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Full text of "Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England"

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3 1833 01100 7298 



COURT O III) E lis. 
VOL. Y. 









VOL. Y. 





1 8 o G . 


y, -s- 

H E M A 11 K S . 

__ 1136282 

XN tlic tbllowiiig pages is included a copy of the fifth inaiiu.sciipt 
-■- volume of Court Orders of the Colony of New Plymouth, embracing 
the acts of the General Court and the Court of Assistants of that colony, 
with grants of land and other entries of a more miscellaneous character, 
among which will be found a list of the freemen transcriljed on the 
twenty-ninth of May, lOVO. All the entries in the volume are in the 
handwriting of Secretary Morton. 

Governor Prence was at the head of affairs in the colony at the 
thnc when the vohune conmienccd, on the fourth of June, Kifil, and 
continued so to be until the time of his decease, which event occurred 
on the twenty-ninth day of March, 1673. During the remaining time 
covered by the records of this volume, ending on the thirtieth day of 
October, 1678, Mr. Josiah Winslow was Governor, having been elected 
to the office on the third day of June, 1673. The i)eiiod of time 
included was about ten years. 

N. B. S. 

Decemhek, 1855. 


A Dash " (or straight line) over ;i letter indicates the omission of the letter 
following the one marked. 

A Curved Line ~ indicates the omission of one or more letters next to the 
one marked. 

A Superior Letter indicates the omission of contiguous letters, either pre- 
ceding or following it. 

A Caret ^ indicates an omission in the original record. 

A Cross X indicates a lost or unintelligible word. 

All doubtful words supplied by the editor are included between brackets, [ ]. 

Some redundancies in the original record are printed in Italics. 

Some interlineations, that occur in the original record, arc put between 
parallels, || ||. 

Some words and paragraphs, which have been cancelled in the original record, 
are put between + J . 

Several characters have special significations, namely : — 

w, — annum, anno, 
a, — an, am, — curia, curiam, 
a, — miXtrate, magistrate. 
h, — bcr, — numb, number ; Rofet, 

c, — ci, ti, — accon, action. 

CO, — tio, — jurisdiccon, jurisdiction. 
0, — ere, cer, — a^s, acres. 

d, — dd, delivered. 

e, — Trer, Treasurer. 

i', — coinmitte, committee. 
g, — gfi!;il, general ; Georg, George, 
h, — chr, charter. 
T, — bcgig, beginig, beginning. 
L — ire, letter. 

iTi, — mm, mn, — coiTiittce, commit- 
m, — rccoindacbn, recommendation. 
11?, — mcr, — foriTily, formerly, 
ni, — month. 

u, — nn, — Peii, Pcnn ; auo, anno, 
u, — Dui, Domini, 
ii, — nor, — mann, manner, 
ii. — on, — mcntio, mention. 

0, — mo, month. 

p, — par, por, — pt, part; ption, por- 

p, — per, — pson, person. 

p, — pro, — pporcon, proportion. 

]?, — pre, — psent, present. 

q., — c(,stion, question. 

^, — es^, esquire. 

f, — Apr, April. 

s, — s, session ; sd, said. 

5, — ser, — svants, servants. 

i, — ter, — neuf, neuter. 

t, — capt, caj)tain. 

Q, — uer, — seQal, seueral. 

u, — aboil, aboue, above. 

?, — ver, — seVal, several. 

w, — wn, when. 

y", the ; y'", them ; y", then ; y', their j 
y% this; y', that. 

', — us, — vilib:;, vilibus. 

^, — es, et, — statut^, statutes. 

^(5, &(3, &c*, — et cactera. 

vizj, — videlicet, namely. 

./ — full point. 


COURT ORDERS, KJiiS— 1(578, 



1008-10 7 8. 



[The fifth volume of the Court Orders of the Colony of Xew Pljinouth properly commences on 
the second folio of the original manuscript volume, the first page belonging to the earliest portion of 
the preceding volume. The volume is in the handwTiting of Secretary Morton, and contains the records 
of the Court held on the twenty-ninth of October, 1668, and of those held subsequent to that time as 
far as and including that which was held on the thirtieth of October, 167S, and closes with a list of the 
freemen of the Colony transcribed on the twenty-ninth of May, 1670. The index at the end of the 
printed volume has been prepared from that contained in the original by proper enlargement.] 


Pkence, Gou". 

*Att the Generall Court held aft Pli/nwuth, in .Yew England, the 1 6 (H . 

t^'" of June, 1661. ' '^ 

-' ' .1 i.,..„ 

THE said Court graunted vnto ^I"' Richard Bourne, of Sandwich, a cer- 
taine tract of land, lying on the westerly side of Pampaspecite Riuer, 
wher Sandwich men take alewiues ; the land is a longe slipp lying by the 
riuer syde ; for breadth from the riuer vnto the topp of the hill or ridge that 
runs alonge the length of it, from a point of rockey land, by a swamp called 
Pametoopauksett, vnto a place called by the English Muddy Hole, but by the 
Indians \Yapoampauksett. The meddow is that wliich was called M' Leuer- 
ich his meddow, as alsoe the other slipps that are aboue, alonge the riuer side 
vnto a point bounded with two great stones or rockes ; alsoe all the meddow 
lying on the easterlysyde of the said riuer, vnto Thomas Barge, Seni' his 
farme, all which tracts and psells of land, both vpland and meddow, with all 
and singulare the appurtenances belonging thervnto, is graunted by the Coiu't 
onto the said Richard Bourne, to him and his heircs foreuer. IVIoreouer, the 
Court haue graunted vnto the said Richard Bourne, that hce shall haue libertie 




1 (> () 1 . to take yecrly tweluc tlioiisuud of :ik'\viuL's att the riuer where Sandwich men 
^ ~' vsuallv trake ulewiues, to him and his heires for eucr. 

4 June. "... 

Prenci: Likewise the said Court haiie graiuited vnto the said M' llichard Bourne 

^°^"- a psell of meddow lying att Mashpe, the one halfe therof to belougc to him 
and his heires for euer, and the otlier halfe to be made vse of and improued 
by the said Richard Bourne vntill the Court shall see i-eason otherwise to order. 
Moreouer the Court haue graunted vnto the said IM"" Richard Bourne a 
uecke of meddow att Mannamuchcoy, with a little vpland in it, the meddow 
lying between two little brookes, and the .said meddow adjoyniug to the 
vpland called by the Indians Aimtaanta ; the said p'niises, with all and singu- 
lare the appurtenances belonging thervnto, excepting the one halfe of the 
meddow att Mashpe aboue excepted, to haue and to hold vnto the said 
Kicliard Bourne, to him and his heires and assignes for euer. 

I(5(i8. *'^'itt the Court of his Ma'" held utt Plijmouth, for the Jurisdiction 
of .Ve«' Pbjmuuth, the 29'" of October, 1668. 

Befoue Thoiaas Prence, GoQ, Wiliam Bradford, 

John Alden, Thomas Hinckley, 

Josias Winslow, John Freeman, and 

Thomas Southworth, Nathaniel Bacon, 

Assistants, &d. 


N order sent vnto Bridgwater as followeth : — 

Gentlemen : Vpon the complaint of M' Nicolas Bironi, in the behalfe of 
himselfe and some others of youer townc that apprehend that they are opressed 
by youer way of rateing, and pticularly youer puting too much vpon dorment 
lands, and too little vpon faculties and psonall abillities, notwithstanding that 
some gett a great pte of thcire liuelyhood off the townes coiiions, to the 
great wasting and destruction therof, and haue little else to be rated for, the 
Coiu-t haue ordered mee to signify theii-e advice vnto you, that you would con- 
sider of some more equall and just way and course, that some men that are on 
all occations vsefull in the place be not opressed, and others that Hue mostly 
vpon the spoyle of youer coiiions, and put not themselues vpon any imj)rouc- 
ment that might be to publicke benifitt, goe free ; and that you would be more 
obscruant of such orders as the Court haue prouided respecting rateing ; that 

29 October. 


you may, att least ibr the future, prevent the like complaints, which if you 
doe not, the Court wilbe nessesitated to make further enquiry, and improue 
tlicire authoritlc to regulate you thcrin. 15ut in expectation that you will doe 
youcr cndeauors for rcdrcssc of such injury complained of, wee rest, &(3. '^"^"■ 

Wheras, att the reqUL^st of John Jacob, of lllngham, in the behalfe of 
himselfe and diuers others of his ptcnors, the Court haue formerly grauntcd 
that there shoidd be a deuisiou made of the land sointimes grauuted vnto M"' 
Ilatherley att Accord Pond, this Court ordcreth, that incase the ptenors iu the 
said land doe not agree to make deuis.sion therof iu a cheaper way, that then the 
cheife marshall shalhe authorised to impanell a jury to make dcuision therof. 

Wheras a formor graunt hath bine made by the Court vnto Experience 
Michell, Henery Sampson, Richard Church, and Thomas Little, to lookc out 
for land for thcire accomodation, and that since the said graimt they haue 
sought out a pcell of land for that end lying att Namassakett Pond, these are 
to be a memorandum that none shall interpose soe as to depriue them of the 
said land vnlill the Court haue taken course for the purchase of it, and 
scttleing such a i)i-o))oi'tinu therof to tlie said p>ons as shalbe by the Coiut 
thought meet. 

Wheras a certaiue tract u[' land was formerly graunted vnto the chilchen 
of Clement Briggs, of Weymouth, deceased, lying ncare the bounds of Bridg- 
water ; and a graunt alsoe of meddow, if it could be found ; and that Remem- 
ber Briggs, the son of the said Briggs, appeered att this Coiu't, and certifyed 
the Court in the behalfe of himselfe and the other children of the said Clem- 
ent Briggs concerned in the said graunt, that they haue found out a psell of 
swampey ground lying neare to the said land, — the Court haue settled and 
doe heerby confeirme twelue acres therof or therabouts vnto them, to be layed 
out vnto them by M' Constant Sout]l^^•orth and Cornctt Robert Studson. 

The Coui't doe alow and aproue of Captaine James Cudworth to be 
guardian vnto Gorge Russell, the son of Gorge Russell, somtimes of Namas- 
sakeesett, in the township of Duxburrow, deceased. 

*In reference vnto the request of James Lowell for to haue an addition [*3-l 
of swampey land neare vnto his land hee hath in the right of M' Nathaniel 
Souther, the Coui't haue ordered, that M' Constant Southworth and Cornett 
Studson shall view the said land, and allow him twelue acrees therof, besides 
that which hee hath alreddy graunted vnto him with Phenias Pratt. 

The Court haue graunted libertie vnto the Gou'', il"' Thomas Prence, to 
exchange fifty acrees of land adjoyning to his land on the southsyde of the 
brooke that falls out of Tuspaquins Pond. 

29 Octobi 


1 G G 8. Likewise that incase it may be purchased, that a competencye of Lmd be 

" ' grauuted and reserued therabouts or neare vnto it, for the vse of the minnes- 

try att Namassakctt. 

Att this Coui-t Thomas Fauuce appeared in the Court, and being of full 
age was taken notice of by the Court, and owned and acknowlidged to be the 
right heire apparent to the lands of John Fauuce, Seni'', somtimes of Plym- 
outh, in New England, deceased. 

In answare vnto a letter fi-om Phillip, the sachem of Pocanokett, &d, by 
way of petition, requesting the Court for justice against Francis Wast, for 
wronge done by him to one of his men about a gun taken from him by the 
said Wast, as alsoe for wronge done vnto some swine of the said Indians, 
the Court haue ordered the case to be heard and determined by the celect 
men of Taunton, and incase it bee not by them ended, that it be refered vnto 
the next March Coui't att Plymouth to be ended. 

At this Court an order was directed to Clement Kinge, the constable of 
Marshfeild, to requii-e and to take into his custody certaine goods attached of 
Captaine Thomas and his son William Thomas, and to despose of them ac- 
cording to his first order. 

6 June, 1668. 
Wee, whose hands are vnderwritten, being sumoned by the constable to 
appeer att Robert Jones, in Rehoboth, by reason of a prouiden of God by a 
sudden death of an Indian, to witncs our apprehension how hoc came by his 
end., vizj : — 


Wee, whose names abouewritten, both by testimony of John Jones and an 
Indian boy that was present when the Indian came by his death, testifyeth, 
that the Indian goeing vp ^pon a logg, and seting his foot vpon the first raile, 


the railc broke, aud hee fell downe, and his head came first to the ground ; 
and haueiug serched him, wee find his necke broke, and liis wrist ; and by ovu' 

22 October. 

best apprehensions doe judge that according to the testimony that wee haue pre^ce 
had, soe hee came by his end. Gop«. 


Constable of Rehoboth. 

*The Verdict of the Corroners Inquest conserning the Death of Isacke [•4.] 
Robinson, Juni'', late of Barnstable, lately deceased suddenly att 

Wee, the jury of enquest appointed to view the corpes of Isacke Robin- 
son, Juni'', doe apprehend, according to y'xev,' and testimony, that the meanes 
of his death was by goeing into the pond to fetch two geese ; the pond being 
fidl of weedey grasse, which wee conceiue to bee the instrumental! cause of 
his death, by being intaugled therin. 


JOHN chip:man, 


The suine of thirty shillings is alowed by the Court vnto Captaine South- 
worth, for his charges, being a coinissioner, and goeing to Boston on that 
occation in the behalfe of the coUonie this yeare. 

The Court takeing notice of the goodnes of God to vs in the continuance A ooppy of this 

. -n-as sent spccd- 

of our ciuill and religious liberties, the gencrall health that wee haue enjoyed, yly to the seu- 
and that it hath pleased God in some comfortable measure to blesse vs in the ^o^ns^of^^h^, 
fi-uites of the earth, doe conceiue that these and other fauors doe call vpon vs gou-ment. 
for returnes of thankfulnes to the Lord, whoe might justly haue dealt othei-n-ise 
•with vs, and therfore that wee may be joynt in this our sacrifice, doe propose 
vnto the scuerall congregations of this goiiment, that the 2oth day of 


1 6 G 8. Xoiiember next, ■which wilbe y" fourth day of the weekc, to be kept as a 
sollemne day of thanksgiucing ■witli respect to his goodiies in the pticuhires 
abouemensioned, and what pticulnre places and psons may propose to tliem 
sehies as causes of thankfidnes. 

Att this Court the councell of -warr, being together, ordered, that ^l' 
Joseph Tilden be discharged from bearing armes as a coiiion soldier, haueing 
soiiitime since bine a coinission officer of the niilletary companie of Scittiiate. 

It was att the same time ordered likewise by the councell of warr in ref- 
erence vnto Ezekiell Mayne, of Scittuate, that wheras there doth appeer a 
willingnes in the niilletary companie of Scittuate, that in regard that hee hath 
but one eye, it is dilficult and in ^om respects dangerouse for him to be in 
armes, and to traine as others, that hoc lie likewise discharged from bearing 
armes and training as formerly. 

In reference vnto two barrells of turr taken by John Tilson out of the 
house of Gyles Riekard, Seni'', ■s\ithout order, which tarr is found vpon exam- 
ination to belonge to Edward Grav, the C'ourt hauc ordered the said tarr, now 
in the hands of the .constable of Plymouth, bee returned vnto the said Ed- 
ward Gray, and that the said John Tilson pay ■\-nto the said (Jray eight shil- 
lings for charges about his jiroueing of his right to the said tarr. and that the 
said tarr be made by him, the said Tilson, marchantable. 
[*4i'.] *In refeience vnto the complaint of Samuell Worden against Edward 

Crowell and James ]\Iaker, for goeing in his absence into his house in the dead 
time of the night, and for tlireateuing to breako vp the dore and come in att 
the window, if not left in, an<l goeing to his bed and attempting the chastity 
of his wife and sister, by many laciuous carriages, and affrighting of his chil- 
dren, the Court hauc centanced them, the said Edward Crowell and James 
.Maker, to find surtics i'or tlieire good behauior. and ]iay each of them a fine 
of ten jioinids to the vse of (he eollouie, and alsoe to defray all the charge the 
said Samuell Worden hath bine att in the viiidecation of his wifes innosensv, 
or to be seuerally Mhipl. 

And the said Crowd! and .Maker rhoso rather to pay the fine and giue 
bonds for tlieire good hchnuior vntill the Court of his nia''" to be holden att 
Plymouth in M.urU next. 

\'l)on theirc liuiuMc ])etltion to the (,'ourf. they remitted vnto each of 
them the suiTie of I'ouie jiounds of the said fines. 

Edward Cinwcl! acknowhduclli to owe vnto our sofl ] " 

lord the Kiu-ethesume of -40: 00: 00 

And Samuell Ryder tlie suiTie of 20:00:00 

l™""!- The condition that if the said Edward Crowell be of good behauior 


towards our soil lord the ]viuy;c and all his k-ich peoi^le, aud appeer att the 1 (J (j S. 
Court of his ma"'' to bee holdeii att I'lymouth the first Tusday in ]\Iarch "^ ^^ 
ucxt, and not depart the said Court ^^■ithout lycence ; that then, &(?. „ 

James iSIaker ackuow'lid"cth to owe vnto our soQ lord" 

, -r.. , - ,. ,40:00:00 

tlie Ivmge the sume ot 

Thomas Starr the suiiie of 20 : 00 : 00 

The condition that if the said James !Maker be of good behauior towards Kdcasrd. 
GUI- soQ lord the Kinge and all his leich people, and appeer att the Court of 
his ma''° to be holdeu att Plymouth the first Tusday in March next, and not 
depart the said Court without lycence ; that then, &d. 

Att this Court, Pliillip Read, being suiiioned, appeered, aud being found 
by sufficient proofe to be a man of a viciouse hfe, vizj, a fi-equeut curser and 
swearer, and otherwise debauched, aud alsoe a non resedent in this goQment, 
was required to depart the goQment within ten dales of the date heerof. 

Fiuthermore the said Read continueing in the towne of Plymouth, and 
being att the ordinary att Plymouth in the time of the siting of this Court, 
hee together with Richard Dwelley behaued themselues soe nidely and un- 
ciuilly as they were both coiiiitted to jayle, and there remained one night, and 
the next day released ; yett soe as that the said Dwelley being vnder bonds 
for his good behauior according to law for his being convicted of drunkenes 
the third time, hee, by his said rudenes both by words and vnciuill behauior, 
forfeited the said bonds, which was forty pounds ; but on his ernest request 
the Coui-t haue remited it to the sume of ten pounds. 

*Att this Coui-t, Captaine Nathaniel Thomas and his sonne Wilfam [*-4'^-] 
Thomas, for theii'e affi-onting Clement King, the constable of Marslifeild, in 
the execution of his office, both by words and actions, were centanced by the 
Court to be cotnitted to prison during the pleasure of the Court ; and for theii-e 
abusing the said Clement Kinge by revilcing of him and thi-eatening of him, 
and otherwise puting him to trouble, they were centanced to pay vnto him the 
suiiie of twenty shillings ; and likewise to pay vnto John Dingley and John 
Carucr, to each of them the suiiie of fiue shillings, they attending the Couit as 
witnesses in the case. 

In reference vnto the complaint of A^'illiam Bassett against James Skiife, 
Juni', for goeing into the house of the said Bassett and takeing away lyquor 
without order, and otherwise abusing of his house, hee, the said James SkifFe, 
was centanced by the Court to pay a fine of ten shillings to the vsc of the 
collonic, and to defi-ay the nessesary charges the said Bassett hath bin att in 
for witnesses, &^, in reference to the case. 

In reference to a horse in controversy between Thomas Pope and Richard 

VOL. V. 2 

I October. 


16 6 8. ^^'illis, ■ttlilcli said horse was in the costody of the said Willis, the Court h;me 
ordered, that hee, the said Willis, shall looke him vp, or cause him to be looked 
vp, and deliuered to the constable of Pl_vmouth forthwith. 
Gou". Ypon the hearing of a difference between Isacke Harris and his wife, the 

Court saw cause to order that incase the said Harris shall contine^^■ to neglect 
to prouide for his wife that which is nessesary for her comfortable subsistence, 
(according to his abillitie,) that on further complaint and due profFe therof, a 
fiirther course shalbee taken by the court to constraine him to doe it. 

M' Josias Winslow, for breaking the kinges peace by strikeing Nathaniel 
Winslow, was fined three shillings and four pence to the vsc of the coUonie. 

Ralph Earle, for affronting the constable of Dartmouth when hee was ex- 
ecuting his office, was fined fiue shillings to the vse of the coUonie. 

John Cobb, of Taunton, for liis turbulent behauior att Plymouth in the 
time of June Court last past before the date heerof, expressed especially by 
railing and revileing against Thomas Linkolne, was ceutanced to pay a fine of 
twenty shillinges to the vse of the collonie. 

Abraham Sampson, Juui"", of Duxburrow, for cursing and sweaiing, fined 
ten shillings to the vse of the collonie. 

Thomas Perrey, being detected of ciu'sing and swearing, and for ruiiing 
away from the Couit, fined twenty shilUngs to the vse of the collonie. 

Att this Court, Wiltam Nicarson owned a bill of twenty pound in ref- 
erence to a fine and judgment of the Coui-t, amerced on him as punishment 
to misdemenor by him coiiiitted, elsewhere expressed in the records of the 

Henery Clarke, for stopping the kinges high^-ay by seting his fence to 
farr on it, was fined fiue shillings, and i-cquired by the Coiut to reraoue his 
fence fi-om off the said way speedily. 

In reference vnto the complaint of William Bassctt against John Farmer, 
Andi-ew Dauis, and Joseph Washbournc, for opening a certaine box in his 
house, wherin were his writings, &(3, the Court admonished them, and soe 
they were cleared without other punishment. 

[*o.] *^Di Agreement appointed to be recorded as foUowcth : — 

Plymouth, the IS"' of Aprill, 1667. 
A mutuall agreement between Secretary Nathaniel INIorton and his wife 
Lydia Morton, on the one ptc, and Sergeant Wiliam Harlow on the other pte, 
as followeth : — 

The abouesald Nathaniel ^lorton and his wife haucing a desire to hauc a 
child of the said Wiltam Harlows, viz^J, Nathaniel Harlow, being now neare 



two yeares and an half old, the said Wiliam Harlow doth by these ^sents 
cotnitt his said son Nathaniell Hai-low to the said Nathaniel Morton and his 
wife Lydia Morton, vntill hee be of the age of one and twenty yeares ; and 
this is to be vnderstood, that the said Nathaniel Harlow is to be and contincw 
with the longest liuer of them, the said Nathaniel Morton and Lydia Morton, 
vntill hee be of the age of one and twenty yeares ; if incase that either the 
said Nathaniel Morton or his said wife decease before hee be of the age of 
one and t^\'enty yeares, and the said Nathaniel Morton and Lydia Morton to 
take care of him and prouide for him as is meet in such case; further, the 
said Wiliam Harlow doth by these ^sents engage that incase the said Nathan- 
iel Morton doth decease before the said Nathaniel Harlow be of the age of 
seauen yeares, that hee pay or cause to be payed to Lydia Morton, the now 
wife of Nathaniel Morton, ten pounds, to healp her towards the more comfort- 
able bringing vp of the said child ; and incase the abouesaid Nathaniel ]Mor- 
ton and his wife Lydia Morton both of them decease before the said Nathaniel 
Harlow be of the age of one and twenty yeares, then hee is to returne to his 
father Harlow, or his order, without any further charge to him or his assignes. 
Li witnes hcerof wee haue mutually sett to our hands the day aboue written. 

In the psence of WILLAM HARLOW. 

Thomas Southworth. 

Thomas Faunce. 


*Mt the Court of his Ma"' held att Plymouth, for the Jurisdiction 1 6 G 8-0. 
of JVeio Plymouth, the 2''"' Day of March, Anno Dom 1668. 

Before Thomas Prence, GoQ, 
John Aldin, 
Josias Winslow, 
Thomas Southworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, and 
Nathaniel Bacon, 

Assistants, &0. 

2 March. 

IT was ordered by the Court, that with the warrants for June Court next 
some propositions be made to the seuerall townes to consider whither 
some wayes may not be thought vpon for the easment of our charges, either 
by grauntiug libertie to some pson or psons in each townc to trade powder, 
shott, guns, and mony, (now vnder prohibition) with the Indians, and that 

2 March. 


16 6 8-9. all others being restrained, they should alow sofuthing yearly to the vse of 

the goilment j and it is conceiued that by this may acrew fiuther benifitt to 

vs, in that lieerby a greate pte of the porke that is now carryed by the IncUans 

Gov". to Boston, and by them sold there att an vnder rate, may fall into the hands 

of some of oiu- people, and soe the prise may be kept vp. 

Or by puting somthiug vpon such as di-aw wine and liquors to alow for 
theire lycence, and the cxcisse to bee taken off, or any other way that the 
townes may propose ; in which it is desired they would exercise theire thoughts, 
and propose some suitable psons in theire townes to manage such matters. 

In reference to the complaint of some of Taunton against Bridgwater and 
Eehoboth respecting the ruiiing of lines and bounds of lands, ■which hath 
occationed controuersyes between seuerall psons in the said townshipes, the 
Coiu't haue ordered, that some fitt psons be apointed out of each of the said 
townshipps to nm the said lines ; which incase they doe not effect to mutuall 
satisfaction betwixt this Court and the next June Coui-t, that then the Court 
will see cause to appoint some to doe it ; and that in the mean time there be 
noe treaspas vpon the timber or swampcs of each otliov bordering vpon theire 

In reference to the request of Peter Collymore concerning a psell of 
marsh appertaining to him, lying between the third and fourth clift att Scit- 
tuate, forasmuch as the bound markes are lost, and hee doubteth that lice is 
wronged therby, soe as some of the naighbours bordering on him may haue 
more then theire due, the Court haue requested Cap? Ciidworth, IM'' Tilden, 
and Cornett Studson to repaire thervnto, and to settle matters about the bounds 
of the same, if they can ; if not, that they att the next Gcnerall Court make 
report to the Court liow they find matters in that respect. 

In reference to the request of John Louell, of Eehoboth, the Coiu-t haue 
ordered, in consideration of his low condition and great nesessitie of land, 
that the towne of Rehoboth doe accoinodate him and others in like nessesitie 
with a competency of land to supply theu-e nessesitie on the land on the 
northsyde of the said towne, according to agreement ; and incase they doe it 
not betwixt tliis date and the next June 'Court, the Court will then see cause, 
on due notice and information therof, to giue him, the said John Louell, lib- 
ertie to make choisc of a place in tlic .said tract of land.for his accoinodation. 

In reference vnto Josias Lcichfeild, of Scittuatc, the Court being certifyed 
that hee wilbe of age on the tlrird day of Aprill next ensuing the date heerof, 
they haue requested the major to repaire vnto Scittuate on the fift of the same 
montli, and to see the said Leichfeild posessed of the land ordered to him by 
the Court, in referenro to a legarye bequeathod to him by John Allln, of 

2 March. 


Scittuatc afor.saul, deceased, and to sec ]\Iicacll Peirse discharged of his en- 1 (> (J S-J). 
gagemciit in reference thervnto. 

Lrcs of adminnestratlon was grauiited vnto Anna Barstow to adminnester 
on the estate of Wiliam Barstow, late deceased. ^"^'' 

*Att this Coiu-t, Clii-istopher Winter and his daugliter, INIartha Hewitt, [*6.] 
appeered, being bound oner to the Court on suspiscion of comitting insest with 
each other ; and after strict and pticular examination of them, the Coui-t saw- 
cause to coiiiitt them both to ward for the grounds and reasons following : — 

The principall grounds moueing the Court to suspend the finall issue of 
the case respecting Christopher Winter and IMartha, his daughter, is because 
there is great feares that a very hainous and capitall crime hath bine coinitted 
by them, vizj, insest of the highest natiu-e, w'hich, although it can not be att 
fsent proued by full and cleare testimony, yett it did very much face vpon 
them in many respects. 

1. In Chi'istopher Winters sending to invite Hewett or To^-er to his 
said daughter some little time after shee conceiued with child, when as not 
longe before they were both rejected in theire suite for her. 

2. Because the said ilartha will not discouer the father of her child, it 
is an argument that some pson is the father of it that shee hath more then 
ordinary grounds to be vnwilling to disclose. 

3. Because of Winters hastening the marriage, and some expressions 
of his declaring that hee had noe comfort in the match, and his and his daugh- 
ters carriage that day that they were married. 

4. Winters acknowlidgment, that after hee had knowlidge of his said 
daughters being withchild, — being, as hee said, informed by Hewitt, — hee 
ilid not bring them together and enquire into it, nor reproue or beare witnes 
against her wickednes, as would haue become a father that was innosent. 

5. His indulgence to his said daughter since this Avickednes, although 
kuowne formerly to be very austeer to his cliildren. 

G. His intensions to haue gon for England about the time this euill 
began to be taken notice of 

7. His telling of Hewitt that liis said daughter was apt to be frighted ; 
and was soe affrighted by himself once, coming late home, that shee fell into 
a swound, Scd, as the said Hewitt doth testify. 

T, Thomas Hewitt, aged sixty yeares or therabouts, testify, that my son, 
John Hewitt, was att home att my house att the time that Martha, his wife, 

said that shee had that abuse offered her that shee proued withchild ; further, 
I testify that I went to her fither Winters house within one wcckes time, as I 


1 G G 8-9. was informed of her being laid ; and sliee haiieing a young child in her lapp, 

"" ^ ^ I asked her whoe was the father of it, but shee gaue mee noe answare att that 

Trexce ''^'"'^ ' ^^^ father reply ed and said, that questian did not belonge vnto mee to 

^°^"- aske. Then I asked her if her husband were the father of it ; this I did 

seuerall times before I had an answare of her ; her father said tliat shee might 

answare mee to that questian ; and shee answared and said the child was not 

her husbands ; further, her father Winter said that I should know in time and 

place conuenient whose the child was ; and further saith not. 

Taken in the Court, attested p me, 

XATH: ilORTON, Secr^ 

The testimony of John Hewitt, aged twenty seauen yeares or therabouts, 
doth testify, that some certaine time after I was marryed, my father Winter, 
being in discourse with mee and my M'ife, asked mee of what constitution I 
was off; I replyed, I was subject to be angry, as well as other men, but did 
not vsually expresse it in rageing tearmes. My father AVinter replyed, " My 
daughter is of a very loueing disposition, but you must haue a care of fright- 
ing of her ; for," hee said, " I came fi-om the mill, and did but giuc her a 
tapp with my horse rodd, and she droped downe in a swound ; " but hee 
thought shee would haue turned about and throwne souithing att his head. 
Further, when my wife was in traucll, my fiither AVinter and I being in a 
house together by ourselues some distance off from his dwelUng house, hee 
said his daughter had a hai-d time, and hee feared that the midwife should 
charge it vpon her now to tell whose the child was ; and I, the said Hewitt, 
replyed, shee would make her tell if shee could. Hee said, if hee had spoken 
to her, shee would not nor durst not, for shoe should tell in time convenient ; 
and fiu'ther saith not. 

[•7.] *Iu answare to the petition prcfcred to the Court by Samuell Fuller, of 

Plymouth, wherin hee complaineth against Jacob Cook for treaspasing vpon 
his land att Smeltbrook, the Court haue ordered, that both of them be 
warned to appeer att the Court to be holden att Plymouth in June next, and 
that then the case to be heard and determined ; and that the said Jacob Cooke 
be warned in the mean time not further to treaspas "on the land in controucrsy 
bv takcing wood of from it, &<?. 

In reference vnto a former graunt of land graunted vnto ]\I'' Collyaro, 
the Court haue ordered, that hee shall haue fifty acrees of land in that tjact 
of land purchased by M' Prence and Francis Combe att Namassakett, in any 
place nf it not yett disposed off. 


Wiliiim Cro-sv, Edward Gray, and Serjeant Tinkhani are ordered liy tlie 1 G G 8-*.). 
Court to settle the bounds of the GoQnors land on the which heo noM- luieth ^^ v— ' 

„, . , ,. 2 March. 

att Plamdcaluig. rpui-xcn 

In reference to the controuersy concerning the ten pounds mensioncd in Govehnok.] 
an agreement between M' Kanelme Wiuslow and his brother, j\I' Josias 
Winslow, bearing date the l-l"* of Angust, 1668, coiiiittcd by mutuall consent 
of the abouesaid pties vnto the determination of the Bench, whoe, after serious 
consideration of the pleas alcdged, doe conclude and determine as foUoweth, 
vizj : that it appeers vnto them that the verdict of the jury in October last did 
not determine the land controuersy to be the lands of the said Kanelme, but 
left it as they found it, and therfore the abouemensioncd ten pounds not due 
to be payed by the said Josias vnto the said Kanelme. 

In reference vnto a letter dii-ected vnto the GoQ from Bridgwater, therin 
certifying the proceedings of the said towne concerning John Robinson, the 
Court, takeing notice and approueing therof, haue alsoe further ordered and ' 
doe request INI'' William Brett and John Willis, Seni"", to take cai-e and paines 
about his land, which they desii'e may be Ictt out for the ^sent to the best 
advantage they can, as alsoe to dispose of the rest of his estate and concernes 
the best they can, soe as they may conduce to the good of him and his. 

In reference vnto the land purchased by M^ Prence and Francis Combe 
att Xamassakett, the remainder of it vudisposed of, the coinonage and proffitts 
therof the Court haue ordered to belonge vnto the said M'^ Prence and Francis 
Combe vntlll it be otherwise disposed of by the Comt, and the charges of the 
purchase therof payed vnto them by such as it shalbe disposed vnto. 

In reference vnto a claime made by Benjamine Bartlett vnto some laud 
in Alkermuse Feild, in the right of M"" Jonathan Brewster, the Court haue 
ordered, that William Crow shall lay liim out fom- acrees in the said feild, soc 
as it may be a little prejudicial! to the naighbours as may be. 

* James Cole, Seni', and Maiy, liis wife, for that the said ^lary Cole was [*8.] 
taken selling strong liquors to an Indian, contrary to an order of Court pro- 
hibiting the same, was fined the suine of fiue pounds to the vse of the collonie. 

James Cole, Seni"', and Mary, his wife, for that the said ]\Iary Cole suf- 
fered diners psons after named to stay drinking on the Lords day, att her 
house, in the time of publicke worsliipp, was fined the suine of three pounds. 

James Clarke, Phillip Dotterich, Slaiy Ryder, and Hester Wormall, for 
theire staying and drinkeing att the house of James Cole, att Plymouth, on the 
Lords day, in the time of the publicke worship of God, were fined each of 
them ten shillings to the vse of the collonie. 

And Christopher Blacke, for the same default, although not see faulty, 
■was fined fiue sliillings to the vse of the collonie. 

2 March. 


1G6 8-9. Caleb Lumburt, for bieaklug the Kinges peace in striking of James 

Gleaghorn, was fined tliree shillings fonr pence ; and in reference to his hos- 
tile carriages towards the said Gleaghornc, forasmuch as hcc is rccoucred of 
that which might haue proued dangeronse to his life, hee, the said Lnmbert, 
was seriously admonished and warned for the future not to doe soc any more, 
and cleared of his bonds. 

John Bryant, son in law to Stephen Bryant, of Plymouth, for vscing 
revileing speeches to Edward Gray as soon as they came out of the meeting 
on the Lords day, was fined ten shillings to the vsc of the collonie. 

John Loe, of Marshfeild, for being drunke, fined fine shillings. 

"Wiliam Thomas and Samuell Arnold, Juui'', for breaking the Kinges 
peace in striking each other, were fined each tlii-ee shillings and fom- pence. 

Richard Berrey, Seni', Jedediah Lnmbert, Benjamine Lumbert, and James 
Maker, for smoaking of tobacco, att the end of Yarmouth meeting house, on 
the Lords day, in the time of exercise, were fined each fine shillings ; and for 
such of them as are absent, and haue not taken order -^^ Ith the Treasurer for 
the payment of theire fines, the Court liaue ordered, that the majcstrates 
where they liuc shall demaund it ; and incase of nou payment, to warne them 
by a speciall warrant to appeer att June Coiut to answare for theire neglect. 

In reference vnto the psentmcnt of Thomas Lucas, of Plymouth, for 
abusing of his wife and children, hee appeering in Court and promising refor- 
mation, and his wife alsoe appeered att the Court, and testifyed that since the 
time the said ^sentment relates vnto hee hath not abused them as aforsaid, 
with admonition the said Lucas was cleared of this pseutment. 

Att this Coui-t, Mary, the wife of Jonathan Morey, and her son, IJcnja- 
mine Foster, appeered, being suiiioned to answare a complaint against tlie said 
Mary, for that shee, by her crewell, vnnaturall, and cxtrcame passionate car- 
riages soe exasperated her said son as that hee oftentimes carrycd himselfe 
very much vnbeseeming him and vnwoithyly towards his said mother, both 
by words and otherwise; yea, soc was her turbulent carriages towards him, as 
that seuerall of the naighbours feared murder would be in the issue of it ; 
shee, the said Mary, being examined respecting the pmises, and owned her 
fault, and seemed to bee very sorry for it, and promised reformation ; tiie 
youth, her son, likeAvisc owned with teares his-cuill behaiiior towards his 
mother, which gauc the Court such satisfaction as they passed his i'ault by 
with admonition ; and in reference to the said Mary Morey, the Court, vpon 
her engagement of better walkeing, ai-e willing to take further tryall of her, 
and therfore condcccnded to lett her son rcmaine with her vntill the next 
June Court, and then furtlicr to doe in tlic case as occation sluill rcMjuirc. 


dlt the Court uf Election holden att Plij month the first Daij of 
June, Jlnno Dovi 1G69. 

1 (i (i f). 

Before Thomas Preucc, Cou'', 
John Aldeu, 
Josias Winslow, 
Thomas Southwoith, 

Assistants, (&i 

Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, and 
Xathauiel Bacon, 



THOMAS PREXCE was chosen Gou'', and sworne. 

^^"crc chosen Asistants. and sworne. 

M^ John Akleu, 

Major Josias Winslow, 

Capt Thomas Southworth, 

Cap? Wiliam Bradford, 

M' Thomas Hinckley, 

Leift John Freeman, and 

M' Nathaniel Bacon, 

Major Winslow and 1 

^ ^ . o 1 1 !■ were chosen Coiiiissioners. 

Laptaine bouthworthj 

M' Thomas Prence the next in nomination. 

M"' Constant Southwoith was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

The names of the deputies of the 
Court, and the seuerall adjournments the 

Leift Ephraim Morton, 

Eobert Finney, 

M"' Constant Southwortli, 

Cornett Studson, 

Isacke Chettenden, 

M"^ Edmond Freeman, Juni"', 

Wiliam Harvey, 

James Walker, 

Thomas Howes, 

John Thacher, 

John Chipman, 
VOL. V. 3 

seuerall towncs that serued att th 
rof, are as followeth : — 

Thomas Iluckens, 
Ensigne Eames, 
Anthony Snow, 
Phillip Walker, 
Nicolas Pecke, 
Daniell Cole, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
John Wilhs, 
John Eussell, 
M' James Browne. 






*Tlie Names of the Grand Enqucst. 

1 June 

"NMliam Sabin, ' 

r Francis West, 


Leiftenaut Gorg Macyc, 

Robert Barker, 


'M' Joseph Tildcu, 

Jeremiah Hatch, 

]M'' Nicholas Tanner, 

Bcnjaminc Hamraon, 

Steuen Paine, Juni'', 

John Gibbs, 

Justus Eames, 

. sworne, < 

Jonathan Ranges, 

. sworne. 

Andrew Ringe, 

Shuball Dimacke, 

Samuell Dunham, 

Joseph Wilbore, 

John Jenkens, 

John Hawes, 

Nathaniel Willis, 

John Whelden, 

Nathaniel Winslow, 

Daniel Wilcockes, 

Constables of the seuerall Townes 

Plymouth, Wiliam Clarke, sworne. 

Duxbuf M"^ Allexander Standish, sworne. 

C Charles Stockbridge, '] 

■ • • • i T V T- II hworne. 

(_ John V mall, J 

Sandwich, Thomas Tupper, Juni'', sworne. 

Taunton, Israeli Deane, sworne. 

Yarmouth, Henery Vincent, sworne. 

Barnstable, Robert Parke)-, to bee sworne att home. 

{John Foster, 
Joseph Bent, 

("John Peckc, 

Rehoboth, < ^. n n , 

[ samuell Peckc, 

Eastham, Benajah Dunham, sworne. 

Bridgwater, Joseph Bassett, sworne. 

Dartmouth, John Cooke, sworne. 

Swansey, Jonathan Bos worth. 

Middleberry, John Nelson, sworne. 



Surveyors of the Highwaies.. 
Gorge Morton, 



Thomas Cushmau, Juni''j 

Benajah Pra't. 
f John Rogers, Scni'', 
\ Roger Glass. 



Scittuate, . 




Barnstable, . 


Rt-hoboth, . 




TRodolphus Ealmcs, 
[James Doughtey. 
f" Thomas Gibbs, Seni', 
[ Daniel Winge. 

Edward Rew, 

James Leonard, Juni'. 
f Edward Sturgis, Juni', 
[John Burgis. 
fJohn Chipman, 
[Thomas Iluckens. 
f Joseph Bedle, 
\ Wiliam ]\Iaycomber. 
f Richard Martin, 
[Nicholas Hyde. 

Richard Knowles, 

Wiliam Walker. 

Samuell AUin, 

Joseph Aldin. 

John Allin, Scni'. 

Nelson. + 

1 (; (; !). 

*The Cclcct ^Icn. 

f Leift Morton, 
Celect men of Plymouth, i Serjeant Harlow, 
[Wiltam Crow. 

f Christopher Wadsworth, 
Samuell Savery, 
Benjamen Bartlett. 
r Thomas Tapper, Seni"', 
Edmond Freeman, JunI'', 
Wiliam Swift, 
f Gorge Hall, 
Walter Dean, 
"Wiliam Harvey, 
James Walker, 
Richard Williams. 

Celect men of Sandwich, 

Celect men of Taunton, 


*Att this Coiirt, the Court grauntcd that Namassakett shalbe a township, 
and to be called by the name of ^liddleberry, and is bounded with Plymouth 
bounds on the easterly syde, and with the bounds of Taunton on the westerly 


Th;s addition 
was graunted 


1 G 6 9. syde, and the bounds of Bridgwater on the northerly side or end, and on the 
southerly side or end to extend six mile from the wadeing place. Hand att tlie 
X mile to run cast to Plymouth line, and from the said line 
west to Taunton line ; and incase the west line ruiies to the southward of 
Taunton line, then to run vntill wee come vp to the southermost pte of Taun- 
atttheGenerall (-^^ bounds, and then square of north to it.|| And it is further ordered bv the 

Curt, July 7, , • ' 

ifiS). Court, that a competencye of land be prouided and reserued for a minnester 

This recorded ^^.;ti,;,j th^.j^.g townsiiip, of such lands as are vnpurchased. 

more fully in ^ ' 

book from 1678 In answare to the request of ^P John Gorum for the necke of land called 

to 16S3. p. 34. 

Papasquash Xecke, the Court haus graunted vnto him one hundred acrees 
therof if it can be purcliascd of the Indians. 
This was in Accomodation of land graunted vnto Thomas Paine, to haue it att Na- 

reference vnto 

a former graunt massakctt, with Experience Jlichell, Henery Sampson, and Thomas Little, if 
j,^j^^ it be there to be had ; if not, that hce may haue some elswhere if hee can find 

it vndesposcd of. 
This graunt is '];iie Court haue graunted vnto Benjamine Church that hee shall haue 

mide void and 

null, June the the land wlilch was soiTitimes the land of Wiliam Paybody, lying amongst the 
freemcns land att Taunton Riuei-, the which the said Paybody sm-rendcred 
vp vnto the countrey, exchanged for other laud elswhcr, vizj : all the land and 
right of land which the said Wiliam Paybody had there as an ancient free- 
man, both layed out and vnlayed out, is now graunted vnto Benjamine Church, 
which is for full satisfaction for all the right his father, Richard Church, de- 
ceased, hath to land in this coUonie. 

In reference vnto a gift pretended to be he giuen by Phillip the sachem 
vnto James Lcanard, Seni', the Court haue graunted that incase hce doc 
produce a deed of gift from the said sachem for the said land vnder his hand 
and scale, att the Court to be hohlen att Plymouth the first Tusday in July 
next, that then hce shall haue fourscore or a hundred acrccs of it. 

This Court ordered, that Edward Tayler shall and may dcmaund the 
suine of forty shillings in the bohalfe of his daughter, ^lary Tayler, of the 
estate of John Turner, in the costody of Thomas Huckens, of Barnstable ; 
and the said Thomas Iluckcns paying tlic said suiiir by this order from the 
Court, this shalbc his discharge. 

Memorand : that Anthony Aniiible be icniemhred ^\Ith accoiru)datioii 
of hnul. 

Wheras Ivobert I'arker was orderly chosen by the towuc of Barnstable 
to seruc in tlie office of a constable, and did not appcer to take oath, the Court 
haue ordered tliat hee shall appeer before M"' Hinckley or ]\['' Bacon, to take 
oatli. wliicli it' hce refuse oi- neglect to di)e, tliat tlie towne choose anotlier in 


his romo, aul rctr.-uc his nanc to the Treasurer, that soe his fine may l)e 1(i(i*.). 
required. ^ 

Li answarc vnto tlic petition ol' Abraham Jackson to rcmitc three barrclls i-kj.^;^.,'. 
of tarr forfeited to the countrey liy the breach of a hnv prohibiting the ^ou". 
makeiu^- of tarr, the Court haue ordered, i;i reference vnto his poor condition 
and many h)sses, that hoe shall hiue seaucn bashell of Indian corn payed to 
him bv the Treasurer. 

Lres of adminnestration is graunted vnto Francis Steuens, Juni"', to ad- 
minncstcr on the estate of Francis Steuens, of Rehoboth, late deceased. 

tres of adminnestration is graunted vnto Job Crocker, to adminnester 
on the estate of John Crocker, of Barnstable, late deceased. 

tres of adminnestration are graunted vnto John Ormsbey, to adminnes- 
ter on the estate of Johannah JNIartin, kite deceased. 

Forty shillings is remited of the fine of James Cole, in reference to that 
pte therof which was for selling liquor to the Indians. 

Att this Court, Nath Fish appeered, being suiiioned to answare for 
raising and deuolging a falcc and scandulous report on diners psous att 
Sanchvich ; liec owning his faidt therin, and engageing hee would not doe 
soc any more, was released. 

*Att this Court, Christopher Winter, allies Grabbara, was indited on sus- [*13.] 
pitlon of coiiiitting iusest with his daughter, INIartha Hcwett ; hee puting 
himsclfe on Icgill tryall, the grand en(iuest found not the bill, and soe hee 
was released. 

In reference vnto the said ^lartlia Hcwett, shce haueing a bastard borne 
of her body, which was groundedly suspected to be begotten by her said 
father, though not legally proued, as abouesaid, shee alsoe refusing to confesse 
the father thereof, for her said whordome was centanced by the Court to suffer 
corporall punishment by whipping att the post, wliich according was pformed 
and executed. 

And in answare ^nto John Ilewett, her husband, his earnest petition and 
request to be divorsed from her, the Court, not being fully satisfyed soe as to 
proceed therein, haue referred the case to a further hearing att the Court of 
his ma''% to bo hohlen att Plymouth the first Tusday in July next, and the 
said pties to appeer and to produce such euidence as may further clcare the 
case, and soe for ^sent were dismissed. 

In reference vnto an attachment serued on a psell of ceder bolts att the 
sTiitc of Edward Gray, John Thompson, and Benjamine Bartlctt, and in 
reference vnto the complaint of Nathaniel Thomas, Nathaniel Winslow, 
Wilhim Foard, Juni''. John Caiuer, Josias Snow. Jacob Dinglcy, and John 


1 GGO. Foster, against the said Edward Gray, John Thompson, and Benjaminc Bart- 
Ictt, for vnjust molestation in attaching or causing theire goods to be attached, 
vixj, cedare bolts in or neare vnto a swamp or swanipes lying northwest or 
northerly from Moonponsett Pond, on pretence of great damage don vnto to 
themschies and others, it was agreed by both pties that each one shall beare 
the charges of this theire said processe, and that the chcife marshall shall 
haue twenty shillings in siluer for his paiues about the attachment, to be paid 
by each ptie ten shiiliugs, and that those that cut the said bolts shall haue 
libertic to fetch them away ; and soe the coutrouersy is ended. 

Elkanah Johnson and ^NP John Gorum engaged before the Court to stand 
bound vnto the celcctmen of the towne of Marshfield in the suiiie of forty 
poiuids, for the appeerance of the said Johnson att the Court to be holden att 
riymouth the first Tusday in July next, to answare the complaint of the 
said celectmen, in reference vnto a child layed vnto him by Dinah Siluester. 

In reference vnto Francis Wast, his takeing an hogg from an Indian 
neare vnto Mattapoisett, on pretence that that the said Indian had forfeited his 
hogg by marking of him contrary to order of Court, the Court haue ordered 
that hee pay the suiiie of thirty shillings to the said Indian ; and wheras hee 
tooke a gun from the said Indian, that hee speedily returno him his gun 

tres of adminnestration graunted vnto Abigail Dunham, Seni"", widdow, 
to adminnester on the estate of .John Dunham, Senl'', deceased. 

The Court liauc ordered that on the one and twcntyctli of this instant 
June, the line shalbe run between the Namassakctts mens land, called the 
Major's Purchase, and the townes of Marshfeild, Duxbiu-row, and Bridgwater. 
M' Willam Crow and Gorge Bonum were apointed by the Court to doe it, 
with John Tompson and Wiliam Nelson for the pm-chasers, and such of the 
scuerall towneshipes as shalbe appointed vpon knowlidgc of it ; and in case 
none of the townes shall come, haueing due notice of it, or if ^ coming 
should refuse to actc, then the other men appointed arc to proceed without 
tliem, and cucli towne to beare theire proportion of the charge of the ruuing 
of the said line. 

COUllT U11DEU8. 


Alt the Court held ait Plijmoiilh the fift Ihvj of Juhj, Anno Km). 1(1 (J!*. 

Bekoue Thomas Prcucc, Esquire, Cjou'', 
John Aldeu, 
Josias AVinslow, 
Thomas Soiithworth, 

Assistants, &5. 

Wiliam Bradford, 

5 July. 

Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, and 


Nathaniel Bacon, 

ATT this Court, John Hewctt and his wife appeered, the said Hewett still 
earnestly requesting a diverse from his said wife, shee haueing bine de- 
tected of wliordom ; but notwithstanding what euidence was produced by 
them att tliis Court, the case appeered very diffucult in reference to some 
pticulars. The Court haue refered it to the next Court of his ma"", to be 
holden att riymouth the last Tusday in October next, for a finall determina- 
tion of the same. 

In answare to the petition of Robert Latham, and his dauglitcr, the M"ifc 
of Isacke Harris, wherin hec complaineth of great neglect of the said 
Harris in not takeing care for his wifcs comfortable subsistence, being departed 
the goiiment, and hath left her, ^^■ith her child, to be burthensom to the said 
Robert Latham, her father, and tliat, notwithstanding such order as the Court 
hath formerly taken, shee is neglected to be supplyed with such nessesarycs for 
her subsistence as is meet, this Court doth order and authorise the celcctmcn 
of the towne of Bridgwater, vizj, Leift Haward, John "NMllis, Seni"", and Jolin 
Carey, to take notice of what vizable estate appertaiuetli vnto the said Isacke 
Harris, and to take it into theii'e costody, and to improue it for the relcife and 
subsistence of his wife aforsaid, and that they be carcfull to keep a due 
account of theire receipt and disbui'sments on that bchalfo. 

In reference vnto the complaint of Jehosabath, the wife of John Robins, 
of Bridgwater, for want of meanes for her subsistence, the Coiut haue ordered 
that what estate can be found appertaining to the said John Robins shalbe 
desposed by tlxe celectnien of the towne of Bridgwater, with the healp and 
aduise of ^M'' Wiltam Brett, for the payment of such debts as the said Robins 
oweth, and the resedue for the support of him and her and theire child. 

Liberty is graunted by the Court vnto "Will-am Swift to keep an ordinary 
for the entertainment of strangers att Sandwich. 

Libcrtic is graunted vnto R;ilph Allin to keep a feny att or ncare Pocas- 
sett for the transporting of passengers to and from Koad Hand to the maine ; 


1GG9. and likewise libertie is grautitcd vuto liim Ijy the Court to purcliase an hun- 

' ' dred acrees of land of tlie Indians, on condition that hoc pa.j the suiiie of ten 

rPiiENCE poi'iiJ to the coUonic ; this land is to be purchased for him by M'' Constant 

GovEUNou] ^^outll^vOl•th, or James Walker, or either of them, being ordered by the Court 

■with himselfe to doe it. 

Gorg Vaughan is alowed to keep an ordinary for the entertainment of 
strangers att Middleberry. 
r*15.] *In answare vnto a petition prefered to the Court by the towne of Swau- 

sey for a ncckc of land called Papasquash Xeeke, that it may bo graunted 
vnto them for the promoting of a way of trade in this collonie, the Court 
haue graunted tlie said nccke of land vnto the said towne for the ends afor- 
said, excepting one hundred acrees of land grainited vnto M"' John Gorum by 
order of Coiut, and M'' Browne, John Allin, and Ensigne Smith being ordered 
by the Court to lay it out soc as it may be as little prejudicial! to his or theire 
interest as may bee. 

I'LU'ther, in ans-\\are vuto the said petition, it is ordered and graunted by 
the Court, that for the accoiiiodatelng of more inhabitants in the said town- 
ship, that ad such lands as the Indians can well spare shalbe purchased by 
Captaine Willett or M' Nathaniel Taine, alwaies prouided that the GoU be 
acquainted with such lands before any purchase be made of them ; furthei', 
that the towne of Swansey shall haue the same privilidges in )-eceiueing of 
townsmen into theire towne as other townes in this jurisdiction haue ; onely, 
forasmuch as many in our collonie are in want of land, such, being coiiiended 
to them by this goiiment, shalbe supplyed by tliem before any others. 

In answare vnto the petition of Wiliam Brewster and Wrastlcing Brews- 
ter, (two grand children of the Ecvcrend ^l' Wiliam Brewster, deceased,) 
requesting accoiiiodation of lands, the Court haue granted that incase they, the 
said Wiliam and "Wrestleing Brewster, shall see cause to goe to line att Swan- 
sey, that tliey be accoiiiodated with lands there, as being such as are coiiiended 
vnto them by the goQment for that cud, as abouc expressed. 

Tiie Court haue graunted vnto Anthonie Anniblc a competent accoinoda- 
tion of land, where M' John Howland, John Chipman, and Jonathan Spar- 
row arc graunted land lying on Taunton Riuer neare Teticutt, in the purchase 
of land that Cap? AVlllett purchased for the countrcT if it may be had there ; 
if not, clsewher, if it may be found within this jurisdiction. 

In reference vnto the request of James Leanard for a smalc necke of land 
wliich hee pretended to be giuen him l)y rhilHi), the sachem, tlie Court 
haue ordered that if hee can procure a deed vnder hand and scale from the 


said Phillip, that hee shall haue fourscore or an hundred acrees of it, prouidcd 1 (J()<), 
it' prejudice noe former grauut. ' ' 

In answare vnto the petition of M'' Thomas Cushman for accoiiiodation Pn,..xci' 
of land, the Court haue graunted that hee shalbe accoinodated att or nearc Oov". 
Namassakett, where Henery Sampson, Experience Michell, and Thomas Lit- 
tles grauuts are, if it be there to be had ; if not, elswhere within this juris- 
diction, if it can be found. 

The Court being informed that Wiliam Blackmore, of Scittuate, that in 
respect of the loss of one of his eyes, it proueth dangerouse vnto him to 
traiue and beare amies as formerly, haue giuen libertie that henceforth hee be 
excused from training and bearing amies in that respect. 

*Att this Court, John Dunham, Seni', came into the Court and com- [* 115-1 
plained against John Dotey, that hee niett him in the high way, and did 
crewelly beate him, and affeirmetli that hee goeth in danger of his life because 
of the said Dotey, and hath taken an oath before the said Court for the truth 
of the pmises, and prayeth a warrant of the peace against him. 

John Dotey acknowlidgeth to owe vnto our soQ lord"! ^ _ Rdeabcd. 

the Kinge the suiue of J 

John Soule the sunie of 10 : 00 : 00 

Samuell Smith the suiTie of 10 : 00 : 00 

The condition that if the said John Dotey shall and doe keep the peace 
towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his leicli people, and in speciall in 
reference vnto the said John Dunham, and appeer att the Comt of his ina"° to 
be holden att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, and not depart the 
said Court without lycence ; that then, &.Q. 

This Court ordered, that the Treasurer, in the behalfe of the countrey, is 
to make good a barrell of marchantable bcefe to M" Green, the printer att 
Cambridge, which is to satisfy what is behind vnpayed for, and towards the 
printing of the booke called New Englands Memoriall, which barrell of beife 
is soiiithing more then is due by bargaine, but the Court is willing to allow 
it on consideration of liis complaint of a hard bargaine about the printing of 
the booke aforsaid. 

William Randall, Seni"', for villifying the goQmcnt by approbrious 
speeches, is lined the suiue of fine pound to the vse of the coUonie. 

VOL. V. 4 


IGOi). *AH the Court of his Ma''" held att Plymouth, in JYcw Eiig- 
' '~~^ land, the 29 Day of October, 1669. 

29 October. 

Qy'j^^E ' Before Thomas Prcuco, Esquire, GoQ, "Wiliam Bradford, 

r*17."| Joliu Aldiu, Thomas Hinckley, aud 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel Bacon, 

Thomas Southwortli, 


WHERAS there hath bine a joynt agreement by and between W 
Thomas ^lorc and Samuell Dotey and scuerall others of the towne of 
Easthara about laboure in takeing vp of monies cast away in a wracke belong- 
ing to the said More att Cape Cod, and the said IMore haueing alo-\ved vnto 
the said Dotey four shillings a day, there remaining vpou account due the 
suiuc of three pounds and seaiienteen shillings due vnto the said !More from 
the said Dotey, hee haueing layed out the said suiiie in a marc and colt, the 
mare being a blacke marc, the topp of the left care being cutt off, and a little 
bitt cut out vnder each care, and a red mare colt, with a -white face, the topp 
of the left care cutt off, and a little bitt cutt out vnder the flirr care, hee 
haueing nothing else to pay, and leaueing it to the determination of the Court, 
the Couit haue ordered that the said marc and colt be taken vp and apprised 
by two indifferent men att mony prise, and to b& responsible to answare vnto 
the said ]\I'' jNIore or his order the said suiiie and charges of takeing her and 
her colt vp ; and incase the mare and colt comes to more then the said suiTie 
and charges, then the ouerplusse to be returned to the said Dotey. 

In reference to a horse in "controversy betwixt Thomas Pope and Richard 
Willis, the said horse haueing bine in the costody of the said Willis, and by 
him lett goc see as hee can not be found and brought to tryall, the Court haue 
ordered, that the said Richard Willis shall forthwith deposite the worth or 
vallue of foure pounds in the hands of John Wood, of Plymouth, whoc was 
then constable of Plymouth when the said horse was attached att Popes com- 
plaint, and that the said Pope and Willis shall appeer att the Court to be 
holden att Plymouth the next March after the date heerof, to make the best 
proffe they can whose hee is ; and if in the mean time the said Willis doc pro- 
duce the horse, that then hee to bee freed from this engagement of the foui-c 
pounds, but if hee doe not, that then the said foure pounds to be respon- 
sible to answare those to whom the horse shalbc found to belong vpon tryall. 

Att tills Court, Richard Willis came before the Court aud engaged his 
house aud lautl vnto John Wood for cecuritie for the ])ayment of the said 
foure pounds. 

29 October. 


John Ewen, for comitting fornication with Euliamah Turner, was fined the 1 () (» 0. 
suiiie of three pounds to the vse of the collouie, abated heerof twenty shillings. 

In refoi-encc to the ^sentment of Ei^hraim Done, of Eastham, for horri- 
bly slaundcring and belying of his naighbours, hec was fined for telling of 
two lyes about the same the suiiie of twenty shillings to the vse of the col- 
lonie, and refered for future cencure to a further tryall of his future conver- 
sation, and incase hco approue himsclfe better then his fault heerin, to be pased 
by ; but if hce doc yett further offend in this kind, that then the agravation 
to be remembered according to his dcmcritts, with answara^e punishment. 

Gorge Russell, of Scittuate, for breach of the Lords day, fined ten shillings. 

Robert Laurance, souitimes of Plymouth, for breaking the peace and 
swearing, fined eight shillings and foure pence, vizj, for breaking the peace, 
three shillings and four pence, and for swearing, fine shillings. 

Thomas Starr, for speakeing euill of one of the majestrates, fined 20s. 

Thomas Starr, for vseing words and carriages tending very much to 
vncleanes, was fined twenty shillings. 

*The Court doth allow Robert Shelley to take the estate of his son, John [*18.] 
Shelley, into his hands from Samucll Bacon, allowing such due charges as the 
said Bacon hath bine att about it, and giueing him a discharge on receipt of 
the same. 

Jolin Sprague is allowed by the Court to keep an ordinary att Dux- 

In reference vnto two seuerall petitions prcfored to the Court, the one by 
Elizabeth BuUocke, widdow, and the other by Samuell Bullocke, in reference 
to the dispose of the lands and estate of Richard BuUocke, deceased, 
the Cotirt doe request and appoint Captaine Thomas Willett, Leift Hunt, 
and Ensigne Smith to take some paiues in settleing matters about the 
lands of the said Richard Bullocke between his heires and the said widdow, 
and incase they doe compose and settle the said lands to satisfaction, that they 
would please to send in vnto ^ the Coiut what they hauo done in the 
pmises j and incase they can not settle thinges about it, that they acquaint 
the Court with the sticke att the next March Court, and concerning the 
remainder of the estate, that they giue in an accompt of what is left of it to 
the Coiu-t, that see they may take order about it att the said Court. 

In reference vnto a shirt stollen by an Indian from Christopher Blake, 
and sold vnto Nathaniell Winge, which shirt is now in the costody of 
the constable of Sandwich, the Coui-t haue ordered that the said constable 
shall returne the said shirt vnto the said Blake, and to require the said 
Winge to pay fine shillings to the said Blake in satisfaction for his trouble 



1 G 6 9. and charge about it, and two shillings and six pence to the said constable for 
his buslues about it, and that the said Winge be required to looke vp the 
said Indian, and briuge him or cause him to be brought before some one of 
the majestrates of this jimsdiction, to answare for his said fact. 

In reference vnto the complaint of Penninnah Linnitt, ^\•iddo■^v, against 
David Limrit, that hee hath possessed himselfe of her house and land giuen 
her by the M'ill of her deceased husband, Robert Linnitt, and giueth her noe 
satisfaction for the same, the Court haue ordered, that if hee doe not glue her 
satisfaction about the same betwixt this and the next March Court, that then 
the Court will take course that hee shalbe disposessed therof. 

Att this Coui-t, Arther Howland, Pliillip Leanard, Wiliani Norkctt, and 
"VVillram Hincksman appeered according to summons to answare for theire neg- 
lect of paying theire rate to the minncstry. The Court, haueing heard theire 
seuerall answares, doe determine as foUowes : that the said Arther Howland, 
in respect vnto liis age and low condition, bee acquitted for what is pasd ; and 
the rest of them forthwith to pay theire proportions they were rated the last 
yearc to the minuestry ; and that the constable be payed for his distresse that 
hee shalbe nessesitated to make vpon them or any of them in that behalfe. 

Att this Court, Eobcrt Ransom and liis wife appeered, being bound oner 
thervnto to answare for theire contensious and vnworthy carryages each to 
other in theire walkeing in marriage condition, and on theire engagement to 
line better in that behalfe they were for the j^sent cleared, and theire bonds 
for theire appeerance in theire sight cancelled. 

Att this Court, letters of adminnestration were graunted ATito ]\Iistris 
Sissillie Fish, of Sandwich, widdow, tn adminncstcr on the estate of Robert 
IloUocke, deceased. 

*Jlft the speciall Court held att P/i/moiith the eight Day of December, 
P,.„, Anno DoJii. 1669. 

Befork Thomas Prencc, Esq'', (iouc% and Wiliam Bradford, 

John Alden, 
Josias Winslow, 

Thomas Hinckley, and 
Nathaniel Bacon, 


IN reference vnto a controversy between the towncs of Taunton and Bridg- 
water, concerning the hounds of theire townshipos, that whcras theire 
hatli bine senerall d('l)nt('s about it, and tliat now theire asronts haue appeered 


att this Court, and some pmlcauors by both thcmsehics and the Court to briu"; 1 (J (i '.). 

the case to au issue, but for psent can not, the Court hauc ordered that if 

they doe not agree the case between themsehics, or that neither pty doe com- 

plaine by way of action betwixt this date and tire next March Court ; that 

then the Coui't will see cause to impannell a jury to bring the said controuersy 

to a finall issue and settlement. 

Att this Court, Jane, the wife of Samuell ilallowey, of Taunton, appccred, 
being sent by the townesmen of the said towne, that forasmuch as her carryage 
towards her husband was soe turbulent and vild, both in words and actions, as 
hee could not Hue with her biit in danger of his life or limbs, and alsoe her 
carryage before the Court was soe audatious as was intoUerable ; for her said 
vild and notorious practices and carryages shee was centanced by the Coiut to 
be coiiiitted to the jayle duiing the pleasure of the Court ; but slice, haueing 
bine but one night in close durance, manifested great jiensiuenes and sorrow 
for her said miscarriages, and engaged to carry better for the future ; on which, 
as alsoe by the earnest sollisitation of her husband, shee was sett att liberty, 
that shee might goe home with her husband, and soe to passe vpon tryall in 
hopes of better practices for tlic future. 

Wee, whose names arc vnderwritten, being impannelled by M' John 
Aldeu on the corronors enquest, to make enquiiy how John Paybody came 
by his death, doe find, — 

That hee ryding on the road, his horse carrycd him vndcrncath the bow 
of a young tree, and violently forceing his head vnto the body thcrof, brake 
his skull, which wee doe judge was the cause of his death. 


Dated this 18 of the 9"' montli. 1069. 


1 G 6 9. Att. the Court held att riymouth in Octoher List past hcforc the date 

' ' heerof, the Court taking into theire consideration the vsefulnes and seasonable- 

PuExcE ^^^ °^ '■^^^ sermon preached att the Election Court att Plymouth in June last, 

Gov". ^{([ order, that the said sermon should be printed, ■\\-hich accordingly was in 

this yeare don and pformcd, by the approbation alsoe of ^NI"" Chauncye and 

IVP Shepard, whoe alsoe aded imprimature thervnto as it is now extant. 

ICOO-TO. -Vi// the Court of his Ma'" held att the Towne of Ph/mouth, for the 
Jurisdiction of Ph/mouth, in .A'ew England, the first Day of March, 
Juno Dam 1669. 


Before Thomas Prince, Esquire, Gou'', Thomas Hinckley, 
Jolui Aldin, John Freeman, and 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniell Bacon, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &S. 

IN reference vnto the fvu-thcr request of ^NP John Jacob to haue a dcuission 
of the land hce with others bought of M"' Hatherlcy, att Accord Pond, the 
Court haue ordered, that hee shall take out such coppies out of the records of 
Conihassett laud as arc behoofull to the said deuission, and rejiairc to the Gou'' 
and major for the ordering of the same to be don by the marshall as soon as 
a convenient time and oijpertunitc wilbe p>sented. 

Att this Court, Richard Willis appecred to answare the complaint of 
Thomas Pojic, for detaining of a horse that hee laycd claime vnto, and desired 
that the said controversy might bo tryed by a jury of twelue men by way of 
action ; but Joseph Bartlctt, the said Popes attorney, refused to joyne issue 
with him in that way ; on which the Court ordered that the said horse should- 
be kept by the said Willis vntill June Coiu-t next, and if in the mean time 
any can come in and make better claime and title to.him then the said "Willis, 
they shall haue him, paying all due charges ; but if none other in the intcreni 
shall or doe come in and make better title to him, by the said Court lice shall 
then be reputed to be the said Willis his horse. 

In reference to the pscntmcnt of John Tilson, in breaking the Kings 
peace by strikeing Robert Ransom, the said Tilson is fined o' 4'. 

Richard Bisho]i, for p'loyning of a pscU of sliocjis woole from Gorge 

COUllT OllDERS. 31 

Crispe, is cciitaiiced to pay to the said Crispc the suirie of thirty shiUings vpou ](I()',)-7(). 
demaund, on receipt whcrof hee is to rest satisfy concerning the matter, and " ''' "' 
the said Bishop cleared. Pkence 

John Loc, for being drunke the second time, that is to say, convicted '^"^"• 
thcrof before the Court, hee is find tire suiiic of ten shillings, according to 

Thomas Jlathewes, for vnreasonably beateing of the Indian Ned, and 
therin breaking the Kings peace, is fined three shillings and four pence ; and 
for the abuse of the said Indian, and for and towards his charges in coming 
too and attending the Court, the said Mathews is ordered to pay him fourteen 

Att this Court, Kalph Smith, Samuel Smith, and Daniel Smith, (by his 
father,) appeered to answarc the suites coiiienced by Josias Cooke against 
them, which suites were by the said Cooke withdrawne ; the Court alo^^ed the 
charges to the defendants for tlieire appeerance and attendance att the Court 
to answare the said suites. 

In reference to a complaint made against Nathaniel Fitsrandall for re- 
fusing to pay the suiiie of one and twenty shillings to the minnestry att Barn- 
stable, which was the suiiie awarded him by order to pay thervnto, the Court, 
hearing his defence, but not judging it sufEcient, did centance him to pay the 
suiiie of forty two shillings to the Treasurer, according to order of Comt pro- 
uided in such a case. 

*Christopher Blake, for being drunke, fined fine shillings, and for his L ~^-J 
vnseemly carriages in his drunkenes with an Indian woman, is centenccd by 
the Coin-t to sitt in the stockes two houres att Yarmouth on theire next training 
day ; and incase hee shall goe aside to escape the execution of the said cen- 
tance, that then hee shalbe taken by any constable within this jurisdiction, 
in whose liberties hee shalbe found, and publicly whipt. 

In reference vnto the psentment of Jane, the wife of Samucll Hallowey, 
of Taunton, together with other horrible and abusive speeches and actions by 
her spoken and done against her husband and others, not onely in other places, 
but in the psence of the Couit, shee is centanced to bee publickly whipt att 
Taunton ; and wheras shee is att p>sent with child, the execution of the said 
centance is refered vntill shee shalbe deliuered and abroad againe ; and the 
constable of Taiuiton is to inflict the said punishment, or to cause it to be in- 
flicted, att the time forenamed ; which if hee refuse to doc, hee shall briuge her 
to Plymouth, that it may be inflicted by the vnder marshall att the pubhcke 
post ; and in reference to the complaint of the said Jane Hallowey against 
Jonathan Briggs, that hee had coiiiitted adultery \\ itli her two souerall times. 


1GG9-70. the Court caused a bill of inditemcnt to be drawiie up aud prefered against 
^■^ '^ "' liim, which the grand jury went forth vpon, and could not find the said bill, 
Prex e ^^^ ^°'^ ^'^® ^'^^^ Jonathan Briggs was cleared before the Court. 
Gou". Furthermore, in answare vnto the earnest request of the said Samuell 

Hallowey to be diuorccd £i-oni his said wife, shee haueing not oncly most horri- 
bly abused him, as is manifested by the testimonies to the abouesaid p>sent- 
nient, and att other times, as is aboue liinted, but alsoe confessed that shee hath 
coiuitted adultery with diuers persons ; yett notwithstanding, the Court, being 
not very cleare to such a proceeding att ^sent, refered the full answare ther- 
vnto vntill the next June Court, being willing to take mature advice and 
deliberation about it, as is beehoofuU to soe waighty a matter. 

Att this Coiu-t, Robert Ransom appeered to answare his psentment for 
speaking wicked and reproachful! words against the Gou"^ and majestrates, and 
did put his fscntment vpon trauerse ; the jmy cleared him legally, there 
being but one ^^•itnes appeering against him in that case; altho they were 
j)swaded that the acusation spake like vnto the said Ransoms language. 

Att this Coiu-t, John Prince, Juni"", of Nantaskett, appeered, haueing 
bine acused by Bethyah Tubbs that hee had begotten her ■^^•ith child ; but it 
soe fell out by the ordering hand of God, that shee being scut for to heare 
some testimonies that hee said hee could produce, tending to his clearing, shee 
fell in trauell, and was deliuered of a child M'hile the Court was then in being 
att Plymouth, on which the time being computed that shee acused him to haue 
done the acte, it Avas found not to answare to the time of the child's bcirth, it 
being come to full pfection ; on wliich the Court cleared him, soe farr as they 
could as yett dcsccrnc, from being guilty of the said fact. 

Wheras Josex^h Turner, Scni'', was ^sented att October Court, 1669, for 
slaundering, and for horrid inciuillitie in words and actions, and in the ^sence 
of seuerall wcomcn, as by plentifull testimonies appcers, it being pleaded att 
this Court, to which hee was summoned to answare the said psentment, that 
the tcarmes of the ^sentment were soe generall, that hcc could not be pro- 
uided att that time to answare to it, the Court alowed that hoc should haue 
knowlidge of the pticular heads of his charge contained in tlic testimonies 
giuen him, in order to his answariiig itt att June Court next ; which accord- 
ingly was done. 
[*22.] 'Forasmuch as .losepli Turner departed from this Court without the 

Courts leaue or knowlidgc, wheras they expected cecuritie for his appeerancc 
to answare liis psentment att June Court next, the Court ordered that hee 
should be arrested and cecurcd to the said Court, the charges against him 
being soe many and of soe hainoiis a nature. 


In reference to the psentraent of MicacU Feirse, of Scittuatc, for lG(»*.)-7(). 
vnseemlv carriaEtes towards S;u-ah Nicolls, of Scittuate, forasmuch as there " ^ 

° . 1 March. 

appecred but one testimony to the psentmcnt, and that the testimony was PuEji^.p. 
written and not read vnto the doponaiit, the Court saw cause to remitt the said ^"'''"• 

Att this Court, Serjeant Isacke Bucke was approued and established by 
the Court to be loiftenant of the milletary companie of Scittuate. 

And John Sutton was approued and established to be the cnsigue of 
the milletary companie of Scittuate. 

Lres of adminnestration is graunted vnto Jehosabath Eobins to adminncs- 
ter on tlie estate of John llobius, deceased. 

A Writing appointed to be recorded, as fol 


August the third, IGTO. 

Att th 

Att a Geuurall Court held vpou the Mneyard. 

To hi.. 

rd the Kinge : — 

Wheras James Skitfe, late inhabitant of Sandulcl: 

I, but n 

but now att the Vini- This w^s ht-e 

ii-cor.lcd the 

yard, hath petitioned and sued for a bill of diuorce from his '^^-ife, whervpon wth uf May, 
this ^sent Court hath taken it into serious consideration, and haueing receiued ' 
sufficient testimony that the late wife of James SkifFe hath vnlawfully forsaken 
her lawfull husband, James SkifFe, and is gone to Roanoke, in or att "\'crgin- 
uia, and there hath taken another man for to be her husband, aii wee haueing 
receiued seuerall testimonies of it, — 

Therfore know all men by these psents, th it the authoritie of the Coui-t 
hath graunted vnto the aforesaid James Skific a lawfull bill of diuorse from 
the former woman, namely, Elizabeth, the daughter of ]\P Naighbor Cooper, 
inhabitant of Boston ; that Janie.s SkifFe is free from the aforsaid woman, which 
was his lawfull wife ; and that the aforsaid coucnant of marriage is now de- 
solucd and of non effect. 

This abouewritten is a true coppy, taken out of the original by mee, 
Thomas Doged, clarkc to the Court att the Viniyard. 

August the 8'\ 1670. 

This was heer entered by order from the Gou'' the day and yeare ex- 
pressed in the margeant. 

\<)L. V. 5 





*Att the Court of Election holdcn att the Towne of Plymouth, for 
the Jurisdiction of JVew Plymouth, the seauenth Day of June, 
Anno Dom 1670. 

Before Thomas Preucc, Goucnior, and Thomas Hinckley, 
John Ahlen, John Freeman, and 

Josias Wlnslow, Nathaniel Bacon, 

AViliani Bradford, 

Assistants, &(?. 


K THOMAS PRENCE was chosen Gou'', and sworne. 

M'' John Alden, 

Major Josias Winslow, 

Capt Wiliam Bradford, 

M"^ Thomas Hinckley, 

Leiftenant John Freeman, 

M' Nathaniel Bacon, and 

M' Constant Southworth, 

M"' Thomas Prence and 1 

Major Josias Winslow were J 

M' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

were chosen Assistants, and sworne. 

chosen Coniissioners. 

The Names of the Deputies of the seuerall Townes that scrued att tliis Coui-t. 

M'' John Howland, 
Leift Morton, 
Wiliam Paybody, 
Cornett Studsou, 
Isacke Chettenden, 
Eichard Bourne, 
Wiliam Harvey, 
James Walker, 
Thomas Howes, 
John Thacher, 

Wiliam Crocker, 
Thomas Huckcns, 
Ensigne Fames, 
Anthonie Snow, 
M"" Stephen Paine, 
Wiliam Sabin, 
Uaniell Cole, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
John Willis, 
John Allin, 
John Alorton. 


•The names of the Selectmen in each Township of this Jurisdic". 
Lcifte Morton, "j 

Serjc Harlow, I Plymouth. 

Wiliam Crow, 



jM'' Christopher Wadsworth, 

1 C 7 0. 

M' Sanuicll Sabcrry, 
Benjamine Baitlett, 
Cornett Studson, 

Duxburrow. ' 

7 June. 


Isacke Chettendcn, 


Isacke Buck, 

James Skiife, 

M"^ Edmond Freeman, Juui'', 


Wiliam Swift, j 
Wiliam Harvey, 
James Walker, 



INI' Hawes, 

Edward Sturgis, Seni"', 
Thomas Howes, 


John Thacher, 

John Jkliller, 

Thomas Huckens, 

Jolin Tompson, 

■ Barnstable. 

Joseph Laythorp, 

Ensigne Eames, 

Wiliam Foard, Scni', 

■ Marshfeild. 

John Bourne, 

Leiftenant Hunt, 

M' Steuen Paine, 

► Rehoboth. 

Ensigne Smith, 

Nicholas Snow, 

Daniell Cole, 

Leifteri Rogers, 


Josias Cooke, 

Jonathan Sparrow, 

John WiUis, Seni% 

John Carrey, 

, Bridgwater. 

Leiftenant Haward, 

John Cooke, 

James Shaw, 


Samuell Hickes, 

M' James Browne, 

W Tanner, 


W Allin, 



*The Names of the Gran Enquest. 


John Cushen, 

Walter Briggs, 

jHeucry Woocl,| deceased, 

Nathaniel Paine, 

John Finney, 

Phillip Delanoy, 

Sargeant Ephraim Tinkham, 

Benajah Prate, 

John Tracye, 

Wiliam Witherley, 

Judah Thacher, 

Nathaniel Thomas, 
James Hamblen, 
Joseph Backhand, 
Henery Dillingham, 
Thomas Tobcy, 
John Carucr, 
Thomas Paine, 
John Haward, 
Samucll Luther, 
Elisha Hedge, 
John Hathewey, 
Pelegg Sherman. 


The Names of the Constables of the seuerall Townes of this Jurisdiction. 

Plym, Joseph Warren. 

Duxbuf, John Rogers, Junl'. 

rSamuell Clapp, 
[Timothy White. 

Sand, Joseph Holley. 

Taunton, Nathaniel Williams. 

Yarmouth, Samuell Stiu-gis. 

Barnstable, M"^ Thomas AUin. 

INLarshfeild, Jacob Dingley. 

fJohn Fitch, 
I Richard Bowin. 

Bridgwater, John Eamcs. 

Eastham, Samuell Smith. 

Dartmouth, Ralph Earle. 

Swansev, Nathaniel Chafev. 


Surveyors of the Highwaies. 

rCioig Bonum. 
Plymouth, i Stephen Bryant, 

! Abraham Jackson. 
Duxbuf, ^ ^ 

TMicaell Pclrse, 
Scittuate, ' John Turner, .Tuni'' 

[josejih Bnrstow. 



Yarmouth, . 

Sand, ^ ^ 

Taunton, ^ ^ 

fJohn Biu-gis, 
(Edward Stui-gis, Juni"', 
r James Lewis, 

Barnst, -j Samuel! Fuller, the 

(^ son of Capt Fuller. 

1 (; 7 0. 

7 June. 



f Preserued Abell, 
\ John Butterworth. 
I" Richard Knowles, 
[Samuell Freeman, 
f Joseph Bassett, 
(^ Robert Ijatham. 

"The Names of such in each Township which are appointed to looke 
after tlie Miunosters Rate. 


Scittuate, . . 

Taunton, . . 

Yarmouth, . . 
Barnstable, . 

INIarshfeild, . . 

Eastham, . . 

Bridgwater, . 

Edward Jenkens, 

John Turner, Seni^ 
rWiliam Harvey, 
[James Walker. 
("Thomas Howes, 
\john Thacher. 
(W Hinckley, 
[Thomas Huckens. 
[John Bourne. 
fLeifte Freeman, 
I Jonathan Sparrow. 

John Willis, 

Leif? Haward, 

Samuell Parker, Soni'', 

M'' Bourne, INP Huckens, ISP Walker wof appointed In- the Court to 
take the Treasurers account. 

Att this Coiut, irs of adminnestration were graunted vnto ^listris Eliza- 
beth Tilden to adminnestcr on the estate of M'^ Josepth Tilden, deceased. 

*This Court, being cnformed that the Indians are desirous to sell a smale 
p-^oll of vpland att a necke called Quanamott. or nenre tliorabouts, on the 




1 G 7 0. South Sea, doth therfore order :M^ Hinckley and ]M' Bourne, of Sandwich, to 

■ -^ ^ purchase the same, and it to bs rescrucd for W Thomas Walley, Scni% of 

7 June. ]3.^i.,i^table, vnto the Courts confeirmation thcrof vnto him when they shalbe 
[Prexce, ' 

GovEiixou.] in capassitie thcrvnto. 

Tliis Court haue confeirmed vnto Joseph Burge, of Sandwich, a former 
graunt of a psell of vphmd lying between the Red Springe and the Red 
Brooke att Pochasett, next vnto the land of Wiliam Paybody, being about 
fourscore acrees, with six or eight acrees of mcddow, vnto the said Joseph 
Biu-ge, his heires and assignes, for euer. 

Att this Court, a certaiue tract of land, formerly graunted vnto "\^'iliam 
Pavbody, lying att or ueare a place called Pinquin Hole, was confeirmed by 
the Court vnto him, the said Wiliam Paybody, his heires and assignes, for 
euer ; the which was graiiuted vnto him in way of exchange for all his right 
of laud which hee hath att Taunton Pviuer as an ancient freeman, both dcuided 
and vndeuided; the which, his whole interest there, hee, the said Wiliam 
Paybody, hath att this Court surrendered vp to the Court againc. 

Att this Court, the Treasurer, Cornett Studson, and Thomas Huckens 
are impowered by the Court, in the behalfe of the countrey, to make sale of 
the abouesaid land, svu-rendercd v]i by Wiliam Paybody, lying att Taunton 
Riuer, as aboue expressed. 

The Treasurer is appointed by the Court to agree with some workeman to 
build an addition to the countrey hous to entertainc the majestrates att Court 
times and other nessesary vses of the countrey. 

ISIemorand : that att this Court John Williams appeered, in the behalfe 
of Nathaniel ]\Ian, of Scittuate, to enter an appcale from the Court of the 
Celect Men att Scittuate ; and the Court rcfered the entery and tryall thcrof 
vntill the next July Court, because matters are not fully settled in respect of 
the order about appeales ; and the Court engaged, that there shalbe no 
advantage taken by the bonds giuen in for the procecution of the said appeals. 

In reference to the complaint of M' Josias Winslow, Seni"', in the behalfe 
of the towne of Marshfeild, against Cap? Nathaniel Thomas, for neglecting 
and refusing to make payment of the suiiic of one pound seauen shillings and 
nine pence, due fiom him to the minnestry att ISfarshfeild, the said Capl 
Thomas appeering, and his son, Nathaniel Thomas, in his behalfe, and hauo- 
ing had competent patience and time giuen them by the Court to giue in his 
reasons for refusing to pay his said proportion, and they refusing to joyne 
issue with the said Josias Winslow in the case, the said Captaine Thomas is 
centanced by the Court to pay the suiue of two pounds fifteen shillings and 
sixpence, according to the order of Court. 


The Court h;iue grauntud liberty vnto Leii'tenaut Rogers to purehase a 1()7(). 
pscU of land of the Indians att a place called Xaamcoyicke, neare Eastham, * "^ ~^ 
being a pte of the land reserued for the purchasers. The bounds are as fol- ,, . , 
loweth, vizj : it begins att or neare the mouth of a riuer called Pottanuma- ^•"'"• 
quatt Riuer, att the Indian fence, and soe ruuiug along the said fence towards 
the southwest vntill it comes to the mcddow of the said Leiftenant Joseph 
Rogers, att the northwest corner, and bounded by the said fence and salt water 
towards the northeast and east. 

In reference to the complaint of "Wiliam Randall, Seni', against John 
Rogers, of Marshfcild, for takcing a payer of oxen out of his pasture without 
his leaue, the Court haue ordered, that hee shall returnc him his oxen againe, 
and to the said Randall twenty sliillings and six pence for his journeys and 
charges to the Court about it. 

In reference vnto a coate, in the hands and costody of Wiliam Clarke, 
of Plymouth, which was left by a stranger in the towne of Plymouth aforsaid, 
the Court haue ordered the said "Wiliam Clarke to pay vnto the Treasurer 
the suiiie of fifteen shillings, and to haue the said coate ; and incase ^ 
owner come and challenge it, then the said fifteen shillings to bee repayed 
to him againe. 

*The Court doth abate vnto James Cole, Juni'', twenty shillings due for [*28.] 
this yeare of the excise, in regard that hee is a new beginner in keeping tlie 
ordinary att Plymouth. 

Att this Court, Jonathan Hatch, for selling liquors to the Indians, fined 
tlu-ee pound. 

Samuell Chandeler, for being drunko, fined fiuc shillings. 

John Sprague, for suff'ering Samuell Chandeler to be drunke in his house, 
fined ten shillings. 

Thomas Pope, for villifying the niinnestry, fined ten shillings. 

Thomas Hughes, for breaking the Kings peace, fined three shillings and Huc:hes, hy 

striking Rich- 

fourc pence. ard AVUlis. 

Thomas Lucas, for breaking the Kings peace, fined three shillings and Lucas, by strik- 
ing of Samuell 

foure pence. Jenncy. 

Samuell Norman, for breaking the Kinges peace in strikeing I>ydia, the 
wife of Hencry Tayler, M'as fined three shillings and four pence. 

And in reference to the said Norman his throwing his hoe att Hannah 

Dauis, and thcrby soe luting her thcrwlth as that her life was much indan- 

gered, hee was ceutanced by the Court to pay vnto the frinds of tlie said 

Hannah Dauis, for and towards the reparation of the wronge done to her in 

' that behalfe, the sume of ten shillinus ; and in reference to his turbulent 



1 (•) 7 0. 

Cleared a 

Cleared and 


carriages mensioncd ia the pmises, and his frequency and ajJtncs to such Ukc 

practices, hee, the said Samucll Norman, Avas centanccd by the Court to find 

surties for his good behauior. 

Samuell Normau acknowUdsceth to owe vuto our soQ ^ 

, , , T.. , _ , ^ ;20 : 00 : 00 

lord the Jliugc the sume of j 

John Tompson the suiTie of 10 : 00 : 00 

The condition, that if the said Samucll Norman be of good behauior 
towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his leich people, and in speciall 
towards the ptics wronged by him as aforsald, and appeer att the Court of his 
ma''*-' to be holden att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, and not 
depart the said Court without lycence ; that then, &l^. 

John Dunham, Seni', being bound ouer to this Court to answare for his 
abusive speeches and carriages towards Sai'ah, the wife of Benjamine Eaton, 
and being conuict therof, was centanced to be bound to his good behauior. 

John Dunham acknowlidgcth to owe vnto our soii 
lord the Kinge tlio suiiie of 

The condition, that if the said John Dunham be of good behauior 
towards our soQ lord tlie Kinge and all his leich people, and in spcciall 
towards Sarah, the -wife of Benjamine Eaton, and appeer att the Court of his 
ma"" to be holden att I'lymouth aforsaid the last Tusday in October next, 
and not depart the said Court without lycence ; that then, &6. 

In reference vnto a complauit made against Wiliam Randall, Seni'', for 
neglecting to pay his proportion to the rate for the minuestry att Scittuate, 
forasmuch as hee engaged speedily to make payment of what hee is rated in 
that behalfe in good and currant pay, incase hee soe doe, hee is freed by the 
Court from paying double, according to the order prouidcd in that behalfe ; or 
otherwise to be exacted. 

And in reference to the like complaint against John Palmer and Henery 
Ewcll, they engaged to the Court to tender theire goods to the constables of 
Scittuate for the i)aymcnt of theire proportions to the said rate ; which incase 
they shall neglect to doe, the said constables of Scittuate, or either of them, 
are heerby impowered to make destresse vpon theire goods, or soe much therof 
as will satisfy and make good double thcii'i' proportions of tliiirc said rate, 
according to the aforsaid order of Court. 

Att this Court, Thomas Sauory was dismised from his office of vnder 
marshall, haueing bine found seucrall times vnfaithfuU in the pformance of his 
said office, and att this Court, in speciall, by letting Joseph Turner, being 
c-oiiiitted to him as his p^soner, make an oscajie from him, to the great offence 
of the Court and counti-ev ; the said Turner being found guilty of nianV 


abominable. crimes, and had recclucd his denieritts had hee not made an escape 
as aforsaid. 

*Wheras the bounds of Sandwich can not be found on the records of our 
Court, this Court hath graunted, according to theire request, that theire bounds Gor" 
shalbcc fairly entered on the records of the Court. [ ~.'. 

The Court haueing appointed M'' Thomas Hinckley, Thomas Dexter, 
Sen!"', and M'' Constant Southworth to settle the bounds between Plymouth 
and Sandwich, these are to certify, that the men aboue mensioned haue, with 
the concurrence of the agents of the townes abouesaid, agreed and determined 
the bounds to be as followeth, vizj : that the towne of Sandwich shall run 
three quarters of a mile from any pte of the fence of John Ellis his feild, 
between his house and the sea, vpon what point of the compas they please ; 
and att the end therof to pitch theire stake, and thence to run a northeast line 
to the sea, and a southwest lino into the woods j onely incase a southwest line 
fi-oni the said stake shall cutt of any pte of the Herring Riuer, to depriue the 
towne of Sandwich of the benifitt of the alewiues, that then the said line shall 
nin more westward, to cleare the said riuer vnto the towne of Sandwich. In 
witnes wherof they haue heervnto sett theire hands, this nintceuth of Feb- 
ruary, 1663. 


The easteren bounds of the towneship of Sandwich is from t\\o or three 
stumpes neare vnto the house of Ralph Jones, and runs northeast to the sea, 
and southwest into the laud, vntill it comes ouer Satuit Pond to marked pyne 

The constablericke of Sandwich to extend vnto Sacconecsett bounds, both 
for English and Indians : soe ordered by the Coiut. 

Att this Covu-t, Samuell Hallowey, of Taunton, importuned the Court for 
a divorce from his wife, Jane Hallowey, expressing himselfe much agreiued 
with her continued approbrious and audacious asserting and affcimiiug that 
shee had comitted adultery with Jonathan Briggs ; in consideration wherof the 
Court passed an order to Wiliam Harvey and James Walker, of Taunton 
aforsaid, authoriseing them to examine her as soon as shee can conveniently 
after her being vp out of cliild bed, to know of her whether shee w'ill yet 
stand to and maintaiue her said assertion ; which if incase shee doe, and that 
the said HoUowi-y doe appecr att the Court of his ma'''^^ to be holden att Plym- 

vol.. \. G 


1 (■» 7 0. outh aforsaid the last Tusday in October next, and produce sufficient testimony, 

" "^ ' vnder the hand of the said Wiltam Harvey, and James Walker, that shee still 

' "'"^' afFeirmes that shee hath coiiiitted the said acte, the Coiut will then see cause 


Gou". to graunt him a bill of diuorse. 

Wheras Joseph Turner, Seni"', was bound ouer to this Court to answare 
his fsentment, Avhich was for most laciuious, abseane, and vild expressions 
and actions, spoken and acted towards seuerall psons diucrs times, wherof hee 
was legally convicted by cleare and manifest euidence, (which is extant ;) and 
haueing put the said ^sentment on travice, and the jury bringing in a verdict 
wherin they say they find him guilty in the whole piscntment, vnles it be in 
the first pticular and the first ptc of the nintli ; tliis Court doth therefore cen- 
tance him, the said Joseph Turner, to receiuc corporall punishment by whip- 
ing, and therby to receiue thirty stripes, fifteen wherof to be inflicted att 
Plymouth att the publicke post, soone after hee shalbe apprehended ; and the 
other fifteen att Scittuate, on some publicke training day, as soone as it may 
conveniently be done and pformed. 

The Names of the Jury. 

INP Samuell Sabery, Phillip Dellanoy, 

Gorg Watson, John Tracye, 

Serjeant Ephraim Tinkham, Benajah Prat, 

John Finney, Benjamine Church, 

Henery Wood, Thomas Cushman, 

Steuen Briant, James Hamblen. 

5 July. *Jit: the Court of his Ma'"' held att Phjmouth the fft Day of July, 
[*^0.] ^„„o Dom 1670. 

Before Thomas Prence, Gou"", Thomas Hinckley, 

John Alden, John Frsjcman, and 

Josias Winslow, Constant Southworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &<?. 

M^ HINCKLEY was appointed by the Court to take cecuritie in the 
Courts bchalfc of Elizabeth Goodspeed, widdow, the relict of Nathan- 
iel Goodspeed, late deceased, for her adminnestration on his estate. 

5 July. 


This Court doth order, tluit the two chikh-cn of the said Xathanicl Good- 1 (> 7 (I. 
speed shall haue, each of them, forty shillings reserued for them out of the 
estate of the said Goodspeed, <and deliuered to them by the aboiiesaid admin- 
nestrator, or her order, when they come to be of age. ^'>^" 

In reference vnto the complaint of John Jourdaine, in the belialfe of his 
daughter, Jehosabath Robins, against Gorge Turner, of Bridgwater, for de- 
tainein^ ccrtaine clothes appertaining vnto the estate of John Robins, deceased, 
the Court haue ordered, that the said Turner shall deliuer a certaine cloake, 
which is one pticular of the said clothes, vnto the said John Jourdaine on his 
demaund, and retaine the rest of the said clothes vnto himselfe. 

Edward Stui'gis, Scni'', is allowed to keep an ordinary att Yarmouth, and 
required to keep good orders in his house in that respect, that rude fellows be 
not found nor suffered there to misdemean themselues. 

John Miller is required by the Court to cease and desist from keeping an 
ordinary att Yarmouth. 

John "VVoodcockc is allowed by the Court to keep an ordinary att the Ten 
Mile Riuer, (soc called,) which is in the way from Rehoboth to the Bay, and 
likewise injoyned to keep good order, that noe vnrullvnes or rebaldrv be 
pmited there. 

The second weeke in August, on the third day of the weeke, is appointed 
by the Court for the widdow Bassett and Elisha Hedge to appeer att Plym- 
outh to proue the wills and inuentoryes of the deceased Captaine Hedge and 
WiHram Bassett. 

Elisha Hedge, being detected of selling liquor to the Indians, fined 
three pounds. 

Robert Harper, for his rayling and revileing of ]M"' Thomas Wallcy, Seni'', 
minnester of the gospell, as appeered by cleare and manifest euidence, ^vas cen- 
tanced by the Court to be whipt att the post, which accordingly ^^■as pformed. 

INIemorandum : that Jonathan Cudworth and his ^\•lfe be sent for, to 
answare for coiliitting fonication with each other ; and likewise Elizabeth 
Adkins, for the same. 

Abisha Marchant, for being found to be in bed with ^lary, the wife of 
Morgan Jones, was fined the suiiie of forty shillings to the vse of the collonie. 

Elizabeth Doxey, late seruant to M' Joseph Tilden, deceased, being de- 
liuered of a child, and charging of Nathaniel Tilden to be the father of it, the 
said Nathaniel Tilden appeered att this Court to answare to it, and being 
examined, dencyeth it ; notwithstanding, the Court saw cause to take cecuritie 
of him to sane the towne of Scittuate harmles from any damage that might 
acrew vnto them by the said child vntill another father appecreth ; and a 


167 0. ■warrant ■was directed to the constables of Scittuate to cause her, the said 

^ Doxe}', to bee sent as soon as shec is capable to Plymouth, to recciuc puuish- 

5 July. .,.,,. ■ 

Prexce nient according to her dementts. 

Gou". Jn reference and in answarc vnto the petition of Thomas Sauorj', that hee 

might be admitted to his place of vnder marshall againe ; through the vrgen- 
cye of the said Sauory, and the concurring desire of seuerall ■whose hands were 
subscribed to his said petition, the Coiu't ■was psvvaded to admitt him to his 
place againe ; Ed^ward Gray and Willram Clarke likewise glueing their words 
for his better pformance of his office then formerly. 
[*31.] *"\Vheras it is manifest to the Court, that twelue acrees, more or lesse, of 

land, -nhich -n-as formerly graunted vnto Gorge Vaughan, lying in IVIiddle- 
berry, in the majors purchase, on the southsydc of Namassakett path, by reason 
of soSithing impeadiug, -was not recorded vntill now, this Court doth heerby 
rattify, assm-e, and confeirme the said t-wclue acrees, more or Icssc, of land, 
■vTito the said Gorge Yaughau, and ordered it to be heer recorded. 

It -was agreed att this Court, agreed and concluded by and between the 
agents of Namassakett and the to'wne of Duxbui-ro-w, that the bounds between 
Duxbiurow and the majors pvu-chase shalbe from two smale red oakc trees 
marked that are att the northwest corner of Jonses Riuer Pond, and fi-om 
thence on a straight line to the Indian Ifoad Riuer Pond, where the brooke 
runs out of the pond. 

Wheras it is euident to the Court, that a certaine tract or psell of land, 
called Old Cookes Holes, lying att Jonses Riuer meddow, was formerly graunt- 
ed vnto Francis Cooke, of Plymouth, deceased, in the liew of some land which 
is supposed would haue fallen within his line att the Smelt Brooke, but is not 
fully settled on the said Cooke and his heires and assigncs, this Comt doth by 
these ^sents fully and absolutely settle, rattify, assiu-e, and confeirme the said 
graunt of land or tract of land, being thi-eescore acrees, be it more or lesse, 
lying att Joneses Riuer meddow, vnto the said Francis Cooke, his heires and 
assigncs, forcuer ; which said land was giuen by the said Francis Cooke vnto 
Richard Wright and Thomas Michell, coinonly called Old Cookes Holes, and 
since his decease rattifyed and confeirmed vnto the said Richard Wright and 
Thomas !Michell by John Cooke, the hcire vnto the said Francis Cooke, as 
appcers by a writing vnder his hand and scale. 
Of the reipu j,i iffeienco to a controversy betwixt Nathaniel Man and Jolin Cowin, 

of these por- 
tions heer ai- his Hither in law, botli of Scittuate, that wheras the said Man, being heii-e to 

Court see in ^"^ bousc and land now in the possesion of the said Cowin, & hath bine de- 

this booke in piined of his rii^ht thcrin euer since the time hee hath bin of age, this Court 

the yeare 1C75. ^^ '-^ -^ _ 

doth order, with tlie ronscut of botli ptics. that tlu- said Cowin shall rcmaine 


possesed of the said housp and land for the tearme of flue yoarcs from the date ] (! 7 0. 
heerof on condition hoc pay, or cause to bo payed, the full and just suilie " '' ' 
of three pounds six shillings and eight pence a yeere vnto the said Nathaniel „ .',, 
Man or his order in good and cuiTant pay of the countrey, att prise cuiTant Gol". 
att- the deliuery therof, if hee, the said Cowin, sees cause to keep it the said 
fiue yeares, or soe longe of the said fine yeares as hee sees cause to keep it ; 
and incase hee keepes it the said tearme of fiue yeares, that then, att the expi- 
ration therof, lice is to surrender it vp to the said Nathaniel Man. And 
wheras the -wife of the said Cowin hath a right to the thii-ds of the said lands 
wliiles shee liueth, it is likewise ordered by the Court, that incase the said 
Cowine shall or doe leaue the said land before the tearme of fiue yeares afor- 
said be expired, that then the said Nathaniel Man shall pay or cause to be 
payed vnto the said John Cowine or his order the full and just suiiie of one 
pound thii'teen shillings and four pence a ycere, from the time the said Cowin 
leaues it vntill the decease of his mother. It is further ordered by the Court, 
that the said Cowin, during the time of his improuement of the said land, 
shall not make hauocke or destroy the timber tlieron, but shall onely haue 
libertie to improue it for frugally building or fencing vpon the said land, and 
not elswhere ; and alsoe, that when the said Nathaniel ilan can giue a true 
intelligence to the Coiut how longe hee hath bine of age, that then the said 
Cowine is to make good vnto him that which is due for rent for the time 

Wheras Capt "Willett, Leift Hunt, Ensigue Smith, and Phillip Walker, This .igrce- 
or any tluee of them, were requested and appointed by the Coiut to take some sented ^-nto 
paines in scttleing matters about the estate of Richard BuUocke, deceased, »°d "PP'o'jp'I 

■*■ ^ by the majes- 

Capt Willett being fi-om home, tlie other three settled all matters between the trates, and or- 
dered hcer to 
widdow BuUocke and her son in law, Samuell Bullocke, as followeth, \'izj : be recorded; 

the said widdow Bullocke is to haue the house and home lott, and a little """J, *'•'""''■" 

Bullocke alsoe 

iland containing half an acree of salt marsh that lyetli neare the house, and one ^^ ^'y consent- 

. ' 1/-1 ~ edtothe aboue- 

acree of vplaud, for her selfe and her heires for euer ; and for the tearme of written asrce- 
her life shee is to haue the vse of fiue and twenty pounds coiiionagc, and the "'^"^p"" "^ 
vse of one acree of broken vp ground three yeares. 

And in reference to the remaining pte of the estate not disposed of, the 
Court haue ordered, that the widdow shall pay such debts as are owing thcr- 
from, and giue notice to the Court of wh:tt rcmaines, that soe they may com- 
pare it with the inuentory, and settle it in the best way they can. 

*Wheras the Comt hath ordered, that all the tarr made in the goQmcnt [*<^~-] 
shalbe sold to some psons within tlio collonic, if any such will giue eight shil- 


1 r» 7 0. lings ill monv for euery smalc barrell, and twcluc shillings for euery great barrell, 
during the full tearme of two yearcs, and that during the said tearme noo tare 
shalbc transported or sold out of the collonie by any pson whatsocuer but 
bv or vnder those that engage to giue as aforsaid, vnder the forfeiture of 
all such tarr soe transported or sold, or the valine of it ; the one halfe to the 
collouie, the other halfe to the psons engageiiig as aforsaid. Wee whose names 
are hecr ynderwritteii, takeing the sence of the Court to be, that the aforsaid tarr 
shalbe deliuercd to some one of vs, or some one of our order, att the water 
syde in each towne, whcrvnto it shalbe brought iu good, marchantable caske, 
and vpon due tryall made, found to be marchantable tarr, doe engage to pay 
or cause to be payed the said suiiie of eight shillings p smale barrell, and 
twelue shillings p great barrell, for all such tarr made, conditioned, and deliu- 
ercd as aforsaid, vntill the full tearme of two yearcs aforsaid .shalbe expired. 

Dated the 24"' of June, 1670. 






The marlce ^^ of EDW: GRAY, 



By order from This Court doth accept of the aboucmcnsioned engagement, and doe 

sume of the j | oj.jpi- ni^([ tlcclare the Court order abouesaid relateing thervuto to take 

m;\jestTates . " 

this hist d.-mse pj.jpy according to the scuce therof aboue declared iinedlatcly from and after 
K'ust the Uth, the 10"' of this instant July vntill the tearme of two yearcs shalbe fully 
''""■ expired; alsoe, M"' John Freeman being to take of all the tarr made within 

the liberties of Eastham which shalbe brought to him or hi.s order, and to 
pay the prise abouenamed p barrell to such as shall dcliuer it conditioned as 
abouesaid ; and Samuell Sturgis to doc the like for the liberties of Yarmouth ; 
and M' Thomas Hinckley and Thomas Huckens to doe the like att Barnsta- 
ble ; and Richard Bourne and Wiliam Swift to doe the like for Sandwich ; 
and Edward Gray and Wiliam Clarke to doe the like for Plymouth and all 
the westeren townes of the collonie ; John Cobbs, of Taunton, being the place 
of deliuery of what tarr shalbe made within the liberties therof. And for the 
better pformancc of the fvmiscs, and the advancement of the publicke good 
thcrin, this Court doth charge and nniuirc all coopers respectiucly, to see that 
all the caske tliey make be sullicientlv good and tite, and according to the 


accustomed size of late in vsc amongst us, as they will answare the contrary 1 (j 7 i). 

att their prills ; and that all that shall bring in and deliuer any tarr as ai'or- " "• ' 

said doc sec to it that they deliuer thcirc tarr in good, sulUcient, titc caske as p,t],xcF. 

aforsaid, which said caske arc not to ba lessc than will containe sixteen gal- Gou". 
Ions, beer measure. 

Mgust n'\ 

*Att a meeting of the GoQ and seuerall of the majestrates of this juris- [*33.] 
diction in the nature of a special Court, appointed by the Court held att 
Plymouth the fift day of July last past before the date heerof, — 

Att this Court Elisha Hedge appeered, and produced, according to order, 
the will and inventory of the estate of Capt Wiliam Hedge, late deceased ; 
which were proued, and ires of adminnestration graunted to him, the said 
Elisha, to adminnester on the said estate. 

Att this Coui-t, likewise, Mistris Mary Bassett, widdow, appeered, and 
produced, according to order, the inventory of the estate of M'' "Wiliam Bas- 
sett, of Sandwich, late deceased, which inventory was likewise orderly proued ; 
but before letters of adminnestration were graunted vnto her, the said Mary 
Bassett, the Court saw cause to take an engagement of her in the behalfe of 
the children of the said Wiliam Bassett as followeth : — 

August the 11"', 1670. ^Mistris :Mary Bassett, widdow, the relict of 
Wiliam Bassett, of Sandwich, late deceased, coming before the majestrates of 
this jurisdiction to proue the inventory of the estate of her deceased husband, 
Wiliam Bassett aforsaid, doth before them heerby engage to sett apart and 
reserue the suiiie of two hundred pounds out of the said estate for the vse and 
benifitt of her children, to be desposed off to them, with the advise of the Court, 
as they, the said children, shall come to be of age ; provided, that if in the 
interem any great damage shall befall the said estate, that then it shalbe 
considered of by the Court to be abated as reason shall require. 

tres of adminnestration was graunted to Mistris Mary Bassett to admin- 
nester on the estate of M' Wiliam Bassett, of Sandwich, late deceased. 

Att this Court an Indian called Wiliam, the son in law of Cawsctan, 
appeered, and complained that the oxen of Lelftenant Ellis had broken in to 
his corne att Breake Hart Hill, and produced the testimony of Elisha Hedge 
and John Dauis to proue it ; whoe doe testify, that viewing the damage, they 
adjudged it to be about six bushells, and affeirmcd tliat the fence about the 
said corne is good. 

The bounds of the land graunted ibrmerlv by the Comt vnto John Mor- 


1 G 7 0. ton, Seni"', vizj : a psell of land lying in that wliicli is coiiionly called the 
Majors Purchase, att Namassakett, ranging vpon the easterly syde with Jon- 
athan Dunhams land, and soe ruiiing north and south nearest A\ith the said 
land, and soe extending from the old Indian path on the south end, and soe 
to the country road on the north end, and soe vnto a red oake marked stand- 
ing att the easterly corner, and soe from the said tree to another red oake tree 
standing on the southerly corner, onely excej)ting a smale gore of land hcloug- 
ing to Captaine Mathew TuUer, which is witliin these bounds. 

Further, the Court haue graunted vnto the said John Morton another 
psell of land within the said Majors Purchase att Namassakett, lying on the 
southwesterly syde of the said Jonathan Dunhams land, and to range with the 
said land of Jonathan Dunham thi-ee score pole from the aforsaid country 
road, and soe to extend from the said Jonathan Dunhams land still on the 
southwesterly syde vnto a great rocke well knowne which stands neare vnto 
the said country road, 'and the said rocke to be a bound on the northwest cor- 
ner, and soe from thence to a -white oake tree marked standing on the south- 
east corner. 

John Marchant, Seni'', is approucd by the Court to be leiftenant of the 
milletary companie of Yarmouth. 

Elislia Hedge, for selling liquor to the Indians, lined fifty shillings. 

Abisha Marchant, for being in bed ^^■ith Mary, the wife of Morgan Jones, 
fined forty shillings. 
[*3-i.] *In reference to the complaint of diners of the inhabitants of Rehoboth, 

that they were oppressed in being soe high rated for therre lands lately pur- 
chased of the coUonie on the northerly syde of the" towne, that it did greatly 
frustrate the intent both of the buyers and sellers, which was principally for 
the accoiuodation of the poorer sort with land, and yctt soe as not to oijpresse 
them as much otherwise, — 

The Court doe determine, that the mile and halfe that was giuen as an 
inlargement to the towne of Rehoboth be layed to that towne for theire cas- 
ment in rates and charges, but to be rated according to the way the Court 
order prouided, and not according to that townes singular way of rateing ; — 

And that all the rest of the north lands within theire purchase, both 
farmes and else, be rated seuerall and apart from the said towne, vizJ, thiity 
shillings towards a forty pound rate to the coUouie ; and according to that 
proportion, and not otherwise, to be charged to the minnestry and other town 
charges, vntill the Court shall see cause otherwise to dispose concerning them, 
vntill which time they shall alsoe be and remaine withm the constablericke of 
till' township of Rehoboth. 



And wheras those lauds on the northsyde of Rehoboth were sold and by 
deed passed ouer to the propriators of that towue, vizj, to all that hold lands 
there, from a fifty pound estate and vpward, yett by mutuall consent and agree- 
ment amongst themselues, all the inhabitants were taken in to be joynt pur- 
chasers, it is determined that the names of such as were not comprehended in 
the aboue mensioned deed shalbe entered in theire towne record, and in the 
publicke record of the collonie alsoe, if they desii-e it, as fall and equall 
purchasers and propriators in the said lands with the rest. 

In reference to a controuersy arising betwixt the townshipes of Rehoboth 
and Swansey about the rateing of lands which bclonge to the inhabitants of 
one of them lying within the line of the other, — 

This Court, according to a power reserued to them in the graunt of 
Swansey township, as by record appeers, haueing heard the pleas by the agents 
on both sydes, and vpon mature consideration, doe order and determine, for a 
finall settlement of the said controuersy, as foUoweth, vizj : — 

1. That the meddowes coinonly knowne by the name of the Hundred 
Acree Meddows, although they lye within Swansey line, yett to belonge to 
the township of Rehoboth, and there to be rated as they haue bine vsed to be, 
and not vnto Swansey. 

2. That the meddowes belonging to Sowamsett, commonly called the 
Fine Ten Acree Lotts, lying within the line of Rehoboth, shalbe and belonge 
to the towneship of Swansey, and there to be rated, and not vnto Rehoboth. 

3. That the rest of the lands be rated to each township respectiuely as 
thev bo and shall fall within thclre line. 

1 G 7 0. 

11 August. 

Jtt the Court held att Pli/mouth, for the Jurisdiction of JVew 29 October. 
Plymouth, the 29" of October, 1670. [*^^-] 

3EyoRE Thomas Prence, Esquire, Gou'', 
John Aldin, 
Josias Winslow, 
Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &(?. 

Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, 
Nathaniel Bacon, and 
Constant Southworth, 

ATT this Court, Captaine Thomas Willett, "SI" James Browne, ISP John 
Allin, John Butterworth, and Wiltam Albcy were impowcrcd by (he 
Comt to haue the disposing of lauds within the township of Swansey, and for 


16 7 0. the admition of inhabitants into the said toivnc ; and this trust and power 
respecting tlie ^mises to bee att the dispose of the said men nominated vntill 
the Coui-t shall cause otherwise to order. 

In reference vuto the complaint against John ililler, of Yarmouth, for 
challenging a mare contrary to order of Court, which hee att ^sent can not 
proue to be his, the Court haue ordered, that hee shall see the said mare forth 
coming vpon demaund ; and if hee can cleare vp that slice is his, that hee 
repalre with such euidence to !M'' Hincldey and jNI' Bacon, and thej- to returne 
the same vnto the Court ; & if they approue it, then hee, the said Miller, is 
to retaine the said mare ; if otherwise, the Court to take order about her for 
the dispose of her according to the order of Court. 

Wheras the widdow Elizabeth Bullocke, of Rehoboth, hath with care and 
industry brought vp diners smale children hitherto since the decease of her 
husband, and still is carefull and industrious to bringe them vp, some of them 
being yett smale ; and that it doth appeer to the Court, that the debts due 
from the estate ai-e for the most pte defrayed, and thcr being left three cowes 
and a mare of the estate j the Coui-t hauc ordered and settled the said cattle 
vnto the said widdow, Elizabeth Bullocke, in reference vnto the bringing vp 
of the said childj-en. 

In reference vnto one Rowland Wills, brought into the towne of Scittu- 
ate by John WilUams, whoe hath lined diners yeares from his wife, the Coui't 
that the said Wills may stay in Scittuate if hee please vntill his next 
cropp is reaped ; and hee haueing now engaged that hee will send for his wife 
in the interem ; which incase shee come, and that hee procure libertie of the 
towne and approbation of the majestrates to stay, well ; if other\\-ise, to depart 
the goQment ; and in the mean time the said John Williams standeth heerby 
engaged to saue the towne of Scittuate from any damage that may acrew vnto 
them by the said Rowland Wills as longe as hcc lines on the ftirme, or vntill 
his tearme is out. 

This Coui-t hath appointed and haue giuen letters of adminnestration 
vnto John Nelson and Samuell Wood to admlnucster on the estate of Ilenery 
Wood, of Middlebeiy, late deceased. 

Att tliis Court, John Louell, Juni', with the consent of his father, John 
Louell, Seni% of Rehoboth, made choise of Joseph Siluester, of Scittuate, to 
be his guardian, which was approued by the Court. 

Ester Siluester came before this Couit, and made choise of John Louell, 
Seni'', aforsaid, to be her guardian, which was approued by the Court. 

Att this Court, Dauid Wood, Joseph ^^'ood, and Benjamine Wood did 
make choise of John Morton, Seni', and Lciftenant :Morton, to be thcire guar- 
dians, wliich was approued by the Court. 


Daniel Ramsden, for selling liquor to an Indian, fined fifty slilllings 1 (1 7 (I. 
mouy. ^ ' 

*Att this Court, Wiliam Rogers, for coiTiitting fornication before mar- „ . 
riage, was centanced to pay fine pound in mony or be whipt. Go^'"- 

Att tliis Court, Edward Jenkens was ordered to pay three pounds for and i "^"J 
in the behalfe of his daughter, !Mary Adkinson, whoc is fined for haueing 
carnal coppulation with her husband, ^larmcduke Adkinson, before marriage 
and before contract ; and the said suiiie being payed, shee is then freed from 
appearance att the Court to answare for that fact. 

Att this Comt, Jabez Snow and his wife were fined the suiiie of ten 
pounds for haueing carnall coppulation with each other before marriage. 

Att this Court, John Cooke, for breaking the Sabbath by vnessesary 
trauelling theron, was fined ten shillings. 

Att this Court, Wiliam Hincksmau, for breaking the Sabbath by carrying 
of wood, was fined ten shillings. 

Memoraud : that a barrell of powder that Duxburrow borrowed of the 
country the last generall training was now payed. 

Att tliis Court, Humphery Johnson deraaundcd his charges expended 
about an action wherin hee was nonsuited. 

In like maiier, alsoe, did Nathaniel Turner. 

Att an occationall meeting of two of the majestrates with the GoQ, on the 
IS"" of December, 1670, in reference vnto the complaint of Timothy White, 
of Scittuate, against Thomas Hart, that hee hath stoUen seuerall thinges from 
him att Scittuate, the said ^ , vpon examination confessing the same, was 
centanced by the Gofl and Assistants aforsaid to retui-ne the said goods againe 
to the said "White, and did alsoe order him to pay the suine of twelue shillings 
vnto liim for charges hee hath bin att in procecuting against him ; and wheras 
two smale inconsiderable niggs are found to appcrtainc vnto the said Hart, 
the said majestrates haue ordered them to be disposed for p'sent into the 
hands of James Cole, soe as that if any will redeem them, and giue more then 
twelue shillings for them, they may haue them, and giue or pay the ouerpluse 
to the said Hart ; and the said Thomas Hart, for liis pilfering and stealing of 
the pticulars aforsaid, together with his intollerablc lying in his examination 
about the same, hee was centanced by the authoritie aforsaid to be seuercly 
whipt att the post, which accordingly was pformed. 

8 March. 

J ■> 




Before Thomas Prenco, Esquire, GoQ, 
John Alden, 

Josias AVinslow, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &^. 


1G70-1. *v?« the Court of his Ma"' held att Plymouth, for the Jurisdiction 
of .^'ew Plymouth, the 8" of March, 1670. 

Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, 
Nathaniel Bacon, and 
Constant Southworth, 

A TT tliis Court, proclamation was made that it' any can lav any just claime 
JTjL. vnto any debt due from the estate of "\^^iliam Bassett, of Sandwich, 
they are to come in and demaund it betwixt this date and the Coiut of his 
ma''" to be holden att Plym in July next. 

Att this Court, ^Nlary Bassett, Juni'', made choise of Major Winslow to 
be her guardian. 

And Wiliam Bassett, Juni'', made choise of ]\P Hinckley to be his guar- 
dian, which was approued by the Court. 

Att this Court, Hannah Hull made choise of Joseph HoUey and Nathan- 
iel Fitsrandall to be her guardians, which was approued by the Court. 

Att this Court, Benjamine Siluester came into the Court, and made choise 
of Joseph Siluester and Israeli Sihiester to bo his guardians, which was ap- 
proued by the Court. 

John Williams doth hccrby stand bound and ingaged vnto the Court in 
the suiire of ten pounds in the behalfe of Peter Worthylake, now in durance 
att Plymouth, whoe was arested att the suite of Captaine Wiliam Hudson, of 
Boston, that hee, the said Worthylake, shall answare the complaint of the said 
Captaine Hudson according to the tonor of the warrant, if hee agrees not with 
him before. 

In reference vnto the pscntmcnt of John Sutton, of Scittuate, for that 
the said Sutton, on Thursday the weeke before July Court last past, went into 
Mistris Elizabeth Tildens parlour early in the morning, and opened her chest 
where her mony was with an intent to take mony out of it, — 

Hee was fined the suiiie of forty shillings to the vse of the collonic, and 

to find sm-ties for his good behauior ; but being not able to giuc cccuritie any 

otherwise then by himselfc, the Court accepted his owne bond. 

John Sutton acknowlidseth to owe vnto our soil lord 1 " 
,, T- .1 - c -40:00 

the Ivinge the sume ot J 

The condition, that if the s;iid .John Siittou he (if <>-n(ul bohnuior towards 


our soQ lord the Kingc and nil his Icich people, and appeer att the Court of 10 7 0-] . 
his ma"" to be holden att Plymouth the first Tusday in June next, and not "^ r— — ' 
depart the said Coui't without lycence ; that then, &t^. Pkence 

James Pursevall, for his contempt of authoritie in nott departing the col- ^"'^■"• 
lonie according to order, and for his makeing an escape from one with whome 
hee was sent, in reference to his goeing to Ycrginnia to clcare himselfe of sus- 
pision of haueing a hand in ruiiing away with a boate, &5, hoe was centanced 
to pay a fine of fiue pound. 

Wiliam Hedge, John Gray, and Edward Stui-gis, for breakeing the Sab- 
bath by sailing from Yarmouth to Boston on the Lords day, were fined each 
of them thirty shillings. 

John Gray, for breaking the Kinges peace in striking of John Ilawes, 
was fined the suiiie of three shillings and four pence to the vse of the collonie. 

John jNIathcwes, Samuell ^lathewes, Samuell Gray were guilty, att the 
same time as those abouenamcd, in prophaning the Lords day, and to be 
suiiioned in to ausware it. 

In reference vnto an Lidian called "Will, for his vnsufferable, insolent 
carriage in oposing of and strikeing att the constable of Yarmouth with an axe, 
&6, was fined twenty shillings. 

*Willam Griffin and Richard ^lichell, both of Yarmouth, for fighting [*-^^-] 
together, and therby breaking the Kinges peace, were fined each 3' 4'^. 

In reference vnto the complaint against John Sprague, that about the 
begining of December last hee did highly misdemean himselfe in the house 
of James Cole, of Plymouth, near vnto or on the evening before the Sabbath 
day, in diinking, gameing, and vnciuell reuelling, to the dishonor of God and 
the offence of this goUment, by his gameing and bringing in oft' a mare inciu- 
illy into the parlour- of James Cole aforsaid, for which said misdcmcnors hee 
was centanced to sitt in the stockes two houres, which accordingly was 
pformcd ; and for his being there the greatest pte of the afternoon vntill the 
euening, hee was ^ fiue shillings. 

Richard Tayler Tayler, for his being in companie of the said Sprague 
and others the greatest pte of the afternoone aforsaid, and siting tippling with 
them, and by his ^sence abeting them in thclre euill practices, was fined ten 
shillings to the vse of the collonie. 

Xathaniel Tilden, for vnciuell carriages with Elizabeth Doxcy, hee was 
fined forty shillinges. 

Att this Coui-t, one whoe called himselfe Wiliam Thomas, for pilfering 
of tobacco from Edward Gray, was centanced to be whipt att the post, which 
accordingly was inflicted ; and hee is ordered alsoe to pay twenty shillings to 


167 0-1 . Edward Gray, and to defray the charges of his imprisonment, and to depart 
the goQment. 

Att this Court, Samuell Packer, Seni'', was lyccnced and authorized by 
the Coiut to keep an ordinary att Bridgwater, and to be prouided competently 
for the accoinodateing of strangers, and to keep good orders in his house in 
that behalfe. 

Att this Court John Cowin, of Scittuate, appcercd, being bound oucr to 
answare for speaking of contemptable words against royall authoritic, in that 
hee should say hee scorned to be in subjection to any English man, and that 
there was neuer any Kinge in England that was an English man but one 
crookedbacked Richard, a crooked rogue, just like such an one as hee named, 
vizj, a crooked man well knowne in the towne of Scittuate. Diners testimo- 
nyes came in against him, which testifyed on oath the same in substance aboue 
enserted ; but because the scuerall euidences could not att this Court appeer 
to testify the words to his face, and for that the case is rare, and the Court 
being willing to gaine healpe and aduise fr-om others as much as may be in it, 
it was refered vntill June Court next, and the said Cowin to be kept in durance 
vntill then. 

James Cole, Juni'', is allowed by the Court to keep an ordinary att Plym- 
out, and is requii-ed by the Court to keep good order in his house, that there 
be noe reuelllng there, nor that hee suffer any of the inhabitants to stay drinke- 
ing past the time allowed by the Court. 

1 () 7 I . *-'itf the GcncraU Court of Election held att the Toirne of Phjm- 
— ^' ^ outh the fift Day of June, Anno Don't One Thousand Six 

p^n -] Hundred Seauenty and One. 

Bf.kokf, Thomas Prcnro, Es^, GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldin, Nathaniel Bacon, and 

Josias Winslow, Constant Southworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &(?. 

THOMAS PRINCE, ESQ., was chosen GoQ of th(> jurisdiction of Now 
Plymouth, and swornc. 



M^ John Alden, 

Major Josias Wiuslow, 

Captaine Wiliam Bradford, 

M'' Thomas Hinckley, 

M"" John Freeman, 

M"^ Nathaniel Bacon, and 

INI"' Constant Southworth, 


were chosen to the office of Assistants, and Pkence, 


This Court haue ordered, that if God should take away the God by death, 
or otherwise dcpriue us of his healp by absence, or other bochly weaknes disa- 
ble him to discharge his place, that in such case the next eldest niajestrate 
to serue in the office of a deputy GoG for this ^sent yeare, as the Goii might 
and oui'ht for to doe. 

were chosen Comissioners. 

Thomas Prince, Esf , 

Major Josias Winslow, j 

M' Hinckley next in nomination. 

M' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

The Names of the Deputies of the seuerall Townes of this Jiu'isdiction whoe 
serued theratt and att the Adjournments therof. 

Robert Finney, 

Leifi Ephi-aim INIorton, 

M"' Josias Staudish, 

Wiliam Paybody, 

Cornett Robert Studson, 

Isacke Chettenden, 

M' Edmond Freeman, Juni'' 

Wiltam Harvey, 

Wiliam Witherley, 

John Thacher, 

John Miller, 

Wiltam Crocker, 
Thomas Huckens, 
Ensigne Marke Eames, 
Anthony Snow, 
M"^ Stephen Paine, 
Wiliam Sabin, 
Josias Cooke, 
Thomas Paine, 
John Willis, 
John Russell, 
M' James Browne. 

The Constables of the seuerall Townes. 

Plymo, Jacob Cooke. 

DuxbuiTO, Benjamine Church. 

f Anthony CoUymore, 

Scitt:, T 1 V • 

(^Jolin Lusigne. 

Sand, Steuen Skilie. 


Tauntou, Joseph Wilborc. 

Yarmouth, Joseph Hall. 

Barnsta, Saraucll AUhi, 

fM"' Wiliam Thomas, 

Marsh, -^ , , ^^ , , ^ . 

(^Aither Howland, Juni' 

rDaniell Smith, 

I Preserued Abell. 

Eastham, John Mayo. 

Bridgw, Thomas Suell. 

Dartm, Thomas Coruwell. 

Swans, John jNLartin. 

Middi, Gersom Cobb. 


*The Grand Enquest. 

]M'' Micaell Pekse, 

M"" John Gorum, 

M'' Thomas Howes, 

M' Allexander Standish, 

M' Edward Gray, 

Ensigne Thomas Leauard, 

Hugh Cole, 

John Bryant, Seni'', 

Wiliam Twining, 

Francis Crooker, 

John Rogers, Seni'', 

Joseph Howland, 

Job Crocker, 
Jonathan Dunham, 
John Tisdall, 
Steuen Winge, 
John Hall, Juui"', 
Nathaniel Winslow, 
John Eead, 
Nathaniel Cooper, 
Samuell Alliu, 
Gorge Sisson, 
Lodowicke Hawkes, 

The Celect Me 

ILeift Morton, 
Serjeant Harlow, 
Wiliam Crow. 
'M'' Samuell Saberry, 
Chi-istopher Wadsworth, 
Benjamine Bartlett. 
' Lcift Backc, 
Cornctt Studsou, 
Isacke Clicttcndcu. 

(M"^ Edmond Freeman, .lu 
James Skiffe, Seni', 
Wiliam Swift. 








Leift Macye, 

Rich Williams, 

Walter Dean, 

James Walker, 

Wiliam Harvey. 

M"^ Edmond Hawes, 

M' Thomas Howes, 

Edw Sturgis, Seni"', 

John Thacher, 

John Miller. 

Leif? Laythorpt, 

Thomas Huckens, 

John Tompson. 
I'Ensigne Eames, 
J Anthony Snow, 
I John Bourne. 
CM' Steuen Paine, Seni'' 
j Leift Hunt, 

ICT 1. 


Ensi2:ne Smith. 

Bridgw, . 

f Nicholas Snow. 

Daniel Cole, 
. Thomas Paine, 

Jonathan Sparrow, 

Marke Snow, 
r John Willis, 
J Leift Haward, 
I John Carey. 

Was omitted this yeare. 

M'' James Browne, 

Hugh Cole, 

Samuell Luther. 

Sm'veyors of the Highwaies. 


( Joseph Warren, 
J Dauiell Dunham, 
! John Dotey. 
John Wadswortli, 
Sanuiell Wc-.t. 



5 June. 






Reho, . 


I Richard Ciu'tis, 

■j James Ciidworth, Jani'' 

[ Joseph Sihiester. 

r Ralph Allln, Seni% 


fJohn Maj'comber, 

[Encrease Robinson. 

( Edward Sturgis, Senl', 

[Joseph Howes. 

I John Dauis, 

[Samuell Hinckley. 

f Nathaniel Thomas, 

\ Micaell Foard. 

r James Reddaway, 

[John Perram. 

r Nicholas Snow, 

[Gyles Hopkins. 

rjohn Eames, Seni"', 

[John Haward, Seni^ 
Wiliam Palmer, 
Henery Tucker, 
Richard Sisson. 
Nathaniel Pecke, 
Joseph Carpenter, 
Zachariah Eedey. 

[*41.] *Thc psons appointed in each Towne to see to the Gathering in of the Min- 
nesters Maintainance, and to ^ payed vnto them satisfiictorily and 
seasonably both for Time and Specie. 







[John Tm"ner, Seni'' 
[Edward Jenkens 

r Wiliam Withercll, 
[Samuell Smith, 
r Samuell Ryder, 
\ John Miller. 






M' Hinckley, 1G71. 

M' Huckens. " ' 

fM"' Josias Winslow, 

I Thomas Doged. Gou 

f Leift Hunt, 
[Wiliam Carpenter. 
'John Willis, 

Leif! Haward, 

Samuell Faker, Seni^ 

In reference vnto the toAvnc of Dartmouth, it is ordered by the Court, — 

That wheras a neglect, the last yeare, of the gathering iu of the suiTie 
of fifteen pounds, according to order of Court to be kept in stocke towards the 
support of such as may dispence the word of God vnto them, it is againe 
ordered by this Court, that the suiiie of fifteen pound be this yeare leuied, to 
be as a stocke for the vse aforsaid, to be deliuered vnto Ai'ther Hathewey and 
Sarjeant Shaw, to be by them improued as opportunity may psent for the ends 

It is enacted by the Court, that if any Indian or Indians shalbe found to This law in 
haue any powder or shott, armes or liquors, and will affeirme that they had it selling ponder 
of this or that pson of the English, or that by concurring cercomstances i^^an"" '" 
eqiuvolent it is probable they had it of such English, if the said pson shall 
vpon his oath testify that hee or shee hath not sold, giuen, or hcalped the said 
Indian, or any other Indians, vnto the said powder, or shott, or liquors, they 
shalbe accompted free and cleare of the said fact, or otherwise to be rendered 
guilty, and to be procecuted accordingly, and this tryall to be before a majes- 
trate or one of the celect men of the towne. 

For the prevention of great abuse by the excessiue di-inking of liquors in A inw. 
ordinaryes, this Court doth order, that euery ordinary keeper in this goQment 
shalbe heerby impowered and required, that incase any pson or psons doe not 
attend order, but carry themselues vnciuilly, by being importunately desirous 
of drink when deneyed, and doe not leaue the house when requu-ed, such 
ordinary keeper shall returne theu-e names to the next Court, that soe they 
may be procecuted according to the nature of the ofiencej and incase any 
ordinary keeper shall neglect soe to doe, hee shalbe fined fine shillings for 
euery default. It is further ordered by this Coiut, y' some two or thi-ee men 
be appointed in euery towne of this jurisdiction to haue the inspection of the 
ordinaries, or in any other places suspected, to take notice of such abuses as 
may arise in reference to the finises or otherwise, and make report therof to 
the Court. 



1(5 71. 

The mens names appointed heeriiito ii 

each towne arc as followcth 

5 June. 

'Leif. Morton, 



Serjeant Harlow, 

Beuajah Pratt. 


'W Saberry, 
Francis West. 

Scltt, ^ 

'Cornett Studson, 

Edward Jenkens, 

Charles Stockbridge. 

„ ^ r James Skiffe, 

Sand, i 

[Edward Perrey. 

James Walker, 


Aron Knap, 
John Dean. 


■John Welden, 
Nathaniel Bassett. 
John Finney, Seni"", 


James Hamblen, Juni, 
James Cobb. 


'Ensigne Eames, 
Thomas Doged. 


M"" Steuen Paine, 
Leif! Hunt. 
'Ensigne Smith, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
Thomas Paine. 

Eastham ■ 

Brid^w, ■ 

John Haward, on the plalne 
Nathaniel x 

Dartmouth, • 

'Serj: Shaw, 
^^ Gorge Soule. 

Swanse < 

Nicholas Tanner, 
Nathaniel! Pccke. 


Jonathan Dunham. 

[*42.] »It is onarted by tbe Court, that noe rum shalbc sold in this goQment to 

exceed in prise aboue fiuc shillings a gallon, or if retailed, two pence a gill. 

It is ordered by the Court, that a jury shalbe impanneled to laye out a 
new way between a place called Johns Bridge and the meeting of the Three 
Iviuers in tlie townsliip of Biidgwatcr. 



Libertie is graunted vnto Gyles llickard, Seni"", to draw and sell -wine and 
liquors att Coiu-t times for the refreshmeut and entertainment of strangers, soe as 
liee keep good order in the sale of it, but withall not to sell any att other times. 

John Gray, of Yarmouth, for swearing prophanly, was fined fiue shillings. 

Samuell jNIathews, for sayleing fi-ora Yarmouth to Boston on the Lords 
day, fined thirty shillings. 

Richard Marshall, for abusing his wife by kiking her of from a stoole 
into the fier, was centauced to sitt in the stockcs during the pleasiu'e of the 
Court, which accordingly was pformed. 

Nathaniel Woodward, for speaking abusive words against M'' Shouc, the 
pastour of the church of Taunton, was centanced by the Covu-t to sitt in the 
stockes during the pleasure of the Coiu't, which accordingly was pformed. 

Nathaniel Soule, being detected of telling seuerall lyes which tended greatly 
to the hurt of the collonie in reference to some pticulars about the Indians, was 
centanced by the Court to pay a fine of fiue pound or to be publickly whipt. 

James Cole, Seni"', for being found drunke the second time, was fined 10'. 

Joseph Ramsden, for being found drunke the second time, fined ten 

Willam "Walker, for stealllng of cloth from Thomas Clarke, of Boston, 
was centanced to paye double to the said Clarke, and for telling a lye about it 
was fined ten shillings. 

Walter Winser, for selling liquor to the Indians, fined fiue pounds ; but 
vpon consideration of some pticulars about it, it was abated to tliirty shillings. 

Att tliis Court, John Cowin was indited for speaking coutemptable words 
against the royal dignity of England, in that hce said hoc scorned to be in 
subjection to any English man, and that there was neuer any Kinge in Eng- 
land that was an English man but one crooked backed Richard, a crooked 
rogue, just like such an one as hec named, vizj, a crooked man well knowne in 
the towne of Scittuate. 

This case being put vpon tryall, the jury brought in not guilty, and soe 
hec was by open proclamation cleared. 

M-- Micacll Peirsc, 

M'' John Gorum, 

W AUexander Standish, 

Ensignc Thomas Lcanard 

John Bryant, 

Francis Crooker, 

riie Names of the Jury 

Hugh Cole, 
John Wood, 
Aron Knap, 
Jonathan Dunham, 
John Soule, 
Edward Dotcv. 


16 71. *Tlic Names of tlie psons apointed by the Coiu-t to view the Damage done 
' * "^ to the Indians by the Horses and Hoggs of the English. 

5 June. 

Pmncb, f Serjeant Harlow, 

Plym, J James Clarke, 


I Joseph Warren. 
Duxfe, The celect men. 

{Esra Perrey, 
Edwai-d Perrey, 
Micaell Blackwell. 
fJohn Hathewey, 
Edward Bobbitt, 
James Phillips. 

Yarmouth, The celect men. 

Leift Lay thorp, 
Tho Huckens, 

Barns?, \ John Tompson, 

Samuell Fuller, 
Capt Fullers son. 

I Thomas Read, 
Wiliam Sabin, 
Peter Hunt. 
East, The celect men. 

fJohn Russell, 
Dartmouth, ... . . . \ 

[Gorg Sisson. 

Swanse, The celect men. 

r Gorge Yaughan, 

John ]\Iorton. 

INIiddlebcr, <j 

[•44.] *Thc Oath of the Water Baylcy. 

You shall faithfully serue in the office of a water baylcy in the jurisdic- 
tion of New Plymouth, and shall carefully obserue such orders of Court as 
concerns youcr said office, with speciall reference vnto the improuement thcr- 
of att Cape Cod and places adjacent ; you shall f;iithfully discharge the trust 
imposed vpon you in demaunding and receiueing whatsoeuer shalbe due vnto 
the collonie by such fish as shalbe there taken, and shall seasonably giue in a 
true accompt therof vnto the Treasurer yearly. So healp, &c!. 

Thomas Paine was chosen to be the water baylcy of the jurisdiction of 
New Plymouth, and sworne att this Court. 


In answarc vnto the petition prcforcd to this Comt by ^M'' Jolni Prince 1(571. 
and M"" Nathaniel Boswoith, of the towne of Hull, allies Xautaskott, in the hc- 
halfe of the said to-mie, to haue libcrtie to imploy some boates and theire com- 
panies for the takeing of mackerel! with netts, att the season therof, att Cape 
Codd, this Court doth graunt vnto them libertie for two boates and there com- 
panies, to take mackerell there att the season therof; soe as they make pay- 
ment of what is due to the collonie from forraigners, notwithstanding any 
order of Court extant, prohibiting others to fish there. 

*The Couit determines all the guns in our hands that did belongc to [*45.] 
Phillip are justly forfeit, and doe att the ^sent order the deuidiug of them, to 
be kept att the seuerall townes according to theire equall proportions, vntill 
October Court next, and then to bee att the Com-ts dispose, as reason may 
appeer to them, and then to belonge vnto the townes, if not otherwise dis- 
posed of. By the Court. 

That which the Court grounds theii-e judgment vpon is, — 

For that att the treaty att Taunton Phillip and his councel did acknowl- 
idge that they had bine in a preparation for warr against vs ; and that not 
grounded vpon any injury sustained from vs, nor prouocation giuen by vs, but 
from thefre owne naughty harts, and because hee had formerly violated and 
broken sollemne couenants made and renewed to vs ; hee then freely tendered 
(not being in a capasitie to be kept faithfuU by any other bonds) to resigne vp 
all his EngUsh armes, for oiu- futiu-e cecuritie in that respect ; hee failed greatly 
in pformance therof by cecrett conveying away and carrying home seuerall 
guns that might and should have bine then deliuered, and not giuing them vp 
since, according to his engagement, nor soe far as is in his power, as appeers 
in that many guns are knowne still to be amongst the Indians that Hue by him, 
and not soe much as glueing order to some of liis men, that are vndcr his 
yiiiediatc comaund, about the bringing in of theire armcs. 

In his indeauoring since the treaty to render vs odiouse to oiu- naighbour 
collonie, by false reports, comjilaints, and suggestions. 

And his revising or avoiding a treaty with vs concerning these and other 
matters that are justly offenciue to vs, notwithstanding his late engagement, as 
well as former, to submitt to the kings authoritie, and the authoritie of tliis 

It was alsoe ordered by the Court, that the armes of the Indians of Xa- 
massakett and Assowamsett, that were feched in by Major Winslow, and those 
that were with him, are confiscate and forfeite from the said Indians, for the 
grounds aboue expressed, they being in complyance with Phillipc in liis late 
plott, and yett would neither by our Gou'* order nor by Phillips dcsu'c, bring 


1671. in theii-e anncs, as was engaged by the treaty; and the said guns aie ordered 
" '' ' by the Coui-t to the major and his companic, for theire satisfaction in that 
FRircE, expecUtion. 

Gou". This Court haue agreed and voated, that some force be raised and sent to 

the Indians att Saconett, to fech in theire armes, and in defect thcrof theue 
psons, as occation may requii-e. 

And for the management of this enterprise it is refered to the councell of 
■\varr, or soe many of them as shall meet, soe as they be nine in number, vizj, 
the major pte of them concurring. 

The Names of such as arc aded to the ISIajestrates to be oft' the Councill of 
M'' Josias Winslow, Seni'', Leif t Morton, 

James Walker, Cornett Studsou, 

Thomas Huckcns, Ensigne Eames, 

Nathaniel ^lorton, Isacke Chettenden. 

The oath to be admiauestred to such as are to be aded to the majcstrates 
to be of the councill of warr, as aforsaid : — 
This oath is You shall reddily appeer on any suiiions directed vnto you bv the presl- 

othcin-ise or- ^ i. ^ . . j. 

devcd; see the dent of the councell of warr, att such place or places as you shalbe ordered 
Court anno vnto by the said summons, vnlesse any ineuitable prouidence shall or may hin- 
1G7I, in tills j^.j. youer said appeerancc, on which occations and meetings you shall faith- 
fully, with respect to the glory of God and the good and welfare of this 
jurisdiction, afoard youer best aduice and councell in all matters of importance 
and waighty concernment (or soe seeming) that may or shalbe ^sented before 
you ; in reference to the continuance of peace or nessesitated warr, as occation 
may require ; you shall faithfully keep cecrett all such expeditions and achieuc- 
ments as may or shalbe ordered and contriued by the councill of warr, tending 
to the generall peace and good of tliis coUonie of N. Plymouth ; you shall 
with like cecresye conceale all other matters that may be agitated and trans- 
acted by the said councill, in reference to the ^mises, that shalbe thought 
meet by the president and councell aforsaid to be concealled. Soe hcalp you 
God, whoe is the God of truth, and the punisher of falsehood. 
[*46.] *Threc shillings a day is allowed for a man and his horse, to all such as 

were imployed in the late expedition for the fetching in of arnies from the 
Indians ; and this allowance to be pmanent for the future vntill it .shalbe oth- 
erwise ordered. 

And likewise for anv teame of fom'c oxen and an horse, and a man to 


goc ^^■ith tlicm,that liaiio biuc luul an' to be iuiploscd in tlie coiintrycs scruico, Hi 7 1 . 
to hauc fiue shillings a day. ^ '' ' 

In answare to a petition piefercil to tlic Couit by ^I'' Richard Wliartou p,jp,<c ■ 
and ^1' John Saffin, of Boston, marchants, to haue a pecnliar libertie to them- Gov". 
sflt's and other ptenois to improue such pync, spruce, and coder timber as 
gro\\ eth on our country coiiions, for the produceing of rosen, turpintine, and 
mastick, this Court haue graunted and doe order that the said Richard Whar- 
ton & John SafHn, and theire ptenors, shall haue libertie to iniprouc such pyue, 
spruce, and coder trees as groweth on our countryes coinons, for the ends afor- 
said, for the tearme of ten yeares from the date of this jjsent Court, held att 
Plymouth tliis tifteenth day of June, 1671, on these conditions foUoweing : — 

Imp' : Prouided that they and their said ptenors procure the like liber- 
ties of the other two collonies in confcaderatiou. 

2. Soe that it prone nut destructiue to our said timber to be improued 
as aforsaid. 

3. Prouided tliat notwitlistandiug tliis graunt, it shalbe att the libertie 
of our owne inhabitants to improue and imploy any such timber, viz,J, pyne, 
spruce, and ceder, tor any other vsc, growing vpon any of our countryes 

■i. Prouided that the said Richard Wharton and John Saffin and theire 
ptenors doe sett vpon the said enterprise of produceing of tiu-pintine, rosen, 
and masticke, in this collonie, within the tearme of two yeares from the date 
of this jpsent Court aboue meusioned. 

These conditions and reseruations being duely obserued, this Court doth 
heerby prohibite all others within this jurisdiction from improueing of any of 
the said timber, for the ends aforsaid, for the tearme of ten yeares, begiiiing 
from this ^sent Coiut, held att Plymouth, the l-j"" day of June, anno 
DoiTi 1(J71. 

Richard Dillinga, for breakelng the Kinges peace by striking "| 
of Jabcze Rowland, was fined J 

The bounds of Jonathan Dunhams land att Namassakett, layed out by 
Wiliam Nelson and Wiliam Crow, appointed by the Court, as followeth : — 

New Plymouth. Haueing read an order of ye Court of tliis jurisdic- 
tion, bearing date June the T-^, 1665, to lay out vnto Jonathan Dunham thirty 
acrees of land in that tract of land called the Majors Purchase, wliich is on 
the eastwardsyde of Namassakett Riuer ; haueing accordingly layed out, 
measured, and bounded the said thirty acrees, att the east end, next a brookc. 
with a great white oakc, and att the west end, next the said brooke, with a 

VOL. V. 9 


16 7 1. great -white oake, which hrooke is on the soiithsyde of the said land, and the 
said land is laved out to butt home to the brooke, att the -^^•cst end ; on the 
uorthsyde it is bounded with a red oake tree, that hath a red oake bush att the 
roote of it ; and att the northsyde and east end is marked a great .\ hite oake, 
for the bounds therof October SO"", 1665. 


Besides an adition joyning to the said land att the northeasterly end of 
it, between the said laud and the old path adjoyning to both, bounded by the 
said path att the northwesterly coruer, between John Mortons laud and it, 
layed out by the order and inspection of Captaiue Southworth, whoe pro- 
cured the said land of the Court for the said Jonathan DLUiham. 

r*47.1 *The Indians engagement to the collonie of New Plymouth for theire fidehtie 
vnto the English, agreed vpon amongst themselucs the 10"' of Aprill, 
1671, and declared by some of the cheife of them att the Court held 
att Plymouth the seauenth day of June, 1671. 

Wee, the Indians of Paomett, doc engage our tidelitie vnto the gou'ment 
of New Plymouth, that wee will submitt ourselues vnto theire gou'^meut, and 
if wee vuderstand or heare of any plott or designe contrived against the Eng- 
lish, or any pte of them, by any other Indians, wee doe heerby engage to 
reveale, declare, or discouer it to some one or more of the majestrates of New 
Plymouth. And further, if they haue occatiou to make vse of our healp, if 
any that shall or may come against the English liueing within the gou''ment 
of New Plymouth, wee doe engage to healp them, if they desire or require 
our assistance, to the shedlng of our blood, or the lose of oui- Hues ; the like 
wee engage for our posteritie for euer, that shall succeed vs ; and forasmuch 
as the English and wee, the poor Indians, are of one blood, as Acts 17"', 26, 
for wee doe confess wee poor Indians in our lines were as captiucs viider Sa- 
than, and our sachems, doeing theire wills whose breath perisheth, as Psalmes 
146, 3, -1 ; Exodu 15, 1, 2, &0 ; but now wee know by y'^^ word of (iod, that 
it is better to trust in the great God and his strength. Psa 118, .S, 9 ; and 
besides, wee were like vnto woulues and lyons, to destroy one an other ; but 
wee hope and belieue in God ; therefore wee desire to enter into couenant with 
the English respecting our fidclitie, as Isai: 11, 6, and this wee further desii-e, 
that if the English should heare any euill report of vs, whcrby there might 
be any occation of suspision of our fidelity, wee desire it might not be belelued 
or receiued vntill wee might haue the lihertie and oppcrtunitic to clcare our- 


selucs ; for woe dcsiro to kopp our couonant and engaofPinent, if Cnul 1uni1])ps 
vs soc to doe. 

And -wee, the Indians of \ausett, Sakatuckett, Nobscussett, Paomett, 
Mannamoiickc, and Wcquahutt, and Mattakeesett, doe all of vs, for our selucs, 
our naiglibors, and our riseing generation, doe engage for oiu'selucs and our 
naighbors, respecting our fidelitie to the English, as before expressed, con- 
cerning the Indians of Paomett in cucry respect ; vnto the which engagement 
wee of our respertiuc places of Paomett, Sakatuckett, Xobscussed, Manna- 
moiickc, Mattakeesett, and Wequahunt haue hecrvnto sett our hands this 
seauenth day of June, 107 1, for our selues and in the behalfe of our naigh- 
bors in our seuerall places, as is expressed l)efore. 

The marke /^ of M" JOHX, 

and QUAQUAQUANSrCKE, of Paomett. 

of Nawsett, is sicke att this time. 

of Mannamoicike, his ^ marke 
and the marke of SACHE:\IUS and LITTLE ROBIX, A 
The marke of SABATUBKETT, @ 
The marke of SAMPSOX, of Xobscussett, 


of ilattakeesett, his ^g^V>y 
HUMPHERY, of Weequahutt, 
is not come. 

The Indians whose names are to the aboue written, subscribed att tlic 
Court held att Plymouth the seauenth of June, 1671, came psonally into the 
Court, and tendered themselues to be subject to the Court, to be in fidelitie, 
both them and theii'e f)osteritie, vnto the English ; and for the confeirmation 
therof they subscribed theii-e hands, and the Court ordered that this writing 
should be recorded. 



1671. *.^« the Court held atf Ph/month, the fift of Juhj, 1671. 

Before Thomas Prince, Esq'', GoQ, Thomas Hmckley, 
John Aldin, .John Freeman, 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel! Bacon, and 

Will-am Bradford, Constant Southworth, 

Assistants, &d. 

THE Court haue deputed and impowered our honored Gou'', 'SI' Constant 
Southworth, M"" Thomas Clarke, and Benjamine Bartlett, or any three 
of them, to adminnester on the estate of 'M' Wiliam Collyare, deceased, for 
the payment of debts and legacyes, see f.irr forth as the said estate -will bears, 
and if in any thing respecting the ^misos there may be difficulty, and the 
legatees or psons interested in the said estate doe not agree, in such case the 
abouesaid adminnestrators shall haue pticular order concerning the same from 
the Court ; and acting according thcrvnto, it shallio theire warrant and dis- 

The Court banc ordered the Treasurer, ( 'aptaine Bradford, to impannell 
a jury att Bridgwater, to lay out the new way to I'lymouth, which is judged 
to be a nearer and better then that which ^\-as formerly layed out ; and alsoe to 
lay out such other wayes as are ncssesary in the said townc. 

The Court haue ordered, that the North Purchase, soe called, shall lye 
vnto the towne of Eehobotb, vntill it comes to be a township, and in the mean 
time to bearc the seauenth pte of all rates that shalbe leuied for the pub- 
licke charges of that towne ; and when the said purchase shall become a 
townshipp bv itselfe. then the said towuesbip of Ixeholioth to be eased in 
theire rates. 

The Court haue ordered the Treasurer to pay vnto Samuell Clapp, the 
late constable of Scittuatc, for his charge in bringing "Wiliam Rogers, of Scit- 
tnate, to the jayle, twelne shillings. 

Wheras fifteen sliillings mony was taken away by the CJou"' from a ser- 
vant of James Puisv:ill, of Sandwich, wlioe run away, the Court orders eight 
shillings of the said mony to l)e payed to the constable of Bridgwater, for Ids 
paynes in bringing liim to Plymouth, and the remainder was returned by ^I' 
Bourne to the said Pursvall. 

Arthcr Ihithewey. of Dartmouth, is appointed by the Court to adminnes- 
ter an oatli to any \x itiies to giue cuidence to the grand enquest in that towne, 
as occatiou may ier|uiic. 


In refercnoo vnto the complaint of John Rogers, Seni'', of Duxburrow, 
against Wiliam Nelson, Juni'', Adam "Wright, and the Indian Wiliam, the son 
of the Blacke Sachem, for takelng vp his mare, and markeing her, and dctainc- 
ing her, wherby the said Rogers is much damnifyed, the Court doe award the 
said Indian Wiliam to pay to John Rogers twenty shillings, and another In- 
dian, called John, being found faulty in the said pticulai-s, is awarded to pay 
to the said Rogers ten shillings in currant country pay, att prise currant ; and 
the said Adam Wright and AViliam Nelson each of them ten shillings to the 
vse of the coUonio. 

The next page forward crfntaines an order of the Generall Court holden 
att New Plymouth, June the 16"", 1671, in answare to a petition from many 
of the inhabitants of Scittuate, dated Slarch the seaueuth, 1670, in reference 
to theire vndeuided lands, as foUoweth : — 

*By an order of this Court of Octolicr, 36, it appcers the townc of Scittuate [*-19- 
was allowed, and the purchasers and freemen were coiiiissionated, to dispose of 
the lands therof for the accomodation of a society or township ; and what such 
trustees did within the compas of theire coiTiission or order must be alowed 
and owned. But it appecrs not to vs, that it was in theire power by that 
order to deriue and pas ouer theire power and trust in whole or in pte vnto 
others, neither did they since procure the alowance of this Court soe to doe ; 
and therfore wee judge theire acte of the 13"' of December, 47, to be vuwar- 
rantable and invallid, wherin they resigue vp the power of disposing of the 
townes lands vnto the whole inhabitants of the towne ; and that if then they 
would and did lay downe theire coiiiission, it did att the same instant returne 
to the Court, from whence it was receiued ; and the Court doth now declare 
theire acceptance and confeirmation of what the said trustees did vnto the said 
13*'' of December in reference vnto any graunts of lands that they made in 
proprictv vnto any inhabitants of that place, and doc further alow of and 
by our ^scnt acte confcirmc all after graunts of lands in projjriety that haue 
since that time bin made by the towne, (although not soe regular and orderly 
as should haue bin ;) and takeing notice by many suites, contestes, plaints, and 
petitions, that the said townc arc very vnsettled and vnrosolued vnto whom 
tlie right of coiiions appertaincs, and that by reason therof many vnworthy 
psons in that towne take advantage to make stripp and wast of theu'e timber, 
to the townes great damage and prejudice, and because such appeers to be the 
condition of that towne that they can not of themselues reclaime nor suppresse 
such trespassers, nor settle the right of the coiiions for theire future peace, this 
(Joiart, vpon the grounds abouc niensioncd, and as fathers of the coirion wraith 

5 July. 


1 (! 7 1 . being alsoc studious of the peace and prosperitle of that plantation, not seing 
any other oi' better way to effect theire settlemeut in reference to the pimises, 
doe see reason to order, and doe hcerby appoint, that a coiiiittee of eight meet 
Gou". psons, whoe are supposed propriators of that towne, be indifferently chosen out 
of both ptles to debate, detcrmlue, and settle the matter, soe much in controucrs}', 
respecting vouer right in coiiions theire proportion, and to prouidc such orders 
as may be cffectuall to preserue the towne froiii ruine and spoile as respecting 
the same ; and two or three of the majestrates wilbe healpfuU therin, if desired. 

The psons appointed by the Court are, Capt James Cudworth, C'ornctt 
Studson, Isacke Chettenden, and Leiftenant Bucke on the one pte, and John 
Turner, Seni', John Turner, Juni"', John Bryant, Seni'', and John Daman on 
the other pte ; and this Court doth comissionate and fully authorize and 
impower the abouemensioned to hccr, debate, determine, and settle the right 
of the coiiions of that towne, and to proportion it according to the greater or 
lesser rights of the seuerall inhabitants tlierof, and to ^serue the coinons from 
wast and spovle for the future ; and what the abouesaid eight psons, or any 
fiuc or more of them concurring, shall order respecting the ^mises, shalbe 
valk'd and binding ; and that they apply themselues to issue it between this 
and next Octobert Court ; and if they doe not or can not soe agree as to attaine 
the end intended, (namly, the settlement of psons according to theii-e just 
rights and the pseruation of the coinons from spoyle,) that they make theire 
retui'ne to the said Court, whoe hold themselues bound to take what fui'ther 
course the case may require for the towncs good ; and Avhat nessesary charge 
may arise in the procecution of this order, to be bourne by such as haue inter- 
est in the vndeuidcd lands of the towne of Scittuate according to theire seuerall 
proportions therin. 

It is not intended by this order that the saw mill built by SP Tilden and 
others should be depriued of any just privllidg thervnto appertaining by ver- 
tue of the townes order or contract with the builders. 

Dated att Plymouth the 16 of June, 1671. 


*A Declaration of an Engagement by the Indians inhabiting att Mashpee, 
Satuitt, "Wakoiett, Wakatasso, Caukohchise, Ashemiuit, Saconess, and 
Mannomott, with diuers others neare adjoyning vnto the Goflment of 
New Plymouth, for theii-e Fidelitie, with theire Children and succeeding: 
Generations, and likewise the Indians liueing att Jlannomett Ponds, 
Breakehart Hill, and the Rest of the Indians neare adjoyning. 
Forasmuch as wee, poorc Indians, were a people delighting in warr and 

the confusion one of another, but now wee han(>ing found the benifltt of peacj 

COi:ilT ORDERS. . 7^ 

by youer fouoniblc protcctiou towards vs foi- these many ycarcs past, and 10 71. 
haueing some time since intended to tender our fidelitie vnto this honore 
Couit, but could not soe conveniently accomplish the same vntill this time, 
and as wee hope some of vs, haueing receiued the faith of the gospel 
Christ, and taught to seeke for peace and cast of our lyoa like speritts, as 
Esayali 11: 6, 7, 8, 9, and that wee uoc more bo strangers and forraigncrs, 
but by the grace of Christ rcveak-d in the gospell v.ce hope to be of the 
household of God, Eph. 2: 19, doe therfore vnauimously agree to submitt our- 
selues vnto youer goQraent, and to engage oar fidelitie not to doc any thinge 
that may be destructiue to this goQment ; or if -wee hcare or vndcrstand of 
any pson or psons, cither amongst ourselues or more remote from vs, that sIkiU 
plott, contriue, or attempt youer destruction in pte or -wholly, wee doe promise 
and engage to reveale and discouer the same vnto the GoQ then in being or to 
some one of the majestrates, and likewise to be reddy to apprehend any such pson 
that shall soe doe, and to assist you against any enimie that shall rise vp against 
you, eucn to the losse of our lines, if you stand in need and require our healp. 
And, further, -wee doe humbly intreat youer protection and healp, if that 
any euill psons should rise vp against vs in an hostile way to destroy a pte or 
all of vs, forasmuch as wee haue bine cuformed of late that some psons haue 
designed our destruction, not for any hiut that wee hiiuc done vnto them, 
neither for any propriety that they can challenge to our psoas or lands or what 
wee posesse besides, but oncly for tliat wee are seeking after the knowlidg 
of the true God and his wayes. Tliuse hopeing ■\\-ce shall rcmaine faithful! 
vnto you in keeping of our engagement with you, doe confeirme it by seting 
our hands, a pte of vs for our seines and in the belialfe of our frinds and 
naighbors inhabiting within the lymetts of the forcmencioned places. ■■■■■ 

* Those that engage for Mashpee, Satuitt, and Wakoiett are Kanunnavs. 

The marke of ^ of ASHUAVOOIIANITT, 

for Cokashoise and Waskotassoo. 

The marke of ^><^ of AKOMOXT, for Ashunuitt. 

The marke ^ of HOPE, allies POHUNXA, 

for Sakonesse. 

The marke CC of AVEBACOUITT, ^ 

The marke ^ QUECHASETT,J 

For Mannomett Ponds and Break Hart Hill, with the rest adjoyning 

The marke ^ of WANNO, 

The marke of WILEAM KAUSETAN, ^ 

The marke > of NANUNNETT. 



The Names of diners Indians inhabiting att Agawaani, Sepecan, & Wewcante, 
with other Places adjoyning, whoe engaged theire Fidelitic to the Gofl- 
ment of New Plymouth, the sixt of July, 167 L 


Josias, allies Mattampahau. 

Will, allies Washawanna. 

Keesbeuopont, allies John Wattanian. 

John, allies Tanashpash. 


Tom Wampecs. 

John Wampees. 

James Wampees. 

Steuen Wampees. 

Tobey Cole, allies Nauhnocomwitt. 






Tautozen. , 














James Tautisivnbacott. 

Francis Chauchaubin. 

Robin Sankonawwasuke. 

Joseph Munnootunkcs. 

John Pickerell. 



July 7"', 1U71. 1(17 1. 

7 July 

The Oath to be adminnestcred to such as arc or shalbc adod to the Majestratcs 

to be of the Couucell of Warr in this Jurisdiction. Puince, 


You shall reddily appccr on any sumnaou directed to you by the prese- 
deut of the counccll of warr att such place or places as you slialbe oi-dei-cd 
yuio by the said summons, yules any iueuitable Prouideuce doth or shall 
inipead ; att which meetings you shall, with respect to the good and welfare 
of this jurisdiction, giue youer best aduicc and counccll in all matters of im- 
])ortancc, or soc seeming, presented to you in reference to peace or warr ; you 
shall not disclose or discouer any councell coiiiitted vnto you, but shall conceale 
all matters that may be agitated and transacted in the said councell in reference 
to the j5>miscs that shalbe thought meet to be concealed by the presedent and 
councell of warr. Soc healp you God, whoe is the God of truth and punisher 
of falcehood. 

July 7"', 1671. Tlie Names of those that were cosen by the Couit to be 
aded to the jNIajcstratcs to be of the Councell of Warr. 

' Captainc ]\Iathew Fuller, 
Leiftenant Ephraim Morton, 
Ensigne Marke Eames, 
Cornett Robert Studson, 
il'' Josias Wlnslow, Seni"', 
Secre'' Nathaniel JNIorton, 
M'^ James Walker, 
■\I'" Thomas Huckens, 
'SI' Isackc Chettenden. 

S Jii 

*Att a meeting of tlie counccll of « arr held att Tlymouth fur the juris- ['5:--] 
diction of New Plymouth, the 8'^ of July, anno Doiii 1C)71, — 

From this meeting of the councell of warr two messengers were sent with 
speed to the Indians att Saconett, with propositions as followeth, yizj : that if 
they would engage and pforme to bring in all theire English amies within 
foiu- dayes after notice giuen them ; and the cheife of them, \-izJ, Awashunckes, 
Tatammanah, Washawam, Wannamuttamett, ilahunnanah, and AVanumyn- 
namin, sachems of Saconett, or any foui- of them impowcred from the rest ; 
incase any of them are by sickncs disabled, and doc psonally come in hccr to 
I'lymouth, and acknowlidge theire offence, and ynder theire hands ingage for 
theire futiue fidelitie, whoe in soe doeing shall haue assurance of theire peace- 
able returne, and the Court satisfyed thcrw ith : but if they refuse or neglect 

yuL. y. 10 


o doe the same vpon any ptcnee -wliatsocuer, then to proceed by force to 
reduce them to reason. 

Vpon a supposition that they would not accept of the tearmes proposed, — 

It was agreed that a hundred men should be pressed out of the seuerall 
towues of this jui-isdiction in an equall proportion, to be in a rcddines att 
Plymouth on iSIonday, the seauenth of August next, to to gee forth on the 
said expedition, vnder the coiiiaud of Major Josias Winslow as coinaunder in 

It was fiu-ther ordered by the councell of warr, that Leiftenaut John 
Freeman shalbe a second to the major in the said expedition ; 

And M'' Constant Southworth comissary ; Captaine Fuller to supply the 
place of a leiftenant and a sarjean ; and M'' Wiliam Witherell and Elisha 
Hedge for sarjeants. 

It was alsoe agreed, that forty of our trustiest Indians should alsoe be pro- 
cured to be in a reddines for to goe forth to be healpfull in the said enterprise. 

The eight day of August next to be the time of theire setting forth ; 
on which day the townes of Taunton, Rehoboth, Bridgwater, and Swausey are 
to cause theire souldiers that are to be sent forth to giue meeting to the major 
and the rest of the company att or neai'e Assonett, about John Tisdalls farme. 

It was agreed that the coftiaUnder in cheife shall haue allowed vnto him 
10' a day. 

A leiftenant, 06* a day. 

A sarjeant, 0-1* a day. 

An ordinary souldier, horse and man, OS'' a day. 

The Proportions of the Men pressed out of the seuerall Townes of tliis Juris- 
diction to goe forth on the aV)ouc mcncloncd Exjjcdition. 

Plymouth, 9 ]MarsldVild, 8 

DuxbiuTow, .... 5 llchoboth, !) 

Scittuatc, U Eastham, 5 

Sandwich, 10 Bridgwater, 5 

Taunton, 13 Swausey, 4 

Yarmouth, 9 Middlel)crry, .... 2 

Barnstable, 10 

69 33 

In all, one hundred and two. 

•It was agreed and concluded, tliat the ninth day of August, Knl, should 
be obserued as a sollcmne dav of huniilliation in all the congregations of this 



jurisdiction, to secke the presence and fouor of God, and his blessing on vs 
on the eutended exjiedition fore mensioned. 

This was otherwise ordered by i-eason of the agreement made with the 
squa sachem of Saconctt, which is as followcth : — 

July 24, 1671. Articles of Agreement made and concluded between the 
Court of New Plymouth and Awashunckes, the Squa Sachem of Saco- 
nett, as followcth. 

Imp^ In that wee are in some measure satisfyed with lier vaulentary 
coming in now att last, and -s^ith her submitting herselfe vuto vs, yctt that wee 
expect shee should giue some meet satisfaction for the charge and trouble shee 
hath hitherto put vs vpon by her soe longe standing out against the many ten- 
ders of peace wee haue made to her and her people. 

And that wee yett see a nessesitie to endeauor the reducement of such as 
haue bine the incendcarycs of the trouble and the disturbance of her peace and 
ours, and tliut as many of her people as shall giue vp themselues and armcs 
vnto vs att time appointed shall receiue noe damage or hurt from vs, which 
time appointed is ten dayes from the date heerof 

And that wee may the better healp her to keep off such from her lands as 
may heerafter bringe vpon her and vs the like trouble, and to regulate such as 
will not be goilned by her, shee hath submitted the disposall of her lands to 
the authoritie of this goiiment. 

And that if the psons and estates of such a^ wee are nessesitated to take 
armes against will not defray the charge of the expedition, that shee shall 
beare some due proportion of the charge. In witnes wherof, and in testimony 
of the said sachem her agreement heervnto, shee hath subscribed her hand in 
the psence of _\ / 

James Barker, The marke /^'x. "f the Squa Sachem 

John Almey, '' AWASHUNCKES. 

The ^ marke of Tattacommett, 

The (^ marke of Samponett, 

The C^ marke of Tamoneesam, allies JefFerv. 

And in reference vnto satisfaction for what trouble and charge the collo- 
nie hath bin att respecting the p>mises with her and her people, shee being not 
able att psent to defray any thinge, the councell of warr accepted her verball 
engagement for the payment of the suiiie of fifty pounds sterling. 


1671. *Seuerall Concusions agreed on by the Councell of Warr att thcirc Meeting 
"■^ ^ ^ held att Plymouth on the 23 of August, 1671, as follo^veth. 

23 August 

GoTEExoii.] 1- The councell of warr, haueiug seriously considered of the case in rcf- 

[*55.] erence to the Phillipe, the cheife sachem of Pacanacutt, hee haueing neglected 
to answare his ingagement to bringe in his amies att the day appointed, and 
alsoe in his not coming in to giue the reason therof, being required thervnto, 
and his vnkind carriages towards vs as otherwise, soe in his indeauoring to 
insence our naighbour collonie against vs by misinformations, and by his inso- 
lent carriages and expressions of vs and against vs, and likewise by his enter- 
taining of many strange Indians which might ptend danger towards vs ; in 
special, by his entertaiueing of diuers Saconett Indians, professed cuimies to this 
collonie, and this against good councell giusn him by his best frinds ; the ^mises 
considered, doe vnanimously agree and conclude, that the said Phillip hath 
violated and couenant plighted with this collonie att Taunton in Aprill last. 

2. It is vnanimously agreed and concluded by the said councell, that 
wee are nessesarily called to cause the said sachem to make his psonall appeer- 
ance to make his purgation in reference to the pmises ; which incase of his 
refusall, the councell, according to what att piont appeers, doe determine it 
nessesary to indeauor his rcduccmcnt by force ; and inasmuch as the contro- 
uersy, which hath seemed to ly more emeadiately between him and vs, doth 
concerne all the English plantations, it is therefore determined to state the 
case to our naighbour collonics of the INIassachusetts and Ehode Hand ; and 
if by thcire waighty advice to the contrary Avee are not diucrted from our 
Psent determinations, to signify vnto them, that if they lookc vpon thcmsclucs 
concerned to engage in the case with vs against a coiiion euiniie, it shalbc well 
accepted as a naighboiu'ly kindnes, which wee shall hold ourselves obliged to 
repay when Prouidence may soe dispose that wee haue oppertunitio. 

Accordingly, icrs were dcspatclied and sent from the councell, one vnto 
the said Phillip, the said sachem, to require his psouall appeerance att Plym- 
outh on the IS"* day of September next in reference to the pticulares abouc 
mencioned against him ; this letter was sent by M'' James Walker, one of tlie 
councell, and hoc was ordered to request the companie of M' Roger ^^"illiams 
and ^l" James Browne to goe witli him att the deliuery of the said letter. 

And an otlier letter was sent to the Clou'' and Councell of the Massachu- 
setts by the hands of M'' John Freeman, one of our majestrates, and a third 
was directed to tlie Gou"" and Councell of Rhode Hand, and sent by AFThomas 
Hinckley and M'' ('onstant Southworth, two other of our majestrates, whoe 


arc ordered by our CounccU with the letter to vnfold our pscnt state of mat- 1 G 7 1 . 
ters relateing to the fmises, and to certify them alsoe more certainly of the 
time of the meeting together in reference to engagement with the Indians, if 
thcirc be a goeing forth, which wilbe on the 20 of September next. 

It was further ordered by the Councell, that those formerly pressed shall 
romainc vudcr the same impresment vntill the next meeting of the said Coun- 
ccU on the loth day of September next, and soe alsoe vntill the intended 
expedition is issued ; vnlesse they shall see cause to alter them, or adde or 
dctrate from them, as occation may require. 

And that all other matters remaine as they were in way of preparation to 
the said expedition, vntill wee shall see the mind of God further by the ptic- 
ulares forenamed, improued for that purpose. 

It was further ordered by the Councell, that all the townes within this 
jurisdiction shall in the interem be solllsitously carefuU to prouid for theire 
safety by convenient watches and wardings, and carrying theire amies to the 
meetings on the Lords dayes, in such manor as will best stand Avlth theire ptic- 
ulares and the coiiion saftey. 

And In ptlculare, they ordered, that a guard shalbe prouided for the saftey of 
tlic Gou''nors pson, during the time of the aboue named troubles and expeditions. 

And the Councell were suinoned by the prcsedcnt to make theire psonall 
appeerance att Plymouth, on the thirteenth day of September next, to attend such 
further busines as shalbe then f sented by Prouldence in reference to the pmises. i:i September. 

*()n the IS"" of September, 1671, the councell of warr appeered according [*'56.] 
to theire suilions, but Phillip, the sachem, appeered not, but in sted therof 
repaired to the Massachusetts, and made complaint against vs to diners of the 
gentlemen In place there, whoe -wrote to our Gou"^ by way of pswasion, to ad- 
ulse the Councell to a comijlyance with tlie said sachem, and tendered theire 
healp In the acheiuelng therof, declaring in suine that they resented not his 
offence soe deeply as wee did, and that they doubted whether the couenants 
and engagements that Phillip and his predecessors had plighted with vs w^ould 
plainly importe that hee had subjected hlmselfe and people and country to vs 
any further then as In a naighborly and frlndly correspondency. 

The Councell, hauelng deliberated vpon the ^mlses, dispatched away let- 
ters declarelng theire thankfull acceptance of theire kind proffer, and invited 
the comlssioners of the INIassachusetts and Coriecticutt, (they then being in the 
Bay,) & some other gentlemen, to come to Plymouth and aford vs theire help ; 
and accordingly on the 24"' of Sei^tember, 1671, M"^ John Wlnthorpe, Gou' of 
Conectlcott, INIajor Generall Leuerett, M' Thomas Danforth, Captaine Wlliam 
Dauis, with dluers others, came to Plymouth, and had a falre and deliberate 
hearing of the controuersy between our collonie and the said sachem, Phillip, hee 


being psonally pscnt, there being alsoe competent interpretors, both English and 
Indians, att which meeting it was proucd by sufficient testimony to the conviction 
of the said Phillip, and satisfaction of all that audience, both the said gentlemen 
and others, that hce had broken his coucnant made with our collonie att Taunton, 
in Aprill last, in diuers pticulares, as alsoe carryed very vnkindly vnto vs diners 

1. In that hec detained and neglected to bringe in the rcseduc of his 
English amies, not deliuered att Taunton, according to his engagement, and 
that notwithstanding hee was allowed competent time, yea, his time enlarged, 
yett hee neglected as aforsaid, and instead of bringing them in, improued the 
opportunity of time rather to make them out of the way. 

2. That hee had carryed insolently and proudly towards vs on scuerall 
occations, in refusing to come down to our Court, when sent for to haue speech 
with him, to procure a right vnderstanding of matters in difference betwixt vs. 

3. That hee entertained, harboured, and abetted diuers Indians, not of 
his owne men, which were vagabonds, our profFcssed enimies, who, leaueing 
theire owne sachem, repaired to him and were harboured. 

4. That notwithstanding the great wronge hee had done vnto vs in these 
and such like respects, instead of repairing to the Coui-t, and to endeauer a 
reconcilliation, hee takes his journey into the Massachusetts Bay, with seuerall 
of his councell, indeauoring to insinuate himselfe into the majestrates, and to 
misrepresent matters vnto them, whoe are our good frinds and naighbors, and 
what in him lay, therby to worke mischeife and difference between them and vs. 

5. That hee had shewed great inciuillitie to diuers of oiu-s att seuerall 
times, in speciall vnto M'' James Browne, whoe was sent by the Court on speciall 
occation as a messenger vnto hira, and vnto Hugh Cole att another time, &5. 

'i'lie gentlemen forenamed, takeing notice of the ^mises, haueing fully 
heard ^^•hat the said Phillip could say for himselfe, haueing free libertie soe to 
doe without interruption, adjudged that hee had don vs a great deal of wronge 
and injury respecting the pmises, and alsoe abused them by carrying lyes and 
fake storyes to them, and soe misrepresenting matters vnto them, and they 
pswaded him to make an acknowlidgment of his fault, and to seek for recon- 
cilliation, expressing themselues that there is a great difference between what 
hee asserted to the gou'ment in the Bay and what hec could now make out 
concerning his pretended wronges ; and such had bine the wronge and damage 
that hee had done and procured vnto the collonie as ought not to be bourne 
witliout competent repairation and satisfaction ; yea, that hec by his insolcn- 
cycs had in probabillitie occationed more mischeife from the Indians amongst 
them then had fallen out in many yeares before ; they pswaded him therfore 
to humble himselfe vnto the majestrates, and to amend his wayes, if hee 

COUllT OllDERS. 79 

expected peace, and that if lice Nveut on in his refractory way, hee must expect 1 G 7 1 . 
to smart for it, the pticuhares wherof are more att huge to be seen in a full ' ^ ' 
discourse between our majestrates and the gentlemen aforsaid and him, which rpnE^cE 
is extant. In fine, seuerall propositions were drawne vp and read, vnto which Governor.] 
hee was left to accept of or reject, as hee should see cause, in reference vnto 
his entering into a new couenant with vs ; and alsoc in reference to a way of 
reparation of some pte of the wronge don vnto vs, the contents whcrof are as 
followeth, by him accepted of and signed vnto. 

*Xew Plymouth, this 29"^ of September, 1G71. 

1. Wee, Phillip, my councell, and my subjects, doe acknowlidge our- 
selucs subjects to his ma''^ the Kinge of England, &(5, and the gou''ment of 
New Plymouth, and to theire lawes. 

2. I ame willing and doe promise to pay vnto the gou''ment of New 
Plymouth one hundi-ed pounds in such thinges as I haue, but I would intrcat 
the fiuor that I might haue three yeares to pay it in, forasmuch as I can not 
doe it att p.sent. 

3. I doe promise to send in to the Gou"", or to whom hee shall appoint, 
fine woulues heads, if I can gett them, or as many as I can procme, vntill 
they come to the number of fine woulues, yearly. 

■i. If any difference falls between the English and my selfe or people, 
then I doe promise to repaire to the Gou' of Plymouth, to rectify the differ- 
ence amongst vs. 

5. I doe promise not to make warr with any but with the Gouernors ap- 
probation of New Plymouth. 

G. I promise not to dispose of any of the lands that I haue att present, 
but by the approbation of the gou'ment of New Plymouth. 

For the true pformance of the fmises, I, the said Phillip, sachem of 
Paukanaukctt, doe heerby bind my selfe and such of my councell as are ^sent, 
our selucs, our heires and successors, faithfully and truely to pforme. In 
■^^•ltnes hcerof wee haue heervnto subscribed our hands the day and yeare 
aboue written. 

The marke ^ of PHILLIP, Sachem. 
The mark -^^ of WOHKOWPAHENITT. 
The marke of ^ WUTTAKOOSEEIM. 
The marke of /^ SONKANUHOO. 
The marke of ^^ WOONASHUM, 

alHes NIMROD. 
The marke of Y ATOOSPASUCK, 


29 September. 




In the presence of the Court and diners of the majestrates and other 
gentlemen of the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts and Couecticott, — 

Takanumma, a sachem att Saconett, appeared in Court this third of 
Nouember, (71,) with Phillip, cheife sachem, and did engage for the future 
that hee, vnder the said Phillip, -would stand to and abide by the same engage- 
ment of subjection to -the Kinges ma"" of England, tliis gou'ment and the 
lawes tlierof, with other articles in the engagement, wherto the said Pliillip 
hath subscribed as abouesaid, and that the said Takamuuna shall and Avill 
bring in or cause to be brought in yearly one wolfs head vnto the Treasurer ; 
Phillip, alsoe, the said cheife sachem, did engage for the said Takamunnas 
pforniance of the said engagement in all points therof. 

In witnes wherof, I, the said Takamunna, haue sett my hand. 

The marke of 1/ TAKAMUNNA, 

ike of '1/ T. 

29 October. *.///< tkc Cowt holik'ii ((11 Plymouth Ihe 29"' Dmj of October, 1671. 


Bjefoue Thomas Prence, Escj^"", GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldcn, John Freeman, 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel Bacon, and 

Wiltam Bradford, Constant Southworth, 

Assi-stants, &l^. 

THIS Court doe appoint and giue libertie of adminnestration vnto M' 
Thomas Prence, W Constant Southworth, 'SL' Thomas Clai-ke, and 
]3enjamine Bartlett, to adminncster on the estate of M" Wiliam CoUyare, de- 
ceased ; and it is further ordered by the Court, that Dauiell Cole shall haue 
and enjoy all such pticulars ^out of the estate of the said Wiltam Collyare, that 
are extant, which are sjiecifycd in tlie first paper giucn by him, the said 
Wiliam Collyare. 

In reference vnto a former controuersy between John Ilathwey, of Taun- 
ton, and an Indian called PhiUip, the Court haue ordered, that the said Phillip 
shall pay or cause to be payed vnto the said Hathwey, or his order, eight 
bushcUs and an halfe of Indian corne, within one month after the date heerof, 
in reference vnto and for full satisfaction for damage done by the said Indian 
Phillip vnto the swine of the said Ilathwey. 

This Court sees cause and doc heerby call in the Ivcence grauuted to 

UOUllT OllDERS. 81 

Gyles Rlckard, Seui"", in reference to the selling lyquor and wine ; and for his 1 G 7 1. 
selling of syder to the Indians, hee is fined the suiiie of ten shillings to the " "< ' 

„ , " , . 29 October. 

vse 01 the coiloiue. 


James Cole, Seni'', being ^sented before the Court on suspision of being 0"""- 
drunkc, forasmuch as it is not soe cleared to the Court as to proceed to exe- 
cute the law against him, hee pleading infeirmitie of body, which may make 
some think that soiTitimes hee is drunke when hee is not, the Court haue att 
psent pased it by, soe that it be remembred that if hee bee found for the fu- 
ture apparently to transgresse againe in the like kind, that be alsoe remembered 
to be aded in the centance that then may be passed against him. 

tcrs of adminnestration are graunted vnto Mistrls Jone Barnes and Jona- 
than Barnes to admlnnester ou the estate of M'' John Barnes, deceased, they 
glueing bonds vnto the Court to saue them harmles from any damage that 
may acrew vnto them by theire said admlunestratlon. 

In reference vnto two psentments against Robert C'rosman, the one for 
cursing the celect men of Taunton, and for expressing himsclfe in lils passion 
as if he would make himselfe away, hee was centanced by the Court to be 
sett in the stockes on a publicke training day att Taunton. 

John Otis, for selling syder without order from the Court, was fined the 
sunie of forty shillings to the collonies vse, or to appcer to answare for the 

This Com-t doth authorise, coiiiissionate and impower M'' Constant This order is 
Southworth in the behalfe and to the vse of ^ collonie, to make sale of such 1"'"^^ " ^ l^' 

^ ' terca m the 

lands as are bordering on the line betwixt the IMassachusetts and vs, whervnto ■'=<'<:o"<J P»g<= 

forward in this 

our collonie haue a right, by vertue of an Indian purchase, vnto such gentle- booke. 
men of the said Massachusetts collonie as haue motioned the same, or vnto any 
others, as oppertunitie may ^sent. 

Letters of adminnestration was grauutcd vnto John Williams, to adniln- 
nostcr on the estate of Edward Wiliams, deceased. 

*Att this Court, John Bucke and Mary Attkiuson, being bound oucr [*59.1 
thervnto to answai-e for coinitting the acte of adultery with each other, ap- 
pecred ; and the said Bucke, being examined, deneyed the same, and did put 
his case vpon tryall of his peers. The grand jury brought in the bill of indite- 
ment bella vera in probablllltie. The petty jury brought hun in guilty of the 
acte of adultery. The Comt, takeing notice cercomspectly of what testimony 
might or was produced for the clearing of the case, together with the oath of 
the said ilary Atkinson, which shoe tooke before the Court, wherin slice ac- 
cused the said John Bucke to be the man tliat had coiiiltted vncleanes with 
her, and by whom shee hath the child that is now liueing with her, saw cause 

AUL. v. 11 


to accept of the said veidict, soe farr as that -wheras it is vucertaine whether 
the husband of the said ]Mary Atkinson is or was surviueing att the time when 
the said actc was coiiiitted, that they will suspend the execution of the law 
against thcni for adultery vntill that can be knownc ; and in the interem, for- 
asmuch as the psent state of the fact, soe farr as it yett appeers, renders them 
guilty of the acte of fornication, they were forthwith both of them centanced 
to be publickly whipt att the post, or to pay each of them a tine of ten pounds 
in currant siluer mony of New England ; it being arbetrary to theire choise, 
they chose the latter, and soe glueing bonds for theire appeerance att the 
Court, incase that it doe appeer that Marmeduke Attkinson, the husband of 
the said INIary Atkinson, was aliue when the said acte was coiTiitted, and that 
the said John Bucke had giuen cecuritie to the Court for a certaine assumsett, 
to be payed towards the keeping of the child, they were both for the p>sent 

Leiftenant Isacke Bucke standeth bound vnto the Court in the suine of 
ten pounds sterling, or condition that his son, John Bucke, doe psonally ap- 
peer before this Court, when by them required, further to suffer the centance 
of the law for coiiiltting the acte of adultery with IMary Attkinson, the wife 
of Marmeduke Attkinson. 

Edward Jenkens standeth bound vnto the Couit, in the suiiie of ten 
pounds sterling, on condition that his daughter, Mary Attkinson, the wife of 
Mai-meduke Attkinson, doe psonally appeer before this Court, when by them 
required, to suffer the centance of the law for coiiiitting the acte of adultery 
^vith John Bucke. 

Leiftenant Isacke Bucke standeth bound vnto the Court, in the bchalfe 
of his son, John Bucke, that hee shall pay or cause to be payed the sum of 
thi-ee pounds a yeare, for the tearme of eight yeares from the date heerof, vnto 
the said Mary Attkinson, or her order, in good and currant marchantablc 
com, att prise cui-rant, when and as it shall become payable, to be for and 
towards the bringing vp of the child begotten in the said actc of vncleanes. 

The Names of the Jury that tryed the aboucnamed 

John Morton, 
Wiliam Hoskens, 

Andrew Ringe, 

John Rogers, Juni"', 
Samucll Dunham, 
Wilhim Foard, Juni'' 

James Clarke, i Samucll Hunt, 

John Wadsworth, 
John Howland, Juni''. 

Jabeze Howland, 
Jonathan Pratt. 


*This Court receiueing letters from Capt Wiliam Hudson, in behalfe of 1 G 7 1 . 
himselfe and seuerall other gentlemen of Boston, to whom the honored Gen- "" ^ ' 

c 1 1 • 1 ■ r 2^ Octolior. 

erall Court haue bin pleased to graunt seuerall psells of land withm pte of p^ence, 
those lands formerly purchased of Allexander and PhilHp, chelfe sachems of ^"""• 
Pokanaukett, by Captaine Thomas Willett, for the vse of this collonie, pte L '-I 
wherof now falleth vpon'the northsyde of the line, settled between the coUo- 
nies of the Massachusetts and Plymouth, and the abouemensioned gentlemen 
manifesting theire reddines to compound with vs for our right lying on the 
northsyde of the line, in the jurisdiction of the ^lassachusetts, this Court 
being willing to comply with theire desires therin, haue impowered and au- 
thorised M"" Constant Southworth, in the name and for theire vse, to make sale 
of our right and interest in what yett remaineth vndesposed of, vizj, soe much 
of it as lyeth on the northerly syde of the line settled between the two collo- 
nies, to the abouesaid gentlemen or others ; alwaies prouided that this Courts 
former graunt to M' Eichard CalUcott be freely and really made good vnto 
him, both in vpland and meddow, with as much conveniency as may be. 

On the 17"' of January, 1671. 1 G 7 1-2. 

Mary Churchill, being examined before the GoQ and M' Constant South- ,. , 

J > o 17 January. 

worth, confessed that shee is begotten with child by Thomas Dotey, and that 
shea had carnall coppulation with him three seuerall times, the first of them 
being about the fifteenth of July last past before the date heerof ; the second 
time on the eight of August last past before the date heerof ; and the third 
time about a senight after, which was about the time the said Dotey departed 
the goQment. 

In reference vnto the second time the facte abouenamed was coinittcd, 
Serjeant Ephi-aim Tinkham, being examined, testifyeth as foUoweth, vizj : that 
hee, the said Sarjeant Tinkham, haueing occation to speak with the said 
Thomas Dotey, went to the house of Joseph Churchill, expecting to meet with 
him there, and coming to the house, knocked att the dore ; but noe body 
answared, and soe hee went in and stayed a while in the outward roome ; and 
by some noise that hee heard in the house, conceiued there was sombody with- 
in, although they answared not ; but att length ^Mary Chiu-chill came forth, 
and hee asked her if Thomas Dotey was in the house or noe ; but shee did not 
reddily answare him, but after some pause shee answared that hee was in the 
house ; soe hee desiied to speake with liim ; and soon after, Thomas Dotey 
came forth, and soe the said Sarjeant Tinkham and hee went away together, 
and hee admonished the said Dotey to take heed least euill might come of such 
carriages, or to that purpose ; and the said ^Nlary Churchill, being examined. 



GT 1-2. affeirmed that the same time that the said Sarjeant Tinkham tooke them soe 
together as aforsaid, was one of the three times hee had caruall coppiUatioii 
■with her as abouesaid ; and shee, being fm-ther examined, deneycd that shee 
euer had to doe with any other man. 

John Drew and Joseph Chui-chill doe both of them acknowUdge them- 
selues to stand bound heerby vnto the Couit in the suiiie of ten pounds, 
joyntly and seuerall, by them well and truely to be payed. 

The condition that if Mary Churchill aforsaid doe psonally appeer att the 
Coiut of his ma'"', to be holden att Plymouth abouesaid the first Tusday in 
June next, further to ausware for her haueing carnall coppulation with Thomas 
Dotey, and that shee abide the judgment of the said Court, and not depart the 
Com-t without lycence, that then the abouewritten obligation to be void and 
of non effect ; or otherwise to remaine in full force, strength, and vcrtue. 

5 March. *,itt the Coiirt of his Ala"' held att Phjmouth, for the Jurisdiction 
[*^^-] of A'ew Phjinouth, the fift Day of March, Anno Doni 1671. 

Before Thomas Prence, Esquire, Gofl, 
John Aldin, 
Josias Winslow, 

Assistants, &d. 

Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, and 
Nathaniel Bacon, 

MR STEUEN PAINE, Seui% of Rehoboth, and M'" Nicholas Tanner, 
were appointed by the Court to see INI'' Blackstones land layed forth 
according to the graunt. 

In reference to a controuersy about the paying of rates, between the 
townes of Rehoboth and Swansey, the Court haue ordered, that what med- 
dowes or meddowe lands belonging to Rehoboth, & lyeth within Swansey 
bounds, shalbe rated to euery rate of twenty pounds thi'ipcnce an acree to 
Rehoboth, and soe the like proportion to any rate, be it greater or lesser ; and 
likewise, that whatsoeuer meddowes lyeth in the township of Rehoboth, be- 
longing to Swansey, shalbe rated to euery rate of twenty poimds thripence an 
acree to Swansey, and soe by like proportion to any rate, be it greater or lesser ; 
and that this order shalbe a standing i-ule vnto those townes, vntill vpon the 
complaints of the inhabitants of the said townes the Court shall see cause oth- 
erwise to order ; and wheras in reference vnto some arrees behind of rates as 
yett vnpayed l)y M'' AUin, hce rcfcring himselfe to the determination of the 


Coiu't, it is by them ordered, thcit the said M'' John AUin, of Swansey, shall 167 1-2. 
pay or cause to be payed to Robert Fuller, of Rehoboth, the suiiie of thirty '' ' 

shillings, and the suine of thiity shillings to M' John Pecke. rPREscE 

Att this Court, Nathaniel Thomas acknowlidged before the Court that Goveenoh.] 
hee stands bound vnto the Court in the penall suiue of six pounds, both for 
himselfe and his heir-es, as sui-ty for Humphery Johnson, in reference to the 
suite comenced by the said Johnson against John Turner, Juni"^, of Scittuate, 
to procecute the said action, and to be responsible to make good all such dam- 
age as the said Turner may suffer by tlie said action, incase it shall apj^eer hee 
is vnjustly molested tlierby. 

The Court haue ordered that Robert Stanfords rate shalbe accepted in 
such specue as hee hath to pay, prouided it be paied att such rates as will 
procm-e soe much as hee is rated according to specue specifyed in the warrant 
sent to Scittuate last yeare for the rate. 

In reference vnto the complaint of Samuell Smith, late constable of 
Easthame, against Joseph Harding, for abusing him iu the execution of his 
office, the Court haue ordered, that an order be sent to M"' Freeman, to cause 
the gun attached by the said Smith appertaining to the said Harding, to be re- 
turned to him againe, (if it may be had,) and that what is vnpayed of the award 
amerced on him to be payed, and for his abusiue carryages towards the said 
constable, hee is centanced to pay a fine often shillinges to the vse of the collonie. 

In reference vnto a complaint of Samuell Harry, the Indian, against 
Francis Combe, about a hogg taken vp and killed by the said Combe, which 
hogg is found on examination to be the said Indians, the Court haue ordered 
that the said Combe shall pay or cause to be payed to the said Indian twenty 
two shillings, in porke or other currant pay to his content, within one month 
after the date heerof. 

The Court haue ordered, that notice be giuen to ISI"' Robert ^larshall, that 
forasmuch as Mistris Jone Barnes complaineth that she can not prouide for 
his childi'en, now in her costody, that hee, within one month or six weekes 
afler the date heerof, take care to prouide for his said children, vizj, John 
Marshall and Robert IMarshall, or otherwise the Court will take course for the 
disposall of them. 

In reference vnto the estate of Ralph Chapman, deceased, altho the Court 
is not satisfyed in some respects concerning his will, notwithstanding they 
haue ordered and doe request Edward "Wanton, of Scittuate, to looke vnto and 
take care of the said estate for the ^seruation and improuement therof and of 
his land, and to keep an account of his doeinges about it vntill the Couit shall 
see cause otherwise to order. 


167 1-2. *Ypon the psuance of a request made -snito this Court by ^I' Johu Jacob, 

' * ' of Hiugham, in behalfe of hunselfc and seuerall others, for a deuission of 

p "'^ ' lands by them and others bought of M' Timothy Hatherley, being thi-ee miles 
Gov". square, about Accord Pond, this Court haue ordered and impowered INIajor 
L "~-] Josias Winslow and M'' Constant Southworth to impannell a jmy for the 
deuision of the said lands according to the seuerall proportions of the psous 
therin interested, and to gforme any acta or actes that according to law might 
concerne the sheriffe in hke case, for the full and compleat issue of the said 
deuision ; which said thi-ee miles square is to be layed out as foUoweth, vizj : 
the easterly end to begine att Accorde Pond next to Scittuate townshipe, and 
see to run thi-ee miles southward ; the north line to begin on the southsyde 
of the said Accord Pond, and soe to run thi-ee miles next vnto a gussett of 
land graunted by the Court vnto Ensigns March Eames, (below this next 
entered,) vntill it comes to the pattent line ; the westward bounds to begine att 
the pattent line, and soe to run three miles southerly, and soe to run from 
thence on a straight line to the end of the southermost ptc of the cast line 
aforsaid. Cornett Studson, alsoe, in the Court, consented thcrvuto. 

It was fui-ther ordered by the Coiu-t, that the whole charge of the said deuis- 
ion be laved on the lands, each of the owners to pay proportionable to his interest. 
In reference vnto a former graunt of land made by the Court vnto En- 
signe Marke Eames, a certaine psell of land, being in the forme of a gussett, 
lying next vnto Accord Pond, between the land there graunted to M' Hather- 
ley and the line between the pattents, is graunted and now confeii-med vnto 
Ensigne Marke Eames aforsaid, be it an hundi-ed acrees, more or lessc. 

In reference vnto a former graunt of accoinodations of land vnto ^NP 
Thomas Cushman, Seni'^, the Coui-t doth graunt and confeirme vnto him the 
one halfe of the last piu-chase of land made by the Treasurer of Phillip, 
sachem of Paukanawkett, \izj, the one halfe of that tract of land purchased 
by M'^ Constant Southworth, Treasiu-cr, lying and being att Assowamsett 
Ponds, on the westerly side of the said ponds, the other halfe belonging vnto 
Thomas Little ; likewise, the Court hane graunted vnto the said Thomas 
Cushman, that incase any nicddow can be found to be ncarc or convenient 
vnto the aforsaid land, that hce shall haue a convenient proportion thcrof 

Likewise, M'' Constant Southworth is appointed by the Court to sett the 
bounds of the said tract of land ; and Wiliam Crow and Edward Gray are 
appohited by the Court to make a deuision therof between the said Thomas 
Cushman and Thomas Little. 

Samuell Ai-nold, Juni"', and his now wife More fined the suiTie of ten 
pounds for coiTiittuig fornication witli each other before marriage. 

COimT ORDEllS. 87 

Josias Palmer, of Scittiwte, for saying that j\I'' AVithcrcUs cliurcli was a 10 7 1-2. 
church of the tUiiill, was fined ten shilUugs. " ' ' 

John Loc, of the towne of JMarshfeild, for prophaning the Lords day by pmxcE 
seruill laboirr and contemptable words, being minded of that abuse, fined forty Gon». 
shillings or to be whipt. 

Thomas Baxter, having bin accused of misdemeanor att the meeting 
house att Yarmouth, after examination was cleared. 

*Att this Court John Williams, of Barnstable, appeercd, being bound [*63.] 

ouer to answare the accusation layed against him by Susannah Turner, of 

Sandwich, of begetting her with child, which hee stifly and peremtorily 

denied ; and the fact not being fully proued against him, the Court saw cause 

att the p>sent to take bonds of him for to allow a suiiie towards the keeping 

of the cliild ; and soe hee was released for ^sent, being to appeer att the Court 

of his ma''* to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid the first Tusday in July next, 

according to the bonds following : — 

John Williams, of Barnstable, standeth bound vuto the 1 

„ . . 1, - ^ 10 : 00 : 00 

Court in the penall sume ot J 

John Howland the suuie of 10 : 00 : 00 

The condition, that wheras the said John Williams is accused to be the 
father of the cliild which was lately borne of Sussanna Tiu-ner, of Sandwich, 
if, therfore, the said John Williams doe alow and duely pay two shillings by 
the weeke towards the keeping of the said cliild vntill the Comt of his ma*'° 
to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid the first Tusday in July next, and that the 
said John Williams doe appeer att the said Coui-t, and not depart the same 
without lycence ; that then, &6. 

Att this Court, Hester, the wife of John Eickard, Seni", of Plymouth, 
appeered, being suinoned to answare for her vnciuell and beastly carnages and 
speeches to her said husband ; and the finises Avas fully proued against her 
by sufficient testimony, and shce was centanced by the Court to be publickly 
whipt att the post ; but att the earnest intreaty of her selfe and others, and 
her promise of amendement, the said centance was suspended from ^sent exe- 
cution, with this proviso, that if att any time for the fiiture shee be taken in 
the like fault, either towards her husband or in any vnciuill carriages to others, 
shee is forthwith to be publickly wliipt as aforsaid. 

Shee was alsoe att tliis Court prohibited to brew beer to sell, as formerly 
shee had done, because it appeered to the Court that it was a snare to her to 
occation euill in the aforsaid respects. 

In reference to a fram of an house, framed by Josias Wormall, according 
to agreement with Thomas Dotey, the said Dotey being departed the goQment, 

5 March. 


167 1-2. and the said "VA^onnall not payed for liis labour about the said fram, hee make- 
ing his adressc to the Coiu't, the Court ordered, that a proficr should be made 
to Joseph Dotey, the agent of the said Thomas Dotey, that if hee -would take 
the said fram, and fulfill the couenants that his brother, Thomas Dotey, made 
■with the said Wormall about the said fram, hee might if hee pleased ; if other- 
wise, that the said Josias Wormall might make sale therof to satisfy himselfe ; 
which, \-j)on the refusall of the said Joseph Dotey, hee, the said "Wormall, 
sold, and therby is satisfyed. 

Richard Godfrey, of Taunton, being ^sented for speaking opprobriously 
of some in place in the towne of Taunton, was centanced by the Court to sit 
in the stockes att Taunton on a training day, soe as it exceed not two houres. 

James Walker and John Richmond are authorised by the Court to pm-- 
chase the land of the Indians in the behalfe of the towne of Taunton, lying 
on the west syde of Taunton Riuer, from the Three Mile Riuer downe to a 
place called the Store House. 

Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, being suinoned together by order 
fi-om the GoQ to view the corpes of M"^ John Barnes, and -to giue in a verdict 
how wee judge hee came by liis death, doe judge, that being before his barne 
dore in tlie street, standing stroakeing or feeling of his bull, the said bull sud- 
denly turned about vpon liim and gaue him a great wound with liis home on 
his right thigh, neare eight inches longe, in which his flesh was torne both 
broad and deep, as wee judge ; of which wound, together with his wriuch of 
his necke or paine therof, (of which hee complained,) hee iiiiediately lan- 
guished ; after about 33 houres after hee died. Ynto the truth wherof wee 
haue subscribed our hands. 

JOHN WOOD, Seni--, 
Leifl MORTON, 
Serge HARLOW, 


*Whcras att this Court Major Josias Winslow coiviciiccd suite ag;ainst 1 (! 7 1-2. 
Wiliam, sou to Tuspaquiue, the sachem of Namassakett, in an action of the ^^ '' 

5 March, 

case to the damage of twenty pounds for non payment of ten pounds and eight pbe^ce 
shillings due for a horse and other goods sold to him the last summer, as ^'"'"• 
appccrcd by a bill vnder his hand ; and that the said Major Winslow obtained I- ' J 
a verdict against him, the said Wiliam, vizj, the bill to be payed to the plain- 
tife, tweluc pence damage, and the cost of the suite ; hee, the said Wiliam, 
haueing nothing to pay the award of the jury, tendered a psell of land to be 
sold to make it good ; the Court therefore deputed and appointed M' Edward 
Gray to make pmchase therof, that soe the said plaintifFe might be satisfyed 
his due according to the verdict of the jury. 

July, 1672. This following was ordered to be recorded, vizj : a graunt July- 
of the seauem men appointed to order the affaires of the towue of Plymouth, 
and to graunt lands within that township. 

The 22"'""* of February, 1650. Wee graunt to Thomas Clarke the skirts 
of mcddow lying vpon the pond att Mannomett, from the Creeke round 

John Turner, Juni'', of Scittuate, complaining of inabillitie of body to 
bcare amies and traine as formerly, hee is freed and discharged by the 
councell of warr from training for the future in the milletary companie of 

Letters of adminnestratiou was grauntcd vnto Ensigne John Williams to 
adminnester on the estate of Edward Williams, of Scittuate, deceased. 

-Jitt the Court of his Ma!" hohhn ait the Towne of Pli/mouih, for 1 (i 7 2. 
the Jurisdiction of ^i\'cw Pbjinoulh, the fift Day of June, Anno . ^~ 

DoTii 1672. 

Before Thomas Prence, Esquire, GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldin, John Freeman, 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel Bacon, and 

Wiliam Bradford, Constant Southworth, 
Assistants, &(?. 

VOL. V. 12 




o June. 





IIOMAS PREXCE, ESQ"*, was chosen GoQ, and sworne. 

Gentlemen, were chosen Assistants, and sworne. 

ohn Aldin, 
Josias Winslow, 
Wiltam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 
John Freeman, 
Nathaniel Bacon, and 
Constant Sonthworth, 

The seuerall townes of this goQment, not knowing that the coniissioners 
for the Vnited Collonies were to sitt att Plymouth this yeare, did omitt the 
sending of theire voates for our honored GoQ to be coiiiissioner in the first 
place, soe that it fell out that M' Hinckley had more written voates then hee ; 
but the ouersight being espyed att the instant of election, and the freemen for 
the most pte then fS'sent did vote viva vose for the GoQ to be the first in our 

Soe that the coiiiissioncrs chosen were, — 

M' Thomas Pi'ence, 

Major Josias Winslow ; 

And M^ Hinckly next in nomination. 

M'^ Constant Southworth was chosen Treasiu'er, and sworne. 

The Names of the Deputies of the seuerall Townes. 

Robert Finney, 
Leift Morton, 
M'^ Josias Standsh, 
Wiliam Paybody, 
Thomas Tujiper, 
Wiliam Harvey, 
Leiftenant jNIaccy, 
Ensigne Howes, 
Edward Sturgis, Scni'', 
Thomas Huckcns, 
John Tompson, 

Ensigne Fames, 
Nathaniel Thomas, 
Leift Hunt, 
Daniell Smith, 
Daniell Cole, 
Thomas Paine, 
John Willis, 
John Russell, 
M' James Browne, 
John Morton. 

The Constables of the seuerall Townes. 

Plymouth, . 

Gorge Watson. 
John Wadsworth. 



Scittuate, ^ 


f llichard Steuens, 
(^ Hezekiah Hoar. 

Yarmouth, . Hosea Joyce. 

Barnstable, John Huckens. 

f John Sawyer, 

Marshfeild, 1 t • o " 

(^Josias Snow. 

rWiliam Sabln, Seni'' 

[John Miller, Seni''. 

Eastham, Jonathan Banges. 

Bridgwater, Robert Latham. 

Dartmouth, Gorge Soule. 

Swansey, Thomas Barnes. 

Middlebery, John Irish. 

1 (; 7 2. 

*The Grand Eiiquost. 


Anthony Snow, 
Wiliam Hoskins, 
M"' Edmond Freeman, 
M' Samuell Sabery, 
Ensigne Jonathan Aldi 
Walter Briggs, 
John Daman, 
John Carey, 
John Dingley, 
Joseph Howes, 
Jolin Richmond, 
Samuell Dunham, 

John Miller, of Yarmouth, 

Anthony Perrey, 

John Perrum, 

Gorge Crispe, 

John Blackwell, 

Thomas Deane, 

Thomas Lumbert, 

John Finney, 

Thomas Pope, 

Thomas Lewis, 

John jNIillcr, of iliddleberrv. 

The Names of the Celcct ^lon in each Towne. 

fLeifl Morton, 

Plymouth, J Serjeant Harlow, 

Willam Crow. 


Wiliam Paybody, 
M'' Samuell Saberry, 
M"' Josias StandisK 














(M' Micaell Peirse, 
Jeremiah Hatch, 
John Cushen. 
r James Skiffe, 
J Thomas Bui-gis, 
[ Steuen Sklffe. 
Leift Macye, 
Richard "VVilUams, 
Walter Deane, 
John Tisdall, Seni', 
Wiliam Harvey, 
f M"' Hawes, 
I Edward S?rgis, 

■ John Thacher, 
Ensigne Howes, 

,John Miller. 

( Leiften Lnythorpe, 

,j John Tompson, 

I Thomas Huckens. 

r M' Steuen Paine, Seni', 

<j Ensigne Smith, 

I Leiftenant Hunt. 

Lcitt White, 

Ensigne Eames, 

John Bourne. 

■ Nicholas Snow, 
Danicll Cole, 
Thomas Paine, 
Marke Snow, 
Jonathan Sparrow. 

( Leiftenant Haward, 
<! John Willis, Seni% 
1^ John Carrey. 

(John Cooke, 
Arthcr Hathewey, 
John Russell. 
Hugh Cole, 
Thomas Lewis, 
^I'' .lames Browne. 



Surveyors of the Hlghweycs. 

fJohii Holmes, 
riymouth, ] Joseph Bartlett 



Taunton, . 

Yarmouth, . 

Barns?, . , 

^larshfeild, . 

Eastham, . . 

Bridgwater, . 

Dartmouth, . 


\ Benajah Pratt. 
Robert Barker, 
John Soule, 
Joseph Howland. 
Cornett Studson, 
Edward Jenkens, 
Charles Stockbridge. 
James Walker, 
Ensigne Leanard. 

/"Edward Sturgis, Sen!"' 

[Joseph Howes. 

rjohn Dauis, 

[Thomas Hmckley. • 

r Gilbert Brookes, 

[John Doged. 

r Joseph Bedle, 

[ Samuell Sprague. 

fJohn Done, 

[Daniell Done. 

r Samuell Edson, 

[ Samuell Packer. 

ijohn Smith, 
Peleg Tripp, 
Wiliam Palmer. 
I Nathaniel ChafFey, 
Jonathan Bosworth, 
Hezekiah Luther. 
Isacke Howland. 

5 June. 

*In answare to the petition of John Cooke, the Court haue ordered, that 
some speeddy notice be giuen to all the piu-chassers that haue an interest in the 
said controversye, that they giue notice each to other to meet together att 
Plymouth att the next Coiu-t in July next, in order to the settlement therof, 
either psonally or by a coiSittey ; and if they can not agree soe as to putt a 
finall issue thervnto, that then the Court will see cause to interpose vnth. theire 
healpe soe as finally to determine the said controversye. 


5 June. 


1672. In answare to a petition prefered to the Court by some of the inhabitants 

of Sand^dch, complaining that they are much straightened in want of coinons, 
and therfore to haue libertie to purchase some lands aboue them adjoyning to 
them for theire supply, the Court haue ordered, that such lands shalbe pur- 
chased by such as shalbe appointed thervnto, and to be disposed of by the 
Court to such as are likely to be healpfull in the support and niaintainance of 

Att this Court, !Mary Churchill was centanced by the Court to pay 
a fine of six pounds for coiiiitting fornication, as shee saith, with Thomas 

Att this Court, Dorcas Billington was centanced to pay a fine of fine 
pound by the next July Court to be holden att Plymouth, for coiiiitting for- 
nication with ^ , or to appcer att the said Court, and to rccciuc corpo- 
rall punishment by whiping. 

Att this Court Susanna Turner appeered, and was centanced to pay a fine 
of eight pounds, for coiiiitting fornication, as shee saith, with John Williams, 
of Barnstable. 

DanicU Cole, the son of Job Cole, for cursing, fined ten shil- 

Leift Peregrine White and Wiliam Nelson, Seni', were appointed by 
the Court to lay out or dcuide certaine meddowes belonging to Pachague 
Ncckc, and the iulargoment of vpland on Bridgwater syde of the riuer ; 
and the ptcuors of Pachauge Necke aforsaid engaged to defray the charge 

Thomas and John Buck, Juni'', being att the house of Isacke Chettenden 
the third of June, 1672, the said John Bucke did acknowlidgc that the word 
spoken by him about and concerning his testimony att October Court last past, 
which was coiiiittcd to record, was falce, vizj, that the said Nicolls had taken 
a fiilcc oath, it being rashly and unadvisedly spoken j and that hee, the said 
John Bucke, had noe just ground soe to speake, and that hee was sorry that 
hee had soe spoken ; with which ackuowlidgment the said Nicolls acknowl- 
idged himselfe to be satisfycd. 

Whereas wee, whose names ^ vndcrwritten, were swornc to tuke a view 
of a dead corpes, the which corpes was the daughter of Richard Lake, of Yar- 
mouth ; the which corpes wee haue viewed, and alsoe haue bine as carefull as 
we can to inquire into the cause or causes of the death of the said Lakes 
child ; and woe doc all judge, according to ^hat light -w-ee can gather, that 


the child came to its end by faUing into a brookc of water, and sc 


Dated Yarmouth, 28"^ of the 2'"'"* mouth, 167;3. 


A gcncrall and publicke day of humilliation was obserued, by the ap- 
pointment of the Court, throughout this jmisdiction, held in concurrance with 
our naighbour collonie of the Massachusetts on the thirteenth day of this 
instant June, with speciall respect vuto the sad, and in many respects deplored, 
estate of our natiue countrey, takeiag in thcire withall seucrall thiuges concern- 
ing our selues heer in N. E. 

This Court is ajorned vutill the first Thirsday in July next, att which 
time the coinittees are to meet agaiue ; it wilbc the fourth of the mouth. 

*Att tlic Court of his Ma''" hoklen att Plymouth for the Jurisdiction ' ■'"'y- 
of Mew Plymouth, the first of July, 1672. ^*^^-^ 

Before Thomas Preuce, Esq'', GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldiu, John Freeman, 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel Bacon, and 

Willram Bradford, Constant Southworth, 
Assistants, &(?. 

MK CONSTANT SOUTHWORTH, M-^ James Browne, and M^ John 
Gorum are appointed by the Coiut to pui-chasc a certaine psell of land 
of the Indians graunted by the Coui't to the said John Gorum, lying att Pa- 
pasquash Necke. 


167 2. This Coiut doth appoint the Treasiiicr, Captaine Cudworth, and Cornett 

Studson to repaire to Barustable, to heare a diiFerence between Captaine Fuller 

Samuell Fuller, Seni"', on the one pty, and the towne of Sandwich ou tlie 
other pty, about bounds of lands ; and incase they can issue it and settle it, 
that they soe doe ; but if not, that they make report vnto the Court how they 
find matters in that behalfe. 

In reference vnto a controuersy betwixt Wiliam HaiUtone and James 
Walker, which hath Ijine of longc standing, relateing to an award made by 
M' John Wiswall, IM"^ Richard Callicott, and Capt James Johnson, concerning 
and for the issueing of some difference betwixt the said pties, they, the said 
Wiliam Haihstone and James Walker, refering the case for a finall issue to 
the determination of the Court, haueing heard theii'e please on both sydes, 
and pused all such writings that were produced relateing thervnto, doe deter- 
mine and conclude as followeth, vizj : that forasmuch as that it appeers, vpon 
examination, that the said James Walker hath not pformed the latter pte of 
the said arbetratiou, vizj, to repaire the said Hailstone his reputation in the 
chui-ch, and to make a returne therof vnto the said arbetratoi-s, which hee neg- 
lected to doe, the Court doe therfore order, that hee shall pay or cause to be 
payed vnto the said Hailstone the suine of fine pounds, in either good, mar- 
chantable porke, or good barr iron, betwixt this date and the fifteenth day of 
October next, att prise then currant ; and wheras the said James Walker did 
openly and vnaduisedly, ou a Lords day, accuse the said Wiliam Hailstone of 
telling seueral palpable lyes and founded vpon a lye, wherby the said Hail- 
stone was much scandalised, tliis Court doth heerby aduise the said James 
Walker publickly to acknowlidge the wronge hee hath done him in tlie meet- 
ing, on the Lords day, in the congregation ; and this our award and jovnt 
determination to be a full and finall issue of all s\i(li ditferences and contro- 
uersyes as relate vnto the J^-mises. 

This Coiut doe order M^ John Freeman and Richard Bourne to purchase 
a peece of land or psell of land att Mannomett, called and knowne by the 
name of the Old Fcild, for the said M' Bourne his more convenient improue- 
mcnt of his meddow there, prouided that the Lidians to whome it bclongeth 
shall hauc free llbertie, notwithstanding this order, to improue it without in- 
terruption, both them and theire heircs forcuer. 

Wheras Wiliam Paybody complained vnto the Court that Wiliam Nu- 
macke and Moses Numacke, of Pinquine Hole, allies AYeesqucbs, that they 
arc indebted to him the suiiic of scaucn pounds and four shillinges, what they 
cannot satisfy otherwise then by makeing ouer some land for a time, this 
Court liaue, with the consent of the said Wiliam and Nuniacke, layed 


ail extent vpon tlicire liinds, willed to them by thcire father, lying between Hi 7 2. 

the riuer of Pinguine Hole aforsaid and IVucksissctt, with the longe necke 

which goeth into the sea called Wcnamett, both vpland and meddow, with all 

and singulare the appurtenances and priulidges belonging thervnto, for the 

fhll tearme of ten yeares fi'om the fifteenth day of October next, from thence 

fully to be compleated and ended, to be for the vse and improucmcnt of the 

said Wiliani Paybody, to him and his hcires and assigncs for the full tearme 

uboue expressed ; onely that the said Wiliam Paybody is to mow the meddow 

this yeare, and the said "VViliam Numacke and Moses Numackc they or either 

of them may^ by the payment of the abouesaid suiiie within one yeare from 

the date heerof, redeeme theire abouesaid land. 

In reference vnto a whale brought on shore to Yarmouth from sea, the 
Court leaues it to the Treasurer to make abatement of what is due to the 
countrey therof, by law, as hee shall see cause, when hoc hatli treated with 
those that brought it on shore. 

*This Coiut, att the former session, takeing notice of the longe continued [*69.] 
difference between John Cooke, of Dartmouth, and many of the inhabitants 
and purchasers of that place, and judging it difficult for them to put thcm- 
selues into a capassitie of ending it without the Courts interposing to thcire 
healp, did then direct an order to the said towne and purchasers, to appeer att 
the adjournment in July instant, in theire psons or by theire deligates, to 
attend a finall issue of the abouesaid controuersyes. They, soe appeering att 
the Court, agreed joyntly to refer the whole matter of difference between the 
said John Cooke and the towne of Dartmouth or purchasers, respecting all 
theu-e publicke or comou transactions, to the majestrates of tliis Court, whoe, 
after a full hearing of pleas on both sydes, manuaged by John Smith, Samuell 
Hickes, and Peleg Tripp, in the behalfe of the purchasers, and ■\\cll considered 
therof, doe award and determine as followeth : — 

1. VizJ, that John Cooke shall haue and foreuer injoy a little iland 
called Ram Iland, by the said towne disposed to him for former seruice ; and 
secondly, that they the said towne and purchasers doe pay or cause to be payed 
vnto John Cooke his debt of eleuen pounds for latter agencyc and disburs- 
ments for them, and three pounds for his damage and trouble, which fourteen 
pounds shalbe payed to him or his order in good and marchantablc porke, 
beefe, and corne, in equall proportions, att or before the middle of October 
next, or otherwise to his content. 

And wee determine the bounds of the plantation to be according to a 
deed giuen by Phillip, the sachem, bounded on the east by a blacke oake, 
marked on foure sydes, concerning which tree all pties did agree, and from 

VOL. V. 13 


16 7 2. the said tree by a south line, as ruu by Robert Hazard, downe to the salt 

" "^ ^ water, and by the contrary line into the woods extending eight miles from the 

Prence ^^^'^ ^^'^^' ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ westerly end as bounded by the abouesaid deed. 

^°^^- And lastly, wee determine that, John Cooke being payed what wee haue 

aboue awarded, hee shall deliuer vp the deeds and acquittances concerning 

those lands \-nto whom shalbe appointed to receiue and kpep it for the towne 

and piuxhasers therin interested ; and this wee order to be recorded as our 

award, and to stand as a full, absolute, and finall conclusion of the abouesaid 

controuersyes between the said John Cooke and the towne and piuxhascrs of 

Dartmouth aboue mensioned, and his and theire heires for euer. 

In reference vnto the towne of Dartmouth, it is ordered by the Court, 
that wheras an ajipareut neglect hath bine for the two yeares last past of the 
gathering in of the suine of fifteen pounds a yeare, according to the order of 
Court, to be kept in stocke, towards the support of such as may dispence the 
word of God vnto them, it being neglected the last yeare in pretence that 
those that were appointed by the Court to receiue it, and improue it for 
the ends aforsaid, refused soe to doe, it is now ordered by this Court, that the 
suiiie of fifteen pounds be this yeare leuicd to be as a stocke for the vse afor- 
said, to be payed and deliuered vnto the constable of Dartmouth, in good 
and currant countrcy pay, to be by him retained and keep vntill hee shall 
receiue fui-ther order from the Court for the dispose of it. 

Att this Court it was agreed by and between iP Constant Southworth and 
Phillip, the sachem, in reference to the land att att Assowamsett Pond, that 
wheras the land purchased of the said sachem there was formerly to goe three 
quarters of a mile broad, and to goe ouer Wachemocussctt Brooke, it is now 
bounded by the said brooke below, and soe to goe vp by a pond ; and what is 
wanting below by reason the breadth is cutt short by the said brooke, it is to 
be made vp aboue. 

[*70.] *These psents testifies that wheras Thomas Butler, of Sandwich, haueing 

bought fifty acrecs of land of Jonathan Morey, of Plymouth, and tlicse lands 
falling into the hands of the Indians, vizj, Quachattasctt and Nanumctt, the 
which Quachattasctt with Nanumctt haue freely and absolutely resigned vp 
vnto Thomas Butler the whole fifty acrecs, the which lyeth in two places, 
that is to say, thirty acrees to be measured ncare the Ceder Swamp, vpon the 
side of the path towards Sandwich, the which path goeth from Nanumctts 
land or planting feild vnto Breake Hart Hill, or tlic Salt Water Pond, and 
tlic other twenty acrees is to be measured out of a nccke of land that shootes 
into the Herring lliuer Pond, the wliich is the bigcst necke of laud ; all which 


the whole fifty acrees wee, the aforsald Quachattasctt and Namimctt, doc al- 1 G 7 2. 
Henate from oiu'sehies, our heires and assignes for euer, vnto Thomas Butler 
afoi-said, for himselfe, his heires and assignes for euer : to haue and to hold 
both the psells of land before mcnsioned, with the timber, and wood, and 
grasse that is vjion it. Witiics our bauds, this third of July, one thousand 
six hundred scaucnty and two. 

The marke -(^ of QUACHATTASETT. 
The marke Q/^ NANUMETT. 
Signed, sealled and deliuered in the pscncc of 
Richard Bourne, 
Joseph Bartlett. 
This abouesaid conveyance of land was ordered by the Court held att 
Plymouth, the third of July, 1672, to be recorded. 

Att tliis Coiut, a letter was read in the Coiu't, M'hich was a returne of 
an answarc to a letter sent vnto the Massachusetts, concerning our coUonies 
acceptance of the propositon made by them for the continuance of the 
confeaderation, both which letters importcth a joynt acceptance and concur- 
rance in the proposition about the continuance tlierof. 

Att this Court, John Williams, of Scittuate, appeered to answare a 
complaint against him for breaking the Sabbath by doeing seruill worke 
theron, and bee prefered a petition to the Couit, which was read and con- 
sidered. Notwithstanding, the Comt voated generally that bee lay lyable 
to be called to answare further to it ; and whcras hce excepted against one 
pticulare in the suinons that was last sent for him, iu that the place where 
hee soe brake the Sabbath was not specifyed, the Court proffered him to be 
tryed by a jury of his equalls, which hee neglected to accept, and soe the 
Court tooke further cognizance of the case ; and infine hee was sentanced for his 
prophanation of the Sabbath by doeing seruill worke theron, proued by diuers 
wittnesses, to pay a fine of forty shillings, according to the law, to the vse of 
the coUonie. 

John WilHams, of Barnstable, standeth bound vnto the ) Keleased. 

Coiu-t in the penall suine of 

John Howland, of Barnstable, iu the suiiie of . . . . 10 : 00 
The condition that wheras the said John Williams is accused to be the 
father of the child which was lately borne of Sussanua Turner, of Sandwich, 
if therefore the said John Williams doe alow and duely pay two shillings by 
the weeke towards the keeping of the said child, vntill the Coui-t of his ma"" 
to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid tlie first Tusday iu March next, the one 




1 August. 


lialte to be payed in Indian come, and the other halfe in goods, both att prise 
currant, to be deliuered att James Pursevalls, att Sandwich, c^uartcrly, (if the 
said child line soe longe,) and that hee the said John Williams doe appeer att 
the Conrt aforsaid, and not depart the said Court ^rithout lycence ; that 
then, &tl 

Job Bourne, for refusing to serue in the office of a constable att Sandwich, 
was fined according to order the sume of foiu- poundes. 

Dorcase Billington is contanced to suffer corporall punishment by Avhip- 
ing, for coiiiitting fornication ; this to be pformcd on some lecture day, when 
the Gou' shall see meet. 

*August the first, 1672. Francis Jones, being apprehended att Tannton 
fbr pilfering and stealing seuerall ptlculai-cs, and coiiiittcd to prison after exam- 
ination, was ccntanced by the Court to be publickly whipt att the post, which 
accordingly was inflicted, and was forthwith deliuered to John Smith, of 
Taunton, attorney to Seth Smith, of INIedfcild, in the jurisdiction of the 
Massachusetts, whoc engaged to the Court to deliucr him to the said Seth 
Smith, his brother, att Medfeild, to be fsented before the next majestrate of 
the gou''ment of the ^lassachusetts aforsaid, for the recouering of such charges 
as the said Setli Smith hath bin att in procccution of the said Jones. 

10 September. September lO"', 16T2. I, Thomas Hughes, of Plymouth, in New Eng- 

land, doe owne and acknoM-lidg a judgment of sixteen pounds, in ciuTant sil- 
uer mony of New England, due and payable from my pson or estate vnto M' 
James Brading, of Boston, or his assignes, wherof I amc convict in due com-se 
of law. In witncs wherof I haue herevnto sett my hand this 10"^ day of 
September, 1072. 


Tliis was acknowlidged before Thomas Prencc, Estpiire, Gou'' of the 
jiu-isdiction of New Plymouth, and before ^P John Aldiu, and jNI'' Constant 
Southworth, Assistants in the same gou''ment. 

Testa me, NATHANIEL ISIORTON, Secretary. 

The 12"" day of September, 1672, two Indians^ the one named James 
and the other Hobson, appeercd before Thomas Prence, Esq'', Gou', and M' 
Constant Southworth, Assistant, to answare for theire felloniously entering the 
house of John Macombcr, Scni'', of Taunton, and taking some mony out 
of his house ; and on hearing and full examination of tlio case, they were 
centanced to pay to the said Macombcr treble restitution, which is nine sliii- 
liuires, in silucr or tlie vidlnc tlici-of, and to sufl'cr cornondl i)unl>hnicnt liv 


whiping att tlio post, and to abido iu durance vntill satisfaction is made as 1(')7 2. 
aboucsaid ; and likewise to satisfy the marshall for the charges of thcire im- "^ " 

14 Aiigusl. 
prisonment, and then to be freed. Phisce 


August the 14"^, 1G7;2. The jury that was impaunellcd by the constable 
of Taunton to view the body of Peter Trebey, the son of Peter Trebey, of 
Newport, on Ehode Hand, being att Taunton with his mother, Bethya Tre- 
bey, att the house of M' Gorge Shoue, doth giue theu-e verdict as followeth. 
This Peter Trebey, being a child of about tlii-ee yeares old, being neare the 
riuersyde, by some accedent fell into the riuer, and was by Peter Pitts taken 
vp dead. 

Walter Dean, John Turner, 

Richard Williams, Ensigne Thomas Leanard, 

Wiliam Harvey, Shadrach Wibore, 

Joseph Wilbore, Thomas Linkolne, 

James Leanard, John Eichmond, 

Christopher Thrasher, Israeli Deane. 

liibertie of adminnestration is graunted vnto Anna Little, widdow, the 
relict of Thomas Little, of Marshfeild, deceased, to adniinncster on the estate 
of the said Thomas Little. 

♦Plymouth, this 27"" of the 6*, 1672. These are to whom it may con- [*72.] 
cerne, that Wiliam Harvey and John Eichmond, of Taunton, haue giuen mee "^ August, 
bill vnder theire hands, for the suine of eighty three pounds, which was due 
from Phillip, the sachem, to the collonie, for which suiiie the said Phillip en- 
gaged to mee foure miles square of land downe Taunton Eiuer, and next vnto 
Taunton bounds, wliich engagement or mortgage I heerby make ouer vnto the 
aboucsaid Wiliam Harvey and John Eichmond, in the behalfe of the towue, 
for theire cecuritie for the aforsaid bills vnder theii-e hands made vnto mee ; 
and for the truth of this I haue subscribed my hand the day and yeare abouc 


The 20"' of Septem, 1672. Wee whose names are vnderwritten, being 20 September, 
the jury warned by the constable of Taunton to view the corpes of John 
Richmond, Juni"', wee found him dead, being killed by the ouerturning of a 
cart, as wee apprehend, the oxen running downe a hill, and one wheele ran 
ouer a rockc, and the cart did ouerturne vjjon him ; wee found him bruised on 


167 2. his shoulders, and on his backe below his shoulders, which, as wee apprehend, 
was liis death, and noe other way. 


The answare of the Court vnto the proposition or enquiry made by Mis- 
tris Tildcn, whether they judge it meet that the charge of the education of 
her cliildi-en, and the charge expended for & to\vards the reparation of the 
mlnnesters house, should be defrayed out of the intire estate of M"^ Joseph 
Tilden, deceased, or out of her pte and portion therof ; that forasmuch as it 
appeers that it was the mind of M'' Tilden, In his life time, that the said 
charges should be defrayed out of his said intire estate, they judge it meet 
that it should soe be, and not out of her pticulare pte therof. 

In reference vnto seuerall controversyes that haue or may arise amongst 
the Indians, concerning titles and propriaties of lands, the Court orders, that 
such Indians as are or shalbe att any such controversye, shall repaire vnto, or 
the controversy be refered vnto theire cheife sachem, Phillip, sachem of Po- 
kanakett, &d, for the clearing vp and glueing light into such controversyes, the 
Court judging that hee is best able soe to doe, and for that end, the said sachem 
being ^sent in the Court, they spake to him to be reddy and willing to be healp- 
full in the case, as occation might require, whoe accordingly engaged soe to doe. 

Lers of adminncstration was graunted vnto John Williams, of Scittuate, 
to admlnncster on the estate of Edward "Williams, iate of Scittuate, deceased. 


*Att the Court of his Ma''' hehl att Plymouth the 29 cV 50'" of 10 7 2. 
October, 1672. 

Before Thomas Prencc, Esq"', Gou'', Thomas Hhickley, 

John Akiin, John Freeman, and 

Josias Winslow, Nathaniel Bacon, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &d. 

% 1 J'HERAS, vpon a motion made by John Daman and Edward Jenkens, 
T T in the behalfe of seuerall of the ancient inhabitants of Scittuate, 
-ivhoe haue approued themsehies to be peacable, and yett neither closing with 
the coinittee in all thinges, nor yett approueing of the way and course that some 
others haue taken in the towne, as to the disposing of the vndcuided lands of 
Scittuate, whervpon the Court gaue them a convenient time to retume thcire 
propositions in reference to a medivm or middle way between both, and the 
names of those psons, and did alsoc withall suspend the execution of the 
Court order respecting the p'mises, vntill the said returne should be made to 
some of the majestrates, and if vpon theire said returne there should appeer 
nothinge of waight to alter the aforsaid determination of the Court, that then 
tliere should be forthwith due course taken to put the said order in execution ; 
and accordingly the said returne was made on the fifteenth of this instant 
Nouembcr, and finding nothing therin of waight to alter the Courts said deter- 
mination, the said order is put in execution as followcth : — 

Plymouth, October 29"", 1672. This Court doth appoint and impower 
Captaine James Cudworth, Cornett Robert Studson, Leiftenant Isacke Bucke, 
Isacke Chcttenden, John Daman, John Turner, Seni"', John Bryant, and John 
Turner, Juni'', or any fine or more of them, to lay out lands att Scittuate, vnto 
all those that had an ancient graunt of land from the freemen, before that 
■which is called a surrender, as alsoc to those that were housholder -inhabitants 
in Scittuate before 47, or the successors of such, that neuer received any land 
from the freemen ; and incase the coinittey be not satisfyed concerning the 
right of any psons that make claime to lauds on the abouesaid considerations, 
that they proceed to lay out vnto such as haue an unquestioned right, and 
that such as are doubtfull haue recourse vnto the Court to determine theii-e 
right ; the proportions of land to be layed out wee order to be att the descre- 
tion of those that are therviito appointed, provided noe mans proportion exceed 
eighty acrees or to be Icsse than fifty ; and it is to be layed out by these men 

29 October. 


1G7 2. Avher it may be most convenient to the psons and least prcjiuliciall to the 
townes coiiions ; Cornett Studsons oncly to be adjoyning to the land hce had 
of the country, if by the judgment of these men it be not greatly prejudiciall 
Gou". to the towne ; and tliat the psons aboucmensioned doe apply themselucs to lay 
out lands to such as abouesaid, and alsoe those lands that were by the majcs- 
trates and towne of Scittuate graunted to 'M' Baker and ^M'' Withcrell the last 
springe, with all convenient speed. 

The Court hauc impowered M' ]\Iicaell Peirsc, Edward Jeukens, and John 
Bryant, of Scittuate, to see vnto the execution of the order of C'ourt prohibiting 
the transportation of plankes, boards, bolts, or barkc out of this goQmcnt. 

An Order directed to Thomas Paine, the Water Bayley. 
This Court being cnformed that few or none of oiu-s are like to fish att 
the Cape by salne, and that diners strangers desire libertie there to fish, these 
are therfore to impower you, in the behalfe of the Court, to giuc libertie to 
such strangers as shall desire there to fish, carrying orderly and paying such 
dues as by Court order is prouided ; and this shalbc youer warrant tlierin for 
this psent season. 

The Acknowlldgment of Roger Goodsjiccd. 
These are to certify whom it may concerne, that what words passed from 
mee, Roger Goodspeed, att the meeting house att Barnstable, concerning John 
Jenkens his stealing my kidd and lying, were rash, vnaduised, and inconsider- 
ate words ; and vpon due consideration, I see I had noc just cause soe to say, 
and ame sorry for soe saying, and desire him to passe it by. 

ROGER GOODSPEED, his mark, H. 

[*74.] *Att this Court, the Indian named Secunke, with his two sonnes, ap- 

peercd in Court, and declared and proucd by seucrall Indian testimonies, that 
all Scauton Nccke was theire fathers land ; and the said Indian testimony did 
testify, that it was these two younge mens lands, and was theire fathers, and 
theire grandfathers, and theire great grandfathers ; -and the said Secunkes two 
sonnes did ownc and acknowlidge that they had sold and disposed of pte of 
the said nccke to the Bastable men, vizj, that end of the said nccke next vnto 
Barnstable towno, or t!ie sandy beach, soe farr on the nccke towards the west- 
wards vutiU it cdines right against the brushcy swamp, and on the maine to 
the said brushcy swamiie, and soe by a straiglit line to the sea. Alsoe, (iua- 
chattasctt, the sachem of Mannomett, did likewise ownc and acknowlidge 


befoi-o the Court, thut the iii'oi-said Sec-iinkc was the owner and propriator of I (} 7 2. 
the said Scwatou Necke, and that the said Secunke had giuen vnto the said " -r-~-' 

29 October. 

Quachattasett all that ptc of the said necke next vnto Sandwich vntill it comes 

to the said brushey swampe, neare vnto Robert Harpers. Gov\ 

The Court, being satisfyed by these testimonies that the lauds abouemcn- 
sioncd, being the souther pte or end of the said Scauton Necke as farr as the 
brushey swampe on the maine, and from the said swampe by a straight line to 
the sea on the same point, that is, the range between the townes of Sandwich 
and Biu-nstable, was fairly obtained of the abouemensioned Secunke, the right 
owner, by Barnstable men, doe see clear reason to determine, that vnto the 
bounds aboue expressed doth and shall appertaine vnto the towne of Barn- 
stable, and that the lands of Captaine Mathew Fuller and the lands of 
Samuell Fuller, Seni"', doe alsoe come and joyne liome vnto the abouemen- 
sioned line. 

The Court allowes and glues libertie vnto Saconeesctt men to make such 
good and wholsome orders as may be vscfull for theire coiiion good in the 
place wrhere they line ; and what shalbe done by the major pte shalbe binding 
to the whole. 

Liberty is graunted by the Court vnto Ensigue .John Haward to keep an 
ordinary for the entertainment of strangers att Bridgwater ; and that hee 
prouide himselfe with nessesaries in that behalfe, and keep good orders in his 
house, that soe there be noe just cause of complaint by reason of any disor- 
ders in that respect. 

In answare vnto a proposition made to the Coiut by the towne of Bridg- 
water, that wheras seuerall psons were formerly appointed by the Court to lay 
out theire lands, some wherof af deceased, and others taken off by other occa- 
tions, that they may haue libertie to depute some others amongst themselues 
to be improued for that end, the Court doe declare themselues willing that 
they may soe doe, and that incase the propriators of the said lands shall gen- 
erally agree vpon any thinge respecting theire lands, that the clai'ke of the 
towne shall coinitt such theire conclusions to the records of the towne ; and 
that Elder Brett, M"' Nicholas Byram, and M' Samuell Edson be heerby 
deputed by the Court to purchase those lands which lye ou the north syde of 
Tetlcott Riuei-, within the bounds of Bridgwater, of tlic Indians, for the 
townes vsc. 

It is ordered by this Court, that an Indian called Old John, allies Mopes, 
shall pay vnto Wiliam Swift six pound, to be deliuercd in tarr att Sandwich, 
att or before the first of ^lay next, with the charges which hath arisen about 
a suite comcnccd att the Court of the Cflect ^len of the towne of Barnsta- 

voi.. \'. 14 


1 G 7 2. ble agaiust the said Swift ; and in defect of payment as aforsaid, then the said 

" '^ ' Swift is heerby impowcred to seize on the body of the said Old John, allies 

„ Mopes, and to brinare him or cause him to be brousrht before the GoQ or Court, 

PllENCE, f > o o > 

Gou". whoe will take such a due coui-se as that his just dues shalbe satisfyed by the 
seruice or sale of him, the said Old John, allies Mopes ; and vpon the Courts 
graunt of this order, the said Wiliam Swift did engage to acquitt and release 
Jedadia Lumbard from that engagement of his to the said Wiliam Swift on 
that accompt of the said Old John, or any other Indians whoe were his 

[*75.] *The Names of the psons appointed by the Court to see to the Execution of the 
Orders of Court prohibiting the Transporting of Plankes, Boards, Bolts, 
or Barkc out of the GoGment ; wliich Order beareth Date June, 1672. 

f M"^ Micaell Pcirsc, 
For Scittuate, i Edward Jenkens, 

For Duxbm-row, 
For Plymouth, . 
For Taunton, 
For Marshfeild, 

[John Bryant. 

{M"' Samuell Saberry, 
John Tracye. 
r Wiliam Harlow, 
[ Joseph Ilowland. 

{Ensigne Lenard, 
John Tisdall, Seni''. 
Justus Fames, 
Samuell Sprague. 

In reference to a controversyc depending betwixt the towncs of Taunton 
and vSwansey respecting the lands mortgaged to the Treasiu-cr by Phillip, the 
sachem, being by the said townes respectiue agents refered to this Court for 
the finall determination and issue therof, whose pleas being heard and duely 
weyed, this Com-t orders, that the three miles first purchased, for which a deed 
hath bin obtained of the said sachem, shalbe and bclonge vnto the towne of 
Taunton, and accoumpted within theirc township, and the other mile to be and 
belonge vnto the towne of Swanscy and w^ithin theire township, provided that 
Swansey men doe pay or cause to be payed theire full part of the payment 
made or to be made for the redeeming of the said lands mortgaged, or for the 
farther payment of the purchase vnto Phillip, according both for specie and 
time equally proportionable to the other lands purchased as abouesaid ; alsoe, 
that Swansey men shall from time to time allow convenient wayes to Taunton 
men vnto theire meddowcs Iving within the line of Swanscy, and timber to 


fence them, with such smalle stripjis or points of vphnul to run thcire fence 1 G 7 2. 
on as may be nessesary for theire fenceing the said meddowes, and that the ^ ' 

1 „ ^ 29 October. 

said meddowes bee exempted from rates att Swansey. Phence 

In reference vnto a controversyc between John Williams, of Scittuate, and *-'°"''- 
Wiliam Rogers, concerning accoumpts and other matters betwixt them, they 
haue agreed, and haue made choise before the Court of Capl Cudworth, Lclfl 
Bucke, and Thomas Turner, or any two of them, to heare and finally to de- 
termine and to put to a full issue all such differences as are between them ; 
and to meet together for that end and pm-pose on Munday, the 28"" of this 
instant Nouember, 1672, att the house of Edward Jenkens ; and John Cushcn 
is heerby Impowered to adminnester an oath to any witnesses in reference to 
the said case as occation may require. 

Wiliam IMakepeace, Seni"', liueing att Taunton Riuer, for laciuious at- 
tcnij:)ts towards an Indian woman, was centanced by the Court to bo publickly 
Mhipt att the post, which accordingly was pformed. 

And the said Makepeace, for selling stronge liquors to the Indians, was 
fined the suine of fine pounds. 

Jabcz Lumbert, for selling liquors to the Indians, fined fifty shillinges. 

Edward Coleman, of Barnstable, for cursing, fined fine shillinges. 

Thomas Jones, of Taunton, for being drunke the second time, fined ten 

*.//« the Court of his Ma'" holdcn att Phpnoiith the fourth of 1G7 2-3. 
March, 1672. T^TT 

4 Maich. 

Before Thomas Prence, Esq), GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldin, John Freeman, and 

Josias Winslow, Constant Southworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &^. 

^TTHERAS att the Generall Couit of his ma"'' holden att New Plymouth in 
* T June, anno 16T0, the Court, vpon diners serious considerations them 
thervnto moueing, did freely giue and graimt all such proffetts as might or 
should annually acrew or grow dew to this collonie, from time to time, for fish- 
ing Avith netts or saines att Cape Codd for mackerell, basse, or herrings, as by 
the said graunt doth fully appeer, to be implo3-ed and improued for and 
towards a free schoole in some towne of this juiisdlction, for the training vp 


167 2-3. of youth ill llttrature for the good and benifitt of posteritie, provided a begin- 
' ' ^ ing were made -within one yeare after the said graunt ; and that the ordering 
Prence ^^^^ managing of the said aifaire was by the said Court coiiiitted to the Goii and 
Oov". Assistants, or any four of them ; and that within the time limited there hath 
bin a beginning made att Plymouth, and hither to continued, by Gods bless- 
ing, with good successe, as vpon examination may ajipoer ; and ^\heras the 
said towne in generall haue giuen and graunted whatsoeuer proffitts may any 
way arise from or by the improuement of a considerable tract of vpland and 
meddow belonging to the said towne of Plymouth, lying and being att Aga- 
waam, Sepecan, and places adjacent, for and towards the maintainance and 
vpholding of the said scoole att Plymouth ; as alsoe since seuerall of the to^\^le 
of Plymouth, out of theire good affections, haue freely giuen out of theu-e 
owne estates for the erecting or procuring a convenient scoole house, not onely 
for the better accoinodating of the scoUers, bat alsoe for the scoolmaster to Hue 
and reside in, as God by his prouidence may please to ^sent, all the ^mises 
being considered, in hope that God may please soe to smile vpon this om- day 
of smale thinges as to make it a blessing to the riseing generation ; — 

This Court haueing taken themselues much obliged reddily and gladly to 
accept of that trust coinitted vnto them by the aforsaid Generall Comt, and 
doe hecrbv reddily and cheerfully accept thcrof, and hope, by Gods assistance, 
faithfully and carefully to vsc theire best iudeauors, what in them lyeth, to 
incurrage and carry on the said \\ell begun worke att Xew Plymouth soe long 
as God shalbe pleased to affoard any compctensie of meanes and convenient 
number of scollars, and to that end doc appoint and constitute our approucd 
frind, M"^ Thomas Hinckley, to take vpon him the office, care, and charge of 
a steward of the said scoole, to demaund, recouer, and receiue all such suiiie 
or sumes of mony due from any pson or psons to the said scoole, either by 
revenew of the aforsaid graunt of the Court or the graunt or gift of the towne 
of Plymouth, or any otherwise due ; and that hee doc giue a trew accompt 
of all such moneyes received once or twisc in the ycarc vnto the GoQ and 
majestrates, or any fooi- of them, as it shalbe required, as alsoe to make such 
payments and disbursments to any imployed in or about the said worke as hee 
shalbe ordered by them, according to monycs rcceiucd by him on that ac- 
coumpt from time to time ; and tliut hoe he ahnved (liio satistactiou for any 
trouble or expence about the said imploymciit. 
[••77 -] *Att this Court, Mistris Elizabeth Ilowland, tlie relict of ]\P John How- 

land, Seni'', deceased, came into tlic Court, and did freely giue and surrender 
vji all her right that shee hatli in the lands of the said John Howland, Seni% 
Ivlii? aiul lieiiig att Namns^;d<ett, in tlu> township of ^riddlrhcrry. vnto I\I' 


John Gorum, of Bainstable, to him and his heires and assignes for cuer, viiij : 1 (5 7 2-8. 
all the ria;ht and interest that hee, the said John Rowland, had bv the Courts "^"^ ^ ' 
graunt vuto seuerall propriators in Namassakett land, which said grannt bear- puj-nce 
eth date anno Dom 1662, with all and singulare tlic appurtenances belonging ^ou". 
thervnto, or to any pte or psell thcrof, vnto him, the said John Gorum, to him 
and his heires and assignes for eucr. 

Att this Court, Sachemus, the sachem of Satuckett, came into the Court, 
and acknowlidged before the Court that hee and his father hath sold formerly 
vnto ^P Thomas Prence all the land att or neare Satuckett, from the Indian 
fence by the water syde ranging into the woods, bounded by a pyne tree, about 
halfe a furlonge to the westward of a pond by the water side called Aquonest, 
and soe running southerly ouer a pond called Wishoea, and soe into the woods, 
all the lands below the longe pondc that runs through the plaines towards 
Pottanumacutt called Mashpa, and from the said Indian hedge att the water 
syde to Nemskekett, the westerly pte of the meddow. 

Att this Court, Leiftenaut Morton, Sarjeant Harlo-\v, Joseph Warren, and 
Wiliam Clarke, or any three of them, are appointed by the Court to purchassc 
whatsoeuer lands are yett vnpurchased of Plymouth graunt att Sepecan and 
places adjacent within the said graunt for the vse of the said townc ; and they 
are to acquaint the Indians when they goe about it, that soe they may come, if 
it may be, to know the right propriators therof j and incase they purchase more 
then \\hat is ^\■ithin the said graunt, they are to acquaint the Court therwith. 

In reference to a deed deliuered into the Court by Capt Willett, called 
Whitmans deed, the Court haue ordered, that the said Capt AVillett shall 
either haue his deed againe or be payed by the propriators in the same land 
\»hat hee hath disbufed for the purchasers tlicrof. 

Wheras Joseph Turner hath sold a psell of cooper stuffe, now lying att 
Peirses landing place att Scittuate, vnto Ilobcrt Stanford, of Scittuate, and 
the said Turner hath owned that hee hath both sold and deliuered it, but now 
threatens to disturb the said Stanford in the injoyment therof, the Court heer- 
by ordercth, that if occation require, that the constables of Scittuate, or either 
of them, shall affoard such assistance soe as the said Stanford ma}' injov his 
said stuffe without disturbance. 

It is ordered by the Court, that such of the townes of this goQmcnt as 
haue not deliuered thcire Indian guns, that they bring them or cause them to 
be brought to some one house in theirc towne, cither to the constables or to 
sonre one of the celcct men, that soe they may be reddy, vpon any order from 
the Coiu-t sent by any English, to be deliuered to the Indian owners, and that 
they keep the said order soe sent for thcire discharge. 


1672-3. *Tho Court haue ordered the major and Capt Bradford to heare and put 

' an end to a difference between two Indians, the one called John Thomas and 

4 March. 

Pbexce *^'^° Other called Janoowan. 
^o^'"- In reference to the complaint of Thomas Liukolue, of Taunton, against 

I- ' ■■! "Will-am Briggs, on suspition that hee hath killed his horse, the Court, haueing 
heard the jilea of the said Liiikolne and the defence of the other, doe conceiue 
that they might haue passed a judgment in the case ; but forasmuch as tlio 
said Briggs pleadeth that the matter came suddainly on him, wherby hee is 
vnprouided to defend, and wheras alsoe hee saith that hee kuoweth not what 
his wife hath done respecting the ^mises, the Comt haue ordered, that both 
hee, the said Wiliam Brigges, and his wife, be suiiioned to the Court of his 
ma"" to be holden att Plymouth in June next, then and there to make fiu'ther 
answarc to such matters as shalbe enquired of them concerning the same, 
vnlcsse in the mean time they come to an agreement about it. 

Wheras the Court is informed, that vnder pretence of the naighbourhood 
of Satuckett its being within the townshipp of Yarmouth, that some of Yar- 
mouth doe make stroy of the timber projjerly belonging to the said naighbor- 
hood, to thcirc great damage and detriment, this Court doth heerby prohibite 
any further proceeding in makeing such stroy or treaspas aforsaid ; the Court 
declaring, that notwithstanding the said naighborhood is within the constable- 
ricke of Yarmouth, yett that they haue nothinge to doe to meddle with any 
timber or other priuilidge appertaining to the said naighborhood, being be- 
tween Bound Brooke and Stony Brooke, vnlcsse they can pioduce any record 
of the Court glueing them libertie soe to doc. 

Letters of adminnestration was grauuted vnto Mistris Elizabeth Howland to 
adminnester on the estate of M' John Howland, Seni', of Plymouth, late deceased. 

Libertie is allowed and grauntcd to Joseph Barstow to keep an ordinary 
att Scittuate att the place where hee now lines, and that hee be prouidcd alwaies 
with nessesarics for the entertainment of trauellers, and keep good orders in his 
house, that there be noc just cause of complaint against him in that bchalfc. 

Libertie is grauuted vnto IVIatthew Gannett to keep an ordinary att Scit- 
tuate in the place where hee now dwclleth, and that hee bee prouidcd att all 
times with such nessesarics as is behoofuU for the eiUertainmont of strangeis, 
and keep good orders likewise in his house, that there be noo just cause of 
complaint against him in that bchalfc. 

Be It kno-.vne vnto all men by these ^sents, that I, Isacke Turner, of 
Sandwich, in the coUonie of New Plymouth, vpon the behalfe of my sister, 
Sussainia Tiuiu-r, as rclateing to the keeping of the child of hers which was 



ill contest about att the Court, these arc therefore to signify, that I doc acquitt, 
disownarate, and discharge John Williams, now resident in Barnstable, that 
hee, the said John Williams, shalbe free from keeping or maintaining of the 
child, which is my sister Sussanna Turners. For the true pformance of which, 
I, the abouesaid Isacke Turner, doc hucrvnto sett my hand and my scale, this 
28"^ day of October, 1672. 

ISACKE TURNER, and a f Seaie. 

In the psencc of these witnesses : — 
John Goodspeed (=31^ his marke. 
Arou Barlow ,-«&?) his marke. 

This abouesaid obligation was shewed in the Court, and ordered heer to be 
recorded by the Court for the cecuritie of the said John Williams, as abouesaid. 

*In reference vnto the presentments of Abraham Hedge, his offences being r*T9.1 
of soc flagicious a nature, the Court doth centance him to pay a fine of ten 
pounds or to suffer corporall punishment by being whipt att the post, and to 
find surties for his good behauior. Sence the centance was read, vpon his 
soUiciting the Court by a petition, and glueing some hopes therin of reforma- 
tion, the Court saw reason to remitt fiue pound of the fine. 

Abraham Hedge, of Yarmouth, acknowlidgeth to o^^•e ] Released, 

r, J I- T.'- 1. - r [10:00:00 

vnto our sou lord the Kinge the sume of . . . . j 

Willam Hedge, of Yarmouth, the suiTic of . . . . 10 : 00 : 00 
The condition, that if the said Abraham be of good behauior towards our 
soil lord the Kinge and all his lelch people, and appeer att the Court of his 
ma""' to be holden att Plymouth in June next, and not depart the Court with- 
out lycence ; that then, &.d. 

Nicholas White, Seni'', of Taunton, stands bound vnto the "l _ Released. 

Court in the penall suiiie of J 

Samuell Hall, Seni"', of Taunton, in the suine of . . . . 20 : 00 
The condition, that if the said Nicholas White doe appeer att the Coui-t of 
his ma"" to be holden att Plymouth in June next, to make fui'ther ausware to 
what may be required of him in reference to the charge and accusation of Jaell 
Smith, wherin shee chargeth him to haue comitted vncleanes with her, and that 
hee, the said White, depart not the said Court without lycence ; that then, &S. 

Thomas Jones stands bound vnto the Court in the penall 1 " Released. 

_ - '120:00 
sume of J 

John Richmond in the sufne of 10 : 00 

Thomas Deane in the suiiie of 10 : 00 




4 March. 



The condition, tliat if the said Thomas Jones doe appccr att the Coiut 
of liis ma'"" to be hokleu att Plymouth in June next, to make further ausware 
to what may be required of him in reference to the charge and accussation of 
Jaell Smith, wherin she chargeth him to haue coinitted vncleanes with her, and 
that hee, the said Jones, depart not the said Com-t without lycence ; that then, &d. 

ISIemorandum : that John Smith and Jaell, his wife, be suinoned to the 
said Court in reference to the p>mises. 

Francis Curtice, for coiiiitting fornication with his now wife before mar- 
riage, fined fifty shillings. 

Abisha Marchant and ^lary Taylcr, for coiiiitting fornication with each 
other, fined each of them fiue pound. 

Thomas Nicolls, for telling of a lye, fined ten shillings. 

Gorge Russell, for misdemeanor towards Joseph "White, fined ten shillings. 

Robert Stanford, for being ckunke, fined fiue shillings. 

16 73. 


.'lit a Geiicrall Court of Election holdeii 

Before John Aldin, 

Josias Winslow, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

Wilium Bradford, 

John Frocman, 
Nathaniel Bacon, and 
Constant Southworth, 


Assistants, Sid, 
The third Dai/ of June, KiTS. 

AJOR JOSIAS WINSLOW, ESQ., was chosen GoQ, and sworne. 

John Aldin, 
Thomas Hinckley, 
"Wiliam Bradford, 
John Freeman, 
Nathaniel Bacon, 
Constant Southworth, and 
James Browne, 

re chosen Assistants, and sworne. 

]\Iajor .Tosias Winslow, Kscj^, and \ 

, , „„ T , • , , \ '^^'(■f chosen Comi.ssioners. 

M"' Ihomas llnukky J 

Capt Bradford the next in noniiiiation. 

M'' Constant Southworth was chosen Trcsurer, and sworne. 

coL'irr or.J)EKy. 

The Xiiiucs of the ('elect ilcn of each Towne in this Jurisdiction. 

Leift ]\Iorton, 


Scijant Harlow, 


Samuell Saberry, 


Benjamine Bartlett, 

Wiliam Paybody. 



John Cusheu, 

Jeremiah Hatch. 

^ James Sklffe, Seni"", 


Wiliam Swift, 

Thomas Tupper, Juni 


Walter Dean, 

Rich WilUams, 

Taunton, < 

Leift Macye, 

Wiliam Harvey, 


Edmond Hawes, 

Edwai-d Sturgis, 


Ensigne Howes, 

John AliUcr, 

John Thacher. 

Leift Lay thorp, 


John Gorum, 

Jolm Tompson. 

Nicholas Snow, 


Marke Snow, 

Jonathan Sparrow. 

•John Willis, ScniS 


Leift Haward, 

John Cairey. 

■John Cooke, 


Arther Hathewey, 

James Shaw. 



^ Hugh Cole. 


Hath none. 

VOL. V. 15 

1 (5 7 ;5. 

3 June. 




*The Deputies of the Seuerall Townes of this Jurisdiction th:it semed att this 
Court, and the seuerall Adjoiu'nments therof. 

Lelft Morton, John Tompson, 

M"^ Crow, Ensigne Eames, 

M"" Josias Standish, Anthony Snow, 

AViliam Paybody, Leif t Hunt, 

Cornett Studson, Anthony Perrey, 

Isacke Chettenden, Thomas Paine, 

Tho Tupper, Juni'', Jonathan Sparrow, 

Will Harvey, John Willis, 

Leif? Macey, John Cooke, 

Ensigne Howes, Hugh Cole, 

John Thacher, John Morton. 
Leif t Laythorpe, 

The Grand Euqucst. 

Serjeant Wiliam Harlow, John Nye, 

John Cushen, Samuell Smith, 

Phillip Delano, John Dillingham, 

Micacll Peirse, Gorge Morton, 

John Fmney, Seni', Nathaniell Bassett, 

Peter Pitts, Wiliam Foai-d, 

Allexander Standish, John Banges, 

Sherjashubb Boiu-ne, John Eames, 

Samuell Hinckley, Josejih Carpenter, 

John Caruer, Wiliam Palmer, 

Thomas Willmott, Obadiah Eedey, 

Thomas Read, Moses Rowley. 

The Constables of the seuerall Townes of this Jurisdiction are as followeth. 

Plyffi, John Fallowell. 

Dux : ]\P Ralph Tliachcr. 

., . ^ f Nathaniell Turner, 

Scitt, \ 

[ Hencry Chettenden. 

Sand, Benjamine Nye, Seni'. 

„, f Arou Knap, Seni', 

launton, <_,_ 

l_ John Dcane. 

Yarmouth, Elisha Hedge. 

Bai-fi, Jabez Lumbeit. 

-, , , I Wiliam Sherman, Juni', 

Marshf : I 

John Branch. 





Daitm, . 

rNathuiiicl Paine, 
[ Gilbert Brookes. 

Samuell Edson, Jur 

John Cole. 
j .Jacob Michcll, 
(^ AV'iliani Haward. 

^Iiddleb(>r, .lohii Dunham. 

Surveyors of the Illghwayes 


Scit?, . 
Sand, . 

Tamil, . 

Yarffi, . 

Joseph Warren, 
Andrew Ringe, 
Jonathan Shaw, 
I Nathaniel Southworth. 

(Joseph Wadsworth, 
Josias Wormall, 
John Hudson, 
fjohn Bryant, Seni"', 
\ Steuen Vinall. 
Jacob Burge, 
Wiliam Allin. 
r John Cobb, 
[Joseph Wilboro. 





f Wiliam Crocker, 
[Thomas Huckens. 
Thomas Doged, 
Timothy Wiliamson. 
f John Miller, Seni'', 
\Benj : Sabin. 
f John Done, 
|Daniell Done. 
TMarke Lay thorp, 
[Gyls Leich. 

(Pelegg Tripp, 
John Smith, 
Tho Tabor. 
(John Martin, 
Joseph Chaffey, 
Caleb Eedey. 
Middleber, Samuell Wood. 


167 3. *Iii answarc to a petition prefered to the Court by Joseph Burge, con- 

ceruiug a way that goeth through the laud of Myles Bhickwell, and through 
the land of Benjamine Hamond, att Sandwich, the Court haiie ordered, and 
doc req^iiest, ISP Hinckley and M'' Bacon in some convenient time to treat with 
and compound with the said Blackwell and Hamond about the said way, in 
the behalfe of the said Burge, soc as on just and equall tearmcs hoc may injoy 
it as formerly. 

In reference to the complaint of Thomas Linkolne, of Taunton, against 
Wiliam Briggs, for killing of his horse, the Court doth centance the said 
Briggs to pay vnto the said Linkolne the suine of twelue pounds, in good and 
marchantable barr iron and sheeps woole, att prise currant, or in other pay, to 
the said Linkolncs satisfaction, except the said Briggs can and doe bring forth 
the pson that hath killed the horse. 

In reference to the complaint of Kichard Sutton, of Roxberry, against 
Moses Symouds, and Sarah, his wife, and Elizabeth, theire daughter, that shee, 
the said Elizabetli, liath made a promise of marriage vnto him, and is liindered 
by the parents of tlie said Elizabeth from proceeding with her therin, the 
Court, haucing lieard tlie pleas of each of them, doth determine and order that 
the said Closes Symous shall pay or cause to be payed to the said Sutton the 
suine of thi-ee pounds, for satisfaction for his time and charges spent about the 
Pmises, and doe heerby declare that tlie said Richard and Elizabeth are fully 
released from the said engagement, ^■nles on second considerations they shall 
see cause to renew theire former coucnnuts. 

In reference to the motion made by M" Saberry and Jonathan Barnes 
concerning the children of Robert Marshall, that wheras they ai-e left in a 
destitute condition, they may hauc libertlc to dispose of them for the learning 
of some trade or manufactory for theire future good, the Court giues libertie 
to them to put out the eldest to the learning of a trad, and to take care of the 
legacye giuen by M"' ]5arnes, deceased, vnto tlie said children, and to improue 
it for theii-e good. 

Li-es of adminnestration arc graunted vnto Julian Sutton, widdow, the 
late wife of John Sutton, of Rehoboth, deceased, and vnto Nathaniel Paine, 
to adminnester on the estate of the said Sutton. 

Att this Court, Abraham Peirse, Juni'', came into the Court, and did 
make oner, giue, graunt and assignc, assure and confcirnie, vnto his l)rotli( r, 
Isackc Peksc, twenty acrees of vjjland and two acrecs of meddow, vnto him, 
the said Isacke Peirse, his brother, m 1th all and singulare the appurtenances 
belonging thervnto, vnto him and his heircs and assi:;ncs lor eiier, \\ hicli \ p- 
land and meddow is plr ,,f llir land and medd.iw of his father, Abraham 


' Peirse, deceased, hee dicing intestate, and soe the said land, falling vnto the 1 G 7 3. 
said Abialiaiii Peirse, Juni'', as his proper right, hee doth by these fsents ^ 

relinquish tlie said twenty acrees of vpland and two acrees of meddow, as -wi^slow 
aforsaid ; and likewise twenty shillings a peece vnto his three sisters, vizj, Re- Gou". 
beckah Wills, Mary Baker, and AUice Baker ; on which surrender, and hee 
glueing other sccuritie to the Court, the Court allowed the said Abraham 
Peirse, Juni'', to adminnestcr on the estate of the said deceased Abraham 
Peirse, and to haue the resedue of the said estate, both lands, goods, and chat- 
ties, settled and established to him, the said Abraham Peirse, Juni'', to him 
and his hcires and assignes for euer. 

*Att this Coui-t, a tender was made of the house and lands which our [*83.] 
honored Gou'', Thomas Prence, Esq"", died possescd of, on condition of the 
repaying againe of what was expended in the additions and reparations thcr- 
Yuto ; and accordingly was by the country accepted. 

In answarc to the proposition made to the Court in the bchalfe of the 
townc of Scittuate, for the jirohibiting of a coiiilttee or any other for to dispose 
of any vndeuided lands, or any other coiiion privilidges in that township, the 
Court apprehends that they ought to be left to their liberties in that behalfe, 
especially considering the psent contcnsions respecting the p>mises. 

John Cushcu, of Scittuate, is appointed and authorised by the Court to 
soUemnise marriage in the towne of Scittuate, and to adminnester an oath to 
giue euidence to the grand enquest, and to grant subpcnaies for wittnes, as 
occation may require. 

Christoper Blacke, for being found drunke the second time, was fined 
ten shillings to the vse of the coUonie ; and for being found drunke the third 
time, was centiuiced by the Court to find surties for his good behaulor, which 
hee indeauored to doe, but could procure none, and soe the Court were con- 
strained to take his owne bonds, as followeth : — 

Christopher Blacke acknowlidgeth to o^\■e vnto our sod 

lord the Kinge the sume of 

The condition that if the said Christopher Blake be of good behauior 
towars our soU lord the Kinge and all liis leich people, and appeer att the 
Court of his nia""' the last Tusday in October next, and not depart the said 
Court ^^•ithout lyccuce ; that then, &(?. 

Joseph Roes, of Marshfeild, being groundedly suspected to haue had to 

nuich familliaritie with the wife of John Loe, in a dishonest way, the Court 

saw reason to take his bond for the good behauior, as followeth : — 

Joseph Roes, of Marshfeild, acknowlidgeth to , 

' , ^.. ' _ [-20:00:00 

vnto our soil lord the Kmg the sume ot 


1 G 7 3. The condition that if the said Joseph Eoes shall and doe for the futiu'e 

refraine from companying with the 'wife of John Loe, of Marshfeild, and doe 
not att all come in her companie, and appeer att the Comt of his ma"'' to be 
holden att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, and not depart the said 
Court without lycence ; that then, &6. 

Att this Court, Nicholas White and Thomas Jones, both of Taunton, 
appeered according to theire bonds, to make answare to the accusation of Jaell 
Smith, whoe accused them to haue comitted vncleanes with her ; shee the said 
Jaell being psent, and to theire faces accused them as aforsaid, the Court, 
haueing heard what could be asserted on all syds respecting the ^mises, did 
award the said Jaell to pay a fine of ten pounds, and that the said White and 
Jones should renew theire bonds for appeerance att the Coiut to be holden 
att Plymouth in October next. 

Nicholas White standeth bound vnto the Court in the 1 .^ 

sumo of 


The condition that if the said Nicholas White doe appeer att the Court 

of his ma"'^ to be hoklcu att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, to 

make further answare to the accusation of Jaell Smith, and not depart the 

said Coui't without lycence ; that then, &c^. 

Thomas Jones, of Taunton, stands bound vnto the 1 

^ • , - r l20:00 

Court m the sume of J 

The condition that if the said Thomas Jones doe appeer att the Court of 

his ma"'' to be holden att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, to make 

further answare to the charge of Jaell Smith, and not depart the said Court 

^^•ithout lycence ; that then, &5. 

r*84.1 *Jaell, the wife of John Smith, of Taunton, for co- l 

riiitting fornication, was fined J 

John Andrew, for being drunke the second time, fined | 

10", and for breach of the peace, by striking Robert I 13 : 0-4 

Ransom, fined, 3' 4'', 

Robert Ransom, for misdemeaning himselfe in abusive words, tending to 

the breach of peace to John Andrewes, released with admonition. 

Richard Man, for breach of the Sabbath, as tha case was some cercom- 

stanced, was onely to be sharply reproued by Captaine Cudworth, in the 

Courts behalfe, and John AUin to be suinoned to the Court, to make answare 

for his default on that accoumpt. 

Thomas Lucas, for being drunke, released with admonition. 

Mistris Tildens accoumpt ordered to be recorded, as foUowcth : — 

Tlio exequitrix is charged with 1367 : 05 : 04 

, 001 : 00 : 00 

and for allowance promised him about a mare, 

Item, payed to John Bryant, as due to him, . . . 000 : 08 : 00 
Item, payed for repaireing the minnesters house, which] . no • nn 

M"^ Tilden left in charge to be done by his wife, . J 
Item, payed by mee for the scooling and boarding my j 

2 sonnes, which my husband was vrgent with the |-012 : 00 : 00 

captaine to vndertake, J 

Item, payed to Joseph Turner, for worke hee did for] 

my husband, j 

Item, payed John Bryant, Juni"',for tending the saw mill, 006 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed Goodwife Woodfeild, 000 : 06 : 08 


Item, payed Elder Kingc, 000 : 03 : 11 

Item, payed to Wiliam Tickner, 000 : 05 : 10 

Item, payed John Vinall, 000:11:00 

Item, payed to Abraham Sutliffe, 000 : 08 : 00 

Item, payed James Nash for carryagc of plank to Boston,010 : 00 : 00 
Item, payed Nath Curch for tending the saw mill, . 009 : IT : 00 
Item, payed Doctor Chlckering for one voyage, and 


Item, payed for funerall charges, debts, and Icgacycs, as foUowcth : - 

Item, in funerall expence, 012 : 18 : 00 

M' Tilden was att Boston as in the inuentory which ] 

l^ u.j8 : 11 : UU 
is payed, J 

Item, a legacy to ]Mary and Richard Garrett, . . . 004 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed a legacye to Goodwife Sutton, . . . 005 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed Sister Garretts legacy, 005 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed Joseph and John Garretts legacy, . . 004 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed John AlUn a debt, 001 : 00 : 00 

Item, payed Joseph Randall a debt, 000 : 15 : 08 

Item, payed to Thomas Hatch, for wintering oxen 

. 003 : 00 : 00 
for phissick, 

Item, payed Richard Bcarc, 001 

Item, payed Goodman Briggs, for boards owing him, 000 : 12 : 00 

Item, for taking the inuentory for proueing the will, 

Sume, 144 : 10 : 04 

♦Brought oucr from the other syde 144 : 10 : 04 [*85.] 

Item, for takeing the inuentory, for proueing the will, ) 

for carrying testimonies, recording will and inven- j. 002 : 02 : 00 

tory, 4 deeds, and a letter of attorney and bond, J 

146 : 12 : 04 


Amongst debts vpou bills, these pticulars are follow- 
ing, and conceiued to be very doubtfull whether 
eiier they wilbe payed, and therfore the exequitrix 
ought not to be charged with them as effects in her [ 
hands, but soe farr as shee receiues any of them, 
to be liable to make good to the children : — . J 
Item, debts on bills & accoumpts, as followeth, vi^J, 002 : 1.3 : 09 

John Great, 021:16:09 

Thomas Hawkins, 019 : 00 : 00 

Daniell Turner, 006 : 03 : 00 

Joseph Eoes, 002 : 12 : 00 

John Hanmore, 001 : 10 : 00 

John Witherden, 006 : 00 : 00 

Moses Payne, 003 : 10 : 00 

James Doughtey, 000 : 10 : 00 

Joseph Wormald, 

054 : 17 : 06 
Alsoe vpon accoumjit these doubtfull : — 

Ezekiell Mayne, 002 : 04 : 05 

Thomas Lapham, 001 : 09 : 09 

Richard Havis, 000 : 08 : 06 

James Doughtey, . 001 : 05 : 09 

Richard Tavler, 000 : 04 : 06 

060 : 10 : 05 

Ouerchargcd in casting, 000 : 08 : 05 

And Gillums 44" is pte of 116" l"!^ 7**, being 1 
charged debts att Boston, and Gillums bill, being 
amongst the bills, is charged againe by oucrsight, 
A\'hich must be abated in the accompt, .... 

Alsoc in debts vpon bookc and accompt oucr cast in 

thetotall, |001:01:00 

Richard French, charged twise, oner charged, . . 004 : 05 : 08 

> 044: 00: 00 

Alsoe an oxc that died, more charge expended on 
then his hyde was worth, 

Debts att Boston, tluc to jSP Tildcn, which arc 
charged vjion accompt to be . . 116 : 17 : 07''. 

049 : 15 : 01 
005 : 00 : 00 

201 : 17 : 10 



Widdow VpshuU ck-bt was, .... 7:17:04 

Thomas Hawkins, 34 : 18 : 09 

M^ Hammoii, 01 : 15 : 00 

Wiliam Grccuo, 23 : 1;2 : 0-1 

Benjamlnc Gilluni, 44 : 00 : 00 

Wiliam Balston, 04 : 05 : 00 

The cxeqiiitrix is to haue her legacy in the first place, 200 : 00 : 00 

Out of the estate before it be deviJed is to be taken "j 

20" for llebeckah, and a bed furnished; 18" and [.058 : 00 : 00 

20" in mony, for Elizabeth and Lydia, .... 

The saw mill bein^ prised att TO", this oucrht to be 1 

taken out of the estate, and they to haue each of j-OTO : 00 : 00 

them an eight pte of ^^■hat it doth yeild, . . 

The estate charged on the exequitri: 
Fiu'ther slice is debter to the saw mi 

11 sold, 

Out of wliich the Court alowes Mistris Tilden, vpou 
her petition for tlic nessesary apparrelling of her 
chilch-en, and for thcire maintainance three yeares 
of fiue of them in diett and clothing, 5" a yearc, a 
head, all being 


589: 17: 10 
777:07 : 06 
043 : 00 : 00 
820 : 07 : 06 

105 : 00 : 00 


*Know all men by these psents that I, Thomas Tupper, the elder, of Sand- 
wich, in the collonic of Xew riymouth, doe for mce, rnv cxerpiitors, admin- 
uestrators, and assignes, for cuer acr^uitt and release Edmond Freeman, the 
elder, of Sandwich, of all manor of accoumpts, speciallities, and demaunds, 
from the bcgiiiing of the world to this psent day. 

Dated the 22''™'' of October, 1656. 

Witncs, Richard Bourne, 




^^'ec, whose names are heervnto subscriljed, being by Hcliery Chcttendcn, 
the constable of Sclttuate, impannclled on a corroners inquest the second day 
of August, 1673, to make enquiry how Experience Leichfeild came to his 
suddaine and vntimely death, haueing viewed the coi-pes and examined the 

witnesses, and seriously eoiisitl(ned many concurring cercomstances, doe declare 
\()1,. V. 16 


1 G 7 3. that wee doe clearly apprehend, that Experience Leichfeild, the first of 

"^ "^ August, 1673, being a loading a boate att Rodulphus Elmes his landing place 

WixsLow ^^^ Hoophole Necke, in Scittuate, and haueing a waighty peece of timber on 

O"""- his shoulders to carry aboard the boate, goeing on vpon a muddy and slippery 

planke, his feet flying vpp, and hee falling with his head, and the logg f;illing 

on his eare and necke, soe that betwixt the logg and the planke, hce recciued 

soe mortall a ■wound in his hed, M'hich wee apprehend was the cause and 

meancs of his death, whoc died att his father in lawes house the same day, 

about evening shuting in ; and this wee can attest vnto, being thcrvnto called. 


Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, l:)ciug on a jury to inquire how a 
woman, supposed to be the daughter of Thomas Phclpps, of Yarmouth, come 
by her death, doe judge her to be drownded iu a boate wracke, wheiiii shoe was 
found dead December the sixt, 1673. 



Wee, whose names are vndenvrittcn, being impannelled on a corrowners 1 G7 3. 

inquest,, to view a corpes found in a boatc now racked, and being supposed to * 

be the wife of Kichard Tayler, sointimes of Yarmouth, and to make dilligent -wiiislow. 

scrch how the said woman came by her death, doc judge, that the boate being Gou«. 
cast away, the woman was drowned in tlie boate. 

Duxburrow, the fourth of December, lG7o. 


*JUl the Court of his .Ma'" hohlen aft P/i/iiumth, fur the Jurisdiction * ^^^y^ 

of jYew Pli/mouth, the 4"' of Jiilij, IGTS. 

Bkfor Josias Wiaslow, Esq'', (iou^ Natlianiel Bacon, 

John Akliu, John Freeman, 

Wiliam Bradford, Constant Southworth, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Browne, 

Assistants, &c^ 

THIS Court authorised M"' Browne and Leiftenant Hunt to order the estate 
of Richard BuUocke, and to settle what may be of the said ^ on his 
children, and to make report of theii-e actings therin to the next Court. 

This Court haue ordered M'' Hinckley to take an oath of Joannah Dauis, 
wlddow, att Barnstable, for the truth of the inucntory of the estate of Dolai- 
Dauis, deceased, which inuentory bcares date the 19"' of June, 1673. 

These are to testify, that this present day being the tliird day of July, 



4 July. 


67 3. 1673, Quachattacctt, Xanumctt, and Scippauge, three Indians, came into the 
~^'' '' Court, and owned that Nocrast, allies James, another natuie, hath a rcall right 
n a quarter pte, or one pte of foure of the Old Feild att ]\Iannomett, soe 
Gou". called. 

This Court doth alow the suine of ten pounds towards the building of a 
sufficient cart bridge ouer the North Iliuci'. 

Order is giucn by this Court vnto the Treasurer, to make sale in the be- 
halfc of the couutrey, of the house and farme our late honored Gou"", INI'' 
Prencc, lined in, and in the mean time to improne it the best hee can, for the 
benifitt of the countrey. 

Lciftcnant Howes, of Yarmouth, is alowed and authorised by the Court 
to be guardian to jNIarcye Hedge, the daughter of Capt Wiliam Hedge, of 
Yarmouth aforsaid, deceased. 

This Court haue voatcd C'aptaine James Cudworth, vpon his owne desire 
and the request of sundry others in his behalfe, to be reestablished into the 
right and privilidge of a freeman of this jurisdiction ; and hee did openly 
declare before the Comt that hoc is and remaines bound by the oath of a free- 
man, which hee formerly tooke, vnto all fealty and duty therin required vnto 
his ma'", &6, and vnto this goQment. 

The suiiie of fifty pounds is settled vpon oiu- honored GoQ, Josias Wins- 
low, Es^, for his sallary or gratuity for liis seruiug iu the office of GoQ for 
this pscnt yeare. 

M'' John A\'alley, of Boston, in the goQmcnt of the Massachusetts, mar- 
chant, is appointed and heerby impowered by the Court adminnestrator on 
the estate of Nicholas Dauis, of Rhod Hand, deceased, which shalbe found 
within this collonic of New Plymouth, pscnting a true inuentory therof on 
oath to some one of the majestrates of this jurisdiction att or before the 29"" 
of this instant July, and to doe and pformc all such acte and actes according to 
law as may tend to the seizing, securing, or defending, or disposing of the said 
estate, or any pte or ptes therof, as the matter may require, soe farr as the 
estate will extend, and to giue a true accoumpt of his docings therin to the 
said Court from time to time, as shalbe required of him. 

It was ordered by the Court, and they haue-Iieerby settled a certaine 
house and land on the widdow, Mistris Sarah Dauis, the relict of ]\P Nicho- 
las Dauis, of lihode Hand, somtimes of Barnstable, in the jurisdiction of New 
Plymouth, deceased, vizj, that house and land which is in the poscssion of 
James llaughton, of Barnstable aforsaid ; the which said house and land, witli 
all and singulare the appurtenances belonging tlicrvnto, is assigned, allotcd, 
atul disijoscd vnto the said Sarali Dauis. widdow, as her ute of the estate of 


the said Nicliolas Daiiis, or the tUircls, or one ptc of three, of the estate of 1 (IT.'!. 

the said Dauis in this collouie, soe as it amount to noc more, on a due vaUua- ' '^ ' 

tion, then her thirds therof, and haue requested and appointed M'' John Wal- ,^ '' 

ley to enter vpon possession therof in her behalfe. Gou". 

*John Dauis is allowed and approued by the Court to be executor to the [*88.] 
estate of Dolar Dauis, deceased. 

Tliis Court doe allow and order, that the inhabitants of Saconessett shall S'"'' '""f'' "f 

this 2 pat'cs 

liaue one grandjuriman ; and wheras it is apparent that they are much forw.ird in this 
wronged by horses of other paces goeing on tlucirc coiiions, it is ordered by °° "' 
the Court, that all such horse kind as shall or doe vpon theire coiiions shalbe 
rated twelue pence a peece annually, to be improued for and towards the sup- 
port of him that teacheth Gods word amongst them ; and that such horses or 
horse kind as are or shalbe rated to them skdl not be rated for in any other 

The Coui't doe order, that the excise due to the countrey from James Cole 
l)e abated from eight pound to fine pound. 

.\tt this Court Wiliam Earle, of Dartmouth, appeered, and ^scnted a 
writing which which was by some tearmed a will, vizj, the will of Thomas 
Cornwall, of Rhode Hand, late deceased ; in which said supposed ^^•ill there is 
therin mensioned and expressed the disposal of some pte of the estate of the 
said Cornwell in our collouie ; the Court, not scing reason att psent to accept 
therof as a legall will, doe respett it vntill the next Court to be holden for 
his ma''" att Plymouth in October next, and in the mean time that notice be 
giuen that if any of the relations of the said Cornwell will come in and can 
make and produce a just barr vnto further procedor in reference thcrvnto, they 
shalbe heard ; and that for the interem, the said Wiliam Earle and John 
Cornwell, brother to the said Cornwell, shall take care of the said estate, that 
it be not squandered, made away, and imbezeled, and likewise to jjroduce a 
true inventory therof to the said Court. 

Captaine James Cudworth is authorised by the Court to soUemnise mar- And likewise 

, , ^ . , . to adniinnestiT 

ruigc, and to graunt subpenas tor witnesses, and to admmnester oathes vnto ^^ „„,), ,o ^^y 
■witnesses for the trvall of a cause as occation mav require, in the towne of ''"'"''^'"^'^ '" '"= 

• ^ giupn to tlie 

Scittuate for this ^sent yearc. grand cnqncst. 

Wheras there is a tracte of land graunted to the old servants, or such of 
them as are not clswhere supplyed, lying att Saconctt, the Court doe determine 
the bounds therof to be from the bounds of the graunt made to Plymouth att 
Punckateesett and the bounds of Dartmouth, and soe all lands southerly lying 
between that and the sea ; the Court haue likewise giiica them order, or such 
as they shall appoint, to make purchase therof in tlieire behalfe as occation shall 

4 July. 



1 (!7 3. require, and that all such psons as haue right vnto the said graunt as old ser- 
vants att Saconett shall mate thelrc appeerance att Plymouth on the twenty- 
second of this psent July, then and theire to make out thcire right, and alsoe 
Gou". pay such disbursments as shall nessesarily be required, or otherwise loose 
theire right. 

Wheras the Court, in June, 1673, did order diners men to goe and sett 
out the bounds on the southsyde of those lands formerly grauntcd vnto the 
inhabitants of Plymouth att Punckateesett, wee, whose names are yndcrwrit- 
ten, haue accordingly done the same, and haue bounded it as followeth, vizj : 
by the riucr that runs out of Punckateesett Pond into the sea, and alsoe by the 
said pond till it comes west with a smale pyne tree marked on foursydes stand- 
ing about twenty rodd from the pond, and soc ca>terly to a smale red oake 
sapling standing a little ouer the first hill, and soc with a right line accordingly 
easterly vntill it extends eight miles into the woods, or meets with Coaksett 


Libertie is graunted vnto Bonjamine Church to purchase a certainc pscU 
of land and swamp of Tuspaquine, the blackc sacliem, and Wiltam, his son, 
for the inhabitants and propriators of the townc of ^liddlcberry, and that 
the said inhabitants and propriators shall haue liberty vntill tho last of 
Nouembcr ne.xt to make payment to him or his order of wliat bee shall 
disburse for the said l.uid for the purchase therof; and incase they shall 
neglect to make payment therof l)y the time prcfi.xed, that then the said 
land is to be his. 
[♦89.] *The Court haue voatcd M' Isacke Robinson to be reestablished in ihe 

privilidge off a freeman of this corporation. 

Att this Coui-t, information was giucn and complaint made to the Couit 
by Isaacke Chcttenden against Humphrey Johnson, of Hingham, in the goil- 
ment of the Massachusetts, for that the said Johnson hath, contrary to order 
of Court, cutt downe or plucked vp a stake sett as a bound marke of land laycd 
out by the coiiiittce of Scittuatc to the said informer att or by a swamp neare 
tlie land of Thomas Hiland, 8eni^ 


This case was tried by a jury of twcluc men, whose verdict on the case 1 (j 7 
is as foUowetli : — ' '''~ 

A\'ec find for our soQ lord the Kingc. llumiihcry Johnson haueing bro- -wj^j^^ 
ken a law of this goQinent in cutting downc a stake tliat was sett vp as a hind Gou" 
murkc, wliich law is in the Bookc of Lawes, chapt the third, number the 
twenty one, — 

Vpou consideration of the boldnes and insolcncy of the said Johnson 
coming into this goilmcnt, Avhoc is one of another goQmcnt, to doe this actc, 
and his pragmatticall management of the same, the Court saw cause, for this 
facte soe cercomstanccd, to amerce Iiim iu the suiiie of flue pounds, to be 
payed as a fine by him to the vse of tlie collonie. 

Att this Court, complaint was made by Isacke C'hettenden, of Scittuatc, 
that Joseph Turner, Seni"', Thomas Turner, Daniell Turner, Jeremiah Hatch, 
^\^ill:am Hatch, Thomas Hatch, Charles Stockbridge, John Merrett, Joseph 
Woodward, Thomas Woodward, Wiliam Ilandall, and Richard Dwelley 
assembled together on the 1-1"' day of May last, and did, contrary to law and 
in a roietus way, throw downe a fence or great psell of fence of the abouesaid 
Chettendens, by him sett vp on land layed out to liim by such as were by the 
authoritie of this goQmeut thervnto impowcrcd. 

The said psons being summoned to appeer att this Court to answare the 
said, and theire defence being fully heard, it appecred euidently to the Court 
that theire said actc was done in a roietus way in regard of theire number, yett 
conceiueing that theire intent was to coinit a treaspas onely, to bring the case 
to a tryall, doe therfore onely amerce them to pay a flue shillings a pcece to 
the vse of the collonie. 

Wheras it doth appeer to this Court by diners testimonies that Sarah, the 
wife of .lohu Williams, of Barnstable, hath violated her marriage bond by coiuit- 
tiug actuall adultery with another man, and hath a child by him, this Court ther- 
fore sees cause and doc heerby declare, that the said John Williams is legally 
clearc from his coucnant of nuu-riage formerly plighted and made with the said 
Sarah, his late wife, and doe heerby free him from those duties relatelng ther- 
vnto, and that the said Sarah hath by her breach of wcdlocke cutt off her selfe 
from any right henceforth to the pson or estate of the said John Williams, her 
late husband, and doe heerby likewise alow him libertie further to dispose of 
himselfe in marriage if hee shall .see cause for the future soc to doe. 

In reference vnto a former graunt made vuto ^V John Howland, de- 
ceased, ^I' John Cliipman, Jonathan Sparrow, and John Rogers, Seni'", of 
Duxburrow, of some accoinodation of lands in the land purchased by Captaine 
Willett, Ivins; on the uortheastsvde of the bounds of Taunton, betweca Taun- 


1 G 7 3. ton and Tcticott, this Court doth settle vnto John Howland aforsaid, deceased, 
vizj, to his hcircs, and vnto John Chipman, John Rogers, and Jonathan Spar- 
row, vnto and vpon each and cuery of thcni, one hundred acrees of the afor- 
said land, if it hee yett to be obtained ; if not, in some other place which they 
can find in tliis jurisdiction fitt for theire accoinodation. 
[*90.] *Att this Conrt, Samuell Packer, Seni'', is freed from paying the line 

amerced on him by the Court for selling liquor to the Indians, which is twenty 

Nicholas "White, of Taunton, standcth bound vnto thel 

r. ■ , u - r U>0:00:00 

Court m the pcnall sunie ot J 

The condition, that if the said Nicholas White doe appccr att the Court 
of his ma''" to be holden att Plymouth the last Tusday in October next, to 
make further answare to the accusation of Jacll Smith, and not depart the said 
Court without lycence ; that then, &(3. 

Att tliis Court, libertie was granntcd vato the said White to liaue his 
case trycd by a jury of twelue men, if hcc shall see cause. 

Memorand : that the said Jaell Smith be summoned to answare in the case. 

In reference to the petition fi-om Saconeesett, it is ordered by the Comt, 
that they be allowed to haue one grandjurymen. 

And \\hcras they are much oppressed with many horse kind ruiiing tliere 
and being in a low condition, it is therfore ordered by the Court, for theire 
better abillitie to incurrage the preaching of the word of God amongst them, 
that all such horse kind as coiiionly or vsually run in the suiner time vpon 
theire lands or coinons, except colts, shalbe assesed one shilling p head, to 
be payed by euery owner of such horse kind for the end aforsaid, and that 
euery such owner shalbe freed from paying rates in the to\\nship where they 
liuc to such horse kind as aforsaid. 

June the 7"', 166.5. The Court haue graunted vnto Sachariah Ecdey a 
smalc gussett of land lying betwixt his land and the brooke from his house 
below the patli to Namassakett vnto the aforsaid brooke vnto a bridge or way 
neare vnto Wiliam Nelsons house; the said psell of land soe bounded as 
aforsaid is graunted vnto the said Sachariah Eedcy, to him and his heircs and 
asslgnes for cuer, with all the appurtenances belonging thervnto, on condition 
that the said Sachariah Eedey doe coutinew a bridge neare his house, in tlie 
place where it is needed, for horse and cart, for the vsc of the country, lor 
the full tearmc of twenty yeares from the date heerof. 

In reference vnto the lands formerly graunted vnto Sachariah Eedey, the 
Court haue ordered, that Serjeant Tinkham and ilenery Wood shall lay out 
the land ; and concerning the way that he is to make in Iciw therof, to see 

COUllT OKDKllS. 129 

that it bo in .sucli jilaco as may be most convenient for tlie countrey and least 1 (J 7 .'). 
prejudicial! to him. 

June the 5"', 1(560. The smalc gussett of land graunted vuto Sachariah 
Eedey betwixt his land and the brooke att Namassakett, by the Court, June 
the 7"', lG(Jo, is bounded with a blacke cake tree on the southsyde of the old 
path and a maple tree abouc his house att a bridge. 
June the sixt, 1668. 

EPHRAni TINKHA]*!, his E T markc. 

riymouth, March the 20"', 1667. By order from the honored Court of 
this coUonic, liaue measured vnto Thomas Sauory and Beiijamine Eaton sixty 
acrees of vjaland in the land called the Majors Purchase, near Namassakett, 
which land, att the eastward end therof, joyneth vnto the land of Sacariah 
Eedey, bounded att the said end and northcrcn syde ^ith a red oake att the 
old path ; and on the westward end on the said syde it is bounded -Nnth a red 
oake neare the swamp ; on the southward and east\\-ard end it is bounded with 
three rockes on the southsyde of the brooke ; and on the westward end on 
the said syde of the land and brooke it is bounded with a smale longe rocke, 
that hath a smaller flatt rocke on the northwest end of the said rocke. 


willa:m nelson. 

*Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, being imployed, the twenty sixt [*91.] 
day of JNIarch, in the yeare one thonsand six hundred seauenty two, to meas- 
ure a tract of land graunted by the honoied Court of the coUonie aforsaid vnto 
I\l'' Timothy Hatherley, containing three mile square lying on the southsyde 
of the pattcnt Hne, and is to begin on the southsyde of Accord Pond, and 
from thence to extend southward and •\\'estward, haue therefore on the south- 
syde of the aforsaid Accord Pond vpon the hill marked a smale red oake tree 
for the northeast corner bounds of the said lands, and from the said tree wee 
extended our line tiiree miles south ncareth vnto a swamp or pond ; secondly, 
from the said red oake the line extends west and by south nearest to a stake 
standing on the pattent line, which stake is the northwest corner bounds of the 
said land, from ^^■hich stake the line extends south nearest three miles to a 
smale a^pe tree marked in a swamp for the southwest corner bounds of the 
said land, and from the said asjic tree the line extends east and by north near- 
est till it crosseth the line run on the eastsyde from the aforsaid smale red 

VOL. V. 17 


o;ikc tix'C marked att Accord Pond, ■which Hne ends in a pond or swamp where 
the said Hnes on the southsyde and east side meet in the said pond or swamp, 
there to be the bounds of the southeast corner of the southeast corner of the 
said three miles. 


The Court, haueing ordered the hvnds aboue entered to be layed out by 
the pties aboue named, haue since viewed the aboue written retm-ne, and doe 
heerby approue, rattify, and confeirm the lines and bounds abouewritten ; and 
for the rattifycation therof haue ordered them to be heer recorded as aboue 

The Com-t allowes and approucs of M' John Browne to be Iciftenant of 
the millctary companie of Swanscy, and of Thomas Easterbrooke to be ensigne 
of the said companie. 

Att this Court, Wiliam James and his wife were fined the suine of ten 
pounds for coiTiitting carnall coppullation with each other before marriage or 

The Court haue ordered, that the same easteren line aboue mensioned, 
that passeth through the land of John Jacob, shalbe the line of the land of 
Cornett Robert Studson, as it is now run, vizj, of the land grauntcd to him by 
the countrev. 

23 October. *jjtt tkc CouH of his Md'" lic/d (ttt Plijmoiith, the twenty ninth Day 
[*9~-] of October, J673. 

Before Josiah Winslow, Es(p, Go8, John Freeman, 

John Alden, Constant Southworth, and 

Wilhim Bradford, James Browne, 

Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &c^. 

WEE, whose names are heer vndcrwritten, being impannclled on a jury 
by Hcnery Chettenden, constable of Scittuate, the 11'" day of Sep- 
tember, 1673, to view the corpes of a child coming to an vntimely end, in 
Scittuate, att the house of Edward Jcnkens, being the son of Samucll Jen- 
kens, being two yearc old and vpward, wee doe agree and conclude, by what 


information wco can obtain, and viewing the child, and not flndinp; any stabbs 10 7 3. 
or wounds about the chikl, that the water in the well of Edward Jenkens was " -r'~—^ 
the cause of the death of the child, trocinq; to the well and fallintj in thcrto, 

^ ^ '- ' WiNSLOW, 

was there drowned. ^^^^^^^^ CHETTENDEN, 


Att this Court, John Hoar, of Concord, owned before the Court that hee 
had receiued flue pound of M"' Attkinson on account of Caj^taine Cudworth, and 
three pounds of siluer mony of New England, and nine pound and ten shil- 
lings of M'' Lynd. 

Libertie is grauntcd by the Court vnto the inhabitants of Saconeesett to 
make choise of a clarke, and to record sucTi lauds as they doe possesse as occa- 
tion may require, and to record likewise such other oiders as they may make 
conduceing to the welfare of theire naighbourhood. 

j\I'' Richard Bourne was appointed by the Court to make a deed betwixt 
the Indians and himselfc in reference to the land att Mannoniett, Yiz,y, the 
feild there, and that it bee expressed therin what hee is to giue for the said 
feild, that is to say, for the vse of the erbage therof. 

In reference vnto such pte of the estate of Thomas Cornwall, late of 
Portsmouth, on Rhode Hand, deceased, as is in this collonie, this Court hath 
ordered, that the one halfc of it he disposed to the widdow of the said Corn- 
wall and the three children hee had by her, and the other halfe vnto the four 
eldest children of the said Cornwell, which being foui-e sones, the Court pro- 
poseth that they may haue theire pte out of the said estate which consisteth 
in lands ; and wheras the said widdow, Sarah Cornwell, hath a right in the 
said lands during her life, if incase shoe shall see cause to require her interest 
therin, that then soe much be deducted out of the psonall estate of the said 
Cornwell which is in our collonie, and that shee rcturne her mind about it bv 
the last dav of this instant Nouember, 1673. And that "Wiliani Earle, Dan- 


167 3. iell "Wilcockes, and John Gornwcll be grauntcd letters of admiiinestratioii to 
" ' adminncstcr on they said estate, thev giiielng in cecuritie to the Conrt for 

29 October. 

WiNSLow theire said adminnestration. 

The Inuentory of the Estate of Thomas Cornwell, of Portsmouth, on Ehod 
Hand, iu N'], soe much of it as is extant in our CoUouie, exhibited to 
the Court held att Plymouth the 29*'' of October, IGTo, on the Oath of 
Wilhim Earlo, of Dartmouth, in the Collonie of Plymouth aforsaid. 

II s d 

Item, 8 mares, 09 : 00 : 00 

Item, 4 gildings, 08 : 00 : 00 

Item, 2 twoyear olds, 0.3 : 00 : 00 

Item, .3 colts, 00 : 15 : 00 

Item, neat cattle, 3 heiffers, : 00 : 00 

Item, 4 steers, one heifer, (i : 05 : 00 

Item, 5 yearling steers, 3 : 15 : 00 

Item, by house and land, 41:00:00 

Item, one 2'un, and one ixiirc of old wheels, and onel 

, „ .,, Ul:00:00 

sy the & nibbs, J 

Item, 2 wedges and one paire of bandeleers, . . . 00 : 04 : 06 

Item, eight and twenty shillings and six pence to be ' 

deducted out of the aforsaid inventory, which wai 

expended in answaring countrcy charges. 

This is a true inventory, with the apprisment therof by vs, 

JOSIAH ENGLAND, his y/ markc. 

Libertic of adminnestration is grauntcd vnto John Curtice to adminnester 
on the estate of Eicharden Chambers, deceased. 

Letters of adminnestration was' gi-auutcd to Josias Lcichfeild to admin- 
nester on the estate of Experience Leichfeild, deceased. 

Letters of adminnestration is grauntcd to Elizabeth Cook to adminncstcr 
on the estate of Josias Cook, deceased. 
[*93.] *W]ieras there hath bin a former grauut vnto John Tompson, and Joseph 

Lay then p, and Barnabas Lay thorp, to looke out for land, which might be pur- 
chased of the Indians, that might be convenient for them, and haueing an 
order to purchase lands between Assowamsctt Pond and Dartmouth bounds 
bearing date the 28"' of July, 1673, which accordingly they bane don, the 
towne of Middlclierrv laying claiine tr) a great pte therof, this Court orders, 


tliat if ^liddleben-}- men recoucr the lands tliuso purchased, the abouemen- 10 7 3. 
sioncd 15S011S shall haue libeitie to purchase lauds elsc\vhcre. " ' 

* . , , . . 29 October. 

In reference to the comijlaint of Edward and John llickard against -wixslow 
Thomas Dotey and his companie or boats crew, iu reference vnto thcire run- *^''"''- 
ning thcire boate against the said Grayes boate, the Court orders, that the said 
Dotey and his said companie shall pay the suiiie of twenty and flue shillings 
towards the lossc of an anchor and ptc of a road which was lost by the said 
boates rimning one against another, which suiiie is to be payed to the said 
Gray and Kickard, vnto whom the said anker and road belonged, and wheras 
the said m'' of the boate was much to blame respecting the pmises, it is ordered 
by the Court, that hee shall beare a dubble share of the said award, and that 
the wittnesses that wittncsed in the case be allowed seancn shillings. 

Wheras it was ordered by the Coiut held att New Plymouth in October, 
1673, that the estate of Thomas Cornwell, late of Portsmouth, on Rhode 
Hand, deceased, should be equally devided, the one halfe to Sarah, the widdow 
of the said Cornwell, and his three children by her, and the other halfe to the 
said Cornwells foui'e sones by liis former wife ; and the said Court did further 
advise, that the widdow and her children should take theire ptes in the psonall 
estate, and the soiies to haue the lands ; it is thcrfore vnderstood, that if the 
said widdow doc not accept of that distribution made by the Court, but doth 
still desire to haue her thrrds in the lands, slice may and shall haue the third 
pte of the rents and proffitts of the said lauds during her life according to our 
lawcs, and noe otherwise, and that for the same shoe make a proportionable 
allowance to the soiies out of the stocke or psonall estate. 

And ^^■hcras adminnestration on the said estate was graunted vnto Willani 
Earle, Dauiell Willcockes, and John Cornwell, prouided they gaue cecuritie 
to the Court in that behalfc, inasmuch as the season of the year requires that 
the estate should be looked after, and the said Wiliam Earle sccmeth to be 
vnresolued whetlier to accept of adminnestration or nott, or att least appeci-s 
not to giue cecuritie as the other, wee order, that full power of adminnestra- 
tion be graunted to the said AV'illcockes and John Corn^^■ell to actc therin 
without "Wiliam Earle, vnlesse hee shall within one weeke after knowlidge 
hcerof repaii-e to the secretary, and declare his acceptance, and giue cecuritie 
respecting the pimises. 

Nouember 28, (73.) 

JOHN ALDEN, Assistant, 


1673. ires of admlmiestration is graunted vnto Mistris Hannali Bacon to ad- 

mlnucster on the estate of iP Nathaniel Bacon, deceased. 

Letters of admiunestration are graunted hy the Coiu-t to Ephralni Tilson 
to adminester on the estate of John Tilson, deceased. 
[*94.] *Sept'' the lo"". This Court, haueing considered the information giuen 

concerning the Dnch theii-e actings att New Yorke and places adjacent, doe 
judge it a duty incombent on vs to take care in the best way wee can for the 
preseruation of his ma'"'^ interest and oui- ownc in these coUonies ; but duely 
considering all cercomstances attending that affaii-e, doe not as yett see satis- 
factoiy grounds to attempt a warr vpon them, without expresse coinaund from 
his ma'''= or the nessesarie defence and preseruation of these collonies from 
theire invation, or injuries don to any of the members therof, in which case 
happening this Court orders, that the GoQ or Deputie Goil, &6, haueing intel- 
ligence therof, doe summons this Generall Court to convcine about it, and 
mean while adjourne vntill such cause of appcerance. 

And for the more speedy releafe of any of our confeaderates that may 
be assaulted by an enimie, it is ordered, that the GoQ and councell of warr be 
impowered and betrusted to mannage that affaire according to the articles of 
confeaderation in such case prouided. 

It is ordered, that the GoQ, M'' Hinckley, and the Treasurer be a coiiiittee 
to reveiw and collect into one vollum all such orders and lawes as are in our 
written bookes yett in vse for vs. 

It is ordered, that the troop of horse allowed by the Court shalbe sixty, 
whoe shall haue horse pistolls, and each of them a carbine, with other acculter- 
ments fitt for seruice ; and for the better raising therof, it shalbe propounded 
to each towne meeting to see whoc will vouelentarily tender theire seruice 
thcrin ; and the names of such voulentcers shalbe returned to the October 
Court, whoe are impowered to accept the numbers of each townc respectively 
as they shall see cause. 

It is alsoe ordered, for the rcleife of such towncs as are in destrcssc by 
the assault of an enimie, that the cheife milletary officer or officers in the 
next towne, with the advise of theire councell, or soe many of them as may 
be had, shall haue power to send such a number of-souldiers, with a coinann- 
der, as by them shalbe judged nessesarie for the ^scnt releife of the destressed, 
and to presse horses for theire better expedition if they shall soe cause. 
) September. Thcse abouc Written conclusions were made and concluded on tlic^ l")"" 

of Scptem, 1673, att the Couit of Majestrates and Deputies held att riyiu 
aforsaid, before Josias Winslow, Es^, GoQ, John Aldin, Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, John Freeman, Nathaniel Bacon, Constant Southworth, 
and James Browne. A^^i^tanf<. 


The Names of the Deputies that serucci att this Court. 1 (J 7 o. 

Leift Ephi-aim Morton, 

Ensigne Thomas Howes, 

15 September. 

Serje Wilkm Harlow, 

John Thacher, 



M"' Josias Standish, 

Leif! Laythorp, 

Wiliam Paybody, 

John Thompson, 

Cornctt Robert Studson, 

Leift White, 

Isacke Chcttendeii, 

Anthony Snow, 

M' Edmond Freeman, Juni', 

Daniell Cole, 

Wiliam Swift, 

Jonathan Sparrow, 

AViliam Harvey, 

John Willis, 

Leift Gorge Macey, 

John Cooke, 

Leift Peter Hunt, 

Nathaniel Pecke, 

Ensigne Heneiy Smith, 

Jonathan Dunham. 


*Jltt the GcncruU Court called together vpon extreordinarij Occation, i7Decembe 
and holdcn att Plijmouth, the 17'" Day of December, 1673. t*^^-] 

Before Josiah Winslow, Esq"", Gou', and John Freeman, 

Wiliam Bradford, Constant Southworth, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Browne, 

Assistants, &d. 

Tins Court, vpon serious consideration of the injurious actings of the 
Duch, our naighbours, att New Yorke, in the surprissall of seuerall 
■\essells and goods of our confeaderats, and refusing to make just satisfaction 
for the same vpon demaiuid ; being alsoe informed of theire thi-eats to invade 
liis ma'"" subjects on Longe Hand, and other ptcs of this countrey, and that 
they still continew theire men of war abroad, to the great predjudice of this 
country in respect of theii'e trade, and to the desturbance of our peace other- 
wise ; minding alsoe that they haue declared these theire actings to be ground- 
ed on the natlonall quarrell between them and vs in Europe, and accordingly 
declare theire coiuission and orders to be, to doc all possible spolle and damage 
to the states enimies, by land and water ; and soe haueing reason to expect 
that as theire numbers and strength may increase, theire insolences towards vs 
will alsoe grow higher, — for our more nessesarie defence wee judge it requisite 

17 December, 




167 3. to indeauor theire remouall, and haue resolued that there is just ground of a 
warr against them, and although the season of the yeare is in some respects 
discurraging, yett haueing reason to thinke that our cnimies -will haue recrutc 
of men, &d, early in the springe, wee judge it best with all possible speed to 
procecute the said expedition, and shall indeauor to goe our ptes therin, altho 
not according to what Avee are proportioned by our confeaderates, wherin wee 
are apparently ouer rated, yctt to the vtermost of our ablllities, vizj, to raise 
and maintaine one hundred men in the expedition, if wee can att p'sent be 
supplvcd with what is nessesarie for theire march or voyage. 

And that instructions be giuen to the coiiiaunders in cheife, first to suiii- 
ons them to ycild, with theire promise of injoying theire estates and liberties. 

The names of the coiiiaunders chosen by the Court were, — 

Captainc James Cudworth for Captaine. 

^I' John Gorum for Leiftenant. 

'SL' ^licaell Peirsc for Ensigne. 

For Sarjeants. 
Wiliam Witherell, John Witherell, 

Thomas Harvey, Phillip Leanard. 

Captaine Mathew Fuller was chosen the surjean generall for this expedi- 
tion, if, on the motion of it to the Coui-t of the Massachusetts, &d, it be ap- 
proucd by them. 

The souldicrs wages agreed by the Court was, — 

To a private sovddier, 2 : 00 p day. 

To a druiTier, 2 : 06 p day. 

To a Serjeant, 03 : 00 p day. 

To an ensigne, 04 : 00 p day. 

To a leiftenant, 05 : 00 p day. 

To a captaine, 06 : 00 p day. 

The Gou' bestowes a drum towards the expedition, and the other to be 
had att Taunton, one pairc of cullers, to be had att Swansey, the other fi-om "^ ■ 

Four halbcrts : Serjeant Tompson, one. 

From Scittuatc, one. 

Captaine Willett, one. 

Leiftenant Hunt, one. 

17 December. 



Tlic Treasurer is iinpowered by the Court to procure prouision for the 1 7 .'5. 
expedition, incase it goes on, vpon creditt, I'or country pay, to be payed the 
next fell, on the best tearmes hee can ; and what hee engageth in the coun- 
tryes behalfe, that it be feithfully defrayed, both for specue and time; as 
likewise hee is heerby impowered to presse and indent for such barques and 
other vessells, and other vtensells, as shalbe found requisitt for the said ex- 

And for other matters relatcing to this intcrprise, they are refered to the 
councell of warr. 

This Court is not finally dismissed, but adjourned vntill a new occation 
f>sents for theire meeting. 

*JU the Court of his Mi!" holdcii att Plymouth the 4" of March, 1(3 7 3-4. 
Jiino Bom 167S. 

Before Josias "Winslow, Esq'', Gou', .John Freeman, 

John Aldin, Constant Southworth, and 

Wiliam Bradford, James Browne, 

Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &c. 

MK THO:\IAS HINCKLEY, W Thomas Wallcy, Wilkm Crocker, 
John Tompson, and Thomas Huckens are appointed by the Couit 
to settle the estate of ^P Nath Bacon, deceased, amongst Mistris Hannah 
Bacon and her cliildren, which settlement vnder theire hands, or any three of 
theire hands, shalbe accoumpted vailed against all claimes or contensions att 
any time ariseing about the aforsaid estate, or any pte therof 

M' John Gorum and M"' John Thacher are joyned with John Tayler for 
the disposing of the estate of Richard Tayler to his children, and for the pay- 
ing and rcceiueing of debts, according to order of Court. 

Concerning the estate of Richard Tayler, late of Yarmouth, deceased, 
tliis Court doth order, first, that the eldest son of the said Tayler shall haue 
his fathers housing, and two thirds of the land, both vjjland and marsh, and 
the rest of his portion out of what of the estate M' Gorum and M"^ John 
Thacher shall judge most suitable for him, hee being by order of Court to 
haue a dubble portion. 

ocondiy^ it is ordered, that the Iwy, and what prouisions was or is vpon 


4 March. 



107 3-4. the invoce of the estate that is now spent, or shalbe judged convenient for the 

' ^1 ' family to spend betwixt this and the first of the next Aug''', shall not be ac- 

WiNsi.ow counted to the estate, as likewise what woole and flaxe hath bin spon by the 

Gov". daughters sence theire parents death shalbe accoumpted theii-es that spon it. 

The rest of the estate to be deulded betwixt the second son and the fine 
daughters, euery one an equall proportion, to bee sett out to them as may be 
most suitable for them, by the discretion of theire eldest brother, and M"^ John 
Gorum, and M' John Thacher. 

The second son to haue the other third of his fathers land, besides his 
portion equall to his sisters. 

Lastly, that nothing that hath bin alrcddy giucn oi- bestowed by the said 
Tayler on any of his children, shall not be considered in the deuision, but 
euery one to haue an equall proportion, after the payment of debts due from 
the estate. 

The Comt haue ordered, that any creditors vnto the estate of Edwai-d Wil- 
liams that shall appeer and lay claime to any pte heerof betwixt this date and 
the Court of his ma"'^ to be held in July next, shall come in and may be heard, 
or otherwise to be barred from any further demaund thervnto. 

John Smith, of Dartmouth, is approued to be the leiftenant of the mille- 
tary companie of Dartmouth, and Jacob Michell to be ensigne bearer of the 
said companie. 

The Treasurer and Serjeant Tompson are appointed by the Court to make 
purchase of such lands in the township of Middleberry as the Indians doe or 
may tender to sell, which may be by them puixhased for the vse of the towne, 
and the propriators of the land in that township, and for the payment of such 
debts as the Indians owe to any as occation may require, and what lauds they 
purchase ; the pay for it to be defrayed by the towne and propriators afor- 
said, for the cecuritie of them the said M"" Constant Southworth and Serjeant 
Tompson, and incase the said purchassers and propriators doe not make 
payment of the charge of the purchase within one yeare after the said pur- 
chase is made, that then it shalbe in the libertie of the said Trcasui-er and 
Serjeant to make sale of soe much of the said land as will defray the charge 
[•97. *Wheras Roger Amnadownc, of Rchoboth, late deceased, died intestate, 

for the more equall desposing of his estate, it is mutually concluded by and 
between Joanna Annadownc and John Coblech, of Swanscy, in the behalfe of 
Ebiuczer, the eldest son of the said Annadowne, and with the advice and 
consent of John llarrod, of I'atucksett, in the jurisdiction of Prouidence 
Plantations, brother vnto the said widdow Annadownc, and with the consent 


and approbation of the Coiu-t, that what remaines of the said estate shalbe 1 G 7 3-4. 
disposed of and settled as foUoweth : — 

VizJ. Imp', that twenty four acrees of vpland and a peece of salt marsh 
belonging thervnto, lying att Wachamaucutt Necke, and fifty pounds com- 
monage within the township of Rehoboth, and one acree of fresh meddow, 
lying att a place called the 40 acree meddow, shalbe and is settled and con- 
feirmed vnto and vpou the said Ebcnezer Annadowne, to him and his heires 
and assignes for cucr. 

Alsoe, it is agreed and concluded by and between the pties aboue named, 
that one other acree of fresh meddow, lying att the aforsaid 40 acree meddow, 
be settled vnto and vpon Hannah Wheaton, the daughter of the said Roger 
Annadowne, wife vnto Jeremiah Wheaton, and likewise ten acrees of vpknd, 
lying att Wachamaucutt Neckc. 

Furthermore, that John Johnson shall haue a coate of the said Roger 
vVnnadowncs, vallued att two and twenty shillings, and a horse, harnis and 
cart, vallued att eighteen sliillings. 

Finally, that the remainder of the whole estate, be it more or lesse, shall 
belonge and appertaine vnto the said widdow Annadowne, prouided, that att 
her decease, that the house, and land lying about the house, being twelue 
acrees, more or lesse, and fifty pounds comonage, and three or four acrees of 
vpland lying att Deare Hill, shall appertaine vnto Phillip and Henery Anna- 
downe, her childi-en, in equall and alike proportions, and prouided, that shee 
pay all such due debts as are due and owing to any out of the said estate. 

In reference vnto the estate of Experience Leichfeild, late deceased, the 
Court haue ordered, that his brother, Josias Leichfeild, shall haue his land, 
and that the remainder of the estate, the debts being payed, shalbe equally 
dcuided between him and his two sisters, in equall and alike proportions. 

In reference vnto some pticulars of the estate of John Gray, of Yar- 
mouth, deceased, the Comt haue ordered, that Samuell Sturgis doe forthwith 
take them into his coustody, forasmuch as they are lyable to damage, and also 
to preserue them and improue them to the best advantage hee can, and that hee 
keep a fali-e accompt of his disposall therof, vntill a true inventory of the said 
estate be fPsented and proued, and libcrtic of adminnestration be graunted of 
the whole estate. 

Libertle is graunted by the Comt vnto Timothy Williamson to keep an 
ordinary att Marshfeild, for the entertainment of strangers for lodging, victual- 
ling, and di-awing and selling of beer. 

I\Iary Bartlett, the wife of Robert Bartlett, came into this Court and 
owned that shee hath receiued full satisfaction for whatsoeuer shee might 


16 73-4. claimo as due from the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren, deceased ; and 
John Cooke, iu the behalfe of all her sisters, testifyed the same before the 
Court ; and the Com-t doth heerby settle the remainder of the said estate on 
Josejjh Warren, to bee by him injoyed without further molestation or disturb- 
ance from any of them. 

It is grauntcd by the Court, that Richard Bourne, of Sandwich, shall 
haue twelue thousand of alewiues yearly, belonging to that land confered on 
him att Pampaspecitt. 

Tlris Court haue graunted libertie vnto Benjamine Lumbert. 
[*98.] *It is enacted by the Court, that M"' Hinckley or M' Freeman be im- 

powcrcd to see that the Indian called Robin, of jSIattachesett, be not disturbed 
by any in makeing claime to his land, vntill such can make such claime out 
to be just to satisfaction, vizj, in reference to that laud \^-hicli hee ought to 
haue in right off his wife, the daughter of Napoietan. 

Memorand : that the children of Hencry Wood, deceased, be suiiiond to 
the next Court, iu order to a disposing of the land of the said Henery Wood, 
soe as may conduce to the support of Abigaill Wood, -widdow". 

Memorand : tliat the Coui-t giues libertie vnto the Secretary to record the 
deed of Humphery Johnson, altho not acknowlidged before a majestrate, ac- 
cording to order ; and this libertie of the Court to be entered on the record, 
att the foot of the deed. 

Memorand : that Nathaniel Soulc be suiaoncd to the next Court, to an- 
s-\vare an accusation of cotiiitting adultery with an Indian woman. 

In reference vnto the complaint of Daniell Steward, a Scotsman liueing 
att Barnstable, against Xathaniel Fitsrandall, that hoc liad crcwelly beaten 
him, altho it can not bo fully made out and proucd, yett forasmuch as it doth 
appcer by diners concurrent ccrcomstanccs that the matter is too true, this 
Court doth order, that the said Fitsrandall shall pay or cause to be payed to 
the said Daniell Steward, towards his charge, hlnderance, and expcnce of 
time, the suiiic of twenty shillings. 

M"" Joseph Tildcn, adminnestrator to the estate of ^NI'' Timothy Hather- 
ley, deceased, and Mistris Elizabeth Tildcn, the relict and executrix of the 
said Joseph Tilden, liaueing fully discharged all debts-and dues due and owing 
vnto any from the said estate, and more had, vpon proclamation made heerof 
before this Court, a cpiietus est grauntcd vnto graunted vnto her. 

According to a graunt of the Court bearing date June, 16G2, and by a 
Court order l)earing date IGTl, Leiftenant Peregrine White and John Nelson 
layed out one thousand acrees of land, lying and being nearc tlie Old Indian 
Wav att Tctirutt Riucr, about a mile wosterlv, where N^amassakeft Riuer runs 


into Toticutt, and soo runs easterly, marked and nundjcred by the riucr syde, 1 (J 7 3-4. 
ten lotts, of one hundred acrecs in a lott, running halfc a mile in length so\ith- 
crley, and one hundred lotts in breadth, as may appeer by a draught therof, 
vizj: — 

1. To M' John Aldin, Seni'', .... one hundred acrees. 

2. To \\iddow Sarah Warren, . . . one hundred acrees. 

3. To Leiftenant Perrigrine White, . . one hundred acrees. 

4. To jNI'' Thomas Prence, one hundred acrees. 

5. To Wiltam Bassett, one hundred acrees. 

6. To Major Winslow, one hundred acrees. 

7. To Edward Gray, one hundred acrees. 

8. To Guydo Bayley, one hundred acrees. 

9. To M'' Josias Winslow, Seni'', . . . one hundred aci'ees. 
10. To ISI'" Kanelme Winslow, Seni'', . . one hundred acrees. 

Totall 1000 acrees. 

Wee, whose names are ^•nderwritten, being impamlielled vpon a corrow- 
ners inquest by the honored M"" James Browne, Assistant, to sitt vpon the 
corpps of Roger Amnadowne, deceased, occationed by some late strifFe between 
his wife and him, hearing all euidences, pondering all cercomstances, and 
viewing the corpes, wee find noe wound nor bruise that might hasten his 


II 11"' Nouember, 1673. This verdict aboue written was giuen in vpon 
oath before mee. 



16 7 3-4. *Iii reference vnto Humpliery Johnsons presentment, the Court amerces 

him in the penall suiiie of ten sliillings for his breach of order in his coming 
into this gou''ment, to line and inheritt in the towne of Scittuate, without the 
leaue and approbation of the Gou' and two of the Assistants, and doe further 
order him to remoue his dwelling and cottage erected within the said towne, 
within one month from the date heerof, or else order shalbe gluen for the pull- 
ing downe therof. 

Wiliani Peakes acknowlidgeth to owe vnto oiu' sou"' lord ") " 
the Kinge the suiTie of J 20 : 00 

The condition, that if the said Will-am Peakes doe psonally appcer att 
the Comt of his ma*'"" to be holden att Plymouth the first Tusday in June 
next, to make further answare for his beating, abusing, and afrighting the 
wife of Josias Leichfeild, and in the interem that hee behaue himselfe peacably 
towards our sou'' lord the Kinge, and all his leich people, and in speciall 
towards the wife of Josias Leichfeild aforsaid, and not depart the said Court 
without lycence ; that then, &6. 

Seuerall psclls of Land Hcnery Wood, allies Attwood, of iSIiddleberry, died 
possessed of. 

Imp'', sixteen acrees of vpland and eight acrees of nieddow. 

Item, one hundred acrees of vpland. 

Item, 40 acrees of vpland. 

Item, 13 acrees of land his house stands on. 

Item, twenty acrees of land att Strawberry Hill. 

Item, 8 acrees of meddow in Plymouth bounds. 

Item, the quarter pte of the mill and the land being about it. 

^4?/? the Court of Election holden for the Jurisdiction of J\''eu'' 
Plj/mouth att the Towne of Plymouth, on the third Day of 
June, Anno DoTii 1G74. 

Before Josiah Winslow, Esquire, GoQ, Thomas Hinckley, 

John Aldin, Constant Southworth, and 

Wiliam Bradford, James Browne, 
Assistants, &^. 



"OSIAH WINSLOW, ESQ^ was chosen Goucmor and swoiuc. 

John Aklcn, "^ 

Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hhickley, 
John Freeman, 
Constant Southworth, 
James Browne, and 
James Cudworth, 

were chosen Assistants, and sworne. 




Josiah Winslow, Es^, GoQ, and 

were chosen Comissioners. 

M' Thomas Hinckley, 

And Captaine Bradford was the next in nomination. 

M' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

The names of the Celect Men in cacli townc are as foUoweth : ■ 







{Leifl Morton, 
Serjeant Harlow, 
M' Wiliam Crow. 
(M"^ Samuell Saberry, 
Benjain Bartlett, 
AViliam Paybody. 
(Cornett Robert Studson, 
John Cushen, 
Isacke Chettenden. 
(James SkifFe, Seni'', 
William Swift, 
M' Edmond Freeman. 
Walter Dean, 
Leiftcnant Macye, 
Richard Wiliam, 
William Harvey, 
John Tisdall. 
jSI' Edmond Hawes, 
jSI'' Edward Stm-gis, 
■ Ensignc Howes, 

John Thacher, 
I John Miller. 



fLeift Laythorp, 
.j M"' Tho Huckeus, 

]\I'' John Gorum. 

TM"' Josiah Winslow, Seui"' 

Marslifeild, . . ^ Anthony Snow, 

I Nathaniel Thomas. 

{M'' Steuen Paine, Seni"', 
Leift Peter Hunt, 
Eusigne Henery Smith, 
r John Willis, Scni% 

Bridgw, -i John Carrey, 

I Leiftenant Haward. 
'Daniel Cole, 
Nicholas Snow, 
Jonathan Banges, 
Clarke Snow, 
. Jonathan SjDarrow. 
« fJohn Russell, 

Dartmouth, \ James Shaw, 

(Wiliam Palmer, 
r John Thompson, 

Middleberv, i Jonathan Dunham, 

I Francis Combe. 

rSamuell Luther, 

Swansey, 1 t t , n i 

Hush Cole. 


The Names of 
Leiti Morton, 
M' Wiliam Clarke, 
M' Josias Standish, 
Wiliam Paybody, 
Cornett Studson, 
Isacke Chettenden, 
M'' Edmond Freeman, Juni'', 
Lcifteii Macyc, 
John Tildall, 
M' Edmond Hawes, 
M' John Thacher, 

the Deputies. 

Wiliam Crocker, 
Ensigne Fames, 
Anthony Snow, 
Ensigne Smith, 
DanicU Smith, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
Jonathan Banges, 
John Willis, 
John Cooke, 
Hugh Cole, 
John Tompson. 






*The Grand Euqucst. 

1G7 4. 

John Finney, Seni'', 

John Ormsbey, 

James Walker, 

Nathaniel Williams, 


John Eogers, Seni'', 
Francis West, 

Benajah Pratt, 
Samuell Briggs, 


W Nathaniel Willis, 

Nathaniel Bacon, 


Esra Perrey, 
Thomas Doged, 
Arther Hathawey, 
John Miller, 
Gedion Allin, 
John Bryant, Seni'', 
John Ensigue, 

• sworne, 

Peter Hunt, Juni'', 
Samuell Freeman, 
Josias Snow, 
Thomas Cushman, 
Joseph Ryder, 
Gershom Cobb, 
Samuell Briggs. 

The Constables of the scuerall Towues. 

Plym, Samuell Dunham, sworne. 

Duxbuf Samuell West, sworne. 

fJWiliam Hatch,+ fSee of this moi-e 2 pages] 
Scitt, . . ■{ ^ -r . , TT 1 ... "^ ,• 1 • 1-1 1 r sworne. 

(^+Jei'emiah -Uatcn,+ (^ forward m this booke. J 

Sand, Richard Gibbs, Seni'", sworne. 

f John Richmond, 1 
I Shadrach Wibore, J 

Yarmouth, Edward Sturgis, sworne. 

Barnstable, M'^ Barnabas Laythorpe. 

fMicaell Foard, ) 

Mai'shfeild, < ^ , ^^ . > sworne. 

[ John Hewitt, J 

f Jonathan Fuller, 1 

Rehob, <! ^ , ^ , ^sworne. 

l^JoJm Doged, j 

Eastham, Thomas Paine, sworne. 

Bridgwater, Samuell Packer, sworne. 

Dartmouth, Wiliam Earle, sworne. 

Middleberry, Isacke Howland, sworne. 

Surveyors of the HigliMaics. 

j Steuen Bryant, Seni', 

Andrew Ringc, 

Plyn.o, J ^ 

Thomas Fauucc, 

I Ephraim Tilson. 





fJohn Rogers, Juni"", 

Duxfe, I Peter West, 

Isacke Barker. 

r Joseph Barkers, 

Scittu, \ James Cudwortli, Juiii'' 

I John Turner, Juni'^. 

f Edward Perrey, 

' \Steuen Skiffe. 

f Edward Raw, 

' [Israeli Dean. 

rWiliam Eldred, 

^'^""°"*' jjohnWhilden. 

fAusthie Bearce, 

Barnsta, < ^ ^ 

(^(jtorge Lewis. 

fJolin Caruer, 

' (Wiliam Foard, Juni^ 

r Nicholas Jydc, 

Eehoboth, Wi-r. t- 

l^John rerrum, Juni''. 

fRober Vixen, 

Eastham, \ ^^ . . . 

[ Heneiy Attkms. 

rWillani Bartrum, 
Dartmouth, .j John Thurburrow, 

I Nehejiiiah Allin. 
Middlebery, Samuell "Wood. 


Ensignc Howes is a^jproued and established to be the captaiue of the mil- 
letary companie of Yarmouth. 

It was ordered by this C'ourt, that it be signifyed to the to^^'ncs that the 
Court expects that the troopers in each towne be as many in number as before, 
and that they be prouided with armes and other acultcrmcnts fitt for that ser- 
uice, and that theire names be sent in to the next July Court. 

Joseph Tayler, of Yarmouth, hath chosen M" John ISIiller to be his gaiu- 
dian, and the same is approued by the Court. 

M"' Hinckley is appointed by the Court to require and adminncstcr an 
oath to the inventory to the inventory of Anthony Annible, deceased, and to 
take cecuritie in the Courts behalfe for adminnestration. 

*Wheras it is ordered by the Coui-t, in reference \aito a ccrtainc tract of 
laud lying att ^liddleberry, that Benjamine Church should piu-chase it in the 
behalfe of the proprlators and inhabitants of Middlcberry aforsaid, and that it 



iloth appcer that the said tract of land is purchased by the said Benjamine 16 7 4. 
Chuich and John Tompson, as more fully appeers by a deed bearing date the 
23 of July, 1673 ; and wheras, alsoe, wheras the Court haue ordered, that 
the purchase therof should be repayed by the last of Nouember, 1673-5 and 
it being not payed by the time prefixed ; it is mutually agreed by the inhab- 
itants and propriators with them, the said John Tompson and Benjamine 
Chui-ch, that they should haue one third pte of the said land, and to take 
where they would within the said tract, soe as they take it together for theire 
pui-chase and charge ; and this to be for theire cecuritie and euidence for theire 
said land. 

Tlie Court haue ordered, that ^I"" Hinckley, M'' Freeman, and M"' Bourne 
doe assist what they can in settlcing of the controuersy between the to^vne of 
Barnstable and Mashantampaine. 

Weddensday, the 21"' of this instant, is appointed by the Court for the 
inhabitants and purchasers of Dartmouth to meet together for the settleing of 
the bounds of theire towne ; att which time the GoQ, M' Hinckley, the Treas- 
urer, M"' Walley, Leiftenant Morton, and John Tompson did engage to giue 
meeting with others to propose and indeauor that some prouision may be made 
for the preaching of the word of God amongst them. 

In reference vnto a former graunt to Wiliam Paybody, if it may be 
found, this Court giues libertie vnto him to seeke out land for his accomoda- 
tion and to purchase it, and to declare to the Court what hee hath done in 
that behalfe. 

Att this Coiut Josiah Leuitt, of Hingham, appeered, to answare the 
charge of Deborah Brookes, that hee had coiiiitted fornication with her ; and 
the Comt haueing heard such testimonies on both pties as haue bin produced 
for the clearing of the case, and finding noe sufficient proofe of her said accu- 
sation, doe see cause to cleare him of his being guilty of the said fact soe 
farre as wee dcscernc. 

In reference to the first pte of the petition prefered to the Court by 
Wiliam Nicarson, the Couit takes notice, that what was expended in the pur- 
chase of the land att Mannamoiett, that hee should haue bourne the charge 
of the purchase therof according to agreement with those that had propriety 
theriu ; but forasmuch as hee falls in that pticular, and expresseth himselfe 
satisfvod in that behalfe, wee say noe more to it ; for the second pticulare, hee 
hath liberty to make purchase of the lands adjacent which is not purchased, 
according to the graunt of the Court, \\ith the hcalp and assistance of such as 
shalbe appointed to healp therin for him. 

To the pticulare requesting a constable of theire naighbourhood, the 





Court orders, that Nathaniell Couell be impowered to seme theratt in the 
office of a deputy constable vnder the constable of Easthani. 

Wiliam Randall, for abuseing and strikeing of Edward AVanton, was 
centanced by the Court, for his breach of the peace for strikeing of the said 
"Wanton, is fined three shillings foure penc. 

And for his other miscarriages aforsaid, and to be bound to his good 

Wiliam Randall acknowlidgeth to owe vnto our soQ lord 
the Kinge the suine of 

The condition, that if the said Wiliam Randall be of good behauior 
towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his leich people, and especially vnto 
Edward Wanton, and appeer att the Comt of his ma"'^ to be holden att Plym- 
outh aforsaid the first Tusday in July next, and not depart the said Court 
without lycence ; that then, &d. 

Josias Holmes, for selling liquors to the Indians, fined forty shillings. 

Deborah Brookes, for coiiiitting fornication, was centanced by the Court 
to be publickly -s^'hipt, which accordingly was inflicted. 

7 July. *^tt the Court of his Ala!'' holden att Plymouth the 7"' of July, 

Before Josiah Winslow, Es^, GoQ, 
John Aldcn, 
William Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &(?. 

John Freeman, 
Constant South•\^■ortl 
James Browne, and 
James Cud worth, 

THE Coui't haue ordered and appointed I\P Hinckley and ]\P Freeman to 
issue and put an end vnto diucrs controucrsycs and difficulties, as, name- 
ly, between the townc of Yarmouth and INIashantampaine concerning the 
boundary line betwixt them and bot\\een the heires of Napoiatan and some 
Yarmouth men ncare Sasuit or Satuckett att ilattakeese, and between Yanno 
and some other Indians aboutc an iland or ilands att the South Sea. 

This Coiut requests and impowers Josias Winslow, Es^, CoQ, to sett out 
and to farme lett the house and land that was lately the house of our honored 
GoQ Prcnce, deceased, and to dis]inso of it liy rent, soe as it may be prcsorucd 

7 July 



from ruin, and as it may conduce in a probable way to the good of tlie 10 7 4. 

Sanuu'U Dunham, Seni', of Flymouth, standeth bound vnto tlie Court of 
his ma*'" hckl this day att Plymouth, in New England, in the pcuall suiiie of 
ten pounds sterling, on condition, that wlieras M' Isaacke Waldron, of Boston, 
phisition, hath coiTienced suite against Wiliam Browne, of Charlestowne, chy- 
rurgiou, in an action of the case to the damage of twenty six pounds of cur- 
rant mony, for that the said Browne hath neglected to pay a debt of tliirteen 
pounds, due vpon bill somtime in Aprill last past, vnto the said Waldron ; if, 
therfore, the said Isacke Waldron shall and doe appeer att the Court of his 
ma''" to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid the last Tusday in October next, then 
and there to procecute his said suite to effect, that then the aboue written obli- 
gation to be voyde and of none effect, or otherwise to remaine in full force, 
strength, and vertue. 

This Court approued and established John Tlowland to be cnsigno of the 
milletary companie of Barnstable. 

Memorandom : that Keencompsctt came into the Court, and disclaimed 
and deneyed any right that Napoiatan had to dispose of the lands att Matta- 

.John Simmons is graunted liberty by the Court, and with the consent 
alsoe of the propriators of Pocassett, to erect an house there, on condition hee 
keep a sufficient ferrey there ; and likewise to keep an ordinary for the enter- 
tainment of trauellers and strangers, soc as hee keep good orders and prcuent 
abuses that may be occatioued therby. 

Att this Court, Walter Briggs requested the Court for a dcuission of the 
lands graunted vnto M'" Hatherley att Accord Pond ; and the Court heard 
what was said by both the said Briggs and ^M'' John Jacobb in answai-e ther- 
vnto, but saw noe catise to graunt to him, the said Walter Briggs, his desire 
in that bchalfe. 

Edward Jenkens was swornc to the office of a constable in the ward of 
Scittuate on the 17"' of June, 1674. 

William Barstow Avas swornc to the office of a constable in the A\ard of 
Scittuate on the 22 of June, 1674. 

Cornett Eobert Studson, Isacke Chettcnden, and John Cushen were chosen 
to the office of celect men in the townc of Scittuate on the 22'''""' of June, 1674. 

Wiliam Hatch and Jeremiah Hatch, haueing bin chosen to the offices of 
constables in the ward of Scittuate, but refusing to seruc, doe submitt them- 
selues to the payment of theire fine. 

Thomas Kins;e, Juni'', haueing bin chosen to the office of a constable in 


] G 7 4. the ward of Sclttuate June 17, 1674, instead of one of those yiiiediatcly aboue 
named, refusing to serue, submitteth himselfe to the judgment of the Court. 

In reference vnto the fii-st propriators of the lands in the Majors Pur- 
chase, soe called, which is in the township of ^liddleberry, between the 
two pathes, that wheras the record of theire graunte expresseth onely thirty 
acrees a peece and proportionable coinonage, the Court heerby declares, that 
theire intent was, that all the lands within that tract called the ISIajors Pur- 
chase is settled and doth appertains vnto them and theire heires and assignes 
for euer, excepting such smalle psells as haue since bin graunted vnto seuerall 
psons within the said tract, wherof a psell was thirty acrees in the said tracte 
graunted to John Dunham, Juni"', as followcth : — 

Thirty acrees of land is graunted by the Court, with the consent and 
concurrance of such as are the propriators in the said Majors Purchase, vnto 
John Dunham, Juni"', being layed out & bounded by Wiliam Nelson by order 
from Captaine Southworth, is as followeth, vizj : it lyeth on the easterensyde 
of the head of Rauen Brooke, marked with a stake att the northwest corner, 
and att the northeast corner with a smalle red oake, and on the southeast cor- 
ner it is bounded with a rocke, and att the southwest corner it is bounded 
with a smalle red oake. 
[*104.] *Att tliis Court, Capt James Cudworth was established to be captahie 

of the milletary companie of Scittuatc. 

And Serjeant Dillingham was approucd to be Iciftenant, and Serjeant 
Thacher to be ensigne, of the milletary companie of Yarmouth. 

Wheras John Gibson and Thomas Cloake, two Indians soe called, whoe 
are the reputed soiics of Quantockamew, of Pottanummacutt, complaineth 
against Symou, the son of Pompmo, for his vnjust detaining of theire lands 
lying att Pottanumacutt aforsaid, left vnto them as theire inheritance by theire 
father deceased, this Court doth determine and settle the ncckc of land called 
Namacocke, made by the deare path, and the pond called Ocinamunt, and six 
acrees of laud towards Leiftenant Joseph Rogers his marsh, John Sibson and 
Tom to haue the iland, and all the rest of theire fathers land, except wbat is 
sold to the English, and what bclongcs to Josias his children, that to rcmaine 
fekme to them and theire heires for euer. 

Libcrtie is graunted vnto M' SamuoU Sabcrry, of Duxburrow. tn looke 
out for land to accomodate him in reference to seuerall former graunts made 
by the Court vnto M' Wiltam Kcmpp, deceased, which the said ]\I'' Kcmpp 
ncuer had, nor any for him, and was disappointed of some psells of land 
assigned to him ; and thorby hue haucing an interest therin, as appocrs by 
the records of this Court, if, thcrfore, the said M" Saberry, his son in law, can 


find any lands as yett vndisjiosed of, lice is to liauc a competent accoiiiodation 1 G 7 4. 
of lands out of the same. 

Libertic is graimtcd by the Court vnto John Cooke to looke out some 
lands for his accoiiiodation, and likewise Captaine Bradford and M'' Joseph 
Bradford in reference vnto a former graunte made to M"" Wiliara Bradford, 
deceased, for the aceotnodation of his children ; the said Capt Bradford and 
Joseph Bradford to be accoiiiodafed ncare vnto the land John Cooke hath 
an eye vnto and doth desire ; and the Treasurer is appointed by the Court 
to take a view of what they desire, and to lay out a proportion vnto each 
of them. 

Wheras Thomas Joy, of the towne of Hingham, in the goQment of the 
Massachusetts, house carpenter, hath caused great distui-bance amongst vs by 
produceing a deed of gift of lands to him from an Indian sachem, wherby hee 
hath broken a law of this collonie prohibiting the purchasing or receiueing 
any lands by way of gift from any Indian or Indians without libertic giuen 
them by the Court, and for the same liis disturbance and breach of the law 
was coiiiitted to prison ; the said Joy coming into the Coui-t, and in open 
Court hee disclaiming any right or title to any lands within the said deed 
expressed that hee hath therby layed claime vnto, and surrendering the said 
deed ATitD the Court, they saw cause to release him. 

In like manor, wheras M' Peter Talmon, of Rhode Hand, produced a 
deed of gift and a deed of sale in open Court of considerable tracts of land 
obtained of the Indians without the approbation of the Court, wherby the law 
abouemensioned is broken, and the hee, the said Talmon, for the same comitted 
to prison, hee coming into the Court, and in open Coiu-t surrendering vp the 
said deeds to the Court, and disclaiming and renouncing all right or title to 
any lands therin expressed, the Court saw cause to release him. 

Mcmorand : that before the psons aboue named were coiiiitted to ward, 
that a tender was made to them seuerally, that if they would either pay the 
penalty of the breach of the said law, or surrender vp theire deeds to the 
Court, and renounce and disclaime any right and title to any lands therin 
expressed, they should not be coiiiitted ; which they att the first refuseing to 
doe, were coiiiitted, and afterwards condecending vnto, were released. 

"Wheras there is an Indian, called Hoken, that hath bin a notoriouse 
theife, and besids former theifts, of late hath broken vp the house of James 
Bui-sell, of Yarmouth, for which hee was coinitted to prison ; and hee made 
an escape by breaking of prison, and since stole a horse, being insolent in liis 
cai-ryage and an incorrigable theife, that will not be reclaimed, but lyeth sherk- 
ing and lurking about, wherby many persons are greatly in fcare and danger of 



1 G 7 4. liim ; ■\^lierfore the Court doe order INP Hinckley and Leiftenant Freeman, or 
any other majestrate that can light off the said Hoken, that they cause him to 
be apprehended and sold or sent to Barbadoes, for to satisfy his debts and to 
free the collonie from soe ill a member. 

Att tills Coiut Wiliam Maycomber appeared, being summoned to answare 
for his breach of the Sabbath in a high degree expressed by his goeing to an 
Indian house on the Sabbath day to demaund a debt, and otherwise abusing 
two old Indians, is fined forty shillings to the vse of the collonie, according to 
the law, or be publickly whipt. 

John Rickard, the son of .John Rickard, and Samuell Dunham, the son 
of Samuell Dunham, for abuseiug an Indian, and therin breaking the Kings 
peace, was fined, each of them, three shillings and fom- pence. 

27 October. 


""All the Court of his Ma'"' held att Plymouth, for the Jurisdiction 
of A'ew Plj/moiith, the 27"' of October, 1674. 

Before Josiah Winslow, Esq', GoQ, 
John Alden, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &:d. 

John Freeman, 
Constant Southworth, 
James Browne, and 
James Cudworth, 

^ j^THERAS formerly there hath bin a proposition made by some of the 
T T towne of Bridgwater, that there might be a book procured, and pson 
appointed to regester theire lands, with euery propriators interest, ■\\'hich hatli 
not hitherto ben effected, seuerall of Bridgwater haueing att this Court ^sent- 
ed a preface to be prefixed to the said booke, and this Court judging it very 
rationall that it should be procecuted to effect, this Comt therfore ordereth, 
tliat such as oppose the same shall either concur with the rest therin, or ap- 
point some in theii-e behalfe to appeer att the next Court to giue a reason of 
theire decent ; and wheras there hath bine some controuersy about the destruc- 
tion of swampes in theire township, that such as shall appeer att the Court in 
tlic otluT case bee impowered in the behalfe of the rest concerned therin, to 
spcake to that pticulare alsoe ; and incase there shalbe a contiaiued neglect 
concerning the pmises, the Court will see cause to take some cffcctuall course 
for the effecting of the same. 


Whcras att tlic last Court John Barker, attorney to Samuell Ilieland, as 1 G 7 4. 
attorney to the said Ililand, by processe of law obtained a verdict and judg- ^ 

mcnt of fourteen pounds of Israeli Hubert, eight pounds wherof is by the said pwixsLow 
Hubert alreddy payed ; and that some way the said Barker hath procured the Goveknou.] 
bill by which the said suiiie was demaunded ; this Court hath ordered, that 
the remaining six pounds remalne vnpayed vntell the said bill be deliuered to 
Captaine Cudworth, appointed by the Court to receiue it. 

In reference to the complaint against Wiltam Hatch, Jeremiah Hatch, and 
Thomas Kinge, for refusing to seruc in the office of constable, they requesting 
they may hauc liberty to aplie themselues to the Generall Court in order to 
getlnge of ther fines, which liberty was granted ; but they aplied themselues 
not to the Generall Courte, so the Conrte do order, William Hatch & Jere- 
miah Hatch their fines be requii-ed of tlicm. 

llAtt the Court of his ma*'" held at Plymouth the S"" of :March, 16T6, the 
Court ordered, that the fines of Jeremiah Hatch and AV'iliam Hatch should 
be leuied.y 

Letters of adminnestration was grauuted unto Hugh Stc\\'ert to adminnes- 
ter on the estate of Thomas Phelps, deceased. 

tres of adminnestration was graunted vnto Elizabeth Knapp to admin- 
nester on the estate of Aron ^ 

Concerning the Settlement of the Estate of Thomas Phclpps, allies Phillips, 
of Yarmouth, deceased. 

The whole estate, bv inventory both of house and ) 

n J J 1., • 1, 'i r^.j: 10:03 

lands and moueables, is vallued att J 

Debts to be payed out of it, 05 : 10 : 00 

Proper estate devideable, 060 : 00 : 03 

The widdowes pte of the moueables, 08 : 06 : 09 

Item, her thirds of the proffitts of the lauds, . . . 04 : 10 : 00 

Allowed her towards the bringing \u of the youngest ] 

- - ' •" ^04:00:00 
child, J 

16: 16:09 

This devidable between eight children, the eldest 1 

haueing a double portion, soe that it being consid- I 04 : 15 : 06 
crcd into 9 parts, it aniountes \nto each child, . 

And the eldest to hauc a double pte or share. 

vol.. v. '^0 

27 October. 



1 G 7 4. Josias Leichfcild is required by the authoritie of the Court, without any 

further delay, to make jiay vnto his two sisters, Remember Lewse and De- 
pendancc Leichfeihl, to each of them, the full of one third pte of the estate 
Gou^ pf ]jjg brother, Experience Leichfeild, when the debts are payed. 

An Order directed to the Coiiiittees of Scittuate. 

Tliis Court, takcina; notice of the complaint of Wiliam Parker and Jo- 
seph Coleman, Scni"', of Scittuate, that they haueini^' louge liued in the said 
towne, hauc not bin hitherto accomodated with any considerable tract of 
land, according to theire antitpiity and desirt, and alsoe considering that 
the former coiiiittcy, by reason of thcirc former order from the Court, were 
to straightly bound vp as to theire further accornodation, this Court doth 
order that the pscnt coiiiittcy doe forthwith accoiiiodate the psons aboue- 
said ■with each of them sixty acrees of land, where the said coiiiitty shall 
judge meet. 

M'' Freeman and Jonathan Sparrow arc appointed and authorised by the 

Court to settle the bounds of a certaine psell of land att Mannamoiett, vnto 

Wiliam Nicarson, which hee hath purchased of the grandees to whom the 

Court graunted it, which psell of land is soe to be layed out as being adjacent 

vnto the land Nicarson first bought of the Indians, and wliich land is not to 

exceed 100 acrees to each man that was concerned in the Courts graunt, and 

Wilhnn Nicarson is authorised by the Court to make purchase of the said land 

as hce hath opportunity for to piu'chase it. , 

[*107.] *Whcras Mary Wyatt, of Taunton, widdow, late wife to Leiit James 

This entciy of Wyate, deceased, hath seuerall times supplycated to this Court for relcifte, and 

made null by vpon seuerall considerations, finding the widdow iudcbted to Joscpli Leanard, 

the Court an ^£ Taunton, the suiiie of clcucn pounds, as bv the widdowcs ownc acknowl- 

othcnnse en- '■ • 

tcrcd mth an idgmcnt, in her petition to this Court, October, 1674, it may appear, this 

addition. See 

three pages Court luiuc, ill reference to the aforsaid debt, graunted to Joseph Leanard 
forwar in t us ^f^j.^.^jj .^jj extent Oil cisjlit acrccs of the land which was pte of the estate of 
the aforsaid Leiftenaiit Wyate, deceased, for the aforsaid Lcanards cecuritie, 
soc that hee, the aforsaid Leanard, may and shall pecably posscssc and injoy 
the aforsaid land vntill hee is fully payed his due debt, and alsoe all nessesary 
charges expended or laid out on the land, excepting a right lieire to the afor- 
said land appecr, and will pay the debts, with all nessesary charges expended 
on the aforsaid land. The said eight acrccs of land is lying and being in the 
towne of Taunton, and bounded on the east end on Taunton Mill Riuer, and 
on the west end on the coiTion ; on the nortiisyde by the land of Robert 

A Letter of Attorney, appointed by Order of Court to he recorded. 

Be it knowne vnto all men by these p>sents, that I, Joluinnuh "Willett, of 
Milford, in the collouie of Coiiccticott, in New England, hauc made, assigned 
and assured, ordeined and deputed, and in my sted and place, by these ^sents, 
putt my loucing friud, il'' Jacob Walker, of Stratford, in the collonie of 
Hartford, aforsaid, my true and hu^'full attorney for mce, and in my name and 
to my vse, to aske, Icuy, reconer all and singulare such debts, dues, suino or 
suiiics of mony as are or shalbc due or owing vnto mee, Johannah Willett, 
by joynture, dowrey, gift, or vpon any otlier ingagement whatsoeuer, giueing 
and by these pisents graunting vnto my said attorney full power and authoritie 
to acte for mee and in my behalfe, in all thinges needfuU and nessesarie to be 
done in or about the pmiscs, and vpon receipt of any sume or suiiics of mony, 
I'or mce and in my stead and name to make; seale, and deliuer any lawfull 
discharges for the same, as alsoe to make one attorney or more vnder him, and 
all and euery other thing or thinges which shalbe needfuU or nessesarie to be 
doii in or about the fmises, the same to doe as fully and wholly as I my sclfe 
might doc, if I were there psonally g>sent, holding feirme and stable all and 
•whatsocuer my attorney or attorneys shall doe or cause to be doii in or about 
the ^mises, by these pscnts. Witnes my hand and seale, this 19 day of 
October, 1674. ^-^— ^. 


Signed, sealled, and deliuered in the psence off 
Eichard Bryant, 
Samuell Coley. 

The wittncsses to this aboucsaid letter of attorney were sworne before mee, 

October 19'\ 1674. Assistant. 

An order was dkected from this Comt to req^ulre the sm-veyors of Plym- 
outh speedily to cause a way to be mended between Bridgwater and Plymouth, 
which is very dangerous for man and beast, as they will answare theire neg- 
lect att theire p''ill. 

An order was directed from this Court, to require seuerall psons who 
haue come into the collonie ^^ithout the approbation of the Gou'' and two ma- 
jestrates, contrary to order, liueing att Taunton, and downe Taunton Eiuer, to 
depart the gou''ment betwixt this date and the 28"" of February next, or to 



1 G 7 4. "i^l^c tlicire psonall appecrancc att the Court of his ma''" the first Tiisdav in 
^larch next, to auswaro theire neglect or contempt of the said order. 

*Att this Court, a natiue named JMatthias, allies Achawehett, was indited 
for killing of another natiue named Joseph, allies Chachapauueke. Hee put 

[*108.] himselfc on tryall by God and the countrey. 

The verdict of the jury_ was, — 
AFcc find him guilty of manslaughter by way of chaunce medley. 

The verdict being accepted by the Court, the said ISIatthi; 
cleared of being guilty of wilfull mm-der, and was released. 

was oppenly 

The Names of the Jury. 

John Tompson, 
M' Nicholas Byram, 
M'' Judah Thachcr, 
Serjeant Ephraim Tinkham, 
Wiliam Hoskens, 
John Eogers, 

M''Samuell Edson, 
Samuell Clapp, 
James Lewis, 
John Richmond, 
Jeremiah ILatch, 
Hugh Cole, 


The Court being informed that one John Laythorpe, an Irish man now 
att Scittuate, is come into this collonie, and hath continew thcrin for soiTi 
time without the approbation of the Court or towne, and that hee liueth there 
disorderly, an order was directed from this Court to the constables, to giue him 
notice that hoc is to depart this collonie within fourteen dayes after sight 
heerof, or otherwise to apprehend him, and carry him forth of this jurisdic- 
tion towards Waymouth. 

Gorge Dauson, of INIiddlcbcrry, for doeing seruill worke on the Lords 
day, fined forty sliillings. 

Joseph Coolestoow, for makeing disturbance att the liouse of Isacke 

Chettcnden, and speaking vnscemly words, fined fine shillings. 

Joseph Dotcn, planter, acknowlldseth to owe vnto 1 

, ' , ,.. , _ , ^80:00:00 

cm- sou' lord the ivnige the sume of j 

M' Wilkm Clarke, yeoman, of Plymouth, tlic sume of 40 : 00 : 00 

Edward Dotcn, seaman, the suiiic of . . . . . . 40 : 00 : 00 

The condition, that wheras the aboue boundcn Joseph Doten is accused 

by Elizabeth Warren to hauc comitted fornication ^^■ith her, Mherby shco is 

with child, if, thcrfore, the said Joseph Doten shall and doc appeer att tlie 

Court of his ma"" to be bolden att Plymouth aforsaid the first Tusday in 

!March next, to make further answare respecting the said fact, and not depart 

the said Court without Ivcencc ; that tlien, &(?. 


Att this Court, Nifliolas Albcrson, lor breach of tlic Sabbath, nml pilfer- 
ing, and seuorall times, and for telling a lye in his examination coneerning the 
pmises, was centanced by the Court to be publlcklv whipt, -which accordingly 
was inflicted. 

♦^Mieras ]Mary Wyatt, of Taunton, widdow, late wife to Leiftenant 
James A\'yatt, deceased, haue scuerall times suplycated to this Court for releife, 
and after souerall considerations, finding the said widdow indebted to Joseph 
Leanard, of Taunton, the suiTie of cleuen pound, as by the widdo\^-es ownc 
acknowlidgmcnt in her petition to this Court, October, 16T4r, it may appeer, 
this Court haue, in reference to the aforsaid debt, graunted vnto Joseph Lean- 
ard an extent on eight acrees of land, which was pte of the estate of the afor- 
said Leiftenant Wyatt, deceased, for the aforsaid Joseph Leanards ceeuritie, 
soe and that the aforsaid Leanard may and shall peacably posscsse and injoy 
the aforsaid land vntill hoc is fully payed his due debt, and alsoe all nessosary 
charges exjiended or layed out on tlie said land, excepting a right hclre to the 
aforsaid land appeer, and will pay the debt, with all nessesary charges ex- 
pended on the aforsaid land. The eight acrees of land is lying and scittuated 
in the towne of Taunton, and bounded on the cast end on Taunton Mill Riuer, 
and on the west end on the cofnon, and on the north syde by the land of the 
aforsaid Joseph Leanard, and on the south syde by the laud of Robert Thorn- 
ton, on all which eight acrees of land, bounded as heer expressed, the Court 
haue graunted an extent to the abouemensioned Joseph Leanard, his heircs, 
executors, or assignes, vntill hee or they shalbe fully payed and satisfyed his 
said debt, and all nessesary disbui'sments on or about the land, or that it be 
redeemed by the lawfidl heire. 

John Gorum, Seni"', aged 53 yeares, or therabouts, testifyeth, that some 
time since, lice being desired to write a memorandum of an agreement between 
Jabez Lumbcrt and Zachariah Ryder, concerning lands of Abraham Darbey, 
^vhich is in the bounds of Yarmouth, and they cotliitted the writing, after it 
was written, to my keeping, some space of time after, Abraham Darbey, com- 
ing from '\'erginuia, put in on the othcrsyde of the Cape, and come to my 
house, and I told him that his brother, Jabez Lund)ert, had sold all rights of 
lands in the bounds of the towne of Yarmouth, and Abraham Darbey said 
what hee had done in that respect hee had giuen him order soe to doe, and it 
should be made good, or to that very purpose. 

Dated this 4'''' 1. f | 

Tliis Avas sworne before mce, 

JOllX A1,D1X, Assistant. 

■ October. 


1 G 7 4. Hannah Daibey, aged thirty two or therabouts, testiiycth and saith, that 

my husband, Abraham Darbey, gaue vuto my brother in law, Jabcz lAimbert, 
Uueing in Barnstable, in the jurisdiction of New Plymouth, order to sell all 
the lands left him by his father, John Darbey, deceased, within the bounds of 
Yarmouth, in the aforsaid jurisdiction, with all the priuilidges and ajipurte- 
nances thervnto belonging, and for the which I receiucd jjtc of the payment in 
my husbands absence, by my brother Lumbert, which ^^■heu my husband came 
home I aquainted my husband therwith, and hec was satisfyed ^^•ith my brother 
Lumbert, for soe much as I had receiued, and in what lice had doii in the sale 
of the aforsaid lands ; and further saith not. 

Taken vpon oath Noucmber the 19''', IGT-l, before mee, 



1 6 7 4-5. *^in the Court of his Ma!" holdcn att P/i/niouth the first of March, 1674. 

1 March. Before Josias AViuslow, Esq"", Gou'', and John Freeman, 

[*110.] John Aldcn, Constant Southworth, 

Thomas Ilinclvley, James Browne, and 

Wilhim Bradford, James Cudworth, 
Assistants, S^C. 

IN reference vuto the affaires of the towne of Sandwich, whoc are propria- 
tors, and whoe are interest in the towne privllidges, being att great vu- 
certainty amongst themselucs, our honored Gou', (if it may be,) M"" Aldin and 
M' Hinckley, SP Constant Southworth and W Freeman, are by the Court 
requested and impowcred to take some conyenient time to goe to Sandwich, to 
vse thelre best indcauors to settle those affaires amongst them, and in the mean 
time, the Court sees noc reason that those whose names are in a list giuen in 
by Wiliam Swift, for to receiuc a graunt of marsh, or such as are heires or 
successors of such, that they or any of them sliould l)e debarred and dcpriucd 
of the coinon towne privilidges, except any of them come vnder the law tliat 
doth prohibite some psons for voating for officers. • 

Letters of administration is graunted by the Court vnto ^listi'is ]\Lirv 
Thomas, the relict of Caj)? NatlumicU Thomas, deceased, and vuto :\1'' WiW 
Thomas, to adniinnestcr on the psonall estate of the said ('apt 'I'lionuis, 
and it was agreed by and IxHween tlie said Wiliam 'J'iionias, and Nathaiiirl 
Thomas, and Isaacke Little, now present in the Court, that tlie debts due to 
any fiom tlie said estate bring duly ]iayed, X\w resedue of the said estate shal- 


be att the sole dispose of the said ]\Iary Thomas, prouidcd the other chihh-cn 1 (i 7 4-"). 
consent thervnto. ' 

_, . . , 1 March. 

1 he Court, seuig cause to require the psouall appearance of an Indian, -wixslow 
called Tobias, before the Court, to make further answare to such intergatoryes ''ou". 
as shalbe required of him, in reference to the suddaine and violent death of 
an Indian called John Sassamon, late deceased, the said Tobias and Tuspa- 
quin, the black sachem, (soe called,) of Namassakett, and Wiliam, his sou, 
doe all joyntly and seuerally doe heerby binci ouer off theire lands, to the 
valine of one hundred pounds, vnto the Court, for the psonall appeerauce off 
the said Tobias att the Court of his ma'"', to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid 
the first in .June next, in reference to the pmises. 

Memorand : that Wiliam Earle, the constable of Dartmouth, be suiiioned 
in to the next Court to answare the complaint of ilamanewed, for beating his 
wife, and trespasiug on his land with his cattle. 

Wheras Edward Jenkens hath formerly petitioned the Court, that his 
daughter, jSlary Attkinson, may be diuorsed from her husband, named Jlar- 
mcduke Attkinson, declaring that hee, the said Marmeduke Attkinson, hath 
left the said !Mary, his wife, and absented liimselfe fl-om her the full tearme of • 
seauen yeares and more, neither coming att her nor prouideing for her, wherfore, 
altho the Court sees noc cause to grauut a diuorcc, yett they doe apprehend her 
to be noe longer bound, but doe leaue her to her libertie to marry if shee please. 

Memorand : that ^\■heras the towne of Taunton was sent vnto to send 
thjire agents to treat with Bridgwatei's agents, in reference vnto bounds of 
lands, and titles of lands, and that Tauntons agents haue heer attended seuerall 
dayes, and none of Bridgwater did giue them any meeting, this Court haue 
ordered, that there shalbe a sesation of acting or doeing any thinge by Bridg- 
water men, concerning the said lands in controucrsyc, vntill they haue had a 
hearing before the Court. 

*A\Tieras the last will and testament of jNI'' Josiah Winslow, Seni"", deceased, [* 1 1 1 •] 
the 1:2"' day of the 2"™* month, 1673, was ^sentcd vnto the Court to be proued, — 

Before probate of which caution was gisented, grounded on sundry testi- 
monies vpon oath, -whcrby it did appeer vnto this Court that ^I'' Josias Wins- 
low, Seni"", aforsaid, his house, and all his lands lying and being in Marshfeild, 
Avere giuen by him the said Josias Winslow vnto his son and heire, Jonathan 
"Winslow, in franke marriage vnto Ruth, the daughter of IM'^ Wiliam Serjeant, 
which said house and lands in Marshfeild are againe diuised by his last will 
and testament vnto his son, Jonathan Winslow, intaile ; the Coiu't apprehend- 
ing that a man can not by his last will and testament defeat and make void a 
gift of lands made -vnto his son and heire in franke marriaare, but that such 


g'lk is extinct, and made void by a former gift in franke marriage, and tlicr- 
forc doc declare that pte of the -svill, soe farr as the disposall of the said house 
and land, to be a void gift, and doe order that the abouesaid testimonies vpon 
oath to bee heerwith recorded, and the rest of the said will abouesaid to stand 
vailed, and doe graunt letters of adrainnestration vnto Mistris ]\Iargarett Wins- 
low, executj-ix to the said will, and doe request the honored Gou"' to take her 
oath to the inuentory of the estate. 

This Court graunts libertle vnto ^Nlistris ^lary Sturgis, the relict of M'' 
Samuell Sturgis, late deceased, to adminnester on his estate, together with ^P 
Freeman, M' Elisha Hedge, and John Miller, and Edward Sturgis, Juiii"', and 
to be assisted bj- the adiuce of M"' Hinckley, and to ripen matters in order 
unto the settlement of the said estate, which being done, that then M'' Hinck- 
ley, being now impowered by the Court, doc adminnester an oath to the s;ud 
Mary Sturgis, widdow, for the truth of the inventory of the estate aforsaid ; 
and vpon thcire report to the Court of theire soc acting respecting the fmises, 
that then the Court will take course for the equall distribution therof, accord- 
ing to justice and prudence. 
The Court hnth Whcras it doth appccr to the Court, that Jabcz Lumbcrt was left by 

said Jiibez Mathew Darbcy, deceased, with order to lookc after his estate in his absence, 
^d.llinn'cVtrl"^ which hce hath in this collonie, this Court thcrfore doth order, that the said 
tion on the said Jabcz Lumbcrt doe looke after and gather in all such dues and debts as arc 
owing and belonging to the said Darbeyes estate, and keepe a faire accompt 
of the same, soe as liec may be reddy to giue in the said accompt, wlicn any 
licirc shall appeer, or when the Court shall see cause to require it. 

John Sutton being conuict of selling syder to the Indians, inciisc that hce 
pav downe 20' in siluer mony, hee is released. 

It is ordered ly the Court, that wheras it doth appeer vnto the Court, 
that wheras there was an vidawfuU bargaine made between Rieliard liidgely 
and Richard Tarr, concerning goods bought by the said Richard Tarr, whicli 
goods are attached by one of the constables of Taunton, the Court orders, 
that the said constabt shall returne the said goods vnto the wife of the said 
Ridgley, for and towards her support, prouided that all nessesarie charges be 
defrayed out of them. 

*Wheras diners of the inhabitants of the townc of iliddleberry doc de- 
sire that all such as are propriators of the lands within the liberties of the 
said township sliall meet together in order vnto the settlement of matters 
amongst tliem, and to put thinges into such order, pticularely in respect of 
the purcliasc ol' lands made \t\ the Treasurer, soc as may tend to tlie comon 
good of tlie toMiie, in ^^ hich respect the Court hauc thought meet, and doe 



order and propose, that the fifteenth day of Aprill next be appointed, on which ] (I 7 4-'). 
there shalbe a generall meeting of all such the propriators aforsaid ; and if, ^ ^""^ 

„ . . , „ , , 1 Murf'h. 

vpon siimcient warmnge to appeer, any shall stay away, that such as doc meet ■n-ij;,,,,^,. 
shalbe and are hcerby impowered to acte respecting the ^niiscs ; and the ^<""- 
j)sons defectiue in non appeerance to rest in what they acte in that behalfe. 

In reference vnto the complaint of Rebeckah Littlefeild, somtimes of 
Ransome, in the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts, against Israeli Woodcocke, 
of Rehoboth, in the jurisdiction of New Plymouth, that hee hath begotten 
her with child, the Coui-t, haueing examined him concerning it, and haueiug 
heard diners please and pused diuers euidences about it, and hee the said 
Woodcocke stifly deueying it, doe not see cause absolutely to charge him with 
it, nor satisfying reasons to cleare him, and therfore doe award the said Israeli 
Woodcocke to pay or cause to be payed vnto the said Rebecka Littlefeild, or 
her order, two shillings a weeke, quarterly, and euery qviarter, towards the 
keeping of the child shee goes with, after the birth thcrof, vntill the tearme 
of seauen yeares be expired, or soe longe of the said tearme of time as the 
said child shall line, to be payed in corne, and deliuered att the house of M"' 
Edward Ranger, att Boston, att prise currant, att the deliuery therof 

And the Court likewise centanced him to find surties for his good be- 
hauior vntill the next July Court. 

And the said Rebecka Littlefeild is centanced by the Court to suffer ac- 
cording to the law against this her fact. 

Israeli Woodcocke acknowlidgeth to owe vnto our sou"' ] _^ 
lord the Kinge the sume of j 

John Woodcocke the sume of 20 : 00 

The condition, that if the said Israeli Woodcocke be of good behauior Keirascd. 
towards our sou"" lord the Kinge and all liis leicli people, and apjjeer att the 
Court of his ma'"'' to be holden att Plymouth aforsaid the first Tusday in July 
next, and not depart the said Court without lycence ; that then, &d. 

Israeli Woodcocke, of Rehoboth, planter, stands bound vnto Rebeckah 
Littlefeild in the penall suiiie of thirty pound. 

John Woodcocke, of the same place, in the penall suiiie of thirty pounds. 

The condition, that wheras the said Rebeckah Littlefeild hath accused the Since this bond 
said Israeli Woodcocke that hee hath begotten her with child, in reference ,i,ereis(,no,her 
whervnto the Court haue seen cause to award the said Israeli Woodcocke to Passed vnder 

hand & scale, 

pay vnto the said Rebeckah Littlefeild or her order the sume of two shillings soe that this is 
a weeke, &d. If, therfore, the said Israeli Woodcocke doe pay the said suine "" 
of two shillings a weeke towards the keeping of the child shee the said Little- 
feild goes with, according to specue and time as in the order of Court con- 
voi,. v. 21 


] (J 7 4-5. corning the the same is expressed, that then the abouc ■written obligation to be 
"~ ^ ~^ void aud of none effect, or otherwise to rcmaine in force and vertnc. 

' *March Court, 1674. Vpon the petition of the propriators of the Luids 

Gou". att Saconett, and places adjacent, the Court hath graunted vnto the said pro- 
[ 11 •^■] priators, or the major pte of them, as a towneshipp, to make such actes and 
orders as shalbe needfuU or convenient for the welbeing, settleing, and ordering 
of the said place or plantation, and especially for the settleing of such a society 
there as may be instruraentall for the mannageiug and carrying on of the ■wor- 
ship of God, and matters in the coiiionwcalth. 

February the 13'^ 1672. Wheras I, Walter Hatch, makeing my ad- 
dresse to the coiiiittee that is impowered by the Court to lay out lands att 
Scittuate for my due on that accoumpt, although I could not satisfj-^ them that 
my condition came vndcr the ^sent comission, yett some of them doe conceiue 
that I haue as good right to an alotment as some other that is alowed an alotc- 
ment by the comittee. 


The Court, haucing heard and considered his complaint, doe not see 
reason and just cause for the complaint, and therfore doe order that Walter 
Hatch doe repake the damage of the coiiiittee, by bearing the charges of theire 
attendance about this matter. 

In reference to the petition of Mistris Gray, of Yarmouth, respecting her 
low condition, and that it doth appeer that the estate is more indebted than it 
is able to satisfy, this Comt, in respect to her pscnt nessesitie, doe order JI' 
Hinckley to sett out some few pticulars, as boding, and some other nesscsa- 
rics, to be disposed to her by him for her psent releiffe, soe that it exceed not 
abouc 20". 
RelcMcd. Nathaniell Hall, of Yarmouth, weaucr, acknowlidgcth to 

_ . , .30 : 00 

owe vnto our soil lord the Kinge the sume ot 

The condition, that if the said Nathaniell Hall be of good bchauior 

towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his Icich people, and a]ipcer att the 

Court of his ma''° to be holden att I'lymouth aforsaid the first Tusday in July 

next, to make further answarc to such intergatorics as shalbe made to him 

respecting his P-senlment ; tliat then, &c'. 


John C'owiu, of Scittuato, acknowllcloreth to owe vnto our 1 '1 1 (! 7 4-.'). 

-. _ 120:00 ._ _. 

soQ lord the Kinste the sunie of I ' 

' 1 Miirch. 

The condition, that if the said John Cowine be oft' the peace towards our -\y,^.s]„„. 
soil lord the Kinge and all his leich people, and in speciall towards Ensigne t""'-"- 
John Williams, of Scittuate aforsaid, whome hee lately assaulted and abu- 
siuely wounded ; and that hee, the said Cowine, doe psonally appeer att the 
Coui-t of his ma"" the last Tusday in October next, and not depart the said 
Court without lycence ; that then, &5. 

John ISIatthewes, of Yarmouth, for diuers filthy, flagicious, and abseane 
expressions by him spoken, was sentanced to pay a fine of fine pounds or to 
be publickly whipt. 

Nathaniel Soule, for lying with an Indian woman, was ccntanced to be 
•whipt att the post, which accordingly was inflicted ; likewise, the woman was 
publickly whipt att the post for this fiict. 

And the said Soule is ordered by the Coiut to paye ten bushells of 
Indian corne to the said Indian woman towards the keeping of the child. 

*Att the Court of Election held for this GoiCment att Plj/mouth, for 16 7 5. 
the Jurisdiction of JVew Plymouth, the first Day of June, Anno 

Dom 1675. 

^ ^ .y 


i,.>. ji, o^ ^^i»^ ^j ^,„.^^, ....,, 

1 June. 


Before Josiah Wiuslow, Esqui"' 


John Freeman, 

John Alden, 

Constant Southworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

James Browne, and 

Thomas Hinckley 

James Cudworth, 



XOSIAII WINSLOW, ESQK, was chosen GoQ, and sworne. 

^ John Alden, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Thomas Hinckley, 

John rreeman, j were chosen Assistants, and sworne. 

Constant Southworth, 

James Browaie, and 

James Cudworth, 

Josiah Winslow, Es^, GoQ, and ^l^ Thomas Hinckley, were chosen 
CoiTiissioners for this following yecr. 





Cap? Bradford the next in nomination. 

M"' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

The Names of the Celect Men in each Towne of this GoQment. 

'Leit't Morton, 
AViliam Crow, 
Serjeant Wiliam Harlow, 
M^ Wiltam Clarke, 
[ Ephraim Tiukham. 
M'^ Samuell Sabcrry, 
Benjamlue Bartlett, 
Wiliam Paybody. 
John Damman, 
Jeremiah Hatch, 
John Cushen. 
r Wiliam Swift, 
J Steucn SkifFe, 
{^Thomas Tupper, Juni'. 
Richard Williams, 
Walter Dean, 
Wiliam Harvey, 
Lellt Slacey, 
John Tisdall, Seni^ 
'Captainc Howes, 
M'' Edmond Hawes, 
John INIiller, 
John Thachcr, 
Edward Sturgis, Seni^ 
( Lcif? Lay thorpo, 
I M'' Barnabas Laythorpe, 
I M' Thomas Iluckens. 
f M' John Bourne, 

Wiliam foard, Seni"", 
I M' Nathaniel Thomas, 
f jSI'' Stephen Paine, Seni"", 
I Leilt Peter Hunt, 
1 Ensigue Smith, 
f Nicholas Snow, 
J Jonathan Sparrow. 
ISlarkc Snow. 








f Lcift Haward, 1 (I 7 ."). 

Bridgwater, J John Willis, ' ^^ ' 


Dartmouth, \ Aither Hathewey, 

I James Shaw. 

(W Francis Combe, 

Middleberry, .j John Tompson, 

Jonathan Dunham. 

John Carey. ^ w.nslow, 

John AlHn, Seni--, Gou». 

Samuell Luther, 
Hugh Cole. 
CJohn Cooke, 

*The Names of the Deputies that serued att this Coiut and the seuerall [*115.] 

Adjournments therof. 

Leift ^Morton, M' Barnabas Laythorpe, 

Sarjeant Harlow, Ensigne Eames, 

M"' Josiah Standish, Anthony Snow, 

Wiliam Paybody, Ensigne Smith, 

John Daman, M' Daniell Smith, 

Jeremiah Hatch, Jonathan Sparrow, 

Thomas Tupper, Marke Snow, 

Lelfl Gorge Macye, John "WiUis, 

"Willram Harvey, Hugh Cole, 

M' Edmond Hawes, John Cooke, 

Capt Thomas Howes, John Tompson. 
^I'' Huckcns, 

The Constables of the seuerall Towues within this GoQment. 

Plymouth, Jabez Howland. 

Duxburrow, Wiliam Brewster. 

f Joseph Siluester, 

Scitt, \ ^ 

[ Joseph AVhite. ' 

Sandw, Benjamiue Hamond. 

("James Tisdall, 

Taunton, i 

[ ihomas Dean. 

Yarmouth, Nathaniel Bassett. 

Barnstable, John Finney, Seni"'. 

[Thomas Doged, 

Marshieild, < 

I John Rouse, Juni"". 


1G7 5. ^, , , fNathanlell Cooper, 

.„ ^ _, Eeliobotli, -j ^ ^ 

~ ^ ~ I John Miller, Juni"'. 

1 June. 

Win-slow Eastliam, Joshua Banges. 

<5°"''- Bridgwater, "Wiliam Brett, Juni'. 

Swausey, Hezekiah Luther. 

Dartmouth, John Russell, Seni^ 

Middleberry, Gorge Yaughan. 

The Grand Enquest. 

John Cushen, John Butterworth, 

Wiliam Crocker, Thomas Gibbs, Juni'', 

Phillip Dellano, Samuell Williams, 

Ancb-ew Ringe, Joseph Hall, 

Wiliam Brookes, Nathaniel Winslow, 

John Wadsworth, James Gorum, 

Joseph Howland, Jacob Biu-ge, 

Joseph Aldin, John INIayo, 

Joseph Wilbore, John Sawyer, 

Andrew Hallott, John Titus, 

Wiliam Sabin, John Nelson. 

The Sui-yeyors of the Highwayes. 

(Joseph Warren, 
Samuell Dunham, 
j John Doten, 
^ Robert Ransom. 

I John Rogers, Seni"', 
Joseph Wadsworth, 
Joseph Rogers. 
i Moses Symons, 
Charles Stockbridg, 
Richard Dwelley. 
f Thomas Gibbs, 
\ Wiliam Newland. 

„ fJohn Turner, 

Taunton, i 

[John Bryant. 

f Wiliam Eldred, 

^"■""'^'' jjohnWhilden. 

.'John Dauis, 

Barnsta, •! _^ „ u- , , 

imuoll JimcKlev 



f Jonathan WinsloM', 

Marsliicild, \ _, 

[ Samucll Spraguc. 

r Gorge Kendciicke, 

\Wiliam Carpenter. 

r Robert Vixen, 

Eastham, < 

(^Henery Atkins. 

C Robert Jones, 

Swansey, i t i i 

[John 1 huibiuTow. 

fObadiah Eedey, 

Middlebcrrv, U , .. 

[John Morton. 

*Att this Court three natiues were araigncd, vizij, Tobias, & "Wampa- 
paum, and Mattushamama, for that being acused, that they did ivith 
joynt consent, vpon the 2Q of January, anno 1GT4, att a phace called 
Assowamsett Pond, wilfully and of sett pui'jjose, and of mallice fore 
thought, and by force and amies, murder John Sassamon, an other Indian, 
by laying violent hands ou liim and striking him, or twisting his necke, 
viitill bee was dead ; and to hide and conceale this tlieire said miu'der, att 
the time and place aforsaid, chd cast his dead body through a hole of the 
iyce into the said pond. 

These, being examined, deneyed the fact, and put theraselues on tryall 
by God and the couutrey, and were found guilty. 


The Verdict of the Jury giuen into the Court in the words follo^\-inge. 

Wee, of the jury, one and all, both English and Indians, doe joyntly 
and with one consent agree vpon a verdict : that Tobias, and liis son "Wampa- 
paquan, and jSIattashunnamo, the Indians, whoe are the prisoners, are guilty 
of the blood of John Sassamon, and were the murderei-s of him, according to 
ths bill of inditement. 

The verdict of the jury being accepted by the Court, the sentance of 
death was pronounced against them, the said Tobias, and "Wampapaquan his 
son, Mattashanamo, vi^' : to be carryed from the place of tryall to the prison 
Irom whence they came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there 
to be hanged by the head vutill theire bodies are dead ; and accordingly was 
executed, the 8"'' of June, 1675, on the said Tobias and Mattashunannamo ; 
but the said "Wampapaquan, on some considerations, was repriucd vntill a 
month be expired from this ^sent date ; 

But afterwards shott to death within the said mouth. 




The Names of the Jurv that -went on this TrvalL 

torney entered 
cauiot that the 
estates of the 
prisoner, both 
of lands and 
goods, both 
prsonall and 
reall, might be 
secured accord- 

AViliam Sabine, 
Wiliam Crocker, 
Edward Sturgis, 
Wiliam Brookes, 
Nathaniel "Wiuslow. 
John Wadsworth, 

Andrew Eiuge, 
Robert Vixon, 
John Done, 
Jonathan Banges, 
Jonathan Shaw, 
Benjaniine Higgins. 

20' was allowed 
to Edward 
Sturgis for his 
attendance att 
the Court on 


It was judged very expedient by the Court, that together with this Eng- 
lish jiuy aboue named, some of the most indifFerentest, grauest, and sage 
Indians should be admitted to be with the said jury, and to healp to consult 
and aduice with, of, and concerning the premises. There names are as fol- 
loweth, vi2^ : one called by anr/ Enlish name, Hope, and Maskippague, 
Wanuoo, Gorge, Wampye, and Acanootus ; these fully concurred -with the 
aboue written jury in theire verdict. 

Edward Sturgis, Seni'', of Yarmouth, complained att this Court against 

Thomas Baxter and Joseph Egleston, on suspision of theire entering his 

house on the Lords day, about the eleauenth of ApriU last past, and theire 

breaking open a lock, and tooke and lett out some quantitie of sackc, and 

alsoe opened other lockes, and tooke out to the valine of three pounds of 

siluer mouy of seuerall coynes ; altho the Court are not soe fully & cleared 

satisfyed about the truth of this accusation, notwithstanding doe see cause to 

requir of bonds for theire good bchauior vntill the next October Court. 

Thomas Baxter, bricklayer, principle, acknowlidgcth tol 

. _ 1- :20 : 00 

owe vnto otu- soii lord the Kinge the sume of . . . . j 

Joseph Eglestonc, labourer, surety, the suiiic of . . . . 20 : 00 
The condition, that if the said Thomas Baxter be of good behauior 
towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his Icich people, and appecr att the 
Court of his ma"« the to be holdcn att Plymouth on the last Tusday in Octo- 
ber next, and not depart the said Court without lycencc ; that then, &S. 
Joseph Egleston, labourer, principle, acknowlidgth to owe' 
vnto our soil lord the Kinge fhc suine of ... . 

Thomas Baxter, surety, the suiiic of 20 : 00 

The condition, that if the said Joseph Egleston be of good behauior 
towards our soQ lord the Kinge and all his leich people, and appcer att the 
Court of his ma'''^ to be liolden att riymouth the last Tusday in Octolirr next, 
and not dejjart tlie said Cimrt witliout lycence ; that then, &(?. 

•Att this Coiut John AVoodcocke appccrcd and Jolin l.ittk'feild, impow- 


COUllT OllDEllS. 169 

ercd from liis dauglitcr, wliou engaged to ajipetT att the Court to be held alt 1 (J 7 .">. 
Plymouth iu July next, and to briugc the bond witli him, and to attend the ""^ ' ^ 
hearing of the case between Israeli Woodcocke and Rcbecka Littlefeild, and -\vr,^,^,„^^. 
to abide the judgment of the Court concerning the same. ^°""- 

Nathaniell Hall, of Yarmouth, for vnciuill Tvords and carryages towards 
Elizabeth Berry, and alsoe for giueing writings to the said EKzabeth Berry to 
intice her, altho hee had a wife of his owne, was centanced by the Court to 
pay a fine of fine pounds to the vse of the coUonie or be publickly whipt. 

Jolin Arther, Mathew Boomer, and Jolm Leyton, being sumoned to the 
Comt to answare for theire residing in the goQment without order, and not 
attending the publicke worship of God, liueing lonely and in a heathenish 
way from good societic, this Court ordereth, that they for the future shall fre- 
quent the publicke worship of ^ , and line otherwise orderly, or that they 
depart the goQmcnt 

In like manor, Elias Williams, being sumoned for coming into the goQ- 
meut and not applying himselfe for libertie according to order, hee saying that 
hee is intended for England, the Court giues him libertie vntill the next Octo- 
ber Court to be holden att Plymouth to remaine where he is, and then to 
depart the goQment ; which incase hee neglect, the Court will see cause to 
remoue him out of the collouie. 

Wiliam Wood, of Marshfeild, for speaking contemptuously of il"^ Arnold 
on the Lords day, in February last, as appeers by the euidence, was centanced 
by the Court to sitt in the stockcs two houres the next training day att 

Robert Crosman, Seni'', of Taunton, for abusing the constable in the exe- 
cution of his office by throwing a sticke att liini, and drawing his knife and 
saying hee could afford to stabb him, was fined the suiiic of i'ortv shillings to 
the vse of the collonie. 

Thomas Lucas, for being distempered with drinke, it being see oftens, 
and that hee hath borne seuerall pticular punishments gradually, and can not 
be reclaimed, it was ordered con erning him, that all that sell drinke be 
stricktly ordered and prohibited to lett him haue none. 

James Biu-t, of Taunton, for being distempered with drinke the second 
time, was fined ten shillings, according to law, to the vse of the collonie. 

In answare to a petition prefered to the Court by Benjamine Iliggens, in 
the right of his father, deceased, to be accoiiiodated with land att Saconett with 
the ptcnors and servants there, the Court, generally conceiueing that the said "" 
Richard Higgcns had wronge in that hee was not accomodated in the said land 
with the rest, seuerall of the ptcnors, being ^scnt, did engage before the Comt, 




1 () 7 ."), that incase the petitioner shall and doc make his adrcsse to the rest of the 
compauic interested in those lands, that they ■\\ill pswadc them, that altho hee 
can not he supplyed out of the deuided lauds of it, that hee may he compe- 
tently snpplycd in the vndeiiided lands therof. 

In answare to the petition of Richard Wright, requesting land in the 
right of Peter ^laycocke, sointinies a servant in this collonie, the Coiut sees 
noe right appeering by ^•crtue of his clalmc ; but as hee hath bin an ancient 
inh.ibitant, and hath not bin much considered, and appeers to stand in need, 
haucing children that may imploy land, the Court saicth, if hee can find out 
land that is free and may be grauuted, the Court will, vjion intelligence giueu 
them, consider him according to his condition. 

An Order directed to the Coiiiittee of Scittuate. 
Gentlemen : John Daman hath complained that you gaue him fifty acrees 
of land, and vpon a suggestion that hee had land on that accoumpt before, 
you drew backe, notwithstanding hee appeered in a list from the Court to be 
one laud was promised to j and therfore wee request and thinkc indeed hee 
ought to be considered, and desire you would soe doe. 

"Wheras the townes of Taunton and Swansey hauc complained that the 
towne of Rehoboth, haueing run theire line, non of those townes being p>sent, 
and soe being theire owne caruers, they haue reason to feare the said line is 
much to theire predjudice, and alsoe that Rehoboth bounds are yett imperfect 
and can not by them be certainly knowne, this Court doth therfore order, that 
the said lines between them and the comjjlaining townes be run againe ac- 
cording to graunt of Court between this and October Court next, and that the 
said adjoyning townes haue seasonable notice of the time of theire docing it, 
that they may haue further satisfaction improueing some of theire ^ , to see 
it fairly settled, 
lis.] *In reference to a petition prcfercd to the Court l)y John Howlaud, John 

Tracye, Josiah Standish, Edward Southworth, Joseph Howlaud, Dauid Aldin, 
and Jabez Howland, requesting a supply of land according vnto and by vertue 
of a Court order which ingageth land to children heer borne and brought vp 
before strangers, the Coiu't haue ordered, that the lantis yett vndisposed of 
shalbe viewed, and that such of the ancient . freemen as haue not bin yett 
accoinodated may be supplyed in tlie first place, and aftcr^^•ard tlic petitioners 
to be supplyed. 

Att this Court, Nathaniel Morton requested the Court to haue libertic to 
seek out for some accoiiiodation of land for hlmselfc and in the behalfe of the 
posteritie of his brother, John Morton, deceased, as being dccended of M' 


(iorge ISIorton, tleccased, and in reference to his place as being one tliat liatli 
serued the conntry this many yeers, the Court haucing considered liis prede- 
cessor, M' Nathaniel Souther, with a considerable tract on that accoumpt, tlie 
Coint ordered, that hee bee considered with such freemen as arc abouenamed 
that may make theire adi-esses to the Court for a supply. 

Wheras att a former request and petition of the towne of Taunton, the 
Court orders, that the line betwixt them and Bridgwater might be run, which 
notwithstanding hath bin hithelto neglected, and that now the towne of Bridg- 
water hath petitioned the Court that the said line may now be run, this Conrt 
now ordereth, that the line be run according to theire graunt between this 
Court of his ma'"'^' to be holden att Plymouth the first Tusday in July next, 
and that notice be giucn to the Treasiu-er and the time intended, hee being 
appointed and requested by the Court to assist therin. 

The Couit haue graunted vnto ^M"^ John Holmes, teacher of the church 
of Christ att Duxburrow, and vnto ^1'' John Smith, teacher of the church of 
Christ att Sandwich, — to M'' Holmes in the right of his father, and to the 
said M' Smith for his accoiiiodation, — a certaine tract of land att Pinquine 
Hole, that is to say, the land of Charles the Indian, bounded on the northsyde 
bv the lands of yi" Josiah Standish, and Pinquine Hole Riuer on the south, 
bv the sea on the Mest, and soe extending into the woods ; to be equally 
(leuided betwixt them in equall and alike proportions, they purchasing it of 
the Indians. 

In reference vnto a difference between some of the purchasers and Wilianr 
Xicarson about title of lands att Mannamoictt, exhibited to the Coiu-t, the one 
bv his petition and the other by theire remonstrance, giuen into the Coiu-t by 
Thomas Clarke and Jonathan Banges in the behalfe of seuerall others, the 
Court haue ajipointed M"^ Hinckley, M"" Gorum, and Jonathan Sparrow to sett 
the bounds of theire lauds between them, according to the Courts graunt, vnto 
the freemen that haue interest with the said Nicarson therin ; and that they 
take speciall regard that they leaue noe vacant lands between theire inhabited 
lands and the sea or M'ater ; and if M'' Hinckley can not attend it, then Cap- 
tainc Howes to supply his place in it. 

And wheras Willam Nicarson requesteth that their naighborhood att 
jMannamoiett may be allowed to be a towushipp, the Court conceiues they are 
not in a capassitie att psent to manage the affaires of a towne, and therfore 
for the psent allow them to haue a dcputie, constable and a grandjurymen, 
which shalbo chosen by the towne of Easthanr together with thcmselues. and 
in all other respects to remaine and relate vnto the towne of Ivisthum for 
bearing theire pte of all other charge, as was settled the last June Coin-t. 


1 G 7 5. Lclft ^lorton and Francis Combe are ordered by the Comt to lav out a 

psell of land belonging to the successors of M"' Prence, deceased, Iving att 

1 Juno. 

Wixsi.ow Xamassakett, -wlioe are to doe it according to the Courts graunt. 

^o^'"- Jonathan Iliggens is alowed and approued by the Court to be cnsigne 

bearer of the niilletary companie of Eastham. 

Leiftenant Hunt, Ensigne Smith, and jNI"' Daniel! Smith arc appointed 
and authorised by the Court to take some pseut care of the estate of il'' 
"Wiliam Blackston, deceased, and off his son now left by him, and to sec that 
the next Court hee doe propose a man to the Court to be his guardian ; whicli 
incase hee doe neglect, the Court will then see cause to make cholse of one 
for him. 

In reference vnto the petition of Mistris Eli/abeth Tilden, ^herin shee 
desires the Court to consider her soe as to order her some rcleife out of the 
estate in her hands for the bringing vp of three of her children, the Court, 
takeing it into serious consideration, doe alow her out of the estate in her 
hands twenty pounds for the two last yeers. 
[*119.] *The Court doth alow the suiiic of ten pounds, boides what is due from 

Joseph Barstow, for and towards the building of a bridge for foot and horse 
oner the North Riuer, which bridge is to be parrelell for strength and -workc- 
manshipp vnto the bridge att the Eekiuer. 

M'' Thomas Dexter and Thomas Tupper are appointed by the Court to 
gather in the minnestcrs niaintainance att Sandwich. 

Wheras tlie Court is informed, that one whose name is John Steucnson, 
son in law to M"' "\Mllam Blackstone, late deceased, was very healpfuU to his 
father and mother in theirc life time, without whome they could not haue sub- 
sisted, as to a good hcalp and instrument therof, and that hee is now left in 
a low and mean condition, and ncuer was in any measure reconrpenced for his 
good seruicc aforsaid, and that, as is said att least, his father in law ingaged 
to his mother att his marriage with her, that hee should be considered \\ ith a 
competcncye of land out of the said Blackstoncs land hee then lined on, which 
hath ncuer bin yett pformed j and forasmuch as the psonall estate of the said 
Wiliam Blackston is soe smale and inconsiderable as that hee, the said Ste- 
uenson, can not be relieued out of it ; this Court, therforc, on consideration of 
the pimises, doe order and dispose of fifty acrees of land vnto the said .John 
Steuenson out of the lands of the said Wiliam Blackstone, and fiuc acrees of 
mcddow, to be layed out to him by Ensigne lleuery Smith, il' Daniell Smith, 
and M"' Nathaniel Paine, accordingly as they shall judge meet, soe as it may 
be most coiiiodious to him and as little prejudicial! to the .seat of ^l' ^^ iliani 
Blackstone as uiav be. 


Couceniiiig S;icoiiosst>tt, in reference to abuses of the Lords day, for the 
bringing of those misdemenors to light, it is ordered by the Court, — 

That Barnstable choose one of theirc grandjurymen out of the inhabitants 
of Saconest. 

The suiTie of thirty flue shillings is allowed by the Court vnto John 
Woodcocke, to be payed to him by John Littlefeild for charges of him and 
his daughters attendance att the Court to giue testimony in reference to the 
controversy between Israeli Woodcocke and Ecbeckah Littlefeild. 

Serje : Ephraim Tinkham, for coming into the Court druuke, fined forty 

Samuell Wood, for coiiiitting carnall coppulation with 

his now wife before marriage, fined , 

*Att a meeting of the councell of warr for this jurisdiction, held att I'lym- [*120.] 
outh, the fourth day of August, 1675, — 

In reference vnto a companie of natiues now in costodv, brought in to 
riymouth, being men, weomcn, and children, in number one hundred and 
tweluc, vpon seriouse and deliberate consideration and agitation conserning 
them, the conclusion is as followeth : that ■\\heras, vpon examination, it is 
found that seuerall of them haue bine actors in the late rising and warr of the 
Indians against vs, and the rest complyei's with them therin, which they haue 
done contrary to engagement and couenant made and plighted with this col- 
Ionic, which they haue pfidiously broken, as appeereth further alsoe in that 
they did not discouer that pnisious plott which Phillip, with others, completed 
against vs, which hath caused the destruction of seuerall of vs, bv losse of 
Hues and estates, and still held in danger th^rby, the |?mises considered as afor- 
said, the councell adjudged them to be sold, and deuoted vnto servitude, ex- 
cepting some few of them, which, vpou speciall consideration, are to be other- 
wise disposed of, and the Treasurer is appointed by the councell to make sale 
of them in the countryes behalfc. 

Forasmuch as by frequent and sad experience it is found, that selling, &c'. This law is 
of amies and ainunition to the Indians is very pnisious and destructive to the confcinned 
English, it is thcrforc ordered, decreed, and enacted bv the councell of warr I'y "'^ Reneml 

• Court. Nimom 

for this jurisdiction, that whosocuer shalbe found to sell, barter, or giue, di- the 4. 1G76. 
rertly or indirectly, any gun or guns, or aiiiunition of any kind, to any Indian 
oi- Indians, and the same legally proued against them, euery such pson or 
p ou'^ shalbe put to death, and in defect of full and legall profFe there, the 
liinted hiw to take place. 

The councell of warr did vnanimously impnwer our honored (ion'', 
to:fefhi'r witli such of the rouncell as can i-rddilv gine him moefing, being 


ncare to him, to dismisse and require our forces home againe, as occation may 

The couucell of ^varr doe impower Serjeant John Tompson and Lciftcn- 
ant Joseph Ilowhind, to keep the Indian prisoners now att Plymouth, and doe 
allow them two shillinges and sixpence for euery day and night, for cucrv man 
that is or shalbe imployed in this psent seruicc. 

The councell of warr for this jui-isdiction, being mctt together att Plym- 
outh the second of September, 1675, to consider of a certaine psell of Indians 
lately come in to Sandwich in a submissiue way to this collonie, doe find, that 
thev are in the same condition of rebellion as those formerly condemned to 
seruitude, and doe vnanimously agree that the said Indians, being in number 
fifty-seauen, are condemned vnto ppetuall servitude, and therfore doc heerby 
order and appointe the Treasurer to make sale of them, for and to tlie vse of 
the collonie, as oppertnnity may p.^ent. 

[*I21.] *Ileceiued this -l''' of July, 1671, of my father in law, John Cowin, of 

Scittuate, the suiiie of fine pounds, and is full satisfaction for my portion 
allowed mee out of my father, Richard ]\Ians estate, by the honored Court of 
New Plymouth ; I say receiued by mee. 

Witnessed by James C'udworth. 

Receiued this 30"' of October, of my father in law Cowin, fine poinids, 
for the vse of Joslah Man, which hee was to hauc, by the Court order, of his 
father Cowine ; wee owne it receiued by vs, Thomas ^lan and Richard INIan, as 
witnes wherof wee haue heervnto sett oui- hands. 

The marke of R RICHARD MAN. 
Timothy White, 
Thomas Pinchen. 

Oftheordcrof Receiued, tlie seauouth of Juno, 1()7;3, of mv father in law. John Cowin, 

Court hecr in- 
timated in one red horse, and is in full satisfai-tion for fiuc; poiuids, wliich the Court or- 

soe" in thU '^ dercd him the said Cowin to piy nice as a portion determined by the Court 

b..uki. in tl.o for „ice out of mv father, Richard Mans estate ; I sav I liaue reeeiued the 

y.-er in July, . ' , . " 

k;;!. said horse, in f\dl satisfaction for llie said portion of fiui- ])ounds. In witnes 

wherof, I hauc heervnto sett my hand. 

The marke of R PJCllAKD MAN. 
Witnessed bv James Cudworth. 


*Jltt the Gcncndl Court of his Ma'" held att Plymouth, fur the Ju- \ (i 7 .'). 
risdiction of ./\'eici Plyinoufh, on the 4"' of October, 1675. "~ ^ ' 

4 October. 


"l^yAJOR JA:MES CUDWORTII was vnaiiimously chosen and recstab- «»""• 
i-'JL lished in the office of a gcucrall or comaundcr in cheiffc, to take the L ] 

charge off our forces that are or may be sent fortli in the behalfe of the col- 
lonie against the enimie, as occatiou may require. 

And Serjeant Robert Barker to be his leiftenant of his pticuLirc comiianie. 

Capt John Gorum to be captaine of the other companie, and Ensignc 
Jonathan Sparrow to be his leiftenant. 

Leit"t John Browne is appointed and inipowercd by the Court to be capt 
of the gaurd att Blount Hope. 

Gcncrall Cudworth, INI'' Constant Southworth, Capt Freeman, M'" Lay- 
thorp, and INP Chcttenden Avcre appointed to be a comittee in the behalfe of 
the country, to take an accoumpt of the charges arising by this ^sent warr. 

It is ordered by the Court, that tnenty fine men, well prouided with 
armes and aiiiunition, be pressed to be and lye in garrison att Mount Hope, 
and that the souldiers that are there att ^scnt be forthwith released. 

]M'' Thomas Huckens Avas chosen coinissary generall of the forces of this 

In reference vnto such emergent charges that haue fiillen on our honored 
Gou'' the summer past, the Court haue settled and confered on him the prise 
of ten Indians, of those salvages lately transported out of the gou''ment. 

The proportions of the salleries allowed by the Court to the coiiiaunders 
and coiiion souldiers which haue bin forth on the- late expeditions out of this 
eoUonie against the Indians, or may be for the future imploycd on the coun- 
trycs qccations : — 

Imp'', to the generall, 06 : a day. 

To a captaine, 05 : a day. 

To a leift, Oi : 00 a day. 

To Capt jNIathew Fuller, as surjean generall of the 
forces of this collonie, and for other good service, 
pformed in the covmtrycs behalfe against the eni- 
mie, in the late expeditions, or which may be done 
for the future, as occation may require, the Court | 
alloweth him J 

To the capt of the gaurd att Mount Hope, . . . 04 : 00 a day. 

!> i : 00 a day. 


To an cusigne, Oo : 00 a day. 

To a couiissary gcncrall, 04 : 00 a day. 

To a Serjeant, 02 : 06 a day. 

To a corpoiall, 02 : 00 a day. 

To a coiiion souldicr, 01 : 06 a day. 

The jjroportions of the souldiers to be pressed out of each townc of this 
jurisdiction, to goe forth as occation may require : — 

To the garisou att ilouut Hope, 
to be subtracted out of them. 

Plymouth, . . 

. . 15 

Duxburrow, . . 

. . 08 

Scittuate, . . . 

. . 23 


. . 16 

Taunton, . . . 

. . 20 

Yarmouth, . 

. . 1.5 

Barnstable, . . 

. . 16 

.... 3 

Marshfeild, .... 13 2 

Rehoboth, .... 15 2 

Eastham, 08 2 157 

Bridgwater, .... 08 1 025 

157 25 182 

Mcmorand : that the Court proclaimed a sollemnc day of humilliatiou, to 
be obserucd by fasting and prayer, which was obserucd by theire order, on the 
14"^ of October, 1675, throughout this jurisdiction, to humble oiu- soulcs, and 
seeke and begg the Lords healp in our ^sent troubles, by reason of the In- 
dians, theire psisting on in thcu'C hostillitie and bai-barous cre-weltie and out- 
rage against the English. 
[*123.] *October 4, 1675. It is ordered by the Court, that it shall and may be 

lawful! to and for any of the coiiiissiou officers and souldiers in any of our 
townshipes, with tlic advice of theire towne counccll, if oppertunitie serue to 
consult them, or without, if the psent exegonay of an advantage against an 
enimie present, to prosecute the Avarr against them, tho it should be without the 
respectiue townshipps, as if such officers had a pticulare coiiiissiou thervnto. 

It is ordered by the Court, that during the time of publicke danger, eveiy 
one that comes to the meeting on the Lords day bring his arinos with him, and 
furnished with att least six charges of powder and shutt, vntill I'urtlur order 
shall be giueii, vnder tlie iienaltic of 2' for CLieiy such defect, to be leiiled by 


dcstrcsse, by the couj-tuble, by order of ;iny of the coiTiission officers, for the 
towiics vse. 

It is ordered by tlio ( 'ourt, that Mhosoeucr shall slioot of any gun on any 
nessesaric occation, or att any game whatsoeuer, except att an Indian or a 
woolfe, shall forfeitefiue shillings for euery such shott, till further libcrtie shal- 
bc giuen. 

This Court, takeing into theire serious consideration the trcmendus dis- 
pensations of God towards the people of Dartmouth, in suffering the barborus 
heathen to spoile and destroy most of theii-e habitations, the enimie being 
greatly advantaged thervnto by theire scattered way of lluciug, doe therfore or- 
der, that in the rebuilding or resettleing therof, that they soe order it as to Hue 
compact together, att least in each village, as they may be in a capassitie both 
to defend themselues from the assault of an enimie, and the better to attend the 
publicke worship of God, and minnestry of the word of God, whose careles- 
nes to obtaine and attend vnto, wee fear, may haue biuc a prouocation of God 
thus to chastise theire contempt of his gospell, which wee earnestly desire the 
people of that place may seriously consider off, lay to hart, and be humbled for, 
with a sollisitus indeaiior after a reformation therof by a vigorous puting forth 
to obtaine an able, faithful! dispenser of the word of God amongst them, and 
to incurrage him therin, the neglect AA'herof this Coiat as they must not, and, 
God willing, they will not pmitt for the future. 

Alsoe this Court doth order, that the people of iliddleberry doe attend 
the Kke course in theire rebuilding and resettleing, as is ordered for Dartmouth. 

And that none shall for the futiu-e erect any house or cottage without spe- 
ciall lycence giiieu him, in anyplace soe farr remote from the publicke worship 
of God as that they can not comfortable attend the same. 

This Court, being informed of the low condition of Apthya, the relict of 
John Knowles, of Eastham, whoe was lately slayne in the coUonics scruice, 
towards the releiffe and support of the said widdoAV and her children, haue 
ordered to receiue ten pounds out of the proffitts of the fishing att Capo 
Codd, whcrof fine pounds to be payed to her this yeir, and the other fine the 
next veer. 

The Court haue alsoe ordered ten pounds to be alo\\ed to Ester, the wid- 
dow of Samuell Sampson, of Duxburrow, whose husband was alsoe slavne in 
the countryes seruice, to l)e payed fine pounds this yoer and fine pounds the 
next yeer, towards the suj)port of hcrsclfe and children. 

.\tt this Coiut, seuer.all Indians of the principall or heads of seuerall 
places of the southeren Indians, appeered before the Court, desirous to renew 
a former couenant plighted with this gou'ment, viaj, of Paomctt, "VVcquaahutt ; 

vol.. A'. 23 



for Xtausctt, liawraiice and Francis ; for Saquatuckett Eicliard and Little Robin ; 
for Nubscussett, Hurculus and .Sampson ; for Mannamoiett, Wasnecksuk ; for 
Wequahutt, Paule ; for INIattacheesett, Keencomsett ; for the South Sea, Ashawa- 
ham ; and for Mannomett, Pompaquin, allies Scippague ; — these for themselues 
and tlicire naighbors, and theii'e heires and successors, the Indians of the 
places aboue named did renew theire couenant with our coUonie, to rene>r 
theire fidellitie with the English, and to declare it by theire* discouery and 
deliuering vp all such strange Indians which arc cuiniies to the English, 
which shall or may att any time come amongst them, and to be reddy to doe 
such seruice as shalbe required of them in warr against our said enimies ; and 
soe continewing theire reall faithfulnes towards vs, they were assured by the Court 
that they shall find like faithfulnes and reall respect from vs on all occations. 

In answare vnto the petition of Desire Sherman, in reference vnto her 
husband, Wiliam Sherman, Juni', whoe fell destracted in the seruice of the 
country, the Court allowes vnto her the suiTie of 20", towards the releifFe of 
them and theire familie, being by reason of great charges and nessesites in 
great straightcs. 

The rates alowed for the horses prest or imployed in the expedition 
against the enimie att Mount Hope, and places adjacent, viaj : fine shillings for 
the vse of eucry horse that hath bin returned to the owner witliin one month 
after the advance on the said expedition, and 10^ p horse for all that are re- 
turned to the owner since the said month, or shalbe returned within 28 dayes 
after the date heerof, and twenty shillings for euery such horse or mare that 
shall not be returned within the said 28 dayes, vnlessc there shalbe another 
horse in steed therof deliuered within the said time. ||Att the Generall Court 
held att Plym, June, 1678, the Comt doth interpritt this order, that all such 
as had horses pressed from them for the countryes service, tho they -^^■erc not 
returned unto them within the said 28 dayes, yett if afterwards any such horse 
were found, it was to be accompted his from whom bee was pressed, vnlesse 
some other horse hath bine accepted in steed therof [| 

September the 7"^, 1676. 

To John Cooke, to be coiiiunicated to such of the former Inhabitants of 
Dartmouth as are concerned hcerin. 

The councell being now assembled, considering the reason and nesscsitie 
of that order of the Generall Court made the 14"» of October, 1675, respect- 
ing the rebuilding or rescttleing the towne of Dartmouth, a coppy whcrof is 
heerwith sent, and considering withall that all the people of that place, by 
theire deserting it, haue left it to the posession of the enimie, which, through 



the good liaiid of God on the iudeauors of this colloiiie, is now rcconered 
agaiue out of the enimies hand, doe soe much the more looke att it as a duty 
Sncombent on this co\mcell to see the said order effectually attended, doe ther- 
fore heerby prohibite all and eucry of the former inhabitants of the said towne 
of Dartmouth, or theire or any of theire assignes, to make any enterance on, 
building, or settleing in any pte of the said fomier towncshipp of Dartmouth, 
vntill satisfactory cecuritie be first giuen to the Court or councell by some of 
th? principall psons heertofore belonging to that place, that the said Couit 
order shall in all respects be attended by them, as the transgressors of this 
prohibition will answare the contrary att theire pill. 

1 G 7 5. 

4 October. 


.ill the Court of his Ma'" held att Plj/mouth, for the Jurisdiction 27 October. 
of .i\'eic Plymouth, the 27"' Day of October, 1675. [*l'^5.] 

Before Josiah AViii 
John Aldin, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

, Esq'', Gc 

John Freeman, 
Constant Southworth, 
James Browne, and 

.James Cud\\'orth, 

Assistants, &c^. 

IN reference vnto the dispose of the estate of Edward Cobb, of Taunton, 
deceased, the Court ordered, that his debts being payed, that ten pounds 
of the said estate be settled and allowed vnto the widdow Alary Cobb, for and 
towards the bringing vp of her smallest children, and that shee shall haue and 
injoy the one third, or one pte of three of the proflitts of the house and lands 
during her natui'all life, and the one third of his psonall estate, to haue as her 
proper right for euer, and for the remainder therofF, that the eldest son shall 
haue a dubble portion therof, and what is lefte to be equally dcuided in equall 
and alike proportions amongst the other children. 

Lres of adminncstration were graunted by the Court vnto Mary Cobb, 
widdow, to adminnestcr on the estate of Edward Cobb, deceased. 

In reference vnto the dispose of the estate of Sollomon Leanardson, of 
Bridgwater, deceased, the Court haue ordered, that such pticulars as belong to 
Samuell Leanardson, the eldest son of the said Leanardson, being firstly sett 
apart, vizj, fifty acrees of vpland, lying on the southsyde of Nunckatateesett 
Riuer, and twenty more adjoyning to it, on the northerly svde therof, and 


.675. twelue acrees lying att the towne of Bridgwater, on wliich the house standeth, 
and three lotts of meddow, containing Uvo acrees and an halfe, or thcrabouts, 
to a lott, and fifty acrees of land appertaining to John Leanardson, the second 
son of the said SoUoraon Leanardson, and all debts and dues owing to any 
from the said estate being fii-st payed, the Court doth order, settle, and distrib- 
ute the remainder as foUoweth : — 

VizJ, that Samuell Leanardson, the eldest son of the said Solloman Lean- 
ardson, shall haue a double portion, with what hee hath alrcddy recciued 
from him, of liis estate, both real and psonall, according to law, and the re- 
mainder to be equally deuldcd amongst the reste of the children in cquall and 
alike proportions, i^rouided that what any of them haue receiued of theire 
fathers estate be likewise recoued onward to them off theire ptes. 

This Court haue graunted ires of adminnestration vnto Samuell Leanard- 
son, to adminncster on the estate of Sollomon Leanardson, deceased ; and the 
Court doe request Elder Brett and M'' Samuell Edson to be supervisors and 
assistant vnto the said adminnestrator, in things proueiug difficult relateing to 
the ^mises. 

In reference vnto the dispose of the estate of Gershom Cobb, late de- 
ceased, the Court haue ordered, that John Cobb, his brother, shall adminncster 
on the said estate, and when all debts due from the same are fully payed, the 
said John Cobb, being the eldest brother of the said Gershom Cobb, shall haue 
a doubblc portion of the said estate, and then the remainder is to be deuided 
amongst the rest of M'^ Henery Cobbs children, brothers and sisters to the 
said John and Gershom Cobb, in equall and alike proportions. 

In regard that it doth appeer to the Court, that Mistris Elizabeth Tildin, 
of Scittuatc, is much straightened in the bringing vp of her children, inasmuch 
as there arc but smale incomes coming into the estate of M"' Joseph Tildin, 
deceased, the Court thcrforc doth allow vnto her the suiiie of twenty pounds 
out of the said estate, of that which is due to the cliildron, for and towards 
her healp and support, in rci'ercnce to tlie fmiscs. 

In reference to the dispose of the estate of Margarett Wells, widdow, of 
Barnstable, late deceased, the Court haue ordered, that wheras M"" John Mil- 
ler and Isackc Chapman came into the Court and claimed interest thorin, as 
being nearly related to her, that they shalbc joynt adminuestrators on the said 
estate, and when all debts and dues owing to any from the said estate are fully 
satisfycd, the remainder is settled on the said John Miller and Isacke Chap- 
man, in equall and alike proportions, and incase that any difference doe arise 
between the said adminuestrators relateing to the jPmises, this Court doth 
order, Cwitli the cnnnnnancn and fn>o clioiso likewise of tlio said adniinnestra- 


toi-s,j that ^NP Hinckley and Leifteuant Laytliorp, of Barnstable, shall hauc the 
hearing, scttleing, and determining of the same, and when the said estate comes 
to be settled, and appecrs to be clearc, that then the said admiunestrators, with 
the advise, consent, and approbation of the said jSP Hinckley and Leiftenant 
Laythorp, shall dispose some gratuities to other of the relations of the said 
Margarett Wells, to be to them as remembrances of her. 

M'" Nathaniell I'ainc and M'' Daniell Smith are appointed and approued 
by the Court to be guardians vnto John Blackston, the son of M'' Wiliam 
Blackston, deceased. 

*1G75, October. To the Coinission Officers and Councell of Barnstable. [*126.] 

This Court, considering the publickc imploy of ^P Hinckley, doe see 
reason to order that a court of gaurd or watch be kept att his house, espe- 
cially in his absence on the couutryes seruice, with such a convenient number 
as is or shalbe appointed to attend other places for the sanie end, in this time 
of coiiion danger, as hee shall see cause. 

Joscjih Burge, for liis abusing of the watch att Sandwich, by entering 
into the gaurd, and assaying to take away a gun, and beating one of the gaurd 
which opposed him therin, is fined fiuo pound, vizj, six shillings to the con- 
stable for bringing him to the Court, and ten shillings to John Dexter, the son 
of Ensigne Dexter, which was beaten as aforsaid, and fine shillings a peece to 
the said Ensigne Dexter and his son, for theire coming vp to and attending on 
the Court, on the said busines, and the remainder of the said fine pound to 
the country. !Memoranct : that seauen shillings and sixpence is abated of what 
is due to the country from the said Burgo. 

Wheras a child is lately borne of Elizabeth 'Woodward, and that shee 
accuseth Robert Stedson, Juni'', to be the father therof, of M'hich hee can not 
cleare himselfe, the Court sees cause to take securitie for the payment of what 
they judge nessesary for the keeping of the child, as followcth : — 

Robert Stetson, Juni'', and Major James Cudworth, doe stand bound vnto 
our sou'' lord the Kingc, joyntly and seucrally, in the pcnall suiiie of thirty 

The condition, that incase the said Robert Stedson doe pay or cause to be 
paved, for and towards the keeping of the child lately borne of Elizabeth 
■Woodward, two shillings a weeke, for the first three monthes, to bo payed in 
corn or mony next after the birth of the said child, aud one shilling and six 
pence a weeke, to be payed in mony or corn, vntill it attaine th(^ age of 
seauen ye(;is, if it liue soe longe, that then the abnuo written obligation to 



be ■N'oid and of noii effect, or otherwise to remaine in fnll force, strength, 
and vertue. 

Thomas Lucase, for reviling some deceased majestrates, and for being 
drunke, was sentanced to be whipt att the post, which accordingly was 

Xew Plymouth, the 20'''' of October, 1675. 

Wee, whose names arc vnderwritten, being swornc to view tlic dead body 
of John FallowcU, doe find that hee was accessary to his owne death, by wil- 
full goeing into a deep pond, called Loutt Pond, and drowned himselfe. 

5 December. 





*A[t] a Meeting of the Counccll of Warr for the Jurisdiction of New Plym- 
outh, held att ^Nlarshfeild, the sixt Day of December, 1675, — 
An order directed from the said councell to the scucrall plantations with- 
in this jurisdiction, as followcth : — 

Gentlemen Souldiers : 

The prouidcuce of God soe disposing that woe arc still exercised vnder 
the callamltle of a warr, and the councells and authoritie of the seuerall col- 
Ionics rcsolucing that there is a nessesitie of sending forth a considerable force, 
with all possible speed, it is desired and required, tliat each collonic, and cuery 
pticular townc ^scnt theire ablest and most suitable men, to be iniproued in 
that seruice, and the Gou"' and Councell of this gou'mcnt request, that oiu- peo- 
l)le in the seuerall plantations therof Mill cxprcsse theire woontcd clicarfiilnes 
and currage in ingageing therin ; and for youer incurragemcnt thervnto you 
may please to take notice, that our Gou"' is designed to haue the conduct of all 
the vnited forces, of whose pticular fiiuor and kindnes you may be well assured, 
and alsoe that speciall and effectuall care is and shall)c taken, that those that goe 


forth shall in all respects be comfortably prouided for, according to the season 1 (5 7 5. 
and scruicc, and that the lands and other proffitts of the warr, that haiie bin '^ 

obtained, or by the blessing of God shalbe gained, shalbe kept as cecuritie for r-v^ixsLow 
the souldiers pay that hane bin and shalbe improued, and shall not be sold or Go™enor.] 
disposed but to answare that end. The worPP" Cap? Bradford and Captaine 
John Gonnn are youcr pticular coinaunders. Such as cheerfully tender thcm- 
selues to the expedition, or to presse, shalbe looked vpon with singular respect. 
By order of the councell, 


It is ordered by the councell, that the milletary officers of each towne of 
this jurisdiction shall, the next day after the army marcheth forth, exercise 
the one halfe of his companie in amies ; and the next day after, the other 
halfe, and see euery day after, the one halfe each day to be in amies where 
the officers shall appoint, vntill further order. 

Wheras great damage may acrew to the collonie by the southeren Indians 
theire frec[uent resort to Plymouth, the councell liauc ordered that speedy 
notice be gluen to those Indians to come noe fiuther towards Plymouth then 
Sandwich, which shalbe theire confine, on paine of death or imprisonment. 

The coimcell of warr haue ordered and appointed ^lajor Cudworth, Cornett 
Robert Studson, and Isacke Chettenden presse masters, for the pressing of able 
andfitt men att Scittuate to goe forth on the ^sent expedition against the Indians. 

An Order directed to y'' milletary Coiiiission Officers of this Jiuisdiction, as 
Gen"° : You are heerby rec^uired to procure youcr men pressed to be in 
a reddines to march, soe as they attaine to meet att Proiiidence on the tenth 
of December next ; and in order thervnto, that they raiidcvous on the seaucnth 
of the said month att Plymouth, on the eight att Taunton, att Rehoboth on 
the 9"*, and Prouidence on the tenth as aforsaid ; and that you see that they 
be not onely able and fitt men, but alsoe well fitted with clothing nessesary for 
the season, and prouided with knapsackes and ainuiiition, according to order, 
vizj, halfe a pound of powder and 4 pound of buUctts to each man. Fayle not. 

*Att a Meeting of the Councell of Warr for the Jurisdiction of New Plym- 30 December, 
oiith, held att Ducksberry on the 30"' of December, 1675, — [*128.] 

A letter receiued from the coiiiissioners of the Vnited Collonies was 
psented and read, which occasioned the proceedings following in this page or 
on this side hcer recorded. 


1675. '-i he said Letter transcribed. 

The coiiiissioncrs, haueing had full information of the state and condition 
of the vnited forces nofl- abroad vpon the publicke seruice, and alsoe vnder- 
standing the conjunction of the enimie by riuUips coming in with his forces 
to the Narragansetts, makeiug one body with them, they doe agree and con- 
clude, that the Lord calls for speedy and vigorus procecution of the ^\-arr, by 
succuring those that are alreddy abroad with all maiior of supplyes of prouis- 
ion and auiunition, and alsoe by raiseing and sending forth new forces, doe 
therfore order, that one thousand men more be raised forth with, and euery 
way fited and prouided with all manor of prouissions and aiuunition ucssesarie 
for this expedition, to be raised in such proportions in each collonie as the 
former M'ere, imd to march to such randevous, and att such times, as shalbe 
heerafter ordcied ; and because many of the souldiers now abrod, ptely by 
wounds and ptely by the seueritie of the season, are soe farr disinabled that 
noe pseut onsett can be made vpon the grand body of the enimie, mcc doe 
order, that the geuerall doe forth^^•ith take all jiosible care to send those that 
are soe disinabled to such places as may be most convenient vntill they nuiy 
be conveyed home ; the remainder of the souldiers, that are capable of con- 
tinueing in tlic sendee, wee doc order, that they be not disbanded, but 
detained and garrisoned in places as neare adjacent to the enimie as may be, 
as shall by the generall and his counccU on the place be judged best for the 
cecuritie of the English plantations and the anoyance of the enimie. Further, 
wee coraend it to the care of the generall and his councell, that those left in 
garrison be vnder able and discreet coiiiaunders, and that from time to time 
speedy information of thelre owne state and condition, and of the enimies 
motions, and alsoe pticular and speciall advice of the time when they shall 
judge most best for the marching of the new raised forces. 
By the coiTilssioners of the United Collonies, 

Dated in Boston, December 25, 1675. 

On consideration of the contents of this letter, the councell agreed to 
procure in a rcddincs such a proportion of men as is vnderneath entered to 
be raised in eacli towne of tins jurisdiction to goe forth as aforsaid. 

30 December. 




It is ordered by the counccU of ■\\;irr for this jurisdiction, that if any 1 (1 7 .'). 
pson, henceforward, being pressed into the countryes seruice in the expedion 
against the Indians, and shall neglect or refuse to goe forth on the seruice, 
being thervnto ordered and requii'ed by authoritie, euery such pson shall for- 
feite ten pounds in raony, or the full vallue therof, to the vac of the towuc to 
which hee appertaineth ; but incase noe estate can be found of tlie said pty 
to satisfy the same, that then hee shalbe forth-v^'ith comitted and suffer impris- 
onment, soe that it exceed not six monthes. 

It is ordered by the councell of warr for this jurisdiction, that if any man, 
that is ordered by the councell where hee Hues to be pressed by the towne 
coimcell where .hee Hues to be pressed, shall leaue his owne towne and goe to 
another within this coUonie, that the constable where hee is, vpou notice giuen 
him of his absenting himselfe from the presse, that constable is required and 
shall, by vertue heerof, presse the said pson into the seruice, and forthwith 
convey him vnto the constable of tlie towne to which hee appcrtaines. 

The Proportions of the Souldiers to be raised out of each Towne of this 
Jurisdiction by Order of the Councell of Warr, as followeth. 

riymouth, .... 11 Barnstable, .... 13 

Duxburrow, .... 06 Jlarshfcild, .... 10 

Scittuate, 17 Rehobotli, 15 

Sandwich, 11 Eastham, 09 

Taunton, 13 Bridgwater, .... 07 

Yaimouth, .... 10 In all, slxscorc and two. 

*Att a Meeting of the Councell of "Warr for this Jurisdiction, held att Marsh- 
feild the 29"" Day of February, 1675, Actcs and Orders ■^^•crc made and 
concluded as followeth : — 

Wheras great damage and prejudice may acrcw vnto this jurisdiction bv 
the withdrawing of the inhabitants therof in-this time of ijublicke callamitie 
and trouble, it is therfore ordered by the councell of warr for this jurisdiction, 
that all the inhabitants seated in this goQment shall and doe abide in each 
towne of this coUonie to which hee belongs, and not depart the same on pill of 
forfeiting the whole psonall estate of each one that shall soe doe' to the coUo- 
nies vse, except it be by the speciall order or allowance of the Goii, or any 
two of the other majestrates ; and that it shalbe lawfull for any majestrate of 
this goQment, takeing notice of the intensions of any inhabitant of this coUo- 
nie to withdraw as aforsaid, to make seizure of the psons and such tlicire 

VOL. V. 24: 

r.) February. 




1675-6. estates, and to seize all such barques, boates, or carts as shalbe found to be 
imploycd in transporting of the goods of such inhabitants intended to with- 
draw as aforsaid. 

The Men appointed to be of the Towne Councell in each Towne of tliis 

Plymouth : 

Nathaniel Morton, 

Joseph "Warren, 

Josejih Howland. 
Duxburrow : 

M'' John Alden, 

M'' Constant Southworth, 

M' Josias Standish. 
Scittuate : 

Cornctt Robert Studson, 

Isacke Chettenden, 

Edward Jenkcns. 
Sandwich : 

^P Richard Bourne, 

M"^ Edmond Freeman, Ju 

Thomas Tobey, Seni''. 
Taunton : 

James AValkcr, 

"Wiliam Hai-vey, 

John Richmond. 
Yarmouth : 

M'- Edmond llawcs. 

John Miller, 
Jeremiah Howes. 

Barnstable : 

M' Thomas Hinckley, 
M"' Thomas Huckens, 
M"' Bai'nabas Laythorp. 

Marshfeild : 

Anthony Snow, 
Nathaniel Thomas, 
Nathaniel Winslow. 

Rehoboth : 

M"' Nathaniell Paine, 
M'' Nathaniel Cooper, 
M"" Daniel Smith. 

Bridgwater : 

U' "S^'iliam Brett, 
M"" Samuell Edson, 
John Willis, Sen!"". 

Eastham : 

M' John Freeman, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
Jlarke Snow. 

The said towne counccUs, together with the coiTiission officers, or the 
major ptc of the whole concurring, shall hauc po^^-cr to order all watches and 
wardings and garrisons in theire respectiuo townes, and the setting forth of 
scoutcs for the safty of the townes, and to take care that the townes stocke of 
aiiiunition, to which they belong, may be sujjplyed, and hauc power to call 
the towne together to make a rate to defray the charge thcrof as occation may 
require, and to dispose the said stocke into such places as they shall judge most 
convenient ; and whosocuer shall neglect or refuse to watch or ward, being 
required and ordered so to doc, shall forfcitc fine shillings for cuery default, 
to be k'uied by dcstresse on his estate, if hoc hauc any to answaro it ; and if 


noe estate, then to be sett necke and liceles, by order of tlic cofnission officers, 1 G75-(). 

not exceeding halfe an liourc ; and for euery neglect of pformance of tlieire 

4uty in watching or warding one lioure after the time appointed to sett it, to 

be fined one shilling ; and after the first houre expired, the captaine of the 

watch shall hier another to watch or ward ; and the whole fine of fine shillings 

to be payed by the delinquent ; *and such fines see gathered shalbe coiiiitted to [*130.] 

the coniission officers or towne councell to be improued for the supply in the 

defects in watching and warding abouesaid, and for other nessesaiy occations. 

It is farther ordered by the councell, that the watches shall continew from 
sun seting vntill the sun rise, and the warding to be from sun riseiug to sun- 
seting successiuely, and that none shalbe accepted to watch or ^^■ard but with 
fixed armes and suitable aiiiunition ; and incase any doe come without the 
same, they shalbe returned againe, and the fine of fine shillings shalbe speed- 
ily exacted. 

The councell doe agree, that the souldiers now vnder the presse from the 
southern townes be att Plymouth on Weddensday, the eight of this instant, in 
order vnto a further march, and with them 20 or 30 of the southeren Indians, 
whoe, together with the other whoe are vnder presse, to goe forth vnder the 
comaund of Captaine Michael Peirse and Leiftenant Samuell Fuller. 

The councell of warr now assembled doe coinend it to the scuerall town- 
shipps in this juiisdiction to make some payment to the souldiers first sent 
out against the Indians, in pte of what is due to them for that seruice, espe- 
cially to the poorer sort, whoe need some supply for theire familyes ; and the 
councell doth heerby declare, that such payments made as aforsaid shalbe 
allowed to the respectiue townes in the generall puljlickc accoumpt when it 
shalbe orderly settled and proportioned. 

The councell of warr now assembled doe order, that the Xamassachesctt 
Indians be speedily remoued to Clarkes Hand, and ther to rcmaine, and not to 
depart from thence without lycence from authoritie vpon paine of death. 

Wheras it is judged very nessesary and likely to be beneficiall, that a 
garrison should be kept att the house of Joseph Barstovr, both in -respect to 
the towne of Scittuate and the country, — 

The councell doe therfore order, that speedily a garrison be erected and 
kept att the said house, with about 10 or 12 men ; and for the further ordering 
therof, it is refercd vnto the coiiiission officers and towne councell of Scittuate. 

ilarch, the T'", 1675. " ^i-'^''^- 

*In reference vnto the estate of 'M' Gorum, deceased, the Court haue ap- [*131.] 
pointed INP Ilinckley, JNI"' Chipman, and ^I'' Huckens to take care that such pte 


16 7 .")-(). of the said estate which belongetli vnto his youngest chikh'en be JJsenied and 
disposed to them as they come to be of age, according to the agreement. 

The Court haue graunted libertie vuto James Bell to improue the iland 
called Quetaquac, att Assowamsett, to plant and sow corn on, and to take in 
Joseph Wood with him therin, if hee, the said Wood, will, and also other of 
the naighbors att Taunton, as the said Bell shall see cause. 

Samuell Dunham and Sarah Fallowell, widdow, are allowed by the Court 
to adminncster on the estate of John Fallowell, deceased. 

Joscjjh Woodworth, planter, acknowlidgeth to owe vuto our sofl lord the 
Kinge the suine of twenty pounds. The condition, that if Elizabeth Wood- 
worth doe appear att the Court of his ma'"' to be holden att Plymouth the first 
Thursday in June next, to answare the law for coiiiitting fornication either by 
suffering corporall punishment or otherwise, as the law requires, and not 
depart the said Court without lycencc ; that thcu the said obligation to be 
void and of non effect, or otherwise to remaine in full force and vertue. 

Thomas Roshall, as principall, and INI'' Wiliam Thomas, as surtic, came 
into the Court, and acknowlidged a judgment of foiuteen pounds to be due 
and payable vnto M"^ Constant Southworth, Treasurer, according to a bond 
bearing date the tenth day of March, 1674. 

Ires of adminnestration were graunted by' the Court vnto ]Mistris Desire 
Gorum, James Gorum, and John Gorum to admiuuestcr on the estate of Cap- 
taine John Gorum, deceased. 

Experience Michell and Edward Michell aj^pointed by the Court to vse 
the best cai'c to cnquu'e after and take into theire costody the estate of Jacob 
Michell, deceased, and to make report therof to the Couit, that soe it may be 
prefercd to the best that may be for the good of his children. 

In reference vuto the estate of John Wood, Juni'', allies Attwood, late 
deceased, the Court haue ordered, that Nathaniell Wood, appeering to be his 
eldest brother, shall haue a double ptiou of his estate, and that the resedue 
shalbe dcuided amongst the rest of the children of the late deceased, John 
Wood, Scui'', allies Attwood, vizj, Isack Wood, Mistris ]Mary Holmes, wid- 
dow, Sarah Fallowell, Abigaill Leanard, jNIcrcye, Elizabeth, and Hannah 
Wood, allies Attwood, in 0(]uall and alike proportions, both for cpiallitie and 

Nathanicll Wood was allowed by the (Jourt to adiuiuuester on the estate 
of John Wood, Juni'', deceased. 

Libertie of admiuuestration was graunted vnto Sarali Wood, tlic wifi' of 
John Wood, Seni'", deceased, to adniinnester on the estate of him, tiie said 
John Wood. 



ters of atlminncstration grauntcd vnto Aniie Sauorv, ■wlddow, to admin- 16 7 5-(>. 
iiester of the estate of Thomas Sauorv, Seiii'', deceased. "■ ^ ' 

Samuell and Dauid Wood ordered by the Court to adminncster on the 
estate of Jonathan Wood, deceased. 

]\Iistris Anne Torry engaged vnto the Court either to procure and dcliuer 
the suiiie of ten pounds, to answare the hxw for her daughter comitting forni- 
cation, by the next June Com-t, or to present her daughter before the said 
Coiu'te to receiue corporall punishment. 

jMcmorand : that the order prohibiting shooting and discharge of guns 
be put in execution during the time of the warr or vntill further hbertic giucn. 

*Att a ]\Ieeting of the Counccll of Warr for this Jurisdiction att Plymouth, 1" March. 

the 10"" Day of March, anno Dom 167o, Orders and Conchisions were '- ~'-' 

made and ordered as followeth : — 

In reference to the forces abroad, tlie councell haue ordered and doe 
impowcr the presedent and such of the councell as are neare vnto him, that 
incase they shall see reason, by any inconvenience that may appeer to them by 
theire pmitting the said forces to continew out, they are impowered heerby to 
require them home againc. 

And, further, that incase notice may be giuen from the other "\'nited Col- 
lonies to require that our ptc of the thousand men should be sent forth, the 
Gofl is heerby requested to send into the Bay, and to respect the case vntill 
the generallitie of the comicell can meet againe. 

Memorand : that the order formerly voated prohibiting shooting bee putt 
in reall and vigorouse execution. 

In order to the keeping of a garnsou att Barstowes, the councell doe 
order and allow two men, on the countryes charge, vntill the army now forth 
returne him againe. 

lu reference vuto the oflenciue fact of Kobcrt Barker in breaking awav 
from the army when they were on theire march in a mutinous way, and by 
his example alureing others to come away with him, to the great scandoll, 
prejudice, and disparragement of the collonie, and in pticularly vnto the 
coiiiaunder in cheiftc, vizj, the gencrall, — 

Forasmuch as, vpon his late examination, liee doth in some measure take 
to kis great oflcnce, the councell doe ccntance him heerby to be degraded from 
tlie honor and office of leiftenant, and to pay a flue of fifteen pounds to the 
vse of the collonie in currant silucr mony of New England, and to defray the 
chai-ge of his late imprisonment. 

The councell doe alsoe order, that all such as came awav from the armv 



1 (j 7 .")-('). with the said Eobert Barker, or followed him in a disorderly way, shall like- 
" ' "^ wise forfeite tlicire wa^es as to that expedition. 

10 March. 

Godr. ' The Fines of scuerall delinquent Souldiers. 

u s d 

Simon Rouse fined 01 : 00 : 00 

Jonathan Winslow, 01:00:00 

John Hewitt, 01 : 00 : 00 

Daniell Butler, 08 : 00 : 00 

Zachcriah Jenken.s 08 : 00 : 00 

Eplii-am Allin, 08 : 00 : 00 

Wiliam Alline, 04 : 00 : 00 

Zachcriah Coleman, 08 : 00 : 00 

John Nolnian, 08 : 00 : 00 

Joseph Coleman, 08 : 00 : 00 

Thomas Coleman, 08 : 00 : 00 

John Ranco, 08 : 00^ 00 

John Northy, 01 : 00 : 00 

Released. JTlie Constables of Taunton for prcsincr Joscijh Deane, "I 

c .• I ■ \ 04 : 00 : 00 

a man vnntt to goo lorth on scriuce,* J 

Released. JJohn Crossman, 08 : 00 : 00^: 

Thomas Lincon, 08 : 00 : 00 

Jonathan Harvey, 02 : 00 : 00 

Esra Bourne, 02 : 00 : 00 

The constables of Brid;^watcr for pressing Samuell 1 

Laythorp illegally, and hcc a man vnfitt to goe 1 02 : 00 : 00 

forth on the scruice, fined j 

And likewise for not pressing John Willis legally, . 02 : 00 : 00 

Vnless the said constable of Bridgwater doe appeer before the Court, and 

clcarc himselfe to the satisfaction of the Court. 

[*l;3.3.] *John Smith, the son of M' John Smith, of Siuulwich, 

for neglecting to goe forth a souldicr, notwith- 
,,.,.'. .. „, . , ;>02:00:00 

standnig his plea of nessesitic of keeping att home, 

yett fined J 

John Fuller, the son of Samuell Fidler, of Barnstable, ] 

. „ ., V ,• / r. , 02:00:00 

lor the same, notwithstanduig his jilea, fined ... J 

Israeli Gaunt, defectiue, and did not appeer this meeting of the 
councell, is to be suiiioncd. 

Increase Allin, absent, is to bo suiTioned. 
Obadiah Butler, absent, is to l)e warned. 


OfF Sandwich, fine dcfcctiuc and wanting of tliciro numljcr the last prcssc. 

Olt' Bridgwater, fine wanting in one presse and foure in another. 

In reference to the clearing vp of the case respecting John Sniitli, .Tuni'', 
of Sandwich aforsaid, which case was left on inquiry, the constable of Sand- 
wich appeered befoi-e the councell, and afFeirmed tliat hce made publicke proc- 
lamation att Sandwich in reference to the souldiers that they should be sup- 
plycd with clothes and nessesaries for the expedition, and tendered him, the 
said Smith, in pticular, scucrall thingcs with which hoc might haue bin sup- 
plyed, if hee had seen cause. 

Euery of those fornamcd were fined, as aforsaid, for not goeing forth, 
being pressed ; and some of them for neglecting, being constables, to execut- 
ing theire office concerning such, and the townes responsible to pay for not 
makeing vp theire number of men. 

A son of Ralph Jones excused himselfe by reason of his fiither falling 
sickc about the time of the souldiers goeing forth. 

Wheras the Coiu't, for the incurragement of the soulcUcrs sent forth on 
the first expedition against the Indians, did order and engage, according to 
theire desire, that they should haue theii-e pay in mony or lands ; and noe 
way att ^sent appeering to raise monyes, doe, theirfore, for theire satisfaction, 
order, that certaine tracts of land be assigned, to the vallue of about one thou- 
sand pounds, to be deuided amongst them for the payment of theire respectiue 
ptes due vnto them ; the said tracts assigned being att Showamett supposed 
to be ncarc the vallue of 500" ; att Assonett Necke, 200" ; att Assowamsett, 
200" ; and about Agawaam and Sepecan, one hundred pound ; soe as the said 
tractes shalbe more pticularly viewed and vallued as att mony prise, according 
to such indiff"ercnt rates as they might haue bine esteemed worth Mhen tlie 
said order was made ; and for the better effecting therof, the Treasiu'er, INIajor 
Cudworth, C'oruett Studsou, and James Walker are desired and appointed to 
take view therof and make reporte therof to the Court or councell, for the 
scttleing of the same att such reasonable rates as to them shall seeme meet, to 
be deuided to the said souldiers, or sold for theire pay or discharge of other 
ncsscsarie dues occationed by this warr. 

It is alsoe further ordered, that the sume of one thousand pound be 
assessed on the seuerall townes of this goQment, to be payed in clothing, pro- 
lusions, or cattle, att mony prise ; an indiflerent good, ordinary cow being to 
be vallued att forty fine shillings, and other cattle according to that proportion, 
for the payment of such of the souldiers whose needy condition may call for 
other supplycs more suitable for theire families then lands, and such other 
smale dues to others of thenx as may be by them desired and judged conven- 
ient bv those bctrustcd in the seuerall townes for the management of that 



1 G7 5-G. affaire, together with the defraying such other charges as hath biu occationed 
by these warrs according to order. Tlic projjortions to the seuerall townes of 
the said suiiie of one thousand pounds arc as followeth : — 





Taunton, . 


99 : 03 : 06 
46: 11:00 
46: 11 :00 
165 : 09 : 00 
92 : 13 : 06 
92 : 13 : 06 






74 : 15 : 06 
99 : 03 : 06 

75 : 08 : 00 
136 : 19 : 00 

66 : 16 : 06 

The Warrant. 

Wheras youer townes pte of the sum of 1000", to be leuied for the 
defraying the charge of this warr, according to order in that case prouidcd, 
amounts to the sumc of, &d ; these are, thcrforc, iu his ma'""^ name to will and 
require you, psently on receipt hcerof, to call youer towue together to make a 
rate for the defraying of the said suine, to be payed iu clothing, prouision, or 
cattle, att the prises in the said order prouided, about the middle of May next, 
according to the Treasurers order, to be disposed to those appointed by the 
towne councell, or such other order as the Treasurer shall appoint for the ends 
aforsaid. Faylc not, &6. 

[ 134.J *For the better ordering of the garrisons or places of defence, soe called, 

in the seuerall towneshipps, the councell of warr doth order, that altho much 
respect is to be had by those impowercd to manage that affaire to ac- 
comodate the conveniency and desire of the psons respectiucly concerned 
therin, yett incase any pson shall stubburnly refuse such reasonable order as 
shalbe by them appointed him therin, and acte in such wilfuU way of his owne 
as may or shall apparently tend to the ouer throw of hiraselfe, family, naigh- 
borhood, society, or towneshijip -^vherin hec is scittuated or concerned, such 
delinquent shalbe suiiioned to appeer att the next Coui't to be held att Plym- 
outh after such offence coiiiitted to answare for the same. 


Id"' of March, 1676. 

The councell of warr for this jurisdiction ordered as foUoweth : in refer- 
ence vnto a JJsent cxcgcncye and straitc that is on vs by reason of the ncare 
approach of our cnimies, whoe hauc fiercd the greatest pte of one of our fron- 
teer townes, and that wee hauc reason to expect that they may psist on in 
thcirc hostillitie, and assault other townes before wee are aware, the couuccll 
doe agree and order, that the number of three hundred English souldiers be 


raised and pressed out of our coUoiiie, and one hundred Indins, -well fitted to 1 (J 7 .")-(!. 
goo forth, and to be reddy for a march by the elcuenth of Aprill next. ' '' ~^ 

29 March. 

The Proportions of Men pressed out of the seucrall Townes of tliis Goflment. '^Vixsi.ow, 
^ ^ Gou«. 


. 30 

Taunton , . 

. 30 


. 30 


. IG 


. 2G 

Eastham, . 

. 18 

Scittuate, . 

. 50 


. 30 


. 16 

Sandwich, . 

. 28 


. 2(3 

It is ordered by the 

councell, tluit sut 

•h youth 

es as are vndei 

• the age of 

sixteen years, and notwithstanding arc able to pformc seruice in watching and 
■warding, shalbe required soe to doe, and pforme theire duty theriu as others, 
being soe judged by the comauuders or towne councell. 

Vpon consideration of the late sad and awfull hand of God vpon Keho- 
b"th and other places, liy the sahiages theire nnu'dcring, fiering, and destroy- 
ing, ScS, being much advanta^r.l in thciic crewcUtie and hostilitie by the dis- 
persed being of people in each fowiishippo, soe as on .iny alarum or assault 
psons are exposed to hurrcy, and iudcauor to gett to places of safety with 
great ditBcultie and danger of lossc of life, and not knowing how soon more 
of vs may be exposed to like difficulties, the councell doe aduise and recomend 
it to the seuerall townes of this jurisdiction to gather together, as much as may 
be, into fewer garrisons or places of safty with all speed and the best prudence 
that may be ; and that ten or twelue men be assigned and appointed att least 
to attend such garrisons ; and that the seucrall townes would take speciall care 
of theire mills, that they may be safe guarded and defended the best they can. 

The Treasurer is desired and ordered to jnocurc the bread for the soul- 
dlers in a reddines to attend the expedition. 

And to procure a compctencye of bullctts for the souldiers in theire said 
intended expedition, as hee shall judge meet. 

And, likewise, when the surjean appointed to gnc forth with the said 
souldiers shall giue in his accoumpt of what tice takes vp to be iniproued in 
the said expedition, the Treasurer is to defray tlic same in the behnlfe of the 

The eleuenth of Aprill, 1676, diners of the coLuicell appeered and nictt 1 ()7<!. 
together att Plymouth in order vnto procecution of the said expedition ; but ^ ^^~ 

U .\pril. 

many of the souldiers that were pressed came not to goe forth, especially Scit- 
tuate and Sandwich proued very deficient, which caused a frustration of the 
whole designe, soe as they did not agree to goo forward in any thinge for 
publicke good, either for the healp and defence of Rehoboth, then in straites, 
or otherwise for our offence of our i.'uimic or defence from them, but ratlier 

VOL. V, 2.1 



brake vp in a deuision and confusion ; oncly a few of the southeien souldicis 
■went out of tlieire way as farr as Middlbery, and returned home. 

*Att a [Meeting of the Councell of Warr for this Jurisdiction of New Plym- 
outh, held att the towne of Plymouth the i26 Day of Aprill, 16T(i, Or- 
dered as foUowcth : — 

Wheras, in this time of our callamitie, wee can not but be in dayly ex- 
pectation of the Indians thcire invadeing and assaulting our townes, to the end 
wee may be in the better posture of defence, and more able to make resistance 
against the euimie in such case, the councell doth order and require, that the 
watch be strictly maintained in euery alowed garrison ; and that a ward, con- 
sisting of one fift pte of the inhabitants of each towne lyable to the pformance 
of such duty, shall euery day be in such reddincs to make the best opposition 
and resistance they can both for the townes defence and the aiioying of the 
enimie ; and that our milletary officers for each day be appointed to make the 
best improuement of his dayes scuadrou of men for the ends aforsaid ; and hee 
that is warned to pforme his duty therin, and shall neglect it, shall forfeite 
two shillings p day, to be forth with leuicd by the constable for the vse of his 
squadron where the neglect was made ; but for the place where they are dayly 
to meet, and for the maiior and meathod of theire proceedings heerin, it is left 
to the descretion of the councell and cheiffe officers, and this to continew 
vntill fui-thcr order from authoritie. 


*.itt the Court of Election holcleit alt Plymouth, in A'cw England, 
the 7"' Day of June, Anno Dora 1676. 

Befor Josiah A\'inslow, Es^, GoQ, Wiliam Bradford, 

John Alden, John Freeman, and 

Thomas Hinckley, Constant Southworth, 

Assistants, &e. 

"TOSIAH WIXSLOW, ESQ", was chosen (JoQ, and swornc. 
^ ' .John Alden, ] 

Thomas Hinckley, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
John Freeman, 
C'onstant Southworth, 
James Browne, and 
James Cudworth, 

were chosen Assistants, and sworne. 

OOUllT OllDKil 


Josiah ^^ iuslow, Lstp, CioQ, mid 1 _. 

^ was chosen Comissioners. 
M"' Thomas Hinckley j 

And Capt Bradford the next in nomination. 

TiiP C'clect Men in each Towne. 
PlyiTi : Edward Sturgis, Seni% 

r.eilt Morton, John ]Miller. 

WiUam Ckrke, Barnsta : 

"Wiliani Crow, 

Joseph ITowland. Marshfeild : 
Dux. : Ensigne Eames, 

Wiliam Foard, Seni'', 
Scittnate : Anthony Snow. 

^ ^ Rehobotli : 

Sandwich : Ensigue Smith, 

M'' Daniell Smith, 
'raunton celect : M"' Xatlianiel Paine. 

Richard Williams, Bridgw : 

Walter Dean, Samnell Edson, 

Leif t Macye, John Willis, Seni"', 

Wiliam Harvey, ,Tohn Carev. 

Samucll Smith. Eastham : 
Yarnioutli : Leift Sparrow. 

'SI' Edmond Hawcs, !Marke Snow, 

Capt Howes, Jonathan Banges. 

Ensigne Thacher, 

The Constables of the seuerall Townes. 

Plym, Gorge Morton, sworne. 

Duxfc, Daiiid Alden, sworne. 

^, _ [ M^ Nathaniel Tilden, ] 

Scitt, < J^ sworne. 

(^ James Briggs, j 

Sand, Joseph Burge, sworne. 

("John Hathwcv, sworne. 

iaunton, i . ^ ' 

[William Withcrcll, sworne. 

Yariii, Jeremiah Howes. 

Barnstable, Job Crocker. 

.''John Bourne, 
^Marshfeild T. _ 

nu(>ll Sherman. 



16 7G. 

Rehoboth, Nathaniel CoojJer. 

Eastham, John Done. 

7 June. 



John Ainips. .Tniii''. sworne 




•The G 

and Enques 

Serjeant Harlow, 

Arther Ilowland, 

Wiltam Sabin, 

John Crocker, 


Francis West, 
Anthony Perrey, 

Samuell Annible, 
John Ottis, 

. John Rogers, 

sworiie. ^ 

John Washburne, 

Serjeant Tinkham, 

Benj amine Higgens, 

Elisha Bourne, 

John Bryant, 


Kanelme Winslow, 
Anthony Frey, 
Jolin Carver, 

Israeli Dean, 
. John Hall. 

The Names of the Deputies that serued att this Court. 
Leilt Morton, 
M" Edward Gray, 
M"" Josiah Standish, 

Wiliam Paybody, 
John Cushen, 
John Daman, 
Wiliam Swift, 
Steucn SkifFe, 
Leift Maccy, 
Wilhim Harvey, 
Capt Howes, 

M"' John Thacher, 

Leift Laythorp, 

^I'" Barnabas Laythorp, 

Ensigne Eames, 

Anthony Snow, 

M' Nathaniel Paine, 

IVP DanicU Smith, 

Leiftefi Jonathan Sparrow, 

Jonathan Banges, 

John Willis. 

Plymouth : 

Steuen Bryant, 
Isacke Cushman, 
Ephraim Tilson, and 
Mordica Ellis. 

Diixburrow : 

John Rogers, Juni'', 
Thomns Dchuio. 

Surveyors of the Highwayes. 
Scittuate : 



B;u-nstable : Rehoboth : 

Gilbert Brookes, 
Maishfcild : Eobert Fuller. 

Jonathan AVinslow, Easthani : 

Saniuell Sprague. Robert Vixon, 

Yarmouth : Ilenery Attkins. 

John ])ryaut, 
.Samuell Hall. 
"N'pon consideratiou of the nessesitie of sending forth some forces, to be, 
by the healp of God, a nieanes of our safety and preservation, the Court came 
to a conclusion and doe heerby voate, that one hundred and fifty English, and 
fifty Indians, be with the best speed that may be raised and prouided and sent 
forth towards the frontiere ptes of this collonie, to be vpon motion to scout to 
and frow for the safty of the collonie ; the time appointed of sending forth is 
on Weddensday, the ^1 of this instant June, 1676. 

The proportions of the men and mony to be raised for the seting forth 
in the expedition aforsaid is as following : — 

The Froportions of Men. ^lonv. 

11 s d 

Plymouth, .... 1.3 Plymouth, . . 16 : 00 : 00 

Duxburrow, .... 09 Duxburrow, . . 09 : 10 : 00 

Scittuate, 25 Scittuate, . . . 26 : 10 : 00 

Sandwich, 15 Sandwich, . . . 16 : 00 : 00 

Taunton, 15 Taunton, . . . IG : 00 : 00 

Yarmouth, .... 13 Yarmouth, . . 14 : 00 : 00 

Barnstable, .... 15 Barnstable, . . 16 : 00 : 00 

Marshfeild, .... 13 Marshfeild, . . U : 00 : 00 

Rehoboth, 15 Rehoboth, . . . 16 : 00 : 00 

Eastham, 10 Eastham, . . . 10 : 15 : 00 

Bridgwater, .... 09 Bridgwater, . . 09 : 10 : GO 

154 164 : 10 : 00 

*It is ordered by the Comt and the authoritie there f, that the GoQ, or in 
his absence the Deputic GoQ, with any two more of the Assistants, vpon any 
suddain excgcnt or emergent occation falling out wherin more of the councell 
can not speedily be convened, shall hauc as full power and authoritie to presse 
and send forth men, horses, armcs, ainunitions, and prouissions, and all other 
nessesaries needfull for the countries service as if the whole councpU of warr 
were convened. 



1 6 7 G. It is ordered by the Court and the cauthoritie thcrof, that euery such pson 

or psons as refuse or neglect to attend the countryes seruice wherto they are 
or shalbe pressed by any presmaster or theire deputies, by order from any 
legall authoritie heer established or impowered, shall forfeit flue pound, or, in 
want therof, be compelled to run the gantlett for both, as the transgression 
shalbe cercomstanced) for euery such default ; and -where there is or may be 
oppertunity for such delinquents timely to declare theire resolution not to 
attend the said seiiiice, that soe another may be pressed in theire sted, and 
shall neglect the same, shall forfit the sunie of fiue pounds more, to be leuicd 
by destresse on theire goods ; the said forfeitures to be, the one halfe thcrof to 
the countrey, and the other halfe to the townes wherto such delinquents doe 
belonge ; the said forfeitures being to be leiiied in such case as aforsaid, in case 
a satisfactory reason be not giueu by such delinquents to the Court or coiuicell 
for such neglect, being forthwith to be brought vp by the constable or his 
order to theire trynll. 

It is ordered liy this Court, that the coiiilssion officers of euery towne, 
together with the towne counccU, or the major ptc of the whole, shall haue 
full power and authoritie to appoint and require any pty or pties of theire men 
as a scout for the descouery or surprisall of the enimie within or neare theire 
respectiue townes, as alsoe for the releife of any of theire naighbour townes or 
plantations as occation may require ; alsoe, that the coiiiissiou officer or officers 
in euery towne are impowered, incase of any suddaine cxegent wherin hee or 
they cannot haue oppertunitie to aduise with the towne councell, to coinaund 
or lead forth such a pty of men as hath bine before agreed on, or to him shall 
seeme nessesary, for the present releife of any ptc of theire ownc towne or 
naighbour towne assaulted, or repelling the enimie in his advance tliervnto : 
and that euery such souldicr as shall not obey in any of the cases appointed 
or coiiiaunded as aforsaid, shall forfeitc fine shillings a day for such his default, 
to be leuicd by warrant from any of tlic majestratcs or colect men of the 
towne, or be laved uccko and licelcs, where noo estate can be found, vnlesse 
such delinquent giuc a satisfactory rcasoir to tlie comaundor and towne coun- 
cell for such his neglect. 

It is ordered by this Court and the authoritie. therof, that where the 
coiiiission officers and towiie councell of diners townes are or shalbe in a con- 
sosiation or viccnity for theire mutuall defence and preseruation, and haue and 
shall agree to kvvp out a standing scout att any place for the coiiion good of 
the whole vicenety aforsaid, if any of those townes shall favle in sending and 
keeping out the whole or any pte of theire men agreed to be on the said scoute, 
shall forfeitc to tlic other townes in vicenitie as aforsaid i\nc sliilHngs for euery 


day for cucry sucli m:iii \vanting, to be Iculed by destrcsse by warrant iVom 1(1 7 (5. 

any one majestrate on the goods of such delinquents, or on the goods of any 

of the coinissiou officers or towne councell of such dcfectiuc townes, and by 

them to be recoucved by destresse or otherwise on the proper delinquents, the 

said fines to be improued by the coiiiission officers and towne councell of any the 

said townes to promote the said scoute or other publicke service of those townes. 

It is further ordered, that where the coiiiission officers and towne councell 
of such townes in vicenity as aforsaid haue or shall agree to hauc such a ptc 
of theire men in a rcddiucs to march forth to the releifFe of any of those townes 
assaulted or in eminent danger to be assaulted, or to surjirise or rejJell any 
pty of the cnimie which may be descouercd to lye lurking about any places 
neare any of those townes, wherby they may haue oppertunitie suddainly to 
assault them if not preueuted, if any such townes shall neglect to attend that 
seruice, on notice giuen them either by any of the majestrates or any two or 
three of the comission officers or towne councell, those townes shall forfeite 
fine shilis p man for euery day wanting therin, to be leuied as aforsaid for the 
publicke vse of the other townes as aforsaid ; and if any pticular psons shall 
refuse to attend the order of theire pticular coiiiauuder to march forth as afor- 
said, vnlesse a satisfactory reason shalbe giueu to the officers and councell, shall 
alsoe forfeite fine shillings a day for euery such neglect, to be leuied as afor- 
said and improued by the comission officers and towne councell of that place 
for the publicke seruice of those townes ; and it is further ordered, for the bet- 
ter management oi' such expeditious, that the souldery mett together may chose 
one to take the conduct of the whole, being one of the coiiiission officers of one 
of the said townes, whome they shall reddily obey as theire coiiiaunder in cheifl'e, 
in cheife *whoe is heerby inipowered to acte with the advice of his councell, [*139.] 
the coiiiaunders of the scuerall squadrons, and such other descreet men of his 
companie as hee shall see cause to adulse with, in surprissall, repelling, psue- 
ing, or distruction of the cnimie, as occation and oppertunitie may present, for 
the mutuall defence of tho>e townes, or any other in destresse, as may be, 
and these to be his and theire sufficient discharge. 

It is ordered by the Court and the authorltie therof, that each towne 
make a rate to pay all theire souldiers and officers which haue bin out on the 
countryes seruice from first to last theire full due iu such specue as by the last 
rate for their payment iu pto was ordered, vnlesse any of them desire rather 
to stay to hauc it in land ; and that the seuerall townes bring or send in an 
accoumpt of theiie pticular distinct disbursmeuts to July Court next, that soc 
there may be a right proportioning of the whole charge of this warr vpon the 
seuerall townes. 


It is ordered by tlie C'ourt, that such as refuse or neglect to procure for 
thcmselues, or them that are vuder them, good, fixed armes, fitt for seruice. 
■\vithiu one month after tlic date liecrof, shall liaue soe much of theire goods 
leuied by di^tre-ise, by warrant from any of the majestrates, as may prociu'e 
arraes for them, to be procured by tlie coinissloii officers ; and if anv such 
delinquents will not pforme seruice with theire guns when prouided, then they 
shalbe kept, by the coiiiission o:ti;ers order, for tlie vse of them that will serue 
with tliem. 

It was agreed and ordered by the C'ourt, that ten hogsheds of bread be 
procured for and towards the expedition intend, and a thousand waiglit of 

And tliat the suiue of twenty or thirty pounds l)e improued in the paying 
of the coUonis debts att Rhode Hand. 

'M." Hinckley, il'^ Freeman, and iSI'' Huckeus are appointed by the C'ourt 

to take course about the estate of M" John INIayo, deceased, to make deuision 

and settlement of the said estate, both with reference vnto liis wifes pte and 

amongst liis children, and theriu to acte, if it may be, to theire satisfaction ; 

and incase they can not, then to make report therof to the next Court, that 

soe further may be taken for settlement therof 

M^ Daniell Smith, 1 

r^ ^ ■ TT 1 I were aiiiioiuted bv the (Jourt to take the Treas- 

Cajjtaine Howes, and j. 

T .J. , T 1 I urcrs accoumiit this veer. 

Leutenant Laythorpe, 1 ' 

In reference vnto the estate of John AVright, deceased, the C'ourt liauc 
oidered, that liis land att "Winnatucksett be settled vnto and vpon Adam 
Wright, his brother. 

The Court haue settled the suiiie of four pound, whicli was the peculiare 
estate of Isacke "Wright, deceased, on Richard Wright, his father. 

This Court doth order and impowcr Lcift Peter Hunt, of Rehoboth, and 
Robertt Fuller, together with the widdow Sal)inc, to adminncstcr oa the estate 
of Xehemiali Sabine, deceased. 

This Court order and impower iP Daniell Smith and Tliomas Read, Paiiic 
of Rehoboth, together with Jlistris Rachel Read, widdow, to adminncstcr ou 
the estate of M'' John Read, deceased. 

Leifi Jonathan Sparrow and Jonathan Banges are ordered and appointed 
by the Court to be healpfuU vnto the widdow Knowlcs, of ]-',astham, in man- 
nagi'd of the estate of Jolui Knowles, deceased, both in payment of such debts 
out of tlie said estate as are due and owing to any from the same, and other 
wise to be Jiealpl'uU about it as need may rctpure, and to make n-port therof 
to the Court. 



Libertif of udnumR'stratiou is i^-raunted viito Adam Wright to adiniiincs- 1 (! 7 (i. 
tcr on the estate of John Wright, deceased. ' ""^'^ ^ 

Letters of admiuncstratiou was graunted vnto Jeremiah Burronghes to -wixsi.nv 
athniiinester on the estate of John Burroughcs, deceased. Gou". 

Letters of adminnestration were graunted vnto ]\Liry Russell to admin- 
ncster on the estate of Samuell Russell, deceased. 

Adam Wright stands bound vnto the Court in the penall suiiic of forty 
pounds. The condition, that wheras the abouc bounden Adam AVright hath 
obtained of the Court ires of adminnestration to adminuester on the estate 
of John Wright, deceased, if, thcrfore, the said Adam Wright doe pay or 
cause to be payed all such debts and legacyes as are due vnto any from 
the same, soe farr and by equall proportions as the estate will amount 
vnto, and be reddy to giue in an accoumpt therof to the Court when bv 
them required, and to saue harmles the said God and Court from any dam- 
age may acrcw to them by his said adminnestration, then the aboue 
written obligiition to be void and of non effect, or otherwise to rcmaine in 
full force and vertue. 

•The ;.'S'''' of June, 1676, three Indians — the first named Peter, (Awa- ^8 Jun 
shuuckes, the squa sachems son,) the 2"°°'^ Gorge, the third Dauid, allies Cho- 
wahunua — appeered before the councell, in the behalfe of themselues and 
other Indians of Saconett to the number of about thirty men, with theire 
wlues and children, and tendered to renew theire peace with the English, and 
requested libertie to sitt downe in quietnes on theire lands att Saconett. 

The Examination of the said Indians before the Councell in Reference to the 

Peter, (Awashuncks son,) being asked the reason of theire coming hither, 
a ns wared, because hee and the Indians of Saconett desired to settle there againe ; 
vnto which was replyed as foUoweth : What reason haue you to expect that 
youer request heerin should be graunted, since you haue broken youer engage- 
ments with vs by joyning with the sachem Phillip att jNIouut Hope and other 
Indians, our professed enimies, and haue bin copartenors with them in all 
assaults and enterprisses against vs, in which said hostile attcmptcs many of 
ours haue lost theire Hues, habitations, and estates ? And you must not thinke 
that wee can passe oner matters of such a high nature soe shighly. "W'ec are 
not willing to vallue the blood of our English frinds att soe low a rate. You 
are neucr able to make satisfaction for the wronge, nor make good the damage 
you haue don vs by youer pfiduous dealings in this respectl Youer way had 
bine, when you saw the said Phillip and other our enimies to rise vp in rebcl- 

voj.. v. 56 


lion against vs, to haue dt'clincd tlicni and repaired to the English, and placed 
Youer sclues vndcr our protection, &<}. ■ 

Then Peter said they had not bin actiuc in fighting with the English, but 
fledd away for feare. 

Ques. Why did you feare the English ? 

Ans. When the English army went out, wcc -were afraid, and desired to 
go oucr to Rliodc Hand ; but the younge men there kept such a strict watch 
that wee could not get oucr in saftey. Then wcc were forced to hydc our- 
selues in swampes ; and the English army came and burnt our houses ; and 
wee vnderstanding that the Narragansetts were frinds to the English, Avee 
went to them. 

Questian. Did the Indians burne the English houses before the army came ? 

Answar. Yee, they burned thcire forsaken houses. 

Quest. Did the English doe you any wrong att any time, or speak high 
or thi-eating words to you that scared you ? Speake freely, without feare. 

Answ. The English ncuer did vs any hurt or wronge to this day ; if 
they had, wee would speake of it. 

Gorge, another of the three Indians, said, that att the first breakeing forth 
of the warr, diuers of them satt still and minded theire worke att home ; but 
some of thcire Indians did then goe to Phillip, and fight with him against the 

Peter and Gorge againe desired the go3ment hecr to giue them leaue to 
liue soiiiwhere within our liberties, and they would be subject to the English, 
and desii-ed that the English Avould propound tcarmcs, and they and all theii'e 
companie would consent to them ; for they had noe cause to be angry with the 
English, who had don them noe wronge. 

To Avhich was answared, "\\'cc haue found you .soe jjfiduous, that wee 
must haue some good cecurity for youer fidelitie before wee can graunt youer 

Chowohumma, allies Dauid, said. Wee cannot make satisfaction for the 
wronge don ; but if our wcemen and children can be cecured, wee will doe any 
seruice wee can by fighting against the cnimic. They further said, that Suc- 
canowassucke was the first man that stired vp the Indians to joyne with 
Philip to fight against the English, and that lieo now is att Saconctt ; and 
they promise to surprise him, if they can, as soon as they returne home ; 
they owned, alsoe, that diuers of the Saconctt Indians were killed in the fight 
att Narragansett. 

After some time of consideration of the foregoing debate, the councell 
came to this conclusion, that thev would returne this answare : — 


Wee take notice of youer tender soe fan- as to waite for fuither proba- 1 6 7 (5. 
tion of youer ficlellltle ; and in order vnto fui-ther experience and knowlidge 
thcrof, doc appoint you to rcturne to youer associates againc, and to procure 
tlicm to our army now abroad ; and that you all psonally iiigage 'with oiu' 
coiiiaunder incheiife respecting the pniises, and to be att his dispose in refer- 
ence vnto improueing any of you in the psent expedition against the eniniie ; 
and that such as are not iniproued shall surrender vp tlieire amies to ^lajor 
13radford, our coiliauuder in chelffe aforsaid ; and, alsoe, that such murder- 
ing Indians amongst you that hauc bin actiue in crewclty and hostillitie vpon 
auv of our English iu tlie takeing away of theire lines and destroying theire 
estates in a murderous way shalbe deliuered vp vnto the English ; and, like- 
wise, that you shall not harbour or retaine any strangers of our enimies that 
may or shall endeauor to shelter themselues amongst you. 

The councell alsoe proposed, that if the said Peter, Awashunckes son, 
^\ef willing, that hee should stay as a hostage ; to which hee replyed, hee was 
willing to stay vntill further and mattm-e knowlidge can be taken of theire 

In fine, tliey subjecting themselues and theire estates to his ma'"^ the 
Kinge of England, &(?, our dread soQ, and to this coUonie, it was promised 
and engaged vnto them by the councell, that they shall haue a place assigned 
them for theire fPsent residence in peace ; and incase the warr doe sease, and 
that they approue themselues in faithfulness, peace, and quietnes, and reall to 
theire ingagements to the English, they shall haue a place assigned them for 
theire improuement and subsistence for longer time and continewance, or 
otherwise to be disposed of as the coimcell shall see meet. 

^4^« the Court of his Ma'" hchl att Plijimuth the 7'" of July, ' J"'^- 


Before Josiah Winslow, Es^, Gouernor, Constant Southworth, 
John Alden, John Freeman, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Cudworth, &(?. 

IN reference vnto the issueing of a difference between Jolm Doten and the 
executors and ouerseers of the last will of Jacob Cooke, deceased, and 
the rest of the childi-en concerned in that estate, touching fine pounds de- 
maunded by the said Doiightey, coiuitted to the finall determination of this 



1 6 7 G. Court, this Court, haueiug heard and considered thcire miitnall pleas, doe 
order, that the said John Doughty shall haue alowcd vnto him by the sonnes 
that enjoy the lands of the said Jacob Cooke pportionable to thcire respectiue 
ptes by them enjoyed, either two acrees of the marsh lying together out of the 
six acrees lying att Joneses Eiuer, or forty shillings in cuncnt Xew England 
mony, and forty shillings nwre to him in curent country pny out of the estate 
belonging to the sisters according to theire respectiue ptes, and this to be a 
finall end of the said differeuce. 

Joseph Bartlett stands bound vnto this Court in the penall suiiie of forty 
pounds sterling. The condition, that wheras the said Joseph Bartlett hath 
obtained letters of adminnestration to adminnester on the estate of Katheren 
Fallowell, late of Plymouth, widdow, deceased, if, therfore, the said Joseph 
Bartlett doe pay or cause to be payed all such debts and legacycs as are justly 
due and payable vnto any pson or psous from the said estate, soc far and by 
equall proportions as the estate will amount vnto, and keep a faire accoumpt 
of the said adminnestration, and be reddy to giuc in the accoumpt vnto the 
GoQ and Court of New Plymouth when required, and saue and keepc harm- 
les and vndamnifycd the said GoQ and Court from any damage that may acrew 
vnto them by his said adminnestration, that then the said adminnestration to 
be void and of unu effect, or otherwise to reniainc iu fnll force, strength, and 

The 1;2"' of .luno, anno 1()T6, scuerall Indians, a ptc wlicrof were sent 
in by ^lajor Bradford, with others brought in by a smale pty of ours that 
issued out as scouts, were convcntcd before the councell, such of them as were 
accused of woi-kcing vnsuffcrablc mischciffc vpon some of ours. 

The first of them iu quostiau was a saluagc named ^^'ot^chpo, allies 
Tuchpo, wlioe was (pu'stiancd with tliree pticulars or articles. 

1. AVhy lice tied out of his confines, which hee was injoyned to keep on 
paine of dcatli, wliciiu if hee obediently had stayed, hee might hnue bine safe; 
to which hee nr,i(k' litlU' answaie to ppusc. 

2. "Was in reference vnto his abusing our Croii by fraud and falshood, 
indeauoring to ps\\ade him that there would be noe need to send forth an 
army, forasmuch as Phillijis men had deserted him, soc as hee had very few 
left with him e.\:cept old men and boycs ; to which hee could say nothingc. 

3. Was in reference to his goeing too and contincwing with our open 
bloody enimies all the time of the warrs hither vnto, in which time soc mayny 
crewill and hostile villanies haue bin acheiued ; neither could hee defend this. 

Att the same time tliree other Indians appeered before the {■ouncell. whose 
names were Wondcooke, and Quanapawhan, and one called .Tolm Num ; the 


f\vo former were accused by an Indian squa, that they were ^sent and actors 1 (17 0. 
in that bloody murder of ilistris Sarah Clarke, on the 12"' of March before ' 

7 Julv. 

the date heerof ; and these two accused John Num of the same fxct ; and they -winslow 
all, vpon examination, confessed thay were JJsent att the coiuitting of that ^'^^"• 
horred murder and outrage, and soe had a liand as coe ptenors therin ; the last 
named, John Num, owned, alsoc, that hee was of that companie that murdered 
Jacob Michell and his wife and John Pope ; and soe centance of death was 
pronounced against them, which accordingly emediately was executed. 

Now, forasmuch as the councell had before this engaged to seuerall 
Indians, desirous to come in and tender themselues to mercye, that they should 
find fauor in soe docing, it was fully made tnowne to such Indians as were 
then ^sent that the said engagement was to be vnderstood with exception 
against such as by murder as abouesaid had soe acted, and not against such as 
killed his enimie in the feild in a souldier like way. 

*The three Indians fore named, some little time before theirc centance, [*142.] 
accused Keweenam, an Indian sometimes liueing about Sandwich, that hcc was 
the first instigator of Tatoson to coinitt the aforsaid mm-der, vizj, that hee 
went to him and certifyed him that hee had lately bin att the house of Wiltam 
Clarke, att the Eelriuer, and that his house was slightly fortifyed, and that it 
was well furnished with ncssesaries, and that liis way woidd be to rcpaire 
thither now, and that on the Lords day, the folkes of the house being but 
three, the most of them would be gon to meeting, and they, being there, might 
descerue it ; and incase they left a man att home or soe, they might soon dis- 
patch him, and then they would mett with noe opposition, but might doe as 
they pleased, on which the night following, (this being on the last day of the 
weeke,) the said Tatoson Avent towards Plymouth, and on the morrow follow- 
ing, in the morning about 9 or ten of the clockc, hee with his companie did 
this crewill villanie. 

On the 21 of July, 1(576, the said Keweenam was ^sented before tlie 21 July, 
councell, and examined on the pticulars before named ; but hee did not fully 
owne the said accusation, onely hee owned that hee was att Wiliam Clarkes 
house a little before the facte coinitted, and in companie with Tatoson the day 
before, which was the Satterday, the said fact being coinitted on the Lord day 
following, and further confessed that hee held correspondency with Tatoson, 
one of the most notorious of our enimies, and had giuen him information of 
the weaknes of the house, both with respect to fortification and men ; and 
withall it being manifest that hee altogether neglected to giue intelligence to 
the English where Tatoson was, nor concerning his intensions and actions, 
which if hee don seasonably, it might hauc preuented the following mischeiffe. 


1 G 7 6. Hee, the said Keeweenam, being required againe to speake, if hee had 

ought to say for himselfe, hee had free libcrtie, but said little or nothing to 
any pvu-pose. 

Whervpon the councell, considering that there three positiue testimonies 
whoe witnessed as abouesaid, and with all diners concurring cercomstances, 
which haue a tendencye to the clearing vp of the case, doe judge, that the said 
Keeweename is worthy to die, and so receiued the centance of death, which 
was, that his head should shalbe seuered from his body, which was iiuediately 
accordingly executed. 

The names of those Indians whoe were cocpartenors in the outrage co- 
iuitted att Wiliam Clarkes house, att the Eelriuor, in the township of New 
Plymouth, on the IS"' of INIarch, 1676. 

Imp'', Tatoson, Thorn Plant, 

Musquash, Sanballett, 

Wapanpowett, Yttsooweest, 

Thoiu, Tatasons brothers son, "Woonashenah 

These, with such as are before named, make vp the number of eleuen. 

A psell of ainunition deliuered to soiii souldiers lately gon forth was to 
Marshfeild men 37" of bulletts and 14 pound of powder. 

To Duxburrow men 23 pound of bulletts. 

To Daniell Turner, of Scittuate, 4 pound of bulletts. 

The names of such souldiers of Scittuat whoe desired to be satisfyed in 
lands for such serulce as they pformed for the country, with the suines due to 
them on that accoumpt, is as followeth : — 

Imp^ Leifte Isake Bucke, 10 : 00 : 00 

Zachcriah Daman, 06 : 06 : 01 

John Daman, 06 : 05 : 07 

Richard Prowtcy, 06 : 12 : 03 

Cor John Bucke, 08 : 09 : 05 

Jonathan Jackson 06:05:04 

Thomas Clarke, 05 : 05 : 02 

Wiliam Hatch, 02 : 01 : 00 

Walthcr Bridges, 05 : 18 : 07 

Joseph Garrett, 05 : 09 : 07 

Richard Dwelley, 11:13:07 

Charlse Stockbiidije, for Beniaminc ^Vnod«ortli, . " . 07 : 09 : 00 


*July the 22, 1(376. Rates. 1 {]'{], 

22 July. 


Plymouth, 351 : 03 : 09 

DuxbuiTow, 164 : I'J : 00 

Scittuate, 586:07:01 [*143.] 

Marshfeild, 266:01:00 

Sandwich, 321 : 15 : 06 

Barnstable, 351 : 03 : 09 

Yarmouth, 266 : 01 : 00 

Eastham, 236 : 05 : 00 

Bridgwater, 164 : 19 : 00 

Rehoboth, 485 : 05 : 04 

Taunton, 327 : 15 : 06 

Swansey, 165 : 00 : 00 

3692 : 16 : 02 
Plymouth, the 22°°'' of July, 1676. 

It was ordered by the councell of warr, that it shalbe lawfull for any of 
the majestrates of this jurisdiction to dispose of the childxen of those Indians 
that haue come in and yeilded themselues to the English, vnto such of the 
English as may vse them well, especially theire parents consenting thervnto, 
during the time vntill such children shall attaine the age of twenty foure or 
twenty fine years, and the men and wecmcn to be where they are, or sent to 
the seuerall townes in some meet proportion of them, where they may haue 
libertie att ^scnt to worke for thcirc liueiugs, till some other place be assigned 

July the 7"', 1676. 

It was ordered by the Court, that the seuerall townes of this jurisdiction 
should send in some one of each towne of this jurisdiction to giue meeting to 
the majestrates on the 19 of this instant July, att Plymouth, to settle theii-e 
accompts respecting the charges of the pscnt warr, on paine of forfeiting, 
euery towne that shall neglect, ten pounds to the vse of the coUonic. 

The 22'-°'>" of July, 1676. 

The councell haue ordered, that all such voulenteers as shall or haue sett 
forth to oppose the enimie, incase they shall take any prisoners, they bearing 
the charge of the expeditions, shall haue the one halfc of them for theire paines 
and ventiu'e, from the day of the date heerof, includeing those prisoners alsoc 
last brought in by Benjamine Chiu'ch and his companic. 



1 G 7 6. *Wheras the last A^ill and testament of Captaine INIichaell Peii-se, of Scit- 

tuate, lately slayne on the countrves service, bearing date the lo* of January, 
1675, was pisented vnder oath to this Court, wherin Benjamine Peii-se is made 
executor, this Court, considering the large legacyes in the said will giuen, and 
not knowing whether there will reraaine soe much cleare estate, when debts 
and the widdowes maintainance are discharged out of the same, as will amount 
to salue the said executors portion, intended by his fother, as by the said will 
is declared, doe therfore order, that the said Benjamine Peirse, executor, shall 
detaine and keep in his ownc hand the land mcnsioned in the said will, bought 
of Willam James, being the one halfe of a six acree lott of meddow, and 
alsoe one quarter pte of each legacye by the said will giuen, vntill the Court 
shall see cause otherwise to order' it, on theire being satisfyed concerning the 
clearnes of the said estate, the executor being appointed to pay the resedue of 
the said legacyes and bequest, according to the will, in tlie mean time. 

These may certify the honored Court, or whom it may concerne, that I, 
Eobert Studsoii, in the behalfe of my son Robert, and that I, Joseph "Wood- 
worth, in the behalfe of my sister Elizabeth, are mutually agreed about the 
(Court's verdict about the maintainance of the child that the said Elizabeth 
layed to him the said Robert Studson, and doe desire that the said Robert may 
be sett att libertie. As witnes niv hand, 


Chai-lcs Stockbridgc, 

Jeremiah Hatch. 

Tiie Verdict of the Jury on the vntimely Death of Bethyah llowland, the 
younger, of the Towne of Plymouth, late deceased. 
Wee liud, that Bcthyali Howland, Juni'', came to her death by being 
drowned or stiffelled in a tubb of clothes and ■^^•ater, vizj, that shoe off her 
selfe cast hersclfe into the said tub of clothes and water. 
The marke (^ of STEUEN BRYANT, 

The marke ^ of EBEXEZER TINKHAM, 
The marke ^ of JOSIAH SMITH, 



Februaiv the 1G"\ l(i" 

Wee, whose names are vnderwiitteu, beuig called together ou a eorroners 
inquest, -v-pon that sad accedent which befell !Micaell Walker, about ten veers 
of age, wee doe find, that hee came accedentally to his end by his falling 
thi-ough the flora of the saw mill vpon the water wheele, or just by it, when it 
was goeing, and was carryed away with the streame vuder the iycc. 


This jury, being paunelled by the constable of Rehoboth, came and made 
oath to this verdict before mee. 

JAMES BROWNE, Assistant. 
February 16''', iu the veer 167 T. 

*Wheras an Indian called Captaiuc Amos hath made tender to be offi- [*145.] 
cious in feching off such of the Indians that are our euimies as are att Eliza- 
beth Hands, the councell doe accept of his tender, and doe order him to acheiue 
the enterprisse with such strength of the Indians as hee shall think meet to 
improue ; and for his and theii-e incurragement, it is ordered, that incase they 
take and bring in Tatoson and Penachason, or either of them, they may ex- 
pect for theire reward for each of them fom- coates, and a coate apeece for 
euery other Indian that shall proue marchantable. 

It is ordered by the councell, that all such Indians as haue or shall come 
into the coUonie in a clandestine way, not applying thcmselues to the authori- 
tie of this jurisdiction for libertie, shall not expect the benifitt of the iudemp- 
nitie formerly shewed to other Indians tiiat did come in in an orderly way, 
but shalbe forthwith taken \"p and dcsposcd off, as other captiuc Indians, to the 
coUonies vse. 

VOL. v. ^7 

22 July 


1(37(). It is ordered by the councell, that eiicry towne of this gou''ment 

shall pay theire souldiers and officers what is due to them for theire ser- 
iiiee against our coinon enimie since last Juue Court, whcrin that noe 
Gon=. towne may he oppressed, that they bringe in theii'e disbursments vnto 
the next Generall Court, that soe there may be an equal! ballence of 

Wheras it is apprehended that the pmitioa of Indian men that are cap- 
tiues to settle and abide within this coUonie may prone prejuditiall to our 
couion peace and safety, considering there hath neuer bin any lycence for such 
soe to doe, it is ordered by the councell and the authoritie therof, that noe In- 
dian male captiue shall reside in tliis gou'ment that is aboue fourteen yeers of 
age att the begiiilng of his or theire captiuity, and if any such captiues aboue 
that age are now in the gou''mcnt, which are not desposed of out of this jui-is- 
diction by the 15"' of October next, shall forthwith be desposed of for the vse 
of this gou''ment. 
This order was jj j^ ordered by the councell, that the Indians whoe came in, apply- 

confeii'med by 

the Court, Xo- ing themselues to the gon'ment for acceptance to niercye, shall take vp 
1G76 This ' theire abode from the -n-esterniost syde of Sepecan Eiuer, and soe west- 
voated. ward to Dartmouth bounds, as they haue occation, and not any of them 

to goe any where off the aforsaid tract of lands but by order from some 
majcstratc, or hoc that is appointed to haue the coiiiaund of them, and 
to attend such orders and directions as may att any time be sent them 
from this gou'ment, and that for the present three Indians, vizj, Num- 
pus, Isacke, and Ben Petananuett, shall haue the inspection of them, and 
to healp them in theire settlement, and to order them the best they can, 
and that in matters most momentus, to repaire to ^l" Hinckley for direction 
& healpe. 

Ypon consideration of the great losses which ^P Bradford hath sustained 
in the late warrs, and the faithfull seruice hee hath pformed for the country, 
the councell doe projjose and order, that the sume of fifteen pounds in niony 
be payed to him out of the countryes stocke, to be rcfercd vnto the Generall 
Court, that if tliey shall see cause and reason to bestow it freely on him as a 
gratuity, then soe to be, or that it be accoumpted to him as pte of his sallery 
for his seruice to the country. 

In reference vnto the complaint of M"" Wharton and his ptenors concern- 
ing a psell of Indians detained in this collonie, which ran away, the councell 
sees reason to allow vnto them six Indians, not to infringe them of more, 
incase that the comissioners of the Vuited Collonies shall see reason (on propo- 
sition of the case) to alow more. 


To the Constable of, &cl 1 G 7 G. 

Septeffi the 7"', 1676. In reference vnto the makeing vp of acoumpts 
with the Vnited Collonies, you are required heerby to acquaint youer towne 
that they are to send in theire accompt vnto the Gou' to Marshfeild, between 
this date and the 19"" of this instant, in reference vnto the charges of the last 
expedition, and euer since June last, concerning the late warrs, as alsoe the 
charge of such scoutes as haue bin sent out on the countrys service, out of 
pticular townshipps, before and since June last. 

*Jlil the Court of his Ma''' held ait Plymouth, for (he Jurisdiction i November. 
of JWw Plymouth, the first of JYoucmher, 1676. [*146.] 

Betoke Josiah Winslow, Escp, GoQ, Constant Southworth, 

John Aldeu, James Browne, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Cudworth, 

Wiliam Bradford, 

Assistants, &d. 

LRES of adminnestration was graunted by the Court vnto Elizabeth 
BLickraore to adminnester on the estate of Wiliam Blackmore, de- 

And in reference vnto the estate of the said Wiliam Blackmore, the Court 
haue his lands to be settled on his eldest son, and that all other his estate be 
settled and disposed vnto the said Elizabeth Blackmore, widdow, for and 
towards the bringing vp of her children. 

Elizabeth Ensigne, widdow, and Thomas Wade, are approued by the 
Court to be joynt executors of the last will and testament of John Ensigne, 

tres of adminnestration was granted by the Court vnto .John Palmer to 
adminnester on the estate of Samuell Palmer, deceased. 

Lres of adminnestration was graunted vnto Martha Chettenden and Israeli 
Chettenden to adminnester on the estate of Isacke Chettenden, deceased. 

ilajor Cudworth and Cornett Studson were appointed by the Coui-t to 
be healpful in settleing the estate of the said Isacke Chettenden, and incase 
they settle it to satisfaction, then the Coui-t will rattify what they shall doe 
therin. or otherwise to determine what shalbe requesite about it. 


In reference vnto the settlement of the estate of James Bursell, of Yar- 
mouth, deceased, the Court doe agree that his three daughters are joynt heires 
therof, both psonall and reall, and doe order, that they shall haue alike pro- 
portions therof, made equall with what any of them haue had akeddy, and 
that the widdow Emett Bursell shall haue her thirds of the moueables, both 
goods and chatties, and her thirds of tlie vse and benifitt of his lands dureing 
her life, and that the said Emett Bursell and Silas S;iers are granted libertie 
of adminnestration thervpon. 

Lres of adminnestration is granted vnto Wiliam Cai'pentor and Samuell 
Carpenter to adminnester on the estate of Margarett Carpenter, and to see 
Joseph Carpenters will pformed according to the tenour therof, and that the 
lands that the said Joseph Carpenter left, to be disposed of by his wife vnto 
his tlii'ce sennes, be see disposed to them, onely the eldest to haue a deubble 
portion, and that they, the said Willram and Samuell Carpenter, doe likewise 
dispose off the other children of the said Joseph Carpenter, the best thev can 
for the bringing of them vp. 

In reference vnto the estate of John Fuller, of Eehoboth, deceased, the 
Court haue ordered, that the estate be left vnto the widdewes dispose, to 
be towards the bringing vp of the chvldrcn, and that her father and father 
in law be hoalpfuU to her in ordering of the est.itc for tlie bringing of 
them vp. 

ti-os of adminnestration are grauutcd joyntly vnto John Tisdall, James 
Tisdall, Joshua Tisdall, and Joseph ['isdiill. to adminnester en the estate of 
John Tisdall, Seni', deceased. 

Letters of adminnestration is grauuted vnto Robert Vixen, of Eastham, 
to adminnester on the estate of Nathaniel Brewster, deceased. ■ 

In reference vnto the estate of Nathaniel Pccke, deceased, the Court haue 
ordered, that Jonathan Bosworth, Seni', and Samuell Pecke shall adminnester 
on the said estate, and that there being two children, vizj, a son and a daugh- 
ter, that the son haue a doubble portion of the lands and the other estate, and 
the daughter a single pte or share therof, onely that such pte of tlie estate as 
shalbc most suitable to the son be disposed to him, and what may appeer to 
be most suitable for the daughter be appointed to hei^ ; onely the Court doth 
order, that the estate remaine vndeuidcd to them vntill they come of age, or 
chose theire owne gaurdians. 
[*147.] *This Court haucing considered the pleas and euidences pscntcd by 'Mis- 

tris Mary Almey, relict of JM' John Almey, late of Rhode Island, deceased, 
for her right in these lands within this coUonie, of the said M' John Almey, 
her late husband, doe judge, altliough the said euidences doe not I'nlly iiKike 

COUllT ORDERS. 213- 

a legall allianation of those lands from the hcire \uto her, yett foi-asmuch as 1 (j 7 (!. 
those euidences dedare his intent to giue them vuto tlie said ^laiy, his then ^ ~ 

wife, and doe therfore determine and order, that Mary, the rehct of the said ■\vi<,,mi,„, 
John Ahney, doe and shall injoy all the said lands to her proper vsc and be- ^ou" 
hoofe, during the tearme onely of her naturall life, vnlesse any further eui- 
dences shall appeer justly to alter this determination, and this Court doth alsoe 
graunt heerby vnto the said Mary Almey letters of adminnestration, to ad- 
minnester on tliat ptc of the estate which is within this gou'"mcnt. 

M' Browne is appointed by the Court to giue oath vnto the witnesses of 
the will of Sampson ]Mason, and to adniinuester an oath vnto ]Mary Mason for 
the truth of the inventory. 

Thomas Huckens, in the behalfe of Job Crocker, appeared before the 
Court, and cleared vp to the Courts satisfaction that hee hath adminnestered 
on the estate of John Crocker, deceased, according to the bond ; the Court 
gaue order to see his bond cancelled. 

Letter of adminnestration was graunted vnto Thomas Lapham, of Scittu- 
ate, to adminnester on the estate of Joseph Lapham, of Bridgwater, deceased, 
that is to say, that hee take the said estate into his custody, and ^sent a true 
inventory therof, on oath, vuto the Court, att the next Court, but not further 
to dispose therof Mithout fui'ther libertie from the Court. 

This Court haue appointed M'' Hinckley, or Cap? Freeman, to giue oath 
to the inventory of Richard Saers estate, of Yarmouth, and likewise to ad- 
minnester an oath to such as it concernes, for the truth of the inventory of the 
estate of James Bursell, of Yarmouth, deceased, and alsoe to the will of 
Richard Saers. 

The Court doth graunt h'es of adminnestration vnto Daniell Daman, to 
adminnester on the estate of John Daman, Juni'", his brother, deceased, and 
doe order, that the said Daniell Daman shall haue twelue pound out of the 
estate, and the remainder of the said estate to be deuidcd betwixt his brother, 
Zacheriah Daman, Deborali Woodwortli, and ^lary Daman, in equall and 
alike proportions. 

tres of adminnestration was graunted vnto Samuell Hall, of Taunton, to 
adminnester on the estate of Henery Green, of Taunton, deceased. 

Libertie of adminnestration is graunted vnto Joseph Bartlett to admin- 
nester on the estate of Jonathan Fallowell, deceased. 

M'^ John Jacob, of Hingham, is allowed and approued by this Covut to 
be gaurdian to John Peirse, the son of Capt Peirse, deceased. 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted vnto Mistris Mary Almey to ad- 
minnester on the estate of M' John Almey, deceased. 


1 G 7 G. *The Names of the Deputies that serued att the Generall Court of his 
INIa"", held att Plymouth the last Day of October, and the fii-st of 



Nouember, 1676. 



Leift Morton, 

Cap^ Hawes, absent. 

Leif! Howland, 

Leift Lay thorp, 

M"- Samuell Saberry, 

M"" Barnabas Laythorpe, 

Wiliam Paybody, 

Ensigne Eames, 

Capt John Wiliams, 

Anthony Snow, 

Jeremiah Hatch, 

M'' Nathaniel Paine, 

James Walker, 

ISI"- Daniell Smith, 

Wiliam Withereh, 

Tho Paine, 

Wiliam Swift, 

Jonathan Banges, 

Steuen Skiffe, 

M' Samuell Edson, 

John Miller, 

John Willis. 

Tliis Court engaged, that Charles Stockbridge and others, of such of 
Scittuate as listed theii'e names to take theire pay in land, shalbe payed for 
theire seruice for the countrey in mony out of the prise of those lands which 
shalbe first sold, which is appointed for the payment of souldiers, &d. 

Wheras Capt Roger Goulden, of Rhode Hand, hath approued himselfe to 
be our constant, reall frind in the late warr, and very officious and healpfuU as 
occation hath bine, when as our armies and souldiers haue bin in those ptes, 
and haue had nessesitie of the transportation of our men to the said iland, and 
otherwise very reddy to doe vs good, this Court doth graunt vnto the said 
Cap? Roger Goulden one hundred acrees of land, lying and being vpon the 
northsyde of Saconett mens linne, to him and his heires and assignes for euer. 

And inasmuch as Dauid Lake and Thomas Lake haue bin very vscfull 
and seruicable to the country in the late warr, this Court hath likewise graunted 
one himdred acrees of land vnto them, in different proportions to each of 
them, vizj, that wheras Dauid Lake hath bine most healpfuU as aforsaid, hee 
is graimted threescore acrees of the said hundred, and to Thomas Lake the 
remaineing forty acrees of land of the said hundred, to thcin and each of tbem, 
and theire heires and assigues for euer. 

The said two hundred acrees of laud is to extend a mile into tho M-oods 
eastward from Punchateesett Pond, and soe farr in breadth from Saconett 
bounds as shall make vp the mile in length, two hundi-ed acrees, which being 
equally deuided, Capl Goulding to take the first choise, and the northerly 
line to be a parralcel line, to the line of Saconett bounds, that is to say, east 


And the Court liaue appointed Wiltam Paybody, Nathaniel Thomas, and 1 (j 7 (I. 
Capt Church, to Liy out the abouesaid lands, and likewise twenty accrecs of " ^ 
laud appointed and to appertaine to the ferry. 

In regard of the more then ordenary paiues, faithfulness, and dilligcuce, Gou". 
of 31'' Nathaniel Cooper, which hce hath expressed in the countryes service '^.^^^^^ ""^.j^^ "^ 
in the late time of the warrs, as late constable of Rehoboth, the Court haue oy'><"'>^' '"^<le 

Noucni. '7G. 

ordered, that hee be releiued and rewarded by the coinittec out of that to be 
prouided for the releifF of such as whose deserts and needs requires it from 
the country. 

Tlic Court doe order a ferry to be att Pocassett, to transport people ouer 
to Rhode Hand, prohibiting any other on that coast, and doe allow twenty 
acrees of land to belonge and appertaine to the said ferrey, for pasture land 
and planting land, to be laid forth by M"" Nathaniel Thomas, Wiliam Pay- 
body, and Capt Church, to the best conveniency they can thervnto, and the 
least prejudice to any other accomodation. 

John Simmons is allowed by the Court to keep the said ferrey for the And hec is to 
tearme of flue yeers from this ^sent date, incase hee carryeth well in it, and ^j. ^^.^^^ ^^^^ 
to injov the vse of the land abouesaid, and att the end of the said flue veer, ^'^*" '° '"^ 

Tsed thereon 

incase hee leaues it, the country are to pay him for such housing as hee erects for fiering, 
theron, but incase hee holds it, that it be vpon other composition. buiidin"' 

And that hee keep entertainement for strangers, soe as hee keep good 
order therin. 

In answare to the petition of Humphi'ey Johnson, the Courts returne is, 
that haueing read the petition, they are sensible that the petitioner is wronged, 
but for psent they can not come to a full and cleare vnderstanding of the case, 
soe as to giue a suitable and proportionable releiffe. 

John Cowin is freed from his bonds for appeerance att tliis Com-t. 

*It is enacted by the Court, and the authoritie therof, that the Indians ['I'lS-] 
which came in and applyed themselues to this gou''ment for acceptance to 
mercye, shall take vp thcu-e abode from the westermost syde of Sepecan Riuer, 
and soe westward to Dartmouth boimds, as they haue occation, and not any 
of them to goe any where of the aforsaid bounds or tracts of land, but by 
order from some majestrate of this jmisdiction, or hee that is appointed to 
haue the ouer sight of them, and to attend such orders and directions as may 
att any time be directed to them from this gou'ment, and that for the ^sent, 
three Indians, vizj, Numpas, Isacke, and Ben Sachem, allies Petananuett, shall 
haue the inspection of them, and to healp them in theire settlement, and to 
order them the best they can ; and that in matters most momentus, they haue 
recourse to M'' Hinckley for healp and direction. 


167 6. In reference vnto a negro named Jetliro, taken prisoner by the Indians, 

retaken againe by our army, which said negro appertained to the estate 
of the successors of Cap's Willett, deceased, our Generall Court haue agreed 
■ivith M' John Saffin, adminnestrator of the said estate, mutually, that the said 
negro doe forthwith betake himselfe to his former seruice, and to remaine a 
servant vnto the successors of the said Captaine Willett, vntill two yeers be 
expired from the date heerof, and then to be freed and sett att libertie from 
his said seruice, prouided, alsoe, that during the said tearme of two yeers, 
they doe find him meat, drinke, and apparrell fitting for one in his degree 
and calling, and att the end of his said seruice, that hee goe forth competently 
prouided for in reference to apparrell. 

Wheras diuers psons of Rhode Hand and others haue, from time to time, 
droue into and pastured theire cattle and horses on the lands att Pocassett and 
places adjacent, and oft times in driueing of the said cattle and horses from 
the said land haue droue and conveyed diuers cattle and horses of other mens, 
wherby the owners of such cattle and horses haue bine depriued of them, to 
theii-e great losse and damage, — 

For preuention wherof, — 

1. It is enacted by this Court, that noc pson whatsoeuer shall transport 
any cattle or horses from Pocassett, or places adjacent to Rhode Hand, which 
shall not first be viewed and theire markes by such as the Court shall 
appoint, and alsoe shall pay to the viewer or viewers one peny in niony 
p head for euery beast soe viewed, on forfeiture of twise the valine of the 
said cattle to the vse of this collonlc that shalbe transported contrary to this 

2. That noe pson whatsoeuer shall driue or convey any cattle or horses 
from Rhod Hand, or any other places, to Pocassett or places adjacent, there to 
pasture them on the land of this coUonie leased out by order of this Coiu-t, 
without leaue of the leasers ; and if any psons shall soe doe contrary to this 
order, it may and shalbe lawfull for the said leasers to impound all such cattle 
and horses, and there to detaine them vntill satisfaction for theire trcaspas be 
made according to the law of this collonic. 

The abouesaid leassers are Capt Bcnjaniinc C'hurch and .Tohn Simmons. 

3. And it is further ordered, that all such cattle as are kept and pastured 
in this coUonie as aforsaid shalbe lyable to be rated proportionably to what is 
layed vpon other cattle whose owners Hue within this goQmcnt ; and that noe 
such foraignors cattle shalbe transported out of this collonic vntill such just 
rates be payed to the aboue said leassers, whoe are hcciby impowcred to 
obtaine the same for tlie countrycs vse, as alsoe to vse theire best care and 


iudeauors to preueiit the cutting downe or carrying away any of the timber on 
this collonies lands aforsaid out of the same, by seizing therof or arresting the 
psons that transgresse therin. 

Letters of adminnestration were graunted by the Court vnto Mistris Ruth 
Winslow to adminnester on the estate of M' Jonathan Winslow, deceased. 

*Jltt the Court of his Md'" held att Plymouth, for the Jurisdiction 1G7G-7, 
of JYcw Plymouth, the sixt of March, 1676. 



6 March. 

Josiah "Winslow, Esq"' 

, Gou'', 

Jolui Freeman, 


John Alden, 

Constant Southworth, 

Thomas Hinckley, 

James Browne, and 

Wiltara Bradford, 


James Cudworth, 

CONSERNIISG the settlement of the estate of U' Judah Thachcr, of 
Yarmouth, late deceased, the Coiut haue ordered, that his widdow shall 
haue the whole profEtts of the estate, both psonall and reall, vutill the children 
come to theii-e respectiue ages, for and towards the bringing vp of the chil- 
dren ; and when the childi-en come of age, the eldest son to haue the house 
and halfe the land most convenient to the house, according to the worth of it, 
and the other son to haue the other halfe of the lands, and his three daughters 
to haue ten pounds apeece out of the psonall estate, and the remainder of the 
estate to be the widdowes for euer, and the thirds of the proffitts of his lands 
duiing her natiu-all life onely if need shall require. The Court ordereth, that 
the two sonnes shall pay fine pounds apeece out of theire estate, to be payed 
and disposed vnto and for the bring vp of younger children, or vnto the 
daughters, as the Court shall see cause, and in such convenient time as the 
Coui-t shall judge meet. 

Sarah, the relict of Edward Bobbett, is graunted letters of adminnestra- 
tion on the estate of her husband, deceased ; and in order to the settlement of 
the estate, this Court doth order, that the eldest son shall haue a doubble por- 
tion of the whole estate, and to take it in lands vnimproued ; and the admin- 
nestratrix is to haue during her life the land that is improued, with a thirds 
of the meddow, as in full of her thirds of the profEtts of the lands, and as a 
healp to the bringing vp of the children, and a thirds of the goods and chat- 

vou V. i^8 


1 G 7 G-7. ties to her owiie dispose, the rest of the estate to be equally deuidcd amongst 

^ the rest of the children. 

6 March. 
WixsLow ^" refference vnto the settlement of the estate of Job Bourne, late of 

^°^"- Sand\^-ich, deceased, intestate, the Coiut orders, that the debts being first 

payed, that Ruhamah Bourne, relict of the said Job Bourne, shall haue the 

vse and profEtt of one third of all the lands hee died posessed of, which are 

alsoe heerafter mensioned, during her naturall life, and one third of all the 

mouables, to be att her dispose, together with twenty pounds more out of the 

moueables towards her charge in bringing vp the smale childi-en, and the res- 

edue of the estate to be equally deuided into six ptes, wherof the eldest son 

to haue two ptes therof, and the other thi-ee sonnes and the daughter to haue 

thciie equall ptes ; the lands being to be deuided amongst three of the sonnes 

being equally apprised as according to the distinct bounds therof, they are 

assigned by theire grand father, M"' Richard Bourne, with the consent of the 

said Ruhamah, theire mother, and to be allowed towards theire respectiue ptes 

in such proportions as the vallue therof shall amount vnto ; Timothy, the 

eldest son, to haue the lands following, vizj : all the meddow his father bought 

of M' Standish, and halfe the creeke stufFe, with some smale skirts of meddow 

lying from the bounds of the meddow called M'' Standish his meddow towards 

Wecoachett, and halfe the vpland bought with the said meddowes, and halfe 

the herbage of Mannomett feilds, with halfe the wood and cedar swamps 

bought by his father, with the priuilidgcs belonging to the first graunt or bar- 

gaine, according to the proportion of his land and meddow. And the other 

two sonnes, called Eliezer and Hezekiah, to haue the rest of the meddow, 

being bounded by a marked tree standing about the middle betwixt Cowesett 

and Muchmanus feild, theire ranging southwest to a white oake tree att the 

head of a little creeke which runeth fi-om Thomas Burgis his meddow next the 

spring, and soe runs downe the riuer to Jacob Bui-gis his meddow, and soe to 

the stake standing in the marsh and to the Red Rocke in the riuer ; to be 

equally devided between them in equall and alike proportions. 

Hezekiah is alsoe assigned to haue six acrees on the northsyde of the 

riuer, which was bought of M' Freeman and Joseph Burgis, and six acrccs 

more of new ground lying on the easterly syde of the riuer, begining att the 

snialc run of water and soe downewards, together with the pri\-ilidges therto 


other draught 

And to the said Timotliy and Eliezer is alsoe assigned the land on the 

more exactc in •westerly svde of the riuer, with the house : the said lands bcgifiing att the 

Bookc of Eui- •' -^ ' o o 

of riuer aljpue by the hills, *and soe alonge the topp of the hill, vutill it comes 

foUo 74. 




and some cleave ground on tlic easterly sydc of the riuer from the end of the 1 {] 7 (i-7. 

six acrees giuen to Hczekiah first aboue mcnsioned, and thence extending to a ""^ '^ ' 

little swamp that eometh from the riuer vp to the cartway. And for any other 

psell of land, not aboue mcnsioned, it shalbe disposed by the adminnestrators, 

with the advise of the said llichard Bourne, to such of the children as they 

shall judge- meet ; the other son, not aboue mcnsioned, being to haue his pte 

and portion out of the moueables ; the said M"" Bourne haueing declared his 

intension to prouide some land for him, and the said Ruhamah, thcire mother, 

to haue the vse of the house and one third of the land during her naturall life, 

as abouesaid, and the vse of the whole estate, besides her twenty pounds and 

thirds abouesaid, towards the bringing vp of the said children, vntill they shall 

respectiuely attaiue the age of twenty one yeers or the day of marriage, which 

shall first happen, or the time that any of them shall choose theire gaurdians 

and take theire respectiue portions into theire hands ; Ruhamah, the said 

relict, and her brother, John Hollott, and Elisha Bourne being graunted letters 

of adminuestration, vpon theire glueing cecuritie to M'' Hinckley on the Courts 


Att this Couj-t, in ausware to a petition of John Smith and James Dean 
refering to the settlement of the estate of John Tisdall, late deceased, this 
Court doth order, according to the law heer established, the whole estate of 
the pson deceased, both reall and psonall, being ec^ually apprised, shalbe des- 
tributed as foUoweth : to the eldest sou a doubble portion, and to the other 
three sonnes and four daughters an equall proportion of the whole estate, 
vnlesse, incase of weaknes, there may be reason to advance to any for theiie 
nessesarie supply, respect being had to what each cliild hath ah-eddy receiued 
of theire late fathers estate, which shalbe accompted in pte of theire por- 
tion, being aded to the accompt of theire fathers estate ; and for the better 
execution heerof, IM' James Browne and Wiliam Harvey, Richard Wil- 
liams and Leiftenant Gorge Macey are appointed a coinittee to take notice 
of the whole estate, with theire apprisments, and claimes of what each child 
hath had and receiued in pte of theire portions, and are heerby impowered 
to heare and determine all such cases that may be ^sented to them refer- 
ing to the said estate, and to make retm-ne to this Coiut respecting the 

Fiuthermore, in reference \Tito the controuersy amonst the cliildren of 
John Tisdall aforsaid, deceased, the Courts ad-sdce is, that concerning the two 
younger sonnes, in regard that they haue approued themselues to be faithfuU 
in the g>seruation of the estate since theu-e fathers death, in spending much of 
theire time therin to the indangcring of theire lines, that they be considered 


I G76-7. by the comittee iu the distribution and desposition of the said estate in that 

Wheras Leiftenaut Sparrow and Jonathan Bangos were oi'dered bv the 
Coiu't to adminnester on the estate of John Knowles, of Eastham, deceased, 
this Court doth, vpon the desire of the said pties, release them from theire 
bonds giuen to the Coiut on that accompt ; and on consideration that Steucn 
Wood, Juni'', hath marrycd the reUct of the said Knowles, this Court doth 
graunt letters of adminnestration to the said Steuen Wood to adminnester on 
the said estate, hee giueing cecuritle to the Coui-t concerning his said admin- 
nestration ; and because the said estate is impaired by the said John Knowles 
his purchase of lands in his life time, this Coui-t orders, that such lands as 
haue bin soe purchased may be by the said Steuen Wood sold, and the prise 
improued for the defraying of the said debts. 
[*152.] *Tliis Coiu't, Thomas Clapp, of Deadham, appeered before the Court, 

claiming himselfe to be heii-e "vaito the estate of Eliezer Clapp, his brother, 
deceased ; and the Com-t being well satisfyed that hee is the eldest son of 
Deacon Thomas Clapp, of Scittuate, Avherfore the Court doe order, that it be 
signifyed vnto Sam'iell Clapp, that they rccLuire his appeerance att the Court 
of his ma"" to be hoklen iu Plymouth iu June next, then and there to glue 
an accompt of his adminnestration, and in the mean time that hee doe forbeare 
to dispose of any of the lands of the said Eliezer vnlesse all the psons con- 
cerned therin doe otherwise agree. 

Letters of adminnestration are grauntcd by the Court vnto ^lary, the 
relict of M"' Judah Thacher, deceased, and vnto M'' John Thacher, and to 
Nathaniel Hall, to adminnester on the estate of the said Judah Thacher, 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted by the Comt vnto John Han- 
more, Juni'', to adminnester on the estate of John Planmore, Seni'', de- 

Letters of adminnestration was graunted vnto Constant Snow, and Marke 
Snow, and John Snow, to adminnester on the estate of Nicholas Snow, 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted by the Court vnto the wife of 
ISIoses Symons, Juni"', to adminnester on his estate. 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted by the Court vnto Sanuiell Hunt 
to adminnester on the estate of Thomas Hunt, deceased. 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted by the Court vnto jNIary BayU 
lett & Joseph Bartlett to adminnester on the estate of Robert Bartlett, 


111 reference vnto the will of Sampson jMason, tendered vnto the Court, 10 7 (1-7. 
wheras it doth appecr that some psclls of land huiie bin purchased since his " "^ ~^ 
will was made that are not yett payed for, this Court hath ordered, that his .^ ' 
widdow, JMary Mason, shall haue libertie from the Court to make sale of Got-", 
some pte of the said land to make payment for the rest, and that what remaines 
be improued for the bringing vp of his children. And iP Browne, M"' Daniell 
Smith, and her brother Butterworth are deputed by the Coui-t to be healpfull 
to her in the disposing of the said estate. 

Ill reference vnto the inventory of the estate of James Eeddawey, 
Juni% deceased, the Court haue ordered, that incase James Eeddawey, 
Seni'^, father of the said Eeddawey, doe make noe matteriall objection 
against John Eeddawey his adminnestration on the said estate betwixt this 
date and the Court to be holden att Plymouth in June next, that then hee 
may haue letters of adminnestration graunted to him to adminnestcr on the 
said estate. 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted vnto Major Cudworth to admin- 
nester on the estate of John Laythrope, of Scittuate, deceased. 

Wiltam GiflFord and his wife, for comitting fornication before marriage or 
contract, fined each fiue pounds to the vse of the collonie. 

*In answare to the petition prefered to the Coiut, by Sand^^'ich men, for [*lo3.] 
the remoueing an acte of Court bearing date the 30"" of October, 1672, wher- 
by, notwithstanding theire absence and not yett being heard in point of plea, 
that acte determines an alteration of the bounds between Sandwich and Barn- 
stable townes, and glues some of the petitioners lands to the Fullers, and 
therby a barr putt to the flee passage of law and justice, this Court therfore 
orders, that it be signifj'ed to both those townes by theire agents, if they see 
cause, to appeer next Court to be held next June att Plymouth on the first 
Tusday therof, and especially that Captaine Fuller and Samuell Fuller, Seiii"', 
haue notice therof, then and there to make theire defence why that acte should 
not be reversed. 

SamueU Dunham, Seni'^, aged fifty years or therabouts, and John Eick- 
ard, Seni"', aged 50 yeers or therabouts, being deposed, doe testify, that vpon 
an agreement between Grigory Williams and Eichard Willis, the said Grigory 
Williams did agree, that the said Eichard Willis should haue deliuered to him 
thi-ee pounds siluer mony, attached in M' Edward Grayes hand, and a hyde 
and a bai-rell of mackerell, which was likewise the estate of the said AMlliaiiis, 
attached, should be deliuered to the said Eichard Willis, to end all accompts 
and differences between them from the begiiiing of the world to February last 
]iast before the date heerof ; vpon the deposition of the pties aboue mcnsioued 



10 7 G-7. the action coiucnced by the said "Willis agaiust the said Williams was w-ith- 

In reference vnto a kettle appertaiuelng to James "Walker, Juni', taken 
away by Jerrud Talbutts souldiers, but not returned, the Court haue ordered, 
that the said souldiers shall forthwith make payment of 31* currant siluer mony 
of Xew England vnto the said James "Walker or his order, in full satisfaction 
for the said kettle. 

The order and destribution of this 
by diners Christians in Ireland for the 
destressed, and in nessesitie by the late 
collonie, proportioned as followeth : — 

Plymouth, . 08 : 00 : 00 . 

Duxburrow, . 02 : 00 : 00 . 
Scittuate, . 12 : 00 : 00 . 

Taunton, . . 10 : 00 : 00 . 
Swansey, . . 21 : 00 : 00 . 

Middle Berrey, 01 : 10 : 00 . 

Eastham, . 00 : 10 : 00 . 
Yarmouth, . 00 : 10 : 00 . 

Barnstable, . 03 : 00 : 00 . 

Dartmouth, . 22 : 00 : 00 

Rchoboth, . 32 : 00 : 00 

Marshfcild, . 02:00:00 

collonies pte of the contribution made 
releiffe of such as are impouerished, 
Indian warr, was, as it respects this 

["Leift ^Morton, 1 appointed 
J Joseph Warren, I to distrib- 
I Willam Crow, J nte it. 

^I"^ Josiah Standish, 

Wiliam Paybody. 

]\lajor Cudworth, 

Cornett Studson, and 

Edward Jenkens. 
fWiliam Harvey, 

James Walker, 

John Richmond. 

M'' Browne, 

John Butterworth. 

Francis Combe, 

Isacke Howard. 
. Captaine Freeman. 
. M"' John Thacher. 
( Barnabas Laythorp. 

I John Cooke, 
John Smith, 
John Russell. 
[ Ar Nathaniel Paine, 
. J Leilt Hunt, 
[ M^ Daniell Smith. 
TEnsignc Eames, 
(Anthony Snow. 



Elder Brett, 1 ("> " < 

Deacon Willis, 
M'' Samucll Edson. 

fi March. 

This Court ordereth, that such of the majestratcs as haue disposed of 
any of the Indians children to English masters vntill they attaine the age of 
twenty four or twenty fine yeers of age, according to order of Court in that 
case prouided, shall signe indentures for such as are soc disposed, to prevent 
future differences. 

Att this Court, the lycence graunted vnto Edward Sturgis, Seni'', to keep 
an ordinary att Yarmouth, was called in, and hee required to desist. 

*Att this Comt, M'' Daniell Smith is authorised and impowercd by the [*1.54.] 
Coui't to adminnester marriage in the liberties of the towne of Rehoboth, and 
to graunt summons and warrants vnto the tryall of actions, and alsoe incase of 
misdemeanor, and to adminnester oathes to witnesses relateing thervnto, and 
to graunt subpenaies for witnesses to giue euidence vnto the grand enquest as 
occation may require. 

Lycence is graunted by the Court vnto Edward Eew to keep an ordinary 
att Taunton for the entertainment of strangers and trauellers, and that hee ^ 
constantly prouided with nessesaries for the same, and that hee keep good 
orders in his house, that soe noe abuse be suffered by him on that accompt. 

The Inditemcut of Slary Ingham. 
Mary Ingham : thou art indited by the name of jNIary Ingham, the wife 
of Thomas Ingham, of the towne of Scittuate, in the jurisdiction of New 
Plymouth, for that thou, haucing not the feare of God before thyne eyes, hast, 
bv the hcalp of the diuill, in a way of witchcraft or sorcery, malHciously pro- 
cured much hurt, mischeiffe, and paine vnto the body of ISIehittable "Wood- 
worth, the daughter of Walter Woodworth, of Scittuate aforsaid, and some 
others, and pticularly causing her, the said Mehittable, to fall into violent fitts, 
and causing great painc vnto seuerall ptes of her body att seuerall times, soe 
as shee, the said Mehittable Woodworth, hath bin almost bereaued of her 
sences, and hath greatly languished, to her much suffering therby, and the 
procuring of great greiffe, sorrow, and charge to her parents ; all which thou 
hast procured and don against the law of God, and to his great dishonor, and 
contrary to our soQ lord the Kinge, his crowne and dignitie. 

The said ]Mary Ingham did putt herselfe on the tryall of God and the 
countroy, and was cleared of this inditement in processe of law by a juiy of 
twelue men, whose names follow : — 



167 6-7. 

M'" Thomas Huckcns, 

Markc Suow, 

6 March. 

Jolm Wadsworth, 
Jolm Howland, 
Abraham Jackson, 

sworn. . 

Joseph Bartk'tt, 
John Elchmond 
Jerud Talbutt, 

Beuajah Pratt, 

John Foster, 

Joliii Blacke, 

^ Scth Pope. 

The jury brought in not guihy, and soe the said prisoner was cleared as 

Att this CoiU't, likewise, three Indians, named Timothy Jacked, allies 
Canjuncke, and Nassamaquat, and Pompacanshe, were indited for murdering 
John Knowles, John Tisdall, Seni', and Samuell Attkins ; the said Indian 
prisoners did put themselues likewise on the tiyall of God and the country 
according to the manor of the English, and had due processe in law, according 
to the English manor, by a jury of twelue men, whose names follow : — 

M"' Thomas Huckens, 
John Wadsworth, 
John Howland, 
Abraham Jackson, 
Benajah Pratt, 
John Blacke, 

Marke Snow, 
Joseph Bartlett, 
Samuell Jenings, 
Arthcr Howland, 
Samuell West, 
Seth Pope. 

The verdict of the jury foUoweth concerning Timothy Jacked, alhes Can- 
juncke, and Nassamaquate : Wee find they are very suspisious of the mm-dcr 
charged on them. 

And in reference vnto Pompacanshe, wee find nothing against him. 
There not appeering fui-ther euidence against them to cleare vp the case, 
the centance of the Coui't was, that the two former were to be sent out of 
the country speedily, and the other likewise, as lice is prisoner taken in 

[*155.] *Att this Court, IMamamictt, an Indian sachem att or about Saconett, 

appeered before the Comt, and cleared it vp to good satisfaction, that him- 
selfe and his men, in number fifteen, had, during ouf late troubles, continewcd 
faithfull to the English, and some of his men had all the time bin in our ser- 
vice, and therfore desired that hee and they might now againe rcturne to' 
reposesse theirc lands not formerly disposed of ; the which the Court graunted, 
and ordered him to giue vs a list of his men and tw o or three more of his 
kindred, that were alsoe allowed to Hue ; and this Court re([uires liim to haue 

(■) JI;i 


a constant care and iiisjwctioii ouor them, and to see that they carry faithfully 1 (i 7 (1-7. 
and orderly, and not to entertaiae any other Indians there but such as the 
Court shall allow of. ^^ ^^___ ^ 

And forasmuch as this collonie haue bin att great charge to defend both f'""" 
his lands and our owne against the coiiion enimie, hce ingageth to accoinodate 
soiii Englishman, or cntertalne some Indians such as the Court dcsircth, on that 

The Names of the Indians belonging to Mamanuett whoc haue approued them- 
selues faithfuU to the English during tJie late Rebellion, besides himsclfe 
and Family. 

Contacholio, Tokissimo, 

How Doe Yee, Josanem, 

Patchnatoo, Tokocsqulntee, 

Suchquotaumuch, Aweepanish, 

Jacke Haueus, Muckasunke; 

Pasuckquckquoh, Pawmett, 

Gorge, Aquistausunckc. 

Here foUowes the names of those whoe haue libcrtie to returnc to Nama- 
nuett : Hewaquin, Anumpas, Steuen, Apamach, Old Thomas. 

Libertie is graunted vnto eight of the souldiers, Indians, which haue bine 
in the sendee, may sit downe and jjlant att Saconett, Capt Church accoiuo- 
dateing them with land on condition that they shalbe reddy to march forth 
vnder the coiiiaund of Capt Church -when hee shall see cause to requii-e them 
for the further psucing and surprising oiu- Indian enimies ; hee, satisfying the 
Indians, shall haue the whole prophett of such an adventure. 

Wheras att June Court, 167-t, Wiltam Hatch and Jeremiah Hatch made 
theu'o appeerance, as being chosen to the office of constables and refusing to 
serue, craned libertie to make theu-e addi-esse to the Generall Court, in order 
to the getting off theire fine ; and though they were att the Generall Couit, 
yett made noe applycation vnto the Court respecting the pmises ; whcrfore 
this Court doth order theire fines for neglecting to serue in the office oft' con- 
stable to be collected and gathered. 

"Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, being impanucUcd on a jury the 
29"^ of July, 1676, by iP Nathaniel Tilden, the constable of Scittuate, to 
view the corpes of Josejih Ellis, of Scittuate, by intelligence vndcrstanding 
that lice went in to the harbour att Scittuate, to swim or wash himsclfe, with 

^<>!.. v. i>9 



167G-7. John "\'aughan and Daniell Hlckes, Juni'' ; wlioe doe afteiime, that the said 
Ellis made the first motion soe to doe, and tosing past his depth, cryed for 
healp ; and the said Vaughan did the best hee could to healj} him, but could 
not saue his life ; and wee judge, that the water in the said harbour was the 
sole mcanes of his death. 


[*156.] *AVee, whose names are vnder written, being impannelled and sworne 

to view the corpes of John Rose, late of Marshfeild, and to make dilligent 
inquiry how hee came to his vntimly death, wee find, that on the IS"" of 
this instant February, hee, being a guiiing, was oiiercome by the violence of 
the weather, which was the cause of his death. 


The verdict of the jury, -v^hose names are vnder written, concerning the 
death of one Robbinson : Wee find, by the relation of John White, and 
Edward Wanton, Juni"-, and Job Chambcrline, that the fall of a tree in Scit- 
tuate, neare the land of Edward Wanton, was the occation or mcanes of his 



death, finding vpon liis body seucrall wounds and bruises, according to the 1 (! 7 0-7 
relation of ^ 

JOHN TURNER, Juni--, «""«>'• 












AYce, whose names are heer vnder written, being required, in his ma"''" 
name, by James Briggs, constable of Scittuate, to serue in the crowners inquest 
and on the body of John Merritt, and haueiug don our dutyes therin, wee 
apprehend the occation of his death was falling on the rockes att a place called 
Ceder Point, att Scittuate Harbour, March the first, 1676. 


The Oath to the Jury after they had giuen in theirc Yerdict vnder thcire 

Hands, taken the third of March, 1676. 

You and euery of you call the euerliueing God to witnes, that vpon 

youer dilligent serch and serious view of the body of John INIerrett, and by 

the best light and information you can obtaine either from psons or thinges, 

that what is aboue expressed in youer verdict is most probable to be the cause 

.all sworne. 


and meanes of briugiiig him to his vntiuily end ; and this you testify to be 
according to youur best ynderstanding and doscretion, as you looke for healp 
from God, -whoe is the God of trutli and the puuishcr of falcchood. 

Taken before mee. 


Jabez Hackett haueing bin examined by the Court, and hath confessed 
that hee detained and concealled seuerall goods belonging ^■nto ilistris ]\Iary 
Winslow, of Boston, which are supposed to hauc bin ployned, the Court haue 
ordered, that all such goods shalbe fortlnvith returned to the said ^listris 
Winslow or lier order, and that hee, the said Jabez Hackett, shall pay ynto 
the collonie a fine of forty shillings to the vse of tlie coUonie, or to be sett 
in the stockes att Taunton. 

And if there is any goods appertaineing to the said ^listris Winslow, or 
any other, in the hands of the said Jabez Hackett, the Court hatli ordered, that 
all such goods be required and kept by the constable of Taunton vntill any 
make appeer that they haue right to them, and A^ntill hee shall haue further 
order from the GoQ to deliuer them. 

In reference vnto a gun pressed for an Indian called Isacke for the coun- 
treyes seruice, which gun was pawned by the Indian, and since sold to John 
Tompson by the Treasurer, the Court haue ordered the said Indian to pay the 
sume of ten shillings to the said John Tompson, ypon his demaund, in siluer 
mony, or fifteen dayes worke in defect tlicrof 

[*157.] *Receiued by mee, Samuell Clapp, of Scittuate, as adminnestrator to the 

estate of Eliezer Clapp, somtimes of Barnstable, of M' John Otticc, of Sittu- 
ate aforsaid, the sume of seauen pounds in current siluer mony of New Eng- 
land, and is in pto of a bill of eleuen pounds thirteen shillings and four pence 
from the said John Ottis ynto the said Ehezcr Clapp, which said bill beareth 
date May, 16T7. 

I say, rccciucd by nice. SAMUELL CLAPP. 

Dated att Plymouth, the 8"' of iSIay, 1677. 

Recelued by mee, Samuell Clapp, of Scittuate, as adminnestrator to the 

estate of Eliezer Clapp, deceased, of M"' John Ottis, of Scittuate, the suiiie 

of eleuen pounds thirteen shilli & 4'', in current siluer mony of New England, 

which was payable by bill to Eliezer Clapp in May last past before the date 

heerof I say rcceiued by mee. 


Dated att Plymoutli, t1ie S'" of Alay, 1C)77. 



Samuel! C'lapp, adniiimcstrator to the estate of Eliezor" C'lapp, late of 
Barnstable, deceased, gaue in this accoumpt thcrof to the Court of New riyiii- 
outh the eight of June, KiTT : — 

The estate cr. iuventoryed, 

The estate is debtor to seucrall psons att Barnstable 
and Scittuate payed l)y the said adminnestrators, . 

To Serjeant John Thompson, last yeer, 

To Serjeant John Thompson, the eight of June, . . 

To his charges expended about his adminnestration 36 

Kest ereditt 

1 (•) 7 C-l 



















AVherby it appcers all the psonall estate is expended, and 9" 5' 1'' duo 
out of the lands mensioned in the inventory vnto the said adminnestrafor, 
whoe is impowered by the Court to recelue of John Ottice that debt of 11" 
13' 4'', due by bill to the estate, to be payed next May, it being alreddy dis- 
charged by the adminnestrators in the aforsaid, though not receiucd by him, 
the said estate alsoe remaines debter. 

To pay next yeer to John Tompson more as appeers 
due by bond, 

Item, and more claimed by Thomas C'lapp, Seni% for 
monves lent the said Eliezer, 

20 : 00 : 00 
22 : 00 : 00 


/Itf the Court of Election holthn att the Toume of Ph/inoiilh, for 10 7 7. 
the JuristUction of .Vcc Plymouth, the fift Day of June, 1677. ^ "'^ 


OSIAII WINSI,0^^^ ESU«, was chosen (JoQ, and sworne. 

John Alden, 
Thomas Hincklev, 

:\Iajor Wiliam Bradibrd 
John Freeman, 
Constant Southworth, 
M'' James Browne, 

^lajor James Cudwoi-th, J 

were chosen Assistant in goflment, and 


were chosen Comissioners 

GoQ ^Vinslow, 1 

W Thomas Hinckley, j 

Major Bradford the next in nomination. 

IM' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

Celect Men. 

Plym : 

Lcift Morton, 
Serjeant Harlow, 
ISI"' Wiliam Crow. 

Duxfe : 

^I'' Josiah Standish, 
M^ Samuell Saberry, 
John Tracyc. 

Scitt : 

Jolui Cushen, 

John Bryante, Seni', 

Lcif t Isacke Biicke. 


^r Edmond Freeman, 
Wiliam Swift, Seni'', 
Thomas Tapper. 

Taunton : 

Loift Macye, 
Wiliam Harvey, 
Eichard Williams, 
Walter Dean, 
Samuell Smith. 

Yarmouth : 

iSI'' Edmond Hawes, 
Edward Sturgis, Seni'' 
M' John Thacher, 


:\I'- John ?*riller, 

M"' Jeremiah Howes. 

Barnsta : 

Leift Laythorpe, 

M' Barnabas Laythorp, 

M' Thomas Huckences. 

Marshfei : 

Anthony Snow, 

M' Nathaniel Thomas, 

Samuell Sprague. 

Rehob : 

Leift Hunt, 

M'" Nathaniell Paine, 

M'^ Daniell Smith. 

Eastham : 

Jonathan Sparrow, 
Marke Snow, 
John Done. 

Bridgw : 

John Willis, Scni% 
Samell Edson, 
John Carey, Seni^ 

Swansoy : 

John AUin, Seni% 
M'' Nicholas Tanner, 
licift John Browne. 

Cirand Enqucst. 
M'' John Cu.shcn, Richard Curtice, 

Andrew Ringo, Ensigne Leanard, 

Experience Mitchell, Esra Perrey, 

Phillip Delano, %7iH:am Withcrel 

Bcnniali Pratt, John Wliilden, 


Gurshom llall, Noah Mason, 

John Crocker, Daniel Done, 

Samuell Aunible, . John Carey, 

Justus Eames, Zacheriah Eedey, 

Nathaniell Winslow, John Nye. 

John Titus, Scni'', 


Plymouth, Jonathan Barnes. 

Duxbur, Edward South^orth. 

(John Turner, Juni"', son of 
Iliunphcry Turner, 
Thomas Jenkeus. 
Sand, James Pursuall. 

''Thomas Gilbert, 

Joseph Hall. 

Yai-fii, John Ilawes. 

Barnsta, Samuell Hinckley, Seni^ 

{Isacke Little, 
Ralph Powell, 
r Thomas Cooper, Juni'', 
I Samuell Carpenter. 

East, Thomas iMulford. 

Bridgw, John Fcild. 

Swansey, John Tliurburrow. 


JM'- Edward Gray, 
[ Leif I Joseph Howland. 
osiah Standish, 
im Paybody. 
rCornett Studsou, 

' \ John Bryant, Seni^ 

Saud, Wiltam Swift. 

^fWiliam Hai-vev, 

TaUlltO, i -r -r t,t" 

(^ Leiitenant JMacey. 

jW John Miller, 

['M' Jeremiah Howes, 

f INI'^ Huckens, 

Bai-nsta, w,^ 

[ JNI"' Barnabas Laythorpc. 

fM'- Ji 


f Autliony Snow, 

Marsh, •! ,r -VT i 

( M'' Nathauicl rhomas. 

f M' Nathanicll Paine, 

^'^'°^' Up Daniell Smith. 

fCapt Jonathan Sparrow, 

Easth, 1 Af 1 c 

(^Marke Snow. 

Bridgw, John Willis. 

Swans, Samuell Luther. 

Siu-veyors of Highwaies. 

TLeift Morton, 

Plyui, \ Sejj. Harlow, 

M' Crow. 

f Gorge Partrich, 
Duxbii, J Peter West, 

Scitt, . 

Sand, . 



Barn, . 



I Robert Barker, Seni''. 

f Chari Stockbridge, 

\ John AVitherell. 
Peter Gaunt, 
Wiliam GifFord. 

r Thomas Linkolne, 

[Isacke Dean. 

r Wiliam Eldred, 

[John Eydcr. 

I" John Dauis, Senl"', 

[Wiliam Throop. 

f John Foster, 

\john Bourne. 
Steuen Paine, Juni"", 
John Butterworth. 


I Jonathan Banges, 

' \john Done. 

fMarkc Lavthorpc, 
^^'■''^S-, t John Howard. 

r Israeli Pecke, 

Swans, "^ T I, .-. L. 

John Crabtrec. 

• Att the motion of .Alistris Jane Gilbert, of 'raiuitoii, and of her eldest 
son, John Gilbert, this Court doth order, that forasmuch as her husband, M'' 

•3 June. 



Thomas Gilbert, is said to be deceased beyond the sea, that Leifteiiant Macye, 1 (i 7 7. 

Wiliam Harvey, and Samiiell Smith to take an inventory of the estate of 

M' Thomas Gilbert, and that the said Jane Gilbert shall fsent it to the Court 

to be holden att Plymouth in July next, that the Court may deuid and settle ^o^"- 

the estate amongst the children. 

In reference vnto a petition prefered to the Court by Sandwich men for 
reversing of an order of Court about bounds of lands between Barnstable and 
Sandwich, after a longe discourse about it, the Court concluded in the nega- 
tiue, vizj, that the said order shall not be reversed. 

In reference vnto the cure of Jabez Gorum, whoe was wounded in the 
late warr, the Court doth apprehend, that incase it be not payed by sume of 
Rhode Hand concerned in it, that they judge the charge of the said cui-e 
should be defrayed out of the generall estate of Captaine John Gorum, de- 
ceased, both lands and moueables. 

M'^ Browne is appointed by the Court, with the consent, likewise, of 
Elizabeth Beares, widdow, to despose and make destributlon of the estate of 
Richard Bullocke, her first husband, amongst the children of the said Bul- 
locke, according as hee shall judge meet for the good of the said children. 

A Receipt appointed to be recorded. 
Receiued of Benjamine Nye and Steuen Skiffe, agents for the towne of 
Sandwich, and on theire accompt, the suine of fifty pounds, and is in full of 
what is owing from this towne vnto oui's vpon ballence of accompt ordered by 
the counccll of the coUonie of New Plymouth. Wee say, receiued, this second 
of February, 1676, in the behalfe of the towne of Barnstable. 



Witnes, John Laythorp, 
Nathaniell Hatch. 

The Generall Court, now siting this 7* of June, 1677, dcslie the elders 7 June, 
of the seuerall churches in this collonie to giue theii-e resolution to the follow- 
ing query, vizj : What are those due bounds and lymetts which ought to be 
sett to a tollaration in matters of religion as may consist with the honor of 
Christ, the good and welfare of the churches and of the ciuill goQment ? 

Wheras our Court formerly appointed John Simmons to keep the ferrey 
att Pokassett, forbidding all others to ferry ouer any people and cattle there, 
and being informed that some others doe carry ouer people or catties, or both, 

VOL. v. 30 


1 GT7. to the prejudice of the aforsaid ferryman, and alsoe to ourschies, or may soe 
proue to be, this Court doth therfore order, that whosoeuer shall either ferry 
oucr psons or cattle, vnlesse by and vnder the aforsaid Simmons, shall for 
euery such oifence pay a fine of fine shillings vnto the said John Simmons, the 
one halfe to the coUonie and the other halfe for himselfe ; which if hee or they 
soe offending shall refusse or neglect to pay, that then the said Simmons shall, 
after the first transgression, seize vpon any boate or vessell improued soe in 
ferrying contrary to order, the one halfe for the vsc of the collonic, the other 
halfe for the vse of the said John Simmons. 

Capt Church is appointed by the Court for the precincts of Saconett and 
Pocassett to issue out warrants against any pson or psons for the prophanatiou 
of the Sabbath or other vicious practices contrary to the lawes of this goQment, 
to answare the same the next Court after the transgression coinitted,att Plym- 
outh, and to end differences ariseing among the Indians there, alsoe to sec that 
they demean themselues orderly. 

Adminnestration is graunted vnto Eobert Fuller and Nicholas lyde, 
Seni'', and Mary Fuller, on the estate of Samuell Fuller. 

And to Eebeckah Hiuit, and to Steuen Paine, Juni'', to adniinnester on 
the estate of Peter Hunt, Juni''. 
[*160.] *It is ordered by the Court, that ftP Constant Southworth, Coruett Eobert 

Studson, ^M' Daniell Smith, Wiliam Paybody, and M"' Nathaniel Thomas, and 
Thomas Huckens are appointed a coinittee to heare the just complaints and 
demaunds of all such psons to whom the collonie is in any way indebted 
relateing to the late warr with the natiues, and that all such psons doe giue 
or send in an accoumpt of the same vnto the said coinittee on the last Wed- 
densday of this instant June to Plymouth ; which coinittee shall make report 
of the same to the next adjournment of this Court, that soe the coUonies debts 
may be knowne to the Court. 

In reference vnto the estate of John Cole, deceased, the Court doth order, 
that forasmuch as the estate is but smale, and four smalc children to bringe vp, 
that the whole psonall estate shalbe settled on his widdow for the bringing vp 
of the childi-en, and the prolfitts of the lands vntill the children come of age ; 
and incase there shalbe nessesitie therof for the bringing vp of the cliildrcn, 
that then some of the lands shalbe sold by further advice and leauc from the 
Court ; and incase any lands shalbe left, that then it be disposed to the two 
sons, according to law, they paying some smale legacyes to the daughters, as 
the Court shall order. 

Eichard Marshall, of 'J'aunton, and Ester, his wile, "j n g a 
stand bound vnto the Court joyntly and scueraliy in }■ 60 : 00 : 00 
the penall suiTic of j 


The condition, that wheras the said Richard and Ester Marshall haue 
obtained letters of adminnestration to admiunester on the estate of James Bell, 
deceased, if, therfore, the said Richard and Ester Marshall shall and doe pay, 
or cause to be payed, all such debts and legacyes are are due and owing to any Gnu", 
from the said estate soe farr and by equall proportions as the estate will 
amount vnto, and alsoe the childrens portions, acording to order of Court, and 
saue and keep harmles the said GoQ and Court from all damage that might 
acrew vnto them by thoire adminnestration, and keep a fairc accompt thcrof, 
and make returne thcrof vnto the said Court when by them required, that then 
the said obligation to bo void and of none effect, or otherwise to remaine in full 
force, strength, and vertue. 

In reference vnto the despose of the estate of James Bell, deceased, the 
Court haue ordered, that the said Esther Slarshall shall haue the desposall 
therof vntill the child is brought vpp, and the proffitts of the lands, and then 
the said Ester to haue the thirds of the psonall estate and the thirds of the 
proffetts of the lands, according to law. 

These to impowcr and authorise Thomas Lake as the cheife marshalls 
deputie of the jurisdiction of New Plymouth, viz^, to serue such warrants and 
giue such summons as slialbe in his ma''"* name directed vnto him from the 
GoQ or any of the raajestrates of this jurisdiction, or from Capt Church, for 
the seizeing or apprehending any pson or psons that transgreese any law or 
order of this coUonie, and to present them before the next Court after the fact 
convicted, and to be proceeded with according vnto law. 

Mistris Elizabeth Ellis and Mordica Ellis doe heerby stand bound vnto 
the Court, joyntly and seuerally, in the penall suuie of one hundred pound 
sterling, for the payment wherof well and truely to be made on condition that 
the said Elizabeth Ellis and Mordica Ellis, haueing obtained ires of admin- 
nestration to adminnester on the estate of John Ellis, Juni"", of Sandwich, late 
deceased ; if, therfore, they, the said Elizabeth Ellis and Mordeca Ellis, doe 
pay or cause to be payed all such due debts as are due and owing vnto any 
from the said estate soe farr and by equall proportions as it will amount vnto, 
and otherwise adminnester on the said estate accordingly as the Court shall 
order for the disposing therof, and saue and keep harmles the said GoQ and 
Court from any damage that may acrew vnto them by theire said adminnestra- 
tion, and keep a faire accoumpt therof, and be reddy to giue in the same into 
the said Court when by them required, that then this obligation to be void 
and of none effect, or otherwise to remaine in full force, strength, and vertue. 

*This Court doth allow and approue of Lydia Standlake, the wife of [*1()1.] 
Richard Standlake, of Scittuate, to be gardian vnto her two sons, John Bar- 


stow and Jeremiah Barstow, of Scittuate aforsaid ; and shee is hecrby impow- 
ered to demaimd, recouer, and receiue a legacy giuen vnto each of them, the 
said John Barstow and Jeremiah Barstow; by Micaell Barstow, late of Water- 
towne, deceased, as appeers by his last will and testament ; shee haueing giuen 
cecuritie to the Court to deliuer the said legacyes to each of them, the said 
John and Jeremiah, when they come to be of the age of twenty and one yeers, 
and legally demaunded. 

The constables of Taunton now in being are required by the Coui-t, that 
when a psell of iron shalbe attached by them for the defraying the rate for the 
souldiers wages, that they require Ensigne Thomas Leanard, or James Lean- 
ard, to draw it forth into marchantable barrs. 

Wheras complaint is made of Gorge Barlow, that hee carryes very 
turbulently in Sandwich, threatening to make such further disturbance as 
will driue thcire minnester away, the Court haue ordered, that a warrant 
be scut for liini to appeer att the next Court to answarc the said com- 

In reference to the despose of the estate of Josei)li Lewis, the Court haue 
ordered, that JMary Jenkens, the relict of the said Joseph Lewis, shall haue 
all the mouables of the said estate, and the vse of the lands, for and towards 
the bringing vp the children vntill they come off age ; and when they are of 
age, that the eldest, being a son, shall haue a double portion therof ; and when 
her children come of age, that they pay vnto thcire mother fine pounds, the 
son to pay two ptes of three therof 

Letters of adminnestration arc grauntcd to the said Mary Jenkens to 
adminnester on the said, estate estate. 

In reference vnto the disposurc of the estate of John jMerritt, deceased, 
the Court haue ordered, that Elizabeth Merrett shall haue the improuement 
therof vntill the children come of age, for and towards the bringing of them 
vp ; and when the children come of age, that then the estate shalbe deuided 
according to law, vizj : the said Elizabeth to haue one pte of three therof, and 
the eldest son to haue a double portion; the rcniniiidor to be dcuidcd to the 
children in equall and alike proportions. 

In reference vnto the dispose of the estate of Robert Jones, deceased, the 
Court haue ordered, that his wife that was shall haue a thirds of the proffitts 
of the lands during her life, and a thirds of the moucablcs now inventoried to 
her owne dispose, and the other two thirds of the mouables, with what shall 
further come to be inventorycd, to be for the payment of the debts ; and 
incase that they will not extend fully to clcare the debts, that then the lands 
shalbe sold for the pavmont thorof. as the Conit shall see cause to order. 


Att the Court holdcn att Plymoutli for tryall of actions, the 3"" of July, 1 (ITT. 
1677, for tryall of actions and settleiug of estates, and &(3, — " » ' 

Martha Daman, of Scittuate, appeered, vizj, the relict of John Daman, ... ^.^ 
Seni'', deceased, and doth, with Arther Howland, of Marshfeild, stand bound f^""'"- 
vnto the Court joyntly and seuerally in the suiiie of 400". 

The condition, that wheras the said ^lartha Daman, the relict of John 
Daman, Seni"', and Aither Howland, haue obtained ires of adminnestration to 
adminnester on the estate of the aboue named John Daman, if, therfore, the 
afore named Martha Daman and Ather Howland doe pay, or cause to be 
payed, all such debts as are due and owing to any pson or psons fi-om the said 
estate, and dispose otherwise of the same according to order of Court, and 
saue and keep harmles & vndamnifyed the GoQ and Court of Plymouth from 
any damage that may acrew vnto them by theire adminnestration, and keep a 
faire accompt therof, and giue it in to the said Court when thervnto required 
by them, that then the aboue written obligation to be void and of none effect, 
or else to remaine in full force and vertue. 

Letters of adminnestration is graunted by the Court vnto Martha, the 
relict of Serjeant John Daman, of Scittuate, and vnto Arther Howland, of 
Marshfeild, to adminnester on the estate of the said Serjeant John Daman ; 
and they haue giuen cecuritie to the Court for theire said adminnestration. 

*JH the Court of his JVM" held att Plymouth for the Tryall of [*162.] 
Jctions and Causes, the third of July, 1677. 

Befor Josiah Winslow, Esq'', Gou'', and John Freeman, 

John Aldin, Constant Southwbrth, 

Wiltam Bradford, James Browne, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Cudworth, 
Assistants, &d. 

LETTERS of adminnestration was graunted vnto Robert Fuller, of Reho- 
both, and Nicholas Ide, Seni"', on the estate of Samiiell Fuller, of 
Rehoboth, deccas. 

Letter of adminnestration was graunted by the Court to Rebecka Hunt 
and Steuen Paine, Juni'', to adminnester on the estati; of Peter Hunt, Juni"", 
of Rehoboth, deceased. 

Ruth Sprague, the relict of John Sprague, of Duxburrow, late deceased, 


doth heerby assure, assigne, allott, and make oner vnto the GoQ and Court of 
Plymouth all and singulare the lands the said John Sprague died posessed off, 
with all and singulare the appuitenances appertaining thervnto or to any pte 
or psell therof ; and shee, the said Ruth Sprague, widdow, doth heerby like- 
wise stand bound vnto the Court of Plymouth aforsaid in the penall suiiie of 
forty pound sterling ; for the payment wherof, well and truely to be made, shee 
heerby bindeth lii:rselfe, her hcires, executors, and adminnestrators, feirmly by 
these g>sents. 

The condition of the aboue written obligation is such, that wheras the 
aboue bounden Ruth Sprague hath obtained of the Court letters of adminnes- 
tration to adminnester on the estate of John Sprague, of Duxburrow, late 
deceased, if, therfore, the said Ruth Sprague doe pay, or cause to be payed, all 
such debts as are due and owing vnto any from the said estate soe farr and by 
equall proportions as the estate will amount vnto, and saue and keep harmles 
the Gofl and the said Court from any damage that may acrcw vnto them by 
her said adminnestration, and keep a faire accoumpt therof, and be reddy to 
glue in the same when thervnto required by the said Court, that then the 
aboue written obligation to be void and of none effect, or otherwise to remaine 
in full force, strength, & vertuc. 

Gorge Barlow, being suinoned to this Court, appcered to answarc for his 
turbulent carryage att Sandwich, and for his threatening to make such further 
destui-bance as would driue theire minnester away, vpon examination, the said 
Barlow owned that hee had spoken such words respecting the pmises as were 
witnessed against him, but saith hee spake them in passion, and vpon an appre- 
hension of great prouocation, withall professeth that it is contrary to his judg- 
ment and former practice, and doth not justify his said words, and doth ingage, 
that for the future he wilbe willing, according to his abillety, to afford such 
support towards M"" Smithes maintainance as reason may require, and likewise 
that hee will incurragc others to doe the same, and for such pticulars as hee 
hath deeply resented, and were soe offensiue to him as aforsaid, hee will in- 
deauor to bury them in obliuion. 

The Court, vpon consideration of what before written concerning Gorge 
Barlow, in hopes that hee will make good his engagements, with admonition 
released him, and pased oner the aforsaid offences. 

In reference to the complaint of ^I'' Edward Sturgis, Scni'^, of Yai-mouth, 
that his house hath bin robed, and a considerable psell of mony, about eight 
pounds, was taken away, and an Indian named Nopye, being ^scnted before 
the Court, is groundedly suspected to haue stoUen away the said mony, the 
Court hauciiig strictly examined hhn, and finding that hee was lurking about 


the house of the said Edward Sturgis on the Lords day on wlilch the niony 10 7 7. 
was stollen, which glues great suspicion that hee had a hand att least in takeing 
it away, this Court doth therfore centance the said Tom Nopye publickly to 
be whipt att Yarmouth, for breach of the Sabbath, att the descretion of the 
celect men of the said towiio, and that hee be allowed about a month or six 
wcekes from this date to make euquuy and bringe out the thcilfe or thciues 
that stole tlie said niony, and by that time to discouer them to some one of 
the majestrates of this jurisdiction, or else that hee shall make payment therof 
himselfo to M"" Sturgis, or to his satisfaction. 

Nicholas White, of Taunton, for selling liquor to the Indians seuerall 
times contrary to the law of this gou''ment, was fined the suiTie of thirty 
pounds, to the coUonles ysc. 

* Att the 2"™'' session of the Generall Court, held in the lO* of July, 1677. lo July. 

Slemorandum : that Mamanewett be sent for vnto the next Coui-t, and treat- [ l*'^-] 
ed with in reference vnto satisfaction for the defence of his land from the enimy. 

The Generall Court find the land which ISI"' Gray and others lay claime 
vnto to be conquest land. 

Wheras there is about thirty shillings of the estate of Faith Phillips, de- 
ceased, lying in the costody of John Phillips, her husband, it is agreed by and 
between thesonnes of the said Faith Phillipes, and with theii-e joynt consent, 
that the said sume shalbe payed vnto the daughters of the said Faith Phillipes, 
vizj, Desire Serman, Elizabeth Rouse, and Mary Doten, in equall and alike 
proportions, vnlesse the two younger sisters shall see reason, in respect of the 
low condition of the eldest, to consider her in that respect. 

This Court giues libcrtie vnto John Wing, Seni', of Yarmouth, to ex- 
change a psell of land with an Indian named Pamparauett, which land is a 
psell of land belonging to the said John Winge, lying att or about Satuckett, 
for a psell of land, being about one hundred acrecs, lying and being by the 
Riuer Canteeticutt, allies Teticutt Riuer. 

The answarc of the Generall Coiu-t vnto Barker, of Rhod Hand, his let- 
ters that there are some gentimen of our owne that lay claime to the lands 
desired by them, and if they please to try for the title of it, the law is open. 

This Court doth order the towne of Scittuate to appoint a fitt ^pson to 
keep an ordinaiy att Scittuate, betwixt this and the next October Court, and 
then to propose him to the Court, and Edward Jenkens is allowed by the 
Court to keep entertainment for strangers, vlzj, provide yictuall and draw 
beer for that Court. 

The suiiie of tweenty pounds is allowed by the Generall Court vnto 


107 7. Thomas Baxter, a maimed souldier, whoe hath lost the vse of one of his 
' ^1 ' hands in the time hee was in the countiyes service. 

V LOW ^^ reference vnto the debts owing by the country vnto M'' f^ymon Cooper, 

GovEBNOR.] of Rhode Hand, for surjeiy exercysed on Wiliam Die and others, of Dart- 
mouth, the Generall Court doth not owne themselues concerned therin, but 
that it is the proper busines of the towne of Dartmouth to take care of and 
be healpfull in such case ; and wheras hee proffers to take his pay in land, the 
Court judgeth, that Dartmouth is in a capassitie to defray it in such a way to 

This Generall Court haue ordered, that the suine of twenty pounds be 
allowed out of the treasury of the collonie, to be payed to the widdow and 
children of 'M' Nathaniel Cooper, deceased, as a grattification for his great 
paines and care taken for and concerning our souldiers, when in the office of a 
constable in the time of the late warrs. 

This Court doe appoint Cornett Studson and ]\I^ Nathaniell Thomas, to 
joyne vfiiix and be assistant to the Treasurer, in makeing sale of the countryes 
lands att Showamett and Assonett, as alsoe for improuement of such monyes 
as may be receiued for the same, for satisfaction of those to whom the country 
is indebted. 

Att this Court,, John Rauce, of Scittuatc, for raileing on M"' Baker, in 
saying hee is a fake prophett, and saying that Major Cudworth is a ialce, 
hipocritticall man, and that M' Baker had receiued stollcn goods, and for goe- 
ing vp and downe from house to house, to intice younge p>sons to come to 
heare theire falce teachers, was centanced by the Couit to be publickly Avhipt, 
which accordingly was pformed. 

13 July. *Att the 2™°"' session of the Generall Court held att Plymouth the 13 

L lo4.J j^y Q^ July, 1677, seuerall acts and order made and enacted by them as 
foUoweth : — 

Wheras the late warr hath bine very chargablc to the seuerall townes of 
this gou''ment, and many debts occationed tlierby are still due, this Court, con- 
sidering that, by the good prouidence of God, there are seuerall tracts of con- 
quered lands, doe thcrfore order, that Showmctt lands and Assonett shalbe 
sold to defray the ^sent debts, and that all other such lands shalbe either sold, 
if chapmen appeer to buy them, within a yeer or two, soe as to settle planta- 
tions thcron in an orderly way, to promote the publickc worsliip of God, and 
our ownc coinon good ; and the produce thcrof shalbe devidcd to the seuerall 
townes in tliis gou^mcnt, according to theire different disbursmcnts towards 
the aforsaid wan-, and what of the aforsaid lands shall then remaine vnsold 


slialbc deulcled to eueiy of our townes, thcire pte according to the rate fore- 10 7 7. 
mensioned ; alsoe, the coiiiittee to make sale as aforsaid shall glue accoumpt of "^ '' ^ 
any theire actings therin, to the next Generall Court after such theire actings, -wi^-siow 

In reference vnto one hundred acrees of land formerly graunted by the ^°""- 
Court vuto Capt John Gorum, deceased, which land lyeth att Papasquash 

This Court doth giue vnto his heires and successors the Indian purchase M' Browne and 
of the said hundred acrees of land, and vpon consideration that it was graunted were appointed 
vnto him formerly by the Court as aforsaid, and forasmuch as hee hath pformed *° ^'' " °"'' 
good service for the country in the late warr, and ended his life in the said 
service, this Court sees reason, and doc heerby rattify, establish, settle, and 
confeirme, the aforsaid hundred acrees of land, formerly graunted vnto the 
aforsaid Cap^ John Gorum, lying on Papasquash Necke aforsaid, to his heires 
and successors for euer. 

Wheras many wayes haue bine tryed for the raiseing of a comfortable 
and certaine maintainance for the minnesters of the gospell in tliis coUonie, 
which, notwithstanding some plantations not glueing due iucurragmcnt to 
those that were or should haue bin improued in that honorable and profitable 
worke, some plantations haue for a considerable time, and still doe remaine 
destitute of the publicke preaching of the word, vnto the great prejudice of 
theii-e owne soules, and continewed greiffe of all w-ell affected amongst vs, and 
in some other plantations where minnesters are yett continewcd, the meanes 
for theii'e support is raised with great difficulty and vncertainty, — 

It is therfore enacted by this Court and the authoritie therof, that such 
suiiies as the people of the seuerall townes or plantations in this gou'ment doe 
agree to allow to theire respectiue minnesters, or for defect of theire mutuall 
agreement, such suine or suiiies as the Coui-t shall judge meet, and appoint to 
be payed to them, or to be raised for incurragement of minnesters to settle in 
such places as now are or att any time may be distitute, shalbe raised by rate 
on all the rateable inhabitants of the seuerall plantations of this gou'ment, and 
shall yeerly goe forth att the same time and in the same rate that is to be made 
and leuied for ordinary country charges, and shall in the seuerall plantations 
be made, and by the constables be gathered therwith, and by them payed to 
the Treasurer or his order, in such specue and in such seasons as the majes- 
trates sallery is vsually payed in ; and if any townes, rators, or constables 
make default of what is of them required respecting the g>miscs, thay, or any 
of them in whom the defect is found, that obstruct the full and timely execu- 
tion therof, shalbe lyable to such penaltie or fine as is provided. Eespecting the 
niakeing, gathering, or paying of otlier country rates, and in such plantations 

VOL. v, 31 


Avliere uoe allowed minnester is, some psou or psons slialbe bv the Court ap- 
pointed by the Treasurers order to receiue the said suiiics there raised, which 
shalbe improued to such pubUcke piouse vse in that plantation as the Court 
shall direct vnto. This order to take place att psent, where ther is no other 
prouisiou made for the effecting of the said ends. 

The 2""'"^ Session of the Geuerall Court. 
[*165.] *A barr was putt att this Court to M' Brownes demand of a l^sell of land 

att Swanscy. 

"Wheras John Haward, of Dartmouth, hath disposed his share of land att 
Saconett, the one halfe of it to his son Daniell, deceased, who willed his said 
halfe to his childi-en, the said John Haward and the widdow of the said Dan- 
iell Haward desireing a deuision of the said share of land, this Court hath 
ordered, that if the said John Haward, and Captaine Church, whoe is agent 
for the said widdow, doe agree in a way of deuision therof, it shalbe satisfac- 
tory to the Court ; but if not, that then the Court ^^dll take course for the 
deuision therof, and what they doe in that behalfc, to rcturnc to the Court to 
be recorded. 

Att this Court Capt Goulding appeered and complained, in the bchalfe 
of himselfe, and Dauid Lake, and Thomas Lake, that they haue mctt with 
opposition from som psons in theire peacable injoyment of those portions of 
land graunted to them by the Coml, by some threatening speeches from some 
psons in that behalf The Court returne to them was, that incase any should 
apjieer to molest them in any wise in the improuement therof, the Court will 
maintaine the title therof vnto them ; but as for ^\ords, they must beare with 
them when they meet with them, and passe them ouer respecting the fPmiscs. 

A comittee appointed by the Generall Court to meet the second Tusday 
in August next, whoe are appoified and impowcred to heare and determine 
all matters respecting debts due from the coUonie to all psons whalsoeuer, and 
ballence the accompts between the seuerall towncs of this collonie concerning 
the late warr, not before ballenced, and each townc to pay them for theire 
time, and theii-e expcnccs to be bourne by the collonie. 

The names of the coiiiittcc chosen are as followcth : — 

The Treasiu-er, M'' John INIiller, 

M' Edward Gray, Thomas Huckens, 

Wiliam Paybody, M' Daniell Smith, 

Cornctt Studson, Capt Sparrow, 

AN^iliam Swift, John Willis, 

Wiliam Harvey, Samuel! Luther. 


> 243 

Tlie deputies were desired to acquaint theire townes rcspectluely that if 
any of them will fish att Cape Codd, that such will meet att Plymouth, when 
the coinittee is to be together to agree vpon tearmes for fishing there. 

*1677. The Rates of the seuerall Townes of this go\i''mcnt, proportioned 

for this psent 

veer, as followeth : — 

To the Treasurer. 

To the Officers. 

PlyiTi, . . 

. 19 : 00 : 00 . 

. 15:00:00 . . 

. 04 : 00 : 00 

Duxb, . . 

. 11:06:00 . 

. 08 : 06 : 06 . . 

. 03 : 00 : 00 

Bridgw, . . 

. 10 : 00 : 00 . 

. 07 : 03 : 00 . . 

. 02:17:00 

Scittuate, . 

. 30 : 10 : 00 . 

. 24 : 10 : 00 . . 

. 06 : 00 : 00 


. 16 : 00 : 00 . 

. . 12:10:00 . . 

. 03 : 10 : 00 

Sandwl, . 

. 22 : 16 : 00 . 

. 18 : 16 : 00 . . 

. 04 : 00 : 00 

Yarmouth, . 

. 18:10:00 . 

. 15 : 00 : 00 . . 

. 03 : 10 : 00 

Barnst, . . 

. 2^ : 05 : 00 . 

. 20 : 05 : 00 . . 

. 04 : 00 : 00 

ISIarSfeild, . 

. 18 : 10 : 00 . 

. 15 : 10 : 00 . . 

. 03 : 00 : 00 

Easthani; . 

. 15 : 18 : 00 . 

. 12:18:00 . . 

. 03 : 00 : 00 


. 05 : 00 : 00 . 

. 05:00:00 . . 

. 00 : 00 : 00 

Eehoboth, . 

. 12 : 00 : 00 . 

. 08:17:00 . . 

. 03 : 03 

203 : 15 : 06 

162 : 15 : 06 

40 : 00 : 00 

040 : 00 : GO 

162 : 15 : 00 

The Court voated that barly shalbe paied for the rate this yeer att three 
shillings a bushell. 

The proportions aboue entei'ed are to be payed, two ptes of three tlierof 
in wheat, and barly, and butter, or siluer, the wheat att 4' a bushell, the barly 
att three shillings a bushell, and the butter att fine pence a pound, this first 
payment to be made att or before the first of October next after the date heer- 
of, and the other third pte to be payed in Indian corne and rye, the Indian 
corne att three shillings a bushell, and the rye att three sliillings and six pence 
a bushell, this latter payment to be payed att or before the first of Aprill next 
after the date heerof, all good and marchantable, to be deliuered to the Treas- 
urer, or where hee shall appoint, prouided it be att Plymouth or Boston, and 
charge of transportation defi-aycd. 

The excise due to the country from James Cole is remitted to the said 
James Cole. 

*Wheras Phillip, the late sachem of Paukanakett, and other sachems, his 
accomplises, haueing bin in confeaderation and plighted couenant with his 





1 () 7 7. ma'"-'" collonie of New Plymouth, liaue lately broken coiienant with the Eng- 
lish, and they and theire people haue likewise broken out in open rebellion 
against our sou"^ lord Kinge Charles, his crowne and dignitie, expressed by 
raising a crewell and vnlawfull warr, murdering his leich people, destroying 
and burning theire houses and estates, expressing great hostillitie, outrage, and 
crewellty against his said ma'"^' subjects, wherby many of them were psonally 
slaine, and some bereaued of theire deare children and relations, among which 
said rebclls an Indian named Popanooie is found to be one, whoe hath had a 
hand, and is found to be very actiue in the great crewelty and outrage acted 
vpon seuerall of the inhabitants of the towne of Dartmouth, in the said his 
ma''"^ collonie of New Plymouth, in pticular it being manifest that hce was 
very actiue towards and about the destruction of seuerall of the children of 
Thomas Pope, late of Dartmouth aforsaid, and seuerall others of the said 
towne ; in consideration wherof, after due examination had of the ^mises, this 
Court doth heerby condemne and ceutance him, the said Popanooie, and his 
wife and children, to ppetuall ser\-itude, they likewise being found coeptenor 
with him in the said rebellion, and pticularly that hee, the said Popanooie, is 
to be sold and sent out of the country. 

The country haue sett and to farrae lett theire privilidges and profhtts of 
fishing att the cape vnto the Treasurer, ^1' Huckens, !M'^ Gray, and Thomas 
Paine, for the tearme of scuen ycers from the date lieerof, for and in consid- 
eration of the suiue of thirty pounds a yccr, to be payed in currant siluer 
mony, to be payed att or before the first of May yccrly. It is mutually 
agreed between the Court and the ptcnors, that it shalbe improued by our 
owne people, but incase they shall refuse, that then it shalbe att the libcrtic 
of the ptenors to admitt of any other, out of the collonie, to improue it with 
them ; and the Court appoint Cornett Studson and M'' Nathaniel Thomas to 
make leasses to the ptcnors, and to rcceiue the countrycs mony for it, for the 
countryes vse, as it is due and payable. 

To the intent that the towncs of this gon'mcut might haue seasonable 
notice of the pmises, order was giuen by the Generall Court to the deputies 
of the seuerall townes of this jurisdiction, to acquaint theii-e townes that such 
as will fish att Cape Codd for mackerell, &d, should appeer att Plymouth, 
when the coinittee appointed to settle the countryes de"bts should meet, wliich 
is to be on the second Tusday in August next after the date heerof, att which 
time those whoe haue hiered the fishing there of the country wilbe fsent, to 
agree with them. 

The fift of .Tune, l(i78. That the farmers of the fishing att Cape Cod, 


and otlier privilidges there, caccordiug to theirc indentures, may be cccurcd 
from moUestation in what is leased out to them, it is ordered by this Court, 
that whosoeuer shall attempt to gett fish there without order, or otherwise ,,,, 
molest such as are orderly by the farmers imployed there, any sayne heaued Goveknou.] 
out by intruders to gett fish there, and the fish by them soe taken, and any T''"' T*^ "'"' 
vessell, goods, or estate of any other kind shalbe seized for the collonies vse, Generaii Court 
out of which all damage done there by such molesters, with all charge that yeer abouc 
may arise therby, shalbe fully payed, and such seizures to be made by vcrtue '^^' ' 
of warrant from the Gou' or some one of the Assistants. 

June, 1678. It is ordered by the Court, that it shalbe in the libertie of 
the leassers of the privilidges of the cape fishing, to admitt of the one halfe of 
the improuers therof to be off any of the collonie of the jNIassachusetts, as 
thev may see reason. 

*.i1tt the Court of his Ma"' held for this Gon'ment att Phjmoiith, on the so October. 
50'" of October, Anno Dom 1677. [*110.] 

Before John Alden, Esq"", Deputie Gou'', and Constant Southworth, 
Wiliam Bradford, James Browne, and 

Thomas Hinckley, James Cudworth, 

John Freeman, 

" Assistants, &S. 

ATT tliis Court, Ambrose Fish was indited by the name of Ambrose Fish, 
^ for that hee, haueing not the feare of God before his eyes, did wick- 
edly, and contrary to the order of natiu-e, on the tweluth day of July last past 
before the date heerof, in his owne house in Sandwich, in this collonie of New 
Plymouth, by force carnally know and rauish Lydia Fish, the daughter of M"' 
Nathaniell Fish, of Sandwich aforsaid, and against her will, shee being then in 
the peace of God and of the Kinge. 

The grand jury found billa vera. The verdict of the jm-y of life and 
death was as followeth : — 

V'izJ, if one eiudcnce with concurring cercomstances be good in law, wee 
find him guilty. 

But if one euidcuce, with concurring cercomstances, be not good in law, 
wee find him not guilty. 

Vpon consideration of the verdict, the Court centanced him, the said 


67 7. Ambrose Fisli, to suffer corporall ijiinlslimeiit Ijy being publickly whipt att tin 
post, which accordingly was inflicted, and the prisoner released. 

The Names of the Jr 

M' John Thompson, 1 

Captaine Benjamine Church, i 
John Wadsworth, 
Dauid Aldin, [ 

Nathaniell Southworth, 
Gorge Morton, 

Encrease Eobinson 
Abraham Jackson, 
Shuball Diniacke, 
Nathaniell Hall, 
John Gorum, 
Jonathan Higgens. 

Anne Anuible, of Barnstable, widdow, for selling of beer to English and 
Indians without lycence, Avas centanced by the Court to pay a fine of twenty 
shillings, to the vse of the collonie. 

And the said Anne Annible stands heerbv bound vnto the 

r, ■ , „ _ , , 20 : 00 : 00 

Court in the penali sume of 

And Saniuell Annible surety, in the sniiic of 10 : 00 : 00 

The condition, that incase the said Anne Annible shall att any time liecr- 
aftcr be found to transgresse the law of this collonie in selling beer, wine, 
liquor, cakes, &(5, to either English or Indians, without lycence from the Court, 
that then, &C'. 

This Court graunted libertie to Edward Jenkens, of Scittuate, to keep an 
ordinary in Scittuate, for the entertainement of strangers, and refreshment of 
trauellers, &(5. 

Libertie is graunted by the Court vnto M'' Barnabas Laythorpe to be 
prouided with wine and liquors to sell, for the supply of such as are or may 
be in wante, cither by sicknes or otherwise, to dispose therof to sober psons, 
as there may be occatiou for theire refreshment, according to liis discretion. 

John Whilden, of Yarmouth, is exemi^ted from training in the niilletary 
companie of Yarmouth, on consideration that hee hath three soiies, fitted with 
amies for publicke service. 
[*171.] *Att this Court M' Symon Cooper, chyrurgion, liueing att New Port, on 

Ehode Hand, appeered, and ^scnted a paper vndcr John Cookes hand, wher- 
by hee stands ingaged, in the behalfc of the inhabitants of Dartmouth, to see 
the said Symon Cooper satisfyed for a cure wrought on "Wiliam Die, of Dart- 
mouth aforsald, in consideration the Court directed an order to John Cooke, 
to call the said towne together, and to see the said M' Cooper satisfyed {ov 
his paincs and skill, improued in the said cure. 

Wheras a natiue named Capl Danicll was warned liy warrant from tlie 


COUllT OllDERS. 247 

Gou'' to appcer att this Court, to answarc the complaint of an Indian named ] (!7 7. 
S'aconiansett, the sonne of Yaunoo, sachem, in reference vnto a controversye *■ "^ 

about land, which M'' Hinckley and M"' Freeman, by order of the Court, haue -wixsiow 
formerly settled, the said Sacouiansctt not appeering, and the said Cap? Dan- 
iell therby much damnifyed therby, this Court doth award the said Saconian- 
sctt to pay to the said Capt Daniell eight bushells of Indian corne, or the 
vallue of it, vpon his demaund. 

In rcfereiicf vnto the dispose of the estate of James Baruabcy, deceased, 
the Court haue ordered that Lydia, his wife, shall haue all the mouables of the 
said estate, on condition as followeth, vizj : that wlieras the said Lydia Barna- 
bey is to joyn in marriage with John Nelson, of Plymouth, late of iliddle- 
berry, if thcrfore the said John Nelson, with the said Lydia, his wife, doe, 
according to his ^sent engagement, keep and bringe vp the two children of the 
said James Barnabey vntill they attaine the age of fourteen yeers, and then 
doe pay to each of them, or to such as may be ordered by the Court to receiue 
it for them, six pound a peece, in currant siluer mony of New England, that 
then they, the said John Nelson, and Lydia, his wife, are to haue as followeth, 
vizj : the said Lydia the moueables of the said estate, as aforsaid, and the said 
John Nelson to haue and injoy the lands of the said estate, vntill the children 
come of age ; and the Court doe order and appoint, according to the desire of 
the said Lycha Barnabey, that her two brethercn, vizj, Benjamine Bartlett and 
Joseph Bartlett, to be ouerseers to see the said conditions made good and accom- 
plished, for and in the behalfe, and to the vse and benifitt, of the said children. 

Wiliam Witherell, of Taunton, stands bound vnto the Court in the penall 
sume of forty pound ; the condition, that if the said William Witherell, haue- 
ing obtained libertie of adminncstration to adminnester on the estate of Elias 
Irish, if therfore the said Wiliam Witherell shall and doe pay all such debts 
and legacyes as are due and owing to any pson or psons from the said estate, 
soe furr and by cquall i^roportions as the estate will amount vnto, and saue 
and keep harmlesse and vndamnifyed the Gou"" and Court of Plymouth from 
any damage that may acrcw vnto them by his said adminestration, and keep 
a faire accoumpt therof, and be rcddey to giue in the same vnto tlie Court 
when by them required, that then the said obligation to be void and of non 
effect, or otherwise to remaine in full force, strength, and vertue. 

The Court haue voated and hiered vnto M'' Nathaniell Thomas, M' Ed- 
ward Gray, and John Rogers, all the herbage and grasse which shall grow on 
the countreyes lands att Pocassett and places adjacent for one ycer, and thcirc 
tearmc to begin when Capt Churches and his ptcnors ends, and tliey haue 
engaged to pay therfore vnto the Treasurer the suiiic of ten pounds. 

The suiiic of liue pounds is allowed by the Gent-rall Court vnto iP 



167 7. Hinckley and Major Cudwortli, towards the bearing the charge and cxpeiice 
' ' they may be att in theire joui-neyes to and frow, in theire attendance vpon his 

30 October. . , , _ , . , , . , , . ^,,.,, 

ma'"" order and comaund, respecting the busmes about and conccrnmn; \\ iliam 
Gou". Harris, of Patucket, neare Prouidence. 

Memorand : that a warrant be di'awne vp and sent to Mamanewett, the 
Indian sachem, in reference to his appeerance att Plymouth, and treaty with 
him for satisfaction, for defending his land from the cnimie iu the late warr. 

The suine of ten pounds is allowed by the Court vnto John Paysley, for 
his releiffe, to be payed the next yeer, in fines or by rate. 

1 November. 


*Att the Generall Court held att Plymouth for the jurisdiction of New 
Plymouth, the first of Nouember, ann" Doui 1677. 

AVheras the Generall Court held the 10"^ of July, 1677, appointed and 
impowered the Treasurer, with the assistance of Cornett Studson and M' Na- 
thaniel Thomas, to make sale of the lands att Shawamett, &d, to defray the 
countrycs debts, this Court doth declare, that the said words^ " the lands att 
Shawamett," are to be interpretted to containe the lands called the out lett, as 
well as the necke itselfe, called Shawamett, and therfore doe heerby allow and 
confeiime the sale of the said out lett lands, as well as the necke itselfe, to all 
those to whom the said Treasui-er hath made sale therof, according to the 
boundaries of the said out lett heerby mensioned, vizj : bounded on the east by 
Taunton Kiuer, on the north by Taunton lands, on the west, ptely by Swansey 
lands Avhich were purchased of the Indians by Capt Thomas Willctt and INI"" 
Stephen Paine, Seni', and ptely by the lands of Rehoboth, if the countrcys 
lands extend soe farr westwards, and on the south by the said necke. 

And forasmuch as the towne of Swansey conceiuc themselues to haue 
right to the aforsaid outlett lands, wHch although this Court att ^sent are 
othcr^^•isc minded, yctt being wilHng for the quiett settleing and satisfaction of 
Swansey, soe farr as to appoint a coinittee to view a stripp of land att the 
enterance of Mount Hope Necke, with some of Swansey, and some of the 
Psent pui-chasers of Mount Hope, wluch said coinittee, after the hearing of 
both pties, shall haue power to determine that stripp of land soe farr to be- 
longe to Swansey as they shall judge most comodious, and least prejudicial! to 
either place, prouidcd theire graunt and determination extend not aboue 50 
or 60 rodd from the said fence downward into the necke, except the coinittee 
shall sec cause to extend it soe farr as Kekamenest Springe, and prouidcd 
that incase Swansey accept therof, then to relinquish all theire claimc to the 
said outlett, and all theire claime of jurisdiction to the said Mount Hope; and 
M' Hinckley and ^Nlajor Cudworth arc appointed by the Court to determine as 
abouesaid, iu tlie behalfe of tlie coUonic. 



The coiuittee appointed by the Court to treatc with the agents of Swansev 1 (i 7 7, 
in reference to a settlement of the matters now in controversy between the ^ ''~~~ 
collonic and them about the chiimo made bv Swansev men vpon theirc bor- ■"'™'" 
ders, were — Gou«. 

M"' Constant Southworth, M'' Barnabas Laythorpe, 

M' Daniell Smith, :\P WilUam Paybody, 

M'' Thomas Iluckens, ^V Nathauiell Thomas, 

and Cornett Robert Studsou. 

[The following p.Tragraph was made subsequent to the original record.] 

James Barnabey appeered before the Court held att Plymouth the last 
Tusday in October, 1684:, and made choise of his father in law, John Nelson, 
and Thomas Faunce, to be his gaurdiaiis, and att the same time John Nelson 
p>sented six pound in siluer mony, in the g>sence of the said Coiut, for the 
said James Barnabey, accordinge to the ingagments of the said John Nelson, 
and Lydia, his wife, vnto the Court in October, 1677, and att the abouesaid 
Court in 1684, the said John Nelson, as gaurdian to the said James Barnabey, 
did receiue six pound into his hands & keeping, for the vse and improucment 
of said James Barnabey. 

*The verdict of vs, a jury impannelled by the constable of Yarmouth, to r*173.] 
serch into and view the what might be the occation or cause of the vntifnly 
death of the wife of James Claghorne, of Yarmouth. Wee nrade enquiry wlioe 
were the psons which first found the woman, and wee found that it was her 
daughter Elizabeth and her son Robert, whoe, vpon examination, declared to 
vs that they, missing theire mother, and had made serch and enquiry for her, 
they sent vp into the chamber by one of the childi-en, whoe cryed out that his 
mother is hanging herselfe ; whervpon the said Elizabeth and Robert ran vp, 
and found her hanging and dead. They thought, howeuer, that shce might 
hauc life, and therfore fsently vnloosed the rojje or halter, and tookc her 
downc ; and seeing noe life in her, they ^sently made out cry abroad, and 
there came to them Jabez Gorum and Jonathan White, whoe declared to vs 
that they went vp, and found the woman vnder the rope dead and cold, and 
they tooke her vp and brought her downe into the lower rome ; and the aboue- 
said Elizabeth said that her mother was mising, as shee judged, two hourcs or 
more before they found her. Haueing thus farr proceed, wee went to view the 
place where shee was hanged, as they told vs, and found there an hairc rope 
or halter, fastened very feirmc to the collor bcame, in which the abouesaid 
Elizabeth and Robert said slice hanged ; then wee viewed the corpes, and 
found an aparcnt strakc on her nccke, where the blood was settled ; soc that 

v()i„ v. 3;2 


it is api^areiit to vs that shee strangling herselfe with a cord was the cause of 
her death, and by all oiu- serch and inquiry, wee judge that shec hanged her- 
selfe, and haue noe cause, by all our examination and obseruation, to suspect 
any other to haue any hand in it. 

Yarmouth, this 21 of the 8^^, 1677. 

This vercUct was taken vpon oath this 29"* of October, 1677, before mee. 
JOHN FREEMAN, Assistant. 

JOHN MILLER, swome. 
JOHN RYDER, sworne, 

You shall carfully and dilligently serch the body of Gorge More, and 
make dilligent?^ inquiry, and gett the best information you can from psons 
and things, what may be the cause and meanes, or the most probable cause 
and meanes, of this his vntimely death, all which you shall well, truely, and 
faithfully pforme according to the best of youer vnderstanding and discretion, 
as you looke for healp from God. 

Rodulphus Elmcs, Luke Squire, 

Wiliam Pcakes, Thomas Hatch, 

William Hatch, Seni"', Thomas Clarke, 

Joseph White, Wiliam Hatch, Juni', 

Nathaniel Turner, Thomas Man, 

Josiah Lcichfeild, Joseph House 

The jury being impanelled and sworne to inquire of the death of Gorge 
More, this 26"" of IMarch, 1677, giuc in this following for theirc verdict : — 

Wcc, whoc according to our oath had the viewing of the body of Gorge 
More, of Scittuatc, cannot find eitlier by psons or things what was the cause 



of his death, hut accordhig to oiu- host vnderstanding, wee apprehend that it 
was some suddaine fainting fitt, or some stopiug of his breath, was the whole 
and sole cause of his death. 


See Micadl 
Walkers vn- 

timely death 
recorded att 
the Court Rec- 
ord, Julv, 1070. 

* Jilt the Court of his Ma'" held att Plymouth, for the Jurisdiction of 1 077-8. 
JVew Phjinouth, the fift of March, Ann" DoTii one thousand six 
hundred seauentij and seaucn. 

Before Josiah Winslow, Esq"", Gou"", 
John Aldin, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &d. 

John Freeman, 
Jaiiis Browne, 
Constant South's^orth, and 
James Cudworth, 

ANNA TISDALL, widdow, of the towne of Taunton, in the jurisdiction 
of Plymouth, in New England, and John Richmond and Samuell 
Smith, of the towne aforsaid, in the jurisdiction aforsaid, yeomen, and John 
Rogers, of the towne aforsaid, in the jiu-isdiction aforsaid, yeoman, doe ac- 
knowlidge ourselues bound and feiimly obiiged vnto the Gou'' and Court of 
Plymouth aforsaid, in the penall suiue of one hundred and fifty pound, for 
the payment, wherof well and truely to be made, wee bind ourselues, our 
hcires, executors, and adminnestrators, joyntly and seuerally, feirmly by these 

The condition of the abouc written obligation is such, that wlieras the 
aboue bounden Anna Tisdall hath obtained letters of admiunestration to 


1 G 7 7-8. adminnester on the estate of John Tisdall, Juni'', late of Taunton aforsaid, 

^ deceased, if therfore the said Anna Tisdall shall and doc pay, or cause to he 

5 March. 
WiNSLow Pfiyed, all such debts and legacyes as are due and owing vnto any from the 

Gou". estate of the said John Tisdall, soe farr and by equall proportions as the said 

estate mIU amount vnto, and likewise dispose of the remainder of the said 

estate according to the Courts order, and keep a fiire accompt therof, and be 

in a reddines to giue in a faire accompt thcrol, when thervnto required by 

the Court, and saue and keep harmles and vndamnlfycd the said Gou"" and 

Court from any damage that may acrew vnto them by her said adminnestra- 

tion, that then the said obligation to be void and of none effect, or otherwise 

to remaine in full force and vertue. 

The Court hane ordered that a deuission shalbe made of a psell of land 
att Saconett, which is a share of land there which was the land of John Irish, 
deceased, and by him bequeathed to his two sonnes, Elias Irish and John 
Irish, Juni'', his brother, which is to be made by William Witherell, in the 
helmlfe of the said Elias Irish, his child, and the said John Irish, Junier, 
incase they can agree soe to doe ; but if not, the Court orders that Capt 
Church and John Richmond, of Taunton, shall doe it in theire behalfe equally 
both for quantity and quallity, deuided and vndeuided, vpland and meddow 
land, and that then the said William Witherell and John Tisdall shall draw 
lotts for the same. 

Wheras it doth appeer vnto the Court that there is due vnto ISl' Symon 
Cooper the soiiie of fifteen pounds in mony from the towne of Dartmouth, for 
surjery cxercysed on Wiliam Dye, which the said to\\-ne hath hitherto neg- 
lected to satisfy, the Court doth heerby engage to take some cffectuall course 
that the said suiue shalbe satisfyed some time in Nouember next, and alsoe 
twenty shilling in mnny, for his paines and charge of his journeyes to Plym- 
outh about it. 

Experience ■Michell, Edward Michell, and Jose^jh Bartlett are allowed 
and appointed ^ by to be gaurdians to the children of Jacob Michell, deceased, 
to call in the debts due vnto the said estate, and to gather the sumo together, 
and to improue the same for the future good of the said childron, when they 
come to be of age. 

Wiltam Carpenter and Samuell Carpenter, ouorsecrs of the cstati; of 
Margerett Carpenter, deceased, arc ordered by the Court to dispose of a com- 
petent ptc of the land of Joseph Carpenter, Seni'', for the vse of Joseph Car- 
penter, Juni'', in regard hee is in some want of land att the pscnt for his pscnt 
vse, and to be accompted as pte of his share of the land due vnto him out of 
his said fathers land. 


These are to signify vnto all to whom these ^seiits shall come, that this 1 (J 7 7-8. 
Coiu-t sees cause to prohibitc all and cueiy psou and psons within our juris- " » "^ 
diction or elsewhere, to buy any of the Indian childi-en of any of those our ,y '' 
captiue saluages that were taken and became our lawfull prisoners in our late <^'"^'"- 
warrs with the Indians, without speciall leauc, likeing, and approbation of the 
gou''ment of this jurisdiction. 

Letters of adminnestratioit is graunted vnto Anna Tisdall, widdow, to 
adminnester on the estate of John Tisdall, late deceased. 

And John Eichmond, and John Rogei's, and Samuel! Smith, of Taunton, 
are appointed to be ouerseers for the desposall of the said estate. 

*In reference to the complaint of Eobert Badston against Charles "Wills, [*1 '•^•] 
that hee had lyen wAith his wife, the Court, haueing examined the euidcnces 
respecting that case, did not find him guilty of that fact, and therfore cleared 
him therof, and from keeping the child, and the rather because the said Eobert 
Badston hath frequently companied with his said wife by beding with her, both 
before and after the child was borne. 

Joseph Burge, for selling liquore to the Indians, fined fiuc pounds, to 
the vse of the collonie. 

This fine of fine pound of Joseph Burgis is respetted on his good be- 

Att this Court Pompmoe was psented before the Court for frequently 
stealing of horses, powder, &6, and goeing on vnreclaimably therin. The Court 
sees reason to take the engagement of three Indians, vizj, Symon Pompmoe, 
Lawrance, and John Sias, that hee, the said Sam Pompmoe, shall pay or cause 
to be payed all the charge that shall appccr to be due for his imprisonment, 
and for the bringing of him to prison. 

Joseph Burge for prophanly swearing in the lace of the Coiut, fined ten 
shillings, to the vse of the collonie. 

Samuell Jeuney, for vseing railing and reuiling sjieechcs to seuerall psons 
att the mill att Plymouth, fined fine shillings. 

Joseph Dunham, for laciuiouse carriages vsed toward Elizabeth Einge, 
fined twenty shillings, to the vse of the collonie. 

Euhamah, the wife of Joseph Nicarson, for prophaning the Sabbath by 
fighting and quarreling twise, fined forty shillings, or to suffer corporall pun- 
ishment by whiping. 

Samuell Nicarson, for prophanly breaking the Sabbath l)y quarrelling 
and fighting, fined forty shillings, but hath libertie to appeer before the next 
Court, to make his defence. 

5 March. 



16 7 7-8. Edward Cottle & his ■wife, of IMamiamoiett, for proplianiiig the Sabhath 

by quarreUiiig, fiaed forty shilUiigs. And Ukewisc the wife of Nathaniell 
Couell, for prophaning the Lords day by quarrelling & fighting, fined forty 
Gou". shillings, siluer mony, or to be whipt. 

Teague Jones, for drunkcncs, kuowne to be the second time, fined ten 

In regard of the defect of a constable in the toAvne of Dartmouth, this 
Court doth order and authorise John Cooke, John Russell, and Leiftcnant 
Smith, they or any two of them, in his ma"''^ name, to call theire towne to 
come together to make such rates as are requisite for the defraying of such 
dues as are due and owing from theire towue, and pticularly a debt due to 
Symon Cooper for the cure of A^'illam Die, and for the charge of journcyes 
to Plymouth, for the dcmaunding of the said debt, which is sixteen pounds, to 
be payed in siluer mony, to be payed to him or his declared order. Major 
Bradford ; as alsoo the suiiie of forty shillings to Jonathan Delano, and to 
Thomas Tabor 2" 10% and to Wiliam Spooner two pound and ten shillings, 
and to Samuell Jenncy 12" ; to John Corn well 2" 10' ; to Phillip Tabor 2" 
10' ; to Eliczer Smith fiue shiUings. These suiries, excepting that due to 
Symou Cooper, to be payed in marchantable pay, att . money prise ; they ai-e 
to returne a true accoumpt of theire doeings respecting the g>mises vnto June 
Court next, to be holden att Plymouth. 

[*17G.] *I, Serjeant John Bryant, of Scittuate, standeth bound heerby vnto the 

Court of the jurisdiction of New Plymouth in the penall sume of thirty 
pounds sterling, for the payment wherof, well and truely to be made, I bind 
myselfe, my lieires, executors, and adminnestrators, feirmly by these ^sents, 
this eight of March, ann° Dom one thousand six hundred seaucnty and 
seauen, 78. 

The condition, tliat whcras Isable Hiland, of Scittuate, the relict of Sam- 
uell Hiland, late of Scittute aforsaid, deceased, hath obtained letters of ad- 
minnestration to adminnestcr on the estate of the said Samuell Hiland, if, 
therfore, the said Issabell Hiland doc pay or cause to be payed all such debts 
and legacies as are due and owing vnto any pson or psons from the said estate, 
soe farr and by equall proportions as the same shall amount vnto, and kecji a. 
faire and true accompt of her said adminncstration, and be reddy to girn' in 
the same vnto the said Court when by them required, and sauc and keep 
harmles and vndamnifyed the said Gou'' and Court from any damage that riiay 



acrew to tlicm by licr said admiiiucstration, (according to the finises, j that 1 (I 7 7-S. 
tlicii the aboue entered obligation to be void and of none effect, or otherwise 
to remaine in full force, strength, and vertue. 

Ilcnery Ellis, of Boston, in the Massachusetts gou'^ment, being bound 
ouer to this Court by Thomas Hinckley, Esq', Assistant, to answare a com- 
plaint or information against him, for that the said Ellice did on ^lunday 
night last past before the 8"" of Xouember, 1677, vse abusiue and laciiiious 
carriages with or towards an Indian squa, called Toquco, att Cap Codd, -which 
plaint, information, or charge is by him, the said Ellice, traucrscd and put to 
the jury for try all. 

The jury find not guilty 

The names of the jury is as followeth : — 

M' Thomas Huckcns, 
Leift Samuell Allin, 
Leiftenant James Lewis, 
Leif? Jabez Rowland, 
Steuen Skiffe, 
John Soule, 

Eliezer Chm-chill, 
John Caruer, 
Ephi-aim Little, 
John Sutton, 
John Biiggs, 
Joseph Wadsworth. 

This Court takeing notice that the bounds arc not yett settled between 
the towne of Eastham and the purchasers on both sydes of them, doth order, 
that they lay out and settle theire bounds, and in defect thei-of, that they ap- 
peer by theire agents the next June Court, to render theire reason of theire 
neglect, that soe the Coiut mav take care for the settlement therof. 

*Jltt the Gcnerall Court of Election hohleii all Plymouth, for the 16 78. 
Jurisdiction of JVew Plymouth, t/ie fift Day of June, Ann' 
Dom. 1678. ['ITG.] 

Before Josiah Winslow, Esq'', Gou'', 
John Aldeu, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 


John Freeman, 
James Browne, 
Constant Southworth 
James Cudworth, 




16 78. XOSIAH WINSLOW, ESQ^ was chosen Gofl, and swome. 
\ / ^ M^JolmAlden, 

5 June. 

WixsLow, INIajor Wiltam Bradford 

M'' Thomas Hinckley, 
Capt John Freeman, 
M' James Browne, 
M"' Constant Southworth, 
Major James Cudworth, 
Gou' "Winslow and 
M'' Thomas Hinckley 
Major Cudworth the next in nomination. 
M'' Constant Southworth was chosen Treasurer, and sworne. 

ere chosen Assistants in gou'"ment, and 

chosen Comissioners. 


Leifl Morton, 
Leift Joseph Howland, 
M'' Josiah Standish, 
William Paybody, 
Cornett Studson, 
John Bryant, 
Wiliam Swift, 
James Walker, 
Samuell Smith, 
John Thacher, 
John aiiller, 
M' Thomas Huckens, 


M'" Barnabas Laythorpe, 
Ensigne Marke Eames, 
Anthony Snow, 
W Daniell Smith, 
M"" Nicholas Pecke, 
Capt Jonathan Sparrow, 
Thomas Paine, 
Ensigne John Haward, 
Samuell Luther, 
John Willis, 
John Cooke. 

M'^ John Cushen, 
Serjeant Wiliam Harlow, 
Joseph Warren, 
M^ John Sunderland, 
Phillip Delano, Seni"", 
Edmond Freeman, Juni% 
Shuball Dimake, 
PliiUip Walker, 
John Carucr, 
John Butterwortli, 
Arthcr llathewcv, 


Francis A¥est, 
Obadiah Bowin, 
Richard Steucns, 
John Hinckley, 
John Fames, 
Nathaniell William 
Ephraim Little, 
Mordica Ellis, 
John Briggs, 
Nicholas Nicarson, 
Gorge Crispe. 




*Celect Men. 


Plym : 

Yarmouth : 

5 June. 

Leilt Morton, 
Wiliam Crow, 

M'' Edmond Hawes, 
Edward Sturgis, Seni% 




Wiliam Clarke. 

John Thacher, 

Duxbuf : 

John Miller. 

John Tracye, 

Barnstable : 

Benj amine Bartlettj 

M"^ Thomas Huckens, 

John Wadsworth. 

Leif! Laythorpe, 

Sclttuate : 

M'' Barnabas Laythorpe. 

John Cusheu, 

Marshfeild : 

John Bryant, 


Lelft Bucke. 

Rehoboth : 

Sandwi : 

Leift Peter Hunt, 

M"' Edmond Freeman, 

M' Daniell Smith, 

Wiliam Swift, 

Ensigne Nicholas Pecke. 

Thomas Tupper. 

Bridgwater : 

Taunton : 

Samuell Edson, 

Leifi Macye, 

Ensigne Haward, 

Wiliam Harvey, 

John Carey, Seui^ 

Walter Dean, 

Eastham : 

James Walker, 

Capt Sparrow, 

Samuell Smith. 

Marke Snow, 
Jolm Done. 

The Constables of the seuerall Townes are as foUoweth : — 

Plymouth, Nathaniel Southworth. 

Duxfe, John Simons. 

f John Tm-ner, Junl"', 
\ Thomas Wade. 
Sandwich, John Blackwell. 

C Samuell Williams, 

Taunton, <^ , „ ^ . 

(^ i homas Haivey, Scni^ 

Yai-mouth, M'' Edward Stui-gis, Seni"', 

Barnstable, Nathaniel Bacon. 

f Samuell Arnold, 

Marshfeild, { ^. ^. , 

[i homas Macomber. 

VOL. V. 33 



Tho Read, 
Abraham Pcrren. 

Eastham, Josiah Cooke. 

Bridgw, Zacheus Packer. 

Swansey, Caleb Eedey. 

Surveyors of Highwayes. 

ILeifi Joseph Howland, 
James Cole, Juui'', 
Ephraim Morton, Juiii'' 
John Rogers, 
Abraham Sampson, 
Wiliam Tubbs. 
rjohu Bryant, Juni"", 
jjohn Vinall. 
f Thomas Bm-ge, 
\ Samuell Briggs. 
f James Tisdall, 
(James Leanard, Juni"'. 
Nathaniel Bassett, 


Duxfe, . 

Scittuate, . 


Taunton, . 


Barnsta, . 


John Burgis. 
Wiliam Troope, 
Ensigne Howland. 

f Richard Bowiu, 
I^John Pcrren. 
f Thomas Turner, 
I Joseph Haward. 
r William Walker, 
I Wiliam :SIcrrlcko 


[*180.] *This Court haue settled the easterly bounds of the towne of Duxburrow 

to be the sea, neare Greens Harbour, where the lines cutts between ]\Lirshfeild 
and Duxburrow to the Guruetts Tsose, excepting the Guruett, Clarkes Hand 
and Sagaquas, which are not to be within the jurisdiction of Duxburrow, 
saucing alsoc euery mans propriety and right to him that is now in poscssioa 
of any lands or meddowes within thcirc bounds, whether by graunt or jnu- 
cliase, without disturbance, as touching propriety, by vcrtuc of this graunt, 
yett to be within the jurisdiction of Duxburrow townshipp. 


Wlicras Thomas Jenkens, constable of Scittuate, being to pay by order 16 7 8. 
of the Treasurer out of the rate dated the sixt of December, 1677, a ccrtainc 
suiue vnto M'' Gray, and the said constable, in gathering his rate, was con- 
strained to take sheep of seuerall psons, which were by men intually chosen 
apprised, but coming to Plymouth they were refused to be recciued vntill there 
were another apprisall, and heo, the said Thomas Jenkens, coming to the 
Court the fift of June, 1678, to craue the Courts advice what hee might doe 
with safety therin, the Court doth declare and advise, that Thomas Jenkens 
and ^NP Gray doe each of tlicni chose a man to prise the sheep, and the clieifle 
marshall to be the third man, incase the other two agree, and soe AP Gray to 
recciuc them ; and wliat lossc shalbe in the second apprisall, that the said 
losse be bourn by the towne, and not by the constable. 

Wiieras it doth appeer to the Court, that two Indians, one named Thomas 
Hunter and the other Peter, of Teticutt, were both mutually injoyned and 
did engage vuto theire sachem to keep, and not imbczcll, or sell, or make 
away certainc lands coinittcd to them by him, and notwithstanding, the 
said Peter hath lately made sale of some pte of the said land, contrary to 
the mind of his Jjtenor in this matter, vpon the complaint of the said 
Hunter, the Court ordcrcth and doth hccrby prohibitc the said Peter from 
imbezelling or any waycs makeing away any more of the said land ; but 
that Thomas Hunter shall retaiae it in his ownc custody, soe as it may be 
improued according to the order and mind of him by whom they M'ere 
betrustcd with it. 

Lyccnce is grauuted vnto iP' Edward Gray to sell some smale quantities 
of liquor, as hee may liaue occation, to such as are or may be imployed by 
him in fishing, and such like occations, for theire vse and refreshing. 

Piliertie is graunted vnto M' Joseph Bradford and ^listris Jaell Bradford, 
his wife, to draw and sell beer as occation may requii-e, soe as they prudently 
prevent all excesse that may come therby. 

j\P Daniell Smith and Serjeant Thomas Reed are appointed by the Court, 
together with the gaurdians of the children of Isi' Nathaniel Pecke, of Swan- 
sey, deceased, to make deuision of certaine lands in ptenorship between the 
said Nathaniell Pecke and Israeli Pecke, between the said Israeli Pecke and 
the said children. 

The suine of ten pounds in siluer mony, out of the proffitts of the cape 
fishing, is grarmted by the Court and ordered to be payed, fine pounds 
thcrof vnto Mistris Newman, the wife of JI'' Noah Newman, deceased, 
and the other fiue pounds to the scoolmster att Rehoboth, in reference to 
the order of Court disposing such pay to be improued towards the keeping 


16 7 8. of a grainer scoole in each towiie of this jurisdiction, as in the said order 
"" ^ is expressed. 

__, , Thu'ty shillings is abated and remitted of the fine of Serjeant Tinkham, 

Gou". soe that there remaines but ten shillings payable. 
[*181.] *This Court remitteth vnto Christopher Winter, vpon the forfeiture of a 

bond of fifty pounds currant siluer mony of New Eng, the sume of thirty 
pounds, retaining the suine of twenty pounds, which said twenty pounds is to 
be payed in ciu-rant siluer mony of New England ; which said abatement is 
for that wheras the said Winter gaue the said bonds for his daughter, Anna 
Batson, her appeerance att this Court to answare for an acte of vncleanes, and 
shee made an escape ; and wheras for what can be descerned her said escape 
was contrary to her fathers mind, the Court did condesend to abate pte of the 
said forfeiture, as aforsaid. 

EHzabeth Loe, being a single woman, is convicted of coinitting whordom, 
and centanced by the Court to suffer corporall punishment by whiping, which 
accordingly was pformed. 

And wheras shec accused Phillip Leanard to be the father of the child 
begotten on her by the said acte of vncleanes, wlierof hee hath not cleared 
himselfe to the satisfaction of the Court, hee is ordered and required by the 
Court to allow towards the keeping of the child two shilHngs and six pence a 
weeke in cuiTant marchantable corne, att prise currant att times of payment, 
or two shillings p weeke in currant siluer mony of New England, vntill the 
child, if it Hues, attaines to the age of 7 yeers fi-om the date heerof. 

The Court saw cause to tender her Uberty to sweare, for the clearing of 
the case ; the tenure of which oath followeth : — 

You shall sweare by the name of the euerlasting God, that Phillip Lean- 
ard, of Marshfeild, is the rcall father of the child last borne of youcr body, 
begotten in whordom ; which oath shee reddily tooke. 

Phillip Leanard, of Marshfeild, in the jmisdiction of Xi'W Plymouth, 
nailer, stands hccrby bound vnto the Gofl and Court of Plymouth aforsaid in 
the penall suiiic of thirty pounds sterling; for the payment wherof well and 
truely to be made, hee heerby bindeth himselfe, his heires, executors, and 
adminnestrators feirmly by these pscnts. 

The condition of the aboue written obligation is such, that wheras the said 
Phillip Lenard is accused by Elizabeth Loe, widdow, of begetting her with child, 
wherof hee hath not yctt cleared himselfe, if, thcrforc, hee, the said Pliillij) 
Leanard, hee, his heires, executors, adminnestrators, or assignes, shall and doc 
pay and make good vnto Elizabeth Loe, the mother of the child begotten as 
aforsiiid, twci slilllinn-; and si\ ]ipiiro in good. niiivclinntMblc rorne. att prise cur- 


rant att times of payment, or two shillings a wceke in currant siluer mony of 1 G 7 8. 
New England, for and towards the bringing vp of the said child, vntill, if it ^"^ '' ' 
line, it doe attaine the age of seauen years from the date heerof, that then the wixsrow 
abouewritten obligation to be void and of non effect, or otherwise to renuiine Gdv". 
in full force, strength, and vertue. 

Jane Barlow, the wife of Gorge Barlow, of Sandwich, haucing bin fpscnt- 
ed for selling liquore to an Indian, her plea being that what shee did in that 
behalfe was ignorantly done, and engageth that shee neuer doe the like any 
more, the Court saw cause to passe it by, on condition that if euer hcer- 
after shee be taken selling liquore to any Indian, that then shee shall pay a 
double fine. 

*The Court, takeing notice of the free and orderly choise of M"' Nicholas [*18;2.] 
Pecke to be ensigne bearer of the milletary companie of Rehoboth, de ap- 
proue of and appoint the said Nicholas Pecke to be ensigne bearer of the said 

Wheras seuerall of the councell of warr of the towne councell of Reho- 
both being lately deceased, wherby there is a vacancye in their towne councell 
in that respect, the Court doeth approue and establish Ensigne Nicliolas Pecke, 
Serjeant Thomas Reed, ]\P Samuell Newman, and Serjeant Willmoth to be 
of the councell of warr in Rehoboth. 

Wiliam Perrcy, of Scittuate, declaring to the councell of warr that bee 
is very much disabled in body by reason of a wound receiued in the scruice 
of the countryes service in the late warr, and therby vnfitt to bear amies in 
training, desiring to be freed from publicke exercyse in that kind, the councell 
sees cause, therfore, heerby to free him from publicke training in the milletary 
companie of Scittuate. 

Daniell Wilcockcs is grauuted the suiiic of ten pounds, in consideration 
of a considerable charge by liim sustained in answarc of a suite coiiicnced 
against him att Rhode Hand and tryed there, and a verdict of twenty pound 
siluer mony obtained against him, to make good the charge of a man lately 
ciu-ed, which man was ouc of the wounded men that were wounded in the 
late warr. 

March the 25, 16T8. 

Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, being required by authoritie as a 
jury to serch out the cause of the death of the child of Anne Batson, wee doe 
find as foUoweth : — 

That wee saw nothing that might be the cause of its death, but onely att 
the lower pte of the belly and the private members there being a settleing of 
red and blacke, and the members being swelled ; and, further, wee required 


16 7 8. Anne Batson and seuerall of the family to touch the dead chikl, but ther -was 
^' nothinsr therbv did appeer respectin"; its death. 

5 June. ° ■ ^^ i' o 

"^'^'^^r'' ANTHONY SNOW, 


Wee, whose names are heervnto subscribed, being, this sixt of ]\Iay, 
1678, Impanelled vpon the corronors enquest to make inquiry and true ^sent- 
mcnt make of the cause and manor of the death of Thomas Totman, doc 
declare, that wee find noe other thinge or cause but onely his o\^'ue wilfuU 
absenting himselfe from food to be the cause and nieanes of his death. In 
witnes wherof wee haue sett to our hands. 


Wee, whose names are vuderwritten, being sworne to view the corpes of 
Samuell Drew, deceased, the 21 day of May, 1678, doc judge, according to our 
best judgment, as followeth : that goeing on board of a shallopp, finding there 
a hottl(! of liquor, and drinking soo niurli of itt, that, as hee went to gett out 


of the boiite, hec fell from the boatc into the water 
Was the cause of his death. 

111(1, wiucli ^\■cc 

1 C 7 S. 

Serjeant TINKHA^NI, 
Leiftenant ROWLAND, 
Taken before Major Bradford the day and veer first aboue written. 

*Edward Wanton, for disorderly joyning himselfe in marriage with his 
now wife in a way coutrary to the order of tliis goQiiient, is fined to the vse 
of this collonie the same of ten pounds. 

It is ordered by the Court, that the GoQ, [NI'' Hinckley, IMajor Cudworlh, 
and the Treasurer be a coiiiittce to review the lawes of tliis collonie, and to 
reduce them into one vollumc, and to put them into such order as they may 
more reddily conduce to our gcncrall vse and benifitt ; and whatsoeuer they 
shall doe respecting, shalbe exhibited to the next Gcncrall Court for thcire 
concurrance and approbation. 

A Coppy of a Warrant sent from the Court to Taunton, as followcth. 

New Plymouth to the constables of Taunton, or cither of them, greet, 
&6 : These are, in his nia"''^ name, to will and coiiiaund you, on receipt heerof, 
to warne youer towne to come together to make a rate to defray some charges 
that did arise among you in the time of the late warr with the Indians, and 
yett not payed, vizj, for billctting Captaine Frccmon and his men and thcire 
horses, and for billeting some men left in youcr townc by ^l" Sabercy, and for 
billeting some of youcr owne townc souldiers after tliey were pressed, vizJ, 
such as were placed forth by the constable, and the constable requireing men 
to billett them, and likewise to pav for bccfc M'hicli was disposed off when 
Capt Freeman was att youcr townc, cither by Capt Freeman or any of youer 
cclcct men, for the rclciffe of some of youcr poor, whoc were in cxtrcainyty, 
and alsoc to pay for carrying Jane Ilallowey to Plymouth. The Court, haue- 




ing taken these thiuges into consideration, doth see good reason to place the 
charge of these fore mensioned pticulars on youer t_owne ; therfore fayle not in 
any of the pticulars. 

This was an order of Court ordered to be sent as abouesaid the last Court, 
but neglected by those that should haue carryed it, was sent this Coui-t in 
forme of a warrant. 

.5 July. *jiit the Court of his Ma''" holclen att Plymouth, for the Jurisdic- 
[*18^-] lion of JYew Plymouth, the fift of July, 1678. 

Before Josiah Winslow, Es^, GoQ, 
John Aldin, 
Thomas Hinckley, 
Wiltam Bradford, 

Assistants, t&c 

John Freeman, 
Constant Southworth, 
James Browne, and 
James Cudworth, 

LIBERTTE was graunted vnto M"' Samuell Sabcrry, of Duxburrow, to 
sell liquors vnto such sober minded naighbours as hee shall thinke 
meet, soe as hee sell not lesse then the quantie of a gallon att a time to one 
pson, and not in smaller quantities by retaile, to the occationing of drunkenes. 

Gorge Barlow doth hcerby acknowlidge himselfe to stand bound vnto our 
soQ lord the Kinge and the coUonie of New Plymouth in the penall suiiie of 
ten pounds ; for the payment wherof well and truly to be made, hee heerby 
biudeth himselfe, his heii-es, executors, and adminnestrators, fcirmly by these 

The condition of the aboue written obligation is such, that wheras Gorge 
Barlow, aboue bounden, is accused to haue caryed factiously and turbulently 
in the towne of Sandwich, and pticularly in a puerse way against M'^ John 
Smith, the teacher of Gods word there?, if, therfore, the said Gorge Barlow 
shall and doe psonally appeer att the Court of his ma"° to be holdcn for this 
goQment att Plymouth on the last Tusday in October next after the date heer- 
of, then and there to make further answare in reference to the pmises, and not 
depart the said Court without lycence, that then, &(?. 

Ephraim Doan, being bound oucr to this Court, appecrcd to answare the 
complaint of Jawannum, late wife of James Pequin, of Billinsgate, as sus- 
pected by her and Nicholas to haue bin an occation of the violent death of the 
said Pequin, her husband. 


This Court, being in an iucapassitie to make tryall thcrof, in regard of 
the absence of the grand inquest, refered the tryall therof vnto the Court of 
his ma"* to be holden att Plymouth on the last Tusday of October the next 
after the date heerof, in order whervnto they tooke sufficient cecuritic for the ^°^' 
appeerance of the said Doane, and dismised him vntill the said Coiut. 

This. Court haue appointed and impowered John Irish, of Saconett, to 
serue in the ofHce of a constable alt the said Saconett, and his libertyes and 
wardshipp to extent to Punchateesett and places ajacent, and soe to Pocassett, 
and as farr as the Fall lliuer, and by speciall order haue impowef Capt Benja- 
mine Church to adminnester an oath to him. 

Nathaniel Fitrandall, for liis wifes frequency in selling cyder to the 
Indians, contrary to order of the Court prohibiting the same, is fined tlie suiiie 
of twenty pounds. 

Richard Siluester, of Milton, for coiliitting fornication with the daughter 
of old Leanard, of Taunton, is centanced by the Court to pay a fine of fiue 
pound ; and incase lice be not marryed, or doe not marry the said woman, 
then hee is to pay other fiuc pound, according to tiic law. 

Thomas Paine, of Eastliam, doth acknowlidg himsclfe to stand vnto the 
GoQ and Court of Plymouth in tlie penall suine one hundred and twenty 
pound sterling ; for the payment wherof well and trucly to be* made, hee heer- 
by acknowlidgeth himsclfe, his heires, executors, adminncstrators, and assignes, 
feirinly by these pisents. 

The condition of the aboucwritten obligation is such, that wlieras Mary 
Rogers, of Easthain, widdow, hath obtained of this Court ires of adminnes- 
tration to adminnester on the estate of James Rogers, of Easthain aforsaid, 
late deceased, if, therfor, the said ISIary Rogers, widdow, the relict of the said 
James Rogers, shall and doe pay all such debts and Icgacyes as are due and 
owing to any from the said estate, soe farr and by cquall prortion as the said 
estate will amount vnto, and dispose of the remainder therof according to order 
of Court in that case prouided respecting the same, and keep a faire accoumpt 
of her said admiunestration, and saue and keep harmles and vndamnified the 
said Goil and Court from any damage that may acrew vnto them by her said 
admiunestration, that then the next aboue written obligation to be void and of 
non effect, or otherwise to remaine in full force & vertue. 

*0n the 12''' of August, 1678, the James Frigate, soe called, ariued att 12 .\uj 
Plymouth, in New England, ^1' SoUomon Blackleich coiiiaunder in cheiffe, [1" 
accompanied with one Capt Robert Daniell and John Roads ; they said they 
came from New Yorke the last port they came from, but came from Corralina 
thither ; they stayed att Plymouth aforsaid seuerall weekes in repairing, alter- 

voL. v. 34 


1 G 7 8. ing> and filing tlieire sliipp for the sea, theire designe vnkuowne to the author- 
itie heer. 

The honored GoU and Councell of the ^Massachusetts, haueing notice of 
such a vessell att Plymouth, ill resented it, supposeing it might be of ill conse- 
quence to the -whole country, if pmitted to goe on on a privateering enterprise, 
which they feared, and for the preventing tlierof dii-ected a letter to. our hon- 
ored GoQ and Councell by the hands of M"' John Nelson and seuerall other 
marchants of Boston, therin and by them declaring the reasons of theire sus- 
pitions, vizj, that wheras Blackleich, haueing bine lately att Boston, gaue noe 
accoumpt of himselfe and designs, but in a private way seduced a considerable 
companie of seamen to serue -ndth them vnder a coinission and prince to them 
vnknowne, (if any,) which gaue them ground of suspition that they were in a 
way of pii-acye. 

They alsoe signifyed, that they doubted that it would be off ill consequence 
to abett, harbour, or assist those whoe in shew professe an oppen enmitie to 
the French, our naighboiu-s, with whom wee ought to hold, as well as ^^'ee 
haue receiued all good correspondency, as likewise the euident detriment that 
wee had and did dayly receiue by the losse and ruiiing away of theii-e seamen, 
seuerall of theu-e vessells being retarded, and others wholly discurraged from 
goeing on in theii-e lawfuU designes, vpon the suspition and thi-eats of the said 
Blackeleich and his adherents. 

Further, they requested our Councell for theii-e pticular and speciall serch 
into the designes of the forenamed psons, and, if possible, to giue some suffi- 
cient satisfaction to his ma*'^^ proclamation prohibiting any of his subjects to 
serue vnder any forraigne prince or state, &6, which they had lately receiued, 
and was hitherto vnknowne to vs, and that noe pretence of forraigne coiiiissions 
is allowed and fauored by the said his ma''^° proclamation. They supposed 
that it would be best for ^sent to obstruct the said vndertakers in theire fur- 
ther proceedings respecting the pimises, and the rather because, as it is report- 
ed, if true, that they are said to be robbers of the said vessell. 

The gimises, with other pticulares of like natui-e considered, occationed a 
seizure of the said vessell and supposed comaundors in order vnto further 
inquiry into this matter ; and the said psons before our Councell, and his ma"" 
said proclamation read in theire audience, and vpon examination it appeered, 
that the said John Roads had noe coinission, or att least produced none, but 
being a debauched pson, and vnder centance of banishment for piracye from 
the Massachusetts goQ, and had broken prison att New Yoarke, was receiued 
on board this vessell in a private way ; and as for the master, although hee 
gaue good satisfaction that hee was put in coniaundor of the said shipp, and 


impowered to improue her as a marchant man, but had noe coiiiission made 16 7 8. 
pticulaily to him as a privateer or man of warr, but had thought to acta by 
vertue of a Duch coiiiission graunted vnto the aforsaid Cap? Daniell, which 
■was was now rendered null and of non effect by his ma''«' said proclamation, 
and was required to be surrendered vnto the custody of our Councell on that 
accoumpt ; but hee, being not free soe to doe, tendered rather to engage before 
our Councell noe further to proceed by vertue of that coiiiission because pro- 
hibited by his ma''^^ said proclamation ; which ingagement indorsed on the said 
coiiiission, it was fui-ther declared to be void and of non effect, onely retained 
by the said Capt Daniell for his defence and cecui-itie, because it appeered hee 
had formerly acted by vertue therof. 

In fine, because the motions of the fore named vndertakers with theire 
men and vessell was rendered very vncertaine, whether towards the French, as 
aforsaid, or otherwise, to the damage of the country, an imbergoe was laved 
on the vessell, and a cessation required of the said vndertakers from further 
proceeding respecting the ^mises vntill further cecuritie can be giuen for the 
safFety of theire futiu-e motions on that accoumpt ; and the said John Roads 
comitted to durance vntill hee can be returned to New Yorke, from whence 
hee made his escape. 

*New Plymouth, in New England, in America. [*188.] 

To all people to whom these ^seuts shall come : Know yee, that I, Sol- 
lomon Blackleich, coinaunder of the James Friggett, being by the disposing 
and all ordering hand of Gods prouidence ariued in the harbour of the towne 
of New Plymouth aforsaid, and in the said towne, of whole and sound mind, 
and of a good and pfect remembrance, thankes be to God, notwithstanding 
being weake of body tln-ough sicknes, not knowing how soon it may please 
God to change my life vnto death, haue therfore made, and doe by these 
fsents make and ordaine, this my ^sent testament, containing heerin my last 
will in manor and form following : Imp''mes, I bequeath my soule to God that 
gaue it, and my body to the dust. Item, my will is, that my servant, Thomas 
Maca, serue my wife, Sindeniah Blackleich, or her order, two yeers in Catali- 
na, and then the remainder of his time I freely giue him ; and release my ser- 
vant, Thomas Fenden, his whole time, to be released att such time as hee can 
haue oppertunity to gett to his father or mother ; and for my other servant, 
Edward, my will is hee shalbe released when hee hath served one whole year 
in the shipp James Friggett. Item, my desire and will is, that my child or 
children be att the disjjose and care of bringing vp of my wife, Sindeniah 
Blackleich. Item, I will and bequeath ■i-nto my deare and loueing wife. Sin- 


deniah, for her and my childrens comfort., my debts and legacyes being first 
payed, all my estate wliatsoeuer and whersoeuer it may be found, be it lands, 
monyes, goods, cattle, or chatties, or debts, or any other estate whatsoeucr that 
I now haue in England, Cattalina, New England, or any other place whatso- 
euer, or shall or may haue due, owing, or belonging vnto mee in any of the 
aforsaid places whatsoeuer, lett it be in specue whatsoeuer, I giuc it all to my 
deare and loiieing wife as aforsaid ; and I doe by these fsents nominate, or- 
daine, and appoint my aforsaid loueing wife, Sindeniah Blackleich, to be my 
whole and sole executrix and adminnestrator on my said estate, to pay all such 
debts and legacyes as are due out of the estate, and to receiue all such debts or 
other estate whatsoeuer as is due to mee. And I doe by these ^sents nomi- 
nate and appoint my loueing frinds, Collonell Joseph West and Captaine Rob- 
ert Daniell, to be the ouerseers of this my will ; and doe impower them by 
these p>sents to call W Ralph INIarshall and M"" Gorge Canty to an accoumpt, 
and to take and receiue of and from them all my estate whatsoeuer, in whatso- 
euer specue it may be found, and to recouer it by law if occation require, for 
the vse and benifitt of my aforsaid executrix, revoakeing all former wills and 
testaments. Hoping that this my last will and testament will remaine feirme 
and inviolable, I, the said Sollomon Blackleich, haue heervnto put my hand 
and scale, this thirteenth day of September, one thousand six hundred seau- 

enty and eight. 


Signed and sealled in tlie pscnce of 
.lohn Colle. 

I, Wiliam Crow, doe testify, that I writt tliis will of W Sollomon Black- 
leich ; the substance and instructions therof I had from the abouc said John 
Colle, whoe stood between mee and the said M"' Blackleich, whom I very well 
knew spake to the said Colle, by his voyce, though I could not goe in to him 
by reason of the sicknes. Taken vpon oath by the said Crow, tliis 24"' day 
of September, one thousand six hundred seuenty and eight, att the towne of 
Duxberry, in the collonie of New Plymouth, in New England. 

Before mee, JOHN ALDEN, Assistant. 

11 September. *^[' Robert Uanicll. 
[•190.] Sir: Since it hath pleased God to visitt nie in this condition, it giueeth 

mee great cause to beleiue my dayes are not longe in this world ; therfore my 
desire and order is, that after my death, you take posession of my shipp, James 
Friggctt, and with all possible convcnicncy depart this harbour for Barbadocs, 
and fioni thriK^o in any f>t of .Vmerira vse her on nuy flesigne or implnymcnt, as 


you shall thinke most convenient and benificiall for the owners ; for I must 1 (5 7 8. 
needs confesse, that by reason of my misfortunes in the disastors of the seas, ^^ ' 

my owners cargoe being spent, you haue noc other then a bare and naked -wixslow 
shipp to worke with ; yett through my good thoughts of youer industry, I ^''^"■ 
doubt not but the shipp may for the future proue advantagious to them. For 
the better complyance with thcire order, I desire that with the first you advise 
them of all youer proceedings, and apply youerselfe to them for further order ; 
the ^\hich after once leceiued, doubt not youer complyance, haueing little else 
to trouble you ; once more requesting youer extreordinary care in the pform- 
auce of this last desire of youer loueing frind, 


Plymouth, the ll"' of September, anno DoiTi 1678. 

Signed in the ^sence of 
John Colle, 
Joseph Goowin. 

*Xew Plymouth. [*192.] 

A trew Inventory of the Goods on board and Xcssesaries belonging to the 

Shipp James Friggett, of Loudon, whcrof ]\P Sollomon Blackleich, 

deceased, was Comaunder, and is now in the Costody and vnder the ' 

Coiiiauud of M' Robert Daniell, taken this twenty and seauenth Day of 

September, anno Dom 1678. 

Imp'', thirty and nine barrells of mackerell. 

Item, 1 mayne sayle and fore saile, halfe worne. 

Item, 1 fore sayle, 2 topp sayles, one missen, one spred sayle and topp 
savlc, one topp stay sayle, two steddlng sayles, and one top gallant sayle, 
all old. 

Item, six great guns, eight musketts, one blunderbusse, 2 pistoles, 4 cutt 
lesses, one smale caske of powder. 

Item, one caske of shott, and one of bullctts, old water caske, 5 tunns. 

Item, two good cables, one warpp, and three ankers suteable. 

Item, one boate, with grapnell & creeper, a mast, sayle, and oares. 

Item, one suite of coullers, with wast-cloths, topp armorc. 

Item, the shipp James Friggett abouesaid. 

Item, one compas, one pott, one kettle. 

Item, one Stew pann, one platter. 

Item, 1 bowle, one grind stone. 

Taken by vs, PAULE CRANE, 



These three men, namly, Paule Crane, John Freeman, and John Colles, 
came before mee, this eleuenth of October, 1678, and tooke thelre oathes to 
the truth of this abouesaid inventory, soe farr as they kne^\' to be all that did 
belonge to the shipp, and knoweth nothing ells considerable belonging to her ; 
these, I say, tooke oath to the truth of this abouewritten inventory, the day and 
veer aboue written. 

Before mee, CONSTANT SOUTHWORTH, Assistant. 

[•193.] *These may certify any whom it may concern, that certaine Indians, liue- 

ing in or neare Sandwich, in the jurisdiction of New Plymouth, in New Eng- 
land, whose names axe Canootus, and Symon, and Joell, being apprehended, 
and on theire confession convict of felloniously breakeing open a house, and 
the chest of Zacheriah AUin, of Sand^^ich aforsaid, and stealcing from him the 
suine of twenty fine pounds in mony, they haueing lost or imbezellcd the said 
mony, and noe other way appeering how hee should be satisfyed for his losse 
and charges thervpon arising, the authoritie of this collonie haue centanced 
the aboue named Indians to be his ppetuall slaues, and haue and heerby doe 
authorise and impower him, the said Zacheriah AUin, to make sale of them, 
the said Conootus, Symon, and Joell, to any Christian pson or psons in New 
England or else where, as his lawfull slaues for tearme of theire naturall life. 
In testimony wherof I haue heervnto sett my hand, and affixed the publicke 
seale of this goflment, this 12"^ day of Nouember, 1678. 

^larshfeild, in New Plymouth. 

JOHN ALDEN, Assistant. 

+It is ordered by the Court, that in case Zacheriah AUin can not sell them, 
that this record shalbe heer extant against them, the said Canootus and Symon, 
that if euer they be taken faulty in like respect, that then they shalbe forth- 
with sold out of the countrv.l 

30 October. *Jti fhe Cowt of Ms Mil''' held utt P/i/niottlh, for the Jurisdiction 
t*^^"^-J of A'eic Plj/moulh, the 80'" of October, 1678. 

Before Josiah "Winslow, GoQ, 
John Aldin, 
Wiliam Bradford, 
Thomas Hinckley, 

Assistants, &t'. 

John Freeman, 
James Browne, and 
Constant South worth. 


LIBERTY of admiiinestratiou is graunted to Marke Snow and John 1 (> 7 S. 
Rogers, of Eastham, to adminnester on the estate of Thomas Rogers, """ "> 

of Eastham aforsaid, late deceased, and to be healped therin bv the advice of 

^ - WiNSI.OW, 

M"' Freeman and Capt Sparrow. gou". 

"VVheras Thomas Rogers, of Eastham, adminnestrator to the estate of 
Leifi Rogers, his father, deceased, ended his life before his said adminnestra- 
tion was compleated, this Court impowers Capt Sparrow and John Rogers to 
compleate and finally cud the said adminnestratiou. 

James Walker, "j are appointed and established by the Court to take 

James Wilbore, and l notice of such liquors as are brought in disor- 

Encrease Robinson, J derly into the towne of Taunton, and to make 
seizure theroffe according to order. 

Wheras complaint is made by some of Taunton, tliat one Samuell Chiuer- 
icke is come into theire towne disorderly, and contineweth there contrary to 
the mind of the townsmen, these are therfore to require the said Chiuericke 
either speedily to procure their approbation to stay there, or otherwise forth- 
with to depart the said towne. 

In reference vnto the settlement of the estate of John Sauage, of Reho- 
both, deceased, the Court haue ordered, that forasmuch as the estate consists 
mostly in land, and scarsly enough of other estate to pay the debts, this Court 
haue ordered and authorised Obadiah Bo-sviii, Samuell Luther, and Hugh Cole 
by advice and councell to assist the widdow, Sarah Sauage, the relict of the 
said John Sauage, in the disposeing and improuement of the said estate to the 
best advantage they can, for the payment of the debts and bringing vp of the 
childi-en ; and incase they be nesscsitated to make sale of any of the lands for 
that pui-pose, they are heerby impowered soe to doe, it appeering to the Court 
that the lands were purchased, some of them to the impairing of the said 
estate ; and incase any of the said estate is left when the debts are payed and the 
children brought vpp, that then the widdow being allowed the thirds, according 
to law, the remainder to be deuided in equall and alike proportions amongst 
the children then surviueing when of age. 

This Court doth agree with and engage vnto Theophilus Witherill, in 
regard of his being disabled in the late warr soe as hee is likely to be a cripple 
all his dayes, the suine of thi-ee score pounds in siluer mony of New England, 
ten pounds therof to be payed forthwith vpon demaund, and fifty pounds the 
next yeer ; and the said Theophilus did accept therof in full satisfaction in 
respect of his wound receiued in the late warr. 

Lycence is graunted by the Com-t vnto Mary Williamson, whoe keepeth 
an ordinary att Marshfeikl, to draw and sell beer, wine, and liquors, soe as 


shee keep good orders in her house, that soe there be noe just cause of com- 
phiiut in that respect. 

Samuell Dunham, of Middlebery, appeared att the latter end of this Court 
'^o^'"- to demaund charges for two witnesses in a case depending betwixt John Doten, 
phiintiffe, against the said Samuell Dunham, defendant, but could not haue them, 
the plaintiffe not being in the Court ; therfore it resteth vntill the next Court. 
[*19o.] *In reference vnto the settlement of the estate of Samuell Annible, late 

of Barnstable, deceased, the Court haue ordered, that the seate of land which 
was formerly M' Thomas AUins, be and heerby is settled vpon and vnto Sam- 
uell Annible, the eldest son of the said Samuell Annible, deceased ; and hee is 
to pay or cause to be payed vnto his sister, Anna Annible, the full and just sutiie 
of twenty fiue pounds, the one halfe in currant siluer mony of New England, 
and the other halfe in cui-rent pay att prise current, att the deliuery therof within 
two yeers after hee is of age ; and that the youngest son, John Annible, shall 
haue the farrae that the aged widdow Annible hath her life in and now liueth on, 
which was pte of the lands which formerly Anthony Annible liued on ; and 
that hee, the said John Annible, shall likewise pay or cause to be payed to his 
sister, Anna Annible, the suine of twenty fiue pounds, the on^halfc in currant 
siluer mony of New England, and the other halfe in currant pay att prise cur- 
rant, att the deliuery therof within two yeers after hee comes to be of age. 

And that the widdow shall haue all the moucables and all the stocke for 
euer, to be att her owne dispose for and towards the bringing vp of the children, 
hopeing that shee will haue a care to bringe them vp in a way of education as 
the estate will beare, and to haue all the profRtts of all the lands vntill the 
said Samuell Annible and John Annible comes to be of age, and then the 
thirds in the proffitts of the lands dureing her naturall life. 

Wheras it doth appcer to the Court, that Mistris Mary Wyatt, of Taun- 
ton, widdow, is in great nessesitie and a very low condition, in want of main- 
tainancc, notwithstanding the estate of her deceased husband came by her, 
these are to giue libertie, and appoint and authorise M' James Walker, Wiliam 
Harvey, Scni"', and "Walter Dean, or any two of them, to lease out some of the 
lands or raeddowes of the said Leiftenant Wyatt, and the pay or benifitt arise- 
ing therby shalbe improued for the releifFe of the said widdow, Mary Wyatt j 
and that the lands or meddowes shalbe leased out for fifty yeers.. except the 
heire see cause to redeem it within that time ; and incase the hcire redeem 
it, hee shall pay all that the posesser hath bine att charge on it. 

Wheras Capl Fuller, att his death, bequeathed a ccrtalne house, and land, 
and meddow vnto his grand son, Samuell Fuller, wherin Mistris Francis Fuller 
hath interest vntill her death, this Court haue appointed and impowered Elder 


CliipiiKui, and Thonuis Huckcius ami Maiy Fuller, wlddow, the relict oi" Leirt 
Fuller, deceased, to rattify and confeirine what Mistrls Frauds Fuller shall doe 
and agree vpon in reference vnto the letting and setting forth of the said land 
and nicddow, and they consenting to what the said Francis Fuller shall doe 
respecting the pmises, shalhe in full confeirmation therof for the full tearme 
it shalbe lett forth. 

Wheras Hugh Stewert, aduiinncstrator of the estate of Thomas Phelpj)*, 
saith, that there is nothing left for seauen or eight children but an house afi 
land, which house foUcth to decay, the rent not being sufficient to keep it in 
repaire, the Court giues libertie to the said adminnestrator, with the advice 
of John Thacher and John ililler, to make sale therof, and the mony to be 
secured by them vutill the Court shall (leniauiul it, and see cause to order it 
for the good of the cliildren. 

* 1678, October. In aus^\are to the petition prefered to the Court bv [*196. 
Francis Conibc, and like« ise the Court being informed that Samuell Fuller is 
in a likelyhood to be procured to teach the word of God att Middleberry, they 
doe approue therof ; and incase hee be obtained, and be likely to settle amongst 
them, doe heerby signify, that they will indeauor that the propriators of the 
lands within that townshipp may be healpfuU towards his maintainance. 

Francis Combe is lycenced by the Court to keep an ordinary att his house 
in Middleberry for entertainment of strangers, and is allowed to draw and sell 
beer, wine, and liquors there, for the entertainment and i-cfreshmcnt of trauel- 
lers, and is heerby required to keep good orders in his house, thnt there arise 
noe cause of just blame by his negligence in that behalfe. 

Tavuiton, the second of August, 167S. 
Wee, whose names are vuderwritten, being warned by the constable as a 
jury to take the view of a child named Maiy Gould, aged about foure yeers or 
therabouts, being found in the riuer drowned, and haueing dilligently enquired 
into the matter, our apprehensions are, that the child came to its death by some 
accedent by falling in or adventuring to wade through, being taken vp out of 
the water by its mother, and past all meanes of recoucry. 







It was Mary Gould, the daughter of John Gould, of the towne of Taimton. 
VOL. v. So 



29 May. 


[Pages •197, •198, and *199, axe blank.] 

*J.n exact List of all the JVnmes of the Freemen of the 
Prence, Got;". Jurisdiction of JYew Plymouth, transcribed by JVa- 
Ann': 1670. than iel Morton, Secretary to tJie Court for the said 

Jurisdiction, the 29"' of May, Ann" Dom 1670. 

M'' Thomas Prence, 
Capt Wiliam Bradford, 
M'' John Howland, 
M'' John Winslow, 
M'^ John Cotton, 
M"' Thomas Cushman, 
M' Thomas Clarke, 
Gorg Watson, 
Robert Bartlett, 
Samuell Eedey, 
James Cole, Seni"', 
Wiliam Hoskins, 
Nathaniel Morton, 
Gyles Eickard, Seni"^, 
Richard Wright, 
John Dunham, 
Andrew Ringe, 
Robert Finney, 
Leiftenant Ephraim Morton, 
M"" Joseph Bradford, 
John Wood, 
Jacob Cooke, 
Samuell Dunham, 
Samuell Fuller, 
Sarjeant Wiliam Harlow, 
Thomas Lettice, 

Gyles Rickard, Juni'', 

Benajah Pratt, 

Thomas Morton, 

John Rickard, 

Stephen Bryant, 

M^ Wiliam Clarke, 

James Clarke, 

Gorg Bonum, 

Joseph Dunham, 

Samuell Ryder, 

Abraham Jackson, 

Wiliam Crow, 

James Cole, Juni', 

Sarjeant Ephraim Tinkham, 

Edward Gray, 

Jonathan Pratt, 

Daniel Dunham, 

John Doged, Seni"', 
liGorg Morton,|| 

Ephraim Tilson, 

Jabcz Howland, 

John Fallowell, 

Thomas Cushman, 

John Dotey, 
+Gorge Morton, J 

John Waterman. 


M' John Aldin, 
||M' Constant Southworth,|| 
JM"' Wiliam Collyare,^ deceased, 

M' John Holmes, 
t^l' Constant Southworth,J 

M' Christopher Wadsworth, 
Experience Mitchell, 
Leif? Samuell Nash, 
Phillip Delano, 



Moses Simons, 

*Johu Waslihurn, Juni'-,: 

1 (■) 7 0, 

Heneiy Sampson, 

Abraham Sampson, 

— V— 

JFrancis Sprague,:J: 

Francis West, 

21) M.y. 

Wiliam Tubbs, 

Benjamine Bartlctt, 

John Rogers, Scni"', 

John Tracyc, 

Abraham Peii-se, Seni', 

Ensigne Jonathan Aldin, 

*Gorg Partrich, 

Joseph Wadsworth, 


Gorg3 Soule, Seni--, 

M-- Samuell Saberry, 

John Washbiu-ue, Seni% 

John Spraguc, 

M' AUexander Standish, 

Samuell Hunt, 

M' Joslas Standish, 

35. John Wadsworth, 

W John Aldin, Juni'", 

Benjamine Church, 

Wiliam Paybody, 

John Rogers, Juni"", 

Edmond Weston, 

Samuell West, 

Wiliam Clarke, 

Rodulphus Thacher. 

Robert Barker, 


M-- Wiliam Witherell, 

Stephen Vinall, 

M-- Nicholas Baker, 

John Vinall, 

Humphery Turner, 

Jeremiah Hatch, 

John Hewes, 

Rodulphus Elmes, 

Walter Woodward, 

Jlsacke Bucke,J 

Edward Jenkens, 

Joseph Colman, 

Samuell Jackson, 

Walter Briges, 

Thomas Ciapp, 

John HoUett, 

Wiliam Wills, 

Wiliam Brookes, 

IlLeift Isacke Bucke,|| 

Richard Curtice, 

Cornett Robert Studson, 

Wiliam Ciu-tice, 

John Wiliams, Juni"', 

Walter Hatch, 

Isacke Chettenden, 

Mathew Gannett, 

Gorg Russell, 

Micaell Peirse, 

John Bryant, 

John Hanmore, 

Henery Ewell, 

Samuell Witherell, 

J:John Daman, J 

John Bryant, Juni''. 

j\P Thomas Kinge, 

John Cushen, 

John Turner, Seni"', 

Anthony CoUymore, 

John Turner, Juni"', 

Peter CoUymore. 

Thoniiis Finceii, 




1 (J 7 0. 


29 May. 

^I' Edmoud Freeman, Seni"', 

Thomas Tupper, Juni', 


M' Richard Bovune, 

M' Edmond Freeman, Juni' 

Thomas Tupper, Seni', 

Stephen SkifFe, 

James SkifFe, Seni'', 

Joseph Burgis, 

JWiH-am Bassett,J deceased. 

^^'ilhim Swift. 


M' Gorge Shoue, 

John Bryant, 

Walter Dean, 

James Phillips, 

Richard Williams, 

John Hatheway, 

Leift Gorg Macey, 

John Cobb, 

t Gorge Hall,t 

tThomas Deane,J: 

James Walker, 

JJames Tisdall, J 

John Tisdall, Seni', 

iJohn Hall,:t 

Wiliam Harvey, 

JJoseph Wiliams,t 

AYiliam Hailstone, 

JJamcs Leanard, Juni',J 

Wiltam ^Vitherell, 

JRichard Burt,J 

Thomas Linkolme, 

^Jonathan Brigges,t 

Peter Pitts, 

JAron Knap,+ 

Francis Smith, 

Jonas Austine, 

Samuell Smith, 

Nathaniel Williams, 

Ensigne Thomas Leanard, 

M' John Pole, 

Samuell WiUiams, , 

Aron Knapp, 

John Tisdall, Juni', 

Joseph Williams, 

Israeli Dean, 

Encrease Robinson. 

Edward Bobbitt, 


M' Jolui Crow, 

Yolveitou C'row, 

Thomas Falland, 

Joseph Howes, 

Emanuell White, 

John Thacher, 

James Mathews, 

Henery Vincent, 

M' Edm'ond Hawes, 

Samuell Sturgis, 

:M'' John Vincent, 

Judah Thacher, 

Jeremiah Howes, 

Thomas Howes, 

John Miller, 

John Hawcs, 

Edward Sturgis, Seni', 

Kanelmc Winslow, Juni'. 

Uicbard Saers, 



MIT (I. 

AI' Thomas Hinckley, 
M'' Nathaniel Bacon, 
M' Thomas Walley, 
M'' Thomas Allin, 
^I'' Wiliam Sarjeant, 

II Elder Henery Cobb,|| 

II Eld John Chipman,|| 
Anthony Annible, 
Henery Rowley, 
John Cooper, 

J Henery Cobb, J 
Ensigne Barnard Lambert, 
Henery Bourne, 
James Hamblen, Seni'', 
M'' Thomas Dexter, Seni% 
Captaine Mathew Fuller, 
John Finney, 

JJohn Chipman,J 
Willram Crocker, 
Roger Goodspeed, 
■M"' John Gorum, 
Thomas Huckens, 

Abraham Blush, 
Austine Beirse, 
John Jenkens, 
Robert Shilley, 
John Scudder, 
Thomas Laythorpe, 
John Tompson, 
+||Leifti| Joseph Laythorpe,: 
Gorge Lewis, 
John Howland, 
Wiliam Dexter, 
.lames Cobb, 
James ILimblen, Juni', 
Thomas Lewis, 
3o, .Tames Lewis, 
Job Crocker, 
+Shuball Dimacke,t 
John Finney, Juni"", 
Samuell Allin, 
Pellatiah Laythorp, 
Jabez Lumbard. 



Major Josias Winslow, 

M' Samuell Arnold, 

M' Kanelme Winslow, 

M"' Josias Winslow, Seni^ 

M'' Thomas Besbech, 

Captaine Nathaniel Thomas, 

Leiftenant Peregrine White, 

John Dingley, 

Robert Carver, 

Anthony Snow, 

John Bourne, 

M'' Anthony Eames, 

Ensigne Clarke Eames, 

Wilkm Foard, Seni'", 

M-- Rosoluod White, 

Timothy Williamson, 
John Rouse, 
Morris Truant, 
Wiliam Holmes, 
John Caruer, 
Wiliam Foard, Juiu', 
Jonathan Winslow, 
Nathaniel Thomas, 
John Rogers, 
Samuell Sprague, 
.Jolm Foster, 
Nathaniel AMuslow, 
Jacob Dingley, 
Jlicaell Foard. 



IIM-- Daniel Smith,l| 
yM"' Xoah Xewman,|l 

]M'' Stephen Paine, 

M^ Thomas Cooper, 

Richard Bowin, 

Leiftenaut Peter Hunt, 
JM"" Noah Newman,J 

Nicholas Hyde, 
|iM"-i| Wiliara Sabine, 

Nicholas Pecke, 

Phillip Walker, 

Nathaniel Paine, 

Ensigne Henery Smith, 

John Eead, 

ISamuell NewmanJ 

Wiliam Carpenter, 


^I"' John Freeman, 

M"' John Doane, 

Edward Banges, 

Nicholas Snow, 

Josias Cooke, 

Leiftenant Joseph Rogers, 

Job Cole, 

Daniel Cole, 

Robert Vixon, 

Steuen Wood, 

Ensigne Wiliam Merricke, 

Henerv Atkins, 


*>[•■ James Keith, 
M' Wiliam Brett, 
Thomas Haward, Senl'' 
John AViUis, 
Samuell Tompkins, 
John Carey, 
Joseph Aldin, 
Leiftenant 'I'hmiuis Ha' 

Gilbert Brookes, 
John Pecke, 
Anthony Perrey, 
John Woodcocke, 
Samuell Carpenter, 
Samuell Pecke, 
John Titus, 
Jonathan Blisse, 
Robert Fuller, 
Gorge Kenericke, 
Steuen Paine, Juni', 
Preserued Abell, 
John Read, Juni"", 
Peter Hunt, Juni"", 
John Ormsbye, 
Nathaniell Cooper. 

jSIarke Snow, 
Wiliam Walker, 
John Doan, Juni', 
Samuell Freeman, 
Thomas Paine, 
Jonathan Sparrow, 
Benajah Dunham, 
Gorg Crispe, 
Jonathan Banges, 
John Banges, 
Thomas Rogers, 
Joseph Harding. 

Arther Harris, 
Nathaniell Willis, 
Nicholas Byram, 
Ensigne John Haward, 
Samuell Packer, 
John Fames, 
Samuell Allin. 



John Cooke, 
John Russell, 
James Shaw, 
Arther Hathewev, 


Wiliam Spooner 
Samuell Hickes, 
Wiliam Palmer. 


Captame Thomas AV'illett, 
M' James Browne, 
John Allin, 
M' Nicholas Tanner, 
Nathaniel Pecke, 

Hugh Cole, 
Sacaryah Eedey, 
Samuell Luther, 
M' John ]Myles, Juui"', 


John Morton, 

[Henerv A^^ood,, deceased, 

Jonathan Dunham, 

Francis Combe, 
Wiliam Nelson, Seni'' 
Samuell Eaton. 



7, 56 ; 

. 16S 
30, 149 
. 586 
. 129 
. loG 
. 43 
. 108 
. 191 


Abell, Preserved, 


Acanootus, ......... 

Accord Pond, 

lands to be divided, . . . . . 

lands bounded, 

Achawehett, alias ilatlliias, an Indian, 

Aclkins, Elizabeth, 

Agawam, Agawaam, 

lands pledged to pay soldiers' wag! 
Indians, engagement of fidelity, . 

Aimes, John. Jun., 

Akomont. Indian sachem, 71 

Alberson, Nicholas, punished for sundry otFcnces, . 1 j7 

Albey, William, ' .... 49 

Alden, Aldin, Da^^d, . 19j, 246 

petition for land, 170 

John, 4, 11, 23, 26, 28, 29, 30, 42, 49, 52, 54, 68, 
80, 84,' 89, 95, 100, 103, 107, 123, 130, 133, 
134, 137, 14t, 148, 152, 157, 158, 179, 186, 
203, 211, 217, 237, 251, 255, 264, 268, 270. 

Deputy Governor, 245 

an Assistant, 17, 34, 55, 90, 112, 143, 163, 194 
229, 256 

freeman, 274 

John, Sen., liis land at Titicut, 141 

John, Jun., freeman, 275 

Jonathan, 91 

^•eeman, 275 

Joseph, 19 

fi-eeman, 278 

Alexander, Indian sachem, 83 

AlUermuse, field, 15 

AUin, Ephraim, 190 

Gideon, 145 

Increase, 190 

Allin, John, . . 12, 49, 118, 119, 131, 227, 241. 165 

deputy, 34 

controversy about rates of, 85 

fi-eeman, 279 

John, Sen 19, 24, 230 

John, Jun., 6 

Xehemiah, 146 

lialph. to keep Pocassett Ferry, 23 

to purchase land of Indians, . . . . 23, 24 

Ralph, Sen., 58 

Samuel 19, 56, 255 

freeman, 277, 278 

Thoma,>!, 36, 272 

freeman 277 

AVilliam, 115 

ZachaiT, to sell Indians for steahng, . . . 270 
Mr., . " 35, 113 

Alline, WilUam. 190 

Almy, Almey. John, 75 

estate of, 212 

Mary, 212, 213 

Ammunition apportioned, 206 

Amos, Captain, an Indian, 209 

Andrew, John, punished for several offences, . .118 

Andrews, Andrewes, John 118 

Annadomie, Annado\\Ti, Ebenezer, 13s 

Henry. 139 

Joanna 13S 

PhiHp, 139 

Roger, inquest upon 141 

estate of, 138 

Annible, Anna, 272 

Anne, fined for selUng beer, 246 

Anthony, .■ 7, 272 

land granted to 20, 24 

estate of, 146 




Aiinible, Anthony, freeman, 277 

John, . ' 272 

Samuel, 196,231,246 

estate of, settled, 272 

widow, 272 

Anumpas, an Indian, 225 

Apamach, an Indian, 225 

Apportionment of contribution received from Ire- 
land, 222 

of money luised for war, 191, 192 

of soldiers and ammimition, .... 197, 206 

of rates, 207, 243 

Aquistausuncke, an Indian, 225 

Aquonest, 109 

Arms, to be carried to the meeting on the Lord's 

day, 176 

penalty for being unpro^^dcd with, .... 200 
ammunition, &:c., not to be sold to Indians, . 59 

Arnold, Samuel, 257 

ft-eeman, 277 

Samuel, Jan., fined for breach of peace, . . IG 

and wife fined, ^Q 

Seth, 226 

Mr 169 

Arther, John, prosecuted for neglecting public wor- 
ship, 109 

Ashawaham, an Indian, 1(8 

Ashunuitt, Ashemiuit, 70, 71 

Ashuwoohanitt, Lidian sachem, 71 

Asquibbs, 72 

Assistants, 17, 34, 55, 90, 112, 143, 163, 194, 229, 256 

Assonett, 74 

Neck, pledged to jay soldiers' wages, . . .191 

lands at, ordered to be sold, 248 

Assowamsett, 63, 188 

lands pledged to pay soldiers' wages, . . .191 
Pond, lands there purchased by Philip, ... 98 

Ponds, 86, 132 

Atkins, Attkins, Henry, 146, 167, 197 

freeman. 278 

Samuel, 224 

Atkinson. Adliiiison, Marmaduke, ... 51, 82, 159 

fined, 51, 81 

petition for divorce 159 

Mr., 131 

Attwood, alias Wood, Hannah, 188 

Henry, lands of, 140, 142 

John, Sen., 188 

John, Jun., estate of, settled, 188 

See Wood. 

Auntaanta, 4 

Austine, Jonas, freeman, 270 

Jonas, Jan., 102 

Awashunckes, Awashunkes, squa .sachem, ... 73 

her agreement, 75 

Aweepanish, an Indian, 225 

Backe, Lieutenant, 56, 70 

Bacon, Hannah, 134, 137 

Nathaniel, 4, 11, 20, 23, 26, 28, 30, 49, 50, 52, 54, 
68, 80, 84, 89, 95, 103, 116, 123, 134, 145, 

an Assistant, 17,34,55,90,112 

estate of, 134, 137 

fi"eeman, 277 

Samuel, 27 

Badston, Robert, compkint of. against Charles 

AVills, ' 253 

Baker, Alice, 117 

Mary, 117 

Xichohs, freeman, 275 

Mr., 104 

Mr., of Scituate, 240 

Balston, AVilliam, 121 

Bangs, Banges, Edward, freeman, 278 

John, 114 

freeman, 27S 

Jonathan, 18, 91, 144, 168, 171, 195, 200, 220, 232 
deputy from Eastham, . . . .144,196,214 

freeman, 278 

Jo.shua, 166 

Bark, boards, plank, &c., exportation of, proliib- 

ited, 104, 106 

Barker, Isaac, 146 

James, 75 

John, 153. 226 

Robert, 18, 93 

appointed lieutenant, 175 

])unished for desertion and mutiny, . . .189 

freeman, . 275 

Robert, Sen., 232 

Mr., of Rhode Island, land claimed by, . . 239 

Barkers, Joseph, 146 

Barlow, Aaron, Ill 

George, 261, 204 

prosecuted for turbulent behavior, 236, 238, 264 
Jane, presented for selling liquor to Indians, . 261 

Bamaby, Barnabey, James, 249 

settlement of estate of, 247 

James. Jun., choice of guai'dian, 249 

Lydia, 247 

Barnes, John, killed, inquest upon, 88 

administration of estate of, 81 

Jonathan, 81, 116. 231 

Mrs. Jonc, . . . " 81, S5 

Thoma.s, 91 

Barnstiible, ............. 7, 46 

deputies, . .......... 23 1 

freemen, . 277 

to\TO officers, 18, 19, 35—37, 56—60, 62, 91—93, 
113—115,144—146, 164—166, 195, 230— 
232, 257, 258. 
soldiers, lA, 176, 1 s.j. i!i;i, ]97 



Bamstoble, town council, 1S6 

rates, 192, 197,207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

military officers, 149 

bounds, lOo, 221, 233 

controversy with Mashantampaine, .... 147 

Barstow, Anna, 13 

Jeremiah, guardian of, appointed, .... 236 
John, guardian of, appointed, .... 235, 236 

Joseph, . 36 

garrison at the house of, . . . . 187, 189 
to keep an ordinary at Scituate, . . . . 1 10 

paid for building bridge, 172 

Michael, 236 

WiUiam, 149 

admini.stration of estate of, . . .' . . . 13 

Bartlett, Benjamin, 19, 21, 29, So, 56, 68, 80, 113, 122, 

123, 143, 164, 247, 207 

l;uid granted to, 15 

freeman, 275 

Joseph, 30, 93, 99, 204, 213, 220, 224, 247, 252 

Mn-y 220 

her release to Elizabeth AVarren's estate, . 139 

Robert, 139, 182 

estate of, 220 

freeman, 274 

r.artrum, William, 146 

Bassett, Joseph, 18, 37 

Man-, 43,47 

and William, Jun., their choice of guardian, .52 

Nathaniel, 60,114,165,250 

Samuel, . 258 

Wilham, estate of, 43, 47, 52 

his knd at Titicut, 141 

complaint of, against James Skiffe, Jun., 9 

complaint of, against Farmer and Davis, . 10 

freeman, 276 

William, Jun., 52 

Batson, Anne, 260 

inquest on the child of, 261, 262 

and others, requii-ed to touch the body, . . 262 

Baxter, Thomas, prosecuted and cleared, . . .87, 168 

a maimed soldier, pension of, ... . 239, 240 

Bayley, John, 226 

Greydo, land of, at Titicut,'. 141 

Bearce, Austin, 146 

Beares, Elizalieth, 233 

Heedle, Bedle, Joseph, 19, 93 

lieirse., freeman, 277 

lic'll. James, luid granted to, 188 

ailininistr.ilion of estate of, 235 

Ben S ichom, a.ias Petananuett, 215 

Bent, Joseph, 18 

Berrey, Richai'd, Sen., fined for smoking in meet- 
ing 16 

Berry, Elizabeth, 169 

Besbeach, Besbech, Thomas, freeman, .... 277 
BilUngton, Dorcas, punished for fornication, ... 94 

Bisbee, Besbey, Elisha, 37 

Bisho]), Richard, punished for stealing, .... 30 

Black Sachem, 69 

Blacke, John, 224 

See Blake. 

Bkckleich, Sindeniah, 267 

Solomon, captain of James frigate, proceedings 

against his vessel, .... 265—267, 269 

will of, 267 

Blackmore, Elizabeth, 211 

WiUiam, exempt from training, 25 

estate of, 211 

Blackston, John, guai-dians appointed for, . . .181 

Blackstone, AVilliam, estate of, 172. 181 

Mr., estate of, 84 

Blackwell, John, •. . . 58, 91, 257 

Michael. 62 

Miles, 116 

Blake, Bkcke, Christopher, his complaint against 

an Indian, 27 

fined for breach of Sabbath, 15 

punished for drunkennes.?, 31,117 

Blisse, Jonathan, 6 

freeman, 278 

Blush, Abraham, freeman, 277 

Bobbitt, Bobbett, Edward, 62 

estate of. 217 

freeman, 276 

Sarah,» 217 

Bonum, George, 22, 36, 208 

freeman, 274 

Boomer, Matthew. 169 

prosecuted for neglect of public worshiji, . . 47 

Booth, John, 262 

Boston. Massachusetts, 266 

Bosworth, Jonathan, 18. 93 

Jonathan, Sen., 212 

Xathaniel, 63 

Bound Brook, 110 

Bourne, EUezer, 218 

Elisha, 196, 219 

Ezra, 190 

Henry, freeman, 277 

Hezekiah, 218 

Job, fined for not serving as constable, . . .100 

e.stateof, 218 

John, . . . 35, 37, 57, 92, 164, 195, 232, 262 

freeman, 277 

Richard, 46, 99, 121, 186, 218 

land granted to, 3, 4, SO. 13 1 

alewives granted to, 140 

deputy to General Court, 34 

freeman. 276 

Ruhamah 218, 219 



Bourne, Sheaqashub, 114 

Timothy, 218 

Mr., . " 37, 38, 6J<, 147 

Bo\^-in, Obadiah, 25G, 271 

Eichard, 36, 258 

freeman, 278 

Bradford, Jael, 2j9 

Josejjh, land granted to, lol 

freeman, 274 

and vfile, licensed as retailers, .... 259 
William, 4, 11, 23, 26, 28, 30, 42, 49, 52, 54, 68, 
80, 84, 89, 95, 103, 107, 110, 123, 130, 133 
—135, 137, 142, 148, 152, 158, 179, 183, 
203, 204, 211, 217, 237, 245, 251, 254, 255, 
263, 264, 270. 

freeman, 274 

an- Assistant, 17, 34, 55, 90, 112, 143, 163, 194, 

229, 256 

commissioner of United Colonies, 112, 143, 164, 

195, 230 

compensation to liim, 210 

on committee to rc\ii;e the laws, .... 263 
William and Joseph, land granted to them, . 151 

Brading, James, 100 

Branch, John 114, 226, 262 

Mary, 262 

Break Heart Hill, 47, 70 

Brett, WilUam, 15, 23 

freeman, 278 

William, Jun., 166, 186 

Elder, 1^5, 180, 223 

Brewster, Jonathan, 15 

Nathaniel, 122. 123 

estate of, 212 

VVUUam, 122, 123. 165 

land granted to, 24 

Wrestling, land gi-anted to, 24 

Rev. WilUara, 24 

Bridge over North Kiver, 124, 172 

Bridgewater, . 15, 22, 23, 68, 94, 155, 191, 195, 196 

deputies, 232 

town officers, 18, 19, 35—37, 56—60, 91—93, 
113, 115, 144, 145, 165; 166, 230—232,257^ 

soldiers, 74,176,185,193,197 

town council, 186 

constables fined, 1 90 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 223 

persons complain of being overrated, ... 4 
controversy with Taunton, . . .12. 28, 159. 171 
application respecting John Kobinson, ... 15 

ordinaries, 54, 105 

authorized to ])urchasc Indian lands, . . .105 

register of lands to be kept, 152 

freemen, 278 

Briggs, Clement, children of, land granted to, . . 5 

James, 195, 227, 262 

John, 227, 255, 256, 262 

Jonathan, 31, 32, 41 

Brigges, Jonathan, freeman, 276 

Remember, 5 

Richard, 102 

Samuel, 145, 25S 

Bridges, Briges, Walter, 36, 91, 200 

petition of, 149 

freeman, 275 

William, 110, 116 

Goodman, 119 

Brookes, Deborah, 148 

Gilbert, 93, 115, 197 

fi-eeman, 278 

WilHam, 166, 168 

freeman, 275 

Bromie, James, 35, 49, 57, 76, 78, 92, 95, 123, 130, 

134, 135, 137, 141, 142, 148, 152, 158, 179, 

209. 211, 213, 217, 219, 221, 222, 233, 237, 

241, 245, 251, 255, 264, 270. 

an Assistant, . . 112, 143, 163, 194, 229, 256 

deputy from Swansey, J 7. 55, 90 

freeman, 279 

John, 230 

lieutenant of Swansey company 130 

ajipointed captain, 175 

WilHam, 121 

recognizance in the case of Isaac Waldron 

against, 149 

Mr., 24, 123 

claims land at Swansey, 242 

Bryant, Briant, Alexander, 155 

John, 61. 103. 104, 106, 119, 106, 196, 197, 254, 

deputy. 256 

fined for abuhing Edward Gra\', .... 16 

freeman, 275, 27() 

John, Sen., 56,70,110,145,230 

deputy from Scituate, 231 

John, Jun., 119,258 

freeman, 275 

Richard, • • •. Uj 

Stephen, 16, 36, 42, 196, 208 

freenwn, 274 

Stephen, Sen., . " 145 

Buck, Bucke, Isaac, 35, 162, 206, 230 

freeman, 275 

Lieutenant Isiiac, 82, 103 

Lieutenant Isaac, freeman, 275 

lieutenant of Scituate company, .... 33 
John, 206 

prosecuted for adultery, 81 

John. Jun.. his acknowledgment to Thomas 

Nichols 94 



Buck, Lieutenant, 107, 2o7 

Buckland, Joseph, 36 

William, - . 209 

Bullocke, Elizabeth, 27, 45, 50 

Ilichai-d, estate of, ... 27, 45, 50, 123, 233 

Samuel, 27 

Burge, Jacob, 115, 166 

Josei)h, 195 

knd granted to 38 

petition of, about a way, 116 

fined for several offences, .... ISl, 253 

Thomas, 258 

Thomas, Sen., 3 

Burgis, Jacob, 218 

John, 19, 37, 258 

Joseph, 218, 253 

freeman, 276 

Thomas 92,218 

Burroughes, Jeremiah, 201 

John, estate of, 201 

BurseU, Emett, 212 

James, 151 

estate of, 212,213 

Burt, James, fined, 169 

Richard, freeman, 276 

Butler, Daniel, 190 

Obadiah, 190 

Thomas, grant to, from Indians, 98 

Butterworth, John, ... 37, 49, 166, 222, 232, 256 

Samuel, 209 

Mr., 221 

BjTam, Birom, Nicholas, 105. 156 

and others, complaint against Bridgewater, 4 

freeman, 278 

Callicott, Richard, 83, 96 

Canjmicke, alias Timothy Jacked, an Indian, . . 224 

Canootus, an Lidian, 270 

Canteeticutt, alias Teticutt River, 239 

Canty, George, 268 

Cape Cod, 26 

fisheries, 177, 243, 244 

fishery, see Fishery. 

Captain, salary of, . 175 

alias \\"oospasuck, an Indian, 79 

Captain Daniel, an Indian, 246, 247 

Cary, Carey, Carrey, John, 23, 35, 57, 91, 92, 113, 144, 

fi-eeman, 278 

John, Sen., 230, 257 

Carolina, Corralina, Catalina, Cattalina, , . 267, 268 

Carpenter, Joseph, 58.114,212 

Joseph, Sen., land of, ordered to be sold, . . 252 

Joseph, Jun., 252 

Margaret, estate of, 212,252 

Samuel, 6, 141, 212, 231, 252 

freeman 278 

Carpenter, William 6. 59, 167, 212, 252 

I freeman, 278 

Carver, John, 9, 21, 36, 114, 146, 196, 226, 255, 256 

j freeman, 277 

Robert, freeman, 277 

] Cattle of foreigners, rated, 216 

Caukohchise. CokashoLse, 70, 71 

Cawsetan, an Indian, 47 

Ceckr Point, 227 

Cedar Swamp, 08 

Chachapnucke, alias Joseph, an Indian, .... 156 

Chaffey, Joseph. 115 

Chafey, Xathajiiel 36, 93 

Chamberline, Job, 226 

Chambers, Richardson, estate of, 132 

Cltandler, Samuel, fined for drimkenness, ... 39 

Chapman, Isaac, 180 

Ralph, 208 

estate of, 85 

I Cliarles, an Indian, 171 

Chauchaubin, Francis, an Indian 72 

! Chauncey, Chauncye, Mr., 30 

Chettenden, Henry, 114, 121, 131 

Isaac, 35, 56,70, 103, 126, 131, 143, 149, 162, 175. 

183, 1N6, 226 

deputy fi-om Scituate, 17, 34, 55, 114, 135, 144 

one of the coimcil of war, 64, 73 

freeman, 275 

complaint agamst Joseph Turner and oth- 
ers, 126 

estate of, 211 

Israel, 227 

Martha, 211 

Chipman, John, 7, 19, 24, 128 

deputy from Barnstable, 17 

fi-eeman, 277 

kind granted to, 127 

Elder John, fi-eeman, 273, 277 


Chivericke, Samuel, warned out of Tamiton, . . 
Chowahimna, alias David, an Indian, examination 

of, 201— 

Church, Benjamin, . . 20, 42, 55, 126, 242, 246, 
magistrate at Saconett and Pocasset, . . , 

lessee of Pocasset knds, 

Land gi-anted to, 20, 146, 



and others, claim lands at Xamassaket Pond, 

Captain, 215, 225, 235, 247, 

Dr., , 

See Cm-ch. 
Chm-ch elders, their opinions a.sked respecting tol- 

Chm-clilll, Eliezer, 

Joseph, 83 




Churchill, Mary, prosecuted. 8; 

her complaint against Thomas Doty, . . . 

Claghorne, Elizabeth; 

James, inquest upon the wife of, 


Cla])p, Eliezer. estate of, 220, 


S.irauel 36, 1.5G, 220, 

paid for services as constable 

Thomas, freeman, 

of Dedham, heir of Eliezer Clapp, . . . 

Deacon Thomas, of Scituate, 

Thomas, Sen., 

Clark, Clarke, Andrew, 

Henry, fined for stopping highway, .... 

James, 62 

fined for breach of S.ibbath, 



Thomas, . . . 61. 68. 80. 171, 206, 2 JO. 


land granted to, 

William, 18, 29, 39, 44, 46, 109. Ij6, 195, 

deputy from Plymouth, 

freeman, 274, 

Clarke's Island, 

without Duxbury boimds. 

Cloake, Thomas, an Indian 

Coaksett, . . . 

Cobb, Austine, 

Edwai'd, estate of, 

Gershom, 56, 

estate of, 

Hemy, . ' 

freeman. . 

Elder Henry, freeman, 



John, 46, 115, 

fined for slander, &c., 



Coblech, John, 

Cole, Daniel, 35, 57, 80, 92, 

deputy from Eastham, .... 17, 34, 90, 


the son of Job Cole, fined, 

Hugh, 56, 57, 61, 78, 92, 113, 144, 156, 165, 
deputy fi'om Swansey, . . . 114,144, 


James, 51, 53, 

his excise abated, 39, 125, 

James, Sen., 

94 i Cole. James. Sen., fined. 



and wife, fined for selling liquor to Indians, 
fined for keeping disorderly house, 

James. Jun., Rf 

licensed to keep an ordinary, .... 


Job, . . ' 

freeman 278 

John, 115, 208 

estate of 234 

Mary, 15 

Tobey, alias Xaulmocomwitt, an Indian, . . 72 
Coleman. Edward, fined for swearing, .... 107 

Joseph, 131, 190 

Joseph, Sen., petition of, for land, . . . .154 

Thoma.s, 190 

Zachariah 190 

See Colmiui. 

Coley, Samuel, 155 

Colle, CoUes, John, 268—270 

Collier, CoUyai-. Collyarc, William, freeman. . . 274 

land granted to 14 

estate of, 68, 80 

I CoUimore, Collymorc. Anthony, . . . 



Peter, 12 

freeman, 275 

Jo«c])h. frpcnian 275 

See Coleman. 
Colony House, kte Governor Prence's, see Prence. 
Combe, Francis, . . . 15, 144, 165, 172, 222, 273 

freeman, '..'..' 278 

land granted, to, 14 

jirosecutcd by an Indian, 85 

innholder at Middleborough, 273 

Commander-in-chief, pay of. 74 

Commanders and common soldiers, .salaries of, . .175 
Commi.ssaiT general, Thomas Huckens chosen, . .175 

saliu'y of, 176 

Commissioners of the United Colonies, 17, 34, 55, 90, 
112, 143, 163, 189, 195, 230, 256 

their charges paid, 7 

meeting of, in Plymouth, 77 

letter from, 184 

Conconwacoo, an Indian, 72 

Conihassett lands to be divided, 30 

Conquest lands claimed by Mr. Gray and others, . 239 

Constables, 1,8, 20, 36, 55, 90, 114, 145, 149, 165, 195, 

231, 257, 265 

fined for illegal impressment, and released, . 190 

Contaehoho, an Indi;in; 225 

Cooke, Cook, Caleb. ' 182 

Elizabeth, 132 

Francis, lund granted to 44 

Jacob 55 



Cooke, Jacob, Samuel Fuller vs., 14 

demand against estate of, 203 

freeman 274 

John, 18, 31, 3.), 44. 92. 113. 140, 165. 178, 222, 

246. 2o4, 258 

deputy from Dartmouth, . 1 14, 144. 165, 256 

petition of, 93 

fined for breach of Sabbath 51 

controversy with Dartmouth 97 

land granted to, 151 

freeman, 279 

Josiah, deputy from Eastham, ... oo, 135 

estate of, 132 

freeman, 27S 

Cooper, Elizabeth, 33 

Jolni, freeman, 277 

Nathaniel, 56. 166, 186, 196 

paid for ser\-ices in war, 215 

money granted to widow and chikben of, . 240 

freeman, 278 

Neighbor, 33 

Sinnii. ekim of, against Dartmouth, 240, 246. 252, 
254, 141 

freeman, 278 

Thomas, Jun., 141, 231 

Coolestoow, Joseph, fined, 156 

Cornwell, Cornwall, Sai-ah, 131, 133 

John 125, 133, 254 

ThouLVs, 56, 131, 132 

e.state of, 132, 133 

Coroner's inquest, see Inquest. 

Corporal, salary of, 176 

Cottle, Edward, and wife, fined for breacli of Sab- 
bath, 254 

Cotton, John, fi-eeman, 274 

Couell, Nathaniel, 148 

wife of, fined for quarrelling, 254 

Council of war appointed, oath of members, 64, 73, 261 
orders and conclusions of the, 189 — 194, 209. 210 
their proceedings, see Indians' war. 

Country house enlarged, 38 

See Governor Prenee's house. 

(fewesett, 218 

Cowin, Cowine, John, 215 

controversy with Nathaniel Man, 44 

John M'illiaras vs., 163 

prosecuted for seditious .speeches, . . .54,61 
receipts to him from Thomas and Itichard 

Man, 174 

C'rabtree, John, 232 

Crane, Paul, 269, 270 

Crimes : abusing officers, .... 9. 53, 85, 169, 181 

adultery, 32, 81, 140 

breach of jjeace, 10, 16, 25, 27, 30, 39, 53, 65, 
lis, 148. 152, 156 

Crimes: breacli of Sabbath, 17, 26, 51. 61. 87. 99, 118, 

bujing Lmd of Indian.s, i,-,i 

drunkenness, 16, 31, 39, 61, 107, 112. 117. 118. 

169, 173, 182, 254 

fornication, 21, 27,43,51, 83, 86,94,99, 112, lis, 

130, 148, 156, 161, 173, 189, 221, 260, 265 

incest, 13. 21, 27,32,33,41,253 

lying, 61, 112, 157 

manslaughter ],56 

murder, 167, 224 

neglecting public worsliip, 47, 169 

rape, 245 

receiving stolen goods, 228 

retailing liquors without license, . . . .81,246 

riot, 127 

seditious speeches, ;j4 

slander, 10, 16, 21, 25, 27, 31, 40, 43, 87, 88. 182, 

240, 253 

soiling liquor to Lidians, 15, 39, 43, 48, 51, 61, 81, 

107, 148, 160, 239, 253, 261, 265 

stealing, . 27, 30, 51, 53, 01, 100, 157, 253, 270 

[ stopping highway, 10 

suicide, 182 

swearing, 10, 27, 61, 94, 107, 253 

smoking in meeting, 16 

witchci-aft, 154 

Crispe. George, 31, 91 

fi-eeman, 278 

John, 256 

Ci-ocker, Job, 21,56,195,213 

freeman, ■ . . . . 277 

John, 196, 231 

estate of, 21, 213 

William, 115, 137, 166, 168 

deputy from Barnstable. ... 34, 55, 144 

freeman. 277 

Crooker, Francis, 56, 61 

Crossman, Crosman, John, 190 

Robert, ])uiiished 81 

Robert. Sen., punished, 169 

Crow, John, freeman 276 

William, 15, 19, 22, 34, 56, 65, 66, 86, 91, 113, 
129, 130, 143, 16t. 195, 222, 230, 257, 268. 

freeman, 274 

Yelverton, freeman, 276 

Mr 232 

deputy from Plymouth, 114 

CVowell, Edfl-ard, punished for trespass, .... 8 

Cudworth, Israel, 227, 202 

James, 70, 96, 103, 107, 118, 122, 131, 148, 152, 
158, 174, 175, 179, 181, 183, 191, 203, 211, 
217. 221. 222. 228, 237, 240, 245, 25l! 255. 



CiKhvaitli, James, an Assistant, 143, 163, 194, 229. 2d6 ' 
commissioner of United Colonies, . . . . 20G j 

guardian to George Hall, j i 

restored to privilege of freeman. 124 j 

magistrate at Scituate, 125 j 

capt;un of troops in Dutch wai- lo6 

reestablished as captain of militia, . . . .150 
commander-in-chief in Indian war, . . . . 17j 
on committee conceraing Momit Hope, . . 248 

paid for services, 248 

on committee to revise the laws, 263 

James, Jan., 58, 146 

Jonathan, and wife prosecuted, 43 

Captain, 12 

Curch, Nathaniel, 119 ^ 

See Church. ] 

Curtice, Curtis, Francis, 182 I 

fined for fornication, 112 

John, 132 

William, fi-eeman, 275 

Richard, 58, 131, 226, 230 

fi-eeman, 275 

Gushing, Cushen, John, 36, 92, 107, 113, 114, 143, 149, 
1G4, 166. 230, 256, 257 ! 

deputy from Scituate, 196 

magistrate at Scituate, . . ~ 117 

freeman, 275 

Cushman, Isaac, 

Thomas, 42, 145, 


Land granted to, 

Thomas, Sen., land gi-auted to, 

Mr. Thomas, freeman, 

Thoma.s, Jun.; 

Cutbert, Samuel, 

Daman, Damman, Daniel, 

John, 70, 91, 103, 162, 164, 

deputy from Scituate, 165, 

complaint of, against Scituate, 


John, Sen., 

estate of, 

John, Jun., estate of, 



ZccharLah, 206, 

Danforth, Thomas, 77, 

Daniel, Kobert, . ' 260, 269 

letter from Solomon ISlackloich to, ... . 268 

Dai-bey, Abraham, 157 

authorizes Lumbtrt to sell land. 158 

Hannah, 158 ' Dex 

John, 158 

Matthew, estate of, 160 

Dauson, George, fined for bre.ich of Sabbath, . .156 

Dartmouth, 210 

Dartmouth, town officers, 18. 35, 36, 56—58, 60. 62, 
91—93, 113, 115, 144—146, 165, 166 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

settlement with John Cooke, 97 

magistrate, 68 

military officers, 13S 

bounds to be settled, 147 

Liid waste by Indians, 177 

orders for buikling at, 177, 178 

freemen, 279 

prosecuted for not raising money for minister, 59, 

98. 254 

jn-osecuted by Dr. Simon Cooper, 240, 246, 252, 

Indian, examination 





David, alias Chowahunna, 
of, , . . . 

Davis, Andrew, . . . 
Dolor, .... 
estate of, . . . 
Hannah, . . . 
Joannah. . . . 
John, .... 

John, Sen., 232 

Nicholas, estate of, 124 

S.arah, portion of, 124 

AVilliam, Captain, 77 

Dean. Deanc, Isaac 232 

47, 58, 93, 125. lOO 


208 [ 





freeman, . . . . 






Walter, 19,57. 92. 101. 

l.s, 101, 146, 196 

. . 219 
.60. 114 

. . 91, 111. lO.J 


143. 164. 195. 23(1. 

freeman 276 

Debt of the colony, committee respecting the, . . 242 
Deed of Humphrey Johnson, not acknowledged, 

allowed to be recorded. 140 

Deer Hill, 139 

Dekmo, Deknoy, Dallanoy, Dellano. Jonathan. . 254 
Philip, .'. . . '. . .36,42,114,106,230 

freeman, 274 

Phili]), Sen., 256 

Thoma.« 196 

Deputies to General Court. 17, 34, 55. 90. 114, 144, 
165, 196,231, 2.>6 

De])uty Governor, O) 

and two Assistants autliorizcd to jircss sol- 

diei-s, 197 


Thomas, . . . , 
Thomas, Sen., . . 

freeman, . 
M'illiam, freeman. 

GKNKUAl. l.\J)KX. 


Dexter, Ensign, 181 

Die, Dye, Wniiiim, i!40, 246, 252, 254 I 

Dilliiigi, Richard, fined for brcacli of peace, . . 65 

Dillinglrim, llfiiry, 36 I 

Jotin, 114 [ 

Scrgrant, lieutenant of Yarmouth company, . 150 
Dimmock, Dimacke, Dimake, Shubael, . IS, 246, 256 

freem:in, 277 

Dinglcy, Jacob, 21, 36 

frccmiin, 277 

Jolin, 9, 91 

freeman, 277 

Divorce, 23, 41, 159 

Doane, Done. Doan, Daniel, 93, 115, 231 

Ephraim, presented for slander, 27 

prosecuted by an Indim, 264 

John, . . . 93, 115, 16,s. 196, 230. 232, 257 

freeman, 278 

John, Jun., fi-eeman, 278 

Dodson, Anthony, 262 i 

J)ogsett, Dogcd, John, 93,145 

John, Sen., freeman, . , 274 

Thomas, 33, 59, 60, 115, 14.3, 165 

Dotey, Dote.i, Edward, 61 ' 

John, 57, 160, 1S2, 272 j 

freeman, 274 

bound to keep the peace, 25 : 

his demand against Cook's estate, .... 203 I 

Joseph, ' . . . . 8S ' 

prosecuted by Elizabeth Warren, .... 156 

Mary, . '. 239 

Samnel, 26 

Dotterich. Pliilij), lined for breach of Sabbath, . . 15 

Doughtey, Douglity, Dotcy, Doten, James, 19, 120, 227 

Thomas,. . ". . '. . . . . 87, 88, 94, 133 

Mary Churchill vs., 83 

Doxey, Elizabeth, 53 

her complaint ag-xinst Xatlianicl Tilden, . . 43 

Drew, John. 83, 84 

Samuel, mquest upon, 262 

Dunham, Abigail, Sen., 22 

Benajah, IS 

freeman, 278 

Daniel, 57 

freeman, 274 

John, 115 

freeman, 274 

John. Sen., administration of liis estiitc, . . 22 
his complaint against John Dotey, ... 25 

recognized to appear at Court, 40 

John, Jun., laud granted to, 150 

Jonathan, . . .48, 56, 60, 61. 65, 66, 144, 165 

deputy, 135 

bounds of land of, 65, , . . ' 279 

Joseph 182, 263 

;53 Joseph, freeman, 


Samuel, . 18, 82, 88, 91, 145, 152, 160, ISS, 272 

freeman, 274 

Samuel, Sen., 221 

bound for Samuel "Waldron, 149 

Dutch at Xcw York, order concerning, .... 134 

war, 135, 130 

Duxlnn-y 22, 51 

deputies, 231 

town officers, 18, 19. 35, 36. 55—58, 60, 62, 90, 
91, 93, 106, 113—115, 143, 145, 146, 164— 
166, 195, 196, 230—232, 257. 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 185, 193, 197. 206 

town council, .180 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 213 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

ordinary, 27 

bounds, 44, 25S 

John Holmes, minister at, land gi-anted to. . 171 

freemen, 274. 275 

Dwelley, Kichard, 127. 100. -Jt 

bond of forfeited, 9 

Eames. Anthony, freeman, 277 

John, . ' 36, 1 14, 256 

freeman, 278 

John, Sen.. 58 

Justus, IS, 1(6, 231 

Mark, freeman, 277 

deputy from Marshfield. 17, 34, oj. 90, 111. Ml, 
165, 196, 214, 2.30 

one of the council of war, (51.73 

land granted to, f'6 

Ensign, 35. 60. 92. 195, 222 

Earle, llalpli, 30 

fined for abusing an officer, 10 

William, 124, 131. 133, 145 

prosecuted for abasing Indians, . . . .159 
Easterbrooke, Thomas, ensign of Swansey company, 130 

Ea.stham, deputies, 232 

town officers. 18, 19, 35—37, 56—58, 60, 62, 91 
—93, 113, 11.3. 144—146, 164, 166, 167, 195 
— 197, 230—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 185, 193, 197 

town council, 186 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

Mannamoiett annexed to, 171 

military officers, 172 

bounds to be settled, 255 

freemen, 278 

Eaton, Benjamin, 40 

land laid out, 129 

Samuel, freeman, 279 

Sarah, 40 

Eddy, Eedey, Caleb 115,258 



Eddy, Oljudiuh, 114, 16 

Siirauel, freeman, 274 j 

'Zachnriah, 58,231 , 

hnd granted to, 128 j 

freeman, 279 ■ 

r.d-on, Kdson^ Samuel, 03, 105, loC, 180, 18G, 19o, | 
223, 230, 2J7 , 

deputv 214 

SamuU, Jim., 115 | 

Ejjlestonc, Egleston, Joseph, prosecuted for stealing, 108 [ 

Eldrcdge, Eldi-ed, William, 146. 106, 232 ' 

Election sermon [1669] printed, 30 , 

Elections, see Governor, &c. 

Eliz.ibetli Isknds, hostile Indians at 209 

Ellis, Elizabeth, 235 

Henry, prosecuted for abusing an Indian, . . 255 i 

John," -tl j 

John, Jun., administration of estate of, . . . 235 1 
Joseph, inquest upon the body of, . . . '. 225 | 

Morcfeii, '. . . 196, 235, 256 

Lieutenant, 47 ' 

Elmes, EUmcs, E-.ilnies, Rodolphus, 19, 122, 227, 250. 25 1 1 

freeman, 275 j 

England, Josiah, 132 

Ensign, salary of, 1 ' 

Ensigne, Elizabeth, 211 

John, 00, 122, 145 j 

estate of, 211 j 

Ewell, Ilem-y, freeman, 275 ; 

jirosecutcd for not paying rates, 40 i 

John, fined for fornication, 27 

Falland, Thomxs, freeman, 276 

Fallowell, Catharine, administration of est;itc of, . 204 i 

John, I'll 

inquest upon the body of, 1 1^2 I 

estate of, 1 8H i 

freeman, 2i4 

Jonathan, estate of, 213 

Sarah, l''^'^ 

Fai-mer, John, 10 

Fast day appointed, 74.176 

obscn-ed, 95 

P'auncc, John, Sen., C 

Thomas, H, 145,249 | 

heir to John Fanncc, 6 

Felix, an Indian, 72 

Fender. Thomas, 207 

Ferry at Pocassett, rcguLatcd, 23,215 

luid annexed to it, 215 

Field. John. 231 

Finney, John, 36, 42, 91 

freeman, 277 

John, Sen 60,114.115.105 

John, Jun., freeman, 277 

Robert, freeman, 27 

deputy from Plymoiuh 17, 55. 90 

Fish. Ambrose 245 

Cecili.i, 28 

Lydia 245 

Nathaniel, 21. 245 

Fishery, at Capo Cod 02.177 

order to water liailiil, 104 

profits granted for scliool ;it Plymouth. . . 107 
privilege lot and rogul itod. . . . 243. 244, 259 

Fitch, John, 30,209 

Fitzrandall, Nathaniel. 52, 265 

prosecuted for not paying rates, 31 

fined. .' 140. 265 

Five ten acre lots, 49 

Foard. Michael, 5^. 145 

freeman, 277 

William, 114,226 

William, Sen 3.>. 104, 195 

freeman 277 

William. Jmi.. 21,.s2. 146 

freeman. 277 

Foster, Benjamin. ])rosocuted, 16 

John, " IS, 21. 22. 224. 232 

freeman, 277 

Franci.S; an Indian 1 7 < 

Frank marriage, gift in. not defeated by de\isc in 

subsequent will of donor, 159 

Freeman, Edmund, 91,121.143,257 

Edmund, Sen., freeman, 276 

Edmund, Jun 19. 35, 56, ISO. 230, 256 

deputy from Sandwich, .... 17,55.144 

freeman. 276 

John. 4, 11, 23, 30, 42, 46, 49, 52, 68, 76, 80. S9. 
95, 96, 103, 107, 123, 130, 134, 135. 137, 140, 
147. 148, 152, 154, 158. 179. 186, 200. 203. 
213, 217, 218, 2:!7. 2t.V 247. 250, 251. 255, 
264, 209, 270. 
an Assistant. 17. 31. 5.j. 90, 112. 143. 163. 191, 
229. 256 

officer in Indian war, 74, '-iS 

Samuel, 37. 145. 271, -'■'^ 

Cqitain, 175, 222. 2(i;i 

Lieutenant, >' ' 

Mr., •'*5, 160 

Freemen, complete list in 1670, .... 274, 279 

French, Itichard, . . '20 

I'rench nation, good corres])on(lency with. . . 2()(> 

Frey, .\nthony, 'OO. 250 

Fuller, Frances, 2 1 2. '.' 1 3 

John, 190 

estate of, 212 

.lonathnn, '•lo 

Mary 231.273 

Matthew ■l'^ 

one of the council of war 73 



Fullr-r, M.ittliow, Seije.uit. gi'iieiul in Duteli war. . 

allowance to, 

Captain Matthew, freeman 

Matthew, and Simncl, Sen., controvcr.^y with 

Sandwich, 96, 

Robert, Hj. 197, 200,234, 


Samuel 14, 37, 02, 187, 190, 

complaint of, Jacob Cook, .... 

estate of, 234, 

mini.ster at Middleborough, 


Samuel, Sen., 

Captain, 37, C2, 

officer in Indian war, 

estate of. 


Gannett, Ganett, Matthew, 

to keep an orduwry at Scituate, 


G.irrctt, .lolm, . 

Joseph, . . 

Mary, . . 

Garrisons, . . . 
(iaunt. Israel, 


General, .salary of 

George. Gorge, an Indian, . . 

examination of, ... . 
Gibhs. John. 

Kichard; Sen., 


Thomas, Sen.. 

Thomas, Jun., 

Gibson, John, an Indian, . . . 
(iitlbrd, William, 

and wife, fined for fornication, 
Gilbert. G\les, 


175, 176, 187, 189, 193, 194 



Gorham, James, 22, 24. M. 01. 113. 137, 144, 166, 17.0, 
183, 188, 2.33, 246 

lieutenant in Dutch war, 136 

grants of Land to, 20, 9.j, 109 

John, estate of, 1S8 

lands granted to heirs of, for his services in 

the war, 24 1 

freeman, - . . . . 277 

John, Sen., deposition of, I.j" 

Mr.,' 171 

estate of. 187 

Gould, John, 273 

Mary, inquest upon the body of. 273 

Goulden. Roger, Captain, of Rhode Island, hnd 

granted to, for services in war. . . . .214 

obstructed in his possession, 24L! 

Governor, chosen, 17, 34, o4, 90, 112, 143. 163. 194, 
229. 2.-,6 

salary of, fifty pounds, i-ji 

authorized to press soldiers, 197 

eldest magistrate to serve in absence of the. . .j.j 

Grabbam, alias Winter, Christopher, 21 

See A^'inter. 
Grand inquest, IS, 36. oC. 91. 114. 14.3. 166. 196. 230, 


. . 233 

. , 232 

. . 231 

. . 233 

120, 121 

. . IS 

. . 16 

for sbnder 

Jane. . . . 

John, . . 

estate of, 
Gillum. Benjamin, 
Glass, Roger, 
Gleaghorn. James. 
God;Vey, Kichard, 
Goodsjeed. F.lizabeth. 42 

John, Ill 

Nathaniel, estate of, 42, 43 

Roger, acknowledgment of, to John Jenkens, 101 

freeman, 277 

Goowin, Joseph, 269 

Gorham, Gorum, J)csire, l!~i8 

Jabez, 249 

woimded in the war, 233 

Gray. Grayc, F.dw.nd. l.j, 1(>, 44. 46. .53. o4. .36. 86. S9, 
I 126. 221, 242, 247 

I deputy from Plymouth, 1 96. 23 1 

I tar returned to, S 

I land of, at Titicut, 141 

licen.sed as retailer of liquors 2.19 

freeman, 274 

and others, suit against Nathaniel Thomas and 

others, 21. 22 

John, fined for several olfences, .... ;3. 6 1 

estate of, 139 

Samuel, prosecuted for breach of Sabbath, . .)3 

i Mr., 2.39 

j land of, found to be conquest Luui, . . . 239 

j Mrs., petition of, for relief, 162 

Great John. 120 

I Greene, Green, Henry, estate of, 213 

William, . 121 

I Mr., printer, grant to, 2.5 

' Green's Harbor, 2.38 

I Griffin, William, fined for fighting, o3 

Gims, order in relation to shooting and discharge 

1 o;; 177, 1.89 

I Gm-nett, without Duxbury bounds, 2d8 

! Gurnett's Nose, 2o8 

ILickett, Jabez, 228 

fined for receiving stolen goods, 228 

Hailstone. William, vs. James Walker, .... 96 

freeman 276 

Hall. George, 19 

(juardi.m to. appointed, 2 



Hall. George, freeman, 276 

Gcrshom 95,231 

John 106 

ft-ceman, 276 

John, Jun., 9o 

Joseph, 56, 166, 231 

Nathaniel 95, 220, 246. 250 

fined for misdemranor, 162, 169 

Samuel, 9.5, 123, 197, 213 

S.imuel. Sen., Ill 

Ilallett, Ililbt, Uollctt. Andrew. . . .95, 166, 250 

John. 219 

frcerar.n 275 

Hallowey, 41,263 

prosecuted for abusing hu.sband . . . .29,31 
her compl lint against Jonathan Brigg.s, . 31,32 

M-jhchi 102 

Saraiiel, 31, 41 

his pctitiDn for divorce, 32, 41 

Hamblen, Janie<, 36. 42 

James, Son., freeman. 277 

James, Jun.. . . '. 60 

frreniin 277 

Hamm.-md. U ;inond. Hammon. Benjamin. IS, SS, 116, 

Mr., 121 

Uanmore, Jolm 120 

freeman, 275 

John. Sen., estate of, 220 

John, Ju:,., 220 

Harding, Jose;;!), prosecuted for abusing constable, 85 

freeman, 278 

Harlow, Xathiniel, apprentice to Nathaniel Morton, 10 
Avilliam, . 10, 11, 106, 114, 164, 182, 256, 263 

freeman, 274 

Sergeant, 19, 34. 50, 60, 02, 8S, 91, 109, 113, 143, 
190, 230, 232 

de])uty from ]'lymoutli. 135, 165 

Harper, Itoberi 105 

punished f)r > lander, 43 

Harris, Arthur, freeman, 278 

Isaac, ordered to pro^^dc for his wife, ... 10 

liobcrt Latliam vs., 23 

William 248 

Hnrrod, John 138 

Hany. an Indi.m, 72 

Simucl. an Indian, 85 

Hart, Thomas, punished for stealing, 51 

Harvey, Jonathan, 190 

Thomas, 102, 136 

Thomas. Sen.. 257 

William, 19, 35, 37, 41, 42, 57, 92, 113, 143, 164, 

180, 195, 219, 222. 230, 233, 242, 257, 273 

deputy from Taunton, 17, 34. 55, 90, 114, 135, 

ur,. 19('. 2!1 

Philip's niortgaso ti-ansferred to ICl 

Harvey, William, fi-eeman 276 

William. Sen 272 

Hatch, Jeremiah, 18, 92, 113, 127, 145, 153, 156, 164, 

deputy from Scitviate 105,214 

fined,' 149, 153 

fi-eeman, 275 

Jonathan, fined for selling liquor to Indiiuis. . 39 

Nathaniel, 233 

Thomas, 119. 122. 127. 2.:0. 251 

Walter, complaint of, against Scituatc com- 
mittee, 162 

freeman, 275 

AViUiam, .... 122. 127. 145. 153. 206. 225 

fined for neglect of duty as constable. 155. 149, 


WiUiara, Sen., 250. 25 1 

William, Jun., 250, 251 

Hatherly, Hathcrley, Timothy. . . . .5, 30. 86, 129 

lauds of, at Accord Pond, 129 

estate of, 140 

Mr., 149 

Ilatheway, Hathcwcy, Hatlnvey, .\rthur, 59, 92, 113, 
145, 165, 256 

magistrate at Dartmouth, 68 

fi'eeman, 279 

John, 36. 62, 195 

vs. Indum Philip, SO 

freeman, 276 

Haughton, James, 124 

Havens, Jack, an Indian 225 

Havis, Richard, 120 

Hayward, Ha ward. Daniel, 242 

John, 30, 60 

to keep an ordinary at Bridgewater, . . . 105 

lands of, to be divided, 242 

de])uty from Bridgewatcr 256 

freeman, 278 

John, Sen.. 58 

freeman, 278 

Joseph, 258 

Thomas, 278 

Lieutenant. . . 23, 3.5, 37, 57, 59, 92. 1 13, 144 

Knsign, 257 

William, 115 

Hawes, Kdmund. . . . 57, 113, ISO. 143. 195. 230 

deputy from Yarmouth lU. 105 

fi-eeman, 276 

Captain, de])uty, 214 

John, . . ' 18,53, 231.276 

Mr., 35,92 

Hawkes, I,owdowick, 56 

Hawkins, Thomas, 120. 121 

Hazard, llobert, 9S 

Hedge, Abraham, bound to good belvavior, . . .111 
Elisha, 36,43,47,74,114,100,2.50 



Hedge, Elislv.i, fmed for selling liiiuor to Imlians, 43, -18 

Marcv, guardian to, appointed 124 

William, .... ... 53, 111, 124 

deceased, estate of, . . .... 43, 47 i 

fined for breach of Sabbath, 53 

Captain, 43 

I [oroides, an Indian, 178 

1 uTving Kiver Pond, 9S 

lie'.vaquin, an Indian 225 

Hewe.s, John, fi-eeman, '. . 275 

llowett, Hewitt, John, 145, 190 

jjetitions for divorce, 2 1, 23 

Mirtha, pmiished for fornication, . . . 13, 14, 21 

Thomas, 13 

Hicks, Hickes, Daniel, 226 

Daniel, Jun., 226 

Samuel 35, 97 

freeman, 279 ' 

Higgins, Higgens, Benjamin, . . . .168. 169, 196 

petitions for land at Saconet, 169 

Jonathan, 246 

ensign of Eastham compau)-, 172 

Ililand, HieLmd, Isabel, . . .V 254 I 

Samuel, vs. Israel Hubert, 153 1 

administration of e.state of, 254 ! 

Thomas, -131 

Thomas, Sen., 120 

Hinckley, John 7, 256 

Samuel, 7, 5S, 111, 1C6 

Samuel, Sen., 231 

Thomas, 4, 11, 20, 23, 26, 2S, 30, 37, 38, 41, 42. 

46, 49, 50, 52. 54. 6.-!, 76, 80, 84, 89, 93, 95, 

103, 107, 116, 123. 130, 134, 135, 137, 140. 

142, 146— U.S, 152, 158, .162, 171, 179, 184, 

' 186, 187, 200, 2;»3, 210, 211, 213, 215, 217, 

219, 233, 237, 245, 247, 251, 255, 264, 270. 

an Assistant, 17, 34, 5--., 90, 112, 143. 103, 104, 

229. 256 

commissioner of the United Colonies, 55, 90, 

112, 143, 103, 195, 230, 256 

one of the purchasers of tir, 46 

appointed steward of the school at Plym- 
outh, 108 

guard kejit at house ol; 181 

paid for services, 247, 248 

on committee concerning Moiuit Hope, . . 248 

freeman, 277 

Mr., 59 

Hincksman, William, prosecuted for not paying 

rates, 28 

fined for breach of S.tbbatli 51 

Iljar, Hezeki.\h, 91 

John, his receipt to Captain Cudworth, . . .131 

Ilobson, an Indian, 100 

Hidgis, Henry 273 

John, 102 

Hoken, an Indian. 15!, 152 

Holbrook, James, 202 

HoUey, Joscijh, - 36, 52 

Ilolmc.*, Israel, 226 

John, 93 

freeman. 274 

land granted to, 171 

Josiah, fined for selling liquor to Indians, . . 148 

Mary, 188 

Wilham, freeman, 277 

Hoophole Xeck, 122 

Hope, an Indian. 168 

alias Pohumu, an Indian sachem, . . . . 71 

Hopkins, Giles, . . . ' 58 

Horses employed m Philip's war, order concerning, 178 
and hogs, damage done to Indians by, ... 62 

IIo.skins, Iloskens, Samuel, 273 

William, . ' 82, 91, 156, 273 

freeimm, 274 

IIou.-e, Joseph, 250,251,262 

S.imutl, 131 

Houses and cott;\ges not to be built remote from 

the public worship of God, 175 

How-d;>ye, an Indum, 225 

Howard. Isaac, 222 

John, 232 

Howes, Jeremiah 95, 186, 195, 230 

freem.w. 276 

dejjuty Ironi Yarmouth 231 

Jo^epii 58, 91, 93 

fvecm.m 276 35, 37, 56, 57, 95 

deputy from Yarmouth, 17. 34, 114, 135, 165. 


ciptain of Y'armouth company, .... 146 

freeman, 276 

Capt;vin,.' 164.171,195 

to examine the Treasurer's account, . . . 200 
Lieutenant, guardian of Marcy Hedge, . . .124 

Ensign, . . ' ". . . 92, 113, 143 

deputy, 90 

Howluid, Arthur 196, 224, 237, 202 

prosecuted for not paying rates, 28 

Arthur, Jun., 56 

Bethia, Jun.. (foimd daid.) inquest upon, . . 208 

EUzabeth, HO 

grant of, to John Gorum, 108 

Isaac, 93, 145 

Jahez, 82, 88, 122, 165 

petitions for land, 170, 255 

freeman, 274 

John, 7, 24, 87, 99. 224 

deputy from Plymouth, 34 

ensign of Barnstable com])any, .... 149 

petitions for land, 170 

freeman 274, 277 



Howlaud. John, Sen 108 I Ii 

administration of estate of, 110 

land granted to the heirs of, 127 

John, Jun., 82 

Joseph. . . 56, 93, 106, 166, 174, 186. 19o, 2.38 

deputy from Phmouth, 231,2.36 

petitions for bnd, 170 

Lieutenant. 263 

deputy 214 

Ensign, 2o8 

Hubert, Israel, 153 

Huckens. Huckences, John, 91 

Thomas, 19, 20, 35, 37, 38, 46, 57, 59, 62, 92, 1 15. 

137, 144, 164, 186, 213, 224, 230, 233, 234, 

242, 244. 249, 255, 257, 273. 

deputy from Bamstal)le, 17,34,55,90, 144, 165, 


one of council of war. 64. 73 

commissary general, 175 

freemin. 277 

Mr. 187,200.222 

Hudson, John, 115 52 

and otliers, petition for lands S3 

Hughes, Thonns, fined for breach of jjcice, ... 39 

acknowledges debt to James Bradiug, . . .100 

Hull, H.innah. her choice of guardian, .... 52 

alias Xantasket, prinleges granted to. ... 63 

llumphcry, an Indian, .67 

Hundred Acre Meadow 49 

Hunt, Peter, 62, 144. 164, 200. 257 

deputy from Itehoboth, 90,114,135 

e.state of, 237 

freeman 278 

Peter, Jun 145 






Thomis. cst;ite of, , . 
laeuten.ant, 27, 35, 45, 

29, 82, 220 

59, 60. 92. 123. 136, 
172, 222. 230 

Hunter, Thomas, an Indian, 259 

Hyde, Xichoks, 19 | 

freeman, 278 

Ide, lyde, Xichoks, 146, 209 , 

Xichoks, Sen,, 234, 237 { 

Impressed soldiers, 74, 77 

Indian aitiirs : recompeiLSe to be made to an Indian 

by Francis Wast, 22 

land to be bought of the Indians for llalpli 

Allen, 24 ' 

arms to be taken from Lidbns at Saconct, , 64 
allowance for expedition in taking arms fi-om 

Indians, 64 

.dian affairs ; covenant and CBgagcment of the In- 
dians to the EnglLsb, 67 

treaty with southern Indians renewed, . . .177 
Xicholas "White fined for selling liquor to In- 
dians, 239 

Indians condemned to servitude, . . . 168,174 

trespasses on, 22, 31. 4.8. 85, lOG, 140, 150, 


buying children of. prohibited, 253 

persons fined for selling Hquors to, see 

law against selling powder to, iS;c .39 

capital offence to sell guns to, &c 17;i 

persons jjrosecuted for bujing lands oK . .1.31 
damages to, by hogs and horses, .... 62 
punished for stealing. . . 27, 100, 238, 253. 270 
tried and executed for murder. . 159. 167. 224 

tried, 156 

sold for .stealing. 151.270 

])unished for trespass. 53. 69 

trade with, projjosed, 11.12 

all the guns of, decbred forfeited, ... 63 

forces raised to take guns of. .... 64. 63 

exiiedition against Saconet Indians. . . 64. 73. 74 

agree to terms, 75, 79 

treaties of friendly tribes, . . . .66,70.71,73 
Pliili]) summoned to answer for his perfidy, and 

neighbors' aid requested, 76 

refuses to obey ; goes to Massacliusetts with 

complamt, 77 

league with, 79 

statement of cruelties of Indians. . . 243, 244 
war with Indians, see War. 

several tribes renew their leagues, . . 177.201 
southern Indians not to come to Plymo\ith. . 1X3 

Saconet Lidians examined, 20 1 

Lmds assigned to Indians, 203, 225 

cai)tive Indians tried and executed, , , 204, 206 
Indian children to be apprenticed, . , 207, 223 

children, &c,, 153 

hostile Indians at Elizabeth Islands, , ... 209 

penalty for Indians commg cLandestinely, . . 209 

none above fourteen years of age permitted 

to remain, 210 

lands assigned to friendly Indians, . . 210.215 

located at Saconet, 22 I 

Indians delivered up to Wharton and others. 210 
claim against Mamanuctt, for defence in tlu- 

war, ' . . , , 225, 239, 24. s 

allowance to keeper of prisoners, . . . .174 

guns restored to Indians, 109 

Indian prosecuted for selling a bonowcd 

giui) "^ 

disputes among Indians referred to Philii). , . 1C2 
Philip's grant of land to James Leonard, . 20. 24 
Indian lands purchased by Swansey 21 

ui;.m:ual i.nukx. 


Indian affuirs : ImlLin Limls imrcliuscJ bv J 

Allen, " . 

lands purchased by R. Bounie, . . . 
lands purchased by Taunton, .... 
lund.s purcli-iscd by Josias Winslow of 

4, 9G, 131 I 

. . 8S 


ised bv John Gorura. 

land ]jiirc-h:is('d by Bridgewater, lOo | 

lands piirch;iscd by Plymouth, 109 

lands purchased by Middlcbury, 12G 

land at Tuspaquin's Pond granted to Governor 

Sachemus's grant to Thomas Prcncc. . . .109 
Quanamett to be piuxhased of Indians, . . 37 
Philip, sale of l.ind at Assawamsct Pond, . . 98 
mortgages land to colony, .... 101,106 
Numacke's bnd t-iken for Mr. Paybody, . . 96 
Quachatt;i,sett's sale to 'Ilioraas Butler. . . 9.S 
Indian testimony about Scauton Neck, . . . 104 
tesuni.ray about Mannomott lands, .... 124 
hnds el limed by Robin of Mattacheeset, . . 140 
Mittilvcesett disclaimed by Keeucompsett, . 149 
Misliintanipaine's controversy with Barnstable 

and Yarmouth. 147, 148 

dispute between Vanno and other Indians, . . 148 

dispute about Pottanumacott, 150 

John Wing licensed to exchange land, . . . 239 
Philip's dispute with Francis Wast, .... 6 
IndiiUi suit-s, .... 10 j, 110, 246, 247, 209 
Indian killed, inquest upon, 6 ordered to be .sold, . . .101,171,270 

Indian Ileid Hiver Pond '44 

Indian lumes : .Vssowamsett, 98 

-Vuntiuuita, 4 

Asheniiuitt 70 

Ashuwoohanitt, 71 

Akomont, 71, 73 

Achawehett, lo6 

Asquibbs, 72 

Acanootus, 168 

Ashawalian, 178 

Aweepanish. 22u 

Aquistausuncke. 22o 

Anumpus, 225 

A])amach. 225 

Cawsetan, 47 

Caukohchise, 70 

C'haucliaubin, 72 

Chowahunna, 201 

Canjuncke, 224 

Contachoho, 225 

Hewaquui, 225 

Janoowan, 110 

Jawannum, 264 


: Josancm, 225 

Kanunnau.s, 71 

Kausetan, 71 

Kcencomsett, 07 

ICccwcenam, or Kewenaam, 72, 205, 206 

Kcesl)enoi)ont 72 

Kckamenest, 2 IS 

Mamanewcd, 15!) 

Mahumuuiah, 73 

Mannouiett, 70 

Mannamuchoy. 4 

Mashjie 4 

Mattanipahan. 72 

Maumanomdus. 72 

Munnootuidics. 72 

>Liskippague, KiS 

Mattashunnano, 168 

Mosnicksuke, 72 

Munucksum, 72 

Muckasimlie, 225 

Musquash, 206 

Xaamcoycke 39 

Xausett and Xobscussett, .... 67 

Xama,ssakeesett, 5 

Xamacocke, 150 

X'apoietiin, 140 

Xaunowasin, 72 

X^'amushwhat, 72 

Xaulmocorawitt, 72 

Xana^ratcham, 72 

XanapoO; 72 

Xopye, 239 

Xassamaquat 224 

Xucksissctt, 97 

X'umpas, 210 

Occinamunt, 150 

Pawmansuke, 72 

Paupantsukc, 72 

Pawmett, 225 

Palchnatoo, 225 

Pasuckquuckquoh, 225 

Pampamuett, 239 

Papasquash, 20 

Pickerell, 72 

Pinquin Hole, 38 

Pinquine Hole 96 

Petananuett, 210 

Poca.ssett, 234 

Pohunna, 71 

Pampaspecite 3 

Pompmoe, 150, 253 

Pompaquin 17.8 

Pomixicanshe, 224 

Poixinooie, 214 

Pottanumacutt, 150 

Quantockamcw, 150 


Indian i 


(iiianamett, 37 

Quaquaquansuke, 67 

Quason, 67 

Quachattasett, 99 

Quanapawhan, 204 

Quechusett, 71 

Quetaquas, 188 

Sabatubkett, . . 

Sachemus, . . 

Saconess, . . . 

Saconett, . . . 

Saconbnsett, . . 

Samballett, . . 

Samponett, . . 

Satuitt, 71 

Scijjpauge, or Skipixiuge, . . 121, 178 

Sonkanuhoo, 79 

Suchquotaumuch, 225 

Taswott, 67 

Tatoson, 206 

Tanashpash, 72 

Tattacomraett, 7.5 

Tatammanah, or Takanumna, . 7;i. 80 

Tautozen, 72 

Tautisiunbacott, 72 

Tamoneesam, 7j 

Tohquamonshoo, 72 

Tokissimo, 225 

Tokotsquintee, 225 

Toqueo, 255 

Tuspaquin, 5 

Uttsooweest, 206 

Wakoiett, 70 

Wakatasso, 70 

Wanno, 71 

Wahwoonettshunke, 67 

Wannamuttaiuctt, 73 

Wauumininamin. 73 

AVachcmocussett, 92 

■VVashawaniia, 72 

Wattaman, 72 

Wampees, 72 

AVawoompapauquin, 72 

VVam])apaquen, 167 

AVapani)o\vett, 206 

■\Vasnecksu]{, 178 

Webacouitt, 71 

Weesquebs, 96 

Wenamett, 97 

Wcquahutt, 178 

Winnatucksctt, 200 

Wolikowpahenitt, 79 

Woonashum, alias Ximrod, ... 79 
Woonashenah 206 

Indi;m names : Wootichiiroo, 



Yanno, Mar, Major Josiah AVinslow, coramindcr-in- 


Lieutenant John Freeman, second in conimnnd. 

Constant Southworth, commissary 


])ay of officers and soklicrs, 

gamsous, .... 175, 176, 187, 189, 193, 
Indian accident;dly lulled, inquest upon, . . . . 
Lighani, Mary, indicted for -witchcraft, . . . . 
Lihabitants forbidden to leave the colony, . . . 
Inns, see Ordinaries. 

Inquests, 6, 7, 29, 88, 94, 101, 121, 122, 182, 208, 

225, 227, 201- 

Ireland, contribution received from, for sufferers in 

Irish, Elias, 

estate of, 

John, 91. 

land of, at Saconet, di\'ided, 

John. Jim., 

Iron, to be attached for payment of rates, . . . 

Isaac, an Indian, 210,215, 

Jacked, Timothy, alias Canjuncke, an Indian, . . 

Jackson. Abraham, 36, 182. 224, 

petition for remission of forfeiture, .... 



Samuel, 122, 131. 


Jacob, John, 

petition of, for division of lands at .Vccord 

Pond, 5. 30, 8(!, 

James, William 

and wife, fined, 

an Indian, 

alias Xocrast, an Iiuhan 

Frigate, the ship, arrives at I'lymouth ; orders 

concerning, 265— 


letter of Solomon IJlackleich, commander, . 
inventory of goods on board of and belong- 
ing to, 


Jawannum, an Indian woman, recognized to appear 

at Court, 

Jeffery, aUas Tamoneesam, Induin sachem, . . . 
Jenkins, Jenkens, Edward, 37. 51. 58, 60, 82, 93. 
104, 100, 107, 122, 130, 149, 159, 180, 

allowed to kcej) an ordinary, 

licensed to keep an ordinary, 





Jenkins. Jolm, 



Samuel, child of, drowned, . . 


petition of, 

Zacheriah, , . . . . 

Jcnings, Samuel, 

Jenney, Samuel, 

fined for slander, 

Jethro, a negro, order concerning, 

Joel, an Indian, 

John, an Indian, G7 

alias Tanashpash, an Indian, 

Quason Taswott, an Indian, 

John's Bridge, 

Johnson, Elkanah, bound to appear, S:c., .... 


I'*. John Turnei'. Jun., 

prosecuted for removing bound marks, 
his deed ordered to be recorded, .... 

warned out of Scituate, 

pctititm of. 



Jones, Francis, punished for stealing. 


Mary, 43 

Jlorgan, 43 

Ralph, ' 41, 

Robert, 6, 

estate of, 

Teague, fined 

Thomas, fined, 

bound to appear at Court, . . .llI.ll'J, 

Jones River Pond, 

Josanem, an Indian, 

Joseph, alias Oiachapanucke. an Indian, .... 

Josias, alias Mattam])ahan, an Indian. 

Joy, Thomas, prosecuted for buying land of In- 

Joyce, Hose.i, 

Jourdainc, John, 

Jury, special verdict of, 

Indians ])hccA on the, in a capital trial, . . 

KaiMiniiiu<:. Imli in sachem, 

iCiitc-ivAt. Kccncomsett, an Indian, .... 
Kausetan, A\'illiam, an Indian sachem, .... 
Kcencompsett, an Indian, 

denies that Xapoiatan had right to dispose of 

land at Mattakeesett, 

Keencomsett, alias Katenat, an Indbn 

Kees!)enoj)ont; alias John Wattaman, an Indian, . 

Kcewennn, an Indian. 

Keith. James, freeman, 

Kekamenest Spring. 

Kcni])]). William IjO 

Kendrick, Kenderick, Kinricke, Kenericke, Ken- 

dericke, George, 7, 107, 209 

freeman, 27H 

Kenedy, Alexander, SS 

Keweenam, an Indian, 20o 

King, Kinge, Clement, required to dispose of goods 

of Xathaniel Thomas and Son, .... C^ 
comj)laint against Natlianiel Thomas and Son, 9 

Thomas, l.-,3 

freeman, 27j 

Thomas, Jun., 149 

Elder, 119 

Knap, Knajjp, Aaron, GO, 01 

freeman, 27G 

Aaron, Sen., 114 

estiite of, 1 J3 

John, 273 

Knowles, Apthya, aid afforded to 177, 200 

John, 224 

slain in the colony's service, 177 

estate of. 200, 220 

Ricliard, 19. 37 

Lake, I )avid, lands granted to, 214 

obstructed in his possession, 212 

Richard, daughter of, drowned, 04 

Thomas, deputy marshal, 23) 

Lands of colony, near Massachasetts, to be scld, 81, s;i 

Lajiham, Joseph, estate of, 213 

Thomas 120.213 

Latham, Robert, 37. 91 

complaint of, against Harris, 23 

Lawrance, an Indian, 17S 

Lawrence, Laurance, Robert, fined for several of- 
fences, 27 

Laws revised, 131, 20.3 

Leich, Giles, 11.5 

Leichfeild, Dependance, l.;4 

Experience, inquest upon, 121 

estate of, 132. 139. 1.54 

Josiah 132, 139, 142, 1.54. 2.50. 2.) 1 

land to he delivered to, 12 

Leonard. Lcanard, Lcnard, Abigail, ISS 

Isaac, 20S 

James, 101, 23G 

grant from the colony to, 24 

James, Sen., grant from Philip, sachem, . . 20 

James. Jun., 19, 2oH 

freeman, 27G 

Joseph, iol 

execution of. against AVj-att's estate, . 154, 1 j" 

Philip, ..'.,..'...., 136^ 2G0 

prosecuted for not paying rates, . . , .- 2.S 

Thomas, Ensign, 56,61,101,236 

freeman, 276 

Old 265 



93. 106. 



Leonard, lui.sign 

Leoiiardson. Leanardsou, John, . 

Solomon, estate of, . . . 
Lettice, Thomas, freeman, . . 
Lewis, George, 




Joseph, estate of, 

Thomas, 9 

freeman, ., 

Leverctt, Major General, 

Leverich, Mr, 

Leavitt, Levitt, Josiah, 

complaint against, 

Lewse, Remember, 

Leyton, John, prosecuted for neglecting jjublic 


Lieutenant, pay of, 

salary of, 

Lincoln. Liiikolne, Thomas, ... 10, 101, 190, 

vs. William Briggs, 110, 


Linn.t, Linnett, Da^^d, complaint against, . . . 

Pemimah, vs. David Linnitt, 


Liquors, not to be sold to Indians, 

brought into Tauutoii to be seized 

Little, Aiuia 




255, 256 
158, 231 
. 20. 2.-, 
. . 86 
. . 101 


168, 173 
1G9. 173 




hnds of, to be divided, . . 

administration of estate of, . 

and others, claim lands at Xa 

Little Robin, an Indian, .... 

Littlefield, John, 


punished for fornication, 161 

her complaint against Israel Woodcock, . 16 1 
Loe, Elizcvbcth. punished for fornication. .... 260 

John, 117, lis 

fined for several offences, . . . .16,31,87 

Long Island 13) 

Lothrop, Laythorp, Laythorpt, Laythorpe, R.u-na- 

bas, 132, 145, 164, 186, 222, 230, 233, 249, 257 
deputy from Barnstable, 165, 196, 214, 231. 256 

licensed to retail liquors, 246 

John, 233 

estate of, 221 

an Irishman, warned out of Scitiwte, . . .156 

Joseph, 35 

freeman, 277 

and Bamaba.s, land granted to them, . .132 

Mark, .115,232 

Pelatiali. freeman 277 

Lothroj). Samuel, 190 

Thomas, freeman, 277 

Lieutenant, 57, 62, 92, 113, 144, 164, 181, 230, 257 
to examine Treasurer's account. .... 200 
deputv from B;mistable, . ,114, 135, 196. 214 

Mr., . " 175 

LouoU, John, peti^ons for l.uid 12 

John, Sen 50 

John, Jun., liis choice of guardian, , ... 50 

Loutt Pond, 182 

Lowell, James, petitions for land 5 

Lucas, Lucase, Tlioma.s, punished for several of- 
fences, 16, 39, 118, 169, 1S2 

Lumbard. see Luml)crt. 

Lumber, cxport;ition of, prohibited, 106 

Lumbert, Luraburt, B.iniard, freeman, , .' . . 277 

Benjamin, 140 

fined for smoking in meeting on Lord's d.iy. 1 G 

Caleb, fined for bre.ach of peace 16 

Jabc/, 114. 157 

fined for selling liquoi-s to Indians, . . . 1()7 
lioen.sed to .sell Abrakam Darby's land. . . 158 
ovei'scer of M.itthew Darby's estiite, . . . KiO 
administrator of Matthew Darby's estate. . I GO 

Jcdcdiah, fined for smoking in meeting on 

Lord's diy KJ 

Joremiih. lOG 

Thomas, ill 

Luther, Ilczckiah, 03. ir.G 

Samuel.. . . . 6,36,57,144,105.242,271 

de])utv from Sxranscv 232, 256 

freeman ' 27!) 

Lynd, Mr., 131 

Maca, Thomas, 207 

Macey, Macye, George, Lieutenant, . . . .18,219 

deputy from Taunton, 90, 114, 135, 144, 165, I9G, 


frpcman 27G 

Lieutenant.. 57. 92, 113, 164. 195. 230, 233, 257 

Mackerell fishing (,3 

Macomber, Maycomlier, John, 58, 273 

John, Sen.. 100 

Thomas, 257 

M'illiam, 19 

lined for breach of Sabbatli 152 

Magistrate, eldest, to serve ifl absence of Governor, ,'>'> 

Mahunnanah, Indian sachem, 73 

Major's Purchase, at Middleborough, 22. 44, 48, 65, 150 
Makepeace, William, Sen., punished for abusing an 

Indian 107 

Malier, James, punished for several offences, . 8, 16 

Mamanuett, Mamanewett, an Indian sachem, 224, 225, 

239, 24 S 

Min. Josiah 174 

Xatlianiol 45 



Man. Xatiianiul, appeals from Sflcctmeii's Court, . 

controversy witli John Cowin,. 

Ricliard, prosecuted for breacli of Sabbath, . 
receipt of, to John Cowin, 

Thomas, 2 JO, 

re?eipt of, to John Cowin, 

Mannamoiett, privileges of, 147, 

annexed to Eastham, 

Mannamoiickc, Mannomctt, Mannamoiett Indians, 
treaty with, 66, 67, 70, 

lands, ." 12t, 131, 




Maiitcr. John, 

M.irchant, Abisha, fined for fornication, . 43, 4S, 

John, Sen., lieutenant of Yainiioutli militia, . 
Mar.shal, Thomas Lake deputy of the. .... 
Marshall, Esther, ...."..'... 234, 


Richard, 234, 

junished for abusing wife, 


required to provide for his children. . . . 

children of, bound out, 



town officers, 18, 19, 35—37, .36—00, i)l— 93, 
114, 115, 144—146, 104, 10."), 107. 19o, 
230 — 232. 257, 258. 
tokliers, ..... 74, 170, 185, 193, 197, 

town council, 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 

contribution fi-om Ireland, 

freemen in 1070, 

ordinary, 139, 

Martin. Johanna, administration of estate of, . . 

John, 56, 


Mishantanipaine, 147, 

Mash];ee, Mashpe, 

land.s granted to liichard Bourne 

See Indians. 

Maskippague, an Indian, 

Mason, ilary, . . . ' 213. 


barason, 2 I.J. JJl 

Massachusetts, 95, 189 

letter sent to, 76 

answer of letter to, 99 

Governor and Council, request of, in relation 

to the ship '• James Frigate,"' .... 265 
Mathews, Matthewes, James, freeman, .... 276 

John, 163 

puni-shed for several ofTences, 53 

Mathews, Samuel, 95 

fined for breach of Sabbath, 53, (il 

Thomas, fined for beating an Indian, ... 31 
Slattakccsct, MatUikcesctt, Mattachecsett, . 148, M9 

Liduns, treaty with, 60, 07. 178 

Mattampahan. alias Josias, an Indian, 72 

Mattapoisett 22 

Mattashanamo, Mattashunnamo, Mattashuamama, 

Miittashunannamo, an Indian, . . , .107 
Matthias, alia-s Achawehett, an Indian, .... 150 

Maumanomdus, an Indian, 72 

Maycock, Peter, Lmd granted to, 170 

Mayhew, Mahew, Matthew, 7 

Mayne, Ezekiel, 120 ?\ 

discharged from bearing arms, 8 

Mayo, John, 56, 166 

estate of, settled 200 

Medfield, 100 

Merricke, Williiim, freeman, 27S 

William, Jun., 258 

Memtt, Merrett, Elizabeth, 2;!6 

John, 127, 131 

estjite of, 236 

inquest \ipon the body of, 227 

Middleborough. 150 

ordinary 23 

town oihcers, 18, 19, 56, 60, 62, 91, 93. 113. 115, 
144—146, 165—107 

soldiers, 74 

order concerning the rebulldmg and resettling 

of, 177 

contribution from Ireland 222 

formerly called Xamassakett. incorporated. . 19 
cLiim to bnds near Assawamsett Pond. 132. 133 
lands purchased of Indians, . . . 120, 138, 146 
proi)rietors' meeting about their Lands, . . . 160 

Samuel Fuller, minister of, 273 

list of freemen ui 1670, 279 

See Xamassakett. 

Military officers : Barnstable 149 

Dartmouth, 138 

Eastham, 172 

Rehoboth, 261 

Scituato, 33.150 

Yarmouth, . . . . 48. HO. 150 

Miller, John. 35. 57, 5,8, 95, 113. 143, 145, 160, 164, 

180, 186, 195, 230, 242, 250, 273 

license taken from 43 

compliint against, 50 

of Yai-mouth, 91-9-', 146 

deputy from Yarmouth, . . 55, 214. 231. 250 

freeman -~6 

of Middleborough 91 

John, Sen., . ' 141 

of Rehoboth. 91. 115 

John. Jun.. of Rehoboth 160 


;exekal index. 

MiUcr, Kobcrt, | 

Ministers, tonus to raise money for them, . . . 241 | 
Ministers' rates, pament enforced, 28, 31, 38, 40, 98 

collectors of, 37, 58, 172 

Ministry at Xamassal^et, knd reserved for, ... 6 

Mitchell, Michell, Edward, 188, 252 

Experience, 20, 25, 188, 230, 252 

freeman, 274 

and others, lands of, at Xamassaket, ... 5 

Jacob, 1 15, 205 

ensign of Dartmouth company, .... 138 

settlement of estate of, 188, 252 

llichard, fined for fighting, 53 

Tliomas, 44 

Mokeney, Daniel 102 

Moonponsett Pond, 22 

Mopes, alias Old John, an Lidian, .... 105, 106 

More, George, inquest upon, 250 

Thomas, demand against Samuel Dotey, . . 26 

Morey, Jonathan, 16, 98 

Mary, prosecuted for cruelty to her diild, . . 16 

Morton. Ephraim, 263 

doi:uty from Plymouth, 17, 34, r>o, 90, 114, 135, 
144, 165, 196, 214, 256 

one of the council of war, 64, 73 

freeman, 274 

Ephraim, Jun., 258 

George, 18,114,171,195,246 

freeman, 274 

John, 50, 62, 66, 82, 167, 170 

deputy from Middleborough, . , 34,90,114 

freeman, 279 

John, Sen,, land gi-anted to, 47, 48 

LydLa, 10, 11 

Xathanicl, 14, 100, 183, 186, 274 

agreement with William Harlow, , , . . 10 

one of the council of war, 04. 73 

petitions for land, 170 

freeman, 274 

Thomas, 263 

freeman, 274 

Lieutenant, 19, 31. 50, 56, 60, 8S, 91, 109, 113, 
143, 147. 164, 172, 195, 222, 230, 232, 257 

Mosnicksuke, an Indian, 72 

Mount Hope, 178 

Lieutenant John Browne ajipointed cajitain of 

the guard at, 175 

garrison at 175, 176 

jmy of captain at, 175 

Swansey's cLiim released, 248 ' 

Xeck, ' 248 ■ 

Muchmanus Field, 218 ' 

Muckasunkc, an Indian, 225 | 

Muddy Hole, 3| 

Mulford, Thoma.s, 231 i 

Munnootunkes, Joseph, an Indiiin 72 I 

Mnnucksum, an Indian, 72 

Musquash, an Indian, 206 

Myles, John, Jun.. freeman, 279 

Xaamcoyicke, 39 

Xamacocke, 150 

Xaraanuett. see Mamanuett. 

Xamassachesett Indians to be removed to Clarke's 

Island, 1 87 

Xamassakeesett, in Duxbury, 5 

Xamassakett, X'amassaket, . . 22, 44, 63, 109. 159 

land at, resened for ministiy, 6 

made a towiiship by name of Middleborough, 19 
Xamassakett Pond, land tliere claimed by Michell 

and others, 5 

X'amassakett River, 65.140 

X'^amu.shat, an Indian, 72 

Xanapoo, an Indian, 72 

X'anawatcham, an Indian, 72 

Xanumett, 98,124 

Xanunnett, an Indian sachem, 71 

Xapoietan, Xapoiatan, 140. 14S. 149 

Xan-agansett Indians, 202, James, 119 

Samuel, freeman. 274 

Xassamaquat, an Indian, 224 

Xauhnocomwitt, alias Tobey Cole, an Indian, . . 72 

X''aunowasin, an Indkn, 72 

Xausett Lidians, agree to be faithful, ■ 67 

ti-eatywith, 178 

Xed, an Indum, 31 

Xelson, John, .... 18, 50, 140, 166, 247, 249 

a merchant of Boston. 2G6 

Lydia. foi'merly Lydia Barnabey, 249 

VVilUam, ,',",., 22, 65, 66, 128, 129, 150 

■\VilUam, Sen., 91 

freeman, 279 

William, Jun , 69 

Xcw England's Memorial, grant to tlie jiriiiter of. 25 

Xewland, Willlun, . . ■ 166 

Xewman, Xoah. 259 

freeman, 278 

Samuel, 209 

council of war for Kchoboth, 201 

fi-ecman, 278 

Mrs., money granted to, 259 

Xew Plymouth, see Plymouth. 

Xcw York, 135 

Xicarson, Jose|;li 253 

Xiciiolas, 256 

Ruhamah, fined for breach of Sabbath, . . . 253 

Samuel, fined for fighting on Sabbath, , , . 2:i:i 

William, acknowledges judgment for fine. . . 10 

land of, at Mannamoiett, . . . 147, 154. 171 

Xichols. Xicholls, XicoUs, Sai-ah, 33 

Thoma.s 226 



Xicliols, 'I'lioiiKis, John Bucke's acknowledgment to, 94 

fined for hing, 112 

No!)scussett, Xobscussed, Xubscussett, Indians, trea- 
ty with, 66,67,178- 

Xocrast, alias James, 124 

Nolmin, John, 190 

No])ye, Tom, an Lidian, 238. 239 

Norkett, William, prosecuted for not paying rates, 28 
Xormm, Samuel, punished for breach of peace, . 39 
North Purchase, to belong to Kehoboth, .... 68 

North Kiver, bridge at, 124 

Northey, Northy, John, 190, 227 

Norton, Nicholas, 7 

Nucksissett, 97 

Num, John, an Indian, 204, 20.) 

Numacke, Moses, alias 'Wcesqucbs, an Indian, . . 90 

William, an Indian, 96 

Numpus, Numpas, an Indian, 210. 2 lo 

Nunckatateesett River, 179 

Nye, Benjamin, 2;S;i 

Benjamin, Sen., 114 

• John, 114 

0.ith of the council of war, 64. 73 

Ociuamunt, ijO 

Old Cook's Holes, 44 

Old Field at Mannomett, 124 

Old John, alias Mopes, an Indian, .... lO'i, 106 

Old Thomas, an Intlian, 225 

Ordinaries, regulated, 59 

committees to uispect, 60 

Ordinary at Bridgenater, 54, 105 

Duxl)ury. 27 

Mai-.shficld, 139, 271 

Middleborough, 24, 273 

Plymouth, 54 

Pocassctt, 149 

Sandwich, 23 

Scituate, 110, 239, 246 

Taunton, 223 

Ten Mile Kiver, near Kcholioth, . . 43 

Yarmouth, 43 

Ormsbey, Ormsbye, John, 21,145 

freeman, 278 

Otis, Ottis, Ottice, John, 7,196,228,229 

fined for sclUng cider without license, ... 81 

Samuel Clapp's receipt to, 228 

Pachague Neck, to be divided, 94 

Packer, Paker, Samuel, 93, 145 

freeman, ... 27.S 

Samuel, Sen., 59 

licensed to keep an orilinary, 54 

freed from fiue for selling liquor to Indians, 128 

Zacchcus, 258 

P.iiue, Pa\Tie, Moses, 120 

Nathaniel, 21, 36, 115, 116, 172, LSI. 186,19.5, 
222. 230. 278 

Paine, Nathaniel, deputy from llehoboth, 195. 214. 232 
Stephen, deputy from Kehoboth, ... 34. 55 

freeman, 27s 

Stephen, Sen., 57, 84, 92, 141, 144, 164, 209. 24S 
Stephen, Jun., ... 6, 18, 35, 60, 232, 234, 237 

freeman, 278 

Thomas 36, 57, 60, 92, 145, 244. 265 

deputy from lvi.stham, . 55, 90, 114, 214. 256 

chosen water bailiff, 62. 104 

land granted to, 20 

freeman, 27s 

of Rehoboth, 2(10 

Palmer, John, 211 

]n'osecuted for not paying rates, U) 

Jona.s, 141 

Josi;is, fined for slander, 87 

Samuel, estate of, 211 

William, 58,93,114,144 

freeman, 279 

Pametoopauksett, 3 

Pampamuett, an Indian, 239 

Pampaspecite Kiver, in Sandwich, 3 

Pampaspecitt, 110 

Paomett Indians, treaty with, 66,67.177 

See Indians. Neck, 20. 95, 24 1 

gi-anted to Swansey, 21 

Parker, Robert, 7, 18, 20 

Samuel, Sen., 37 

William, 227 

land granted to, 154 

Partridge, Partrich, Partridg, George, . 122, 123. 232 

freeman, 275 

IVsuckquckquoh, an Indian, 225 

Patchnatoo, an Indian, 225 

Paul, an Indian, 178 

Pau])ant.suke, an Indian, 72 

Pawmansulce, 72 

Pawmctt, an Indian, 225 

Paybody, John, inquest upon. 29 

AviUuim, 20, 91, 113, 122, 123, 126, 130, 143, 164, 

215, 222, 234, 242, 249 

deputy from Du.\burj-, 34, 55, 90, 1 14, 135, 144, 

165, 196, 214, 231, 256 

kind granted to 38, 147 

land sunendered by 38 

receives land from Indians 96, 97 

freeman. 275 

Payne, .sec Paine. 

Payslcy, John, money granted to. 243 

Peakes, Willtmi, 2.30.251,262 

prosecuted for bre.icli of peace, 142 

Peck, Pccke, Israel 232,259 

John, 18, 141 

frcemin, 278 

Joseph, 6 



I'cck, Nathaniel, 58, 60 

deputy, 135 

estate of. 212, 259 

freeman, 279 

Nicholas, 141, 209, 257, 261 

deputy from Rehoboth, 17, 256 

ensign of Rehoboth company, 261 

one of coimcil of war, 261 

freeman. 278 

Samuel, 0, 18, 209, 212 

freeman. 278 

Peircc, Peirse. Abraham, settlement of estate of, 116. 

Abraham, Sen., freeman, 275 

Abraham, Jan., 116, 117 

Benjamin, 208, 262 

Isaac, 116 

John, guardian of, ; . 213 

Michael, 13, 33, 36, 56, 61. 92, 104, 106, 113, 114, 

122, 187 

complaint of Sarah Nichols against, ... 33 

ensign in Butch war, 136 

estate of, 208 

ft-eeman, 275 

Captain, 213 

Penachason, an Indian, 209 

Pcnchen, see Pinchen. 

Pequin, James, an Indian, 264, 265 

Pen-en, Abraham, 258 

John, 209,258 

Perry, Perrey, Anthony, 91, 141, 196 

dejjuty from Rehoboth, 114 

freeman, 278 

Edwardj 60, 02, 146 

Ezri, 62, 145, 230 

Thomas, 227 

fined for swearing, 10 

■William, e.\enipt from training, 261 

Pcrrum, Perram, John, 58, 91 

John, Jun., 146 

Petananuett, alia.s Ben S.ichcm, . . . . 210,215 

Peter, an ludiini, 259 

examination of, 201 — 203 

J'heljis, Phclpps, Thoma.s, lands of, ordered to be 

sold, ...'....' 273 

daughter of, drowned, 122 

alias Phillij)s, estate of, 153 

Philii), Indian sachem, 20, 76—80, 83, 97, 98, 101, 102, 

106, 173, 184, 201.202 

deed of land to be procured from, . . . 21, 25 

compkiint of, against Wast, <> 

guns of, forfeited, i>'i 

statement of cruelties of, 243 

Sec Indian affairs, and \\'ar. 

I'liilllps, Faith, estate of, 239 

James, 02, 102 

Phillips, James, fi-eeman, 276 

John, 239 

Thomas, alias Phelpps, estate of, 153 

Piant, Thomas, an Indian, 206 

Pickerell, John, an Indian, 72 

Pincen, Thomas, fi-eeman, 275 

Pinchen, Pcnchen, Thomas, 174, 227 

Thomas, Jun., L'26 

Pinquine Hole, 38,96.97.171 

Pinquine Hole River. 171 

Pitts, Peter, 102, 114 

freeman, 276 

Plymouth, 46. 149. 155 

deputies, 231 

tomi officers, 18, 19, 34, 36, 55—58, 00. 02, 90, 
91, 93, 106, 113—115, 143, 145, 164—166, 
195, 196, 230—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers,'. 74,176,185,193,197 

town council 186 

192. 197. 207 



contribution from Ireland, 222 

ordinary, 54 

engagement of fidelity of Indians to the gov- 

eniment of, 72 

lands granted by .selectmen. 89 

licensed to purchase Sepecan of Indians, 107, 109 

free school endowed, 108 

list of freemen in 1670, 274 

and Sandwich bounds, 41 

Pocasset, Pocassett, ordinai-y at, 149 

lands, ' 247 

regulations to prevent tres])ass on lands 

at, 216 

magistrates. ... 

I ferry at, 

! See Fen-y. 

j Pohunna, ahas Hope, an Indian sachem, .... 7 1 

i Pokanaukett, Pacanacutt, 76, 83 

! Pole, John, freeman, 276 

Pompaeanshe, an 224 

Pompaquin. alias Scippauge, an Indian, .... 178 
Pomi)mo, Pom])moe, Sam, an Indian, . . . 150, 253 

' Simon, an Indiim, 253 

! Poixmooie, an Indian, 244 

I Pottanumaquatt River, 39 

1 Pope, John, 205 

j Seth, 224 

Thomas,. . . . -; 91 

I . vs. Richard AViUis, 9, 20, 30 

fined for defiiming ministers, .... 39 

children of, killed by Indians 244 

Pottanumacutt, Pottanummacutt, .... 109, l.'.O 

Potwhoken, an Indian, 72 

Powder and shot not to be sold to Indians, . . . 59 

Powell, Martha 202 

Ralph 226,231 

30 ■■ 

Pratt, Prate, Prat, Bcnaiuli, 18, 36, 42, 60, 93, 



Jonatlian, 82, 



Prence, Prince, Thomas, 1, II, 15, 17, 23, 26, 2S, 
33, 3-1, 42, 49, 52, 54, 68, 80, 84, 89, 90, 
100, 103, 107. 


commissioner of United Colonies. 17, 34, 55, 

lands of, 5, 14, 109, 141, 

house of, sun-endercd to colony, 

house ordered to be sold or loa.scd, . . 124, 
Presentments, . . . 15,30—33,81,111,112, 
Prince, John, petitions for leave to take mackerel, 

John, Jun., Bcthia Tubbs's compLiint against, 

Prior, Joseph, 

Pri\'ateer seized, proceedings against, account of 

cargo. Sec, 265— 

Privateering prohibited, 

Prouty. Prowtey, Uicliard, 



Punchateosett Pond, 

Purchasers near Eastham bounds to be settled, 
Pursevall, Pursrall, Janies, 68, 100, 


Quachattasett. 98, 104, 105, 

Quanamett to be purchased of Indians, .... 

Quana|)awhan, an Indian, 

Quantockamew, an Indian 

(iuaquaqiuinsucke, an Indian, 

Quechasett, . 

Uuetiiquas Isbnd, gr.nited to James JJell and oth- 

Ituni IsLmd, granted to Joliu Cooke. 

Ilamsden, Daniel, tined for selling liquor to Indians. 

Jose])h, punished for ch-unkenne.^s, .... 
Kancc, John, 

m\, John, 

administration of estate ( 


Kaudall. Jo- 



punished for several offences 23, U 

Williani; Sea., vs. Jolin Rogers, i 

prosecuted for not paying rates, . . . . ^i 

Ranger, F.dward, It 

Ransom, Robert, 30, IIS, U 

and wife, jirosccuted for quarrelling, . . . '. 

prosecuted for several offences, . . . . 32, 1 ! 

Rates, methods proposed for lessening, . . . . 1 

controversy about, .^ 

allowed for horses in Pliilip's war, . . . . 1 ■; 

apportioned, 207, 21 

for ministers, see Ministers. 

Rauce, John, punished for slander, 2-1 

liiven Brook, l.i 

vol.. V. 39 

John, Jun., freeman. 27 ■( 

-Mosc.s, 209 

I'hilip, sent out of the government, .... 9 

Rachel, 200 

Samuel, 209 

Thomas, 6, 62, 1 14, 200, 253 

Red Brook, 33 

Red Spring, '. . 3.s 

Reddaway, James, 5S 

Jame.s, Sen. 221 

James, Jun., estate of, 221 

John, 221 

Reed, John, 22C 

Thomas, 259 

one of council of war in Rehoboth, . . .261 

Rehoboth, 84, 183, 209 

deputies. 232 

town officers. 18. 19, 35—37, 56—60, 62, 91—93, 
115, 144— 146, 164, 166, 167, 195—197, 230 
—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 185, 193. 197 

towii council, 186.261 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

lands granted to, 4S 

controversy with Swansey about rates, . . 48, 49 

with Tavmton, 12 

North Purchase annexed to, 6S 

line to be run, 12,170 

military oflicers, 26 1 

to accommodate John I.ovell with Land, . . 12 

council of war, 261 

list of fiecmen in 1670, 27s 

Rcw, Edwai-d 19, 146 

licensed to keep an ordinary, 223 

Rhode Island, ". . 23, 239, 240, 261 

letter sent to 76 

appropriation for colony debt at, 200 

Richard lU., "... 54 

an Indian 178 

Richmond, John, S8, 91, 1 1 1, 145, 156, 186, 222, 251 - 

Philip's mortgage transfeiTed to, 101 

inquest upon, 101 

Rickard, Giles, Sen., 8, 88 

licensed as retulcr, 61 

fined, and his license recalled, 80, 81 

freeman, 274 

Giles, Jun , freeman, 274 

1 tester, punished for abusing husband, . . .67 
John and I'klward, vs. Thomas Dotey and oth- 
ers. "... 133 

John, fined for abusing an Indian, . . , . 152 



Rickard, John, freeman, 274 

John, Sen., 87, 22 1 

Ridgely, Richard, controversy -nith Richard Tarr, . 160 

Ring, Ringe, Andrew, 18, 82, 115, 145, 166, 168, 182, 

208, 230 

freeman, 274 

EUzabeth, 253 

Roads, John, 265, 266 

Roanoke, 33 

Robbins, Robins. Jehosabath, 33 

petition of, for relief, 23 

vs. George Tmiier, 43 

John, 23, 43 

estate of, 33 

Robm, an Indian, order relating to, 140 

Robinson, Increase, 58, 246, 27 1 

freeman, 276 

Isaac, restored to privileges, 126 

Isaac, Jmi., dro\vned, inquest upon, .... 7 

Robbinson, , killed by fall of tree, . . . .226 

Rogers, James, administration of estate of, . . . 265 
Joliii, 39, 126, 156, 196, 247, 251, 253, 258, 271 

freeman, 277 

John, Sen. 18, 56, 122, 166 

complaint of, against Nelson and others, . 69 

land granted to, 127 

freeman, 275 

John, Jun, 36, 82, 146, 196 

Joseph, 35, 39. 150, 166 

freeman, 278 

Mary, 265 

Thomas, 271 

freeman, 278 

William, 6.S 

punished for fornication, * 51 

controversy with John Williams, .... 107 
Lieutenant, licensed to pmxhase land of In- 
dians, .'iO 

administration of estate of, 271 

RoUocke, Robert, estate of, 28 

Rose, Roes, John, inquest upon body of, .... 226 

Jo.seph, 120 

bound to good behavior, . . . . 117, 118 
Roshali, Thomas, acknowledges judgment to Treas- 
urer, 1,S8 

liosin and turpentine made from trees on the com- 
mons 65 

Rouse, EUzabeth 239 

John, freeman 277 

John, Jun. 165, 226 

Simon, 190,226,262 

Rowley, Henry, 7 

freeman, 277 

Moses, 114 

Rum, price fixed, 60 

Rus.i!ell. George, 5 

fined for several offences, 27, 1 1 2 

freeman, 275 

John, 62, 92, 132, 144, 222. 2.14 

freeman 279 

deputy from Dartmouth, . . . . 17, 55, 90 

John, Sen., 166 

Mary, 201 

Samuel, administration of est;ite of, . . . . L'Ol 

Ryder, John, 232, 250 

Joseph, 95, 145 

Mary, fined for breach of Sabbath, .... 1 5 

Samuel, 8. 5S 

freeman, 274 

Zachariah, 157 

Sabatubkett, an Indian, 67 

Sabbath, order concerning profanation of, ... 234 

SabciTy, Sabery, Savcry, Samuel, 19, 29, 35, 42, 56, 91, 

deputy, 2!4 

freeman, 275 

licensed as retailer, 264 

land granted to, 150 

Mr., 60. 116. 2(;3 

Sabine, Sabin, Benjamin, . , 115.141 

Nehemiah, administration of estate of, . . . 200 
William, .... 18, 62. 141, 166, 168. 1>J6 

deputy from Rehoboth, 3 J. 55 

freeman, 27 ^ 

William, Sen., 91 

widow, 200 

Sachemus, an Indian, 67 

grant of, to Thomas Prence, 109 

Sacone.s.s, Saconess;>, 70, 71 

Saconesctt, Sacconeesett, Saconesl, 41 

inlwbitants, complaint against, 173 

privileges of, 105,125.128,131 

Saconett, Saconct 75, 80, 252 

amis to be tiiken from Indians at, . . . 63. 73 

[ made a townshij), 162, 265 

lands granted to old servants, . . . 125. 126 
and Pocasset magistrate, 234 

Saconumsett, an Lidian, ■ . 247 

Saffiu, John, 216 

licensed to make rosin and tvnpentinc, ... 65 

Sagaquas, without the bounds of Duxbury, . . . 258 

Sakatuckett, Saquatuckett, Indbns, treaty with. 60, (i7, 

Salaries of cnnmandcrs and .soldiei's, 175 

! Salt Water Pond. 98 

Sampson, Abraham, 258 

freeman, 275 

Abraham, Jun., fined for swearing, &c., . . 10 

F.sthcr, aid afibrded to, 177 

Henry, 20, 25, 29 

freeman, 275 


Sampson, Henry, and others, land at Xaniass,ikft 

I'ond ,') 

Samuel, 177 

Sampson, an Indian, 67.71'. 17.S 

Sani])onctt, Indian sachem, 15 

Sanballett, an Indian, 206 

Sandwich, 41, 40, 172, 191 

deputies, 231 1 

toOTi officers, 18, 19, 35—37, 55, 56, 58, 60, G2. | 
-92, 113—115, 143, 145, 146, 104— 1G6, 195^ 
230—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 185, 193, 197 

town council, ISO [ 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 , 

bounds, 41, 96, 105. 221, 233 j 

petition for lands, .94 

committee to settle affairs of, 150 

minister, John Smith, '"M 

receipt given to agents of, 233 

list of freemen in 1670, 276 

Sankona^v^vasuke, Robin, an Indian, . ' . . . . 72 

Saijeant, WilUam, fi-eeman, 277 

See Serjeant. 

Sassamon, John, 159. 107 

Sasuit, or Satuckett, US 

Satuckctt, Satuckct, 239 

complaint of, against Yarmouth,- 110 

Satuit Pond, 41 

Satuitt, 70 

Savage, John, estate of, settled. 271 

Sarah 271 

Savery, see Saberry. 

Savory, Ann, 1S9 

Thomas, removed from office, 4(1 

restored, 44 

land laid out, 129 

Thomas, Sen., administration of estate of, . . 1S9 

Sawyer, John, 91, 166 

Scauton Neck, Indian testimony about, . . . .104 

Schools, endowed out of profits of Cape Cod fishery, 107, 


Scippauge, an Indian, 124 

alias Pompaquin, 178 

Scituatc, 40, 121, 13(i, 170. 1S3 

deputies, 231 

town officers, IS, 19, 35 — 37. 55, 56, 58, GO, 92, 
93, 106, 113—115, 143, 145, 146, 149, 164 
—166, 195, 230—232. 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176. 185, 193, 197, 206 

town council. 186, 261 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 

contriliulion from Ireland, 222 

magistrate, 117 

const;ibles chosen, refuse to serve 119 

ordinary 239 

freemen in 1670 275 

Siituatc, military officers 33.150 

ordinaries 110. 23:», 246 

compLiint against, by John Daman, . . . .170 
John Laythorp, an Irishman, warned out, . . 156 
controversy about undivided land.s, 69, 70, 103. 1 17 

Scndder, Jolm, freeman, 277 

Sears, Saers, Richard, 213 

estate of, 213 

fi-eeman, 276 

Silas, 212 

Secretary allowed to record a deed that liad not 

been acknowledged, MO 

Secuncke, 10), 105 

Selectmen. 19, 34. 56, 91, 113, 143, 149. 104, 195, 230, 

Sepecan U)8 

purchased of Indians for Plymouth, .... 109 
Indians at, engagement of fidelity, .... 72 

Sepecan River, 210 

Sergeant, pay of, 74. 170 

Serjeant, Ruth, 159 

AVilliam, 159 

See Sarjeant. 

Servants, 1 nuls of, 125 

Shaw, James, 35,113.144.105 

freeman, 279 

Jonathan, 115. 16.S 

Sergeant, 59. 60 

Shelley, John, estate of, 27 

Robert, 27 

See Shilley. 

ShejOTd, Mr., ." 30 

Shermim, Scrman, Desire, 239 

twenty ];ounds gi-anted to, 178 

Peleg. . . r 36 

Samuel, 195 

AVilliam, Jun., 114. 17S 

Shilley, Robert, freeman, 277 

" Sec Shelley. 

Shove, George, .101 

freeman. 276 

Mr.. . ' 61 

Showamett, Showamet, Showmett, pledged for pay- 
ment of soldiers' wages, 191 

lands at, ordered to be .sold, .... 240, 248 

SLis, John, 253 

Ijawrence, 253 

Sibson, John, 150 

Silvester, Benjamin, his choice of guardians, . . 52 
Dinah, her complaint against Johnson, ... 22 

Esther, her choice of guardian, 50 

Israel, 52 

Joseph, 50, 52. 58, 165 

Rich.inl, jnesented for fornication 265 

Simmons, John, licensed to keej) an ordinary, 149, 257 
hires Pociiwet Lands 216 



Simmons, John, to keep Pocasset ferry, . . 215.233 

Moses, freeman, 27.5 

See Sj-monds. 

Si.sson, George, 56, 62 

Uichard. 58 

S!iiSe, James, 35, 60, 8S, 92 

divorced, 33 

James, Sen., 56. 1 !3. 143 

freeman, 276 

James, Jun., prosecuted, 9 

Stephen, . . .55, 92, 146, 164, 233, 255, 276 

deputy from Sandwich, 19G. 214 

Smelt Brook, 44 

Smith, Daniel, 31, 56, 172, 181, 186, 195, 200, 221, 
222, 230, 234, 212, 249, 257, 259 

to examine Treasurer's account, 200 

deputy from Rchoboth, 90, 144. 165, 196, 214, 
232, 256 

magistrate, 223 

freeman, 278 

Eliezer, 254 ' 

Francis, freeman, 276 ' 

Henry, 141, 144, 172 , 

deputy from Rchoboth, .... 135, 144, 165 

freeman, 278 

Jael, 112, 128 

complaint of, against AVhite and Jones, . .118 

John, 93, 97, 100, 102, 112, 115, 118, 219, 222, 


lieutenant of Dartmouth com i)any. . . .13.'^ 

John, Rev., Land granted to, 171 

John, Jun., an impressed soldier, fined, 190, 191 ; 

Josiah 182. 208 I 

Ralph, and othcr.s, Josiah Cooke against, . . 31 ■ 
Samuel, 25. 31, 36. 58, 102, 114, 195, 230, 233, I 

35, 57, 58, 92, 144, 164 

251, 25a 

freeman 276 i 

deputy from Taunton, 256 

suit against Josejih Harding, 85 

Seth, 100 

Mr., minister of Sandwich 238 

Lieutenant, 254 

Ensign, 24, 27, 35, 45, 57, 60, 92, 164, 172, 195 

Snell, Thom.a«, 56 

Snow, Abigail, 262 

Anthony, 57, 91. 113. U4, ISfi, 1»5. 222, 230, 


dejiuty from Marslifield. 17, 34. oo, 114, 135, 

144, 165, 196, 214, 232, 256 

freeman, 277 

Jabez, and wife, fined for fornication, ... 51 

Josiah, 21,91, 145, 220, 262 

Mark, 57, 92, 113, 141. lOi; 186, 195, 220, 224, 
230, 257, 271 

deputy from Enstham 165. 232 

Irerman 27^ 

Snow. Nicholas, . . 
estate of. 

freeman. . 278 

Soldier. ])ay of, 74. 1 70 

Soldiers, lands pledged for payment of w.iges. . .191 

names of, paid in lands, 206. 2 1 4 

Indian, located at Raconef, 22 1 


Sonkanuhoo, an Indian, 70 

Soule, George, 60. !)1 

George, Sen., fi'ccman. 275 

John, 25, 61. 93. '2i.-, 

Nathaniel, ]nosecutcd for several offences, 61. 110, 

South Sea Lidians, treaty with 178 

Souther, Xathaniel, 5. 171 

Southworth, Constant, Treasurer. 5, 16, 21, 24. 31, 3S, 
41, 49, 52, 54, 68, 76, 80, SI, S3, 86, 89, 95 
—98, 100, 101, 106, 107, 123, 120, 130. 133 
—135, 137, 138, 142, 147. 148, 152. 158. 160, 
174, 175, 179, 186, 211, 217, 228, 231. 237, 
240, 242. 241. 245, 248, 240. 251, 255, 256, 
264, 270. 
chosen Trea.sincr. 17. r,:,. 90. 112. 143. 18S, 191— 
193. 203, 230, 256 

deputy to General Court, 17 

an As.sisfcmt, 34, 55, 90. 112. 143. 163. 191. 229. 

officer in Indian war, 7 

on committee to revise the laws. 2()3 

freeman, 274 

Edward, 123.231 

petition of, for lands, 170 

Xathaniel, 115,240.257,263 

Thomas, 4,11,23,20,66,150 

an Assistant 17 

commis.«ioncr of United Colonics. . . . 7.17 

Sowamsett, 49 

Sparrow, Jonathan, 24, 35. 37, 57, 60, 92. 113. 128, 

144, 154, 104, 171, 180, 200, 230 

dejiuty from Easthnm, 17, 31, 114. 135. 144. 165. 

196, 232. 2.:-6 

land granted to, 127 

ap])ointcd licutoiiant, 175 

freeman, 278 

Giptain 242.257,271 

Lieutenant, . . . _ 195. 220 

Spooner, William, ..." 254 

Sprague, Francis, freeman, . . . 


licensed to keep an ordinary, 
])unished for several offences, 

estate of, 


Ruth. ■ 

. 39, 53 
237. 238 



93, IOC, 167, 197, 230 

Spi-aguo. Samuel, . . 

freeman, 277 i 

Squii-e, Luke, 250, 251 I 

Standish, Alexander IS, 56, 61, 114, 123 | 

freeman, 275 i 

Josiah, ... 91, 122; 123, 171, 186, 222, 230 I 
deputy from Duxbury, oo, 90, 11-1, 135, 144, 
1G5, 190, 231, 256 

his petition for lind, 170 

freeman, 275 

Mr., 218 

Stindlake, Lydia, . 235 

Richard 235 

Standford, Robert, rate of, how paid, 85 

complaint of, against Joseph Tm-ner, . . .109 

fined for drunkennes.'J, 112 

Starr, Thomas, 9 

fined for sundry oft'ences, 27 

Staughton, Nicholas, 273 

William, 184 

Stetson, Stedson, Robert, Jun., 181 

Steven, an Indian, 225 

Stevens, Francis, administration of estate of, . . 21 

Francis, Jun., 21 

Richard, 9!, 25(3 

Stevenson, John, liis claim against A\'illiain Black- 
stone's estate, 172 

Steward, Daniel, vs. Nathaniel Fitsrandall, . . .140 

Stewert, Hugh, 153, 273 

Stoekbridge, Chai-lcs, IS, 60, 93, 127. 16(>, 2fiG, 214, 

Stony Brook, 1 10 

Strawberry Hill, 142 

Studson, Robert, 5; 12, 35, 38, 56, GO, 70, 86, 93, 9G, 

103, 143, 149, 183, 186, 191, 211, 222, 231, 

240, 242, 244, 248, 249. 

deputy from Scituatc, 17, 34, 55. 114, 135, 144, 

231, 256 

one of council of war, 64, 73 

bounds of, at Accord Pond, 130 

agreement of, to maintain a child 20S 

freeman, 275 

Robert, Jun., 208 

Sturgis, Edward, 92, 1 13. 143, 14.j. IfiS 

fined for breach of Sabbath 53 

Edward, Sen., 35, 57, 5S, 93, 1G4, 195, 230, 23S, 
250, 257 

deputy from Yarmouth, 90 

licensed to keej) an ordin.iry. 43 

license of. rccalli^d, 223 

allowance to, 16S 

complaint agauist Thomas Baxter and an- 
other, IGS 

freeman, 276 

Edw.ard, Jun., 19, 37, 100, 250 

Marv IGO 

Sturgis, Samuel 

administration of estate of, 

Succanowassuckc, an Indian, . . 

36, 46, 139 
. . .160 
. . .276 
. . .203 

Siichquotaumueh, an Indian, 225 

Sunderland, John, 256 

Sun-pyors of highways, 18, 36, 57, 93, 115, 145, 166, 
196, 232, 258 

Sutliffe, Abraham 119 

Sutton, John, 255, 262 

en.sign of Scituate company, 33 

prosecuted, 52 

administration of estate of, 116 

])roseeuted for selling cider to Indians, . . .160 

Juhan 116 

]4ichard, vs. Moses Symons and wife, . . . 1 16 

Goodwife, 119 

Swansey, 24, 49, 130, 136 

deputies, 232 

town officeis. IS, 19, 35, 36, 56--5S. GO. G2. 91 
. —93, 11.3. 115, 141, 165— 1G7, 230—232, 

r.Ues. 207, 243 

contri'oution from Ireland, 222 

freemen iii 1670, 279 

controversy with Rehoboth about boimds, 49, 84, 

Pa])asquash Neck gi-antcd tf>, 24 

town privileges, 24 

committee to dispose of kinds at, .... 49 

controversy with Taunton, 106 

claims outlet at Shawamet, . . . . 248, 249 
Swift, William, 19, 35, 46, 56, 115. 143. 15S. 164, 242. 

deputy from Sandwich, . 135, 196, 214, 231, 256 

licensed to keej) an ordinary 23 against Old John, an Indian, . . 105, 106 

freeman, 276 

William, Sen., 230 

Symon. an Indian, 270 

Symonds, Symons. Elizabeth. 116 

Mcses, . 116, 166 

Moses, Jun . administration of estate of, . . 220 

Sarah,' 116 

See Simmons. 

Tabor. PhiUp, 254 

'ITiomas 115. 254 

Takaraumia, Indian .sachem at Saconett, .... 80 

Tal'.,ut, Tdbutt, Jerrud, 222, 224 

Talmon, Peter, punished for buying land of Indians, 151 
Taraoneesani, alias Jcffery, Indian s;\cheni, ... 75 

Tanash])ash, ahas John, an Indian 72 

'I'annrr, Nicholas, .... 



1.8, 60, 84, 



Tar. all made in the colony purchased by a com- 
pany, 4j, 46 

Tarr, Richard, IGO 

Tatammanali, Indian sachem, 73 

Tataquasbant, an Indian, 72 

Tatoson, 200, 206, 209 

Tattacommett, Indkn sachem, 75 

Taunton, . . . 46, 63, 78, 136, 183, 188, 190, 236 

deputies, 231 

town officers, 18, 19, 35—37, 56—58, 60, 62, 91 
—93, 106, 113—115, 143, 145, 146, 164— 
166, 195, 230—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 185, 193, 197 

tov>n council, 186 

rates, 192, 197, 207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

di.spute with Bridgewater about bounds, 12, 28, 
159, 171 

controversy with Rehoboth, 12, 170 

town authorized to buy Indian lands, ... 88 

controversy with Swansey, 106 

intruders warned out, 155,271 

ordered to raise money for war expenses, . , 263 

liquors seized at, 271 

freemen in 1670. 276 

Taunton River, 20, 24, «8 

Taunton Mill River, 154. 157 

Tautisiunbacott, James, an Indian, 72 

Tautozen, an Indian, 72 

Taverns, regulated, see Ordinaries, 59 

Taxes, see Rates. 

Tayler, Edward, 20 

Henrj-, 39 

John, 137, 250 

Joseph, choice of guardian by, 146 

Lydia, 39 

Mary, claim of, agamst John Turner's estate, 24 

fined for fornication, 112 

Richard, 120 

fined for misdemeanor, 53 

wife of, drownied, 123 

estate of, settled, 137 

Ten Mile River, 43 

Tetieutt, 24 

lands allotted to proprietor.?, 141 

Tetieutt River, 105, 140 

alias Canteetieut River, 239 

Thacher, John, 35, 37, 57, 92, 95, 113, 137, 143, 164, 

220, 222, 230, 250, 257, 273 

deputy from Yarmouth, 17, 34, 55, 114, 135, 144, 

196, 256 

freeman, 270 

Judah, 36, 95, 156 

estate of : . 217,220 

freeman, 276 

Marv 220 

Thacher, Ralph, 114 

Rodulphus, , 29 

freeman, 275 

Ensign, 195 

Sergeant, ensign of YaiTnouth company, , .150 

Thanksginng day appointed, 7 

Thayer, Nathaniel, 273 

Thomas, an Indian, 206 

Thomas, John, 110 

Mary, 15S 

Nathaniel, 6, 9, 36, 58, 144, 164, 186, 215. 230, 
234, 240, 244, 24-^, 219 

deputy from Mai-shfield, 90, 232 

fined, 9 

and others, suit agamst Edward Gray and 

other.s, 21 

prosecuted for not pacing rates, .... 38 
surety for Humphrey Johnson, .... 85 

administration of estate of. 1 jS 

one of lessees of Pocasset lands, . . . .217 

freeman, 277 

Captain Nathaniel, freeman, 277 

Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Thomas, deceased, 158 

Wiffiam, 6, 9, 56, 158, 188, 226 

puni.shed for several offences, . . . . 16. 53 

Thornton, Robert, 154, 157 

Thrasher, Christopher, 101, 102 

Tlu-ee Mile River, 88 

Tlu-oop, William, 230 

Thurburrow, Jolm, 146, 167, 231 

Tickncr, Willkm, 119 

TildaU, see Tisdall. 

Tilden, Tildin, Elizabeth, . . . 37, 52, 140, 172, ISO 

Jo.seph, IS, 43, 140 

discliargcd ft'om bearing arms 8 

settlement of estate of, . . 37, 102, 118—121 

allowance to widow of, 172, 180 

Nathaniel, 195, 225 

Eliza Do.xcy vs., 43, 53 

Mr., . . . " 12 

order respecting his saw mill 70 

Mrs., 102, 118, 119, 121 

Tilson, Ephraim, 134, 145, 196 

freeman, 274 

John, Edward Gray vs., 8 

fined for bre-aeh of peace, 30 

estate of settled, . _. 134 

Timber, destruction of, iffoliibited, 217 

Ting, Tinge, Edward, 158 

Tinkham, Ephi-aim, 15, 36, 42, 83, 84, 128, 129. 156, 

fined for di-unkenness, 173, 260 

freeman, 274 

Sergeant, 190, 263 

, , , . 251, 253 

. . . .165,212,258 

Tisdall, TikLall, Anna, 
James, . . . 



Tisdall, James, freeman, 276 

John, 56, 74, 113, 143, 212 

deputy from Taunton, 144 

deceased, order in reference to controversy 

amongst the sons of, 219 

John, Sen., 92, 106, 164, 224 

estate of, settled, 212, 219 

freeman, 276 

John, Jun., 102 

administration of estate of, . . . . 251 — 253 

freeman, 276 

Joseph, 212 

Joshua, 212 

Titicut, see Teticutt. 

Titus, John, 166 

freeman 278 

John, Sen., 231 

Tobey, Tliomas, 36 

Thomas, Sen., Ifi6 

Tobias, an Indian, recognized to appear at court, . 159 

ti'ied and convicted, 167 

Tohquamonshoo, an Indian, 72 

Tokissimo, an Indian, 225 

Tokocsquintec, an Lulian, 225 

Toler.ition, churcli ciders' oinnion asked about, . . 233 

'I'ompkiiis, Sjinuul, freeman, 278 

Tompsoii. Thompson, John, 21, 22, 35, 40, 57, 62, 92, 

113, 137, 144, 156, 165, 229,246 

deputy 'from ^liddlcborough, 90, 114, 135, 144, 


bnds granted to, 132, 147 

demand of, against an Indian, 228 

Sergeant, 174 

freeman, 277 

Sergeant, 136, 138 

Toqueo, an Lidian squaw, 255 

Torrey, Torry, Anne, 189 

bound for her daughter, 189 

Totman, Thomas, inquest upon the body of, . . . 262 

Tower, , 13 

Town councils appointed, 180 

Towns, proposals made to, concernuig public 

charges, 11 j 

to bring in Indian guns, 109 

measures of defence taken. . . 134, 185 — 187 
proportions of war charges, .... 192, 197 

to raise money for soldiers, 199 

required to send m accounts, .... 207, 210 I 

to raise money for support of ministers, . .241 

Ti-icy, Tracye, Jolui, . 29, 36, 42, 106, 122, 230, 257 

petition of, for land, 170 

freeman, 275 i 

Treasurer chosen, 17, 34, 55, 90, 112, 143, 164, 230, 1 

auditors for accounts of, 37, 200 

Tiebev, Bethiah, 101 

Trebey, Peter, inquest u])on the body of, ... 

Trip]), Peleg, 93, 97, 

Troope, AVillbm, 

Troops of horse, . . 134, 

Truant, Morris, freepian, 

Tubbs, Bethiah, against John Prince, Jun 



Tuchpo, alias AVotuchiJO, an Indian, sec Wootuehpo. 

Tucker, Henry. 

Tuppcr, Thomas, 172,230. 

deputy from Sandwich, 90, 

the elder, release to Edmund Freeman, . . 

Thomas, Sen., 


Thomas, Jun., 18, 113, 

deputy from Sandwich. 


Turner, Daniel. 120, 127. 




Isaac, discharge of, to John Williams, . . . 


John, 20, 36, 101, 166, 237, 

John, Sen., 37, 58, 70, 103, 162, 


John, Jun., . 36, 70, 85, 103, 146, 162, 227, 

exempt fi-om training, 



Joseph, 40, 

Joseph. Sen., prosecuted for several offences, 32 

Xathaniel, 51, 114, 250, 


Susanna, 99, 


Thomas, 107, 109, 127. 227, 

Tuspaquine, Tuspaquin, 

the black sachem, 

and William, his son, land to be iiurchased 

of, . . '. 

Tuspaquin's Pond, land there p-antcd to Governor 

Prcnce, ,.',,.. 

Twining, AVilliam, 

United Colonics, confederation continued, . . . 

accounts to be settled, 

See Commissioners. 

Uttsooweest, an Indian, 

Upsliall, widow, 

Vaughan, George, 62, 

licensed to keep an ordinary, 

land granted to, 


Vinal, Vinall, John, 18, 119, 



\"inal. John, freeman, 

Stephen, 115, 


Vincent, Henry, 


John, freeman, 

. . 275 
131, 227 
. . 275 
. . IS 
. . 276 
. . 276 

Vixon, Robert, 146, 167, 168, 197, 212 

freeman, 278 

"Waehamaucutt Xeck, 139 

■Wachomocussett Brook, 98 

Wade, Thomas, 122,211,226,227,257 

Wadsworth, Christopher, 19, 35, 56 

freeman, 274 

John, 29, 57, 82, 90, 122, 123, 166, 16S, 224, 246, 

29, 115 

.275 1 
, 255 
, 275 
0, 71 
. 70 
, 149 
. 155 ' 




Wakatasso, Waskotassoo, 


Waldron, Isaac, vs. 'William Br 

Walker, Jacob, 

Jamos, 19, 23, 35, 37, 41, 42, 57, 60, 76, 88, 93, 

145, 186, 191, 222, 257, 271, 272 

deputy from Taunton, . . .17,34,214,256 

one of the council of war, 64, 73 

controversy vith William Hailstone. ... 96 

freeman, 276 

claim of, against soldiers, 222 

Michael, 251 I 

inque.--t upon, 209 

I'hUi]), 45, 256 

deputy from Kchoboth, 17 

fi-ceman, 278 

William, ' 19, 258 

tinud for stealing, 61 

freeman, 278 

Wallcy, John, 134 

'J'homas, 137 

freeman, " ... 277 

Thomas, Sen., 38, 43 

Mr., 147 

Wampajwum, AVampapaquam, an Indian, . . .167 

Wampees, Wompees, an Lidian, 72 






\A'amine, an Indian, .... 
A\'annarauttamett, Indian sachem, 
A\'anno, an Indian sachem, . . 


AS'anton, Kdwai-d, 85, 148, : 

lined for disorderly maniage, ! 

Edward, Jun., ! 

Wanumunnarain, IneUan sachem, 

Wapanpowett, an Indian. 206 

Wapoampauksett, 3 

War against Indians, preparations for, . . 74, 77. 78 

Xan:agansetts unite with Phihp, 184 

proceedings of coimcil of w\-ir, 173, 182 — 185, 


town councils appointed, ... ... 186 

watch organized, 187 

troops and officers, 175 

officers' authority, 176 

troops ordered out. 183. 1S7 

soldiers impressed and apportioned, . . 183 — 1.S5 

arms to be brought to meeting, 170 

penahy for wasting ammunition, 177 

depredations of the enemy, 177 

commissioners of United Colonies order one 

thousand more troops to be raised : jiro- 

cecdings in consequence, . . . . 1 84, 1 89 

allowance for horses, 178 

provision for families of soldiers slain, . 177, 178 
towns to make provision for soldiers, . . .187 
Xamassachesett Indians moved to Clark's 

Island, 187 

garrison at Barstow's house in Scituate, 187, 189 
officers and men punished for desertion, 189 — 191 
imjjressed soldiers fined for not ser\ing, 191, 198 
lands pledged to secm-e soldiers' wages, . .191 
one thousand pounds voted to be assessed on 

the toOTis, "... 192 

towns requested to assemble in garrisons, 192, 193 
three hundred English and one hundred Indian 

troops raised, 192 

youths under si.-iteen years of age to stand 

guard, 193 

ammunition and provisions procured, . 193, 200 
expedition defeated by desertion of soldiers, . 193 
penalty for not serving on watch and ward. . 191 
one huntb-ed and fifty English and fil'ty Indian 

soldiers raised, 197 

Governor authorized to press soldiers, . . .197 

scouts ordered, 186,198 

j)Owcr of commission officers and town coun- 

ciLs, 198 

towns authorized to raise money for sokliers. . 199 

I)enalty for not procuring arms, 200 

Saconett Indians renew their league, . . . 20 1 
Saconctt Indians, their examination, . . .201 
names of Saconett Indians, .... 22 1, 225 

prisoners sold, 174 

prisoners tried and executed, .... 204 — 200 
inliabitants nuurdered by Indians, . . . .205 
contribution by Ireland for the sufferers, . . 222 
Govenior authorized to recall forces, . . .173 

soldiers paid in lands, 200,214 

to^vns required to pay their soldiers, . .210 

£3692 16«. Orf. apportioned on the towns, . 207 



AVar : children of friendly Indians disposed of, . . liOT 
settlement of >rar accounts, . . . 207, 234, 242 

volunteers, order concerning, 210 

hostile Indians at Elizabeth IsLmcU, . . . .209 

territoiy of friendly Indian.s, 210 

tow-ns requu-ed to send in their accounts, . .210 
compensation to Captain Goulden and others, 214 
conquest land claimed by ^Ir. Grav and oth- 
ers, ■...'.... 239 

lands sold to pay expenses, .... 240,241 

rates ordered to pay expenses, 263 

pensions to maimed soldiers, . . . 239, 240, 27 1 
agiiinst the Dutch, forces raised. iSi;c., . 134 — 136 

pay of oilicers and soldiers, 136 

AVarren, Eliziibcth, 156 

estate of, HO 

Joseph, 36, dT, 62, 109, lU, 140, 160, 186, 222, 

Sarah, bnd of, at Titicut, 141 

Washawam, IncUan .sachem, 73 

W'ashawanna, an Indian, 72 

Washburn. Washburne, John, 29, 196 

John. Sen., freeman, 27j 

John, Jun., freeman, 27 j 

Joseph, 10 

AV'asnecksuk, an Indian 178 

■\Vast, Francis, prosecuted for trespass on Indians, 0, 22 
See "West. 

AVater bailiff, oath of, and orders, 02, 104 

Waterman, John, 182 

freeman, 274 

Watson, George, 42,90,263 

freeman 274 

Wattaman, John, alias Keesbenopont, an Indian. . 72 

AV'awoompaquaquin, 72 

AV'ays, between Bridge\rater and Plymouth, 60, 68, 1 jo 

Wcbacouitt; an Indian sachem, 71 

Weeoachett, 218 

AVeesquubs, alias Moses Xumackc, an Indian. . . 96 
Wclden, see Wheldon. 

AVcUs, Charles, 262 

Marg;u-et, estate of, 180 

M'enamett, 97 

AVequahunt, AVequahut Indians, treaty with, 66, 67, 177 

West, Francis, 18, 60, 14d, 196, 256 

freeman, 275 

Joseph, 268 

Peter, 122, 146, 232 

Samuel, 57, 145, 224 

fi-eeman, 275 

See AVast. 

Weston, Edmund, fi-eeman 275 

Wewcante, Indians at, engagement of fidelity, . . 72 

A\'cymouth, Nicholas, 6 

A\'hurton, Uichard, 65 

Wheaton, Hannah, 139 

vol,. V. 40 

Wheaton, Jeremiah. 


AVhelden, AVhildcn.AVhilding, John, 18, 60, 146, 106, 

exempt from training, 

John, Sen., 

AA'hetcombe, AVhetcom, Kobert, . . . . 131, 
AVliale brought on shore, duty remitted, .... 
Wharton, Kichard, and partners, licensed to make 

rosin and turpentine, 

Indians allowed to, 

White. ]'",mmanuel, freeman, 



.Joseph, 112,, 

Nicholas, prosecuted, . . .111,118,128. 

Peregrine, 94, 

land of, at Titicuf, 


llesolved, fi-eeman, 

Timothy, 36, 122, 131. 

complaint of, against Thomas Hart. . . . 



AA'ibore, see AVilbore. 

AA'ilborc, AVibore, James, 

Joseph, 18,56,101,115,160, 

Shadrach 101. 

AVilcocks, AA'ilcockes, Daniel, . . .18, 126, 132. 

money gi-anted to, 

AA'illett, Joliannah, letter of attorney to Jacob 

AA^ilker, ' " . . . . 

Thomas, Captun, 27, 49. 83, 


Captain, 24, 45, 127. 136. 

deed deUvered to 


negro sei-vant restored to the ; 
William, AVm, an Indian, 53. 69 

complaint of, 

son of Tuspaquine 126, 

AVilliams, Edward, settlement of cstiitc of, 81, 89. 

Elias, ordered to leave the colony, .... 
GrcgoiT. settlement of, witli Richard AVillis, . 
John,". . . . 38,81,89,94,102,163, 


indemnity of. to Scituate, 

Susanna Turner vs., . . . .87.99,110. 

fined for breach of Sabbath 

controversy with AVilliam Rogers. . . . 


John, Jun., freeman, 

Joseph, freeman, 

Nathaniel, 3(>. 145. 


Richard. 19. 57. 92. 101. 113. 143. 164. 195. : 



Williims, Kichard, freeman, 276 

Roger, his aid requested in Indian expedition, 7G 

Samuel, 166, 257 

freeman, 276 

Sarah, 127 

WillLamson, F;uth, 262 

Mary, hcensed to lieep an ordinary at Mai-sh- 

"ficld, ' .... 271 

Timothy, 115 

licensed to Iveep an ordinary at Mai-shfield, 139 

freeman, 277 

Willis, John, 37, 57, 59, 165, 190, 242 

deputy from Bridgewater, 17, 34, 55, 90, 114, 135, 
144, 165, 196, 214, 232, 256 

freeman, 278 

John, Sen., 15, 23, 35, 92, 113, 144, 186, 195, 230 

Joseph, 273 

Nathaniel, 18, 145 

freeman, 278 

Richard, 221, 263 

complaint against, 9, 26, 30 

Deacon, 223 

Willmoth, AVilmouth, Sergeant, one of council of 

war, 261 

WiUmott, Thomas, 114 

Wills, Charles, comphiint of Robert Badston against, 253 

Rebecca, 117 

Rowland, Scituate indemnified from support of. 50 

William, freeman, 275 

Whig, Winge, Daniel, 19 

Jolm, Sen., licensed to exchange lands with 

Indians, 239 

Nathaniel. 27 

Stephen, 56 

Winser, AV alter, jiunished for selUug liquor to In- 
dians, 61 

Winslow, Faith, 262 

John, freeman, 274 

Jonathan, 167, 190, 197, 231 

gift to, from his fether, 159 

administration of estate of, 217 

freeman, 277 

Winslow, Josiah, 4, 11, 23, 26, 28, 30, 42, 49, 52, 54, 
59, 63, 68, 80, 84, 86, 89, 95, 103, 107, 123, 
130, 133—137, 142, 147, 148, 152, 158, 160, 
173, 179, 189, 203, 211, 217, 235, 237, 251, 
255, 264, 270. 

commander-in-cliief, 74 

chosen Governor, . . 112, 143, 163, 194, 229, 256 

allowance to, 124, 175 

an Assistant, 17, 34, 55, 90 

commissioner of United Colonies, 17, 34, 55, 90, 
112, 143, 163, 195, 230, 256 

fined for breach of ijeace, 10 

controversy with Kanelmc Winslow, . . . 15 
demand against Willuim Tuspaquinc, . . . K9 

Winslow, Josiah, land of, at Titicut, 141 

freeman, 277 

Josiah, Sen., 38 

one of the council of war, 64, 73 

selectmen of Marshfield, 144 

will of, in part void, 159,160 

freeman, 277 

Kanelme, 196 

controversy with Jo.siah Wmslow, ... 15 

freeman, 277 

Kanelme, Sen., land of, at Titicut, . . . .141 

Kanelme, Jun., freeman, 276 

Margaret, 160 

Mrs. Mary, 228 

Nathaniel, 10, IS, 21, 56, 166, 168, 186, 226, 262 

fi-eeman, 277 

Ruth, 217 

Winter, Ouistopher, alias Grabbam, prosecuted for 

incest, 13, 14, 21 

bond of, forfeited, 260 

Winthorp, Winthorpe, John, 184 

Governor of Connecticut, 77 

AVaitc, 184 

Wi-shoea, 109 

Wiswall, John, 96 

Witherden, John, 120 

Withcrell, "Witherill, AVitherley, John, . . 136, 232 

Samuel, 226 

freeman, 275 

Thcophilus, a maimed soldier, 271 

William, ... 36, 58, 74, 136, 195, 230, 252 

deputy from Taunton, 55 

deputy, 214 

administrator of Elias Irish, 2t7 

freeman, 275, 276 

Rev. Mr., 87 

Mr., 104 

AVohkowpahenitt, an Indian, 79 

AVood, Abigail, 140 

Benjamin, choice of guardian, 50 

David, .' 189, 208 

choice of guardian, 50 

Elizabeth, 188 

alias Atwood, Hannah, 188 

Henry, . .' 30, 42, 128, 129, 140 

administration of his estate, 50 

freeman, . . . .' 279 

alias Atwood, Henry, estate of, 142 

Isaac, 188 

John, 26, 61 

freeman, 274 

. John, Sen., 88 

alia.s Atwood. estate of, 188 

J.)lm. Jun 88 

See .Vtwood. 
alias .\lwood, Jolm, Jun., 188 



"Wood, Jonathan, administration of est;ite of, . . 189 

Joseph, . '. 188 

his choice of guardian, 50 

Mercy, 188 

Xatkiniel, 88, 188 

Samuel, 115, 189 

fined, 173 

Sarah, 188 

Stephen, freeman, 278 

Stephen, Jun., 220 

AVilluim, punished for defomation, .... 1G9 
See Atwood. 
AVoodcock, Woodcoclic, Israel, Rebecca Little- 
field »s., . 161, 169,173 

John 161, 16.S, 173, 278 

licensed to keep an ordinary, ... .43 

an Indian, 204 

Woodfield, Good wife, 119 

Woodward, Elizabeth, vs. Robert Stetson, Jun., . 181 

prosecuted for fornication, 188 

Joseph, 127 

Nathaniel, punished for defamation, . . . . 61 

Thomas, 127 

Walter, freeman, 275 

Woodworth, Benjamin, 206, 227 

Deborah, 213 

Elizabeth, 208 

Joseph, 188, 208, 227 

Mehitable, 223 

Walter, 223 

Woonashenah, an Indian, 206 

Woonashum, an Indian, 79 

Woospasuck, alia.s Captain, an Lidian, .... 79 
Wootaclipoo. Wotuchpo, alias Tuchpo, Indian, 72, 204 

M'ordeii, Samuel, complaint against C'rowcll and 

Maker, 8 

Wormall, AVormald, Hester, fined for breach of 

Sabbath, 15 

Joseph, 120 

Josiah, 1 1 .3 

demand against Thomas Doty, . . . . S7 
Worthylake, Peter, William Hudson vs., ... 52 

Wright, Adam, 69, 200, 201 

Isaac, estate of, 200 

John, 201 

settlement of estate of, 200 

Richard, 44,200 

Land granted to, 170 

fi'oeman , 274 

'W'uttakoosecim, an Indian, 79 

Wyatt, Wyate, James, Lieutenant, . . . 151, 157 
Mary, petition of, for relief, . . .151,157,272 

Lieutenant 272 

Yannoo, an Indbn s;ichem, 247 

Yarmouth, 46 

deputies, 231 

toM-n officers, 18, 19, 35 — 37, 56 — 58, 60. 62, 91 
—93, 113—115. 143. 145, 146, 164-166, 
195, 197, 230—232, 257, 258. 

soldiers, 74, 176, 1.S5, 193, 197 

town council, 186 

rates, .- 192, 197, 207, 243 

contribution from Ireland, 222 

military officers 48, 146, 150 

claims Satucket, 110 

controversy with Indians, 148 

ordinary, 43,223 

freemen, 276