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Full text of "Records of the annual Hench and Dromgold reunion held in Perry County, Pa., from 1897 to 1912 : these records contain the genealogies of Nicholas Ickes, Johannes Hench, Zachariah Rice, John Hartman, Thomas Dromgold and kindred families who were among the early settlers of Chester Co., and served in the revolution"

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(Mrs.) LELIA DROMGOLD EMIG, Genealogist 

1765 P. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

.A nii-mber of tin- Society, Daui;htcTS of the Am.-rican Ri'volution. 
a-i a di-scindant of Jofin Hartman, lacoti Hartnian. Zacfiariati Rico, 
Nicliolas Icki-s. Jolin H.-ncli, .Abiaail Hartriiaii Rice and Miclia.l Loy. 



Hench and Dromgold 



From 1897 to 1912 

These records contain the Genealogies of Nicholas Ickes, 

Johannes Hench, Zachariah Rice, John Hartman, 

Thomas Dromgold and kindred families who 

were among the early settlers of Chester 

Co., and served in the Revolution 

Compiled by 



The United Evangelical Press 
harrisburg, pa. 

John Hench 

The history of the Hench family was read by Rev. 
Silas M. Hench at the reunion held Aug. 14, 1902. 

Brothers, kindred, friends, descendants of noble 
sires, we greet you ; we greet one another with open 
hands for friendly grasp and hearts full to overflow- 
ing with glad and grateful thoughts. 

From far and near we have gathered here amid the 
hills and vales we love so well, because here are our 
homes, or here they have been; because among them 
have been the places of our birth and the scenes of 
our childhood and youth ; and more, we love them be- 
cause of the priceless inheritance left us here by our 
forefathers not simply in these goodly hills and fruit- 
ful valleys, but inestimably richer in the blessings of 
civil and religious liberty which we enjoy, and in the 
physical, intellectual, and moral powers purchased by 
their toil and sacrifices, their sufferings and blood, and 
bequeathed to us. 

A century or more ago, following the star of em- 
pire, moving westward, they came from the eastern 
part of this state, into this, then an almost trackless 
wilderness. And what a century among the centuries 
it has been for us, for this land, and for the world, 
the best of all the centuries ! 

Looking back over it from this vantage ground and 
marking the marvelous changes, we feel to-day that 
could their eyes see what our €yes behold, and their 
hearts know and feel what our hearts have known and 
realized, they would be filled with a great wonder and 

4 Records of the Annual 

astonishment. They never fancied nor ever dreamed 
that it might or could be thus. And to us who gladly 
honor them for what they were, what they achieved 
and endured, could they speak they would doubtless 
say: "Not unto us, not unto us, but unto Him whose 
we are, in whom we have trusted, our Guide, our 
Helper, and our Shield, give all the honor and glory." 

A half century or more before their pilgrimage from 
that first settlement in the new world to the next here, 
their ancestor and ours, with thousands of others, fled 
from tyranny and religious persecutions in their 
fatherland beyond the Rhine. 

They loved their home, their native land, their kin- 
dred and friends, but for sake of God and their pos- 
terity, and for faith or creed, and simple liberty to 
pray they would forsake home and fatherland and 
seek a wilderness. They were : 

"Men who for the simple sake of God 
All titles, riches would refuse; 
And in their stead disgrace and shame 
And bitter poverty would choose." 

"And these were they who gave us birth, 
The Pilgrims of the sunset wave; 
Who won for us this virgin earth 
And freedom with the soil they gave." 

More than two centuries ago the Palatinate along 
the Rhine and border provinces had repeatedly been 
ravaged by cruel and merciless war. Their cities, 
towns, and villages were burned, their property con- 
fiscated or destroyed, their crops and vineyards trod- 
den down, and their churches and schools ruined. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 5 

Finding no rest, no peace, nor security in their own 
land many thousands of them fled down the Rhine 
and found refuge in Holland, and other thousands in 
England for a time. In England many found a sym- 
pathetic friend in William Penn, whose mother had 
been of the Reformed faith, and he invited many of 
them to come to America. 

Queen Anne, of England, also invited them, and 
even bore the expense of transportation for many of 
them to come to the Colonies. 

During the first half of the eighteenth century many 
thousands of these Germans came over to seek homes 
here. Among these German emigrants was Johonnis 
Hench, or Hauge, a blacksmith by trade, from Wur- 
temburg, who landed at Philadelphia on the ship 
Lydia, Sept. 20, 1743. After a time he returned to 
Wurtemburg, doubtless to seek a helpmeet, if he had 
not already found one for whom he returned, make 
h-er his own, and bring her with him to share his hopes 
and fears, his joys and sorrows, and help him make 
a home in the new world. Thus far no record has 
been found of his wife's name, nor the date of their 
marriage, nor the date of their birth. However, ac- 
cording to his age at time of his death, he was born 
about the year 1712. He returned to America, land- 
ing in Philadelphia Sept. 2, 1749, on the ship Chester- 
field. He settled in Vincent Township, Chester 
County, but ere long removed to Pikeland Township, 
of same county, where about 1753, he bought land. 
His name appears on the list of Chester County tax- 
ables from 1756 to 1778, and later, as follows: 



i£, 4s 

i£, 6s, 



i£, 4s, 


acres with 


5 horses 

. 7 


6 Records of the Annual 

1756 — John Hanch, Pikeland, Tax, 
1757 — John Hench, " " 

1758 — John Hange, " " 

1760 — John Hinch, " " 

1762 — John Henche, " " 

1763 — John Hance, " " 

1764 — John Hangh, " 105 

ings, 45 acres woodland, 

5 sheep, I servant man and blacksmith. 
In 1770 he bought the farm of John Millhouse, ad- 
joining that of Johannis Hartman, in Pikeland, and 
carried on farming and blacksmithing. 
In 1774 the tax list has this record: 
John Hanch, Pikeland, 286 acres and buildings, 4 
horses, 6 cattle, 4 sheep. 
1778 — John Hench, Pikeland, 220 acres and buildings, 

3 horses, 5 cattle, 6 sheep. 
1787 — John Hench, Jr., 100 acres of land, i horse, i 

Jacob Hench, 75 acres of land, i horse, i cow. 
George Hench, 75 acres of land, 2 horses, 2 

All this tells plainly of years of untiring energy, 
perseverance, and thrift on the part of pioneer John 
Hench and his family. Starting out with only his 
trade, his vigorous, physical constitution, and fixed 
purpose to succeed, he goes into the forest, with no 
roads except at great distances, and only bridle-paths. 
Felling the trees and hewing the logs with his ax, they 
build their primitive dwelling. It consists of kitchen 
and bedroom on first floor, and over the next is the 
garret for the children. The joists are hewn timbers, 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 7 

open with floor over. The partitions are of wood. 
There are no plastered walls. There was the large, 
open fire-place, with crane, andirons and long-handled 
skillet to shield the cook from the heat. The doors 
swing on wooden hinges and are fastened by wooden 
latch, the string of which hangs on the outside. Hence 
the old saying, "The latch-string hangs outside." 

Window glass, then an article of import, was scarce 
and expensive, and instead they used heavy oiled paper. 
Even as late as eighteen hundred, when St. Peters' 
church, in Pikeland, was rebuilt, some panes of glass 
that were left over were loaned to certain parties. 
Salt was the concomitant, spices were luxuries. Sugar 
was not an article of everyday use. A small amount 
was kept on hand for company that might come. As 
soon as the bees could be cultivated honey became the 
great sweetener. Then the delicious buckwheat cake 
and honey were favorite dishes. Parched rye took 
the place of coffee. But with all these drawbacks the 
emigrants reared strong, healthy, robust families. Our 
stamina and vigor came from them and their depriva- 
tion of luxuries and comforts. 

To John Hench and his wife were born eight chil- 
dren — five sons and three daughters. The sons were 
named Peter, Henry, John, Jacob, and George ; the 
daughters, Alaria Elizabeth, Christina, Betsy or Eliza- 
beth. All lived to grow up to manhood and woman- 

In the noble spirit of patriotism this family was not 
wanting. Love and devotion to country burned in 
their bosoms, and at its call to defense they responded 
even to the sacrifice of property and of life itself. Two 

8 Records of the x\nnual 

sons, Peter, a fifer and drummer, and Henry, enlisted 
on a war vessel in the war of the Revolution, in 1774. 
They were afterward captured and died of neglect and 
starvation on a prison ship at New York, and were 
buried under a mound in Trinity church yard. New 
York. Their names, or at least that of Peter, is found 
in the Penna. Archives. 

The third son, John, then enlisted in 1777 and was 
made Second Lieutenant, Fourth Batallion Penna. Con- 
tinental Line, under Major Peter Hartman, a kinsman. 
His name also appears in the Penna. Archives. Not 
only in the field, but also at home, they rendered val- 
uable service to the cause of freedom, by furnishing 
cattle to the army; and Mrs. Hench rendered what 
service she could to the sick and wounded soldiers in 
the hospital at Yellow Springs, which was not far 
from their home. Some incidents worthy of note on 
this line are recorded by Dr. William D. Hartman, 
great-grandson of Mrs. Hench. After the battle of 
Brandywine a portion of General Wayne's division re- 
treated across the valley hill and encamped in the eve- 
ning in the meadow on John Hench's farm. Mr. 
Hench, who was a strong Whig, told the soldiers they 
were welcome to take whatever they wanted. As soon 
as their tents were pitched, and their camp-fires were 
lighted from the fences in the vicinity, forty head of 
fat bullocks were driven into the barnyard and the 
slaughtering continued until a sufficient number were 
secured to supply their wants. So soon as the skin 
was taken off a slaughtered animal many of the sol- 
diers who were shoeless, and their feet sore and bleed- 
ing, gathered around and placing their feet on the 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 9 

flesh-side of the skin and doubling it around their foot 
in the form of a shoe, secured it with thongs cut from 
the same. 

A large peach orchard adjoining the camp was 
stripped of its fruit, and the next morning every sol- 
dier had a knapsack full of peaches. During that 
whole night Mrs. Hench was occupied at her dough- 
tray kneading and making bread for the officers. 

The next morning, observing some commotion 
among the officers about the house, she found upon 
inquiry that two wounded officers who occupied sep- 
arate beds in one of the rooms were about to fight a 
duel sitting up in their beds, and their waiters were 
down stairs cleaning and loading their pistols for the 
fray. She soon settled the quarrel by taking the pis- 
tols from the waiters, and going to the officers' room 
gave them a lecture, ending with the declaration that 
she would not permit such conduct in her house. The 
quarrel arose from a dispute in reference to the battle 
of Brandywine a few days previous. Before they left 
she succeeded in restoring friendship between them. 
But in this brave and patriotic w-ife's and mother's 
devotion to country, through her ministries to the sick 
and wounded soldiers in the hospital, erected by Wash- 
ington at Yellow Springs, she and also her neighbor 
and kinswoman, Abigail Rice, wife of Zachary Rice, 
both contracted typhus fever, from which they after- 
ward died. 

Another feature or character in the life and makeup 
of these German emigrants, and one which we do well 
to cherish in memory and emulate, as indeed the most 
essential feature, was the strength and cultivation of 

lo Records of the Annual 

their moral and spiritual natures. Physical vigor and 
energy they had to a marked degree, and intellectual 
vigor, but either of these alone, or even combined, will 
not produce a strong, well-rounded character without 
the moral and spiritual stream. What the rudder is 
to the ship to guide it and the ballast to steady it in 
the storm, these the moral and spiritual forces cul- 
tured and developed, are to human life and character 
moving amid the stress and storm of life, upward to 
the port of peace. 

Those emigrants brought with them from the father- 
land their Bibles and hymn books, their catechisms 
and devotional books, and their respect for and devo- 
tion to God and truth, the Church and home, the 
school and country. Wherever and as soon as it was 
possible they had their church home and their German 
pastor, and German schoolmaster. The latter taught 
their children in the German language to read, write, 
etc., and when the church was without a pastor, as 
was many of them, or but few churches, the school- 
master took the place of the minister in the religious 
training of the young. 

St. Vincent German Reformed church was the old 
mother church in Chester County. Here our ancestor, 
John Hench, and his family, attended church, and 
doubtless later on perhaps to some extent at St. Peter's 
church at Pikeland. But the records of St. Vincent 
church contain the confirmations of nearly all his chil- 
dren, six of them, with dates of their confirmation 
from 1776 to 1778, and the ages of each at the time of 
the confirmation. 

Also the records of the baptisms of several of his 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion ii 

grandchildren. From our kinsman, Mr. John M. Hart- 
man, of Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, who has done so much 
and spared no pains and expense in gathering the rec- 
ords and employing the data for the history of the 
ancestry of our kindred families, we quote the follow- 

From this old mother church went forth a numer- 
ous family to build up our country and leave their im- 
press for good on the communities in which they set- 
tled. Many of them migrated to Perry County. On 
the old church books appear the names of Henche, 
Shull, Hippie, Yeager, Acker, Laubach, Naylor, Foose, 
Reiss, Hartman, Shimer, Christman, Wagner, Miller, 
Stiteler, Olewein, Hass, Kepner, etc. These names 
are still to be found in Perry County. The first John 
Henche was called a Presbyterian, but it comes from 
the original name of Vincent church the title of which 
in Halle, Germany, was Presbyterian. The original 
communion set of St. Vincent was of German silver 
or pewter, and inscribed : "From the Church in Halle 
to the Presbyterian Church in Schuylkill." 

The Hench family lived prosperously and happily 
in Chester County, until the spring of 1789, when their 
land was seized by the foreclosure of an old English 
mortgage. John Hench, with 113 other farmers lost 
his property. In the succession of owners, from Wil- 
liam Penn down, Pikeland Township was finally held 
by Samuel Hoare, a wealthy merchant of London. 
Hoare sold Pikeland tract to Andrew Allen, a mer- 
chant of Philadelphia. Allen paid Hoare a small part 
of the contract price and gave him a mortgage for 
the balance. Allen then divided the tract into farms 

12 Records of the An'nual 

of two hundred and three hundred acres, and sold 
them to the German emigrants as they arrived, and 
pocketed the money. Being a man of prominence, and 
a member of the Continental Congress, there was no 
suspicion of any fraudulent action on his part. After 
the Revolution was on and Lord Howe had captured 
Trenton, Allen turned traitor, went to Trenton and 
threw himself upon Lord Howe for protection. Later 
he went to London and died. These German emi- 
grants, relying upon Allen's honesty, accepted the 
papers he gave them when they paid the money and 
made no back searches for titles. 

After the Revolution was over and civil courts were 
established in Chester County, Ezekiel Howard, the 
sheriff, was given writs to sell out all the Pikeland 
tract under foreclosure of the Hoare-Allen mortgage, 
dated August 26, 1789. Every farm was sold and 
even St. Peter's church, built by the emigrants, went 
to satisfy the greed of the Merchant Hoare. This 
caused widespread disaster, as many of the farmers 
were now left without property, and must begin over 
again to secure homes. John Hench being unable to 
redeem his property, it was bought by Nicholas Ickes, 
who soon afterward took possession thereof. 

Thus for one who had toiled so many years, and 
met other sad losses, the death of two sons in the 
Revolutionary War, and then that of his faithful wife, 
now at nearly four score years to see the fruits of all 
his toil so quickly and unexpectedly taken away, must 
have been a heavy stroke. But with other children 
strong and brave and true still about him, and grand- 
children rising up to give cheer and promise of com- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 13 

fort, we find that he still gave his strength and thought 
to the duties and affairs of practical life. 

Among others who lost their farms was Zachary 
Rice, neighbor of John Hench, and ancestor of the 
Rice family. He is well known to all from the well- 
prepared history of the family given here on a former 
similar occasion. Zachary was the father of twenty- 
one children, seventeen of whom remained to him 
after the death of his wife Abigail. His descendants 
to-day are a numerous host. He. with his children, 
then set out in search of cheaper land. Three of his 
children, one son and two daughters, had married two 
sons and one daughter of John Hench. Zachary Rice 
and children proceeded westward till they found a 
suitable place in :Milford Township, Mifflin County, 
later Juniata County. There he bought a tract of land 
and settled on it in 1790. About that time or soon 
after his sons-in-law, John and Jacob Hench, also set- 
tled, the one in the same county, and the other in what 
became the county of Perry. After a few more years 
the aged patriarch, their father, followed these chil- 
dren, with his two other daughters, and settled in Mil- 
ford Township, Juniata County, about 1800 or 1801. 
He was 90 years old or over at that time. His son 
John, who married Margaret Rice, was a blacksmith, 
and in the pursuit of his trade, carried his anvil and 
tools on his back from place to place in the sparse 
settlements where he worked for the early settlers. 
He died in November, 1800, aged fifty years, and was 
buried at Loysville, Perry County. 

The will of Emigrant John Hench, a copy of which 
we have here to-day, was made June 28, 1801. This 

14 Records of the Annual 

was but a short while before the testator's death, as 
the will was probated December 9, 1801. He was 
buried at Academia, Juniata County, Pa. The legatees 
named in the will were his surviving children, the 
widow of his deceased son John, and children and 
grandson John, of his son John. 

The nobility of spirit, the paternal devotion to his 
children, and his simple trust in God remained with 
him to the end of life. Well may we honor his mem- 
ory and emulate his virtues. We should like to-day to 
trace out for you the branches of the family tree, but 
time forbids this. We may give here to the third and 
fourth generation the names, especially that bring 
down the original family name of Hench ; the more 
complete record or history will, we trust, be given you 
later in a permanent form, when time permits us to 
accomplish this. 

Those noble ancestors have done well their work, 
and they call us to follow on and rise to the eminence 
they foreshadowed and which the privileges we enjoy 
and the time we live in demand of us. 

" 'Neath hoary moss on crumbling stones 
Their names are fading day by day, 
The fashion of their lives and speech 
From sight and sound have passed away. 

"We owe them all we have of good, 
Our sunny skies, our fertile fields. 
Our freedom which to all oppressed, 
A continent of refuge yields." 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 15 


1st Johannis Hange (Hench) emigrant from Ger- 
many. Sons — Peter, Henry, John, Jacob, and George. 
Daughters — Maria Elizabeth, Christina, and Betsy or 
Elizabeth. Peter and Henry died in the Revolutionary 

2d John Hench married Margaret Rice, daughter of 
Zach Rice. Children of 2d John Hench : Sons — Peter, 
Jacob, John, Samuel, and Conrad, who was killed 
when young. Daughters — Elizabeth, married John 
Bryner; Jane Christina, married Joseph Bryner; Su- 
sanna, married Daniel Motzer; Sallie, married Jacob 
Strauch ; Rebecca, married John Ritter ; Judith, mar- 
ried Jacob Evinger; Catharine, married to George 
Rausch ; Pauline, single. 

Children of ist Jacob Hench. son of emigrant John 
Hench. His wife's name, Susanna Rice : Sons, — John, 
Zachariah, ISIajor Peter. Daughters — Abigail, Mary, 
and Nancy. 

Children of ist George Hench son of emigrant 
John Hench : Son — John. Daughter — Maria. 

Children of 2d Peter Hench, brother of Grandfather 
Samuel Hench : Sons — Parkinson H. and Samuel H. 
Daughters — Jane and Margaret. 

Children of 2d Jacob Hench, brother of Grandfather 
Samuel : Sons — George Hench and John Hench. 
Daughters — Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, and Rebecca. 

Children of 3d John Hench, brother of Grandfather 
Samuel Hench : Sons — John, Jacob, Conrad, and 
Samuel. Daughters — Elizabeth and Margaret. 

Children of Samuel Hench, grandfather: Sons — 

i6 Records of the Annual 

Jeremiah Hench, George Washington Hench. Daugh- 
ters — Bandina, married John Dromgold ; Sarah Ann, 
married John B. Ritter; jMargaret, married Joseph 

Children of Jeremiah Hench, married to Ellen 
Conly : Sons — Owen L., William Scott, Calvin. 
Daughter — Matilda, married William Kell. 

Children of George Washington Hench, married to 
Frances Rice: Sons — Silas Martin, Samuel Nevin, 
Allison Linn, George William, and Charles Luther. 
Daughters — Martha Jane, ]Mary Elizabeth, Ines 
Lecosta, Annie Kate, Adella Susan, Ada Lulu, Mar- 
garet Ellen. 4m^ >^ 

Children of 3d j j ^ Hench, son of j^ccdb Hench, 

and bra t lK LT (»f ^agliar ia h afKhPrtET H«teh : Sons — 

5U^,trr«rC^ Henry, Peter, John, and William. Henry had family. 

^ Lived in Raccoon Valley. Buried at Donnally's Mills. 

Children of 3d Peter Hench, son of Jacob, son of 
John : Sons — George Hench, Nicholas, and Samu-el. 
George married four times. Sons — Atchison L., Rev. 
Thomas H. Hench, D.D., Alexander M., Prof. George 
A. Daughters of George Hench, son of Peter — Mary 
AL Hench, Martha A., Elizabeth, and Margaret. 

Children of Zachariah Hench, son of Jacob Hench: 
Sons — William, John, Samuel E., Stewart, James, 
George, Thomas J., and Orin Linn. William Hench, 
only surviving child of above at this time, is 82 years 
old. Sons — Samuel M., James Stewart, Franklin 
Pierce, John jMcLaughlin, and George. Daughters — 
Sarah Ellen, Maria, and Mary. 

Children of Nicholas Hench, son of Peter Hench, 
who married Elizabeth Ickes: Sons — George Ham- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 17 

ilton, Nicholas Ickes, Frank Hamilton (killed at Get- 
tysburg), Samuel, William Benton. By second wife: 
John, Fernall, Harry Foster, and Willis Rannels. 
Daughters — Elizabeth Ann, Mary Ellen, Catharine; 
and by second wife, Catharine. 

Children of George Hamilton Hench, son of Nich- 
olas : Sons — Frank and William. Daughter — Mary. 

Children of Nicholas Ickes Hench, son of Nicholas: 
Sons — Thompson Stewart, Edwin Leroy, Nicholas 
Paul. Daughters — ^Nlaude Amelia, Lillie Coyle, and 
Annie Weakley. 

Children of Samuel Hench, son of Nicholas Hench: 
Sons — Ralph Woods, Samuel Ross, William Stewart. 

Jacob Hench, son of John, brother of Grandfather, 
children of above — four sons and seven daughters. 

Conrad Hench, son of John, had fifteen or sixteen 
children by two wives. 

Samuel Hench, son of John, had five daughters and 
two sons. 

The Henches were noted for their great strength 
and longevity. Remarkable feats of strength were said 
to have been performed by Peter Hench. Henry 
Hench was known between Perry County and Balti- 
more as "Whip cracker Harry," because of his skill 
in cracking his long blacksnake whip. Among these 
families there have been successful merchants, manu- 
facturers, mechanics, and artisans of various kinds. 
Some of them have adorned the profession of law, 
teaching, and the ministry. Useful machinery has 
given the stamp of inventive genius to the name, and 
the manufactures whose names stand at the beginning 
of this reunion title, to whose thought and effort we 

i8 Records of the Annual 

owe its origin and much of its success, have done much 
to carry the name to the bounds of our country and to 
foreign lands. 

The Hench Family Tree, Given by Robert N. 
Zimmerman, Aug. i2Th, 1909. 

Descendants of George Washington Hench, born 
Jan. 31, 1828, died Jan 31, 1913, married Jan. 31, 1851, 
to Frances Rice, born Sept. 8, 1824, died May 4, 1911. 

Their children are : 

1. Silas Martin, born Nov. i, 185 1, married Jan. 22, 
1880, to Martha J. Beavers, born Dec. 11, 1854. 

2. Martha Jane, born May 26, 1853, died March 2, 
1901, married Nov. 12, 1874, to John S. Zimmerman, 
born Nov. 9, 1847. 

3. Samuel Nevin, born June 2'j, 1854, died Aug. 20, 
1910, married Jan. 11, 1885, to Emma Flinchbaugh, 
born April i, 1863. 

4. Allison Linn, born Dec. 9, 1855, died Sept. 14, 
1893, married Jan. 25, 1877, to Ida Adaline Shope, 
born Nov. 21, 1858. 

5. Lizzie E., born Feb. 16, 1857, married Dec. 25, 
1877, to David Rice, born Nov. 11, 1847. 

6. Ines Lecosta, born Nov. 21, 1858, married May 
2, 1878, to John Alexander Barnes, born Dec. 22, 1851. 

7. Katherine, born July 26, i860, married Oct. 19, 
1880, to Benjamin F. Richard, born July 18, 1858. 

8. Wiliam G., born Dec. 21, 1862, married Nov. 11, 
1886, to Mary Wilson, bom June 5, 1863. 

9. Delia, bom Oct. 29, 1864, married Dec. 28, 1892, 
to Elmer Hartman Bixler, born Aug. 25, 1863. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 19 

10. Lula, born April 13, 1867, married Dec. 31, 1896, 
to Edward S. L. Soule, born Aug. i, 1867. 

11. Margaret Ellen, born Oct. 11, 1868, died Dec. 
22, 1902, married May 27, 1897, to Henry Harrison 
Hartman, born Oct. 25, 1868. 

12. Charles L., born Feb. 21, 1871, married Nov. 22, 
1894, to Annie R. Hassler, born June 23, 1865, died 
Sept. 2, 1906, remarried Dec. 5, 1907, to Minnie Grace 
Hassler, born Sept. 23, 1879. 

Family of John S. Zimmerman and Martha Jane 
Hench : 

a. Daisy Alice, born Sept. 4, 1875, married June 4, 
1906, to Charles Churchill Barnes, born Nov. 10, 1859. 

Pearl Zimmerman, born March 9, 1893. 

b. Robert Nelson, bom Jan. i, 1877. 

c. Sallie Mabel, born Aug. 22, 1878, married April 
13, 1899, to Charles Andrew Stambaugh, born Nov. 
30, 1878. 

(i) ^Martha Florence, born Oct. 15, 1899. 
(2) Esther Eulala, born Jan. 22, 1906. 

d. William Nevin, born May 2, 1880, married Oct. 
22, 1903, to Delia Stambaugh, born Dec. i, 1878. 

(i) John David, born Dec. 28, 1905. 

e. Roy Hench, bom Aug. 15, 1882. 

f. Eulala Tressler, born March 8, 1885. 

g. Rebecca May, born Dec. 6, 1886. 
h. Jacob Loy, born Nov. 30, 1889. 

i. Delia Frances, born Feb. 5, 1891. 
j. Ruth Esther, born March 30, 1893. 
Family of Samuel Nevin Hench and Emma Flinch- 
baugh : 

a. Nevin Frederick, born Aug. 4, 1887. 

20 Records of the Annual 

b. Frances Rebecca, born Dec. 20, 1891. 

c. G. Harold, born Feb. 5, 1894. 

d. Adele M., born April i, 1896, died Jan. 31, 1910. 

e. Mildred E., born Dec. 7, 1897. 

Family of Allison L. Hench and Ida A. Shope : 

a. Clarence P., born Sept. 11, 1877, married Oct. 
30, 1900, to Cora Hinkle, born Nov. 21, 1882. 

b. Julia Anna, born Nov. 24, 1879, married Sept. 21, 
1898, to Howard Winifred Dromgold, born Nov. 12, 

( 1 ) William Lynn, born iNIay 10, 1899. 

(2) Leroy Hench, born Jan. 11, 1901. 

(3) Clarence Walker, born April 11, 1905. 

(4) Dorothy Adiline, born March 27, 1907. 

c. Samuel N., born Aug. 23, 1883, married Oct. 2, 
1906, to Emma Pearl Rice, born Nov. 9, 1884. 

Family of David Rice and Lizzie E. Hench : 

a. Hulda M., born Jan. 25, 1879, married Feb. 19, 
1902, to Winifred Scott Frazer, born March 16, 1874. 

(i) Helen Elizabeth, born Dec. 6, 1903. 

(2) Lenora Anna, born May 22, 1905. 

(3) Vera Arminta, born March 22, 1907. 

b. Vera M., born April 23, 1884, married June 14, 
1905, to Clarence L. Martin, bom Feb. 22, 1882. 

c. Ward Hench, born Feb. 3, 1886. 

d. Frances Grace, born May 4, 1891. 

Family of John Alexander Barnes and Inez Lecosta 
Hench : 

a. Annie Belle, born, Feb. 18, 1879, married Sept. 8, 
1898, to Adam Berrier, born Aug. 31, 1876. 
(i) Lecosta May, born Feb. 17, 1899. 
(2) John Harold, born April 14, 1900. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion- 21 

(3) Catherine Maree, born March 10, 1901. 

(4) Harriet Louise, born Feb. 22, 1902. 

(5) Charlotte Corine, born Jan. 28, 1903. 

(6) George Edward, born March 30, 1905. 

(7) Esther Eugene, born May 25, 1906. 

(8) Elmer Kenneth, born Feb. 15, 1908. 

b. Gurney Seldon, born March 28, 1880. 

c. Silas Leone, born May 27, 1881. 

d. Bessie Adele, born Oct. 9, 1882, married Nov. 10, 
1902, to Melvin D. Simonton, born Aug. 23. 1881. 

(i) Inez Elizabeth, born Feb. 20, 1904. 
(2) Frances Pauline, born July 20, 1906. 

e. Olive Frances, born May 26, 1884. 

f. Emma Elverda, born March 26, 1886, married 
Dec. 21, 1905, to William S. Hartman, born Dec. 25, 

(i) Holmer Leon, born Nov. 21, 1907. 

g. Lillian May, born May 2, 1891. 
h. John Arthur, born Nov. 2, 1892. 
i. George Linn, born Jun-e 4, 1894. 

j. Charlotte Helen, born March 21, 1897. 

k. William Warren, born April 12, 1899. 

1. Merle Hench, born ]May 13, 1904. 

Family of B. F. Richard and Katharine Hench : 

a. Emma, born Sept. 8, 1S82. 

b. Marion Frances, born July 9, 1885. 

c. George W. Hench, born Sept. 22, 1888. 
Family of Elmer H. Bixler and Delia Hench: 

a. Harold Hench, bom April 17, 1897. 

b. Leon Kenneth, born April 19, 1903. 

Family of Edward S. L. Soule and Lula Hench: 
a. William Hench, born June 7, 1898. 

22 Records of the Annual 

b. Infant, born June 29, 1899. 

c. Edwin Kenneth, born June 14, 1900. 

d. Infant, born May i, 1901. 

e. Gladys Geraldine, born Aug. 8, 1903. 

f. Gertrude Madeline, born Nov. 2, 1904. 

g. Frances Louise, born April 13, 1908. 

Family of H. H. Hartman and Margaret Ellen 
Hench : 

a. Frances Katherine, born April 20, 1898. 

b. Margaret Winifred, born May 27, 1899. 

c. Dorothy Helen, born Aug. 7, 1902. 

Family of Charles L. Hench and Annie R. Hassler : 

a. Mar>' Grace, bom Oct. 8, 1896. 

b. Charles Hassler, born April 20, 1900. 

Hench an'd Dromgold Reunion 23 


Nicholas Ickes 

Information secured by John M. Hartman and J. 
W. Rice, from the Ickes families, and read by Vernon 
Rice at the reunion held on Aug. 13, 1903. 


About the beginning of the seventeenth century, 
under the guidance of William Penn, a colony of Ger- 
mans consisting of 3,000 persons from the kingdom 
of Upper Saxony, under the control of Frederick the 
Wise, came to Pennsylvania. The reason of the emi- 
gration of the colony was on account of persecution 
by the Catholics. The colony came from Eisleben, 
near where Martin Luther was born. The Catholics 
and Protestants were at war. William Penn came 
there to get farmers, and as thes-e people were tired 
of war they concluded to come to America. There 
was a family who came with the colony by the 
name of Coblents. (Michael Ickes was married to one 
of his daughters.) Peter the Great confiscated his 
property and he decided to come to America. He set- 
tled at Albany, N. Y., where some of his descendants 
still live. From there they came to Montgomery 
County, Pennsylvania, and went by the name of Cope- 
land. The Baron lived to be 112 years. 

In that colony there was an Ickes, who had four 
sons and three daughters ; none of the children were 
married when they came to this county. The colony 
was located in Montgomery County, north of the 

24 Records of the Annual 

Schuylkill River, and west and northwest of the 
Perkiomen Creek. The township was called Limerick, 
and the one joining was called Frederick. Mr. Ickes 
located i,ooo acres of land and divided it between his 
four sons. Mr. Ickes built a house on the land in 
1717, which in 1880 was still standing. Michael Ickes, 
the father of Nicholas Ickes, received the northwest 
corner as his share, and built a house on it, where 
Nicholas Ickes was born; also four of his children, 
Elizabeth, Samuel, Susan, and Jonas. Of the four 
brothers who came with that colony John was the 
eldest, Peter the second, George the third, and Michael 
the fourth. All the brothers left there except Michael. 
John and Peter settled in Adams County, one at Lit- 
tlestown and the other at Abbottstown. George settled 
in Bedford County, north of Bedford, and Michael re- 
mained in Montgomery County until his death. He 
was drowned in the Schuylkill River, at which time 
Nicholas came into his possessions. There were five 
children, Nicholas, Samuel, Michael, and two girls. 
The law at that time gave the eldest more than the 
rest : Nicholas received two hundred pounds, which 
would be five hundred and thirty dollars in our money, 
and the others received one hundred pounds. Nicholas 
took the farm at the appraisement and paid the heirs 
their share out of it ; the widow's dower remained in 
the place. Nicholas was married to Mary Magdalen^ 
Christman, of Montgomery County, 1785. He wen,' 
into the war as a substitute (when he was sixteen year 
old), for George Evans, and remained until peace wa 
declared. Nicholas Ickes left Montgomery County in 
1795 and settled in Cumberland County, in Sherman's 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion' 25 

\'alley. After a lapse cf twenty-five years, on March 
20, 1820, Perry County was taken off Cumberland 
County. Nicholas bought 230 acres of land from Rob- 
ert Robinson, now in Perry County. He also bought 
260 acres of mountain land from Dr. ISIaley, and sold 
130 acres to Charles Elliot. He also bought 170 acres 
from George Sanderson, on part of which Ickesburg 
was located in 1816, on which he lived, and where he 
died March 25, 1S48, aged 84 years. 

Thus far we go by traditions. The earliest authentic 
record we have is a John Jacob Ick, who arrived from 
\\'urtemburg, Germany, Sept. 22,, 1741, at Philadelphia, 
on ship Marlborough, and was born in 1718. During 
September, 1745. Anna Barbara Ickes married Abra- 
ham Marley, of Skippack ; this was one of the first 
marriages on record on the books of the Trappe Lu- 
theran church. Anna Barbara was born Aug. 7, 1721, 
and was a sister of Nicholas (i) Ickes. On the loth 
of December, 1745, Nicholas (i) Ickes bought of 
Mary Hilliard, Rebecca Steel, William Sheet, and 
Elizabeth, his wife, Richard Renshaw, and Anna, his 
wife, and James Thompson, 228 acres with appurte- 
nances in Limerick Township, Philadelphia, Pa., re- 
corded in Deed Book G, Vol. 8, page jt,. the said 
Limerick Township being now in Montgomery County. 
Nicholas (i) and Anna Clara, his wife, sold part of 
the 228 acres, comprising fifty-five acres, to Albert 
Fontertine, on May 6, 1749. Nicholas (i) and Anna 
Clara, his wife, bought of Lynford Gardner, 105 acres 
in Limerick Township, Dec. 29, 1756. Nicholas (i) 
Ickes contributed five shillings towards the purchase 
of a bell for the Swamp or New Hanover Lutheran 

2,^ Records of the Annual 

church in 1748. Nicholas (i) Ickes' son Michael was 
confirmed at the age of 17, on April 17, 1756. At the 
same time Nicholas' (i) son John was confirmed at 
the age of 16 years. This shows they were born in 
1739 and 1740, respectively. Nicholas (i), by will 
dated July i, 1763, left certain bequests, but destroyed 
the will and wrote another as follows : 

In the Name oe God, Amen. 

This eigth day of July, in the year of our Lord, one 
thousand seven hundred and sixty-five. I, Nicholas 
Ickes, of Limerick Township, in Philadelphia County, 
and Province of Pennsylvania, Freeholder, being sick 
and weak in body, but of perfect memory and under- 
standing, thanks be unto God therefore, calling unto 
mind the mortality of my body, knowing that it is 
appointed for all men once to die, do make this my 
last will and testament, renouncing all others formerly 
made and done by me heretofore, and that in manner 
and form following, that is to say — 

First. My will is, that all my just debts and funeral 
charges be paid by my executors hereinafter named 
and appointed. 

Secondly. Whereas I have sometime ago made ?. 
certain article with my two sons, namely, Michael and 
John, concerning my two plantations, what every one 
was to give me, and my wife, their mother, yearly, as 
long as we both lived. Therefore my will is that my 
two sons aforesaid shall pay unto their mother, Anna 
Clara, my beloved wife, five pounds apiece, money of 
this Province, yearly, as long as she lives, and that to 
begin after my decease, instead of that, what they was 


Hench and Dromgold Reunion 27 

to deliver us in the article. Further, shall my beloved 
wife, Anna Clara, have the use and profit of my per- 
sonal estate as long as she lives, let it be in ready 
money, bonds, bills, book-accounts, whatsoever be- 
longeth to me, and after my wife's decease my personal 
estate, what is left, shall be equal distributed among 
all my children. Further I give and bequeath unto 
my beloved wife over and above the aforesaid ten 
pounds a year, her mare saddle and bridle, her bed and 
bedstead, her clothes-press, one good cow, and Michael, 
my son, is to pasture and fodder her mare and cow 
summer and winter as his own, and my walnut table ■ 
and also is she to have her free seat and peaceable 
abode in my little stone house, as long as she lives. 

Thirdly. I give and devise unto my eldest son 
Michael, my plantation whereon I lived, containing one 
hundred and seventy-three acres of land, with all 
rights, titles and appurtenances, thereunto belonging 
and I empower my beloved wife to make him a good 
title out of my title to him the said Michael, his heirs 
and assigns, forever. And further is he to have over 
and above the aforesaid plantation, four acres of my 
other plantation, where my spring-house is, so that the 
spring is within the four acres of land, to him and his 
heirs and assigns, forever, and my son John shall make 
him a title out of his title, after my decease, for keep- 
ing his mother's creatures and attending her in her age. 

Fourthly. I give and devise unto my youngest 
son John, my other plantation, containing, after the 
four acres deducted, one hundred and seventy-six acres 
of land, with all rights, titles and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging, and I empower my beloved wife to 

28 Records of the Annual 

make him a good title out of my titles, to him the said 
John, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Fifthly. Whereas my daughter Anna Maria has al- 
ready received the sum of one hundred pounds, yet 
my two sons, Michael and John, shall pay her the fur- 
ther sum of one hundred pounds, Pennsylva. currency, 
in two years time after my decease. 

Lastly. I make and ordain this my beloved wife, 
and my eldest son Michael, to be my only and sole 
executors of this my last will and testament ratifying 
this present, and no other, to be my last will and tes- 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand 
the seal, the day and year first above written. 
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said 
testator for and as his last will and test. In 
the presence of us. 

Mich. Walter, Nicholas X Ickes 

Adam Curtz. mark 

Aug. 5, 1765. 

Philada., August 5th, 1765, then personally appeared 
Michael Walter and Adam Curtz, the witnesses to the 
foregoing will, and on oath did declare they saw and 
heard, Nicholas Ickes, the testator, therein named, 
sign, seal, publish and declare the same will for and 
as his last will and testament, and that at the doing 
thereof he was of sound mind, memory and under- 
standing to the best of their knowledge. 

Coram. Wm. Plumsted, Jus. of Pc. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 29 

Aug. 2, 1755. 

The inventory of the estate shows Nicholas to have 
been a money lender as follows : Two bonds of 
Michael Ickes; one bond of John Ickes ; one bond of 
Peter Milford; one bond of Adam Brandt; book ac- 
count Abraham Stattler ; book account John Ickes ; 
book account Michael Ickes; book account James 

By this will we see Nicholas (i) had only three chil- 
dren, Michael, John, and Anna Maria. Michael, the 
oldest, was left 173 acres of his farm and Nicholas 
(i) gives his wife full power to make a good title to 
her son Michael. This will was probated Aug. 5, 1765. 
The records of the Swamp or Hanover church, now 
in Montgomery County, show Nicholas (i) was buried 
July, 1765, aged 51 years, which makes his birth in 

In 1744 Catherine Ickes, an orphan child, was con- 
firmed at Hanover church. As the Lutheran Church 
confirmed children about fourteen years of age, she 
was born about 1730, and could not have been a child 
of Nicholas (i). 

John Jacob Ick arrived from Wurtemberg at Phila- 
delphia on ship Marlborough, Sept. 23. 1741, and was 
born about 171S. We have here Nicholas (i), born in 
1714; John Jacob, born in 1718; Anna Barbara Ickes, 
born in 1721, and Catherine, born about 1730. This 
shows there existed an Ickes family older than Nich- 
olas (i) and these were probably the children of that 
family. This would account for what Susan Harding 
says : "In that colony there was an Ickes who had four 

30 Records of the Annual 

sons and three daughters." Susan Harding gives the 
names of the sons, John, Peter, George, and ^Michael. 
The latter name, Michael, is an error ; it should be 
Nicholas (i), as the will shows that Michael (2) was 
a son of Nicholas (i). This has been a mere trans- 
position of names. John (3) Ickes and his wife, 
Christina, sold to Jacob Barnhard part of his tract, 
comprising sixty-five acres, in Limerick Township, on 
May 17, 1757. This Jacob Barnhard arrived on the 
same ship with John Jacob Ick in 1741. There was 
probably a family connection here. 

Michael (2) Ickes, confirmed April 12, 1756, mar- 
ried first Elizabeth Coblentz, or Koblin, daughter of 
John Koblin. She was buried Nov. 26, 1768, aged 
21 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days. There is no 
record of children born to them. Michael (2) Ickes 
married 2d Catharine Acker, Nov. 14, 1769. Their 
children were Nicholas (3), Samuel (3), Michael (3), 
and two girls. The Hanover church records show : 

" Ickes, child of Michael and Catherine Acker 

Ickes, was born , baptized April 14, 1773. 

Sponsors, Daniel Mertz and wife. John, son of Michael 
and Catherine Ickes, born Dec. 7, 1775, baptized April 
7, 1776. Sponsors, John and Margaret Miller. Michael 
(2) was deacon of the congregation — New Hanover 
church, and was drowned in the Schuylkill River, and 
buried May 16, 1778, aged 37 years. Michael appears 
in the tax list of 1776 for 150 acres, two horses and 
three cows. Nicholas Coblentz arrived in Philadelphia 
Oct. 7, 1743, and was said to have been born in Ger- 
many in 1698. Jacob Coblentz, by will dated April 5, 
1785, gave to his three relatives, Peter, David, and 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 31 

Philip Coblentz, his property in Cheltenham Township, 
Montgomery County, and reserves certain moneys for 
the Presbyterian church, St. Michael's Lutheran 
church, Gemiantown, and a school near James Me- 
hannon's. From some of these Coblentzs Michael (2) 
got his first wife. The Coblentzs are mentioned in 
Susan Harding's book and her narrative is founded on 
some facts which this proves. 

John Jacob Ickes being of the same generation of 
our Nicholas Ickes, it is apparent he went back to 
Germany on a visit, as was the custom in those days 
among the thrifty, well-to-do people, of which the 
Ickeses were an example. On his return he brought 
back Jacob Barnhard, who bought the property of 
John and Christina Ickes in 1757. 

Anna Barbara Ickes, wife of Abraham Markley, had 
the following children: Isaac, married Jane Lane; 
Elizabeth, married Matthias Tyson; Abraham, mar- 
ried Mary Magdalene Crasser; Benjamin, married 
Hannah Wentz ; Jacob, married Christina Antes; 

Marie Barbara, married Warthman; John, 

married Elizabeth Heiser; David (single), Samuel 
(single). Abraham migrated to South Carolina, near 
Charleston. His children were all girls. They inter- 
married in the Lee family, and one of the descendants 
built the fortification around Charleston during the 
Civil War. Benjamin was a member of legislature 
and judge of Montgomery County. His daughter, 
Sarah, married Gen. Philip Boyer, and their son, Ben- 
jamin Markley Boyer, was president judge of Mont- 
gomery County. 

Nicholas (3), born 1764, confirmed xA.pril 20, 1783, 

32 Records of the Annual 

by Rev. Christian Streit, married Mary Magdalene 
Christman, of Montgomery County, in 1785. Eliza- 
beth Ickes, daughter of Nicholas and Magdalene Ickes, 
born Oct. 5, 1787, baptized Dec. 12, 1789. Sponsor, 
Grandparents Jacob and Elizabeth Christman. 

Samuel Ickes (4), born March 29, 1789, baptized 
Dec. 12, 1789. Sponsor, Samuel Ickes. Susanna (4), 
born Feb. 11, 1791, died young. Jonas (4), born Feb. 
3, 1790. Catherine (4), born Dec. 31, 1795. Nicholas 
(4), born , died in 1797. 

Michael's (2) family appear to have lived on the 
old estate until the death of Michael (2), when his 
son Nicholas (3) applied to the court for a division 
of the estate. He got title to the property, paying off 
the other heirs 608 pounds, Pennsylvania currency. 

On April 5, 1790, Nicholas (3) and Magdalene, his 
wife, sold his farm of 228 acres, to John Hendricks, 
of Limerick. The following speaks for itself: 

Received April 8th, 1791, of Nicholas Ickes, the sum 
of One Hundred and Sixty-one Pounds, Ten Shil- 
lings and Fifteen Pence, towards the first payment 
of the Plantation, I sold him in Pikeland Town- 
ship, which I promise to pay to the attorneys of 
Sam'l Hore to obtain an article of agreement be- 
tween them and me, which agreement I am to 
assign to said Ickes when delivered to him with 
said attorney's receipt for said money he is to de- 
liver me this receipt. John Hange. 

In the succession of owners from William Penn 
down, Pikeland Township was finally held by Samuel 
Hoare, a rich London merchant. Hoare sold the Pike- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 33 

land tract to Andrew Allen, a Philadelphia marchant, 
who paid Hoare a small sum on account of the tract 
and gave him a mortgage for the balance. Allen then 
divided the tract into two and three hundred acre 
farms and sold it to the German emigrants as they ar- 
rived, pocketing the money. Being a prominent man 
and a member of the Continental Congress, he was un- 
suspected of such fraudulent actions. After the Revo- 
lution was on and Lord Howe had captured Trenton, 
Allen turned traitor, went to Trenton and threw him- 
self upon Lord Howe for protection. Later he went 
to London, where he died. These German emigrants, 
trusting to Allen's honesty, accepted the papers, which 
he gave them when they paid the money and made no 
back searches for titles. After the Revolution was over 
and civil courts were established in Chester County, 
Ezekiel Howard, the sheriff was given writs to sell out 
all the Pikeland tract under foreclosure of the Hoare- 
Allen mortgage, dated Aug. 26, 1789. Every farm 
was sold and even the St. Peter's church, which the 
emigrants had built, was sold to satisfy the greed of 
this rich English merchant Hoare. This caused wide- 
spread disaster, as many of the farmers not being able 
to redeem their property, were left without a farm or 
home. In a power of attorney dated 30 April, 1791, 
given by these emigrants to their attorney to settle 
and make good title for their property, the names of 
John Hench and Nicholas Ickes appear in connection 
with the above farm. 

After John Hench sold his farm, he with his two 
daughters, Christina Sherriden and Catharine Close, 
removed to Cumberland County, in what is now Juni- 

34 Records of the Annual 

ata County, purchased a farm and started life over, al- 
though he was an old man. He is the progenitor of 
all the Henches of Juniata, Perry, and other counties, 
who have intermarried with the Ickes, Rices, Hart- 
mans, and other families of our reunion. 

John Hench's son George had a son Peter who mar- 
ried Elizabeth Ickes, daughter of Nicholas (3). 

The following records are from the New Hanover 
Lutheran church books : 

Catharine, daughter of Heinrich Ickes and Anna 
Elizabeth, from Schoolkill. Born Jan. 30th, baptized 
March 30, 1746. Sponsor, Catharine Icks. 

Heinrich, son of Heinrich and Anna Elizabeth Ickes. 
Born June 15th, baptized Aug. 12, 1750. Sponsor, 
Heinrich Neuman. 

Anna Catharine, daughter of John and Christina 
Ickes. Born Aug. 25th, baptized Sept. 5, 1756. 

Infant daughter of John Ickes buried Aug. 7, 1765. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Margaret Ickes. 
Born Dec. 26, 1763. baptized April 22, 1764. Sponsors, 
Philip Krauss and Elizabeth Kurtz. 

John Nicholas, son of John and Alice Ickes. Born 
Oct I, 1764, baptized Dec. 9, 1764. Sponsors, John 
Nicholas Ickes and wife. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Christina Ickes. 
Born Dec. 6th, baptized Dec. 20, 1764. Sponsor, Anna 
'Maria Miller. 

Anna Margaretta, daughter of John Ickes, was con- 
firmed Nov. 5, 1749, 17 years old. 

Frederick, son of John Ickes and Christina. Born 
Dec. 21, 1766, baptized April 12, 1767. Sponsors, 
Frederick and wife. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 35 

John Henry, son of John and Christina Ickes. Born 
June 19, 1769, baptized Aug. 6, 1769. Sponsors, Her- 
man Hausman and Catharine. 

John, son of John and Margareth Ickes. Born 
March 12, 1774, baptized June 12, 1774. Sponsors, 
Michael and Catharine Ickes. 

December 10, 1771, Peter Ickes to Dorothea Hebner. 

The church home of all the Ickeses was the New Han- 
over or Swamp church. This grand old church is sit- 
uated in Falkner's Swamp, or properly speaking, Falk- 
ner's meadows, and stands on a knoll in the midst of 
one of our most fertile valleys. It is seven miles from 
Pottstown, Pa., in New Hanover Township, Mont- 
gomery County, Pa. It is the oldest German Lutheran 
church in America and was founded by the Rev. Jus- 
tus Falkner, 1703. When Father Muhlenberg ar- 
rived in Philadelphia, Nov. 25, 1742, he went and 
preached in their log church November 28th, from 
2 Corinthians, v. 20, "Now then we are ambassadors 
for Christ ; as though God did beseech you by us : we 
pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." 
This church antedates the Trappe church about thirty- 
nine years. Next November the one hundred and 
fiftieth anniversary of this building will be celebrated. 
It is built of trap granite with brownstone facings. 
The walls are three feet thick ; the window frames are 
all stone ; no wood was used except in the sash. The 
building is large and surmounted with a steeple. The 
interior has a gallery on the sides and end where a 
large organ stands. The windows have stained glass. 
The ceiling is high and curved from side to side. It is 
a typical German church of 200 years ago and must 

36 Records of the Annual 

be seen to be appreciated. Every Ickes who can af- 
ford it should pay a visit to this beautiful old church 
which their forefathers helped to build and left io8 
years ago when they migrated to a new land. During 
the Revolution it was used as a hospital after the bat- 
tle of Germantown, and was ten miles from the homes 
of the Ickeses. How many of us to-day would ride 
ten miles horseback on a bridle-path through the for- 
est to attend church ? 

Nicholas 3d sold the farm in Pikeland and moved 
to Sherman's Valley, Tyrone Township, then Cumber- 
land, now Perry County, Pa., where he purchased 260 
acres of land from Robert Robinson; 260 acres of 
mountain land from Dr. Maley, and sold 130 acres to 
Charles Eliot. He also bought of the state 164 acres 
and 85 perches in Tyrone Township, on June 30, 1812, 
and 170 acres of George Sanderson, on which he 
moved and where he located Ickesburg in 1816. 
Among the early settlers there is found on the tax list 
of 1820 Nicholas Ickes, saw mill, distillery, house and 
lot in Ickesburg. Samuel Ickes, Jr., and Jonas Ickes, 

Nicholas' wife, Mary Magdalene Christman, dying 
in 1797, he married Mrs. Susan L. Bemheisel, by 
whom he had fourteen children, making him father of 
twenty children. 

I, Elizabeth Ickes was bom October 6, 1787, mar- 
ried in the year 1809, to Peter Hench, who died Jan. 
31, 1814. Elizabeth died Aug. 2, 1859, aged 72 years, 
7 months and 27 days. 

I. George Hench, born Jan. 31, 1810, married Dec. 
29, 1836, to Mary Haskett, of Sandy Hill. 

Hench axd Dromgold Reunion 37 

(a) Atchison L. Hench, bom Jan. 24, 1838. 

(b) Thomas H. Hench, born April 5, 1840. 

(c) Alexander H. Hench, born Aug. 11, 1842. 
Mary Haskett Hench died Oct. 7, 1845. 

Gearge Hench and Rebecca C. McCord, of Millers- 
town, were married Sept. 30, 1847. 

(d) Mary M. Hench, born Aug. il, 1848. 

(e) Rebecca M. Hench, born May 9, 1850. 
Rebecca C. Hench died May 22, 1850. 

George Hench married Martha J. Brandon, of 
Adams County, who died Dec. 13. 1861. 

George Hench and Rebecca A. Allison, of Xenia, 
Ohio, were married Sept. 20, 1863. 

(f) Martha B. Hench, bom Nov. 26, 1864. 

(g) George A. Hench, born Oct. 26, 1866. 
(h) Elizabeth C. Hench, born May 26, 1869. 
(i) Margaret E. Hench, born Dec. 20, 1874. 

2. Nicholas Hench was born Sept. 26, 181 1, married 
Catharine Jane Hamilton, born Dec. 29, 183 1, died 
June 18, 1856; married (2d) Catharine Foster, Feb. 
4, 1858. 

(a) Elizabeth Anne Hench, born Oct. 18, 1832, 
married William Wilson, of Ickesburg, 
Jan. 6, 1857. 

Lila Jane Wilson, born Jan 30, 1858. 

Harris Benton Wilson, born . 

Mary Catharine Wilson. 
Frank Hench Wilson. 
Carrie Eve Wilson. 
Nicholas Edgar Wilson. 
Nellie Hamilton Wilson. 

38 Records of the Annual 

(b) George Hamilton Hench, born Dec. 27, 1834, 

married Martha Elliott, Dec. 24, 1863. 
Frank Hamilton Hench. 
William Elliott Hench. 
Samuel Hench. 
Mary Linn Hench. 

(c) Nicholas I. Hench, born Jan. 17, 1837, mar- 

ried Annie Weakley, of Carlisle, Feb. 13, 
Maud Amelia Hench, born Sept. 23, 

Lillie Coyle Hench, born Aug. 19, 1873. 
Nicholas Paul Hench and Annie Weak- 
ley Hench (twins), born Aug. 13, 1877. 

(d) Frank Hamilton Hench, born April 8, 1839, 

killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 

(e) Mary Ellen Hench, born Sept. 15, 1841, mar- 

ried John P. Brickley, Nov. 9, 1871. 
Harry Hench. 
Roy Hench. 

(f ) Infant bom Jan. 23, 1846. 

(g) Samuel A. Hench, born March 6, 1847, mar- 

ried Effie Weakley, Sept. 2, 1875. 
Ralph W. Hench. 
Samuel Ross Hench. 
(h) Catharine Jane Hench, born Sept. 25, 1849, 
married Thomas Read, of Ford County, 111. 
(i) William Benton Hench, born April 9, 1852, 
married Tilly Dolton. 
Martha Josephine Hench. 
William Benton Hench, married Kate 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 39 

(j) John Furnell Hench, born Nov. 28, 1858, 

died April 28, 1864. 
(k) Harry Foster Hench, born Aug. 5, i860. 
(1) Willes Reynolds Hench, born July 8, 1863. 
(m) Minnie Alice Hench, born May 23, 1867, 
died April 12, 1869. 
3. Samuel Hench, born Aug. 14, 1813, married Eliza 
De Lancey on Aug. 14, 1833. 

(a) Peter Hench lived in Shiloh, Ohio. 

II. Samuel Ickes, born March 29, 1789, died Nov. 
3, 1857, aged 68 years, 7 months and 5 days. Samuel 
Ickes married Katie Shoemaker. 

1. Mary Ickes married Samuel Milligan. 

(a) A daughter married a Merrideth. 

(b) John Milligan. 

2. Michael Ickes. 

(a) Samuel Ickes. 

(b) William Ickes. 

3. John Ickes. 

III. Jonas Ickes died March 28, 1889, in the 96th 
year. Married Mary Duncan, died July 10, 1868. 
Both buried at Monmouth, 111. 

1. Susan A. Ickes, born July 28, 1815, married A. 
C. Harding June 30, 1835; he died July 19, 1874, at 
Monmouth, 111. 

2. Nicholas Ickes, born March 12, 1822, lived four- 
teen days. 

3. Joseph B. D. Ickes, born June 20, 1824, died 
June 28, 1851, married Rose White, in 1849. 

(a) Edward Jonas Ickes, born Dec. 2, 1849. 

4. Elizabeth H. Ickes, born April 19, 1825, died in 

40 Records of the Annual 

1863, in Monmouth, 111., married Rufus R. Merrill, 
August, 1848, died 1850. 

(a) Harding Ickes Merrill, born Nov. 9, 1849, 
married Mary E. Bowers, April i, 1869. 
George Merrill, born Feb. 28, 1870. 
Charles Chauncey Merrill, born Jan. 18, 

Edith Gertrude Merrill, born April 17, 

Eugene Burden Merrill, born Feb. 7, 

Susan Maria Merrill, born May 24, 1876. 
5. Henrietta Foster Ickes, born Aug. 26, 1827, mar- 
ried William E. Bowers in 1844. (She died August, 

(a) John. 

(c) Abner Harding 

(b) Jonas. 

(d) Mary E. 

(e) Samuel Ickes. 

(f) Clara Saville. 

(g) William. 

(h) Anne. 

(i) Charley. 

(j) Dahlgren. 

(k) Sarah. 

(1) Frank. 

6. Isabella M. Ickes, born Dec. 17, 1829, married 
Rev. R. C. Matthews, of Monmouth, 111., Aug. 16, 
1852. He di€d Nov. 15, 1881. 

(a) Mary Duncan Matthews, born May 2-j, 1853, 

married Robert Woods, July 20, 1874. 
Alma Woods. 
Archie Woods. 
Ambrose Woods. 

(b) Susan Harding Matthews, born Nov. 9, 1855, 

died March 24, 1883, married William 
Vaughn, October, 1877. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 41 

Robert Matthews Vaughn, born Aug. 4, 

Ruth Isabella Vaughn, born May, 1881. 
Mary Gertrude Vaughn, born Jan. 11, 


(c) Ida Clayton Matthews, born July 22, 1858. 

(d) Henry Blair Matthews, born Sept. 10, i860, 

died Feb. 22, 1861. 

(e) Ruth Isabella Matthews, born Jan. 27, 1862, 

died March 2, 1866. 

(f) Robert McMaster Matthews, born Aug. 25, 

1864, died March 2, 1865. 

(g) Abner Harding Matthews, born Oct. 11, 1866. 
(h) Edward Ickes Matthews, born Jan. 26, 1868. 
(i) Charles Hanson Matthews, born Jan. 8, 1870. 

7. Alfred Augustus Ickes, bom March 12, 1831. 

8. Maria Louisa Ickes, born July 27, 1833, married 
Dr. Joseph Eby, in Bloomfield, March 18, 1856. He 
died 1872. 

(a) Mary Eby, born Dec. 22, 1856. 

(b) John Eby. 

9. Samuel M. Ickes, born March 12, 1836. in New 
Bloomfield, married Eliza McArtney, born in Mon- 
mouth, III., in January, i860. He died Feb. 21, 1889. 

(a) William I. Ickes, born May 18, i860, married 
Margaret Jennie Gallagher, born February, 
Robert I. Ickes, born Dec. 29, 1884. 
Waldo Gallagher Ickes, born July 27, 

Minnie E. Ickes, born Aug. 19, 1891. 

42 Records of the Annual 

(b) Robert M. Ickes, born Jan. i8, 1862, married 

Hattie Tiffany, born Dec. 13, 1871. 
Edward Ickes, born May 15, 1890. 

(c) Jonas H. Ickes, born May 8, 1S64. 

(d) Charles M. Ickes, born Aug. 26, 1867. 

(e) Minnie Ruth Ickes, born April i, 1869, mar- 

ried J. Wilson Cook, born Sept. 6, 1867. 
Minnie Ruth Cook, born Dec. 27, 1890. 
Bessie Ickes Cook, born March 31, 1892. 

(f) N. A. Ickes, born July 20, 1874. 

V. Catharine Ickes, bom Dec. 31, 1795, married in 
Ickesburg, to Paul Shreffler. 

I. Susan Shreffler. 2. Maggie Shreffler. 

3. George Shreffler. 4. Samuel Shreffler. 

5. Jonas Shreffler. 6. Nicholas Shreffler. 

VII. Margaret Ickes, born April 4, 1798, married 
John Rice, June 4, 1816. Buried at New Bloomfield. 

1. George Rice, born April 21, 1817, died Oct. 21, 
1842, married Catharine Kell. 

2. Susanna Ickes Rice, born March 14, 1819, mar- 
ried Robert C. Boden, in May, 1839. 

(a) John R. Boden, born March 18, 1840, mar- 

ried Henrietta H. Baker. 

(b) Jane Boden, born Jan. 29, 1842, married 

Jacob Shuman, and died April 29, 1874. 

(c) Margaretta I. Boden, born Nov. 9, 1844, mar- 

ried L. L. King, Dec. 30, 1873. 

(d) Stiles K. Boden, born March i, 1847, married 

Nettie Ferguson, Feb. 18, 1875. 

(e) Hugh Scott Boden, born July 7, 1848. 

(f) Robert Clark Boden, born Feb. 17, 1850, died 

Sept. 25, 1864. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 43 

(g) William Hanson Boden, born October, 1852. 
(h) Harry Clay Boden, born July i, 1855. 
(i) Charles Elliott Boden, born June 27, 1858. 
(j) Mary Catharine Boden, born May 12, i86r, 
married John Dowin, Dec. 7, 1882. 

3. Samuel Rice, born Oct. 21, 1821, married Mary 
Jane Ritter, died Jan. 23, 1849. 

4. David Ickes Rice, born Jan. 17, 1824, married 
Mary E. Cornelison, Oct. i, 1845. She was born Oct. 
23, 1824. After her death, he married Sarah J. Gross, 
born March 23, 1834. 

(a) John Rice, born Aug. 24, 1846. 

(b) Robert Boden Rice, born Sept. 2, 1848. 

(c) Abigail Ann Rice, born Feb. 17, 1850. 

(d) Charles Stine Rice, born May 9, 1854. 

(e) Anna Mary Rice, born Aug. 20, 1855. 

(f) William Edgar Rice, born Sept. 6, 1857. 

(g) David Lawrence Rice, born April 24, i860, 
(h) James Logan Rice, born May 4, 1862. 

(i) Lillie Ickes Rice, born March 3, 1864. 
(j) Harvey Rice, born Feb. 27, 1866. 
(k) Franklin Rice, born Jan. 29, 1868. 
(1) Jennie Bell Rice, born April 12, 1870. 
5. William Rice, born Sept. 18, 1826, married Caro- 
line Milligan, Dec. 22, 1852. 

(a) Harris G. Rice, born Oct. i, 1853, married 

Marilla Hays, June i, 1882. 

(b) Thomas Ward Rice, born Aug. 22, 1856, mar- 

ried . 

(c) Minnie J. Rice, born May 7, i86r. 

(d) Annie O. Rice, born June 22, 1864. 

44 Records of the Annual 

(e) Carrie Mc. Rice, born Dec. 13, 1865, married 


(f) Lillian O. Rice, born Jan. 19, 1872. 

6. John Rice, born March 6, 1829, married Christina 

7. Oliver C. Perry Rice, born Nov. 15, 183 1, mar- 
ried Sarah Neilson, Oct. 14, 1854. 

(a) Cloyd N. Rice, born Dec. 25, 1855. 

(b) Mary Catharine Rice, born Sept. 5, 1859. 

(c) Margaretta Eleanor Rice, born March 14, 


(d) John S. Rice, born July 8, 1865. 

(e) Anna Stella Rice, born May 14, 1871. 

8. Catharine Ellen Rice, born July 8, 1834, married 
Otis H. Aldrich, I^Iarch 3, 1862. He was bom Oct. 
19, 1816. 

(a) Abagail F. Aldrich, born March 23, 1863. 

(b) Susan M. Aldrich, born Nov. I, 1865. 

(c) Casper B. Aldrich, born Nov. 20, 1866. 

(d) J. O. Aldrich, born Nov. 5, 1874. 

9. Margaretta E. Rice, born July 14, 1837, died 
Aug. 23, 1870, married Dec. 8, 1858, to John B. Mc- 
Callister. He was born April 24, 1833. 

(a) Thomas A. ISIcCallister, born Feb. 16, i860. 

(b) Margaret E. McCallister, born Aug. i, 1861. 

(c) Maria Lillian McCallister, born Oct. 18, 1863. 

(d) John Richard McCallister, born Nov. 26, 

ID. Mary Adora Rice, born Aug. i, 1840, died Dec. 
3, 1840. 

11. Sarah Jane Rice, born Aug. 29, 1842, died May 
6, 1843- 

12. Mary Jane Rice, born Feb. 2, 1851. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 45 

VIII. Magdalena Ickes was born July 3, 1799, died 
Jan. 31, 1862; married in 1819 to George Rice, born 
Nov. 20, 1798, died Oct. 31, 1881. 

1. Mary Jane Rice, born June 7, 1820, married 
David Grove. 

2. Catherine Rice, born May 27, 1822, married 
Henry Hall. 

3. Nicholas Rice, born Nov. 6, 1824, died Jan. 9, 

4. Susannah Rice, born Aug. 3, 1827, died June 16, 
1864, married David Kistler, May 18, 1847. 

(a) David Allen. 

(b) John Luther, and five others. 

5. Elizabeth Rice, born March 31, 1830, married 
William Shull, March i, 1851. 

(a) Martha Ellen. (b) Willis Bucher. 

(c) Ida Bell. (d) Anna Jane. 

(e) Mary Edna. (f) Edward Stanton. 

6. Sarah Jane Rice, born Feb. 10, 1833, died July 
3, 1855, married William Campbell. 

7. ISIargaretta Rice, born June 30, 1836, died Feb. 
25. 1856. 

8. John W. Rice, born Feb. 22, 1S39, married Han- 
nah M. Ziegler, Sept. 16, 1863; has ten children. 

9. George I. Rice, born ^larch 7, 1841, married 
Catharine Rice ; has nine children. 

IX. Michael Ickes, born March 27, 1801, married 
Sarah Rice. 

1. George L. Ickes married Miss Delaney. 

2. William Ickes married (i) Miss Millikin (2) 
Mary White. 

3. Sarah Ickes married Mr. Millikin. 

46 Records of the Annuai^ 

4. Catherine Ickes married Mr. Hartman. 

5. Susan Ickes married Benjamin Rice. 

6. Jane Ickes married Mr. Kell. 

7. Nicholas Ickes married Jemima Dromgold. 

X. Jacob Ickes, born March 26, 1803, married Jane 
Elliott Baker. 

1. Infant. 

2. Susan Amelia Ickes married Frank Kepner; mar- 
ried (2d) Isaac Bell. 

(a) Frank Kepner. 

(b) Harriet Bell Kepner. 

3. John Baker Ickes married Frances Brotherline. 

4. Harriet Newel Ickes. 

5. Catherine Sophronia Ickes married William J. 

(a) Jane Gertrude. 

(b) Louisa Kate. 

(c) Harriet Florine. 

(d) Martha Washington. 

6. David Elliott Ickes. 

7. James W. Ickes married Margaret Baker; had 
five children. 

XI. John Loy Ickes, born June 3, 1805, died Dec. 
20, 18S0, married (i) Mary Jane Strode, Dec. 16, 
1828, (2) Eliza Jenkins McCamant, Sept. 10, 1866. 

1. Catherine Elizabeth Ickes, born Dec. 30, 1830, 
married Jesse Boone Williams, died 1857. 

(a) John Loy Williams, born Aug. 20, 1853, died 
Sept. 4, 1884. 

2. Joseph Edward Ickes, born Aug. 12, 1834, died 
Dec. 10, 1862. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 47 

3. Amos Nicholas Ickes, born March 15, 1835, die'd 
Nov. 23, 1841. 

4. Martha Ann Ickes, born July 21, 1837, married 
Charles Conkling. 

5. Albert Harrison Ickes, born Aug. 18, 1840, died 
March 25, 1867. 

(a) Mary Ann Ickes married John Smoker. 

6. William Turbett Bunker Ickes, born Nov. 3, 
1842, died Oct. 20, 1861. 

7. Jesse Boone Williams Ickes, born Feb. 17, 1848, 
married Martha Ann MacCune, died July 20, 1890. 

(a) John Roy Ickes, born Feb. 4, 1873. 

(b) Harrold LeClare Ickes, born March 15, 1874. 

(c) Julia Gertrude Ickes, born July 15, 1875. 

(d) Jesse Meryl Ickes, born Nov. 23, 1876. 

(e) Felix Wheeler Ickes, born July i, 1880. 

(f) Mary Amelia Ickes, born Jan. 11, 1883. 

(g) Ada Katrina Ickes, born June i, 1884, died 

July 23, 1884. 

XII. Susanna Ickes, born May 27, 1807, died Jan. 
30, 1881, married Samuel Heim, eldest son of Rev. 
John William Heim, bom Dec. 14, 1804, and died 
March 11, 1851; buried at Loysville. 

I. Catharine Ann Heim, bom Nov. 4, 1827, mar- 
ried Henry Pontius, March 9, 1857. 

(a) Augusta Chase Parkhill, born Nov. 17, 1858. 

(b) Susanna, born Sept. 23, i860, died June 14, 


(c) Rebecca Elizabeth Helen, bom Jan. 9, 1863. 

(d) Luther Samuel, born Alarch 26, 1865. 

(e) Peter Henry, bora Jan. 3, 1868. 

3. Rudolphus Ickes Heim, born Feb. 14, 1830, mar- 

48 Records of the Annual 

ried Elizabeth Sophia Mullett, Oct. 27, 1853. She was 
born Feb. 23, 1828. 

(a) Annie Mathilda Heim, born July 23, 1855, 

married Edwin H. Kistler, Dec. 25, 1882. 

(b) Francis William, born Jan 26, 1858, married 

Ida L. Davidson, Aug. 31, 1882. 

(c) Charles Gilbert Heim, born March 23, i860. 

3. John William Heim, born Nov. 27, 1832, died 
Aug. 20, 1858; buried at Loysville. 

4. Matilda Heim, born Feb. 4, 1836, married Ben- 
jamin F. Barnhart, of Ickesburg, Oct. 27, 1857. 

(a) Harry Elmer, born Sept. 4, 1858. 

(b) Clarence Heim, born Jan. 21, 1861. 

(c) Lawrence Howard, born June 20, 1863. 

(d) Benjamin Franklin, born March 7, 1866. 

(e) William Van Scyoc, born April 18, 1868. 

(f) John Rudolphus, born Aug. 12, 1870. 

(g) Grace Elizabeth, born Dec. 31, 1872. 
(h) Mary Susan. 

(i) Florence Helen Kate, 
(j) Neonetta. 

5. Mary Eleanor Heim, born Oct. 27, 1838, died 
Sept. 27, 1841. 

6. Nicholas Heim, born May 30, 1841, married Dec. 
21, 1865, to Margaret Jane Lingafdt, born Dec. 28, 

(a) John Samuel, born Dec. 9, 1866. 

(b) Harry William, born Aug. 19, 1869. 

(c) James Rudolphus, born June 21, 1873. 

7. Susan Elizabeth Heim, born Jan. 16, 1844, died 
June 16, 1868. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 49 

8. Clarissa Heim, born Jan. 15, 1846, died May 4, 

9. Margaretta Helen Heim, born May 15, 1849, 
married Nov. 9, 1869, to Richard Ainsco Harkingson, 
born June 2, 1845. 

(a) Roger Samuel, born ^larch 5, 1871. 

(b) Richard Rene, born July 6, 1873. 

(c) Iva Helen Elizabeth, born Oct. 25, 1875. 

(d) Jay Evans, born Jan. 22, 1878. 

(e) Frank Payson, born June 2, 1880. 

Xni. Esther Ickes, born July 19, 1809, married 
George Wollet, in 1825, died July, 1844. 

1. Nicholas Wollet, born Sept. 6, 1827. 

2. Elizabeth Wollet, born Oct. 16, 1828, married 
George Jards. 

(a) Margaret. 

(b) Elizabeth. 

(c) Susan. 

(d) John. 

(e) Charles. 

3. Mary A. Wollet, born Jan. i, 1831. 

4. Lewis E. Wollet, born April 6, 1833. 

5. Susan Loy Wollet, born April 15, 1835, married 
Mr. Secrist ; had six children. 

6. Sarah E. Wollet, born Sept. 12, 1837. 

7. Esther J. Wollet, born Nov. 12, 1839. 

8. Catharine Wollet, born March 6, 1842, married 
James Litsel. 

9. James Wollet, born March 25, 1844. 

XV. George Loy Ickes, born April 13, 1813, married 
March 13, 1837, Catharine Jane Shuman. She died 
March 27, 1844. 

50 Records of the Annual 

1. Eliza Jane Ickes, born Jan. ii, 1838. 

2. Marietta Ickes, born April 6, 1839. 

3. Ann Ickes, born Jan. 26, 1841. 

4. Catharine Jane Ickes, born March 20, 1843, mar- 
ried Milton Toomey. 

(a) George Toomey. 

(b) Harry Toomey. 

George Loy Ickes and Elizabeth Ann KtU were mar- 
ried Aug. 16, 1844. She was bom Aug. 22, 1824. 

5. Nicholas Ickes, born Feb. 9, 1847, married Mag- 
gie Raffensberger. 

(a) Boone. 

(b) George. 

(c) Albert. 

(d) John. 

(e) Elizabeth. 

6. Margaretta Ickes, born Oct. 16, 1848. 

7. Susan Elizabeth Ickes, born June 19, 1851, mar- 
ried Mr. Charlesworth. They have three children. 

8. Martha Ickes, born July 5, 1853. 

9. George Albert Ickes, born Oct. 19, 1855. 
10. Willis Jefferson Ickes, born Jan. 19, 1858. 

(a) Harriet Newell, born July 14, 1859. 

(b) Joseph Hooker, born Sept. 8, 1863. 

(c) Anna Bell, born June 21, 1866. 

XVI. Nicholas Ickes, born Oct. 13, 1815, married 
Ann Millikin. They had one child. 

XVII. Mary A. Ickes, bom Sept. 30, 1817, married 
Henry L. Smith, March 12, 1835. 

I. George A. Smith, born April 13, 1836, married 
Mary E. Fritz, Feb. 11, 1858; had two children. 

Hench and Dromcold Reunion 51 

2. Catharine A. Smith, born Sept. 7, 1838, married 
Jan. 22, 1861, to James B. Leiby. 

(a) Anna Bell, born Oct. 31, 1861. 

(b) William H., born Dec. 4, 1862. 

(c) John S., born March 10, 1866. 

(d) Mary Eva, born June 23, 1869, died Sept. 

II, 1870. 

(e) James Edgar, born Jan. 22, 1871. 

3. Mary Ellen Smith, born Jan. 16, 1841, married 
John L. Roper, Dec. 3, 1874. 

(a) Ralph R., born Oct. 9, 1875. 

(b) Mary Ann, born Sept. i, 1877. 

(c) Maud Daisy, born Jan. 22, 1880. 

4. Margaretta Smith, born Feb. 22, 1843, married 
Rev. E. W. Kelley, Jan. 15, 1863. He died Feb. 3, 

(a) Henry B. L., born Dec. i, 1864. 

(b) Mary L., bom Nov. 16, 1866. 

(c) Clarence O., born Aug. 5, 1868. 

(d) Sarah Jane, born Aug. 7, 1871, died Sept. 

14, 1874. 

(e) Anna M., bom Sept. 14, 1873. 

(f) Charles E., bom Aug. 7, 1874. 

5. Nicholas Ickes Smith, bom Jan. 16, 1847, died 
Aug. 16, 1866. 

6. Jemima Jane Smith, born Feb. 19, 1850, married 
Elias Bixler Leibey, Dec. 23, 1869. 

(a) Scott Smith Leibey, born Jan. 19, 1871. 

7. Willis Lloyd Smith, born Feb. 10, 1854, married 
Olive Clay, Jan. 28, 1875. 

(a) Charles Ickes, born Feb.' 9, 1876. 

(b) Mary Ann, born May 27, 1877. 

52 Records of the Annual 

(c) Austin Earl, born Aug. 5, 1882. 
8. Clarence Bucher, born Sept. 4, 1857, died March 
27, 1863. 
XVIII. Sarah Ickes, born Aug. 2, 1819, married 
Johnson Sarvis, who was born April 24, 1808, died 
Oct. 8, 1889. 

1. George R. Sar\-is, born Jan. 2, 1837, died July 
20, 1864. 

2. Thomas J. Sarvis, born Oct. 25, 1838, died Oct. 
20, 1872, married Ann Clover, Nov. 29, 1865. 

3. William N. Sarvis, born Dec. 22, 1840, married 
Laura L. Thatcher, Sept. 19, 1866. 

(a) Henry. 

(b) Ada Josephine. 

(c) Johnson T. 

4. Mary E. Sarvis, born April 28, 1843, married 
Jan. 31, 1861, to John Harding. 

5. David M. Sarvis, born Oct. 24, 1845, married 
Sept. 8, 1873, to Alice E. Rathburn. 

(a) Roscoe Conkling. 

(b) Guy H. 

(c) Hubert. 

6. Rebecca Ann Sarvis, born Oct. 24, 185 1, married 
Sept. 9, 1875, Alexander Robinson. They had three 

7. John A. Sarvis, born Feb. I, 1857, married Feb. 
23, 1882, to Ida Johnson. 

8. Eugene L. Sarvis, born April 9, 1861, married 
March 24, 1886, to Jennie Harrison. They had two 

XIX. Ellen Ickes married David Zimmerman. They 
had twelve children. Lived near Bellefonte, Pa. 

Hen'ch and Dromgold Reunion 53 

XX. Sophia Ickes, born Sept. i, 1826, married Jan. 
7, 1845, to Levi Weibly. Both buried at Saville. 

1. Thomas Jefferson Weibly, born Sept. 23, 1845, 
died March 9, 1846. 

2. Susan Amelia Weibly, born Feb. 2^, 1847, died 
Jan. 7, 1851. 

3. Infant, died Aug. 23, 1848. 

4. Amer Nicholas Weibly, born April 4, 1850; lived 
four days. 

5. John Calvin Weibly, born July 10, 185 1, married 
May 10, 1873. 

6. William Harris Weibly, born April 5, 1854, died 
Aug. 21, 1855. 

7. Ida Mary Weibly, born June 23, 1857, married 
to William Scott Dromgold, March 22, 1877. He was 
born July 30, 1848. 

(a) Howard Winfield, born Nov. 12, 1877. 

(b) Boone Shellburn, born Nov. 18, 1879. 

8. Harriet Ellen Weibly, born Nov. 21, 1850, mar- 
ried John H. Milligan, Oct. 6, 1881. 

9. Minnie Ann Weibly, born Feb. 8, 1863. 

10. George Ickes Weibly, born Oct. 20, 1869, mar- 
ried April 8, 1875. 

This makes eighteen children, two having died young. 
Nicholas 3d was an old Revolutionary soldier, having 
fought all through that war. His name does not ap- 
pear on the public records and his descendants should 
establish his identity that they may become sons and 
daughters of the Revolution. He died March 25, 1848, 
aged 84 years, and is buried at Buffalo church, Saville. 
His brother Samuel was a soldier of the Revolution. 

54 Records of the Annual 

He died in Perry County, and is buried in the old 
stone church graveyard. 

John Adams Ickes bought of the proprietaries in 
Marlborough Township, Philadelphia County, 150 
acres, March 14, 1780, for "Ji pounds, 5 shillings. 

Peter Ickes bought in Limerick Township, Mont- 
gomery County, 152 acres, on Feb. 19, 1773, for 400 

Henry Ickes, Dec. 3, 1762, patented to one Shantz, 
148 acres, 23 perches, in York County, Pa. 

Henry Ickes made application for land in Hanover 
Township, Montgomery County, Dec. 13, 1768. 

Henry Ickes, Nov. 10, 1785, patented to Peter Ickes, 
214 acres, 80 perches, in York County, Pa. 

Peter Ickes, March 10, 1789, patented to Frank 
Stever, yj acres, 40 perches, in York County. 

Peter Ickes, 27th of March, 1794, 40 acres, but did 
not patent, in York County. 

John Ickes patented 2^ acres, 71 perches, in Perry 
County, Pa. 

Nicholas Ickes bought of Peter Hench a plantation 
in Pikeland Township, Chester Co., April 8, 1791, pay- 
ing therefor one hundred and sixty-one pounds, ten 
shillings, as first payment. 


Nicholas Ickes, 164 acres, 85 perches, in Tyrone 
Township, Cumberland County, (now Perry) June 30, 
1812; consideration $54.51. 

John Ickes, 297 acres, 70 perches, in St. Clair Town- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 55 

ship, Bedford County, Dec. 11, 1812; consideration 

Samuel Ickes, 86 acres, 13 perches, Saville Town- 
ship, Perry County, Feb. 20, 1827. 

Peter Ickes' heirs, loi acres, 65 perches, Hamilton 
Township, Adams County, March 29, 1830; consider- 
ation $231.54. 

Adam Ickes, 435 acres. 1 10 perches, St. Clair Town- 
ship, Bedford County, May 25, 1836, $48.06. 

Henry Ickes, 158 acres, 64 perches, St. Clair Town- 
ship, Bedford County, May 14, 1839, $38.02. 

Susan Ickes, 129 acres in Napier Township, Bed- 
ford County, April 14, 1854. 

Henry Ickes, 48 acres, Greensfield Township, Blair 
County, Sept. 7, 1867. 

Charles Ickes, 65 acres, 51 perches. Union Town- 
ship, Bedford County, Feb. 10, 1857. 

Jacob Ickes, 216 acres, Union Township, Bedford 
County, July 6, 1869. 

Philip Ickes, 23 acres, 43 perches. Union Township, 
Bedford County, May 17, 1870. 

George Ickes, no acres, 119 perches, Saville Town- 
ship, Perry County, July 29, 1870. 

James Ickes patented in Perry County, 22 acres, 71 
perches, but never finished title. 

Records of the Annual 

John Hartman 

This geneology was prepared by John M. Hartman, 
of Mt. Airy, Pa., and J. \\. Rice, and read by Rev. J. 
W. Meminger, at the reunion held Aug. lo, 1905. 

In August, 1750, the ship. Royal Union, Clement 
Nicholson, commander, arrived at the port of Phila- 
delphia, from Rotterdam, on which were seven emi- 
grants, namely : Johannas Hartman, his wife, Mar- 
garet Hartman, son Peter Hartman, second son, Jacob 
Hartman, daughters, Marie Apolonia, Elizabeth, and 

On the 15th of August, Johannas took the oath of 
allegiance to King George, of Great Britain. 

They remained in Philadelphia a short time, and in 
1753 moved to Pikeland, Chester County, Pa., where 
Johannas had taken up a tract of land under the Penn 

Jacob, the subject of this paper, is found in Pike- 
land tax list 1774 inmate, 1779 inmate. In 1781, he 
is taxed for 130 acres of land, 2 horses, and 2 cattle. 
In 1785 his federal tax was one pound, 18 shillings, 
and one pence. 

The emigrant Hartman had built himself a log 
house on his property, which he replaced with a sub- 
stantial stone building in after years. 

In 1781 Jacob moved in one end of the Hartman 
homestead ; the emigrant and his second wife lived in 
the other end. 

Jacob married Sallie Sahler, or Saylor, by tradition, 
some say Souder. 

He.vch and Dromgold Reunion 57 

His son Peter was born about 1772. Phoebe Ann, 
Margaret, John, Elizabeth, and Samuel were born in 
Chester County. 

By the will of Johanna, Jacob was to have the plan- 
tation, but just prior to this a heavy loss fell on all 
the inhabitants of Pikeland, as the following will show. 

The land forming the township of East and West 
Pikeland was patented by William Penn to Joseph 
Pike, merchant, of Cork, Ireland, Dec. 3, 1705, and 
contained 11,116 acres and allowance of 6 per cent. 

Joseph Pike died 1727 and devised his lands in 
Pennsylvania to Elizabeth, his wife. She died in 1733, 
and devised the land to her son, Richard Pike. He 
died in 1752 and devised the land to his kinsmen, 
Samuel Hoare and Nathaniel Newbury, merchants, of 
London, England. 

In 1756 Samuel Hoare purchased the interest of 
Nathaniel Newbury. On Dec. 3. 1773, Samuel Hoare, 
by his attorney, Amos Strettle, conveyed Pikeland to 
Andrew Allen, of Pennsylvania, taking a mortgage 
thereon for sixteen hundred pounds, part of the pur- 
chase money. Andrew Allen sold and conveyed par- 
cels of this land to one hundred and fifteen persons, 
among whom was Johannas Hartman, but Allen fail- 
ing to pay off the mortgage to Hoare, the latter brought 
suit and the whole was sold to Ezekiel Leonard, 
sherifif, and purchased by Hoare, to whom the deed 
was made Aug. 26, 1789. 

Many of the settlers by the pa>-ment of additional 
sums, were enabled to retain their lands and improve- 
ments, but some lost all they had. 

By a power of attorney, dated Dec. 2, 1789, Samuel 

58 Records of the Annual 

Hoare constituted Benjamin Chew, Alexander Wil- 
cocks, and Benjamin Chew, Jr., his agents, to lease or 
sell his lands. 

By the will of Johannas Hartman, in 1785, Jacob 
was to get the plantation or farm. Unfortunately the 
mortgage of Samuel Hoare ousted Jacob, compelling 
him to secure a home elsewhere. 

About the year 1791 there was a strong tide of emi- 
grants from Montgomery and Chester Counties for 
the Cumberland Valley, as the Indians were pretty 
well cleared out of that country, land being cheap at 
that place. 

Among these emigrants were Jacob Hartman, Fred- 
erick Shull, Zachariah Rice, Jacob Hippie, John 
Hench, and others. Finding the lands nearly all taken 
up, they moved up into the upper end of the then 
Cumberland County, but now Perry County. Jacob 
Hartman took up a tract of land in Saville Township, 
Perry County, and built thereon a substantial log 
house and barn and got his farm into good working 
order. The soil was sandy and did not prove so good 
as the rich lands in Chester and Montgomery Coun- 
ties. In their selection of lands they were guided by 
an old rule, that where you find large timber the soil 
will be good, but this rule did not apply to Buffalo Val- 
ley, which is in Saville Township. 

This log house was built of hewn timber and stood 
the storms of a hundred of years. It was torn down 
in 1900. In the centre of the building was a large 
stone chimney, with one large fire-place in it on the 
kitchen side, and a small fire-place on the opposite 
side in the bed room, and another small fire-place in 
the parlor. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 59 

The old clock ticked away for about eighty years, 
when it was removed to the home of Levi Wibley, who 
sold it to Harry W. Hartman, of Ellwood, Pa., who 
is a great-grandson of Jacob. 

The log barn is still in use. The Buffalo Creek runs 
in front of the house and about 500 feet off and along- 
side of the barn a never failing stream of water runs 
from the mountain. The land has a southern ex- 
posure with the Tuscarora Mountain on the north. 

The famous old orchard planted by Jacob has now 
disappeared. One tree in particular of that orchard 
was called Aunt Betsy's tree, being named for one of 
Jacob's daughter's-in-law, Elizabeth Olwein, wife of 
Peter Hartman, Jacob's oldest son. 

Jacob lived on the farm until after 1800, when he 
moved to Blain, Toboyne Township, where he died 
about 1823, and is buried at Blain. After the death 
of his first wife he married a second time Eva Marie 

Jacob left a large amount of real estate, but when 
it came to be sold scarcely anything could be got for 
it, as times were extremely dull and money scarce. The 
executors had to hold the property for a long time, 
but the creditors getting tired of waiting, took the mat- 
ter into court and caused his executors, Peter Hart- 
man and Frederick Shull, to show why they would not 
sell. The final distribution took place among the heirs 
in 1830. 

Tradition states Jacob was in the battle of Brandy- 
wine and being wounded, made a plug of grass to 
close the wound and staunch the flow of blood. He 
crawled under a bridge to prevent being taken pris- 

6o Records of the Annual 

oner. The Pennsylvania Archives giving a list of 
Revolutionary soldiers, gives two Jacob Hartmans, one 
leaving it at Lancaster in 1828. 

Andrew Hartman, Jacob's grandson, writ€S from 
Cando, North Dakota, that Mathias, his father, told 
him Jacob was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Jacob's father, Johanna, was a member of the com- 
mittee of safety that took steps leading to the Revo- 
lutionary of 1776, so that the descendants of Jacob 
Hartman, wishing to gain admission to the Sons or 
Daughters of the Revolution, can refer to Jacob and 
Jacob's father as authority for adjoining that order. 

In the X.\me of God, Amen. 

I, Jacob Hartman, of the township of Toboyne, 
county of Cumberland, and state of Pennsylvania, 
farmer, being weak in body, but of sound mind, mem- 
ory, and understanding, (blessed be God for the same) 
but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life, 
do make and publish this my last will and testament 
in manner and form following vis-principally, and first 
of all I command my immortal soul into the hands of 
God, who gave it and my body to the earth to be 
buried in a decent and Christian-like manner at the 
discretion of my executors hereafter named, and as 
to such worldly estate herewith it hath pleased God 
to bless me in this life with. I give and dispose of the 
same in the following manner, viz : 

First. It is my will and I do order that all my just 
debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and satisfied 
as soon as conveniently can be after my decease. 

Secondly. It is my will and I do order my execu- 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 6i 

tors liereafter named, as soon as conveniently after 
my decease to make sale of all my real and personal 
estate (except my wearing apparel) for such price or 
prices as may be reasonably got for the same, and I 
do authorize and empower my said executors to sign, 
seal and execute such deed or deeds of conveyance as 
may be necessary for granting and assuming the same 
to the purchaser in fee simple. 

Thirdly. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife, 
Eva Hartman. the one-third of all the moneys arising 
from the sale of my personal property after deducting 
the expenses of putting the same to sale, and also the 
one-thirteenth part of all the moneys which may arise 
from the sale of my real estate after deducting the 
debts, if any there be, and the expenses of putting the 
same to sale, this part of the legacy to be paid to her 
as soon as convenient, and in equal proportion with 
the other heirs hereafter named. 

Fourthly. It is my will and I do positively order 
my executors to make an equal divide of all the residue 
or amount of the moneys arising from the sales of 
my real or personal estate, or otherwise between my 
following named children as equal heirs, viz: 

Peter Hartman, Pheby Shull, ISIargaret Yons. John 
Hartman, Elizabeth Yons, Sally Yons, Samuel Hart- 
man, William Hartman, Matthias Hartman, Jacob 
Hartman, Henry Hartman, and Matlania Hartman, as 
heirs, in common to be paid to them, or their guardian, 
as soon as possible for the use of the aforesaid heirs 
or assigns forever. 

Fifthly. I order my executors to divide my wear- 
ing apparel equally between my seven sons, 

62 Records of the Annual 

And lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint Peter 
Hartman, Frederick Shull, and William Anderson, es- 
quaire, to be the executors of this my will, hereby 
revoking all other wills and bequests by me made, and 
declaring this and no other to be my last will and tes- 
tament. In witness whereof I have this twenty-second 
day of July, A. D., one thousand, eight hundred and 
eighteen, signed, sealed, published, pronounced and de- 
clared this to be my last will and testament in the 
preasences of the subscribing witnesses and who at my 
request have subscribed as witnesses. 

Signed in preasents of 
George Ebright, 
John Abernathy. His 

Jacob [J. H.] Hartman (Seal) 
Date of will 1818-7-22. 
Probated 1823-10-11. 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob and Sallie Sahler. 

Children by First Wife: 

Peter, married Elizabeth Olewein, occupation 
farmer, lived in Saville Township, died September, 
1834, 62 years old, buried at Emmanuel church, Buf- 
falo Mills. 

Phcebe Ann, married Frederick Shull, occupation 
farmer, lived in Saville Township, died Dec. 23, 1840, 
88 years old, buried at Emmanuel church, Buffalo 

Margaret, married William Yohn, occupation farmer, 
lived at Newport, buried at Eshcol, Shuman's Grounds. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 6^ 

John, married Elizabeth Saylor, occupation tavern- 
keeper, lived at the Gap in Tuscarora Mountain, died 
September, 1S27, buried at McKee's graveyard, Spruce 
Hill, Perry County, Pa. 

Elizabeth, married Isaac Yohn, lived in Juniata 
County, died about 1858. 

Sallie, married James Murlatt, lived at Blain, died 
July 2y, 1876, over 100 years old, buried at Deardorf's 
Graveyard, ]Millersto\vn, and said to be over 105 years 

Samuel, single, lived at Blain, buried at Blain. 

Children by Second Wife, Eva Maria Dankel: 

William, born Jan. 26, 1792, married Barbara 
Cooney, occupation farmer, lived at Blain, aged 66 
years and 6 months, buried at Blain. 

^Matthias, born March 25, 1800, married Mary Rob- 
inson, occupation farmer, lived in Madison Township, 
died June 2, 1874, buried at Emory chapel, near Bixler. 

Jacob, born Dec. 28, 1802, married Susan Cooney, 
lived at Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio, died about 
1884, aged 83 years. 

Henry D., born Sept. 4, 1803, in Adams County, 
married Leah Lukenbill, occupation farmer, lived at 
Primrow, West Unity County, O., died June 28, 1887, 
buried at West Unity, O. 

Madeline, married Jacob Stumpp, occupation miller, 
married again John Fitler, occupation furnace man, 
buried at Emmanuel church, Buffalo Mills. 


Elizabeth, wife of Peter, died March 7, 1S55, about 

64 Records of the Annual 

88 years old, buried at Emmanuel church, Buffalo 

Frederick, husband of Phcebe, died about 1830, 
buried at Eshcol. 

William, husband of Margaret, died. 

Elizabeth, wife of John, born Aug. 17, 1787, died 
March 21, 1862, buried at Spruce Hill, McKee's Grave- 

Isaac, husband of Elizabeth, died in March. 

James, husband of Sallie, disappeared, never heard 
of again. 

Mary, wife of William, also of Matthias, born July 
24, 1803, died July 24, 1862, buried at Emory chapel, 
Perry County. 

Susan, wife of Jacob, born Dec. 18, 1802, buried at 
Fostoria, Ohio. 

Leah, wife of Henry, born in Berks County, daugh- 
ter of Christian Lukenbill, died in Perry County, in 

Jacob Stumpp drowned in Sherman's Creek before 
his son was born. 

John Fitler, buried at Emanuel church. Buffalo 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of Peter and Elizabeth Olzi'ein: 

Polly, born Feb. 18, 1794, single, lived at Saville, 
died Aug. 9, 1857, aged 63 years, 5 months and 21 
days, buried at Emanuel church, Saville. 

Nancy, married Daniel Hall, died Oct. 24, 1850, 
aged 50 years, 7 months and 20 days. 

Hencii and Dromgold Reunion 65 

Elizabeth, born ^Nlay 31, 1802, married Samuel Shu- 
maker, buried at Loysville. 

Benjamin, born April 24, 1805, married Peninah 
M. Wilson, died Aug. 30, 1880, buried at Hollidays- 

Frederick, born Aug. 19, 180S, single, died July 10, 
1880, aged 71 years, 10 months and 21 days, buried 
at Loysville. 

Daniel Hall died June 14, 1880. 

Peninah M. Wilson, born July 15, 1817, died Jan. 
I, 1888, buried at Hollidaysburg. 

Elizabeth Ohvein, wife of Peter (3) Hartman, was 
a relative of Gen. Anthony Wayne, and inherited the 
push and vigor of the Wayne family. To a woman 
brought up in the full and plenty of an old Chester 
County home the change to the wilds and inconven- 
iences of Perry County, was a great one, but she set- 
tled down to her work and kept it up to the end, leav- 
ing a splendid record as a wife, mother and friend. 
When her first child was about six months old she 
started from Buffalo Mills on horesback with her child 
and traveled 120 miles to visit her parents, friends and 
relatives in Chester County. Being a woman of good 
address she met with kindness all along the route. 
How many women to-day would do the ''likes o' 
that;" truly a hospital would be wanted at each end 
of the line. Her two youngest boys, Ben and Fred, 
were athletes when small. When they did something 
wrong Aunt Betsy would go for them with a whip, 
they would nm up stairs. Aunt Betsy after them, the 
boys would jump out of the second-story window. 
"You Ben !" "You Fred !" but the boys were on their 

66 Records of the Annual 

way to the barn by this time for shelter. She died 
at the ripe old age of 88 years. The sun shines bright 
on the old Emanuel Graveyard, but on no grave does 
it shine where a wife and mother's life work was done 
better than that of Aunt Betsy's. 

Elizabeth (4) Hartman, daughter of Peter (3) 
Hartman, married Samuel Shoemaker, a blacksmith 
and farmer. This woman had all the traits of her 
mother. In a conversation with Samuel Shumaker in 
old age he made an eulogy on her and what she had 
done for him that any wife would be proud of. 

One of their descendants was John (5) Shoemaker, 
a celebrated scholar and teacher at Academia, Blairs- 
town, N. J., well known to all the older people of this 
county. His son Samuel (6) was an officer of the 
Huntingdon, afterward cashier of the National Bank 
of Western Pa., at Pittsburgh, and well known for 
his probity and honesty. 

Benjamin (4), son of Peter (3), and Elizabeth was 
an iron man. He ran the Oak Grove Furnace for 
some years and was an athlete, but he died at an 
earlier age than most of his relatives. His good humor 
was shown when nearing death by his jokes with the 
doctor. His wife, Penniah, a pious woman, survived 
him some years. Their son, Harry Watters, is a well- 
known iron man and founder of the Hartman Steel 
Company of Beaver Falls. His brother, Jesse L., is 
prothonotary of Blair County. 

Frederick (4), Benjamin's brother, was an athlete 
and wrestler. On one occasion when taking a drove 
of cattle to Philadelphia he stopped over night at Lan- 
caster where some of his friends arranged for a wrest- 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 67 

ling match between another and himself. Fred ob- 
jected to it but his friends finally prevailed on him to 
wrestle. Fred was only medium height and his op- 
ponent a tall and powerful man. They clinched and 
Fred soon found himself off his feet going up, but his 
feet struck the top of the stove. This threw his op- 
ponent off his balance and they fell with Fred on top. 
His opponent insisted on another trial. Fred having 
learned his opponent's points threw him over heels 
up, landing him on his back and knocked the wind out 
of him. He did not come to and his friends had to 
rub him and give him stimulants to revive him. 
F.^MiEY, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 

Jacob Hartman. 
Children of Frederick Slmll and Phcrbe Ann Hartman: 

John, single, lived in Toboyne Township, died about 
1814, and was buried at Loysville. 

Samuel, married Margaret Rice, lived at Saville, 
died about 183 1 or 1S32. aged about 70 years, buried 
at Loysville. 

Mary or Polly, married Samuel Rice, lived in Sa- 
ville, died Dec. 5, 186S, aged 72 years, 5 months and 
12 days, buried at Emanuel church in Saville. 

Sally, married George Orris, died Aug. 16, 1848, 
aged 43 years, 10 months and 12 days, buried at 
Emanuel church, in Saville. 

Frederick, married Marv- Campbell, lived in Madi- 
son Township, died Aug. 25, 1865, aged 66 years, 4 
months and 13 days, buried at Emanuel church. 

Catharine, married Adam Orris, lived in Saville, 
died !March 12, 186 — , buried at Emanuel church. 

68 Records of the Annual 

Phcebe Ann, married Henry Orris, lived and buried 
in Iowa. 

Henry, married Sallie Reisinger. lived in Saville, 
and buried at Emanuel church. 

Catharine, married Adam Orris, lived in Saville, died 
Sept. 14, 1854, aged 37 years, 11 months and 27 days, 
buried at Emanuel church. 

Margaret Rice, daughter. 

Samuel Rice, son. 

George Orris, son, died June 12, 1872, buried at 
Emanuel church. 

Mary Campbell, daughter, died ^larch 3 or 5, 1874, 
aged 74 years, buried at Emanuel church. 

Adam Orris, died October i, 1852, aged 48 years, 4 
months and 8 days, buried at Emanuel church. 

Henry Orris, buried at Emanuel church. 

Eliza Orris. 

Fred Shull second, father of Fred Shull, was a cap- 
tain in the War of 1812, died about 1830, and was 
buried at Eshcol Run, lived at Sherman's Mill at time 
of death. 

(3) Phcebe Ann, wife of Frederick Shull, was a 
stirring active woman and left her impress upon her 
children. The Shulls have contributed their sons to 
the cause of their country in 1776, 1812, and 1861. 
Who does not know her grandson. John Shull, of Sa- 
ville, a quick and active man up to old age, kind, hon- 
est, and ever ready to lend a helping hand in time of 
need? As for his wife, who does not know her good 
cooking and kind genial ways? In after years those 
of us who may survive them will come back to the 
old log cabin and thank God there lived two of nature's 
children — John and Margaret Shull. 

Hexch and Dromcold Reuxiox 69 

Family. — Hartman. Branch, Yohn. 
Children of William Yohn and Margaret Hartman: 

Hannah, married John Foulk€, Hved in Fulton 
County, Ohio. 

Jacob, born March 27, 1799, married March 27, 
1S28, to Anna Catharine Wagner, occupation butcher, 
lived in Bloomfield, died Sept. 27, 1872. 

Susan, married George Loy, lived and buried in 
Ottawa, 111. 

Nancy, married ]Mason, occupation cheese- 
maker, lived in Iowa, and buried there. 

John, married ]\Iay 22, 1804, to Polly Kochenderfer, 
and lived in Sandy Hill. 

Rebecca, married James Bartle, and lived in Mifflin 

Sallie, married Adam Bitner, lived and died in 

Polly, married Jacob Brehman, lived in Bartonia, 
Mifflin County. 

William, married Margaret Sweger, lived in Mifflin 
Pa., died May 25, 1874, aged 57 years, buried at Mar- 

Polly Kochenderfer, died July 28, 1887, aged 80 

James Bartle, buried in Mifflin County. 

Adam Bitner, buried in Ickesburg. 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of John Hartman and Elizabeth Saylor: 
Sallie, born 1816, married John Kochenderfer and 
Elias Staner, lived in McVeytown. 

70 Records of the Annual 

George, stage driver, went ^^'est and was never 
heard from. 

Eleanor, born April 8, 1811, married July 30, 1829, 
to William Brightbill, a farmer, and lived in Spruce 
Hill, Juniata County. 

Mary Ann, married Aug. 21, 1833, to James Mc- 
Cachran, died Oct. 2, 1868. 

Child, died young. 

Elizabeth, born April 15, 1816, married Feb. 25, 
1841, to David Snyder, a stage proprietor, lived at 
Liberty Valley. 

John, died young. 

John Kochenderfer, buried in Saville. 

James jMcCachran, died Oct. 16, 186S. 

David Snyder, died March 19, 1891, buried at the 
Reformed church in Sandy Hill. 

John (3) Hartm.-xn. 

John was a butcher by trade and a general all- 
round man, strong, powerful, he could give a good 
account of himself in a scrap. He made a clearing 
near the top of the Gap, above Ickesburg, on the road 
over the Tuscarora Mountain, and started a country 
tavern. His services were in demand at the hog 
butcherings about the holidays. When John indulged 
in too much whisky he would cry and beg his wife 
not to scold him. There is no trace of this clearing 
or tavern save a small piece of stone wall to support 
the bank. 

It was a remarkable thing that two men should 
meet at this wild lonesome spot, strangers to each 
other. "Good morning, sir;" reply, "good morning." 

Hexch and Dromcold Reuxiox 71 

"What are you looking for?" "Hunting for the ruins 
of the old Hartman tavern." "I am too, but here is 
all that is left of it." "Who are you?" "\\'esley Ful- 
ler." "Who are you?" John ^I. Hartman." Both 
were relatives and descendants of the original Johan- 
nas Hartman. 

This tavern became well known as a place of meet- 
ing for the bullies of Perry and Juniata Counties, the 
lines of the two counties here joining. The bullies 
and their backers would meet in the back yard to de- 
cide who was the best man. 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of Isaac Yohn and Elisabeth Hartman: 

John, born in 1806, married Mary Shoemaker, lived 
in Carlisle, buried at Mechanicsburg. 

Frederick, born in 1808, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died in 1829, and was buried at Academia. 

Jacob, born in 1810, married in 1S30, to Elizabeth 
Noel, and later to Elizabeth Reed, a widow, lived in 
Juniata County, died in 1877, and buried in St. Paul's, 
in Juniata County. 

Isaac, born in 1812, married in 1840 to Elizabeth 
Stone, occupation farmer, lived in Perrj- County, 
buried at Centre church. 

Susan, born Feb. 17, 1813, married March 26, 1835, 
to George Bryner, a farmer, lived at Pleasant View, 
Juniata County, buried at Church Hill, in said county. 

Samuel, born Alay 10, 181 5, married in 1844 to Leah 
Fuller, lived in Juniata County, near Port Royal, 
buried at Church Hill, in said county. 

72 Records of the Annual 

Sarah, born in 1817, married in 1837 to Joseph Ard, 
occupation sheriff, lived in Pleasant View, Juniata 
County, and buried at Ebenezer church, in said county. 

Mar>-, born Oct. 13, 1819, married Sept. 23, 1841, 
to John Howell, Captain and Quartermaster 49th Pa. 
Vol. on the Potomac, lived at Pleasant View, Juniata 
County, died Sept. 30, 18S2, aged 62 years and 10 
months, buried at Ebenezer church, said county. 

William, born in 1821, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died in 1823, buried at Academia. 

Eliza, born in 1822, married in 1844 to John Taylor, 
lived in Juniata County, buried at Ebenezer church. 

Hetty, born 1824, single, lived in Juniata County. 

Mary Shoemaker, Elizabeth Noel, Elizabeth Reed, 
Elizabeth Stone. 

George Bryner, born Nov. 30, 181 1, died June 20, 
1886, aged /^ years and 2 months, buried at Ebenezer 

Isaiah Fuller, born Dec. 27, 1887, buried at Church 
Hill, Juniata County. 

Joseph Ard, died in 1880, buried at Ebenezer church. 

John Howell. 

John Taylor, died in 1870, buried at Ebenezer 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of James Murlatt and Sallie Hartman: 

Samuel, born Sept. 9, 1818, married March 10, 1857, 
to Susan Powell, lived in Millerstown, near Sugar 
Run, Pa., died Jan. 12, 1871, aged 59 years, 11 months 

Hench a\d Dromgold Reunion' y}, 

and 3 days, buried in Deardorf's ground?, near !\Iil- 

Daniel, married IMary Smith,, died about 1816, 
killed in construction of a bridge in Virginia. 

Susan Powell, born May 7, 1839. 

Mary Smith, married second time to Heiser, 

lived at Egg Harbor, N. J. 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of IVilliam Hartman and Barbara Cooney: 

Mary, born Sept. 16, 1825, married Adam Shafer, 
lives at Cisna's Run. 

Susan, born March 25, 1828, married Daniel Shafer, 

Sally, born Nov. 4, 1829, dead. 

Priscilla, born June 14, 1832, dead. 

William, born June 2^, 1835. married Margaret Gut- 
shall, occupation farmer, lives in Blaine. 

Issue — Mary Shafer: 

William, born June 21, 1847, died young, buried in 
St. Paul's Graveyard, Perry County. 

George, born Oct. 3, 1848, buried at Loysville. 

David, born July 7, 1857. 

Sarah J., born Nov. i, 1853. 

James, born March 5, 1855, died young. 

Issue — William Hartman : 

Solomon, born Sept. 25, 1861, married Frances 
Foust, lives in Blain. 

William A., born June 4, 1869, lives in Blain. 

Issue — Susan Shafer : 

Henry, born 1849, li^'^d at Buffalo Mills, died. 

74 Records of the Annual 

Solomon, married ^Margaret Grier, lives in Ken- 
nedy's Valley. 

Agnes, single, lives in Cumberland County. 

Catharine, married Abraham Bower, lives in Wil- 
liams County, Ohio. 

Margaret, lives at Cisna's Run. 

Emeline, married Shick, lives in Colorado. 

Amos, lives at Defiance, O. 

Family, Margaret and Johannas Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman. 

Children of Matthias Hartman and Mary Robinson: 

Jacob, married Rachel Palm (maiden name Cessna), 
occupation farmer, lived and died in Carlisle, Pa. 
(Jacob and Mary were twins.) 

Mary, married Adam Patton, occupation farmer, 
lived at Academia, Pa. 

Susan, single, lived at McVeytown, Pa., buried at 

Samuel, married Susanna Anderson, occupation 
farmer, lived in Liberty Valley, buried in Blain Meth- 
odist Graveyard. 

Joseph, married Elizabeth INIcKillips. occupation 
laborer, lived in Canton, O., died December 17th, and 
was buried in Canton, O. 

Andrew, born Nov. 22, 1833, married Priscilla Mc- 
Killips and Anna M. Watt, lived in Liberty Valley. 

Elijah, married Melessa Montgomery, lived in Han- 
over, Jos Davies County, 111. 

Margaret, married William Getty, lived and was 
buried at McVeytown, Pa. 

Hench and Dromcold Reunion 75 

James, married Elizabeth McKinley, lived and \va5 
buried at Harrisburg. 

Priscilla IVIcKillips, wife of Andrew, born March 
20, 1835. 

Anna M. Watt, second wife of Andrew, born March 
24, 1842, buried at Academia. 

Issue — Jacob Hartman : 

Marie, married Frank Wagner, occupation farmer, 
lives at Landisburg, Pa. 

Elizabeth, married Yinger, occupation 

farmer, lives at Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Andrew (4) Hartman. 

is a well-known farmer formerly of Liberty Valley ; 
a keen, quick, versatile man, a good musician, and fond 
of fun. The farm in Liberty Valley was a lot of brush 
and briars when he bought it, but it soon became under 
his labor and skill one of the best farms in the town- 
ship. At present he is a prosperous farmer at Condo, 
North Dakota. 

Family, Johannas and IMargaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob Hartman and Eva Maria. 

Children of Jacob Hartman and Susan Coone\: 

Elizabeth, born March 19, 1824, married Samuel 
Sheller, occupation farmer, lived in Gratoit County, 
Mich., died March 24, 1892, buried at Fulton Centre, 

William, born Feb. 19, 1825, married Catherine 
Springer and Cornelia E. Catlin, lives at Toledo, Mich. 

Solomon, died aged about 4 years, buried at Blain. 

Maria, born Feb. 11. 1829, married Eli Reigel, 

^6 Records of the Annual 

Sarah, born March 25, 1831, married Abraham 
Augustine, occupation farmer, lived at Fostoria, Ohio, 
and was buried there. 

Matilda, born June 5, 1S34, married John M. Miller, 
lives in Michigan. 

Susan, born Jan. 5, 1837, married in 1S78 to John 
Yanquel, occupation farmer, lives in Kansas, O. 

Levi, died young, buried at McCutchensville, O. 

Samuel Sheller. born Jan. 24, 1823. 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 
Jacob and Eva Maria. 

Children of Henry D. Hartman and Leah Lukenhill: 

Sophia, born Sept. 14, 1828, married William 
Hunkle, lived in Camden, Hillside Co., Mich. 

Benjamin, born Jan. 15, 1831, married Lavina H. 
Shumaker, occupation farmer, lived in West Unity, O. 

Elizabeth, born Feb. 6, 1833, married John Harris, 
lived in Stryker, O. 

Eleanor, born Feb. i, 1834, married Isaac Crowl, 
lived in Defiance County, Ohio, died and was buried 
at Hicksville, Defiance County, O. 

David, born Dec. 31, 1836, married IMartha Smith, 
lived in Roanoke, Huntingdon County, Ind. 

Catharine, born Dec. 2, 1833, married Alexander 
Miller, occupation farmer, lived in Shippensburg, Pa. 

William H.. born Jan. 6, 1844, married Mary E. Mc- 
Carter, occupation mechanic, lived in West Unity, O. 

John Harris, born June 15, 1798, occupation Meth- 
odist minister, died April 24, 1880, and buried at 
Stryker, O. 

Isaac Crowl, died and buried at Hicksville, O. 

Hexch and Dkomgold Reunion' -j-j 

Family, Johannas and Margaret Hartman. Branch, 

Jacob Hartman. 
Children of Jacob Stunipp (first husband) and Made- 
line Hartman: 

Jacob, married Mary Swartz and lived at Bailys- 

Children by Second Husba)id, John Titler: 

Henry, married (ist) Margaret Turnbaugh, and 
(2d) Rebecca Whiteman, occupation farmer, lived at 
Boiling Springs, Pa. 

William, married (ist) Ann Donnelly, and (2d) 
Henrietta Brackney, lived at Kittanning Point, Pa. 

Samuel, married Susan Ford, lived at Wellsville, 
Ohio, drowned in Ohio River by an explosion when 
returning from the war. 

Mary A., married Peter Benner and John Calhoun, 
occupation soldier, lived in Harrisburg. 

Elizabeth Abbey, married Samuel Gilbreth and 
James Bay, occupation machinist, lived in Harrisburg. 
Daniel, married Ellen Vance, occupation fanner, lived 
at Donnelly's Mills. 

Susan, married Jacob Boyer and Henry Beach, oc- 
cupation boatman, lived at Harrisburg. 

Sarah, died young, buried at Poplar Hill, near New 

Barbara Ellen, died young, buried at Poplar Hill, 
near New Bloomfield. 

James H.. single, lived in Brooklyn, N. Y., burned 
to death at age of 16. 


Emma, died young, and was buried at Montebello, 
Perry County. 

It is to be regretted that more data is not available 
in some of the families. 

78 Records of the Annual 

Zachariah Rice 

The Rice Genealog>' read by Rev. Vernon Rice, Aug. 
9, 1906. 

Among the 30,000 German emigrants who landed in 
Philadelphia between 1727 and 1776 we find that of 
Zachary (Reys or Reiss) Rice, who landed from the 
ship Edinborough, took the oath of allegiance to King 
George 3d, of England. 

He was born in 1731, and before he came to this 
country was by trade a millwright. 

His first work of any importance was to build a mill 
for the separation of clover seed. This mill is still 
standing and is used as a storehouse. The machinery 
has disappeared. It is situated on the Pickering Creek, 
near Pikeland Station, Chester County. 

Traces of the head and tail races still remain. Judg- 
ing from the number of mill sites and from the re- 
mains of old mills, we may infer that Zachary Rice 
was a very busy man. His style of clover mills was 
in use until i860. 

In the vicinity of Pickering clover mill lived Johan- 
nas and Margaret Hartman, also Germans, who came 
over in 1750. 

Their daughter, Maria Appolonia, afterward called 
Abagail, for short, was born according to the record 
of the old Bible, which reads : "In the year 1742 my 
wife, IMaria Appolonia, was born in the month of 
September, on the 4th day of the month, on Moses 


Founders of the 

OF Perry Cointv, Pa. 

Hen'Cii and Dromgold Reunion 79 

Her father was John Hartman, and her mother 
Margaret Hartman. 

In the old Trappe church book we find : "Confirmed 
Maria A. Hartman, aged 15 years, daughter of Johan- 
nas Hartman and his wife Margaret, of Pikeland, 
Chester County, June 26, 1756." 

Zachary married Abagail Hartman in 1757. She 
was 16 years. They went to housekeepieng on the 
form (owned by Daniel Lacey, in 1898) in Pikeland 
Township. To them twenty-one chiMren were born, 
seventeen of whom lived to a good old age. 

Zachary taught his trade to his boys and to many 
others. As a farmer could also be a carpenter in those 
days, he worked on the hospital built at the Yellow 
Springs, in Pikeland, for the sick and wounded of the 
Revolution in 1776. 

He also did other work for the government. He 
bought a farm of 205->4 acres and paid $4 (four dol- 
lars) per acre, in all $823. 

What remained after first payment he paid in four 
yearly instalments of £166 and 2^4 pence. 

By a deed poll dated May 22, 1786, Zachary bought 
no acres from neighbor Francis Sole for £162. 

In 1767 he built a new house on a sloping hillside; 
at the foot of the hill there was an excellent spring 
which still pours out its blessings to man and beast. 

The date was placed in the gable end of the house 
in a semi-circular space of twenty-four inches wide. 
The name of the builder and the date were cut out in 
figures and letters of a proper shape from an old fur 
hat ; the space was plastered and the name and date 

8o Records of the Annual 

were pressed into the soft plaster, where they remained 
until 1885, when an addition was built to house. 

The German language was used in school, home, and 

Zachar}' was humorous, as related by George Hart- 
man, St., a nephew of Mrs. Rice, who visited the Rice 
family, taking dinner with the seventeen children 
around the table, that on such occasions Zachary would 
say, "George, you must help yourself, for here it goes 
like furnaces and forges." 

Zachary was a regular attendant at the house of 
worship. They all attended St. Augustine's Lutheran 
church, at the Trappe, in charge of Father Muhlen- 
berg, the pioneer of the American Lutheran Church. 
The distance from Zachary's house was thirteen miles ; 
they traveled on horseback by bridle paths ; carriages 
and wagon roads were unknown. On the way they 
forded the Schuylkill and reached a cold uninviting 
old church and sat for two or three hours. 

In 1771 St. Peter's, a log church, was built in Pike- 
land. Here the Rice family attended until 1790, when 
they moved to Juniata County. 

The records in Zion's Lutheran church book say: 
"Peter Hartman and wife, Maria Catherine, were 
sponsors in 1764 for Peter, son af Zachariah Reiss 
and wife Appolonia," and records of baptism "of 
Zachariah Reiss and Appolonia was born Dec. 23, 1766, 
Maria Engel." 

Also confirmation of their son Benjamin, by Rev. 
John Herbst, of Loysville, in 1798, and of Margaretta, 
by Rev. John W. Heim, in 1817. 

We spoke of Zachary building some hospitals for 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion- 8i 

the government, but when the Revolution broke out 
the Yellow Springs Hospital was filled with wounded 

One of the most frequent visitors to this hospital 
was Mrs. Rice, who on her errands of mercy, carried 
food and delicacies to the sick soldiers. During these 
visits she contracted the typhus fever, from the ef- 
fects of which she afterwards died. 

Mrs. Rice was a stout, well-built woman, warm 
hearted, and ready to lend a helping hand. It is re- 
lated that after the battle of Brandywine, General 
Washington retreated across the Chester Valley to the 
Yellow Springs, passing the Rice home. Halting with 
his staff officers he asked for some water to drink. 
Mrs. Rice quickly sent one of her daughters to the 
spring for a bucket of water, and mixing into it some 
sugar, rum, and spice, made "flip," a then common 
drink, and presented the bucket to General Washing- 
ton, addressing his as "my lord." Washington im- 
mediately replied, "We have no titles here, we are* all 
brothers, my heart is with my poor men who lie in 
the battle field at Brandywine." This was one of 
Washington's darkest moments. 

In 1789 the farm was seized by the foreclosure of 
an old English mortgage. He with 113 other farmers 
lost his property. 

In the succession of owners from William Penn 
down, Pikeland Township was finally held by Samuel 
Hoare, a rich London merchant. 

Hoare sold the Pikeland tract to Andrew Allen, a 
Philadelphia merchant, who paid Hoare a small sum 
on account of tract and gave a mortgage for the bal- 

82 Records of the: Annual 

ance. Allen divided it into 200-and 300-acre farms 
and sold it to German emigrants as they came. Being 
a prominent man and a member of the Continental 
Congress, he was unsuspected of fraud. 

After the Revolution and Lord Howe had captured 
Trenton, Allen turned traitor, went to Trenton, and 
threw himself upon Lord Howe for protection. Even 
St. Peter's church was sold to satisfy the greed of 
the rich merchant Hoare. 

Zachary being unable to redeem his property, it 
was bought by John March, who took possession. 

How dark must have been this first cloud of dis- 
aster to a man who had toiled so long and so hard 
by dint of perseverance to gain a home he might call 
his own. 

His only solace was a kind and loving wife and 
family of obedient children. But death claimed his 
wife. It was due to weakness from the tyhpus fever 
which she contracted from the soldiers. 

She died Nov. 6, 17S9, aged 47 years, 2 months and 
2 days, and was buried at Pikeland church. Seven- 
teen of her children walked in the procession to her 
grave. A remark was made at the time that it would 
be a long time before another such sight would be 
witnessed at that church. 

Mrs. Rice was born in Germany, probably in Wor- 
tenberg. Her grave is lost ; the stone is destroyed. 

Her monument is the living, moving, energetic, hardy 
six feet tall Rice descendants, and transmitted to her 
descendants a Christian character worthy of emulation 
by kings and queens of earth. 

Hexch axd Dromgold Reuxion 83 

John, the eldest son, married Elizabeth Hench, who 
took charge of the motherless children. 

Zachary, with heavy heart, left Chester County with 
seventeen children, five of whom were married. 

A goodly band with all their wagons and effects 
reached Harrisburg and attracted much attention, 
went westward and settled in Alilford Township, now 
Juniata County. 

Here they cleared forests, built log houses and 
bought a tract in 1790, and paid for it in 1801, the 
sum of 1,100 pounds, or $5,000, to Lawrence King. 

So the hero of 60 began life over again. He taught 
his children habits of thrift, industry, and economy. 

They had their pleasure parties and dances, but 
liquor was used only as a medicine and had no part 
in the dance. 

He continued at hard work until a few years of his 
death, when he spent the rest of his time in traveling 
around among his children, where he was always wel- 

While crossing the Tuscarora Mountains his neigh- 
bors would often overtake him with their teams and 
ask him to ride along with them, but he always de- 
clined, desiring to be alone and commune with his own 
thoughts after the fashion of the Germans. 

He died Aug. 19, 181 1, aged 80 years; buried at 
Church Hill, Juniata County, Pa. Thus ended the life 
of Zachary Rice, the great-great-grandfather of 8,736 

His son John was administrator, and bought the 
farm for $5,876, and a balance of $1,887.34 for the 

84 Records of the Annual 

One of the descendants writes in 1846: "Sherman's 
Valley, between the Blue Mountains on the east, and 
the Tussey Mountains in the west, forms the mam 
part of the county broken by hills and little valleys, 
between them have local names." 

In Buffalo Valley nearly all the early settlers lived 
and died. 

The Henches, Hartmans, and Rices were all re- 
markable for agility, powerful build, great strength, 
and peaceful disposition. But when roused they were 

In feats of strength, the Henches, Rices, and Shulls 
excelled; in jumping, wrestling, and running, the 

These people were honest, industrious, and law- 
abiding, fond of reading, and intelligent. I taught 
their school with an attendance of 100. I had little 
to do but teach. The older pupils exerted such a quiet 
influence in checking disorder and in setting a good 
example to the younger ones, it hardly required a 
teacher's presence to preserve order. 

Four-fifths of these pupils were descendants of 
these four families named. 

We have a grand and noble ancestry. No more 
blessed gifts can descend upon a generation than those 
of strong, moral, physical, and spiritual natures trans- 
mitted from generation. 

Our fathers left us a rich legacy ; strong minds in 
strong bodies ; a keen sense of right, truth, and jus- 
tice, and an unmistakable zeal for God and country. 

Hen'ch and Dromgold Reuxiox 85 

family of zaciiariaii rice and abicaie hartman. 

Zachariah Rice was born in Germany in 1731, mar- 
ried about 1758 to Abigail Hartman, lived in Chester 
and Perry Counties, Pa., died Aug. 19, 1811, was 
buried at Church Hill, Juniata County, and was 80 
years old. 

Abigail Hartman was born in Germany about 1742, 
married Zachariah Rice, lived in Chester County, died 
Nov. 6, 1789, aged 47 years, 2 months and 2 days, and 
was buried at St. Peter's, Pikeland, Chester County, 

Their children, so far as known, are: 

1. John, born about 1759, married Elizabeth Hench, 
lived in Juniata County, died Jan. 2, 1S37, about 80 
years old, buried at Church Hill, Juniata County. 

2. Elizabeth, born Nov. 24, 1760, married to Jacob 
Hippie, lived at Marietta, Pa., died Oct. 24, 1823, 62 
years, 11 months old, buried at Marietta. 

3. Peter, born 1764, married Mariah Foose, lived 
in Juniata County, died February. 1839, buried at 
Camp Hill. 

4. Anna Maria, born 1765, married Benjamin 
Sheneman, lived in Chester County, died Oct. 24, 1834, 
buried at St. Peter's, Pikeland, Chester County. 

5. Jacob, born Jan. 15, 1767, married (ist) Catha- 
rine Foose (2d) Barbara Landis, lived in Perry 
County, died April I, 1838, 71 years, 3 months and 16 
days old, buried at Loysville. 

6. George, born 1769, married to Catharine Geirich, 
lived in Juniata County, died Jan. 25, 1841, about 69 
years old, buried at Church Hill. 

86 Records of the Axnuai. 

7. Conrad, born in 1770, married (ist) Elizabeth 

Foose (2d) Stowe, lived in Perry County, died 

Oct. 13, 1856, about 86 years old, buried at Emanuel 
church. Perry County. 

8. Sallie, born 1771, married John Weimer, lived 
at Port Royal, died June 18, 1855, buried at Church 

9. Polly, born 1773, married Benjamin Wallack, 
lived in Peru, Ind., died , buried in Indiana. 

10. Zachariah, born 1774, married Mary Knerr, 
lived at Landisburg, died Jan. 19, 1848, about 72 years 
old, buried at Landisburg. 

11. Henry, born 1778, married Margaret Thomas, 
lived in Perry County, died Sept. 21, 1853, about 75 
years old, buried at Landisburg. 

12. Catharine, born Oct. 25, 17S0, married Henry 
Strauch, lived, died, and was buried in the West. 

13. Margaret, born , married John Hench, 

lived in Perry County, died , buried . 

14. Benjamin, born Dec. 21, 1785, married Nancy 
Diller, lived in Cumberland County. 

15. Susan, born , married (ist) Stoffel Bower 

(2d) Jacob Hench, lived in Juniata County, died Jan. 
12, 1856, buried at Church Hill. 

16. Mary, born , married Daniel Kabel, lived 

at Charlestown, Va., died 1822, buried at Charlestown. 

17. Betsy, born , married Alexander Martin, 

lived in Indiana. 

Zachariah arrived at Philadelphia on ship "Edin- 
burgh" Sept. 16, 1751. 

Abigail arrived at Philadelphia in ship "Royal Union" 
Aug. 15, 1750. Her baptismal name was Marie Apol- 

Hexch and Dromgold Reumox 87 

onia, as recorded in the old Rice Bible, and the Book 
of the old Trappe church in IMontgomery County, Pa. 

The names of these sevnteen children appear in the 
refunding bond of Zachariah Rice, Sr. 

The descendants of Alexander and Betsy Martin 
are lost. The last traces of them was in central In- 
diana, but the writer went there, advertised, and got 
agents to try to find them. 

It is to be hoped that members of the Rice family 
will help to make corrections and additions to this 


Branch — Rice, No. i. 
Johanes and Alargaret. 
Zacharias Rice — Abigail Hartman. 
John Rice — Elizabeth Hench. 
Polly, born April 2, 1785, single, and lived at Port 
Royal, Juniata County, Pa., died July 30, 1855, buried 
at Church Hill, Juniata County. 

Jacob, born Nov. 8, 17S6, married to Elizabeth 
Arnold, lived in Juniata County, died Feb. 2, 1830, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Judith, born 1789, died Feb. 14, 1871, was mar- 
ried on March 10, 1810, to William Saylor, born in 
Chester County, in 1781, died June 16, 1858, He was 
a blacksmith and farmer, near Port Royal. Buried at 
Church Hill. 

William, born i/PO- married (ist) Rebecca 

Saylor, (2d) Elizabeth Brandt, lived in Juniata 
County, died Sept. 8, 1872, buried at Church Hill. 

88 Records of the Annual 

John, born Feb. i6, 1793, lived in Juniata County, 
died Sept. 11, 1825, buried at Church Hill. 

Christenah, born 1799, married to Alexander 

Magonigle, lived in Juniata County, died May 30, 1840, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Samuel, born Jan, 2. iSoo, married Elizabeth Mc- 
Fadden, lived in Juniata County, died Sept. 17, 1836, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Hannah, born March 15, 1804, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died May 29, 1865, buried at Church Hill. 

Jesse, born , married Nancy Fogle, lived in 

Juniata County, died Oct. 11, 1868, buried at Waterloo. 

Elizabeth, born , lived , died young, 

buried at Church Hill. 

Jacob Rice — Elizabeth Arnold. 

John, born March 29, 1812, married (ist) Catharine 
Foose, (2d) Jane Mary Wharton, lived in Juniata 
County, died May 4, 1879, buried at Church Hill. 

Margaret A., born Dec. 29, 1813, married Jan. 15, 
1856, to Jesse Rice, lived in Juniata County. 

Anna Jane, born Nov. 8, 1815, married Michael 
Notestine, lived at Peoria, 111. 

Catharine, born Dec. 4, 1817, married Henry Erford, 
1839, lived Peoria County, 111. 

Elizabeth, born Aug. 9, 1820, married John Erford, 
lived in Cumberland County, died March 21, 1850, 
buried near Harrisburg, Pa. 

Mary Ann, born Oct. 6, 1822, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died Aug. 26, 1840, buried at Church Hill, 
same county. 

Hen'ch axd Dromgold Reunion 8g 

Hannah, born Jan. 14, 1826, married Nov. 14, 1844, 
S. R. McMeen, liv-ed in Juniata County. 

William Savlor — Judith Rice. 

1. Jesse, born Feb. 5, iSii, died at old Saylor farm, 
Feb. 8, 1878, aged 67 years and 3 days. On April 10, 
1845, he married Elizabetli Briner, of Perry County, 
who died 1890, aged "jj years and 7 days. Both 
buried at Church Hill. 

2. John Saylor, born May 3, 1812, lived near New- 
ton Hamilton, where he died March 7, 1892, married 
Susan McConneil. 

(a) Mary Jane Saylor married Isaiah Berkey, 

lived at Port Royal. 

(b) Emery Saylor. 

(c) Priscilla Saylor married Elwin Wilson, lived 

at Newton Hamilton. 

(d) John Dyson Saylor lived at Altoona. 

(e) Jesse Saylor married Miss Fields, lived at 


(f) Emma Saylor married Bruce Wilson, lived 

at Newton Hamilton. 

90 Records of the Annual 

(g) George Saylor married , lived at 

Mount Union, Pa. 
Frank Saylor. 
3. Jvlary, or Polly Saylor, born Oct. I, 1813, mar- 
ried John Weimer (son of John and Polly Rice 
Weimer), Oct. 31, 1S39. She died March 20, 1896. 

(a) Thomas INIitchell Weimer, farmer, born 

April 12, 1842, married Sarah M. Wilson, 
who died after birth of six children. 

Minerva Jane Weimer. 

John Weimer. 

Mary Grace Weimer. 

Effie Wilson Weimer. 

Julia Blanch Weimer. 

Anna Margaret Weimer. 
Thomas married (2d) Lizzie Irwin, lived in 
Steele County, N. D. 

(b) William Saylor \\'eimer, born Aug. 6, 1845, 

soldier Civil War, lives at Port Royal, mar- 
ried Sarah McCahren. 

Sherman Luther Weimer, born 1871. 

Clara Jane Weimer, bom 1872. 

Brady M. Weimer, born 1874, died 1880. 

Cora Weimer, born 1883, died 1886. 

Alton G. Weimer, born 1886. 

(c) Cloyd ^Melancthon Weimer, born 1843. died 


(d) Hannah Elizabeth Weimer, born Jan. 21, 

1848, died jNIarch 31, 1848. 

(e) Mary Jane Weimer, bom 1849, died 1867. 

(f) Gibson Luther Weimer, born Nov. 14, 1851, 

farmer, married Martha, daughter of John 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 91 

Rice, of Port Royal, resided last at Fill- 
more, N. D. 

Mary J. Weimer. 

John Weimer. 

!May Weimer. 

Alpha Weimer. 

Harriet Weimer. 
(g) Samuel Rice Weimer, born March 22, 1854, 
farmer, lived at Port Royal, married Clara 

Bruce Lloyd Weimer. 

C. Banks Weimer. 

Ross Earl Weimer. 

Jessie Ellen Weimer. 

Samuel Roy Weimer. 

4. William Saylor, born Nov. 10, 1814. In 1837 
married Barbara Church ; lived and died in Legrange 
County, Ind. 

5. Elizabeth, or Betsy Saylor, born Nov. 5, 1815. 
In 1839 married Valentine Wisehaupt, a farmer. They 
lived, died, and are buried on "Felty" Wisehaupt farm, 
near Port Royal. 

(a) Lepley Wisehaupt, a farmer, born March 3, 

1840, who in 1868 married Elizabeth Mof- 


John Louis Wisehaupt married 1880, 

to Sadie ]M. Donohoe, and has five 


6. Hannah Saylor, born Feb. 20, 1817, married 
Zachariah Rice, and died June 16, 1865 ; is buried at 
Church Hill. 

7. Anna Christina Saylor, born Oct. 18, 1819, mar- 

92 Records ot- the Annual 

ried Oct. 17, 1844, to Daniel McConnell, born April 
II, 1 82 1. Daniel was a stone mason. They lived and 
died in Turbett Township. 

(a) Aramina Priscilla McConnell, born Jan. 18, 

1846, married Washington Kilmer. One 
daughter, Emma Jane, who lives at Coro- 
nado, California. 

(b) William Huston ^McConnell, born 1849, died 


(c) John Stinson McConnell, born May 20. 1851, 

a farmer, married Clara Jane Rice, lives at 
Ciuirch's Ferry, N. D. 

a. Mary Bell, married Sept. 26, 1912, to 
Clarence M. Wilson, Rugby, N. D. 

(d) Rev. Chambers Luther ^IcConnell, bom May 

4, 1854, minister of Lutheran Church, 
married Harriet H. Hazlett, and resides at 
Church's Ferry, N. D. 

(e) George Piper McConnell, born Sept. 15. 1859, 

married Sallie Wisehaupt, Dec. 28. 1887, 
lives near Port Royal. 

(f) Elliott Saylor McConnell, died Aug. 25, 1881, 

aged 15 years. 
8. Julia Ann Saylor, born Dec. 21, 1821, died April 
22, 1872. On March 13, 1843, married Maj. Daniel 
Wonder Flickinger, born Nov. i, 18 14, died at Port 
Royal, Aug. 5, 1866. Major Flickinger was son of 
Henry and Peggy Yohn Flickinger, of Ickesburg. 
(a) Anna Jane Flickinger, born March 25, 1844. 
On April 2, 1874, married John B. Mor- 
row. She died June 9, 1875, at Waterloo, 

Hen'ch and Dromgold Reuxiox 93 

(b) Rev. Robert Elliott Flickinger, born Dec. 3, 

1845, teacher, editor, and minister of Pres- 
byterian Church. On June 20, 1878, he 
married Mary Ann, daughter of John and 
Susan Brackbill, of Port Royal. They re- 
side at Rockwell City, Iowa. 

(c) Margaret Elizabeth Flickinger, born Dec. 13, 

1847, died Dec. 15, 1892. On May 12, 
1870, married Jacob Seager, born Dec. 12, 
1836, (son of George Seager, born 1810, 
died 1894, and Mary Ann Briner, born 
1814, died 1899) lived near New German- 
town, Perry County, Pa., on Seager farm, 
owned by the family over 100 years. 
Mary Jane Seager, born 1871, died 1889. 
Florence Irene Seager, born 1873. 
Sallie Miller Seager, born 1875, rnarried 

1898, M. Willhide, of Landisburg. 
Anna Elizabeth Seager, born 1877, mar- 
ried Wilson H. Adams, born 1873, of 
Laura Blanche Seager, born 1879. 
Foster Tobias Seager, born April 16, 

(d) Mary Emiline Flickinger, born 1850, died 


(e) Frances Julian Flickinger, born 1853. In 

1875 married Jerome W. Rice, born 1852, 
lived in Charles City, Iowa. 

a. Nettie I. Rice, born 1876, a teacher lo- 
cated at American Falls, Idaho. 

b. Minnie R. Rice and Maude L. Rice, 

94 Records o? the Annual 

twins, born Feb. 8, 1878, located at 
Iowa State Agricultural College, 
Ames, Iowa. 
Dora M. Rice, born Dec. 7, 1885, teacher. 

(f) William Thompson Flickinger, born Feb. 19, 

1854, lives at Asbury, Mo. 

(g) Daniel Wonder Flickinger, born July 19, 

1855. On Feb. 7, 1881, married Ella Whit- 
ney, and lives in Shenandoah. Iowa. 

Jennie Flickinger. 
(h) Leila Ada Flickinger, born Aug. 7, 1857. On 
Nov. 28, 1878, married George Seager, 
born Oct. I, 1852, of New Germantown. 
(i) Louisa Mary Flickinger, born July 29, 1859, 
died Sept. 6, 1892. On Jan. 8, 1884, mar- 
ried Edward L. Mumper, born July 4, 1862, 
of New Germantown. 
Forest Merle Mumper, died Nov. 27, 

Adelia Gertrude Mumper, born April 21, 

Daniel Mumper, 
(j) Florence N. Flickinger, born Oct. 4, 1861, 
died April 17, 1889, at Charles City, Iowa, 
(k) George W. Flickinger, born April 2y, 1864, 

died May i, 1864. 
(1) John Jesse Flickinger, born April 16, 1865, 
lives at Los Angeles, Cal. 
9. Priscilla Saylor, born Nov. 18, 1824. On Nov. 
22, 1853, married Christian Bender. She lived near 
Port Royal, and died Oct. 20, 1880. 
(a) William Bender. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 95 

(b) Alice Bender. 

(c) George Bender. 

10. Ailhanan Smith Saylor, born Jan. 13, 1828, died 
Feb. 28, 1828. 

\ViLLi.\M Rice — Rebecca Saylor — Elizabeth 

Nancy Jane, born Feb. 15, 1824, died Nov. 19, 18^ 
buried at Church Hill. 

John Rice — Elizabeth Hench. 
John Rice. 

Alexander Magonigle — Christenah Rice. 

Thomas, born , buried in the West. 

Samuel, born , died at Cape May, N. J., 

buried at Cape May City, N. J. 

John, bom Sept. 17, 1827, married Jan. 17, 1856, 
Elizabeth Herlin, lived in Juniata County, died Dec. 
24, 1858, buried at Church Hill. 

William (twin to Elizabeth), born Sept. 24, 1830, 
lived in Philadelphia. 

Elizabeth (twin to William), born Sept. 24, 1830, 
married Sept. 11, 1856, Leslie Guilliford, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died May 23, 1873, buried at Church 

Granville Shupner, born , lived in Philadel- 
phia, died in 1885, buried at Church Hill. 

96 Records of the Annual 

Samuel Rice — Elizabeth McFadden. 

Sarah E., born Aug. 24, 1833, married John Q. 
Adams, died June 28, i860. 

Jesse Rice — Nancy Fogle. 




Elizabeth Rice — Jacob Hipple. 

Jacob, born Sept. 21, 1779, died and buried at Pike- 
land church, Chester County. 

Henry, born Aug. 31, 1781, married Susanna Lud- 
wick, occupation millwright, died October, 1849, aged 
68 years, i month and 6 days, buried at Pikeland 

John, born Dec. 7, 1783, married Faithful Strick- 
land, stone mason, died June 16, 1857, aged 73 years, 
6 months and 9 days, buried at Vincent church. 

Zachariah, born Nov. 7, 17S5, married Sarah Foose, 
died and buried at Marietta. 

Lawrence, born Nov. 23, 1787, married Betsy Rine- 
hart, died and buried at Marietta. 

George, born Sept. 18, 1789, married (ist) Phcebe 
Ludwick, (2d) Ruth Stevens, carpenter, lived at Birch 
Run Hollow, died Feb. 12, 1871, aged 81 years, 3 
months and 25 days, buried at Pikeland. 

Elizabeth, born Aug. 18. 1791, married James 
Stackhouse, buried at Marietta. 

Mary, born Dec. 15, 1794, single, died and buried 
at Marietta. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion' 97 

Samuel, born Feb. 23, 1798, married Nancy Rine- 
hart, died Oct. 2-j, 1879, buried at Marietta. 

William, born Nov. 23, 1806, married Polly Rine- 
hart, died and buried at Marietta. 

Susanna Ludwick, born Jan. 15, 1782, died Oct. 11, 
1846, aged 64 years, 8 months and 26 days, buried at 

Faithful Strickland, born Aug. 29, 1785, died June 
24, 1842, buried at Vincent church. 

Sarah Foose, born July 6, 1788, granddaughter of 
Nickel Foose, daughter of Valentine Foose. 

1st, Betsy Rinehart, or Widow Hinkle. 

1. Phcebe Ludwick, died Jan. i, 1841, aged 49 years, 
5 months and 2"] days. 

2. Ruth Stevens, born Dec. 15, 1799, died March 
18, 1868, aged 68 years, 3 months and 3 days, buried 
in Century Graveyard, Coventry. 

(Ann, or Nancy Rinehart). 

(Mary, or Polly Rinehart). 

George Hippie built Pikeland church. 

Jacob and Henry, confirmed at Vincent church, 
I795- Jacob, son of John, baptized at Vincent, Dec. 16, 
1784; Lorentz, Nov. 23, 1787; Mary, Dec. 15, 1794; 
Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1791. 

Henry Hipple — Su5ann.\ Ludwick. 

John, born Aug. 4, 1804, married Jan. i, 1833, to 
Esther Shuler, died Jan. 8, 1887, aged 82 years, 5 
months and 4 days. 

Esther Shuler, born March 4, 1806 — daughter of 
William Shuler. 

98 Records of the Annual " 

John Hipple— Faithful Strickland. 

Eliza, born , married Henry Haase, buried at 

Vincent church, Spring City. 

James, born , married Susan Fisher, buried 

at Zion church. Spring City. 

Thomas, born Feb. 24, iSii, married Violetta 
Frankum, died fall of 1891, buried at Zion church, 
Spring City. 

Davis, born , married Elizabeth Carl, buried 

at Vincent church, Spring City. 

Zachariah Hipple — Sarah Foose. 

Margaret, married Adam Shafer, lived and buried 
in Marietta. 

Hetty, married Oliver Cochrane. 

Perry, married Eliza Seiber, buried at Marietta. 

Mary, born Dec. 22. 1816, married Christian Ma- 

Henry, born Aug. 16, 1818, married Harriet Stipe, 
lived in Middletown. 

Sarah, married John Stife, lived in Middletown. 

Lizzie, single, lived and buried at Marietta. 

Annie, married George Hoover, lived and buried at 
Grafton, W. Va. 

Sophia, single, lived and buried at Marietta. 

Adam Shafer, buried at Marietta. 

Oliver Cochrane, died at Battle of Antietam. 

George Hipple — Phcebe Ludwig. 

Lewis, born Jan. 12, 1812, married Mary Strickland, 
died May 18, 1855, buried at Independence, Mo. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 99 

Susanna, bom March 4, 1815, single, lived at Birch 

Sarah Ann, born Oct. 11, 1817, married Thomas 
Lomas, lived in Philadelphia. 

Elizabeth, born Feb. 29, 1820, married William Lud- 
wick, lived in West Vincent. 

Jacob, born June 27, 1822, married Elizabeth Phil- 
lips, lived in Montgomery County. 

Peter, born Dec. 18, 1824, married Hannah A. 
Boyd, died Feb. 3, 1872, aged 47 years, i months and 
14 days. 

William, born March 5, 1828, married Lydia Miller, 
died March 6, 1881, aged 53 years and i day. 

John, born Nov. 9, 1830, married Margaret Place, 
lived in West Vincent. 

Henry James, born Feb. 19, 1834, died Sept. 5, 1876, 
aged 42 years, 6 months and 17 days. 

Mary Strickland, born April 3, 1808, died June 30, 
1866, aged 58 years, 2 months and 27 days. 

Thomas Lomas. 

William Ludwig. 

Elizabeth Phillips, born Sept. 11, 1830, died May 12, 
1862, aged 31 years, 8 months and i day. 

Hannah A. Boyd. 

Lydia Miller. 

Margaret Place. 

Peter Rice — Mari.\h Foose. 

Zachariah, bom May 25, 1786, married (ist) Esther 
Weishaupt, (2d) Catharine Weishaupt, hved and 
buried in Richland County, Ohio. 

100 Records of the Annual 

Peter, born April i, 1788, married (1st) Catharine 
Weimer, (2d) Rebecca \\'olfkill, lived in Juniata 
County, died April 5, 1879, buried at Waterford. 

John, born Aug. 22, 1790, married Elizabeth Hilmer, 
lived and buried at Shiloh. 

Sally, bom April 5, 1792, married Thomas Turbet, 
lived in Juniata County, buried at Church Hill. 

Polly, born Oct. 4, 1795, married Philip Gilmer, lived 
in Juniata County, died May 30. 1879, buried at Tur- 
bett, Juniata County. 

Samuel, born Jan. 2-], 1798, married Sally Rice, 
lived in Perry County. 

Margaret, born Sept. 29, 1800, married Robert Mc- 
Meen, lived in Juniata County, died Dec. 25, 1885, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Abigail, born March 5, 1803, married David Crosier, 
lived at Shiloh, Ohio. 

Elizabeth, born May 9. 1805, married 1824, Thomas 
Stewart, lived in Juniata County, died Feb. 15, 1875, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Zachari.\h Rice — Esther Weishaupt — Catharine 

John (5). 

Peter, lived in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 



Issue of Peter (4) Rice and Catharine Weimer and 
Rebecca Wolf kill, ist, Benjamin (5), born 1807, lived 
in Ohio. 

Wife Catherine, born Jan. 25, 1809, married James 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion ioi 

Harris, lived in Port Royal, died Aug. 19, 1887, buried 
in Kilmer Cemetery, Turbett Township, Juniata 

2d, Peter G., married Beale. 

Wife Rebecca, married Matthew Kirk, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died Nov. 22, 1882, buried near Port 

John Rice and Elizabeth Gilmer — no issue. 

Wife, Tohn \V., lived in Columbus, Ind. 

Thom.^s Turbott — Sally Rice. 

John died in California. 

Polly married Bell. 

Nancy married Guthrie. 

Jane married Crawford. 

Sarah married Guthrie. 

Rebecca married Kable. 

Mary A. married Snyder. 

Belle married Peter Rice, lived in California. 

William died young. 

Issue of Philip Kilmer and Polly Rice. 

1. Peter (5), born Dec. 5, 1816, married Sept. 16, 
1865, (ist) Fanny Shelly, (2d) Julia Bender, lived in 
Juniata County, died May 18, 1881, 

2. Eliza, born May 3, 1818, married John Hartman, 
lived in Juniata County, died April i, 1883. 

3. John, born January, 1820, married Catharine 
Rice, lived in Ohio. 

4. Philip, born Jan. 29, 1822, married Mary A. 
Koontz, lived in Juniata County. 

I02 Records of the Annual 

5. Mary Ann, born Feb. 19, 1824, married James 
Shoaff, lived in Port Royal. 

6. Abigail, born Jan. 12, 1826, lived in Juniata 
County, died Oct. 10, 1834, buried at Kilmer Grave- 
yard, Port Royal. 

7. Rebecca, born Oct. i, 1829, married David Kep- 
ner, Lafayette Lyons, lived in Shiloh, Ohio. 

8. Margaretta, born Feb. 7, 1832, married Dec. 30, 

1852, James Hill, born Nov. 16, 1865, Winfield, 

lived at Russell, Russell County, Kansas. 

Samuel Rice — Sally Rice. 

Sarah C. 

Issue of Robert McMeen and Margaret Rice. 

William, born March 9, 1821, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died Nov. 10, 1843, buried at Church Hill. 

Samuel R., born Oct. 2, 1823, married Hannah Rice, 
1844, lived in Juniata County. 

Hugh L., bom Nov. 30, 1825, married May 7, 1846, 
Julia Yohn and Mary Jane Hench, lived in Juniata 
County, died July 30, 1885, buried at Church Hill. 

Robert E., born Nov. 5, 1829, married Jan. 3, 1861, 
E. J. Robinson, lived in Juniata County. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 103 

David Crozier— Abigail Rice. 

Polly (5) lived in Shiloh, Ohio. 
John lived in Shiloh. 
Sarah lived in Shiloh. 
William lived in Shiloh. 
Nancy lived in Shiloh. 
Rachel lived in Shiloh. 

Issue of Thomas Stewart and Elizabeth Rice. 

Calvin (5), born Feb. 15, 1825, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died April 3, 1850, buried at Church Hill. 

Angeline, born June 2, 1827, single, lived in Juniata 

Orin, born Dec. 14, 1829, single, lived in Yuba 
County, Cal., died Sept. 27, 1869, buried in Yuba 

Ephraim, born Jan. 27, 1833, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died March 8, 1873, buried at Church Hill. 

Hiram, Born Sept. 29, 1835, single, lived in Juniata 

Malinda, born Aug. 18, 1838, married Jan. 3, 1859, 
Leonard Manger, lived in Juniata County. 

Frances, born Aug. 4, 1841, married 1870, Hiram 
Knox, lived in Harrisburg. 

Robert, born May 12, 1844, married Dec. 22, 1881, 
Minnie Brackbill, lived in Juniata County. 

Benjamin Sheneman — Anna Maria Rice. 

Benjamin, lived at Radnor, Pa. 

Zacharias, or Rees, married Julia Ann Jones, lived 

104 Records of the Annual 

at Anselma, Pa., died and buried at St. Matthews, 
Chester County. 

Polly, married Jarnes Keeman, lived at Barnestown, 
Pa., buried at Waynesburg, Pa. 

Elizabeth, married Peter Snyder, lived at Nantmeal, 
Chester County, buried at Pikeland, same county. 

John, lived and buried near Reading, Pa. 

Sallie, married Rees Sturges, lived at Anselma, and 
buried at Pikeland, Pa. 

Jacob, married (ist) Crouse, (2d) , 

and was buried at Manor church, Waynesburg, Pa. 

Peter, lived and buried near Reading, Pa. 

Joseph, married Sarah Davis, lived at Lionville, Pa., 
buried at Pikeland. 

George, buried at Pikeland. 

]\Iargaret, married Henry Mosteller, buried at Pike- 

Jones, married Elizabeth Kolb, lived at St. Mat- 
thew's, died October, 1879, buried at St. Matthew's. 

Mary Ann, married Edward Edelin, lived in the 
West (Ohio), died in 1889, buried in the West. 

Sarah Ann, born Dec. 29, 1818, married Feb. 24, 
1839, Jesse Boyer, who was born Feb. 12, 181 1, and is 
still living, lived in Philadelphia, died April 30, 1870, 
buried at Philadelphia, Mt. Moriah. 

Benjamin, married Margaret Kolb (sister of Eliza- 
beth), lived in Philadelphia, died April, 1882, buried 
at St. Matthews. 

Pamela, married EH Pennypacker (dead), lived in 
Marjland, Sunthville P. O., Caroline County. She is 

Hen'ch and Dromgold Reunion 105 

Elizabeth, married William Kolb (brother of Mar- 
garet), lived at Brandywine Manor, buried at St. Mat- 

William, married Susanna Hartsell, lived at Upper 
Uwchland, died Jan. 26, 1889, buried at Hopewell. 

Zachariah, died young, buried at Pikeland. 

John, married Margaret March, lived at Uwchland, 
died August. 1878, buried at St. Paul's. 

Joseph, single, died July 14, 1855, buried at St. ISIat- 

Thomas, married Emma White, lived in New Jer- 
sey, died in the West, no children. 

Davis (living), married Mary Kauffman (living), 
living at Pikeland. 

Edward, married Hannah Kolb (sister), lived in 
Philadelphia, died March, 1881, buried at St. Mat- 

Milton, single, died 1861, buried at St. Matthew's. 


Peter, lived at Reading and was buried there. 

John, lived at Reading and was buried there. 

Joseph, married Sarah Davis (Perry County), lived 
at Pikeland, buried at St. Paul's. 

Benjamin, born Jan. 29, 1784, married Sept. 26, 
1865, Susan Morsteller, lived at Pikeland, died April 
9, 1850, buried at Pikeland. 

Zachariah, married Juliann Jones, lived at Anselma, 
buried at St. Matthew's. 

Jacob, married twice, lived at Manor, Brandywine, 
buried at Manor church. 

io6 Records of the Annual 

Elizabeth, married Peter Snyder, lived at Ludwick's 
Corner, buried at Pikeland. 

Margaret, married Henry Mosteller, lived at Vin- 

Sarah, married Rees Sturgis, lived at West Vincent. 
Joseph and Sarah(i) Davis. 

2. Samuel Fetters. 

3. Oliver. 

4. Mary Jane. 

5. Worthington. 

6. Lewis. 

Issue of Benjamin (4) and Susan. 

1. John (5), born Dec. 9, 1809, died , mar- 
ried Lydia, buried at Mt. Moriah. 

2. Mary (5), born March 14, 181 1, died , 

married William Cutter, buried at Pikeland. 

3. Catharine (5), born March 7, 1813, died Jan. 5, 

1850, married Quinn, died and buried in the 


4. Elizabeth (5), born Aug. 8, 1815, died , 

single, buried at Pikeland. 

5. Susanna (5), born Sept. 28, 1817, married John 
Famous, buried at Valley Presbyterian church. 

6. Margaret, born Oct. 8, 1819, died Sept. 25, 1851, 
married John Townsend. 

7. Hester, born Feb. 9, 1822, married George Pugle, 
buried at Fernvvood. 

8. Benjamin, born March 27, 1826, married (ist) 
Mary A. Zell (born at Great Valley, St. Peter's), mar- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 107 

ried (2d) Mary R. Gibson, living; Benjamin buried 
at Fernwood. 

9. Ann, born April 20, 1832, died young. 

Issue of Jacob, first wife: 

Henry, married Hannah Kolb. 

Issue of Elizabeth 




( ?) Elizabeth. 

Jacob Rice — Catharine Foose — Barbara Landis. 

Jacob, born 1787, married Mary Dorothy Crane, 
Elizabeth Crane, lived in Juniata County, died 1830, 
aged 43 years, 2 months and 24 days, buried at Church 

Henry, married McFadden, lived in Perry County, 
buried at Landisburg. 

Elizabeth, born June 8, 1790, married James Wilson, 
lived in Juniata County, died Feb. 14, 1830, buried at 
Church Hill. 


Mary, born March 24, 1792, married Robert Crozier, 
lived in Perry County, died March 9, 1873, buried at 

Dorothy J^Iary Crane, died Feb. 15, 1822, aged 25 
years and 8 months, buried at Church Hill. 

io8 Records of the Annual 

Elizabeth Crane, died Feb. 8, 1828, aged 36 years 
and II days, buried at Church Hill. 

Issue of Jacob Rice — Crane — Dorothy Cr.\ne. 

First wife. William, born 1816, married (ist) Pris- 
cilla Brightbill, (2d) Elizabeth Hammaker, lived in 
Juniata County, died 1883, buried in North Carolina. 

Catharine, born 1818, married John Kilmer, lived in 
Ohio, second wife. 

Mary, born 1822, married Daniel Shopbell, died 

1855, buried in Rome, Ohio. 

Philo H., born 1825, married June 21, 1855, Mary 
Holliday, lived in Juniata County, died July 21, 1858, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Elizabeth, born 1827, married John Thomas, lived in 
the West. 

Mary Evaline, bom Aug. 20, 1836, married Aug. 21, 

1856, James Koons, lived in Juniata County. 
Samuel, born September, 1839, married Henrietta 

Klinepeter, lived in Juniata County. 

Daniel S., born October 26, 1843, married April 13, 
1873, Saville Gould, lived in Harrisburg. 

Issue of Henry Rice and McFadden — No data. 

Issue of James Wilson — Elizabeth Rice. 

Mary (5), born Aug. 16, 1810. married 1832, Henry 
Darr, lived in Juniata County, died June 28, 1870, 
buried at Church Hill. 

W^illiam, born Aug. 6, 1812. lived at New Lancaster, 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 109 

Nancy, born Oct. 5, 1814, married Wilson Beck, 
lived in Centre County, died Sept. 3. 1886, buried in 
Centre County. 

Jacob, born Nov. 27, 1S16, married Martha Beaver, 
lived in Juniata County, died April 9, 1862, buried at 
Church Hill. 

Hannah, born Dec. 7, 1819, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died May 2, 1876, buried at Church Hill. 

Boyd, born Dec. 27, 1821, married Elizabeth Fleck, 
lived in Cleveland, Ohio. 

James, born March 12, 1824, married 1852, Nancy 
J. Johnson, lived in Bloomington, 111. 

Elizabeth, born Dec. 2~, 1827, married John Souder, 
lived in Illinois. 

Issue of and Nancv — No data. 

Issue of Robert Crozier and Mary Rice — No data. 

George Rice — Catharine Geirich. 

John, born May 29. 1792, married Margaret Ickes, 
lived in Bloomfield, died July 25, 1855, aged 63 years, 
I month and 26 days, buried in Bloomfield. 

Polly, born Aug. 16, 1796, married Benjamin Kep- 
ner and James Wilson, lived in Port Royal. 

Samuel, born 1803, married Sarah Kepner, lived in 
Port Royal, died Jan. 20. 1859, aged 56 years, buried 
at Church Hill. 

Jesse, born . married Jan. 15, 1856, Margaret 

(5) Rice, lived at Spruce Hill. 

Zachariah, born , married April 11, 1843, 

no Records of the Annual 

Mary Frank and Hannah Saylor, lived in Peoria 
County, 111. 

Catharine, married Henry Kepner, lived in Perry 

Sarah, married Samuel (4) Rice, lived at Sandy 

William, born Jan. 21, 1801, married Jan. 2, 1823, 
Mary Ann Orris, lived in Perry County. 

Benjamin, married Alice Stewart, lived at Sandy 
Hill, buried at Church Hill. 

George, born Nov. 2, 1798, marrier (ist) Mary M. 
Ickes, (2d) Hannah Campbell, a widow, lived in Perry 
County, died Oct. 31, 1881, aged 82 years, 11 months 
and 29 days, buried at Emmanuel church. Perry 


Margaret, wife of John (4), born April 4, 1798, 
daughter of , died 1888, buried at Bloomfield. 

Benjamin (i), husband of Polly, son of . 

James, second husband of Polly, son of . 

Sarah, wife of Samuel, daughter of , died 

Aug. I, 1855, aged 42 years, 4 months and 26 days, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Margaret, wife of Jesse, daughter of . 

Hannah, wife of Zachariah, daughter of . 

Mary, wife of Zachariah, daughter of . 

Henry, husband of Catharine, son of . 

Samuel, husband of Sarah, son of 

Mary Ann, wife of William, born Dec. i, 1801, 

daughter of , died Sept. 25, 1871, aged 69 years, 

10 months and 24 days. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 
Alice, wife of Benjamin, daughter of 

Mary M., wife of George, daugliter of , died 

Jan. 31, 1862, aged 62 years, 6 months and 28 days, 
buried at Emmanuel church. 

Hannah, wife of George — maiden name Hall. 

John Rice — Marg.\rett.\ Ickes. 

Children of George Rice married to Catharine Kell 
as follows : Margaretta Spanogle, who died and left 
children, Caro Spanogle, Elsie Spanogle, Mark Span- 

George, born April 21, 1817, married 1840, to Cath- 
arine Kell, merchant, lived at Ickesburg, died Oct. 21, 
1842, aged 25 years and 6 months, buried at Bloomfield. 

Susanna I., born March 14, 1819, married Sept. 24, 
1839, to Robert C. Boden, farmer, lived at Ickesburg, 
died Oct. 13, 1888, aged 69 years, 6 months and 29 
days, buried at New Bloomfield. 

Samuel, born Oct. 21, 1821, married about 1846, to 
Mary Jane Ritter, merchant, lived at Ickesburg, died 
Jan. 23. 1849, aged 27 years, 3 months and 2 days, 
buried at New Bloomfield. 

David I., born Jan. 17, 1824, married Oct. i, 1845. 
to Mary E. Cornelison, Sept. 6, 1853, Sarah Gross, 
1888, Jennie Clouser, tinsmith, lived in New Bloom- 
field. Mary Cornelison died 1853, buried at Danville. 
Sarah Gross died May 30, 1885, buried at Duncannon. 

William, born Sept. 18, 1826, married Dec. 22, 1852, 
to Caroline Milligan, farmer and merchant, lived in 

112 Records op" the Annual 

John, born March 6, 1829, married Jan. 8, 1855, 
Christiana Clark, farmer, lived, now Delaware. 

Oliver, born Nov. 15, 1831, married Sarah Neilson, 
farmer, lived in Bloomfield. 

Catharine E., born July 8, 1834, married March 3, 
1862, Otis Aldrich, machinist, lived in Duncannon. 

Margaretta E., born July 14, 1837, married J. B. Mc- 
Allister, musician, lived in Oil City, lastly, buried at 
Bloomfield. M. E. McAllister died Sept. 25, 1864, at 
Bloomfield, aged 46 years, 8 months and 4 days. 

Mary Andora. born Aug. i, 1S40, lived in New 
Bloomfield, died Dec. 3, 1840, buried at Bloomfield, 
aged 4 months and 2 days. 

Sarah J., born Aug. 29, 1842, lived in Bloomfield, 
died May 6, 1843, buried at Bloomfield — died in in- 
fancy — aged 8 months and 7 days. 

Catharine Kell, born about 1822. daughter of 

and Philip Kell, lived at Ickesburg. died about 1863, 
buried at Hollidaysburg. 

Robert C. Boden, son of and John Boden, 

lived and was buried at Bloomfield. 

Mary J. Ritter, born Sept. 2. 1829, daughter of 

and Jacob Ritter, lived in Loysville, died Feb. 

2, 185 1, buried at Loysville, aged 21 years, 2 months 
and 28 days. 

Mary E. Cornelison, born Oct. 22, 1824, daughter 
of and Isaac Cornelison, lived in Danville. 

Sarah Gross, born March 23, 1834, daughter of 

and Lawrence Gross, lived in Duncannon, died 

May 30, 1885, buried at Duncannon, aged 51 years, 2 
months and 7 days. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 113 

Jennie Clouser, born March 17, 1863, daughter of 
and Jacob Clouser, lived in New Germantown. 

Caroline Milligan, born May 25, 1830, daughter of 
and Thomas Milligan, lived at Sandy Hill. 

Christena Clark, born July 3, 1836, married Jan. 8, 
1855, daughter of Robert Clark, lived at Clark's Ferry, 
died in Saville, buried at Clark's Ferry. 

Sarah Neilson, born April 11, 1834, daughter of 
John Neilson, lived and died in Center Township, 
buried in New Bloomfield. 

Otis Aldrich, born 1816, son of Eaton Aldrich, lived 
in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Mass. 

J. B. McAllister, son of .\Jexander McAllister, lived 
in New Buffalo. 

John Neilson, father of Sarah Rice, Oliver's wife, 
46 years of age when he died. 

Benjamin Kepner — Polly Rice. 

Frank and William, both dead, and three daughters : 
Mesdames Judge Kuhn, Logan, Wharton. 

James Watson— Poley Rice. 

John and Josephine — the latter married twice, last 
time to Marx Fry. 

Samuel Rice — Sar.\h Kepner. 

Matilda, married J. Ritner, nephew of Governor 

Martha, married J. Sweezy. 
John, single. 

114 Records of the Annual 

Mary, married Thomas Wagonseller and 


Sarah, married Alexander Stephens and Jerome 
Kepner, lived in Peoria, 111. 

Francis, married Foreman. 

Twins — died with mother. 

Issue of Jesse and Margaret Rice. 
Two children, died young. 

Issue of Zachariah Rice and Hannah Saylor and 
Mary Frank. 

Lehman, married Abigail Robins. 

George, married Kelley, lived in Peoria, 111. 

Jesse, married Anna Burd. 
Jane, married Jacob Erford. 

Sarah, married Erford. 

Margaret, married McCoy. 

Annie, married George Notestine. 

Issue of Benjamin Kepner (2), James Wieson and 
Mary Rice (Poeey). 

Catharine, married James Logan, lived at Port 

Elizabeth, married John Koons, judge, lived in Juni- 
ata County. 

William, married Gross. 

Sarah, married John Wharton. 

Benjamin Franklin, married Susan Ickes. 

John, married ( ?) lived at Port Royal. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 115 

Josephine, married Corson. 

Samuel, dead. 

Issue of Henry Kepner and Catharine Rice. 

Sarah (5), married John Minich. 
Emeline, married N. Moyer. 
Phoebe, married J. Freeman. 
Mary, married H. Kopenhaver. 
Margaret, married B. Minich. 
Malinda, married John Vaughan. 
Frances, married Nevin Ickes. 
Alice, single. 

George, married Malloy. 

Jacob, married Hollabaugh. 

Henry, married a daughter of Michael Ickes. 

Issue of Samuee Rice and Sarah Rice. 

Thomas, single. 

Rebecca, married Philip Boyer. 

John, married Nancy Kochenderfer (dead). 

Samuel, married Jennie Ferguson. 

Sarah (or Catharine), married Carr Dobbs. 

Issue of William Rice and Mary Ann Orris. 

John, born Nov. 11, 1823, married Mary White. 
George, bom July 23, 1825, married Martha Mc- 

William, born July 12, 1827, married Sarah Orr. 

ii6 Records of the Annual 

Daniel, born Feb. 26, 1829, married Jacobs. 

Adam, born Jan. 29, 1831, married Elizabeth James. 

Maria, born Dec. 24, 1832. 

Martha Ann, born Oct. 27, 1836, married Daniel 

Jacob, born 1838. 

Sophia, born March 13, 1839, married May 3, 1866, 
married (ist) Johnson F. Kerr, (2d) B. F. Inhoff, 
lived at Donnally's Mills, Perry County. 

Catharine, born Jan. 30, 1842, married John Fossel- 

Mary Malinda, born Nov. 2, 1843, died July 11,1862. 

Hiram, born 1844. 

Issue of Benjamin Rice and Alice Stewart. 

George, married Louisa Smith, lived in Perry 

Benjamin, married Susan Ickcs, lived in Perry 

William, married Emma Hench, lived in Perry 

David, married Elizabeth Hench, lived in Perry 

Emma, married William Gutshall, lived in Perry 

Catharine, married (ist) David Kensell, (2d) Solo- 
mon Bower, lived in Perry County. 

Ellen, lived in Perry County (dead). 

Margaret, married John Briner, lived in Perry 

Hexch axd Dromgold Reuxiox 117 

Issue of George Rice axd Mary Ickes. 

Mary Jane, born June 7, 1820, married (ist) to 
David Grove, (2d) to William Dum, buried at Elliotts- 

Catharine, born May 21, 1822, married Henry Hall, 
lived at Ickesburg. 

Nicholas, born Nov. 6, 1824, single, died Jan. 9, 
1864, buried at Loysville. 

Susanna, born Aug. 3, 1827, married David Kistler, 
buried at Loysville. 

Elizabeth, born March 31, 1830, married William 

Sarah Jane, born Feb. 10, 1833, married William 
Campbell, died July 3, 1855, buried at Emmanuel 
church, this county. 

Margaretta, born June 30, 1836, single, died Feb. 
25, 1856, aged 19 years, 7 months and 23 days, buried 
at Emmanuel church, this county. 

John M., born Feb. 22, 1839, married Hannah M. 
Zeigler, minister, lived at Sheppensville, Clarion 
County (daughter of Conrad). 

George I., born March 7, 1841, married Catharine 

Second Marriage George Rice and Hannah Camp- 

Mary, born 1863, married Kenyat Rice, Samuel (3), 
John (4). 

Elsie, single, lived in Kansas (dead). 

Benjamin Hook. . ...» 

ii8 Records of the Annual 

Conrad Rice — Elizabeth Foose — Stowe. 

Samuel, married Mary Shull, lived at Bufifalo Creek 
and Buffalo Valley, died Jan. 2^, 1873, aged 79 years, 
7 months and 7 days, buried at Emmanuel church, in 
Buffalo Valley. 

William, married Margaret Loy, lived at Loysville, 
died May 8, 18S1, aged 81 years, 8 months and 18 
days, buried at Loysville. 

Conrad, married Elizabeth Notestine, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died April 30, 1876, aged 67 years, 9 
months and 5 days, was buried at Emmanuel church, 
Buffalo Valley. 

Sarah, married Michael Ickes, lived in this county, 
buried at Emmanuel church. 

Margaret, married Samuel Shull, lived in this 
county, buried at Emmanuel church. 

John Weimer — Sally Rice. 

Catharine (4), single, lived in Juniata County, buried 
at Church Hill. 

Mary, married John Notestine, lived in Juniata 
County, buried at Church Hill. 

John, married Mary Saylor, lived in Juniata County, 
died Sept. 29, 1886, buried at Church Hill. 

Sally, married Benjamin Stimmell, lived at Port 
Royal, died Oct. 26, 1871, buried at Church Hill. 

Elizabeth, married George Jacobs, lived in Peoria, 

Thomas, married Susan Thomas, lived in Peoria, 
buried in Illinois. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 119 

Zachariah, married Mary Brackbill, lived in Juniata 
County, buried at Church Hill. 

Jacob, born March, 1804, married Jan. 15, 1835, 

Zollinger, lived in Juniata County, died March 

24, 1850. 

William, married Moist, lived in Bedford 


Christopher, married Mary Boyer, lived in Port 

Conrad, married Nov. 18, 1835, Isenberg, 

lived in Port Royal, died Sept. 21, 1871, buried at 
Church Hill. 

Benjamin, single, buried at Church Hill. 

Issue of John Notestine and Mary Weimer. 

Allen (5). 

Issue of John Weimer and Mary Saylor. 

Thomas M., (5) born April 12, 1832, married Lizzie 
Irvin — Wilson, lived in Dakota. 

Cloyd M., born October, 1843, died February, 1844, 
buried at Church Hill. 

William S., born Aug. 6, 1845, married Sarah Mc- 
Cachren, lived in Juniata County. 

Hannah E., born Jan 21, 1848, died March 31, 1848, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Mary J., born May 3, 1849, died Sept. 16, 1867, 
buried at Church Hill. 

I20 Records of the Annual 

Gibson L., born Nov. 14, 1851, married Martha B. 
Rice, lived in Dakota. 

Samuel R., born March 22, 1854, married Clara B. 
Jacob, Juniata County. 

Issue of Benjamin Stimmell — Sarah Weimer. 

Joseph (5) W., born March 18, married December, 
1869, Jennie Strayer, lived in Port Royal. 

Sarah J., born Aug. 14, 1844, single, died Dec. 21, 
1872, buried at Church Hill. 

Catharine, born Feb. 15, 1847, married J. S. Sartin, 
buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Mifflintown. 

Eliza B., born Dec. 28, 1849, married J. Howard 
Barnes, lived in Bellefonte. 

Mary E., born Oct. 10, 1852, died Sept. 23, 1853, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Arabel, born Jan. 11, 1855, died March 13, 1855, 
buried at Church Hill. 

B. Franklin, born July 5, 1856, married May 5, 1885, 
Rhetta J. McMeen, lived in Port Royal. 

Emma R., born March 11, 1862, single. 

Issue of Zachariah Weimer — Mary Brackbill. 

John (5) W., born Oct. 20, 1830, married 

Wise, lived in Lewistown. 

Amanda, born Jan. 27, 1833, married S-ept. 27, 1859, 
Joseph Maben, lived in Milroy, Mifflin County, died 
March 16, 1880. 

Z. Edmund, born March 12, 1835, married Nov. 28, 
1859, Catharine Thomas, lived in Harrisburg. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 121 

Issue of Jacob Weimer — Zollinger. 

IMary (5) Jane, born April 14, 1837, married Wil- 
liam Zorgey, lived in Patterson. 

Sarah Louisa, born Jan. 13, 1839, married John 
Hackenberger, lived in Patterson. 

Jerome T., born June 16, 1841, married Sarah B. 
Smith, lived at Harrisburg. 

Samuel E., born April 28, 1844, married Mary Won- 
derly, lived in Cambria County. 

Catharine A., born June i, 1848, married Christian 
Beck, lived in Sandusky County, Ohio. 

Frances H., born Feb. 15, 1S53, married Earnest 
Ruke, lived in Northumberland County. 

Issue of Christopher Weimer and Mary Boyer. 

John (5) J. 
George N. 
Mar>' M. 

Benjamin Wallack — Mary Rice, (?) Polly. 

John Wallack, born Jan. 5, 1794, died Sept. 27, 1846, 
buried at Canal Dover, Ohio. 

George, born Oct. 15, 1796, died July 4, 1844, buried 
at Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Catharine, born March 10, 1798, married 

Bazes, died 1872, buried at Napoleon, Ohio. 

Zachariah, born Aug. 14. 1800, died April 26, 1875, 
buried at Peru, Ind. 

122 Records of the Annual 

Mary, born Jan. 7, 1802, married Kinsley, 

died Jan. 8, 1872, buried at Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Benjamin, born June 8, 1804, died Dec. 5, 1884, 
buried at Peru, Ind. 

Elizabeth, born Oct. 5, 1808, died June 5, 1810. 

Good Soul (?). 

Sarah, born March 15, 1813, married Ecker, 

buried at Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Christopher, born Oct. 6, 1815, died March 31, 1872, 
buried at Peru, Ind. 

Nancy, born Sept. 8, 1816, died Aug. 28, 1819. 

Jane, born Sept. 29, 1817, buried at New Philadel- 
phia, Ohio. 

Wesley, born Feb. 4, 1819, died July, 1890, buried 
at Dayton, Ohio. 

Margaret, born July 7, 1822, died Sept. 30, 1863, 
buried at Peru, Ind. 

Susan, born July 7, 1822, buried at Shanesville, Ohio. 

Zach.^riah Rice — Mary Knerr. 

Benjamin, born 1806, lived at Landisburg, Perry 
County, died Feb. 3, 1868, aged 61 years, 2 months and 
13 days, buried at Landisburg. 

Jeremiah, born June 15, 1815, married May, 1838, 
Catharine Koser, lived at Landisburg. 

Eliza, born 182 1, married George Sheaffer, died 
1858, buried at Landisburg. 

Henry Rice — Marg.\ret Thomas. 
Benjamin, born Oct. 15, 1805, married Susan Sny- 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion 123 

der, lived at Green Park, died May 13, 1878, aged ^2 
years, 6 months and 19 days, buried at Landisburg. 

Polly, married John Cosier, lived at Mansville. 

Henry, born April i, 1S12, married Fannie Weary 
and Mary Sweger, lived in New Bloomfield, died July 
21, 1883, buried at Bloomfleld. 

Zachariah, married Nancy Landis, Clark 

and Sully, lived at Landisburg, died Jan. 5, 

1880, buried at Landisburg. 

Nancy, married Abraham March, lived at Newr 
Bloomfield and Landisburg, died April 2, 1854, buried 
at Landisburg. 

Catharine, married John Swartz, lived at Juniata 
P. O. 

William, married Betsy Loy, lived at Green Park, 
buried at Landisburg. A noted whip cracker. 

Margaret (Pegg>-), married Frederick Flemming 
lived at New Bloomfield. 

Samuel, born May 24, 1817, single, lived at New 

Hannah, married Jacob Grove, lived at Chicago, 111., 
and buried there. 

Susan, married Hinkle, lived at Steubenville, 


Jesse, born February, 1827, married Mary Cochrane, 
lived at Newton Hamilton. Lost at night on the 

Br.\nch — Strock. 

John Henry Strock, bom Oct. 14, 1781, married 
Catharine Rice, teacher and woodman, lived in Austin- 

124 Records of the Annual 

town, Ohio, died Dec. ii, 1830, buried Canfield, Ma- 
honing County, Ohio. 

Catharine Rice, born Oct. 25, 1780, married John 
Henry Strock, Hved at Austintown, and died Sept. 25, 
1854, buried at Canfield. 

I. Benjamin Strock, born Aug. 26, 1804, married 
(ist) Mattie Miller, (2d) Margaret Walleck, occupa- 
tion carpenter, lived in Roanoke, Ind., died July 21, 
1882, buried at Roanoke. 

1. Elizabeth Strock, born Aug. 9, 1806, married 
1822, George Peterman, who was a laborer, lived and 
buried at Newton Falls, Ohio. 

2. Mary Strock, born Nov. 12, 1808, unmarried, 
lived in Austintown, died June 14, 1829, buried at Can- 

2. Isaac Strock, born Nov. 22, 1810, married Re- 
becca Harding, carpenter, lived at Newton Falls, died 
Aug. 16, 1876, buried at Bairdstown, Wood County, 

3. Abraham Strock, born April 7, 1813, married 
Sept. 7, 1834, Sophia Wetzel, carpenter, lived at Aus- 

4. Zachariah Rice Strock, born April 7, 18 13, mar- 
ried Oct. II, 1853, Sarah Simon, farmer and carpenter, 
lived at Austintown. 

3. Catharine Strock, born Sept. 25, 1815, died Sept. 
3, 1816, buried at Sugar Creek, T. P., Tuscarawas 
County, Ohio. 

4. Anna Strock, born April 30, 1817, married David 
Shafer, farmer, lived and buried at Warren, Ohio. 

5. Susan Strock, born June 25, 1820, married (ist) 

Hench and Dkumgold Reumox 125 

1842, Eli Fitch, (2d) Daniel Eckenroad, lived and was 
buried at Newton Falls. 

5. Joseph Strock, born June 12, 1823, married (ist) 

Susan Eckenroad, (2d) , carpenter, lived in 

Jerry City, Ohio. 

6. Julia Strock, born April 4, 1828, married April 7, 
1846, Robert Hill, blacksmith, lived in Austintown, 
died Nov. 14, 1864, buried at Austintown, Four Mile 
Run, Ohio. 

Note. — Rebecca Harding, born Aug. 16, 1813. 

Note. — Sallie Hench, of this county, married Jacob 
Strock, a brother of John Henry Strock — Sallie's 
father — John — Mother — Margaret. 

Note. — Margaret Wallack, daughter of Michael 
Wallack, a brother of Benjamin Wallack. 

Is.\.\c Strock — Rebeccw Harding. 

Jacob, born July 14, 1832. 
Alfred, born Feb. 17, 1835. 
Louisa, born Oct. 30, 1837. 
Abraham, born Feb. 7, 184 1. 
Franklin, born June 6, 1843. 
Mary Ann, born Sept. 24, 1845. 
Isaac, born Jan. 11, 1847. 
Rebecca, born May 8, 1850. 
Catharine, born Oct. 30, 1851. 
Lydia, born Nov. 22, 1854. 
Julia, born Dec. 12, 1859. 
Fifteen children in all; records lost of them. 
Note. — Abram and Isaac in the Great Rebellion as 

126 Records of the Annual 

Margaret Rice — John Hench. 

Samuel, born 1788, married Elizabeth Yohn, lived 
in this county, died Feb. 18, 1861, aged 73 years, 
buried at Buffalo. Emmanuel church. 

Judith, born Jan. 19, 1789, married Jacob Evinger, 
lived in Landisburg. died Oct. 10, 1810, aged 21 years, 
9 months and 21 days, buried at Loysville. 

Peter, married Catharine , died Dec. 15, 1857, 

aged 70 years, buried at Center church. 

Jacob, born Sept. 25, 1791, married Elizabeth Bry- 
ner, died Nov. 25, 1864, aged Ji years and 2 months, 
buried at Loysville. 

John, married Mary Yohn, lived in Saville, buried 
at Emmanuel church. 

Susan, married Daniel Motzer, lived in Madison 
Township, Perry County, buried at Loysville. 

Sallie, born April 9, 1780, married 1810, Jacob 
Strouch, farmer, lived in Canfield Township, Mahon- 
ing County, Ohio, died June 9, 1858, aged 78 years, 
I month and 29 days, buried at Canfield. 

Rebecca, born Alarch 10, 1797, married April 4,1816, 
John Ritter, died Nov. 19, 1874, buried at Loysville. 

Polly, single, lived at Carlisle. 

Elizabeth, married John Bryner, lived in Juniata 

Christenah, born , married Joseph Bryner, 

lived in Madison Township. 

Catharine, married George Rausch, died Aug. 20, 
1855, 56 years, buried at Loysville. 

Elizabeth Yohn, born Sept. 5, 1791, died Sept. 8, 
1884, buried at Buffalo Emmanuel church. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion" 127 

Jacob Evinger, buried at Loysville. 

Elizabeth Bryner, died Aug. 27, 1853, buried at 

Mary Yohn, buried at Buffalo Emmanuel church. 

Daniel Motzer, buried at Loysville. 

John Ritter, born Aug. 31, 1794, died Jan. 20, 1S70, 
aged 75 years, 4 months and 20 days, buried at Loys- 

John Bryner. 

Joseph Bryner (brother and sister), born Feb. 2, 
1796, died Feb. 25, 1879, aged 83 years and 12 days, 
buried at Loysville. 

George Rausch. 

Jacob Strauch. 

Catharine, died Feb. 4, 1859, 84 years, buried at 
Center church. 

Peter Hench — Cath.\rine. 

Parkison, married Susan McMillan, died May 7, 
1877, aged 69 years, 5 months and 2^ days, buried at 
Center church. 

Samuel, married Foster (widow), lived ? 


Margaret, married George Turbot, died March 14, 
1883, aged 6;^ years, 4 months and 4 days, buried at 
Center church. 

Jane, married Robert Lukens, lived in the 


Susan McMillan, born Sept. 16, 1816, died Oct. 28, 
1886, aged 70 years, i month and 12 days, buried at 
Center church. 

128 Records of the Annual 

John Ritter — Rebecca Hench. 

Julia Ann, or Judith, born Jan. lo, 1820, married 
April 9. 1840, Andrew Miller,, lived in Ickesburg, died 
Feb. 20, 1885, buried at Buffalo Mills, this county, 
aged 65 years, i month and 10 days. 

Elizabeth, born Feb. 4, 1882. married April 22, 1841, 
David Kochenderfer, lived in Loysville, died Dec. 29, 
1843, buried at Loysville, aged 21 years, 10 months 
and 25 days. 

Benjamin, born June 24, 1S24, married June, 1845, 
Dinah Moul, hotel keeper, lived in Loysville, died Nov. 
23. 1885, buried at Loysville, aged 61 years, 4 months 
and 29 days. 

George, born March 5, 1826, married Dec. 27, 1849, 
Margaret Rinesmith, lived in Loysville. 

Susanna, born Feb. 17, 1828, married Feb. 5, 1846, 
Michael Ickes, lived at Sandy Hill, died Sept. 26, 1861, 
buried at Loysville, aged 33 years, 7 months and 9 

John H., born Oct. 3, 1829, married Nov. 27, 1866, 
Sarah Ann Baker, lived in Loysville. 

Margaretta Christiana, or Margaret Jane, born Dec. 
12, 1835. married Nov. 7, 1855, William Reiber, died 
Nov. 23, 1885, buried at Loysville, aged 61 years. 4 
months and 25 days. 

John Kochenderfer, husband of !^Iary Ritter, and 
son of Peter Kochenderfer, died at Ickesburg, Jan. 21, 
1877. aged 60 years, 8 months and 26 days, buried in 
Buffalo Graveyard. 

John and Christiana Miller, both born in Berks 
County, of German descent, parents of eighteen chil- 

Hen'ch and Dromgold Reunion' 129 

dren, of whom Andrew Miller (husband of Judith 
Ann Ritter) is the youngest, and now aged 73 years 
(is yet hale and hearty). Judith, wife of Andrew Mil- 
ler, died Feb. 20, 1885, and is buried in Buffalo grave- 

Andrew and Judith, parents and two sons and three 
daughters, all of whom are living. 

Andrew Miller was born in Spring Township, this 
county, Dec. 14, 1S16. 

Judith Ann, wife of Andrew Miller, was born in 
Tyrone Township, this county, Jan. 10, 1820. 

Per J. C. Miller. 

Jacob Strock — Sallie Hench. 

Sallie Hench, born in Chester County, April 9, 1780, 
married 1810, Jacob Strock, farmer, lived in Canfi^ld 
up to the 9th of June, 1858, buried at Canfield, Ma- 
honing County, Ohio. 

Children : 

Margaret Strock, born July 14, 1812, married 1834, 
Henry Bowers, blacksmith, lived in Blanchard, Ohio, 
died 1884, buried in Hancock County, Ohio, aged 72 

Jonathan Strock, born July 17, 1814, married July, 
1840, Susan Miller, farmer, lived in Canfield, Ma- 
honing County, died September. 1870, aged 56 years, 
buried at Canfield. 

Alexander Strock, born Oct. 7, 1816, married June 
4, 1840, Lydia Dustman, carpenter, lived in Canfield, 

130 Records of the Annual 

Elias Strock, born Feb. 12, 1817, married 1842, 
Polly Baley, farmer, lived in Johnstown, Hardin 
County, Ohio, living. 

Elizabeth Strock, born Sept. 17, 1819, married 1845, 
Benjamin Beery, farmer, lived in Ravenna, Portage 
County, Ohio, living. 

Lucinda Strock, born Dec. 26, 182 1, married 1845, 
Alartin Strock, blacksmith, lived at Canfield, died 1884, 
buried at Warren, Trumbull County. Ohio. 

Harieta Strock, born Sept. 14, 1823, married Dec. 
25, 1846, Abraham J. Osborn, carpenter, lived in Can- 
field, died March 24, 1885, aged 61 years, buried at 
Carnersburg, ^lahoning County, Ohio. 

Mary Ann Strock, born Nov. 5, 1825, married 1861, 
William Kaull, farmer, Tififen, Seneca County, Ohio, 

Note. — Strock and Strouck are the same. 

John Ritter— Rebecca Hench. 

Mary Ann, born Dec. 30, 1817, married March 7, 
1839, John Kochenderfer, lived in Ickesburg. 

Julia Ann, or Judith, born Jan. 10, 1820, married 
April 9, 1840, Andrew Miller, lived in Ickesburg, died 
Feb. 20, 1885, buried at Buffalo Mills, this county, 
aged 65 years, i month and 10 days. 

Elizabeth, born Feb. 4, 1882, married April 22, 1841, 
David Kochenderfer, lived in Loysville, died Dec. 29, 
1843, buried at Loysville, aged 21 years, 10 months 
and 25 days. 

Benjamin, born June 24, 1824, married June, 1843, 
Dinah Moul, hotel keeper, lived in Loysville, died Nov. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion* 131 

23, 1885, buried at Loysville, aged 61 years, 4 months 
and 25 days. 

George, born March 5, 1826, married Dec. 27, 1849, 
Margaret Rinesmith, farmer and stock dealer, Hved in 

Susanna, born Feb. 17, 1828, married Feb. 5, 1846, 
Michael Ickes, lived at Sanday Hill, this county, died 
Sept. 26, 1861, buried at Loysville, aged 33 years, 7 
months and 9 days. 

John H., born Oct. 3, 1829, married Nov. 27, 1866, 
Sarah Ann Baker, farmer, lived in Loysville. 

Margaretta, or Margaret Jane, born Dec. 12, 1839, 
married Nov. 7, i860, William Reiber, liv^d in Em- 
poria, Kans., died Sept. 28, 1862, buried at Loysville, 
aged 26 years, 9 months and 16 days. 

John Kochenderfer, farmer. 

Andrew Miller, carpenter. 

David Kochenderfer, merchant. 

Dinah Moul, daughter of Jacob. 

Margaret Rinesmith, daughter of Jonathan. 

Michael Ickes, son of Samuel and Kate, farmer. 

Sarah Ann Baker, daughter of Frederick. 

William Reiber, son of George, tailor and merchant. 

John Ritter, Sr., of Brunswick Township, Berks 
County, Pa., born Aug. 31, 1794, was son of Valentine 
Ritter, a German emigrant, who landed in 17S9. John, 
Sr., married Rebecca Hench, a daughter of John 
Hench and Margaret Rice, April 4, 1816, died Jan. 20, 
1870, aged 75 years, 4 months and 20 days. Rebecca, 
born March 10, 1797, died Nov. 19, 1874, aged -]■] 
years, 8 months and 9 days. Both buried at Loysville. 

132 Records of the Annual 

Benjamin Rice— Nancy Diller. 

Peter, born Oct. 6, 1808, lived in Cumberland 
County, died Oct. 20. 1824, buried at IMennonite Brick 
church, Cumberland County. 

Jacob, born Oct. 8, 1810, lived in Cumberland 
County, died Sept. 20, 1824, buried at Mennonite Brick 
church, Cumberland County. 

Mary, born March 21, 1813, lived in Cumberland 
County, died Sept. 25. 1824, buried at Mennonite Brick 
church, Cumberland County. 

Benjamin, born April 24, 181 5, married Nov. 14, 
1839, Margaret Diehl, farmer, lived in Cumberland 
County, died May 29, 1885, buried at Mennonite Brick 
church, Cumberland County. 

Frances Maria, born Aug. 6, 181 7, married Nov. 22, 
1838, Rev. Daniel Sell, minister, lived in Cumberland 

Catharine Jane, born June 17, 1820, married Novem- 
ber, 1840, (ist) William Fahler, (2d) George Hoover, 
lived in Cumberland County, died Dec. 19, 1876, aged 
51 years, 11 months and 2 days, buried at Mennonite 
Brick church, Cumberland County. 

Margaret Diehl, born Oct. 5, 182 1, died May 19, 
1886, aged 64 years, 7 months and 4 days, buried at 
Mennonite Brick church, Cumberland County. 

Daniel Sell. 

William Fahler. 

G.eorge Hoover. * 

Benjamin Rice — Nancy Diller. 
Benjamin Rice — Margaret Diller. 

Hench and DRO>rGOLD Reunion 133 

Daniel Sell — Frances Maria Rice. 
Catharine Jane — William Fahler. 
Catharine Jane — George Hoover. 

Issue oi- Benj.\n[in Rice. 

Lizzie, born May 3, 1841, married Joseph Draw- 
baugh, farmer, lived in Cumberland County. 

Issue of Frances Maria Sell. 
Martha Jane, born Dec. 7. 1839. 
John A., born Feb. 4, 1841, died June 4, 1841. 
Edward Henry, born Nov. 10, 1845. 
Anna Maria. 

Issue of Catharine Jane Fahler. 

Anna Mary, born May 27, 1841 (dead). 
James W. A., born Oct. 10, 1844. 

Issue of Catharind Jane Hoover. 
George, born Feb. 10, 1859. 

Jacob Hench — Susan Rice. 

Stoffel and Susan Hench — no issue. 
Polly, married Peter Brackbill, lived in Juniata 
County, died Nov. 20, 1869, buried at Church Hill. 

Issue of Peter Hsi^^iA>yDM'oLLv Hench Bsask- 


Susanna, born Aug. 2, 1813, lived in Juniata County, 
died September, 1848, buried at Church Hill. 

134 Records of the Annual 

Nancy, born Nov. 7, 1815, lived in Juniata County, 
died Dec. 23, 1880, buried at Church Hill. 

Jacob, born May 2, 1817, died 1829, buried at Church 

Mary A., born October, 1S19, married William Mit- 
chell, lived in Juniata County, buried at Church Hill. 

Priscilla, born April 5. 1820, married William Rice, 
lived in Juniata County, buried at Church Hill. 

Abigail, born Aug. 29, 182 1, married David Kepner, 
lived in Juniata County. 

Elizabeth, born June 2, 1823, lived in Juniata 
County, died Jan. 22, 1835, buried at Church Hill. 

Matilda, born July i, 1825, lived in Juniata County, 
died March 6, 1845, buried at Church Hill. 

Allen, born Jan. 19, 1827, lived in Juniata County, 
died March 9, 1854, buried at Church Hill. 

Jane, born Aug. 14, 1828, married May 4, 1849, 
James Hershey, lived in Juniata County. 

Margareta, born April 2-j, 1830, married Nov. i, 
1866, John Rigby, lived in Juniata County. 

Catharine, born Nov. 10, 1832, married Jacob Su- 
louff, lived in Juniata County. 

Issue oe John Hench — Margaret Groninger. 

Ann (5) Eliza, single, lived in Turbett Township. 

Mary (5) Jane, married H. L. McMeen, carpenter, 
lived in Turbett Township, buried at Church Hill. 

Ellen (5), married Samuel Jacobs, laborer, lived at 
Hertzler's Store, buried at Church Hill. 

Cyrus (5), married Mary Guss, R. R., Patterson. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reuniox 135 

John (5), married Groninger, teacher, lived 

in Indiana. 

Stewart (5), married Barnard, carpenter, 

lived in Turbett Township. 

Caroline (5), married O. L. Hench, carpenter, lived 
in Turbett Township, both dead, buried at Church Hill. 

Margaretta (5), married Aurelius Zimmerman, 
teacher, lived in Turbott Township, Zimmerman dead, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Sarah (5), married John Weimer, carpenter, lived 
in Port Royal. 

Issue of Jacob H&?Tefr^NAXCY Hench CnoMNopit? 

Alary (5) Ann, born Dec. 18, 1819, married Feb. 
19, 1850, Abraham Garbaugh, farmer, lived in Shenan- 
doah, Virginia. 

Elizabeth, born Dec. 9, 1820, married Jesse Rey- 
nolds, farmer, Feb. 18, 1847, lived in Patterson. 

Barbara, born Feb. 19, 1821, married Stewart Tur- 
bett, mason, lived in Port Royal, died at Church Hill, 
on Feb. 20, 1886. 

John, born May 17, 1823, married Huntz- 

inger Kuntzman, blacknmith, lived in Camden, 

Carroll County, Ind. 

Leonard S., born Oct. 9, 1825, married Margaret 
Reynolds, farmer, lived in Port Royal. 

Jacob, born June 11, 1827, married Margaret Jacobs, 
farmer, Nov. i, 1853. lived in Port Royal. 

Orin L., born May 29. 1828, married Feb. 20, 1851, 
Malinda Jacobs, carpenter, lived in Patterson. 


Records of the Annual 



Henry, born Nov. 23, 1829, married May 8, 1856, 
Mary Jacobs, farmer, lived in Patterson. 
/^Martha Ellen, born July 14. 1831, married Samuel 
Jacobs, lived in Juniata County. 

Cyrus Mc, born Jan. 17, 1839, married Mollie Guss, 
lived in Patterson. 

John H., born , married Mary A. Groninger, 

lived in Logansport, Indiana. 

Stewart T., married July 27, 1865, Ann Eliza Bar- 
nard, lived in Juniata County. 

Caroline E.. married O. L. Hench, lived in Juniata 
County, died April 20, 1868, buried at Church Hill. 

Margaretta, married Aurelius Zimmerman, lived in 
Juniata County. 

Sarah M., married John I. Weimer, lived in Juniata 


Issue of Z.\chariah Hench — Eleanor Stevens. 

William (5), born Jan. 4, 1821, married to J. L. 
McLaughlin, lived in Juniata County. 

John, born Jan. 7, 1823, single, lived in Juniata 

Samuel E., born Oct. 16, 1824, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died March 17, 1857, buried at Church 

Stewart T., born Sept. 26, 1827, single, lived in Juni- 
ata County, died June 5, 1857, buried at Church Hill. 

Zachariah, born June i, 1830, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died April 30, 1831, buried at Church Hill. 

James, born March 28, 1832, single, lived in Juniata 
County, died Oct. 2, 1853, buried at Church Hill. 

Hench and Dro.mgold Rel.nion 137 

George E., born Oct. i, 1S34, married Jan. 10, 1862, 
Mary A. Ewing, lived in Juniata County, died March 
15, 1872, buried at Church Hill. 

Anna J., born March 22, 1837, lived in Juniata 
County, died Dec. 13. 1837, buried at Church Hill. 

Thomas J., born July 12, 1839, married Sept. 18, 
1863, married to Ann Turbett, lived in Juniata County, 
died Dec. 18, 1865, buried at Church Hill. 

O. L. (Hench), born April 12, 1845. married July 
25, 1871, Carrie E. Turbett, lived in Juniata County, 
died Sept. 10, 1S81, buried at Church Hill. 

Issue of Peter Hexch and Mary Stewart and 
Sydney Strouse. 

First wife, \\'ellington, (5), born Sept. 17. 1825, sin- 
gle, lived in Juniata County, died Nov. 19. 1855. buried 
at Church Hill. 

Second wife, Priscilla (5), born April 27, 1830, mar- 
ried March iS, 1856, Clement Smith, lived in Whiting, 
Jackson County, Kansas. 

Nancy J., born Jan. 10. 1832, married Dec. 16. 1852, 
George Koontz, lived in Port Royal. 

Jerome J., born Jan. 19. 1S34. single, li\ed in Juni- 
ata County, died Aug. 7, 1859. buried at Church Hill. 

Sarah Emma, born June 9, 1836. married Calvin 
Kepner, lived in Juniata County, died April 22, 1857, 
buried at Church Hill. 

Issue of John Hench and Margaret Groninger. 

Eliza, born Nov. 24. 1825. single, lived in Juniata 

138 Records of the Annual 

Mary Jane, married H. L. McAIeen, lived in Juniata 
County, died Oct. 20, 1867, buried at Church Hill. 

Zachariah and Abigail were settled on a farm of 
about 200 acres in Pikeland by Johannes Hartman, 
where they built a house with their name and date 
1767, built in the gable end. The letters and figures 
were cut out of felt hats and imbedded in the soft mor- 
tar of the date stone. This was a solid substantial 
house with extra heavy wooden joist planed and not 
painted but no ceiling. It was partly torn down in 
1885 and rebuilt in another form. It is pleasantly lo- 
cated on a knoll about twenty-five feet high, at the 
base of which is a never failing spring of water, still 
flowing its blessing to the fifth generation. The farm 
was sold by the foreclosure of an old English mort- 
gage of Samuel Hoare, and bought in by John March. 
It is now (1888) owned by Daniel Lacey, by whose 
wife Christian March is granddaughter of John March. 

Daniel Kable — ]Marv Rice. 

Jacob, born Aug. 11, 1785, lived in Wheeling, died 
April, 1859, buried at New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Daniel, born Feb. 3, 1792, single, died June 4, 1840, 
buried at Kabletown, Va. 

Elizabeth, born December, 1793, married William 
Berry, lived in Illinois, buried in Illinois. 

John, bom March 2^, 1795, married Elizabeth H. 
Johnston, lived in Kabletown, Va., died February, 
1857, buried at Charlestown, Va. 

Margaret, born Oct. 15, 1796, married Samuel 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 139 

Kneedwell, died Jan. 23, 1825, buried at Charlestown, 

Mary, born Aug. 11, 1798, married John A. John- 
ston, buried at New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Samuel, born Nov. 11, 1801, married Kitty Garver, 
lived in Dayton, Ohio, died November, 1864, buried at 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Sarah, born Aug. 4, 1803, married Benjamin Ed- 
wards, lived in Ohio, died January, 1836, buried at 
Cumberland, Md. 

James, born Jan. 3, 1S05, married May 14, 1837, 
Susan Garver, lived in Verdin, 111. 

William, born Sept. 30, 1809, single, lived in New 
Carlisle, Ohio, died Nov. 15, 1859. 

Benjamin, born Feb. 17, 1812, married Eliza Pipe, 
lived in Indiana. 

140 Records of the x\nnual 

Thomas Dromgold 

Tlie Dromgold family, by W. A. Dromgold. Aug. 
15, 1901. 

* * * Up to the present time I am unable to give 
the names of the ancestors more than back to Thomas 
Dromgold, my grandfather, who 15 of Scotch-Irish de- 
scent, and from what information I could gather is 
from Scotch-Irish ancestry. 

Thomas Dromgold was born in the county of Louth, 
near Dublin, in the Kingdom of Ireland, subject to the 
king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- 
land, where his father was a mill owner, merchant, and 
farmer. He came to the United States when a young 
man; he emigrated from Warren Point, in the north 
of Ireland, on or about the nth day of May, 1801, and 
arrived at New Castle, Delaware, in the United States, 
on the 22d day of July, in the same year. 

From there he traveled, largely on foot, to the 
Chesapeake Bay, and from the mouth of the Susque- 
hanna River he continued his journey until he reached 
Millerstown, Perry County, Pa. Shortly after his ar- 
rival he settled near Millerstown, and subsequently re- 
moved to Donnally's Mills. Soon after he purchased 
a farm near Ickesburg, Perry County. 

He married Elizabeth Donally. * * * The first 
five years after their marriage they resided on a farm 
near Dover's Run, subsequently removed to Juniata 
County, Port Royal, in Turbett Township : a few years 
later removed to Spruce Hill Township, and finally re- 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 141 

turned to their native county, where they lived the 
remainder of their lives. 

John Dromgold became owner of his father's farm, 
containing about 600 acres, 300 of which he improved. 
In addition to this he erected a number of tenement 
houses, was a large employer of labor, and above all, 
a man of prominence in that section of the county. 
He was elected at various times to public offices in the 
township, and was active in political and business af- 
fairs generally. Politically, he was a supporter of the 
Democratic party. 

During my trip last summer to Ireland, to learn if 
there could be any of my ancestors found in Ireland, 
I found in the county of Louth, near Dunleer and 
Drogheda, where I met James Dromgoole, the present 
clerk of the court, also assistant civil engineer ; there- 
after called upon the clergyman at the Parochial 
House, and had searched the old parish registry. 

The Castle Bellingham registry dates back only to 
1804. The Dunleer registry begins in the year 1798, 
and, of course, contains no record of my grandfather, 
Thomas Dromgold. However, on the first page of the 
registry it is found that Thomas Dromgold became the 
godfather of Margaret Dogett, on March 24, 1799, and 
on Nov. 27, 1799, the same Thomas Dromgold became 
the godfather of ^lary Boylan, and on the 30th of No- 
vember, 1800, became the godfather of Thomas King. 
In the same registry it is found that Peter Dromgold 
became the godfather for Annie Rogers, on April 11, 

From the information given by my grandfather to 
my father, and from him to me, and from information 

142 Records of the Annual 

given by several persons well advanced in years in 
Dunleer and Drogheda, that at the time my grand- 
father, Thomas Dromgold, left Ireland, that he must 
be a brother of Peter Dromgold, and grandfather of 
James Dromgoole, who together with his five brothers, 
are living on and owning the old Dromgoole homestead, 
where the old stone house and mill stands, and where 
I found the scales with the initials, "T. D." That is 
do doubt the house where my grandfather was born. 

"At the Court of Common Pleas, in and for the 
county of Perry, in the Commonwealth of Pennsyl- 
vania, in the United States of America, on the fifth 
day of January, 1830, came into open court Thomas 
Dromgold, a native of Ireland, and exhibited his peti- 
tion and affidavit stating that he is a free man, and an 
alien ; that he is about 55 years of age, as did appear 
by the Certificate of Registry, therewith presented 
under the seal of the District Court of the United 
States, and for the District of Delaware ; that he has 
continued to reside since the day of his arrival, in and 
under the jurisdiction of the United States; that he 
is desirous and willing to become a citizen of the 
United States, and to any foreign Prince, Potentate, 
State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to 
George the Fourth, king of the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

"Whereupon the court admitted the said Thomas 
Dromgold to become a citizen of the United States of 
America, agreeable to the acts of congress in such case 
made and provided, and upon the testimony of Jacob 
Fritz and George Monroe, Esqs., citizens of the United 
States, and duly sworn for the petitioners, George 

Hen'ch axd Dromgold Reunion 143 

Stroop, prothonotan,-, having thereunto set his hand 
and affixed the seal of the said court at Bloomfield, the 
nth day of June, Anno Domini, 1830." 

The Dromgold genealog>- presented by Mrs. Lelia 
Dromgold Emig, Aug. 10, 191 1. 

Thomas Dromgold. 

Thomas Dromgold, the ancestor, whom we honor 
to-day. was born in 1780, in the country of Louth, 
near Dublin, in the kingdom of Ireland, where his 
father was a mill owner, merchant, and farmer. The 
old stone house and mill remain standing to-day, 
owned and occupied by succeeding generations of 
Dromgolds. Thomas, when a young man of 22, had 
visions of untold wealth and civic liberty in the new 
world, and on or about the nth of May, 1801, he bade 
farewell to home and friends and embarking from 
Warren Point, in northern Ireland ; he sailed west- 
ward until daybreak of July 22d, when he landed at 
New Castle, Del., and became a loyal American sub- 
ject. From New Castle, he traveled by foot to the 
Chesapeake Bay, and from the mouth of the Susque- 
hanna River, he continued his journeying along the 
tow path until he neared Millerstown, Perry County, 
where he was enchanted by the scenes of the blue Juni- 
ata, as it mirrors the foot hills of the Tuscarora Moun- 
tains. Amid such surroundings, he determined to stay 
and soon thereafter located at Donnally's Mills, where 
he wooed and won the fair Elizabeth Donnally, whose 
parents were pioneers in that section and likely incor- 
porated the quaint village, which bears their name, and 
where their descendants of the fifth generation uphold 

144 Records of the Annual 

the character of a good man and his faithful wife. 
Elizabeth Donnally had two brothers and two sisters, 
namely, ^lichael, Claude, Abby, and Nancy. 

Thomas Dromgold and Elizabeth Donnally were 
were married about 1807, and soon thereafter moved 
to a farm of 600 acres, which he had purchased above 
Saville, Pa. They were blessed with four sons and 
two daughters. Agnes died very young, and Thomas 
died at the age of 17. 

I. Edward, the eldest, was born about 1809. He 
married Rebecca Sheibley, and both are buried at Esh- 
col. They had three children. A son ; Mary Eleanor, 
who married Jacob Dum ; and Rebecca Elizabeth, who 
married (ist) Robert N. Willis, and (2d) William 
Harrison Foose ; they left five children and five grand- 
children, a total of thirteen descendants. 

n. John Dromgold married Bandinah Hench, a 
daughter of Samuel Hench, and Elizabeth Yohn. They 
had the following children : 

Eliza Jane, who married Solomon Bower, both de- 

Jemima Ellen, the wife of Nicholas Ickes, of Pleas- 
ant Dale, Nebraska. 

Jklargaret Anne, deceased, the wife of G. William 

Clarinda and Deliah, who died young. 

Samuel ^Mitchell, of Blain. 

William Scott, of Saville. 

Doctor Thomas M., of Ottawa, llinois. 

Walker A. ,of York, Pa. 
Dr. Stuart T., of Elmore, Ohio. 

A total of eleven children, forty-four grandchildren. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 145 

sixty-eight great-grandchildren, and three great-great- 

III. Manassah Dromgold was born about 1813, and 
married Sarah Loy, both now deceased. Of their chil- 

Mary Jane, married Lewis W. Powelle, of Mt. 
Union, Pa. 

Jemima Catherine, married Michael Aker, both de- 

Michael Thomas, of Shermansdale, Pa. 

John William, of Visalia, Cal. 

David Bowers, of Landisburg, Pa. 

George Calvin, deceased. 

Reuben Wisor, of Los Angeles, Cal. 

A total of seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and 
twenty-eight great-grandchildren. 

IV. Susan Dromgold married Jacob ]Miller. Both 
are buried at Eshcol. Of the family : 

Thomas Dromgold, who lived and died in Duncan- 
non. Pa. 

Wesley, deceased, buried at Eshcol. 

Mary Ellen, deceased, the wife of Joseph Bealor, of 

Dr. George A., of Jacksonville, Missouri. 

Eliza, deceased, wife of Thomas Harper, of New- 

Harriet Emeline, widow of Samuel Wentz, residing 
at St. Louis, AIo. 

Michael Amos, of New Sharon, Iowa. 

Agnes Jemima, wife of Harrv' E. Weems, of Phila- 
delphia, both deceased. 

Jacob Willis, of Evans, Iowa. 

146 Records of the Annual 

A total of nine children, twenty-two grandchildren, 
and seven great-grandchildren. 

A grand total of the family of Thomas Dromgold 
and Elizabeth Donnally is 6 children, 32 grandchildren, 
85 great-grandchildren, 103 great-great-grandchildren, 
and 3 great-great-great-grandchildren, to whom they 
have bequeathed the remembrance of their faith in God 
and usefulness as a heritage to future generations. 

Thus we observe that the ancestor, Thomas Drom- 
gold, was among the pioneer settlers of Perry County, 
and his descendants are related to its oldest and most 
worthy citizens, who are here to-day to celebrate the 
lioth anniversary of his arrival in America. 

He died on the 8th day of March, 1841. Eliza- 
beth, his wife, resided at the old homestead until Sept. 
28, i860, when in the 74th year of her, age, she was 
laid to rest beside her husband and two children, who 
had preceded her. 

The Hartmans, Rices, Henches, and Ickeses were 
among the early emigrants to Chester County, Pa., 
who served with distinction during the Revolutionary 
War, and it is with great pleasure that I state that I 
have- established the records of these ancestors and 
that their descendants are entitled to membership in 
the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. 

After the war of 1776, as many of you know, these 
pioneers, who had toiled so faithfully to establish their 
homesteads in Chester County, Pa., were unfortunate 
to lose all their properties through foreclosure pro- 
ceedings of English mortgages. Heavy of heart, but 
not discouraged, they migrated in large wagons to 
Perry County, where they established new homes and 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 147 

made the foundations for those who have gone out 
from among us to fill positions of great usefulness. 

Honor is due my father, Walker A. Dromgold, for 
the keen foresight, which has made the fifteenth re- 
union of to-day a realization. 

Have you ever thought of the awakened influences 
of these reunions? How many acquaintances have 
been established and family ties renewed ; how they 
have inspired affection for our kinsmen, and patriot- 
ism for our native land ! 

But what of the future? John Hartman, the noted 
genealogist, and Rev. Vernon Rice, who prepared the 
ancestral lines for publication, are among the list of 
departed comrades of the past year. 

We are profoundly indebted to the Advocate and 
Press for the space they have given the genealogies 
during these years. 

Having completed the last of these family records, 
it is our opportunity, if not our duty, to compile the 
same in neat book form, so that a copy of the same 
may be treasured in your homes for the coming gen- 
erations, and placed in the archives of our state and 
national libraries. 

May I close with the words of the immortal poet : 

"Lives of great men all remind us, 
We may make our lives sublime, 
And departing, leave behind us 
Footsteps on the sands of time. 

"Footsteps, that perhaps another 
Sailing o'er life's solemn main, 
A forlorn and ship-wrecked brother, 
Seeing, shall take heart again. 

148 Records of the Annual 

"Let us, then, be up and doing, 

With a heart for any fate, 
Still achieving, still pursuing, 
Learn to labor and to wait." 

Thomas Dromgold, the ancestor, was born about 
1780. His tombstone says he died March 8, 1841, aged 
about 62 years. He is buried at Eshcol, Pa. 

Elizabeth Donnally, his wife, was born about 
1786, and died Sept. 28, i860, in the 74th year of her 
age. Buried at Eshcol, Pa. 

Their Children Were : 

1. Edward, who was born about 1809, died July 3, 
1 84 1, aged 31 years, 4 months and 10 days, and was 
buried at Eshcol, Pa. He was married April 26, 1838, 
to Rebecca Sheibley, born Feb. i, 1810, and died Jan. 
23, 1882, buried at Elliottsburg, Pa. 

2. John, born Nov. 20, 1811, died Jan. 13, 1887, 
married Aug. 18, 1834, to Bandanah Hench, born Jan. 
17, 1815, and died Dec. i, 1876. Both are buried at 
Saville, Pa. 

3. Manassah, born in 1813, and died Feb. 16, 1857, 
married June 18, 1840, to Sarah Loy, born 1823, and 
died in 1893. 

4. Susan, or Susanna, died March 21, 1864, aged 48 
years, 6 months and 13 days, married Jacob Miller, 
who died Oct. 23, 1859, aged 47 years, 7 months and 
27 days. Both are buried at Eshcol, Pa. 

5. Agnes, was born 1817, died young. 

6. Thomas, born 1827, died Dec. 7, 1844, aged 17 
years and 4 months, buried at Eshcol, Pa. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion- 149 

Thomas Dromgold and Elizabeth Donnally. 

Branch of Edward Dromgold and Rebecca Sheibley : 

(a) A son born and died May 7, 1839. 

(b) Mary Eleanor, born April 26, 1840, married 
April 26, 1886, married April 6, 1886, to Jacob Dum, 
born Dec. 20, 1819, died Nov. 17, 1893, buried at EI- 
liottsburg. Pa. 

(c) Rebecca Elizabeth, born Aug. 2"/, 1841, died 
Feb. 21, 1903. buried at EUiottsburg, married (ist) 
Feb. 14, 1861, to Robert N. Willis, born 1831, died 
June 13, 1872, (2d) April 7, 1881, to William Harri- 
son Foose, born Aug. 22, 1858, residing in Madison 
Township, Perry County, Pa. 

Family of Rebecca Elizabeth Dromgold and Rob- 
ert N. WiLUS: 

(i) Samuel Edward, born Oct. 29, 1861, unmarried, 
died at Cripple Creek, Colorado, May 6, 1894. 

(2) Robert Milton, born March 21, 1868, resides 
in Denver, Col., married Sept. 5, 1895, to Catharine 
B. Maxwell, born 1879, died June, 1906. 

Grace G., born Feb. 12, 1S96. 
Fay R., born June, 1898. 
Clelle R., born 1900. 

(3) Grace Eleanora, born Sept. 8, 1870, married to 
Charles E. Bernheisel, born Dec. 18, 1864, and resides 
at Green Park, Pa. 

Forest W., born Dec. 19. 1892. 
Newton C. and William L., (twins) born Oct. 26, 

150 Records of the Annual 

(4) Mary Rebecca, born Jan. 26, 1873, died April 
30, 1876. 

Rebecca Elizabeth Dromgold and William Har- 
rison FoosE : 

(5) Herbert Roy, born Oct. 19, 1885. 

Thomas Dromgold and Elizabeth Donnally. 

Branch of John Dromgold and Bandinah Hench : 

(a) Eliza Jane was born April 11, 1836, and died 
Sept. 29, 1886; was married May 15, 1856, to Solomon 
Bower, born May 23, 1827, and died May 26, 1894. 
Both are buried at Blain, Pa. 

(b) Jemima Ellen was born June 11, 1838; was 
married in 1857, to Nicholas Ickes, who was born in 
September, 1834. They reside at Pleasant Dale, Neb. 

(c) Margaret Ann, born April 11, 1840, died Sept. 
10, 1872, married Jan. 12, 1867, to G. W. Kochender- 
fer, born Sept. 10, 1841, and lives at Ickesburg, Pa. 
Margaret Ann is buried at Saville, Pa. 

(d) Sarah Peninah, born June 13, 1842, and died 
May 6, 1897, married March, 1869, to Philip Kell, who 
was born Jan. 28, 1844, and died Jan. 21, 1906. Both 
are buried at Saville, Pa. 

(e) Clarinda Caroline, born June 21, 1844, and died 
Jan. 30, 1851. 

(f) Samuel Mitchell, born June 14, 1846, and was 
married March 13, 1873, to Alice Bower, born Feb. 10, 
1854. They live in Blain, Pa. 

(g) William Scott, born July 30, 1848, married 
March 22, 1877, ^o Wa Mary Weibley, born June, 1857. 
Resides at Saville, Pa. 

Hench and Dromgold Reuxion 151 

(h) Dr. Thomas Miller, twin brother of William 
Scott, born July 30, 1848, married Sept. 4, 1879, to 
Ella Belle Smith, born March 2, 1847, and died March 
13, 19C9. He resides at Ottawa, 111. 

(i) Walker Alfred, born March 4, 1850, married 
April 23, 1871, to Martha Ellen Shull, bom Jan. 25, 
1852, and died Nov. 24, 1881, buried at Saville, Pa. 
Walker Alfred married Feb. 19, 1891, to Ella F. Wilt, 
born Jan. 17, 1866, and resides at York, Pa. 

(j) Dr. Stuart Turbett, born March 26, 1852, mar- 
ried March 12, 1878, to Maggie Adams, died April 2^, 
1881. Dr. S. Turbett married Dec. 19, 1882, to Mary 
A. Becker, born Dec. 23, i860, and resides near El- 
more, Ohio. 

(k) Deliah Agnes, born Feb. 28, 1854, and died 
Aug. 15, 1856, buried at Saville, Pa. 

Family of Eliza Jane Dromgold and Solomon 
Bower : 

(i) W. Miles, born June 8, 1857, married Sarah 
Jane Martin, born Sept. 21, 1853, died Dec. 23, 1887. 
Edna, born and died 1874. 
Roy, born and died 1881. 

Blaine Adams, born Nov. 23, 1883, married Maud 
Rhea, born in 1882. 

Miles Ray, born Aug. 14, 1908. 
Willis ]Martin, born Sept. 21, 1910. 
Infant born and died 1887. 
W. M. Bower married Ruth E. Lupfer, born Sept. 
9, 1864, and resides at Bellwood, Pa. 

Florence Helen, born Sept. 8, 1891. 

152 Records of the Annual 

Margaret Maria, born May 11, 1897, died Sept. 

13. 1898. 
Guy Lupfer, born Jan. 5. 1901. 

(2) Clark Milton, born March 24, 1861, married 
May 19, 1885, to Annie Elizabeth Bistline, born July 
13, i860, residing at the Solomon Bower estate, near 
Blain, Pa. 

Solomon Mark, born Nov. 16, 1886. 

Jane Alice, born Jan. 8, 1888, died Jan. 27, 1888. 

Ida Margaret, born April 4, 1890. 

Luther Miles, born Sept. 11, 1892. 

Annie Helen, born Oct. 27, 1894. 

Clark Dale, born Aug. 3, 1896, died March 7, 1908. 

Infant, born and died March 10, 1898. 

Benjamin Brodbeck, born Jan. 2, 1900. 

(3) Margaret, born Oct. 2, 1866, married John Cal- 
vin Martin, born April 24. 1863, of Andersonburg, Pa. 

Edith Jane, born Dec. 13, 1884. 
Laura Ellen, born April 20, 1888. 
John Calvin, Jr., bom Oct. 28, 1897. 

Family of Jemima Ellen Dromgold and Nicholas 


(i) Millard Fillmore, born July 23, i860, married 
;March 6, 1890, to Emma J. Reeves, born Jan. 10, 1870, 
residing at Francis, Neb. 

John Ickes, born June 15, 1892. 

Nevin Darwin, born June 2-j, 1894. 

Hazel Agenia, born Nov. 27, 1895. 

Homer Allen, born March 26, 1900. 

Grace Eliza, born Oct. 20, 1901. 

Hexch and Dromcold Reunion 153 

Mary Mildred, born July 16, 1903. 

(2) Addie Virginia, born July 18, 1864, died Oct. 
8, 1903, married March 8, 18S3, to Charles E. Keller, 
born Feb. 11, 1854. who resides at Wray, Colorado. 

Avery Isaac, born Feb. 11, 1884, married Elva 
Aspey, March 2S, 1909. 

Helen Lucille. Feb. 13, 1910. 
Harrv' Leroy, bom April 7, 1885, married Teruna 

Aspey, June :2fi, 1910. 
Bessie Jemima, bom Aug. 8, 1886. 
Olive Alta, born June 17, 1888. 
Blanche Eliza, bora Dec. 29, 1894. 

(3) Ellen Conley. bom Feb. 3, 1864, died April 14, 

(4) Elizabeth Hench, born Nov. 29, 1866, married 
April 5, 1886, to Henr\- Elmore Oxley, born July 28, 
1862, and resides at Pleasant Dale, Neb. 

Harr}- Randolph, born Dec. 19, 1887. 

Grace Estella, born April 11, 1889, married May 

3, 191 1, to Thomas Bailey, born 1889. 
John Wade, bom Feb. 6, 1892. 
Everett Elmer, born Dec. 8, 1894, died July 7, 

Eileen \'irginia, born Sept. 28, 1900. 
Glenn, born Jan. 25. 1906. 

(5) Sallie Peninah, born Dec. 7, 1868, died July 3, 


(6) John Dromgold. born Nov. 29, 1871, married 
Oct. 5, 1897, to Edith Bowlin, born Jan. 10, 1879, re- 
siding at Milford, Neb. 

Ralph, born April 5, 1S99. 
Marguerite, born Oct. 16, 1900. 

154 Records of the Annual 

Laurel Ley, born Dec. 22,, 1907. 

(7) George Loy, born Oct. 29, 1872, died Feb. 7, 


(8) James Irvine, born Aug. 24, 1875, married 
Grace Rosenberger, born Feb. 23, 1891, residing at 
Pleasant Dale, Neb. 

(9) Bandina, born March 8, 1876, married March 
8, 1894, to Frederick Minchow, born Aug. 4, 1872, re- 
siding at Pleasant Dale, Neb. 

Owen, born Jan. 19, 1901. 
Ardell, born March 30, 1908. 
Gladys, born Dec. 12, 1910. 

(10) Blanche Stella, born July 23, 1881, married 
March 22, 191 1, to Joseph Dick Minchow, born Jan. 
18, 1881. 

Family oe Sarah Peninah Dromgold and 
Philip Kell: 

1. Omer A., born April 25, 1870, of York, Pa. 

2. Charles L., born April 3, 1872, married to Carrie 
Miller, born Sept. 18, 1878, residing in Chicago, 111. 

Myrtle, born Nov. 11, 1905. 

3. John D., born Oct. 8, 1874, and died Sept. 9, 1904. 

4. Effie M., born April 10, 1879, married July 31, 
1902, to Lester K. Pelton, born Dec. 7, 1881, of Har- 
risburg, Pa. 

Lester K., Jr., born Sept. 7, 1904. 
William C, born Dec. 11, 1905. 
Evelyn K., born Feb. 3, 1908. 

5. Margaret J., born Sept. 21, 1881, unmarried. 

6. William Newton, born Aug. 31, 1884, married 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 155 

Ida M. Minnick, born April 10, 1879, of Dallastown, 

Hilda Susan, born Sept. 3, 1903, died May 19, 

John H., born Sept. 28, 1905. 
7. Annie M., born Aug 31, 1884, married Dec. 15, 
1904, to Benjamin Simonton, born Feb. 26, 1882, of 
Ickesburg, Pa. 

Margaret K., born April 10, 1909. 

Family of S. M. Dromgold and Alice Bower: 

1. Raamah Shellburn, born March 31, 1874, and 
died April 12, 1875. 

2. IMaude Teressa, born Feb. 7, 1876, married Aug. 
27, 1903, to A. \V. S. Endslow, born April 29, 1874. 
They reside in Spokane, Washington. 

Alice Adaline, born April 8, 1910. 

3. David Clark, born Jan. 29, 1878, married April 
12, 1910, to Margaret Gutshall, born Feb. 6, 1886. 
They reside in Blain, Pa. 

4. William T., bom Sept. 28, 1879, married April 
21, 1908, to Lottie Dimm, born Sept. 29, 1881, residing 
in Blain, Pa. 

5. Grace Jane, born September 29, 1881, married 
Sept. 4, 1901, to Harry W. Gutshall, born April 22, 
1880, residing in Blain, Pa. 

Harry Blain, born April 23, 1904. 
Helen Dromgold, born Sept. 3, 1906. 
Ola Merle, born Dec. 9, 1908. 
Lynn ^Mitchell, born Nov. 27, 1910. 

6. Leila Alice, born July 5, 1891, residing at Blain, 

156 Records of the Annual 

Family of Willl^m Scott Dromgold and Ida Mary 
Weibley : 

1. Howard Winfield, born Nov. 12, 1877, married 
Sept. 21, 1898, to Julia Ann Hench, born Nov. 24. 1879. 
They reside near New Bloomfield, Pa. 

William Lynn, born May 19, 1899. 
LeRoy Hench, born Jan. 11, 1901. 
Clarence Walker, born April 11, 1905. 
Dorothy Adaline, born March 27, 1907. 

2. Boone Shellburn, born Nov. 18. 1879, married 
Elnora B. Hall, born July 11, 1883. and reside on the 
John Dromgold estate, near Saville, Pa. 

Ruth Selena, born Aug. 11, 1901. 
Rudy William, born April 9, 1903. 
Mary Catharine, born March 23, 1905. 
Mabel Esther, born Sept. 28, 1907. 
Janet Minnie May, born March 17, 1900. 

Family of Dr. Thomas !\Iiller Dromgold and Ella 
B. Smith : 

I. Loy Scott, born April 18, 1884, married to Eve- 
lyn Gertrude Thompson, born Jan. 9, 1883. married 
Aug. 31, 1907, reside at Chicago, 111. 

Family of Walker Alfri-:d Dromgold and Martha 
Ell'En Shull: 

I. Lelia Alice, born Jan. 21. 1872, married Jan. 17, 
1894, to Clayton Ely Emig, born Nov. 4, 1862, resid- 
ing at Washington, D. C. 

Evelyn Martha, born May 29, 1S95. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 157 

Gladys Dromgold, born Nov. 6, 1897. 
Lelia Clayton, born Feb. 28, 1900. 

2. Corinne, born Nov. 30, 1S73, and died Aug. 24, 

3. Thomas Edward, born Aug. 25. 1875, married 
April 20, 1904, to Mabel H. Hess, born Aug. 5. 1877, 
residing in York, Pa. 

4. Bradie Laurence, born Sept. 24, 1878, and died 
May 14. 18S4. 

5. William ShuU. born Nov. 2, 1881. and died Jan. 
4, 1882. 

Walker Alfred Dromgold and Ella Frances Wilt : 

6. Florence Aileen, born May 4. 1892. 

7. Davis Elkins, born July 21. 1894, and died Sept. 
I, 1894. 

8. Kathryn Isabel, born Sept. 9. 1895. 

9. Stewart Alfred, born Sept. 23, 1898. 

10. Justina Marie Davenport, born Nov. 13. 1900. 

11. Margaret Wilt, born April 8, 1904. 

12. Frances Hench, born Dec. 24. 1905. 

Family of Dr. Stuart Turdett Dromgold and 
M.\GGiE Adams: 

1. Infant, born and died April, 1881. 

Dr. S. T. Dromgold and Mary A. Becker: 

2. Dora Dougall, born Sept. 24, 1883, and married 
Dec. 21, 1902, to W. A. Dolph, born January. 1882. 
and resides at Genoa, Ohio. 

Laurie Dromgold, born Dec. 20, 1906. 
Mary Becker, born March 26, 1908. 

158 Records of the Annual 

Stuart, born April 12, 1910, and died April 26, 
3. John Howard, born Sept. 26, 1885, and married 
Sept. 25, 190S, to Florence Witte, born October, 1884, 
and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Thom.\s Dromgold — Elizabeth Donnally. 

Branch of Manasseh Dromgold — Sarah Loy. 

a. Mary Jane, born March 13, 1841, married in 
1867, to Lewis W. Powelle, born Oct. 28, 1842, resides 
at Mt. Union, Pa. 

b. Jemima Catherine, born June 21, 1842, married 
Michael Acker, both deceased. 

c. Michael Thomas, born Aug. 27, 1843, married to 
Anna R. Cunningham, born March 9, 1845, and resides 
at Shermansdale, Pa. 

d. John William, born Sept. 21, 1845, married: 

1st. Ella Farqueharson, born Feb. 6, 1851, died 

Oct. 7, 1872. 
2d. Salome E. Arnold, born Aug. 28, 1854, died 

Sept. 25, 1884. 
3d. Ida A. Arnold, born 1864, and resides at 

Visalia, Cal. 

e. David Bowers, born April 19, 1848, resides at 
Landisburg, Pa., married June 10, 1875, to Esther 
Bower, born Oct. 24, 1844, died Dec. 20, 1895. 

f. George Calvin, born Nov. 18, 1850, died 1857. 

g. Reuben Wisor, born March i, 1855, married Jan. 
r, 1890, to Nellie Mae Squire, born Sept. 6, 1866, and 
resides at Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 159 

Family of jMary Jane Dromgold and Lewis \V. 
PowELLE : 

1. Esther, born Oct. 23, 1880, married Oct. 15, 1902, 
to Alexander Crowe, born July 6, 1873. 

Florence M., born June 3, 1903. 
Nellie E., born Jan. 13, 1906. 

2. Charles Wesley, born Sept. xi, 1869, died April 
II, 1879. 

3. Minnie May, born March 19, 1871, died May 11, 


Family oE Jemima Catherine Dromgold and 
Michael Acker : 

I. Ida. married to Corpman; she is now de- 

Family of Michael Thomas Dromgold and Anna 
R. Cunningham : 

I. Mertie May, born June 16, 1871, married Dec. 
26, 1895, to John Lewis Robinson, born Feb. i, 1869, 
residing at Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Anna Maude, born Feb. 4, 1897. 

Delia Bernice, born Jan. 13, 1899, and Bertha 
Viola, born and died Jan. 14, 1899. 

Edna Margaret, born Sept. 4, 1900. 

Nellie Sarada, born Feb. 12, 1902. 

^Mildred Romaine, born July 10, 1905. 

Goldie Pauline, born Oct. 5, 1908. 

i6o Records of the Annual 

2. Amelia Pearl, born Jan. 5, 1873. married Jan. 14, 
1897, to Harry S. Brown, born Sept. 12, 1867, residing 
at Shermansdale, Pa. 

Edward W., born Aug. 10, 1898. 
Raymond O., born Nov. 7, 1900. 
Lona Rebecca, born Sept. 5, 1905. died April 4, 

Sara Mildred, born July 16, 1908, died Jan. 14, 

George Paul, born Jan. i, 1910. 

3. Bessie Maud, born March 11, 1875, married June 
2, 1898, to Charles M. Sweger, born April 23, 1876. 
and resides at Shermansdale, Pa. 

Grace Rebecca, born May 2, 1899. 
Guy Wilmot, born Aug. 11, 1901. 
Clayton Elwood, born Jan. 30, 1903. 
Lettie Wingward. born Oct. 18, 1904. 
Gladys Laverna, born March 30, 1906. 
Goldie Pauline, born March 2, 1908. 

4. Lettie W., born April 6, 1876, unmarried and re- 
sides at Shermansdale, Pa. 

5. Lewis Turbett. born June 10, 1878, married Feb. 
22, 1905, to Carrie A. Ebersole, born Sept. 10. 1887, 
residing at New Bloomfield, Pa. 

Russell R., born April 27, 1906, and died May 20, 

6. Thomas Roy, born Dec. 28, 1884, married June 
22, 1909, to Sara Brown, born March 19, 1880. resid- 
ing at Carlisle, Pa. 

Mary Gladys, born April 20, 1910. 

Hexch and Dromgold Reunion i6i 

Family of John William Dromgold and Ella 
Farqueharson : 

1. Lulu Alay, born Aug. 4, 1869, married August, 
1892, to James D. Gray, born 1868, and resides at Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Day Dromgold, born Nov. 15, 1893. 
Phil La Fetra, born Feb. 14, 1895. 
Edna, born July 25, 1899. 
James Quintana, born Nov. 10, 1902. 
Lucile, born June 8, 1907. 
John W'iliam Dromgold and Salome E. Arnold: 

2. William A., born Jan. 12, 1883, married Bertha 
Mariott, born July, 1884. 

John Quincey, born June, 1907. 

John William Dromgold and Ida A. Arnold: 

3. Frank A., born March 2^, 1893. 

Family of David Bowers Dromgold and Esther 
Bower : 

I. Elvin B., born Sept. 24, 1886. 

Family of Reuben Wisor Dromgold and Nellie 
Mae Squire : 

I. George Corpman, born July 14, 1893. 

Thomas Dromgold and Elizabeth Donnally. 

Branch of Jacob Miller — Susanna Dromgold : 

a. Thomas Dromgold, bom 1839, died Jan. 3, 1904, 

i62 Recorts of the Annual 

married Oct. 30, iSc<2. to Sarah Jane Reed, born 1841, 
living at Duncannon, Pa. 

b. Wesley, born Sept. 17, 1841, died 1870, and buried 
at Eshcol ; was married to Sophia Swartz, born March 
13, 1842, and died Tan. 28, 1904; married again to 
Emanuel Smith, and is buried at Mannsville, Pa. 

c. Mar>- Ellen, bom Feb. 18, 1844, died June 7, 1868, 
married Aug. 14, 1864. to Joseph Bealor, born July 4, 
1833, and lives at Newport, Pa. 

d. Dr. George Alfred, born July 25, 1846, married 
Aug. 22, 1872, to Sarah Ann Pettigrew, born June 10, 
1852, and resides in Jacksonville, Mo. 

e. Eliza, born Sept. 17, 1849, died 1868, married to 
Thomas Harper, of Newport, Pa. 

f. Harriett Emiline. born 1851, married to 

Samuel Wentz, widow now residing in St. Louis, Mo. 

g. Michael Amos, born April 17, 1854, married Nov. 
I, 1874, to Frances M. Graver, born Nov. 2, 1855, liv- 
ing at New Sharon, Iowa. 

h. Agnes Jemima, born Sept. 17, 1856, died in Texas 
about 1893, married to Harry Ehvood Weems, of 
Philadelphia, Pa., and died 1880. 

i. Jacob Willis, born June 2/. 1859, married Feb. 8, 
1901, to Lizzie L. Pierce, born Jan. 22, 1867, residing 
at Evans, Iowa. 

Thomas Dromgold Miller and Sarah Jane Reed: 

1. Gharles Reed, born April 12, 1864, married Oct. 
30, 1902, to Bertha A. Weaver, born Aug. 22, 1869, 
and resides in Man-Trille, Pa. 

2. Emery C., born Aug. 29, 1866, and died 1896. 

Hench and Dromgold Reunion 163 

3. Anna i\I., born Sept. 26, 1869, married 1902, to 
C. F. Mutzebaugh, born Oct. 12, 1862, of Duncannon, 

Marie M., born June 10, 1905. 

Weslev Miller and Sophia Swartz: 
I. Infant, died young. 

Mary Ellen Miller and Joseph Bealor : 

1. Alvin IMiller, born March 25, 1865, unmarried. 

2. Tessa Florence, born Sept. 15, 1867, married 
Dec. 24, 1888, to Charles Gantt, born Feb. 21, 1867, 
resides at Newport, Pa. 

Mae, born April 24, 1890. 
Maurice, bom May 19, 1892. 
Rodney, born Dec. 6, 1895. 

George Alfred Miller and Sarah Ann Pettigrew : 

1. Lottie Grace, born June 4, 1873, married March 
12, 1891, to Major Gaines, born Jan. 23, 1871, and died 
Aug. 15, 1909. Widow lives at Jacksonville, ^lo. 

2. Hattie Hallie, born Feb. i, 1875, married June 
18, 1907, to Elmer G. Smith, living in Tooele, Utah. 

Mabel Hallie, born Aug. 7, 1910. 

3. Russell Tankford, born June 23, 1877, unmarried, 
resides at St. Louis, Mo. 

4. Harry Elwood, bom Nov. 30, 1879, married Sep- 
tember, 1902, to Daisy Hornebeck, and resides in Los 
Angeles, Gal. 

^lary Mercedes, born Dec. 23, 1908. 
Jack Elwood, born Jan. 5, 191 1. 

164 Records of the Annual 

5. Dr. George Arthur, born May 11, 1883, unmar- 
ried, residing at Jacksonville, Mo. 

6. Mabel Matilda, born July 14. 1890, unmarried, 
residing at Jacksonville, Mo. 

Eliz.\ Miller and Thomas Harper: 
I. Daughter, born 1868, died when four months old. 

Harriet Emiline and Samuel Wentz: 

1. Harry, born 1872, unmarried. St. Louis, Mo. 

2. Lula, born 1874, married to Henry Washburn, 
of Kansas City, Kan. 

Michael Amos Miller and Frances M. Graver: 

1. John M., born July 17, 1866, died July 26, 1896. 

2. Linens O.. born March 9, 1878, of New Sharon, 
Iowa, married to Neola Saunders, born July 24, 1886; 
married Oct. 15, 1905. 

Grace Mdba, born Sept. 10, 1907. 
Mabel Clare, born Feb. 8, 1910. 

3. Joseph M., born June 19, 1880. of Searsboro, 
Iowa, married April 21, 1905, to Martha Ann Terrell, 
born Jan. 29, 1889. 

Jacob Willis I^Iiller and Lizzie Pierce: 

I. 2. Anna Jay and Alfred Ray, twins, born Nov. i, 
1901. Alfred Ray died j\Iay 16, 1902. 
3. Edward L., born Aug. 5, 1903. died Sept. 5, 1906. 
4. Ruth, born Dec. 5. 1905. 


Abernathy, John, 62. 
Acker, Catherine, 30. 
Acker, Ida, 159. 
Adams, John Q., 96. 
Adams, Maggie, 151-157. 
Adams, Wilson H., 93. 
Aker, Michael, 145-158-159. 
Aldrich, Abagail F. 
Aldrich, Casper B. 
Aldrich, Eaton, 113. 
Aldrich, J. O., 44. 
Aldrich, Otis H., 44-112-I13 
Aldrich, Susan M. 
Allen, Andrew. 11-33-57-81. 
Allison, Rebecca A., 37. 
Anderson, Susanna, 74. 
Anderson, \Vm., 62. 
Antes, Christina, 31. 
Ard, Joseph, 72. 
Arnold, Elizabeth, 87-88. 
Arnold, Ida A., 158-161. 
Arnold, Salome E., 158-161. 
Aspey, Elva. 153. 
Aspey, Teruna, 153. 
Augustine, Abraham, 76. 

Bailey, Thomas, 153. 
Baker, Jane Elliott. 46. 
Baker, Margaret, 46. 
Baker, Sarah Ann. 128. 
Haley, Polly. 130. 
Barnard, Ann Eliza, 135. 
Barnard, Miss, 135. 
Barnes. Annie Belle, 20. 
Barnes, Bessie Adele. 20. 
Barnes, Charles Churchill, 

Barnes, Charlotte Helen, 21. 
Barnes, Emma Elverda, 21. 
Barnes, George Lynn, 21. 
Barnes, Gurney Seldon, 20. 
Barnes, J. Howard, 120. 
Barnes, John Arthur, 21. 


Barnes, John Alexander, 18 

Barnes, Lillian May, 21. 
Barnes, Merle Hench, 21. 
Barnes. Olive Frances, 21. 
Barnes, Silas Leone, 21. 
Barnes, Wm. Warren, 21. 
Barnhart, Benjamin F., 48. 
Barnhart, Benjamin Franklin, 

Barnhart, Clarence Heim, 48. 
Barnhart, Florence Helen 

Kate, 48. 
Barnhart, Grace Elizabeth, 48. 
Barnhart, Harry Elmer, 48. 
Barnhard. Jacob, 30. 
Barnhart, John Rudolphus, 

Barnhart. Lawrence Howard, 

Barnhart, Mary Susan, 48. 
Barnhart, Xeonetta, 48. 
Barnhart, Wm. VanSc}-oc, 48. 
Bartle, James, 69. 
Bay, James, 77. 

Bazes. , 121. 

Beach, Henry, 77. 

Beale, , loi. 

Bealer. Alvin Miller. 163. 
Bealer, Tessa Florence, 163. 
Bealor, Joseph, 145-163. 
Beavers. Martha J., 18. 
Beaver. Martha, 109. 
Beck, Christian. 121. 
Beck. W^ilson, 109. 
Becker, Mary A., 151-157. 
Beerv, Benjamin, 130. 

Bell," -. loi. 

Bender, Alice, 95. 
Bender, Christian. 94. 
Bender, George, 95. 
Bender, Julia, loi. 
Bender, Wm.. 94. 

1 66 


Benner, Peter, ~~. 
Berkey, Emery, 89. 
Berkey, Isaiah, 8g. 
Berkey, Lewis, 89. 
Berkey, Osie, 89. 
Berkey, Rebecca, 89. 
Bernheisel, Charles E., 149. 
Bernheisel, Forest \V., 149. 
Bernheisel, Newton C, 149. 
Bernheisel, Susan L., 36. 
Bernheisel, William L-, 149. 
Berrier, Adam, 30. 
Barrier, Catherine Maree, 20. 
Berrier, Charlotte Corine, 20. 
Berrier, Elmer Kenneth, 20. 
Berrier, Esther Eugene, 20. 
Berrier, George Edward, 20. 
Berrier, Harriet Louise, 20. 
Berrier, Lecosta May, 20. 
Berrier, John Harold, 20. 
Berry, William, 138. 
Bistline, Annie Elizabeth, 152. 
Bistline, Kate, 38. 
Bitner, Adam, 69. 
Bixler, Elmer Hartman, 16- 



Harold Hench, 21. 
Leon Kenneth, 21. 
Charles Elliott, 43. 
Harry Clay, 43. 
Hugh Scott, 42. 
Jane, 42. 
John R., 42. 
Mary Catharine, 43. 
Margaretta L, 42. 
Robert C, 42-111-112. 
Robert Clark, 42. 
Stiles K,, 42. 
Wm. Hanson. 43. 
Abraham, 74. 
Alice, 150-155. 
Annie Helen. 15:?. 
Benjamin Brodbeck, 

Blaine Adams, 151. 
Clark Dale, 152. 
Clark Milton, 152. 
Edna, 151. 

Bower, Esther, 158-161. 
Bower. Florence Helen, 151. 
Bower, Guy Lupfer, 152. 
Bower, Ida Margaret, 152. 
Bower, Jane Alice, 152. 
Bower, Luther Miles, 152. 
Bower, Margaret, 152. 
Bower, Margaret Maria, 152. 
Bower, Miles Ray, 151. 
Bower, Roy, 151. 
Bower. Solomon, 116-150-151, 
Bower, Solomon Mark, 152. 
Bower, Stoffel, 86. 
Bower, W. Miles, 151. 
Bower, Willis Martin, 151. 
Bowers, Henry, 129. 
Bowers, Abner Harding, 40. 
Bowers, Annie, 40. 
Bowers, Charley, 40. 
Bowers. Clara Saville, 40. 
Bowers, Dahlgreu, 40. 
Bowers, Frank, 40. 
Bowers, John, 40. 
Bowers, Jonas, 40. 
Bowers, Mary E., 40. 
Bowers, Samuel, 40. 
Bowers, Sarah, 40. 
Bowers, W^illiam, 40. 
Bowers, Wm. E., 40. 
Bovvers, Wm. E., 40. 
Bowlin, Edith, 153. 
Boyd, Hannah A., 99. 
Boyer, Benjamin Markley, 31. 
Boyer. Gen. Philip, 31. 
Boyer. Jacob, T]. 
Boyer, Jesse, 104. 
Boyer, Mary, 119-121. 
Boyer. Philip. 115. 
Brackbill, John, 93. 
Brackbill, Mary, 1 19-120. 
Brackbill, Mary Ann, 93. 
Brackbill, Minnie, 103. 
Brackbill, Peter, 133. 
Brackbill, Susan, 93. 
Brackney, Henrietta, 77. 
Brandon. Martha J., 37. 
Brandt. Adam. 29. 
Brandt, Elizabeth, 87-95. 

Brehman, Jacob, 69. 
Brickley, Harry Bench, 38. 
Brickley, John P., 38. 
Brickley, Roy Hench, 38. 
Brightbill, Priscilla, 108. 
Brightbill, William, 70. 
Briner, Elizabeth, 89. 
Briner, John, 116. 
Briner, John, 15-126-127. 
Briner, Joseph, 15-126-127. 
Briner, Mary Ann, 93. 
Brooke, James, 29. 
Brotherline, Frances, 46. 
Brown, Edward W., 160. 
Brown, George Paul, 160. 
Brown, Harry S., 160. 
Brown, Lona Rebecca, 160. 
Brown, Raymond O., 160. 
Brown, Sara Mildred, 160. 
Bryner, Elizabeth, 126-127. 
Bryner, George, 71-72. 
Bryner, John, 15-126. 
Bryner, Joseph, 15-126. 
Burd, Anna, 114. 

Campbell, Hanna, 110-117. 
Campbell, Mary, 67. 
Campbell, \Vm., 45-117. 
Carl, Elizabeth, 98. 
Catlin, Cornelia E., 75. 
Charlesworth, Mr., 50. 
Chew, Benjamin, 58. 
Chew, Benjamin, Jr. 58. 
Christman, Elizabeth, ;i2. 
Christman, Jacob, 32. 
Christman, Mary Magdalene, 

Church, Barbara, 91. 
Clark, Christina, 44-112. 
Clark, Miss, 123. 
Clay, Olive, 51. 
Close, Catherine, 33. 
Couser, Jacob, 113. 
Clouser, Jennie, 113. 
Clover, Ann, 52. 
Coblentz, David, 30. 
Coblentz, Elizabeth, 30. 
Coblentz, Jacob, 30. 

Index 167 

Coblentz (Koblin), John, 30. 
Coblentz, Nicholas, 30. 
Coblentz, Peter, 30. 
Coblentz, Philip, 30. 
Cochrane. Mary, 123. 
Cochrane. Oliver, 98. 
Conly, Ellen, 16. 
Cook, Bessie Ickes, 42. 
Cook, J. Wilson, 42. 
Cook, Minnie Ruth, 42. 
Cooney, Barbara, 63-73. 
Cooney, Susan, 63-64-75. 
Cornelison, Isaac, 112. 
Cornelison, Mary E., 43-1 11 • 


Corpman, , 159. 

Corson. , 115. 

Cosier, John, 123. 
Crane, Elizabeth, 108. 
Crane, Mary Dorothy, 107. 
Crasser, ^[ary Magdalene, 


Crawford, , loi. 

Craver, Frances M., 164. 
Crouse, Miss, 104. 
Crowe, .-Me.xander, 159. 
Crowe, Florence M., 159. 
Crowe, Xellie E., 159. 
Crowl, Isaac, 76. 
Crosier, David, 100-103. 
Crozier, John, 103. 
Crozier, Nancy, 103. 
Crozier, Polly, 103. 
Crozier, Rachel, 103. 
Crozier, Robert, 107. 
Crozier, Sarah, 103. 
Crozier. Wm., 103. 
Cunningham, Anna R., 158- 

Curtz, .\dam, 28. 
Cutter. ic6. 

Dankel. Eva Maria, 63. 
Darr, Henry, 108. 
Davidson, Ida L., 48. 
Davis, Joseph, 106. 
Davis. Lewis, 106. 
Davis, Mar\- Jane, 106. 

1 68 


Davis, Oliver, 106. 

Davis, Samuel Fetters, 106. 

Davis. Sarah, 105-106. 

Davis, Worthington, 106. 

De Lancy, Eliza, 39. 

Delaney, Miss, 45. 

Diehl, Margaret, 132. 

Diller, Nancy, 86-132. 

Dimm, Lottie, 155. 

Dobbs, Carr, 115. 

Dolph. Laurie Dromgold, 

Dolph, Mary Becker, 157. 
Dolph, Stuart, 158. 
Dolph, \V. A., 157. 
Dolton, Tilly, 38. 
Donally. .Abby, 144. 
Donally. Claude, 144. 
Donally. Elizabeth, 140-141- 

Donally, Michael, 144. 
Donally. Nancy, 144. 
Donelly, Ann, 77. 
Donohoe, Sadie ^L, 91. 
Dowin. John, 43. 
Drawbaugh, Joseph, 133. 
Dromgold, .Agnes, 148. 
Dromgold, .Amelia Pearl, 160. 
Dromgold. Bessie Maude, i6g. 
Dromgold, Boone Shellbura 

Dromgold. Bradie Lawrence. 

Dromgold, Clarence Walker, 

Dromgold, Clarinda Caroline, 

Dromgold. Corinne, 157. 
Dromgold. David Bowers, 

Dromgold, David Clark, 155. 
Dromgold. Davis Elkins, 157. 
Dromgold, Deliah Agnes, 144- 

Dromgold, Dora Dougall, 157. 
Dromgold, Dorothy Adaline, 


Dromgold, Edward, 144-148- 

Dromgold, Eliza Jane, 144- 

Dromgold, Elvin B., i6r. 
Dromgold, Frances Hench, 

Dromgold, Florence Aileen, 

Dromgold, Frank A., 161. 
Dromgold, George Calvin, 

Dromgold, George Corpman, 

Dromgold, Grace Jane, 155. 
Dromgold, Howard Winfield, 

Dromgold, Jemima Catherine, 

Dromgold, Jemima Ellen, 144- 

Dromgold, Janet Minnie Mav, 

Dromgold, John, 144-148-150- 

Dromgold, John Howard, 158. 
Dromgold, John Quincey, 161. 
Dromgold, John William 

Dromgold, Justina Marie 

Davenport, 157. 
Dromgold, Kathryn Isabel, 

Dromgold, Lelia Alice, 156. 
Dromgold, Lelia Alice, 155. 
Dromgold, Lettie W., 160. 
Dromgold, LeRoy Hench, 156- 

Dromgold, Lewis Turbett, 

Dromgold, Loy Scott, 156. 
Dromgold, Lula May, 161. 
Dromgold, Mabel Esther, 156. 
Dromgold, Manassah, 145- 

Dromgold, Margaret Anne, 

























Margaret Wih. 
Mary Catherine, 

Alary Eleanor, 

, Mary Gladys, 160. 
Mary Jane, 145- 

, Maude Teressa, 

, Mertie May, 159. 
, Michael Thomas, 
Raamah Shellburn, 

, Rebecca Elizabeth, 

Reuben Wisor, 

Rudy William, 156 
Ruth Selena, is"^. 
, Russell R., 160. 
, Samuel Mitchell, 

Sarah Peninah 
, Stewart Alfred, 

. Stuart Turbett, 


, Susan, 145-148 

, Thomas, 140-143- 

, Thomas, 2nd, 148. 
, Thomas Edward 

, Thomas Miller. 

, Thomas Rov, 160. 
. Walker Alfred, 

, William A.. 161. 
William Lynn, 

William Scott, 

Dromgold, William ShuU, 

Dromgold, William T., 155, 
Dum, Wm. 
Duni, Jacob, 144-149. 
Duncan, Mary, 39. 
Dustman, Lydia, 129. 

Ebersole, Carrie A., 160. 
Ebright, George, 62. 
Eby, Dr. Joseph, 41. 
Eby, John, 41. 
Eby, Mary, 41. 
Eckenroad. Daniel, 125. 
Eckenroad, Susan, 125. 

Ecker, , 122. 

Edelin, Edward, 104. 
Edward-, Benjamin, 139. 
Elliot, Charles, 25-36. 
Emig. Clayton Ely, 156. 
Emig, Evelyn Martha, 156. 
Emig. Gladys Dromgold, 157. 
Emig. Lelia Clayton, 157. 
Emig, Lelia Dromgold, 143. 
Endslow, Alice Adaline, 155, 
Endslow, A. W. S., 155. 
Engle, Maria, 80. 

Erford. , 114. 

Erford. Henry, 88. 
Erford, Jacob, 1 14. 
Erford, John, 8S. 
Evans, George, 24. 
Evinger, Jacob, 15-126-127. 
Ewing, Mary A., 137. 

Fabler. Anna Mary, 133. 
Fahler. James W. A., 133. 
Fabler, William, 132. 
Falkner, Justus, 35. 
Famous, John, 106. 
Farqueharson, Ella, 158-161. 
Ferguson. Jennie, 115. 
Fields, Miss, 89. 
Fisher, Susan, 98. 
Fitch, Eli, 125. 
Fitler, John, 63-64. 
Fleck, Elizabeth, 109, 
Flemming. Frederick. 123. 



Flickinger, Anna Jane, 92. 
Flickinger, Daniel Wonder, 

Flickinger, Maj. Daniel Won- 

der, 92. 
Flickinger, Florence N., 94. 
Flickinger, Frances Julian, 


Flickinger, George W., 94. 

Flickinger, Henrj', 92. 

Flickinger, Jennie, 94. 

Flickinger, John Jesse, 94. 

Flickinger, Leila Ada, 94. 

Flickinger, Louisa Mary, 94. 

Flickinger, jMargaret Eliz., 

Flickinger, Mary Emiline, 93. 

Flickinger, Mr., 44. 

Flickinger, Peggy- Yohn, 92. 

Flickinger, Rev. Robert El- 
liott, 93. 

Flickinger, Wm. Thompson, 

Flinchbaugh, Emma, 18-19. 
Fogle, Nancy, 88-96. 
Fontertine, Albert, 25. 
Foose, Catharine, 85-107. 
Foose, Catharine, 88. 
Foose, Elizabeth, 86-118. 
Foose, Mariah, 85-99. 
Foose, Nickel, 97. 
Foose, Sarah, 96. 
Foose, Wm. Harrison, 144- 

Foose, Valentine, 97. 
Ford, Susan, "jj. 
Foster, Catherine, JH- 
Foster, Mrs., 127. 
Fosselman, John. 116. 
Foust, Frances, 73. 
Frank, Mary, 110-114. 
Frankum, Violetta, 98. 
Frazer, Helen Elizabeth, 20. 
Frazer, Lenora Anna, 20. 
Frazer, Vera Arminta, 20. 
Frazer, Winfield Scott, 20. 
Freeman, J., 115. 
Fritz, Jacob, 142. 

Fritz, Mary E., 50. 
Fuller, Isaiah, 72. 
Fuller, Isaiah, 72. 
Fuller, Leah, 71. 
Fuller, Wesley, 71. 

Gaines, Maj., 163. 

Gallagher, Margaret Jennie, 

Gantt, Charles, 163. 
Gantt, Mae, 163. 
Gantt, Maurice, 163. 
Gantt, Rodney, 163. 
Garbaugh, Abraham, 135. 
Garver, Kitty, 139. 
Geirich, Catharine, 85-109. 
Getty, William, 74. 
Gibson, Mary R., 107. 
Gildreth, Samuel, 77. 
Gilmer, Elizabeth, loi. 
Gilmer, Philip, 100. 
Gould. Savilla, 108. 
Gray, Day Dromgold, 161. 
Gray, Edna, 161. 
Gray, James D., 161. 
Gray, James Quintana, i6i. 
Gray, Lucile, 161. 
Gray, Phil La Fetra, 161. 
Grier, Margaret, 74. 
Groninger, Margaret, 134-137. 
Groninger, Miss, 135. 
Groninger, Mary A., 136. 
Groninger, Nancy Hench, 135. 
Gross, Lawrence, 112. 
Gross, Sarah J., 45-112. 

Gross, , 114. 

Grove, David, 45-117. 
Grove. Jacob, 123. 
Guilliford, Leslie, 95. 
Guss, Mary. 134. 

Guthrie, , loi. 

Gutshall, Harry Blain, 155. 
Gutshall, Harry W., 155. 
Gutshall, Helen Dromgold, 

Gutshall, Lynn Mitchell, 155. 
Gutshall, ^Iargaret, 155. 
Gutshall. Margaret, "Ji. 



Gutshall, Ola Merle, 153. 
Gutshall, Wm, 116. 

Haase, Henry, 98. 
Hackenberger, John, I2i. 
Hall, Daniel, 64-65. 
Hall, Elnora B., 156. 
Hall, Henry, 45-117. 
Hamilton, Catharine Jane, 37. 
Hammaker, Elizabeth, 108. 
Hange, John, 6. 
Harper, Thomas. 145-164. 
Harding, John, 52. 
Harding, Rebecca, 124-125. 
Harding, A.. C, 39. 
Harkingson, Frank Payson. 

49- . 

Harkingson, Iva Helen Eliza- 
beth, 49. 

Harkingson, Jay Evans, 49. 

Harkingson, Richard Ainsco, 

Harkingson, Richard Rene, 

Harkingson, Roger Samuel, 

Harris, James, loi. 

Harris, John, 76. 

Harrison, Jennie, 52. 

Hartman, Abigail, 56-85. 

Hartman, Andrew, 60-74-75. 

Hartman, Benjamin, 65-66. 

Hartman, Benjamin, 76. 

Hartman, Catharine, 56. 

Hartman, Catharine, 76. 

Hartman, David, 76. 

Hartman, David, 73. 

Hartman. Dorothy Helen, 22. 

Hartman Eleanor, 76. 

Hartman, Eleanor, 70. 

Hartman. Elijah, 74. 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 56. 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 57-62-64- 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 65. 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 70-71. 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 75. 

Hartman, Elizabeth, 76. 
Hartman, Frances Katherine, 

Hartman, Frederick, 65-66. 
Hartman, George, 80., George, 70. 
Hartman, George, 73. 
Hartinan, Harry Watters, 59- 

Hartman, Henry, 73. 
Hartman, Henry D., 61-63-64- 

Hartman, Henry Harrison. 

Hartman. Holmer Leon, 21. 
Hartman, Jacob, 56-57-58-59- 

Hartman, Jacob, H, 61-63-64- 

Hartman, Jacob, 74. 
Hartman, Jacob, 77. 
Hartman, James, 73. 
Hartman, James, 75. 
Hartman, Jesse L., 66. 
Hartman. Johannas (John), 

Hartman, John M., 11-23-56- 

Hartman. John, 57-62-64-69. 
Hartman, John, 70. 
Hartman, John, loi. 
Hartman, Joseph, 74. 
Hartman, Levi, 76. 
Hartman, Madeline, 63-77. 
Hartman. Margaret, 56-78-79. 
Hartman, Margaret, 57-62-64- 

Hartman, Margaret, 74. 
Hartman, Margaret Winifred. 

Hartman, Maria, 75. 
Hartman, Marie. 75. 
Hartman, Maria Apolonia 

(Abigail), 56-78-79- 
Hartman, Maria Catherine, 

Hartman. Mar>-, 74. 
Hartman, Mary, 73. 



Hartman, Man,- Ann, 70. Heim, 

Hartman, Matilda, 76. Heim, 

Hartman, Matlania, 61. Heim, 

Hartman, Matthias, 14-60-61- Heim, 

63-64. Heim, 

Hartman, Mr.. 46. Heim, 

Hartman, Xancy, 64. Heim, 

Hartman, Peter Maj., 8-56-57- Heim, 

60-80. Heim, 

Hartman, Peter, 61-62-64-66. Heim, 

Hartman, Phoebe Ann, 57-60- Heim, 

62-64-67. Heim, 

Hartman, Polly. Heim, 

Hartman, Prisciila. 73. Heim, 

Hartman, Sally, 73. Heim, 

Hartman, Sallie, 69. Heiser, 

Hartman, Sally, 63-72. Heiser, 

Hartman, Samuel, 57-61. Hench, 

Hartman, Samuel, 74, Hench, 

Hartman, Sarah, 76. Hench, 

Hartman, Sarah J., 73. 21. 

Hartman, Soloman, 73-74. Hencli, 

Hartman, Soloman, 75. Hench, 

Hartman, Sophia, 76. Hench, 

Hartman, Susan, 74. Hench, 

Hartman, Susan, 76. Hench, 

Hartman, Susan, 7^. Hench, 

Hartman, William, 61-63-64- Hench, 

73. erine 

Hartman, William, 73. Hench, 

Hartman, William, 73. 38- 

Hartman, William, 75. Hench, 

Hartman, William A.. 73. Hench, 

Hartman, Wm. D., 8. 150. 

Hartman, William H., 76. Hench, 

Hartman, William S., 21. Hench, 

Hartsell. Susan, 105. Hench, 

Haskett, Mary. 36. Hench, 

Hassler, Annie R., 19-22. Hench. 

Hassler, Minnie Grace, 19. Hench, 

Hausman, Catharine. 3;. Hench. 

Hausman, Herman, 35. Hench, 

Hays, Marilla, 43. Hench, 

Hazlett. Harriet H., 92. Hench, 

Hebner, Dorothea, 35. Hench, 

Heim, Annie Mathilda, 48. 19-22 

Heim, Catharine Ann, 47. Hench, 

Heim, Chas. Gilbert. 48. Hench, 

Clarissa, 49. 

Francis William, 48. 
Harry Wm., 48. 
John Samuel, 48. 
James Rudolphus, 48. 
Rev. John Wm., 47-80. 
John William, 48. 
Margaretta Helen, 49. 
Mary Eleanor, 48. 

Mathilda, 48. 

Nicholas, 48. 

Rudolphus Ickes, 47. 


Samuel, 47. 

Susan Elizabeth, 48. 

. , 73. 

, Elizabeth, 31. 

Abigail, 15. 

Abigail, 134. 

Adella Susan, 16-18- 

Adele M., 20. 
Alexander H., 37. 
Allen, 134. 
Allison, L., 16-18-20. 
Ann Eliza, 134-137. 
Anna J., 137. 
Annie Kate (Kath- 
), i6-i8-2i. 
Annie Weakley, 17- 

Atchison L., 16-37. 
Bandinah, 16-144-148- 

Barbara, 135. 
Betsy, 7-13. 
Calvin, 16. 
Caroline, 135. 
Caroline E., 136. 
Catharine, 15-126-127. 
Catharine, 17. 
Catharine, 134. 
Catharine Jane, 38. 
Charles Hassler, 22. 
Charles Luther, 16- 

Christina, 7-15-126. 
Clarence P., 20. 








Conrad, 15-17. 
Conrad, 15. 
Cyrus, 134. 
Cyrus Mc, 136. 

Edwin Leroy, 17. 
Ann EHza, 134-137. 
EHzabeth, 135. 
Ehzabeth, 15-S3-S5. 
Elizabeth, 15. 
Elizabeth, 15-i:». 
Elizabeth, 16. 
Elizabeth, 88. 
Elizabeth, 116. 
Elizabeth, 134. 
Elizabeth Ann, 17-37. 
Elizabeth C, ^7. 
Ellen, 134. 
Emma, 116. 
Frances Rebecca. 20. 
Frank, 17-38. 
Frank Hamilton. 17- 

G. Harold, 20. 
George. 7-15-34- 
George, 15. 
George William. 16- 

George, 16. 
George, 36. 
George E., I37- 
George A., 16. 
George Hamilton. 16- 

George Washington, 

Harry Foster. 17-39. 
Henry, 7-8-15. 
Henry, 16. 
Henry, 136. 
Inez L., 16-18-20. 
Jacob, 7-i3-i5-*6-i33- 
Jacob, n, 15-17. 
Jacob, 15-126. 
Jacob, 135. 
Jacob, 134- 
Jacob, 135. 
James, 136. 

Hench, Jane, 15. 

Hench, Jane, 134. 

Hench, Jane, 127. 

Hench, Jane Christina, 15. 

Hench, Jeremiah, 16. 

Hench, Jerome J., 137. 

tlench, Johonnis, 5-8-12-13- 

Hench, Mrs. John, 8-9. 
Hench, John, II, 7-8-13-15-58- 

Hench, John, HI, 15-16-126- 

Hench, John, 15. 
Hench. John, 15. 
Hench, John, 15. 
Hench, John. 15. 
Hench, John, 16. 
Hench, John, 134. 
Hench, John, 135. 
Hench, John, 135. 
Hench, John, 136. 
Hench, John H., 136. 
Hench, John Furnell, 17-39. 
Hench, John H. 
Hench, Judith. 15-126. 
Hench, Julia Anna, 156-20. 
Hench, Leonard S., 135. 
Hench, Lillie Coyle 17-38. 
Hench, Lizzie E., 18-20. 
Hench. Lula, 16-19-21. 
Hench, Margaret, 15-127. 
Hench, Margaret, 15. 
Hench, Margaret, 16. 
Hench, Margaret, 16. 
Hench, Margaret E., 37. 
Hench, Margaretta, 5. 
Hench, Margaretta, 135-136. 
Hench, Margaretta, 134. 
Hench, Margaret Ellen, 16-19- 

Hench, Maria, 15. 

Hench, Maria Elizabeth, 7-15. 

Hench, Mary, 15. 

Hench, Mary, 17. 

Hench, Mary Elizabeth, 16. 

Hench, Mary A., 134. 

Hench, Mary Ann, 135. 







Mary Ellen, 17. 

Mary Ellen, 38. 

Mary Grace, 22. 

Martha, 16. 
Martha Ellen, 136. 
Mary Jane, 16-18-19. 

Mary Jane, 102-134- 

Mary Linn, 38. 
Mary M., 16-37. 
Matilda, 16. 
Matilda, 134. 
Maud Amelia, 17-38. 
Mildred E., 20. 
Minnie Alice, 39. 
Nancy, 15. 
Nancy, 134. 
Nancy J., 137. 
Nevin F., 19. 
Nicholas, 16-37. 
Nicholas, 17. 
Nicholas I., 38. 
Nicholas Paul, 17-38. 
O. L., 137. 
O. L., 135- 
O. L., 136. 
Owen L., 16. 
Parkinson, H., 15-127. 
Pauline (Polly), 15- 

Peter, 7-8-15-54. 
Peter, II, 15-126-127. 
Peter, HI, 15-16. 
Peter, 16-36. 
Peter, 39. 
Peter, 137. 
Peter, 133. 
Polly, 133. 
Priscilla, 134. 
Priscilla, 137. 
Ralph W., 38. 
Ralph Woods, 17. 
Rebecca, 15-126-128- 

Rebecca, 15. 
Rebecca M., 37. 
Sallie, 15-125-126-129. 
Samuel, 15-144-126. 




Samuel, 15-17. 
Samuel, 16. 
Samuel, 17-38-39. 
Samuel, 38. 
Samuel A., 38. 
Samuel E., 136. 
Samuel H., 15-127. 
Samuel N., 20. 
Samuel Ross, 38. 
Samuel Nevin, 16-18- 

Samuel Ross, 17. 
Sarah Ann, 16. 
Sarah Emma, 137. 
Sarah M., 135-136. 
Silas Martin, 3-16-18. 
Stewart, 135. 
Stewart T., 136. 
Stoffel, 133. 
Susan, 15. 
Susanna, 15-126. 
Susanna, 133. 
Thomas H., 16. 
Thomas J., 137. 
Thompson Stew|art, 

Wellington, 137. 

Wm., 16. 

Wm., 17. 

Wm., 136. 

Wm., 5. 

Wm. Benton, 17-38. 

Wm. Elliott, 17-38. 

Wm. G., 6-18. 

William Scott, 16. 

Wm. Stewart, 17. 

Willes Reynolds. 

Willis Rannels, 17-39. 

Zachariah, 15-16. 

Zachariah, 136. 
Hendricks, John, 32. 
Herbst, John, 80. 
Herlin, Elizabeth, 95. 
Hershey, James, 134. 
Hess, Mabel H., 157. 
Hill, Robert, 125. 
Hilliard, Mary, 25. 
Hilmer, Elizabeth, 100. 



Hinkle, , 123. 

Hinkle, Cora, 20. 
Hippie, Annie, g8. 
Hippie, Davis, 98. 
Hippie, Eliza, 98. 
Hippie, Elizabeth, 97. 
Hippie, Elizabeth, 99. 
Hippie, Elizabeth, 96. 
Hippie, George, 96-97-98. 
Hippie, Henry, 96-97. 
Hippie, Henry, 98. 
Hippie, Henry James, 99. 
Hippie, Hetty, 98. 
Hippie, Jacob, 58-85-96. 
Hippie, Jacob, 96-97. 
Hippie, Jacob, 99. 
Hippie, James, 98. 
Hippie, John, 96-98. 
Hippie, John, 97. 
Hippie, John, 99. 
Hippie. Lawrence, 96. 
Hippie, Lewis, 98. 
Hippie, Lizzie, 98. 
Hippie, Lorentz, 97. 
Hippie, Margaret, 98. 
Hippie, Mary, 96. 
Hippie, Mary, 98. 
Hippie. Mary, 97. 
Hippie, Perry, 98. 
Hippie, Peter, 99. 
Hippie, Samuel, 97. 
Hippie, Sarah, 98. 
Hippie, Sarah Ann, 99. 
Hippie, Sophia, 98. 
Hippie. Susanna, 99. 
Hippie, Thomas, 98. 
Hippie. Wm., 97. 
Hippie. \Vm., 99. 
Hippie, Zachariah, 96-98. 
Hoare, Samuel, 11-32-57-81. 
Holliday, Mary, 108. 
Hollobaugh, ]\Iiss, 115. 
Hoover, George, 133. 
Hoover, Geo., 132. 
Hoover, George, 98. 
Hornebeck, Daisy, 163. 
Howard, Ezekiel, 12. 
Howe, Lord, 82. 

Howell, John, 72. 
Hunkle, William, yd. 
Huntzinger, , 135. 

Ick, John Jacob, 29. 
Icks, Catharine, 34. 
Ickes. Abner Harding, 40. 

Ada Katrina, 47. 

Adam, 55. 

Addie Virginia, 153. 

Albert, 50. 

Albert Harrison, 47. 

Alfred Augustus, 41. 

Amos Nicholas, 47. 

Ann, 50. 

Anna Barbara, 25-31. 

Anna Bell, 50. 

Anna Catharine, 34. 

Anna Clara, 25. 

Anna Maria, 28-29. 

Anna Elizabeth, 34. 

Anna Margaretta, 34. 

Bandina, 154. 

Blanche Stella, 154. 

Boone, 50. 

Catharine, 29. 

Catharine, Z-- 

Catharine, :s2- 

Catharine, 42. 

Catharine, 46. 

Catherine, 4th. 
Catharine Elizabeth, 




Catherine Jane, 50. 
Catharine Sophronia, 

Charles M., 42. 
Charles, 55. 
Christiana, 30. 
Christina, 34. 
Clara Saville, 40. 
Dahlgren, 40. 
David Elliott, 46. 
Edward, 42. 
Edward Jonas, 39. 
Elizabeth, 16-34-36. 
Elizabeth, 24. 
Elizabeth, 34. 




Elizabeth H., 39. 


John Roy, 47. 


Elizabeth, 50. 


Jonas, 24. 


Elizabeth Hench, 153. 


Jonas. 32-36. 


Eliza, Jane, 50. 


Joseph B. D., 39. 


Ellen Conley, 153. 


Jonas H.. 42. 


Esther, 49. 


Joseph Edward, 46. 


Felix Wheeler, 4;. 


Joseph Hooker, 50. 


Frederick, 34. 


Julia Gertrude, 47. 


George, 24. 


Laura Loy, 134- 


George, 50. 


Mar>- Magdalena, 45 


George, 35. 




George Albert, 50. 


Margaret. 34. 


George L., 45- 


Margaret, 42-1 11. 


George Loy, 49. 


Margarite, 153. 


George Loy, 50. 


Margaretta, 50. 


George Loy, 154. 


Margareth. 35. 


Grace Eliza, 152. 


Maria Louisa, 41. 


Harriet Newell, 50. 


Mari-, 39. 


Harriet Newel, 46. 


Mar\- A., 50. 


Harrold LeClare, 47. 


Man- Amelia, 47. 


Hazel Agcnia, 152. 


Mar}- Ann, 47. 


Heinrich, 34. 


Mar.- Mildred, 153. 


Henrietta Foster, 40. 


Marietta, 30. 


Henry, 54-55- 


Martha. 30. 


Homer Allen. 152. 


Martha Ann, 47. 


Isabella M., 40. 


Michael. 23-26-29. 


Jacob, 46. 


Michael. 45-118. 


Jacob, 55. 


Michael, 39. 


James. 35. 


Michael. 128. 


James Irvine, 154. 


Millard Fillmore, 152. 


James \V., 46. 


Minnie E.. 41. 


Jane, 46. 


Minnie Ruth, 42. 


Jesse Boone Williams, 


N. A.. 42. 



Nevin. 113. 


Jesse Merj'l, 47. 


Ne%in Darwin. 132. 


John, 24-54. 


Nicholas. 23-23-26. 


John, 29-30. 


Nicholas, 12-24-30-32 


John. 34. 



John, 39. 


Nicholas, 32. 


John, 50. 


Nicholas, 130-46. 


John, 152. 


Nicholas, 39. 


John Baker, 46. 


Nicholas, 50. 


John Adam, 54. 


Nicholas, 144-132. 


John Dromgold, 133. 


Nicholas, 30. 


John Henry, 35. 


Peter. 24-34-55- 


John Loy, 46. 


Philip, 55- 


John Loy. 


Ralph. 133. 


John Nicholas, 34. 


Robert I., 41- 



Ickes, Robert M., 4^. 

Ickes, Sallie Peninah, 153. 

Ickes, Samuel, 24-30-55. 

Ickes, Samuel, 24-36. 

Ickes, Samuel, 30-39. 

Ickes, Samuel M., 41. 

Ickes, Samuel, 39. 

Ickes, Sarah, 45. 

Ickes, Sarah, 52. 

Ickes, Sophia, 53. 

Ickes, Susan, 24. 

Ickes, Susan, 46-116. 

Ickes, Susan, 114. 

Ickes, Susan, 55. 

Ickes. Susan A., 39. 

Ickes, Susan Amelia, 46. 

Ickes, Susanna, 32. 

Ickes, Susanna, 47. 

Ickes. Susan Elizabeth, 50. 

Ickes, Waldo Gallagher, 41. 

Ickes, Wni., 39. 

Ickes, \Vm., 45. 

Ickes, Wm. I., 41. 

Ickes, Wm. Turbett Bunker, 

Ickes, W'illis Jefferson, 50. 
Isenberg, Miss, 119. 
Inhoff, B. R, 116. 
Irvin, Lizzie, 90. 
Irwin, Lizzie, 119. 

Jackson, Jane Gertrude, 46. 
Jackson. Harriet Florine, 46. 
Jackson. Louisa Kate. 46. 
Jackson, Martha Washing- 
ton. 46. 
Jackson, Wm. J., 46. 
Jacobs, B. Clara, 91-120. 
Jacobs. George, 118. 
Jacobs, Malinda, 135. 
Jacobs, Margaret, 135. 
Jacobs, Miss, 116. 
Jacobs. Mar\-, 136. 
Jacobs, Samuel, 136. 
Jacobs, Samuel, 134. 
James, Elizabeth, 116. 
Jards, Charles, 49. 
Jards, Elizabeth, 49. 

Jards. George, 49. 
Jards, John, 49. 
Jards, Margaret, 49. 
Jards, Susan, 49. 
Johnson, Elizabeth H., 138. 
Johnson, Ida, 52. 
Johnson, John A., 139. 
Johnson, Nancy J., 109. 
Jones, Julia Ann, 103. 
Jones. Juliann, 105. 

Kable, Benjamin, 139. 
Kable, Daniel, 86-138. 
Kable, Daniel, 138. 
Kable, Elizabeth, 138. 

Kable, , loi. 

Kable, Jacob, 138. 
Kable, James, 139. 
Kable, John, 138. 
Kable, Margaret, 138. 
Kable, Mary, 139. 
Kable. Samuel, 139. 
Kable, Sarah, 139. 
Kable. William, 139. 
Kauffman. Mary, 105. 
Kaull, William, 130. 
Keeman, James, 104. 
Kell. Annie M., 155. 
Kell, Catharine, 42-112. 
Kell. Charles L., 154. 
Kell. Effie M., 154. 
Kell, Elizabeth Ann, 50. 
Kell. Hilda Susan, 155. 
Kell. John D., 154. 
Kell, John H.. 155. 
Kell, Joseph, 16. 
Kell. Margaret J., 154. 
Kell. Mr., 46. 
Kell. Myrtle, 154. 
Kell. Omer A., 154. 
Kell, Philip, 112. 
Kell, Philip, 150-154. 
Kell. Wm., 16. 
Kell, William Newton, 154. 
Keller. Avery Isaac, 153. 
Keller, Bessie Jemima, 153. 
Keller, Blanche Eliza, 153. 
Keller, Charles E., 153. 


Keller, Harry Leroy, 153. 
Keller, Helen Lucille, 153. 
Keller, Olive Alta, 153. 
Kelley, Miss, 114. 
Kelly, Anna M., 51. 
Kellv, Charles E., 51. 
Kelly, Clarence O., 51. 
Kelly, Rev. E. VV, 51. 
Kelly, Henry B. L., 51. 
Kelly, Mary L., 51. 
Kelly, Sarah Jane, 51. 
Kensell, David, 116. 
Kepner, Alice, 115. 
Kepner, Benj., iog-113-114. 
Kepner, Benj. Franklin, 114. 
Kepner, Calvin, 137. 
Kepner, Catharine, 114. 
Kepner, David, 102. 
Kepner, Elizabeth, 114. 
Kepner, Emeline, 115. 
Kepner, Frances, 115. 
Kepner, Frank, 46. 
Kepner, Frank, 113. 
Kepner, George, 115. 
Kepner, Harriet Bell, 46. 
Kepner, Henry, 115. 
Kepner, Henry, no. 
Kepner, Jacob, 115. 
Kepner, Jerome, 114. 
Kepner, John, 114. 
Kepner, Josephine, 115. 
Kepner, Margaret, 115. 
Kepner, Malinda, 115. 
Kepner, Mary, 115. 
Kepner, Phcebe, 115. 
Kepner, Samuel, 115. 
Kepner, Sarah, iog-113. 
Kepner, Sarah, 114. 
Kepner, Sarah, 115. 
Kepner, VVm., 113. 
Kepner, Wm., 114. 
Kerr, Johnson F., 116. 
Kilmer, Abigail, 102. 
Kilmer, Eliza, loi. 
Kilmer, John, loi. 
Kilmer, John, 108. 
Kilmer, Margaretta, 102. 
Koontz, Mary Ann, 102. 

Kilmer, Peter, loi. 
Kilmer, Philip, loi. 
Kilmer, Rebecca, 102. 
Kilmer, Washington, 92. 
King, Laurence, 83. 

Kinsley, , 121. 

Kirk, ^latthew, loi. 
Kistler, David, 45-117. 
Kistler, David Allen, 45. 
Kistler, Edwin H., 48. 
Kistler, John Luther, 45. 
Klinepeter, Henrietta, 108. 
Kneedwell, Samuel, 139. 
Kneer, Mary, 86-122. 
Kno.x. Hiram, 103. 
Kochenderfer, David, 128. 
Kochenderfer, John, 69. 
Kochenderfer, John, 128. 
Kochenderfer, Nancy, 115. 
Kochenderfer, Peter, 128. 
Kochenderfer, Polly, 6g. 
Kolb, Elizabeth, 104. 
Kolb, Hannah, 105. 
Kolb, Hannah, 107. 
Kolb, Margaret, 104. 
Kolb, William, 105. 
Koontz, George, 137. 
Koons, John, 114. 
Koons, James, 108. 
Koontz, Mary A., loi. 
Kopenhaver, H., 115. 
Koser, Catharine, 122. 
Krauss, Philip, 34. 
Kurtz, Elizabeth, 34. 

Landis, Barbara, 85-107. 
Lane, Jane, 31. 
Leiby, Anna Bell, 51. 
Leibey. Elias Bixler, 51. 
Leiby, James B., 51. 
Leiby, James Edgar, 51. 
Leiby, John S., 51. 
Leiby, Mary Eva, 51. 
Leibey, Scott Smith, 51. 
Leiby, Wm. H., 51. 
Leonard, Ezekiel, 57. 
Lingafelt, Margaret Jane, 48. 
Litsel, James, 49. 



Logan, James, 114. 
Lomas, Thomas, 99. 
Loy, Betsy, 123. 
Loy, George, 69. 
Loy, Margaret, 118. 
Loy, Sarah, 145-148-158. 
Ludwick, Phoebe, 96-97-98. 
Ludwick, Susanna, 96-97. 
Ludwick, \Vm., 99. 
Lukenbill, Leah, 63-64-76. 
Lukens, Robt., 127. 
Lupfer, Ruth E., 151. 
Lyons, Daniel, 116. 

MacCune, Martha Ann, 47. 
Moben, Joseph, 120. 
Maginnis, Christian, 98. 
Magonigle, Alexander, 88-95. 
Magonigle, Elizabeth, 95. 
McGonigle, Granville Shup- 

ner, 95. 
Magonigle, John, 95. 
Magonigle, Samuel, 93. 
Magonigle, Thomas, 95. 
Magonigle, Wm., 95. 
Malley, Miss, 115. 
Maley, Dr., 25-36. 
Manger, Leonard, 103. 
March, Abraham, 123. 
March, John, 82. 
Mariott, Bertha, 161. 
Marley, Abraham, 25. 
Markley, Abraham, 31. 
Markley, Abraham, 31. 
Markley, Benjamin, 31. 
Markley, David, 31. 
Markley, Elizabeth, 31. 
Alarkley, Isaac, 31. 
Markley, Jacob, 31. 
Markley, John, 31. 
Markley, Marie Barbara, 31. 
Markley, Samuel, 31. 
Markley, Sara, 31. 
Martin, Alexander, 86-87. 
Martin, Clarence L., 20. 
Martin, Edith Jane, 152. 
Martin, John Calvin, 152. 
Martin, John Calvin, Jr., 152. 

Martin, Laura Ellen, 152. 
Martin, Sarah Jane, 151. 

Mason, , 69. 

Matthews, Abner Harding, 

Matthews, Charles Hanson, 

Matthews, Edward Ickes, 41. 
Matthews, Henry Blair, 41. 
Matthews, Ida Clayton, 41. 
Matthews, Mary Duncan, 40. 
Matthews, Rev. R. C, 4°- 
Matthews, Robert AIcMaster. 

Matthews, Ruth Isabella, 41. 
Matthews, Susan Harding, 

^laxwell, Catharine B., 149. 
Mc.\llister, Alex, 113. 
McAllister, John B., 44. 
McCallister, John Richard, 

McCallister, Margaret E., 44- 

McCallister, Maria Lillian, 

McCallister, Thomas A., 44. 
McArtney, Eliza, 41. 
McCachran, James, 70. 
McCachran, Sarah, 90-119. 
McCarter, Mary E., 76. 
McCamant, Eliza Jenkins, 46. 
McCammant, Eliza Jane. 
McCallister, Maria Lillian, 44. 
McCallister, John B., 44. 
McCallister, John Richard, 

McCallister, Margaret E., 44. 
McCallister. Thomas A., 44. 
McConnell, Aramina Pris- 

cilla, 92. 
McConnell, Rev. Chambers 

Luther, 92. 
McConnell, Daniel, 92. 
McConnell, Elliott Savior, 92. 
McConnell, George Piper, 92. 
McConnell, John Stinson, 92. 
McConnell, Mary Bell, 92. 



McConnell, Susan, 89. 
McConnell, VVm. Huston, 92 
McCord, Rebecca C, 37. 

McCoy, , 114. 

McCuIlaugh, Martha, 115. 
McFadden, Miss, 107. 
McFadden, Elizabeth, 88-96. 
McKilhps, Ehzabeth, 74. 
McKilUps, Priscilla, 74-75. 
McLaughlin, J. L., 136. 
McMeen, Hugh L., 102-134- 

McMeen, Rhetta J.. 120. 
McMeen, Robert, 100-102. 
McMeen, Robert E., 102. 
McMeen, S. R., 89-102. 
McMeen, W'm., 102. 
McMillan, Susan, 127. 
Meminger, J. W., 56. 
Merrill, Charles Chauncey, 40. 
^lerrill, Edith Gertrude, 40. 
Merrill, Eugene Burden, 40. 
Merrill, George, 40. 
Merrill, Harding Ickes, 40. 
Merrill, Rufus R., 40. 
Merrill, Susan Maria, 40. 
Mertz, Daniel, 30. 
Milford. Peter, 29. 
Miller, .■\gnes Jemima, 145. 
^liller, Alexander, 76. 
Miller, Alfred Ray, 164. 
Miller, Andrew, 128-129. 
Miller, Anna Jay, 164. 
Miller, Anna M., 163. 
Miller, Anna Maria, 34. 
Miller, Charles Reed, 162. 
Miller, Christiana, 128. 
Miller, Edward L.. 164. 
Miller, Eliza, 145-164. 
Miller, Emery C., 162. 
Miller, George Alfred, 145- 

Miller, George Arthur. 164. 
Miller, Grace Melba, 164. 
Miller, Harriet Emeline, 145- 

Miller, Harry Elwood, 163. 
Miller, Hattie Hallie, 163. 

.Miller, J. C, 129. 
Miller, Jacob, 145-148-161. 
Miller, Jacob Willis, 145-164. 
Miller, John, 30. 
Miller, John, 128. 
.Miller, John M., 76. 
Miller, John M., 164. 
Miller, Jack Elwood, 163. 
Miller, Joseph M., 164. 
Miller, Linens O., 164. 
Miller. Lottie Grace, 163. 
Miller, Lydia, 99. 
Miller, .Mabel Clare, 164. 
.Miller, Mabel Matilda, 164. 
Miller, Mary Mercedes, 163. 
Miller, Margaret, 30. 
Miller, Mary Ellen, 145-163. 
^liller, Mattie, 124. 
Miller. Michael Amos, 145- 

Miller, Russell Tankford, 163. 
.Miller, Ruth, 164. 
-Miller, Susan, 129. 
Miller. Thomas Dromgold, 

Miller, Wesley, 145-163. 
Milligan, .\nn, 50. 
Milligan, Caroline, 43-111-113. 
.Milligan, John, 39. 
Milligan, John H.. 53. 
Millikin, Miss, 45. 
MiUikin, .Mr., 45. 
Milligan, Samuel, 39. 
Milligan, Thomas, 113. 
.Minchow, .Ardell, 154. 
Minchow, Frederick, 154. 
Minchow, Gladys, 154. 
Minchow, Joseph Dick, 154. 
Minchow. Owen, 154. 
Minich. B., 115. 
Minich, John, 115. 
Minnick. Ida ^L, 155. 
Moffat, Elizabeth, 91. 
Moist, Miss, 119. 
Monroe, George, 142. 
-Montgomery, Melissa, 74. 
Morrow. John B., 92. 
MostcUer, Henr\-, 104-106. 



Morsteller, Susan, 105. 
Motzer, Daniel, 15-126-127. 
Moul, Dinah, 128. 
Aloyer, N., 115. 
Muhlenberg, Father, 35. 
Mullett, Elizabeth Sophia, 48. 
Mumper, Adelia Gertrude, 94 
Mumper, Daniel, 94. 
Mumper, Edward L., 94. 
Mumper, Forest Merle, 94. 
Murlatt, Daniel, 73. 
Murlatt, James, 63-64-72. 
Murlatt, Samuel, 72. 
Mut^^ebaugh, C. F., 163. 
Mutzebaugh, Marie M., 163. 

Neilson, John, 113. 
Neilson, Sarah, 44-112-113. 
Newbury, Nathaniel, 57. 
Noel, Elizabeth. 71. 
Notestine, Allen. 119. 
Notestine, Elizabeth, 118. 
Notestein, George, 114. 
Notestine, John, 118-119. 
Notestine, Michael. 88. 
Notestine, -Samuel, 119. 

Olewein, Elizabeth, 59-62-63 

Orr, Sarah, 115. 
Orris. Adam, 67-68. 
Orris, Eliza, 68. 
Orris. George, 67. 
Orris, George, 68. 
Orris, Henry, 68. 
Orris, Mary Ann. 110-115. 
Orris, Margaret Rice. 68. 
Orris, Samuel Rice. 68. 
Osborn. Abraham J., 130. 
Oxley, Eileen Virginia, 153. 
0.x.ley, Everett Elmer, 153. 
O.xley, Glenn, 153. 
Oxley, Grace Estella. 153. 
Oxley, Harry Randolph, 153. 
Oxley, Henry Elmere, 153. 
Oxley, John Wade, 153. 

Palm, Rachel, 74. 

Patterson, R. R., 134. 
Patton. Adam, 74. 
Pelton, Evelyn K., 154. 
Pelton, Lester K., 154. 
Pelton, Lester K., Jr., 154. 
Pelton, William C., 154. 
Penn, Wm., 11-23-81. 
Pennypacker, Eli, 104. 
Peterman, George, 124. 
Pettigrew, Sarah Ann, 163. 
Phillips. Elizabeth, 99. 
Pierce, Lizzie L., 164. 
Pike, Elizabeth, 57. 
Pike, Joseph. 57. 
Pike, Richard, 57. 
Pike, Eliza, 139. 
Place, Margaret, 99. 
Plumsted, Wm., 28. 
Pontius, Augusta Chase 

Parkhill. 47. 
Pontius, Henry, 47. 
Pontius, Luther Samuel, 47. 
Pontius, Peter Henry, 47. 
Pontius, Rebecca Elizabeth 

Helen, 47. 
Pontius, Susanna, 47. 
Powelle, Esther, 159. 
Powelle, Charles Wesley, 159. 
Powelle, Lewis W., 145-158- 

Powelle, ^linnie May, 159. 
Powell, Susan, ^2-^^. 
Pugle, George, io6. 



Raffensberger, Maggie, 50. 
Rathburn. Alice E., 52. 
Rausch, George, 15-126-127. 
Read. Thomas, 38. 
Reed. Elizabeth, 71. 
Reed. Sarah Jane, 162. 
Reisinger, Sallie, 68. 
Reeves, Emma, J., 152. 
Reiber, William, 128. 
Reigel, Eli, 75- 
Renshaw, Anna, 25. 
Renshaw, Richard, 25. 

1 82 


Reynolds, Jesse, 135. 
Reynolds, Margaret, 135. 
Rhea, Maud, 151. 
Rice, Abigail, 100-103. 
Rice, Abigail, 9-81-82-86-S7- 

Rice, Abagail Ann, 43. 
Rice, Absalom, 96. 
Rice, Adam, 116. 
Rice, Annie, 114. 
Rice, Anna Jane, 88. 
Rice, Anna Maria, 103. 
Rice, Anna Maria, 85. 

Rice, Anna Mary, 43. 
Rice, Anna Stella, 44. 
Rice, Annie O., 43- 

Rice, Benjamin, 46-116. 

Rice, Benjamin, 80-86-132. 

Rice, Benj., 100. 

Rice, Benjamin, 110-116. 

Rice, Benj., 122. 

Rice, Betsy, 86-87. 

Rice, Benjamin, 122. 

Rice, Benj., 132. 

Rice, Benj. Hook, 117. 

Rice, Carrie Mc, 44- 

Rice, Catharine, 45-1 1"- 

Rice, Catharine, 86. 

Rice, Catharine, 88. 

Rice, Catharine, loi. 

Rice, Catharine, 108. 

Rice, Catharine, no. 

Rice, Catharine, US- 
Rice, Catharine, 116. 

Rice, Catharine, 123. 

Rice, Catharine Ellen, 44-n2, 

Rice, Catharine Jane, 132. 

Rice, Charles Stine, 43- 

Rice, Christenah, 88-95. 

Rice, Clara Jane, 92. 

Rice, Cloyd N., 44- 

Rice, Conrad, 86-118. 

Rice, Conrad, 118. 
Rice, Daniel, 116. 
Rice, Daniel S.. 108. 
Rice, David, 18-20. 
Rice, David, 116. 
Rice, David Ickes, 43-1 "■ 

Rice, David Lawrence, 43- 

Rice, Dora M., 94- 

Rice, Eliza, 122. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 45-ii7- 

Rice, Elizabeth, 85. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 88-96. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 88. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 96. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 100-103. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 107-I08. 

Rice, Elizabeth, 108. 

Rice, Ellen, 116. 

Rice, Elsie, 117. 

Rice, Emma, 116. 

Rice, Emma Pearl, 20. 

Rice, Frances, 16-18. 

Rice, Francis, 68. 

Rice, Frances Grace, 20. 

Rice, Frances Maria, 132. 

Rice, Franklin, 43. 

Rice, George, 42-111. 

Rice, George, 85-109-110-117. 

Rice, George, 85. 

Rice, George, 114. 

Rice, George, 115. 

Rice, George, 116. 

Rice, George, 6. 

Rice, George I., 45-II7- 

Rice, Hannah, 88-102. 

Rice, Hannah, 89. 

Rice, Hannah, 123. 

Rice, Hannah, 3. 

Rice, Harris G., 43. 

Rice, Harvey, 43. 

Rice, Henry, 86-122. 

Rice, Henry, 107. 

Rice, Henry, 123. 

Rice, Hiram, 116. 

Rice, Hulda M., 20. 

Rice, Jacob, 85-88-107. 

Rice, Jacob, 87. 

Rice, Jacob, 107. 

Rice, Jacob, 116. 

Rice, Jacob, 132. 

Rice, James Logan, 43. 

Rice, Jane, 114. 

Rice, Jennie Bell, 43- 

Rice, Jeremiah, 122. 


















































, Jerome W., 93. Rice 

. Jesse, 88. Rice, 

, Jesse, 88-96. Rice 

, Jesse, 109. Rice 

, Jesse, 123. Rice 

, John, 83-85. Rice 

, John, 42-109-110. Rice 

, John, 43. Rice, 

, John, 88. Rice, 

, John, 88-95. Rice 

, John, 91. Rice 

, John, 95. Rice, 

, John, 100. Rice 

, John, 100. R 

, John, loi. Rice 

, John, 102. Rice 

, John, 44-112. Rice 

, John, 113. Rice 

, John, 115. Rice, 

, John M., 45-117. Rice 

, John S., 44. Rice, 

, J. W., 23-56. Rice 
, Judith, 87-89. II. 

, kenyat, 117. Rice 

, Lehman, 114. Rice 

, Lillie Ickes, 43. Rice 

, Lillian O., 44. Rice 

, Lizzie, 133. Rice, 
, Margaret, 13-15-126-131. Rice 
. Margaret (Pegg>-). i-3- Rice, 

. Margaret Diehl, 132. Rice 

, Margaret, 67-118. Rice 

, Margaret. 86. Rice, 

, Margaretta, 80. Rice 

. ^[argaret, 100-102. Rice 

, Margaret, 109. Rice 

, Margaret. 114. Rice, 

', Margaret, 116. Rice 

, Margaret A., S8. Ri 

, Margaretta, 45-n7- Rice 

, Margaretta E., 44-112 Rice 
, Margaretta Eleanor, 44. Rice 

, Maria, 116. Rice, 

, Martha, 113. Rice 

■, Martha Ann, 116. Rice, 

, Martha B., 90-120. Rice 

, Martin, 96. Rice 

, Mary Adora, 44-112. Rice, 


Mary, 86-121-138. 
Mary, 107. 
Mary, 108. 
Mary, 114. 
Mary. 117. 
Mary, 132. 
Mary Ann, 88. 
Mary Catharine, 44. 
Mary Evaline, 108. 
Mar>- Jane, 44-II7- 
Mary Jane, 45. 
Mary Malinda, Ii6. 
^Litilda, 113. 
Maude L., 93. 
Minnie J., 43. 
Minnie R., 93. 
Nancy, 107. 
Nancy, 123. 
Nancy Jane, 95. 
Nettie L, 93. 
Nicholas, 45-117. 
Oliver C. Perry, 44-112- 

Peter, 85-99- 
Peter, 100. 
Peter, 100. 
Peter G., loi. 
Peter, 132. 
Philo H., 108. 
Polly, 87. 
Polly, loi. 
Polly, 109-113-114. 
Polly, 100. 
Pollv, 123. 
Polly, 86-138. 
Polly, 113. 
Rebecca, 102. 
Rebecca, 115. 
Robt. Boden, 43. 
Sallie, 86-118. 
Sally, 100. 
Sally, loo-ioi. 
Sally, 102. 
Samuel, 43-1 11. 
Samuel, 67. 
Samuel, 88-96. 
Samuel, 100. 
Samuel, 100. 

1 84 


Rice, Samuel, 102. 

Rice, Samuel, 108. 

Rice, Samuel, 109-113. 

Rice, Samuel, 110-115. 

Rice, Samuel, 118. 

Rice, Samuel, 123. 

Rice, Sophia, 116. 

Rice, Sarah, 45. 

Rice, Sarah, 110-115. 

Rice, Sarah, 114. 

Rice, Sarah, 115. 

Rice, Sarah, 45-118. 

Rice, Sarah C, 102. 

Rice, Sarah E., 96. 

Rice, Sarah Jane, 45-117. 

Rice, Sarah Jane, 44-112. 

Rice, Susanna I'-kes, 42. 

Rice, Susan, 123. 

Rice, Susanna, 15-86-133. 

Rice, Susanna, 45-117. 

Rice, Thomas, 115. 

Rice, Thomas, 102. 

Rice, Thomas Ward, 43. 

Rice, Vernon, 23-78. 

Rice, Ward Hench, 20, 

Rice, William, 43-1 11. 

Rico, William, 87-95. 

Rice, Wm., 100. 

Rice, Wm., 108. 

Rice, Wm., no. 

Rice, Wm., 115. 

Rice, William, 116. 

Rice, Wm., 118. 

Rice, Wm., 123. 

Rice, Wm. Edgar, 43. 

Rice, Zachariah, 9-13-58-78- 

Rice, Zachariah, 86-122. 
Rice, Zachariah, 91-114. 
Rice, Zachariah, 99-100. 
Rice, Zachariah, 109. 
Rice, Zachariah, 123. 
Rickard, Benj. R, 18-21. 
Rickard, Emma, 21. 
Rickard, George W. Hench, 

Rickard, Marion Frances, 21. 
Rigby, John, 134. 

Rinehart, Betsy, 96-97. 
Rinehart, Nancy, 97. 
Rinehart, Polly, 97. 
Rinesmith, Margaret, 128. 
Ritner, J., 113. 
Ritter, Benjamin, 128. 
Ritter, Elizabeth, 128. 
Ritter, George, 128. 
Ritter, John, Sr., 15-126-127- 

Ritter, John B., 16. 
Ritter, John H., 128. 
Ritter, Julia Ann or Judith, 

Ritter, Margaretta Christina, 

Ritter, Mary, 128. 
Ritter, Mary Jane, 43-1 1 1. 
Ritter, Susanna, 128. 
Ritter, Valentine, 131. 
Robins, Abigail, 114. 
Robinson, Anna Maude, 159. 
Robinson, Alexander, 52. 
Robinson, Bertha Viola, 159. 
Robinson, Delia Bernice, 159. 
Robinson, E. J., 102. 
Robinson, Edna Margaret, 

Robinson, Goldie Pauline, 159. 
Robinson, John Lewis, 159. 
Robinson, Mary, 63-64-74. 
Robinson, Mildred Romaine, 

Robinson, Nellie Sarada, 159. 
Robinson, Robert, 25-36. 
Roper, John L., 51. 
Roper, Mary Ann, 51. 
Roper, Maud Daisy, 51. 
Roper, Ralph R., 51. 
Rosenberger, Grace, 154. 
Ruke, Earnest. 121. 

Sahler, Sallie, 56-62. 
Sanderson, George, 25-36. 
Sartin, J. S., 120. 
Sarvis, Ada Josephine, 52. 
Sarvis, David M., 52. 
Sarvis, Eugene L., 52. 

Index 185 

Sarvis, George R., 52. Seiber, Eliza, 98. 

Sarvis, Guy H., 52. Sell, Daniel, Rev., 132. 

Sarvis, Henry, 52. Sell, Daniel, 133. 

Sarvis, Hubert, 52. Sell, Edward Henry, 133. 

Sarvis, John A.. 52. Sell, John A., 133. 

Sarvis, Johnson. 52. Sell. Martha Jane, 133. 

Sarvis, Johnson T., 52. Shafer, Adam, 98. 

Sarvis, Mary E., 52. Shafer, Adam, 73. 

Sarvis, Roscoe Conkling, 52. Shafer, Agnes. 74. 

Sarvis, Thomas J., 52. Shafer, Catharine, 74. 

Sarvis, W'm. N.. 52. Shafer, Daniel, 73. 

Sarvis. Rebecca Ann. 52. Shafer, David, 124. 

Saunders, Neola, 164. Shafer, Emeline, 74. 

Saylor, .Ailhana Smith, 95. Shafer. Henry, 74. 

Saylor, Anna Christina, 91. Shafer, Margaret, 73-74. 

Saylor, Elizabeth, 63-64-69. Shafer, Mary, 74. 

Saylor, Elizabeth or Betsy, Shafer, Solomon, 74. 

91. Shafer, Susan, 74. 

Saylor, Emery, 89. Sheaflfer. George, 122. 

Saylor, Emma, 89. Sheet. Elizabeth, 25. 

Saylor, Frank, 90. Sheet, William, 25. 

Saylor, George, 90. Sheibley, Rebecca, 144-148- 
Saylor, Hannah, 91-114. 149. 

Saylor, Hannah, iio. Sheller, Samuel, 75-76. 

Saylor, Jesse, 8g. Shelly, Fanny, loi. 

Saylor, Jesse, 89. Shenenian, Ann, 107. 

Saylor, John, 89. Sheneman. Benj., 85. 

Saylor, Julia Ann, 92. Sheneman, Benj., 103. 

Saylor. John Dyson, 8g. Shenemen, Benjamin, 106. 

Saylor, Mary or Polly, 90-118- Sheneman, Benj. 104-105. 

119. Sheinian, Catharine, 106. 

Saylor, Mary Jane, 8g. Sheneman, Catharine, 107. 

Saylor, Priscilla, 8g. Sheneman, Davis, 105. 

Saylor, Priscilla, 94. Sheneman, Edward, 105. 

Saylor, Rebecca, 87-95. Sheneman, Elizabeth, 104-105- 
Saylor, \Vm.. 87-89. 106. 

Saylor. \Vm., gi. Sheneman, Elizabeth, 106. 

Seager. .Anna Elizabeth, 93. Sheneman. George, 104. 

Seager, Foster Tobias, 93. Siieneman, Henry, 107. 

Seager. Florence Irene, 93. Sheneman, Hester, 106. 

Seager. George, 94. Sheneman. Jacob, 104-107. 

Seager, George, 93. Sheneman, John, 104. 

Seager, Jacob, 93. Sheneman, John, 105. 

Seager, Laura Blanche, 93. Sheneman. John, 106. 

Seager, Mary Jane. 93. Sheneman, Jones, 104-105. 

Seager. Sallie Miller, 93. Sheneman, Joseph, 104-105. 

Secrist, Mr., 49. Sheneman, Lydia. 106. 

Sell, Anna Maria, 133. Sheneman, ^I-rgaret, 104. 


Sheneman, Margaret. io6. 
Sheneman, Mary, io6. 
Sheneman, Mary Ann, 104. 
Sheneman, Milton, 105. 
Sheneman, Pamela, 104. 
Sheneman, Peter, 104-105. 
Sheneman, Polly, 104. 
Sheneman, Saliie, 104. 
Sheneman, Sarah Ann, 104. 
Sheneman, Susanna, 106. 
Sheneman, Thomas, 105. 
Sheneman, William, 105. 
Sheneman, Zacharias, 103-105 
Sherriden, Christina, 33. 

Shick, , 74. 

Shoaff, James. 102. 
Shoemaker, John. 66. 
Shoemaker, Katie, 39. 
Shoemaker, Mao'. 7i- 
Shoemaker, Samuel, 66. 
Shopbell, Daniel. loiS. 
Shope, Ida Adaline, 18-20. 
Shreffler, George, 42. 
Shreffler, Jonas, 42. 
Shreffler, Alaggie, 42. 
Shreffler, Nicholas, 42. 
Shreffler. Paul. 42. 
Shreffler, Samuel, 42. 
Shreffler, Susan. 42. 
Shuler, Esther, 97. 
Shuler, Wm., 97. 
ShuU, Anna Jane, 45. 
Shull, Catharine. 67-68. 
Shull, Edward Stanton, 45. 
Shull, Frederick. 58-59-62-64- 

Shull, Frederick 2d. 67-68. 
Shull, Henr>-. 68. 
Shull. Ida Bell, 45. 
Shuil, John, 67. 
Shull, John, 68. 
Shull, Martha Ellen, 45-151- 

Shull, Mary (Polly), 67. 
Shull, Mary, iio. 
Shull, Mary Edna. 45. 
Shull, Mary Campbell. 68. 
Shull, Margaret, 68. 

Shull, Phoebe Ann, 68. 
Shull, Pheby, 61. 
Shull, Sallv, 67. 
Shull, Samuel, 67-118. 
Shull, William. 45-117. 
Shull, Wm., 

Shull, Willis Bucher, 45. 
Shumaker, Samuel, 65. 
Shumaker. Lavina H., 76. 
Shuman, Catherine Jane, 49. 
Shuman, Catharine Jane, 49. 
Simon, Sarah. 124. 
Simonton, Benjamin, 155. 
Simonton, Elizabeth, 21. 
Simonton, Frances Pauline. 

Simonton. Margaret K., 155. 
Simonton, Melvin D.. 21. 
Smith, Austin Earl, 52. 
Smith. Catherine A., 51. 
Smith, Charles Ickes, 51. 
Smith, Clarence Bucher, 52. 
Smith. Clement, 137. 
Smith, Ella Belle, 151-156. 
Smith, Elmer G., 163. 
Smith, George A., 50. 
Smith, Henr>- L.. 50. 
Smith, Henry L., 
Smith, Jemima Jane, 51. 
Smith, Louisa. 116. 
Smith, Mabel Hallie, 163. 
Smith, Margaretta, 51. 
Smith, Martha. 76. 
Smith, Mary, 73. 
Smith, Mary Ann, 51. 
Smith. Mary Ellen, 51. 
Smith. Nicholas Ickes, 51. 
Smith, Sarah B.. 121. 
Smith, Willis Loyd, 51. 
Smoker, John. 47. 

Snyder, . loi. 

Snyder, David, 70. 
Snyder, Jacob, 70. 
Snyder, John. 
Snyder, Peter, 104. 
Snyder, Peter, 106. 
Snyder, Susan, 122. 
Souder, John, 109. 



Soule, Edward S. L., 19-21. 
Soule, Edwin Kenneth, 22. 
Soule, Frances Louise, 22. 
Soule, Gertrude Madeline, 22. 
Soule, Gladys Geraldine, 22. 
Soule, \Vm. Hench, 21. 
Springer, Catherine, 75. 
Squire, Nellie May, 158-161. 
Stackhouse, James, 96. 
Stambaugh, Charles Andrew, 

Stambaugh, Delia, 19. 
Stambaugh, Esther Eulala, 19. 
Stambaugh Martha Florence, 

Staner, Elias, 69. 
Stattler, Abraham, 29. 
Steel, Rebecca, 25. 
Stevens, Ruth, 1/6-97. 
Stephens, Ale.x., 114. 
Stevens, Eleanor, 136. 
Stever, Frank, 
Stewart, Alice, 110-116. 
Stewart, Angeline, 103. 
Stewart, Calvin, 103. 
Stewart, Ephraim, 103. 
Stewart, Frances, 103. 
Stewart, Hiram, 103. 
Stewart, Malinda, 103. 
Stewart. Mary, 137. 
Stewart, Orin, 103. 
Stewart, Robert, 103. 
Stewart, Thomas, 100-103. 
Stife, John, 98. 
Stimmell, Arabel, 120. 
Stimmell, B. Franklin, 120. 
Stimmell, Benj., 1 18-120. 
Stimmell. Catherine, 120. 
Stimmell, Eliza B., 120. 
Stimmell, Emma R., 120. 
Stimmell, Joseph \V., 120. 
Stimmell, Mary E., 120. 
Stimmell, Sarah J., 120. 
Stipe. Harriet. 98. 
Stone, Elizabeth, 71. 

Stowe, , 86-118. 

Strauch, Henry, 86. 
Strauch, Jacob, 15. 

Strayer, Jennie. 120. 
Streit, Christian, 32. 
Strettle, Amos, 57. 
Strickland, Faithful, 96-97-98 
Strickland, Mary, 98-99. 
Strock, Abraham, 124. 
Strock, .-Abraham, 125. 
Strock, Alexander, 129. 
Strock, Alfred, 125. 
Strock, .\nna, 124. 
Strock, Benjamin, 124. 
Strock, Catharine, 124. 
Strock, Catharine Rice, 124. 
Strock, Catharine, 125. 
Strock, Elias, 130. 
Strock, Elizabeth, 130. 
Strock, Elizabeth, 124. 
Strock, Franklin, 125. 
Strock, Harrieta, 130. 
Strock, Isaac, 124-125. 
Strock, Isaac, 125. 
Strouch or Strock, Jacob, 15 

Strock, John Henry, 124. 
Strock, John Henry, 123. 
Strock, Jonathan. 129. 
Strock, Joseph, 125. 
Strock, Julia, 125. 
Strock, Julia, 125. 
Strock, Louisa, 125. 
Strock, Lucinda, 130. 
Strock, Lydia, 125. 
Strock. ^Iargaret, 129. 
Strock, Martin, 130. 
Strock, Mary, 124. 
Strock, Mary Ann, 125. 
Strock, Mary Ann, 130. 
Strock, Rebecca, 125. 
Strock, Susan, 124. 
Strock, Zachariah Rice, 124. 
Strode, Mary Jane, 46. 
Stroop, George, 143. 
Strouse, Sidney, 137. 
Stumpp, Jacob, 63-64-77. 
Sturges, Rees, 104. 
Sully, Miss, 123. 
Sulouff, Jacob, 134. 
Swartz, John, 123. 



Mary, 77- 
Sophia, i6j. 
J.. 113. 

Charles M., 160. 
Clayton Elwood, 160. 
Gladys Laverna, 160. 
Goldie Pauline, 160. 
Grace Rebecca, 160. 
Guy Wilmot, 160. 
Lettie Wingard, 160. 
Margaret, 69. 
Mary, 123. 

Taylor, John, 72. 
Terrell, Martha Ann, 164. 
Thatcher, Laura L.. 52- 
Thomas, Catharine, 120. 
Thomas, John, 108. 
Thomas, Margaret. 86-122. 
Thomas, Susan, 118. 
Thompson, Evelyn Gertrude, 

Thompson, James, 25. 
Tiffany, Hattie, 42. 
Titler, Barbara Ellen, 77. 
Titler, Daniel, 77- 
Titler, Elizabeth Abbey, 77- 
Titler, Emma, 77- 
Titler, Henry. T]. 
Titler, James H., 77. 
Titler, John, 77. 
Titler, Margaret, 77. 
Titler, Mary A., 77. 
Titler, Sarah, 77. 
Titler, Samuel, IT- 
Titler, Susan, 77. 
Titler, William, T^. 
Townscnd, John, 106. 
Toomey, George. 50. 
Toomey, Harry, 50. 
Toomey, Milton, 50. 
Turbett. Ann. 137. 
Turbott, Belle, loi. 
Turbett, Carrie E., I37- 
Turbot, Geo., 127. 
Turbott, Jane, loi. 
Turbott. John, loi. 
Turbott, Mary A., lor. 

Turbott, Nancy, loi. 
Turbet. Thomas, loo-ioi. 
Turbott, Polly, loi. 
Turbott, Rebecca, loi. 
Turbott, Sarah, loi. 
Turbett. Stewart, 135. 
Turbott, Wm., loi. 
Turnbaugh, ^Iargaret, 77. 
Tyson, Matthias, 31. 

Vance, Ellen. TJ. 
Vaughan, John, 115. 
Vaughn. Mary Gertrude, 41. 
Vaughn. Robert Matthews, 41. 
Vaughn. Ruth Isabella, 41. 
Vaughn, Wm., 40. 

Wagner, Anna Catharine, 69. 
Wagner. Frank, 75. 
W'agonseller. Thomas, 114. 
Wailack, Benjamin, 86-121. 
W^allack. Benj., 122. 
Wallack, Catharine, 121. 
Wailack. Christopher, 121. 
Wallack, Elizabeth. 121. 
Wallack, George. 121. 
Wallack, Jane, 122. 
Wallack. John, 121. 
Wallack, Margaret, 124. 
Wallock, Margaret, 122. 
Wallock, Mary, 122. 
Wallock. Nancy, 122. 
Wallock, Sarah, 122. 
W^allock, Susan, 122. 
Wallack. Wesley. 122. 
Wallack. Zachariah, 121. 
Wallet. George. 
Walter. Mich., 28. 

Warthman, , 31. 

Washburn, Henry, 164. 
Washington. Gen. George, 81 
Watson, James. 113. 
Watson, John, 113. 
Watson. Josephine, 113. 
Watt, Anna M., 74-7.S. 
Wayne. Gen. Anthony, 65. 
Weaklev, .'Knnie E., 38. 
Weakley, Effie, 38. 



Weaver, Bertha A., 162. 
Weems, Harry Elwood, 145. 
W'eibly, Amer Nicholas, 53. 

bly, George Ickcs, sj. 

bly, Harriet Ellen, 53. 

bley, Ida Mary, 150-156- 


ibly, John Calvin, 53. 
ibly, Levi, 53. 
bly, Minnie Ann, 53. 
bly, Susan Amelia, 53. 
bly, Thomas Jefferson, 53. 
bly, Wm. Harris, 53. 
mer, Amanda. 120. 
mer, Benj., 119. 
mer, Catharine, 118. 
mer, Catharine, 100. 
mer, Catharine A., 121. 
imer, Christopher, iig-121. 
mer, Cloyd M., 119. 
mer, Conrad, 119. 
mer, Edmund, 120. 
imer, Elizabeth, 118. 
mer, Frances H., 121. 
mer, George N., 121. 

mer, Gibson L., 90-120. 
imer, E. Hannah, 119. 

mer, Jacob, 119-121. 

mer, Jerome T.. 121. 

mer, John, 86-118. 
imer, John, 90-118-119. 

mer, John, 120. 

mer, John J., 121. 

mer, John, 135-136. 

mer, Mary, ii8-iig. 

mer, Mary J., 119. 

mer, Mary Jane, 121. 

mer, Mary M., 121. 
imer, Sally, 1 18-120. 

mer, Samuel E., 121. 

mer, Samuel Rice, 91-120. 

mer, Sarah Louisa, 121. 

mer, Thomas, 90. 

mer, Thomas M., 119. 

mer, Thomas Mitchell, 90. 

mer, Thomas, 118. 

mer, Wm., 121. 

mer, William, 119. 

Weimer, Wm. Saylor, 90-119. 
Weimer, Zachariah, 1 19-120. 
Weishaupt, Catharine, 99-100. 
Weishaupt, Esther, 99-100. 
Weishaupt, Valentine, 91. 
Wentz, iHannah, 31. 
W'entz, Harry, 164. 
Wentz, Lula, 164. 
Wentz, Samuel, 145-164. 
Wetzel, Sophia, 124. 
Wharton, Jane Mary, 88. 
Wharton, John, 114. 
White, Emma, 105. 
W'hite, Mary, 115. 
White, Mary, 45. 
White, Rose, 39. 
Whiteman. iRebecca, 77. 
Whitney. Ella, 94. 
Wibley, Levi, 59. 
Wilcocks, Alexander, 58. 
Willhide. M., 93. 
Willis, Clelle R., 149. 
Willis. Fay R., 149. 
W'illis, Grace Eleanora, 149. 
Willis, Grace G., 149. 
Willis, iMary Rebecca, 150. 
Willis, Robert N., 144-149. 
Willis, Robert Milton, 149. 
Willis, Samuel Edward, 149. 
Weimer, Alpha, gi. 
W^eimer, Alton G., 90. 
Weimer, Anna Margaret, 90. 
Weimer, Brady ^L, 90. 
Weimer, Bruce Lloyd, 91. 
Weimer, C. Banks, 91. 
Weimer, Clara Jane, 90. 
Weimer, Cloyd Melancthon 

Weimer, Cora, 90. 
Weimer, Effie Wilson, 90. 
Weimer, Gibson Luther, 90. 
Weimer, Hannah Elizabeth, 

Weimer, Harriet, 91. 
W'eimer, Jessie Ellen, 91. 
Weimer, John, 91. 
Weimer, John, 90. 
Weimer, Julia iBlanch, 90. 



Weimer, Mary Grace, 90. 
Weimer, Alary J., 90. 
Weimer, Alary Jane, 91. 
Weimer, Alay, 91. 
Weimer, Alinerva Jane, 90. 
Weimer, Rose Earl, 91. 
Weimer, Samuel Rice, 91. 
Weimer, Samuel Roy, 91. 
Weimer, Sherman Luther, 

Weimer, Thomas Alitchell, 

Williams, Jesse Boone, 46. 
Williams. John Ley, 46. 
Wilson, Boyd, 109. 
Wilson, Bruce, 89. 
Wilson, Carrie Eve, 2i7- 
Wilson, Clarence AL, 92. 
Wilson, Elizabeth, 109. 
Wilson, Elwin, 89. 
Wilson, Frank Hench, 2i7- 
Wilson, Hannah, 109. 
Wilson, Hannah, 89. 
Wilson, Harris Benton, j,";. 
Wilson, Ida, 89. 
Wilson, Jacob, 109. 
Wilson, James, 107-108. 
Wilson, James, 109-114. 
Wilson, John, 89. 
Wilson, Lila Jane, X7- 
Wilson, Alary, 18. ' 
Wilson, Alary, 108. 
Wilson, Alary Catharine, Zl- 
Wilson, Nancy, 109. 
Wilson, Nellie Hamilton, jj. 
Wilson, Nicholas Edgar, 37. 
Wilson, Peninah AI., 6.v 
Wilson, Sarah AI., 90. 
Wilson. Scott, 89. 
Wilson, Wm., 108. 
Wilson. Wm., yj. 
Wilt. Ella F., I.SI-I57- 

Winfield. , 102. 

Wise. Aliss. 120. 
Wisehaupt, Lepley, 91. 
Wisehaupt, John Louis, gi. 
Wisehaupt, Sallie, 92. 

Wolfkill, Rebecca, 100. 
Wollet, Catherine, 49. 
Wollet, Elizabeth, 49. 
Wollet, Esther J., 49. 
Wollet, George, 49. 
Wollet, James, 49. 
Wollet, Alary A., 49. 
Wollet, Nicholas, 49. 
Wollet, Lewis E., 49. 
Wollet, Sarah E., 49. 
Wollet, Susan Loy, 49. 
Wonderly, Alary, 121. 
Woods, Alma, 40. 
Woods, Ambrose, 40. 
Woods, Archie, 40. 
Woods, Robert, 40. 

Yinger, , yi. 

Yanquel, John, 76. 

Yohn, Eliza, "^i. 

Yohn, Elizabeth, 126-144. 

Yohn, Frederick. 71. 

Yohn, Hannah, 6g. 

Yohn, Hetty, ~2. 

Yohn, Isaac. 71. 

Yohn, Isaac, 63-64-71. 

Yohn, Jacob, 6g. 

Yohn, Jacob, 71. 

Yohn, John. 69. 

Yohn, John, 71. 

Yohn. Julia, 102. 

Yohn, Alary, 72. 

Yohn, Alary, 126-127. 

Yohn, Nancy, 69. 

Yohn, Polly, 69. 

Yohn. Rebecca, 69. 

Yohn, Sallie. 69. 

Yohn, Samuel, 71. 

Yohn, Sarah, 72. 

Yohn, Susan, 69. 

Yohn. Susan. 71. 

Yohn. William. 62-64-69. 

Yohn, William. 6g. 

Yohn, William, 72. 

Yons (Yohn), Alargaret, 6r. 

Yons (Yohn), Elizabeth, 61. 

Yons (Yohn), Sally, 61. 

Index 191 

Zollinger, Miss, 119-121. Zimmerman, John David, 19. 

Zeigler, Hannah M., 45-117. Zimmerman, John S., 18-19. 

Zell, Mary A., 106. Zimmerman, Pearl, 19. 

Zimmerman, Aurelius, 135- Zimmerman, Rebecca May, 

136. 19- 

Zimmerman, Daisy Alice, 19. Zimmerman. Robert Nelson. 

Zimmerman, David, 52. 18-19. 

Zimmerman, Delia Frances, Zimmerman, Roy Hench, 19. 

19. Zimmerman, Ruth Esther, 19. 

Zimmerman, Eulala Tressler. Zimmerman, Sallie Mabel, 19. 

19. Zimmerman, William Nevin, 

Zimmerman, Jacob Loy, 19. 19. 



JAN 01