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Full text of "Records of the First church of Rockingham, Vermont : from its organization, October 27, 1773, to September 25, 1839"

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1773 — 1839 



jV' PRINCETON, N. J. ^^Vu 

Purchased by the 
Mrs. Robert Lenox Kennedy Church History Fund. 

Division..U..^....l...l.S~^. O 
Section. .•...fX-.l.-.'^.'C)..... 


OKI Church at Rockiaghcim, Vermont. (L^egun 1767.) Exterior, 

Old Church (it Pocklnghdm, Vcrn^oiAt. (tiegun 1757.) Interior. 




From its Organization, October 27, 1773, to September 25, 1839. 

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With an Historical Introduction. 

Reprinted from the New- England Historical and Genealogical Register. 




Copyright, 1902, by Thomas B. Peck. 

Two hundred copies printed. 


Rockingham, in Windham County, Vermont, is one of 129 townships 
west of and near the Connecticut River which were granted by Governor 
Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire, between 1749 and 1764, and 
were known as the " New Hampshire Grants." The unfortunate contro- 
versy between New York and New Hampshire as to their jurisdiction over 
these townships has been fully treated by able historians and need not be 
discussed here. Whatever the merits of the controversy, New Hampshire 
was first on the field, and as a result the towns granted by Governor Went- 
worth were settled by families of the same names and lineage and from the 
same neighborhood as the towns on the east side of the river. The gran- 
tees came mainly from the frontier towns of Worcester County, Massachu- 
setts, and were re-enforced somewhat later by settlers coming from towns 
in the Valley of the Connecticut, lying further south, which in their turn 
had been settled chiefly by emigrants from Massachusetts. 

The charter of Rockingham bears date Dec. 28, 1752, and granted a 
territory of six miles square in 74 equal shares, 69 to inhabitants of " New 
Hampshire and his Maj*^^ other Governments," two to Governor Went- 
worth, and one each for " the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
foreign Parts," for " the first Settled Minister of the Gospel in said Town," 
and for " a Glebe for the Ministry of the Church of England." Among 
the names of the 69 grantees are many familiar in the early history of 
Lunenburg, Mass., such as Bellows, Willard, Wetherbe, Gardner, Farns- 
worth, Hastings and others. The first meeting of proprietors was called 
March 28, 1753, by Col. Benjamin Bellows of Walpole, himself a former 
resident of Lunenburg, who was chosen moderator, and as clerk kept the 
proprietors' records for many years. A second meeting of proprietors was 
held at the house of Mr. Jonathan Bigelow, May 29, 1754, but little pro- 
gress was made in the settlement of the town until the close of the French 
and Indian War. A meeting of proprietors was held at the house of Mr. 
Michael Lovell, July 17, 1760, and in the following year the township was 
laid out and divided by lot among the original grantees or persons who had 
purchased or otherwise acquired their rights. In 1765, "Michael Lovell 
and Benjamin Bellows, Jr., two of the principal proprietors, declared that 
there were twenty-five families settled in town, and further that they had 
made sufficient improvements to fulfil the conditions of the charter." (Hall's 

"History of Eastern Vermont," p. 101.) The first regular census taken 
by the Sheriff of Cumberland County, Jan. 16, 1771, showed a population 
of 225, there being 50 heads of families. 

The township of Rockingham, lying along the west bank of the Con- 
necticut River, is traversed by two other streams, Williams River, which 
flows diagonally from northwest to southeast through the central part of 
the town, and unites with the Connecticut about three miles north of Bel- 
lows Falls, and Saxton's River, which traverses the south part of the town, 
and falls into the Connecticut about one mile south of Bellows Falls. The 
central part of the town is hiUy and picturesque, while along the valleys of 
these three rivers are broad and fertile meadows. The early settlers chose 
as their home a beautiful spot near the centre of the town, at a consider- 
able elevation above the valley of Williams River. Here they built their 
houses and church, and about the village thus formed the life of the first 
half century of the existence of the town centred. 

The story of the efforts to establish preaching and build a house of 
worsliip can be told in the quaint language of the early town and pro- 
prietors' records. At the first proprietors' meeting, March 28, 1753, 
Andrew Gardner, Benj'' Bellows, Jonathan Bigelow, Stephen Fai-nsworth 
and Asahel Stevens were chosen a committee " for to Lay out the Land 
Voted to be Laid out by y^ Proprietors," and it was voted that the com- 
mittee " Lay out Six acres of Land for a Meeting house place." " House 
Lott No 3 in the North Range," containing 20 acres, was " Laid out For 
the Use of the First Settled Minister." 

August 18, 1761, it was " Voted that the Minister's Meadow Lot be Let 
out " and that the money be laid out in clearing said lot. 

On the fourth article in the warrant for March 30, 1763, "to see if the 
town will grant any money to hier preaching the year Insuing," no action 
was recorded, but Tim° Olcott and Abner Whipple were chosen Tithyng- 

In 1765, it was voted that " the Ministers Lot be Let out to the highest 
Bidder," and that the rent be *' Laid out In Making and Mending Roads." 
In 1769, the article "to see if the Town wiU hier a Minister to preach 
with them the Summer ensuing " was negatived. 

March 28, 1770, on the article " to see if the town will let Mr. Andrew 
Gardner have the Rent of the Ministers Lott," it was voted that " Seven- 
teen bushels of Indian corn be Delivered to the Rev'' Anderew Gardner by 
the Overseears out of the Rent that Nath" Davis ows to the Town." The 
corn was evidently intended as payment for Mr. Gardner's services as min- 
ister, and to him must be accorded the honor of having been the first min- 
ister of the town, previous to the organization of a church. 

July 11, 1770, it was voted "to Disanull" the article "to see if the 
Town will agree on sum place for a Meeting house or Chuse a Committee 
for that End." 

March 28, 1771, " at the Now Dwelling house of M"" David Pulsiphers 
Imiholder," it was voted that Mr. Gardner " have the Use of y** Ministers 
Lott y® year Ensuing." 

June 20, 1771, the town voted "to build a meetinghouse fifty-five feet 
Long and forty-five feet wide," and chose " John Hastings and Simeon 01- 
cott of Charlestown and Thomas Sparrhawk of Walepole to be a Committee 
to say where the meeting house shall be set." 

Sept. 7, 1771, it was voted that " Oliver Lovell and Sam" Taylor be y" 
Committee To support M'' Gardner and his wife y*^ 3 Months from the 
Date hereof," and Dec. 16, 1771, the account of the Committee was al- 
lowed. It is probable that this entry marks the expiration of Mr. Gard- 
ner's term as minister of Rockingham.* 

March 25, 1772, it was voted "to Let out y" Ministers Lott to the high- 
est bidder " and that " Moses Wright be aLoud Eight Shilings bay money " 
for " Going after M"^ hardin f when he preacht in Rockingham." 

April 23, 1772, the Committee's choice of a lot for a meeting house was 
disapproved, and it was voted that " the Meeting house be Set on the hill 
West of Da\'id Pulsiphers house about thirty or forty Rods." 

August 25, 1773, it was voted to " Build a small house 35 feet Long and 
25 feet wide * * * for a meeting house till the town be able to Build a 
Larger," and that " Peter Evans Jua"" Samuell Taylor John Lovell be a 
Committee to Build said house." 

October 27, 1773, the church was organized, and Mr. Samuel Whiting 
was ordained as the first pastor. 

November 24, 1773, it was voted " to Raise forty pounds York money 
to Defray the Charges of Building a meeting house." 

October 19, 1774, it was voted to add rtve feet to the width and one foot 
and ten inches to the height, and that " the trustees find four Galonds of 
Rum to Raise and frame said house." 

December 13, 1774, town meeting was held for the first time in the 
meeting house, and it was voted that " the Meeting house be excepted and 
the Committees accompts be aLoud ; " also, " that there be a Roe of Wall 

*Rev. Andrew Gardner, one of the original grantees of Rockingham, was the first 
minister of Lunenburg, Mass., from 1728 to 1732. We leain from Hon. E. S Stearns's 
gketch of Lunenburg, in the " History of Worcester County," that after his dismissal, 
Kov. 3, 1732, he was employed as " Grammar School Master," and became a large 
owner of land in Lunenburg. In 1737, he removed to Winchester, N. H., where he 
had an honorable career. He was occasionally employed as chaplain at Fort Dummer. 
In 1746, he removed to Charlestown, N. H., and in 1761, was first on the list of gran- 
tees of Bath, N. H. Mr. Stearns says that he removed to Bath about 1765, but his resi- 
dence in Rockingham in 1771 makes it necessary to change this date to a few years 

t Rev. Elisha Harding, a graduate of Harvard College in the class of 1745, was or- 
dained in Brookfield, Mass., Sept. 13, 1749, and dismissed at his own request. May 8, 
1755. " He is described as a gentleman of great benevolence, a man of singular pro- 
bity and solid learning." (Temple's " History of North Brookfield," p. 223.) It is not 
known at what date Mr. Harding removed to Walpole, N. H., but he resided there for 
many years as chaplain, in the family of Col. Benjamin Bellows, the founder of the 
town. He died in Walpole, Dec. 8, 1784, in the 76th year of his age. His gravestone, 
in the village cemetery there, describes him as " Once Minister of Brookfield." 


Pews Round the meeting house and eight pews in the middle and three 
seats each side the Alley next the pulpit ; " also, " chose Oliver Lovell 
Esq"^ and Ensign Peter Evans and Ser* Jonathan burtt Trustees to expend 
the money which is voted to be Raised In and about the meeting house." 

In town meeting January 5, 1781, it was voted "Unanimously to ex- 
cept the Rev'* M'' Samuel Whiting to be their settled minister Agreable 
to the Constitution of this State," and to pay him " His Salary yearly 
agreable to a former Agreement made by him and the people as Long as 
he Remains their minister." 

August 26, 1782, it was voted that "Maj*^ Oliver Lovell Git the Deed 
acknowledged that David pulsipher Deseast Gave the Town to Set the 
meeting house on." In the record of the same meeting the following ap- 
pears : " Also I have with three more bought the Ground where the meet- 
ing house Stands with the Burying Yeard the Same was made a present to 
the Town by us namely William Simonds David pulsipher Charles Rich- 
ards Nath^ Davis all to settle peace and Good harmony." 

December 30, 1782, the town chose "a Committee of seven men to Con- 
verse with the Rev** M'' Sam^ Whiting Respecting the obligation the 
Signers Gave him. The above Committee that were Chosen Ware Joshua 
Webb, Oliver Lovell, peter Evans Jehial Webb Jonathan Burt William 
Simonds John Lovell and the above Committee to make Report of their 
Doings on the Second Monday of Janavary next." The report of this com- 
mittee, which was accepted by the town, consisted of the following letter 
from Mr. Whiting, which has enough historical and personal interest to 
warrant printing : 

" At the Request of a Committee Chosen to Treat with me in behalf of the 
Town to Know How I Avould Chuse to be Supported, I would hereby Declare 
my Coucurauce with the Vote of the Town at a meeting on Jauy 1781 as to the 
manner of my Support and Do Consider the s<i Vote of the town to accept of 
me as their settled minister and to Give me an Annual Salary agreable to the 
former Covenant from a number of the Inhabitants of this Town as a satisfac- 
tory Security for my futer Supportt and am Ready and willing to Give up the 
Obligation I now have from the Subscribers as soon as I am paid or Secured as 
to what Remains Due on the same. And I thank you Gent" of this Town for 
the Regard you have Shoon me in accepting me as your minister and Rejoyce 
with you in the more Equitable moad that this State has provided for the sup- 
portt of the Gospell and it would be agreable to me if the Town would pass a 
particular Vote to be Recorded that you Quit all Clame and title to that Right 
of Land which I am now in possession of and that Vou do Consider it to 
be secured to me and my Heirs by the Charter of this Town and that you will 
afford your Endeavors and assistance that I may peaceably possess and hold the 
same More than which I have Nothing to ask at present but your prayers for 
me and United Endeavors with me for Our Peace Good Regulation wellfair and 
Happiness as a Town and Society 

SamI Whiting 

To the Gentlemen of the Town of Rockingham 
January 13^^, 1783" 

[Note — The errors in spelling in this communication were probably not made by 
Mr. Whiting, who was a thorough scholar, but are chargeable to the carelessness of 
the town clerk.J 

Slcetdied from a photograph. 

After accepting the report of the committee, the town passed the follow- 
ing vote : 

" Voted that this town Haveing Chosen and accepted of the Rev'^ Sam^^ 
Whiting as their minister and the s*^ Sam^ Whiting haveing Concur'^ with 
us herein and accepted of the Anavel Supportt offered Do Consider the 
Right of Land Granted in the Charter of the Town by the province of 
Newhampshire to the first settled minister to be the s"* Sam" Whitings and 
that the Town Do Quitt all supposed Right or Title to the Same being 
Knoon and Lotted out upon the plan by the Name of the Minister's Right 
and wUl afford their Endevors and assistance that the said Sam^' Whiting 
Peaceably and Quietly Possess hold and Injoy the Same." 

November 3, 1783, Jonas Hazelton was chosen collector "to colect the 
Rev*^ M"^ Sam" Whitings Rate for the [year] 1780." 

April 10, 1787, the following votes were passed in regard to building the 
present meeting house : 

<' 2'^" Voted that the Committee appointed by the Legislature of the State 
of Vermont to Build a town House in Rockingham are Directed to sell 
pews in said house to the highest Bider for to raise money to be Laid out 
for the purpose of finishing s*^ House. 

3^^ Voted that the Committee Build the town House Just as Large as 
Charlestown Meeting House as to the square of it. 

4'y Voted to Build two porches one at each end. 

5'y Voted to have the plan of the inside of s*^ House agreable to the in- 
side of the Meeting House in Charlestown. 

8'y Voted to have the pews finished which are sold with the money which 
is given for s^ Pews." 

At an adjourned town meeting, held April 24, 1787, it was "Voted to 
reconsider the 3** vote (relative to the Bigness of the town House)." 

" Voted to Build the town house forty four feet wide and fifty six feet 

March 5, 1792, on the article in the warrant "to see what use the Town 
•will agree to Put the Town house to in s*^ town Voted that it shall be ap- 
propriated to the use of publick worship & Town meetings." At the same 
meeting it was voted " that the Congregational Society have their propor- 
tion of Time in said house ; also the Baptist, also the Episcopalian's Church 
though not formed into a Society." The use of the house was denied to 
the society of Universalists, but at a meeting held May 2, 1796, it was 
voted " that the Universalists shall have their proportionable Share of time 
in the meeting house according to what they have paid and bring in their 
Teacher on the first Day of the Week." 

January 7, 1793, a committee was chosen to sell the old meeting 

May 2, 1796, a committee was chosen " to Receive subscriptions towards 
finishing the meeting house." 


March 20, 1797, the town "chose David Pulsipher Samuel Cutler John 
Pulsipher James Walker Daniel Weaver a Committee to see who are will- 
ing to tiiish the meeting house in Rockingham." 

March 19, 1798, money was voted to fence the burying ground. 

At the same time the painting and glazing of the meeting house were 
put up at auction. 

September 24, 1799, the town chose a committee of five to procure sub- 
scriptions for finishing the meeting house. 

March 1, 1802, it was voted " to pay Mr Samuel Whiting the amount of 
arrears 166 dollars 67 cents." 

March 1, 1803, the key of the meeting house was struck off to the lowest 
bidder, James Marsh, who agreed to act as sexton for $2.50 per year. 

February 4, 1809, Rev. Mr. Whiting addressed a letter to the Select- 
men requesting them to insert an article in the warrant for town meeting, 
asking for his dismissal. The following extracts from the letter, reprinted 
from the " Bellows Falls Times " of July 20, i860, throw considerable 
light upon his character and history. He says : 

" I am led to make the above request of the town for reasons very different 
and distant from any neglect in the people to encourage my services among 
them, although I confess it is hard on many accounts to use my endeavors to 
keep up a ministerial dignity and the stated worship of God on the Sabbath, 
when there are so few who attend upon my public ministry. But it appears to 
me that with the utmost exertions my usefulness must be neai'ly closed, and my 
health and spirits are considerably impaired. I consequently have some wishes 
to try to repair them by some journeys and relaxations from business. Perhaps 
some may suppose there is no need of any formality in my dismission under 
present circumstances, and while the civil law makes no provision, as it is gen- 
erally understood, for the support of a settled minister, I always had, and still 
have, some scruples as to the propriety and duty of a minister leaving his people 
without some formality and agreement of parties, when the relation and con- 
nection had been formed with so much seriousness and solemnity as in our 
usual ordinations. 

There are few among us now to remember the solemnity, affection and reli- 
gious feeling existing at my ordination in this place. Most of those, who were 
the principal actors and spectators in that early and infant state of the town, 
are dead, and I who have survived attended their remains to the silent grave. 
There are some, however, who survive with me, and I trust it would be most 
agreeable to their feelings that there should be some friendly and formal disso- 
lution of the connection between us as pastor and people, and that there should 
be no appearance of sU'ife or contention between us ; besides, I think this would 
be most honorable to the town and conducive to an honorable and speedy re- 
establishment of the ministry here, among a people become numerous and 
wealthy. This appears but a small degree of honor from the town to me when 
It is considered what ferments and coltisions both in religion and politics have 
taken place, and that I have been called to pass through them all in the course 
of my ministry here. I, alone, remain standing in the ministry of this State of 
all those who were ordained before me." 

The town chose a committee, consisting of William Hall, Jr., Elijah 
Knight and Alexander Campbell, to confer with Mr. Whiting, and later 
voted to grant him an honorable dismissal. He was dismissed by the 
church at a council held May 18, 1809, but continued to reside in Rocking- 
ham until his death. 


The next pastor, Rev. Elijah Wollage, was settled Nov. 6, 1818, and re- 
mained a little more than three years. 

Rev. Samuel Mason began preaching Aug. 1, 1836, was ordained as pas- 
tor Jan. 3, 1837, and was dismissed by a council, Aug. 22j 1838. 

Rev. Broughton White, " an aged, worthy minister," served as pastor 
for a short time in 1839, but does not appear to have been settled. 

There appear to have been no regular religious services in the o'd church 
after the time of Mr. White. With the decline of the village of Rocking- 
ham, and the rise of the villages of Saxton's River and Bellows Falls, the 
churches established in those villages, in 1825 and 1850 respectively, seem 
to have sujDplied the religious needs of the town. Occasional meetings are 
still held in the summer in the old church, and town meetings continued to 
be held there until about thirty years since. On account of its age and 
historical interest, as well as the picturesqueness of the ancient village 
which reposes at the base of the elevation, crowned- by the old church and 
the adjacent burial ground, the venerable edifice draws many visitors an- 
nually, and it is hoped that it may be restored by the town and long pre- 
served as a memorial of the early settlers. The half-tone frontispiece, re- 
produced from recent photographs by F. J. Blake, of Bellows Falls, gives 
a correct idea of its exterior and interior appearance at the present time. 

It now remains to give some account of the three settled ministers of the 

Rev. Samuel Whiting, the first settled minister, was son of Joseph 
Whiting of that part of Wrentham which was set off as Franklin, Mass., 
and his wife Mary. He was born (according to Blake's " History of the 
Town of Franklin," page 190) in March, 1750. According to "Farmer," 
he was born in Wrentham, Mass., Jan. 28, 1750. Although there is some 
confusion in authorities, it is tolerably clear, from the authors quoted above, 
as well as from the records of Dedham, Mass., and from records in the pos- 
session of the widow of a grandson of Mr. Whiting, that he was descended 
from NathanieP Whiting of Dedham, the emigrant, and his wife Hannah 
Dwight. The line runs through Joseph,^ of Franklin (called by Blake " the 
precinct member"), born Dec. 7, 1702, and his wife Mary; Samuel^ 
born June 18, 1671, and his wife Mary ; and Nathaniel,^ Jr., eldest 
child of Nathaniel, the emigrant, born Aug. 7, 1644, and his wife, 
Joanna Gay, of Dedham. ]VIr. Whiting graduated from Harvard Col- 
lege in 1769, received the degree of A.M. from Yale College in 1772, 
and was ordained pastor of the church in Rockingham, Oct. 27, 1773. 
He was a man of learning, had a clear style of writing, was faithful 
and earnest in the discharge of his duties as a minister, and was broad 
and liberal in his religious views. He is described as having been kind and 
genial in manner ; had a keen sense of humor and was ready in repartee ; 
was regarded by his brother ministers as a wise counsellor, and was fre- 

quently called upon to preside over councils of churches. We quote the 
following from a letter received from a member of the family : " That he 
was liberal in his views may be inferred from this : on one occasion when 
he needed some one to assist him in his work he chose a young student from 
the Baptist church, and also from the fact that he always attended church 
after the close of his work, no matter what the faith of the preacher, and, 
when asked the reason why, replied ' they may be right and I be wrong.' 
He was spoken of as a scholarly, thoughtful sermonizer but closely confined 
to his written manuscript." Soon after settling in Rockingham, he came 
into possession of the land set apart for the first settled minister, and by 
prudent management was able to bring up his large family upon his salary 
and the income of his land, and to live independently after the close of his 
ministry. His residence may still be seen on the road to Chester, about 
half a mile north-west of the church, and is a commodious house well ele- 
vated above the highway and still in good preservation. As far as known, 
his only printed work is an election sermon delivered at Windsor, Vt., Oct. 
12, 1797. 

Mr. Whiting was married. May 24, 1774, to JMary, daughter of John and 
Abigail (Metcalf ) Goldsbury, of Warwick, Mass. Her father died in War- 
wick, July 25, 1802, and her mother died Sept. 5, 1821. Mr. Whiting died 
in Rockingham, May 16, 1819, in his 70th year. His wife died Aug. 7, 
1799, in her 45th year. Their gravestones may be seen in the burying 
ground just behind the ancient church, and near them are the gravestones 
of their children, Samuel, the two Marys, Eleutheria and Abigail. 

Their children, as recorded in the town records, were : 

i. Mary, b. Aug. 19, 1776; d. Aug. U, 1777. 

ii. Samuel, b. Jan. 25, 1778 ; a graduate of Dartmouth, 1799 ; A.M. ; a 

lawyer; d. Nov. 23,1806. 
iii. Mary, b. Jan. 20. 1780; d. March 24, 1781. 
iv. Abigail, b. Dec. 23, 1782; d. June 3, 1807. 
V. Benoni, b. Oct. 6, 1781; d. at birth. 
vi. John Goldsbury, b. Aug 3, 1785. 
vii. Eleutheria, b. Nov. 2i, 1789; d. March 21, 1808. 
viii. Theophilus, b. April 14, 1792. 
ix. Joseph, b. Nov. 16, 1797. 

Rev. Elijah Wollage, the second minister, was son of Elijah and Polly 
WoUage, and was born at Bernardston, Mass., April 13, 1769. He gradu- 
ated from Dartmouth College in 1791. Previous to his pastorate in Rock- 
ingham, he was pastor of Congregational churches in Guilford and Cam- 
bridge, Vt. He removed from Rockingham to the State of New York, and 
became principal of Academies in several towns. He resumed preaching 
in 1835, and died in Starkey, N. Y., July 18, 1847. He married Sally P., 
daughter of Amos Babcock of Westmoreland, N. H., and had five children, 
one of whom, Elijah, was a Presbyterian minister in Arkansas. 

Rev. Samuel Mason, the third minister, was born in Cavendish, Vt., Sept. 
9, 1797. He was son of Daniel,* and Betsey (Spaulding) Mason, of that 

town. His father was born in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 24, 1766, lived in 
Ashburnham, Mass., and in Cavendish, Vt., and died in the latter place, 
June 18, 1821. His mother was daughter of William and Esther Spauld- 
ing, was born in Westford, Mass., Jan. 31, 1777, and died in Cavendish, 
Feb. 10, 1839. The line of descent of DanieP Mason from Hugh^ Mason 
of Watertown, Mass., is given in the Manuscript Genealogy of Hugh Mason's 
descendants prepared by Edward Doubleday Harris and presented to the 
New-England Historic Genealogical Society. It agrees with and continues 
the record given in Bond's " Watertown." DanieP Mason was son of 
Samuel* Mason, who was born in Newton, Mass., Jan. 24, 1719-20, lived 
in Newton, Watertown and Ashburnham, and died in Ashburnham, May 
17, 1787, and his wife Esther Myrick. Samuel* was son of Daniel,^ who 
was born in Newton, Nov. 10, 1698, and lived in Lexington, Sudbury and 
Charlestown, and his wife Experience Newcomb. DauieP was son of 
John,^ who was born in Watertown, Jan. 1, 1644-45, settled in Newton 
(then Cambridge Village), and died about Feb., 1729-30, and his wife 
Elizabeth Hammond. John^ was the eldest son of Captain Hugh^ Mason, 
who was born in England in 1606, embarked at Ipswich in April, 1634, 
with his wife Esther, in the ship " Francis " for New England, was one 
of the earliest settlers of Watertown, and became the progenitor of many 
branches of the Mason family in New England. 

Rev. Samuel Mason worked at the trades of clothier and blacksmith, 
while preparing for the ministry. He was ordained minister of the church 
in Rockingham, Jan. 3, 1837, and was dismissed August 22, 1838, by a 
Council, which " cheerfully recommended him as a faithful Brother in the 
ministry to whatever field God in his providence may lead him." He after- 
wards preached in Lempster, Washington and Kingston, N. H., and in 
1846 removed to Newburyport, Mass., where he died April 9, 1847. He 
was married in Cavendish, before 1821, to Abigail Sawyer Whitcomb of 
that town, by whom he had seven children, born in Cavendish. 

T. B. P. 



FROM ITS ORGANIZATION, OCT. 27, 1773, TO SEPT. 25, 1839. 

Copied by Thomas Bellows Peck, of Walpole, N. H. 

The following records of the first church in Rockingham, Vermont, have 
been copied from the original volume in manuscript in the possession of 
William H. H. Putnam, of Springfield, Vt., who has kindly loaned it for 
this purpose. This precious volume has come to Mr. Putnam by right of 
his wife's descent from one of the early members of the church. It has been 
carefully cherished, is in excellent preservation and is invaluable on account 
of the information which it contains relating to the early settlers of Rocking- 
ham. These records are now printed for the first time in order to preserve 
and make accessible for reference the facts which they contain, many of 
which are not on record elsewhere, as to the history of the church, and 
especially the statistics of admissions of members, baptisms, marriages and 
deaths in the first half century of the existence of the town. 

The earlier and by far greater part of the records is in the handwriting 
of the first minister, Rev. Samuel Whiting, who was born in Franklin 
Mass., March, 1750 (Blake's " History of the Town of Franklin," p. 190), 
or (according to Farmer) Jan. 28, 1750; graduated at Harvard College in 
1769; was ordained pastor of the church in Rockingham, October 27, 1773; 
was dismissed by his own request. May 18, 1809, and died in Rockingham, 
May 16, 1819. Mr. Whiting's handwriting had the neatness which charac- 
^_^ terized the penmanship of the scho- 

cyX\^ ^...^ ^^^■^^^t^y larly clergyman of the last century, 

and is illustrated by the accompany- 
ing facsimile of his signature and by 
the engraved heading reduced from the fly-leaf of the volume of records. 
The later records are in the handwriting of Rev. Elijah Wollage, a graduate 
of Dartmouth College in 1791, of Rev. Samuel Mason and of Rev. Brough- 
ton White. 

It is intended to supplement the records with a brief historical sketch of 
the first church of Rockingham and its ministers, which will be accompanied 
with a half-tone engraving of the meeting-house, erected in 1787. This 
house is still in good preservation and is a most interesting specimen of the 
church architecture of the latter part of the eighteenth century. 

Pursuant to Letters Missive from the People in Rockingham & Chester 
in the Province of New York the Chhs of Brattleborough Warwick, Win- 
chester, Swanzy, Charlestown, Westmoreland, Walpole Lebanon & Wren- 
tham by their Elders & Messengers & the Messengers of Hindsdale & 
Cornish were Conven'd at Rockingham October 27*^ 1773. 

When antecedent to their embodying into a Council an Enquiry was pro- 
pos'd to be made in the Standing of the Chh in Brattleboro' upon Which the 
Rev^^ M'' Reeves & the Messengers from Brattleboro' being previously in- 
structed & empower'd by that Chh gave us full Satisfaction with regard to 
the Credentials of M'" Reeves & the Agreement of the Covenant of s'^ Chh 
with ours. We therefore Unanimously agreed upon their desire in Con- 
sideration of their peculiar Situation to receive & own them of our fellow- 
ship. Nevertheless we take this method and Opportunity to bear due Testi- 
mony against any Chh's forming itself & putting itself under the Care of a 
Minister without the Concurrence of Sister Chhs (where it may be had) to 
establish a Communion of Churches. 

The Chhs proceeded to embody into a Council and made Choice of the 
Rev*^ M'' Reeves Moderator & M'' Fessenden Scribe, the Council being 
form'd Voted their Acceptance of M''. Reeves & Brattleboro' Chh to our 
Communion, & our readiness to treat him & them as Such, expecting like 
Returns from them & that the Vote be made Publick at this Time & to our 
Chhs. In the next Place the Council proceeded to examine ]\P. Samuel 
Whiting the Pastor elect, as to his Licence to preach, his regular Standing 
as a Christian, his Doctrinal Sentiments, & his Views of Undertaking the 
Work of the Gospel Ministry & he gave full Satisfaction as they expressed 
by Vote. Voted to proceed to Ordination & that M"^ Olcott begin with 
Prayer, M"^ Reeves pray before the Charge, M*' Hedge give the Charge, M^ 
Lawrence the right hand of Fellowship & M'' Fessenden conclude with 

And agreeable hereto the Rev'^ Samuel Whiting was ordained a Gospel 
Bishop of the Chh in Rockingham & Chester Rockingham Octo'"" 27'^' 1773 
Attest Thomas Fessenden Scribe True Copy Att*' Sara' Whiting. 

1773 October 31 Baptiz'd Peter Son of Peter & Mercy Evans 
Novem^'' 20 Baptiz'd James Sou of Thomas & Sarah Button. & Samuel 

Son of Fairbanks & Esther Moors 

1774 January 23*^ Jonathan & Eunice Burr were propounded to the 

also Phebe Johnson of Chester, having before ownd the Covenant. 


Jan^ 25. Baptiz'd Chauncey Cheney Son of John & Esther Chandler at 
their house the Child being Sick. 

Jan^' 27 Married Jonathan Burt & Bethiah Preston of Rockingham. 

January 30"^ Receiv'd Naomi Kingsley into the Chli & Baptiz'd Adriel 
Son of Sylvanus & Naomi Kingsley 

March 13. Receiv'd into the Chh Phebe Johnson Jon'*' Burr & Eunice 
his Wife, also baptiz'd Bathsheb;i daughter of Jon*^ & Eunice Burr, also 
Priscilla Daughter of Cornelius & Baker. 

March 27. Baptiz'd Edward Son of Asahel & Phebe Johnson. 

April 17. At Chester Ebenezer Patterson with his Wife Anne of Kent 
own'd the Covenant & had their Child baptiz'd by the name of Moses. 

May 8. Caleb Church & Wife had their Child baptiz'd Jemima 

May 15. Joseph Wood proponnded to the Chh. 

June 12 Chh tarried after Divine Service & Chose Peter Evans & Elias 
Olcott to officiate as Deacons in the Chh. 

June 26. Letters missive from the People of Neve Fane & from the Chh 
in Westminster being read. Voted to Send according to their Desire to 
assist in Ordination & made Choice of Elias Olcott Delegate to New Fane 
& Elias Olcott and Peter Evans Delegates to Westminster 

July 17. Baptiz'd Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer & Zeruiah Johnson 

July 21 Married Benjamin Patterson of Piermont & Elisabeth Safford 
of Rockingham. 

July 31. Receiv'd Joseph Wood into the Chh & baptiz'd Samuel Mary 
& Anne Children of Joseph & Esther Wood. 

August 14. propounded Elenor Preston to the Chh. 

Sept. 7. Married Elkanah Day of Westminster & Levina Merrill of 
Chesterfield, having licence, also married Benjamin Larrabee & Abigail 
Spaulding of Rockingham. 

Sept. 11. Baptiz'd James Son of William & Elisabeth Stearns. & Syl- 
vanus Sabin Son of Sylvanus & Niionii Kingsley 

Octob. 2. Elenor Preston receiv'd into the Clih. Baptiz'd Elisabeth & 
Sarah Daughters of James & Margaret Campbel also propounded to the 
Chh Jabez Sargeants Jun'' & Persis his Wife. 

Nov. 20 Baptiz'd Bulah Daughter of William & Elisabeth Stearns. 

Nov. 27. Jabez & Persis Sargeants receiv'd into the Chh. & baptiz'd 
Jabez Son of Jabez & Persis Sergeants. 

Dec. 18. Baptiz'd Calvin Son of Ahiel & Mary Barnes, also Jacob & 
Phebe Wynu Propounded to the Chh. 

1775. April 6. Married Matthew Lane & Elisabeth Stearns of Rock- 

June 11. Baptiz'd Thomas Chandler Son of Timothy & Betty Olcott. 

July 23. Baptiz'd Abiel Daughter of Isaiah & Dorcas Johnson. & Aaron 
Son of Abraham & Sawyer. 

July 30. Baptiz'd Rebecca Daughter of Timothy & Rebecca Walker 

Aug. 27. Baptiz'd Sibbel Daughter of Elias & Sihbel Olcott, also pro- 
pounded at Rockingham Jacob & Phebe Wynn 

Octob. 10 Married Nathaniel Bennett & Sibhel Whipple of Rocking- 

Nov. 5. Baptiz'd Luther Son of John & Johnson. 

Dec. 17. Baptiz'd Mercy Daughter of Peter & Mercy Evans. 
Dec. 26 Married David Cockran & Mary Aiken, botli of Kent. 

1776. Jan. 14. Propounded Isaiah Johnson & Dorcas his Wife. 

Jan. 28. Isaiah & Dorcas Jolmson propounded at Rockingham. 

Feb. 18 Isaiah & Dorcas Johnson Received into the Chh. 

Feb. 20, Baptiz'd Lucinda Daughter of Fairbanks & Esther Moors at 
their house being Sick. 

March 21. By the Desire of Brother Asher Evans I inform'd the Chh 
& Congregation of his Sorrow for his foolisli & Inconsiderate Conduct with 
Nath' Bennett. Voted Satisfactory- 
April 21. Chh Tarried after Publick Worship, read Jonathan Burrs 
Complaint against Nathaniel Davis & Chose Peter P^vans & Elias Olcott to 
meet with them & endeavour to reconcile the Difficulties between them. 

April 27. Chh Tarried after Publick Worship When Peter Evans Jun'' 
& Elias Olcott upon Brother Davis Saying that wherein he had broke the 
good Rules of the Chh he was sorry for it. Said it was to the same purport 
to what they had Advis'd to & Brother Burr was satisfied with, and he being 
Satisfied withdrew his Complaint & both Parties agreed not to mention 
again the old Story wherein they differd & which was the foundation of the 

May 19. Baptiz'd Roswell Son of Asher & Mary Evans. 

June 17. Baptiz'd Mira Alpheus Sou of John & Esther Chandler 

July 1. Elenor Preston informing us that she had never been baptiz'd 
tho she thot she had been in Infancy when she was receiv'd into the Chh, 
was baptiz'd no Objection being made, also baptiz'd Sylvanus Son of Col- 
born & Eleuor Preston. 

July 22. Chh tarried after Publick Services & made Choice of Timothy 
Walker & Jehiel Webb for Choristers. An enquiry was made of Sister 
Preston as to the mistake which she was under as to her saying she had 
been baptiz'd in Infancy when she offer'd herself to join the Chh, when she 
declar'd that she really tho't then that she had been tho since she was Con- 
viuc'd to the Contrary. & the Chh were so far satisfied with lier Discourse 
as to overlook it, tho' they could not excuse her from great Negligence & 
Carelessness, also the Chh made Choice of Peter Evans Jun'' & Jon'^ Burr 
to Discourse with Brother Simonds & Woods concerning their Absenting 
from Communion & endeavour to persuade them to return to their Duty. 

July 28. Baptiz'd Nathan Son of Ebenezer & Zeruiah Johnson 

August 4. Propounded Agnis Whitney, having formerly ovvn'd the 

August 25. Receiv'd Agnis Whitney into the Chh. 

August 30 Baptiz'd Naomi Daughter of Sylvanus & Naomi Kingsley. 

Sept. 1. Baptiz'd Moses Agnis & Lucretia Children of Ezra & Agnis 
Whitney, also propounded Ebenezer & Rachel Albee 

Sept 11. Married Asa Wliite & Jane Arwin of Rockingham. 

Sept 15. Receiv'd Ebenezer & Rachel Albee into the Clih. Baptiz'd 
Mary Daughter of Sam' & Mary Whiting, also Elisabeth Daughter of 
John & Elisabeth Whitney, also Margarett Daughter of James & Margaret 
Campbell, & Rachel, Ebenezer, John, Benjamin, Mary & Submit Children 
of Ebenezer & Rachel Albee. 

Sept. 26. Married Solomon Wright & Abylene Preston & Gardner 
Simonds & Nancy Titus. 

Sept. 29. Baptiz'd Persis Daughter of Jabez & Persis Sargeant 

Octob. 6. Chh tarried after Publick Exercise & at the Desire of the 
Society at Putney. Voted to Send to assist in gathering a Chh & Installing 
a Minister there & Chose Peter Kvans & Nathaniel Davis Delegates. 

Nov. 3. Chh Tarried after Publick AVorship. Patrick McHerg ex- 
hibited a Certificate that he & his Wife were in Christian Communion in 
Scotland when they left it, the Chh Voted that they might receive the 
priveledge of baptism for their Child, accordingly after Meeting Baptiz'd 
Judith Daughter of Patrick &, Judith McHerg, at their House. 

Dec. 22 Baptiz'd Mary Daughter of Abraham & Sawyer. 

1777. March 30. Joshua & Esther Hotten at Chester * * * 
* * - * were propounded to tlie Clih. 

May 4. Chh Tarried after Publick Worsliip when a Letter of Dismis- 
sion & Recommendation of Thomas & Sarah Dutton from the Chh of Christ 
in Lunenburg was Read. 1 Voted to Receive Sarah Dutton into the Chh. 
Objections being made against Receiving Thomas Dutton into this Chh, till 
some Satisfaction was given for his Constant Neglect of & Absence from 
Publick Worship. The Question was put whether the Chh would receive 
Thomas Dutton into Communion without further Satisfaction pass'd ia the 

May IL Receiv'd into the Chh Joshua & Esther Hotten. Baptiz'd 
Joshua Asahel, & Luther Children of Joshua & Esther Hotten also Joseph 
Warner Son of Caleb & EJisabeth Church. 

June 22. Married Uria'h IMorris & Mary Tarbel of Chester. 

July 20. Baptiz'd Abigail Daughter of William & Elisabeth Stearns 

Sept 12(?) Married Howe as he Said & Mary Glazier of Rock- 


Sept 14. Propounded Jolm & IMartha Lovell. 

Octob. 5 Propounded Jehiel & Mary Webb 

Nov. 2 Married Charles Man & Zeruiah Parker of Chester 

Dec. 21. P.aptiz'd Mary Wife of Jehiel Webb & Receiv'd into the 

Chh John & .Martha Lovell & Jehiel & Mary Webb. 

Dec. 23. Baptiz'd Elisabeth Daughter of Tim'^ & Rebeca Walker being 

Dec. 28. Baptiz'd Clarissa & Jehiel Children of Jehiel & Mary Webb 


Jan. 31. Married David Cross & Rhoda Wilson of Acworth 
Marcli 29. Baptiz'd Samuel Son of Samuel & Mary Whiting & Simeon 
Son of Elias & Sibhel Olcott. 

May 10. Baptiz'd Adriel Son of Sylvanus & Naomi Kingsley 
May 17. ]^>aptiz'd Bulkley son of Timothy & Betty Olcott. 
June 21 Ba[»tiz"d TaWitha Daughter of Isaiah & Dorcas Jolinson 
July 12. Ba|)tiz'd Benjamin Sun of Ebenezer & Zeruiah Johnson. 
Aug. 23. Baptiz'd Leonard Son of Joshua & Esther Hotten. 
Aug. 30. Chh tarried & appointed a Chh IMeeting to be on Friday 
following to Consider whether the Chh will receive any to priveledges with- 
out Receiving to full Comnmnion or in other words whether they will 
adopt the half way Covenant, Commonly so call'd, & Propounded Bethiah 


Sept. 4. Chli Met according to appointment & Voted 

1. that the Cbh Covenant Stand without any Alterations & no Adult 
Persons be admitted to Priveledges & taken under the Watch & Care 
of the Chh without promising an Attendance on the Lord's Table. • 

2. that jiersons having own'd the Covenant elsewhere Residing among 
us, may receive Priveledges in this Chh even while they do not 
come to the Table of the Lord So Long as in the Judgment of 
Charity, the Chh can suppose they are endeavouring to remove their 
Scruples as to Coming to the Table of the Lord, & in other Re- 
spects live answerable to a Christian Profession 

3. Voted that the Pastor desire of Brother Joseph Wood the Reasons 
of his Still absenting from the Lord's Table. 

Sept. 8. Married Charles Richards Jun^ & Molly Arwin of Rockingham 

Sept. 13. Receiv'd Hannah Smith of Chester into the Chh having been 
Propounded, & Baptiz'd her. 

Sept. 20. Baptiz'd Mercy Daughter of Peter & Mercy Evans. 

Sept. 27. Receiv'd Bethiah Button into the Chh. also Baptiz'd Rufus & 
Mercy Children of Isaac & Stoell also Ralph Parker Son of Eleazer 

& Ruth Stearns. 

Oct. 4. Baptiz'd William Anson Son of John & Esther Chandler also 
David Lydia Bathsheba & Sarah Children of Thomas & Susanna Stone 

Oct. 13. Baptiz'd John King Son of John & Martha Lovell, & Perley 
Son of Thomas & Bethiah Dutton. Chh Tarried Voted to Comply with 
the Request of Westminster Chh & Chose Elias Olcott with the Pastor to 
join in Council there 

Nov. 1. Chh Tarried after Publick Worship, the Result of the Council 
at Westminster was Read, and the Chh were further inform'd as to what 
appear'd to be the Opinion of that Council as to Several matters that came 
under their Consideration. 

Dec. 10. Married Eli Evans & Hannah Larcum of Rockingham 


Jan. 17. Baptiz'd Thomas Son of Abraham & Sawyer, also Abi- 

gail Daughter of Jabez & Persis Sargeants at Chester. 

Jan. 24. Married Samuel Stafford as he Called himself a Stranger & 
Abigail Fuller of Rockingham. 

May 9. Baptiz'd David Son of Colburn & Elenor Preston. 

May 23. Baptiz'd Sai'ah Daughter of William & Elisabeth Stearns 

June 21 Married Benjamin Williams of Charlestown & Polly Lovell 
of Rockingham. 

June 22. Married Moses Allen of Greenfield & Mary Larrabee of 

July 4. Baptiz'd Lucinda Daughter of Fairbanks & Esther Moors also 
read the Confession of Eli & Llannah Evans & propounded them to tlie Chh. 

July 25. Receiv'd Eli & Hannah Evans into the Chh. also Baptiz'd 
Jesse Son of Eli & Hannah Evans. 

Aug. 8. Baptiz'd Annice Daughter of Caleb & Elisabeth Church. 

Aug. 22. Baptiz'd Betsi & Daniel Children of Moses & Jerusha Marsh, 
also Zebulon Son of Jonathan & Eunice Burr. 

Aug. 29. Chh Tarried & appointed a Chh Meeting Sept. 3*^. 

Sept. 3. Chh met according to apjaointment. Jacob Pease & Wife ex- 
hibiting a Recommendatory Letter were receiv'd into the Chh — Brother 

Joseph Wood inform'd the Chh that his having absented from the Lord's 
Table was on account of the Dilficulties of Pubhck Affairs & that he had 
tho't it to be a greater evil for him to partake than Absent, but that he 
was now Sensible of his having no Scripture Rule to Justify his absenting, 
desiring the Chh to overlook his Neglect & that he might again Commune 
with us 

Voted that the Chh is Satisfied herewith. 

As Some were dissatisfied with Deac Evans, the Vote was put Whether 
the Chh were Satisfied with him, passed in the Affirmative Deac Evans re- 
quested to be dismissed from Serving in the Office of Deacon. It was jjut 
to Vote whether the Chh would dismiss him. passed in the negative. 

Sept. 0. Baptiz'd Samuel & Anna Children of Ebenezer & Anna Pat- 
terson also Bethiah Daughter of Thomas & Bethiah Dutton at Evening. 
Married Jonathan Fuller & Rhoda Pease, also Elijah Knights & Mercy 
Fuller, all of Rockingham. 

Sept. 16. Marrie'd Josiah White & Elisabeth Pulsipher of Rockingham 

Sept. 26. Chh Tarried a Complaint of Nathaniel Davis against Deac"* 
Evans was Read, & after some Consideration the Question was put whether 
the Complaint should lie in the Chh without acting u2)on it at present in 
the manner as therein Desir'd, pass'd in the Affirmative It was then pro- 
posal that a Committee should be Chosen such as woidd be Satisfactory to 
the Parties to hear the matter in Dispute, the Parties then acquiesced in 
the Method & pitched upon five of the Brethren for the Committee, the 
Question was then put whether these Viz. .Jehiel Webb, Jacob Pease Elias 
Olcott, Ebenezer Fuller & Joseph Wood Should be the Committee for the 
Purpose afores'd pass'd in the affirmative. 

Octob. 3. Chh Tarried & the Committee Reported that having heard the 
Evidences the Complaint of Nathaniel Davis against Deacon Evans was 
not supported, the Question was put whether the Chh would act any fur- 
ther upon the Complaint, pass'd in the Negative. 

Octob. 4. Married Nathaniel Miner & Mary Camp of Rockingham 

Octob. 18. Married JNP McKenzie to the Widow Lois Spencer of 

Nov. 7. Baptiz'd IMary Daughter of Jehiel & IMary Webb. — Chh Tar- 
ried & Brother Ebenezer Fuller inform'd the Chh that he desir'd his 
Daughter Abigail's Children might be baptiz'd upon liis Account Chh 
Voted to Consider on it 

Nov. 14. Chh Tarried when the Chh were inform'd of the Desire of 
Doct"^ Reuben Jones & his Wife to be propounded to the Chh & join in 
full Communion, but that Docf Reuben Jones would not give an Assent to 
the Covenant, which was Customary to be assented to by Persons before 
they are receiv'd into full Communion if the Chh insisted upon it as a term 
of Communion, but if it was only desir'd of him by the Chh as a favour, he 
was ready to do it, he being j^resent further explain'd himself & gave his 
Reasons before the Chh, & the Chh Voted that the Matter rest for Con- 

Nov. 28. Chh Tarried after Divine Service when a draught of a Letter 
was read to be Consider 'd whether they would send it to Doct"" Jones, the 
Chh acted nothing lipon it. but appointed a Chh Meeting to be on the 15 
of December 

Dec. 5. Married Nathan Wright & Thankful Eastman of Rockingham 

Dec. 7. Married Benjamin Harris of Pladley & Hannah Galusha of 


Dec 15. Chh Met according to appointment at M"" Whitings 

1. Put to Vote Whether Brother Ebenezer Fuller might have his 
Daughter Abigails Children baptiz'd upon his & his AVives account, 
in the method he desired pass'd in the negative. 

2. Docf Reuben Jones being Present, Such matters were treated of 
in Conversation as were Satisfactory on both Sides. . 


Feb. 7. Married William Stowell & Phebe Sartwell both of Walpole 
Feb. 13. Receiv'd Reuben & Eunice Jones into the Chh & baptiz'd 
John Son of Reuben & Eunice Jones also Betsi Lane Daughter of Lemuel 
& Sargeants. 

Mar. 5. Chh tarried after Publick Worship & it was ask't whether the 
Chh would Act upon a Verbal Complaint of Deac" Evans, — the Motion 
was made & the Question was put whether the Chh would Establish it as a 
Rule to act upon no Complaints unless they were written pass'd in the 

March 7. Baptiz'd Abiel Danghter of Isaiah & Dorcas Johnson at 
their house, being Sick, present Jabez Sargents & Jabez Jun"" 
April 2. Baptiz'd Mary Daughter of Samuel & Mary Whiting 
April 12. Married Abel White & Hannah Closson of Rockingham. 
April 16. Chh tarried & appointed a Chh Meeting on Wednesday 26th 
April 23 on account of Fast ajjpointed Chh Meeting 27th 
April 27. Chh Met according to appointment & inform'd M"" Davis of 
their uneasiness with him for Continuing his Contention with Deac' Evans, 
& in not resting Satisfied with the doings of the Chh in respect to Him. 
after some time, according to a proposal made. Deac. Evans Said before the 
Chh that if he had injur'd M'' Davis any way in liis Name or Estate he 
was sorry for it. & meant to treat M'' Davis's Character with Brotherly 
Tenderness which was Satisfactory to M'' Davis. M"^ Davis also Said 
before the Chh & to the Chh that he was Sensible that upon Provocations 
lie had fallen into unbecoming Passions & in his Expressions had broken 
good Rules, & wherein he had given occasion of offence to the Chh he was 
sorry therefor desir'd that it might be overlook't & their prayers for him ; 
the Vote was then Call'd whether it was Satisfactory to the Chh pass'd in 
the Aflftrmative. 

May 14. Baptiz'd Anne Daughter of Charles & Irene Richards 
May 21 Baptiz'd Naomi Daughter of Sylvanus & Naomi Kingsley 
July 30 Baptiz'd Hannah Daughter of Eli & Hannah Evans. 
Aug. 14 Married Nath^ Davis Jun'' & Lydia Herod of Rockingham 
Octob. 15. Baptiz'd Daniel Son of Colborn & Elenor Preston. 
Nov. 9. Married Asher Evans of Rockingham & Lecta Sartwell of 

Nov. 26. Propounded Timothy «fc Rebecca Walker. 
Dec. 17. Chh Tarried & Convers'd something in regard to ha'vang a 
Sacrament, then Voted that Jacob Pease & Jehiel Webb with the Pastor 
be a Committee to go & See Sister Elenor Preston to make some Enquiry 
& give Some Advice as they shall see fit. 

Dec. 24 Receiv'd into the Chh Timothy & Rebecca Walker. 


Jan 5. Chh Tarried after Lecture & Voted 1 Satisfied with the Doings 
of the Committee Chosen to Converse with M''^ Preston 2dly that in Con- 
sequence of her becoming reconciled to her Husband the Chh is Satisfied 
& in Charity with her. 

Jan. 23. Married Elijah Lovell of Rockingham & Abigail Goldsbury of 

Jan 25. Married Frederick Reed & Lovisa Pease of Rockingham. 

March 15. At a Lecture at Chester baptiz'd Lucy Daughter of Timothy 
& Betty Olcott. also Lines Son of Jabez & Persis Sargeants & Abigail 
Daughter of Abiel & Mary Barnes 

April 29. Baptiz'd Vryling Son of John & Martha Lovell. 

May 27. Baptiz'd Washington Son of Timothy & Rebecca Walker & 
Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer & Rachel Albee. 

May 3L Married Ebenezer Stoell & Parmela Whitney of Rockingham 

June 3 Baptized Ira Son of Jehiel & Mary Webb. 

June 23. Married Leonard Reed & Esther Gould of Rockingham 

July 19 Married Elisha Wright of Rutland & Judith Wright of Rock- 

Jul}^ 3. Baptiz'd Eli Son of Reuben & Eunice Jones. 

July 22. Baptiz'd Sabra Daughter of Oliver & Hannah Lovell. 

July 29. Baptiz'd Olive Daughter of Daniel & Olive Edson. 

August 19. John Ellis was Propounded to the Chh. 

Aug. 26 Lecta Evans was propounded to the Chh. 

Aug. 31. Chh Tarried after Lecture & receiv'd into their Communion 
Daniel & Olive Edson being recommended from Bridgwater Chh. 

Sept 2. Receiv'd John Ellis & Lecta Evans into the Chh also Phebe 
Stoell made publick Confession & was propounded to the Chh. 

Sept. 9. Baptiz'd Charlotte, Samuel, Polly & Chloe Children of John 
& Urana Ellis. — also propounded P^lisabeth Fuller to the Chh. 

Octob. 21. Baptiz'd Salome Daughter of Caleb & Elisabeth Church 

Octob. 28. Receiv'd Phebe Stoell into the Chh. 

Octob. 30. Baptiz'd by M"^ Houston Jane Daughter of George & Nancy 
McMurphy & Susanna Smith Daughter of Ebenezer & Anne Patterson. 

Nov. 4. Baptiz'd Parthenia Daughter of Elias & Sibbel Olcott. 

Nov. 18. Mercy Knights Wife of Elijah Knights made confession & 
was propounded to the Chh. 

Dec. 11. Chh Meeting & the Chh Voted to Comply with the request of 
the Chh in Cornish & send their Pastor & Delegates to join in Ecclesiastical 
Council & Chose Jacob Pease & John Lovell Delegates. 

Dec. 15. Married Benjamin Parker & Rachel Weatherbee late of 

Dec. 16. Receiv'd Mercy Knights into the Chh. 

Dec. 23. Married Josiah Griswold of Walpole & Susanna Simonds of 

Dec. 30. Receiv'd into the Chh Elisabeth Fuller, Brother Joseph 
Wood & Nathaniel Davis Publicklj- objecting against it. a Vote was 
taken, four or more of those Present holding up their hands for it, & 
none holding up their hands when the Contrary was put. 


Feb. 10. Married Sam' Smith of Amherst & Sabra Debelle of Charls- 

Feb. 17. Baptiz'd Simeon Son of Elijah Knights & Mercy, a Chh 
Meeting was appointed on Friday Feb. 22'^ 

Feb. 22. Chh met, according to appointment, when it being propos'd to 
Brother Joseph Wood to inform the Chh what was his Uneasiness, he 
Said he was uneasy with the Chh for receiving Elisabeth Fuller into Com- 
munion, the Chh hearing his reasons to Convince them they had done 


Wrong some proposals were made to liim which were not satisfactory, 
the Question being mov'd was put whether the Chh are Satisfied with the 
Proceedings on Lord's Da)'^ December oOth in Receiving Elisabeth Fuller 
into Communion. jDassed in the affirmative. 

March 24. A Chh Meeting was appointed on the 28th 

March 28. Chh Met according to appointment, when a Complaint of 
Brother Nathaniel Davis & a Complaint of Brother John Lovell against 
each other were read, & the Chh jiroceeded to act in the following manner 

1 The Question was i^ut whether the Chh will act upon the Complaint 
of Brother Davis against Brother Lovell pass'd in the affirmative. 

2. The Question was put whether it appears to the Chh that Brother 
Davis by the Evidence exhibited has supported his Complaint against M'' 
Lovell. pass'd in the Negative. 

3 The Question was put whether the Chh will act upon the Complaint 
of Brother Lovell against M"" Davis pass'd in the Affirmative. 

Brother Davis declaring that he had no objection against the Chhs pro- 
ceeding to act on the affair at this meeting more than at any future time, 
the Chh proceeded to act. 

4. the Question was put whether it appears to the Chh by the Evidence 
exhibited that Brother Lovell has Supported his Complaint pass'd in the 

5. Voted that the Chh Meeting be adjourned to the first Monday in 

April 7. Propounded to the Chh William Harris 

April IL Married Isaac Stearns & Jane White of Rockingham 

May 5 Receiv'd William Harris into the Chh. 

May 6. Chh Met according to Adjournment. . 

1 The Question Avas put whether Peter Evans & Elias Olcott shall 
Continue Deacons, of the Chh, & whether Deacon Evans on account of his 
Age & Infirmities shall be excus'd from providing for & Serving at the 
Table as he requests, pass'd in the Affirmative. 

2 Chose Jacob Pease for a third Deacon. 

the Meeting was then adjourned till next Sabbath Evening 

May 9. Married Ephraim Guild of Chester & Philena Wright of 

May 19. Chh Tarried according to adjournment, when a Draught of 
an Admonition was read & 

The (Question was put whether the Pastor should send this Admonition to 
Brother Nathaniel Davis in the Name of the Chh jiass'd in the Affirmative. 

May 26. Baptiz'd Electa Daughter of Asher & Electa Evans. 

May 29. Married Thomas Davenport & Zipporah Gay of Rock, 

June 9. Baptiz'd Lucinda Daughter of Phebe Stoell. 

June 16. Evening Married Elisha Knights & Phebe Stoell of Rock 

June 20. Married John Baker & Experience Gibbs, William Stearns & 
Lydia Glazier Ebenezer Pulsipher & Unity Reed all of this Town. 

June 30. Propounded Jonas Hazeltine to the Chh. also at Evening 
Married Daniel Richards & Sally Field of Rockingham 

July 21 Baptiz'd »Sapphira Daughter of Sylvahus & Naomi Kingsley 

Aug. 4. Baptiz'd Patty daughter of & Johnson. 

Aug. 18. Propounded to the Chh Sarah the Wife of John Cooper. 

Sept. 1. Chh tarried after Divine Service & upon hearing & consider- 
ing the Request of Brother Nathaniel Davis comply'd therewith & Voted 


to the Matter of M"" Davis Grievance to the Association, & Chose the 
Deacons with the Pastor to represent the matter in behalf of the Chh to 
them At the Meeting of the Association but two Ministers were Present 
viz M"^ Goodhue & M^' Williams who decliu'd attending to the Matter or 
giving their Advice. 

Sept 15. Baptiz'd Elijah Son of Ebenezer & Rachel Albee also pro- 
pounded Vashti Evans to the Chh. 

Sept 22 Receiv'd Sarah Cooper into the Chh 

Nov. 10. Received Vashti Evans mto the Chh. & Baptiz'd Eli Son of 
Eli & Hannah Evans. 

Dec. 22. Propound Priscilla Pulsipher to the Chh 

Chh tarried Read a Draught of a Letter to Thomas Chandler Jabez 
Sargeants & others in Chester. Voted that it be sent. 

2. Voted that Deac. Pease Jehiel Webb Peter Evans Jun'' William 
Simonds & Daniel Edson be a Committee to Confer with Brother Joseph 
Woods & with Jonas liazeltine. 


January 26. Baptiz'd Abigail Daughter of Samuel & Mary Whiting 
Chh tarried, the Committee Chosen to Confer with Joseph Woods & 
Jonas Hazeltine make Report to the Clili. 

1 The Question was put whether the Chh were willing to Receive 
Jonas Hazeltine into Communion, it was no vote being a tie. 

2 Whether the Chh were Satisfied that the Chh Covenant Should 
stand as it does j^assed in the affirmative 

A Draught of a Second Admonition to M^ Davis was read 

3. Voted that the Pastor send this Second Admonition to M^ Davis in 
the Name of the Chh. 

April 20. Chh tarried Read to them a Letter from Thomas Chandler 
Clerk of the Chh in Chester. & a draught of answer to the Chh in Ches- 
ter. Voted that it be sent. 

April 27. Baptiz'd John Son of John & Urana Ellis 

May 4. Baptiz'd Martha Daughter of John & Martha Lovell. Pro- 
pounded Rhoda Fuller to the Chh. 

May 1 1 . Receiv'd Priscilla Pulsipher into the Chh. 

May 18. Appointed a Chh Meeting to be on Wednesday 21 Instant 

May 21 Chh met according to ajipointment. INP' Davis being under 
the Admonition of the Chh. desir'd that the Chh would join with him in 
Calling a Council to hear & advise as to his Matter of grievance. 

1 A'^oted to Call a Coimcil of Neighbouring Chhs for this jjurpose viz 
Charlestown AYalpole & Westminster, these being agreed to by M"" Davis. 

2. Made Choice of Deac Pease M'' Edson & Peter Evans Jun'' with the 
Pastor to be a Committee with M"^ Davis to Send the Letters Missive. 

3. Made choice of the three Deacons John Lovell Daniel Edson & 
Peter Evans Jun"" with the Pastor as a Committee to prepare matters to 
lay before the Council. 

4 the Question was put whether the Chh were willing to dismiss & 
Recommend Brother Joseph Wood to any Chh of our Communion, upon 
their being Satisfied that he has attended on Pub lick Worship & Ordi- 
nances in such Chh for some considerable time Pass'd in the Affirmative 

June 29. Receiv'd Rhoda Fuller into the Chh. also Baptiz'd Elisabeth 
Stoell & Samuel AVoods Children of David & Priscilla Pulsipher 

July 6. After Publick AVorshii) Brother Nathaniel Davis desiring the 
Congregation to Stop, read to them a paper in these AVords or nearly. If 


I have said any thing that has given just Occasion of Offence to any in this 
Chh I am sorry for it. 

July 6. Chh Tarried after Puhlick Worship 

1 The Question was put, whether the Pastor be directed to Examine 
particularly all that offer themselves to be propounded to the Chh as to 
their Sentiments respecting Infant Baptism & it' they do not hold to Infant 
BajDtism as it is generally held to in the Congregational Chhs, & do not 
think it their Duty to bring their Children to Baptism in Infancy, that it 
be raention'd to the Chh wdien they are propounded, & if they are receiv'd 
into the Chh be matter of Record, pass'd in the affirmative. 

2. The Question was put whether the Chh would receive Jonas Hazle- 
tine into their Communion & under their Watch & Care, & that it be Re- 
corded that he did n't hold to Infant Baptism. Pass'd in the Affirmative. 

3. Receiv'd Sarah Roundy into the Chh being recommended from the 
Chh in Ware. 

July 27. Receiv'd Jonas Hazletine into the Chh, also Baptiz'd Eben- 
ezer & Mary Children of Jonathan & Rhoda Fuller. 

August 3. Baptiz'd Elisabeth Daughter of Lemuel & Sargeants 

August 14 Married David Campbell »& Amela Johnson of Rockingham. 

August 20 Daniel Edson & Elenor Richards appear'd & he took her 
as his Wedded Wife & she took Him as her Wedded Husband. 

Aug^' 24. Baptiz'd Hannah Daughter of Jehiel & Mary Webb Chh 
tarried read a Confession of M'' Davis Chh Voted it Satisfactory 

Sept 7 Baptiz'd Abigail Daughter of John & Whitney 

October 26 Baptiz'd Lynde & Polly Children of William & Susanna 

December 14 Chh Tarried after Divine Service When a Complaint of 
Kathaniel Davis against John Lovell & others was read & another against 
Daniel Edson. 

1 Voted that the Chh would not act on the Complaint against John 
Lovell & others 

2, Voted that the Complaint against Daniel Edson lie for the Present 
& that M'' Edson have further opportunity to make Satisfaction to the Chh, 
if he should see fit. 


Feb. 19. Chh met according to appointment at M'' Whitings, the Meet- 
ing being open'd, M'' Davis withdrew his Complaint against M'' Edson, M' 
Edson having given him full Satisfaction 

May 2. a Chh Meeting was appointed to be on thursday following at 
the Meeting house, at 12 oClock, & an Invitation & Desire was made to 
the Congregation that any of them who had any matters which they de- 
sir'd to Communicate to the Chh, or any grievances in respect to any of 
the Regulations of the Chh, that they would attend & be free in Opening 
their minds to the Chh. 

May 6. Chh Met according to Appointment, when Some of the Con- 
gregation being present, they Made request to the Chh, that there might be 
a door Open for the Baptism of the Children of Such as had Scruples upon 
their minds about Coming to the Table of the Lord & yet were willing to 
enter into Covenant & put themselves under the Watch & Care of the Chh, 
& offer'd further that they Consider'd this as a Priveledge which they had 
a right to Demand, as they understood that the Cambridge Platform was 
to be the Rule by which the Chh was to govern themselves by. After Con- 
siderable Conference, it was agreed upon that for the purpose of Coming 


to some mutual Agreement three members of the Chh should be Chosen to 
Join with three persons of the Congregation, as a Committee with the Pas- 
tor to devise & form some Rule of proceeding to be laid before the Chh, in 
order for their Acceptance, & voting it as a Rule of Proceeding in the Chh. 
the Chh made Choice of Deac" Peas, Peter Evans Jun'' & Jehiel Webb, to 
join with John Herod, Charles Richards & Caleb Church, who were Chosen 
on the part of the Congregation, which Committee were to meet at the 
Rev^^ M'^ Whitings on thursday, the 27th of May, at Noon. 

May 23 Chh Tarried & Voted to Dismiss & Recommend Elenor Pres- 
ton from this Chh to the Chh in Rutland. 

June 6. Chh Tarried after Divine Service & there was read to them 
the draught of a Vote agreed upon by the Committee Chosen for that pur- 
pose, & it was Voted that a Chh Meetmg be appointed to Consider & Act 
upon the Same, & a Chh Meeting was appointed accordingly to be at the 
Meeting House on Tuesday the 15th of June Instant at one oClock in the 

June 15 Chh met according to Appointment & being open'd with 
Prayer, the Draught of a Vote under Consideration was again Read, when 
after Considerable Conference & Debate on the Matter, the Vote was put 
whether the Draught shoukl be receiv'd & it pass'd in the Negative, there 
being a Considerable part that did 'nt Vote either way. after Considerable 
further Conference & Debate, the Question was put 

1 Wliether the last Vote should be reconsider'd & pass'd in the Affir- 

2. Whether the Draught under Consideration should be adopted as a 
Rule of Proceeding in the Chh so long as the Chh perceiv'd any good 
effects of the Same & pass'd in the Affirmative. 

the Vote Pass'd is as follows. 

This Chh taking into Consideration the Uneasiness of Numbers of the 
Congregation & their request that they might enjoy a Sui)posed Prive- 
ledge of having the Ordinance of Baptism administred to their Childi-en, 
tho they do not Come up to the Table of the Lord & join in full Com- 
munion with the Chh — a liberty which is granted in many Chhs of our Com- 
munion tho not so generally as formerly 


1. That the Chh camiot Consider it to be a profession of Faith in 
Christ & Obedience to him, while a Reserve is made as to Coming up to 
the vSacrament of the Supper, & while there is no profession of Obedience 
to this Dying Command of the Saviour. 

2. That the Chh would Charitably Sui)pose that such Adult persons as 
had been Baptiz'd & thereby bro't into the Chh in their Infancy & of good 
Moral Behaviour, did not mean to renounce their Baptism, reject the Au- 
thority watch & Discipline of the Chh or Disclaim all Priveledges from it ; 
by their neglect in not answering the Design of their early Baptism, even 
to profess faith in Chi-ist & Obedience to Him & thereby make it Their 
own Act & Deed m a professed & publick manner 

3 That the Chli are willing that Baptism be administered to the Chil- 
dren of all Such of whom they can have this Charitable Thot as mention'd 
in the preceding Vote & would desu-e their Pastor thus to practice. 

4 Voted that such as have been guilty of Moral Scandal do make 
Christian Satisfaction therefor in order to their receiving any Priveledge 
in the Way above mentioned. 

5 That the Applying for any Priveledge in the Chh shall be under- 


stood as an acknowledgment of the Authority of the Chh over such as 
Apply & that it be Consider'd as an actual putting themselves under the 
Watch & Care of the Chh & that they receive Priveledges no longer than 
they submit to the Authority & Discipline of the Chh. 

6. That such as do receive Baptism for their Children or any Prive- 
ledge in the Way above mentioned do make a Publick Profession of their 
Beleif of the Christian Religion, do acknowledge the Validity of their own 
Baptism in Infancy, & their Beleif of the Scriptural Right of Administr- 
ing Baptism to the Infants of such as are members of the Visible Chh, & 
the propriety of the Mode as practic'd in our Chhs. that they promise to 
bring up their Children in the Nurture & Admonition of the Lord & will 
submit to the Discipline of the Chh exercis'd in a Reasonable & Gospel 

7. That the Pastor propound such as apply for receiving Priveledges 
at least one Week before they are received to Priveledges & he is desir'd & 
directed to enquire of all applying whether they have for some Reasonable 
term of time Statedly read Gods Word & pray'd m theii- Families, & care- 
fully attended on the Worship of God with their Families on the Lords 
Day & unless they can Answer in the Affirmative in these Points, not to 
propound them to Priveledges as without the Practice of these things the 
Chh cannot Consider that there is any kind of Security for the good Edu- 
cation of the Baptiz'd Children or any reasonable Expectation of it. 

8. Voted that inasmuch as there may be very particular Caution & Care 
needful, in directing persons who may apply for Priveledges, and as to 
propounding them to the Chh ; Agreable to the Desire of the Pastor the 
Chh do appoint a Committee of the Chh for his help & assistance, whom 
the Pastor may at any time call to his assistance in any matter of Doubt & 
to whom he may send any applying persons, to obtain their Consent in 
order to be propounded, & it is understood that the Committee assist the 
Pastor in any other matters ; & that this method be Continued in the Chh 
so long as the good Tendency & effects of it appear. 

9 that Daniel Edson, Jehiel Webb, & Deac" Jacob Pease be the Com- 
mittee for Purposes abovementioned so long as they shall be willing to 
afford their Service to the Pastor & Chh & give satisfaction to the Chh 

July 10 Chh Tarried after Publick Worship & Voted that David 
Stanley, Jonas Hazeltine & Ebenezer Clark be mention'd to the Congre- 
gation to see if it is agreable to them that these assist with Mr. Webb in 
setting the Psalm & leading in singing. 

It was mentioned & no Objection made. 


Jan. 22. appointed Chh Meeting on 26*'' 

Jan 26. Chh Met & adjourned till Sabbath Evening the 20^^ after 
Publick Exercises. 

Jan 29. Chh Tarried after Publick Worship & there appearing to be 
such Objection against granting the Request of Deacon Jacob Peas & 
brother Ebenezer Fuller as to the Baptism of their grandchildren, that it 
was not thot adviseable to put the Vote and the Chh Meeting was dismiss'd 
without acting upon any thing. 

Feb. 26. the Confession of Jacob Peas Jun'' was Read to the Chh & 

March 26. read a Letter missive from Westminster Chh. 


1 Voted to send to Join in Council according to their request 

2. Voted that Deac" Peter Evans be Delegate for that Purpose. 

June 11. Chh Tarried, & Voted that Daniel Edson have a Certificate 
of his Regular Standing in this Chh. 

June 25. Chh & Congregation tarried after Publick "Worship When 
Brother Daniel Edson preferred a Certificate from the Anabaptist Chh in 
Richmond as follows 

Richmond June 19 1786 

These may Certify that the first Baptist Chh of Christ in Richmond 
hath receiv'd Daniel Edson into Fellowship as a Christian, & to Baptism, 
& do Stand Ready to receive him to full Fellowship & Communion, as a 
member of this Church when he is Dismiss'd from the Chh where he now 

° Maturean Ballon 

Pastor of the Church 

Upon M"^ Edson Desiring a Dismission to Richmond Chh. a Form was 
read which was Voted & is Conceiv'd in these Words & Terms 

Rockingham Jmie 26*^ 1786 

Whereas Brother Daniel Edson having been Dismiss'd and recommended 
from the fourth Chh of Christ in Bridgwater was receiv'd into our Com- 
munion & mider our Particular Watch some years past, these may Certify 
of his regular & Christian Walk among Us so far as we know. And 
Whereas he has by a Certificate from Us apply 'd to the Ana-Baptist Chh 
of Christ in Richmond & receiv'd Baptism there according to his Mind & 
has manifested his desire to Us of being Dismiss'd to S*^ Chh. these may 
Certify also that upon his being admitted into that Chh. we shall Consider 
him dismiss'd from Us, & no longer under our particular Watch & Care. 
Wishing him the Divine Presence & Blessing & that Grace Mercy Peace 
Love & Charity may be multiplied to you the Chh of Christ in Richmond 
We Subscribe Your Brethren in our Common Lord. 

Samuel Whiting 

To the Chh in Richmond. Pastor in the Name 

& by the Vote of the Chh 

2. Upon the Request of Sister Naomi Kingsley Voted that She have a 
Letter of Dismission & Recommendation to the Christian People where 
she lives. 

3. Upon the request of Sister Vashti Trott Voted that she have a Let- 
ter of Dismission & Recommendation to the Chh of Clu'ist in Walpole. 

Nov. 26. Chh Tarried after public Exercise & made Choice of Peter 
Evans Jun"" to be one of their Committee, Daniel Edson having Left Us & 
Joined a Baptist Chh. also read to them a Complaint against the Pastor 
for Maladministration by Nath^ Davis. 


Nov. 11. Communicated to the Chh a letter missive from the Chh of 
Christ in Reading Voted to Send to Assist in the Ordination of M"" Sar- 
geants there & made Choice of Dea" Jacob Peas & Peter Evans Jun'' as 
Delegates with the Pastor for that j^urpose. 

1788. Nov. 2 Communicated to the Chh a Letter Missive from the 
Chh & People in Thomlinson, & agreable to their desire Voted to Assist in 


the Ordination of M'' Hall, & made Choice of Deac" Peter Evans as a 
Delegate with the Pastor for that Purpose. 

Nov. 23. Voted to dismiss & Recommend Brother George Wood & his 
Wife to Fitzburg Chh. 

1789. June 6. Communicated to the Chh a letter Missive from the 
Christian Catholic Society in Windsor. & agreable to there request Voted 
to Send a Delegate to assist in Council at the Ordination of ]VP Shuttles- 
VForth & made Choice of Jehiel Webb J^scf as a delegate to go vs^ith the 


Nov. 21. Ebenezer Clark made public Confession of the Sin of Intem- 

1791 June 26. read a letter from Woodstock Clxh desiring assistance 
by Pastor & Delegates to Sit in Council to hear their DiflSculties & re- 
sult [?] thereon, the Chh Voted to Comply vpith their request & Chose 
Deac" Elias Olcott & Asher Evans Delegates, but upon their not being 
able to attend, made Choice of Ebenezer Fuller & David Stanley for Dele- 


July 7. Chh Tarried after Publick Worship & made Choice of M"" 
Philijj Davis as Chorister (with M"" Stanley before Chosen) to the Chh. 

1794 Sept. 21. Chh Tarried & appointed a Church Meeting next 
thursday 2 oclock afternoon to Advise & Consult with M"^ Whituig as to 
the propriety & Expediency of his Asking a Dismission. Met according 
to appointment, but pass'd no Vote after Some Conference upon the Diffi- 
cult & unhappy vSituation of the Town. It was generally thot best to 
make some further Trial, to see if unhappy prejudice might not more wear 
away, & a Spirit of Religion, of Charity & for Supporting Gospel Order & 
Worship, more take place 


Octob'" 25. Chh tarried & read to them a Letter from the Chh & Con- 
gregation in Wardsborough requesting to attend Ordination there Nov. 4*'^ 
Chh Voted to Send & Chose Jehiel Webb, & Ebenezer F'uller Delegates 


March 5 1798 the Chh met, being notified by a letter sent to each 
Member by the Pastor, being met at M' Whitings house, & the Meeting 
being open'd, the Pastor introduced the Conference & business, by reading 
the following Statement of facts & proposals for Consideration. 


I have Called you together without any j^articular request having been 
made therefor. And it may be expected that I open the Meeting, by Sug- 
gesting Some Reasons, & making some Statement of the Situation of the 
Chh. & the State of Religion among us, & the matters, wliich may be 
jDroper for the Chh to attend to. 

The Chh in this Town was gathered & Organized on the Day of my 
Ordination October 27 1773. It was Composed of the Pastor Elect & 
eleven other Male Members, who had made a Christian Profession & had 
belonged to other Chhs, & most of them had letters of Recommendation ; 
two of these eleven were residents of Chester, the others were of Rocking- 


ham. Publick Worship & Ordinances were divided between Eockingham 
& Chester for five years, at the Close of these five years, there was some 
small additions to the Chh in Rockingham & Chester ; And as they had never 
practiced much in attending at each others Communions they Considerd 
themselves as Separate & Distinct Churches. 

The Chh in Rockingham however soon called upon Chester members & 
they by sending us a Copy of their Covenant & proceedings gave us full 
satisfaction that they were duly Organized & regularly separated from us 
as a distinct Chh. during the first five years two of the first nme who sub- 
scribed the Covenant were removed by Death. Since the first gathermg 
of the Chh, about 70 have been received, some of whom have been removd 
by Death, others have removed from us to other places Some have so 
left us in principle as to have left our Communion, & there remains now 
about 50, little more than 12 are Males, a Considerable part of the male 
members are aged, & the active part of the Chh are about as small as when 
I was ordained. 

It pleased Providence to remove from the Chh some years past & soon 
after each other three Deacons who as it were began with us, & were great 
supporters & helpers to further Religion among us. 

The unhappy disputes in Politics which at several times have run so high 
among us, have evidently been unfavourable to the flourishing of Religion, 
the Disputes & di\isions in respect to Religious principles which have had 
a great run among us, tho' they may not have lessened the Quantity of 
Religion, have been unfavoiu-able to the Communion & Numbers of the 
Chh. The increase of Wealth in this Town & the Introduction of Luxu- 
ries, the Changes m Civil Government, the endeavours & attempts which 
have been made for Obtaining some Publick funds for providing a decent 
house & supporting Publick Worship therein, & the disappointments which 
attended these attempts, & the common Disputes which have arisen in Civil 
matters, all have evidently appeared unfavourable to the flourishing state 
of outward Religion among us. the mention of these general things read- 
ily reminds us of the great Share of Calamity's which we have suifered & 
been carried thro'. Our present weakness, & the frowns of Heaven which 
are upon us need not be dissembled & every private View may well be 
swallow'd up in a regard for Religion & Community. At the present pop- 
ulous State of the Town, & its great increase in Wealth no decent provision 
can be made for jiublick Worship after repeated trials ; Without any addi- 
tion to the Minister's Salary under all the depreciation that attends it It 
has become more & more burdensome no decent provisions are made for 
the Administration of Ordinances but not to enlarge upon the peculiar Cir- 
cumstances of the Town as might easily be done, the Pastor wishes to be 
encouraged & strengthened, if it can be done consistent with truth & hon- 
esty, otherways not. 

The above Statement of the Pastor was not objected to or disputed by 
the brethren, it being requested by the Brethren to hear what the Pastor 
offerr'd to the People last October, when he left off Preaching the substance 
of it was read to them & is as follows — 

I would mention to the Congregation that it is twenty four years since 
my being a Minister here the 27'*^ of October next, next Sabbath on which 
I expect to exchange will be the last Sabbath of the year & whereas my 
health is such that I cant preach in this meeting house during the Winter 
season, And as a very Considerable part of those who attend upon publick 
Worsliip are Women & Children & such as live at a distance & cant con- 


veniently attend, I think it my Duty to relinquish my Salary & desist from 
all ministerial Services during the Winter season I expect you will be 
Supply'd next Sabbath with preaching, and I would further add that I do 
not leave off preaching on account of any disinclination to the business or 
disaffection to the People, but on account of the peculiar Situation & Cir- 
cumstances of the Town. 

after some Conference upon the above, — no Votes were past, but the 
Chh meeting was adjourned to the Meeting House on the first Monday in 
April at One O Clock in the Afternoon. 

Met according to adjournment when it was concluded that M"" Wliiting 
make his proposals of beginning preaching again to the people in Town 
Meeting & thus begin & his Salary be paid by those who have not Certificated, 
in proportion to their doing their part towards Supplying the Pulpit the 
whole time. 

March. 1809 

the Chh met at the house of the Rev*^ M"^ Whiting agreable to appoint- 
ment, when the Pastor made request that he might be dismissed from his 
Ministerial Laboui's & after Conversing on the Subject the Chh Voted to 
comply with the Pastor's Request that a Dissolution of the Pastoral Rela- 
tion between pastor & Chh should take place & Chose brother Jehiel Webb 
& brother John Ellis a Committee to unite with the Committee of the Town 
to invite an ecclesiastical Council to advise & assist in this imjjortant trans- 
action. 2''^'^ Voted to send to the Chhs in Walpole, Grafton and Spring- 
field as a Council. 

Letters Missive were accordingly sent to those Chhs, who all of them 
met at the house of William Hall in Rockingham on the 18'^ of May 1809 
& having formed into Ecclesiastical Council, they united in the following 
result Viz. 

\_End of Rev. Mr. Whiting^s records of meetings.'\ 

Rockingham A.D. 1818. 

Be it remembered, that Elijah Wollage on the first Saturday of July 
A.D. 1818, came first to this town, at the request of Judge Knight, one of 
the Com', for hiring preaching to supply the pulpit in the north meeting 
house in s'^ Rockingham . . . That the said Wollage contracted for four 
months, that, on the expiration of that term, the Society gave him a 
call to preach with them four years, beginning the first of July af'd. that 
he accept^ the call on a salary of $425.00 per annum, that as the church 
of the Rev'^ Mr. Whiting was no longer to be found ; but most of the mem- 
bers either dead or removed away or had joined to some other denomination 
it was thought expedient to look up what few there might be found and in 
some way organize for the enjoyment of Gospel privileges. 

It was, therefore, thought advisable to invite some of the neighboring 
ministers of the Congregational order to come and assist in reestablishing a 
church in this i^lace. Accordingly, on Thursday, the fifth day of Novem- 
ber A.D. 1818, the Rev. Sylvester Sage of Westminister, East Parish, 
the Rev'^ Mr. Field, of Westminster, West Parish, the Rev. M"" Smiley of 
Springfield and the Rev. M'' Goodale of Grafton, convened at the dwelling 
house of the Rev*^* Elijah Wollage, in said Rockingham, and, after due 
examination of M"" Whiting's records and that no visible church of Christ 
could possibly be found : they submitted to the few, who had been profes- 


sors in the old chnrch, nndei' M"^ Whiting, and some others, who had been 
members of other churches, the following confession of faith and covenant, 
viz, — 

We believe &c &c 
You and each of you believe there is only one living and true GOD. 
that there is One Mediator between God and man, even Jesus Christ, and 
there is no salvation in any other : that the Holy Ghost proceedeth from 
the Father and the Son and is the Renewer, Sanctifier, Comforter and per- 
f ecter of his Saints ; and that these three, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are 
the one GOD. 

We believe &c 
You and each of you believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New 
Testaments are the word of GOD, and the only sure guide to direct the 
tempers, desires and dependance of the soul and the actions of life : that 
sin is a most deadly evil and unrepented of, will issue in endless death, its 
just wages : while true holiness is exceeding lovely in itself and will jiro- 
duce unspeakable happiness to its possessors, and end in eternal life and 
blessedness in the kingdom of glory. 

Thus \ y profess and believe. 

1 you j ^ 


We do now covenant — 

You and each of you do now endeavor, in the sincerity of our (your) hearts, 
to take the Lord Jehovah, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, whose being and 
perfections we (you) have professed to believe, to be our (your) GOD, and 
engage to be his willing subjects forever. We (you) take the holy scrip- 
tures for the only rule of our (your) life and accordingly covenant to live 
agreeably to them, a life of repentance, faith and new obedience ; and to 
renounce every evil & false way. We give (you give) up ourselves (your- 
self) to Christ in this his church and engage to attend on all the ordinances 
of GOD's house and the Gospel discipline here administered, so long as it 
shall please God to continue us (you) here among us. 

Thus we (you) and each of you promise and engage, depending on divine 
grace to enable us (you) rightly to perform these our (your) Covenant 

The foregoing Confession of faith and Covenant, having been read by 
the Rev. M"" Sage in the presence of the other ministers and many wit- 
nesses, they were both unanimously adopted and subscribed to, by Samuel 
Ober, Hezekiah Rice, John Stoel, William Sterns, and Nathan^ Clark, and 
also by Lydia Sterns and Elizabeth Rice. 

After the foregoing had been subscribed to, they were again read by the 
Rev. M'' Sage, to the subscribing members, in the Second person. You and 
each of you &c &c &c and the subscribers having made choice of the Rev. 
Elijah Wollage for their Moderator, were then declared to be the Congre- 
gational Church of Christ in Rockingham. 

Attest . Elijah Wollage, Moderator 

of said Church. 

The church, for the first time, celebrated the Lord's Supper, Lord's day, 
June the 6"' 1819, at which time, we received an accession of twenty eight. 

Second Communion July 18, 1819. Six members were this day added to 
the church. 

Third communion. Lord's day Sept. 12, 1819 — Three were added. 

October 31^' 1819 — fourth communion and two were added. 


Nov 11. 1819 The church, being duly requested, met and proceeded to 

First, unanimously voted that they are satisfied with all former proceed- 
ings, both of their Pastor and the church as a body. 

Secondly. Chose brother Henry C. Day their Clerk, whose duty shall be 
to warn a meeting of said church, or request the Pastor so to do, at any 
time, when two or more of the brethren shall make application for the 
same to him in writing : and who shall in the absence of the Pastor 
certify otificially, when necessary, any doings or votes of the church, or 
when the Pastor is a party in any church difficulty or church labor 
with him. And it shall be his duty to keep a fair record of all busi- 
ness and proceedings of the church, excepting admission and baptisms, 
and them at his own election. 

Thirdly. Chose three brethren, to wit, Samuel Gowing, Moses Hill and 
David Pulsipher Jimior, an informing Committee, whose duty be either 
jointly or severally, to give notice to the Pastor or the Clerk of all 
public and open breaches and violations of Christian duty, covenant 
obligations and regulations of this church, which may come within their 
knowledge or the knowledge of either of them. 

Fourthly. That all j^rivate labor, for private offences shall be according 
to the eighteenth chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel. 

Fifthly. That there shall in future be four stated communions in this 
church in each year : the first to be on the first Sabbath in the month 
of May, the second, on the first Sabbath in July, the third, on the first 
Sabbath in September and the fourth on the last Sabbath in October, 
or at the discretion of the Pastor, if he shall think it will better acom- 
modate the church, on any other Lord's day in said month. 

Sixthly. That no candidate shall be admitted into the church without giving 
satisfactory evidence of a change of heart. This evidence to be given 
to the Pastor, who, for the present, is appointed by the church as their 
committee for such examination. 

Seventhly. Tliat every candidate shall stand propounded, two full weeks, 
before admission, that any brother or sister may have an opportunity 
to examine such candidate relative to their hope and every qualifica- 
tion, the Gospel makes requisite for church membership. 

Eighthly. That no candidate shall be required to make any public con- 
fession for any former sins, crimes or misdemeanors, when his or her 
repentance and reformation shall evidence a new heart and life : and 
such, as in the charity of the church, God accepts. 

Ninth. Tliat all after offences shall be confessed, if brouglit before the 
church or becomes a matter of public notoriety, before the whole con- 

Tenth. The ordinance of baptism shall be administered to the children of 
none, but such as are in full communion in this or some Sister church. 

Eleventh. That no person shall be received as a witness who is out of 
the church, against any member, unless in the judgment of the church, 
such person is of strict integrity and truth. 

Twelfth. That no member of any Sister Congregational church, residing 
in this town, shall have any Church privileges, after one year's resi- 
dence, except such member unite with this Church in covenant relation. 
This article, however, is not to debar any one who may belong to any 
sister church in any of the towns next joining to this town, who are 
still under the watch and care of their own respective churches. 


Thirteenth. That the church in future will hold a prayer meeting on the 

first Monday in every mouth to unite with the general concert ol 

prayer, now established in all the churches. 
Fourteenth. That the church will be preparing their minds for the 

choice of two brethren to fill the ofifice of deacon, before another stated 

The foregoing articles were unanimously voted and adopted as the rules 
and regulations of this church. 

Elijah Wollage Pastor 

and Moderator 

"Whereas, it is very desirable, by every well wisher to every religious 
mstitution, that every necessary and decent provision for the accommodation 
and utility of its members, should be made ; and whereas we, the subscribers, 
understand that the Sacramental Table, in the congregational Meeting house, 
in this Town is now and ever has been wholly unfurnished with suitabh 
vessels for the decently and conveniently celebrating the Gospel Institution 
of the Lord's Supper ; Therefore, we the undersigned, severally engage to 
pay to Mr. Royal Earl, the sum annexed to our respective names for the 
sole purpose of purchasing all necessary furniture for said Table. The said 
furniture, purchased as aforesaid, shall be the sole property of the congre- 
gational church for their public use and benefit forever. 

Mockingham 22"^^ March, 1819 — 

Samuel Ober $2.50 

John Stoel 1.00 

Nathan' Clark 1.00 

Alexan'^'^ Campbell 1.00 

Royal Earl 1.00 

Ovid Lovell 1.00 

Samuel Gowing 1.00 

Elntheria Felt 1.00 
Samuel W. Goodridge 1.00 

Eli Evans 1,00 

Eli Evans Jr 1.00 

Moses Hill 1,00 

Nathan Weston 1.00 

Joseph Muzzy 1,00 
Alexan'''' S, Campbell .76 

William Stearns .75 

Peter Nourse .72 

Josiah Drury .50 

Daniel Nourse .50 

Luther Webb .50 

John L. Richards .50 


Sam' Nourse .50 

Hezek'^ Rice .50 

Calvin Webb .50 

R. Wadsworth .50 

Eber Stearns .50 

Eben"^ Lock .50 

Asa Black .50 

J. Whiting .50 

Warren Felt .50 

Xeno° Earl .50 

J. IL Campbell .50 

D. Pulsipher .50 

D. Pulsipher Jr .50 

Asa Stoel .50 

Isaac Shepherd .25 

Abr-" Easterbrooks .25 

Mary Earl .25 

Asa Lock .25 

Eleaz-^ Kendall .25 

Oren Lock .25 

John Wiley 2°'^ .50 

W°> Rollins .20 

Math, Miller 26 


9.01 $9.01 

Brought forward 



In addition to the foregoing, the Female Society advanced three Dollars 
and purchased the Baptismal Bason. Mrs. Eunice Richards gave the Table 
cloth and two small Napkins, or towels. The whole furniture, in addition 
to foregoing, consists of two large Tankard Pots, four Cups, two with 
handles, and two small Platters. 

Directions for cleansing the foregoing vessels. 

Take a piece of fine woolen (;loth ; upon this put as much sweet oil as 
will prevent its rubbing dry ; with these rub them well on every part ; then 
wipe them smartly with a soft dry linen rag, until they are quite clean, and 
rub them off with soft wash-leather and whiting. N.B. If convenient, wash 
them in boiling water and soap, just before they are rubbed with wush- 
leather and whiting. This would take off the oil more effectually and make 
the engraving look brighter. 

Capt. Thomas Gould, procured the subscriptions, collected and paid over 
the same to Mr. Royal Earl. 

At a meeting of the Church of Christ, according to special warning, on 
the third day of Ap' AD. 1820, Brother Samuel Ober was unanimously 
chosen to the office of first Deacon ; and Brother John Stoel was also unan- 
imously chosen to the office of second Deacon ; and both accepted. The 
church also voted, at the request of Sister Urania B. Stoughton, who was 
Urania B. Richards to recommend her to the Church of Christ in Gill, in 
Massachusetts, and directed their Pastor to make out such a Letter accord- 
ingly. The church then formed itself into the concert of prayer ; and the 
meeting then closed. Elijah Wollage, Moder. 

The above Letter I made out April 20^'^ AD. 1820. 

Elijah Wollage, Pas. 

June 11"' 1820 — The church unanimously expressed their desire to become 
a member of the County consociation of churches in this county. For that 
purpose made choice of Dea. Samuel Ober to represent them with their 
Pastor in said consociation in convention oil the third Tuesday of June 
current. E. Wollage, Moder. 

June 20 AD 1820 — The above request by Dea. Samuel Ober and the 
Pastor of the church was laid before the consociation and this church was 
receiv'd a member and became united to that body. 

attest Elijah Wollage Pastor. 

Nov. 11*^ 1820 — The church met according to appointment, it being also 
their annual meeting, and Voted, 

1^^ to discontinue for the future their informing committee. 

2. Voted to continue Br. H. C. Day their clerk. 

3. Chose a cominittee of five to enquire into certain reports respecting two 
of the church. The meeting was dissolved. 

attest E. Wollage, Moderator. 

February 3*^ 1821 — The aforesaid committee made report, that they 
found no serious difficixlties — or in other words, much less than they ex- 
pected and the business was settled. E. Wollage, Mod"". 

4'''' March 1821. We stopped after service and voted to give Mr 
Epaphras Ripley a letter as he requested. 

I made out the letter. Elijah Wollage, Mod"", 


June 3, 1821 — The Church made choice of Brother Samuel Gowin to re- 
preseut them m the Consociation on the third Tuesday in June current. 

attest Elijah Wollage Modr^ 

June 1821 — Present number of the church is 48. 

June 19 1821 — This church met by their Pastor & delegate the Consocia- 
tion at Wardsborough. E. Wollage Modr*. 

RocHngham AD. 1818. 

Members received into the church in full communion by Elijah Wollage. 

Lord's day, Nov'' 29, in her sick 

Eluthera Felt 

She died Ap^ 5, 1819 

Epaphras Ripley 
Anna, his wife. 

Eunice Richards, wife of Edward 
. Eli Evans, and Hannah,* his wife. 

Joanna Stoel, wife of John Stoel. 

Lone Felt, wife Eliphalet Felt. 

Josiah Drury. 

Sally Stodard, widow. 

Anna Muzzy, wife of Joseph Muzzy. 

Sarah Evans, wife of Eli Evans Jr. 

Moses Hill and Lydia, his wife. 

Thomas Gould and Caroline, his 

Henry C. Day and Hannah, his 

Nabby Phillips, widow. 

David Pulsipher, Jr. 

Lucy Pulsipher, single. 

Philena Pulsipher, single. 

Nathan Weston and Hannah, his 

Urana B. Richards, single. 

Sally Pulsipher, widow. 

Samuel Gowing and Elizabeth, his 

Annis Nourse, wife of Philip 

removed By letter. 

* dead. 

pi --I 





Removed by joining the Baptist. 

S CD <p 

<!> g !3 

Eunice Keith*, wife of Grindal Keith. June 20"^ 1819 

Sarah Whiting, widow. 
Marcy Clark, wife of Nath^ Clark. 
Sarah B. Wollage, single. 
Sojohia Wollage, single. 
Nancy M. Barron, single. 
Lucy Stoel, wife of Asa Stoel, by 

removed By letter, 
removed By letter. 





Peter Nourse and Lydia, his wife. '^ 

Abigail Lake, wife of Henry Lake 

I— I as -kj 

Harriet Lovell, wife of Ovid 

Also Susan Billings, widow. 

^ pq 

"S '"' 00 

ha <^ 

Eli Evans, Jr. 

Lucy Nourse, wife of David S o 

Nourse. « "^ 

Removed, June 1«* 1820. 
3 by death and by letter one — 4. leaves 45, the present number. 

E. WoLLAGE, Pastor. 

Received into full communion. 
Jane Shepherd, wife of Major Shep- 
herd. Sep' 3'^ 1820. 

Received into full communion. 
Mr® Betsey Emery, wife of Zacheus 
Emery. Nov. 5'^ 1820. Com. day. 

Reed into full communion. 
Philip Nourse and Joseph Muzzy. May 6*'' 1821. Com. day. 

June, 1821. The present members of the church is 48. 

1821. Receiv*^ into full communion. 

M"" Hii-am Davis. 

John Lock Richards. -p. -j^ 

Nabby Richards, wife of John L. . . ^^ 

Ricbai'ds, ^ ^Z 

and Miss Bridget Pierce, single 

and the widow Lydia Boynton, by t i it iqoi 

Letter from Springfield. '^'^^^ ^ ^^^^• 

Removed 1 By joining to the Baptist and 2 By letter — leaves 50 the 
present number, January, 1822. 

Received into full communion the widdo Huldey Smith, December the 4 

December the 4 1825. 

Thomas Gould and Ely Evans, J"^, was cut of from this Curch. 



In October, 1836, there were admitted to this church by B'^ Bradford 
Nancy S. Lock. Baptized. > , f in 

Abigail M. Mason. ) 

1837 _ ■ 

May. There were admitted to this church communion day. 

Zacheriah Gilson. 1 

Eunice Gilson. I -p. , 

Abigail Mason. j ^ 

Adeline Severence. J 

July 9. It being communion day. Sister Selima Stearns was received 
into fuU communion with this church. By letter. 
Sept 10. Communion day. 
Nov 12. Communion Season. 

1838. At a communion season Brother Joel Brown was received to the 
commimion & fellowship of this chh by profession. 

On the previs preparatory Lecture day was chosen Moderator 

^ ^ ^ ^ B.White. 

A. D. 1818. 
Baptisms by Elijah Wollage. 
Gratia Maria, daughter of Mr. John Barre and Thankful his wife. 
Sept. le**' 1818. 

Ann Eliza, daughter of Mr. Henry Lake and Abigail his wife. March 
14'^ 1819. 

Epaphras Ripley, adult. ^ ^ 

Sally Pulsipher, adult. o r| ^ -ju 

Caroline Gould, adult. i-5 »-2 ^ 


Lucretia Sanderson, 
Charles Merril, 

Loel Read, § 

John Stoel, ^ p 

children of Mr. Thos. Gould ^^ 

and Caroline his wife. ^ 

Also Henry, Olive, Laura, Sophia, ^ s" 

Harriet and Warren Felt, children of o ^ 

Mr. Eli Evans Jr and Sally his wife. ^ 

George Henry, 
Charles Weaver, 
Elizabeth Stowell, 

o f-i 

13 .Si 'S °° P '— I 

Samuel Woods, j ^ 

and Laura, j Some time before, 


Edward Lucius, Frederic, Henry 
and Norman, the cliildren of Henry 
C Day and Hannah his wife. 

Also Elvira, Lewis and Dana, the 
children of David Pulsipher Jun' 
and Rebeccah his wife. 

Also Maria, the daughter of Thos 
Gould and Caroline, his wife. 

Also Mary, the daughter of Susan 
Billings, widow. 

James, Sally, George Henry, Nel- 
son, Moses, Joseph and Charles 


,2 ^ 00 2 o <» S 

Lucy Nourse, wife of David Nourse. Dec^ 2 G'^^ 1819. 

Baptized Joanna Berry, daughter 
of John Berry and Thankful, his wife. 

Also Frederick Solon, Franklin 
Corey and Martha, the three children 
of Ovid Lovell and Harriet his wife. 

I prefixed the name of Harriet to 
Martha, the daughter of Mr. Ovid 
Lovell and Harriet his wife, named 
above. Not by rebaptism. That 
might not be proper. 

-►^ o 

;:;- v^ fl ^ 5 
^ ^ o bn ^ ^. 


= o 

bX) '" &,<» 

Lord's day 
Sept. 24, 1820. 

Nov. 5, 1820. 


Betsey Emery, wife of Mr. Zacheus 
1821 July 1^*. 

Mr. Hiram Davis. 

Mrs. Nabby Richards, wife John 
Lock Richards, and Miss Bridget 
Pierce, single woman. 
1821, July 1^*. 

Melinda Ann, Simon Stevens, and 
Helen Frances, the children of Mr. 
Hiram Davis and Melinda his wife. 

Elvira, daughter of Henry Lake 
Junior and Abigail his wife. 

Baptized By Sylvester Sage Nov. 6 1821. 
Henry son of Tho® Goidd & Caroline his Wife. 

A. D. 1818. — Marriages. 
Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham, in said County, on the tenth day 



Aug* 12, 1821. 


of August, A.D. 1818, Mr. John H. Campbell and Miss Mary M^Elvain 
both of s*^ Rockingham were duly joined in wedlock by me 

Elijah Wollage, Min. of Gos. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the IS**^ day 
of Sepf, A.D. 1818, Mr. Elijah Davis and Miss Nancy Tyler both of said 
Rockingham, were duly joined in wedlock by me Elijah Wollage, 

Minister of the Gospel. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered that at Rockingham in said County, on the 3'^ day of 
December, A.D. 1818, Mr. Jonas Fish and Miss Betsey Dagget both of 
said Rockingham, were duly married by me, Elijah Wollage, 

Min. of Gospel. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the 3'^ day of 
March, 1819, Mr. Warren Wheeler of Westmoreland in the County of 
Cheshire and State of New Hampshire, and Miss Betsey Wood of Rock- 
ingham af\ were duly joined in wedlock by me, Elijah Wollage, 

Minister of the Gospel. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the 21' day 
of June, A.D. 1819, Mr. David Wiley of Landgrove, in the County of 
Bennington and State aforesaid and Mrs. Submit Fish of Rockingham af"^ 
were duly joined in wedlock by me, Elijah Wollage, 

Min. of the Gospel. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the 24'^* day 
of Sept., A.D. 1819, M''. Ira Stoughon [Stoughton ?] of Gill, in the County 
of Franklin and Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Miss Urania B. 
Richards of Rockingham in the County of Windham af'^ were duly joined 
in wedlock by me. Elijah Wollage, Min. of Gos^ 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the 28 day 
of Novem., A.D. 1819, Mr. Joseph Whiting and Miss Clarissa Webb, both 
of said Rockingham, were duly joined in wedlock by me. 

Elijah Wollage, 
Min. of y® Gospel. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Rockingham in said County, on the o"' day 
of March, A.D. 1820, Mr. Pearley Fassett of Springfield in the County of 
Windsor and State af'^ and Miss Esther Gowing of Jaffrey and State of 
New Hampshire were duly joined in wedlock by me 

Elijah Wollage, Min. 

State of Vermont. 
Windham County SS. Be it remembered that, at Rockingham in said 
County on the li^^ day of September 1820, M"". Leonard Walker and Miss 
Betsey Read, both of said Rockingham were duly joined in wedlock by me 

Elijah Wollage, Minister. 


Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that at Rockingham in said County, on the 4"^ day 
of March A.D. 1821, Mr. (Jliver Wheelock of said Rockingham and Miss 
Susan Gould of Middlebury in the State afores'^ were duly joined in wed- 
lock by me. Elijah Wollage, Min. 

Windham County SS. State of Vermont. 

Be it remembered, that, at Graf ton in said County on the 10"' daj^ of 
July A.D. 1821, Mr. Peter Nourse and Mise Grata Emory, both of said 
Grafton, were duly joined in wedlock by me Elijah Wollage, 

Minister of the Gospel 
in Rockingham in s*^ 
lEnd of Becords of liev. Elijah Wollage.^ 

Rockingham, Jan. 1837. 

About the first of last August a contract was entered into by which I 
was to Preach in this place three-fourth of the time. After having sup- 
plied them two Sabbath I removed to town, and continued to labor accord- 
ingly. Application was made to the Vermont Domestic Missionary for 
assistance about the first of Sept. toward my support, which was granted. 
The monthly concert and church meeting was held on the first Monday of 
each month ; in Oct. an exchange was effected with B"" Bradford of Graf- 
ton and the Church enjoyed a season of communion when two were added 
to their number. 

On the first Monday in December at the regular Church meeting it was 
agreed that we would have an Ordination the first Wednesday in Jan. fol- 
lowing, and that a committee of the Church consisting of Dea John Stoel, 
B"" Asa Lock B'' David Pulcipbir and B"" Hiram Davis unite with the pas- 
tor Elect in calling an Eclesiastical council to meet on Tuesday Jan 4 at 
the house of Dea Stoel at 6 o'clock p.m. Letters missive were sent to 
the Churches in Springfield Chester Grafton Sextons River Westminster 
east Westminster West, and the Rev. Ira Ingraham Cor Sec. V M. D. M. 
S. Agreable to the foregoing The result was as follows 

At an Eclesiastical council convened by letters missive from the Congre- 
gational church in Rockingham, at the house of Dea Stoel at 6 o'clock p.m. 
Jan 3, 1837 were present 

From the church in West I 

Rev Timothy Field acting Pas 
B'' Atherton Hall Delegate 

From the Church in Chester Rev U C Burnap Pas. 
Sextons River 

Rev Nelson Barber Pastor 
B"^ Isaac Ober Delegate 


Rev H B Holmes Pastor 

B'' George Johnson Del. 
Grafton B^ Daniel Wright Del 
The council was organized by choosing 


Rev Timothy Field Moderator H. B. Holmes Scribe. 
Council opened with jirayer by the moderator papers were presented 
by the committee of the church purporting to be a call to M''. Samuel 
Mason to settle with them in the work of the Gospel ministry — and his 
answer to the same. 

Credentials of church membership and certilicate of licensure were 
presented by Mr Mason. 

Mr Mason was then examined relative to his personal piety his doctrinal 
views and motives for entering the ministry. 

Voted — to sustain the examination and proceed to the services of ordina- 
tion tomorrow at 11 o clock. 

The parts to be pei'formed as follows 

Invocation and reading the Scriptures B'. Barber 

Introductory prayer B''. Holmes 

Sermon and consecrating Prayer B"". Burnap 

Charge to the pastor B''. Field 

Right hand of fellowship B''. Barber 

Address to the Church, and concluding prayer B"". Holmes 

Benediction by the Pastor 

Voted to adjourn till tomorrow at 11 o clock at the meeting house. 
Met and the parts were performed accordingly. 

Timothy Field Moderator 
H. B. Holmes Scribe 
A true record Samuel Mason J> Pastor 

1837. At a regular church meeting held on the first Monday of 
February, it was voted to give Sister Sarah Whiting a letter of Dismission 
from this church to the church of Christ at Sextons River. 
Such letter was accordingly given by me. 

May 1®*. At a regular church meeting held at my house B''. Gilson 
& wife presented their letter from Chester Church to this, and Sister 
Adeline Severence, her from Alstead and it was voted they be received 
by us at our next communion. 

Voted that each member pay to Deacon Stoel 12^ cents a year com- 
mencing the 1 of May, for furnishing the Table. 

It was likewise agreed that a religious prayer meeting should be held 
every Saturday, to be called the weekly prayer meeting. Meeting Dis- 
solved. S. Mason )> Pastor 

May 11 At the preparatory meeting the church voted to adopt the 
Articles of faith and covenant, approved by the Black River association. 

A resolution was passed, which was according to the request of Sister 
Caroline Gould, suspending her the privileges of the Church till she 
could satisfy them for disorderly conduct. As may be seen by a preamble 
and Resolution on file among the Records. 

Sister Abigail Mason presented a letter from the church in Cavendish 
and was voted to be received at our next communion. Meeting closed 
with Prayer. S. Mason } Pastor 

June 5 At the monthly concert and church meeting B''. Hiram Davis 
was chosen as Delegate to attend the consociation at Grafton, the S'^'^ 
Tuesday of June present. Samuel Mason }- Pas. 


Nov 11 At the preparatory lecture. Voted to give Sister Elizabeth 
Upham a letter of recomendation and Dismission, from this to the church 
in Sextons River. 

Which letter was accordingly given by me 

Samuel Mason J- Pastor. 

At the meeting above it was agreed to comply with the request of 
Church of Chester to assist by Pastor and delegate in the installation of 
B''. S. H. Hodges on Wednesday the 15 instant, and chose W. David 
Pulcipher as Delegate. Samuel Mason } 

1838 April 1 Monday at a regular church meeting Voted to give 
Sister Adeline Severance a letter of Dismission and recomendation. 
Which was accordingly done. 

Voted to meet next Saturday to make some necessary arrangements for 
the settlement of the difficulty with B'". Davis. 

Saturday met and after consultation it was agreed to submit the ques- 
tion : What shall B^'. Davis do to satisfy AP. Divol? to B''. H. B. Holmes 
of Springfield — and Dea Daniel Mason was to be the witness on the part 
of the church. 

Sabbath noon in May. It having been ascertained that B^ Holmes could 
not attend to the business for which he was chosen on account of sickness, 
It was agreed to submit the same question to B''® Bradford and Delegate 
B*" Hodges and Delegate, B'" Wellman and Delegate, to meet on the — of 
May instant. 

The first Monday in June, 4 day. Chose David Pulcipher and Dea Stoel 
to conduct the business for the Church before the council. B"" Joel M. 
Brown gave a relation of his religious exercises and was voted to be re- 
ceived into the church. 

Resolved. That we will forget and forgive what has past of Difficulty 
in this church, and not mention it to one another nor any body else only so 
as to bring our members into the measure. 

This was passed with the hope that all troubles might be amicably settled. 
(But vain proves the hope of man) for at the next comunion the same 
causes of Division were found to exist. 

August 13, 1838. 

At a regular church meeting, at the meeting house. Voted to have a 
mutual council to convene at the house of the pastor, on Wednesday the 22 
day of August instant, at 10 o'clock A. M. to disolve the pastoral relation 
between minister and people in this place. 

Chose Dea J Stoel Com for the church 

Voted that Pastor and Committee should designate the council. 

Voted to give Abigail Mason and Abigail M. Mason general letters of 
Dismission, &c. Saml Mason Pastor 

Pursuant to letters missive from the Congregational church in Rock- 
ingham Vt an eclesiastical Council convened at the house of Rev Samuel 
Mason Pastor of s'^ church on Wednesday the 22"'^ August 1838 consisting 
of Pastors and delegates from the following churches viz. 

Grafton Rev. Moses B. Bradford Pastor 

Sextons River Rev Nelson Barbour Pastor 

Dea William C Sabin Delegate 

Springfield Bro Luke Brown Delegate 

Chester Rev Silas H Hodges Pastor 

Bro Benj^ Smith Delegate 


Council organized by choosing Eev M. B. Bradford Moderator and Rev. 
Silas H Hodges Scribe and opened with prayer by the Moderator. 

The Pastor and a committee of the church came before the council and 
made their respective Statements. It appeared from them there existed 
difficulties and Dissensions in the church which greatly impaired B""" Mason's 
prospects of usefulness, and his ministerial influence ; which diminished the 
subscription for his salary, and would probably deprive him of the aid of the 
Dom. Miss. Society thus rendering his support both inadequate and precarious. 
In view of these circumstances the council voted unanimously, that the pas- 
toral relation between Rev. Samuel Mason and the Cong Chm'ch in Rock- 
ingham ought to be and is hereby Disolved. 

The council exculpate Bro Mason entirely from any part in the difficul- 
ties and Dissensions mentioned, which appear to have existed before his 
labors commenced, and they cheerfully recommend him as a faithful Brother 
in the ministry to whatever field God in his providence may lead him. 

It is with deep regret that the council find themselves constraind to 
adopt their conclusion : a conclusion which seems not merely to deprive 
the church of a pastor for the time being, but to put an end to its prospect 
of enjoying the ordinances of the Gospel. And they entreat the brethren 
of the church as they regard the welfare of the surrounding community, 
the eternal interests of their neighbors their kindred and their families ; 
for the sake of Zion and her King, to put away every root of bitterness 
from among them, to quench the flame of Discord, and to exhibit such an 
united and lovely aspect that they may hope to obtain and uphold another 
Pastor to labour more successfully among them. 

Adjourned with prayer by the scribe. Moses B Bradford, Mod. 

Silas H Hodges scribe 

A true copy of the original minutes. 

Silas H Hodges, Scribe. 

Copied into this book and left as the closing pastoral record, by 
Samuel Mason y Dismissed. 

Nov. 1, 1838. 

1839. August 31. At a preparatory Lecture and duly notified chh 
meeting came Melinda Davis a member of this clih, & gave the chh to un- 
derstand, that Caroline Gould, also a member of this chh, on the 28*^'' day 
of June last past, & at sundry times since has been guilty of an intemperate 
use of strong drink or drinks, to the dishonour of religion, and her Chris- 
tian profession : And the said Melinda further says, she has taken the 
regular steps of the gospel, in order to convince & reclaim the said 
Caroline Gould ; but she has refused to hearken ; & as in duty bound, she 
now tells it to the chh, that her sister may be proceeded with according to 
the rules of the gospel. Melinda Davis 

Broughton White Moderator 

At the same chh meeting, the chh appointed Wednesday 1 1 ^^ day of 
September next, at 2 o'clock p. :m. for the time, when they will hear the 
said Caroline Gould, in the matter of charge preferred against her, & also 
requested the Moderator to give her notice. 

Bkoughton White Moderator 

Sept. 11. 1839 Agreeably to appointment, the chh met at the house 
of the Late Deacon John Stoel ; but as Sister Gould, as well as several of 
the brethren, were not present, the chh voted to adjourn the meeting to 
two weeks from this day, at 2 o'clock p m. at this place. Sept 25. 

Broughton White Moder. 


Sept. 15. Chh stopped after divine service, & chose B"" David Pulsi- 
pher delegate to the Windham Consociation to meet at Townsend the 
present week. B. White Moderator 

September 25, 1839. The Chh met agreeably to their adjournment 
from the 11*^ instant, when the members present, by a unanimous vote 
excluded Mrs Caroline, the wife of Thomas Gould Esq, from their com- 
munion & fellowship. They also chose Br. joel Brown delegate to the 
council to be convened at Saxton's River Vilage, to dismiss Rev Nelson 
Barber tomorrow. B White Moderator. 

Nov. 3, 1839 

(End of Becords of Bev. Samuel Mason and Bev. Broiighton White.) 

Catalogue of Such as were received into the Chh first 
gather'd October 27. 1773 

Samuel Whiting Peter Evans & Wife Nathaniel Davis, David Pulfipher 
& Wife, Elias Olcott &. wife. Will"' Simouds & wife Peter Evans Jun''. & 
Wife Ebenezer Fuller & Wife, Aflier Evans & Wife — Samuel Larrabee 

& Wife. 

Jon*^^ Burr & Wife, Naomi Kingfley, Jofeph Wood, Mary Whiting 
recommended from Warwick — Elenor Prefton 

1775 & 1776 
Agnis Whitney, Ebenezer & Rachel Albee 

Thomas & Sarah Dutton — by recommendation. John & Martha Lovell, 
Jehiel & Mary Webb. 

Bethiah Dutton — 

Eli & Hannah Evans, Jacob & Mary Peas by recomendation 

Reuben & Eunice Jones, Timothy & Rebecca Walker — 

John Ellis Lecta Evans Phebe Stoell, Mercy Knights, Elifabeth Fuller 
— Daniel E^dfon & Wife recomended 

Sarah Cooper — Will™ Harris Vafhti Evans 

Prifcilla Pulfipher Rhoda Fuller, Sarah Roundy recommended, Jonas 

George & Sarah Wood Frederic & Louifa Read 

Rufsel Knight recommended — John Lane recommended, Ebenezer Clark 
— Mary Kendall 

Hannah Benton recommended — David Stanley, & M*^ Berry recom- 

Mrs Stearns, M'-* Pulfipher— M'"^ Walker 


M"^^ Ellis. M''* Taylor Olive Edson— , Jacob Benton & Sam^ Emery & 
Wife & Sami Qber & Wife & Philip Davis & Wife & W Wood, all by 

Those that were Receiv'd into the Chh from 1784. — 

July 25. Read the Confession of George & Sarah AVood & propounded 
them to the Chh for full Communion. 

August 15 Received George & Sarah Wood into the Church. 

Octob. 31 Read the Confession of Frederick & Lovisa Read and pro- 
pounded them to the Chh for full Communion. 

1785. March 27. Receiv'd Frederick & Lovisa Reed into the Chh 

April 24 Russel Knight preferring a letter of Dismission & Recom- 
mendation from the Chh in Lancaster was receiv'd into the Chh in full 

June 19. John Lane preferring a Dismission & Recommendation from 
the Chh of Christ in Bedford, was received into the Chh in Rockingham in 
full Communion. 

Decem. 25. Ebenezer Clark was propounded to be receiv'd into Com- 

178(3. January. 22. Receiv'd Ebenezer Clark into the Church. 

May 3. Propounded Mary Wife of Eleazar Kendall. 

June. 11. Receiv'd Mary Kendall into the Church. 

Sept. 10 Receiv'd Hannah Benton into the Chh, being recommended & 
Dismissed from Harwinton Chh. Mrs Benton upon a recommendation 
Received into the Chh & David Stanley & Mrs Berry were receiv'd being 
recommended bv Jeffry Chh. 

17S9. May 3. the Wife of Will'" Stearns & the Wife of John Pulsi- 
pher were propounded to the Chh for full Communion. 

May 24. the Wife of Will"' Stearns & the Wife of John Pulsipher re- 
ceiv'd into the Church to full Communion 

Nov. 22 the Wife of James Walker propounded to the Chh for full 

Decemb. 27. the Wife of James Walker receiv'd into the Church. 


July 11 Receiv'd into the Chh Uraua Wife of John Ellis, having been 
before propounded 

July 25 propounded Mrs Taylor to the Chh. 

Augst 22. Mrs Taylor receiv'd into the Chh 


June 5. Propounded Olive the wife of Isaiah Edson. 

June 26 receiv'd into the Chh Olive wife of Isaiah Edson. 

Sept. 4. Receiv'd Jacob Benton into the Chh by Recommendation from 
Harwinton Chh in Connecticut. 

Sept 18 Receiv'd into the Chh. Sam^ Emery & Wife, Sam' Ober & Wife, 
& the wife of Barnabas Wood, being recommended from the Chh in Jaffrey. 


May 5 Receiv'd into the Chh Philip Davis & Wife by Recommenda- 
tion from Mansfield Chh. 

Nov. 10. propounded James M^aFee & Wife as proposing to come for- 
ward to own the Covenant & receive Christian Priveledges. 

Nov. 17 James Macafee & Wife own'd the Covenant & receiv'd into 
the Charity of the Chh. 


1794 Feb^ 23 

Feb. 23 Receiv'd iuto the Chh Julia Balcb by Recommendation from 
Keene Church. 

March. 80 Dismiss'd & recommended John Lane to the Chh in Grafton 
where he resides. 

June 15 propounded Lydia wife of Nathan Procter to full Communion 
having formerly own'd the Covenant. 

July 27 Receiv'd Lydia Procter into the Church. 

Aug** 24 propounded John Stoell & Wife to the Chh for full Commun- 
ion also Mary the Wife of Benjamin Gowen to own the Covenant 

Sept. 21 Receiv'd Mary Gowin into the Charity of the Chh for the re- 
ceiving Priveledges. 

Sept 28. Receiv'd John & Joanna Stoell into full Communion 

1795 May 10 Receiv'd Daniel Perry iuto the Chh having been pro- 
pounded for some Weeks. 

June 28. propounded Lynde Simouds & Wife for the receiving Chris- 
tian Priveledges. 

July 26. Lynde Simonds & Wife made profession of Christian Faith & 
own'd the Covenant & were admitted to Christian Priveledges 

Sept 6 propounded the W^idow Sarah Green to the Chh having before 
own'd the Covenant 

Sept 20 Receiv'd to full Communion & under the Watch of the Chh 
the Widow Sarah Green 

Octob. 25 propounded Robert Wiley & Wife for the receiving Baptism 
for their child 

Nov. 15. Robert Wiley & Wife made publick profession of the Christian 
Faith & own'd the Covenant 

1796. Octob^ 23 propounded William Stearns Jun'' & Wife to the 

1797. March 19. propounded Leech & wife for the receiving 


May. 14 M"" Leech & wife made profession of the Christian Faith own'd 
the Covenant & their Child was Baptiz'd by the name of John. 


Aug** 12 Receiv'd William Stearns Jun"^. & Lydia his wife into the 


Aug* 17 Propounded Matthew Millar & Wife for receiving Priveledges 

Octob'' 5 Matthew Millar & Wife also Lovice Darby made Christian 
Profession & own'd the Covenant & were admitted to Priveledges 

Nov. 9*"^. in Consequence of a regular Dismission & Recommendation 
Hannah the Wife of Eleazer Kendall was receiv'd as a member in full com- 


Octob''. 4 Read a letter of Recommendation & Dismission of Lydia 
Chamberlam from the Chh in Hopkinton Massachusetts, & upon the prin- 
ciples of the Communion of Chhs she was received into this Chh. 

Sept 19 1802 propounded Samuel Berry & Wife for receiving Priv- 

Sept 26 Samuel Berry & Wife made publick profession of the Christian 
Faith & were admitted to priveledges. 

Nov 21 propound Nancy Berry wife of John Berry for the receiving 


Dec. 15 Received Nancy Berry to the profession of the Christian Faith 
& to have priveledges 


Oct. 2 propounded Asa & Sarah Berry his wife also Joel & Hannah 
Berry his wife for receiving priveledges 

Nov. 24. Receiv'd Asa & Sarah Berry his Wife, also Joel & Hannah 
Berry his wife to the profession of the Christian Faith for the receiving 

1805 June 23. propounded Jonathan Wiley & Wife for the purpose 
of receiving Christian Priveledges. 

July 31 received Jonathan Wiley & Wife to the profession of the 
Christian Faith & into the Charity of the Chh in order to receive Christian 


May 11 Andrew Dun & Mary his Wife preferred a Certificate from 
the Pastor that they were Members of the Church in Shirley Massachu- 
setts & in regular Standing. 

Nov. 2. proijounded to the Chh in order for full Communion Charlotte 

November 4. Samuel Whiting Jun'" & his Wife Betsey made publick 
profession of the Christian Religion & gave their Assent to the Covenant 
before a number of the Chh & Neighbours who were Call'^ in, he being 
weak and low with the Consumption, but in the free exercise of Reason & 
s'^ Betsey was Baptiz'd 

Nov. 23. Charlotte Ellis made profession of the Christian Religion, gave 
her Assent to the Covenant & was receiv'd to Communion & Priveledges 
in this Chh. 

Nov. 30 propounded to the Chh in order for full Communion Sarah 


April 10. Sarah Whiting made profession of the Christian Religion 
gave her assent to the Covenant & was received to Communion & privel- 
edges of the Chh 


March 1 Abigail Eastman being Sick made profession of the Christian 
Religion, being very desirous to give up herself to God in Baptism & was 

Sept 1. propounded to the Church Muzzy wife of Joseph Muzzy 

Sept 8 Receiv'd M""* Muzzy into the Chh She making Chi-istian pro- 

Records op Such as 
Put themselves under the Watch of the Chh Recogniz'd their 
OWN Baptism & receiv'd Baptism for their Children. 

July 11 1784 Propounded Charles Richards Jun"" & his Wife & Dan- 
iel Richards & his Wife. . 

July 18 Baptiz'd Molly Richards, also John & Molly Children of 
Charles & Molly Richards, also Manor Son of Daniel & Sally Richards. 

August. 1. Baptized Mavel Daughter of John Casper Shana Wolf, his 
Wife Rachel having own'd the Covenant at Leomister. 

September. 26. Baptiz'd Martha Daughter of Will" & Glazier 

Octob. 17 Baptiz'd Huldah Daughter of Caleb & Elisabeth Church 



August 7 Baptiz'd Heman & Matilda twin Children of Charles Richards 
Jun--. & Molly his Wife 

Sept 11. Baptiz'd Sally daughter of Daniel & Sally Richards 



Sept 8. Baptized Benjamin S. Franklin, son of Hiram and Melinda 

Nov. 19 Baptized Charles Chamberlain Son of Doct Perry and 

Sister Perry at Cambridge Port. 

Baptisms from the tear, 1784 — having baptized before 84 in 
Rockingham, & 27 in Chester. — 

April 21 Baptiz'd at Chester — Moses Son of Reuben & Eunice Jones 

also Abraham Son of Abraham & Sawyer also Janna Son of Joshua & 

Esther Hotten & Eusebia Daughter of Timothy & Elisabeth Olcott. 

April 28. Baptiz'd Mercy Daughter of Jon"' & Rhoda Fuller 

May. 9. Ba])tiz'd Hannah Daughter of Elias & Sibbel Olcott 

June 6 Baptiz'd Randal Son of Eli & Hannah Evans. 

July. 11. Baptiz'd David son of Daniel & Dolly Bigsby. 

July 18. Baptiz'd Rosalinda Daughter of Thomas & Bethiah Dutton 

July. 25 Baptiz'd Roswell Son of Asher & Lecta Evans. 

August. 1 Baptiz'd Asahel Son of Elisha & Phebe Knights 

August 15 Baptiz'd Sibbel Daughter of George & Sarah Wood. 
August 22 I Baptiz'd Esther Daughter of Thomas & Susanna Stone & 
at Chester J Biah daughter of Robert & Delop [?] 

& Esther Daughter of Thomas & Esther Caryl 
& Edmund Son of Joseph & Ruth Wetmore & 
Thomas Chandler Son of Ezekiel & Lucy Colburn. 

October 10 Baptiz'd Frink, Son of Oliver & Hannah Lovell. 

Nov. 28. Baptiz Zibiah Daughter of Ebenezer Johnson at Chester. 

Dec. 5. Baptiz'd Joseph Partridge Son of John & Urana Ellis. 


Jan. 9 Baptiz'd Lucy Daughter of David & Priscilla Pulsipher. 

June 19 Baptiz'd Amanda Daugliter of Elisha & Phebe Knights. 

July. 3. Baptiz'd Polly & Samuel Children of Moses Marsh & Wife 

July 17 Baptiz'd Eleazar Son of Ebenezer and Rachel Albee, also 
Frederic, Lovisa & Simeon Peas Children of Frederic & Lovisa Reed. 

July 21 Baptiz'd Joseph Son of Peter & Frethel Tarble, She being 
Sick, being a Member of Claremont Chh. 

August 28 Baptiz'd John Goldsbury Son of Sam^ & Mary Whiting 

Oct"''^'' 16. Baptiz'd Horace Son of John & Martha Lovell. 

Nov. 6. Baptiz'd Rachel Daughter of George & Sarah Wood 

Dec. 18. Baptiz'd Mercy Cut'ter Daugliter of Jon"' & Rhoda Fuller. 


March. 12 Baptiz'd Billy Fisher Son of Jacob Peas, & Experience his 
Deceased Wife presented by & under the Care of his grand Parents Jacob 
& Mary Peas — 

May. 14 Baptiz'd Joel Son of Daniel & Dorothy Bigsby 

July 9. Baptiz'd Ebenezer Fuller Son of Thomas & Bethiah Dutton 

July 30 Baptiz'd John Son of Elias & Sibbel Olcott. 

Ang 13 Baptiz'd Arad Son of Asher & Lecta Evans. 


Sept. 10 Baptiz'd Henry Son of Eli & Hannah Evans. 

June. 3. Baptiz'd Rhena Daughter of David & Priscilla Pulsipher. 
August. 5. Baptiz'd Phebe Root Daughter of Elisha & Pliebe Knights 
August. 26 Baptiz'd Phebe Daughter of Moses & Marsh — 

October. 15 1787. Baptiz'd Samuel Son of Isaac & Johnson. 

Nov. 4 Baptiz'd James Young Son of Shaua & Rachel Wolf — 

April 20 Baptiz'd Ruth Petty Daughter of Eli & Hannah Evans — 
June 15 Baptiz'd Linus Son of John & Urana Ellis — 
June 22 Baptiz'd Billy Sou of Frederic & Lovisa Reed- 
July 6 Baptiz'd Luther Son of Daniel & Dorothy Bixby. 
March 15 Baptiz'd John Lenox, & Anna Maria twin Children of 

Samuel & Jannett Cutler — 

May 24. Baptiz'd Alpheus Son of John & Martha Lovell — 

June 7 Baptiz'd Doraxa Daughter of Jehiel & Mary Webb. 

June 14 Baptiz'd Orange Sou of John & Urana Ellis — 

June. 28 Baptiz'd Alphee Son of Asher & Lecta Evans — 

Nov. 8 Baptiz'd Hannah Flagg Daughter of Benjamin Gould & Wife. 


May 9. Baptiz'd Eleutheria Daughter of Sam^ & Mary Whiting also 

Sophia Daughter of Eli & Hannah Evans — 

June. 20. Baptiz'd Ama Daughter of Frederick & Lovisa Read & 

Nathaniel Son of James & Walker — 

July 3. Baptiz'd Thanlvful Daughter of Samuel Emery & Wife — ■ 
Aug* 1. Baptiz'd Philena Daughter of David Pulsipher & Wife 
Sept. 19 Baptiz'd Samuel — Polly — & Sally Children of Samuel & 

Mary Taylor — 

Octob 25. Baptiz'd Amasa Son of Elisha & Phebe Knights — 

1791. May 29 BaptizVl P^lvira Daughter of Jehiel & Mary Webb 
July 10. 'Baptiz'd Sally & Esther Children of Adam Caldwell & Wife 
July 17 Baptiz'd Roxalena Daughter of Asher & Lecta Evans — 
August 20 Baptiz'd Alexander Stearns Son of Alexander & Rhoda 

Campbell being dangerously sick 

September 4. Baptiz'd Betsy & Sally Perkins grandchildren of Eben- 
ezer Fuller — 

October. 16. Baptiz'd John Son of Barnabas & Woods also 

Sarah Daughter of Isaiah & Olive Edson 

1792. June 3. Baptiz'd Theophilus Son of Samuel & Mary Whiting — 
also Sophia Daughter of John & Urana Ellis 

July 1 Baptiz'd Olive Daughter of Isaiah & Olive Edson 
Sept 23. Baptiz'd David Son of David & Priscilla Pulsipher. 

1793. January. 6 Baptiz'd Benjamin Gowen upon his publick Assent 
& Consent to the Covenant — 

Jan. 11 Baptiz'd at Oliver Lovells Esqr, being lecture. — Beliza 
Daughter of Oliver & Hannah Lovell also Sarah Sophia & Catharine 
Children of Jon"^ & Eunice Burr also Clarissa Daughter of Cyrus & 
Bridget Davis also Bulah Craft Daughter of the Widow Molly Fuller — 
April 30 Baptiz'd ^Vsahel Son of Jonathan & Eunice Burr. 
June 9. Baptiz'd Sally, Daughter of Philip & Davis 

June 22 Baptiz'd Betsi Daughter of Samuel & Emery 

Sept. 1. Baptiz'd Vashti Daughter of Asher & Lecta Evans — by M' 


Nov. 17. Baptiz'd Jane Daughter of James M'^afee & Wife, also 

Aniiis Daughter of Jonathan Barnes & Wife 

February 23. ' Baptiz'd James Son of Benjamin & Julia Balch. 
May 20 Was Baptiz'd by M'^ Ogden an Episcopal Clergyman James 

Iredell Son of Samuel & Janett Cutler also George Church Son of 

George & Mehitabel Caldwell also William NichoUs. living with M*^ 

Cutler — 

June 1 Baptiz'd Asenath Daughter of Frederick & Loisa Read — 

Augst 24 Baptiz'd Dolly & Tabitha Children of Daniel Bixby & Wife. 

Sept 14 Baptiz'd Benjamin vSon of Benjamin & Mary Gowing 

Sept 21 Baptiz'd Isaiah Son of Isaiah & Olive Edson. 

Sept 28 Baptiz'd Joanna & John Children of John & Joanna Stoell — 

17 D5 

March. Baptiz'd Josiah, James Jackson & Elizabeth Children of M' 

Sanderson & Wife at the Falls 
April 5 Baptiz'd David Sou of Benjamin Nasmith. 
May 10 Baptiz'd Rebecca Daughter of Daniel Perry, & Wife 
June 28 Baptiz'd John Son of Samuel Emery & Wife — 
July 26 Baptiz'd Hannah Daughter of Lynde & Mary Simonds 
Aug*"^ 23. Baptiz'd David Son of John & Joanna Stoell — 
Sept 22 Baptiz'd Abigail Daughter of Ebenezer M'^Ilvain at his house 

being Dangerously Sick. 

Nov. 15 Baptiz'd .John Son of Robert Wiley & Wife. 

Novem. 29. Baptiz'd Moses Son of Jonathan Barron & Wife 


Feb. 14. preacht at M'' Obers— & Baptiz'd Isaac. David & William 

Children of Samuel & Hannah Ober. also Phebe & Polly Children of 

Calvin & Martha Clark — 

March 10 Baptiz'd Ruth Daughter of Benj & Chloe Bowker, of 

Springfield at their house 

March 13 Baptiz'd Hugh Son of Benjamin Nasmith & Wife — 

A})ril 24 Baptiz'd Levi Sabin Son of Benj. & Mary Gowen 

July 3. Baptiz'd John Son of Asher & Lecta Evans — 

Aug'^* 7 Baptiz'd Mary Daughter of Lynde & Mary Simonds 

Aug"' 14 Baptiz'd Patty Daughter of Philip Davis"& Wife — 

Aug'' 21 Baptiz'd Mary Daughter of James Macafee & Wife 

Sept 11 Baptiz'd Fanny Daughter of Frederick & Lovisa Reed also 

Edward Son of Edward Richards & Wife, she being of Jaffrey Chh 
March. 13 Baptiz'd Elisabeth, Sarah & Thomas Boyd Children of 

Matthew Reed & Wife- 
May 14. Baptiz'd John Son of M^ Leech & Wife- 
June 30 Baptiz'd the Children of Isaac Johnson & Wife She Saying 

she had been Receiv'd into a Baptist Chh in Europe — — 

September 3. Baptiz'd Eleazer Son of Samuel Emery & Wife also 

Betsi Daughter of John Stoell & Wife- 
Sept 10 Baptiz'd Lydia & Nancy Children of William & Lydia Cham- 
berlain — 

Sept 24 Baptiz'd William Campbell Son of Robert Wiley & Wife 
Octob. 1. Baptiz'd Harriet Daughter of Samuel & Janett Cutler — 
Nov. 26 Baptiz'd William & Samuel Cutler Children of George & 

Mehitable Caldwell— 



Feb'" 15 Baptiz'd Elias & Patty Children of David & Priscilla Pulsi- 
pher — 

March 4 Baptiz'd Joseph Sou of Samuel & Mary Whiting 

March 15 Baptiz'd Hannah Sparhawk Daughter Benjamin & Chloe 

Bowker of Springlieid — 

July. 22 Baptiz'd James Son of Benjamin & Mary Gowen 

Aug*^* 16 Baptiz'd Betsy Laurence, Eber, Jehiel, & William Children 

of William & Lydia Stearns. 

Aug^' 19 Baptiz'd Betsy Daughter of Lynd & Mary Simonds. 

Octob"^ 7. Baptiz'd Harriet Daughter of Jonathan Barron & Wife 


June 16. Baptiz'd Achsah Daughter of James M^afee & Wife 

July. 29. Baptiz'd Sally Daughter of Jonathan Morrison & Wife 

Aug^*" 4. Bapsiz'd Asena Daughter of Robert Wiley & Wife. 

Octob'' 6 Baptiz'd Mela Daughter of John Leech & Wife 

Nov. 10 Edwin Son of George & Mehetabel Caldwell was Baptiz'd 

by M'' Barber. 

Jaimary 16 Baptiz'd Benjamin Son of Benj & Chloe Bowker — 
June 22 Baptiz'd William Son of William Chamberlain Deceas'd & 

his Widow Lydia Chamberlain 

Sept. 21. Baptiz'd Samuel Emery son of Benj. & Mary Gowen 
October 5. Baptiz'd Mercy Wife of Matthew Millar also Charles Son 

of Matthew & Mercy Millar, also Lonee Darby — 

March 1^* Baptiz'd Laura Daughter of Lynde & Mary Simonds 
May 24. Baptized Olive Daughter of Philip Davis & Wife. 
June 7. Baptiz'd John Son of Ebenezer M'^llvain & Wife. 
June 13 Baptized Ira Son of James M'^afee & Wife & Joseph Son of 

John Leech & Wife — 

Sept 1 9 Baptized Abel Son of Jonathan Barron & Wife — 

Sept 26 Baptized James Son of Samuel Berry & Wife, also Ira son 

of Robert Wiley & Wife 

Oct. 24. Baptized Hannah & Nathan, Children of Nathan Martin & 


Dec. 15 Baptized John, Nancy & Gardiner Children of John & Nancy 

Berry also Rodney Son of Robert Wilson & Wife, at John Berry's 

April 14 Baptiz'd Hugh Son of Matthew Orr & Wife- 
July. 3 Baptizd Jehiel son of Lynde & Mary Simonds 
October. 23 Baptizd Susan Daughter of Nathan Martin & Wife — 
Nov. 24 Baptized John Steward Son of Asa & Sarah Berry also 

Kendall Patten son of Joel & Hannah Berry also Joseph son of Samuel 

Berry & Wife— 

Baptiz'd Benjamin Hubbard Son of William & Lydia Stearns 
July 31 Baptized Rodney Son of Robert Wiley & Wife also Hiram 

Son of Jonathan Wiley & Wife — 

Oct. 2. Baptiz'd Charles Hubbard Son of Asa and Sarah Berry. 



June 1 Baptized Willard Son of Lynde & Mary Simonds 

Sei)t. 1 6 Baptized Orrin Son of Robert Wiley & Wife also Aldis Son 
of Asa Berry & Wife also Joseph Son of Samuel Berry & Wife — 

Nov. 4 Baptiz'd Betsey Whiting Wife of Samuel Whiting Jun'. 


June 7. Baptiz'd Josiah Son of Samuel & Susanna Billings. 

June. 21 Baptized Mary, Daughter of Samuel Whiting Juu''. deceas'd 
& Betsy his Widow. 

Oct. '25. Baptiz'd Elvira Daughter of John & Nancy Berry — 

ly08 Oct. 9. baptiz'd Samuel Lewis Son of Sam' Berry & Wife 

Oct. 16. Baptiz'd Samuel Lewis son of Samuel & Susanna Billings 

1809 Feb. 4 Baptized Andrew Son of Andrew & Dunn 

1810. Sept 9. Sarah Daughter of Samuel & Susanna Billings also 
Child of Andrew & Dunn were baptized by M^' Howe of Surry 

1812. P"'eb. 16. Baptiz'd James Felt by his desire & request, he being 
Weak & low in a decline or Consumption. 

1814 Octob'' 9. Baptiz'd Samuel Whiting & Lydia Eleutheria Children 
of Moses & Lydia Hill. 

1816 Baptiz'd Harriet Campbell Daughter of Docf Jarvis Chase & 
Rhoda Chase his wife, the Child being dangerously sick, & they professing 
their belief in the Christian Religion, & their desire to give up their Child 
to God in the Ordinance of Christian Baptism. 


1774. Jan. 27 Married Jonathan Burt & Bethiah Preston. 
July 21 INlarried Benj" Patterson & Elisabeth Safford 
Sept 7. Married Elkanah Day & Levina Merrill also 

Benjamin Larrabee & Abigail Spauhling — 

1775. April 6 Married Matthew Lane & Elisabeth Stearns. 
Octob. 10 Married Nathaniel Bennett & Sibbel Whipple 
Dec. 26 Married David Cockran & Mary Aiken of Kent 

1776 Sept 11 Married Asa White & Jane Arwin. 

Sept 26 Married Solomon Wright & Abylene Pi'eston also 
Gardner Simonds & Nancy Titus — 

1777 June 22. Married Uriah Morris & Mary Tarbell of Chester 
Sept 11 Married Howe as he Said & Mary Glazier 

Nov 2. Married Charles Man & Zeruiah Parker of Chester 

1778 Jan^ 31 Married David Cross &, Rhoda Wilson of Acworth. 
Sept 8 Married Charles Richards Jun"" & Polly Arwin. 

Dec. 10 Married Eli Evans & Hannah Larcum. 

1779 Jan-^ 24 Married Samuel Stafford as he Call'd himself a Stran- 
.ger & Abigail Fuller — 

June 21 Married Benj"^ Williams of Charlestown & Polly Lovell of 

Rockingham — 

June 22 Married Moses Allen of Greenfield & Mary Larrabee of 


Sept 5 Married Jonathan Fuller & Rhoda Pease also 

Elijah Knights & Mercy Fuller. 
Sept 16 Married Josiah White & Elisabeth Pulsipher—^ 
Octob'' 4 Married Nath' Miner & Mary Camp of Rockingham 
Octob'' 18 Married M"^ McKenzie to the Widow Lois Spencer of 



Dec. 5 Married Nathan Wright & Thankful Eastman — 
Decemb'^' 7 Married Benjamin Harris of Hadley & Hannah Galusha 
of Rockingham — 

1780 Feb. 7 Married Will"^ Stowell & Phebe Sartwell of Walpole— 
April 12 Married Abel White & Hannah Closson. 

Aug. 1 4 Married Nathaniel Davis Jun'' & Lydia Harwood 
Nov. 9 Married Asher Evans of Rockingham & Lecta Sartwell of 
Charlestovpn — 

1781 .Jan 23 Married Elijah Lovell of Rockingham & Abigail Golds- 
bury of Warwick. 

.Ian. 25 Married Frederic Read & Lovisa Peas 
May 31 Married Ebenezer Stoell & Pamela Whitney. 
June 23. Married Leonard Read & Esther Gould. 

July 19 Married Elisha Wright of Rutland & Judith Wright of Rock- 

Dec. 15 Married Benj. Parker & Rachel Wetherbee from Ringe 
December 23 Married Josiah Griswold & Susanna Simonds. 

1782 Feb. 10 Married Sam^ Smith of Amherst & Sabra DebeUe of 

April 11 Married Isaac Stearns & Jane White — 
May 9 Married E])hraim Guild & Philena Wright- 
May 29 Married Thomas Daven^iort & Zipporah Gay. 
June 16 Married Elisha Knights & Phebe Stoell. 
June 20 Married Jolm Baker & Experience Gibbs also 

William Stearns Jun"" & Lydia Glazier & 

Ebenezer Pulsipher & Unity Read 
June 30 Married Daniel Richards & Sally Field of Rock. 

August 14. Married David Campbell & Amela Johnson 
Aug. 20 Daniel Edson & Elenor Richards appeard & He took her as 
his Wedded AVife & she took him as her Wedded Husband — 

Marriages from the Year 1784. 

January 5 Married Samuel Trott of Walpole New Hampshire & Vashti 
Evans of Rockingham — 

June 1. Married Levi Davis & Widow Mary Holiday of Rockingham 

July 22. Married Thomas Watkins of Chester & Hannah Davis of 

August 12. Married Barnabas Graves of Walpole & Rachel Albee of 


February 6 Zebulon Cooper & Matilda Smith Came before me & he 
took her before God & man for his Wedded Wife & she in like Solemn 
manner took him for her Wedded Husband. Sam^ Whiting 

P'eb. 20 Married Zebulon Cooper & Matilda Smith 

May. 5 Married John Ripley & Peggy Clark both of Rockingham 

Octob. 6. Married Elijah Reed & Releif White both of Rockingham 

Decemb. 26 Married Hezekiah Clark & Ama Peas both of Rocking- 

1786 Jan. 24 Married James Preston & Sally French of Rocking- 

May. 16 Married Charles Clark & Hannah Lane of Rockingham. 

July 3 Married Levi Lottimore & Hepzibah Fuller of Charlestown 


Nov. 26. at evening Married David Pike of Thomlinson [Grafton 
after Oct. 13. 1792] & Rebecca Blanchard of Rockingham. 

1787. Feb. 11 Married Randal Lovell & Caroline Olcott of Rock- 

Feb. 19. Married William Glazier & Tabitha Ripley of Rockingham 
Aug®' 30 Married Nath' Finney & Patience Earl of Rockingham 
Octob'' 15 Married David Parks & Mary Bingham of Rockingham 
Octob'' 30 Married John Stoell & Joanna Berry of Rockingham 
Nov. 14 Married Richard Haseltine & Jenny Campbell of Rockingham 

1788. March 26. Married John Casper Shana Wolf & Lucy Baker of 

April 14. Married Phinehas White & Jerusha Marsh of Rockingham 
June 9 Married Daniel Gatfield & Ellenor Green of Rockingham 
Decemb. 2 Married Solomon Petty & Elisabeth Earl of Rockingham. 
December 30 Married Samuel McCurdy of Surry in State New Hamp- 
shire & Elisabeth Berry of Rockingham. 

1789 May 24 Married Samuel Eastman Jun'" & Abigail Stoell of Rock- 

August 26. Married John Stearns & Ruth Eastman of Rockingham 
December 16 Married John Savage & Elisabeth Evans. 
December 28 Married Isaac Johnson & Cina Deastaing. 

1790 October 21 Married Levi Sabin & Harbara Stearns. 
Nov. 25 Married Moses Marsh Jun'' & Betsi Campbell. 

1791 January 27 Married Eli Chamberlain & Sally Stanley 
Feb. 2. Married Ozias Savage & Clarissa Webb of Rockingham 
May 10 Married Isaiah Edson & Olive Wood of Rockingham 
May 19 Married Turner Wing & Dorothy AVhitcomb of Rocking 
May 30 Married Benjamin Albee & ^\bigail Thomson. 

Sept 30 Married Moses Wright Jun'' & Mary Adams both of this Town 
Octob. 6 Married Jesse Stearns & Betsy Gilson of Walpole 

1792 January 19 Married Ebenezer Fuller of Rockingham & Elisa- 
beth Pierce of Putney — also 

Married David Oaks & Sally Marsh both of Rockingham 
Feb. 6. Married Lynde Symonds & Mary Albee both of Rockingham 
Feb. 9. Married in Rockingham Leonard Parker & Abigail Parker 
both of Springfield. 

March 17 Married George Caldwell & Mehetable Wetherbee, of Rock- 

April 29 Married James Weston & Polly Mathers of Rockingham 
June. 25. Married Will"' Brittain of Westmoreland & Huldah Marsh 
of Rockingham. 

Sept 4 Married Elijah Simonds & Polly Stearns Campbell of Rock- 

October 9 INIarried Abner Wheelock & Hannah Stoell. 

Nov. 27 Married Phineas Brown & Sally Wait of Rockingham 

Decemb 6. Married Jonathan B. Wood & Relief Stickney 


April 18 Married Benj" Marsh Ju"" & Patty Wait of Rockingham 

May 19 Married Joseph Marsh & Anne Pierce of Rockingham. 

May 29 Married Benj" Gowen & Polly Emery of Rockingham 

Sept 29. Married Thomas Green & Rlioda Stickney of Rockingham 


Jan^ 7 Married Elijah Stanley & Betty McKnight of Rockingham 


April 6. Married Selah Graves & Sabra Roundy, Rockingham 
July. 3. Married Joel Knight & Hannah Ayrs. Rockingham 
July 8 Married Joseph Read & Polly Muzzy of Rockingham 
July 1 Married Ralph Roundy & Rosalinda Wright of Rockingham 
Sept. 22 Married Timothy J. Jones Hotchkiss & Sarah Sarles of 

Sept 30 Married Zadock Hitchcock of Westminster & Bulah Stearns 
of Rockingham 

March 2. Married Abner Rice of Walpole & Hannah Lovell of Rock- 

April 16 Married James Shed of Springfield & Rachel Jolonson of 

May. 20 Married David Fletcher of Springfield & Sally Lovell of 

September 14 Married Rogers Clark & Betsy Green of Rockingham 
December 7. Married Nathaniel Davis of Rockingham & Esther Slack 
of Grafton 

Feb. 23 Married Bela Hotten & Patty Olcott of Rockingham 
May 26 Married John Marsh & Nabby Stearns of Rockingham. 
July 15 Married Richard Holliday & Sarah Kendall of Rockingham 
Octob'' 17. Married Levi Alexander & Betsy Perkins of Rockingham 
Octob"^ 14. Married Philip Adams & Patty Caldwell of Rockingham 

August 3 Married Josiah Johnson & Elisabeth Whitney 
Aug*"*^ 17 Married Artemas Aldrich & Huldah Chamberlain 
Sept. 7. Married William Minard & Abigail Gushing — 
Sept 12 Married Simeon Aldrich of Rockingham & Lucinda Clark of 

Dec 7. Married Jonathan Blanchard & Polly Lovell 

April 24 Married Timothy Ross & Sally Albee 

June 4 Married Solomon Jewett of Walpole & Abigail Corlies of Rock- 
ingham — 

June 14 Married Isaac Reed Jun'' & Polly White of Rockingham. 
July. 9 Married Ziba Henry & Hannah Bebee of Mai'low 
Nov. 22. Married Isaac Davis of Springfield & Polly White of Rock- 

Jan^ 8. Married James Aiken of Antrim & Peggy Orr of Rockingham 
Jan^ 14 Married Samuel Wooley & Susanna Kendall of Rockingham 
January 31, Married Dexter Newton of Unity & Polly Pulsipher of 

Feb. 10 Married John Millar & Hannah Crosby of Rockingham. 
Feb. 1 7. Married John Smith of Weathersfield & Amy Grey of Rock- 

March. 7. Married Matthew Millar & Mercy Darby of Rockingham 
Octob'' Married Phiuehas Bolles & Martha Clark of Rockingham 

Feb. 18 Married David Eaton of Westminster & Anna Clark of Rock- 

April 7*^ Married Eleazar Kendall & Hannah Graves of Rockingham 


May 8 Married Zachariali Slied of Springfield & Lydia Procter of 

May 15 Married Jonathan Morrison & Annah Davis of Rockingham 

June. 30 Married Samuel II. Raymenton & Sally Emery of Rocking- 

July 20 Married Peter Nurse Juu'' & Patty Chamberlin of Rocking- 

Aug^* 3 Married Samuel Taylor Jun'' & Sukee Williams of Rocking- 

Sept. 14 Married Nathan N. Kendall & Betsey L. Stearns of Rock- 

Sept 23 Married Daniel Lock & Sally Procter of Rockingham 

September 30 Married Ashbel Spaukling & Abiel Parker of Ludlow 


Jan^ 2 Married Elijah Albee & Sarah Adams of Rockingham, 

May. 24 Married Samuel Berry & Hannah Grifftn of Rockingham 

July 27 Married Joshua Johnson Juu"" & Hannah Estabrooks of Rock- 

Aug^' 5 Married Roswell Bellows & Martha Lovell 

Aug^' 19 Married Samson Adams & Sally Pain of Rockingham 

Sept 15. Married Elijah Goodale & Sally Davis of Rockingham. 

Sept'" 28 Married Thaddeus Parks of Chester & Polly Harwood of 

Octob''. 1 Married Nathaniel Crosman & Eleanor Rice of Brookfield 

Decemb. 3. Married Thomas Stebbins & Polly Willard of Rockingham 

Decemb. 27 Married P]dmund Chamberlain jun"" & Polly Simonds of 


Jan. 4 Married Abijah Adams of Rockingham & Submit Cole of Grafton 

Jan. 6 Married Pearson Wesson & Patty Williams of Rockingham 

March 11. Married Joel Berry & Hannah Ober of Rockingham. 

July. 12 Married Nicholas Bowles & Sally House of Rockingham. 

Octob. 31 Married Bartlet Damon of Springfield & Eunice White of 

Nov. 16 Married Isaac Darling & Huldah Platts of Rockingham. 

Nov 30 Married Alexander Atcliinson & Rebecca Adams of Rocking- 

Dec. 7 Married James Davis & Marian Reid of Rockingham 

Dec. 9. Married David Taylor of Grafton & Patty McNeal of Rock- 


Jan. 16 Married Joel Barrett & Eunice Glazier of Rockingham. 

Jan^ 20 Married Luther Pike & Sally Gushing of Rockingham 

April. 14 Married Esek Weaver & Sally Orr of Rockingham 

Sept 25 Married Daniel G. Upham of Shrewsbury & Elisabeth Rice of 

Decemb. 1. Married Abijah Hay ward & Abigail Willard of Rocking- 

Dec. 22 Married Peter Dorand & Deidama Wright of Rockingham 


January 16. Married Oliver Pulsipher & Jemima Searls of Rocking- 
ham — 


Feb. 23 Married Ichabod Eastman & Mabel Wolf of Rockingham 
March 15. John Parks Finney & Lydia Archer of Rockingham came 
to my house & having been publish'd agreable to Law, but he being a minor 
& not having his Father's Consent I refused to marry them — they however 
declared that they took & Consider'd each other as husband & Wife, mean- 
ing to live with & do for each other, accordingly — 

March 25 Married John Leach & Hannah Perry of Rockingham 
April 1 9 Married Loring Damon of Springfield & Rebekah Esterbrooks 
of Rockingham 

May 7 Married Moses Wright Jun"^ & Sally Davis of Rockingham 
June 12 Married Joshua Eaton of Wilton (N H) & Susannah Boynton 
of Rockingham 

Aug^* 12 Married John Williams Archer & Sally Lusha of Rocking- 

Aug^* 15 Married vSamuel Ober Jun*" & Lydia Rice of Rockingham. 
Sept 16 Married Nathan Pratt of Fitzwilliam & Dolly Clark of Rock- 

Nov. 15 Married Sullivan Elsworth & Hannah Blanchard of Rock- 

Nov. 18 Married Christopher Lovell & Phebe Marsh of Rockingham 
Dec 6 Married Jonas Clark of Westminster & Sally Lake of Rocking- 
ham also Abraham Shipman & Anna Miller of Rockingham 

Jan^ 17 1805 Married David Byington & Lydia Nurse of Rockingham 
Feb. 22 Married Thomas Kimbal & Betsy Downs of Rockingham 
April 6. Married Joseph Weed & Deborah House of Rockingham 
May 23. Married Seth Clark of Westminster & Lydia Chamberlain of 

j^ugst 24 Married Robert GUmore Clark & AbUene Wright Adams 
Sept. 4. Married Kendall Ober & Sally Clark of Rockingham 
Dec. 2 Married Asa Sartwell of Charlestown N H. «& Mary Williams 
of Rockingham 

Dec. 15 Married Zelah Baker & Catharine Kendall, of Rockingham 
Dec 29 Married Frederic Shipman & Elisabeth Elsworth of Rock- 

May 26. Married Samuel Pulsipher & Sally Weaver of Rockingham 
July 27. Married EKas Lee & Chloe Ellis of Rockuigham 
Octob. 19 Married George Wilson & Polly House of Rockingham 
Octob. 21. Married Samuel Whiting Juu^ & Betsy Chamberlain of 

Dec. 4 Married Obadiah Wilcox & Polly Millar of Rockingham 
Dec. 9 Married Ebenezer M*^alvine & Elisabeth House of Rockingham 

January 11 Married Joel Bixby & Sally Barrett of Rockingham 
January 15 Married Thomas W3'man & Lydia Holden of Rockingham. 
Feb. 24 Married Calvin Clark & Dinah Cooper of Rockingham 
March 1. Married Orange Elsworth & Polly Winn of Rockingham 
March 3. Married Ebenezer Platts of Hartland & Jenny Gilmore of 

April 12 Married Luke Lincoln & Betsy Webb of Rockingham. 
May 3 Married John Orr & Dorothy Quincy of Rockingham. 
May 16. Married James Doyle & Mary Heaps of Rockingham 
Decern'' 17 Married Randal Evans & Betsy Walker of Rockingham 



Jan^ 3 Married James "Wooly & Hannah Wing of Rockingham. 

May. 19 Married Benjamin Wilson of Grafton & Bethiah Hayward of 

Aug*' 4th Married Horace Lovell & Philadelphia Parsons of Rock- 

Oct. 19 Married Asa Stoell & Lois Dewey of Rockingham 

Oct. 23. Married Samuel Willard & Betsy Morrison of Rockingham 

Dec. 8th. Married Alpheus Kendal of Cavendish & Irena Pulsipher of 

Dec. 22. Married James Gilmore& Elisabeth Kelsey of Rockingham. — 


Feb. 2 Married David Nurse & Lucy Whiting of Rockingham 

March. 2 Married John Pulsipher Jun*" & Elisabeth Randall of Rock 

March. 12. Married Henry Davis Jun"" & Sally Stoddart of Rocking- 

April 23. Married Solomon Pulsipher & Anna Clark of Rockingham. 

Aug** 13 Married John Albee Juu'' & Betsy Read of Rockingham 

Aug^* 27. Married Jeremiah Sjirague & Rebecca Robertson of Rock- 


March 8 Married Nathaniel Nichols & Betsy Williams of Rockingham 

Aug** 20 Married Sylvanus Hayward of Gilsum «& Mary Webb of 

Aug** 26. Married Eliakim Royce & Polly Webb of Rockingham. 

Decemb"^ 19. Married Moses Marsh & Esther Day of Rockingham 


December 30 Married Abner Cunningham & Fanny Burke of Rock- 

1812 Jan^ 19 Married Jonas Stickney of Jaffrey & Nancy Ripley of 
Walpole or Rockingham 

Octob"" 1** Married Samuel Wiley & Lucy Miller of Rockingham 

Oct 27*^ Married Joseph S Crumb of Grafton & Hannah Himes of 

Decern'^ 9 Married Moses Clark & Nancy Clark of Rockingham 

June 23 1818 M'' Jotham Richardson & M''* Susan Rider appeard be- 
fore me & a considerable number of Witnesses present when he took her 
as his wife, taking her by the hand he declard that he took her M''* Susan 
Rider as his lawful Wedded wife promising to live with her & Conduct 
towards her accordingly then she took him by the hand & declared that she 
took him M"" Jotham Richardson as her lawful wedded husband promising 
to live with him & Conduct towards him accordingly & then they requested 
me to make record of the same Samuel Whiting 

State of Vermont 
Windham | Be it remembered that at Rockingham in the county afore- 
County ss. J said on this 25 day of March in the year of our Lord 1837, 
David Smith of Chester in the County of Windsor and State of Vermont, 
and Achsah Cory of Charlestown in the County of Cheshire and State of 
New Hampshire were duly joined in Marriage by me 

( Minister 
Samuel Mason ■< of the 
( Gospel 


State of Vermont 1 Be it remembered that at Rockingham in the 
Windham County Ss J county aforesaid on the 8 day of May in the year 
of our Lord 1837 Henry Jewett and Philena Blodget of Nelson, County 
of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire were duly joined in marriage 
by me — ( Minister 

Samuel Mason -] of the 
( Gospel 




March. 14 


Apr. 6 


Benj. Larrabees Wife 

Jon'*" Whites ChHd 

M' White. 

M"" Latons Child 

M^ Burts Child 

M^ Cummins A iE 86-6 

Anne Larrabee. 1 

















1773 Nov. 28 M"-* Man & Child 

1774 Jan 23 John Stones Child 

1775 Jan 14 M'' John Smith 
Nov. 3. M"^ Atwoods Child 
Oct. 28. Caleb Church's Child 

1777 Aug. 31 M"" George Earls 
Dec 21. Isaiah Johnsons Child 
Dec. 24 Tim'^ Walkers Child 
Comfort Titus 1781 March 27. Maj Chandler's Child 

Widow White. July 2. M"" Man. 

15. Naomi Kingsley. 

Sam' Burr 4 

Jesse Evans drowned 

Thomas Duttons Child 

A soldier at Elijah Lovells 

Edward Burt 

Sabin Kingsley 

Patty Lovell 

Polly Whiting Polly Lovell 

Polly Erving & Adriel Kingsley 

Mercy Evans 

Polly Webb & Joel Safford 

Joseph Glazier 

Roswell Evans 

Sally Taylor 

Esquire Fuller. A child 

Hannah Taggart. 

Ebenezer Fuller jun' 

M' Campbells Child 

John Titu's Child 

Fairbanks Moors Child 

Sarah Campbell 

James Dutton. 

Mary Dutton 

M-- Glaziers Child 26 

Gardner Simond's Child 

a Child of Sam' & Mary Larrabee 2 

Sam' Webb 

M" Campbell. 

David Preston. 



















March 26 

May 22. 











1780. Jan. 





1781 Feb. 


March 24 







1782. March 


March 10 

March 23. 





1783. Feb 




March 16. 










1784 Feb. 










August. 23 
Sept. 28 
October. 6. 

October. 9. 









1785 Jan. 














Camp Distemper. 
5 Camp Distemper 


M'^ Miners Child. 4 
Capt Olcotts Child still bom 
Polly Webb. 
M''' Mary Evans — 
Anne Dunfee & 
M'' Edsons Child. 
Lem' Sargeants Child. 
Mary "V^^liting 
M" Wait- 
Peter Evans Child stillborn 
M'^ Shelden Fever. 

Asa White Consumption 

Sami Woods 7 

Elisha Gustins ChUd. 
Jon"^ Gilmore ConsumptioJi 

Christopher Goldsbury 

of Warwick, at Warwick Fever 
John Whitney's 2*^ child. 




Mortification after abortiwi 


John Holiday 

Reuben Edsou 

M'' Smiths Daughter 

M'"" Olive Edson 

M-"* Freelove Pike 

a Child of M"- Safford stillborn 

M"" Shed Died. Fever 

Joshua a ChUd of Nathan^ Davis Jun''. 

hooping Cough & canker 

Timothy a Child of Joshua Johnson Fever 8 

a Child of George & Sarah Woods Worms & Fever 

two twin Children of John Borland. 

John Borlands Wife Fever 

Mercy a Child of Jon^i^ & Rhoda Fuller, 
hooping Cough. 

Benjamin Dudley. Mortification his leg being ampu- 

]Vp* Finney. Consumption 

M""* Hazeltine. Consumption. 

a Child of M^ Gibson 

Hannah Lovell. — also a Child of Sam' Whiting still 

Prudence Richardson, also a Child of M' Walker. 
Still born. 

Benjamin Gilbert. Nervous Putrid fever. 

a Child of M'" Weaver. Canker 

Child of Henry Davis 

Sally Daughter of Solomon Wright Canker. 14-81 

Deac. Luke Hitchcock. 

Polly Daughter of Peter Tozer ") p , 

a Child of Will'" Stearns Jun^ j '^^'^^^r. 

M'' Abraham Smiths Daughter. Canker 

a Child of M'' Adams. — Canker 

another Child of M^ Adams. Canker 

Ira Son of Jehiel Webb. Canker. 


March. 7. Linda Daughter of Abel White 

a Child of John White Canker. 9 

1786. Jan. 29 a Child of M-^ Lock Soon after birth 

Child of Elijah Reed Still born 

April 20. a Child of David Campbell Still bom 

April 24. M--* Glazier. Bilious Cholic & Fever. 

July 2. M-^* White. Fever. 

Aug. 10 Amy Clark & Child in Childbirth 

Decemb. 3, David Stoell 7 

1787. March. 6. a child of Charles Webb. 
March 23. a child of Henry Davis Scalt. 
Octob'^ 17. Wife of Isaac Johnson Put"'^ Fever. 
Octob. M"" Petty. 

Nov. 14. Shan a Wolfs Wife. Consumpt. 

Dec 12. M'' Glazier Bilious fever 6 

1788. Feb. 19 or 20 M""^ Stearns Wife of Jonathan Stearns 
Aug 31 a Child at M"^ Gilmores old house 
Dec. a child of John Stoell Still born 3 

1789. Jan. 16 a child of John Pulsipher 

Jan. 24 a child of Elmond Roundy Stillborn 

Feb. a child of Daniel Gassits 

Feb. 8. a child of Sam^ Taylors 

Feb. 13. Stephen Sargeants Nervous Fever. 

June. 26. Sam^ Eastman. Dropsy. 

Octob. 15 Cretia Earl. — 

Decemb. 1 2. a child of Jonathan Stearns 

December 19 M"^^ Evans wife of Deac Evans 

1790 Feb. 13 a child of Rolert Johnson 
Feb 16. a child of M"-. Stoddard. 
Feb. 17. a son of Jonathan Wheelock. 
Feb. 24. a child of M'' Stocker. 
April a child of John Mather 

a child of Elijah Read 
April 24 Deacon Peas died — 

a child of Sam^ Eastman. 
June 4 one Mellen at McAlvins. fever. 
June 12 M'' Butterfields Daughter. Consump 
July 30 a child of Joseph Adams 
Dec. 26 the Wife of Ebenezer Fuller 12 

1791 Jan. M"" Butterfield 

March 19. Richard a child of M"" Tozer 
March 27 Dinah Gilmore 
April 1 Joseph Green — 
April 2 the Wife of Thomas GuBtiu 
May 14 old M-- Gustin— 
June 21 M" Lane 
July 20 old M" Simonds 
Sept a Child of M'' Sanderson — 
Sept a Child of M"^ Clifford 
Sept 25 a Child of M"" Spear- 
Dec. 27, a Daughter of John Mather 12 

1792 Jan. 14. a child of Luke Fletcher. 
Jan 20 M" Hotten 


Jan. 25 Child of M' Coburn 
Feb. Child of Samuel Eastman 

also Child of M"" Coburn— 
March S.also Child of Ebeuezer Pulsipher. 

Child of M^' Emery. 
May. Stephen Mather 

Child of Patty P[illegible] 
June. 12. Job Larcum — 
1793. Feb"". Millar Green 

March. 21 Salem Scipio — 

April 27 Deac Peter Evans 

April 28 Josiah Read. 

June 7 Sarah Mather Consump 

Child of Benj Johnson 

Child of Widow Read 
Dec. 23. Miranda Hastings 
1794 April 3. Still born Child of Richardson 
April 20 Still born Child of Sally Emery 
May 24 Child of Stoddards Still born 
May 25 Levi Larkin Consumption 
Sept. 7. Elias Son of M"^ Rugg. 

Chh Members of 

Samuel Whiting 
*Peter Evans. 
*Nathaniel Davis. 
*David Pulsipher 
*Elias Olcott. 

William Simonds. 

Peter Evans Jun' 

Ebenezer Fuller. 

Asher Evans. 
*Samuel Larrabee 

Jon* Burr. 
'^ Joseph Wood. 

Ebenezer Albee. 
*Thomas Dutton 
*John Lovell. 
Jehiel Webb. 

Eli Evans. 
*Jacob Pease. 
Reuben Jones. 
Timothy Walker. 
Daniel Edson. 
John Ellis. 


*Mary Whiting 
*Mercy Evans 

♦Elizabeth Pulsifer 
Sibbel Olcott. 


Mercy Evans 

*Mercy Fuller 

*Mary Evans 

*Anne Larrabee 

Chester Members 
*Thomas Chandler & Wife 
*Jabez Sargent & Wife 
Jabez Sargent Jun'^ & Wife 
Phebe Johnson 
Isaiah Johnson & Wife. 
Joshua Hotten & Wife. 

*Naomi Kingsley. 
*Margaret Williams 
Eunice Burr. 


*Elenor Preston. 

Agnis Whitney. 

Rachel Albee. 
*Sarah Dutton. 

Martha Lovell 

Mary Webb. 

Bethiah Dutton 

Hannah Evans 
*Mary Pease. 

Eunice Jones. 
*Rebecca Walker. 
*01ive Edson 

Phebe Stoeil. ' 



Mercy Knights 

Elisabeth Fuller 

William Harris Dismissd *Rho(la Fuller 

Sarah Cooper 

^Vashti Evans Dismissd 

Priscilla Pulsipher 

Jonas Hazletine *Mary Kendall 

*Sarah Koundy 

George Wood Sarah Wood. Dismissd 

Frederick Reed *Lovisa Reed 

Russel Knight 
*John Lane *]\jrs Benton 

Ebenezer Clark. *]yx'-s Berry 

David Stanly. M''' Stearns 

Elisabeth Pulsipher. 
M'^^ Walker 
M^* Ellis 
M" Taylor 
Olive Edson — 
Samuel Emery & *Emery 

Samuel Ober & Ober 

M'« Wood 
Philip Davis 
John Stoell & Wife 
Will™ Stearns Jun'' & Wife 

Charlotte Ellis 





October 24. 

About the last 

of Aug. 


M^ Nathan Proctor 
M^". Eliza Mack. JE. 30 
Infant Child M'' Eatons — 
Flora E Dow — JE 5 months 
Child of M"" Done JE 8 months. 

A child of Jehial Simons, between 2 & 3. 

[On a loose leaf, laid in the record book, and in a different handwritino- 
from any in the book, there is the following list of names. Internal evi- 
dence indicates that they are the names of jjersons who were members at 
some time between the pastorates of Mr. Wollage and Mr. Mason, or 
between 1821 and 1837.] 

Samuel Ober 
John Stoel ) 
Mrs. Stoel j 

*Eli Evans 
Joseph Muzzy } 
Mrs. Muzzy j 

*Josiah Drury 
William Stearns 
Mrs. Stearns 
Jane Shepherd- 



Betsey Stoel 
Laura Davis 
Roaland Doan ) 
Mrs Doan ) 

Susan Billings 
Caroline Gould 
*Laura Locke 
Jonathan Stearns 
John Locke ) 
Hannah Locke J 


Daniel "Wise 
Lona Jane Felt 
Mrs. Stoel 
Mrs. Whiting 
Philena Pulsipher 
Hiram Davis ) 
Melinda Davis ) 
Melinda Ann Davis 
Eunice Hoit 
David Pulsipher \ 
Rebecca Pulsipher j 
Mrs. Stodard 
Nancy Barry 
*Mr8. Upham 
Abigail Lake withdrawn by letter 
Joanna Pulsipher 

Catharine R. Locke 

Mrs. Clark— Died 
*Mrs. Nourse 
*Lydia Boynton 
*01ive Evans 

Warren F. Evans 

Augusta Evans 

Asa Locke ) 

Fanny Locke ) Died June 5. 1850 

Mary Jane Locke 

Almira Butterfield 

Mrs. Gowing 
*Eliza Locke 

Hezekiah Ober 
*Polly Gowing 

[End of BocTcingham church records.'] 


Adams, Abijah, 44 

Abilene Wright, 45 

Joseph, 49 

Mary, 42 

Mr., 48 

Philip, 43 

Rebeeca, 44 

Samson, 44 

Sarah, 44 
Aiken, James, 43 

Mary, 4, 40 
Albee, Benjamin, 4, 42 

Ebenezer, 4, 9, 11, 32, 
36, 50 

Ebenezer, Jr., 4 

Eleazer, 36 

Elijah, 11, 44 

John, 4 

John, Jr., 46 

Mary, 4, 42 

Rachel, 4, 9,11, 32, 36, 

Rachel, Jr., 4, 41 

Sarah, 9, 43 

Submit, 4 
Aldrich, Arteraas, 43 

Simeon, 43 
Alexander, Levi, 43 
Allen, Moses, 6, 40 
Archer, John Williams, 45 

Lydia, 45 
Arwin, Jane, 4, 40 

Molly, 6, 40 
Atchinson, Alexander, 44 
Atwood, Mr., 47 
Ayrs, Hannah, 43 

Babcock, Amos, x 

Sally P., X 
Baker, Cornelius, 3 

John, 10, 41 

Lucy, 42 

Priscilla, 3 

Zelah, 45 
Balch, Benjamin, 38 

James, 38 

Julia, 34, 38 
Ballou, Maturean, 15 

l^'l''' lMr.,39 
Barbour, j ' 

Nelson, Rev., 28, 29, 
30, 32 
Barnes, Abiel, 3, 9 

Abigail, 9 

Annis, 38 

Calvin, 3 

Jonathan, 38 

Mary, 3, 9 
Barre, "I 
Berry, j 

Gratia Maria, 25 

John, 25. 26 

Thankful, 25, 26 
Barrett, Joel, 44 

Sally, 45 
Barron, Abel, 39 

Harriet, 39 

Jonathan, 38, 39 

Moses, 38 

Nancy M., 23 
Barry, Nancy, 52 
Bebee, Hannah, 43 
Bellows, Benjamin, Col., iii, 
iv, V 

Ro swell, 44 
Bennett, Nathaniel, 3, 4, 40 
Benton, Hannah, 32, 33, 51 

Jacob, 33 
Berry, Aldis, 40 

Asa, 35, 39, 40 

Charles Hubbard, 39 

Elisabeth, 42 

Elvira, 40 

Gardiner, 39 

Hannah, 35, 39 

James, 39 

Joanna, 26, 42 

Joel, 35, 39, 44 

John, 34, 39, 40 

John, Jr., 39 

John Steward, 39 

Joseph, 39, 40 

Kendall Patten, 39 

Mrs., 32, 33, 51 

Nancy, 34, 35, 39, 40 

Nancy, Jr., 39 

Berry (continued) 

Samuel, 34, 39, 40, 44 

Samuel Lewis, 40 

Sarah, 35, 39 
Bigelow, Jonathan, iii, iv 
Bigsby, see Bixby. 
Billings, Josiah, 40 

Mary, 26 

Samuel, 40 

Samuel Lewis, 40 

Sarah, 40 

Susan, \ 24, 26, 40, 

Susanna, j 51 
Bingham, Mary, 42 
Bixby, V 
Bigsby, / 

Daniel, 36, 37, 38 

David, 36 

Dolly, Jr., 38 

Joel, 36, 45 

Luther, 37 

Tabitha, 38 
Black, Asa, 21 
Blake, F. J., ix 
Blanchard, Hannah, 45 

Jonathan, 43 

Rebecca, 42 
Blodget, Philena, 47 
Bolles, Phinehas, 43 
Borland, John, 48 
Bowker, Benjamin, 38, 39 

Benjamin, Jr., 39 

Cloe, 38, 39 

Hannah Sparhawk, 39 

Ruth, 38 
Bowles, Nicholas, 44 
Boynton, Lydia, 24, 52 

Susannah, 45 
Bradford, Moses B., Rev., 

25, 28, 30, 31 
Brittain, William, 42 
Brown, Joel M., 25, 30, 32 

Luke, 30 

Phineas, 42 
Burke, Fanny, 46 
Burnap, U. C, Rev., 28, 29 


Burr, Asahel, 37 

Bathsheba, 3 

Catharine, 37 

Eunice, 2, 3, 6, 37, 60 

Jonathan, 2, 3, 4, 6, 32, 
37, 50 

Samuel, 47 

Sarah, 37 

Sophia, 37 

Zebulon, 6 
Burt, Edward, 47 

Jonathan, vi, 3, 40, 47 
Butterfield, Almira, 52 

Mr., 49 
Byington, David, 45 

Caldwell, Adam, 37 

Edwin, 39 

Esther, 37 

George, 38, 39, 42 

George Church, 38 

Mehitabel, 38, 39 

Patty, 43 

SaUy, 37 

Samuel Cutler, 38 

William, 38 
Camp, Mary, 7, 40 
Campbell, Alexander, viii, 
21, 37 

Alexander S., 21, 37 

David, 12. 41, 49 

Elisabeth, 3, 42 

James, 3, 4 

Jenny, 42 

John H., 21, 27 

Margaret, 3, 4 

Margaret, Jr., 4 

Mr., 47 

Mrs., 47 

Polly Stearns, 42 

Rhoda, 37 

Sarah, 3, 47 
Caryl, Esther, 36 

Esther, Jr.. 36 

Thomas, 36 
Chamberlain, Betsy, 45 

Edmund, Jr., 44 

Eli, 42 

Huldah, 43 

Lydia, 34, 38, 39, 45 

Lydia, Jr., 38 

Nancy, 38 

Pattv, 44 

William, 38, 39 

William, Jr., 39 
Chandler, Chauncey Che- 
ney, 3 

Esther, 3, 4, 6 

John, 3, 4, 6 

Mira Alpheus, 4 

Thomas, 11, 47^,^0 

William Anson, 6 
Chase, Harriet Campbell, 40 

Jarvis, 40 

Rhoda, 40 

Church, Annice, 6 

Caleb, 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 35, 

Elisabeth, 5, 6, 9, 35 

Huldah, 35 

Jemima, 3 

Joseph Warner, 5 

Salome, 9 
Clark, Amy, 49 

Anna, 43, 46 

Calvin, 38, 45 

Charles, 41 

Dolly, 45 

Ebenezer, 14, 16, 32, 
33, 51 

Hezekiah, 41 

Jonas, 45 

Lucinda, 43 

Marcy, 23 

Martha, 38, 43 

Moses, 46 

Mrs., 52 

Nancy, 46 

Nathaniel, 19, 21, 23 

Peggy, 41 

Phebe, 38 

Polly, 38 

Robert Gilmore, 45 

Rogers, 43 

Sally, 45 

Seth, 45 
ClifFord, Mr., 49 
Closson, Hannah, 8, 41 
Coburn, Mr., 50 
Cockran, David, 4, 40 
Colburn, Ezekiel, 36 

Lucy, 36 

Thomas Chandler, 36 
Cole, Submit, 44 
Cooper, Dinah, 45 

John, 10 

Sarah, 10, 11, 32, 51 

Zebulon, 41 
Corlies. Abigail, 43 
Cory, Achsah, 46 
Crosby, Hannah, 43 
Crosman, Nathaniel, 44 
Cross, David, 5, 40 
Crumb, Joseph S., 46 
Cummins, Mr., 47 
Cunningham, Abner, 46 
Cushing, Abigail, 43 

Sally, 44 
Cutler, Anna Maria, 37 

Harriet, 38 

James Iredell, 38 

Jannett, 37, 38 

John Lenox, 37 

Samuel, viii, 37, 38 

Dagget, Betsey, 27 
Damon, Bartlet, 44 

Loring, 45 
Darby, Lovice, 34, 39* 

Mercy, 43 
* " Lonee," by error in copying. 

Darling, Isaac, 44 
Davenport, Thomas, 10, 41 
Davis, Annah, 44 

Benjamin S. Franklin, 

Br., 30 

Bridget, 37 

Clarissa, 37 

Cyrus, 37 

Elijah, 27 

Hannah, 41 

Helen Frances, 26 

Henry, 48, 49 

Henrv, Jr., 46 

Hiram, 24, 26, 28, 29, 
36, 52 

Isaac, 43 

James, 44 

Joshua, 48 

Laura, 51 

Levi, 41 

Meliuda, 26, 31, 36, 52 

Melinda Ann, 26, 52 

Nathaniel, iv, vi, 4, 5, 
7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 15, 
32, 43, 50 

Nathaniel, Jr., 8, 41,48 

Olive, 39 

Patty, 38 

Philip, 16, 33, 37, 38, 
39, 51 

Sally, 37, 44, 45 

Simon Stevens, 26 
Day, Edward Lucius, 26 

Elkanah, 3, 40 

Esther, 46 

Frederic, 26 

Hannah, 23, 26 

Henry, 26 

Henry C, 20, 22, 23, 26 

Norman, 26 
Deastaing, Cina, 42 
Debelle, Sabra, 9, 41 
Delop [?] Biah, 36 

Robert, 36 
Dewey, Lois, 46 
Divol, Mr., 30 
Doan, Mrs., 51 

Roland, 51 
Done, Mr., 51 
Dorand, Peter, 44 
Dow, Flora E., 51 
Downs, Betsy, 45 
Doyle, James, 45 
Drury, Charles Leaverett, 

George Henry, 26 

James, 26 

Joseph, 26 

Josiah, 21, 23, 26, 51 

Moses, 26 

Nelson, 26 

Sally, 26 
Dudley, Benjamin, 48 


5^°' ] Andrew. 35, 40 
Dunn, 5 

Andrew, Jr., 40 

Mary, 35 
Dunfee, Anne, 48 
Button, Bethiah, 5, 6, 7, 32, 
36, 50 

Bethiah, Jr., 7 

Ebenezer Fuller, 36 

James, 2, 47 

Mary, 47 

Perley, 6 

Rosalinda, 36 

Sarah, 2, 5, 32, 50 ' 

Thomas, 2, 5, 6, 7, 32, 
36, 47, 50 
D wight, Hannah, ix 

Earl, Cretia, 49 

Elisabeth, 42 

George, 47 

Mary, 21 

Patience, 42 

Royal, 21, 22 

Xenophon, 21 
Easterbrooks, Abraham, 21 
Eastman, Abigail, 35 

Ichabod, 45 

Ruth, 42 

Samuel, 49, 50 

Samuel, Jr., 42 

Thankful, 7, 41 
Eaton, David, 43 

Joshua, 45 

Mr., 51 
Edson, Daniel, 9, 11, 12, 14, 
15, 32, 41, 50 

Isaiah, 33, 37, 38, 42 

Isaiah, Jr., 38 

Mr., 48 

Olive, 9, 33, 37, 38, 48, 
50, 51 

Olive, Jr., 9, 37 

Reuben, 48 

Sarah, 37 
Ellis, Charlotte, 9, 35, 51 

Chloe, 9, 45 

John, 9, 11, 18, 32, 33, 
36. 37,50 

John, Jr., 11 

Joseph Partridge, 36 

Linus, 37 

Mrs., 51 

Orange, 37 

Polly, 9 

Samuel, 9 

Sophia, 37 

Urana, 9, 11,33.36,37 
Elsworth, Elizabeth, 45 

Orange, 45 

Sullivan, 45 
Emery, Betsey, 24, 26, 37 

Eleazer, 38 

John, 38 

Mr., 50 

Emery (continued) 

Mrs., 51 

PoUy, 42 

Samuel, 33, 37, 38, 51 

Sallv, 44, 50 

Thankful, 37 

Zacheus, 24, 26 
Emory, Grata, 26 
Erving, Polly, 47 
Estabrooks, Hannah, 44 
Esterbrooks, Rebekah, 45 
Evans, Alphee, 37 

Arad, 36 

Asher, 4, 8, 10, 16, 32, 
36, 37, 38, 41, 50 

Augusta, 52 

Electa, 10 

Eli, 6, 8, 11, 21,23, 32, 
36, 37,40, 50,51 

Eli, Jr., 11, 21, 23, 24, 

EUsabeth, 42 [25 

Hannah, 6. 8, 11, 23, 
32, 36, 37, 50 

Hannah, Jr., 8 

Harriet, 25 

Henry, 25, 37 

Jesse, 6, 47 

John, 38 

Laura, 25 

Lecta, 9. 32, 36, 37, 38 

Mary, 4, 48, 50 

Mercy, 2, 4, 6, 49, 50 

Mercy, Jr., 4, 6, 47 

Olive, 25, 52 

Peter, vi, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 
8, 10, 15, 16, 32, 48, 
49, 50 

Peter, Jr., v, 2, 4, 11, 
13, 15, 32, 50 

Randal, 36, 45 

Roswell, 4, 36, 47 

Roxalena, 37 

Ruth Petty, 37 

Sarah. 23, 25 

Sophia, 25, 37 

Vashti, 11, 32, 37, 41, 

Warren Felt, 25, 52 

Farnsworth, Stephen, iv 

Fassett, Pearley, 27 
Felt, Eliphalet, 23 

Elutheria, 21, 23 

James, 40 

Lona Jane, 23, 52 

Warren, 21 
Fessenden, Thomas, Rev., 2 
Field, Sallv, 10, 41 

Timothy, Rev., 18, 28, 
Finney, John Parks, 45 

Mrs., 48 

Nathaniel, 42 
Fish, Jonas, 27 

Submit, 27 ' 

Fletcher, David, 43 

Luke, 49 
French, Sallv, 41 
Fuller, Abigail, 6, 40 

Betsy, 37 

Bulah Craft, 37 

Ebenezer, 7, 8, 12, 14, 
16, 32, 37, 42, 49, 50 

Ebenezer, Jr., 47 

Elizabeth, 9, 10, 32, 51 

Esquire, 47 

Hepzibah, 41 

Jonathan, 7, 12, 36, 40, 

Mary, 12, 37 

Mercy. 7, 36, 40, 48, 50 

]\Iercv Cutter, 36 

Rhoda, 11,12, 32,36, 

Sally Perkins, 37 

Gaffield, Daniel, 42 
Galusha, Hannah, 7, 41 
Gardner, Andrew, Rev., iv, 


Gassit, Daniel, 49 
Gay, Joanna, ix 

Zipporah, 10, 41 
Gibbs, Experience, 10, 41 
Gibson, Mr., 48 
Gilbert, Benjamin, 48 
Gilmore, Dinah, 49 

James, 46 

Jenny, 45 

Jonathan, 48 

Mr., 49 
Gilson, Betsy, 42 

Eunice, '25, 29 

Zacheriah, 25, 29 
Glazier, Eunice, 44 

Joseph, 47 

Lydia, 10, 41 

Martha, 35 

Mar}% 5, 40 

Mr., 49 

William, 35, 42, 47 
Goldsbury, Abigail, 9, 41 

Christopher, 48 

John, X 

Mary, x 
Goodale, Elijah, 44 

Rev. Mr., 18 
Goodhue, Mr., 11 
Goodridge, Samuel W., 21 
Gould, Benjamin, 37 

Caroline, 23, 25, 26, 29, 
31, 32, 51 

Charles Merril, 25 

Esther, 9, 41 

Hannah Flagg, 37 

Henry, 26 

John Stoel, 25 

Loel Read, 25 

Lucretia Sanderson, 


fen, 1 
rin, >■ 

Gould (continued) 

Maria, 26 

Susan, 28 

Thomas, 22, 23, 24, 25, 
26, 32 
Go win, 

Benjamin, 34,, 37, 38, 

Benjamin, Jr., 38 

Elizabeth, 23 

Esther, 27 

James, 39 

Levi Sabin, 38 

Mrs., 52 

Mary, 34, 38, 39, 52 

Samuel, 20, 21, 23 

Samuel Emery, 39 
Graves, Barnabas, 41 

Hannah, 43 

Selah, 43 
Green, Betsy, 43 

EUenor, 42 

Joseph, 49 

Millar, 50 

Sarah, 34 

Thomas, 42 
Griffin, Hannah, 44 
Grey, Amy, 43 
Griswold, Josiah, 9, 41 
Guild, Ephraim, 10, 41 
Gustin, Elisha, 48 

Mr., 49 

Thomas, 49 

Hall, Atherton, 28 

Mr., 16 

William, 18 

William, Jr., viii 
Hammond, Elizabeth, xi 
Harding, Elisha, Rev., v 
Harris, Benjamin, 7, 41 

Edward Doubleday, xi 

William, 10,32, 51 
Harwood,-.j j^ 3 
Herod, J ' 

Lydia, 8, 41 

Polly, 44 
Haseltine, ] 
Hazeltine, '. 
Hazelton, f 
Hazletine, J 

Jonas, vii, 10, 11, 12, 
14, 32, 51 

Mrs., 48 

Richard, 42 
Hastings, John, v 

Miranda, 50 
Hayward, Abijah, 44 

Bethiali, 46 

Sylvanus, 46 
Heaps, Mary, 45 
Hedge, Mr.,' Rev., 2 
Henry, Ziba, 43 

Herod, see Har^wood. 
Hill, Lydia, 23, 40 

Lydia Eleutheria, 40 

Moses, 20, 21, 23, 40 

Samuel Whiting, 40 
Himes, Hannah, 46 
Hitchcock, Luke, 48 

Zadock, 43 
Hodges, Silas H., Rev., 30, 

Hoit, Eunice, 52 
Holden, Lydia, 45 
Holiday, John, 48 

Mary, 41 
Holliday, Richard, 43 
Holmes, H, B., Rev., 28, 

29, 30 
Hotchkiss, Timothy J. 

Jones, 43 
Hotten, Asahel, 5 

Bela, 43 

Esther, 5, 36 

Janna, 36 

Joshua, 5, 36 , Jo 

Joshua, Jr., 5 

Leonard, 5 

Luther, 5 

Mrs., 49 
House, Deborah, 45 

Elisabeth, 45 

Polly, 45 

Sally, 44 
Houston, Mr., 9 

Howe, , 5, 40 

Howe, Mr., Rev., 40 

Ligraham, Ira, Rev., 28 

Jewett, Henry, 47 

Solomon, 43 
Johnson, Abiel, 3, 8 

Amela, 12, 41 

Asahel, 3 

Benjamin, 5, 50 

Dorcas, 3, 4, 5, 8 

Ebenezer, 3, 4, 5, 36 

Ebenezer, Jr., 3 

Edward, 3 

George, 28 

Isaac, 37, 38, 42, 49 

Isaiah, 3, 4, 5, 8, i7 J£> 

John, 3 ' 

Joshua, 48 

Joshua, Jr., 44 

Josiah, 43 

Luther, 3 

Nathan, 4 

Patty, 10 

Phebe, S^Sb 

Rachel, 43 

Robert, 49 

Samuel, 37 

Tabitha, 5 

Timothy, 48 

Zeruiah, 3, 4, 5 

Zibiah, 36 

Jones, Eli, 9 

Eunice, 8, 9, 32, 36, 60 
John, 8 
Moses, 36 

Reuben, Dr., 7, 8, 9, 
32, 36, 60 

Keith, Eunice. 23 

Grindal, 23 
Kelsey, Elisabeth, 46 
Kendal, "I 
Kendall, / 

Alpheus, 46 

Catharine, 46 

Eleazer, 21,33, 34,= 43 

Hannah, 34 

Mary, 32, 33, 51 

Nathan N., 44 

Sarah, 43 

Susanna, 43 
Kimbal, Thomas, 45 
Kingsley, Adriel, 3, 5, 47 

Naomi, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 
15. 32, 50 

Naomi, Jr., 4, 8, 47 

Sapphira, 10 

Sylvanus, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 

Sylvanus Sabin, 3, 47 
Knight, "I 
Knights, J 

Amanda, 36. 

Amasa, 37 

Asahel, 36 

Joel, 43 

Elijah, viii, 7, 9, 40 

Elisha, 10, 36, 37, 41 

Judge, 18 

Mercy, 9, 32, 51 

Phebe, 36, 37 

Phebe Root, 37 

Russel, 32, 33, 51 

Simeon, 9 

Lake, Abigail, 24, 25, 26, 52 

Ann Eliza, 25 

Elvira, 26 

Henry, Jr., 24, 25, 26 

Sally, 45 
Lane, Hannah, 41 

John, 32, 33, 34, 51 

Matthew, 3, 40 

Mrs., 49 
Larcum, Hannah, 6, 40 

Job, 50 
Larkin, Levi, 50 
Larrabee, Anne, 47, 50 

Benjamin, 3, 40, 47 

Mary. 6, 40, 47 

Samuel, 32, 47, 50 
Laton, Mr., 47 
Lawrence, Mr., Rev., 2 
Lee, Elias, 45 
Leach, ) 
Leech, j 

John, 34. 38, 39, 45 


Leach (continued) 
Joseph, 39 
Mela, 39 
Mr., 34, 38 
Lincoln, Luke, 45 
Lock, \ 
Locke, J 

Asa, 21, 28, 52 
Catharine R., 52 
Daniel, 44 
Ebenezer, 21 
Eliza, 52 
Fanny, 52 
Hannah, 51 
John, 51 
Laura, 51 
Mary Jane, 52 
Mr., 49 
Nancy S., 25 
Oren, 21 
Lottimore, Levi, 41 
Lovell, Alpheus, 37 
Beliza, 37 
Christopher, 45 
Elijah, 9, 41, 47 
Franklin Corey, 26 
Frederick Solon, 26 
Frink, 36 
Hannah, 9, 36, 37, 43, 

Harriet, 24, 26 
Harriet Martha, 26 
Horace, 36, 46 
John, V, vi. 5, 6, 9, 10, 
11, 12, 32, 36, 37,50 
John King, 6 
Martha, 5, 6, 9, 11, 32, 

36, 37, 50 
Martha, Jr., 11, 44 
Michael, iii 
Oliver, v, vi, 9, 36, 37 
Ovid, 21, 24, 26 
Patty, 47 

Polly, 6, 40, 43, 47 
Randal, 42 
Sabra, 9 
Sally, 43 
Vryling, 9 
Lusha, Sally, 45 

Mack, Eliza, 51 

Man, Charles, 5, 40, 47 

Mrs., 47 
Marsh. Benjamin, Jr., 42 

Betsi, 6 

Daniel, 6 

Huldah, 42 

James, viii 

Jerusha, 6, 42 

John, 43 

Joseph, 42 

Moses, 6, 36, 37, 46 

Moses, Jr., 42 

Phebe, 37, 45 

Polly, .36 

Marsh (continued) 
Sally, 42 
Samuel, 36 
Martin, Hannah, 39 
Nathan, 39 
Nathan, Jr., 39 
Mason, Abigail, 25, 29, 30 
Abigail M., 25, 30 
Betsey, x 
Daniel, x, xi, 30 
Hugh, xi 
John, xi 
Esther, xi 
Samuel, xi 

Samuel, Rev., ix, x, xi, 
1, 29, 30, 31, 46, 47, 
Mather, ) 
Mathers, J 
John, 49 
Polly, 42 
Sarah, 50 
Stephen, 50 
Mcafee, ") 
Macafee, j 

Achsah, 39 
Ira, 39 

James, 33, 38, 39 
Jane, 38 
Mary, 38 
McAlvin, ■> 
McAlvine, / 

Ebenezer, 45, 49 
McCurdy, Samuel, 42 
McElvain, Mary, 27 
McHerg, Judith. 5 
Judith, Jr., 5 
Patrick, 5 
Mcllvain, Abigail, 38 
Ebenezer, 38, 39 
John, 39 
McKenzie, Mr., 7, 40 
McKnight, Betty, 42 
McMurphy, George, 9 
Jane, 9 
Nancy, 9 
McNeal, Patty, 44 
Mede, Mr., 37 
Merrill, Leviua, 3, 40 
Metcalf, Abigail, x 
Millar, I 
Miller, / 

Anna, 45 
Charles, 39 
John, 43 
Lucy, 46 

Matthew, 21, 34, 39, 43 
Mercy, 39 
PoUv. 45 
Minard, William, 43 
Miner, Nathaniel, 7, 40, 48 
Moors, Esther, 2, 4, 6 

Fairbanks, 2, 4, 6, 47 
Lucinda, 4, 6 
Samuel, 2 

Morris, Uriah, 5, 40 
Morrison, Betsy, 46' 

Jonathan, 39, 44 

Sally, 39 
Muzzy, Anna, 23 

Joseph, 21, 23, 24, 35, 

Mrs., 35,51 

Polly. 43 
Myrick, Esther, xi 

Nasmith, Benjamin, 38 

David, 38 

Hugh, 38 
Newcomb, Experience, xi 
Newton, Dexter, 43 
Nichols, Nathaniel, 48 
NichoUs, William, 38 
Nourse, \ 
Nurse, j 

Annis, 23 

Daniel, 21 

David, 24, 26, 46 

Lucy, 24, 26 

Lydia, 24, 45 

Mrs., 52 

Peter, 21, 24, 28 

Peter, Jr., 44 

Philip, 23, 24 

Samuel, 21 

Oaks, David, 42 
Ober, David, 38 

Hannah, 38, 44 

Hezekiah, 52 

Isaac, 28, 38 

Kendall, 45 

Mrs., 51 

Samuel, 19, 21,22, 33, 

Samuel, Jr., 45 

William, 38 
Ogden, Mr., 38 
Olcott, Betty. 3, 5, 9 

Bulkley, 5 

Capt., 48 

Caroline, 42 

Elias, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 9, 10, 
16, 32, 36,50 

Elisabeth, 36 

Eusebia, 36 

Hannah, 36 

John, 36 

Lucy, 9 

Mr., Rev., 2 

Parthenia, 9 

Patty, 43 

Sibbel, 3, 5, 8, 36. 50 

Sibbel, Jr., 3 

Simeon, v, 5 

Thomas Chandler, 3 

Timothy, iT» 3^ 5» 9, 36 
Orr, John, 45 

Peggy, 43 

Sally, 44 


Pain, Sally, 44 
Parker, Abiel, 44 

Abigail, 42 

Benjamin, 9, 41 

Ijeonard, 42 

Zeruiah, 5, 40 
Parks, David, 42 

Thaddeus, 44 
Parsons, Philadelphia, 46 
Patterson, Anna > o 7 q 
Anne 5 ' ' 

Anna, Jr., 7 

Benjamin, 3, 40 

Ebenezer, 3, 7, 9 

Moses, 3 

Samuel, 7 

Susanna Smith, 9 
Peas, ) 
Pease, 5 

Am a, 41 

Billy Fisher, 36 

Experience, 36 

Jacob, 6, 7,8,9, 10, 11, 
13, 14, 15,32,36,49, 

Jacob, Jr., 14, 36 

Lovisa, 9, 41 

Mary, 32, 36, 50 

Rhoda, 7, 40 
Perkins, Betsy, 43 
Perry, Charles Chamberlain, 

Daniel, 34, 38 

Hannah, 45 

Rebecca, 38 
Petty, Mr., 49 

Solomon, 42 
Phillips, Nabby, 23 
Pierce, Anne, 42 

Bridget, 24, 26 

Elisabeth, 42 
Pike, David, 42 

Freelove, 48 

Luther, 44 
Platts, Ebenezer, 45 

Huldah, 44 
Pratt, Nathan, 45 
Preston, Abylene, 4, 40 

Bethiah, 3, 40 

Colburn, 4, 6, 8 

Daniel, 8 

David, 6, 47 

Elenor, 3, 4, 6, 8, 13, 
32, 50 

James, 41 

Sylvaiius, 4 
Procter, "I 
Proctor, j 

Lydia, 34, 44 

Nathan. 34, 51 

Sally, 44 
Pulsipher, Charles Weaver, 

Dana, 26 

Pulsipher (continued) 

David, V, vi, viii, 11, 

21, 28, 30,32,36,37, 

39, 50 
David, Jr., 20, 21, 23, 

26, 37 
Ebenezer, 10, 41, 50 
Elias, 39 

Elisabeth. 7, 40, 50, 51 
Elisabeth Stoell, 11,25 
Elvira, 26 
George Henry, 25 
Irena, 46 
Joanna, 52 
John, viii, 33, 49 
John, Jr., 46 
Laura, 25 
Lewis, 26 
Lucy, 23, 36 
Mrs"., 32 
Oliver, 44 
Patty, 39 

Philena, 23, 37, 52 
Polly, 43 
Priscilla, 11,32, 36,37, 

39, 51 
Rebeccah, 26, 52 
Rhena, 37 
Sally, 23, 25 
Samuel. 45 

Samuel Woods, 11, 25 
Solomon, 46 
Putnam, William H. H., 1 

Quincy, Dorothy, 45 

Randall, Elisabeth, 46 
Raymenton, Samuel H., 44 
Read, \ 
Reed, / 

Ama, 37 

Asenath, 38 

Betsey, 27, 46 

Billy, 37 

Elijah, 41, 49 

Elisabeth, 38 

Fanny, 38 

Frederick, 9, 32, 33, 36, 
37, 38, 41, 51 

Frederick, Jr., 36 

Isaac, Jr., 43 

Joseph, 43 

Josiah, 50 

Leonard, 9, 41 

Lovisa, ) 32, 33,36, 37, 

Louisa, 5 38, 51 

Louisa, Jr., 36 

Matthew, 38 

Sarah, 38 

Simeon Peas, 36 

Thomas Boyd, 38 

Unity, 10, 41 

Widow, 50 
Reeves, Mr., Rev., 2 
Reid, Marian, 44 

Rice, Abner, 43 

Eleanor, 44 

Elizabeth, 19, 44 

Hezekiah, 19, 21 

Lydia, 45 
Richards, Anne, 8 

Charles, vi, 8, 13, 35 

Charles, Jr., 6, 35, 36, 

Daniel, 10, 35, 36, 41 

Edward, 25, 38 

Edward, Jr., 38 

Elenor, 12, 41 

Eunice, 22, 23 

Heman, 36 

Irene, 8 

John, 35 

John Lock, 21, 24, 26 

Manor, 35 

Matilda, 36 

ISIolly, 35, 36 

Molly, Jr., 35 

Nabby. 24, 26 

Sally," 35, 36 

Sally. Jr., 36 

Urania B., 22, 23, 27 
Richardson, , 50 

Jotham, 46 

Prudence, 48 
Rider, Susan, 46 
Ripley, Anna, 23, 46 

Epaphras, 22, 23, 25 

John. 41 

Tabitha, 42 
Robertson, Rebecca, 46 
Rollins, William, 21 
Ross, Timothy, 43 
Roundv, Elmond, 49 

Ralph, 43 

Sabra, 42 

Sarah, 12, 32, 51 
Royce, Eliakim, 46 
Rugg, Elias, 50 

Sabin, Levi, 42 

William C, 30 
Safford, Elisabeth, 3, 40 

Joel, 47 

Mr., 48 
Sage, Sylvester, Rev., 18, 

19, 26 
Sanderson, Elizabeth, 38 

James Jackson, 38 

Josiah, 38 

Ur., 49 
Sargeants, Abigail, 6 

Betsi Lane, 8 

Elisabeth, 12 

Jabez, 8, 11, J^ 

Jabez, Jr., 3, 4, 6, 8, 9^Jc3 

Jabez, 3d, 3 

Lemuel, 8, 12, 48 

Lines, 9 

Mr., 15 

Persis, 3, 4, 6, 9 


Sergeants (continued) 
Persis, Jr., 4 
Stephen, 49 
Sarles, Sarah, 43 
Sartwell, Asa, 45 
Lecta, 8, 41 
Phebe, 8, 41 
Savage, John, 42 

Ozias, 42 
Sawyer, Aaron, 3 

Abraham, 3, 5, 6, 36 
Abraham, Jr., 36 
Mary, 5 
Thomas, 6 
Scipio, Salem, 50 
Searles, Jemima, 44 
Severance, 1 
Severence, J 

Adeline, 25, 29, 30 
Shed, James, 43 
Mr., 48 
Zachariah, 44 
Shelden, Mr., 48 
Shepherd, Isaac, 21 
Jane, 24, 51 
Major, 24 
Shipman, Abraham, 45 

Frederic, 45 
Shuttlesworth, Mr,, 16 
Symonds, _ 
Brother, 4 
Betsy, 39 
Elijah, 42 
Gardner, 4, 40, 47 
Hannah, 38 
Jehial, 61 
Laura, 39 
Lynde, 12, 34, 38, 39, 

40, 42 
Mary, 38, 39, 40 
Mary, Jr., 38 
Mrs., 49, 50 
Polly, 12, 44 
Susanna, 9, 12, 41 
Willard, 40 
WUliam, vi, 11, 12, 32, 
Slack, Esther, 43 
Smiley, Mr., Rev., 18 
Smith, Abraham, 48 
Benjamin, 30 
David, 46 
Hannah, 6 
Huldey, 24 
John, 43, 47 
Matilda, 41 
Mr., 48 
Samuel, 9, 41 
Sparhawk, Thomas, v 
Spaulding, Abigail, 3, 40 
Ashbel, 44 
Esther, xi 
William, xi 

Spear, Mr., 49 
Spencer, Lois, 7, 40 
Sprague, Jeremiah, 46 
Stafford, Samuel, 6, 40 
Stanley, "1 
Stanly, / 

David, 14, 16, 32, 33, 

Elijah, 42 
Sally, 42 
Stearns, "1 
Sterns, ( 

Abigail, 5, 43 
Barbara, 42 
Benjamin Hubbard, 39 
Betsy Lawrence, 39, 44 
Bulah, 3, 43 
E. S., V 
Eber, 21, 39 
Eleazer, 6 
Elizabeth, 3, 5, 6, 19, 

Isaac, 10, 41 
James, 3 
Jehiel, 39 
Jesse, 42 
John, 42 
Jonathan, 49, 51 
Lydia, 34, 39 
Mrs., 32, 49, 51 
Ralph Parker, 6 
Ruth, 6 
Sarah, 6 
Selima, 25 
William, 3, 5,6,10,19, 

21, 33, 39, 51 
William,Jr..34, 39, 41, 
48, 51 
Stebbins, Thomas, 44 
Stevens, Asahel, iv 
Stickney, Jonas, 46 
Relief, 42 
Rhoda, 42 
Stocker, Mr., 49 

Sally,'23, 46, 52 
Mr., 49, 50 

Abigail, 42 
Asa, 21, 23, 46 
Betsey, 38, 51 
David, 38, 49 
Ebenezer, 9, 41 
Hannah, 42 
Isaac, 6 

Joanna, 23, 34, 38 
Joanna, Jr., 38 
John, 19, 21,22,23,28, 
29, 31, 34,38,42,49, 
John, Jr., 38 

Stoel (continued) 

Lucinda, 10 

Lucy, 23 

Mercy, 6 

Mrs., 52 

Phebe, 9, 10, 32,41,50 

Rufus, 6 

William, 8, 41 
Stone, Bathsheba, 6 

David, 6 

Esther, 36 

John, 47 

Lydia, 6 

Sarah, 6 

Susanna, 6, 36 

Thomas, 6, 36 
Stoughton, Ira, 27 

Urania B., 22 

Taggart, Hannah, 47 




Erethel, 36 

Mary, 5, 40 

Joseph, 36 

Peter, 36 
Taylor, David, 44 

Mary, 37 

Mrs., 33, 51 

Polly, 37 

Sally, 37, 47 

Samuel, v, 37, 49 

Samuel, Jr., 37. 44 
Thomson, Abigail, 42 
Titus, Comfort, 47 

John, 47 

Nancy, 4, 40 
Tozer, Peter, 48, 49 

Polly, 48 

Richard, 49 
Trott, Samuel, 41 

Vashti. 15 
Tyler, Nancy, 27 

Upham, Daniel G., 44 
Elizabeth, 30 
Mrs., 52 

Wadsworth, R., 21 
Wait, Mrs., 48 

Patty, 42 

Sally. 42 
Walker, Elisabeth, 5, 45 

James, viii, 33, 37 

Leonard, 27 

Mr., 48 

Mrs.. 32, 51 

Nathaniel, 37 

Rebecca, 3, 5, 8, 9, 32, 

Rebecca, Jr., 3 

Timothy, 3, 4. 5, 8, 9, 
32, 47, 50 

Washington, 9 


Walkins, Thomas, 41 
Weatherbee, ") 
Wetherbee, | 

Mehetable, 42 

Kachel, 9, 41 
Weaver, Daniel, •viii 

Esek, 44 

Mr., 44 

Sally, 45 
Webb, Betsy, 45 

Calvin, 21 

Charles, 49 

Clarissa, 5, 27, 42 

Doraxa, 3^ 

Elvira, 2,7 

Hannah, 12 

Ira, 9, 48 

Jehiel, vi, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 
11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 
32, 37, 48, 50 

Jehiel, Jr., 5 

Joshua, vi 

Luther, 21 

Mary, 5, 7, 9, 12, 32, 37, 

Mary, Jr., 7, 46 

Polly, 46. 47, 48 

Samuel, 47 
Weed, Joseph, 45 
Wellman, B^, 30 
Wentworth, Benning, Gov., 

Wesson, Pearson, 44 
Weston, Hannah, 23 

James, 42 

Nathan, 21, 23 
Wetmore, Edmund, 36 

Joseph, 36 

Ruth, 36 
Wheeler, Warren, 27 
Wheelock, Abner, 43 

Jonathan, 49 

Oliver, 28 
Whipple, Abner, iv 

Sibbel, 3, 40 
Whitcomb, Abigail Saw- 
yer, xi 

Dorothy, 42 
White, Abel, 8, 41, 49 

Asa, 4, 40, 48 

Broughton, Rev., ix, 1, 
25, 31, 32 

Eunice, 44 

Jane, 10, 41 

John, 49 

Jonathan, 47 

Josiah, 7, 40 

Linda, 49 

Mr., 47 

Mrs., 49 

White (continued) 

Phinehas, 42 

Polly, 43 

Releif, 41 

Widow, 47 
Whiting, Abigail, x, 11 

Benoni, x 

Betsey, 35. 40 

Eleutheria, x, 37 

John Goldsbury, x, 36 

Joseph, ix, X, 21, 27, 39 

Lucy, 46 

Mary,ix, 4.6, 8, 11, 32, 
36, 37, 39, 50 

Mary, Jr., x, 4, 8, 47, 48 

Mary 3<i, 40 

Mrs., 52 

Nathaniel, ix 

Samuel,' ix 

Samuel, Rev., v, vi. viii, 
ix, X, 1,2,4,5,8, 11, 
12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 
32, 36, 37,39,46,48, 

Samuel, Jr., x, 5, 35, 
40, 45 

Sarah, 23, 29, 35 

Theophilus, x, 37 
Whitney, Abigail, 12 

Agnis, 4, 32, 50 

Agnis, Jr., 4 

Elisabeth, 4 

Elisabeth, Jr., 4, 43 

Ezra, 4 

John. 4, 12, 48 

Lucretia, 4 

Moses, 4 

Parmela. 9, 41 
Wilcox, Obadiah, 45 
Wiley, Asena, 39 

David, 27 

Hiram, 39 

Ira. 39 

John, 2d, 21, 38 

Jonathan, 35, 39 

Orrin, 40 

Robert, 34, 38, 39, 40 

Rodney, 39 

Samuel, 46 

William Campbell, 38 
Willard, Abigail, 44 

Polly, 44 

Samuel, 46 
Williams, Benjamin, 6, 40 

Betsy, 46 

Margaret, 50 

Mary, 45 

Mr., 11 

Patty, 44 

Sukee, 44 

Wilson, Benjamin, 46 

George, 45 

Rhoda, 5, 40 
Wing, Hannah, 46 

Turner, 42 
Winn, Polly, 45 
Wise, Daniel, 52 
Wolf, James Young, 37 

John Casper Shana, 35, 
37, 42, 49 

Mabel, 45 

Mavel, 35 

Rachel, 35, 87 
Wollage, Elijah, Rev., ix, 
x, 1, 18, 19, 21, 12, 
23,24,25,27, 28,51 

Elijah, Jr., Rev., x 

Elijah, Sr., x 

Polly, X 

Sarah B,, 23 

Sophia, 23 
Wood, \ 
Woods, J 

Anne, 3 

Barnabas, 33, 37 

Betsey, 27 

Esther, 3 

George, 16, 32, 33, 36, 
48, 51 

John, 37 

Jonathan B., 42 

Joseph, 3,4, 6,7,9, M, 
32, 50 

Mary, 3 

Mrs., 33, 51 

Olive, 42 

Rachel, 36 

Samuel, 3, 48 

Sarah, 32, 33, 36, 48, 

Sibbel, 36 
Wooley, > 
Wooly, I 

Samuel, 43 

James, 46 
Wright, Daniel, 28 

Deidama, 44 

Elisha, 9, 41 

Judith, 9, 41 

Moses, V 

Moses, Jr., 42, 46 

Nathan, 7, 41 

Philena, 10, 41 

Rosalinda, 43 

Sally, 48 

Solomon, 4, 40, 48 
Wyman, Thomas, 46 
Wynn, Jacob, 3 

Phebe, 3 

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