henry Stiche presented for breaking the head of Rich, Bayly. 
Wit: Rich. Stiche and Nicolas Pynyon (alsoPenyon). Not appear- 
ing, case continued to next sitting at Iron Works in Lin. 

Richard Greene fined for being drunk. f 

Richard Praye fined 10s. for swearing, 10s. for cursing, 203. for 
beating his wife, and 40s. for contempt of court, or to be whipped 
at the Iron works.}: 

*Wit ; David Curwythy, constable, and Joshua Curwythey. 

fWit : Nicholas Pynyon and Richard Johnson, jurors. 

IJabish Hackett deposed that, sojourning at house of Rich. 
Prey, he often heard Prey call his wife jade and roundhead, and 
curse her, wishing a plague and a pox on her, and especially after 
Richard Prey came home from meeting last Lord's day, having 
beaten her that day. He had heard Prey say that he would beat 
her twenty times a day before she should be his master, and that 
on the Monday following the Lord's day, Prey's wife going to put 
on her waistcoat, stripped up the sleeve of her shift and said, 
" Here are y* marks of y® blowes " that her husband had given 
her, which were two great places black and blue. Also that Prey 
said he had heard it reported at Mr. Leader's that he stayed at 
home cursing and swearing at his wife, and the latter answered 
that one need not go far to prove that, for Mrs. Elener heard him. 
He answered " I beeleue y' yo" tould her," and she said " thiiike 
soe still if yo" will, but did yo" not sware?" Then Prey took up 
a long stick about the size of the great end of a bedstaff and said 
to her, " Did I sweare. He tell yo" whether I did or noe," and with 
that struck at his wife, but the deponent being present stepped in 
and warded off the blow with his arm. Prey, seeing this, gave his 
wife a kick, and kicked her against the wall. Also being at supper 
one evening, one Thomas Wiggines spoke to Prey about cursing and 
swearing upon a Lord's day when he and his wife stayed at home 
from meeting. Pray answered that it was a lie, and his wife re- 
minding him of his previous actions, Prey took his porridge dish 
and threw it at her, hitting her upon the hand and wrist, so that 
she feart-d her arm was broken. Some one present told Prey that 
the court would not allow him to abuse his wife so, and he answered 
that he did not care for the court and if the court hanged him for 
it he would do it. It was said to him that the court would make 
him care, for they had tamed as stout hearts as his, and Prey 
answered that if ever he had trouble about abusing his wife, he 
would cripple her and make her sit on a stool, and there he would 
keep her. Sworn, 18 : 11 : 1647, before Rob. Bridges.§ Rich. Hood 
deposed the same. 


1647-8] RECORDS AND FILES 137 

Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Hewenden, presented for stealing 
clothes from Marey Pray, to make double restitution. Referred to 
next sitting at the Iron Works. — Waste Book.'] 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 2:1: 1647. 

[Phillip Cromwell of Salem, being presented for not living with 
his wife, satisfied the court why he did not go to England to her 
this year. Also discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

Giles Gorey (also Goarye) of Salem, John Burton, Thomas 
Oliver (also Ollyver) and John Verin (also Vering), fined for 
sleeping in their watch and having their arms taken from them.* 

George Keesar (also Keasar) of Lin presented for insufficient 
tanning of his leather, and selling it so.f 

John BuffamJ (also Buffum) and Nicholas Cutler admonished 
for a pound breach. § 

Zacheus CurtissJ presented for taking tobacco contrary to 
order. Not sufficiently proved. || 

Christopher Linsey (also Lynsey) of Lin presented for building 
his house on the town common, being warned by the townsmen. 

John PickeringeJ fined for neglect of watching, going home to 

Henry Baglyl (also Baylly) fined for refusing to watch.** 

Thomas Trusler| presented for keeping his cattle in the general 
corn field on a Lord's day, having no ground there of his own, and 
the corn being in the field. His man, Obadiah Govis, kept them 
there without his master's consent.ft 

William Wake| presented for not living with his wife. He said he 
had sent for her ; if she did not come, next year he would go to her. J f 

John Leech, sr.,t presented for not living with his wife. 

♦Wit : Wa. Price and Tho. Robines. 
fWit : Edwa. Gilles and Hendry Scerry. 
tSalem presentment. 

§ Nathaniel Cuttler in presentment. Wit: James Haynes and 
John Brigman. 

II For taking it in the open street. Wit: Jarvis Gafford. 

^Wit : Walter Price. 

**Wit : Hendry Scerry. 

ttWit: James Haynes and John Brigman. 

J J Wit: James Haynes. 

List of presentments signed by John Porter, §§ for the jury. 



Mary Oliver* (also Ollyver) fined for working on the Sabbath 
in time of public exercise;! also for abusing Capt. Hathorne, utter- 
ing divers mutinous speeches. J To sit in stocks one hour next 
lecture day, if the weather be moderate. Also for saying, " You in 
New England are theeves and Robbers; " and for saying to Mr. 
Gutch that she hoped to tear his flesh in pieces and all such as he 
was. Bound to good behavior, and refusing to give bond, to be sent 
to Boston goal. If she remain in this jurisdiction, to answer at 
next Salem court further complaints. § 

John Chacksall of Lin recognized for Jo. Hardman, Quiutou 
Praye, Rich. Stiche and Rich. Greene. — Waste Book.^ 

*Salem presentment. 

tWit : James Haynes and John Bayllis. 

JAlso for denying the " moralytye of the Saboth." Wit : John 
Robinson and John Bayllis. 

§Robert Gutch deposed that Goodwife Oliver came into his 
house in such gladness of spirit that he "could not understand it, 
and said to some there, not members, "Lift up your heads, your 
redemption draweth nigh;" afterwards, being advised to remember 
what she was punished for, she said she came out from that with a 
scarf and ring ; upon which he asked her if she remembered this 
passage, " That there were some whose neckes had iron sinewes & 
browes of brasse." She replied, she "did hope to live to tare my 
flesh in peeces and all such as I were." Sworn in court 2 : 1 mo : 
1647, Henry Bartholomew,!! clerk. Henry Cooke deposed the same. 

Wife of Nicholas Pynyon presented for fighting three times with 
her husband in the night since she was bound to keep the peace. 
He beat her, also, and caused a miscarriage. Wit : John Chacksell 
and Ralphe Russell. 

Hendry Stiche and Richard Stiche presented for swearing. Wit : 
Richard Bayly and Danyell Sammon. 

Peetter Pittford** presented for fighting with William Barbur, 
and calling the constable " old Rogue." Wit : Will. Barbur and 
Edmund Nicholson. 

George Tucker presented for being disguised with drink twice. 
Wit : David Carwythey, constable. 

Moses MaverickeH wrote that " M'' Walton and my selfe being 
at Boston Thomas Gray complayning of M"" Fowle For not paying 
him a sume of money as he said was dew unto him we went with 
him to M"" Fowle. But they could not agree M"^ Fowle said there 
was but soe much dew ; and Thomas Gray demanded more but 

••Marblehead presentment. 

1647-8] RECORDS AND FILES 139 

Court held at Ipswich, 28 : 1 : 1648. 

Jury of trials : John Tuttle, Edward Browne, Seiient Jacob, 
Cristopher Ossgood, Haniell Bosworth, Tho. Dickason, Robt. 
Haseltine, Hugh Chaplin, William Boynton, Tho. Coleman, William 
Morse and Robert Long. 

Made freemen : Daniell Lad and Barthol. Heath of Haverill 
[John Pore of Newbery, Haniell Bosworth and Henrye Silsbye of 
Ipswich. — Waste Book.], John Johnson of Ipswich, Thomas Millar 
and Rich. Thorley of Rowlye, and Henry Robye, Georg Barloe 
and John Legate of Exetor. The last three took oath of fidelity. 

Theophilus Willson and Daniell Warner were sworn constables 
for Ipswich. 

Haverhill to provide a ferry boat to carry passengers, within four 
months, under penalty of 40s. 

[Joseph Pesley ordered to go to Andiver before Mr. Broadstreet 
to take oath as constable of Haverill. — Waste Book.'] 

Aquila Chase, his wife and David Wheelar admonished. 

Mr. Rich. Dumer v. The goods of Mr. Nicolas Easton. Debt. 
Withdrawn, being a member of the court. 

Willm. Payne v. Captayne Brigham. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Mr. John Ward v. Mr. Willm. Hooke. Debt. For cotton wool. 

Bartholmew Heath v. Thomas Smith. Debt. 

Richard Littlehale v. Tristram Coffin. Nonsuited. 

John Spenser of London v. The goods of Mr. Rich. Dumar re- 
ceived of Nicolas Easton from John Pike, jr., of Newbery. Debt. 

John Woodam (also Woodham) v. Mr. Rich. Parker of Boston. 
Debt. [Philip Fowler testified that he served the summons. 

The court, allowed John Leighton and Mr. Coggswell, further 
time to choose men to end small causes. Goodman Jewet, 

what the sume was that m"^ Fowle did then acknowledg dew I doe 
not now remember ; But after awhile Thomas Gray came to m' 
walton and my selfe ; and said m"" Fowle did deny that he ought 
him soe much ; to my best remembrace we sent a noat to m"" Fowle 
what the sume was, wch now I doe not remember only Thomas 
Gray sayeth it was thirty shilng." Wm. Walton* assented to this 
statement over his signature. 

John Marshe* certified on 24 : 1 : 1646-7, that Elizabeth Marsh, 
daughter of John Marsh, was born 8 : 5 mo : 1646, by wife Susan. 



Mr. Woodman aud Mathye Boyce added to them. — Waste Book.] 

Will* of Rich. Baylye of Rowly proved by Humphry Reynor 
and Jeames Bayley. 

Will of Frances Lambert of Rowly proved. 

William Whittred acknowledged judgment in favor of Mr. Simon 

[Jefery Mingye confirmed for the third man to end small causes 
at Hampton according to choice of the town. 

♦Will dated 15 : 12 : 1647, was proved by Humphry Reynor aud 
James Bayley. He bequeathed " Forty and tow pounds vnto my 
sonn Joseph Baly but in case my wife should be with Child then 
my will is that the said sum of tow and forty pounds be deuided, 
and one third part therof my other child shall haue it my will is 
that my Child shall haue a fether bedd in part of the saide portion 
also one Great Bible and Practicall Catachisme my will and minde 
is that if my wife Edna Baly marry againe and hir husbands 
proue vnloiiing to the Child or Children or wastefuU then I giue 
power to my Brother James Baly aud Micael Hobkinson with my 
wife hir Consent to take the Child with his portion from him and 
so to dispose of it for the Best behoofe of the children with my 
wifes consent. I giue my house and lott vnto my sson Joseph Baly 
after my wife hir dissease I giue to my Sonn tow stuffe Sutes of 
Cloaths and my best Coate, and a Cloath sute and my best hatt, 
and I giue to my Brother James Baly a great Coate one paire of 
buck lether Breches and a paire of Bootes one litle Booke 1 giue 
to my Nephew John Baly I giue vnto Thomas Palmer one Gray 
hatt one Cloath dublit and an old Jackit and a paire of Gray 
Breeches I make my wife Edna Baly executrix. Memoradad aud 
I giue aleuen shillings which is owing to me from M'' Rogers Ips- 
wich and m"" Johnson vnto the pore of the Towue. Rich, baly."* 
Wit: Humfrey Reyner* and Willem Cavis.* 

Presentments, 28 : 1 : 1648 :— 

John Smartt of Exeter, for abusing Anthonye Stanyinge, consta- 
ble of Exeter, while serving an execution. Wit : Anthonye Stan- 
yinge and Thomas Biggs of Exeter. 

Town of Newbery, for want of a convenient, safe way from the 
new town to the Ferry side. Wit : Tristera CoflB.n of Newbery and 
John Stevens of Salsbury. 

Town of Newbery, for want of a bridge over the falls river in 
the way betwixt Newbery and Andiver. Wit : John Osgwood and 
Richard Barker of Andover. 

By Edward Carlton* in the name of the rest. 


.1 . U ■; .; 


Thomas Rolinson to be sent for to appear at 12 o'clock. — Waste 

Execution to be issued against the town of Salisbery for want of 
a watch house. 

Nathaniell Hanford and Rich. Johnson v. Thomas Dexter, sr. 
" The cort reinitts the action entering being the countryes servant." 

Anthony Stanion v. John Smart, sr., of Exeter. For assault. To 
attach Salsbery court. 

John Davis v. John Pemarton of Newbery. Nonsuited. 

John Legate acknowledged judgment in favor of John Baker of 

Georg Barlow's (also Barloe) fine, ordered 4:9: 1645, remitted 
[on testimony of some neighbors. — Waste Book.']. 

Marke Qilter presented. Discharged. 

Captain Brigham v. Mr. Will. Payne. [Trespass. For selling 
and converting goods of his that came from the Barbadoes. — 
Waste Book.] 

Peeter Coop of Rowly admonished and to pay Thomas Kemball 
for going to Rowly with the attachment. 

" The asignement of Jeames Godfry by M' Jo. Spencer " [dated 
Oct. 17, 1646. — Waste Book.] to Nicolas Noyce of Newbery, con- 

John Pemarton fined 403. for refusing to serve a replevin writ 
brought by John Davis. Ordered to deliver eight and one half 
bushels of wheat within one week or to pay 31i. more. 

Humphry Willson fined [for want of "waytes and measures in 
his mill." — Waste Book.]. 

Town of Exeter fined [for want of a common pound. — Waste 

[Execution in favor of Samuell Fogg under order of the 1 : 1647. 
— Waste Book.] 

Writ : John Ward v. John Clark for non-performance of a will 
made by his mother, he being joint executor. Dated 15 : 4 : 1648. 
By the court, John Whipple.* 

Bill of presentments, 26 : 7 : 1648 : — 

Town of Salem, for want of a sufficient horse bridge over a brook 
or swamp about a mile beyond the great pond which joins upon 
Wenham, lying in the way from the pond to Lin. Wit : Thomas 
Knowlton of Ipswich and Edwarde Carlton of Rowley. 


■ ) ;■■'(. ■ II 


William Clarke discharged of his bond. Daniell Clarke, surety. 
[Admonished and bound to good behavior to appear at court to 
answer to his misdemeanors. — Waste Book.'] 

Robert Lord ordered to be " clarke of Salsbere court " and to 
issue warrants. 

Lieftenant Greeliefe [upon request of selectmen of Newbury. — 
Waste Book.'] allowed to keep an ordinary at Newberye. 

Ipswich, being presented for want of a watch house, is dis- 
charged, there being one now. 

Town of Haverill to choose a sergeant and present him to the 
major to be confirmed. 

[The trained soldiers of Haverhill, being destitute of an officer to 
exercise or command them, all the inhabitants of Haverhill who 
have a right to vote for the election of officers shall meet and elect 
their " meetest person " sergeant, to be confirmed at this court or 
the court of Norfolk. — Waste Book.] 

Humphry Rayner (also Reiner) and Thomas Mighill, were chosen 
guardians by the children of Georg Abott, late of Rowly. The 
overplus of Georg Abbot's children's estate is left in the hands of 
Marke Symonds, executor of Georg Abott. [Guardians, Humfrey 
Reyner* and Thomas Mighell,* confirmed by Salem and this court. 
They acknowledged the receipt of 531i., the children's portions, di- 
vided as follows : George, 161i., Nehemyah, 211i., Thomas, jr., 161i. — 
Waste Book.] 

Execution in favor of Will. Howard to be stayed until next 
court. [Judgment acknowledged by William Fullar for the town 
of Hampton. Both parties were of Hampton. — Waste Book.] 

Edward Colcord discharged. 

Thomas Rowlinson fined 10s. for marrying without being pub- 
lished three times. 

Thomas Blafeild, Joseph Plumer and John Bishopp's wife, all of 
Newberye, illegally rescuing of cattle from Lt. Greenleife when be- 
ing driven to pound. Wit : Lt. Greenleife of Newbery. 

John Godfrey, now dwelling at Andiver, for subborning a wit- 
ness, viz., Richard Jones of Salsburye. Wit : Richard Jones of 
Salsbury and John Ridges of Newbery. 

Town of Lin, for defects of cart bridge over their river, being 
very dangerous for horse and cart. Wit : Thomas Knowlton of 
Ipsich and Edward Carlton of Rowley. 

Edwarde Carlton* in the name of the rest 



Time in John Taylor's arbitration case extended until " moonday 
come senight." 

Thomas Rolinson, sr., freed from training. [To pay 2s. 6d. per 
year to the company. — Waste Book.'\. 

Edward Gillman and his wife fined [for joining in marriage 
without being published. — Waste BookJ] 

Richard Bidgood discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

The presentments of Willm. and Eunice Cole [of Hampton. — 
Waste Book.'] and John Smart referred to court at Salsbery. 

Inventory of Mr. Thomas Firman, deceased, received April 13, 
1648, and his widow Sarah Firman appointed administratrix. ' 

[Inventory of estate of Rob. Mussey presented May 16, 1644, 
but not sworn to. His widow, Bridgett Rowlingson, to go to such 
of the members of the court as shall be together in the meeting 
house of Ipswich on Apr. 17, 1648, and perfect the same. — Waste 

Jury concerning death of Nathaniell, son of Alexander Knight 
of Ipswich, to be impanelled ; six from Ipswich, three from New- 
bery, four from Rowly and one from Andiver. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4 : 1648. 

[John Simons discharged from training, as he is lame. If he be 
well again, to attend ordinary training. 

Ruben Guppy bound his daughter Marey Guppy to John Porter 
as an apprentice until she is eighteen years old. To go to Porter 
in five weeks. 

Samuell Archard, marshall, and James Haines appointed to view 
pipe staves for the ensuing year. 

Thomas "Watson sworn constable. 

Robbert Allen sworn constable for Manchester.* — Waste Book.] 

Will of John Balch of Salem, dated May 15, 1648, was proved 
28 : 4 : 1648, by Peter Palfree and Jefferie Massey. He bequeathed 
" vnto Annis Balch my loveing wife the Roome newlie built w'" 
twentie Akrs of land of w'^'' 4 akres to be in till and alsoe 4 Akres 
of medowe w*^** some pt of the barne to lay in her fruits and halfe 
of the great fruit trees for & during the life of the said Annis 
Itm I gyve vnto my said wife my best bed w*** all Conuenienc 
furniture there vnto belonging & one fourth pt of all my hous- 
hould goods except the rest of my beding & alsoe 2 Cowes by 
name Reddie & Cherie & one yearling heaffer Further my will 

•Apparently some leaves of the records are missing at this place. 

.; ' .k' ' T I".- '( -: :v 


Court held at Ipswich, 26 : 7 : 1648. 
Judges: Mr. Wintrop, Governer, Mr. Hibbins (also Hibbens), 
Mr. Symonds and Capt. Bridges. 

is that soe long as my said wife shall line ray said sonnes shall 
sowe or plant 2 akres of the afforesaid 4 akers for my said wife 
for the term of 7 years and after thatt sonne Beniamin shall 
doe all himselfe Item I gyue & bequeth to benimin Balch my 
oldest sonne one halfe of my farme to him & his heires for euer 
as also twoe yoake of oxen 1 Cowe one third of my yong Cattell 
& of the mare Coalt w^^ one fourth pt of my houshould goods & 
halfe the great fruit trees & after the decease of my said wyfe my 
will is that the said Beniamin shall haue them all w^*^ all those he 
hath planted himselfe. 

Item my will is thatt all my Corne growing vpon the ground 
shall be equallie deuided into 4 equally pts amongst my wife & 
Children Itm I gyve vnto John Balch my second sonne one fourth 
pt of my farme and one yoake of oxen one third of my yong Cat- 
tell & mare Coalt one fourth of my houshould goods & halfe of all 
the yong aple trees vndispost of and one Cowe I gyve to Free- 
borne Balch my yongest sonne one fourth pt of my Farme one 
youke of oxen & one Cow I bred vp for him one third of the 
yong Cattell || & one third of the mare || & one fourth of my hous- 
hould goods & halfe the yong Aple trees betwixt him & his brother 
John equallie to be diuided & further my will is thatt Annis my 
wife & Beniamin my sonne shall be executo" to this my last will 
& testamt & my loveing f rends John Portor & william woodberie 
shall be ouerseers of the same." Jo. Balch.* Wit : Peter Palfrey,* 
Nicholas Patch* and Jefferie Massey.* 

Inventory of estate of John Balch of Salem, deceased, appraised 
by John Porter,* Peter Palfrey,* Jefferie Massey* and Nicholas 
Patch :* [Ap]parell, 611i. 10s.; dwelling house & barne, 161i. ; one 
farme of medow & upland containege 210 Ackers, 661i. ; 9 Ackers 

of whete, 91i. ; 6 Ackers of indian, 61i. ; one Acker of , Hi. ; 2 

Ackers of barley, 21i. ; 5 yoaks of oxen at 10, 11 & 12 each yoke, 
331i. ; a yoke of Steares, 81i. 10s. ; 3 cowes & 2 heffers, 221i. ; 2yeare- 
linge heffers, 41i. ; a yearelinge mare fole, 51i. ; wheles, chaines & 
yokes wth other implements of husbantry, 31i. ; Fnite trees in the 
Orchad, lOli. ; 6 yeards & -^ of broadcloth, 31i. 6s.; 11 y cards of 
sarge, 21i. 15s. ; 22 yeards of linin. Hi. 2s. ; 13 yeards of cotten 
cloth, Hi. 14s. 8d.; 2 fether beads, 2 bolsters & 2 pilloes, 51i. 6s.; 
1 paire of sheats,8s. ; 2 bead couerings, 16s.; one Rugg, lOs. ; 
one bead & bolster. Hi. 10s.; one blankett & coveringe, 8s. ; one 
paire of shees, 5s.; 4 shetes & ^, Hi. lOs. ; 2 pillobeares, 4s. ; 6 
napkins, 6s. ; 2 beadsteads, 12s.; 2 tables, 7s.; 2 tronks, 6s. ; one 
chest, 5s. ; one warmeinge pan, 6s. ; yearne, flakes & hempe, Hi. 



Grand jury : Mr. Edward Carlton, John Perkins, sr., William 
Adams, John Knolton, The. French, Tho. Knolton, Tho. Scott and 

4s. ; chares & stoles, 3s. ; 12 bushells of indian come, Hi. 16s. ; 4 
bushells of malte, 16s.; one winopett & 3 bages, 14s.; tubes & 6 
barells & other wooden ware, Hi. ; 3 hides, ISs. ; 2 old chestes, 2s. ; 
tooles & old ireron, Hi. ; one bras pan & 2 bras cettles, Hi. ; a lit- 
tell bras pott, 2 ireron pottes, Hi. ; peuter, 10s. ; 2 muskets, one 

fowllinge peace with other armes, 21i. ; 2 , 4s. ; one , 10s. ; 

, 10s. ; , 5s. ; one caunoe, 10s. ; chease & chease pres, Hi. ; 

one hog, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; severall books, 12s. ; one calfe, Hi. ; total, 2201i. 
13s. 4d. Benjamin Balch, executor, 22 : 2 : 1679, added five acres 
of meddow to the inventory. 

Bill of costs of David Corwithen : Wm. Barber and Edw. Nich- 
olson, seven days, and himself four days, 8s.; three warranto for 
Peeter Pittford and two witnesses, 6d., etc.; total, Hi. Is. 6d. 

Will of Edmund Ingalls of Lynn, dated Aug. 28, 1648, 
proved by Francis Ingalls, 14 : 9 : 1648, and William Morton, 
27 : 4 : 1649. He appointed his " wife Ann Ingalls sole Exec- 
trix : leaning my house & houslot together with ye Stock of Cat- 
tle & Corne w**' her. Likewise I leaue Kathrine Skipper w**» my 
wife. Item. I bequeath to Robert my sonne & heire, foure pound 
to be payd in two yeers time by my wife either in Cattle, or Corne ; 
likewise I bequeath to him |( or his heires || my house & houslot 
after the decease of my wife. Likewise I bequeath to Elizabeth 
my daughter twenty shillings to be payd by my wife in a heifer 
calf in two yeers time after ray decease. Likewise to my daughter 
Faith wife to Andrew Allin I bequeath two yeerling calues, and 
injoyne my wife to pay to him forty shillings debt in a yeers time 
after my decease. Likewise to my Sonne John I bequeath the 
house & ground that was Jerimy fitts lying by the Meeting house 
only out of it the sd John is to pay w^'^in foure yeers foure pound 
to my Sonne Samuel and the ground to be his security : further I 
leaue w**" the sd John that three Acres land he hath in England 
fully to possesse & enjoy. Likewise I giue to Sarah my daughter, 
wife to william Bitnar my two ewes. Likewise to Henry my 
Sonne I giue the house that I bought of Goodman west, & Six 
acres of ground lying to it, & three acres of marsh || ground || lying 
at Rumly Marsh, and this the sd Henry shall possesse in two 
yeers after my decease. Only out of this the s^ Henry Shall pay to 
Samuel my Sonne foure pound w^'^in two yeers after he Enters 
upon it. Likewise I bequeath to Samuel my Sonne Eight pound 
w*"" is to be discharged as above in the proomisses. Lastly I leaue 
w*** mary the heifer Calfe that formerly she enjoyed and leaue her 
to my wife for future dowry. Finally I appoint Francis Ingalls 
my brother, & Francis Dane my sonne in Law overseers of my will, 
and order that those things that haue no particular Exemption in 
the will mentioned be taken away presently after my decease : I 

!■ ■' in I 


Thomas Barker ; Humph. Reyner (also Rayner) and Anthony 
Shorte of Rowly ; John Chenye and Rich. Browne of Newbery ; 
Nathan Barker [Parker.— TFos^e Book.] of Andiver ; [and Jer. 
Belcher. — Waste Book.]. 

Jury of trials : Mr. John Whitingham, Humph. Brodstreet, 
Marke Symonds, Humph. Vinsent, Thomas Burnam, Frances Parett, 
Thomas Dickason, John Pickard, Nich. Noyce, Daniell Thurston, 
Daniell Perce and John Emerye. 

[Thomas Burnam fined for absence from jury. Fine remitted, 
his absence being urgent. 

Captain Brigham confessed a debt of 351i., four years old, con- 
tracted in England. Mr. Robt. Payne swore that the original 
should be sent for to England. — Waste Book.] 

intreat my overseers to be helpfull to my wife for ordering these 
matters." Edmund (his mark) Ingalls. Wit : William Morton,* 
Francis Dane,* Francis (his mark) Ingols. 

Inventory of the estate of Edmund Ingols of Lynn, deceased, 
appraised by Edward Burchum,* Henry Collins* and Francis (his 
mark) Ingols : One payer of oxen, 12 li. ; too Steares, 81i. ; one 
oxe, 51i. ; thre Cowes, llli. ; fouer yearlings & advantage, 51i. lOs. ; 
one calfe. Hi. ; one mare, lOli. ; too ewe Sheepe, 31i. ; too hoges & 
too piges, 21i. ; hay, 41i. ; Coren, 61i. ; plow yoke & cheanes, Hi, ; 
hempe & flax in the bune. Hi. ; one bede with the furnituer, 41i. ; 
one bed with the furnituer. Hi. ; one trundell bed, Ss. 4d. ; one bed 
in the chamber. Hi. lOs. ; thre payer of Shetes, Hi. 4s. ; a tabele 
cloth & too napkines, 4s. ; one chiste, 6s. ; thre lininge wheles, 5s. ; 
one tube. Is. ; one carpette, 10s. ; purse & aparell, Hi. 10s. ; pote 
hooks & keckines, 10s. ; thre brase kettels, 10s. ; puter, 16s. ; wooden 
ware, 4s.; two gunes. Hi.; spite, tonges & dripinge pan, 5s.; 
table, chare & stooles, 10s. ; a broylinge leren, 6d. ; an ax & ould 
leron & a too hand saw, 153. ; thre bibels, 10s. ; one beare barill & 
other hushellments,t 5s. ; house & lands, 501i. ; total, 1351i. 8s. lOd. 
Debts and legacies to be paid out of the estate : To Mr. Leader, 
Hi. 16s. ; to Mr. Sauage, Hi. 12s. ; to the kow keeper, Hi. 5s. ; to 
Kather Skeper, 501i. ; to John Hud, 10s. ; to marke graues, 8s. ; to 
Robert Driuer, 5s. ; to Mr. Emery, 15s.; to Mr. Whightinge, 8s. ; 
att Ipswitch, lis. ; to Joseph Armatage, 14s. 4d.; a Shoomaker, 
12s. ; to Mr. Jobitt, Hi. 2s. ; to Mr. Kinge, Hi. ; total, 601i. I83. 4d. 
Legacies : To Roborte Ingols, his sone, 41i. ; to Elizabeth, his 
daughter. Hi. ; to Faith, his daughter, 31i. ; to John Ingols, his 
sone, 131i. 10s.; to Sarah, his daughter, 31i. ; to Henery Ingols, 
81i. ; to Sam well Ingols, 81i. ; Mary Ingols leste to her mother the 
executrix for her porchon ; total, 401i. 10s. 


tWorn out vessels or implements. 


Civil cases : — 

Willm. Payne v. Captayne Brighara. Debt. 

Thomas llolinson v. Willm. Whittred. Debt for rent. 

John Knight v. Mr. Cobbit. For detaining a mare and her in- 
crease. Withdrawn. 

Isack Couzens v. Henry Greene. For not delivering a mare. 
Samuell Fogg made oath that he served the summons. 

Mr. Willm. Hubard v. Gowen Willson. 

Mr. Willm. Payne and Robert Lord, attorneys to Mr. [Thomas. — 
Waste Book.'] Wade v. John Severnes. For not delivering pipe staves. 

Henry Archer v. John Fullar and Samuell Heiford. Defendant 
to set up the fence within one month according to the covenant, the 
stulf being brought to the place. 

[Lt. — Waste Book.] William Howord of Hampton, by his attor- 
ney Robert Lord, acknowledged a debt due to Mr. William Payne 
and partners. 

Robert Filbrick's presentment referred to the magistrates when 
he returns from his fishing voyage. 

William Sergent of Salsbery acknowledged judgment in favor of 
Mr. Jonathan Wade. 

William Sergent acknowledged judgment in favor of Mr. Willm. 

Robert Prince, Henry Keny and John Bond fined and bound to 
good behavior for throwing down a great gun, and to pay the con- 
stable of Salem for keeping them prisoners. [Turned over to con- 
stable of Ipswich by Mr. Endecott for criminal prosecution. Robt. 
Prince to make acknowledgment to court when and where Capt. 
Hathorne pleases. Edward Wharton of Salem bound for the 
appearance of the three men. — Waste Book.] 

Joseph Fowlar to be publicly whipped or pay fine of 40s. for his 
misdemeanor to the Major. Bound to good behavior until next 
court, and to make acknowledgment satisfactory to the Major at the 
head of the company. Christopher Ossgood bound for his appearance. 

Frances Bates fined or to be publicly whipped for provoking his 
fellow servant to disobedience and scandals on his master and mis- 
tress. Lanslott Granger bound for payment of the fine. [Frances 
Bates did wrong unto Symon T . — Waste Book.] 

Joseph Fowlar's fine respited until next court. 

Samuell Winsley, summoned by John Fullar, not appearing, the 
latter allowed costs. 

,Ui.i .' « .'I '» 1 ' I''"' ; * '^"T i' ^ 


'(, ■■•' 

J - . 


Will and inventory* of John Jarrett of Rowley [27 : 7 : 1648. 
— Waste Book.'], proved. 

Kathren Jackson appointed administratrix of the estate of her 
husband, John Jackson. To pay her son, John Jackson, 141i. at the 
age of twenty-one, and to the five daughters 61i. each at the age of 
twenty years or at marriage. The widow to have the remainder 
for the education of the children, and " hir husband to be posesed 
of the whole estate presently to bring up the children," giving se- 
curity for payment of the children's portions in corn or cattle. 

Inventory! of Richard Bay ley of Rowly allowed. 

* Inventory of goods of John Jarrat of Rowley, late deceased, 
taken 12 mo : 1647 by Edward Carlton, J Humfrey ReynerJ and 
Thomas Mighill it His apparill, 51i. ; Corne of the Grouude, Hi. 
10s. ; one paire of oxen, 121i. ; two Cowes, 81i. 10s. ; one stare, 41i. ; 
two heffers, 71i. ; one hog, 16s. ; pewther, 36 peices, 21i. 10s. ; 2 
brass pots. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 3 brasse ketles, 21i. ; 3 brasse skellits, 6s. ; 
one Iron ketle, 6s., one warming pan, 6s. ; brasse Candelsticks, one 
morter, 8s. ; 2 fether Beds, 3 boulsters, 61i. ; five pillows. Hi. ; a bed, 
two boulsters, 13s. 4d. ; 3 bed Coverings, one Rug, 31i. 10s. ; two paire 
blankits, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; one paire Curtaines, 14s. ; 10 paire of sheets, 
51i. ; 12 table napkins, 12s. ; 4 pillow beares, 2 Towels, one Table 
Cloath, 133. 4d. ; tow Chists, 16s. 6d. ; one trunke, 3s. 4d. ; one 
table, 13s. 4d. ; two Beds ticks, 10s. ; 4 Chares, 5s. ; one paire Haude 
Irons, 5s. ; one paire tongs & five shovels, 5s. ; the Recken hooks 
& some small things, 4s. ; 4 silver spoones, one Jug tipt with silver 
and one pott, 6s. ; total, 691i. 16s. 2d. 

flnventory of Richard Bayley of Rowley, appraised 23 : 6 : 
1648, by Joseph Jewitt,J Maxemillean JewettJ and Mathew 
Boyes,! allowed 27 : 7 : 1648: In monyes, 21i. 12s.; one Box and 
small things in it, Hi. ; two stuffe suites of Cloathes, Hi. 10s.; 
one Gray hatt, 10s. ; one Cloath Suite, Hi. lOs. ; one peece of fus- 
tian, 6s. ; one Cloath Coate, Hi. 6s. ; two Childes Mantles, 15s. ; 
ticking for two boulsters, 10s. ; one paire of Brasse Scales and 
weights, 6s. 6d. ; two Couerletts & two Ruggs, 21i. 15s. ; fine 
Blanketts, Hi. lis. ; fiue Pillowes, lis. ; one feather bed tick, 7s. 
one Brasse Pott & a Still, Hi. 19s. ; a Parcell of old Cloathes, Hi. 
a Bagg wt some Gotten woole, 12s. ; a Bagg wt. Inke stuffe, 7s. 
foure Cushings & a leather girdle, 5s.; an old Coate, 3s.; two 
Basketts wth. six pounds of Cotton yarne, 15s. ; in little stone 
potts, 4s. ; two Bed Coords, 2s. ; one Barrell, Is. ; one trough wt. 
Leather satchels & baggs, 14s. ; one sword, 58. ; one Muskett wt. 
bandiliers, Hi. ; one Brasse Morter & Pestill, 3s. 4d. ; one Lanterne, 
Is.; in Brasse, 31i. 12s.; one Iron Pott, 12s. ; one Fouleing peece, 
15s. ; in Puter, Hi. 18s. ; one Case of Bottles, 5s. ; a Parcell of 



Marke Symonds, being sixty- four years of age, discharged from 
ordinary training. 

[Town of Newbery fined for defect in highway to the ferry ; and 
for want of a bridge in the highway to Andyver was discharged. 

Samuell Apleton and Rich. Brabrooke of Ipswich made freemen. 
— Waste Book.'\ 

Court held at Hampton,* 26 : 7 : 1648. 

Grand jury : Mr. Monday, Mr. Sam. Winsley, Isack Buswell, Jon. 
Cobham, Giles Fuller, Kob. Tuck, Eob. Page, Jo. Moulton, Tho. 
Maston, Hen. Dow, Hen. Palmer, Jobe Clement and John Cram. 

Jury of trials : Ralfe Blasdale, Will. Partridge, Andrew Greely, 
Will. Barnes, Jarrett Haddon, Anth. Coleby, Mr. Hussie, Philemon 

Dolto[n], Will. Esto, Franc. Pebod[y], Tho. , James Davis and 

Rodgr. Shaw. 

Henry Greene v. Isack Cosens. About a bargain of nails and 
other iron work. Withdrawn. 

Robt. Hithersey v. Francis S . Defamation. 

Rob. Hethersa v. Bel. Willix. Slander. 

Rob. Hethersay v. Ant. Stanion, James Wall, Sam. Greenfeild, 
Rich. Swaine, Nath, Boulter, Fran. Swaine, George Barley, Tho. 
King and Godfrey Deerborne. Trespass. 

Rob. Hethersay v. Ant. Stanian and Godfrey Deerborne. 

Bookes, 21i. 12s. 6d. ; two Chests, lis. ; fine Cushings, 7s. ; in Iron 
tooles. Hi. 14s. ; in milke vessell, 9s. 6d. ; a paire of Bellowes, 6d. ; 
a stoole, a Box and a Dreaping Pan, 10s. ; one dwelling house, 
lOli. ; one Barne, 51i. ; broken up land, meadows & Comons, 141i. ; 
in Come and hay, 8li. ; in Cattle, 221i. 10s. ; in Swine, Hi. 10s. ; in 
Linen, 31i. 15s. ; three Temses, 3s. ; one feather bed wt. boulsters & 
other bedding, 41i. 5s. ; a Churne and Iron Pott wt. some Puter, and 
two wheeles, 17s. ; total, 10611. 8s. lOd. 

•These are Norfolk County Court records. For several years Dover, 
Portsmouth and Exeter had distinct and independent governments but on 
Apr. 14, 1641, the two former were annexed to Massachusetts and in Sept., 
1642,, Exeter was admitted. On May 10, 1643, Massachusetts Bay was 
divided into counties, and Dover, Exeter, Portsmouth, Hampton, Salisbury 
and Haverhill were constituted the county of Norfolk. The territory now 
comprising Amesbury, Merrimac, Salisbury, Haverhill, Methuen and the 
northern part of Lawrence, included in this area, was set off in 1680 to 
Essex County. The court had two jurisdictions and these are the records 
of the southern, including Exeter, Hampton, Salisbury and Haverhill. 
This court was held at Hampton and Salisbury. The records here printed 
are abstracted from a copy of the original made in 1852 by David Pulsifer. 
The original records have since disappeared. 

..ll i 

II'" ■ ,',» ■»,;■."»!'! . '! ■ i . ■"!.' ; ' I 


Belsh. Willix v. Rob. Hethersai. Defamation. For raising an 
evil report of his deceased wife, and for breach of promise in 
carrying his wife to Oyster river in a canoe and not bringing her 
up in a canoe again. 

James Wale v. Mr. Nathaniell Norcrass. Debt. Nonsuited. 
Joh. Severance. 

George Barley v. Sam. Greenfeild. Defamation. 
Luce Waite, widow v. Sam. Greenfeild. Debt. For 1460 pipe 
staves. Defendant appealed. 

George Barley v. Nat. Boulter, Rich. Swaine and Edward 

Geo. Barley v. Hen. Shawell. 
Sam. Greenfeild v. Willi. Haward. 

Rich. Littleale chosen clerk of the writs for Haver[hill]. 
Rich. Currier acknowledged judgment to Joh. Severance for 
2360 pipe staves at 31i. per thousand. 

George Martin acknowledged judgment to Joh. Severance for 
1400 pipe staves. 

Court gave liberty to Mr. Sam. Winsley to enter an action late. 
Nathaniell Boulter fined ten shillings for a lie in open court 
against two witnesses. 

Ordered that Bellshass. Willix shall not pay for entering his 
action against Hithersay. 

George Barly acknowledged judgment to Nicolas Easton. 
Ordered that George Barley need not pay for entering one of his 

Ordered that Mr. Sam. Dudley and Lt. Rob. Pike shall have the 
hearing and determining of the case now depending in court 
between Sam. Greenfeild and Will. Haward. 

Ordered that Hugh Sharratt shall have liberty until next court 
at Salisbury to pay his fine. 

Natt. Boulter, second conviction for drunkenness, fined twenty 
shillings by the worshipful Mr. Rich. Saltingstall, and Georg Bar- 
ly allowed for charges about the conviction. 

Nicolas Easton v. Steven Kent. For not yielding his land upon 

Mr. Nicolas Easton v. Mr. Rich. Dumer. Trespass. 
Mr. Nicolas Easton v. Giles Crulu [Crumlum?]. 
Mr. Sam. Winsley v. Rich. Currier and The. Rowell. 
Cristopher Lawson v. George Branson. Debt. 


Cristopher Lawson v. Tho. Beard. Two cases. Defamation. 

Cristopher Lawson v. Tho. Jonson. Defamation. 

Rich. Swaine and Nat. Boulter v. Rob. Lord. For unjust mo- 
lestation. Defendant appealed. 

Natt. Boulter v. Rob. Lord. Slander. Defendant appealed. 

Rich. Swaine v. Tho. Petty and George Barley. 

Nathaniell Boulter v. George Barley. 

Nat. Boulter v. Tho. Kinge. 

Joh. Browne v. Will. Haward. Verdict for plaintiff, who was 
to have the land defendant took from him in the same place and in 
as good condition as when he took it, and to give good title, under 
penalty of 201i. 

Joh. Clifford v. Will. Howard. Withdrawn. 

Tho. Chase and Aquilla Chase v. Willi. Howard. Continued to 
Salisbery court. 

Edmond Jonson v. Will. . Continued to Salisbery court. 

Tho. Kinge v. Natt. Boulter. Defamation. 

Will. Mastone v. Rob. Lord. Trepass. Continued to Salisbery 
court. " When M"^ Bellingham sayd to old Mashton ther was 
nothing done, y' y" goodma lord had y* records vnder his arm & 
80 went a way. " Swaine made oath that " M. Symonds sayd there 
was nothing done, they must repayer to Ipswich. " Maston said 
that Mr. Symonds said nothing was done " about Lt. Haward 
charges & m^. Bellingham sayd to old Mashton old man you 
need not trouble yo''selfe there is nothing done in this case. " Tho. 
Maston said " y* m' Saltingstall sayd that y* iudgm* was granted 
at Ipswich." 

Anth. Stannion v. Joh. Smart, sr. 

Joh. Sanborn e v. Rob. Lorde. Trespass. Nonsuited. 

Court held at Salkm, 14 : 9 : 1648. 

Present : Major Endicott, Mr. Samuell Simonds and Cpt. 

William Golt of Salem sworn freeman. 

William Wilson fined for being drunk and cursing. 

Thomas Beale fined for abusing the watch at Lin. Wit : Jo. 
Lewis. Sureties on recognizance for good behavior : Joseph Armi- 
tage and Edmund Farrington of Lin. 

Edmund Marshall fined for not coming to watch. Fine remitted 
on account of the weakness of his family and his poverty. 


Thomaa Chad well fined for speaking provokingly to Rich. John- 
son and thrusting hira out of the ordinary at Lin. 

John Kitchin sworn constable. 

Wife of William Baily of Wenham fined for stealing lace from 
Mr. Price. She confessed and was ordered to make double restitu- 
tion, 5s. to Mr. Price. 

Wife of Henry Haggett fined for wishing the curse of God on 
Kice Edwards and that fire might come down from heaven and 
consume his house, as it did G-oodwife Ingersoll's barn. 

Thomas Bowin fined for excessive drinking. 

William Hoscall, Christopher Waler and Ralfe Elwood presented 
for insufficient fences next the corn field on Cape An side. 

William Pitts fined for striking George Tucker with a pot and 
breaking his head. 

Thomas Browninge and Danyell Rumball presented for keeping 
their oxen in the south field. 

Nicholas Merritt fined for beating David Carwithen with a 
■wand, five strokes. Wit : Ja. Moulton. 

Court held at Salem, 16 : 9 : 1648. 

Giles Corey fined for fetching a canoe load of wood in time of his 
watch, and denying it before the court. 

Henry Cooke fined for abusing the watch, calling them proud 
saucy boys, proud raallapart boys, and rascally and jackanapes 
boys. George Ropes was also fined for justifying him. 

Obadiah Govis presented for stealing wood of John Bridgman, 
for unclean speeches and practices, saying that Goodman Spooner 
had gotten but a crooked-legged girl, and speaking in lascivious 
terms of Goodman Spooner's wife. Imprisoned in Boston goal 
for further trial in Boston. 

John Bonde presented for unclean speeches, saying that Alice's 
child was his, and when Govis had so spoken of Goodwife Spooner 
he said he would treat her or Goodwife Linsford the same. To be 
severely whipped. Also fined for keeping his oxen in the south 

John Bonde and Thomas Wathen presented for being at the 
ordinary in the time of their watch, spending much time there, and 
returning to the meeting house, they slept. Not proved. 

Mary Oliver, living from her husband, was ordered to go to him 
before the next court. 


William Knight, Edward Needham, Thomas Chadwell, Joseph 
Hough, Edward Holke, AUin Breade, Edmund Farrington and 
Nathaniell Tyler fined for breach of order of court and town in 
not fencing proportionately a common field against great cattle. 

William Knight was not guilty, and fine remitted. 

Lawrence Turner and Richard Pray petition to have fine remit- 
ted. If Turner pay lOli. and Pray 41i. before next Salem court, 
sentence to be revoked, but if not, the marshall was ordered to 
demand it the day before the court and if it should be then refused, 
to bring them to Salem court to receive corporal punishment. 

Court held at Salem, 26 : 10 : 1648. 

Present: Maj. Endicott, Mr. Eiehard Saltonstall and Capt. 
Robert Bridgis. 

Grand jury : Mr. Edmund Batter, foreman, Phillip Verin, sr., 
Thomas Putman, Thomas Trusler, William Kinge, John Alderman, 
Richard Prince and John Neale, all of Salem ; Nicolas Potter, 
Nathaniell Hanforth (also Handforth), Edward (or Edmund) 
Lewis, James Axsey (also Axey) and John Ramsdale (also Rams- 
del), all of Lynn; William Allen of Manchester; William Vinson 
of Gloster; and Edward Spaldinge (also Spalden) of Wenham. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Thomas Gardner, sr., Peter Palfree, George 
Gardner, John Hathorne, Joseph Pope, Richard Bishopp and Henry 
Hericke, all of Salem ; and John Gillo, Henry Collins, Richard 
Mower, John Deacon and William Knight, all of Lynn. 

Joseph Boyce discharged from training on account of his trade, 
the court considering the damage that might befall himself and 
others if he could not, when occasion required, have liberty to 
handle his leather. 

Mrs. Dorothie Keniston presented the will* of her husband, 
Mr. Allin Keniston of Salem, deceased, and also an inventory of 
his estate. 

*Will dated 10 : 9 : 1648, and proved 27 : 10 : 1648. He be- 
queathed " vnto Cap'. Hathorn fine pounds. Item I giue vnto 
Cap*. Dauenport three pounds, Item I giue vnto John Bayley 
either a heifer or a Cow, Item I giue vnto m'' Cur win, & m"^ 
Price, twenty Shillings apeece in money. Item all the rest of 
my estate not here bequeathed I giue vnto Dorathy my wife 
whome I make and ordayne sole Executrix of this my last will and 

7 ; i : .1 ' ■ "> ■ 


Nathaniell Putraan and John Wesson sworn freeman. 

Edmund Farrington, on account of age, at bis request, freed 
from fine for not training. 

Andrew Lister, being chosen by Glostr to keep a house of 
entertainment and to sell wine and strong water, was licensed. 

The executors of Christopher Yonge, late deceased, were granted 
their petition to have liberty to place the children in this country 
and not to send them to old England as expressed in the will. 

Mr. Fransis Johnson to pay the town for one half of a barrel of 
powder. He acknowledged judgment but execution was respitted to 
25: 4 : 1649, that he might have time to provide it at the coming of 
ships in the spring. 

Richard Petingall, chosen constable of Wenhara, sworn. 

Robert Knight of Marblehead acknowledged judgment to Capt. 

George Keaser of Lin acknowledged judgment to Mr. George 
Tailer, late of Lin. 

Robert Addums answers to Mary Oliver for taking away a ladder. 

James Thomas fined 20s. for second drunk. 

Civil cases : — 

Edmund Farington v. Lawrence Suthwicke and Danyell Rum- 
ball. Trespass. For cutting grass upon his ground and carrying 
it away. Plaintiff had warrant from selectmen of Lin to arrest 
any persons who had cut grass belonging to town of Lin. Verdict 
for plaintiff, who was to have the hay Rumball had cut, paying 
him 6s. per load for the labor. Southwicke to pay 24s. and a cock 
of hay. Wit : John Robbinson's wife. 

Robert Lord v. Nathaniell Boulter and Richard Swaine. Review. 

Mary Oliver v. John Robbinson. For false imprisonment, taking 
her in a violent manner and putting her in the stocks. Judgment 
for the plaintiff, 10s. damages. 

Capt. William Hathorne v. Henry Cooke. Debt. 

Mr. William Paine v. Charles Dobson. Breach of contract for 
not delivering fish aboard the Nicolas according to the bill of 

Testament. Item I giue vnto m"". Norris fifty shillings to ra"^. 
Sharpe forty shillings, & to mr Bartholmew forty Shillings these 
three guifts were exprest before the signing hereof." Alin (his 
mark) Keniston. Wit: Wm. Hathorne* and Anna Hathorne.* 



Nathaniell Stowe v. Edward Gilman. Debt. For 180 pounds 
of pork. 

Mr. William Paine v. Thomas Lake. For 10,000 pipe staves. 

Nathaniell Boulter relinquished judgment of Hampton court in 
favor of George Barlo. 

Robert Prince, Henry Keny and John Bonde, bound to good 
behavior by Ipswich court, were discharged. 

Phillip Cromwell discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

John Tod, fined for taking false oath, and to be discredited in 
court for one year, unless the court see cause to reverse it. 

John Bursley and Thomas Tiler bound to pay in merchantable 
pipe staves to Mr. Belcher at Boston before 31 : 3 : 1649. 

Nathaniell Boulter fined for second drunk. 

Civil cases : — 

Capt. William Traske v. John Samborne. Debt.* 

George Barlow v. Nathaniell Boulter. Review. For saying 
that said Boulter was drunk. Tried four years ago. 

Mr. Walter Price v. William Partridge. Debt. 

George Barlow v. Jo, Todd. Concerning an oath taken in Salem 
court between Nathaniell Boulter and George Barlow. 

Richard Hollingworth v. Robert Gutch. Debt. At request of 
Mr. Holgrave, agreed that Captain Hathorne, Mr. Curwin and 
Jeffery Massey " arbitrate the case suddenly." 

♦Letter addressed " To his much Resped frend Capting Traske 
at salam give this " : — 

" Louing sur I kindly salute you in the lord and I am very 
sorry that you haue soffered so much Concerning the mill stores 
thinking my selefe much ingaged to you for your leneti touerdes 
me for the time past this is to sertify you that this berer will 
satisfy you ninten pound and for the re[maindert] I would intreat 
you to forbere me a little longer and . . .t you very shortly and 
in Case this berer dwo not . . .f / will be at salam if extreme 
wether dwo not preue^t me good sur be not to forward to enter 
your acttion f urst of the Court in Casse I Cum not the f urst day 
80 with many thankes to you for your former kindnes I rest youres 
in what I may 

John Samburnt 

from haraton the 18 of the 10th mo 48 

I pray |j remember | my Commendationes to your wife and I hope 
you thvak if it had bene my owne debt I would haue paid you long 
ere this time." 



Court held at Salem, 20 : 12 : 1648. 

Present : Major-Generall Endicott, Mr. llichard Saltonstall and 
Capt. Robert Bridgis. 

John Diamond* fined for suspicion of being drunk. 

John Mansfield and John Gillawayf and his wife presented for 
making an uproar in the street at night to the great disturbance of 
the neighborhood. Mansfield confessed that he rescued his cattle 
from Gilloway who was driving them to pound. Mansfield to pay 
40s. fine for the rescue, and the others discharged. 

Mathew Farrington| fined for striking William Edwards on 
a training day, he being a sentinel. 

Quinton (Quintweth) Pray and his wife fined 50s. for five oaths. § 

George Norton, for lying and subborning witnesses to scandalize 
the church of Wenham, to pay 20s. for two lies and seven wit- 
nesses three days, and to confess before the assembly met at Wen- 
ham in the meeting house, as follows : " I doe confess and ac- 
knowlede y* 1 have sinfullie indeauored to Justifie my self and 
my turbulent and factious agitations ag°" the Just and orderlie 
proceedinges of the church ag"'*' me for my sin in y* I haue unces- 
santly laboured out of the pride of my hart to gather up witnisis 
of all sorts to testifie against the dealinge of the Church with me 
seekinge thereby to lay a scandall uppon the Church which cannot 
but greatly teude to y® dishou'' of god and y® reproch of religion." 
Refusing to make this confession, to sit one hour in the stocks. || 

Zebulon Hill of Gloster is excused from training on account of 
a lame arm. 

Court held at Salem, 21 : 12 : 1648. 

William Goodwin, servant of John Hathorne, presented for 
robbing the orchard of Maj.-Gen. Endicott, and stealing many 
apples, a petticoat and other things, including money, from Thomas 
Putman, jr. , for lying and rebellious carriage towards his master 
and dame and robbing his dame's desk. To pay 20s. to the Maj.- 

*Presented from Lynn. Wit : Jno. Mansfield, Rich. Moore and 
Robt. Burgis. 

tLynu presentment. Wit : Anthony Potter and Jno. Ramsdall, 

JLynn presentment. Wit : Phill. Curtland and Timothy Cooper. 

§Wit : Nich. Pynion and Rich. Bayly. 

II Wenham presentment. Wit : Will. Fiske and wife, Georg Byam, 
Edw. Spalding and Rich. Petingall. 

1648-9] RECORDS AND FILES 157 

Gen. for the apples, 20s. for two lies and to be admonished for 
actions toward his master.* 

Danyell Rumball fined for defaming Daayell Raye.f 

John Rowden, for defaming Danyell Ray, to sit in the stocks 
one hour on lecture day, or pay fine, and to pay John Porter, jr., 
witness for three days.j 

Joane Tippitt (also Typit) fined for second drunk. § 

Fransis Nurce and Thomas Odingsells, for defaming Danyell 
Ray, to pay fine or sit in the stocks. 

James Axsey, being chosen clerk of the market for the town of 
Lin, was sworn. 

Richard Post fined for being drunk. || 

William Charles chosen and sworn constable for Marblehead. 

Fineas Fiske, Esdras Reade and Edward Spaldinge, chosen by 
Wenham for ending small causes, were sworn. 

Robert Cotta summoned Samuell Verye and Joseph Gardnr. to 
answer action of trespass. Wit : Jo. Fostr., summoned by Rob. Cotta. 

Henry Bartholomew, in place of John Balch, deceased, to assist 
William Dodge in the management of the estate of Mr. George 
Tailer of Lin, per letter of attorney given by Mr. Taller. By order 
of court, at Dodge's request. 

Edward Colcott fined for second drunk. He was so " verrie 
far gone with drinke" that he had forgotten he was before the 
court the day before. 

Richard Windoe, presented for living from his wife, said he sent 
for her and learned that she was dead. Discharged. 1[ 

Lidia, wife of Robert Gutch, fined for striking Johanna Conant 
(also Connant) in the meeting house on the Lord's day.** 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 22 : 12 : 1648. 
Millissent Southmate,tt presented for not returning inven- 

*Wit : Tho. Putnam, Jno. Hawthorne, and wife, Hanna Palfery, 
Phebee Watters, Elizabeth Frind and Mehitabell Giles. 

twit : Tho. Robins, James Hynds, Jerm. Pale and Tho. Pale. 

tWit : Jno. Portor, jr., Presila Putman and Anna Putman. 

§Presentment from Gloucester. Wit : Will. Keiney, Jno. Studley 
(also Studely), Sarah Vincon and Grace Dutch. 

II Lynn presentment. Wit : Nich. Potter and Edw. Ireson. 

ITGloucester presentment. Wit : Will. Vincen and Will. Keiney. 

**Wit : Wife of Ensign Dixie and Hanna King. 

tfGloucester presentment. 

i; , -.;. « 


tory* of the estate of her deceased husband, Will. Southmate. Mr. 
Addis brought one in for her, and she was appointed administratrix 
and discharged from the presentment. She was ordered to bring 
up the children. 

Henry Renolds (also Reinolds) to sit in stocks one-half hour 
next lecture day if the weather be seasonable, for beating his wife, 
but at her request was only fined. t 

Wife of Charles Glover, presented for suspicion of adultery with 
Phillip Vdall, her husband to pay fees of court.} 

Charles Glover and his wife to sit in stocks at Gloster next 
lecture day, one-half hour each, for fighting together,§ 

John Luffe and his wife presented for living apart. The select- 
men of the town to find work for said Luffe and maintain his wife. 
If he refuse, to be sent to " geole." Wit : Will. Kinge.|| 

William Cantleburie (also Cantelbury) fined for not coming to 
the public ordinances on Lord's days according to order.H 

Ruben Guppie, for defaming Danyell Ray, fined or to sit in stocks. 

Court held at Salem, 23 : 12 : 1648. 
William Meads, an inhabitant of Gloster, sworn freeman. 

♦Inventory of estate of William Southmead of Gloster, deceased, 
taken 16 : 12 : 1648, by William Addiss** (also Adies) and Chris- 
tofer Averye :** His apparrell, 21i. ; his Bedsteed & feather bed 
& the apptenc. 81i. ; one flockbedd & pillers, Hi. 10s. ; one dussen 
of napkins & one table cloth & two towells & one pare of sheits, 
31i. ; one pare pillibeers, 10s. ; in pewter & tining vessells. Hi. 10s. ; 
two Brass kittles, one brass pott, two skilletts, 31i. ; his chests. Hi. ; 
two swords & a pare of Bandolers, one fowling piece, 21i.; one pare 
augers & tooles, with other Instrurats, 21i. ; his timber vessells, 
10s. ; five Go[a]ts, 21i. ; three piggs, 31i. ; his house & land, 81i. ; debts 
due to him, 41i. ; a part in a boat, Hi. 10s. ; in desperate debts, 251i. 
16s. 4d. ; total, 431i. 10s. His debts which he owed we found but 
61i. More forgoten and some remembred in gUoues & other 
thinges, 10s. 

twit : Tho. Hobbs and wife and wife of Jno. Reeus. 

}Gloucester presentment. Wit: Wm. Steuens and wife, Mary 
Brown and Elizabeth Ingersall. 

§Wit: Mr. Addis, Mr. Steevens, Jo. Studely, Will. Sergeant and 
James Fogge. 

II Also Wm. Waller and Robt. Hebert. 

UWit: Rich. Leech, Nath. Felton, George Gardinr, Joseph Pope 
and Tho. Buxtone. 


1648-9] RECORDS AND FILES 159 

William Vinson brought in inventory of estate of Abraham Rob- 
binson of Gloster. Amount, 181i. lis. William Browne, who mar- 
ried the widow, was appointed executor. 

John Bourne fined 51i. for selling strong water without license; 
also, for suffering Edward Calcot to get drunk in his house and to 
abide there during public ordinances on a lecture day. Court 
ordered 60s. of his fine remitted. 

Tho. Rowell fined for being in said John Bourne's house during 
ordinances on a lecture day. 

Robt. Hawes fined for want of scales and weights in his mill. 

Mr. Elias Stileman licensed to keep an ordinary and to sell beer 
and provisions. 

Richard Hollingworth admonished for much sleeping in time of 
public ordinances, and frequent absence therefrom on Lord's day 
afternoons. He pleaded in defence, illness and bodily infirmity.* 
Court held at Salem, 23 : 12 : 1648. 

William Meades sworn constable of Gloster, 22 : 9 : 1648, before 
" the worshipfull Maj"" Generall" Endicott. 

Lawrence Turner and Richard Pray not having paid their fines, 
ordered that the worshipful Capt. Bridgis issue warrant to the 
marshal to go to the iron works at Lin and demand payment. If 
they still refuse, to be whipped at Lin upon a lecture day , 

Gervase Garford, for often soliciting Elizabeth Simonds (also 
Symonds) to be his future wife (his own wife being alive, and her 
husband also, for aught he knew), in an adulterous way, and for idle- 
ness in his place, to sit in the stocks an hour and be bound to good- 
behavior. She was presented for frequenting his company in their 
several houses, and being together alone abroad, knowing his pur- 
pose. She was discharged upon stating that she had no evil intent, 
but did so through weakness. f 

William Wake, being presented for living from his wife, an- 
swered that he married her without the consent of her friends, who 
would not suffer her to live with him and kept her from him with 
her consent. Discharged. 

John Leech, sr., being presented for living from his wife, an- 
swered that he often sent and wrote to her, but she was unwilling 
to come, and he was not able to live in Old England. Discharged. 

*Wit : Ed. Batter and Jno. Alderman. 

tWit : Roger Counant, Sam. Dixie, Mary Dixie and wife of Ed. 

' ) -'J ■ M .1 


Peter Siraes, being presented for living from his wife, answered 
that he could not get her to come over. Captain Traske was to tes- 
tify, and the matter was continued until he could do so. 

Mary Oliver, being presented for living from her husband, it was 
ordered that the decision of the last court in this matter should 

Will. Payne presented from Wenhani for scandalizing the church 
in Wenham. Wit: Mr. Jno. Fisk and Will. Fiske. 

Thomas Bowin presented from Gloster for abusing Eobt. Elwell 
and Will. Adise in reproachful words, being, as it was supposed, in 
drink. Wit: Robt. Elwell and Will Adise. 

Gloucester presented for defect in the highway between Manches- 
ter and Mr. Blackleech's farm. 

Gloucester presented for want of a bridge at Mackrell cove creek 
in the way to Gloucester. 

Town of Manchester presented for not training according to or- 
der, and for having neither a pound nor a pair of stocks. Wit : 
Will. Allen, juror. 

Rich. Coye presented for excessive drinking, vain mirth and sing- 
ing with frequent oaths. Wit : Will. Ellet and Timothy Loskin. 

Town of Salem presented for want of a pound. 

Town of Marblehead presented for want of a constable. 

The bill of presentments, dated 29 : 10 : 1648, signed by Edmond 
Batter,* James Axey,* Nathanell Handforth,* Phillip Veren,* 
Thomas Putnam,* Nickles Potter,* John Ramsdel,* Edmund 
Lewis,* William Kinge,* John Neele,* Richard Prince,* William 
Vincen,* Will. Allen,* Edward Spalden,* John Alderman,* Thomas 

Robert Dutch of Ipswich deposed that being with Peter Pittford 
at Marblehead when he was weighing the 6sh of Francis Wayn- 
wright & Company, of this last winter's season, he heard said Pitt- 
ford say that he wanted 400 of the fish which he had received of 
said Wainwright & Co. Robert Filbrickf of Ipswich deposed that he 
heard Peter Pittford acknowledge that he wanted 450 fish of Francis 
Waynewright and his company when he weighed out the fish to 
account. Both above depositions sworn to before Samuel Symonds,* 
27 : 4 : 1648. Thomas (his mark) Philbrook receipted for 20s. re- 
ceived of Robert Wannoy, as a cask boy " a nadbroytasecon." Dated 
30 : 9 : 1648. Wit : Thomas Chaes. Francis Waynewright and his 
company lost out of the boats a quarter of a hundred of bread, a 
dozen of codhooks new ganged, a pewter bottle of strong water, 
almost full, and a roule of tobacco of four or five pounds weight. 
The tobacco was returned within a week by the same man, it was 

• Autograph. 

t"Francis Filbrick " on reverse of paper. 

1648-9] RECORDS AND FILES 161 

Court held at Ipswich, 27 : 1 : 1649. 

Judges : Maj.-Gen. Endicot, Mr. Saltingstall, Mr. Broadstreet, 
Mr. Symonds and Captayne Bridges. 

Jury of trials : Georg Gittens, Joseph Medcalfe, John Appleton, 
Tho. Smith, Willm. English, Tho. Tredwell, Fran. Barrett, Rich. 
Swan, Jeames Barker, Steph. Kent, Hugh March (also Marsh) and 
Stephen Swett. 

[In case between " the Towne" and Rich. Scofield about the 
meeting house, said Scofield to pay 6s. — Waste Book.'] 

Thomas Knolton sworn constable for Ipswich. 

Tho. Harte sworn leather sealer. 

[Will. Adams of the grand jury fined for not appearing. Fine 
remitted. — Waste Book.] 

Mr. Edward Carlton, Captain Briggham and Mathye Boyce chosen 
and sworn to end small causes for Rowlye. 

Mathye Boyce sworn sealer of weights and measures for Rowlye. 

Robert Lord of Ipswich for sealing weights and measures. 

John Cliford [of Hampton. — Waste Book.] made freeman. 

Nathan Parker [of Andiver. — Waste Book.] made freeman. 

Dan. Bradly, Will. Adams, Anth. Potter and Will. Prichet made 
free. [All of Ipswich. — Waste Book.] 

Civil cases : — 

Richard Coye v. Edward Bishop. Slander. 

Edward Gillraan v. Nathaniell Stowe. Review. 

Isacke Howe v. Mathew Farington. [For saying that he was a 
base fellow and other contemptuous words. Plaintiff withdrew 
action. — Waste Book.] 

John Leigh v. Jeferye Sknelling (also Skelling). Withdrawn. 

Humphry Broadstreet v. John Crose. Nonsuited. 

Captayne Brigham v. John Whipple. For withholding a bond. 

Captayne Brigham v. Mr. William Payne. For withholding a 
debt due upon arbitration. 

William Goodwin, servant to John Hawthorne v. Mr. Downeing. 
For withholding a debt. 

thought, who took their fish. They also missed 600 of dry fish 
which they delivered to Peter Pitford who made their fish in the 
winter season, and they believed that the same man had that fish 
as well as the other, because their salt was " rachell and lizborne" 
and there was no other of that sort at the stage. 


William Edwards v. Mathew Farington. Battery, being sen- 

Frances Dane v. Zacheous Goold. Bond of arbitration. 

Stephen Kent, attorney to Willm. Wakfield v. Walter Roper. 
Trespass. Verdict for plaintiff, good title to the land. 

Willm. Loongly and Willm. ^Robinson v. William Edwards. 

Edmond Farington v. William Flint. For taking away hay. 

An Ingalls v. Willm. Flint and Anthony Needum. For taking 
away her hay. 

Math. Farington v. Isacke Howe. [Slander. — Waste Book.'] 

Mr. Willm. Payne v. Capt. Brigham. For detaining corn. 

Mathew Farington v. Willm. Edwards. Slander. 

John Cliford acknowledged judgment in favor of John Grose of 
Ipswich. To be left to Lt. Willm. Howord. 

Mr. Willm. Payne v. Captain Brigham. About a fishing voyage. 

John Emery v. Mr. Willm. Payne. Debt withdrawn. 

Richard Huttcheson, being summoned by John Knight, allowed 

[Mr. John Whitingham's will proved and, upon petition, time 
given until 7 : 1650, to bring in an inventory. — Waste Book.] 

Inventory of the estate of Daniell Wood of Ipswich, deceased, 
amounting to 371i. 163., filed, and his widow Marye Wood ap- 
pointed administratrix. She was to bring up the two children, the 
whole estate being left to her for that purpose. 

Will of Gyles Bager proved by one witness. Mr. Symonds 
ordered to take the oath of the other witness. 

Will of Mr. John Spencer " heretofore of Newbery," dated 1 : 
6 : 1637, witnessed by Robert Jeofferyes and Thomas Thacher, 
was brought into court Mar. 29, 1649, and Mr. Rich. Dumer swore 
that the will was delivered into his hands before Mr. Spencer's 
going to England. 

Richard Shatswell fined for going into the house of Alexander 
Knight and offering to carry away a bag from the house. 

Alexander Knight fined for offering violence to Richard Shats- 

[Rich. Joanes not appearing to testify against Jo. Godfry, to 
appear at Salsbery court. — Waste Book.] 

John Rudge fined for a notorious lie. 
Jo. Godfry presented. Discharged 


Tho. Bloru field, for a rescue. Referred to next court. 

Joseph Mussye judged to be twenty-one years old, and his por- 
tion to be paid him. 

Complaint by Mr. Rich. Dumer against Joseph Mussye for 
riding his horse. Allowed treble damages. 

Richard Betts, who married Joana Chamberlin, allowed as admin- 
istrator of the estate of Samuell Chamberlin, brother to said Joana, 
who was heir to the estate. 

John Hassell of Ipswich discharged from ordinary training, pay- 
ing 4s. yearly and to have his arms complete. 

Mr. William Gerish of Newbury confirmed lieutenant of the 
Troop of Horse for Essex, and Mr. John Appleton, cornet. 

[John Aniball and George Smith of Ipswich swore that they 
heard John Bricsly say that he had received the steer mentioned in 
court in satisfaction of the nine score pounds of pork which was 
then in controversy. — Waste Book.'] 

Mr. Broadstreet had a judgment acknowledged to him by Willm. 
Symons. Judgment reversed. 

Richard Coye discharged of his presentment. 

Court held at Salem, — : 2 : 1649. 

Samuell Archard chosen marshal for Salem, and sworn before 
Maj.-Gen. Endicott, 7:2: 1649. 

Jane Gaines, widow, who deceased at Lin, and whose nuncupa- 
tive will was proved 10 : 5 : 1645, left three children, viz : John, 
Danyell and Samuell, and an estate of 371i. lis. lOd. Ordered 
that John, the eldest, aged about thirteen years, have 191i. 
12s. 8d. in possession of Mr. Thomas Leighton and Nathaniell 
Handforth, who are to improve it for him ; and to be apprenticed 
to Fransis Dowse of Boston, shoemaker, for seven years, to learn 
the shoemaker's trade. Danyell, the second son, aged about eleven 
years, to have 91i. 16s. 4d. in the hands of said Leighton and 
Handforth, who are to improve it for him ; and he is apprenticed 
to Luke Potter of Concord for eight years from 1:1: last, to learn 
the '< skill and mistery" of a tailor. Samuell, the youngest son, 
aged six or seven years, to have 91i. 16s. 4d. ; and he is apprenticed, 
until he is twenty-one years old, to Nathaniell Handforth, who is 
to educate him and give him lOli. as his portion. If any of the 
children die before reaching the age of twenty-one, the others are to 
have the share of the deceased one, except Samuel's, which, if he 
dies within four years, is to go to Mr. Handforth. 

M ? ....,-, 


Court held at Salisbury, 24 : 2 : 1649. 

Grand jury : Mr. Henry Monde, Henry Ambrose, Tho. Macy, 
John Stevens, John Ilsley, John Ayers, sr., Edward Gyllman, 
John Clement, Joh. Gylman, Cristo. Hussie, Rob. Lorde, John 
Moulton, Walter Roper, Willi. Esto, Nicolas Noyce, Francis 
Pebody, Willi. Fuller and Henry Robie. 

Jury of trials: Mr. Sam. Winsley, Mr. Cristo. Batt, Rich. 
Wells, Henry Browne, Phillip Challice, Jobe Clement, Joh. Rob- 
ison, Tho. Moulton, Ant. Stannian, John Sanborne, Tho. Mashton 
and Mr. Leggatt. 

James Fiske sworn as constable for Haverhill, 

Willi, Barnes sworn as constable for Salisbury. 

Town of Haverhill to be left under the fine of the law about 
their watch house, pound and stocks, unless it be certified at the 
next court at Hampton that they are finished. 

Fine of forty shillings which was laid upon Salisbury for their 
watch house not being finished within six weeks after said court, 
is remitted, it having been completed. 

John Bayly, sr. v. Mr. Sam. Winsley. Two cases. Withdrawn. 

John Godfrey v. Rich. Jones. Slander. Judgment for plain- 

Edward Gylman v. John Busley. 

Joh. Gylman v. John Bursley. Slander, For accusing him of 
the breach of the Sabbath in a public assembly. Two witnesses. 

Walter Roper v. John Pickeram. Slander. For saying he took 
a false oath at Dover court. Referred to next court at Hampton. 
Execution for bill of charges to be respitted until after next court. 

Phillip Manuering v. John Busley. Debt. 

Ralf e Blesdale v. Francis Swaine. Debt. 

Sam. Winsley v. the Town [Salisbury ?] for not making up a 
fence upon the neck according to a town order. 

Mr. John Wheelwrite v. Tho. and Sam. Greenfeild and Natt. 
Boulter, Breach of covenant, 

George Barly v. Ralfe Hall and wife. Defamation. For her 
reporting " that he should say att the mill ther was a woman in 
the towne made a complaint to him that she could nott bee quiett 
for halfe the Batchelders & halfe the maried men in the towne for 
they were addicted to the sinn of uncleaness, & this she & others 
did take good notice of." Verdict for defendant. 


Grace Boulter, Sisley Barly and Tho. Deareborne fined for not 
appearing to witness in a presentment against Tho. King. Sysley 
Barley's fine remitted. 

Natt. Boulter and Sam. Greenfeild fined for not being present to 
answer for a witness in a presentment against Tho. Pettitt. Natt. 
Boulter's fine remitted. 

John Bartlett sworn as constable for Nuberie. 
John Webster of Strawberrybanke given liberty to sell wine 
until Dover court, if the town accepts it. 

Sam. Greenfeild fined for persuading his son-in-law not to assist 
the constable, and that Mr. Symonds in sending his warrant for 
Boulter did more than he could answer. He acknowledged that 
he was " a very wretch, if he should so speak concerning Mr. 

John Redman of Hampton and John Gylman of Exiter took the 
freeman's oath. 

Deposition of Tho. King taken. 

Edward Gyllman sworn constable for the town of Exitter. 
Edward Colcord v. Ralfe Blesdale. Concerning six firkins of 

Edward Colcord v. Town of Dover. Debt of 201i. sometime due 
to Mr. Burditt. Verdict for plaintiff, debt with four years' for- 
bearance. John Baker of Dover testified that Rich. Walding said 
he would take oath that Mr. Colcord was paid the debt due to Mr. 

Mr. Sam. Winsley v. Edward French. Appeal from the commis- 
sioners of Salisbery. Mr. Winsley to recover his bolts from those 
who made use of them. 

Edward Gyllman v. George Barly. Debt. Verdict for plaintiff, 
damage for the ship going away with dead freight. 
Edward Gyllman v. Natt. Boulter. Debt. 

Ralfe Blesdale v. Richard Cutts. Concerning soap. Withdrawn. 
Mr. Cristoph. Batt v. Rob. Codnam. Concerning 1000 pipe 
staves that he was to deliver in Boston. Verdict for defendant. 

Mr. Willi. Payne v. Tho. Walforde. For detaining 3500 pipe 
staves. Nonsuited. 

John Sanders and Robert Pike v. Rich, Ayre. Debt. 
Henry Roby sworn clerk of the market for Exeter. 
John Legatt, Edward Gyllman and Henry Robie sworn commis 
sioners for Exeter. 


Ordered that Tho. Rowell of Salisbury, haviug used all proper 
means to fetch over his wife from old England, and she disenabled 
by sickness to come at present, shall not be constrained to go over 
to her at once ; only he is to use what means he possibly can to get 
her over. 

John Bayly, sr., of Salisbury, having used sufficient means to 
procure his wife over from England, and she utterly refusing to 
come, shall not be constrained to go over to her, using still what 
means he may to get her over. 

John Bayly, sr., freed from all trainings, allowing to the mili- 
tary company of Salisbury five shillings yearly. 

Tho. Rowell of Salisbury, being legally disabled, freed from 
all trainings, allowing three shillings yearly to the military com- 
pany of Salisbury. 

John Clement, Rich. Ormsbey and Robert Fitts took oath of 

John Filbrick released from his fine of five shillings for want of 
recording the birth of his child according to law, neglecting over 
three months. 

Sam. Greenfeild's presentment, for singing a lascivious song and 
using unseemly gestures therewith, found to be true. He was 
committed to the marshal to be forthcoming at the court. To be 
whipped or pay fine of 61i. With his surety, Edward Gyllman, he 
bound himself to pay the fine in white oak pipe staves delivered 
by the water side at Exiter at the usual landing place, where a 
pinnace may conveniently take them in, and to be culled at Boston, 
or in corn or cattle or English goods, to be delivered at the clerk's 
house in Salisbury. 

Lt. Robert Pike acknowledged that the jury at Hampton con- 
cerning Lt. Haward left the bill of charges to the commissioners to 
determine. Robert Lord deposed the same. 

Willi. Haward and Abraham Pirkins sworn appraisers for Barly 
Boulter and Joh. Tid. 

Cristo. Hussie, Rich. Swaine and Morris Hobbs allowed witness 
fees in case of James Davis, jr. 

John Severance licensed to keep the ordinary and to sell wine 
and strong water for the town of Salisbury. 

Ordered that Robert Tuck, as per his petition, shall have 60s. paid 
him by the recorder from Greenfeild's fine, for damages in paying 
corn for beef to entertain the court at Hampton on 26 : 7 : 1648. 


Willi. Fifeild, John Sanborne, John Gyllman, Natt. Boulter and 
Henry Robie allowed witness fees. 

Tho. Pettett upon Greenfeild's presentment and Jo. — yfe and 
Mary Greenfeild upon King's presentment, allowed witness fees. 

Mr. Winsleye bound to bring in testimony about paying 51i. to 
Robert Codraan in addition to llli. mentioned in the assignment, 
within two months. 

Mr. Sam. VVinsley to pay Mr. Sam. Hall for two days' witness 
fees for him. 

Tho. Pettitt, being presented and discharged, allowed costs. 

Tho. King allowed witness fees in presentment against Green- 
feild and for attending Rich. Swan's presentment. 

Tho. Bradbury to be recorder for this shire until the shire shall 
present one for that office, to the county court. 

Georg Goldwyer, Andrew Greely and Henry Browne took the oath 
of freedom. 

Abraham Pirkins allowed fees for attendance at court, his goods 
being attached in suit of Johu Smart, jr. 

Tho. Pettitt allowed witness fees in Rich. Swain's and Thos. 
King's presentments. 

Georg Barly allowed witness fees in the Greenfeild, Swaine and 
Natt. Boulter presentments. 

Mr. Stanian allowed fees in King's presentment. 

Tho. Sleeper to have 6s. 8d. for going to Dover from Hampton 
by court order. 

Willi. Maston, sr. v. Robert Lord. Not legally summoned. De- 
fendant to have costs. 

Richard Singletary of Salisbury freed from training, paying 2s. 
yearly to the military company. 

Henry Browne of Salisbury and John Robison of Haverell 
made freemen. 

Tho. Ayer of Haverell took the oath of fidelity. 

Willi. Partridge acknowledged that he had 121i. 14s., Mr. Sam 
Dudley, 71i. 6s., and Mrs. Hall, 201i. of Mis. Hall's children's por- 
tions, and they petitioned the court as to the disposal of the 
money. Mrs. Hall bound in thirty pounds. 

James Jonson given liberty to keep an ordinary and sell wine 
until next Dover court ; also to keep a ferry to Strawbery Bank 
and to Hilton's, the charge for each person to be 6d. 

In case between William Maston and Robert Lord, Maston 


agreed to pay 20s. to Lord, as a final settlement. Wit : Mr. Sam. 

Court held at Ipswich, 31 : 3 : 1649. 

Andrew Headon,* presented for striking another man's servant, 
admonished and to pay Rich. Swan, witness fees. 

[I Anthony Mose (also Morsse) of Newbery fined for digging a 
pit, a child being drowned in it.j 

Will. Avery, jr., Thomas Avery, John Aniball and Tho. Rolin- 
son, sr., fined for not watching, being warned. 

The following were fined for defect in watching : Frances Jor- 
don, Marke Quilter, Joseph Lang—, Jefory Skelling and Willm. 
Gutterson ; John Grant and Tho. Willson for sleeping in a barn ; 
Thomas Johnson and Marke Quilter, jr., for digging; Tho. Will- 
son for not going the rounds, and calling his partner rascal. — Waste 

Joseph Fowlar to sit in stocks one hour and a half or pay a fine 
for saying there were seven or eight liars in the church, " and if 
one would lye soundly he was fitt for the church." Proved by 
oath of Thomas Lovell and Willm. Prichett. 

[t Willm. Whittred said that Goodman Perlye said that his cock 
led his hens into his ground and Whittred said his cock was car- 
ried away to Mr. Borman's Island. — Waste Book.'\ 

*0f Rowley. Wit : Isack Cousins and Richard Swan of Rowley. 

fAlso for not seasonably filling it. Wit: John Cheiny and 
Richard Browne of Newbery. 

Presentments, 27 : 1 : 1649 : — 

Constable of Andiver, for want of sealed weights and measures, 
according to order. Wit : Nathaniel Parker of Andiver. 

John Godfrey of Newbery, for lying. Wit : Richard Doell and 
Robbertt Longe of Newbery and Nathaniel Parker of Andiver. 

Joseph Fowlar of Ipswich, for wicked sinful speeches concerning 
Robbertt Crosse of Ipswich. Wit : Robbertt Laud, the younger, 
and the wife and daughter of John Crosse, the farmer. 

John Crosse of Ipswich, for slanderous speeches against Mr. 
Roggers of Rowley. Wit : Joseph Fowler and John Brads treet of 

Signed by Edward Carlton§ in the name of the rest. 

Will of George Varnum of Ipswich, dated 21 : 2 : 1649. He 
bequeathed his " house and barne & lands and goods and chattella 

{This paragraph is crossed out in the Waste Book. 


Court held at Salem, 26 : 4 : 1649. 

Present : Tlie Honor. Governor, John Endicott, Esq., Mr. Simon 
Broadstreete, Capt. llobert Bridgis, ^Mr. Emanuell DoAs^ninge and 
Capt. William Hathorne. 

Grand jury : Mr. Edmund Batter, foreman, Thomas Putman, 
Tho. Trusler, William Kinge, John Alderman, Rich. Prince, John 
Neale, Nicholas Potter, Edward Spaldinge, William Vinson, Natha. 
Hanforth, Edward Louis, James Axsey, John Ramsdale and Wil- 
liam Allen. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Tho. Gardner, sr., foreman, Danyell Ray, 
William Woodburie, Eusigne Dixsey, Rich. Braconburie, Nathan- 
iell Felton, Edward Burcham, William Longely, George Keaser, 
Hugh Colkin, '• and in Capt. Winthropp's acti[on] Will. Lord, 
Jeffery massey, Peter Palf re, put in & those of Lin taken out, John 
Sibley, Austin Kellum." 

Samuell Eburne v. Nicholas Browne. Trespass. For marking 
a colt by cutting off part of an ear. 

Phillip Kirtland v. Mathew Farrington. Slander. 

Nicholas Browne v. Walter Price, James Smith, Samuell Eburne 
and Phillip Crumwell. For disfiguring a stone colt, clipping hair, 
slitting his ear, cutting his tail and branding his shoulder. 

Nicholas Barkley v. Henry Combes. Battery. 

Mr. Emanuell Downinge and Capt. Hathorne, chosen associates 
for Salem court for the year ensuing, sworn. 

to my wife for hir life. And after hir decease Two pts of all my 
estate to my sonne Samuell Varnam and the third pt to my daugh- 
ter Hannah to be eqaually deuided. And my meaneing is if my 
sonn dye without Isue, my whole estate is to returns to my daugh- 
ter Hannah, and further soe long as she remayne vnraaried is to 
enioye a chamber in my house ; and I doe apoynte Thomas Scott 
and my sonn Samuell to be my Executors." 

Inventory of Goodman Varnam's estate, taken 12 : 8 : 1649 : 
Halfe the dwelling howse and barne and all the ground, 521i. 15s. ; 
Three Cowes, 141i. ; Two oxen and a shott, 121i. 15s. ; Half a Cart, 
a Chene and a yook, half a share, 12s. ; fouer puter Dishes and a 
friing pan and the trammels, 16s. ; for Bediug and som of his 
clothes and other things. Hi. 6s. ; for Iron and Chayres and other 
things. Hi. 16s. ; for a mortor and Churne and wedges and other 
things, Hi. 6s. ; total, 851i. 16s. Things that was forgot: A 
matock, meale and salt and some things alse wich all come to 8s. ; 
in seed corne, 13s. 6d. Debts oweing to severall men to the value 
of 71i. lis. 


Paskee Foote, being chosen constable of Manchester, took oaths 
of fidelity and office- 
Robert Allen of Manchester sworn freeman. 

John Mansfeild, being chosen constable of Lin, sworn. 

William Tiltou of Lin freed from training by reason of his 

Robbert Parsons freed from training on account of infirmity. 

Thomas Newhall of Lin freed from training on account of his 
age, paying 6s. yearly to the company. 

Henry Combes of Marblehead, for striking Nicholas Barkley, 
drawing blood and violently attempting to strangle him, which he 
would have accomplished, had company not come in and rescued 
him, to sit two hours in the stocks at Salem that day and be bound 
to good behavior. 

Mathew Farrington v. Isaack Howe. Debt. Forfeiture of a 
bond. Wit : William Wilson and John Fuller. 

Edmund Farrington v. William Flint. Trespass. For taking 
away his hay and damage thereby. 

Mr. Richard Leader v. George Burrill and Nathaniell Kirtland 
of Lin. Trespass. For taking away two of his cows. The plain- 
tiff's attorney was Mr. Tho. Laighton. Verdict for defendants, the 
two cows or 121i. 

Mr. Rodger Conant, William Dodge and Benjamin Balch v. Es- 
dras Reade, Fineas Fiske and William Fiske, in behalf of Weuham. 
Trespass. For damage in a parcel of meadow. 

William Dodge v. Thomas Scrugges. For refusing to make good 
his part of a fence. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4 : 1649. 

Henry Combes acknowledged judgment in favor of Henry Cooke 
of Salem. 

Joseph Armitage of Lin discharged from training, being keeper 
of house of common entertainment. To pay 10s. to the Lynn 

Richard Goldsmith and John Fiske, both of Wenham, sworn 

Edmund Lewis, chosen constable, sworn. 

George Hardinge of Marblehead, fisherman, for saying that next 
year he intended to be a member and would then have his dog 
christened, to pay fine or be whipped. 

1649] RECORDS AND P'lLES 171 

Ipswich military company, having chosen Mr. Samuell Apletoa 
of Ipswich to be their lieutenant, this court confirms its choice. 

Joseph Mansfeild of Lin and Nathaniell Felton of Salem were 
sworn freemen. 

George Williams chosen to guage and seal casks. 

Civil cases : — 

Richard Hutchison v. William Goodwin. For detaining a cow. 
The bench ordered that Rich. Hutchison pay Will. Goodwin 81i., 
Mr. Gott pay Richard Hutchison 51i. 8s., Mr. Downing pay Mr. 
Gott 41i., and Mr. Gott and Rich. Hutchison pay William Goodwin 
30s. for clothes they were to provide for him. 

William Goodwin v. Mr. Emanuell Dowinge. Trespass. For 
selling of him to Mr. Gott and he to others. Goodwin is to remain 
with John Hathorne until his year be ended, and then to return to 
Mr. Downinge until Oct. 18 " com twelve month," to be then dis- 
posed of as the court shall see cause. Downing, Gott and Hutchi- 
son fined for breach of court order. If it appeared that Goodwin 
was not Downing's servant, the latter to be allowed for clothes, 

Richard Lambert v. Mr. Samuell Mavericke. Debt for work. 

Mr. William Bacon v. Joseph Armitage. Debt. Wit : Goodwife 

Mr. Francis Johnson v. George Hardiuge. Debt. Defendant 
acknowledged judgment to plaintiff. 

Robert Lemon v. Thomas Rowell. Defamation. Defaulted. 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 4 : 1649. 
Edmund Farrington of Lin, for speaking against " our honored 
Governour," saying he would rather the case between his son 
Mathew and Goodman Edwards should come before the court than 
to be referred to arbitration, because he knew that Maj. Endicott 
would be a good friend to Mathew, fined. He said he had given 
him apple trees, and the best trees the Major had, he had of him. 
Court ordered that he pay fine of 10s. for lying, because he con- 
fessed that the Major never had any trees of him; and that he be 
admonished for so foul a miscarriage. Also that he make acknowl- 
edgment publicly next lecture day in meeting at Lin, as follows : 
"I Edmund Farrington am convicted by the testimony of three wit- 
nesses to have spoken words tendinge to the defamation of our 
honor'*. Governour vidz : that I had given him certaine appletrees 


and therefore hoped he would be my sons freind at the Court 
in the case of William Edwards and my son. I doe here solemiiely 
profess I am very sorry that any such words should fall from my 
mouth that should any wayes tende to the preiudice or reproch of 
the sd Governor whom I and others have soe much cause to hono*^ 
and doe further pfesse that neith"" my self nor my son did ever 
give him any appletrees nor have any cause to thinke that if he 
had soe done it would have bene any motive to him to have shewed 
me or my sou any unequall favor for the same in any cause that 
should com before him as the words seeme to implie y*^ are testified 
against mee." 

Giles Gorey [Corey], for stealing wheat, powder, soap, flax, 
tobacco, ba con, pork, butter and knives from Mr. Curwin and Tho. 
Anthrom, fined, and also for selling cloth, which cost him 6s., for 8s. 

Richard Hollingworth and Henry Combes bound for the appear- 
ance of Henry's wife Elizabeth before the governor at the next 
court, on 31 : 6 : 1649. 

Theophilus Bay ley v. Hugh Burt, jr., and wife Sarah. Slander. 
Mr. Gedney settled it. 

Capt. Steven Winthrope v. Edmund Farrington. Trespass. For 
carrying away his hay. Adjourned to 11 : 5 : 1649, to allow jury to 
view the land. Verdict for the plaintiff, his title good to the long 
meadow, bounded by a hill dividing it from Lin town meadows, 
which was the meadow on which the grass was cut. Wit : Peter 
Palfree. Farrington appealed to next Court of Assistants at 
Boston, and he and his son Mathew bound for his appearance. 

John Hudson of Manchester acknowledged judgment to Capt. 

Court held at Salem, 11 : 5 : 1649, by adjournment. 

James Thomas fined for stealing two and one half kentalls of 
codfish from Mordecaie Craford, and for lying against conscience. 

Fransis Skerrie chosen constable and sworn. 

Mr. Fogge to appear at next session of court, upon complaint of 
the clerk and raarshall that the account said Fogge gave in at his 
departure contained many errors. 

Henry Renoll's wife, at her request, had her husband's sentence 
of sitting in the stocks remitted. 

The town of Lin, presented for a defect of the highway between 
Lin and Andover, at a place called Beaver Dam, was ordered to 
make a sufficient cart way before next court on penalty of 51i. 


Dauyell Rumball, presented for bringing Henry Lewis into the 
town contrary to order, was discharged. 

Mary Oliver, having been ordered to go to her husband in Eng- 
land in the next ship, was further enjoined to go by the next 
opportunity on penalty of 201i. 

Court hkld at Salem, 11 : 7 : 1649, by adjournment. 

Anthony Day of Gloster v. Mr. Blinman, the pastor there, for 
tearing a warrant he had taken out against William Vinson and 
throwing it in the fire, and that the clerk of the writs there refused 
to grant him another warrant. Mr. Blinman answered that he did 
it to stop proceedings and have the matter healed privately. He 
was admonished for his " rash act." 

Robert Sallowes and Rob. Starr fined 20s. each for fighting. 

George Hardinge fined for absence from worship on Lord's day. 
Wit: Beniamin Parmiter. The defendant was gone to the east- 
ward. Attachment of his goods ordered. 

Robert Knight and Edward Wharton, presented for excessive 
drinking and tippling above half an hour at one time, were discharged. 

Thomas Greye of Marblehead, distempered with drink, who was 
brought before Capt. Robert Bridgis of Lin, 17 : 1 : last, and for 
sitting and tippling two hours at Joseph Armitage's house, fined. 

William Fiske, chosen clerk of the market for Wenham, sworn. 

Nicholas Pinion fined 30s. for swearing three oaths, and admon- 
ished for striking Charles Hooke. 

Quinton Pray, for striking Nicholas Penion with a staff, having 
an iron two feet long on the end of it, and breaking his head ; for 
striking Thomas Billiugton, and for swearing, fined.* 

*Piuion fined 10s. at the Iron works. Quinton Prey deposed 
that he met Nichs. Pinion last Lord's day coming out of his corn, 
and heard him swear, by God, all his pumpions were turned to 
squashes, and by God's blood he had but one pumpion of all. 
Sworn 1 : 7 mo : 1649, before Robert Bridges. f Rich. Prey also 
swore that N. Pinion at the same time swore by God's wounds. Jno. 
Chackswell deposed that at the same time he heard the said Nichs. 
Pinion swear, by God, and that he heard him say at another time 
that his wife had made away her clothes but he sworn, by God, he 
would make her know what she had done with them. Sworn before 
Rob. Bridges.! Rich. Greene deposed as next above, and also 
that the said Nichs. Pinion at the same time swore, by God's blood. 
Sworn 3 : 7 mo : 1649, before Rob. Bridges.! " Wittnesses ag* Pray 



Avis, wife of Thomas Chubb, adniouished for abusing her neigh- 
bors with her tongue and for idleness. 

John Leech, jr., fined for beating Samuell Allin,son of William 
Allin, and setting his dog on cows, "to the puUinge of their tayles." 

William Wilson and Samuell Hutchison presented for striking 
each other. The former, found to have great provocation, was fined 
only 5s. 

Theophilus Baily and wife Ruth, presented for fornication, were 

William Ivory presented for stealing several times half a peck of 
corn at the mill of Sam. Bennett. 

Ann, wife of Henry Haggett, fined for beating her child and calf 
in a cruel manner with a curtle axe, and challenging Alls Jones on 
a Lord's day in meeting time, whereby the Sabbath was profaned 
and mischief might have been done. 

William Flint, presented for beating a bull and cow and his 
son at one time in a cruel manner, was discharged. 

Henry Leonard's wife and John Vinton's wife fined by the 
worshipful Capt. Rob. Bridgis for scolding and speaking opprobrious 
words to their neighbors. 

William Wilson fined for profane swearing. 

Thomas Farrar fined for beating Rich. Stocker. Wit : Clement 

William Vinson of Gloster, being accused by Anthony Day of 
reproaching his servant Susan Matchett, to whom Day was con- 
tracted, saying she was not virtuous, etc., confessed and was dis- 

Alis Jones admonished for profaning the Sabbath and for absence 
from ordinances. 

Silvester Evely of Gloster for defaming the church there to 
publicly confess. Wit : Cha. Glover and Will. Vinson. 

strike Pinion & Tho : Billington & Jn° Dimond, Jno Vinton, Henry 
Leonard, Jos. Jyncks, Nioh'. Pinion, Tobiah Saunders, Jn° Dimond 
& his man." 

" A warrant to Tho. Loose & ux, ag' Pinion foresayd and his 
wife, therefore could not have Sd y* Jn° Chaksell would have," 
been guilty of lascivious acts. 

A warrant to N. Pinion for striking Charles Hooke. Wit: Jno. 
Vinton and Jno. Jorum. 

A warrant to N. Pinion and Jno. Vinton to witness against 
Quinton Pray for striking Jno. Dimond. 


James Fogge for disturbing the church in meeting time, to make 
publicly acknowledgement. Wit : Hugh Colkin and William Vinson. 

Christopher Avery presented for speaking scoffingly of Mr. Blin- 
man. Return of constable stated that the defendant had gone to 
Boston to live. Warrant for his appearance at next county court 
at Boston. 

Rob. Cotta and his wife admonished for beating Tho. Scudder, 
sr., and William Scudder. 

" The way before John Jacksons and William Gigles and Rich. 
Mountegue and where Rog'' moreys old house stood beinge pre- 
sented," the first two persons named are to make the way before 
their ground sufficient to the town, and the town to repair that near 
Rich. Mountegue's. 

Court held at Ipswich, 25: 7:1649. 

Judges : John Endecott, Esq., Gov., Mr. Symon Broadstreet and 
Mr. Samuell Symonds. 

Grand jury : Mr. Jonathan Wade, John Coggswell, sr., Tho. 
Borman, Rich. Jacob, Isacke Commins, Sam. Apleton, jr.; Rowly, 
Tho. Barker, Willm. Asye, Tho. Mighill and Maxe. Jewett ; New- 
bery, Rich. Lowell, Dan. Thurston and Willm. Ilslye ; and Ando- 
ver, Jo. Stephens. 

Jury of trials : Tho. Bishop, Andrew Hodges, Tho. Emerson, 
John Dane, Tho. Scott, Dan. Hovey, Hugh Smith, Willm. Tenye, 
Hen. Short, Rich. Browne, Rich. Doell and Jo. Remington. 

[William Goodhue fined for not serving on grand jury. Fine 

Mr. Bartholmew fined for not appearing to serve on jury of trials. 
Fine remitted. — Waste Book.^ 

Civil cases : — 

Edmond Falkner v. Willm. Fifeld. Nonsuited. 

Nath. Stowe v. Robert Becham. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Armentage v. Tho. Turner. Debt. 

Mr. Willm. Payne v. Mr. Christopher Gibson. For tobacco. 

Georg Keyzer, attorney of Mr. Edmond Keyzer v. Mr. Nath. 
Mavericke, executor of will of John Gwyn. 

Will. Bacon v. Joseph Armentage. Debt. [Submitted for ar- 
bitration to Willm. Payne, Harker and Mr. W . — Waste 



Edmond Farington v. Mr. [Captain. — Waste Book.'] Stephen 
Wintrip. Review. 

Samuell Winsley acknowledged judgment of lOOli. to Mr. Nath. 
Rogers, pastor of church in Ipswich, assignee of Mr. Robert Crane, 
in satisfaction of a bond assigned by said Samuel to Emanuell 
Downeing, gent, and assigned by him to Robt. Crane. 

Lt. [Willm. — Waste Book.] Howord v, Samuell Greenfield. 
Slander [in Hampton meeting house, before a great audience. — 
Waste Book.]. Nonsuited. 

John Crose v. Joseph Mussye and John Broadstreet. [Trespass^ 
— Waste Book.] Withdrawn. 

John Crose v. Humphry Broadstreet, Rich. Jacob and John 
Gage. [Trespass. — Waste Book.] 

Mr. John Spencer v. Henry Dow. [For default of a bond of 
lOOli. sterling payable in England. Referred to Maj. Daniell Deni- 
son and Mr. William Bartholmew. — Waste Book.] 

Court held at Hampton, 2:8: 1649. 

Grand jury : Mr. Henry Monde, Henry Ambrosse, Tho. Macy, 
Jno. Stevens, Jno. Ilsley, Cristop. Hussie, Jno. Moulton, Willi. 
Fuller, Willi. Estoe, Fran. Pebody, Jno. Ayers, sr., Jno. Clement, 
Henry Robie. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Sam. Winsley, Mr, Sam. Hall, Sam. Felloes, 
Rodger Shaw, Jeffery Mingy, Tho. Ward, Willi. Sanborne, Jno. 
Redman, James Wall, Tho. Pettitt, Tho. Hall, Willi. White, Sam. 

Jno. Moulton, Tho. Moulton, Walter Roper added, and Mr. Win- 
sley and Georg Goldwyer put out. 

James Fiske, constable of Haverell, fined for not returning 
venire. Fine remitted. 

Philemon Daulton chosen constable for town of Hampton. 

Mr. Jno. Wheelwrite v. Tho. King, Sam. Greenfeild and Natt. 
Boulter. For damages for non-payment of 501i. worth of pipe 
staves, according to covenant. Action withdrawn. 

Edward Gyllman v. Edward Star brack and Jos. Austen. Debt. 
Verdict for plaintiff, forfeiture of his bond. 

Georg Martyn acknowledged j udgmeut to Willi. Osgood. 

Civil cases : — 

Phillip Challice v, Jno. Bayly. For taking away a parcel of his 
meadow and improving it as his own. Action withdrawn. 


Natt. Norcras v. Willi. Maston. Slander. 

Edward Colcord, assignee of Henry Sawers v. Willi. Haward. 
For not giving him assurance of a parcel of land which he sold to 

Edward Colcord v. Willi. Haward. For speaking an untruth in 
the last Hampton court, saying that he had not sold or disposed of 
any of his goods or cattle, only one old cow, by means of which 
the plaintiff was damaged to amount of 251i. Verdict for plaintiff, 
the bench not accepting. 

Jno. Sanborn and Willi. Estow, deposed that the attachment of 
Jno. Browne was served upon Willi. Howard's person, and he ob- 
jected, instancing the law, for the reason that he had property. Mr. 
Colcord replied that that was the reason, because he had disposed of 
his goods ; whereupon the Lt. affirmed that he had disposed of but 
one old cow. The deponents later made oath that they did not 
know whether the attachment was served on Howard's person or 

Tho. King v. Jno. Smart and Rob. Smart. Debt. For the meet- 
ing house. Verdict for defendant. 

Edward Gyllman v. Tristram Coffyn. Debt. Breach of a bond 
of arbitration. Action withdrawn. 

Tho. Beard v. Tho. Turner. Debt. Verdict for plaintiff, to be 
paid for the hide, wine and beaver. 

Henry Monde, Cristopher Batt and Rich. Wells v. Tho. Brad- 
bury, in behalf of the town of Salisbury. Trespass. For damage 
in their corn and for defective fence. 

Willi. Wakefield v. Willi. Fuller. Trespass. For cutting grass 
on a certain meadow several years and carrying it away without 
his leave. Verdict for plaintiff, his meadow and 10s. for twice 

Willi. Partridg v. James Davis, sr. Debt. For 4000 pipe 

Joseph Armitage v. Greorg Branson. Debt. Referred to next 
Dover court. 

Georg Barley v. Edward Gyllman. Debt. For taking away and 
detaining two cows without his knowledge. 

Richard Swaine to pay witness fees to Jno, Miriam. 

Mr. Legatt affirmed that the copy he presented to this court was 
a true copy " as it was legibly drawne in Cristopher Lausons 
book : w*** Willi. Walderns hand to it so farr as he can possibly 


judg: being veri well acquainted w'-'' the say'd Willi. Waldern hand 
writing : only the word with was enterlined." 

Town of Salisbury to repair highway from " y^ Ridg of y® playn© 
alouge by fitts his corner" before the last of March, upon penalty 
of 61i. 

Town of Haverell to have until next court at Salisbury to finish 
watch house, pound and stocks. 

Robert Tuck chosen clerk of the writs for Hampton. 

Willi. Estoe, Jeffery Mingee and Francis Pebody, chosen by the 
town of Hampton to end small causes, sworn. 

Walter Roper v. Jno. Pikeram. Slander. Case continued from 
24 : 2 : 1649. Verdict for defendant, he to be freed from all 
charges made by Salisbury court. 

Willi. Hawards presentments for contempt of authority referred 
to next Ipswich court. 

Court held at Ipswich, 13 : 9 : 1649, by adjournment. 

John Bartlet, constable of Newbery, presented for not providing 
weights and measures. Execution respitted.* [He had not com- 
plied with the order of court. — Waste Book.'\ 

Town of Newbery presented for want of a sufficient pound. To 
provide one before May 1 on penalty of 40s.* 

Willm. Howord v. Samuell Greenfield and Roger Dewhurst. For 
unjust molestation and false imprisonment. Samuell Greenfield 
and George Storke called and defaulted. 

Thomas Cooke to be whipped or fined for his abuse of the min- 
istry and magistrates, and going into the woods at unseasonable 
time of night, carrying fire and liquors with him.f 

Joseph Fowlar, Tho. Scott, John Kemball and Thomas Kemball 
admonished}; [for going into the woods at an unseasonable time 

*Wit: Richard Lowle and Danyell Thirston. 

tThomas Cooke presented for saying Mr. Norton taught what 
was false, and also for reproaching the ordinance of baptism, say- 
ing that if he had children he would not have them so played the 
fools withal. Wit : Mr. Bartholomew and Joseph Medoalf . 
Willm. Varney bound for him. 

t Joseph Fowler, Thomas Cook, Thomas Scott and two of the 
sons of Richard Kimball presented for going into the woods, shout- 
ing and singing, taking fire and liquors with them, all being at 
unseasonable time in the night, and occasioning their wives and 

some others to go out and search therein. Wit : Nathaniel S 

.and Danyell K . 


of the night, and carrying fire and liquor with them. — Waste 

Robert Grose admonished for words. 

Constable of Andover, presented for not providing weights and 
measures according to order of court, discharged. 

Richard Slooper to be whipped for challenging Willra. Coggswell 
into the field and threatening to shoot him. John Coggswell, jr., 
bound for said Slooper. 

Sarah Averill [Avery. — Waste Book.] to be whipped for fornica- 
tion.* [Wit: George Palmer. — Waste Book.] 

John Godfrye fined for lying. 

Humphry Reynor allowed to be clerk of the writs for Rowly. 

Tho. Mighill chosen one of three men to end small causes in 

Nath. Stowe presented for entertaining Thomas Cook. Dis- 

Joseph Fowlar's fine remitted, the court allowing him 203. for 
his journey to Boston and Salem. 

John Grose fined for slanderous speeches against Mr. Rogers of 
Rowly, and to make acknowledgment to Mr. Rogers before next 
court. Wit : Joseph Fowlar. 

John Broadstreet fined and bound to good behavior and to make 
acknowledgment to Mr. Rogers of Rowley. Humphry Broadstreet 
bound for said John Broadstreet. 

Willm. Varney and Tho. Cooke given liberty to reside in this 

Robert Kinsman, being above threescore years of age and having 
the "seattyca " was freed from training. 

♦Sarah Avery of Ipswich presented for a fame of having com- 
mitted fornication with Thomas Wardall. 

tNathanyell Stow of Ipswich. He entertained him in his house 
without license from any magistrate. Wit : Richard Jacobs. 

Presentments, 7 mo : 1649 : — 

Town of Andover, for insufficient highways betwixt the ground 
of Henry Jaques and John Aslet. Wit : John Stevens. 

Phillip Maury, for suspicion of being in the orchard of Mr. 
Saltonstall in the time of exercise the last Sabbath according to 
the relation of the children of Ensign Kowlett. Mr. Wade's 
children also saw a man there at the same time. 

Signed by Jonathan WadeJ in the name of the rest. 



Roger Hoscall and William Hoscall, presented for putting calves 
and oxen into the general corn field in Cape Ann Side, when the 
herd was then under a keep[er] , were discharged. 

E,alfe Elwood, presented for putting his cattle into the general 
field, was discharged. He was fined for a pound breach. 

" Mathew Stanley for drawing away the afections of the Daugh- 
ter of John Tarboxx his wife without libertie first obtayned of her 
parents," was fined 51i, Wit : Jo. Tarboxx and his wife. 

Mathew Stanley and Ruth Andrewes fined 60s. or to be whipped 
for fornication, but fine to be remitted if they marry together. 

Joseph Armitage of Lynn bound to the marshal. Wit ; Henry 

Mary Oliver presented for stealing goats. Wit: Mr. Alderman, 
Good. Buffam, Henry Cooke and Thomas Cutler. 

John Scott admonished for profane cursing. 

Thomas Watson and Thomas Weekes discharged from training, 
each paying 5s. yearly to the company. 

Mr. Fogge to answer to debts given in under his hand as due the 
country which divers persons have denied to be due. Some per- 
sons appeared before the court and denied the whole and others a 
part of what was charged to them. Mr. Fogge to pay the costs of 
the twenty-three persons who appeared in court, and to settle the 
accounts of all who denied that they owed the country. Wit: Wil- 
liam Allin, Tho. Tucke, Rich. Lambert, Jo. Whitlock, Jo. Bridgman, 
Joseph Armitage, Edward Richards, Rich. Hollingworth, Mr. 
Gardner and Rob. Morgan. 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 25 : 10 : 1649. 

Present : The Governor, Mr. Simon Broadstreete, Capt. Bridgis, 
Mr. Emanuell Downinge and Capt. Hathorne. 

Grand jury : Mr. William Browne, foreman, John Porter, Jacob 
Barney, Mr. Roger Conant, Richard Bishopp, Thomas Sponer and 
Fransis Lawes of Salem ; Phillip Kirtland, Thomas Coldum, Wil- 
liam Langley and Richard Moore of Lin; Esdrass Reade of Wen- 
ham ; James Avery of Gloster ; Moses Mavericke of Marblehead ; 
and John Friend of Manchester. 

Deposition of Anthoine Emerey and William Storer, taken 1 : 
8: 1649, that Walter Roper swore in court in Dover, 8 mo: 1648, 

before George Smyth, that the man who led the horse from 

Cutt's stable along to Roger A'reight's house, etc. 

1, t I 

fc, i; II, 



Jury of trials : Mr. Edmund Batter, foreman, Mr. Walter Price, 
Mr. John Alderman, Elias Stileman, jr., Henry Herricke and John 
Robinson of Salem ; Nicholas Potter, Edmund Needham, John 
Deacon and Nathaniell Kirtland of Lin ; William Fiske of Wen- 
ham ; and Charles Glover of Gloster. 

Humferey Broadstreet v. Zacheus Gold. For taking away and 
detaining his horse, being legally demanded by his assignee. 

Samuell Eburue v. Nicholas Browne. 

Henry Dow v. Thomas Coleman. For detaining the crop of four 
acres of Indian corn. 

Mr. Price fined for absence from jury of trials; and afterwards, 
as he was necessarily absent, the fine was remitted. 

Austin Kellum, chosen constable of Wenham , sworn. 

John Hardman fined and bound to good behavior for profane 
swearing, for calling Mary, Richard Pray's wife, a vile name and 
seeking to provoke her husband against her and for excessive 

Henry Combes of Marblehead acknowledged judgment to Capt. 

Edward Colcord presented for striking the marshal's deputy. 
Wit : Rich. Graves. 

William Barnes, constable of Salisburie, fined for refusing to 
assist the marshal's deputy in arresting Edward Colcord. Rich. 
Graves served the warrant. 

Thomas White v. Robert Starke. Defamation. 

Mr. John Thorndicke v. William Woodbury, Nicholas Patch, 
Nicholas Woodburie and James Patch. Trespass. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Paine v. Humforey Broadstreete. Trespass. For 
attaching his house. • 

Mr. Samuell Winsloe v. Joseph Armitage. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Richard HoUingsworth v. William Storey. Debt. 

Joseph Armitage v. Edward Gilman. Debt. 

Court held at Salem, 26 : 10 : 1649. 

Mathew Edwards, servant to Peter Palfree, asked liberty to bind 
himself to some other master to learn a trade, saying he was not 
Palfrey's servant, his master and dame to whom he was first bound 
being dead. The court decided that he was Palfree's servant and 
was to continue with him according to the indenture. 

Samuel Hutchison fined for fighting with William Wilson. 


William Howard and Mary Perkins deposed that a bill was due 
to Em. Wife or Wyth, daughter of the wife of Samuell Greenfeild ; 
that Greenfeild altered the bill, putting in his name instead of that 
of his daughter-in-law, and assigned it to Joseph Armitage. Con- 
tinued to the next county court at Boston on charge of forgery, the 
court being informed that he was in the prison at Boston. The case 
was sent the next day to Boston by Mr. William Browne and de- 
livered to Mr. Aspinwall. 

Lt. William Howard deposed that Joseph Fowler and his com- 
pany had spent 91i. at Mr. Gedney's at this court. Not proven. 
Howard admonished for his rash charge. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 10 : 1649. 

Joseph Armitage v. Edward Gilman. Debt. 

Joseph Armitage v. Thomas Filbricke. Debt. 

Richard Graves v. Edward Colcord. Battery. Withdrawn. 

Humphorey Broadstreete v. John Cross. Debt. Forfeiture of a 

Thomas Scrugges v. William Ellatt. Trespass. For breach of 
covenant in keeping cattle. Withdrawn. 

Edward Colcord v, Steeven Kent. For not performing covenant 
about meadow. 

William Howard v. Roger Dewhurst. For unjust molestation 
and false imprisonment. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Fowler delivered in writing a paper in which he pre- 
sented Lt. William Howard for lying in open court. Fowler was 
admonished for such a sudden and rash charge, having no better 

In the matter of the difference between John Luffe and his wife 
the return of the selectmen of Salem, to whom it was referred, was 
approved by the court. If John Tompkins or Rob. Hibburd refuse 
what the selectmen ordered, execution to be granted against them, 

Mary Oliver, presented for speaking against the Governor, saying 
he was unjust, sentenced to be whipped next lecture day at Salem, 
if the weather be moderate, not exceeding twenty stripes. Capt. 
Hathorne and Mr. Downinge to see the sentence executed. John 
Alderman and Samuell Archard deposed that she said the Governor 

♦Deposition of Isaace Cussens of Rowley concerning the gray- 
colt in difference between John Crosse and Humfery Bradstreet. 
The latter said that if that colt was not his, he never had a colt in 
his life. 


was unjust, corrupt and a wretch and that he made her pay for 
stealing two goats when there was no proof in the world of it. 

William Gigles, sr., sworn freeman. 

Henry Cooke borrowed a pick axe of Mary Oliver and could not 
prove that he had brought it back. Ordered to pay her four shill- 
ings for it. 

George Ropes complained that Mary Oliver kept away a spade 
of his. Ordered to pay him five shillings for it. 

Court held at Salem, 28: 10: 1649. 

Thomas Scrugges, Roger Con ant, William Dodge, Benjamin 
Balch and widow Woodburie v. Mr. William Hubbard. Trespass. 
For damage in their meadow. Wit : Edward Bishop, William 
Ellatt, Esdrass Reade, Phineas Fiske and George Biam. 

Mr. William Paine v. Tho. Lake. For 10,000 pipe staves.* 
Court held at Salem, 26 : 12 : 1649. 

Present : The Honord Governor, Capt. Bridgis, Mr. Emanuell 
Downinge and Capt. Hathorne. 

Richard Brooke and Joseph Hardy sworn freemen. 

Thomas Trusler sworn clerk of the market. 

Francis Simpson sworn constable of Marblehead. 

Henry Stiche admonished for coming to meeting not once or 
twice in a year. 

Thomas Farrar fined for throwing down Benjamin Smith and 
dragging him by the heels out of the barn. 

*Bill binding Thomas Lake of Boston, merchant, and Chi-istopher 
Lawson to pay to William Paine of Ipswich, 10,000 white oak pipe- 
staves to be delivered and piled up upon Boston key, such as Mr. 
Belcher approves, before May loth next. Dated, Boston, Mar. 
3, 1647, "stilo. novis aiiglia." Signed by Christo. Lawsonf and 
Thos. Lake.-j- Wit : Nicholas Davison. f 

Bill of Mr. Willm. Payne's charges in the action between him- 
self and Mr. Lake. For sending to Salem and so to Boston, 6s. ; 
total, Hi. 15s. 3d. Signed per William Howard. t 

Bond of Thomas Lakej and Michael Powellf to Richard Wayte, 
marshal's deputy, 601i., to appear at next court at Salem, 25 : 10: 
1649, to answer the suit of Will. Payne, for withholding said 
10,000 pipe staves, Sept. 20, 1649. 

Writ : Mr. William Paine v. Thomas Lake of Boston, merchant, 
in above action. Dated, 19: 10: 1649; addressed to the marshal 
of Boston, and signed by the court, Henry Bartholmew.t Returned 
by Richard Waite,t 20: 10 : 1649. 


: I ■, ■ I 


William Barbar tiiied for " swearinge by the blood and wounds 
of the lord and for threatninge the death of Rebecka Deliver. " 

Mr. William Pitts and Mr. Christofer Latteraore fined for 

Nicholas Gardner admonished for living from his wife and for 
travelling on a Lord's day to Winnissemet with the wife of Wal- 
singame Chilson alone, and haunting her house at unseasonable 
times by night. 

Christofer Collins fined for taking his calf from John Gillo, who 
was going to pound with it. 

Henry Pease of Marblehead deposed that he did go in fear of 
his life by reason of the threats of William Barbur. Barbur was 
bound to keep the peace. He appeared [31 :] 10 : 1650, and was 

Robbert Buffam discharged from training, paying 43. yearly 
to the company. 

Thomas Beale and Richard Whitmarsh admonished for being 
seen, during service, forenoon and afternoon, in the fields, near 
orchards, and lying on the ground, talking together, a good dis- 
tance from the meeting house. 

Mathew Boomer, for lying after being told what would happen if 
he trangressed the law, fined or to be whipped at Lin, when the 
worshipful Captain Bridgis should decree. 

John Jackson, Mr. David Carwithen, John Marsh and Josiah 
Rootes sworn freemen. 

John Hudson fined 5s. for going out of his watch after he had 
his charge and not returning all that night. 

Common way over a marsh being defective between Lawrence 
Leech's and Manchester, Salem or Manchester are to make it suffi- 
cient, as it appears which is responsible. 

William Meades of Gloster, constable, presented for not provid- 
ing weights and measures, is given until mid-summer in which to 
do so. 

" Mary the wife of Richard Pray beinge Convict before the Court 
for that shee should say to her moth'' in lawe get you whom yow 
old hogge get you whom and withall threw stones at her, also that 
uppon her husbands takinge away of a letf shee had gotten wrighten 
for England shee at supp threw a trench'' at him and also a hone as 
was conceived. Sentence is to have an admonition and to pay 2* 
6* fees of Court." 

1649-50] RECORDS AND FILES 185 

Court held at Salem, 27: 12: 1649. 

John Pickett sworn freeman. 

John Burton having agreed with John Rowden to keep a child 
of his, Rowden and his wife neglected the child, endangering its 
health and life, it was alleged. It appearing to the court that they 
had used the child very well, though they confessed that they had 
left it alone in bed some evenings, for which they showed their 
sorrow, by consent the child was delivered back to John Burton. 
Capt. Hathorne, Jeffery Massey and Henry Bartholmew to deter- 
mine how much shall be allowed Rowden for keeping the child, on 
next lecture day afternoon at Mr. Gedneyes. 

Apphia, wife of John Clemence of Marblehead, to be set by the 
heels in the stocks at Marblehead half an hour upon some public 
meeting day for saying that the honored Governor was the death of 
her father. If there be no public meeting within three months, to 
be punished when the selectmen of the town meet next after three 

" Susan the wife of Samuell Archard (also Archer) for hauingea 
nedle worke napkin founde in her hands and Converted into Coives," 
which Mrs. Gedny claimed and proved to be hers. Mrs. Gedny 
made oath that the coifes were made of a napkin that she had 
wrought with her own hands. Samuell Archer ordered to pay Mrs. 
Gedny 3s., the latter affirming that she had not the least suspicion 
that Archer or his wife stole her napkin. 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 12 : 1649. 

Mary Oliver, by Mr. Battar, requested her sentence to be respite 
ted ; granted, if she " doe goe into the baye with Joseph Hardy this 
day or when he goeth next into the baye with his vessell." Other- 
wise to be called forth by Mr. Downinge and Captain Hathorne and 
be punished. If she return, the punishment to hold good. 

A way between John Browne's and Richard Raimons,' and an- 
other from Roger Morey's and Mr. Williams' house that was, to be 
repaired by town and persons. 

Ralfe Fogge, for lying in face of open congregation on a Lord's 
day, slandering the church, and after the meeting was ended com- 
plaining to the honored Governor of wrong that he had done him 
both in Church and court, saying that the Governor was the grand 
jury, and the grand jury, the Governor. To confess it next Lord's 
day as follows : " I Ralfe Fogge doe acknowledge that I did very 


wickedly and sinfully in that I did in the face of the Congregation 
deny y' eith'' the Church or any one pticular member did ever make 
knowne to me any one pticular for the which the Church proceeded 
agnst me the which in sayinge I did very falcely slaunder the 
Church of Christ and that I did very sinfully in sayinge that the 
Governour had done me wronge and that he was the Grand Jury 
and the Grand Jury was him for all which I am verry sorry." If 
he refuse to make this confession, ordered that he stand at the 
whipping post half an hour after lecture with a paper in his hat on 
which in capital letters shall be written, " For slaunderinge of the 
Church and for abusinge of the Governo^" Mr. Downing and 
Capt. Hathorne to see it done, and in case he " stands not quiettly 
with his backe to the post that then the Counstable is to binde him 
to it." 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 12 : 1649. 

Henry Bullocke, fined for not training, had the fine remitted on 
account of age, and his estate being small, also freed from paying 
any yearly fine. 

Thomas Trusler discharged from training on account of age, pay- 
ing 5s. yearly to the company. 

Mr. Gedny fined for suffering several strangers in his house, be- 
ing an ordinary, in time of lecture. 

Mary Oliver's fine remitted to the end that she use it in trans- 
porting herself and children out of this jurisdiction within three 

Samuell Archard, the present marshal, and Henry Bartholomew, 
clerk of thejcourt, to have five pounds apiece per annum from the 
country treasury. 

Thomas Cooke, sometime of Ipswich, fined for being overtaken 
with drink, before worshipful Capt. Robert Bridgis. 

Court held at Ipswich, 26 : 1 : 1650. 

Judges : John Endecot, Esquire, Govr., Mr. Symon Broadstreet, 
Mr. Samuell Symonds and Capt. Robert Bridges. 

Jury of trials: Willm. Bartholmew, Mathy Boyce, Symon 
Tompson, Christ. Ossgood, John Wiate, John Prockter, Willm. 
Goodhue, Jo. Sanders, Abrh. Tappen, Georg Little, Jeames Barker 
and John Tod ; and Jacob Barney, in place of Mr. Bartholmew, 

Richard Longhorne, Richard Homes and Robert Swan made 

■. t J 

; ■„■ ■\ ■ 

., < ' 


Will of Robert Johnson of Rowley proved. Inventory filed. 

Will of Mr. Thomas Nelson proved. Inventory filed. 

Civil cases : — 

John Ward v. Mr. John Clarke. Tried at Salem in 1648. Two 
cases. Withdrawn. 

Richard Shatswell v. Zacheous Goold. For taking away a stray 
mare. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. William Payne v. Mr. John Tomonson. For unduly taking 
away fish boats and their contents. Verdict that all fish made by 
Mr. Stephen Sergent's (also Serient) three boats at his stage at 
Star Hand, with houses, salt, stages and three boats with moorings, 
seized by defendant, be returned to plaintiff, or the sum of 2601i. 
in other goods, which the defendant confessed he took away. Also 
40s. damage forbearance and 31i. for six kentals of refuse fish. 

Edmond Farington v. Mr. Adam Wintrip, attorney of Capt. 
Stephen Wintrip. Trespass. Review of a case tried at Salem. 
For carrying away hay. Judgment reversed. 

John Ward v. Mr. John Clarke. For bringing his estate out of 
England, and for use of his money from 9 : 1647 to latter end of 
4: 1648. 

Robert Starkeweathr v. Thomas White. Slander. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Willm. Payne v. Mr. Robert Saltingstall. Unjust molesta- 
tion. Nonsuited. 

Mr. Robert Saltingstall v. Mr. William Payne.* Review. It 
appeared to the court a vexatious suit, the jury and " standers 
by " finding no new evidence, defendant allowed treble damages. 
Also fined to the country 40s. according to law in vexatious suits. 

Thomas Varnye, son of Willm. Varnye, being bound unto Willm. 
Bartholomew of Ipswich for fourteen years, is now assigned to 
Mr. Henry Bartholmew of Salem. 

John Cooly, being aged, and having fits, whereby he falls, is 
freed from training. 

John Perkins, sr., being above sixty years old, is freed from or- 
dinary training. 

*" m' Paine affermed to mee, that many of those comodities, 
w*^'' my brothe' Rob''* reed of him were for the use of my fath^' 
estate upon w*^'^ I relying did receive satisfaction in cattle out of 
my fath'^^ estate, w*^'^ being given in upon account hee accepted for 
ought I know. 

Richrd Saltonstall."t 



Thomas Leigh, aged above seventy years, is freed from ordinary 

Joseph Medcalfe, on account of his lameness in one arm and 
deafness on one side of his head, is freed from ordinary training. 

Thomas Rolinson, Mr. Samuell Apleton, sr., Philip Fowlar and 
Stephen Jordon, on account of age, are freed from ordinary 

Henry Bartholmew of Salem appointed administrator of the 
estate of Robert Noriugton, who was drowned near Marblehead. 

Frances Jordon appointed as the officer to execute corporal pun- 
ishment, being allowed 20s. per year. 

John Perrye of Newbery, for abusive carriages to his wife and 
child, bound to good behavior, and to sit one hour in stocks at 
Newbery next lecture day. 

Anthony Mose fined five pounds for digging a pit and not filling 
it up, whereby a child was drowned. Respitted until next court. 

Joseph Withe committed to Georg Gittens. Edward Gillman 
claimed a right to him, but if he did not prove it within one 
month, said Gittens ordered to bind him to some trade " in this 

Joseph Laugton and Willm. Rayner fined for excessive drinking. 
For the quart of wine stolen to pay 4s. to Mr. Baker, besides the 
other quart, for which Laugton said he paid Mr. Baker. 

[Tho. Fiske and Tho. White said that Joseph Laugton said that 
John Baker owed him two or three quarts of wine. — Waste Book.'] 

Thomas Scot fined 10s. upon his presentment, unless he learn 
Mr. Norton's catechism before next court. 

John Buck fined for stealing one half bushel of wheat, and to 
pay his dame 7s. 6d. 

John Brodstreet whipped for lying. He had forfeited his bond 
for good behavior. Execution respitted. 

Roger and Joseph Laugton, bound for appearance of the latter 
at next court. 

Mr. Hubard, upon his presentment, ordered to repair highway 
by [Wenam — Waste Book.] pond. 

Town of Ipswich, presented at Salem court, to repair highway 
within three months. 

Town of Ipswich acquitted for not laying out highway to Glos- 
ter, it being already completed. 


Court held at Salisbury, 9:2: 1650. 

Grand jury : Mr. Sam. Hall, Georg. Goldwier, Rich. North, 
Authony Colebie, Tho. Barnett, Anthony Stanian, Tho. Moulton, 
Isack Pirkius, Godfrey Dearborne, Robert Smith, Bartho. Heath, 
Abraham Drake, Tho. Davis. 

Jury of trials : Robert Pike, Isack Buswell, Edward French, 
Jno. Dickison, Richard Wells, Henry Pallmer, Jno. Eaton, sr., 
discharged, Robert Page, Richard Swaine, Henry Dowe, discharged, 
Willi. Swaine, Morris Hobbs, Francis Swaine, Tho. Davis. Also 
Mr. Winsley, Mr. Batt, Andrew Greely, Mr. Coffyn, Mr. Ed. Gyll- 
man, Willi. Barnes. 

Civil cases : — 

Phillip Mannering v. Georg Barlie. Debt. 

John Sanborne v. Walter Abbott. Debt. Five pounds due per 
bill assigned to him by Mr. Steven Bacheller. Verdict for plaintiff, 
31i. 10s. for a steer. 

Mr. Steven Bacheller v. Willi. Fuller, Willi. Estow and Francis 
Pebody, in behalf of the town of Hampton. Eighty pounds in 
wages detained from him. Verdict for plaintiff, 401i. due from 
town, deducting 20s. paid by John Sanders. Execution respitted 
for ten weeks. Hampton appealed to next quarter court at Boston. 

Tho. Filbrook, sr. v. Willi. Aspinhall. For granting an attach- 
ment against him contrary to law. Appealed to next quarter court 
at Boston. 

Mr. Rich. Walderne, Jno. Baker, Willi. Storie and Willi. Furbur, 
in behalf of the town of Dover v. Edward Colcord. Review. 
Debt which defendant recovered against the town, at Salisbury 
court, 24 : 2 : 1649. 

Georg Barly v. Henry Green, Tho. Pettitt and Anthony Brag- 
ginton. For taking away a milch cow and keeping her a year. 

Richard Walderne v. Edward Colcord. For taking certain goods 
of Mr. Vallentine Hill of Boston on Walderne's account. Referred 
to Hampton court. 

Robert Hithersa v. Tho. Kinge. Trespass. For working up his 
timber upon his lot and selling it to Mr. Gyllman, for keeping corn 
which grew upon his ground and ruining his house. 

Mr. John Wheelwrite v. Tho. King, Sam. Greenfeild and Natt. 
Boulter. Review of case tried at last Salisbury court about non- 
payment of 501i. worth of pipe staves. 



Willi. Fifeild v. Christopher Hussie and Jeflferie Minge, in behalf 
of the town of Hampton. For fifteen acres of salt marsh and five 
of fresh meadow, part of which was granted to Willi. Palmer, de- 
ceased, and part to Fifeild, and for seven years' loss of income 
from it. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Nicolas Roe v. Jno. Pickeram. Concerning killing of a cow. 
Jonas Clay failing to answer complaint of Roe at Dover court on 
8:8: 1649, action was taken against Pickeram who was bound for 
said Clay. Ordered that the case be tried in Dover court, both 
parties living within that jurisdiction. 

Edward Colcord, assignee of Basell Perker, alias Tho. Brooks v. 
Mr. Hunt, Mr. Rowley and the rest of the Shrousbery merchants. 
Debt. For wages due to said Brooks or Parker, who was employed 
by Cpt. Tho. Wiggins, agent for said merchants. Verdict for 
plaintiff, 71i. 10s. for wages, and the worshipful Mr. Bellingham 
dissented. Court at Hampton, 1 : 8 : 1650, allowed judgment. 
Capt. Wiggins appealed to next Court of Assistants. 

Edward Colcord, assignee of Willi. Hook v. Mr. Hunt, Mr. Row- 
ley and the rest of the Shrosberry merchants. Debt due to Mr. 
George Burdett and from Mr. Burdett to Mr. Willi. Hooke. Con- 
tinued to Hamptou court, 

Mr. Samuel Winsley v. The. Satchwell. For not paying 48s. to 
Mr. Willi. Payne upon his account. 

Rob. Sawers v. Tho. Crawlie. Debt. For repairing a house and 
fence hired of Willi. Wentford, in which Robert Sawers and Tho. 
Crawlie were partners. Defendant bound for appearance at next 
at next Hampton court. 

Willi. Fullar and Tho. Warde bound on condition that the town 
of Hampton prosecute their appeal, in case between Mr. Steven 
Bacheller and said town which was tried at Salisbury, 9:2: 1650, 
at next quarter court at Boston. Withdrawn. 

Henry Palmer, discharged from training on account of bodily 
infirmities, to pay 3s. 4d. yearly to the Haverell company. 

James Davis, sr., of Haverell, discharged from training on ac- 
count of age, to pay 3s. 4d. to the Haverell company. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman and Hen. Robie bound for appearance of 
Rob. Hithersa at Hampton court, and for the delivery of five 
pounds to the court for the use of his passage to England. 
Willi. Allin sworn constable of Salisbury. 

Jno. Eaton, sr., chosen and sworn clerk of the market for Haverell. 
Isack Buswell chosen and sworn clerk of the market for Salisbury. 


Abraham Pirkins chosen and sworn clerk of the market. 

James Davis of Haverell, Willi. Holdered and Theophe Satch- 
well took the oath of fidelity. 

Mr. Steven Bacheller fined for not publishing his marriage ac- 
cording to law. Execution deferred to Hampton court. 

Jno. Legatt sworn constable of Exiter. 

Jno. Legatt, Edward Gyllman and Henry Robie sworn commis- 
sioners for Exiter. 

Mr. Sam. Dudley, Robert Pike and Tho. Bradbury sworn com- 
missioners to end small causes for Salisbury. 

Administration \ipou the estate of Mr. Stockdale Cuddington of 
Hampton granted to John Cuddington, his eldest son. 

Ordered that Mr. Bacherler and Mary his wife shall live together, 
as they publicly agreed to do, and if either desert the other, 
the marshal to take them to Boston to be kept until next quarter 
Court of Assistants, to consider a divorce. Bail to be granted if 
satisfactory security could be obtained. In case Mary Bacheller 
live out of this jurisdiction without mutual consent for a time, 
notice of her absence to be given the magistrates at Boston. 

Ordered that 20s. be paid by the country to Tho. Pettitt for 
seeking Hithersa. 

Tho. Crawly fined for drunk. Henry Robie, surety. 

Hugh Sharratt discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

Willi. Osgood and Jno. Clough took the oath of fidelity. 

Order of Ipswich court, 1644, in regard to ferry rates, to be re- 
corded in Norfolk county records. 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 4 : 1650. 

Present : The Honord. Deputie Governor, the Worshipful Sam- 
uell Simonds and the Worshipful Capt. Rob. Bridgis. 

Grand jury: Mr. William Browne, foreman, Serg. John Porter, 
Mr. Roger Conant, Jacob Barney, Richard Bishop, Thomas Sponer, 
Fransis Lawes, Phillip Kirtland, Thomas Coldam, William Longe- 
ley, Richard Moore, Esdrass Reade, James Averey, Moses Maver- 
icke and John Freinde. 

Jury of trials : Jeffery Massey, foreman, Peter Pal free, Rich- 
ard Prince, John Hardy (being sick, Tho. Gardnr., jr., chosen in his 
place), Hilliard Verin, George Williams, James Axsey, Nathaniell 
Hanforth, Edward Burcham, Andrew Mannsfeild, John Coite and 
Phenias Fiske. 


Civil cases : — 

George Keaser v. Thomas Coldam. Trespass, lleplevin. For 
wrongfully impounding his mare. 

James Smith v. Nicholas Browne. Defamation. 

Mr. William Browne v. Mr. John Thorndicke. About a voyage 
to Barbados. 

William Osborne, agent of Mr. Richard Leadr. v. Thomas Ar- 
ington. Trespass. For hiring a " cove"* servant " belonging to 
the works.* Withdrawn. 

John Ramsdale and Jenkin Davis sworn constables for Lin. 

William Bennet sworn constable for Manchester. 

John Smith, Henry Leonard and John Vinton, all of Hamer- 
smith, confessed judgment in favor of William Osburne, agent of 
Mr. Rich. Leadr. 

John Chacksall fined for being overtaken with drink. Tried 
before Capt. Robert Bridgis, and Bridgis delivered a bill to court 
charged on Mr. Stoddard of Boston. 

Robert Maunsfeild freed from paying fine for not training, on 
account of age. 

Thomas Duch alias Arden of Salem confessed judgment in favor 
of Henry Bartholmew. 

Mr. John Greene v. Francis IngoUs. Trespass. For detaining 
a bullock. 

Richard Lambert v. Mr. Samuell Maverick. Debt for work, 

Joseph Armitage v. Elias Parkraan. Debt assigned to him by 
Tho. Turner. 

Joseph Armitage v. Stronge Furnill. Debt assigned to him by 
Christofer Lawson. Christopher Collins testified that he left the 
summons with his wife at his house. 

Joseph Armitage v. John Vinton. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Armitage v. Richard Stich. Debt. 

Joseph Armitage v. Nathaniell Chew. Debt. 

Edward Petford v. Henry Pease. Trespass. For pulling down 
his fence and spoiling his corn. Damage appearing to be under 
40s., the case was cast out. 

Court held at Salem, 26 : 4 : 1650. 

Thomas Duch alias Arden of Salem acknowledged judgment to 
Mr. Isaack Walker of Boston. 

*The iron works at Lynn. 


William Harker freed from training on account of bodily in- 

Edward Colcott served Mr. Samuell Winslooe with summons as 
a witness in a case between himself and Steven Kent. Nonsuited. 

John Luff freed from training on account of age and disability. 

John Scuddr freed from training on account of his trade of a 
currier, because leather might spoil by a day's absence. To pay 
18d. for each day that he was obliged to be away. 

Jonathan Porter and John Pickeringe freed from training. 

Robert Cotta freed from training until arms are provided by the 

Civil cases : — 

Captaine Hathorne, attorney to Mrs. Ledia Bankes v. Roger 
Morey. Debt. 

Henry Short, attorney to Steven Dumer v. Steven Kent. For 
two years' rent due. 

Mr. John Holgrave v. Mr. John Parris. For 2000 weight of 
tobacco. Withdrawn. 

Richard Satchell v. Thomas Scott. Trespass. For removing or 
altering his land marks. Withdrawn. 

Adams Hawkes v. Margery Collins. Defamation. Withdrawn. 

Ceciley Redaway v. William Scuddr and his wife. Defamation. 
Wit : Zacheus Curtiss and wife, Ellin Mascall, Fransis Perrie and 
wife and Cicilly Rudaway. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4 : 1650. 

Richard Sloper admonished for threatening speeches against 
William Coxsall. 

Thomas Dewch, alias Arden, fined for saying that there was " tarr 
convaide in a strange maner into his Daughters bosom," and that 
he had no tar at that time in his house, when it appeared he had ; 
that she fell into water and lay wallowing in great danger of being 
drowned, whereas she fell on dry land ; also that she longed for 
the heart of a bullock, and another longed for the tongue, whereas 
it was false. Such remarks the court judged to proceed from 
weakness, and he was admonished. 

Thomas Dewch, alias Arden's wife and William Scudder's wife, 
Penellope, convicted of stealing a handkerchief from Benjamin 
Smith's wife Martha, out of her chest. Fined 16s., double the 
value of the handkerchief. 


Will of Mrs. Isable Redverue of Ipswich proved by Robert Lord 
and Thomas Lovell. 

Dorathie Kinge, widow, brought in inventory of estate of Wil- 
liam Kinge, her late husband, deceased, 141 li. 18s. Four cows 
were adjudged to be her own estate. 

Civil cases : — 

John Gillo v. Christofer Collins. Trespass. 

Joseph Armitage v. Nicholas Penyon. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Armitage v. Henry Leonard. Debt. 

Zacheus Gold v. William Grigges. Debt. 

Henry Bartholmew, attorney of Obadiah Holme v. Philemon 
Dickerson. Debt. 

Isaack Walker v. Thomas Dewch alias Arden. Debt. 

Mr. John Cogan v. Roger Morey. For rent due and repair of a 
house. Judgment respitted until next Ipswich court, the defendant 
being out of this jurisdiction. 

Capt. Hathorne, attorney of Mrs. Ledia Bankes v. Roger Morey. 
Debt. For the hire of a cow for nine years. 

Rich. Bishop deposed that he heard the wife of Roger Morey say 
that the cow sold to Thomas Scuddr was Mrs. Bankes' cow. 

Court held at Salem, 16 : 5 : 1650. 

Simon Grosce fined for drunkenness and cursing, being taken by 
the watch in drink. 

Court held at Salem, 17 : 7 : 1650. 

Town of Gloster, being presented for defect in stocks, was" 
discharged, the stocks having since been made sufficient. 

Erasmus James and Richard Norman, sr., presented for defective 
fences on Darby fort side. Not proved. 

Joseph Armitage of Lin fined 51i. for allowing one Thomas 
Cooke to drink in his house, being so drunk when he came out 
that he fell down. Wit: John Chadduck, William Edmunds, 
and Capt. Bridgis. The latter said he found Cooke at William 
Edmunds' house, and he confessed that he had drunk wine at 
Armitage's house. Armitage testified " that he saw the sd Cooke 
not well but distempered at Lin bridge, and that he was often with 
him at Edmund's house." Continued. 

Margret Rix, sometime wife of Miles Ward, deceased, brought in 
a writing of his subscribed by Jo. Browne and Joseph Grafton ; 




and also an inventory* of 10811. 3s. Gd., subscribed by Edmund 
Battar and Jeffery Massy. She was appointed administratrix. 
The estate was to be divided as follows : To the eldest son, lOli., 
to the eldest daughter, lOli., and lOli. each to the two younger, 
the parents to have the use of that of the two youngest for their 
bringing up until they are of age. 

♦Inventory of the estate of Miles Ward of Salem, 
receivable and payable, related by himself in Virginia, 3 

to Joseph Graftonf and John Browne. t 

Debtors in Virginia to Mils Ward. 
Thomas Tenny, tob. 
Goody Hamond, tob. 

John ton, tob. wfc. Cask 

[Deb] tors at y® mauadus 

with debts 
1 : 1650 :— 


to pay in pound beavor 

ditto is debtor in pound beavor 
ditto is dr 4 light beavors or 3 heavy ones 
ditto is dr to a lock & p'' of shoos 
ditto is dr to a bible beaver 1 li. ^ 
good Steevens is dr 

at New Haven 

John Bishop is dr in peage 

at Boston 

John Wilks is dr 

Mils Ward is Dr. at Boston 
To goo Clark y« Smith 
To goo Shrimpton 

of which goo Becket to pay 4s. 6d. 
To Mr. Butten as ^ aces. 
To Mr. Sheaffe according to his book 
To Mr, Walker acording to his booke 
To goo Buttall about 
To Mr. Usher 

At Charlton 
To Mr. Burt for shooes 
To James Browne 

At Salem 
To Mr. Curwin according to his book 
To Mr. Price according to his book 
To Mr. Browne for sope 


g. St. 
68 15 
52 00 

04 00 

46 00 


11 00 

li. s. 

02 10 00 

03 00 00 
01 02 06 

01 10 00 

00 05 00 

01 06 00 
01 05 00 

03 00 00 

t Autograph. 

<: . t>, ' u 


Thomas Wheeler fined for saying he hired a steer and a bull of 
Micaell Shaflin, when he hired them of Rob. Moulton, sr. Shaflin 

Christopher Collins of Lin, for defaming John Ramsdale in 
searching his house with the constable for a pair of shoes he said 
Ramsdale had stolen out of his house, bound to good behavior, and 
to sit an hour in the stocks at Lin, whenever the worshipful Capt. 
Bridgis shall appoint. Appealed to Court of Assistants. 

Danyell Kellum and his wife Mary fined 20s. for fornication, a 
child fully grown, in the opinion of the women then present, having 
been born twenty-eight weeks after their marriage. Wit : William 

Joshua Ray admonished for abusing the body of Rebecca Reade 
in an uncomely manner with a stick. 

Robert Burgis, being presented for neglecting to get weights and 
scales in his mill, was discharged, having since provided them. 

Katherine, a " negar" servant of Danyell Rumball, for having a 
bastard, fined 40s. or to be whipped. Her master promised to pay 
the fine. 

Rachell, wife of Thomas Cooke, deceased, sometime " inhabiting" 
at Ipswich, brought in an inventory* of the estate of her late hus- 
band. Amount, 351i. 8s. He left no will and she was appointed 

Thomas Trusler fined for neglecting sealing of weights and 

Thomas Trusler, presented for rescuing goods distrained by Mr. 
arford, " Clarke of the bande." The case was referred to Capt. 

In England, 401i. given by his father as a legacy to be paid to 
said Miles Ward by his brother, which he bequeathed to his four 
children. The proceeds of two hds. of tob. shipped aboard Mr. 
Fenn's vessel, to return to his wife at Salem, and three hds. of tob. 
shipped by John Browne and Rich. More to New England for his 
wife to dispose of; also three bags of tob. and two sides of pork, 
four sides and five roles of tob. from Goo Hamond and Tho. Tally, 
all to his wife, to whose care he committed all things. 

♦Inventory of estate of Thomas Cook, deceased, taken by William 
Bartholmewf and William Varny.f Debt from Mr. Batter of 
Boston, 201i. ; a cow, 51i. ; in goods, 51i. ; total, SOU. ; debt of John 
Gorames at the Iron Works, 51i. 8s.; more found since in goods, 51i. 



Town of Wenham, presented for deficient stocks, discharged, 
having repaired them. 

Christopher Collins bound to good behavior. Appealed to next 
Court of Assistants. 

Thomas Lambert, fined 10s. for striking Elias, son of Elias Stile- 
man, jr., on the head " with a block caled a dead mans Eie and 
broke his head through his hat that the blood came forth." Caleb 
Curwithen promised to pay the fine. 

Thomas Goldsmith asked that George, son of George Harris, 
deceased, might be restored to him, being his servant and taken 
from his brother in his absence and placed by Tho. Tuck, father-in- 
law to said Geo. Harris, with John Leech. Referred to arbitrators, 
who granted the request. 

Court held at Ipswich, 24 : 7 : 1650. 

Judges : Mr. John Endicott, Deputy Govr., Mr. Symon Broad 
street, Mr. Samuell Symonds and Capt. Robert Bridges. 

Grand jury : Mr. Willm. Bartholmew, Tho. Rolinson, sr., Dan- 
iell Warner, Tho. Howlett, Marke Symonds, Tho. Bishop, Willm. 
Inglish, Willm. Moodye, Archelas Woodman, John Merill, Tho. 
Mighill, John Remington, Willm. Assye, Hugh Smith and Rich. 

Jury of trials : Georg Gittons, Tho. Smith, Tho. Tredwell, Jo- 
Perkins, jr., Joseph Reding, Maxemilion Jewet, William Jackson, 
Rich. Longhorne, John Person, Thom. Milard (also Mylard), Ben- 
jamyne Swett and John Knight. 

Joseph Reding fined for not appearing to serve on the jury. 

Civil cases : — 

Tho. Clarke v. Anthony Potter. Trespass. 

[Made freemen: Tho. Milard, John Knight and Ben. Swet of 
Newbery, and Tho. Smith of Ipswich. — Waste Book.'] 

Edmond Farington v. Willm. Flint. Trespass. For taking away 

[George Gittens, juryman, fined for not appearing. Fine re- 
mitted.— JFas^^e Book.] 

Willm. Mouer (also Moore) v. Isaack Commins. For withhold- 
ing a covenant. 

Hugh Sherrat v. Tristram Coffin, Dan. Perce and John Chator. 

Mr. Symou Brodstreet v. Willm. Robinson. Debt. 


Larance Turner v. Henry Lenord and wife Mary. Defamation.* 

Larance Turner v. John Hardman. Defamation, f 

John Bond V. John Hardman (also Herdman). Slander.l 

*Jno. Chackswell deposed that last summer, about the time 
Laurence Turner, who was under sentence of court, was about to 
make an escape, he, being a sojourner at Turner's house, where he 
had his food and lodging, saw Sarah Turner, wife of said Lawrence, 
in a sporting way, throw water at one Tobias Saunders, who also 
sojourned at said house. Saunders, who was looking in at the 
window, ran into the house and took said Sarah in his arms and 
assaulted her. Elizabeth Pinion, wife of Nich., came in to borrow 
some "emptings,"* and he and Jno.Smith also assaulted her. Thomas 
Billington came in from the forge in his shirt without his clothes, 
and having his knife in his hand, eating some victuals, was thrown 
on the others by Saunders, so that he was afraid the knife would 
injure them. The deponent, being troubled, rebuked them saying, 
" Heere is good doeings, take heed w' you doe," and went to an up- 
per chamber, not countenancing their lascivious acts. When he 
went out of doors he met Lawrence Turner coming toward his 
house. He also heard Sarah Turner say, when a tap was pulled 
out of a tub that stood out of doors, that she wished the devil 
would take those, body and soul, who pulled it out. 

t Jno. Hardman deposed the same. Also that in the evening when 
he came out of the woods, Tobiah went to him and asked him to say 
nothing, telling him he should have his part of a barrel of drink, 

tSarah Higgins deposed that her husband being gone to Boston, 
and she, having heard that a man was drowned at Boston, was 
saying to Jno. Bond that she was afraid of her husband, and Jno. 
asked her if she would promise to have him, and he would have 
kissed her, but she spat at him. 

Dorothy Prey, aged about sixteen years, deposed that last winter 
she saw Jno. Bond come to Jno. Herdman's and he had drunk too 
much wine or beer, so that he could not sit upon his stool. He 
confessed that he was overcome with drink. He was fined ten 
shillings. She also deposed that Bond, at Hardman's house last 
Lord's day seven-night, took her in his arms out of the kitchen 
into another room on the same floor. She bade him let her alone, 
and hung to one of the doorposts, calling for goodwife Loofe; but 
he carried her forcibly into the room and shut the door. There 
was a short ladder, of about four or five rounds, that went up into 
the rooni overhead, and she ran up the ladder, and the boards not 
being laid on the upper floors, she went down into the room from 
which she was first taken. Here she met Jno. Hardman coming 
into the house, and he said to Jno. Bond, " this must not bee soe 
on a Lord's day." She further deposed that she had heard of 
Bond's miscarriages toward the wife of Thomas Higgins. 

•The lees of beer, cider, etc. ; yeast. 


John West v. Marke Symonds, Edward Browne and John Knol- 
ton. Defamation. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Jeames Noyce v. John Tillison. For killing a mare. Ver- 
dict for plaintiff, 271i. and the colt. 

Erasmus Jeames and wife Jane v. Peeter Pittford and Edward 
Pittford. Slander. For calling her a witch. 

Mr. William Payne v. Ed. Greenleife and Stephen Kent. Debt. 

Henry Lenord v. Larence Turner and wife. Battery. 

Capt. Brigham v. Edward Gofe. For withholding a debt due 
about the sale of the ship Zebulon. Rich. Longhorne swore to 

Abraham Tappen and Rich. Browne v. Tho. Tresslar. 

Will of Mr. William Belingham of Rowly proved. 

Henry Sumersby, being chosen by the town of Newbery, was 
licensed to keep an ordinary when Mr. Greenlife gives over. 

Joseph Armentage attached Mr. Samuell Winsloe, but did not 
enter the action. 

Mary Bidgood, was required to appear for not repairing to her 
husband in England. Neighbors testified that he could not maintain 
her, nor did he require her to come to him, and by his letters had 
left her to herself and her friends here. She was permitted to remain 
for the present, and •' to see w* the pvydence of god may lead vmto 

Rich. Smith deposed that Jno. Huntley being at the Iron works, 
in speaking of his punishment, said that Mr. Bellingham was most 
against him, and Jno. Bond, being present, said they were more 
devils than men. 

Jno. Hardman deposed the same. Also that Anne Tyler and 
Sarah Turner had some words. 

Henry Lenord and his wife Mary deposed that this summer Roger 
Tyler came out of his house, and Sarah Turner said to him, 
" Tyler you have eaten Turnopps," and Tyler answered, "Thou 
Lyest Turners wife." She replied to him, " Come heth' & let mee 
kisse thee & then I'le tell yee," and said that she would make the 
folks about the works believe the devil was in her before she had 
done with him. 

Jno. Bond and Tobiah Saunders were bound for Jno. Bond's ap- 
pearance at Ipswich court. 

All the foregoing deponents swore, 20 : 7 : 1650, before 
Robert Bridges.* 



Humph. Broadstreet and John Broadstreet had their bond of 
good behavior discharged. 

John Herdman and Henry Lenord bound for the former's appear- 
ance at the next court at Salem. 

Larence Turner attached Henry Lenord, but did not enter the writ. 

Anthony Mose had part of his fine respitted. 

John Tillison fined for his many offences, and bound to good 
behavior. Tho. Colman and John [WiUm. — Waste Book.'] Titt- 
man, sureties. 

[Wit. in case of Jo. Tillesou : Mr. John Spencer, Nicolas Noice, 

Richard Browne, Tho. D and Robt. Long, who said that the 

elders would transgress for a morsel of bread. — JVaste Book.] 

Mr. Henrye Sewall fined and to make humble acknowledgment in 
the church of Rowly in one month and to pay twelve shillings to 
Math. Boyce.* 

John and Larance Turner bound to bring in Sarah Turner. 

Sarah Turner to be whipped for her many offences. 

John Bond to sit in the stocks half an hour for his misdemeanor. 

Jo. Wiate freed from ordinary training, paying five shillings for 
the use of the company per annum. 

Mr. Hubard is given more time on Mr. John Whitingham's in- 

Jefery Sknelling to be whipped for divers lies and bound to good 
behavior for suspicion of filthiness.f 

Elizabeth, daughter of Willm. Symons, to be whipped for filthi- 

John Sparke bound to his brother-in-law, Obadiah Wood [for five 
years. — Waste Book.]. 

*Henrye Sewell, sr., of Rowley was presented, 10 : 8 mo : 1650, 
for disturbance in the time of the public ordinances. Wit : Ezekiel 
Rogers and Lt. Remington. Also presented for doing violence upon 
the son of William Acey of Rowley and drawing blood. Wit : the 
mother and sister of the child. 

fGoodwife Symons and Willm. Symons deposed, in court, 11 : 8 : 
1650, before Robert Lord,t clerk, that Jeffry Snelling said that he 
saw Good wife Morse stealing peas through their own rails out of 
his ground. A short time after, he lost all his peas next their lot, 
and he further said that he saw a footprint, and after Good wife 
Morse brought her shoe to him to mend, he measured it and found 
the footprint to be hers. For all he knew, he might lay the theft of 
all the peas to her. 

t Autograph. 


The court consents that Samuell Sparke be bound apprentice to 
William Inglish for seven years, " only reserving to have the 
consent of his Brother for the last year." 

Walter Eoper, being summoned, allowed costs. 

Constables to be paid for keeping prisoners. 

Five shillings, sixpence allowed to the house, and one shilling 
where Mr. Broadstreet lodged. 

Thomas Scott not appearing to make known that he had learned 
Mr. Norton's catechism, fine to be collected. 

Court held at Hampton, 1:8: 1650. 

Grand jury : Mr. Sam. Hall, Georg Goldwyer, Rich. North, 
Ant. Colebie, Tho. Barnett, Ant. Stanian, Tho. Moulton, Isack 
Pirkins, Godfrey Deareborue, Ilober Smith, Bartho. Heathe, Tho. 
Davis, Abrah. Drake. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Edward Richworth, Willi. Godfrey, Jno. Red- 
man, Jno. Browne, Willi. Moulton, Nathan. Drake, Tho. King, Tho. 
Macy, Henry Ambross, Phillip Challis, Jno. Severance, Jno. Clough, 
James Davis, Jno. Clements, Henry Pallmer, Mr. Sam. Winsley, 
Tho. Sweatman, Theophilus Satchwell, Tho. Hale, Tho. Pettitt. 

Nathaniell Drake and Abraham Drake took the oath of fidelity. 

Mr. Edward Richworth made freeman. 

Mr. Robert Clements, Mr. Cristopher Batt and Lt. Pike took the 
oath of associates. 

Isacke Pirkins sworn constable. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Sam. Winsley v. Mr. Sam. Hall. Defamation. In saying he 
defrauded Robert Codna[mJ of 1500 pipe staves. Verdict for de- 
fendant. Appealed to next Court of Assistants. 

Jno. Legatt v. Anthony Stanian and Robert Tuck, in behalf of 
the town of Hampton. Debt. For •' scooleing" and other writings 
done for the town. Withdrawn. 

Tho. Chace v. Mr. Edward Gyllman. For not making good a 
sufficient boat, according to bargain. Appealed to next Court of 

Mr. Sam Winsley v. Mr. Edward Gyllman. Debt. For 4000 
pipe staves. Withdrawn. 

Jonathan Thinge v. Tho. Joy. For clamoring against him about 
the country and wrongfully molesting him. Withdrawn. 

Morris Hobbs v. Town of Hampton. About detaining fresh 
meadow which was formerly granted to Willi. Esto. Withdrawn. ; 


Jno. Redman v. Town of Hampton. For detaining eiglit acres 
of fresh meadow from him, thirty-two acres of salt marsh and sixty- 
acres of upland, which were granted to Willi. Wakefeild. With- 

Mr. Colcord v, Mr. Tho. Wiggins. For taking away certain bolts 
belonging to him. 

Edward Colcord v, Steven Kent. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Edward Colcord and James Wall v. Robert Page. Trespass. 
For cutting grass upon their meadow and carrying it away. With- 

Willi. Maston, sr. v. Town of Hampton. For detaining five acres 
of ground from him which was granted him in the north field. 

Willi. Maston, sr. v. Town of Hampton. For an unequal divid- 
ing of lands and commons to his damage. Withdrawn. Also for 
detaining six acres of salt marsh granted him by the town. With- 

Georg Walton v. Humphrey Chattborne. For non-performance of 
covenant concerning the building of a house. Verdict for plaintiff. 

George Dod v. Tho. Trickie. For non-performance of covenant 
in making a ship, pinance or vessel. Nonsuited. The defendant 
lived at Dover and the plaintiff at Boston. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Joseph Merrie. Breach of covenant 
about carting logs to his saw mill. Two cases. 

Henry Ambrose v. Town of Hampton. About certain meadow 
granted him by the said town. Withdrawn. 

Tho. Crauly v. Robert Hithersay. Debt. For several debts 
which he hath paid for him upon his request and had not been 
satisfied according to promise. 

Tho. Crauly v. Ralfe Hall. Slander. For saying he called 
Robert Sawer's wife a witch. Withdrawn. 

Town of Hampton v. Tho. Filbrick. For non-performance of a 
covenant concerning powder, bullets and match. Withdrawn. 

Benjamin Longe to be whipped with six stripes immediately after 
lecture for abusing several children at Haverell. 

George Dodd acknowledged judgment to Mr. Willi. Bartholemew, 
attorney to Mr. George Cock of London. 

Jno. Browne's fine for absence from jury remitted. 

Willi. Taprill testified that he served a summons upon Humphrey 
Chattborne for his master, Georg Walton. 


Anthony Stanill, Jefferie Mingee and Willi. Estovv chosen and 
sworn to end small causes for Hampton. 

Town of Haverill to have until next Salisbury court to finish 
their watchhouse and stocks, under penalty of 20s. 

Mr. John Clement chosen lieutenant of the military company of 

Mr. Sam. Hall and Mr. Tho. Bradbury chosen and sworn two of 
the three men to end small causes for Salisbury. 

Martha Sadler, wife of Anthoney, late deceased, appointed ad- 
ministratrix of his estate. Ordered that ten pounds be reserved out 
of the estate for the use of the child she was with, she to use it for 
the bringing up of said child. John Cheiney, sr., surety. 

Mr. Hussie, Jno. Sanborne and Tho. Chase had their bonds re- 
leased in Rich. Walderne's and Edward Colcord's cases. 

Mr. Edward Colcord acknowledged judgment to Mr. Rich. 

John Hoyt took the oath of fidelity. 

John Davis and Tho. Whitcher took the oath of fidelity before 
Mr. Robert Clements of Haverell, who was appointed by the 
General Court, on 5 : 7: 1650, to take oaths at Haverell. 

Tho. Rowell, Vail. Rowell, Jno. Gyll and Rodger Eastman took 
the oath of fidelity at Salisbury, in 1646, before Lt. Pike, the chief 
military officer in that town. 

Georg Marty n and Rich. Currier of Salisbury took the oath of 
fidelity before Lt. Pike in 1646. 

Mr. Batcheller's tine, imposed at last Hampton court, partially 

Tho. Crauly discharged of his bond for appearance in Rob. 
Sawer's suit. 

Mr. Sam. Winsley to appeal to next Court of Assistants in case 
between himself and Mr. Sam. Hall. 

Mr. Worcester ordered to give bond to the country for 201i. of 
his wife's children's portion, and to give satisfactory security for 
the other 201i. to Mr. Batt and Mr. Bradbury until next Salisbury 

Court held at Salem, 31 : 10 : 1650. 

Present : Governor, Deputie Governor, the Worshipful Simon 
Broadstreete, the Worshipful Capt. Bridgis and the Worshipful 
Mr. Sam. Simons. 

I 'V 


Grand jury : Mr. Edmund Battar, Waltr. Price, Charles Gott, 
Henry Herrick and Nicholas Patch, all of Salem ; Nicholas Potter 
Henry Collins, George Burrill, William Knight, Edward Burcham 
and John Mansfeild, all of Lynn ; John Coite of Gloster ; Sam. 
Foster of Wenham ; William AUin of Manchester ; and Moses 
Maverick of Marblehead. 

Jury of trials : Mr. William Browne, Ensigne Dixsy, John 
Neale, Rich. Bishopp, Thomas Putman, Jacob Barny, Edmund 
Lewis, John Deacon, William Longley, John Witt, William Geare 
and William Evans. 

Samuell Archard v. John Spencer. For 1500 pipe staves. 
Henry Pease v. Edward Pitford. Defamation. 
Henry Pease v. Peter Pitford. Defamation. 
Emanuell Clarke v. Edward Pitford. Slander. 
William Hore confessed judgment to Mr, Walter Price of 
Salem, and to Mr. Thomas Rucke of Boston. 

Edward Kempe, chosen constable for Wenham, sworn. 
John Gorum of Hamersmith acknowledged judgment to widow 
Rachell Cooke of Ipswich. 

Arthur- Carey complained to Capt. Bridgis that his master, 
George Keaser, cruelly and unreasonably corrected him. Keaser 
discharged, and Carey to be whipped at Lin. 
Civil cases : — 

Joseph Fowler v. Marke Simons. Simons allowed two days' fees.* 
Mr. Willm. Payne's bill of charges in the case of Joseph Fow- 
ler, including getting George Palmer and his wife sworn. 

Edmund Clarke of Gloster discharged from training, being lame 
and aged. 

Emanuell Clarke v. Peter Pitford. Defamation. 
Erasmus James v. Peter Pitford. Defamation. For sayiug that 
the wife of said James was a witch. Verdict for plaintiff, 50s. 

Erasmus James v. Edward Pitford. Defamation. For saying 
that the wife of said James was a witch. Verdict for defendant. 

Zacheus Gold v. Joseph Fowler. Slander. For saying that he 
stole a horse. Verdict for plaintiff, lOli. 

♦Edward Coburne deposed that he heard Marke Simonds say 
that Joseph Fowler made no conscience of swearing and fore- 
swearing himself, and that he would lie and swear to it for 10s. 


Phillip Crumwell v. William Partridge. Debt. Withdrawn. 
Isaack Cozens v. Joseph Armitage. For 1500 bar iron. Withdrawn. 
Thomas Newell v. Geo. Keaser. 

Court held at Salem, 2 : 11 : 1650. 

Nicholas Patch freed from training, on account of his age. 

Joseph Armitage summoned Mr. Henry Sands to answer him. 
Fransis Smith was attorney for Mr. Sandys. The action was not 

John Bourne chosen clerk of the writs for Gloster. 

Humphory Woodburie and Hugh Woodburie sworn freemen. 

John Stone freed from training, on account of age and infirmity 
in an arm. 

John Hardman, bound from Ipswich court, to be fined or whipped 
for " many horible and abonimable oathes and many filthie un- 
cleane and wicked speechis." 

William Howard chosen clerk of the writs for Topsfield. 

Joseph Armitage v. Henry Stich and Danyell Salmon. Breach 
of bond in that Richard Stich did not appear at court. 

Eichard Ilayment v. James Fogge. For neglect of work. 

Charles Glover v. James Fogge. Battery. 

Christopher Collins v. John Gillo. Unjust molestation. Withdrawn. 

Sam. Dalliver v. William Vinson. Debt. 

Micaell Spencer v. William Sergiant. For detaining corn and 
other goods. 

William Edmunds of Lin allowed to keep a house of common 
entertainment " at the place where he now dwelleth at the utmost 
bounds of Lin next Boston bounds." 

Will of Phillip Verin of Salem, deceased, not proved by wit- 
nesses, but with consent of all legatees in the country whose names 
were subscribed to it, it was allowed. 

Osmund Duch v. Alexsandr Jones. Debt. Referred to Ipswich 

The sentence of Thomas Shareman, servant to worshipful Simon 
Brodestreete, 31 : 10 : 1645, to be carried out. Said Shareman to 
serve his master one year and four months longer. 

John Norman allowed to keep a house of common entertainment 
at Manchester. 

Richard Graves fined for drunkenness at Charletowne. 

Mr. William Payne v. Joseph Fowler, Slander. 

.», i' • l.i- 

r> ,..u.-'l ?jS. 


Marke Simons and Rob. Lord appointed to prosecute Joseph 
Fowler for stealing a hog. Discharged. There appeared jealousy 
between Rich. Kemball and Marke Simons, and between Tho. Har- 
ris and Joseph Fowler. Kemball and Fowler promised to pass by 
their offences and never trouble each other again. Wit : Joseph 
Fowler, John Broadstreete, Thomas Scott, Rob. Lord, Marke 
Simons, Mr. Chute, Richard Kemball and Thomas Harris. 

COUKT HELD AT SaleM, LAST 3d DAY : 12 : 1650. 

William Kinge dying intestate, his widow Dorothie Kinge and 
his eldest son William (to whom is given 141i. for two oxen to 
teach his brothers his father's trade) were ordered to dispose of the 
estate, which amounted to 11211. 10s., as follows : To William 
Kinge, eldest son, double portion, 201i. ; Samuell, second son, aged 
eighteen years, lOli. ; John, third son, aged thirteen, lOli. ; Mary, 
his daughter, wife of John Scuddr, 51i. ; Katherine, wife of John 
Swaysy, his second daughter, 51i. ; Hannah, his third daughter 
lOli. ; Mehitabell, his fourth daughter, aged fifteen, lOli. ; and 
Deliverance, his fifth daughter, aged nine, lOli. John is to serve 
his brother William seven years and to have 161i. at the end of his 
time ; Sam. to serve him three years and to have 121i. ; and William 
to allow his mother, Dorothie Kinge, two shillings per week for her 
son John's service, beginning 1:1: 1653. The two younger daugh- 
ters, Mehitabell and Deliverance, are to remain with their mother. 
Mr. Battar and Sergiant Palfree to divide the estate. 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 12 : 1650. 

Present : Governor, Deputy Governor, Capt. Bridgis and Mr. 
Sam. Simonds. 

William NicoUs petitioned concerning a child of John Burton 
whom the latter committed to him as a servant until the age of 
twenty- one, that the court would rule as to the disposal of the 
child if Nicholls should die, in order that he might not lose the 
expense he had incurred in caring for the child. Ordered that in 
such a case, the child be placed in the custody of the heirs of 
Nicolls, until the next court at Salem. 

Mary, widow of Edmund Lewis, late deceased, brought in his 
will,* and it was proved by Edward Burcham and John Deacon. 
Inventory of the estate, 12211. 7s. 6d. 

*The will of Edmund Lewis of Lynn, dated 13: 11 : 1650, was 
proved by Edward Burcham, 25 : 12 ; 1650. He willed " my land 

1650-1] RECORDS AND FILES 207 

Humphery Horne, presented for living here and his wife in 
England, was ordered to go to his wife by the next opportunity of 
shipping, on penalty of 201i. 

att watertowen shall be sould &; thart my elies:-r scne -^ :':r^ Lewis 
shall have A double portyon Si yt the reste :: :i.y Li^lirri: :.3.aily 
the fine youngeste to haue euery one of them A Ucke portyon of my 
estate. Secondly my deare & Louinge wife to have the thirds of All 
my whole estate 3 I desier that my wife may have A cow over & 
aboue towards the bringine vpe of my youngeste Children 4 my 
desires Is my wife to be my whole Executor to dispose of my body 
& goods ackordinge to my will 5 my requeste to my sone John 
Is to giue his mother a Cow to hellpe her towards the bringine vpe 
of my youngeste Children 6 my requeste to my sone Thomas 
Lewis Is to giue his mother halfe of his sheepe to helpe her as 
Aforesaide 7 my desire & meninge is that the Cow I aske of 
John 5: the sheepe I aske of Thomas Is of them that they now 
have In theare possesion Allso my requeste is to Thomas Austines 
to be my supervisor to assiste my Lovinge wife. Edmund Lewes."* 
"Wit : John Deakin,* Edward I3urchum.* 

Inventory of the estate of Edmunde Lewis of Line, deceased, 
taken 12 : 12 : 1650, by John Deakin,* James Axey,* Edward 
Burchum* and William (his mark) Tilton : One payer of oxen, 
131L ; one payer of oxen, 141L ; fouer workinge Steares, 241L ; one 
too year ould heffer, 311. ; six shots, 311. ; one heffer, 21i.; too milch 
kine & a Calfe, 91L ; thre yearlings, oli. ; fouer wether sheepe, 21L 
16s. ; fouer ewe sheepe, 61i. ; thre lames of this yeare, IIL 6s. ; 
hay, 2ii. 10s. ; too littell harrowes, 10s. ; one plow wth coulter & 
share, 65. ; one cheane, 2s. 6d. ; one payer of ould wheles, 10s. : A 
carte & draughts, lli. ; the waine, 111. 10s. ; an ould plow, 2s. 6d. ; 
too yockes, 6s. ; one bede with the Fumit-er, 311 3s.; one bed with 
the Furnituer, lli. Is. ; purse and aparell, 21L ; five pilow cover- 
ings & five napkins, 18s. 6d.; a table cloth, 2s. ; a bedsteade, os. ; 
a chiste. 3s. 4d. ; thre wheles & too litell Chayers, 10s. ; In yaren, 
flax & wooll, 1 li. 17s. ; In wheate, 10 bushels, 211. ; In Oats, IIL 
7s. ; a fan, 3s. 4d. : too sithes & fouer hooks, 9s. ; thre score bush- 
els of Indyan Coren, 911. ; a sword, belte & bandelears, 12s. : too 
muskets & too rests, lli. 16s. ; A foulinge pece, IIL 6s. ; too small 
gunes. 16s. ; A Cettell i too lern pots, 143. Sd. ; A grid leren .t a 
lern kettell & a ould posnett, 6s. ; peuter, 10s. ; a frying pan & a 
hooke, 7s.; too trayes i a mea'.e sive & other lumber, lis.; thre 
axes, too wedges & a drawinge knife, augers & a handsaw, lis. 8d.; 
too driuke barells, 3s. ; a bibell, Ss. ; A churen. a bottell & a litt^ell 
tube, OS. : A pece of Lether, 6s. ; too tubes, a brake & a crackell.t 7s. ; 
total, 12211. 7s. 6d. Debts to be payd that is owinge, 711. 6s. Id. 

•Autograph. ^Perhaps a heckle or flai comb. 


Robert Pike, presented for living here and his wife in England, 
did not appear. 

Alice Peach, wife of John Peach, fined for striking Edward 
Reade's wife. 

John Hart, being chosen by Marblehead to keep a house of 
common entertainment there, was granted permission by the court. 

Sam. Bennett, presented for defective highway in the lane by 
Anthony Newell's house, was ordered to repair it. 

Robert Burgis, presented for bad grinding of corn, acquitted. 
Wit: Joseph Armitage. 

John Bourne, chosen clerk of the market for Gloster, and sworn 
before the Deputie Governor, 22 : 12 : 1650. 

Town of Manchester presented for a bad way between Manches- 
ter and Lawrence Leec[h]'s farm. Line between Salem and Man- 
chester to be run, to ascertain which town shall repair it. 

Andrew Lister, presented for " deare sellinge " of beer, victuals 
and strong water, was discharged. Wit: Geo. Tucker, who was 
fined for absence. 

Charles Glover, presented for stealing shoes from Mr. Holgrave, 
was discharged. 

Town of Salem, presented for want of a cart bridge at Stony 
butts brooke, was ordered to build one sufficient to lead a horse 
over, a cart bridge not being considered necessary. 

Town of Salem, presented for want of a foot bridge at Crane 
river, ordered to make it, on penalty of 51i. 

Town of Salem, presented for deficiency in a bridge at Mackerill 
cove creeke, made answer that it was ready to make a new bridge 
when the highway should be laid out, and promised to perfect the 
highway to Manchester. 

John Kitchin presented for beating Giles Corey.* Continued. 

♦Deposition of Giles Cory : That Mr. Edwa. Noris and he were 
going toward the brickkiln ; John Kiching, going with them, "Fell 
a niping and pinshing of us ;" and when they came back again, 
John Kiching " struck up Mr. Edwa. Noris his heels and myne, & 
Felluppon me & keched me by the throte and held me soe long tell 
hee had almost stoped my breth & I sayd unto John Kiching thes is 
nott good Jesting, and John Kiching replyde this is nothing, I doe 
owe you more then this of ould : this is nott halfe of y' wch yew 
shall haue afterwards." After this they went into Kitching's house 
and he took stinking water and threw upon them, and took Cory and 
thrust him out of doors, and he went his way, Kiching following 

1650-1] RECORDS AND FILES 209 

Ruben Guppy admonished for taking away Thomas Trusler's 
fencing stuff, the wood being of small value. 

John Kitchin and Rich. Graves, presented for playing at shuffle- 
board at Mr. Gednyes, discharged, not being proved. 

William Gigles, being ordered to make the way before his house 
next the water, 7mo : 1649, had the time extended. 

Court held at Ipswich, 25 : 1 : 1651. 
Judges : John Endicot, Esquire, Dep.-Gov., Mr. Symon Broad- 
street and Mr. Sarauell Symonds. 

him half the way up the lane or thereabouts. Corey perceiving 
him following, attempted to go over the Rayles, but he threw him 
off the Rayles and beat him luitil he was all bloody. Tho. Bushop 
was a witness to the assault. Sworn in court, 12: 26: 1650, before 
Henry Bartholmew,t clerk. 

Will of Hugh Burt of Lynn was proved 31 : 10 : 1650, by Hugh 
Burt, sr., and John Deacon : " Memar Random I Hew Bort doe 
freeley make my wife full exseckter. and I giue vnto hear my holla 
estat and I giue all soe my viy House and land to ray wife During 
hear life and after hear Deseese the house and land to falle to hear 
2 Chilldren and all soe I freely lefe my tow Chilldren to my wifes 
Disposing acording to hear Discresion all soe if my wife be with 
Chilld y* Chilld to haue a Equll porsion with the other tow all soe 

1 giue to my 2 Chilldren the holle estat that is left mee by my 
vnkell in Eingland after my antes deseese and for the seeing to hit 
to be parformed I haue mayd Choise of 4 to ouer see hit for the 
youse of my Chilldren my father Bort and Nathanell Hanfort and 
John Deakin and Edward Bort theese 4 I haue mayd Choise of to 
ouer see this estat wich is in Eingland for the youse of my 2 
Chilldren." [No signature.] 

Inventory of estate of Hugh Burtt, jr., of Line, taken 8:8: 
1650, by Nathaniell Handforthf and Robert Pepper :t House and 
land belonging, 221i. ; one hefar & to yearlinges year & vantag, 51i. ; 
one Cowe, 51i. ; to hoges & to pidges, 21i. 8s.; his heeding, blan- 
ketes belonging therunto, 31i. 8s. 6d. ; in whearing aparell, 61i. 8s. ; in 
lienin, 21i. 16s. ; in putar & pontes, 21i. 4s. 9d. ; muskete, sword, 
cerbine & other armes, 21i. ; powdar, boulates & snapsake, 3s. 6d. ; 

2 Chestes, to bokes & tabell. Hi. lis. 8d. ; Cheares & stoulles, 4s.; 
trayes, tubes, akes, spade & other toules, Hi. 3s. 2d. ; one ladar, 33. 
4d.; old ieren, 6d. ; in fleekes, 5s. ; 8 load of hay, 41i.; in Come, 
wheat & other Englesh grane, Hi. Is. ; 30 bushelles of ingen Come, 
41i. 10s. ; oeing to hem the sume of 18s. 6d. ; to bibelles, lOs. ; 
total, 651i. 15s. Debts owed, 201i. 8s. Laid out for his burying, 
Hi. 10s. 9d. 


'U : or::. . .' 'jC 't 


Jury of trials : Moses Pengry, Jer. Belchar, Tho. Clarke, Will. 
Fellows, Reg. Foster, Ezek, Northen, Will. Law, Jo. Tod, Jo. 
Pickard, Nick. Noyce, Tho. Coleman and Jo. Hull. 

Civil cases : — 

Robert Crose v. Cornelious Waldo.* 

Jo. Broadstreet v. Joseph Muzye. Slander. Judgment for 
plaintiff, 61i. ; defendant to make such acknowledgment as the 
court shall appoint in the meeting-house at Ipswich on some 
lecture day within three weeks, or to pay 41i. more.f 

•William Cogswell deposed that when Robt. Crose said he would 
pay 25s. of the 50s., Brother Waldoe said he would rather have 
that than nothing. Sworn in court before Robert Lord.J 

fThomas Scott deposed that he heard Joseph Muzy say that 
John Bradstreett had three or four bastards at Road eyland and 
that he should know them wherever he saw them for they had a 
natural mark and that was lowell ears like their father, and he told 
him so to his face. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

Joseph Fowlar testified that being upon occasion at Goodman 
Cross' house to see him, being very sick, and Joseph Muzi being 
present, John Brodstreet and I persuaded Joseph Muzi to give his 
brother satisfaction for calling him bastard and to agree with him. 
Joseph replied : " You have been whipt once allredy for saying 
yt the fellow in the silver buttens came and said he swore 
hime befor the gret saggamore the deputy Gouernar and he would 
doe the best he could to bring hime to it againe and tould him he 
would haile hime out by the hares and yt he was good for nothing 
but to rune rouging about the Cuntry. . . . That he heard this 
latly deceased John Cross say that he formarly loued John brod- 
stret well vntell that Joseph Muzi had raised such, reports on hime 
•which caused hira to procscecut against him which he feared now 
seing he was a lying fellow had don him rong for the said John 
cross : said he was such a lying felow thar was noe beleving of 
him he was a nofe to set a hole town and cuntrary togeather by the 
years." Sworn to in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

Daniell Roffe testified that he heard Joseph Muzi say he never 
spoke the words, but the witness spoke falsely ; and another time 
" I heard him say he wod rather my broother wod be quiat, but if 
he wod come to the corte he shod mack yet apeare to be tru of what 
he had sed : he thought he ware better thay did not goe to the 
cort, but if thay did it wod be to his disgrace as to me." Depo- 
nent also testified that he and his father Broadstreet, being at 
Goodman Crose's house, heard the latter say he believed Joseph 
Muzi was a lying fellow and the cause of the breaches between 



John Bradstreet and himself. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 

John Remington deposed that last haytime twelve month, being 
with the late deceased Goodman Cross, he had much discourse with, 
him about John Brodstret, and he gave John good commendation, 
saying that he bore great love towards him in so much that he 
could willingly have bestowed his daughter on him in marriage, 
and he had told him as much, if he carried himself well ; their 
farms lay together ; also, he commended him for minding good 
things and loved him well until he heard a report raised by Joseph 
Muzie against Brodstreet, concerning himself and others, which 
did exceedingly incense Goodman Cross against said John, and 
altered his mind towards him, but if the accusations proved false, 
his love should still continue. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 

Hanah Crosse, daughter of John Crosse, testified that he heard 
Joseph Muzzy say that John Bradstreet " was the leereingest hang 
doge that was in the world and that he had three or fouer sunes 
at Rode eyland," and that he intended to go thither once in a 
while and then he should see them, and he was confident he should 
know them, and said that he used to set maids on their heads 
when he did dwell at Roade Eyland; and that Joseph Muzzy said 
that John Bradstreet enticed him to combine with him to knock 
Goodman Cross oif his horse when he was upon Muddy river 
bridge, and the said John would then ride away upon the horse. 
Sworn to in Ipswich court, 26 : 10 : 1650, before Samuel 

Thomas Scott deposed that being at Goodman Cross' house, that 
the latter said he believed Joseph Muzzy to be so given to lying 
that he could not believe a word he said. Sworn to in Ipswich 
court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

Ezekell Northene and Thomas Abbott testified that Joseph 
Moage said, beginning of March, 1651, that John Broadstreet had 
dealings with the maids at Road Island, set them on their heads, 
took them by the gingoes, and that John Broadstreete had a yoke 
or two of bulls at Rode Hand and should go there soon and would 
know them by their dole ears and Joseph Moage said he never 
said bastards to any one, but bulls. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 
25 : 1 : 1661. 

Elizabeth Howe deposed that she heard Joseph Muzzy say that 
John Broadstreet had three or four bastards at Roade Hand, and 
that he was going there and hoped to see them. Sworn to 26 : 10 : 
1650, before Samuel Symonds.* 

William Smith deposed that he heard Joseph Mussy say in 
Master Appleton's barn that John Broadstreet desired him to 
combine with him and to lie in wait at ^uddy river to knock 



John Chattor v. Nath. Wire. For detaining a beast.* 

Goodman Grose off his horse and to knock him on the head, and 
said John would run away with his horse ; and that said John 
had four bastards at Rode Hand, and he should go there ere long 
and should know them by their bangell ears, just like himself. 
Sworn to in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

♦Letter, without signature : " Brother wier I am sory that it 
was so I could not stay with you tho I conseve if your case be well 
managed it will be yours I did not set my hand to the last thing 
1 did rite which was conserning your mark but sum of you did 
here mee read it & knowes it to bee my one & it may be compared 
with my other riting & howeuer macke yuse of that riting — M' 
Endicote had of you for the macking a pere of the marke of the 
S which I canot conseve can stand becas his aformation of his 
mark is not true much more mit be said but now is not seasonable 
therefor lucke to your biznes that all your wittneses be taken «& 
it may be all riting given to the Juree." 

Christopher Bartlet testified in reference to arbitration, and to 
going to the steer with Goodman Wire and another, laying the ear 
upon a piece of paper and marking it out with a pen, and also that 
the tail was cut. John Davis deposed about a strange steer being 
at his house, which he cried in the meeting house ; that Goodman 
Wier came to see whether it was his, and he said it was not ; that 
John Chator came to see it four days afterward, said it was his, 
and carried it to his (Chator's) house, and he has got it still. 
Archelaus Woodman deposed as to the mark, and that Goodman 
Charter's steer, going in the herd about the frog pond, attracted 
his attention, and he believed the steer in controversy to be the 
same. John Knight testified that, being in Goodman Wire's yard 
upon a lecture day, Goodman Adames came, saying he was come to 
see the steer, which was a little black one ; Wire asked him 
whether it was Goodman Chater's; he answered that he could not 
tell, " but my children know him better than I." John Emery, 
sr., deposed that before the six arbitrators he asked Goodman 
Wyer why he new ear-marked the steer. He said he did not. He 
said, *' I sould the steere to Will. Titcombe, and John Chater 
claimed it by reason of the littlenes of the ear-marke." Goodman 
Wyre said he cut it deeper to make it plainer. Robert Adams tes- 
tified that he sold the steer to Goodman Chater ; and his daughter 
Joaue Adams, aged about seventeen years, testified the same. 
Abraham Adams, son of Robert, aged about ten years, who kept 
the steer all the summer before, testified that the beast was slen- 
der, broad-horned, had his right ear cut " crookedish," and had a 
white spot. Richard Browne testified about the steer. Edmund 
Moores testified that he was asked to go to Goodman Adams' house 
to see the steer, etc. Francis Browne testified that he believed the 


Alexander Knight v. Theophilus Willson. Defamation.* 
Edward Clarke v. Jo. Newman. 

[Tho. Dorman undertakes to pay for Ed. Clark. — Waste Book.']-\ 
John Pike v. John Wright and John Davis. For taking away a 
rick of hay.t 

William Flint v. Edmond Farrington. Review. § 

steer to be Chater's, because when he kept the herd, about a week 
or fortnight after Michael tide, the steer had no cord on his head, 
where one had been before. Later the small cattle were driven 
down to Henry Short's and he did not see the steer again until he 
saw him at Goodman Wyer's hayrick. John Trewman testified 
that the steer John Cheter bought of Goodman Adams was deliv- 
ered to him to keep six weeks, and that it was better and larger 
than this " by an Angell in prise at the least." John Bartlet tes- 
tified that he was about to buy John Cheter's steer, but this was 
not it. 

All these depositions sworn in court, 25 : 1 : 1651, before Robert 
Lord, II clerk. 

*Witness subpoenas to Marke Symons and Robert Lord of 
Ipswich, 25 : 1 : 1651, by the court, John Whipple. || 

fRichard Kembell, jr., deposed that John Newman came to him 
about the middle of this winter and said that he would hire a pair 
of oxen for Edward Clark, though they cost him three pounds. 
Willm. Whiteridg deposed that he was present in the company of 
Edward Clark, John Newman, Henery Kemball and Thomas Whit- 
eridg about last Michelemesse time ; John Newman spoke to Ed- 
ward Clarke of two oxen which Clarke had hired of him, etc. ; and 
Newman would have Clark go to Roger Lankton about the oxen. 
Newman denied that he had let them to Lankton and made a new 
agreement with Clark for another year. Thomas Newman testified 
that he went " to my Brother John " to hire his oxen and the lat- 
ter said that the oxen had been let to Edward Clark. Sworn 30 : 
11 : 1650, before Samuel Symonds. || Thomas Kimball testified that 
he heard John Newman say that Edward Clark had hired the oxen. 
Sworn in court before Mr. Endecott, 27 : 1 : 1651, per Robert Lord,|| 

^Defendants' bill of charges, Hi. 14s. 8d. 

§Phillip Verin and John Hill, aged above twenty years, testified 
that they saw Mathew Farrington and two others with him come to 
William Flint's yard at Mr. Downinge's farm when he lived there, 
and they brought two teams and loaded them with hay. Sworn to 
before Jo. Endecott,|| Dep.-Gov. Ruben Guppy and Pasca Souden 
(also Sawden) testified that when they were mowing the hay for 
which Wm. Flynt and Daniell Rumbell were sued by old Goodman 



Samuell Dalibar v. Andrew Leyster (also Leister).* 

Jer. Belchar v. Charles Glover. Debt. Withdrawn.! 

John Devorix v. Mr. Valintyne Hill. Two cases. Mr. Valen- 

tyne Hill, Thomas Haukins and Jere. Belchar signed bond to 

prosecute said Hill's appeal.) 

Farrington of Lynn, said Farringtou came to them and showed 
them the bounds of his farm, which were a great oak on one side 
and two pines on the other. Farrington said that where they 
mowed was none of his, and he knew not to whom it belonged. 
Sworn before Jo. Endecott, || Dep.-Gov. Edward Burchum testified 
that he was with Goodman Farrington when the hay was levied 
on; William Flint's man told them that a certain parcel was Good- 
man Farrington's hay, and that was the hay that execution was 
served on by the marshal of Salem and deponent. They estimated, 
by measuring the height of the staddle and the circumference, that 
there was a load and a quarter. Copy of judgment, Salem court, 
26 : 10 : 1648, in Edmund Farrington v. Lawrence Suthwicke and 
Danyell Rumball ; action of trespass, cutting grass, etc. Daniell 
Rumball testified about the hay. Kuebbin Gubbe, who helped him 
make the hay, testified. Sworn before Jo. Endecott, Dep.-Gov., 
26 : 1 : 1651 ; copy. Daniell How, sometime an inhabitant of Lyn, 
was a lot layer of Lynn, and with brother Walker and brother 
Collins (also lot layers) testified about Edmund Farrington's four 
or five-acre meadow lot at west end of long meadow without Mr. 
Humphrye's farm ; those who lived at the farm informed them as to 
the bounds, Aug. 28, 1649. Sworn before Robert Bridges, 2: 8: 
1649 ; copy. Edmund Farrington's bill of costs, Hi. 9s. 2d. 

*Order to Mr. Rusell, dated Feb. 24, 1650, signed by Andrew (his 
mark) Lester, to deliver certain woolen cloth to Samuel Daliber. 

Letter to Samuell Daulloyer, living in M arblehead, from An- 
drew Lester, II dated Gloster, 10 : 8 : 1649 : " Samuell DauUouer my 
loue remembrd unto you this is to intreat you to send me word what 
you would haue me to due a bout that I am to peay you for the cow 
that I bought of you I in treate you to send me word if you will 
tack it by a bill to mester Russell or to any marchant else and to 
send word by the first opetunity you can for I thincke ... to fear it 
is my time to peay you now and so I reste yours in whet I meay." 

fjohn Newmarchjl testified that Charles Glover promised to satisfy 
Goodman Bellsher five pounds in merchantable fish by Fillap Crom- 

J Writ: To marshal of Boston, John Devorex v. Mr. Vallentine 
Hill of Boston ; charge of voyage at Manhegen in 1650, and the 
former part of that winter, in 1649, at Marblehead ; dated 12 : 25 : 
1650; by the court, Henry Bartholmew ;|| served by Richard 

II Autograph. 


Waite.* Bill of John Devericks to Mr. Hill, upon a fishing voyage 

at Marblehead in 1647 : 

For the 1-3 pte. of the fishe being 142 kentalls 

wch is in monny 106 : 10 : 00 

for 7 shares bought of the Company att 7 

kentolls & 1-4 a share wch is so 3-4 38 : 01 : 03 

244 3-4 kentolls Reed of the Mayor for 

Cors fishe 7 kentolls ditto 08 ; 05 : 00 

for 38 kentolls stoped of the Mayors 

pte for the payrate of disburmta & 

sould to Mr Lake but now to be 

putt one this Accompt 28 : 10 : 00 

178 : 06 : 03 

Disbursed of this Fishe to these perticulers. These are allowed 
by Mr. Hill in the judgments : To Mayor Seidgwick, 60 kentolls, 
481i. ; to Vinson of Cappann for provitions while the stage was bild- 
ing, 21i. 10s. ; for bildinge a stage at Annisquam, 241i. ; for port- 
lidge by order, 81i. 12s. ; pd. Gabrill Hatherly & John Gor : givell 
out of their shares beinge of the 7 shares I charge myselfe wth, 711. 
12s. ; pd. by Mr. Lake, 24li. 73. 6d. These not alowed by Mr. 
Hill : Pd. Mr. Haythorue, 131i. ; pd. John Bennett, portlidge, 21i. ; 
pd. Mathew Coe, portlidge, 61i. ; pd. Rich. Rowland, 4li. ; pd. James 
Smith, 31i. ; pd. Mr. Maninge for boat hire, 91i. ; pd. Arter Sanden 
for beer & provitions att the sharinge. Hi. 7s. 8d. ; for the remainder 
of my wages about, 131i. ; for the diett after the fishe was shared, 
41i. ; for Lose in the fishe att the second waying. Amount of dis- 
bursements proved, 481i., with damage and interest, 991i. 17s. 6d. 

Debts of John Deuerickes of Marblehead, June, 1650 : To my too 
thirdes of too boates fish yt we had at Marblehead cont. 29 keat. at 
32 Ryalls kent., 231i. 4s. ; too thirdes of fiue kent. refusse at 12s. 
kent., 21i. ; fifty kentills marchantable fish at Munhegon at 32 
Ryalls kent., 401i. ; can vice, 1 li.; rede h licker, Hi. 8s.; 45 vrds. 
want 1-4 of Fine linen, 3s. 4d. yd., 71i. 8s. Per me, Val. Hill.* 
Added 2 kentalls fish at 32 rials. Hi. 12s. ; total, 761i. 12s. Also 
14 l-21i. of sallet oyle, 14s. 6d. ; A 11 ys. of Canvis, 2s. yd., Hi. 23.; 
for sayle nedells 15d., Is. 3d. ; A pott, 12d., Is. ; 2 bush, of pease, 
8s. ; more 2 bush, of pease, 8s. ; more 13 3-4 of oyle, 13s. 9d. ; for 2 
bush, of pease, 8s. ; 2 bush, pease, 8s. ; total, 41i. 4s. 6d. 

Mr. Hill debtor to John Deuerix for the laste voyadge wch was 
pte. att Marblehead & pte. att Munhigon the last year: For ray 
portlidge att Marblehead, lOli. ; for my wages at Munhigon, 1811. ; 
for boat hire, 81i. ; 3 hogsheads & 1-2 of mackrill, lOli. lOs. ; 1 bar- 
rill more of Mr. Gidny, Hi. lOs. ; 5 hundred 1-2 of bread att 203. 
^ hundred, 51i. 10s. ; triming his boate, 31i. 19s. 9d. ; 35011. pork att 
8s. '^., 711. 8s. ; pte. of a stage at Marblehead, 211. 10s. ; pues and 



gaffs, 53. ; Comon Charges as furridge,* hiring boate & expense at 
Salem, Hi. ; a Cannow, Hi. ; John Stacys wages, 121i. ; 6 hogsheads 
of salte, 4li. 10s. ; pd. Tho. Yeow by yor. order, lOli. ; pd. Mr. 
Browne things bought, 41i. 4s. 6d. ; total, lOlli. 12s. 3d. Pd. Thomas 
Boens wages att Marblehead, 91i. ; total, lllli. 12s. 3d. 

Bill dated 15: 12 : 1647, sould to Jno. Devorix for Mr. Hill to 
be payd at the end of the viage : Strong watters, 1 gallon, 5s. ; 
Goody Knight for buryes, 6d. ; 1-4 hundred Bread to her, 4s. ; 126li. 
of Porke at 4d. '^ li., 21i. 2s. ; wheat, bacon & butter to Goody 
Parker, 3s. ; 21i. of Butter & 21i. of Bacon to Knight, 2s. 2d. ; 1 peck 
of wheat & blewlmman to Parker, 4s. ; 1-2 bushell of pease to 
Knight, Is. lOd. ; 5yd. of stufe to her at 2s. 2d. ^ yd., 10s. lOd. ; 
hooks & eyes & black grogreene to her. Is. Id. 1-2 ; 1-2 ell of lace, 
lOd.; 1-2 bushill of malte & 1 once of thred, 2s. 9d. ; a hatt & a 
paire of shoos, 4s. 2d. ; 1-2 bb. of wheat & Indian to Parker, 2s. 6d. ; 
Holand & thred to Goody Knight, 6s. lid. ; 31i. of Bacon & 21i. of 
butter to her, 2s. 8d. ; 1 peck of Pease to Goody Parker, lid. ; yr. 
selfe for bread, lis. 2d.; total, 51i. 7s. l-2d. " This 21i. 18s. was de- 
liuered to Jn° Deverix himselfe, the rest of the some abouesd, was 
deliuered to workmen that fenced his farme, & bilte his house, per 
me, Wra. Hathorne.t 27 . 12 . 50." 

Beniamen Mungey'sf receipt for trimming Mr. Hill's boat : My- 
self & boy 5 deaies, — ; Richard Rowland, 5 deaies 1-2, 13s. 9d. ; 
George Mungey, 4 deaies, 12s. 6d. ; a eleauen gallands of tarr, 16s. 
6d. ; a halfe hundred 1-2 4d neals, 2s, ; one hundred of lOd neales, 
2s. ; for a pitch pot, Is. ; a hundred of mch. & quarter bord, 6s. ; to 
dozen of ocom, 6s.; total, 31i. 19s. 9d. 

Letter from John Manning to John Deverix : — 

" mr John deverix 

" I most kindly salut yow eccy' I shall Intreat yow that yow 
would deliuer up my bote unto my brother Moses the first of June 
and the hire of hur in fish. According as yow and I agread for with 
all things that doth belong to hur soe not Ells att p^'sent rest y" to 

John Manning."! 

Receipt of Tho, Lakef to Mr. Jno. Deuerox on account of Mr. 
Jno. Maning for boat hire, July 21, 1647. John Deuerix testified 
as to expenditures for Mr, Hill among his men that fished for him 
in 1647 : 1 gall, strong liqur, 5s. ; 3 Firkins of butter, 51i. 14s. lOd. ; 
lOOli. of pork, Hi. 17s, 4d, ; total, 7li. 17s. 2d. Sworn in court, 25 : 
1 : 1651. Mr. William Lullaby testified that in 12th mo : 1649, 
being at Mr. Hill's house in Boston with John Deverex Mr. Hill 
much importuned him to go to Munhigon with his men (one of 
whom the affiant was apparently), saying that if he should leave 
him all his men would forsake him, and he would be undone, and 
for satisfaction deponent should take what he pleased. Mathew Coe 

•Forage. t Autograph. 


testified that he was employed, in 1647, by Mr. Hill in fishing, but 
agreed as to wages, which were six pounds, with John Deuerex, and 
was paid by the latter, and not by Major Sedgwake nor Mr. Hill. 
James Browne testified that there was fetched from Goodman San- 
dens in beer and provisions, 21i. 15s. 8d. at the weighing of the fish, 
one half of which he paid for the Major and the other half was for 
John Deverix to pay for Mr. Hills. James Browne and Francis 
Johnson testified that Mr. Thonvas Lake said that John Deverex 
demanding his money for the fish sold him. Mr. Lake told them 
that Mr. Hill said not to pay it to him, and they did not. James 
Smith testified that he sold to Mr. Chapell, master of Mr. Hill's 
voyage, at Marblehead, in 1647, one firkin of butter for about 40s. 
and a side of bacon for about 20s., an order being given by Mr. Hill 
to John Deuerick, from whom he received his pay. Sworn to be- 
fore Jo. Endecott,* Dep. Gov. James Browne further testified that 
there was lost from the Major's fish in weight after it was shared, 
when it was delivered aboard, eight kentalls and that there were 
fourteen kentalls received as merchantable, which when it was de- 
livered was refuse. Also that the boat hired of Mr. Maninge, Major 
Sedwicke ordered him not to pay for as he had contracted with the 
Major. Francis Johnson testified that Mr. Hill promised to pay 
for all that John Devericks approved. Sworn in court at Salem 
25 : 12 : 1650, before Henry Bartholmew.* Serjeant James Browne 
deposed the same, 12 : 1 : 1650-51, before Increase Nowell.* Thomas 
Hawkins testified that he heard John Devericks and John Bennett 
say that they had none of the 12 bushels of meal and firkin of suet 
that Mr. Price of Salem charged to Mr. Hills in 1646 and 1647. 
James Browne testified that though Mathew Coe was appointed to 
have his portlidge of Major Sedgwick, yet he refused it and had it 
of John Deuericks in fish. James Browne testified that he " saw 
John Deuerix deliver a board a vessell that to my beste remem- 
brance was ould Groces w*''' m"' Edward Weathridge was in & that 
m"" weatheridge tooke fishe from the stage m'' Hill beinge then pre- 
sent." James Browne testified that although Mr. Maninge's boat 
was entered on the Major's book, yet it was paid in fish by John 
Deuerex, Mr. Maninge giving order to Mr. Moyses Mauerick to re- 
ceive it, who would not have it paid to the Major but to Mr. Man- 
ing's assignes. George Tucker testified that Mr. Hill was at Mun- 
higon when John Deverex was in his employ, and that when Dev- 
erex should have been about the fish ashore, he went to sea, and 
for the tish ashore, when Deverex came away Mr. Hill agreed with 
the deponent to make it, which he did. This was in July, 1650. 
Richard Waite, aged about fifty years, deposed that being at Mar- 
blehead, 12th month last, he heard John Deverix demand thirteen 
pounds of Mr. Vallentine Hill for a fishing voyage at Munheagon 
this last summer. Job Hawkings testified the same. Sworn before 
William Hibbins,* 24 : 1 : 1650. 



Mr. Willm. Norton v. Rich, Johnsou. [George Keizer given fees 
as witness in Salem court. — Waste Book.l* 

Made freemen : Ipswich, Mr. Sam. Symonds, jr., Nath. Stow and 
John Layton; Newbury, John Chattor ; and Andover, Willm. Bal- 

John Frye sworn sealer of weights and measures for Andover, 
and John Trumble for RowlJ^ 

*Samuell Taylor testified that being at Goodman Armytayge's with 
Master Norten when Goodman Johnson was there, the latter claimed 
the bill was good, and Master Norten had him assign it. Then said 
Goodman Norten " I haue anoufe, lett us be gone," and went pre- 
sently away. Goodman Armytage was not in the room during this 
discourse. John Hardman testified that being at the house of Jo- 
seph Armitage when Mr. Willm. Norton of Ipswitch and Rich. 
Johnson had a difference about some pay which Johnson was to 
receive from Norton for a bill of exchange, Johnson wished his 
pay to be delivered to him at Lynn and not to be obliged to go to 
Ipswich for it. Norton answered that he had taken his bills of 
exchange at an adventure and freed him of all further trouble 
and he should be satisfied. Edward Burcham was present. 
Sworn to 24 : 1 : 1650, before Rob. Bridges.* Edward Burchum 
testified as to being asked to be present to make any wright- 
inge that was necessary concerning a forty pound bill that Mr. 
Norton had bought of Richard Johnson, which had been made 
over to Richard Johnson by Abraham Froste. Mr. Norton said he 
knew Mr. Gray. George Keyser deposed that he was desired by 
Johnson of Lynn to speak with Mr. Norton, the Ipswich merchant, 
concerning the terms upon which he would let said Norton have his 
bills of exchange that he had charged upon one Mr. Gray, that he 
could have them upon the same security that he had received them 
but neither he nor his estate would be responsible. Norton replied 
that he would give his answer when he saw the bills, and desired 
him to bring them to next Ipswich court. Later the deponent met 
Norton in the street, coming from Goodman Armitage's, and he told 
deponent that he had agreed with Johnson upon the same security 
that the latter had received, for he knew Mr. Gray very well, and 
he would not lose anything in case the bills were not paid in Eng- 
land. Sworn before Rob. Bridges,* 24: 1 : 1650. 

The depositions of Jno. Mansfeild and Anthony Newhall, in case 
between George Keyser and Thoms Nevvhall, were enclosed with, 
this, and sent by Rich. Johnson to Ipswich court, addressed to " ye 
worspp" Sara" Simonds EsqV by Rob. Bridges, to be returned by 
bearer to George Keyser. 



John Knolton sworn constable for Ipswich. 

John Perye of Newbery discharged of his bond for good behavior. 

Mr. William Gerish, John Pike, jr., and Mr. Edward Woodman 
chosen to end small causes for Newbury. The first two were sworn. 

Will and inventory of Tho. Barker, late of Rowly, received and 

Mr. Jonathan Wade allowed costs, being summoned by Willm. 
Symonds and the action not entered. 

Abraham Whitacre, for pilfering ten pounds from his master, 
Joseph Jewet, to pay him thirty pounds aud fees of court.* 

Mary Muzye, " being of age," according to her father's will, 
chose Mr, John Norton for her guardian and gave him power to 
dispose of her in marriage. 

John Chote, for stealing apples, to pay Mr. Hubard eighteen 
pence and fees of witnesses and court.t 

Ezekiel Northen fined. 

Rich. Swan fined three shillings. J 

Mary Grose to pay Mr. Rogers twelve shillings witness fees and 
ten shillings for a proved lie.§ 

♦Presented for pilfering certain goods from Joseph Juett of 
Rowley. Wit : Joseph Juett and Goodman Acey. 

fJohn Choate of Ipswich presented, 10 : 8 mo : 1650, for steal- 
ing fruit out of Mr. Hubard's orchard. Wit : Goodwife Stark- 
weather and Thomas Bishopp. 

t Richard Swaine of Rowley presented, 10 : 8 mo : 1650, for 
breach of the peace in striking Ezekiell Northen in the face with 
a staff or goad. Wit : Deacon Michall and Goodman Acey. 

§Mary Cross of Rowley presented, 10 : 8 mo : 1650, for lying and 
pilfering. Wit : Elder Raynor and Deacon Michaell. Thomas 
Dickansonll notified the marshal that the freemen of [Rojwlay had 
chosen Zeekeill Northen, [J]ohn Pickard, John Tode and Wiliam 
Lawe, jurymen, and warned Richard Swane, Abraham Whiteker 
and Mary Crose the wife of Twyfourde West, and also as witnesses, 
Elder Kainev, Deacon Mighel, Joseph Jowet and Wiliam Asee. 
Endorsed by jury : Moses Pengry, Serg. Jer. Belcher, Serg. Tho. 
Clarke, Will. Fellows, Regnell Foster, Ezekell Northen, Willm. 
Law, John Tod, Jo. Pickard, Nicolas Noyce, Thomas Colraan and 
Jo. Hull. Humfrey Reyner|| and Thomas Mighell|| certified that 
being at the house where Mary Crosse lived as a servant to Mistria 
Shoue, having been called to take care of the latter's goods and to 
inquire about some bags that belonged to Mistris Shoue, they 

n Autograph. 

>*<< ;. '■ n.' 


William Randall and his wife fined forty shillings for suspicion 
of uncleanness. Wit: John Emery and his wife.* 

Mr. Sewall admonished and to make the following acknowledg- 
ment in the Rowley meeting house, being called on, or pay forty 
shillings : 

[" I Henry Sewall being p'seuted to the Court holden at Ipsw'^h 
in the first month 1651 for contemptuous speeches, & gestures, to 
the reverend m' Ezeckiell Rogers & others in the publiq*' meeting ; 
and the truth thereof being prooved by full Testimony ; vpon 
•which as part of y® sentence I am inioyned to make my confession 
& acknowledgment of my great sinne against god & offence against 
his messinger, & espetially in charging Mathew Boyse about buy- 
ing my howse for the remoovall of me out of the Towne which was 
denyed by him, & not pved by me. I doe now in the p''sence of 
god & of this rererand assembly freely acknowledg my evell ac- 
cording to the full extent of the Testimonies and doe earnestly 
desire you all to pray to the god of all wisdome & grace to pardon 

saw two or three bags containing corn and upon opening them 
found not corn but malt. Mary Crosse said the malt belonged to 
Goodman Crosse and she had it to grind for him. She further said 
that Crosse had this and one bushel of rye malt from Charles 
Browne, but Goodman Crosse and Charles Browne denied it. She 
afterward said she took it out of Mr. Rogers' chamber without his 
or his servants' knowledge. Thomas Mighell testified that the 
malt Mary West said was Goodman Cross' which Elder Rainer and 
he saw in Mistress Shove's house, when Mary West was their ser- 
vant, she confessed before Mr. Rogers, Elder Rainer and myself to 
have taken from Mr. Rogers' chamber. That Joseph Jewet said 
she had given into his book to pay 13s. 6d. in rye malt and that 
Goodman Crosse said she was to pay to him about three or four 

♦William Randall of Newbery and his wife Elizabeth presented, 
10 : 8 : 1650, for suspicion of fornication. Their child was born 
nine or ten weeks before due time. Wit : John Emery, jr., and his 
wife. John Emmary, sr., and his wife deposed that William Ran- 
dall and his wife Elizabeth were married a fortnight and a day or 
two after myallscit,t and said Elizabeth was brought to bed May 14, 
1650. Mary Emery, being sent for after the birth of the child, 
deposed that William Rendale denied that the child was his as it 
came before her time. She told him she might come a month be- 
fore her time. He replied that from six or seven weeks before 
marriage he would own the child to be his. 


1651] ' . RECORDS AND FILES 221 

these & all other my sinnes & to guide me in his blessed wayes of 
Truth & peace for tyme to come." — Waste Book.']* 

Thomas Rolinson, proven impotent, on complaint of his wife, 
was to take counsel of physicians forthwith, follow their advice, 
and report to court. 

[John Deverex sweax-s to account of the voyage. Mentions Mr. 
Hill and Marblehead. — Waste Book.] 

Court held at Salisbury, 8:2: 1651. 

Grand jury : Josiah Cobham, foreman, Joseph Moyce, Edward 
French, Richard Wells, Isack Buswell, James Davlss, Danniell 
Hendrick, James Wall, Rodger Shaw, Tho. Ward, Jno. Merian, 
Philemon Daulton, Willi. Godfrey. 

Jury of trials : Willi. White, foreman, Georg Carre, Willia 
Osgood, Willi. Barnes, Willi. Partridg, Jno. Gyll, discharged. Rich. 
Ormsbey, Hugh Sharratt, discharged, Edward Gyllman, Humphrey 
Wilson, Willi. Estow, Willi. Fullar, Robert Tuck, Stephen Sam- 

Mrs. Mary Chelsam v. Mr. Sam. Hall. Debt. Forfeiture of a 

*Mr. Henry Sewell of Rowley presented 26 : 1 : 1651. Wit : 
the grand jurymen of Rowley, Thomas Michaell, Mathew Boyes 
and Hugh Smith. Rowley, 10th mo : 1650, Humfrey Reyner,! 
Thomas Mighell,t Ezekiel Northend,t Will. Lawf and Mathew 
Boycef certified that Mr. Shouell was walking in the foremost seat 
in the meeting house of Rowlye near the pulpit. Mr. Rogers, be- 
ing present and ready to step into the place to begin prayer, said, 
" Mr. Showell, cease your walking." Mr. Showel answered, '< You 
should have come sooner." Mr. Showel continuing his walk, the 
pastor said, " Mr. Showell, remember where you are ; this is the 
house of God." Mr. Showel answered with a loud voice, " I know 
how to behave my self e in the house of God as well as you." Then 
the pastor said, " Rather than that he disturbe the Congregation 
putt him out." Mr. Showell replied, " Let us see who darr." Af- 
ter this a brother spoke to him in a friendly way, but Mr. Showel, 
with a stern countenance and threatening manner, said he would 
take a course with some of them, etc. On another Lord's day 
Showell was walking in the meeting house, a part of the congrega- 
tion being assembled, and he, looking up, said, " Good Lord, this day 
is spent, I know not how, and nothing is yett done," expressing some 
trouble in other words. Sworn to by Humphry Reynor and Mathye 
Boyce, 25 : 1 : 1651, in Ipswich court. 

t Autograph. 

,;' u 'fi (,/,, ., ■;■ f ', '"•' A '/. w ■■* 


Willi. Furbur v. Abraham Pirkins. For not performing tbe 
duties of his office, concerning an execution delivered to him 
against Edward Colcord. 

Mr. Richard Walderne v. Edward Colcord. For taking certain 
goods of Mr. Vallentine Hill's on his account and making use of 

Georg Early v. Abraham Pirkins. For not serving an execution 
granted to plaintilf upon a judgment at Salem court against Na- 
thaniell Boulter. 

Jonathan Thing v. Tho. Joy. For unjust molestation and false 
imprisonment, and in forcing an execution to be served upon his 
person for a debt paid. Defaulted. 

Humfrey Wilson v. Edward Gyllman. Trespass. For violently 
taking his hay from his meadow and destroying what was left. 

Edward Colcord v. Mr. Richard Waldern, in behalf of the town 
of Dover. Review. Concerning an assignment of a debt of Mr. 
Burditt to Mr. Willi. Hooke. Verdict for plaintiff. Appealed to 
next Court of Assistants. Richard Waldern, Willi, Furber and 
Joseph Armitage bound to prosecute. 

Edward Colcord v. Jno. Allcock. Non-performance of covenant 
concerning five hundred bolts, ten years before. 

Jno. Severance v. Willi. Maston. Debt. For 1400 pipe staves 
assigned by Edward Colcord to James Wall and by him to Jno. 
Severance. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. Sam Winsley v. Mr. Sam. Hall. Defamation. Review of 
case tried at Hampton 1:8: 1650, for defrauding Robert Codnam 
of 1600 pipe staves. 

Tho. Davis v. Tho. Hale. Slander, Verdict for defendant, who 
was to be admonished for his reproachful speeches concerning the 
birth of the plaintiff. 

Mr. Edward Gylman v. Mr, Jno. Legatt, Trespass. Bargain or 
sale of a house and land, 

Mr. Sam. Winsley v. Jno. Stevens. Defamation. For saying 
he recovered 1000 pipe staves of Mr. Sam. Hall by false informa- 
tion of the court at Salisbury, Verdict for plaintiff. 

The marshal not having given legal notice of the execution ex- 
tended upon the lands and goods of Edward Colcord to satisfy a 
judgment to the town of Dover at Salisbury court, 9:2: 1650, 
and the appraisers being not sworn according to law, ordered that 
there be a new appraisal. 


Jno. Ilsley sworn constable. 

Mr. Woodman swoi-n commissioner to end small causes for Nubery. 

Willi. Sargent sworn clerk of the train band of Salisbury. 

Aquilla Chase allowed 3s. for witness, summoned by Joseph 

Tho. King licensed to keep the ordinary for the town of Exiter 
and to sell beer and wine. 

Mr. Georg Smith appointed administrator of the estate of George 
Webb of Dover. 

Jno. Gill of Salisbury took the oath of freeman. 

Mary Jonson appointed administratrix of the estate of her hus- 
band, Edmond Jonson of Hampton. To bring in inventory. 

William Buswell made freeman, 9:2: 1651. 

Steven Flanders took the oath of fidelity. 

Joseph Armitage ordered to pay Mr. Clement Campian witness 
fees in case between said Armitage and Francis Addams ; also to 
pay to Clement Campion, attorney to Walter Knight, witness fees 
at Salisbury court, 9:2: 1651. 

Mary Willix appointed administratrix of estate of her husband, 
Bellshasar Willix, of Salisbury. To bring in inventory at next 
Hampton court. 

Mr. Sam. Winsley granted liberty to traverse a presentment 
brought in at Hampton court, 1:8: 1650. 

House and land of Mr. Willi. Hooke, which was given as secur- 
ity for his appearance at Salisbury court to answer Mr. Sam. Wins- 
ley, discharged. 

Mr. Colcord fined 40s. and bound to good behavior for saying at 
Strawbery bank that he would pluck Captain Wiggin off the 
bench. Mr. Edward Gyllman and Mr. Edward Colcord bound for 
the latter's good behavior until 11 : 2 : 1651. 

Mr. Robert Clement sworn associate for the County of Northfolke. 

Mary Willix, widow of Tho. Hauxworth, appointed administra- 
trix of his estate. 

Court held at Ipswich, June 3, 1651. 
Rowly, presented for defect in the highways, now mended, was 
discharged, paying fees of court.* 

*Town of Rowley presented, 26 : 1 : 1651, for defect in highway 
between Rowley and Newbury. Wit : Mr. Gerrish and Arche- 
laus Woodman. 


Town of Ipswich, presented* for defect in the pound, now made 
sufficient, was discharged. 

Town of Ipswich, presented 10: 8: 1650, for defect in the high- 
way,t now mended, was discharged, paying the fees of court. 
Martha, wife of Joseph Fowlar, fined for lying. J 
Alexander Knight fined for lying. Wit : Jeames How.§ 
Job Bishop fined or to be whipped for suspicion of fornication. || 
Ed. Gillman, sr., bound to answer his son, John Gillman's pre- 
sentment. John Gillman was discharged.lT 

Frances Usellton fined or to be whipped on his presentment. Jo. 
Knight promised to pay the fine.** 

Theophilus Salter fined for lying in 1650 and 1651, and to 
acknowledge his offence of encouraging to steal apples. tt 

*0n 10 : 8 : 1650, their pound being decayed and insufficient. 

iBetween Ipswich and Rowley. 

JMartha, wife of Joseph Fowler of Ipswich, presented 10 : 8 : 
1650, for pernicious lying, tending to defamation of her own sister. 
Wit : George Palmer and wife and Goodwife Lovell. George 
Palmer and wife testified that when Joseph Fowler and his wife 
were living at their house, the latter was sitting by the fire with 
them and speaking of Robert Filbricke. Palmer was commending 
him for his good husbandry, and Fowler's wife said she knew him 
to be a rogue. Deponent asked what reason she had for speaking 
so of the dead, and she replied that he was a bawd. She had had 
no criminal intercourse with him, but one of the fishermen's wives 
had, namely her sister Dutch. 

§Alexander Knight of Ipswich presented, 10 : 8 : 1650, for lying. 
Wit : Marke Symones, Robert Lord, Goodwife Percy, Goodman 
How and Richard Cooke. 

II Job Bishop of Ipswich presented 26 : 1 : 1651, for fornication, 
his wife being delivered of a child twenty weeks after their mar- 

ITJohn Gilman, now of Ipswich, presented 26 : 1 : 1651, for un- 
lawful enticing of Hanna Cross, daughter of the widow Cross, 
using means to draw her affections contrary to the minds of her 
mother and governors made known to said Gilman, Wit : the 
mother and VVilliam English. 

**Francis Usselton, servant to Henry Jacques of Newbery, pre- 
sented, 26 : 1 : 1651, for using the name of God profanely, etc. 
Wit : Thomas Dow and another. 

ttTheophilus Salter of Ipswich presented, 10 : 8 : 1650, for lying. 
Wit : Thomas Bishop and William Avery, jr. Samuel Ayres testi- 
fied that being at the general training at Charlestowne, Theophilus 
Salter asked him if he called at Mr. Hubbard's farm and he said he 


Thomas Colman, jr., fined for striking, and discharged on his 
other presentment. Wit : Willm. Michell.* 

Marke Symonds fined 10s. for one lie and 5s, each for three other 
untruths, and 5s. for railing ; also admonished for serving a warrant 
on Sabbath evening.f 

did not. Then Salter told him that they took some apples, having 
leave of Mrs. Hubbard to take as many as they wished under half 
a bushel. That Salter told John Chote to go into the orchard, but 
he said he was afraid to go, as he had no liberty from Mistress 
Hubbard. At last he persuaded Chote to go, agreeing to stand all 
blame and cost. William Averell testified that being at the raising 
of a house where Goodman Bishop and Theophilus Salter were 
present, said Bishop inquired of Salter about the eating of apples 
from Mr. Hubard's orchard by some of the company going to the 
Bay, etc. Joseph Fowlar testified as to John Chote being urged by 
Salter to take the apples and that Salter said he was to work for 
Mistress Hubbard and did not care how many he took for he would 
work them out. Joseph Begsby heard Salter say that Mistress 
Hubbard gave him leave to take apples. Thomas Bishop testified 
that Salter did not tell Chote that he had leave to take the apples 
until he was out of the orchard. Joseph LancktonJ testified as to 
the taking of the apples when he was going to the last general 
training at Charlestowne with Theophilus Salter, John Chote and 
John Buck, and that Joseph Bixbe was a witness. He was also 
presented, 1st mo : 1651, for lying. Wit : Kichard Coy and his wife. 
. John Tillison of ISTewbery presented, 10: 8 : 1650, for scandalous 
and reproachful speeches cast upon the elders and others in a public 
church meeting on the Lord's day. Wit : Goodman Mowdey, 
Goodman Meriall and Archelaus Woodman. 

Bill of presentments, 10 : 8 : 1650, signed by William Barthol- 
omew}; in the name of the rest of the grand jury. 

Deed of John Crosse, t charging his farm in Ipswich to pay ten 
shillings yearly forever toward the annual stipend that shall be 
settled in Ipswich for a free school, 6 : 10 : 1650, addressed "To 
his reverend friend Mr Nathan eel Rogers pastor to the church at 
Ipswich." Wit : Nath. Rogers, Robert Payne and John Whipple. 
Acknowledged 26 : 10 : 1650, before Samuel Symonds.} 

•Thomas Coleman, jr., of Newbery presented, 26 : 1 : 1651, for 
striking William Richardson of Newbury with the swingle of^a 
flail. Wit : William Mitchell and his own confession. W^illiam 
Michell testified that Thomas Collman came to Goodman Sandar's 
barn and with a great swingell struck William Richeson across the 
back and ran away. 

tMarke Symonds of Ipswich presented, 26 : 1 : 1651, for lying. 
Wit : Richard Bettes, Thomas Whitridge, John Broadestreet, 



William Tittconibe sworn constable of Newbery. 

Thomas Scott, Joseph Fowler, Daniell Rofe, Phillip Fowler, Rich- 
ard Kemball, jr., Richard Kemball, sr., John Keraball, Henry Kem- 
ball and Edward Coleburne. Also presented for reproachful 
speeches against Mr. Samuell Symondes, the magistrate. Wit: 
Daniell Roffe and John Brodestreet. Also, presented for several 
railing and scandalous speeches against Joseph Fowler. Wit : 
Edward Coleburne, Thomas Smith, Richard Kemball, sr. and jr., 
John Johnson, sr., and Thomas Lovell. 

Joseph Fouler testified that Goodman Simons affirmed at Robrt. 
Dutch's that the hog in controversy had a mark on his near ear so 
small that it could hardly be seen, and that no man would use a 
knife to make such a little mark ; that Goodman Simons later 
affirmed that the mark could be plainly seen from Mr. Baker's par- 
lor to the street gate ; and that Simons said to him : " Joseph 
Fowler yo° thinke y' I prosecute against yo° in this matter aboute 
y^ hogg, but I profess I doe not neither haue I any hand in it." 
Rich. Kemball, sr., testified in substance to the same. Both sworn 
in Ipswich court, 3:4: 1651. 

Thomas Scott deposed that he believed the mark, which was 
almost an inch deep, was the bite of a dog or hog ; and that he 
heard Goodman Simonds say that Master Treadwalle told him that 
the hog at Mr. Cogswell's was Goodman Cobean's mark and he 
had no other. 

Daniell Roffe deposed that he was at Goodman Cross' house on 
a Sabbath evening when Marke Simonds, who was there also, called 
him to the door and said that he had a warrant for him, but sup 
posed that Joseph Fowler had served one already, and that he must 
go before Mr. Siiuonds or the court at Salem. The Monday follow- 
ing he went to court and when near Mr. Norton's, Marke Simonds 
passed and showed him the warrant, but deponent's name was not 
on it. " It is not indeed," said Simonds. Deponent thought he 
must be mad, as he had served him a warrant in this manner be- 

John Kimball deposed that he heard Mark Simonds profess to 
Joseph Fowler, after having prosecuted him and John Bradstreet, 
that he was not the accuser and would go forty miles to do him 
good. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 4:4: 1651. Thomas Smith tes- 
tified that he asked Goodman Symonds why he said that Fowlar 
would swear or lie for ten shillings, and he said that he thought he 
could prove it. Richard Kimball, sr., testified that Mark Simonds 
affirmed about the mark of the hog that was shut up in Robert 
Dutch's yard. It differed from Mr. Cheut's and Goodman Coburn's 
hogs' mark. 

Henry Kemball testified that he never gave Goodman Simons 
five shillings and six pence a day for his boy and two bullocks. 
Thomas Whiterit testified that he heard Goodman Simonds and 


Joseph Muzy fined for lying, and admonished for saying, when 
some one was reading, that it was the devil's service book. Wit : 
Daniell Rofe.* 

John Bradstreet, Joseph Fowlar, Tho. Scott and Richard Betts, 
upon their presentments, discharged. f 

Goodman Beals reckoning concerning work done by both parties. 
Simonds said that Henry Kimball paid him 5s. 6d. for use of his 
cattle and boy , whereas Goodman Beals said it was too much and 
that none in the town would give it. Sworn in Ipswich court, 3 : 
4: 1651. Richard Beals testified that Goodman Simonds plowed 
for him with a boy and two bullocks one day, and he worked for 
him about three days. He told deponent that Henry Kimball paid 
him 5s. 6d., and upon asking said Keraball, the latter said he never 
did pay him that and never would. Sworn in Ipswich court, 
3:4: i651. Thomas Roberts, Andrewe Anderson. J 

Abraham Foster and Wm. Dellowe testified that Daniel Roffe 
and John Broadstreet stood together at the barn door ; Goodman 
Symonds came by and desired said Roffe to speak with him, and 
John Broadstreete came into the barn, and stayed until said Roff 
came back. Sworn in Ipswich court, 4:4: 1651. 

*Joseph Mussy of Ipswich presented 26 : 1 : 1651. Wit : the 
widow Cross and her daughter and Daniel Roffe. 

fThomas Scott, Joseph Fowler, John Brodestreet and Richard 
Bettes presented, 26 : 1 : 1651, for giving false testimony. Wit : 
Nathaniell Stow, Thomas Perkines and Robert Roberts. Mark Sy- 
monds, informant. 

Thomas Harris testified that being at Mr. Baker's the second day 
before Salem court when Nathanyell Stow was to testify, the latter 
came out of the new room and inquired of him for Goodman Lord, 
saying that he did not like some of the company, and so went 
away. Sworn in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

glish testified that Goodman Broadstreet (also Brod- 

street), etc. 

Apleton testified that lot layers laid out Goodman Cross' 

one hundred acres. 

Joseph Fowler testified that he was hilling corn with Nath. 

Stowe and heard Cooke say there was no true church because 

they people of God to Rode Hand and fettered them, and 

that he would '• sceere " the E [to] death by setting him on a 

tree naked in a swamp in the summer time " musketoes" 

should have stung him to death, and he would sit till he 

was dead, and after that that the Governor had to away in- 
to England with child and what if the Governor had to why 

might not he have to do with ell as another man. Also that 

Master Norton taught lies. Mr. Stowe also affirmed the same. 

tThe last two names are written on the reverse of the paper. 


Court held at Salem, 24 : 4 : 1651. 

Grand jury : Mr. Battar, Walter Price, Charles Gott, Henry 
Herrick, Nicholas Patch, Nicholas Potter, Henry Collins, George 
Burrill, William Knight, Edward Burcham, John Mansfeild, John 
Coite, Sam Fostr., Will. Allin and Moses Mauericke. 

Richard Moore and John Catlin chosen and sworn constables of 

Rob. Leech chosen and sworn constable of Manchester. 

John Deacon chosen and sworn clerk of the market for Lin. 

John Collins chosen and sworn constable for Gloster. 

Samuell Dalliber sworn constable for Marblehead. 

John Gorum was fined by the worshipful Capt. Robert Bridgis 
for being drunk and abusing John Maunsfeild of Lin, constable. 
Execution directed to Captain Savidge. 

Capt. Hathorne chosen and sworn associate for County of Essex. 

Rob. Pike presented by constable of Marblehead for living here 
and his wife in England. He said he had sent for her by Mr. 
Stratton. To appear at court to be held 4 mo : 1652. 

Sanders said that Henry Dow told him that he had 

bought a neck of Mr. Spencer's land. 

ph Armitage said that he heard Dow say that he was to pay 

a hundred pounds in [Enjgland for it, and that he bought it for 
John Sanders. 

Frances Smith heard Joseph Armentage ask Tho. Turner to pay 
a bill, etc. 

Rich. Graves testified that he was at Boston and spoke to Tho. 
Turner, etc. 

Thomas Perkines testified that he came into a room where Na- 
thaniell Stow, Thomas Scott, Joseph Fowler and Richard Bettes 
were talking about the mark of a hog Thomas Harris had killed, 
saying that Harris might be mistaken as to which ear was marked. 
Sworn in Ipswich court, 25 : 1 : 1651. 

Nathaniell Stow testified that some would have him make false 
statements regarding Harris having killed the hog, and, refusing, 
they called him a simple fellow, etc. He further deposed that 
Joseph Fouler and John Braudstreete brought the hog from Plum 
Hand, and that the hog Thomas Harris killed had a different 

Robt. Roberts testified about the mark of the hog, Mar. 25, 1650, 
saying that they asked Stow if he could not forget the marks. 
Presentments signed by William Bartholraew* for the grand jury. 



Jury of trials : Mr. Thomas Gardner, foreman, Sergiant Porter, 
Danyell Ray, Jeffery Massy, Geo. Williams, Nathaniel! Putnam 
and Thomas Anthrom, all of Salem ; and George Tailer, Andrew 
Mansfeild, Richard Johnson, Nathaniel! Kirtland and Wiiliam 
Fiske, all of Lin. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Ralf Fogg v. George Ropes. For detaining an acre of marsh 
to the value of 61i. Verdict for plaintiff, his title to the land 

Erasmus James v. John Gatchill. Defamation. For saying that 
James' wife was an old witch, and that she was seen going in a 
boat on the water toward Boston, when she was in her yard at 
home. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. Henry Roper v. Mr. Nathaniell Silvester. Defamation. For 
calling him rogue. Mr. Bendall was attorney for the plaintiff. Mr. 
Foote was surety for defendant. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Armitage v. Jabez Hackett. Debt. 

Joseph Armitage v. Edward Colcott. Concerning " goods that 
he received betweene old fSlbrooke and ye plaintf." 

Robert Lord v. Joseph Armitage. Debt. 

Fransis Addums v. Clement Campian. Debt. For nine months 
wages due. 

Lt. William Howard, agent for executor of John Cross, deceased 
V. Roger Shaw. Debt. 

Robert Driver discharged from training, paying a bushel of 
Indian corn yearly for the use of the company. 

John Williams, presented for living from his wife, said that he 
had used all due means to get her over. Continued. 

John Gillo allowed his costs in an action of trespass brought by 
Christopher Collins. 

Elizabeth Blasdell allowed costs in two actions brought by Jos- 
seph Armitage, neither of which was entered. 

Joseph Armitage, being summoned as a witness by widow Eliza- 
beth Blasdell, was allowed his fees. 

Henry Haggett of Wenham discharged from training, on account 
of poverty and infirmity. 

Amos Toser, presented for living from his wife, said that he pur- 
posed to return to her at the end of the voyage. To appear at next 

Nicholas Gardner, presented for living from his wife, ordered to 


show the honored Governor that he had sent for her, and to appear 
at next Salem court. 

Ruben Guppy bound to good behavior until the next court, and 
his v?ife ordered to appear with him. 

Fransis Smith allowed costs in an action brought by George 
Keaser, and not entered, 

Elizabeth Blasdell, widow of Ralfe Blasdell, deceased, intestate, 
appointed administratrix of his estate, and ordered to bring in an 
inventory at the next court. 

Some persons dwelling near Ruben Guppy complained of his 
wife's words and evil carriages. She was ordered to appear at next 

Five shillings to be paid to those who attend in the house, two 
shillings to Rob. Prince, and three shillings among the rest of the 

Town of Salem presented for allowing open wells in the town, 
which were dangerous for the drowning of children and cattle, one 
near Capt. Hathorne's house, one near Mr. Browne's house, and 

*Wit : Walter Price and Charls Gott, jurors. The town ordered 
to make them secure or stop them up within a week, on penalty of 

Will of Joseph How of Lin proved by Elizabeth Breadef and 

William Meriam :t " This is my will & desire to take me out 

of this world shall haue all the mouables in & as allso 

the 2 Coues which I allso the pide haifer & 3 haifors 

boloks I leue with my wife to make of to pay all my deats 

every on that demands anything let them be payd : & what is left 
my wife to hau it : the house & laud I leue to my witfe vntell the 
Child Elizebeth how of my on body be 18 yeres of Age & then 
that shee shall haue if god despose of hur in marag but in case the 
child should die then my wife to haue it for euer ; if god should 
so order it that my wife should remaine my widdow & mary no 
other man then I leue the land to my wife & hir desposing : the tow 
cows which we call mouse & spek to be att my mother hows despos- 
ing I meue shee shall haue them to hir self & all so so mucti of 
the march as shall find them hay if it be Required vntell my moth- 
er be be desesed || for hir vse || allso that those which uses the land 
shall yerly let my mothe[r] haue land bring forth Indian & som 
english & this during her life or else that she shall haue so much of 

the land att hir desposing during hir life as may produse it in 

quantaty is six Aker of up eaite Akers of march liing in 



Court held at Salem, 26 : 4 : 1651. 

William Wake, presented for living from his wife, promised to 
use his utmost to get her over from England. He gave bond of 
401i. before the Governor the next day that he would bring in a 
statement certified by a justice of the peace or other magistrate or 
ordinary as to the true reasons of her refusing to come. Sureties : 
Mr. Walter Price and Hilliard Veearin. 

John Neale, being chosen constable of Salem, sworn on 20 : 6 . 
1651, before the Governor. 

.Indenture of Jeremie Boutman, sometime inhabitant at Thorpp, 
Suffolke, in old England, with consent of Mr. Robert Newman, un- 
cle and guardian to him, apprenticed to Mathew Nixson of Salem 
for seven years. He was not to frequent houses of common enter- 
tainment, but in all things to behave himself as an apprentice 
ought ; and said Nixson was to train him in fishing and in the 
same service at sea in which he was engaged. Also to pay him 31i. 
4s. at the beginning, and 41i. at the end of his time. Dated 6:5: 

— wne march & six Akers of march by march now Acording 

as I haue t is my my full will & desr & hereto hath set ray 

hand this tenth of febiwary 1650. 

And for the oursight 

of what is wrighten Joseph how :* 

I leue to my fathre 

needom & goodman bread 

This is my will that my mother If god Take me a way shall haue 
2 Acers of Land at the ferder End of y® Lot next goodman breads : 
Lot that : he bout of goodman poole : I also Leue to my mother 2 
Coues : namly moucy and speck : and them to be her one for Euer 
and att her desposing : also yt she shall haue as much hay as will 
sufisantly kepe 2 cons : of y® hether pece of marsh: Liing next 
goodman brad one y® one side and m'' soth one y" Eather sid : but 
when god shall Take my mother a way It shall then Retorn to y® 
house again I mene y^ marsh olnely : this is my Last will and : 
desier : toching : my mother: in presents of 

Ephraim How."* 

Inventory of Joseph How, appraised 8:1: 1650-51, by Aline 
(his mark) Braide, Edward Biu'chum* and Phillip Kyrtland :* too 
milch kine, lOli. ; a too yeare ould heffer, 31i. ; thre yearlinge 
Calves, 51i. ; too milch kine, lOli. ; too oxen, 181i. ; too hogs & too 
litell pigs, 21i. 4s. ; the house, lande and medow, 361i. ; a Carte & 
yocke, 15s. ; an Ax & too wedges, 5s. 6d. ; a loade of hay, 10s. ; a 


;■■ .,,'1 -.i \A '1 .•;•• . T 


Court held at Ipswicu, 30 : 7 : 1G51. 

Judges : Jo. Endecot, Esq., Gov., Mr. Syinon Broadstreet, Mr. 
Samuell Symonds, Major Denison and Capt. Hathorne. 

Grand jury : Math. Boyce, Willra. Asye, Jeanies Barker, Will. 
Boynton, Tho. Scott, Robt. Daye, Tho. Knolton, Ed. Bridges, And. 
Hodges, Will. Goodhue, Dan. Bradly, Jo. Emery, Abell Huse, Robt. 
Long and Ed. Ealkner. 

Jury of trials: [Sargent. — Waste Book.'] Rich. Jacob, Tho. 
French, Symon Tomson, John Dane, Tho. Bishop, Hen. Short, 
Rich. Thurly, Tho. Hale, Rich. Swan, Jo. Smith, Dan. Harris and 
Ed. Hassen. Joseph Medcalfe, Jo. Perkins, jr., and Jo. Nenrmarch 
in Deverix case. 

Daniell Pearce of Newbery, constable, fined for not returning the 
grand jury. 

Robert Berwicke [Barnerd. — Waste Book.'] of Andover fined for 
not returning the grand jury. 

[Andrew Hodges fined for not appearing to serve on the grand 
jury. Fine remitted. — Waste Book.] 

Daniell Harris of Rowly and John Coggswell, jr., of Ipswich made 

Zacheous Goold took the oath of fidelity. 

Civil cases : — 

Henry Walker of Gloster v. John Holgrave [and his wife. — Waste 
Book.]. Slander. 

Rich. Kent v. Robert Adams of Newbery. For denying him 
passage in a usual highway. Jury found for defendant.* 

craddell, 6s. ; thre pounde of powder, 5s. ; twenty pounde of shote, 
6s. ; a Case & seauen glasses, 6s.; his purse & Aparell, 41i. 10s. ; a 
box, chiste & other lumber, 6s.; in Coren, Hi. 10s.; thre payer of 
sheets. Hi. 10s. ; too pilow Couerings, 6s. ; a f ether bed & boulster, 
21i. 15s. ; 4 yards & a half of cloth. Hi. 13s. 6d. ; a ruge & a blanc- 
kett, 8s. ; six napkines & a table Cloth, 9s. ; a bedsteade, Hi. ; a 
Chayer, 5s.; in yaren, 4s.; in puter. Hi. 10s.; a table & too stools, 
6s. ; a hangine Candellsticke, 2s. 6d. ; a gune, Hi. ; a Chayer, 2s. ; a 
Copper kettell, Hi. ; a tube & soume lumber, 10s. ; a spite & fry- 
inge pan & a pece of lern, 6s. ; an leren kettell, 4s. ; a brase potte, 
8s. ; hooks & hangers, 3s. ; a gird lern, Is. ; trayes & dishes, 2s. ; an 
lern postnett, 2s. 6d. ; a chiste, 3s. ; in bookes, 8s. ; a diall Case, 8d. ; 
in backer, 6s. Total, 10711. 10s. 8d. 

♦Concerning the way in controversy, John Bartlet testified that 
it was never made use of until Goodman Goffe went to dwell there, 
but that it was through the marshes from Goodman Kent's island 


Joseph Fowlar v. Kobert Beacham. Battery. Two cases. 

John Holgrave v. Henry Walker. For opposing an attachment. 

Mr. Samuell Sharpe v. j\Ir. Samuell Mavericke. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Dan iell Rofe V. Thomas Rolinson, jr. Slander. Judgment for 

John Coggswell v. Martin Stebin. Debt. 

John Devorix v. Mr. Valentine Hill. For withholding 16011. 
due to him on account of a fishing voyage in 1646 and 1647. Two 
cases. Verdict for plaintiff. Appealed to next Court of Assistants. 

John Coggswell v. John Chote. Debt. 

On Sept. 30, 1651, Nath. Edwards and his brother Thomas Ed- 
wards, the latter now in England, were appointed administrators of 
the estate of Nathaniell Smith, deceased, in New England, being 
nominated in his will, as per certificate of Michaell Oldsworth and 
Henry Parker, registers. Jeremia Savage and Jo. Donoldsoo, nota 
publiqus. Copy of will granted by the prorogative court of London 
presented to this court to be recorded. 

George Ingersall of Gloster licensed to keep an ordinary at Glos- 
ter, with the same liberty that Goodman Lister had by his license. 

Robert Gutch is allowed to keep an ordinary at Salem, being 
desired by the selectmen. 

Elizabeth Barick appointed administratrix of estate of Rich. 
Barick, her late husband. 

Robert Tucker allowed and sworn one of the commissioners to 
end small causes at Gloster. 

Nicolas Noyce sworn clerk of the market for Newbery. 

John Tillison released of his bond for good behavior, and his 
fine abated to five pounds, to be paid at next court in Sept., 1652. 

Edward Richards complained that Joseph Armentage attached 
him, and the action was not entered. He was allowed costs. 

Will of Honer Rofe, in two papers, allowed upon oath of Henry 
Lurgen and George Vaughan. 

Willm. Duglas chosen and sworn surveyor of pipe staves for 

Benjamyn Muzye, for bartering a gun to the Indians, and deny- 
ing it, fined 50s., and to sit four hours in the stocks ; also to pay 
the Indian his beaver again, or 50s. if in other pay. 

up to Goodman Hull's and Goodman Thurlay. Copy of record kept 
by commissioners of Newbury, per Anthony Somerby,* cler. 



John Broadstreet to sit in the stocks one hour for affronting the 
court with words. 

Joseph Fowlar, for abusing the watch, to sit in the stocks four 
hours and give bond for good behavior. 

Inventory of estate of Sarah Baker received, and her kinswoman, 
Sarah Lumpkin, appointed administratrix. 

Joseph Eolinson to pay or to be whipped for "seting up a scan- 
delous lybell," and to pay the expense of the marshal's going with 
an attachment to Cambridge and Boston, and fees of court.* 

*" Turninge out all Associates which are able to corrupt justice 
bee y* cause neuer so good," were the words which were written on 
the paper and which John Rogers.t Joseph Paine.t Moses Pengryt 
and W. Hubbardt certified were blotted, but were so legible that 
they read them on July 3, 1651. 

His letter of confession :t " Fonismuch as I Joseph Rowlandson 
through the suggestion of satan, and the evil of my owne heart, by 
that being strongly attempted by the depravation of this too facilly 
inclined to the perpetration of a fact whose nature was anomie, and 
circumstances, enormities And being not onely iustly suspected, 
but also hauing both an inward cogniscance of and an external call 
(by virtue of Lawful Authority before w*^'* I was convented) to 
speake the truth or at least not to utter the contrary yet notwith- 
standing to the dishonour of God and discredit of his truth, and to 
the greife of the Godly and in fine the wounding of my owne con- 
science : did not hearken thereunto but rather to the equivocal de- 
lusions with which satan did then beset mee, not onely to the wav- 
ing but also abnegation of the same. In all of which Respects it 
seemed good to the foresayed Authority, before whom the afore- 
sayed convention was made to bind me oner to this Present Hon- 
ored Court to be Responsal for the same, and being accordingly Now 
called unto the same by you'' Honored worships ; I humbly craue 
your favorable Leaue to Declare as followeth, viz. That as con- 
cerning the writing which I so Rashly affixed unto the Meeting- 
house I doe desire to abhorre myselfe for my extreme folly m so 
doing and I hope the Lord hath opened my eyes to See that in my- 
selfe thereby that otherwise I might too Late haue Lamented but 
not timously Repented of : But in particular I doe acknowledg 
that I did very sinfully in condemning that sentence judicially 
passed by your worships and putting contempt upon the coasessors 
whix3h it pleased this government to honour with power in a sen- 
tence with the Honored Asistants, and likewise using certaine 
scurrulous words of the Marshal in all w'^'" particulars I doe ac- 
knowleag& Confesse that I did miserably abuse My selfe & that 

JAutograph letter. 


Joseph Muzy was accused by his brother Benjamiu of stealing an 
axe. Discharged of his bond of good behavior, the matter having 
been settled by arbitration.* 

Robert Beacham fined upon his presentment [for striking Joseph 
Fowlar. — Waste Book.'].-f 

Bill of presentments, 30 : 7 : 1651, signed by Mathew BoyesJ in 
the name of the grand jury. 

Mr. Willm. Hubard perfected the inventory of the estate of Mr. 
John Whitingham. Amount, 9811i. 16s. Id. 

weake measure of knowledg which the Lord hath beene pleased to 
Bestow upon Mee, and that I did w* I ought not to haue done in 
y* Respect. In which that which I very much Lament is that I 
haue wronged your Honored worships & those officers for this 
Commonwealth's good which are here constituted. But that which 
I much more Lament is the Dishonour that hath thereby redounded 
to God as well by the writing it selfe as by that which most of all 
hath beene a continual greife namely the abnegation of the same : 
For all which sinful offences I humbly craue pardon so farre as 
they concerne your Honored worships, and a Due consideration of 
w' vehement temptation I was under, which though I cannot Relate 
yet I question not but you'' worships will consider : However I con- 
fide upon your worships pitty and continued prayers that this fall 
may be to euer lasting gaine. 

sighned with my hand, attested unto w**' my heart 

Joseph Rowlandson."} 

Joseph Rowlison appeared before Mayor Denyson, 17 : 5 : 1651, 
and confessed that he was the author of the libel. Bound in 501i. 
to appear at Ipswich court. Surety : Thomas Rolandson. 

*' By mee Justice Pleader in y® towne of Conscience in America 
in new england where I faw her triumph in a greene chariot y*' lady 
Astrea riding in y® right boote. 

"Alexander ille magnus. I live at Ipswich. "§ 

•Benjamin Mussey of Ipswich also complained, 17 : 5 : 1651, of 
his brother Joseph lying and sitting upon the bed where the sister 
of Benjamin's wife was to lie, and breaking the chest of said Ben- 
jamin. Bound to answer at next Ipswich court. 

fRobert Bechem of Ipswich, presented for misdemeanor in the 
meeting house on the Lord's day in' the time of the public exercise, 
by striking Joseph Fouler with his elbow on his breast, and calling 
him saucy rascal, with other bad language. Wit : John Johnson, 
Jacob Pirkings and Joseph Foulr. 


§These four quoted lines are scribbled on a separate piece of paper. 


Court hkld at Hampton, 7:8: 1651. 

Grand jury : Josiah Cobbam, foreman, Joseph Moyce, Edward 
French, Rich. Wells, Isack Buswell. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Sara Winsley, foreman, Jno. Severance, Hen. 
Browne, Ant. Stanian, Jefferie Mingee, Tho. Moulton, Jno. Sam- 
borne, Wm. Fifeild, Job Clement, James Fiske, Hen. Eobie, Abra- 
ham Drake, Rob. Smith and Willi. Godfrey in the case between 
Steven Samborne and Tho. Sleeper. 

James Wall fined 10s. for absence from the grand jury. 

Civil cases : 

Steven Samborne v. Tho. Sleeper. Slander. For saying he lost 
rails and that he found some of them in the said Samborne's fence. 

Gowin Wilson and Tho. Cornish v. Tho. Jones. Non -perform- 
ance of covenant concerning a parcel of land which they bought of 
him at Exeter. 

Nicolas Leeson v. Georg Barlo. Non-performance of covenant 
concerning a bargain of a house and land for which said Barlo had 
received pay. Defaulted. 

Nicholas Leeson v. Tho. Crauly. Debt. For bonds for Georg 

Francis Pebodie v. Tho. Bradbury. For issuing an illegal execu- 
tion, for or in behalf of Mr. Batcheller, against the town of Hamp- 
ton. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Saml. Hall of Salisbury having given bond of ten pounds to 
Mr. Saml. Dudley for a farm lying in Salisbury purchased of him, 
and the bond having been lost, Mr. Dudley acknowledged the bond 
and it was discharged in court. 

Abraham Pirkins v. Natt. Boulter. For not making good cer- 
tain parcels of land, which defendant surrendered to the marshal to 
satisfy an execution granted against him at Salem court to George 
Barlo. Verdict for defendant. 

Jonathan Thing v. Edward Gyllman and Tho. Joy, assignees of 
Abraham Perkins. Debt. Forfeiture of bond. Verdict for plain- 

Tho. Craulie v. Edward Gyllman. Breach of covenant. Concern- 
ing fencing in of ground for him to plant on and for four oxen with 
cart and plough and all manner of furniture belonging to it. 

Joseph Armitage v. Clement Campion. Breach of a bond. Non- 
appearance at Salem court to answer Francis Addams for nine 
months' wages. Defaulted. 


Mr. Edward Gyllmaa v. Tho. Crauly and Jno. Barrett. Debt. 
Concerning a bargain of bolts. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Humphrey Wilson. For taking away 
his privilege of water and timber. 

Jno. Barrett v. Mr. Edward Gyllman and Henry Robie. Breach 
of covenant concerning a bargain of bolts. 

Job Clement v. Robert Long. For detaining his servant, Benja- 
min Long, the latter being demanded. There being but three 
members in the court and one of them being taken out by the de- 
fendant on account of his near relationship to the plaintiff, the 
other two remitted the entrance fees. 

Mr. Samuel Winsley v. Edward Colcord. For goods delivered to 

Robert Nanny v. Jno. Redman. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Robert Nanny v. Jno. Redman. For detaining a bond delivered 
to him upon arbitration between Mr. Nanny and Tho. Beard, con- 
cerning a part of a vessel. Nonsuited. 

Jno. Redman v. Robert Nanny. For unjust molestation. Non- 

Tho. King fined 20s. for taking a false oath or to acknowledge 
in open court at Salisbury next and at Hampton court following 
that he did very wickedly in so doing. Also to pay charges to 
Natt. Boulter. 

Tho. Maston chosen constable for the town of Hampton. Mary 
Willix appointed administratrix of the estate of her former hus- 
band, Tho. Hauxworth, who died nine years before. 

Ordered that the children of Edmon Jonson, late of Hampton, 
deceased, namely, Peter, John, James and Dorcas, shall have the 
following portions : Peter, the eldest, 321i., Jno., 161i. and James, 
161i., all at the age of twenty-one years, and Dorcas to have 161i. 
at the age of eighteen years or iipon marriage. Tho. Coleman, 
father-in-law to the said children, to give bond of four score pounds 
and to give the house and lands of said Edmon Jonson, lying with- 
in the town of Hampton, as security. The children to be taught 
to read and write. 

Willi. Samborne made freeman, 8:8: 1651. 

Tho. Biggs fined ten groats for refusing to appear when sum- 
moned by the marshal. 

Abraham Pirkins and Rodger Shaw, chosen by the town of 
Hampton to end small causes, sworn 8:8: 1651, at Hampton court. 


Jno. Cass of Hampton made freeman, 10 : 8 : 1651. 

Tho. King not prosecuting his appeal from the judgment of the 
worshipful Capting Wiggins, 8:8: 1651, in case between him 
and Rob. Smith, forfeited his bond. Robert Smith allowed for 

Mr. George Smith to have until next Salisbury court to bring in 
inventory of the estate of Georg Webb, deceased. 

Tho. Pettitt allowed fees for attendance at Hampton court in 
1650, upon a presentment in behalf of the country. 

Court to meet at the ordinary at Salisbury on Nov. 12 next. 

Henry Robie confessed that he was sorry that he took offence at 
some words spoken by Mr. Dudley, in pleading a case, saying when 
he heard Mr. Dudley, " That if I had spoke so in y® disparagm*' of 
the Towne as M"" Dudley did I should thinke I deservd to be sett in 
y® stockes." 

Eunice Coles, presented for misdemeanors, admonished and to 
pay half a crown to the of&cers. 

Allowed to Mr. Monday 3s. 6d. for Mr. Symonds and his servant 
lying there one night. 

Abraham Pirkins, chosen by the town of Hampton to keep the 
ordinary, was licensed by the court to sell wine and strong 

Court held at Salem, 25 : 9 : 1651. 

Present : The Honord. Governor, Mr. Simon Broadstreete, Capt. 
Robert Bridgis, Maj. Danyell Denyson and Capt. WilUam 

Grand jury : Mr. Roger Conant, Lt. Tho. Lathropp, Serg. Jo. 
Porter, Jacob Barny, Richard Prince, Thomas Spooner, William 
Longley, George Keaser, Phillip Kirtland, Andrew Maunsfeild, 
Thomas Wakely, William Geare, John Sibley and James Smith. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Edmund Battar, foreman, David Carwithen, 
Ens. William Dixsy, Thomas Putnam, Richard Bishopp, John 
Robbinson, Edward Burcham, Nathaniell Hanforth, John Deacon, 
William Clarke, William Browne and Rob. Gowinge. The four from 

Execution given to the marshal of Norfolke to attach the goods 
of Natt. Boulter to satisfy judgment granted to Edward Gyllman, 
by the Salisbury court, on 24 : 2 : 1649.* Dated 27 : 2 : 1649, and 
signed by Tho. Bradbury,t for the court. 

*See ante, page 165. 
1 Autograph, 


Lin suspended, and the following chosen in their place : Jeff. 
Massy, Cha. Gott, Elias Stileman, Jo. Kitchin. 

Civil cases : — 

Joseph Jewitt v. Thomas Sweatman. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Armitage v. Joseph Inkes, jr. Debt. Forfeiture of a 

Joseph Armitage v. John Eadman. Debt. For 4400 pipe staves. 

Thos. Laighton and Joseph Armitage, agents for Lin v. Mr. 
Richard Leader. For 5001i. due upon forfeiture of a bond for not 
appearing at the court at Boston. AVithdrawn. 

Mr. William Paine v. Oades Edwards. For goods delivered. 

Francis Lawes chosen and sworn constable of Salem. 

Samuell Dalliber, constable of Marblehead, fined for not return- 
ing warrant. 

Will* of John Osgood of Andover, presented by Joseph Parker 
and Rob. Barker, proved by Robert Barker. 

♦Will dated Apr. 12, 1650, " in the ag of the testator 64 born in 
1595, July 23." He bequeathed " Vnto my Sonn John Ossgood my 
hous and hous lot with all my acomedationes thervnto Belonging 
Brooken vp and Vnbroken Vp and with all the medow thervnto 
belonging Foreuer with this proviso y*' my wif Sarah ossgood shall 
haue the moyety or the on half of the hous and land and medowes 
during her naturall life I do Giue and Bequeath to my Sonn Ste- 
ven Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 21 yeares of age in Contry 
pay It I do Giue to my daughter Mary Ossgood 25 pound to be 
payd at 18 years off age in Contry pay It I do Giue to my dater 
Elizabeth Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 18 yeares off age in 
Contry pay It I do giue and Bequeath Vnto my daughter hannah 
Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 18 years of age in Contry pay It 
I do Giue to my daughter Sarah Clement 20s. It I do Giue to her 
daughter Sarah 20 Shillings to Be payd when she is 7 yeres of age 
But if she dy before y* tim it to be null 

It I do Giue to my Seruant Caleb Johnson one Cow calf to Be 
payd 3 years Befor his time is out and to be kept at the Cost of 
my executor till his tim is out It I do Giue to the meeting hous 
off newbery 18 shillings to Buie A Chushion for the minister to lay 
his Book Vpon : all the Rest of my Goods and Chateal Vnbe- 
queathed I do giue Vnto my sone John Ossgood and to Sarah my 
wife whom I do mak Joynt executorrs of my last will and testa- 
ment in wittnes thereof [I] set my hand an Seale 

John Ossgoodt 



Richard Beafer, Geo. Blake and John Pearce, all of Gloster, 
sworn freemen. 

Rob. El well chosen and sworn a commissioner for Gloster to end 
small causes. 

Rob. Hawes sworn constable for Wenham. 

I do intreat John Clement of Hauerell and Nichalas houjt of 
Andever to be ouerseers of this my last will and testament 

By mee 
in the presens off John Ossgood* 

Joseph Parker* 
Richard Barker* 

debt owing to me 

m"^ Edword Woodman eyght shillings." 

Inventory of the estate of John Osgood, sr., lately deceased, 
appraised by John Clements* and Nicholas (his mark) Hoult, and 
signed by Sarah (her mark) Osgood : His purse & apparell, lOli. ; 
fowre oxen, 301i. ; two steeres, lOli. ; six Cowes, 291i. ; seaueu young 
cattle, 141i. ; eighteen swine, 251i. ; 120 Bushels of wheat, 241i. ; 
30 Bushels of Ry, 51i. ; 120 Bushels of Indian, 151i. ; house, lands 
& meadowes, 801i. ; for Rie sowed, 121i. ; due upon bond, 201i. ; 
sixty Bushels of Barley, 131i. ; fifty Bushels of Pease, 81i. 15s.; a 
feather bed & furniture, 411. 10s. ; a fiockbed being half feathers 
& furniture, 31i. 16s. ; a flock bed & furniture, 21i. ; a flock bed & 
furniture, 21i. ; five payre of sheets & an odd one, 21i. 8s. ; table 
linnen, Hi. ; fowre payre of pillowbeers, 18s. ; ninteene yards of 
Carsai, 51i. ; sixe yards of Sarge, Hi. 43.; ten yards of Canvace, 
15s. ; a remnant of Serge, 9s. ; penistone ten yards, Hi. 10s. ; ten 
payre of stockins, 18s. ; three yards of stuff e, 10s.; twenty two 
peeces of peauter, 21i. ; for ye Copper & brasse, 41i. 14s. ; an iron 
pot, tongs, cottrel & pothookes, Hi. ; two muskets & a fowling 
peece, 21i. 10s. ; sword, cutlace & bandaleeres, Hi. 5s. ; yarne & cot- 
tenwool, 15s. ; barrels, tubbs, trayes, cheesemoates & payles, Hi. 
10s. ; a slead, 5s.; bedsteds, cords & chayers, 14s.; cheasts and 
wheeles, 16s. ; a warming pan, 5s. ; fowre Axes, 8s. ; three hoes, 
8s.; three wedges, 3s.; fowre augers, 5s.; a gouge, two ham- 
mers & a broad chisel, 2s. 6d. ; for Hay, 81i. ; cart & wheeles, 
21i. ; a dung cart & wheeles. Hi. ; a cart roape, 3s. ; fiue yoake & 
the hookes, 15s. ; three chaynes, 15s. ; ploughs & iron. Hi. 5s, ; a 
Harrow, Hi. ; fiue sives, 5s. ; a Spade & Crow, 7s. ; three Sithes, 
fiue Sickles, one mathook, pitchforks & a grindstone, Hi. ; nayles, 
5s. ; fower Sacks, 8s. ; a hayre cloth, 5s. ; bridle & Saddle, 5s.; for 
Sawes, 10s. ; mault, 16s. ; a ferkin of Butter, Hi. 8s. ; bacon, 2s. ; 
cheese, 21i. ; a yard of holland, 4s. ; a yard & half of Callico, 2s. 
6d. ; houshold implements, Hi. ; total, 3731i. 7s. 


i A '■-•') b 1" ! .1 



Fransis La-wes sworn constable for Salem. 

Oades Edwards, late of the lie of Shooles, being dead, Rob. 
Lord of Ipswich, marshal, is to take estate into his own hands until 
an administrator is appointed. 

Civil cases : — 

" The right worshipfuU Si"" Henry Moody, Knight," attorney 
for the honord Lady Deborah Moody v. Mr. Danyell Kinge. For 
rent and stock for her farm, which he received from the tenant, 
" to the sd farme of swampscott sictuate in Lin or the bounds 

Sir Henry Moody, Knight, attorney for the Honrd. Lady 
Deborah Moody v. Mr. Danyell Kinge. For detaining a farme to 
the value of 50011. Agreement made as follows ; Daniell Kinge 
was to pay to Lady Moody within one week in money 201i., and 
within one month in money 301i. more, and at the end of the third 
month next in a mare and in merchantable goods or cattle, indiffer- 
ently valued at lOOli., together with 51i. costs. Kinge acknowledged 
judgment of 15511.* 

♦Daniel King,t bound, 17 : 9 : 1651, to appear at next Ipswich 
court to answer Sir Heneri Moday. testified that " Mr. Dan- 
iell King of the rent of the lady moodies for the as I 

received from Thomas Greene wch was acknowledged by the sayd 

Gr twoe pounds & twelve shillings the doth acknowledge 

to haue received," etc. 

John Fuller, aged thirty years, testified that meeting his brother 
Dexter and Edward Browse at Boston they informed him that they 
were employed by the Lady Moodye to sell her farm, and the de- 
ponent being desirous of buying it, he asked the price, and was told 
that Lady Moody had given the refusal of it to Mr. King. After- 
wards being at Lynne, his brother Dexter told him that the farm 
was sold to Mr. King. Sworn in court before Henry Bartholmew,t 

" Mr King I haue Reciued a let[ter] from you & so also haue the 

w*^ you one a mistake in M'' Lukers account but name noe 

sum I you haue looked ouer your account againe and also con- 
sidered what hath payd unto m' williames for you that then 

you will find the lady as concerning what you writt of the 

stock and farme I at it : y' you should take the farme 

and at you' one price writs you know not what to doe w*^*" it : 

the lady could haue had more here then you are to giue her and 

Ready pay with out any truble : neuer the less cause shee hath 

need a new of her owne shee sent mee to see what I could get for 



Joseph Armitage v. Elizabeth and Henry Blasdell. Debt. 

it presuming that you would not haue binne her hinderance be- 
cause you euer pretend to giue her as much or more as any other 
which you haue not don yet neuertheless shee doth expect of it but 
had you suffered mee to haue made sale of it according as shee pre- 
sumed you wold I could haue made on hundered and fifty pownd of 
it which you would not giue it yourselfe or suffer mee to take it of 
another you writ somthing of the stock but I cannot owne what you 
writ for unknown to the lady you tooke the stocke into you'' hands. 
3 yeare and halfe before the time that I wase with you & made mee 
pay 16^ a year use for 3 yeare and halfe you did not beknow unto 
mee but y* you had it in you"" owne hand if you had it not why did 
you make me pay use for soe long time : the lady doth conciue you 
haue dealt very hardly with hir to take her stocke for such poor 
commodytys as shee haue had from her considering what things 
you haue had of hers to wit — ead and plate and rent Reciued : yet 
neuertheless shee will stand to the Couenants that I haue mad : and 
if you will shee will take it againe Therfor against the time ap- 
poynted I may be ready to surrender it up with all the writtings to 
him whom she shall send to reciue it or Else be ready with you'' 
paye according to you'' Couenants at the time appoynted & for as 
much as you pmised mee that if I did writ before hand unto you of 

what things the lady did stand of that then you would pvid 

it for her on the other sid of this letter you shall find spesified 
what shee desire you to puid for her Rest with thankes unto you 
and you"^ wife for you"" kind intertanement of me while I wase with 

you"" lo : frind Edward Browse* 

from grauesand the 25 Ja : 1649 : 

Sir if you Surrender up the farm unto the lady you must pay for 
my voyage " 

" [You] may seend mee 2 yards of Black Tuffety ; commody- 

ty: as follooth of canvise,40 yeards such you sent [la]st ; broade 

dowlesse, 40 yeards; of hoUand 40 yeards at 4s. "^ yard; 

of Broade Cloth of the same finies you sent me last and of the same 
Culler, 20 yeards, or if not of the same to get of the best mingled 
cloth you can ; of whit f ussten, 10 yards ; of browne fussten, 
10 yeards; owne good greene Rugg, owne paire of blankets, of nar- 
ow Teek for boulsters and pylows, 20 yards; on peice of cuUered 
stuff, 1 of shagg bayes, 20 yeards ; 8 seyets for mowing, I pray let 
them be very good ; of plow chaines, 3, 2 peauter pots, 1 of a quart, 
on of a pynt, own bason of 3 pynts with brims, own thewarL saw 
of the larger sort; 2 hand sawes, 4 augars, own half inch, own 3 
qrf* inch, own inch or inch and halfe ; 4 cheizells, 3 inch wri bits ; 
own halfe dozzen sheares of the 12'*; 2 payre of axes; 2 payre of 
6 on Cart Roape, own yeard of Taffety of a green culler, 1 




Samuell Dalliber v. James Smith. Replevin. For detaining a 

Samuel Dalliber v. John BartoU and James Smith. For wrongly 
impounding a cow. 

John Devorex v, Peter Pitford. Defamation. Wit : James 
Smith. Warrant to Marblehead. John Devorex complained that 
Peter Pitford of Marblehead often threatened him, whereby he 
went in fear of him. Pitford was bound to good behavior. 

Richard Jarret of Poole, dying intestate, John Hart of Marble- 
head appointed administrator by the Boston court. The deceased 
having apprenticed shortly before he died one Richard Pitfol as a 
servant to Mordecaie Craford of Salem, the administrator appren- 
tices Pitfol to Craford for five years, beginning 29 : 7 : 1651, the lat- 
ter paying Hart ten pounds, as follows : 40s. in money within one 
month, 31i. in merchantable fish the next spring and 31i. in mack- 
erel the following fall. 

Mr. Walter Price and others petitioned for license to sell strong 
water at retail at Salem. The following were licensed in Salem : 
Mr. Emanuell Downinge, Capt. William Hathorne, Mr. William 
Browne, Mr. George Curwin, Mr. Walter Price, Mr. Edmund Bat- 
tar and Henry Bartholmew. They were to make a true return of 
their sales of strong water to the auditor. 

Robert Collins was accused by Lidia Foredum as being with 
child by him. He was to give bond of lOli. to appear at Ipswich 
court. He gave as security a black cow and a heifer in the hands 
of John Alcock of Agementicus. The worshipful Mr. Simons to 
have charge of the case. She was fined 40s., and her master Henry 
Archer promised to pay it. Edward Felps, surety. 

skilet of bell mettale, own of 3 quarts or therabouts, I pray you 
what is coming more unto the lady from you"^ selfe besids what is 
Reed, 4000 of hob nailes, shee would intreat you to send it in lin- 
ing or wollen cloth according as you in you'' wisdom see best for 
her and with all if be so much for to send her a hundered Iron : as 
Touching the farmers Rent I doe not know whither you haue re- 
ciued any more then the 20" that wase Ready when I wase with you 
which 20" I pray keep in you' hand tell you heeare farther from 
us I pray faile not to doe you'' best to get the best as you pmised 
and thet all Remayne in you"" hand untell you haue farther order 
from us." 



Margarett White and William EUatt were presented for unclean- 
nesa. She was sentenced to be whipped, and he bound to good 
behavior. Henry Herricke to pay the charges of his servant, and 
Ellatt was discharged. 

Town of Gloster fined 51i. for not sending a commissioner to 
Salem with votes for magistrates of the courts.* 

Thomas Ward, presented for living here and his wife in Eng- 
land, and proving that he had ordered Mr. Stratton to bring her in 
the spring, was discharged. 

Danyell Veale, presented for living from his wife, said he had 
sent for her by Mr. Stratton. 

Richard Boone (also Bown), presented for living here and his wife 
in England, certified that he was to go with Mr. Pitts in the spring 
to Newfoundland and thence to England to her. Discharged. 

John Gillo summoned to answer Joseph Armitage. Replevin. 
Action not entered. Defendant allowed his fees. 

Robert Collins bound to appear, 28 : 9 : 1651, at court at Salem. 

Thomas Wakely of Gloster freed from training on account of 
lameness, paying 6s. yearly. 

Joseph Armitage presented for slandering this court.f 

John Clemence (or Clement) and Danyell Veale of Marblehead, 
presented for fighting together in Clemence's house, with a ladle, 
breaking it. Veale was fined, t 

Henry Keny and Henry Cooke of Salem, presented for striking 
each other, Cooke was fined and Keney admonished. Wit : Phillip 

Gertrude, wife of Henry Pease, and Elizabeth, wife of John 
Legge, presented for scandalous falling out on a Lord's Day. Wit : 
Tho. Bowin and wife of Dalliber. || 

William Witter of Lynn, presented for absence from public 
ordinances nine months, and for being rebaptized. He did not 
appear. 1[ 

•Wit: Hen. Bartolomew. 

tin his late petition to the General Court he said that he was 
fined five pounds for seeing a man drunk two miles from his house. 
Wit : Hen. Bartholomew. 

jWit : Fran. Symson and Wm. Lewes. 

§Wit : Ed. Batter, jr., Ph. Veren and Hen. Dunninge. 

II Wit : Wayburow, wife of Getchell, Tho. , and wife of 

Sam. Dalibar. 

UWit : Hen. Collins, Ed. Burchum and Nich. Potter, jurors. 



Joseph Redknapp of Lynn, presented for usually leaving the con- 
gregation at the time of the administration of the seal of baptism. 
He answered that it was necessary, on account of the condition of 
his family.* 

Court held at Salkm, 28 : 9 : 1651. 

Rob. Pease was found guilty of stealing a bag of wheat of The. 
Robbins out of Capt. Traske's mill.f 

John Baily, presented for living here and his wife in England. 
To go to her at the end of the next summer, or bring her here. 

William Kinge agreed with his mother, Dorothie Kinge, to be 
relieved from his brother John Kinge, and that said John be ap- 
prenticed to his mother. The court consented to the agreement. 

Mr. Francis Johnson of Marblehead, being chosen clerk of the 
writs, was confirmed. 

Will J of James Bowtell proved by John Deakon and William 

*Wit : Hen. Collins and Jno. Mansfield, jurors. 

fAlso for disposing of it. Wit: Tho. Roberts and Good wife 

JWill of James Bowtwell of Lynn proved 26 : 9 : 1651 : " Im- 
primis ; I giue to my sonne James Bowtwell one bull Calfe ; with 
the increase, to be payd when the aforesaid calf is 3 yeare old ; 
And I giue to my daugter sara ; one cow calfe at the 29 day of y® 
II sauenth || month next ensuing the date hereof And I apointe 
my wife allice Bowtell sole excecutrix of all my estate ; and to 
bring up my Children ; & to dispose of them as she in her wisdome 
shall haue occasion ; 

And further I giue to my sonne John Bowtell tenne shillings to 
bee payed at the nine & twenty day of seauen month next ensuing 
date herof 

Lyn the 22^ 6 mo. 1651 

witness James (his mark) Bowtell 

John Deakin§ 

William Longley § 

I apoint these two frends nicolas potter & william Longley to 
see to the performance herof according to my will, & to assest my 
wife in what she may haue occassion to mak use of them." 

Inventory of the estate of Widow Boutell, appraised by John 
Dakin§ and Richard Blood :§ One kow and two calves, 81i. 10s. ; 
fore swyne, 123. ; bedding, 71i. 14s. ; whearing lining, 31i. Ss. ; for 
her husbands aparall, 51i. 10s. 6d. ; brase and puter, 31i. 8s. ; bookes, 
Hi. 2s. ; chests, Hi. ; in Iren ware and other lumber, 51i. 17s. 6d. ; 



Samuell Sallowes freed from his master, Mr. Geo. Emorie. 
Widow More aud Mary Lemon testified that Samuel was twenty - 
one years old. 

Will of Henry Birdsall proved, and inventory* brought in. 

Received of a dett, 21i. Is. ; corne, Hi. Debts, 41i. 193. Total, 
431i. 3s. Endorsed : " Inventory of estate of James Bowtell, 

♦Inventory taken Nov. 17, 3 651, by Tho. Truslert and Edmo. 
Batter :t One dwelling house, outhouses & 1 acre & quar. land, 
lOli. ; 5 acres of upland in the Northfield & half acre of salt marsh 
in the southfield, 41i. 10s. ; two Cowes & hay, lOli. lOs.; 1 feather 
bed, 1 boulster & 2 pillows, 31i. 5s. ; 1 high bedsteed & 1 trundell 
bedsteed, Hi. 2s ; 1 Covled, 3 blankets & 3 curtayns, 21i. ; 1 setle, 
5s., 1 chest, 63. 8d. & 2 Cubbords, 15s., Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 1 small table 
bord & 2 Joyne stools, 5s.; 2 chaires & cushines, 3s. and 3 payles, 
4s., a meal tubb, 4s., lis. ; 2 Iron pots & 1 kitle, 123. ; 2 brasse 
kitles, 7s. & 2 brass skillets, 3s., 1 brass morter, lis. ; 3 great pew- 
ter platter, 10s. & 3 smale platters, 3s., 13s. ; halfe dossen saucers, 
1 pewter plate, Is. 4d., 1 pewter bason. Is., 2 saucers. Is., 2 bekers 
& 1 wine tap, 2s., 43. 6d. ; 1 saltseller, Is., trencher, 6d., earthen 
dishes & wooden dishes & bowles, 5s. 66.., 7s. ; 1 old sword, musket 
& halberd, 9s. ; books, 53., 1 paire Andirons, 33., tongs & fore 
shovels, 2 paire pott hooks, Is., 2 pair hangers, 53., 17s.; tubbs & 
barrells, 33. & 1 brasse pane, 18d., 4s. 6d.; wearing aparrell, 3 
Coats, breeches, dublet, stockings, shooes & 3 shirts, 21i. 17s. 6d. ; 
4 napkins, 23., 4 pillow bers, 43. ; 3 pair of sheets, 18s. 4d. ; Hi. 
4s. 4d. ; 1 pewter pott. Is. 6d. ; 3 hundred of boards, 18s. ; timber, 
5s. ; tooles for his trade, 21i., 21i. 5s. ; 2 swine, 40s. & a remnant 
of cloath, 12s., 21i. 12s. ; 1 bedsteed, 15s. ; total, 47li. 193. lOd. 

Georg Vicars and Thomas Ewe presented for sailing out of the 
harbor at Anisquame upon the Sabbath day morning. They both 
lived at Boston. Wit: Jno. Coyt, juror, and Georg Tucker. 

Samuel Bowden and Mathew Roe of Gloster presented for quar- 
relling, tending to breach of the peace. Wit : Jno. Holgraue and 
Zebulon Hill. 

Edmond Marshall of Manchester presented for absenting himself 
from the public ordinances three or four Sabbath days, and for re- 
proaching Mr. Thomas Dunham, in saying that he had preached 
blasphemy, and was a common liar. Wit : Wm. Allen, juror, Pas- 
co Foote and Jno. Sibly. 

Roger Tucker of Marblehead presented for living from his wife. 
Wit : Moses Maurick. 

Bill of presentments, dated 24 : 4 : 1651, signed by Edmund 
Batter,! foreman. 



Court hkld at Ipswich, Mar. 30, 1652. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Willm. Bartholmew, Lt. Samuell Apleton, 
Thomas Harte, Isacke Commins, Daniell Hovye, John Leighton. 
Thomas Millard, William Steevens, William Stickny, Tho. Leaver, 
Abell Langly and Will. Law. In Mr. Wade's case : Ipswich men 
left out, these taken in : Nicolas Holt, Nathan Parker, John 
Stevens, Tho. Abott, John Chenye and John Knight. 

Civil cases : — 

Joseph Armentage v. Mr. Increase Nowell, executor or adminis- 
trator to William Buttlar. Debt. For not finishing the frame of 
a house. The court of Boston had ordered an inventory. 

Richard Lambert acknowledged judgment to John Geddny, by 
his attorney, Richard Graves. 

Tho. Trusler presented for taking excessive wages from John 
Alderman, viz. : 10s. 6d., for a day's work oEsix oxen and one man. 
Wit: Job. Alderman. 

Bill of presentments, dated 26 : 9 : 1651, signed by Roger Co- 
nantf for the grand jury. 

Will of Walter Tibbot, dated 5:4: 1651 : " Itim I make my 
wif my exseketor and giue To heare my housen together with the 
land belong belonging to it with t[h]e medowe be long to it the 
land I boght of sabelond hill and the medowe I boght of Tom mas 
smeth and This I giue to heare during heare lif and after heare 
Desese I giue This to richard dicke my granchild who is the right 
aire I giue to my Dafter mari hasskol the wif of william hasskole 
fiftene pound in good pay I giue To Josef hasskol sonn to willam 
my farme at chebake I giue to william hasskoll other Thre sonnes 
Twenti shelenes a pece to be pote to som good implimont forthe- 
More I giue my soun in lawe edward clarke fine pound mor I giue 
to John dark and Josefe dark twenti shellenes apece to pot to 
some good implimeuts to ras them a stock 

Mor I giue elisaberth dick four pound 

mor I giue to elnor bapsene The wife o[f] James bapsene forti 

I g[i]ue to sabelone hill Ten shellenes Mor to John hill ten 

mor I giue to william haskoll my clocke The reste of my wear- 
ing aparell To my sonn dark I giue 

Lastly I appoint these Legacies to bee paid that day twelve 
month after my decease, in wittnese whereof I haue set to my 
hand & seale. Walter Tibbot."* Wit: Wm. Perkius,t Robert 

*Autograph and seal. 


Anthony Soraersby, attorney to Mr. John Spencer v. Thomas 
Coleman. For refusing to give security. Defendant to pay the 
debt of 121i. at the end of the lease.* 

Henry Short v. Edmond Greenlief. Debt. 

Henry Short v. John Bishop. For spoiling his meadow by dam- 
ming up the water at the mill. Withdrawn. 

Jonathan Wade v. Town of Ipswich. Trespass. For interrupt- 
ing him about a saw mill. 

Mr. Symon Broadstreet v. Lt. Will. Howord. Trespass. For 
worrying hogs. 

William Howord, attorney of Mr. Rich. Leadar v. Georg Hal- 
sail. Debt. For 7001i. 

William Howerd, attorney of Mr. Richard Leader v. George 
Halsall, Robert Nash and Thomas Hawkins. Forfeiture of a bond 
for non-appearance at the last court held at Dover. 

Captain William Hathorne v. Francis Johnson. For molesting 
" my servant John Hudson." 

Nicolas Holt and Edward Falkenour, in behalf of the town of 
Andover v. Joseph Armentage. For not building and finishing 
a mill. 

Jereymiah Belchar v. Philip Manering. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Thomas Skelling v. William Browne and his wife Mary. 

*Richard Knightf deposed that Thomas Colman acknowledged 
that he owed Mr. Spencer twelve pounds, and Mr. Spencer made a 
bargain with Thomas Colman to fence the orchard and pay himself 
out of the twelve pounds ; and that Thomas Hale and the deponent 
viewed the fence, and what they judged the fence to be worth 
when it was made, Colman and Spencer agreed should be paid. 
Sworn Mar. 30, 1652, in Ipswich court. Anthony Somerbyt de- 
posed that when he and Mr. Thomas were with Goodman Colman, 
talking about security for the twenty pounds in controversy be- 
tween Goodman Colman and Goodman Peirce, Colman refusing, 
deponent asked if he would give security for the twelve pounds, 
and he said he would. Sworn in Ipswich court. Mar. 30, 1652. 
Henry Somerbyf deposed that when Daniel Peirce agreed with 
Thomas Colman to have the farm of Mr. Spenser, the deponent was 
present. The agreement was that Peirce should have the cattle 
and the farm and discharge all rents, etc. Sworn 31 : 1 : 1652, be- 
fore Increase Nowell.t 

t Autograph. 


Ivobevt Lord v. Richard Moore. For withholding seven hats 
and 42s. in money which he had received in satisfaction of an 

Eobert Starkweather v. Daniell Ringe. Trespass. For driving 
away his cattle without his leave and not returning them.t 

Mr. William Payne v. Estate of Oads Edwards, deceased, now in 
the hands of Robert Lord. Administration granted to Mr. William 
Payne. Edwards was late of the lie of Sholes. 

Joseph Armentage acknowledged judgment to Mr. William Nor- 
ton in full for a bond for delivering 5590 merchantable pipe 

Abraham Whitacker for stealing six bushels of Indian corn from 
Thomas Abbot and also the same quantity from Robert Swan. If 
Whitacker did not pay them for the corn by Apr. 8, he was to be 
whipped at Ipswich and Rowley. If he pay one of them, then to 
be but once whipped. 

Tho. Clarke and Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Charles Browne 
of Rowlye and Tho. Poore of Andover made free. 

•Richard Graues testified that he served the attachment on goods 
of Richard Moore and read it to his wife in her house where she 
dwelt, and she said her husband knew the cause and would 

James Chute of Ipswich deposed that Goodwife Hermitage 
chose him to appraise seven hats which the constable of Linn had 
taken on execution for Goodman Lord of Ipswich, and he and 
Joseph Gardner appraised them at 42s. She found fault with the 
appraisal, and Goodman Lord told her that if Goodman Hermitage 
would satisfy the execution some other way, he could have the 
hats. Sworn in Ipswich court, Mar. 30, 1652. Richard MowerJ of 
Lin appointed Joseph Armitage his attorney in his action with 
Robert Lorde of Ipswich concerning Mr. Gifard's bills, which he 
had taken on execution and which Lord would not accept, wherein 
Armitage was indebted to Robert Lord of Ipswich four pounds, 29: 
1 : 1652. Wit : Rich. Haven} and Edward Hall.J 

tWilliam Howard deposed that the defendant in the case of 
Robt. Storkwether said in his hearing, about three weeks ago, that 
he took a company of cattle belonging to said Storkwether off the 
common, brought them to town and put as many as he could into 
the pound. But the pound being so full he feared they would hurt 
one another, he turned some of them out again, and he did not 
know where they went. 

J Autograph. 


Edmond Falkner allowed tx) be clerk of the writs for Andover, 
acd also licensed to sell wine and strong waters. 

Symon Tompson sworn constable for Ipswich. 

Mr. Henry Sewall, presented for battery, bound to good be- 

Samuell Ingalls fined for taking tobacco in Mr. Baker's yard.f 

Mr. William Sknelling fined for cursing. I 

Frances Bates disclaimed all interest in the daughter of Thomas 
Moulton. Charges of the court to be determined by William Bar- 
tholmew, Sacheous Goold and Joseph Medcalfe. 

Henry Bartholmew, Edward Browne, William Stevens, Frances 
Parret, Tho. Hall, John Frye, John Fiske and Ludd Mansfield, 
commissioners of the several towns of Essex, met at Salem, Mar. 31, 
1652, and certified that Maj. Daniell Denison and Capt, Willm. 
Hathorne were chosen for the county courts of Essex for the year 

John Tod of Rowly, being chosen by the town, is allowed to 
keep an ordinary at Rowlye. 

Richard Brabrooke to be severely whipped for fornication, and 
the woman, Alice Eliss, was freed from her service ; and said Bra- 
brooke was to bring up the child and to provide for her till she be 
recovered from her travail ; and after her travail to be whipped 
when Mr. Symonds and Major Denison shall appoint. 

♦Master Heuery Shawell of Rouly, presented 30 : 7 : 1651, for a 
battery upon William Asey of Rowly, taking him by the throat and 

throwing him against the , calling him base rogue and saying 

he would be hanged for lying. Wit : William Asey and Mihill 

tSamuel Ingalls presented 30 : 7 : 1651, for lighting fire and 
smoking on the court day in Master Baker's yard. Wit : Robert 
Day, Edward Bridges and Robert Long. 

JTho. Milwardjl and Wm. Thomas || certified that they heard Mr. 
Wm. Snelling say in merry discourse, being toasted : " He pledge 
my freinds for my foes a plauge for their heeles & a pox of there 
toes;" and that he intended only to declare the proverb of the 
West country. They did not believe that he intended otherwise. 
Guilielmus Snelling|| acknowledged his weakness in saying it. 
Dated Mar. 12, 1651. 

Master William Snelling of Newbery, presented 30 : 7 : 1051, for 
using these words, upon one drinking to him and his friends : " as 
for our fooes a plage on theare heeles and a pox on theare tooes." 
Wit : Master Miler, John Wheller and Master William Thomas. 



Elizabeth Randall, presented for evil language, was discharged, 
no witness appearing. John Emery testified that Goodwife Bloom- 
field and Goodwife Silver were summoned.* 

John Cooly, being unable to provide a watchman, and not being 
fit himself, was discharged from watching. 

Robert Collings was discharged, no witness appearing. 

Mr. William Bartholmew assigned Robert Fletcher over to Rob- 
ert Starkwether for his time. 

Robert Lord, clerk of the court, appointed to make out execu- 
tions in civil and criminal cases. 

Court held at Salisbury, 13 : 2 : 1652. 

Grand jury : Mr. Edward Gyllman, foreman, John Ralfe, Rich. 
Goodale, sr., Willi. Sargent, Mr. Henry Monde, John Hoyt, Rob. 
Page, Henry Dow, W^illi. Fuller, Robert Tuck, fined 5s. for non- 
appearance, John Samborne, John Ay re, sr., Willi. White, and 
Andrew Greely. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Saml. Winsley, foreman, Phillip Challis, 
Willi. Barnes, Jno. Clough, Saml. Felloes, Christopher Hussie, 
Willi. Samborn, Jno. Caske, Jno. Wedgwood, Theophilus Satch- 
well, dismissed, Jno. Ayre, jr., Steven Kent, John Legatt, dis- 
missed, Nicolas Leeson, Abraham Morrill in Crauly's case. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. Joseph Mason, agent or attorney for Ms. Ann Mason of 
London, sole executrix of Cpt. John Mason v. Mr. Richard Leader. 
Trespass. For building and erecting certain houses on their lands 
at Newitchewanick, in the province of Mayne, for disposing of 
their goods without license and for cutting their timber there to 
erect a saw mill " in o'' Antient possessed place wheron wee for- 
merly began & do intende to pceed in y® like worke iraeadiately." 
The court, recognizing that a commission had been appointed by 

♦Elizabeth Randall of Newberie presented 30 : 7 : 1651, for 
using sinful language, calling " gudy Siluer base lieing divell, base 
lieing tode base lying sow, bas liing iade." Wit : Gudy Silver and 
Gudy Blumifield. 

Edmond Clarcke deposed that he heard William Ewings say that 
some Charles Towne men told him that they had taken up some 
boards at the Lire neck and put them on shore, and he might get 
them if he would. Sworn, 29 : 1 : 1652, before William Stevens, 
Robert Tucker and Robert Elwell, commissioners of Gloster. 


the last General Court to treat concerning certain lands lying to 
the eastward, and considering tlie land in question to be within 
their patent, ordered that the case be referred to the next General 

Mr. Joseph Mason, agent or attorney for the worshipful Ann 
Mason of London, sole executrix of Cpt. Jno. Mason, Esq. v. Mr. 
Francis Norton. For 320 head of cattle, great and small, which 
Norton received from Mr. Henry Jocelin, their agent, for the use of 
Mrs. Ann Mason ; also other goods, such as millstones, amounting 
to 30 or 401i. sterling, and for selling the cattle. Withdrawn. 

Abraham Pirkins v. Tho. King. For taking a false oath, being a 
witness in the case between George Barlow and Abraham Pirkins. 
Verdict for the plaintiff. The court upon further evidence found 
that it was not a wilful act, but a mistake, and remitted the 
fine. Appealed to next Court of Assistants. John Samborn bound 
for King's appearance. 

Hugh Sharratt v. James Fiske. For withholding part of a debt 
of llli. 16s. 6d. 

Richard Swaine v. John Marian and Edward Colcord.* Tres- 
pass. For mowing his meadow and carrying away the hay and 
endeavoring to alter the title of his land. It was a ten-acre lot. 
Verdict for plaintiff. 

Nathaniell Boulter v. Town of Hampton. For unjustly detain- 
ing land which he did sometime possess and use, and other privi- 
leges belonging to him as an inhabitant of said town. With- 

Nicolas Leeson v. Jno. Barrett. Forfeiture of a bond for Bar- 
lie's appearance. 

Tho. Grauly v. Nicolas Leeson. Breach of promise. In not 
freeing George Barlow from a debt of thirty shillings. Withdrawn. 

Steven Kent v. Thomas Macy. Debt. For about eight pounds 
of malt received of him. Verdict for plaintiff, 71i. 3s. for six 
bushels of oat malt, at 2s. per bushel, delivered by Richard Kent, jr. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Mr. Nathaniell Norcras. For 4000 
hogshead staves that he should have delivered about four years 
since. Defaulted. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman acknowledged judgment to Mr. Anthony 
Stanian , and to pay him 12500 merchantable inch boards within 
one month. 

•Edward Colcord's name crossed out. 


Mr. Woodman sworn commissioner to end small causes for 

George Gouldwyer sworn constable for the town of Salisbury. 

Tho. Davis sworn constable for the town of Haverill. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Joseph Austen. Breach of a bond of 
81i. for his appearance at Hampton Court. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Mr. Richard Waldern. For not per- 
forming covenant concerning the delivery of boards. Withdrawn. 

Robert Tuck v. Mary Willix, administratrix of the estate of 
Belteshazer Willix, deceased. Debt of 51i. for diet of two children 
of said Willix, one above a year and the other about eight weeks. 
Verdict for plaintiff, 41i. for the debt. 

John Clement, Joseph Peasley and John Eaton, sr., confirmed 
commissioners to end small causes for the town of Haverell. 

Ordered that Georg Goldwyer be paid 15s. by the court for en- 
tertaining the magistrates and their horses, and to allow 3s. to the 
attendance of the ordinary ; also to pay George Goldwyer Ss. and 
to Mr. Monde, 3s. 4d. for entertaining the magistrates at Salisbury 
court of 1651 and passing to Hampton court, 1651. 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 4 : 1652. 

Christopher Avery and Silvester Evely of Gloster sworn 

John Norman sworn constable of Manchester. 

Silvester Evely chosen and sworn constable of Gloster. 

Timothy Cory and William Clarke sworn constables of Lin. 

Christopher Avery chosen and sworn clerk of the band of 

Edward Burcham chosen and sworn clerk of the band of Lin. 

Christopher Avery chosen and sworn clerk of the market at 

Robert Morgan of Salem and John Fuller of Lin sworn freemen. 

William Knight chosen to sell strong water by retail at Lin. 

Arthur Sandin chosen and sworn constable of Marblehead. 

Present: The Honord Governor, Capt. Bridgis, Mr. Samuell 
Simonds, Maj. Danyell Denyson and Capt. William Hathorne. 

Grand jury : Mr. Roger Conant, Lt. Lothropp, Serg. John Por- 
ter, Jacob Barney, Rich. Prince, Thomas Spooner, James Smith, 
William Longley, George Keaser, Phillip Kirtland, Andrew Manns- 
feild, Thomas Wakely, William Geare and John Sibley. 


Jury of trials : Mr. Tho. Gardner, sr., JefTery Massy, Nathan- 
iell Putnam, John Swinerton, James Underwood, Nicholas Potter, 
Jarrett Spencer, John Mauusfeild, John Fuller, Christopher Avery, 
Esdrass lleade and Henry Leg. Elias Stileman chosen in place of 
Christopher Avery in the trial of Gloster v. Mr. Steevens. 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. John Holgrave v. Mr. William Perkins. Two cases. De- 
famation. Charging him to hunt up all occasions of disturbing the 
church of Gloster, whereby the church had been in danger of be- 
ing rent in pieces by his cunning insinuations into the hands of 
several ; also for saying that he was a plague to the town and now 
the plague was going away. The decision in the first case was 
that the plaintiff had no legal grounds for his action ; and the 
second case was continued. 

William Browne v. John Peirce. Trespass. Breach of covenant 
in a bargain of daubing work. 

Mr. Edmund Greenleife of IsTewberrie v. Henry Short. For not 
giving possession of five acres of meadow. 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 4 : 1652. 

John Hathorne, at request of the selectmen of Lin, allowed to 
keep a house of common entertainment there. 

Robert Lord, attorney for William Clarke of Ipswich, acknowl- 
edged judgment in favor of John Cogswell, jr. 

Robert Pease and his brother John Pease, both of Salem, ac- 
knowledged a bill, dated 6 : 11 : 1651, to Tho. Watson, in regard 
to the estate of their grandmother, Margarett Pease, of whom said 
Watson was a feoffee. 

Worshipful Capt. Bridgis brought in a bill charged by Mr. Giffard 
on Mr. Awbrey for misdemeanors of Nicholas Penion. 

Mr. Francis Johnson summoned by Edward Wilson to answer 
action of a fishing voyage. Not entered. Wit : John Bartoll. 

Will of John Hardie of Salem, dated 30 : 1 : 1652, proved. He be- 
queathed to "Roger Hoscall my son in lawe all my lande lyinge neare 
bass Riuer (beinge the lande was given me by the towne of Salem) to 
houlde and inioy all the sd lande to himself and his heires for ever 
It : I giue vnto my sd son in law Roger Hoscall a steere and a 
Cowe now in his owne keepinge and one oxx in the hande of Wil- 
liam Flint the which oxx my wife shall chuse and apoynt to my 
son in law out of my three oxen in william Flints hande 

It : I giue vnto my sd son in lawe all my right and interest in 



Micaell Cresse acknowledged assignment of Lt. Thomas Lothropp 
of the time he was to serve Lothropp, to Josuah llaye of Salem, 
for four years, wanting one month. 

Thomas Varuey my apprentice vnless his parents buie his time by 
payinge the som of seauen pownd that I pd for his time which if 
they shall doe I give the sd som of seauen povvnds to my sd son 
in law It : I giue vnto my sd son in law his 4 Children : vidz : 
John William Marke and Elizabeth 4 ewe sheepe of my yongr 
sheepe to each of them one It I giue vnto Elizabeth the daughf 
of my son Joseph Hardy my best ewe sheepe and my best ewe 
lambe of this yeare 

It : I giue vnto my daughter Elizabeth Hoscall one heighfer of 
two yeare old : It I giue vnto my son Joseph Hardy one quarter 
pt of the old catch caled the returne : and one quarter pt of the 
new Catch caled the gift : and one eight pt of the Catch caled the 
flower It : I giue vnto mj' sd son Joseph Hardy one ak'' of marsh 
yt I bought of Jacob Barny and halfe one ak'' that I bought of 
William Lord lyinge togeatV neare the cold springe at the head of 
the south Riuer. also I giue unto my sd son my part of the house 
beinge one half in which we lay fish beinge on winter Hand 

It : For all that remaineth of my estate my debts and legacies 
being pd. I giue and bequeath vnto my beloued wife Elizabeth 
Hardy whom I apoynt to be sole executrix of this my last will and 
testament to order and dispose of all thinges as I haue aboue 

and I doe make Choyce of mr Charles Gott and Henry Barthol- 
omew whom I doe request to be overseers of this my last will and 
testament." John Hardy.* Wit : Charles Gott,* Henry Barthol- 

Inventory of estate of Jno. Harde taken 8:4: 1652, by Edmond 
Batter* and Walter Price :* One dwelling house & 2 Acres of 
land, 401i. ; 15 acres planting land in southfield, 71i. ; 6 acres & 
3-4 of salt marsh, 241i. ; one farm of 80 acres upland or thereabout 
& 12 acres medowe, 201i. ; halfe a fishe house at winter Hand, 31i. ; 
one fourth part of the Alegatter Catch, SOli. ; three fourths of the 
Catch called Guift, 601i.; one halfe of the Catch called the Re- 
turne, SOli. ; one boat & Cannow, Hi. ; 6 Cowes, SOli. & 4 oxen, 27 
li., 571i. ; 4 yearlings, 81i. & one 2 yeare hiefer, 31i. 10s., llli. lOs. ; 
2 weanlinge calves & 1 sucking calf, 21i. 2s. ; 1 swine, 30s. & 1 
Ramme, 16s., 21i. 6s.; 8 yewes, 121i. & 5 lambes, 31i., 151i.; Mari- 
ners Instruments, 21i. & 2 chestes, 16s., 21i. 16s. ; 1 bedstead, 
table & forme, 21i. ; waring Aparrell, 131i. 19s. ; 25 yds. 1-2 sayle 
cloath, 28s., 10 yd Stuffe, 35s., 31i. 3s. ; five yds. 1-2 broad cloath, 
21i. 18s. ; 8 yd. Hampton Sarge, 41i. & 4s. & 5 yds. 1-2 cotton, 18s., 
51i. 2s. ; 1 feather bed & boulster & pillow, 31i. 10s. ; 1 Rugge & 1 

* Autograph. 


Paule Maunsfeild v. William Phillipps, jr. Debt. For wages 
and boat hire to the amount of 251i. 10s. Court found no ground 
for the action and granted plaintiff to sue " in forma pauperis." 

Thomas Scudder v. John Alderman. Defamation. For saying 
that he would lie like a dog. Mr. Alderman confessed that he was 

John Swaysy v. Mordecaie Craford. Debt. For salt and other 
necessaries for a fishing voyage. 

Mr. Edmund Batter v. William Barbur. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Perkins v. William Browne. For detaining four 
and one half quintals of fish delivered to him to pay a debt at 
Charlestowne. Withdrawn. 

Edward Richards v. Joseph Jenkes, sr., and Joseph Jenkes, jr. 

Edward Richards v. Joseph Armitage. Defamation. For say- 
ing "to M"" Cobbett that Edward Richards should say to M"" Jef- 
fards that M*^ Cobbett should say that M"" Jeffards was one of the 
scum of the Cuntry." 

pr. blankets, Hi. 10s. ; 1 paire Cartaynes, carpet & valents, Hi. Ss. ; 
4 Cushons, 13s., a Coverled & a Rugge, 20s., Hi. 13s. ; 9 Sheetts, 458. 
& 6 pillows, 14s., tablecloathes, 2s. 6d., 31i. Is. 6d. ; 1 warming 
pane, 6s. & 1 brush, 12d., 6s. ; 3 musketts & 3 swords & bandeler 
rests, 1 Carbine & a foulinge peece, 41i. 6s. ; bulletts & nails, 14s., 
cases & botles, 4s., 18s.; 15011. shotte, 30s., yarne, 20s., 21i. lOs. ; 
bookes, 20s. & old Irone, 5s. & 1 bell, I2d., Hi. Os. ; 1 lookinge 
glasse, 2s. & 2 coffers & trunke, 6s., 8s.; 2 feather beds, Rugge, 
boulster & blankets, 41i. 10s. ; 1 bed & beddinge & 2 bedsteeds, Hi. 
lOs. ; netts, linnes & leads, 10s. & 1 woolen loom, 3s., 13s.; Coren 
upon the ground, 41i., 41i. ; corne & malte, 15s., caske, 53., 5b.; 2 
brass kitles, 15s., Iron potts & brasse, Hi. 15s., pick forks & spads, 
5s. & 1 mattocke & tubbs, 3s., 8s. ; mortor & pestle, 2s. 6d., scamr. 
& Andirons, 4s. 6d., 7s. ; hakes & pott hookes & tongue, 5s. 6d.; 
friing pane, gridirone & belowes, 4s. ; wooden ware, 53. ; tubbs, 
form & setle, lis., 16s. ; 3 Chairs, 10s. & 2 hammers & 1 drawing 
knife, 3s., 13s. ; 11 platters & bason & other pewter, 31i. Is. 6d. ; 3 
Iron wedges & 2 Iron rings, 6s. ; 1 axe & 3 howes, 4s. 6d. & 1 lad- 
der, 18d., 6s. ; Cheese presse, 4s., milkpanes, 3s. 6d., 7s. 6d. ; 3 
runlets & 1 grindston, 7s. ; 4 yeares tyme in Elisha Sharpe sold to 
Mr. Jno. Browne 41i. ; Duncan Macall, the scot, has 6 years & 3-4 
tyme to serve, 161i. ; total, 39311. 4s. 6d. 

Bill of presentments, 29 : 4 : 1652, signed by Roger Conant* for 
the grand jury : 

* Autograph. 

1652] RKcoitns and I'Ilks 257 

George Tucker of Gloucester for striking Siuiou Grosse with a 
cudgel. Wit : Saui. Bouden and .Solo. Coyte. 

Guy Baylye of Salem for immoderate and cruel correction of his 
eldest son, to the great danger of his health and life. Wit : Joh. 
Black and Joh. Picket. 

John Brackenberrye of Salem for wearing points and ribbons. 
Wit : Joh. Porter and Lieut. Latrup. 

Court held at Salem, 1:5: 1652. 

Rob. Tucker chosen and sworn clerk of the writs at Gloster. 

William Barbur of Marblehead acknowledged judgment to Mr. 
Edmund Battar of Salem. 

Arthur Jewell of Marblehead fined and to sit in the stocks one 
hour for being drunk and cursing, and bound to good behavior. 
George Parke of Marblehead, surety. 

John Coite* fined for striking his brother, Solomon Coite, on the 

Edward Keampt presented for drinking tobacco in a meadow, 
whereby he kindled afire, burning much hay and grass. Discharged. 
Not legally presented. 

Samuell DalliverJ presented for not warning the town of Mar- 
blehead to make a country rate, being constable. Discharged, 
because he was absent a week or more in the service of the country. 

John Peirce v. William Browne. Slander. For calling him a 
liar. Withdrawn. 

George Burrill v. Joseph Jenkes, sr., and Joseph Jenkes, jr. 

William Steevens v. Robert Tucker, in behalf of Gloster. For 
the town's withholding the true bounds of a neck of land granted 
to him by the town, between the marsh in Aunisquam and Che- 
bacco to the narrow of the neck above the pond. Title held good. 

Mr. Jonathan Wade v. Mr. Robert Paine and Mr. William Paine. 

Phillip Crumwell v. Henry Cooke. Defamation. For saying 
he was a base fellow, and if he had not had Mr. Kenyston's money 
he could not have paid his debts. 

*John Coyte of Gloster presented. Wit : Tho. Farre. 
tWenham presentment. Wit : Joh. Sheplye. 
^Marblehead presentment. Wit : Will. Charles, James Smith 
and John Bartell. 


Mr. William Browne v. Capt. Thomas Savidge. For damage 
he sustained in a parcel of unmerchantable shoes sold to plaintiff 
by said Savidge to the value of 41i. lOs. 

Mr. Danyell Kinge and Joseph lledknapp admonished, it being 
their first appearance, for wilful absence from public ordinance on 
Lord's day and being at a private unwarrantable meeting.* 

Thomas Tuck fined 20s. for being drunk. f 

William Barbur of Marblehead, bound to this court for •' assault- 
inge his wives father drawinge blood from him and abusinge his 
wife," etc., was sentenced to be whipped. 

Geo. Ropes presented for taking away a plank at the bridge over 
the marsh near Capt. Trask's mill. He said he took it by Capt. 
Trask's order and for work about his mill. Trask ordered to pay 
for it. Wit : Francis Collins. 

Joseph Langton presented for evil usage of a little child of his 
wife, Lt. Samuell Apleton and John W^hipple being feoffees in 
trust, and. bound, to prosecute him. The child was ordered to con- 
tinue to live with his grandfather, William Varney, and his grand- 
mother, until next Ipswich court. J 

Mordecaie Craford v. John Jackson. Trespass. For damage on 
account of the insufficiency of his fence on the neck and also for 
digging a pit on his land. 

Thomas Butts v. John Swaysy. For 81i. 3s. due to him for 
making of fish. 

John Ward v. Mr. John Clarke. For withholding a year's rent 
received from his land. 

*Wit : Richard Moore and John Kirtland, constables. 

fWit: John Grover, Math. West and Roger Conant. The wife 
of John Lovet, living on Cappan sid by the highway, testified that 
she saw Goodman Tuefe [Tuck ?] go reeling, not able to walk in 
the highway, being very much overtaken with drink and accom- 
panied by his father, Samuell Archer. 

IDeposition of , sworn 26 : 4 : 1652, before Samuel Sy- 

monds,§ that Joseph Langton whipped the child to make it 
quiet, and upon deponent's asking why he used such a sticky rod, 
the small branches being worn off, said Langton whipped the 
child again. The child had to lie upon straw having but a piece of 
sail cloth or some such material in the cradle, and deponent saw 
water running down into the room underneath where the child 
lodged. He could uot remember whether it had a pillow for its head. 



Joseph Armitage v. George Burdeu. For detaining a bill of 81i. 
from said Armitage because his maid servant was not made his 
accordiug to law. AVithdrawn. 

Joseph Armitage v. John Gillo. Debt. 

Capt. William Hathorne v. Samuell Cumlee. Debt. 

John Gillo v. Joseph Jenkes. For bill due from Joseph Armi- 
tage and assigned to defendant. 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 2:5: 1652. 

William I^arbur of Marblehead threatened to go away from his 
wife and children and leave them. The selectmen of Marblehead 
were ordered to sequester his i^roperty that it might be used for his 
wife and children. 

Five shilliugs ordered to be given to the servants of the house 
for their attendance.* 

Henry Cooke v. Thomas Crumwell. Battery. 

Joseph Armitage v. Hugh Sharratt. For withholding G50 pipe 
staves. Withdrawn. 

Mr. AVilliam Paine v. Robert Naish. For detaining 3000 pipe 
staves. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Paine v. Edward Bendall. For cables left in his 
warehouse and sold by him. Special verdict found, and case re- 
ferred to next Ipswich court.! 

Samuell Bennett v. Francis Smith and John Hathorne. For the 
sale of a house to Francis Smith, of the value of loli. 

On 1:5: 1652, Mr. John Mavericke and William Fryer, mates 
of the ship Eagle of London, which was cast away on the north- 
east side of the Isle of Sable, Mar. 26, 1652, rendered an inventory 

*To the servants of the tavern where the court was being held. 

t William Bartholomew i deposed that some cables came from 
Mr. Green's ship and Mr. Green said he had sold his cordage to Mr. 
William Payne; and Mr. Payne, inquiring of Goodman Everill of 
Boston for his cables after Edward Bendall had gone, Everill told 
Mr. Payne that Mr. Bendall caused two cables to be cried and 

Robert Payne deposed that Mr. William Payne laid into Mr. 
Bendall's warehouse four or five cables which he had bought of Mr. 
Greene, and that he sold two and the rest were left in the ware- 
house. Sworn in Salem court, 30 : 4: 1652. Will. Paine* affirmed 
the same, June 21, 1652. Endorsed : " Barbadoes." 



of goods saved from the wreck, and were sworn before John Endi- 
cott, Govr., Mr. Samuell Simonds, Capt. Robt. Bridgis and Maj. 
Danyell Denyson. Court appointed Capt. William Hathorne, Mr. 
William Browne and Mr. George Curwin, commissioners to ap- 
praise the goods. AVarrant to commissioners, signed by Henry 
Bartholmew, clerk. John Andrewes was commander of the ves- 
sel. The goods were saved by the company of the ship Avith the 
assistance of Abraham Filleter, commander of the ship Peter & 
John of London and his company and so shipped on said ship, by 
agreement. The following inventory was sworn to by the mates : 

Eightie seaven bundles of Copper barrs wayinge two thousand 
five hundred and six pownds at 12d. ^ li., 12511. 6s. ; mauellias 
beinge in Caske 2-3 of a Caske pipe full waighinge nine hundred 
seauentie and nine pownds suttle* at 4d. fl li., 161i. 6s. ; more 
Eleaven brasse kettles wayinge one hundred eightie and seaven 
pounds suttle at 13d. '^ li., lOli. 2s. 7d. ; Fiftie and fower barrs of 
Iron waighinge seauenteene hundred and foureteene pounds at 1811. 
"^ tun, 1511. 8s. 3d.; two small furnaces waighinge about one hun- 
dred and thlrteene pownds at 15d. ^ 11., 71i. Is. 3d. ; two small 
Rabbuett guns waighinge three hundred and quarter at 14s. ^ hun- 
dred, 21i. 5s. 6d. ; three half barrells of powder at 611. '^ brlL, 91i. ; 
Broken musketts and other small gunns, twentie three, 51i. ; A 
Sheate Cable cutt In the middle, 911. ; A Flagg Ensigne and two or 
three compasses and glasses with a poope Lanthorne all broken, 
311. 15s. ; Fowre Jaue lines and a stewe pan with an old fore saile 
and a Mizen saile ; total, 20611. 14s. lid. 

CouiiT HELD AT Salem, 21 : 6 : 1652. 
Thomas Rlckes, chosen constable of Salem, was sworn. 

Court held at Ipswich, 28 : 7 : 1652. 

Grand jury: George Giddens, Mr. Jo. Apleton, Jo. Perkins, sr., 
Will. Adams, sr., Tho. Tredwell, Tho. French, Math. Boyce, Wlllm. 
Asye, W^ill. Law, Dan. Thurston, Dan. Pearce, Archel. Woodman 
and Nicolas Holt. 

Mr. Ezekell Chever of Ipswich made free. 

Rich. Kemball v. Rich. Shatswell. Trespass. For re-entering 
upon his farm. Withdrawn. 

•Net weight. 


Rich. Shatswell v. Rich. Keniball. Forfeiture of a bond.* 

George Pahner v. Robert Starkweather. For not carrying hogs- 
head staves. t 

Mr. Jonathan Wade v. Mr. Robert Payne and Mr. Willm. Payne. 
For not giving account of money in their hands. Parties agreed 
that Capt. William Hathorne and Mr. Henry Bartholmew should 
audit their accounts. J 

Thomas Wheelar v. John Powline. Slander. The defendant 
ordered to acknowledge at Lynn that he had done Wheelar wrong in 
saying that his mother and he could have hanged the plaintiff for 
taking up a horse. § 

Frances Johnson v. Capt. Willm. Hathorne. For replevin of 
John Hudson, being under attachment of said Johnson. Defen- 
dant ordered to bring Hudson in to the next court at Salem. || 

Mr. Will. Perkins v. John Holgrave. Slander. "Withdrawn. 

Robert Dutch v. Peeter Pittford. For pork and lines. Withdravra. 

Tho. Rolandson, sr. v. Willm. Whittred. For withholding rent. IT 

*Writ to attach Richard Kimball, sr., and jr.. dated 23: 7: 
1652. Signed by John Whipple** for the court ; and served by 
Theophilus Wilson,** constable. 

fRich. Smith, Robert Flecher and Sarah Barnes deposed that 
George Palmer made some of the staves after Indian harvest, which 
said Smith's master, Starkwether, carried to Ipswich waterside, 
and Smith lodged at said Palmer's house while he was making them. 
Writ, dated 21 : 7 : 1652, signed by John Whipple** for the 
court, and served by R. Lord,** marshal. Attached a bay horse. 

J Bond of Will. Paine** and Samuell Appleton, jr.,** to Robert 
Lord of Ipswich, marshal, for appearance of Mr. William Payne at 
next court at Ipswich ; dated Sept. 16, 1652. Bond of Robert 
Payne** for same. Writ, dated 20 : 7 : 1652, signed by John Whip- 
ple** for the court, and served by Robert Lord,** marshal. 

SWarrant to Timothy Cooper and Artara C — , to appear in this 
case. Dated, Line, 27 : 7 : 1652. 

||Wra. Hathorne** testified that when he had a judgment against 
John Hudson, he found that said John had made an agreement 
with Rich. Holingwood to serve him six months in the year for 
three years, etc. 

^Henery Kimball deposed that Goodman Rolandson told him 
he was willing that the rent of the house that Goodman Whitter- 
rege lived in should be laid out to repair the house. Afterwards 
Goodman Rolandson sued his tenant for the rent, before Mr. Simons, 
and they agreed that Goodman Whitterrege was to repair the house 
as much as was needful for warmth and as two men should judge ; 



John Holgrave v. Mr. AVillrn. Perkins. Defamation. With- 

Mr. John Ward v. John Aniball. Debt.* 

Rich. Kent v. William Moody. Trespass. For cutting down 
his wood and timber on the ten acres of laud granted to him by 
the town. 

Richard Kent v. William Moody. For making use of the ten 
acres of laud granted him by the town on the west side of Meri- 
niake Ridge, t 

but if he laid out more than was needful, for ornament, he was to 
bear the cost himself. Ric. Kimbole testified that the parties 
choose Ensign Howlet and Goodman Kimbole to judge of the re- 
pairs. These affiants were sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 1652. 
Writ, dated 15 : 7 : 1652, signed by John WhippleJ for the 
court, and served by Robert Lord, J marshal. Bond of William 
Whittred and Richard Kemball, sr., to the Ipswich marshal. Both 
signed by making their marks. 

*Writ, dated 20 : 7 : 1652, signed by John Whipplet for the 
court, and served by Robert Lord, J marshal, who attached the 
house and ground of the defendant. 

tRichard Kent, jr., acknowledged before Wm. Gerrish, Edward 
Woodman and Nicholas Noys, commissioners, that he broke the 
wedge of one of the bars and broke off the lock and staple of the 
other bar that stood in the way. John Knight testified that he 
heard Goodman Moudie say that he had enjoyed the land many 
years and when he was cutting out the timber Goodman Kent came 
and asked him why he cut his timber ; and he told Kent that he 
should have the wood and his labor upon it too, Richard BrowneJ 
testified concerning the land in question between their neighbors, 
Kent and Moody; neighbor Kent gave up his land on the same 
terms as others ; much of the town book was lost long ago, etc. 
Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 1 652. Richard Knightj and 
Edward W^oodmanl testified that they were employed or appointed 
by the town, with, they thought, Henry Short, to lay out for Rich- 
ard Kent fourteen acres of land in the neck over the little river to 
satisfy him for ten acres on the west side of the Ridge, which was 
done. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28:7: 1652. Henry Short J: also 
deposed on the same day. John Cheney t testified, on the same day, 
that certain lots were resigned to the town on exchange for lands 
elsewhere, and among them was the land in controversy. 

Copy of town record, by Anthony Somerby,J recorder for New- 
bury, showing the grant to Richard Kent, jr., of this land and also 
of sixty-four acres of meadow and marsh, and the rest of the 



Mr. William Payue v. Robert Nash. For 3000 pij^estaves.* 

upland and marsh on the island over the little river, being 170 
acres formerly granted to particular persons, and he purchased 
forty- two acres of some of these persons elsewhere, then bought 
the rest by exchange and granted it to said Kent; two hundred 
and fifty acres in all on the island, bounded south and southwest 
by the great river, north by a creek issuing out of the great river, 
east on the little river, and west on a creek issuing out of little 
river, and meeting the other creek, making an island. Edward 
Woodman testified that the town of Newbery, upon " the remoual 
of the towne," chose eight men commissioners to exchange the 
laud of all who desired it and that said commissioners performed 
their work justly and gave them lands out of the commons. 
Another copy of Newbury record, Feb. 7, 1646, signed by Edward 
Rawsont, recorder, about said Kent's grants and exchanges of land. 
Charges paid to witnesses : Richard Knight, Hen. Short, Rich. 
Brown, John Knight, Sam. Moody, John Chainy and John 
Emrie. William Mowdie's bill of charges. Copy of assignment of 
land of Jo. Woodbridge, Wm. Moody, Hen. Rolfe, Ja. Muscle- 
white, Francis Plumer, Jo. Pike, sr., Frances Browne, The. Parker, 
James Noyce, Tho. Browne, Edw. Woodman, John Knight, Ed- 
mond Greenlefe and Edw. Rawson on the left hand of Merrimack 
Ridge, on condition that they be granted three for two acres 
elsewhere. Another copy of Newbury record, signed by Anthony 
Sumerby.f John Knight resigned to the town twenty acres of 
upland over the Little River which was Nathaniell Wyer's, joining 
William Stevens' land, and the town granted to him five acres of 
upland in the field of exchange beyond the new town. 

♦William FoUitt deposed that about two years ago Thomas 
Footman came to him with a note under the hand of Mr. William 
Payne and demanded 3000 pipe staves to be delivered aboard the 
boat of Robt. Nash ; and that about two days after, Robt. Nash's 
boat came to the place where deponent's staves were, and the boat- 
men were taking them aboard. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 

Thomas Footman deposed that he met Robert Nash at the 
house of Robt. Memham of Pusscataqua about two years ago, when 
said Robert Nash entreated him to demand three thousand pipe 
staves, upon a note from Mr. William Payne, from William Follit, 
and he did so. They were " tould down" by deponent and William 
Follit and put aboard the boat of Robert Nash. Sworn in Ipswich 
court, 28 : 7 : 1652. 

Josua Nash, aged about nineteen years, deposed that being at 
Pascattaquack river with his father, having two vessels there, 
one of them had received damage at the Isle of Shoals, and a good 
part of the goods was lost. Mending the vessel and meeting with 



Mr. William Payne v. Robert Tucke. Debt. For forfeiture of a 

Mr. Cobbit, summoned by IMr. Samuell Symonds, did not appear. 

Joseph Armentage, having attached Thomas Wheeler, allowed 

Court allowed John Coggswell to assign Nathaniell Domow, his 
apprentice, to Symon Thomson ; also his maid servant, Ann Win- 
thurst, to Cornel ious Waldo. 

William Sergent appointed administrator of the estate of Thomas 
Wathing, deceased. Surety : John Holgrave.f 

Mr. William Paine at Mrs. Mendam's house at Pascattaquash, his 
father asked Paine if he could spare him two or three thousand 
pipe staves, and he said he could ; that said deponent went by his 
father's order in said bark to John Goodward and received of him 
two thousand pipe staves, not on Mr. Paine's account but on his 
father's. Then because he wished to get them near at hand, he 
went to James Buncker, but could get none, and Buncker sent 
them up Oyster River, where none could be obtained. He pro- 
ceeded further and came to anchor against Thomas Footeman's 
house, and Thomas came aboard. Deponent told him that he had 
a note from his father to receive of him enough staves to make up 
their lading. He received 3000 and gave a receipt, and his 
father paid for them. His father being at Boston at Goodman 
Thomas' house, the latter demanded pay for them. Taken on oath 
by William Hibbins,t 27 : 7 : 1652. 

*Bond of Robert Tuck J and Edward Colcot,| dated June 24, 
1652, to deliver to Will. Paine of Ipswich 6000 boards an inch 
thick and sixteen inches broad and upward, none less, and 12 feet 
in length and upward. Said boards to be square and free from 
wine shakes and to be delivered at the water side before July 30, 
next. Wit : William Berry. I 

tZeblon Hill, formerly living in Bristall, in Ould England, 
being here, deposed that Thomas Wathing, son to Edman Wathin, 
was cousin to William Seargant, said William being his father's 
sister's son ; and that Thomas Wathing went with Robart Gray in 
Captain Wal's service. Sworn before William Stevens, Robert 
Tucke and Robert El well, commissioners of Gloster, 27 : 7 : 1652. 
Debora Joy, aged twenty-seven years, wife of Walter Joy, deposed 
that Thomas Warren, who died with Prince Rupert, was cousin 
germane to William Sergent of Glocester and that there was none 
nearer of kin in this country, and she, being alike related, desired 
William Sergent to be the administrator of the estate. Sworn to 
before Increase No well, f 17 : 7 : 1652. 

J Autograph. 

1652] 11KC0RD8 AND FILES 265 

Hester Rofe appointed administratrix of the estate of her lius- 
band, Ezra Rofe, deceased. She presented an inventory, which 
amounted to 731i. 5s. There were two children, the elder to have 
131i. 13s. 4d., and the younger, 61i. Gs. 8d., at the age of twenty- 
one. The house and land were bound for its payment. 

Mathy Boyce released from ordinary training, paying five shill- 
ings yearly to the company. 

Thomas Rofe discharged from watching, on account of his age 
and poverty. 

Mr. Robert Payne, Mr. William Bartholmew and Jerimy Bell- 
char allowed to sell strong waters. 

Town of Andover, presented for want of a pound, to make a 
sufficient pound in eight weeks or pay a fine of five pounds.* 

John Broadstreetjt presented for having familiarity with the 
devil, to be fined or whipped for telling a lie, it being the second 
lie. Surety : Edw. Coborne. 

Henry Archer and John Baker cleared of their presentments for 
suspicion of not putting six bushels of malt into each hogshead. 
Georg Palmer testified that Good wife Archer said they had put up 
two penny and three penny beer together, and sold it for three 
pence. Witnesses for Archer, Robert Smith and himself. t 

Inventory of Thomas Wathing's estate, taken by Zebulen Hill§ 
and Steven Glover, § both of Gloster : A cote and a pare of briches 
and a doblet. Hi. 15s. His tools were appraised at 20s. by Goodman 
Felten of Salem Towne. 

*AVit : Edmond Fouckiner. 

fRowley presentment. Broadstreet said that he read in a book 
of magic, and that he heard a voice asking him what work he had 
for hijn. He answered " goe make a brige of sand ouer the sea, goe 
make a lader of sand up to heauen and goe to god and come downe 
noe more." Wit : Francis Parret and his wife of Rowly and Wil- 
liam Bartholomew of Ipswich. AVarrant to constable of Rowley, 
returned by John Pickard,§ constable, who could not find John 
Broadstreet. The grand jurymen for Rowley were Mathew 
Booys, Wiliam Aasa, Richard Swane and Wiliam Law. 

{Witnesses against Archer, John Emerie of Newbury and Daniell 
Broadley ; against Baker, Thomas Scot and Edmond Bridges. 

Declaration of Nicholas Noyes and John Pike in behalf of the 
town of Newbery, in case of town of Newbery v. Jo. Davis, about 
some corn distrained for rates due from Mr. Clark's farm in the 
possession of Jo. Davis, etc. 



Mary liidgood, presented for living apart from her husband, to 

go to him ; but it being nearly time for the ship to sail and on 

account of the danger of the seas, they considered it inexpedient 

to send her away until the first opportunity after this winter and 
then she was to go by the first ship.* 

Writ : Mr. William Paine v. Thomas Manning ; debt ; dated, 20 : 
7 : 1652. Served by Robert Lord,! marshal, who attached the house 
and land of defendant. 

Writ : Mr. William Payne v. Daniell Clarke, for forfeiture of a 
farm sold to him by said Payne for non-payment; dated Sept. 20, 
1652 ; attached the farm of the defendant. 

Writ: William Paine v. Daniell Clarke; dated 20 : 7 : 1652; 
for shop account; attached corn and hay. 

Writ : Mr. William Payne v. John Wiles ; dated 20 : 7 : 1652 ; 
for shop account; attached house and land. 

Writ : Mr. George Emery v. Joseph Meadcalfe ; " for two Jornies 
to his house and setting his souns legg ;" dated 20 : 7 : 1652. 
Joseph Medcalfe and Edward Browne bound for Joseph Medcalfe's 
appearance, Sept. 23, 1652. 

Writ : Mr. William Payne v. William Prichet ; dated 22 : 7 : 
1652 ; debt. 

Writ: Humphry Griffin V. Jerime Belcher; debt; dated 23 : 7 : 
1652 ; attached his orchard. 

Writ : Henry Archer v. Samuell Tayler ; debt ; dated 23 : 7 : 
1652 ; attached a cow of Sam. Taylour's in the hands of Henry 

Writ : Edward Haradine v. Humphrey Grifl&n ; debt ; dated 23 : 
7 : 1652 ; attached his ground and garden. 

All of the foregoing writs were addressed to the marshal of 
Ipswich, served by Robert Lord,t marshal, and signed by John 
Whipple! for the court. 

Joseph Fouler of Ipswich was presented for provoking and slan- 
derous speeches to the constable of Ipsige in the collection of rates. 
He said, " This we get by hired constables i can proue goodman 
noultan hired you for twentie shillings and Master browne for all- 
most as much and forther said i would have you goe to the towne 
meting and knele downe on your knees and beg to be cunstable 
and if it be graunted you you shall be bored throu the eare and be 
an everlasting constable." Wit : Theophilus Wilson and Robert 
Lord, jr., of Ipsige. 

Joseph Fouler presented for suspicion of wearing gold and silver 
lace. Wit : William Goodhue and Daniell Broadley. 

*Mistris Bidgood of Ipsige presented. Wit : Thomas Scot and 
James Hoow of Ipsige. 

List of presentments signed by INIathew Boyesf for the grand jury. 

t Autograph. 

1652] ■ KECORDS AND FILES 267 

Court interprets words in John Grose's will, about paying debts 
between mother and daughter, to mean that they shall be shared 

Allowed five shillings to the house, and two shillings to the houses 
where Mr. Brodstreet and Capt. Hathorne lodged. 

*Inveutory of the estate of John Crose of Ijiswich, taken Dec. 
10, 1650, by Richard (his mark) Kemball, sr., and Robert Lord:t 
Wearing apparell, 41i. ; a featherbed & boulster & an ould coverlet, 
51i. ; a flockbed. Hi.; a bed floks & feathers together, a fether bol- 
ster and a tike, 211. 14s. ; 2 prs. of Red blanketts, 2Ii. 14s. ; 1 large 
yarne couerlett, Hi. 8s. ; 3 feather pillows, 12s. 9d. ; 3 Curtaynes, 
Hi. 4s. ; 3 Chests, an ould trunke & ould bordcloth, Hi. 8s. ; in 
pewter, 21i. 10s. ; in Gaily potts & drinking pots, and holand juggs, 
10s. ; 3 silluer spoones, Hi. ; 3 dozon & one sillver batons, at 5s. "^ 
oz., 6s. ; 31 yards of cotton & lenen at 16d., 21i. Is. 4d.; a Cubord 
cushen, 6s. 8d. ; musket, sword & bandeleors, Hi. 2s.; 5 ould axes, 
a wedg & other ould Iron, Hi.; a pr. of Andirons, 12s.; 2 pr. of 
tonges, 3s. ; a testing Iron, 2s. ; a paniell and bridle, 7s. ; an ould 
Joyne chayre with a couer, 4s. ; 2 hoggsheds, a bucking tub, 2 
keelars, too ould pondering tubs and 1 ould tub, 16s. ; a saw, a 
spit, a garden rake & an ager, 6s. 8d. ; a chirne, a payle & 2 lether 
bottells, 7s. ; 2 kettells, 2 candell sticks & a chafendish, a skimer 
& a basting ladell, 3 spoones, 1 11. 15s. ; 2 little brase potts, 2 pos- 
netts, Hi. ; a diping pan, 2 sives, 4 boothauches & 1 lanthorne, a 
glas case, 12s. ; 2 spades, a pillion, a basket, 6s. 8d.; 3 cushen s, 6s. ; 
2 pitchforkes, 41i. ; leadwayte, a griuston, Ss. 6d.; 5 pr. of sheets, 
21i. 5s. ; a diap. short board cloth, 3$. 4d. ; a pr. of ould holand 
pillowbeers, 5s. ; 3 corse pillowbeeres, 4s. 6d. ; 6 ould corse napkins, 
4s. ; Corse board cloth, 4s. ; a bedsted & a trundle bed & bedlyne, 
16s. ; 2 trayes & a stocklock & a battelor, a runlet & dressor kued- 
ing trough, 10s. ; a linen wheele, a flasket & a paile, woole & hempe, 
8s.; a pr. of shoes & a pr. of bootes, 12s. ; 7 cheeses about 401i., 3 
quarters of a firkin of buttar. Hi. 18s. 6d. ; a warming pan, 6s. ; a 
sadell, lOs. ; a syd & halfe of porke, 10s. ; 1 graye mare & a colt 
of almost 3 y : of a ronish coular, 261i. ; 2 cowes, lOli., 2 steeres, 1 
year & vantag, 151i.; 1 horse sanded graye of 2 yea., 2 colts, 241i. ; 
2 cowes & 2 heifers, yea. & vantage, 151i. ; 7 cowes & 2 steers of 3 
& vantage, 451i. ; the farme, lOOli. ; in debts, lllli. ; 2 small hogs. 
Hi. 12s. ; total, 38211. 5s. 2d. Severall debts oweing wch. yet apeares 

Deposition of Jane Johnson : " Saith y*' : coming ou"" in the 
ship with Henry Phelps & Hannah the now wife of Nich : Phelps : 
Henry Phelps going ashore the ship lying at the Downes : Hannah 
wept till shee made ||her|| selue sicke because m'' Fackler would not 
suffer her to goe ashore with Henry Phelps : & Henry came aboard 



CouKT HELD AT Hami'tox, 5:8: 1652. 

J 110. Wedgwood v. Mr. Saiul. Winsley. Appeal from commis- 
sioners of Hampton. For taking pipestaves from the landing 
place. Verdict for defendant. Appealed to ne.Kt Court of As- 

Rob. Tuck V. Tho. Davis and Steven Kent. For refusing to pay 
him twelve pounds for the cure of an Indian. 

late in the night, the next morning m"" P'alckuer Chid Henry Phelps 
& Hannah & said was it not enough for y" to let Hannah lay her 
head in y'' lape but must shee ly in ye Cabbin to & called Hannah 
Strumpet & this deponent saith farther y' she saw Henry Phelps 
ly in his Cabbin & Hannah Baskel the now wife of Nich Phelps 
came & lay down her head by him & pull her head up again often 
as he lay in his Cabbin : & when he was smocking in the Cook 
roome tobaca Hannah tooke the pip out of his mouth." 

"The testimonie of vs Inhabitants now of Newburie whose 
names are here vnder written, who about thirteen yeares past came 
ouer in a ship called the Jonathan of London with Thomas Blan- 
chard now of Charlestowne, at what time his wife dyed in the ship 
hee was conceived to be very poore and in greate necessity by rea- 
son of his wiues and his childreus Sicknesse, that the passengers 
made a gathering for him in the shippe to helpe to put his child to 
nurse his wiues mother also being sicke all the while wee were at 
Sea and wee knew no other man that looked to her but Thomas 
Blanchard, but there was a maide which was her neece tended her 

Further I Anthony Somerby testify ed that about the time the 
ship came to Anchor in Boston Harbor the woman his mother in 
law dyed, And Thomas Blanchard procured to cary her to shore to 
be buryed. I knew no other man that was about it but hee. 

Further Nicholas ||noyes|| testifyes that old Goody Bent came 
up from Andeuor to London in a waggon with the carryers. And 
Thomas Blanchard tooke care of her and her goods from Andeuor 
to the ship and she was with Thomas Blanchards family about a 
month at London, and that there was a gathering among christians 
in england to help him ouer. 

Nicholas Noyes* 
Anthony Somerby."* 

Sworn at Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 1652. 

Capt, Ting ordered by Jno. Gifforde to pay Henry Tucker three 
pounds, and said Tucker assigned the bill to Joseph Armitage. 
Dated Sept. 14, 1652. Copy of records of Boston court signed by 
Edward Rawson.* recorder. 



Mr. Sam. Dudley v. Towu of Hampton. For leaving a clay pit 
uncovered, in which a cow belonging to plaintiff was drowned. 

Mr. Edward Gyllmau v. Tho. Crauly, Debt. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Edward Gyllmau v. Henry Greene. For taking away a cow 
in the night. 

Mr. Edward Gyllmau v. Humphrey Willson. For not repairing 
the dams and floodgates according to agreement. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Edward Gyllraan v. Tho. Cravdy. For not planting corn 
according to agreement. 

Mr. Edward Gyllmau v. Jno. Redman. Debt. 

Christopher Pallmer v. Town of Hampton. For lauds detained 
from him which were granted to his father. 

Henry Green v. Rich. Swaine. Defamation. For reporting that 
he had attempted the chastity of Bassill Swaine and used beastly 
and unseemly carriages and temptations toward Grace Boulter. 

Henry Green v. Mr. Edward Gillmau. For detaining pay for the 
work of a team of oxen and a man about thirteen days. 

Jno. Cheiney, sr., of Nubery was chosen guardian to his grand- 
child, Abiell Chandler, aged about two years. 

Steven Kent fined lOli. for letting the Indians have strong 
waters, whereby divers were made drunk on the last day late at 
night. The Indians struck the constable and his assistants, said 
Kent neglecting to assist the constable. 

Willi. Huntington fined for telling three lies, which he confessed. 

Constable of Exiter ordered to return to Anthony Day the goods 
which he took away from him to satisfy the minister's rate, and said 
Day was to pay it within two months at two shillings per day in 

Elizabeth Chace appointed administratrix of estate of Tho. 
Chace, her husband, and to return inventory to next Salisbury 

Mary Tuck appointed administratrix of estate of Edward Tuck, 
her husband, and was giveu two mouths to bring in an inventory. 

Henry Green fined for uncleanness and bound to good behavior. 
Abraham Pirkins and Willi. Fifeild bound for his appearance at 
next Salisbury court. 

Mr. Edward Colcord fined for excessive drinking and bound to 
good behavior. Francis Smith of Boston, cardmaker, and Mr. Ed- 
ward Gyllman bound for his appearance at next Salisbury court. 


Willi. Esto, Jeffery Mingee and Tho. Coleman chosen and sworn 
commissioners to end small canses for Hampton. 

Henry Dow sworn constable of Hampton. 

George Haborne sworn freeman, 7:8: 1652. 

Willi. Partridg of Salisbury bound in 8Gli. to the Governor and 
Company of Massachusetts to pay a legacy of 431i., which was 
given by Jno. Partridg of Olney in Buckinghamshire, to the chil- 
dren of said William Partridg then living, the eldest child to have 
a double portion. 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 9 : 1652. 

Isaack Estey acknowledged judgment to Mr. Edmund Battar. 

Jonathan Wade v. William Paine and Rob. Paine. Continued. 

Andrew Maunsfield sworn clerk of the market for Lin. 

Fineas Fiske of Wenham released from training, on account of 
age and weakness, to pay 4s. yearly to the company. 

John Grover fined for taking tobacco contrary to law. 

Rob. Edwards of Manchester fined for wearing silver lace con- 
trary to law.* 

Present : The honord Gouernor, Capt. Bridgis and Major 

Grand jury : Mr. Edmund Battar, Jeff ery Massy, Walter Price, 
Henry Herrick, Thomas Putnam and Job Swinerton of Salem ; 
Edward Baker, Henry Collins, Thomas Coldam and John Fuller of 
Lin ; John Hardinge of Gloster, Fineas Fiske of Wenham; James 
Smith of Marblehead and Paskee Foote of Manchester. 

Jury of trials: Mr. William Browne, Lt. Lothropp, Seagiant 
Porter, Jacob Barny, Elias Stileman, Edmund Needum, James 
Axsey, Edward Burcham, Nathaniell Kirtland, John Collins and 
Richard Hutton. 

Phillip Crumwell v. Mordecaie Crafford. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Phillip Crumwell v. John Studley of Salem. Debt. Confessed 
judgment. Withdrawn, 

John Jackson v. Mordecaie Craford. Debt. Withdrawn. 

William Nicholls v. Joseph Pope. Slander. For saying he took 
his wife stealing his hay. 

Mr. William Paine v. Henry Groome. For not paying a bill of 

*Also silver and gold buttons. Wit : Joh. Norman and Ben. 


Mr. William Paine v. Augustine Waker. For not delivering a 
parcel of moose skins consigned to Mr. Thomas Lacock and said 
Waker, the profits to be turned over to I^acock on Paine's account. 
Judgment for plaintiff.* 

Nicholas Peuion and his wife Ester, wife of Joseph Jenkes, jr., 
John Gorum and John Parker of Lynn, fined for wearing silver 
lace. Wit ; Joseph Armitage.f 

Judith, widow and administratrix of the estate of Henry 
Somersby, deceased, brought in inventoryl of his estate taken by 
Edmond Greenliffe, Rich. Browne and Anthony Somersby, Nov. G, 
1652. Amount, 16411. 4s. Estate owed 621i. Judith petitioned || 
the court that her son Danyell might have the six acres of land in 
the little field and half the marsh and meadow, and 51i. at the age 
of eighteen, and that her two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth might 
have 131i. and a noble each at the age of sixteen years. If any of 
the children die, their portion to be equally divided. 

♦Printed form of bill of lading : " Shipped by the grace of God 
in good order, and well conditioned by Mr. Thomas Lake in and 
upon the good Ship called the Unitie of New England whereof is 
Master under God for this present voyage Augustian Walker and 
now riding at ankor in the harbor of Boston and by Gods grace 
bound for London, to say thirtie & Eight moose hydes wheare of 
two are scraped," etc., to Aug. Walker and Mr. Tho. Leerock, they 
paying twelve pence per skin. Dated Boston, July 2, 1651, and 
signed by Augustine Walker. § 

A note of that which my wife has reseved : 427 pound of dry 
genger, 705 pound of Suger, 87 pound of green genger ; one boosh- 
ell and halfe of wheat, 7s. 6d. ; 5 pecks of malt, 7s. 6d. ; pound of 
suger. Is. 2d. Five pounds worth of commoditis shee has reseved 
of Mr. Browne ; 2 pound, 4 shellings to the butcher for meet ; 1 
pound to Mr. Price. Bill of costs, Hi. 9s. 3d. 

tAVit: Joseph Armitage, sr., Geo. Keyser, Will. Longlye, Phill. 
Kirtland, And. Mansfeild. 

^Inventory of the estate of Henry Somerby of Newbury taken 
by Edmond Grenlefe,§ Richard Browne§ and Anthony Somerby :§ 
An house and an aker of land that it stands upon, 451i. ; 14 Akers 
of land, 2011. ; 11 akers of marsh & meadow, 91i. ; 2 ateers and a 
cow & two calues, 181i. ; a copper and brewing vessells, 61i. 10s. ; 
9 swine, Sli. In the parlor : one bedsted and a trundle bedsted 
with a flockbed and boulster, a rugge and blankett and couerlett 
and curtaine, 41i. 10s. ; one cuberd and cuberd cloth, a table 


llOrigiual petition in files. 



Richard AVaters v. Francis Nurce. Trespass. For impouudine 
three cows and one heifer. 

George Burrill v. Joseph Jenkes, sr., and Joseph Jenkes, jr. 

Joseph Armitage v. John Milam. Debt. 

Mr. Thomas Ruck v. John Gillo and Jeukin Davis. Debt, as- 
signed to plaintiff by Joseph Armitage. 

Joseph Armitage v. Thomas Wheeler. Unjust molestation. 

John Hathorne v. Geo. Keaser. Debt. 

Edward Richards v. Joseph Jenks, sr., and Joseph Jeuks, jr. 
Forfeiture of a bond. Withdrawn. 

John Gillo v. Joseph Jenks, sr., and Joseph Jenks, jr. Forfeit- 
ure of a bond. 

Thomas Wheeler v. Joseph Armitage. Slander. For saying he 
would swear to what Jo. Maunsfeild would.* 

Henry Curtiss acknowledged judgment to Mr. Geo. Curwin. 

Richard Greene of Lynn fined 2s. 6d. for wearing silver lace. 
Wit : Joseph Armitage. 

Sarah, daughter-in-law of Francis Perrief (also Perrye) fined for 
wearing a silk hood, and referred to Capt. Bridgis. 

and fourme and chayre and cushion, Hi. 10s. In the kitchin : 4 
Iron potts, 21i. ; 10 peices of pewter, 3 porringers, one bason & other 
small peices, one quart pot, 3 drinking cupps, 21i. 10s. In the 
cellar chamber : one bedsted with featherbed and boulster, blancket, 
couerlet & curtaines, 51i. ; 7 paire of sheets, 41i. 4s. ; 3 table cloths, 
a dozen of Napkins, 5 pillowbears & towells, 21i. ; 3 pillowes, one 
napkin presse, one wooden platter, an earthern platter, 15s. ; 2 
kettles and a skillet, a frying pan, a spitt, 2 puddin paunes and a 
warming pan, one pewter chamber pott, a pestle and morter, 211. ; 
2 meale seiues, 1 dozen of trenchers, 6 milke vessells, a dozen of 
pewter spoones, 2 small chayres, 2 cushins, a small table, a case of 
bottles, a bras small ladle, a tramraell & other lumber, Hi. 10s. In 
the parlor chamber : one bedsted with a feather bed and bolster & 
rugge, 31i. ; one chest & foure dry caske, 10s. ; one sword & musket 
& bandeleers, Hi. ; one small flockbed in the kitchin chamber and a 
couerlett & 2 chests and 2 small boxes and two baskets. Hi. 10s. ; 
Ms weareing apparrell, 21i. ; debts due upon booke and bill, 261i. 
9s. ; total, 16411. 4s. ; we iinde him to be Indebted about 6211. 

*Thomas Wheeler's bill of charges. 

fLynn presentment. Wit : Joh. Mansfelld, And. Mansfeild and 
Mary Mansfeild. 

1652] llECORDS AND FILES 273 

Joseph Anuitage, Thomas Wheeler and Timothy Cooper, all of 
Lin, bound together to abide by award of Samuell Benett and 
Edward Richards as to differences between them. If they cannot 
agree, to refer the matter to Mr. Curwin, as a third man.* 

Timothy Coup, summoned to answer Joseph Armitage, who did 
not enter his action. Timothy recovered two day's witness fees. 

Edward Felps acknowledged judgment of 40s. for a servant he 
bought of Henry Archer. 

Thomas Spooner released from training on accoimt of age, 
paying 6s. yearly to the company. 

Tho. Trusler brought in bill of fines from those who neglected to 
bring in weights and measures. 

Mathew Coe, who was presented — : 10 : 1647, for hunting rac- 
coons on the Lord's day during public service, fined. Also, on his 
presentment, 24 : 4 : 1651, for quarreling with Bowden, admonished. 

John Hathorne,t for suffering Charles Phillipps to be drunk in 
his house and not notifying the constable. Wit : Geo. Keaser and 
Joseph Armitage. 

Abigail, wife of Arthur Kippin,| fined for excess in clothing, 
wearing broad bone lace. 

Rob. Burgis§ presented for bad and coarse grinding, both of 
English and Indian corn. Discharged. 

*Copy of submission, 30 : 9 : 1652, attested by Henry Bartholmew. || 
Bond, dated 30 : 10 : 1652, signed by Joseph Armitage, || Thomas 
Wheeler II and Timothy Cooper. || Wit: George Corwin,|| Samuell 
Benett. H Agreement, dated Salem, 26: 12: 1652, signed by 
George Corwin,|| who, being called upon to arbitrate as a third 
man, reported as follows : 

Joseph Armytadgh to paj'' to Timothy Cooper four shillings that 
the court awarded him at Salem, that Thomas Wheeler pay all 
the charges at John Hathorne's, which the arbitrators spent there, 
that Joseph Armytadgh pay to Thomas Wheler three pounds, five 
shillings, deducting six shillings for suppers provided by said Army- 
tadgh for the arbitrators, making two pounds, nineteen shillings, all 
to be paid within six weeks. 

tLynn presentment. Wit : Tho. Wheeler. 

]; Salem presentment. Wit: Lieut. Lathrop, Rich. Prince. 

§Lin presentment. He had been often blamed for it. Wit : 
Geo. Keyser, Will. Longlye, John Ramsdale and Fran. Ingalls. 



The way near the mill at Lin being dangerous for cattle and 
carriages, presented. Referred to Lin.* 

The wife of Christopher Collins presented for railing at her 
husband and calling him " Gurley gutted divill." Discharged. t 

Jonas Fairbankes presented for wearing great boots. Discharged, 
it appearing that he did not wear them after the law was pub- 
lished. J 

Joseph Harris, jBned for taking tobacco in the way near a house. § 

Rob. Pike of Marblehead, presented for living here and his wife 
in England, was ordered to go to her before the end of the seventh 
month on penalty of 201i. 

John Baily of Marblehead, presented for living here and his 
wife in England, discharged. 

Henrye Bullocke fined for excess in his apparel in boots, ribbons, 
gold and silver lace, etc. || 

Marke Hoscall of Salem fined for excess in his apparel, wearing 
broad lace.U 

John Bourne** and his wife presented for concealing some pieces 
of cloth, stuff and thread committed to them and converting them 
to their own use. To make treble restitution and public acknowl- 
edgment at a public meeting in Salem within one month or pay 

Capt. Traske presented for want of suitable weights in his mill. 

William Wake, James Underwood and John Williams, present- 
ed for living here and their wives in England, were ordered to go 
to their wives before the seventh month on penalty of 201i. 

*Wit : Geo. Keyser, Will. Longlye, Phill. Kirtlaud and And. 

fProved at Boston. Wit : Henry Whitnye and Enoch 

J Wit: Geo. Keyser, Will. Longlye, Phil. Kirtland and And. 

§ Salem presentment. Wit: Leiut. Latrup and Sam. Dixie. 

II Wit: The whole town, and in particular Lt. Latrup, Rich. 
Prince and Joh. Porter. 

^Wit : Lt. Latrup and Roger Conant. 

**Glocester presentment. They were pieces left from garments 
he had made. Wit : Mr. Will. Perkins, James Tucker, Tho. 
Waklye and Elisa Coe. 

tjWit : Tho. Trusler. 


Court held in Salem, — : 10 : 1652. 

Goodman Waters, William Foster, William Fox, William Kenick 
and James Pow, all of Marblehead, presented for living here and 
their wives in England, were ordered to go to them. 

Thomas Ward, presented for living here and his wife in England, 
was ordered to go to her. 

Thomas Rickes fined for being drunk. 

John Northee fined for striking Tho. Karter, and drawing his 
knife and threatening to stab Rob. Pike.* 

Mrs. Holgrave presented for reproachful and unbecoming speech- 
es against Mr. William Perkins, an officer of the church, viz. : 
" if it were not For the law, shee would never com to the meetinge, 
the teacher was soe dead, and acordingly shee did seldom com and 
withall pswaded goodwife vincett to com to her house, on the 
Saboth daye, and reade good bookes, affirminge that the teacher 
was Fitter to be a ladyes chamberman, then to be in the pulpitt."t 

William Galsery, brought in by constable of Marblehead, pre- 
sented for living here and his wife in England, was ordered to go 
to her. 

Tho. Way of Marblehead, presented for living here and his wife 
in England, was ordered to go to her. 

Mathew Biblen, presented for living here and his wife in Eng- 
land, was ordered to go to her. 

John Dawson fined for abusing the body of Marie, daughter of 
Rob. Knight of Marblehead, his master, in a foul manner. Ordered 
to serve his master one year longer. 

The wife of Austin Killum, presented for wearing a silk hood. 
Continued, t 

*Marblehead presentment. Wit : Tho. Karter and Robt. Pike. 

tGrloster presentment. Wit : Sarah Vincent, Grace Duch and 
Will. Vincent. Sarah, wife of Wra. Vinson, deposed that Mrs. 
Holgrave asked her how she liked Mr. Perkins now. Mrs. Vinson 
answered that she liked him well. Mrs. Holgrave then said : " He 
was fitter to bee a Ladies Chambermad then a Preacher ; & if ye 
Church had knowne as much as shee, they would not have Called 
him to office." Sworn before AVilliam Stevens,§ Christopher Ave- 
rye§ and Robert Tucker,§ commissioners of Gloster, 30 : 9 : 1652. 
Fined, and to confess it at Gloster publicly. 

IWit: Will. Geer and Esdras Read. 



Wife of Thomas Fiske of Wenham fined for wearing a tiffany- 

Charles Phillips, living at the Iron works, presented for drunk- 
enness. Being at Braintree, he was ordered to be brought to Salem 
court, t 

Alice, daughter of William Flint, presented for wearing a silk 
hood. He was proved to be worth over 20011., and she was dis- 
charged, t 

Joseph Armitage, for resisting the constable, and withholding 
goods of Thomas Wheeler, ordered to sit in the stocks at Lin one 
hour. Wit : Timothie Coup and Tho. Wheeler. 

Nathaniell Putnam and Richard Graves, differing about a son of 
Rich. Graves who was servant to Nath. Putnam, the matter was 
referred to Capt. Hathorne and Henry Bartholmew. 

Court held at Ipswich, 29 : 1 : 1653. 
Jury of trials : Mr. Jonathan Wade, Robert Daye, Thomas 
Scott, Daniell Warner, Thomas Bishop, William Storye, John 
Sanders, Jo. Bartlet, Will. Ilsly, Will. Hobson, James Barker and 
Tho. Abbot. 

Wilh Hobson and Tho. Abbot of Rowley took the oath of 

Robert Long sworn constable for Newbery, and Daniell Killum 
for Wenam. 

Capt. [William. — Waste Book.'] Gerish sworn commissioner to 
end small causes for Newbery. 

Mr. Samuell Philips of Rowley and Rich. Barker of Andover 
made freemen. 

Christopher CoUings v. Enoche Coldam. Slander. For saying 
that Ceilings' wife was a witch and calling her witch. Judgment 
for defendant. 

Frances Johnson v. Capt. Will. Hathorne. Breach of a bond. 
Defendant to pay to plaintiff llli, in instalments at four stated 
periods, and Frances Johnson promised that if John Huddson 
disproved any part of the debt, he would abate such amount. 
[Daniell Killum sworn constable of Whenam. — Waste Book.] 

*0r silk hood. Wit : Will. Geer. 

t Joseph Armitage affirmed that he saw him drunk three times 
in two days. Wit ; Geo. Keyser, Tho. Wheeler, Jose. Armitage 
and wife Jane. 

JWit : Mr. Price and Lieut. Latrup. 


Humphry Brodstreet v. Stephen Kent. For taking away, using 
and abusing and not returning a boar, and for suspicion of taking 
away other swine. Withdrawn. 

Isaack Couzens v. Lt. Edmond (4reenliefe. For not delivering a 
colt, for which he had bargained. Withdrawn.* 

Rich. Shattswell v. Thomas Skiner. For testifying before Mr. 
Hibbens. Withdrawn. 

William Whittred v. Thomas Ilolinson. Debt. Judgment for 

Robert Lord, attorney to John Coggswell, jr. v. Joseph Armen- 
tage. Debt. 

♦Steven Grenlef, aged about twenty-three years, deposed that he 
was present when there were words passed between his father and 
Isak Cosens about a colt Cosens would buy and for which his 
father asked twelve pounds, and said Cosens proceded to shake 
hands and make a bargain, but his father refused to sell until he 
saw the colt. 

t Henry Kingsbury § deposed that some time since when he was 
at Goodman Kimboll's, Goodman Whitturage was there. Said 
Kingsbury was asked to cast up the bill for some work about the 
house of Goodman Rolloson's wherein Goodman Whitturage then 
lived, which bill was about 21i. 16s. 8d. Sworn to in Ipswich court, 
28 : 7 : 1652. 

The will of William Averill of Ipswich was proved by Andrew 
Hodges and Renold Foster. " First. I doe bequeath my body to 
the earth to be deasently buryed in the Burying place of Ipswich, 
my sperit into the hands of my Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. 
And for my outward estate being but small, I doe give unto my 
children each of them, being seaven in number the some of fiue 
shillings apeece & the rest of my estate my debts being discharged 
I give unto Abegal my wife, whom I make sole execotrix of this 
my last will. In witnes heerof I have heerunto sett my hand & 
seale the 3* of the 4*'' mo. 1652. Will. Averell."t Wit: Andrew 
Hodges§ and Renold Foster. § 

Inventory of William Averill's estate taken by Regiuold Fostr 
and Andrew Hodgs : One hous Lott & house. lOli. ; 10 acres of up- 
land ground & 6 Ac. of meddo, lOli. ; 2 kine & 2 two yer old, 161i. ; 2 
shoats, Hi. ; 1 Iron pott, 1 brass pott, 1 frying pan, 4 pewtr plattrs, 
1 flagon, 1 Iron ketle, 1 brass ketle, 2 copp., 1 brass pan & some 
othr smal things, 21i. 17s. ; 2 chests, 1 fethr bed, 1 othr bed, 2 
payre of sheets, 2 bolstrs, 3 pillows, 2 blanketts, 1 Covrlid, 1 bed- 
stead & othr smal linnen, 51i. 10s. ; 2 coats & wearing appel, 31i. ; 
1 warming pan, 3s. ; a tub, 2 pails, a few books, 10s. ; a Corslett, 
Hi.; what shee oweth, 121i. 

tAutograph and seal. 


Mr, William Payne & Company v. Mr. William Norton. Debt. 

Mr. Henry Webb, administrator of the estate of Robert Filbricke 
V. Henry Walker. Debt. Defaulted. 

Joseph Armentage acknowledged judgment in favor of John 
Geddny of Salem. 

Nicolas Gardner, by his attorney, Mr. William Bartholmevv, ac- 
knowledged judgment to John Gednye of Salem.* 

Beniamyn Hillyard, fisherman, by his attorney, William Barthol- 
mew, acknowledged judgment to John Gednye of Salem. t 

John Fullar v. Jo. Browne. Debt. For work. Nonsuited. 

Christopher CoUings v. Richard Whitny. Not prosecuted. De- 
fendant allowed costs. 

Jo. Hathorne v. George Keazer. Two actions. Not prosecuted. 

Thomas Macye appointed administrator of the estate of Willm. 

Inventory of estate of William Ivory of Lin, deceased, filed. 
Amount, 13511. 9s. lOd. Also, a writing filed by Ann Ivory, relict 
of said William Ivory, as his last will. Declared invalid, for want 
of an executor. Administration granted to the widow. Deceased's 
son, Thomas Ivory, was ordered to have twenty pounds of the estate 
when twenty-one years of age, and Lois and Sarah, two of the 
daughters, ten pounds apiece when they are eighteen or married. 
Ruth Baly, a married daughter, to have forty shillings after the 
death of her mother. Remainder of the estate to go to the widow. 

Thomas Davis, constable of Haverhill, according to the Gover- 
nor's warrant, brought in Stephen Kent, Mathias Button, Dutch- 
man, and John Mackcalamy, Scotchman. 

Ruth Halfield, presented for excess in apparel, at last court, 
being under her mother's government, and Rich. Coye affirming 
that her mother was worth two hundred pounds, was discharged. 

♦Nicholas (his mark) Gardner of Salem, fisherman, appointed 
Wm. Bartholmew of Ipswitch as his attorney to acknowledge judg- 
ment to John Gedney of Salem. Dated 24 : 1 : 1653. Wit : Sam. 
Winsley and Sarauell Archard. 

tBenjamin Hillyer| of Salem, fisherman, appointed Wm. Barthol- 
mew of Ipswich, his attorney, to acknowledge judgment to John 
Gedney of Salem. Dated 24: 1 : 1653. Wit : Sam. Winsley and 
Samuell Archard. 



George Palmer, presented for wearing silver lace, fined ten 

Samuell Brocklebanck, presented for wearing silver lace, dis- 
charged in consideration of his employment. 

Mr. Henry Sewall, presented for several disturbances, being 
bound to good behavior had his bond forfeited and was again bound 
to good behavior in the sum of twenty pounds. 

William Duglas, upon his wife's presentment, fined ten shillings. 
Execution respitted. 

William Stickny of Rowly sworn clerk of the market for Rowly. 

Henry Archer to pay costs in his presentment. 

Richard Coye to answer presentment of his wife at the next 

Tho. Scott allowed witness fees. 

Daniell Pearce, constable of ISTewbery, ordered to be paid ten 
shillings, and the constable of Andover, ten shillings, on the coun- 
try's account. 

The court allowed to the house four shillings, to Mr. Broadstreet, 
where he lay, Is., and to Capt. Hathorne, 7d. 

Court held at Salisbury, 12 : 2 : 1653. 

Grand jury : Mr. Jno. Clement, Josiah Cobham, Willi. Barnes, 
Rich. Currier, Philemon Dalton, Tho. Coleman, Willi. Godfrey, 
Jno. Merian, Rich. Swaine, Jno. Robison, Rich. Ormsbey, Henry 
Palmer and Phillip Challis. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Sam. Winsley, The. Satchwell, Rich. Wells, 
Georg Carr, Jos«ph Moyce, Willi. Partridg, Tho. Macy, Ant, 
Colebie, Willi, liuswell, Jno. Stevens, Henry Browne, Tho. 
Filbrick, sr., Tho. Maston, Thomas Moulton, Jno. Samborne, Jno. 
Gillman, Leift. Haward, Leift. Hussie, Rob. Lord, Rob. Tucke 
and Willi. Swaine. 

Jno. Pike sworn juryman in case of Swain v. King. 

Mr. Jno. Clem [en] t chosen to serve on the grand jury and Mr. 
Sam. Winsley onthe jury of trials. Lt. Pike entered his dissent. 

Abiall Sadler, or his guardian v. Isack Bus well. Trespass. Por 
detaining the house and land which Anthony Sadler, Abiall's father, 
bought of Mr. Christofer Batt, and left to his son, said Abiall. 
Isack Buswell had kept it in his possession two years, for which 
damages were asked. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Willi. Sargent v. Saral. Buswell. For a cow which was killed 


by a beast belonging to defendant. Agreed that the plaintiff 
have half the price of the living cow as appraised by two men, 
and that the hide of the dead cow be divided between thein. 

Jno. Severans v. the Country. Debt. For ten pounds due and 
assigned by the Auditor General. And. Greely made oath that the 
Treasurer was summoned to appear. Verdict for plaintiff. 

The. Macy, assignee of Tristram Coffyn v. Mr. Ambross Lane. 
For non-payment of wages due for one man and four oxen nine or 
ten weeks. Verdict for plaintiff, 171i. 8d., and costs. 

Court hp:ld at Salisbury, 14 : 4 : 1653, nv adjournment. 

Mr. Joseph Mason v. Jno. Goddard. For not building a saw 
mill and a corn mill and keeping the same in repair, and for not 
working the full term of five years next after his arrival ; also for 
not continuing with the work of plaintiff' and for other neglects. 
Verdict for plaintiff. Execution respited for two months. 

Jno. Samborne v. Robert Lord. For illegally taking away his 
goods to the value of 15s. by a pretended execution. Verdict for 
plaintiff. Appealed to next Court of Assistants. Willi. Barnes 
bound for Robert Lord's appearance. 

Francis Swaine v. Tho. King. For defaming him by bringing 
false reports to the selectmen and others of carriages tending to 
uncleanness between the plaintiff and the wife of Tho. Cornish, to 
his great disgrace. Agreed that each bear his own charges and 
never again review the suit. Wit : Leift. Haword, for defendant.* 

Tho. Cornish v. Tho. King. For defaming his wife by bringing 
false reports up to the selectmen and others concerning uncleanness 
between said Cornish's wife and Francis Swaine, to their great 
disgrace. Verdict for plaintiff, one white wampampegue and 

Jno. Warrin v. Jno. Cass. For not delivering a cow that he took 
to winter for said Warrin. 

*Thomas Tiler deposed that being at Goodman Robinsons, 
house, and discoursing with Goodwife Day, said deponent told her 
she must be careful what she did before she swore, and she replied 
that she was all right, for Francis Swayne had bound himself to 
save herself and husband blameless in this affair. Sworn, 8:2: 
1653, before Tho. Wiggin.| 



Elisabeth Chase v. Willi. Furbur. Debt. For three pounds odd 

James Wall v. Mr. Edward Hilton. Debt. Upon accounts in 
the behalf of the town of Exiter. Withdrawn. 

James Wall v. Humfrey AVilson. For non-performance of a 
covenant of several specified payments. Withdrawn. 

Jno. Marian v. llichard Swaine. Review of case at last Salisbury 
court, concerning a parcel of meadow which Swaine recovered of 
Marian. Verdict for defendant. 

Humphrey Wilson v. James Wall. For taking excessive wages 
about building a saw mill, the work proving insufficient. With- 

Mr. Saml. Dudley acknowledged judgment to Jno. Severans on 
account of an attachment served upon Mr. Dudley as surety for 
Collcord for 1100 pipe staves. 

Tho. King acknowledged judgment to Mr. Sam. Dudley for an 
attachment served upon a cow belonging to him. 

Humfrey Wilson acknowledged judgment to Mr. Sam. Dudley 
upon an attachment served upon a cow belonging to him. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman sworn clerk of the writs for Exiter. 

Mr. Edward Woodman sworn commissioner of Nubery. 

Hugh Sharratt freed from ordinary and extraordinary training. 

Jno. Severans v. Edward Colcord. Debt. Defendant acknow- 
ledged judgment to plaintiff. 

Jno. Severance v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For non-payment of 
five pounds for a cask of wine. 

Mr. Crist. Batt v. Town of Salisbury. For withholding his right 
in the common meadows which had been divided by the town. 
Verdict for defendant. Appealed. Lt. Robert Pike bound for 
plaintiff's appearance at next Court of Assistants. 

Willi. Maston v. Town of Hampton. For withholding his right 
by an unequal dividing of lands of said town. 

Willi. Partridg v. Cpt. Willi. Gerish. For not delivering fifteen 
pounds worth of leather at a certain time according to promise. 

Elizabeth Bledale v. Edward Gyllman. Debt. For three 
pounds which defendant promised to pay to Ralfe Blesdale, late 
husband of Elizabeth. Verdict for plaintiff. Part of fine remitted 
if defendant promise never to meddle with the case by way of 


Mr. Christopher Hussey confirmed leiftenant of the military 
company of Hampton. 

Richard Swaine and Philemon Dalltou of Hampton freed from 
training, each paying four shillings yearly to the company. 

Tho. Macy of Salisbury freed from training, paying 6s. 8d. yearly 
to the company. 

The. Satchwell granted liberty to train or not, according as he 
is able, provided that he pay twelve pence per day to the 
Haverhill company. 

Mr. Carr of Salisbury freed from training, paying three shillings 
yearly to the company. 

Mr. Rob. Clements allowed to sell wine for the town of Haverhill. 

Ordered that the clerk pay to Robert Tuck thirty shillings, 
which, with the ten pound fine of Steven Kent, said Tuck accepted 
in full for the cure of the Indian. The suit was commenced at 
Hampton court in 1652. 

Ordered that the two children of Edward Tuck of Hampton, 
deceased, namely, Edward Tuck, the elder, and Jno. Tuck, the 
younger, have forty pounds out of their father's estate, forty 
marks to the eldest and twenty marks to the youngest. For a 
part of the forty pounds, they were to have the house and all the 
land, meadow, upland and commonage, expressed in the inventory, 
at the price of appraisal, that is, the house and land adjoining at 
141i., 4^ acres of fresh marsh at 91i., 10 acres of salt marsh at 21i. 
10s., commonage at 21i., and the other 121i. in good young cattle 
to be appraised by two indifferent men. The children's portions 
were to be delivered at the age of twenty-one years, the widow to 
have the use of the estate for the bringing up of the children. 

Mr. Carr's man who keeps the ferry freed from training. 

Henry Green and Edward Colcord and their sureties discharged 
of their bond given at Hampton court in 1652 for the good behav- 
ior of said Green and Colcord. 

Andrew Greely sworn clerk of the market for Salisbury. 

Tristra Coffin, attorney of Willi. Furber acknowledged the 
latter's bill brought in by widow Chase, upon which she sued said 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 4 : 1653. 
Present : The Honord Gouernor, Mr. Simon Bradstreete, Capt. 
Rob. Bridgis, Mr. Samuell Simonds and Major Generall Denysou. 
Grand jury : Mr. Edmund Battar, Jefferie Massey, Walter 


':'' ' ■ -: i>: :.!' ^(.i ' 'u.: >-' 


Price, Henry Heryok, Thomas Putnam, Job Swinerton, Edward 
Baker, Henry Collins, Thomas Coldam, John Fuller, John Hard- 
inge, Fineas Fiske, James Smith and Paskee Foote. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Thomas Gardner, John Browne, Richard 
More, Richard Prince, Joseph Hardy, George William of Salem ; 
Nathaniell Hanforth, Richard Johnson, William Knight and Joseph 
Maunsfeild of Lin ; Rob. Elwell of Gloster ; and John Fiske of 

Mr. William Venice v. Henry Combes. For withholding a 

William White v. Arthur Juell. For withholding a debt of 31i. 
due him for diet. Wit : Samuell Archard and William Wake. 

Thomas Weekes v. William Lewis. For withholding a debt. 

William Browne v. Mr, William Perkins. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Christopher Latimore v. Edward Pitford. Breach of bond. 

Mr. William Paine, assignee of Capt. John Leverett and James 
Oliver v. Thomas Maeey, administrator of estate of William Crimp, 
deceased. Debt.* 

John BartoU sworn constable of Marblehead. 

♦Will. Painef of Ipswich appointed Robert Lord of Ipswich to 
prosecute this action on June 14, 1653. Phillip Gorwell and Wil- 
liam Crimp of the Isle of Shoulds acknowledged judgment of 211i. 
16s. 6d., to Capt. John Leveret of Boston. This sum was to be paid 
in merchantable fish delivered at He of Shoulds. Dated, Sept. 26, 
1649 ; assigned by James Oliver to Mr. Will. Paine two years ago, 
Apr. 28, 1653. John Levrit (also Leverett), James Olliverf and 
Robert Scottt acknowledged 14 : 7 : 1652, that they assigned this 
bill to William Payne in 1649, about Mihall Tide. 

" Brother Lord I had thought I should further rote you 

but you ware gonn : I haue here in Closed the the bil and 

the testemonies if you should in anie mesure dout the going well 

the acttion you may wth draw it : but if not entred you uede 

not and if it should not goe on therd giue hime this sommonds for 
Salem Cort but if you se things goe fairly on you may try it I leue 

to yourselfe but in case you should anie rub let it fal and 

we wil try it at Salem Cort : Pray sett, wth M"" Gilman About the 
pipe staves reciued for John Anibal if he be consent to alow 40s 
towards the Charges about it : other wise serue the Atachment of 
hime here in bosten : but I cannot inlarg but rest yours to Command 

14 of June 1653 W ." 



William Alliu sworn constable of Manchester. 

John Tederick, Roger Pederick and Paule Maunsfeild, presented 
for fighting to the drawing of blood. The latter, only, found guilty 
and fined. 

Widow Mary Coales of Lin brought into court an inventory* of 
the estate of her late husband, George Coales, and was appointed 

Soloman Goite acknowledged judgment to Mr. Gedny. 

Charles Fillipps fined for drunkenness. AVit : Joseph Armitage 
and wife. 

John Fuller and John Witt sworn constables of Lin. 

Thomas Jones of Gloster and Richard Rooten of Lin sworn 

Mr, John Gilford v. Joseph Jenks, jr. 

Mr. John Gifford v. Edward Burt, 

Mr. John Gifford v. Edward Page. 

Mr. John Gifford, agent of the company of the Iron works v. the 
worshipful Capt. Robert Bridgis, Mr. Henry Webb and Mr. Josuah 
Foote, commissioners and attorneys for said company. For recov- 
ery of 10,00011. disbursed by said agent for said company. Referred 
to commissioners. 

Edmund Nicholson v. William Lues. Debt of 241i., of which 41i. 
6s. was according to bill, assignes of Francis Johnson, 61i., assignes 
of Manuell Clark, 61i., for diet, assignes of Richard Seely, 81i., for 
his time bought out. The plaintiff's particular debt of 41i., was 
proved by the testimony of Francis Simson and Hen. Pease. Ver- 
dict for plaintiff. 

♦Inventory of the estate of George Coales of Line, taken 23 : 4 : 
1653, by Edward Burchumf and Nathaniell Handforth :t A house & 
too ackers & a halfe of Land, 121i. ; too swien & a pige. Hi. ; a kow, 
4li. 10s. ; fouer pillowes, 18s. ; a Chale bed ruge & sheets, 21i. 14s.; 
a bedsted, 4s. ; his aparill. Hi. 19s. ; a warminge pan, 10s. ; in puter 
& a Smothinge lern. Hi. 7s. ; too leren pots, on brase pot & pot 
hooks, Hi. 15s. ; a gird lern & a scellitt, 4s. 6d. ; a Craddell & too 
Cussions, 4s. ; wodden ware, 10s.; bookes, 8s.; too wheles & a 
meale tube, 8s. ; in Coren, Hi. 3s. 6d. ; Cubard & lumber, 7s. lOd. ; 
a bed & a mantell, lis. 4d. ; flax, woole & Cards, 6s. 6d. ; Chiste, 
barill, table & trunks, lis. 6d. ; thre raeale bags & a fryng pan & 
thre earthen potts, 10s. 6d. ; total, 321i. 10s. 8d.; debts Owinge by 
her, 12s. ; debts dew to her, 13s. 6d. 



Mr. Edmund Battar v. Arthur Juell. For withholding a debt 
due him. 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 4 : 1653. 

Joseph Breearly, servant to John Fuller of Lin, having been 
brought before the court by the worshipful Capt. Bridgis, sentenced 
to be whipped for running away and pilfering from his master and 
mistress. Ordered that he return the goods stolen and serve said 
Fuller four years and one week, beginning 20 : 4 : 1653. Enoch 
Coldham and Arthur Carey to be whipped for abetting said Breerly. 

Edward Kemp and Edmund Farrington, presented for being 
drunk, were discharged. 

James Thomas fined for drinking to excess.* 

John Home fined for striking John, son of Thomas Cole, with 
an unsuitable instrument two or three hard blows. 

The wife of Thomas Day fined for wearing a silk scarf. 

Joseph Juett, attorney to Rich. Write v. Richard Betts. For- 
feiture of a bond in which defendant was bound for Thomas Scott, 
jr., against Thomas Scott, sr., in an action concerning rent. With- 

Phillip Crumwell v. Mordecaie Craford. 

John Stoone, sr., John Stone, jr. and Nathaniell Stoone v. Ralf 
Elwood. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Browne v. Mr. John Giffard. Debt of 20011. 

Phillip Crumwell v. Richard HoUingworth. Debt. 

Mr. Jonathan Wade v. Mr. Robert Paine. For withholding 54511., 
which was the profit of 15511., committed to him to improve in the 
way of trade according to certain articles. 

Edmund Nicholson, assignee for Emanuell Clarke v. William 
Lues. For withholding 41i. Is. remaining due for fish lent him and 
for diet. Verdict for plaintiff. Wit : James Sherfard and Hen. 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 4 : 1653. 

William Nicolls admonished for abusing Damaris, wife of Joseph 
Pope, in railing and reviling words. Wit : Mr. Bacon's servants. 
John Tompkins' wife fined for wearing a silk hood. 

*Salem presentment. Wit : Dankye, the Scot, servant to widow 
Hardye and Jo. Bridgmon. 


John Putnum fined 40s. for liis relations after contract, and 
before his marriage to Rel:)ecka, his wife. 

Thomas Wheeler fined for profane and foolish dancing, singing 
and wanton speeches, probably being drunk. Wit: Francis Smith. 

John Holgrave's wife fined for being drunk twice. 

Andrew Willson, being bound over to this court by the worship- 
ful Capt. Robert Bridgis, was fined for forcing the lock of the mill 
door at Lin and breaking open the door. 

The wife of. Thomas Scellinge admonished and bound to good be- 
havior for many suspicious carriages with Thomas Patten. Thomas 
Scellinge bound for his wife's good behavior in rejecting the com- 
pany of said Patten. 

John Robinson, servant to Tho. Putnum, to be whipped, and to 
serve his master one year longer than his agreement, for frequent 
running away from his master. 

Mr. John Giffard, agent for the owners of the Iron works at 
Hamersmith, petitioned for speedy action on the part of the com- 
missioners appointed to examine his accounts, from the beginning 
of his service there. Ordered that Mr. Giffard deliver his accounts, 
both debits and credits, the next third day of the week to Capt. 
Robert Bridgis, that the commissioners have until the twentieth of 
the next month, and if no agreement be reached, the matter be re- 
ferred to Capt. Thomas Clarke, Mr. Nicholas Davison and Mr. Dun- 
can, auditor general, as umpire, who should have a month to con- 
sider the case. Agreed that Mr. Webb give in his account to ^Ir. 
Giffard, who, after perusing the same, was to turn it over to the 
auditors. Capt. Thomas Clarke, Mr. Nicholas Davison and Mr. 
Duncan, auditor-general, were to audit his account. 

Thomas Wheeler of Lin, being bound to the court for sinful 
speeches against Mr. Cobbett, to confess at meeting at Lin or to pay 
a fine. Wit : Samuell Benitt and William Bartram. 

" Thomas Wheeler his acknowledg'"' : Whereas I Thomas Wheeler 
of Lin haue bene convicted at the last Court at Salem for speakinge 
sinfull and reprochfull speechis ag"st M*" Cobbett caluminatinge 
the doctrine by him deliuered and for oth"" evill speechis uttered 
ag°st som oth'' of the Inhabitants of Lin which though I doe not 
pfectly rememb"" yet seeinge it is testified ag"st me I haue noe rea- 
son but to beleeue it to be true and therefore doe acknowledge my 
greate sin and offence in soe speakinge humblie intreatinge those 
whom it doth concerne to passe it by and receiue sattisfaction by 


this mine humble acknowledg""' pmisinge for the time to come god 
helpinge me to be more watchfull ouer my words and speechis." 

Court held at Salem, 1:5: 1G53. 

John Holgrave, presented for being at Gloster two several Lord's 
days and absent from meeting, said that Mr. Perkins had given him 
offense, and " I will not heare him untill he hath given me sattis- 
f action." 

James Thomas, for fornication with a " negar servant " of Dan- 
yell Rumball, fined and to pay 18d. a week toward keeping the child. 

Theophilus Salter fined five pounds for making love to Mary 
Smith and seeking to marry her without consent of her friends. 

Jo. Kitchin and Jo. Hath[orne] to be paid witness fees in Jo. 
Armitage's presentment. 

Tho. Wheeler, Jo, Maunsfeild and Tho. Clarke to be paid wit- 
ness fees. 

Phillip Verin confessed that he, with John Hill and Thomas 
Bishopp, did each fire a gun in the woods in the second month last, 
in the morning before day, causing an alarm in the town. Phillip 
Verin fined forty shillings. 

Geo. Keaser allowed 6s. lid. for attendance on his negro in 1651, 
this amount to be paid to Jo. Armitage by Capt. Bridgis' order, as 
per note under his hand. 

Fines brought in by worshipful Capt. Bridgis : John Gorum, 
second drunk ; Richard Greene's wife, swearing ; John Vinton, 
striking William Emorie ; James Woodward, drunk ; John Mack- 
shame, two oaths ; William Emorie, striking another person. 

Widow Tilton of Lin brought in will of her late husband, Wil- 
liam Tilton, deceased. Proved by Edward Burcham and John 
Hurd. Also an inventory,* amount, 12811. 4s. lOd. 

•Inventory of the estate of Willyam Tilton of Line, taken 16: 
2 : 1653, by Edward Burchumf, Henry Collinsf and Francis (his 
mark) Ingols : 2 oxen & five kine, 401i. ; six younge Cattell, 141i. 
10s. ; 3 Calves & five swien, 51i. ; in putter, leren pots & ould 
brase, 21i. 7s. 4d. ; frynge pan & hooks, 5s. ; his purse & aparill & 
cloth, 71i. 18s. ; 2 hogheades, 3 payles & a bottell with other Lum- 
ber, lli. 6s. ; too bibles & a hammer, 9s. 6d. ; 3 sheepe & 5 lambes, 
61i. 13s. 4d. ; plow & lerens & yocks, 15s. ; in Liniuge, 21i. ; in 
beddinge, bolsters & Coveringe, 61i. ; a warminge pan, Chiste & 



Will* of William Steeveiis, late of Newberrie, proved by Rob. 
Longe and Anthony Somerby. Also inventory! proved. 

churen, 12s. ; in coren, backen & porke, 61i. 10s. ; in wlieles, sith & 
yaren grinestone & barley, 2li. 8s. 8d. ; house & Lande, .'iOli. ; 
sword, muskett & bandeleres, Hi. 10s. ; total, 12811. 4s. lOd. 

*Will of William Stevens of Newbury, yeoman, dated May 19, 
1653, He bequeathed " my body to bee buryed in the burying 
place of Newbury, and for my worldly Goods I bequeath my house 
and two parts of my land both vpland and meadow to my eldest 
Son when hee shall be of the age of one and twenty yers and 
twenty pounds to my son Samuell Steuens when he shalbe at the 
like age of twenty one yeares, and I appoint Elizabeth my wife my 
Sole executrix of this my last will and testament and all the rest 
of my worldly goods vndisposed of I give to my wife to bring vp 
my children in the feare of god till they shalbe at the aforesaid 
age only the third parte of my land after my wiues decease giuen 
to my Son John Steuens, and in case either of my children shold 
dye before they shall come to the age of twenty one yeares then 
the twenty pounds shall returne to my wife." William Steuenes.{ 
Wit: Anthony Somerby,J Rich. Lowle,t Robertt Long,t Anthony 
MorseJ and Benieman Swett.j 

Robert Long,}; aged about thirty-two years, made oath before 
Wm. Gerrish, commissioner, 27 : 4 : 1653, that this will was the 
last will of William Stevens, as did also Anthony Somerby, in 
court at Salem, 28 : 4 : 1653, before Henry Bartholraew,}; clerk. 

tinventory of the estate of William Stevens of Newbury, yeo- 
man, who died May 19, 1653, taken June 13, 1653, by Samuell 
Bidfeild,+ George (his mark) Little, Anthony Somerby,} Francis 
Plumer} and Nicholas Noyes :} The house and barne and eleven 
akers and halfe of land which joynes to the house, eight akers be- 
ing broken up, 481i. ; sixteene akers of exchange and divident 
laud, 61i. ; ten akers of meadow and upland neere the mill, 71i. 
10s. ; ten akers of meadow neere Nich. Noyes neck, 71i. 10s. ; two 
akers of salt marsh. Hi. ; two akers of meadow at the little river. 
Hi. ; one oxe, 71i. 10s. ; two steers, 3 yere old, 10s. ; two cowes, 9 
li. ; one heifer, 2 yere old, 21i. 15s. ; two yeerlings, 41i. ; two calves, 
21i. ; five swine, 31i. ; foure akers of Rye and wheat and barly 
growing, 81i.; an old cart and wheels, a yoake chayne and plough 
& plough Irons, Hi. 10s. ; sithes, axes, spad, shovel & other utin- 
sells belonging to husbandry, Hi. 4s.; a sledd and whelbarrow, 4s.; 
one bedsted in the parlour with a featherbed, bolster, 2 blankets 
and a coverlet and a pillow, 61i. ; one chest and a coffer and 2 
boxes, 12s. ; foure chayres & 2 cushions, 8s. ; twenty pound of cot- 
ten wooll, lli. In the little roome : a bedsted and a flock bed and 
bolster with 2 pillows & blanket and a little flocke bed & other 



CouKT HELD AT Ii'swicn, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Judges : Mr. Sarauell Syinonds, Major-General Deuison and Mr. 
William Hubard. 

Jury of trials : Moses Pengry, Richr. Jacob, The. Borman, 
Andr. Hodges, Jobu Procter, Tho. Dickason, Tho. Leauer, John 
Smith, John Palmer, Abra. Tappin, Autho. Mose and James 
Jack man. 

Grand jury : Mr. William Payne, Lt. Sam. Apleton, Mr. Will m. 
Bartholmew, Joseph Medcalfe, Edward Browne, Daniell Hovye, 
Richard Swan, Hugh Smith, John Trumble, James Barker, Frances 
Plumer, Richard Thurly, Henry Lunt and Nicolas Holt 

Civil cases : — 

Mr. John Gifford, agent of the Iron works v. Mr. John Beax 
and Company. The jury found as follows : That Mr. John Gif- 
ford, as agent, had. the right to transact the affairs of the Iron 
works ; that he was indebted to divers workmen, who would imme- 
diately ask for satisfaction, and that the company and not Mr. 
Gifford personally should be responsible for the debts; that if the 
property at the works did not amount to a sufficient sum to cover 
the indebtedness, the undertakers of the works should be respon- 
sible ; that Mr. Gifford had sworn that the amount of indebtedness 
■was 1, 36311. 14s. 5d., and that the undertakers produced no account 
to show that the agent had disposed of any of the effects of the 

lumber things, 41i. ; three paire of sheets, 31i. ; his weareing ap- 
parell, lOli. ; eight yards of cotton cloth, Hi. 4s. ; an old coverlet, 
7s. 6d. ; two table clothes, a dozen of napkins and two pillow- 
beares, 21i. 10s. ; 2 guns and a sword with the rest of his armes, 
21i. 10s. In the kitchin : 2 brasse kettles, one brasse pott, 2 brasse 
skilletts, a brasse candlestick & a skimmer, 2 brass posnets, and a 
warmeing pan, a brass morter & a pestle, 41i. 10s. ; 3 Iron potts, 
firepan, tongs, pott hooks, andirons, spitt, gridiron, a cleaver and a 
chafeing dish & other small things. Hi. 10s. ; 2 churnes, 3 keelers, 
3 small drinke vessells, 4 spining wheels and 5 trayes & other 
small lumber, Hi. 10s. ; eleven peices of pewter, 3 candlesticks, a 
quart pott, a pinte pott, 2 nips, 3 small salt sellers & 2 porringers, 
6 spoones & some small tining things, 21i. 10s, ; his books, Hi • 
total, 16611. 14s. 6d. 

Sworn to by Elizabeth (her mark) Stevens, late wife of the de- 
ceased, and Samuell Bidfield,* one of the appraisers, 27 : 4 : 1653, 
before Wm. Gerrish,* commissioner. 



works to pay this amount; that an execution had l)een levied upon 
said effects; that they find foi- the plaintiif, damages according to 
the account ; execution to be respitted until Dec. 5.* 

♦The Iron works at Hamraersmithf and Brantreye, belonging to 
Mr. John Becx and Company, debtor: To the balance of accoinpt 
& deliverred Mr. Henry Webb in refferrence to ye workes afore 
mentioned, 702li. Is. 6d. ; to account of Thomas Wiggins for 5 
days cartinge gravel to mend the flume, Hi. 18s. ; to ditto for 4 
daies work with beem and man fcitchiug whome ye furnace Bee me, 
Hi. 163.; to ditto for one daye with 8 oxen about ye furnace. Beeme' 
lOs. ; to ditto for carteing Croockes for ye furnace wheele, 19,s. ; to 
ditto for two daies work about ye furnace beeme, Ss. ; to ditto for 
him sealfe and man ten daies work mackeing up ye finuerrey Chim- 
neye, Hi. 53. ; to ditto for 8 daies worke at ye slittinn mill by him 
sealfe and mann, 21i. ; to ye ace. of Francis Perrye "^ his teeme 
three daies with his Sones fetching Stuffe for ye finnerrye wheeles 
Coverreinge, Hi. ; to ditto ^ his teeme & two daies fetcheinge 
Croockes for ye furnac & wheele, 16s. ; to ditto by his Sou 8 dayes 
worke wth goodman Jenckes in ye slittinn mill, 16s. ; to ditto ^ 3 
dayes worke mackeing morter for ye fiunerey Chimneye, 6s. ; to ye 
acco. of ditto f Claboardes, 31i. ; to ye acco. of ditto ^ his teeme 
with two men five daies about ye furnace Beame, 21i. 10s. ; to ditto 
■^ Cutteing ye Anvill Blocke, os. ; to ditto "^ Carteing of earth & 
macking a bridge for Carteing mine, Hi. lOs. ; to ditto '§ falleing 
■a tree for ye hammer beeme, 5s. ; to ditto "^ his teeme & hands 
breigeing the hammer Beeme to ye workes, Hi.; to ditto '^^ his 
Sonn one daye Saweing Hammer Postes for ye furnac, 2s. 6d. ; to 
ye acco. of Francis Perry nine monthes waiges beeinge from ye 10th 
of Janer. to ye 19th Septemb., 351i. ; to ditto ^ 12 monthes waiges 
^ Robt. Meeme, 301i. ; to Samuell Harte ^ 21 daies worke and ye 
use of his tooles on yeare. Hi. 3s. ; to ditto for teaching Jno. Clarcke 
his trade. Hi. ; to Nicholas Potter ^ macking ye Seller oven ye 
backe and two hearthes at ye Scotts, Hi. 10s. ; to ye acco. of Ed- 
ward Richards ^ 15 dayes worke, in getteing Croockes and 3 fur- 
nace Beames all defective. Hi. 18s. 9d. ; to ditto f> his maun 15 
daies worke about the aforesd. worke, Hi. 18s. 9d. ; to ditto ^ 4 
dales worke ^ his man about ye aforesd. Beemesand Croockes, 10s. ; 
to ditto for a Croocke for ye furnace wheele,4s. ; to ye acco. of John 
Gould ^ his Share in gettinge home ye furnace and hammer 
Beeme, Hi. 10s. ; to ye acco. of Francis Perry for Shingells, 61i.; 
to ye acco. of Goodman Poole ^ his Share In breingeinge ye fur- 
nace Beeme to ye Works, Hi. 4s. lOd. ; to ditto for a Logg Chaine 
loste iu ye Sarvice, Hi. 6d. ; to Geo. Davis ^ his Share breingeinge 
the furnace Beeme to ye workes, 6s. ; to Adam Hauckes his Share 
breingeing ye sd. furnace Beeme to ye Worckes, 12s. ; to ye acco. 
of Roger Tiler by helpeing Francis Perry raackeinge and titteinge 

tThat part of Lynn where the iron works were located. 


ye furuace Beeme and placeinge it, beeinge fower weekes worke, 
31i. ; to ditto '^ bieacking up ye furnace hearth, 15s. ; to ditto ^ 
niackeing ye furnace hearth of neue, the healpe of his maun 8 daies 
and niackeing Cleans ye furnace, his Share of all being 31i. Is. ; to 
ditto '^ 3 fannes raackeing, delivered Tho. Keltonn, 12s. ; to ditto 
^ one baskitt to ye said Tho. Keltonn Collier, 2s. Gd. ; to 
ditto ^j^ 3 daies worcke about ye hammer beeme, 7s. 6d. ; to Good- 
man VVhelman "^ falieiug two timber trees, Is. ; to ye account of 
Jno. Gould ^ his Labour in Seckeing ye hammer Beeme and valine 
thereof beeiug in his Lande, 10s. 

To the accompte of Francs. Perrye '^ one yeares diett by Jno. 
Clarcke beeing from ye 21 of September 1652 to ye 21 of Septem- 
ber '53, 131i. ; to John Adams "^ ditto Perrye 5 monthes diett ende- 
iuge ye 29th of September, 5li. ; to ye acco. of Roger Tiler "^ 20 
Weeckes diett, by John Toish endeinge ye 20th of September, 51i. ; 
to ditto "^ 20 Weecks diett '^ Joseph James ending the 20th of 
September, 51i. ; to ye diett of Allester Maduggle, 33 weeckes bee- 
ing from ye 7th of Feb. untill ye 29th of September, 81i. 5s. ; to ye 
Diett of Archbill Andersonn beeinge from ye 18th of Aprill un- 
till ye 29th of September, 51i. 17s. 6d. ; to Daniell Salmon for diett 
of George Darling forty weeckes beeing from ye 20 of December 
untill ye 26 of September amounteinge to ye summ of lOli. ; to 
ditto "^ 19 Weeckes diett by Jno. Purdeeye, Hi, 15s. ; to ye acco. 
of Rich. Greene ^ Six weeckes diett by Charles Phillipps endeing 
ye 5th of July, Hi. 10s. 

To Provisiones delieuered by Scotts Since the 26th of June to 
this 24 of September : To 4 pounds of hops, 6s. ; one Sive, Is. 3d. ; 
1 1-2 Bush, of Maulte at 6s. per Bush., Hi. 7s.; to 11 Ct. 2 qrs. of 
Biskett at 18s. "^ Cts., lOli. 6s. 6d. ; 5 hoghh. and one Barrill of 
mackerrall, 151i. 2s. 6d. ; 3 1-2 Bush, of wheat at 5s. 4d., 18s. 8d. ; 3 
Bush, of Pease, 13s. ; one Barrill of Porcke, 41i. 10s. To the acco. 
of Rich. Greene '^ one Wheelbarrow for ye use of Thomas Celtonn, 
Collier, 7s. ; to ye acco. of ditto ^ two floatiuge Shovells, 10s. ; to 
ye acco. of ditto "^ mackeing 3 hurdells, 4s. ; to ditto "^ one Cabbin, 
6s. ; to ye acco. of Thomas Loocke ^ one dayes Worcke '^ himsealfe 
and his maun about ye furnace Beeme, 5s. ; to ditto "^ two Cabbines, 
13s. 4d. ; to ye acco. of Jno. Tarbox '^ heueing and Setteinge up 
300 of Claboardes about VVm. Tingles house, 13s. 6d. ; to Wm. Rob- 
inson '^ 3 dayes fenceinge Bloods Lott, 7s. 6d. ; to ditto '^ his 
healpe about ye furnace Beeme, 6s. ; to ditto '^ 4 daies worke falle- 
inge ye hammer beeme, 10s. ; to ditto 1-2 dayes worke helpeing to 
put in ye furnace Beeme, Is. 3d. ; to ye acco. of John Tourner, sr. 
^ 16 weeckes waiges at 12s. "^ weecke ye Summ of 91i. 12s. ; to ye 
acco. of Joseph Boouee '^ fenceing Bloods Lott, his Share, 7s. 6d. ; 
to ditto "^ Seaven dayes worcke about ye gettinge ye furnace and 
hammer beeme to ye workes, and falleing ye hammer beeme, 17s. 
6d. ; to ditto '^ 1-2 dayes worke placeing ye furnace Beeme, Is. 3d. ; 
to ditto "^ druggs for ye graye horse, 5s. ; to ye acco. of Daniell 


Salraoun 42 1-2 weeckes waiges endeing ye 29tli September '53, 251i. 
8s. ; to ye acco. of ditto "^ ringeinge a pr. of whates, 12s. ; to ditto 
■^ soe much paid goodman Fuller for Sheweinge ye Companyes fence 
and marsh, 2s. ; to ye acco. of Theophilos Bayly and Jno. Lambarte 
there Severall voyages with ye Companyes Boate to Boston, Way- 
mouth, Bran trey e & Hingham, 281i. ; to ye acco. of Thomas Graves 
and Marcke Graves thare Severall voyages with ye Comp. Boate as 
afore mentioned araounteing to ye Sum of 261i. ; to ye acco. of 
Joseph Arraittadge "^ his share wth his teeme & maun breingeinge 
ye hammer Beame, 16s. ; to ye accompte of John Tourner Junior 
^ Cutteing 41 Coarde 2 foote of woode at 2s., 41i. 2s. 6d. ; to Nich- 
olas Pinuion "^ Cutteing 37 Coarde and 4 foote woode, 3Ii. 16s. ; to 
Goodm. Townesend 1 Coarde 4 foote wood, 3s. ; to Wm. Robinsonn 
^ Cutteinge and Coardinge of 58 Coarde 2 foote wood, 61i. 13s. 
lOd. ; to ye acco. of Joseph Boueeye Cutteing & Coardeing 60 
Coarde woode, 51i. 163. ; to ye acco. of Wm. Tingle Coarding 666 
Coard of woode, 81i. 9s. 6d. 

To ye accompte of Richard Poste and Charles Hoocke diggeing 
of 248 Loades of Bogg mine at 20d. ^ Loade, 21i. 13s. 4d. ; to ye 
acco. of Thomas Wigginns diggeinge of 62 tun of Rocke mine at 
Nahante, 21i. 123. ; to ye acco. of Wm. Robinson and Joseph Boueye 
getteing a pceli of Bogg mine out of ye Swampe, Hi. 7s. 6d. ; to 
Leuetennt Thomas Marshall ^ findeing a pcell of Bogg mine in ye 
woodis, Hi. 10s. ; to Thomas Wigginns Carteinge 10 Loades of mine 
from Reedeinge, 31i. 3s. 4d. ; to Francis Perrye, Cartinge 4 Loade 
of ditto mine, Hi. 6s. 4d. ; to Edwarde Backer, Carteinge of mine 
from the fartheste place beeinge 74 Loades at 7s., 251i. 18s. ; to 
ditto '^Carteinge 26 loades from Reedeinge at 6s. 4d. ^ Loade, 81i. 
4s. 8d. ; to Jno. Gould "^ Carteinge 16 Ids. at 7s. '^ loade, 51i. 123. ; 
to Francis Perrye Carteinge 100 Loades at 7s., 351i. ; to Thomas 
Marshall Carteinge 29 Loades at 6s. 4d., 91i. 3s. 4d. ; to ditto Carte- 
ing 54 Loades at 7s. "^ Loade, 181i. 18s. ; to ye acco. of Sarauell 
Bennitt Carteinge 179 Ids. at 6s., 631i. 14s.; to Joseph Armittadge 
Carteinge 67 Loades at 7s. '^ Loade, 231i. 9s. ; to the accompte of 
Wm. Tingle '^ Coalleinge of 116 Loades of Coales at 5s. "^ Loade, 
10411. ; to ye acco. of Rich. Greene '^ Coalleinge of 235 Loades of 
Coales at 5s. 6d., '^ Loade, 641i. 12s. 6d. ; to ye acco. of Thomas 
Loocke Coalleing of 156 Loades with Tho. Keltonn at 5s. 6d. '^ 
Loade, 421i. 18s. ; to ye acco. of John Francis coaleinge of 176 
Loades at 5s. 6d., 481i. 8s. ; to ye acco. of Henrye Stich Coalleinge 
of 70 Loades at 5s. 6d. "^ Loade, 191i. 5s. ; to ye acco. of Henrye 
Tucker Coalleinge of 282 Loades of Coales at 5s. 6d., 771i. lis. ; 
to ye acco. of Thomas Wigginns '^ Carteinge of Coales from John 
Francis beeinge 152 Loades at 4s. 6d. '^ Loade, 341i. 4s. ; to ditto 
Carting 2 Loades from Henry Stich, 8s. ; to ditto '^ Carteinge of 
hurdells 3 dayes. Hi. 4s. ; to Allenn Breede Cartinge 9 Loadrs from 
Hen. Tucker, Hi. 16s. ; to Samuell Bennitt Carting 64 Loades from 
Henrye Stich at 4s. 6d. "^ loade, 282 Lds. from Henry Tucker at 4s. 


^ Loade, 232 Lds. from Rich. Greene at 4s. '^ lode, 16 Lds. from 
Jn. Francis at 4s. ^ Loade and 86 Lds. from Thomas Loocke at 
4s., 1371i. 12s.; to John Giffard Carteinge of 409 Lds. at 3s. 6d., 
from Wm. Tingles worcke and 23 Ids. from Tho. Loocke at 3s. 6d., 
401i. 12s. ; to Daniell Salmon Carteinge 6 Loade from Ric. Greene 
at 4s. f^ Loade, 407 Loades from Tingle at 3s. 6d. ^ Loade, 5 
Loades from Jno. Francis at 4s. 6d. '^ Loade and 39 Loades from 
Thomas Loocke at 3s. 6d., 451i. 7s. 6d. ; total, l,8651i. 15s. lid. To 
Mr. Wm. Browne of Salemm oweing bv Mr. Wm. Aubreye, 2001i. ; 
total, 2,0651i. 15s. lid. 

John Giffard* certified that there were other men employed 
about the affairs of the works at Hammersmith and Brantrey with 
whom he had not then accounted, which account he would bring in 
later. As agent of the undertakers of the Iron works in New 
England he made oath in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653, that the fore- 
going account was true. 

Writ, dated 13 : 7 : 1653, and signed by Jonath. Negus* for the 
court; served by John Fuller,* constable of Linn, by attachment of 
of all the Scots and English servants, the sliting mill, the new mine, 
dug and undug, the wood granted by Samuell Benit, wood on 
Walker's plain, wood granted by Lin, the ten acre lots, the lots ly- 
ing by the marsh side and all the wood cut in the bounds of Lin, 
the dwelling house of Mr. John Giford, six oxen, Joseph Jinks, sr., 
his mill and rent, the mine in Goodman Brown's lot, the fram at 
Samuell Benit's, land bought of Mr. Knolls, the company's arras, 
carts and wheels, land of Joseph Jinks, jr., the dept books, all the 
howes on the east side of the river, the new water course pond and 
Sluse gatts, the barn and hay in it, with the cow houses, the mine 
carts and coal carts. 

Writ : Mr. John Gifford, agent for the undertakers of the Iron 
Works V. Mr. John Beex, Mr. Henry Webb and Mr. Joshua Foote 
& Company, dated 16 : 7 : 1653. Signed by Jonath. Negus* for 
the court. Served by John Fuller,* constable of Linn, by attach- 
ment of the forge, furnace, coals, mines, both at home and abroad, 
the dwelling house of Mr. John Gifford, Scots and English ser- 
vants, etc. 

Edward Richards deposed that he and others looked to Mr. John 
Gefard for their pay. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Jno. Gifford's bill of charges. 

Daniell Salmon deposed that he was employed by Mr. John 
Geffard, agent of the Iron AVorks, and that there was money due 
hira for wages and carting. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 

<* Cap^ Bridges 

S"" I understande that my Absence hath Accasioned 
some demure in the Adeateinge the accounte Betwine your selves & 
Mr. Gefforde. I beeinge Retarnde shall willingly now giue up mj 



selfe to doe you the Best Semes I Can there in ; I shall Bee Bedey 
at A dayes wonieinge to Attende that worke ; when IM"" daueson & 
the Reste Conserned in it are lledey & in the jneane time 
lleinaiue Your Seruante 
Boston : the 22'" of the 7 mo : 1653 Tho. Clarke." 

" I sent M'' Gifford a Coppy of this note y" 26 : 7 mo : 53. R. B." 
An inventory of the stock and tools at the forge at Hamersmith 
taken Dec. 20, 1650 when Mr. Gilford came, being given into his 
hands by Wni. Osburn and William Awbrey :* In the forge 2 pair 
of Smyths fondry helloes, 301i. ; 1 pair chafery helloes, 201i. ; 7 An- 
vills, 38 hamers, 10 hursts, all waying about 275C. at lOs. '^j C, 
1371i. ; plates at all the 3 hearths fitted, way about 60C. at 10s., 
301i. ; 6 pair of smale tongs, 6 pair of greate tongs, at 201i. apece, 
at6d., 61i.; 8 workeing furgins & ringers, IC. waight. Hi. 8s. ; 1 
Turne sow Ringer, 13s. ; 2 Iron shovels, 16s. ; 2 Cole wheele bar- 
roes, — ; the beame & scales, 21i. ; 9 halfe hundred wajts, 3 quar- 
ters, 5 fourteen pownds one of them had not a ringe, in all 5C. 3q., 
141i., at 14s., 4li. ; 240 loade of Coles, by estimation at lis. ^ lod, 
1441i. — ; 1 Iron Cole Rake, 5s. ; 19 ton 7:3: Hi. barr Iron ye 1 1th 
January when all ye Accompts were drawne up yt was made be- 
fore all ye Iron yt was made after at the fondry Mr. Gifford takes 
accompt of, 3871i. 15s. ; : 10 : 2 : Oli. of old Iron remayneing in 
the house, 51i. 5s. ; : 7 : 2 : Oli. of sheete Leade in a furnace at 25s., 
91i. 7s. 6d. ; : 3 : 2 : Oli. of Barr Iron for it to stand upon, 31i. 10s. 
In the slitting mill : 1 pair of Rowles, 1 pair of Cutters wth Col- 
lers & geers Compleat at work, 2 pair of spare Rowles, 12s. ; 1 
paire of greate Cutters wth their geers fitted, 51i. ; 7 spare greate 
Collers, 21i. 10s. ; 3 square four corner Collers, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 3 greate 
brasses, 21i.; 2 lesser brasses, 13s. ; 2 plates for ye furnace mowtlies 
Hi. ; 3 plates for the first furnace, Hi. 10s. The grates in the 2 
furnaces with the last layers to lye on the pair of sheers, all the 
smiths worke Compleate, 2 hoope ringers for the schrues, 3 spare 
cast boxes for the gudgion ends, 51i. ; 633 Cord 1 foote of Cord 
wood at 2s. 2d., 681i. lis. — . 

Inventory of the stock, tooles & Implemts at the furnace at 
Ham[mer]smithye 20th December 1650 : 76 ton IOC. : Oli. wayed 
out in sowes reraayning, 26 ton 10 C. : Oli., in piggs remayneing, 

1 ton in pigs & wyts by estimation, 2 ton in scraps all 106 ton at 
lOli., 1,060 li.; 7 ton 3 3C. 2: 8 in Iron potts when Mr. Gifford 
entred, 23011. 7s. ; 2 greate square salt panns 201i. ; 1 greate furnace 
for boyleing sope in ye Eiuer, 151i. ; 2 smithes Anvels, 31i. ; 

2 ton 6C. 3: 25 in 8 greate Rowlers for , 201i. ; 2 Rownd 

hoopes to cast furnaces upon, 31i. ; Cast wayts some wth Rings & 
some without Rings ; 40 halfe hundred wayts, 67 quarters, 64 
forteene pownd wayts, 95 seaven pownd wavts, in all 50C. : 3 : 
at 12s. f, C, 3011. 9s. 



Joseph Juete, attorney to llichavd Wright v. Thomas Scott, jr., 
Kobert Beacham and Richard Betts. Forfeiture of a bond.* 

Tooles in the furnace : The pair of bellowes wth wathes & all 
their harnesses, 501i. ; 5 longe Ringers, 4 short Ringers, all at 141i, 
apece, Hi. 153. ; 2 greate Cunstable Ringers, 14s. ; G shipps, 7s. 6d. ; 

2 Iron Shovels, Gs. 8d. ; 1 hard ach, 2s. ; 1 sinder hooke, 3s. 4d. ; 1 
Tweer hooke, 2s. 4d. ; 1 stone hainer, 3s. Gd. ; 2 stone axes, 7s. ; 3 
wheel barrows, 10s. ; the greate pair of stilliards wtli there Chaynes 
31i. JOs. ; 1 Iron Cole Rake, 3s. 4d.-, 1 greate plate to break inyne 
on, ye bordge plates on the furnace topp, plates in the furnace 
flower, in the sinder plate by estimation, 1 ton, 121i. ; 750 ton bogg 
mine at 7s. ^ lod, 15711. 10s. ; - — ton Rock mine, 501i. ; 1 hamer 
mold, 2s. Gd. ; 1 Anvell mold, 2s. Gd. ; 1 hurst mold, 8s. ; 1 plate 
mold, 3s. 4d. ; 1 greate Cast plate in the bottom of ye furnace to 
burne mine & in ye wale of It 2 sowes, 301i. 

In husbandry tooles : G yoakes, Gs. ; 3 Chaynes, Hi. 3s. 4d. ; 1 
greate tymber chayne, Hi. ; 3 pair Iron bownde wheeles, 121i. ; 1 
pair wheeles not bownd. Hi. ; 7 tumbryls, 71i. ; 1 wayne body, 15s. ; 

3 Cole waynes, 3li. ; 1 old Cole wayne body, 5s.; 2 Cart Roapes, 
10s. ; 5 pitchforks, 5s. ; Rayles about the cole place to keep uj) the 

In Cattell when Mr. Gifford entred wee : G working oxen, 

401i. ; 1 gray gelding, 131i. 

In the howse : 2 table bords. Hi. ; 2 bedsteds, Hi. ; 10 Carbynes, 

In the Smiths forge : 1 Cast Anvill & 1 bick Iron. 2 sledges & 
some files & smale tooles, shoveltrees & spade trees, 51i. 

Inventory of the stock & tooles at the forge at Brantre ye 24th 
December 1G50, taken beefore Mr. John Gifford : 5 ton 15 : 2 : 91i. : 
In Barr Iron at 201i. ^ ton, £115. lis. ; ye beame & scales, £2 ; 1 
lead halfe hundred, 1 halfe hundred Iron, 1 quarter C. lead, 14li. 
wt. Lead, 31i. wt. Leade, £1. 10s.; 2 pair greate and 2 pair smale 
tongs, 401i., £1 ; 4 Anvels, 4 hainers at G C. is 48 C. at lOs., £24 ; 
1 pair Chafery helloes, £2 ; 1 pair fondry helloes, £1 ; plates to 
booth works fitted 40 C. wt., £20; 1 smiths Anvel & 3 hursts 4 G. 
at 10s., £2 ; 3 tonn piggs at lOli., £30 ; a pair Iron bownd wheeles, 
£4 ; 1 Cole wayn body & a Cole wayn, £1. 10 ; 80 Loade Coales at 
12s., £48 ; 1 tymble Chayne & 1 sledge, £1. 5s. ; 1 Iron Cole Rake 
& 1 loose handl, Gs. 8d., Cord wood by estimation 35 Cord, £1. 
10s. ; total, £292. 13s. 2d. The severall perticulers at the works at 
Lynn as I valew them in the perticulers, £2,770; 62 Scotts sent to 
Lynn at 201i. each, £1,240; total, £4,302: 13 : 2. 

*Writ : Joseph Jewitt, attorney to Richard Wright v. Richard 
Bets and Robert Beacham. For damages sustained by Thomas 
Scott, sr., of Ipswich taking away his corn, said Bets and Beacham 
being sureties. Addressed to the marshal of Ipswich, dated July 

296 irswicn quartehlv court [Sept. 

Mr. William Payne, assi^aiee of James Oliver and Capt. John 
Leueret V. Thomas Macy, administrator of the estate of William 
Crimp. Debt* 

Mr. William Payne v. Edward Gillman, sr., and Edward Gill- 
man, jr. For not performing covenant. f 

1, 1653 and signed by John Whipple^ for the court. Served by 
Robert Lord.t marshal, who attached the orchard of Robert 
Becham and fifteen pounds in the hands of Cornelios Waldo, t 
the latter acknowledging that he owed that amount to Betts. 

Bond, dated 21 : 7 : 1652, Thomas Scott, J Robaert Beachara.J 
Richaid (his mark) Beates, to secure Richard Wright from 
all damages from his father Thomas Scott, sr., of Ipswich in 
this case concerning rent to be paid in the third month 1653. 
Wit: Francis Collingesj and George Roaps-t Bill of costs, 41i. 
7s. 6d. 

*Writ, dated Sept. 20, 1653, signed by John Whipplet for the 
court. Tho. Macy t offered one hogshead of sugar and four cows to 
satisfy judgment. 

tWrit, dated Sept. 21, 1653, for not delivering one half of the 
boards sawed by the old mill at Exceter ; signed by John Whipple^ 
for the court. Served by Robert Lord, J marshal of Ipswich. 

Edward Gil man, jr.,! of Exeter, on Nov. 18, 1650, acknowledged 
a debt of 209 pounds sterling to William Payne & Company of 
Ipswich, and said Gilman, together with his father, Edward Gilman, 
ST., I made over the following debts and goods to said Payne ; 5,000 
staves in Francis Swaine's hand which he received of Nathaniell 
Boulter ; an execution against Nathan. Boulter of 91i. ; by book 
debt of Nath. Boulter, 61i. ; at Lamprell River, 4,000 pipe staves; 
due from Thomas Chase, 201i. ; due from John Craunch, 81i. ; due 
from Goodman Petite, oli. ; a thousand of white oake bowlts due 
from Robert Sewers, a thousand from Goodman Cornish of boultes ; 
a thousand of boults from Goodman Leeson ; two thousand of red 
Oake bowltes at the head of the litle Cov Lying with William 
Furber's boultes ; from Joseph Mery of Hampton, 171i. ; the flat 
bottum boate wth all apurtenances thereunto ; all the boardes the 
which shall be sawne by the halfe of the mill belonging to Edward 
Gilman and now in the possession of his Father Edward Gilman from 
the day of the dat herof untill the sayde sume of 209 poundes shall 
be payde. Wit: William Bartholmew. J Will. Paynet appointed 
his friend, James Wall, to receive these goods and debts. 

Thomas ChaseJ acknowledged indebtedness May 3, 1651 to Ed- 
ward Gillman for building a vessel, pay to be made in freighting, 
in carrying boards from Exeter to Boston, at ISd. per hundred. 
Wit : Edward Colcord. 

J Autograph. 


Reasons of appeal by Edward Gillman in suit brought against 
him by Mr. William Payne and Conii)any. 

Receipt of Jno. Legat,* Aug. 15, 1651, from Nathaniell Boulter, 
for the use of Mr. William Payne, 1,000 pipe staves delivered 
aboard to John Hart. 

" M"" Gillman pray looke ouer the Receight which I gaue you for 
Pipestaves received for my Father's use and se if it doth not make 
mention of fine hundred and thre quarters of Pipestaues receiued 
of Good : Listen uppon y""" Accompt for y^ use of my father, for I 
am much mistaken if you had not such a reseight but if you haue 
no such reseight send me word by my father and desire him to 
take a Coppy of y** Reseight of Staues which you charge him debttor 
for and so I rest 

Yours to Comand 

John Paine."* 

Edward Hilton's* receipt from Edward Gillman, Sept. 1, 1651, 
for 4,300 feet of pine boards and 2,700 feet of pine plank. Ac- 
knowledged before Robert Lord,* clerk. 

" Reed by order of Mr. Wm. Payne, July 30th, 1652, twenty five 
thousand foot of bords "^ Wm. Wood I say Reed of Edward Gill- 
man & Mr. Wood." 

Humphery Willson deposed that on 13 : 3: 1651, a boat came into 
Exeter to load some boards for Mr. William Pane, which he was to 
have of Mr. Gillman, as James AVall told deponent. Said Wall 
measured a part and deponent the remainder. Sworn 26 : 1 : 1653, 
before Will, Estow* and Thomas Coultman,* commissioners of 

John Waront and Humfry Willson deposed that about a year 
and a quarter ago Mr. William Payn and Edward Gillman were at 
said Willson's at Exeter and could not agree about their accounts. 
Gillman tendered him an execution of Nathanl. Boulter's and a bill 
of Thomas Chase's, and told him of the flat-bottomed boat that lay 
there on his account. Sworn, 26:1: 1653, before Will Estow* 
and Thomas Coultman,* commissioners of Hampton. 

Testimony of that he took notice of what was sawed by the 

old mill at Exeter, and in the year 1650 and part of 1651 to the 
last of June, there was sawed at that mill in boards and some 
planks about four score thousand for three- fourths of the mill, and 
about 60,000 in 1652 and 1653. Deponent further testified that if 
the mill had Ijeen furnished as it ought to have been and as said 
Gillman promised Paine, that is, that it should want neither tim- 
ber nor anything else, that it would have cut much more ; and said 
Payne came and complained and offered to take the mill into his 
own hands and to employ Will. Taylor, etc. Sworn in court at 
Ipswich, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Willyam Moer and Joseph Wiaefe deposed that about two years 



ago they carted down to Laiiipevell River 3,000 pipe slavew i(.i- 
Edward Gillman. Sworn 20 : 1 : 1653, before Will. Estow* and 
Thomas Coultman,* commissioners of Ham])ton. 

Nicolas Leson and Anthony Dajf deposed that abont two years 
and three quarters ago Mr. Willyam Payne employed them to make 
use of the Hat-bottomed boat of Edward Gillman and to pay them 
their wages to carry boards down the river, and Mr. Payn got 
Thomas Biges (also r>iggs) to go with them. Sworn 26: 7 1653, 
before Tlio. Wiggin.* 

William Taylour deposed that Mr. Payne's order to him was that 
he was willing that Exeter men should have any boards under fifteen 
inches broad, and if they did not pay, to give liim an account of 
who they were and how many they had. Sworn in Ipswich court, 
27 : 7 : ] 653. 

James Wall of Exeter deposed about the old saw mill, and that 
when he questioned Edword Gilman why he took away boards, the 
latter answered tliat he would make them good out of his brother's 
quarter part. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Thomas Turner deposed that after the flat-bottomed boat of 
Edward Gillman was made over to Mr. Willyam Paine, Thomas 
Biges and Nicolas Leson took it and brought down Mr. Paine some 
boards and left it at Oyster River point all the winter, and that she 
was much beaten with the wind and frost and damaged ; and that 
when he was in the bay at Boston the next summer, Goodman Sin- 
derland (also Senderland) offered him fifteen or eighteen pounds 
for the boat, but he thought it was worth twenty-four or twenty- 
five pounds. Sworn 23 : 7 : 1653, before George Smythe.* 

Receipt of Humferi Willson* from Edward Gilman for 3,030 feet 
of boards. 

Bill of charges, 21i. 14s. lOd. 

James AVales' assignment. 

Receipt of Brian Pendleton* from Thomas Turner of Exeter for 
3,000 pine boards, and 3,000 by John Warren, for the use of Mr. 
Will Payne of Ipswich ; dated JNIay 5, 1652. 

These particulars found by the jury : By 6,000 foote of bords to 
Mr. Pendleton, 131i. 10s. ; 1,950 foot bords", 41i. 7s. 9d. ; 25,000 bords 
to Capt. Wood, 621i. 10s. ; 300 bords to Mr. Hilton, 61i. 9s. ; 2,700 
planck, Mr. Hilton, 81i. 2s.; 8,310 bord to James Wall, ISli. 14s.; 
Chases bill, 201i. ; 590 pipe staves of Nicho. Leeson, 21i. Is.; 4,000 
pipe staves, Lamprell's River, 14li. ; total, 149U. 13s. 9d., " per me 
Moses Peugry."* 

A note of some goods that Mr. Payne received of Ed. Gilman, 
jr. : By bords, 1,950 foot in August, 1652, 31i. 18s. ; Thomas Chase 
in August, 1652, 201i. ; Bords, by Tho. Chase to Mr. Davison the 
quantitie he knew not, but very bad & therefor Could never git 
payd for them ; pipe staves, 1,778 in Lanprill rever, 51i. 14s. ; refuge 



John Anaball v. Edward Gillman, jr. For withholding pipe 
staves. Verdict for plaintiff.* 

pipe staves 1,222 in July, Hi. 16s. 6d. ; 6,000 bords By Mr. Pendle- 
ton in Octob. 1652, but very bad, 121i. ; bords 25,000 by Capten 
Wood in July, 1652 swayne by Mr. Paynes Charge in pt. to the 
some of 131i. which was to be payd by the sayd bords the which 
being payd the rest Cometh to 37li., 371i. ; Mr. Hilton, by bords at 
30s. f^ M. ; boults, by Tho. Cave, if received, at 20s. ^. C. abord 
the ship or 16s. at water side. 

*" Goodman Gillman my loue remembrd to you these are to en- 
treate you to receiue for me of Henry Robye so many pipe staue or 
pipe staue boults as amount to the some of 121i. 8s. 9d. You are 
to receiue them at the current price as you can bye for your monye 
for they are in stead of so much mony which he shod haue payde 
to Goodman Anniball of our towne & they are to be deliuered at 
high water marke where you shall appoynt and they are to be de- 
liuered within one month after the date hereof or else hee to pay 
what Dameges shall fall for want of the delivry of them at the time 
herin specifyed & in case he shall deliuer them you maye giue liim 
a discharge by a receite under your hand & shall be a sufficient dis- 
charge but I praye haue a care they be good & merchantable, if 
you cannot see to them yourselfe gett some bodye y*^ is honest to 
see they be good & merchantable & so with my loue I comit you to 
god & rest 

Yd' lousing friends 

Ipswich the 28*'> 4:^^ 1648. Robert Paynef 

John Annable.f 

I pray send me word by the first opportunitie wither you haue 
received them or not & w*' Goodman Robyes answere is." 

Receipt of Edward Gillmanf from Henery Roby for 3,600 pipe 
staves for the use of John Anabell. Dated June 24, 1650. 

John Annablef of Ipswich, tailor, acknowledged that he owed 
Mr. John Ward of Haverill fourteen pounds to be paid to Robert 
Payne of Ipswich in wheat and barley at five shillings per bushel, 
at or before Dec. 1, 1651. Dated Mar. 28, 1651. Wit : Henry 
Palmer t and Thomas (his mark) Davis. 

Robert Payne testified that about six months after John Anni- 
ball's order was sent to Goodman Gillman for the pipe staves, Gill- 
man went to said Payne's house and said he had not received the 
pipe staves from Henry Roby; deponent met him going to the bay 
about a year since and he again denied having received them ; fur- 
ther that said Robye told deponent that he had paid Goodman 
Gillman 121i. 8s. Id. in pipe staves and the rest in work. Sworn 
in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Henry Rooby testified that about two years ago Arthur Kine 



Rich. Kent v. Robert Adams. Appeal from the commissioners of 
Newbery. Kent promised not to use a certain way for fourteen 
days and to accept a new way if it be laid out in that time, other- 
wise to use the old way, only to go about the orchard.* 

Edward Richards v. Mr. John Gifford, agent for the Iron works. 
Debt. Verdict for plaintiff. 

came to Exeter, with a " hey," and Mr. Hilton came with an order 
in Mr. Willyam Paine's name to receive pipe staves at Exeter to 
load this hay, and desired him to show him John Annable's staves, 
which were ready at the water side. Mr. Hilton appointed a man 
to cull them and there were about 1,200, which were taken aboard 
the " hey " but later put out again. Deponent further testified that 
he had given a bill for England of ten pounds to John Annabel to 
satisfy said debt, and afterwards he agreed with Mr. Willyam 
Payne that he should have either the bill in England or the pipe 
staves ; that Mr. Payne received the ten pounds in England two or 
three years since. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Will. Paine testified the same as Robart Paine. 

Edward Gillman, sr., Henry Roby and John Redmon deposed in 
Ipswich court, 28 : 7 : 1653, that Mr. Robord Pane and John Ano- 
bal acknowledged that Mr. William Payne was ordered by them to 
receive the pipe staves due John Anobell. Sworn in Ipswich court, 
27: 7: 1653. 

*Copy of Newbury town records about laying out a highway 
three rods wide from the island of Richard Kent over Robert 
Adams' marsh next Dole's into the common upland; and, in con- 
sideration, the town granted said Adams land adjoining northerly 
John Hull's eleven acres. Signed by Hen. Short, John Merrill and 
Thomas Hale, jr. Copy attested by Anthony Somerby.f 

Richard Browne testified that the townsmen went to Goodman 
Adams and told him they had come to lay out the way in contro- 
versy for Richard Kent, and that the latter would agree to anything 
that was reasonable; that said Adams would not yield, and they 
laid out the way for Richard Kent. 

Mr. Woodman testified that Richard Kent, jr., coming home 
from Rowlye mill, complained to Henry Short, Thomas Hale and 
deponent that Goodman Adams molested him on the way that was 
laid out by his house, and attempting to go through a piece of 
land, Goody Adams forbade him and stood between him and the 
bars ; then deponent knocked down the bars in two places and 
went through. 

Copy of action entered before the commissioners of Newbury, 
Robert Adams v. Richard Kent, jr. For breaking down his or- 
chard fence. Judgment for plaintiff. Signed by Anthony Soraer- 
by,t clerk. 



Jerymy Belchar v. Estate of Robt. Beacham. Debt.* 

William Vinsent (also Vinson) v. Edmond Marshall. Defama- 
tion. Defendant to make acknowledgment in the meeting houses 
in Salem, Ipswich and Gloster within fourteen days.f 

Willra. Evans v. Edmond Marshall. Defamation. Verdict as 
in the preceding case. J 

Ossmond Dutch v. Edmond Marshall. Defamation. Verdict as 
in the two preceding cases. § 

Cornelious Waldo v. Willm. Pillsbery. For withholding a 

♦Two writs, dated June 30 and July 1, 1653, signed by Jo. 
WhippleU for the court. Served by Robert Lord,^ marshal of Ips- 
wich, by attachment of defendant's house and orchard. 

fWrit : William Vincen v. Edmon Marshall, for defaming his 
wife, saying she was a witch, dated Sept. 4, 1653, by John Whip- 
ple1[ for the court. Served by Clement Coledom,^ deputy of Rob- 
ert Lord, marshal, by attachment of house and land of defendant. 

jWrit : William Evens v. Edmond Marshall, for defaming his 
wife, saying that she was a witch, dated Sept. 4, 1653, by John 
Whipplef for the court. Served by attachment of house and lot of 
defendant by Clement Coledom,1[ deputy of Robert Lord, marshal, 

§Writ, same as the two preceding writs. Daniell Broadley^ 
witnessed that Goodman Marshall said at his house that Mistris 
Pirkins, Goody Evens, Goody Duch and Goody Vinsan were under 
suspicion of being witches, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 

I Writ, dated 5:5: 1653, and signed by John Whipple^ for the 
court. Served by Robert Lord,1[ marshal of Ipswich, by attachment 
of land and orchard. 

William Cogswell deposed that coming from the general training 
at Boston last year about a mile this side of Lin town, "my Brother 
Waldoe and William Pilsberry of Newbery ouer tooke mee : they 
were discoursing about Changing of his horse for William Pills- 
berry his mare wee three riding together uppon the way a great 
deale of discourse they had about ye bargin before we came to 
wenum pond they concluded ye bargin betwixt them. The bargain 
was y* my brother Waldoe was to give William Pilsbery his horse 
& six pounds in wheate for his mare, the wheate was to be paid in 
Ipswich before winter, moreover William Pilsbery did warrant his 
mare to be with foale," etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Ann Winchest deposed that her mistress Waldo asked William 
Pilsberry if he did not warrant that the mare was with foal, 
and he replied that he did, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27: 7: 



Rich. Kent v. Willm. Moody. Review.* 

Mr. Willm. Payne v. Benjaiiiyn Gillam. Non-performance of an 
award made by Major Sedgwick, Mr. Rich. Russell and Mr. Nico- 
las Davison, for himself and John Turner. Referred to next 
Salem coui-t.f 

Mr. William Perkins v. Robert Tucker and Christopher Avery, 
in behalf of Gloster. For withholding a sum due for his labors in 
the ministry. Withdrawn. J 

John Hathorne v. Edward Richards. Debt. Withdrawn. [Wit : 
Humph. Griffen. — fVctste Book.^^ 

Tho. Wheelar v. Joseph Armitage. Forfeiture of a bond. Ap- 
pealed. [Joseph Armentage, Ed. Gillman and Lift. William How- 
ord bound for said Armentage's appearance at next Court of 
Assistants. — Waste Book.lW 

♦Rich. Kent's bill of charges, 25s. 

tWrit, dated 23 : 7 : 1652, served by Robert Lord,1[ marshal of 
Ipswich, who attached a mare and three colts in the hands of Mr. 
William Payne. Bond of Ben. Gillam t and sureties, Marke 
HandesJ of Boston, yeoman, and Tristram Coffin, sr.,1[ of New- 
bery, to AUexander Bachiler, constable of Portsmouth, to answer 
Mr. William Paine at Ipswich court, for non-performance of award. 
Wit : Brian Pendletou.H 

jWrit, dated Sept. 15, 1653, served by Robert Lord, IT marshal 
of Ipswich, by attachment of house and land of Robert Tucker. 

Bond of Christofer Averye^ and Richard (his mark) Beford to 
Robert Lord, marshal, dated 17 : 7 : 1653, for said Avery's appear- 
ance at Ipswich court. 

§Writ, dated Sept. 12, 1653, signed by Edward BurchuraJ, for 
the court. Served by John Fuller, constable of Lin. 

||Writ, for non-performance of an award made by Mr. George 
Corwine, 26 : 12 : 1652, dated Sept. 20, 1653, signed by Edward 
Burchumt for the court. Served by John Fuller,^ constable of Lin. 

John Hathorne deposed that " speakeing with Joseph Armitage 
in my owne house at lynn I hard Joseph Armitage expresse a dis- 
like of Mr. Ciirwines award that he should paye soe much to good- 
man wheeler, it was before he remoued to the place where now he 
is, and after he was gone wee made a garden of his yard, both 
fenced it in and diged it up and it was the time as the Neues came 
from Salem that Mr. Curwine had ended ther arbitration." Sworn 
in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Edward Richard deposed that within a month after the award 
was made, he heard Wheeler demand 21i. 19s. of Josef Armin- 
tage. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 



Mr. William Payne v. Henry Way. Non-payment of fish. With- 

Richard Coy, answering his wife's presentment, was discharged.! 

Hugh Marsh's wife discharged of her presentment, he being 
worth above two hundred pounds. [Wit : Hachelas Woodman. — 
Waste Book.2 

Wife of Nicolas Noice, presented for wearing a silk hood, was 
discharged, her husband being worth two hundred pounds. 

Tristram Coffin's wife presented for selling beer for three pence 
a quart. Proved, by testimony of Samuell Moore, that six bushels 
of malt were put into the hogshead. Discharged. 

Wife of John Hutchings, presented for wearing a silk hood, was 
discharged upon testimony of her being brought up above the 
ordinary rank. 

Wife of Rich. Knight, presented for wearing a silk hood, dis- 
charged, her husband being worth above two hundred pounds. t 

Joseph Swett's wife fined ten shillings for wearing a silk hood. 

Wife of William Chandlour fined ten shillings for wearing a 
silk hood. 

Wife of John Whipple, presented for wearing a silk hood, dis- 
charged, her husband being worth two hundred pounds. 

*Writ, dated Sept. 21, 1653, and signed by John Whipple,§ for 
the court. Served by Edward Mitchell, sr.,§ marshal of Boston, 
by attachment of a black mare and a bay mare colt. 

fSummons for the presentment, dated 26 : 6 : 1653, and returned 
by Goodman Tomson, constable. 

J" Honnored S"" 

An honest godly man a. freind of mine in Newbery whose 
name is Richard Knight whithe'' of Ignorance or willfulness by 
some Neighbor is presented for his wives wearing of a silk hoode 
supposing he had not bin worth two hundred pounds. It being 
greivous to him who is a deacen to be sumoned to a Court that 
neu'' useth to trouble any, at his Request I thought meet to Informe 
yo" y* on my owne knowledge his estate is better worth then three 
hundred pounds, et modis, & therefore desire y"^" would as you may 
forbeare in yo"" warrant y' yo" send ou* to Insert his name if it may 
be : if not, at least y*' yo" would take private sattisfacon of him in 
y"" chamber which he cann easily give yo° or any in a moment, noe 
els at present sending service to yo" & M"" Symonds Rest Sr* 

Yo'' lo : freind & servant 

Edward Rawson, Rec."§ 



Rich. Brabrooke's wife presented for wearing a silk scarf. Not 

Antho. Potter presented for his wife wearing a silk hood. Dis- 
charged, being worth two hundred pounds. 

[John Hathorne, being attached to this court by Nicolas Pinion 
and no action entered, was allowed costs. — Waste Book.'] 

Thomas Harris, Thomas Wayte and Edward Browne, upon proof 
of their wives' education and bringing up, discharged of their 

*" for the honnourable Court it is not much that i haue to say 
to the honnourable court in this bussenes for which my wife is now 
preesented which is as i understand for wearing of a scarfe I 
shall only dessire the to perruse thesse conssiderations for 

First i humbly conceiue my wife by about her neck doth 

not goe out or aboue that education which she or the 

nowe preessent con euidens haue sett her in the such as 

she was ordinarily brought silke and silluer and howe farr 

^ffQ are the honnour of our parens by our going in 

aparell i shall leaue to the honourable court to judg. 

2 i humbly conceiue that i am bound by coushens and loue to 
mainetaine my wiues honnour and that good education that shee 
was brought up in but neither coushens nor loue doth yet teach me 
to maintaine her worss then i found her except god be pleased by 
his prouidens to call us to a lower condishion then yet he is pleased 
to doe. 

3 i humbly conceiue the end of the law is to that sinne of 

prid and excess in aparel modesty and comelyness but i con- 
ceiue my wearing of a scarfe is not guillty of prid Reas- 

sons are thess First becaus when she doth weare a scarfe it is not 
becaus she would be in the fashon or that she would be as fine as 

4 becaus it is for nessesity and presseruing of health and this 
apears to me thus becaus she ordinarily weares a scarfe but at two 
seasons the first is in winter when it is very colde the other sseas- 
son is when it is very wett weather nowe i conceiue if she did 
weare her scarfe for prid she would be as proud in summer as she 

is in winter and in dry weather as in wett she haue a disspos- 

sison contrary to most wea 

Your sseruant to be comm " 

Writ : Henry Archer v. Humphry Griffin, debt, dated Sept. 
22, 1653, addressed to the marshal of Ipswich, and signed by John 
Whipplef for the court. 



William Trotter and wife fined or to be whipped for defiling the 
marriage bed. 

Writ : Mr. Henry Webb, admr. of the estate of Robert Filbriek 
V. Henry Walker and Mr. William Norton, forfeitnre of a bond ; 
dated 23 : 7 : 1653, addressed to the marshal of Ipswich, and signed 
by John Whipple* for the court. 

Writ : Mr. William Bartholmew v. Waker, debt of 4,000 

pipe staves ; dated Sept. — , 1653, addressed to the marshal of 
Ipswich, and signed by John Whipple* for the court. 

Writ : Samuell Tayler v. Joseph Jewet, dated 6 : 3 mo : 1653, 
signed by Francis Parrat* for the court. Served by Robert Lord,* 
marshal of Ipswich. Goody Warnore deposed that she heard 
Goodman Archor say, when they were reckoning with her husband, 
that Goody Taylor had ten quarts of three penny beer and two 
quarts of two penny beer at the time of her sickness, when they 
were reckoning for Samuell Taylor. 

Bond of James Bayly* to Robert Lord of Ipswich, marshal, for 
the appearance of Joseph Jewett to prosecute his replevin suit. 
Wit : Henry Kingsbury.* 

Writ : William Bartrum of Line v. Margerette Fossett, debt, 
for the frame of a house ; dated 27 : 5 : 1653, signed by Edward 
Burchum* for the court. Served by attachment of the frame of a 
house, and 1,000 boards, by John Fuller, f constable of Line. 

Writ : Mr. Robert Paine v. Edward Coleborne, dated 3 : 7 mo : 
1653, and signed by Francis Parrat* for the court. 

Writ: John Hathoren v. Nicklis Pinyon, dated Sept. 3, 1653, 
and signed by Edward Burchum* for the court. Served by John 
Fuller,* constable of Line, by attachment of seven swine. 

Writ : Mr. William Hubbert, sr., of Ipswich v. Robert Stark- 
weather, dated 3 : 7 mo : 1653, and signed by Francis Parrat* for 
the court. 

Writ : Mr. Robert Payne v. Robert Starkweather, dated 3 : 7 
mo : 1653, and signed by Francis Parrat* for the court. 

Writ : Nicklis Pinyon v. John Hathoren, for striking plaintiff's 
wife, dated Sept. 12, 1653, and signed by Edward Burchum* for 
the court. Served by John Fuller,* constable of Lin, by attach- 
ment of defendant's house. 

Writ : Mr. William Bartholmew v. Abraham Pirkins and Fran- 
cis Swaine, debt, for 4,000 hogshead staves, signed by John Whip- 
ple* for the court. 

Presentments of grand jury to Ipswich court, 7 mo : 1653, signed 
by Will. Paine :* 

Henry Bactheler of Ipswich and his wife, for frequent abstinence 
from public meeting on the Lord's day, and she for unseemly be- 
havior in the meetings to the disquiet and grief of many. Wit : 
Ensign Hewlett and Joseph Medcalfe. 



John Andrews' maid fined ten shillings for wearing a silk scarf. 
Execution respitted. 

Christopher Avery, for not living with his wife, fined twenty 
pounds or to go to her at the first opportunity. Upon his present- 
ment for reproachful speeches to make acknowledgment and pay 
witnesses. [Wit : Willm. Evans, Jo. Pearce, Clem, Coldara, Ed. 
Myles. — Waste Book.']* 

Robert Dutch, for reproachful speeches, to make acknowledge- 
ment and pay witnesses. [Wit : John Pearce and Richard Beefor. 
— Waste Book.']^ 

Robert Tucker, presented for scandalous speeches against Mr. 
[William. — Waste Book.] Perkins, was discharged. | 

William Everton was summoned by John Hardmon ; action not 

Andrew Foster of Andover, in respect of age and other infirmity, 
was released from ordinary training. 

[John Smith and John Palmer of Rowley and James Jackraan 
of Newbury took the oath of fidelity. 

John Smith of Rowley, for rescuing cattle from John Pearson of 
Rowley as he was driving them to the pound. Wit : Richard Lay- 
ton and Elizabeth Jackson. 

Mr. Henry Sewell of Rowle, for misdemeanors in the public 
meetings. Wit: Thomas Dikinson, Hugh Smith, John Mighill, 
Nehemiah Abott, Lt. Remington and Ezekiell Northen. Also, for 
striking William Asey on the face in the open street. Wit : Thomas 
Tenny and John Asey. 

Joseph Mosse, for being drunk and profaning the Sabbath by 
making hay. Wit : Twiford West and his wife. 

John Roe of Gloster, for affronting Mr. Wm. Perkins in the 
time of his preaching of the word in public. Wit : Jeffery Parson 
and Grace Dutch. 

*Gloster presentment. Christopher Avery of Gloster, for many 
years living from his wife, she being in England. Wit : Robert 
Brookes of Gloster and his wife. Also for speaking against the 
person and ministry of Mr. Wm. Perkines, their teacher, in town 
meeting. Wit : William Evans, Richard Beeford, William Vin- 
cent and Edward Mils. 

fGloster presentment. Robert Dutch of Gloster, for speaking 
against Mr. Wm. Perkins in town meeting. Wit : Clement Cold- 
ham and John Pearce. 

J Gloster presentment. Robert Tucker of Gloster, for speaking 
against Mr. Wm. Perkins, their teacher, and discouraging men from 
contributing to his maintenance. Wit : Clement Coldam, John 
Pearce and William Evanes. 


William Browne, constable of Gloster, being complained of for 
not providing watch and bullets according to order, was bound to 
the next Salem court. Clement Coldom, surety. 

Moris Somes of Gloster, presented for theft, cursing and lying, 
was fined. Wit : Clemont Coldom, William Evens and Edward 

Steven Swett, chosen by the townsmen of Newbery to keep an 
ordinary, was granted a license. — Waste Book.'] 

Daniell Hovey was released from ordinary training, paying five 
shillings a year to the company. 

Margret Pittis brought in an inventory of the estate of her hus- 
band, John Pittice. Amount, 881i. 17s. 2d. She was appointed 
administratrix of his estate, and ordered to pay to the five children, 
being all daughters, five pounds each at the age of eighteen. She 
was to bring up the children. [Proved by Eichard Keraball, sr., and 
Richard Kemball, jr. — Waste Book.'] 

Deposition of Thomas Smith that he stood by the lot-layers, 
Goodman Gage and Sargent Jacob, when they measured out Mr. 
Tuttle's house lot, and at that time they measured out a rod 
broad of ground to be left common, to dig a well in before they 
measured Goodman Coolyes lot, so that the common ground lay 
between Mr. Tuttle's and Goodman Cooly. Sworn in Ipswich court, 
25 : 1 : 1651. 

Deposition of William Whittret that, being at town meeting 
about twelve years since, the town granted said rod of land from 
the street down to the swamp convenient for the "norwest end of 
the town for to fetch water." Sworn in Ipswich court, 25: 1: 

Deposition of John Gage that, being a lot-layer, he laid out a 
watering place for the town's use about eleven years since between 
the houselots of Mr. Tuttle and Goodman Cowly the full length of 
their lots. Sworn, Mar. 27, 1651, before Jo. Endicott, Deputy- 
Governor, and Samuell Symonds. 

Indenture, dated Apr. 28, 1653, between Robert Powell, single- 
man, and John Coggswell, the younger, of Ipswich, yeoman. 

Powell was to serve Cogswell six years. Wit : Chr , 

notary public, and Jao. Needier, his servant. 

The following letter was brought into court by Robert Powell : — 

" Godman P[o]well your son it seemes being willing to goe 
into new England hath spoken with my Kinsman m"^ John coggs- 


well of Ipswich in new england now with me about his goeing 
thither as a servant to him for Six yeares my couzzen being to pay 
for the pasage to giue him meat, drinke, & cloths in a fitting way 
& ten pounds in money after the expiration of his 6 yeares : & I 
will lugage to you for my kinsman well vsinge of your son and 
that he shall not sell him to any man Else : Because I am vn- 
known to you you may enquire of m'' Randall who I am & he will 
sertifie you soe I rest 

your frend vnknowne 
Tanton aprill 19 1653. Samuell Thomsonn" 

[Endorsement on back :] 

"The marks of Robert Poells Father & he haue my good will." 
Henry Sewall's bond of good behavior forfeited. Ordered that 
he pay 20s. each month unless he bring in a certificate from the 
selectmen that he is of good behavior. 

Will of Mr. John Cogswell, jr., proved in court. Inventory 
received. Mr. John Cogswell and William Cogswell, executors. 
Theophilus Willson appointed to keep the prison. 
[19 actions at 12s. entery, 121i. ; whereof to the jury, 31i. 16s. ; 
to the clarke, 21i. 7s. 6d. ; total, 61i. 3s. 6d. ; diat for the majistrats, 
constable & house, 311. 83. 9d. ; rest in hand, 21i. 83. 9d. — Waste 

Venire for four trial jurymen from Rowly, 22 : 7 : 1653. Returned 
Thomas Dickinson, Thomas Leaver, John Smith and John Palmer. 
Signed by John Pickard,* constable. 

Summons to wife of Edward Browne, wife of Thomas Harris, 
wife of Thomas Wayte, wife of Anthonye Potter, wife of Richard 
Brabooke, wife of John Whipple, jr., and Prances, the maid of 
John Andrews, jr., to answer their presentments at Ipswich 
(30urt ; and as witnesses, Sergent French, Symon Thomson, Georg 
Giddings, Thomas Treddwell, William Addames, sr., and Will. 
Fellowes. Dated 26 : 6 : 1653. Served by Theophilus Wilson,* 

Venire for seven trial jurymen from Ipswich, 26 : 6 : 1653. 
Returned the names of Moses Pengry, Rich. Jacob, Tho. Boarman, 
Andrew Hodges and Jo. Proctor. Tho. Dickason, Tho. Leaver, Jo. 
Smith, Jo. Palmer, Abr. Tappin, Antho. Mose and James Jackman 
also named. 

Deed of Theophilus Shatswell, in Norfolk county, husbandman, 
conveyed to William Marchent of Ipswich, husbandman, his dwell- 
ing house in which said William now lives, in Ipswich near the 



Court held at Salem, 20 : 8 : 1653. 

Present: The Hond. Governor, Mr. Sara. Simons and Majr. Dan- 
yell Denyson. 

Jury : Mr. Rodger Connant, foreman, William Dodge, Jeffery 
Massy, John Porter, Mr. Walter Price, Tho. Spooner, Rich. Bish- 
opp, Henry Herricke, Ensigue Dixsy, Francis Scerry, Elias Stile- 
ma[n] and Mr. Jo. Holgrave. 

Mr. John Giffard, agent for the company of the Iron works v. 

north end of the town, bounded by the house and land of Moses 
Pengry toward the northwest, the street southwest, the house and 
land of Thomas Smith toward the southeast, and planting ground 
on the hill toward the " southeast " [northeast ?] ; also six acres of 
land in the common field on the north side of the river, having the 
common fence toward the south, Moses Pengry's land toward the 
east, the highway toward the north and land of Robert Lord on the 
west ; also, three acres of planting ground within the same fence, 
having the land of Robert Lord toward the southwest and north- 
west, land of Haniell Bosworth toward the northeast and a swamp 
toward the southeast. Dated Mar. 29, 1653. [No signature.] ; 

Mr. Perkings, Osmon Dutch, Mr. Will. Payne, Edward Bridges, 
Jer. Belchar.* 

Robert Lord'sf grounds of appeal, dated 17 : 6 : 1653, from the 
judgment of Salisbury court, 12 : 4 : 1653, that the plaintiff said 
" that I came to his Brothers house & sayd I had an execution and 
red It on order & turned a beast in his Brothers yard, but did not 
drive it away, for he sayth I would haue driuen it away, but he 
did paye." Lord further stated that it was well that Samborne 
swore to his best remembrance and not positively, as the facts were 
not true ; that new evidence had been brought in, William Sam- 
borne being the only witness previously ; and that the court said 
he was justified in his course, while the jury found against him. 

The names of those who have neglected the watch at Newbery : 
Robert Rodgers, Wiliam Sawer, Wiliam Sammon, Trustrom Cofen, 
jr., Anthony Moss, sr., Samwel Mowdey, Henery Short, Edmond 
Woodman and John Woodman. Signed by Robat Long,! con- 

Return of venire for four grand jurymen by John Pickard,t 
constable : Richard Swan, Hugh Smith, James Barker and John 
Trumble of Rowley. 

Writ : John Hathoren v. Joseph Arraatage. For taking away a 
parcel of corn that Thomas Looke sold said Hathoren. Dated, 
Line, Sept. 19, 1653, and signed by Edward Burchum.f Served by 
John Fuller,! constable. 

•These names appear on the reverse of the Shatswell deed. 


Capt. Thomas Savidge, George Mannings and Rich. Waite. For 
not giving account of the appraisal of the company's estate, etc. 
The defendants' plea was objection to the legality of the court, 
which was sustained by the court, the plaintiff being found not to 
be such a stranger as in the sense of the laws of this jurisdiction 
he had the privilege to call a special court. 

Mr. John Giffard, agent for the company of the Iron works v. 
Mr. Henry Webb, Mr. Josuah Foote and Capt. Kob. Bridgis, attor- 
neys for said said company. For putting him out of the company's 
employment before his time, without any reason.* 

Mr. John Giffard, agent for the company of the Iron works v. 
Theophilus Bayly. Debt charged by Mr. William Aubrey. 

Mr. John Giffard, agent for the company of the Iron works v 
Thomas Buttols. Debt charged by Mr. William Aubrey. 

Court held at Hampton, 4:8: 1653. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Christopher Hussie, foreman, Anthony Stanian, 
Robert Drake, Robert Smithe, Sam. Fogg, Tho. Pettitt, Moses 
Gyllman, Jno. Severans, dismissed, and Tho. Filbrick, sr., impan- 
elled, Willi. Osgood, Jno. Gyll, Jarrett Haddon, George Browne and 
Bartholemew Heath. In Hampton case : Mr. Saml. Winsley, Mr. 
Edward Gyllman, Humphrey Wilson, Sam. More, Henry Typpotts 
and Benjamin Sweat. 

John Marian v. Robert Lord. For not making good a parcel of 
fresh meadow which plaintiff bought of defendant, as appeared by 
a bill of sale. Verdict for plaintiff. Appealed to Court of Assist- 
ants. Mr. Bryan Pendleton bound for said Lord's appearance. 

Willi. Franclin v. Thomas Beard. Debt. 

Willi. Franklin v. Edward Starbroke. Debt. For withholding 
one dozen of " Indian howes," valued at twenty-four shillings. 

*Writ, dated Oct. 12, 1653 ; signed by Jonathan Xegust for the 
court ; served by Richard Wayte.f marshal of Suffolk county. Bond 
of Henry Webbf and Joshua Footj, dated 12:8: 1653. 

Another writ, Mr. John Giffard, agent for the Iron works v. Mr. 
John Beex & Co., Mr. Henry AVebe and Mr. Joshua Foote & Co. of 
the undertakers of the Iron works. Debt. For salary of plaintiff 
and other debts. Dated, Line, Oct. 12, 1653, and signed by Edward 
Burchum.t Served by John French, t constable of Brantre, by 
attachment of the forge, fui'nace, land and other property of the 
Iron works. 



Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Tho. Kinge. For not paying for boards 
and staves. Verdict for plaintiff. The jury did not " meddle w^" 
anything about dead freight." 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For boards, 
1,000 staves.assigned by Mr. Legitt for work done about the mill dam. 

Mr. Edward Gyllman v. Humphrey Willson. For not making up 
his sluice gates and dam according to agreement. Withdrawn. 

Tho. King v. Humphrey Willson. For not paying a debt to Ed- 
ward Gyllman according to agreement about the work of Thomas 

Willi. Furber v. Elisabeth Chase. Review of case of debt tried 
at last Salisbury court. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Morris Hobbs v. Town of Hampton. For not making good an 
old grant of four acres and three quarters of fresh meadow granted 
to Willi. Estow and given by him to plaintiff. Jury brought in a 
non-liquet. Plaintiff appealed to Court of Assistants. Willi. Estow 
bound for said Hobbs. 

Henry Tibbots v. Phillip Lewis. Trespass. For taking away 
certain cocks of hay from bis marsh, near the farm of Capt. Fran- 
cis Champernoone. Judgment for plaintiff, ten groats. 

Jno. Goddard v. Mr. Joseph Mason, agent for Ms. Ann Mason. 
Breach of covenant. Review of action tried at last Salisbury court. 

Robert Drake took the oath of fidelity. 

Mr. Nicolas Shapleigh v. Mr. Edward Gyllman. For unjust 
molestation by an illegal execution given at a court held at Boston 
four or five years since. Nonsuited. 

Tho. Crauly v. Mr. Edward Gyllman and Tho. Pettitt. For tak- 
ing away his goods. 

Isaac Pirkins v. Henry Roby. Debt. Defendant acknowledged 
judgment to plaintiff. 

Tho. Crauly acknowledged judgment to Tho. Kinge. 

Job Clement v. Theophilus Satchwell. Trespass. For mowing 
and carrying away his hay in the Hawkes meadow and diverting 
plaintiff's land to his own use. Continued to next Salisbury court. 

Tho. Kinge v. Edward Colcord. For non-payment of pipe staves 
to Jno. Severans or Mr. Sam. Dudley. Defendant acknowledged 
judgment to plaintiff. 

Tho. Kinge v. Edward Colcord. For not delivering 1,400 pipe 
staves to the widow Chase. Defendant acknowledged judgment to 


Mr. Hunt, Mr. Rowley and the rest of the Shrewsbery merchants 
V. Edward Colcord. Review of case tried at Salisbury court 2 • 2 • 

James Wall v. John Goddard. Review of case tried at Dover 
court. Two cases. 

Humphrey Wilson v. James Wall. Debt. For 4,000 feet of 

Natt. Winsley v. Benjamin Sweat. Debt. For a runlet of sack 
worth about three pounds. No action. 

Willi. Osgood V. Jane Flanders. Slander. In saying he threatened 

to beat her and in using reviling speeches against him and his wife, 

calling his wife, mill mare, and him, foresworn wretch. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Brian Pendleton was appointed administrator of the estate 

of Richard Kinge, late of Pascattoquack. 

Robert Page sworn constable for the town of Hampton. 
Jno. Robison chosen and sworn clerk of the market for Exiter. 
Mrs. Elinor Hooke appointed administratrix of the estate of her 
husband, Mr. Willi. Hooke. Ordered to bring in an inventory to 
next Salisbury court. 

John Page, disabled by bodily infirmities, freed from ordinary 
training and watching. Wit : Robert Clement and Richard Ormsby. 
Constable of Salisbury to be paid ten shillings, by the treasurer, 
for going to Boston with Lt. Pike. 

Saml. Winsley, jr., to be paid five shillings for notifying Opt. 
Wiggin to go to Salisbury court, second third day : 2rao : 1653. 

Nicolas Lisson, presented for attempting the chastity of Mary 
Cornish, fined and bound to good behavior. Continued to next 
Salisbury court. Wit : Jno. Warren and Jno. Swane. Sureties : 
Mr. Edward Gyllman and Henry Robie. 

Tho. King fined and bound to good behavior for filthy, unseemly 
speeches. To appear at next Salisbury court. Wit: Francis 
Swaine. Sureties : Abraham Pirkings and Henry Robie. 

Nathaniell Wyer of Nuberrie acknowledged satisfaction to Job 
Clement for a ten pound bond, a,bout nine years since. 

Will. Partridg of Salisbury informed the court that there yet 
remained five pounds in the hands of Willi. Geynes, Richard Kent 
and Rodger Tayre of Olney in Buckinghamshire, in old England, 
being part of the estate of Jno. Partridg of Olney, deceased, and 
bequeathed to the children of said Willi. Partridg, namely, John, 
Hannah, Elizabeth, Nehemiah and Sarah. The court ordered that 


said Willi, be bound in ten pounds for the distribution of the five 
pounds. Bond acknowledged in court, 7:8: 1653, before Tho. 
Bradbury, Rec. 

Jane Flanders to be whipped not exceeding ten stripes and 
bound to good behavior for appearance at next Salisbury court. 

Anthony Day fined for lying. Wit : Nicolas Lisson and his wife. 

Edward Gyllman appointed Francis Swaine to receive of Na- 
thaniell Boulter what staves were due him from said Boulter, Sept. 
2, 1650. Francis Swaine deposed that he received all said Boulter's 
staves that lay in the swamp on the other side of Fresh river, as 
well as those at Mr. Whelewrite's point. Sworn in court before 
Tho. Bradbury, Rec. 

Ordered that the five children of Tho. Chase of Hampton, de- 
ceased, namely, Tho. Chase, the eldest, Joseph, James, Isack and 
Abraham, have 481i. from their father's estate ; that the eldest 
have 161i. and the others Sli. each, at the age of twenty-one years. 
Elizabeth Chase, the widow, bound to bring up the children; sure- 
ties, Tho. Filbrick, sr., and Jno. Casses. 

Tho. Coleman was given a month to file his bond and mortgage 
his land as security for the children's portion. 

Eunice Cole bound to Salisbury court to answer her present- 

Mr. Colcord's abusing the court and magistrates was referred to 
next Salisbury court. 

Court held at Salem, 21 : 8 : 1653. 

" James Harman of the happie entrance," fined, for taking out 
of Mr. John Harvy's chest aboard said ship [" Happy Entrance"], 
lOli., and for stealing a stuff cloak worth 30s., and also for steal- 
ing from John Bartrum a round turned box of wood worth 2s. 6d., 
in which were ten pounds sterling in pieces of eight. 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 29 : 9 : 1653. 

Grand jury: Mr. William Browne, Mr. Jon. Thorndike, Jon. 
Rament, Nathaniell Putraan, Rich. Bushup, Jon. Kitchin, Edw. 
Burcham, Francis Ingalls, Robert Mansfeild, Nicholas Potter, Mr. 
Moses Maverick, John Sibley, Silvester Evelleth and Edward 

Jury of trials : Jeffrey Massey, Mr. Roger Conant, Hilliard 
Vearin, William Dodg, Mr. Walter Price, John Gillow, Georg 


Taylor, Francis Burrell, Allen Beade, Phillip Staineward and Esdras 
Reade. William Allen added. 

Court chose Elias Stileinan clerk. 

Capt. Kempo Seibada v. Robert Hull and John Hull, part owners 
and setters-forth of the " barque Swallow frigott " under the com- 
mand of Edward Hull, pirate, for damages of his estate in taking 
out of his house at Block Island by said Edward Hull, goods to 
the value of 961i. Said defendants had been receivers of part of 
the booties that Edward Hull took, and said John Hull and Robert 
Hull were concealers of said Edward Hull's estate. Verdict for 

*Writ : Capt. Kempo Sebarda v. Robert Hull, Walter Joy and 
Thomas Gould ; dated 28 : 7 : 1653, signed by Jonathan Negus 
for the court. Served by Richard Wayte, constable of Suffolk, by 
attachment of the bark of Edward Hull. For want of security, 
Thomas Gold and Walter Joy were committed to prison. Copy 
of record of Boston court, 25 : 8 : 1653, signed by Increase Now- 

Another writ : Capt. Kempo Sebada v. Robert Hull and John 
Hull ; dated 17:9: 1653, and signed by Jonath. Negusf for the 
court. Served by Richard Wayte,t constable of Suffolk. Robert 
Hullf and Jno. Hullj gave bond, 17 : 9: 1653, for appearance at 
Salem court. 

Benodick Arnald and Francis Smith deposed that being in dis- 
pute with Thomas Gould, inhabitant of Newport, " upon Rhode 
Hand," about bills of exchange that were due from Ensign B ri- 
ant, William Gibbens and Rich. Lord, and payable to Edward Hull 
for goods that were bought by them of the French goods that were 
taken at Rhode Hand, Thomas Gould answered that he knew these 
bills of exchange were in the hands of Mr. Robt. Hull and John 
Hull, brother and father of Edward Hull. Sworn 12 : 9 : 1653, 
before William Hibbins.f 

Certificate of proceedings in this case : Petition to the General 
Assembly at Portsmouth, Aug. 17, 1653. Ordered that there be a 
purchased Court of Admiralty in the actions of Capt. Sybaudo v. 
Edward Hull and Capt. John Underbill v. Edward Hull, on Aug. 
29, 1653. Members present, Aug. 29, 1653: Mr. Nicholas Eastone, 
Mr. Randall Holden, general assistants ; Willi. Lytherland, general 
recorder; Rich. Knight, general sergent ; the jurors, Mr. William 
Jeffryes, foreman, Edward Smith, Marmaduke Ward, Thorn. Too- 
ley, Rich. Card, James Weeden, sr., Willi. Weeden, Robrt Griffin, 
Nicho. Blatchford, Rich. Bulgar, Laurence Turner and Thomas 
Durgin. Capt. Sybaudo's declaration, dated Aug. 18, 1653, men- 



tions articles taken by defendant from plaintiff's vessel, including 
seventeen hundred and three quarters of bread, some hoUand, some 
kettels, etc., valued at 2001i. sterling. Richard Knight answered. 
William Dyre certified that the defendant was ready to abide by 
order of the court here or to prosecute at the Court of Admiralty 
in England. Evidence : William Bartlet said that Capt. Sybaudo 
was to fetch bread for the town of Pequitt, and that divers Eng- 
lish had goods there and were to go as passengers in the vessel 
with Sybaudo ; also that there were seventeen hundred of bread, 
linen cloth, 16 yards of holland at 4s. per yard and 10 yards of 
pole davis. Mr. Lurabie said that there were several passengers' 
goods in the vessel and that she was taken about the 18th or 19th 
of April, etc. 

A letter was submitted under the hand of Mr. John Winthrop, 
certifying that Capt. Sybaudo had been an inhabitant of the town of 
Pequit two years and had paid rates both of church and common- 
wealth ; also that said Mr. Winthrop had demanded the goods of 
Capt. Sybaudo to be left to be responsible, but Edward Hull refused, 
saying he would have the case tried at Boston, and further that 
Sybauda was called to Conectecot court and was adjudged accord- 
ing to that jurisdiction. Mr. Winthrop wrote the same to Mr. 
Nicho. Easton. Verdict for plaintiff, and the vessel was adjudged 
not to be a prize, as she was taken without a commission. 

Attested by William Leatherland, general recorder " for the 
pvince of Providence plantations." Dated Sept. 10, 1653. Copy, 
attested by Increase Nowell.* 

Walter Joye deposed that he was employed by Capt. Edward 
Hull to bring a boat from Rhode Hand to Boston, the bark Swal- 
low frigate, which said Hull had been commissioned by Rhode Hand 
to command against the Dutch ; that this bark was ordered by Ed- 
ward Hull to be delivered to Robert and John Hull, father and 
brother to Edward, with a barrel of vinegar, an ankor of brandy, 
some linen, holland, or dowlas. Further that Mr. Attwater, Mr. 
Richard Lord, Mr. Will. Gibbens, John Crosse and Ensigne Bryant 
bought of Capt. Edward Hull a quantity of goods for which they 
passed bills of exchange, said bills afterward being made over to 
said Hull's father, Robert Hull ; that Mr. Wilkes, who was the 
master of the Swallow frigate, delivered the assigned bills to Hull's 
father, together with the bark, etc.; that Edward Hull received 
two-thirds of all the goods taken, and as to Capt. Sebaudyes goods 
taken by said Hull and his company from Block Hand and the 
other goods taken from his bark in Connitecot river, deponent said 
that Hull made use of all the goods on board without giving any- 
thing to the company, said goods being the articles '• with which 
hee vittualled y® Swallow frigot in y^ warlike dessigne of ye said 
Edward Hull against y® dutch and Receaued 1-3 part of what was 



taken afterwards from ye french and others." Sworn, 14 : 9 : 
1653, before William Hibbins.* 

Ralph Earle,* sr., of Porchmouth, Rohd Hand, deposed that Sam- 
uell Comstock came to Rhode Hand with Edward Hull upon the 
bark called the Swallow frigate, of which bark said Comstock was 
owner of one-eighth part, and was employed on it upon a man-of- 
war design against the Dutch. He sold his interest to deponent, 
who sold it to Edward Hull. Josias Wilkis was to deliver to Rob- 
ert and John Hull the bark, with a parcel of linen cloth, sea platts 
and other mathematical instruments. Sworn, 12 : 9 : 1653, before 
William Hibbins.* 

Richard Cheichley, aged forty-seven years, and Richard Hol- 
ledge, aged thirty-eight years, testified, with William Dening, about 
service to the Commonwealth of England. Sworn 26 : 9 : 1653, 
before Richard Parker, commissioner. Copy, attested by Edward 
Rawson,* recorder. 

Robt. Sanderson, aged forty-five years, deposed, inl653, concern- 
ing the bark. 

William Baker acknowledged that the articles which follow were 
delivered to him at Block Hand by Kempo Sybauda, part of which 
deponent said he had sold for fish and wampum ; also that the fish 
and wampum and what was left of the goods, Capt. Edward Hull's 
company took away about the last of April, 1653 ; sworn, Aug. 28, 
1653, before Ezechiell Hollyman, town deputy of Warwick : 32 
yards 3-4 of trading cloth, 81i. 14s. 3d. ; thirty kettles weighing 
sixe pound a peece, 301i. ; one ankor of liquors, lOli. ; fourskore 
dussen of Claspe buttons, Hi. 8s. 4d. ; seaventeen dussen of Jewes 
harpes, 31i. 8s. ; eighteen howes, Hi. 8s. ; foure peeces of tape, Hi. 
10s. ; foure gilded booke glasses, Hi. 12s. ; two gilded booke glasses, 
10s. ; fifty round glasses, 21i. 10s. 8d. ; 50 round glasses. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; 
fifty round glasses. Hi. 5s. ; twelve bushels of salt, oli. ; three bar- 
rels, 12s. ; two thousand of needles, 81i. 6s.; three grosse of points, 
Hi. 15s. ; one hundred of Combs, 21i. 10s. ; twelve deere skines, 
41i. 16s. ; halfe a dussen of tobacco boxes, 3s. ; twelve dussen of 
bells, Hi. 4s. ; these things were prized as they were sould to the 
Indians ; other goods for my owne use : Fifty pound of powder at 
3s. '^ li., 71i. 10s. ; one gunn, 21i. ; six pound of lead, 3s. ; one iron 
pott, 16s. 4d.; two tubs, 4s.; one double ankor & two single ones, 
9s. ; total, 971i. 7s. lid. 

William Baker and his wife Mary testified that being on Block 
Island in the house of Kempo Sybauda, Samuell Comstock and 
some of his company came up to the house, sat down to drink 
tobacco and asked for some water to drink, " so being come in a 
freindly way I gave them some water and tobacco, then I asked 
them whether they heard of Kempo Sybauda, Samuell Comstock 
answered no hee had not scene him, nor heard of him, then after a 



little space being ready to depart hee tould mee hee had a warrant 
from the Governo'' of Conectecot to fetch mee of the Hand because 
there was like to bee warr suddenly betwixt the dutch and English, 
and tlierefore it was not not fitting for a man and a woman to live 
so : so I replied that I durst not resist the Governors warrant, and 
so prepared forthwith, and with there helpe carryed the goods a 
board, so when I came aboard, then hee tould mee Kempo Sybauda 
was taken at Conectecot by Edward Hull, then hee tould mee that 
I was taken as prize together with these goods shewing mee a large 
peece of parchment which he said was his Comission, then I 
beged them, that would save my life so they promised to set mee 
and my wife a shore where I would, so they set us a shore at 
Pequott, so when M"" Winthrop had examined mee, hee comanded 
mee and Ms. Daniell to go aboard, and take account of the goods 
they tooke from mee, and being a board the master was absent, 
and neither him nor they could be found." Sworn, Aug. 28, 1653, 
before Ezechiell Hollyman, town deputy of Warwick. Copy, 
attested by Increase Nowell.* 

Francis Bennet, aged about thirty years, testified that he and 
Samuell Comstock bought of Richard George one quarter of the 
bark Swallow, Edward Hull, master. Sworn in court, 26 : 8 : 1653, 
before Increase Nowell.* 

Samuell Edsall of Boston, aged about eighteen years, deposed 
that the last spring and summer Edward Hull went into the Swal- 
low and deponent assisted in taking all the vessels that Hull took ; 
further that Hull received two thirds of all he took, and that 
Thomas Gold and Walter Joy were of Hull's company when they 
took Capt. Kempo Sybauda and his goods by his order from Block 
Hand ; that he heard that Ralph Earle had sold an eighth part of 
the barque, and Edward Hull said that two-thirds belonged to him, 
whereupon said Earle was about to attach the barque, but an agree- 
ment was reached. Sworn in court, 26 : 8 : 1653, before Increase 

Samuel Edsall also deposed that Ralph Earle bought the eighth 
part of Samuell Comstock, and when there was talk of the bark 
going to Boston, said Earle refused to allow it to go until he was 
paid for his share, which was accordingly done, Edward Hull 
paying him in wine and brandy, part of a butt of brandy, a hogs- 
head of white wine and claret. Sworn, 26 : 8 : 1653, before Increase 

Lawrence Turner of Rode Hand, aged thirty-two years, deposed 
that all the last spring and summer, the vessel that Capt. Edward 
Hull, "as they called him, did all his exploites," was called the 
Admirall or Swallow frigate, and was the same vessel which was 
then lying in Master Joshua Scottowes dock ; that deponent heard 
some of Hull's soldiers and company affirm that he received two- 



thirds of all the goods he took, one part for the vessel and another 
for a victualling part ; also that Walter Joy and Thomas Gould 
were with said Hull from the beginning of their design at Roade 
Hand until they took the French prize at the same place and his 
departure for England. Sworn, 17:8: 1653, before William Hib- 
bens. Copy, attested by Increase Nowell.* 

Robert and John Hull, owners of the bark Swallow, presented a 
petition to the court, showing reasons for their being exempt from 
paying for damage done by any person on board the bark. They 
stated that the service she was engage in was wholly without their 
consent or knowledge, and it was a continual trouble to them when 
they heard of it ; that they received no benefit from it and would 
not accept one penny for such service, but they showed their dis- 
approval by letters to Edward Hull and "did endeavour to improve 
all the interest wee had in him to gaine him from that imploym^by 
Lett" & by message when any went into thess parts & espeascialy 
when Capt. Jn° Leveret went, my father did intricate him ; in his 
name to charge his sonn to come whom, and wee received Letters 
From him sundry tymes, that if the Bay did not speedyly send 
forth an army (w*" they there were in continuall expectation of) 
hee would suddenly be at whom, that wee did every month Looke 
for him to Returne." Their reasons for not protesting at the time 
were as follows : That the law of the country did not provide for 
such cases and the only information they had of Hull's actions 
was by report ; that he told them that he was upon a design for the 
good of the people of God aud of the English nation and for the 
glory of God and that he had a commission for what he did from 
the parliament of England ; that if they had protested against him, 
" who was in such neare relation unto us," they would have lost 
hope of seeing him or the vessel again, and they desired to have 
both, " for if his kindred and neare relations should carrie it soe 
unto him, it would have put him in dispaire of finding favour & 
soe he would never returne;" that they had tried to have him leave 
this employment, and if it had not been for their entreaties, he 
would still be engaged in it; that they had no power in that juris- 
diction to prevent him by law, and all their friends knew that it 
was distasteful to them ; that they were not responsible for the 
taking away of Sebauda's goods, any more than an honest man, 
into whose house stolen goods were placed, could be held lesponsi- 
ble if the said goods were taken out of his house and sold without 
the owner's knowledge; that it was sufficient loss to them to lose 
the profit of the bark a whole summer and that Capt. Sibada 
"hath not acted according to the Rule of Righteousness to attach 
the goods & to molest the persons of us that never did him any 
injurie." ■^ 



Kempo Seibada v. John Hull, Richard Hull and Kic. Waite. 
Replevin of the barque Swallow, held to be contrary to law.* 

Mr. Robert Gutch v. Ar , Debt. 

Mr. Francis Buers, assignee of John Bis v. Capt. Thomas 
Breeden. For his part of the money for which the ship Happy 
Entrance was sold to him. 

Samuell Cutler v. Nathaniell Pickman. Debt. 

Mr. Franc Buers and Mr. Henry Cowes, for themselves and some 
others of the company of the ship Hapie Entrance v. Capt. Robert 
Harding. For withholding half a share from them. 

Mr. Henry Cowes v. Capt. Robert Harding. Debt. 

Lt. Thomas Morice, Joseph Dunn, Henry Cowes, John Cemton 
and Francis Buers v. Richard Margerum. Slander. For saying they 
would forge oaths and swear anything, and, also, that Morice's 
rogues would swear anything.f 

William Beale v. Mr. Robert Gutch. Debt. 

Thomas Graves and Mark Graves v. Mr. John Beeke, Mr. Henry 
Webb and Mr. John Giffard, agents for the company of the Iron 
works. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Robert Lord, appointed by selectmen of Ipswich on behalf of the 
country v. Henry Binder and Thomas Rowell. For not finishing a 
prison house. 

Thomas Scott v. Richard Wright. For money due him for seed 
wheat and for hay for wintering six oxen, for the use of a horse 
and for not plowing fourteen acres of land according to promise. 

Osmund Traske v. Jonathan Porter. For refusing to give secur- 
ity for house and land bought of him. 

*Writ : Kempo Sebada v. Robert Hull, John Hull and Richard 
Waite (also Weight), dated 17 : 9 : 1653 ; returnable at Salem ; signed 
by Jonath. Negus for the court and served by William Reade, con- 
stable of Boston. Allexander Adams and John Vyall deposed that 
on Nov. 24, 1653, being present with Mr. John Hull and Capt. 
Kempo Sebada, agreement was made concerning when and where 
the actions should be brought, etc. Sworn, 24 : 9 : 1653, before 
Thorn. Clark, commissioner. Copy of the original per Nathaniell 
Sowther,]; clerk. 

tMr. John Childs, aged about twenty-five years, deposed that 
Rich. Margeram, master of the good ship called the Happy En- 
trance, said in the presence of the Worshipful Governor of New 
England that Lt. Tho. Morice, Henry Cowes and Francs. Buers 
would forge, etc. 



Mr. William Phillips v. John Child and Patrick Conaway. For 
attaching his goods in the hands of ]\tr. William Browne. 

John Devorex v. Walter Joy. Debt. 

Capt. Robert Harding v. Richard Margerum. Debt. Two cases, 
the second case for charges for the ship Happi Entrance. 

Christopher Latemor v. Capt. Robert Harding. For withholding 
wages for going to the Eastward, and employment about the ship 
Hapie Entrance. Withdrawn. 

William Hollingworth v. Henry Combes. Debt. 

Mr. John Holgrave v. William Addis. Debt. 

Deborah Skelling of Gloster, having been formerly presented for a 
misdemeanor, and bound to good behaviour, was released of her bond. 

Richard Hutton of Wenham took the oath of fidelity, and was 
sworn constable of Wenham. 

Mr. William Payne v. Benjamin Gillum. For not performing 
award of Major Sedgwick, Mr. Ric. Russell, Mr. Nickholas Davison 
and Jon. Turner. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Payne v. Edward Gilman. Forfeiture of a bond. 

John Gillowe v. John Hathorne. 

Elias Stilemau, sr. v. Walter Bedwell. 

Capt. Frances Champernown v. William Crowberd. For absent- 
ing himself from his master's service. 

The Worshipful Mr. Simond Bradstreete v. Thomas Wheeler. 
For withholding fifteen sheep. 

Richard Wilkenson swore that he heard Arther Juwell acknow- 
ledge a debt due from him to Robt. Gutch. 

John Bartrum v. Capt. Thomas Breeden. Debt of six pounds. 
For part of ship Happy Entrance, which was sold to him. 

Garrod Spencer of Linn was appointed administrator of Mihill 
Spencer's estate. 

John Bennett of Marblehead fined lOs. for taking tobacco in the 
meeting house on the Lord's day. 

Mr. William Geerish, being chosen captain of the troop of horse 
for this regiment, Mr. John Appleton, lieutenant, and Mr. George 
Corwine, cornet, all were approved and confirmed. 

Will of John Robinson of Salem proved by Rich. Prince.* 

♦Inventory of the goods of John Robinson, deceased, taken 28: 
9 : 1653, by Elias Stilemanf and Richard Prince :t 1 house & acre 



Mehetabell Giles admonished for taking a false oath. 

Will* of Mr. Thomas Miller of Newbery proved before Mr. Jon. 
Glover. Inventory! taken by appraisers sworn before Capt. Wm. 
Gearish. Amount, 3431i. 3s. 4d. 

of Land, 121i. ; 5 acres planting Land, 21i. ; 1 3-4 acres of meadow- 
ing, 41i. ; a peece of meadow at bog pond, Hi. ; 5 Cowes, 201i. ; 1 
heifer, 31i. ; 2 Calves, 21i. 10s. ; 1 bed & boulster. Hi. 10s. ; Couer- 
letts, blanketts & sheets. Hi. ; 3 Sutes of Clothes, 21i. ; 2 pr. 
Stockings, Is. 6d. ; bands & Capps, 2s. ; 2 pr. shoes, 6s. ; 1 warming 
pan & brass kettle, Hi. 14s. ; puter, 6s. ; 1 Iron pott & Skillett, 43. ; 
2 sheets & a Trunk, Hi. ; 1 hhd., 3s. ; money, 12s. ; severall Lumber 
goods to the Vallue of lli. ; 40 acres of Land by Geo. Shafting, 31i. ; 
total, 54li. 8s. 6d. 

*The nuncupative will of Thomas Millard of Newbury, made 
Aug. 30, 1653, proved 29 : 9 : 1653, by William Cotton and Ann, 
his wife and John Butler.J Sworn, 29 : 9 : 1653, before John 
Glover. I He "bestowed his estate vpon his ^vyfe Ann and his two 
children Rebecca and Elizabeth to be devided amongst them his 
wyfe to haue one third part thereof and his two children thother 
two third pts one third part a peece and to haue it payd them on 
the day of their marriag and his wyfe not hinder them when they 
are eighteen e yeares of age. And his wyfe Anne to haue the 
ymprouement of it in the meane tyme." 

■flnventory of estate of Mr. Thomas Millward,who deceased this, 
life Sept. 2, 1653, taken by Percivall Lowle,| Richard LowleJ: and 
Anthony Somerby:]; The house, barn and about 20 akersof upland, 
about five akers of it being broken up, 451i. ; twelve akers of salt 
marsh, lOli. ; five akers of salt marsh, 21i. ; three akers of meadow, 
31i. ; five cowes, 211i. ; three oxen, 221i. ; three calves, 31i. lOs. ; half e of 
two yearlings, 21i. lOs. ; halfe a mare, 61i. lOs. ; halfe a horse, 71i. 10s. ; 
the halfe of seaven ewes and a ram, 31i. 10s. ; sixe swine, 51i. ; 8 
pewter dishes, 2 basons, 3 poringers, 1 saltseller, 3 butter dishes, 
one dozen of spoones, 1 pint pot, 3 tining pudding pans, 21i. ; 3 
silver spoones, 1 Silver cup, 1 Silver salt seller, 31i. 5s. ; his weare- 
ing apparrell, 121i. 10s.; one brasse kettle & 2 small brasse kettles, 
lli. 12s. ; 2 brasse skilletts, a brasse skimmer and ladle, a brasen 
chafin dish & pewter candlesticke, lli. ; a lattin lanthorne & lamp 
& a pare of And Irons, 15s. ; nine sheets, 911. ; 4 table cloths, a dozen 
and halfe of napkins, lli. ; 8 pillow beares, 3 towells, 21i. ; 2 feather- 
beds, 2 ruggs, 1 coverlett and 3 blankets, llli. ; a wainscot cubbard 
and a table, chaires and stooles and some other lumber, lli. ; one 
truncke and three chests, 31i. 6d. ; one bedsted, 12s. ; one warmeing 
pan, 1 small brasen morter and 2 small friing pans, 13s. 4d. ; 2 



Kobt. Hull, Jon. Hull and Rich. AVaite appealed to Court of 
Assistants in suit by Capt. Sabada at Salem. 

Isack Eng found guilty of stealing goods from Aron Pengrean 
(also Pengre), an inhabitant of Ipswich. Eng to pay fifty-four 
shillings or to be whipped. 

Thomas Chadwell of Linn fined for abusing Elizabeth, wife of 
Will. Knight, in her house in holding up his hand to strike her. 

Edward Buship of Salem fined for pilfering apples and a knife 
and for lying, and to pay Mr. Conant for wrong by apples and a 
jerkin, 21i. 17s. and to William Dodg, 3s. 9d. 

Hannah, wife of Edward Bishop, fined for stealing Indian corn, 
woolen and linen from William Elliott, for milking others' cows and 
for lying. 

Lawrence Sotherick discharged from training, paying 5s. yearly 
to the company. 

Kebecka Bacon brought in an imperfect will* of her deceased 

Iron potts and pothookes, 2 prs. of potthangers and a paire of tongs, 
111. ; one Iron kettle & spitt, 16s. ; one small caske of nailes, Hi. ; 
two small drinke tubs, one churne and two kellers & some other 
lumber, 8s. 6d. ; a cart & 2 plowes and a sled, 21i. ; 3 axes or 
hatchetts, 4 wedgs & hamer and other small Implements, 12s.; a 
fowleing peice & sword. Hi. 10s. ; 2 prs. of bandeleers, 4s. ; a gold 
scale, Hi. ; total, 1851i. 13s. lOd. Debts due to deceased in Eng- 
land, 851i. ; due in this country, 91i. 9s. 6d. ; a desperate debt 
in Virginea, 631i. ; total, 157li. 9s. 6d. Whole amount, 34311. 33. 
4d. Ann Millerd made oath to the truth of this statement, 24 : 9 : 
1653, before Wm. Gerrish,t commissioner. 

*" The Last will and Testament of m' William Bacon of Salem, 
diseased Wherby he gaue to his sonn Isaack his dwelling house 
and ground and Meddow, except some certaine parcells of which 
afterward he shall otherwise see cause ; he is to haue it att the age 
of one and Twentie years. If he dye before one and twentie his 
wyf e is to haue it. And if his wife keeps hir self a widdow his 
sonn is to Hue with hir And shee is to take care of the whole 

Item he giues to An Potter one Cowe. Item to his two seruants 
Fortie shillings apeece Item all his houshold goods , and all his 
Chattell and all other moueabls whatsoeuer to his wyfe m'"s Rebeca 
Bacon And two hundred Acres of Land which is not yet Laid out 
to his wyfe m^s Rebeca Bacon and Three acers of Land in the 
tenem^ As For ouerseers Joseph Boyse and Lawrenc South- 
weeke." George Emery,t Elizabeth (her mark) Boy[se]. 

t Autograph. 


husband, Will. Bacon. Inventory* of his estate, 1841i. 16s. Estate 
to be divided equally between her and her son Isaac, who is to have 
the dwelling house, land and meadow, at the age of twenty-one. 
If the widow marry again, she is to give security, and bring up 
her son in a manner suitable to the heir of such an estate. 

Mr. John Gidney given liberty to draw and sell strong waters. 

Bond of Cornelious Hulett and sureties, Samuell Archer, John 
Kitchin, Phillip Vearin and Theophilus Sallter. Hulett to appear 
to answer complaint about Elizabeth Due. 

John Hathorne of Lynn given liberty to draw and sell strong 

Constable of Salem to have two shillings and six pence each for 
those they whip. 

Clemont Coldum, presented for abusing the constable of Gloster 
in the execution of his office, using reviling words, was fined. 

John Norman fined for striking Nathall. Masterson with the 
helfe of an axe. 

Samuell Yeo fined for being much in drink, disturbing the neigh- 
bors in the night. 

" Kate, the blacmoore seru* to Daniell Rumboll p^'sented for 
Fornication haueing a basterd Child." Fined 20s. or to be whipped. 

John Hill and Thomas Bishup fined 40s. each for shooting off 
two guns, one in the night after the watch was set, causing an 

♦Inventory, taken, 26 : 7 : 1653, by Thoms. Gardner, sr.f and 
Josif (his mark) Boys, and sworn before Elias Stileman.t clerk : 
House and Land, 501i. ; one mare, lOli. ; 2 Oxen, 141i. ; 5 Cowes, 
221i. ; 2 Steeres, 91i. ; one heifer, 21i. ; 3 Calves, 31i. ; 9 Sheepe, 1511.; 

7 Swine, 51i. ; 4 akers of Indian Corne, 41i. ; Ten bushels of 
wheate, 21i. lOs. ; 12 bushels of Rie, 21i. 8s. ; 5 bushels of Pease, 
Hi. ; 3 Feather Beads, 61i. ;*2 Rugs, 21i. ; 3 blanckets. Hi. ; Curtainea 
& Valens for two beads, 21i. ; one Flock bead & Covering, Hi. lOs. ; 

8 payre of Sheetes, 81i. ; pillibes, 16s. ; Table Lining, 21i. ; Carpets 
& qushens, Hi. lOs. ; His wearing aparell, 51i. ; Trunks & Chests, 
Hi. ; Beadsteads, Hi. ; Chayres & Stooles, 10s. ; Brasse & liren Ves- 
sels, 41i. ; Pewter Vessels, 21i, ; Plate, 51i. ; Books, 21i. ; Tooles 
belonging to his Trade, 21i. ; 2 Tables, 16s. ; Racks & Tongs, 6s. ; 
Maps & Pictures, Hi. ; one Musket & other Armer, 21i. ; one Cart 
& Plow & plowgeere, 21i. ; Axes, wedges & other Tooles, Hi. 10s. ; 
total, 1841i. 16s. Debts & Legasies, 381i. 



William Browne of Gloster, bound over to this court to answer 
complaint made against Gloster for defect in ammunition, fined 
twenty shillings. 

Peter Pitford presented for striking Joseph Rogers several blows 
with his fist. Referred to the Governor. 

Joseph Rogers presented for beating Peter Petford upon the head 
with a stone so that the blood ran about his shoulder. Referred to 
the Governor. 

Thomas Bowin presented for being much in drink. Referred to 
the Governor. 

"Will. Singleton of Wenham presented for profane and wicked 
cursing. Referred to the Governor.* 

Executions to be issued to the marshal for the fines of those 
men who have not gone home to their wives. 

At a meeting of the Magistrates, Jan. 25, 1653. Present : Hond. 
Gov., Mr. Simonds and Capt. Bridges. 

Mr. Edmond Batter, in behalf of creditors, appointed adminis- 
trator of the estate of George Parke, " feared to be miscaried in a 
Late Storme." Signed by Edw. Rawson, secretary. 

•Edward Spauldyngt to send to the grand jury by Richard Gold- 
smith! what he could testify about Will. Singleton's curse, which 
was " ye pox of God" or " the plague of God confound you." 
Signed by Edmund Batterf in the name of the rest of the grand 

Examination of Daniell Gun, taken Dec. 5, 1653 : He was ser- 
vant to John Chater who was weak and lying in bed, and about 
eighteen months since, his dame Alice, the Avife of said Chater, 
came to his bedside and brought his victuals, etc., and said if her 
husband died he should be her husband. He criminally assaulted 
her, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653. 

Alice, the wife of John Chater, was also examined and she con- 
fessed that she said she would marry Gun if her husband should 
die. Sworn in Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653, before Robert Lord, 

William Holdred and his wife Isebell testified that about the last 
of November they were at the house of John Chater of Newbery, 
by the fii-eside with said Chater's wife, she having formerly said 
that she knew something of Daniell Gun. Whereupon the depo- 
nents asked her what it was, as they wished to acquaint her hus- 
band who then lay in the same room sick in bed. Then Alice, 



John Chater's wife, went to her husband and confessed to him in 
an audible voice that when she carried beer or victuals to said 
Gun, who was sick or lame in bed, he assaulted her. Sworn in 
Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653. Copy of Ipswich court records of Feb. 
"9, 1653, attested by Robert Lord,* clerk. 

Georg Croskum testified that about three years ago he fished at 
Munhegen with Mr. Hill, and staid upon the island after John 
Devorix went away ; the latter left upon the island two swine and 
entreated deponent and William Liloby to put them aboard John 
Willkeson's, who promised to bring them into the bay, and so 
Mathue Abdie and William Eavens killed one of them and spent it 
in their voyage. Sworn before Jo. Endecott,* Gov. 

Francis Wainewright* and Nathaniell Piper* certified to Good- 
man Lord that they would satisfy him for Henry Walker's two 
barrels of mackerel. Dated Ipswich, Sept. 27, 1653. 

Theophilus Wilson,* constable, returned grandjurymen in 1652 : 
Goodman Gittens, Mr. John Apleton, Goodman Perkins, sr., 
Goodman Adams, sr., Mr. Tredwell, Goodman Pengre and 
Goodman French [?]. 

E-obbard Robbords deposed that the lot called the six-acre lot by 
Seargeut Fowle's had very good corn on it, he thought about 
eighteen bushels to an acre. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 7 : 1653. 

Edmund Bridges, attorney of John Caldwell, testified that, being 

in Goodman Bridges' shop, Goodman being present, he heard 

him say that a woman and her daughter, gathering berries, saw four 
women, Mrs. Perkins, Goody Evens, Goody Dutch, etc. As they 
approached them, the four women sat upon the ground, but when 
they came near, the women had vanished. He could not say that 
they were witches. 

Writ : Mr. Will. Browne, attorney of Capt. Robert Harding v. 
Richard Margerum, dated 23 : 1 : 16 — , signed by Jonath. Negus,* 
for the court. Served by Ri. Wayte, marshal of Suifolk, by attach- 
ment of defendant's house and land in Boston, 29 : 1 : 1654. 

Clement Colldam of Gloster acknowledged that he had wronged 
Wm. Evans by saying that the latter, also of Gloster, stole boards 
that Colldam had laid at the high water mark at Gloster, and he 
said he was sorry for it. 

Wm. Hathorne* certified that he heard Mr. Wra. Browne say to 
Theops. Salter, at Mr. Geedney's, that he would never meddle more 
in the case between Mary Smith and said Salter, and that he had 
formerly promised Salter the same. Dated, 1:5: 1653. 

Articles of agreement between Samuel Thomsonn, doctor of 
physic of Taunten, County of Somerset, and John Cogswell, jr., of 
Ipswich, in New England, yeoman, about the child, William Thom- 
sonn : " That the sayd John Cogswell for & in consideration of 



Court held at Salem, 6:1: 1653-4. 

Present : Hond. Gov., Worshipful Samuell Simouds and Wor- 
shipful Danll. Deneson, Maj.-Gen. 

Jury of trials: Mr. Tho. Gardner, sr., John Home, Thomas 
Putman, Francis Skerry, Sam. Shattock and Rich. Prince of Salem ; 
Jon. Gillowe, Nathaniell Hanford, Rich. Johnson and Georg Burill 
of Lynn ; Esdras Reade of Wenham ; and James Standish of Man- 

Mr. William Payne v. Edward Gillman. Forfeiture of a bond. 
Verdict for plaintiff.* 

nineteene pounds received of the sayd Samuel Thomsonn is to cary 
over the sayd child William Thomsonn into New England, and 
(wth the clothes he hath already) him to keepe & maintaine in 
dyett & clothes decently till the first of November wch shalbe in 
the yeere one thousand, sixe hundred, fifty & sixe ; & then he is to 
receive twelve pounds more of the sayd Samuel, for the keepinge of 
the child for two yeeres longer, viz* till Alls** 1658, when the child 
wilbe ten yeeres old : And from that time he is to keepe the child 
freely till he bee one & twenty yeeres of age in dyett & clothes ; 
trayninge him up in the feare of God & teachinge him in the art of 
husbandry ; the child to be in all due obedience & subjection to hira 
& he to have the child taught to read & write ; And if the child 
chance to dye before the expiration of the time at All s*« 1658, then 
the sayd John Cogswell or his heyres are to pay backe to Sainuel 
Thomsonn or his heyres, the surplusage of the money, allowiuge 
onely foure pounds per annum for the keepinge of the child while 
he lives : in witnesse whereof, the partyes aboue specifyed haue 
interchangeably put their hands & seales & to the performance hereof, 
doe bind themselves, their heires & executors firmely by these pre- 
sents : Dated Aprill 20*^ 1653. 

Sam : Thomsonnf 
John Coggswell.f" 
♦William Painej of Ipewitch, merchant, and Edward Gillman t 
of Exeter chose Henery Robye of Hampton and William Howard 
of Topsfeild arbitrators between them to settle differences dating be- 
fore 1650. To meet Oct. 24, next, at Mr. Pendleton's house of Puss- 
cataqua. Dated last day of September, 1653. Wit: Robert Payne.t 
On 28 : 8 : 1653, Mr. Samuell Dudley was added as a third man. Wit : 
William HowardJ and Huraphery Willson.J Sam. Dudley,]: Henry 
Robyt and William Howard, t arbitrators, gave in their award on 
Oct. 28, 1653, that Edward Gilman pay to William Payne 2087 

tAutograph and seaL 

1653-4] RECORDS AND FILES 327 

John Bay ley discharged of his presentment about not going to 
his wife. Case continued. 

Will. Browne of Gloster was given liberty to draw strong waters. 

Elizabeth Chin of Marblehead appointed administratrix of the 
estate of her deceased husband, Georg Chin. Inventory, 341i. 43. 
Debts, 331i. 7d. 

John Codner was bound to account for what had been received 
and paid for the use of Jon. Elie, being administrator of his estate. 

Garrard Spencer brought in an inventory of the estate of his 
brother, Michaell Spencer. Amount, 221i. 4s. lOd. Garrard Spen- 
cer and Capt. Willm. Trask of Salem were ordered to dispose of 
the estate for the bringing up of Michael's children. 

pounds sterling. Bond of Edward Gillman* and Henry Roby* to 
Abraham Perkins, marshal, that Gilhnan appear at Salem court and 
answer Mr. William Pane, 6:9: 1653. Sam. Dudley* stated for 
Mr. Gilman's satisfaction that in the award given by Lt. Howard, 
Henry Poby and himself, they all agreed to consider the case again 
if any new evidence was offered. Dated, Nov. 1, 1653. Henry Roby* 
also attested to truth of this statement. He made oath relative to 
the award, before Christopher Hussey* and Jeffry Mingy,* com- 
missioners of Hampton. William Howard also deposed in court 
before Elias Stilemau,* clerk. 

Nathanell Drake* and John Redman* deposed that, being at 
Rowly with Abraham Perkines, they saw said Perkines deliver an 
attachment of Mr. Edward Gillman to Daniell Rofe of Rowley, de- 
siring him to deliver it to Mr. William Payne of Ipswich, etc. He 
left it at Mr. Paine's house. Dated 3:1: 16 — . 

Humphrie Humber* deposed that, being at Rowly, he heard 
Abraham Perkins, marshal of Hampton, ask Daniell Roife if he 
had delivered the attachment concerning Mr. William Paine and 
Edward Gillman. Roffe said "yes," having left it at Mr. Paine's 
house at Ipswich. Dated, Hampton, 1 : 1 mo: 1654. 

List of goods the marshal attached June 14, 1653, of Arthur 
Juell's: A hatt & one great Coate, one payre of breches, one dub- 
let & one wascote, one side coate, 5 shirts, 5 Handkerchers, one 
neckcloth, 3 bands, a silck sash & silck neck cloth and a chist. 
Mr. Paine's bill of costs, 20s. 2d. 

Jeffery Mingay* testified that at the request of Robert Lord, 
marshal, he and Abraham Perkins appraised the meadow and up- 
land taken by execution, 5:8: 1653. 

Daniell Rofe deposed about service of attachment, which was 
left with him and which was lost about two days before Salem 
court. Sworn, Mar. 4, 1653-4, before Daniel Denison.* 



Court held at Ipswich, Mar. 28, 1654. 

Judges : Mr. Brodstreet, Mr. Symonds, aud Major-General Den- 
ison [and Mr. Hubard. — Waste Book,']. 

Jury of trials : Georg Giddings, Thomas Harte, Jo. Layton, 
Tho. Wells, Will. Addams, jr., Jo. Denison, Will. Sticknye, Jo. 
Person, Tho. Abbott, Jo. Poore, Jo. Bayley and Rich. Petengall. 

Isaack Coussens v. Stephen Kent. For not delivering a horse 
colt that came of a gray mare.* 

Isaac Coussen v. Richard Shatswell. For withholding his part 
in a colt.f 

*Writ : Isaack Cosens v. Stephen Kente of Haverhill, dated 
Mar. 20, 1653, signed by John Whipple} for the court. 

John Tilletson} testified that on a lecture day at Newbery about 
the middle of the winter he heard Isack Cossens demand two 
colts of Steeven Kent, who replied that they were in the woods, 
but he would make it his business to find them. Cosens answered, 
" I pray y° doe soe, for it is great damag for mee to leaue worke to 
come hither." He asked Kent to deliver them at Newbery Neck, 
and the latter agreed to do so. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 

Martha Newmarsh deposed that being in the shop of Isaac Cus- 
sens about the middle of last winter, she heard Kent agree to de- 
liver the colt to Cossens. Sworn in Ipswich court, 29 : 1 : 1654. 

Thomas Lelford, deposed that they talked about this colt, and 
an exchange was made, said Kent receiving a pair of steers for the 
colt. Sworn, June 23, 1654, before Robert Clements.} 

Thomas Eyres testified to being in Isacke Cossen's shop more 
than a year before, and heard the bargain about the colts, to deliver 
them, one at Abraham Morall's of Salsbury and the other at Rowly. 
Kent asked Cossens to make him a ploughshare hf the time to 
break up the ground, and he agreed to do so or forfeit a certain 
sum of money, whereupon they shook hands and agreed that it 
was a bargain. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 1654.§ 

fThomas Kimball testified that Richard Shatswell showed Isacke 
Cusens the colt that was between Mrs. Backer and said Richard, 
and Isaace did not give him an answer whether he would have it 
or not. Said Richard desired him to take the colt and he refused. 
Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 1654. 

Edward Clark of Haverhill deposed that being at Ipswich the 

} Autograph. 

§This deposition was written on the back of a manuscript sermon hj 
Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley. 


John Emery, sr., John Emery, jr., Samuell Moore, Frances Plum- 
mer, Jo. Pike, sr., and Tho. Bloomfield, in behalf of some of the 
inhabitants of Newbery v. John Merrill, in the name of the rest 
of the late townsmen. For giving, selling, or exchanging the 
town's lands or commons without order. Withdrawn. 

John Holgrave v. William Sergent. For refusing to carry out a 
bargain of lands bought of plaintiff. Withdrawn.* 

latter part of last December in Isaac Cousens' shop he heard Rich- 
ard Shatswell sell said Cousens one-half of a horse colt, the other 
half being owned by Mrs. Baker, for 31i. in corn and 40s. in tools, 
such as said Shatswell desired and as Cousens could make. These 
were to be of good iron and steel, and he was to put his best art 
and skill into the making of them, and sell them as cheap as they 
could be bought in another place. Cousens was to go as far as the 
common gate to see the colt. Sworn before Robert Clements,t 23 : 
1 : 1654. 

John Tod deposed that Richard Zachell accepted 22s. which was 
due said Tod from him, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 1654. 

George Palmer testified that having an extraordinary occasion to 
have tools made that he could not be without, he saw Goodman 
Zachell in Isaac Cosins' shop, and they spoke about the colt. 
Sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 1654. 

Peter Godfrey testified that Stephen Kent of Haverhill came to 
him with Isaak Cousens the last spring about the colt. Sworn 
23 : 1 : 1653, before John Sanders, one of the commissioners for 

*Robert Tuckert and John (his mark) Harden, commissioners 
of Gloster, testified that William Seargent asked him to plow the 
land in question, 1653-4. 

Moris Somes, aged about fifty years, deposed that about the ninth 
month last he heard Wm. Seargant ask Mr. Holgrave what he 
would do with the land he was to have of Thom. Piney, and fur- 
ther said that he would better settle about it while he was here 
for he would not be troubled about it any more. Mr. Holgrave 
told him not to trouble himself about that, because he had spoken 
to Goodman Piney. Further deponent said that he heard Mr. 
Seargant say that he had bought of Mr. Holgrave the lot that was 
Thom. Kent's. Sworn before the commissioners at Gloster, Robert 
Tucker and Robert (his mark) EUwell, 23: 1: 1653-4. 

Robert Tuckerj testified that Mr. Holgrave came to his house 
about three months ago, and said that he had sold the lot he 
bought of Thom. Keent to Wm. Seargant, and desired him to 
record it in the town book. Dated, Mar. 23, 1653-4. 



Edmond Batter v. John Legg. Debt due from ArLher Batten, 
•which defendant promised to pay to plaintiff.* 

*Writ, dated 27 : 11 : 1653, debt, signed by Francis Johnsonf 
for the court. Served by John BartoU, constable of Marblehead, 
Mar. 7, 1663, by attachment of house and land of defendant. 

Katherine Mowre, servant to John Hathorne, aged seventeen 
years, deposed that this last winter there came a young man to her 
master's house and said that Mr. Batter sent him for a young man 
who had been at her master's house, and whom Mr. Batter had 
sent to prison with others, etc. Sworn before Rob. Bridges, f 25 : 
1: 1663-4. 

Jane, wife of Erasmus James, aged fifty-three years, deposed 
that Arthur Batten, was attached by the marshal of Salem, for 
Edmund Batter. John Legg came to the house of Erasmus James 
and asked him to go to Lin and bring Batten back ; further being 
in the house of Thomas Bowen the same evening, Legg's wife, be- 
ing there, said " wee where to pay Mr. Batter twelve pounds at 
michellmas, 61i. live or dy, 121i. if he lived, betweene William 
Nick and vs ;" and that her husband had made a vow that he 
■would be bound for no man, for William Nick had enough in his 
hand to pay himself. Swoi'n before John Endecott,t Gov. 

Elizabeth Bowen, aged twenty-six years, deposed that Goodwife 
Legg came into her house, where was Goodwife James, who asked 
Mrs. Legg whether Mr. Batter and they were agreed. She replied 
that they were, whether Arthur Batten lived or died, etc. Sworn 
before Jo. Endecott,t Gov. 

Sara Bradstreet, aged sixteen years, testified that about the sev- 
enth of this instant month Mr. Batters came to the mill and the 
miller's wife told him when Cutler came for the horse he said 
that Mr. Batters and others sent to fetch Arthur Batten back when 
he was going to prison, etc. ; that Mr. Batters said that Goody Leg 
desired Samuell Cutler to go and bring Batten back and he would 
not; deponent further said that Mr. Batters said he bade him get 
the horse that brought home the miller's wife and bring him back 
and Goody Leg would pay. Sworn before Jo. Endecott,t Gov. 

Erasmus James, aged forty-nine years, deposed that John Legg 
" desired me to goe on a message fo'' him, I asked him whether, the 
said Legg Replied to fetch back Arther Batten that was gon to 
prison. I asked him what I should say unto him & whether you 
were agreed he answerd me that we shall agre well enough," and 
desired deponent to get him. Further that Tho. Bowen had a five- 
shilling piece that would pay for both their suppers at John Ha- 
thorne's, etc., and " in the morning when Batten Came home he 
bid goodma Legg Goodmorrow & tould him He was Com once 



John Hathorne v. Edward Richards. For not performing an 
award of arbitration according to bond. Withdrawn. [Edmund 
Bridges undertakes for this action. — Waste Book.'\ 

againe, Jo° Legg Replied he might goe againe if he would, Batten 
then saide whie haue you not passed fo"" me, Legg answred & said 
noe not I." Sworn before Jo. Endecott.t Gov. 

William Nicke testified that Mr. Batter, Samuell Cutler and him- 
self, being in the house of John Legg, Mr. Batter desired him to 
go to Linne and fetch Arter Batten, " who goeth noe further to- 
night than John Haythorns. I made Answer I could not for I 
looked for fish to come in, then said M'' Batter pray gitt Henry 
Treuett, but he was one the same imploym*^® & could not goe, then 
said Mr. Batter pray Samuell Cutler goe you I haue giuen them a 
pece of eight to pay for all yo*" supers still he refused then said M' 
Batter pray goe to the mill & gitt the horse that brought home the 
miller's wife he refused againe then M'' Batter sayd prethy goe & 
I will pay yo" twelve shillings for Goody Legg then Samuell Cut- 
ler said if I can gitt the horse I will goe." Sworn before John 
Endecott,t Gov. 

Martha Beale, aged twenty-two years, deposed that Samuell Cutler 
came to the mill and told them that one of their neighbors was 
going to prison, and asked them to lend him a horse to bring him 
back. Further Cuttler said that he would do more for Mr. Batter 
than for any man. Sworn before Jo. Endecott,t Gov. 

Samuell Cutler deposed that he was at the house of Jno. Legge 
of Marblhead for money due to him for work done. Edmund Bat- 
ter being there, Jno. Legg's wife said " wee were come to Compo- 
sition concerning Arthur Batten," and Legg's wife and deponent 
were importuned to go to Lin to get Batten who was there in 
custody of the marshal and on his way to prison. Legg's wife told 
Batter to pay deponent what was due him and also for the journey 
and she would refund the money to hira. Deponent was not certain 
about going and Jno. Legg hired Erasmus James to go, and depo- 
nent and said James met at Line. Sworn before Jo. Endecott,t Gov, 

William Beale, aged twenty-two years, deposed that Samuell 
Cutler came into the mill, requesting the horse that brought home 
his wife from Rowly to bring Arthur Batten back from Lynn, on 
his way to Boston prison at the suit of Edmund Batter. Deponent 
asked Cuttler who sent him and he answered Mr. Batter and others, 
and that said Batter did not know his own mind. Further he 
heard Thomas Boen say that when Cutler came to Lin for Batten, 
he told Cutler that he should have no prisoner there unless he be in 
the hands of the marshal. Cutler answered that before Batten 
should go to prison, he would be bound for him himself. Sworn in 
Ipswich court, Mar. 28, 1654. 



Frances Perry v. Mr. John Beax, Mr. Henry Webb, Mr. Joshua 
Foote & Company and Mr. John Gifford, agent of the company. 
Debt. For work done by him and his team at the Iron works. 
Respitted until the next General Court. [Mr. Ed. Hutcheson un- 
dertakes for this action. — Waste Book.'] 

William Beale v. Samuell Guttler. Slander. Judgment for 
plaintiff, and defendant to make acknowledgment at the next lec- 
ture at Salem, etc. Defendant said that plaintiff stole corn.* 

John Bradstreet, aged twenty-four years, deposed that Mr. Bat- 
ter came to the mill and Martha Beale told him that Samuel Cutler 
came for the horse, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 28: 1: 1654. 

♦Writ, for slander, dated Mar. 20, 1653-4, signed by Francis 
Johnsonf for the court. Served by Jo. Bartoll.f constable of 
Marblehead ; James Smith, bail ; John Broadstret and William 
Bartoll stood ready to depose. 

Moses Maverickef certified, 25 : 1 : 1653-4, that when William 
Beale, miller, ground his corn there three or four years past, he 
found its weight was all right. But hearing complaints made, he 
took more notice of what he sent to the mill, and several times 
weighed the corn before he sent it, unknown to the miller. He 
weighed the meal when it came home and never found any loss 
worth speaking of, perhaps a pound in a bushel. Sworn before 
[Francis ?] Johnson. f 

Sara Bradstreete, aged sixteen years, deposed that Goodman 
Smith of Marblehead and Samuell Cutler came to the mill Lord's 
day night, about "shutting in," being the first day of the month. 
Cuttler served two warrants upon Beale to appear before the 
Governor the next morning. Beale complained, being at work 
when they came in the morning, that it was an unseasonable time. 
" Goodman Smith coming neare to the fire & Leaning uppon his 
staff with much earnestnes shakeing his head & on of his hands at 
Will. Beale saied to him take my word Sam shall follow you in 
this case as close as ever you were followed in your Life I protest 
I kno how to deale with knaues doe not think all are nedPitfords." 
Sworn before Jo. Endecott.t Gov. 

John Stacy, aged sixty years, deposed that being at the house of 
his son, Henry Stacye, as soon as evening meeting was done, 
Samuell Cutler came in and said he was going from Marblehead to 
Castle hill, and every one in the town suffered him to go in peace 
except the miller, who had a warrant against him, but it would be 
better for the miller to take 14li. out of a bushel or half a bushel 
of corn again than to serve that warrant, for he had two warrants 
in his pocket for the miller. Sworn before Jo. Endecott.t Gov. 



John FuUar v. Issack Comings. Trespass. For taking away a 
heifer. Judgment for jilaintiff.* 

John Bradstreet, aged twenty-four years, deposed that he served. 
a warrant upon Samuell Cutler in the behalf of William Beale, 
and repeated a conversation about taking excessive toll, etc. Depo- 
nent further said that coming from William Edmunds with Mary 
Rowland, the latter told deponent that corn she had sent by Samuel 
Cutler and some she had taken herself to mill were short weight 
when returned. Thomas Boeu was a witness to the proceedings in 
the mill. She said that William Beale should be hanged before he 
ground any more meal for her. Sworn at Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 1654. 

Thomas Boen, aged twenty-six years, deposed that, being at 
Marblehead, Mistress Mary Rowland came to grind, and she began 
to chide the miller's wife, and said she did not come there for love 
of them nor any good usage she had received from them but for her 
own need, and said she would not come there again to grind. The 
miller told her she might go where she wished, 'that he would do 
no more grinding for her. She answered that if he would not 
grind it, she would grind it herself. She further told the miller 
that he sold her corn for wheat and it proved to be barley, where- 
upon the miller poured out Mary Rowland's corn into the half 
bushel and bade deponent to take notice of the half bushel, that it 
was sealed and the toll dish was sealed, and also to take notice of 
the toll he took, and the corn was ground out very clean. Sworn 
before Jo. Endecott,t Gov. 

Jone Pittford testified that, being at the mill, there was a lot of 
wet corn belonging to John Legg brought there by some boys. 
The miller put it upon the mill but the stones would not grind it, 
and he was obliged to put some dry corn in to clear the mill. 
While the miller was busy about the mill, the boys put up their 
meal and went away, and the miller said to deponent, after he had 
discovered that they had gone, " Pray tell goody legg that heer is 
some of her meale left behinde," which was about half a peck. 
This deposition was written by Francis Johnson. t Elizabeth 
Leg acknowledged J that Jone Pittford told her about the meal and 
that said William sent the extra meal to her by Dorothy Doliber, 
which was more than she expected. The whole amount ground was 
a half bushel. 

Warrant to Will. Beale of Marblehead, for taking double toll for 
his grist, and for spoiling his grist, dated 4:1: 1653-4, aud signed 
by Elias Stilemant for the court. 

*Job Bishop testified that John Fuller, having brought four 
young cattle, three bulls and a brown heifer to Goodman Jacobs 


4:Written on the reverse of this paper. 


Richard Kent v, William Moody. For detaining ten acres of 
land. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Payne v. Robert Nash, Lt. Willm. Hudson and 

one morning, and deponent being there also, he asked one of Good- 
man Jacobs' household whose cattle they were and learned that 
they were Goodman Fuller's. Late in the year he saw the same 
cattle with " our" oxen in Goodman Jacobs' pasture and took notice 
of the reddish brown hair on their backs and their brown ears. 

John Lee testified that he recognized the heifer by the color, 
and by her off ear, which had been frost-bitten, whereby a scale was 
on that ear, making it shorter than the other. There was a dent 
in the ear when the scale came off. This heifer had been daily in 
his sight. 

John Sheepard testified that this was the same heifer that John 
Fuller brought to his master Jacobs, also that Goodman Cummins 
went to " our house" one morning and asked if they had seen a 
stray heifer. Cummins looked at this heifer and said it was not 
his, and he was afraid the wolves had got his heifer. 

John Avery testified that he, dwelling with Goodman Cumins 
the last year, knew a brown yearling heifer which Isaac Cumins 
said he bought of Mr. Simond's son. It was a dark brown heifer 
with horns growing forward and the points of the horns turning 
inward. It was marked on the under side of the off ear by a piece 
cut out about two inches deep. 

Matthew Whepple testified that he saw Goodman Cumins and 
Goodman Starkwether and his man drive away the heifer from in 
front of Goodman Fuller's barn, and the latter asked deponent to 
bear witness to the same. 

William Clarke testified that, living in John Fuller's house, the 
latter had a brown heifer which he thought had been hurt and he 
asked deponent to catch her that he might look at her. They found 
a great scab on her off ear, and deponent asked what was the matter 
with her, and Fuller replied that she was frost bitten. He further 
testified that coming to the mill this winter, he met said Fuller and 
the constable going to replevin this heifer and later in the day, on 
his way home, saw them again with the heifer before them. She 
knew the way home well enough because she kept a pace before 
them, and the heifer that said deponent saw was the same heifer 
that he helped John Fuller catch the winter before. 

John Vargison deposed that this brown heifer was the heifer 
that John Fuller brought to his master Jacobs, etc. 

Umphrey Griff en testified as to the marks on the heifer. 

All the foregoing testimony was sworn in Ipswich court, 28 : 1 : 
1654, Robert Lord,* clerk. 



and Serg. George Halsall. Debt. Forfeitiu-e of a bond. [Non- 
suited. — Waste Book.'\ 

Joseph Jewett v. Mathew Bridges. For a mare not proving to 
be with foal.* 

Joseph Armitage v. Mr. John Beax, Mr. Henry Webb, Mr. 
Joshua Foote & Company and Mr. John Gifford, agent of the com- 
pany. ])ebt. For work done by him and his team. Respitted until 
next session of the General Court. 

*Ens. John Carter of Wobourne and Joseph Lampson of Cam- 
bridge deposed that the dark gray mare which Mathew Bridge of 
Cambridge sold to Joseph Juite of Rowley was very fairly covered 
by a stone horse in or about May, 1652. Sworn, Mar. 16, 1653-4, 
before Daniel Gookin.t 

Richard Ecles, aged forty years, testified that he was present 
when the agreement was made about the mare which Joseph Jewite 
(also Jewitt) bought of Mathew Bridge in the 10 mo : 1652. He 
went to Cambridge with said Jewett when he demanded satisfac- 
tion of said Bridges. Sworn at Cambridge, 24 : 1 : 1653-4, before 
Daniel Gookin.f 

Ens. Edward Winship and Tho. Danforth of Cambridge deposed 
concerning the mare and colt. Sworn, 25 : 1 : 1654, before Daniell 

Dea. John Bridge of Cambridge deposed that he had had experi- 
ence with horses for more than thirty years, and that he heard 
Joseph Jewite blame his son Mathew, saying that the latter had 
deceived him in telling him that the mare was with foal. He 
thought the mare had been hurt in transportation. Sworn, 25 : 1 : 
1654, before Daniell Gookin.f 

David Fiske of Cambridge, aged about thirty years, testified that 
the mare belonged to him two years before Mathew Bridge had her, 
and the latter had owned her four years, etc. Sworn, 25 : 1 : 1654, 
before Daniell Gookin.f 

Richard Eccles of Cambridge, aged about forty years, deposed, 
15 : 12 : 1653, that the price agreed on between Bridge and Jewitt 
for this mare was 301i., and if she should prove not to be with foal, 
the amount that a colt was adjudged to be worth should be deduct- 
ed. Sworn, 25 : 1 : 1653, before Daniell Gookin.f 

Answer of Mathew Bridge* to Joseph Jewitt at the Ipswich 
court. Jno. Carter and Joseph Lampson deposed. David Stone 
testified that the mare was delivered to the plaintiff at Charles 
Towne, remained there several days and afterwards was "boated" 
over the ferry to Winnisimit in the depth of winter. 



Joseph Armitage, attorney for John Chakesfield v. Mr. Jo. 
Becks, Mr. Henry Webb, Mr. Joshua Foote & Company and Mr. 
Jo. Gifford, agent to the said company. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Mr. John Gifford, agent for the company of undertakers of the 
Iron works in New England v. Joseph Armitage. Damage to an 
anchor and taking away a boat, etc. Withdrawn. 

Mr. John Gifford, agent for the company of undertakers of the 
Iron works in Lynn and Brantry v. . Debt. Withdrawn. 

Jer. Belcher v. Ned Acockett [Edward Cocket.— Waste Book.^ , 
an Indian. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Made free : Thomas Burnam, Will. Fellowes, Aron Pengry 
John Ayres and John West of Ipswich ; and Nath. Weare, sr., Rich. 
Dole, John Emery, jr., Rich. Bartlett, Will. Cottell, Tho. Bloom- 
field, Tho. Seers, Will. Chandlour [Steph, Greenliefe. — Waste 
Book.'] and John Davis of Newbery. 

Georg Palmer took the oath of fidelity. 

John Knight, jr., sworn constable of Newbery. 

Capt. Gerish, Nicolas Noice and John Pike sworn commission- 
ers to end small causes for Newbery. 

Wills of John Knowlton and Margery Knowlton proved and 
inventory filed. 

Will and inventory of Jane Kening proved. 

Will and inventory of Marke Quilter proved. 

There was a verdict at the last court against estate of Robert 
Beacham in favor of Jeremiah Belcher, but judgment was not 
given on account of the defendant being out of this jurisdiction. 
Judgment now granted. Jeremiah Belcher bound over his house 
and orchard wherein he then dwelt that Robert Beacham reverse 
the judgment. 

Geog Smith and George Ingersall acknowledged judgment to Mr. 
Robert Payne. 

Mr. Webb, Mr. Foote and Mr. John Gifford, summoned by Ed- 
ward Richards, and action not entered, were allowed costs. 

Mr. John Gifford was summoned by John Ramsdell. Action 
not entered. 

Mr. John Gifford was summoned by Joseph Armentage. Action 
not entered. 

John Leigh, being about seventy years of age, discharged from 
ordinary training. 


[Capt. Paul White was licensed to draw wine and strong water 
at Newbury. 

George Ingersall acknowledged judgment to IMr. Robert Payne. 
— Waste Book-I 

Robert Day released from ordinary training, paying 6s. a year 
to the company. 

William Moore relieved from ordinary training, paying 5s. a 
year to the use of the company. 

Mr. Reyner presented Nehemiah Abbott and Thomas Abbott, 
jr., who acknowledged that they had received satisfaction from 
Mr. Humphry Reyner and Thomas Mighill, guardians to the children 
of Georg Abbott, for their portions. Thomas Abbott, sr., and Ne- 
hemiah Abbott testified that their brother, George Abbott, had sat- 
isfaction also. The guardians were discharged. 

Duncan Stewartt* [Stuart. — Waste Book.'] and An Winchest* to 
be whipped for fornication, the man that afternoon and the woman 
when she should be called out by the magistrates, after she was de- 
livered. Together they were to bring up the child and pay charges. 

Jafery Skenelling bound to answer about committing fornication 
with Mary Dane. 

Mary Danet ordered to be whipped for fornication, after she was 
delivered, when the magistrates [of Ipswich. — Waste Book.'] called 
her, and to be at all charges for the bringing up of the child. 

Andrew Creeke and Mary Indian to be whipped. J 

•Servant to George Hadley. 

fShe was a servant of John Perkins, jr. 

^Andrew Creek and Mary, an Indian, servants of Mr. William 
Payne, presented for fornication. 

List of presentments, March, 1654, signed by Will. Paine,§ in 
the name of the rest : 

Daniell Rolfe, for not returning an attachment to Salem court. 
Wit : Abraham Perkins and John Redman of Hampton, Mr. Wil- 
liam Payne and William Bartholmew. 

Town of Newbery, for defects in a country highway near Good- 
man Adams' farm. Wit : Captain Gearish and Goodman Thurwell. 

Mr. Henry Sewell, for pushing Mr. Juett in a very offensive 
manner in the public assembly on the Lord's day. Wit : John 
Spafford and John Palmer. 

Wife of Will. Houldreg of Newbery for unseemly carriage with 
John C hater. 

§ Autograph. 


Will and inventory of Thomas Scott proved. 

Will and inventory of Mr. Samuell Symonds, jr., proved. 

Administration on the estate of Richard Holingworth, deceased, 
granted to the widow Holingworth, Capt. William Hathorne, Mr. 
Henry Bartholmew and Thomas Wilks, all of Salem. 

Alexander Knight fined 20s. for carelessness in not preventing 
fire after warning. 

Administration on the estate of William Varney, who died in- 
testate, was granted to his widow, Bridgett Varney. He left three 
sons and one daughter. Ordered that the eldest son have 81i. 
within three months, and the other children 41i. each at the age of 
twenty- one.* 

Administration on the estate of John Cooley, who died intestate, 
was granted to the widow, Elizabeth Cooley. Amount of inven- 
tory, 661i. 14s. 8d. The children were three daughters, who were 
to receive 61i. 13s. 4d. each within three months after demand. f 

♦Inventory of the estate of William Varney of Ipswich, de- 
ceased, taken 1:1: 1653, by George Gidding and John Cogswell : 
2 flock beds and flock boulster and 2 pillows, 21i. 10s. ; 2 blankets, 
one sheet & other beding. Hi. 12s. ; his weareing aparell, 31i. ; 
bushells of wheat, 15s. ; 2 bushells 1-2 of Indian corne, 8s. ; in lum- 
borments, 5s. ; in axes and tooles, 15s. ; a brase pot & frieing pan, 
lis.; houses & land, 251i. ; in cattell, 221i. ; in bookes, 6s. 8d. ; to- 
tal, 571i. 2s. 8d. Debts owing from the estate, 61i. 

flnventory of the estate of John Coolye of Ipswich, deceased, 
taken Mar. 14, 1653, by Edward Browne | and Robert Lord: J 
House & ground about it, lOli. ; 6 acres of planting land, 81i. ; 2 
cowes, 2 heifers, 1 too year ould & one yeare ould, 211i. ; 2 shotes. 
Hi. ; one Fetherbed & boulster & floke boulster, 31i. ; 2 pillows & 
one ould flock pillow, 10s. ; pr. of ould blanketts & ould rugg & 
one better Rugg, Hi. 10s. ; 1 paire of ould curtayne & valiants, 
16s. ; one ould bedsted & straw bed, 4s. ; a trundle bed, 5s. ; 2 pr. 
of ould sheets, 15s.; pillow beeres, 12s.; 1 table cloth, 4 napkiuB 
& a towell, 10s. ; 2 ya : hempen cloth, 3s. ; all his weareing apar- 
rell, 81i. ; 2 ould chests, 6s. ; in pewter. Hi. ; 2 settells, 2 Skilletts, 
1 morter& pestle, 1 brase chafen dish & skimer. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; a 
warmeing pan, 6s. 8d. ; one Iron pole & frying pan,' dripen pan & 
a pr. of pot hookes & a tramell, a greediron & spitt, 1 li. ; a mus- 
ket, sword & other things belonging to the armes, Hi. 2s. ; 5 bush- 
ells of corne, 15s. ; beetles & wedges, 2 axes, 2 howes, 13s. 4d. ; 1 
matock spad & shovell & other small toolles, 12s. ; a lenen wheele 


Henry Bachelour discharged, and his wife to be admonished. 
John Smith discharged of his presentment. 

Court held at Salisbury, 11 : 2 : 1654. 

Grand jury : Mr. Sam. Hall, Willi. Estow, Isack Pirkins, Henry 
Dowe, Willi. Moulton, Willi. Fuller, Edward French, Isack Bus well, 
Eich. Goodale, Tho. Barnett, Sam. Greile, James Fiske and Jno. 

Jury of trials : Tho. Macy, foreman, Eobert Tuck, Thomas 
Warde, Willi. Swaine, Christopher Palmer, Phillip Challis, John 
Clough, Jno. Ilsley, Willi. Buswell, Job Clement, Eob. Swan, Jno. 
. Robison and Jno. Gillman ; in the appeal, Mr. Tristra. Coffyn, Steven 
Kent, Orlando Bagley, Josiah Cobham, Jno. Dickison, sworn, and 
Tho. Pettitt. 

Hugh Sharratt v. Henry Hiskeas. For complaining to Mr. 
Bradstreet that plaintiff used him ill, unreasonably beat him and 
threatened to beat out his brains. Verdict for defendant. 

Robert Swan v. Jno. Williams, jr. For detaining a heifer of his 
which would be three years old the^^March following.* 

& 2 pr. of cards, 6s. ; a pondering tubb, keelor, 2 chaires and other 
lumbar, 18s. ; hempen yarne & hemp & tow, 12s. : one bible & other 
bookes, 15s. ; a payre of bellears, 2s.; 3 skins, 2 bushells of mault,, 
16s. ; total, 661i. 14s. 8d. 

*Writ : Robert Swan V. Abraham Whittaker, defamation, for 
reporting that said Robert encouraged Robert Swan to witness for 
him and used arguments to provoke him, also for saying that when 
Frances Swan came to write her testimony concerning the heifer in 
controversy between said Swan and John Williams, jr., she spoke 
doubtfully at first, but before she had been half an hour in the 
house, having talked with Robert Swan, she said that the heifer 
was his ; dated May 24, 1654. Signed by Richard Lifttlehale]! for 
the court, and served by Daniell Henricks,t constable of Haver- 

John Ayrs, jr., deposed that the beast that John Williams, jj., 
had of the latter's father was the same which was in controversy 
between Robertt Swann and John AVilliams, jr. Sworn, Sept. 30, 
1654, before Robert Clements, j 

John Hasletine and Joane, his wife, deposed that, after the last 
Salisbury court, they heard Abraham Whittacre say, if he were 
called again to testify, he could tell more about the case. Sworn, 
Oct. 2, 1654, before Robert Clements.f 



Christian Davis deposed that Abraham Whittaker went into her 
husband's yard when the heifer was there, in the winter before the 
last Salisbury court, and she heard said Whittaker say that the 
heifer was Robert Swan's ; also she heard Whittaker say that when 
Robert Ames was at said Swan's house to have his deposition writ- 
ten concerning the heifer, he was sleeping, and they would speak 
now and then to him ; and that said Whittaker had said since the 
court that the heifer was Swan's, and that he had probably incurred 
the displeasure of some on account of his testimony, but was not 
troubled about it. Sworn, Oct. 2, 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Roberd Clemand deposed that he took the mark of the heifer for 
that of John Williames, jr., and that it was a slit in the right ear, 
etc. Sworn, Oct. 2, 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Tho. Davis deposed that after last Salisbury court, having heard 
a rumor that Abraham Whitacre was slandering Robert Swan, said 
Whitacre went into his house and deponent warned him against 
speaking such scandalous words. Whitacre replied that he was 
troubled in his mind about the depositions of Robt. Ames and 
Frances Swan, " askeing of him why, he answered y*' that the boye 
was sleepeing w° the deposition was written but I am more trobled 
about Frances Swan because she seemed to be uncertayne at her 
first comeing yet after speech with hir brother swore positiue. 
further this deponent presing upon him to take heed how he did 
charge such things ags' Goodm Swan he replyed I know y' Swan 
doe goe ag^^ his conscience to w°h I replyed take heed how canst 
thou tell y* did he euer tell the soe but he continued to speak such 
like words defameing him as I ap^'hended further sayeing to him I 
heare y*' thou fiudest fait with thy owne oath he answered that w*h 
he had sworne was true but he was at one thing because I did not 
put in to my best knowledge but positively." 

Richard Swan deposed that, living close by, he looked after Rob- 
ert Swan's cattle, the latter being for the most part from home; 
that he had known this heifer ever since she was a fortnight old, 
and Robert Swan's wife and Francis Swan tended them formerly; 
that Robert Swan gave it when a calf the same ear mark as depo- 
nent's, and the latter looked after the cattle as carefully as if they 
were his own ; that when the heifer was a year old and Robert went 
to live at the river side, this little beast and another steer were not 
fit to drive, so said Robert left them with deponent until the latter 
end of May, and then they were driven up to the pasture ; that they 
remained there about a quarter of a year, and upon coming back 
to the town they stayed with deponent nearly until " Krisenmis," 
after which Robert took them home again to his house at the river 
side ; that about the latter end of February, having had a beast 
torn by the wolves, said Robert brought this heifer with others to 



deponent, who kept themun til the latter end of April. Sworn 
before Eic. Dumer.* 

Writ : Robert Swan v. Henry Palmer, defamation, for saying 
that plaintiff had gone very sinfully to work in getting the heifer 
in controversy between John Williams, jr., and Robert Swan the 
same day that the court broke up at Salisbury last spring ; also for 
saying that he would not have done so for all the cattle in Haver- 
hill, Hampton, Salisbury and Rowly, and that said Swan should 
have considered that his deponent, Robert Ames, had a soul to save ; 
also for going to said Swan's witness and influencing him so far as 
to bring him to Mr. Clement to have him sworn, Swan urging and 
provoking him to swear falsely concerning the heifer ; also for de- 
faming him before twenty men at one time by saying that Swan 
sinned, and upon being asked if he had dealt with Swan in a church 
way, he answered that he did not need to, for it was a public of- 
fence in the court ; dated Sept. 26, 1654. Signed by Richard Lit- 
tlehale,* for the court. 

Thomas Air deposed that he heard Robart Ames had been at Mr. 
Clements to take oath, but he ran away and did not do it. Depo- 
nent being at the house of William Willes afterward, he asked 
Robert Ames if the heifer was Swan's and he answered that it was 
not, but that the latter had a little heifer when he drove a plow for 
him at Rowly which was very similar ; he thought this was John 
Williams'. Ames further said that Swan said he must swear for 
him, but that his master and dame would not let him. Sworn, Oct. 
2, 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Richard Ormsbee deposed that after the trial, John Williams, sr., 
came to him and asked him to go and see whether the heifer in 
controversy was the one he had kept in the dry herd for John 
Williams ; that deponent went accordingly betime the next morn- 
ing before people were stirring, so that no one should show the 
beast to him, but to pick it out himself, and succeeded in finding 
the right one ; that said Williams told deponent that he had 
marked the right ear with a slit and a crop. 

Robert Clements, jr., deposed that he heard James Pecker ask 
Abraham Whittaker if he could swear that the heifer was Robert 
Swan's, and he answered that he could not, and if any one so 
declared, he lied. Also being with said Whittaker, after he had 
taken his oath, the latter said he was troubled about what he had 
done, and that he was influenced by Swan, as also were Robert 
Ames and Francis Swan. Deponent told him to be silent and 
keep it to himself as he had no desire to hear it. Joseph Davis 
deposed the same, and was sworn, 21 : 12 : 1654, before Robert 

Mary Pesle (also Peasely) deposed that John Williams inquired 



of her about a heifer which he had lost and which had a white 
spot on her flank; also that she asked Abraham Whittacre why he 
took such an oath and he told her he had sworn to the truth ; that 

she heard Goodwife say that the heifer in controversy was 

old James Davis'. Sworn, Sept. 30, 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

John Williams, sr., deposed in regard to the earmark of the 
heifer of his son, John Williams, etc. Sworn, 20 : 12 : 1G54, be- 
fore Robert Clements.* 

James Fiske deposed that coming from Salisbury court with 
Goodman Palmer and Robert Swan, Palmer said that he would not 
have done what Swan did for all the cattle in Haverell and Salis- 
bery, etc. Sworn, Feb. 23, 1654, before Daniel Denison.* 

Neheraiah Abbott deposed that, being at John Haselltin's, he 
heard Robert Swan ask Robert Ames if he did not know his heifer 
which he had among his cows when he lived on that side the water ; 
Ames answered that he did, and that she was kept at Goodman 
Williams' yard on the other side of the water; also the same night 
deponent was in Haverill with said Swan and Ames, and the latter 
agreed, without any urging, to swear that the heifer was Swan's. 
Dated the beginning of winter, 1653. 

George Corley deposed that, being at George Browne's house the 
last spring, the latter said that if he were John Williams, he would 
have the case tried again ; also that Goodman Palmer said he told 
Swan it should be tried again if he had to pay half the cost of it 
himself. Sworn, 21 : 12 : 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Richard Littlehale deposed that Abraham Whittaker deposed be- 
fore him that he bought the heifer of Robert Swan when he lived 
at Rowly, and sold it to him again. Sworn, Oct. 2, 1654, before 
Robert Clements.* 

The following are some of the defamatory speeches which were 
spoken by Abraham Whittaker against Robert Swan : That Rob- 
ert Swan enticed Robert Ames to swear, notwithstanding his un- 
willingness, saying, " Robin thou knowest this heifer to be mine 
when shee was att Rowly," to which Ames replied that he thought 
it was. Swan answered that thoughts would do no good, that he 
must swear absolutely. Also that Whittaker said that Robert 
Ames being asleep, Swan jogged him and said "thou must sweare 
punctually or else all this will doe me no good, & then I will goe 
w*** thee tomorrow, & M' Clements & I will gett thee of from thy 
master, for he hath broken covenant w**^ thee, & I will sweare itt 
att y® generall Court, wither thou wilt wittnesse for me or nott." 
That Whittaker further said that Ames continued asleep and Swan 
indicted his deposition, which he said Whittaker wrote, and that 
when Swan further provoked Ames to swear, the latter cried ex- 
ceedingly, saying that he dare not, for his master would almost 



kill him. That the next morning after Swan had gained liis ends, 
he neglected to go with Ames, and inveigled said Whittaker into 
swearing falsely, etc. Copy of a writing which Robert Swan prof- 
fered to Abraham Whittaker, attested by Richard Littlehale.* 

Robert Hasselltyne deposed that he heard Henry Palmer of 
Haverill say, etc. ; also that Palmer said that Swan would have 
been convicted if deponent had not spoken in his behalf ; and that 
Palmer further said, " he y*' iustifies the wicked & condemues the 
iust both are abomination to the Lord," to which this deponent re- 
plied " doe not acount a man wicked till you Pve him soe." Sworn, 
23 : 12 : 1654, before Maj. Daniell Denison.* 

Jane Willyams deposed that this heifer was the same that her 
son, John Williams, marked, and that she came home constantly in 
the summer time with the other cattle and lay in the yard and 
about their door ; also that this heifer never went with the cow 
that Robert Swann sold to Robert Clemans. Sworn, Oct. 1, 1654, 
before Robert Clements.* 

The following names were subscribed to a paper objecting to the 
testimony given by Robert Swan's witnesses, complaining that 
" the boy robert ames home robert Swan cald Servant to a man in 
rowly : this boy we think could not : nor was fit to be a witnes :" 
James Davis, sr.,* John Ayre, sr.,* Theo. Shatswell,* Richard Lit- 
tlehale,* Roberd Clements,* Joseph (his mark) Daves, Stephen 
Kent,* George Browne.* 

Thomas Eaton deposed that he heard Frances Swane say con- 
cerning " the largenes of the oth " she had taken, that she was 
unwilling to take it " so large," but her brother told her she could 
safely do it. Sworn, Sept. 29, 1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Joseph Daves deposed that he knew the heifer that John Wil- 
liams, jr., lost in 1652, etc. Sworn, Oct. 2, 1654, before Robert 

Robert Ames' confession : That the first knowledge he had of 
the heifer was the beginning of winter, when Robert Swann brought 
him this heifer to keep, and she had very short horns for her age, 
which was about a year ; that Swan went to him many times and 
asked him to testify for him that the heifer John Willyams laid 
claim to was Swan's first, when he was keeping swine ; that he 
urged this once on a Sabbath day at meeting time, once at town 
meeting at Haverill, and again when he had been at Goodman 
Palmer's to borrow a wheel, but he put him off, and told him that 
he thought the heifer was John Williams', because it was similar to 
Williams' cow ; that he asked Swan why he followed him up and 
why he did not go to his master or to his cousin Hayesultins, as 
they knew the heifer as well as he ; that Swan further told him that 
his father Swann, his father Asy and his brother Asy would wit- 

• Autograph. 


ness for him and asked why he would not ; that at another time 
Swan told him that if he would testify, that said Swan would 
swear that his master had broken his covenant, for the latter had 
neither taught him his trade, nor to read and write, and that he had 
not proper diet, clothing nor lodging, and if he complained to the 
General Court, Swan would testify for him and the court would 
free him from his master ; that afterwards his master chided 
him and the persuasion of Swan's moved him to complain 
of his master to Mr. Clemens, and, as he was going there, he met 
Abram Whitaker, who urged him to go to Swan's that night, which 
he did, and swore to what Whiteker wrote. Sworn before Robt. 

Frances Swan deposed that she could tell by the marks that the 
heifer was Robert Swan's. Sworn, 10 : 2 : 1654, before Robert 
Clements. Copy, attested by Tho. Bradbury,* recorder. 

Robert Clements deposed that he was called as a witness for 
John Williams, and testified as to the marks, etc. Sworn at Salis- 
bury court. Copy, attested by Tho. Bradbury,* recorder. 

John Ayer, jr., deposed that he was desired to inquire at Rowley 
for this heifer and found that there was one there like the one John 
Williams wanted. Sworn, 10 : 2 : 1654, before Robert Clements. 
Copy, attested by Tho. Bradbury,* recorder. 

Goodwife Williams deposed that her son, John Williams, took 
up a heifer last Michaelmas, which she believed was the same that 
he lost in 1652, etc. Sworn, 2 : 10 : 1654, before Robert Clements. 
Copy, attested by Tho. Bradbury,* recorder. 

Henry Salter deposed as to the marks on the heifer in contro- 
versy between Robert Swan and Jno. Williams, both of Haverhill, 
etc. Sworn before Robert Clements. Copy, attested by Tho. Brad- 
bury,* recorder. 

Robert Ames, servant to Willi. W^illes of Rowly, deposed. Mar. 
6, 1653, that he knew this heifer when she came up with his cattle, 
when he came to live at the farm that he bought of Willi. Willis ; 
and that she was brought up from Rowley by Nehemiah Abbott of 
Rowly to Robert Swan's after she had been at Rowly, etc. Sworn, 
Jan. 6, 1654, before Robert Clements. Copy, attested by Tho. Brad- 
bury,* recorder. 

Nehemiah Abbott deposed that he had known the heifer " ever 
since June was a tweluemonth," and she came home with Robert 
Swan's cows until the end of September ; that with a steer belong- 
ing to deponent, she strayed toward Rowly, where deponent saw her 
and drove her and the steer into the common field toward Nubery ; 
that about six weeks afterward, said Swan hired deponent to bring 
the heifer to his house at Merimack, which he did, and there she 
was wintered ; that about August twelfth month Jno. Williams and 



Theophilus Satchwell v. Tristra. Coffyn. For not insuring him 
of three acres of accommodation according to promise. Verdict 
for defendant. 

Theophilus Setchwell v. Kichard Littleale. For laying claim to 
four acres of planting land which Littlehale had sold to him. 
Verdict for plaintiff. 

Robert Page v. James Wall. Trespass. For taking part of Page's 
land and appropriating it to his own use by mowing it and feeding 
it. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Mr. Saml. Dudley v. Humfrey Wilson. For not performing 
agreement in behalf of Edward Colcord in case of non-payment of 
rent due for part of a saw mill hired by him. 

Henry Dowe v. Christopher Palmer. Appeal from the commis- 

his father and the herdsman of Haverhill side inquired of the de- 
ponent for a heifer with certain marks, and the latter told them 
that there was a stray heifer amongst his herd, etc. Sworn in 
court, Nov. 28, 1653, before Daniell Denison. Copy, attested by 
Tho. Bradbury,* recorder. 

Andrew Hiden testified that Robert Swann said to him in the 
year 1653 that unless Nehemyah Abbot brought out his heifer 
which was lost he would accuse him of being negligent in his call- 
ing and that he would speak more of it to the town than Robart 
Hassultine had done ; and that it was an ordinary thing for the 
cattle to go to and fro over the river between Rowly and Haverill, 
and that many Haverill cattle came over in 1652. Sworn before 
Simon Bradstreet.* 

Frances Swan deposed that her brother, Robert Swan, inveigled 
her into swearing that the heifer was his, and that Abraham Whit- 
taker told her that Swan inveigled him also, before said Abraham 
was attached by Swan in an action of defamation. Sworn, 18 : 4 : 
1654, before Robert Clements.* 

Witnesses in Jno. Willm's case : Neh. Abott, Rich. Swan, 
Frances Swan, Jo. Remengton of Andover, Tho. Davis, James 
Fiske, Jo. Plat, Jo. Haseltine and wife and Mary Peasly. Bill of 
costs, 21i. 3s. 2d. 

Witnesses in Abraham Whitaker's case : Tho. Davis, Christian 

Davis, Fran. Swan, Robt. Clement, Joseph Davis and Pecker. 

Bill of costs. Hi. 13s. 5d. 

Witnesses in Henry Palmer's case : Mr. Clements, Robt. Has- 
eltine, Neh. Abott, Tho. Davis, James Fiske, Steph. Kent, Will. 
Asye, Georg Corly and Rich. Swan. Bill of costs, 21i. 7s. 8d. 



sionei'S of Hampton for pulling down his rails and destroying his 
grass by cattle. Verdict for defendant. 

Tho. Moulton v. Willi. Estow. Trespass. For running a ditch 
through a considerable part of four acres of meadow which was 
granted plaintiff by the town of Hampton and appropriating the 
greater part to his own use. Verdict for plaintiff. Appealed. 

Town of Hampton v. Willi. Estow. For not making good to the 
town, in behalf of his son-in-law, Moses Hobbs, an agreement to 
be satisfied with the judgment of nine men concerning an old grant 
of land which said Hobbs claimed by virtue of defendant's right. 
Verdict for plaintiff. Appealed. 

Mrs. Elner Hooke, admx. of Mr. Willi. Hooke's estate v. Robert 
Collins. Debt. For an amount wherein said Collins stood bound 
jointly with Samson Anger, Edward Start and Walter Joy. Ver- 
dict for plaintiff. 

Humphrey Wilson v, Edward Colcord. For not giving security 
according to covenant in which plaintiff stands bound with him 
for yearly rent to Mr. Dudley for part of a saw mill. Verdict for 

Ordered that 10s. be returned to Job Clement, which sum he 
had paid for entering an action at last Hampton court, the court 
not trying the case. 

Jno. Severans v. Henry Green. For not making a mill to grind 
malt according to promise. 

Willi. Estow v. Willi. Fifeild. For defaming him in saying that 
plaintiff pulled up a bound stake belonging to Tho. Moulton and 
took part of plaintiff's fence. Verdict for defendant. Appealed. 
Mr. Clements dissented from the judgment. 

Humphrey Wilson v. Edward Colcord. For detaining a heifer 
from plaintiff. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Humfrey Wilson v. Edward Colcord. For 21i., which he was 
forced to pay Mr. Dudly for said Colcord. Defaulted. 

Mr. Hunt, Mr. Rowley and the rest of the Shrewsbury merchants 
V. Edward Colcord. Review of verdict of Salisbury court, 2:2: 
1650. Nonsuited. 

Henry Roby, attorney to Edward Gillman, jr., of Exiter, ac- 
knowledged judgments to Edward Gillman, sr., and Jno. Gillman, 
both of Exiter. 

Henry Roby ordered to be paid witness fees in Goody Cole's and 
old Shaw's presentments. 


Mr. Stanian ordered to be paid witness fees iu a presentment in 
behalf of the country. 

James Georg fined for lying, and bound to good behavior for 
wanton dalliance and lascivious carriage with a young wench. 

Jno. Ash to be whipped ten stripes and bound to good behavior 
for filthy, lascivious carriages divers times with a wench. Willi. 
Osgood bound for said Ash's appearance at next Hampton court. 

Elisabeth Osgood to be severely whipped thirty stripes for for- 
nication. Her father, William Osgood, bound for her appearance. 

Barnabas Lamson bound to support the child of Elizabeth Os- 
good, if no other father appeared, and offered his estate as security. 
Also to be whipped twenty-five stripes for fornication. Jno. Sev- 
erans bound for his appearance at next Hampton court. 

Willi. Estow of Hampton freed from training. 

Willi. Osgood gave the six pounds of James George, which was 
in his hands and due for wages, as security for the latter's appear- 
ance at next Hampton court. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 4 : 1654. 

Present: Right Worpl. Jon. Endecott, Dep.-Gov. ; Mr. Sarall. 
Simonds, Capt. Robt. Bridges, Maj. Dan. Deueson and Worpl. 
Simon Brodstreete. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Edraond Batter, George Gardner, Joseph 
Pope, Richard Leach, John Ruck, Samll. Corning and John Neale 
of Salem ; George Keyser, Tho. Farrer, Rich. Blood and Willm. 
Mirriam of Lynn ; and Thomas Fiske of Glocester, 

Grand jury : Mr. Willm. Browne, Mr. John Thorndike, John 
Raman, Rich. Bushup, John Kitchin and Nathll. Putnam of Salem ; 
Edward Burcham, Francis Ingalls, Robt. Mansfield and Nicholas 
Potter of Lynn ; Mr. Moses Maverick of Marblehead ; John Sibley 
of Manchester ; and Robert Gowin of Wenham. 

Tiraothie Allen v. Francis Simson. About the losing of a cow. 

Richd. Rouland v. William Beale. For diet, etc. Two cases. 

James Smith v. Willm. Beale. Debt. 

Capt. Kempo Seibado v. Christopher Almey. For detaining his 
barque ten or eleven months. Verdict for plaintiff. 

Capt. Robt. Keyne and Mr. Josias Winslow, attorneys to Mr. John 
Becx & Company, undertakers of the iron works at Lynn and 


Braintre v. Mr. Jon. Giflord. Review of a verdict against the 
undertakers of l,3661i. 12s. at Ipswich court. 

Christopr. Collins v. Enoch Couldum. Defamation. For being 
the occasion of Jane Collins lying ten weeks and upwards in prison 
and calling her witch and arraigning her at the bar. Withdrawn. 

Joseph Jencks, jr. v. John Gillo. Review of case tried in 1651. 

Georg Harding acknowledged judgment due to Mr. Edmond Bat- 
ter before the Dept. Governor, the Worpl. Capt, Bridges and the 

William Beale v. James Smith and Rich. Rowland in behalf of 
his wife for taking away his kettle and boat. Withdrawn and re- 
ferred to arbitration. 

Mr. Charles Gott, attorney to Mr. Hugh Peters v. widow Har- 
dy. For withholding a ten acre lot that was formerly Mr. Sarall. 

Mr. Robert Lord v. Mr. Henry Webb. For imprisoning and 
slandering him. 

Mr. Joseph Juett v. Hugh Gunnison, t 

Mr. William Payne v. John Devorix. Debt. 

Capt. Robert Harding v. Mr. Willm. Browne. For part of the 
common charges of the ship Happy Entrance. 

John Sandie of Marblehead died intestate ; his widow Mary 
Sandy appointed administratrix. Inventory, 801i. ; the eldest son to 
have lOli. at twenty-one years of age and the other two children to 

*Gervis Garford of Salem, gentleman, for eighty pounds, con- 
veyed to Elizabeth Hardee of Salem, widow, his dwelling house 
and ten acres of arable land, six and one quarter acres of meadow 
near Draper's point on Bass river, adjoining to the house, and 
eighty acres of land lying between Lord's hill and Birts plain on 
Bass river side in Salem, 26: 7: 1653. Copied, 25 : 8 : 1653, from 
the records of the county in Salem, by Hilliard Veren, recorder. J 

Granted to Jno. Hordey, 27 : 10 : 1638, 40 acres of upland and 6 
acres of meadow to the east of land granted to Richard Dodge. 
Copy, attested by Edmond Batter. J 

fWrit : Mr. Joseph Jewet v. Hugh Gunnison, dated 9:3: 1654, 
and signed by Jonathan Negus, J for the court. Returnable at 
Salem. Bond of Hugh Gunnison J and George HalsallJ to Richard 
Wayte,J marshal of Suffolk, who served the writ 12 : 3 : 1654. 



have 51i. apiece. The widow was enjoined to bring up the children 
to read and write. 

James Smith sworn constable of Marblehead. 

John Hood and Joseph Mansfield sworn constables of Lynn. 

Hen Ley sworn constable for IManchester. 

Rich. Window sworn constable for Glocester. 

Robt. Gowin of Wenham to serve on grand jury in place of Ed- 
ward Spaldin. 

The execution against the town of Glocester for fine for lack of 
ammunition, respitted. 

Capt. Robt. Harding v. James Harman. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Mr. John Endecott, jr., attorney to Mr. Edward Prescott v. Capt. 
Willm. Hathorne, Mr, Henry Bartholmew and Thomas Wilkes, ad- 
ministrators of the estate of Rich. Hollingworth. Debt of 12011. 
for the building of a vessel now on the stocks. 

Mr. George Corwine v. Capt. Hathorne, Mr. Henry Bartholmew, 
Thomas Wilkes and Susanna Hollingworth, administrators of the 
estate of Rich. Hollingworth. Debt. 

Henry Cooke v. Capt. Hathorne and Mr. Henry Bartholmew, ad- 
ministrators of the estate of Richard Hollingworth. Debt. 

Mr. John Gidney v. Capt. Willm. Hathorne and Thomas Wilkes, 
administrators of the estate of Rich. Hollingworth. Debt. 

Thomas Ruck v. Capt. Hathorne and Mr. Henry Bartholmew, 
administrators of the estate of Rich. Hollingworth. For breach 
of a bond. 

Mr. William Browne v, Capt. Robert Harding. For concealing 
sixteen shares and a half of goods bought of the prize men. 

Nathaniell Pickman v. William Hollingworth. Debt. 

Mr. John Giffard v. Francis Perry. Debt. 

Francis Perry v. Mr. John Giffard and his wife. Defamation. 
For saying that he was a base rogue and such like speeches. 

John Norman v. John Home. For detaining an acre of upland 
and a piece of meadow in the North field. 

Elias Stileman, sr. v. Timothie Blatchford. Debt. 

Mr. Henry Bartholmew brought in an inventory of the estate of 
Ric. Hollingworth, sr.* 

♦Inventory of Richard Hollingworth of Salem, lately deceased, 
taken 26 : 3 : 1654, by Walter Pricef and Samuell Archard :t One 



Edward Gasgoine v. Capt. Wm. Hathorne and Thomas Wilkes, 
administrators of the estate of Kich. Hollingworth. Debt. 

Mr. Francis Johnson v. Capt. Wm. Hathorne and Henry Bar- 
tholmew, administrators of the estate of Rich. Hollingworth. 

James Harman v. Capt. Robert Harding. For withholding his 
part of 50Ii. share aboard the Happy Entrance, for concealed goods 
and his part of a watch. 

Philip Crumwell v. Edward Wilson. Debt. 

John Codner had previously brought in an inventory of the es- 
tate of John Elie. Amount, 251i. 6s. He stated to the court that 
other outstanding bills had been found, so that the amount of the 
estate was but 201i. 9s., and debts, 191i. 16s. 11 l-2d. 

dwelling house, an outhouse, and one aker and half of Lande, 241i.; 
4 ten aker lotts on darbie fort side, 121i. ; one aker and half of land 
on the neck neare unto Tho. Picktons, 15s. ; 2 akers of lande bought 
of Mr. Steevens, 21i. ; a Cowe, 41i. ; 20 akers of lande given by the 
towne. Hi. ; a greate ketch on the stocks, ISOli. ; a lighter on the 
stocks, 181i. ; a lesser ketch on the stocks, 71i. ; 7 loode of timber 
on the keye at 8s. ^ loode, 21i. 16s. ; 6 loode of sawne timber at 
10s. ^ loode, 31i.; 35 C. of oake plancke at 12s. ^ C, 211i. ; 585 
foote of pine plancke at 10s. '§ C, 21i. 18s. 9d. ; trunnells, Hi. 4s.; 
400 of inch boords. Hi. 23. ; 966 foote of oake boords at 7s. 6d., 
31i. 12s. 4d. ; 487 foote of inch and half at 9s., 21i. 3s. lOd. ; 3 bar- 
rells of Tarr, 31i. ; more 536 foote of oake plancke at 12s., 31i. 4s. 
4d. ; 784 foote of pine at 10s., 31i. 18s. 6d.; a Rudder and keele 
stem and sterne post for a boate. Hi. ; in kettles, potts and a scil- 
lett, 21i. ; tubbs, 12s. ; a frying pan, 2s. 6d. ; trenchers, 3s. 3d. ; 
earthen potts, 18d. ; a pitch pott, 14s., pails, 12d., 16s. 6d. ; pew- 
ter, a bras Candlestick, a mortr and spitt, Hi. 16s. ; 13 tubbs, a 
Joyned stool and a forme. Hi. 4s. ; 6 Chaires, 12s., andirons, 3s., 
15s. ; hakes, tongs, grediron and fire shovell, 10s. ; 2 Chests and a 
settle, Hi. ; one side Cubberd and box, 18s. ; one bed, 2 blanketts 
and 2 pillowes, 51i. ; 3 pr. of Sheets, 40s., a trundle bedsteed, 3s., 
21i. 33. ; 3 pr. pillow beares, 12s., a warminge pan, 6s., 18s. ; one 
bed steed and Curtaines, 20s., a looking glass and brush, 2s., wear- 
inge apparrell, 41i. 10s., 51i. 12s. ; 2 wheeles and a cheese presse, 
6s.; 6 napkins, 2 table clothes, 10s., a bed, 2 pr. blankets and 
bedsted, 21i. 10s. ; tooles, Iron Ringe bolts and gin Ropes, 211. 10s. ; 
a whipsaw, 2 gins and a Rope, Hi. ; old Iron, 20s., a drippin pan, 
12d., lli. Is. ; Thomas Warner of Cape Porpus, Hi. 5s. ; Jo. Deale 
of desperatt debt, 51i. ; Majr. Sedgwick, 71i. ; John Hudson, 201i. ; 
Francis Hudson, 5s. ; more 1,000 of oake plancke in the woods, 31i. 
15s. ; for heweu timbr lyiuge on the deputie's farme, 31i. 15s. 


Hannah Roff was appointed administratrix of the estate of her 
husband, Daniell Roff, of Rowly, deceased, intestate. Inventory, 
741i. 17s. 8d.* 

The commissioners of this county brought in their votes for treas- 
urer, 28 : 4 : 1654, and Mr. William Bartholmew was chosen. 

Willf of George Burrill of Lynn was found to be imperfect in 

♦Inventory of the estate of Daniell Rofe of Ipswich, deceased 
taken June 24, 1654, by Daniel (his mark) Thurston, John (his 
mark) Gage and Robert Lord :t One bedsted & cord, Hi. ; a little 
flock-bed & boulster, an ould Rugge & blanket, 2 paire of sheetes, 
16s. ; His weareing apparell, 31i. lOs. ; a little table and 2 chaires, 
2 little stooles, 12s. ; one Cradle, 4s. ; a warmeing pan, 4s. 6d. ; 1 
skillet & brase ladle, 3s. 6d., 8s. ; one Iren pot, 8s., 1 dozzon of 
trenchers, 12d., 9s. ; one square, 3 agures, a broad axe & a pr. com- 
passes, 12s. ; felling axes & one howe, 53. ; other Tooles & an ould 
sithe & one hinge, 12s., another ould sithe & snath, 2s. 6d. ; a hat- 
brish axe, a pr. of sisers and an ould tubb, 2s. ; a fowling peece, 
Hi. 13s. 4d. ; one box, 4s., 1 houre glass, Is., 5s. ; 1 beetle, 20d., 
one Iron pot, 10s., lis. 8d. ; an ould bible & one other booke, 6s. ; 
one little kettell & a little skillet, 63. ; 2 sives, 2s., one earthen pot, 
4 spoones, 20d., 3s. 8d. ; 4 little keelars, 7s., one little pondering 
tub, 3s., 10s. ; 1 ould chirne, one runlet bucking tub & firkin, 9s. ; 
one bottle & other wooden ware, 5s. 6d. ; one earthen pot & 20 li. 
of butter, 10s. ; 5 cheeses, 4s. ; a pr. of woodin scales & earthen 
weres, 6s. ; an acre of Rye on the ground, Hi. ; 4 acres of Indian 
corne slit corne, 31i. ; about 9 acres of wheat & barlye, 161i. ; a 
paire of oxen, 161i. Ss., 1 cart & plough, 32s., 17li. 17s. ; a cowe & 
a calfe, 61i., one asse, 51i., llli. ; one small sow & 2 piggs, Hi. lOs. ; 
a raper, 22s., belt, 2s., Hi. 43. ; powder & shot, 18d. ; a drum & 
sticks, 21i. ; a little fowleing peece, Hi. ; a chaire, 18d., Is. 6d. ; 
owing to the estate, 31i. ; the grass that is to be mowne. Hi. 12s. ; 
31i. of yarne, 5s. ; total, 741i. 17s. 8d. Debts due : To Mr. Jewet, 
llli., & he requires 91i. more for damages, 201i. ; to my father, 
Humphry Broadstreet, llli. ; to Goodman Weekes of Salem, 61i. ; to 
John Woodam, 61i. 10s. ; to Goodman Thurston, Hi. 19s. ; to John 
Gage, 3li. ; to Mr. Baker, 10s. ; to Nath. Stow, 40s., 21i. lOs. ; to 
Goodwife Elitrip & Marke Quilter, 21i. ; to Lieft. Remington, 12s., 
to Goodman Kemball, 12s., Hi. 4s.; to Mr. Payne, 4s. 6d., to John 
Tod, 24s., Hi. 8s. 6d. ; to Goodwife Lurakin, 3s. ; to William Beale, 
41i. ; to Major Denison, 10s. 6d. ; total, 601i. 5s. 

t"The wille of George Burrill senior || yt after my deathe ]| my 
house wherin I dwell I Giue to my sonn francis with all the land 
and meadow lying near adioyning to it with all farms outhouses 



respect to executors, and his three sons were appointed administra- 
tors. Inventory, 8-t81i. 10s. 

&c : and || ye || barn I giu to him yt is neare to ye land of Thomas 
Chadwell, H Land || formerly william Edward with all the vpland and 
meadow adioyning vnto it and belonging thrvnto This I giue vnto 
him & his heirs yt is lawfully begotten of his body for ever I giue 
vnto my sonn John that house wch. formerly was Francis his with 
all the land belonging vnto it and yt peec of land near Rich moors 
and alsoe I giu him fourteen acrs of salt marsh in Rumley marsh 
yt is to say six and fiue and three alsoe 8 eight more acres in the 
last division I giue to my sonn John and his heirs lawfully be- 
gotten of his body but in case John should not quietly possess this 
in regard it was formerly given vnto francis then my will is that 
John shall haue my dwelling house and al ytis aboue mentioned to 
be given to Francis alsoe my sonn George to haue his now dwelling 
house wth. all the Apurtenances belonging therto alsoe I giue a cow 
to my sonn George wth. a calf and for the rest of my cattle I giue 
foure cowes and too oxen || to my sonn John || and all the rest of 
the cattle to Francis also I giue twenty pound a peece to my sonn 
Georg and John and tenn pounds to ray sonn francis his child if it 
liveth if not to the rest of his childeren if he hath any being lawfully 
begotten of his body alsoe I giue al my movables about the house 
with linnen and wollin to be equally devided to my three sonns yt 
is George francis and John and if any moer money shalbe aboue 
this aboue mentioned || yt || to be given vnto francis and my Big- 
gest selver cup I giu to George with too silver spoons and the 
lesser silver cup with two silver spoons to John and four silver 
spoons to francis if ther be eight of them Alsoe that goods 
which is to com from England & my will is if it com safe to 
be equally devided to my three sonns alsoe my will is that mr. whit- 
ing and mr cobbet and Tho. Laughton with my sonn Francis should 
see this my will fulfiled alsoe my will is that mr. whiting and mr. 
cobbett shall haue fourty shillings a peece out of my estate and 
Tho. Laughton twenty shillings all to be paid within one half yeare 
after my death. George Biirill."* Wit : Tho. Laughton.* 

Dated 18th. October 1653. 

Inventory of the estate of George Burrill, sr., of Lynn, deceased, 
taken 21 : 4 : 1654, by Francis (his mark) Ingals and Edward 
Burchura:* One cloath dublett & a paire of Breeches & cotten 
Drawers, 21i. 10s. ; one stuffe dublett & a paire Breeches, 21i. ; 
one cloath cloake, 31i. 10s. ; one cloath dublet & Breeches, Hi. ; 
one stuff dublet & Breeches, wth silver Battens, Hi. 63. ; one 
cloath Jurkin &a paire of breeches, 16s.; one fustion dublet, 
6s. 8d. ; one cloath coat & drawers, 18s. ; Tow cloath coats. Hi. 



lOs. ; a short coat & westcoat & breeches, 10s. ; one cloath Gowne, 
31i. 58. ; one stuffe Gowne, 21i. 10s. ; one more stuffe Gowne, Hi. 13s. 
4d. ; one more stuff Gown, 21i. 5s.; one stuff peticoat, Hi. 6s. 8d.; 
one more stuff peticoat, Hi. ; one kearsy peticoat, Hi. 5s. ; one pen- 
nystone peticoat, 14s. ; one stuff kirtle, 15s. ; tow Rideinge hats, 41i. 
5s. ; one kersy peticoat, Hi. ISs. 4d. ; one serge peticoat, Hi. ; one 
kersy weascoat, lOs. ; one stuff wescoat, one shagg wescoat & 3 
cloath wescoats, 16s. ; one cotten wescoat & flannell wescoat & ker- 
sy wescoat, lis. 4d. ; one stuff Gowne, Hi.; one cotten wescoat & 
peticoat, Ss. ; one cloath peticoat, 16s. ; tow white wescoats, 9s. ; 
one childs peticoat, 3s. ; one childs Blankett, Hi. 10s. ; two sea 
Aprons, lis.; one sea cubberd cloath, 7s.; one stuff wescoat, 6s. 
8d. ; one sett of curtaines & vallance, 31i. 10s. ; one cubberd cloath 
rought with needleworke, Hi. 4s. ; two carpetts, 18s. ; one cubberd 
cloath with fringe, 3s. ; three cushens & a peece of stuff, Hi. ; 12 
yerd & 1-2 kersy, 51i. ; 14 yerds of kersy, 51i. 12s. ; 8 yards 1-2 of 
cotten, Hi. Is. 3d. ; 4 yerd of kersy, Hi. 4s. ; 5 yerd 1-2 of stuff, 
18s. ; one paire of cloath meetings, 2s. 6d. ; 13 paire stockings, Hi. 
7s. 6d. ; a paire of gloves & too maskes, 5s.; one silke hood scarff 
and handchetcher, 4s. 6d. ; too caps & old stuJEf, 5s.; peeces of cloath, 
3s. ; wosted fringe, 2s. ; 4 pair stockings, 5s. ; cruell & fringe, 3s. ; 
pincushen & a remant stuff, 2s. 6d. ; velvett & ribbin, 3s. ; a paire 
bodys. Is. 6d. ; too cloath Hudds, 4s. ; a peece stuff and 5 hatts, Hi. 
15s. 6d. ; 6 cushens. Hi. Is. ; a pcell of shoos. Hi. 14s. ; a swath for 
the backe. Is.; too paire of course sheets, 16s. ; too paire of sheets^ 
Hi. 7s. 7d. ; too paire of sheets, Hi. lOs. ; too paire of sheets, Hi. 
16s. ; too pair of sheets, 21i. ; three sheets, 21i. 3s. 4d. ; one paire 
sheets, 15s. ; one dyapare table cloath, Hi. 4s. ; one diaper table 
cloath, 16s.; too towells. Is. ; one shift, lOs. ; 5 old shifts, 4s.; too 
shift skirts, 6s.; too halfe skirts, 2s.; 14 shirts & shifts, 31i. IBs.; 
a table towell, 3s. 6d. ; a pcell of lace, 2s. ; one old sheet. Is. ; one 
peece of new cloath, 17s. 6d. ; one peece of new cloath, 5s. lOd. ; 
one peece new cloath. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; one peece new cloath, 5s. ; one 
peece new cloath, 8s. 6d. ; six reraants of cloath, 7s. ; three caps, 
7s.; childbed linnen, 21i. ; Aprons, 41i. ; neck handcatchers & bands, 
41i. 7s. ; pockett handcatchers, Hi. lis.; cubberd cloaths, 21i. 14s.; 
caps and coyf es. Hi. 2s. ; Napkins & towells, 41i. 2s. 6d. ; pillow- 
bears, 31i. ; double clouts, 9s. ; too pcells of old linnen, lli. lOs. ; 
a paire of bodys & wescoats, 2s. 6d. ; a matt for a bed, 38. ; a hatt 
band & flap, lli. 5s. ; one fetherbed & Bollster, 4]i. 15s. ; one feather 
bed & Bolster, 51i. lOs. ; one feather bed & Bolster, 41i. 10s. ; one 
Bedstead, curtaines, 2 curtaine rods, matt & coards, 21i. 5s. ; one 
featherbed & too bolsters, 41i. ; one fether bed & too old bolsters, 
21i. 5s. ; five pillows & one bolster ticke, lli. 10s. ; one rugg, lli. 
13s. 4d. ; too coverings, lli. 10s. ; 4 blancketts, 31i. 12s. ; 4 blanck- 
etts, 31i. ; 4 blancketts, lli. ; 1 pillian cloath, 3s. ; one cloake bagg, 
2s. 6d. ; curtaine and curtaine rods, 9s. ; three spitts, 2s. 6d. ; one 


fowling peece, one curbinne and too musketts, 31i. Is. ; one muskett 
more, 8s. ; too paire of Bandowlevows and a flaske & belt, 8s. 6d. ; 
three swords. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; three rest, 3s. ; a lead crean for a eoop & 
hallberd, 6s. ; 31i. of pewter, Hi. 10s. ; 28 l-21i. pewter. Hi. 3s. 3d. ; 
4 1-2 li. pewter & a band pott, 10s. 8d. ; a raorter & pestle, 5s. ; a 
pcell of cettles, skillets & other brass, Hi. 6s. ; a warmingepann, 
5s. ; a fryinge pann, 3s. ; three brass potts, Hi. 16s. ; a smoathing 
Iron with too heaters, 2s. 6d. ; for a pcell of Iron warre, Hi. 9s. ; 
one gold ringe, 14s. ; six silver spoons, 21i. 3s. 6d. ; silver bodkin, 
thimble, 2 silver buttens, 6s. ; too silver bowls, 21i. 10s. ; too glasses, 
Is. ; trenchers, too boxes & too paire of bodys, 3s. 8d. ; a pcell of 
linuen, yearne & winding blads, 4s. 6d. ; three chests & foure 
truncks, 21i. 8s. ; a pcell of boxes. Hi. 6s. ; foure bibls & a pcell of 
other bookes. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; too linnen wheeles, too chirmes & other 
lumber. Hi. 4s. ; too siffs & a little box with spice, 3s. ; too heifers, 
too years old & a cow, 121i. ; one bull stagg, 7li. ; three cowes, 131i. 
10s. ; one steere & one oxe, 121i. 10s. ; three coults, 21i. 10s. ; foure 
oxen, 321i. ; three cowes, 131i. 3s. 4d. ; three ewes, three lambes & 
one weather, 81i. 8s. ; one table, six stools & a cheare, Hi. 12s. ; one 
bedstead, one trundlebed with valance and curtains and too coards, 
Hi. 12s. ; one pcell of nayles small & great, 153. 4d. ; pcell of porke, 
21i. 10s. ; pcell of wooden ware in the seller, 17s. ; pcell of mault, 
121i. ; pcell of linnes, hookes & other old things, 12s. 6d. ; tann 
leather & whit leather, lis. 4d. ; flax & cloath it is in, Hi. 23. ; 
pcell of old hoggsheads & other wooden ware in the chamber, Hi. 
8s. ; pcell of sheeps wool & a Bedstead and coard, 8s. 2d. ; pcell of 
oats & pease, 63. 4d. ; feathers, 4s.; buUetts, shot & powder, 12s. 
9d. ; too skins and a sife bottom, 2s. ; cotten Ribben bindeing, 
poynts & laces, 4s. ; pinns, needles & buttens, 2s. 6d. ; black and 
brown thread, Is. 6d. ; smal bones, gloves & Brimston, 3s. ; twine, 
whipcoard and bowstrings, Is. 5d. ; fishhookes, pinns and old tools, 
2s. 6d. ; a little box with too sivett boxes, finne thread, smale Inckle 
and Ribbin in it, 3s. ; too snapsackes raach a markinge Iron & a 
box, 4s. 4d. ; spicketts, fossetts, flshhookes, too bookes, little barrell 
& a pott, 5s. ; remnant of cloath, 7s. ; hinges for doors and catches 
for doors, Is. ; Juggs, 4s. 8d.; sisers, spures, knife and Brasse wyer, 
3s.; knifes, Bitts for Bridls and too padlocks & small things, 3s.; 
gaily potts, glasses and dager with a knife, 3s. ; one oubberd & chest 
& hower glasse, I83. ; chears, bellows, tables and old tubbs in the 
house, 7s. 8d. ; 7 siths beinge old, 9s. ; box of old Iron & steel, 6s. ; 
more old Iron, 14s. 6d. ; Iron bills and fr.ows, 12s. ; coopers axe, 
63. ; coopers crowses, 2s. 6d. ; peckaxe, clouts for cart wheels & 
doore laches of Iron, 4s. ; saws, 12s. ; axes, 14s. 6d. ; adses, 9s. ; 
pirser bits & braces, 5s. ; fouer paire of compasses and one file, 3s. ; 
hinges for doors & hammers, 3s. ; Augers, 7s. ; drawinge knifes, 
augers, pinncers & truells, 8s. ; fouer sickls, 3s. ; cleevis fetters & 
a locke, 4s. ; a saddle & brydle, 13s. 4d. ; 3 forkes, 3s. 6d. ; draw- 


Will* of William Wake proved. Inventory brought in. Mr. 
Walter Price and Hilliard Vearin appointed administrators. 

inge knifes & chissels, 3s. 4d. ; wedges of Iron, 3s. lOd. ; coleters & 
shares, 15s. ; chaines & cleeves, Hi. Is. 3d. ; lead & a little axe, 2s. ; 
salt, naked oats & a trevett, 4s. ; cart roops & a siffe, 8s. ; dry casks, 
8s. ; hoops & Barrell heads, 10s. ; spads and hooes, 8s. 6d. ; Joynt- 
ers, 9s. ; sraale caskes, more caskes, 12s.; Barrells, Hi. 2s. ; tubbs, 
14s. ; baggs & sacks, 5s. ; copper furnace & chirrae. Hi. 12s. ; old 
chaine & a buckett att well, 2s. ; lead wayts, 19s. 2d. ; too paire of 
skailes, 7s. ; wood & cooper ware, 8s. ; a cheese press, ladder & old 
wool, 10s. ; one plough, cart & wheels, Hi. 10s. 8d. ; one dungcart, 
lOs. ; one coller traces & ladder, 3s.; too butts and seaven 
hoggsheads, 12s. ; foure yoakes with Irons, 10s. ; a paire of Har- 
rows & old wood, 7s. 6d. ; part of a house in Boston, 551i. ; upland 
and meadow and houseinge, 28911. 10s. ; debts and Bills, 491i. 18s. 
lOd. ; owing in corne, 3s. 8d. ; oweiiige in old England, 401i. ; in 
money, 821i. 4s. lOd. ; total, 84811. lOs. 

* Will of William Wake, dated 17 : 2 : 1654 : « First it is my will 
and my desire that all due debts and Ingagments wch I doe owe 
everye man : be discharged owt of my estate : as allsoe all other 
nessessury Chargis whatsoever in and about my siknes or buryall 
or about paying and getting vpp my debts as allsoe if there happen 
any occation about sut or suts of law or any other occations : in and 
about my prop[er] bisnes and occations : that all chargis about the 
premisis be Aloude owt of my estate 21y After all due debts and 
chargis be satisfied and payed it is my will that the one halfe of 
what shall remayne be returned or sent to Ingland to my daughter 
Katterin Wake if shee be leving : if nott then to be sent to my 
Bro : John Wake 

" 31y it is my will that the other halfe remayning shalbe left in 
the hands of the overseers : vnto whome I doe giue full power and 
order to disposse of it according to my priuat directions and In- 
structions Comitted to them : who will I doupt not faythfully 
pforme it 

" Lastly it is my will : that Hilliard Veren : and Walter Price : 
shalbe and are Intrusted Joyntly to be my overseers to see the 
trew pformance of this my last will and testament." William 
Wake.f Wit : The. (his mark) Smith, and Jonathan (his mark) 

Inventory of the estate of William Wake, taken 22 : 4 : 1654, by 
Edmond Batterf and Elias Stileman :t 1 house & orchard &apeece 
of Lande at ye house, lOli. ; 1 halfe headed bedsteed, 8s. ; 2 chests, 
15s. ; 1 Cubberd, 4s. 6d. ; 2 Cases & 8 glasses, 4s. ; 3 Chaires, 5s. ; 1 
frying pann, Is. 6d. ; 1 brass Kettle, Hi., 10s. ; 1 Iron pott & hookes, 



William Longley of Lynn sworn sealer of weights and measures 
for that town. 

Andrew Tarras, servant to Left. Appleton, to be whipped twenty 
lashes and serve his master thirteen weeks longer, for using threat- 
ening words before his master's face and in his master's house 
against his fellow servants, and opposing his master's commands. 
Wit : Mrs. Hannah Appleton and Michaell Shaw. 

Form of oath of sealer of weights and measures drawn by Cap- 
tain Bridges. 

Will of Thomas Trusler of Salem proved by Mr. Thomas Gard- 
ner and Robt. Moulton, sr. Inventory* brought in. 

6s. ; 1 Gunn, 6s. 8d.; 1 Lampe & 2 old Candle stick. Is. 6d. ; 1 pr. 
tongs, a spade & handsaw & hatchett, 4s. ; 1 Sword & belt, 8s. ; 2 
Empte Caske, Is. ; English and Gotten wooll. Is. ; 1 square, Is. ; 1 
old hatt, Is. ; 2 dos. buttons, 2s. ; bookes, 5s.; 3 pewter dishes, 7s. 
6d. ; a puding pan & erthen things, Is. ; 1 funnell, 3d., a bible, 5s., 
5s. 3d. ; 2 pr. of blanketts. Hi. 4s. ; 1 feather boulster. Hi. ; a bed- 
tick of Canvas & a hopp sack boulster, 10s. ; 1 greene Rugg, Hi., 
5s. ; 2 sutes, 1 cloake, 3 pr. of drawers, 21i. 10s. ; 3 pr. Stockings' 
7s. 6d. ; 1 hatt, 6s. ; 1 pr. shoes, 2s. ; 1 skillitt & small bras kittle, 
8s. ; 1 qt. pott, Is. ; a 1-2 B : measure & tubb, 2s. ; Latten ware, Is. 
6d. ; 1 hammer, 12d., earthware & skiming dish, 2s. ; 1 chaire. Is. 6d. ; 

3 shirts, 12s. ; 1 pr. pillowbers, 3s. ; 2 napkins. Is. ; 2 sheets, 8s. ; 
5 to wells Course & old, 3s. ; 3 Capps & 2 handkercheifes, 3s. ; 3 
bands, 2s. ; 1 Inkhorne and an old silk neckcloth, Is. ; 1 box. Is. 
6d. ; 1 pr. billowes. Is. 6d. ; 1 porringer, 4d. ; 6 Brlls. salt, Hi. ; 1 
wooden bottle & an old drawing knife. Is. 3d. ; debts, 331i. 12s. ; 
total, 601i. 8s. 6d. Debtor to severall persons, 601i. 2s. 9d. 

♦Inventory of the estate of Thomas Trusler, deceased, taken 5 : 
1 mo: 1653-4, by Thomas Spoonerf and Robt. Moulton, sr :t His 
Mansion or dweling house Barne or outhousing And Three Acres of 
land therto Also one Acre of Land more wth Another house near 
John Kitchens, 401i. ; Three Acres of Land being prt. Marsh & prt. 
upland wher the Brickill is wth appurtenances, lOli. ; Two Tenn 
Acre Lotts one Near John Smith's Another neare Mrs. Bacon's in 
Northfield, lOli.; One farme near fathr Moltons Contayning 116 
Acres, viz., 100 Upland & 16 of Medow Costl21i. bv purchas, 121i.; 

4 bushell of Indean meale, 12s.; 201i. hempe, lOs. ; 21i. Gotten 
wooll, 2s. ; Lumber & Tubbs, old Irne & barrell with an ould Cart & 
1 bush Corne, Hi. 14s. ; 1 grinde stone & 1 Long Ladder, 5s. ; Irons 
belonging to the Cart & plowe as Chaines, Hi. 10s. ; 2 Axes, 1 hach- 
et and a wood hook, 6s.; Old Tools, viz. 3 Sawes, hamr., pincrs., 

t Autograph. 


Anthony Buxston appointed administrator of the estate of his 
brother Thomas Buxston of Salem.* 

siths, augers, 2 wedgs, Iron, bill Ring & elce, 63. ; 2 bushells of seed 
Barlee, 10s. ; 2 bushell of seed Pease, 8s. ; one Iron or Steele Trapp, 
6s. ; one Querne or Malt Mill, Hi. ; About 241i. of Leaden waights, 
6s. ; 6 oxen, viz. 4 old ons & 2 yonge ons, 361i. ; 5 Cowes at 51i., 251i. ; 

3 heiffers about 3 yrs. old at 41i., 121i. ; 2 yearling Calves at 30s., 
31i. ; a Sheep or one ewe, 21i. ; by 2 swine at 20s., 21i. ; one fether 
Bed, Boulster & pillows at Mr. Edm : Batters, 2 fether beds at home, 
61i. ; one greene Kugg, Hi. os., one Gotten Rugg, 18s., one weaved 
Covrlet, 5s., 2 Blanketts, 12s., 2 Boulsters, 8s., 3 pillows, 8s., 31i. 
16s. ; one Carpet, 10s.; Twoe Curtains & Rodds, 10s.; one hower 
glass, Is. ; one faire gret Looking glass, 6s. ; one warming pann, 5s. ; 
one paire of Bellows, 2s. Hous linnen : 3 pr. & one odd Sheete or 7, 
21i. 12s. ; 2 pr. of pillow beers, 12s., 2 Table cloths, 9s. and 1 Course 
one, 2s. 6d. ; 6 fine Napkins at 12s., 2 one whes of diap. at 4s. 6d., 

4 Couesons, 3s., in all, 41i. 15s. Brass : One broad plat Candlestick 
of Brass, to hang on a wall, 3s., 2 Brass Candlesticks, 5s., 3 Brass 
potts. Hi., 2 Bell metle skelets, 5s., 1 smale bras skelet, Is., 1 bras 
chafing dish, Is. 6d., 1 bras Ladle & 1 skimer, Is., 4 bras ketles old, 
12s., 2 bras panns, Hi., in all, 31i, 8s. 6d. Iron : 3 spitts & 2 pr. pot- 
hooks, 7s., 2 Iron potts, 18s., 1 greediron & fleshal, 2s. 6d., 2 Racks 
Coterells or haky, with 1 pr. of Andirons, 9s., 1 fire shovell & fir- 
falk, Is., 1 wire Candlestick & 2 tin, 6d., in all. Hi. 18s. "Woolen 
wearing apparell : 2 Cloks, 51i., 2 short Coats, Hi., 1 pr. breeches, 
15s., 1 dublett, 10s., 1 hatt, 8s., 1 Cloth Capp, 2s., 4 pr. of shoes, 14s., 
2 pr. Stockins, 5s., 2 hoods, 5s., in all, 81i. 193. Linnen wearing ap- 
parell : 2 Shirts & 6 faling Bands, 2 wt. Capps, 3 wt. Neckclothes, 
2 handkerchers, 12s. Armes : 2 fowling peecs, 1 Muskett & 1 pr. of 
Bandoleers, Moulds & Rest, 21i. ; 1 sword & Ciirtle, 10s. ; 21i. powdr 
& 40 bullets, 5s. ; about 241i. of Leaden waights, 2 Bibles & one 
psalme book, 5s. ; one Chest in the parler, 20s. ; another chest or 
Cofer, 4s. ; in N. E. silver, 10s. ; and Spanish money, 9 pc. of 8, Hi. 
Pewter : 12 pewter platers, Hi. 8s. ; on salt dish, Is. 6d. ; 3 Sawsers, 
2 peuter Salts, Is. 6d. ; 3 peuter Basons, 4s. 6d. ; 6 peuter porrin- 
gers, 4s., 1 peutr flagon, 38. ; 1 quart pott, 2s. ; 1 pint pott, Is. ; 1 
bear boule. Is. ; one wine Cupp, 6d. ; one old Charabr. pott & 4 
peutr. spoons & 3 alt, Is. ; total, 198 li. 18s. 6d. Debts due from es- 
tate : To the contry, 21i. 15s. lOd. ; to Mr. Wm. Browne, 21i. 10s.; 
to Mr. Phil. Crumwell, 51i. Net estate, 18811. 12s. 8d. 

♦Inventory of the estate of Thomas Buxston, lately deceased, 
taken 5:4: 1654, by Thorns Gardner, sr.t and Michaell Shaflen :t 
Aleven akers of Land with A little howse on it liinge in the North 
Neck, 81i. ; six Acares of Corn Indean and English, 4s. ; One steare, 
61i. ; too Cows, 91i. ; one heifer, 41i. ; too heifers, 61i. ; one callfe, lis ; 



Edward Baker of Lynn was discharged from training because of 
inability, paying 5s. per year to the company. 

John Rogers of Wenham discharged from training because of 
poverty and infirmity of body. 

CouKT HELD AT Salem, 29 : 4 : 1654. 
Widow Ager brought in will* of her deceased husband, William 
Ager. Sworn to and proved by Elias Stileman and Nath. Pickman. 
Inventory also brought in.f 

five swine, 31i. 5s. ; one cartt with what belonges to it, Hi, ; in mony, 
lis. ; pewtter and brasse, Hi. 10s. ; beding, Hi. 10s. ; a musket and 
furniture to it, Hi. 5s. ; his wering Aparell, 41i. ; a pres and other 
lumber, 16s. ; total, 521i. 8s. 

♦The nuncupative will of William Ager of Salem, dated 3:1: 
1653-4 : " He did giue & bequeath unto Joseph Ager if he be liueing 
his now dwelling house & the garden whereon it Stands, but if in 
case he be not liuing then his sonn Beniamin Ager is to haue it. 2 
he gaue unto his sonn Jonathan Ager his tenn acre lott & meadow 
& Cowe, & if Joseph Ager Came home againe then Beniamin & 
Jonathan Ager are to deuide the Land & Cow equally betweene 
them. 3 he gaue unto Abigail Kibben his daughter his feather bed 
& all that belongs unto the same alsoe he gaue unto her a spitt. 4 
he gaue unto Beniamin & Jonathan his sonns & Abigail his daughter 
all his houshold Stuff to be equally deuided among them. 5 he 
gaue unto Allice his wife the use of the house garden tenn acre 
Lott meadow Cowe & all the household Stuff bed & beding 
during her life or her widow hood estate & in Case she maried 
againe then to haue her thirds of the whole Estate, & forthe pform- 
ance of this my will I apoynt & ordaine Allice my wife my sole 
executrix." Wit: Nathaniell Pickman,t Tabitha (her mark) Pick- 
man and Elias Stileman, jr. J 

tinventory of the estate of William Ager, taken 20 : 4 : 1654, by 
Edmond Batter t and Elias Stileman:} One house and garden 
plott, 161i. ; 8 acres upland, 51i. ; 1 acre marsh, 31i. ; 1 Cow, 51i. ; 

1 pigg, 10s. ; 1 feather bed, Hi. 10s. ; 2 pr. Sheetes, Hi. ; 1 Cott 
Rugg & 3 blanketts, Hi. 10s.; 1 boulster & pillow, 10s.; 1 bed- 
steed, 12s. ; 1 pr. Curtanes and vallance, 10s. ; 2 Iron potts & 1 
Iron kettle. Hi. ; 1 brass kettle & small skillett, 3s. ; 1 spade, 3s. ; 

2 pr. shears & a pressing Iron & reape hooke, 5s. ; in pewter, 10s. ; 
1 warming pan & a Scuraer, 7s. ; 1 spitt, 2s. 6d. ; 1 pistle & morter', 
6s. 8d. ; 1 pr. tongs & an old fring pann, 2s. 6d. ; 1 pr. bellows. Is. 
6d. ; 5 chaires, 3s. ; 2 axes & 1 hatchett, 2s. ; 1 table & 1 chest & 
Cubburd, 15s. ; trayes & dishes & a payle, 2s. 6d. ; 1 runlett & sive, 



Williamt Scruggs of Salem died intestate, and his widow was 
appointed administratrix. Inventory* brought in. An agreement 
between her and her son-in-law, John Rament, was approved. 

John Bayley, presented for not going home to his wife, was dis- 
charged. Wit : Mr. Maverick and Mr. Batter, who testified to his 
attempt to get her over and that she desired him not to hasten his 
coming to her, she having a comfortable estate to live upon and 
maintain herself. 

Mr. Henry Bartholmew and Thomas Wilkes, administrators of 
the estate of Rich. Hollingworth, acknowledged a judgment to 
Capt. Traske and another to Rich. Moore. 

Mr. John Giffard and John Gerviss fined for striking Francis 
Perry in his own house. 

2s. ; Lining yearne and waring clothes, 3s. ; Lisbourn waire & 
other erthen vessells, 5s. ; a pott hanger, 2s. ; bookes, 10s. ; 4 B. 
Indian Corne, 12s. ; old beding, 10s.; Lumber waire, 5s.; total, 
431i. 14s. 8d. 

♦Inventory of the estate of Thomas Scruggs, taken 24 : 4 : 1654, 
by Roger Conant,t Nicholas Patch J and William Dodg:} Six cows 
at 51i., 301i. ; 2 steers, lOli. ; 3 yong heifers & a calf, lOli. ; 2 oxen, 
181i. ; 11 akers of corn on the ground, English & indian, 221i. ; the 
farm & housing, 100 li. ; 2 potts, one of brasse & on of Iron, 
21i. ; 2 ketles, 21i. 10s. ; a silver boule, 41i. ; a brass warming pann, 
10s.; puter, 10 platters & dishes, 21i. 6s. 8d. ; 2 candelsticks, a 

quart & a pint , a salt, all puter, lOs.; 2 brasse candelsticks, 

king pan and a smale kittell, 7s. ; an iron pott, a kettell & a 

posnet, 15s. ; a sheer Cutter, , a plow with ould iron, 21i. ; a 

great cleaver, a brasse skimer, 10s. ; a ladder, 2s. 6d. ; a great chest, 

Hi. ; a cupbord & table , Hi. 10s. ; a bedsteed, fether ni- 

ture, lOli. ; 2 other fetherbeds, 71i. 10s. ; a cloth sute with silver 

, 31i. ; 2 coats of cloth and , 31i. ; Tubbs, barrells and 

, Hi. ; a wastcoat, 4s. ; a dublett and 5 dozen silver buttens, 

15s.; 3 bookes, Hi.; total, 24411. 10s. 2d. 

Margery (her mark) Scruggs of Salem, widow, 24 : 4 : 1654, 
conveyed to her son-in-law, John Raymont, her land and goods, in 
consideration of 51i. in hand to be given to her directly and 51i. at 
the hour of her death to be freely at her disposal ; she was to have 
201i. a year, paid quarterly as long as she lived and to have the use 
of necessary household effects. Wit: Roger Conant,t Nicholas 
Patch J and William Dodg.J The last two witnesses made oath 
before Elias Stileman,J clerk. 

tEvidently a mistake for Thomas. 


Wife of Francis Perry presented for striking Mr. Gervis several 
times. Court decided it to be in defence of her husband, and she 
•was admonished. 

John Burrill presented for striking Thomas Newell with a piece 
of rail. Court decided that he did it in his own defence. Dis- 

Nathaniell Masters presented for his wife being with child by 
him before they were married, the act having been committed in 
Pequott harbor. Certificate of the fact to be sent to that town for 
trial in that jurisdiction. 

John Kirtland fined for calling Edw. Richards rogue and base 
rogue several times, and saying that he would spend his blood upon 
such a rogue. 

Widow Bachelder of Wenham, admonished, etc., for charging 
several persons to be murderers and bloody men, thieves, backbiters, 
and such as have made her house desolate, and also for absence 
from meeting. Wit : John Fiske, Haggett's wife and another. 

George Keaser released from paying 3s. 4d. of his " marke " a year 
to the train band. 

The county treasurer ordered to pay a witness in Burrill's case, 
the presentment being not proved. 

Mr. John Gerviss defaulted on an appeal from a sentance of 
Capt. Bridges. 

James Underwood, who was fined for not going to his wife in 
England, had his fine remitted, it being shown that he had tried to 
get her here and that she was obstinate and adverse to coming to 

Thomas Bobbins fined 20s. for concealing Bogr. Long and Rogr. 
Bounte, two prisoners who broke out of prison. 

Thomas Wheeler of Lynn, who was bound to this court by the 
Worpl. Captain Bridges for sinful and offensive speeches at a town 
meeting in February, 1653-4, in comparing Rev. Mr. Cobbitt to 
Corah, ordered to make public acknowledgment in the following 
form : " I Thomas Wheeler hauing Spoken at a Towne meeting in 
Febru : Last Euell Sinfull & offensive Speeches against y® Reuer* 
Teacher M"" Cobbett in Comparing of him unto Corah For w'^'' I am 
ueary sorry & doe acknowledg this my euell to y® glory & praise of 
god & to my owne shame & hope for time to Come shalle be more 


Court held at Salem, 30 : 4 : 1654. 

William Hollingworth deposed that he heard his father, Rich. 
Hollingworth, often say that the house in which he dwelt was his 
son Richard's, and that he had given it to him in consideration of 

Susanna Hollingworth deposed that her husband, Richard Hol- 
lingworth, said, " I will build another for my wife and myselfe to 
dwell in." 

Nathll. Pickman deposed that Rich. Hollingworth, deceased, said 
to him that the house on the south end of the lot that was by 
Mr. Corwethin's house in Salem he had given to his son William 
Hollingworth, and the house he lived in to his son Rich. Hol- 
lingworth, and a parcel of land at Darbie fort side near Mr. Frend's 
lot, whether 10 or 20 acres, he could not tell. The deceased wished 
him to build him another house that summer. 

Cornelious Hulett gave bond to appear at the next court. 

Thomas Wheeler and Joseph Armitage for himself and Mr. Ruck 
agreed that certain goods should remain in Mr. Wheeler's hands, 
execution to be paid one-half in bar iron aud the other half in Mr. 
Eeddan's current bills to Captain Savage. Execution of Mr. Cogs- 
halls, served on said goods by Thomas Wheeler, to stand good 
against Joseph Army tage, as it was before any execution by Thomas 
Wheeler served upon said goods. 

Captain Bridges brought in several fines, amounting to 21i. in 
bills of Mr. Riddan, and also accounts in hands of John Fuller 
and Jon. Witt, constables of Lynn. 

Elizabeth Due to be whipped twelve stripes by the constable for 
a pernicious lie in saying that Mr. Zerobabell Endecott was father 
of her child, and at other times saying it was Cornelius Huletfs, 
and for fornication with said Hulett, who was the father of her 
child. She was servant to the Right Worpl. John Endecott, Esq., 
who set her at liberty, having given her her time.* 

♦Dulzebella Bishopp and Mary Bishopp, one aged about fifty and 
the other about twenty years, deposed that Elizabeth Dew, Mrs. 
Endicott's maid, came several times to their house on her mistress' 
business, and complained of Zerubbabel Endicott's unseemly words 
and actions when she was at her work of lace making, pulling her 
cushion from before her, etc. She told about going with Benjamin 


Mr. Hen. Barthollmew brought in his records, and delivered 
them to the present clerk. 

The marshal allowed 51i. per year for gathering court fines. 

Servants of the house allowed os., that is, 2s. to Rob. Prince, and 
18d. to Bethia and Lidia. 

Fines brought in by the Honrd. Dept. Govr., John Endecott : — 

John Bartoll of Marblehead, for striking, 40s. 

Wife of Goodman Linsford, for some miscarriage, fined 10s. 

The marshal brought him 10 groats for one who was overtaken 
with drink. 

On 17 : 9 : 1654, Robert Dutch took the oath of fidelity before 
John Endecott, Dep.-Gov. 

Court held at Ipswich, 26 : 7 : 1654. 

Judges : Mr. Endecot, Dep.-Gov. ; Capt. Robt. Bridges, Mr. 
Sam. Symonds and Mr. William Hubbard. 

Grand jury: Serg. Rich. Jacob, Ensign [Tho. — Waste Book.^ 
Howlet, Dan. Warner, Edm. Bridges, John Dane and And. Hodges ; 
Rich. Swan, James Barker and Will. Law [of Rowley. — Waste 
Book.'] ; Jo. Merrill, Fr. Plummer and Tho. Hale [of Newbery. — 
Waste Book.] ; Daniell Poore [of Andover. — Waste Book.]. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Jonath. Wade, Marke Symonds, Ed. Bragg, 
Ed. Loraasse, Will. Duglas, John Dane, Ed. Chapman, James 
Bayley, Ed. Hassen, Tho. Abbott, Rich. Kent, Jo. Chator and Georg 

[Tho. Abbot and Jerymiah Els worth made free. 

Edward Browne chosen and sworn marshal of this court. 

Rich. Kent fined for absence from jury. Fine remitted. — Waste 

John Gednye v. Edward Mylls. Debt. 

Skarlet and Zerubabel to the farm, and going ashore about two or 
three poles from the water, the latter followed her ; that his car- 
riage was such that she told him she would not be his common 
baud. Deponents asked her how Cornelius carried himself, and she 
replied that he had never offered her wrong, " not so much as 
kiss me in all the time he haue been in the hous. I tould hir, 
■why do you not complain to your mastor, the maid said she had 
tould it to Mary Gowen, who said, I know thy condition, alas, 
pore wench," further stating that Zerubabel had insulted her, also. 


Joseph Jeweett v. George Holcye. Debt upon bond, assigned to 
him by Rich. Wayte. Forfeited upon non-appearance of Hugh 

Christopher Allmy v. William Dyer. For selling him a vessel 
valued at 561i. 10s., which was unjustly taken from Captain Seba- 
da. As both parties belonged to another jurisdiction and the case 
concerned the state, plaintiff withdrew. 

Edward Prescott, in the behalf of William Chamberlyn of Lon- 
don V. Robert Harding of Ratlife, in Middlesex, mariner. Debt 
due upon bond.f 

Georg Corwin v. Rich. Endell. Debt. J 

Mr. Symon Brodstreet v. Jerymyah Newland. Debt. Walter 
Merry appeared instead of the defendant. 

Mr. John Appleton v. estate of Mr. Joss Glover in the hands of 
Rich. French. 

Robert Dutch v. Henry Walker. For detaining six acres of 
marsh. Verdict for plaintiff, and his title good. 

Frances Nurce v. Jonathan Porter and his wife Eunise. Slan- 
der. Judgment for the plaintiff, and Eunice also made acknowl- 
edgment, which the court accepted. 

John Hathorne v, Lt. Tho. Moris. Debt. 

Symon Tompson v. John Leigh. Replevin. For wrongfully 
impounding his calves. Judgment for plaintiff. 

Mr. William Browne, being attached by Richard Marjerum, and 
action not entered, was allowed costs. 

Mr. William Browne, being attached by Henry Cowes and Fran- 
ces Buers, and action not entered, was allowed costs. 

* Writ, dated 6: 7: 1654, signed by William Howard § for the 
court. Served by Edward Mitchell, marshal of Cambridge, who 
seized a wharf and warehouse thereon. Ri. Wayte § assigned the 
bond to the plaintiff, 25: 5: 1654. Plaintiff's bill of charges, 
111. 10s. 

tBond of Capt. Robert Harding of Racklef, Middlesex county, 
to William Chamberlayne of London, haberdasher, at said Cham- 
berline's house in Candellweek street, London, 25111., Oct. 1, 
1650. Wit : Rich. Hill, Lawrence Woodcock, Will Johnson and 
Anthony Sadler. 

J Writ, for debt, dated 15 : 7 : 1654, to attach goods of Richard 
Endell in the hands of Gen. Robert Sedgwick, signed by Jonath. 
Negus, § for the court. Served by Ri. Wayte, § marshal of Suffolk. 



Samuell Foster of Wenam allowed to keep an ordinary at 
Wen am. 

Will and inventory of Rich. Kent proved. 

Administration on the estate of William Fiske of Wennam, who 
died intestate, was granted to the widow, Bridgett Fiske. Her 
house and land are bound to pay the shares of the five children 
viz : to the eldest son, lOli., to Samuel, the next, 51i., and to the 
other three, 31i., when they come of age. Inventory* brought in. 

♦Inventory taken 16 : 7 : 1654, by Phinehas (his mark) Fiske, Aus- 
tin (his mark) Killam and Edward Kempe.f In the parlor : One 
bedstead as it stands furnished, viz., with one fetherbed, one fether 
bolster, 2 fether pillows, one downy pillow, one blanket, one cover- 

lett, vallance, Curtaynes, matt & , lOli. ; a table, Chaire and a 

forme, 7s. ; two Cushions, Ss. In the Parlor chamber : Table, 4s. 
6d. ; old chaire, 8d. ; Bedstead with certayne Bords, 5s. ; a signe 
with the signe post, ISs. ; pcell of hempe, 10s. In the Bed cham- 
ber : A bedstead as it stands furnished, 71i. ; trundle bedstead fur- 
nished, 31i. ; Cubbard, 12s. ; joyned Chest, lOs. ; a danth chest, Ss. ; 
two old Trunkes & one Box, 7s. ; a warming Pan, 10s. In the kit- 
chen : A smale Table, two smale chaires & a stoole, 5s. 8d. ; a brew- 
ing stoole. Is. 6d. ; paire of Cob irons, 10s. ; two hales, a fire pan & 
a paire of tonges, 12s. ; a spitt & dripping pan, 53. ; a pashell, Is. 
In the kitchen Chamber: Certayne old Barrells & other Lumber, 
2s. ; smale peel of lethers, 2s. ; a hay knife, 4s. ; two sives, 2s. 6d. ; 
a peel of Hopps with a Bag, 63.; some Indian Corne, Hi. 10s. In 
the Lentoo : Certayne old killars, Tubbs, a Barrell & Charne, lOs. ; 
Certayne Trayes, Cupps, dishes & other smale wooden things, lOs. 
6d. ; Certayne Earthen Potts, Is. 6d. ; an iron Pott & Posnet, 173. ; 
a frying Pan, 2s. 8d. ; spade, Is. ; a greate paire of Pincers, Is. ; 
axe, wedges, Rostiron, Trevett & other old iron, 123. ; lanthorne, 
lether bottl" & 3 Payles, 9s. 6d. In the Cellar : Certayne Casks & 
the Ale stools, 12s. ; a salting Trough & Cover, 10s. Brasse : A 
Greate kettle & a lesser kettle, Hi. 10s. ; a brasse Pott, with two 
paire pothookes, 14s. ; Two skillets in there frames, a basteing 
Ladle, a Skumraer & Lamp, 10s. Peuter & Plate : Sixe Silver 
spoones, IBs. ; seaven Platters, 14s. ; one Bason & a CoUander, 6s. 
6d. ; Fower porringers & 8 Peuter spoones, 3s. 8d. ; nine Saucers & 
4 Salt Sellers, 7s. 6d. ; three wine cups, 2 drinking Cupps &a 
Beker, 5s. ; one wine quart, one beere qrt. & a wine halfe Pint, 4s. ; 
two Candlesticks, an old chamber pott «Sj some other broken peuter, 
7s. ; two lattin panns & a Tunnel, Is. 6d. Linnen : Seaven paire of 
sheetes, 71i. 12s. ; three paire Pillow beeres, Hi. 4s. ; one bord cloth 
& a dozon Napkins, Hi. 5s. ; a suite of Diaper, 51i. ; bands & Capps, 



Joseph Mussje fined for drunkennesss and admonished for 
breach of the Sabbath. 

Tho. Moore, being presented, was admonished, having been cor- 
rected by his master. 

Sherborne Willson confessed that he spoke some ribaldry speech, 
and was admonished ; also ordered to sit half an hour in the stocks 
the next day after lecture. 

Thomas Rowell fined for taking tobacco out of doors and near a 
house. His wife was admonished for cruelty. 

Town of Newbery to be fined for defect in highway unless it is 
mended before next court. 

Edward Bridges, jr., admonished for disorder in the meeting 

Inventory of estate of William Michell of Newbery presented. 
Amount 171i. 5s. 4d. He died intestate. Administration on the 
estate granted to his widow, Mary. 

10s. ; his apparrell, hat & a paire shooes, 21i. 18s. 4d. ; his bookes, 
Hi. 8s. ; two swords, a short musket & a Fowling peece, 21i. ; his 
houses & land in Wenham, with their appurtenances, 261i. ; Cat- 
taile, 181i. ; swine & Pigs, 61i. 13s. 4d. ; an old Cart & wheeles, 8s. ; 
all other things not before named, 6s. 8d. ; debts due to him by 
booke, 281i. ; total, 14111. 12s. 6d. 

Writ, to replevin five cows of Simon Tompson's which had been 
impounded by John Leigh and to deliver them to said Tompson, 
dated Aug. 9, 1654, and signed by Daniel Denison.* Served by 
Theophilus Wilson,* constable of Ipswich. 

Will of Abraham War of Ipswich, dated 22: 3: 1654 : " I giue 
my daughter to my wife to bring up and I desire her to bring her 
up in the feare of God and to haue a care of her as If shee was her 
owne and I giue fine pounds to ray daughter Sarah when shee shall 
come to age, and lastly I make my wife my onely exsecutor and 
ouerser of this my laste will and testament." Abraham (his 
mark) War. Wit : Roger Lanckton,* William (his mark) Simonds 
and John Warner.* 

Inventory of Abraham War's estate : House & house lott, 251i. ; 
flock bed, 21i. 5s. ; 2 pillowes of feathers, 8s. ; 2 pillows, 6s. ; a liayer 
bed, 16s. ; bedsted and trundle bed, 17s. ; boulster and feathers, 
Hi. 8s. ; coverlid and blanket, 15s. ; a ruge, 15s. ; two payre breches 
& Jacket, Hi. 5s. ; hatt, 14s.; 3 shirts, 18s.; 3 sherts, 18s.; 3 pil- 
low bears, 10s. ; a payre shooes, 7s. ; 4 bands, 78. 6d. ; chest and 
boxes, 163. ; 3 Iron potts, 18s. ; skellet of bras, 3s. ; ertben ware, 6s. 


' h 


John Wooddam exempted from ordinary train iug, paying five 
shillings a year to the use of the company. 

6d. ; 3 barels, 8s. ; sartaine tubs, 4s. ; frying pane, 2s. 6d. ; 2 bottles 

and a cane, 2s. ; 5s. ; a bras laidele, 2s. 8d. ; tine pane, Is. 

5d. ; spoones, 2s. 4d. ; two blew dishes, Is. 8d. ; the smoothing 

iron, 6s. ; a 2s. ; dishes and baskets, Is. 8d. ; bower glase, 

Is. ; tramell and slice, 4s. ; butter, 3s. 6d. ; chayers, 43. ; table and 
two stools, 2s. ; two hoes & axe, a wedge, 8s. ; 3 sivs, 3 bags, 3s. ; a 

booke. Is. 6d. ; meale, Is. ; trenchers, 9d. ; a meale tube, 5s. ; 

21i. 4s. ; two hogsheds, 4s. ; a reale, 2s. ; a hoge, 15s. ; total, 471i. 7s. 

Copy of a petition of the inhabitants of Newbury to the General 
Court stating that " our loving friend Lt. Robert Pike of Sals bury 
has let fall some words" for which the General Court had censured 
him, certifying that he had been a peaceable man and a useful 
instrument and praying that he be restored to his former liberty. 
Attested by Edward Rawson,* secretary. Signed by Richard 
Kent, jr., Will. Moody, Daniell Peirce, George Little, Sam. Moody, 
Rich. Dole, John Poore, Dan. Thurston, Joseph Plumer, Rich. 
Thurly, John Woolcut, John Hull, Robert Adams, Will. Chandler, 
John Tilletson, John Baily, John Wheeler, Rob. Coker, Rich. 
Kent, sr., Will. Titcomb, John Bartlett, Tho. Browne, Rich. Bart- 
lett, Gyles Cromlome, Aquilla Chase, Edw. Richardson, Will. 
Richardson, John Bishop, Sam. Poore, John Hutchins, Will. Saw- 
yer, Rich. Fitts, John Bond, Christopr. Bartlet, James Ordway, 
Edw. Woodman, Steven Swett, William Ilsly, Tho. Smith, Ben. 
Swett, Joseph Swett, Steven Grenleafe, Anthony Morse, Rich — 

, Jo , Rob , Hen. , Sollom , Tristram 

, Nath Wy— , Nath. Wyer, Fran. Plumer, Sam. Plumer, Dan. 

Thurston, Dan. Thurston, Will. Cottell, John Roafe, John Mustle- 
white, John Emery, sr., John Emery, jr., Thomas Blomfield, Sam. 

Moore, Nich. Batt, John Cheny, Dan. Ch . 

" This court cannot but deeply resent that so many of sev- 

erall Townes conditions and relations should co — together to 
present such an unjust and unreasonable re — as the revoking the 
sentence past the last Court against leiftenant Pike and the re- 
storing of him to his former liberty without any petition of his 
owne or least acknowledgment of his great offence fully proued 

him, which was no lesse than defameing this Court and 

chargeing them with breach of oath & which petitioners call some 
words let fall by occasion. The Court doth therefore order in this 
extraordinary case that comissionei-s bee appointed in the sever- 
all townes to call the said petitioners together as many of them at 
a time as they shall thinke & require a reason of their unjust 
request they came to bee induced to subscribe and so 



Robert Lord appointed clerk of the writs for Ipswich. 

make their returne to the next Court may consider how to 

proceed. Capt. William Gerrish, Nicholas Noyes, Comissioners 
for Newbury." 

Will. Moultone,* Nathanill Bachiler,* Jon. Redman,* Samll. 
Fogge* and Joseph (his mark) Mery certified that they signed the 
petition unadvisedly. 

Steven Swett,* Christopher Bartlett,* John Tilletson,* Joseph 
Plumer,* Daniell Thurston, jr.,* John Cheany, jr.,* and Daniell 
Cheany certified that the reasons that they signed it were stated in 
the petition, etc. 

Rich. Bartlet and John Ordway stated that they signed for the 
reasons given in the petition. 

Tho. Bradbury* added to Goodman Goldwyer's petition that he 
intented no offence to the court, and was sorry that he had offended 
them. He also stated that Jno. Eaton was heartily sorry that he 
offended the court. Addressed to the Worshipful Capt. Wiggin. 

Report of Wm. Gerrish and Nicholas Noys, commissioners, who 
examined the various petitioners, as to their reasons for signing 
the petition : John Hull would not state his reasons. Robt. 
Adams said that Lt. Jno. Pike brought the petition to him. Some 
said that Jno. Bartlet, Jno. Hutchinson and Jno. Cheany brought 
it. Abraham Tappine, Wm. Sayer, Tristrum Coffine and Wm. 
Chandler said Robert Pike was a peaceable man, and they were sorry 
that they had given the court offence. Tho. Smith, Anto. Mors, 
sr., Daniel Pearce, Stephen Grenleife, Robt. Coker, Nico. Batt and 
Robt. Adams said that they were ignorant of his sentence, and 
were sorry they did it. Francis Plumer and Robt. Mors said that he 
was a useful man, and could not see how they had done amiss. Jno. 
Bishop, being desired to go to the meeting house about the peti- 
tion, said he could not stay ; the constable said he must ; he said 
his reasons were in the petition, and so turned his back and went 
away. Edw. Woodman said that Robert Pike was ignorant of 
what words he spoke, etc. Edward Richison, Sam. Moore, Ric. 
Kent, Wm. Moody, Jno. Bayly, Jno. Poore, Jno. Bartlet, Tho. 
Browne, Jno. Wheler, Jno. Emery, jr., Rich. Dole, Rich. Pettingell 
and Sam Morss acknowledged that they were sorry and Benjamin 
Sweet said " every Free subject haue liberty to pet. for any that 
had binn in essteeme wthout offence too Any." Jno. Muslewhite 
said the petition spoke for itself. Wm. Ilsly said that he heard 
Mr. Bradstreet plead for Pike and followed his judgment. SoUo- 
mon Kyes said he did not intend any dishonor. Jno. Cheany said 
Pike was his friend, and out of love to him he signed voluntarily. 
Sam. Plumer, Henry Lunt and Jno. Hutchison said they intended 
no affront to the court. Jno. Emerry demanded their commission 



Court held at Hampton, 3:8: 1654.* 
Petty jury : Henry Palmer, foreman, Jno. Gill, Willi. Fullar, 
"Willi. Moulton, Mr. Saml. Winsley, dismissed, George Carr, Ant. 

and a sight of the petition before he would answer. He then said 
that the commissioners had no power to demand who brought the 
petition to him, and hearing Jno. Bond answer, he told him that 
he was a wise man, in a bold manner. Daniell Thurstone, jr., said 
his reasons were in the petition. John Roffe said he apprehended 
that every subject hsd liberty to petition for a man that had been 
so serviceable in the commonwealth. Joseph Plumer and his brother 
Daniell Cheany said they were not bound to say who brought the 
petition to them. Wm. Titcomb said he knew he signed a paper 
concerning Lt. Pike. Jno. Woolcut said his chief reason was his 
good will toward Robt. Pike, and that he would not answer further 
until obliged to do so, " and soe went away very highly." 

Agreement of Robertt (his mark) Wallis and William Smyth, f 
both of Ipswich, with William Goodhue of Ipswich, to hire the 
latter's farm, and to break up twelve acres of ground, crosscut it 
and harrow it ; also a six acre lot of meadow beyond Gravelly 
Brook, also a parcel of meadow in the thick woods at the upper 
end, Mr. Vincent having a parcell at the lower end. Said Goodhue 
was to build them a house thirty feet long with two chimneys, and 
a barn forty feet long with a leanto at one end twenty feet wide^ 
and to provide them with four bullocks of four years each for 
which said Wallis and Smith were to fence in the farm for the 
first year's rent and afterward to pay 201i. yearly for fourteen 
years from the time of their occupancy. Mar. 1, 1653. The bul- 
locks were to be appraised when they received them, and if Wallis 
and Smith paid the price of the cattle at the end of seven years 
they were to have four pounds each. The tenants were to keep 
the housing and fence in good repair and to pay the rent yearly at 
William Goodhue's house in town in wheat and barley or corn or 
pork. Goodhue was further to let them a common right that he 
bought belonging to a house in Hog lane now in the possession of 
Jefferye Snelling. Wit : John (his mark) Johnson. 

At a town meeting 6:2: 1654, ordered that William Fifild and 
William Moulton view the land which John Redman demanded in 
satisfaction of his house lot, etc. Copy attested by Sa. Dalton.f 

Paid out of Robert Filbrike's estate to Robert Dutch, 71i. ; Jeri- 
my Belchar, Hi. 10s. ; Mr. John Apleton, 9s. ; Robert Wallis, 6s. 
9d. ; John Johnson, lis. 6d.; and Thomas Miller, 3s. 4d. 

Will, Painef of Ipswich appointed his friend Robert Lord of 
Ipswich his attorney, June 14, 1654. Wit : William Bartbolomewf 
and John Saford.f 

•The records of Norfolk County Court from 1654 to 1662 are missing. 


Coleby, Jno. Severans, Moses Gyllman, Willi. More, Saml. Dalton, 
Godfrey Dearborne, Jno, Marian, Hen. Moulton, Ghiles Fullar, 
Jno. Cass, Jno. Ayer, sr., dismissed, and Tho. Wbitcher. 

Mr. Richard Dumer, Mr. Robert Clement and Mr. Brian Pendle- 
ton sworn associates. 

Jno. Brown v. Tho. Sweatman. Debt. For two fat oxen. Ver- 
dict for plaintiff, 171i. 

Rob. Nanney v. Humphrey Wilson. Trespass. For taking 
oxen from Hampton contrary to warning. 

Emanuell Hilliard v. Jno. Severans. For molestation in plain- 
tiff's peaceable enjoyment of a parcell of meadow he bought of 
defendant, by having his hay taken away. 

Tho. King v. Edward Colcord. For not fulfilling a covenant to 
Edward Gillman concerning Tho. Tyler, in which plaintiff and 
defendant were jointly bound. Judgment for plaintiff. 

Jno. Severans v. Edward Colcord. Debt. A special verdict 
and the bench found for the plaintiff. 

Jno. Marian v. Richard Swaine. For unjust molestation about 
a parcell of meadow that plaintiff bought of Robert Lord. 

Widow Chase v. Christopher Palmer. For running a ditch 
through her meadow. Judgment for plaintiff, her meadow to run 
from the crook of the river according to the ancient bounds as it 
was first laid out. 

Capt. Tho. Wiggin v. Edward Colcord. Defamation. For say- 
ing he would present the Captain because he took off the bond of 
a man who was bound to good behavior upon non-appearance^ 
having hay to mow, and when men talk of him, for saying that it 
was one of Capt. Wiggin's lies. Continued to next Salisbury court. 

Jno. Ayer, sr., was freed from all trainings. 

Jno. Ayre, jr., was freed from all trainings for one year. 

Jno. Severans v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For entertainment at 
his house. 

Sam. Dalton took the freeman's oath. 

Ordered that the town of Hampton pay fine of lOli. in case the 
" carsie" over the raarsh toward Salisbury be not repaired in ten 

Mr. Tho. Ruck v. James Wall. Trespass. For taking away the 
geers of his saw mill and appropriating them to himself. Verdict 
for plaintiff. 


Antho. Stanian v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For three thousand 
of boards. 

Robert Tuck v. Edward Colcord. Debt. 

Robert Tuck v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For 1411. due for pipe- 
staves, paid to Mr. Willi. Paine about five years since. 

Humphrey Willson v. Edward Colcord. Debt. For fifty shill- 
ings paid to Mr. Sam. Dudley. 

Jno. Warren v. Jno. Garland. Breach of bond. Withdrawn. 

Jno. Redman v. Christopher Hussie. Trespass. For taking 
away hay out of his meadow. Judgment for defendant. Appealed. 
Henry Green, surety. 

Henry Roby, Tho. King and Francis Swaine v. Moses Gyll, in 
behalf of the town of Exeter. For security of a covenant made 
with Mr. Kimball for forty pounds worth of staves to satisfy Mr. 
Dudley for his maintenance. Withdrawn. 

Mr. Saml. Winsley v. Jno. Wedgwood. For not prosecuting his 
appeal to Court of Assistants, whereby the bond was forfeited. 
Judgment for plaintiff. Court " chancered " the bond. 

Mr. Sam. Winsley v. Humphrey Wilson. For 500 pipestaves 
delivered to Natt. Boulter, and debts paid for him to Mr. Brad- 
bury and Jno. Severans. Withdrawn. 

Natt. Winsley v. Goodman Pilsbery. For not paying him for 
making hogshead staves. 

Sam. Winsley, jr. v. Mr. Vallentine Hill, For work done for 
him at his mill and for his oxen. Withdrawn. 

Rodger Shaw sworn constable for the town of Hampton. 

Francis Swaine allowed fees for attendance at court. 

Ann Partridg appointed administratrix of the estate of her hus- 
band, Willi. Partridg, of Salisbury. 

.Ordered that the Recorder have power to enter in the court 
" roules " whatever acquittances shall be brought to him acknowl- 
edged by the parties, concerning any legacies given by Jno. Pike, sr., 
late of Salisbury, in accordance with his will. 

Ordered that the clerk of the court have 30s. for the use of 
the country for three actions entered by Edward Gillman, there 
being nothing to be found of the said Gill man's estate to discharge 
the same. 

Humphrey Humburd was fined 10s. for telling a lie. Bound to 
next Salisbury court. Willi. Fifeild and Jno. Samborne, sureties. 


Willi. Coules of Hampton was discharged from his bond for his 
wife's good behavior. 

Jeff. Mingee, Mr. Stanian and Mr. Hussie sworn commissioners 
to end small causes for town of Hampton. 

Dunnough, for offering filthiness to a child, was ordered 

to be whipped ten stripes. 

Tho. Pettitt to have 4s. of Humphrey Willson for attending two 
days upon his Irish man. 

Robert Smart bound for his wife, Rebecka Smart's appearance 
at next Salisbury court. 

Anthony Tayler allowed to keep the ordinary at Hampton and 
to sell wine and strong water. 

Mr. Seath Flecher and Willi. Moulton, both of Hampton, took 
the freeman's oath. 

Jno. Garland ordered to pay Jno. Redman, Is, 6d., Natt. Boulter, 
Is. 6d., Humphrey Wilson, 2s., and Jno. Warren, 2s. 

Ordered, with the consent of Elizabeth Chase, administratrix of 
the estate of Tho. Chase, late of Hampton, that the portion be 
paid the children at the same rate that it was prized in the in- 
ventory. The guardians, Tho. Filbrick and John Cass, discharged. 

Colcord forfeited his bond for non-appearance. 

Jno. Severans' bond for Barnabas Lamson's appearance was 

Elizabeth Osgood ordered to put in a sufficient security, to the 
satisfaction of the prudential men of Salisbury, to free the town of 
all charges for the support of a child of hers which she had by 
Barnabas Lamson, or else to be sent to Ipswhich goal. If she kept 
the child, she was to have the remainder of Lamson's estate bound 
to the town of Salisbury for her security. 

Francis Swaine and Tho. Pettitt bound for Jno. Garland's good 
behavior and for his appearance at next Salisbury court. 
Saml. Fogg made freeman and sworn. 

Robert Clement licensed to sell strong waters for the town of 

Mr. Saml. Winsley licensed to sell strong waters at retail for 
the town of Salisbury. 

Natt. Boulter appeared to prosecute his complaint against Col- 
cord, concerning a cow. 

Tho. Cornish bound for the appearance of his wife Mary at next 


Salisbury court, and not to go in the company of Francis Swaine. 

Nicolas Leeson and Tho. Kinge bound for the former's appear- 
ance at next Salisbury court, and that said Leeson should keep 
away from the house of Mary Cornish. 

Francis Swaine bound to keep out of the company of Mary 

The recorder ordered to issue a warrant to carry Elizabeth Os- 
good to Ipswitch goale. 

Ordered to pay Mr. Dalton's servants, 5s., and to Abraham Per- 
kins, 2s. 6d. 

Mr. Batcheller's letter of attorney to Mr. Christopher Hussie 

Court held at Salem, 28 : 9 : 1654. 

Present: Worship!. Jon. Endecott, Dept.-Gov., Worsl. Simon 
Brodstreete , Daniell Deneson, Serg.-Maj., Capt. Robt. Bridges and 
Mr. Hubbert, commissioner. 

Grand jury: Mr. Edmond Batter, Jeffrey Massie, Mr. John 
Holgrave, Thomas Spooner, Thomas Wickes and Henry Herrick of 
Salem ; Mr. Thomas Layton, Edmond Farrington, Thomas Coul- 
dum and John Mansfield of Lynn ; William Browne of Gloucester ; 
James Standidg of Manchester ; and James Moulton of Wenham. 

Jury of trials : Mr. Rogr. Conant, Serg. John Porter, Jacob 
Barney, Thomas Putman, Mr. David Cerwethin, Michaell Shaflin, 
Garrerd Spencer, Mr. Nathan iell Hanford, Rich. Johnson, Georg 
Tayler, Robt. Dutch and John Gardner. 

Mr. George Emery v. Mr. John Gifford. Debt 

Edward Baker v. Mr. John Bex & Company and Mr. John Jef- 
fard, agent for the company of undertakers of the iron works at 
Lyn. Debt. Execution respitted.f 

Gabrill Evans v. John Ridgaway. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Browne v. Richard Margerum. Debt. 

Capt. Robert Harding v. Mr. Willm. Browne. For withholding 
nine men's shares for the ship Happy Entrance and for hides, tal- 
low, etc.* 

♦George CorwinJ certified that Mr. Bwiss and Mr. Cowes took 
one chest of brown sugar of his which was for Mathew Harve and 

tThis paragraph is crossed out in the records. 


Griles Barye v. Daaiell Salmon. Debt. 

Edward Milliard v. John Ridgaway. Debt. For freight of fish 
from Muuhegin to Charlstowne. Wichdrawn. 

Mr. Henry Cowes and Francis Buers v. Mr. William Browne. 
For detaining a chest of sugar and a parcel of hides. Verdict for 
plaintiff, a chest of sugar containing three hundred weight at 50s. 
per C, amounting to71i. 10s. 

Mr. Henry Cowes v. Mr. William Browne. For withholding a 
servant woman. 

Nathaniell Putman v. Capt. Francis Norton. Withdrawn.* 

Capt. Robert Harding v. James Harmon. For withholding the 
accounts of the ship. 

Thomas Wiggins v. Mr. John Beeke & Company and Mr. John 
Giffard, agent to the undertakers of the Iron works at Lyn. Debt. 
For work done at the Iron works. Acknowledged receipt of part 
from Captain Kenie and Mr. Emery. t 

Willm. Tingle v. Mr. Jon. Beekes & Company and Mr. John 
Giffard. Debt. 

Mr. Charles Gott and William Geare sworn commissioners to 
end small causes at Wenham. 

Thomas Fiske sworn clerk of the writs for Wenham, and also 
clerk of the band of the company there. 

John Fisk sworn constable of Wenham. 

Anthony Buckston, administrator of the estate of his deceased 
brother, Tho. Buxston, to pay to the three children of the said 
Thomas in England, 2 Hi., and Anthony to have the remainder 
to be divided between himself and his children. 

George Ingersoll of Gloster confessed judgment to Mr. William 
Barthollmew of Ipswich. 

Edward Mills and delivered it to the boatswain of their ship. 
Dated 27 : 9 : 1654. 

*Writ, Nathaniell Putnam v. Capt. Francis Norton of Charles- 
towne, for carrying from his house a stray horse, etc., dated 30 : 8 : 
1654, and signed by Elias Stileman,^ for the court. Served by 
Samuell Archard,| marshal of Salem. Bond of Fra. Norton. J 

tCopy of Ipswich court record relating to John Gifford's account : 
John Frances for coaling 176 loads at 5s. 6d., 481i. 8s. Dated, 27 : 
9 : 1654, and attested by Robert Lord, J clerk. 

t Autograph. 


Mr. George Corwine of Salem fined for absence from the grand 

Thomas White of Wenham fined for absence from jury of trials. 

Rich. Hutton, constable of Wenham, being fined for not return- 
ing a warrant summoning jury of trials, had his fine remitted, 
pleading difiiculty of coming over the ferry. 

Joseph Armitage of Lyn acknowledged judgment to Isack Com- 
ings of Ipswich. 

John Hill V. Mr, John Jeffard, agent to Mr. Beekes& Company, 
undertakers for the Iron works of Lynn. Debt. Captain Kiene 
was deputy attorney for the undertakers. 

Joseph Armytage v. Mr. John Beeks & Company and Mr. John 
Jefferd, agent to the company of undertakers for the Iron works 
of Lynn. Debt. Assigned to him by Jo. Ramsdell. Capt. Keine 

John Turner, sr. v. Mr. Jon. Beekes & Company, Mr. John Gif- 
ferd, etc. Debt. For work done at the Iron works. Wit : Fran. 
Perry. Jos. Armitage deposed that Mr. Hutcheson allowed this 
account at Capt. Keine's farm. 

John Hathorne, assignee to John Lambert v. John Beeks & 
Company and Mr. John Geffurd, etc. Debt. 

Mr. John Gidney v. Jon. Ridgaway. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Mr. William Payne v. Jon. Ridgaway. For non-payment of fish 
for salt delivered him. 

Thomas Wells bound over and fined for injuries to Will"* Bayly 
in striking him in his own house. 

Dan. Salmon v. Jon. Beek & Company and Mr. Jon. Gefford. 
Debt. For work done at the Iron works at Lynn. 

John Ridgaway of Charlestowne acknowledged judgment to Mr. 
John Gidney. 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 9 : 1654. 
Will* of George Williams of Salem proved by Jo. Home, Elias 
Stileman and Thomas Crumwell. 

*Will dated 23 : 7 : 1654. He bequeathed " to marie williams 
my loving wife my now dwelling house w*^"^ all the land there vnto 
belonging being about foure Acres and three quarters for and dur- 
ing the naturall life of my said wife and after the decease of my 
said wife my will is that John williams my eldest sonne shall haue 


Inventory* of the estate of George Williams, taken 18 : 8 : 
3 654, by Elias Stileman, jr., and Richard Bishop. 

and enioy the said house and land to him and his heires foreuer 
Item I giue and bequeath to my said wife one third part of my 
estate viz land debts houshould goods and Cattell w*'" timber and 
whatsoeuer I now stand possessed in. Item I giue and bequeath 
vnto marie Bishop my daughter the sume of five pounds and to her 
2 Children five pounds to be divided betwixt them 

"Item For the remain [d]er of my estate vndisposed of I giue 
and bequeath vnto John Sarauell Joseph & Georg williams my 
sonnes and sara & Bethia williams my daughter[s] to be diuided to 
them by equall portions saue onlie my daughter sara to haue a 
double portion in respect of her infirmitie all w'='' portions shall be 
paid at seuerall tymes as hereafter exprest viz : to my sonne John 
Williams his said portion at the end and expiration of three full 
yeares from the date of these presents and to eamuell williams my 
Sonne his portion at the end of fife yeares and to Joseph williams 
my Sonne his portion to be paid to him at the end of seaven yeares 
and to Georg williams my sonne the portion to be paid at the end 
of ten yeares and for a double portion I give to my daughter Sara 
my will is shall be paid present and Bethia my daughter her por- 
tion it shall be paid when she shall acomplish the age of eighteene 
" Item my will is that marie williams my loving wife and John 
williams my sonne shall be my execute" of this my last will and 
testamt and for the better pformauce herof my will is that my said 
Sonne John williams & his mother shall endeuor to bring vp and 
provide for the rest of my Children instructing and teaching them 
in the trade I now profess vntill they shall come to the age of 
twentie and one yeare severallie and what advance or loss shall 
come to the estate before the tymes of paym*^ shall expire to belong 
to all according to their pticular portions and further I doe entreate 
my loving Frends Thomas Watson & henerie Skerrie the elder and 
Jelferie massey to be ouer seers." Georg williams. t Wit : John 
Horne,t Elias Stileman, jr.,t and Thomas CromwelLf 

*Inventory of the estate of George Williams taken 18 : 8 : 1654 
by Elias Stileman, jr.,t and Richard Bishop :t One house & out 
buildings wth 4 acres of land at the house, halfe an acre of it in or- 
chard, 401i. ; 10 acres of planting Land, 51i. ; 3 acres & Quarter of 
meadow, 121i. ; 2 Steers, 3 yeers & vantage, llli. ; 3 Cowes, 121i. ; 3 
yeerlings, 51i. ; 1 Geilding, 121i. ; halfe a Mare & halfe a maire fole, 
llli. ; 3 Ewe Sheepe, 61i. ; 5 Ewe Lambes, Gli. 5s. ; 1 wether & 2 
Lambes, Hi. 15s. ; 2 hoggs, 31i. ; 10 Bush, ould Indian Corne, Hi. 
10s. ; 2 Bush, of Wheate, 9s. ; 1 1-2 Bush. Mault, 7s. 6d. ; 1 1-2 Bush, 
pease, 6s. ; 40 Bush. New Indian Corne, 51i. ; 141i. of white suger, 



14s. ; 3 yd. 1-4 brodcloth, 21i. 12s. 6d. ; 1 yd. 1-2 brodcloth, Hi. 7s. ; 

2 yds. 3-4 of double shagg, 19s. 3d. ; 3 yds. 3-4 of yellow Cottoa, 

lis. 3d. ; 6 yds. of . 21i. 2s. ; 6 yds. 3-4 of Shagg, Hi. 2s. 9d. ; 

12 yds. 3-4 Cottea cloth, Hi. 18s. 3d. ; 20 yds. of Sayle Canvas, 21i. ; 

3 1-2 yds. Linsie Woolsie, 12s. 3d. ; 2 3-4 yds. of Wt. Gotten, 5s. lid. ; 
1 yd. 1-2 of penneston, 5s. ; 4 pr. New shoes, I63. ; 1 sute of clothes 
Cersey, 21i. ; 1 sute & cloke of Searge, 21i. 10s. ; 1 Stuff Coate, 15s. ; 

4 yds. 1-2 pennestone, 18s. ; 1 pr. of breeches, 12s.; 4 yds. Lock- 
rum, 8s.; 1 cloth cloake, Hi. 10s.; 1 wastcote, 2s. 6d. ; 2 Jacketts & 
a pr. of drawers, 10s.; 1 hatt, I2s. ; 3 pr. Stockings, 8s.; 2 pr. 
Shoes, 73. ; 2 chests & 1 trunke. Hi. 2s. ; 1 chest & box, 8s. ; In 
money, 51i. ; 1 feather bed & boulster & 2 pillowes, 141i. ; 1 matt, 
Is. ; 3 blanketts, Hi. 12s. ; 1 Greene Rugg, Hi. lOs. ; 1 bedsted, Hi. ; 
3 Curtains, 6s.; 1 feather bed, boulster & 4 pillowes, 31i. 5s. ; 2 
ould blanketts & rugg. Hi. ; 1 trundle bed matt & Cord, 3s. ; 1 flock- 
bed, 12s. ; 1 feather boulster, lOs. ; 1 boulster of wooll, 15s. ; 3 
blanketts, one Coverlett, 21i. 5s. ; 1 Cotten blankett, 12s. ; 1 pr. 
Gotten drawers, 43. ; 1 halfe heded bedsted & matt, 10s. ; 1 bedtick 
& boulster, 123. ; 2 blanketts & 2 ould Coverletts, Hi. 5s. ; 1 ould 
bedsteed, 23. ; 1 yd. 3-4 of Linsi woolsie, 63. ; 1 yd. 3-4 barbers stuff, 
5s. ; 1 dieper bourd cloth, 16s. ; 1 holland tablecloth, 83. ; 3 dieper 
napkins, 43. 6d. ; 4 napkins, 33. ; 1 pr. holland sheetes, 21i. ; 6 pil- 
lowbears, 18s. ; 1 pr. sheetes very ould, 4s. ; 1 pr. sheetes, 10s. ; 1 
pr. Cotton sheetes. Hi. 4s. ; 3 halfe sheetes ould, 43. ; 2 small bord 
clothes & 8 towells, lis. ; 2 pr. ould sheetes, 12s. ; 1 pr. sheetes. 
Hi. ; 5 shirts, Hi. 10s. ; 1 Court Cubberd, I63. ; 1 table & forme, 
IBs. ; 1 chaire table, 8s. ; 6 chaires, 8s. ; Hi. powder, 23. ; 10 pewter 
dishes, 21i. 53.; 2 greater & 2 lesser basons, 10s. ; in other pewter 
potts & old platters, 6s. ; Lisbourne waire, 4s. ; In hay, 41i. ; 2 pailes, 
18s.; In Cooper's timber, 61i. 10s.; 1 Copper Kettle, 21i. 10s.; 1 
Copper Cettle, I63. ; 1 Brass Cettle, 4s. ; 1 Warming pan, 73. 6d. ; 
1 Iron pott, 63. ; 1 Iron pott, 3s. ; 1 Skillett, 2s. 6d. ; 1 frying pann, 
Is. 6d. ; 1 pr. Andirons, 5s. ; 1 Gridiron, 3s. ; fire pan & tongs, 3s. ; 

1 pitt, 2s.; pott hanger & pot hookes, 5s. ; a Ladle, 6d. ; hourglass, 
12d. ; 2 sieves, 2s., 33. 6d. ; 1 pr. billowes, 23. 6d. ; 1 bible, 4s. ; psalm 
book, 12d., 53. ; 1 muskett, bandeliers & Sword, Hi. ; 1 doz. trench- 
ers, 8d. ; 2 yds. of searge, Hi. lOs. ; buttons & Silk, I63. ; a Rem- 
nant of Stuff, 23. ; 1 pr Stockings, 2s. ; 1 wastcote, 4s. 6d. ; 1 doz. 
bands, 6s. ; Silk & Cotten ribind, 2s. ; thrid, 4s. ; Lace & Filletten, 
23. ; a peece of Leather, 3s. ; 3 axes, 6s., & 3 Cooper's axes, 12s. ; 3 
frowes, 5s., a hattchett & bill, 2s., 7s. ; 2 Spaids, 3s., 4 addses, 15s. ; 
8 Drawing Knives, 10s.; 2 augers & bung borer, 23.; 3 pr. Cora- 
passes, 33. ; 2 Round shaves & an old adds, 3s. ; 1 handsaw, 12d., 

2 thwart Sawes, lOs., lis ; 3 howells, 3s., a sithe, 18d., 43. ; 6 ould 
howes, 43. ; percer bitts. Is. 6d. ; 2 Joynters, 4s. ; Trussing hoopes, 
23. ; 2 Cresses, 2s. 6d. ; 2 Cressetts, 53. ; a grindstone, 2s. ; 100 



Will* of Mary Williams proved by Thomas Robins and Richard 
Bishop. The executors were Jeffery Massy, Henry Skerry, sr., 
and Thomas Watson, though named overseers. 

hewed staves, 5s. ; a skiff, 311. 10s. ; severall wood & earth vessells 
& other Lumber or utensells, 21i. 10s. ; In bords & wheate that 
should have been for the Raite, Hi. 18s. ; debts owing to the estate 
if good & not desperat, 871i. 8s. ; total, 3261i. lis. The estate 
debtor to severall men, 511i. 10s. 7d. 

♦The will of Marie Williams, widow of George Williams of Sa- 
lem, dated 1:8: 1654 : " Impr that whereas my late husband 
Greorg williams deceased by his last will and testam* did giue and 
bequeath vnto me besyds his dwelling housse & a Certaine portain 
of land during my naturall life & one one third pt of all the rest of 
his estate he died possessed in out of w'^'' third part I giue to Sara 
williams my daughter one halfe of the afforsaid third pt to be im- 
proved by the ouersyght of Thomas watson henerie skerrie and 
Jefferie massey or any twoo of them for the vse and behove of the 
said Sara. Itm I giue and bequeath to marie Bishop my daughter 
the sume of five pounds 

"Itm I giue vnto Samuell williams my sonne five pound Itm. I 
giue and bequeath to Joseph williams and Georg williams my 
sonnes and to bethia williams my daughter the remainder of my es- 
tate to be Lmproued for the vse and hehove of the said Joseph 
Georg & Bethia by the faithfullnes and discretion of the aforsaid 
watson Skerie & masey vntill Joseph & Georg shall acomplish the 
ag of twentie and one yeares seuerallie and vntill the said Bethia 
shall acomplish the age of eighteene or be otherwise disposed of in 
marriag. Itm for my wearing aparell it is my will that for all my 
woollen Clothes the shalbe equallie diuided betwixt marie Bishop 
and sara williams my twoo daughters and for my linens they to be 
diuided betwixt the said marie & sara williams and Bethia wil- 
liams my daughters by equall portions." Marie (her mark) 
Williams. Wit : Richard Bishop* and Thomas Robins.* 

Inventory of the estate of Mary Williams, widow of George Wil- 
liams, taken 17 : 9 : 1654, by Elias Stileman, jr.,* and Richard. 
Bishop :* One Cloth goune, 31i. 10s. ; 1 Searge Goune, 21i. 10s. ; 1 
red pettecote & wastcote doub. baise, 21i. ; 1 red searg pettecote, 21i. 
15s. ; 1 doub. Shagg pettecote, 16s. ; 1 Linsiewoolsie pettecote, 10s. ; 
1 Searge pettecote, 7s. ; 1 cloake. Hi. 4s. ; 1 hood, 2s. 6d. ; 1 tafetie 
Scarfe, 6s. ; 1 demycaster. Hi. 28. ; 1 felthatt, 12s. ; 1 pr. stockings, 
3s., 1 pr. Stockings, 12d., 4s. ; 1 Searge Apron, 5s. ; 1 Say Apron, 
10s. ; 1 Say Apron, 6s. ; 2 blu aprons, 6s., 1 Apron, 12d., 7s. ; 1 
white demytie wastcote, 9s. ; 1 Sleasie Apron, 8s. ; 1 dowlass Apron, 



Bond of Mr. John Gerviss to prosecute an appeal from Captain 
Bridges. Sureties : Mr. John Giffard and Richd. Edwards. 

Court held at Salem, 30 : 9 : 1654. 

Thomas Wickes sworn clerk of the market. 

Edward Baker v. Mr. John Beckes & Company and Mr. John 
Jeffard, agent of the undertakers of Lyn. Debt. 

Edward Baker deposed in court that he had received a part of 
the foregoing debt. 

Thomas Robins of Salem had some of the estate of Michaell 
Spencer, deceased, a bill of 52s. 6d,, 2 cowes with rent of same for 
one year & a rugg of 18s. Court ordered, with consent of Garrud 
Spencer, administrator of said deceased, that Robins was to have 
it as he had a child of the deceased to bring up. The child's name 
was Michaell Spencer, and he was six years old. 

Elizabeth, wife of John Legg, to confess her sin of slighting and 
reproaching Mr. Walton and of disorderly carriage in the meeting 
house on the Lord's day, or to sit one hour in the stocks. Wit: 
Mr. Johnson, Will. Beale and Ric. Rouland, constable. The con- 
stable of Marblehead to see it performed. The confession was as 
follows : " I Elizabeth Legg doe acknowledg that I did euell & Sin- 
full in Speakeing Slitely and scornefull of Mr. Walton, & In perti- 
culer In Saying I Could haue a boy from the Colledg that would 
preach better then Mr. Walton for half y® wages." 

Thomas Gray of Marblehead, bound over for railing and drunk- 
enness, was fined or to have ten stripes. Mr. Batter engaged for the 
payment of the fine. 

John Dixon, a witness in Fran. Perry's presentment, did not ap- 
pear. Attachment to be issued. 

5s. ; 1 Silk Hood, 5s. ; 2 fine holland hancherchers, 10s. ; 2 hanker- 
chers, 6s. ; 1 Lawne hankercher, 5s. ; 2 hankerchers, 3s. ; 2 wt. 
hoods, 7s.; 5 forhead clothes, 7s.; 3 pr. hand cuffs, Is. ; 3 pr. gloves 
7s.-; 1 wt. Cotten Wastcote, 4s.; 2 Shifts, 12s., 1 shift, 3s., 15s ; 1 
pr. shoes, 3s. 6d. ; 6 neckclothes, 6s. ; the 1-3 of goods giuen by 
will of her husband Georg Williams, 791i. 14s. 7 l-4d. ; the 1-3 of 
debts owing to her sd. husband's estate, 291i. 2s. l-4d. ; total, 1311i. 
3s. 3 l-2d. One third of debts to be payed out of the estate, 171i. 
3s. 6 l-4d. 


Court held at Salem, 1 : 10 : 1654. 

Will of widow Elizabeth Hardy proved by Mr. Edm. Batter and 
Nathaniell Pickman ; but the will was defective for want of exec- 
utors. Court appointed her son, Joseph Hardy, and Roger Has- 
kall, administrators. Inventory* brought in. 

Erancis Perry presented for slighting of authority, etc., saying 
that Mr. Gifford might devote an execution he had against the com- 
pany to a certain improper use ; none appearing against him the 
case was dismissed. 

♦Inventory of the estate of widow Elizabeth Hardie of Salem, de- 
ceased, taken 11 : 9 : 1654, by William Dodgef and William -.f 

A certain purchase of house and land late in the possession of Mr. 
Garvase Gafford, 401i. ; a dwelling house in the towne with 2 acres 
of land thereunto belonging, 401i. ; a ten acre lott in the south 
field, lOli. ; a Joynd bedsteed, Hi. 10s. ; a wenescot Chest & a sea 
chest, Hi. ; table wth frame & a forme, Hi. 6s. ; 4 pewter platters, 
1 drinking bole & 1 Candlestick, 12s.; 1 ould warming pan, 5s.; 2 
Iron pots & 2 payr of pot hookes, Hi. 5s. ; 1 Chyney bason, Is. 8d. ; 
4 pewter dishes, a salt and a bole, 12s. ; 1 brass raalter, 5s. ; 1 mus- 
ket & 2 swords, all rustic, 12s. ; 2 Cuissons, 6s. ; 1 Carpett Cloth, 
8s. ; 3 Cheares, 10s. ; 1 pillow beere, 3s. ; 1 Cheese press, 3s. ; 2 
hakes and 2 hookes, 5s. ; 2 hand Irons, 1 spitt & 1 ould gridiron, 
10s. ; 2 litle tables, 1 form and a setle, 10s. ; 1 grindlestone, 4s. ; 
12 bushells of Indian Corne, Hi. 12s. ; 2 Iron spads, 3s. ; 1 Come 
sive, Is. ; 1 ould bed Coverin, 1 blanket and 1 winowing sheete, 
12s. ; 1 litle brass pot, 2 skellets, lis. ; 2 bushells of wheate, 10s. ; 
8 Ewe sheepe, 121i. ; 1 Ram lamb, 1 weder lambe, Hi. ; 1 Calfe, 
Hi. ; 4 Cowes, 1 steere, 211i. 13s. 4d. ; 1 Feather bed, 1 pillow, 2 
blankets, 1 Rugg, 41i. 10s. ; 2 yards 1-2 Coten & wooll mixt Cloth 
& 2 Cuissons, 16s. ; 1 sett of Cortaines & vallance, Hi. ; 1 Cloke, 1 
peticote, 1 wascote & 1 hood, 31i. 10s. ; 3 sheets, 18s. ; 2 pillow 
beeres, 10s. ; 1 table Cloth, 1 Napkin, 4 handkerch, 13s. 6d. ; 2 
Cappes, 1 Croscloth, 1 linen apron, lis. ; total, 1511 i. 9s. 2d. ; debts, 
lOli. 9s. 2d. 

Copy of deed dated 26 : 7 : 1653, Gervis Garford of Salem, gen- 
tleman, to Elizabeth Hardee of Salem, widow, for 801i., his dwelling 
house and ten acres of arable land and six and a quarter acres of 
meadow near Draper's Poynt upon Bass River, adjoining the house, 
also eighty acres of land between Lord's Hill & Birt's Plaine on Bass 
River side. Attested, 25 : 8 : 1653, by Hilliard Veren,t recorder. 

Copy of grant to Jno. Hardey, dated 27 : 10 : 1638, forty acres 
of upland and six acres of meadow to the east of that land which 
was granted to Richard Dodge. Attested by Edmond Batter. f 



William Lord of Salem, aged seventy-seven years, discharged 
from training on account of his age and many bodily infirmities. 

Francis Lawes of Salem released from fine for not training, on 
account of age and infirmity. 

Joseph Williams and Georg Williams, sons of George Williams, 
late of Salem, deceased, ordered to dwell with their brother, 
John Williams, after the manner of apprentices, until they are 
twenty-one, and be taught the trade of a cooper according to their 
father's will. Bethiah, the daughter of the deceased, to be given 
into the hands of some good service or family where she would be 
well educated. 

William Lyon, son of John Lyon of Marblehed, put himself an 
apprentice to Edmond Farrinton of Lyn, fellmonger, for eleven 
years. Court decided that he was to serve but eight years from 
May 1st next, and be taught that trade. 

Cornelious Hulett to be whipped ten stripes on some lecture day 
in seasonable weather, for fornication with Elizabeth Due, having 
confessed before Rev. Edward Norice and others. 

Court held at Salem, 2 : 10 : 1654. 

Elizabeth Due alias Hulett, wife of Cornelious Hulett, for slan- 
derous speeches against Mr. Zerobabell Endecott in fathering her 
child upon him, to be whipped twenty stripes on some lecture day, 
and a paper to be pinned upon her forehead with this inscription in 
capital letters: «'A SLANDERER OF MR. ZEROBABELL 

James Harmon, presented for quarreling and attempting the 
chastity of Damaris Laskins and Bathsuah Raraand, was bound to 
good behavior. Mr. Elias Stileman , surety. He had broken his 
bond by fighting. 

Ordered that servants in the house that have attended have 58., 
that is, Robt. Prince to have two shillings, and the rest three shill- 
ings among them. 

James Harmon fined ten shillings. 

John Cole of Cape Porpos, drunk, fined 10s. by Worpll, John 

James Thomas, overtaken in drink, fined ten groats. 

George Bunker of Topsfeild, sworn freeman before Right Worpll. 
John Endecott, 17 : 2 : 1655. 


Court held at Ipswich, Mar. 27, 1655. 

Judges : Mr. Symon Brodstreet, Mr. Samuell Symonds, Maj. 
Daniell Denison and Mr. Will. Hubard [and Capt. Robert Bridges. 
— Waste Book.^- 

Jury of trials : Mr. Jo. Apleton, Tho. Borman, Tho. Bishop, 
Robort Day, Joseph Reding, Hugh Smith, Sam. Brocklbanck, Ezek. 
Northen, Ben. Swett, John Bishop, Robt. Coker and Will. Evans. 

Richard Coye v. Mr. William Hubbard, sr. Review.* 

*Copy of verdict, dated 27 : 1 : 1655, which was upon the bar- 
gain made with Mr. Whittingham, for ten years' service. 

Haniell Bosworth testified that " while we was in london and all 
the way we came to New England I never heard any other time 
mentioned that Rich. Coy came over with Mr. Whittingham but 
ten yeares and It was generally so understood by us that was felow 
sarvents together." Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 1 : 1655. 

John Anable testified that he heard Mr. Whitingham say that 
Richard Coy was to be with him ten years, and that he heard his 
(Richard's) sister, Mary Coy, say that her brother Richard Coy 
was to serve Mr. Whitingham ten years. 

Robart Smith testified that it was so reported all the way to 
New England. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 1 : 1655. 

Samuell Kent and Benjamin Muzy deposed that Richard Coy 
served Mr. Hubberd at least one and one -half years after his seven 
years. Sworn in court. Mar. 28, 1655. 

Samuell Kent deposed that a month before the trial, Richard Coy 
and Mr. Hubberd were talking together about Richard's time. Mr. 
Hubberd said he was going to Boston and would talk with Rich- 
ard's sister there and if she said the time was out, Richard should 
have his liberty. Said Hubberd agreed to pay him wages if he 
would stay with him. Richard was sent away meanly clad, his 
best suit being a slight stuff, and the breeches having no lining in 
them, and one old suit besides. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27 : 1 : 

Benjamin Mussy, aged about twenty years, testified that he was 
living at Mr. Hubard's when Richard Coy and Mr. Hubard talked 
about Richard's time. Sworn, 27 : 1 : 1655. 

Mr. Whittingham brought over Richard Coy and his brother, 
Mathew Coy, in 1638, with divers other servants who first came 
from Boston in Lincolnshire to London. There Mr. Whittingham 
kept them upon his own charges from May 1st till June 24th, so 
that his bringing up to London and charges of his staying there 
could not be less than 40s., his passage to New England, 51 i,, mak- 
ing 7li., besides other charges in provisions in addition to what 


An Mighill, executrix of the estate of her late husband, Thomas 
Mighill V. Mr. Frances Norton. Trespass. Mr. Jewett undertook 
to answer it. 

Frances Johnson and partners v. Mr. Richard Foxwell. Debt. 

Capt. Robert Bridges, attorney to Mrs. Mary Washbourn, widow, 
administratrix of the estate left by Mr. William Woodcoke v. Mr. 
Edward Ting, Elder William Colborne, Elder James Penn and Mr. 
Thomas Joanes, overseers of the will of Capt. William Ting. 
Debt. Jury does not consider things mentioned in Mr. Ting's 
books concerning provisions left in the ship Expedition. Appeal 
to Court of Assistants, Mr. Edward Ting and Mr. Edward Raw- 
son, sureties. The original petition, referred to the General 
Court by Capt. Bridges, was brought in as evidence and returned 
to the secretary.* 

they allowed ordinarily to passengers, all of which could be no 
less than 81i. This 81i. disbursed in England according to mer- 
chants' account, the adventure of his person considered, could not 
be here worth less than 151i. or 161i., and 161i., for a boy of thir- 
teen years of age to be laid out here for ten years' service cannot 
any way seem injurious to the servant or of much advantage to the 
master. " It seemeth to mee, the plaintiffe hath no cause to com- 
plains although he had served ten yeares w*^*^ he never yet did by 
2 yeares or thereaboutes." His brother, two years older, served 
eight years to Mr. Haugh. 

Mathew Coy, aged thirty-three years or thereabouts, deposed 
that at their coming to New England, his mother sent Richard Coy 
with his sister Mary, to Mr. Whittingham, then at Boston, in 
England, and told them that she was willing that her son, Richard 
Coy, should serve but seven years with Mr. Whittingham or else 
Richard should return home. Sworn Mar. 20, 1654-5, before Ri. 
Bellingham,t Governor. 

♦The writ mentions that William Woodcock was of London, and 
that defendants were guardians to act in place of the executrix ; 
dated at Boston, 10: 1 : 1654-5, and signed by Jonath. Negusf for 
the court. Served by Ri. Wayte,t marshal of Suffolk, by attach- 
ment of the dwelling house, land, warehouse, orchard and pasture, 
now the house of Mr. Edward Tynge of Boston, that he now 
dwells in. 

Mrs. Mary Bridges testified that she talked with Mr. William 
Tinge, deceased, about the debt he owed to the estate of her de- 
ceased father. She said that her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Wash- 
bourne, wrote to her to speak to him. He asked her how many of 



her father's children there were living, and seemed anxious that 
they should receive the money. She told him there were six for 
all she knew, and he said that there would be 501i. coming to her 
for her share. Deponent answered that she thought she would 
receive nothing, for she was disposed of already, and especially if 
it should fall into the hands of her uncle, Herriott Washbourne, he 
being her grandmother's eldest son and liable to inherit all the 
property. Signed by Mary Bridges.* Sworn, 26 : 1 : 1655, before 
Eob Bridges* and Edw. Rawson,* secretary. 

Declaration of Robert Bridges,* attorney for the plaintiff: That 
Mr. William Woodcocke was a merchant, late of Loudon, and 
Capt. William Tinge was late of Boston, and that in or about 1638 
said William Woodcocke made an adventure in partnership with 
Capt. Willm. Tinge in the ship Expedition to the Barbadoes, to 
whom Mr. Woodcocke committed the whole management of the 
voyage. The latter neglected, so far as anything could be found 
in any of his books, to charge Capt. Tinge with his half share, 
having full confidence in the fidelity and godliness of said Tinge to 
give a just account at all times. Mr. Woodcocke died Oct. 8 or 
11, 1638, before a settlement was made, and his accounts were left 
in much confusion, but it was found that among the creditors was his 
mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Washburne, " now aboue 70 yeares of age 
& shee haueinge a maternall affection towards her parentlesse Chil- 
dren II to whome shee is a Granmother || tooke uppon her y** trou- 
ble of an Admidstratrix unto y® estate, y^ w'^'' hath not (as shee- 
informes) pd. her areares || by much and || whiles matters stood 
thus, under troublesome agitacones (concerning y* little estate y' 
was lefte) betweene y^ sd Admidstratrix & other Creditors, y® sd 
Capta Tinge w*"* his family removes from ould Engla heth"" w'^out 
giueinge y* Least knowledge of y® s"* buisnes (Lefte to himselfe) 
Nowe, after hee had bin heere, seuall yeares (haveinge buried his 
wife) hee tooke a voyage for Engla in one of those two shipps y* 
were cast away uppon y" Spanish Coaste (wheereof Capta Hawkins 
was one) But y® Lord spareinge Capta. Tinge || from y* eminent 
daynger || hee did (after his arivall in England) discover to y^ sd 
admidstratrix, y*' hee had a debt in his hands, due unto ye estate 
of y** s'* M'' Woodcocke yet never would tell her w* y® some was 
and yet gaue her good incoragem'^ to confide in his faithfullnesse y* 
it should bee pd her & as apledge thereof & for her incorragem*' to 
expect y^ residue, hee then pd her a small pte of it, w^'^all tellinge 
her y' in regard of his greate Losse goeinge for England, hee could 
not then conveniently pay her any more. After Capta Tinge had 
beene some time in Engla, he returned heth"" agayne, and then y® 
admistratrix wrott to him yeare after yeare to desire him to send 
her w* was justly due to her, & after 2 or 3 yeares y* hee had bin 
heere, hee pd her anoth"^ pte of y® debt, by y® way of Barbados, & 



some pte alsoe of y* debt hee pd by her order to my selfe, all w'^ 
is very short by a Considerable some of w^ is justly due of y* 
principall (as y« acc° will make appeare), And not w'" standinge 
shee hath often solicited Capta Tinge by Lres to Lett mee knowe w* 
was justly due to her (& accordingly to send it her) & alsoe hath 
wrott Lre^ to my selfe & wife to impue o'' intrest in Capta Tinge to 
^swade him thereunto, yet could wee not obteyne it, puttinge of 
us offe w"" dilatory answers, tellinge us there was a Considerable 
some still due & || acknowledgeinge || y» the buisues pued a very 
good buisnes to him & if y® admstratrix would send him over a 
Generall acquittance & order, hee would pay unto mee w' was re- 
mayneinge, hee supposeinge it I may justly conceive not for his 
advantage to pay it in Engla. But y** Admistratrix thought it noe 
lesse then due justice (& I beeleeue Conscience alsoe) y* it should 
have beene all of it pd in Engla Longe since & not bee forced to 
receaue it heere in y« Country pay to her greate disadvantage & 
wronge, But att y* Last, y« admistratrix beinge wearied w"" delays 
& knowinge not otherwise howe to helpe herselfe, but must bee 
content to sitt downe w''' w* Capta Tinge would pay her, both for 
quantity & quallitie || shee not knoweinge w'' to require of him |j 
shee sent over a Generall acquittance to mee to deliv' to him, uppon 
y« paym* of w* hee should affirme to bee y® full of w* was her due, 
But in y« intrim (& beefore y** acquittance same to my hand) Capta 
Tinge died." Capt. Bridges received a letter of attorney from Mrs. 
Washbourne and at the same time she sent a letter to Mr. Edw. 
Tinge, one of the executors of Capt. Tinge's estate, of which the 
following is a copy, attested by Wm. Davis,* 5:5: 1654 : 

" Loueinge Freind, 

I doe vnderstand by my sonne Bridges, y' y« Lord hath beene 
pleased, to take away my deare freind yo' Broth'' Capta. Tinge, 
there was some acco. beetweene him & my sonne Woodcocke, w** 
if y® Lord had spared him Life, I make noe question but hee 
would acleered, And nowe seeinge it is soe, y* hee hath lefte soe 
faithfull a freind. as yo' selfe, ouseer of his estate, for to see his 
Just debts sattisfied, I make noe doubt, but yo^ will take such 
order, whereby I may receeve y* w'^" is due to my sonne Woodcock, 
from yo'' bro. Capta. Tinge, I beeinge administratrix, for y® good of 
his Children, there is many of them , to bee set forth into y« world, 
one y* is newely a freeman, & anoth"" w"*' is a souldier in Ireland, 
& a Daughter w'^'' is married in Ireland, besids & they haue bin at 
charge bringinge vpp & puttinge to prentice, w*^'' hath cost mee 
more then I haue reced for them, therefore I should desire yo^ to 
pay vnto my sonne Bridges, y* money, w""^ is beehind, w"' y« pffitts 
beelonginge to y^ estate of my sonne Woodcock, I haue giuen him 
power by Lre of Atturney for to receeve y® same, & to giue a Re- 
lease, & an acquittance, I haue alsoe sent yo^ a certificate vnder y* 

* Autograph. 


Civil cases : — 

Thomas Roliusou v. Mr. John Appleton. Trespass. Withdrawn. 
Robert Starkeweather v. Thomas Kemball. 

John Gifford v. Capt. Robert Keaine. False imprisonment. 
Keeping him in prison after execution was satisfied. Withdrawn. 

register of the p''rogatiue office, whoe hath certified vnder their 
hands, y** truth of y'' Admistracon. I haue reced of yo"^ bro. in his 
life time 501i by bill of Exc° & 201i y® Capta pd mee himselfe when 
hee was in Loudon, & 201i my sonne Bridges Reced of him by my 
order, w*^'* comes to in all, 901i w*^'' is all I reced of him. It is 
agreate while since it should haue bin pd, therefore, I desire yo" to 
pay it forthw*** to my sonne Bridges, & to pay him Consideracon 
for y® forbearence of y® same as is meete. Thus w'''^ my Louinge 
Comendac* to yo'' selfe, & to yo"" Bro. Tings Children, w*'^ my prayers 
to Allmighty god for them, I rest, 

" Yo"" Loueinge Friend vnknowne, 

" mary Washbourne, 

« Northall Febr y« 18"' 1653." 

Capt. Bridges had been assured by Capt. Tinge and by Capt. 
Davis, appraiser of said Tinge's estate, that a considerable sum 
was still due, and he had appealed to the General Court to have it 
paid in England. 

Copy of the account as it stood on Mr. Tinge's books, which were 
ordered to be brought into the General Court, Nov. 9, 1654, attested 
by Edw. Rawson,* secretary : — 
May ll*'' 1646. 
Mr. Wm. Woodcocke his Accot debtor 

to Cash pd Mrs. Washborne li. s. d. 

abt. 8 or 10 dayes since 29 : 20 : 00 : 00 

To ballance 54 : 197 : 19 : 02 

217 : 19 : 02 

Mr. Wm. Woodcocke is debtor 
To Mrs. Washborne pd by Mr. 

Scott appeares foil. 54 10 : 00 : 00 

To Mrs. Washborne pd by bro. 

Capt. Ting in London 20 : 00 : 00 

(error charged before) 
Payd to Mrs. Washborne in 

London by ye Assignes of Mr. 

Tho. Lake 60 : 00 : 00 

Pd by hir Apointment to Capt. 

Bridges; pd. by Mr. Rocke 09 : 09 : 00 

Pd by Edw. Ting to ditto Capt Bridges 03 : 00 : 00 


Mr. John Appleton v. Mr. Henry Dunster. Withdrawn. 

Daniell Salmon, assignee and attorney of Joseph Bouey [Boovye. 
— Waste Book.^ v. Mr. John Beaks and Company and Mr. John 
Gifford, agent. Nonsuited. 

Frances Ingalls v. Mr. Jo. Beaks and Company and Mr. Jo. 
Gifford, agent, etc. Debt. Nonsuited. 

Daniel King, " the like." 

Jo. Frances, " the like." 

Mr. Jo. Gififord, agent to Mr. Jo. Becks and Company v. Mr. 
William Abry. Account about the works. 

Edward Woland v. Capt. Jo. Manings. Slander. 

<' Wheras there was a psell of land Sould by Tho. Hale by vertue 
of a letter of Attorney from Joseph Carter y® court orders y® letter 
of Attornye to be recorded." 

Kichard Browne's bond to pay his wife's son, John Bager, 341i. at 
eighteen years of age, besides the half of the land left by the 
latter's father, dated Mar. 27, 1665. 

William Marchent released from ordinary training. 

Richard Wattells freed from trainings during his lameness. 

27 September Ann : 1638 
Mr. Wm. Woodcocke is Creditor ^ 
ship Expedition & is for 1-2 
455 : 18s : 5, if it be proved 

to be so much ^fitt in con- li s. d. 

elusion 217 : 19 : 02 

Aprill 18, 1648. 

Mr. Wm. Woodcocke deceased Credt 

^ his Acct. in old Leger 12 : 217 : 19 : 02 

Aprill 18 

Mr. Wm. Woodcock estate 

Credit ^ booke 1 197 : 19 : 02 

In answer, the defence stated that the only evidence of the debt 
was Capt. Ting's books, and since he was dead there was no one 
who could explain them ; furthermore there were some of the court 
who openly opposed such a precedent as allowing the books to be 
brought in as evidence ; that these accounts were imperfect as well 
as others in the books ; that credit for the voyage was made on 
May 18, 1839, and Mr. Woodcocke was to give Capt. Tinge an ac- 
count of provisions left and one half was to go to the latter, as per 
note in Mr. Crudeck's hand, etc. 


John Warner freed from ordinary trainings, paying four shil- 
lings a year to the use of the company. 

of Rowley freed from ordinary trainings, paying three 

shillings a year to the use of the company. 

Auther Sanden, presented by Marblehead to keep an ordinary 
there, was granted license. 

Mr. Nathaniell Rogers acknowledged satisfaction of Mr. Samuell 
Winslow for a judgment. 

" Jonathan Platts indevoring to draw awaye the afections of m"" 
Rogers his mayd is Judged to haue broke the Law and is fined 511." 

Abigaill Averill, dying intestate, administration on her estate 
was granted to her son, William Averill. Eldest son to have a 
double portion, and the rest of the children a single portion. 

Daniell Poore of Andover, and John Scales, Sam. Mighill and 
Richard Lighton of Rowley made free. 

William Goodhue sworn constable for Ipswich. 

John Emery, sr., sworn constable for Newbery. 

William Tittcum and Harchales Woodman sworn commissioners 
for Newbery. 

John Knight sworn clerk of the market for Newbery. 

William Law sworn clerk of the market for Rowley. 

Anthony Potter and Tho. Rowlinson fined [for not appearing to 
serve on the jury of trials. — Waste Book.']. 

Maxemillion Jewett and Frances Parrett, the deacons of Rowley, 
appointed administrators of the estate of Henry Smith ; and to dis- 
pose of the children for the present. 

Mr. Will. Hubbert and Mr. Rich. Dummer sworn " asosiats." 

John How fined or to be whipped for several misdemeanors. 
James How, the father, agreed to pay the fine. 

Benjamin Scott fined and admonished for theft. 

Mr. Henry Sewall fined for striking Will. Asye and " Justleing " 
Mr. Jewett; execution respitted. 

Willm. Smith discharged of his presentment. 

James White and Jacob Davis, for stealing apples on the Sab- 
bath day, fined or to sit in the stocks. 

John Smith of Rowley admonished and bound to good behavior 
for breach of the peace. Wit : Mark Quilter and Mary Browne. 

Case of widow Elitrop referred to the General Court ; ordered, 
with consent of the overseers, Hugh Smith, John Pickard and 


John Trumble, that they pay her twenty shillings for the year past 
and 40s. per year in the future, which is for the produce of the 
two younger children's portions, the stock to be preserved entire. 

William Holdred's wife's presentment for unseemly carriages 
with John Chator, etc., referred to Mr. Symonds and Maj. Daniell 
Denison. Proved not to be lasciviousness, he being sick and she 
his only nurse, and her own husband present in the house. She 
was troubled with fits, and they found no censure on her. 

Inventory of the estate of widow Alice Ward of Ipswich taken 
23: 11 : 1654, by Robert Lord* and John Warner:* The house 
& ground about one acre, 161i. ; one fiocbed, Hi. 6s. ; one fether 
boulster & 4 pillows. Hi. 12s. ; one haire bed, 10s. ; an ould rug, an 
ould coverlet & a blanket, Hi. ; a halfe headed bed, trundle bed, 
mat & cord, 14s. ; a peack of herapeseed & the bag, Is. 8d. ; a little 
bras candellstick & 6 spoones, 2s. 8d. ; ould pewter, 4s. ; 2 gaily 
dishes & a lattin puding pan, 2s. ; a morter & pestle, 4s. 6d. ; a 
smotheing Iron & 2 heats, 4s. ; 1 doozen of trenchers, 8d. ; in 
earthen ware, 4s. ; greene ginger, 6d. ; 3 Iron pots, 1 frieing pan & 
a skillet. Hi. ; a tramell, pothookes & slice, 4s.; 3 runlets, 5s.; a 
pondering tub with porke in it, 10s. ; a botle & other lumber, 4s. 
6d. ; a pote with butter in it, 3s. 6d. ; a watter paile. Is. ; 3 chaires, 
alitle table, a forme & 2 stooles, 5s. ; two spoones, 4 dishes, aladell 
& 3 sives, 2s. ; 2 hogsheads, 4s. ; 8 bushells of corne. Hi. Is. 4d. ; 
wheate & a bag, 5s. & 2 baggs, Is., 6s.; a meale trough & meale in 
it, 7s. 6d. ; an axe & a broad how, 5s. 6d.; a wedge and a psell of 
hempe & flax, 38. 3d. ; a stufe gowne, red petecote & cloth wast- 
coat, 21i. 10s.; an ould stufe wastcoat & red pety coat, 16s.; 3blank- 
etts, 4s. 6d. ; 3 old greene aprins, 6s. ; 2 hatts, 16s. ; a chest & 3 
boxes, 10s. ; 4 old aprins, 6s. ; 2 sheetes, 8s. ; 3 shifts, 4s. 6d. ; 
tape binding, 2s. ; pins & needles & thred, 2s. ; hir weareing 
lenen, Hi. ; childbed lenen. Hi. 2s. ; suger, 41i., 33. ; sope, 41i., 2s. ; 
3 glases, Is. 6d. ; 1 houre glass. Is. ; 2 blankets, 5s. 6d. ; suet & 
talow, 21i., Is. ; pr. stockings, Is. 6d. ; ould lenen, 3s. 4d. ; Cokes 
& henes, 3s. 6d. ; wood and a troft and pales, 3s. ; a standing stole, 
3s. Id. ; total, 37li. 14s. lid. 

Will of Nathaniel Merrill of Newbury proved by John Merrill 
and Anthony Somerby. He desired to be buried in the burying 
place at Newbury, and bequeathed " vnto susanna my wife fine 
akers of plowable land lying next my brother Johns land and halfe 
the marsh dureing her naturall life and a cow and three heifers and 
all my household goods. And out of this estat so giuen to my wife 
I giue and bequeath vnto my daughter Susanna fiue pounds when 
she shalbe at the age of twenty yeares then I giue and bequeath 
vnto my Son Nathaniell (whom I appoint as my true and lawful! 


Joanah, wife of Thomas Smith, Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Per- 
kins, and Jane, wife of Frances Jordon, testified that widow Alice 
Ward, upon her death bed, committed her daughter-in-law, Sarah 
Ward, to John Baker and his wife Elizabeth, to bring up the child 
in the fear of God. She gave Elizabeth Baker her keys and asked 
her to take everything and discharge her debts. Sworn in Ipswich 
court, 27: 1: 1655. 

heire) all my laud and freehold after my wiues decease, and all the 
working tooles & Implements of husbandry and all the cattell and 
stocke besids And out of this stocke I appoint that my Son Nathan- 
iell shall pay theise legacyes as followeth, that is I giue vnto my 
son John when he shalbee of the age of two and twenty yeers the 
summe of tiue pounds, And also I giue and bequeath vnto my Son 
Abraham at the age of two and twenty years fine pounds. And I 
giue and bequeath unto my sonne Daniell also at the age of one 
and twenty years fine pound and I giue and bequeath to my Son 
Abell fine pounds also at the age of one and twenty years, And I 
appoint my Son Nathaniell to be my sole executor and all my debts 
& funeral rites being discharged I appoint him to haue all the rest 
of my goods & chattels vndisposed and I desire my brother John 
merill and Anthony somerby to be the ouerseers of this my last 
will & testament In witnesse wherof I haue set my hand march 
the eight in the yeare one thousand six hundred fifty foure but if 
gods puidence should by losses and crosses || vpon ye estate || more 
then ordinary ; then proportionobly to be abated in the legacyes." 

Nathaniell (his mark) Merrill. 
Wit : Richard Knight,* Anthony Somerby* and John Merrell.* 
Inventory of the estate of Nathaniell Merrill of Newbury, who 
deceased March 16, 1654-5, taken March 23, 1654-5, by 
Daniell (his mark) Thurston, Richard Knight* and Arch- 
elaus Woodman :* Ten akers of upland and thre akers 
of marsh with the previledge of a frehold or commonage, 201i. ; 
one cow and a calfe, 41i. 15s. ; three heifers of three yeare old & 2 
calves, 121i. 10s. ; two steers of two yeare old & two heifers, llli. ; 
three yearelings, 41i. ; one old cart & wheeles and sled and an old 
harow, Hi. ; 2 spades, a mattock, a beetle, 4 wedges, a crosscut & 
a handsaw & 4 axes and 4 hooes, 21i. ; 3 old tubs, a faune, an Iron 
staple & ring & 2 prongs & shovell, 10s.; his weareiug apparell, 
21i. ; ten bushells of malt & barly, 5 bushells of wheate & nine 
bushels of rye »& about 35 bushells of Indian come, lOli. 16s. ; two 
muskets and 2 swords with match & powder, 21i. ; oats & pease, 
10s. ; sixe small swyne, 31i. ; 2 flock beds & bolsters & 2 paire of 
sheets old, 41i. ; 2 old ketles, 2 skillets & a smal braspot & Iron 



Court held at Salem, 26 : 4 : 1655. 

Present : Hon. Gov., Worshipful Capt. Bridges, Worshipful Dan. 
Deuison and Worshipful Simon Bradstreet and the commissioners, 
Mr. K.ic. Dumer and Mr. Huburt. 

Grand jury : Mr. Edmoud Batter, Jeffrey Massey, Mr. John 
Holgrave, Thomas Spooner, Tho. Wickes and Henry Herrick, all of 
Salem ; Mr. Thomas Layton, Edmond Farrington, Thomas Couldom 
and John Mansfield, all of Lyn ; William Browne of Gloster ; Mr. 
Moses Maverick of Marblehead ; James Staudish of ISIanchester ; 
and James Moulton of Wenham. 

Jury of trials : Capt. Thomas Lothrop, Nathaniell Putnam, John 
Kitchin, Hilliard Vearin and Roger Haskall, all of Salem ; Mr. 
Edmond Needum, Andrew Mansfield, Edward Burchum, Henry 
Rodes and Thomas Chad well, all of Lynn ; Robert Tucker of 
Gloster ; and Mr. Charles Gott of Wenham. Joseph Gardner put 
in for Avery action. 

Civil cases : — 

Edward Richards v. Joseph Jenckes, jr. Debt for bar iron, sil- 
ver lace, etc. 

Edward Richards v. Joseph Jenckes, jr. For taking away his 
workhouse wheels and tools. 

Christopher Avery v. James Standish. Slander. For reporting 
that he was in company drinking strong liquors and that they drank 
so long that they could not tell ink from liquor ; also that they broke 
bottles, and that he had a man's wife in his lap or on his knees. 

Christopher Avery v. William Vinsent. Defamation. For say- 
ing that he drank so long that he drank ink for liquor, and dandled 
another man's wife on his knee as " y® foolish man her husband 
Looked on."* 

pot, Hi. lOs. ; an old warming pan, fire shovell, grid Iron, tongs, 
& other small L:on things & a spitt, 12s. ; 4 small pewter dishes & 
a skimmer, dishes & spoones, 12s. ; a truckle bedsted, 2 buckets 
and a pr. of cottrells, 10s. ; a small cart rope & halfe bushell &. a 
pecke, 5s.; a small cubberd & 2 chests, 16s. ; one drinke vessel, 2 
wheels, one powdring tub, ten milke trayes & 3 cheesfats, 21i. ; to- 
tal, 841i. 6s. ; his debts for Rent due to Mr. Cutting, 51i. ; in small 
debts, 21i. 

*John Kittell, aged about thirty -two years, testified that the last 
day of the last month he was at Goodman Tucker's house and 


Both of above suits were decided for defendants. 

Thomas Jeggles, Mr. Chechester and John Maskall v. Mr. Wm. 
Batten. For nine months' wages and vessel's hire. 

Serg. Garrard Spencer, administrator of estate of Michael Spen- 
cer V. Edward Richards. Debt. For about 51i. which he was to 
pay to Mr. Danll. King. 

William Browne v. Isaac Waker. Debt for a barrel of oil. Lt. 
Lothrop, the defendant's attorney, appealed to Court of Assistants. 

William HoUingworth v. John Ruck. For taking away his vessel 
in the night. Mr. Broughton, Mr. Brattle, Mr. Will. Brown and 
Mr. Corwin were chosen arbitrators to end the case.* 

James Pendrose v. Mr. William Batten. For wages for nine 
months in the ketch Samuell under the command of Tho. Jeggles, 
at 27s. per month. 

William Gotter v. John Hardman. Debt for work done. Defaulted. 

heard William Vinson say he was told that Goodman Avery was 
aboard a ship where liquor was being drunk, etc. Sworn before 
the commissioners, Robert Tucker and John (his mark) Harden, 
at Glocester, 10 : 3 : 1655. 

*Robert Follit testified that about six weeks since John Rucke 
and John Jackson came to the house, where he then lodged, about 
ten o'clock at night to call him to carry away the catch called the 
Dolphin, but he absented himself and they went away ; afterward 
he went forth and saw the vessel under sail ; he heard Wm. Hol- 
lingworth call to the vessel, and they made answer ; but he could 
not discern that they used any means to stay their course ; also 
that he heard Tho. Sheffeild, one of Ruck's company say that he 
had not absented himself for fear of trouble. Sworn in court 26 : 
4 : 1655, per Elias Stileman,t clerk. 

John Jackson, aged about twenty -one years, and Thomas She- 
feld, aged about twenty-four years, testified that John Rucke hired 
three-fourths of the ketch Dolfin of James Underwood, the baker, 
of Salem ; that when three or four days later said John went 
aboard to bring her up the river to his house, where he was to 
load her, William Holing worth came aboard and threatened said 
Ruck, charging him with felony, and stopped him from proceeding 
with the ketch; said John came ashore leaving William aboard; 
that as said John was passing said William's house, the latter's 
wife stood at her gate and railed at him (said John Jackson), say- 
ing *' you are a thife, you are a thife & you haue stolen away my 
husbands goods." Sworn before Richard Parker,t commissioner, 
25 : 3 : 1655 



Joseph Jenckes, jr. v. Edward Richards. Debt. 

Joseph Jenckes, jr., assignee of Jon. Gilloe v. Joseph Armytage. 

Joseph Jenckes, jr., assignee of Joseph Jenkes, sr. v. Joseph 
Armytage. Debt.* 

Mr. William Browne v. Rich. Margerum. Slander. For saying 
he was a cheater, t 

Mr. William Browne, assignee of Lidia Gutch v. Richard Marge- 
rum. Debt. 

Mr. William Browne, attorney for Capt. Robt. Harding v. Rich. 

John Leech, jr. v. Willm. Baley. Withdrawn. 

Thomas Chubb v. William Baley and wife Grace. Defamation. 
For saying that he stole sheep, etc., from them. 

John Whipple v. Samuell Archard. For illegally taking his 

Richard Margerum v. Mr. William Browne. Review. 

John Legg v. Mr. Edraond Batter. Review. Concerning eight 
yards of lockrom. 

Mathew Farrington and Francis Burrill sworn constables of 

John Dimon, charged with not appearing in court as a witness 
in Francis Perry's presentment, said that his foot was burned. 

Nicholas Vinson of Manchester sworn constable. 

* Joseph Jenckes, sr.,t of Hammersmith, certified that he had 
assigned to his son Joseph Jenckes, jr., of Hammersmith, a bill of 
Joseph Armitage, sr., of Lynn in the hands of Samuel Benit, to be 
paid in charcoal. Dated Apr. 12, 1655. Wit: William Curtis. J 

John Ballad, aged twenty -one years, deposed that when he was 
his brother Jenckes' servant he worked in that boat of Joseph 
Armitage 's which was cast away, subsequently being employed by 
Capt. Thomas Savage. Sworn in court, 29 : 4 : 1655, before Elias 
Stileman,J clerk. 

fRichard MargeromJ acknowledged that he had done great 
wrong to Mr. William Browne of Salem, merchant, in saying that 
he was a cheater and kept false accounts. Dated June 28, 1655. 
Judgement remitted. 

J Autograph. 


Constable Mansfeild of Lyn distrained the estates of Tho. Looke 
and Joseph James for striking Matthew Farneworth. 

Capt. Bridges brought in a bill signed by Mr. Bridgwater, being 
a fine laid on Jon. Markshaw. 

John Cogswell, by his attorney, Robt. Lord, acknowledged judg- 
ment to Mr. Richard Dumer. 

Joseph Armytage, assignee of Mr. Samuell Bennett v. Mr. Henry 
Webb. For work done at the Iron works. Withdrawn. 

John Hathorne, assignee to George Monnings v. George Halsall. 
For forfeiture of bond with Lt. Tho. Morice. 

Joseph Armytage v. Joseph Jenckes, jr. Debt. 

Mr. Daniell King v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, under- 
takers of the iron works at Lynn, and Mr. John Gifford, their late 
agent. Debt. Withdrawn. 

Francis Ingalls v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of 
the iron works at Lyn, and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. For 
two oxen. 

Danll. Sallmon, assignee and attorney of Joseph Boouey v. Mr. 
Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of the iron works at Lyn, 
and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. Debt.* 

Henry Tucker v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of 
the iron works at Lyn. For work done at the iron works. 

George Adams v. Mr. Jon. Becks & Company, undertakers of 
the iron works at Lynn, and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. 
For work done at the iron works. 

John Francis v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of the 
iron works at Lynn. For work. 

Joseph Armitage, assignee of Henry Tucker v. Mr. Jon. Becks 
& Company, undertakers of the iron works at Lynn, and Mr, John 
Gifford, their late agent. Debt. 

Joseph Armitage, attorney and assignee of Francis Perry v. Mr. 
Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of the iron works at Lyn, 
and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. For work. 

Thomas Wiggins v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of 
the iron works at Lynn, and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. Debt. 

*Writ, dated 18 : 4 : 1655, served by John Hathorne,t deputy 



Joseph Armytage, assignee of Mr. Samll. Bennett v. Mr. Jon. 
Becks & Company, undertakers of the iron works at Lynn, and Mr. 
John Gitford, their late agent. Debt. 

Hugh Alley v. Mr. Jon. Beckes & Company, undertakers of the 
iron works at Lyn, and Mr. John Gifford, their late agent. Debt. 

Mr. Eich. Dumer v. Thomas Ayers. Debt. 

Rio. Beeffer sworn constable for Glocester. 

Joseph Armytage v. John Lambert. Concerning a shallop. 

Richard Rooten of Lyn freed from fine for not training. 

John Pickering of Salem freed from fine for not training and 
watching, being in a weak condition. 

Mr. Daniel King having summoned Will. Costin, and the writ 
not being entered, Costin was allowed his fees. 

Elizabeth Knight of Lynn, widow, brought in the will* and 

♦Will dated Dec. 2, 1653. He bequeathed to " my wife Elize- 
beth the thirds of all my Estate and further that she shall In joy 
my dwelling hows So long as she liueth likwys I giu to my Son 
John knight forety shillings to be payd tow years after my deceas 
Itte I giu to my dafter Ane won shilling and to her children fiu 
shillings a pease to be payd tow years After my deceas. Itt I 
giue to II my sone || francis knight fiue shillings when he shall law- 
fully demand it. Itt I giue to my dafter hanna forty shillings won 
year after my deceas Itt I giue to John ballard forty shillings tow 
years After my deceas or when my wif pleases Itt I giu to na- 
thanyell ballard forty shillings tow years After my deceas : All and 
Euery of theas leggacys to be truly payd The rest of my Estat I 
will to be Equily diuided amonkst my fowr children wich I had 
by my last wife Elizabeth 

" only 1 giue to my Eldest Son Jacob a dubbell parcion to be payd 
in my hows and homelott Adjoyning to my dwelling hows and 
medow in Rumly march If this amounts to more then his dubbell 
portion then it to be payd back to my last childre Equilly diuided 
likwys If the Sayd hows and land due not amount to a dubbell 
porttion the[n] it is to be made oup : I further will if any of theas 
my last children dye before thay come to age : then ther porttions 
to return to thos that shall suruiue Equaly to be deuided amonkst 
them This I will that If my wife maryes then my children s port- 
tions to be taken from hurs and to be at the ouerseers disposing : I 
make my wife Elizabeth my lawfull Exeekter to Administer on this 
my last will [and] Testyment I likwys make our brother nicklis pot- 
ter and Gorg keasurand John witt : to be the ouersears of this my last 


inventory* of her husband, Willm. Knight. Proved by Nicholas 
Potter and John Fuller. 

will." William (his mark) Knight. Wit : John FuUerf and Nicholas 
Potter,t both of Lynn. Potter made oath before Rob. Bridgesf 
27 : 4 : 1655, and Fuller on 28 : 4 : 1655, before Elias Stillman,t 

*Inventory of the estate of William Knight, deceased, taken 22 : 
1 : 1654-5, by John Fuller! and Phillip Kyrtland :t Dwelling 
house, barn and fivten Ackrs of plow land, 461i.; six akers of 
medow in Rumly march, lOli. ; five akers of medow in the town 
marche, 15ii. ; two working oxen, 141i. ; thre Cows, 131i. ; one 
heaffor in calf, 41i. Is., 2 year ould Stear, 31i., one yerling. Hi. 
15s., 81i. 15s. ; one weaning Calfe, 15s. ; 2 Ewes with 2 Ewe Lambs, 
41i. 10s. ; 2 Ewes with 2 Rame lambs, 41i. ; 2 Ewes, 31i. 10s. ; 1 
wether Shep, 2 years ould. Hi. ; three 3 year ould wetthers, 21i. 5s.; 
one Rame, 15s. ; two swyn, 21i. ; one fether bede and pillows and 
bolster and coverlids, 41i. ; two flock beds with other furnyture be- 
longing to them, 21i. 10s. ; five pare of sheets, 41i. ; 8 napkins and 
a tabell cloth, 13s. ; one pillow beare, 2s. ; 4 kuchins, 8s. ; 2 bede 
steeds, 18s. ; ould chests and a truncke, 10s. ; thre brase potts, Hi. 
9s. ; thre bras kettells, 17s. ; one warming pane, 5s. ; 4 pewttor 
dishes, Hi. ; 3 wine measurs, 5s. 6d. ; 2 wine cups, 2 dram cups, 
two beare cups, 5s.; severall peases of small pewttor, 5s. 6d. ; one 
Iron pott, one Iron mortter and pestill, 9s.; 2 pare of andyrons, 
fier shovell and tongs, 8s. 6d. ; 2 pare of pott hangers, 3s. ; 1 fry- 
inge pane and Iron candellstick, 2s. 6d. ; stolls, cheavs and a tabell, 
lis. ; beare barrils, tubes, churn, coberd dewtraft, 18s. ; thre spin- 
inge whealls, a pare of woU cards, 8s. ; 2 muskitts and kurbyn, Hi. 
10s.; two swords, 5s.; two crosscut saws, one narrow axe, a frow 
and a lathing hamer, a littell hammer, 8s. 6d. ; 2 spitts, 2s. ; thre 
sifes, 3s. ; the man's wearing apparrell, 31i. 8s. 6d. ; carts, plows, 
yoks and Iron works belonging to them, 21i. 12s. ; in mony, 2s. 6d.; 
a ladder and ould Iron, 5s. ; total, 15411. 15s. Due from brother 
Deken, 63. ; look, lis. ; heed, 9s.; Mikell cambell, Is. ; Joseph Ar- 
mitag, 5s. ; Hugh Aley, 6s. ; town. Is. 6d. ; diman, 4s. ; Pharrer, Is.; 

William Curtis, 6s. ; a scote man, 6s. ; brother kesar, 2s. 4d. ; 

& his Sonn, 12s.; another scotman, 12s. 4d. ; total, 91i. 3s. 

Will of Robt. Moulton, sr., of Salem, dated Feb. 20, 1654-5. 
He appointed his " sonne Robert Moulton, whole Executor of this 
my Last will & Testament. I Giue my Daughter Dorothy Edwards 
twenty marke, Allso Two pillow bers marked R. D. M. Item My 
farme I Leaue with my sonne, till my Grandsonne Robert Moul- 
ton be twenty one yeares old & then he to Enjoy the one halfe with 
the Apple trees, & After his father & mothers death to Enjoy the 
farme wholly, & in Case my Grandsonne Robert dye first that it fall 



Court held at Ipswicu, 25: 7: 1655. 

Judges : Mr. Sam. Synionds, Mr. Rich. Dumer and Mr. 

Grand jury: Lt. Sam. Apleton, William Addam, sr., John 
Prockter, Isaaok Commings, Philip Fowlar, Tho. Browne, Geog. 
Little, John Hutchings, James Barker, Rich. Swan, Will. Hobson, 
Will. Ballard and Lt. Will. Howord. 

in like manner to his next Elder brother || &soe || successively if he 
That Enjoyes it haue no issue; To Goodwife Buffum I give twenty 
shillings. To Joshua Buffum ten shillings. The Rest of my Goods 
& Cattell I leave with my sonne Robert and he to pay my debts. 
Robt. raoulton Sen.*" Wit : George gardner,* Henry Phelps* and 
Nich. Phelpes.* 

Inventory of the estate of Robert Moulton, sr., of Salem, taken 
by Jo. Alderman* and Robert (his mark) Buffum: One farme 
with all the housing on it, 351i ; the howses and ground in the 
towne, lOli. ; 8 Cowes, 281i. ; 5 yonge Cattell of two yeares old a 
peec, llli. 10s. ; one steer of foure yeares old, 4li. ; two yearlings, 
21i. 10s. ; seaven wether lambs, 31i. 10s. ; one fetherbed and a bol- 
ster, a pillow and a coverlid, 141i. ; nynne peeces of pewter and a 
candlestick and a little morter, Hi. ; two paire of sheets and two 
pillow bers and a ruffe and a peace of demetey, 21i. 10s. ; one fowl- 
ing peece and two old muskett bariell and one rauskett, 1 li. 10s. 
one Desk, Ss. ; two old Casks, 2s. ; for tooles and old Iron, 21i. 12s. 
one Iron pott and an old brasse Cettle, 15s. ; seven Books, 16s. , 
other small books, 14s. ; halfe a hundred pound of brand, 6s. ; halfe 
an hower Glasse and three old Candlesticks and two lamps, 4s. ; 
two spitts and a old driping pan, 4s. ; one chest and an old Trunk 
and a Case of Bottles wth Glasses, 13s. ; an old table and chairs 
and 2 Jars wth all other things forgotten, 6s.; total, 10611. 5s. 
Goods at his farmhouse, appraised by Henry Phelps* and John 
Hill,* 15 : 3 : 1655 : One irne kittle, 10s. ; 2 irne pots & a skil- 
let, lis. ; a brasse kittle & skillet, 5s. ; 1 copper kittle, 12s. ; 3 pairs 
of pot hooks, a griddirne, a paire of tongs, a chopping knife & a 
cleaver, a flesh hooke, a skimmer & a warming pan, 8s. ; 3 spitts, 
5s. ; a whipsaw, Ss. ; 4 axes, 12s. ; 2 adses, 5s. ; halfe a dozen au- 
gurs, 6s. ; a handsaw & 3 chissels, 4s. ; 1 crowe of irne, 4s. ; 1 fro, 
Is. ; 3 hammers. Is. ; woollen cloth & 2 hats, 51i. ; linnen cloths. 
Hi. ; a looking glasse & a paire of gloves, 3s. ; a chest and a box, 
7s. ; in bedding. Hi. ; pales & tubbs & wooden ware, 10s. ; Indian 
corne, Hi. 16s. ; a bible, 5s.; total, loli. 3s. Whole value of the 
estate, 12Hi. 8s. ; debts, 81i. ; total, 11311. 8s. 

Will of Eleanor Tresler, dated Feb. 15, 1654, proved 26 : 4 : 



Jury of trials : Math. Boyes, Reg. Foster, Sam. Younglove, 
Will. Lainpson, John Wiate, Aron Tengty, Will. Stickny, Will. 
Boyntou, John Palmer, Arch. Woodman, Rich. Browne and Edw. 

1655. She appointed her sons " Henry & Nicholas, to bee Joynt 
Executo" of this my Last will & testament. That is to say || I 
Bequeath || My farme To || my sonnes || Henry And Nicholas with 
the housing, my ten Acre Lott in the North feild to Henry, My 
house & ground at the Towne to ni}^ Sonne Edward, My Houshold 
stutfe I bequeath in this manner one bed to Henry & the other to 
Nicholas & the sad coloured clocke to Edward & the Other Clocke 
to Henry, the old Brass Pott & the Least of the Brass Pans, & Two 
Deepe pewter platte" & one Broad one & A Couerled & a Blanklett 
II with II one Paire of sheetes to my sonne Edward, My wascoate 
Safeguard & Gowne to goe together, & my Best Petticoate || with 
the rest of of my wearing clothes || to goe together & my Daughte""* 
to haue them ; the Rest of my wearing Linnen to my two Daugh- 
te"^* & my other Linnen to the Executo'"^ To John Phelps my 
Gran-child two oxen & Chaine, with one yew, Item To my Grand 
Draughted Elizabeth one yew. The other two || yewes || to Nicho- 
las his two children. To my Grand-Children Samuell & Edward I 
giue Either of them a yeareling Calfe. The Rest of my Goods & 
Cattell to be left with my Executo" to Pay my Debts & the Legacy 
bequeathed by my Late husband to bis Daughter in England, To 
witt the summe of Ten Pounds." Ellinor (her mark) Treslor. Wit : 
Robt, Moulton, sr.,* George Gardner* and Robert Moulton, jr.* 

Inventory of the estate of Elinor Tresler of Salem, late de- 
ceased, taken Mar. 13, 1654-5, by Robert Moulton* and George 
Gardner :* One farme, with the housing, 201i. : three Cowes, 121i.; 
three oxen, 181i. ; two beasts, two yeare old apeice, 41i. ; Foure 
yearlings, 41i, ; foure yewes, 61i. ; two hoggs, Hi. 5s.; two feather 
beds, 2 Bolsters, two feather Pillowes, three blankets, two Cov- 
erlids, One Rugg, foure paire of sheetes & two paire of pillow- 
bers, 121i. 15s. ; three table Clothes, seven napkins, two Course 
towells, foure handkerchefs, four Coiques, three dressings, two 
shifts, one white Apron & other small linnen, Hi. 10s. ; A Gowne & 
safegard, a wascoate & a red Peticoate & two old Coates & two 
wascoates, with a white Gotten wascoate & a short Coate, 31i. 10s.; 
two Paire of Gloves, 3s. ; a Hatt & two Cloath Houdes, 10s. ; two 
Paire of stockings & two pare of shoes, 10s, ; two Cloockes & two 
Carpets, 3 Curtains, 5 li. ; two Aprons, 8s. ; a Greate Chest, a box 
& two Gofers, 10s. ; a Warming pan, a Looking glass & three Can- 
dlesticks, one Chafing dish, 16s. ; two bras pans & three Brass pots, 
21i.; three skillets & two iron pots, 17s.; three Brass kittells, 15s.; 


,■ - A , 


Tho. Loe fined for not appearing to serve on the jury. 

Mr. John Gifford v. Capt. Robert Kayne and Mr. Josias Wins- 
low. For detaining five cows and two calves and the breed of them 
almost two years. 

Robert Lord, attorney to Mr. Joseph Jewett, acknowledged judg- 
ment to Mr. Rich. Dummer. 

Mr. John Gifford v. Capt. Robert Kayne and Mr. Josias Wins- 
low. For false imprisonment, keeping him a prisoner after the 
execution was satisfied. Special verdict found. Plaintiff had tried 
to satisfy the execution by leaving a gun tendered by Mr. Knight. 
Court ruled that the value of the gun did not cover the amount 

ten Pewter platters, Hi. ; three pewter pots, 15s. ; a Charger with 
other small Pewter, 10s. ; Bookes, 10s. ; three spits, two And Irons, 
two Rackes, a paire of Tongs, a fire shovell & a brass Ladle, 13s. 
two fowling peices & A muskett, a sword & a Gutless, Hi. 15s. 
three Chaines & a Cart rope, 15s. ; a Harrow ; 6s. ; a Ten Acre lot 
41i. ; the house & Barne& foure Acres of ground in the Towne, 201i. 
plow yrons with old iron, 10s. ; a Steele Trapp, 5s. ; one Grindstone 
6s. ; a paire of Bellowes, Is. 6d. ; weights & scales & measures, 4s. 
two Bedsteds, 5s. ; 3 spinning wheeles, 5s. ; an houre Glass, Is. 
two Barrells with Tubs & Pales, 15s. ; three Chaires, Ss. ; trayes 
2s. ; one whipsaw, 53. ; one Crosscut saw, 3s. ; three wedges, 2s. 
two Beetle Rings, Is. ; small millstones & Irons, 10s. ; a Grid Iron 
toster, 2s. ; in Corne, 31i. ; total, 13111. 3s. 6d. Debts due : To her 
brother Edward Phelpes, lOli. ; left by her father Tresler's will to 
his daughter, lOli. ; to Mr. Gidney, 51i. ; to Mr. Crumwell, 19s. ; to 
Goodman Felton, Hi. ; total, 261i. 19s. 

*Copy of writ : Capt. Robert Keayne and Mr. Josias Win slow, 
attorneys to Mr. John Bex & Company v. Mr. John Gifford, on 
judgment rendered in Salem court, 27 : 4 : 1654, etc. ; dated 28 : 6 : 
1654. Signed by Elias Stileman, clerk. Served by Richard Wayte, 
22 : 7 : 1655 ; levied on a gun that Mr. Robert Knight tendered. 
Copy attested by Edward Rawson,t secretary. 

James Oliver, aged about thirty-five years, testified that he was 
chosen by Richard Waite, in behalf of the country, to appraise a 
gun tendered by Mr. Robert Knight in satisfaction of an execution 
of Captain Keayne against Mr. John Gifford. The gun was ap- 
praised at 14s. per hundred, and Capt. Keayne offered to buy the 
rest of the gun, tendering beef, tobacco, or ginger, but Mr. Knight 
said he would take nothing but ready money. Sworn before Rich- 



ard Parker, commissioner, 26 : 1 : 1655. Copy attested by Edward 
Rawson,* secretary. 

Robert Knight testified about taking the gun on execution and 
putting it into the hands of Capt. Cane, etc. On Jan. 29, 1654-5, 
he delivered to Richard Weyt, marshal, one iron piece of ordinance 
of seven, eight or nine hundred weight, etc. Sworn, March 24, 
1654-5, before Richard Parker.* 

Thomas Clarke, aged about forty-eight years, deposed that he was 
chosen to appraise the goods tendered by Mr. Robert Knight, at the 
request of Capt. Robert Keine. Sworn before Richard Parker,* 
commissioner, 26 : 1 : 1655. 

Capt. James Oliver, aged about thirty-five years, deposed that he 
was an appraiser, etc., as above. Sworn before Richard Parker,* 
commissioner, 26 : 1 : 1655. 

Mr. Staines, aged about thirty-three years, deposed the same as 
the foregoing. Sworn, 27 : 1 : 1655, before Nathan Duncan, com- 

Richard Waite testified about the service of the execution for 
fifty shillings, and the gun. Sworn, 26 : 1 : 1655, before Ri. Bel- 
lingham, commissioner. Copy of testimony by Edward Rawson,* 

In General Court held at Boston, June 20, 1655, in Mr. Gyfford's 
case, it was decided that he was discharged by levy of the execu- 
tion for fifty shillings upon the gun, etc. 

Richard Wayte testified about the time of the service of the 
fifty shillings execution, the appraisers being Richard Staines, 
Capt. James Oliver and Serg. Thomas Clarke. Sworn in Boston, 
22 : 7 : 1655, before Edward Tynge,* commissioner. 

Writ : Mr. John Gifford v. Capt. Robert Keine or Mr. Josias 
Winslow, for false imprisonment, etc., dated Sept. 18, 1655. Signed 
by Edward Burcham, for the court. Served by Edward Richards,* 
deputy marshal of Salem. 

William Salter, aged about forty-eight years, testified that the 
service of the execution for fifty shillings on Mr. Jefferd by Mr. 
Keine's order was not a release of Mr. Jefferd until the General 
Court released him. Sworn, 22 : 7 : 1655, before Richard Parker.* 

Richard Waight testified about the imprisonment of John Gif- 
ford. Sworn, 22 : 7 : 1655, before Richard Parker.* 

William Salter, aged about forty-eight years, testified about his 
deposition in favor of Mr. John Gifford, etc., that when he came 
to the prison he found John Gifford a prisoner, etc. Sworn, 24 : 7 : 
1655, before Natha. Duncan,* commissioner. 

Copy of writ, certified by Increase Nowell :* Capt. Robert 
Bridges, Mr. Henry Webb and Mr. Joshua Foote, heretofore com- 
missioners and attorneys for the undertakers of the Iron works, 



and Mr. Josias Winslow and Capt. Robert Keayne, appointed in 
their place for the undertakers v. Mi\ John Gifford for 13,00011. 
committed into his hands by Mr. liichard Leadar, INIr. William 
Osburne, Mr. Wm. Awbry and Capt. Willi. Ting, etc., late factors 
for the undertakers, to be improved for them ; dated June 16, 

1654. Signed by Jonathan Negus. Richard Wayte, marshal, or- 
dered his deputy, Symon Rogers, to serve the writ, 19 : 4 : 1654. 
Served by attachment of five cows and two or three calves of Mr. 
John Gifford at Hammersmith in the hands of Francis Perry, and 
commitment of the defendant to prison, June 16, 1C54. Copy of 
return attested by Edw. Rawson,* secretary. 

Copy of execution, addressed to Edward Michelson, marshal, 
dated Boston, Nov. 25, 1654, against John Gifford for 189611. 6s. 
lid. and the workmen's wages, in favor of the undertakers of the 
Iron works. Served by Richard Wayte, who attached money in 
the hands of Edward Richards on 23: 12: 1654, and, 21 : 4 : 

1655, committed Mr. John Gifford to prison. Also by attachment 
of some goods at Mr. Gifford's at Winnisimmett, consisting of 19 
chares, a livirie Cupboard, 3 Curtains Rods, 4 Cushions, 6 Crupins, 
two boxes, 4 stooles, one footestoole, one round table, one bedstead, 
one liviry table ; also five cows and three calves in the hands of 
Capt. Robert Keayne ; dated 4 : 10 : 1654. Copy attested by Ed- 
ward Rawson,* secretary. 

John Francis testified that twenty-six pounds were due to him 
from Mr. John Bex & Compan)^ and Mr. John Gifford, as their 
agent. Sworn, 26 : 1 : 1665, before Rob. Bridges.* 

John Gifford, agent for the undertakers of the Iron works in 
New England, deposed about the account and about the 20011. he 
charged to Mr. Browne of Salem. Sworn in Ipswich court, 27: 7: 
1653. Copy attested by Robert Lord,* clerk. 

Copy of part of a letter from Mr. John Bex and Mr. Thomas 
Foley, dated Dec. 26, 1654, directed to Mr. Josias Winslow and 
Captain Keayne, about proceedings against John Gifford. Since 
John Gifford pleaded poverty, "nothing can be had from him un- 
lesse his concealed estate cann be discovered, making no doubt but 
that he hath an estate wheresoeuer Conveyed and therefore our 
Advice is not to send him for England but to keepe him there in 
prison till he hath payd his five hundred, and also till we cann 
either heare or shall discover what he hath donne w^^ ou'' estate 
because wee doe not only seeke five hundred but wee are Robbed 
of above five thousand which John Gyfford writes to us is in the 
hands of Tings executo" & Mr. Webb & Aubrey to whom he cann 
make it Appeare to have sent so many effects from the works as 
euer they haue sent to him and more so that by his Accompt it Is 
impossible that the works should be in debted wee will and doe 



Willm. Wyld v. Robert Swan. For not paying for the carpenter 
work of a house and for diet. Withdrawn. 

Intend to make suite to the highest Authoritye heere, that ou"^ Case 
may be heard here being a buisnes of such a high Concernments, 
finding and having discovered so much Corruption in that Coun- 
trye : Also John Gyfford having made so many Freinds in the 
Courts w% ou'' estates that it is hardly possible to haue any Jus- 
tice donne to us there." Copy compared by Increase Nowell, 
Joseph Hills and Josias Winslow ; and certified to by Edward 
Hawsou,* secretary. 

Copy of record of adjournment of county court, 29 : 6 : 1654, 
Mr. Josyas Winslow and Capt. Robert Keayne, attorneys for the 
undertakers of the Iron works v. John Gifford, late agent, etc. 
Signed by Increase NowelL* 

Copy of the accounts of Jno. Gifford with the undertakers of 
the Iron works at Hammersmith and Brantrye in New England, as 
audited by the committee appointed by the court for that purpose. 
Signed at Boston, Aug. 14, 1654, by Nath. Duncan, Eich. Leader, 
Tho. Clarck, Tho. Lake, Nich. Davison and Symon Lynde. 


" To seaverall pticulors which the appoynted Auditors 

found mete to Charge unto him as "^ ye audit li. s. d. 

9th March 53 7979 16 7 

" To seaverall defalks and abated from ye 4 papers No. 

1, 2, 3, 4 delivered with the said Audit unto the 

Courte and now further Considred of 328 17 11 

" To Seaverall pticulors for the servise of Anuall 

servants, Scotts, smiths, worcks and a hors 252 15 4 

" To Seaverall defalks in the Inventorye wch he hath 

disposed of, 6 oxen, bellow lethers and a furnace 52 00 00 
" To Barr Iron disposed of by him being the quantitie 

of 47 ton : 4 : 1 : 14 at 20 pounds ^ ton 
" To Cash wares disposed of by him 
"To Rod Iron disposed of by him 18 C. at 26 : 8 ^ C. 













" As touching 128 ton : 10 : 2 : 27 chargd to Mr. Awbry by Mr. 
Jno. Gifford of which the said Aubrye onelye ownes to haue re- 
ceaved 104 ton : 17 : 1 : 21, ye diffirence wilbe 23 ton : 13 : 1 : 6 of 
bar Iron ye wch we leaue to the determination of ye honord Coorte 
to Judge of. As also for 20 ton : 8 : : of red Iron charged by 
him the said Gifford to ye said Awbry of wch he onelye ownes ye 



Christopher CoUings v. John Mansfield. Appeal from Captain 
Bridges to Court of Assistants.* 

14 : 19 : : 11, the difference being 5 : 8 : 3 : 17 we leave to ye 
Judgmt of ye Courte. Wee further Conseave that the said Jno. 
Gifford stands obliged to deliver full and true accompts of all the 
Armes, powder, mach and Implements of the Scotts and other 
waies wch by Inventory may be prooved to be delivered him. 


" By soemuch allowed by the Auditors given in the li. s. d. 
19th of Mach 1653 9631 11 11 

" By 75 pound Charged ^ Contra In a greater som for 
Cloths, axis, tooles sent from England with the 
Scots and nineteene pound over Charged in Cast 
ware 94 00 00 

9725 11 11 

" As touching his Sallarye, Clarks wages and his Expense in En- 
tertainment we leave the same to the pleasure and determination 
of the Courte. In regard the said Gifford will produce noe Covent 
to manifest the allowance thereof unto him. Whatever is dew 
unto ye worckmen In ye time of Jno. Gifford his Imployement In 
ye Iron worcks and are Comprized in ye said 9631 : 11 : 11 : as 
above the same ought to be made good by ye said Giffard and also 
wtever debt ye said Jno.Giffard can proove he hath made according 
to order of the Effects of the Iron worcks is to be allowed him In. 
parte of what he oweth the Company or undertakers of the said 
Iron worcks." 

At the General Court at Boston, May 3, 1655, in the case between 
Robert Lord, marshal, and Mr. Webb, upon the question whether 
the personal estate of Mr. Webb, an owner or undertaker of the 
Iron works, was liable upon the execution against said owners, the 
decision was that it was not. 

At a General Court at Boston, May 7, 1651; decision as to 
executors in suits at law. 

♦Grounds of Christopher Collins'f appeal, for molesting John 
Mansfeild in going through Collins' ground in a way which defen- 
dant said was a common highway laid out by the town. 

John Mansfeild'sj answer to the grounds of Christopher Collings' 
appeal from the court held before worshipful Captain Bridges to 
this court at Ipswich. Refers to testimony of Richard Chadwell 
and Joseph Armitage. 

Copy of summons to Christopher Collins to appear before the 
worshipful Captain Bridges to answer to Jno. Mansfield, for resist- 


1655] EECOED5 AVD FILES 403 

Joseph Annitage v. >£r. Thomas Purchase, rcr not delirering 
the horses and mares plaintiff bonght of defendant Withdraim. 

Rich. Jacob v. John Bumam. For detaining 3000 pipe staves. 

Mr. W::::^- Pav^e V :■::. 7-^:^.- Wace. To: Lis shire cf 
money I3..1 :_: ii. -:.r.^".iii :;: ^::i 

Mr. "^illm. Parne v. San-e.'. l-r-ir" FcrfeitTire c: ?. C':ci. 

ilr. Rich. Dummer v. John Mi^-L:.!. Tor pav for ah:r5e h:::gh': 
of him. "Withdrawn. 

Williann Curtice v. .John SLa.-^. -Slanier. r:- sijing he -s-jj 3. 
thief and a base rogue. Withdra-!m_ 

Frances Smith was attached bv John Hathcrne. ani the i.:rl:n 
not entered. Ccsts allowed. 

ing him upon the highwav and molesrlng him. Dat«>d at Ljmn., 
30: 5 : 1655, and signed bv Edw. Burcham, for the cctLrt, Conv 
attested bv Rob. Bridges.* 

Copy of record of foregoing action. Found ::r tlii^tir, and 
Christopher Collins appealed. 

Deposition of Andre-w Mansfeild, brother of p.iinrir. and of 
Isaac Ramsdeale who testified to obstructions t.i ^i .here hj 
Collins. Both sworn before Robt. Bridges,* 4 : 1:;;'. ?. ::h. 
Chadwell testified that all the lots from the h:-£r :Li: —3.5 his :: 
the Rocks northward were to be three acres £.r.e:r that there 
was to be a highway on the west side of the '.:'.'.'.-. : m : : :ie j.tcks 
from the country highway. Dated 12: 11 : io4c' ; s-::n 11 12 : 
1&49, before Robt. Bridges. Copy by John Fuller, and i :-.::zi 
copy attested 24 : 7 : 1655, by Robt Bridges.* 

Copy of a vote of town meeting, 28: 5: 1644: Ordered th3.t 
Xichs. Potter and Edw. Baker shall again stike :nt the hirh^ay. 
which heretofore was laid ont by Lt. Tomlins. 11: H:— e. Mr. 
Sadler and Xichs. Potter two rods broad, it r::;;:i. 
Baker's and so running by ^Ir. Souther and J.^" ei h : ^^1 . f h: lie 
np to the Rocks. Copy by John Fuller, cier^. 

Joseph Armitage testified that several years s-nie. he sned dihn 
Mansfeild concerning a highway from the 7. ::£S :: the ii-itrj 
highway on the west side of a little run :t 3 : limin S:h: s. i 
that the highway was to be two rods wide ;n th.a: siie :: the r.v 
and that he was one of the first to make use :t it. Thej — : 
through John Mansfield's lot near Ciilins . — h.:h the litter 'z-:i^ 
of Jno. Gillo seven years before, and s: — ent r:rht thriurh d: 
Gillo's pasture to the fresh marsh. S-^irn. :!; : If: 3 ":e:' 
Rob. Bridges. Copy. 



Will and iuveutory of the estate of Humphry Brodstreet 

Thomas Moore aud Hackaliah Bridges, one for running away 
from his master and the other from his father, were fined. 

Charles Hushlautau to be whipped twelve stripes for fornication. 

Bridgett Brodstreet bound to discharge legacies given in her 
husband's will. She signed with a mark. 

Court having been informed that there was no ferry over the 
Merrimack river at Haverhill, Robert Haseltine was ordered to keep 
a ferry there. Fees : strangers, four pence cash, six pence on 
book ; town's people, two pence cash, four pence on book. He was 
to provide entertainment for horse and man for one year unless 
the General Court otherwise ordered. 

John Remington and Elizabeth Ossgood of Andover fined twenty 
shillings each for frequenting each other's company, bound to good 
behavior, and he not to frequent her company unseasonably. 

Jafery Sknelling, on his presentment, to pay fine or to be 

Joseph Armitage imprisoned for divers affronts to the court. 
Released upon his petition and bound for good behavior. 

Difference about the line between Newbery and Rowley to be 
presented to the General Court, unless they agree between them- 

Town of Rowley, presented for defect in highway, being now 
repaired, was discharged of the presentment. 

Robert Amis to sit half an hour in the stocks for forswearing 

William Knowlton died intestate ; and administration on his 
estate was granted to his brother, Thomas Knowlton, to whom was 
committed the care of the widow and children. 

Ten actions presented from Salem court to be tried here. Re- 
turned to Salem court. 

Mordicha Larkcum, complained of by his master, Rich. Jacob, 
for neglecting his service, was ordered to pay his master twenty- 
five shillings. 

Mathew Stanlye discharged of his presentment. 

Ipswich presented for defect in highway. No witness. Dis- 

Andrew Creeke presented. Bound to good behavior, and not to 


frequent the house of Will. Symons nor the company of his 

Isaack Davis to be fined three pounds or to be whipped, for 
running away from his master. He was absent from his master 
thirty-two or forty-two days in the summer time. His father 
undertook to pay the fine. 

Thomas Bishop sworn clerk of the troop of horse. 

Vital records of Rowley for 1655, certified by John Trumble* 
of Rowley : — 

Samuell Balie, son of James and Lidiah, born 10 : 6 mo. 

Andrew Hidiu, son of Andrew and Sarah, born 7 mo. 

Rebecka Law, daughter of William and Mary, born 1 : 4 mo. 

Thomas Dickanson, son of Thomas and Jenet, born 26 : 8 mo. 

John Tod, sou of John and Susannah, born 12 mo. 

Samuell Brown, son of Charls and Mary, born 6 : 12 mo. 

John Jonson married Hannah Crosbie, Dec. 6. 

Jonathan Plats married Elisabeth Jonson, Dec. 6. 

Sarah, wife of Nickolas Jackson, buried Aug. 12. 

Samuel, son of Benjamin and Margaret Scot, buried March 10. 

Andrew, son of Andrew and Sarah Hidin, buried 11 mo. 

Sarah Pearson, daughter of John and Dorcas, buried 10 : 8 mo. 

John Tod, son of John and Susanna, buried 12 mo. 

Mary Wood, daughter of Thomas and Ann, born 15 : 1 mo. 

Sarah Pearson, daughter of John and Dorcas, born 3 : 3 mo. 

Mary Burbanke, daughter of John and Jemimah, born 16: 3 mo. 

John Hassen, son of Edward and Hannah, born 22 : 7 mo. 

Francis Brokelbanke, son of Samuell and Hannah, born 26 : 
7 mo. 

Humphrey Hobson, son of William and Ann, born 2 : 4 mo. 

Samuel Scot, son of Benjamin and Margaret, born March 7. 

Hannah Burkbie, daughter of Thomas and Martha, born 1 mo. 

Hannah Harriman, daughter of Lenart and Margret, born 22: 
3 mo. 

Vital records of Newbury from Mar. 25, 1654 to Mar. 25, 1655, 
certified by Anthony Somerby,* clerk : — 

Mary, daughter of Benjamin Swet, born May 2, 1654. 

Benjamin, son of Richard Dole, born June 14, 1654. 

Thomas, son of Thomas Smith, born July 7, 1654. 

Edmund, son of Richard Browne, born July 17, 1654. 

Isaac, son of John Baily, born July 22, 1654, 

Thomas, son of Aquilla Chase, born July 21, 1654. 

Joseph, son of Joseph Plumer, born Sept. 11, 1654. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Will. Gerrish, born Sept. 20, 1654. 



Henry Sewall, jr., of Newbury, gent., appointed, Oct. 4, 1650, his 
friend Henry Shorte of Newbury, yeoman, his attorney, to recover, 
etc., from Sarauell Poore, John Chater and John Wright, Wit : 
Anthony Somerby and Nathaniell Wyer. 

Nathaniell, son of Richard Pettingall, born Sept. 21, 1664. 

Mary, daughter of Edward Woodman, born Oct. 10, 1654. 

John, son of Lancelot Granger, born Jan. 15, 1654. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Will. Titcomb, born Dec. 12, 1654. 

Mary, daughter of Roger Wheeler, born Feb. 12, 1654. 

William Richardson married Elizabeth Wisman, Aug. 23, 1654. 

Nicholas Wallington married Sara Travers, Aug. 30, 1654. 

Richard Fitts married Sara Ordway, Oct. 8, 1654. 

Robert Morse married Anne Lewis, Oct. 30, 1654. 

Daniell Peirce married Anne Milward, Dec. 26, 1654. 

William Bolton married Jane Bartlet, Jan. 16, 1654. 

Francis Tharly married An Morse, Feb. 5, 1654. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Browne, died June 2, 1654. 

Richard Kent, sr., died June 15, 1654. 

Will. Mitchill died July 16, 1654. 

Sara, wife of Daniel Peirce, died July 17, 1654. 

Daniell Greenleafe died Dec. 5, 1654. 

Hannah, wife of Samuell Moore, died Dec. 8, 1664. 

Dorcas, wife of John Tillotson, died Jan. 2, 1664. 

Inventory of the estate of Henry Fay of Newbury, weaver, who 
deceased June 30, 1655, taken by Thomas Hale,* Thomas Browne* 
and Abraham Toppan :* His house and about seaven akers and an 
halfe of land lyeing adjoyning, a barne, orchard and garden, and 
in the little feild foure akers and an halfe, 351i. ; about 3 1-2 akers 
of wheat upon the land, 31i. 15s. ; 3-4 aker of Indian corne, 16s. ; 
a loame and warping beame, a spooleing wheele, sleyes and har- 
nesses and other appurtenances, 21i. 10s. ; a rugge of cotten. Hi. 
8s.; an old pillow, 2s.; his wearing apparell, a cotten paire of 
breeches and an old coat and Jacket, 16s. ; a paire of shooes and 
stockings & another pair of stockings, 6s. ; a musket, 14s. ; a brass 
pott and an Iron kettle and an old frying pan. Hi. ; a paire of tongs 
& an Iron crooke, 2s. 2d. ; an old spade and grubaxe & 2 old axes, 
43. ; 2 peckaxes and an old hooe, 7s. ; 3 wedges of Iron and 2 
beetle rings, 3s. 6d. ; an handsaw, an ads, 3 gougs, 2 boriers and a 
gimblet, a draught shave & brest wimble, 8s. ; a handhooke, 3 rings 
& an old trowell, 2 nibs, 3s. ; a tennent saw, 2s. ; 2 old sithes, 3s. ; 
an old hooe, Is. 6d. ; a hamer & an old skillet, 2s. 6d. ; a shirt, 6s. 
6d. ; a joyned chaire, 3s. 6d. ; a peck & halfe peck & a basket, Is. 
lOd. ; a beare vessell, Is, 6d. ; a pondering tub, 4s. 6d. ; a joyned 
chest, 7s. ; a halfe-headed bedsted with a small rod, 9s. ; a bible, 



Stephen Dumev, sr., of Bishopstoake, county of Southampton, 
yeoman, appointed, Apr. 18, 1650, his friend, Henry Shorte of 
Newbury, yeoman, his attorney, to recover from Stephen Kent of 
Newbury, yeoman, etc. Wit : William Swisley, Hener Sewall, jr., 
and Will. Norton. 

4s.; an Inkhorne, 6d. ; a wooden bottle, 2s.; 3 bookes, 1 at Is. 6d., 
1 at Is. and 1 at 6d., 3s. ; a wheele and Iron spindle, 3s. ; 3 glass 
vialls, Is. ; a chest and a boxe, 5s. ; 3 dozen of buttons of pewter, 
and a pr. of glasses for the eyes, Is. 8d. ; 2 sieves, 2s. ; one small 
truncke, 2s; 6d. ; about six bushells of Indian corne, 16s. ; a forme 
& ladder & wheelebarrow & other lumber, 6s. ; 2 hens & 8 chickins, 
2s. 6d. ; a cow and a calfe, 51i. ; a pound weight of lead & halfe pd. 
& qter, a brass skimer, an Iron foot, a salt box & a small grid Iron, 
6s. ; twyne & cotteu yarne, Is. 6d. ; a new sarge sute, 21i. 12s. ; a 
sith & snede, a tramell, pothooks & wooden platter, 93. 8d. His 
debts : To Mr. Woodman, 21i. 9s. 3d. ; Steven Greenleafe, 9s. ; 
Robert Coker for plowing, 7s. ; Thomas Smith, Hi. 6s. 6d. ; Will. 
Bolton, 3s. 2d. ; Will. Richardson for 5 dayes work, 6s. ; Goodman 
Hutchins for the Coffin & a peck of corne, 9s. 8d. ; Robert Long, 
4s. 6d. ; John Bishop, 7s. 6d. ; John Bartlet, Is. 2d. ; Anth. Som- 
erby, 2s. 8d. ; Steven Swett for the charges at his funeral, lOs. ; for 
rates, Hi. 2s. lid. ; Daniell Peirce, 31i. 8s. ; John Bishop, 12s. 6d. 
Mr. Dumer, Hi. 10s.; Peter Godfry, Is. lOd. ; Nicholas Noyes, 10s. 
Mr. Jewet, 21i. 19s. ; Steven Swett, 19s. 5d. ; Steven Kent, Is. 2d. 
John Davis, 2s. 2d. ; Richard Fits and James Ordway, 6s. ; total, 
181i. 7s. 

Robert Long testified that Henry Fay said, two days before he 
died, when he thought he was going to die, that he would leave the 
estate in his hands, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, 25 : 7 : 1655. 

Thomas Noyes* of Sudbury, yeoman, appointed, under seal, his 
friends, Mr. Nicolas Noyes of Newbery, gent., and Robert Long of 
Newbery, weaver, his attorneys to let his house and lands in New- 
bery, sometime the house and land of Henry Fay, etc. Dated 
Sept. 20, 1656. Wit : Rich. Lowle* and Joseph Mors.* 

" Witnesse by theise p^'sents that Henry fay of Newbury in the 
County of Essex weauer did in his life time, giue and bequeath 
vnto his brothers children his whole estate his debts being dis- 
charged, and that he did desire his freinds Robert Long and James 
Jackman that they would looke to it for said he I will leaue it in 
your hands vntill they come, this he said oftentimes, witnes 
Richard fitts Robert Long James Jackman Joane Jackman. The 
Court Inclynes to ap''hend by the testimonyes this to be the will of 
Henry fay yet suspend the full determination of it till Ipswich 
court next but leave the estate in there hands & give them power 



Deposition of Thomas Hale, sr., that Newbury granted by way 
of exchange three acres of land to John Pike upon the neck be- 
hind the great swamp to be laid out by the selectmen and Richard 
Knight. Sworn, Mar. 26, 1656, before Daniell Denison and 
Symon Bradstreet. 

Sept. 18, 1655, John Pike says that he is informed that some of 
his neighbors are displeased with the straightness of the passage 
in the way by his house because his fence takes in some of the 
path. He now gives liberty to any one to come through his ground 
if they will hang two gates. Agreed to by Daniel Pierce, John 
Bishop, John Cheney, John Bartlet and William lelsly, selectmen 
of Newbury. 

Edward Carlton of Rowley appoints, Aug. 9, 1650, Humphrey 
Reyner and Joseph Juitt of Rowley his attorneys to sell houses, 
lands, chattels, etc. Wit : William Cuthboard and Joshua Booth. 

Court held at Salem, 27 : 9 : 1655. 

Present : Worshipful Samuell Simons, Mr. Dummer and Mr. 
Hubert, commissioners, and Danll. Denneson, Maj.-Gen. 

Grand jury : Mr. Roger Conant, Jacob Barney, Thomas Put- 
nam, George Gardner, Joseph Boice, Thomas Rootes and Henry 
Skerry, all of Salem; Edward Baker, John Decon and William 
Longly, all of Lynn ; Mr. Moses INIaverick of Marblehead ; William 
Allen of Manchester; William Vinson of Gloster ; and Austen 
Kellum of Wenham. 

Jury of trials: Ensign Dixie, Jeffry Massey, Mr. Thomas 
Gardner, sr., Joseph Pope, John Putnam, Nathaniell Felton, Mr. 
Adam Haukes, Benjamin Felton, Mathias Farnworth, Osmond 
Dutch of Gloster, Samuell Foster of Wenham, and George Keaser. 

in the meane tyme to pay iust debts & to receiue what is due to the 
estate p me Robert Lord cleric." 

" The deposition of Richard fits of Newbery the said Deponent 
Testifieth that Henery fay Said to him that if hee Died a SiugU 
man then his brothers Children shal haue his estatt this he said 


" the mark of Richard fits. 

" Taken vpon oth befor me william Titcom commissioner for 
newbery September 24 1655." 


Francis Ingalls of Lynn fined for absence from grand jury. He 
came next day, excused himself on account of difficulty of coming, 
and fine was remitted. 

James Axe and Willm. Croft of Lynn fined for absence from 
trial jury. They came next day, excused themselves on account of 
difficulty in coming, and fines were remitted. 

Mr. Roger Conant, Peter Paulfry and Nathaniell Pickman v. 
Mr. Francis Johnson. For detaining a parcel of beaver and otter. 
" Benjamin Sewall."* § 

Henry Jaquess v. Robert Nash. Debt. Withdrawn.! 

Garviss Garford v. Roger Has kail, administrator of the estate 
of Widow Hardy. Land of Widow Hardy to be laid out accord- 
ing to Mr. Garford's bargain in convenient time.t 

Jon. Devorex v. Emanuell Clarke. To know how he had dis- 
posed of six tons of goods for which he had six pounds " f actoredy." 

John Devorex v. Samll. Yew. For killing his cow by the falling 
of a tree in the commons. 

Jon. Rodes v. Jon. Barter. Debt. 

William Curtis v. John Shaw. Slander. For saying he was a 
base rogue and thief. Defendant's attorney, Francis Smith, ap- 
pealed. Francis Smith and Robert Nash, sureties. 

Nathaniell Felton fined for absence from trial jury; fine remitted, 
as he came soon after he was called. 

Elias Stileman, sr, v. W^ill. Nick. For refusing to give an ac- 
count of Timothy Bl and for withholding a quantity of 


*Writ : Mr. Roger Conant, Peter Palfry and Nathaniel Pick- 
man, successors of Anthony Dike v. Mr. Francis Johnson. About 
a parcel of beaver which Mr. Johnson received some twenty years 
since of Mr. Foxwell, the plaintiffs being in partnership with said 
Johnson. Dated, 22 : 9 : 1655, and signed by Elias Stileman || for the 
court. Served by Samuel Archard,|| marshal, by attachment of his 
dwelling house and the house that was Walsengam Chelson's, also 
the orchard and seven or eight sheep. 

tWrit, dated Nov. 13, 1655 ; signed by Anthony Somerby, for the 
court. Served by John Emery, || constable, by attachment of 

tWrit, dated 19 : 9 : 1655; signed by Elias Stileman,|| for the court. 
Served by Samuel Archard, jr.,|| marshal's deputy. 

§This name written in the margin. 


Daniell Salmon appointed administrator of estate of Joseph 

William Longly confirmed clerk of writs at Lynn in place of 
Edward Burcham. 

Francis Ingalls of Lynn freed from training. 

Maj. William Hathorne, Mr. Willm. Browne and Mr. Edmond 
Batter of Salem confirmed and sworn as commissioners to end 
small causes. 

Robert Starkewetlier allowed witness fees in Mr, Dummer's 

Willm. Spilsbery of Newbery, being summoned by Mr. Winslow, 
allowed fees. 

Court held at Salem, 29 : 9 : 1655. 

Imperfect will* of George Bridgman presented. Mr. George 
Corwine was appointed administrator. The said Bridgman left a 

*" The will of John bridgman is this that his whole estate shal 
bee deliuered into m"^ curwins hand and when hee hath satisfied 
him selfe to giu the rest to his daughter." Wit : Joseph Boice, 
Tomes Averi and Josia Suthick, all of whom signed by marks. 

The debts and what is coming to John Bridgman : " Owing to 
Goodman Sender and befe, 2s. 3d., for a pound of salt and he hath 
paid six pigeons and he hath wrought 7 or 8 days for John Neile 
and too days work for goodman Laws owing to Elias Stileman, 3s., 
to frances colins hee hath don nine days work of goodman Browne 
and is to be payd there, owing to Goodman E-umbal,. 3s. ; Mr. Car- 
withe oweth him, 4s., owing to farmer porter, 4s., ana poter oweth 
a bushel and half of Indian corn, Josiah Suthick oweth him 63. 

Inventory of estate of John Bridgman was taken 8:8: 1655, by 
Walter Pricef and Phillip Cromwell :t One petticott and wascott, 
21i. 5s. ; one pr. of brichis and a pr. stokins, 6s. ; in woollen and 
Gotten yaren, 8s. ; a Chest, 10s. ; 3 blak hatts and a straw hatt, 
18s. ; a looking glas, a hand baskett and a pot with starch, 3s.; a 
warming pan, 7s. ; one pr. sheets and 3 ould sheets. Hi. ; in smale 
lining. Hi. ; a greene ould aprne, a box & a Chest, 10s. ; a settle, 
5s. ; an ell canvas, 2s. ; hops, 8d., 7s. 8d. ; a flok bed boulster, 2 
pillos, a pr. blankets & 2 Ruggs, 51i. ; 5 yds. narrow teek, 12s. ; 
a Curtten and Rod, 5s. ; a muskett, sword, bandy lers & Rest, Hi. 
lis. j in wooden wares in his seller, 12s. ; a bible, a psalme booke, 



Will* of Mrs. Rebecca Bacon proved by George Bedle and Henry 

4s. ; a pr. dogs, hanger