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Full text of "Records of the town of Southhampton, with other ancient documents of historic value ..."

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Coton of Southampton 







Copied and prepared for publication by 
WILLIAM J. POST, Town Clerk, 


and published by the Town* 



At the biennial Town meeting of the Town of South- 
ampton, April 7th, 1909, the following question was sub- 
mitted to the voters : 

"Shall the sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars be 
raised for the purpose of printing the ancient loose docu- 
ments and abstracts of deeds now in the Town Clerk's 
office, Town of Southampton ? " 

This resolution was passed by a majority of votes. 

At a- meeting of the Board of Town officers held May 
12, 1909, it was 

Resolved, That William S. Pelletreau be associated 
with the Town Clerk, to arrange for the printing of 
ancient loose documents and abstracts of deeds, in the 
Town's Clerk's office. 

July 20, 1909. On motion, the Record Committee, was 
authorized to proceed with printing the ancient loose doc- 
uments and Abstracts of Deeds, the printer to furnish 
fifty copies to the Town ; twelve of said copies to be bound 
in boards, at a minimum price, over and above the stipu- 
lated price of one dollar per printed page. 

Voted, that four copies of the book be presented to 
Mr. William S. Pelletreau, and that the Town Board on 
behalf of the Town, extend to Mr. Pelletreau a hearty vote 
of thanks for his very valuable aid in preparing the copy. 

June 2nd, 1910. A motion prevailed that the Town 
Clerk be authorized to extend the work of printing the 
ancient documents, sufficiently to include in full the ab- 
stracts from the "Red Book of Deeds." 

I, William J. Post, Clerk of the Town of Southampton, 
do hereby certify, that the above Resolutions were duly 
passed, and that I have carefully compared the printed rec- 
ords in this volume with the originals in the Town Clerk's 
office, and that they are true copies of the same. And that 
the abstracts of the Deeds contained in the "Red Book of 
Deeds," are correct abstracts of the same. 

Dated this 6th day of September, 1910. 




The printing of the volumes of Town Records, was 
begun in 1874, and continued at intervals until 1893 when 
the fourth volume was printed. This left unprinted the 
loose and unrecorded documents which were of equal his- 
torical importance. These had been arranged in small 
bundles, many of them were in a dilapidated condition, 
faded and worn, and the dificulty of deciphering some of 
them can only be appreciated by those who may have at- 
tempted similar tasks. When we understand that the old- 
est English document in the office of the Secretary of 
state is dated 1642, it will be seen that this town has the 
honor of being the possessor and custodian of the oldest 
records of the colony, which is now the Empire State. 

To the Historian and Genealigist, this volume adds a 
new field for investigation. The early lists of inhabitants, 
and the 'Tax Rates," furnish complete the names of all 
the tax payers, while incidental mention is made of many 
others. The earliest laying out of parcels of land, now of 
great value, is included in these pages, and there is scarcely 
a paragraph, which, if carefully considered, does not an- 
swer some important question, in regard to real estate or 
the lives and manners of our ancestors. 

To rescue these from destruction, and preserve them 
for all time to come, has made the task of arranging and 
transcribing them, a pleasure as well as a duty. The in- 
terest in the past, which has been increasing j or many 
years is not likely to diminish in the future ; and 
while the printed pages make the information they con- 
tain,* accessible to all, the originals carefully preserved, 
will be viewed as interesting relics of the past. The de- 
cendants of the men who wrote and signed these docu- 
ments and the persons whose names they record, are now 
to be found in every state of the Union, and the \eiy sight 

of them takes us back to the earUest times and brings us 
in direct contact with antiquity. 

It is a source of great pleasure to all concerned, that 
Mr. John H. Hunt, who printed the first Book of Records, 
in 1874, has been spared to finish the work in the present 

Southampton, Sept. 6, 1910. 


In giving this book out to the pubHc, we do it with a 
full sense of its short-coming as a first class, up to date 
job as printing now goes, for the reasons, chiefly among 
others, that to follow the ancient spelling and get up of 
old documents 200 to 250 years ago, with their almost total 
disregard of punctuation, capitalization, grammer and 
spelling, it is next to impossible to make a work appear 
well, to say nothing about its antagonism to rules of mod- 
ern printing. The work, however, is a true copy of the 
original documents now in the Town Clerk's ofifice, and 
the manuscript was prepared under the supervision of the 
Committe appointed for the purpose, consisting of William 
J. Post, Clerk of the Town, and William S. Pelletreau, a 
former Clerk of the Town, and now the widely known his- 
torian, to whom the proof sheets were submitted for cor- 

With this brief explanation and apology, we present 
the work to the general reader. 

Respectfully Yours. 

JOHN H. HUNT, Publisher. 


NOTE: The names of persons are g'iven in the most important 
places where they occur. The Tax Iiists, on pag'es 21, 33, 39, 67, 96, 
120, and the School Iiists on pag^e 124, et seq, and zhe Index of Beeds, 
should he consulted separately. (W. S. F.) 

Agent of Colony 52. 153 

Autographs 75 

Albertson, Wm 63, 64, 65, 66, 89, 175 

Accabog 79, 118, 161 

Archi))ald farm ... 76, 143 

Anning, .Tohn 168, 236 

"Adventure" vessel 178 

Adams, Thomas 275 

Briggs, Elizabeth 9 

iSrigrgs, David 198 

Briggs, Mary 198 

Bell, church 37,79. 156, 158. 160 

rieswick, John 10, 15, 16, 33, 178, 189, 197, 219 

Brooks, Chidley 149 

liishop, James 10 

Bishop, Samuel 10, 35, 97, 142 

Bishop, John 98, 28, 22 ■ " < " 69, 143 

Bishop, Josiah 35 40 

Bishop, Hanoah 45 

Bishop's lane 11, 14 

Bishop. Daniel 144,, 146 

Bower, Jonns 11, 20, 21, 23, ?8, 34. 7 2 

Bowe*-, Isaac 34, 70, 98 

Power, Jonah 40, 98 

Bower, Hannah 70 

Bower, Daniel 97 

Bowyer, Stephen 33, 41, 173 


Bryan, Alexander 42, 102 

Burncft, Thomas H. 12, 21 28 

Burnet, Gov. vv m 32 

tsowden, Livlng-ston 14 

Bowden, George 125 

Brand, cattle 25, 174 

Barrett, Richard 28, 240 

Barker, Samuel 17, 1S2 

Barker, Wrn SS, 36, 52, 167. 1 ^0 

Bow den Square 146 

Butler. Samuel 3B, 41, 69, 101, 153 

Bly, v»m 153 

Brookhaven, 42, 102 

Blank lot 55, 86 

Beach west 67, 110, 122 

iieach, south 165, 167 

Bridge Hampton 65, 70 

Bounds of town 79, 95, 174, 249 

Beaver dam 91, 105 

Bay shore 103 

Buryirig ground 123. 170, 173, 185 

BlDck birds 149, 151 

Bricks 150, 155, 171, 267 

Bier for burial 156, 157, 167 

Burial, expense 164, 168, 169, 170 

Burnet, Dan 35 

Burnet, John 40 

Burnet, Mordecai 40 

Burnet, Matthias 42, 47, 85 

Burnet, Aaron 34, 36, 38. 67, 78, 97 

Burnet, Joseph 96 

iiurnet, widow 96 

Burnet, rienry 97 

Burnet, iildmund : 97 

Burnet, David 97, 180 

Burnet, L,ott 31, 35, 183 

Burnet, Thomas 11, 12, 21, 28 

Burnet, Gov. Wm 32 

Barber, Samuel 161, 162. 164, 184 

Boards, price 164 

Bachelor's Hall 249 

Barnes, Joshua 17. 22, 28. 35. 142. 143. 179. 189, 211 


Barnes, Patience 40, 68, 142 

Barnes, Samuel 142, 211 

J3arnes, Wm 224 

±iarnes, Elizabeth 275 

Bartholemew, Josiah 186 

Bull Head bay 168, 16», 222, 296 

Brusny i'lain 276 

iiyfield, Thomas 168 

Carr, John 6 

Cooper, Thomas 7, S, 18, 20, 22, 23, 34, 44, 62, 103, 111 

Cooper, John S, 9, 10. 13, 14, 16. 17, 21, 56, 58,63, 100, 113 

Cooper, Mercator 9, 161 

Cooper, Icliabod 31. 34, 39, 42, 68, 96, 98, 101 

Cooper, Samuel 35, 84, 98, 144 

Cooper, .lames 31, 33, 37, 72, 75 

Coopei', Benjamin 41, 42 

Cooper, .lohanah 40, 68 

Cooper, Abraliam 55, 64, 99, 100 

Cooper. Elias 106 

Cooper, Josiah 107 

Cooper, Jolin H 123 

Cobb 9, 11, 22, 34. 35, 39, 73, 98, 187, 218 

Clarke, Samuel 13, 14, 28. 33, 69, 192, 216 

Clarke, Eliphalet 43 

Clarke, Elisha 43 

Clarke, i^lizabeth 43. 44 

Clarke, J ames 101, 166 

Clarke, Mary 216. 239 

Clay Pits 13. 73. 154 

Cattle 23, 30, 84, 152 

Clerk, town 24 

Constable and Overseers 21, 24, 25, 26 

Cook, Ellis 21, 25, 28, 35, 41, 96 

Cook, John 35, 38, 42. 62, 69, 92, 118 

Cook, Abiel 34, 42. 70, 96 

Cook, .James 63 

Cook, Elias 46, 49 

Cook, Silas 106 

Cook, Francis f 146 

Cook, Martha 266 

Cook. Abigail 266 

Cedar Point 60 


Conscience Point 50 

Cedar Swamp 51, 73, 94, 96 

Cold Spring 95. 222 

Cnimnies 25, 26 

Clanus, Mr 18 

Culver, Gersham 31, 39, 41, 55, 98, 244 

Culver. Jonathan 58, 98 

Culver, Jeremiah 90, 98, 99 

Culver, Moses 98, 121 

Congreve, Charles 43, 74, 102 

Corw'the 57 

Corwlthe, David 104, 106 

Corwithe, John 199, 209, 217 

Corwithe, Caleb 215 

Camp's pond 58 

Chatfleld, John 59 

Cha tflcld, Thomas 200 

Clam Island 293 

Colton, isaac 48 

Cupsogue 67, 121 

Cow Neck 73 

Conkling, Cornelius 74 

Conkling, Jonathan 107 

Captain's Neck 178 

Chambers, Dr. P. F 90 

Commonage 94 

Curfew 100 

Corey, iiradock 103 

Corey, Isaac 217 

Clam Creek 121 

Cavanagh, John 145 

Crows 152 

Canoe Place 168, 175 

Cooper, Caleb 117 

Cooper, Matthew 11, 123 

Cooper, Zophar I44 

Cooper, John estate 258 

Cooper, Sarah 200, 209, 258 

Cooper. Mary 184, 204, 239 

Cooper, ivlargaret 182, 186, 187 

County bills 50, 91 

Dirty Creek 7, g, 94, 288 


Davis, Adelia 10, 40, 41, 9 1 

Uavis, John 12, 16, 22, 33, 35, 68, 21(! 

jjavis, Benjamin 14, 20, 22, 28, 33, 40, 67 

Davis, Zachariah 33, 68 

Davis, Jonathan 34, 68 

Davis, Rebecca 41 

Davis, Elijah 67 

Davis, Martha 67 

Davis, Abiel 35, 68 

Davis, Joseph 97 

Davis, Arthur 101 

Dominy, Nathaniel 22, 23, 27, 57 

Dong-an, Gov. Thomas 27 

Division, Great South 49, 57, 59, 145 

Drake, Genardus L 52 

Division, 20-Acre 61, 80 

Dayton, Samuel 13, 202 

Division, 40-Acre 81 

Dogs 84, 164 

Daines, John 105 

DeReimer, Isaac 43, 102 

Dimon, Charles 143 

Day Wages 155, 157, 159, 163, 168, 173, 174 

Diamond, Thomas 160 

Drunkenness, fined 165, 168 

De Bost, Mary L 145 

Earle, John 10, 38, 39, 40, 74, 91, 155, 207, 209 

East Hampton 12. ^xne 37, 43, 79, 85 

Jeilliston, Samuel 13 

Eburne, Samuel 43, lo 2 

Excell, Richard 158 

jL,lce, John 199, 209, 216 

jjjdwards, Vv m 241 

iLilliston, Joshua '. 143 

Farrett, James 1 

Fithian, .lonathan 70 

Foster, i^enjamin 8, 21, 28, 33, 97 

Foster, Edward H 9, 210 

Foster, Joseph 15, 21, 50, 68, 99 

Foster, John 10, 15, 21, 28, 33, 36, 59, 61, 72 

Foster, Christopher 21, 28, 30, 35. 49, 54 

Foster, Jeremiah . .- 34, 40, 45 


Foster, Oanlel 34, 68, 96, 110 

i<oster, Josiah 49, 112, 119, 137 

Foster, Ellas 83 

Foster, Stephen 97 

Foster, Wm 98, 105 

Foster, Thomas 98, 99, 141 

Foster, Hackallah 99 

Foster, vV^akeman Ill, 113 

Foster, Jonas 141 

l^'oster, Albert 212 

Foster, Benj. H 220 

Foster, Samuel 11 

Fordham, Robert 9, 12, 21. 23, 24, 147 

Fordham, Joseph 16, 21, 23, 31, 55. 61, 170 

Foster, Henry 22 

Foster. Nathan 35, 112 

Fordham, Jonah 33, 39, 68 

Fordham, Alexander 51, 99 

Fordham, ^oraham 112, 113 

Fordham, Pelletlah 78, 198 

Fowler. Christopher 10. 185, 223 

Fowler. Richard 33, 41, 42, 68, 101. 176 

Fowler, w m 122 

Flyina: Point 11. 190. 292 

Fannias, Horace 3 2. 52, 146 

First Neck 22. 117. 165, 181. 205, 258 

Flint, Benoni 33, 41, 70 

Floyd, Kichard -.4 

Fulling Mill 63, 65 

Fanning, James 121, 122 

Frog Pond 202 

Fire Place, Brookhaven 213 

Field, Sarah 214, 324 

Fletcher, Rev. Seth 220 

Fletcher, Mary 193, 220 

Farrington's Keck 243, 281 

Frontier, tax for 153, 154 

Goldsmith, ThoB 7, 11. 17, 21, 28. 180. 182. 184. 190, 205 

Goldsmith. John 182, 186 

Gin Lane 9. 12, 194, 199 

Gilbert, Caleb 35. 41, 69, 90 

Gardiner, I>avid 42, 102, 137 


vjibbs, Andrew 43, lo2 

(joring,, Henry 41 

Gibbons, John 53 

uelston, Hugh 58, 59, 98, 100, 103, 105, 113, 115, 168 

Gelston, Maltby 105 

Gelston, John 113 

Gelston, Rev. Samuel 175 

Goodale, Joseph 34, 69, 98, 143, 158 

Governor 166, 169 

Green, Barney A 214 

Goodwin, Thomas 217 

Goodale, Joseph 4C 

Harriman, Rev. John, Agreement 146 

Hampton, James 11, 22, 28, 87 

Hand Joiiah 41, 69, 175 

Hand, David 48 

Hand, Benjamin 179 

Iffind, John 35 

llangson, ^homas 41, 165, 169 

I.ray G."«iund 57 

Head of Creek 12, 49. 52, 59, 61, 141, 158, 168, 178, 224, 251 

Harris, ueorge 28, 33, 41, 68, 97 

Harris, Leonard 42 

Harris, Samuel 42 

Harris, Mary 70 

Harris, Joseph 223 

Hogs 248 

Hempstead 17 

Haines, rJenjamin 16, 22, 33, 35, 186, 216 

Haines, James 35, 40 44, 68 

Haines, Sarah 40 

Haines, David 66. 97 

Haines, Stephen 88 

Haines, John 66, 87, 97 

Haines, Samuel 35 

Haines, 'Ineodore F 64 

Hildreth, James A 9 

Hildreth, Joseph 33, 36, 67, 97, 135 

Hildreth, James 34, 41, 184, 223 

Hildreth, Joshua ^4,56, 57, 63 

Hildreth, Nathaniel 97 

Hildreth, Ephraim 98, 148 


Hildreth, i^uther 112 

Hildreth, Jonathan 184 

Howell, Arthur 15, 28 

Howell, Abraham 44, 74 

Howell, ±vicnard 7, 21, 34, 142, 177 

Howell, J. W. F 9, 161 

Howell, Edward 10, 12, 27, 45, 46 

Howell, Daniel 112 

Howell, John 10, 12, 17, 21, 2S, 45, 81 

Howell, Edmund 12, 27, 73 

Howell, Ephralm 33, 37, 68, 221 

Howell, Joshua 34 

Howell, Isaac 34, 76, 85, 172 

Howell, Josiah 30, 49, 51, 97, 144 

Howell, iheophilus 35, 36, 44, 45, 58, 69, 74 

Howell, ijewis Ill 

Howell, Ellsha 34, 45, 58, 74, 95 

rtowell, Joseph 40, 98 

Howell, Abraham 31 

Howell, Jonah 35, 41, 112 

Howell, Hezekiah 54, 86, 141 

Howell, Elisha 58, 70 

Howell, Samuel 35, 62, 104, 114 

Howell, Jonatnan 68 

Howell, Susannah 35, 68 

Howell, Mary 69 

Howell, Hannah 70 

Howell, Zebulon 51, 100, 143 

Howell, Matthew 36, 37, 52, 92, 95, 104 

Howell, Thomas 35, 71 

Howell, Jeremiah 75 

Howell, Micah 83 

Howell, Abner 97 

Howell, Jedediah 104 

Howell, Silas 104, 144 

Howell, David Ill, 112, 113, 232 

Howell, Lemuel 35, 70 

Howell, Henry , 99 

Howell, Nathaniel 35, 59 

Howell, Ebenezer 119 

Howell, Charles 121, 182 

Howell, Levi 123 


Howell, i^liineas 144, 14R 

Howell, Joslah 3^, 143, 144 

Howell, Obadiah 141 

Howell, Benjamin 35 

Howell, Joshua 113 

Halsey, Thomas 7, 8, 13, 15 

Halsey, David 8, 39, 68 

Halsey, iL,phraim 98 

rialsey, J onathan 8, 50 

Halsey, Hugrh 123 

Halsey, Isaac 13, 21, 69, 160 

Halsey. Charles H .V^13, 91- 

Halsey, Zebulon 106 

Halsey, Abigail 30 

Halsey, Daniel 30, 34, 35, 54, 105, 122, 208 

Halsey, j^iias 107 

Halsey, Richard 30 

Halsey, Hilisha 99 

Halsey, Nathaniel 33, 55, 67, 78 

Halsey, Jeremiah 33, 41, 48, 70, 91 

Halsey, Wm 112 

~"'sey, Josiah 2-i, 58 

Halsey, Israel 105 

Halsey, Mary 39 

Halsey, Job 123 

Halsey, .vbraham 57 

Halsey, Henry 57 

Halsey, Nathan 63 

Halsey, Joshua 69 

Halsey, Amy 96 

Halsey, ±iannah 96 

Halsey, Samuel 97 

Halsey, Ezekiel 97 

lialsey, Martha 97 

Halsey, .^oshua 101 

Halsey, Lemuel 123 

Halsey, i:^aul 120 

Halsey, Jesse 34, 145 

lialsey, Henry 145 

Halsey, Charles S 163 

lialsey, -^ndrew 214 

Halsey, Jemima 208, 283 


Halsey, Wm 112 

Halsey, Dr. Silas 112 

Halsey's Manor 171, 172 

Huntting-, Benjamin 121 

Huntting, Matthew 6 

Huntting, Henry E 215, 216 

Hog Neck Spring 9, 53, 62 80, 83 

Hog Neck 10, 66, 139, 166 

Ifanti^ngton i9, 43, lo2 

Hughes, Humphrey 40, 70, 288 

Hughes, Abner 70 

Hon!" Hill 50, 87 

Hill Street .' 7 

Hill Street 7 

Hevricii James 7, 23, 21, 24, 33, 40 

Herrick, William 31, 33, 40, 98, 115, 122, 124, 164, 201 

Herrick, Mehetabel 53 

Herrick, Stephen 53, 57, 98, 101 

Herrick, Nathan 98 

Herrick, George 105 

Herrick, Henry 110 

Herrick, Martha 236, 237 

Herrick, Thomas 154, 155, 156, 158, 159 

Herricks, Queens Co 201 

Havens, Jonathan 66 

Havens, John 66 

Horton, Benjamin 229 

Hay Ground 78 

Hobart, John 82 

Helme, Thomas 83 

Horse Mill 161 

Heathcote, Caleb 170, 185 

Hacker's Hole 187 

Hedges, Daniel 47, 89, 107 

Hedges, Stephen 35, 70 

Hedges, J onathan 104 

Hedges, David 109, 111, 112. 113 

Hedges, Mary 214, 224 

Indians 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 31, 37, 49, 50, 52, 71 79 84 91 92 95 163 196 199 

Indian line 51, 152, 158 

In Meadow, N. Sea 145 

Inventory, Jolin Davis 161 


Island Creek 291 

Johnes, Samuel 11, 15, 21, 33, 58, 73, 88 

Johnes, Ephraim 34 

Johnes, Edward 41 

Johnes, Obadiah 115 

Johnes, Thomas 144 

J<ssup, John 9, 12, 13, 15, 21, 27, 31, 33, 80, 165 

.. essiip, Isaac 33, 66 

Jc'SSi'D, Bethia 99 

Je^Pi.n. Thomas 144, 17S! 

Ja.^-fjcr. Hiibi'i t 10 

Jaf^trti , Wni 10. 100 

., agger, Lewis 11 

Jagger John 11, 13, 18, 22, 23, 28. 38, 98, 155 

Jagger, .v'alter L 14, 221 

jagger, Jeremia.. 33, 60, 72, 98, 165 

jagger, Hannah 34 

Jagger, Jonathan 3 4 

Jagger, oamuel 35, 68, 98, 104 

Jagger, Natnan 98 

jagger, Stephen 105 

Jennings, John 30, 32, 33, 177, 216 

Jennings, William 31, 50, 59, 97 

Jennings, Samuel 59, 97 

Jennings, Albert 190 

James, Rev. Thomas 42, 188 

.Jury ±juty 91 

Jobs Lane 101, 122 

Jacobs, Joel 124 

.fericho. Queens Co 142 

Jago, John 261, 263, 264 

jackson, Col. John 143 

Jackson, Septer 14 

Kempton, Manassah 34, 3 1 , 55, 75, 98, 142 

i.i.etcliaponack 54 

Kelluni, Robert 81, 87, 201 

Kelley's Pond 118, 199 

Long Springs 10, 15, 16, 76, S3, 158 204, 237 

Littleworth 11, 194, 240 

Little Neck, N. Sea 50 

.-. .lie Pond, N. Sea 87 

i^ane, Daniel 179 


Lake, Elizabeth 224 

Ludlam, Henry 8, 22, 27, 28, 96 

Ludlam, Joseph 8, 10, 16, 22 

Ludlam, Anthony 22, 27, 28 

Ludlam, Wm 23, 35 

Laughton, John 13, 14, 22, 23, 27, 33, 89, 177 

i-iaug:hton. Widow 40 

Laughton, Josiah 42, 101 

Laugrhton, Sarah 191 

Lum, Samuel 16, 35. 41, 69, 189, 219 

Lum, Matthew 76, 86 

Lupton .Christopher 22, 28 

Lupton, Anthony 28. 81 

Lupton. Thomas 35. 50, 97 

Lupton, Joseph 35, 40, 42. 68 

Lupton. John 33. 36. 70 

Lupton, Josiah 239 

Land taxed 24 

List of Town 28 

Learning, Esther 35 

Learning, Christopher 41, 45, 172, 179 

Long Tongue 300 

Larrison, Mary 40, 163, 164 

Larrison, Widow 42 

Liarrison, John 208 

Lloyd, Richard 43. 102 

Leganee 53 

Leather 248 

Mackie, John. Jr 59. 98 

IvJ ackie, David 144 

M.'acox 7, 8, 10. 15. 62, 57, 93, 95, 168 

Meacox Bay 46 

Meacort Gate 183 

Mill Creek 8 

Mill i,t th 11 

Mill Stone brook 13. 16. 50, 51, 153 216. 225, 265 

Montauk 18 

Marphall, Benjamin 91, 98, 101 

Marshall, Joseph 144, 146, 194 

Meeting House 23, 26, 27. 79. 84. 100. 154, 155. 157. 179 

j\^,...ii.-o House, Bridgehampton 5 J 

Meeting, Kcaver Dam lOf 


Meeting, D« f ds for 170 

Moore, Joseph 35, 64, 70, 95, 97 

Moore, Daniel 54 

Moore, non.^smin 251 

Mastic 266 

Mitchell, John 35, 41. 44, 69. 95, 175 

Mowbray, John 35, 41, 43, 70, 102 

Mills, Isaac 33, 87 

Mills, Samuel 178 

Meggs, Mark 219 

ivlaltby, John ^ 33. 40, 142, 165 

Moorehouse, John 34, 42, 53, 62, 69, 186 

Melvine, waiter 41, 213, 214 

Macdonald 51 

Meals, price 92 

McCorkle, James 91, 146, 185 

Mulford, Mary 98 

Mill, Noyack 94 

Mill Stone Swamp 81 

Mandell. Moses 81 

Magee, James 142 

Mapham, John 

Mapham, Mary 229 

Moriches, East 103 

North Sea 10, 15, 22, 33, 50, 178, 145, 124, 136, 87, 89 

80, 73, 142, 177, 238. 258. 37. 39, 178. 187. 208, 202, 204 

North Sea road 11. 59, 146 

North Sea line 153, 154. 172 

North Sea lots 216 

North Sea Proprietors 242, 243 

North Side 166 

Narrow j-iane, Wickapogrue 178, 232 

Narrov/ Lane. Bridgehampton 64 

Nevton. Benoni 10, 16, 33. 41 , 197, 209 

Norris, Peter 34, 4l. 69. 87 

Norris, Robert 35. 41. 55. 69. 166. 177 

Norris, Dorcas 99 

Nassau Island 32, 71 

Nicoll, Wm 43. 102 

Noyack 53, 64, 65, 66, 89 

Noyack, Little 94^ 

Newcomb, Samuel 58 


North Division 47 

Nortli West 79 

ox Pasture 9, 19, 22, 147, 178, 258 

Oldfield, John 223 

Ogrden, John 23, 27, 233 

Ogden's Neck 49, 73 

Oneck 76, 172 

Oath of Town Officers 115, 116 

Osborne, John P 122 

Old Town pond 167 

Old Town '. 193, 233 

Penataqult 103 

Plain Little 12, 13 

Plain,Great 19, 23, 90, 202 

Plain, Gate 2 4?- 

Pierson, Henry 11, 13, 15, 17, 23, 24 

Pierson, Henry, Jr 31, 33, 37, 178, 179, 213 

Pierson, Joseph 35, 36, 74, 75, 98, 142 

Pierson, Theodore 33, 55 

Pierson, Caleb 41 

Pierson, David 44, 74, 106 

Pierson, Josiah 49 

Pierson, Theophilus 46, 76 

Pierson, Job 54, 80, K'5 

Pierson, Stephen 105 

Pierson, Nathan 10 9 

Pierson, Timothy Ill, 115 

Pierson, James 120 

Pierson, Elias 146 

Pierson, Mary 192 

Pierson, Benjamin 194, 220 

Parsonage house 16, 67, 96, 147, 157. 158, 159, 160 

Parsonage land 51, 70, 75, 77, 90, 100, 101, 141, 160, 162, 260, 287 

Post, Richard 10, 15,17, 22, 23, 24, 28, 248 

Post, Edwin 23 

Post, Wm. J 23, SI. 174, 256 

Post, John 35, 40, 49, 58, 143 

Post, Joseph 33, 68, 73, 248 

Post, Isaac 96, 103, x.t, 112, 113 

Post, Samuel 121 

A ost, Dorothy 254, 261 

Post, Henry H 53 


Patent 27, 102, 114, 166 

Phillips, Zerobabel 9, 14, 21, 28, 81 

Phillips, Martna 35, 69, 263 

Phillips, Mehetabel 161, 162 

^'hillips, Moses 178 

Phillips, Rev. George i 192 

Phillips, xxnn 222, 233 

Parker, John 35, 40, 70 77, 81, 94, 96, 161, 174 

ralmer, Benjamin 179, 213, 279 

Painter, Richard 185 

Ping-, John 40 

Perkins, Wm 39, 41, 68 

Petty, i^dward 35, 41, 69, 77 

Petty, John 219 

Parvin, Thomas 41, 42 

Patents in Suffolk County 42, 102 

Proprietors 49, 50, 53, 66, 69, 78, 80, 90, 91, 119, 150, 169, 171 

Poor of Towns 67, 81 

Pattens, Robert , 68 

Pound 84, 92, 160, 162, 170, 173, 174 

Parish rate 96, 163 

Payne, John 97 

Piece of Eight 83 

* ears, John 

Poxabogue 77, 175 

Peconic river 77 

Pierce, j onathan 99 

Payne, Philinda 144 

Powder 153 

Parks, Nathaniel 154 

Prison house 162, 163 

Parker's mill 166, 174 

Pall 167 

Post for notices 168 

Potunk 172 

Pope, Thomas 201 

Pelletreau, Francis 97, 176 

Pelletreau, John 119, 121, 144 

Pelletreau, Elias 120, 127, 144 

Pelletreau, Nathaniel 126 

Pelletreau, Wm. S 126, 143, 145, 212 

Pelletreau, Francis 127, 193 


Pelletreau. Maltby 127 

Quogue 25, 26, 54„ 113, 176 

i,iuit Rent 27, 28, 62, 82, 103, 115, 119, 149, 166, 168, 175 

Rawson, Edward 6 

Kogers, Obadlah 7, 10, 16, 22, 65, 68, 96, 145 

Rogers, Harriet P 15 

Rogers, Mary 34, 68 

Rogers, Jonah 34, 42, 57, 70, 73 

Rogers, Vincent 50 

Rogers, James 103 

Rogers, Wm 106 

Rogers, Zephanlah 108, 110 

Rogers, Jonathan 110, 115 

Rogers, Herrick 119, 124 

Rogers, Warren 144 

Rogers, Hiram S 179, 192 

Rainer, Joseph 7, 9, 12, 15, 26 

Rainer, Thurston 9. 21, 195 

Rainer, John 33, 224 

Rainer, Isaac 34, 89 

Rainer.Jonathan 39, 54 

Rainer, x^ugh 106 

Rainer, Henry 121 

Rainer, Adonijah 144 

Raine*-, Mary 207, 224 

Russell, John 61 

Russell, Widow 10 

Russell, Wm 11, 22, 27 "" -'•'' 

xv.ussell, Oliver 41 

Russell, Thomas 61, 83 

Rose, John 12, 15, 22, 28, 33, 39, 40, 89, 177, 188, 208, 237 

Rose, Thomas 35, 70, 288 

Rose, David 33, 40, 68, 97, 99 

Rose, Wm 41 

Rose, Abigail 68, 235 

Rose, James 98 

Rose, Jetur R 89 

Rose, Christopher 96 

Rose, Zacheus 96 

Rose, Abraham 104, 113 

Rose, Elbert 186 

Rose, Henry xvi 263 


Reeves, Alber. 15, 101 

Reeves, John 33, 67, 170 

Reeves, Thomas 67, 141 

Reeves, Hannah 67 

Reeves, Abig-ail 67 

Reeves, ritephen 99, 119 

Reeves, liidward 122 

Redfleld, James 20 

Rusco, Nathaniel 41 

liobinson. Bartleit 142 

Rounsfleld, Richard 69 

Rugs, John 63, 64, 74 

Rugg's stream 61, 65, 66, 89 

Randall, Stephen E 59 

Reed, Thomas 45, 48 

Reed, Sarah 48 

Reed, Abraham 94 

Rate Lists 31, 33, 52, 78, 82, 92 

Riding East 87, 89 

Red Creek 76, 81, 94, 234, 242 

^wiverhead 96, 175 

Root, Hon. Elihu 162 

Seaponack 11, 13, 15, 51, 7 i. 158, 174, 180 

Saggaponack 12. 13, 16, 76, 87, 126, 129 

Sagg pond 15, 53, 54, 71, 87, 93, l?-*. 178, 187, 288 

Sagg stream 63 

Sagg Swamp 85, 86 

Stanborough, Josiah 12, 28 

Stanborough, Peregrine 21, 28, 68, 181 

Stanborough, John 41, 68 

Stanborough, Elizabeth 140 

Shinnecock 19, 84, 95, 175 

Shinnecock Hills 13, 169 

Shinnecock Bay 27 

Sandy Hill 14 

Second Neck 15 

Stirling, Earl of 1 

Silvester, Constant 42, 102 

Silvester, Nathaniel 42, 102 

Southold 43, 102 

Snake Hollow 64 

Seven Ponds 51. 60, 143. 145, 146, 2. 


St. Cleare, Robert 6 

■"'-Dhens, Thomas 22, 35, 58, 76, 90, 94. 99 

Shaw, Thomas 22, 33, 35, 39, 68, 216, 240 

Shaw, Francis 41 

Shaw, David 97 

Shaw, Richard 89 

Shaw, John 95 

Seapoose 24 

Sturmy, Charles 28, 216, 217, 234 

Supervisors 31 

Strickland, Jonathan 35, 70 

Simco 38 

Sandford, Ezekiel 35, 38, 70. 93, 179, 187 

Sandford, Thomas 54, 58, 61, 83, 103 

Sandford, John 107, 113 

Sandford, David 108 

Sandford, ooel 114 

Swan Creek 287 

St. Georges Manor 103, 108 

Shelter Island 103 

Setuck 71, 121 

Speonk 50, 71 

Strong, Thomas 48 

Swan Island 121 

Sayre, Job 10, 14, 31, 86, 98 

Sayre, Francis 10, 18 67 

Sayre, Daniel 10, 28, 85, 142, 163, 250 

Sayre, Joseph 10, 14 

Sayre, Thomas 28, 29, 72 

Sayre, Ichabod 34, 68, 76, 98 

Sayre, John 35, 55 

Sayre, James 35 

Sayre, Sarah 33 

Sayre, Nehemiah 98, 105 

Sayre, Joshua 110 

Sayre, Isaac 120 

Sayre, Abraham 146 

Sayre, Foster 146 

Southampton, Main street 10, 11, 14, 15, 43 

Seely, Robert 19 

Scott, John 22, 234, 24? 

Scott, Jeckomiah 35, 40, 46, 50, 68, 73, 87, 142, 154 


Scott, Jackson 145 

Sag HarDor, 12 Acres 66 

Sag Harbor 89 

Sclioolmaster 4'i 

School House 100, 114, 119, 120, 122 

School iieports, et seq 124 

Stony mil 47 

Smithtov/n 103 

Stratton, Jeremiah 105 

Smith, Richard 22,28, 43, 102, 188, 216. 232, 281 

Smith, Col. vv m 43, 102 

Smith, Benjamin 43, 79, 102 

Smith, Jonatiian 96 

Smith, Joseph 99 

Smith, Hii§-h 112 

Smith, Dr John 119, 143 

Smith, Sylvester 124 

Smith, Theophilus 138 

Smith, Wilmot lu 142 

Snnth. Nathaniel 143 

Smith, Josiah 121 

Smith. Dr. Wm , 146 

Singletree, Nathaniel 90 

Swine 151 

Sabbath, breach of 157, 164 

Small Pox 166 

Stocks 166, 170. 255 

Scuttle Hole 88, 175 

Sale, Obadiah 185 

Town pond 144, 165, 167, 284 

Towyoung:, (Red Creek) 234, 242 

Toilsome lane 9, 12 

Towd 12, 16, 58, 153, 237 

Tennison, John 14, 22, 26, 27, 206, 221 

Trustee 16, 36, 65, 67, 48, 50 61, 54, 55, 57, 58, 

62, 63, 71, 74, 101, 119, 161, 171, 168, 37, 151 

Town Meeting 25, 27, 49, 51, 70, 79, 103, 105, 107, 109, 111, 113, 161 

Thomas, Dr. T. G 165 

Topping-, Thomas 10, 11, 18, 17, 21, 33, 180, 53, 225,162 

Topping, John 12, 21, 28, 162 

Topping, Elnathan 35, 42, 70 

Topping, Josiah 33, 48 


Topping, Hezekiah 33, 56, 70 

Topping, James 41 

Topping, Stephen 45, 47, 55 

Topping, Edward 103 

Topping, Hannah 212, 224, 250 

Topping, Rachel 233 

Topping, G. Clarence 288 

Tarbell, Wm 34, 53, 168 

Tarbell, Thomas 83 

Taylor, Mary 34 

Taylor, li,benezer 93 

Townsend, James 77 

Travely, Hannah 34 

Town Bills 37, 58, 79 

Transients warned 93, 249 

Town line 108 

Town bounds 164, 166 

Town house 168 

Tlpling and gaming 118, 165, 168 

Tlanna 119 

Tanning 158 

Ten Acre Lots 182, 262 

Town Clerk 170 

Tant, John 197 

Tuckahoe 210 

Turpentine 81 

Union School, Southampton l'*, 144 

Van Cortland, Stephen 43 

Vonck, Cornelius 28, 185 

Vonck, Madeline 199 

Wampum 20, 25, 26 

Water Mill 12, 55 

Wading place 

v/lndmill lane 7, 9, 144, 161, 20 

Winthrop, John 

White, John 7, 21, 89, 107. 122, 222, 233 

White, Ell 

White, Henry 

White, David 

White, Gilbert 

While Frank . . 

W hite, Ephraim 85 86. 98. 120 


Wliite, Ruth . 39, US 

White, Silas . 53, 63 

White, James 58, 63, 183 

White, E'lwj Id 51, 199 

While, Elias 51, 7? 

White, Charles 70. 105 

W hite, Silvanus 77 

White, Ebenezer 83, 111 

White, vV^. Seymour 101 

Wines, George 10, 146, 185 

Windmill, First Neck 90 

Windmill, Mecox 7 8 

vv ickapogue 11, 15, 177, 178, 233, 236 

Woodruff, John 12, 16, 18, 21, 23 

Woodruff, Benjamin 51, 97 

Woodruff, Samuel 51 

Woodruff, Nathaniel 51 

Willman, Isaac 13, 17, 21, 23, 24 

Willman, James 35 

Willman, John 35, 41, 68 

Weequiam brook 232 

vv eckatuck spring 229, 242 

Warehouse, Seponack 159, 180 

Williams, Robert 142 

Woolley, Robert 13, 16, 18, 22, 28, 69, 87, 189 

Woolley, John 34, 41, 69. 98, 142 

Vv oolley, Joseph 35, 50, 69 

Woolley, Silas Ill 

Woolley's pond 283 

whiting. Rev. Joseph 16, 39, 41, 90, 149, 155, 162 

Whales 21, lo4, 211, 255 

., haling 196, 199 

Vv neat, price 155 

vv est bpy 27 

Wicks, Job 23, 47, 53, 99„ 141 

\vicks, John 40, 47, 48, 71 

Wicks, Henry 48 

Wicks, >v m 142 

Wilmot, Alexanuer 35, 70 

Woodhull, Richard, lot 275, 283 

Wood, Jacob 35, 70 

Wood Close 143, 292 


Wade, Dr 35, 162, 163 

Vv ickham, Josepa 41, 175 

W ickham, Thomas 43, 102 

Willis, Samuel 43, 102 

Woolworth, Rev. Samuel 71 

v\fhitehead, Samuel 40, 67 

Willett, Thomas and Richard 102 

Wever, Samuel 41 

West, Jonathan 70 

vv indmill hill 47 

v\^rlves 50, 91 

Wood, price 50, 155 

West Neck 50, 73 

Winnecomac 103 

Waters, Samuel 139 

White's, David, lane 146 

VA.ods, fire in 157 

Wales, Salem H 162 

Youi'ig-s John 6 



Baker, Samu-^l 
Beswick, John 
Beswick, John 
Beswick, John 
Beswick, James 
Beswick, John 
Beswick, John 
Beswick, John 
Biiggs, David 
Barnes, Joshua 


John Cooper 
Edward White 
George Heathcote 
W'm. Barber 
Jolin Jagoe 
John Jagoe 

Fag's Iiocality 

203Xorth Sea 
ISGSoutl old 
2051st Neck, Gom'a£ 
231Main Street 
244Main Street 
245 Main Street 

Peregrine Stanborough 189Mecox 
Benoni Newton 197Kellies Pond 

Benjamin Haines 204Kellies Pond 

Jacob Wood 208Mecox 

Leonard Harris 274Kellies Pom; 

John Campbell 275Sagg 

Peregrine Stanbr^rough 204Mecox 
Mary Briggs 198Kcllies oPnd 

Samuel Barnes 211Main st., Gt. Plains 

and Shinnecock 






,« illiam 





































James Hildreth 
Henry Pierson 
Robert Norris 
Henry Pierson 
John Bishop 
Samuel Barnes 
Amy Barnes 
James White 
Lott Burnet 
Mordecai Burnet 
John Burnet 
Aaron Burnet 
Mary Burnet 
John Burnet 
Aaron Burnet 
John Laughton 
John Beswick 
Thomas Cooper 

Thomas Cooper 
John Morehouse 
Tliomas Cooper 

21,- Sagapona'^k 




287 Great Plain 

297Main St.. Capts. Nk. 

Main Street 
183Mecox Gate 
190Flying Point 
205Mill Pond Head 
213Mill Pd. Hd., Sagg 
2l4Mill Pd. Hd.. Sagg 
222Hog Neck 
225Halsey's Neck 
225HaIsty's Neck 
226Long Pond 






Burnet, John 
Burnet, John 
Bower, Isaac 
Bishop, John 
Bishop, John 
Booth, Charles 
Brookhaven town 
Cooper, Thomas 
Cooper, Margaret 
Cooper, Thomas 
Cooper, Sarah 
Cooper, Sarah 
Cooper, Mary 
Cooper, Sarah 
Cooper, Thomas 
Cooper, Sarah 
Cooper, Mary 

Cooper, Samuel 
Cooper, Sam., Jas. 
Cooper, Thomas 
Cooper, John 
Cooper, Sarah 
Cooper, Benjamin 
Cooper, Benjamin 
Cooper, Benjamin 
Cooper, Benjamin 
Cooper, Thomas 
Clark, Samuel 
Clark, Mary 
Clark, Sam'l, N. Sea 
Clark, Sam' Susannah 
Corey, Isaac 
Combes. John 

Isaac Bower 
VVm. Terbell 
John Biirntt 
Sarah Cooper 
Wm. Hei rick 
Manassah Kempton 

Ezekiel Sandford 
Wm. Barker 
Shamgar >Jand 
John Bishop 
Mary Cooper 
John Cooper 
Thomas Stephens 
Mary Burnet 
Saniuel Lum 
Thomas Cooper 

269Mill Pond Head 



209North end of Vi,, 

Second Neck 
287Main Street 

Old Town 


N. End of Village 
2041S. End of Village 
206Release Estate 
228Mill Neck 
230I]alsey'b Neck 

Nortli Sea 
239Hill St. Halsey's Nk. 

John Jagger 252Tjong Pon.i 

Peregrine Stanborough 253Sagg 

Thomas Topping 
Samuel Shr-rapton 
Sam'l, James Cooper 
Thomas Cooper 
Ichataod Cooper 
John Jessup 
John Jessup 
Joseph Post 
Cliri.stopher L.opton 
Thomas Stephens 
Sam'l Clark 
Mary Clark 
Anthony Ludlam 
Isaac Raynor 

254Apop'!- Neck 
284Hill Street 
27iOgden's Neck 
277 Quogue 
270Ogden's Neck 
192North Sea 
239North Sea 
of C'lri TowiiFifteen Mile Tsl. 

302Est. Edmund Clark 
27 /Estate 

Culver, Gersham 
Cook, Mart ha, Abigail 
Corwithe, John 
Dayton, Samuel 
Daniels, Samuel 
Davis, John 
Davis, Benjamin 
Davis, John 
Davis, John 
Davis, John 
Davis, Benjamin 
Earle, John 
Earle, John 
Elce, John 
Elce, John 
Fletcher, Rev. Seth 
Fletcher, Mary 

John Laughton 
Thomas Stephens 
Isaac Corey 
John Cooper 
Thomas St-.phens 
Johr Howell 
Joseph Sayre 
John Oldfieid 
Thomas Stephens 
John Jennings 
Daniel Sayre 
Joseph Ravnor 
John Rose, Jr. 
John Carwithein 
Fenoni N:'wt'"n 
Henry Pierson 
Henry Pierson 

244Agreement to bjild b. 
266Main St & Potunk 
20oNorth Sea 
240Lily Hill, E. Hmp'n 
2 )0 Birch Neck 
2680X Pasture 
2S3Little Noyac Mill 
29lWest Neck 
197Gin Lane 
231Nortli Sea 
199 Calf Neck 

]93ReleMse of Estate 
Release of Estate 



Fletcher, Mary 

t leteher, Mary 

h letcher, Mary 

i letcher, Mary 

b letcher, Mary 

Josf-ph Pif'rsc.i 
Benjamin Pierson 
Benjamin Pierson 
Henry Pierson 
Benjamin Pierson 

Foster, C'hri:st')plier Samuel Mir.s 

ICSMain street & Olt. Tn. 
l"J4Kog Nk & Ox P'ture 
lOSHalsey's Neck,,bethtow.-;. IJ J. 

I'oster, J h'l 
i-'oster. Benjamin 
Foster, I'-.'nj. Hz oth 
Foster, Benjamin 
Foster, John 
I'oster, Benjamin 
Fordnam, Josinh 
Fordham, Joseph 
l-t^raham, Jonah 
I'orill'.am, .loseph J mah 
Foidham, Jo&epli 
Fordham, Joseph 
t.oldsmith, Thorns s 
Goldsmith, John 
Goldsmith, Thomas 
Goldsmith, John 
Goldsmith, Thomas 
Goldsn.ith, Thomas 
Golclsmith, Tliomas 
Goldsmith, Thomas 
Goldsnith, Thomas 
GooJwin, Thomas 
Governor . 

Ezekiel Sandford 
Henry Pierson 
Matthew Howell 
John Howell, Jr. 
Daniel .Sayre 
Jonathan Uaynor 
Peter Norris 
Thomas Cooper 
Thomas Cooner 
John Howell, Jr. 
Hester Toppinsr 
Wm. Herrick 
Tv^ri:. H(iiick 
Wm. Barccr 
V^^m. Parker 
Wm. Barker 
Ezekiel Sandford 
B< nj.imin Haines 
John Tlowell, Jr. 
Isaac R.iyncr 
John Post 
John Howell 
John Howell 
Marth:. Cook 
Wni. dimpKiri'< 
.lohn Jenning^s 

2-llKenies Pond 
2r)7Ho--: Nk. & Brushy Nk 
2S6First Neck 
27 7 Hog- Neck 
289Frog Pond 
264Bireii Neck 
265Mill Stone Brook 
27CMarriage Agreement 
2940X Pasture 
2940X Pasture 
ISOMain Street 
182Toiltonio Lane 
ISOKellies Pond 
190First Neck 
251 Head of Creek 
23iCoopcr-s Neck 
206Mecox Bai 
279Power of Attorney 
Fees Allowed 



Job Sayre 




Walter Melvin 




Robert Norris 




Obadiah Rogers 




Samuel Whitehead 




Richard Howell. Jr 




Richard Howell Jr. 


How ell. 


Samuel .litehead 




.lohn Howell 








Richard Howell, J"-. 




Josiah BartholO'Tiev 




Wm. Foster 




David Howell 




Wm Herrick 




Samuel Whitehead 




John Campbell 


Fire Pla'-e, B'liaven 

Main Street 



Main Street 

Head of Creek 

Main Street 

Main Street 

Wickapogue, JMain St. 

and Head of C:eek 

Land at Mecox 


Main street 


Wi.i'kapo'i pe 


Main Street 




Howell, Richard John Howell, Jr. 
Hov-'oU, John, Jr. John White 
Howell, Edward Josiah Bartholemew 

261 Beach Meadow 

263 Ketch? ponack 

264 Main Street 











Herri ck 





John Jr. 

Jolin Jr. 




John Jr. 
John et. al 
John Jr. 






Isaac, Dan' 


, James 
, Jonathan 
, James 
. Toseph 





HerricH:, Jam<_s 
Herrick, Martha 
Herrick, James 
Herrick, VVm. 

John Woodruff 
Jonathan Raynor 
Jonah Rogers 
Be^njamin Foster 
John Howell, Jr. 
Edmund Howell 
John Davis 
John White 
Joseph Moore 
John Jessup 
Wm. Herrick 
Edmund Howell 
John Howell 
John Howell 
John Jessup 

Obadiah Sale 
John Piny 
Josiah Halsey 
Ann Phillir»s 
Lott Burnet 
iJohn Raynor 

Josiah Raynor 
Jonathan Halsey 
Isaac Halsey 
Theodore Pierson 
Ezekiel Sandford 
Samuel Barber 
Shamgar Hand 
Jonah Bower 
John Jennings 
Benoni Newton 
Robert Norris 
Isaac Mills 
James Beswick 
Wm. Herrick 

Wm. Herrick 
Wm. Herrick 
Francis Sayre 
James Herrick 


Mill Stone Brook 


Og-den's Neck 


Asop's Neck 



Ogdeii's Neck 


Fourth Neck 


West Street village 


10 Acre Lots 


Head of Cteek 




Second Neck 


Father's Estate 


Scuttle Hole, L'worth 

Ogden's Nk Halsey's Nk 


Quogue and Potur^k 


Agreement lo whale 


Main Street 


Ox Pasture 




Sagg pond 






Little Plain 


Mecox and Potunk 


Main St., First Neck 






4 barrels of oil 




Est. Thos. Hildreth 


Hog Neck 




Ox Pasture 






Main Street, Mecox at 

Halsey's ?reck 


Mill Neck & Hog Ne 


Main Street 


Flying Point 


Mill Neck 

Herrick, James 
Herrick, Wm. 
Hercif'k, Wm 
Herrick, Wm. 
Herrick, Wm. 

Wm Herrick 
Richard Howell 
Abraham vVil'man 
Josei)h Fordham. 
Edmund How^-ll 

263 Flying Pt. Asop's Nk. 

252 Potunk 

27? Second Neck 

295 Halsey's Neck 

2S9 Ketchaponack 



Herrick, Wm. 

Horton, Benjamin 

lloppini-r. .Tolm 



Jagger, John 

Jennings, John 


Jennings, John 
Jennings, John 
Jennings, Jolin 
Jennings, Jolin 
Jennings, John 
Jessup, John 
Jessiip, John 
Jessup, John 
Jessi.p, John 
J-^ssi p, JoVn 
Jessup, John 

Joseph Fordliam 
Mary Mapliam 
John Piny 

AgreeTii't to whale 196, 
Andrew Cliob 
Samuel Cooper 
Peregrine Stanborough 
Obadiah Rogers 
Thomas Lupton 
Thomas Goodv.'in 
Thomas Stephens 
Richard Floyd 
John Jennings, Jr. 
Christopher Learning 
Peregrine Stanborough 
Ann Phillips 
John Davis 
John Jessup. Jr 
Thomas Jessup 
ThOT(i;is Je.jsup 
John Jessup, Jr. 
North Sea Proprietors 

:j94 lialsey's Neck 

229 Marriage Agreement 

276 Montauk 


266 Mastic, Brookhaven 

252 Sagg 

186 Sagg pond 

215 Calf Pen Neck 

216 North Sea 

217 West Street, village 
227 North Sea 

229 Patesquash, B'haven 

Little Noyack 

239 North Sea 

246 North Sea 

30 4 Little Noyack 

291 Main St., Great Plains 

202 Wickapogue 

191 Main st. & Wickapogue 

213 Wickapogue 

224 Weckatuck Spring 

242 Brushy Neck 

Jessup, John 
Je.ssup. John 
Jess- p, John 
Jossjp, Jo'^n 
Jessup, John 
Jessup John 
Jagoe, John 
Kallam, Robert 
Kallam, Robert 
Larrison, John 
Larrison, John 
Larrison. .'Ohn 
Lau'.hti n, 


Benjamin Coopei 
John Howell, Jr. 
Mary Jessup 

vlatthew Howell 
Thomar, Lupton 
John Woodruff 

Joseph Pierson 
John "W nlte 
John Gould 
Jemima Halsey 
Lanii 1 
Daniel Halsey 
Aaron Burnet 
Thomas Stephens 
Henry Pierson 
Thomas Cooper 
Gersham Culver 

20 i 


Ogden's Neck 
Ten Acre Lots 
Estate Thomas Jessup 
Ten Acre Lots 
Mill Stone Brook 
Halsey's Neck 
4 Halsey's Neck 
Estate of John White 
Marriage Agreement 

Hefid of Creek 
Mill Neck 
Hog Neck 
Second Neck 

Laughton, John Wm. Herrick 
Laughton. Sarah Wm. Barker 
Laughton, John John JeT.n'n;rs 

Laughton, John Wm. Barker 

i_,eaming, Chris toi>her Henry Pierson 
Learning, ChristopherPIeniy Pierson 
Lupton, ChristopherRlchard Howell 

Li;pton, Thomas John Jessup 
Ludlam, Henry Daniel Sayre 

Ludlam, Anthonv Wm. Barker 

25 4 Second Neck 
289 Ox Pasture 
291 North Sea 
191 Commonage 
246 Sagg, hon-e lot 


North Sea and Mill 

Stone Brook 
273 Quogue 
234 Red Creek 
284 Ox Pasture 





Lufll.'i'n, Penry 
Liudlam, Anthony 
Mills, Mary 
Mills, Samuel 
Megurs, Mark 

Henry Ludlam Jr. 
isaac Corey 
John Mitchell 
Henry Pierson 
Samuel Lum 

287 Estate 

277 Estate 

22 7 Mecox 

179 Mecox 

219 Estate 

Moore, Benjamin Joseph Sayre 

Mooie, Jos. Sarah Joseph Wickham 

Moore, Joseph Thomas Rose 

Marshall, Joseph Thomas Reeves 

251 P.rushy Neck, Hog- Neck 

280 Sajrer Pond 

286 Swan Creek 

194 Ox I'asture 

Melvln, WaluT 
Newton, Benonl 
T'lewton, Beiion.i 
Norrls, Robert 
Norris, Robert 
North Sea Prop. 
North Sea Prop. 
Osborne. Thomas 
Palmer, Benjamin 
Painter, Richard 
Post, Joseph 
Post, Joseph 
Post, Richard 
Post, Pichard 

Post, ^^icbard 
Post, Richard 
Post, Richard 
Post, Richard 
Post. Joseph 
Post Richa,rd 
Post, Richard 
Phillips, Ann 
Plilllips, Zerobabel 
Phillips, Ann 

John Iviitchell 


Thomas Reeves 


Joseph Fordham 


Thomas Reeves 


John Annin? 


Jeckomiah Scott 


John Jessup 


Peregrine Stanborouarh 


Henry Piersor 


John .Tennings 


Thor'as P^eeves 


Samuel Cooper 


EzeUiel Sandford 


Benjamin Foster 


John Gould 


John Jagoe 


John Howell, Sr. 


John Howell. Jr. 


Thomas Cooper 


John Post 


Joseph Poet 


James White 


Martha Herrick 


Ox Pasture 
Calf Creek 
Ox Pastuie 
Wickapos lie 

Farring-ton's Neck 
East Hampton 

West Street village 
Ox Pasture 
Ox Pasture 

M.ain Street and Little- 
worth, c First Neck 
Main Street 
Halsey's Neck 
Halsey's Neck 
Halsey's Neck 
Hog: Neck & Commonage 

Old Town 

Marriage Agreement 

James White 

Phillips, Ann 

Phillips An.i 
Phillips Zerobabel 
Phillips, Anr 
Phillips, Ann 
Phillips Zer.- babel 
Pope Thomas 
Pierson, Mary 
Pierson, Mary 
Pierson, Thtodore 
Pierson, Theodore 
Pierson. Ber.iamin 
Pierson, Henry 
Pierson, Benjamin 

Esther Clark 223 

Abigail White 223 

Bzekiel S'lndfor-! 237 

James White 233 

Martha Howell ^03 

Ann White 304 

John Cooper 201 

Henry Pierson 192 
Henry Pierson 
Daniel Halsey 
Jonathan Raynor 
Jonathan Rajt:<u- 
Christonher Learning 179 

Theophilus Howell 273 

North end of villa-^e and 

North Sea 
7 ponds 

Halsey's Neck & N Sea 
Sagg Pond 
Marriage A.greement 
Main Street 
Main St'-eet 

Shinnecock & Hog Nk 

Captain's Nk,Halsey'sNk 
Ten Acre Lots 



Pierson, Henry 
Piv:;rsor.. Joseph 
Rose, John 
Rose, John 
Rose, John 
Rose, John 
Rose. John 
Rose, Thomas 
Rose, John 
Rose, John 
Rose. John 
Reeves, Thomas 
Reeves, Thomas 

Rr-y 'or, 
Fay nor 


Isaat. Joh 

Joseph Pierson 
Mary Fletclier 
John Jennings 
John Jennings 
Isaac Raynor 
John Rose, Jr. 
John Rose. Jr. 
John Beswick 
John Jenning-s 
Samuel Mills 
John Beswick 
Benoni Newton 
Joseph Marsliall 

Joseph Post 
Robert Woolley 
Isaac Halsey 
Isaac Raynor 
John Hesvick 
Josiah Raynor 
Isaac Raynor 
.Joseph Say re 
nlsaac Halsey 
John Raynor 
Josiah Eaynoi 
.Tosiah Rayno' 
John Raynor 
Isaac Halsey 
John Earle 
Henry Pierson 
Joseph Marshall 
John Howell 
John Raynor 
John Raynor 
Wm. Barker 
Theodore J'ie'son 
John Jessup 

Theodore Pierson 
Wm. Barker 
Isaac Raynor 




Main Street 


North Sea 


Cow Neck 


North Sea 


North Sea, Long Springs 


Cow Neck 


Kellie's Pond 


Cow Neck 


Mecox Plain 


Mecox Plain 


Kellie's Pond 


Ox Pasture 


Ox Pasture 


Halsey's Nk. Seponak Bh 




First Neck 


Scuttle Hole 




Og:den's Neck 


Iloir Nock, Brushy Neck 


Wickapogruf and Mecox 


Shinnecock, O^den's Nk 


Windmill Hill 


Ton Acre Lots 






North Sea 


Gi-eat Meadow 


Main Street 






Great Plain 


First Neck 




Osrden's Neck, Birch Nk. 



First Neck 


Ten Acre I.,ots 



Rogeis, Jo nail. 
Rogers, Obad":ah 
Sale, Obadiah 
Sale, 01-c.diar 
Shaw, Thomas 
Shaw, Thomas 
Sliaw, Tnomas 
Sii'ipl ins, V/ui. 

Theophilus How-li 
Ezekiel Sand ford 
Joseph Pierson 
Geor.i'e Heatlicote 
John Jennings 
Eiiekiel Sandford 
Isaac Mills 
Johr Howell, et. al 

PeregrineShamjjar Hand 

267 Potunk 
215 Sagg Pond 
182 Cooper's Neck 
185 Main Street 
304 North Sea 
240 Littleworth 

West Street 

ISS Sagg 



" Peregri 

" Josiah 

Sayre, Daniel 
Sayre, Francis 
Sayre, Jotin 
Sayre, John 
Sayre, Daniel 
Sayre, Daniel 
Sanders. John 
Sturmey, Charles 
Smith, Richard 
Sandford, Ezel<;iel 
Smith, Richard 
Scott, John 
Stephens, Thomas 

neJanies Cooper 
neJohn Tjppin'? 
neCooper, Sam'l, Jas. 

Josf^ph Sayi'o 

Pel. Stanboroug-h 
neBenjamin Hand 
neWni. Barker 

Wm. Barker 

Paniel Sayrt, Jr 

Joh.i Sayr<^ 

Wm. Herrick 

Francis Saj-re 

Hannah Topping- 
Isaac Sayre 

Isaac Willnian 

John Scolt 

John Parker 

Inhabitants of Mecox 

Benjamin Haines 

John Rose 

Martha Cook 

Topp?ner, Hannah 
Topping, Thomas 
Topping, Thomas, Sr 
Topj)int:. Thomas 
Topping, Josiah, John 
Topping, Thomas 
Toppinsr JaiT es 
Topping, Elnathan 
Topping, Elnathan 
Topping, Elnathan 
Topping, John 
Toppjni;, Thomas 
Top]>ing •Vfsi.'ih 
Toppiag, Thoi.ias 
Topping, John 
Topping Hanrah 
Toppins. Thomas 
rt>,)ping, Thomas 
Topping, Thomas 
Topping, Thomas 
Trevally, Thomas 
Tennison, John 

Thomas Topping, Jr. 
Thomas Topping 
Thomas Topping Jr. 
Theophilus Howell 
James Herrick 
Joseph Sayre 
Wm. Barker 
Samuel Clark 
John Howell 
John Howell 
Tiiomas Cooper 
Wm Herrick 
Thomas Cooper 
Daniel Sayre 
Manassah Kempton 
John Morehouse 
Wm. Barker 
Matthew Hov.ell 
Abraham Howell 
Obariiah Sale 
Wni. Barker 
Samuel Barber 
John Howell 



2 ^ 1 

Sagg Pond 

25 4 



Birch Neck 






Ox Pasture 


Ox Pasture 




Flying Point 


Flying Point 


Flying Point 

Marriage Agreement 





23 4 



Sagg Bridge 


Farrington Neck 


Norih Sea 


North Sea 

Water Mill 



Main Street 




Asop's Neck 


Asop's Neck 


iVIain Street 


Red Creek 


Main Street 






Accabog, Potunk 


Ogden's Neck 


Asop's Nk, Catchaponack 


Asop's Neck 




Cooper's Neck 




Main Street 


Birch Nk & Cold Spring 


Accabog & Seponaek 


Halsey's Neck 


Main Street 

Whale oil bought 


N. Sea Rd, Bowden's Sq 

Tant, John 
VoncK Cornelius 
Vonck, Madeline 
Vonck, Cornelius 
Vont k, Cornelius 
Woolley, Robert 

Edward Howell 
Benjamin Haines 
E'lward "White 
John Jennings 
Richard Pointer 
Wm Barker 

189 Tools of trade 

189 Long Pond 

200 West Street 

292 Hog Neck 

1S5 West Street 

189 Main Street 



Woo] ley, Robert 
Woolley, Rolfert 
\\ oolley, Robert 
Woolley, Robert 
Woolley, Robert 
Whitehead, Samuel 
Whitehead, Samuel 
Whitehead, Samuel 
Woodruff, John 
Woodruff, Joiin 
Vv'o.)druff, Joiin 

Woodrufl:', lohn 
WoC'drmf, John 

waters, 4nthon> 
Willis, Hfnrv 
Wood, Jacob 
Williams, William 
White, Edward 
White, John 
White, James 
White, James 
White, James 
White, John, John 
Will man, loaac 
Willman, isaac 
Willman, Tsaac 
Willinan, Isaac 
Willman, Isaac 
WillTnaTi, Isaac 
Willman, Abraham 
Willmar. Isaac 
V\'llmaii, Isaac 

Peter Noriit 
Josei:>.i Raynjr 
Ezekiel Sandford 
Wm. Barker 
John Laug-hton 
Obadiah Sale 
.(ob Say re 
Obadiah Sale 
Benoni Newton 
Thomas Sayre 
John Jessup 

Ann Phillips 
John Howell 

John Rose 
John Jag^oe 
Arthur How'.ll 
Edmund HowpU 
Wm. Mason 
Wm. Barker 
LiOtt Burnet 
Lott Burnei 
Lott Burnet 
Theophilus Howell 
John Howell 
Matthew Willman 
Caleb Horton 
John Willni-\ii 
I.s.iac 'Vi'illinc'n. Jr. 
Ezekiel Sandford 
Samuel Lam 
Ea^kiel Sa-.dfoid 
Wm. Herrick 
Matthew Willman 
I.caac Wilhnari, Ir. 


Sagg Pond 


Captain's Neck 


Hacker's Hole 


Ox Pasture 


Ox Pasture 


Elizabethtown, N J, 


Main Street 


Main Street 


Ox Pasture 


Captain's Neck 


Ten Acre Lots 



Halsey's Neck 


0,g:dens Neck 


Cow Neck 


Main Street 




Wenham, Mass 


West Street 


Ox Pasture 


Mill Pond head 


Mecox Gate 


Mill Pond head 






Sag-g- Pond 




Sagg- Pond 


Sagg Pond 






Sagg Pond 


Second Neck 


Sag-g- Pond 


liong^ Pond 

listorical ©ocuments 

G)mmission to James Farirett. 

To aU Xristian People and all others to whome these pres- 
ents shall come or in any wise appertaine, Greeting, know 
yee that I Wm. Earie of Sterling having for and divers 
good and valuable causes and considerations therein more 
at large and particularly contained and expressed by and 
with ye consent, direction appointm^ent and command of 
his mcst Sacred majesty the king, obtained A Patent or 
grant from ye corporation for New England, under their 
common Seale, Bearing date the two and twentieth day of 
Aprill in the eleventh yeare of his sd majesty's Charles of 
England, Scotland, ff ranee and Ireland King, or Anno 
Dom. 163G, of a certaine Island thereunto adjacent, lying 
or being situate or bci ided between ye degrees of forty 
and forty one of ye northerly latitude or there abouts. To 
Have and to Hold to me the said Wm. Earle of Sterling my 
heires and assignes ffor ever, as relation being there unto 
had doth and may more at large appeare. And where as I 
ye said Wm Earle of Sterling am willing and desirous to 
mprove ye same for ye Enlargement of his said Majesties 
vast dominions and empire in ye continent of America by 
planting and settling in these large and vacant tracts of 
wilderness within the said grant specified and contained 
an Industrious and sober people, yt may Inhabit ye same to 
ye glory of God and the honor of his Majesty, as well as 
their own mutual comfort and advantage. I have in or- 
der to ye said good end, and for divers other good causes 
and considerations me thereunto especially moving made or- 


dained, constituted and appointed, and by these presents 
doe make, ordain, constitute and appoint my trusty and 
well beoved friend, James ffarret, Gent, to be my true and 
lawfull Attorney or agent for me and in my name, to my 
only use and behoofe to goe, enter into and upon and take 
possession of ye afforesaid Long Island and other ye Islands 
thereunto Adjacent, with all and every of their Rights, 
members and appurtenances and them or any of them so 
entered into and upon or taken possession of to plant and 
improve as providence shall afford opportunities. All sofor 
ye incouragement and assurance of settlement to all such 
persons as shall bee willing to plant and settle in any or 
all of the Afforesaid Islands. He, the said James Farrett is 
empowered and authorised. And I the said Wm. Earle of 
Sterling doe hereby impower and authorise him for mee, my 
heirs Executors and administrators, and for every of 
us to lett, mortgage, sell, or by any other way or means for 
a present sum or sums of money, or for yearly rent, to dis- 
pose of ye said Islands or any part or parts of them, for 
such time and times, tearm and tearms of yeares for life 
or lives, or forever, and in fee as my said Attorney or Agent 
shall judge most probably conducing to my profht and be- 
hoofe, and to ye other end before specified. And after one 
or more Stations or Colleneyes of people shall be there in 
any or all of ye affore said Islands settled, to contrive, 
erect and establish such honest and wholesome orders and 
ordinances amongst, and for ye benefit of said planters 
and Collonies as shall be judged, together with and upon 
the advice of ye Right Worshipfull John Winthrop Esq. 
Gov. of Boston Collony in ye said New England, most 
tending to ye preservation of ye publique peace, ye im- 
provement of trade and Commerce and the execution of 
justice in obedience to ye lawes of God and as much as 
may be Agreeable to ye lawes of England, and I do like- 
wise hereby desire and authorise my said Attorney or 
agent to take advice of ye said Mr. Winthrop how he shalJ, 


and thereupon accordingly to demeane himselfe towards 
ye natives if they should att any tyme claime any right, 
tittle, Interest or propriety to ye said Islands or any of 
them, or to any parts or parcell of them or any of them. 
And I the said Wm. Earle of Sterling doe for ye better 
prosecution and management of ye said affair as well as 
for due encoragement to my said Attorney or agent, for 
me, my heirs executors and administrators, convenant 
promise and agree to and with ye sd James Farrett, his ex- 
ecutors, administrators and assigns yt I will from tyme to 
tyme and at all tymes as there shall bee need and occasion, 
shall secure, send and transmit a full and sufficient main- 
tainance to him my said Attorney or agent, for himselfe 
and servants as shall become a person soe imployed, and 
if opportunity of shipping from hence be wanting, or any 
other unexpected causalty should fall out by which my 
said Attorney or agent should be reduced to straights, it 
shall and may be lawfull for my said Attorney or agent, 
and I doe hereby allow him to charge one or more bills of 
Exchange for such sum or sums of money as his need 
shall require, a supply of which said bill or bills I, ye said 
Wm. Earle of Sterling doe hereby for myself, my heires, 
executors and administrators promise to accept, sattisfy 
and content, provided nevertheless, and it is hereby in- 
tended yt hee my said Attorny or agent shall not charge 
any such bill or bills of exchange unless he can by noe 
lawfull wayes and means raise such monies, in, about, out 
of touching or concerning ye premises, or any of them ; 
which that he may the better doe and accomplish I ye 
said Wm. Earle of Sterling, do for myself, my heires, exe- 
cutors, administrators and assigns, and every of us further 
convenant promise and agree to and with ye said James 
ffarret, his executors, administrators and assigns and every 
of them, that hee my Attorney or agent shall have full 
power and authority. And I doe hereby for my selfe, my 


heires, executors, administrators and assigns and every of 
us (for the reasons afore said) and for divers other good 
considrations me thereunto especially moving/ fully and 
absolutely impower and authorise him ye saidjames ffarret 
my Attorney or agent to treat bargain, contracte there upon 
conclude and for such sum or sums of money as he shall 
Judge fitt, and a valuable considration, for which or any 
parte or parcell there of his receipt or receipts shall be a 
sufficient discharge against mee, my heires executors and 
administrators for ever, to sett, lett, assign, mortgage alien 
bargaine or sell or by any other way or means to dispose 
for tyme and tymes, tearme and tearmes of yeares for life 
or lives, or for ever and in fee, of all the said Island or any 
parte or parcell of them or any of them, to any person or 
persons whatsoever that owe allegiance to the crowne of 
England, by deed or deeds, assurance and assurances, ac- 
cording to the custom and manner of ye place, under his 
hand and seal or otherwise, as fully and absolutely as my- 
self,, my heirs executors. Administrators or assigns, or any 
of us might or could have done, in case we or any of us 
had bin then and there personally present. Excepting and 
always reserved out of the said grant or grants of any es- 
tate of what kind soever, and out of every of them his ma- 
jesties Royalty, and ye Companys right of Gold and Silver 
oare, and all other rights and royalties, what so ever, to his 
majesty, his heirs and Successors, and to ye said Com- 
pany and their successors, of dues and rights belonging. 
And because of the unusuel method of proceeding in this 
case, ye great distance betweene the premises and this 
kingdome and for the giving more full and ample satisfac- 
tion to all and every such person and persons as shall or 
may be inclined or concerned to deale with my said Attor- 
ney or agent, for or concerning ye premises or any parts 
or parcels of them, I the said Wm. Earle of Sterling doe 
further for my selfe, my heires, executors and administra- 


tors, covenant and promise and agree to and with my said 
Attorney or agent James Farrett, his executors adminis- 
trators and assigns and every of them, that what ever bar- 
gaine, contract, conclusion or estate, he the said James 
Farrett shall make of ye premises or any part or parcel! 
of them, for tearm or tearmes of years, for life or lives or 
for ever, and in fee with any person or persons whatso- 
ever, as afore said, shall be owned, acknowledged and made 
good to ye said person or persons, by me, my heirs execu- 
tors, administrators and assigns and every of us, as if we 
or any of us had bin personally present there and had done 
ye same. And yt I ye said Wm. Earle of Sterling, my 
heirs executors and administrators, will at any time or 
tymes here after upon ye reasonable request of him ye 
said James ffarett or his Assignes or any other person or 
persons as afore said yt have dealt with for any part or 
parcell of ye premises, doe and suffer or cause to bee done 
and suffered, any other or further act or actes, thing or 
things whatsoever for ye further, better and more sure 
making of ye premises according to ye true honest mean- 
ing and Intention of these presents and ye said bargain or 
bargains made pursuant there unto by my said Attorney or 
agent, with any such person or persons as afore said, 
as shall be reasonably devised, advised or required 
by them or any of them, theire or any of theire coun- 
cells that to ye doing thereof wee or any of us bee not 
compelled to goe further than the Cityes of London and 
Westminster ; be it by new deed or deeds assurance or as- 
surances, more exactly and accordng to ye forme and law 
under our hands (or any of our) and scales or any thing else 
whatsoever that shall be judged requisite, to supply the de- 
sign in law (if any such bee) of the former bargaines or any 
of them, which my said attorney or agent made and con- 
cluded the substance of them being cleare according to ye 
intention and meaning of these presents. And lastly I ye 


said Wm. Earle of Sterling doe hereby for me my heires 
executors administrators and assigns, Covenant promise 
agree and grant unto my said Attorney and agent James 
ffarrett, full power and authority in touching and concern- 
ing ye said Long Island, and other ye Islands affore said to- 
gether with ye patent rights there unto belonging to doe 
execute proceed and finnish in all things in as large and 
ample manner and forme as I the said Wm. Earle of Sterl- 
ing might or could doe if I were then and there present, 
Rattifying and confirming whatsoever my said Attorney or 
agent shall doe in ye premises according to the true intent 
and meaning of these presents. In witness whereof I ye 
said Wm. Earle of Sterling have here unto sett my hand 
and seale this 20th day of Aprill, in the twelfth yeare of 
the Reigne of our Soyeraine, Lord Charles, by the Grace of 
God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland King Defend- 
er of ye faith. Annoque Dom. 1637. 


Sealed and delivered in 
the presence of 

Matthew Huntley 

John Carr 

Robert Saint Cleare 

This is a true copy of the originall letter of Attorney, 
granted by Wm. Earle of Sterling to James ffarrett Gent, 
his agent concerning Long Island. Examined per me Ed- 
ward Rawson, Secretary of the Massachusetts Collony of 
New England. 

This is a true copy examined with ye coppy this 26th of 
November Annoque Dom. 1686. By me John Youngs. 


The following are copies of fragments of Records, on 
loose papers, deciphered with the greatest difficulty. They 
are field notes of the "layers out of land" and the original 
source of title to many tracts. W. S. P. ' 

December 12, 1666. Then layed out to Jas. Herrick, yt 
hee wanteth of 20 acres i, and to Obadiah Rogers what hee 
wanteth 20 acres. Together lieing on ye north side of 
Richard Howell, the line'^^by Richard Howell, this lying to 
him is 60 poles. The contra line viz the north 64 poles, 
west side 136 poles, the contra side viz east 125 poles. Is 
50 acres and 91 poles. 

Thomas Goldsmith, East of Richard Howell and of Oba- 
diah Rogers, South line against ye plain (?) 70 poles, north 
line 70 p. line by Richard 62, p. on the east is 62 poles. 

And afterwards 10 poles was taken off ye east side, and 
like quantity added to the north end. 

Dec. 13, next to him laid out to Joseph Rainer east and 
west 80 poles, north and south 92 poles, is 46 acres. 

March ye 22, 1666, laid out for Thomas Cooper, whoe 
was to have 50 acres upon this division, and 10 upon the 
other, is 60 acres, wee followed ye line by his fence from 
his old close 180 poles west, ye breadth 58 poles, then from 
ye said line measured 4 poles at ye west end and to a 
poynt, namely Thomas his comer, where we began, ye 
said goare making 2 acres, in all 60 acres. 

To John White in part of their allotment west of Thomas 
Cooper, ye eastward length is 60 poles, ye north and South 
62 poles, is 23 acres i, but by reason of ye badness of the 
land ye i bated. 

(Note. The tractlaid out to Thomas Cooper and John 
White, is north of Hill street and west of Windmill lane. 
A large part is still owned by his descendants. W. S. P.) 

March 27, 66 laid out fr Thomas Halsey in the neck on 
ye west side of the wading place, at meacocks, from ye 
stake by ye Dirty creek to ye beach southward, 86 poles. 


ye contra line south and north against ye old ground, 62 
poles, ye south side lies by meacocks water, 62 poles, ye 
opposite line along by the woods 56 poles, which with ye 
angles from the line by ye Dirty creek in all 28 acres 5. 

(Note. This is the farm of late David and Jonathan 
Halsey at Watermill. W. S. P.) 

Due to Henry Ludlam and Joseph 20 acres, measured 
out in part in Mill neck, over against good man Halseys, 
on ye north side Halseys and ye path from ye highway to 
meacocks water, in ye breadth 14 poles, ye north end in 
opposition 40 poles, and ye depth 45 poles, adde 2 poles 
thence on the north side with allowance for the crooked 
bite, in all 8 acres. 

To Thomas Halsey Junr in the mill neck adjoining to 
his close there northward 10 acres. 

To Hen. Ludlam at ye mill, first 17 poles f depths, and 
14 poles wide, and a goare of 15 poles to be made up 10 
acres. Laid out soe much to it below in ye bite, as makes 
all 8 acres 5, ye next being 1^ still due. 

To John Cooper northward of Thomas [Cooper] his 
close, ye line by it 80 poles, ye contra line by it at ye 
north 80 poles, ye ends 76 poles. 

Which was ye ende of ye 5th day worke, when Mr. 
Howell was not with us, then againe Saturday. 

A 30 acre lot, ye side by John Cooper 86 poles. Ye other 
side northward 80 poles, both ends 60 poles. 

Wednesday may 21. To Ben. Foster, each end 40 poles, 
length 80 poles, 20 acres. 

To Thomas Halsey Junr eastward of Ben ffoster towards 
his house, 60 poles both ends, and 80 poles long, is 30 acres. 
From his house a highway of 6 poles wide, a goare of ladd 
40 poles long, a poynt south, ye northward end 16 poles is 
2 acres, 1 acre within his fence and without, 1 acre. 

At ye north end of all towards ye mill creeke, 23 poles 
deep, which being 84 poles over is 12 acres. 


Another goare 40 poles long, and 16 poles at south end, 
and 24 at north end is 5 acres. In all 50 acres. 

(The above lots are at Cobb, south of main road. W.S.P.) 

June 25, 66 Mr. Rainer and Joseph, across from Mr. Ford- 
ham's highway southward which is ye west end, 62 poles, 
eastward 40 poles, north side by Mr. Fordhams 77 poles, 
south side 80 poles, accompted as 25 acres. 

Alsoe a goar left to Joseph which he saith he wants, 1 
acre, which goar is on that accompt allowed him. 

Alsoe ye highv/ay by Mr. Fordhams is laid into the said 
25 acres, if the Toune finde noe fault. 

Alsoe it is agreed with Mr. Rainer and Joseph, yt to 
make the highway 5 poles wide on the south side at their 
cost, ye little plaine fence is to be removed. 

(Note. "Mr. Rainer" was Thurston Rainer. "Mr. Ford- 
ham" was Rev. Robert Fordham. The land laid out to the 
Rainers is part of the farm now or late of Edward H. 
Foster, Esq., at east end of Gin Lane on north side. Mr. 
Fordham's land is the homestead of Mr. James A. Hildreth, 
at east end of Toilsome Lane-. W. S. P.) 

September 16, 1666, wee laid out widow Briggs her lot 
to Zerobobel Phillips, 3 acres according to other house lots, 
and 1 acre to it in part of their devision, and one acre 
thrown out in the Ox Pasture. Northward of that a high- 
way of 4 poles wide. 

Next that a piece to John Cooper, in depth on ye south 
side 40 poles, north side 32 poles, the west end against his 
o wne land 32 poles, ye east end 26 poles. In all 6 acres ^. 

(Note. The lot of widow Briggs, was on the west side of 
the west street of Southampton, or Windmill Lane, and 
south of the house formerly of Capt. Mercator Cooper, 
now of J. W. Fletcher Howell. The 6 acres laid out to 
John Cooper, is where the said house now stands. W. S. P.) 

It is by voat given and granted unto John Jessup, the 
small spring of meadow lying below hogg neck spring and 


not within North Sea mens bounds nor was laid out in ye 
devision with hogg neck. (1680) 

Edward Howell and Job Sayre chosen by widow Russell 
to view the goods and chatties of the estate of her de- 
ceased husband. And to assist them Mr. Topping hath 
appointed John — and John Howell Jr, all which four per- 
sons soe being chosen and appointed were sworne by Mr. 
Topping to Apprize the afore said estate this llth day of 
October 1681. 

It is granted to John Earle to have an acre of land neare 
unto Christophr Fowler. (1680) 

(Note, This lot of John Earle, was next north of the 
homestead of George Wines, and is now owned by Adelia 
Davis. W. S. P.) See Vol. II Printed Records. Page 267. 

It is given unto Obadiah Rogers, an acre, or acre and ^ 
of land next his Orchard land at Long Springs. (1680) 

May 23, 1676. Laid out to Benony Newton, 6 acres of 
land upon the eastward side of John Beswick, 40 poles 
north and south and 24 poles east and west, 4 acres here 
of upon John Coopers account, and 2 acres on the account 
of Joseph Ludlam. 

(Note. The above land is at mecox. W. S. P.) 

Monday Jan. 13, 1667, laid out to Francis Sayre next to 
his owne in ye rear devision, 46 poles, easte and weste, 
and 18 poles north and south, for 5 acres. 

Daniel Sayre on the north side of Francis, 46 poles easte 
and weste, North side 52 poles fr 15 acres. 

(Note. These pieces are in the rear of the land of Hu- 
bert Jagger (late Wm. Jagger) and James Bishop, east side 
of main street Southampton W. S. P.) 

To Job and Joseph Sayre on the north side of Lieuten- 
ant Post by Francis Sayre, on ye south side 51 poles on ye 
north side 48 poles, on ye easte end 30 poles, on ye west 
end 32 poles, pr 10 acres. 


(Note. This is the homestead of late Lewis Jagger on 
east side of main street Southampton, and south side of 
Bishops lane.) 

On the north side of John Jaggers close, after 6 acres for 
Mr. Hampton, and 6 acres for Wm Russell, we laid out to 
John Bishop, 80 poles in length, that is east and weste, and 
20 poles wide, 10 acres. 

(Note This is the west part of the farm of Samuel Bishop 
fronting the east side of North Sea road. The Close of 
John Jagger is the ancient Jagger homestead on east side 
of North^ Sea road. The above is the first mention we 
have of it, and shows that it was owned by John Jagger 
before 1667. The old house was built in 1707, and was 
burned on the night of Feb. 18, 1891. W. S. P.) 

Tuesday laid out to Hen. Pierson, on ye easte side of 
Littleworth Hollow, close along by the south side of the 
mill path, 35 acres. That is 80 poles along by the path, 66 
poles to the marked white oak tree for ye westward side 

Next to him on the easte side for Jonas Bower, 31 acres. 

(Note, These two pieces of land include all the land 
bounded north by the road to the Water Mill, west by road 
to Flying Point or Wickapogue, and east by road to Cobb, 
and includes the homesteads of late Benjamin C. Foster, 
and Samuel Foster, W. S. P.) 

For Thomas Topping on the north side of mill path on 
the easte side of Littleworth Hollow, 26 acres. 

(Note, This is the late homestead of Capt. Eli White, 
now of Henry White) 

For Samuel Johnes, 20 acres towards Thomas Gold- 
smith's Close at Seaponack. 

Thursday, for Thomas Burnett, 10 acres, besides perfect- 
ing his former division. 


Friday, 20 acres for Mr. John Howell, next to Edward 
Howell, on the north side, and for Mr. [Robert] Fordham 
50 acres on ye north side ye mill path, Thomas Burnetts 
10 acres west side thereof. 

(Note. The 10 acres of Thomas Burnett includes the 
present homestead of Horace Fanning, bounded south by 
main road to Water Mill, west by David White's lane. The 
50 acres of Mr. Fordhams included all the rest of the land 
on the east side^of David -^Whites lane. Thomas Burnett 
sold his 10 acres to John Howell in exchange for 10 acres 
next east. W. S. P.) 

March 26. To John Davis at Towd, easte line 26 poles, 
west 56 poles. South 24, North 34, all att 7 acres. The 
other alloted because of the beach. Nearer home against 
Towd, 9 acres $, which is for 4 acres on Saggaponack, Di; 
vision, 5 acres on ye next Division, and 7 acres on ye last 

To John Rose 5 acres on ye north side, John Woodruff 
adjoining to him, as himself shall esteeme neassary. 

Hitherto is 21 Days. Next morning 3 of us laid out to 
John Jessup his land in the easte ende of ye little plaine- 
butting against Joseph Rainer, 6 acres and 32 poles. 

(Note. This is at the east end of Gin Lane. Southamp- 
ton, on the north side.) 

June 19 laid out to Mr. Fordham on the north side of his 
toylsome close, 6 acres |. 

At Saggaponack in automme, 1668 laid out to John Top- 
ping against his house, ye highway betweene, 10 acres for 
his 50. 

Next to it, west side, for Josiah Stanborough 15 acres. 

For Josiah (Stanborough) 24 acres at the pond towards 
East Hampton, which was due him on a former division. 

Dec. 1668 layed out ye west line of Edmond Howells 40 
poles deep north and south, against ye head of the Creeke, 


hee to take"; his some of 20 acres, on the east side of the 
said line, leaving a highway of 12 poles betweene him and 
Thomas Halseys Close. 

(Note. The above may possibly be the farm of late 
Stephen E. Randall, on north side of road to Shinnecock 

Laid out for Isaac Willman against the swamp as one 
goes to Seaponack, 50 poles north and south at both ends, 
and 82 poles long, fr 25 acres, J. 

Appoynted to Robert Woolley to take his 15 acres (ex- 
changed with him by the town) by his father's land laid 
out unto him, on the west side of the mill stone brook, and 
thy have liberty to lay it as much upon the square as thy 
see goode. 

Dec. 25, 1668. Perfected Isaac Halseys 30 acre lott, next 
to him laid out to Sam. Clark 30 acres, there being due to 
him 4 acres on Saggaponack Division, on ye second Division 
10 acres, on ye third 20. 

ye other 4 acres was laid out before betweene John 
Laughton and Wm. Russell, that land laid out to him for- 
merly by the Clay pitts was in liew of his right from Sam 
Dayton in Sagaponack Division 

(Note, the 30 acres of Isaac Halsey is now the farm of 
late Samuel Elliston, on west side of North Sea road, and 
south of Seaponack lane. The land of Samuel Clarke was 
directly opposite, on the north side of Seaponack lane and 
extending west to the cemetery. W. S. P.) 

may 19, 1669, at ye request of John Jagger, John Jessep 
and Hen. Pierson went and measured over again John Jag- 
gar his land, between John Cooper and Isaac Halsey, it be- 
ing wanting of measure, and that of his neighbours in- 
trenched upon it. 

(Note. The land of John Jagger is on the west side of 
North Sea road, and includes the land of late Charles 


Henry Halsey, and the land late the farm of Septer Jack- 
son. The railroad runs through it. W. S. P.) 

Sept. 1666. Laid out to Ben Davis, ye eight acres given 
him by the Towne, on the north side of said 6 acres of 
John Cooper, with some allowance to Ben. in respect of 
the Sandy Hill. 

(Note. This includes the site of the Union School House 
in Southampton, and some land to the south, including the 
homestead of Gilbert and Frank White. Originally the 
west line of the west street of Southampton, ran on top of 
the hill, directly in front of the school building. The road 
was narrowed about 1852, and a large amount of land ad- 
ded to the lots. W. S. P.) 

memoramdum, that whereas John Cooper gave way yt 
Mr. Phillips should have an acre northward to ye widow 
Briggs home lot, it is concluded by ye layers out that ac- 
cording to ye condition of John Coopers grant, if evr ye 
towne give up the highway then John Cooper is to have 
that acre to his lot. 

(Note,'for home lot of widow Briggs, see page 10) 

Oct. 24, 1671. Laid out to John Tennison ye spare land 
between John Laughtons and Samuel Clark, leaving ye 
highway of 4 poles wide next to Mr. Laughton, The said 
and staked out 30 poles long and 11 poles wide at both 

Also 20 acres northward of Job and Joseph Sayre their 
10 acres,fye said 20 acres, running 80 poles long and 40 
poles wide, there being laid out a highway of 6 poles wide 
betweene ye said Sayre and Tennison their land. 

(Note. The first piece mentioned is now the homestead 
of Livingston Bowden, on east side of North Sea road, at 
what is called "Bowden Square." The second piece is on 
the east side of main street, Southampton, on north side 
of Bishop's lane, and now owned by Walter L. Jagger.) 


Laid out to Arthur Howell by Sagga pond, 20 acres, 
whereof 10 is in the right of Capt. Howell. 

The south and north line is 60 poles, the east and west 
lines about or neere 56 poles. 

(Note. This is on the west side of Sagg pond, and is 
part of land of Bridge Hampton Improvement Co.) 

To Jacob Wood 8 acres by Arthur Howell's land whre 
his house stands. 

(This is on the south side of Mecox street, near the road 
running north to Bridge Hampton) 

And to Joshn Beswick 4 acres. 

And by consent of 3 of the layers out of land, namely 
Capt. Howell, John Jessup and Henry Pierson, granted to 
Lieutenant (Richard) Post, to take up in liew of his land at 
Long Springs, 15 acres on the east end of Samuel Johnes 

(Note. This is the homestead of late Albert Reeves 
west side main street, Southampton, north of the railroad 
and now owned by Mrs. Harriet Rogers. 

Feb. 21 1667. Att a Towne meeting it was granted to 
Joseph Foster that he shall have his land (laid out of late 
on the last Division) running up to Francis Sayre his land, 
which land is in the Second Neck. 

It was granted to John Jessup that hee shall have ye 
land lying against Joseph Raynor his land by the little 
plaine and betweene Thomas Halseys and the pond to 8 
acres in quantity. 

Item. To John Foster yt hee shall have ye vacant land 
lying betweene Thomas Halsey and the Beach on Weeca- 
paug plaine, in liew of one acre hee wants of his propor- 
tion on ye last Division not intrenching on the highways. 

Item. To John Rose that hee shall have 4 acres, or 4 
acres i of land on the westward side of the mill pond by 
ye North Sea, as the layers out shall see convenient, which 


is to him in liew of yt proportion hee had or should have 
at Saggaponack on a former division. 

Item. To Obadiah Rogers liberty to lay all his land at 
Long Springs together, and soe as to have watering therein, 
as the layers out shall finde convenient. 

To Robert Woolly liberty to have his 15 acres lying at 
Long Springs, exchanged and laid out to his father Wood- 
ruff towards the mill stone Brook as may be convenient in 
the Judgment of the layers out. 

Item. To John Davis, that he shall have added to his 
land at Towd or there abouts, ye quantity that hee should 
have had at Saggaponack. 

August 23, 1676. Having the advice and consent of 
Capt. Howellfas was manifested by John Jessup, laid out 
by him and Henry Pierson unto Benony Newton, 6 acres 
of land upon the eastward side of John Beswick's land, 40 
poles north and south, and 24 poles east and west, 4 acres 
thereof upon John Cooper's account, and 2 acres on the 
account of Joseph Ludlam. 

Then measured Sam. Lum his land within his fence, 
holding 20 poles north end and 20 poles south end, and 30 
poles west end, and 30 poles east end, is 3 acres and f 
more to that laid out to him on John Coopers account, 4 
acres, ye east side next his former land 30 poles wide at 
both sides,5^and 16 poles at both ends, is 3 acres and 1 
acre more and J at ye north end of the whole, in all 8 

At a Trustee meeting at ye house of Joseph Fordham 
June 2, 1701, ordred by the Trustees that Benjamin 
Haines shall tacke care and to gett Eight Bushells of 
sifted lime and bring ye same to Mr. Whitings house in 
Southampton, fr twelve Pence pr bushel in money, att or 
before the twentieth day of this instant June. 

Ordred that James Cooper and Joseph Fordham shall 
tacke care about Mr. Whitings Chimnie, to hire a mason 


and other men to build ye same as cheape as thy can, and 
to take down ye old Chimnie att or before ye last of this 
Instant June. And allso to hire men to ground sill the 
said house and to clapboord and finnish the same, and to 
take ye windows downe and to putt up new ones, in ye 
house as thy shall think necessary. And to make a petti- 
sion (partition) in ye said house. 

Wee underwritten doe testify that on or about the 20th 
of ffeb. 1664, Before Capt. Topping was chosen to goe to 
Hempsted as Deputy for this Towne of Southampton. At 
Towne meeting endeavours were used to compose the dif- 
fferences that was or was like to bee betweene the said 
Towne and him, but findeing yt the plurality of Inhabi- 
tants together did but spend time in argueing to 
and fro, and put not a period to the business. 
The Towne by major voat impowered three men namely 
Joshua Barnes Richard Post and Thomas Halsey Junr to 
make a finall agreement with said Capt. Topping. And 
after some space of time that day, the Towne being met 
together with Capt. Topping, the said three men, or some 
of yem in the name of the others repeated the bargaine or 
agreement, thy had make with the Capt. but there being, 
or seeming to bee some obstruction in the business, at last 
it was cleared and removed. And the Towne with the 
said 3 men on the one pt, and Capt. Topping on the other 
were totally and finally agreed, and the agreement put to 
writeing or record by the publique officer, of the Towne for 
that purpose who did distinctly read the said agreement, 
unto which agreement both the Towne and Capt. Topping 
fully consented, to the truth here of wee are free to bee de- 
posed when wee shall be there unto called. In witness 
where of wee have hereunto set our hands this 18th day of 
September 1666. John Howell, Henry Pierson, Richard 
Post, John Cooper, Thomas Halsey Jr. Isaac >'! Willmanhis 
marke, Thomas Goldsmith X his marke, Samuel Barker X 


his marke, Thomas Cooper John Woodruff, Robert Woolly 
William S. B. his marke, William Russell - X his marke, 
Joshua Barnes, John Jagger Francis Sayer. 

(Note. The above document gives the only autographs 
of some of our early settlers, that are known to exist. (See 


Honored friend Capt. Toppen, my kind respects pre- 
sented unto you. I am informed that of late thre hath 
bene a debate about the lande that the Indians gave you, 
and I heare it is pleaded the Mantawcutt Sachem his pre- 
rogative as the chiefe Sachem of all the Island, to dispose 
of any land at his pleasure ; but to inform you of that I wish 
may doe you good in your case, itt is, that all the 
Sachems on the Island westward together with theire 
Indians doe affearme that Mantawcut Sachem hath noe 
prerogative over theire land but only as he did usurpe it 
over them, being greater in numbers and strength, that 
they could not resiste and was forced to submit to him in 
what he would doe. But the right of land is [in] those 
Sachems that doe inhabit in their respective places. This 
was affirmed before me at Hunttington by five Sachems, 
and many Indians at my house when they did affearme 
the rite of Mr. Clanus land given by Persovercane, and 
that Mantawcut Sachem had nothing to doe with it, and 
Uncas did affearme the same before my chapman at Say- 
brook, in my presence, and sayd that if Mantawcut Sachem 
was his brother yet he would not lye for him, and sayd 
when the Indians did warre and overcome yet it was not 
their fashone to take away the right of their lands. 

o Mt ^y}. 


v<i. / 

• / 


'^' i?; 







1A A ^ 






^*- .fS'' 




wy^^i^H^' isr^P'^^/f^ 




. I 


This much at present, but if I were but worthy of a Hne 
or two from you, when your meeting will be, and wheare 
to end your bisness, I would if possible, be theare. Soe 
with my love I take leave of and rest yours to searve in 
any office of lawe. 

From hunttington on Long Island, this 25 of August 


[Note. The above letter must be read in connection 
with the papers relating to Topping's Purchase, printed, 
in Vol. 1. Town Record, Page 167.] 


February 15, 1656. It is ordered by the three townsmen, 
that the out side fence about the plains is to be made se- 
ficient by the 15th of march upon penalty of 2 d for such 
(words gone) plaine that is lacking, and for second view 
six pence. And Shenecocke to be made seficient by the 
20th of march, with the same penalty afore said. 

Southampton 2nd of April, 1657. It is ordred by the 
three townesmen that all sorts of cattell and swine shall 
be fetched out . of the plaines, and oxe pasture by 12 of 
clocke the dale aforesaid, upon penaltie of 6 pence the 
hed for horse kind and cow kind, and swine, and 1 d penal- 
ty per head for sheep and goats. If any Great cattell come 
in at the Gin the penaltie is 16 d a head. 

Southampton September 18, 1668. It is ordred by us 
subscribed, that noe person shall put any catell into Shine- 
cock great neck, before next second day morning upon pen- 



alty of 6 d per head, to any that impound them, besides 
paying the damage they doe the Indians, and noe goats or 
sheep shall goe in the said neck untill the plainse are cleare 
or open, and the catell goe in upon penalty of 1 d per head 
to bee paid by the owners of the said sheep and goats unto 
any person that shall impound them thence. 



December 5th 1666. Jeffrey the Indian having stolen 
\ from John Cooper certain goods of which he was convicted 
before the Constable and overseers, and hee having re- 
turned all ye said goods soe farre as can at presen appeare 
and ye saide Overseers conceiving yt ye trebble damages 
mentioned in the Law, signifies 3 times soe much as ye 
person is at cost or paines &c about getting his goods 
againe, and not that the person from whome the goods 
were stolen should receive 3 times the value of what was 
stolen from him. Hereupon this towne Cort doe order and 
Judge, that since ye said John Cooper refuseth to declare 
his damage (according to ye fore said Intrpetation of the 
Law) the said Jeffrey shall satisfy unto the Constable 10 d 
in Wampum at 8 per penney. To Ben Davis 3 d, To ye 
overseers 2 d apiece, and ye Clarke 2 d, in all 20 d, at 8 per 
penney. All which hee is to pay and deliver to the con- 
stable betweene this and next fryday by noone. 

December 26. Upon further considration of ye Law with 
one of ye Justices wee doe further determine that ye said 
Jeffrey shall pay unto John Cooper 25d in currant pay in 
English accompt for his satisfaction, or else bee whipt. 

Jan. 7, 66. James Redfield entereth a complaint unto ye 
towne Cort for a gun that hee had of his owne and is now 
in the hands of the Indians, (except the Constoble have it) 
which gun hee the plff. desires to have againe but cannot ; 
therefore desires the help of Authority. The Judgment of 



the Constable and overseers is that in as much, as Thomas 
Halsey Jun. doth confess that hee lent the above said gun 
to his man, an Indian commonely called Harry, hee the 
said James Redfield shall have his gun now delivered to 
him by the Constable (in whose hand it is) and the said 
Thomas Halsey is to pay the charges of this suite or com- 
plaint. Allsoe the said Thomas Halsey doth owne that hee 
will stand between harm and damage and his said man. 

Ye charge is. To the Overseers and Constable 5s. To 
the Constable for warning the Indians and sending for 
Indians Is 9d. Ye Clarke 2s 9d. But ye said 21d for 
warning and sending for ye Indians James Redfield is to 
pay, rest for Thomas to pay. 

The Town devided into 6 squadrons for cutting of dead 
whales, according to an order published this day being 
march 23, 1667. 

Mr. Rainer 

Thomas Halsey Jr. 

Thomas Halsey Sr. 

Joseph Rainer 

Richard Howell 

Capt. Howell 

Xto Foster 

Joseph Foster 

Benjamin Foster 

Edward Howell 
The third to cutt 
this hath cutt. 

Isaac William 
Edmund Howell 
Ellis Cook 
Ensign Phillips 
John White 
Henry Pierson 

Mr. Fordham 
Joseph Fordham 
John Jessup 
Thomas Goldsmith 
John Cooper 
Thomas Topping 
Capt. Topping 
John Topping 
Peregrine Stanboroug 
James Herrick 

The fourth to cut. 

Isaac Halsey 
Thomas Burnet 
John Woodruff 
John ffoster 
Jonas Bower 
Sam. Johnes 



Obadiah Rogers 
Left. Post 
Thomas Sayre 
Thomas Cooper 

The second to cutt. 

this hath cutt 

John Jagger 
Mr. [John] Laughton 
Wm Russell 
Rebert Woolley 
Mr. [JamevS] Hampton 
Joshua Barnes 
John Bishop 
Daniel Sayre 
ffrancis Sayre 
Arthur Howell 
The 6 to cutt 

Ben. Davis 

Henry Ludlam 

Anthony Ludlam 

Joseph Ludlam 
To cutt first by lott 
This hath cut. 

North Sea 
John Rose 
Xto Lupton 
Richard Smith 
George Harris 
Mr. Scott 
Samuel Clarke 
Thomas Shaw- 
Benjamin Haines 
Mr. [John] Jennings 
John Davis 
The 5th to cutt. 

Southampton Aprill the first 1668. It is granted by 
major voat at ye Town meeting tc John Tennison, that 
hee shall have the use of 4 acres of land within the Oxe 
Pasture over against Thomas Cooper his whome Lott.. 
Begining at the north east comer, to be laid out at the 
discrethon of ye layers out, 3 acres and ahalf where of the 
town lend him the sd John whiles he dwells upon its ye 
othr half acre the Towne gives him and his assigns for 

(Note. The above piece of land is the present home lot 
of Henry Fordham, on First Neck Lane. W. S. P.) 

May 1, '68, Mr. John Laughton entreth complaint 
against Thomas Steevens, and Nathaniel Dominy for bis 
felloniously taking away the sd Mr. Laughton his knile 
sheath out of his pocket. 


Nathaniel Dominy entereth his complaint against Mr. 
Laughton for striking him on the face with a very great 
stone or for battering of him. 

James Herrick is agreed with this 4th of March 1666, 
for the sweeping of the meeting house and making and 
maintaining bolts for ye dores, for one yeare, beginning 
the 1st of May next ensuing, and he is to have paid to him 
in the next Town Rate 20 s for his paines. 

There being 22 guns of ye Indians in ye Townes keep- "^ 
ing they are disposed as followeth. Thomas Halsey keep- 
eth 2, William Ludlam 1, John Woodruff 1, Mr. [Robert] 
Fordham 1, Thomas Cooper 1, Isaac Willman 1, Joseph 
Rainer 1, John Jagger 1, John Ogden 1, Sergeant Post 1 
and a pistol, Thomas Sayre 1, John White 1, Mr. Rainer 1. 
The rest are left by the Townes men at Isaac Willmans 

(Note, The house of Isaac Willman is the homestead of 
late Edwin Post, now of William J. Post. W. S. P.) 

Southampton Sept. 29, 1668. It is ordered by us sub- 
scribed, that noe Inhabitant here shall put into the plaines 
above 3 cattle for 2 acres of land hee hath there lying in 
common, and if any shall put in more than according to 
the said stint thy shall pay 2s 6d per head to those yt 
impounde them ; and it shall be lawfull for all interested 
to turne in their cattell as afore said into the plaines on 
Saturdy next, being the third day of October. And noe 
goats or sheep shall come into the plaines or oxe pasture, 
until the 10th of November next, and if any person doe 
impound any of them thence (as it shall be lawful to do) 
the owner of the said sheep and goats shall pay 1 d pr 
head to those who shall soe impound them. 



Sept. 4, 1665. By ye Overseers, Henry Pierson is 
chosen to be recorder or Clarke for the towne, and is to 
have 10 s per An. as in former years for his paines. 

August ye 12, 1665. By the Constable and overseers, 
(viz. the major part of them,) Jonas Holdsworth was 
chosen for ye yeare ensuing to make record of ye cattell 
(belonging to this town) according to our Law, provided 
hee will take for his paynes as another man hath offered, 
which is one third of ye pay ye said Law expresseth. 
Afterwards the overseers agreed to give him one half. 

September 4, 1665. It is orderded by the overseers 
that all persons of this towne having due warning, shall 
bring in unto Henry Pierson, plainley written, between this 
and ye end of next Saturdy, a true list of all theire lands 
inclosed, viz, the number of acres belonging to them, with 
their other visible estate according to Law, in that behalf, 
upon penalty of having their names returned to the Govr- 
nor, that shall refuse soe to doe. 

January 5, 1665. The overseers do order that all the 
Townes Inhabitants shall bring in to yem the said Over- 
seers or some of them, their particular estates now in 
being, whereby this townes rate and Mr. Fordham's rate 
may bee made forthwith. James Herrick is to warne ye 
Inhabitants to bring in theire said estates betweene this 
and Wednesday night next, or else they shall bee leveyed 
by theire former estate given in to make the Country 
rate by. 

February 26, 1665. It is ordered by ye Constable and 
overseers that the west Sea poose shall bee left out, and 
Leftenant Post and Isaack Willman are chosen to take 
course at the towne meeting which is to bee next Wednes- 
dy, to call out men to doe ye work according to ye man- 
ner and time and place which they shall appoynt. 


March 5, 1665. By the Overseers. Whereas ElHs 
Cook hath kept the townes brand marke for cattell about 
theire 6 days past, and it being by two of the Overseers 
desired yt ye towne may have it for theire present use, 
which is urgent in respect of divers particulars, and the 
said ElHs will not soe much as give a faire answer when 
he vv^ill return it, wee doe order that the said brande be 
sent for at the said Ellis his charge, and if upon demand 
hee will not deliver it, then hee shall alsoe pay the Smith 
for making a nevv^ one, besides answering ye law or dam- 
age yt comes by his said keeping ye brande. 

March the 19, 1665. By the overseers. It is ordred 
that two men shall go to morrow morning and view the 
Chimnies in ye town and thy shall give warning to ye 
owners of such chimnies as are in their Judgment to bee 
pulled down and made new, that thy pull down such theire 
Chimnies within six days, and make them probably safe 
from chance of firing, within ye said six dayes. After 
which time being expired and ye said chimnies deffective 
as aforesaid not downe, the said men by themselves or 
some yt they shall appoint shall pull downe the said chim 
nies at the townes cost, and noe fire bee made in ye house 
until a safe chimney bee finnished upon penalty of paying 
five pounds to ye Country, to be paid by them whoe shall 
make any such fire. 

It is further ordred that any inhabitant of this towne 
that is legally warned to appear at the towne meeting and 
shall not appear according to warning shall forfeit for such 
default 2 shillings sixpence, to bee gathered by the Con- 

9 ber, 6, 66 Bye ye Constable and overseers. It is 
concluded, and ye constable hath undertaken to give warn- 
ing to ye Inhabitants to bring in to the townes men, the 
wampum thy are to pay for Qua qua, to ye Indians which 
comes to 16 d per 50, at 16 per penney. 


(Note. The above means that every £50 right of Com- 
monage should pay 256 beads of wampum, for the Quogue 
Purchase. W. S. P.) 

9 ber, 6. , 66 It is ordred that every Inhabitant be- 
longing to this towne shall have and set up to his chimney 
a substantial! ladder, which shall reach at least to the top 
of ye house, betweene this and this Wednesdy five weekes, 
upon penalty of five shillings pr weeke, to bee paid to the 
constable of the towne by the owner of such chimney or 
house that shall bee found without such a ladder soe set 
up. After ye said time of 5 weeks is expired ye said pen- 
alty to bee levyed and taken by the constable if they re- 
fuse to pay him upon his demand. Published. 

(Note. The chimnies of these primitive houses were 
made with wooden frames, lathed and covered, inside and 
out, with a thick coat of plaster. The chimnies when 
lathed were said to be "catted," and when plastered- were 
"daubed." Orders like the above were "published," by 
fixing a copy on the meeting house door, and beating the 
drum at the same time. See Vol. I. Printed Records, Page 
155. W. S. P.) 

Dec. 25, 1666. It is ordered by the constables and 
overseers that thy shall and will (God willing) meet to- 
gether about towne occasions next mondy come seaven 
night, and from that day to meet monthly on that day of 
the week, at sun one houre high in the morning. 

October ye 4. 1667. John Tennison doth acknowledge 
that hee hath received of Joseph Rainer, the Constable, 
foure barrells of pork and thirty bushels of wheat, and 
thirty bushels of Indjan^ Corne, in part of pay to the build- 
ing of the meeting house. Also hee hath received of the 
towne four barrells of beefe upon the same accompt. 
Hee hath received more of Joseph Rainer £ 0, 16 s, 6 d 
upon the same accompt. 


(Note. From the above it seems that the meeting house 
built in 1651, must have remained unfinnished for many 
years. In 1659, John Ogden agreed "to pay the cost of 
flooring and seating the meeting house," and galleries 
were voted in 1681. See Vol. I Printed Records, page 74, 
Vol. II. page 206. 88. W. S. P.) 

April 1, 1669. At a towne meeting, The particular 
men that gave to John Tennison land out of ye land 
which shall belong unto them in the next division, with 
the quantity thy gave him, on the condition that he 
dwells in the town 4 years hence forward. Thomas 
Cooper 4 acres, John Cooper 4, Joseph Fordham 4, Ed- 
mund Howell 2, Henry Ludlam 1, Anthony Ludlam 1, 
Wm. Russell 1, John Woodruff 2, Isaack Willman 1, In 
all 20. 

April ye 10, 1667. It is agreed by major voate of 
the Inhabitants, that foure men shall be chosen to agree 
with Nathaniel Dominie, for the cutting through a water 
way from Quaq qua Bay, to Shinecock Bay, and that Mr. 
Henry Pierson, Left. Post, John Jessup and Edward Howell 
shall bee the men to effect the Business with the said 
Nathaniel Dominie, and it is further agreed that if three of 
the said foure shall agree, the other shall bee no hindrance 
unto the said agreement. 
September ye 24th 1684. 

Received then of John Laughton on the Accompt of 
the Towne of Southampton in full for theire Quit Rent for 
their Patent to ye yeare one Thousand Six hundred Eighty 
Six ; To Say Ten lambs I say so reed 


These may certifie whome it may concerne, that by 
ordr of their majesties Receiver General at New York I 
do acknowledge to have received of the Trustees of the 
Town of Southampton the just some o^ Six pounds and 



fifteen Shillings : which is in full of what was due from 
the sayd towne for Quit Rent from the date of their pat- 
tent until the 25th day of March last past ; their several 
rates and discharges being allowed them; as attest my 
hand this 28th day of June 1694 

John Hobart 



Joseph Rainer 

Ri. Howell 

Xto ffoster 

Joseph Foster 

Edward Howell 

John Jessupp 

Tho. Goldsmith 

Ri Barrett 

Tho. Topping 

James Herrick 

Isaac Willman 

Ensign Phillips [Zerubabel] 

Henry Pierson 

Obadiah Rogers 

Left. [Richard] Post 

Tho. Burnet 

John Woodruff 

John ffoster Tho. 

Jonas Bower Ben. 

Robert Woolley 

Mr. [James] Hampton 

Joshua Barnes 

John Bishop 

Daniel Sayre 

[made about 1666] 

Thomas Sayre 

Mr. [John] Laughton, 

John Jagger 

Wm Russell 

Samuel Johnes 

Isaack Halsey 

Ben. Davis 

Cornelius Vonck 

John Cooper 

John White 

Tho. Cooper 

Edmond Howell 

Mr. [Robert] ffordham 

Joseph ffordham 

Mr. John Howell 

Tho Halsey 

Jonathan Rainer 
Halsey, Jr Peregrine Stanborough 
Foster Josiah Stanborough 

Henry Ludlam John Rose 
Anthony [Ludlam] Xto Lupton 
Ellis Cook George Harris 

Arthur Howell Ri Smith 

Charles Sturmy 
John Topping Sam Clarke 


An Inventory of ye Estate of Thomas Sayre, deceased, 
apprized by us who are hereunto appointed, as followeth, 
this 10th day of June 1670. 

Imprimis One Horse $ 10, 00 00 

4 Oxen 26 00 00 

4 Cows and a Calfe 16 00 00 

2 Steeres of 3 years old 

in ye woods 7. 10 00 

2 heifers with one Calfe and 

one Steere of three yeares old 7. 10 00 

3 Yearlings 4. 10 00 

2 Hoggs 7 Shotts 5 10 00 
1 Feather Bed, Bolster, Bedstead 

3 Pillows, Curtains, 4 Blancketts 

and a remnant of Trucking Cloath 9. 00 00 

1 Feather Bed, Bolster, an old Blankett 

Curtains and sheet 5. 10 00 

5 Sheets at — 2. 07 00 

4 old Pillow Beers 00. 61 00 
6 Napkins, 1 old Table cloth 

4 Towells. 00. 15 00 

6 Pewter Platters 1 00 00 

3 basons a Flaggon, a great Pott 

a pint pot, a Bowl with some other 

small pewter 1 15 00 

2 Tin Lamps 00. 1 00 

3 old Brass Kittles, a small iron Pott 

2 old brass Kittles 02, 15 00 

One bed stead, Rugg, Sheets flock bed 

and Boulster 04. 10 00 

Three bushels of salt 00 12 00 

A piece of old flock bed and 

winnowing sheet 00 05 00 

Three old Blancketts, 2 old pillows 

and sheet 01. 05 00 


1 Firkin of Sugar 

New Hides, by estimation 

Spitt, Pott hangers 2 old Sythes 

.grid iron, Tongas and a pair Bellows 
Axes and other Tools and Tanners knives 
Cart, Plough, Yoaks and Chaynes &c 
Spade and Hoe 
Wearing clothes of all sorts 
The Housing and Land and Tan fats 

More ye Lumber 

3 chests and milk vessels 

A Brass Pott 

Books and a pair of Scales 







































5 11 00 
301 16 00 

In all 307. 07. 00 

John Howell 
Henry Pierson 
Thomas Cooper Apprizers. 
John Jennings 

An account of sum catell of ye widow Abigail Halsey 
as they was prized by Daniel Halsey and Christopher Fos- 
ter, this 15 day of June anno. 1706. 
2 oxen, one 7 years old, a small one 

one 6 years old a large one, both at £8, 10, 00 

One 4 year old steer a small one 2, 5. 00 

To tvv^o four year old heifers middling ones 4, 4, 00 
To a midling three year old steer at 2, 2, 00 

To a large 2 year old steer at 1, 15, 00 

To a horse gears and Draft yoke and Irons 0, 10, 6 

Christopher Foster, Daniel Halsey. 
(Note. Abigail Halsey was widow of Richard Halsey, 
son of Daniel Halsey 1st. W. S. P.) 


Suffolk County is Dr to Southampton. 

To James Cooper Grand juror at Southold, £ 0, 12s 8d 
To John Jessup grand juror at Southampton 3 i 
ToJobSayre " " " " 3, 4 

To ye Coroner for an inquest upon ye body of 
an Indian girl of Lott Burnet, which bill was 
brought in by the Sheriff ] . 12, 4 

The Sheriff has also charged in his bill for 
reading Proclamation which wee see noe 
cause to allow. 

To William Herrick grand juror at Southold 0, 
To Samuel Cooper " " " " 0, 
To Capt. Abraham Howell grand jury at 


To John Howell grand juror at Southampton 0, 
To Left. Coll Pierson's attendance upon the 
Assembly in part of July and part of 
. August 9, 4, 6 

To Major Hov/ell's attendance upon ye As- 
sembly in part of July and part of Aug- 
ust 9, 

To Joseph Fordliam as Supervisor 0, 

To Ichabod Cooper grandjuror at South- 
ampton 0, 
To Joseph Fordham, Clerk of the Supervisors 0, 
The estimate of yer town being £6616, 10 s, 6 your ^^ 
proportion of this present County rate which you are to 
pay in cash is £26, 13s 6?d 
October 30, 1700. A true copy per me Joseph Fordham 
Clerk of the County Treasury. 















To his Exelencie William Burnet, Esquire, Captain 
General and Governour in chief of ye province of New 
York, New Jersey and territories thereon belonging &c. 
The humble address of the Inhabitants of the Towne of 
Southampton and Trustees and Comonalty of the town of 
East Hampton. 

p. Wee his majesties dutiful and loyal subjects, the In- 

habitants of Southampton and trustees and Comonalty of 
the town of East hampton in the County of Suffolk on the 
Island of Nassau, humbly beg leave to congratulate your 
Excelensies safe arrival to this your Government, where in 
we pray you may be Instrumental and Eminent to pro- 
mote the Glory of God and the welfare of the Inhabitants 
by your (we doubt not) wise administration of Equity and 
justice in the said Province, to your Excelencies unspeak- 
able Comfort and the joy of our Souls, which is the great 
good desired by every true Protestant and faithfull subject 
among us. 

May your Excellencie be pleased to look upon the 
wise and sober among us as suitable Instruments to ad- 
minster Justice, to the terror of Evil doers, and praise of 
them that do well, which we are incuraged to believe 
from the Manifold Relations we have had both of your 
Noble Education, and the pious example of your ancestors, 
praying that Almighty God may may bless your Excellen- 
cies person, and make your administration happy and 
prosperous. We subscribe our selves your Excellencies 
most humble and obedient Servants. 



Samuel Clarke John Jennings John Rose Thomas 
Shaw, Benj amine Haynes all of Southampton in ye East 
Riding of Yorkshire sell to John Davis a fifty pound of 
commonage in said Southampton "and is not within the 
lyne of a Hamblett commonly called and known by ye 
name of North Sea" 

Dated April 20th 1670 

Joseph Fordham 

John Laughton 

John Davis of North Sea sells the above "to my well 
beloved brother Banjamin Davis" 
Dated April 1 1673 

John Jennings 

John Beswick 

A Estimate of the Town of Southompton, for the year 
1700, January the 14ht, made by Joseph Fordham and 
Theophilus Howell. 

£ s 

£ s 

Mr. Josep Fordhham 


Joseph Post 

58 10 

PeregrineStanboroughlOO 10 

Theodore Pierson 


John Stanborough 

38 2 

Job Sayre 


John Wick 

35 10 

Thomas Topping 

64 10 

Mr. [Wm] Barker 


Ephraim Howell 

60 10 

Isaach Mills 

26 10 

Jeremiah Halsey 


Nathaniel Halsey 

57 6 

Samuel Johnes 


David Rose 


John Jessup 


Left. John Lupton 


Richard Howell 


Josiah Topping 


William Herrick 

91 10 

Joseph Howell 


James Cooper 


Major [John] Howell 


Jeremiah Jagger 




John Foster 
John Foster Jr 
Hezekiah Topping 
Benony Newton 
Anthony Ludlam 
Joseph Hildreth 
Jonathan Howell 
Benony Flint 
John Rayner 
Stephen Bowyer 
Zachariah Davis 
John Reeves 
George Harris 
Richard Fowler 
Joseph Foster 
Joseph Foster Jr 
widow Sarah Sayre 
Mr. Jonah Fordham 
James Herrick 
John Maltby 
Isaac Jessup 
Ben. Foster Jr 
John Davis 
Benjamin Foster 
Hannah Jagger 
Thomas Sayre 
John Howell 
Robert Woolly 
John Woolly 
Jonathan Jagger 
Gershom Culver 
Richard Howell Jr 
Jonah Bower 
Daniel Foster 
Richard Halsey 

34 5 

Mary Howell Tayler 

22 9 

29 15 

Abial Cook 



Isaac Halsey 



Joshua Halsey 



Isaac Halsey Jr 

40 10 

88 10 

Ichabod Sayre 



Joseph Goodale 

9 18 


Richard Rounsvelde 



Aaron Burnet 

33 00 

56 10 

Ephraim Johnes 



John Woodruff 



Josiah Halsey 


34 10 

widow Mary Rogers 

28 10 


Jonah Rogers 



John Morehouse 



Jonathan Davis 



Hannah Travaley 



Isaac Bower 

26 10 


widowClarke orSamuel 94 


Abraham Howell 



William Jennings 



Isaac Rainer 



Edward Howell and his 



73 10 


Daniel Halsey 

62 10 


Jeremiah Foster 



Josiah Howell 

25 10 


Thomas Cooper 

38 10 


Peter Norris 



Henry Ludlam 

39 10 

16 10 

William Tarbell 


56 10 

Ichobod Cooper 



Manassoh Kempton 

14 10 


Elisha Howell 



James Hildreth 



Capt* Isaac Halsey 




Christophr Foster 


Mrs. Susannah Howell 30 

John Sayre 

41 ; 


Somuel Howell 


Obadiah Rogers 


Thomas Howell 

17 00 

Daniel Sayre Jr 



Jonah Howell 



Joseph More [Moore] 


Samuel Lum 


Capt.Elnathan Topping90 

James Haines 


Dan Burnett 


Samuel Cooper 


John Mitchell 


Edward Petty 


Nathaniel Howell 


Lott Burnett 


Josiah Hand 


Caleb Gilbert 


Ellis Cook 



Samuel Butler 


Isaac Willman and James75 

Samuel Clark 


David Halsey 


Joseph Woolley 


John Parker 


Josiah Bishop 


Daniel Sayre 


Stephen Hedges 


widow Stevens 


Easter Leaming 


widow Barnes 


Robert Norris 


Joseph Lupton 


Samuel Haines 


Thomas Lupton 

45 00 

John Cook 


Samuel Bishop 


Thomas Rose 


Jecomiah Scott 


Alexandr Willmot 


John Willman 


Jonathan Strickland 


Nathan Fordham 


Ezekiel Sanford 


William Ludlam 


Lemuel Howell and his 

Abial Davis 




John Davis Jr 


Jacob Wood 


Thomas Shaw 


Doctor Wade 


Samuel Jagger 


Ephraim White 


John Post 


James Sayre 


Ben Haines 


Ben. Howell 


widow MarthaPhiUips 13 

Joseph Pierson 


Theophilus Howell 



John Mowbray 




An Assessment made By us Joseph Pierson and 
Theophilus Howell,. The whole amount is the sum of 


Whereas you namely Joseph Foster Richard Howell, 
Nathaniel Howell, Isaac Rainer, Isaac Willman Aaron 
Burnet, John Foster Jr, Joseph Hildreth Joseph Sayre John 
Lupton Benjamin Haines, and Job Sayre, were on the first 
day of this instant chosen trustees of the Comonalty of ye 
Town of Southampton for ye ensuing year, you are here- 
by required to take effectual care of all such matters and 
things as is hereafter given you in charge, viz. 

1. That you gett a large and suitable Booke for ye 
stating and keeping a faire accompt of all such debt and 
credits as by the trustees for your town aforesaid, or such 
as shall be annually chosen, shall be contracted in ye be- 
half of your towne, and for the entering all such orders 
matters and things made and done by you or such trustees 
jas shall succeed yearly in your stead. 

2. That you fully provide for the poore within your 
parrish or precincts, and the setting of idle and vagabond 
persons on work, and for the preventing of needless; 
charge to your town you are to give monthly warning to 
all such persons as are not permitted by law and the good 
order of this towne to reside within your precincts, and 
return to us the names of any person or persons that doth 
refuse or neglect to give in bond to secure yor sd towne 
from charge by entertaining of strangers. 

3. You are to cause a certaine rate to bee made and 
levied according to ye former custom and manner of your 
said town, for the paying and defra3dng all such just debts 
you now find in arrears, by ye accompt made up with your 
predecessors, for the three yeares last past, as also your- 


selves shall prudently and legally contract, relating to the 
premises above, with all other just debts as shall become 
payable by your said towne nott here in mentioned, All 
which premises above mentioned you are hereby required 
to see done and performed with all other things as shall 
be recomended to your further care for the common'good 
of your said town and faithfully dischge ye trust reposed 
in you. And here of you are not to fail as you answer the 
Contrary. Given under our hands In Southampton above 
said this 9th day of Aprill 1694. 

William Barker, rr ,• . 
Matthew Howell, uusncesj 

At a meeting of the trustees march ye 19, 1696. 

The Town charge Supervised of the year past, and 
some arrears of charge of other years. 

Ordred that all such as went to run the range of North 
Sea Line and Easthampton line, and those that went to 
cut and girdle in said Range, shall have 3 shillings per day^ 

Coll. Henry Pierson, one day of said Range 

running 0, 3, 

To one day himselfe cutting, and an Indian, one 
day 3 bitts. 

For drawing a letter of attorney 

Matthew Howell 2 days at said Range 

To making of ye Country Rate and the £1200 tax 0, 12, 

To writing for the towne two years past 

Ephraim Howell for 1 day North Sea Line 

Samuel Cooper 2 days at said Range 

And 3 days assessing 

Manassah Kempton 1 day at North Sea Line 

For 5 fathom rope fer the bell 

Isaac Halsey visiting ye west bounds 

James Cooper for ditto 

For carting a barrel of Pork, 


































John Howell fer ditto 0, 4, 6 

Aaron Burnet for an areer of keeping Simco, 6s. 

and a blanket wore out by him 5s 0, 11, 

Mr. Barker for paying a maid a fortnight tend- 
ing Earle. 

Job Sayre, for boards for Earles house 

Isaac Halsey for keeping a cow for Earle 6 
months, at 6d per week 

Obadiah Rogers, 1 days work Earles house 

2 loads of wood for Earle 

1 Peck of mault 9d, 2 pairs stockings 9s knit- 
ting 18d, a shirt 6s 9d 

Capt. Topping 1 day running the range 

For surveying 2 days 

for girdling in the range 

To assessing 3 days 

John Lupton 1 day for running the range 

John Cook 2 days surveying 

To girdling the range 

John Jagger for viewing fence 

Samuel Lum 1 day girdling 

For quit rents and saliarys for Collector and 
othr Incidentals 

31, 7. 6 
(Note. "Simco" was probably a sick stranger, tempo- 
rarily in the town. John Earle was the first town pauper. 
He lived in a small house on the west side of North Sea 
road, on or near, the home lot now of Mrs. Delia 
Davis. W. S. P.) 

Ordered that ye Clerk inspect in ye former rates to 
see whether Ezekiel Sandford be payed up £50, due from 
ye Towne or not, and if he find itt nott payed, to give him 
order upon the book yt he may be payed the next year. 

Ordred that Major Howell pay the quit rent for ye two 
last years." 








































Ordred that James Cooper and Christopher Foster 
take care to fitt up the house that was John Earles and to 
build up the chimny with brick. 

Ordred that there be a penny ye pound levied on the 
same estates, that pays to Mr. Whiting, to repair the min- 
istrs house. 

(Note. The house of John Earle was sold by the town 
trustees to John Rose, April 6, 1731. W. S. P.) 


£ s 

£ s 

Ensign Joseph Pierson 132 5 

Abraham Howell 

119 2 

Edmond Howell 

170 10 

Daniel Sayre 

102 15 

Hannah Travally 

65 13 

Thomas Shaw 

67 10 

Samuel Clarke, Towne 83 

Francis Sayre 

116 15 

James Cooper 

104 10 

John Foster Jr 

56 14 

Isaac Bower 

22 15 

Jeremiah Foster 

22 8 

Isaac Halsey 

214 10 

Major John Howell 

280 9 

Left [Tho.] Stephens 

1)8 9 

Jonathan Rayner 

163 4 

Jonathan Howell 


Ezekiel Sandferd 

162 10 

John Foster 

87 12 

Robert Woolly 

285 2 

Thomas Say re 

45 11 

Job Sayre 

146 6 

John Willman 


William Perkins 

76 18 

Joseph Foster Jr 

22 14 

John Jagger 


Jeremiah Halsey 

48 10 

Richard Howell Jr 

59 12 

Thomas Topping 

97 6 

Manassah Kempton 


Mr. William Barker 


Richard Howell 


John Woolley 


John Rayner 


Obadiah Rogers 

191 16 

widow Mary Halsey 


Ruth White 


Gershom Culver 


John White 

45 3 

Samuel Clarke, North 

Thomas Rose 

44 4 


134 12 

Ichabod Cooper 

46 15 

Richard Halsey 


Mr. Jonah Fordham 

97 16 

David Halsey 

88 16 



JphnBurnatt 28 

John Jessup 224 10 

Samuel Johnes 184 12 

Isaac Halsey Jr 121 2 

John Poast 99 

John Bishop Jr 37 

widow Laughton 15 

Thomas Cooper 61 12 

Joseph Poast 80 12 

John Rose 62 15 

David Rose ' 31 10 

Joseph Lupton 37 

Jeremiah Jagger 44 19 

Matthew Howell 146 5 

John Pinney 77 15 
Benjamin Davis, deed. 52 10 

Samuel Cooper 124 

Abiel Cooke 190 

. Isaac Willman 120 10 

. Nathaniel Howell 62 16 

. Thomas Lupton 76 2 

Joseph WooUey 41 

. Christopher Foster 37 15 

Mrs. Mary Howell 147 

. John Woodruff 101 10 
Josiah Bishop 21 
John Bishop 128 
Aaron Burnett 85 
Jeremiah Foster, South- 
end . 18 

. George Stockins 18 

Thomas Shaw Sr 18 

Thomas Shaw Jr 18 

Robert Patten 36 

Isaac Rayner 116 10 

Daniel Halsey 155 10 

George Harris 39 10 

Benjamin Haynes 74 16 

Joseph Sayre 72 15 

Joseph Hildreth 159 5 

Ephraim Howell 74 5 

Jonah Bower 71 1 

widow Johanah Coopr 146 

WiUiam Herrick 174 15 

Benjamin Foster Jr 60 15 

Mr. Edward Howell 299 18 

James Herrick 49 2 

Martha Philips 70 10 

Josiah Halsey 104 15 

John Wick 43 10 

Patience Barnes 150 

Benjamin Foster Sr 90 

Henry Ludlam 92 

John Parker 86 

Humphrey Hughes 50 

Jecomiah Scott 155 

Lott Burnett 170 

John Sayre 50 

Joseph Goodale 46 

Mary Larrison 12 

Samuel Whitehead 40 

Mordecai Burnett 28 

John Davis and 3 sons 110 

Joseph Howell 91 

JohnEarle 21 

JohnRoaseJr 30 

James Haines 18 

Sarah Haines 18 

JohnMaltby 21 



John Davis, mason, 


Mr. [Stephen] Boyer 


John Davis Jr 


Caleb Gilbord 


Jonah Howell 


Walter Melvine 


Thomas Parvine 


William Rose 


Edward Johnes 


Richard Fowler 


£ 105 30, 17 

John Mowbray 



Benjamin Cooper 


This rate made at 2id upon 
the pound, ye Estimate being 

£10530 comes to £104, 

2s, Id 

Sondry persons 


arrears to Mr. Whiting 

In ye 

yeare 1694. 



s d 

Henry Ludlam 

19 00 

James Topping deed 

6 7i 

manassah Kempton 

04 00 

John Mitchell 

3 8i 

David Roase 

02 04 

Oliver Russell 

2 \ 

John Davis Jr 



Samuel Lum 

5 6 

Benjamin Foster Jr 




Benony Newton 

5 5f 

Rebecka Davis deed 



Theodore Pierson 

2 5i 

Thomas Shaw 



Christopher Leaming 

1 U 

Francis Shaw 



Robert Norris 

5 10 

John Burnatt 



Peter Norris 

3 71 

John Roase Jr 



Benony Flint 

2 11 

Henry Goring 



Samuel Butler 

1 31 

Caleb Gilbert 



Nathaniel Rusco 

1 3i 

Thomas Hangson 



Joseph Wickham 

2 1\ 

John Davis, mason 



Jonathan Strickling 

1 3f 

William Roase 



Josiah Hand 

5 11 

Samuel Wever 



Edward Petty 

1 31 

Will Perkins 



Elias Cook 

6 3 

Anthony Ludlam 


85 Thomas Shaw 

12 Ih 

John Lupton 



George Harris 

8 2 

Left Caleb Pierson 


8i John Willman 

4 41-9 

Peregrine Stanbrow 

12 01 

John WooUey 

5 1\ 

John Stanbrow 



Gershom Culver £1 

, 1 10^ 


James Hildreth 



Mr Elnathan Topping 09 


John Morehouse 



John Bishop Sr £1, 



widow Mary Poast 



Abiel Cook 



widow Larrison 



Leonard Harris 



John Roase 


Jonah Rogers 



David Halsey 


Joseph Pierson £1, 



John White 



Joseph Lupton 



Isaac Willman 



Jonah Bower 



Josiah Laughton deed 



Matthias Burnatt 



Samuel Harris 



Josiah Rainer 


Richard Fowler 

7 111 

Thomas Parvin 



Benjamin Cooper 


James Thomas 



Ichabod Cooper 



John Cook 


Thomas Cooper 09 8 

Benjamin Foster Jr 10 2§ 
Humphrey Hughes 8 6§ 

£26, 10 8 

Abstract of Patents granted by the late Colony of 
New York with the amount of Quit rends due 29th Sep- 
tember 1776. 

31 May 1666 Constant and Nathaniel Silvester £0 16 3 
23 August 1686 Alexander Bryan 5 10 

5 October 1665 David Gardiner 42 10 



5 Oct. 1690 

11 April 1706 
19 Oct. 1708 
10 Oct. 1695 
31st Oct. 1676 
9 Oct. 1693 
27 Dec. 1680 
9 Dec. 1686 

6 Jan, 1686 

25 March 1677 
27 Dec. 1686 

5 Dec, 1684 

1 March 1686 

26 March 1692 

12 Nov. 1697 

2 April 1675 

3 May 1703 

27 Oct. 1708 

6 Dec. 1685 
9 Dec. 1686 
2 June 1697 

Town of Hunttington 

Isaac DeReimer & Co. 

John Mobray 

Thomas and Richard Willetts 

Town Southold 

William Smith 

Samuel Eburne 

Benjamin Smith 

Richard Lloyd 

Richard Smith 

Town of Brookhaven 

William Nicoll 

Andrew Gibbs 
Richard Smith 
Samuel Willis 
Charles Congreve 
Thomas Wickham & Co. 
Town of Southampton 
Town of East Hampton 
Stephen Van Cortlandt 

7 17 


41 5 

2 5 

2 15 

2 2, 


3 10, 





1 15, 

1 2, 


5 16, 


19 7, 


3 17, 


1 2, 

1 6, 

1 16, 


16 10, 

10 3, 


7 17, 


5 16, 




(Abrstract of Will of Eliphalet Clark of the Town 
of Southampton). 

Being very sick and weak but of clear memory "Hop- 
ing for a resurrection to life at the last day through Jesus 
Christ our Lord and Savior" 

My estate as followeth. I give to my eldest son Eliph- 
alet Clark one half of my home lot and all the buildings 
upon it (after his mothers death) his half to be on the 
South side of the lot from the highway which is on the 
east side of the east side of the lot down to the watering 
which is on the west end. And a quarter of a fifty of 
commonage, I give to my second son Elisha Clark the oth- 
er half of my home lot and a quarter of a fifty of common- 


age. I give to my wife Elizabeth Clark "all my moveable 
estate to pay my debts withall and to bring up my family 
of children" excepting twenty shillings apiece which I will 
to each of my daughters that live to the age of eighteen 
years. My will is that both of my sons should have a 
trade. I make my wife Elizabeth and my good friend 
John Mitchell executors. 

Dated September 14th 1722 
Witnesses — 

James Haines 

Abraham Howell, Jr. 

Joshua Hildreth 

Proved before Richard Floyd Esq. March 31st 1726 

Whereas we namely Theophilus Howell and Elisha 
Howell was empowered by the trustees of Southampton to 
lay out six acres and two thirds to Thomas Cooper which 
was granted by town vote pursuant to said order we have 
laid out the said six acres and two thirds of an acre on 
the north side of David Pierson and Jeremiah Halsey's 
land and it is on the east end joining to Mr. White forty 
seven poles and a half on the north end fourteen poles and 
four foot at the West end forty two poles joining to David 
Pierson and Jeremiah Halsey thirty six poles. 

given under our hands this 6th day of November in 
the year of our Lord 1713 


Entered in the book of records in page 224 

Christopher Foster Clerk 


Whereas we Ephraim White Jeremiah Foster and 
John Howell were chosen arbitrators to deside a certain 
difference Thomas Reed of the one party and Hannah 
Bishop of the other party concerning their charges at law 
as also to make a full and final determination of their 
troubling each other in a course of law concerning the 
aforesaid difference. We having duly considered of all 
that hath been laid before us on both sides have agreed 
and our award is as followeth that the said Reed shall 
bare his own charges that is the said share given unto us 
and also ye said Bishop shall bare her own charges the 
said nineteen shillings and three pence given in 

Therefore in order to make a full end and final deter- 
mination of the abovesaid diference we have hereunto set 
our hands in Southampton this 25th day of December 1718 


(Note. Thomas Reed was Schoolmaster in Southamp- 
ton. His will is in New York Surrogates oflftce. W. S. P.) 

Whereas we namely Thophilus Howell and Robert 
Noris was appointed by the town to measure and stake 
out some land to Josiah Pierson and Edward Howell Jr. 
which was granted to them by town vote in Southampton 
April 1718 to be exchanged Therefore on the 3rd day of 
may 1718 we laid out for Josiah Pierson two acres and 
twenty poles of ground at the North end of the land that 
was Robert Norris' joining to Stephen Topping on the East 
and it joins to Stephen Topping sixteen poles, atNorth end 
21 poles on the West side by the highway 23 poles : in lieu 
of which he hath laid down to the town on the east side 
of the lot number 26 in the last south Division five poles 
and a third of a pole clear across the East part of the said 


lot which we staked out and left the highway between 
Stephen Topping and he eight poles wide. 

Likewise for Edward Howell Jr, we laid out to him 
where his house and barn now stands an acre and a rood 
of ground at the West end of his home lot : at the North 
end it is 8 poles and joining to his lot : in the former 
range it is 25 poles and at the highway 13 rods : a gore 
piece of land for exchange of which we took off the south- 
west corner of his lot at the West end a gore piece it is six 
poles wide and § of a pole : and runs to nothing at the end 
of sixty three poles on the South side of his lot and con- 
tains an acre and a rood, the return to the town clerk by 
us the day and year above written 


Entered on the town Records page 568 
Test Christopher Foster, Clerk 
(Note. The homestead of Edward Howell Jr. is still 
owned by his descendants at Poxabog. W. S. P.) 

Pursuant to a town vote granted to Elisha Howell and 
Elias Cook to shut up a cove of water between Elisha 
Howells lot and Elias Cooks Little Close by Mecox bay as 
they could agree with the trustees and the trustees at a 
meeting April the 18 1722, did appoint Theophilus Howell 
and Theophilus Pierson to go and view the cove and agree 
with them and we the said Howell and Pierson have been 
there and ordered them where to fence it that is a little be- 
low the lowest water hole and is thirteen poles below 
Capt, Scotts Southeast corner and so square across the 
lane and at the bottom next the bay from Elisha Howells 
Southwest corner of his lot square into the cove and Elisha 
Howell is to give liberty for all persons to go ride or cart 
through and to maintain a good pair of bars at each end 


and all persons are to put up the bars and by reason 
Elisha Howell is to maintain bars and give liberty to pass 
through he is to pay £2 16s 7d andElias Cook is to pay to 
the town £3 15s 5d all six pounds twelve shillings this 
they promise each of them, 

this is a return of What we have done given under our 
hands this 21st day of April annoque 1722 


Southampton April the fourth 1723 
Whereas Job Wick of Southampton had a fifty of 
land lying with his father John Wick deceased in the last 
North Division in the lot Number forty six two thirds of 
said lot lay at the stony hill and one at WindMill hill join- 
ing to John Wicks land deceased and Job Wick having 
sold his fifty at the stony hill to Theophilus Howell Steph- 
en Topping Daniel Hedges Josiah Topping Jr, all of South- 
ampton and they wanting present improvement they the 
said Theophilus Howell and Stephen Topping Daniel Hed- 
ges and Josiah Topping with the free consent of the exec- 
utors interest of John Wicks estate deceased namely 
Matthias Burnett and Thomas Cooper both parties did 
mutually agree to make a final division of that piece of 
land behind the said stony hill and they did on this day go 
and divide the said land by measure quantity and quality 
the north side is divided in the middle the East and West 
end of the North line to each part is thirty six poles and the 
south side we divided by reason of the swamp to bring 
water into each part the West end of the South side is 
thirty nine poles and the East end is thirty six poles and 
to run across upon a straight line and we cast lots for the 
ends as above divided in presence of these witnesses and 
the West end fell to Theophilus Howell and partners and 


the East end to the children of John Wick deceased and 
this to be a final division of the said land and each party 
desires that this may be entered in Southampton town 
records and for confirmation hereof we have all of us set 
to our hands in Southampton the day and year above 

signed in presence of THEO HOWELL 




Southampton March 15th 172§ 
I promise to pay unto the trustees of the Town of 
Southampton or to their successors the sum of four pounds 
current money of New York and that on or before the 
15th day of June next ensuing as witnesseth my hand the 
day and date above said 

witnessed by ISIAH COLTON 

Thomas Reed 
Sarah Reed 

June 17th day 1729 
Mr. Foster I desire you to record a division between 
Jeremiah Halsey and me of the lot number 14 we run the 
line north and South and the East side is mine 
ye west side of ye lot is 
Jeremiah Halseys HENRY WICK 



April 19th, 1732 

At a town meeting held by the proprietors of South- 
ampton voted that if there be a division of the lands that 
are ndivided between East Hampton and Head of Creek 
that the proprietors of Bridge Hampton shall have their 
proportion as near against where they live in quantity and 
quality and the town to have their proportion of land 
against them in quantity and quality as near as may be as 
shall be judged by indifferent men of another town and 
Justice Burnett and Justice Chatfield and all other that 
are Eastward being proprietors in this town are to be (two 
words gone) of Bridge Hampton 

This vote past 


Voted the day and year above written that there shall 
be a division of the undivided lands between East Hamp- 
ton line and the Indian land shall be divided in due pro- 
portion between the proprietors of Bridge Hampton and 
the town westward. 

(Note. The above explains the fact that in the Great 
North and South Divisions, the lots of the Proprietors liv- 
ing in the eastern part of the town fell to them in their 
own locality. W. S. P.) 

We the owners of Ogdens Neck have agreed that the 
south side of the highway shall be bounded by Josiah 
Howells thorn hedge, and from thence to Daniel Cooks 
house, and from thence to the north west corner of Josiah 
Foster's pitle, and from thence to the bounds at the 



Suffolk County Debtor to Southampton. 

To Jonah Howell fer 1 old Wolf and 5 young wolves 
killed by Indian. £2. 15s, 6d. 

It was voted that no person shall cut any wood to 
transport out of ye town ship, upon ye penalty of forty 
shillings a load and so in proportion of any wood that shall 
be [be] cut on the undivided land, and this rate to stand 
good till it is prohibited by ye said Proprietors. April 19, 

Jonathan Halsey of Speunk sells to the Trustees of 
Southampton one half acre of land at Speunk bounded 
North and West by a highway South by said Jonathan 
Halsey East by Vincent Rogers 

The Trustees give in exchange an acre and a half of 
land lying in Speunk bounded West and North by said 
Jonathan Halsey East by Jonathan Halsey and Vincent 
Rogers North by a highway 
Dated June 10th 1793 

Jekimiah Scott sells to Ephraim White two fifteys of 
land at Millstone Brook bounded South by Thomas Lup- 
ton and the water, West by West Neck, North by William 
Jennings and East by the highway. 

In exchange for the above Ephraim White sells to 
Jekimiah Scott one fifty of land in Little Neck in Cedar 
Point Lot bounded West and South by Homes Hill high- 
way North and East by the water and by William Jen- 
nings Conscience Point land. 

Dated April 22nd, 1736 Witness, Joseph Foster and John 



Samuel Woodruff gives to his brother [in law] Alex- 
ander Fordham all the fifty I hold in the Swamp at the 
Riverhead lying in the lot (No 39) with my Uncles Benja- 
min and Nathaniel 

Dated October 26th 1738 Witness Zebulon Howell 

Alexander Fordham sells the above to Elias Howell 
"being my fifty of the Great Cedar Swamp at Acaboge" 
Dated April 7th 1745 Witness John Howell 

Attthe Towne meeting April ye first Day 1718. It 
was voted by ye freeholders of this towne that Nathaniel 
Howell and Josiah Howell and Capt. Isaac Halsey is to lay 
out 60 acres of land according as it is recorded in ye 
Towne Record for a Parsonage ; on ye parrishes charge. 
And upon ye 11 day of May 1718 Nathaniel Howell Josiah 
Howell and Capt. Isaac Halsey make return of a pease of 
Land that they have l?yd out at Mill stone Brook on ye 
north side of Joseph Woolleys land and Woodruffs land, 
Bounded south by a 'nghway, and west by ye Indian line, 
Easterly by ye foote of mill stone Brook, on ye north side 
by water, The said land within these bounds containing 
neere 40 Acres. And twenty acres neare unto ye Seven 
Ponds. Bounded south by Josiah Howell and Zebulon How- 
ell 78 poles, west line 43 poles, ye north line 75 poles, ye 
Easte 43 poles, which makes twenty acres of Land. 



(Note. The Parsonage land at Seaponack, near Mill- 
stone Brook, was sold in later years to Capt. Edward 
White, and has been recently sold by the heirs of Capt. 
Elias White to Mr. Macdonald. The land near Seven 
Ponds, is the south part of the farm lately owned by Ged- 


dus L. Drake. The land of Josiah Howell and Zebulon 
Howell on the south side of this now belongs to Horace 
Fanning. This Parsonage laud was afterwards ''laid 
down" to the town, and land at Head of creek, laid out for 
a Parsonage land in stead. W. S. P.) 

Whereas you have given you in charge, to collect a 
certaine Tax Role bearing date ye 10th of march last, 
Whearein you have the Respective freeholders and Inhab- 
itants of your Towne with their Respective sums of 
money assessed and Rated upon them, to be employed by 
an Agent going for England according to ye forms of an 
act of Assembly of this province In that behalf made and 
provided. And you complaine that many of ye said free 
holders and Inhabitants deny payment, you are hereby 
Required in his Majestys Name forthwith to levee the 
same by distress and sale of ye offenders goods and chat- 
tells, lands or tenements according as you are directed, 
authorised and Impowered by a late act of Assembly of 
said province, bearing date October ye 5th 1696, Render- 
ing to the party the overplus that shall Remaine upon the 
Sale of said goods. And this shall be your Sufficient war- 
rant therein. 

Given under our hands and Scales In Southampton 
this 16th day of January 1696. 


Collector of ye MATTHEW HOWELL 

publick Rates and taxes 
for ye yeere 1695. 

(Endorsed) A warrant to John 
Cook Collector of the Agents Tax, 


Southampton March ye 19, 17 — . Then Received of 
Job Wick the full equall half of the House and well form- 
erly purchased by my mother Mehetabel Herrick of 
Thomas Topping, Witness my hand. 

Test John Gibbons STEPHEN HERRICK 

James Cooper. 

(Note. The above premises are now a part of the 
homestead of Henry H. Post, Main street Southampton.) 

It is voted by the Proprietors of Southampton, that Mr. 
Silas White and his heirs and assigns forever, shall have 
that peice of land, at a Reasonable Rate, that contains 
about three acres, lying between a small Swamp and the 
west side of the mill pond, near or joining to the Rode, to 
be layed out by Mr. Elisha Howell and Abraham Howell 
Jr. not hurting or prejudicing any highway or watering, 
And the value of said land to be Returned by said men. 

Jonathan Howell petitions that he might lay down a 
fifty, at Hog Neek Spring, and to take it up joining to his 
land at noick (Noyack) in ye twenty acre Division. And 
Jeremiah Halsey and Elisha Howell shall lay it out. 

Voted, That John Morehouse will lay downe two 
acres of land at ye north end of William Terbill's lot, and 
to have so much land joining to his meadow at Leganee 
on ye east side of it, as shall be judged by Jeremiah Halsey 
and Elisha Howell, as they shall think fit. To be to him 
and his heirs forever. 



To THE Proprietors of Quago Purchase. Gentlemen. 
My Humble petition to you is that you will be pleased 
to grant me the liberty of taking in one acre of land, lying 
northward and eastward of my House at Ketchabonnock, 
and in so doing I will make such satisfaction for the same 
as any two of the Proprietors shall think fit. 


Southampton April the 3d 1732. 

To be lefte to Jonathan Ray nor and Daniel Halsey Jr 
shall settle and lay it out. This was a cleare vote. 

Christopher Foster, Towne Clerk. 

Southampton, November 1750. The Trustees of 
Southampton did agree with Daniel More, that he should 
take up som Land in the Meeting House lane, that leads 
down to the bridge, and that he should leve out to ye 
towns use all that land that he had a pretence to in the 
narrow lane. And the Trustees did appoint Thomas 
Sandford and Theophilus Howell and Job Pierson to agree 
with him and accordingly we did alowe the said More to 
take off the bridge land the length of it 12 feet and halfe, 
and as a confirmation we putt our hands 


(Note. The above refers to the meeting house lane, on 
the west side of Sagg pond, where the first church at 
Bridge Hampton stood. The land north of it was owned 
by Daniel More (or Moore as it should be) who inherited 
it from his father Joseph Moore. 


Southampton July ye 31, 1712, Att a meeting of the 
trustees wee reseaved in the behalf of the Towne thirty 
seven pounds in money for the Blank Lot which was sold 
by the Towne to Nathaniel Halsey and John Sayre. 

(Note. For the sale and description of the Blank Lot 
See Vol. II, Printed Town Records, Page 166.) 

We Nathaniel Halsey and John Sayre agree to divide 
the Blank Lot as foUoweth, John Sayre to to take sixteen 
acres on the south end adjoining to the lot drawn to Rob- 
ert Norris and manassah Kempton, which is now in poses- 
sion of Nathaniel Halsey, And Nathaniel Halsey to have 
the north end more or less. This Division to be to us and 
our heirs for ever as Witness our hands. 


(Note. This lot is probably near the head of the mill 
pond, at Watermill. The lot drawn by Robert Norris and 
Manassah Kempton, was No. 50, in South Division See 
Vol. II, Printed Records page 164-166) 

(Abstract. Gorsham Culver acknowledges to have re- 
ceived frcm Abraham Cooper in behalf of the Trustees 
Twenty pounds current money "for my new Ewelling 
House and Well and all things thereunto belonging 

Dated November 6th 1739 

March 14th 172 3-2 We the subscribers have agreed 
to divide the lot number 19 between John Cccper and 
Theodore Fierson equally into three parts ; we do also 
agree to take half an acre out of the fourth part and one 
acre out oj the middle part of land and put it to the north 
part of land 



March 14th 172 3-2 

John Cooper and Theodore Pierson hath agreed in the 
lot above mentioned that the said John Cooper is to take 
his part in the two northernmost fiftie, And Theodore 
Pierson is to have the Southernmost fifty as witnesseth 
our hands 


Whereas there was a town vote on the first Tuesday 
of April 1729 that Joshua Hildreth should have some land 
changed to take in some land on the north side of his 
home lot and leave out so much at the East end of his lot 
as Ezekiel Sanford and Theophilus Howell should judge 
equivelent to what he takes in ; pursuant to said vote we 
the said Ezekiel Sanford and Theophilus Howell did on the 
10th day of April following go and stake out the said land ; 
we began at the northwest corner of the west end of the 
ditch and run along the ditch twenty three poles and from 
thence eastward straight down to a little hole of water and 
marked a maple tree in the middle of the hole the whole 
line from the northwest corner down to the maple tree is 
a hundred and twenty poles and he the said Joshua by 
order of the trustees to Theophilus Howell is to look, 
what he was to leave out at the East end of his lot ; pay. 
ing what he and the said Howell did agree for ; which was 
four pound ten shillings and the line is to run from the 
maple tree as above straight to the northeast corner of 
that now is and so from thence straight to Ezekiel San- 
ford's corner southward twenty poles ; this given as our 
return of what we did ; 
witness our hands 



(Note The lot of Joshua Hildreth mentioned above is 
the south corner of the road from road to Mecox (or Alan- 
tic Avenue) to Sagg, and owneJ in late years by heirs of 
Gurdon Corwith. W. S. P.) 

Honored Sir. 

The layars out came to my house yesterday and de- 
sired me to go with them to lay out the Hayground land 
and we have laid out several parcels of land and they 
disire you to come down to my house in order to divide 
this land on such lots as you and they think fit and to tell 
what you would have laid for a North lot i not knowing 
what you have done on the North side can't tell what 
should be done with this. No more but yours to serve 


Southampton November the 22nd 1738 


If you can conveniently I desire that you would bring 

about £16 or £17 of money down here with you this 
morning that being about my due for this Eastern Divis- 
ion if you cannot come yourself please to send it by the 
young man the bearer for I shall go home at night no 
more but yours to serve 


Southampton April the 3rd 1739 
Then at a trustee meeting held at the house of Stephen 
Herrick, Henry Halsey did disire of the trustees that the 
layers out should make a return of what they did concern- 
ing a mistake, his lot No 24 and the return is as followeth 
on the 30th day of last March the above said Heniy Hal- 
sey made complaint to the layers out that there was some 


old lotted land found in his lot which the layers out did 
lay out in the lot No 23 but through a mistake there was 
found 8 and i acres in the said Henry Halseys lot No 24 
that should not be but should lie in Mr. Jonah Rogers lot 
No 23 and to make the same right as it should have been 
if there had been no mistake we the said layers out re- 
moved the corner of Jonah Rogers lot one half pole and 
one foot eastward into the lot No 23 and also the trustees 
to make over one third part of the old lot of land at Camps 
hole which goes by the name of Jager lot which the town 
exchanged with David Burnett to Henry Halsey John Top- 
ping and David Fithin and to their heirs forever 


Southampton, June 6th Day 1739 
It is voted that Jonathan Culver may fence his lot of 
land at a place called Towd down to the edge of the banck 
at the said Towd as witnesseth our hands Elisha Howell 
Stephen Topping John Morehouse Thomas Stephens Hen- 
ry Halsey Josiah Halsey James White Josiah Topping John 
Postt Hugh Gelston and Abraham Cooper, Clerk of trus- 
tees of the above said town. 


At Trustee meating in the year 1740 ty order of the 
trustees we laid cut to Ssmuel Ke\\ccmt cne quarter of 
an acre cf land ajcinirg en the East to John Cccpers land 
and on the south and west and north by the common land 
and we laid it on the East and West lines Six poles and 
north and south six poles and twelve foot. 





April the 10th 1741 

Whereas there was a vote passed on town meeting 
day that John Foster should take up ten acres of land on 
the east side of his hed of creek close for so much or what 
is equivelent to it on the south end of the lot No 40 to be 
done by John Howell and Abram Halsey 

Accordingly we the said John Howell and Abram Hal- 
sey did measure ten acres and six poles of land at the 
head a creek laying 63 p. on the west side, 56 p. on the 
east side 28 p, on the south end and 26 p, on the north 

And the same he laid down 30 poles on the west end 

and 20 on the east end 82 poles wide containing 12 acres 

and 30 poles of land besides the highway which runs 

through it 

As witness our hands 



(Note. The land at Head of Creek, is part of farm of 
late Stephen E. Randall. The land in Lot 40, (Great South 
Division) is on the west side of North Sea road at the edge 
of the woods. See Vol. III. Records, Page 28) 

To all people to whom these presents shall come know 
ye that whereas we Hugh Gelston Esq. and William Jen- 
nings Esq. and Samuel Jennings John Chatfield Doctor 
Mackie and Nathaniel Howell all of Southampton have 
agreed to divide their lot of land lying in the Great South 
Division in No 34 and the said Justice Jennings right in the 


lot is three quarters of a fifty Jus. Gelstons one half fifty 
Samuel Jennings one half fifty Doctor Mackie one quarter 
of a fifty John Chatfield one half a fifty and Nathaniel 
Howell half a fifty which makes the whole lot and in order 
to divide the same according to each mans right we have 
chosen Abram Halsey and John Howell to aid and assist 
us in dividing the same and upon the ninth day of Febru- 
ary in the year 174| did divide the said lot into six parcels 
or half fifties and then began at the north end with No one 
and so increasing southward to No six which butts upon 
Jeremiah Jaggers home or close at the seven Ponds and 
then we allotted them two and two together and then the 
lots were drawn by the said proprietors and owners of said 
lot and Justice Jennings and Doctor Mackie drew No 1 and 
No 5 and Justice Gelston and John Chatfield drew No 4 
and No 2 Samuel Jennings and Nathaniel Howell drew lot 
No 6 and No. 3 and we the owners of said lot do covenant 
and agree each with other that we will stand to and abide 
by the said division as it is now bounded and staked out 
and drawn by us and order to ratify and confirm this our 
division to us and to our heirs and assigns forever with all 
privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging we have 
hereunto set our hands in Southampton this twenty third 
day of February and in the year of our Lord 174| 

memorandum that NATHANIEL HOWELL 

Justice William SAMUEL JENNINGS 

Jennings did re- JOHN CHATFIELD 

fuse to sign the JOHN MACKIE 

above said division HUGH GELSTON 


John Howell 


To all christian people to whom these presents shall 
come know ye that we the trustees of the freeholders and 
commonalty of Southampton give and grant unto Joseph 
Fordham one quarter of an acre of land laying at the north 
end of John Fosters close which he exchanged with the 
town as it is now bounded and staked out by order of the 
trustees laying near the Head of the Creek to build a 
house upon and a place for a garden and if the said Joseph 
Fordham, he or his shall neglect or surcease to maintain a 
house and dwell on the land upon the said land then the 
said land shall return to the town again he shall not have 
any liberty to sell or dispose of the land upon any account 
whatsoever and for confirmation hereof we the said trus- 
tees have ordered our clerk to put his name to this prem- 
ises in Southampton this 7th day of May annoque domini 

Southampton March the 8th 1745 

Whereas we Thomas Sandford Jr, and Thomas Russel 
Jr. of said town having a lot of land No 39 in the 20 acre 
division laid out in the year 1712 the said lot being in 
partnership between us but we seeing the inconvenience 
of improving our land together in partnership we mutually 
agree to choose Isaac Jessup John Morehouse and John 
Russel to divide said lot of land between us according to 
our respective rights in said lot and actually make choice 
of these men to make the division of said lot according to 
their discretion as witness our hands the day and year 
above written in presence of 

Abram Halsey 



Whereas we Isaac Jessup John Morehouse and John 
Russel being elected and chosen by Thomas Sandford Jr. 
and Thomas Russel Jr. to divide a certain lot of land lay- 
ing at Hogneck spring in partnership between them 
accordingly we did proceed to make said division of said 
lot in the following manner We began at the northwest 
corner of said lot and measured along the West end of said 
lot thirty three poles and one half Southward bearing- 
there we set a stake to make said division at the westward 
end of said lot ; and then we went to the east end of said 
lot and measured from the northeast corner of said lot 
thirty four pole and fourteen foot Southward bearing 
there we marked a tree for the division between said 
parties at the East end of said lot so tliLt all the land in 
said lot laying northward of said stakes v/e laid for Thom- 
as Russels part of said lot in witness whereof we have 
hereunto set to our hands in Southampton this 8th day 
of March 1745 in presence of Abram Halsey, Isaac Jessup. 
John Morehouse. John Russel 

Received of the inhabitants of Southampton in Suffolk 
County Four Pounds Ten Shillings Proclamation Money in 
full for two years Quit Rent due to his Majesty on Patent 
to said Town to the 25th March last as witnessetli my 
hand this 7th June 1751 

At a meeting of the Trustees on the 5th of January 
1768 it v/as voted by said Trustees that Mr. Thomas Coop- 
er for and in consideration of the sum of twenty four shil- 
lings all ready taid to the trustees may and shall have a 
certain lane or highway Lvt Mecox Plain adjoining to the 
land of Samuel Kowell to be to him the said Thomas 
Cooper his heirs and assigns forever. 


Whereas Silas White does request of the Town of 
Southampton that he may have liberty to sett up a fulling- 
mill upon the Stream called Sagg Head Stream ; It is now 
voted by the inhabitants of this Town of Southampton that 
he the said Silas White shall have the aforesd, stream for 
the term of fourteen years Provided he the said Silas 
White shall set up and continue a fulling mill there and 
will full the cloath that shall be brought to him by the 
said Inhabitants of this Town at a Reasonable Rate — he 
fulling & dressing of cloath as reasonable as Albertson or 

This was voted and was clear as teste 


Southampton June 2 1740. Whereas the Trustees of 
the town above said did apoint and order us, Theophilus 
Howell and Abraham Halsey to lay out a sertain tract of 
land joining on the north side of John Cooper's home lot, 
and on the west end of Joshua Hildreth's lott. Therefore 
according to the instructions of the trustees above said, 
proseded to lay out three acres and sixty six poles of 
ground, to which we laid seventy two poles more in ex- 
change for 72 poles on the west side of said John Cooper's 
home lott, v/hich he laid down to the town, which makes 
in all 3 acres and 38 poles of ground. And it lies 52 poles 
long on each side, but coming on to one corner of the said 
Coopers lott it is not so long in the middle, the east line is 
not exiended so fur northward as Joshua Hildreths corner, 
by 5 poles, and 5. The north line is 8 poles and makes a 
square corner at the said Plildreth's fence. The south line 
18 poles from Joshua Hildreths south west corner running 
a little to the southward of said Cooper's door, to the corn- 
er that we made. And from this corner to the corner of 
Nathan Halseys corner of his old lot in the 40 acre Divis- 


ion is A straight line, and the corner of the land that we 
sold to said Nathan is exactly in this line, And whereas 
many of the Proprietors, having given their particular 
Rights in the above said three acres and 66 poles of land, 
to him ye sd John Cooper ; and others not being of the 
mind to give their Rights, Wee by the order of the trus- 
tees aforesaid, doe sell the remainder of the above 3 acres 
and 66 poles, of land to him the above sd John Cooper, fr 
5£ per Acre. To be to him the said John Cooper and to 
his Heires and assigns for ever for the afore said som of 
mony which he paid to the Trustees. As witness our 
Hands, this 8 day of August 1740. 

Abraham Cooper Clerk of the Trustees. 

(Note. The Lot of Joshua Hildreth is the 
present homestead ofTheodore F. Haines, at Bridge Hamp 
ton The land granted to John Cooper was next west, on 
the south side of the rood from Snake Hollow to Sagg. 
Some of the Lots in the 40 Acre Division, are not specifical- 
ly described in the Records, and can only be located from 
incidental mention, as the lot of Nathan Halsey mentioned 
above which is the homestead of late Oliver Halsey. at 
Mecox. W. S. P.) 

Whereas I Wm Albertson of Southampton cloathier 
having purchased of the truste of Soathampton that 
Stream of Water at Noyac commonly known by the name 
of Ruggs Stream to gether with twenty acres of land on 
the west side thereof and two poles wide of land on the 
east side from the head at ye South end running down to 
the highway at ye north end as by deed of sale. 


I the said Wm Albertson will build a good suflficient 
fulling mill on said stream to full cloth as shall be brought 
unto me by the inhabitants of the said town and continual- 
ly from year to year and he is to be paid for the fulling 
thereof as it comes into the mill and according to the cov- 
enants formerly made with himself and father which is 
four pence per yard for fulling, tentering and pressing and 
no more and if the said mill shall be out of order or the 
dam broken down then he shall have two months time to 
rebuild or repair the same and if in case he shall neglect 
or refuse to full tenter and press as above said that the 
said stream and twenty acres of land and premises shall 
return to the town or trustees 

Dated November 1738 


The said Wm. Albertson is to have four pence per 
yard as it comes out of the mill for what cloth he shall full 
tenter and press 


Southampton November ye 7. 1738. 

Then at a Trustee meeting held at Obadiah Rogers ; 
it was ordered by the said trustees, that advertisements 
shall be set up att ye most publick places in Southampton, 
Bridge Hampton and East Hampton. That ye Trustees 
of said Town upon Thursday ccmes sennit, at two cclcck 
after noon set up the stream at Noyack to sell with twenty 
acres of land lying on the west side of ye streame, and two 


rods wide on ye east side of said stream when ye dam 
shall be at ye highest to mend and repair the dam. To 
gether with 12^ acres of land at Sag Harbor, to the highest 
bidder in order for to defray ye change of laying out ye 
undivided lands, And ye trustees adjourn over this our 
meeting to next Thursday comes sennit at ten o'clock in 
fore noon. 

Abstract. William Albertson having purchased the 
stream at Noyack called Rugges stream, with 20 acres of 
land on the west side of it and 10 poles wide on the east 
side from the head at the south end to the highway at the 
north end. he is to full cloth for the town at 4 pence a 
yard. April 2, 1739. 

Voted by the Town upon the town meeting day That 
Isaac Jessup, James White and David Haines and John 
Haines shall have the Noyac stream for the term of fifteen 
years from the date hereof, provided they set up a grist 
mill within a year, And if they shall fail at any time to 
keepe a mill upon the said stream for a year together then 
the stream shall returne to the towne, It is to be under- 
stood Little Noyack. This was voted and was cleare as 


(Not dated) 

Whereas a great part of Hog Neck has fallen into the 
hands of Mr. Jonathan Havens, and by reason of many 
highways being laid out between lots, whereby great diffi- 
culty accrues. Constant Havens desires the town to sell 
him the said highways, he hereby obliging himself to keep 
and maintain good and sufficient highways for traveling 
through the said Neck. The Proprietors have taken the 
matter into consideration, and have impowred Abram 
Halsey, Stephen Herrick and Josiah Pierson to go down 
and view the same and agree with him, and sell him the 
same as they judge fitting. (Not dated) 


April 9, 1694. Ordered that Nathaniel Howell and 
Joseph Hildreth do take the first opportunity to buy some 
seder shingles to Repaire the south end of ye parsonage 
house, and as many clapboards as will clapboard the peak 
end and lay the Shingles. 

June 13 & 14 1694. The Trustees had a long confer- 
ence with Cornall Wm Smith about the Beach and find 
the matter difficult, and did compound with him for all 
Cupsooge medow and ten pounds in cash granted to him 
ye rest of ye beach within his Manor. 

At a meeting of ye Trustees ye 14 of June did then 
order that according to ye directions of ye Justices to take 
care of the poore and orphans within our parish, and the 
children ot Thomas Reeves and Ben Davis deceased being 
both fatherless and motherless, that Isaac Willman and 
Aaron Burnatt do bond out said orphans, According on 
ye 15th day were five of the said orphans were bound out, 
to John Jessup, Martha Davis, To Abraham Howell, Han- 
nah Reeves. To Francis Sayre Abigail Reeves, To 

Thomas Sayre, Davis, To Samuel Whitehead, 

Elijah Davis. 

An Estimate of the Inhabitants of this Town, taken by 
us John Cook, Isaac Halsey and James Cooper Assessors, 
Southampton, February the 27, 169 8-9. 

£ s 
Major Matthew Howell 157 5 John Reeves 48 10 

Capt. Thomas Stephens 117 16 Isaac Mills 44 10 

Mr. Edward Howell 140 Thomas Cooper 44 5 



widow Patience Barnes 


Ensign Jeckomiah 




John Wick 

60 10 

Robert Patting 


widow Joanna Cooper 


John Willman 


widow Ruth White 


Nathan Fordham 


John Woodruff 


Pelatiah Fordham 


Aaron Burnet 

60 15 

William Blyth 


David Halsey 


Benjamin Sayre 


Jonathan Howell 


John Maltby 


Jonah Bower 


Thomas Foster 


Joseph Lupton 


William Ludlam 


widow Ann Perkins and 



Jonathan Davis 


John Davis 

33 16 

Zachariah Davis 


Daniel Halsey 


Abiell Davis 


Thomas Lupton 

37 5 

Richard Fowler 


Samuel Johnes 


John Davis Jr 


Jeremiah Jagger 


William Herrick 

72 10 

Samuel Bishop 


Job Sayre 


Capt Abraham Howell 


John Foster 


Mr. Peregrine Stan- 


132 10 

Jeremiah Foster 


John Stanborough 

47 5 

John Foster, Jr 

.40 10 

John Burnet 


George Harris 


Left Joseph Fordham 


Henry Ludlam 


Thomas Shaw 


Abigail Rose 

16 10 

Icahabod Sayre 


David Rose 


Ichabod Cooper 

41 10 

Josiah Halsey 


Obadiah Rogers 


James Herrick 

36 10 

widow Mary Rogers 48 

Benjamin Foster Jun 


Ephraim Howell 


Samuel Jagger 


James Haines 

32 10 

Joseph Foster 

52 10 

Joseph Post 

70 15 

Daniel Foster 

16 10 

widow Susanah 


44 10 


Joseph Foster Junior 12 

Mr. Jonah Fordham 40 10 

Thomas Topping 70 10 

Richard Howell Junr 30 

Nathaniel Halsey 60 

John Post 60 

widow Hannah Jagger 1 14 

John Howell 50 

Benjamin Haines 46 10 

John Rayner 64 

Nathaniel Howell 68 

Robert Woolly 25 

Thomas Sayre 35 

Jonah Howell 18 

Mrs. Martha Phillips 10 

Richard Howell 81 

Joseph Hildreth 100 

Benjamin Foster 63 

Richard Halsey 21 

Gershom Culver 80 

JohnWoolley 26 
Ensign Isaac Halsey 

Southend. 110 

Richard Rounsfield 25 

Caleb Gilbert 14 

Mr. William Barker 30 

Mannasah Kempton 38 

Samuel Butler 12 

Joseph Goodale 28 

Samuel Clarke Old town 40 

John Sayre 40 

Joseph Woolley 20 

Josiah Howell 30 

Isaac Rayner 80 

Isaac Halsey Jur 43 
Samuel Clarke, 

North Sea 106 

Isaac Willman 70 

Left Joseph Pierson 90 

Isaac Halsey 100 

Christopher Foster 46 

Samuel Cooper 80 

James Cooper 72 

Edward Petty 40 

John Jessup 130 

Isaac Jessup 27 

widow Mary Howell 30 

Josiah Topping 130 

Lott Burnett 95 10 

Jonathan Rayner 100 

Joseph Howell 48 

James Howell 12 

John Morehouse 56 

Wilham Tarball 35 

Anthony Ludlam 99 

Samuel Lunn 58 

Enoch Fithin 5 15 

Peter Norris 36 5 

Robert Norris 60 

Samuel Haines 22 10 

John Mitchell 50 

Theodore Pierson 35 
Capt. Theophilus 

Howell 62 10 

Benony Newton 60 

Coll. Henry Pierson 160 

John Cook 91 

Josiah Hand 56 



Josiah Bishop 


Ellis Cook 59 

Joshua Halsey 


Thomas Rose 32 

Daniel Sayre 


Daniel Sayre Jr 34 


Stephen Hedges of 

Capt. Elnathan 



Topping 90 

widow Hannah Bower 

Hezekiah Topping 90 

and her son Isaac 


Willmot at Sagg,ginerl8 

Joseph Moore 


Peck, weaver at Sagg 12 

Benony FHnt 


Jonathan West 12 

Jonathan Fithin 


John Parker 70 

Jeremiah Halsey 


Jonathan Strickling 36 

James Hildreth 


Ezekiel Sandford 90 

John Lupton 


Elisha Howell 45 

Abiell Cook 


wid. Hannah Howell 59 

Lemuel Howell 


Abner Hughs 12 

Jonah Rogers 


Jacob Wood 12 

John Mowbray 


widow mary Harris 15 

Humphrey Hughes 


Total £ 8285 10 




Southampton April ye 2nd 1751 

Whereas there having been a Major vote of the town 
passed in the publick meeting on the election day that 
Bridge Hampton Parish should have all that piece of land 
upland swamp land and meadow land lying northward of 
the Road and near the House of Silas White deceased ; 
Bounded West by the lands of Charles Howell South by a 
stake set for that purpose twelve foot to the North of the 
Northwest corner of said White's barn and from that stake 


running West four degrees north until it meets Charles 
Howells land. Also part of the said south side is bounded 
by the said Silas White's land which he had of the town 
and Easterwardly it is bounded by the Mill Creek or 
Brook and Mill Pond and Mr. Wick's swamp ; and north- 
wardly by Thomas Howell. All which said land as it is 
above specified and bounded being by the town given to 
the above said parish to be and Remain forever for the 
use of the Ministry and for no other use or useage what- 
soever commonly called Parsonage Land 

Note. This is what is known as the old Woolworth 
place, next east of Sagg pond. W. S. P. 
The Trustees confirm the same 

This indenture made between the Trustees of the 
Comonality of ye towne of Southampton in the County of 
Suffolk and province of New York on the Island Nassau 
on the one part and Worishone Indian of and belonging to 
a place or people of Indians commonly called and known 
by the name of Unquachauge ; planter of the other part 
witnesseth that the said trustees of the town aforesaid by 
and with one full consent and agreement, as well for the 
summe of three bushells of good Indian corn to be paid 
unto the said trustees or their successors for the time be- 
ing and for and upon the Condition and provisose here- 
after expressed have Demised, Granted, Lett and to farm 
letten and by these presents do demise grant let and let to 
farm unto the said Worishone Indian ail that there certain 
piece of planting ground within the bounds of Southamp- 
ton aforesaid att, a place commonly knowne by the name 


of Speeuncke Neck, Seaven acres of land be the same more 
or less as it is now fenced and granted by permission of 
said trustees aforesaid, with all and singular the privilid- 
ges and advantages belonging or in any wise appertaining 
to have and to hold the said seven acres of land and prem- 
ises, to him the said Worishone Indian from the date of 
these presents for the full term of Eighteen Months and 
no longer ; yeelding and paying therefor at the end of the 
term of Eighteen moneths unto the said trustees for the 
time being or their successors the rent of three bushels of 
Indian corn as aforesaid — and the said Worishone Indian 
doeth hereby further Covenant and agree to and with the 
said trustees or their successors for the time being that at 
the end of the said eighteen months that he and all his 
Sons and any other of his family shall and will off the said 
piece of land and fence remove his house or housing and 
all his Creaturs and mever after settle break ground Cutt 
timber or bring any creaturs upon any of the necke or 
Neckes of land belonging unto the said Town of South- 
ampton and he doth acknowledge the bounds to be west 
as far as Setucke where the bound tree stands and was 
marked for the said Southampton west bounds, in witness 
whereof both partys have Sett to their hands and scales in 
Southampton aforesaid this 27th day of June annoque 
dome 1701 

Signed Sealed and delivered in 
presence of us 


John Pears (?) his t mark 






In regard our North Sea first records are nott to be 
found, therefore Jekamiah Scott gives in ye land and 
meadow yt now is in his possesion and claime in ye North 
Sea Line, ye West neck lande about four acres of medoe 
in said neck which appertoined to Jonah Rogers, ye neck 
containes about 150 ackers of upland and medow being 
purchased as may appear by bill of sale, and in Cow Neck 
about 80 Ackrs of land and meadow, and about tenn 
ackers of beach as it is now fensed, which is commonly 
called Daytons beach, a pond and spring within said land, 
and five fifties in ye little neck, and about 8 ackers of land 
eastward of Samuel Clarkes clepit (clay pit) land and 
ajoinig to ye Seader swamp land, sold by Edward Howell 
and John Howell deceased. 


A list of ye fence at Ogdens Neck as it fell to the 
owners there of, the 5 of May 1691. upper fence Ed- 
mund & Irl (Israel ?) Howell Jr 1 Joseph Post Jonathan 
Raynor & Samuel Barnes 2, Josiah Raynor 3, Thomas 
Topping 4, Richard Howell 5, Jonathan Raynor 6, John 
Jagger 7, Joseph and Benjamin Foster 8, Isaac Halsey 9, 
James White 10, Samuel Johnes 11 Josiah Halsey 12, 

Loer fence at ye crik, Samuel Johnes 1 John Raynor 
2 Richard Howell 3, Joseph Foster 4, James White 5, 
John Jaggr 6 Thomas Topping 7, Jonathan Raynor 8, 
Joseph Post 9, Josiah Halsey 10, Isaac Halsey 11 Edmund 
Howell 12. 

(Note. The above is written on the back of a similar 
list which was crossed out, and the following memoran- 
dums written on it "This Side iss out of date like an Old 
AUmenick, therefore looke ye other Side for paper is 
Scarce per Samll Johnes, a true coppy." W. S. P.) 


Bridge hampton August 29, 1734. David Pierson and 
Elisha Howell Dr. For dressing Mrs. Rug four months 
and physick, that I gave her fer ye whole of what I did fer 
her comes to in money Seven pounds fourteene shillings. 

This note alowed by ye Trustees, as witness my hand 
John Howell Clerk. 

Letter addressed to "Capt. Abraham Howell att South- 

Sir this may serve to inform you or any of ye signers 
of the address to His majesty, that according to his Excel- 
lencys direction we have sum of us signed an adress to 
him and have agreed to alow his Majesties oflficrs twenty 
pounds for our town signers part, and have committed the 
sd adress to Capt. Congreve's care to deliver it to his Ex- 
celency, and we think it my be the properest way for your 
people to due the like. I am 

East hampton January 27, 1717. 

Southampton October ye 6, 1696. 
At a Trustees meeting, It is agreed that Isaac Halsey 
and Nathaniel Howell shall have nine shillings for the use 
of their house for ye time past, yt John Earle hath had it, 
and till the first of May next. That is the west End of the 
said house. Abraham Howell undertakes to get John 
Earle twelve loades of wood for two shillings sixpence per 
loade, Joseph Pierson is to buy a Beast for ye said Earle. 



Manassah Kempton is to buy graine for his supply till ye 
first of April next. James Cooper is to buy a Barrell c f 
pork fer him, or pork by weight as he shall think fitt. 
Ordred that Joseph Pierson, Abraham Howell and William 
Herrick be attorneys in ye behalfe of the towne of South- 
ampton to sue all persons in ye said towne who tresspass 
upon any highway within this towne's Bounds. Ordred 
that Henry Pierson draw a letter of attorney. Ordered 
yt Manassah Kempton doe procure cedar to cover ye par- 
sonage house, and to get nails to lay ye covering on 



(Abstract of Deed) Thomas Stephens conveys to 
Jeremiah Howell g of a 50 of upland and meadow lying at 
Red Creek Island, which I boytt of Theophilus Pierson. 

In exchange Jeremiah Flowell and his brother Isaac 
Howell convey io Thomas Stephens, f of a 50 of land in 
Great Ownnack (Oneck) in ye Lot No. 6 as it stands drawn 
to my father on ye town Book in ye North division in 
Quagga purchase. May 30 1743. 

(See Vol. Ill, Printed Records, Pge 120) 

Voted that Ichabod Sayre should have his land 
changed that lyeth at Long Springs for land at the south 
side of his land at Seven ponds, for soe much land as they 
that are appointed to lay it out think reasonable not dam- 
nifying any perticular person, he being at ye charger. 
April 3, 1722. 

Note. Ichabod Sayre's land at Seven Ponds, is the 
farm owned in late years by the Archibald family. 

W. S. P.) 

Whereas there hath been complaint made to us that 
the Lot No. fifteen in the South Division, there was a 
mistake in the Return in one line, the Record being but 
50 poles by the highway north and South, and we have 
been and meshured it and find by the corners that the 
layers out marked, and by the land that it should be 
ninety four poles, and there is noe Reason a mistake should 
pass to Rong any man, therefore Wee desire the trustees 
of the town of Southampton to give the dark order to 
enter said line of said lot ninety four poles, as witness our 
hands this Eighth dy of April 1719. 



Whereas Edward Petty moves to ye town that he may 
have sum land changed to take in sum land on ye south 
part of Joseph Mores, that was his late deceased, and to 
leave out so much land on ye south side of ye land that 
was Matthew Lums lot that is decesed, at the discretion 
of Theophilus Howell and Elisha Howell, a!" ye charge of 
said Petty. At a meatingof the town on April ye 7th 1730. 
Voted that ye said Edwrd Petty shall have the land 
changed as above mentioned. This voate passed cleared. 

(Note. The above lands are probably at Poxa- 
bogue. W. S P.) 

Southampton February ye 23 day 172 4-5. at a 
towne meeting the trustees being legally warned, ye trus- 
tees do apointe John Howell and Jonathan Rayner Junr. 
to go to John Parkers to forwarne Mr. James Townsend 
to running any Range or line within our towne boundes, 
that is within ye limits of our Pattent, which is to Run 
from ye weste side of Setuck from ye marked tree upon a 
northerly line over to Peaconick grate River. But if wee 
can agree ye man to run our line according to our Patent, 
on ye townes charge, this is by ye order of ye trustees. 

Mr White peticons fer liberty that ye highway yt 
joynes to ye parsonage land at Seponack, shall be shut up 
to ye parsonage land, Mr. White keeping gates and bars 
at both endes for ye term of ten years. This voote past 
cleare, as witness 
(no date) CHRISTOPHER FOSTER Clerk. 

(Note. The parsonage land is now a part of the farm 
of late Elias White, at Seponack. W.S.P.) 


Voted that Peletiah Fordham shall have liberty to sett 
up a windmill on ye Commons between John Mitchell and 
Calfe Creek, provided he will pay all damage that ye mill 
shall doe to dum cretors. not damnifying highways, ye 
vote passed cleare. 

Voted at a town meting in Southampton the first 
tuesday in Aprill 1720, that Aaron Burnet shall have a 
highway changed from the north side of his now dwelling 
house to ye south side, leaving as much land on the south 
side as he takes in on the north." 

Southampton, To the assessors. The Estimate of 
your Towne being £6616, 10s Od, your proportion of this 
present County Rate which you ar to pay in cash is £20, 
13s 6i d. October 30 1700 


The Humble Petition of Nathaniel Halsey of South- 
ampton, to the Proprietors of sd Town, Whereas I have 
a mind to Build upon a lott of land lying in the Hay 
Ground Hollow eastward of y son's house, and it is ill 
convenient in order for a well, my humble Request 
therefore is, yt the said Proprietors would grant me leave 
at the discretion of any two of the sd Proprietors at my 
cost and charge to lay dcwn land en the East side of said 
land and take up at the south end, which will much oblige 
your Humble Petitioner 
Southampton April 3d 1732. 


Southampton November 5th 1695. Att a meeting held 
by trustees, sundry bills alowed for servis don for ye 


£ s 

To Edward Howell 2 days setting 

the line between East and Soiith- 

To Joseph Pierson ditto 6 days and 

helping to hang the bell at 2s 3d 
Samuel Coopr 5 days at ditto, and 

bringing ye bell from Nor west 

at 2s 
Capt. Topping 6 days for do. line 
Abraham Howell 2 days at the line 

at 10 s for hanging the bell att 

£1, 18s 3d 
John Cook ditto line 
Coll. Henry Pierson do. at line 6 

manassah Kempton for hanging ye 

bell and smith work 
Benjamin Smith for ringing ye bell 

and sweeping 
John Piny for fetching Lipo, Indian 

from Acquabauke, and 15s lOd 

iron work fer ye bell 18s 
Isaac H alsey, south end, for warn- 
ing a towne meeting Election 

April 1695 
James Cooper fer visiting the west 

Joseph Fordham for ditto 
William Herrick fr ditto 
Job Sayre 100 of bord & 2 quarts of 

William Herrick for a bord 




12 3 




8 3 


10 00 


19 09 


10 00 


13 00 



11 6 


04 9 


Suffolk County. To the Constables of Southampton or 
Either of them. 
These are in his majesties name To Require you to 
Summons or warn all the Proprietors of your town. To 
meet at the Meeting House in Southampton, on Wednes- 
day next at Ten a clock in the forenoon, in order to draw 
their Lotts of Land which is laid out by the Layers out 
according to the order of the Trustees, and here of faill 
not. Given under our hande this Twenty fourth day of 
November annoque Domini 1738 


You are also Required to Summons the Trustees to 
appear at Eight a clock on said Wednesday in the fore 
noon, which are as followeth. 







(Note. The above is the order to the Proprietors to ap- 
pear and draw the Lots in the Great South and North 
Division. See Vol. Ill Printed Records, Page 88. W. S. P.) 

June ye 18, 1711. Granted and made over unto ye In- 
habitants of ye North Sea, a certain peace of meadow ly- 
ing neare Hog neck spring upcn ye beach as it was given 
mee by a vote of ye Inhabitants of ye town of Southamp- 
ton as it stands upcn Record in ye tcwn book in page 102, 
which peace of meadcw I make over frcm me and mine, 
or any in my name to ye said North Sea m.en, namely 
them yt are concerned in ye matter to them and their 
heirs for ever. JOHN JESSUP. 


Number 24, in ye 40 Acre Division, drawn by Mr, 
Phillips, Robert Kellam and John Howell Jr, but was never 
measured nor delivered, and now being purchased by 
Anthony Ludlam and upon his request we yt were chosen 
to lay out ye two last divisions in the year 1712, have 
measured and delivered said lot to said Anthony Ludlam 
at ye place called ye millstone Swamp., and on ye north 
side of ye said swamp wee marked a tree with A. L. and 
went E North East 96 poles and marked a tree with ye 
same letters, from thence we went west and by south 80 
poles, and from thence north and by west 43 poles, and 
from thence n. n. w 56 poles. 


At a Trustee meeting ye 18 day of September 1724, 
being legally warned, ye Trustees do agree to sell twenty 
thousand Pine trees for three years, to box for turpentine 
from ye time he begins to box, and he is to begin ye next 
spring, and he has liberty to begin at either end betweene 
ye Red Creek and John Parkers, at which end ye gentle- 
man pleaseth, on ye north side of ye Country road, and ye 
Trustees have sould ye quantity of trees above mentioned 
to Mr. Moses Mandell, he paying to ye trustees of said 
towne fifteen shillings a thausand fer ye use of ye proprie- 
tors of ye said towne. And we appoint Capt. Scott and 
Justice Foster to hire a house for ye poore till next spring. 



These may Certifie whom it may concerne that by 
order of their majesties Receiver Generall at New York I 
doe acknowledge to have received of the trustees of the 
towne of Southampton the just sum of six pounds and fif- 
teen shiUings which is in full of what was due from the 
sayd towne for Quit Rent from the date of their patent 
until the twenty fifth day of march last past, their sever- 
all receipts and discharges being allowed them, as attest 
my hand this 28 dy of June 1694. 

JOHN HOBART, Sheriff. 

Whereas by act of General Assembly there is ye sum 
of £466, 16s layed as ye quota or proportion of Suffolk 
County of, ye tax of 2793 [pieces] of 8, fer ye Reinforcing 
ye frontiers, to be assessed and paid as in said Act, to his 
majesties Receiver General at New York in two equal pay- 
ments ye one haf at or before the 29 day of September 
next, ye other at or before ye 25th of march following, 
The proportion whereof to ye Towne of Southampton as- 
sessed at 8000, amounts to one hundred thirty six pounds, 
ten shillings to be paid in two equal payments as above 

For ye better assessing whereof It was ordred by ye 
Justices of ye Peace convened with the Chief e Justice July 
ye 2 1696. That ye Assessors of each Respective towne, 
^ Manor &c. in this County shall have noe regard to any 
former Regulations but according to ye Oath to be admin- 
istered to them by the next Justice of the Peace, Well, 
truly, equally impartially and in due proportion as it shall 
appear to them according to their best understanding, to 
assess ye Inhabitants, Residents and free holders of &c. 
And that if ye estate of any person should not appear to 
be worth above 12 s he shall be rated at 12 s for his faculty 


and if any person refuse to pay their assessment, having 
or pretending not to have any known estate, the Respective 
Collector shall and may sue for ye same before the next 
Justice of ye Peace, and recover ye same with costs, as in 
other cases, And that ye said Collector be allowed nine 
pence per pound fer Collectifig and paying ye said taxes, 
and that a surplusage be made in each tax rate sufficient 
to Indemnify ye said Collector fer insolvencys. 

Per order THOMAS HELME Clerk 

(Note. The "Piece of 8" was the Spanish dollar, valued 
at 8 shillings. W. S. P.) 

To ye Justices of ye Peace and Assessrs of Southamp- 
ton Brookhaven July ye 3, 1696. 

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Rus- 
sell Jr. of the town of Southampton, have sold to Abram 
Halsey of sd towne a sertain parsel ot land meadow land 
and water at hog neck Spring, bounded east by the land of 
Thomas Sandford, north by the highway, it lying in tri- 
angular form, as witness my hand and seal this eighth day 
of march 1745. 

in presence of us 

Thomas Tarbell 

Mica Howell 

June 28 1767. Capt. Obadiah Rogers and Ebenezer 
White Esq. were appointed by the trustees at their last 
meeting to make an Exchange of sum land with Elias 
Foster at or near Long Springs. Do make Returne as fol- 
loweth. that is to say that Elias Foster may and shall 
have the seven acres of land adjoining on the east side of 


his lot of land at or near Long Springs, as it is now staked ; 
for and in considration of his laying down all that land 
which he had of Samuel Cooper lying on the west side of 
his Close to be to the youse of the town forever ; and the 
above said seven acres to be to him the sd Foster his heirs 
and assins forever. 

At a Trustee meeting April ye 22 day 1718 wee ap- 
point two cattle to a fifty to go into Shinecock, and ye 
feald to be opened ye twenty day of May next ensueing, 
and wee appoint three colts in lue of one Beaste, and all 
Colts to have ye haire of ye tale cut, and and all cattle"to 
be Branded on ye home with ye towne Brand ye letter B. 
wee apointe 6 cattle to be let out to defray ye towne 
charge at Shinecock, and we apointe Ichabod Coopr to 
agree with ye men that wants pasture. 

Ordred that Obadiah Rogers and Ephraim White is to 
hire a pound to be made new and to set it where ye old 
meeting house stood, on ye towns land. Ordred that 
Daniel Hedges view ye fence at East Hampton line fer this 
yeare, 1718. 

(Note. The old meeting house, on the site of which 
the pound was built, stood on the southwest corner of the 
homestead late of Edwin Post, now of Wm. J. Post on the 
main streat of Southampton village W. S. P.) 

Ordred that ye Indians shall be fetched up to kill their 
Dogs ferthwith by a Warrant from ye Justis. 


To THE Trustees of Southampton 

Gentlemen. Whereas upon our motion you sent a 
note to us concerning ye Bound fence between our two 
townes, being esteemed a fence for horse and swine, there- 
fore we the Trustees of East Hampton do hereby comply 
and agree with your offer and agreement according to 
your note bearing date ye 15 dy of May 1722. Given by 
order of our trustees, per 


Southampton July 3, 1712. Whereas Daniel Sayre of 
Southampton hath bought of the towne of Southampton a 
quarter of Sagg Swamp of the said town to him and his 
heires and assigns, he hath sold his quarter part of said 
swamp, that is his right and title to Theophilus Howell and 
John Wick and to their heirs aud assigns fr ever, fer 
four pounds eleven shillings, as witness my hand this day 
cind year above written. 

Whreas Daniel Sayre of Southampton hath bought of 
the town of Southampton a quarter part of the swamp at 
Saggabonack, and was to pay the mony in a month, and 
before he paid it he sold his bargaine to Isaac Halsey son 
of Thomas Halsey fer eighteen shillings, he the said Isaac 
Halsey paying the three pounds fifteen shillings to the 
Trustees, and the swamp to be to the said Isaac Halsey 
and his heires and assigns, as it was to Daniel Sayre and 
his assignes. As witness my hand, this 3 day of July 1712. 



Att the same Time Isaac Halsey hath sold all his right 
and title to Theophilus Howell and John Wick, to be 
equally divided between them, and to be and remain to 
their assigns for ever, the whole of the quarter of Sag 
swamp that he bought and had of Daniel Sayre, as wit- 
ness y hand this 3 dy of July 1712. 


Southampton July ye 3, 1712. At a meeting of the 
Trustees. Wee received in the behalf of the town Fifteen 
pounds and a shilling fer Sag Swamp, which the town sold 
in a Town meeting to Abraham Howell, John Wick The- 
ophilus Howell and Daniel Sayre. Which said fifteen 
pounds one shilling is in full fer the said swamp according 
to the sale of the town, and the swamp to be divided 
equally betwene them, to each a quarter part, and to the 
said Abraham Howell John Wick, Theophilus Howell and 
Daniel Sayre and their heirs and assigns fer ever. 

Southampton July 3d 1712. Att a meeting of the 
Trustees wee received in the behalfe of the towne thirty 
seven pounds in money fer the Blank Lot which was sold 
by the town to Nathaniel Halsey and John Sayre being 
thirty seaven acres, Joining to number Fifty in the last 
Division, lying above the head of the mill pond at the 
Spinne of Nathaniel Halsey and John Sayre, which said 
lott of land is to them their heirs and assigns fer ever, to 
be equally divided between them or their heirs. I say Re- 
ceould by us. 




(See Vol. 11. Printed Records pge 166) 



Robert Woolley of Southampton in the East 
Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island ''fer a valuable 
sum of money" sells to Peter Norris one third parte 
of a twenty acre lot lying and being at Sagaponack. No. 
21 in the last Division in conjunction with James Hampton 
and Robert Kallam. Being bounded on the south side by 
Ben Palmer, on the north by John Woodruff on the west 
by Sagaponack pond, on the east by the highway. With 
all etc. Aprill 15 1681. 

Witness Abraham Howell 
John Howell Jr 

(See Vol. II, Printed Records Pge 260-263) 

Southampton September ye 29, 1736. Know all men 
by these presents that I Jekamiah Scott of ye above said 
town have bargained and sould from me and my heires 
for ever, my medow at Little pond, unto Thomas Lupton 
and his heires forever, fer his half Island of Sedg at Jef- 
freys Creek lying with John Haines. In confirmation heere- 
of I have sett my hand in the prsence of us 

Christopher Foster 

Joseph Foster 


September ye 26 1733. Wee ye commisseners being 
called down to North Sea to view the highways about ye 
said North Sea, we find that four poles wide frcm ye gate 
below the houses down to Hemes hill along the old path 
sumtimes more on one side ye path, and sum times on the 


Other, to be wide enough and a commodious highway, and 
now order it be four poles as above, and so to continue till 
it be altred by ye commisseners. And the rode that leads 
down by Jeffreys creek we straightened from Capt. Scott's 
southeast corner to the southwest corner, when the fence 
is — here about four poles, except ye rode be stratened on 
the othr side. 


Whereas it was granted to Samuel Jones (Johnes) to 
change sum land to take up sum where Samuel Jones Jr 
house now stands at Scuttle Hole, and at said meeting 
Theophilus Howell and Josiah Topping was appointed to 
doe to it, and at the desire of said Samuel Jones went and 
laid out an acre and a rood about Samuel Jones Jr house, 
joing to the pond, from Christophr Foster's fence by the 
pond eight poles from the pond upward eight poles from 
the norwest corner of the yard, to ye north east corner of 
the yard, to ye north east comer of the barn eastward 
sixteen poles, all containing an acre and a rood ; in liew of 
which by his consent wee took off on the south west part of 
his lot two poles and a half from comer to corner, eighty 
poles long which makes the highway now between Chris- 
topher Foster and Samuel Jones twelve poles and a halfe 
wide. Given under our hands this 16 dy of June 1718. 


(N OTE. The house of Samuel Johnes Jr was on the east 
side of the small pond on the south side of the Scuttle 
Hole road, near what is known as "the Alderman Haines, 
place." W. S. P.) 


Vooted that Richard Shaw shall have liberty to sett 
up a ware house at Sag Harbor in sum place at ye discre- 
tion of Elisha Howell and Isaac Jessup, where they shall 
think moste convenient. (Not dated) 

November ye 9th day 1738. Mr. William Olberson 
(Albertson) bought ye streame commonly called Rugs 
stream, with twenty acres of land lying on ye weste side 
of ye stream, with ten poles wide on ye Easte side of ye 
Streame, running ye length of ye stream ; at a meating 
of ye Proprietors by order of ye Trustees, for two hundred 
and thirteen pounds one shilling as witness 



John Rose of the North Sea belonging unto Southamp- 
ton in the East Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island, sells 
to Isaac Raynor of Southampton, "one half acre of land 
out of the southeast corner of my Home Lot. at the North 
Sea, as it this day stands and is staked out. Ten Rods or 
Poles in length, east and west, and eight Rods or Poles in 
weadth north and south. And is bounded west and north 
by my land, east and south by the Commons." "For a 
valuable Summe of money." 

Dated this 30th day of march 1682. 



(Note. This is a part of the ancient Rose homestead 
still owned by his descendants. The old house, stood on 
the east side of the street opposite the house of late Gapt. 
Jetur R. Rose. W. S. P.) 


Granted to Capt. Stephens, Caleb Gilbert and Jeremiah 
Culver, liberty to sett up a windmill upon the North east 
corner of the Parsonage Land upon ye west side of ye 
highway that Runs into ye Great Plaines, Provided they 
have the consent of Mr Whiting 


Not dated. Probably 1694) 

(Note. The Parsonage land, mentioned, is on the west 
side of First Neck lane, in Southampton, and now owned 
by Dr. Peter F. Chambers. W. S. P.) 

At a meeting of ye Proprietors of Southampton, vooted 
that Mr. Nathaniell Singletree shall have all the liberty of 
improving of Beaver Dam river to sett up a Sawmill, by 
Damming att his discretion, and the liberty of building att 
his discretion, and cutting timber, for fireing, and saw for 
any Proprietor, he or they bringing logs, for forty shillings 
per thousand, or to the halves. And the liberty of twenty 
acres of land and some meadow east side of Beaver Dam 
river, for thirty yeares, and then or sooner if he leaves it 
sooner, to descend to the Proprietors of this towne. It is 
to be understood that the twenty acres of land and meadow 
so above mentioned should be laid out at ye discretion of 
Isaac Jessup and Jonathan Raynor, not exceeding 70 rods 
downward from the Dam, leaving a convenient road below 
the mill. And when he refuses to saw for the Proprietors 
when he can conveniently do it, that the mill land and the 
meadow shall returne to the town, and that he shall build 
the mill within a year after this voote, (Not dated) 
Voted and cleare as teste 



At a meeting of ye Proprietors, voted that James Rose 
shall have ye land that was formerly in John Earles occu- 
pation, between Benjamin Marshall's and Benjamin Jag- 
gers, for fourty shillings in current money fr ye Proprie- 
tors Euse. This voote was voted and past cleare 

as teste CHRISTOPHR FOSTER Gierke 

(No date) 

(Note. This is on the west side of North Sea road, 
Benjamin Marshall's place was in late years owned by 
James McCorkle, and now by George Wines. The land of 
Benjamin Jagger is now the land of heirs of Gharles Henry 
Halsey south of the rail road. W. S. P.) 

Southold November 8, 1696. 
The Gounty of Suffolk is Debtor to Southampton. 

£ s d 

To Jonah Howell for 1 old wolf and 5 young 

wolves killed by Indian 2 15 6 

To Ephraim Howell for 1 horse, pressed 

to Brookhaven. 6 

To Lot Burnett for 1 horse pressed to Brook- 
haven 6 

To Mannassah Kempton for serveing on ye 
grand Jury at Southampton and South- 
old, in ye year 1695. 

Ditto fer year 1696 

To Obadiah Rogers serving on grand Jury 
at Southampton 

To John Jessup on ye grand jury 1 day 

To Isaac Willman on ye grand jury 1 day 

To Joseph Fordham on ye grand jury 1 day 












To widow Martha Phillips fer 17 meals and 

Bread and cheese. 12 

To Samuel Cooper serving on ye grand Jury 

atSouthold 18 

To John Mowbray serving on ye grand Jury 

at Southold 18 

To Thomas Parvin pressed to Setauket to 
bring back horses 

To Thomas Parvin fer charges of said horses 

To Mr. Matthew Howell fer attending at ye 
Assembly at New York 

To Mr. Matthew Howell for regulating ye 
taxes at Southold 

To Mr. Matthew Howell fer expenses 

To Mr. Matthew Howell fer 3 days at Brook- 
haven about taxes 

To Mr. Matthew Howell for expenses 











^ The County Rate was £191. 0. 10. 
\ Southampton's proportion £58. 6. 

£52 19 3 

March ye 11th 1699. the Trustees met and supervised 
Towne Debts. 
To John Jessup 3 days assessing £0 9 

To Jonah Howell for warning a towne meet- 
ing and a halfe. 6 
Joseph Poast for warning a towne meeting 

and halfe 
John Foster for mending the Pound 
Josiah Topping 3 days assessing 
John Cook for an Indian cutting the Range, 

one day 16 





and one day and halfe about the'Line with 

East [hampton] 3 

Ezekiel Sandford for ten pounds in pay be- 
hind of the bridge money in Cash. 6 13 4 

£8 13 10 
Mr Edward Howell for one days surveying 

land at meakox in year 1697 3 

To THE Constable of Southampton. 

Whereas complaint hath been made unto us by the 
trustees and overseers of the Poor of Southampton, in the 
County of Suffolk, That Ebenezer Taylor, some time in 
this present November was a Sojourner and Dweller in the 
Towne of East Hampton, in ye said county. Is now come 
into the said towne of Southampton, indeavoring to settle 
himselfe as an Inhabitant thereof, and hath not within 
forty days last past given or delivered to ye Trustees and 
Overseers of the Poor of said Towne, any notice in writing 
of the house of his abode, but is likely to become charge- 
able to the said towne contrary to the forme of the 
statute, in that case made and provided. These are there- 
for in her Majesties name to command (you) to warne the 
said Ebenezer Taylor forthwith to depart out of and from 
the said Towne of Southampton, to the place of his last 
abode and settlement, or othrwise to give sufficient securi- 
ty to be allowed by us, not to be chargeable to the said 
towne. And if he shall refuse or neglect so to do, That 
then, you forthwith apprehend and bring the said Ebenzer 
Taylor before us to shew good cause to the contrary, or to 
be proceeded against according to Law, Here of fail not 
at your Peril., 

given under our hands and seales in Southampton this 
24th day of November Annoque Dom. 1705 




Whereas John Davis has a grant of a Stream of water 
at Little Noyake as upon record doth appear to set up a 
Grist mill thereon. The said John Davis sells one equal 
half of the same to Thomas Stephens. And they agree 
jointly to build a mill within the time limited and they 
agree to carry on the business equally 
Dated May 2nd 1692 


The Trustees of the Town of Southampton convey to 
John Parker one Fifty Right of commonage to run from 
Red Creek to the West bounds of the Town (Quaggo 
Purchase excepted) 

And the said John Parker is to have all the upland 
northward of the road from Dirty Creek the first creek 
eastward from his house ; and to extend westward to the 
going over the river by his dwelling house the above said 
Fifty and premises to be the said John Parker and his 
heirs and assigns. 

In exchange John Parker makes over to the said Trus- 
tees "all my right and title yt I now have or ever had to 
ye Seder swamp at Hockabock (Accabog) lying between 
ye two rivers 

Dated the 4th day of January 1726 





Elisha Howell and John Mitchell having purchased 
from Major Joseph Fordham and his son Joseph Fordham 
and Edward Howell a piece of land lying on the West sice 
of the highway that goeth to the Beach at Mecox Plain 
and they agree to divide as follows in quantity and quality, 
Elisha Howell agrees to take "that part next to the Beach 
being greatest in quantity because poorer." 

John Mitchell agrees "to take the north part which is 
the least in quantity because the best" 

Dated February 19th 1725 


To all people to whom [these may concern know ye 
that I Will Nero Indian of Shinnecock do admit toll rate 
and allow Joseph Fordham of Southampton to live at Cold 
Spring in his now dwelling house that stands on the Indian 
Land ; also I give him the said Fordham liberty to plant 
on anv part of the Indian Field on my Right ; and that no 
person molest or hinder him in so doing 
Witness my hand this 12th day of April Anno dom 1759 

his mark 

Southampton June 17, 1776, memorandum. That 
when I was young I often heard the people talk that the 
northwest corner of our bounds was a large white oak tree 
standing not far from the river, and that the line was as 
run by Coll. Matthew Howell and some other man or men, 
and that about fifty four years ago, myself and Ichabod 



Cooper Jr. was hired by the Trustees to go and see the 
bounds, And accordingly went to the Riverhead, and took 
Old Mr. Parker with us, who showed us the tree on which 
we cut the first letters of our names, and there was many 
other letters cut before. And then in the year 1752 or 
there abouts, I was again hired by the trustees in company 
with Isaac Post Esq. to go and see the Bounds again. Ac- 
cordingly we went and found the tree as I had left it be- 
fore. And this is all the northwest bound I ever heard of, 
until the Trustees moved to lay out the Cedar swamp. 
And then Capt. Halsey offered to challenge said swamp, 
but the Trustees paid no regard to his claim, but proceded 
to their work, and laid it out as is very well known. And 
this is all that I know . 


Southampton, May ye 28, 1736. 
A Parrish Rate made & laid att one penny half penny 
on ye Lb. to defray part of ye charge of building a house 
for our minister to dwell in. 

£ s d 
Capt. Abram Howell 50 06 09 
Jonathan Raynor and 

Joseph Burnet 

£ s 
12 01 

Christophr Rose 

Zackeus Rose 
Henry Ludlam Jr 

136 18 05 
3 00 4 

7 00 11 
50 06 09 

Abiall Cook & son 44 05 11 

Ellis Cook 22 02 

Henry Ludlam 20 02 


widow Burnet 
widow mary 

Jonathan Smith 
widow Amy 

widow Hannah 

Stephen Howell 
Daniel Foster & 

16 02 
14 01 

2S 03 
21 02 

15 02 


21 02 10 


100 13 6 



John Payne 

42 04 

John Howell Jr 

20 02 


James White 

70 00 


Jeremiah Foster 

& son 

22 02 


Henry Burnet 

17 02 


Stephen Foster 

7 06 


Edmund Burnet 

04 06 


Joseph Hildreth 

44 05 


Aaron Burnet & son 

61 08 


Richard Fowler 

& son 

8 01 


Samuel Halsey & sor 

I 20 02 


Daniel Bower 

23 03 


Nathaniel Hildreth 

21 02 


John Davis & 


12 01 


Benjamin Foster & 


39 05 


Jonathan Culver 

5 00 


Joseph Halsey 

60 08 


David Haines 

40 05 


Jonathan Howell & 


44 05 


Thomas Lupton 

& mother 

39 05 


Isaac Howell 

08 01 


Justice Wm 


56 07 


Nathaniel Halsey & 


72 09 


William Jennings 



14 01 


Ezekiel Halsey 

6 09 


Samuel Jennings 

^ son 

36 04 


David Burnet 

30 04 

John Haines 

43 05 


John Conklin 

10 02 

David Shaw 

6 00 


Samuel Clark A son 

45 06 


widow martha 


57 07 


Capt. Scott & son 

134 18 


Justis Josiah 

Howell & sons 

115 15 


David Rose Jr 

13 01 


Abner Howell 

9 01 


George Harris & sor 

1 56 07 


Mr. Francis Pel- 


44 05 


Benjamin Haines 

17 02 


Joseph Davis 

5 00 


Samuel Bishop 

26 03 


Benjamin Woodruff 

20 02 


widow Bishop 

11 01 




Jeremiah Culver & son 30 04 

Jeremiah Culver Jr 13 01 9 

Moses Culver 21 02 10 

John Reeves 54 07 3 

James Cooper 45 06 1 
Thomas Cooper ye 

third 59 07 11 

Gershom Culver 6 00 

Ephraim Hildreth 26 03 

John Foster 40 05 

Caleb Gilbert & son 16 02 

Mr. Ichobod Cooper & 

son 54 07 3 
Samuel Cooper & 

mother 47 06 4 

Nathan Jagger 5 01 8 

Joseph Pierson 3 04 3 

Benjamin Marshall 9 01 2 
Joseph Goodale & son 8 01 1 
Samuel Jagger 27 03 7 

Capt. Post & son 112 15 2 

William Foster & son 2 00 3 
Thomas Foster Jr 14 01 10 

Christopher Foster Jr 2 01 3 
Ichobod Sayre 32 09 4 

John Bishop 11 01 5 

manassah Kemp- 
ton & nephew 24 03 3 

Jeremiah Jagger 

& son 32 04 4 

John Jagger 7 00 11 

James Rose 9 01 2 

Mrs mary mul- 

ford 3 00 4 

John Woolley 90 12 2 

Ephraim Halsey 40 05 5 

Isaac Bower 33 04 5 

Jonah Bower 15 02 
Samuel Johnes 

& son 94 12 8 

Isaac Halsey Jr 

& son 69 09 4 

Joseph Halsey 16 02 2 
Capt. Ephraim 

White & son 70 09 5 
Job Sayre & son 95 12 10 
Nehemiah Sayre 5 00 8 
Mr. Hugh Gelston 

& mother 59 07 11 

widow Hannah 
Wood & children 59 07 11 
Nathan Herrick 38 05 1 
James Herrick & 

William 44 05 11 

Stephen Herrick 44 05 11 
Doctor John 

Mackie 29 03 11 



Joseph Howell & 

mother 36 04 10 

widow Dorcas Norris 3 00 4 

Nathaniel Howell & 

mother 30 04 

Richard Howell & son 40 05 5 

Lieut. Hezekiak How- 
ell cV son 110 14 10 

Christopher Foster 91 05 6 

Joseph Foster 6 00 9 

Edward Howell 2 00 3 

widow Bethyah Jes- 

sup 58 07 10 

Job Wick 14 04 7 

Lieut. Thomas 

Stephens 72 09 9 

Henry Pierson 40 05 5 

John Howell & Sons 54 07 4 
Lieut.Obadiah Rogers32 11 1 
Jonah Howell, Samuel 

and mother 44 05 11 

Jonathan Howell Jr 06 00 9 
Jeremiah Culver ye 

third 2 00 3 

Samuel Woodruff 18 02 3 

Thomas Foster & 
mother 21 02 10 

Hackaliah Foster 11 01 5 

Elisha Halsey 28 03 9 

Samuel Pierson 3 04 

Joseph Smith 1 00 2 

William Woolley 7 11 1 

Jonathan Pierce 10 01 4 

Samuel Randall 5 00 8 

Alexander Ford- 
ham 12 01 7 
Nathan Reeves 4 00 6 
Stephen Reeves 18 02 5 
John Reeves Jr 15 02 

Henry Howell 

2 00 3 

Patrick Carr «^' 


5 00 


David Rose 

2 00 


widow Jerusha 


4 00 


Mr. Abraham 


29 03 



This Rate made by me, John Howell Assessor. 
And is errors excepted, ye sum of thirty pounds, eight 
shillings & two pence. 

According to my computation the sum total is £30, 16s 


(Note. This parsonage house was built to replace the 
one purchased from John Cooper in 1675. The new house 
for which the above rate was levied, lasted for a hundred 
years, when the present Presbyterian parsonage in South- 
ampton was erected on the same site in 1846. W. S. P.) 

Southampton April ye 23, 1744. At a parish meeting 
it was voted by the parishioners of ye above, that Zebulon 
Howell Jr shall dwell in the School house for the ensuing 
year, he paying to ye town ten shillings in country pro- 
duce, and leaving ye glass and flore and walls in as good 
circumstances as they are now, and to go out of said house 
at a month's warning, and to ring ye bell a nights and at 
all other times and sweep the meeting house. 


(Note. This recalls the fact that in old times it was the 
custom to ring the church bell at nine o'clock at night. 
This continued till after the Revolution. W. S. P. 

Trustees met Feb. 2. 1767. Voted that the men of the 
north end of the town from the meeting house to the 
woods northward, who will, may and shall have good right 
and power, to set a school house on the old foundation be- 
hind William Jagger's home lot. 


(Note. The old school house, which is also the one 
mentioned in the preceding notice, stood at the west end 
of the homestead of Wm Seymour White, in Southampton 
village. W. S. P.) 

At a trustee meeting held at ye house of Stephen 
Herrick on ye 29 day of November 1738, it was then or- 
dered by said Trustees that there shall be a Parish rate 
made and levied on all ye parishioners of this parish, to 
defray all the charge that is behind of our new Parsonage 

For as much as we namely Matthew Howell and 
Joseph Fordham two of her majesties Justices of the Peace 
for the County of Suffolk, have been credibly informed 
that the several persons hereafter named were unseason- 
ably and disorderly tipling and gaming at a publick house 
in your said town (namely Samuel Butler's) on the twenty 
eighth or twenty ninth day of September last past. You or 
either of you are hereby required in her Majesties name 
Immediately to cause to come before us, her Majesties, 
Justices James Clarke, James White, Henry Ludlam, Mr. 
Nathaniel Wade and Jeremiah Foster, Ichabod Cooper, John 
Wilman, David Burnet, Richard Fowler, Joshua Halsey, 
Benjamin Marshall, Josiah Laughton, James Wilman and 
Arthur Davis. To answer to the premises. As Witness 
our hands this 2nd day of October, 1702. 

To the Constables of 

(Note. The house of Samuel Butler, was the south part 
of the present homestead of Albert Reeves, south of Jobs 
Lane, in Southampton village. W. S. P.) 




Abstracts of Patents granted by the late Colony of 
New York, with the Quit Rents due 29 September 1776 in 
Suffolk County. 

To whom granted Quit Rents due 

29 Sept. 1776. 

£ s d 

Constant and Nathaniel Silvester 16 3 

When granted 

31 May 1666 

23 August 1686 

5 October 1665 

5 October 1694 

11 April 1706 
19 Oetober 1708 
10 October 1695 
31 October 1676 

9 October 1693 
9 December 1686 
27 December 1686 

6 January 1686 
25 March 1677 

27 December 1686 
5 December 1684 

1 March 1686 
25 March 1692 

12 November 1697 

2 April 1675 
5 May 1703 

27 October 1708 

Alexander Bryan 
David Gardiner 
Town of Huntington 
Isaac De Reimer & Co. 
John Mowbray 
Thomas & Richard Willit 
Town of Southold 
William Smith 
Benjamin Smith 
Samuel Eburne 
Richard Lloyd 
Richard Smith 
Town of Brookhaven 
William Nicoll 
William Nicoll 
Andrew Gibbs 
Richard Smith 
Samuel Willis 
Charles Congreve 

Thomas Wickham & Co 
6 December 1685 Town of Southampton 
9 December 1686 Town of East Hampton 

5 10 
42 10 

7 17 6 
41 05 

2 05 

2 15 

2 02 3 

3 10 
17 6 

18 9 

1 15 
1 02 9 
5 16 3 

19 07 6 
3 17 6 

10 03 9 
7 17 6 
5 16 3 

(Note. The location of each of these Patents may be 
easily found by reading the histories of the different towns 
Suffolk County. A few may be mentioned here. The 
Patent to Constant and Nathaniel Silvester was for Shelter 


Island. The Patent to William Smith was St. Georges 
Manor. Richard Smiths in 1677 was the town of Smith- 
town. The one granted to Richard Smith (son of the 
former) in 1697 was for East Moriches. Charles Con- 
greve's was for Winnecomac, the south west part of 
Smithtown. John Mowbray's is now Bay Shore formerly 
Penataquit. W. S. P. 

By Act of Legislature April 1, 1786, it was ordered 
that all Quit rents were to be paid into the State treasury, 
but that all persons holding lands by Patent and quit rent 
might commute the same by paying 14 shillings for each 
shilling of quit rent. At a Town meeting held January 
23, 1787, it was voted, "That the Trustees appoint a man 
to commute and discharge the quit rent of this Town." 

April 7th 1770. At a Town meeting held on said day 
to choose Town Officers for the year ensuing, the free- 
holders and commonalty being assembled do proceed upon 
their choice as followeth, in presence of 

ISAAC POST I justices. 

Stephen Rogers, chosen clerk. 
Hugh Gelston chosen constable. 
Edward Topping chosen constable. 
James Rogers chosen constable. 
Braddick Corey chosen constable. 
Thomas Cooper chosen Supervisor. 
Hugh Gelston chosen Collector 

Isaac Post, Esq. & Thomas Sandford Esq chosen As- 


Jedediah Howell & Samuel Howell the 3rd, chosen 
Supervisors of Intestate Estates. 

Isaac Post, Silas Howell, Thomas Cooper, Matthew 
Howell, Nathan Reeves, Zebulon Halsey, Christopher Lup- 
ton, David Topping, Ebenezer White Esq., David Hedges, 
David Cook, Timothy Halsey, chosen Trustees. 

Isaac Post, Esq. & David Halsey chosen Overseers of 
the Poor. 

At a Town Meeting held at Southampton on the 3rd 
day of April, 1770, by the freeholders and commonalty of 
Southampton to choose officers for the year ensuing they 
proceeded upon their choice in the presence of Thomas 
Sandford and Thomas Cooper Justices. 

Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk for the year ensuing, 
Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Supervisor for the year en- 

John Daines and Hugh Gelston and James Rogers 
chosen Constables for the year ensuing 

Jeremiah Stretton chosen Collector for the year ensu- 
ing at 8d 

Thomas Cooper Esq. and Stephen Rogers chosen As- 
sessors for the year ensuing 

Jonathan Hedges, David Corwithy, Timothy Halsey, 
Abram Rose, Thomas Sandford, David Halsey, Samuel 
Howell, Isaac Post Esq,, Thomas Cooper Esq., Samuel 
Jagger, Silas Halsey and Silas Howell chosen trustees 

Jedidiah Howell and Abram Rose chosen Supervisors 
for intestate estates for the year ensuing 


George Herrick, Israel Halsey and Charles White 
chosen Commissioners of highways. 

Isaac Post Esq. and David Halsey chosen Overseers of 
the Poor for the year ensuing 

Saml. Jagger and William Rogers chosen Viewers of 
fence for the year ensuing 

Voted that the 
western Parish shall 
have a quantity 
of land adjoining 
to the Beaver Dam 
Meeting House 

At a Town Meeting held on April the Second 1771 by 
the freeholders and commonalty of Southampton to choose Q 
Town Officers for the year ensuing they proceeded to their 
choice in presence of Thomas Cooper and Isaac Post, Esq. 

Stephen Rogers chosen clerk for the year ensuing 

Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Supervisor for the year 

John Daines, Hugh Gelston Jr. and James Rogers 
chosen Constables for the year ensuing 

Jeremiah Stretton chosen Collector for the year ensu- 
ing at 8d 

Isaac Post, Esq., Job Pierson Esq,, chosen Assessors 
for the year ensuing. 

Isaac Post Esq William Foster Nehemiah Sayre, 
Thomas Jessup, Stephen Jagger, Thomas Cooper Esq. 
Ebenezer White, John Cook, Capt. Silas Cook, Israel Hal- 
sey, Maltby Gelston and Stephen Pierson chosen trustees 
for the year ensuing 


Jedidiah Howell and Abraham Rose chosen supervis- 
ors of Intestate Estates for the year ensuing 

Charles White, Elias Cooper and David Pierson chosen 
Commissioners of Highways for the year ensuing. 

Isaac Post, Esq. and David Halsey chosen Overseers 
of the Poor for the year ensuing. 

Samuel Jaggar and William Rogers chosen Overseers 
of fence for the year ensuing 

ISAAC POST j justices 

Southampton, April 7th 1772 
At a Town Meeting held on said day by the common- 
alty of said town to choose Town Officers for the year 
ensuing, they proceeded to their choice as followeth in 
presence of Thomas Cooper & Isaac Post Justices. 
Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk for the year ensuing 
Hugh Gelston, Jr 1 chosen constables 
John Daines & > for the year 
James Rogers j ensuing 

Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Supervisor for the year 
Isaac Post Esq | chosen Assessors for 
Job Pierson Esq ) the year ensuing 

Jedidiah Howell & Abram Rose chosen Supervisors of 
Intestate Estates for the year ensuing 

Isaac Post, Esq., Hugh Raynor, David Howell, Silas 
Howell, Zebulon Halsey, David Rose, Elias Cook, David 
Halsey, Thomas Sandford, Timothy Halsey, Daniel Howell, 
David Corwithy chosen Trustees for the year ensuing 

Isaac Post Esq. & David Halsey chosen Overseers of 
the Poor for the year ensuing 


Elias Cooper, David Pierson and Charles White chosen 
Commissioners of Highways for the year ensuing 

John White and William Rogers chosen Viewers of 
fence for the year ensuing 

Jeremiah Stretton chosen collector for 9d p£ for the 

year ensuing 

ISAAC POST f justices 

Southampton April 5th 1774 
At a Town Meeting held on said day by the freehold- 
ers and commonalty of said Town to choose Town Officers ^ 
for the year ensuing they proceeded to their choice as fol- ^ 
loweth in presence of 

THOMAS COOPER ) t„^.:^^^ 
ISAAC POST \ justices 

Stephen Rogers chosen clerk for the year ensuing 

Hugh Gelston Jr."^ 

Josiah Cooper (chosen Constables 
James Rogers & f for the year ensuing 
Jonathan ConklinJ 

Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Supervisor for the year 

Jeremiah Stretton chosen collector for the year en- 
suing for 1 I 

Isaac Post Esq & | chosen Assessors 

Thomas Sandford S for the year ensuing 

Jedidiah Howell & "j chosen Supervisors of Intestate 

V Estates for the year 
Abram Rose j ensuing 


Isaac Post Esq. Obadiah Rogers, Silas Howell, David 
Howell, David Halsey, Thomas Cooper, Esq. Thomas 
Sandford, Israel Halsey, David Gelston, Daniel Hedges, 
Elisha Howell, David Pierson chosen Trustees for the year 

Isaac Post Esq. & David Halsey chosen Overseers of 
the Poor for the year ensuing 

Silas Howell, John Sandford & Cornelius Halsey 
chosen Commissioners for the year ensuing 

John White & Elias Halsey chosen fence viewers 

Voted that the Trustees shall settle the line between 

this Town and the mannor of St George at their discretion 

ISAAC POST I justices 

Zephaniah Rogers, Capt William Rogers & Capt Josiah 
Howell chosen Commissioners for highways 

John White & David Sandford chosen Viewers of 

ISAAC POST ]■ justices 

Southampton April 6th 1779. 

At a meeting held on said day by the freeholders and 

commonalty of said Town, to choose Town Officers for the 

year ensuing, the people being generally met together, 

they proceeded to their choice as followeth in presence of 




Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk for the year ensuing. 

Hugh Gelston, Edward Topping, Braddick Corey and 
Zephaniah Rogers chosen Constables for the year ensuing. 

Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Supervisor 

Hugh Gelston chosen Collector for 1 | pr £ 

Isaac Post & Thomas Sandford Esq. chosen Assessors 

Jedidiah Howell & Abraham Rose chosen Supervisors 
of Intestate Estates 

Isaac Post, Thomas Cooper, David Howell, John White 
Jr. Saml. Cooper Jr, Josiah Howell Thomas Sandford Wil- 
liam Rogers Jr. William Halsey Abraham Rose, Nathan 
Pierson David Hedges chosen Trustees 

Isaac Post & David Halsey chosen Overseers of the 

William Rogers Joshua Sayre & Matthew Howell 
chosen Commissioners for the Highways 

John White & David Sandford chosen Viewers of 
fence, all the above for the year ensuing. 



Southampton April 4th 1780. 
At a Town Meeting held on said day by the freehold- 
ers and Commonalty of said Town to chuse Town officers 
for the year ensuing the people being generally met to- 
gether proceeded to their choice as followeth in presence of 




Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk for the year ensuing 

Hugh Gelston, Zephaniah Rogers Jonathan Rogers & 
Hubbard Latham chosen Constables 

David Howell chosen Supervisor 

Obadiah Rogers Jr. chosen Collector for 11 p on lb. 

Isaac Post Esq. and Thomas Sandford Esq. chosen 

Abram Rose and Henry Herrick chosen Supervisors 
of Intestate Estates. 

Silas Howell Thomas Jessup Stephen Jaggar Isaac 
Post, David Halsey Christopher Foster David Haines Fos- 
ter James Haines, David Woodruff, Samuel Howell Ebe- 
nezer White Esq. & John Sandford chosen trustees. 

David Halsey & Isaac Post, Esq. chosen Overseers of 
the Poor 

Joshua Sayre, Jonathan Rogers & Daniel Foster 
chosen Commissioners for highways 

Joshua Sayre & David Sandford chosen Viewers of 
fence all above for the year ensuing 

Voted that no cattle shall be turned on to the West 
beach for four years. 


Southampton April 3rd 1781 

At a meeting held on said day by the freeholders and 
commonalty of said Town to chuse Town officers for the 
year ensuing, the people being generally convend, pro- 
ceeded to their choice as followeth : in presence of Thomas 
Cooper and Isaac Post Justices. 

Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Moderator 

Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk 

Hugh Gelston, Zephaniah Rogers, Jonathan Rogers & 
Braddock Corey chosen constables 


David Howell chosen Supervisor 

William Halsey chosen Collector at 7 d pr £ 

Ebenezar White Esq. and David Halsey chosen Asses- 
sors for the year ensuing 

Henry Herrick and Abraham Rose chosen Supervisors 
of Intestate Estates 

Jonah Howell Jr. David Howell, Isaac Post Esq., Mat- 
thew Howell, Hugh Gelston. Silas Halsey, David Hedges, 
Jonathan Rogers, Joel Sandford, Constant Havens, Timothy 
Pierson and Timothy Halsey chosen Trustees. 

Isaac Post Esq. and David Halsey chosen Overseers of 
the Poor. 

Joshua Sayre, Timothy Pierson and Zephaniah Rogers 
chosen Commissioners of Highways. 

Joshua Sayre & David Sandford & Wakeman Foster 
chosen Viewers of fence. 


Southampton, April 2nd, 1782. 
At a Town meeting holden on said day by the free- 
holders and commonalty of said town to chuse Town offi- 
cers for the year ensning, the people being generally con- 
vened proceeded to their choice in presence of 



Thomas Cooper Esq. chosen Moderator 

Stephen Rogers chosen Clerk. 

Silas Woolley, Jonathan Rogers, Lewis Howell and 
Braddock Corey chosen Constables. 

David Howell chosen Supervisor. 

Hugh Raynor chosen chosen collector for 6 d p £ 

David Halsey and David Hedges chosen assessors. 
Stephen Jaggar Esq. and Henry Herrick chosen assistants. 



Abraham Rose and Henry Herrick chosen Supervisors 
of Intestate Estates. 

Stephen Jaggar Esq. Isaac Post Esq. Silas Howell Esq. 
David Halsey, Matthew Sayre, David Rose, Daniel Hedges, 
William Rogers, David Cook, Phillip Howell, Abraham 
Rose, & John Sandford chosen trustees. 

Isaac Post Esq. David Halsey chosen overseers of the 

Joshua Sayre, Hugh Ray nor & Timothy Pierson 
chosen Commissioners for highways. 

Joshua Sayre, David Sandford and Josiah Foster 
chosen fence viewers. 


Southampton, April 6, 1784. 

At a meeting holden on said day by the freeholders 
and commonalty of sd town to chuse Town Officers for 
the year ensuing the people being generally come togeth- 
er proceeded to their choice in presence of Stephen Jag- 
gar & Daniel Howell Esqs., Justices of the Peace. 

Isaac Post chosen clerk of the town for the yr. ensu- 

Abraham Fordham Jr. Jonathan Rogers, Luther Hil- 
dreth and Matthew Howell chosen Constables for the year 

Mr. David Howell chose Supervisor for the 3T. ensuing 

Hugh Smith chosen collector for the yr. ensuing at 

Put by major vote that there should be fore Assessors 
chosen for the year ensuing. 

Isaac Post, Deacon David Hedges, Nathan Fordham 
Esq., Capt. Josiah Howell chosen Assessors for the yr. en- 


Doctor Silas Halsey and Abraham Rose chosen super- 
visors of Intestate Estates for the yr. ensuing. 

Isaac Post, David Halsey, Silas Howell Esq., Zephaniah 
Rogers, James White, Capt. Joshua Howell, Capt. David 
Pierson, Daniel Hedges, Capt. John Sandford, Capt. Wm. 
Rogers, Abraham Rose, John Gelston chosen Trustees for 
year ensuing. 

Isaac Post & Esq., David Pierson Overseers of the Poor 
for the yr ensuing. 

Capt. David Pierson, Joshua Say re & John Cooper at 
Quaug Commissioners of highways. 

David Sandford & Wakeman Foster, David Howell 
chosen Fence viewers for the yr. ensuing. 



Town meeting 1783 

At a meeting of th3 freeholders of the Town of South- 
ampton in the County of Suffolk State of New York held 
the 22nd of December 1783 by special order of His excel- 
lency the Governor for the purpose of electing Supervisors 
Assessors, and other usual town officers the following per- 
sons were duly elected viz : 

Isaac Post chosen clerk of the town^until next election. 
Abraham Fordham Jonathan Rogers and Luther Hildreth 
chosen Constables till next election. David Howell chosen 
Supervisor until next election. Abraham Rose chosen 
Collector and he is to have 3 d only on dollar out of the 
whole. Isaac Post and David Hedges chosen Assessors. 
Dr. Silas Halsey and Abraham Rose Supervisors of Intes- 
tate Estates. Silas Halsey Jr.Isaac Post, David Howell Hugh 
Gelston Matthew Howell Zebulon Halsey Jonathan Rogers 



Deacon David Hedges Ebenezer White Esq. Joel Sandford 
David Haines and Samuel Howell of Mecox Trustees. 
Isaac Post and David Halsey Overseers of the Poor. 
Joshua Sayre and Zephaniah Rogers Commissioners of 
Highways. Timothy Halsey Joshua Sayre David Sandford 
Fence Viewers 

[Endorsed] Election meeting by order of his Excellency 
the Governor of the State of New York after the British 
Troops went off 1783. 

Patent granted to the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Southampton 1st November 1676 
Paid to 25th March 1773 
to the 25th May is 14.. 2 

14 yr commut 

6 2 at 45 I £ 13. 
45 - - 31. 


45.. 7.. 6 

Southampton December ye 8, 1760. A meeting was 
held by the Subscribers of our School, at Mr. Zebulon 
Howells, and on account of it being supernumerary and as 
some account irregular, & said proprietors or Subscribers 
did by major vote agree. First that the written articles at 
first setting up said School shall be and are authenticated 
ann inviolable. Secondly that each Subscriber may send 
one Schollar to a pound, both by night and day, belonging 
to his or their respective families, and on no pretence what 


soever hire out any part of his or their Subscription Right 
to any person what so ever ; not even on the pretence of 
sickness or mortality, nor at any time on any pretence 
send more than one Schollar to a pound, and never to at- 
tempt to make up missing time, and if said Subscribers 
shall act contrary to this agreement, the School master is 
impowered and required to utterly reject them as Scholars. 


Rec'd May 25th 1787 from David Gelston Esq. Public 
Securities which with the interest allowed thereon amounts ^ 
to FortyFive Pounds Seven Shillings & Six Pence in full 
for the arrears of Quit Rent & Commutation on the above 


Receiver of Quit Rents. 


April 3rd 1792 
I Hugh Gelston do solemly and sincerely promise and 
swear that I will in all things to the best of my knowledge, 
understanding and ability well and faithfully execute and 
perform the trust reposed in me as an Overseer of the 
Poor of the Town of Southampton in the County of Suffolk. 

I, Braddock Corey I Thomas Sayre I. 

I do solemly and sincerely promise and swear that 

I will in ail things to the best of my knowledge, understand- 
ing and abillity well and faithfully execute the trust re- 
posed in me as a Constable of the Town of Southampton 
in the County of Suffolk. 




You do solemly and sincerely promis and swear that 
as Fence Viewers for the Town of Southampton you will 
well & truly & without favor or partiaUity appraise the 
Real amount of such Damages as you may be called upon 
from time to time to view according to the best of your 
knowledge and judgement. 

David Rose Capt David Pierson Stephen Harris Brad- 
dock Corey Silas Woodruff Jeremiah Post Ebenezer How- 
ell Joel Sandford Stephen Rose William White Zebulon 


I, Jonathan Rogers do solemly and sincerely promise 
and swear that I will in all things to the best of my knowl- 
edge and ability faithfully and impatially execute and 
perf rm the trust reposed in me as Supervisor of the Town 
of Southampton in the County of Suffolk & that I will not 
pass any account or article thereof wherewith I shall think 
the said county is not justly chargable — nor will I disallow 
any account or any article thereof wherewith I shall think 
the said county is justly chargable 


I William Herrick Town Clerk of the Town of South- 
ampton in the county of Suffolk do solemly and sincerely 
promise and swear that I will faithfully and honestly keep 
all the Books Records writings and papers by virtue of my 
office of Town Clerk committed and which shall from time 
to time be committed unto me and in all things to the best 
of my knowledge and understanding well and faithfully 
perform the duties of Town Clerk without favor or par- 



I, Timothy Pierson, I, John Fordham, I, Chas. F. 
Rogers do solemly swear and sincerely promise and swear 
that I will faithfully and impartially assess the several 
persons & estates within the Town of Southampton in the 
County of Suffolk and that in making such assessments I 
will to the best of my knowledge & judgment observe the 
directions of the several laws of this State directing and 
requiring such assessments to be made. 


I, David Pierson Jr. I, Jeremiah Post, I do sol- 
emly and sincerely promise and swear that I will in all 
things to the best of my knowledge & understanding well 
and faithfully execute the trust reposed in me as a Com- 
missioner of highways for the Town of Southampton in the 
County of Suffolk without favor or partiallity. 

Southampton June 30, 1804. Received of Capt. Abra- 
ham Sayre the sum of Three Pounds, two shillings and 
Eleven Pence, in Part Pay for a whale boat in company 
with Samuel Cooper & Capt. Hallock. And there remains 
yet Due to me the sum of Six pounds 5s & 10 d. 


(Note. The homestead of Caleb Cooper was on the 
north side of Hill street in Southampton, and directly op- 
posite First Neck Lane. The house was standing till 
recent times. At this place all the whale boats were made 
for many years. From the above it seems that the cost of 
a boat was $23.60. W. S. P.) 


Received in Southampton December 21st 1795 of the 
Town of Southampton by the hand of Henry Pierson the 
sum of Four pounds Six shilUngs it being for land laid out 
by the Commissioners for Highways on the south side of 
Killis pond being the sum allowed by a jury as the value 
and damages of said land. The quantity of said land is 
twenty six poles being four rods wide on the pond running 
thirteen rods up said lane to a point. 


To William Herrick Town Clerk. 

Sir : You are hereby directed to record to John Cor- 
withy I of a fifty in lot No 3 in the Aquabog Division in 
Toppings Purchase there being unknown right in that lot. 

Please to set it in the column of lot No 3 and for the 
doing this shall be your sufficient order. 
By order of Trustees 



For asmuch as we namely Matthew Howell and Joseph 
Fordham two of his Majestes Justices of the Peace for the 
County of Suffolk have been credibly informed that the 
several persons hereafter named were unseasonably and 
disorderly tippling and gaming at a public house in your 
said town namely (Samuel Butlers) on the 28th and 29th 
day of September last you and either of you are hereby 
required in her majesties name immediately to cause to 
come before us her majesties Justices of the Peace, James 


Clarke Ichabod Cooper John Wilman, David Burnett Rich- 
ard Fowler Joshua Halsey James White Henry Ludlam 
Mr. Nathaniel Wade Benj. Marshal Josiah Laughton James 
Wilman Arthur Davis and Jeremiah Foster : to answer to 
the premises as witness our hands this 2nd day of October 
To the Constable of Southampton 



Stephen Reeves sells to the Trustees of Southampton 
a tract of woodland lying at a place called Tiana with a 
small house standing thereon by estimation 160 acres 
bounded north by the Country road or highway East by 
the Creek South by Josiah Foster the heirs of John Post 
and others, price £59 

Dated March 1st 1793 

Obadiah Rogers 

William Herrick 

March 29th 1804 
At a meeting of the Proprietors of the School House 
Caleb Cooper Esq was chosen moderator. The following 
votes were passed 

That the old school house be sold at auction; that Dr 
Johii Smith Ebenezer Howell John Pelletreau Natha. 
Cooper and Herrick Rogers be a committee to sell the 
same ; from the proceeds all claims to be paid ; balance to 
be applied to the repair of the church ; the land on which 
the School House stands to be sold with the house. 
Thomas Sayre bought the house and land for $25.50 for 
the Proprietors. 


Southamptan March 30th 1804 
At school meeting held at house of Herrick RogersCaleb 
Cooper Esq. Moderator William Herrick Clerk ; Voted the 
school be repaired with such additions as may be thought 
necessary and a committee chosen for that purpose ; that 
the committee employ a workman to repair the house by 
the job as cheap as they can. 

(Note. The school house repaired and enlarged, re- 
mained till 1857. It stood on the west side of main street 
Southampton directly opposite the road to Bridge-Hamp- 
ton. See Vol. Ill, Printed Records Page 369.) 

Southampton March 7th, 1804 
The period having arrived that the Parish School 
House has become entirely unfit to teach a School in an- 
other winter and of course must be repaired or a new one 
built ; we whose names are under written deem it much 
better to build a new one than to repair the old one it be- 
ing quite too small to receive all the scholars which wish 
to attend the school in this town ; have thought most ad- 
visable to erect a new decent and larger house and on the 
following Plan viz : 

The house shall be build when fortv subscribers shall 
appear. The house shall be erected by shares the number 
of which shall not exceed forty ; and every person who 
shall subscribe shall engage to take not less than one 
share nor more than two ; and measures shall be taken to 
erect a house as soon as possible. We engage to account 
for the share or shares which is affixed to our names. 
Odadiah Rogers Paul Halsey 

James Pierson Ananias Halsey 

Isaac Sayre Ephraim White 

Silas Woolley . Elias Pelletreau Jr. 



Abraham Sayre 
David Rose 
Abraham Fordham 
John Pelletreau 
Zebulon Jessup 
Samuel Bishop 
Thomas Reeves 
John White 
Henry White 
Ezekiel Howell 
William Herrick 
Zebulon Halsey Jr. 
Moses Culver 
John Bishup Jr. 
Caleb Cooper 
Elias White 

(Each of the above took 

Nathan Cooper 
Edward Reeves 
Thomas Sayre 
Ebenezer Hov/ell 
Stephen Post 
Oliver Hovv^ell 
Nathan Howell 
Stephen Sayre 
Zebulon Wick 
Zephaniah Culver 
Adonijah Raynor 
John Reeves Jr 
Benjamin Huntting 
Charles Howell 
Samuel Post 

one share) 

Brookhaven 16th Dec 1817. 
This may certify that we the Subscribers have been to 
the Cupsogue beach and placed a red cedar stake seven- 
teen rods e ast of the head of Clam Creek from which a 
course north two and a half degrees East will strike the 
dwelling house of Henry Raynor (Miller) which line is 
calculated will hit or run through the middle of the mouth 
of Setuck River — said line cuts off about half an acre of 
the west end of Swan Island and leaves the five lots laid 
out on long point and part of the sixth, say the said seven- 
teen rods width to the west of said line all of which is 
humbly submitted by 

Yrs. &c. 



Peformed in presence of James M. Fanning, aged 14 
years 11 months 9 days John P. Osborn & WilHam Herrick 
Esq, Southampton. 

Know all men by these presents that I Edward Reeves 
of the Town of Southampton in the County of Suffolk and 
State of New York for the consideration of nine dollars to 
me in hand paid by William Herrick and John White 
Trustees of the School for the sixth School district the re- 
ceipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have for myself 
my heirs executors and administrators granted and bar- 
gained and sold unto the said Trustees and their succes- 
sors forever, all that land on which the School House of 
said district now standeth and lying at the bottom of Job's 
Lane, on the south side of said Lane being more or less 
feet from North to South and more or less feet from East 
to west, to be and remain the said sixth district, so long as 
it shall be used to for the site of a school house and no 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & 
Seal this thirtieth day of April 1818 signed sealed & de- 
livered in the presence of us 


(Note. About this time School District No. 16 was 
established, being the north end of the village of South- 
ampton. The South end of the village remained No. 6. 
The old school house was sawn in two parts, and the south 
half was moved on to the lot atcve mentioned and was 
used until about 1862. W. S. P.) 


May 1st 1821. The petition of Sundry Inhabitants of 
the Parish of Bridge Hampton Humbly sheweth, Whereas 
a certain tract or parcel of ground was set apart by the 
then Trustees of this town many years ago, to the Inhabi- 
tants of a section of this parish for a burying ground for 
the interment of their dead, and for that purpose it has 
from time immemorial been improved till within a few 
years past. The same ground has been latterly enclosed 
with the adjoining land and has been improved in the same 
manner. Your petitioners are aware that it never was the 
intention of the Trustees who made the grant to have the 
land enclosed for ploughing or pasture as has been the 
case for some years past, although the remains of the de- 
ceased are not injured, as they are alike insensible to all 
terrestrial affairs, yet common decency requires that we 
your petitioners should remonstrate to your honourable 
body, and we do sincerely trust and hope that you will 
grant redress to us and cause said ground to be given up 
by them who have encroached on the same, Your peti- 
tioners also desire that when this may be done, liberty 
may be given to them to enclose the said ground in the 
manner which shall be the most conducive to the general 
good and well fare of the whole. And as in duty bound 
your petitioners shall ever pray. 

John H. Cooper David Howell 

Stephen Halsey William Howell 

Lemuel H. Halsey Matthew H. Cooper 

Levi Howell Job H. Halsey, 

Hugh Halsey 
(A small diagram annexed but no names of boundaries) 

Suffolk County ss : 
To any constable of said County Greeting 

These are in the Name of the People of the State of 
New York, to command you personally to Summons Syl- 



vester Smith and appear before me at the House of Her- 
rick Rogers on Monday the 15th day of April Inst at Four 
o'clock in the afternoon to answer unto Joel Jacobs in a 
plea of Trespass one the case for money due on book to 
his damage Twenty five dollars as it is said 

Hereof fail not make due return. 

Given under my Hand this 6th day of April 1822 


School District No. 15 (North Sea) 
School was taught in said district for ten months dur- 
ing the past year. Amount of School money received 
$13.87J. Number of children taught 33. Names of parents 
and guardians of children between the ages of 5 and 16 

David R. Rose 1 
Elias Jennings 3 
Luther Rose 1 
William Jennings 2 
Matthew Scott 1 
Lewis Scott 1 
Daniel Jennings 2 
Apolas Harris 4 
Total 34 


Ebenezer H. Payne 1. 
Nicholas Jennings 1, 
Silas Winter 5, 
Nancy Siras 1 
James Scott 2 
Joel Reeve 2 
David Rose 5 
Martin Rose 2 


District No. 16 (North end of Southampton village) 

School kept during past year twelve months Amount 
of School money $48.78. Number of children between 5 
and 16, 98 as follows : 

Edward White 5, 

Samuel Jagger 5, 

Moses Culver 1, 

Charles Payne 1, 
Samuel Bishop 4, 
Ebenezar Jaggar 6, 



Samuel Post 2, 
Caleb Halsey 3, 
Benjamin Howell 4, 
John Rogers 3, 
George Post 3, 
William Huntting 3, 
Henry Rhodes 1, 
David Chapman 2, 
Josiah Foster 4, 
Stephen Sayer 4, 
Joseph Hildreth 2, 
Obadiah Howell 4, 
David Jagger 1, 
David White 1, 
Edward Woolley 1, 
Titus Woolley 1, 
David Hedges 1, 
Jared Hedges 2, 
Henry Topping 2, 
Sarah Topping 2, 
Abraham R. Mott 3, 
Simon Howell 1, 
Jonathan Hildreth 1, 
Theron Hand 2, 
David Say re 1, 


George Bowden 3, 
Dated March 20th 1829 

Samuel Sandford 2, 
Uriah Halsey 3, 
William S. Pelletreau 2, 
George White 1, 
Edward Huntting 4, 
Harriet Pelletreau 2, 
Isaac Say re 1, 
Charles Pelletreau 1, 
Nehimiah Sayer 1, 
Phebe Rogers 4, 
Phebe Penney 2, 
James McCorkle 3. 
William Woolley 5, 
Johna Halsey 1, 
Frank Halsey 1, 
Wilkes Hedges 3, 
Caleb Hedges 1, 
Elizabeth Hedges 1, 
Charles Topping 2, 
Sylvanus Hand 1, 
Price Howell 1, 
Harvey Howell 3, 
Miller Edwards 1, 
Paul Topping 1, 


Harriet Reuben 1, 




District No. 10 (Sagg) 

Time school was kept four months. School money 

Whole number of children taught 62. Number of 
children in district between 5 and 15 54, as follows 

John White 2, 

David Topping 1, 

Matthew Topping 2, 

Jesse Pierson 2, 

Ebenezar White 1, 

Daniel Haines 1, 

Lucretia Pierson 1, 

Richard Lester 2, 

Alfred Pierson 2, 

Hiram Sandford 1, 

John Pierson 1, 

Caleb Pierson 1, 

Silas Pierson 3, 

Lodowic Post 1, 

Henry White 1, 

Robert Petty 1, 

Silas Wood 1, 

Isaac M. Pierson 1, 

Register of School Dittricts in the Town 


Southampton for the Year 1796. 

Southampton School 

. Taught by William Herrick at 

10 s pr. Quarter pr. Scholar— John Rogers & Micaiah Her- 

rick Assistants. 

Names of Scholars No days Names of Scholars No days 

Caleb Cooper 

109 David Post 


Sylvanus Raynor 

46 Conrade Hinds 


Stephen Herrick 

117 Sidney Wright 


William Pierson 

129 Mary Herrick 


William P. Herrick 

108 Jeremiah Fowler 


Sophia Jessup 

95 Pamela Mackie 


Paul Howel 

76 Hannah Rogers Sr. 


William Pelletreau 

107 Susanna Mackie 


Henry Foster 

85 Nancy Mackie 


George Herrick 

133 Sophia Mackie 


William Howel 

82 Sally Wright 


Uriah Halsey 

123 Nabby Jessup 


Nathaniel Pelletreau 

116 Peter Mackie 


Eli P. Halsey 

121 Phebe Sayre 




Frank Pelletreau 
Apollas Culver 
Nathan Foster 
John S. Brewster 
George Raynor 
James Sayre 
Micarah Herrick 
Henry Rogers 
Charles Howel 
William Rogers 
Foster Sayre 
Solon Sayre 
William Sayre 
Sylvester Cooper 
Nabby Rogers 
Nancy Rogers 
Austin Howell 
Harvey Jessup 
Isaac Post 
Harry Peirson 
Sylvester Smith 
Agnes Halsey 
Thyas Burnett 
David Burnett 
Harriot Thene 
Fithian Halsey 
Nathl. Halsey 
Elias Pelletreau 
Polly Sayre 
Isaac Sayre 
Susanna Howel 
Polly Howel 
Susan Post 
George Post 
Elias Howel 

122 Beulah White 51 

91 Harry Culver ol 

12 William Culver 85 

95 Hannah Rogers Jr. 132 

106 Phebe Rogers 131 

63 William Cooper Jr. 114 

44 Abraham Fordham 66 

129 Hannah Burnett 22 

5 Hannah Halsey 5 
118 Jerush Bishop 15 

41 Silas Peirson 26 

37 Ethan Topping 4 

89 Samuel Huntting 131 

88 Betsy Howel 13 

44 Henry Post 94 
24 Betsy Cooper 47 
69 Hetty Mackie 63 

95 Zipporah Bishop 22 
37 Hannah Mackie 35 

45 Henrietta Mackie 43 
11 William Cooper Sr. 10 

18 Bethia White 14 
37 Betsy Wick 45 
24 Pamela Bishop 28 

96 Anne Stevens 61 
30 Thomas Stevens 61 
26 Hannah D. Long 4 

124 Shadrack Howel 43 

19 Cynthia White 20 

6 Sally White 25 
93 Phebe Culver 6 
74 Maltby Pelletreau 10 
11 Charity Post 12 
67 Polly Jagger 16 

117 Dency Post 6 



Phebe White 
Lydia Brewster 
Prince N. Jones 
Sally Mackie 
Grizai Culver 
Polly Chapman 
Patty Culver 
Lucena Foster 
Herrick Rogers 
Temperance White 
George Mackie 
Susan Wick 
Nathan Howel 
Frank Howel 
Jesse Reeves 
Amos Cuffee 
John Steward 
James Burnett 
Daniel Camody 
Jehiel Sayre 
Oliver Raynor 
Hannah Cooper 
Thomas Cooper 
Thomas Norris 
Nehemiah Sayre 
Foster Topping 
Clarissa Herrick 
Frank Fordham 
Daniel Fordham 
Silas White 
Samuel Hankus 
Jedediah Cleeves 
William Reeves 
Frank George 
Nathan Penny 
Hannah Culver 

7 Harriet Cruttenden 39 

11 Betsy Sayre 42 

8 Eliza Sayre 32 

15 Ruth Jagger 17 
13 Esther Crittenden 33 

49 Dan'l. Hildreth 59 
36 Stephen Sayre 41 
18 William Brewster 29 
81 John White 53 

3 Nathan Sayre 7 
80 Paul Culver 8 

4 Nancy Culver 9 

50 Samuel Ocus 15 
50 Merit Sayre 14 
13 Susanna Halsey 41 
13 Ebenezer Howel 3 
18 George Petty 4 
42 Maria Sayre 24 

30 William Woolly 9 

31 Hannah White 9 
29 Silvanus Culver 12 
20 Elias Peirson 56 

4 Hannah Raynor ' 6 

17 Chester Sayre 33 
26 Oliver Sayre 22 

18 Simon Burnett 54 

12 Howel Sayre 15 
7 Nancy Cooper 18 

6 Parmenas Howel 43 

7 Julia Sayre 6 

13 Edward White 59 
6 Samuel Gelston 14 

14 Benj. Huntting "i 

35 Uriah Rogers UpriK^tppQ 
10 Caleb Cooper rirustees 

16 Bartlet Hinds J 



Bridge-Hampton, March 15th 1796. 
A Return of the School, in the District of Sagg. 
Taught Two Quarters By Benjamin K. Hobart Beginning 
September 28th, 1795 ending March 12th 1796, For Forty 
Pounds Ten Shillings. 


Assistant 1 Qr. 
No Days Scholars Names No Days 

Scholars names 
Martha Topping 
Esther Topping 
Rebecca Topping 
Sally Sayre 
Phebe Topping Sr. 
Phebe Sandford 
Phebe Topping Jr. 
Ruth Peirson 
Jane Sayre 
Sophia Peirson 
Joanna Peirson 
Elizabeth Topping 
Nancy Peirson 
Sally Smith 
Sally Moore 
Betsy Peirson 
Dency Peirson 
Ruth Norris 
Polly Smith 
Clarisa Hand 
Abagail Hand 
Hannah Peirson Jr. 
Jerusha Peirson 
Betsy Peirson 
Rachel White 
James Peirson 
Nathan Sayre 

34 Abagail Hedges 49 

28 Hannah Peirson 47 
48 Meriah Peirson 130 
38 Harriet Sayre 42 

46 Phebe Sayre 45 
48 Susanna White 65 

47 Julian Topping 96 
56 Phebe Hedges 23 

48 Esther Peirson Sr. 103 
68 Harriot Peirson 69 

34 Rebecca Haines 80 

29 Harriet Peirson Jr. 121 
105 Betsy Peirson Jr. 137 

27 Sally Peirson 27 

86 Lorana Topping 28 
71 Polly White 31 

49 Polly Hedges 32 

35 Abagail Hedges Jr. 31 

36 Charity Hedges 14 
44 Sarah Peirson 17 
46 Polly Moore 10 
20 Nathl. B. Topping 19 

87 Hervey Topping 92 
56 Howel White 74 
61 Nathan Peirson 120 
96 Job. Peirson 115 

104 Theodore Peirson 141 



Malby Sayre 

89 Saml. H. Peirson 


Uriah Sayre 

19 Jeremiah Rogers 


Daniel Sayre 

20 Jesse Peirson 


Halsey Peirson 

135 Matthew Topping 


Abrm. Topping 

104 Andrew Peirson 


Danl. Hedges 

75 Ebenezer White 


Theoph. Peirson 

137 Joshua Topping 


Daniel H. Haines 

141 John Sayre 


Gordon Peirson 

136 Francis Sayre 


Silas Peirson 

109 William T. Hedges 


Josiah Peirson 

101 Solon Hand 


Sam'l. D. Peirson 

136 Conkling Hand 


Charles Topping 

108 Silas Topping 


Silvanus Hand 

29 Oliver Sayre 


Nathan Topping 

111 Isaac Moorehouse 


Theoph. Howel 

134 Charles Sayre 


Smith Topping 


Silas White 


Reynolds Howel 


Jeremiah Peirson 


Henry Topping 


John Peirson 


Hervey Peirson 


Paul Topping 


Champlain Sherman 


James Topping 


Peirson Strong 


Jesse Strong 


James Edwards 

35 A true act. 

Sylvester Strong 

30 Errors Excpt'd. 

John Strong 

2 p. B. K. Hobart 
Jedediah Peirson 

Silas White 


David Topping 


William Peirson ^ 



An Acct. of the School Kept by Timothy Halsey in 
Southampton (Scuttle Hole) from Sept. 28th 1795 to March 
15,1796 £ s d 

(For 33 3 4 

Names of Scholars 

No Days Names of Scholars 

No Days 

James Rogers 

101 Catharine Halsey 


John Rogers Jr. 

90 Stephen Talmadge 


Rogers Woodruff 

101 Abra'm. Baker 


Hiram Lupton 

101 Samuel Brown 


John Cook Jr. 

46 Sullivan Cook 


Elias Ludlow 

48 Samuel Cook 


Polly Halsey 

91 Hannah Cook 


Phebe Tarbel 

20 Daniel Jennings 


Zuba Rogers 

39 Hezekiah Halsey 


Susanna Rogers 

41 Austin Haines 


Peleg Rogers 

78 Wilmun Halsey 


Peleg Cooper 

109 Ezekiel H. Rogers 


Mary Rogers 

32 Luther Loper 


Squire Sandford 

52 Mary Paine 


James Terry 

50 Elnathan Topping 


James Woodruff 

48 Herrick Aldrich 


Harriet Halsey 

87 Anthony Ludlow 


Herme Halsey 

16 John Squires 


James Topping 

109 Abrm. Woodruff 


Stephen Topping 

100 Halsey Woodruff 


Malby Rose 

109 Frederick Halsey 


Phebe Halsey 

128 Martin Rose 


Wheeler Cooper 

51 Shadrack Topping 


Job Haines 

12 Catharine Rogers 


Jasper Halsey 

68 Polly Rogers 


Stephen Rose 

46 Sally Miller 


Hugh Halsey 

46 Ludlow Halsey 


Luther Rose 

17 Hannah Rogers 


Jesse Halsey 

17 Phebe Brown 




Agnes Corwithee 

8 Jubal Tarbel 


John Lupton 

16 Susanna Halsey 


Silas Cooper 

58 William Rogers 


James Corwithee 

18 Jane Halsey 


Abrm. Miller 

4 Frank Brower 


David Loper 

8 Hannah Ludlow 


Job. Woodruff 

7 Jeremiah Haines 


Sceva Rogers 

12 Polly Lupton 


Hobart Halsey 

134 Elizabeth Ludlow 


Danl. Talmadge 

86 Hannah Rose 


Elizabeth Rose 

78 Harriet Cooper 


Ananias Cooper 

100 Folgier Halsey 


Nathan Rogers 

114 Hannah Howel 


Silas Corwithe 

105 Phebe Haines 


Luther Corwithee 

99 Puah Tarbel 


Halsey Cook 


Sally Lupton 


Stafford Squires 


William Corwithee 


Silas Woodruff 


Stephen Rose ] Trustees 
David Haines >- of Sd. 
Silvanus Halsey j School. 

Names of Scholars and number of days that each one 
hath attended the School of Sag Harbour From Sept 1st 
1795 to March 19th 1796 

John Atwood 
Lorenzo Bates 
James Beebe 
Jason Beebe 
Asa Corey 
John Corey 
Latham Fordham 
Sayre Stuart 

35 Peletiah P'ordham 127 

140 Sybil Fordham 123 

65 Charles Fordham 138 

67 Austin Fordham 139 

142 Jer. Gardiner 71 

114 Elipt. Halsey 64 

108 Lodk. Hedges 139 

51 Jane Topping 118 



Garret Satterly 

122 John Topping 


Stephen Satterly 

126 William Fordham 


Nancy Satterly 

85 Edw. Dennison 


Sally Topping 

117 Abrm. Woodruff 


Maria Howard 

39 Ephm. Miles 


Nancy Halsey 

68 Sam'l. Ells 


John Hicks 

108 Huldah Lincoln 


Sylv. Hicks 

112 Polly Hall 


Betty Havens 

39 Lucretia Hall 


Mehetable Hildreth 

41 Elias Howel 


Rebecca Jermain 

113 George Lugar 


Alanson Jeiniain 

116 Christopher Lugar 


Julia Jermain 

111 Clarisa Hand 


Saml. L. LHommedieu 

93 Thomas Crowel 


Sally LHommedieu 

116 Phebe Foster 


Polly LHommedieu 

104 Francis Duvall 


Ruth Latham 

75 Reuben Cone 


Abagail Latham 

76 Howel Hedges 


Sally Latham 


Sally Mason 

109 Jesse Hedges 

Abrm. Parker 


James Parker 


Simeon Parker 


James Rogers 


Edw. Rogers 


Josiah Rogers 


Saml. L Hommedieu ) 
H. P. Bering [ 

Noah Mason j 

Trustees of the 

School of Sag 


Bridgehampton School List Taught by Wm. D. Gibbs, 
for £16 pr. Quarter began the 19Lh of October 1/95 & 
ended the 16th Jany. 1796. 



Names No 

Talmadge Hildreth 
John Mitchell 
Si"ephen Halsey 
John Woodruff 
Betsy Woodruff 
Shadrach Hildreth 
Selden Dayton 
Jno. Gelston 
Nath'l. S. Halsey 
Silvanus Brown 
Obadiah Cook 
Burnett Corwithee Jr. 
Phinchas Parker 
David Corwithee Jr. 
Frank Corwithee 
Gordon Corwith 
Wm. Corwithee 
Levi How el 
Henry Howel 
Silas Cook Jr 

David Cook 

Hedges Cook 

Susanna Jennings 

Herve Cook 

Polly Cock 

Nathan Hildreth 

Halsey Ludlam 

Days Names No Days 

60 Oliver Halsey 72 

58 David Sandford 70 

68 James Sandford 68 

20 Hannah Norris 70 

20 Abim. Norris 70 
70 Ruth Corwithee 70 

31 Tempe 10 

17 Ehshj Topping 70 

39 Jonas Topping 70 

39 Huldah Parker 52 

15 John Halsey 70 

17 Caleb Halsey 70 

21 Phebe Sa dford 70 
70 Hiram Sandford 65 
70 Thomas Halsey Jr. 70 
70 Betsy Halsey 26 
20 Lewis Halsey 70 
70 Jeremiah Halsey 46 
70 Hannah Woodruff 70 
70 Howel Woodruff 30 
70 Cynthia Halsey 53 
61 Jerusha Jennings 70 
10 Mary Woodiuff 48 
70 Clarisa Rose 70 
20 Moses Halsey 70 
70 Silvanus Halsey 65 

Bridgehamptcn [ chool continued by Wm. Bigelow 
From the 18th ol January to the 19th of March following, 
For £18 10 s per. Quarter. 

Names No Days Names No Days 

David Corwithee 32 John Halsey 34 

Frank Corwithee 33 Calebe Halsey 28 



Phebe Corwithee 

28 Gabriel Halsey 


Gordon Corwithee 

31 Elias Halsey 


Wm Corwithee 

35 Moses Halsey 


Patridge Hildreth 

37 Silvanus Halsey 


Silas Cook 

32 Chapman Jennings 


David Cook 

36 David Gelston 


Hedges Cook 

40 Thomas GelstOi 


Levi Howel 

22 David Sandford 


Henry Howel 

28 Clarisa Rose 


David Howel 

29 Nath'l. Halsey 


Hiram Sandford 

21 Polly Rose 


Mary Sandfoi d 

12 Pieison Rogers 


Haines Halsey 

18 Jno. Gelston 


Cynthia Halsey 

13 Halsey Ludlam 


Shadrach Hildreth 

19 John Hildreth 


Topping Sandford 


Jeremiah Halsey 


Jno. Parker 


Abim. Loper 


Oliver Halsey 


Lewis Cook 


Polly Cook 


Hervey Cook 


Caleb Woodruff 


Timothy Woodruff 


Howell Woodruff 


Thomas Halsey 


Howel Topping 


Elioha Topping 


Jones Topping 


Phinehas Parker 


John Mitchel 


Luther Topping 


Selden Dayton 


Polly Woodruff 




North Sea School (Southampton) 1 aught by Wm 
Leml. Sandford at 14 s. pr. Scholar pr. Quarter. Began 
29th Sept. 1795 ; Ended March 15, 1776. 


Bethuel Reeves 
Phebe Reeves 
Rumsey Reeves 
Orinda Reeves 
Polly Reeves 
Bethiah Reeves 
Nancy Rose 
Harriet Rose 
Vincent Loper 
Phebe Rose 
Samuel Fithian 
Herme Jennings 
Julia Jennings 
Herme Harris 
/. polios Harris 
Betsy Jennings 
Paul Jennings 
Sally Lupton 
Polly Lupton 
Phebe Lupton 
Edward White 
James Scott 
Jeremiah Scott 
Cyrus Negro 
Webb Jennings 

Days Names N( 

3 Days 

104 Cynthia Scott 


130 Polly Hudson 


129 Almeda Hudson 


76 Nancy Harris 


15 Gabriel Loper 


131 Wm. Williamson 


102 Huldah Harris 


11 Temperance Scott 


77 Nancy Scott 


14 Minerva Scott 


69 Sally Scott 


72 Sam'l. Jennings 


89 James Jennings 


33 Polly Scott 


80 Betsy Williamson 


55 Polly Williamson 


64 Phebe Williamson 


8 Hannah Hudson 


13 Sally Jennings 


2 Susan Gardiner 


14 Robert Day 


82 John H. Loper 


77 Elias Jennings 


20 Phebe Rugg 


69 Purple Jennings 


Joel Reeves ) 

Saml. Scott ^Trustees. 

Stephen Harris) 



Quaug School — Taught by Mr. Josiah Foster Jr. at 11 
S per Scholar pr. Qr. Began SOth of Nov. 1795 & ended 
the 15th of March 1796. 


Days Names 


Josiah P. Howel 

65 Abr'm. Post 


George Howel 

83 Jonathan Cook 


Phebe Howel 

81 Betsy Foster 


Henry Gardiner 

80 John Foster 


Molly Howel 

16 Isaac Foster 


Thomas Cooper 

32 Luther Cook 


John Cooper 

83 Daniel Cook 


Solon Cooper 

64 James Halliock 


Susan Cooper 

22 Frederick Halliock 


Lucinda Cooper 

59 Nath'l. Griffin 


Hiram Howell 

68 Ruth Jessup 


Polly Cook 

43 Apollos Jessup 


Isaac Cook 

87 Edw. Stephens 


David Cook 

83 Wm. Stephens 


Betsy Cook 

60 Mahlon Stephens 


Rich'd Cook 

73 Elias Cooper 


Apollas Cooper 



Hubbard Rogers 


Rufus Negro 


Ketchabonack School, Taught by Jared Gardiner at 
the Rate of Ten Pounds pr. Quarter. Began the 14th of 
Sept. & ended the 14 of Dec. 1795. 

Scholars names 
Hannah Stephens 
WilHam Howel 
Josiah Howel 
Jehiel Howel 
William Halsey Jr. 

No days Scholars names No Days 

19 Julia Russel 27 

44 James Raynor 22 
38 Polly Stephens 29 

45 Hiram Halsey 18 
14 David Howel 22 



Shepard Halsey 
Walter Halsey 
Sally Raynor 
Charles Raynor 
Martha Jessup 
Cynthia Jessup 
Pamela Howel 
Charles Grover 
Oliver Russel 
Zebulon Reeves 
Nathan Bishop 
Phebe Bishop 
Miriam Halsey 
Anne Rogers 
Nathan Raynor 
David Bishop 
Anne Bishop 
Charles Havens 

43 Melescent Wright 


46 Nancy Russel 


6 Polly Wright 


41 Suky Halsey 


30 Polly Howel 


36 Harry Gardiner 


44 Hetty Bishop 


45 Betsy Howel 


27 Josiah P. Howel 


13 Polly Halsey 


19 Patty Halsey 


7 Cephas Halsey 


29 Apollos Halsey 


7 Abrm. Stephens 






Kitchabonack School Continued By Mr. Theophilus 
Smith, began the 25th of Jany. 1796 & ended 15th March 
at the Rate of £10 pr. Qr. 


William Howel 
Josiah Howel 
Jehiel Howel 
Hiram Halsey 
Walter Halsey 
Abrm Stephens 
Wood Raynor 
Timothy Raynor 
James Raynor 
Nathan Raynor 
Cynthia Jessup 

No Days Name No. of Days 

20 Milicent Wright 25 

34 Charles Grover 35 

36 Charles Raynor 35 

35 Hannah Stephens 6 

37 Silvanus Jessup 30 
29 Cephas Halsey 15 

36 James Brewster 30 

38 Silvanus Russel 18 
19 Martha Jessup 22 
18 Apollos Halsey 15 
28 Silas Negro 18 



Susan Raynor 

57 Sally Raynor 15 

Zebulon Reeve 

25 Betsy Howel 6 

Richard Jessup 

29 Polly Raynor 5 

William Halsey 

35 £ s d 

Shepard Halsey 

34 At 10 pr Quarter 

Eldad Brewster 

27 began January 25, 1796 

David Bishop 

25 Abraham Howel 

Nathan Bishop 

19 Timothy Halsey 

Oliver Russel 

33 Trustees 

Permelia Howel 


David Howel 


Southampton, Hog Neck March 14, 1796. 
This is to certify that Samuel Waters of Easthampton 
has taught this School sixty Days which began Jany. 5, 
1796 and the terms upon which we agreed for which is 
£10 Os Od pr. Qu. 

No. Days Scholars Names 

Austin Duvall 
Rebecca Duvall 
Jeremiah Payne 
Hyram Havens 
Nancy Havens 
Polly Havens 
David Havens 
Selah Payne 
Wilson Payne 
Mary Payne 
Charles Payne 
Ezekiel Havens 
Sally Havens 
Samuel Rider 
Thomas Rider 
Harriet Duvall 
Timothy Rider 
Minerva Gardiner 

35 Rebecca Gardiner 
35 Zeruiah Payne 
30 Charles Payne 

44 Mehetable Payne 

45 Silas Havens 



54 Trustees 

50 Constant Havens 

50 John Payne 

50 Phinehas Davall 







No Days 




School at the Brickiln February ye 1st 1796 and cont. 
to March the 15th 1796 taught by Daniel Gibbs at Seven 
Dollars pr. month. 
Scholars names No Days 
Elizabeth Stambrough 38 
Mary Hand 
Zernviah Hand 
Jane Hand 
Fanny Hand 
Patience Edwards 

Russel Edwards 
Isaac Edwards 
John Edwards ye 3rd 
Elizabeth Edwards 
Lucretia Edwards 
Jeremima Edwards 
Dan'l. Edwards 
Joseph Edwards 
Sayre Stewart 
Abagail Stewart 
Nathan Stewart 
Nicholas Payne 
Henry Edwards Jr. 
James Talmadge 
Elias Howel 


28 John Edwards | 

38 Josiah Hand [-Trustees. 

38 Henry Edwards) 




Began this School 

Polly Bennet 

Speonk, October ye 6th 1795. 
which has been kept the space of Four Months & pay for 
the same of Ten Pounds pr Quarter 

Elias Woolly 
Names Scholars No Days Names Scholars No Days 
Benjamin Phillips 108 Nathan Raynor 78 

Stephen Phillips 107 Ruth Raynor 46 

Susanna Phillips 104 Betsy Raynor 20 



Elijah Phillips 
Abraham Culver 
John Culver 
Eunice Culver 
William H. Phillips 
Sally Phillips 
Edmund Fanning 
Alaxander Fanning 
Harriet Fanning 
Phineas Phillips 
Hannah Phillips 
Jacob Raynor 
Jerusha Raynor 
Sally Raynor 
David Tarbell 
Rebecca Tarbell 
David Sayre 
Nathan Sweezey 
Bethia Sweezey 
John Raynor 

108 Jonathan Raynor 30 

73 Charles Rogers 74 

67 Clarisa Rogers /9 

55 Martha Rogers 41 
HI Betsy Rogers 44 
102 Oliver Rogers 62 

91 William Tuthill 48 

79 Thomas Rogers 107 

43 Phebe Culver 3 

75 Jesse Rogers 12 

43 Peter Negro 26 

79 Shadrach Negro 16 

56 Joe Negro 23 
36 Catharine Negro 36 



Hezekiah Howell Jr sells to Job Wick, "A certain close 
of Land, commonly called by the name of the Wood Close, 
lying and being at the Head of the Creek, and contains by 
estimation twenty one Acres be the same more or less ; 
and is butted and bounded on the South by the land of 
Thomas Foster, Hackaliah Fosrer and Jonas Foster, West 
by the Parsonage land. North by Obadiah Howell and east 
by the Highway" Price £42, 19, 8 


Dated March 19, 1743. 
Witnesses John Howell, Nathan Reeves. 

[Note. The above is the south part of the farm at 
Tuckahoe, lately owned by Bartlett Robinson, and now by 
the heirs of Hon. Wilmot Smith. This part was sold by 
William Wick to James Magee, who also purchased the 
north part formerly owned by Obadiah Howell. The 
whole tract was originally laid out to Richard How- 
ell. W. S. P.] 

Joshua Barnes of the town of Southampton, yeoman, 
and Patience Barnes, his mother, sell to Jekamiah Scott of 
North Sea belonging to Southampton, "my dwelling house 
and Barne and all my land adjoining, viz my home lot two 
and fourty Acres by Estimation, bee it more or bee it less, 
and all my fencing whereby it is closed and bounded. 
Manassoh Kempton and John Woolley on ye south side. 
Samuel Bishop, Daniel Sayre, Lieut. Joseph Pierson on ye 
north side. The highway at the east and west end, all 
"in ye Toune of Southampton," Price £200. 
Dated March 22, 1701. 

Witnesses Abraham Howell, John Maltbie Jonah 
Howell. Acknowledged before Matteew Howell Justice, 
same day. 

[Note. The above is the farm and homestead of Joshua 
Barnes, the original owner, who was one of the early 
settlers of Southampton. It fell to his son Samuel Barnes, 
who married Patience WiUiams, daughter of Robert Wil- 
liams, the original owner of Jericho, in Queens Co. His 
only son Joshua, the grantor above was born April 8, 1683. 


He and Capt. Jekomiah Scott married daughters of Col. John 
Jackson of Queens Co. The farm which extended east to 
David White's lane, was sold by the heirs of Jekamiaii 
Scott to Nathaniel Smith of Moriches, from whom it de- 
scended to Dr. John Smith, and is now the homestead of 
Wm. S. Pelletreau.] 

Zebulon Howell sells to Ephraim Hildreth "a certain 
tract and parcell of land containing by estimation twelve 
acres, be the same more or less, commonly known and 
called by the name of the wood close, it being butted and 
bounded on the east by Josiah Howell, on the south by 
John Post , on the west by John Post, Joseph Goodale and 
the highway, and on the north by the highway." Price 
£24. Dated July 1, 1727. 
Witnesses Francis Pelletreau, 
Thomas Reed. 

[Note. The above tract is the west part of the farm 
near Seven Ponds, formerly owned by Thomas Archibald, 
and now to Charles Dimon, and is next east of the farm of 
Joshua Elliston. The land of John Post is the lot of the 
Southampton Water Works. This lot is a part of the 
"Wood Close" originally owned by Edward Howell, 2nd, 
and left by him to his son Joseph Howell, of whom Zebu- 
lon Howell was the son. Ephraim Hildreth sold the lot 
to John Bishop, before 1763. See Vol. Ill, Town Records, 
Page 224. W. S. P.] 


John Bishop sells to Phineas Howell, A certain house 
and lot of land formerly occupied by Daniel Bishop, con- 
taining by estimation six acres more or less. Bounded 
north by Joseph Marshall, east by the highway, south by 
Thomas Jones (Johnes) and Zophar Cooper, and on the 
west by Samuel Cooper." Price £75. Dated April 10, 

John Bishop Jr 

Samuel Bishop Jr 

[Note. The above lot is on the west side of the west 
street of Southampton village, (or Windmill Lane) and 
lately owned by Philinda Payne. The land of Thomas 
Jones is now the Union School lot. Phineas Howell was 
son of Abner Howell. He went to what is now Tully, 
Onondaga Co., N. Y., and carried the original deed with 
him. It was sent to me by his physician Dr. Hitchcock 
many years ago. W. S. P.] 

Silas Howell sells to John Pelletreau "A tract of land 
containing by estimation nine acres of land be it more or 
less, with a house, barn, and all other out houses, on the 
said premises. Bounded east by the town street, west by 
the town pond, north by David Mackie, and south by 
Adonijah Ray nor. Also tract of land known by the 
name of Nedds Lott, containing by estimation four acres 
be it more or less. Bounded east partly by Thomas Jes 
sup and partly by Josian Howell, west by the Town street^ 
north by Thomas Jessup and south by Josiali Howell.' 
Price £300. 

Dated August 8, 1795. 
Witness Elias Pelletreau 
Warren Rogers. 


[Note. The above lots are now or late the home lots of 
Henry Sayre and Francis P. Cook, also the lot on the east 
side of the main street of Southampton and formerly sold 
by Wm. S. Pelletreau to Mary L. De Bost, and now owned 
by Mr. Schermerhorn.] 

Abner Howell, blacksmith, gives to his son Phineas 
Howell, cordwainer, "for the love affection and good 
will which I have and do bear to him." One quarter of an 
acre of my Home lot lying and being on the west side of 
my said lot. Also a tract of woodland at Seven Ponds^ 
containing 8 acres, bounded south by highway, east by 
Elias Howell, north by Silas Howell and west by Capt. 
Obadiah Rogers. Also 12 acres of woodland lying at the 
North side, bounded south by Elias Howell, east by Nathan 
Jagger, north by highway, west by Obadiah Rogers. Also 
a piece of meadow, "known by the name of the In Mead- 
ow" containing 8 acres, bounded north by a pond, east by 
Samuel Cooper south by Jackson Scott, west by the 

Dated March 23, 1772. "In the 12th year of the Reign 
of our Lord George the Third." 

[Note. The part of the home lot given above, is now 
the homestead of John Cavanagh. The home lot of Abner 
Howell, included the present homestead of Rev. Jesse 
Halsey, which belonged to his father Charles Henry Hal- 
sey, and his grandfather Henry Halsey, on the west side of 
main street, Southampton. The quarter acre given to 
Phineas was on the west side of this. The woodland is 
the south and north ends of Lot No. 37 Great South Divis- 
ion. The meadow is at Scollop Pond, North Sea. W. S. P.] 


Joseph Marshall and wife Mehitabel, sell to Dr. Wil- 
liam Smith, a home lot, dwelling house and barn, 5 acres 
more or less. Bounded north by Elias Pierson, east by 
highway, south by Daniel Bishop west by Samuel Cooper. 
Also a tract of land lying towards Seven Ponds, containing 
by estimation 15 acres. Bounded north, east and west by 
highway, and south by Timothy Foster. Price £152, 17 s, 
6 d. Dated April 14, 1774. 

[Note. The homestead is on the west side of the road 
to North Sea, opposite Bowden Square in Southampton 
village. It was afterwards owned by Abraham Sayre and 
his son Foster Sayre, who sold it to James Mc Corkle. It 
is now the homestead of George Wines. The land near 
Seven Ponds, lies at the north end of the highway called 
David White's Lane, which is the east boundary of the 
village of Southampt m. It now belongs to I. He race 
Fanning. W. S. P.] 

Agreement of the Town with Rev. John Harriman. 

Whereas at a town meeting in Southampton, held 
May the 29th 1674, a Committee was chosen to make a 
finale convention, with Mr. John Harriman, the town hav- 
ing at the said meeting consented to some further terms 
than formerly was agreed upon, as may appear by a rec- 
ord then made, know all men by these presents that We 
the said committee for and in behalf of the said town, of 
the one party ; and the said John Harriman, Clerk, of the 
other party, do covenant and agree as followeth : first that 
during the said John Harriman his life and officiating in 
the work of the ministry in the said town, he shall have 
the use of the thirty acres of land, with the house lot pur- 


chased of John Cooper, and presented by the town for the 
use of the ministry forever ; and the four acres in the ox 
pasture, together with the forty acres in the Commons 
formerly presented to him the said Mr. Harriman shall be 
and remain o him his heirs and executors, administrators 
and assigns forever : Secondly the town shall and will pay 
unto him the said Mr. Harriman or his assigns, twenty 
pounds per annum, and the half of Mr. Fordham his sti- 
pend, that he voluntarily conceded for that use, being forty 
pounds in like manner ; and if Proivdence so disposes of 
Mr. Fordham that he deceases or be wholly taken off from 
the work of the ministry so that Mr. Harriman performs 
the work wholly himself, then the whole sum usually 
allowed to Mr. Fordham, that is eighty pounds per annum 
shall be well and truly paid unto him the said Mr. Harri- 
man or his assigns in current pay at price current with 
the merchant here. 

Thirdly, the town do donate unto him the said Mr. 
John Harriman, one hundred and fifty pounds commonage 
for the future and do promise to him to inclose with a five 
rail fence all the land laid out for him and for his use in 
the ox pasture. 

Fourthly, the town is with all possible convenience 
and expedition to build upon the said three acres of land 
procured of John Cooper, a good house of two stories high, 
for the ministry, with a brick chimney and two chamber 
chimnies, the same to be to the use of Mr. Harriman as 
the land for the ministry. And the town is to give unto 
the administrator or ad jiinistratrix of him the said Mr. 
Harriman after his decease, one hundred pounds in cur- 
rent pay at the price current with the merchant and at 
that time the said land and house for the ministry is to 
re. urn unto the said towns disposal. 


Fifthly, that the said Mr. Harriman upon the premises 
doth promise and engage unto the said town of Southamp- 
ton, to cohabit with them and to officiate in the work of 
the ministry among them, and not to remove or dwell 
from thence unless a council of judicious men, mutually 
chosen by him and the town do find and adjudge that it is 
not only lawful but of necessity that he and the town 
should part, neither shall the town dismiss him but upon 
the same terms and conditions of the judgment of a coun- 
cil as foresaid. 

Sixthly, Whatever additions of building shall be made 
by him, the said Mr. Harriman unto the said house to be 
built for his use on the said home lot, or upon the said lot 
at his decease, shall be prized by indifferent men equally 
chosen by the town and the relict or administrator of the 
said Mr. Harriman, who are to receive of the town the 
value of such said additions of building shall be prized at. 
In witness whereof the said committee, in behalf of 
the town as aforesaid, and the said Mr. John Harriman 
have hereunto mutually set their hands this fifth day of 
June anno 1674. 


In presence of us EDWARD HOWELL 

Tho. Cooper JOHN JAGGER 


[Note. The above document is entered written in 
short hand, in the book of Town Trustees. It was trans- 
lated by J. Hammond Trumbull, of Connecticut, about 
1864. Mr. Harriman remained until the death of Rev. 
Robert Fordham, September 1674, and until the early part 
of 1676. After preaching in many places, and engaging in 
different kinds of business he died August 20, 1705, in the 
58 year of his age. W. S. P.] 



The Book of Records of Town Trustees, begins March 
1, 169 4-5, and is probably the continuation of a book, no 
longer in existence, the Trustees ' having been erected by 
the Patent of Governor Dongan, in 1686. 

Southampton March ye 11th 169 4-5. At a meeting of 
the Trustees then mett together, Ordered that Matthew ft 
Howell do pay the quit rent to their Majesties Receiver 
General for this town, for this yeare. 

Paid by the said Matthew Howell to Chidley Brooks, 
Receiver General the sum of forty five Shillings, as ap- 
pears by a Receipt for the said sum of forty five Shillings, 
bearing date the same with this artikle. 

(Note. Receipts from Chidley Brooks, the Receiver 
General may be found in Vol. II. Printed Records. 
W. S. P.) 

"To cash for this Book, 6 s. 

To ye Coristable, and Joseph Hildreth, getting ye 
money of 9 s. 

June ye 14, 1695. Delivered to Joseph Fcrdham £3 by 
order of ye trustees lor killing of black birds, 

Mr. "Whitings Rate made and layed at 2 d f upon the 
estimate of that year (1694) 10530, comes to £104, 2 s 1 d. 

Southampton November ye 27, 1694. At a meeting of 
the Trustees then held, accounted with Samuel Cooper, 
Collector for ye two years last past, viz. the year 1692, and 
the yeare 1693, for all the publick Rates in ye said two 
years, and there Remains due from ye said Samuel Cooper 
to tiie Towne say one pound, fourteen shillings, 


Southampton, November ye 5, 1695. Then Returned 
by Jecamiah Scott, that hee had Received with said Towne 
Rate of Samuel Cooper, the above said sum of one pound, 
fourteen shillings, and is given in by Jeckomiah Scott when 
hee made up his accompt the day and date above. 

At a meeting of the ffreeholders & Comonalty of the 
town of Southampton, held at Southampton the 11 day of 
June 1695. Present Jonah Fordham, Elnathan Topping, 
Joseph Pierson, Abraham Howell, Joseph Fordham, Manas- 
sah Kempton, Will. Herrick Samuel Johns Trustees. 

Ordered that the following orders be fairly transcribed 
and published by affixing upon the publick meeting house, 

Southampton ss. By the Trustees of the said Towne. 
Whereas great damage is daylie sustained in the undivided 
lands of the Towne, by reason that sundry persons who 
have no right unto the said undivided lands, not only turne 
their jades, Cattle, Sheepe, and swine into the same, but 
also cut fire wood and timber, gather stones and dig clay 
in and upon ye same, to the grievous damage of the pro- 
prietors of the said undivided lands. It is therefore ord- 
ered by the Trustees aforesaid, and all persons whatsoever 
are hereby warned that from and after the first day of 
July now next ensuing the date hereof, no only from cut- 
ting any timber or firewood, or gathering any stones, or 
digging any clay, or turning out any horses or jades, cattle, 
sheepe or swine, out of their own appropriated lands, in or 
upon the said undivided lands, without liberty first ob- 
tained of the Trustees of the said Towne, for the time be- 
ing, or of such three of them as by the said trustees shall 
be appointed for doing the same. All wayes Provided that 
it shall and may be lawfull for all such persons that have 
right of, hundreds. Fifties or other lesser rights in the said 
Towne, to turne out into the said undivided lands, their 


own horses, cattle sheepe and swine. The said swine to 
be both yoaked and ringed, also to cutt timber and fire- 
wood, gather stones and dig clay, for their owne particular 
uses, and to no other use or uses whatsoever, and that the 
same be done according to their said severall divisions and 
proportions of right, in, and to the same. Provided also, 
that it shall and may bee lawfull for those persons, that 
hereby have liberty to lett their swine at large upon the 
said undivided lands, to take off their yoakes, only from 
the first day of October, until the first day of February 
yearly, and no longer under such penaltyes, as by the said 
trustees shall bee agreed upon. It is also ordered that no 
persons what so ever shall make any Bricks within the 
undivided lands aforesaid without first agreeing with the 
Trustees aforesaid, and liberty from them obtained. Dated 
the 11 day of June 1695. 

Joseph Fordham chosen Clark of the Trustees for this ^ 
present yeare. 

It is ordered that the Trustees shall meet together ye 
first Tuesday of each month, by two of the clock in the 
afternoon, under the penalty of Eighteen pence in cash 
for their being absent ; unless they produce a sufficient 
Reason. Capt. Topping excused. 

June 11, 1695. Ordered by the Trustees that Whoso- 
ever shall find any swine upon the u ndivided lands, with- 
out Rings and yoakes, shall take the same, and them to 
Impound, for the which they shall take and receive the 
sum of nine pence, money for each swine soe taken and 
Impounded, Two thirds whereof to the Impounder, and 
the other third part to the use of the Proprietors of the 
said undivided lands. And upon Refusal of Payment to 
be brought to sale according to formre Acts of the said 


Whereas great Damage is Daylie sustained in the 
corne fields of this Towne by Reason of Black birds, and 
Crowes, in plucking of the Corne, It is therefore ordered 
by the Trustees that whosoever doth kill or take any of 
the abovesaid birds, and bring them to ye house of Joseph 
Fordham, they shall be paid for the same, as followeth, 
viz, Crowes, six for nine pence. Old Black birds, two 
dozen for nine pence, young ditto, three dozen for nine 
pence. Test Joseph Fordham Clark. 

July ye 18, 1695 Att a meeting then held by ye Trus- 
tees. Ordred that Mr. Joseph Fordham and Gershom 
Culver doe forthwith goe and view ye Indian fence at 
Shinecock, and upon theire return that ye said Indian 
fence is sufficient, Ichabod Cooper and Manassah Kemp- 
ton, are appointed stewards, to Impound all horses kind 
they can from time to time find in the said Indian fields, 
and to take nine pence per head for each horse or horse 
kind, except such as suck their dams, and proseed against 
such as shall refuse to pay said penalty according to ye 
Towne orders in that behalfe made and provided. 

Ordred, That no person whatsoever, that shall here- 
after buy any horse kind, or cattle or neat kine or Sheep, 
in the Precincts of this Towne, to drive out of said Pre- 
cincts, shall presume to alter or remark on ye ear, any of 
the said creatures, bought as aforesaid, but shall forfeit 
the sum of six shillings current money of this Province, 
for every such creature so marked, to be recovered being 
sued for att ye forty shillirg Courts, or under (a court) 
held by a Justice of the peace, and one free holder, by any 
one of ye Trustees for the time being for the use of In- 
former, one third part, and one third part for such Trus- 
tees as shall prosecute, and the other third part for the use 
of said Towne. 


That Ensigne Joseph Fordham and Manassah Kemp- 
ton shall take care of ye To wne powder, and secure it 
from damage, also to sell as much as they can of it att 
three shillings per pound, and if it will not go off so to 
abate according to their discretion. Rendering an account 
thereof to ye Trustees for ye time being, att or before ye 
first of march next, and then to be allowed what is reas- 
onable to their trubble. 

March ye 20th 1691 Then delivered to John Cook a 
tax for the Agent amounting to ye sum of 48 £ 8 s. 8 d. 
whereof he is to pay at New York to the Receiver General 
44 £, 17 s d, and render an account to ye trustees for the 
overplus being 3 £ 14 s. 

Also a tax for the frontier Amounting to the sum of 
121 £ 16 s. whereof he is to pay unto the Receiver General 
117 £ 10 s. 6 d. and and render an account of the overplus. 

At a meeting of the trustees held on the 1st ol May 
1696. Ordered that manassa Kempton and Abraham 
Howell with two of the North Sea men do run the line 
from ye Millstone Brook to the hed of Towed according 
to the record between the town and North Sea men. 

Ordered that Manassa Kempton do sell 3 half barrels 
of the towns powder as well as he can. 

On the said 1st day of May Samuel Butler, tailor, 
came before ye trustees and was admitted to reside in this 
town upon his own bond of 40 £ to depart this town when- 
soever he shall be required to do so by the said trustees. 
Also at the same time William Bly, tayler, came and 
disired to reside in this town and work att his trade and 
was admitted. 


Nathaniel Parks having come before us and promised 
to be gon out of our presinckts, or purchase a freehold in 
the same in ten days from the date above or else to depart 
out of the said towne. 

That if the said Parks do not go as aforesaid then the 
Justices of the Peace do send the Constable to carry him 
to ye place from whence he came according to act of As- 
sembly in that behalf provided. 

Ordered that James Cooper and Christopher Foster do 
gett a man to Ring the bell and Sweep the meeting house, 
(and they return on the 20th of M 'y that Thomas Herrick 
is to do it for 3 £ 10 s.) 

June ye 1st 1696. At a meeting of ye trustees then 
held Abraham Howell and Manassa Kempton return that 
[they] have run the North Sea line from Millstone Brook 
to ye head of Toud and they find that in the Clay Pitt 
Lean (Lane) it runs within nine poles of the Run of water. 

Now ordered that the surveyors of the highways at 
the request of Christopher Foster lay out to him a fifty 
pound allottment of land of the Forty . acre division. 
Which we find he wants of that division. In some con- 
venient place for him the said Christopher Foster not prej- 
udicing highways nor waterings nor any particular man's 

Southampton, Sept, ye 18th 1696. Then delivered un- 
to Jeckamiah Scott a tax for the frunteer amounting to 
the sum of one hundred and forty seven pounds five shill- 
ings and nine pence; whereof he was to pay to the Re- 
ceiver General the sum of 136£ 10 s, d, and the overplus 
being 1C£ 15 s, and 9 d to render an account to the trus- 
tees for the time being. 


March ye 15th 1696 Then delivered to Mr. Whiting 
a rate for last years salary amounting to ye sum of 100£ 
6 s, 9 d. ; levied upon a estimate 4818£ being 5 d upon the 
pound, which pays his Salary to the 1st day of April next. 
by me Matthew Howell, Clerk. 

March ye 19Lh 1696. Account. 
Abraham Howell 12 loads of wood for Earl 1£, 10 s 

To half a bushel of wheet 3 s. To 1 J bushels of corn 7 s 

To a barrel of pork for Earl 3£ 

Ellis Cook for a Steer for Earl 4£ 3 s 

[Note. John Erie (or Earl) was the first pauper sup- 
ported by the town.] 

Ordered that James Cooper and Christopher Foster 
gett the house that was John Erls fitted up and build up 
the chimney with brix 

/.t Town Meeting held April 6th 1697 Joseph Hildreth 
was chosen collector and refusiiig to stand hath paid forty 
shillings fine to the towns use. 

Southampton, May 9th 1697, Then Christopher Fos- 
ter returns the charge of repairing of John Erie's house 
according as he was ordered in the following particulars — 
To Jeremiah Jagger for stoans 18 d 

To Josiah Howell for 500 brickes 12 s. 

Jeremiah Jagger 3 days work 9 s 

and his team to fetch ye brickes from the 

Southend of ye town 9 d 

Christopher Foster 2 days work 6 s 

John Jagger 1 days work 3 s, 

Southampton, May ye 21st 1697 

Then agreed with Thomas Herrick to Ring the bell 
and Sweep the meeting house for 3 £ 5 s for one whole 
year from the date hereof. 


Ordered that a town meeting be warned on Thursday 
next being the 27th day of this inst. May, then to endeavor 
for full settlement of every mans title to his land and 
Matthew Howell be desired to issue out his warrant for 
the warning of the same. 

Ichabod Cooper at the same meeting was demanded to 
lay out the highway he hath closed up adjoining to Ger 
sham Culver's lot whereupon he desires liberty that he 
may keep it enclosed until the 1st of October keeping bars 
at each end for people to drive cows that go that way to 
their pasture and for carts to pass through ; they putting 
up said bars duly after them and then to lay it open again. 

Then agreed with John Jessup to make a beere (bier) as- 
timely as he can and to be allowed what is reasonable for 
the same. Also Mr. Fordham to take care and mend some 
of the glass of the meeting house where it is in danger of 
falling and to be allowed accordingly. 

Money paid out of the above said parish rate To 
Samuel Cooper for making said rate To Thomas Her- 
rick for Ringing and Sweeping 3 £ 10 s,. To Jeckamiah's 
[Scott] commissions 15 S. To James Cooper for a lock for 
the meeting house 6 s. To Christopher Foster dressing 
shingles 9 s, laying of ditto 6 S. To Nathaniel Howell for 
one day dressing and two days laying shingles 9 s. To a 
pain [pane] of glass of Abraham Howell 1 s. 9 d. To Oba- 
diah Rogers a day and a half work at Mr. Whitings 4 s. 6 
d. To John Jagger two days and a half dito 7 s. 6 d. To 
Mr. Steevens for 8000 of 6 d. nails at 9 s. per. M. 3£ 12 s. 
To 4i lb, of new roap for a bell roap at 12d per lb. 4 s 6 d. 
To Mr. Joseph Fordham for repairing the meeting house 
glass 1 £ 3 s 4i d. To ditto for the parsonage hcuse re- 


pairing glass 19 s 8 d. To Josiah for mending the bell 
clapper 3 s. To John Jessup for making a beere (bier) 3 
s. 9 d. To Joseph Howell joynting of shingles 3 s. [ . 
To Mr. Edward Howell for carting of seadar (cedar) 1 ij. 
These items are dated June 23rd 1697. 

June ye 21st 1698. Then delivered by order of the 
trustees to Christopher Foster 42 shilling for sedar (cedar) 
bought of William Herrick to clap board Mr. Whitings 

July ye 3rd then paid by order of ditto to Thomas 
Herrick for Ringing the bell in ye year 1697 3 £ 5 s. 

November ye 7th 1698. Paid by order to Jeremiah 
Jagger for 4 days and | of a day at 3 shillings per day clap 
boarding Mr. Whitings house. 

To Christopher Foster for 4 days ditto at 3 shillings 
March 11th, 1697 To Ezekiel Sanford for the bridge 6 £ 
13 s. 4 d. To Thomas Steevens for sedar for Mr. Whitings 
house 2 £ 5 s. 

Southampton March 11th 1697. Ordered, whereas itt 
is a very great Rong to the publick for either Christians 
negros or Indians to set or kindle any fire whereby the 
woods may be burnt within this town, therefore if any of 
the above said persons shall presume to kindle any fire as 
aforesaid by which means any of the woods within this 
township is burnt he or they so treaspassing shall pay 6 
shillings for every such fire so set or kindled. The one 
half to the informer and the other half to the clerk of the 
parish and that the clerk cause the tenure of this order to 
be set upon the meeting house. 

March 18th, 169|. By John Parkers fine for breach ot 
Sabbath before the court 6 shillings 


Southampton June 20th 1698. At a meeting of the 
trustees then met Ordered that warning be given to Rricli- 
ard Exall to depart this town and Francis Sayre do w^arn 
him accordingly every month until he shall give surety (o 
save this town from charge or further order be made by 
the said trustees. 

Ordered that Matthew How^ell pay the bell Ringer 
Thomas Herrick for Ringing the bell and agree with him 
for the present year. 

July 3rd Then paid ye said Thomas Herrick 3 £ 5 s. 
for last year and agreed with him for this year. 

Southampton, June 24th 1698. At a meeting of ye 
trustees, ordered that Christopher Fos er and Jeremiah 
Jagger do buy seder, and clap board up the east end of 
Mr. Whitings house and make return of the reasonable 
charge thereof ; And the clerk pay them out of the par- 
sonage rate if he hath so much in his hands. This order 
was accomplished 

On ye 4th day of April 1699 it was voted that Joseph 
Goodale should have a quarter of an acre of land at Long 
Springs so long as he improves it for tanning. 

I John Hobert one of his Majestys Justices of the 
Peace, was present att ye publick Towne meeting in the 
Towne of Southampton, when by majOi voate the Towne 
concented to sell Mr. Ebenezer White a iifty pound Com- 

At a meeting of the trustees held en the 25lh day of 
may 1699. Ordered, that Matthew Howell, Capt, Steevens 
and Isaac Halsey do call the Indians and run the line from 
hed of ye crick, to ye ware house at Sebonack. To satis- 


fie the Indians who have often complained the English 
have fenced in some of the land they had liberty to plant 
on. And th'^y the said Howell, Steevens and Halsey ha\ e 
liberty to call any other neighbours to inform them of tl e 
spot wheare ye ware house was, and the old fence went i i 
to the water at Sebonack ; and all to be alowed what is 

May ye 26. Then purF^iiant thereto as above, the said 
persons went to the said place, namely to the ware house, 
and had John Woodruff and Samuel Clarke with us, and 
fully informed ourselves of the bounds betweene the Indi- 
ans and the Towne, and mett with the Indians on the 30 
day of may, at the hed of ye Creek, and agreed upon the 
place there being the middle of the Run of water, and 
then went over to Seponack, and the Indians went to the 
same spot for the bounds there that we had informed our- 
selves of before ; and there wee marked a tree, being a 
white oak, with ye letter T, and brought to the root of it a 
good waighty stone, and with a mill bill set on the letter T 
also. And when we had so done and made a begining to 
Run the line, the Indians perceiving itt would Run further in 
upon the land, they had liberty to plant on, than they ex- 
pected would run no line at all and went away off and left 
us, and therefore we desisted, and only order that these 
are procedings to be memorandum as aforesaid. Per mee 
Matthew Howell, Clerk. 

Southampton July ye 7, 1699. Then paid Thomas 
Herrick for ringing the bell for ye yeare 1698, the sum of 
three pounds, five shillings, and agree with him for the 
present yeare at the same price. Commencing from the 
21 of May 1699. To compleat a whole yeare. 

The Town Dr. To John Howell for repairing the 
meeting house, one day 3 s. Dr, To 2 days repairing the 
meeting house 6 s. 


Southampton April the 17, 1700. Matthew Howell 
and Samuel Clark agreed with Thomas Diamond. 

Southampton December ye 5, 1700. Ordred at said 
meeting that Mr. Wick and Samuel Clarke do take the 
ould Rayles, of the pound, and buy so many new postes as 
will be wanted, and fence off the parsonage land from the 
town pond, running from Isaac Halseys southeast corner, 
to the southeast corner of the parsonage land. Leaving 
eight poles from the pond from the said last mentioned 
corner, and give notis to John Foster to throw up to the 
Common the town highway and watering place on the 
west side of the town pond, at least eight poles from said 
pond, at the corner of his close. 

[Note. The parsonage land is now the homestead of 
the late Salem H. Wales. Isaac Halsey owned the lot 
lately owned by Henry Culver. W. S. P.] 

Ordred at said meeting that there be levied upon ye 
inhabitants and residents in this Parish, distinct from 
Sagg and Meacox, for the rebuilding of Mr. Whitings 
chimnies, and repairing said parsonage house, the sum of 
— , and that the assessors made an Estimate of said towne 
for the levying of the said rate upon. 

Southampton February 14 170 0-1. Then also deliv- 
ered to Manassah Kempton collector of said Towne. A 
parish rate for the Repairing of the parsonage house and 
meeting house, and ringing the bell, made by an Esti- 
mate of £5141, according to the assessors assessment of 
ye inhabitants of this parish which is layed at 1 d per 
pound comes to the sum of ^^ 21, 8 s, 5 d. Which you are 
to collect and pay to the trustees for the time being for 
the uses afore said. 


At a Town meeting of the Inhabitants and freeholders 
of the towne of Southampton, being the first day of April 
1701. It was also granted upon the same day unto Sam- 
uel Cooper by major vote of said town to have liberty to 
sett up a horse mill at the east end of James Whites lott, 
where the Trustees shall think most suitable, not damag- 
ing ye highway. 

[Note. James White's lot was on the west side of 
Wind Mill lane in the village of Southampton, next south 
of the homestead of late Capt. Mercator Cooper, now J. 
W. Fletcher Howell. W. S. P.] 

May the 14, 1701, ye trustees met and ordred Mrs. 
Phillips to board John Davis till further order- And May 
22, 1701, ye s^id John Davis dyed early in ye morning and 
was buried ye next day upon ye townes charge. And 
Nathaniel Howell and Christopher [Foster] went to Mrs. 
Phillips house and tooke an inventory of his estate which 
is as followeth, under their hands. 

May ye 22, 1701. An inventory of ye estate of John 
Davis, yt we saw at ye house of Thomas Herrick when he 

To 4 trowells, one was a plastering one, and 3 brick 
trowells. One worn felt hat. A neck cloth. To a pair of 
stockings. To a pair ol shoes, old. To two caps. A true 
copy per me Joseph Fordham. 

At a Trustees meeting upon the 19 day of April 1701. 
Whereas Samuel Barbors wife being distracted and out of 
her reason so that she is not able to take care of her selfe, 
and being att Ackabake in ye house of John Parker, and 
ye said John Parker does make complaint to ye trustees, 
and will bring her to ye Towne, and cast her with her 


family upon them, to take care of her. And ye trustees 
having considered of ye same, do order with ye Consent of 
three [Justices] that ye said lunatick woman be put into ye 
prison house by John Parker, and that Samuel Barbor, 
shall send her ; and that Mrs. Phillips shall find ye said 
Samuel Barbor and his wife victuals, and small beare or 
water, for to sustain Nature, upon a reasonable rate till 
further order. And wee do order Capt. Topping to speak 
to Doctor Wade to come and see her, and to administer 
that which is proper for such a Person according to his 
skill and cunning. 

And it is further ordered by said trustees, that James 
Cooper and Joseph Fordham shall take care and hire a 
substantial man, or men, as cheap as they can, to make a 
good Pound, and to take up the old fence of ye old pound 
and to carry it to Mr. Whitings Cow pasture on ye west 
side of the Town pond and to sett it up adjoining to John 
Foster's land and Isaac Halseys, Leaving a good highway 
between ye fence and ye said pond for ye Inhabitants of 
ye said town, to cart drive and water their creatures, at all 
times ; and to find more fence soe as to finnish and inclose 
ye said Cow pasture at ye said towne's charge. And it is 
further ordred that ye said James Cooper and Joseph Ford- 
ham, shall discourse and agree with Doctor Wade concern- 
ing ye said lunatick woman, at ye townes charge. 

[Note. The "Cow pasture" of Rev. Mr Whiting, was 
the parsonage land now owned by Salem H. Wales. The 
land of John Foster is now the home lot of Hon. Elihu 
Root. W. S. P.] 

And further we ye trustees have turned Samuel Bar- 
bour away, after he had been about a week with his wife, 
to shift for his living, and cause him to bind out his 


dafter (daughter) to Thomas Topping, And ye said Bar- 
bours wife was put into ye prison house, and Doctor Wade 
administered something, and let her blood, and we found 
that she was never the better, so we bade him forbear, to 
meddle with her any more. And Mary Larison does 
board and have the care of ye said woman upon the same 
terms that ye trustees made with Mrs. Phillips, 

And ye said James Cooper and Joseph Fordham have 
hired Jeremiah Foster to make ye pound, and to compleat 
ye same per four Pounds in money. 

At a Trustee meeting att ye house of Joseph Fordham 
June 2, 1701. Ordred by the trustees, that John Foster Jr 
and Isaac Halsey Jr shall goe to Daniel Sayre and give 
him legall warning to throw out the Towns land that he 
hath taken in upon ye front of his home lot adjoining to 
ye main street ; within one month or expect to be sued by 
the trustees fer trespass. 

[Note. The home let of Daniel Sayre is the present 
homestead of Charles Selden Halsey, on east side of Main 
street, Southampton. W. S. P.] 

Dec. 1, 1701. Jeremiah Jagger, John Foster Jr Isaac 
Halsey Jr John Howell, Isaac Jessup Jonah Bower James 
Cooper, Joseph Fordham, Trustees, mett at the house of 
Joseph Fordham and ordred said Joseph Fordham to make 
a Rate of forty pounds, to defray ye Parrish charge of our 
Towne, and to repaire and mend ye parsonage house and 
meeting house, which money is to be collected and de- 
livered into ye hands of Joseph Fordham. 

Paid to Titus Indian fer 15 days work at three bits per 
day £1, 13s, 9d 

Paid to Wacquanas Indian fer 6 days work 13 s, 6 d 


July 9, 1701. Paid to ye widow Mary Larison for 
boarding Samuel Barbours wife, from ye 16 of April until 
the 26 of May, being 5 weeks three days at 5 bits per 
week, ye sum of £1, 00 s, 3. 

Paid to John Maltbie fer 60 nails and making John 
Davis, coffin and the trouble of burial, 6 s 9 d 

Paid to Mrs Phillips for keeping John Davis in his last 
sickness, 10 days at 4 s per weeke, 5 s 9 d 

To a winding sheet fer John Davis 7 s 6d 
To drink at his laying out and burial 3 s IJ d 
To Doctor Wade 12 s 4 d upon ye account of Sam, 
Barbours wife, 

To William Herrick for keeping Samuel Barbours 
wife 6 weeks 16 s 6 d 

Paid to Isaac Willman for killing 11 dogs 4 s 1^ d 

fine. Paid by Thomas Byfield for riding on the Sab- 
bath 5 s 6 d 

June 1, 1702 Paid for half a 1000 of deal boards of 
Mr Cooper £1, 2 s, 6 d 

At Trustee meeting April 21, 1702 

Ordred that Robert Norris is to carry 5 suitable bound 
stones to ye several corners between our town and the 
town of East Hampton, for which he is to have a Piece of 

Ordred that Capt. Abraham Howell and Lieut Joseph 
Pierson shall sett downe ye stones, in ye line between our 
town and the Toune of East Hampton. 


June 30, 1702, 

Fines paid by Jones Clark, Jeremiah Foster, James 
White, Ichabod Cooper, Josiah Loughton, Mr. Nathan 
Wade Benjamin Marshall, Joshua Halsey, 3 s 9 d each for 
tippling at ye house of Mr. Samuel Butler, and breaking 
our laws ; being convicted before Col. Matthew Howell 
and Joseph Fordham, and they paid these fines accord- 
ingly, and Henry Ludlam was fined 5 s fer being dronck ; 
and Samuel Butler was fined 10 s, and was put down by 
us from selling any strong drink, and notwithst nding our 
command upon his own, did presume to sell. He was 
fined 10 s more. After charges were paid, the rest went 
for use of the Poor. 
By the fines of 2 men dronck 10 s 

Oct. 15, 1703. At a trustee meeting, Ordred and 
agreed with John Howell and Hezekiah Howell, to cutt 
cart and lay up six loads of brush, with sufficient stakes, 
at ye Town ponds end, next to ye beach, from John Jes- 
sups close to Jeremiah Jaggers close ; at four bits and a 
halfe a load. 

[Note. John Jessup's close is now the lot of late Doc- 
tor T. Gaillord Thomas. John Jagger's close is at First 
Neck, next the beach. W. S. P.] 

Jan, 31, 170|. At a meeting of the trustees, it was 
ordred as followeth, Concerning Thomas Hanckson, that 
the trustees carry him from ye house of Mr. Butler to ye 
house of John Maultbie, and ordred ye said Maultbie to take 
charge of him, and see that he does not suffer either fer 
want of vittles, drinck, washing and attendance. Promis- 
ing the said Maultbie reasonable satisfaction. 



Ordred that Capt. Theophilus Howell shall go to Hog 
neck and warne Daniel Sayres, tenant called Russell, who 
lives upon Hog neck, torthwith to depart with his family 
to ye place from whence he came from. 

At Toun meeting voted that Joseph Fordham was 
chosen and appointed to carry ye Patent to New York, 
y- according to ye Guvnors Proclamation, and to pay the 
Quit rent of ye same with all convenient speed. 

April 3, 1705. The Humble petition of Obadiah Smith 
of Southampton to the Toune of Southampton, to come out 
at one corner of his dwelling house, four foot, into the 
highway. It was put to vote and carried, Test Joseph 
Fordham Clerk. 

Paid to Thomas Cooper for going down t'-y ye North 
Side to stop Townsing when he had Small Pox 2 s. 

May 18, 1704, Ordred by the Trustees, that Robert 
Norris and Jonah Rogers shall cleare the Common high- 
way two poales wide from our towne to ye line between 
East Hampton and our towne, where it was layed out by 
ye Commissioners ; with all convenient speed, according 
to Act of Assembly, And to have three shillings per day, 
for the finnishing of the same. 

That Lieut. Joseph Pierson and Joseph Fordham shall 
hire men at four bits and a half per day, with all con. 
venientcy for the clearing of the highway from our town 
to Parkers Mill, two poales wide, 

At the same meeting, Joseph Fordham is to take care 
to gett a new pair of Stocks made at ye Town charge 


November 20, 1704. Ordered that Joseph Fordham 
shall demand and receive the Legacy bequeathed to the 
poore of our Town by Mr. William Barker, deceased, of 
Mr. Wick and Capt. Abraham Howell, Executors of said 
Barkers last will and Testament, and upon ye receipt to 
give a discharge for ye same. 

Ordred that James Cooper and Joseph Fordham shall 
hedge ye Town pond end, and Old Town pond end at ye 
beach, in ye season thereof, and to hire men for ye doing 
ye same as cheap as they can. 

March 7, 170 4-5 Then received of Arthur Davis by a 
verbal order of Mr. Wick 5 pounds in money, which was 
given to ye poore of our Towne, by Mr. Barker, in his last 
will and testament, and have given Mr. Wick a discharge 
for ye same. 

June 28, 1705, Paid to Edward Howell for carting 13 
loads of brush to ye Old Town pond end and setting it up, 
£2, 8 s, 9 d 

Jan. 15 170 5-6. Paid to Ephraim Howell for a coat 
and breeches to cloath John, negro 12 s 6 d 

Paid to John Woolley for his horse going to East- 
Hampton and Southold to wait upon the Governor 7 s 6 d 

Nov. 26, 1705 Ordered and appointed Israel Howell 
to sell as much of the Town's Powder, as he can, between 
this present time and ye ensuing, at five shillings and six 
pence a pound, and not to sell under a pound to one man. 

Ordred that Joseph Fordham shall get a bier, and a 
cloath of Black Broad cloth, in length three yards 


Ordered that Capt. Theophilus Howell shall give 
warning to William Tarbell to throw up ye highway and 
watering to ye common lying between ye land of Samuel 
Howell and Mr. Jonah Fordham at Mecox. July 26th 1706. 

Voted that William Herrick shall sweep the meeting 
house from May 21 last past to May 21 next for Twenty 
shillings money. 

April ye 5th 1743. The town debtor to John Howell 
for paying Quit Rent to Mr. Gellston 2 £ 13 s, 6 d. Also 
for fencing the town pond lane 3 s. 6 d. 

April 24th 1707 Paid for Mrs. Annings funeral 9 s. 

1706 Received for common grass sold 14 s. d. For the 
town house sold to Thomas Sayre 11 s. 4| d. Paid by 
David Foster for being droncke twice 10 s. Paid by Rich- 
ard Wood for allowing gaming in his house 4 s. 6 d. 

May 11th 1709. Ordered that John Woolley shall have 
all the estate of Thomas Byfield ; clearing ye town of all 
charge in his ministering and tendance and funeral and 

May 8th 1710. Ordered that Capt. Scott and Mr. Hez- 
ikiah Howell shall measure over from the Head of ye 
Creek the nearest way to Bull Head and so proportion ye 
fence according to every man's commonage. They are 
likewise to measure across from the Canoe Plaee over to 
the North bay. 

Ordered that Obadiah Rogers shall make and set up a 
post upon ye Green against ye meeting house to set papers 


(Note. This was a large red cedar post and stood 
opi.osite the Library lot. It remained till the early part of 
the last century. An old man who remembered it said 
that it was almost covered with nails which had been used 
for fastening papers. It was a standing complaint of the 
minister, that people would read these notices on Sunday 
noons, "between meetings." W. S. P.) 

The town debtor to Thomas Stephens to writing the 
truste.s orders and nailing it upon the meetinghouse dore 
3 shillings 

The town debtor to "John Cooper for writing of two 
trustees orders and nailing them upon the meeting house 

At a Town meeting held May 15th 1710 Voted that a 
fatting pasture shall be made by fencing over from the 
Head of ye creek to Bull Head with a good five rail fence. 
Likewise to be fenced over from the South side of the 
Canoe Place to the North side by the proprietors according 
to their fifties. 

Voted that whereas there is inhabited among us, ye 
proprietors, several people that have no right upon the 
Commons they are prohibited of cutting any timber unless 
they pay unto the towns use for gj een weed 4 shilling for 
each load of fire wood or any other timber and for dry 
wood 2 shillings for each load under the penalty of 5 shil- 
lings for each load so carted, one half of the fine to go to 
the informer, the other half to the use of the proprietors. 

1712 — Town debtor to Richard Wood for Rum at 
Hankstons burial 2 shillings 


1714 — Ordered that John Reeves hire a man to mend 
the Stocks or make a new pair on ye towns charge 

Ordered that John Reeves get men or a man to mend 
the pound for this year on the towns charge. 

August ye 18th day 1714 Received of Mistriss Ford- 
ham by the nand of Capt. Abraham Howell two parch- 
ments concerning our meeting house into my care and 


(Note. The parchments were the deeds for the meet- 
ing house lot, opposite the present Presbyterian church) 

1714 Town debton to Samuel Johnes for burying a 
negro man in ye year 1713 3 s. 9d. 

By order of the trustees that Christopher Foster shall 
pay to the men that paid for Mr. Heathcote's house, when 
they shall bring their account from Capt. Abraham Howell 
and Samuel Johnes to me what their price is. 

This was a true vote CHRISTOPHER FOSTER. 

(Note. This refers to the deed from Caleb Heathcote 
fcr the lot, now the North end burying ground in South- 
ampton. An abstract may be found in Vol. II, Printed 

A trustee meeting ye 11th day of April 1715, We al- 
low for Mecox and Sagaponack that Jeremiah Halsey's 
yard and Stephen Toppings yard shall be esteemed as a 
pound to pound creaters for this year 

July 1st 1715 ye trustees agree with Christopher 
Foster for ye time to come that he shall have twelve shil- 
lings a year for his salary for town writings, this ordered 
by the trustees 


Ye 2nd day of May 1715 Whereas there is a law 
made that any person or man that is chosen to serve ye 
town in ye place of a trustee and shall refuse to stand in 
that place shall pay 4 shillings. And whereas other towns 
thought it to be reasonable to pay their trustees, There- 
fore we the trustees oj Southampton doe think it unreas- 
onable, that ye trustees of this town shall neglect their 
owne business to serve ye towne for nothing, Therefore 
we doe think it a hardship for ye Burden lyes very hard 
upon a certain number of men that is chosen from year to 
year to serve ye towne in that place, and other men of 
good estate is excused. Therefore from this day and so 
forward wee think it just and reasonable for this year 1715, 
and for the time to come, that any man that serves ye 
town in that place of trust and neglects his own Bisnes, 
and is faithful to serve ye towne in that office, shall have 
for his reward paid out of the townes stock, six shillings 
in cash for each and every man that shall serve in that 
place, and no more. And the trustees have concluded and 
ordered that Christopher Foster shall get it confirmed at 
ye Court of Sessions, that so it may stand good for a town 
law, upon ye Towne charge. This was voted by ye trus- 
tees and past for a clear vote at a full meeting as test 


May 19, 1715. Ordered that any man that has a mind 
to make any brick for this townes use this year ; has liber- 
ty to dig clay and cut wood to burn them. They paying 2 
pence a thousand to ye proprietors for acknowledgement 

At a trustee meeting ye 5 day of August 1715. The 
trustees ordred that Nathaniel Howell and Christopher 
Foster shall goe and agree with Captain Halsey to perchase 
a tract of land for ye townes use, to be to those meij that 
shall purchase it according as they shall agree with him to 


their best discretion, and ye land is layed out bounded so 
far as Moriches to the head of Peconic Great river. /: nd 
it is agreed upon by the trustees, that if they cannot 
agree with him, that then they shall goe forthwith and 
agree with a man to go and buy it upon ye townes charge 
to those men that shall be willing to purchase it, according 
to each man's Right that he holds in ye Commons. 

(Note. The above refers to what is known as Halsey's 
Manor, being a tract of 11000 acres, in the east part of 
Brookhaven, purchased by Capt. Isaac Halsey and others. 
W. S. P.) 

Ordred that Captain Howell of Sagg and Stephen Top- 
ping shall get the highway mended at Lemons (Leamings) 
corner on ye town charge 

(Note. Christopher Leaming owned the lot on the east 
sifJe of Sagg street, now the homestead of Hiram S. Rogers) 

May 1, 1716. Ordred that Capt. Theophilus Howell 
shall assist ye North sea men to run the lyne between the 
North sea men and the towne, on ye townes charge 

Whereas Isaac Halsey hath bought of Major Wm 
Smith a tract of land of about twelve thousand acres, and 
many of ye towne being desirous t(. have a part of ye said 
land, and Isaac Halsey being willing to give one third of 
said land for about one hundred and twenty acres of land 
joining to his land at Potunk and Oneck not encroaching 
highways or watering or taking in any meadows only the 
Swamp between them. And this being in Quago Purchase 
and the whole town not having right to said purchase, 
Therefore ye trustees desire Christopher Foster to go to 
all the proprietors of Quago Purchase and inquire of them 
whether they will leave it to the trustees to make an ex- 
change. And to signify their willingness by subscribing 
their hands to this writing. 


April 8th 1718 — At a trustee meeting ordered thcit 
Obadiah Rogers and Ephraim White is to agree and get a 
pound made forthwith and set it up where the old meetin g 
house stood upon the towns charge. 

[Note. The old meeting house stood on the southwest 
corner of the homestead of Wm. J. Post, Esq., in South- 
ampton village. W. S. P.] 

At a trustee meeting ye 1st day of July 1719 ye trus- 
tees have appointed a burying place to be staked out in 
that lott ye town purchased of Mr. Heathcott, next west- 
ward of ye old house and joining to Jeremiah Jaggers 
home lot. 

[Note. This is the north end burying ground in South- 
ampton village, and gradually extended over the entire 

May ye 3rd day 1721. Ye trustees reconed with 
Christopher Foster and all the accounts cleared from ye 
beginning of time to this day. errors excepted and ye 
towns money in my hands is the sum of 0£ 8 s. 3 d. 


1720 — Voted that Sagaponack and Mecox shall have a 
pound upon the towns charge and they agree to build it 
for three bits a day and to be set up near Ezekiel Sanfords 

Town debtor (Stephen) Boyer for one quire of paper 
1 s, 6 d. 

To John Foster 200 bb. of beef and salte and brick 
and other things for old Timothy for the year 1719 2£ 2 s 4 d. 

To Jeremiah Jagger for carting four loads of wood 15 

To Samuel Johns for carting four loads of wood to 
Timothy. And to one half bushel of wheet 2 s, 3d. 


To 2 galons of molases 5 shillings. 
To 3 Loads of wood 9 shillings. 

To John Howell 5 yards of flannel for old Margaret 15 

Sept. 21st, 1720. Ordered that Josiah Howell shall 
mend ye town Brand or make a new one if it can not be 

Ordered that if any person carry away ye town Brand 
from Mistress Herrick's and not return it again in an 
hours time they shall pay 3 shillings to be recovered by 

Debtor to Manassa Kempton to one half bushel of salt 
for Timothy Is, 6 d. 

Town debtor to Josiah Howell for making hinges for 
Seponeck gate — — 

Town debtor to Elisha Howell and his partners for 
making ye pound at Mecox 1£ 5 s. 6 d. 

At a trustee meeting ye 17th of April 1721. 

Ordered that Jeremiah Culver and Moses Culver shall 
make y new gate and hang it at ye Seponack barres for 
ye use of ye proprietors 

At a trustee meeting ordered that Josiah Howell shall 
have the care of making a bridge or cause-way over that 
Slow in the highway by John Hains' door, and make re- 
port of the charge to the trustees. 

June ye 7th 1721 — Ai a trustee meeting held at ye 
house of Isaac Halsey ordered at said meeting that Justice 
Cooper shall take two young men with him and visit ye 
Bound Tree about five miles beyond Parkers and set their 
names upon said tree in order to keep said Bounds in 


Ordered that Josiah Howell and Jonah Rogers shall go 
to Scuttle Hole and measure out eight acres of land to 
John Mitchell according to ye town records as an amend- 
ment to ye lot number six. 

At a trustee meeting ye 16th day of October 1722, 
The trustees appoint Abraham Cooper and Obadiah Rog- 
ers Jr, and Ichabod Cooper Jr. are pounders with ye old 
pounders to pound all Jades found in Shinnecock this year 
according to ye towns order. 

Debtor Mr. Samuel Gelston for paying one years Quit 
Rent in the year 1722 and his trouble to get a receipt in 
full to ye 25 of March 1723 2£ 14 s. 

At a trustee meeting ye 9th day of October 1723 the 
trustees give liberty to any of ye proprietors or any other 
that shall help them to dig a pose [ditch or canal] from ye 
South bay to ye Sound on ye North side at }^e Canoe Place, 
they have free liberty from ye trustees. 

April 7th 1724— Voted that Josiah Hand shall have so 
much land laid out to him at Pagasaboge where his house 
is as he lays down to ye town. Which said land his fath- 
er purchased of Joseph Wickham and ye land was given 
to him and stands to him in ye town records, (see vol 2nd 
Printed Records Page 111) 

At a meeting of ye trustees April ye 6th day 1726. 
The trustees do give orders to [William] Olberson [Albert- 
son] to make a gate to stop Southold cattle from coming 
on our side and our cattle from going over. 

Provided he do it on his own charge as he promised 
to do if he might have leave. 


Sept. 9th 1726. It is ordered by ye trustees that Rich- 
ard Fowler shall keep old Timothy and Margrite for nine 
shillings a week and to take such — as Jeremiah Jagger 
did and he is to fetch them to his house upon his own 

Nov. 2 1731 Paid to Mr. Francis Pelletreau of the 
proprietors money to send to New York o pay ye Quit 
Rent for this town 2£, 13 s. 6 d. 




Page 1. John Rose "of North Sea belonging to South- 
ampton in the East Riding of Yorkshire," sells to John 
Jennings "all right to a 50 pound right of commonage in 
the place commonly called by the name of North Sea 
Little Neck." July 5, 1678." 
Witnesses Henry Pierson, John Laughton. 
(Henry Pierson was the Town Clerk and the book is 
mostly in his handwriting. John Laughton was school- 
master and wrote many of the deeds and wills at that time. 
The name seems to have been pronounced Lawton.) 

Page 3. Richard Howell conveys to Robert Norris in 
consideration of 11 years service by indenture well and 
truly performed, 5 acres of land at a place commonly 
called by the name of Wickapogue, bounded east by the 
house lot of Matthew Howell, north by land of Obadiah 
Rogers, west by said Richard Howell, south by highway. 
And is now in his posszssion by virtue of a former deed of 
gift from me. 

Sept. 27, 1678. 



(Robert Norris had son or grandson, Thomas, and 
John Norris, who went to New Jersey, where their de- 
scendants we believe are yet to be found ; Robert Dayton 
went to Brookhaven where he was a large land owner. 
The land mentioned in above deed is probably next west 
of the farm of late Capt. Nathan White at Wickapogue.) 

Robert Norris releases all claim and demand against 
"Richard Howell my late master." Sept. 22, 1678. 


Page 4. Richard Howell sells to Obadiah Rogers i 
acre of land "of my close of land at Wickapogue, bounded 
west by land of Thomas Jessup, north by Obadiah Rogers, 
south by street or highway," "and is to run north and 
south quite through the length of my said close." Oct. 
14, 1678. 

Witness, Obadiah Sale. 

[The strip of land above sold is supposed to be the 
"narrow lane" on the north side of Wickapogue street. 
The land of Thomas Jessup is the present homestead of 
Moses PhiUips]. 

Page 5. A bill of lading by which Mr. Henry Pierson 
ships on board the "Adventure" of New York "for the 
accompt of Mr. Peter Jacobs Marius" 2 barrels of beef. 
"Thomas Carr master under God." And so God bring 
the vessel to her safe harbor, Amen." Nov. 19, 1678. 

John Rose sells to Samuel Mills and John Beswick 
"my 4 fifties of land at a place called by the name of Mea- 
cocks Plaine, and was lately laid out unto the neighbors 
of the hamlet or village called by the name of North Sea, 
in lieu of a division divided to the town of Southampton in 
the Ox Pasture. Being 6 acres and a half, and a rood of 
land. Dec. 16, 1678. Witnesses, Thomas Thorp. 

[The land above sold lies on the west side of Sagg Pond, 
south of the old bridge. The Ox Pasture was the tract of 
land bounded north by Hill street, east by Town Pond, 
south by road to Captain's neck, and west by Shinnecock 
bay, or Head of Creek. This was laid out in 1676. As 
this was very near the village, it was agreed that the Pro- 
prietors who lived at North Sea should have instead of 
their share, land at Meacox as is mentioned above.] 


Samuel Mills and John Beswick convey the same to 
Henry I^'ierson, Jr. Dec. 16, 1678. Witnesses, Zerobel 

Page 7. Henry Pierson, Jr. sells to Christopher Learn- 
ing, of Sagaponack, "two-thirds of a 150 pound alotment, 
due to me upon my father, Henry Pierson's account in the 
last division of land in Southampton Commons," 40 acres 
more or less. Dec. 31, 1678. Witness, Joshua Barnes. 

[The "Division" alluded to is probably the Sagaponack 
Division. See Vol. 2, Printed Records, Page 259. Christo- 
pher Leaming lived at Sagg on the present homestead of 
Hiram S. Rogers. About 1690 he with others went to 
New Jersey and settled at Cape May. His descendants 
have held high positions in that State.] 

Page 8. Christopher Leaming and wife, Es^-her, sell 
to Henry Pierson, Jr. "All i hat my home accommodations 
in Sagaponack, six acres whereof lying between the home 
lo of Benjamin Hand and Benoni Flint, and the other 4 
acres at the end of my said six acres, in all 10 acres. And 
nil my other out lands, about 20 acres, lying at Sagaponack 
Plaine, between the land of Benjamin Palmer on the west 
and Job Sayre on the east." Dec. 30, 1678. 

Henry Pierson,. Jr., agrees that Christopher Lupton 
shall have "the use of the house he now dwells in," for 2 
years. "If the house shall come to be destroyed Christo- 
pher is to have it, but is to pay 15 pounds. 

Page 13. Daniel Lane of Setalcot (Setauket) having 
been committed to prison and convicted of a felony, broke 
jail and made his escape. His estate was forfeited to the 
king, October, 1675. The forfeiture was remitted as it 
had been ordered before in the time of the late Dutch 


Governor, Anthony Colve. Upon application of his wife, 
Katharine, one-half of the estate was given to her and her 
children, and the other half to his creditors and Samuel 
Edsall, of New York, was appointed administrator, 
Feb. 21, 1678. 

E. ANDROSS, Governor. 

Page 11. Thomas Goldsmith, of Killingworth, Con- 
necticut, sells to Wm. Barker, of Southampton, "A certain 
parcel in the northwest corner of my home lot in South- 
ampton, 70 feet in length, running eastward from the 
street, and 20 feet in width, lying nort i and south, as it is 
this day parted by ye south end of a cellar house standing 
on part of ye said land, and so running due west with the 
street." "Also all that my parcel of my meadow, or 
island, or hammock of meadow lying at Sebonack, com. 
monly called the warehouse, bounded west by the meadow 
of Daniel Sayre, north by Sebonack Bay, east and south 
by the Common of Southampton, 4 acres, be the same 
more or less." "And I acknowledge that the said 70 feet 
in length and 20 feet in breadth was sold to said Wm. 
Barker before I sold my home lot to Mr. Edward Howell." 
Dated March 3, 1678-9. Witnessess, Edward Howell, John 

[The first piece of land described above is the northwest 
corner of the lot now owned by Mr. David Burnett at 
corner of Main street and Toilsome lane. The piece of 
meadow at Sebonack is where the east line of Shinnecock 
Hills joins Bullhead Bay. Wm. Barker, who was the first 
merchant in Southampton, had a warehouse here where 
he landed goods from sloops, and the place is still known 
as Barker's Island.] 

Page 12. Thomas Topping sells to Mr. Wm. Barker 
"All that certain parcell of land off the southwest corner 
of my home lot, butting upon the street, 70 feet in length, 


running east and west, and 20 feet in breadth, north and 
south, as it is this day fenced off from my home lot." 
Dated Dec. 28, 1678. Witness, G. Sylvester Peregrine 

[The above piece is the south-west corner of the home- 
stead of late Albert Foster, east side Main street, South- 

Page 13. Peregrine Stanborough sells to Wm. Barker 
"All that my 2 parcels of land lately laid out to me in a 
parcel of land known by the name of the Ox Pasture, on 
the west side of said town of Southampton and fell to me 
by lot in the two divisions of the Ox Pasture. Being by 
denomination £100 Commonage, and being for estimation 
•for 3 acres as they stand numbered to me in the Town 
Records, and in the South Division is lot No. 2, bounded 
on one side by a lot of Thomas Halsey, being No. 1, and on 
the other side by a lot of Job and Francis Sayre, being No. 
3. And in the North Division is lot 22, bounded east by 
Henry Ludlam's, No. 21, and west by Robert Woolley, No. 
28." Dated 28, 1678. 

(The lot No. 2 mentioned above is on the north side of 
Captain's Neck Lane, and 7 rods west of First Neck Lane, 
and includes the west part of the lot formerly owned by 
Mr. Harry Reeves. The lot No. 22 is a part of what was 
formerly the Wick farm on south side of Hill street. The 
house built by late Mr. Meade probably stands on it.) 

Page 14. Josiah Stanborough sells to W^m. Barker his 
p art of the two lots No. 2 and 22 as described in above 
deed, Dec. 6, 1678. Witness Joseph Pierson, Thomas 

[The two lots were drawn by Peregrine and Josiah 
Stanborough, who were brothers, and sons of Josiah Stan- 
borough, one of the original settlers.] 


Page 15. Obadiah Sale "Cooper" sells to Joseph Pier- 
son "All that my 4 acres of land which I bought of Wm. 
Russell, lying in the Great Plain, 3 acres whereof lie in the 
10 acre lot furlong, bounded west by Robert Woolley, east 
by John Jagger, north and south by highway. The other 
acre lies in the neck called Cooper's Neck, and is bounded 
north by John Bishop, south by John Cooper, east by high 
way, and west by another highway." Dated May 2, 1679. 
Witnesses Henry Pierson, John Laughton. 

(The "10 acre lot furlong" includes the tract of land 
bounded north by Captain's Neck lane, and south by 
Cooper's Neck lane, and extended from First Neck lane to 
Shinnecock Bay or Head of the Creek.) 

Page 16. Robert Woolley sells to John Laughton "My 
£50 right in the Ox Pasture, in the north and south divis- 
ion, as fell to me by lot, 2 acres, more or less." Dated 
April 30, 1679. Witnesses, John Jennings, Cornelius Vonck. 
(Robert Woolley drew parts of lot No. 10 in the south 
division and lot 23 in the north division — See Printed Rec- 
ords of Southampton, Vol. 2, Page 258. — ^John Laughton, 
the grantee, was the village schoolmaster and wrote most 
of the wills cvA deeds at that time. His name was pro- 
nounced Lawton.) 

Page 17. John Goldsmith sells to Mr. Wm. Barker 
"All that part of the home lot that formerly was my uncle 
Thomas Goldsmith, bounded east by the part of the lot sold 
to Margaret Cooper, south by the lane, west by the land sold 
by my uncle unto Mr. Edward Howell, and north by land 
of Mr. Thomas Topping. Being 3 acres, 3 roods, 20 poles." 
Dated April 12, 1679. Witnesses, James White, Samuel 


(The above lot is the west part of the lot of late Capt. 
Charles Howell, on north side of Toilsome lane, and east 
of the house of Mr. Daniel Halsey. John Goldsmith went 
to Southold where his descendants are still found.) 

Page 18. Lott Burnett, of Southampton, sells to James 
White, "All that my dwelling house and 14 acres of land 
it now standeth upon lying at a place commonly called by 
the name of Meacock's Gate, bounded west by John Fos- 
ter, south by James White, north by the road, east by the 
highway, dated September 15, 1679. 

("Meacox Gate," where the street leading through 
meacox crosses the road from Bridgehampton village to 
the beach, a gate was placed on the south side of the road 
to prevent cattle from going on the beach.) 

Page 19. James White sells to Lott Burnett "All my 
lot laid out in the last division to Edward Howell of South- 
ampton lying at a place commonly called by the name of 
the Mill Pond Head, containing 40 acres as it fell by lot to 
Edward Howell and is recorded to him." Dated Septem- 
ber 15, 1679. 

(This lot was a part of the "40 acre division" It is on 
the west side of the road running north frcm Mill Fond 
Head. See Vol. 2, Town Records, page 77.) 

James White leases to Lott Burnett the house and 14 
acres of land he bought of him for 2 years and 6 months, 
at a rent of "one peppercorn." At the end of the said 
term the house is to return to said James White, "all but 
the boards of the upper flcor, which the said Lott Burnett 
is to carry away with him." September 15, 1679. 

Page 22. James White agrees to clear cne-third of 
the lot at Mill Fend Head, "and stump and burn all the 


underbrush, and to fall and clear by drawing off or burn- 
ing all the great trees." November 17, 1679. 

Thomas Cooper and wife Mary sell to Ezekiel Sand- 
ford, "all that my lot of land at Meacocks as fell to me by 
lot, being No. 8, in the division of land lately laid out unto 
ye inhabitants of the Town, when the 20 acres to a £150 
right was laid out, containing 20 acres, bounded east by 
lot 7, of James Herrick, west by lot 9, of Mr. Stanborough, 
north and south by highway, and is recorded in ye Town 
Booke." November 17, 1679. 

(The above lot is east of Kelly's Pond at Meacocks. See 
Vol. 2, Town Records, Page 260, 263.) 

Page 24. James Hildreth, carpenter, sells to Ezekiel 
Sandford "a parcel of land at Meacocks, 5 acres, bounded 
east by Arthur Howell, west by my own land, south by 
road, north by John Cook, and runneth north and south 52 
poles, and 15 poles in front." November 14, 1679. 

Page 25. Thomas Goldsmith, of Killingworth, Con- 
necticut, sells to Ezekiel Sandford a £50 right of common- 
age. November 25, 1679. 

Page 26. Jonathan Hildreth binds himself to pay to 
Samuel Barber, of the town of Setauket, "4 barrels of oyle 
and 15 pounds of whalebone, between this and the first of 
April next." November 12, 1679. Witness Henry Pier- 
son, Henry Pierson Jr. 

Page 27. Thomas Trevally binds himself to pay to 
Samuel Barber, of Brookhaven, £15, to be paid in whale 
oyle, in correct sigillate (sealed) barrels, at price current^ 
before the 5th of April. November 12, 1679. Witness 
Henry Pierson, Ebenezer Dod. 


Page 27. Obadiah Sale and wife Sarah, late of South- 
ampton, now resident in Boston, cooper, sell to George 
Heathcote, of New York, merchant, "all that message or 
tenement in Southampton with all the land belonging to 
the saine. Coat lining by estimation 4 acres, being bound- 
ed on the S3U h siJe by the home lot of Ja'.ia Jagger, on 
the north side by the house lot of Mr. John Laughton, on 
the east end by the street and on the west end by the 
highway that leads to the North Sea." Price £61, 5 s. 
Dated July 22, 1679. Witness John Hayward, Eliezer 

(The lot above described is the old north end burying 
ground in Southampton. George Heathcote left it to his 
cousin, Col. Caleb Heathcote, and he sold it to the Town. 
December 13, 1712. See Vol. 2, Town Records, page 359.) 

Page 29. Cornelius Vonck, of Southampton, cord- 
wainer, sells to Mr. Richard Painter "all that parcel of 
land with my consent and assistance measured and staked 
out to him at the north end of my home accommodation, 
next to Christopher Fowler's home lot, being 7 poles in 
brea-J th quite through at the said end, containing one acre 
and a half. The said Richard Painter is to make all the 
fence. March 17, 1679. 

( The above piece of land is now the north part of the 
homestead of late Philinda Payne. Cornelius Vonck was 
a Dutch shoemaker from New York. He owned a lot on 
the north side of Pine street. The home lot of Christopher 
Fowler is the McCorkle place, now owned by George 
Wines. Christopher Fowler probably C£n:e from Flushing 
where families of the name lived at a very early date. 
One branch went to Westchester and Dutchess County, 
where niany families of their descendants are to be found. 


Page 31. John Goldsmith, of Southold, sells to Benja- 
min Haines, of Southampton, "All that my allotment being 
a £100 lot in the Meacocks' Division, -md fell to me by lot 
for my £100 right with Thomas Goldsmith, and is situa ed 
on the west side of a place called Kelly's pond, being 14 
acres, bounded east by said pond, south by Commons, west 
by highway, north by Benjamin Haines, and is recorded in 
ye Record." Dated March 5, 1670. Witness Jonathan 

(The above tract is probably part of the farm of late 
Elbert Rose. See Vol. 2, Printed Records pages 261-263.) 

Josiah Bartholemew, of Southampton, carpenter, sells 
to Edward White "All that my front lot of land and Com- 
monage lying at a place called by the name of Occabawg 
in Southold, which I formerly bought of Samuel Windes, 
bounded west by Barnabas Horton, north by John Swayzie, 
Jr., east by the river commonly called the North Sea, and 
south by said river." Dated January 31, 1679-80. Witness 
Thomas Harris. 

(The above land is in the town of Riverhead at the 
place called Lower Aquebogue. Peconic bay was called 
the North Sea, in contra distinction from the ocean which 
was the "South sea.") 

Page 32. John Topping sells to John Morehouse "A 
certain parcel of land at a place called Saggaponack, con- 
taining 13 acres, bounded east by Thomas Burnett, north 
and west by highways, south by Benoni Flint." Septem- 
ber 11, 1677. Witness Elnathan Topping, Stephen Bay ley. 

(The above tract is probably part of the farm on the 
east side of Sagg street, and now owned by heirs of Rich- 
ard Lester.) 

Page 33. John Jennings sells to Peregrine Stanbor- 
ough "All that my lot laid out to me in the last Division, 


lying on the west side of Saggaponack pond, bounded south 
by Mr. Arthur Howell, west by the Commons, east by said 
pond, running along ye side of said pond from the land of 
Arthur Howell, unto the place northward commonly called 
the tree, where they go over said pond." Containing 40 
acres. Dated October 7, 1679. Witness John Woodruff, 
Sr., Benjamin Haines. 

(The above tract is on the west side of Sagg pond 
south of the road leading to Sagg village.) 

Page 34. Margaret Cooper, of Southold, sells to Wil- 
liam Barker, merchant, "All that parcel of land, being 3 
acres, which was formerly purchased by me of John Gold- 
smith, bounded west by Wm. Barker, east upon ye high- 
way or road that goes to Cob's Pound, north by Thomas 
Topping." Dated April 16, 1680. Witness John Rolson, 
Stephen Bayley. 

(The above tract is the land on the north side o ' Toil- 
some lane, and west of Old Town lane, "Cob's Pound" is 
the original name of the place now called Cobb.) 

Page 36. Robert Woolley sells to Ezekiel Sandford 
"All that my £50 allotment at a place called by the name 
of Hacker s Hole, bounded west by the cartway, leaving 
out a pole of the pond for a watering place ; north by the 
land given by the Town to Ezekiel Sandford, east by Mr. 
Arthur Howell, south by highway, within 5 poles of the 
land of Isaac Willman," containing 15 acres. Dated May 
11, 1680. Witness Wm. Hackelton. 

(This tract is at the corner of the road to Sagg bridge 
and the road from Meacox to Bridgehampton. This was 
the homestead of Ezekiel Sandford, and the ancient house 


if not still standing, remained till very recent years. 
Hacker's Hole, once quite a pool of water, has we believe 
qui! e disappeared of late years.) 

Page 37. Peregrine Stanborough, inhabitant of agga- 
ponack, sells to Shamgar Hand, of East Hampton, "Twen- 
ty four acres of land at Saggaponack, bounded west by 
the pond, east by the highway and south by the highway." 
In exchange Shamgar Hand gives several pieces of land in 
the town of East Hampton. June 20, 1669. Witness 
Thomas James, Edward Codner. 

(The first tract is at the corner of Sagg street and 
Bridge Land ; Thomas James, one of the witnesses, was 
the minister in East-Hampton.) 

Thomas Cooper sells to Shamgar Hand "All that £150 
allotment at Saggaponack, No. 14, lying for 20 acres." 
June 15, 1680. Witness Elnathan Topping, Henry Pierson, 

(The above lot is next to the East Hampton line. See 
Vol. 2, Printed Records, Page 260.) 

Page 39. John Rose sells to Mr. John Jennings "All 
that my £50 allotment in a certain neck called Hogg Neck, 
n ow suddenly to te divided." Dated April 29, 1680. Wit- 
ness Richard his 

X Smith, John Laughton. 


(The Hog Neck Division may be found in Vol. 2, 
Printed Records, Page 88. Richard Smith, cne of the wit- 
nesses, was known as "Richard Smith of North Sea." He 
was doubtless the same man who was sent by the magis- 
t rates of Eoston to his heme on Long Island, charged with 
being "One of those emissaries of Satan called Quakers." 


Strange to say he has been confounded with Richard 
Smith the founder of Smithtown, though he was an en- 
tirely different man.) 

Page 41. John Beswick, brickmaker, sells to Peregrine 
Stanborough "All that my house and home lot at a place: 
called Meacocks, bounded east by land of Benoni Newton 
and Edward Howell, north by highway, west by land of 
Samuel Loom, south by highway or road, containing 30 
acres as it stands on the Records to me." Dated Novem- 
ber 3, 1680. Witness Wm. Barker, John Gibon. 

Peregrine Stanborough sells the above tract to James 
Cooper, September 11, 1688. 

[The above tract is probably about 50 rods east of 
Bridgehampton village, and is bounded south by the road 
to East Hampton. See Vol. 2, Printed Records, Page 105.] 

Page 42. Robert Woolley sells to Wm. Barker "A 
parcel of land lying at the rear of the lot on which my 
dwelHng house standeth, containing one acre and a half, 
bounded north by land of Joshua Barnes, east by road, 
and southwest to land of said Robert Woolley." Decem- 
ber 23, 1680. 

[The homestead of Robert Woolley was the present 
home lot of Mr. Albert J. Post and included all the land on 
the north side of the road to Bridgehampton, east of what 
is now Elm street, to David White's lane. The tract de- 
scribed above is probably next to the lane.] 

Page 43. Cornelius Vonck sells to Benjamin Haines 
"My £50 allotment at a place called Long Pond and is No. 
3, and fell to me in division with Benjamin Haines and 


Christopher Lupton, being thirteen and two-third acres." 
Dated November 3, 1680." 

[The above is part of the 40 acre Division laid out in 
1679. It is now probably a part of the farm of the late 
Capt. Albert Jennings at Bridgehampton. See Vol. 2, 
Printed Records, Page 77-78.] 

Page 45. Thomas Burnett sells to his son, Lott Bur- 
nett, "All that my close of woodland and meadow at a 
place called by the name of Cormorant Poynt, eastward of 
the Town of Southampton, containing 35 acres, bounded 
east by Meacocks Pond, south by said pond, west by 
Joseph Hildreth, northwest by the Commons." Dated 
May 7, 1680. 

[The bove is probably the home farm of Mr. Luther 
Burnett at Flying Point.] 

Page 48. Thomas Goldsmith, of Southampton, sells 
to John Howell, Jr., "8 acres of land in the Great Playne, 
in the neck of land commonly called by the name of the 
First Neck, over the highway against Isaac Halsey's close, 
commonly known by the name of the barn close. Price 
£46. This close was sold to Thomas Goldsmith by Richard 
Barrett." Dated April 14, 1675. Witness Abraham How- 
ell, Nicholas Edes. 

[The above lot is the one formerly owned by William 
Machie, and now or lately owned by Mr. Nelson. It is on 
the west side of First Neck lane, and opposite the home 
lot of Frederick H. BetL ;, Es:}., which is the "barn close " 
of Isaac Halsey, above mentioned. The above deed is one 
of the few in which the price paid is mentioned.] 

Thomas Goldsmith, of Killingworth, Conn., sells to 
Isaac Raynor, of Southampton "All that meadow, upland 
and salt marsh, I formerly bought of Mr. Richard Barrett. 


Lying in the Great Neck of Shinnecock on the west side 
of the same." Dated April 26, 1681. Witness Edmund 
Howell, Joseph Howell. 

[The meadows in Shinnecock Neck and also at Sepon 
ack were laid out and divided among the Proprietors of 
the Town at a very early date 1654. The records is lost, 
but is alluded to in Vol. 1, Printed Records, Page 101. 
These meadows have always been held by private owners^ 
and the Shinnecock Indians have no claim upon them. 
They are expressly reserved in the lease given to the tribe 
in 1703.] 

Page 49. John Laughton and wife, Sarah, sell to Wm. 
Barker "A £50 right of Commonage from the place com- 
monly called the Canoe Place, eastward." April 29, 1681. 
Witness John Jessup, Samuel Johnes. 

[That part of the town east of Canoe Place, was the 
original purchase from the agent of the Earl of Stirling 
and known as the "Town Purchase.] 

Robert Woolley sells to Peter Norris "All that parcel 
of land at Saggaponack, being one-third of a 20 acre lot in 
the last Division No. 21, drawn in company with James 
Hampton and Robert Kellam, bounded south by Benjamin 
Palmer, north by John Woodruff, west by Saggaponack 
Pond, east by highway." Dated April 25, 1681. Witness 
Abraham Howell, John Howell, Jr. 

[See Printed Records, Vol. 2, Page 260-263.] 

Page 53. John Jessup sells to his son, Thomas Jessup, 
"All that my house and three acres of land at Weecapaug, 
and a £50 right of commonage throughout the bounds of 


Southampton, both eastward and at Quaquanantuck, and 
one-third of all my other lands, except my now dwelling 
house and lot in Southampton." Dated May 6, 1^81. 
Witness Zerobab 1 Phillips, John Laughton. 

[The home lot at Weecapaug is the present homestead 
of Moses Phillips. Zerobabel Phillips does not appear to 
have left any descendants in this town. All the families 
of Phillips, both in Southampton and in the western part 
of the town, ^re descended from the Rev. George Phil- 
lips, who was a graduate from Harvard College and the 
minister atSetauket for many years. His descendants are 
very numerous.] 

Page 55. Samuel Clark, Sr., sells to Christopher Lup- 
ton "All my right to the mill and mill house, and water 
stream, lying in ye place called ye North Sea, in the Town 
of Southampton." Dated October 16, 1681. Witness Ed- 
mund Clark, Charles Sturniy. 

(The above mill was on the stream which is the outlet 
of Fresh Pond. Samuel Clark lived on the homestead of 
the late Austin Rose.) 

Page 56. Mary Pierson, administratrix of the estate 
of her deceased husband, Henry Pierson, confirms to her 
son, Henry Pierson, as his part of the estate "One-!;hird of 
the Division of Hog Neck, four acres of the home lot, next 
to his brother Joseph's part, which is eight acres next the 
street at the west end thereof, and ne-nuarter of a £300 
right of Commonage, anl \\wd acres of I: ad in First Neck, 
and the meadow at Long Tongue in Shinnecock, with Jo- 
seph Ray nor." Dated June 1, 1681. Witness Thomas 
Harris, Joseph Pierson. 

(Henry Pierson was the Town Clerk. His homestead is 
the present Presbyterian Church lot and land adjoining 


and extended to Old Town lane. The 4 acres given to her 
son, Henry, (who was Lieut. Colonel Henry Pierson of 
Sagg) is the middle part east of the lot and now owned by 
heirs of John Berry and others.) 

Page 57. Mary Fletcher, administratrix of estate of 
her late husband, Henry Pierson, gives to her son, Henry 
Pierson, "Three acres of land in the ten acre lots, one acre 
in Halsey's Neck against Thomas Cooper's, Sr., close, and 
all the meadow at the bottom of Shinnecock Neck." June 
4, 1681. 

Rev. Seth Fletcher, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, 
"being about to marry Mary Pierson, widow of Henry 
Pierson, late of Southampton," releases all claim to the 
estate of said Henry Pierson. "And if it please God to 
call him out of this world" he agrees to leave her the sum 
of £100, "and to take three of her children with her, as 
long as she shall see cause to have them soe to h^e with 
h-r." Dated May 30 :j81. 

Page 59. Mary Fletcher gives to her son, Joseph 
Pierson, "as his part of his father's estate, 6 acres in the 
ten acre lot, 2 acres in the Ox Pasture, 8 acres of the home 
lot at the west end next the street, one-half of the in 
meadow, and one-half the meadow at the North Sea, one- 
third of the Division at Hog Neck, all the Old Tovv^n close, 
one-acre of land near the bottom of Halsey's Neck, and a 
£50 of Commonage." June 4, 1681. 

(The close at Old Town given to Joseph Pierson was left 
by him to his son, Henry Pierson, who sold it to David 
Howell, known as "Money David." He sold the south 


part of it to Elias Pelletreau'and left the north part to his 
son, Matthew Howell. The whole was afterward pur- 
chased by Capt. James Post and now belongs to Dr. T. 
Gaillard Thomas.) 

Page 62. James Herrick sells to Robert Norris '"my 
two lots in the Ox Pasture, being No. 34 in the South Di- 
vision and 39 in the North Division," price £8. June 22, 

Page 66. Robert Norris sells the above lots to Thom- 
as Reeves. October 8, 1681. Witness Jeckonial Scott. 

Page 64. Thomas Reeves sells to Joseph Marshall 
"All that my home lot, being 3 acres, which I received of 
the Towne." Bounded west by the street, east by Thom- 
as Halsey, north by land which said Joseph Marshall 
bought of Jonathan Raynor, south by highway. Dated 
October 29, 1679. Witness Henry Pierson, Wm. White. 

(The above lot is the east corner of Main street and 
Gin Lane.) 

Page 65. Joseph Marshall sells to Thomas Reeves "A 
lot in the North Division of the Ox Pasture, procured of 
Mrs. Raynor, or her son, Jonathan Raynor, being No. 3, 
between the lot of Edmund Howell on the east, and the lot 
of Henry Ludlam on the west." Dated October 29, 1679. 

(The above lot is probably part of the homestead of late 
Franklin Jagger on Hill street.) 

Page 66. Mary Fletcher gives to her son, Benjamin 
Pierson, as his part of his father's estate "4 acres of the 
home lot at the east end, one-third of the Hog Neck Divis- 
ion, one-quarter of the meadow at Quaquanantuck, two 


acres in the Little Plain, 3 acres of the wood division in the 
Ox Pasture, 12 acres of land at Littleworth, on the west 
side, one-half the meadow at North Sea, and one acre of 
land in Halsey's Neck." Dated June 4, 1681. 

(The land at Littleworth is on the south side of the 
road, and ixow owned by Henry White. 

(The 4 acres at the east end of the home lot is the 
homestead of late Joseph King. Benjamin Pierson went 
to New Jersey and has many descendants.) 

Page 67. Joseph Pierson gives to his mother, Mrs. 
Mary Fletcher, "All that my now dwelling house in South- 
ampton, with all the Garden." Dated June 20, 1681. Wit- 
ness Thomas Trevally, John Laughton. 

Mrs. Fletcher conveys the same to her son, Benjamin 
Pierson, the same day. 

Page 68. Edmund Howell sells to Samuel Whitehead, 
cordwainer, "A certain parcel of land in the northeast 
corner of my home lot, being 6 poles square." Dated Oc- 
tober 6, 1661. Witness John Bishop, John Laughton. 

(The above piece of land is at the corner of Main 
street and Job's Lane, where the house of Mr. Albert 
Reeves now stands. The house lot of Edmund Howell 
extended south to the Parsonage lot.) 

Page 69. Martha Raynor, widow of Mr. Thurston 
Raynor, gives to her son, Jonathan, "All my housing and 
lands in Southampton." September 17th, 1680. Witness 
John Howell, Thomas Cooper. 

(The homestead of Thurston Raynor was probably the 
land south of the house of late Nicoll White, now Mr. At- 


Page 70. Richard Post sells to John Post "A £50 right 
of Commonage, and 13^ acres of land on Hog Neck, being 
a £100 lot next." December 2, 1681. Witness John How- 
ell, Martha Howell. 

Page 71. An agreement between certain Indians "to 
trie whale for Thomas Cooper and Samuel Barnes this 
whole whale season." Dated Dec. 19th 1681. 

An agreement between certain Indians to go to sea 
for Joseph Raynor "for the striking and killing of whales 
and other great fish." Dated Dec. 28th 1680. 

Page 72. An agreement between certain Indians "to 
goe a whaling all the next whale season at Quaquanantuck 
or elsewhere" for Joseph Fordham. Witness John Mow- 
bray, David Brigs, Thomas Steevens. Dated Sept. 28th 

An agreement with certain Indians "to goe to sea this 
next ensuing season to kill whales or other great fish for 
Thomas Jessup" Dated Jan 7th 168^ 

Page 73. Agreement with certain Indians to goe to 
sea to kill whales and other great fish for Isaac Raynor 
Dated Jan 16th 168i 

Agreement with certain Indians to goe to sea for 
Henry Pierson for the next ensuing whale Season which 
will be in the year 1682. He allowing us a half share of 
what is caught and saved by us ; he carting the blubber 
to some convenient place for trying. Witnesses Benjamin 
Hand, Josiah Wiggens, John Paine. Dec. 3rd 1681 

Page 74. Agreement with certain Indians "to goe to 
sea upon ye designe of Killing of whales or any other 
great fish." Matthew Howell is to allow them one half of 


what is killed by us and to cart our part of all that comes 
a shore between Sagaponack pond and the Privateer hill. 
And he is to provide two good new seder boats and all 
other necessaries. Dated Feb. 25th 168J 

Agreement with certain Indians to go whaling for 
Andrew Gibb of Brookhaven. Dated March 10th 168i 

Page 75. These are to certify that the Governor hath 
granted unto Mr. John Jennings, the Marshall of the East 
Riding the same privilege he formerly had of having 5 
pounds a year allowed him out of the fines of that Riding 
for exterordynary trouble. The which he hath ordered 
me to signify to you. Dated in New- York this first day of 
November 1676 

Matthias Nicolls 

To the Justices of the Peace of the 
East Riding or whom it may concern. (Recorded 1682) 

Bill of Sale — ^John Tant of Southampton Blacksmith 
s ells to Mr. Edward Howell "All my Smith tools and iron 
bellosse that I now have in my shop" Dated March 28th 

Page 76. Benjamin Eavis sells to Daniel Sayre "a Gin 
acre of land in the little plains" bounded east by Joseph 
Foster, west by Capt. Howell. In exchange for which 
Daniel Sayre sells to Benjamin Davis a Gin acre of land in 
said plain, bounded west by Jonah Fordham and east by 
Richard Howell. Dated April 7th 1682. 

John Beswick of Southampton sells Benony Newton 
"all that my piece of land lying at a pond ccrrmonly called 
and known by the name of Kellies pond. Eounded east 
by land of Ihcmas Halsey west by land of Eenony New- 


ton North by the said pond South by the highway. Being 
by estimation seven acres. Witness, John Shepard. 
Dated Nov. 20, 1680 

Page 77. John Woodniffe sells to Benony Newton "all 
that my hundred and fifty pounds division that fell unto 
me by lot in a place commonly called and known by the 
name of the Ox Pasture" being by estimation fivf acres of 
land both in the North and South division. Dated April 
8th 1682. 

Page 78. Thomas Reeves blacksmith sells to Bennoy 
Newton "all that my fifty pound allotment that fell to me 
with Joseph Hildreth and John Bishop in the Mecox divis- 
ion and is number 10 being a twenty acre division to a 
hundred and fifty pound commonage and is near a place 
called by the name of Kellies pond" and is bounded north 
and south by highways east by land of Mr. Peregrine 
Stanborough west by the land of Richard Post it being by 
estimation seven acres. Dated April 8th, 1682 

(Note. See Vol. 11, Printed Records, Page 263. 
Thomas Reeves seems to have purchased his right of El- 
nathan Topping. W. S. P.) 

Page 79. Eenony Newton of Southampton carpenter 
sells to Thcmas Reeves "all that my hundred and fiffy 
pound division of land I bought of my brother [in law] 
John Woodruff in a place called the Ox Pasture 

(Note. See Printed Records Vol 11 Page 258.) 

Page 80. David Briggs of Southampton gives to his 
beloved wife Mary Briggs all his personal estate goods 
money household stuff &c. And my now dwelling house 
and all the land there unto adjcining. But if she dies 


without issue I give the said house and land unto Pelle- 
tiah Fordham son of Mr. Joseph Fordham. Also my par" 
eel of land at a place called Kellys pond bounded north 
by the highway to East Hampton and South by the said 
pond. After my wifes decease I give this to Nathan Ford- 
ham son of Joseph Fordham. I give to Elizabeth Fordham 
daughter of Joseph Fordham four acres of land which I 
have yet to take up on the commons. Dated April 24, 

Page 82. John Elce of Southampton "velmonger" 
sells to John Carwithen of said town, Blacksmith, four 
acres of land "lying in a certain village called by the name 
of Mecox" bounded east by the land of the said John Elce 
North by land of Anthony Ludlam deceased on the west 
by a neck of land commonly called Calves Neck and on 

the South . This is a part of twenty acres of land 

sold by Thomas Topping the elder late of Southampton 
deceased to said John Elce by deed July 6th 1676 Dated 
April 1st 1682. 

Page 84. John an Indian binds himself to try all the 
whale that Joseph Pierson shall have to try all the next 
whale season and Joseph Pierson is to pay 2 s. 6d. per 
barrel "and find all manner of conveniences Dated May 
8th 1682. witness Sarah Exell Samuel Whitehead. 

Obadiah Rogers Jr. employs certain Indians to go 
whaling for him the whole next whale season which will 
be in the year 1683. 

Page 84. Edward Wl ite sells to William Mason "My 
house and lot I lately bought of widow Madeline Vonck. 
Bounded west by land of wiccw Saiah Cccper, and is sit- 
uate in the west street of Scuthanr.ptcn, and east by the 
same street, containing 8 acres." June 14, 1682. Witness 
Thomas Chatfield, John Laughton. 


(The above tract includes the south part of the home- 
stead of Mrs. Philinda Payne and the ground where the 
Union School house stands, also the home lots of Gilbert 
and Frank White. The fence on the street line was origin- 
ally on top of the hill, the road having been narrowed in 
recent years. See deed below.) 

Page 88. Madeline Vonck, widow of Cornelius Vonck, 
sells to Edward White "My house and home lot, bounded 
west by land of widow Sarah Cooper, north by the land 
sold by my husband to Mr. Richard Painter, east by the 
west street of Southampton. June 7, 1682. Witness John 

Page 89. Thomas Shaw, of North Sea, cooper, sells 
to Isaac Mills of Meacocks "Three acres and a half of land, 
being part of a tract granted to said Thomas Shaw by the 
towne, and is lying at Meacocks, bounded east by a creek 
of water, south by land of Arthur Howell, the younger, 
west by highway or lane, north by home lot of Isaac Mills." 
December 8, 1681. Witness Shamgar Hand, John Howell, 

(The above tract is part of lot 19 in the Meacock's 
Division and lies at the bottom of what was called in early 
days "Calf Pen Neck," at west side of Calf Creek. See 
Vol. 2, Printed Records, Page 261.) 

Page 91. James Herrick sells to Isaac Mills "10 acres 
of land, being part of my Meacox last Division, lying at 
Meacox in the upper Division, bounded north and south 
by highways, west by Thomas Cooper, east by land form- 
erly sold out of said lot to Mr. John Beswick and Benoni 
Newton, as I formerly divided it to them." May 10, 1681. 

(The above tract is part of lot 7, and lies on the west 
side of Kelly's pond. It is a fact that seems to have es- 


caped the notice of former historians, that James Herrick, 
the ancestor of the family of that name, had a brother, 
WilHam Herrick, who was an early resident of Newtown, 
Long Island, and had a plantation on Newton Creek. He 
died there leaving no children. His widow married 
Thomas Wendell, and James Herrick, of Southampton, as 
heir-at-law, sold him the plantation. From him it probably 
derived the name of the village of "Herricks," in Hemp- 
stead, about three miles from Mineola.) 

Page 92. Robert Kellam, o- Huntington, cordwainer, 
sells to John Gould, of Southampton, "All that my lot of 
land in Huntington, containing 6 acres, in the rear of Jonas 
Woods home lot, and in the rear of Richard Brush's lot, 
and the rear of Joseph Whitman's, west by Joseph Whit- 
man's land, south and east by Commons." February 2, 

(Some of the early residents of Southampton went to 
Huntington, and among them was Robert Kellam and Jonas 

Page 94. Thomas Pope and wife, Mary, sell to John 
Cooper "All my accommodations, being a £50 lotrnent, 
and particularly my dwelling house and lot, and 3 acres in 
the 10 acre lots on the Great Plain, bounded east by John 
Jagger, west by Robert Woolley ; also 1 acre in the said 10 
acre lots, bounded east by land of Mr. Hampton, west by 
Isaac Willman, and 1 acre being a corner piece ; bounded 
east by Wm. Russell, and 2 acres in Halsey's Neck, bound- 
ed south by Christopher Foster, north by Thomas Gold- 
smith, and one-half acre in the Little Plains, between Frog 
Pond and the southwest end of said Plain. Also my right 
to an acre of land lying near to ye Gin, which the Tcwne 
gave me. And 1 acre of meadow lying by the beach at 
the Pines. And 6 acres of woodland belonging to me by 


the late Division. And 10 acres which belongs to me by 
the last Division, not yet laid out." April 27, 1666. Wit- 
ness Samuel Clarke, Thomas Topping, Jonas Houldsworth. 
(Thomas Pope, who was one of the earliest settlers, 
removed to New Jersey. His home lot is now occupied by 
the Methodist Church and land adjoining. The Great 
Plain was the whole tract between Town Pond and Shin- 
necock Bay. The land in the Little Plain is now covered 
by the beach and is south of the lot now or late of Mr. 
Nelson, east of the home lot of Dr. T. G. Thomas. Frog 
pond has long since been filled in with drifting sand and 
disappeared. The "Gin" seems to have been a peculiar 
kind of fence at the east end of the Little Plain, next to 
Old Town Pond and beach. The above deed was recorded 
many years after it was written. 

Page 97. John Jessup gives to his well beloved son 
John Jessup Jr. a fifty pound commonage throughout the 
bounds of Southampton and one third of all my lands and 
meadows and the west end of my now Dwelling House 
and the newest part of my barn. This is given for love 
and affection "and upon the delivery by him of a small 
piece of money commonly known by the name of a Six 
pence fixed upon the seal of these presents." Dated July 
18th 1682 

(Note. The dwelling house and lot of John Jessup, is 
on the east side of Main street, Southampton, next south 
of Toilsome Lane, and now owned by heirs of Capt. Bar- 
ney A. Green. W. S. P.) 

Page 98. Edmond Howell and wife Sarah of South" 
ampton in the East Riding of Yorkshire husbandman hav- 
ing formerly sold unto Samuel Whitehead of Southampton 
a certain parcel of land in the northeast comer of my 
home lot being six poles square as by deed Oct. 6th — . 


He now confirms to him the said six poles square and 
forty four feet more on the north side thereof so that the 
whole line on the north is by estimation one hundred and 
forty three feet in length, and on the east side seventeen 
feet more so that the whole line on the east end is a hun- 
dred and sixteen feet in length and on the south eleven 
foot so that the whole South line is a hundred and ten feet 
and on the west side ten feet so that the whole west line 
is a hundred and nine feet in length. Samuel Whitehead 
is to make all the fence. Dated July 3rd 1682. Witness 
John Mappam 

(Note. The home lot of Edmund Howell included all 
the land on west side of Main street Southampton, from 
Job's Lane to the Parsonage lot. W. S. P.) 

Page 100. Samuel Barker of the North Sea belonging 
to Southampton in Yorkshire on Long Island weave sells 
to John Cooper "my house or tenement which I dwell in at 
the said North Sea with all my land or accomodation 
which is of the denomination of a fifty pound allotment 
Dated April 12th 1666 (No witnesses). Naomy Barker 
wife of Samuel Barker releases all claim, April 12th, 1666 
Witnesses Henry Pierson, Thomas Gouldsmith. 

Page 102. Samuel Dayton of the North Sea belonging 
to Southampton cordwinder sells to John Cooper all that 
my house or tenement and accommodations at North Sea. 
Except two parcels of meadow which I sold to Henry Pier- 
son being of the denomination of three quarters of a hun- 
dred pound allotment. The greater part of which accom- 
modations lyeth in the Neck commonly called Cow Neck 
lying at the east end thereof with a pond and spring in 
it, and Mr. John Scotts land lying at the west end thereof 
and Mr. John Jennings land to the Southwest thereof. 


Dated March 27th 1666, witness Henry Pierson, Humphrey 


(Recorded 1682). 

Page 103. John Beswick of Southampton brick maker 
sells to Benjamin Haynes all that my fifty pound division 
formerly bought of John Laughton being ten acres more 
or less lying at a place called Kellies pond. Dated April 
1st, 1681. 

Page 105. Richard Paynter of Southampton sells to 
Mr. John Jennings "all that my now dwelling house and 
home lot as I formerly bought of Cornelius Vonck late of 
the town of Southampton and is by estimation two acres 
of land. Bounded South by the lot of William Mason 
formerly of the said Cornelius Vonck. West by the land 
of Mrs. Sarah Cooper, North by the land of Christopher 
Fowler east by the Street. 
Dated Aug. 29, 1682 

(Note. This lot is on the west side of Windmill Lane 
in Southampton village, and is now owned by Edward 
Corrigan. The lot of Christopher Fowler is now the 
homestead of George Wines. W. S. P.) 

Page 106 Sarah Cooper widow and sole administra- 
trix of John Cooper gives to her well beloved daughter 
Mary Cooper All that my lot of land at the North end of 
the said town of Southampton being twelve acres. 
"Bounded south by the land of John Jagger and west by 
the road that goetii into ye woods near the road that lead- 
eth to ye North Sea. north by the land of John Bishop 
east partly by the land of John Bishop Jr and partly by 
the highway or commons near the road that leadeth to ye 
Long Springs" Dated the 13th day of Aug. 1682 


(Note. The above land is now the south part of the 
homestead and farm of Samuel Bishop, and of his lato 
father, Francis R. Bishop. W. S. P.) 

Page 108. Thomas Burnett gives to his well beloved 
son Mordecah Burnet 26^ acres of land which I had of my 
son Lott. Burnet; lying at the head of the Mill Pond, 
Bounded east by the land of Jonathan Rainer west by the 
land I have this day given to my son Dan. Burnet North 
and south by the commons or highways. Dated Nov. 
11, 1682. 

Page 110. Josiah Bartholomew of Southampton car- 
penter sells to George Heathcote of New York merchant. 
All that lot of land sold to me by Aaron Burnet and is 
situated in the east end of that plain or field of land com- 
monly called by the name of the Ox Pasture, being by 
estimation between two and three acres of land. Bound- 
ed west by the highway that goeth into ye first neck 
north by the land of John Jagger east by the pond and 
South by the highway to the pond Dated Oct. 8, 1682. 
Witnesses Abraham Willman, Benjamin Davis, Robert 
Morris Jr 

(Note. This lot is on the east side of First Neck 
Lane, and is the homestead of Capt. Nelson Burnet, and 
land to the east. See Vol. 11, Printed Records, Page 
258. W- S. P.) 

Page 111, Josiah Bartholomew sells to George Heath- 
cote of New York all my fifty pound commonage within 
the Town of Southampton. Dated Oct. 7th 1682 

Page 112. Thomas Gouldsmith of Kellingworth in 
the County of New London in the Colony of Connecticut, 


"tayler" sells to widow Martha Cook all that my division 
of land at a place commonly called the first neck and east- 
ward of the town of Southampton containing by estimation 
fifteen acres as it was laid out to the said Thomas Gould- 
smith. Being in two parts one bounded on the south by 
the land of Christopher Foster north by land of Richard 
Howell west by the first creek of Mecox and eastward 
partly by the other part and partly by land of Christopher 
Foster, The other part is bounded north by land of Chris- 
topher Foster south and east by the water. Dated March 
12th 168§ 

Page 113. John Tenison formerly inhabitant of South- 
ampton carpenter sells to Capt. John Howell all my house 
and land by estimation two acres being in Southampton 
on the west side of the town street. Bounded on the 
South and West by the highway to the North Sea north 
by the land of Edmond Clark east by the aforesaid street 
of Southampton. Dated June 28th 1682. 

(Note. This lot is the north side of Bowden Square 
in village of Southampton. W. S. P.) 

Page 114. Mary Cooper daughter of John Cooper 
dec. having received a certain sum of money from my ever 
honored mother Mrs. Sarah Cooper widow and adminis- 
tratrix of the estate of my deceased f jtner releases to her 
mother all claim to the estate. Dated ; ug. 13th, 1682. 

Page 115 Thomas Gouldsmith of Southampton sells 
to John Howell eight acres of land lying at Weecar.auge 
and bounded on the west by land of Richard Howell on 
the north by land of John Laughton on the south by the 
highway that goes to Daniel Halsey's and on the east by 
said Thomas Gouldsmith. Also a fifty pound lotment of 


meadow and commonage at Quaquanantuck. Dated Jun 3 
10th 1675. Witness Andrew Davies, Benomy Newton. 

(Note. This tract is the west part of farm of lat 3 
Capt. Nathan White, or a part of the farm of late Edwin 
Squires, next west. W. S. P.) 

Page 116. Joseph Post sells to Thomas Reeves all 
that lot of land in the North division of the Ox Pasture 
which he formerly bought of Arthur Howell being lot 
number eight. Also two thirds of lot number 29. 

Thomas Reeves in exchange sells to Joseph Post his 
lot number forty lying in the Ox Pasture south division by 
the pond side wh ch he formerly bought of Thomas Hal- 
sey. And three acres of land lying in the South division 
being part of a north lot number thirty nine that stands 
upon record to James Herrick. Also a little piece of land 
more to make up the complement lying in south division 
being part of number twenty three formerly John Wood- 
ruff's. Which piece of land is forty one poles long and 
one pole three feet two inc ;es at the south end : and one 
pole six feet four inches at the north end. Dated April 
20th 1683. 

(Note. See Vol. 11, Printed Records, Page 258-259) 

Joseph Post sells to Samuel Cooper a little piece of 
land more or less being part o'l lot number twenty three 
in the south division of the Ox Pasture formerly John 
Woodruffs, forty one poles long and one pole three feet 
two inches wide at the south end and one pole six feet 
four inches at the north end Dated April 16th, 1705 

Page 117 Mary Raynor widow of Joseph Raynor dis- 
charges her son in law John Earle from all debts and de- 
mands. Dated April 18th 1693 


Page 118 John Rose of the North Sea belonging unto 
Southampton sells to Isaac Raynor one half acre of land 
out of the South east corner of my home lot at the said 
North Sea and is ten rods or poles in length east and west 
and eight rods or poles in breadth lying north and South. 
Bounded north and west by land of John Rose east and 
south by Commons. Dated March 30th 1682 

Page 120. James Herrick sells to James Beswick "the 
south part of my lot at Meccocks, 10 acres as it fell to 
me, bounded east by highways west by part of same lot 
sold to Benoni Newton, north by another part of said lot 
sold to Isaac Miller, south by Commons" 

June 22, 1681 

(The above is Lot No. 7, Meacox Division. See Volume 
2, Records, Page 261) 

James Beswick sells the above to Jacob Wood, June 
24 1681, and Jacob Wood sells it to Mr. Arthur Howell. 
June 28, 1681 

Page 122, John Larrison, being about to marry Je- 
mima Halsey, widow of Daniel Halsey, releases all claim 
to her late husbands estate, 1681. Witnessed, Andrew 

(Note. Jemima Halsey was the daughter of Richard 
Woodhull. W. S. P.) 

Page 124. John Larrison Covenants to the male heirs 
of Daniel Halsey, namely Laniei Halsey and RicLard Hal- 
sey, that they shall have "all the housing and land at home, 
namely Wickapogue and the wood close, and all the land 
at Seven Ponds except 2 acres." May 15, 1683. 

(The homestead of Daniel Halsey at Wickapogue still 
remains in the hands of his descendants) 


Page 125. John Earle and wife M^ry "for two good 
cows" release all claim to the estate of Joseph Raynor, de- 
ceased. April 18, 1683. 

John Bishop gives to widow Sarah Cooper "6 acres of 
land at the North end of Towne, bounded north by John 
Bishop, east by John Bishop, Jr. west by the highway to 
North Sea, South by land of widow Cooper." 

She gives in exchange "6 acres of land bounded North 
and South by John Bishop, and west by Commons." June 
13, 1683, Witness Obadiah Rogers, Samuel Whitehead. 

(The above tracts are part of the farms of Mr. Samuel 
Bishop north of the old Jagger homestead on the North 
Sea Road.) 

Page 126. John Else "Glover" many good consider, 
ations me unto moving, as also for the sum of three score 
and ten pounds of Boston money, sells to Benony Newton 
all that my house and land I am now possessed of- lying at 
a place commonly called by the name of Meacock and is 
40 acres, bounded north by the four acres I formerly 
sold to John Corwithen, west by the pond of water called 
Calves Creek, east by the highway, and south by the high- 
way. Together with all the clap boards and shingles that 
I have already purchased for the furnishing of said house. 
Dated June 12, 1683. 

Page 128. Richard Howell and wife Elizabeth, give to 
their well beloved son, Richard Howell Jr., "all that my 
lot of 20 acres of land I formerly changed with the Town 
of Southampton, and is lying near unto a place westward 
of the Town of Southampton commonly known and called 
by the name of "Head of the Creek, and is laid out to him 
by the layers out." Dated June 20, 1683. 


(The above land is now probably the farm of Bartlett 
Robinson near Tuckahoe. It was sold by Hezekiah Howell 
to Job Wick in 1741. Wm.Wick sold it to James Magee, 
from whom it passed to its present owner.) 

Page 129. Richard Howell gives to his son Richard 
Howell Jr, "3 acres of my home lo^, I lately exchanged of 
Benjamin Davis, next adjoining to the street. Bounded 
north by my home lot, south by the home lot of the Widow 
Raynor. If he die without male issue, that it is to return 
to the executors of Richard Howell, and the heiis of said 
Richard Howell, Jr, are to have 3 acres at the west end of 
my lot in the Great Plain on the west side of the pond. 
Dated May 20, 1683. 

(The home lot is a part of the farm of Edward H. 
Foster, Esq. The lot in the Great Plain is the corner lot 
owned by the heirs of Judge Kilbreth at First Neck.) 

Page 130. Isaac Wilman. "Whereas my honored 
father Isaac Wilman, did in his life time give unto me a 
certain parcel of land lying and being at a place called 
Meacocks, adjoining to Sagaponack pond as by deed of 
gift October 11, 1683. and whereas by my consent my 
said father did grant the same to my brothers John The- 
ophilus and Benjamin Wilman, I, Isaac Wilman do release 
unto them all my claims." Dated May 31, 1697. 

(This land lies by the road to Sagg. the bridge and 
Sagg Pond. The first church in Bridgehampton was built 
on this lot.) 

Page 131. Isaac Wilman gives to his son, Isaac, "for 
love and good will, after my decease." All that my 10 
acres which I formerly gave unto my daughter, Mary 
Simpkins, during her life. Being at a place called Mea- 
cocks, and is now in the tenure of William Simpkins. 


Bounded east by Sagaponack Pond, west by highway, north 
by the said Isaac Wilman, south by James Hiidreth." 
Dated October 12. 1683. Witness, Deborah Topping. 

(The above is the same land mentioned in the preced- 
ing deed.) 

Page 132 John Combes, of Brookhaven, alias Setalect, 
mortgages to Isaac Ray nor, of Southampton, "all his house 
and land in Brookhaven, with a new frame lying by said 
house" February 13. to be paid in beef at 40 shillings per 
barrel or whale oil at 40 shillings per barrel. Dated Oc- 
tober 19th 1693. 

Page 132. John Standers of New-York, is bound to 
pay to Isaac Wilman, of Southampton 22 yards of good 
trading cloth, June 24th 1682. 

Page 134. Joshua Barnes gives to his son, Samuel 
Barnes, "ye northern half of my home lot, situate and lying 
in Southampton, and the northern half of all my addition 
of all my land adjoinin^^ to my said home lot, being by 
estimation 20 acres. Bounded west by the street of South- 
ampton, south by the home lot of Mr. John Mapham and 
land of Robert Woolley, east by highway, and north by 
the home lot of John Bishop and heirs of Daniel Sayre, and 
of Joseph Pierson. Also my lot at a place called the Seven 
Ponds, lying westward of them and was my late division 
of land for ye Scuttle Hole division. Also my three acres 
in the 10 acre lots in Captain's Neck in the Great Plains. 
Bounded west by John Bishop, east by John Post, Also my 
three and one half acres of land bought or exchanged with 
Mr. Fordham, lying on the south side of my close in Cap- 
tain's Neck in the Great Plains. And all my £100 division 
that fell to me by lot in the South division of the Ox Pas- 
ture. Bounded east by John Bishop and west by John 


Mapham. Also | of my land and meadow at Shinne- 
cock. Also a £50 right of commonage throughout all the 
bounds of Southampton" Dated January 15th 1683. Wit- 
ness John Jagger. 

(The home farm of Joshua Barnes is now the land of 
Wm. S. Pelletreau, including the home lots of Mr. L. 
Emory Terry and L. E. Jennings, late Capt. Isaac Halsey 
and originally extended east to David White's Lane. By 
the above deed Joshua gave h tb his son Samuel, and upon 
the death of his father, Samuel Barnes inherited the other 
half as oldest son and heir, by English law. The land at 
Seven Ponds is the late Archibald farm) 

Page 135. Hannah Topping, widow of Thomas Top- 
ping, with consent of her Son, Thomas Topping, sells to 
Wm. Barker, "All that my parcel of land adjoining to the 
north side of the dwelling house of said William Barker, 
the contents of the said land being 3^ wide and the length 
to be equal to the length of said dwelling house." Dated 
Jan 21st 1683-4. 

(The above is the north end of the house lot lately 
owned by Mr. Albert Foster, in Southampton.) 

Page 136. Isaac Wilman sells to Caleb Horton of 
Southold a parcel of land in Southold, being 50 acres lying 
west of said town. Bounded north by the road running to 
Southampton, south by Benjamin Hortons, east by Coal 
Harbor, west by his meadow which he lately bought of 
Jeremiah Veale. Dated March 4, 1683-4. Witness Su- 
sanah Howell. 

Page 138. Benjamin Gould of Southold "cordwainer" 
mortgages to Job Sayre of Southampton. "My lot of land 
bought of Thomas Ward of Brookhaven, Situate at a place 


commonly called the Fire Place neck and is number 15, 
Dated Feb. 11th 1681-2. 

(Fire Place neck is now the village of Brookhaven.) 

Page 139. Benjamin Palmer of Sagaponack sells to 
Henry Pierson of same place, a certain piece of land lying 
eastward of Sagaponack, which the town gave unto me, 
being 3 acres. Bounded east by Henry Pierson, west by 
Wm. Barnes and Joel Burnett, south by the beach, north 
by highway, Dated March 6, 1683-4. Witness John How- 
ell, Francis Whitemore. 

Page 140. Christopher Foster and Joseph Foster sell 
to Samuel Mills all that our £100 division that fell to us 
by lot in the last division at a place called Mecox, being 
135 acres. Bounded south by highway, west by land given 
by the town to Walter Melvin, north by Benjamin Foster 
and east by lot of John Post and Joseph and John Foster. 
Dated February 25, 1683-4. 

Page 141. Whereas there is a cause of dissension be- 
tween Thomas Burnett and his son John Burnett, con- 
cerning an agreement made November 9, 1676 specifying 
lands at Cormorant Point. 

To settle all differences the said Thomas Burnett and 
Mary his wife, give to their son John Burnett, a £50 right 
of commonage and 10 acres of land in the former division, 
4 acres of it where it is laid out at the Head of the Mill 
Pond and the other 6 acres to be laid out. Also 11 acres 
at Sagaponack, lying near the bound stakes between 
Southampton and Easthampton. And he is to pay to Joel 
Burnet the amount it has been embettered by fencing, etc. 
Dated December 30th 1678. 


Page 143. John Jessup gives to his two sons, John 
and Thomas, all his estate of houses and lands and they 
are to maintain their father in sickness and health during 
his life. And they are to pay to their sister Sarah Field, 
£25, and to their sister, Mary Hedges, a bed. Dated 
March 24, 1683. 

(The original homestead of John Jessup was at Wick- 
apogue and now owned by Moses Phillips, He also owned 
the present homestead of Capt. Barney A. Green in South- 
ampton village.) 

Page 144. Thomas Halsey gives lo his son Josiah 
Halsey "All that my close on which the said Josiah's 
dwelling house now stands, only reserving to myself 25 
acres on the south part thereof, the partition line to begin 
in the middle of the swamp of water therein contained, 
and to be run so as to make the south part 25 acres, all 
the rest with the housing to be to him the said Josiah Hal- 
sey. I also give him a £150 lot of meadow at a place 
called Seponack upon the east side of the Great Neck. 
bounded south by Robert Woolley, north by Samuel Johns, 
Also all my lot in Scuttle Hole Division, No. 21, and my lot 
in Hog Neck No. 17, Also a £100 right of commonage, 
throughout the town." All this is to him during his hfe 
and then to his wife, Mary, and then to his male heirs. 
Dated April 16, 1683. 

(Probably the above is the homestead farm formerly be- 
longing to Capt. Andrew H Isey at Cobb. See Vol. Ill 
Printed Records Page 46.) 

Page 146. Joel Burnet sells to his brother Aaron Bur- 
net, "All my dwelling house and lot at Sagaponack, bound- 
ed south by William Barnes, west by Mrs. Mary Taylor, 
north by highway, west by Henry Pierson, containing 9 
acres, Also my three acres I formerly had from my father, 


Thomas Burnet at Hog Neck. And all my 13 acres at 
Mill Pond Head given to me by my father." Dated April 
8, 1684. Witness Caleb Corwithy, 

Page 148. Joshua Barnes for £22 sells to James Hil- 
dreth, My £100 division of land that fell to me by lot at a 
place called Sagaponack Division, being 14 acres, bounded 
North by highway, east by highway, west by John More- 
house and south by David Sayre. And the other half is 
bounded north by David Sayre, south by highway, west 
by David Pierson and east by highway, February 28. 
(For location see Sagaponack Division, Vol. 2, Records.) 

Page 149. John Jennings, Thomas Shaw, and George 
Harris sell to Obadiah Rogers, "Our lot that fell to us by 
lot at a place called Calf Pen Neck ; lying near to Mecox, 
and our lot in the Mecox Division. Being a £150 lot. 
Dated June 18, 1682. Witnesses Benjamin Haines Ed- 
mund Clark. 

(The above is probably the farm formerly owned by 
Capt. Henry E. Huntting.) 

Page 150. Obadiah Rogers sells to Ezekiel Sandford, 
"All that my lot I formerly exchanged with the Town, 
lying at Mecox Plain Neck, being 22 acres, bounded south 
by land laid out for the inhabitants of North Sea, and 
partly by highway, north partly by land of William Simpy- 
kins and partly by James Hildreth, east by Sagaponack 
Pond, and a small rivulet running with said pond, as re- 
corded unto me. Dated March 21, 1683-4. 

(The above land is next South of the road that runs to 
the bridge over Sagg Pond.) 

Page 151. James Hildreth Sells to Shamgar Hand a 
parcel of land at Sagaponack, being ^ of a 20 acre lot as it 


was laid out. Bounded north by David Sayre, west by 
John Morehouse, north by highway and east by highway. 
March 8. 1683-4. 

Page 152. Benomy Newton sells to Joseph Fordham, 
"all right to the house and land within mentioned. 

(The above was endorsed on the deed given by John 
Else to Benomy Newton, for 40 acres on the east side of 
Calf Creek, see page 126.) 

Page 153. John Jennings of North Sea sells to Thom- 
as Lupton of North Sea, for £13, "All that my £50 com- 
monage in North Sea, Little Neck and all that certain lot 
of meadow I recently bought of Edmund Clark at a place 
called Millstone Brook. April 30. 1684. 

Page 154. North Sea May ye 1. A D. 1684. Mem- 
orandum — We the layers out, have according to order and 
on our best discretion, have laid out 10 Home Lots, 9 of 
them on the west side of the creek andl of the 10 lies at ye 
west side of ye Mill Pond being the last. 

No. 1 Samuel Clark, No. 2 Widow Haines 

No. 3 Mr. Sturmey, No. 4 Mary Clark 

No. 5 Benjamin Haynes No. 6 Richard Smith, 

No. 7 Goodman Lupton, No. 8 John Davis, 

No. 9 John Jennings, No. 10 Thomas Shaw. 

As witnesseth our hands — Benjamin Haynes, Jeka- 
miah Scott, Richard Smith, Thomas Lupton, John Davis, 
John Jennings. 

Also laid out 4 acres to Thomas Shaw, and to Richard 
Smith, and 5 acres to John Jennings at his close of Cow 
Neck gate. To Thomas Lupton 2 acres adjoining his land 
and meadow bought of Mr. Jennings at Mill Stone Brook. 
May 3, 1684. 


John Davis, John Jennings, Benjamin Haynes, Jeka- 
miah Scott, "in behalf of my father Sturmey." 

(It would seem from the above that Capt. Jeckamiah 
Scott the ancestor of the Scott family had married Mary, 
daughter of Charles Sturmey, who was one of the earliest 
settlers in North Sea and lived on the homestead of late 
Austin Rose.) 

Page 155. John Jennings sells to Thomas Goodwin. 
"All that my house and land that I bought of Richard 
Painter late of Southampton, being 2 acres bounded west 
by land of widow Sarah Cooper, north by her highway, 
east by the street of Southampton, south by the home lot 
of Wm. Mason, April 30, 1684. 

(The above is the north part of the homestead of Mrs. 
Florinda Payne, and is now owned by Mr. Corrigan.) 

Page 156. Isaac Wilman sells to Ezekiel Sandford, 
All right to a small strip of land at Mecox bounded east 
by land of James Hildreth which he bought of Isaac Wil- 
man, by the stakes and trees there marked, west by a 
little creek adjoining to the east end of the land of said 
Ezekiel which he formerly bought of Obadiah Rogers. 
Being by estimation one rood of land, as it lies between 
the said creek and James Hildreth's land, May 27, 1684. 
Witness Thomas Reeves. 

Page 156. John Carwithen, blacksmith sells to Isaac 
Corey 4 acres of land at Mecox, which were sold to him 
by John Else by indenture made April 1, 1682. Bounded 
east by Mr. Joseph Fordham, west by land of Anthony 
Ludlam deceased, south by highway and north by the 
water, May 27, 1684. 

Page 158. James Herrick gives to his well beloved 
son Wm. Herrick. "All that tract of land lying and being 


in the Northwest corner of my home lot that his house 
now standeth on, and is 4^ poles in breadth fronting upon 
the street and 20 poles in length." 

Also that 4 acres as he now possesses it in ye east 
end of my homestead and is bounded east by ye commons, 
North by Isaac Wilman, south by Thomas Topping and 
west by the other part of my home lot. 

Also the east part of my wood close lying and being 
at Cobbs Pound highway as it is this day fenced, being 15 

Also my 3 acres of land adjoining to Mecox creek, 
right over against Thomas Stephens' land. Also my 3 
acres in the bottom of Halseys Neck in ye great plain, 
bounded south by James White, north by Joseph Foster, 
east and west by highways and my lot of meadow that fell 
to me by lot in Potunk. Dated Nov. 14, 1683. Witness 
David Howell, John Laughton. 

(The house of Henry H. Post now stands on the lot first 
mentioned, the 4 acres at the east end of the homestead is 
the land of Mr. Edwin Post next to Old Town lane. The 
"wood close" is probably part of the farm of late Capt 
Selden Foster at Cobb or near it.) 

Page 159. James Herrick gives to his son Wm Her- 
rick 15 acres of land lying in the Mill Neck, bounded 
south by the highway to East Hampton, west by Henry 
Ludlam, there being a highway betwixt, east by Obadiah 
Rogers. Also i of my division of land at Hog Neck, as it 
fell to me by lot. Also i of my £150 share of commonage. 
May 26, 1684. 

Page 160. Isaac Wilman sells to Samuel Lum, a cer- 
tain parcel of land, being 4 acres, bounded east by the 


home lot of John Beswick, west by said Samuel Lum 
south by highway. 

August 29, 1678. (The above land is at Bridge- 

hampton, but we cannot locate it.) 

Page 161. Mark Love, alias Mark Meggs, of Hunting- 
ton with the advice of his wife Avis, gives to Samuel Lum, 
inhabitant of Fairfield, Connecticutt, whom I account my 
adopted Son." All my estate in Old or New England, 
after our decease. March 26, 1672. Witness Henry Pier- 

Charles Sturmy, Mark Meggs, and John Lum, were 
originally settled at North Sea. (The home lot of John 
Lum is on the west side of North Sea street, and north of 
the road leading to the landing. It belongs to the heirs of 
Lewis Scott and is still called "Lums Lot.") 

Page 162. Josiah Fordham sells to Peter Norris | of a 
lot laid out in Sagaponack between me and my brother 
Joseph Fordham, and brother in law Edward Howell being 
the lot belonging to a £150 share of commonage lying at 
Sagaponack, adjoining to Richard Howells lot on one side 
out to Capt. John Howells lot on the other side being about 
30 acres of the whole lot. June 13. 1683 Witness Wm 
Herrick John Petty. 

(The above lot is No. 18 in the Sagaponack Division- 
See Vol IL Town Records Page 263. It probably lies on 
the north side of the road running east from Sagg street 
by the house of the late Richard Lester.) 

Page 172. Whereas I Thomas Topping senior have 
given to my son Thomas all that my messuage and lot 
whereon he doth now dwell, with all the lands there to me 


belonging do hereby confirm the same, May 26. 1699. 
Witness John Topping, Peregrine Stanborough. 

(The house and lot above mentioned is the late home- 
stead of Mr. Albert Foster in Southampton. This was the 
original home lot of Capt. Thomas Topping. All the rest 
of his sons settled at Sagaponack. 

Page 173. I, John Burnet, eldest son of Thomas Bur- 
nett, deceased, who by his last will made my honored 
mother Mary Burnett, sole executor, and leaving some 
land and estate in his will not given away but left to the 
disposal of my mother ; for the prevention of any further 
trouble I make over all the said land and estate to my 
mother Mary Burnet. Dec. 5, 1684, Witness John Wood- 

(The homestead of Thomas Burnet is the home lot of 
late Col. Benjamin H. Foster in Southampton. John the 
oldest son died before 1684, and probably left no children.) 

Page 174. Mary Fletcher, now of Southampton, wid- 
ow of Mr. Seth Fletcher late of New Jersey, gives to her 
son Benjamin Pierson of Southampton all that my mes- 
suage and lands in Elizabethtown in East New Jersey, 
which formerly belonged to my deceased husband and 
which he bought of Henry Lyon, and 6 acres which he 
bought of Richard Pettinger. The housing and home lot 
being bounded west by land of George Moore, south by 
the street or highway. In witness I have set my hand in 
Southampton April 5, 1675. Witness Jonathan Raynor. 

(Mary Fletcher was the daughter of John Cooper. 
Her first husband was Henry Pierson, the Town Clerk, 
and the ancestor of the families of that name. She after- 
wards married Rev. Seth Fletcher, who was for a while 
the minister in Southampton. Her son Benjamin removed 


to Elizabethtown New Jersey and has many descendants, 
the late Dr. Pierson of Southampton is probably one of 

Page 175. Matthew Howell sells to Capt. John Howell, 
"all that my lot of land with my now dwelling house 
standing thereupon, lying at a place commonly called and 
known by the name of Weekapogue" by estimation 27i 
acres. And the said Capt. John Howell in exchange gives 
to Matthew Howell "all that my two parcels of land lying 
together with the old housing thereon standing, formerly 
bought of John Tennison, lying and being toward the north 
end of the town being 22 acres." Also i of my close of 
land lying at a place commonly called by ye name of ye 
Head of the Creek, being 5 acres, bounded east by land of 
Mr. Joseph Fordham, West by the first creek of Shinne- 
cock waters. May 7. 1684. Witness Martha Howell John 
Howell, Jr. 

(The land at Wickapogue is probably the present 
homestead of Mr. Edwin A. Squires and is probably the 
land which Capt. John Howell in his will left to his son 
Ephraim Howell. The land of John Tennison which Capt 
John Howell gave in exchange is the present homestead of 
Mr. Livingston Bowden (including the John Burnett place) 
and also the lot of Mr. Walter L. Jagger at the corner of 
Main Street and Bishop's Lane. See Vol II Printed Rec- 
ords Page 57. 

Page 176. Jonathan Raynor sells to John Howell Jr, 
and Matthew Howell a certain pai-cel of meadow at a 
place called Seaponack and is a £150 lot of meadow at the 
division bounded west by the meadow of Capt. Howell 
east partly by upland and partly by meadow lately belong- 
ing to Jonah Bower, south by the water, north by the up- 
land, May 22, 1685. Witness Henry Pierson, Joseph Pier- 


(The meadows at Seaponack, around the shores of 
Cold Spring and Bull Head Bay and also the meadows on 
Shinnecock Neck, were laid out as early as 1653. The 
record of survey is lost but the owners of the lots may be 
found in Vol I Printed Records, page 101, These meadows 
have been owned by private owners ever since, though 
most ol the meadow lots at Seaponack have been pur- 
chased by the Shinnecock Hills Company. The meadows 
on Shinnecock Neck are still owned by private owners ; 
they as well as the meadows on the Hills, being reserved 
in the -lease to the Indians in 1703.) 

Page 177. Mary Burnet gives to her son John Bur- 
nett 6h acres of land in Hog Neck lying next to Isaac Wil- 
man. Feb. 9, 1689. Witness Job Say re, Thomas Coop- 
er, Jr. 

Page 178. Ann Phillips gives her daughter Esther 
Clark "10 acres of land on which my son Samuel Clark's 
dwelling house now standeth. Also I of my parcel of land 
lying northeast from this town, which | is 11 acres adjoin- 
ing on the north side of the land belonging to Christopher 
Fowler, The whole is 22^ acres which was laid out to 
me ; 14 acres thereof upon ye £50 right of commonage I 
formerly bought of John Oldfield, and 7^ acres I bought of 
Mr. John Jennings. Also an acre of orchard land to be 
taken up, also a £50 right in Quaquanantuck purchase, 
also after my husbands decease, a £50 right of Common- 
age throughout the town. Also a piece of meadow at Cow 
Neck, bounded east by Thomas Shaw, west by John Rose 
which I bolght of John Oldfield. Oct. 8. 1683. 

The above deed is confirmed by her husband Zerub- 
babel Phillips on the same date. 

(Ann Phillips was the widow of John White. She mar- 
ried Zerubbabel Phillips in 1683. Her daughter Esther 


married Samuel Clark of North Sea, The 10 acres given 
in the will is probably the homestead of the late Cap', 
Joseph Harris at North Sea. The tract of land mentioned 
as lying northeast from the town, is the west part of the 
farm late of Joseph Horton, at North end of town. The 
lot of Christopher Fowler is the lot next east of the farm 
of Walter L. Jagger.) 

Page 180. Ann Phillips gives to her daughter, Abagail 
White "5 of my parcel of land lying to the east from the 
town which ^ is 22 acres bounded south by land of Chris- 
topher Fowler. The whole of said parcel being 21^ acres 
and was laid out to me on the £50 right of commonage I 
bought of John Oldfield and 7^ acres I bought of John 
Jennings, also one acre of Orchard land. Oct, 1683. 

(The above tract is the same mentioned in preceding 

Page 182. May 23, 1684. Whereas Edward Howell 
had a lot of 20 acres laid out in Mecox Division as fell to 
him by lot at the rear end of James Hildreth's home lot, 
and the line of said Hildreths home lot being run straight 
did take away one acre and better. To make up for the 
same we have laid out a certain piece of land with said 
Edward Howell lying at the North end of widow Sarah 
Cooper's grave lot of land i:pon Mecox plain. Bounded 
east by widow Sarah Cooper ; her North Sea Division hav- 
ing a highway of two poles wide, which piece of land upon 
the south line is about 26 poles wide and on the north 23 
poles and about 8 poles at each end. 

(The first lot mentioned is lot 21 in the Mecox Division. 
See Vol II, Ti wn Records Page 263. The record piece of 
land is on the west side of Sagg Pond a little way south of 
the road to the bridge, This is a part of the land laid out 


to the North Sea Proprietors in Heu of their share of land 
in Os Pasture.) 

John Jessup, Sr, gives to his son John all his houses, 
lands and goods, and John Jessup, Jr, binds himself to keep 
and maintain his father during his life in sickness and 
health. And after his fathers decease he is to pay to his 
sister Sarah Field £25 and to furnish board and lodging to 
his sister Mary Hedges, March 6, 1684-5. 

Page 184. Hannah Topping, widow of Thomas Top- 
ping, gives to her Son, Thomas Topping, all her right to 
the estate of her late husband, and he agrees "to maintain 
her decently, either in his own home or else where." 
April 30, 1685. Witness Manassah Kempton. 

Page 188. Mary Raynor, relict of Joseph Raynor, 
gives to her son, John Raynor, 6 acres of land "in the field 
called the Great Plain." At the same time she gives or 
leaves all her clothing to her daughter Elizabeth Lake. 
Dated June 26, 1685. Witness Charles Sturmy, John 

William Barnes of Westchester, "formerly an inhabi- 
tant of Southampton on Long Island" sells to Hanry Pier- 
son "all that my parcel of iand lying east of Saga.ionack, 
being 14 acres." Bounded east by Henry Pierso.i, north 
by Aaron Burnett and a highv/ay, West by Benjamin 
Hand and a pond, souliiby highway. ' L'l t oken v/hereof I 
have set my hand in SjJ.i-unoion jaa.: I i. Io8'." Wit- 
ness Manassah Kempton. 

Page 193. WiUiam 3^ra33 of W3 5i:c'ii3:2r, 'f)r.-nerly 
of Southampton" cells ?o Robert Norris of So.iihimpton, 
"All that my parcel of land, viz. my home lot lying at a 
place called Sagaponack, being 10 acres. Bounded east by 


the street. South by Mr. John Topping, west by land of 
Lieut. Henry Pierson, and Josiah Stanborough, north by 
Henry Pierson. Dated June 12, 1687. Witness Manassah 

(William Barnes was the son of Joshua Barnes and 
went to Westchester about 1684. He was a very promi- 
nent citizen there and known as "Capt. Wm. Barnes." He 
left two sons. Underbill and Thomas Barnes. Neither of 
them left male descendants.) 

Page 192. Mary Burnett, widow of Thomas Burnett, 
gives to her Son Aaron Burnet, 3 acres of land which my 
late husband bought of my son Lott Burnet, situate in . he 
Great Plain, in a neck commonly called Halsey's Neck, 
bounded North by Thomas Topping, south by Richard 
Howell, west by the highway in the middle of the neck 
east by the Swamp, Dec 6, 1684. 

Page 193. John Laughton sells to Aaron a lot 
or parcel of land "lately laid out to me at a place called 
the iiead of the Creek being 26 acres." Bounded north by 
Richard Howell, Jr. east by Commons, south by Thomas 
Reeves, west by highway and Indian Land. Dated August 
12, 1685. 

(The above is the farm formerly known as the Jane 
Sayre farm, and is next north Of _the homestead of Mr. 
Robert Woodburn.) 

Page 194. In exchange for the above Aaron Buriaet 
gives to John Laughton '"3 acres lately bought or ex- 
changed of my mother Mary Burnet in behalf of my broth- 
er Mathias Burnet, for the south half of my home lot." 
The 3 acres are situate at Halsey's Neck bounded 
north by Thomas Topping, east by swamp or Jonathan 


Rogers' close in Coopers Neck, south by Richard Howell 
west by highway that runneth down the middle of the 
neck. Dated Aug. 12, 1685. 

Page 195. Thomas Topping of Brandford in the Col- 
ony of New Haven, "formerly an inhabitant of Southamp- 
ton" sells to his grandson Thomas Topping, Jr. "my two 
lots of meadow in Quaganantuck Purchase in the Neck of 
Meadow called Assops's Neck being No. 4 and 5, Bounded 
east by the meadow of Henry Pierson, west by Obadiah 
Rogers. Dated Sept. 11, 1685. Witness John Bower, 
Eleazar Sterts. 

Page 196. Thomas Topping, Jr., sells to widow Mar- 
tha Herrick one £50 right of above meadow. Thomas 
Topping of Southampton sells to Theophilus Howell, "my 
lot of meadow in Quaganantuck Purchase in Asop's Neck 
No. 5, which I formerly bought of my grandfather Thomas 
Topping of Brandford bounded east by my own meadow, 
west by Obadiah Rogers. Dated Oct. 8, 1685. 

Page 198. John Burnet sells to John Beswick of 
Brookhaven 10 acres of land being J of 20 acres laid on the 
east side of Kelly's pond adjoining to the pond or at ye 
Long Pond. Oct. 30, 1684. 

Christopher Lupton sells to Richard Howell "an orch- 
ard in my home lot adjoining to my own orchard with 
right of way to it. Richard Howell in exchange gives one 
and a half acres in his orchard land by Mill Stone Brook 
Dec. 16, 1685. 

Page 200. Whereas I Thomas Topping, Jr. did form- 
erly sell a parcel of my home lot, and part of the lot ad- 
joining thereto, which is at the rear thereof and belongeth 


to me and unto my brother in law James Herrick. I, the 
said Thomas Topping do sell to my brother in law James 
Herrick two poles wide of my home lot on the north side 
thereof making the front somewhat more than two poles 
or about toree poles wide for convenience of room about 
his house. Also 4 acres adjoining the rear of my home lot 
on the north side. Dated Oct. 19, 1658. 

(The land above is the home lot of Mr. Henry H. Post.) 

Page 201. Mary Mills, widow and administratrix of 
Samuel Mills, of Southampton sells to John Mitchell of 
Easthampton. "All that lot left to me by my husband in 
his will," Being 20 acres at a place called Mecox. Bound- 
ed south by highway, north by Benjamin Foster, west by 
Walter Melvin and east by John Post. Dated May 18 : 
1686. Witnesses Joseph Moore, John Lupton. 

(We can not locate the above land. This deed is the 
first notice of John Mitchell who was a prominent citizen 
for many years. He owned the homestead of late Hon. 
James M. Halsey at Bildge Hampton who was one of his 
descen dents. Joseph Moore one of the witnesses, was a 
von of Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long Island who 
was the ancestor of bishop Benjamin Moore, and his son 
•Clement C. Moore, the famous author of the "Night before 

Page 203. John Jennings mortgages to Thomas Steph- 
ens, "that my certain lot of land lying in the Hamlet com- 
monly called by the name of North Sea, that I formerly 
bought of Thomas Shaw. Bounded south by my own 
home lot, west by Commons, north by lot of widow Sarah 
Cooi er, east by highway ; containing 6 acres. Also my 
lol cl meadow called Island Neck, in the North Sea line, 
being 8 or 9 acres. Also 2 acres of salt marsh which I 


formerly bought of John Rose in Cow Neck. Bounded 
east by John Rose, west by meadow of Thomas Shaw.'' 
Dated June 19, 1686. Amount of mortgage £16. 

(The first piece of land mentioned above is probably a 
part of the homestead of the late Jeremiah Reeves at 
North Sea and now owned by Mr. George Lewis Sand- 

Page 204. Whereas John Cooper formerly sold unto 
Mr. Thomas Stephens 8 acres of land and he having no 
assurance for the same. I Sarah Cooper, widow, do sell to 
said Thomas Stephens, the said 8 acres now in his posses- 
sion, and was taken up by him as part of my late hus- 
bands division and lyeth at a place called by the name of 
the Mill Neck at his dwelling house. Dated June 16, 1686. 

(The above is a part of the homestead of Mr. Theodore 
A. Halsey at Water Mill.) 

Henry Ludlam sells to Thomas Stephens 2 acres of 
land "which was taken up by him as part of my division 
at a place called Mill Neck near unto his now dwelling 
house." July 16, 1684. 

(The above is also a part of the homestead of Theodore 
A. Halsey.) 

Page 206. John Laughton sells to Thomas Stephens 2 
acres of land "which he was to have out of my ten acre 
division that was to the Town of Southampton layd out 
and made choice of in the years 1667, 1669, 1670. He the 
said Thomas Stephens having in the same time made 
choice of the said 2 acres to lye in the Mill Neck near 
about where his house now standeth." 
Dated June 4, 1684. Witnesses Thomas Cooper, Sarah 

(The above is also a part of the homestead of Theodore 
A. Halsey.) 


Know all men by these presents that I John Jennings 
of Southampton "Marshall" having several fees due to me 
from the County. And the Worshipful Court of Session 
having given and granted unto the said John Jennings the 
land that was fallen unto the Court of Sessions for the de- 
fault of Mohave, an Indian by his non payment of his fine 
and Court charges. I, the said John Jennings do sell the 
same to Lieut. Richard Floyd of Brookhaven lying and 
being in a place commonly called and known by the name 
of Padesquash Neck on the South side of Long Island." 

(The above is in the Town of Brookhaven, in the neck 
now called Patesquash.) 

Page 208. Articles of Matrimony concluded between 
Benjamin Horton of Southold, and Mary Mapham of South- 
ampton. He agrees to pay to the two eldest daughters of 
Mary Mapham, namely Mary and Elizabeth Mapham on 
the day of their marriage or when they come of age, a 
good feather bed and covering and two cows each and 
some other household goods. And the same to her three 
younger daughters, Lydia, Anna and Jane. And if she 
survives him she is to have one half of his estate. 
Dated July 25, 1686. 

(They were the daughters of John Mapham.) 

Page 210. John Jennings of North Sea gives to his 
son John Jennings, Jr. "All my right of meadow east of a 
place called Little Noyack within the bounds of North Sea 
being a £150 or £125 right." Dated April 6, 1686. 

(North Sea included all the meadow within a mile of 
the bay as far east as Weekatuck spring near Hog Neck 

John Laughton sells to Henry Pierson. "My lot of 
meadow in Hog Neck that fell to me by lot in the division 
o f Hog Neck lately laid out and is situate in the great 


meadow by ye bound stake being a £50 lotment and in the 
same lot with Justice John Topping being No. 12." Aug- 
ust 24, 1686. Witness Elnathan Topping, Robert Norris. 

(The above lot of meadow is on the west side of Sag 
Harbor Main Street. The bound stake or the line between 
Southampton and Easthampton is near the head of the old 
wharf. See Vol 11 Printed Records Page 90.) 

Page 212. Whereas there was a barter and exchange 
made betwixt me, William Williams and Edmund Howell 
for sundry parcels of land viz. for one home lot near Wen- 
ham in Massachusetts, and a certain tract of land in 
Southampton in possession of said Edmund Howell, Nov. 
27, 1677. The Said Wm Williams gives as security the 
said tract of land in Southampton sold to him by Edmund 
Howell. (No description.) Dated Dec. 25, 1679. Witness 
Wm White, Andrew Gibbs. 

Jonathan Raynor Sells to Jos. Marshall, Oct. 29, 1671 
two acres of land on the south side of his home lot on the 
east side of the Town Street, bounded north and east by 
Jonathan Raynor, and the said Joseph Marshall is to make 
and maintain one half of the fence between him and said 
Jonathan Raynor forever notwithstanding the outside fence 
against the Little Plain. Witness, Stephen Bailey, Han- 
nah Norris. 

(The above lot is the east comer of Main Street and 
Gin Lane.) 

Page 214. Mary Burnet, widow of Thomas Burnett 
sells to Thomas Cooper at a place called Accabogue being 
a £150 lot. 

In exchange Thomas Cooper gives her three roods of 
land in Halseys Neck in the close of said Widow Mary 
Burnet which was formerly belonging to Robert Woolley. 
Dated Oct. 2, 1685. 


(The Accabogue meadows are on the South side of 
Peconic Bay near Flanders and Red Creek.) 

Page 225. Josiah Bartholemew sells to William Barker 
all his right to a certain parcel of land adjoining to the 
land o said Wm. Barker at the south end of his ware 
house, and the breadth of the land is 6 feet which with 
what land William Barker has of his own already at the 
South end of his ware house makes 85 feet, and the liberty 
of a doorway out of the said Barkers land unto the said 6 
feet of ground, if his own land be too narrow. And Wm 
Barker gives ^ of his stone well standing betwixt them 
and Wm Barker agrees to keep the well in constant repair. 
Dated June 21, 1686. 

(The above is a part of the land of the late Mr. Albert 
Foster, or the land of Edward H. Foster, Esq, next adjoin- 

Page 216. Thomas Goldsmith of Killingworth in Con- 
necticutt sells to Capt. John Howell, All that my acre of 
land in the Great Plain in the bottom of Neck commonly 
called Coopers Neck. Bounded east by the pond of water 
south by the Creek or run of water, west by said Capt 
John Howell, North by Jonas Bower. DaterOct. 11, 1678. 
Witness Aaron Pratt, Ephraim Howell. 

(The above is meadow owned in late years by Samuel 
B. Foster or more likely covered now by sand and beach.) 

Page 217. Richard Smith of Southampton sells to 
Benjamin Haines 'All that my lot that fell to me by lot 
and situate in North Sea. Bounded southeast by Benjamin 
Haines, east by the Mill Fond, north by Thomas Stephens, 
east by Commons. Dated Nov. 15, 1686 


(The above named Richard Smith, known as "Richard 
Smith of North Sea" is probably the same person w o was 
sent by the magistrate of Boston to his home on Long Isl- 
and as being "one of those emisaries of Satan, called 
Quakers." He must not be confounded with Richard 
Smith the Patentee of Smithtown who originally lived in 
Southampton. The Mill Pond mentioned was on the out- 
let of Fresh pond near the school house.) 

Page 218. Whereas my deceased husband John Coop- 
er a little before his death sold to Samuel Lum 4 acres of 
land at Mecox adjoining the house lot of Samuel Lum and 
now lyeth enclosed in his home lot I, Sarah Cooper do con- 
firm the same with the consent of my son Samuel Cooper. 
Dated Nov. 23. 1686. 

Page 219. Richard Howell gives to his grandson Da- 
vid Howell, (son of his son David Howell) "All that parcel 
of land lying at Weeckapauge which was in the possession 
of my son David Howell in his life time and on which his 
dwelling house now standeth, being 13 acres. He is to 
have the same when he is 20 years of age, and his mother 
the widow Mary Howell is to improve the same in the 
mean time. Dated Aug. 19, 1696. 

(The above land is probably part of the farm east of 
Narrow lane at Wickapogue, and formerly owned by Moses 
Phillips, Sr. The grand son David Howell does not seem 
to be mentioned in Mr. George R. Howell's History. His 
father is the "340 David" mentioned in that work.) 

Page 220. Joshua Barnes sells to Henry Pierson a 
parcel of meadow at a place called Great Noyack, which 
is one half of all the meadow lying between the brook the 
Great Noyack brook or the Mill Brook and the Weequiam 
brook, which was formerly in possession of Mr. John Og- 


den, and was recovered out by process of law and execu- 
tion, into the hands of John Jennings. Dated Sept 20, 
1686. Witnesses Manassah Kempton, Walter Melvin. 

Page 221. Whereas I Ann Phillips reserved power 
unto myself to dispose of some part of my esiat?, notwith- 
standing my marriage with my present husband Zerubba- 
bel Phillips, as doth appear by a bond under his hand and 
seal dated July 8, 1663. She therefore conveys to her son 
James White 4 acres of land in the Great Plain in Halseys' 
Neck, which I formerly bought of John Woodruff Sept, 6, 
1665. Bounded south by one acre of land which I had in 
exch-jnge of John Jagger. North by three acres more of 
my own land. Also all my land in meadow at North ea, 
bounded south by George Harris and the highway. North 
by Creek. Also a £250 right of Commonage in Little Neck 
at North Sea, and a £50 right of Meadow at Noyack, being 
yet undivided, within the North Sea line. Also a £50 right 
in Hog Neck, being 7 acres, and a £150 right in Quogue 
Purchase, and a £150 right of meadow at Acquebogue No 
19. Dated Oct. 5. 1686. Witness Abagail Howell, John 
Howell, Jr. 

Whereas I Ann Phillips by virtue of the will of my 
deceased husband John White, had power to dispose of the 
two closes at ye Old Town, that did belong unto his two 
sons John and James White, as I should see cause. She 
therefore conveys to J ames White all the Close at the Old 
Town, commonly called the Old Close. Bounded South 
by Joseph Pierson, north by John Jessup, east by pond and 
swamp commonly called Wickapogue pond and west by 
highway. Dated Oct 5, 1686, her husband Zerubbabel 
Phillips confirms the same. Witness Rachel Topping. 

(John White died in 1662, his will is in Vol. II Printed 
Records page 22. The two closes at Old Town appear to 


be one close, divided into two parts. The above deed 
seems to include the whole. It is now the south part of 
the land of late Col. Benjamin H. Foster. John White the 
oldest son died in 1670.) 

Page 224. Charles Sturmy of North Sea, gives to his 
"well beloved son in law John Scott" all that my lot of 
land at Mecocks, being 20 acres, and all that my lot of 
landat Sagaponack, being 20 Acres. Also a £100 allotment 
in the land that was lately laid out to me in a place called 
by the name of Hog Neck being 14 acres. Also a certain 
piece of meadow lying at a place called Great Noyack and 
is recorded unto me. Also a £50 of commonage through, 
out the bounds of Southampton except the North Sea line. 
Dated April 18, 1680. Witness Thomas Reeves, John 

(John Scott was 'probably an older brother of Capt. 
Jecomiah Scott, who was born in 1663. Probably he died 
young as his name does not appear later than 1698 
Charles Sturmy lived on the homestead of late Austin 
Rose, now of Addison Jennings) 

Page 226. Henry Ludlam sells to Daniel Sayre, "All 
that my parcel of land in Accabog division being a £103 
allottment, being § of the lot No. 50 and lying and being on 
the west side of the Creek Called Towyoung, and is 
bounded north by meadow of said Daniel Sayre, south by 
meadow of Mr. Edward Howell. Dated March 21, 1686-7. 
Witness Samuel Johns. 

(Towyoung, is Red Creek, for location of lot No. 50 see 
Printed Records Vol. II P. 117.) 

Page 227. Isaac Raynor sells to his "beloved brother 
in law, John Earle," a certain parcel of land I lately bought 
of John Rose, and is situated in the Hamlet commonly 


called and known by the name of North Sea. Bounded 
north by the home lot of an land of John Rose, east and 
south by the common highway, west by the street, and is 
10 rods in length east and west, and 8 rods in breadth 
north and South, being I an acre, I ug. 24, 1686. 

John Earl releases all claim against Isaac Raynor "in 
case Abagail Rose wife of John Rose should claim right of 
dower if her husband should dye." 

John Earl sells the above land to John Rose Jr. March 
31, 1687. 

Page 229. Richard Post gives to his son Joseph Post 
a £50 right of meadow in Quaganantuck purchase and 
also in Accabogue Meadows. Reserving the use of the 
same if he should personally be in need of it during his 
life. Also a £50 commonage throughout Southampton 
lands. Also my meadow at Shinnecock and seponack, and 
on the beach at the Pines after my decease. Dated April 
14, 1687. Witness John Raynor. 

Page 230. John Burnet — "i'or divers good reasons 
and more especially for 21 shillings good current money" 
confirms a sale made to Thomas Cooper, "by my honored 
mother Mary Burnett." Being a certain lot of meadow 
lately laid out at a place called Accabogue, and fell to the 
allotment of my deceased father Thomas Burnet, of which. 
5 fell and of right did belong unto me. Dated May 4, 1687, 

(The above is lot 22 and is at Red Creek. See Vol II 
Printed Records Page 116 — 118.) 

Page 231. John Laughton sells to Thomas Cooper, for 
20 shillings a £50 allotment of meadow that fell to me in 
the late division of meadow at a place called by the name 
of Accabogue. Being one acre lying with a £100 allot- 


ment belonging to Thomas Cooper. Dated Nov. 17, 1686. 
Witnesses Jonathan Hildreth, Ichabod Cooper. 

Page 232. Robert Norris sells to John Anning "Tay- 
lor," All that his lot at a place called Wickapogue. 
Bounded north by land of Obadiah Rogers 19 poles, East 
by Ephraim Howell, 50 poles, South by highway, 18 poles, 
West by land of late David Howell, 50 poles, Containing 
5i acres. Price £22, 10 s, Dated April 15, 1687. 

(The above is probably part of the farm of Mr. Edwin P. 
Squires at Wickapogue.) 

Page 234. Whereas I, Martha Herrick, widow of 
James Herrick by my husbands will have a certain parcel 
of land assigned to me for life, I hereby lease the same to 
my son William Herrick for 4 years at the rent of £ 6 a 
year. Reserving the upper end of the home lot, which I 
had by way of exchange, of my son William, and a £50 
right of commonage which I have given to my son James, 
And my son William shall pasture a cow this summer for 
me. Dated April 28, 1687, Witness Zerubbabel Phillips. 
Elnathan Topping sells to John Howell, Jr., for 15 shillings 
5 of a lot of meadow, being a £50 allotment at Accabogue 
and is No 24. Bounded north by the meadow of Joseph 
Fordham and south by my own meadow. Dated April 5, 
1687. Witnesses Charles Sturmey, Henry Ludlam. 

Page 235. James Topping sells to Samuel Clark of 
Old Town, a £50 lot meadow at Accabogue Division being 
h of lot No 24. Price 15 shillings. April 5, 1687. 

(The Accabogue meadows lie at Red Creek and near 
Flanders. See Vol, II Printed Records Page 115. 

Page 236. John Rose of North Sea, gives to his "well 
beloved £cn, Jchn Rcse, Jr., 3 acies of land on the south 


side of my home lot in North Sea, Bounded east by land 
I lately sold to Isaac Raynor, and now in possession cf 
John Earle, south and west by commons and north by th i 
rest of my home lot. Also i of my lot lying at a placo 
called The Long Springs, being 4 acres. Also my lot on 
the south side of Cow Neck, being 30 acres, bounded wes: 
by Thomas Shaw, north by highway, south and east by 
my own meadow. Also my lot of meadow lying at Noyack 
and Towde. Dated April 5, 1686. Witnesses, Christopher 
Lupton, Charles Sturmey. 

(The Home Lot of John Rose is still owned by his de- 
scendants, and is on the east side of the street, opposite 
the homestead of late Capt. Jetur Rose.) 

Page 238. John Rose sells to his son John Rose, Jr. 
for £9 "i of a piece of meadow lying at the entrance of a 
certain neck of land in the bounds of North Sea, common- 
ly called Cow Neck." Being 4 acres, bounded east by the 
pond, south by the meadow of widow Sarah Cooper, West 
by the meadow of Henry Pierson and north by the high- 
way. April 5. 1687. And in the 3rd year of our Sovereign 
Lord James, the second King of England &c. 

Page 239. Article ^ of Agreement made between Mr 
Zerubbabel Phillips and Mrs. Martha Herrick, Being by 
the permission of Almighty God, intended to joyne in the 
solemn covenant of marriage, 

1st They will as soon as convenient time will permit, 
solemnize the said marriage. 

2nd The said Zerubbabel Phillips will not at any time 
lay claim to any cf the estate of the said Martha Herrick. 

3rd If he departs this life before her he gives her all 
his estate and he agrees not to dispose of his property to 
any one else. 


4th If she dies before him he agrees to keep and 
maintain her son Thomas Herrick so long as he Hveth ac- 
cording to his best capacity, and he agrees to leave him 

5th The said Martha Herrick shall at her decease 
have power to give and bequeath her wearing apparel, 
woolen, linnen, worsted and silk to whom it shall seem 
good unto her. 

We have hereunto before our marriage set our hands 
and seals this 10th day of May 1687. 





Witnesses Joseph Fordham, John Jessup. 

(In the "good old times" a man owned all the property 
his wife had at the time of their marriage, even to the 
clothes on her back, and could dispose of them as he saw 
fit. In this degenerate age things are reversed, unfortuate 
married men have their necks under the heels of tyrant 
women and have no rights, that is, none worth talking 
about. The Martha Herrick who married Zerubable Phil- 
lips, was the widow of James Herrick and not his daughter 
as stated in Mr. Howell's History. She probably did not 
live long after, for within a year or two her husband sells 
land and her name does not appear in the deed.) 

Page 240, Zerubbabel Phillips sells to Ezekiel Sand- 
ford "a parcel of land in a place called Meacocks in the 
North Sea Division of land." Bounded east by Sagapon- 
ack pond, and containing 5 acres. Being a ^100 allotment 
in Said North Sea Division which was layd out to them in- 
stead of their right of land in the Ox Pasture. One ^50 


right thereof belongs to my North Sea £50 right and th3 
other £50 right I bought of Daniel Halsey as heir to Mr. 
Richard Barrett his North Sea £S0 right laid out to him i i 
the place aforesaid with the neighbors of North Sec\ 
Dated 1687. 

Page 241. May 16, 1687. Mary Cooper widow of 
Thomas Cooper, "having several closes of land given to 
me during my life time by my husband's will," leases to 
her son Thomas Cooper, a close and meadow lying in a 
place commonly called and known by the name of Halsey's 
Neck, being 14 acres. Also my close of 10 acres adjoined 
to the west end of his house lot. This is on the condition 
that he maintains her with raiment, meat, drink, washing 
and lodging and free egress and regress to and into his 
house at all times during her life also the sum of ^24 year- 
ly. But if She See cause to leave his home and dwell any 
where else then he shall piy her £8 yearly. Witnesses, 
John Lupton, Josiah Lupton. 

Page 243. Mary Clark, widow of Edmund Clark and 
now wife of Obadiah Rogers, sells to Thomas Stephens. 
"All that my house anl home lot in a Hamlet called by the 
name of the North S^a." Bouaded west by the Mill 
swamp. South by highway, east by highway and north by 
ditch and common meadow. May 14, 1687. Price £70. 

Page 244. Elnathaa Top^^lng sells to John Howell, Jr., 
a £150 lot of meadow No. 33 lying in Catchaponack Neck. 
Also a £150 allotment m Qaaquanantuck Purchase. Ex- 
cepting a lot of meadow in Assups Neck. Dated May 25, 

(For the location of this lot of meadow, see Vol II 
Printed Records Page 277-278.) 

Page 245. John Jennings sells to Christopher Leam- 
ing. "All that my 3 lots of meadow lying at Brushy Neck, 


Smith's meadow and the Great meadow. Being a £150 
allotment of the out meadows belonging to ye division of 
Hog Neck." Lying in lots 19 aad 20 and a i^5'3 right in lot 
9 and in lot 13, Daed Jan 14, 1685-6. Witness Nathaniel 
Hudson, Madecai Burnet. 

(These meadows lie west of Main Street Sag Harbor' 
See Vol II Printed Records, Page 91-92. 

Page 246. Whereas I Daniel Halsey have the right 
and interest of my uncle Richard Barrett, deceased, in a 
certain lot laid out to my said uncle with the North Sea 
neighbors in lieu of what belonged to them in the Ox Pas- 
ture division. Being 2i acres of land lying at Mecox with 
the land of the North Sea neighbors and lying on the west 
side of Sagaponack Pond and belonged lo his North Sea 
£50 right and which he sold in his life time to Mrs. Ann 
Phillips, I do hereby confirm the same. Dec 12, 1670. 
Witness Henry Pierson, Abagail White. 

(Richard Barrett lived on the lot now owned by Mr. 
David H. Burnett at the corner of Main street and Toil- 
some lane. It would seem from the abov^e deed as if 
Thomas Halsey the first settler had married a sister of 
Richard Barrett thus making him uncle to his son Daniel 
Halsey. Probably the deed was given to confirm some 
verbal sale.) 

Page 247. Thomas Shaw of North Sea sells to Ezekiel 
Sandford "All that my 18 acres of land out of my 20 acres 
which I had the grant of the town to lay down in the 
Scuttle Hole Division and to take up elsewhere and is 
already laid out to Ezekiel Sandford by the land of Joseph 
Hildreth at Littleworth Hollow and 2 acres is yet to be 
taken up." June 1, 1687. 

(The land of Joseph Hildreth of Littleworth Hollow is 
probably the farm of Mr. Charles C. Dimon.) 


Page 248. Samuel Daniels of East Hampton sells to 
Thomas Stephens of Southampton, six acres of land at a 
place called Lily Hill in East Hampton. Bounded south 
by Samuel Parsons, southwest by Edmund Shaw, north- 
west by highway and on the northeast by said Lily Hill. 

This lot was given to Samuel Daniels by his father in 
law, John Edwards, September 26, 1686 and was left to 
John Edwards by his father, William Edwards. Price ^6. 
Dated Nov. 29, 1686. Witness Richard Sture, John Par- 
sons, John Edwards, John Chatfield. 

Page 252. John Burnet sells to John Morehouse a £50 
right of commonage throughout the bounds of Southamp- 
ton. Price 30 shillings. Dated Feb. 10, 1686. Witness, 
Henry Pierson, Nathaniel Hudson. 

(John Morehouse, whose property appears in the old 
Records, lived at Sagaponack on the farm owned in recent 
years by Casander W. Hedges.) 

Page 253. John Foster and wife Sarah sells to Ezekiel 
Saniii'ord a ^^50 lot in the 20 acre division at Mecox in lot 
No. 11, Bounded west by Lieut. Richard Post east by John 
lliiJreth, north and South by highway, being 7 acres. June 
1, 1687. Witness John Rose, Thomas Shaw. 

( This lot is on the east side of Kelly's Pond. See Vol. 
n Printed Records, Page 261.) 

Page 254. Richard Howell gives to his son Richard 
Howell, Jr., a i^50 right of commonage throughout South- 
ampton bounds. June 8, 1687. 

Page 255. John Jessup, Jr., "in consideration of a cer- 
tain parcel of meadow by me had and received of the in- 
haoiiants of ye North Sea namely Benjamin Haynes, John 
Koid, John Davis and others as by deed of even date." 


He sells to them all that parcel of meadow formerly grant- 
ed to me by the town, lying and being near Wieckatick 
spring and bounded west by meadow of the proprietors 
of North Sea and north and south by the water, June 7, 
1686. Witness, Samuel Whitehead, Sarah Jennings. 

(The proprietors of North Sea were a distinct body by 
themselves and were the owners of all the meadows on 
the Peconic Bay as far east as the spring named above, 
which is near Hog Neck. See Vol. I Printed Records 
Page 48.) 

Page 256. Peregrine Stanborough and Josiah Stanbor- 
ough sells to Joseph Sayre, "our lot of meadow thai fell to 
us by lot in the late division of Accabogue meadows, be- 
ing a £150 lot and is situated in the neck called the Birch 
Creek Neck and is No. 18 near the bottom of said neck. 
Bounded north by James White, south by Jonas Bower, 
east and west by the Creek," containing 3 or 4 acres, June 
8, 1687, Price £7. Witness, Samuel Cooper, Jeckomiah 

(For location of above see Vol. II. Records. Page 116.) 

Page 258. Josiah Topping and John Topping sell to 
Joseph Sayre "all that our allotment of meadow that fell 
unto us by lot in the late division at Accabogue, lying in 
Red Creek neck on the west side of the river called Tow 
youngs and is lot No. 49. "Bounded south by meadow of 
Daniel Sayre west by the commons, north by John White 
and Benjamin Davis and east by Towyoungs Creek," con- 
taining 3 acres. Price £3. June 21, 1687. (see Vol II 
Records Page 117.) 

(Note. Tow Youngs was the Indian name for Red 
Creek. W. S. P.) 


Page 261. Whereas there hath been some difference 
between us the inhabitants of North Sea, on the one part, 
and Jeckamiah Scott in behalf of Capt. John Scott, Henry 
Pierson and James Hildreth on the other part concerning 
the bounds of the meadows belonging to them at a place 
called Great Noyack. It is agreed that said Jeckamiah 
Scott, Henry Pierson and James Hildreth shall have "all ye 
meadow lying westward of Great Noyack Brook or the 
Mill brook within one mile of the water line to a marked 
white oak tree upon the poynt that is poynting over to or 
butting upon an island called Clam Island and that is be- 
tween the poynt and said island." Dated June 21, 1687. 
This is signed by Thomas Shaw, Benjamin Haines, Samuel 
Cooper, John Rose, Joseph Lupton, George Harris, Jecko- 
miah Scott, Henry Pierson, James Hildreth. 

Page 262. Samuel Clark Benjamin Haines, John Rose, 
Richard Smith, Jeckomiah Scott, John Rose, Jr, George 
Harris, Joseph Lupton, John Davis, Thomas Shaw, James 
White and Samuel Cooper, the Proprietors of North Sea, 
sell to John Jessup Jr, for £3. and also for some upland 
and meadow as by deed of even date. "All that parcel of 
meadow at a place called Noyack and Farrington's neck, 
where the land of said John Jessup lyeth and within the 
limits of his upland." 
June 7, 1687. 

(Farrington's Neck or Great Noyack now called Jessups 
Beach was laid out to John Jessup in 1679 as his share in 
the 40 acre division. See Vol. II Records, Page 289. It 
remained in his family till after the Revolution and was 
sold by Silas Jessup to the father of Major, John Osborn 
who owned it till recent times.) 

Page 264. Joseph Fordham sells to Thomas Cooper, 
"All that my lot of land and meadow in Quaquanantuck 


Neck, being No. 22 as appears upon Record, In exchange 
for the above Thomas Cooper gives lot No. 32 in Birch 
Neck in Accabogue Division. June 7, 1687. 

(For location of the above lots see Vol. II Printed Rec- 
ords, Page 253 and Page 117.) 

Page 265. Josiah Bartholomew, carpenter sells to 
John Jagoe, for £5, "Twenty feet of ground in width, next 
adjoining to Mr. Wm. Barker. Bounded north by Mr. 
Barkers ground, south by Josiah Bartholomew, east by 
Edward Howell, west by the street. Ranging with Josiah 
Bartholemew's house with a stable &c, Dec 26, 1687 

(The above is a part of the lot of late Mr. Albert Foster 
or of Edward H. Foster Esq, next adjoining.) 

Page 266. John Laughton sells to Gersham Culver, 
"All that my £50 right of commonage at a place called 
Second Neck and all over the western Purchases of South- 
ampton viz, Quaquanantuck and Accabogue, from the 
place commonly called ye Canoe Place to the western ex- 
tent," Dated March 31, 1687. 

Page 267. Gersham Culver engages to build for John 
Laughton, "a good sufficient frame of a barn with posts in 
the ground, 26 feet in length and 20 feet in breadth and 12 
feet between ye plate and ye ground with good white oak 
posts and well braced and tenonted and studded for a four 
foot and a half clapboard, and lathed for 2 feet shingles 
with the laths let into the three principals so that they 
shall reach three laths. And to frame a girth between the 
bay posts of about six feet from the ground and to build a 
lean to of 8 feet wide studded and lathed for the same 
clapboards and shingles. And to make two doors to ye 


said barn, one of 6 leet wide and the other 3 feet wide and 
to finish the said work at or before the 20th of July next" 

And John Laughton agrees to pay £10 of good current 
provision pay a or before the last of November next. 
And Gersham Culver is to take a £50 right of commonage 
as £7 of the said pay and 3 acres of land in the woods. 
And John Laughton "is to find clapboards, nails and boards 
and to cart ye timber after it is gotten and hewed and to 
help or find hands to rear ye said barn and to find the 
shingles, Dated May 14, 1686. 

(The above mentioned birn, which is a very curious 
example of the manner of building in old times, probably 
stood on the home lot of late Mr. Charles Henry Hal- 

Page 268. Mary Burnet, widow of Thomas Burnet 
sells to Thomas Cooper, "All that my lot of land and mead- 
ow lying at a place called Quaquanantuck Neck being No. 
19 and is a £150 lot. Thomas Cooper gives in exchange 
lot No. 38 of meadow upon the Beach and 30 shillings in 
money, Witness, Joel Burnet. (See Vol 11. Records Page 

Page 270. Whereas, Edward Howell on January 9, 
1678, sold to Josiah Bartholemew, carpenter, all his certain 
dwelling house and parcel of land, and bounded as stated, 
running by the said lot of Edward Howell southward 4 
rods, 7 feet, 3 inches, west by the street 6 rods 4 feet, 10 
inches, north by land of Wm. Barker 4 rods, 15 feet 3 
inches, and east by land in occupation of said Edward 
Howell 5 rods, 12 feet, 6 inches, as by the deed may ap- 
pear. And whereas Josiah Bartholemew by will dated 
June 3, 1686, left the said lot to Henry Willis of Westbuiy 
in Queens County the said Henry Willis sells the same to 
Johnjagoe for £35 March 28, 1688. 


(The above deed is now in possession of the writer, the 
deed to John Jagoe being endorsed as the body of the 
original deed given by Edward Howell. It has an especial 
interest from the fact that the acknowledgement is writ- 
ten by Major John Howell, whose signature is rarely 
found. The land is where the new house of Edward H. 
Foster, Esq, now stands, next south of homestead of late 
Albert Foster.) 

Page 273. Christopher Learning sells to Henry Pierson 
"All that my ten acres of land which I had of Isaac Will- 
man in exchange for other land lying at Sagaponack, 
bounded east by land of Henry Pierson, north by Robert 
Norris, west by highway and south by highway. Dated 
April 9, 1688, Price £20. 

(The above is probably the present homestead of 
Hiram S. Rogers at Sagaponack,) 

Page 274. Thomas Rose sells to John Beswick, "10 
acres of land which I formerly bought of John Davis, being 
part of an allotment of land that fell to him and Samuel 
Clark by lot, at Mecox and is situated at a place common- 
ly called Kelly's Pond on the east side thereof, adjoining 
unto the northeast creek of said pond. Bounded west by 
the pond, northeast by Benjamin Foster, southwest by 
John Beswick's land, that he bought of John Burnet, and 
east by commons. Price £28, March 20. 1687. 

Page 276. I, John Jennings, of North Sea do make 
over and assign unto Peregrine Stanborough, the propor- 
tion of land that is due unto me in the last division, name- 
ly 4 acres. August 24, 1670. 

Page , Josiah Stanborough sells to his brother, Peri- 
grine Stanborough, a certain piece of land at a place called 


Sagaponack ; being 20 acres bounded east by Peregrine 
Stanborough, and south, west and north by highways. 
Price £46. March 9, 1692-3. 

Page , Southampton February ye 24, 1743. We Isaac 
Howell and William Foster, having a lot of land in ye 30 
acre Division, in partnership, do agree to divide it, and we 
do employ Abraham Halsey to assist us in dividing the 
same. And Isaac Howell choosing to have his part lye on 
ye south end of the lot, we measured him 29 poles and 9 
feet, on the west side of said lot, which is his west line. 
And the west end of which line is a great black oak stump. 
The north part of the lot is William Fosters. (There is 
no description as to location but probably at Mecox.) 

Page 279. James Herrick sells to Francis Sayre, "All 
that north part of my Flying Point Division, which is now 
in possession of him the said Francis Sayre, being 17 acres, 
as it is now fenced between us. Only reserving the privi- 
lege to cart in summer time such fruits as shall grow on 
my south part of said division, when it will not damnify 
(damage) the said Francis Sayre. Dec 16, 1680. 

Page 280. Thomas Topping sells to Wm Barker, a 
piece of land in Southampton, bounded south by the land or 
home lot of Edward Howell, north and east by said Thom- 
as Topping, west by land of said Wm Barker, on which 
his dwelling house now stands. The Said piece of land 
being in length, east and west 4 poles and 7 feet, and on 
the west end adjoining the land of William Barker 22^ feet 
wide, and the same at the other end, Being 7^ square 
poles. "The said Wm Barker is to fence and will not 
erect on the Said land a dwelling house or any building 
that hath a fire room in it," April 13, 1688. 

(The above is part of the homestead of the late Albert 


Page 281. Richard Post sells to Ezekiel Sandford. 
"All that my piece of land at Mecox, being 7 acres, being a 
£50 right in the 20 acre division. Bounded west by John 
Mitchell, east by £50 right of land which I formerly Sold 
to my son Joseph Post, who hath with my consent ex- 
changed it unto said Ezekiel Sandford. The said 7 acres 
is bounded south and north by highways. 

Memorandum.— That upon the 9th day of May 1689, 
John Lupton, having in ye pound 7 hogs of John Cook's 
out of his enclosed ground on trespass, and in regard that 
the Said Cook refused to pay the poundage, he, the said 
= Lupton hath at the beat of the drum, sold at a public out- 
cry, one black hog to the highest bidder for 6 s. 9 d, in 

Page 282. Southampton, April 7, 1688, Whereas we, 
the Trustees of Southampton, having taken into considera- 
tion the great abuse done in the neighborhood of this 
town in making of insufficient leather, we do enact for the 
future, that there shall yearly be chosen a Sealer and 
Searcher of leather, who shall seal all leather that is well 
wrought and every way sufficient and shall have for every 
dicker of leather 12 pence in money or 2 shillings in pay 
and for every single hide 3 pence. And if any tanner 
Shall put to sale any leather that is not first searched, he 
shall forfeit the leather, except such leather as they may 
use for other purposes than to make shoes or boots. And 
if any shoe maker shall make up into shoes or boots any 
leather that is not first sealed he shall forfeit £3, one third 
to the town, one third to the Sealer and one third to the 
informer. And any Currier who shall curry leather, and 
not do it sufficiently he shall pay 6 shillings 8 pence. 

Ordered by the Trustees April 16, 1688. Whereas the 
law requires, all bounds between towns shall be viewed 


once in three years to see that the bound stakes be kept 
up. That Edward Howell, Henry Pierson, Samuel Cooper 
and Obadiah Rogers are appointed to go and visit the 
bounds between us and I he Town of East Hampton, and 
to meet East Hamptoi. men at the south stake upon the 
23rd of this month. And the men which are appointed to 
mark the westward bound at Seatuck, some time next 
v/eek, are John Howell, Jr, William Herrick, Samuel Jag- 
ger and Isaac Halsey, Jr. 

No inhabitant of this town shall entertain any person 
who is not an inhabitant for more than one month, with- 
out leave of the trustees. 

Page 284. April 17, 1688, Lieut. Richard Post and 
Dorothy, his wife give to their grand Son Benjamin Foster, 
Jr., "All that our now dwelling house and home lot, and all 
that close of land at a place called Littleworth Hollow, on 
the East side thereof. Bounded south, west and north by 
highways. Also i of the close in the Great Plain, hard by 
the place where the Plain Gate formerly stood, being the 
south half of the close. Also my meadow on the west 
beach at a place called Batchelor's Hall. 

The said Benjamin Foster is to come and dwell with 
the said Richard Post and to take care of the estate for 
their mutual comfort during the life of Richard Post and 
his wife. If the said Benjamin Foster should marry be- 
fore their decease he shall provide for his grandparents a 
good warm comfortable room for them to dwell in by 

Witness, Joseph Post — 

(The home lot is the homestead of late Capt. Charles 
Howell, where the "Post Block" now stands. The "Plain 
Gate" stood on First Neck Lane near the present house of 
Mr. Charles White.) 


Page 287. Jonathan Raynor sells to Henry Pierson. 
"All my meadow lying at a place called the Great Meadow, 
which fell to me by lot, belonging to a Division layed out 
in Hog Neck. Being a £200 allotment, ^150 being lot No. 
16, and the other =£50 being part of lot No. 14, with Thom- 
as Cooper, Price 55 shillings. April 17, 1688. 

(The Great Meadow is on the west side of Main Street, 
Sag Harbor. The street itself covers a part of it. See 
Vol. II, Printed Records, Page 90—91. 

Page 288. John Davis of North Sea, sells to John 
Howell, Jr., "my £50 right of meadow in Birch Neck at 
Accabogue, Bounded south by the meadow of John Post, 
and is in lot No. 25, with the meadow of said John Howell, 
Jr. Price 20 shillings, April 23. 

(See Printed Records Southampton, Vol. II, Page 116 — 

April 10, 1698. Whereas a marriage by God's Grace 
is intended, and shortly to be had, between Daniel Sayre 
and Hannah Topping, widow; It is agreed that the 
said Hannah Topping is to iiave full power over her es- 
tate of her late husband Thomas Topping which is now in 
the hands of her son Thomas Topping, as by deed April 
31, 1685. And the said Hannah Topping resigns all right of 
dower in the estate of said Daniel Sayre. 

(Thomas Topping mentioned above, was one of the sons 
of Capt. Thomas Topping. The homestead includes the 
present home lot of Mr. Henry H. Post and also that of 
the late Mr. Albert Foster. Daniel Sayre lived on the 
present homestead of Mr. Charles S. Halsey.) 

Page 290. March 31, 1675, Whereas Richard Barnell 
did convey to Thomas Goldsmith a 15 acre allotment by 
deed. The said Thomas Goldsmith sells to John Post, "All 


that close of land enclosed, lying between the close of 
Capt. John Howell, and the close of John Cooper in the 
place called Captains Neck, commonly called or known by 
the name of Head of the Creek, being 10 acres, being part 
of the premises above mentioned. He reserves the right 
to reap 2 acres of winter wheat already sown. Witnesses, 
John Elton, Samuel Clark, Nicholas Eddes. 

(The lot above is probably now owned by Mr. John 
Henry Enstine.) 

Page 292. Benjamine Moore and wife Anna, of South- 
old, sells to Manassah Kempton of Southampton. "All 
that my lot of land lying in the Town Plot of Southamp- 
ton, Bounded south by the home lot of Robert 
Wooley, north by the home lot late in tenure of John 
Mopham deceased, west by the town street, east by land 
of Robert Wooley. Being 2 acres commonly called Thom- 
as Popes home lot, as was formerly fenced and improved 
by the said Thomas Pope." Price £30 April 24, 1688. 
Witness, John Howell, Nathaniel Roscoe. 

(The street called "Post Crossing" runs through the 
above lot.) 

Page 293. John Raynor sells to Joseph Sayre. "One 
half of the lot of land that fell to my father Joseph Raynor 
by lot, at a place called Hog Neck, being 10 acres, bounded 
south by Thomas Topping, north by Edmund Howell, be- 
ing lot 20. Also i of the lot of meadow layed out unto the 
said upland lying near Brushy Neck and is likewise bound- 
ed and numbered," Price 45 shillings, June 25, 1688, Wit- 
ness Zerobabel Topping. 

(See Vol II Printed Records Page 89-90-91.) 

Page 295. Joseph Pierson binds himself to his mother, 
Mary Fletcher £12 "good pay at price current" in consid- 


eration of the use he now has of property belonging to her. 
And whenever she may require it she is to have the use of 
the new dwelling house, with the chamber or lean-to dur- 
ing her life and thus to return to said Joseph Pierson, ac- 
cording to her bill of sale dated June 30, 1681. Joseph 
Pierson, also agrees to pay his younger brother Theodore 
Pierson, £30 in merchantable pay in price current or else 
in neat cattle, as they shall be priced by indifferent men, 
when he is twenty years of age, Dated June 13, 1682. 
Witnesses, Henry Pierson, Samuel Whitehead. 

Page 296. Richard Howell sells to Wm. Herrick, 
"All his £50 lot of meadow and upland in Second Neck ly- 
ing in the lot with Wm. Herrick at a place called Quaquan- 
antuck purchase." 

In exchange for this Wm. Herrick gives a £50 lot 
lying in Potunk Neck adjoining to the meadow of said 
Richard Howell in the same lot. Sept 10, 1688. 

("Second Neck" is next east of Ogden's Neck which is 
next east of Quogue. The lot at Second Neck mentioned 
above is No. 34. See printed Records Vol II Page 253-254. 
The lot at Potunk is No. 11. See Vol. II, Page 278.) 

Page 298. Samuel Cooper sells to John Jagger. "All 
that my lot of land that fell to my father John Cooper at a 
place commonly called by the name of Long Pond being 
No. 2 and is a 40 Acre lot, and was laid out to a i^l50 right 
of commonage belonging to my father." 

John Jagger gives in exchange for the above, "All that 
his lot of land lying in the 20 acre Division at Sagaponack, 
being 20 acres and is No. 8 as it fell to him" Sept. 10, 
1688. Witnesses, Mehetabel Howell and John Howell, Jr. 

(The lot at Long Fond is on the east side. See Vol. II 


Printed Records Page 77 — 78. For the lot at Sagaponack 
see Vol. II, Page 259—263.) 

Samuel Cooper and James Cooper, sell to Peregrin } 
.' tanborough, "All our two 20 acre lots in the 20 acr2 
Division at a place called Sagaponack one of them being 
No. 9, and fell to our father John Cooper deceased and the 
other we had of John Jagger by way of exchange being 
No. 8, as by records may appear. The said two lots are 
bounded south and north by highways, east by Josiah 
Stanborough, being 40 acres." 
Sept. 11, 1688, Witness Abraham Willman. 

(See Records Vol. II, Page 259—263. These lots 8 and 
9 lay next to each other.) 

Page 298. Peregrine Stanborough Sells to Samuel and 
James Cooper. "All that my house and land I bought of 
John Beswick at Meaox. Bounded east by Benony Newton 
and Edward Howell, north by highway west by Samuel 
Lum, South by highway. Being 30 jcres. Sept 11, 1688, 

(This land is probably on the south side of Mecox 
street, west of the homestead of the late Thomas Cooper.) 

Page 300. John Laughtcn sells to Wm Herrick, "for 
the value of a four year old Steer." "All that my £50 al- 
lotment that fell to me in a place called Second Neck, near 
Quaqunantuck neck, both upland and meadow." Dec 21, 
1688, Witnesses, William Barker, James Brading. 

(The above tract includes several acres east of Quogue 
and is probably the place late of George H. Penniman. It 
could hardly be purchased now "for the value of a four 
year old steer." See Vol. II Printed Records Page 254-255.) 

Page 302 John Topping sells to Wm Herrick. "All 
that my £50 allotment of land and meadow at a place com- 
monly called Assops Neck, Also my £50 allotment of 


meadow and upland at a place called Ketchaponack, 
Price £3, 10 s, May 9, 1688. He gives Wm. Herrick law- 
full possession "by delivering to him a turfe and twig" ac- 
cording to ancient custom. 

Page 303. Samuel Clark of North Sea, wheelwright, 
sells to Samuel Clark "Old Town," All that my £100 lot 
of meadow, being part of a lot in Accabog Division, lying 
in the lot with the widow Reeves in lot No. 1 on the east 
side of the spring at a place called and known by the name 
of 15 mile Island. Price 40 s, Dec 26, 1688. Witness, 
John Jagger, 

(The above tract of land is at Flanders, See Vol. II, 
Records Page 115.) 

Page 305, Richard Post and wife Dorothy sell to John 
Gold, Tailor, A certain parcel of land lying at the North- 
west corner of my home lot. Bounded west by town 
street, north by home I'.t of widow Mary Burnet, east and 
south by my own home lot, To lye 32 feet in breadth and 
3 rods, 4 feet in length, Oct 30. 1686. Witnesses, Dan Bur- 
net, Samuel Whitehead. 

(The above lot is on the east side of Main Street next 
north of the Post building. It is where the old house of 
Mr. Josiah Foster formerly stood, and was sold to the late 
Capt. Daniel S. Havens, who we believe built the store now 
standing on the lot.) 

Page 306. Thomas Topping sells to Thomas Cooper. 
"All that my ^ lot of meadow and upland which I bought 
of my grand father, Thomas Topping, deceased lying at a 
place called Assop's Neck in Quaquanantuck Purchase. 
The lot being No. 4 in the Division. 

Thomas Cooper gives in exchange all his lot at a place 
called Accabogue, being No. 11 and is a £150 lot bounded 


south by the meadow of John Cook and north by the mea- 
dow of Arthur Howell, deceased. February 20, 1683. 
Witness, Abraham Wilman. 

(Assops Neck proper, is east of Quantuck Creek, Little 
Assups Neck, now called Quiogue, is west of Quantuck 
Creek. For the lot at Accabog See Vol. II, Page 116-118) 

Page 307. Samuel Whitehead of Southampton ''Cord- 
wainer" sells to Obadiah Sales, "Cooper" "for 50 barrels of 
good merchantable whale oil valued at £100. All his now 
dwelling house and home lot. Bounded east by Town 
Street, north by highway, south and west by home lot of 
Edmund Howell as now staked out. The south side is 110 
feet, the west 109 feet, the north 143 feet and east in front 
116 feet. The said Obadiah Sale is to make all the fence 
in the south and west." Feb. 19, 1688, Witness, Robert 

(The above is where the house of Mr. Albert H. Reeves 
now stands on the corner of Job's Lane. We hardly think 
he would sell it now for 50 barrels of whale oil. This 
same place was in later years o vned by Hugh Gelston , 
Esq. and the Stocks and whipping post stood on the corner. 
Perhaps it might be well if they were there now.) 

Page 308. Edmund Howell Sells to Samuel Whitehead. 
A piece of ground being part of my home lot. Bounded 
north by land of Obadiah Sale, east by town street, west 
and South by my own land, being 2^ poles in length north 
and south and 3^ poles in front and rear. Feb 28, 1688. 
Witness, Whitehead. 

(The house of Mr. George Hallock stands on this lot.) 

Page 310. Isaac Willman gives to his son Matthew 

Wilman. "For love and affection." "One half of my land 

lying on the west side of Sagaponack pond and adjoining 


thereto. Except three acres which I have given to his 
younger brethren." "Also one half of all my land at the 
Long Pond with Christopher Learning, being about lOJ 
acres and also 2 lots of meadow upon the beach westward. 
Also a lot of meadow at Catchaponack." And a £50 right 
of Commonage. Dec. 3, 1688, Witness, Mary Taylor. 

(The land at Sagg Pond is where the bridge crosses it. 
The first church at Bridgehampton stood on a part of the 
land. See Vol. Ill, Printed Records, Page 238. For land at 
Long Pond see Page 303.) 

Page 31L Isaac Wilman gives to his son Isaac Wil- 
man, Jr., "All that my now dwelling house and home lot, 
with all the land thereunto adjoining. Bounded west 
by Town street, south by Wm Herrick, north by widow 
Cook, and John White, east by Commons. Reserving a 
quarter of an acre of said home lot next the Town Street, 
and William Herricks lot, for a common pasture for the 
rest of my sons and daughter to put their horses in on 
Sabbath day and other times when they come to town. 

I also give him two acres of land in Captains Neck, 
bounded north by John Jessup, south by Joseph Foster. 
Also my land of upland and meadow in Potunk Neck, be- 
ing No. 15, And my lot of meadow at Shinnecock bounded 
west by Mr. Howell, east by Henry Pierson. Also a £50 
right of Commonage, but i of all future divisions of land 
are to go to my three youngest sons, John, Theophilus and 
Benjamin. I also give him 10 acres in the North D vision 
of the Ox Pasture, bounded east by Edmund Howell, west 
by highway, north by road to Shinnecock. Also 9J acres 
at ye Long Pond in the 40 Acre Division." Jan 10, 1688 
Witness, Mary Maltbie. 

(The home lot is the homestead of Wm. J. Post. Esq 
The second church in Southampton stood on the south- 


west corner. The sons and daughters of Isaac Wilman 
lived at Mecox and rode to church on horse back as was 
very common in those days. The homestead extended 
east to the Old Town street. The land in the Ox Pasture 
is the late homestead of Mr. Emmett Sayre,) 

Page 313. John Howell, Jr, sells to Mr. John Campbell 
a i:50 right of Commonage east of Canoe Place. Price £3. 

13 s. 4 d. 

Page 314. Benjamin Foster sells to Henry Pierson a 
£50 lot on Hog Neck, being 7 acres in lot No, 26. Also a 
i^50 lot of meadow belonging to it lying near Brushy Neck 
in Lot No. 26. April 2, 1686. 

(See Vol. II, Records, Page 90— 91.) 

Page 315. Isaac ^nd John Raynor sell to Isaac Halsey 
their 20 acre lot at Mecox in the 20 acre division. Bound- 
ed east by the lot of Isaac Halsey which he bought of 
Edmund Howell, west by Jeremiah Halsey. Being 20 
acres as it fell to Joseph Raynor deceased. Also a £100 
lot of meadow at Accabogue, being § of a lot in that divis- 
ion and stands upon record as No. 35. Isaac Halsey gives 
in exchange, "All that his certain piece of land lying at 
the north lend of said Isaac and John Raynor's home lot, 
B )imded west by land of Ephraim Howell, north by high 
way. Being 22 acres and formerly belonged to Thomas 
Reeves." May 4, 1689 

• (For the lot at Mecox see Vol. II, Printed Records, Page, 
261—262. It is probably on the south side of the road to 
Bridgehampton, west of Kelly's Pond. For the lot at Ac- 
cabogue see Page 117—118. The lot that Isaac Halsey 
gave in exchange is probably the homestead of late Joseph 
Robinson, north of the land of Mr. John Scott, at Wicka- 


Page 316. Whereas John Cooper of Southampton, did 
on May 16, 16 — , mortgage to Samuel Shrimpton of Boston, 
merchant, all his houses and lands in Southampton being 
a £200 allotment, except 3 acres lying by the Town Pond, 
as security for the sum of £500. and whereas Samuel 
Cooper and James Cooper have paid the same the said 
Samuel Shrimpton having given and remitted to Sarah 
Cooper, the widow £100 of the same. The said Samuel 
Shrimpton releases all claim. April 25, 1687. 

(The 3 acres by the Town Pond is where Mr. Henry 
Culver lately lived.) 

Page 318. Sarah Cooper widow and administratrix of 
the estate of John Cooper, gives to her two eldest sons 
Samuel and James Cooper, all her right to ^d estate. 
They are to pay her £16 a year, one half in dl^ at 40 shil- 
lings a barrel and beef at 40 shillings a barnel. And she 
is to have the use of the east room of her now dwelling 
house and bedding and other things for her support and if 
the said room shall hereafter prove unacceptable to dwell 
in, they are to provide her a more comfortable room. 
And if £16 be insufficient for her comfortable maintenance 
they shall add so much as may be necessary for her de- 
cent and comfortable maintenance. She is to allow £8 for 
her diet and she reserves the right to dispose of her 
clothes to whoever she prefers. May 18, 1689. Witness, 
Ichabod Cooper. 

Page 320. Whereas John Cooper, deceased, had at 
the time of his death, houses, lands and tenements and left 
sons Samuel, James and Thomas. They divide the estate 
as follows : 

1st Samuel Cooper is to have 45 acres of the home lot 
being the part of the home lot next to the street. And the 


lot in the Great Plain in Captains Neck, bounded north by 
John Post, deceased. And one lot in the Ox Pasture, be- 
ing a wood lot lying in the south part of the Ox Pasture 
on the west side of Captains Neck hollow. And f of a 
south lot in the Ox Pasture, bounded west by John Bishop. 
And a lot of meadow at Accabogue lying on the east side 
of Red Creek Neck, And ^ of the piece of meadow at ye 
North Sea, not including the piece that was improved by 
Christopher Lupton. Also a £50 lot of meadow on the 
beach in the lot with Joseph Post. And a lot of meadow 
in Seponack and ^ of the interest in the beach or drift. 
Also i of the lot at the Scuttle Hole Division. And a lot 
on Hog Neck No. 5. And a £125 right of Commonage — 
And i the commonage in the North Sea line, being in the 
whole £125. And h of a lot in Southold being in the 
whole about 150 acres. 

2nd James Cooper is to have 26 acres of the home lot 
lying at the west end. And all that close lying by the Ox 
Pasture Gate, over against Thomas Cooper's, bounded 
north by the highway, south by the land of Mr. Whiting. 
And all that land in the Great Plain lying by the Pond 
side, -bounded east by the Town Pond, south by Richard 
Howell. Also 2 acres in Halsey's Neck, bounded south by 
the close of John Foster. Also 5 acres in the Great Plain 
bounded west by John Post's close at the Head of the 
Creek and north by the Ox Pasture land. And 2 Acres in 
the Ox Pasture by Joseph Pierson's. And all the meadow 
at Shinnecock on the west side of Jonathan Raynor's 
meadow. And a lot of meadow upon the beach in the 
Pine Division No. 4. And a lot of meadow at Accabogue in 
Birch Neck No 17. And all that piece of meadow at 
North Sea which Christopher Lupton used to mow; 
bounded west by the meadow divided to Samuel Cooper 
and parted from it by a small pond and ditch. And a lot 


of land at Hog Neck No. 33. And i the upland and com- 
monage belonging to a £125 right of commonage within 
the North Sea line, And a £100 right of Commonage 
throughout the bounds of Southampton. And J of the 
interest of the west beach and drift. And h the 150 acre 
lot in Southold. And 5 ol a 40 acre lot at Scuttle Hole. 

3rd Thomas Cooper is to have, All that 30 acres of 
land formerly belonging to Mr. Stanborough, bounded east 
by the home lot of Benony Newton, and 20 acres of land 
at Mecox Plains, and nine acres more running down the 
north side of Edward Howell's land to Long Pond. And J 
of a 40 acre lot at Scuttle Hole. And all those several par- 
cels of meadow belonging to the aforesaid accommoda- 
tions that lyes eastward of Farrington's Neck, And J of 
the meadow at North Sea except what is given to his 
brother James, And i of a fifty of land of a 40 acre lot ly- 
ing at Rocky Hollow. And 5 of the interest in the beach 
and drift. Dated May 18. 1689 ^ 

(The home lot given to Samuel Cooper is the home of 
late Capt. Mercator Cooper and is one of the few home- 
steads which have descended in the same family since the 
original laying out. The west part of the home lot given 
to James Cooper is now owned by Wm and James Ford- 
ham and land adjoining. 

The close by the Ox Pasture gate given to James 
Cooper includes the Irving House and lands late of Ed- 
ward C. Reeves, and extending south to the lot of Henry 
A. Fordham, which was formerly parsonage land. The lot 
by the Town Pond is the lot now owned by the heirs of 
Judge Kilbreth. The 5 acres in the Great Plain by John 
Post's close is probably now owned by Edward P. Hunt- 


The land given to Thomas Cooper is at Mecox, and 
we believe a- part of it is still owned by his descendants 
and is the homestead on the south side of Mecox street. 
In the above division, Thomas Cooper is mentioned as 
Thomas Cooper, Jr. This was to distinguish him from his 
uncle, Thomas Cooper who was then living on the lot now 
owned by Rufus Sayre, opposite First Neck Lane and the 
land adjoining. For the right on the beach see Vol. II, 
Printed Records, Page 344—345. "Farrington's Neck" is 
now Noyack.) 

Page 322. Richard Howell sells to John Howell, Jr., 
"/ 11 that my lot of meadow as it stands upon Record in 
the Town Book, and fell to me by lot No. 33" John How- 
ell, Jr, gives in exchange, "All that his 2 lots and a £50 right 
of meadow lying westward of the Town upon the South 
Beach in the Pines Division, being No. 5 No. 7, and a part 
of No. 8 with Edward Howell. No 5 is bounded west by 
Joseph- Pierson and. ^east by James Cooper" Dated April 
29, 1689. Witnessed, John Burnet ; John Maltbie. 

(For the Division of meadows on the Beach see Vol. 
II, Printed Records, Page 123.) 

Page 324. Richard Post and wife Dorothy, sell to John 
Jagoe, All that my 2 acres of land lying in the Great 
Playne, on the east side of Halsey's Neck as it was former- 
ly laid cut. Ecunded scuth ty Isnd of Ecbert "Wcolley, 
north by my own land" Price £3 May 30, 1689. 

(John Jagoe was a carpenter, and came here from 
Queens Court. He lived on the homestead of late Mr. 
Albert Foster.) 

Page 325. Josiah Raynor sells to John Raynor, "All 
that the i of my meadow that lyeth at a place called by 
the name of Shinneccck Little Neck, Being i of the mead- 


ow that lyeth there that was formerly belonging to my 
father Joseph Raynor deceased. Also all my right and 
title to the meadow that belonged to my father lying in 
Shinnecock Great Neck. Also a £50 right of meadow and 
upland in Ogdens Neck" 

John Raynor gives in exchange. "All that my part of 
the lot of land formerly laid out to my father Joseph Ray- 
nor and Richard Howell, lying at a place called Wind Mill 
Hill westward of Scuttle Hole, Being ? of a 40 acre lot as 
it was laid out. Also 1| acres of land in ye Great Playne 
in the 10 acre lots. Bounded west by Richard Post." 
Dated June 26, 1689. 

(Note. The meadows on Shinnecock, were among 
the first lands laid out but the record is lost. They have 
been held by private owners ever since. They were ex- 
pressly reserved in the lease given to the Indians in 1703. 

The lot at Wind Mill is lot No. 15 of the 40 acre Divis- 
ion. The locality still remains the same. For this lot see 
Vol. II, Printed Records, Page 77-78. The 10 acre lots in 
the Great Plain is the tract between Halsey's Neck Lane 
and Captains Neck Lane.) 

Page 326. Richard Post sells to John Howell, Sr.' "All 
that my parcel of land lying in Halseys Neck. Bounded 
south by land I sold John Jagoe, north by land of Joseph 
Pierson, West by highway. Being 2 acres. Being the re- 
mainder of 5 acres of which I have sold to John Jagoe 2 
acres." July 23, 1689. Witness Susanah Howell, Prudence 

Richard Post sells to John Howell, Jr., "All that my 
parcel of land in Halsey's Neck, bounded by land I sold to 
John Jagoe, north by Joseph Pierson, east by Jonathan 
Raynor, west by lane being 2 acres. Being the remainder 


of 4 acres, of which I have sold to John Jagoe 2 acres, 
July 23, 1689. 

John Howell, Jr, sells to John White, "now a resident 
of Hunttington" § of a lot of mea'Jow and upland in Catch- 
aponack neck, being a £100 allotment in lot No. 27. 

John White gives in exchange § of a lot of meadow 
and upland in Quaquanantuck neck, being a £100 allot- 
ment in lot No 11. Oct. 14, 1689. Witnesses, Robert Kel- 
lan, James Braling. 

(For the above lots see Printed Records Vol. II, Page 
253, 277.) 

Page 328. William Herrick sells to James Herrick. 
"All that my land at the Mill Neck, on both sides of the 
path being about 30 acres on the north side of the path, 
bounded south by the path to East Hampton. And about 
14 acres on the south side of the path, as I divided with 
Mr. Rogers. Also all my £100 allotment of upland and 
meadow at Catchaponack in lot No. 34. And all my lot of 
meadow on the west beach for the term of 7 years. 

James Herrick gives in exchange, with the consent of 
his mother, Martha Phillips. "All his parcel of land at 
Flying Point ; being 10 acres. Also his right in wood close, 
being 15 acres adjoining on the north side of the land of 
Obadiah Rogers. Also his £50 allotment of meadow at 
Assups Neck. Sept. 18, 1689. 

(The land in Mill Neck is now the homestead of Mr. 
Henry Martin Rose. Also the land opposite on the south 
side of the road. The oak grove that is so conspicuous a 
feature in the landscape is a part of this land which was 
laid out to James Herrick and Obadiah Rogers in 1679. 
See Printed Records. Vol II, Page 109.) 


Page 330. Jonah Fordham sells to Tnomas Cooper, 
"All my £100 allotment of meadow at Accabogue in Birch 
Neck, being § of a lot, bounded north by Joseph Post, be- 
ing in the same lot with Edward Howell upon Wines 
Point. May 31, 1689. 

(This lot is No. 57 in the Accabogue Division near Flan- 
ders. See Vol. II, Printed Records, Page 117.) 

Josiah Halsey sells to Lot Burnet a £50 right of Com- 
monage throughout, the bounds of the Town of Southamp- 
ton. Price 50 shillings, Oct. 11, 1689. 

Page 332. Edward Howell sold to Josiah Bartholemew 
and Henry Willis, his executor sold to John Jagoe, March 
29, 1688, a tenement, messuage and lot of ground, bound- 
ed south by Edward Howell 4 rods, 7 feet and 3 inches. 
West by Town street, 6 rods 4 feet and 10 inches, North 
by Wm Barker 4 rods, 15 feet and 3 inches. East by Ed- 
ward Howell 5 rods, 12 feet and 6 inches, "as by deed." 
John Jagoe sells the same to Wm Barker, merchant. Nov. 
23, 1689. 

(The new house of Edward H. Foster, Esq. stands on 
the above described lot next south of the homestead of 
late Albert Foster.) 

Page 334. John Jagoe sells to Joseph Herson the 2 
acres of Richard Post in Halsey's Neck. Nov. 22, 1689. 
(see page 326.) 

Page 335. Thurston Raynor sells to John Raynor and 
J osiah Raynor i of a lot of meadow in Potunk Neck being 
No. 4 as laid out to my father Joseph Raynor. Feb, 26, 
1689. (See Vol II, Printed Records, Page 276.) 

Page 336. Isaac and Daniel Halsey sell to John Ray- 
nor, Isac c Raynor and Josiah Raynor, a lot of meadow at 


Shinnecock, on the west side of the Great Neck, bounded 
north by Isaac Raynor, south by Thurston Raynor and 
Capt, Pierson. Which said lot was all the meadow that 
did formerly belong to Thomas Halsey in that place. 

They give in exchange "our lot of meadow and upland 
in Potunk Neck ; bounded west by Obadiah Rogers, east 
by John Bishop. Being lot No. 4 laid out to Joseph Ray- 
nor. Feb. 27, 1689. 

John Howell, Jr. sells to ohn Woodruff, "All that my 
4 lots of orchard land lying at the Millstone Brook adjoin- 
ing to the east of the said John Woodruff s land. Being 6 
acres more or less. 

John Woodruff gives in exchange, "A lot of upland 
and meadow in Ogdens Neck as it fell to him by lot. 
March 24, 1689-90. 

(The land at Millstone Brook is now part of the farm 
late of Capt. Elias White.) 

Page 338. Joseph Fordham Sells to John Howell, Jr. 
"2 lots of Orchard land at a place called Millstone Brook. 
Bounded east by said brook, west by John Woodruff being 
3 acres as laid out to my father" 

(There seems to have been laid out about 1670 a divis- 
ion of a few acres of land to each proprietor for "Orchard 
1 and." There is no record of this division but all the lots 
mentioned were at Seponack or in that region.) 

Page 339. John Howell, Jr. sells to Jonathan Raynor, 
"All my lot of upland and meadow which I bought of John 
Woodruff in Ogdens Neck" March 29, 1690. 

(See page 338, Ogdens Neck is next east of Quogue. 
This lot is No. 23. See Printed Records Vol. II Page 253.) 

Page 340. Elnathan Topping sells to John Howell Jr., 
a £150 right of meadow at Accabogue being ^ of lot 


24. Also a 50 of upland and meadow in Potimk Neck, 
being in the same lot with Joseph Pierson. Nov. 19 1689. 
Elnathan Topping sells to Thomas Cooper, a 50 of upland 
and meadow in Odgens Neck. May 2, 1690. 

Page 341. April 1, 1690. Macarak, alias Humphrey, 
Indian native of Unkechogue in Suffolk County sells to 
Andrew Gibb of West Quoneticut, in said County : i of a 
certain neck of upland on the south side of Long Island, 
within the township of Brookhaven. Bounded west by 
Musquatux creek, and Minaussums neck to the westward; 
east by Sunkapogue creek and to Waspeunk or Squorums 
neck ; north by a straight line drawn from ye head of the 
swamp of Sunkapogue creek, to the head of swamp of 
Musqatux creek ; and south by the unplowable meadow 
and South bay. All the said i part of said Neck, to begin 
at Sunkapogue creek, and so to run on a north and south 
line until the full half shall be divided by a line running 
from the south bay into the north bounds. Commonly 
known to the English by the name of Mastic Neck, in two 
equal halves. With all &c, except the unplowable meadow. 
Witness, John Howell, Obadiah Sale, John Mowbray. 

Page 344. May 29, 1690. Thomas Stephens sells to 
Martha Cook and Abagail Cook, "All that certain mes- 
suage of land and tenements, namely his new dwelling 
house and home lot ; and sixty acres of woodland which 
he bought of the town, by the Head of the Mill Pond. 
The said home lot is bounded east by land of John Parker, 
north by highway south and west by the water. And the 
60 acres of woodland is bounded east by land of Humphrey 
Hughes, south by highway. Martha Cook and Abagail 
Cook, give in exchange, "All their certain home lot, that 
did belong to Ellis Cook, deceased, being 4 acres, bounded 
south by Isaac Willman, and west ty Tcwne street, with 


all the land and meadow belonging to said home lot name- 
ly a £100 allotment in the Great and Little Plains and Ox 
Pasture, being 20 acres in divers pieces. Also meadow at 
Shinnecock and Seponack and a £150 allotment at Asops 
Neck, alias Assups Sto tke. And § of a lot at Potunk, and 
§ of a lot at Accabogue as they stand upon record to Ellis 
Cook. Also 15 acres of woodland of a 40 acre lot lying at 
Scuttle Hole. 

(The homestead of Thomas Stephens, is now the farm of 
Theodore A. Halsey at Water Mill. The home lot of Ellis 
Cook which is given in exchange is now the home lot of 
the heirs of George Herrick. Some of the land at Potunk 
is now owned by the descendants of Thomas Stephens.) 

Page 346. Theophilus Howell sells to Obadiah and 
Jonah Rogers, § of a lot in Assup Neck. They give in ex- 
change a lot in Potunk Neck, as it stands upon record to 
our father, Obadiah Rogers. May 2, 1690. 

(The lot in Potunk is No. 3. See Vol. II, Printed Rec- 
ords, Page 278.) 

Page 347. Josiah Raynor "in consideration of a cer- 
tain quantity of well burned, good substantial bricks, so 
many as will sufficiently serve to build such a stack of 
chimnies as are in John Raynors now dwelling house, to 
be delivered by John Beswick, either of the Kiln at Sepon- 
ack or Long Springs on or before the last day of July 
1691" For these Josiah Raynor sells John Beswick i of a 
30 Acre lot in the Scuttle Hole Division as it stands upon 
record to my father Joseph Raynor and Richard Howell. 
June 2, 1690. 

(The 40 acre lot is in the neighborhood of the Alderman 
Haines place at Scuttle Hole. John Beswick was the boss 
brickmaker, at that time. The mention of Seponack and 


Long Springs, shows where the bricks were made. John 
Raynors house stood at Wickapogue, on the lot of Mr. 
John Ccott.) 

Page 349. John Scott of Southampton, sells to John 
Rose, a house and home lot and all the meadow and Com- 
monage that was formerly John Loomes', of Hunttington, 
"yea every part and parcel thereof for the sum of £34 
sterling, to be paid in convenient time." Reserving to Mr. 
Anthony Waters that part of Fosters home lot that for- 
merly did belong to John Loome." July 18, 1690. Wit- 
ness, John Davis. 

(The home lot of John Loom [or Lum] at North Sea is 
the corner lot on the north side of the road to the landing 
and is still called "Lum's lot") 

Anthony Waters of Jamaica, sells "to my brother John 
Rose" all my right of land in ye place commonly called 
Cow Neck. Nov 13, 1670 

Page 349-50, Matthew Howell sells to John, Joseph 
and Benjamin Foster. All my lot of meadow and upland 
in Ogdens Neck, as it fell to my father John Howell, They 
give in exchange a lot of meadow and upland in Quaqua- 
nantuck Neck, as it fell to Christopher Foster, being No. 
14. Aug 1, 1690. 

(For lot in Quogue see Vol. II, Printed Records, Page 

Page 350. Benjamin Davis, weaver, sells to Joseph 
Sayre (in consideration of one acre of land in Little Plain 
in my close and 24 shillings in mcney) a piece of land in 
the Ox Pasture north Division. Bounded east by land be- 


longing to the ministry, west by land I sold to Joseph Hil- 
dreth, containing 2^ acres. April 6, 1690. 

(The .above is a part of the homestead of late Franklij. 
Jagger on Hill Street) 

Page 351. Edmund Howell sells to John Howell, Jr, 
(in consideration of a £50 right of meadow and upland in 
Fourth Neck and one shilling in money) ^ of my lot at 
Ogdens Neck, being a £50 lot. August 5, 1690. Witness 
Richard Frenchman. 

Page 352. Isaac Bower sells to John Burnet "All my 
lot in the 20 acre Division being No. 5 as laid out to 
Thomas Trevally. Bounded east and west by Joseph 
Fordham north and south by highways. April 23. 1690. 

John Burnet gives in exchange two parcels of land at 
a place called Mill Pond Head, as described in a bill of sale 
Nov. 18, 1687, containing 20 acres and 132 poles. 

(The lot of Thomas Trevally is at Sagg near the East 
Hampton line. The lots at Mill Pond Head are south of 
the farm lately owned by Benjamin Palmer. See Printed 
Records Vol. II, Page 78.) 

Page 354. John Burnett sells to William Terbell. 
"All that my lot at a place called Sagaponack laid out for 
a 20 acre lot in that Division to Jonas Bower ; and which I 
bought of Isaac Bower, Bounded east by Edward Howell, 
west by Joseph Fordham. Being No. 5. August 13, 1690. 
Price £45. 

(This is the same lot described on page 352.) 

Page 355. Isaac Raynor sells to his brother Josiah 
Raynor, "All my part of a lot of meadow we bought of 
Isaac and Daniel Halsey lying at Shinnecock Great Neck 


on the west side thereof. Being i of a lot bounded south 
by Capt. Henry Pierson, north by my own meadow. 

In exchange Josiah Raynor gives a £50 right in Lot 22 
in Ogdens Neck. 
August 22, 1690. 

(Ogdens Neck is next east of Quogue.) 

Page 356. John Davis, "for considerable value re- 
ceived" makes over to John Oldfield a £50 commonage, 
"with all privileges." 

Dated Oct. 21, 1664. Witnesses, Samuel Clark, Jona- 
than Ogden. 

John Oldfield assigns the above £50 of Commonage to 
Ann Phillips in lieu of a former agreement to sell Ann 
Phillips a £50 of Commonage. 

Dated Nov. 3. 1664, Witnesses, Henry Pierson, 
Thomas Cooper. 

"I John Woodruff, Jr. do hereby acknowledge to have 
received of Ann Phillips of Southampton £20 for my four 
acres of land, more or less, lying in Great Plaine, on a 
neck called Halseys Neck which land was some time be- 
longing unto Edmund Howell." Dated Sept. 6, 1665. 
Witnesses, John Topping, Henry Pierson. 

Page 357 "Assignment of a bill of Sale that Thomas 
Cooper had of Elnathan Topping, to Joseph Post." 

"Thomas Cooper of Southampton assigns to Joseph 
Post of Southampton, all that my £50 allotment of meadow 
and upland within mentioned, lying in Ogdens Neck as I 
bought it of the within said Elnathan Topping." Dated 
1690. Witness John Howell, Jr. 

"Joseph Post of Southampton in consideration of a £50 
allotment of meadow and upland in Ogdens neck which I 


have already received of Thomas Cooper of said South- 
ampton ;" Sells to Thomas Cooper. "All that my £50 al- 
lotment of meadow and upland lying in the neck called 
Quaquanantuck neck being No. 13 in that Division as \i 
fell by lot to my father Richard Post deceased. Dated 
August 21. 1690. Witness, Sarah Post. 

Page 358. Final agreement between Joseph, Henry, 
Benjamin and Theodore Pierson sons of Henry Pierson, 
deceased ; "each to possess and enjoy their several propor- 
tions of the said inheritance as its hereafter expressed." 

"1st Joseph Pierson shall have i of the home lot the west 
end next the street with all the housing thereon according 
to his former agreement with his mother and all ye land 
called the Old Town Close ; and 20 acres of wood land by 
Saml Bai nes lot ; g of the land at Hog neck and 5 acres in 
ye ten acre lots, two in the Ox Pasture and one acre in 
Halseys neck toward the bottom and 3 acres more in the 
said neck lying over against Thomas Coopers Close ; half 
meadow at North Sea and i of all the meadow and up- 
land in Quaga Purchase ; a fifty of meadow at Accabogue, 
a lot of meadow upon the beach and a £50 of allotment 
and commonage. 

2nd Henry Pierson shall have 40 acres woodland in 
Scuttle Hole Division ; ^ of the land in Hog Neck and all 
the meadow belonging to the whole lot ; i of the home lot 
adjoining to Joseph's part ; 5 of all the meadow and up- 
land in Quaga Purchase ; a fifty of meadow at Accabogue, 
3 acres in the ten Acre lots and two in the First Neck in 
the Plain, all * the meadow in the bottom of Shinnecock 
Neck and the meadow on the west side of Longtongue and 
a £50 Allotment and Commonage. 

3rd ye the said Benjamin shall have 5 of the home 
lot at ye east end with the housing thereon ; ^ of the land 


at Hog Neck ; 2 acres of land in the Little Plain ; 12 acres 
of ye close of land at Littleworth at the west end with 
other land adjoining ; one acre at the ten acre lots the 
North Division of land in the Ox Pasture ; i of all the 
meadow at North Sea ; k of all the meadow and upland in 
Quaga Purchase ; i a fifty of meadow at Accabogue nd ^ 
a Fifty Pound commonage. 

4th Theodore Pierson shall have all the Close of land 
at Littleworth except 12 acres and all that acre of land in 
Captain's Neck ; one acre in Halsey's Neck by John How- 
ell's land ; All the meadow at Shinnecock Little Neck and 
Old Fort ; k of all the meadow and upland in Quaga Pur- 
chase ; 5 a meadow at Accabogue ; all the meadow at Se- 
ponack and J a Fifty of Commonage. Dated October 15, 
1690. Witnesses, John Howell, Jr. Theo. Howell. 

(The home lot is where the Presbyterian church now 
stands in Southampton, and extended east to Old Town 
The Old Town Close is the land of late Col. Benjamin A. 
Foster, and now owned by his son Mr. James E. Foster, 
The close at Little worth, is on the south side of the 
country road, and east of the road to Cobb, and is now 
owned by Henry White, and perhaps include the home- 
stead of late Benjamin C. Foster.) 

Page 360. Abram Willman sells to William Herrick. 
"All that my lot of meadow and upland lying and being at 
a place called 2nd Neck Quaga Purchase ; being of the 
denomination of a £150. of meadow and upland which is 
one whole lot in that division, which I had by donation of 
my father Isaac Willman, as it may and doth appear upon 
the records of the said town. 

In exchange, William Herrick sells to Abraham Will- 
man ; all that his £100 allotment ol meadow and upland 
lying and being in Assops Neck adjoining to the neck 


called Quaqua Neck." Dated Nov. 26. 1690. Witnesses, 
John Howell, Jr., Joseph Pierson. 

Page 361. Benjamin Pierson, formerly of Southamp- 
ton, now of Elizabethtown, N. J. sells to Theophilus Howell 
of Southampton for the sum of £12. "All that my certain 
tract or parcel of land of 3 acres as it lies in ye Great Plain 
in the ten acre lots, bounded east by the land of Henry 
Pierson and south and north by highways ; and also all 
that my lot of land lying in the north Division in the Ox 
Pasture as it fell by lot and stands upon the records of 
said town unto my father Henry Pierson, deceased." 
Dated October 15. 1690. Witnesses, John Howell, Jr. 
Joseph Pierson. 

Page 363. Thomas Lupton sells to John Jessup, by 
way of exchange, "All that my £50 allotment of meadow 
and upland lying and being at a place called Quaquanan- 
tuck neck which did formerly belong unto the accommo- 
dations of John Mappani deceased." 

In exchange, John Jessup sells to Thomas Lupton ; 
"all that his proportion of Orchard land lying at the Mill- 
stone Brook, bounded north and west by land of John 
Woodruff, being by estimation 5 acre of land more or less" 

Dated November 24, 1690. Witness, Abraham Will- 
man, John Howell, Jr. 

Page 364. John- Woodruff, by way of exchange sells 
to John Jessup. "All that certain parcel of land, being 
about two acres and three roods of land, in the Great 
Plain, in the ten acre lots which my father formerly had 
of Thomas Halsey, now bounded by the land belonging to 
the said John Jessup on both sides ; also all that my cer- 
tain lot of meadow and upland lying and being in Catcha- 
ponack Neck, being of the denomination of a 150 in that 


Division as it was laid out to me more or less, as it stands 
to me upon record No. 24" 

In exchange thereof John Jessop sells tojohn Woodruff: 
"all that I lis certain piece of land, by estimation 2 acres 
and upward lying in the Great Plain in Halseys Neck, 
bounded North by the ten acre lot highway in the east 
furlong in that neck ; also all that his lot of meadow and 
upland at Accabogue, being No 32 in that Division ; also 
all that his lot of meadow lying at Brushy Neck that was 
laid out to Hog Neck Division, being about 1 acre more or 
less" Dated November 24, 1690. Witnesses, John Will- 
man, John Woodruff. 

Page 366. Edmund Howell, yeoman sells to Obadiah 
Sale, for "five pounds, ten shillings ; a certain parcel of 
land situate lying and being in Southampton aforesaid, be- 
ing by estimation twelve full and complete square rods of 
land to lie two rods east and west and six rods north and 
South which parcel of land is bounded north by a highway, 
east by the land of Obadiah Sale, west and south by land 
of Mr Edmund Howell." Dated June 30, 1690. Witnesses, 
Oswald Foord, 

Acknowledged before, Richard Smith, Justice. 

(This is part of the homestead of Albert Reeves, on 
the west side of main street south of Jobs Lane) 

John Beswick, Brickler, alias Brickmaker, and wife 
Mary Beswick sell to Leonard Harris ; "a certain tract of 
land containing 20 acres more or less, lying and being in 
the bounds of Southampton and bounded east and west 
from the said Beswicks house on the south — bounded on 
the highway as it was laid out and on the east adjoining to 


Kellis Pond commonly known by that name" 

Dated, May 21, 1690. Witness, Elizabeth Barnes, 
Thomas Adams 

Page 369. Isaac Halsey sells to Josiah Raynor a rood 
of land in the Little Plains adjoining on the south side of 
Richard Howells close. April 10. 1691. 

In exchange Josiah Raynor gives a £50 lot of m_eadow 
at Accabogue in the same lot with Isaac Halsey. 

Isaac Halsey sells to his brother Jonathan Halsey 1 lot 
and I5 in the 20 acre division at Mecox, being lot No. 1. 
and i of lot No 2. Also a £50 lot of meadow and upland 
in Potunk Neck. 

In exchange Jonat han Halsey sells to his brother Isaac 
Halsey all his part of the home lot at Tov/n that wa^ his 
grand father Halsey's, being about 5 acres that is in the 
lot that was Mr. WoodhuU's and i of the other lot adjoin- 
ing, as given him by his father's will. Also i of 26 acres 
in the Great Plains in the 13 acre lots by John Jaggers 
close. "Also my close called Troublesom." And 1 acre 
in the Little Plains in Major Howells close. Aoril 10, 

(The lot of Isaac Halsey, ''that was formerly Mr. 
WoodhuU's" is the original home lot of Richard Woodhull 
who was an early settler in Southampton and afterwards 
moved to Brookhaven where he was the founder of a fa- 
mous family. The lot is on the west side of the Main 
street of Southampton, and includes the old house of late 
Edwin C. Halsey, the store of the Hildreth brothers, and 
the Fordham lot, and the lot of Mr. Lawrence. The 26 
acres in the Great Plain is the home lot of the late C. Wyl- 
lys Betts and the lot on the South Side of the lane.) 

Page . Robert Kallam of Hunttington and Hannah 
his wife formerly widow of John White of Southampton 


give to their son John White, all her right to that third 
part of land that we possess in Southampton, formerly in 
tenure of John White, deceased. March 7. 1691-2. 

Page 372. John Beswick, brick maker, sells to John 
Campbell of Southampton, a house and lot laying near 
Sagaponack and the Brushy Plain, late in occupation of 
John Lupton, being 9 acres, also a 15 acre lot at a place in 
Southampton called Hunttington, , late in tenure of 
John Raynor. Price £30, March 30, 1691. 

(The house and lot were probably in Bridge hampton 
village, near the road running south tc- Mecox. The place 
called Huntingtori, is north of Mr. Orlando Hand's place.) 

Page 375. Rev. Jonah Fordham being about to marry 
Hester Topping, makes over to her ^ of all his estate. The 
said Jonah Fordham has a daughter Keziah, and if she dies 
then the said Hester is to have the other J of the estate, 
during her widowhood, if she survives her husband. 
April 7. 1691. 

Page 376. John Hopping of East Hampton, sells to 
John Piny of Southampton 5 of a share of Montauk which 
hie purchased of Thomas Osborn and Peregrine Stanbor 
ough. Nov. 19, 1688. 

.- Qohn Piny was a blacksmith in Southampton and his 
home lot was where Mr. Livingston Bowden now lives.) 

Page 380. Edmund Howell sells to John Piny, black- 
smith a £50 allotment in the Ox Pasture "in the 8th lot 
in number from the East toward west." March 12, 1691. 
Price £3. 

(This is probably a part of Judge Russell's home lot on 
the North side of Captains Neck Lane.) 


Page 381. Benjamine Cooper with the consent of his 
brother Thomas Cooper sells to John Jessup a £50 lot of 
meadow in Quaquanantuck Neck. 

John Jessup gives in exchange a £50 lot of meadow in 
Ogdens Neck, that formerly fell to Jonathan Raynor, by 
lot and by him sold to John Jessup. May 6, 1691. 

Page 382. Benjamin Cooper sells to John Jessup 1-50 
of meadow and upland in Quaquanantuck Neck, being 
part of the lot my father had by lot in that division lying 
in the same lot which I have this day exchanged with 
John Jessup. May 6, 1691. 

Page 383. Southampton May, 1691. Agreement be- 
tween Isaac Cory of Southampton and Anthony Ludlam, 
eldest son of Anthony Ludlam, deceased. Isaac Cory mar- 
ried the widow of Anthony Ludlam, and he releases to 
Anthony Ludlam all claims to the land of his father. He 
also gives him 4 acres of land with housing and buildings 
that he bought of John Corwithy of Southampton, "smith" 
also 2 three year old steers, and a negro man "Tom." 

Anthony Ludlam agrees that Isaac Cory shall remain 
in quiet possession of the house and premises until the 
16th of Cctcter next ; and he shall have | of all wheat 
sown and all the oats and flax being 2J acres and 5 the 
land planted with Indian corn, also the use of the pastures 
at Kelly's pcrd, and he agrees to pay to Isaac Corey £20 
and Isaac Cory is to be free from a bond given by him 
and his wife Saiah. 

Page . Daniel Sayre gives to his son Daniel 
Sayre, Jr. 8 acres of land at Sagaponack, bounded south 
by Edward Howell, north by land of Shamgar Hand, West 
John Morehouse, east by highway, July 1, 1690. Witness, 
Hannah Howell, Eliner Howell. 


Page 386. John Foster Cooper sells to David Sayre 
Jr. a £50 right in lot No. 10 in Hog Neck containing about 
7 acres, or ^ of a 20 acre lot, with the meadow lying in ye 
Great Meadow, by the eastern bounds of the town. June 
23, 1691. 
Witnesses, Thomas Sayre, Mary Willman. 

(The Great Meadow is on the west side of the Main 
street of Sag Harbor.) 

Page 387. Josiah Topping of Sagaponack, sells to 
Daniel Sayre, Jr, a parcel of land at Sagaponack, bounded 
€0Uth by highway, north by Josiah Toppings lot, east by 
highway west by Josiah Stanborough's lot. Zachary Lo- 
rare, Phebe Topping. 

(The above is supposed to be corner of Sagg stref^t and 
Bridge Lane.) 

Page 388. Isaac Willman of Southampton sells to 
Ezekiel Sandford 7 square rods of land by measure lying 
and being at the west end of a certain road bridge lately 
erected by said Ezekiei Sandford over a certain pond 
known by the name of Sagaponack pond, bounded east by 
the west end of said bridge, northwestward upon a high- 
way formerly purchased by the town of Southampton, 
south by other lands of my own. Price 30 shillings. July 
30, 1691 

The above sale is confirmed by Abraham Willman, 
Isaac Willman and Matthew Willman, Witnesses, James 
Brading, Richard Star, 

Ezekiel Sandford assigns and makes over the above 
sale to "The Inhabitants of Mecox and Sagaponack to 
them and their heirs, as it is now staked out and adjoining 
said bridge." They are not to debar Isaac Willman from 
joining his fence to the said bridge. 


(The above mentioned bridge was used for many years 
but finally was decayed and disused. Relics of it were 
found when the present bridge was made.) 

Page 390. 

Thomas Goodwin (or Goodin) constitutes and appoints 
(with which Ann Goodwin consents), his brother William 
Simpkins "his lawful attorney to act in all my concerns in 
my absence, either in disposing of house, land cattle" or 
other property "now at Long Island" 
Dated March 2: 1690 

(Date of Ann Goodwin's signature is March 25: 1691.) 
Witnesses, Ezekiel Eldredge, Timothy Brandreth, (as to 
Thomas Goodwin) Matthew Howell, Mary Howell, (as to 
Ann Goodwin) 

William Simpkins, some time belonging to Southamp- 
ton, attorney for Thomas Goodwin dated March 2, 1690 
sells to Major John Howell Perrigrine Stanborough, John 
Wick, Henry Pierson and Samuel Cooper of Southampton ; 
"a house and lot lying in Southampton ; the lot being two 
acres be the same more or less" bounded east by a high- 
way. South by land of William Mason, West by land of 
Samuel Cooper and north by a highway. Consideration, 
£25 10 shillings and 6 d. Dated March 30. 1691. Signed, 
William Simpkins, Ann Goodwin (wife of Thomas Good- 
win). Witnesses, Matthew Howell, Ephraim Howell, Job 
Acknowledged before, Wm Barker. 

"John Howell, Perrigrine Stanborough, Henry Pierson, 
John Wick and Samuel Cooper all of Southampton within 
said, makeover and sell unto John Davis of Southampton 
all that our house and land within mentioned, by virtue of 
this bill of sale within written." Dated June 30, 1691. 


Witnesses. Samuel Mulford, John Howell, Jr. 

Acknowledged June 30, 1691 by Major Howell Lieut. 
Col. Henry Pierson, John Wick and Samuel Cooper, before 
Samuel Mulford, Justice — and by Perrigrine Stanborough, 
July 9. 1691 before John Howell 

(The above is on the west street of Southampton or 
Windmill Lane; and is north of the Union School lot) 

Page 392. Thurston Raynor of Southampton sells to 
his brother Isaac Raynor, of said town, "all that my cer- 
tain parcel of land given me by my father Joseph Raynor, 
deceased lying and being in the Great Plains" bounded 
west by the land of Isaac Halsey and John Jagger, north 
by the land of the said Isaac Halsey, east by the beach and 
pond and south by the South beach one acre and upward 
of land and meadow, more or less. Consideration, 52 
shillings 3 d. Dated Nov. 4, 1691. Witnesses, John How- 
ell, Jr, Joseph Fordham, Acknowledged before, 

John Howell, 


This lot is the south east corner of the land at First 
Neck, but has long since been covered by the beach Banks. 
A piece of meadow north of it was covered by drifting 
sand, at the time of the September Gale. Sept. 15. 1815,) 

Page 393. 

Joseph More and Sarah More, his wife, sell to Joseph 
Wickham ; "all that my certain tract of land of 4 acres 
butting eastward to Sagg pond to lie 40 poles long, up 
westward from the pond ; bounded south by the highway 
and north by my own land." consideration £18. Dated 
June 6. 1691. 

Witnesses, John Howell, Jr, Mary Howell, John Mowbray, 
Thomas Cooper. 


Acknowledged, June 17. 1691 before John Howell 

This is north of the Bridge over Sagg Pond, 

Page 395. Benjamin Cooper sells to his brother 
Thomas Cooper | of a 50 in Quaqua Neck, in lot No. 10. 
"Being the complement of that 50 of which I sold i to John 
Jessup." Price £3. 9 s. Sept. 9. 1691. 

Page 396. Peregrine Stanborough sold to Mr. John 
Topping, deceased, a piece of land and meadow at Saga- 
ponack about 29 acres, bounded east by my own land, 
south by the pond, west by the pond and the land of said 
Topping and north by highway, but having given no deed, 
he gives a deed for the same to Josiah Topping. Sept. 3, 

(This is probably on the south side of Bridge lane, and 
on the east side of Sagg Pond.) 

Page 397. John Bishop sells to William Herrick a 50 
of upland at a place or neck called Second Neck, in Qua- 
quanantuck Purchase. 
That is all my right in said neck. 

In exchange William Herrick gives a 50 of upland, 
and meadow in said Neck Oct. 10. 1691. 

(Second neck is east of Quogue and the Herrick family 
owned land there till recent times.) 

Page 398. Richard Smith of North Sea, sells to John 
Parker for 25 £. ; "all my parcel of meadow lying between 
Farrington's Neck and Weekatuck neck or spring. That 
is all the meadow that belongs to my £50 right of the 
meadow there which belongs to the North Sea line being 
1--18 of said meadow. 


Always provided, that in regard I can not sell or dis- 
pose of the meadow without the Towns consent, I reserve 
the privileges, that if I or the Town shall repay to the said 
John Parker the said 25 £. then the deed to be void." 


The above sale was confirmed by the town at p Town 
Meeting held Sept 3, 1691. 

(The above named Richard Smith is probably the same 
man who was sent to his home on Long Island by the 
authorities of Boston "as being one of those Emissaries of 
Satan called Quakers :" he has been confounded with 
Richard Smith the founder and Patentee of Smithtown, 
but was an entirely different man. The North Sea people 
owned all the meadows within a mile of the bay, as far 
east as Weecatuck spring, which is west of Hog Neck 

Page 398. Robert Woolley, carpenter, sells to Wm. 
Barker, Gent, a certain piece of land in the North Division 
of the Ox Pasture containing cbout one acre, as it fell to 
me by lot in lot No. 23 with Robert Kellam and Mr. 

(Lot 23 is probably a part of the homestead of the late 
Mr. ^^eadon Hill Sluot, ard loimerly a part of the old 
Wick farm. See Vol, 2 Printed Records, Page 259.) 

Page 400. Whereas there is a difference between John 
Lorrison of Southampton, as Administrator of the estate 
of Daniel Halsey on ye one part, and Edward Howell and 
John Wocdhull suieties in tebalf of the children of said 
Daniel Halsey and Daniel Halsey, Richard Halsey and John 


Roe in behalf of themselves, and children, of the other 

They all agree that John Larrison shall pay £189 in 
specie, according to the Appraisement of the cattle, to be 
divided among the children of Said Daniel Halsey. He 
also to pay | of the charges of the arbitrators. April 7, 

Samuel Mulford, Elnathan Topping Job Sayre, Arbi- 

(Daniel Halsey married Jemima, daughter of Richard 
Woodhull and by the marriage the Wickapogue branch of 
the family are descended from one of the most prominent 
men that ever lived on Long Island, His widow married 
John Larrison. It would seem from the above that Daniel 
Halsey had a daughter who married John Roe, the ances- 
tor of a numerous family in Brookhaven.) 

Page 401. Agreement between John Davis and Thom- 
as Stephens. Whereas John Davis hath the grant of the 
stream of water at Little Noyack from the Town, as in 
page 145 of the record doth appear, to set up a grist mill. 
He makes over i of the said grant to Thomas Stephens, 
and they jointly agree to build a mill and to improve the 
Same together. And Thomas Stephens agrees to lend to 
said Davis money enough to carry on his part, "he giving 
reasonable satisfaction for the loan." May 2, 1692. 

(This mill stood on the stream that is crossed in going 
from Southampton to Roses Grove. The mill pond is now 
known as Woolley's pond. Davis'es mill and Davis'es mill 
path are frequently mentioned in the old records, and the 
mill stood for many years. John Davis had a brother 
Samuel Davis. Their descendents are now living in 

Page 402. Benjamin Cooper sells to his brother Icha- 


bod Cooper, for £5 and £10 to be paid to his sister Eliza- 
beth Cooper. "All that my certain dwelling house and lot 
given to me by my father Thomas Cooper. Bounded south 
by the highway, north by James White, formerly land of 
widow Briggs, being 3 acres. May 4. 1692. 

(This lot is the present residence of Mr. Thomas War- 
ren. It was owned by Ichabod Cooper in 1713, when he 
sold a piece off the southeast corner, and the wind mill 
was built, and the place has ever since been known as 
"Wind mill Hill." Between this lot and the house of late 
Capt. Mercator Cooper, was a lot which is probably the 
same granted to Elizabeth Briggs in 1651. (See Vol 1, 
Printed Records, Page 83.) and later owned by James 
White, the ancestor of the families of the name in South- 

Page 403. Anthony Ludlam, weaver, sells to William 
Barker for £5, 6 s. "my 50 of land in the Ox Pasture, both 
north and South division, as it fell by lot to my father 
Anthony Ludlam. "The 50 in the south division layes in 
lot No. 37, bounded north by the close of land layed out 
for the ministry, south by the lot that fell to Richard 
Howell, and ranging east toward the Pond." 

The 50 in the north division lyes in lot No. 21, bound- 
ed west by William Baker. Both containing in the whole 
about 2 acres ; also a 50 of meadow at Occabogue in lot 50, 
bounded east by Red Creek. Feb 13, 1691. 

(The land in lot 37 is part of the home lot of Hon. Elihu 
Root, The lot 21 is a part of the old Wicks farm, on South 
side of Hill street, and lately owned by Mr. Mead.) 

Page 405. Francis Say re gives to his eldest son John 
Sayre; "all my parcel of land end mesdcw lyirg and be- 
ing at a place ccrrnrcnly calkd by the rcire of Flying 


Point. That is, my wholeinterest of land and meadow ly- 
ing there of whatever nature." March 22. 1692. 

Page 406. Whereas Francis Sayre and James Herrick 
had their 15 Acre division of land layed with others of 
their neighbors, at a place called Flying Point, And where- 
as the said Francis Sayre and James Herrick, deceased, 
did impart to each other some part of each of their above 
said division, which hath occasioned some difference to 
arise concerning the northward part of said James Her- 
ricks division, being by estimation 8 acres. 

And the said Francis Sayre having made over all his 
said division to his son John Sayre, therefore John Sayre 
sells to William Herrick 4 acres on the north stde of Wil- 
liam Herrick's land at Flying Point, "and runs up north 
141 poles and 18 inches," at each end, and running from 
the land of Isaac Willman east to the water west, as was 
staked out in the picsence of Thomas Cooper and John 

And William Herrick gives to John Sayre all the re- 
mainder of said James Herrick's division, that lyes north 
of said 4 acres quite up to the highway. March, 27. 1692. 

Page 407. John Sayre gives to his honored father and 
mother Francis and Sarah Sayre, a life lease for | of all my 
farms and tract of land and meadow lying at a place com- 
monly called by the name of Flying Point, bounded east 
by Abraham Willman, west by the water and land of 
Joseph Foster and Daniel Halsey, north by highway, south 
by William Herrick. March 30. 1692. 

(The above three deeds, are a part of the farm of late 
Capt. Thomas Sayre at Flying Point. For other lands in 
this vicinity See Vol. 1. 
Printed Records, Page 99, Vol. II, Page 54-55 


Page 409. Thomas Topping and wife Deborah, sell to 
Manassa Kempton ; "a certain piece of land, lyii g in the 
field commonly called the Great Plain, in Cooper's Neck 
bounded north by Jonathan Raynor, south by John Jessup, 
east by Job Sayre, west by Halsey's Neck. Being 4 acres 
of land and meadow and swamp." March 25, 1692. 
Witness, James Brading. 

(The above is part of the close at Coopers neck lately 
owned by Edwin Post.) 

Page 410. Theophilus Howell sells to John White, 4 
acres in the Great Plains, in the 10 acre lots, bounded east 
by Joseph Pierson, north by highways. Also 3 acres in 
the North Division of the Ox Pasture, as stands upon 
record to Henry Pierson. May 7, 1692 

(The 10 acre lots lie between the Cooper's Neck road 
and the Captain's Neck road) 

John White gives in exchange | of a 20 acre lot in 

Page 411. Benjamin Foster, Jr. sells to John Howell, 
Jr. for 30 shillings, a piece of land in the Great Plains in 
First Neck. Bounded north and east by John Howell, Jr. 
west by highway, south by Edward Howell being 3 rhods 
of land and meadow, May 21, 1692, 

Edmund Howell and wife Sarah sell to Joseph Moore ; 
"my 20 acres of land in the woods westward of the town, 
lying and being at a place commonly called and known by 
the name of Head of the Creek. 

Also a £50 right of Commonage in Quaquanantuck Pur- 

Joseph Moore gives the said 20 acres to the Town in 
exchange for "20 acres any where in the Commons," of 


these he sells 10 acres "to one Thomas Rose of Southamr- 
ton." and takes up the other 10 acres at Mecox to the 
east side of Swan Creek, bounded by highways north and 
east, and south by land of Charles Sturmey. July 20. 

(The 20 acres is part of the farm of Charles Harlow, 
It was afterwards laid out as Parsonage land.) 

Page 413. Charles Booth and wife Abigail of South- 
old, sell o Manassah Kempton blacksmith, J of a certain 
home lot that lately belonged to Mr. James Hampton and 
John Mapham deceased, bounded west by Town Street, 
east by land of Robert Woolley, north by the other half of 
the lot, now belonging to Thomas Lupton, and south by 
the home lot of Manassah Kempton, "The said ^ being 2 
acres and ^ and some thing more" Price £11, 5 S. May 
20, 1692. 

(The Methodist Parsonage and the road called Post 
Crossing are on the above lot, James Mapham the former 
owner had two daughters, Mary, wife of Thomas Lupton 
and Abigail, wife of Charles Booth, The whole lot was 
originally owned by Jamss Hampion, who left it it to the 
two oldest daughters of John Mapham.) 

Page 414. Joshua Barnes sold to John Bishop in 1653 
a £50 right in the Great Plain, being 6 acres of upland and 
meadow. But no deed having been given he gives him a 
deed. April 16, 1692. 

Page 415. Henry Ludlam died intestate, and by law 
his lands passed to his eldest son Henry. 

And there being another son, William the said eldest 
son Henry "being privy to his fathers mind and will that 


William should have i. He therefore conveys to him "the 
new house that stands upon the east end of the Home Lot, 
and the east part of said Home Lot, bounded south by the 
highway to East Hampton about 50 rods, east by a high- 
way, west by said Henry Ludlam, north by highway and 
Mill pond. 

Also a piece of land that lies at the rear of Thomas 
Rose and Humphrey Hughes home lots "as bounded by 
the said home lots and highway on every side," except a 
parcel sold to Daniel Halsey. Also a close called Peters 
close bounded north by Jonathan Howell, west by high- 
way, east by pond. Also a gore piece of land on the other 
side of the highway by Dirty Creek. Also i of the land in 
Little Hog Neck, and a 50 of Commonage. The said Wil- 
liam Ludlam being under age John Foster and James 
White are his guardians. June 15, 1692. 

(The part of the home lot given to William is east of 
Mr. Samuel Corwith's at Water Mill. 
The home lot of Thomas Rose is now Pulaski Warren's, 
Humphrey Hughes probably lived next east. The land by 
the home lots probably included the homestead of late 
Charles Corwith. "Peters close" is next to Hay Ground 
Creek. "Dirty Creek" is now called Mud Creek. 

Page 418. John White sells to Theophilus Howell, a 
piece of land at Sagaponack, being 7 acres or 5 of a 20 
acre lot, bounded north by Theophilus Howell south by 
Peter Norris, west by pond, east by highway or street. 

In exchange Theophilus Howell gives 7 acres of land 
and 54 shillings. May 7, 1692. 

(The land sold to Theophilus Howell, is a part of the 
homestead of G. Clarence Topping Esq.) 


Page 419. Benjamin Foster, Sr. sells to Jonathan Ray. 
nor, for 30 £. | of an acre of ground bounded south by the 
beach, north by highway, east by Jonathan Raynor, west 
by Edward Howell. "Being in the Little Plain eastward of 
the Frog Pond" June 10, 1692. 

(Frog Pond has long since been filled up by drifting 
sand and disappeared. It was south of the land of the late 
Albert Foster at Gin. A narrow lane, led down to it, 
which was next east of the land now or late of Mr. Nelson. 
It was closed about 1858.) 

Page 420. William Herrick sells to Edmund Howell ; 
"all that my lot of upland and meadow lying in a neck called 
Calchaponack Neck, in Quaquanantuck Purchase, No. 31 
which I had of Isaac Halsey. Edmund Howell gives in 
exchange "all that my lot of upland and meadow in the 
neck called Second Neck, being No. 34, as it fell to me by 
lot" July 12. 1692. 

(Second Neck is east of Quogue. The Herricks owned 
land there till recent times.) 

Page 431. Thomas Topping sells to Matthew Howell 
April 14, 1692 for 30 shillings | of a £150 lot of meadow 
lying in the farthest Neck of this Town's Accabogue mea- 
dows, bounded on one side by Joseph Hildreth and on the 
other side by the meadow of Obadiah Rogers. Also a 
£150 "lot of meadow lying near the Cold Spring at Sepon- 
ack. No. 34," 

(The "farthest Neck" is probably Birch Neck, now Flan- 
ders) (The meadow at Seponack, was laid out in 1654 and 
lot 34 fell to Capt. Thomas Topping. See Printed Records 
Vol. 1, Page 101,) 

Page 423. Sarah Laughton, widow, leases to Wm 
Barker a £100 lot in the North Division of the Ox Pasture, 


being in lot No. 21, which my husband John Laughton, 
deceased, bought of Culver and he bought of Henry Lud- 
1am, being 2 acres or some thing more. This lease is for 
my natural life. 

Wm Barker credits her with 57 shillings which is due 
unto him by book account against John Laughton. Octo- 
ber 18, 1692. 

(John Laughton was school master in Southampton for 
several years, this name is pronounced "Laton.") 

Paregrine Stanborough sells to Benjamin Hand 6^ 
acres lying eastward from Sagaponack in the woods ; 
bounded north, northwest and northeast by common, south 
by Christopher Lupton, east and southeast by the little 
pond hollow, and which I bought of Mr. John Jennings, 
Marshal, in the year 1670. 

(This is probably near Poxabog. John Jennings was 
what is now called a Deputy sheriff.) 

Page 423. Isaac Willman sells to his son Matthew 10 
acres at Mecox, "which I formerly gave to my daughter 
Mary Simkins, deceased, and of late in the tenure of her 
husband William Simkins, bounded east by Sagaponack 
pond, west by highway, north by my own land, south 
partly by land of James Hildreth" Sept. 12, 1692. 

(This land is just north of the bridge over Sagg pond.) 

Page 425 "Whereas, Edward Howell one of the 
Undertakers and first settlers of the Town of Southamp- 
ton and father of John and Edmund Howell, Gent., was at 
his death seized of an estate in Southampton in houses and 
lands, and meadows, and commonage as by the records 
may appear. 

And he dying intestate, by law the property descended 
to his eldest son the said John Howell and notwithstanding. 


the greater part of the estate now and hath been in pos- 
session of said Edmund Howell, but having no good title 
to the same. The said John Howell makes over to Ed- 
mund Howell all the claim, except the lands in possession 
of Arthur Howell, deceased. 

Edmund Howell in return releases all claim to a 20 
acre lot at Scuttle Hole, which he had of Isaac Halsey. 
And also 17 acres of land which he had of James White, 
bounded west by John Howell, south by the highway to 
the Watermill. Also § of a lot of upland and meadow in 
Ogden's Neck and ^ of his meadow in the Great Plain in 
the Neck called Halsey's Neck, and 10 acres of meadow 
formerly taken up" May 28, 1692. 

(The 17 acres north of the road to Watermill is a part of 
the homestead of late John Howell at Littleworth and now 
of Mrs. D. F. Osborne.) 

Page 427. John Davis sells to John Jennings a parcel 
of meadow lying in the West Neck belonging to North 
Sea, and by estimation 2 acres. Bounded on the North- 
west by a dam, from v;liich dam John Davis doth reserve 
one pole in length, and the whole length into the creek, 
and so west unto Mr. Scotts meadow. 

John Jennings gives in exchange a parcel of meadow 
on the east side of Little Noyack river. April 20, 1670. 

John Laughlin sells to John Jennings a £50 right of 
comm.onage in the North Sea line, April 30, 1679. 

Page 428. John Rose sells to John Jennings, "all that 
my triangular piece of salt meadow at Cow Neck, being 3 
acres, bounded south by a creek called the Island creek, 
west by llie meadow of Thomas Shaw, March 16, 1680 

Page 429. Benjamin Haines, wheelwright, sells to 
John Jennings a £50 lot that lately fell to me in a place 


commonly called and known by the name of Hog Neck. 
March, 12, 1681 

430. Cornelius Vonck of Southampton, cordwainer, 
sells to John Jennings, a £50 lot lately divided and fell to 
him in Hog Neck. July 1, 1681. 

(See Printed Records, Vol. II, Page 91.) 

Page 431. Walter Melvin, Cooper, sells lo John 
Mitchell for £15 ; "lot lying at a place called Mecox, being 
4 acres, bounded east by land of John Mitchell, north by 
land of Samuel Lum south by highway, west by highway 
or common land August 17. 1692. 

(The above land is probably a part of the homestead of 
late Hon. James M. Halsey at Bridge Hampton.) 

Page 433. Sept, 15. 1692. Agreement between Joseph 
Hildreth, of Southampton, son of Thomas Hildreth, de- 
ceased, and Hannah Hildreth, and his brother Jonah 
Bower of Southampton, a son of said Hannah. 

1st "That the said Joseph Hildreth is to have all the land 
he now possesseth at Flying Point bounded on the east by 
the land of Lot Burnet and west by the land of Abraham 
Willman fronting northward to the highway and all that 
parcel of land his now dwelling house now standeth on, 
being about 3 acres with the addition of one equal half 
part of the two acre lot adjoining to the west end of the 
said Josephs house lot and all the land he now possesseth 
at his wood close bounded northwest by the land of Abram 
Howell being about 40 acres more or less : and three roods 
of land in the Ox Pasture bounded northward by ye land 
of Samuel Clark and a third part of a lot in ye north divis- 
ion of the Ox Pasture by the land of Joseph Sayre and two 
lots of meadow on the beach westward of ye town and the 
one half of £200 allotment of all divisions of land and 


and meadow and commonage throughout Quaquanantuck 
Purchase and a £100 allotment at Accabogue and a third 
part of a 20 acre lot at Hog Neck and 4 acres of land more 
in the ten acre lots in the plains, bounded east by the land 
of Edmund Howell ; and 4^ acres to be laid out by ye said 
Jonah to the northeast end of ye said Josephs Wood Close 
and a £50 Commonage to gether with whatsoever else of 
lands and meadow she now possesseth ; all which land, par- 
cels of lands and meadows the said Joseph is to have, enjoy 
and possess." 

2nd 'The said Jonah Bower shall have to him and 
his heirs forever all the remainder of both the before re- 
cited accommodations and every part and parcel thereof 
wheresoever lying, and being within the bounds of ye said 

Witnesses, John Howell Jr, Mary Howell. 
Acknowledged : Wm Barker, Justice. 

Page 435. Sept. 13th 1692. Josiah Raynor of South- 
ampton, sells to William Barker of said town, for £15 : "a 
certain parcel of land lying and being in the Great Plains, 
bounded south by the land and ditch of Isaac Halsey and 
north by the land of Thurston Raynor and east by the land 
of John Wccdiuff and west by the highway, being the 
equal two third part of the land contained in the Close of 
Land as atove bounded ; the Said two thirds being by es- 
timation 6 acres of land more or less as it is this fenced 
and delivered by turf and twigge." 

Witnesses, John Howell, Nathan Landon. 

Acknowledged, Jnhn Howell, Justice. 

Page 437, — Thomas Topping, of Southampton, sells to 
Abraham Howell for 30 shillings ; "one half part of £150 
allottment of meadow, lying and being at a place called 


and known by the name of Accabogue and bounded on the 
south end by Joseph Hildreth his meadow and on the 
north side by the river and on the east end by Obadiah 
Rogers, deceased, and in No. 6 : and one whole £150 allot- 
ment of meadow lying and being near the Cold Spring at 
Seponack No. 33." October 18, 1692. Witnesses, William 
Barker, John Wick. 

Acknowledged, William Barker, Justice. 

Page 437. John Jessup, of Southampton, by way of 
exchange, makes over to Matthew Howell of said town ; 
"all that my certain tract of land lying and being at the 
west end of the Great Plains, bounded on the north and 
south end by highways that run east and west through 
the plains ; and west by James Cooper's land, east by the 
said John Jessup's land and is to be the full quantity of 10 

In exchange, Matthew Howell makes over unto John 
Jessup ; "all that my £150 allotment of meadow and up- 
land in Quaquanantuck Neck and one £50 allotment in 
Potunk Neck lying in No. 13." April 19, 1692. Wit- 
nesses, James Brading, Thomas Adams. 

Page 439. Joseph Fordham, of Southampton, by way 
of exchange makes over to William Herrick, of said South- 
ampton ; "all that my lot of land lying and being in the 
north division of the Ox Pasture being by estimation 3 
acres of land more or less as it appears upon record to my 
father, deceased, No. 32 in that division" 

In lieu and in exchange whereof William Herrick 
hath made over to Joseph Fordham; "all that his cer ain 
parcel of land lying in the Plains in Halsey's Neck about 2 
acres of land more or less as it is bounded south by the 
land of Jonah Bower and north by the land of John White 


and east and west by the highways." May 4, 1692. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas Cooper, Samuel Clark, *' 
Acknowledged, John Howell, Justice. 

Page 441. Thomas Osborn of East Hampton, sells to 
Peregrine Stanborough of Southampton, a home lot in 
East Hampton, 9 acres bounded Southeast by Thomas 
Osborn's home lot, northwest by home lot of Roger Smith, 
Southwest by home lot of John Osborn, Northeast by the 
street, with house, etc. Also several other parcels of land, 
all being in the town of East Hampton, Dated Sept. 23. 

Page 441. Joseph Fordham in Southampton by way 
of exchange makes over to William Herrick of said South 
ampton ; "all that my lot of land lying and being in the 
North Division of the Ox Pasture being by estimation 3 
acres of land more or less as it stands upon record to my 
father, deceased. No. 32 in that division." 

In lieu and exchange whereof, William Herrick makes 
over to Joseph Fordham, "all that his certain parcel of 
land lying in the Plain in Halsey's Neck, about 2 acres of 
land more or less, bounded South by land of Jonah Bower, 
north by land of John White and east and west by high- 
ways." May 4, 1692. Witnesses, Thomas Cooper, Samuel 

Acknowledged, John Howell. 

Page 442. Robert Woolley sells to Joseph Raynor 4i 
acres in the Great Plains, in Captain's Neck, bounded 
north and south by Joseph Fordham, east by Joshua 
Barnes, west by Shinnecock water. Joseph Raynor in 
exchange gives 3 acres in Halsey's Neck, bounded north 
by Joseph Pierson, south by Thomas Topping, west by 
highway, east by Jonathan Raynor. Also a lot of meadow 


at Bull Head at Seponack, and 2 lots of meadow on the 
beach, one lying against Shinnecock Point, and the other 
being lot No. 12. May 4, 1692. 

Page 443. John Gould of Southampton, tailor, and 
wife Sarah, sell to Walter Melvin, cooper, a lot in South- 
ampton being 35 feet long, and 32 feet wide, bounded 
south and east by home lot of Benjamin Foster, Jr. north 
by home lot of Thomas Burnet, deceased, west by Main 
street, of said town, with house, etc, Oct. 11. 1692. 

(The above lot is where the old house of Josiah Foster 
formerly stood and is now occupied by the store built by 
late Capt. Daniel S. Havens, and next north of the "Sea 
Side Times" office, or building adjoining.) 

Page 445. Theodore Pierson sells to Daniel Halsey ; 
"a parcel of land at a place called Littleworth, being 28 
acres, or all that piece of land which was laid out to my 
father, except 12 acres on the west end, which doth belong 
to my brother Benjamin Pierson, bounded north by high- 
way, west by the said 12 acres of Benjamin Pierson, south 
by Samuel Johnes, and east by Isaac Bower." June 9, 

(The above lot probably includes the homestead of 
Mr. Benjamin C. Foster, at Littleworth, (or the west part 
of it,) and also the east part of the lot of heirs of Capt. Eli 
White. This tract of land was laid out to Henry Pic rson, 
the town clerk, Jan. 14. 1666. The whole tract was 35 
acres, and was 80 poles long and 66 poles wide. It was 
bounded west and north by highways, south by land of 
Samuel Johnes, and east by a lot of 31 acres laid out to 
Jonas Bower. In the division of the estate of Henry Pier- 
son, Oct. 15, 1690 twelve acres at the west end were given 
to his son Benjamin Pierson, and Theodore Pierson had 


the rest. The land above sold o Daniel Halsey, was given 
by him to his son Richard Halsey Sept. 1697.) 

Page 446. Jonathan Raynor sells to Theodore Pierson 
a parcel of land at Sagaponack, 20 acres, being the 7th lot 
in the lower division, bounded west by Peregrine Stan- 
borough, east by Joseph Fordham, north and south by 
highway. June 9. 1692. 

Jonathan Raynor sells to John Jessup £50 lot of upland 
and meadow in Ogdens Neck, in Quogue Purchase being 
lot No. 28. 

Also a £50 lot of meadow at Accabogue near the Birch 
Brooks, in lot No. 14, as it fell to me, by lot. Dated Nov. 
25, 1692. 

(See Vol. II, Town Records, Page 118.) 

Page 447. John Jessup sells to John Howell, Jr. "one 
acre of land in the ten acre lots in the field commonly 
called by the name of the Great Plain, bounded west by 
land that. I sold to Matthew Howell, east by Samuel 
Johnes. John Howell, Jr., gives in exchange a J 50 of 
meadow at Quaquanantuck Neck, being part of lot 12, 
which John Howell had of Isaac Willman." 

Page 448. Theodore Pierson sells to Jonathan Raynor 
o ne acre of land in Captains Neck ; bounded east by the 
water, west by Thomas Stephens. Also one acre- in Hal- 
seys Neck, bounded north by William Herrick, south by 
John Howell, Jr. east and west by highways. Jonathan 
Raynor gives in exchange 5 acres of land east of Sagapon- 
ack. June 9, 1692. 

Page 449. Joshua Barnes gives to his son Samuel 
Barnes, all his certain parcels of land, and meadow, viz- 


Twenty acres at home on which his dwelUng house now 
stands, being 5 of the whole quantity of land at home, 
more or less. Also all his land in the Great Plain, at Cap- 
tain's Neck adjoining to that he formerly gave. Also 2 
acres in the South Division of the Ox Pasture, bounded 
east by John Raynor west by Edward Howell. Also a 
£150 lot on Hog Neck, with the out meadow belonging to 
it, as it fell to said Joshua Barnes and John Bishop. Also 
a £50 right in Quaquanantuck Purchase, and meadow at 
Accabogue, and a £50 right of Commonage. And Samuel 
Barnes agrees to pay to his father, yearly 8 bushels of 
wheat, and 16 bushels of good Indian corn. But if the 
crop of wheat should fail, then he is to pay 6 bushels of 
wheat and 2 bushels of rye and 16 bushels of Indian corn. 
If Amy Barnes, wife of Joshua Barnes should survive her 
husband, she is to have the use of the said land. Dated 
Nov. 16, 1692. 

(The homestead of Joshua Barnes is the present home- 
stead of Wm. S. Pelletreau. 
The farm originally extended to David Whites lane.) 

Page 450. Benjamin Pierson and wife, of Elizabeth- 
town New Jersey sells to Jonathan Raynor, "a lot in South- 
ampton, between the Town Plot and Henry Ludlams 
Water Mill, being 20 acres more or less, bounded north 
and west by highways, south by land of Samuel Johnes, 
east by land of Theodore Pierson, price £30. Dated "in 
Elizabethtown" June 23, 1692. Witnesses Obadiah Sale, 
Samuel Whitehead. 

(The above lot is at Littleworth and west of the home- 
stead of late Benjamin C. Foster. The lot is the west end 
of the land laid out to Henry Pierson the Town Clerk. In 
the division of his estate, Benjamin Pierson had 12 acres 
at the west end though he calls it "20 acres more or less" 


in the deed. In the early part of the last century this lot 
was owned by Adonijah Raynor, and from him it took the 
name of "Nijahs Close" which it still retains. It was sold 
by him to Oliver Sayre, and by him to Capt. Eh White, 
and is now owned by his son Henry White.) 

Page 451. Daniel Halsey sells to Theodore Pierson a 
lot of land at a place called Sagaponack, 20 acres, bounded 
east by Theophilus Howell, west by highway or Main 
street, north and south by highways. Also ^ of a 20 Acre 
lot lying east of Sagaponack near the bound stake, in lot 
No. 2, as it was drawn by lot, June 9, 1692. 

(The lot first mentioned is on the east side of Sagg 
street, opposite the house of G. Clarence Topping, Esq, 
For the second lot, see Printed Records, Vol II, Page 260.) 

Page 253. Samuel Whitehead of Southampton sells 
to Obadiah Sale, April 10, 1693, his home lot in Eliza- 
bethtown, New Jersey, also other lands. 

Page 256. Samuel Whitehead sells to Job Sayre of 
Southampton, tanner, one rood of land with a house 
bounded east by Main street, north by Obadiah Sale south 
and west by Edmund Howell, "delivered to Job Sayre, as 
also with the delivery of this written instrument, together 
with a clod of the said land, and the ring or key of the 
door of the said house or building" Price £52, Dated 
Sept 3, 1692. 

(The house of Mr. Albert H. Reeves, lately moved, now 
stands on the lot above mentioned. The above is a 
curious instance of the formal manner of delivering pos- 
session of real estate as practiced in ancient times. It 
was customary for the seller to deliver to the purchaser, a 
small piece of turf, from the ground, and a twig from a 


tree or shrub. This was called "delivery by turf and 
twig," and is frequently mentioned in old deeds.) 

Page 457. John Woodruff sells to Thomas Sayre 8 
acres of land in the Great Plain in Captain's Neck, bound- 
ed north by Thomas Sayre, south by Joshua Barnes. 
Nov. 8. 16 

Thomas Topping and wife Deborah sell to Obadiah 
Sale 2 acres in Halsey's Neck, bounded east, north and 
west by highways, south by Joseph Post, April 10, 1693. 

Page 458. April 27, 1693. Thurston Raynor, with the 
consent of his brother Isaac, sells to William Barker, a lot 
in the Great Plain, bounded south by land bought by Wil- 
liam Barker from Josiah Raynor, east and north by John 
Woodruff, west by highway, being i of said close, or 3 
acres. Price £7, 16 s. 

(The above is probaby a part of the lot of Frederick H. 
Betts at First Neck, or lot next north.) 

Page 459. Thurston Raynor sells to his brother Isaac 
Raynor, a lot in the Great Plain in the 10 acre lots, being 2 
acres, bounded north and south by highways, east by Rob- 
ert Woolley, west by Joseph Post. /• Iso a lot of meadow 
lying with Henry Pierson, being 3 acres at a place called 
Shinnecock Long Tongue, bounded east and south by land 
not laid out, west by Shinnecock Bay, north by meadow ot 
John and Josiah Raynor. Price £6, 10 S. May 1, 1693. 

(Long Tongue is a well known locality at Shinnecock, 
and these meadows were laid out at a very early date.) 

Page 460. John White sells to William Barker, a lot 
of land in the Wood Division of land laid out in the Ox 
Pasture, lying in let 23, being i of a £150 lot, laid out with 


Robert Woolley and John Mapham, being one acre, bound- 
ed north and south by Highways. July 10, 1693. 

(The above is probably a part of the farm formerly of 
the Wicks family on South side of Hill street and now 
owned by Edward DeRose. See Vol. II, Printed Records 
Page 256-259.) 

Page 461. Daniel Say re sells to Isaac Say re a tract of 
land at Sagaponack, being 36 acres, bounded south by 
Joseph Hand, and Joseph Pierson, west by Robert Norris 
and John Stanborough, north and east by Town's land. 
Price £60. May 28, 1725. 

(This is very near the southeast corner of the town of 
Southampton. I will be noticed that the deed was dated 
many years after the rest of the book) 

The following abstracts from pages 163 to 171 inclu- 
sive of the original "Red Book of Deeds" were missing at 
the time of setting the type in regular order. They have 
since been made and inserted in this part of the book. 

Page 163. 

Brookhaven June, ye 5th 1684, 

Articles of agreement made between the English in- 
habitants of the said town and the Indians belonging to 
the same. They confirm a former agreement and allow 
the Indians land to plant on at the Old Man's or in the 
Little Neck. And whereas they are at present seated at 
the Old Man's they are to plant there for the term of sev- 
en years and then if they see cause they may return and 
plant the land in the Little Neck commonly called the 
Indian Ground ; And they agree not to pasture or molest 
the said Indians. And the Indians are not to sell or lease 
any of the said land. And whereas the inhabitants do 
lend to the said Indians a sum of money under ten pounds 


with out interest to be paid to Andrew Gibb the next 
season of paying he Town Rate, The said Indians are 
confined to the Old Man's until they have paid the same. 
The inhabitants reserve the meadows bounded eastward 
by the Old Division westward by the Old Man's Brook, 
southward by the Hollow going up from the meadow of 
Thomas Ward to Mr. Woodhulls lot and northward by the 
clefts of the Sound, 

This is signed by John Thompson, Richard Floyd and 
others and by several Indians. 

The witnesses are James Herrick and John Jennings. 

Page 164. Agreement made between Samuel Clark 
and his mother Susanah Clark widow of Samuel Clark, sr., 
and Mary Clark widow of Edmond Clark. 

1st The widow of Edmond Clark shall have the use 
of the house and house lot for her and her heirs. 

2nd The land commonly called by the name of Homes- 
es and the Division at Hog Neck and the south half of the 
home meadow and two acres of meadow lying in the Cove 
by the highway that goeth to Homeses Hill and J of the 
land at the Clay Pitts lying next the highway. 

All of which are to be to the widow of Edmond Clark 
during her life. 

3rd She is to have all the cattle that have Edmond 
Clark's mark on them. 

4th Widow Susanah Clark is to give Mary Clark a 
good bed &c. according to the will of her husband, 

6th She is to have certain kitchen utensils. 

7th widow Mary Clark is to have bed and bedding. 

8th She is to deliver to Samuel Clark all writings 
that pertain to the estate of his father. 

9th She agrees to sign all necessary agreements that 
shall be made, 


Dated June 20th 1684. 

Witnesses Joseph Fordham and Susanah Howell. 

Page 166. Joshua Barnes of Southampton for lovo 
and affectioii gives to his wife Amy Barnes the use of all 
his lands meadows and Commonage with my dwelling 
house and all stock and moveables during her life. And 
if neither my son Samuel nor his male heirs shall survive 
my wife the same to be at her disposal forever, but if my 
son Samuel and his male heirs survive they are to pass to 
them. I give to each of my daughters five shillings and 
to my son Samuel the Old ox and my great brass Kettle 
and he is to pay to his sister Mary Halsey forty shillings 
Dated Aug. 22, 1684, Witness John Jagger Walter Melven. 

Page 167. John Jessup, Jr. and Marry Jessup widow 
of Thomas Jessup for full satisfaction received of our hon- 
ored father John Jessup, do quit claim all right to a certain 
deed of pift made by our said father unto the said John 
Jessup, Jr. and my late husband Thomas Jessup for all the 
lands then in his possession and bearing date March 24, 

Dated Nov. 19, 1684. 

Page 168. April 19, 1684. Agreement between John 
Howell and certain Indians to go whaling during the 

Page 169. James Herrick and wife Martha sell to 
Benomy Newton, three and I acres of land as it was laid 
out to me in the late Division at Mecox. Bounded west 
by the lot which I formerly sold to Isaac Mills, north by 
land of the same lot which I formerly sold to johnBeswick 
and south and east by the highway, Dec. 8, 1684. 

Ann Phillips gives to her daughter Martha Howell for 
love and affection 10 acres of land at a place commonly 


called Larrance Hollow now in the occupation of John 
Howell, Jr. and which was laid out to me upon the £50 of 
Commonage I formerly bought of John Oldfield. She also 
gives her a £50 of Commonage — Oct. 8 : 1683. 

Note. Laurence Hollow, is on the north side of the 
road at Littleworth. 

There having been an agreement between me and my 
wife Ann Phillips dated July 8, 1663 by which I am obliged 
not to molest my wife Ann in that part of her estate which 
is given to the said Martha Howell I hereby confirm the 
same. Oct. 8, 1683. 


Page 170. Thomas Shaw of North Sea sells to John 
Jennings of North Sea 2h acres of land to be taken up out 
of the next division of land due to me. 
Dec. 12, 1671. 

Page 171. John Jennings makes over and assigns to 
Ann Phillips all the 2^ acres of land mentioned in the 
above deed 
Dec 15 "1671. 

This concludes the "Red Book of Deeds" 



The home lot of John Beswick, brickmaker, described 
on page 189. and sold to Peregrine Stanborough ; is the 
same lot mentioned on page 260, and is on the south side 
of Mecox street, and we believe it is still owned by the 
descendants of Thomas Cooper. W. S. P. 

I §^ 1^,^ b ^iS 2^^ Y> 



n. t, V. » 






<5i '^ 

^ "^ ^ o ^ ^ 


-5 /tt) C4J^:;f^LC^ 







^ U<*<^ 1^ ^ 



;^^ — t 




crn^ - — / 

EA 51 

'T H D 

LmaP of EA51 

^x^t^^ <FC^ 




(Reciept of Col. Abraham De Peyster.) 


(Abstract of Deed). Edward Petty and wife Sarah, 
sell to John Tuttle, a certain Neck of land at Seatuck, be- 
ing Seven Lots. Beginning at No. 1. on the west, or at 
the river, where Capt. Josiah Smith and David Howell hath 
a grist mill and saw mill, now standing. The Neck being 
bounded on said river the west side, on the south end by 
the bay or water, and on the east by the water until it 
comes to a certain stake at Silas Schellenger's mill tail ; 
being a bound betwixt Lot No. 7. and No. 8. And from 
said stake by the land of the afore mentioned Silas Schell- 
enger unto a certain bound at Moriches path, and on the 
north by the said path. Except one acre which I conveyed 
unto Capt. Josiah Smith for the benefit of a mill. Dated 
April 17, 1775. Witnesses David Arnold, Mary Arnold. 

( Note. The original deed was found among the 
papers of Col. Josiah Smith. The south boundary of the 
tract is the creek and mill streams called Little Seatuck. 
The land and mill of Silas Schellenger was in late years 
owned by Nathaniel Howell. Edward Petty probably pur- 
chased from the original owners See Vol. Ill Printed 
Records, Page 136. W. S. P.) 

John Waring of Queens Village, Queens Co., March 
14. 169|. is mentioned as "late of Southampton." 

Clement Briggs of Taunton, was heir at law of David 
Briggs of Southampton, who had wife Mary, who had land 
"at the mill at the end of Kelleys Pond, He sold it to 
John Parker, 1698. Liber A. Co. Rec. P. 99, 


Map of Great North Division. The first two lots were 
bounded on the north by the 12 Acres Division, at Sag 
Harbor. See Vol. Ill, Printed Records, Pge 336. To Lot 
No. 11 on the original map, but too small to be engraved, 
is the following, "With 14 acres of ye orchard land, for 
which we allowed but 7 acres. It is designed to be that 
there should be 7 acres more added to make up the or- 
chard land, and to make ye lot 72 acres without ye or- 

Lot 21. and land adjoing are now the property of Mr. 
David B. Wiggins. 

( Abstract of Deed.) Cornelius Halsey sells to Zebu- 
Ion Howell. April 18, 1772. for £80, 2s 6d., "A lot at First 
Neck, commonly called ihe Beach Lot. Bounded north 
partly by the family of the Mackies, and partly by the 
lane. East by the lane leading to the Beach. West by 
Coopers Neck Pond, By estimation 20 acres. Witness 
Wm. Smith, Stephen Rogers. 

(Note. This lot is at the south end of First Neck 
Lane, and includes the property of the Meadow Club, and 
land to the east. In ancient times it was owned by Isaac 
Halsey. W. S. P.) 

(Abstract). John Halsey and wife Hannah, and Esther 
Dickerson, mother of said John Halsey. Sell to Zebulon 
Howell, April 9.^1793. "A lot at First Neck, being one 

equal part of that cur close called Barn Close, Being 

13 acres and some odd poles. Bounded south by the great 
Ditch, east by water, north by land of Hugh Gelston. 
west by the lane, Witnesses Oliver Howell, Isaac Post. 


(The above deeds are among the unacknowledged deeds 
in Suffolk Co. Clerks' office. The last lot was left by Zeb- 
ulon Howell to his grandson Capt. George Howell, who 
probably sold it to Barzillai Halsey, who left it to his son 
Enoch Halsey, who sold it to Capt. Augustus Halsey, who 
sold the north part to Wm. S. Hoyt, and the south part to 
Dr. A. H. Buck. Wm. S. Hoyt built on his part the first 
house built on the west side of Town Pond. It seems that 
Isaac Halsey owned this lot and all the land south to the 
beach, and the whole was known as "Barn Close." W. S. 


When a tract of land was to be divided among the 
Proprietors, the Trustees had it surveyed and divided into 
Lots. They then made out as many tickets as there were 
Lots and numbered each of them separately. They then 
selected from the Proprietors the names of men whose 
Proprietor rights equaled a whole share or a £150 Lot, and 
made as many tickets as there were Lots. The two sets 
of tickets were put in separate boxes. A ticket was first 
drawn from the box containing the number. A ticket was 
then drawn from the box containing the names of the 
Proprietors. The two tickets were then fastened together, 
and a record was made in the Town Records. This is the 
original source of title to all the lands in the town. 

Fac-similes of two of these drawings are here given. 
One is for Lot No. 2, in the Little Division at Sag Harbor. 
It is on the east side of main street, where the Nassau 
House stands or lately stood. See Vol. Ill, Printed Rec- 
ords, Pages, 72, 75. 

The other ticket shows the drawing of Lot 38 in Great 
South Division. This is the wood land at north end of the 
road west of Seve n Ponds. The two thirds of the lot 
drawn by Obadiah Rogers is still owned by his descend- 
ants. Henry Pierson sold his one third of the Lot to John 
Sayre, also sold half of it to Capt. Elias Pelletreau Oct. 6, 
1747. The other half was sold to the Presbyterian Church, 
and was "Parsonage land," till recent years. See Vol. Ill, 
Printed Records Pges 85, 90, 33. (W. S. P.) 

^ }r^ iS^i.TTxA' ^cTXi^ 1 


0)1 >f4 



ts> ^'^ 

^ X 



From Account Books of Capt Elias Pelletreau 1766. 

In these accounts the "Pound" is "York Currency" and 
is $2.50 of our money. The shiUing is 12^ cents. 

Days work, of laboring man, 3 shillings. 

Wheat 6s pr bushel, In 1771 7s,. 

Rum 3s 6d pr gallon. 

Powder 3s 6d per pound. Candles Is pr pound. 

Tea 7s 6d pr pound. A goose Is 

Molasses 3s gallon. Saddle £3. 

Pork pr barrel!. £4=$10 Mutton 3d a pound. 

Sugar 8d pr lb. Cheese 6d 

Corn 3s 6d pr bushel. A hired man on a farm 

Cloth for coat 9s 6d pr yard, had $60, a year. 

Charcoal 7d pr bush. 

Weaving cloth, 9d pr yard. 
" Linnen Is pr yard. 

Mowing, one day, 4s. 

Philadelphia scythe 9s. 

Aug. 3, 1767, To one day, cradling oats, 3s 6d. (This 
is the first mention of a grain cradle, said to have inven- 
ted by a Scotchman, in 1762.) 

One day reaping 3s. 

Horse, 3 years old, £12=$30. 

Mare, 2 years old £6. 

Indigo 15s pr lb. 

Paper of pins Is 

Handkerchief Us. 

Holland Cloth, 5s 6d pr yd. 

Silk skein 9d. 

Flannel 4s 6d pr yard. 

Yoke of oxen £14. 

Negro girl, aged 36, £35=$87.50. 


Cotton handkercheif 5s 

Lard 7d pr pound. 

Whale Oil 2s 6d pr. gal. 

Flax seed 8s 7d pr bush. 

Load of.hay, 8s. 

Hat £L 8s. 

Oysters 2s pr bush. 

Gun £2, 10s. 

Nails lid pr lb. 

Oats 2s. 

Tow Cloth 2s pr yard. 

Sheep, 8s and lis each. 

Butter Is. 

Brandy 12s 2d pr gal. 

Flax 6d a pound. 

Pork 5d pr pound. 

Potatoes (1773) 2s pr bush. 

Coffee Is 4d pr lb. 

Beef, per quarter 24 pr pound. 

200 posts and rails £1, 17s, 3d. 

Woman's work weaving etc. 9d to Is pr day. 

"Susannah Culver, to 6 days, tailoring, 6s." 

Francis Le Bau. "French tayler," was here in 1766. 

For making flannel vest 3s. 
" " Leather breeches, 4s 6d. 

Great coat 7s. 
" making coat 5s lid. 

A carpenter and apprentice working 3 days, had £1. 
Os 6d=$2.56. 

"Mary Scott, To weaving 28 days at 7d pr day. 16s 

Silver Ware, etc. 

Josiah Howell, Silver hilted sword, £7. 
Silver shoe buckles, £1, 8s, 7d. 


Womans shoe buckles £1, 2s 3d. 

Plated shoe buckles 7s 6d. 

Set of Breeches Buttons 6s 2d. (Equal 2 days work of 
laboring man.) 

1 doz. vest buttons 3s 9d and 4s 6d. 

Set, gold buttons £2, Is, 8d. 

Set, brass sleeve buttons, Is 3d. 

Thimble, 3s 9d. 

A pint cup, weight, 5 oz. 3 dwt. 18 gr. at 9s 4d pr ounce, 
£2. 8s 5d. 

"fashioning" (making) 16s, Total £3, 4s, 5d. 

A peper box and sugar tongs £3, 16s. 4d. 

9 brass buttons, 2s 3d. 

April 5, 1774, Daniel Hedges, To 6 table spoons, and 6 
tea spoons, £7, 9s 6d, "marked. D. H. S." 

John Cook, Necklace of beads £4, 13s. 

Hugh Smith 1772, To 3 pint tankard, weight 35. oz. 9 
dwt at 9s 4d pr ounce, £16, 10s, lOd. To fashioning do, 
£4, 8s, 8d. To engraving a Sipher, 6s. Total £21, 5s, 
6d=$53.70. This tankard is now in possession of Miss 
Grace Havens, East Moriches, L. I. 

Two Poringers, weight 17 oz. 4 dwt. £7, 18s. Fashion- 
ing £2. Total £9, 18s. 

Six Tea spoons, £1, 6s 8d. Two Table spoons, £1, 6s 

Six Table spoons, weight 10 oz. 13 dut, 6 gr £i, 18s, 
7d. Fashioning £1, 4s. 7d. 

Col. Abraham Gardiner, 68 gold beads, £3, 4s 4d. Six 
Tea spoons, large size, and sugar tongs. £2, 16s. To 4 
mourning scroll, stone rings, weight 8 dwt 15 gr. £3, 3s 
4d. Fashioning £7, 4s. Total £16. 7s 4d. (June 16, 1774.) 

Set, Silver breeches buttons, £1, 2s, 3d. 

David Gardiner. Silver tea pot and making £14. 5s. 

Two strings, of gold beads. 74 beads each, and fash- 
ioning £6, 18s. 


"For looping 18 coats buttons and 20 vest buttons, 
made out of the eye of Clam shells. 9s 6d," (1772) 

"Feb. 1757, Received of Indian School master, 9 cop- 
pers, to make buttons." is the first intimation we 
have of a school, at Shinnecock. 

The greater part of silver ware was made from Span- 
ish dollars. They were stamped "8 R." (8 Reals) and for 
that reason were called "Pieces of 8." They were counted 
as 8 shillings. In 1761 56 dollars weighed 48 oz. 12 dut. 
and their value at 9s 3d pr ounce, was £22, 9s 5d. 

Gold was 6s 6d pr penny weight. 





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