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Full text of "Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever : baptismal and marriage, 1730-1779"

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Rev. John Casper Stoever 

Baptismal and Marriage 



Harrisburg Publishing Co. 


' I • 

^1 ~ r, 

Rev* John Casper Stoever^s Record of Baptisms 
and Marriages from J 730 to \ 779. 


For a translation of the Baptismal 
and Marriage records of one of the earli- 
est divines of the Lutheran church in 
Pennsylvania, we are indebted to the 
Rev. F. J. F. Schantz, D. D., of Myers- 
town, Pa., who in forwarding it writes: 

"The original Record of Baptisms and 
Marriages of Rev. Johann Gasper 
Stoever, containing also a sketcTi of his 
life, is in the possession of W. C. 
Stoever, Esq., Mt. Aiiy, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 'a son of the late Prof. M. L. 
Stoever, LL. D., of Pennsylvlania Col- 
lege, Gettysburg, Pa. With his permis- 
sion, at the request of Rev. H. E. Ja- 
cobs, D. D., LL. D., of the Theological 
Semitaary at Mt. Airy, Pa., a copy of 
the record was made to be preserved in 
the archives of the Evangelical Luther- 
an Ministerium of Pennsylvania, &c. 
Tlhiils trainsila'tioe of the record and per- 
mission for pulblcation were se'cured 

ail'so by the kind consent <y£ Mr. 
Stoerer. The original record of Johann 
Gasper Stoever was written in German 
and contains many Latin phrases as well 
as a few Englis'h lanid French. The spell- 
ing of names of localities is generally 
given as in the original record. The bi- 
ography of Johann Gasper Stoever is 
given in the original record after the en- 
tries of the bii'th and baptism of his 
own children, and is placed in this publi- 
cation at the beginning for convenient 
reference. As will be seen in a foot 
note added to the biography, Johann 
Casper Stoever, sr., and Johann Gasper 
Stoever, jr.. arrived in Pennsylvania on 
Septemlber 11th, 1728. The former la- 
bored in Spottsylvania, Va., and the lat- 
ter in Pennsylvania, exJtending his la- 
bors to Virginia, as will be noticed in 
the record of his baptisms and marriages 
furnisihed for publication. 


Johann Gasper Stoever, father of the 
children named above (in the reeord of 
baptisms), was born December 21st, 
1707, in a place named Luedorff, in So- 
linger Amit, Duchy Berg, in Unter 
Pfaltz. His parents were Johann Gas- 
par Stoever (a native of Frankenburg in 
Hesse and Gertraudt (family name not 
given), born in Amt Solingeu. When he 
was six years of age he learned to read 
German perfectly in four weeks under 
'his father's direction. After this he also 
commenced to study Latin under his 
faither. Subsequently ihe received pri- 
vate instruction in Latin and Greek 
from four paistors successively named, 
H. Nicolaus Muentz, H. Samuel Brat- 
schisch, H. Valentine Kraft and H. 
Antonius Pfaifman, and later in the lan- 
guages naimed, as also in Hebrew and 
French, and likewise in theology from 
H. Knabel and finally from H. Special 
(Superintendent) Adolpih Ruehfeld at 

Brumath, three hours (twelve miles), 
froan Strassburg. " Journeyeld from Eu- 
rope to America in 1728 on the Rhine 
and on an ocean vessel, preaching on 
Sundays. Arrived in Pennsylvania 

Sept. 29th and continued to preach; 
ordained on April Sth, 1733, by Chris- 
tian Schultz, p. t. pastor in Phila- 
delphia, and was maiT'ied at the same 
time to Maria Catarina. They became 
the parents of the above named chil- 
dren (e^leven named in record of bap- 
tisms.) His wife was born May 14th, 
1715, at Lambesheim in Chur Pfaltz. 
Her sponsor was Catarina Ursula 
Schmidt. Her parents were Christian 
Merckling and his wife Catarina, nee 

Novem'ber 2d, 1778— Whilst I am writ- 
ing this cursum vitae, my age is by the 
grace and help of God 70 years, 10 
months, 1 week and five days. 

JStoever Records. 

Ill the origmal recwd the following 
was ad(le<l in a dillerent handwriting: 

His full agt — 71 years, 4 montha 3 
weeks and 2 days. 

Kev. Johaun Casper Stocver died at 
his residence, west of Lebanon, Pa., 
May ISth, 1779, and was buried at Hill 
Ohurch. north of west of Lebanon, Pa.— 
F. J. F. S. 

September 29'th is n'o doubt an error 
of memory at his advanced age. Aceord- 
inig to "Pennsylvania Archives, second 
series, vol. xvii, p. 15" and "Kupp's Goi- 
lection of 30,000 names of Immigrants" 
no vessel arrived with immigrants in 
1728. after September 11th. on which 
day the shiip, James Goodwill, David 
Crocket, master, from Rotterdam, and 
the qualification of its passengers are 
reported. Among the names of its i>as- 
sengers are those of "Joh'ann Casper 
Stoever, Mdssi'onaire," and "Jdhann 

Casper Stoever, S. S. Theol. Stud." 
(see Rupp's Co'lleetion, page 58.) "Jo- 
ivau Casper Steffer, sr., and Johan 
Casper Steffer, jr., (see Penmsylvanila 
Archives, second series, vol. xvii, page 
15.) In the Stiate Library at Harris- 
burg, Pa., I siaw ifche paper <?ontaintag 
tlie names of foreigners vs^hio arrived 
September 11th, 1728. In this list are 
found tihe names "Johan Casper Stef- 
fer, sr., and JWhan Casper iSteffer, jr." 
Before the name of "Johan Casper 
Steffer, jr., "Minr." is written. Jc^haon 
Casper Stoever, sr.. labored 1733 as a 
nnnister in Spott-sylvania, Va., went to 
Europe 1737;and died on board the vessel 
on his o/CtemiJtefl return to America. 
(See Halle repoi^ts, new edition, 1886, 
I>age 086.) The record of baptisms and 
marriages g'iven in this book is that of 
Johann Casper Stoever, jr.— F. J. F. S. 


WILHELM HEIM. (Coventry.) 
Heim— Joihn Christian, b. Oct. 1, 1731- 

hap. Oct. 24. 1731. Sponsor, J(>hn 

Christian St-ihunck. 
Jdhn Casper, b. May 17, 

bap. May 22, 1734. Sponsor, 


Casper Sdhunck. 
— - — Fmntz Hugo, b. Sept. 17, 1738; 
bap. Jan. 10, 1739. Sponsors, Frantz 
fe-chunek and wife Elizabeth. 
(The Swamp.) 
Ivuelhler— Jdhn Heiinridh, h. Feb., 1731 
bap. Oct. 24. 1731. Sponsors, Sebas- 
tian Miller ami wife. 

REEiS JONES. (Manatawnv.) 
J^^fs— ^?™'i- b. Aug., 1731; bap. Odt. 
dO, 1(31. Spbnsors, Jo^hn Williams 
and wife. 



Henninger— Maria Rosina. b. Nov 21 
1731; bap. Nov. 27. 173L Sponsors] 
Sebastian Zimmerman. Anna Eliza- 
beth Jjcvan and Anaia Maria I^evan. 

.Tohn Michael, b. Sept. ."iO, 1736; 

liap. Oct. 29. 1736. Sponsors, Hedn- 
rich and Eva Kulin. 

Wolf— .Idhn AdJam. h. Nov. 2, 1731- 

bap. Nov. 28. 1731. Sponsors, John 

Adam Pliii'll)el and his wife. 
John Heinrich. an adopted child of 

Jdhn Heinridh Wolf. Reputed father, 

Isiaiac Leonlhardt; mother, N. Soheidin, 

mo'w married to John Callus, h. Nov., 

1721; bap. Nov. 28, 1731. Sponsor, 

John Heinridh Wolf. 
Johannes, b. Dec. 31, 1732; bap. 

Aug. 20, 1733. Sponsor, Johannes 


Long— El'izalbeth, h. Nov. 14, 1731; bap. 

Nov. 28. 1731. Sponsors, Peter Long 

and wife Elizaibdtih. 
THOMAS DOTSON, (French Creek.) 
Doitson- Hannaih, b. Dec. 7, 1727; ban 

Dec. 3, 1731. ^ 

— -— John William, b. Aug., 1729; bap. 

Dec. 3. 1731. 
— -- Ridhard. b. June 26, 1731; bap. 

Dee. 3. 1731. 

'Sponsors for *he above Peter Rldhter 

and the parents. 
THOMAS COOK, (The Swamp.) 
Cook— Gratia, b. June. 1726; bap. Dec. 

9. 1731. Sponsors. Wdlliam Fell and 

wife, ailso Mary Porcks. 

Ildlder— Andreas Hugo, b. April 6, 1731; 

l«ap. Dec. 26, 1731. Sponsor, Karl 

A olck. 

CHARLES FULCK. (Manatawny.) 
Fulck— .Tohanna, b. Dec. 11 1731 

Iwp Dec 21. 1731. Sponsor, Maria 

Barbara Holderin. 

JOHN ELLIS, (Manattawmy.) 
Elhs— Evans, b. Dec, 1724; bap. Feb. 

Stoever Records. 

24 1732. Witness, William Richard. 
Jobn, b. Nov., 1726; bap. Jan. 24, 

1732. Witnesses, Thomas Turner and 

Susanna Turner. 

ANTONY TURNER, (Mamatawny.) 
Tuprner— Aintony, b. Jan. 21, 1732; bap. 

Feb. 10, 1732. Sureties, Jolin Ellis, 

Thomas Turner and Susanna Turner. 
MICHAEL SPON, (Maxaitawmiey.) 
Spon— Maria Barbara, b. Feb. 10, 1732; 

bap. March 19, 1732. SponsoTS, Jacob 

Roth and wife. 

Johann Adaira, b. Nov. 1, 173o; 

bap. Jan. 17, 1736. Sponsor, John 
Adam Lueckenbuehl. 

Koeldhner— GeoTge Adam, b. Sept 20, 
1732; bap. Jam. 20, 1733. Sponsors, 
the parents. 

Froscli— Joihannes, b. Dec. 16, 1732; 
bap. Feb. 4, 1733. Sponsoirs, John 
Morgensitern and wife. 

Oaitarina, b. July, 1735; bap. Nov. 

5, 1735. ST»n9oi's, John George Kuntz 
and wife Oaitarina. 

Maria Eliziabetba. b. Sept. 21, 

1738; bap. Nov. 25, 1738. Sponsors, 
Jacob Kuntz and wife. 

Lisdheer — Abrailuam, b. Dec. 11, 1732; 
bap. Feb. 11, 1733. Spo'nsors, the 

(Falekner Schwtamp.) 
Wiaa-tm^in— 'Catariim. h. April 26, 1733; 
hap. June 12, 1733. Sponsors, Mar- 
tin Koebllinger and wife Cattarina. 
(Falekner Schwamp.) 
Sdhmidt— Maria Clatarina, b. Fe^b. 29, 
1733; bap. June 24, 1733. Sponsors, 
Jacob Sdhwitzer and wife. 

Jolbn Adiam, b. Nov. 1, 1733; bap. 

Jan. 13, 1734. Sponsors, Bednrich 
Ganger and wiife. 

(Falekner Schwamp.) 
Eberd-^Tacob. b. May 31, 1733; bap. 
June 24, 1733. Sponsor. Jaco-b Her- 

THOMAS DEA, (Colebrook Da;le.) 

Dea— Sara, b. Feb., 1733; bap. Aug. 4, 

1733. Evidence, :Mary William. 


(ScMfen thill.) 

Boeckle— (Miairgaretta Dorothea, b. June 

11, 1733; bap. July 8, 1733. Sponsors, 

Jolhn George Kleinhaus and wife Dor- 

Oaitarina CQiarlotta, b. March 28, 

1735; bap. April 7. 1735. Spomisors, 
Jacob Mueller and wife. 

Bernlhaeuszel — Susanna Catlharina, b. 

May 22, 1733; bap. July 15, 1733. 

Spoinsors, Andreas Beyer and wife. 
JOHANNES JUNG'S Negro Children. 

Sybilla, b. Sept. 3, 1723; bap. July 

23, 1733. Sponsor, Johannes Jung. 

Daniel, b. May 22, 1725; bap. July 

23, 1733. Joli'annes Koebllinger. 

Margareifcha, b. April 18, 1727; 

bap. July 23, 1733. Sponsors, Eliza- 
beth Augin. ^ , 

Ludwlg, b. Feb. 2, 1729; bap. July 

23, 1733. Siwnsors, Ludiwlig Fisher 
and Catharine Elizabeth Pute. 

Jacob, b. Feb. 15, 1731; bap. July 

23, 1733. Sponsors, John Nicolaus 
Straii'ss and Anna Maria Kellerin. 

Johannes, b. Feb. 15, 1733; bap. 

July 23, 1733. Sponsors, John Nico- 
laus Strauss and Anna Maria Keilerin. 

Bgner— Johannes, b. June 15, 1733; bap. 
Aug. 5, 1733. Sponsors, John Ehr- 
man and Anna M^ria Wipert. 

Mattbei-s, b. June 2, 1735; bap. 

Oct. 19, 1735. Sponsors, John Mat- 
theis Schmidt and wife. 

(At the Schuylkill.) 
Zuber— John Michael, b. Sept., 1726; 
bap. Aug. 20, 1733. Sponsor, Michael 
Fischer. ^„„„ 

Maria EHzzabetha, b. Nov. 6, 1730; 

bap. Aug. 20, 1733. Sponsor, Maria 

E'lizabetha BiecMel. 

John Peter Hugo, b. 

Feb. 25, 


1734; bap. Oct. 7. 1734. 
John Peter and Maria 
CHRISTIAN FREY, Oley Mountains, 

Frey — Maria Oatharina, b. July 31, 
1733; bap. Aug. 25, 1737. Sponsors, 
John Frey,Anna Maria Junt and Anna 
Ca<tharina Henckle. 

(Falekner Schwamp.) 
Wittman— George ^lichael, b. July 13, 
1733; bap. -Sept. 3. 1733. Sponsors, 
George Michael Meek and wife Maria 


(Oley Mountains.) 

Rotih^John JacWb, b. Aug. 7, 1733; 

Stoever Records. 

bap. St-pt. 20, 1733. Sponsors, John 
Ja<?ob Rotli and Eliza.bc'tli Hitter. 
(Olcy Mountains.) 
Gueiathor-^Tohn', b. Sept. 23, 1733; bap. 
Sept. 29, 1733. SiKcnsor, Joliu Freder- 
ich Greinert. 

Maria Marfraretha, b. Dec. 29, 

1734: bap. Dee. 29, 1734. Sponsors. 
Mar>ra.retha Nagrle and ]Maria Magda- 
lena Maiess. 


Sprecher — John George, b. Sept. 8. 
1733; l>ap. Sept. 30, 1733. Spomsors, 
John .Tosieph Becker, Johannes Kep- 
ner a.nd Eliz«betha Kaereherin. 

Baiecker — .Tohn Jonathan, b. Jan. 1, 
1730; bap. Oct. 20. 1733. Spomsors, 
John Alstatt and wife. 



Koehler^Maria Catharine, b. Sept. 19, 
1732; bap. Oct. 20, 1733. Sponsors, 
John Casper Reinhardt and Maria 
Caith. Greiner. 

Maria Christina, b. April 18, 1734; 

bar*. Auj;. 11. 1734. Sponsors, Anna 
Oatharina Hefiickelin and Maria Cath- 
arima Grei'm^riii. 

Roeihben — Petea-, b. Doc. 1732; hap. Oct. 

28. 1733. Sponsor. Peter Riicht<?r. 

Cata.rina Ba.rbara, b. Feb. 18 

1734; bap. Mnis-h 30. 1734. Sponsors, 
John Ba-Ithasar Steuber and wife, 
Maria Barbara. 

Anna Marffaretha, b. July 7. 1735; 

bap. June 28, 1736. Sponsors, the 
— - — Nicola us, b. Jan. 24. 1737; bap. 
Jan. 20, 1737. Sponsors, the parents. 
Bicht<^r— Michael, b. Sept. 1."). 1733; bap 
Oct. 28. 1733. Sponsor, the fa*her. 
Loeschw— John ^'incentz. b. Feb 26 
1733; bap. Oct. 29. 1733. Sponsor! 
John Vincentz Meyer. 

ADAM LATTER. (Skippack.) 
Lauer— Peter, b. Oct. 2. 1733; bap. Oct. 

29. 1733. Sponsors, John Peter 
Schneider and wife. 

(Chestnut Hill.) 
Hoeffner — John George, b. Nov. 20. 
1733; bap. Nov. 2.5, 17.33. Sponsors, 
John George Wriedner and wife. 


Bberdt— Tobias, b. Nov. 13, 1733; bap. 
Dec. 2, 1733. Sponsor, Tobiias Moser. 
(Oley Mountains.) / 

NoJdt— Comelius, b. Nov. 27, 1733/ bap. 
Dec. 3, 1733. Sponsor, Oomelius 

Jergan — John George, b. Oct. 18, 1733; 
bap. Dec. 10, 1733. Sponsors, John 
George Ohr land wife Eliza)betha Ger- 

Berlidt — Anna Catairina, b. Dec. 2, 1733; 
bap. Dec. 10, 1733. Sponsors, Gerhardt 
Henekel and wife. 

(Chestnut Hill.) 
Kueffer — Margaretha Barbara, b. Nov. 

19, 1733; bap. Dec. 16, 1733. Sponsors, 
Ohristoph Ollinger and Banba-ria Rea- 

DAVID HOLTZEDER, (Germantown.) 
Hoiltzeder — Anna Maria, b. Dec. 2, 1733; 
bap. Dec. 16, 1733. Sponsor, Anna 
Maria Renin. 

(Chestnut Hill.) 
Sc4imid(t — Anna Elizabeth, b. Dec. 6, 
1733; bap. Dec. 16, 1733. Sponsoirs, 
Maifetheis Egner and wife. 

Mariia Ursula, b. Dec. 3, 1735; 

bap. .Tan. 7, 1736. Sponsors, Balthasar 
Wott and wife Maria Ursula; also 
Maria Elizabeth Egnerin. 
Helfferich— John Peter, b. Sept. 6, 1733; 
bap. Jain. 3, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Peter Steig and wife. 
(Chestnut Hill.) 
Wolffiniger — Anna Eliza-beth, b. Jan. 1, 
1733; bap. April 15. 1734. Sponsors^ 
John Kepner and wife. 

Acker — George Heinrich. b. Jan. 3, 
1734; bap. Jan. 7. 1734. Sponsors, 
George Michaeil and wife. 
CHRISTIAN BLASER, (Providence.) 
Blaser — Juliana Catharina Margaretha, 
b. Dec. 31, 1733; bap. Jan., 1734. 
Sponsors, George Kuntz, Juliana 
Oatha.rina Morgensternin and Anna 
M argaretha Gerh ar dti n. 



Bebeler — Anna Maria Barbara, b. Jan. 

20, 1734; bap. Jan. 27, 1734. Sponsors, 

Stoever Records. 

Christoph and wife, Maria Barbara; 
also Maria Barbara Weifin. 


Lintzenbechler — Johannes, b. Jan. 30, 
1734; bap. Oct. 7, 1734. Sponsors, 
John Lichtenwallner and wife, Bar- 

Lichtenwallner — Margaretha, b. Feb. 
3, 1734; bap. Feb. 6. 1734. Sponsors, 
Tobias Moser and his wife Marga- 


(Oley Monntains.) 

Krueger — George Valentine, b. Feb. 9, 

1734; bap. March 2, 1734. Sponsor, 

John George Hoffert. 


SCHUETT, (Chestnut Hill.) 
Schiiett — Margaretha Elizabeth, b. Jan. 
20, 1734; bap. March 10, 1734. 

Maria Barbara, b. Jan. 20, 1734; 

bap. March 10, 1734. 
Kepner — Catharina, b. Dec. 10, 1733; 
bap. Dec. 12, 1734. Sponsors, Bene- 
dict Kepner, Barbara Kepnerin and 
Catharina Eigster. 


Schreiber— Anna Maria, b. Dec. 9, 1733; 
bap. March 25, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Valentine Grisemer and wife. 

Griszemer — Maria Elizabeth, b. Jan. 
19, 1734; bap. March 25, 1734. Spon- 
sor, Maria Elizabetha Steinmanerin. 


Fabian — Maria Barbara, b. Feb. 24, 
1734; bap. March 25, 1734. Sponsors, 
Cunradt Kolb and wife MariaBarbara. 


Stueber — Maria Catharina Elizabetha, b. 

Feb. 13, 1734; bap. March 30, 1734. 

Sponsors, George Michael Meek and 

wife Maria Barbara. 
Maria Catharina. b. Feb. 19, 

1736; bap. June 28, 1736. Sponsors, 

George Michael Meek and wife Maria 


George Philipp, b. July 28. 1738; 

bap. July 26. 1739. Sponsors, George 
Michael Meek and Philipp Gutmann. 

Ochs — John Leonhardt, b. March 11, 
1734; bap. April 12, 1734. Sponsors, 

Peter Rothermel and wife Anna Eliza- 
Herman— Maria Magdalena, b. April 8, 
1734; bap. April 12, 1734. Sponsors, 
Mattheis Reuger and his wife. 

Steinbach — Maria Magdalena, b. Feb. 
10. 1734; bap. Feb. 14, 1734. Sponsor, 
Michael Baumgartner. 


Nagle— John, b. April 16, 1734; bap. May 
19, 1734. Sponsors, John Ulrich 
Beckle and Susanna Margaretha 

Maria Margaretha, b. June 16, 

1736; bap. June 28, 1736. Sponsors, 
John Adam Jaeger, Maria Margaretha 
•Taeger and Susanna Margaretha Wei- 

(Chestnut Hill.) 
Roesshom — John Adam, b. June, 1733; 
bap. May 19, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Kaufman and wife Eva. 
JOHANNES FREY, (Coventry^ 
Frey — Maria Margaretha,b.April26,1734; 
bap. May 21, 1734. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Schnebele and his wife Appolonia. 


i Mueller — Anna Maria Appolonia. b. Feb. 
i 14. 1734; bap. May 23. 1734. Sponsors, 
j Jacob Mueller and wife. 


(Chestnut Hill.) 
Dclinger— Maria Barbara, b. Dec. 25, 
1733; bap. Jan. 3, 1734. Sponsors, 
Andreas Klebsaddel and Elizabeth 

I (New Goshenhoppen.) 

Moser— John Michael, b. May 30, 1734; 
bap. June 6, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Moser and wife Eva. 

JOHN ii LBRECHT, (Oley.) 
Albrecht— Judith, b. June 1, 1734; bap. 
Aug. 9, 1734. Sponsors, John Altstatt 
and wife Judith. 

Hilden— Catarina, b. May, 1734; bap. 
Aug. 9, 1734. Sponsors, Johannes 
Braun and wife. 

MATHIAS LAEY, (Colebrookdale.) 
Laey— Sybilla Margaretha, b. June 16, 
1734; bap. Aug. 11, 1734. Sponsore, 
Sybilla Steinbreunerin and Anna Marg. 


IStoever Records. 

CUNRADT SP:IBERT. (Coventry.) 
Seibert— Elizabi'tha, b. Sept. 4, 1732; 
bap. Oct. r>, 1734. Sponsor, Elizabeth 

MICHAEL FISCHER, (Schuylkill.) 
Fischer — John Nicolaus, b. Sept. 16, 

1734; bap. Oct. 7. 1734. Sponsors, 

John Nicolaus Kintzer and wife. 
JOHN SAENGER. (Perkioraen.) 
Saen>rer— John Christian, b. Oct. 20, 

1734; bap. Dec. 1. 1734. Sponsor, John 

Christian Schmidt. 
Kuntz — John Adam, b. Dec. 1. 1734; bap. 

Dec. 4, 1734. Sponsors, John Adam 

Ochs and wife. 

ANDREAS LAUCK. (Germantown.) 
Lauck— John David, b. Dec. 9, 1734; 
bap. Dec. IC. 1734. Sponsor, John Da- 
vid Holtzeder. • 


^ (Colebrookdale.) 

Dotterer— John Michael, b. Jan., 1732; 

bap. Dec. 2J), 1734. Sponsor, John 

Michael Dotterer. 
• John George, b. April 23, 

bap. Dec. 2!), 1734. 
Dotterer and wife. 


Sponsors, George 

MICHAEL GEBERT, (Coventry.) 
Gebert— Johannes, b. Nov. 26, 1734; bap. 
Jan. 10. 1735. Sponsors, John 
Martin Heylmann and Christop En- 

JOHANNES VOGEL. (Germantown.) 
Vogel— Andreas\ b. Jan. 10. 1735; bap. 

Jan. 12, 1735. Sponsors, Andreas 

Schrack and wife Rosina. 

CUNRADT REFIOR, (Coventry.) 
Retior— Maria Appolonia. b. March 9, 
1735; bap. April 23, 1735. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Schnaebele and wife. 

Aniborn — Anna Margaretha, b. Feb. 2, 

1735; bap. March 23, 1735. Sponsors, 

John (reorge Klauer and wife. 
■• John Wilhclni. b. Dec. 10, 1736; 

bap. Jan. 22. 1737. Sponsors. John 

Wilh. Hederling and wife. 
^^ John. b. July (!, 1741; bap. May 6, 

1742. Sponsor. Johannes Hederling — 

Ixjcum otinebat pater. 

Baader— Nicolaus, b. Feb. 2, 1735; bap. 
A])ril o, 1735. Sponsors, John Nico- 
laus Strauss and Anna Franzina 


Boehm— J(din Heinrich. b. March 8, 
1735; bap. April 4, 1735. Si>ousors, 

John Heinrich Koehler and wife Eliz- 


Hesser— John George, b. Feb. 21, 1735; 
bap. March 7, 1735. Sponsor, John 
Frederich Haass. 


Biszwanger— Maria Barbara, b. Jan. 7, 
1735; bap. April 7, 1735. Siwnsors, 

Jacob Mueller 

and Maria Barbara 

PETER REIFF, (Skippack.) 
Reifif— George John, b. Jan. 2, 1735; 
bap. April 8, 1735. Sponsors, John 
Wendelwirbel and wife Sarah. 

JACOB CARL, (Coventry.) 
Carl— Anna Elizabetha. b. Jan. 28, 

1735; bap. 19, 1735. Sponsors, 

Melchior Koch and wife. 
Maria Dorothea, b. June 10, 1738; 

bap. Jan. 10, 1739. Sponsors, Carl 

Krampf and wife Maria Dorothea. 

Krebs— Christiana Margaretha, b. Aug. 
20, 1734; bap. April 20, 1735. Sponsor, 
Eva Maria Sebastian. 

JACOB AUMAN, (Sclhuylkill.) 
Ammam— Eliza'beitllia, b. J'an. ?9, 1735; 
bap. April 29, 1735. Sponsors. John 
Michael Staut and Elizabetha Brauer- 

JACOB SIKLES. (Opequon.) 
Sikles— Zacharias, b. Oct. 8, 1734; bap. 
May 16, 1735. Sponsors. Jost. Heydt 
and wife and Abraham Weissman. 

PETER STEPHAN, (Opequon.) 
Stephan— John Heinrich, b. April 8 
1734; bap. May 16, 1735. Sponsor,' 
Heinrich Krauss. 


Weissman— Anna Christiana, b.April 15, 

173;); bap. IMay 16. 1735. Sponsoi-s, 

Johannes Heydt and Anna Christina 


Christman— Abraham, b. Oct. 15. 1735; 
bap. May 16, 1735. Sponsor, John 

—T^^t?,l'^'^- ^f'Pt. 23, 1734; bap. May 
lb, li6.i. SiKwiswr, JMaria Bauimiaeaimn. 

— - — Anna Maria, b. Sept. 29, 1735; 
bap. IVIay 2. 1736. Sponsor, the mother 

-T— 4-^af;; b- Nov. 9, 17.36; bai). June 
o, l(d(. Sponsors,.John Heydt,his 
son, Isaac, and his wife, 'Anna 

iStoever Records. 

Johannes, b. March 9, 1739; bap. 

Apr. 29, 1739. Sponsors, Jno. Heydt 
and Sara. „^ 


Baumann— John George, b. Apr. 27, 1732 
bap. May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Jost 

. John Jacob, b. Dec. 2, 1733; bap. 

May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Jacob Christ- 

Emma Maria, b. Nov. 9, 1735 

bap. May 2, 1737. Sponsors, John Lee- 
will and his spouse, Anna Christina 

Stephan. ^ , 

Elizabetha, b. Jan. 5, 1735; bap. 

March 18, 1737. Sponsors, Paul 
Fromman and wife, Elisabetha. 

Johannes, b. Dec. 19, 1738; bap. 

April 29, 1739. Sponsors, John Heydt 
and wife Sara. 

PAUL FROMMAN, (Opeqnon.) 

Fromman— Sarah, b. Nov. 16, 1732; bap. 
May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Susanna 

John Paul, b. Oct. 16, 1734; bap. 

May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Ludtwig Ste- 

Maria Christina, b. March 1, 1736; 

• Jacob, b. April 29. 1739; bap. April 

29, 1739. Sponsors, Jost Heydt and 

Barbara Schneppin. 

THEOBALDT JUNG, (Conewago.) 
Jung— Maria Barbara, b. Sept. 1, 1734; 

bap. May 22, 1735. Sponsor, Anna 

Barbara Josin. 

Catarina, b. 1736; bap. June 18, 

1737. Sponsors, John George Kuntz 
and wife Catarina. 

Anna Maria, b. Feb. 2, 1739; bap. 

bap. May 2, 1736. Sponsors, Peter 
Stephan and wife Maria Christina. 

Elisabetha, b. May 8, 1738; bap. 

June 4, 1738. Sponsors, George Bau- 
mann and wife Maria. 

JOHN COLVERT, (Opeqnon.) 

Colvert— Rebecca, b. Nov. 16, 1733; bap. 
May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Maria Bau- 


Schnepf— Anna Catharina. b. Sept. 28, 
1734; bap. May 16, 1735. Sponsor, 
Anna Maria Kleesin. 

. Christina, b. May 15, 1737, bap. 

June 15, 1737. Sponsors, Philipp 
Schless and Barbara Burger. 


Kleesz— Maria Barbara, b. April 4, 1735; 
bap. May 16, 1735. Sponsor, Eliza- 
betha Hartzenbuehler. ' 

John George, b. Dec. 15, 1736; 

bap. June 5, 1737. Sponsor, Johannes 

Paulus, b. May 13,1738; bap. June 

4, 1738. Sponsors, Paul Fromman and 

Buger- Rosina, b. Feb. 9, 1735; bap. 

May 16, 1735. Sponsors, Jost Heydt, 

Susanna Weismaenn and Barbara 

John, b. Nov., 1736; bap. June 5, 

1737. Sponsors, Jost Heydt and wife 

Anna Maria, and John Schnepp. 

June 6, 1739. Sponsors, Andreas 
Schreiber and wife Maria. 

Schreiber— John Theobaldt. b. Apr. 28. 

1735; bap. May 22, 1735. Sponsor, 

John Theobaldt Jung. 

ANDREAS HERGER, (Conewago.) 
Herger— Andreas, b. Aug. 22, 1734; bap. 
May 22, 1735. Sponsor, Andreas 

Catarina, b. Jan. 24, 1739; bap. 

Apr. 19, 1739. Sponsors, George Kuntz 
and wife Catarina. 

• Anna Margaretha, b. Nov. 21, 

1740; bap. Apr. 5, 1741. Sponsors, Geo. 
Spengel and wife. 

Johannes, b. Oct. 24, 1742; bap. 

Nov. 23, 1742. Sponsors, John Morgen- 
stern and wife. 

PETER OHLER, (Conewago.) 
Ohler— Andreas, b. Sept. 22, 1734; bap. 
May 22, 1735. Sponsor, Andreas 

Lehman — Johannes, b. April 22, 1734; 
bap. May 22, 1735. Sponsor, Johan 
Theobaldt Jung. 

CUNRADT ECKERT, (Conewago.) 
Eckert— Johannes, b. May 2, 1734; bap. 
May 22, 1735. Sponsor, Peter Mit- 

Anna Dorothea, b. Nov. 11, 1738; 

bap. June 16, 1739. Sponsor, Ursala 



Mittelkauff— Catharina, b. Feb. 6, 1735; 

bap. May 22, 1735. Sponsors, Johan 

Theobaldt Jung and wife Catharina. 

Leonhardt, b. Jan. 23, 1739; bap 

Apr. 19, 1739. Sponsor.John Leonhardt 


Bergheimer— Anna Eva, b. Sept. 30, 

1734; bap. May 22, 1735. Sponsor, 

Anna Eva Kuntz. 
John Ludwig. b. Dec. 8, 1735; 

bap. Apr. 27, 1736. Sponsors, John 

Ludwig Schreiber and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

Johann Leonhardt, b.Nov. 13,1737; 

bap. May 23, 1788. Sponsors, Johu 
Leonhardt Bernitz, Johann Morgen- 
stern and wife. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. May 23, 

1741; bap. June 25, 1741. Sponsor, 
Maria Elisabetha Morgenstern. 

Jaeger — Maria Philipeua, b. Feb. 23. 
1735; bap. May 30, 1735. Sponsors. 
John George Koch and Johanna Maria 



Engelerdt— Anna Catharina, b. June 1, 
1735; bap. June 1, 1735. Sponsors, 
"Valentine Pressel and Anna Catharina 

Trotter— James, b. Aug. 31, 1735; bap. 
Oct. 7, 1735. Evidences, James Trot- 
ter, Jos. Reynolds and Hannah M. 

■ Mary, b. Feb. 19, 1737; bap. May 

19, 1737. Evidences, Jos. Reynolds, 
Anna Trotter and Elizabeth Trotter. 

Anderson— His wife Mary, b. Oct. 1717, 

and a daughter, Mary; bap. Oct. 7, 

1735. Evidences, Peter Von Beber and 

wife Anna and Sarah Reynolds. 
Thomas Hui, b. Oct. 1714; bap. Oct. 17, 

1735. Evidences, Joseph Von Beber 

and Joseph Reynolds. 
JACOB WUERTZ, (Coventry.) 
Wuertz— John Cunradt, b. Oct. 15, 1735; 

bap. Oct. 25, 1735. Sponsors, Reffior 

and wife. 

Maria Catharina, b. Aug. 8, 1738; 

bap. Jan. 10, 1739. Sponsors, the par- 

Anna Margaretha, b. June 14, 

1740; bap. Sep. 22, 1740. Sponsors, 
Ana. Margar. Spengler and Anna Cath. 

Schlaegel— Heinrich, b. July, 1735; bap. 
Nov. 5 . 1735. Sponsors, Henry 
Schmidt, John Geo. Kuntz and wife. 
Dieter— Maria, b. May. 1734; bap. Nov. 
5, 1735. Sponsors, Christoph Schlae- 
gel and wife. 

Susanna, b. Sept. 1736; bap. June 

5, 1737. Sponsors. Jacob Christman 

and wife Magdalena. 

John George, b. March 9, 1739: 

bap. April 29, 1739. Sponsors, George 
Bauman and wife Maria. 

Crysoi) — Daniel, b. Feb. 

28, 1728; bap. 
July 21, 1735. Evidences, John Killis, 
Thomas Parry and Francis Foy. 

Michael, b. Aug. 16, 1729; bap. 

Evidences, Phillip 
Andrew McGill and 

July 21, 1735. 
Ernest Gruber, 
Elisabetha Low. 
Thomas, b 

Feb. 28, 1733; bap. 
July 21, 1735. Evidences, Joseph Ogle, 
William Kanely and Mary McGill. 

Robert, b. Jan. 17, 1735; bap. July 

21, 1735. Evidences. Robert Paul, 
John Low and Charlotta Fredericka 



Aug. 1, 1737. 

b. Jan. 19, 1737; bap. 
Evidence, Veronica 

JAMES MOOR, (Conojohela.) 
Moor — Theodota, b. Aug. 28, 1734; bap. 

June 21, 1735. Evidences, John Killis 

and Mary Shepherd. 
Blanck — A daughter, name not given, 

bap. June 5, 1737. Sponsors, Carl 

Ehrhardt and Theobaldt Gerlach and 

Johannes, b. March 28, 1737; bap. 

June 4, 1838. Sponsors Johannes 

Heydt and wife. 

WILLIAM CANAAN, (Conojohela.) 
Canaan — Charity, b. Dec. 24, 1728; bap. 

June 21, 1735. Witnesses, Nicolaus 

Josee and Mary McGill. 
Lasenbury, b. Sept. 19, 1732; bap. 

June 21, 1735. Witnesses, Thomas 

Crysop and Francies Foy. 

John, b. Jan. 19, 1735; bap. June 

21, 1735. Witnesses, Parry, William 
and Elizabeth Low. 

ROBERT CANAAN, (Conojohela.) 
Canaan— Benjamin, b. March 22, 1732; 
bap. June 21, 1735. Evidences, Wil- 
Nolten, William Canaan and Francies 

Francies. b. Sept. 23, 1733; bap. 

June 21, 1735. Evidences, William 
Low and Francies Foy. 

Robert, b. Nov. 9, 1734; bap. June 

21, 1735. Evidences, Robert Paul. 
Thomas Parry and P^'rancies Canaan. 
JOHN LOW, (Conojohela.) 

Low— Elizabeth, b. June 16, 1726; bap. 
June 21, 1735. Sponsors, George War- 
ren, Sara Ogle and Hannah Crysop. 

EDWARD EVANS, (Conojohela.) 
Evans— Edward, b. Aug.. 1731; bap. 
Aug., 1735. Evidences, Thomas Queer, 
John Low and Elizabeth Low. 

Daniel, b. Nov., 1732: bap. Aug.. 

1735. Evidences, Philipp Ernst 
Gruber and wife and Daniel Low. 

Stoever Records. 


Samuel, b. Oct., 1734; bap. Auff., 

1735. Evidences, William Low, Wil- 
liam Morgan and Francies Canaan. 
Raehael, b. in Feb., 1730; bap. 

Elizabetha, b. Nov. 3, 1739; bap. 

Aug., 1735. Evidences, Thomas Cry. 

sop and Elizabeth Groll. 
JACOB HARRINGTON, (Conojohela.) 
Harrington— Sarah, b. May, 1735; bap. 

Aug., 1735. Evidences, Christian 

Groll 3.nd Charlotta Frederica Gruber. 
Fauth— Catharina Barbara, b. Dec. 4, 

1735; bap. April 28, 1736. Sponsors. 

Jacob Fauth and Barbara Teufersbiss. 
JACOB FAUTH, (Monocacy.) 
Fauth— Balthaser, b. Mar. 1, 1730; bap. 

April 28, 1736. Sponsors, Batlhaser 

Fauth and wife. 
Catharina, b. Sept. 30, 1738; bap. 

Nov. 24, 1738. Sponsor, Catharina 

Delinger — 6 Knaben and 2 Maegdlein, 

bap. May 3, 1736. 
Maria Catharina, b. Nov. 22, 1737; 

bap. June 2, 1738. Sponsor, Maria 

Roessel— Catharina, b. May 1, 1736; bap. 

May 27, 1736. Sponsor, Catharina 

Barbara Teufersbissen. 


Mittag — Susanna, b. Jan. 25, 1735; bap. 
May 14, 1735. Sponsor, Agnes Patti- 
GEORGE LATHLY, (Monocacy.) 

Lathly— Raehael, b. March 16, 1730; bap. 
May 17, 1736. Sponsors, Antonius 
Banckauf and Magdalena Lein. 
JOHN JACOB HOOF, (Monocacy.) 

Hoof— Emma Maria, b. May 8, 1736; 
bap. May 16, 1736. Sponsors, John 
Jacob Matthias and wife Margaretha. 

Jacob, b. Nov. 2, 1738; bap. Nov. 

24, 1738. Sponsors, Samuel Bruschel 
and Eva Rosina Fauth. 

ADAM BAKER, (Monocacy.) 

Baker— Elizabetha, b. Jan. 17, 1736; 
bap. May 17, 1736. Sponsor, Eliza- 
beth Barbara Teufersbiss. 

HENRY PREY, (Monocacy.) 
Prey— Anna Maria, b. April 15, 1733; 
bap. May 16, 1736. Sponsors. Anna 
Maria Bronnerin and Maria Barbara 

Susanna, b. March 10, 1735; bap. 

May 16, 1736. Sponsors, Dietrich 
Lehnich and Susanna Tauth. 

Sarah, b. March 31, 1732; bap. 

June 5, 1737. 

Catarina, b. April 26, 1737; bap. 

June 5, 1737. 

Sept. 21, 1740. Sponsors, George 
Schweinhardt and wife Maria Eliza- 

JACOB KUNTZ, Conewago.) 
Kuntz,— John George, b. Oct., 1735; 
bap. April 27, 1736. Sponsors, John 
George Frosch and wife. 

RUDI MAAG, (Opequon.) 
Maag— Elizabetha, b. Nov. 1, 1735; bap. 
May 2, 1736. Sponsors, Carl Ehr- 
hardt and Susanna Barbara Buger. 

WILLIAM CRISP, (Opequon.) 
Crisp- Sarah— b. July 2, 1728; bap. May 
2, 1736. Sponsors, Paul Fromman and 
wife Elizabetha. 

(Chestnut Hill.) 
Bernhardt— Adam Valentine John, b. 
May 3. 1736; bap. June 6, 1736. Spon- 
sors, John Adam Kittler and John 
Valentine Schrielecker and wife. 

Faust— Emma Frantzina. b. March 26, 
1736; bap. June 6, 1736. Sponsors, 
Michael Albrecht and wife Anna 


Dunckleberger — Anna Catharina. b. 
March 1, 1735; b. June 17, 1736. Spon- 
sors, .John Michael Ludwig and Catha- 
rina Hill. 

Hueston— Sarah, b. in April, 1735; bap. 

Oct. 21, 1736. Evidences, Jacob Ru- 

desilie and wife Elizabetha. 
Andrew, b. Sept. 18, 1739; bap. 

May 20, 1740. Testes, Andrew McGill 

and his wife Mary. 

DANIEL McLOUGHLf. (Podorus.) 
McLoughly— John, b. in Feb., 1735; bap. 
Oct. 21, 1736. Evidences, John 
Heorkin and wife Bregille. 


Steuer — George Simon, b. Sept. 4, 1736; 

bap. Oct. 29, 1736. Sponsors, Adam 

Simon Kuhn and Anna Frantzina 



Gowringer — Samuel, b. June 6, 1736; 
bap. Oct. 29, 1736. Sponsors, Michael 
Henninger and wife Anna Maria. 

.TAMES STUART, (Lebanon.) 
Stuart— Mary, b. Oct., 1736; bap. Feb. 

19, 1737. 

, CARL EHRHARDT. (Opequon.) 
Ehrhardt — Theobaldt, bap. June 5, 

1734. Sponsor, Theobaldt Gerlach. 


Stoever Records. 

JAMES McKNEES, (Opoquoii.) 
McKnecs — Hpnry, b. June 5, 1737; bap. 
Juue 6, 1737. Evidences, his graud- 
fatlier and grandmotlier. 

Geiger— Maria Elizabetha, b. Dec. 11, 
1736; bap.Jiino IG, 1737. Sponsors, 
Jacob F. Fauth and wife. 

John Jacob, b. March 4, 1739; 

bap. June 17, 1739. Sponsors, 
^latheis Roessel and wife Maria Bar- 
ANDREW BIRD, (Shenandoah.) 
Bird— Rebecca, b. July 6, 1732; bap. 
June 8, 1737. Evidences, James Gill 
and Sarah INIoor. 

Breedyes — James, b. Oct. 1733; bap. 
June 8, 1737. 

Hanna, b. Aug., 1734; bap. June 

8, 1737. Testes, the parents them- 

RILIE MOOR, (Shenandoah.) 
Moor— Terkis, b. Feb. 15, 1731; bap. 
June 8, 1737. Testis, Catharine Ger- 

Thomas, b. October, 1732; bap. 

June 8, 1737. Testes, Theobaldt Ger- 
lach and wife. 

Jacob, b. Dec, 1734; bap. June 8, 

1737. Testes, Andrew Bird. 

John, b. Nov., 1736; bap. June 8, 

8, 1737. Sponsor, the father himself. 
John, b. May, 1737; bap. June 8, 

1737. Testes, Charles Ehrhardt and 
his wife Clara. 
•TAMES GUILL, (Shenandoah.) 
Guill— Thomas, b. Sept. 15, 1728; bap. 
June 8, 1737. Testis, John Dawbin. 

James, b. Aug.. 1732; bap. June 8, 

1737. Testis, Elizabeth Dawbin. 

Mary, b. Jan. 15, 1735; bap. June 

1737. Sponsor, the father himself. 
JOHN DAWBIN, (Shenandoah.) 
Dawbin— Thomas, b. Nov. 8, 1736; bap. 
Juue 8, 1737. Testes, James Guill. 
JOHN HODGE. (Shenandoah.) 
Hodge— David, b. Aug. 2, 1733; bap. 
June 8, 1737. 

Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1735; bap. 

June 8, 1737. 

Rohamy, b. May 8, 1738; bap. 

Testes, . to the above baptisms, James 

Guill and his wife and the parents 


WILLIAM WHITE, (Shenandoah.) 
White— Ruth, b. Feb. 28, 1732; bap. 

June, 1737. 
Charity, b. March 6, 1734; bap. 

June, 1737. 

Benjamin, b. in Jan., 1736; bap. 

June 1737. Sponsors, the parents 

DANIEL HOOLMAN, (Shenandoah.) 
Hoolman, Isaac. 


Testes, James Guill and the 
mother herself. 
JOHN LEENWILL, (Shenandoah.) 
Leonwill— licwis. b. Feb. 20, 1737; bap. 
June 7, 1737. Testis, Stephen Lewis. 
JOHN LERCH, (Saucon.) 
Lerch- John Michael, b. Aug. 2, 1737; 
bap. Oct. 20, 1737. Sponsors, Jno. 
George Marstellar, Michael Myer and 
Barbara Brunner. 

DAVID JONES, (Coventry.) 
Jones — June, b. in Jan., 1737; bap. Oct. 
22, 1737. Sponsor, Margareth Schmidt. 
CUNRADT HAASZ, (Providence.) 
Haasz — Anna Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1734; 
bap. Feb. 10, 1734. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Michael and wife Anna Maria. 

John, b. Dec. 27, 1735; bap. Jan. 

9, 1736. Sponsors, John .Jacob Tun- 
steld and wife Anna Catarina. 

Margaretha, b. Oct. 8, 1737; bap. 

Oct. 22, 1737. Sponsor, Wintermuthin. 

JAMES McCHEES, (Lebanon.) 
McChees — Isaac, b. July, 1737; bap. Feb. 

7, 1738. Testes, Peter Kucher and 

wife Anna Barbara. 
Schreiber — Catarina, b. March, 1738; 

bap. May 23, 1738. Sponsors, Jno. 

Geo. Kuntz and wife. 

Anna Margaretha. b. Nov. 16, 

1746; bap. Apr. 5, 1741. Sponsors, 
Andreas Schreiber and Anna Marga- 
retha Diehlin. 



Gerlach— John George, b. Nov. 22, 1737; 

bap. June 4, 1738. Sponsors, John 

George Baumann and wife Maria. 

GEORGE HENCKEL, (Monocacy.) 
Henckel — John Balthasar, b. Dec. 2.5, 

1737; bap. Jan. 7, 1738. Sponsors, 

Balthasar Fauth and wife. 
Philipp Christoph, b. May 7, 1740; 

bap. May 21, 1740. Sponsors, John 

Philipp Kuntz and wife. 
Susanna Catarina. b. Oct., 1737; bap. 

Jun 7, 1738. Sponsors, John George 

Gump and Susanna Fauthin. 
John Heinrich. b. Dec. 31, 1739; 

bap. Sept. 21, 1740. Sponsors. Leou- 

hardt Lutz and Catarina Geiger. 
JOSEPH jNIAYHEW, (Monocacy.) 
Mayhew — William, b. Dec. 16, 1737; bap. 

June 7, 1738. Testes George Schwein- 

Stoever Records. 


hardt and his wife, Balthasar Fauth 
and liis wife. 

Anna, b. May 1, 1740; bap. Sept. 

21. 1740. Sponsors, Gabriel Schwein- 
hardt and sister Susanna, and Anna 
Margaretha Goetz-Danner. 

Mueller— Magdalena, b. Nov. 11, 1738; 
bap. Nov. 27. 1738. Sponsor, Magda- 
lena Schweinhardt. 

Catharina, b. April 21, 1740; bap. 

April 27, 1740. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Mattheis and wife Margaretha, and 
Catharina Geiger. 

Grueber— Maria Elisabetha, b. June 13, 
1738; bap. Nov. 25, 1738. Sponsors, 
John George Lay and wife. 

HENRY JONES, (Opequon.) 
Jones — Anna, b. April 9, 1735; bap. 
April 29, 1739. Sponsors, Jacob Neu- 
schwanger and Susan Weismannin. 

David, b. Jan. 16, 1737; bap. April 

29, 1739. Sponsors, Abraham Weiss- 
man and Maria Neuschwanger. 
GEORGE SPENGEL, (Monocacy.) 
Spengel — Johanna, b. Sept. 5, 1738; bap. 
Nov. 28, 1738. Sponsors, Augustus 
and Catharina Schreyer. 

Ruesser— Agnes, b. May 2, 1738; bap. 
Feb. 18, 1739. Sponsor, Agnes Hyl- 

Schnauber — John Christoph, b. Apr. 7, 
1738; bap. Feb. 18, 1739. Sponsor, 
Christopher Wintermuth. 
FRANTZ SCHUNCK, (Coventry.) 
Schunck — Anna Barbara, b. Feb. 3, 
1739; bap. Feb. 18, 1739. Sponsors, 
the parents. 

Walther— Margaretha Barbara, b. Jan. 
HO. !Y;{9: hap. Fel>. 18. 1739. Sponsors, 
Nicolaus Coerper and wife Margaretha. 
JACOB GEIGER, (Merion.) 
Geiger— Anna Elizabeth, b. Feb. 23, 
1738; bap. March 23, 17-39. Sponsors, 
Barbara Stueber and Eva Margare- 
tha Gutmaenniu. 
Schreyer— John George, b. Feb. 24, 1739; 
bap. April 1, 1739. Sponsors, John 
George Solduer and Anna Marie Imm- 

JOHN HEYDT (,Opequon.) 
Heydt — Anna Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1738; 

bap. April 29. 1739. Sponsors, Jost 
Heydt and wife. 

JOHN DYART, (Opequon.) 
Dyart— William, b. Aug. 11. 173G; bap. 
April 29, 1739. Testis, Lorentz 

JOHN CUNTZ, (Opequon.) 
Cuntz— John, b. March 20, 1739: bap. 

April 29, 1739. Sponsors, Caspar 

Stoever, Jacob Neuschwanger and 

Maria Baumann. 
Wendel— Anna Elizabeth, b. Aug. 15, 

1738; bap. April 27, 1739. Sponsor, 

Anna Elizabetha Stoecklin. 

Schnepf — Johannes, b. Aug. 12, 1738; 

bap. April 19, 1739. Sponsors, Thomas 

Schnepp and wife. 
Lorentz. b. Feb. 29, 1740; bap. 

April 29, 1740. Sponsors, Ulrich 

Buger and Barbara Schnepf. 

Broband— John, b. March 1, 1740; bap. 

April 29, 1740. Sponsors, John Cuntz 

and wife Anna Elizabetha Catharina. 
PETER MAAG, (Opequon.) 
Maag — Johannes, b. Nov. 25, 1739; bap. 

April 29, 1740. Sponsor, Abraham 

JOHN TONDITH, (Monocacy.) 
Tondith— Elizabetha, b. April 29, 1738; 

bap. May 2, 1740. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Bischoff and wife Elizabetha. 

WILHELM DORN, (Monocacy.) 
Dorn — Anna Catharina, b. May 26, 1739; 
bap. June 17, 1739. Sponsors, Matheis 
Roessel and wife Maria Barbara. 



Weinmar — John Bernhardt, b. April 15, 
1739; bap. June 17, 1739. Sponsors, 
Martin Wetzel and wife Maria Bar- 
ADAM MUELLER, (Shenandoah.) 

Mueller— Catarina, b. Dec. 20, 1734; bap. 
May 1, 1739. 

Adam, b. July 16, 1736; bap. May 

1 1739 

Anna Christina, b. Oct. 18, 1738; 

bap. May 1, 1739. Testes, pater, mater 
and Anna Christina Seltzer. 

Rheinhardt — Emma Christina, b. Jan. 
26, 1739; bap. May 1, 1739. Sponsor 
Anna Christina Seltzerin. 
ANDREAS McGUILL, (Codorus.) 
McGuill — James, b. May 22; bap. June 
20, 1735. Testes, Joseph Ogle and wife 


Stoever Records. 

JOSEPH OGLE, (Codorus.) 
Ogle— Mary, b. April 15, 1735; bai). June 
20, 1735. Testes, Andrew McGuill 
and wife Mary. 

Wildonsinn — George Carl, b. Jan. 6, 
1740; bap. May 29, 1740. Sponsor, 
George Carl Barnitz. 

(Antecessor in Thow.) 
Engelscli— John Michael, b. March 25, 
1737; bap. March 12, 1738. Sponsors, 
John Michael Beyerle and wife. 
LUDWIG SUESS, (Conewago.) 
Suess — John Leonhardt, b. March 10. 
1740; bap. May 20, 1740. Sponsor, 
John Leonhardt Bernitz. 

Maria Salome, b. ; bap. 

May 20, 1740. Sponsor, Maria Salome 

EDWARD DO VIES, (Conewago.) 
Dovies— Martha, b. Feb. 2, 1740; bap. 
May 20, 1740. Testes, Geo. Kuntz and 
his wife. 

JOHN ADLAM, (Conewago.) 
Adlam— Mary, b. March 19, 1740; bap. 
May 20, 1740. Testes, Edward Dovies 
and Juliana Morgenstern. 

Klebssaddel— Maria, b. Feb. 17, 1740; 
bap. May 20, 1740. Sponsors, Christian 
Schlaegel and wife Maria. 
JOHANNES JOHO, (Conewago.) 
Joho— Maria Christina, b. March 14, 
1740; bap. May 22, 1740. Sponsors, 
Janeslaus Wuchtel and Maria Chris. 

Eva Catarina, b. May 26, 1741; 

bap. June 25, 1741. Sponsors, Wentzel 
Buchtrueckel and wife. 

Hendricks — Jone, b. Oct. 6, 1739; bap. 

May 22, 1740. Sponsors, Adam 

Mueller and wife Christina. 
MARTIN SCHAUB. an Immersionist, 

Schaub — Anna, b. 1724; bap. May 21, 

1740. Sponsors, Philip Kintz and wife, 
Morgenstern — Johannes, b. June 16, 

1740; bap. June 30. 1740. Sponsors, 

John Morgenstern, Johann Ebert and 

Cat. Kuntz. 

JACOB STAMBACH, (Conewago.) 
Stambach — Maria Catharina, b. Sept. 22, 

1740; bap. Sept. 22, 1740. Sponsors. 

John George Kuntz and daughter 

Maria Catarina and Maria Elizabetha 




Hanspacher— Maria Eva, b. July 26, 
1740; bap. Sept. IS, 1740. Sponsors, 
Valentin Schultz and wife Maria Eva. 
DANIEL EARLY. (Codorus.) 

Early— Catarina, b. April 18, 1740; bap. 
Sept. IS, 1740. Sponsors, Balthasar 
Knertzer and his wife. 
JOHN HEARKEN. (Codorus.) 

Hearken— Eleonora, b. March, 1740; 
bap. Sept. IS, 1740. Sponsors, Tobias 
Hanspacher and daughter Rebecca. 


Ziegler — Anna Christina, b. Sept. 7, 
1740; bap. Spt. IS, 1740. Sponsors, 
Jacob Ziegler and Agnes Schmidt. 
SIMON MUELLER, (Conewago.) 

Mueller— Anna Maria, b. Aug. 21, 1733; 
bap. Sept. 30, 1733. Sponsors, Bern- 
hardt Haessel and his wife. 

Christian, b. Sept. 8, 1734; bap. 

March 30, 1735. Sponsor, Christian 

SIMON MUELLER, (Conewago.) 
Mueller — Christina, b. May 1, 1740; bap, 
Sept. 19, 1740. Sponsor, Christina 
JOHANNES HEIM, (Conewago.) 
Heim — John Caspar, b. Sept. 9, 1740; 
bap. Sept. 19, 1740. Sponsor, Caspar 
JOHN GEEMBEL, (Conewago.) 
Geembel— William, b. Dec, 1738; bap. 
Sept. 19, 1740. Sponsors, Michael 
Carl, Edward Davis and Eve Morgen- 
JOHN GEORGE BEER, (Monocacy.) 
Beer — Catarina Barbara, b. May 16, 
1740; bap. Sept. 21, 1740. Sponsors, 
John George Lay and Catarina Bar- 
bara Ruesel. 
HERMAN HARTMAN, (Monocacy.) 
Hartman — Elisabetha, b. Sept. 5, 1740; 
bap. Sept. 21, 1740. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Bischof and wife Elisabetha. 
Sehauffle — Eva Dorothea, b. March 9, 
1740; bap. Aug. 10, 1740. Sponsors, 
George Spengele and wife Margaretha, 
and Sebastian Winterbauer. 

JACOB HILL, (Moselem.) 
Hill— Anna Maria, b. July 24. 1740; bap. 
Oct. 22, 1740. Sponsors, John Hill and 
Anna Maria Mercklingen. 

Anna Catarina, b. Nov. 27, 1741; 

bap. Dec. 8, 1741. Sponsors, Frederick 
Sauer and Anna Catarina Kern. 

John Jacob, b. Jan. 29, 1744; bap. 

Feb. 24, 1744. Sponsor, Christian 

Stoever Records. 


John Christian, b. March 7, 174G; 

bap. May 1, 174G. Sponsor, Christian 
Hausknecht and his wife. 


Ma nek— Eva Maria, b. Sept. 23, 1740; 
bap. Oct. 29, 1740. Sponsors, John 
Heinrich Wolf and Eva Catarina Is- 
JOHN MORRIS, (Kreutz Creek.) 

Morris , b. 1732; bap, Nov. 27, 


Jane, b. 1734; bap. Nov. 27, 1740. 

William, b. 1736; bap. Nov. 27. 

1740. Testes, Christian Groll and wife 

Mary, b. in 1738; bap. Nov. 27, 


John, b. in 1740; bap. Nov. 27, 

1740. Testes, Peter Gaertner and his 

JOHN NICOLAUS, (Lancaster.) 
Nicolaus — Ludwig Heinrich, b. Oct. 13, 
1740; bap. Nov. 23, 1740. Sponsors, 
Ludw. Heinr. Detteborn and wife. 

Schultz— Fredericka, b. Nov." 13, 1740; 

bap. Nov. 24, 1740. Sponsors, Michael 

Walck and wife. 

Burckhart— Maria Magdalena, b. Oct. 

13, 1740; bap. Nov. 25, 1740. Sponsors, 

George Schwab, Jr., and his wife. 


Schmeisser — John Michael, b. Nov. 21, 
1740; bap. Nov. 25, 1740. Sponsors, 
John George Schmeisser and his wife 
Baerling — Jacob Cunradt, b. Nov. 16, 
1740; bap. Nov. 25, 1740. Sponsors, 
Lau and his wife Anna Kunigunda. 

John Frederick, b. April 3, 1742; 

bap. April 6, 1742. Sponsors, John 
Frederick Geelwuchs and his wife:. 


Quickel— John George, b. Oct. 25, 1740; 
bap. Dec. 14, 1740. Sponsors, John 
George Hesset and his wife Anna. 

Mayer— Anna Margaretha, b. Nov. 2, 
1740; bap. Nov. 26, 1740. Sponsors, 
Philip Ziegler, Jr., and his wife Anna 

LEONHARDT REBER, (Ontelaunee.) 

Reber— John George, b. Dec. 5, 1740: 

bap. Jan. 9, 1741. Sponsors, John 

George Kreamer and Eva Barbara 



Hai;ssmann — Anna Margaretha, b. Oct. 
18, 1740; bap. Jan. 1741. Sponsors, 
Leonhardt Reber and wife Anna Mar- 

Reusner — Catarina Barbara, b. Nov. 13, 

1734; bap. Jan. 1, 1735. Sponsor, 

Anna Catarina Beyerlin. 
Anna Elisabetha, b. Jan. 5, 1737; 

bap. Dec. 15, 1739. Sponsors, Michael 

Rausch and his wife. 
Catarina Barbara, b. Oct. 29, 1738; 

bap. Jan. 29, 1739. Sponsors, Michael 

Boltz and his wife Catarina, Balthasar 

Ort and his wife Barbara. 

Uhler— Christopher, b. Feb. 2, 1741; bap. 
March 25, 1741. Sponsors, Balthasar 
Ort and his wife Barbara. 

Anna Barbara, b.March 20, 1743; 

bap. March 27, 1743. Sponsors, Bal- 
thasar Ort and his wife Barbara. 

John Martin, b. Sept. 24, 1744; 

bap. Oct. 28, 1744. Sponsors, Martin 
Kirstaetter and his wife. 

Michael, b. April 23, 1743; bap. 

May 25, 1746. Sponsors, Michael 
Wagener and Margaretha Zoth. 

PETER HEYLMAN, (Lebanon.) 
Hey Iman— Anna Maria, b. Nov. 14, 1739; 
bap. Dec. 6, 1739. Sponsors, Martin 
Kirstaetter and his wife Maria Doro- 

Htylmann — John Adam, b. Nov. 4, 1740; 

bap. March 25, 1741. Sponsors, John 

Adam Heylmann and wife. 
Anastasius, b. March 3, 1742; bap. 

April 15, 1742. Sponsors, Anastasius 

Uhler and wife. 
John Peter, b. May 16. 1743; bap. 

May 23, 1743. Sponsors, Superiores. 
Heylmann — Maria Magdalena, b. May 1, 

1746; bap. June 24, 1746. Sponsors, 


JACOB BENTZ, (Swatara.) 
Bentz— John Jacob, b. Feb. 3, 1739; bap. 
April 15,1739. Sponsors, Peter Rousch 
and wife. 
■ — — Maria Barbara, b. Oct. 29, 1740; 
bap. March 26, 1741. Sponsor, Maria 
Elizabetha Borst. 

John George, b. April 9, 1743; bap. 

May 23, 1743. Sponsors, John George 
Kuutz and wife. 

PETER KUCHER, (Lebanon.) 
Kuclier — Rosina. b. March 20. 1741; bap. 
March 28, 1741. Sponsore, Christo- 
pher Meyer and wife Rosina. 


Stoever Records. 


Glassbrenner — Maria Christiana Marga- 

retha, b. Feb. 28, 1741; bap. March 25. 

1741. Sponsors, Andreas Weltz and 

wife and Margaretha Glassbrenner. 


Kleber— George Lndwig, b. July 4,173G; 

bap. Sept. 12, 1736. Sponsors, George 

Liidwig Friedle and wife. 
Anna Maria, b. Sept. 4, 1738; bap. 

Jan. 30, 1739. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Klein and wife. 

Michael, b. March 1, 1740; bap. 

March 20, 1741. Siwnsors, Heinrich 
Klein and wife Anna Maria. 

■ Barbara, b. Feb. 25, 1744; bap. 

March 18, 1744. Sponsors, Ottniar 
Schnabele and wife Barbara. 

Susanna, b. Feb. 19, 1749; bap. 

March 19, 1749. Sponsors, Martin 
Speck and wife Susanna. 



Kirstaetter— John, b. Sept. 3. 1739; bap. 

Nov. 5, 1739. Sponsors, John Schmelt- 

zer and his wife. 
Julianna, b. Jan. 25, 1741; bap. 

March 25, 1741. Sponsor, Julianna 


Kraemer — Andreas, b. Feb. 8, 1741; bap. 

March 26, 1741. Sponsors, Martin 

Kappler and wife Margaretha. 

John George, b. Feb. 12, 1746; 

bap. March 16, 1746. Sponsors, John 
George Einert and wife. 

MICHAEL HAHN, (Conestoga.) 
Hahn— John Michael, b. Jan. 31, 1741; 
bap. March 27, 1741. Sponsors, John 
Michael Quickel. 
HEINRICH oCHAEFER, (Conestoga.) 
Schaeifer — Anna Margaretha, b. Jan. 9, 
1741; bap. March 27.1741. Sponsor, 
Anna Margaretha Budinger. 
Spannseiler — Catarina, b. March 19, 
1741; bap. March 27, 1741. Sponsor, 

Heylmann — Johannes, b. Dec. 11, 1744; 
bap. Jan. 6, 1745. Sponsors, Anasta- 
sius Uhler and wife Dorothea. 
Traenckel— Catarina. Sponsors, Jacob 
Spannseiler and wife. 

Loeffel— Anna Margaretha, b. Feb. 28, 
1738; bap. May 22, 1738. Sponsor, 
Catarina Baumann. 

John Peter, b. Jan. 2, 1741; bap. 

April 5, 1741. Sponsors, John Peter 
Schnltz and wife Anna Catarina. 


Meyer— Christoph, b. Oct. 20, 1736; bap. 
Nov. 19, 1736. Sponsors. Christoph 
Meyer and wife Anna Rosina. 
NICOLAUS KLEE, (Conewago.) 

Klee — Anna Margaretha, b. March 9, 
1741; bap. April 5. 1741. Sponsors, Ja- 
cob Beerling and wife Anna Marga- 
retha Euler. 
MARTIN ERNST, (Conewago.) 

Ernst— Eva, b. Dec. 26, 1740; bap. April 
5, 1741. Sponsors, Andreas Herger 
and wife Eva. 
WILLIAM WILSON, (Conewago.) 

Wilson— John, b. Nov. 6, 1740; bap.April 
5, 1741. Sponsor, Philip Morgenstern. 

JOHN OWEN. (Conewago.) 
Owen— William, b. March 28. 1741; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsors, Daniel 
Schlaegel and sister Catarina. 
Morphew — Henry, b. Nov. 25, 1740; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsors, Christoph 
Schlaegel and his wife. 
WILLIAM WELSH, (Codorus.) 
Welsh— John Peter, b. Oct., 1740; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsors, Jacob Welsch 
and wife. 

Ulrich— Rosina. b. Dec. 28, 1740; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsors, John Adam 
Rupert and wife Anna Barbara. 
JOHN FUNCK, (Codorus.) 
Funck — Catarina, b. March 5, 1741; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsor, Catarina 

JOHN WOLF. (Codorus.) 
Wolf— Elizabetha, b. Dec. 9, 1740; bap. 
April 5, 1741. Sponsors, Carl Eisea 
and wife 

Loewenstein — Maria Elizabetha. b. Nov. 
27, 1740; bap. April 5, 1741. Sponsors, 
Daniel Diehl and his wife. 
Maeuntzer — Elizabeth Catarina, b. 
April 13, 1741; bap. May 16, 1741. 
Sponsors, Jacob Spannseiler and his 

Anna, Catarina, b. May 23, 1742; 

bap. July 18. 1742. Sponsors, George 
Buerger and his wife. 

George Jacob, b. Nov. 18. 1744; 

bap. Feb. 3, 1745. Sponsors. George 
Buerger and wife and Jacob Wolf. 

Stoever Records. 


Anna Dorothea, b. Nov. 17, 1746; 

bap. March 29, 1747. Sponsors, Jacob 
Wolf and his wife. 


Heinrich— J(/hn, b. Mch. 9, 1741; bap. 
May 17, 174^. Sponsors, John Wolf 
and his wife. 
JACOB JUNGBLUT, (Conewago.) 

Jungblut— John Jacob, b. Mch. 13, 1739; 
bap. Nov. 13, 1739. Sponsors, Leon- 
hardt Bernitz, Casper Knehner, Anna 
Catarina Kuntz and Hanna Jungblut. 


Holzapfel— B. Aug. 25, 1740; bap. May 
17, 1741. Sponsors, John Adam Rup- 
ert and his wife. 

Rudiesiel — Anna Johanna, b. Dec. 28, 
1740; bap. May 17, 1741. Sponsors, 
Jacob Ottinger and Ana Johanna Igsin. 
HEINRICH DEVIS, (Conewago.) 

Devis — Catarina, b. Jan. 6, 1741; bap. 
May 18, 1741. Sponsors, Peter Schultz 
and his wife Catarina. 
JOHN JACOB KLUND. (Conewago.) 

Klund— John Adam, b. Feb. 11, 1741; 
bap. May 18, 1741. Sponsors, John 
Adam Soil and Catarina Elizabeth 
JOHN BIRDMAN, (Conewago.) 

Birdman — Catarina. b. April 20, 1741; 
bap. May 18, 1741. Sponsors, Elias 
Daniel Bernitz and his wife, also Cata- 
rina Berghoester. 


Heuteler — John Mattheis, b. Sept. 19, 
1738; bap. Oct. 16, 1738. Sponsors, 
John Mattheis Maercker and his wife. 

Antonius. b. April 5, 1741; bap. 

May 18, 1741. Sponsors. Daniel 
Speugel and Magdal. Winterbauer. 

Winterbauer — Maria Susanna, b. 1738; 
bap. 1738. Sponsors, Heinrich Vadis 
and Susanna Heissmann. 

Sybilla, b. Aug. 30, 1740; bap. 

May 18, 1741. Sponsors, Michael 
Schaeufle and Maria Sybilla Weiss. 
PHILIPP BENTZ. (Kreutz Creek.) 

Bentz— Christian, b. Mch. 30, 1741; bap. 
May 19, 1741. Sponsors, John Chris- 
tian Groll. .John .Tost Sultzbach and 
Barbara Weller. 

Verdriess — Catarina, b. Mch., 1739; bap. 
June 24, 1741. 

Johannes, b. April 27, 1741; bap. 

June 24, 1741. Sponsors, for both, 
Philipp Ernst Gruber and wife, and 
also John Valentin Verdriess. 

Ellradt— Elisabetha. b. April 16, 1741; 
bap. June 24, 1741. Sponsors, Diet- 
rich Ellradt and his wife. 

Tranberg— Christina Barbara, b. Sept. 
29, 1740; bap. June 25, 1741. Spon- 
sors, Christian Loefel and Anna Chris- 
tina Baumann. 


Layenberger— John George, b. June 13, 
1741; bap. June 25, 1741. Sponsors, 
Joh. George Kuntz and Catarina Baul- 


Kreuter — Anna Margaretha. b. Mav 15, 
1741; bap. June 25. 1741. Sponsors, 
Cunradt Euler and his wife. 

JACOB WELSCH, (Codorus.) 
Welsch— John Jacob, b. May 20, 1741; 
bap. June 26, 1741. Sponsors, John 
Jacob Ottinger and Hannah Jost. 

MARTIN BAUER, (Codorus.) "" 
Bauer — A son (name wanting), b. May 
2, 1741; bap. June 26, 1741. Sponsors, 
John Peter Wolf, Jacob Welsch and 
Veronica Baseler. 

ULRICH BUETZER, (Kreutz Creek.) 
Buetzer — John Christian, b. Dec. 18, 

1740; bap. June 26, 1741. Sponsors, 

John Christian Groll and his wife. 

Schmeltzer— John Peter, b. Dec. 8, 1738; 

bap. Jan. 30, 1739. Sponsors, Peter 

Kucher and his wife. 

Johannes, b. April 11, 1741; bap. 

June 2, 1741. Sponsors, Peter Kucher 
and his wife Barbara. 

Sabina. b. Sept. 2, 1746; bapt. Sept. 

14, 1746. Sponsors, Thomas Kreugel 

and his wife Margaretha. 
Knedy— Isaac, b. July 2, 1741; bap. Aug. 

20, 1741. Sponsors, Isaac Laudeu- 

busch and his wife. 

JOST MOHR, (Codorus.) 
Mohr — Eva Catarina, b. July 3, 1741; 

bap. Aug. 20, 1741. Sponsors, Marx 

Hens and Eva Catarina Iserlin. 

JOSEPH BEREN, (Codorus.) 
Beren— Frederick, b. July 20. 1741; bap. 
Aug. 20, 1741. Sponsors, John Freder- 
ich Baseler and wife Veronica. 
Krueger — Elias. Sponsor, Michael 
Morgou — EHsabetha, b. Jan., 1741; bap. 


Stoever Records. 

Aug. 20, 1741. Sponsors, Christian 
Groll and his wife Elisabetha. 
Buehler, Susanna, b. Feb. 17, 1741; bap. 
All?:. 21, 1741. Sponsors, George 
Baockor and his wife. 
.JACOB GANNEMER, (Codonis.) 
Gannemer— Anna Maria, b. Feb. 17, 
1741: bap. Aug. 1, 1741. Sponsors, 
Ulric'h Buehler and his wife. 
CASPER SCHMIDT, (Conewago.) 
Schmidt— George Jacob, b. June 10,1741; 
bap. Aug. 21, 1741. Sponsor, Jacob 
MARX BIEGELER, (Conewago.) 
Biegcler — Anna Maria, b. March 30.1741; ; 
bap. Aug. 21, 1741. Sponsors, Andreas | 
Hill and Catariua Kuntz. i 

ALBINUS BEYER. (Codorus.) 
Bever— Maria Sophia Margaretha, b. ^ 
Aug. 7, 1741; bap. Sept. 27, 1741. 
Sponsors, John Nicolaus Kau and his 

Koger— John Jacob, b. Sept. 4. 1741; bap. 
Sept. 27, 1741. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Weller and his wife Barbara. 
Schultz— Julia Catarina. b. Sept. 6, 
1741; bap. Sept. 29, 1741. Sponsor, 
Juliana Catarina Morgenstern. 
Kauff eld— John Christoph, b. July 15, 
1741; bap. Oct. 1, 1741. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. July 15,1741; 

bap. Oct. 1, 1741. Sponsors. Micnael 
Rausch and Elisabetha Rausch. 
MICHAEL BOLTZ, (Quitapanilla.) 
Boltz— Elizabetha. b. May 10, 1741; bap. 
Oct. 9, 1741. Sponsors, George Borger 
and his wife. 
Peter— Catarina, b. June, 1741; bap. Oct. 
4, 1741. Sponsors, George Bergi^r and 
his wife. 
HEINRICH DUPS, (Swatara.) 
Dups— Maria Sabina, b. Sept. 2, 1741; 
bap. Oct. 4. 1741. Sponsors. Ludwig 
Bors and Margaretha Kappler. 
Kuenig— George Jacob, b. Aug. 28. 1741; 
bap. Oct. 4, 1741. Sponsors, Sebastian 
Naess and Barbara Kuefer. 
Veltin— Maria Elisabetha. b. Sept. 4, 
1741; bap. Oct. 4. 1741. Sponsors, 
Valentin Kuefer and his wife. 

LAMBERT BUBAR, (Swatara.) 
Bubar— -Maria Catarina, b. July, 1740; 
bap. Oct. 4, 1741. Sponsors, Daniel 
Schui and his wife. 

Bort— Maria Barbara, b. July 20. 1741; 
bap. Nov. 28, 1741. Sponsors, Frantz 
Seip and Catarinii Barbara Spaller. 
Hauswirth— John, b. Sept. 25, 1741; bap. 
Oct. 28, 1741. Sponsors, Johannes 
Morgenstern and his wife. 

JACOB BIRCKEL, (Swatara.) 
Birckel— John Jacob,b. Jan. 7, 1734; bap. 
April 28, 1734. Sponsors, Peter Gaert- 
uer and his wife. 

Michael Leonhardt. b. Aug. 20, 

173G; bap. Nov. 9, 1736. Sponsors, 
Leonhardt Billmeyer and spouse Ana 


Anna Eva, b. May 8, 1739; bap. 

June 12, 1739. Sponsors, Adam Voll- 
mar and his wife. 

Maria Dorothea, b. Nov. 27, 1741; 

bap. Jan. 2. 1742. Sponsors, Freder- 
ich Haehle and wife Margaretha. 
Hofmann— John Christoph, b. Feb. 21, 
1734; bap. April 28, 1734. Sponsors, 
Anastasius Uhler and Christina Ziege- 

Maria Margaretha. b. April 18, 

1736; bap. May 23, 1736. Sponsors, 
John Wolf Allgeyer and wife Maria. 

PETER RAUP. (Dorm Furnace.) 
Raup— John Michael, b. Sept. 15, 1733; 
bap. April 28, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Martin Mvle and his wife. 

Mattheis— Anna Margaretha, b. June 11, 
1734; bap. June 23, 1734. Sponsors, 
Christian Kleeman and Anna Barbara 

Magdalena, b. Sept. 15. 1735; bap. 

April 28, 1736. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Hoof and Anna Barbara Teafersbiss. 

John George, h. March 30, 1737; 

bap. June 16, 1737. Sponsors, John 
George Geyer and his wife. 

Catarina, b. May 20, 1738; bap. 

June 7, 1738. Sponsers, Mattheis 
Roesal and Catarina Geiger. 

Kober— Anna Elisabetha, b. May 12, 
1734; bap. July 21, 1734. Sponsors, 
John Adam Heyl and his wife. 

John Egidius, b. Dec. 18. 1738; 

bap. Dec. 24, 1738. Sponsors, Egidius 

Stoever Records. 


George, b. Jan. 27, 1741; bap. Feb. 

22, 1741. Sponsors, John Egidius 
Hoffmann and his wife. 

Anna Margaretha, b. May 13, 

1743; bap. May 23. 1743. Sponsors, 
Thomas Krevel and his wife. 

John Michael , b. Nov. 30, 1748; 

bap. Nov. 27, 1749. Sponsors, David 
Fischer and his wife. 
Doerr — Maria Juliana, b. Aug. 4, 1734; 
bap. Aug. 18, 1734. Sponsors, Johan- 
nes Herburger and wife Juliana. 

Johannes, b. April 18. 1736; bap. 

May 23, 1736. Sponsors, John Bindt- 

Maria Urgina, b. Jan. 30, 1738; 

bap. April 30, 1738. Sponsors, John 
Bindtnagel and his wife. 


Graff— John Cunradt, b. Sept. 22, 1734; 

bap. Oct. 13, 1734. Sponsors, John 

Cunradt Fey and his wife. 
George, b. April 6, 1739; bap. April 

22, 1739. Sponsors, John George 

Graff, jr., and his wife. 

Kappler— John Jacob, b. Sept. 20, 1734; 
bap. Nov. 10. 1734. Sponsors, Sebas- 
tian Ruhi and Elisabetha Kaiser. 

Oatarina Barbara, b. June 19. 

1736; bap. Sept. 12, 1736. Sponsors, 
Cunradt Lang and his wife. 

Meyer— Anna Barbara, b. Oct. 6, 1734; 
bap. Jan. 1, 1735. Sponsor, Anna Bar- 
bara Teufersbiss. 

Veronica, b. Feb. 28, 1737; bap. 

Oct. 10, 1737. Sponsors, John 
Schmeltz and his wife. 

Elisabetha, b. April 7, 1739; bap. 

June 12, 1739. Sponsors, Philip 
Schnaetterle and wife Sabina. 

Anna Sabina, b. June 3, 1745; bap. 

1739; bap. June 12, 1739. Sponsors, 
John Bindtnagel and his wife. 
HEINRICH SINN, (Monocacy.) 
Sinn — Susanna, b. May 2, 1735; bap. 
March 30, 1735. Sponsor, Susanna 

Jacob Mattheis, b. Jan. 13, 1739; 

bap. May 23, 1739. Sponsor, Jacob 
Mattheis Mausser. 

Allgeyer- Maria Eva, b. April 25, 1736; 
bap. May 23, 1736. Sponsors, Wilhelm 
Albert and his wife. 

Heyl— Elisabetha Barbara, b. May 19, 
1736 bap. May 23, 1736. Sponsors, 
Peter Schmidt and Elisabetha Barbara 

Anna Maria, b. March 16 1738, 

bap. March 23, 1738. Sponsors, Peter 
Schmidt and Elisabetha Barbara Heyl. 
John Adam, born July 7, 1739, 

bap. July 8, 1739. Sponsors, John 

Stephen Traenckel and John Adam 

Hambrecht and his wife. 

PETER KUCHER, (Lebanon.) 
Kucher — John Frantz, b. July 13, 1736; 

bap. Aug. 1, 1736. Sponsors, John 

Frantz Fuchs and his wife. 
Anna Catarina, b. July 12, 1738; 

bap. Feb. 7, 1738. Sponsors, John 

George Graff, junior, and Catarina 

Christoph. b. March 19, 1739; bap. 

April 22, 1739. Sponsors, Christoph 

Meyer and his wife. 

Rosina. b. March 20, 1741; bap. 

March 25, 1741. Sponsors, Christoph 
Mever and his wife. 

John Peter, b. Feb. 12, 1743; bap. 

1745. Sponsors, Philip Schnaetterle 
and his wife. 

Gebert — Susanna Catarina, b. June 27, 
1736; bap. Aug. 29, 1736. Sponsor, 
Clara Strubel. 

Brintzler— John Frederick, b. Feb. 17, 
1735; bap. March 31 1735. Sponsor, 
John Frederick Strubel. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. Jan. 24, 1738' 

bap. April 9, 1738. Sponsors, the 

Brechbiel— Maria Regina, b. May 15, 

March 27, 1743. Sponsors, Albrecht 
Siechele and his wife. 
PETER MUENCH, (Tulpehocken.) 
Muench— John Michael, b. Jan. 2, 1738; 
bap. Jan. 24, 1738. Sponsors, John 
Michael Becker and his wife. 

John Cunradt. b. Nov. 28, 1740; 

bap. September 5, 1742. Sponsors, 
Cunradt Scharf and his wife AppoUo- 

Seltzer— John Ludwig, b. Feb. 23, 1734; 
bap. April 28, 1734. Sponsors, Ludwig 
Stein find his wife. 

Maria Catarina, b. Jan. 8, 1736; 

bap. May 6. 1736. Sponsors, parents. 

John Heinrich. b. Sept. 12, 1737; 

bap. May 28. 1738. Sponsors, John 
Heinrich Schneid and Christoph Zim- 


IStoever Records. 

Ana Christina, b. in 1741; bap. 

May 27, 1742. Sitonsor, Elisabetba 

MICHAEL ADAM, (Moselem.) 
Adam— John George, b. Aug. 28, 1741; 

bap. Dec. 8, 1741. Sponsor, John 

George Faust. 
Hutzel— John Mattheis, b. Sept. 20, 1741; 

bap. Dec. 11, 1741. Sponsors, John 

Mattheis Kuehnle and Anna Marga- 

retha Buettel. 
Marstaller— Philip Balthasar, b. Jan. 4, 

1742; bap. Jan. 6, 1742. Sponsors, 

Philip Balthasar Croesman and wife 


Stober— Anna Eva, b. Sept. 8. 1742; bap. 

Jan. 18, 1743. Sponsors, Ulrich Hart- 
man and his wife. 

Breckbiel— Elizabetha, b. June 3, 1739; 

bap. 1739. Sponsors, George Hauck 

and his wife. 

John Peter, b. Nov,. 1750; bap. 

April 5, 1751. Sponsors, Johannes 
Bindnagel and his wife Regina. 

Breckbiel— Johannes, b. Sept. 21, 1741; 
bap. Jan. 1, 1742. Sponsors, Frederick 
Kuehner and his wife. 

Williams— Isaac, b. Nov. 7, 1741; bap. 

Jan. 1, 1742. Sponsors, Frederick 

Deabi and his wife. 

Clark — Jane, b. April 17, 1739; bap. June 

12, 1739. 
Mary, b. April 12, 1741; bap. Jan. 

1. 1742. Sponsors, Abraham and 

Christian Williams. 

Thomas, b. Dee. 7, 174(j; bap. 

April 26, 1747. Sponsors, Thomas 
Kreuel and his wife Margaretha. 

Deebi— Catarina, b. Nov. 6. 1741; bap. 

Jan. 1742. Sj)Ousors, John Tittle and 


CARL SCHALLY, (Lebanon.) 
Schally— John Peter, b. Sept. 29, 1741; 

bap. Jan. 3, 1742. Sponsors, John 

Peter Kucher and his wife. 

PETER RUTH, (Lebanon.) 
Ruth — Anna Catarina, b. Jan. 29, 1735; 

bap. June 29, 1735. Sponsor, Susanna 

Barbara Teuss. 

Maria Catarina, b. Oct 27, 1741; 

bap. Jan. 3, 1742. Sponsors, Michael 
Myer and his wife. 

Barbara, b. Nov. 25, 1742; bap. 

Dec. 20, 1742. Sponsor, Jonh Immel. 

Kittring — George Michael, b. Dec. 11, 
1741; bap. Jan. 3, 1742. Sponsors, 
Michael Boltz and his wife Maria Bar- 

Maria Margaretha, b. Aug. 4, 

1743; bap. Nov. 15, 1743. Sponsors, 
The above. 

Rosina Barbara, b. Mch. 18, 1745; 

bap. Apr. 28, 1745. Sponsors, the above. 


Vollmar — Anna Maria, b. Jan. 6, 1739; 
bap. June 3, 1739. Sponsors, Jacob 
Birckel and his wife Dorothea. 

Maria Magdalena, b. Sept. 19, 

1743; bap. Oct. 23, 1743. Sponsor, 
Maria Magdalena Kraemer. 

(Successor in Thow.) 
Kueffer— Catarina, b. March 11, 1747; 
bap. March 29, 1747. Sponsors,George 
Buerger and his wife Catarina. 

JACOB HERMAN, (Swatara.) 
Herman — Anna Maria, b. Aug. 29, 1787; 
bap. Nov. 5, 1739. Sponsors, George 
Bernhardt Mann and his wife. 

Maria Elisabeth, b. Oct. 22, 1742; 

bap. Dec. 21, 1742. Sponsors, George 
Bernhardt Mann and his wife. 

ADAM HEILMAN, (Lebanon.) 
Heylman — Catarina, b. April 7, 1740; 

bap. May 26, 1740. Sponsors, Anasta- 

sius Uhler and his wife. 
Anna Elizabeth, b. March 2, 1742; 

bap. April 15, 1742. 

PillLIP SCHNATTERLE, (Swatara.) 
Schnatterle — Sabina, b. July 18, 1785; 
bap. Oct. 7, 1735. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Dubs and the child's mother. 

Heinrich, b. Dec. 23, 1738; bap. 

Jan. 30, 1739. Sponsors, Heinrioh 
Kline and his wife Anna Maria. 

John Michael, b. Mch. 12, 1740; 

bap. May 26, 1740. Sponsors, John 
Seigmund Haehnle and his wife. 

Martin, b. Sept. 31, 1741; bap. Jan. 

1, 1742. Sponsors, Heinrich Klein and 
his wife. 

John Jacob, b. Feb. 22, 1744; bap. 

Mch 2, 1744. Sponsors. Heinrich 
Klein and his wife. 

John George, b. Sept. 17, 1745; 

bap. Oct. 20. 1745. Sponsors, George 
Meyer and his wife. 

Adam, b. April 4, 1747; bap. April 

26, 1747. Sponsors, Adam Faber and 
wife of George Meyers. 

Stoever Records. 




Fiumgaertner^Johauues, b. Mav 13, 
174(1; bap. May 26, 1740. Sponsors, i 
John Brechbiel and his wife. 

John Dorst, b. May 9, 1742; bap. 

•inly 18, 1742. Sponsors, Dorst Braoht- 
bill, Anna Barbara Brechbille, John 
Brtcubiil's wife. j 

I EONHARDT RA VI i. ^, R. | 

(Tulphocken ) ' 

Ramler— Johannes, b. in May, 1725. His 
mother was a Menonite. After her 
death, when more than 17 years of age, 
, he was baptized in the old Kirchen- 
Wanne on the day on which he was 
confirmed. Ha i»ar*;ooK of the J-ord's 
Supper on the following day. 

GEORGE METER, rl...b:iu..i.,i 
Mcytr — Anna Citaii'ia. b. Jiiij 11, 1740, 

bap. Aug. 10. 17 tt,. bpt>;.s.c« I'etcr 

Ruth and his wi.'e 'Jatar la. ! 
John PTeinrich, d. Dec. 19, 1741: 

bap April 26, 17i2. Sponsors. Jlein- 

rich Beyer aul his wif^ 
Michael, b. Feu 2^. 174*5; bap ■ 

May 23, 1743. Sponsor;, Miciiaei .Mey 

er and his wifo. 

George Peter, I. Oct. H), 1744: bap. 

April 28, 1745 Spo im) s, 1 -•'.- .VJar' k- 
cT. yiirich Pete'' and Elizalt-^tLi I, .•it/. 

John Jacob, b. Aug. 2S, 171)0. bap. 

>lo'. 9, 1746. Sponsors, .l^l-.u Jarou 
Schlauch and w'fe Ursula Elijrat.cih.a 


Kitzmueller — John Jacob, b. Feb. 28, \ 
1731; bap. April 19, 1731. Sponsor, I 
John Jacob Kitzmueller. 

Johannes, b. Oct. 15, 1734; bap. ' 

Dec. 27, 1734. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Kitzmueller, senior, and his wife. 

John George, b. Oct. 29, 1738; bap. 

ISAAC WILLIAM, (Swatara.) 
William — Isaac, b. Nov. 3, 1746; bap. Apr. 
26, 1741. Sponsors, Philipp Schnatterle 
and his wife. 

Jacob, b. March 23, 1753; bap. June 

17, 1753. Sponsors, Valentine Gerhard 
and Mary Rosenbaum. 

Mary Elisabetha. b. Jan. 27, 1755; 

Nov. 30, 1738. Sponsors, John Kuntz 
and his wife. 


Boltz— Anna Dorothea, b. Feb. 18, 1738; 

bap. March 30, 1738. Sponsors, Bal- 

thasar Ort and his wife 
Catarina Barbara, b. June 23,1745; 

bap. Aug. 24, 1745. Sponsors, George 

Buerger and his wife. 

Cassel— John Jacob, b. Oct. 7, 1743; bap. 
March 9, 1735. sponsors, John Jacob 

Catarina, b. Oct.. 1739; bap. May 

3, 1740. Sponsor, Catarina Weyhmuel- 

bfp. June 8, 1755. Sponsor, Veronica 

- — George, born in 1757; bap. Sept. 3, 
1757. Sponsors, Anastasius Uhler and 

(French Creek.) 
Knauer — Anna Elisabetha, b. Jan. 16, 
1742; bap. March 16, 1742. Sponsor, 
Anna Elisabetha Olin. 
Friedtel — John George, b. March 31, 
1737 (?); bap. Aug. 14, 1737 (?). Spon- 
sors, John George Houck and his wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. April 28,1739; 

bap. June 11, 1739. Sponsors, Johannes 
Hohmann an dhis wife Maria Magda- 


Schell— Christina Regina, b. Dec. 22, 
1737; bap. Feb. 6, 1738. Sponsors, 
John Bindtnagel and his wife Regina. 
Dirbi— .John George, b. Nov. 6.1734; bap. 
July 29, 1735. Sponsor, John George 

Maria Catharine, b. Sept., 1737; 

bap. Feb. 6, 1738. Sponsors, Maria 
Catharine and Johanna Catharine 

Carl— Anna Maria, b. Feb. 2, 1738; bap. 

Feb. 7, 17.38. Sponsors, Andreas Carl 

and his wife Anna Maria. 
■ Maria Catarina, b. Sept. 24, 1729; 

bap. Nov. 13, 1739. Sponsors, Marx 

Birgler and his wife. 

MICHAEL BORST, (Lebanon.) 
Borst — Maria Elizabetha, b. March 9, 

1735; bap. Aug. 29, 1735. Sponsors, 

Martin Kirstaetter and his wife. 

Susanna, b. b. Dec. 8, 1736; bap. 

Sept. 11, 1737. Sponsor, Dorothea 

Anna Dorothea, b. Dec. 25, 1738; 

bap. Jan. 29, 1739. Sponsors, Anas- 
tasius Uhler and wife Dorothea, 

-(Successor in Thow.) 
.lohannes — b. Feb. 7, 1743; bap. March 
27, 1743. Sponsors, Johannes Umber- 
ger and sister Elizabeth Dorothea. 


Stoever Records. 

PETER MARCKER. (Swatara.) 
Marcker— Maria Elizabetha, b. April 21, 
1748; bap. May 23, 1743. Sponsors, 
Christoph Zimnier and his wife. 

.Tulianna, b. Feb. 3, 1746; bap. 

March 3, 174(5. Sponsors, Adam Ul- 
rich and his wife Juliana. 

Catarina. b. Feb. 4, 1751; bap. 

March 17. 1751. Sponsors, George 
Mueller and his wife. 

Loeffler — George Ludwig, b. April 4, 
1742; bap. April 8, 1742. Sponsors, 
George Graf and his wife, also Ludwig 
Heinrich Dettborn. 
MARTIN HOFFMANN, (Hempfield.) 
Hoffman— John Andreas, b. March 14, 
1742; bap. April 4, 1742. Sponsor, An- 
dreas Hoffman. 
JOHN TITTLE, deceased, (Swatara.) 
Tittle— Peter, b. Sept. 20, 1742; bap. 
April 27. 1747. Sponsors, George 
Meyer and his wife. 

JONAS WOLF, (Lebanon.) 
Wolf — John Jacob, b. Jan. 4, 1742; bap. 
April 15, 1742. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Kaemmerling and his wife. 

John Herman, b. Aug. 5, 1743; 

bap. Aug. 28, 1743. Sponsors, Her- 
man Trott and his wife. 

Anna Maria, b. Jan. 7, 1745; bap. 

Jan. 19, 1745. Sponsors, Herman 

Trott and his wife. 
Simon, b. Oct. 28, 1746; bap. Dec. 

7, 1746. Sponsors, George Wagner 

and wife Anna Elizabetha. 



Siechele— John Peter, b. March 7, 1741; 

bap. April 15. 1742. Sponsors, Peter 

Kucher and his wife. 
Eva Barbara, b. Oct. 2, 1744; bap. 

Oct. 28, 1744. Sponsors, Peter Kucher 

and his wife. 
Froelich — Anna Catarina, b. Oct.. 1741; 
, bap. April 15,1742. Sponsors, Buerger 
/ and his wife. 

WILLIAM KALLY, (Lebanon.) 
Kally— Sarah, b. April 6, 1742; bap. April 

15, 1742. Sponsors,Andreas Wolf and 

his wife. 
Wilhelm — Maria, b. Dec. 4, 1741; bap. 

April 16, 1742. Sponsor, Magdalena 

John Philipp, b. Jan. 28,1743; bap. 

July 19, 1743. Sponsors, Philipp Lo- 

rentz Houtz and wife. 

MARTIN SPECK, (Swatara.) 
Speck— Anna, Maria, b. Jan. 15, 1741; 

bap. April 16, 1742. Sponsors, Sig- 
mund Haehnle, jr., and Anna Maria 

Maria Catarina, b. Aug. 28, 1748; 

bap. Sept. 4, 1748. Sponsors, Sigmund 
Haehnle and his wife. 

Johannes, b. Sept. 18, 1754; bap. 

Oct. 7, 1754. Sponsors, Jacob Loresch 
and his wife. 

Haehnle — Jacob Friederich. b. March 12, 
1742; bap. April 16, 1742. Sponsors, 
Jacob Birckel and his wife. 

John Michael, b. Oct. 12, 1743; 

bap. Oct. 23, 1743. Sponsors, George 
Frederich and his wife. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Dec. 30, 

1745; bap. March 12, 1746. Sponsors, 
Wendel Heyl and wife Anna. 

INIaria Eva. b. March 5, 1747; bap. 

March 29, 1747. Sponsors, Wendel 
Heyl and wife Anna. 

Elizabetha, b. Dec. 18, 1748; bap. 

Dec. 25, 1748. Sponsors, Wendel Heyl 
and wife Anna. 

(Swatara, continued.) 
Haehnle — Eva Catarina. b.Jan.6,1751; 
bap. Jan. 21, 1751. Sponsors, Veit 
Kapf and wife Gertraudt. 

Anna Barbara, b. Jan. 14, 1753; 

bap. Feb. 25. 1753. Sponsors, Wendel 
Heyl and wife Anna. 

JOHN BROWN, (Swatara.) 
Brown— Maria Regina, b. Feb. 26, 1742; 
bap. April 16, 1742. Sponsors, John 
Bindtnagle and wife. 

Jacob, b. March 27, 1746; bap. 

April 27, 1746. Sponsors, John Bindt- 
nagle and wife. 

Anna Barbara, b. April 6, 1755; 

bap. June 15, 1755. Sponsors not 

Rosenbaum — Susanna — b. May 3, 1739; 
bap. April 16, 1742. Sponsors, Martin 
Speck and is wife. 

Salome, b. March, 1741; bap. April 

16, 1742. Sponsors, Philip Dubs and 
his wife. 

Schmidt— Christian, b. Feb. 10. 1742; 
bap. May 2, 1742. Sponsors, Christian 
Andereck and wife. 

Andereck— Catarina, b. Feb. 23, 1742; 
bap. May 2, 1742. Sponsors, John 
George Schmidt and wife. 

jStoever Records. 


Quickel — Anna Catarina, b. March 23, 
1742; bap. May 2, 1742. Sponsor, An- 
na Catarina Quickel. 

PETER AFFEL, (Monocaey.) 
Apfel— Eva Rosina. b. May 9, 1742; bap. 
May 20, 1742. Sponsor, Eva Rosina 

Geiger — Maria Margaretha, b. May 29, 
1742; bap. July 4, 1742. Sponsors, 
Martin Hofman and his wife. 



Gaener— Eva Catarina, b. May 6, 1742; 
bap. July 4, 1742. Sponsors, John 
George Snyder and wife Anna Cata- 

Meyer — John George, b. Dec. 4, 1735, 
bap. Apr. 18, 1730. Sponsors, John 
George Klein and his wife Anna. 

■ Maria Barbara, b. Aug. 12, 1738, 

bap. May 21, 1738. Sponsors. John 
Peter Kucher and wife Maria Barbara. 

• Anna Maria, b. June 16, 1742, bap. 

July 18, 1742. Sponsors, Thomas Kop- 
penhoefer and wife Anna Maria. 

MICHAEL LAUER, (Swatara.) 

Lauer — .John Michael, b. June 29, 1742. 
b. July 18, 1742. Sponsors, Michael 
Spengel and his wife. 

Catharine Barbara, b. March 11, 

1744, bap. April 15, 1744. Sponsors, 
Valentine Kuefer and wife Anna Bar- 

JAMES McNEESS, (Lebanon.) 

McNeess — James, b. Sept. 4, 1741, bap. 
July 18, 1742. Sponsors. Anastasius 
Uhler and his wife Dorothea. 
JOHN JOAKLES, (Swatara.) 

Joakles — Anna Sara, b. Feb., 1742, bap. 
July 18, 1742. Sponsors, John Deeby 
and his wife. 


Heyl— John Jacob, b. June 13, 1742, bap. 
July 18, 1742. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Duljs and Barbara Kappler. 
CASPAR SCHMIDT, (Conewago.) 

Schmidt— Maria Elisabetha, b. Nov. 8, 
1742, bap. Nov. 23, 1742. Sponsors, 
Daniel Schlaegel and Maria Elisabetha 
JOHN REYNOLDS. (Swatara.) 

Reynolds— Bridgitte, b. Nov. 20, 1742, 
bap. Dec. 21, 1742. Sponsors, Francis 
Reynolds, Patrick and Sarah McKue. 

Elisabetha, b. March 23. 1744, bap. 

April 15. 1744. Sponsors, Thomas and 
Elisabetha McKay, also Joseph Rey- 
nolds and Rebecca Reynolds. 

John, b. 1746, bap. 1746. 

— I Joseph, b. Nov. 10, 1747, bap. Nov. 

24, 1747. Sponsors, Joseph Reynolds, 
Sarah McKue and Sarah Reynolds. 



Labengeiyer— IMaria Catarina, b.May 18. 
1730, bap. Sept. 29, 1730. Sponsor, 
Anna Maria iNIeyer. 

John Jacob, b. April 8, 1734, bap. 

April 21, 1734. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Beyer and his wife Margaretha. 

Anna Barbara, b. June 14, 1736, 

bap. July 18, 1736. Sponsors, Michael 
Ranek and his wife Anna Barbara. 

Christoph, with his second wife, b. 

in Oct., 1741, bap. April 15, 1742. Spon- 
sors, Christoph Meyer and his wife. 

Bindtnagel— Anna Sabina, b. Sept. 11, 
1733, bap. Sept. 17, 1733. Sponsors, 
John Martin Meyle and his wife Anna 

-Johannes, b. Feb. 7, 1735, bap. 

iVIarch 23, 1735. Sponsor, Melchior 

-John Martin, b. Sept. 7, 1736, bap. 

Oct. 3, 1736. Sponsor, John Martin 


Ergebrecht- Catarina. b.March 26,1733; 

bap. Sept. 17, 1733. Sponsor, Anna 

Catarina Mast. 
Anna Elisabetha, b. Feb. 20, 1735, 

bap. April 27, 1735. Sponsors, Jacob 

Mast and his wife. 

WICHS, (Conewago.) 
Geelwichs— Catarina, b. Dec. 21, 1735, 
bap. Feb. 1, 1736. Sponsors, Jacob 
Verdriess and Catarina Euler. 

Catarina, b. Dec. 11, 1737. bap. 

May 23, 1738. Sponsors, Elias Daniel 
and Anna Eva Kuntz. 

-George Karl, b. Sept. 16, 1739, bap. 

Nov. 13, 1739. Sponsor, George Karl 

MICHAEL BAUER, (Swatara.) 
Bauer— John Valentin, b. Sept. 17, 1739, 

bap. Oct. 21, 1739. Sponsors, John 

Valentin Stober and his wife Eva. 
John Martin, b. Dec. 27, 1741, bap. 

Jan. 1, 1742. Sponsors. Valentin 
Kuefer and Anna Maria Frederich. 
Anna Eva, b. July 28. 1746. bap. 

Aug. 17, 1746. Sponsors, Michael 

Spiegel and wife Anna Eva. 

-Anna Maria, with second wife, b. 

Jan. 12, 1749, bap. March 19. 1749. 
Sponsors, Sigmund Haehnle and his 


Stoever Records. 

Klein— Anna, b. Feb. 26, 1737, bap. 

March 27, 1737. Sponsors, George 

Klein and his wife Anna. 
• Sabina, b. Oct. 1, 1738. bap. Jan. 

30, 1739. Sponsors, Philipp Schnat- 

terle and his wife Sabina. 
Maria Barbara, b. April 6, 1740, 

bap. May 2(5, 1740. Sponsors, John 

Braechbil and his wife Maria Barbara. 
J ohn George, b. March 2, 1742, bap. 

April 10, 1742. Sponsors, Philipp 

Schnatterle and his wife. 



Kuenig— Anna Maria, b. Oct. 25, 1739; 

bap. Dec. 27, 1739. Sponsors, Sebas- 
tian Naess and Elizabeth Naess. 
George Jacob, b. Aug. 28, 1741, 

bap. Oct. 4, 1741. Sponsors, Sebastian 

Naess and Barbara Knefer. 
Meyle— Elisabetha, b. Nov. 7, 1733, bap. 

April 28, 1734. Sponsors, Michael 

Baettle and his wife. 
Johannes, b. Jan. 20, 1735, bap. 

May 25, 3735. Sponsors, John Bindt- 

nagrol and his wife. 

John Martin, b. July 25, 1737; bap. 
1737. Sponsors, Michael 

Baettle and his wife. 
Heinrich, b. Jan. 10, 1742; bap. 

April 15, 1742. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Klein and his wife. 
Ohnselt— John, b. Oct. 22, 1741; bap. 

Nov. 22, 174l. Sponsors, John HeiT 

and Maria Elisabetha Haussahn. 
Friedel— Susanna, b. May 16, 1743; bap. 

May 23, 1743. Sponsors, Martin Speck 

and his wife. 
Jacob, b. Apr. 15, 1745; bap. Oct. 

26, 1745. Sponsors, Jacob Preschinger 

and his wife. 

John Martin, b. June 25, 1747; bap. 

Dec. 25, 

bap. March 18, 1750. Sponsors, Martin 
Kappler and his wife. 

Elisabetha, b. Dec. 20, 1757; bap 

March 23, 1758. Sponsors, Adam 

Brecht and wife. 



Haedderich — Rosina, b. .Tan. 15, 1743; 

bap. March 27, 1743. Sponsors, Chris- 

toph Meyer and his wife Rosina. 
DAVID DREHER, (Lebanon.) 
Dreher — .Tohn Heinrich. b. March 29, 

1743; bap. May 23, 1743. Sponsors, 

John Heinrich Marcket and wife. 

Daniel, b. March 11, 1752; bap, 

April 12, 1752. Sponsors, Daniel Born 
and Margaretha Speck. 

Maria Barbara, b. Dec. 26, 1755; 

bap. Jan. 25, 1756. Sponsors, Leoa- 
hardt Kneuget and his wife. 

Umberger — John Leonhardt, b. Aug. 28, 
1743; bap. Sept. 25, 1743. Sponsors, 
Leonhardt Ramler and wife. 

Merck— Maria Barbara, b. Sept. 9, 1743; 
bap. Sept. 25, 1743. Sponsors, Michael 
Lauer and his wife. 

THOMAS KREUEL, (Swatara.) 
Kreuel— John Adam, b. Sept. 9, 1743; 
bapt. Sept. 26, 1743. Sponsors, John 
Adam Kreuel and his wife. 

Johannes, b. May 14, 1747; bap, 

June 21, 1747. Sponsors, Johannes 
Schmeltzer and his wife. 

Anna Catarina, b. May 5, 1750; 

bapt. June 20, 1750. Sponsor, Anna 
Catarina Zimmer. 

Ana Maria, b. 1752; bapt. Jan. 1, 

1753. Sponsors, Christoph Zimmer and 
Ana Maria Meyer. 


(South Branch.) 
Hoomer — Dorothea, b. 1741; bap. Oct. 

9, 1743. Sponsors, Johannes Haag and 

his wife. 

DANIEL LUCAS, (Tulpehocken.) 
Lucas— Maria Magdalena, b. Oct. 1, 1743; 
bap. Oct. 20, 1743. Sponsors. Daniel 
Schneider and Maria Magdalena Esch- 

Adelheit Elisabetha, b. March 26, 

1747; bap. April 12, 1747. Sponsors, 
Sebastian Brosius and Adelheit Elisa- 
betha Stofenberger. 

Maria Catarina, b. Aug. 21, 1749; 

bap. Sept. 17, 1749. Sponsors, Jacob 
Koehrer and Maria Elisabetha Brosius. 
Daniel — b. June 24, 1753; bap. July 

Aug. 16, 1747. Sponsors, Martin Kap- 
pler and his wife. 

John Bernhardt, b. Dec. 27, 1749; 

1, 1753. Sponsors, Daniel Schneider 
and wife Magdalena. 

Philipp Adam, b. Augst 11, 1755; 

bap. August 24. 1755. Sponsors, Philipp 

Gerhardt and his wife. 

JACOB RUEGER, (Lebanon.) 
Rueger — John Jacob, b. August 18, 1743; 

bap. Oct. 23, 1743. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Klein and his wife. 

Haedderich — John George, b. Sept. 12, 

1743; bap. Oct. 23, 1743. Sponsors, 

John George Huber and his wife, 

Kohlmann — Catarina Barbara, b. April 
9, 1743; bap. Oct. 31, 1743. Sponsors, 

Stoever Records. 


Casper Maessner and wife, and Anna 
Maria Burckel. 


Mueller— John Heinrich, b. Sept. 23,1743; 

bap. Nov. 15, 1743. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Weschenbach and his wife Elisabetha. 

Kreuel — Maria Margaretha, b. Oct. 17, 
1743; bap. Nov. 15, 1743. Sponsors, 
Thomas Kreuel and his wife. 

Schmidt— Christian, b. Nov. 27, 1743; bap. 
Nov. 20, 1743. Sponsors, Christian 
Mueller and Margar. Creutzberger. 

George Heinrich, b. Dec. 27, 1744; 

bap. Jan. 20, 1745. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Bruender and wife Ana Catarina. 

JACOB SEIBERT, (Tulpehocken ) 
Seibert— John Heinrich, b. Nov. 30, 1743; 
bap Dec. 28, 1743. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Lorentz and his wife Anna Johanna. 

MICHAEL REISS, (Tulpehocken.) 
Reiss— Maria Catarina, b. Oct. 28. 1743; 
bap. Dec. 28, 1743. Sponsors, George 
Mueller and wife Maria Catarina. 

Magdalena, b. in 1745; bap. Dec. 

22, 1745. Sponsors, John Peter Ans- 
pach and his wife. 

Johannes, b. Oct. 26, 1747; bap. 

Nov. 22, 1747. Sponsors, John Wolfart 
and wife Catarina Agatha. 

Anna Maria, b. Oct. 8, 1749; bap. 

JL»ec. 10, 1749. Sponsors, Michael Nef, 
jr., and wife Anna Maria. 

John Ludwig, b. xi.ugust 16, 1(52; 

bap. Oct. 22, 1752. Sponsors, Johannes 
Schaefer and second wife. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. Jan. 28, 1757; 

bap. Feb. 6, 1757. Sponsors, John 
Schaefer and second wife. 




Schmidt— John, b. Dec. 9, 1743; bap. Dec. 

28, 1743. Sponsors, John Heinrich 

Schmidt and wife Gertraudt. 

• Elisabetha, b. Feb. 25, 1748; bap. 

March 6, 1748. Sponsor, Elisabetha 

HEINRICH BICKEL, (Tulpehocken.) 
Bickel— Jacob, b. May 28. 1743; bap. Dec. 

20, 1743. Sponsors, William Leitner 

and his wife. 
Christian, b. May 11, 1745; bap. 

May 14, 1745. Sponsors, Christian 

Schmidt and his wife. 

WENDEL HEYL, (Swatara.) 
Heyl— Margaretha, b. Doc. 19, 1743; bap. 
Feb. 2, 1744. Sponsors, Frederich 
Haehnle and his wife Margaretha. 

Anna Barbara, b. Oct. 27, 1745; 

bap. Nov. 30, 1745. Sponsors, the 

Elizabetha. b. Nov. 24, 1747; bap. 

Jan. 6, 1748. Sponsors, the above. 

Christina, b. Nov. 23, 1751; bap. 

Dec. 2, 1751. Sponsors, the above. 
Anna, b. Feb. 19. 1754; bap. 

March 24, 1754. Sponsors. Andreas 
Murr and Catarina Roenninger. 

Johannes, b. March 26, 1756; bap. 

April 15, 1756. Sponsors, Andreas 
Murr and his wife. 

Jacob, b. June 6, 1742. Sponsor, 

Jacob Dubbs. 

GEORGE ZEH (Swatara.) 
Zeh— Anna Maria, b. Dec. 20, 1743: bap. 
Feb. 2, 1744. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Dubbs and his wife. 

Mohr— John Frederich, b. Jan. 22, 1744; 
bap. Feb. 2, 1744. Sponsors, John 
Friederich Rathfang and his wife 
Maria Elisabetha. 


Kuefer- Valentin, b. March 5, 1745; bap. 
March 31, 1745. Sponsors, Valentin 
Kuefer and his wife Barbara. 
JOHN KISTLER (Tulpehocken.) 

Kistler — Maria Magdalena. b. Jan. 14, 
1744; bap. Feb. 17. 1744. Sponsors, 
Johannes Immel, Elisabetha Lehmann 
and Anna Maria Kintzel. 

Mueller — Anna Catarina, b. Sept. 29, 
1741; bap. Feb. 24, 1744. Sponsors, 
Anna Frantzina. 

John Peter, b. Dec. 26, 1743; bap. 

Feb. 24, 1744. Sponsor, John Peter 
PETER LEPPO (Tulpehocken.) 

Leppo — Maria Magdelena, b. Feb 
20, 1744: bap. March 10. 1744. Spon- 
sors. Philipp Adam Schirmann and 
Maria Magdelena I^eppo. single. 

Christina, b. Sept. 24. 1746; bap. 

Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, Seidel Neu- 
man and Margaretha Gaensemer. 

Maria Susanna, b. June 13. 1751; 

bap. July 21, 1751. Sponsors, John 
Meyer and wife Anna Maria. 

JACOB FEHLER (Tulpehocken.) 
Fehler — Anna Margaretha, b. Feb. 13, 
1744; bap. March 17, 1744. Sponsors, 
Jacob Loewengut and wife Marga- 
retha, also George Anspach and his 
wife Anna Catarina. 

John Nicolus, b. Feb. 21, 1746: 

bap. March 17, 1745. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Loefner and wife, also Peter 
Riedtin and wife Anna Catarina 


Stoever Records. 

John Jacob b. April 13. 1746; bap. 

Juue 8, 174(j. Spousors, J"©!)!! Jacob 
Hofman aiul his wife. 

Anna Barbara, b. May 1, 1749: 

bap. May 28, 1749. Sponsor, Anna 
Barbara Loewengut. 

Maria Eva, b. Jan. 25, 1751; bap. 

Feb. 2, 1751. Sponsors, George Em- 
mert and wife. 

-. Leonhardt, b. Sept. 20, 1752; bap. 

Oct. 22, 1752. Sponsors, Leonhardt 

Reidt and Anna Catarina Riedt. 
Anna Maria, b. Aug. 22, 1754; bap. 

Sept. 22, 1754. Sponsors, Jacob 

Loewengut and wife Catarina. 
John Peter, b. Feb. 27, 1756; bap. 

May 30, 1756. Sponsors, Peter 

Schmidt and his wife. 
JACOB VOELCKER, (Tulpehocken). 
Voelclver— Daniel, b. Feb. 4, 1744; bap. 

March 17, 1744. Sponsors, Daniel 

Geismer and his wife. 

JACOB REUTER, (Cocalico.) 
Reuter— Elisabetha, b. March 2, 1744; 
bap. March 12, 1744. Sponsors, Nico- 
las Dehm and wife Elisabetha. 

Williams— Elizabeth, b. Nov. 1, 1743; 
bap. March 21, 1744. Sponsors, John 
Blum and wife Ehzabeth. 
TOBIAS BICKEL, (Tulpehocken.) 
Bickel— Christian,b. March 22, 1764; bap. 
March 31, 1764. Sponsors, Jacob 
Schuellbecker and his wife. 

■ Johannes, b. March 16, 1744; bap. 

March 18, 1744. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Maria INIargaretha, b. March 22, 

1746; bap. July 5, 1746. Sponsors, 
The above and wife (2d wife.) 

Simon, b. Feb. 1750; bap. March 

5, 1750. Sponsors, Heinrich Baseler 
and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. April, 1751; bap. 

May 28, 1751. Sponsors, Simon Base- 
ler and Anna Maria Moseler. 

Thomas, b. Oct. 20, 1752; bap. Jan. 

5, 1753. Sponsor, Simon Carl. 

Rosina, b. March 13, 1755; bap. 

May 4, 1755. Sponsors, Thomas 
Kuppenhoefer and wife Elisabetha. 
John Jacob, b. April 24, 1757; bap. 

July 5, 1757. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Moser and wife Regina. 

Friederich— Johannes, b. Feb. 3, 1744; 
bap. March 23, 1744. Sponsors, 
Johannes Uhrich and his wife. 
Hedderich— Anna Elisabetha, b. Dec. 27, 

1743; bap. April 1, 1744. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Greber and his wife. 
LUDWIG THOMAS. (Northkill.) 
Thomas— Anna Magdalena, b. Jan. 5, 
1744. Sponsors, Jost Hedderich and 
his wife. 

Pontius— John Heinrich, b. Feb. 24, 
1744; bap. April 1, 1744. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Zoeller and his wife. 

John Peter, b. Oct. 22. 1747; bap. 

Oct. 25, 1747. Sponsors, Peter Hoff- 
man and his wife. 

Johannes, b. Aug. 16, 1751; bap. 

Aug. 18, 1751. Sponsors, Johannes 
Schnaebel and his wife. 


Leitner— Ana iMaria, b. March 28, 1744, 
bap. April 2, 1744. Sponsors, John Rie- 
gel and wife Catarina Ehsabetha. 

Juliana, b. Jan. 24. 1740, bap. Feb. 

16, 1746. Sponsors, Nicolaus Kintzor 
and wife Juliana. 

George Daniel, b. Nov. 3, 1747, 

bap. Nov. 22, 1747. Sponsors, George 
Daniel Schneider and Esther Ferry. 
John Jacob, b. Oct. 20. 1750, bap. 

Nov. 11, 1750. Sponsors, Jacob Etsch- 
berger and wife. 

-Catarina. b. April 14, 1752, bap. 

April 26, 1752. Sponsors, Philipp Adam 

Schirman and wife. 
■ — — Simon, b. Nov. 5, 1738, bap. Nov. 

10, 1738. Sponsors, Simon Schirman 

and his wife. 
JOHANNES RIEGEL, ■ (Tulpehocken.) 
Riegel — Maria Catarina, b. March 6, 1744, 

bap. April 2, 1744. Sponsors, John 

George Schirman and wife Elisabetha 


Philipp Adam, b. Feb. 14. 1746, 

bap. Feb. 16, 1746. Sponsors, Philipp 
Adam Schirman and Maria Kanter. 

Johannes, b. March 11, 1751, bap. 

March 31, 1751. Sponsors, John Klaus- 
ser and his wife Barbara. 

Williams — Margaretha, b. March 14, 
1744, bap. April 15, 1744. Sponsors, 
John Tittle and wife Elisabetha. 

Abraham, b. March, 1748, bap. 

April 17, 1748. Sponsors, James Wil- 
liams and wife. 

Haeffner — .John .Taeob. b. Aug. 7. 1744, 
bap. Aug. 19, 1744. Sponsors, John Ja- 
cob Soibert and wife. 

Maria Johanna, b. May 29, 1747; 

bap. June 7, 1747. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Loreutz and his wife. 

Stoever Records. 


Maria Catarina, b. June 7, 1750; 

bap. June 24, 1750. Sponsors, Chris- 
tian Lauer and wife. 

Kapp— Margaretha, b. March 24, 1744; 
bap. April 15, 1744. Sponsors, George 
Frederich and his wife. 

Anna Catarina, b. April 17, 1746; 

bap. April 27, 1746. Sponsors, Philipp 
Maurer and his wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. July 20, 1747; 

bap. Aug. 2, 1747. Sponsors, Frederich 
Haehnle and wife Margaretha. 

Eva, b. April 18, 1749; bap. May 

1, 1749. Sponsors, Peter Beettel and 
wife Eva. 

Margaretha Elisabetha, b. July 16, 

1751; bap. July 21, 1751. Sponsors, 
Frederich Haehnle and his wife. 

Anna Barbara, b. Nov. 6. 1753; 

bap. Dec. 2, 1753. Sponsors, Peter 
Heckman and his wife. 
MICHAEL KATZ, (Swatara.) 
Katz — Ludwig Heinrich, b. April 4, 1744; 
bap. April 15, 1744. Sponsors, Ludwig 
Heinrich Schui and Cat. Blis. Gold- 

MARTIN SPECK, (Swatara.) 
Speck — Anna Maria, b. Jan. 15, 1741; 
bap. April 16, 1742. Sponsors, Sieges- 
mund Haehnle and his wife and Anna 
Maria Becker. 

^ Martin, b. March 23, 1744; bap. 

April 15, 1744. Sponsors, Frederick 
Haehnle and his wife. 

Speck, Bleanora, b. March 30, 

1746; bap. April 27, 1746. Sponsors, 
Bernhardt Friedle and his wife. 

John Michael, b. Dec. 29, 1750; 

bap. Jan. 21, 1751. Sponsors, Michael 
Kleber and wife Elizabetha. 

John Jacob, b. April 29, 1753; bap. 

May 20, 1753. Sponsors, Michael 
Kleber and Elisabetha. 

Rathfang— Anna Margaretha, b. March 
7, 1744; bap. April 15, 1744. Sponsors, 
Wilhelm Huber and wife. 

Uhrich— Maria Catarina, b. Jan. 29,1739; 
bap. Feb. 24, 1739. Sponsors, Valen- 
tin Unruh and wife. 

Maria Appollonia. b. March 21, 

1740: bap. March 30, 1740. Sponsors, 
Jacob Vollmer, sr. and wife. 


Gaensemer — Johannes, b. July 27, 1744; 
bap. Aug. 19, 1744. Sponsors, Johan- 
nes Knoll and his wife. 

Catarina Barbara, b. Dec. 18.1746; 

Sponsors, John Heinrich Deck and 
Anna Barbara Teuber. 

Cunradt — John George, b. March 21, 

1744; bap. April 29, 1744. Sponsors, 

Lorentz Hautz. 
• John Peter, b. July 27, 1745; bap. 

Sept. 1, 1745. Sponsors, George Peter 

Batdorf and Eva Elisabetha Ried. 

Anna Elizabetha, b. Feb. 13, 1747; 

bap. March 15, 1747. Sponsors, Eva 
Elizabeth Ried. 

John Stephen, b. Feb. 26, 1749; 

bap. March 5, 1749. Sponsors, John 
Jacob Loewengut. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Feb. 2. 1751, 

b. March 3, 1751. Sponsors, George 
Lechner and wife. 

George Philipp, b. Nov. 21. 1752, 

bap. Dec. 17, 1752. Sponsors, George 
Lechner and Anna Margar Lay. 

John Nicolaus, b. Jan. 16, 1755, 

bap. Jan. 20, 1755. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Gebhardt and wife. 

Maurer — Catarina Margaretha, b. May 
30, 1744, bap. June 10, 1744. Sponsors, 
Leonhardt Ramler and wife. 

John Philipp, b. Nov. 15, 1746, 

bap. Nov. 23, 1746. Sponsors, John 
Veith Kapp and his wife. 

John Jacob, b. June 9. 1748. bap. 

July 10, 1748. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Ramler and wife Margaretha. 

Eva Margaretha, b. Oct. 30, 1749, 

bap. Nov. 20, 1749. Sponsors, Jacob 
Ramler and wife. 

John George, b. April 23, 1751, 

bap. May 26, 1751. Sponsors, George 
Schaefer and wife. 

:Maria Elisabetha. b. July 25.1754; 

bap. Aug. 11. 1754. Sponsors. George 
Schumacher and wife Maria Eva. 

George Michael, b. Jan. 13, 1756, 

bap. Jan. 25, 1756. Sponsors, the 


JACOB SCHOPFF, (Northkill.) 

Schopff— INIaria Catarina, b. May 14, 
1744, bap. June 24, 1744. Sponsors, Si- 
mon Schirmann and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. May 30. 1748, bap. 

June 26, 1748. Sponsors. John Schopff 
and Anna Maria Hubele. 

Frantz, b. July 7. 1750; bap. Aug. 

19. 1750. Sponsors, John Frantz Ley- 
enberger and wife. 
Heinrich— Anna Maria, b. Aug. 21, 
1740; bap. Sept. 14. 1740. Sponsors, 
John Nicolaus Holder and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

Anna Elizabetha, b. July 24, 1740; 

bap. Auff. 1!), 1744. Sponsors, Tobias 
Bickel and wife. 

Ellmecker — Anna Margaretha, b. July 
23, 1744; bap. Aug. 2G, 1744. Sponsor, 
Hanna Boeszhaar. 

Boeszhaar— Elizabetha, b. July 22, 1744; 
bap. Aug. 20, 1744. Sponsors. Jacob 
Koppenhoefer and wife Elizabeth. 

Juliana, b. 1746; bap. May 19, 

1746. Sponsors, George Boeszhaar 
and wife. 


Hedderich — John Wirner. b. July 7, 
1744; bap. Aug. 26, 1744. Sponsor, 
Wirner Weitzel. 

Schirmann — Anna Maria, b. Oct. 3, 1744; 
bap. Oct. 14, 1744. Sponsors, Philip 
Adam Schirmann and Adelheit Pfaff- 

John Simon, b. Oct. 19, 1746; bap. 

Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, John Riegel 
and his wife. 


Vollmar— John Michael, b. Sept. 29, 
1744; bap. Oct. 14, 1744. Sponsors, 
John Michael Vollmar and Barbara 

BERNHARDT RAUCH, (Northkill.) 
Ranch— Elizabetha, b. Sept. 22, 1744; 
bap. Oct. 14, 1744. Sponsors, Abra- 
ham Hnher and Elizabetha Albert. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Oct. 7, 1746; 

bap. Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, Frieder- 
ich Opp and wife. 

• Sabina, b. March, 1751; bap. April 

15, 1751. Sponsors, Heinrich Sauter 
and wife Sabina. 

JACOB DEGEN, (Swatara.) 
Degen— Anna Regina, b. Sept. 22, 1744: 
bap. Oct. 12, 1744. Sponsors, Chris- 
tian Battorf and Anna Regina Carst- 

JACOB HOFFMAN, (Tulpehocken.) 
Hoffman — Eva Catarina, b. Nov.8, 1744; 
bap. Nov. 12, 1744. Sponsors, Chris- 
tian Meyer and wife Catarina. 

Anna Maria, b. Oct. 1, 1746; bap. 

Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, Hans Adam 
Heylmann and wife. 

.Tuliana. b. Nov. 8, 1749; bap. Dec. 

10, 1749. Sponsors, Christian Meyer 
and his wife. 

Elizabetha, b. April 17, 1753; bap. 

April 20. 1753. Sponsors, Michael Wol- 
fart and wife Elizabetha. 

John Christian, b. March 6, 1755; 

bap. March 7, 1755. Sponsors, Chris- 
tian Bechtel and wife Margaretha. 

JOHN WOLPFERT, (Tulpehocken.) 
Wolffert— John George Philip, b. Oct. 7, 
1744; bap. Nov/ 11, 1744. Sponsors, 
John George Brosius and wife Cata- 


Kueffer — Ana Margaretha, b. Oct. 27, 
1744; bap. Nov. 10, 1744. Sponsors, 
Vincens Kuefer and wife Ana Marga- 

Elizabetha, b. March 17, 1747; 

bap. March 29, 1747. Sponsors, George 
Velty and wife. 

Maria Barbara, b. Feb. 18, 1749; 

bap. March 3, 1749. Srionsors, Peter 
Heylmann and wife Sabine. 

Seibert— Margaretha, b. Oct. 12, 1744; 
bap. Nov. 25, 1744. Sponsors, Philip 
Schnatterle and wife. 

Schnaebele — Maria Barbara, b. Oct. 17, 
1744; bap. Nov. 25, 1744. Sponsoi-s, 
Casper Schnaebele and wife Barbara. 
Holinger — Maria Barbara, b. Nov. 2, 
1744; bap. Nov. 30, 1744. Sponsors, 
Leonardt Umberger and wife. 

ADAM BACH, (Cacoosing.) 
Bach— Anna Catarina, b. Nov. 12, 1744; 
bap. Dee. 3, 1744. Sponsors, George 
Jacob Schirmer and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. Feb. 5, 1765; bap. 

April 14, 1765. Sponsors, George El- 
linger and his wife. 

Groszman — Maria Barbara, b. Sept. 11, 
1742; bap. Oct. 16, 1742. Sponsors, 
Peter Tussing and wife Maria Bar- 

Sophia, b. Nov. 18, 1744; bap. Dec. 

4, 1744. Sponsors, Michael Baettly 
and Sophia Berin. 

-Maria Barbara, b. Sept. 5, 1746; 

bap. Nov. 9, 1746. Sponsors, Casper 
Schnaebele and wife. 

John Michael, b. Jan. 22, 1748; 

bap. Sept. 4, 1748. Sponsors, Casper 
Schnaebele and wife. 

.Tohn Nicolaus. b. Feb. 5,1751; bap. 

March 4, 1751. Sponsors, John Nickel 
Jost and wife. 

ABRAHAM HAASZ, (Northkill.) 
Haasz — Maria Susanna, b. Sept. 28, 

Stoever Records. 


1744; bap. Nov. 9, 1744. Sponsors, 
Samuel Philbert and wife. 

Maria Magdaleua, b. March 7, 

1753; bap. April 8, 1753. Sponsors, 
John Nicalaus Haag and Maria Mag. 

ADAM SCHAUER, (Northkill.) 
Schauer — Catarina Elizabetha, b. Dec. 
23, 1744; bap. Dec. 25, 1744. Sponsors, 
Michael Schauer and his wife. 

PHILIP STRAUSS, (Northkill.) 
Strauss — Anna Magdalena, b. Dec. 21, 

1744; bap. Dec. 26, 1744. Sponsors, 

John Ebert and Ana Magdalena 


Phillippe— John Heinrich, b. Oct. 16, 

1746; bap. Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, 

John Heinrich Adolph and wife. 
Hemperle — Anna Maria, b. Dec.15, 1744; 

bap. Jan. 6. 1745. Sponsors, John 

Bindnagle and wife. 

Martin, b. 1747; bap. June 21, 

1747. Sponsors, the above. 

Spengler — John Michael, b. Sept. 15, 
1(44; bap. Oct. 28, 1744. Sponsors, 
John Nicholaus Lauer and Maria 
Catarina Moser. 
Friederich — Margaretha, b. Dec. 21, 
1744; bap. Jan. 15, 1745. Sponsors, 
Freiderich Haehnle and wife. 
HEINRICH KICHLER,(Tulpehocken.) 
Kichler — Juliana b. Jan. 3, 1745; bap. 
Jan. 20, 1745. Sponsors, Jacob Bort- 
ner and Juliana Andre. 

Gebhardt — John Heinrich, b. Jan. 8, 
1745; bap. Jan. 20, 1745. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Beyer and wife Maria Elisa- 

■ Peter, b. Dec. 22, 1746; bap. Jan. 

19, 1747. Sponsors, Peter Gebhardt 
and wife Catarina. 

Maria Eva, b. Nov. 3, 1748; bap. 

Nov. 13, 1748. Sponsor, Maria Eva 

John Philipp, b. Jan. 20, 1750; bap. 

Feb. 2, 1750. Sponsors, Johannes 
Ritscher and wife. 

Valentine, b. Nov. 7, 1751; bap. 

Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, Johannes 
Meyer and wife. 

Albrecht— Eva Christina, b. Dec. 25, 
1744; bap. Jan. 27, 1745. Sponsors, 
Martin Kapp and wife. 

Riegel— Johannosj^ b. Dec. 2, 1746; bap. 
Jan. IS. 1747. Sponsors, George 
Michael Wildfang and wife. 


Enszminger— John Heinrich, b. Jan. 29, 
1745; bap. Jan. 30, 1745. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Enszminger and wife 

JACOB ZIEGER, (Lebanon.) 
Zieger— Anna Maria, b. Dec. 3, 1744; 
bap. March 3, 1745. Sponsors, Jacob 
Schober and Anna Barbara Lhler. 

(Twins), b. Jan. 13, 17(55. George 

Heinrich and Anna Maria Elisabeth; 
bap. Jan. 25, 1765. Sponsors, George 
Heinrich Reinoehl and wife, Christoph 
Meyer and wife Catarina. 

Jacob HOLTZINGER, (Cocallco.) 
Holtzinger — John, b. Feb. -l-, 1745; bap. 

March 10, 1745. Sponsors, John Ulrich 

and wife Margaretha. 
Strauss — Maria Barbara, b. Nov. 16, 

1735; bap. Jan. 11, 1736. Sponsors, 

George Graf, Jr. and Maria Barbara 


John Jacob, b. May 5, 1737; bap. 

May 19, 1737. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Zerbe and wife. 

Maria Elisabeth, b. May 5, 1737; 

bap. May 19, 1737. Sponsor, Heinrich 

Anna Elisabetha, b. March 25, 

1739; bap. April 22, 1739. Sponsors, 
Martin Zerbe and wife. 

Maria Eva Rosina, b. Nov. 6, 1742; 

bap. Nov. 28, 1742. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Gruber and wife. 

Maria Catarina, b. March 6, 1745; 

bap. March 17, 1745. Sponsors, An- 
dreas Kraft and his wife. 

John Philipp, b. Jan. 4, 1748; bap. 

Feb. 7, 1748. Sponsors, Philipp Meeth 
and wife. 

Maria Christina, b. July 26, 1751; 

bap. August 18. 1751. Sponsors, Peter 
Muench and wife. 

Maria Susanna, b. Oct. 5, 1753; 

bap. Oct. 21, 1753. Sponsors, Andreas 
Shade and Maria Susanna Haag. 

John Samuel, b. May 13. 1756; 

bap. May 30, 1756. Sponsors, Samuel 
Philbert and wife. 

DAVID RIEHL, (Heidelberg.) 
Riehl — John Adam, b. August 12, 1751; 
bap. August 18, 1751. Sponsors, Jacob 
Sensebach and wife. 


(Moden Creek.) 

Brendel— Eva Catarina, b. Feb. 25, 1745; 


Stoever Records. 

bap. March 24, 1745. Sponsors, George 
Hoeger and his wife. 

JOHN JACOB ZERWE,(Tuipehocken.) 
Zerwe — Anna Christina, b.Dec. 25. 1736; 

bap. Jan. 2, 1737. Sponsors, George 

Peter Zerwe and wife. 

John Michael, b. April Iv, 1738; 

bap. April 30, 1738. Sponsors, John 
Michael Bnsch and wife. 

John Valentin, b. June 24, 17-±i; 

ban. July 6, 1741. Sponsor, Ens'elhard 


Zeller— John Heinrich, b. IMarch 5, 1745; 
bap. March 26, 1745. Sponsors, John 
Heinrich Zeller, Sr. and wife. 

SEBASTIAN HUBER, (Tulpehocken.) 
Huber — John Wilhelm, b. Jan. 26, 1745; 
bap. July 7, 1745. Sponsors, John Wil- 
helm Kayser and Juliana Andre. 

Kitzmueller — John Leonhardt, b. Feb. 
13, 1745; bap. March 26, 1745. Spon- 
sors, Leonhardt Ramler and wife Mar- 

JOHANNES LANG, (Northkill.) 
Lang — Johannes, b. Aug. 21, 1737; bap. 
Feb. 5, 1737. Sponsors, Johannes 
Schaefer and wife Susanna. 

• Anna Margaretha, b.Feb. 21, 1740; 

bap. March 30, 1740. Sponsors, Lud- 
wig Wagner and wife. 

Jacob, b. Jan. 12, 1742; bap. Jan. 

24, 1742. Sponsors, Jacob Schopf and 

John George Thomas, b. July 1, 

1746; bap. July 6, 146. Sponsors, 
Thomas Kern and wife Margaretha. 

PETER TUSZING. (Cocalico.) 
Tuszing— John Philip, b.March 16, 1745; 
bap. April 7, 1745. Sponsors, Philipp 
Schaefer and wife Christina. 

Zweysich— John Cunradt, b. March 20, 

1747; bap. April 12, 1747. Sponsors, 

Cunradt Long and wife. 

Maria Christina, b. March 23, 

L749; bap. April 2, 1749. Sponsors, 
Nicolaus Long and Maria Christina 

John George, b. 1751; bap. March 

29, 1752. Sponsors, George Christ and 

GEORGE FAUST, (Northkill.) 
Faust — A daughter b. April 12, 1747, 

bap. May 10. 1747. Sponsors, Philipp 

Faust and wife. 
Magdalena Elizabetha, b. in Sep., 

1749, bap. Oct. 15, 1749. Sponsors, 
Caspar Hedderich's wife. 

John George, b. Nov. 22, 1757, 

bap. Dec. 8, 1757. Sponsors, John 
George Haag and Catarina Muench. 

TOBIAS DITTES. (Tulpehocken.) 
Dittes — Jacobina, b. April 13, 1745, bap. 
April 13, 1745. Sponsors, Christian 
Meyer and wife Catarina. 


Dornbach — Anna Margaretha, b. Dec.22, 

1747, bap. JNIarch 6, 1748. Sponsors, 

Herman Rorber and Anna Margaretha 

Maria Elizabetha, b. May 16, 1750, 

bap. June 24, 1750. Sponsors. Michael 

Roomer and wife. 
John Wilhelm, b. Sep. 18, 1752, 

bap. Oct. 22, 1752. Sponsor.s, John 

Wilhelm Neumeister and wife. 


Gebhardt— John George, b. April 14, 
1745, bap. April 14, 1745. Sponsors, 
Philipp Gebhardt. also John George 
Schirman and wife, 

-Anna Maria, b. Oct. 25. 1747. bap. 

Nov. 22, 1747. Sponsors, John Hein- 
rich Deck and Catarina Elizabetha 

Juliana, b. Nov. 4, 174S. bap. Nov. 

13, 1748. Sponsors, Nicolaus K.ntzer 
and wife Juliana. 

John Nicolaus. b. May 30. 1751, 

bap. June 23, 1751. Sponsors. John 
Nickel Kintzer and wife .Juliana. 

Elizabetha, b. Jan. 20, 1755, bap^ 

Jan. 26, 1755. Sponsors, Johannes Geb- 
hardt and Elizabetha Terrin. 


CATARINA. (Tulpehocken.) 

Zerwe — Maria Catarina. b. April 8, 1745, 

bap. April 14. 1745. Sponsors, Jacob 

Zerwe and wife. 
Johannes, b. March 23. 1748, bap. 

April 3, 1748. Sponsors, John Oberle 

and Catarina Heck. 
■ CliristiHTi. h. Dpf». 2.5. 1 7."0. hap. 

Feb. 3, 1751. Sponsors, Christian 

G ruber and wife. 

Anna Elizabetha, b. Oct., 1758;. 

bap. Oct. 21. 17.53. Sponsors, (?). 

Anna Christina, b. Feb. 10, 1756; 

bap. March 7, 1756. Sponsors, Martin 
Stuep and wife Christina. 

Catarina Elizabetha, b. Jan. 6, 

1750; bap. Feb. 4, 1759. Sponsors, 
John George Ried and wife. 

Maria Margaretha, b. May 6.1761; 

bap. May 24, 1761. 
Strauss and wife. 

Sponsors, Albrecht 


iStoever Records. 




Rasch— Elizabetha b. Jan. 29, 1745; bap. 

May 1, 1745. Sponsor, Catarina Ort. 

Anna Magdalena, b. Jan. 4, 1747; 

bap. March 29, 1747. Sponsor, Anna 
Maria Ergebrecht. 

Johannes, b. July 27, 1757; bap. 

Sept. 25, 1757. Sponsors, John Eber- 
hard Kress and Barbara Stuck. 

Anna Barbara, b. May 23, 1760; 

bap. June 15. 1760. Sponsors, Peter 
Shaaf and wife. 

Heiliger — Christina Barbara, b. Feb. 8, 
1748; bap. March 6, 1748. Sponsors, 
Peter Muench and Christina Barbara. 


Mueller — John Melchior, b. 1745; bap. 
May 12, 1745. Sponsors, Melchior 
Taefer and Margaretha Bleystein. 

Maria Agatha, b. June 2, 1748; 

bap. June 26, 1748. Sponsors, John 
Roolfert and wife Maria Agatha. 

PHILIPP PETRY, (Northkill.) 
Petry — Anna Catarina, b. April 27, 1745; 

bap. May 12, 1745. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Adolph and wife. 

JACOB REUTER, (Moden Creek.) 
Renter— Magdalena, b. May 22, 1745; 

bap. June 3, 1745. Sponsors,Balthasar 

Rathgeber and wife. 

CASPER ECKERT, (Moden Creek.) 
Eckei-t— Eva Maria, b. April 25, 1745; 
bap. June 3, 1745. Sponsors, George 
Ruhlmann and Eva Maria Scheldt. 

JACOB SCHUPP, (Tulpehocken.) 
Schupp— John Martin, b. March 31. 1745; 
bap. June 9, 1745. Sponsors, Martin 
Stuep and wife Susanna. 


Pfaffenberger— John George, b. May 29, 
1745; bap . June 9, 1745. Sponsors, 
John George Schirman and wife. 

WILLIAM GALLY, (Tulpehocken.) 
Gaily — Catarina Barbara, b. May 26, 
1745; bap. June 9, 1745. Sponsors, Mel- 
chior Taefeler and Catarina Barbara 

HEINRICH BEYER, (Tulpehocken.) 
Beyer — Anna Catarina, b. July 25, 1745; 
bap. Aug. 4, 1745. Sponsors, George 
Gaertner and his wife. 

Anna Magdalena, b. July 16, 1747; 

bap. Aug. 2, 1747. Sponsors. Leon- 
hardt Ramler and wife Anna Marga- 

Johannes, b. Feb. 4. 1749; bap. 

Feb. 6, 1749. Sponsors, Johannes 
Meyer and wife. 

Maria Salome, b. Nov. 2, 1754; 

bap. Nov. 10, 1754. Sponsors, John 
Meyer and wife Anna Maria. 

John Jacob, b. Dec. 12. 1756; bap. 

Jan. 8, 1757. Sponsors, George Gaert- 
ner and his wife. 

MARTIN BRAUN, (Conestoga.) 
Braun — Catarina Barbara, b. Aug. 1, 
1745; bap. Aug. 11, 1745. Sponsors. 
Thomas Lauer and wife. 

GEORGE HATZ. (Lebanon.) 
Hatz — Elizabetha Barbara, b. July 2, 
1745; bap. Aug. 18, 1745. Sponsors, 
John Adam Harabrecht and wife. 

NICOLAUS ELI, (Tulpehocken.) 
Eli— Maria Catarina, b. Aug. 14, 1745; 
bap. Sept. 1, 1745. Sponsors, John 
Meyer and wife. 

Christian, b. March 2, 1748; bap. 

March 6, 1748. Sponsors, Christian 
Meyer and wife. 


Sonntag — Maria Catarina. b. Aug. 11, 
1745; bap. Sept. 1, 1745. Sp'^nsors, 
Nicolaus Mueller and wife- 

Spiegel— Gottfried, b. Oct. 16, 1745; hap. 
Oct 26. 1745. Sponsors, Michael Baner 
and wife. 

Eva Christina, b. Sept. 19, 1747; 

bap. Oct. 11. 1747. Sponsors, Michael 
Bauer and Joseph Heller's wife. 

ADAM FABER, (Swatara.) 
Faber— Barbara, b. Sept. 29, 1745; bap. 
Oct. 26, 1745. Sponsors, Philip 

Schnatterle and his wife. 

Philipp, b. Feb. 18, 1747; bap. 

March 29, 1747. Sponsors, the above. 

-Johannes, b. Feb. 7, 1750; bap. 

March 18, 1750. Sponsors, Bernhardt 
Faber and his wife. 

(Earl Town.) 
Sparen— Philipp Adam, b. Oct. 6, 1745; 
b. Nov. 3, 1745. Sponsors, Philipp 
Adam Diller and wife. 
Kappler— Susanna, b. Oct. 22, 1745; bap. 
Nov. 30, 1745. Sponsors, Bernhardt 
Friedle and wife Dorothea. 

Christina Magdalena, b. April 5, 

1735; bap. June 17, 1753. Sponsors, 
Philipp Jacob and Magdalena Roof. 
Eisenhauer— Petrus. b. Sept. 6, 1745; 
bap. Oct. 13, 1745. Sponsors, Valen- 
tine Kuefer and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

Maria Barbara, b. Aug. 22, 1747; 

bap. Jan. 6, 1748. Sponsors, Michael 
Bauer and Maria Barbara Graefin. 
John Nicolaus, b. May 6, 1749; bap. 

May 14, 1749. Sponsors, John Nicolaus 
Eisenhauer and wife. 

George Michael, b. Aug. 4, 1751; 

bap. Sept. 1. 1751. Sponsors, MichaeJ 
Graf and Magdalena Eisenhauer. 

- John Frederich. b. Oct. 6, 17.53; 
bap. Oct. 7, 1753. Sponsors, John Nic- 
olaus Eisenhauer and wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. 

March 7, 
1756; bap. March 21, 1756. Sponsors. 
John Lohmueller and Maria Magdal. 

Anna Maria Elisabetha, b. April 

25, 1759; bap. June 10, 1759. Spon- 

Samuel, b. Nov. 25, 1763; bap. 
Sept. 6, 1764? Sponsors, Michael Graf 
and his wife. 

John Jacob, b. April 13, 1777; bap. 

Aug. 24, 1777. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Neff and wife. 

GEORGE SCHIFLER, (Tulpehocken.) 
Schifler— John George, b. Nov. 30, 1745; 
bap. June 8. 1746. Sponsors, John 
George Unruh and wife. 

Ziegler— Anna Barbara, b. Nov. 24, 1745; 
Imp. June S. 1746. Sponsors, Hans 
George T'nruh and bis wife. 


Ziegler— John Thomas, b. Dec. 15, 1745; 
ban. Feb. 2. 1746. Sponsors, John 
'i'hi.nias Madern and his wife. 

Stoever — Maria Catarina, . May 6, 1734; 
bap. May 12, 1734. Sponsors, John 
Jacob Kitzmueller and wife Anna Ma- 
ria, also Ludwig Stein and wife Maria 

John Caspar, b. March 10, 1736; 

bap. March 14, 1736. Sponsors. Michael 

Beyerle and wife, also Peter Ensming- 
er and wife. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Aug. 21, 

1738; bap. Sept. 10, 1738. Sponsors, 
George Klein and wife Anna, Martin 
Weidtmann and wife Margaretha. 

Anna Christina, b. Nov. 24, 1740; 

bap. Dec. 2, 1740. Sponsors, Michael 
Oberle and wife Christina Barbara and 
Anna Frantzina Merckling. 

Sophia Magdalena, b. April 26, 

1743; bap. May 12, 1743. Sponsors, 
Adam Lesch and wife Sophia, also 
Peter Anspach and wife Magdalena. 

Anna Maria, b. Jan. 27, 1746; bap. 

Feb. 2, 1746. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Kitzmueller and wife Anna Maria, 
also Friederich Kraemer and wife 
Anna Maria. 

John Adam, b. June 18, 1748; bap. 

July 19, 1748. Sponsors, Johannes 
Bischoff and wife and Adam Simon 
Kuhn and wife. 

Tobias, b. Feb. 11, 1751; bap. "^eb. 

17, 1751. Sponsors, Tobias W;^ -ner 
Ev. Luth. minister and his wife, also 
Elisabetha Templemann. 

Johannes, b. July 5, 1<53; ' np. 

July 15, 1753. Sponsors, Johannes 
Schwab and wife Eva Margaretha. 
John Frederich, b. Dec. 16, 1755; 

bap. Dec. 18, 1755. Sponsors, Johann 
George Sprecher and wife Eva Mar- 
garetha, also Freiderich Kraemer and 
wife (absent). 

John Frederich, b. Sept. 20, 1759; 

lap. Sent. 30, 1759. Sponsors, Chris- 
toph Freiderich Wegman and wife 
Anna Maria. 


Weber — John Adam, b. Jan. 14, 1746; 
bap. Feb. 16, 1746. Sponsors, John 
Adam Weber and Barbara Jaeger. 

BALTHASAR RIEM, (Tulpehocken.) 
Riem — Johannes, b. Feb. 10, 1746; bap. 

Feb. 16, 174(3. Sponsors, Johannes 

Riem and Maria Canter. 

Maria Appollonia, b. May 28, 1748; 

bap. Nov. 11, 1748. Sponsor, Appol- 
lonia Mueller. 

JACOB KINTZEL, (Tulpehocken.) 
Kintzel— Elizabetha, b. Dec, 8, 1745; 
bap. Feb. 17, 1746. Sponsors, Anna 
Elisabetha Lehman and Sara Hecker- 

Jonannes, b. June 24, 1748; bap. 

June 26, 1748. Sponsors, John Philipp 
Schneider and wife. 

Schneider — John Abraham, b. Feb. 17, 
1746; bap. Feb. 17, 1746. Sponsors, 
.Jacob Fischer and wife Maria Elisa- 
betha, also Heiurich Beyer and wife. 

Johannes, b. June 12, 1748; bap. 

June 26, 1748. Sponsors, Johannes 
Ramler and Maria Elisab. Brenner. 

Gebhardt— John Jacob, b. Dec. 25, 1745; 
bap. Feb. 26, 1746. Sponsors, John 
Jacob Kitzmueller and wife Anna 
John Phillip, b. June 27, 1748; bap. 

S to ever Records. 


July 10, 1748. Sponsors, Philipp Hautz 
and his wife. 

Anna Catarina, b. Dec. 16, 1750; 

bap. Jan. 6, 1751. Sponsors, Sebastian 
Stein and wife Anna Catarina. 

Anna Barbara ,b. July 12, 1753; 

bap. July 29, 1753. Sponsors, Philipp 
Gerhart and his wife. 

Johannes, b. Jan. 6, 1756, bap. 

Jan. 11, 1756. Sponsoi's,Johanues Geb- 

hart and Korr. 

JACOB WUEST, (Moden Creek.) 
Wuest — Barbara, b. Jan. 19, 1746, bap. 
March 9, 1746. Sponsors, Christian 
Krebs and Eva Franckhauser. 

Eva Margaretha, b. Sept. 1, 1749, 

bap. Oct. 8, 1749. Sponsors Peter 
Franckhauser and wife Eva. 

Clausser— Simon, b. Feb. 24, 1746, bap. 
March 16, 1746. Sponsors, Simon 
Schirman and his wife. 

• Philipp Adam. b. March 10, 1748, 

bap. March 29, 1748. Sponsors, Philipp 
Adam Schirman and wife. 

Donntheuer — John Christian, b. Feb. 15, 
1746, bap. March 16, 1746. Sponsors, 
Christian Ohrendorf and Maria Mar- 
garet Schaeffer. 

Susanna, b. June 25, 1747, bap. 

Aug. 2, 1747. Sponsors, Martin 
Stuep and wife Susanna. 
Schaeffer— John Philipp, b. Feb. 8, 1746, 
bap. March 23, 1746. Sponsors, Ste- 
phen Boeringer and wife. 

Boeringer— John Philipp, b. Feb. 22, 
1746, bap. March 23, 1746. Sponsors, 
John Philipp Schaefer and wife. 
Kochdorfer— Geo. Philipp, b. April 8, 
1746, bap. May 8, 1746. Sponsors, 
Geo. Philip Ruhl and Anna Margaret 

.John Christoph, b. Aug. 11, 1750: 

bap. Sept. 16, 1750. Sponsor, Chris- 
toph Kaysser. 

(Moden Creek.) 
Coerper — John Andreas, b. April 27, 
1746, bap. May 4.1746. Sponsors, John 
Andreas Gansert and wife, and also 
Andreas Coerper and Catarina Kuenig. 
(Moden Creek.) 
Kissinger— Anna Maria, b. Feb. 3, 1746, 

bap. May 4, 1746. Sponsors, Jacob 

Worst and Ana Maria Ulrieh. 
Ensminger — Anna Catarina. Sponsors, 

George Wirnss and Ana Catarina En- 


(Earl Town.) 

Diller— Philipp Adam, b. May 16, 1746; 

bap. May 19, 1746. Sponsors, John 

George Sparen and wife. 
Eva Barbara, b. March 3, 1748; 

bap. March 14, 1748. Sponsors, 

Michael Diebentorffer and wife. 
ABRAHAM KERN, (Moden Creek.) 
Kern — Anna Catarina, b. April 14, 1746; 

bap. May 19, 1746. Sponsors, Andreas 

Gansert and wife Margaretha. 

JOHN MEETH, (Bern Township.) 
Meeth— Johanna Maria, b. Dec. 13. 1743; 

bap. Dec. 25, 1745. Sponsors, Philipp 

Meeth and wife. 
Soerer- Johannes, b. March 7. 1746; bap. 

June 8, 1746. Sponsors, John Thon- 

teur and wife. 
Anna Magdalena, b. Jan. 21, 1749; 

bap. April 2, 1749. Sponsors, Andreas 

Scheldt and wife. 

Maria, b. June 8. 1751: bap. June 

23, 1751. ' Sponsors, George Dollager 
and wife Maria. ^ , 

John Jacob, b. Nov. 5. 1753; bap. 

Nov. 16. 1753. Sponsors, Jacob Hoff- 
man and wife. „ , 

John Cunradt, b. Feb. 1756: bap. 

Feb. 8, 1756. Sponsors, Cunradt Lang 
and wife Barbara. 

Weber— John Adam. b. Feb. 14, 1746; 
bap. Feb., 1746. Sponsors, John Adam 
Weaver and Barbara Jeager. 
Schweickert— Susanna, b. May, 1746; 
bap. June 15, 1746. Sponsors, Johan- 
nes Uhrich and his wife. 
JOSEPH RITTER. (Earl Town.) 
Ritter— Catarina. b. March 10, 1748; bap. 
I\Iarch 14, 1748. Sponsors, Antonius 
Fllenecker (Ellmecker?) and Catarina 
Sella de— Catarina Barbara, b. Feb. 2, 
1746; bap. March 16. 1746. Sponsors, 
John George Meyer and Catarina Got- 

MARTIN FREY, (Cocalico.) 
Frey— Maria Catarina, b. June 1, 1746; 


Stoever Records. 

bap. July 12, 1746. Sponsors, Abra- 
ham Kern and his wife. 

Bollenbacher — Abrniiam, b. May 1(5, 
174(5: bap. Sept. 28, 174(5. Sponsors, 
Abraham Haass and wife. 


Cuuradt— John .Joseph, b. March 19, 
1740; bap. July 6, 1746. Sponsors, 
Jacob Hoffman and wife. 

Loonhardt, b. Aug. 18, 1742; bap. 

July 6, 174(5. Sponsor, Nicolaus 

Christian, b. Jan. 19, 1745; bap. 

July 6, 1746. Sponsors, Christian 
Meyer and wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. March 27, 

1747; bap. Aug. 30, 1747. Sponsors, 
Gottfried Roehrer and wife Maria 

JOHN WOHLLEBEN, (Tulpehocken.) 
Wohlleben— Anna Maria Elisabetha, b. 
July 2. 1746; bap. July 6, 1746. Spon- 
sors, Jacob Loeweugut and Maria 
Elisabetha Ehrhardt. 

John Peter, b. Dec. 16. 1747; bap. 

Dec. 21, 1747. Sponsors, Peter Leppo 
and wife Susanna, and also Peter Win- 
delblech and wife Catarina. 

Philipp Jacob, b. Nov. 28, 1748; 

Johannes, b. July 4, 1762; bap. 

Sep. 5, 1762. Sponsors, Johannes 
Dietz and wife Eva Elisabetha. 
(Moden Creek.) 
Wissenandt — John Peter, b. June 22, 
1746; bap. June 29, 1746. Sponsors, 
John Nicolaus Zeller and wife Marga- 

(Earl Town.) 
Koppenhoefer — John George, b. June 25, 
1746; bap. July 13. 1746. Sponsors, 
Balthasar Boesshaar and wife Anna. 
PHILIPP BEYER, (Lebanon.) 
Beyer — Catarina, b. July 15, 1744; bap. 
Aug. 12, 1744. Sponsors, Adam Ul- 
rich and Catarina Buerger. 

Eva, b. July IS. 1746; bap. July 20, 

bap. Dec. 11, 1748. Sponsors, John 
Philipp Schneider, Philipp Noll, Jacob 
Goldtman, Maria Sara Becker and 
Maria Catarina Schultz. 


Troester — Maria Dorothea, b. June 24, 
1746; bap. July 6, 1746. Sponsors, 
Ulrich Spiess and wife Maria Dorothea. 



Hedderich — Anna Margaretha, b. June 3, 
1746; bap. July 6, 1746. Sponsors, 
Michael Reiss and wife Anna Marga- 

Maria Barbara, b. March 31, 1753; 

bap. June 17, 1753. Sponsors, Michael 
Axer and wife Barbara. 

TOBIAS BICKEL, (Tulpehocken.) 
Bickel — Maria Margaretha, b. June 22, 
1746; bap. July 7, 1746. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Baseler and wife. 

Williams — Benjamin, b. Feb., 1746; bap. 

Aug. 17, 1746. Sponsors, Benjamin 

Clark and wife. 
Christina, b. .Tan. 1749; bap. May 

14, 1749. Sponsors, Phihpp Kolb and 

Christina Kolb. 

1746. Sponsors, Jacob Dietz and Eva 

Thontheur — Christian, b. June 10, 1747; 
bap. Aug. 30, 1747. Sponsors, Chris- 
tian Meyer and wife Catarina and also 
Joseph Roth. 

GEORGE VELTEY, (Swatara.) 
Veltey — Johannes, b. July 1, 1746; bap. 
Aug. 17, 1746. Sponsors, Valentin 
Kuefer and his wife. 

John Cunradt, b. April 8, 1749; 

bap. May 1, 1749. Sponsors Cunradt 
Goer and his wife. 

Maria Barbara, b. June 15, 1750; 

bap. Aug. 5, 1750. Sponsors, Michael 
Boltz and wife. 

John Heinrich, b. .Jan., 1755; bap. 

Feb. 22, 1755. Sponsors, Ulrich Jeckel 
and wife. 

Juliana, b. Feb. 28, 1757; bap. 

March 19, 1757. Sponsors, Adam Ul- 
rich and wife. 

John Ulrich, b. Nov. 3, 1759; bap. 

Dec. 23, 1759. Sponsors, Ulrich Jeckel 
and wife. 

Sebastian, b. Sept., 176^*, bap. 

Oct. 17. 1762. Sponsors, Ulrich Jeckel 
and wife. 

A.nna Barbara, b. Sept., 1766; bap. 

Oct. 26, 1766. Sponsors. George Ober- 

meyer and wife Anna Barbara. ^ 

Firnszler — John George, b. March 27, 

1746; bap. July 20. 1746. Sponsors, 

Michael Boltz and his wife. 
MARTIN STUEP, (Tulpehocken.) 
Stuep — John Heinrich, b. July 7, 1746; 

bap. Aug. 3. 1746. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Beyer and his wife. 

JACOB HUBELER, (Tulpehocken.) 
Hubeler — Anna Margaretha, b. July 27, 

Stoever Records. 


1746; bap. Aug. 3, 1746. Sponsors, 
Frederich and wife Anna Margaretha. 

MARTIN NOECKER, (Tulpehocken.) 

Noecker— Maria Magdalena, b. July 12. 
1746; bap. Aug. 3, 1746. Sponsors, 
Nicolaus Mueller, jr., and Maria Mag. 

PETER BUCHER, (Swatara.) 

Bucher— Martinus, b. Aug. 1, 1746; bap. 
Aug. 17, 1746. Sponsors, George Meyer 
and wife. 

Schlosser— George Ernst, b. Aug. 8, 1746; 
bap. Sept. 4, 1746. Sponsors, George 
Steitz and his sister-in-law Marga- 


Schaeffer— John Heinrich, b. Aug. 15, 
1746; bap. Sept. 7, 1746. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Sauer and wife Doro- 

JOSEPH KELLER, (Atolhoe.) 

Keller— Anna Margaretha, b. July 22, 
1746; bap. Aug. 31, 1746. Sponsors, 
Anna Margaretha Bleystein. 

Brickler— John Peter, b. Aug. 12, 1746; 
bap. Aug. 31, 1746. Sponsors, Peter 
Brosius and Maria Catarina Crist. 

John Gottfried, b. Sept. 9, 1747; 

bap. Sept. 27, 1747. Sponsors, John 
Gottfried Roehrer and wife Magda- 

John Jacob, b. Nov. 16, 1752; bap. 

John Michael Reiss and wife Anna 

Andreas, b. Oct. 30, 1755; bap. 

Nov. 19, 1752. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Bickel and Anna Barbara Gebhardt. 
Eva Margaretha, b. Feb. 13, 1755; 

bap. June 1, 1755. Sponsors, Johannes 
Gebhardt and Margaretha Ritzman. 
JOHN JONES, (Atolhoe.) 
Jones— Phillipina Christina, b. May, 1746; 
bap. Aug. 31, 1746. Sponsors, Fiorina 
Burringer and wife Phillipina Christi- 

Billmeyer— John Martin, b. July, 1746; 
bap. Sept. 9. 1746. Sponsors, Martin 
Schreiner and wife Margaretha. 
ADAM ULRICH, (Lebanon.) 
Ulrich— Christoph, b. Aug. 22, 1746; 
bap. Sept. 4, 1746. Sponsors, Chris- 
toph Widder and his wife Christina. 
Widder— John Michael, b. Aug. 1, 1746; 
bap. Sept. 14, 1746. Sponsors, Adam 
Ulrich and wife Juliana. 
Creutzer— John Michael, b. Sept. 22, 
1746; bap. Sept. 28, 1746. Sponsors, 

Nov. 16, 1755. Sponsors, Andreas 
Graff and his wife. 
Meyer— John Ludwig, b. Sept. 27, 1746; 
bap. Sept. 28, 1746. Sponsors, John 
Ludwig Kornmann and wife. 


Wollenweber — Margaretha. b. 'Sept. 17, 
1746; bap. Oct. 12, 1746. Sponsors, 
Frederich Haehnly and wife. 

Simon— John Peter, b. Sept. 24, 1746; 
bap. Oct. 26, 1746. Sponsors, John Pe- 
ter Hoffman and wife. 


Kraemer — John George, b. Oct. 4, 1746; 
bap. Oct. 28, 1746. Sponsors, John 
George Merckling and Anna Hill. 

Maria Catarina, b. Jan. 31, 1748; 

bap. March 7, 1748. Sponsor, Maria 
Catarina Stoever. 

JACOB KUTZ, (Moselem.) 
Kutz— Johannes, b. Sept. 18, 1746 bap. 
Oct. 28, 1746. Sponsors, Johannes 
Reuss and Rosina Hofmann or Leh- 

JACOB KINTZER, (Lebanon.) 
Kintzer— Walther, b. Sept. 21, 1746; bap. 
Nov. 9, 1746. Sponsors, Seideler New- 
man and Sabina Bindtnagel. 
Taeffeler— Anna Elizabetba, b. Oct. 26, 
1746; bap. Nov. 23, 1746. Sponsors, 
Nicolaus Deck and wife. 

Anna Catarina, b. Nov. 1748: bap. 

Nov. 1748. Sponsors, Jacob Katter- 
man and wife Anna Catarina. 

Christian, b. Dec. 23, 1753: bap. 

Dec. 25, 1753. Sponsors, Christian 

Lutz and wife. 

Maria Barbara, b. Dec. 23. l<o3; 

bap. Dec. 25, 1753. Sponsors, Wilhelm 
Penssinger and Maria Barbara Fischer. 

Troester— John Michael, b. Nov. 18, 
1746 bap. Dec. 21, 1746. Sponsors, 
John Michael Axer and his spouse. _ 

Anna Ehzabetha, b. June 18, l(o3; 

bap. July 1, 1753. Sponsors, Nicolaus 
Haeffner and his wife. 

EGUDIUS MEYER, (Atolhoe.) 

Mever— Maria Eva, b. Nov. 23. 1746; 
bap. Dec. 21, 1746. Sponsors, Bern- 
hardt Motz and wife Eva Maria. 


Stoever Records. 


Dillor — Charlotte Barbara, b. Dec. 27, 
174G; bap. .Tune 2(5, 1747. Sponsors, 
Peter Oberkehr and wife Charlotte. 

Kleber — George Liulwig, b. July 4. 1730; 
bap. Sept. 12, 1730. Sponsors, George 
Ludwig Friedel and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. Sept. 9, 1738; bap. 

•Tan. 30, 1739. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Kline and wife Anna Maria. 

Michael, b. March 1. 1740; bap. 

March 20, 1741. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Klein and wife Anna Maria. 

Barbara, b. Feb. 28, 17444; bap. 

March IS, 1744. Sponsors, Ottmar 
Schnaebele and wife Barbara. 

John Bernhardt, b. Jan. 17, 1747; 

bap. Feb. 1, 1747. Sponsors, Bern- 
hardt Friedel and wife. 

Susanna, b. Feb. 19, 1749; bap. 

March 19. 1749. Sponsors, Martin 
Speck and wife Susanna. 

Martin, b. Aug. 15, 1751; 
1, 1751. Sponsors, the 



Heinrich, b. 

May 19, 1754. 

April 18, 1754; bap. 
Sponsors, Heinrich 

Sauter and wife Sabina. 

Hubeler — Maria Barbara, b. Feb. 23, 
1747; bap. March 15, 1747. Sponsors, 
John Melchior Detzler and Maria Bar- 
bara Hubeler. 

PETER HOFFMAN, (Tulpehocken.) 
Hoffman — Johannes, b. March 11, 1747; 
bap. March 15, 1747. Sponsors, Jo- 
hannes Pontius and wife. 
Siechle — Anna Catarina, b. March 1, 
1747; bap. March 29, 1747. Sponsors, 
Anna Catarina Baseler and Maria Cat- 
arina Stoever. 

Schirman — Simon, b. .Tan. 22. 1743; bap. 
Jan. 23, 1743. Sponsors, Simon Schir- 
man and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. Oct. 3, 1744; bap. 

Oct. 14, 1744. Sponsors, Philipp Adam 
Schirman and Adelheit Pfostberger. 

Joh. Simon, b. Oct 19, 1740; bap. 

Oct. 20, 1740. Sponsors, Johannes 
Riegel and wife. 

PETER HEYDT, (Lebanon.) 
Heydt — Abraham, b. March 15. 1747; 
bap. April 4, 1747. Sponsors, Abraham 
Heydt and his wife Magdalena, Cas- 
per Low and his wife Anna Margare- 
Konnoway— Catarina, b. Feb. 19, 1747; 

bap. April 4, 1747. Sponsors, Jacob 
and Barbara Schilling. 

Arthur, b. Nov. 3, 1745; bap. Feb. 

11, 174(5. Sponsors, Abraham Heydt 

and his wife. 

AVILLIAM IvALLY, (Tulpehocken.) 

Kally— John Heinrich, b. March 17, 
1747; bap. April 12, 1747. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Deck and Catarina Do- 

John George, b. Sept. 11, 1747; 

bap. Sept. 14, 1749. Sponsors, Mel- 
chior Taefeler and wife. 

JACOB THANI, (Atolhoe.) 
Thani— John George, b. Feb. 28, 1747; 
bap. April 12, 1747. Sponsors, John 
George Emmert and his wife. 
NICOLAUS KINTZER, (Tulpehocken.) 
Kintzer — Juliana, b. April 30, 1747; bap. 
May 10, 1747. Sponsors, Daniel 
Schneider and Juliana Andre. 

John Jacob, b. July 8, 1750 bap. 

July 22, 1750. Sponsors, Jacob Seibert 
and wife. 

Anna Elizabetha, b. July 19, 1752; 

bap. Aug. 10, 1752. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Kuntz and wife Anna Eliza- 

Maria Margaretha, b. July 19, 

1755; bap. Jan. 20, 1755. Sponsors, 
Sebastian Brosius and wife Maria Mar- 

Buwinger — Johann Leonhardt, b. April 
20, 1747; bap. June 7, 1747. Sponsors, 
Lioonhardt Ramler and wife. 

MICHAEL SCHAURER, (Heidelberg.) 
Schauer— Anna Maria, b. Nov. 19, 1730; 
bap. Dec. 13, 1730. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Zeller and wife. 
JOHN GEORGE HAAK, (Northkill.) 
Haak— Maria Susanna, b. Nov. 14, 1734; 
bap. Jan. 8, 1735. Sponsor, Maria Su- 
sanna Dieter. 
ROBERT JONES.(deceased), (Swatara.) 
Jones — John. b. June 27. 1744; bap. Oct. 
11, 1747. Sponsors, Wendel Heyl and 
wife Anna. 

Margaretha. b. May 12, 1740; bap. 

Oct. 11. 1747. Sponsors, James Clark 
and wife Margaretha. 

Troester — John Heinrich,b. Nov. 2, 1747; 
bap. Nov. 22, 1747. Sponsors, John 
Heinrich Roetelstein and wife. 

John Jacob, b. Feb. 3, 1751; bap; 

March 13, 1751. Sponsors, .Tohn Jacob 
Spiess and Elisab. Catarina Simon. 
WILHELM VIEL, (servant at Merian.) 
Viel — Johannes, b. Oct, 27, 1747; bap. 

Stoever Records. 


Nov. 22, 1747. Sponsors, Johannes 
Wildfang and wife. 


Kastnitz— George Noah, b. Dec. 13, 1747; 
bap. Jan. 24, 174S. Sponsors, Noah 
Friederich and Elisabetha Kastnitz. 

Christina .Johannetta, b. April 26, 

1749; bap. May 14, 1749. Sponsors, 
Noah Friederich and Johannetta Muel- 

Catarina Elisabetha, b. 1752; bap. 

July 5. 1752. Sponsors, Wendel Ron- 
ning and wife. 

MICHAEL SCHWARTZ, (deceased), 

Schwartz— Margaretha, b. Jan. 16, 1748; 
bap. Jan. 29, 1748. Sponsors, Freder- 
ich Haehnle and wife Margaretha. 
JACOB RAMMLER and wife Eva 

Rammler — Eva Margaretha, b. Jan. 13, 
1748; bap. Feb. 6, 1748. Sponsors, 
Michael Koppenhoefer and wife Eva 

John Michael, b. Dec. 4. 1750; bap. 

Dec. 23, 1750. Sponsors, the above. 
Martin, b. June 23, 1753; bap. July 

2, 1753. Sponsors, Martin Kappler and 
PETER ZERWE, (Tulpehocken.) 
Zerwe— Anna Elizabetha, b. Dec. 20, 
1747; bap. March 16, 1748. Sponsors, 
Magar. Elisabetha Emmerich. 

GEORGE REED, (Dorum's son-in-law), 

Reed— John George, b. Feb. 20, 1748; 

bap. Feb. 6, 1749. Sponsors, Peter 

Brosius and Catarina Dor. 

JACOB REESS. (Swatara.) 
Reess— John George, b. Jan. 23, 1748; 

bap. April 3, 1748. Sponsors, John 

George Emmert and wife. 
John Nicolaus David, b. May, 1746: 

bap. May 1, 1748. Sponsors, John 

Nicolaus Deck and wife. *Illegitimate 
,. Son of Mrs. Reess before marriage. 


Clausser— Philipp Adam, b. March 10, 
1748; bap. March 29, 1748. Sponsor, 
Philipp Adam Schirmann. 


Wildtfang— Elizabetha Catarina, b. 

March 6, 1748; bap. April 3, 1748. 

Sponsors, George Schirmann and wife. 
Maria Margaretha, b. Oct. 15, 

1751; bap. Oct. 27, 1751. Sponsors. 

Leonhardt Fischer and Margaretha 



Kitzmueller— John Caspar, b. March 2o, 

1746; bap. April 1, 1746. Sponsors, 

John Caspar Stoever and wife Maria 


Maria Catarina, b. March 26,1748; 

bap. April 5, 1748. Sponsors, John 
Caspar Stoever and wife Maria Cata- 

Andreas, b. Nov. 14, 1733. Spon- 

sors, Andreas Kraft and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. May 28, 1735. 

Sponsor, Anna Maria Meivel. 

John Jacob, b. Aug. 22, 1736. 

Sponsor, John Kitzmueller, sr. 

Anna Margaretha, b. May 7, 1738. 

Sponsors, John Keller and wife. 

Maria Catarina, b. May 9, 1740. 


Johannes, b. May 14, 1742. Spon- 

sors, Jacob Kintzer and wife. 

George Adam, b. Jan. 22, 1744. 

Sponsors, Geo. Thomas Suter and wife. 

DAVID FISCHER, (Swatara.) 
Fischer— John Jacob, b. April 8, 1748;- 
bap. April 17, 1748. Sponsors. John 
Jacob Weyman and Margaretha 

Engelmann — John George, b. Jan. 24, 
1748; bap. May 8, 1748. Sponsors, 
John George Sparen and his wife. 


Hollenbach— Maria, b. Feb. 9, 1748; bap. 
June 12, 1748. Sponsors, Bernhardt 
Priedel and wife Dorothea. 

Jinny Maria, b. 1751; bap. May 12, 

1751. Sponsors, Adam Ulrich and 

John Mattheis, b. 1753; bap. April 

23, 1753. Sponsors, John Adam Her- 

Anna Maria, b, 1761; bap. Aug. 2, 

1761. Sponsors, John Kissner and wife 


MICHAEL AVER, (Atolhoe.) 
Aver— Anna Elisabetha, b. June 15,1748; 

bap. June 26, 1748. Sponsors. Jacob 

Roehrer and Anna Elisabetha Spiess. 
Anna Catarina, b. June 17, 1749; 

bap. June 25, 1749. Sponsors, Hein- 

rich Schuhen and wife. 

Eva Margaretha. b. Jan. 19. 1751; 

hap. Feb. 2, 1751. Sponsors, Nicolaus 
Leyenberger and Maria Eva Spiess. 
Maria Magdalena. b. March 8, 

1752: bap. April 9, 1752. Sponsors, 
Christoph Hedderich and wife. 
ANDREAS KRAFFT. (Northkill.) 
Krafft— John, b. Sept. 30. 1731; bap. 
Nov. 14, 1731. Sponsors, John Jacob 


Stoever Records 

Kitzmueller and his stepmother Mar- 

Anna Maria, b. April 16, 1733; bap. 

Sept. 16, 1733. Sponsors, .lohn Jacob 
Kitzmuellerand wife Ann Maria. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Dec. 27,1734; 

bap. Dec. 28, 1734. Sponsor, Anna 
Margaretha Tegin. 

Maria Catarina, b. March 15, 

1736; bap. July 25, 1736. Sponsor, 
Maria Elisabetha Beyer. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. April 17,1737; 

bap. July 17, 1737. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Beyer and wife. 

Justina Catarina, b. March 4,1739; 

bap. April 22, 1739. Sponsors, Jus 
tina Catarina Kayser. 

Andreas, b. Feb. 1, 1741; bap. 

April 12, 1741. Sponsors, Andreas 
Kochenderfer and wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. Sept. 7, 1742; 

bap. Oct. IS. 1742. Sponsors, John 
Michael Krafft and wife. 

Susanna, b. April 9. 1744; bap 

April 29, 1744. Sponsors, Samuel 
Philbert and wife Susanna. 

SAMUEL PHILBERT, (Northkill.) 
Philbert— Maria Catarina. b. Oct. 25, 

1739; bap. Dec. 30, 1789. Sponsors, 

Andreas Krafft and wife. 
Anna Elisabetha, b. Dec. 6, 1741; 

bap. Dec. 7, 1741. Sponsor, Anna 

Elisabetha Krafft. 

John Philipp, b. Dec. 7, 1743; bap. 

Dec. 27. 1743. Sponsors, Philipp Meeth 
and wife. 

John Peter, b. Aus. 22. 1746 r bap. 

Aug. 31, 1746. Sponsors, Peter Muench 
and wife. 

Maria Christina, b. May 25, 1749; 

bap. May 28. 1749. Sponsors, Peter 
Muench and wife Christina. 

LUDWIG WAGNER, (Northkill.) 
"Wagner — Maria Elisabetha. b. Feb. 17, 
1741; bap. April 12, 1741. Sponsors, 
Maria Elisabetha Fischer and Eva 
Maria Rosina Gruber. 

• Maria Eva Rosina, b. Aug. 19, 

1743; bap. Sept. 11, 1743. Sponsors, 
the above. 

Lndwig Adam. b. April 18, 1746; 

bap. May 11. 1746. Sponsors. Hein- 
rich Gruber and Hieronymus Fischer. 
Maria Margaretha, b. Feb. 16. 

1750; bap. March 4. 1750. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Gruber and Maria Elisabetha 

WILHELM ALBERT. (Northkill.) 
Albert— John Adam, b. Feb. 27. 1741; 
bap. April 12, 1741. Sponsors, .John 
Adam Bollmau and wife, also Elisa- 
betha Krafft. 

Fiedler— Catarina, b. Dec. IS, 1740; 
bap. July 5, 1741. Sponsors, Michael 
Schauer and wife. 

Andreas, b. Nov. 6, 1742; bap. 

Nov. 28, 1742. Sponsors, Andreas 
Krafft and wife. 

Maria, b. Aug. 5, 1745; bap. Sept. 

1, 1745. Sponsors, Heinrich Frey and 
wife Catarina, 

Margaretha, b. Dec. 10, 1747; bap. 

Dec. 20, 1747. Sponsors, Albrecht 
Strauss and wife. 

John Peter, b. Feb. 23, 17.50; bap. 

April 1, 1750. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Fiedler and wife. 

JACOB FUCHS, (Northkill.) 
Fuchs— Anna Elisabetha. b. Oct. 19, 
1741; bap. Dec. 7, 1741. Sponsors, 
John Jacob Rehm and Anna Elisabetha 

Anna Maria, b. Jan. 1, 1743; bap. 

Jan. 15, 1743. Sponsors, John Nicolaus 
Holder and wife. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Oct. IS. 1747; 

bap. Oct. 25, 1747. Sponsors, Johannes 
Eckert and wife Engel. 

Gruber— John George, b. Feb. 16, 1743; 
bap. Feb. 20, 1743. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Gruber and wife. 

Susanna, b. Aug. 12, 1746; bap. 

Aug. 31, 1746. Sponsors, Martin Stuep 
and wife Susanna. 

Maria Catarina, b. Dec. 10, 1748; 

bap. Jan. 8, 1749. Sponsors, John 
Zerwe and wife. 

John Adam. b. March 30, 1752; 

bap. April 26. 1752. Sponsors, John 
Adam Gruber and Eva Rosina Schauer. 

John Albrecht. b. May 9, 1754 

(?); bap. June 2. 1754. Sponsors, Al- 
breeht Strauss and wife. 

Anna Margaretha, b. April 2, 1759; 

bap. April 16. 1759. Sponsors, Johan- 
nes Kaufman and wife. 

PHILIP RETRY. (Northkill.) 
Retry — John George, bap. Nov. 0, 1743. 
Sponsors, ,Tohn George Bechtel and 
Margaretha Retnel. 

Anna Catarina. b. April 27, 1745; 

bap. May 12. 1745. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Adolph and wife. 

Catharina Elisabetha, b. Aug. 10, 

1746; bap. Aug. 31. 1746. Sponsors, 
.John Nicolaus Bechtel and Catarina 

John Jacob, b. .Tan. 21. 1748; hap. 

Feb. 7. 1748. Sponsors. .John Jacob 
Heck and Maria Elisabetha Gossler. 

John Nicolaus, b. Feb. 27, 1750; 

S to ever Records. 


bap. Aug. 19, 1750. Sponsors, Nicolaus 
Holder and wife. 

THOMAS MUELLER, (Northkill.) 
Mueller— John Michael, b. July 3, 1746; 
bap. July 6, 1740. Sponsors, John 
Michael Kayser and Christian Mueller. 

]Maria Margaretha, b. Dec. 11, 

1748; bap. Jan. 11, 1748 (9?). Spon- 
sors. Nicolaus Lang, Johannes Lang, 
Anna Maria Lang and Anna Marga- 
retha Hoegel. 


Sti-auss — Anna Magdalena, b. Dec. 21, 
1744; bap. Dec. 26, 1744. Sponsors, 
John Ebert and Anna Magdalena 

Anna Elisabetha, b. Sept. 18, 1746; 

bap. Sept. 28, 1746. Sponsors, Dinnes 
Kirschner and wife. 

Maria Christina, b. Feb. 20, 1749; 

bap. March 5, 1749. Sponsor, Maria 
Christina Meeth. 

Caspar, b. Jan. 27, 1751; bap. Feb. 

3. 1751. Sponsors, Caspar Mengel and 
wife Maria Christina. 

Maria Catharina. b. Dec. 22. 1752; 

bap. Jan. 14. 1753. Sponsors, Johannes 
Zerwe and wife Catarina. 

John Philipp, b. Nov. 9, 1754; bap. 

Nov. 17, 1754. Sponsors, John Philipp 
Meeth and wife Anna Maria. 

John .Jacob, b. May 5, 1757; bap. 

May 29, 1757. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Strauss and Barbara Haag. 

Christian, b. June 16, 1760; bap. 

June 29, 1760. Sponsors, Christian 
Gruber and wife Anna Kunigunda. 

John Matthias, b. April 19, 1762; 

April 20, 1753. Sponsors, Jacob 
Roehror and wife Anna Elizabetha. 
Anna Maria, b. Sept. 24, 1755: bap. 

bap. May 9. 1762. Sponsors, Mattheis 
Kaempf and wife Magdalena. 


Roehrer — Anna Catarina, b.Sept.24,1748; 
bap. Oct. 16. 1748. Sponsors, Jacob 
Roehrer and Anna Catarina Etssch- 

Juliana, b. Jan. 14, 1751; bap. Feb. 

2, 1751. Sponsors, Nicolaus Kintzer 
and wife .Juliana. 

John Jacob, b. April 10, 1753; bap. 

Oct. 14, 1755. Sponsors, Leonhardt 
Anspach and wife. 

INIaria Magdalena, b. Dec. 7, 17.57; 

bap. Dec. 11, 1757. Sponsor, Dorothea 

Gottfried, b. Jan., 1763; bap. Feb. 

24, 17.53. Sponsors, Friederich Hof 
' man and wife. 

Diller— Johannes, b. Nov. 26, 1748; bap. 
Dec. 5, 1748. Sponsors. Isaac Bru- 
bacher and wife Anna Maria. 


Gruenewald— Christina Barbara, b. Nov. 
6, 1748; bap. Dec. 6, 1748. Sponsors, 
.Alichael Oberlin and wife Christina 

Cammerer— Maria Barbara, b. Oct. 16, 
1748; bap. Nov. 19, 1748. Sponsors, 
Martin Hoffman and wife Maria Mar- 


Boesshaar— John Peter, b. Nov. 29, 
1748; bap. Dec. 25, 1748. Sponsors, 
Melchior Huengerer and wife Eliza- 

John George, b. July 3, 1751; bap. 

Aug. 4, 1751. Sponsors, .John George 
Huengerer and Sabina Schnatterle. 

Schreiner— John Michael, b. Jan. 7. 1749; 
bap. Jan. 16. 1749. Sponsors, .John Mi- 
chael Beyerle and wife Anna Maria. 


Kaempffer— Maria Appollonia, b. Nov. 
22, 1748 bap. Feb. 6, 1749. Sponsors, 
Johannes Meeth and wife. 

• Anna Barbara, b. Dec. 17. 1749; 

bap. Feb. 3, 1750. Sponsors, Johannes 
Lang and wife. 

• John Philipp, b. Oct. 24, 1751; 

bap. Nov. 11, 1751. Sponsors, John 
Philipp Strauss and wife. 


Walther — Johannes, b. .Jan. 6, 1749; 
bap. March 5, 1749. Sponsors, John 
Meeth and wife. 

Rattenauer — John George, b. March 1, 
1749; bap. March 24. 1749. Sponsors, 
George Sauter and wife, also, Johannes 
Wohlleben and his wife. 


Marreth— Michael, b. March 8, 1749; 
bap. March 28, 1749. Sponsors, Mi- 
chael Klein and wife. 

■ John Nicolaus, b. Nov. 5, 1752; 

bap. Dec. 25, 1752. Sponsors, Martin 

Spickler and wife. 


Hoffman— Maria Margaretha. b. March 
2, 1749; bap. March 28, 1749. Spon- 
sors, Martin Hoffman and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

Deck — .Tohanues, b. April 1, 1749; bap. 

April 2, 1749. Sponsors. Johannes 

Dt'ck and Anna Barbara Hubeler. 
■ Hieronymus, b. March 9. 1751; 

bap. March 31, 1752. Sponsors. Hier- 
onymus Deck and Barbara Deckin. 
Schmeltzer— Jacobina, b. April 13, 1749; 

bap. May 1, 1749. Sponsors, Jacob 

Haeckert and wife. 
John Jacob, b. 1752; bap. July 5, 

1752. Sponsors, Jacob Haeckert and 


ADAM KLEIN, (Swatara.) 
Klein— Anna Barbara, b. April, 1749; 

bap. May 1, 1749. Sponsors, Casper 

Korr and wife. 

PHILIP KOLB, (Swatara.) 
Kolb— John Christoph, b. Dec. 1, 1748; 

bap. May 1, 1749. Sponsors, Carl Veit 

and wife. 

JACOB MOSER. (Swatara.) 
Moser— Christina, b. March 20. 1749; 

bap. May 14, 1749. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Bachman and wife. 

CASPER JOST, (Swatara.) 
Jost — Anna Maria, b. April 13, 1749; bap. 

May 14, 1749. Sponsors. Peter Hed- 

derich and his wife. 

GEORGE RIEDT, (Summer Mountain.) 

Riedt— Eva Margaretha, b. July 13, 1749; 
bap. Aug. 20, 1749. Sponsors, Marga- 
letha Dorothea Boeckel. 

Christina Barbara, b. Oct. 6, 1751; 

bip. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, Jacob 
Bich and wife. 

John Jacob, b. Aug. 8, 1754; bap. 

Sept. 22, 1754. Sponsors, Jacob Riedt 

and wife Eva Maria. 


Schneider — .John Nicolaus. b. Sept. 10, 
1749 bap. Sept. 17, 1749. Sponsors, 
John Nicolaus Kintzer and wife. 

. Maria Elizabetha, b. April 9, 1751; 

bap. April 28, 1751. Sponsors, Nico- 
laus Brosius and Maria Elizabetha 

Maria Catarina, b. Feb. 19, 1753 

bap. March 11, 1753. Sponsors, Jo- 
hannes Zerwe and wife. 

John Abraham, b. Feb. 11, 1755; 

bap. March 9, 1755. Sponsors, Abra- 
ham Schneidter and wife. 
Foerster— John Peter, b. Sept. 25, 1749: 
bap. Oct. 15, 1749. Sponsors, Peter 
Stein and Fisher. 

Anna Elizabetha, b. .Tan. 29, 1754: 
bap. Feb. 10, 1754. Sponsors, Jo- 
hannes Apfel and his wife. 

Christina, b. June 30, 1756; bap. 

July 25, 1756. Sponsors, Christian 

Fisher and Cartarina Hofman. 
Schuetz— John Leonhardt. b. Oct. 16, 

1749; bap. Jan. 3, 1750. Sponsor, 

Leonhardt Mueller. 

JOSEPH ROTH, (Atolhoe.) 
Roth— John Heinrich, b. 1750; bapt. Feb. 

4, 1750. Sponsors, 

Gassert— Johannes, b. March 10, 1750; 

bap. April 1, 1750. Sponsors. John 

Suter and Eva Ziegeler. 

Jacob John, b. Dec. 1, 1752; bap. 

Dec. 17, 1752. Sponsors, Jacob Gas- 
sert and Elizabetha Wolf. 

John Balthaser, b. May 1, 1755; 

bap. IMay 4, 1755. Sponsors, Balthaser 
Stammgas and wife Elizabetha. 

Maria Margaretha, b. May 18, 

1757; bap. June 26, 1757. Sponsors, 
Jacob Soerer and his wife. 

(Blue Mountain. 
Stuep — Johannes, b. March 3, 1750; bap. 
April 1, 1750. Sponsors, John Lang 
and Maria Margar. Hoegel. 

PETER GOETTEL, (Swatara.) 
Goettel— Maria Eva, b. May 11, 1750; 
bap. June 10, 1750. Sponsors, Veit Kapp 
and wife Gertraud. 

Kreber — John Philipp, b. July 8, 1750; 
bap. July 22, 1750. Sponsors, John 
Meyer and wife Anna Maria. 
JACOB RIESS. (Swatara.) 
Riess — Jacob, b. Aug. 9, 1750; bap. Aug. 
19, 1750. Sponsors,Thomas Bauer and 

Brosius — Maria Catarina, b. Sept. 11, 
1750; bap. Sept. 16, 1750. Sponsors, 
Daniel Lucas and wife. 

Maria Magdalena, b. Feb. 3, 1752; 

bap March 1, 1752. Sponsors, Abra- 
ham Schneider and wife Magdalena. 
Maria Elisabetha, b. July 30, 1753; 

bap. Aug. 26, 1753. Sponsors, Jacob 
Roeher and wife. 

Juliana, b. Aug. 23, 1755; bap. 

Aug. 24, 1755. Sponsors, Nicolaus 
Kintzer and wife Juliana. 

John Nicolaus, b. Sept. 12. 1757; 

bap. Sept. 18. 1757. Sponsors.Nicolaus 
Brosius and wife. 

(Summer Mountain.) 
Ritscher — Anna Margaretha, b. Aug., 
1750; bap. Sept. 16. 1750. Sponsors, 
Philipp Gebhardt and wife Anna Mar- 

Stoever Records 


THOMAS BAUER, (Bethel.) \ 

Bauer — John Jacob, b. Oct. 3, 1750; bap. ; 
Oct. 28, 1750. Sponsors, Michael 
Spiegel and wife. 

Dec. 16, 1754. Sponsors, Gottfried 
Roehrer and wife Magdalena. 


Eva, b. Feb. 22, 1753; bap. March Gillighan— John, b. Oct. 21, 1750; bap. 
fs, Michael Mooser X^^- "^' ^"^^- Sponsors, John Eisen- 

hauer and sister. 

11, 1753. Sponsors 

and wife. 
Mooser— Erdtmann, b. Oct. 25, 1750, bap. 

Nov. 11, 1750. Sponsors, Erdtmann 

Kappy and Riedt. 

Michael, b. March 13, 1752; bap. 

March 29, 1752. Sponsors, Thomas 

Bauer and wife Barbara. 

Christina Catarina, b. Sept. 3, 

1752; bap. Sept. 22, 1754. Sponsors, 
Christoph Lutz and wife Elisabetha. 

Anna Barbara, b. May 27, 1756; 

bap. June 7, 1756. Sponsors, John 
Gebhardt and Anna Barbara Korr. 

Schaetterle — Christina, b. Aug. 19, 1750; 
bap. Dec. 9, 1750. Sponsors, Peter 
Muench and wife Christina. 

Stein — John and Christian, b. Dec. 3, 
1750; bap. Dec. 9, 1750. Sponsors, 
Christian Meyer and wife. 

John Sebastian, b. March 28, 1752; 

bap. March 29, 1752. Sponsors, John 
Sebastian Stein and wife Anna Cata- 

Anna Maria, b. March 12, 1754; 

bap. April 7, 1759. Sponsors. Jacob 
Vollmar and wife Maria Appollonia. 


Kittner — Johanna Catarina, b. Oct. 25, 

1750; bap. Dec. 9, 1750. Sponsors, Bal- 

thasar Umbehag and Justina Pross- 


John Jacob, b. March 29, 1752; 

bap. April 26, 1752. Sponsors, Jacob 
Reusser, jr., and wife. 

John Nicolaus, b. April 24, 1754; 

bap. May 5, 1754. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Bechtel and wife. 

Christina Catarina,b. May 2. 1756; 

bap. May 30, 1756. Sponsors, George 
Adam Geiss and Justina Prossmann. 
George Adam, b. Oct. 12, 1758; 

bap. Nov. 8, 1758. Sponsors, George 
Adam Geiss and wife Anna Barbara. 

JACOB ROEHER, (Atolhoe.) 
Roeher— Maria Catarina, b. Dec. 31, 

1750; bap. Jan. 6, 1751. Sponsors, 

Nicolaus Brosius and Maria Elisab. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Nov. 18, 

1752; bap. Nov. 19, 1752. Sponsors, 

Sebastian Brosius and wife. 
John Jacob, b. Dec. 8, 1754; bap. 

ABRAHAM STEIN, (Atolhoe.) 
Stein— Anna Magdalena, b. Jan. 29,1751; 
bap. Feb. 2, 1751. Sponsors, Tobias 
Dittes and wife. 

Johannes, b. June 15, 1752; bap. 

July 19, 1752. Sponsors, John Stein 
and Anna Elisabetha Friederich. 

Maria Catarina, b. March 31, 1754; 

bap. April 7, 1754. Sponsors, Gott- 
fried Roehrer and wife Magdalena. 

Abraham, b. Jan. 6, 1756; bap. 

Jan. 11, 1756. Sponsors, John George 
Ludwig and wife Maria Christina. 

John Jacob, b. Oct. 20, 1757; bap. 

Nov. 6, 1757. Sponsors, Jacob Stein 
and Dorothea Roehrer. 


Schneider — John George, b. Jan. 1751; 
bap. Feb. 2, 1751. Sponsors, John 
George Brosius and wife. 

John Heinrich, b. Jan.. 1751; bap. 

Feb. 2, 1751. Sponsors, John Heinrich 
Schuhehn and wife. 

John Abraham, b. Oct. 11, 1754; 

bap. Oct. 20. 1754. Sponsors, John 
Abraham Schneider and wife. 

HEINRICH HINNEN, (Northkill.) 
Hinnen — Anna Catarina,b. Feb. 18, 1751; 
bap. March 3, 1751. Sponsors, Wil- 
helm Giesemann and wife. 

Brecht — .lohn Heinrich, b. Feb. 1, 1751; 
bap. March 3, 1751. Sponsors, John 
Heinrich Martin. 

Specht — Maria Philippenia, b.March 12, 
1751; bap. June 23, 1751. Sponsors, 
Ludwig Wagner and daughter Magda- 
lena, also Christina Glassbrenner. 

John George Martin, b. in 1753; 

bap. Aug. 26, 1753. Sponsors, George 
Ludwig Wagner and wife. 

ANNA ELIZABETH, (Tulpehocken.) 

Trippner — John Peter Leonhardt, b. Feb. 
20, 1751; bap. March 3, 1751. Spon- 
sors, John Peter Muench and wife 
Christina Barbara. 

GEORGE KANTNER, (Tulpehocken.) 

Kantner- John Jacob, b. March 2, 1751; 
bap. March 31, 1751. Sponsors, Jacob 
Bortner and wife. 


Stoever Records. 


Schneider — John Abraham, b. March 7, 

1751; bap. March 31, 1751. Sponsors, 

Abraham Stein and wife Anna Maria. 

George Martin, b. Aug. 16, 1753: 

bap. Aug. 2G, 1753. Sponsors, George 
Thomas Bauer and wife. 

("Across the Large Swatara.") 
Schaeffer— John Philipp, b. Nov. 27, 
1750; bap. April 14, 1751. Sponsors, 
Philipp Maurer and wife. 

GEORGE RIEDT, (Swatara.) 
Riedt — Andreas, b. April 6, 1751; bap. 
April 28, 1751. Sponsors, Andreas 
Schmidt and wife. 

Anna Susanna, b. Jan. 28, 17.53: 

bap. Feb. 11, 1753. Sponsors, Michael 
Hartman and Susanna Thorum. 

Greim — John Sebastian, b. Nov. 23, 1750; 
bap. April 28, 1751. Sponsor, Sebas- 
tian Rutt. 

Maria Salome, b. Jan. 27, 1753; 

bap. March 11, 1753. Sponsors, Sebas- 
tian Greim and wife. 

PETER HECKMAN, (Swatara.) 
Heckman — Ana Maria, b. 1751; bap. 
April 28, 1751. Sponsors, George 
Fricderich and wife. 

Elizabetha Margaretha, b. April 

1, 1753; bap. April 22, 1753. Soo'isors. 
George I'riederich and wife. 

John J*eter, b. Sept., 1751; bap. 

Oct. 20, 1(54. Sponsors, Veit Kapp 

and wife Gertraudt. 
JOHN ZOELLER, JR., (Tulpehocken ) 
Zoeller — Frantz Paul, b. April 8, 1751; 

bap. May 20, 1751. Sponsors, Frantz 

Wendrich and wife Elisabetha. 
DANIEL RAUSCH, (Hanov.'r.) 
Rausch — Anna Eva, b. April 11, 1751; 

bap. May 27, 1751. Sponsors, John 

Brown and wife Ana Eva. 
John Daniel, b. 1753; bap. July 15, 

1753. Sponsors, Mattheis Pflantz and 

wife Elisaibetha. 

PETER SUMI, (Swatara.) 
Sumi — Anna Margaretha. b. April 9, 

1751; bap. June 23, 1751. Sponsors, 

John Adam Stein and wife. 

MICHAEL SUML (Swatiir.a.) 
Snmi — Anna Margaretha. h. M.nrch 29. 

1751; bap. June 23, 1751. Sponsors, 

Ana Margaretha Guschwa. 




Lattur — Susanna Margaretha, b. July 7, 

1751; bap. August 11, 1751. Sponsors, 

Martin Spickler and wife. 

Etschberger — John Philipp, b. June 21, 
1751; bap. Aug. 18, 1751. Sponsors, 
George Philipp Dollinger and wife 

Faber— Maria Barbara, b. Aug. 7, 1751; 

bap. Aug. 17, 1751. Sponsors, Adam 

Faber and wife. 
Margaretha, b. May 20, 1755; bap. 

June 8, 1755. Sponsors, Adam Faber 

and wife Anna Maria. 

MICHAEL BURGER. (Heidelberg.) 
Burger — Sebastian, b. May 11, 1751; bap. 
Aug. 18, 1751. Sponsors, Sebastian 
Obold and his wife. 

Fringer — John Nicholas, b. Sept. 10, 
1751; bap. Sept. 15, 1751. Sponsors, 
John Nicolaus Leyenberger and Mag- 
dalena Aulenbach. 

Wolf— Carolus b. Oct. 20, 1751; bap. Oct. 
27, 1753. Sponsors, Carl Scheldt and 

Maria Margaretha b. Sept. 22, 

1753; bap. Oct. 7, 1753. Sponsors, Cun- 
I radt Rounner and sister Margaretha. 

PETER FISCHER, (Northkill.) 
; Fischer— John Philip, b. Oct. 14, 1751; 
bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsor, John 
Philip Meeth and wife. 


Glassbrenner — .John Friederich, b. Oct. 
I 30, 1751; bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, 
I LudwMg Wagner and wife. 


Unbehagen— Elisabetha, b. Oct. 23, 1751; 
bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, Frantz 
Pressman and Elisab. Strauss. 

Samuel, b. Feb. 3, 1754; bap. Feb. 

10, 1754. Sponsors, Samuel Philbert 
and wife Susanna. 

Justina Catarina, b. Dec. 7, 1755; 

bap. Dec. 14, 1755. Sponsors, Jacob 
Strauss and Just. Catar. Prossman. 
Catarina, b. March 10, 1758; bap. 

April 2, 1758. Sponsors, Catar. Elisab. 
Haag and Thomas Philbert. 

John Thomas, b. April 12, 17G2; 

bap. May 9, 1762. Sponsors, Thomas 
Filbert and Susanna Knopf. 

-Jonas, b. Sept. 19, 1763; bap. Oct. 

2, 1763. Sponsors, .Jonathan Eckert 
and wife Maria Catarina. 

Stoever Records. 


Holtzman — Heinrich Priederich, b. Oct. 

15, 1751; bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Spousors, 

Gottfried Roehrer and wife. 

ADAM FIX, (Atolhoe.) 
Fix— Eva Margaretha, b. Oct. 17, 17.'>1; 

bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, Wilhelm 

Kayser and wife. 

LUDWIG POTTS, (Ato'<ho9.) 
Potts — Anna Barbara, b. Oct. 14, 1751; 
bap. Nov. 10, 1751. Sponsors, .lacob 
Hubele and wife. 

ADAM SIMON, (Codorus.) 
Simon — Andreas, b. Nov. 16, 1751; bap. 
Nov. 25, 1751. Sponsors, Andreas 
Kuertzel and wife Dorothea. 

(Blue Mountain.) 
Albert— John Wilhelm, b. Feb., 1752: 
bap. March 1, 1752. Sponsors, John 
Wilhelm Albert and wife. 

JOHN ADAM LUCAS, (Codorus.) 
Lucas — Maria Elisabetha, b. Nov. 9, 

1751; bap. Nov. 25, 1751. Sponsors, 

Daniel Dieb and wife. 

JOHANNES MERTZ, (Northkill.) 
Mertz — Maria Barbara, b. Nov. 25, 1751; 

bap. Dee. 8, 1751. Sponsors, John 

Nickel Haag and Maria Barbara 




Baumgaertner — John Jacob, b. Dec. 7, 

1751; bap. Dec. 22, 1751. Sponsors, 

Wendel Heyl and wife Anna. 
ADAM KLEIN, (Bethel.) 
Klein— John Gottlieb, b. Dec. 9, 1751; 

bap. Dec. 22, 1751. Sponsors, John 

Gottlieb Thurm and Jacob Vornwalt 

and wife. 

Bender — George Valentine, b. Feb. 2, 

1752; bap. March 1, 1752. Sponsors, 

Valentin Meyer and Elisabetha Stein. 

CASPER WEBER, (Swatara.) 
Weber— John Adam, b. Jan. 2. 1752; bap. 
Jan. 7, 1752. Sponsors, Wendel Heyl 
and wife Anna. 

Maria Catarina, b. Nov. 25, 1759; 

bap. Dec. 23, 1759. Sponsors, Peter 
Felten and wife. 

Roenninger— Maria Margar. Barbara, b. 
Dec. 24, 1751; bap. Jan. 7, 1752. Spon- 
sors, Martin Eisenhauer and wife Bar- 

Maria Salome, b. May 27. 1756; 

bap. June 13, 1756. Sponsors, Frieder- 
ich Haehnle and wife. 

Becher— Catarina Barbara, b. Jan. 5, 
1752; bap. Feb. 2, 1752. Sponsors, 
Jacob Wolf and wife. 

GEORGE WOLF, (Atolhoe.) 
Wolf— Anna Margaretha, b. Jan. 19, 
1752; bap. Feb. 2. 1752. Sponsors, 
Jacob Wolf and wife. 

ANDREAS WINTER.(Born Township.) 
Winter— Justina jNfargnretha. b. Nov. 30, 
1751; bap. Feb. 2, 1752. Sponsors, Si- 
mon Muench and Justina Margaretha 


(Blue Mountain.) 
Wirth— George Wilhelm, b. Dec. 29, 
1751; bap. Feb. 3, 1752. Sponsors, 
George Wilhelm Berger and Gertraudt 



Haeffele — Margaretha, b. Fob. 1, 1752; 

bap. Feb. 17. 17.52. Sponsors, Cun- 

radt Roenninger and Margaretha 


Kastnitz — John Frantz, b. Jan. 28, 1752; 
bap. May .30. 17.52. Sponsors, John 
Frantz Fuchs and wife. 

PETER BECKER, (Swatara.) 
Becker— Maria Elizabetha. b. Feb. 2, 
1752; bap. ]\Iarch 30, 1752. Sponsors, 
Dorst Brechbiel and wife. 

JOHN PETER SPAT, (Swatara.) 
Spat — INIaria Salome, b. March 27. 1752; 
bap. March 30, 1752. Sponsors, John 
Michael Huber and wife. 

Eisenhauer — Johannes, b. June. 1752; 

bap. July 5, 1752. Sponsors, not given. 
George Martin, b. March, 1754; 

bap. April 7, 1754. Sponsors, George 

Graff and wife. 

.John Peter, b. March 17, 1756; 

bap. March 21, 1756. Spousors, Peter 
Schuy and Anna Margaretha Eisen- 

John Valentin, b. 1759; bap. 1759. 

Sponsor, Valentine Keller. 

ADAM GREIM, (Bern.) 
Greim— John George, b. Oct. 11, 1752; 
bap. Oct. 22, 1752. Spousors, John 
George Haag and Catarina Muench. 


No entry excepting under b. Oct. 10, 

Gordon- Maria Margaretha. b. Sept. 6, 
1752; bap. Nov. (J. 1752. Sponsors, 
Wendel Heyl and Elizabetha Grayu. 


IStoever Records. 

Schaefer— John Adam, b. Nov. 12, 1752; 

bap. Nov. 19, 1752. Sponsors, John 

Adam Roller and wife. 

.lOHN LEHN, (Bethel.) 
Lehn— Joliaunes Jacob, b. Sept. 24, 1752; 

bap. Nov. 19, 1752. Sponsors, John 

Jacob Thani and his wife. 
PETER RADEBACH, (Northkill. 
Radebach— John Nicolaus, b. Dec. 4, 

1752; bap. Dec. 17, 1752. Sponsors, 

John Nicolaus Haag. 
Anna Catarina, b. 1754; bap. May 

5, 1754. Sponsors, Heiurich RadebacL 

and wife. 
Anna Elizabetha, b. Oct. 23, 1755; 

bap. Dec. 14, 1755. Sponsors, George 

Radebach and Anna Elizabetha Phil- 


Maria Margaretha. b. March 9, 

1757: bap. April 3, 1757. Sponsors, 
George Zimmerman and MariaMarga- 
retha Radebach. 

Spickler— John Martin, b. Dec. 12, 1752; 

bap. Dec. 25, 1752. Sponsors, John 

Nicolaus Marreth and wife. 
Eisenhauer — Anna Margaretha, b. Feb. 

14. 1753; bap. March 26, 1753. Spon- 
sors, John Nicolaus Eisenhauer and 

Eschbach— Anna Elizabetha, b. Feb. 2, 

1753; bap. Feb. 11, 1753. Sponsors, 
George Berger and Anna Elizabetha 

Reich— Eva Kunigunda, b. Feb. 10. 1753; 

bap. Feb. 11, 1753. Sponsors, George 

Jacob Schirman and wife. 

Laumann — Catarina Sophia, b. Feb. 14, 

1753 bap. Feb. 18, 1753. Sponsors, 
Daniel Huber and wife Sophia. 

CARL SCHMIDT, (Bethel.) 
Schmidt— Eva, b. Dec. 17, 1752; bap. 

Feb. 25, 1753. Sponsors, Lorentz 

Hautz and wife. 

Susanna, b. Oct. 27, 1754; bap. 

Nov. 3, 1754. Sponsors, Peter Klein 
and Susanna Grossmann. 

ANDREAS EUB, (Warwick.) 
Eub— Christina Barbara, b. Feb. 14, 

1753; bap. March 18, 1753. Sponsors, 

Jacob Wentz and wife. 

Schaefer— Elizabetha. b. Feb. 10, 1753; 

bap. March 20, 1753. Sponsors, John 

Schmetter and wife. 
Herbert— John Adam, b. March 16, 1753; 

bap. March 26, 1753. Sponsor, George 

Catarina Margaretha, b. Sept. 5, 

1757; bap. Feb. 19, 1758. Sponsors, 
I'eter AValmer and wife. 

John, b. Jan. 8, 1760; bap. Feb. 

24, 1760. SiJonsor Johannes Brechbiel, 

Susanna, b. June, 1762; bap. July 

25, 17(>2. Sponsors, Thomas Koppen- 
hoefer and wife. 

Madern— John Nicolaus, b. March 25, 
1753; bap. April 8, 1753. Sponsors, 
John Nicolaus Bahler and wife. 
Loresch — Margaretha, b. April 8, 1753; 
bap. April 22, 1753. Sponsors, Freder- 
ich Haehnle and wife. 

Maria Barbara, b. March 21. 1755; 

bap. April 13, 1755. Sponsors, N. N. 

Nagel — Maria Barbara, b. April 9, 1753; 
bap. April 22, 1753. Sponsors, Bal- 
thaser Nolld and Barbara Nagle. 

Maria Dorothea, b. Dec. 20, 1754; 

bap. Jan. 19, 1755. Sponsors, John 
Elder and wife Dorothea. 

-Eva Catarina. b. March 9, 1756; 

bap. March 21, 1756. Sponsors, Martin 

Oberlin and wife. 

Muench— Simon, b. March 20, 1753; bap. 

May 6. 1753. Sponsors, Simon Muench 

and wife. 
Catarina Margaretha, b. June 5, 

1754; bap. Aug. 25, 1754. Sponsors, 

Peter Muench and wife Christina. 

Anna Margaretha, b. May 24, 

1756; bap. June 7, 1756. Sponsors, 
George Gutman and wife. 

Scherff— John Heinrich, b. May 4. 1753; 
bap. May 31, 1753. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Webber and wife. 



PfafPenberger— Johannes, b. May 20, 

bap. June 3, 1753. Sponsors, John 

Pfaffenberger and Dorothea Stuep. 

GEORGE TITTEL, (Hanover.) 
Tittle— John Adam, b. July 24, 1752; 
bap. June 17, 1753. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Wegner and wife Barbara. 

Johannes, b. Nov., 1755; bap. Dec. 

18, 1755. Sponsors, Anastasius Uhler 
and wife. 

John Peter, b. 1759; bap. April 15, 

1759. Sponsor. Christoph Uhler. 

John George, b. Oct., 1761; bap. 

Nov. 22, 1761. Sponsors, John Diel 
and Elizabetha Clarck. 

Stoever Records. 


LIN, (Across the Mountain.) 

Kuemmerlin — John Michael, b. March 5, 
1753; bap. July 1, 1753. Sponsors, John 
Michael Folmer and wife Magdalena 

Greim — Christina Cordula, b. June 17, 
1753; bap. July 1, 1753. Sponsors, 
Jacob Greim and wife Christina Cor- 

Leiniuger — Johannes, b. June 24, 1753; 
bap. July 1, 1753. Sponsors, Andreas 
Schafer and wife Catarina. 

Scharff — Catarina Margaretha, b. Sept. 

23, 1752; bap. Oct. 22, 1752. Sponsors, 

Jacob Loewengut and wife, both 

senior and junior. 

ADAM BRECHT, (Bethel.) 
Brecht — Maria Elisabetha, b. June 15, 

1753; bap. Aug. 12, 1753. Sponsors, 

Jacob Eprecht and wife. 

GEORGE MAESS, (Bethel.) 
Maess — Anna Margaretha, b. June 10, 

1753; bap. Aug. 12. 1753. Sponsors, 

Herman Eckel and wife. 
Wildfang— Peter, b. Aug. 18, 1753; bap. 

Aug. 26, 1753. Sponsors, Peter Geb- 

hart and wife. 

Brosius — Anna Catarina, b. Sept. 15, 

1753; bap. Sept. 24, 1753. Sponsors, 

Johannes Steingrau and Anna 

Schaefer, both single. 
John Nicolaus, b. Dec. 25, 1754; 

bap. Jan. 1, 1755. Sponsors, John 

Nickel Kintzer and wife Juliana. 

Maria Margaretha. b. Feb. 1757; 

bap. March 6, 1757. Sponsors, N. N, 

Downsen — Anna Margaretha, b .Sept. 9, 

1753; bap. Oct. 21, 1753. Sponsors, 

John Wohlleben and wife. 

ADAM JACOBI, (Northkill.)^_^ 
Jacobi— John Nicolaus, b. Jan. 28, 1757: 

bap. Feb. 6, 1757. _ Sponsors, John 

Nicolaus Haag and wife. 

Thuerner— Agnes Magdalenea, b. Oct. 

1753; bap. Nov. 5, 1753. Sponsors, 

Jacob Haecker and wife. 
John Wilhelm, b. Feb., 1757; bap. 

March 13. 1757. Sponsors, John Popp 

and also Barbara Haecker. 
Klestmann— Catarina Barbara, b. Dec. 

21, 1753; bap. Dec. 25, 1753. Sponsors, 

Andreas Schaefer and wife. 

GEORGE FREY, (Derry.) 
Frey— George Michael, b. 1753; bap. Jan. 
2, 1754. Sponsors, Michael Huber and 


Fischer— Mattheis Samuel, b. Dec, 1753; 

bap. Jan. 13, 1754. 
Philbert and wife. 

Sponsors, Mattheis 

Dielmann— Andreas, b. Dec. 27, 1753; 
bap. Jan. 27, 1754. Sponsors, Michael 
Weber and Eva Goettel. 

Anna Margaretha, b. Sept. IS, 

1758; bap. Sept. 24, 1758. Sponsors, 
Michael Braun and wife Anna Juliana. 

Susanna Rosina, b. Aug. 1763; bap. 

Aug. 31, 1763. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Mueller and Susanna Rosina Heinrich. 

Cunradt, b. Oct. 25, 1765; bap, 

Nov. 1, 1765. Sponsor, Cunradt Weber. 

Bechtel— Eva Catarina, b. Feb. 9, 1754; 

bap. Feb. 10, 1754. Sponsors, Jacob 

Hofman and wife. 
Hausshalter — Elisabetha, b. Jan. 19, 

1754; bap. Feb. 12, 1754. Sponsors, 

Johannes Lehn and wife. 
Schupp — Johannes, b. Jan. 7, 1754; bap. 

Feb. 25, 1754. Sponsors, George Bals- 

pach, jr., and Margaretha Chagein. 

Schuetz — Johannes, b. Dec. 1, 1753; bap. 
Feb. 25, 1754. Sponsors, Jacob Lentz 
and wife Maria Elisabetha. 

JACOB LENTZ, (Paxton.) 
Lentz— Philipp Jacob, b. Dec. 1, 1753; 
bap. Feb. 25, 1754. Sponsors, Phihpp 
Fischer and Elizabeth, N. N. 
Huber — Rosina Margaretha, b. Feb. 3, 
1754; bap. Feb. 25, 1754. Sponsors, 
Mattheis Wiehmar and wife Margar., 
also Rosina Hummel. 

ADAM RITTER, (Derry.) 
Ritter- Philipp Adam, b. Jan. 9. 1754; 
bap. Feb. 25, 1754. Sponsors, Philipp 
Adam Balmer and Juliana Nagel. 

Wuertz— Johannes, b. March 21, 1754; 
bap. April 7. 1754. Sponsors, Johannes 
Kloss and Barbara Strauss. 
Bechtel— John Nicholaus, b. April 28, 
1754; bap. May 5, 1754. 
Haffner— Catarina Elisabetha. b. April 
18, 1754: bap. May 19, 1754. Spon- 
sors, Gottfried Stempel and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

WILHBLM STEIN. (Atolhoe.) 
Stein — John Abraham, b. Sept. 13, 1754; 

bap. Sept. 22, 1754. Sponsor,Abrahaiii 

Appel — Catarina, b. June 25, 1752; bap. 

July, 1752. Sponsors, Gunradt Foers- 

ter and wife. 
Barbara, b. Nov. 5, 1754; bap. Nov. 

17. 1754. Sponsors,Thomas Bauer and 

wife Barbara. 
Wildfang— Elisabetha, b. Dec. 13, 1754; 

bap. Dec. 15, 1754. Sponsors, Michael 

Wolfert and wife. 

Eisenhauer — George Philipp, b. Dec. 19, 

1754; bap. Jan. 13, 1755. Sponsor, 

George Philipp Schnatterle. 

Wamsser — Maria Magdalena, b. Oct. 14, 

1754; bap. Feb. 9, 1755. Sponsors, 

Jacob Foerster and wife. 

(Summer Mountain.) 
Schmidt — John George, b. Jan. 24, 1755; 

bap. Feb. 9, 1755. Sponsor, Anna Bar- 
bara Gebhardt. 
Roenninger — Susanna Margar.. b. Jan. 

26, 1755; bap. Feb. 23, 1755. Sponsors, 

Michael Haehnle and wife. 




Wielandt — Maria Gatarina,b. Feb., 1755; 
bap. March 9, 1755. Sponsors, Jacob 
Soerer and wife. 

JAGOB BREHM, (Bethel.) 
Brehm — Margaretha Elisabetha, b. Feb. 
9. 1755; bap. Feb. 16. 1755. Sponsors, 
Robert Grain and wife. j 

JOHN JAGOB METZ, (Atolhoe.) 
Metz — Gearge Jacob, b. March 1755; bap. | 
April 6. 1755. Sponsors, George Flohr 
and wife. ' 

ANDREAS SGHADT, (Tulpehocken.) 
Schadt — John Jacob, b. May, 1755; bap. 
June 1, 1755. Sponsors, Jacob (dicker 
and wife Maria Gatarina. 

— Maria Catarina, b. June 11, 1756; 

bap. July 27, 1756. Sponsors, Maria 
Catarina Philbert and .Jacob Strauss. 

Samuel, b. March 22, 1758; bap. , 

April 2, 1758. Sponsors, Samuel Phil- 
bert and wife Susanna. I 

Anna Elisabetha, b. Sept. 16, 1759; ! 

bap. Sept. 23, 1759. Sponsors, .John i 
Albert and Anna Elisabetha Philbert. 

John Michael, b. May 10, 1761; 

bap. May 24, 1761. Sixmsors, John i 
Michael Kehl and wife Gatarina. | 

Maria Susanna, b. Nov, 29, 1762; 

hnp. Dec. 19, 1762. Sponsors, Sauel 
Filbert and wife Susanna. 

Andreas, b. Nov. 8, 1764; bap. 

Dec. 2, 1764. Sponsors, Balthasar 
Unbehagen and wife. 

Schaefer — Johannes, b. June 21, 1752; 
bap. June 29, 1755. Sponsors, John 
Haag and Catarina Schaefer. j 

CASPAR SPRING, (Atolhoe.) \ 

Spring — John Frederick, b. June 2, 1755; 
bap. July 27, 1755. Sponsors, John 
Frederick Wieland and wife Anna Eva, 

Metzger — Anna Maria, b. Aug. 13, 1755; 
bap Sept. 7, 1755. Sponsors, Herman 
Degreif and wife. 

JOHN GEORGE HAAG, Jr., and wife 
ANNA MARGAR., (Northkill.) 

Haag — Maria Barbara, b. Sept. 15, 1755; 
bap. Sept. 21, 1755. Sponsors, Gunradt 
Grist and Maria Barbara Haag. 

Anna Catarina, b. Nov. 21, 1757; 

bap. Dec. 11, 1757. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Holder, jr., and wife. 

George Michael, b. May 12, 1762; 

bap. June 5, 1762. Sponsors, John 
Nicolaus Bechthold and wife Margare- 

ADAM BRECHT, (Bethel.) 
Brecht — Christian, b. Sept. 8, 1755; bap. 
Oct. 5, 1755. Sponsors. Christian 
Kaufman and wife Magdalena. 

Maria Margaretha. b. .Jan. 8, 

1758; bap. INIarch 11, 1758. Sponsors, 
Bernhardt Friedel and wife Marga- 

Mann — Catarina Elisabetha. b. Aug. 18, 
1755; bap. Oct. 5, 1755. Sponsors, 
Phillip Schnatterle and Gatarina Elisa- 
betha Eissenhauer. 

Kaufman — Anna Maria, b. Oct 22, 1755; 
bap. Nov. 30, 1755. Sponsors, Adam 
Mosser and Anna Maria Dub. 

Veronica, b. May 7, 1762; bap. 

May 30, 1762. Sponsors, John Eisen- 
hauer and wife Veronica. 

Schuetz— Maria Elisabetha, b. Oct. 29, 
1755; bap. Dec. 30, 1755. Sponsors, 
Moritz Diehle and Maria Elisabetha 

ADAM WIRTH. (Derry.) 
Wirth — John Adam, b. Dec. 18.1755; bap. 
Dec. 25, 1755. Sponsors, John Wolf 
Kissner and wife Sabina. 

Johannes, b. 1758; bap, Feb. 24^ 

Stoever Records. 


1758. Sponsors, John Kissner Schnock 
and sister. 
— — .John Christian, b. 1759; bap. Dec. 
26, 1759. Sponsors, Christian Schnock 
and wife. 

John Jacob, b. Feb. 1763; bap. 

March 25, 1763. Sponsors, John Jacob 
Wolf, jr., and Schnng. 

Litz — Eva Catarina, b. Jan. 1756; bap. 
Jan. 26, 1756. Sponsors, Michael Bohr 
and Eva Barbara Deininger. 

DAVID MUELLER, (Northkill.) 
Mueller— John Thomas, b. Jan. 21, 17.56; 
bap. Feb. 8, 1756. Sponsors, John 
Thomas Philbert and Elisabetha 

RINA, (Bethel.) 
Morr — Anna Catarina, b. Feb. 3, 1756: 

bap. Feb. 23, 1756. Sponsors, Wendell 

Heyl and wife Anna. 

Christina, b. Aug. 4, 1757; bap. 

Aug. 28, 1757. Sponsors, Michael 
Weber and wife. 


and wife LUTHERAN, (Bethel.) 
Schnaebele — Sophia Sabina, b. Jan. 21, 

1756; bap. Feb. 23, 1756. Sponsors, 

Sabina Sauter. 
• John Jacob, b. Nov. 27, 1758; bap. 

April 15, 1759. Sponsors, Anastasius 

Uhler and wife Dorothea. 

PETER NIESZ, (Bethel.) 
Niesz — Maria Barbara, b. March 17, 

1756; bap. March 21, 1756. Sponsors, 

John Caspar Stoever, jr., and Maria 

Barabara Nagel. 
MATTHEIS WAGNER, (Northkill.) 
Wagner — Johannes, b. April 22, 1756; 

bap. May 30, 1756. Sponsors, John 

Kaufman and wife Barbara. 
■ Anna Catarina, b. Sept. 15, 1758; 

bap. Sept. 17, 1758. Sponsors, John 

Zerwe and wife Catarina. 
JACOB WENTZ, Lebanon, (Kruppen.) 
Wentz — Maria Catarina, b. May 27, 1756; 

bap. June 6, 1756. Sponsors, David 

Herbster and wife. 
John Jacob, b. Jan. 1758; bap. Feb. 

12, 1758. Sponsors, the above. 
JOHN GAMBIL, (Lebanon.) 
Gambil — Susanna, b. June 5, 1756; bap, 

June 14, 1756. Sponsors, Ralph White- 
side and wife Sarah Wilson. 

Stanch — .John Nicolaus, b. June 7, 1756; 

bap. June 27, 1756. Sponsors, John 

Nicolaus Deck, jr., and Anna Maria 


Pressler — Anna Margaretha, b. May 30, 


1756; bap. June 27, 1756. 
Abraham Reiber and wife. 

Schaum— Christian, b. July 13, 1756; bap. 
July 25, 17.56. Sponsors, Christian 
Meyer and wife Catarina. 
JOHANNES STEIN and wife,(Atolhoe.) 
Stein— Johannes, b. July 5, 1756; bap. 
July 25, 1756. Sponsors, Wilhelm 
Stein and Anna Margaretha Gebhardt. 
JACOB KAUFMAN, (Northkill.) 
Kaufman— Maria Appollonia, b. Nov. 25, 
1756; bap. Dec. 12, 1756. Sponsors, 
Balthasar Unbehagen and wife. 
MICFIAEL GRAFF, (BethelBerks Co.) 
Graff— Maria Elisabetha, b. Dec. 8, 1756; 
bap. Dec. 26, 1756. Sponsors, Jacob 
Stein and Maria Elizabetha Meyer, 
(Bethel, Lancaster Co.) 
Schuy— .Johannes, b. Jan. 9, 1757; bap. 
March 13, 1757. Sponsors, John 
Lohmueller and Barbara Hautz. 

Haag— John Nicolaus, b. March 27, 

1757; bap. April 3, 1757. Sponsor, 

John Nicolaus Schaefer. 
.John George, b. July 9, 1758; bap. 

July 23, 1758, Sponsors, George Rad- 

ebach and Elizabetha Haag. 
Maria_ Catarina, b. Sept. 13, 1763; 

bap. Oct. 7, 1763. Sponsors, Jonathan 

Eckert and wife Catarina. 
.JACOB SOERER, Jr., (Atolhoe.) 
Soerer — Eva Catarina, b. March 22, 1757; 

bap. April 3, 17.57. Sponsors, John 

Deck and Eva Catarina Weiland. 


Schlessmann — Maria Eva, b. March 6, 
1757; bap. April 3, 1757. Sponsors, 
Hans George Diemer and Maria Eva 

SIMON ESPERT, (Lebanon.) 
Espert— John George, b. Aug. 20, 1767; 

bap. Sept. 25, 1757. Sponsors, George 

Schumacker and wife. 
Anna Elizabetha, b. April, 1765; 

bap. Mav 12, 1765. Sponsors, Arnold 

Scherertz and wife. 

Kramer — John Jacob, b. April 10, 1757; 
bap. May 8, 1757. Sponsors, Jacob 
Eprecht and wife. 


Friederich — John George, b. March 27, 

1757; bap. May 8. 1757. Sponsors, 

George Friederich and wife. 



Kuemmerling — Johannes, b. Dec, 1756; 


Stoever Records. 

bap. May 8, 1757. Sponsors, Johannes 
Dieb, jr.. and wife. 
Malfair — Michael, b. June 17, 1757; bap. 
July 10, 1757. Sponsors, Adam New 
and wife. 

Anna Maria, b. Jan. 1766; bap. 

Feb. 9, 1766. Sponsors, John Chris- 
toph Friederich and wife Anna Maria. 
JACOB BONNET. (Krupp Church.) 

Bonnet — Rosina. b. Sept. 17, 1757; bap. 
Sept. 24, 1757. Sponsors, Christoph 
Meyer and wife Rosina. 

JACOB WAGNER. (Bethel.) 
Wagner — Cunradt, b. Sept. 15, 1757; bap. 
Sept. 26, 1757. Sponsors, Wilhelm 
Hardt and wife. 

Philippy — Anna Maria, b. Aug., 1757; 
bap. Oct. 8, 1757. Sponsors, John Nic- 
olaus Ensminger, jr., and Anna Maria 
JOHN ADAM LANG. (Moden Creek.) 
Lang — Christina Catarina, b. Oct. 8, 
1757; bap. Oct. 0, 1757. Sponsors, 
John George Martin and wife. 
Stoever — Anna Margaretha. b. Jan. 24, 
1758; bap. Feb. 12, 1758. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Bickel and Anna Margaretha 
Stoever, both single. 

Maria Catarina, b. Aug. 4, 1759; 

bap. Aug. 25, 1759. Sponsor, Maria 
Catarina Stoever, sr. 

Anna Christina, b. Aug. 2, 1761; 

bap. Aug. 9, 1761. Sponsor, Anna 
Christina Stoever. 

Anna Maria, b. Nov. 3, 1763; bap. 

Dec. 11, 1763, Sponsor, Anna Maria 

.John Casper, b. Feb. 27, 1765; bap. 

March 24, 1765. Sponsors, John Cas- 
per Stoever sr., and his wife Maria Cat- 

John Adam, b. May 29, 1767; bap. 

May 31, 1767. Sponsor, John Adam 

Anna Christina, b. Aug. 15, 1769; 

bap. Aug. 20. 1769. Sponsors, Jo- 
hannes Pehler and wife Catarina. 

Tobias. Sponsor, Tobias Stoever. 

Anna Eva. Sponsors, Philipp 

Firnssler and wife Anna Christina, 

John Frederick, b. Aug. 1, 1776; 

bap. Aug. 25, 1776. Sponsors, John 
Casper Stoever and wife Catarina. 

EVA, (Derry.) 
Schneider — Eva Margaretha, b. Feb. 10, 
1758; bap. Feb. 24, 1758. Sponsors, 
Philipp Schneider and Eva Margaretha 

NA MARIA. (Bern.) 

Muench — John George Michael, b. Feb. 
6, 1758; bap. March 5, 1758. Sponsors. 

John George Michael Muench and 


John Philipp. b. Nov. 1, 1759; bap. 

Nov. 18. 1759. Sponsors, .John Nico- 
laus Holder, jr., and wife Catarina. 

ELISABETHA, (Bethel.) 

Kuefer — Anna Maria, b. Feb. 26, 1758; 
bap. March 11, 1758. Sponsors, Hein- 
rich Dupp and wife. 

John Frederich, b. Nov. 17, 1762; 

bap. Dec. 5, 1762. Siwnsors. Casper 
Heussler and wife. 

Elizabetha, b. .Tan. 5, 1765; bap. 

March 10, 1765. Siwnsors, Cunradt 
Gerhardt and Maria Elizabetha 

Maria Elizabetha, b. Dec. 3, 1766; 

bap. March 15, 1767. Sponsors, Nico- 
laus Biel and wife Maria Elizabetha. 


Schnaebele — Maria Barbara, b. .Tan. 29, 
1758; bap. March 11, 1758. Sponsors, 
Ottmar Schnaebele and wife. 

ARINA, (Bern.) 

Bruecker — John Michael, b. June 12, 
1758; bap. June 25. 1758. Sponsors, 
John Michael Albert and wife Maria 

Gerhardt — Maria Catarina, b. Sept. 11, 
1758; bap. Sept. 24, 1758. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Schnatterle and Anna Cata- 
rina Uhlei". 

MARIA, (Northkill.) 

Walther— John David, b. Oct. 2, 1758; 
bap. Oct. 15, 1758. Sponsors. John 
David Fiess and wife Anna Maria. 

David, b. Julv 15 (?), 1761; bap. 

July 19 (?), 1761. Sponsors, John Ja- 
cob Fiess and wife Anna Maria. 

John Jacob, b. Dec. 19, 1762; bap. 

Feb. 24, 1763. Sponsors, George Haag 
sr.. and wife Appolonia. 

Schmidt — .Tohn George, b. Oct. 4. 1758; 
bap. Oct. 22, 1758. Sponsors, George 
Glassbrenner and wife. 

NA BARBARA, (Northkill.) 

Geisz — George Adam, b. April 11, 1759; 
bap. April 16, 1759. Sponsors, .Tohn 
George Haag, jr., and wife Margaretha. 

Catarina Elizal>eth, b. June 19, 

1760; bap. June 29, 1760. Sponsors, 
Michael Beyer and Catarina Elizabetha 
Haag, on the day of marriage. 

Stoever Records. 


John Michael, b. Jan. 12, 17G2; 

bap. Feb. 14, 1762. Sponsors, Michael 
Beyer and wife. 

Philipp Jacob, b. Sept. 6, 17G.3: 

bap. Oct. 2, 1763. Sponsors, Philipp 
Jaoob Geiss and wife. 



Leydig — John Jacob, b. March 4, 1759; 

bap. April 15, 1759. Sponsors, John 

Jacob Cantz and Anna Catarina Uhler. 
Maria Catarina. b. Dec, 1761; bap. 

Dec. 13, 1761. Sponsors, Dorst Brech- 

biel and wife. 
Dumm — Anna vSabina, March, 1759; bap. 

April 15, 1759. Sponsors, John Wolf 

Kissner and wife Anna Sabina. 

DREISCH— George Leonhardt. b. Feb., 

1757; bap. April 23, 1759. Sponsors, 

John Leonhardt Dreisch. 

John Reichardt, b. Dec. 25, 1758; 

bap. April 23, 1759. Sponsors, John 
Leonhardt Dreisch. 

Rosina, b. Dec. 25, 1760; bap. 

March 19, 1761. Sponsors, Jacob 
Wentz and wife. 

Steupel — Rosina, b. June 1. 1759; bap. 

June 24, 1759. Sponsors, David Herb- 

ster and wife Rosina. 

John David, b. Feb., 1763; bap. 

Feb. 20, 1763. Sponsors, David Herb- 
ster and second wife Anna Maria. 

Eva Catarina, b. Jan., 1760; bap. 

Feb. 26, 1766. Sponsors, George Muel- 
ler and wife. 
MICHAEL SAUSZER, (Northkill.) 

Sauszer — Catarina Elizabetha. b. Oct. 
4, 17.59; bap. Oct. 21. 1759. Sponsors, 
Mattheis Wagner and wife. 

PETER FISCHER, (Lebanon.) 

Fischer — Johannes, b. Oct. 14, 1759; bap. 
Nov. 11, 1759. Sponsors, John Dups 
and Margaretha Boecklin. 

Barbara, b. July 13, 1765; bap. 

July 14, 1765. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Boeckle and wife Anna Maria. 

John .Jacob, b. Nov. 5. 1765; bap. 

Nov. 16, 1766. Sponsors, Jacob Engel 

and wife MHrgaretha. 
B'-'itruff— Anna Mars'ar^iha, b. Feii. 1J, 

1759; bap. March 11, 1759. Sponsors. 

John Wilhelm Klein and Anna Margar. 


MARTIN MEYLY, JR., (Lebanon.) 
Meyly— Anna Sabina, b. April 17, 1760; 

bap. May 25, 1760. Sponsors, Jacob 

Weber and Anna Sabina Meyly. 

BETHA, (Bern.) 

Strauss— Albrecht, b. .June 22, 1760; bap. 
June 29, 1760. Sponsors, Albrecht 
Strauss and wife Anna Margaretha. 

Johannes, b. June 27, 1762; bap. 

July 3, 1762. Sponsors, John Lang and 
Catarina Strauss. 

David, b. July 9. 1764; bap. July 

15, 1764. Sponsors, David Brecht and 

RIA EVA, (Bern.) 

Heuszler— Maria Magdalena, b. Sept, 24,. 
1760; bap. Sept. 21, 1760. Sponsors, 
Christian Maessner and wife. 


Hinszler— Maria Magdalena, b. Sept. 24, 
1760; bap. Oct. 5, 1760. Sponsors, 
George Sydebueger and wife. 


Nagel— John Christian, b. Oct. 24, 1760; 
bap. Nov. 30, 1760. Sponsors, John 
Christian Koch and wife. 

Anna Maria Barbara, b. Feb. 17, 

1762; bap. Feb. 21, 1762. Sponsors, 
John Caspar Stoever and wife. 

Johannes, b. Sept. 2, 1763; bap. 

Sept. 18, 1763. Sponsors, Johann 
Christian Lauer. 

MAGDAL., (Bethel.) 

Seidelmeyer — Anna Rosina. b. March 3, 
1761; ban. March 19, 1761. Sponsors, 
Casper Heussler and wife Rosina. 

John Caspar, b. March 17, 1762; 

bap April 4, 1762. Sponsors, Caspar 
Roeder and Regina Gerhard. 

Maria Elisabetha, b. June, 1767; 

bap. July 12, 1767. Sponsors, Ulrich 
Joeckel and wife. 

Heinrich, b. Oct. 9, 1774; bap. 

Oct. 18, 1774. Sponsors, Heinrich 
Schnatterle and wife Barbara. 

ELISABETHA, (Bethel.) 
Madern— Maria Eva Rosina, b. April 19, 
1761; bap. May 17, 1761. Sponsors, 
Maria Eva Strauss. 

John Thomas, b. 1762, bap. Oct. 

31, 1762. Sponsors, .John Thomas 
Madern and wife Veronica. 

Michael, b. Oct., 1760; bap. Oct. 

26, 1766. Sponsors, John Thomas 

Madern and wife Vernica. 

APPOLLONIA. (Northkill.) 
Wagner — Susanna Catarina, b. May 17,. 

1761; bap. May 24, 1761. Sponsors, 

Mattheis Muench and wife. 


Stoever Records. 

Lntz — Chi-istiiiu, b. June 24, 17G1; bap. 
July 12, 1701. Sponsors, George Glass- 
brenner and wife Elisabetha. 

PETP:R HEDDERICH, jr., and wife 
MARGARETHA, (Hanover.) 

Heddoric'h— John Peter, b. June 12, 17<>1; 
bap. July 2(j. 1761. Sponsors, John 
Peter Hedderich, Sr., and wife Philip- 


Balz or Batz — John George, b. Aug. 17. 
1761: bap. Sept. 22, 1761. Sponsors, 
John Weidelblech and wife Elisabetha. 

War — Maria Margaretha, b. July 14, 

1761; bap. Oct. 4, 1761. Sponsors, 

Nicolaus Ensminger and wife Maria 

Schnatterle — Sabina Elisabetha, b. June 

25, 1761; bap. Oct. 18, 1761. Sponsor, 

Sabina Schnatterle. 


COBINA, (Bethel.) 
Mueller — John Bernhardt, b. Sept., 1761; 

bap. Oct. 18, 1761. Sponsors, John 

Boesshaar and wife. 

Wittmyer — Maria Barbara, b. Nov. 2. 
1761; bapt. Nov. 16, 1761. Sponsors, 
Ottmar Schnaebele and wife Barbara. 

Anna Maria— b. Dec. 19, 1763; bap. 

Jan. 6, 17(j4. Sponsors, John Adam 
Kern and wife Anna Maria and 
Widow Anna Maria Fischer. 

WENDEL KELLER, (Lebanon.) 
Keller — Jacobina Rosina, b. Nov. 14, 
1761; bap. Nov. 29. 1761. Sponsors, 
Michael Laurie and wife. 

George Wendel, b. July, 1764; 

bap. July 24, 1764. Sponsors, Michael 
Balmer and wife. 

CATARINA, (Paxtang.) 

Grosz— Elisabetha, b. Nov. 15, 1761; 
bap. Dec. 21, 1761. Sponsors, Jacob 
Kuenig and Elisabetha Schuetz. 

CATARINA, (Swatara.) 

Heesze — Johannes,b.Dec., 1761; bap.Dec. 
20, 1761. Sponsors, Michael Zimmer- 
man and wife Eva. 

John Michael, b. Feb., 1765; bap. 

March 3, 1765. Sponsors, the above. 

Eva Catarina, b. Oct., 1767; bap. 

Nov. 8, 1767. Sponsors, AVeber 

and Catarina Zimmerman. 

Schwenck— Adam, b. Dec. 26. 1761; bap. 
April 11. 1762. Sponsors, John Adam 
Madern and wife Magdalena. 

Ache — Maria Susanna, b. April 18, 1762; 
bap. June 2, 1762. Sponsors, Samuel 
I'hilbert and wife Susanna. 


Saladin— Anna Catarina, b. March 28, 
1762; bap. June 6, 1762. Sponsors, An- 
dreas Reindzel and Catarina Kauf- 


wife, (Tulpehocken.) 
Uhrich — Johannes, b. Oct., 1762; bap, 
Oct. 31, 1762. Sponsors, Jacob Eprecht 
and wife. 

BARBARA, (Bethel.) 

Meyer— Maria Elisabetha, b. Oct. 22, 
1762; bap. Nov. 14, 1762. Sponsors, 
Phihpp Jacob Bortner and wife Elisa- 

Anna Maria, b. Dec, 1766; bap. 

Jan. 18, 1767. Sponsors, George Felty 
and wife Anna Maria. 


Bortner— Heinrich, b. April 24, 1761; 

bap. May, 1761. Sponsors, Heinrich 

Mueller and wife Jacobina. 
John George, b. Feb. 1, 1763; bap. 

April 1, 1763. Sponsors, George Velten 

and wife Anna Maria. 
Johannes, b. June 3, 1765; bap. 

June 16, 1765. Sponsors, Johannes Fel- 

ten and wife. 

Jones — Jonathan, b. March 27, 1761; bap. 
Aug. 31, 1763. Sponsors, Henry Sow- 
der and wife Sabina. 


CATARINA, (Bern.) 
Lang — Johannes Jacob, b. July 10, 1763; 

bap. Aug. 7, 1763. Sponsors, Jacob 

Lang and wife. 

Krehl— John Michael, b. Oct. 20, 1763; 

bap. Nov. 20, 1763. Sponsors, Nicolaus 

Wolf and wife. 
Carolus, b. July, 1766; bap. Aug. 

3, 1766. Sponsors, Carl Schedt and 


RINA, (Atolhoe.) 

Born 1763, Nov. 26; bap. Nov. 27, 


Stoever Records. 



Herger— Anua Margaretha, b. Oct. 30, 
1763; bap. Jan. 6, 1764. Sponsors, 
Cunradt Schmidt and wife Anna Mar- 

EVA BARBARA, (Paxtang.) 

Wunderlich— Eva Barbara, b. Feb. 27, 
1764; bap. March 4, 1764. Sponsors, 
Christoph Shupp, jr., and Catarina 

PETER ALBERT, (Bethel.) 

Albert— .John Peter, b. March 30, 1764; 
bap. May. 13, 1764. Sponsors, Martin 
Hess and wife. 

RINA, (Bern.) 

Filbert— Samuel, b. May 16, 1764; bap. 
May 20, 1764. Sponsors, Samuel Fil- 
bert and wife Susanna. 

BETH, (Derry.) 
Doyel— John, b. June 2, 1764; bap. June 

24, 1764. Sponsors, John Oehrle and 

wife Regina, 

ABETHA, (Bern.) 

Webert — John Heinrich, b. July 19, 
1764; bap. Aug. 12, 1764. Sponsors, 
John Heinrich Ache and wife Maria 


Geissemann — Anna Maria, b. Jan. 25, 
1765; bap. April 14, 1765. Sponsors, 
Adam Bach and wife Barbara. 


Schaack — Anna Elizabetha, b. April, 
1765; bap. May 12, 1765. Sponsors, 
Schaack and wife Elizabetha. 

CATARINA, (Hanover.) 

Herbert— John Thomas, b. Nov., 1764; 
bap. April 21, 1765. Sponsors Thomas 
Baseler and wife. 

Eva Margaretha, b. July, 1774; 

bap. July 30, 1764. Sponsors, Thomas 
Koppenhoeffer and wife. 


Bohr— John Mattheis, b. May, 1765; bap. 
June 16, 1765. Sponsors Mattheis Bohr 
and Elizabetha Catarina Neu. 

Gruenenwaldt— Maria Margaretha, b. 
July 18, 1765; bap. July 18, 1765. Spon- 
sors, Christoph Embisch and wife. 

NA ELIZABETHA, (Lebanon Town- 

Federhofif— John Friederich, b. Aug. 6, 

l(6o; bap. Aug. 11, 1765. Sponsors, 
Friederich Jensel and wife Maria 


Embisch— Johannes, b. Sept. 5, 1765; 

bap. Sept. 8, 1765. Sponsors, Phillip 

Gruenenwalt and wife. 
John Friederich, b. Feb. 22, 1767; 

bap. March 8, 1767. Sponsors, Philipp 

Marstaller and wife. 

and wife (Tulpe- 



Bickel— Maria Catarina, b. Sept. 9, 
1765; bap. Spet. 10, 1765. Sponsors, 
Jacob Schmidt and wife Juliana. 

Eliabetha, b. Sept 9, 1765; bap. 

Sept. 10, 1765. Sponsors, Jacob 

Schmidt and wife Elizabetha. 

John Tobias, b. Sept., 1766; bap. 

Sept. 21, 1766. Sponsors, .Tohn Jacob 
Schmidt and wife Margaretha. 


Hoerauf — John Heinrich, b. Sept., 1765; 
bap. Sept. 15, 1765. Sponsors, Jo- 
hannes Oehrle and wife Regina. 


Schneider— Maria Magdalena, b. Oct. 26, 
1764; bap. Sept. 29, 1765. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Naess and Maria Magdalena 

GEORGE SCHILL and wife. (Bethel.) 
Schill— John Peter, b. Oct. 11, 1765; bap. 

Oct. 27, 1765. Sponsors, Nicolaus Biel 

and Barbara Kuefer. 

CARL SCHEDT and wife, 
(Williams Borough.) 
Schedt — Margaretha, b. Dec, 1765; bap. 
Jan. 19, 1766. Sponsors, Michael 
Grehl and wife Margaretha. 


Esther, (Lebanon Town.) 
Schwartz — Johannes. Sponsors, George 
Sprecher and wife Margaretha. 

Dorothea, (Krupp Church.) 

Sprecher— John Christoph. b. Sept. 10, 
1766; bap. Sept. 20, 1766. Sponsors, 
George Sprecher and wife Eva Mar- 

JACOB WEBER and wife Anna 
Maria, (Lebanon.) 

Weber — Maria Catarina. b. Dec. 26, 
1766; bap. Jan. 11, 1767. Sponsors, 
Heinrich Boeckle and wife. 

JAMES WILLIAMS aud wife, now 

dead, (Bethel.) 
Williams — Johannes, b. Jan. 10, 1767; 


Stoever Records. 

bap. Jan. 18, 1767. Sponsors,Johannes 
Diebin and Margar. Haehnlin. 

Maria Elisab., (Bethel.) 

Biel— John Freiderich, b. Feb. 8, 17G7; 
bap. March 15, 1767. Sponsors,Martin 
Kuefer and wife Maria Elisabetha. 

PETER ELSZER and wife Anna 
Mar^aretha, (Warwiclv.) 

Elszer— Peter, b. Feb. 14, 1767; bap. 
March 23, 1767. Sponsors. George 
Michael Eichelberger and wife. 

(Krupp Church, of Lancaster.) 
Roeszle — Susanna, b. June 13, 1767; bap. 
Aug. 2, 1767. Sponsors, George Eberle 
and wife Susanna. 


ELISAB., (Lebanon.) 
Huber— John Jacob, b. July 27, 1767; 

bap. Aug. 2. 1767. Sponsors, Jacob 

Stieb and wife. 

JACOB ZIEGLER, Jr., and wife 
JUDITH, (Lebanon.) 

Ziegler — Philip Jacob, b. July, 1767; bap. 
Aug. 2, 1767. Sponsors, Philipp Bren- 
ner and wife. 


ANNA MAGAR., (Bethel.) 
Kuemmerling — Christoph Freiderich, b. 

Aug. 22; bap. Sept. 6, 1767. Sponsors, 

Christoph Frederich Weyman and wife 

Eva Maria. 

Glass— Christian, b. Dec. 25, 1768; bap. 

Jan. 29, 1769. Sponsors, Jost Schwert- 

zel and wife Susanna. 

MARGARETHA, (Lebanon.) 
Kraemer— John Adam. b. Feb. 19, 1767; 

bap. March 22, 1767. Sponsors, John 

Adam Waible and wife Anna. 


BARBARA, (Lebanon.) 
Ziebold— Catarina, b. July 19, 1769; bap. 

July 24, 1769. Sponsors, Conradt 

Braun, Sr., and wife Agnes. 
Anna Maria, b. July 19, 1769; bap. 

July 24, 1769. Sponsors, Michael 

Rieder and wife Anna Maria. 


MARIA, (Hanover.) 
Vogel — Andreas, b. (posthumous.), Jan. 
1770; bap. Jan. 14, 1770. Sponsors, 
John Martin Lang and Hannah Zim- 

Guard— Joseph, b. Feb. 4, 1770; bap. Feb. 

5, 1771. Sponsors, John Martin and 
his wife Sarah. 


BARBARA, (Hanover.) 
Strieker — Johannes Wilhelm, b. Feb. 26, 
1771; bap. April 1, 1771. Sponsors, 
j Jacob Wolf and wife Elisabetha. 


Geiss — Catarina, b. Sept. 17, 1753; bap. 
^ Sept., 1753. Sponsors, George Adam 
I Geiss and Catarina Muench. 


Meyer — John George, b. March, 1775; 
bap. May 14, 1775. Sponsors, John 
Roessle and wife. 


CATAR. MARGAR, (Swatara.) 
Bopp — Catarina, b. Jan. 28, 1776; bap. 

Feb. 11, 1776. Sponsors, Peter Fek 

and wife Catarina. 

MARIA, (Hanover.) 

Stucky — Anna Maria, b. Jan., 1776; bap. 
M&y 5, 1776. Sponsors, Wilhelm Hed- 

derich and wife Margaretha . 

ANNA MARIA, (Bethel.) 

Gassert — Johannes, b. June 28, 1776; bap. 
Aug. 25, 1776. Sponsors, Martin Kuef- 
er and wife Elisabetha. 

JACOB NEFF and his wife, (Williams- 
Neff— John Heinrich, b. Feb. 20, 1778; 

bap. April 5, 1778. Sponsors, Carl 

Schedt and wife Eva. 

GEORGE WALMER and wife, (Han- 
Walmer — Johannes, b. June 15, 1778; 

bap. Oct. 17, 1778. Sponsors, Johannes 

Walmer and wife Christina. 


j (Kruppen Laud.) 

Braunwell — John Heinrich, b. Oct. 11, 
1778; bap. Dec. 6, 1778. Sponsors, Mar- 
' tin Weitz and wife. 

(These entries were made after the 
death of John Casper Stoever in 1779.) 


Johann Frederick Stoever and wife Mar- 
garetha nee Daenscherlz. 

Stoever — Maria Catarina b. Jan. 9, 1781; 
bap. Jan. 18, 1781. Sponsors, Catarina 
Stoever, widow. 

Maria Catarina, b. 1782: bap. Oct. 

9, 1782. Sponsor, Catarina Stoever, 

Stoever Records. 


John Fredericn, b. April 15, 1785; 

bap. May, 1785. Sponsors, Samuel 

Mery and wife Catarina. 
'John Jacob, b. June 10, 1787; bap. 

July, 1787. Sponsors, John Caspar 

Stoever and wife Barbara. 

Johannes, b. Nov. 29, 1789; bap. 

July. Sponsors, John Stoever and his 
— ^William, b. Aug. 21, 1792; bap. 

Nov. 28, 1792. Sponsors, Johannda 
Stoever (son of Adam) and Catarina 
Franck, botli single. 

John Philipp, b. April 8, 1795; bap. 

April, 1795. Sponsors, John Philipp 

Cattarina, b. Oct. 13, 1798; bap. 

Nov. 4, 1798. Sponsors, Johann Glon- 
inger and wife Catarina. 


Record of person® united in Matrimony 
by me, John Casper Stoever, Evangeli- 
cal Lutheran Minister in Pennsylvania, 
Anno 1730: 


March 18. Daniel Rausch and Elisa- 
betha Optograef, Providence. 

April 27. Andreas Sebastian and Al- 
bertina Krauss, Hanover. 

May 30. Wilhelm Tscheill and Regina 
Leiiter, Leaicock. 

May 31. Heinrich Bayer and Ehsa- 
bertha ]Maria Zerwe, Tulpehocken. 

October 6. Peter Schell and Maria 
Catarina Walborn, Tulpehocken. 

Oct. 20. Johann Caspar Bergheimer 
and Elisabetha Catar. Kaeufer (or 
Kraeuser?), Providence. 

Oct. 21. John Heinrich Krebs and Ma- 
ria Barbara Krim. Hanover. 

Oct. 27. John Kitzmueller, sr., and 
Margaretha Mack, Earl Town. 

Oct. 28. Leouhardt Gran and Susanna 
Simons, Cocalico. 

Nov. 9. John George Schumacher and 
Catarina Dredhsler, Maeungie. 


Feb. 9. Jno. Jacob Mueller and Anna 
Maria Apollonia Hartman, Providence. 

Feb. 18. John Jacob Schwartz and 
Anna Catarina Rul, Maxatawny. 

Feb. 25. francis Reynolds and Oata- 
rina Steitz, Quittapahila. 

April 18. Robert Shmidt and Saraa 
Ginand, Oley. ^. , , 

April 26. Joh.n Philipp Firnszler and 
Marina Barbara George, Lancaster. _ 

May 5. John Urban Lang and Catarina 
Blum, Tulpehocken. . 

Jne 5. J6hn Kitzmueller, jr.. and i hil- 
ippina Christian Mack, Earl Town. _ 

Sept. 23. Charles Fulk and Catarina 
Harry, Manatawney. 

Oct. 19. Roger Evans and Margaretha 
Germun, Vannu'ral. 

Dec. 21. John Morgan and Anne Flan- 
nery, Colebrook Dale. 

Jan. 25. John Shmidt and Margaretha 
Pickets. Mauatawny. 

Feb. 19. William Evans and Catharine 
Weaker, Oley. ^ 

Feb. 20. Water Field and Anna Tom- 
son, Colebrook Dale. 

April 25. Joihn Jacob Kitzmiller and 
Anna Maria Somner, Earl Town. 

May 2. Peter Jacob Fehler and Maria 
Otilia Weiler, Oley. 


April 10. Friederich Heinrich Geelb- 
wicks and Maria Dorothea Euler, Provi- 

June 12. John Martin Koeblinger and 
Catarina Schneider, Hanover. 

June 18. Matheis Ochs and Anna 
Maria Steitz, Hanover. 

June 19. John Adam Romich and 
Maria Ursala Kraemerin, Skippach. 

June 22. Carl Valentin Michael 
Schuetz and Juliana Lips, Chestnut Hill. 

July 1. Andreas Beyer and Susanna 
Gatairina Berghmer, Providence. 

August 25. John Bartolomeus Horn- 
berger and Anna EUsabetha ReifEen, 
Chestnut Hill. . „. , 

August 28. John Michael Fischer and 
Anna Margaretha Kemp, Schuylkill. 

Sept. 27. John Jung and Elisabetha 
Catairina Rul, Mo«elem. 

Oct. 15. Hierodiymus Glantz and Erna 
Barbara Mack, Philadelphia, 
i Oct. 28. John Adam Schuler and Anna 
Elisabetha Kling, Chestnut Hill. 

Nov. 9. Andreas Stautzenberger and 
Johanna Francis. Lampert. 

Nov. 20. John George Kuntz and Cata- 
rina Ochs, Hanover. 


Stoever Records. 

Nov. 28. Mattheis Naesz and Maria 
Barbara Hoerdter, Skippacli. 

Dec. 11. Sebastian Zimmerman and 
Anna Elisabetha Levandt, Maxatauey. 

Dec. 18. Jobannes Kepner and Elisa- 
betha Kaerebner, Chestnut Hill. 

Dec. 18. Johannes Boebm and Anna 
Maria Burger, Providence. 

Dec. 25. Johann Michael Prob&t and 
Anna Maria Keller, CocaJieo. 

Dec. 26. John Leonhardt Immel and 
Maria Burcbert, Lancaster. 

Dec. 30. John Adam StoU ad Marga- 
retha Saber, Earl Town. 


Jan. 6. Baltliasar Schneider and Anna 
Oatarina Schmidt, Chestnut Hill. 

Jan. 7. Geo. Peter Bisswanger and 
Justina Elis. Riess, Geramntown. 

Jan. 8. John George Kohl and Barbara 
Beer, Skippacli. 

Jan. 29. Tobias Moser and Ursula 
Margar. Meyer, Hanover. 

Feb. 11. Johannes Huber and Elisa- 
betha Hoerdter, Oley Mountain. , 

March 8. Michael Nold and Maria 
Biarbara Pfleuger, Maselein. 

March 11. Johann Frederich Hartman 
amd Mar. Lindemann, Philadelphia. 

March 25. John Jacob Kuhn and 
Lucia Roht, New Goschenhoi>pen. 

April 15. Jacob Gerber and Agnes 
Baseler, Philadelpbia. 

April 28. Nicolaus Brintzler and Anna 
Margaretha Ort, Lancaster. 

Aprtil 28. Ottmar Schnaebele and Anna 
Margaretha Baetlin, Lancaster. 

May 21. Christoph Amborn and Su- 
samna Klauer, Coventry. 

June 6. John Michael Mooser and 
Ursula Dumb, New G oschenhoppen. 

June 25. Jacob Heller and Anna Bar- 
bara Pfautz, Leacock. 

Jnly 22. Antoniius Kneussel and Anna 
Barbara Doerr, Lancaster. 

August 13. .Johann Adam Tiffenbach 
and Maria Sybilla Koebel, Tulpehocken. 

Sept. 3. Adolf Mohr and Margaretha 
Schuetz, Leaoock. 

Oct. 1. John Jacob Weynandt ad Anna 
Stepihan, Leacock. 

Oct. 21. Jacob Mueller and Marga- 
retha Walther, Frankford, at Delaware 

Oct. 27. Philipp Rudiesile and Susanna 
Beyer, Conestoga. 

Nov. 12. Philipp Diebo and Magdalena 
Biber, Coventry. 

Nov. 14. John Adam Schillich and 
Rosina Widder, Coealico. 

Dec. 3. Nicolaus Coerper and Marga- 
retha Marstaller, Skippach. 

Dec. 18. Christopih Meyer and Anna 
Rosina Kopfeuhoefer, Lebanon. 

Dec. 29. Jacob Wuertz and Anna Bar- 
bara Hoof, Coventry. 


Jan 7. John George Petry and Sabina 
Roth Cumru. 

Jan. 10. Dajvid Bier and Elisabetha 
Trabem, Coventry. 

March 9. John Philipp Hoffman and 
Maria Anna Dieter, Tulpdhocken. 

April 1. Martin Frey and Maria Mag- 
dalena Willheut, Codorus. ^^ 

April 22. Paulus Bung and Maria '^ 
Barbara Catermaenn, Cooalico. 

April 29. John Mattheis Wagner and 
Elisabetha Stuep, Tulpehocken. 

May 4. George Adam Heyl and Anna 
Elisabetha Madinger, Lancaster. 

May 25. George Adam Stiess and 
Susanna Pechter, Lancaster. 

June 2. Michael Will and Christina 
Puder, Leaoock. 

June 17. Johannes Mueller and Anna 
MaiTtin Spaitz, Coealico. 
. June 17. John Casper Dorst and Anna 
Elisabetha Ferrar, Coealico. 

July 1. John George Heyl and Marga- 
retha Dill, Leacock. 

August 10. Jolhn George Bohrman and 
Catharina Motz, Warwick. 

-August 15. Nicolaus Koger and Maria 
Elisabetha Willheut, Codorus. 

August 16. Two English couples at I 
Susquehajnaia River, in Creesop's house. / 

Oct. 6. Johju Peter Kucher and Anna 
Bar. Koephenhoefer Lebanon. 

Oct. 14. John Wilhelm Albert and 
Maria Eva Allgeyer, Leacock. 

Oct. 16. Valentin Schultz and Maria 
Eva Stocker, Conestoga. 

Oct. 17. Friederi'ch Linneniburger and 
Anna Catarin Hildebrandt, Conestoga. 

Nov. 2. John George Hauck and Anna 
Maria Zint, Conestoga. 

Nov. 18. Peter Becker and Susanna 
Holtzbaum, Conesitoga. 

Nov. 25. Michael Raup and Anna 
Maria Meihel. Earl Town. 

Nov. 30. Martin Schoeffle and Elisa- 
betha Sieber, Conestoga. 

Dec. 26. Lanrentz Weber and Anna 
Maria Kirclihoefer, Leacock. 

Dec. 30. John Caspar Schaffner and 
Anna Maria Knobel, Lancaster. 

Dec. 30. Christian Andereck and Anna 
Catarina Jung, Lancaster. 


Jam. 12. John Geo. Biegel and Anna 
Mairia Plattner, Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 13. Valentin Schneider and Anna 
Kiebing, Coealico. 

Stoever Records. 


Jan. 20. Michael Kopf and Maria Mar- 
garetha Frey, Moden Creek. 

Jan. 20. George Hoegie and Anna Eva 
Frey, Moden Creek. 

Feb. 10. Jacob Schreyak and Barbara 
Wolfe, Hempfield. 

March 9. Jacob Verdriess and Cata- 
rina Enler, Warwick. 

March 21. Greorge Michael Koch and 
Anna Oatarina Ergebrecht, Warwick. 

March 29. Solomon Kremlich and 
Anna Christina Lapp, Perkiomen. t 

May 3. Two English couples at 
Opecken, in the presence of Lord Fair- 
fas, in the county of Orange and in the 
colo^ny of Virginia. 

May 25. Heinrich Klein and Anna 
Maria Bettlin, Warwick. 

May 30. Nicolaus Mueller and Cata- 
rina Lechner, Warwick. 

June 12. Valentin Groh and Elisabetha ! 
Schaeffer, Helm Town. 

June 14. Wilhelm Ellbrodt and Anna 
Beschel, Warwick. 

June 14. Heinrich BischofE and Elisa- 
betha Ellrodt, Warwick. 

June 22. .Jacob Heyl and Catarina 
Riehl, Lancaster. 

Aug. 29. .Johannes Schreyack and Su- 
sanna Kirn, Lancaster. 

Aug. 31. John Carl Hornberger and 
Ana Eva Saur, Leacock. 

Nov. 9. .John. Leonhardt Billmeyer and 
Anna Bart, Leacock. 

Dec. 14. Heinrich Geiger and Anna 
Barbara Becher, Earl Town. 

- 1737. 

Feb. 1. Thomas Willson and Anna 
y Catharina Henckel. Lancaster. 

Feb. 1. Joseph Mayhuw and Elisa- 
betha Swinehardt. Lancaster. 

Feb. 3. Johannes Sawer and Anna 
Currey, Leacock. 

Feb. 7. .John Peter Wissenandt and 
Maria Magdalena Suni, Cocalico. 

Feb. 13. Jacob Spannseilor and Elis. 
Magdalena Schmidt, Lancaster. 

Feb. 22. George Stephan Baumann and 
Maria Catar. Ergebrecht, Warwick. 

April 19. Martin Ivoeller and Magda- 
lena Leitner, I^eacock. . 

April 25. J^hilipp Knopff and Maria 
Elisabetha Hoffman, Earl Town. 

May 3. Anastasius Uhler and Dorothea 
lerg, Lancaster. 

Mav 10. Michael Bintz and Anna Eli- 
sabetha Huber, Earl Town. 

June 8. John Hodge and Elisabeth 
Windseeth. Jacob Thigh and Mary 
White. Daniel Hoolman and Elizabeth 
Cartlay, North River, Shenandoah, vul- 
go. Cockel Town in Orange county, in the 
Colony of Virginia. 

.Tune 20. Christian Loeffel and Maria 
Barbara Wittner, Catores. 

June 21. Johannes Ciedy and Esther 
Tusser, Beaver Creek. 

.Tune 21. Andreas Grass and Barbara 
Cledy. Beaver Creek. 

July 3. .lohn George Schmidt and Cat- 
arina Jung, I^ancaster. 

Aug. 15. Patrick Block and Mary 
Black, Lancaster. 

Sept. 7. Valentin Mueller and Eliza- 
betha Dorothea Lochmann, Earl Town. 

Sept. 13. .Johannes Uhrich and Marga- 
retha Brenneis, Cocalio. 

Sept. 14. Christoph Neumeister and 
Anna TjOuIs, Earl Town. 

Oct. 10. Lconhard Hof and Elizabehta 
Stout, Swatara. 

Oct. 23. John Jacob Frank and Anna 
Catarina Boiler, Jjancaster. 

Oct. 24. Michael Wittmer and Veron- 
ica Huber, Hampfield. 

Nov. 21. I^hilii)p Ziegeler and Marga- 
retha Schmidt, Cadorus. 

Nov. 21. George Meyer and Christina 
Ziegeler, Codorus. 

Dec. 4. William Lightel and Nolly 
Owens, Lancaster. 

Dec. 35. Antonius Rosenbaum and 
Barbara Baumaenn, Earl Town. 

Dec. 20. .Jonas Donner and Anna 
Schreyack, Cocalico. 


Jan. 9. Johannes Riegel and Catarina 
Elizabetha Schirmann. Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 15. Jacob Forsett and Eva Mar- 
garetha Weyer, Tulpehocken. 

,Tan. 15. Michael Becker and Anna 
Margaretha Diel. I^ancaster. 

.Tan. 17. John George Ziegeler and 
Margaretha Hamspacher, Codorus. 

Jan. 23. Edward Thumbury and Eliz- 
abeth Burney. Warwick. 

.Jan. 23. ^.chard Rampton and Eliza- 
betha Grandy, Warwick. 

Jan. 24. Adam Vollmar and Anna Mar- 
garetha Eichelberger, Conestoga. 

Feb. 6. John Welsh and Elizabeth 
Whitside, Quittapahilla. 

Feb. 7. .Johannes George Glassbrenner 
and Elizabetha Fischer, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 8. Johannes George Laub and 
Anna Winsjor, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 8. .Johannes Ivittner and Barbara 
Heinrich, Tulpehocken. 

Feb 12. John George Loewenstein and 
Catarina Ruscher. Jjancaster. 

Feb. 14. Erasmus Holtzapfel and 
Christina Ruscher, Earl Town. 

Ii\4i. 21. Johannes Volckman and Eliz- 
abeth Ferrir, Leacock. 

March 21. Johannes Jacob Dambach 
and Maria Elizabetha Seyboldt, Lancas- 


Stoever Records. 

March 26. Jonas Wolf and Anna Cath- 
erine Becker, Lancaster. 

April 4. John Frederich Eichelberger 
and Maria Magdalena Beber, Conestoga. 

April 4. Johann Peter Anspach and 
Magdalena Bockenmeyer, Tulpehocken. 

April 4. George Meyer and Barbara 
Zerve. Tulpehocken. 

April 21. Johann Jacob Weller and 
Anna Barbara Vieruhr, Hellam. 

April 22. John Hannthorn and Frances 
Low, Codorus. 

April 23. Johan George Gemeinhardt 
(or Schweinhardt) and Elizabetha Scholl, 

April 25. Johannes Ernst and Susanna 
Leitner, Leacock. 

May 22. John .Tacob Scherer and Phil- 
ippia Hauck, Codorus. 

May 22. John George "Wolf and Anna 
Maria Schmidt. Codorus. 

.June 5. John Jacob Neuschwanger 
and Maria Gertraudt Brumbach, Opaken. 

June 14. Patrick Kue and Martha 
Markley, Earl Town. 

June 25. Johannes Kuntz and Anna 
Elizabetha Catherine Stoever, Earl 

June 27. Johann Friederich Stein and 
Catherine Traber, Conestoga. 

June 27. John Heinrich Schultz and 
Anna Margaretha Rothrock, Conestoga. 

June 27. Mattheis Marcker and Cath- 
jarina Schreier, Mannheim. 

July 2. John Mountgomery and Esther 
Hueston, Earl Town. 

Aug. 2. Mattheis Schierisser and Cata- 
rina Koppenhoefer. Lebanon. 

Aug. 8. James McCall and Jane Har- 
ris, Earl Town. 

Aug. 8. .Justus Simon Wagner and 
Maria Elizabetha Klein, Moden Creek. 

Aug. 13. John Sharp and Margaretha 
McCnely. Lancaster. 

Aug. 13. Johannes Moll and Susanna 
Heintzmaenn. Lancaster. 

Aug. 14. Thomas Schmidt ar>d Esther 
Diren. Earl Town. 

Sept. 10. Peter Cornelius and Anna 
Catharina Vogel, Earl Town. 

Oct. 2. Robert Chreesty and Isabel 
Teep, Lancaster. 

Oct. 5. George Anderson and Elizabeth 
McDowel, Earl Town. 

Oct.8 . Alexander Makintyer and Mar- 
garetha Mt. Gommery. Earl Town. 

Oct. 15. Andreas Kraemer and Mag- 
dalena Birckel, Lancaster. 

Nov. 5. Andreas Mueller and Marga- 
retha Funck, Lancaster. 

Nov. 5. Thomas Bumpas and Anna 
Howard. Lancaster. 

Nov. 7. Jacob Greter and Maria Bar- 
bara Hart, Moden Creek. 

Nov. 10. Lazarus Wagner and Anna 
Catarina Bauck, Tulpehocken. 

Nov. 24. .Tohn Heinrich Traut and An- 
na Maria Baum, Monakesen. 

Nov. 26. Peter Habach and Catarina 
Berg, Monakesen. 

Dec. 3. Michael Proops and Maria 
Margaretha Corell, Lancaster. 

Dec. 12. Francis Reynolds and Ele- 
nore Thistle. Quittapahilla. 

Dec. 16. Samuel Swaller and Marga- 
retha Kroh. Conestoga. 

Dec. 31. Johannes Noll and Elizabetha 
Catharine Schaeffer, Tulpehocken. 


Jan. 2. George Philipp Dollinger and 
Maria Ferry, Pequea. 

Jan. 20. Alexander Grahem and Sarah 
Grahem, Earl Town. 

Jan. 21. Johann Ludwig Suesz and 
Eva Engelsch, Lancaster. 

Jan. 21. Philipp Stuertzer and Barbara 
Huber, Lancaster. 

Jan. 22. Patrick Clark and Anne Stew- 
ard, Hempfield. 

Jan. 23. Wendel Traut and Magdalena 
Walter, Strasburgh. 

Jan. 29. Johann Christian Lauer and 
Anna Catarina Sterf, Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 29. Peter Heylman and Salome 
Frey, Lebanon. 

Feb. 6. Balthasar Wendrich and Cata- 
rina Welder, Leacock. 

Feb. 6. Balthasar Boesshaar and Jo- 
hanna Dorothea Welder. Leacock. 

Feb. 15. Jacob Welsch and Elizabetha 
Wolf, Codorus. 

Feb. 25. John Bontz and Magdalena 
Hatt, Earl Town. 

Feb. 26. Johann Friederich Kapp and 
1 Eva Maria Graff, Tulpehocken. 
] Feb. 26. Johannes Hoehmann and 
Magdalena Hehnlin, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 26. John .Jacob Seibert and Maria 
Elizabetha Teiss, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 27. Martin Braun and Catharina 
Heuser, Warwick. 

March 13. John David Buehler and 
Margaretha Stoer. 

March 18. Andreas Borth and Anna 
Barbara Ivlein. Lancaster. 

March 18. Christian Geiger and Anna 
Maria Esskuchin, Lancaster. 

March 23. Stephen Gutman and Eva 
Margaretha Schmidt, Tulpehocken. 

March 26. Andreas Graff and Maria 
Magdalena Kreutzer, Tulpehocken. 

March 27. Joseph David Triessler and 
Maria Drusiana Rautenbusch, Lancas- 

March 27. Johann Stephan Tranckel 
and Eva Catarina Hambrecht, Lancas- 

Stoever Records. 


March 27. Jacob Eichholtz and Eliza- 
betha Klein, Lancaster. 

March 27. John George Graff and 
Maria Magdalena Braumwaehrt, Lan- 

April 10. Philipp Adam Endtler and 
Margaretha Gaeiss, Leacock. 

April 23. Leonhardt Breitensteia and 
Anna Maria Buengel, Earl Town. 

April 23. Johann Ulandt and Eliza- 
betha Lintner, Earl Town. 

April 23. John Adam Hambrecht and 
Elizabetha Barbara Heyl, Lancaster. 

April 23. John George Quickel and Ur- 
sula Mueller, Lancaster. 

April 23. Jo'hn Frederlick Carl and 
Catarina Elisabetha Olig, Lancaster. 

April 30. Peter Maag and Juliana 
Riheiuhart, Opeeken in Orange coumty, 

May 25. Midhael IMueller and Ger- 
braudt Gruen, Codorus. 

June 12. Andreas Kochendoerffer and 
Justina Catar. Kayser, Tulpefhocken. 

June 12. Peter Stout and Margaret'ha 
Cypher, Swatara. 

June 12. James Russell and Jane Rus- 
sell, Lebanon. 

June 13. John George Saeger and 
Anna Maria Kloter, Warwick. 

.June 15. Johann Michael Ivoerber and 
Elisabetha Ktaepper, Codorus. 

June 17. George Hutzel and Elisabetha 
S'cbweinhairdt, Manokesy. 

June 18. Philipp Morgensitern and 
Maria Eva Kuutz, Conewago. 

June IS. Moritz Mueller and Dorothea 
Beyerstall, Codorus. 

.Tune 19. John Mic'hael Schreiner and 
Anna Barbara Leorihardt, Lanca.ster. 

.Tune 25. John M'artin Oberlin and 
Anna Margaretha Naess, Warwick. 

June 25. John Hdinrich Foltz and 
Maria Eva Bluem. Warwick. 

July 13. John .Tacob Hill and Maria 
Appoi'onia Merckling, Moselem. 

July 10. Jdhn Deitridh Ulrich and 
Elisai'betha Gae'iss, Leacock. 

July 17. Thomas WMthead and Mar- 
gar. Shlaug'liter, Earl Town. 

July 24. Jlohn Heinrich Sauer and 
Maria Dorothea Englert, Cocalico. 

August 5. Balfhasar Sc'hneider and 
Oatharina Bader, Lancaster. 

August 7. John Geo. Motor and Anna 
Heckendorn, Earl Town. 

August 12. John George Buerger and 
Anna Catarina Kuenig, Warwick. 

August 19. John Wilhelm Ernst and 
EVa Catarina Badh, Lancaster. 

August 20. George Peter Schultz and 
Anna Catarina Hausknecht, Hempfield. 

August 27. John Wendel Braun and 
Maria Elisf^betha Ivnopf, Tnlpdhocken. 

August 2. John Ileyl and Werina 
Roenner, Tulpehocken. 

Sept. 2. John Steward and Sarah 
I Horsebrough, Lancaster. 
I Sept. 9. Christoph Labengeiger and 
Anna Catarina Hubel, Warwick. 

Sept. 10. Mic'hael Stump and Anna 
Catrarina Neff, 1'ulpehocken. 

Oct. 14. John George Ellinger and 
Maria Justina I^ew, Earl Town. 

Oct. 16. John George Honig and Maria 
Agnes Ivretscher. Lancaster. 

Oct. 16. Paul Burkhardt and Anna 
Eva Schwab. Earl Town. 

Oct. 23. John Heinrich Stoer and 
I Maria Barbara Bruechen, Moden Creek. 
1 Oct. 30. John George Hatt and Maria 
1 Magdalena Staengel, Earl Town. 
' Nov. 30. Matthew Clark and Elisa- 
betha Ingerham, Lebanon. 

Nov. 4. Abraham Hausswirth and 
Anna Maria Berghoefer, Codorus. 

Nov. 4. Edward Wells and Elisabetha 
Shmidt, Hallam. 

Nov. 16. James Cunningham and 
Anna Shadwell, Lancaster. 

Nov. 20. John Heinrich Wolf and Bar- 
bara Naess, Warwick. 

Nov. 25. John Caspar Schmidt and 
Christian Ivaufman, Lancaster. 

Nov. 25. Fredericti Thranberg and 
Maria Eva Wittmer, Lancaster. 

Dee. 3. Peter Knopf and Sophia Ca- 
tarina Gaemling, Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 4. Andreas Wolf and Regina 
Klein, Warwick. 

Dec. 20. Joihn George Schaiteler.Mona- 
casy, and Margaretlia Neff, Kreuz Creek. 

Dec. 22. John Marshal and Hannah 
Baldwin. Hempfield. 

Dec. 25. Nicolaus Honig and Maria 
ElisaJbetha Fisher, Lancaster. 

- 1740. 

Jan. 8. John Adam Oberlin and Catha- 
rina Agatha Stober, Warwick. 

Jan. 22. Frederich Haehnlin and Mar- 
garetha Oesterlin, Warwick. 

Jan. 15. James Huggens and Isabell 
Pleure, Earl Town. 

Feb. 5. John Adam Ganmer and Mar- 
garetha Ruscher, Hempfield. 

April 18. Isaac Rautenbusch and Mag- 
dalena Frey, Codorus. 

May 9. William Morgan and Mar- 
garetha Jones. Earl Town. 

Mav 10. James MeDuff and Mar- 
garetha Wood, Earl Town. 

May 13. Ulrich Hnebscher and Maria 
Marg'ar. Chaguin. Modon Creek. 

May 13. Jacob Halteman and Maria 
Catar. Boin, Moden Creek. 

May 21. Peter Sehaefer and Anna 
Schaufb, Manaquesen. 


IStoever Records. 

May 22. Jo'hannes Dierdorf and Mar- 
garetha Bhrtiardt, Conewago. 

May 22. John George Sehmeiser and 
Barbara Stambat^h, Codorus. 

May 27. John Michael Ehfhardt and 
Catarina Elisabetha Lesch, Tulpehoeken. 

May 27. George Michael Kittner and 
Maria Catar, Friederich, Tulpehoeken. 

May 27. John Philipp Maurer and 
Oatarina Rameler, Tulpehoeken. 

June 8. Andreas Eul and Catarina 
Margar Hoffman, Warwick. 

July 24. Stephan Rausch and Anna 
Dorothea Ziegler, Earl Town. 

July 28. John George Arnold and Han- 
nah Knopf, TulpeTiocken. [ 

August 11. John George Riedt and , 
Margaretha Pilich, Earl Town. 

August 11. Jacob Bauman and Eliza- 
betha Rueger, Earl Town. 

August 20. Balthasar Schoenberger 
and Anna Margar. Zwiekel. Conojahela. 

Sept. 19. Johannes luengling and Mar- 
garefha Elenora Beuckert, Conewago. 

Sept. 10. Friederich Kreuter and Anna 
Barbara Euler, Conewago. 

Sept. 23. Albinus Beyer and Anna 
Maria Steutz, Codorus. 

Oct. 5. John George Bohrmann {.nd 
Agnes Doerr, Warwick. 

Oct. 25. George Heard and Elenore 
Boyd. Warwick. 

April 29. Carl Eisen and Rebecca 
Hamspachor. Codorus. 

No'V. 9. Johannes Braun and Eva 
Kueffer, Tulpehoeken. 

Nov. 25. Jcyhn Waters and Sara'h Hop- 
kins, Conewago. 

Dec. 8. Andreas Kapp and Regina 
Sophia Siegmann, Tulpehoeken. 

Dee. 9. Nicolaus Geiger and Anna 
Margaretha Feg. Tulpehoeken. 

Dec. 26. .Tohn Daniel Diehl and Anna 
Maria Elisabetha Simon, W^arwick. 

Dee. 2*1. .Tohn Adam Simon and Maria 
Elisabetha Diehl. Warwick. 


Jan. 19. Valentin Bentz and Maria 
Catarina Oberlin, Cocalico. 

Jan. 23. John Heinrich Wilhelm and 
Catarina Haermaennin, Swatara. 

Feb. 10. George .Jacob Schnuerer and 
Catarina Bohrmann, Warwick. 

Feb. 17. Jacob Holtzinger and Maria 
Veronica Wittmeyer, Cocalico. 

March 27. Jo'hn Peter Volck and Anna 
Maria Boetten (a Quaker). Conestoga. 

March 30. John Leacoek and Esther 
Eshender, Martiek Townstip. 

April 5. .Tames Hinds and Margaretha 
Sknrl. Great Conewago. 

.April 5. John Martin Mannsperger and 
Margaretha Nuesdh, Cotlorus. 

April 8. John Simon Eitlen and Anna 
Magdaleua Kintz, Earl Town. 

April 12. Thomas Greuel and Marga- 
retha Koellmer, Tulpehoeken. 

April 12. Jacob Zorn and Anna Maria 
Gotteskind, Tulpe'hoeken. 

April 12. Gottfried Lautermileh and 
Anna Margaretha Meyer, Tulpehoeken. 

April 27. xibraham Wendel and Bar- 
bara Straup, Earl Town. 

June 7. John Jacob Sauebert and Su- 
sanna Sehuetz, Tulpehoeken. 

June 9. Michael Lauer and Maria Bar- 
bara Frey, Moden Creek. 

July G. John Weidman and Marga- 
retha Hausshalter, Cocalico. 

July 20. Christian Rotenbach and Mag- 
dalena Wagner, Cocalico. 

July 26. John Michael Quickel and 
Barbara Mueller, Conestoga. 

Aug. 4. John Michael Haagmeyer and 
Eva Frederica Weidman, Conestoga. 

August 20. Jacob Otlinger and Anna 
Johanna Josie, Codorus. 

August 20. George Adam Zimmerman 
and Anna Maria Motz, Codorus. 

Sept. 29. John Flat^her and Abernie 
Kare, Mash Creek. 

Oct. 6. Ulrieh Buerger and Magda- 
lina Binckel, Moden Creek. 

Oct. 13. Engelhardt Flohry and Elisa- 
betha Zerw, Tulpehoeken. 

Oct. 20. Nicolaus Roils and Catarina 
Margar. Schneider, Moden Creek. 

Oct. 26. Adam Guellin and Rebecca 
Worley, Conestoga. 

Nov. 10. Samuel Piekerstaff and 
Elisabeth Moor, Cana Shicken. 

Nov. 17. Jo'hn Christoph Traenckel and 
Anna Maria Si>engler, Lancaster. 

Nov. 21. James Tennin and Elisabeth 
Adams, of Swatara. 

Nov. 26. Gehrhardt Zimmerman and 
Elisabetha Beyer, Lancaster. 

Dec. 6. John Christian Schmidt and 
Juliana Pohin. Tulpehoeken. 
- Dec. 7. Nicolaus .Jungblut and Anna 
Maria Kappler, Tulpehoeken. 

Dee. 14. Jo'hn ISIie'hael Biegler and Su- 
sanna Reuseher, Conewago. 

Dee. 14. John Geo. Ulrieh and Cata- 
rina Sell, Conewago. 

Dee. 21. Jacob Kuehports and Maria 
Elis. Hnehnlin, Pequea. 

Dee. 28. Martin Stuep and Anna Su- 
sanna Wallbort, Tulpehoeken. 


.Tan. 3. Nicolaus Ivintzer and Anna 
Catara. Hoester, Quittapahilla. 

Jan. 9. .Taeob Storm and Mafia Saur- 
in. Earl Town. 

.Tan. 24. .Tohn noes ^lueller and Anna 
Barbara Sehuppinger, Tulpehoeken. 

Stoever Records. 


/ Jan. 25. Jacob Vollmar and Justina 
Kaercher, Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 26. Christian Gruber and Anna 
Kueningunde Stulp, Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 2G. Stephan Cunradt and Anna 
Catarina Stahlschmidt, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 23. James Waite and Catarina 
Evans, Earl Town. 

Feb. 24. George Stephan Mann and 
Maria Catarina Mueller, Lancaster. 

March 7. Johan George Kintz and 
Maria Elizabetha Quickel. Lancaster. 

March 9. Michael Kissinger and Cata- 
rina Roland, Cocalico. 

March 16. Melchior Heiter and Anna 
Maria Amborn, French Creek. 

March 22. .John Abraham Leppo and 
Anna Margaretha Schueler, Swatara. 

March 26. John Christian Schneider 
and Maria Magdalena Schaeffer, Earl 

March 26. Maurice Skullin and Brid- 
gitte Conally, Salsbury. 

March 29. Joseph Obold and Eliza- 
betha Hausshalter, Cocalico. 

April 7. Michael Mueller and Barbara 
Stucker, Codorus. 

April 7. Antony Hinds and Anna Ca- 
naan, Conojohela. 

April 18. Leonardt Umberger and Bar- 
bara Borst, Lebanon. 

April 16. John Wendel Heyl and Anna 
Trotter, Bethel. 

April 26. John George Emmert and 
Eva Maria Graff, Heidelberg. 

April 26. John Immel and Anna Bar- 
bara Lay, Tulpehocken. 

April 27. Christoph Witter and Chris- 
tiana Roeser, Cocalico. 

April 27. John Philipp Stoer and Anna 
Maria Holder, Warwick. 

April 29. Valentin Prey and Anna Bar- 
bara Meyer, Moden Creek. 

April 29. Martin Frey and Susanna 
Catarina Ensminger, Moden Creek. 

May 11. Nicolaus Martin and Eva 
Stover, Warwick. 

May 11. Jacob Neff and Christina 
Stober, Warwick. 

May 16. Michael Scholl and Anna 
Margaretha Helwig, Tulpehocken. 

May 16. Adam Helwig and Sophia 
Scholl, Tulpehocken. 

May 16. John Gilbert and Elizabetha 
Pannel, Swatara. 

May 16. John Kuehny and Elizabetha 
Cars, Swatara. 

June 8. Abraham Neff and Anna Chris- 
tina Loesh, Tulpehocken. 

June 9. John Welsh and Anna Sharp, 

July 4. Nicolaus Marret and Magda- 
lena Eub, Warwick. 

July 31. Philipp Linn and Catarina 
Buschfeld, Codorns. 

July 31. (rottfrey Frey and Margare- 
tha Linn, Codorus. 

August 8. Peter Wolf and Hanna 
Wolf. Tulpehocken. 

August 16. John Christoph Schupp and 
Anna Margaretha Pokin, Moden Creek. 

August 17. Heinrich Spanhauer and 
Anna Elizabeth Linn, Lancaster. 

Oct. 11. John Peter Schmidt and Eva 
Rosina Fauth Manakasy. 

Oct. 11. James Conner and Anne Cata- 
rina E'Urodt, Manakasy. 

Oct. 16. Gotthardt Dressel and Anna 
Maria Weill, Warwick. 

Oct. 18. Michael Umberger and Anna 
Maria Ramler, Tulpehocken. 

Oct. 19. .John Heinrich Ensminger and 
Christina Ouir, Cocalico. 

Oct. 24. Thomas McCarthy and Mar- 
garetha Dill. Conewaga. 

Oct. 29. Casper Loewe and Margaret 
Esskuch, Lebanon. 

Oct. 31. Ludwig Knopf and Marga- 
retha Fraelich, Tulpehocken. 

Nov. 19. John Michael Oberlin and 
Christina Zwecker, Earl Town. 

Nov. 24. .Tohn Causseler and Maria 
Catarina Pfleuger, Codorus. 

Nov. 24. .John Bichszler and Magda- 
lena Krohbiel, Codorus. 

Nov. 24. Carl Thiel and Maria Eliza- 
betha Ehrhardt, Codorus. 

Nov. 28. .John Peter Schmidt and Ma- 
ria Margaretha Huber, Tulpehocken. 


Jan. 6. Andreas Ketterle and Catarina 
Barbara Becher, Lebanon. 

Jan 14. John Pontius and Anna Cata- 
rina Zoeller, Tulpehocken. 

.Jan. 17. William Crogge and Catha- 
rine Kenny, Earl Town. 

Jan 18. Valentin Stober and Eva Eliz- 
abetha Beyer, Warwick. 

Jan. 23. Philipp Petry and Susanna 
Juliana Emmert, Northkill. 

Jan. 2.5. Martin Beyer and Anna Bar- 
bara Staehlin, Warwick. 

Feb. 1. John .Jacob Stober and Anna 
Catarina Naess, Warwick. 

Feb. 8. Heinrich Bauer and Marga- 
retha Bauer. Earl Town. 

Feb. 10. John Cox and Mary Cress- 
well. Salisbury. 

Feb. 20. John George Huber and Cata- 
rina Hoster, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 24. Sebastian Naess and Marga- 
retha Gross. Cocalico. 

Feb. 27. Jacob Renter and Anna Maria 
Frey, Moden Creek. 

March 13. John David Schaeffer and 
Anna Catarina Simon, Codorus. 


Stoever Records. 

March 23. Andreas Friederioh and 
Elizabetha Shoorck, Conestoga. 

April 5. John .Tost Schwat and Anna 
Maria Bricker. Earl Town. 

April 11. Michaol Katz and Anna Ma- 
ria Mohr, Tnlpehoekc^n. 

April 17. Daniel Huber and Anna So- 
phia Meyer. Warwick. 

April 19. .Johannes Kistler and Anna 
Magdalena Prossman. Tulpehocken. 

May 22. John Ermentront and Anna 
Elizaisetha Hedderich, Bern. 

May 30. Mattheis Boeckle and Maria 
Dorothea Riedt. Earl Town. 

June 20. John Callbreath and Martha 
Henderson. Hanover. 

June 28. Peter Laucks and Anna Bar- 
bara Kuerschner, Tulpehocken. 

July 3. Jacob Schaub and Barbara 
Heyer, Tulpehocken. 

July 24. Adam Faber and Anna Maria 
Hautsch. Warwick. 

July 31. Heinrich Meyly and Veronica 
Spitaier. Bethel. 

August 14. George Veit Kapp and Ger- 
traudt Priederich, Tulpehocken. 

August 23. Heinrich Wilhelm and 
Elizabetha Scherb, Bethel township. 

August 30. Heinrich Frey and Cata- 
rina Schauer, Heidelberg. 

Sept. 26. John Peter Wampler and An- 
na Barbara Brenneiss. Swatara. 

Oct. 10. George Michael Schollmeyer 
and Anna Barbara Huber, Warwick. 

Oct. 17. John Adam Hausshalter and 
Maria Elizabetha Weidman, Warwick. 

Oct. 18. John Philipp Kissinger and 
Catarina Heyl, Cocalico. 

Oct. 20. Nicolaus Kintzer and Juliana 
Schneider, Tulpehocken. 

Oct. 23. John Herman Eckel and Anna 
Margaretha Ohrendurf, Lebanon. 

Oct. 31. Caspar Meissner and Anna 
Barbara Echardt, Moden Creek. 

Nov. 29. John CasperEckhardt and 
Maria Catarina Ruhlmann, Cacoosing. 

Dec. 1. Jacob Sierer and Anna Cata- 
rina Schmidt, Earl Town. 
^ Dec. 9. John Jacob Fischer and Maria 
Elizabetha Friederich, Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 28. Johannes Zoeller and Maria 
Becker, Tulpehocken. 

- 1744. 

Jan. 1. John George Wittman and 
Anna Barbara Hausshalter, Warwick. 

Jan. 24. Philipp Meeth and Anna Ma- 
ria Ebert, Northkill. 

Jan. 21. John Tomson and Susannah 
Hammon, Lebanon. 

Jan. 31. John Tomson and Susannah 
Margaretha Vollmar, Bethel. 

Feb. 2. John Philipp Holinger and Ju- 
liana Umberger, Lebanon. 

Feb. 7. Sebastian Huber and Catarina 
Mueller, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 8. Robert Jones and Hannah Pat- 
terson, Hanover. 

Feb. 14. Hartman Verdriess and Cat- 
arina Bender, Warwick. 

Feb. 28. John Philipp Strauss and An- 
na Margaretha Reinier, Bern Township. 

March 3. Daniel Gray and Mary Pat- 
ton, Lebanon. 

March 12. .Tohann Heinrich Enssmin- 
ger and Maria Barbara Crautzdorf, 

March 25. John Jacob Haeckert and 
Agnes Bohrman, Warwick. 

April 8. John Herman Lehn and Mairia 
Catarina Weidman, Warwick. 

May 22. John Friederich Zeh and Ma- 
ria Ottilia Stempel, Swatai-a. 

.Tune 4. John Zerwe and Catarina Stup, 

June 19. John Martin ICirstaetter and 
Magdalena Huckenborger, Lebanon. 

.July 8. Christian Bienen and Maria 
Sara Maenuerin, Swatara. 

August 14. Jacob Zartman and Maria 
Magdalena Rehm, Warwick. 

Oct. 2.Wiliam Leadsoorth and Eliza- 
beth Loodenton, Bethel. 

Nov. 12. .John George Kastnitz and 
Anna Maria Gottliebiu Dupss, Bethel. 

Nov. 20. .John Philipp Schaefer and 
Christina Ensminger. Cocalico. 

Dec. 16. John Philipp Martzeloff and 
Maria Sybilla Frey, Moden Creek. 


.Tan. 15. George Andreas Ziegeler and 
Anna Margaretha Madern, Swatara. 

•Tan. 29. Peter Negele and Maria 
Bucnckel, Cacoosing. 

March 24. Jacob Wuest and Catarina 
Barbara Ringel, Cocalico. 

March 26. .Johannes Wolleben and An- 
na Margaretha Wuerst, Tulpehocken. 

April 7. Philipp Breudel and Maria 
Christman, Cocalico. 

April 7. .Tacob Faber and Catarina 
Agatha Iverlinger, Warwick. 

April 9. Caspar Schaefer and Anna 
Margar. Erster, Tulpehocken. 

April 15. John Frederich Stulp and 
Anna Barbara ICarcher, Tulpehocken. 

April 16. Michael Rudh aaid Anna 
Fran'tzina Merekling, Moselem. 

May 7. Philipp Adam Diller and Maria 
Magdalenja Ellmecker, Earl Towm. 

.Tune 16. John Philipp Hertz and Su- 
sanna Hautz, Moden Creek. 

June 18. Chrrsitoph Meyer and Catari- 
na Braun, Warwick. 

.July 22. John Adam Fried and Anna 
Margar. R^hm, Warwick. 

Stoever Records. 


Aug. 4. Plorian Buringer amd Philip- 
pine Ohristiian Kitzmiller, Tulpehocken. 

Aug. 11. Wilhelm Spatz and Anna 
Elisabetha Staebler. Cooalieo. 

Sept. 19. James Carr and Mary Hyde 

i&ept. 24. Johin Cunradt Tempelmann 
and Mania Blisab. BuecMn, Lebanon. 

Dec. 10. Frederick Kraemer and Anna 
Maria Merckling, M'oselen. 


Jan. 7. Mattheis Boger and Anna Mag- 
dalena Wampsler, Lebanon. 

Jan. 8. Joibannes Meyer amd Anna Ma- 
nia Essel, TulpebO'Cken. 
Jan. 26. John ]\Iic'ii/ael Braum and Anna 
Karger, Warwick. 

Feb. 10. George Balmer and Anna 
Elizabeth Sauter, Oonestoga. 

Feb. 11. Michael Ackermainn and Anna 
Barbara Albert, Lebanon. 

March 17. Ohristian Lutz and Maria 
Magdai. Wissenandt, Moden Creek. 

April 27. Leonhardt Kern and Anna 
Margaretha Schmidt, Swatana. 

May 11. .Tacob Ivauterrmann and Cata- 
rima Mueller, Swatara. 

May 15. James Glarck and Margare/tha 
Tnafcter, Lebanon. 

May 25. Johannes Kue^hny and Mar- 
garetha Schneider, Swatara. 

July 6. Jacob Ramler and Eva Marga- 
retha Franck, Tulpehocken. 

July 13. Gearge Gross and Anna Oata- 
riiraa Schneideir, Warwick. 

July 27. Heinric'h Mayer and Anna 
Barbara Graff, Warwick. 

Sept. 9. John Philipp Scthreiner and 
Eva Oatanina Boltz. Manheim. 

Oct. 21. Johan Christoph Suess and 
Catarina Eliisabetiha Haager, Warwick. 

Got. 21. Johainn Wilhelm Stober and 
Anna Margaretiha Suess, Warwick. 

Nov. 18. Johann George Haussiualter 
and Margaretha Balmer, Wajiwick. 

Dec. 1. Wiiihelm E'hrhardt ami Anna 
Oattarina Schreiner, Warwick. 

Dee. 3. Dennis Druggon and Jdhanna 
Oomner, Lebanon. 

Dec. 15. William Packwood and Sarah 
Hough, Betlhel. 

Dec. 21. Michael Aver and Maria Bar- 
ibaira Spiess, Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 21. John Adam Weber and Bar- 
bara Jaeger. Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 22. Valentin Von Huss and Maria 
Barbara Zerwe, Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 22. Jothn George Meyer and 
Galtarina Zerwe, Tulpehocken. 

Jan. 13. .Jacob Brenneiser and Anna 
VeTOmiIca Wampsier, Lebanon. 

Feb. 10. Paul Ebrecht and Barbara 
Miargaretha Sauter, Warwick. 

Feb. 16. John Von Husa amd Hannah 
Cheeck, Heidell>erg. 

March 16. George Michael Wildfang 
and Sophiia Oatarina Vefitheim, Tulpe- 

Mardh 23. Balthasar Boesshaar and 
Anna Maria Schaefer, Leaoock. 

April 7. Jacob Lehnherr and Eva Ma- 
ria Haager, Warwick. 

May 17. William Keeper and Clara 
Tanner, Warwick. 

June 2. Adam Wittman and Oatarina 
Gansert, Moden Creek. 

.June 3. William Treese and Mary Grif- 
fith, Newberry. 

August 24. George Immler and Chris- 
tina Fuss, Coea^lico. 

Sept. 15. Wilhelm Geiger and Eva 
Barbara Stober. Warwick. 

Oct. 12. Jacob Reess and Rachel Dyx, 
servants at Henry Schmidt's, Bethel. 

Oct. 13. James Barnet of Coneco- 
eh(vigue and Martha Rogers, Hanover. 

Nov. 2. Michael Bauer and Anma Maria 
Lentz, Warwick. 

Nov. 17. Joseph McCro'ry and Roass 
Feree, Hanover. 

Dec. 14. William Grace and Mary Mc- 
NeaJy, Hanover. 

Dec. 29. Valentin Herchelrodt and 
Eliisiabetha Meusser, Lebanon. 

Dec. 29. .Tacob Schober and Marfia 
Dorothea Zimmerman. 
I Feb. 1. Mattheis Pflantz and Elisa- 
betha Balmer, Warwick. 

Feb. 7. Matthelis Kaempfer and Maria 
Magdla. Reimer, Northkill. 

Feb. 7. George Wolfert and Elisabeth 
Zimimerman, Atolhoe. 

\ March 15. David Zeller and Maria 
Christina Hoerner, Warwick. 

March 21. Thomas Mackey and Mary 
Meben, Hannover. 

IMarch 29. John Heinrich Deck and 
Catarina Barbara Froehlich, Tulpehock- 

April 3. Heinridh Berger and Anna 
Rosini Fohrer, Tulpehocken. 

May 1. Martin Eisenhauer and Anna 
Barbara Graff, Atolhoe. 

Mav 2. Peter Goettel and Eva Frieder- 
icih, Bethel. 

May 10. Moses Moor and Jane GrSUig- 
hin, Lebanon. 

May 10. Johannes Michael Gundtacker 
and Maria Margar. Scheidt, Warwick. 

.Tune 15. Abraham Richardson and 
Mary Margaretha Mintz, Ivebainon. 

June 20. Christoph Wittman and Mary 
Adams, Cocalieo. 


Stoever Records. 

Jtrne 21. Adam Schneider and Anna 
Mairia Dort, Lebanon. 

June 21. George Midbael Bronner and 
Barbara Tempelmann, Lebanon. 

July 3. Greorge Broeckle and Juliana 
Adiaim, Earl Town. 

June 21. George Michjael Bponnea* and 
Banbara Templeimiann, Lebanon. 

July 14. Samuel Jones and Radiae] 
Tlittle, Be(theJ. 

Sept. 8. Joihn Oooper and Jane Vamer, 

Sept. 24. Joihn Oarr and Margaretha 
Ross, Lebanon. 

Sept. 26. Jonas Adam and Anna Eva 
M'edpel, Barl Town. 

Oct. 10. Wolf Heinrldh Bronner and 
Anna Oatarina Eussminger, Oooalico. 

Oct. 13. Peter Tittle and Mary Hough, 

Oct. 24. JaoDib Schmidt and Maria 
Catanilna Eoissminger, CocalSco. 

Oct. 25. Joihn Michael Wagner and 
Elisiabetha Madem, Swatara. 

Oct. 30. Leonlhiardt Faber and Oatarina 
Baribara Roesser, Swatara. 

Oct. 31. Joseph Roth and Maria Mar- 
garelia Zerwe, Tulpehockenu 

iNov. 29. Sebastian Brosius and Marga- 
reithia Roth, Tulpehocken. 
J I)e€. 11. Joihann Leonibardt Foersiter 
land Oaitarina Pisidher, Tulpelhoeken. 

Dec. 21. Joihann Jacob Dietz and Cata- 
tSna Holtziwiart, Lebanon. 


Jan. 8. George Borden and Anna Oata- 
rina Umhehauer, I^ebanon. 

Jan. 9. Balthiasiar Stammgiast and 
Elisabetha Sterneberger, Atolhoe. 

Jan. 12. Robert Ellit and Elisabetlha 
Aar, Lebanon. 

Jan. 17. Rudolpih Brenneisen and Anna 
Barbara Schaeffer, Oooalico. 

Jan. 18. Peter Lessle and Susanna 
Wialther, Warwlick. 

Jan. 30. Joseph Neu and Anna Eva 
Luct, Moden Greek. 

Feb. 9. William Wilson and Sarah 
Allen, Lebanon. 

Mardh 2. Samuel Packw^ood and Mary 
Pannel, Bethel. 

March 3. William Gibsion and Anna 
Paxtang, Bethel. 

iMarch 14. Johannes Schwialb and Eva 
Margar. Ramler, Tulpehocken. 

May 1. William Morris and Rebecca 
OMiphants, Lebanon. 

iMay 7. Oornelius Macarty and Elisa- 
beth Codougan, Nantmeal. 

June 1. David Pitts and Weilsh Lewis, 

June 4. Jno. Heinrich Hansz and Maria 
Barbara Franck, Warwick. 

June 20. Domincus Bartholomaei and 
Adelhedt Paffeniberger, Tulpehocken. 

June 26. Andrew Nelson and Elisiabeth 
Brooth, Paxtang. 

July 23. John Peter Strahl and Anna 
Miargar. Geblin, Norithkill. I 

Sept. 12. Samuel Bedg'ht and Anna " 
Cori-y, Paxtang. 

Oct. 24. George Vellty and Ainnia Maria 
Meyer, Bethel. 

Nov. 14. Vincens Kuefer and Eva Ma- 
ria Hubeler, Derry. 

Dec. 31. Joh/ann Adiam Kroeber and 
Anna El'isab. Fisohgess, Oooalico. 



Jan. 30. Samuel Welsh and Sarah 
Reynolds, Bethel. 

Feb. 4. Heinrich Stelin and Juli'ana 
Andre, Atolhoe. 

Feb. 7. Joihn Syllaben and Anna Old, 
Feb. 11. Hansz George Hoells and Anna 
Barbara Hoff, Obcalico. 

Feb. 20. John Jacob Roeteer and Ma- 
ria Elisab. Brosiuis, Atolhoe. 

Feb. 26. Herman Lattur and Barbara 
Spickler, Warwlick. 

April 1. Jothannes Eberth and Maria 
Ellisiab. Ri^hm, Northfcill. 

April 24. Leonhardt Mueller and Maria 
Barbara Eichelberger, Warwick. 

April 26. Adam Buerger and Maria 
Barbara Meyer, Lebanon. 

May 10. Midhiael Zimmerman and Eva 
Kuenig. iSwatara. 

iNlay. 20. Johannes Roop and Marga- 
ret'ha Frey, Moden Oreek. 

May 27. John Oberlin and Anna Maria 
Eva Wolf, Atomoe. 

May 28. Gottfried Baumgartner and 
Anna Oatarina Kueffer, Lebanon. 

June 1. James Old and Margaretih'a 
Davies, Ijanoasiter. 

June 25. John Henderson and Anna 
Simple, Letbanon. 

August 14. John Mattheis Bohr and 
Maria Elizabeth Neu, Lebanon. 

Sept. 16. John Abraiham Stein and 
Anna Miaria Roehrer, Atolhoe. 

Sept. 25. George Maess and Anna 
Maria Kreuber, Bethel. 
I Oct. 7. John Heinrich Krum and Anina 
i Oatraina Giesser, Warwick. 

Oct. 9. Jacob Wagner and Magdalena 
Gehriiardt, Lebanon. 

Oct. 9. Johann Wolf Kissner and Anna 
Sabina Bindtnagel, Le'banon. 

Oct. 23. Johann Frederich Zimmerman 
and Maria Margar. Lutz. Warwick. 

Stoever Records. 



Jan. 8. Noa'h Frederieh anid Margia- 
reitha Becker, Belthel. 

Jan. 8. Peter Gutman and Anna Maria 
Hauck, Bethel. 

Jan. 10. Johannes Becker and Catarina 
Umberger, Lebanon. 

Jan. 10. Thomas Davies amd Nels 
Read, Leiban'on. 

Jan. 15. Andreas Schweiekhardt and 
Maria Catarina Schaeffer, Cocalico. 

Jan. 21. John Brenneisen and Chris- 
tina Minier, Bethel. 

Jan. 31. David Stewart and Sarah 
Siuken, Hanover. 

Feb. 5. Johann Peter Falten and 
Maria Catarina Neu, Lebanon. 

Feb. 12. Philipp Adama Balmer and 
Marg-aretha Oberlin, Warwick. 

Feib. 19. Hanzs Martin Ergebrechit and 
Susanina Forr, Lebainon. 

Feib. 24. Bernhardt Adam and INHarga- 
rettha Doerr, Cooalieo. 

April 19. John Adam and Maria Eva 
Sc'hraidt, Moden Creek. 

April 27. James Jeffreys and Radiel 
Grays, of Paxtang. 

April 28. Peter Riedt and Maria 
Catarina Biegler, Tulpehocken. 

May 16. Joseph Zieffle and Maria 
Oatarina Guenthuer, Leibanon. 

May 21. Jacob Riedt and Maria Eva 
Ivi'llhoeffer, Warwick. 

May 21. Joihannes Staengele and Anna 
Elis:aib. Oberholzer, Warwick. 

June 11. Seibastian Kirs^taetter and 
Magdalena Derver, Lebanon. 

June 18. John George Bichelberger and 
Christina Dorothea Besit, Lebanon. 

June 18. Melchior Winckelmann and 
Barbara Sigrist, Lebanon. 

July 16. Olemence Gillig'ham and Mar- 
garetha Patty, of Middle Pensborougt, 
Cumberland county. 

July 21. Friederich Wolf and Anna 
Barbara Meyer, Atolboe. 

Sept. 8. Joihn George Meyer and Maria 
Catarina Reyer, Warwick. 

Oct. 8. Frantz Caspar Wagner and 
M'argar. Kirstaetter, Lebanon. 

Nov. 7. John Valentin S<^hreiner and 
Anna Elisalbetha Wolf, Lancaster. 

Nov. 8. Jacob Backesitoss and Elisa- 
betha Kulin, Lancaster. 

Nov. 10. Daniel Lucas and Eva Mar- 
garetha Ulrich, AtoHhoe. 

Nov. 17. Cunradt Wagner and Anna 
Maria Malvir, Warwick. 

Nov. 17. Geo. Peter Wielandt and 
Anna Margar. Weiss, Warwick. 

Dec. 17. Joseph Stout and Catarma 
Meylie, Bethel. , ^ ^ 

Dec. 17. James Rafler and Barbara 


Jan. 1. Joihn Heinrih Weidtmann and 
Catarina Bassler, Warwick. 

Jan. 2. Peter Kraemer and Magdalena 
Leidyn, Lebanon. 

Jan. 5. George Muench and Catara. 
Margar. Guthman, Northkill. 

Jaji. 7. George Michael Graff and 
Maria Margar. Meyer, Bethel. 

Jan. 7. Johannes Eisenhardt and Ver- 
onica Meyer, Belthel. 

Felb. 11. Johann Jacob Vierling and 
Catarina Sdhack, Warwick. 

Felb. 24. Joihannes Kissinger and 
Catarina Sauermilcih, Cocalico. 

Mardh 8. Johannes Haehnlein and 
Anna Catar. Kuntz, Cocalico. 

MarcTi 17. John Welsih and Marga- 
retha Irving, Paxton. 

March 20. Daniel McCardy and Nancy 
Weackly, Yellow Breeches, Cumberland 
March 31. Leonhardt Mueller and Anna 
Maria Raetelsperger, Lebanon. 

April 19. Nicolaus Brosius and Anna 
Bart>ara iSchaeffer, Atolhioe. 

April 19. Simon Eschbach and Eva 
K'autzmann, Atolhoe. 

April 19. Christian Beriteler and Cata- 
rina Mueller, Warwick. 

June 17. Abraham Irbin and Anna 
Buys, Hanover. 

June 23. William Coppels and Jane 
McMollon, Hanover. 

June 29. HumiVhry Cuningham and 
Rhoda Zemmera^l, Hanover. 

July 5. Adam Bredht and MargarelJha 
Ba'ttesteld, Bethel. 

July 5. Adam Baum. of Derry, and 
Veronica Gingerich, Warwick. 

Sept. 14. George Osborn and Marga- 
retha Clark, Paxtang. 

Sept. 24. Heinrich Fryman and Anna 
Caitarina Gesel'l, Heidelberg. 

Oct. 24. Christian Bechtel and Anna 
Margaretha Beutelstein, Tulpehocken. 

Nov. 7. Samuel Bell and Jane McLean, 
of Middle Pensboro'. 

Nov. 17. Henry Swaney and Barbara 
Ferguson. Paxtang. 

Nov. 14. PhiTipp Weigandt and Mag- 
dalena Baur. Lebanon. 

Dec. 12. John Ludwig En.sminger and 
Eva Christina Philipp, Cocalico. 

De«. 12. Christian Philippy and Anna 
Maria Ensmiinger, Cocalico. 

Dec. 20. James McNeese, of Bethel, 
and Marg<aretha Allen, Lebanon. 

- 1753. 

Jan. 23. Jacob Scthnaeibele and Su- 
sanna Hurter. Bethel. 

Jan. 23. John Nicolaus Franck and 
Mara Catarina Fuchs, Hanover, 


Stoever Records. 

Jan. 30. Johtn Adam Barth and Elisa- 
betha Weisenkind, Lebanon. 

Feb. 12. Johannes Schock and Margar, 
Wagner, Bern Town. 

Feb. 26. Michael Kally and Mary 
Kuhny, Bethel. 

Feb. 27. Henry Cowen and Jane Var- 
ner, LebanJon. 

Marc'h 4. Frederich Klingel and Caita- 
rina Hang, Coca'lieo. 

March 25. Pliiripp Armbruester and 
Amna Ohristina Tennewald, Swetl. 

March 27. Midhael Woihlfart'h and 
Elisabetha Sommer, A'tdlhoe. 

April 8. Andreas Schaeffer and 
Catarina Henning, Atolhoe. 

May G. Joihannes Hnber and Maria 
Elisab, Ritscher, Lebanon. 

Miay 29. Jobn Giliighan and Marga- 
retha Clark, Hanover. 

June 5. Jbban Midhael Kirstae'tJteT and 
Maria Dorot'hea Dietz, Lebanon. 

June 5. Peter Gelaspi and Sarah En- 
son, Paxtang. 

July 19. Robert McCellain and M'ary 
Merans, Pax-ton. 

Aug. 14. Heinr'icb Hortle and Catarina 
Firnssler, Lebanon. 

Sept. 10. Richard Benson and Mary 
Dereib, Derry. 

Sept. 11. Pbi'lomey Kienen and Eleo- 
nore Kiefe, Hampfield. 

Oct. 21. Heinridh Adam Schneider and 
Anna M'argar. Schneber, Atolhoe. 

Nov. 4. John Martin Schmidt and 
Maria Apxwllonia Tennewald, Derr5^ 

Nov. 27. Jo'hn Peter Dinnies and Anna 
Johanna Luecker, Warwick. 

Nov. 27. Christoph Friederidh Weeg- 
man and Anna Maria Keller, Derry. 

Nov. 29. James Wallace and Elisa- 
beth Elder, Hanover and Paxtang. 

Dec. 16. Jobn George Flohr and Maria 
Catarina Motz, Atolhoe. 

Dec. 17. John N'icolaus Sc'haeffer and 
Maria Smsanna Haag. Northkill. 

Dec. 18. George Wendel Keller and 
Barbara Stranp, Bethel. 

Dec. 30. Jacob Huber and Anna 
Catarina Anton, Derry. 


Jan. 12. Jbbannes Ache and Anna 
Margare'tha Kraft, Bern. 

Jan. 23. William Galbreath and Mar- 
garetha Buebanon, Carlisle. 

Jan. 25. James Low and Isabell 
French, Hanover. 

Feb. 10. Johannes Herr and Ana Mar- 
garetha Dietz, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 10. Andreas Schaat and Maria 
Elisabeth Kraft, Bern. 

March 1. Johannes Nicolaus Holder, 
jr., and Catarina BreCht, Bern. 

March 10. Johann Heinrich Beyer and 
Salome Suess, Tulpehocken. 

April 7. Johann Friederioh Wieland 
and Ana Eva Soerer, Atolhoe. 

April 15. Cunradt Roenninger and Su- 
sana Margr, Ss'huetz, Paxtang. 

May 2. William Clark and Eliziabeth 
Hough, Leibanon and Hanover. 

May 18. John Nicolaus Ensminger and 
Christ. Elisab. Philippin, Oocalieo. 

May 23. Robert Gibson and Els. 
Davlies, Leibanon. 

June 2. Johannes Kloosz and Maria 
Barbara Strauss, Bern. 

June 2. Jobn Jacob Matz and Anna 
Magdal Sophia Koenig, Tulpehocken. 

June 3. Johann George Obermeyer and 
Maria Magdl Rosenbach, Bethel. 

June 25. Caspar Heussler and Rosina 
Schrellbecker, Lebanon. 

June 28. WiHiam James and Marga- 
retba Rogers, Hanover. 

August. 5. George Hansz Dietridh and 
Veronica Meyer, Lebanon. 

August 10. Peter Rosenberger and 
Maria Albredht, Hanover. 

Aug. 12. John Nicolaus Hennicker and 
Anna Roeser, Warwick. 

Aug. 12. Casper Riedt and Anna 
Schaefer, Atolhoe. 

Aug. 25. Johannes Kuenimerly and 
Catarina Margaretha Dieb, Bethel. 

Aug. 27. Simon Burckard and Cata- 
rina Brandes, Lebanon. 

Sept. 9. Benjamin Ainsworth and Mary 
Oar, of Hanover. 

Sept. 12. James Woodside and Mar- 
garetha Trotter, Derry. 

Sept. 16. Johannes Meyer and Marga- 
retha Grojean, Derry. 

Oct. 8. Jacob Zerwe, jr., and Anna 
Elizabetha Spiess, Atolhoe. 

Nov. 3. Ludwig Weidner and Maria 
Engel Gerst, Heidelberg and Bethel. 

Nov. 25. George Michael Eichelberger 
and Christina Elser, Warwick. 

Nov. 28. William Williams and Re- 
becca McCaddoms, Bethel. 

Dec. 2. Michael Bunert and Barbara 
Schnelb. Bethel. 

Dec. 15. John George Haag and Anna 
Margaretha Bechtel, Bern. 

Dec. 22. Laurence McCarthy and 
Sarah McCafferty, Warwick. 


Jan. 5. Adam Hiesner and Magdalena 
Weidman, Moden Creek. 

Jan. 9. Wilhelm Lutz and Catarina 
Deininger. Derry Township. 

Jan. 13. Andreas Morr and Catarina 
Roenninger. Bethel. 

Jan. 13. Christian Kaufman and Mag- 
dalena Schnaebele, Bethel. 

IStoever Records. 


Jan. 30. Samuel Kent and Isabel 
Schmidt, Paxton. 

Feb. 9. Dieter Gerberich and Anna 
Margaretha Rudolph, Atolhoe. 

Feb. 13. John Dieben and Anna Mar- 
garetha Ramler, Hanover and Heidel- 

Feb. 24. Thomas Walcker and Sarah 
McCaughlin, Hanover. 

Feb. 25. John Caspar Obermann and 
Magdalena Seubler. Warwick. 

Feb. 25. Ludwig Wohlfahrdt and Anna 
Margaretha Hoeg, Warwick. 

March 10. Johann George Ludwig and 
Maria Christina Beutelstein, Tulpehock- 

March 11. Jacob Pretzius and Maria 
Magdalena Aulenbach, Tulpehocken. 

March 11. Johannes Oehrle and Re- 
gina Siechelin, Derry. 

March 30. George Mueller and Anna 
Margaretha Augenstein, Warwick. 

April 9. Adam Riesz and Anna Marga- 
retha Seemahr, Bethel. 

April 28. James Johnson and Ruth El- 
let, Upper Paxtang in the Narrows. 

April 28. Jacob Weltz and Magdalena 
Bird, Paxtang. 

May 15. Robert Montgomery, Bethel, 
and Chrysy Walker, Derry. 

May 19. Johannes Stein and Maria 
Barbara Gebhardt, Atolhoe. 

May 25. Johannes Haeker and Doro- 
'''thea Wirschumer, Moden Creek. 

May 28. George Sprecher and Eva 
Margaretha Schwab, Lebanon. 

June 10. William Roger and Marga- 
retha Collwell, Hanover. 

June 29. Philipp Hauss and Anna 
Elizabetha Friederich, Tulpehocken. 

July 21. Johann Adam Bohr and Anna 
Barbara Labengeiger, Lebanon. 

July 21. Johann Peter Pannekuchen 
and Catarina Dietz, Lebanon. 

August 3. Johann Adam Wirth and 
Eva Elizabetha Schnug, Lebanon. 

August 12. Johann Michael Kessinger 
and Anna Maria Crasser, Derry. 

August 26. Johann George Stang and 
Anna Maria Deck, Tulpehocken. 

August 26. John George Roessler and 
Elizabetha Catarina Aras, Lebanon. 

Sept. 23. Jacob Dobler and Anna 
Hough, Bethel. 

Sept. 23. Samuel Stout and Mary Eliza- 
beth Thomns. Bethel. 

Sept. 23. Lorentz Fischer and Catarma 
Boner. Bethel. 

'■ Sept. 25. John Daugherty and Juliana 
'<'Shuel. Paxtang. ^ ,^ . ^,. 

Oct. 5. Lorentz Kurtz and Maria Eliz- 
abetha Saur. Lobanou. 

Oct. 14. Martin Oberlin and Eva Na- 
gel, Atolhoe. 

Oct. 16. George Kleinfelter and Anna 
Barbarina Keller, Susquehanna. 

Oct. 19. Martin Weszncr and Eliza- 
betha Sprecher, Hanover. 

Oct. 20. Joseph Brix and Rosina Bar- 
bara Despenet, Tulpehocken. 

Oct. 27. Michael Lentz and Catarina 
Kaufman, York. 

Nov. 2. Peter Balmus and Anna Maria 
Pretz, Derry. 

Nov. 9. Balthaser Hetzler and Anna 
Barbara Dohm, Heidelberg. 

Nov. 18. Johann Adam Stoehr and Eva 
Catarina letter, Lebanon. 

Dec. 19. IJlrich Volck and Maria Eliz- 
abetha Ebert, Derry. 


Jan. 7. Thomas Welsh and Agnes 
Alexander, Paxtang. 

Feb. 8. John George Roth and Maria 
Barbara Spieler, Tulpehocken. 

Feb. 10. George Rein and Anna Maria 
Meyer, Lebanon. 

Feb. 15. Johannes Hey and .Juliana 
Maul, York. 

March 8. Johannes Werner and Chris- 
tina Grossmann, Bethel. 

March 9. William Breaden and Isa- 
bella Wallace, Derry. 

March 23. Abraham Clark and Jane 
Clark, Lebanon. 

March 25. Michael Malfir and Anna 
Eva Schnug, Lebanon. 

March 30. lost letter and Eva Cata- 
rina Hubeler. Lebanon. 

April 20. Peter Maurer and Catarina 
Elizabetha Kniesz, Bethel. 

May IS. Adam Wilson and Mary 
Brown, Derry. 

May 30. John Nicolaus Haag and 
Anna MaTia Redebach, Northkill. 

May 30. Peter Muench and Eva Maria 
Ritzmann. Atolhoe. 

Junel. Johann Martin Kirstaetter and 
Elizabetha Bickel, Lebanon. 

June 2. Samuel Reed and Agnes 
Braeden, Derry. 

June 13. Melchior Webert and Eliza- 
betha Bieuer. Bethel. 

June 13. Heinrich Mueller and Cata- 
rina Frey, Derry. 

June 15. George Hansz Dietrich and 
Dorothea Boltz. Lebanon. 

July 4. Wendel Keller and Elizabetha 
Fuch's, Bethel. 

July 6. John Walker and Jane Wilson, 
Derrv and Heidelberg. 

July 0. John ^lichael Pfrang and Anna 
Catarina Griuir. Lebanon. 

July 11. John George Kupper and 
Elizabetha Zimmerman. Lebanon. 

July 25. John Peter Heberliug and 
Anna Maria Kendel. Atolhoe. 


IStoever Records. 

July 25. George Schenck and Barbara 
LanR, Atolhoe. 

July 27. P]rasmus Rosenberger and 
Anna Catarin Baumgaertuer, Hanover 
and Bethel. 

April 14. Samuel Gowdy and Sarah \ 
Morton, Paxtang. 

April ID. Johann Martin Kuefer and 
Elizabetha Meyer, Bethel. 

April 2ti. Johann Casper Stoever, jr., 

August 22. Jacob Soerer and Maria ; and Anna Maria Barbara Nagel, Leba- 

Catarina Bender, Atolhoe. 

August 23. Bartholomaeus Heck and 
Margaretha Aulenbach, Heidelberg. 

August 24. John Nicolaus Schmidt and 
Barbara Suess. Warwick. 

August 24. William Thrennin and Jane 
Tweed, Derry and Donegal. 

August 26. Joseph Scot and Anna Kal- 
liah, Lebanon. 

August 26. Robert Hueston and Eliza- 
beth Wacker, Hanover and Derry. 

Oct. 7. James Black, of Derry, and 
Elizabetha Rogers, Hanover. 

Dec. 29. Christian Ewig and Anna 
Magdalena Schmidt, Warwick. 

Dec. 29. Philipp Hofmann and Cata- 
rina Balmer, Warwick. 

Jan. 6. Christoph Schomm and Anna 
Elizabetha Hausz, Atolhoe. 

Jan. 6. John Peter Ritzmann and An- "^ Sept. 27. Patrick McCrannighan and 

na Christina Stuepp, Atolhoe. 

Jan. 11. Johannes Wunderlich and 
Maria Elizabetha Siechelin, Derry. 

Jan. 18. George Drapel and Margare- 
tha Drember, Warwick. 

Jan. 25. Johannes Weidner and Maria 
Salome Guenther, Hanover. 

Feb. 6. Jacob Fehler and Anna Weiss, 

Feb. 10. Johannes Mueller and Eliza- 
betha Magdalena Fuechs, Hanover. 

Feb. 15. John Peter Ritscher and An- 
na Margaretha Kirber, Lebanon. 
\ March 1. Michael Fischer and Maria 
Magdalena Eisenhauer, Bethel. 

March 2. Mattheis Schmutz and Re- 
gina Zwerontzor, Lebanon. 

March 6. John Christoph Muench and 
Maria Barbara Holder, Bern. 

March 8. John Gahus and Elizabeth 
Straghorn, Hanover. 

March 14. John Lerkin and Margare- 
tha Thompson, Lebanon. 

March 14. Wendel Keller and Catarina 
Dorothea Haberland, Lebanon. 

March 15. Andreas Kochendoerfer 
and Elizabetha Nagel, Bethel. 

March 22. John Jacob Boltz and Cata- 
rina Madern, Lebanon. 

March 29. Johannes Krueger and An- 
na Margaretha Heydt, Lebanon. 

April 13. Jacob Zimpfer and Anna 
Maria Lorentz, Lebanon. 

April 14. John Crocker and Mary 
Chambers, Paxtang. 


May 30. Johannes Schneider and Eva 
Oberlin, Derry. 

May 31. Johannes Kuemmerling and 
Anna Maria Pfrang, Lebanon. 

May 31. George Hatz and Anna Mar- 
garetha Dieb, Lebanon. 

July 24. Jacob Walther and Anna 
Maria Kaufman, Bern. 

July 24. Asahel Bayer and Maria Eva 
Spieler, Atolhoe. 

Aug. 2. Johannes Philippy and Maria 
Eva Barbara Eichelberger, Warwick . 

Aug. 7. Martin Schmidt and Catarina 
Fischer, Lebanon. 

Aug. 15. Emanuel Suess and Susanna 
Mueller, Warwick. 

Sept. 4. Hansz Ulrich Huber and Eliz- 
abeth Firnsler, Lebanon. 

Sept. 20. James Crampton and Su- 
sanna Likens, Paxtang. 

Catarina Daugherty, Paxton. 

Oct. 16. John David Fiess and Anna 
Maria Kaufman, Bern. 

Oct. 18. Peter Kraemer and Anna 
Margaretha Ernst, Lebanon. 

Oct. 25. John Adam Neu and Veronica 
Barbara Koemmet, Lebanon. 

Nov. 22. John Heiurich Hertle and 
Catarina Kuehn, Lebanon and Bethel. 

Nov. 24. John Nicolaus Brechtbiel and 
Juliana Diller, Lebanon. 

Nov. 24. Sebastian Nagel and Maria 
Magdal. Diiller, Bethel. 

Dec. 11. Frederich Schnock and Elis^ab. 
Gerbrig, Atolhoe. 

Dec. 20. Adam Stephan and Mari'a 
Agnes Pfrang, Lebanon. 


Jan. 3. George Fiischer and Anna 
Elisabeth, Knopf, Lefbanon. 

Jan. 5. Mattheis Weinmar and Cata- 
rlina Voileimer, Derry. 

Feb. 5. Adam Koch ajid Anna Cata- 
rina Duckner, Bern. 

Feib. 6. George Loos and Anna Barbar. 
U'hrioh, Tulpeh'oeken. 

Feb. 14. John Jaco'b Dickel and Eva 
Miargaretha letter, Lebanon. 

Feb. 14, Antonius Ditzler and Anna 
Magdalena Mader, Bethel. 

Feb. 27. Antioniuis Karmenie ajid Anna 
Christina Hetzler, Leibanon, 

Feb. 28. Johannes Berger and Anna 
Barbajia Hoerohelrodt, Heidelberg. 

Stoever Records. 


March 29. Andreas Bartruff and Chris- 
tina Sophda Klein, Lebanon. 

April 2. Johannes Hebberling and 
Maria Elisab. Pressler, Lebanon. 

April 4. JoJin Martin Kuemmerling and 
Elisaibetha Kirs tetter, Lebanon. 

April 10. Christoph Heiarich Rein- 
ihioldt and Sophia Louisa Amweg, Co- 
ca lieo. 

April 10. Jacob Schmidt and Elisabetha 
Hoerchelrodt, Heidelberg. 

April 24. A'braham Heydt and El!is.a- 
btha Sieg, Lebanon. 

May 1. David Purviance and Mar- 
garetha McEntyre, Paxtang. 

May 15. George Adam Geiss and Anna 
Barbara Haag, Bern. 

May 23. Johann Stroh or Strauss and 
Ann'a Maria Fischer. 

May 28. Caspar Hinckel and Maria 
Eva Voilniar, Tulpehocken. 

May 28. Jacob Strauss and Elisabetha 
Brecht, Bern. 

June 19. John George Dumm and Anna 
Cktarina Pflantz, Derry. 

June 15. Robert Rogers and Anna 
Christina Ramberg, Lebanon. 

July 2. Peter Fischer and Ca'tarina 
Bockle, Lebanon. 

July 16. Johannes BuscTi and Anna 
Maria Huber, Heidelberg. 

July 23. Joihlannes Lescher and Anna 
Catarina W<yhllfa'hrt, Atolhoe. 

August 17. Jothainn Sebastian Stiegler 
and OaitaT. Margr. S^eideflbinder, Modeu 

August 29. Carolus Scheldt and Maria '■ 
Eva Se'lzer, Warwick. 

Sept. 22. Benedict Ledig and Maria 
Juliana BoeOimer, Heidelberg. 

Oct. 15. Melchior Ditzler and Maria \ 
Eva Lerter, Atolhoe. 

Nov. 6. George Stober and Eva Elszer, \ 

Nov. 13. Jdhn Jacob Stiegeler and 
Maria Catar. Stobler, Moden Creek. 

Nov. 14. Johann Schwedckhardt Inn- 
boden and Eleanora Diller, Lebanon. 

Nov. 21. Samuel Adaan and Oatarina 
Gansert, M'oden Creek. 

Nov. 30. Benjamin Varner and Mary 
Homes, Yellow Breeches, Cumberland 


Jan. 29. Johlannes Stdhler and Anna 
Maria Glassibrenner, Heidelberg and Leb- 

Feb. 1. Robert Whitehill and Elenore 
Reed, Pequea and Hanover. 

Feb. 5. Jobannes Reid and Dorothea 
Roehrer, Atolhoe. 

Mch. 4. Johannes Deck ajid Anna 
Schmaebel, Atolhoe. 

Mc/h. 5. Jacoib Sprecher and Dorothea 
Blecher, Lebanon. 

April 16. JoQiann Christoph Kern and 
Maria Oaitarina Wagner, Tulpehocken. 

My 20. Jolhainnes Schwartz and Cat- 
arina Esther Mueller, Moden Creek. 

Mlay 27. Christian Rannberg and Eliz- 
abeth Lang, Hanover. 

July 9. Heinridh Gei^hard/t and Cata- 
rina Bendter, I^banon. 

Aug. 21. Peter Brechbiel and Maria 
Catarina Franck, Lebanon. 

Aug. 21. Jacoib Strauss and Elizabetha 

Aug. 30. Thomas Clark and Margare- 
tha Heydt, Ivebanon. 

Sept. 18. Martin Herman and Anna 
Dorothea Borst, Lebanon. 

Oct. 28. Philipp Baasz and Anna Wefi- 
mer, Lebanon. 

Oct. 28. Joihn Ernst Curt and Miarga- 
retha Riedt. Lebanon. 

Nov. 4. Matthias Hess and Eva Caita- 
rina Stober, Warwick. 

Nov. 11. John Leonhardt Fischer and 
BairbaTa Ger'hardt, Bethel. 

Dec. 13. James Huens and Maria Sa- 
bJna Felleberger, Lebanon. 


Jan. 13. Simon Berger and Anna Ma- 
ria Dorothea Prederioa Busser, Atolhoe. 

Jan. 13. Jacob Saltzer and Anna Maria 
Truekemmuelller, Atolhoe. 

Jan. 15. Andreas Beck and Anna We- 
ber, Donegal aind Hanover. 

Jan. 21. Jacob Ziegeler and Juliana 
Kirstetter, Lebanon. 

Jan. 21. Abraham Schaefifer and Maria 
Barbara Sirer, Lebanon. 

an. 22. Adam Dumm and Catarina 
Heydt, Le(banon. 

Feb.l9. David Herbster and Anna Ma- 
ria Ba/Tbara Hacker, Lebanon. 

Feb| 26. Framtz Caspar W^agner (wid- 
ower), and Elizabetha Wirtz, Lebanon 
and Cocalieo. 

Mch. 12. Joihannes Meyer and Eva 
Catarina Hoegien, Conestoga and War- 

April 6. Peter Thomas and Era Maria 
Sip, BetheJ, Berks county. 

May 4. John Daniel Madern and Ma- 
ria Elisab. Strauss, Bern Townslhip. 

May 6. John George Sddelmeyer and 
Magdalena Wagner, Bethel. 

May 6. Antondus Hemperle and Ju- 
liana Bainnanm. Derry. 

May 9. Jdhn Hume and May Cunning- 
ham. Hanover. 

May 13. John Stiirtzen and Elenore 
Ferrys, Paxtang. 

May 20. Wendel Hautz and Catarina 
Elizaba. Riegel, Bethel, Leb. Co., and 


Stoever Records. 

May 20. Gteo. MicQlael Muench and 
M'aTda Miagrlal. Wiaffner, Bern, and Tul- 
pethocken, B. C. 

Ju'ne 2. Geo. Obermeyer and Anna 
Barbara Vogt, Hamover. 

Jiiine 9. Peter McOartliy and Nancy 
Thooipsion, Lebanon. 

June 9. Laurence Rack and Brigittei 
Sitrattel, Lebanon. 

June 16. Wi'lhelm Weyhrieh and Maria 
Eliza ba. Simon, Hamover. 

June 17. Midiael Lindenmuth and Ma- 
ria Eve Noeeker, Heddelberg. 

June 26. M.i(?h,ael Kirber and Anna 
Mar'ia Schlatter, Lebanon. 

June 29. Midhael Bayer and Oatarimia 
Elizabeitiha Haag, Bern. 

June 29. Jacob Wagner and Maria 
Appdlonia Muenc'h, Bern. 

July 3. Jiaimes Andrew and Jane 
'Campbell, Ha<nover. 

July 6. Adam Bayer and Maria Sara 
Ritschor, Lebanon. 

Aug. 14. Isaac Martin and Elenore 
Clark, Hanover. 

Ang. 19. PhiMpp Jacob Bortner and 
Maria Elizaibetlia Velt. Bethel. 

Aug. 24. Johannns Pfiaffenberger and 
Otillia Margar. Boeitzel, Atolhoe. 

Aug. 26. Tlioas ^leKee and Else Whit- 
side, Yellow Breeches. 

Aug. 31. Abrahnm Kroh and Maria 
Schaeffer, Bethel. Lebanon Co. 

Sept. 2. John Ohristoplh Friederich and 
Ana Maria Wagner, Lebanon. 

Sept. 15. Joseph Killgore and Isalbell 
Stephens, Paxtang. 

Sept. 16. Jo'hn Brown and Anna Maria 
Moiser, Bethel. 

Sept. 16. Christian Mueliler and Eliz'a- 
beth Ried, Lebanon. 

Sept. 23. Robert Dixon and Mary Gel- 
aspie, Derry. 

Sept. 29. Edward Steans and Mary 
Martin, Lebanon. 

Oct. 7. John Martin Gross and Cata- 
rina Schuetz, Paxtang. 

Oct. 14. Peter Benedict and Maria 
Bliz'abetha Lauck.ster, Lebanon. 

Oct. 23. John Michael Firnssler and 
Maria Cater. Hedderioh, Lebanon and 

Oct. 23. Peter Hedderich, jr., and Mar- 
gair. Hoerchelradt, Hanover and Heidel- 

Oct. 28. Matthies Staub and SopMa 
Fischer, lyebanon. 

Nov. . John Hitze a;nd Oatarina Sharp, 

Nov. 10. John Heinrich Ache and Ma- 
ria Oatarina Philbert, Cocalico and Bern. 

Nov. 16. Peter Elsser and Anna Mar- 
garetha Stoever. 

Nov. 18. George Ulriclh and Elizabeth 
Naess, Le'banon and Coeailico, 

Nov. 18. James Atkinson and Anne 
Cai-nill or Camell Lebanon and York 

Nov. 2.5. John Friederich Kuefer and 
Sabina Vollmar, Derry and Bethel, 

Nov. 25. Heinrich Mueller and Jaco- 
bina Wagner, Bethel. 

Dec. 2. Mattheis Schwertzel and Cait- 
arina Barbara Laey, Lebanon. 

Dec. 4. John Crawford and Elizabeith 
Bell, Hamover. 

— Dec. 7. Greo. Adam VoJimar and Cath- 
arine Wadther, Tuipehocken. 

Dec. 30. William Graham and .lane 
Hill, Hanover. 

Dec. 30. John Christian Demmen, or 
Dennam, and Margar. Magdal. Mueller, 


.Tan. 10. David Harris and Mary Mag- 
ham, of Paxtang. 

Jan. 22. James Millighan and Agnes- 
Strain, Derry. 

Jan. 22. John Edwards and Saraih 
Strain, Derry. 

Jam. 27. Johann Wendel Weber and 
Elizab. Magdalena EiChelberger, Leba- 

Feb. 3. John George Held and Maria 
Magdalena Wolf, Lebanon. 

Feb. 5. John Collins and Catarina Fin- 
ley, Lebanon. 

Feb. 17. Thomas Kintzel and Ana Ma- 
ria Holderbaumi, Lebanon. 

Mch. 1. David Meuerle and Maria Mag- 
dalena Kaufmann, Bern. 

Mch. 19. Thomas Atkinson and Eliza- 
beth Williams, Lebanon. 

Mch. 20. John Campbell and Jane 
Stuart, by license, Hanover. 

April 5. Johann Ludwig Traber and 
Maria Magdal. Willich, Derry. 

April 7. .Joihann Ludwig Kleber and 
Anna Magdalena Ellinger. Lebanon. 

April 28. .Tohn Martin Bindtnagel and 
Maria Elizabetha Sprecher, Derry. 

April 30. Johann Friederich Kuhbaiich 
and Anna Catarina Felt, Lebanon and 

April 30. George Meyer and Barbara 
Felt, Lebanon and Bethel. 

May 11. Christian Goellnitz and Maria 
EJizab. Steg, Lebanon. 

May 19. Peter Kuefer and Anna Wai- 
bel. Bethel and Lebanon. 

June 2. Robert Karr and Martha 
Karr, Donegal. 

June 3. Timothy Brannen and Eliza- 
beth Bold, Paxton. 

.Tune 4. Abraham M'Clunty and Sarah 
Bard, Lebanon and Hanover. 

June 11. George Williams and Jennet 
Beans, Hanover, 

Stoever Records. 



June 16. John Daniel Stroh and Cata- 
rina Barbara Ilhler, Lebanon. 

June 10. Heiurioh Schnatterle 
Anna Barbara Uhler, Lebanou. 

June 21. Johanu Nicolaus Deck, jr., 
and Maria Magdalena Weudrich, Atol- 

Aug. 1. John Gantzon and Sarah Dig- 
gy, Paxtang. 

Aug. 11. Jdhn Strain and Sarah GliJ- 
lin, Derry. 

Aug. 27. John Dunkin and Elenore 
Sharp, Salisbury and Hanover. 

Aug. 31. William Wallace and 
Clark. Tipper I'axtang. 

iSept.22. WLlliajm Reed and Ruth Wil- 
li'aims, Hannover. 

Sept. 30. Benjamin Sterret and Mar- 
garetha Shealds, Hanover and Derry. 

Oct 6. Jno. Jaooib Kitzmueller and 
Catanina Peter, Dejbanon. 



Sept. 2. Laurence Clark and 
Clark, by license, Lebano-n. 

Sept. 0. James Pettigreiw and 
Ainsjworth, by license, Hanover. 

Sept. 7. Jacob Egler (?) and Catarina 
Bilianis (?), Lebanon and Lancaster. 

Sept. 12. Wilhelm Bendig and Anna 
Christina Lang, Halifax and Middletown. 

Seirt. 12. John Jacob Burchhardt and 
Anna Welter. Paxtang and Middletown. 

Sept. 12. Adam Gutman and Regina 
Mooser, Hanover. 

\r -rr+V ^^P*- -^- *^*^^" Michael Fischer 
•'"•^'TpAnna Magdalena Fischer, Bethel. 
Sept. 30. William :\IcCrabliord 
Hannah_McCullock. Paxtang. 

Oct. 5. John Lauglin and 
Preece, Hanover. 

Nov. 9. Christoph Schaiber and Maria 
Eva Rosina Strauss, Tulpehocken. 
Nov. 9. Johannes Lang and 




Oct. 20. James Craft'ord and Rossanna Oatarina'Strauss Bern 


Allison, Hanover and DonegaQ. 

Nov. 10. Joseph Bobinsom and M'arga- 
retha Walliams, Hanover. 

Nov. 12. John McGomiery and ChTiis- 
tian Positer, Hanover. 

Nov. 23. Hugth Hall and Sarah Liske, 
Lower Paxtang. 

Noiv. 26. Henry Little and MargaTetha 
Reed, of Paxtang. 

Dec. 22. William Craig and Elizabeth 
Gilliman, Denry and Hanover. 


Marclh 23. Samuel Forgy and Sara 
Wil.son, Paxtang. 

April 18. Jo'haun Phiilipp Firnsisler and 
Anna Christina Stoever, Lebanon. 

April 20. Franitz Caspar Wagner and 
Elisiabetha HaeJi'lin, in Rapbo. 

April 20. Jacwb Friederich Danninger 
and Anna jNIartia Balmu.s, in Rapho. 

April 22. John Hudehinson and Welsh- 
burn Pitts, Derry. 

April 22. Jonathan Cumminis and Mary 
Carr, Paxtang. 

Apiril 27. Owen Davies and Anna Ma- 
nia Weber, Lebanon. 

May 17. John Robinson and Mary 
Beset, Lebanon. 

May 18. Benjamin Davies and Lyddia 
Cloward. Lebanon. 

Junie 7. William Bear and Sarah Boile 

Jue 29. Peter Guemther and Maria 
Catarina WiMiams, Derry. 

July 22. Thomas Kees and Rebecca 
Shniidt. Midletown and Paxtang. 

August 24. George Fischer and Elisa- 
beth Cunradt, B<>thel and Lebanon. 

August 29. Wilhelm Stein and Cata- 
rina Scheddt, AtoJhoe. 

Nov. 10. Michael Lawleer and Mary 
Preece, Bethel and Hano'ver. 

Nov. 22. Jacob Ivooser and Margaretha 
Schmidt. Bethel and Heidelberg. 

Nov. 23. George Weyhrich and Eva 
Barbara Mooser, Hanover. 

Nov. 30. Theobaldt Mueller and Cata- 
rina Elisab. Enssminger, Cocaloco. 

Dee. 18. Paulus Brickie and Cata- 
rina Kupper, other side of Blue Moun- 

Dec. 18. .Tames Rough ajid Anna Elisa- 
betha Appel, Bethel, lierks county. 

Dec. 19. .Johannes Tvraemer and Anna 
I Margar. Gebhardt. Bethel, Berks county. 
I Dec. 27. Peter Schmeltzer and Cata- 
jrina Thau, Bethel, Berks county. 


Jan. IS. William Walker and Agnes 
Walker, by licens'e, Derry. 

Feb. 22. Daniel Wunderlieh and Eva 
Barbara Sieehlin, Paxtang. 

April 23. .Tames Forster and Dorcas 
I Forster. Paxtang. up Narrows. 

May 12. Conradt lauch and Emma 
Margar. Sip. Bethel. Berks county. 

May 10. Thomas Filbert and Catarina 
Batteiger. Bern. 

May 10. Heinrich We^r and Elisa- 
betha Filbert. Bern. 

May 17. .TohVinn^^s Messerschmidt and 
Citarina Becker, Derry. 

May 21. Caspar Boeder and Regina 
Gerhardt. Bethel. 

June 10. William Dean ' and Martha 
McNut. by license, Hanover. 
j .Tune 20. .Tohannes Partemer and Anna 
I Catarina Schupp. Derry. 

July 1. Samuel Martin and Margaretha 
I McCarthy, Derry. 


Stoever Records. 

July 18. Peter Balmier and Magdaleoaa 
Hoeg, Warwick. 

July 24. Johannes Fehler and Eva 
Catarina Raup, Bethel. 

Aug. 14. Daniel Loseh amd Elisalbetha 
Stang or Staug, Derry. 

August 15. Thomas McNitt and Elisa- 
beth Steel, Derry. 

August 23. Thomias Preece and Janie 
Loughlin, by license, Hanover. 

August 25. John Mourdag^h and Jane 
Sheals. by liceiise, Paxtang. 

August 30. Christian Lehman and Eva 
Maria Koppenhoefer, Tulpehoeken. 

■Sept. 1. Robert McLung and Elisabetb 
Kearsen, Paxtang. 

Oct. 4. Jno. Burohardt Bohr and Lucia 
Hennietta Bartholusis, Bethel and Han- 

Oct. 23. Jacob iS<?heretz and Ellisajbetha 
Rausch, Lebanon. 

Nov. 5. George Philipp Ohagrin a;nd 
Catarina Hemberlin, Middletown. 

Nov. 5. Lopentz Huebscher and Mag- 
dalena Schaeffer, Middletown. 

Dec. 4. Heinrich Albrecht ^and Maria 
Bar^bara Haepplin, Middletown. 

Dec. 11. Samuel Laney and Chryssil 
Scot. Paxtang. 

Dec. 13. Nicolaus Kilimer and Elisa- 
beth/a Teiss, Lebanon. 

Dec. 25. Conrad t Redmain and Anna 
Catarina Sier, Tulpehooken. 

Dec. 25. Heimlich Koeller and Elisa- 
betba Fascber, Tulpehocken. 


Jan. 23. Jobannes Eeistemauer and 
Salome Winter, Reading. 

Feb. 7. John Craigb/ton and Mar^^i- 
retha Crafford, Hanover. 

Feb. 1(>. Moses Cavet and Agnes 
Meotch, Paxtang. 

Mareh 6. Jacob Firnssler and Magda- 
lena Peter, Lebanon. 

■March 7. Philipp Lorentz Hautz and 
Anna Maria Mueller, Lebanon. 

March 17. Frantz Hubeler Hautz and 
Anna Margar. Troester, Atolhoe. 

March 17. PMlipp Christian Tauber 
and Eva Catarina Harteich, Heidelberg. 

Mareh 20. George Balmer and Bar- 
bara dinger, Leibanom. 

April 5. George Dumm and Anna Ma- 
ria Geiger, Derry and Lebanon. 

April 10. Cbristian Schnug and Oata- 
rina Boyer, Lebanon. 

April 5. Johannes Peter and Barbara 
Fdrnszler, Lebanon. 

April 25. William Owens and Mary 
Swan, Hanover. 

April 30. .Toflin Adams and Elisabeth 
Blackburn, Derry. 

May 8. William Rogers ajnd Elenore 
Rogers, Hanover. 

i' May 390. Wiiriam Whiitside and Ele- 
nare McNees, Bethel. 

June 12. Hugh Cunningh'am and Agnes 
Tucker. I'axtang. 

July 3. William Thornton and Eliza- 
beth Olark, Hainiover. 

July 10. Jolhn Jacob Bohrmann and 
Aninia Elisabeth Pflautz, Donegal 

July 15. Friedericth Deck and Maria 
Vero.nioa Soerer, Atolhoe. 

July 23. Ohrisitoplh Friederioh Wegman 
and M'aria Eva Pfrang, Lebamon. 

July 31. David Allison and Sarah Rea, 

August 7. Jno. Atkinson amd Catarina 
Dlieb, Bethel. 

August 20. Mic'hael McOleere and Jane 
Kinkead, Hanover. 

August 16. Johjui Moor and Rebecca 
Maxell, York county. 

Sept. 9. Conradt Henne and Catarina 
Elisabetha Mattern, Bern. 

OoL 9. Jdhn Heinrich Firnssler and 
Juliana Simom, Lebanon and Hanover. 

Oct. 9. Heinrich Weiss aaid Eva Cata- 
rina Fucbs, Lebanon and Hanover. 

Oct. 9. Peter Kober and Margaretha 
Strober, Lebanon. 

Oct. 16. Heinrich Meyer and Juliana 
Bmriidh, Bethel. 

OiCt. 16. Jobjamnes SeydeJmeyer and 
Roisina Layblin, Bethel. 

Oct. 22. Geo. Adam Bueckle and Miariia 
Saiome Hubor, Reading and Derry. 

Oct. 28. George Federhoff and Anna 
EllsaJbetlha .Sdhnaebelin, Lebajuiou. 

Nov. 6. Ohrisitian Kaufman and Eliza- 
beth Clerck, BetJhel and Hanover. 

Nov. 20. Adam Solo^mon and Dinah 
Backer, Lebanon. 

Nov. 27. Johannes Reicihemibadh and 
Anna Maria Reilber, Hanover and Bethel. 

Dec. 11. Carl Buerger and Anna Elisa- 
betlha Henninger, Bethel. 


Jan. 3. Jno. Aimsworth and Marga- 
retha Mays, Hanover. 

'Marcih 5. Jo'hn Adam Maennig and 
Anna Margaretih'a Holtz, Rap^ho and 

March 5. Christian Michael and Maria 
Barbara Eisenihauer, Bethel. 

Marcb 12. Tobias Lohman and Maria 
Margar. BickeJ, Heidelberg. 

March 19. Andreais Kas:tnitz and Elisa- 
betlhia Gockel, Leibanon. 

April 15. George Ellinger and Anna 
Maria Ctitarina Weyhrich, Lebanon. 

April 2,3. Heinrich Boebel and Anna 
Maria Ellinger, Lebanon. 


IStoever Records. 


May 7. Peter Eliisenihauer and Ajina 
Maria Fisclher, Bethel. 

M'ay 14. Jacob Schock and Anna Dlisa- 
be'tha Angs't, Lebanon and Hamover. 

Miay--21. Williiaim Karnoughan and 
Mlary Sbmidt, Derrj\ 

May 30. David Oaklwell and Rebecca 
Finney, Paxton and Hanover. 

June 10. WiTl'iam Dunn and Grace 
Greys, Paxtang. 

June 20. Deninlis Hoellen and Elisa- 
be'tha Mc]Mio'llen, Derry and Hanover. 

June 25. Jmo. George Sc^hock and Anna 
Oatjairdnia Maurer, Lebanon anid Heidel- 

June 27. Edwaxd I. Praello and Martha 
Pettigrew, Hamover. 

Sept. 8. Joihannes Raup and Catarina 
Agaitiha Paber, Warwick. 

Sept. 26. Lazams Stewart and MartOia 
Espy, Hanover. 

Sept. 29. Christtian Frendl'ing and Anma 
Wolf, Lebanon. 

Oct. 8. John Jacob Wolf and Anna 
MarigOT. Sohniug, Leibanon. 

Oct. 22. JoihO' George Schlaeffer and 
Maria 'OataiTiinia Loresdh, Bethel aaid 

Oct. 22. Rolbert Hill and Agnes Morton, 

Nov. 26. Ohristiain Korr and Barbara 
Hauck, Bethel and Hanover. 

Nov. 26. Philiipp Rauh and Anna Maria 
Regina Braun, Betlhel. 

Dec. 10. James Williaims and Magda- 
lena Hadhnllin, Bethel. 

Dec. 16. Heiinrieb Muencb aind Cata- 
rina Riied, HeidQeberg and Tulpehocken. 

Dec. 17. Jobn Cooper and Agnes Cur- 
ney, Paostang and Hanover. 

- 1766. 

Jlan. 7. Robert Olimty and Mary Cun- 
ninghaim, Leibomon aind Hanover. 

Feib. 3. Jacob Friedericli Dann,inger 
and Anna Maria Pauler, Rapho. 

Feb. 6. Joihainin'es Stein and Eva Bar- 
bara Kudher, Lebanon. 

Mardh 4. Jacoib Bfickel aind Maria Cata- 
rina Braun, Lebanon. 

Mardh 4. Joto Nicolaus Bohr and Ma- 
ria Margaretha Kobnar (Kolimar), Leba- 

March 4. Jobn Martin Kolmar and 
Anna Margdalena Hetzler, Lebanon. 

April 1. Peter Schumia<*iher and Anna 
Dorothea Sdhaaf, Lebanon. 

April 8. Jno. iMiirtin Knemmerling and 
Anna Margar. Edeilmann, Bethel. 

April 8. Anastasius Heyhnmin and 
Rosina Barbara Maurer, Lebanon and 

April 8. Geo. Maurer and Magdalena 
Heylmainn, Lebanon. 

ApnLl 8. John Cowden and Agnes Allen, 
by license, Paxtang and Hanover, married 
in Derry. 

April 14. Caspar Elias Diller and Eva 
j Magdaloiia Meyer, Lebanon. 
I April 15. Isaac Hanna omd Martha 
Bwll, Paxtang. 

April 15. Andrew Mays omd Mary 
RuClierford, Paxtang. 

I April 15. George Heinridh Ziegler and 
DorortJhea iSchnug, Lebanon. 
I April 29. John Brown and iSla'Pa'h Cun- 
I niiiigham, Hanover. 

May 13. Robert '\t\Tiite and Isabell 
Broiwn, Hamover. 

.May 27. John Nicolaus Biohl and Elisa- 
' iK'tha Kuefer, Bethel. 
j May 27. Jdhn Adam Balmer and Bar- 
bara Schau filer, Lebanon. 
I June 4. John Schnug, wido'wer, and 
iCatarina Duliban, Lebanon. 
{ June 17. Antonius Hauer and Barbara 
Kueffer. Bethel. 

July 8. Joba/nneg Klein and Maria 
Magdalena Bartholomaey, Bethel ajnd 
I Hanover. 

July 29. JoQmi HS'cks and Elisabetlha 
Holderbaiim, Lebanon. 

August 4. John Adam Weiss and Ma- 
ria Eva Meyer, Lebanon. 

Aug. 11. Johannes Brechtbiel and 
Elisabetha Uhrich, Hanover ami Tulpe- 

Aug. 26. Jobn Simson amd Agnes 
Brown, Hanover. 

Sept. 5. Andrews Bayer and Anna 
Margaretha Kraemer, Derry. 

Sept. 9. Heinric'h Bickel and Oatarina 
Gerhardt, Bethel. 

Sept. 11. William McNutt and Jane 
McNutt (by license), Paxtang. 

Sept. 23. Andreas Patz and Catarina 
Stuck, Befhel and Lebanon. 
j Sept. 30. Conrad Hornberger and 
Catarina Maag. Befthel. 
j .Sept. 30. Johannes Zimmerman and 
p:?inna Maria Derr, Derry and Donegal. 
1 Oct. 20. George Kuntz and Elisabetha 
' Rnuch, Hanover and Bethel. 

Oct. 28. Martin Koch and Ehsabetha 
SelKintz. Lebanon. 

Nov. 11. Daniel Angst and Magdalena 
Fischer, Hnnovor and Tulpehocken. 

Nov. 11. Edwjird Tnte and Anna Cam- 
ron. I^ebanon and Hanover. 

Nov. 15. Thomas Steel and Isabell 
Stw'l, Paxtang. 

Nov. 18. Andreas Karg and Anma Ma- 
ria Heinridh. L(>lKinon. 
^ Nov. IS. Dnniel Jungblut and Anna 
Maria Elizabeth Heinrich, Lebanon. 


Stoever Records. 

Nov. 25. John Leonhiardt Kirstaetter 
and Anna EMsabetlm Zelhrung, Lebanon. 

Dec. 9. Jdhn CliriiStop'h Ubler and 
Maritrar. Barbara Sjjicker, Lebanon. 

Dec. 16. Daniel Weber and Mary Man- 
nhiyli.-nn, Hanover and Bethel. 


Jan. 26. Johann Wendel Wolf and 
Anna Doi'ot'bea Endress, Lebanon. 

Mardh 10. Ohristoph Ulrich and Ju- 
liana Umberger, Lebanon. 

Mareh 17. Jo'hn Nicolaus Feliler and 
Barbara Leonihiardt, Be'Chel. 

Apnil 2. James Morton and 'Catarina 
Crow, Derry TownsMp. 

Api-il 15. Thiomas Allen and Jane 
Oaissen, Hainover and Pastang. 

April 21. George Meyer and Maria 
El'isabet'ha Stoe'hr, Rap'ho and Lebanon. 

May 1. Joilin Tliome and Anna Maria 
Reiss, Lebancn. 

May 12. Ambrosius Grain and Sarah 
Cunnliiug-ham, Lebanon and Hanover. 

May 18. Jobu George Dollinger and 
Margareifha .Tones, Williainsborongh. 

May 22. PM'lipp Faber and Rac'hael 
English, Paxtang. 

.Tune 11. Arthur Mollen and Jane Mc- 
MoMen, Hanover and Paxitixng. 

June 30. JoJin George Schuetz 
Anna Margar. Wolfkiel, Paxtang 
Earl Town. 

July 21. Moses Dunlap and Mary Wil- 
son, Hanover and Paxtang. 

July 28. Jacob Raiiiseh 
Marg'ar. Kessinger. Derry. 

Zerfass and Sabina 

Aug. 19. .Tobn C'hristoiA Zoll and Ver- 
onica Eberly (by Heense), Cocalico. 

Aug. 25. George Peter and Anna 
Catarina SiecbMn, Lebanon and Hanovea*. 

Aug. 27. .To'hn Bowman and Mary 
Lusk. Paxtang. 

Aug. 27. Williani McClure and Hanna 
Bell, Hanover. 

Sept. 1. Johanneis Petry and Catarina 
Oehler, Williamsburg and Tjancaster. 

Sept. 15. ]\Iiehael Strob and Eva Bar- 
bara Goettel, Heidelberg and Hanover. 

Oct. 2. Robert Stuart and Agnes 
Drumming, Derry. 

Oct. 8. .Tohn Fleming and Jane Ram- 
sey, Derry. 

Oct. 12. .Tobannes Scbarf and Susanna 
Michael, Bethel. 

Oct. l8. .Jacob Oberhoitzer and Bar- 
bara Faber, Bethel. 

Oct. 20. .Toliaimes Reyer and Ma,.ii 
Elisabetha Neu. Warwick and Lebanon. 

Oct. 25. Heiinrich I-J^eim and Catarina 
Reiber, Betlhel. 

Oct. 26. .Tacob Febler and Anna Eva 
13enin, Heidelberg. 


and Anna 


11. Samuel 

CoicaTieo au'd 

Oct. 27. Andreas IvuefEer and Elisa- 
betha Bickel, Lebanon. 

Nov. 10. James Wilson and Anna Be31, 
Hanover and Derry. 

Nov. 30. Christoph Mueller and Ca- 
tarina Stobei", Wairwick and Cocalico. 

Dec. 8. John Boggs and Jane Hays 

Dec. 3. Alexander McClunty and Mary 
Aston, Derry. 

Dec. 31. Williani Crain and Annie 
Hill, Hanover. 


and Maria 
and Anna 
and Elisa- 

Lebanon Town. 
Mahorder and 

and Sabina 


•Jan. 4. Jobn McCurry and Sarab 
Jo'hnston, Hanover. 

Jan. 5. Lueas Schally 
Elisabetflia Boger, Lebanon. 

.Tan. 19. Christopb Meyer 
Margaretha Ilin, Lebanon. 

Jan. 26. Heinricb Simund 
betha Holtz, Elisabetha Township. 

March 4. John George Feltin and Cata- 
rina Elisabetha Burckhardt, Bethel. 

March 8. Alexander Kennedy and 
Margareitha Watson, Hanover. 

March 15. John Martin Uhler and 
Ana Elisabe'tha Stroh, Lebanon Town. 

March 22. Rudolph Koellicker and 
Anna Maria Weidman, 

March 24. William 
Jane Boyd, Paxitang. 
--' April 17. Jacob Fischer 
Ranch, Bethel. 

April 18. Samnel Humphreys and 
Gryssel Cavet, Paxtang. 

April 26. Anthony McCrai^ht and 
Abigail Hill, Hanover. 

May 27. ,Tobn George Walmer and Eva 
Bnrbara Weyrich, Hanover. 

^Nlay 30. George Thany and Marga- 
retha Elisabetha Truckemueller, Bethel. 

.Tune 7. Christian Ivoc-li and Maria 
Magdalena George, Hanover and Heidel- 

•Tune 17. John Farrell and Isabell Bar- 
net, Hanover and Paxtang. 

.Tune 21. George Volck and Catarina 
Germann, Lebanon. 

June 28. iSIartin Hoeger, widower, and 
Miaria Elisiabetbia Beamensdoerfer, War- 

.Tuly 5. .Tdhn Cunradt Biiigeman and 
Catarina Barbara Feuerbac'h, Bethel. 

July 5. Jobannes Herman and Caita- 
rina Herman, Lebanon. 

Aug. 2. Christoph Ernst and Anna 
Margarethta Siechlin,DeiTy and Paxtang. 

Aug. 10. Peter Read and Hanna or 
Anna Herr, Warwick and Elisabeth. 

Aug. 16. Leonhardt Albrecht and Anna 
Catarina Stro'her, Lebanon. 

Aug. 21. .Tohannes Wagner and Maria 
Elisabeth Gxir, Conesitoga and Bethel. 

Stoever Records. 


Sept. 13. Williiam Snodgrass and EJisa- 
betlhia MeOlnnnlg'heD, Hanover. 

Nov. 14. Heini-'k/h Naess and Christina 
Heyl, Bfethel. 
^- Nov. 14. Jaioob Fischer and Anna Maria 
Steininiann, Beithel and Lanea.ster. 

Nov. 14. Jacob Sdhwenck amd Marga- 
reitha Mueller. Lebanon and Hanover 

Nov. 22. Joihn Frantz Helm and An- 
na Maria Koch. Lebanon. 

Nov. 22. Jacob Stober and Eva Weber, 

Nov. 22. Johannes Wefber and Maria 
Elisatoe'tha Bassler, Hanover and Tulpe- 

Nov. 24. James Ross and ChristSina 
Williams. Hanover. 

Nov. 25. Samuel Post and Alice Bell 

N'ov. 29. Johamnes Mohr and Marga- 
retha Gallmeyer. lyebanon. 

Dec. 5. Christian Bamberger and Maria 
Magdalena Held, Hanover. 

Dec. 5. Benajamin Still and Mary 
McElhenny, Paxtang. 

Dec. 12. Andreas Endress and Anna 
]\Iaria Gingrich, Lebanon. 

Dee. 13. Christoph Neiss and Barbara 
Stober, Heidelberg andHanover. 

Dec. 30. John Scannel and Mary Mc- 
Manus, Paxtang. 

— ^Jan. 2. John Peter Fischer and Anna. 
Elizabetha Heylman, Lebanon. 

Jan. 8. Frantz Mueller and Catarina 
Mueller, Elizabeth township. 

Jan. 17. Augustus Stahl and Ana Eliz- 
abetha Nufer, Derry. 

Jan. 17. Jacob Kaufmann and Eliza- 
betha Bayer, Derry. 

.Tan. 17. Johann Martin Riess and Cat- 
arina Schmidt, Heidelberg. 

Jan. 24. Andrew Carson and Nancy 
Dixon, Lebanon and Hanover. 

Feb. 7. Balthaser Laber and Rosina 
Wentz, Lebanon. 

Feb. 12. Anastasius Ellinger and Cata- 
rina Ollinger, Lebanon. 

Feb. 2. Michael Traner and Agnes 
Neal, Hanover. 

March 14. Andrew Yogel and Anna 
Maria Ramberger, Hanover. 

March 16. ^Michael Bosch and Eliza- 
betha Koch, Lebanon. 

March 16. John George Lentz and An- 
na Rosina Reiber, Hanover. 

March 16. Heiurich Baumgaertner and 
Rosina Laedin, Hanover. 

March 28. Gottlieb Roth and Anna 
Elizabetha Brecht, Bethel. 

March 30. James Innis and Mary 
Phaghoa. Hanover. 

April 10. Conradt Braun and Agnes 
Schneider, Lebanon. 

April 10. .Tohn Wilhelra Neu and Juli- 
ana Firnssler. Derry and Lebanon. 

April 2.1. Daniel Scherertz and Maria 
Catarina Meyer, Lebanon. 

April 2.1. Robert Hunter and Isabel 
Waters, Leiianon. 

May 2. Adam Bach, jr., and Barbara 
Flohr, Lebanon and Rapho. 

May 9. .Tohn M«'l(hi<ir Abmeyer and 
Anna Maria Kuennncrling, Lebanon. 

May 16. Jacob Blanck and Magdalena 
Boesshaer, Williams borough and Hano- 

May 16. .Tohn Dieterich Koe.ster and 
Anna Elizabetha Bopp, Reading. 

May 23. Johann Heinrich Frey and 
Anna Maria Boger, Lebanon. 

June 15. Andrew Thompson and Eliz- 
abetha Bell, Hanover. 

June 20. .Tohn Heinrich Rheinoehl and 
Juliana Gebhardt, Lebanon. 

Aug. 15. Jacob Schenk and Dorothea 
Speck, Heidelberg. 

Aug. 19. Samuel Jones and Rachael 
Willis, of Newberry, York county. 
'-Aug. 22. Caspar Jungblut and Cata- 
rina Felleberger, Lebanon. 

Aug. 31. James Capnaghan and Mary 
Buck, Derry. 

Oct. 20. Johannes Schnaebele and An- 
na Barbara Hauck, Bethel and Hanover. 

Nov. 2. Johann I^'riederich Hummel 
and Elizabetha Barbara Blessing. Derry. 

Nov. 2. Philipp Mattheis and Catarina 
Kintzel, Derry. 

Nov. 9. Alexander Loughlin and Anne 
Sharp, Hanover. 

Nov. 28. John Bigham and Catarina 
Watson, Lebanon. 

Dec. 12. Michael Ivleber and Catarina 
Holderbaum, Lebanon. 

Dec. 12. Peter Neuschwanger and Ag- 
nes Mueller, Codorus and Bethel. 

Dec. 14. Patrick Cunningham and Eliz- 
abetha Brown, Hanover. 

Dec. 28. .Tohn Nicholaus New and An- 
na Margaretha Scliaefer, Lebanon and 

- 1770. 

Jan. 5. Peter Boeszhaar and Maria 
Eva Heyl, Hanover and Bethel. 

Jan. 25. Gilbert Kennedy and Mary 
Mclvut, Hanover. 

L\'b. 6. Alexander Fulton and Susanna 
Scot, Londonderry. 

March (>. Peter Deissinger and Marga- 
retha Roth, Bethel. 

March 27. Johann Ulrich Ohlinger and 
Catarina Rooszlin. Lebanon. 

March 27. Christian Long and Sarah 
Brown, Hanover. 

April l(i. Friederich Boeszhaar and 
Barbara Heyl, Bethel. 


tStoever Records. 

April 24. Michael Hoerner and Marga- 
rctha Loresch. Bethel. 

April 24. John Adam Stoever and Cat- 
arina Elizabetha Heylman, Lebanon. 

May 8. Thomas Atkinson and Magda- 
lena Kintzel, Lebanon. 

May 20. Peter Thomas and Dorothea 
Strohfuss, Hanover and Lebanon. 

June 6. Nicholaus Enderes and Bar- 
bara Ritter, Heidelberg. 

July 3. Johann Christoph Fuchz and 
Susanna Maria Bayer, Hanover and Leb- 

July 5. George Egis and Elizabetha 
Oberfeld, Elizabeth Furnace. 

July 29. John George Haessler and 
Elizabetha Rebmann, Tulpehocken. 

August 21. Andreas Lay and Hannah 
Dinniss, Lebanon. 

August 21. .Johannes Heckendorn and 
Maria Catarina Hammann, Lebanon. 

August 21. Peter Eisenhauer and Ma- 
ria Elizabetha Schmidt, Bethel. 

August 28. Isaac William and Maria 
Elizabetha Falck, Bethel. 

Nov. 12. Johann Gall and Elizabetha 
Jameson. Paxtang and Hanover. 

Nov. 13. Johannes Schii-ck and Cata- 
rina Schnaebelin, Bethel. 

Nov. 20. Christoph Friederich Seller 
and Maria Elizabetha Kintzel. Lebanon. 

Nov. 20. William Kirckwood and Ele- 
nore Bryan, Hanover and Lebanon. 

Dec. 20. John Campell and Jane 
Cleellan, Londonderry and Hanover. 


•Tan. 15. Johannes AVepner and Cata- 
rina Bauman, Lebanon and Bethel. 

Jan. 29. Alexander Greenlee and Anne 
Henry, of Hanover. 

Feb. 3. Jacob Roth and Maria Eliza- 
betha Stoltz. Bethel. 

Feb. 19. Martin ITlrich and Regina 
Feltin, Lebanon and Bethel. 

Feb. 26. Joseph McLyntie and Marga- 
retha McQuien, Lebanon and London- 

March 19. jNIichael Decker and Marga- 
retha Hofman. Tulpehocken. 

March 21. John Sharp and Elizabetha 
Laughlin, Hanover. 

March 26. John Nicolaus Neu and Eva 
Catarina Rudiesiehl. Derr and Lebanon. 

April 1. Michael Bartholomae and Bar- 
bara Grosz, Londonderry. 

April 1. Melchior Ruecker and Cata- 
rina jNIueller. Hampfield. 

May 2. George Sprecher and Marga- 
retha Boger. Lebanon and Hanover. 

May 9. Hugh Watson and Isabell 
Craigh, Hanover. 

May 16. Matthew McKiney and Eliz- 
abetha Lard, Paxtang and Derry. 

May 20. Philipp Buchman and Salome 
Stiebich, Derry. 

May 28. Andreas Beistel and Christina 
Pflantz, Lebanon. 

May 28. Jacob Sauter and Philippina 
Beistel, Lebanon. 

June 6. Cornelius McMurphey and 
Mary Dougless, Hanover. 

June 13. James Lock and Agnes 
Brown, Hanover. 

June 18. Jacob Klesrnann and Eliza- 
betha Catarina Bayer, Hanover and 

July 1. Alexander Martin and Martha 
Grimes, Hanover. 

August 27. Johannes Bickel and Maria 
Feltin, Bethel. 

'Sept. 3. Joihamnes Scherer aad Magda- 
len Staufer, Donegal and Derry. 

Oct. 1. John Martin Lang and Eliza- 
betha Huber, Lebanon. 

Oct. 1. Peter Weyrich and Catarina 
Simon. Hanover. 

Oct. 19. Thomas Owens and Dorothea 
Zieger, Lebanon. 

Nov. 12. Daniel Birckie and Catarina 
Dauter, Hanover. 

Nov. 14. Daniel Leng and Maria Bar- 
bara Koerner. Bethel. 

Nov. 19. Leonhardt Schuetz and Ol'ara 
Deiss, Paxtang. 

Dec. 8. Christoph Scheretz and Magda- 
lena Rausch. Hanover. 

Dec. 8. Nicolaus Gebhardt and Anna 
A]7i>olionila Kornmann, Lebanon. 

Dec. 15. Valentin Schneider and Eliz- 
abetha Wagner, Paxtang. 

Dec. 31. Peter Patter and Elizabetha 
Daut, Lebanon and Hanover. 

^ 1772. 

.Tan. 5. Christian Meyer and Marga- 
retha Eisenhauer, Bethel. 

Jan. 7. Daniel Brians and Elizabetha 
Reush, Lebanon. 

Jan. 19. Christian Seltzer and Maria 
Diewing. Bethel and Hanover. 

Feb. 11. Amos Jones and Anna Jor- 
dan, Conewago. 

March IS. Cartis Grubb and Eliza- 
betlia Carpenter. Cornwall Furnace. 
I April 21. Tobias Stoever and Hannah 
Zimmerman, Lebanon. 

May 1. .Tacob Bronner and Anna Stop- 
pelbein, Hamover aind Letoauou. 

May 19. Johannes Schnug and Anna 
Christina Heyimann. Lebanon. 

May 31. Stephan Huck and Christina 
Decker, Lebanon. 

.Tune 4. James Robinson and Mary 
Lock, Hanover and Derry. 

June 16. .Tohannes Schmidt and Chris- 
tina Nunn'enmai'her, I>(ebanon. 

iStoever Records. 


June 21. Michael Karinenie and Cata- 
nna Meyer, Lebanon. 

June 21. Andreas Heckman and Su- 
sanna Gerhardt. Bethel. 

Sept. 18. Martin Guntruin and Maria 
Latarina Boesshaar, Bethel. 

Sept. 22. AUbreoht Siechle and Maria 
Priess or Pruess, Lebanon and Hanover, 

u 'I'^^'^-T.r'^-, ^iichael Schady and Eliza- 
betlia Fleck, Heidelberg. 

Oct. 5. Michael Zoeller and Catarina 
Dillman, Heidelberg. 

Oct. 14. John Glover and Sophia Dun- 
can, Derry. 

Nov. 10. Cunradt Scherertz and Maria 
Margaretha Laed, Hanover. 

Nov. 17. Michael Haehnle and Cata- 
rina Looser. Bethel. 

Dec. 15. David Merckir and Catarina 
Kintzler, Bethel, Berks county. 

Dec. 15. Peter Koch and Juliana 
Heinrich, Lebanon. 

Dec. 28. Zacharias Ralph and Hannah 
Daniu, Londonderry. 


Feb. 1. John Cunning and Anna Hil- 
lis, Hanover. 

Feb. 9. John Michael Neu and Justina 
Bart. Lebanon. 

April 13. .John Clarck and Magdalena 
Litsch, Bethel. Berks county. 

April 18. .Johann Frantz Boehler and 
Catarina Breit. Lebanon. 

April 20. ,Tohu INIichael Uhler and An- 
na Maria P^lizabetha Stroh, Lebanon. 

May 17. James Long and Anna Char- 
rin. Hanover. 

June 6. Christian Fremdling and Su- 
sanna Maria Glasser. Lebanon. 

June 8. Samuel Man and Elizabetha 
Allen. Hnnover. 

June 22. Martin Friedle and Magda- 
lena Ruecker, Derry. 

June 22. Samuel Irwin and Jane 
Grimes, Hanover. 

June 29. John Martin Wagner and 
Charlotta Kintzel. Lebanon. 

Auff. 22. Heinrich Bucher and ]\Iaria 
Barbara Schmidt. Hanover and Bethel. 

Sept. 23. James Porterfield and Jenny 
Hillis. Hanover. 

Sept. 2(1. David Mueller and Eliza- 
betha Caitariima Wild, Bethel. 

Sept. 28. Johannes Meyer and Anna 
Maria Rehwald, Lebanon. 

Oct. 1. .Toihn Walcker and Mary G^as- 
hens. Tapper Paxton. 

Oct. 18. John Scott and Susannah Mc- 
Clure, Hanover. 


Jan. 18. Robert Murhead and Anne 
Evans, Hanover. 

Jan. 2.'">. .Tohn Michael Conradt and 
Margaretha Eschbaoh, Bethel. 

Feb. 3. William Asherast and Jane 
W ance, Hanover. 

Feb. 22. John Adam Fischer and Ma- 
ria Ehzabetha Becker. Lelianon. 

March 10. John McElhanny and Mar- 
garetha McCord, Hanover. 

^lay 1. Johannes Brul)acker and Anna 
Meyer, Cocalio. 

May 1. Heinrich Brubacker and Eliza- 
betlia Hundsraecker, Cocalio. 

May 2. Andrew Armstrong and Jane 
Forester. Hanover. 

;May 17. William Grimes and Mary 
Brown, Hanover. 

May 24. Johannes Stoever and Anna 
EngelKisseckcr. Leltanon. 

INIay 31. Martin George Leonhardt and 
Maria Barbara Eschebach, Bethel. 

ISlny 31. James Miley and Margaretha 
Brown, Williams borough. 

June 1. Richard Fosset and Marga- 
retha Williams. Hanover and Bethel. 

July 17. John Philipp New and Eliza- 
betha Preiss. Lebanon. 

July 2(). Heinrich Diettel and Marga- 
retha Pilgmni, Bethel. 

August .30. .Tohn Christoph Franck 
ami Anna Margaretha ^laurer, Lebanon. 

Nov. 10. Daniel Mueller and Catarina 
Lang. Derrv. 

Nov. 13. Patrick Darby and Molly 
Rice, Hanover and Derry. 

Nov. 22. Frederich Helm and Barbara 
Altig for Albig). Hanover. 

Nov. 22. .Johannes Philipp Loeffler and 
Catarina Riedt. Bethel. 

Dec. 20. .Tohaimes Nicolaus Bopp and 
Catarina Margaretha Felt, Lebanon and 

Feb. 3. .John Friederich Weber and 
Anna Margaretha lauch. Bethel, Berks 

Feb. 15. Walther McFarling and Han- 
nah Clarck. Hanover. 

March 21. ISIattheis Stroeher and An- 
na Barbara Brechtbiel. Lebanon. 

March 28. T,<>onard Presby and Agnes 
Makee. Hanover. 

May 12. Michael Meek and Margare- 
tha Motz. :Muehlbach. 

August .30. Richard Kasey. and Sarah 
I'its, Hanover. 

Sept. .5. George Adam Eckhardt and 
M:nia ]\Largaretha Ivraemer. L(>banon. 

Sei>t. 5. John David and Rebecca Tur- 
ner. Hanover. 

Sept. 21. William Hall and Frances 
Starret. Hanover. 

Sept. 27. Kol>ert Lewers and Elenore 
Wier, Hanover. 


Stoever Records. 

Sept. 28. Benjamin McRentzie (or Mc- 
Kentzie) and Margary Cunningham.Han- 

Sept. 28. Peter Bucher and Maria Bar- 
bara Kuntzlemann. Hanover. 

Nov. 23. James Taylor and Jane Moor, 

Dec. 12. Chrisitian Sc'hwekzer and Ma- 
ria Huber, Ouimberlaud aind Lancaster 

Dec. 19. Andreas Braun and Magda- 
lena Malfir, Hanover and Lebanon. 
' 1T7G. 

Jan. IS. Daniel Clarck and Anna Maria 
Bilseram. Bethel. 

Jan. IS. Michael Haehnle and Anna 
Maria Boltz. Bethel. 

Jan. 31. John Situebich and Anna Lang- 
enecker. Derry. 

March 19. William Cunningham and 
Nancv Glascow, Lebanon. 

March 26. Heinrich Peter and Anna 
Christian Imibode. Lebanon. 

April 30. Theoiboildt Wildt amd Anna 
'Mairita Achielbach, Bethel and Lebanon. 

May 29. Jaeoib Long and Elisa;beth 
Ooote. Northumiberfand counlty. 

Octt. 11. Willila-m Sawyer and Janje 
Rotdh, Londonderry. 

Oct. 13. Jno. Cunradt Kached and MaJ- 
gaireitha ISch-walb, Lebanon. 

'Oct. 20. Jolhitt Sclinug, jr.. widower, 
and Anna [M'argairethia Bohr, Leibanon and 

Nov. 28. Jno. Jacob Bickel and Chris- 
(t5mia iSch'in/deJ, Lefbanon. 

■ 1777. 

Feb. 18. .Jacob Epprecht and Eliza- 
(betha Wei'tzel, Lebanon. 

Feb. 18. Jaiooib Sichle and Susanna 
Muenc%. Lebanon and HanoTer. 

M'airdh 30. George Glassbreumer 
and Catarina Rudy, Lebanon. 

April 8. John Peter Neu and Mary Re- 
gina Reusch, Ledvanon and Londonderry. 

April 14. Andreas Eckert and SaiMna 
Santer. Belthiel. 

April 22. Geo. Boeszhaar and Oatarina 
Krtaehit. Hamover and WilManisborough. 

May 4. .Tohannes Schultz amd Barbara 
Korr, Bethel. 

May 20. John Stehrer and Magdalena 
Bickell. (Cmm'berl'and and Lancas'ter coun- 

June 17. Jacoib "Woflamdiie and Ca'tarina 
Bickel, Lebanon. 

June 23. Joseph Flory and Oatarina 
Dnb, Pastang. 

June 24. Michael Meyer and Caliirina 
Koppenhoefer. Hanover. 

June 24. Wilhelm Balm and Mairga- 
retha Biistioff, Derry and Hanover. 

Jidy 29. William Wilkinson and Mary 
Mag'hen, Derry. 

Aug. 26. Nicolaus Cassel and Anna 
IM'aiTgara. Br<aun, Middletown and Han- 

Aug. 28. James Stuart and Precilla 
Asih/by, Haoiover. 

Sept. 2. Joihainnes Buchis, or Bucks, and 
iMIargaira. Banirin. Derry. 

Sept. 4. John Oehrie, jr., and Marga- 
rethia Deiudniger, Ljndonderry. 

Sepit. 11. Abraham Alles and Anna 
Mariia Rjied. Hanover. 

Dec. 23. M'atiiheis Boyer, jr., and Bar- 
bara Foerster, Leibanon. 


Jan. 19. Engefl Martin and Barbara 
Ehrhard't, Elizabeth and Rapho. 

March 13. ilichael BattorfE and Cata- 
rina Emmerich. Bethel. Berks county. 

March 17. Simon Muench amd Anna 
Maria Weber, Hanover. 
' March 18. Johaunes Staehly and Eva 
, Maria SchedJt, Bethel. 
I March 19. Christian .Stutzimanu and 
I Catatrina Ecket, Beriks county, across thfi 
Bine MounitaiLn. 

March 21. Yailentin Sdhauffler and 
Caitarina Heyl, Bethel. 

March 31. Mictkael Leutz nnd Anna 
Elisiabeth'a Uhrich, Betiiel. 

April 20. John Adam Zimmermaji and 
lElisabethia BauimgarCner, Denry. 
I April 20. John Stober land Juliana Bar- 
iHaiara Wolf, Hanover. 

' June 8. Patrick McNiglit and 

M cNigftiit, H a nover. 

June 23. Heinrich Miller and Maria 
Ma>gda!l. Braun, Hanover. 
! June 30. Thomas Gordon and Susan- 
nah McLinty, Lebanon. 

July 9. Heinrich Naess and MaPg'ar. 
Bucher, Bethel and Hanover. 

July 13. George Machon and Margia- 
retha 'Clerck. Derry. 

July 23. John Hollenbaich and Elisa- 
betha Stanbury, Middletown. 
t July 28. Andreas Braun and Christiana 
Weber, Hanover. 

Aug. 23. Heinirieh Meyly and Magda- 
lena Ivroh. Bethel. 

Sept. 22. Johanjues Peter and Salome 
Bender, Lebanon. 

Sept. 22. Hugh Morris and Margaretha 
Ramniage. Hanover. 

Oct. 1. John Jacob Yoltz and Christina 
! Koch. Warwick. 

I Oct. 6. Hartman Deutsch and EMsa- 
I betha Huber, Warwick. 
I Oct. 27. Joh'annesi Beltz and Maria 
JHeyer, Ijebanon. 

Stoever Records. 


Oct. 27. Tbomias Koppenliaefer amd 
Elisabetba Miess, Hanover and Bethel. 

Dec. 1. Ehinean McGregcr and Anne 
Kezey, Elizabeth. 

Dec. 9. Christian Sehauffeler and Bar- 
bara Lehman, Williamsborough. 


Feib. 16. Jacob Palm and Maria Doro- 
thea Blschoff, Ix>ndonderry. 

Feb. 16. .Tohn Peter Xeu amd .Juliana 
Karmenie, Lebanon and Londonderry. 

Feb. 23. Xicolaus Heinrich and Oatara. 
Eliisaba. Becker, Lebanon. 

Mardh 7. Jost Knaegy and Anna 
Sehiirck, Bethel. 

March 9. Peter Ebersold and Christina 
Etter, Hanover and Derry. 

March 11. Robert Porterfield and Alcey 
Wallis. Hanover. 

March 2.5. Johannes Weber and Eva 
Margiar. Braun. Hanover. 

March 30. Christian Ebersold and 
Elisabethia Etter, Hanover and Derry. 

March 30. John Nicolaus Fertip and 
^Liria Elisabetha Xeu, Cumberland and 

April 14. Leonh'ardt Stroh and Anoa 
Maria Goettel, Ham>ver. 

April 14. Valentin Pannekuchen and 
Anna Leein. Paxitamg. 

April 19. John Wilhelm Bohr and Ana 
Magdal. Boger, Lebanon. 

April 20. .Joihanines Palm and Barbara 
Biittelion. Lorndonderry. 

April 26. John (ieorge Stahlschmidt 
and Salome Reinhardt. Tulpehocken. 

May 2. Rudolph Doerr and Sabina 
'S'auter. WiJllamsborough. 

"The fololwing marriage was after the- 
death of J. C. Stoever:" 

May 29. Heinrich Schwab and Elisa- 
betha Stelbzor. 

By the Herrn Pfarrer Mindbohner 

j X'ov. 9. Johann Friederich Stoever, 
Lebanon, and Anna Margaret ha r>aen- 
schiaerez, Hendelberg (Heidleberg?) 



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