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Full text of "Records of the descendants of Rev. Nathaniel Chase, of Buckfield, Maine : with a brief account of his ancestors : also records of some of the descendants of Edmund Chase of Minot, Maine"

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Key. Nathaniel Chase 





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So much of the following Records as relate to Rev. Nathaniel, an early 
settler in Bucklield, Me., ami his descendants, was collected and compiled by his 
granddaughter, Mrs. Julia Chase Washburn, of Livermore Maine. Tiny wore 
furnished for publication in the Maine Genealogist and Biographer, but it was 
subsequently thought advisable to print them in :i pamphlet : also to prefix a brief 
account of the i migrant ancestor, and records of hi* children and grandchildren, 
thereby making genealogical connection between the earlier and later branches 
of the family. This part of the pamphlet, and also the closing pages giving an ac- 
count of Edmund Chase, an early settler of Minot. Maine, and records of some of 
his descendants, were compiled from other sources and supplied by me. 

The, pamphlet i- designed for distribution among such members of the two 
branches traced therein, as may desire to possess it. and in the case of Rev, 
Nathaniel, as a token of respi <-t and love to the memory of a worthy ancestor, who 
voluntarily aided in the struggle for Independence, hewed out for himself and fam- 
ily a home in the wilderness, ;in«l was, for many years, a faithful minister of the 
Gospel among the pioneer settlt i> of Oxford county. 


Augunta, April, 1878. 



A Family Record i- valuable only when it i> correct, and as the proof in this 
case could not be sent to the writer, a few errors in dates are found in the follow- 
ing pages. It only remains, therefore, to make the following corrections here: 

Page 7. A full-face 5 should precede the name of Isaac (son of Eleazer.) 

Page 7. No. (5. Mary m. Nathaniel Freeman in 1774, not 1714. 

Page 3. No. 10. Charles <i. should rend Charles V. 

Page 8. No. 11. Isaac Tuttle died June 2, ls7J. Oscar Turtle died January, 
1856. Lois Tuttle died April. I857i 

Page 10. No. 15, Priscilla (Chase) Ellis died July 1, 1853. 

Page (i. No. 12, Lucy JI. Eustace died 1671, not l*.7i\ 

Page 13. Gaiiis, son of Daniel (28) died ls.")2, not 1S62. 



The Chase family is said to be of Norman descent, and it has 
been suggested that the name was formerly LaChass. Be this as 
it may, the fact that families of this name, have been for several 
centuries in England, is unquestioned. As early as 1326, families 
of Chase, lived in Suffolk. .The criminal records, show that a 
Thomas Chase, was barbarously murdered, in 1^06. There was a 
Sir John Chase in Exeter, before 1637, and John Chase, Esq., was 
Apothecary to Queen Anne, in 1690. 

Savage says that Aquila Chase of Hampton and Newbury, was 
a mariner from Cornwall. England, but the records of the Heralds' 
Visitation, at Buckinghamshire in 1634, indicate thathis family may 
have been of Chesham. There was a Thomas Chase of Cheshain, 
who had a son Richard, baptised August 3, 1^42. This Richard, 
married Joan Bishop, at Chesham April 16, 1564, and had : i, Robert, 
baptised, September 16, 1565 ; ii, Henry, baptised, August to, 
1567 ; iii, Lydia, baptised, October 4, 1573 ; iv, Ezekiel, baptised, 
April 23, 1576; v, Dorcas, baptised, March 2, 157S ; vi, Aquila, 
baptised, August 14. 15S0; vii, Jason, baptised, January 13, 15S3 ; 
viii, Thomas, baptised, July iS, 1585, ix, Abigail, baptised, Jan- 
uary 12, 1588 ; Mordecai, baptised, Jnly 31, 1591. 

The old story of '-three brothers", which so frequently proves to 
be mythical, holds true with regard to the Chase family, for three 
brothers by the name of Chase, supposed to have been sons of 
Aquila and grandsons of Richard above named, were among the 
early emigrants to New England. William 1 with his wife Mary-, 
and son William, came in the company with Governor Winthrop, 
in 1630. He thought of going to Scituate, but, finally changed 
his purpose, and went with a party to Cape Cod, and settled in what 
is now Yarmouth. He died there in May, 1659, leaving children ; 
i, William born about 1622 : ii, Mary born 1637 ; iii Benjamin born 
1630 married Phillippe Sherman. The widow of William Chase was 
found dead the same year that her husband deceased, and an inquest 
decided that she died a natural death. The descendants of William 
and Mary Chase continue to reside in the towns of the Cape, and 


may be found scattered elsewhere. The two Chase brothers, 
Thomas and Tristram who came from Marthas' Vineyard and set- 
tled early in Livermore, Maine, are supposed to be descendants of 
William the emigrant. 

Thomas 1 and Aquila Chase, 1 younger brothers of William, 
appeared in Hampton about the year 1639. They were young, 
unmarried men. Thomas married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas 
Philbrook and resided in Hampton until his death which occurred 
in 1652. His widow married (2) John Garland in 1654. and (3) 
Henry Roby in 1677. The children of Thomas and Mary Chase 
were : i. Thomas born 1642 died unmarried October 23, 1714; ii, 
Joseph born 1645 married Rachel Partridge. January 31, 1671 ; iii, 
Isaac born April 1, 1647 married (1) February 20, 1673, Mary 
Perkins and (2) October ^, 167^, Marv Tilton ; iv, James born 
1649, married Elizabeth Green, September 2, 1675 ; v, Abraham 
born August 6. 1651, unmarried, "wvas killed in ye warres 1676." 

Aquila Chase 1 , mariner, born in 161S, married Anne, daughter 
of John Wheeler of Hampton, X. H., and about the year 1646 he 
moved to Newbury where he had a grant of four acres of land and 
resided till his death which took place Dec. 27, 1670. He was a 
man of some note in Newbury, and his name often appears upon 
the town records of his time. He is said to have been the first 
person to bring a vessel over Newbury bar. The only record to 
his discredit is that which states that "Aquila Chase and his wife 
were presented for gathering pease on ye Sabbath day." The 
purpose of this little pamphlet is to trace down one or two branches 
of the family of Aquila, but we have given his children and grand- 
children complete, so far as they appear upon the records of 
ancient Newbury. The children of Aquila and Anne Chase were 
as follows : 

2 i Sarah, b. ; m. May 15, 1GGG, Charles Annis. 

3 ii Anne, b. July 6, 1647; m. April 27, 1671, Thomas Barber. 

4 iii Triscilla, b. March 14, 1649 ; m. Feb. 10, 1671, Abel Merrill. 

5 iv Mary, b. Feb. 3, 1651 ; m. March 9, 1670, John Stevens. 

6 v Aquila, b. Sept. 27, 1052; m. Esther Bond. 

7 vi Thomas, b. July 25, 1054; m. 1st, Sot. 22, 1677, Rebecca Folhnsbee ; 2d, 

Aug. 2, 1713, Elizabeth Mowers. 

8 vii John, b. Nov. 2, 1655; m. 1st, May 23, 1677, Elizabeth Bingley; 2d, Lydia. 

9 viii Elizabeth, b, Sept. 13, 1657; m. June 27. 1678, Zaehariah Ayer. 

10 ix Ruth, b. Mareh IS, 1600; d. May 30, 1676. 

11 x Daniel, b. Dec. 9, 1061 ; m. May 25, 1633, Martha Kimball. 

12 xi Moses, b. Dee. 24, 1063; m. 1st, Xov. 10, 16>4, Arm Folkmsbee; 2d, Dee. 

13, 1713, Sarah Jacobs. 
Ann, widow of Aquila, m. June 14, 1672, Daniel Mussiloway. 


3 The children of Anne 2 were : 

1G i John, b. Deo. 23, 1669, m. , Abigail Chase, d. of Jaiues of 

Thomas 1. 
Ann, in. April 27. 1671, Thomas Barber, and had, 

14 ii Thomas, b. Feb. 16. 11)72. 

15 iii Alice, b. March 3, 1074. 

6 Aquila 2 and Esther Bond had ; 

1C i Esther, b. Nov. 2S, 1674. in. , Daniel Merrill. 

17 ii Joseph b. March 25, 1677: in. Nov. S, If!!)!.). Abigail Thurston. 

18 iii Ann, b. April 4. 1078; in. Oct. 27. 1703, Abraham FouMiain. 
lit iv Priseilla, b. ( »ct. 15, 1GS1 : m. . 1704. Joseph Hills. 

20 v Jemima, b. ; ni. Sept. — , 1721. Peter Ordway. 

21 vi Rebecca, b. ; m. Dec. 5. 1716, Jonathan Moulton. 

22 vii Hannah, b. 1689; in. Die. 22. 1707. Joseph Hoyt. 

23 viii Abigail, b. ; in. ( kt. 1710, Joseph Robinson. 

24 ix Benjamin, b. ; m. May 20, 1718. Sarah Bailey. 

7 Thomas 2 and Rebecca Follansbce had : 

25 i Thomas, b. Sept. 1."), 1680; m. , Sarah 

26 ii Jonathan, b. Jan. 13. 1083; in. , 1703. Joanna Palmer. 

--27 iii James, b. Sept. 15, 1685 ; m. 1st, , Lydia ; 2d, Dee. 17, 1707, 

Martha Rolfe. 

28 iv Aquila, b. July 17), 16S8; m. , 1712. Mary Smith. 

29 v Ruth, b. Feb. 28, 1691 ; m. May. 29, 1716. Nathaniel Miller. 

30 vi Mary, b. Jan. 15, 1695; m. Horton. 

31 vii Jo.-iah, b. July 15, 1607: d. young. 

32 viii Rebecca, b. April 26, 1700; m. Dee. 14, 1721. Stephen Moulton. 

33 ix Nathan, b. , 1704 : m. 1st. Nov. 20, 1723. Judith Sawyer; 2d, Dec. 

30, 1740, Joanna Cheney; 3d, Jan. 9, 1763, Ruth Davis. 

34 x Judith, b. ; m. , Horton. 

The first wife of Thomas died, and he married 2d, Aug. 2, 
1713, Elizabeth Mowers. Their child was: 

35 ix Elizabeth, b. July 9, 1715; m. Aug. 17, 1732. Benjamin Rogers. 

8 John 2 by 1st wife, Elizabeth Bingley, had: 

36 i "William, b. Jan. 20, 1670; d. young* 

37 ii John, b. Aug. 26, 1684: m. 

38 iii Phillip, b. Sept. 23, 1688; m. April 17, 1712, Mary Follansbee. 
By second wife, Lydia : 

39 iv Charles, b. Jan. 12, 1690; m. July 15, 1714, Hepsibah Carr. 

40 v Jacob, b. ; m. Aug. 24, 1716, Joanna Davis. 

41 vi Abraham, b. ; m. 1st, Nov. 16, 1716, Ruth Morse ; 2d, 

, Abigail . 

42 vii Phi'be, b. ; m. Aug. 25, 1726. Nathaniel Tucker. 

43 viii Mary, b. ; m. July 30, 172* , Joseph Satford. 

44 ix Lydia, b. ; m. Nov. 5, 1724, William Blay. 

45 x - Elizabeth, b. , . 


|| Daniel 2 and Martha Kimball, had : 

40 i Martha, b. Aug. 18. 1084: m. Aug. 3. 1TIG, David L:iw*on. 

47 ii Sarah, b. July is. 1686; m. Nov. IT, 1714, Francis Danforth. 

48 iii Dorothy, b. Jan. 24, 1689. 

40 iv Isaac, b. Jan. 10. 1691 ; m. Oct. -2!). 1710. Hannah Kerry. 

50 v Lydia, b. Jan. 10, 1693; m. Jan. 30, 1710. William Evans. 

51 vi Mehitable, b. Jan. 19, 1695; m. Xov. 19, 1715. Timothy Osgood. 

52 vii Judith, b. Feb. 10, 1697; m. Jan. 21, 1711. John Tuttle. 

53 viii Abuer, b. Oct. 15, 1699; m. Nov. 24, 1721. Elizabeth Whittior. 

54 ix Dauiel, b. Oct. 15, 1702; m. 1st, Jan. 3, 1723, Mary Carpenter; 2d, Feb. 

12, 172(3, Elizabeth ( ollins. 

55 x Enoch, b. , ; m. Jan. 25, 1727, Judith Colby. 

Daniel, died Feb. 8,1707; Martha, his widow, m. 2d — , 1713, 

Josiah Heath. 

|2 Ensign Moses 2 and Ann Follansbee, had : 

50 i Closes, 1 b. Sept. 20, 1685, d. young. 

57 ii Daniel. j b. Sept. 20, !•;-•">, tu. Jan. 2, 1707, Sarah Marsh,. ^ 

58 iii Moses, b. Jan. 20, 1688; in. Oct. 12. 1709, Elizabeth Wells. 
50 iv Samuel, b. May 13, 1690; m. Dec. s. 1713, Hannah Emery. 

60 v Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2.3, 1693; m. Dee. 14, 1708, John Carr. 

61 \i Stephen, b. Aug. 20. 1697; m. Dee. — , 1717. Sarah Hale. 

62 vii Hannah, b. Sept. 13, 1699; m. . 1710. Green Whittier. 

63 viii Joseph, b. Sept. 0. 1703; m. Sept. 7. 1724, Mary Morse. 

64 be Benoni, b. April 5, 1708; Mary Rogers. 

The 2d wile, Sarah Jacobs, had uo children. 

58 Moses' 2 , who married Elizabeth Wells of Amesbury, Mass., 
in 1709, had the following: 

65 i Wells, b. Oct. 4. 1710; m. Martha ?v* -jhs. 1734. 

66 ii Moses, b. July 1, 1713: in. Judith Harriett, 1736. 

67 iii Seth, b. Xov. 21. 1715; 111. Elizabeth Bartlett, 1738. 

68 iv Humphrey, b. Jan. 8, 1717: went to Haverhill. 

69 v Elizabeth, b. Jan. 20. 1710; m. Joshua Bailey. 

70 vi Eleazer, b. July 25. 1722 : m. Jeanette Elder. 

71 vii Anne, b. Sept. 11, 1724; d. young. 

72 viii Daniel b. Dec. 31, 1720, m. Hannah Somerby. 

73 ix Anne, b. March 10, 1720. 

74 x Rebecca, b. July 21, 1731. 

75 xi Abigail, b. Dec. 4, 1734. 

70 Eleazer 4 came in early manhood to Windham. Maine, to 
aid in defending the infant settlement, from the attacks of the 
Indians. He never returned to Newbury, but married Tcanette 
Elder of Windham, and settled there. By this marriage, he had: 
Isaac and Mary (1756) and two other children who died young. 
His wife died and he married Mrs. Mary (Boobv) Brown of Mar- 
blehead, Mass., and had Betsey, Nathaniel (1761) and 
Joseph (1769), and one other child that died young. Eleazer 

( 7) 

was a soldier of the Revolution. In 17S2, he removed 
to Buckfield, and died there in 1S0S, aged S6. 

Isaac, (son of Eleazer 4 ) married Lois Smith, and had S children: 
Gideon, Eleazer, Abigail, Isaac. David, Jane, James and Mary, 

He lived and died in Standish, Me., and many of his descendants 
now live there. Isaac, Jr., married his cousin, Eunice Chase and 
moved to Turner, Maine. He was known as "Esquire Chase". 

6 Mary, (daughter of Eleazer 4 ) born April 5, 1 755, married 
Nathaniel Freeman, of Gorham, Maine, 1744, and had 10 children, 
Jane, Mary, Lydia, David, Bethiah, Nathaniel, Hannah, Betsey, 
Eunice and John. Jane married Eben Lombard ; Mary married 
Joseph Whitney; Lydia married Gershom Hamlin ; Bethia married 
Enoch Shaw ; Hannah married Stephen Whitney, and Betsey 
married Cyrus Hamlin. 

7 Betsey, (daughter of Eleazer 4 ) manned Eben Cotton, of Gorham 
and had six children ; Joseph, Susan, Nathaniel, Polly, Lydia and 
William. Betsey lived and died in Gorham. 

8 Nathaniel Chase, (son of Eleazer 4 ) was born in Windham, 
Me., Sept. 2, 1761. When 14 years old. the Revolutionary War 
broke out. and his father enlisted as one of the first minute men, leav- 
ing the whole family dependent upon him. When sixteen he enlisted 
himself and when seventeen he entered the army and served one 
year In March, 17S1, being nearly twenty years of age, he left 
Windham in company with two others and walked forty miles on 
snow-shoes, through the forest, drawing a hand-sled on which was 
a bushel of meal, axe, hatchet and gun, to what is now the town 
of Buckfield, Maine. Here he cleared twelve acres of land and 
built a log cabin to which he removed his parents in 17S2 ; giving 
them the land thus prepared, he began anew in the forest himself. 
By an act of Legislature he was enabled to secure one hundred 
acres of land for his father and a tract adjoining this of equal ex- 
tent for himself, and he subsequently added over 200 acres to his 
own farm by purchase. Here he built first a log cabin, then a 
small frame house and finally the large square house where he 
lived till his death. This house and a large part of the farm is still 
owned and occupied by the family of his son, the late Hon. Thomas 
Chase, to whose faithful care he was indebted for the comfort and 
quietude of his last years. The remainder of the farm is divided 
into two farms, on one of which his oldest son Daniel lived and 
died, and the other was owned tor many years by his son William. 
He was married three times. In 1 7S3 he married Rhoda Elliot of 


Windham, Me M and had five children; first twins that died in 
infancy; Daniel, born March iS. i 7S5 ; Dolly, March 12. 1 7S7 ; 
and Jaibel, died in infancy. His wife died and he married Jemima 
Haskell of Xcw Gloucester, Me.. 1791, and had eleven children. 
Mercy, born April 4. 1792 ; Betsey. Jan. ."*. 1794 ; Eunice, Mar. 30, 
1796; Priscilla, May 4, 1798 ; Nathaniel, June 29, 1S00; Salome, 
April 15, 1S02, (died Jan. 15, 1S06) ; Miriam, April 1. 1S04 ; 
Job, June 2S, 1S06 ; Thomas, June 6, 1S0S ; William, January 25, 
1S11 ; Isaac, April 6, 1815. His second wife died Dec. 14, 1S31, 
aged 61, and he married Mrs. Joanna (Berry) Briggs, Feb. 20, 
1S33, who survived him many years. He was ordained a minister 
in the Baptist church in 1S00, and preached fifteen years to the 
First Baptist church of Buckfield, also at Livermore, Harrison, 
Woodstock, Paris and other places, mostly without compensation. 
He was a man of firm will, a benevolent heart, and great physi- 
cal endurance. Nathaniel died in Buckfield of typhoid fever April 
30, 1S53, aged nearly 92 years. 

9 Joseph (son of Eleazer*) born in Windham, 1769. came to 
Buckfield with his parents in 17S2. He married Hannah Ellliot of 
Windham (a sister of his brother Nathaniel's wife.) and had two 
children: Rhoda 1 791 . and Hannah 1795. His wife died and he 
married Anna Legro and had four children : Joseph, : 796 : Eleazer, 
1797 » Mary, 1S00, and Nancy, 1S02. Joseph died in Buckfield, 
(on the place now owned by his grandson Lewis) in 1S14, aged 

45 )' ears - 

10 Daniel (son of Nathaniel 8 ) married Abigail Record 1S05, 
and had seven children: Daniel, April 13, 1S07 ; David R., Dec. 
26, tSoS ; Jacob E., May 8, 181 1 ; Charles G., Sept. 13, 1S13; 
Stephen D., Aug. r, iS 1 7 ; Cyrus G., Sept. 1S19; Rhoda A., 
March 12, 1S22. Rhoda A. died July 1S24. . His wife died and 
he married Mrs. Diedamia Thompson, 1S46. Daniel lived in 
Buckfield and died there July 8, 1S55, aged 70. 

|| Dolly, (daughter of Nathaniel 9 ) married William Tuttle 
1S07, and had nine children: Isaac, Oct. 7, 1S07 ; (died June 7, 
1S55 ;) Rhoda E., March 12, 1810: Hiram, Nov. S. 1S12 ; Mercy, 
March 9, 1S15 ; Lois, Sept. 29, 1S17; William, Oct. 5. 1S20; 
Adeline, May 21, 1S23 ; Angeline, Oct. 6, 1S25, died 1S43 ; Oscar 
F., April 14, 1S2S. Isaac married Rozana Spaulding. died; 
Rhoda married Joseph Hutchinson, died June 4, 1S43 ; Hiram 
married Mary A. Conant and Britannia Fernald ; Mercy married 

Benjamin Roberts, died July 25, 1S4S. and Lois married David 
Ripley, died January, 1S56; the remainder of the children died 
unmarried. William died Sept. 1S45 ; Adeline, April 22, 1S41. 
Dolly lived in Turner and died there Dec. 1S41, aged 54. 

|2 Mercy, (daughter of Nathaniel 8 ) married William Walker 
of Peru, March .7, 1S1S and had four children: Martha, March 
16, 1S19; William Haskell, Jan. 7, 1S24 ; Amanda, Feb. 21, 
1829; Adelia B., March is, 1S34. Martha manied Orrin Rey- 
nolds of Canton, Aug. 31. 1S53 and had one child : Malcomb, 
born May 12, 1S55 ; she died May 25, 1S77. William H., married 
Mrs. Sebrina R. Walker, May 25, 1S56. and had two children: 
Charles Sumner, born March 9, 1S57 ; Daniel II., Feb. 8, 1S59 
(died Sept. 23, 1S60.) Adelia married Gilbert Eustace, April 2, 
1S63 and had one child: Lucy Malvina, Sept. 17, 1S64. died May 
2, 1S72. Her husband died and she married Amos Harlow of 
Peru, May 9, 1S72. Mercy lived in Peru and died there May 6, 
1S77 aged S$. 

13 Betsey (daughter of Nathaniel 8 ) married Adam Knight of 
Peru, Dec. 1S15, and had eight children, viz : Nathaniel, Dec. 7, 
1S16; Merrill, Dec. 6, 1S1S; Salome, Dec. 26, 1S20; Eveline A., 
March 23,1824; Calista, March 27, 1826; Daniel, March 10, 
1S2S; Jemima, Dec. 23, 1831 ; Maria Louisa, Aug. 1S37. Nath " 
aniel married Columbia Sweet, June 5, 1S42, and had two chil- 
dren : Aubry Mellen, Aug. S, 1S43, and Eveline A., June 11, 
1845. Nathaniel died Oct. 20, 1S56. Merrill married Esther 
Woodsome, Jan. 15, 1S54, and had two children; Bevillo A., 
July 11, 1S56, and Lura M., Aug. 16, 1S63. Salome married 
Enoch Morrill, June 23, 1S50. Eveline died March 7, 1S44. 
Calista manied Oliver Robbins Aug. 20, 1S4S, and had five chil- 
dren, viz : Susan, Sept. 20, 1S49, (died Oct. 4, 1S54) ; Betsey, 
March 8, 1851, (died Nov. 22, 1S54.) E. Onello, March S, 1853; 
(married June 9, 1870) ; Estella, Sept. 28, 1855, and Albertus, 
Sept. 27, 1858, (died April 14, 1861.) Calista died March 20, 1859. 
Daniel died in Oregon Jan. 18, 1852. Jemima married Lucius 
Double 1852 and had five children: Oscar, April 1850; Alston, 
March 1855 ; Earnest, Jan. 24, i860 ; Abraham Lincoln, March 
1862 ; Eveline L., June 1866. Maria L., married J. W. Farnham, 
Sept. 6, 1861 and had Maxcellena June 22, 1862. Louisa died Jan. 
1867. Betsey lived in Peru and died there June 22, 1847, aged 
53 years. 

14 Eunice, (daughter of Nathaniel 8 ,) married Isaac Chase, 

(son of Isaac 5 ) Jan. 1822 and had seven children, viz : Solon, 1823 ; 

( io) 

OthoTT., 1825; Maria, 1828; Mary Freeman, 1830 ; Charles C, 
1833 ; Erexine IT., 1835 ; Ann J., 1837. Solon married Ann Phillips, 
1845 and had four children, viz : Charles C, 1846 ; James J., 1848 ; 
Cora C, 1853, died 1872 ; Isaac, 1857. Charles C, (son of Solon) 
married Elmira Johnson, 1870 and had two children: Cora, July 
1873; Winnie, born Oct. 1877; James J. (son of Solon) married 
Drusilla McKenney, 1866 and had three children : Jennie, 1868 ; 
Ella, 1870; Solon, I873. Otho W., married Deborah T. dishing, 
I849, and had five children, viz : Charles C, I850, died 186o; 
Frank H., 1 852; Emma J., 1 854, died I860: Clara. I856, died 
I860; Deborah, I858, died I858 with her mother ; he then married 
Lizzie Johnson, and had six children : Arthur, I859 ; Lucy S., 
1861, died I865; Addie J., 1866; Clinton, I873 ; Harry, I874, 
died I875 ; Roswell Bradford, May 5, I877 ; Frank IL, son of 
Otho, married Fannie Gilbert had one child that died ; Maria 
married Homer B. Record and had rive children, viz : Homer, 
I850 died IS52 ; Eva M., I853 ; Charlie, I858 died IS58 ; Lena, 
I860, died I860; Charles Homer, 1863. Eva, (daughter of 
Maria) married Leman Severy and had two children : Lila. 187< ; 
a son IS77. Maria died I864 ; Mary F. married Dr. IL D Irish 
and had four children, viz : H. Louis, IS53 ; Isaac C. I855 ; Wal- 
ter, B., 1861 ; Mary D., I864; Louis, son of Mary married Etta 
Hersey, I877 ; Charles C, died from accident iStf ; Erexine died 
I858 ; Ann J., married Ichabod Allen I860, and had Mary Eunice, 
I863 and died I864. Eunice lived in Turner and died there June 
8, I845, aged 49 years. 

15 Priscilla, (daughter of Nathaniel 3 ) married John Ellis of 
Canton, Sept. 1, I823, and had three children, viz :' Edwin, born 
in Peru May 25, IS24 ; Lydia S., born in Turner Sept 28, I830; 
Alexander IL, born in Temple, July 6, I839 ; Edwin married 
Sophia S. Davis, Nov. 25, I847. She died April 6, I849, an< ^ he 
married Martha B. Baker, Aug. 1850, had four children : Augusta, 
(married George H. Kennedy and lives in Canada ;) Damelia, 
(married) ; Edwin Hamilton and Jonathan Scott. Edwin is a 
physician in Minnesota. Lydia S., married John V. Tucker of 
Upper Stillwater and had two children : Mary Priscilla, March 24, 
I867 ; Grace, March 3, I869. Hamilton died at Forbestown, Cal- 
ifornia, July 5, IS72. Priscilla lived in Peru, Turner, Temple and 
died in Farmington. July 1, aged 55 years. 

16 Nathaniel (son of Nathaniel 3 ,) married Eunice "VVescott 
March I826, and had four children : Amanda, I828 (died I830) ; 
Lewis, Jan. 22, I830 ; Ethan Allen, Jan. 18, I832 ; Martin Van 


Buren, Oct. 9, IS35. His wife died Aug. 31, 1 842, and he mar- 
ried Mrs. Hannah (Bicknell) Hayford, I843. She died Feb. 13, 
1S50, and lie married Abby Gould Dec. 23, 1S50, who died June 
27, 1S53, and he married Sebrina Gould in 1S54. Nathaniel lived 
in Turner. Sidney, and now lives in Readfield, Maine, 

17 Miriam (daughter of Nathaniel 8 ,) married Nathan Morrill 
of Buckfield, June S, 1S31, and had three children: Horace, 
Oct. 3, 1S32; Ellen, Dec. 12, 1S33 ; Isaac Chase, Nov. 16, 1S3S. 
Horace married Emily R. Farrar, and had three children : Eliza 

A., ; Alice, ; Helen, ■ . Ellen married 

Samuel Thomas, Isaac married Laura J. Withington and had two 

children ; Zadoc Long died in infancy ; Nathan, . His wife 

died and he married — ■ — Rogers. Miriam lived in Buckfield and 
died there Dec. S, 1S62 aged 5S. 

18 J°b 5 (son of Nathaniel 9 .) married Rebecca D. Latham of 
Buckfield, June 8, 1S01 and had three children: Mary L., born 
in Sangerville, Maine, April 5, 1S32 ; George F., born in Sanger- 
ville, Nov. 24, 1S34; Julia C, born in Turner, Dec. 10, 1S40. 
Mary married Horace M. Bearce of Yarmouth, Maine, now of 
Boston, Feb. 3, 1S53 and had two children: Ada M., born in 
Yarmouth, Nov. 27, iS^3, married Frank A. Bates of New York, 
Dec. 6, 1S77 ; Annie G., born in Auburn. Me., May 23, 1S58. 
Julia married Seth D. "Washburn of Livermore. March S, 1S71. 
Job lived in Turner and Sangerville. and now lives ; n Livermore. 

19 Thomas (son of Nathaniel 8 ,) married Esther M. Daggett, 
Jan. 14, 1S32, and had nine children: R. Melona, July 17, 1S35 ; 
Roscoe G., Nov. 3, 1837 > Abbie F., Oct. 23, 1839 ; Charles, July 
18, 1S41 ; George H., May 5, 1S44; Howard Aquila, Oct. 15, 
1846; Lucy x\., May 20, 1S49 ! William D., Aug. 26, 1S52 ; Ho- 
mer N., Sept. 30, 1S55. Melona married Dr. Charles D. Bradbury 
of Buckfield, now of Woodstock, April 26, 1S54, and had four 
children: Thomas, April 16, 1S55 ; Charles D. July 9, 1S5S; 
Rolfe, March 12, 1S61 ; Abbey L.. Jan. 7, 1864. Ahby F. married 
M. Dana Holbrook of South Braintree, Mass., Dec. 13, 1S65, and 
had four children: William Chase, April 30, 186S ; Annie L., 
June 27, 1870 ; Antoinette Kimball, Aug. 17, 1S73 ; Roscoe G., 
Dec. 27, 1877. Lucy A., died of diphtheria Nov. 22, 1S60, aged 
1 1 years. Thomas lived on the homestead in Buckfield and died 
there March 13, 1S66, aged nearly 5S. He was a member of the 
State Senate at the time of his death. 


20 William, (son of Nathaniel 8 ,) married Vesta Fernald of 

Buckfield, x, ^35 an( ^ had five children, viz : an infant that 

died; Persis M., April 26, 183?; William W., Dec. 15, 1S40 ; 
Mary Frances, April 29. 1S42 ; Alice A.. March 16, 1S51. Persis 
married Thomas Bowman, Dec. 2S, 1S57. and had two children : 
Fred Earle, Jan 1, 1S64, and another that died the same year as 
herself. Persis died Sept. 17, 1669. William W., died Feh. 15, 
1841 ; Mary F., married Nathan D. Harlow, March 4, 1S66. and 
had one child : Gertrude, 1S6 jr. Alice A., died Aug. 15, 1S6S. 
William lives in Buckfield. 

21 Isaac (son of Nathaniel 3 ,) married Philena F. Swett of 
Buckfield, March 2S, 1S37 an< ^ nac ^ f* ve children, viz : DeWitt 
Clinton. Dec. 3, 1S37 ; Lerov R.,July 20, 1S39, died Oct. 16, 
1S44; Leslie H., Sept. 29, 1S43 ; Leroy R., Oct. 17, 1S45 ; Isaac, 
Nov. 29, 1S47. His wife died Jan. 21, 1S4S and he married An- 
gelia Shackley, April 1 1, 1852. and had four children : Henry A., 
Nov. 26, 1853 ; Clarence M.. Nov. 23, 1S56, died March 2, 1865 ; 
Philena F., May 18, 1863, died Feh. 16, 1872 ; Charles Clarence, 
born May 14, 1875. Isaac lives in Peru. 

22 Rhoda. (daughter of Joseph 9 , married Barnard Pompilley 
of Turner and had nine children : Benjamin E., Daniel G., Han- 
nah, Zenette, Barnard. Bennett, Nancy, Louisa and Eliza. This 
family went to Ohio about 1838, and the surviving members still 
live there. 

23 Hannah (daughter of Joseph 9 ,) married Daniel Tuttle of 
Turner, and had eleven children : Jeanette, Melissa, Allen, Joseph, 
Ripley, Allen, Amanda, Harrison, Wm. Wallace, Mary Ann and 
Helen. Melissa married Ambrose Mitchell ; Joseph married 
Frances Gilbert and Clara Churchill ; Ripley married Maria Sta- 
ples ; Allen married Almeda Robinson ; Amanda married Lyman 
Stratton ; Harrison married Vesta Mitchell ; Wallace married Hat- 
tie Gilbert. Hannah lived in Turner and died in Buckfield 185 1, 
aged 56. 

24 Joseph (son of Joseph 9 ,) married Almira Shaw of Buck- 
field and had four children : Jane, 1S16; Miriam, 181S; Sarah Ann, 
1825, died 184S ; Lewis, 1830; Jane married Rasseleus Cole and 
had two children that died in infancy, and Mary who married 
Horatio Davis. Miriam married Lucian Philbrook and had ten 
children: Almira, Joseph, Marilla, Zenan. Ximenas, Charles, 
George, Offa, Sarah Jane and William. Joseph lived on the 
homestead in Buckfield and died there . 

( *3 ) 

25 Eleazer, (son of Joseph 9 ,) married Ann Kneeland of 

Bi'ckfleld where he lives. v 

26 Mary, (daughter of Joseph 9 .) married Amos Shaw and had 
four children : Zenas, 1S20; Silas, 1S21 ; Joseph. iS2^, and Wil- 
son, 1S27. Zenas married Jane Benson. Silas married Amanda 
Record. Joseph married Sarah A. Pettengill. Wilson married 
Eleanor Loring. Wilson died 1850. Mary lives in Buckfield. 

27 Nancy, (daughter of Joseph 9 ,) married Alva Gilbert of 
Buckfield, and had two children: Martha, 1824 and Dexter 1S26. 
Martha married Josiah Hutchinson of Buckfield, and Dexter mar- 
ried Amanda Huff of Phillips. Nancy lived and died in Buck- 

28 Daniel, (son of Daniel 10 ,) married Betsey Allen, Oct. 11, 
1837, anu " nac ^ three children : Jairus A., born in Turner, Aug. 18, 
1 841 ; Charles A., born in Boston. March iS, 1S47 ' Gaius A., 
born in Boston. Aug. 27, 1S62. died in Buckfield, Sept. 30, 1S54. 
Charles A., married Sarah J. Mitchell 1870. and had one child: 
Temperance. Daniel lived in Boston, now lives on the homestead 
in Buckfield. 

29 Charles Y., (son of Daniel 1 ' 1 ,) married Margaret Lamb of 
New York and had four children : John, Charles, Nancy, Dec. 
1S44, and Margaret, March 13, 1847. Charles lived in New York 
and died there Dec. 1S53 aged 40. 

30 S. Decatur, (son of Daniel 10 ,) married Olive Briggs Nov. 
1S43, lives in Hebron, Maine. 

31 Cyrus G., (son of Daniel 10 ,) married Lucy Record 1S61 
and had one child : Abby that died in infancy. Cyrus lives in 

32 David R., (son of Daniel 10 ,) died in South Boston July 

1852, unmarried, aged 34. 

33 Tacob Elliott (son of Daniel 10 ) died in New York, Feb. 

1853, aged 42. 

34 Lewis (son of Nathaniel 16 ,) married Elvina G. Dyer, 
Sept. 6, 1855 and had five children : Ada Byron, born in Sidney, 
July 15, 1856, (died Aug. 23, i860) ; Charles H., and Helen E., 
twins born in Augusta, Feb. 15, 1S59 ; Arthur L., born in Shediac. 
N. B., Aug. 24, i860, died April 19. 1S63 ; Ada Byron born 
in Sidney, April 24, 1865. Lewis lived in Shdeiac, N. B., and 


Sidney and now lives in Rochester, N. Y. ; is senior member of 
the firm of "Chase Brothers, Nurserymen." 

35 Ethan A., (son of Nathaniel 16 ,) married Augusta Field of 
Sidney, Nov. 1S60, and had five children: Frank F., born in 
Sidney. June iS, 1S62 ; Florence A., born in Sidney, April 28, 
1865 ; Harry B., born in Rochester, N. Y., April 23, 1S6S ; Lewis 
Martin born in Sidney, June 27, 1S73 ; Homer Aquila, born in 
Rochester, Aug. 29, 1S77. Ethan taught school in Georgia, 
lived in Shediac, N. B., and in Sidney and now lives in Roches- 
ter, New York ; is a member of the firm of "Chase Brothers." 

36 Martin V. B., (son of Nathaniel 10 ,) married Helen A. 
Waite of Sidney, Oct. 28, i860, and had three children: Fred 
\\\, born Dec. 1, 1S61 ; Eunice E., born in Sidney, June 30, 1866, 
died in Augusta, Sept. 8, 1870; Fannie Murray born in Augusta, 
April 8, 1872. Martin was an officer in the late war ; now lives 
in Augusta and is one of the '"Chase Brothers, Nurserymen." 

37 George F., (son of Job 18 ,) married Ann M. Strickland, 
Feb. 14, i860, and had five children: Horace M. B., born in 
Auburn, Jan. 22, 1861, died Aug. 1861 ; Herbert, born in Auburn, 
June 11, 1862 ; Charles F., born in London, Nov. 11, iS 65 ; Henry 
B. born in Livermore, June 13, 1S70; Robert Chilton born in 
Livermore, Oct. 13, 1S75. George F., lived in Auburn, London 
and Livermore, and now lives in North Carolina. 

38 Roscoe (son of Thomas 19 ,) married -Ellen E. Gerrish of 
Sumner, Nov. 1S65, and had two children : Lila G. born in Buck- 
field, April 3, 1S66, died in AuburnMay 2, 1870 ; Orville G., born 
Geneva, May 26, 1S73. Roscoe lived in Buckfield and Auburn, 
and now lives in Geneva, New York. He is senior member of 
the firm of "R. G. Chase & Co., Nurserymen." 

39 Charles, (son of Thomas 19 ,) enlisted from Boston in the 
33d Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, and was lost m the 
engagement at Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864. A very worthy 
young man. 

40 George H., (son of Thomas 19 ,) married Maranda Morton 
of Paris, Sept. 24, 1865 and had three children: Charles H., 
(and twin that died in infancy,) born in Paris, Feb. 17, 1868 and 
George Morton born in Auburn, Dec. 18, 1873. George lived in 
Paris and Auburn, Maine, and now lives in Maiden, Mass. He 
is a member of the firm of "R. G. Chase & Co." 

( i5) 

41 Howard (son of Thomas 19 .) married Mary E. Gibbs of 
Geneva, New York, Nov. 23, 1871, and has three children: 
Howard Gibbs, born in Geneva. April 7, 1873 ; Mary Esther born 
in Geneva, Feb. 4, 1S75 ; Charles Thomas, born in Philadelphia, 
Penn., Oct. 27, 1876. Howard lived in Geneva and now in Phil- 
adelphia and is one of the firm of ' ; R. G. Chase Sz Co., Nursery- 

42 William (son of Thomas 19 ,) married Lizzie C. Withing- 
ton of Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 15, 1S77. William lives in Auburn 
and is one of the editors of ''Chase's Chronicle." 

43 DeWitt Clinton (son of Isaac 21 ,) married Flora Newman 
of Carthage, May 23, iS^c), and had one child: Elmer E., born 
Oct. 7, 1861, died May 15, 1S63. His wife died July 21, 1S63, 
and he married Clara A. Newman May 15, 1S64, and had one 
child: Elmer E., born May 23, 1S65. Clinton lived in Peru and 
Wilton, also in California and now lives in Auburn, Maine. 

44 Lewis, (son of Joseph 24 ,) married Eunice Cole and had eight 
children : Julia, Sarah Jane, Amanda, Ellen, Mary Anna, Ells- 
worth, Harrison and Eunice. His wife died and he married Eva 
Bisbce. Lewis lives in Buckrield on the same farm as his father, 
grandfather and great-grandfather. 



33 Nathan Chase 3 , (Thomas 2 , Aquila 1 ,) married first, Nov. 
29, 1723, Judith Sawyer and had: 

4 i Nathan, born Jan. 23, 1725. 

5 ii Mary, born Nov. 1, 1727. 

6 iii Moses, born March 31, 1729. 

7 iv John, born July 27, 1731. 

8 v Judith, born April 1, 1734. 

9 vi Josiab, born Sept. — , 173(3. 

For second wife, Nathan Chase married Dec. 30, 1740 Joanna 
Cheney and had : 

10 vii Moses, born Sept. 21, 1741. 

11 viii Lydia, born Sept. 15, 1742. 

12 ix Parker, born Feb. 28. 1745. 

13 x Edmund, born June 21, 1748; married Esther Merrill. 

14 xi Stephen, born July 16, 1750. 

15 xii Jonathan, born Dee. 5, 1751. 

For third wife he married January 9, 1763, Ruth Davis. 
















13 Edmund Chase 4 married Esther Merrill, Nov. 30, T769, 
and later in life with his family, moved from Newbury, Mass., to 
Minot, Me. They had twelve children as follows : 

Joanna, b. Nov. 5, 1770. 
Stephen, b. Jan. 14, 1772. 
Merrill, b. Oct. 17. 1773. 
Priseilla.b. Jan. 22. 1776. 
Ruth b. Sept. 3, 1777. 
Sally, b. Sept. 3. 1779. 
Abigail, b. April 17. 1781. 

23 viii Nathan, b. May 1G, 1783. 

24 ix Edmund, b. Dee. 9, 1785; d. 1878 at Minot, Me., aged over 02 years and 

had been 70 years a Fremasou J said to be the oldest Freemason in the 
United States. 

25 x Polly, b. Sept. 23, 1787. . 

26 xi Charles, b. April 6, 1791. 

27 xii Abner, b. April 28, 1793. 

|7 Stephen Chase 5 married Ruth Tyler of New Gloucester. 
lie lived in Lewiston and was said to be the first miller in that 
town. In 1S03 he moved to No. 3 Plantation, now the town of 
Woodstock. He was the first Town Clej-k, the first Justice of the 
Peace in that town, and the first Representative to the Legislature. 
He was also agent of the Proprietors of the town. He was one 
of the early Deacons of the Baptist Church at Paris Hill, and a 
licensed preacher. About the year 1S2;;, he moved to Lincoln, 
Maine, and died there. Children : 

28 i Clarissa, b. Sept. 22, 1790; m. Daniel Curtis. 
Ruhamah, b. June 28. 1*01 ; married Benjamin Davis. 
Ruth, b. July 6. 1803; m. Simon Fickett. 
Betsey, b. Dec. 28, 1804; m. Solon Gates. 
Thomas H., b. Dee. 22, 1806;m. Mary Gates. 
Peter M., b. Dec. 28, 1808; m. Mary Cole. 

33 vii Cyrus H.,b. Nov. 30, 1810; m. Harriet Bailey. 

34 viii Stephen S.,b. May 29, 1813; died July 1S72. 

35 ix Noah C, b. Oct. 29, 1815, unmarried. 

36 x Dudley P., b. Feb. 14, 1M7; m. Olivia Carpenter. 

37 xi Abner B., b. Dec. 12, 1819; m. (1) Hannah P. Norton. (2) Frank But- 

terfield. Resides in Norway, Me. 

18 Merrill Chase 5 married (1) Sally Tucker, March 3, 1796. 
and moved from Minot, Maine to No. 3 Plantation in 1S02, with 
his brother Stephen, and settled on an adjoining lot. He succeeded 
his brother as Clerk of the town, and was a prominent man in 
town affairs for many years. He died in Paris, July 17, i860. 
Children : 

38 i Sally, b. Feb. 20, 1797 ; m. Lemuel Perham. 

39 ii Merrill, b. Narch 20, 1799; m. Mercy Swan. 











( i7) 

40 iii Alfred, b. Nov. 2, 1801 : in. Elvira Perhain. No children. 

41 iv Mary A., bom Aug. 5, 1803; m. Edmund Bowkcr. 
, 42 v Esther 31., b. May 2C, 1806; married Galen Gates. 

43 vi Edmund, b. Sept. 20, 1808; m. Anna Spofl'ard. 

44 vii Lydia A., b. Oct. 13, IMO; m. Mahahm Bryant. 

4o viii Eliza, b. Dee. 21, 1*12; m. Zephauiah B. "Whitman. 

For second wife, Merrill Chase 5 married Mrs. Lucy (Spofford) 
Felt, widow of Joshua Felt of Temple, X. II., who died in Wood- 
stock, Maine, in 1S12. Children by second marriage: 

46 ix Lucinda, b. Feb. 9, 1816; m. Gibbs Benson. 

47 x Alden, b. June 5,1819; m. Lucy Golf June 11, 1S40. and had Lucy 

Merrill, b. May 10, 1841, died Oct. 11, 1846; Alden Fitzroy,b. Get. 16, 
1842.. graduate of Middli town. Conn. University and Profes-or of Mathe- 
matics in Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Kent's Hill, m. Louisa F. Allen; 
Estella Ophelia, 1>. Sept. 1, 1846; m. Rev. Albert A. Ford; Aquila Mont- 
rose, b. June 22. 1854. 

Alden Chase was a successful teacher of the public schools in 
his younger days ; has often held town office ; served two years in 
the Maine Legislature, and two terms of five years each as Regis- 
ter of Deeds for Oxford County. Now resides on his farm in 

29 Ruhamah Chase" married Benjamin, son of Aaron and 
Thankful (Strout) Davis, and lived in Woodstock and died there- 
Children : 

i Ptichard. b. Fob. 21. 1823; d. May 23. 1832. 

ii Emeline, b. March 15, 1824. 

iii Herrick Chase, b. Xov. 5. 1825; m. Lucy M. Felt. 

iv P.enjamin. b. Aug. 11, 1^-27: in. and 1 iv«-- m Woodstock. 

v Stephen Chase', b. May 23, 1*29: m. Martha E. Perham. 

vi Ruhamah, b. July 1">, 1831 ; m. JolmQ. Ellis. 

vii Xehemiah, b. Nov. 8, 1833: m. Mary J. Perham. 

viii Gyrus Cha<e, b. Sept. 20, 1*3-1 ; d. a young man. 

ix Henry, b. May 11, 1*3*; m. Maria P. Greenleaf. 

x Emma, b. Dec. 19, 1840. 

39 Merrill Chase 6 , who married Mercy, daughter of Elijah and 
Eunice (Barton) Swan of Paris, has resided in Woodstock, Sum- 
ner and now in Paris. He was the first settler and built the first 
mill in that part of Woodstock known as "■Sygotch." Children : 

i Eunice, b. Dee. 29, 1820; m. Darius .Sessions. 

ii Olive, b. Xov. 14, 1*23; m. Ephraira K. Andrews. 

iii Elvira, b. May 4, 1*28; d. young. 

iv Elijah S., b. June 3, 1830: m. Augusta Nash, 

v Merrill. Jr., b. June 5. 1830. 

vi Elvira, b. April 17, 1833; m. Lucius Hackett. 

vii Aravesta, b. May 13, 1*30. 

viii Thadeus K., b. June 25, 1840. 

( is ) 

41 Mary A. Chase 6 who married Edmund, son of James and 
Judith (Chase) Bowker, survives her husband and resides in Wood- 
stock. Children : 

i Esther C. b. Juno 11, 1827; m. Danville J. Libby. 

ii Anson G.. b. Juno 5. lv. ,>; : m. (1) Martini J. Silver and (2) Melissa Harlow. 

iii Albion P.. b. May IT. 183 >: m. Angeline Dudley. 

iv G''o. W., b. Sept. 7,1831; m. (1) Sarah T. Carter, and (2) Frances A. Hilton. 

v Henry, b. April 29, 1SW: d. young. 

vi Charles H.. b. Oct. 24. 1833; m. Ellen Gilpatrick, 

vii Galen Gate-. 1). Nov. 1,1841; d. in the Union Army at Great Falls, Md. 

Jan. 3, 1$G3. 

viii Chauncey C, b. Aug. -JO. ls43; died young, 

ix Janus L., b. Aug. 13. 1SA4 : in. Ellen E. Davis. 

43 Edmund Chase 6 married Anna Spofibrd of Rumford. He 
was for several years a resident of Woodstock and served one term 
in the Maine Legislature. He moved with his whole family to 
Wisconsin about 18^3. Children born in Woodstock: 

i Earl S., h. Nov. 10. 1832. 

ii Otis F., b. July 14, 1834. 

iii Elorinda, b. Aug. 2*. 1836. 

iv Nicy M., b. Sept. 19, 1838. 

v Leroy C, b. May 16, 1840. 

vi Ann.- S., b. July 24. 1842. 

vii Louisa, b. January 8, 1n46. 

viii Lueinda, b. April 9, 1S4*. 

ix Arthur, b. May 3. 1S53. 

45 Eliza Chase 5 married Zephaniah B , son of Luther and 
Polly (Bern) Whitman of Woodstock and has always lived in 
Woodstock. Children : 

i Sylvinia E., b. Oct. 5, ls>3: m. Amos Thurlow. 

ii Vesta L., b. Aug. 1, ISotJ: m. (1) Mark F. Rawson; (2) Charles Besse. 

iii Gilman A., b. March 24. 1838; in. Evelina A. Jackson. 

iv Napoleon B.. b. Dec. 2*. 1SJ!J; died l'rorn effects of wounds received at the 

battle of Shiloh. 
v Alanson Mellen, b. April 17. 1841; died Aupr. 2d, 1864 at Ander-onville 

Prison, Georgia. A brave soldier in the Union army, 
vi Gilbert M. L.. b. April 2*. LS14; m. Adelaide Dudley. Lives in Wisconsin. 
vii M. Josephine, b. June 2o. Is45, married Charles M. Bryant. Lives in 

viii Eugene Z., b. Dec. 6, 18o<J; m. Dora V. Whitman.