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Full text of "Records of the town of Southhampton, with other ancient documents of historic value ..."

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Towir of Spouthampton 


ancip:nt documents 


Inclndiug the Records from IGOO to 1717 ; transcribed with notes and an In- 
troduction by Wm. S. Pelletreau, and compiled by the undersigned Commit- 
tee, appointed at Town Meeting, April 1th, 187(j, and published at the expense 
of the Town, by its authority. 


JOHN H. HUNT, Printer. 




Passed at the annual meetings of the electors of the Town of 
Southampton, N. Y., as recorded in the minutes of said meet- 
ings, on pages 43 and 49, of Liber D, Records of the of 
Southampton, N. Y. : 

April 6th, 1875. " Resolved — That a Committee be appoitit- 
ed to print such parts of the Town Records, subsequent to those 
already printed, as they in cheir judgment may deem advisable; 
and a sum, not to exceed two hundred and fifty dollars, be ap- 
propriated for that purpose. Wm. S. Pelletreau, Albert J. 
Post, and E. II. Foster were appointed as said committee." 

April 4th, 1876. " Resolved— That a further appropriation 
of $250 be made by the present meeting for the publishing of 
the remaining Records of the Town, as contained in Liber A, 
No. 2, and onward, as thought best by the committee ; and E. 
H. Foster, Wm. S. Pelletreau, and II. P. Hedges were appoint- 
ed as such Publishing Committee under above resolution." 

Town Clerk's Office, 1 

Southampton, > ss : 

Suffolk County, N. Y. ) 

The above Resolutions have been compared by me with the 
original Records of the same found on pages 43 and 49, Liber 
i). Town Records, on file in this office, and are correct copies, 

December 30th, lfc7o. 


Town Clerk. 




Justice, and Member ol the Legiolatnre of the Province of New 
York, who, as a Magistrate, was the faithful guardian of the 
laws, and as a Legislator, maintained with boldness, the cause 
of freedom, and, dying in the discharge of public duty has lett 
to posterity an example of one who was worthy to bear with- 
out reproach the grand old name of Gentleman. 


These Records have heen prepared for the Press with great 
care, to make them correct copies and as exact as possible. The 
oriojinal capitals, spelling, and pnnctuafcion, as far as was legi- 
ble has been followed. 

Abstracts have been made of conveyances of real estate, and 
ear marks recorded, reciting therein the facts and rejecting 
the useless tautology of covenants, &c. 

The abstracts ot conveyances, contain the date, names of 
grantor, grantee, witnesses, and consideration, with a descrip- 
tion of the premises conveyed. The names of witnesses, who 
were well known residents of the Town are sometimes omitted. 
In all cases the residence ot parties, and witnesses, was in this 
Town, unless otherwise stated ; and it is specially stated when 
they resided elsewhere. 

The abstracts of ear-marks, contain the date of record, name 
of party recording, snd name of the party who transferred, as 
far as the Records specify. 

All abstracts are caretnlly noted as such and nothing is 
omitted therein, which sheds light upon the Geneological or 
liistorical facts reciteJ in the originals. 

H. P. Hedues, 
E. H. Foster, 
Wm. S. Pelletreau, 


Vii<re 12, tor 1561 read IfiBl. 

Paj^e 17, sixtli line from bottom, for save read late. 

Paije 48, for 1()68 read KJoS. 

l^acre 00, third line from toj), for losepli Hire read losepli 

Page 71, note at bottom, for AltVed read Albert. 

Page do, first line, for lonas read Iose|)h. 

Page 110, line 18, tor retain I'ead repair. 

Pago 120, sixth line from bottom, for s^ave read said. 

Page 13H, tonrteenth line frotn bottom, for 169() read lOCJ'J; 
fifteenth line read 1696. 

Page 184, note at bottom, for land read pond. 

I'age 189, sixth line, for Ids read lobs. 

Page 192, fifth line, for He read wee 

Page 198, Lot 5, tor lob Revs read John Reeves. 

Page 201, third line, for first read 2d ; for hither read thither. 

Page 212, seventh line from bottom, for last read east. 

Page 324, first abstract, for Inly 29, 16f)5 read Inly 19 1695. 

Page 151, 5th lotment read 05o|^: fonrth line from bottom 
read 050. 

Page 158, Lot 18, Tosiali Halsey 2 1-5. 

Page 1(35, Lot 3, Daniel Hedges 2, Penony Flint 1. 

I'age 106, Lot 46, John Wick 2f, Daniel Shaw :j:. 

Page 172, Lot 46, lames Hildreth. 

Page 17:5, Lot 7, Tho Toi)ping 1 fifty; Lot 18, Abni How- 
ell U, G. Harris 1 ; Lot 20, lonah Howell; Lot 24, losiali 
Howell 2 1-5; Lot 33 Thomas. 

l*age 192, second line from bottom insert that after highway. 

I\ige 195, fonrteentli line from top, for of read at; sixth line 
troiii bottom insert on after No. 

Page 198, Lot 2, David li(.well i by son, for 150 read 200. 



The era of the settlement had passed, and the period of oc- 
cupation had begun. Of the land the settlers had purchased 
from its savage owners, every part had been trodden b}' their 
feet, and was tast being redeemed from its wilderness state by 
the labors of their untiring hands. The population at first so 
small in its number, had increased to such an extent that they 
could bid defiance to their once dreaded foes. A generation 
was rising to whom the world beyond the sea was but a dim 
tradition of a country that their fathers had left without regret 
and with no desire to return, for they were of the class of sep- 
aratists who, fleeing from persecutions they could no longer 
endure, had bidden farewell to their native land, in terms that 
expressed their bitter hatred of all that was idolatrous in relig- 
ion, or tyranous in government. " Farewell Babylon, fare- 
well Rome." 

Had this emigration taken place before the period of written 
history, nothing but the analogies of language would novv re- 
main to show that we, the descendants, were not sprung from 
what the Greeks were so fond of terming " All producins: 
earth" and " Earth mother of all things." 

The conclusion of the first period found our town a part of 
the colony of Connecticut. This was a union that was a de- 
cided benefit, as it placed them under the protection of a power 
to which they could look for sympathy and assistance in time 
of danger, and place them in position to be helpful in return. 
IJad the wishes of the people been consulted, this union would 
have still continued, and to-day our delegates to the Legislature 
would ascend the Connecticut. river rather than the Hudson, 


and we should receive our laws not from xVlhany but from 
Hartford. But the powers beyond the sea were influenced by 
other motives, than the wishes and preferences of colonies they 
ruled, and other plans were laid which they were only to obey. 

The heirs of the Earl of Stirling had transferred their right 
to the ownershi]) of Long Island, to the Crown of England, 
and in 1664, King Charles II had granted to his brother James, 
Duke of York and Albany, a patent for a vast extent of terri- 
tory, of which Long Island formed a part; after the conquest 
of New Amsterdam, the Duke proceeded to organize his colony, 
and by his decree the Island was joined to New- York and was 
henceforth to be ruled according to the laws of His Royal 
Highness. The protest of the people of the eastern towns met 
with no favorable response, and they were informed by Gov, 
Winthrop that Connecticut had no longer a claim upon them, 
that. they had done the best they could under the circumstances, 
but that henceforth they must consider then)selves the loyal 
subjects of the Duke of York. 

But it requires something more than the Patent of a King 
and the orders of a Governor to change the wishes, the thoughts 
and the disposition of a people, and from that day to the pres- 
ent, Southampton has continued to be an integral part of New 
England, to all intents and purposes, and in all modes of 
thought and action, as much as any portion of the land of 
steady habits. 

This change of government produced many changes in the 
local affairs of the town. At a convention heUl at Hempstead 
in 3larch, 16G5, a code known as the "Duke's laws" was pro- 
mulgated, and copies sent to the various towns. By these the 
office of " townsmen " ceased to exist, and a new tribmial was 
established called the "Court of the Constable and Overseers." 
The former office, which at that time conferred some honor on 
its occirpant, was increased in power and dignity, while, to fill 
the latter position, eight men were chosen the first year, and 
four in eacli succeeding year, who were to be men of " good 
fame and life." It was their duty to hold Town Courts for the 


trial of causes under £5. On the death of any person they 
wei-e to repair to the house of the deceased and to inquire after 
the manner of his death, and of his will and testament. They 
were to make all assessments, they had power to regulate the 
bounds of the town, and fences within its limits, to record ear- 
marks, to appoint a Town Clerk, to offer premiums for the 
destruction of wolves, and last, not least, they were to admon- 
ish the people " to instruct their children and servants in mat- 
ters of religion, and the laws of the country." In 1683 the 
"Overseers" w^ere changed to "Commissioners" and their 
powers still further increased. 

The delegates appointed to attend the convention at IJemp- 
stead were men worthy of ail confidence and esteem. Capt. 
Thomas Topping was one fitted by nature to counsel and com- 
mand. And at a time when our fathers could expect no help, 
save from their own strength of arm and courage of soul, the 
history of our town boasts of no wiser head, or braver heart, 
than Maj. John Howell. But the acts of the convention, and 
especially the address of the deputies to the Duke of York, 
were considered too servile for freemen, and met with much 
opposition from the people. The delegates in person were as- 
sailed with unmerited abuse to such an extent as to require the 
protection of law, and we find John Laughton, whose auto- 
graph, with its complicated flourish, stands so prominent in our 
Records, found guilty and punished for slander, in asserting, 
that "John Howell was a traytor to ye country and he would 
|)r()ve him soe." 

All the evils anticipated by the people were to be fully re- 
alized. All complaints were met in the manner that might be 
expected from those, who considered that they were commis- 
sioned by Heaven to rule, and that the people were born to 
obey. Gov. Nicolls was succeeded by Gov. Lovelace, whose 
character as a ruler may be learned from his remark, that " the 
only way to keep the people quiet was to lay such taxes upon 
tnem as should leave no time for thinking of anything else 
than how to pay them." His power continued till 1673, when 


Xew-York was recaptured by the Dutch, and the whole of 
l^ong hhand pa?sed nominally into the hands of the conquerino; 
power. tSouthaniptou, with the other eastern towns, refused 
to be governed by the new powder, and made a final eflort to 
unite with New England. But the Dutch rule was brief, by 
the treaty of peace between the contending nations, New- York 
was surrendered to the English, the people were commanded 
ao-ain to vield allegiance to the Duke of York, their petitions 
were unheeded, and thus ended the last attempt at a union 
with Connecticut. 

'J'iien came Edmond Andross. Of this man it may be said 
tliat he was fitted by nature to be the willing tool of a tyrant : 
one of those men who arrive at fame and fortune by treading 
under fool, not the acts that condemn, or the vices that dis- 
irrace, but the deeds that adorn, and the virtues that exalt hu- 
manity. The Duke's laws were re-established, and the Court 
of the Constable and Overseers again controlled our a^■aiJ•^. 

'J'hen came the question of the Patent. The j^eople of the 
town held their land bv virtue of purchase from the Earl of 
Stirling, and also from the Indian tribes, but now they were 
called upon to recognize the new proprietor of Long Island, 
and to yield to his requirement to procure from his representa- 
tive a Patent for their lands, their reasons for declining are 
fully given in the letter published in the appendix of this vol- 
ume, and the thoughts of freemen are uttered in the language 
of freedom, but the decree had gone forth, they were to yield 
under the penalty of being declared rebels, and this year, the 
anniversary of our freedom as a nation, is also the anniversary 
of our subjugation as a colony. And the broad sheet of parch- 
ment in the Town Clerk's office, with the seal of the Province 
of New- York, and the siiicnature " E. Andross " tells to all who 
may attempt to decipher its time-worn lines, that the re]>re- 
sentative of hisKoj'al liighness claimed the right to sell to the 
people of Southamj)ton, what they had held bv an indis|)utable 
right, for a suHicient length of time to cstiiblish their title in 
:iii\- of the Coui'ts of Kii<il:iiid. 


But that fate which the New England Primer tells us waits 
tor Xerxes the Great, also waits tor lesser Kings. Charles II 
dies and is succeeded by his brother, and now the proprietor of 
Long Island appears with another title, he is no longer the 
Duke of York and Albany, but "His Majesty, James II, by the 
Grace of God, King of Great Britian, France, and Ireland, 
Defender of the Faith." But the change of title has not 
changed his tyrant nature, but augmented his power and in- 
creased his opportunities. The acts of oppression were still 
continued, and nothing remained for the people but hope for 
relief in the future, from the tyrany of the present ; a sense of 
right weighed in the ballance against relentless power. In 
lf)86 a new Patent was granted by Gov. Dogan in which the 
boundaries of the lands were more fully described,* and the 
town was established as a bod}' corporate. 

The revolution of 1686 brought a glorious change, not only 
for the people of England, but also for the colonies beyond the 
sea. After long and weary waitiiig the people were at last 
permitted to have a voice in iraming the laws of the land, and 
the CoUonial system of Government begun under the rule of 
Gov. Sloughter, in 1691, was a dawning of better days ; under 
it, the town, as a town, had no I'eason to complain ; peace and 
prosperity were within its borders, and the new order of things 
so happily begun, continued till the glorious day that brought 
liberty to the world by giving it to America. 

Of the local affairs of the town during the period under con- 
sideration, none was of greater importance than the purchase of 
the tract of country lying west of Canoe Place. This had re- 
mained unclaimed by any town, and was not purchased Irom 
the Indians till 1662 ; at that time Capt. Thomas Topping pur- 
chased the tract in question, obtaining a deed from certain In- 
dians claiming the right to make sale. This transfer was looked 
upon with a jealous eye by the town at large, and after much 
controversy, the chiefs of the ShinnecDck tribe, including the 

* This Patent was printed by order of the town some time in 1818, and 
therefore not printed in this volume. 


son fiiul (luuirhter oi the groat Sachem IVrandiish, wlio rnled the 
tribe at tlie time of the settlement, after asserting that the deed 
to Capt. Topping was of no avail as given by Indians who had 
no right to make such transfer, by a deed bearing date Sept. 
17, 1C60, sell to their "ancient and loving friends the towns- 
men of Southampton," all tlie tract of land lying between Nia- 
moug, or Canoe Place, and Seatuck. The conflicting claims 
thus arisins: were ilnallv decided by reference to Gov. Nicolls 
who gave his decision in favor of the town. The acquisition 
was of the greatest importance to the town at large, but so far 
as any permanent settlement was concerned, it remained for 
more than fifty years as utterly uninhabited as in the years be- 
fore white man set his foot upon these shores; and it was not 
till about 1735 that the flrst settler made his hom.e in the wil- 
derness where now arc found flourishing villages and fertile 

Another enterprise, small in its beginning, but destined to 
he of the greatest importance, merits more than a passing no- 
tice. The dead whales cast upon the shore furnished an im- 
portant part of the revenues of the town, and coming as they 
did without their care or labor, were naturally looked U])on as 
the direct gift of all-bountiful Providence. Boon we And that 
the enterprising spirit of our fore-fathers promted tliem to avail 
themselves in a more direct manner, of the blessing thus placed 
within their reach, and the same strong arms that felled the 
primeval forests, and tilled the virgin soil, could launch the 
whale boat on the bounding waves and att;ick the monster in 
l)is native element. As early as 1060 a small vessel, owned by 
a company, of which John Ogden was the leader, carried or» 
the business of the whale flsher}' along the shores, and upon 
the waters of the bays upon terms agreed upon between them 
and the inhabitants at large. 

This was the beginning of the enterprise that in after years. 
Long Island whalemen carried to the farthest extent ot the 

♦ All tho papers connected with this purchasD nre printed in the appendix 
t«j \'ul. 1, 'I'own Records. 


known world ; and there is not a shore upon the liabitable earth 
that has not felt the tread of tlieir adventurous feet, and not an 
island in the miajhtv ocean but hm welcomed the cominn; ot 
their spreading sails. 

As was seen in our first volume of Records, many of the set- 
tlers remained but a short time. The hardships of the new 
colony may have discouraged some, and some may have been 
attracted to other parts by more advantageous prospects. Soon 
we find the familiar family names in other towns upon Long 
Island, and many more found in New Jersy an abiding home. 
Of the first settlers of East- Hampton, nearly all had been pre- 
viously dwelling in this town, and their places were soon sup- 
plied by others, and the population of the town was more than 
doubled within five years. From the best information at our 
command, the number of the first settlers, including women and 
children, could not have exceeded an hundred souls, but in 
16(i() that number was increased more than four fold. As the 
town itself was but a colony sent out from a place of older date, 
so the time soon came when it was to send out colonies in re- 
turn ; the first regularly organized attempt was about 1688, 
when six or seven families, under the leadership of Humphry 
Hughs and Christopher Learning, founded a settlement at Cape 
]\Iay, Their principal object in removing to that remote spot 
was for the purpose ot whaling in Delaware Bay. At this 
day, families arc living there who are descended ivom the ad- 
venturous spirits that nearly two centuries ago found there a 
second home. 

From that time to the present, this sending forth has never 
ceased, and the sons of Southampton are as widely scattered as 
the four quarters of the world ; wherever there are dangers to 
be met, or toil to be borne, you will find them there ; and their 
names are heard through the length and breadth of our mighty 
land : alike where the mountains of New England raise their 
granite summits to the clouds, and where Californian rivers roll 
over their sands of gold. 

Our ancestors found indeed a land where spiritual liberty, so 


loi)(^ sougbt for, could be enjoyed, and one that was blessed 
with propitious skies and a fertile soil ; but they found not a 
land where nature yields her gifts to ought but tireless indus- 
try ; nor did they find a country where men do not die. One 
by one, as 3'ears advanced, the first settlers passed away. Ed- 
ward Howell, to whom the settlement owed its origin, was the 
first called by death to leave the town he had founded. The 
oft repeated names of Thomas Halsey, Thomas Sayre, John 
Cooper, and Josiali Stanborough, cease to appear upon our 
Records, otherwise than as transmitted to sons who inherited 
thair lands and imitated their virtues. But long after the re^t 
of the founders had gone from the earth, one name still con- 
tinued, the connecting link between the old and the new, and 
in 169-i, at an age exceeding the Psalmist's limit of human life, 
died Job Sayre, the last of the first settler?, he being eighty- 
two years old. 

Amid the dry technicalities of court proceedings, laying out 
(jf land, and other matters, the mind meets with a feeling ot 
relief, items and allusions throwing light ui)on one of the most 
interesting of subjects : the daily life and manners of our ances- 
tors. Until the interest now felt in all that pertains to an- 
tiquity has passed away, and the curiosity to expku'e what the 
darkness of ages has liidden ceases to influence the minds ot 
men, the little that remains of the jieriod we describe, must in- 
crease in value with advancing years. 

At first we find the houses of the settlers confined to the 
main street of the village. In 1(548 a few families had settled 
at North Sea ; next followed the settlement at Sagg, not be- 
gun l)efore 1654, and Meacox evidently had a small number of 
inhabitants previous to 1070. Persons owning land near the 
\\'at(M* Mill built there abmit the same date, and, with the ex- 
ception of the small number dwelling at Cobb and Wieka- 
]:(igue, these localities emljraced the whole of the settled poi-- 
ti(Ui of the town up to the period at which our v<dume closes. 
LOnnnunication with the outside world was of comparaliveh' 
rare occuirencc, und the town was eni)>hatically as self-su^tain- 
iner as if it had Uccn a nation bv itselt. 


The inventories of estates which are recorded in our pages, 
furnish a source of information worthy of careful study, as they 
specify with minute care minor articles, which, mider similar 
circumstances in modern times would either be entirel}' omitted 
or alluded to under the comprehensive title of " sundries." We 
may rely upon them as being the carefully prepared list of 
everything then connected with a house and family. And how 
meager is the di&jolay, how true a picture do they present, of 
the poverty of our fathers, and of the strict economy needed to 
procure what would now be deemed the necessary comforts of 
life. As might reasonably be supposed, the chief wealth of the 
community would consist of horses and cattle. These at first 
scarce, increased rapidly in numbers, and, as will appear by 
reference to the inventories of the estates of Josiah Stanborough 
and John White, the live stock equals or exceeds all other 
tJjings mentioned, not only in actual but in relative value. 

The small amount of house furniture next calls our atten- 
tion. That an object so purely one of luxury as a looking glass 
should only be mentioned once,* mio:ht not excite much sur- 
prise, but even chairs seem to have been scarcely used, so ex- 
tensive an estate as that of Lyon Gardiner only mentions four. 
In the inventory of the goods of William Browne, 1654, (pub- 
lished in Vol. 1,) we find the only mention of carpets, and at 
that time instead of bein2C used for the purpose for which they 
are now employed, they were only used as a covering for ta- 
bles.f Knives were in use at table, but not forks, which were 
not introduced into England till about 1680. The compara- 
tively rich had pewter plates, while their poorer neighbors 
must content themselves with wooden trenchers. Articles not 
of home manufacture were difficult to be procured, and we 
find two hats mentioned as equal in value to a yearling. 

The Indian tribe from whom the land had been purchased, 
had ceased to be a source of fear, and there is no better illus- 
tration of the fact that man is made what he is by the circum- 

* In account of e.state of Thomas Sayre, 171(), found among private jjapers. 
+ See Popular Antiquities of England, Vol. II. 


stances surrounding liim, than the change of life among these 
ROUS of tlie forest. In their savage state, war was considered as 
the chief business of life, but at this time, surrounded as they 
were bv the settlements of the English, to whom it was of the 
utmost in]i)ortance that peace should be maintained, the war- 
rior lound his occupation gone. 1lie pleasing business ot killing 
their enemies, with the equally pleasant prospect of being 
killed in return, was a state of things that had passed away, 
their native bravery was now employed to better advantage in 
killing '"whales and other great fish" under the direction and 
control of the race who had bought their lands, and now con- 
trolled their destinies. In 1686, we find that a new generation 
of Indians had arisen who were evidently dissatisfied with the 
acts of their fathers who had sold their soil to the stranger, an<l 
it also became a grave question for the town at large, how this 
portion of the population, utterly unfitted as they were for the 
steady labor and restrained habits of civilized life, could, in the 
future, be supported without being a burden to the communi- 
ty. The difficulty was settled in a peaceful manner : a new 
deed was obtained from the chiefs of the tribe, and to provide 
for their maintenance, the town gave them a lease of Shinne- 
cock hills and neck, for a term of one thousand years, dating 
from 1703.* From that time to the present they have inliab- 
ited this tract in the midst of civilization without ])rotiting to 
any great extent bv its example. 

Notwithstanding all the charm that romance has thi'own 
around the red man, and which tends to blind our eyes to the 
true nature of savage life, by surrounding it with a halo of fic- 
titious glory, we cannot regret that it has passed away. y\nd 
it would be as absurd to mourn that the forest has been felled, 
and that the wiklerness has given place to cultivation, as to la- 
ment the disappearance of this vanished race. Civih'zation in 
its progi'css over the earth sheds her blessings with a willing 
hand upon i.ll who are willing to submit to its benign influ- 
ence, but crushes in its march all who oppose her power. 

* The ludiau lease is recorded in the book of Records known as Liber B. 


We must not fail to mention the change in church govern- 
ment that occurred about the year 1717. The Congregational 
form tliat the lirst settlers had adopted in tlie church organized 
betore leaving Lynn, was exchanged for Presbyterianism. Of 
the reasons that led to this change, we a/e not fully inforined, 
but it seems to liave been accepted by the great majority of the 
people without hesitation f)r reserve. The bigotry that perse- 
cuted other sects, and the endless controversies upon minor 
points of theology, that form so large a portion of the church 
historj" of New England were alike unknown in this retired 
corner of the land : but the cautions reserve that the parsonage 
lands laid out at this time should be for the use of the "Pres- 
byterian ministry and noe other," would seem to indicate that 
the spirit which at ? later date led to the " New Light" move- 
ment, had already begun to make its influence felt. 

Such are the leading features of the period included in our 
volume, and we believe that the perusal will be of interest to 
all who desire to be better acquainted with a time that has 
jiassed away. The social and political problems ot American 
life are best studied in the light of our early history ; and the 
deeds that were done, and the words that were spoken two cen- 
turies ago, may help to solve the vexed questions of the present, 
as the observations of the astronomer made during the darkness 
of the night, are rendered available by the computer who la- 
bors by the light of day. 

All honor then to the names we record, for they have made 
our country what it is. They found it a howling wilderness, 
the}' left it a fertile field. They found the shouts of the savage 
and the cries of the wild beast, they left on hill and dale the 
sounds of peaceful industry. They found a barren waste and 
an uncultivated plain, and they left it with bright harvests, re- 
joicing in their golden gleam. 


To^v^^ i^ecords 


Southampton, Long Island, 

LIBEK A, No. 2, 

This book consists of two parts, the records beginning at eacii 
end of tlie book, and both parts ending at the middle. The 
first part here copied is called the " hither end." The word 
" page " and number attached refer to the pages of the original 
book in the Town Clerk's Office, 


Page 1. At the Cort October 7th, 1659 Capt. Thomas Top- 
ping pit in 3 severall actions against Mr. losiah Stanborough 
Defendant, the verdict of Inry as folloueth, 

1 concerning the out side ff'ence in difference in the first actt 
the jury finde for the plf, that the defend t hath not made his 
proportion of fence as hee ought to have done But the defend t 
must doe his proportion of fence and pay 12 d damage with 
increase of Cort Charges, 

2 In the second action the jury finde for the plf in respect of 
the first particular in 57, and in respect of the last particular in 
59 three pounds damage with increase of Cort charges. 


3 In tlie 3 action tliey Undo for the pit' namely that the de- 
fendant hath noe highway throngh the plf s land, they tinde also 
2 d damage with increase of Cort Charges, 

The Cort gives ludgment accordingly, 

The defendant appealesto Harttord to bee trycd in all the H 
actions, at the particular Cort in ]\Iay next. 

[Note, at bottom of page earmarks entered by] Adonijah 
Raynor David Raynor lohn Topping, (a mark boght of the 
widow of lames DoUober) Henry Howell, 1734. 

Page 2. At a purchased Cort April 30 1660 lohn Scott at- 
torney for the whale company entereth his Action of trespass 
u|)on the case, in behalf of the said company Pits against Mr 
lohn Ogden John Oldiicld lohn Ogden jr, and Richard Shaw 
defendants, The jnrymen Richard Barret Samuel Clark John 
lessup \Vm Ludlani Sen losluia Barnes lonas Holdswoi-tlj 
Thomas Goldsmith Isaac Willnian lohn Mulford lohn Hand 
Tho, Talmage ler. Mechem. By consent of plf and defendant 
ve matter is iint to Arbitration, ye Cort consent. 

April 30 1660 Mr. Thurston Raynor plf in an action of tress- 
pass n])()n the case against the wife of Mr losiah Stanborogii 
detendant. The iury find for tlie plf 2 d damage and Cort 
charges, and the cattle which the defendant drove away to bo 
returned into the hand and custody of the plf untill ye matters 
bee brought to farther ishue between them, 

Tlie Cort gives judgment accordingly. 

[Note at bottom of page Abraham Howell Jr Heziskiah 
Howell record stray l)ea&ts in possession 1730J 

Page 3. At the quarter Court June 6 1660. Tlie Constable 
namel}' Christopher Foster Returneth an accom}>t of ye estate 
of Henry Lewis which by vertue of warrant was attached and 
disposed, being apprized by whome the Cort apoynted, which 
goods were sold, £ s d 

1, 3 year old heifer 2 17 

2, 2 "year old heifers 05 1(> 
1 busliell of iiicalc and a hoe 00 <)() 

























of wliich said Constable paid as folloneth 

To Henry Pierson for debt and cliarges 

To Obadiah Rogers 

To Thotnas Sayre 

To Arthur Howell 

To James Herrick 

Richard Barret 

lohn lessup 

Edward Howell 

( 'hristopher fibster 

losepli Ray nor 

Mr Ray I! or 

8 4 (gone) 
i50C that there remains in the liand of him the said C'hristo 
•iher fibster ye sums of 9 s witnes his hand 


At the said Cort Mr Thurston Ravnor desireing of the Cort 
execution against Mrs Stanborough in respect of ye verdict of 
ye jury and judgment of the last Cort It is granted unto M ■ 
Rainer that liee slioukl have execution accordino; to the said 
verdict & ludgment with, 2 d damage 12 S to the jury 4 s 6 d 
to the marshall 2 s 6 to the Register, 6 s for ye 4 witnesses, is 
in all 25 s 2 d, more allowed to Mr Raine/ by the Cort, 18 d 
for his personal attendance this Cort, aiul 2 s 6 d for the Regis- 
ter, f r the execution is in all 29 s 2 d. 

[Pages 4 and 5 are blank.] 

Page 6. lune 6 1660 Mr [osiah Stanborough and Mr Tolin 
8cott in the name of them selves and all tiieir neighbors tlint 
consent not vnto the agreement with East Hampton in the year 
57, did demand of ]\lr Chatfield ]\lr JSond and others of the 
neighbors of East Hampton the land formerly possessed bv this 
towne of Southampton extending according to agreement three 
miles and a half beyond Meacocks which agreement was made 
with Daniel How as agent for East-Hampton ; to which sd de- 

4 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

niand the sd neighbors of East hainpton or part of them replj- 
ed that they the said Ur Stanborogh & Mr Scot might take 
their course, whereupon tliey deh'vered a warrant signed by Ma- 
jor Mason requiring some of East hampton to appeare to answer 
the case at Hartford on the first tliirsday in September next, 
which warrant was accordingly served by the ^Marshall on Mr 
Tliomas ChattieUl, Witnes 


At the (juarter (>)urt, in December 1660 Tho. Diament not 
a])pearing to answer loseph Rainer, the Cort considering the 
matter doe defer the tryail and i-efcr loseph Raynor to ye Cort 
in march, And doe appoint tlie cunstable to keepe iho. Diament 
his cow- attached or hire her keeping till the said Cort lor Dia- 
ment his ap])earance to answer. At the sd Cort, concerning the 
action wherein Priscilla Nap is pit and Wm Mulford defendt 
the said parties namely the defendant by himself, tfe ye pif by 
her attorney having relered ye matter of or in diforence unto 
the award of the 2 magistrates, & tlie jury to be ended in way 
of Arbitration, they doe conclude and agree as foUoweth that 
the detendt W m Mulford shall pay to the plf or her Attorney 
the mare colt that came of the dcfendts mare the last yeare, it 
being in good condition, and it being seen soe to bee by 2 men 
that are competent witnesses, the same is to be esteemed as a 
real delivery there [Page 7J of, and the said colt is to run with 
the dam, untill the spring next without being molested by the 
defendt or by his meanes, But in case the defendt see cause to 
take up his mare then hee shall keep the colt well with the 
mare untill the plf have sufficient warning & alsoe competent 
time to fetch it away. Moreover in case the said colt bee not 
in being as afore said then the defendt is hereby ordered to 
procure and deliver to the pit or her assigns another good ordi- 
nary mare colt of like age at or before the first of may next. 
And as concerning the costs of ye present suite concerning the 
l>rcmises the i)lf and defendant are to bare each of them the 
cliarge they have disbursed or that which they have paid or 
l>n)]io:-ly are to j-ay, and this Is and is to bee ye finall conclu- 


sion and islme of ihe said difference concerning the said action 
witnes our hands the 4 ot Dec. 1660 
Tho. TorriNG Tho. Baker R. Barrett 

Samuell Clarke Joshua Barnes Thojias Cooper 
Thomas Halsey John Topping Thomas Gouldsmith, 
Dec. 4 1660 At the affbresaid quarter Cort. 

In the first action entered by Wm Edwards pit against Na- 
thaniel ftbstcr detent, the Cort give judgment as tolloweth, first 
that the detendt restore vnto the pit the writeing or bill of sale 
for tho howse and land. Secondly the detendt shall pay to the 
plf 26 s and to the cuntry 40 s in res('ect of the defendnt his 
miscarrage, but the said 40 s to the cuntr}^ is to be ])aid when 
the cuntry demand it. Concerning the second action Mdierein 
Wm. Edwards is plf, the detent doth appeale to Hartford Cort, 
[Page 8] namely the general 1 Cort, in may next. And Chris- 
toplir ffoster doth binde liimself in 30 £ to prosecute the said 
appeale. And the plf doth binde himselfe in like value to ans- 
uer. Alsoe the plf namely V\^m Edwards doth concerning the 
first action appeale to the said cort at Hartford, and bindes 
himselfe in 10 £ to prosecute and Xto])her floster doth binde 
himself in like value to ansnr. 

Feb. 14 1660 Joseph Rainer haveing an attachment i'or a 
mare that is claimed by Barnabus Horton of South old and the 
Slid attachment is in behalf of John Lum, hee tho said Joseph 
iiiirageth yt ye sd John Lum shall make ansusr to him ye sd 
Barnabas or to any in his name that shall sue for the sd mare 
at the law [Note] the above mentioned agree. 

At the quarter Cort March 5 1660 the lury sworne loshua 
Barnes Leift Post lonas Bower, Tho. Halsey yr Tho. Topping 
Edward Howeil lohn Ogden Isaac Willman. 

Tho. Po])e plf against Wm Ludlam detendt in an action of 
the case concerning his abuseing the pits servant. Tho. Pope 
plf against Wm Ludlam defent in an action of the case con- 
cerning deficient grindino;. 


lohn Laughton plf against Mr lohn Howell (Icfcndt in an ac- 
tion of tresspass upon the case. 

lohn Cooper jr plfagninst Christopher libster defendt, in an 
action ot the case. 

Mr. losiah Stanborogh plf in an action of the case against 
:Mr. lohn Howell & his abettors concerning land determined, 

Mrs. Stanborough as plf in the review of an action dependinji 
and tryed between her & Mr Rainer at ye Gort April 30 1630. 

Henry Pierson in action of tresspass upon the case, and Tho 
Burnet detendt. In this action ye parties compounded and 

In ye first action wherein Tho. Pope is plf the jury tind for 
the plf Cort charges, and concerning the fact of ye defent in 
respect of ye plf his servant the jury leave that to the magis- 
trates if there b3e nf)e law of ye Gollony [n-esisely to guide 

[ Pagk 9.] The charge ariseing on ihe first action wherein 
Tho. Pope is plf against Wni Ludlum defent according to the 
ludirnit of tiie Cort amounteth to lo s 8 d the oarticulars are as 
foUoueth, to the lury 6 s to the cunstable 4 s 2d to the Regist 
.3 s (5 d attendance about it 2 s, and the Cort give judgement 
that the defendt sliall pay therof to the plf because ot the de- 
fendts miscarriage 8 s 8 d, the plf shall pay the rest at [)resent, 
And the plf his man shall (tor his miscariage towards the de- 
fendt) repay to the plf the 8 s 8d which bee at present disburs- 
eth as above said. In the action wherein Mr. Stanborogh is p'f 
against Mr lohn Howell defendt the Inry's verdict is as follow- 
eth, concerning the 15 acres specified in tho parties declaration, 
they finde for the defent Secondly that tiie tenn acres that 
belongeth to the allotment that sometime was Mr fHeld is to 
bee reserved in the townes hand untill the plf and lohn Jessui), 
doe cleere it whoe is the right ouuer there of, 3 concerning 
the rest of the particulars the jury finds for the detendt with 
increase of Cort charges* (The plf appeals to hart ford.) In 
the action wherein John Cooper Jr is ])lf against Christopher 
fibster is deft, tho jury finde for the [tit 2 d diuna'ie and Cort 


charges and it is only in rctference to the distress taken !)y deft 
in februay last, In the second act-on entered by Tho, Pope 
])lf against Wm Lndlara deft, npon the reqnest of the detent 
lie hath liberty to ansnr the said action next Cort, and is then 
bound to ansur. 

Samuel Davis having by his owne confession taken away 
divers particulars of household stuff trom a private place where 
an Indian squa had hid them and the said squa making com- 
plaint against him hee hath 3 days time siven him to make ve 
sd squa satisfaction, and the magistrates doe further award that 
liec the said Ham. upon penalty of 1 0£ shall appeare at the next 
quarter court which is in Sept. 61 to ansur his said i'act, & in 
the mean season to be ot good l)ehaviour. At the quarter court, 
Sept. 61 Sam. Davis appeared, and the squa being satisij'^ed, 
hee is bound to appeare next Court, and till then to bee of good 
behaviour, and to bee at the farther award of the Cort., At 
December Cort Samuel appeared. 

[PxVGE 10.] At the purchased* Cort granted to Wui I^d- 
wards held the last of April 1661, Wm Edwards plf against Mr 
Tho. Baker detendt in an action of trespass u]>on the case con- 
cerning his taking away of a share of whale which belonged to 
the lottment which hee the plf bought of Nathaniel Foster. 
Wm Edwards plf against ]\lr. Baker tfe Mr. Mnlford defendt in 
an action of the case concerning their being chief agents or in- 
struments in the ill and wrongfull usuage of his wife. The dc- 
fendts being legally called ap}>cared not. 

May 29, 1661 Mr Anthony Waters in behalf of Mr Tho. 
lames entereth an Miction against lohn Ogden concerning a bul- 
lock which the said Mr lames saith he hath lost and con:;cives 
ye sd Mr lohn Ogden hath taken away. Thomas Burnet en- 
tereth an action of Battery against Richard Post. Loft Post 
entereth an action of tresspass upon the case against ThGm^s 
Burnet deft. At the Cort lune 4 1661 Tho. Diament plf in an 
action of the case a<]:;ainst lo'nn Hains deft. 

*The Iccm "pnrchaped conn " spcms to bo r.pplied to a conit held to try some paiticulnr 
case. VV. S. 1'. 


The jury sworne Rich. Barret JMr John Howell Edward 
Howell lohn White lonas Boner loshua Barnes Sam. Cleark 
Tho. Goldsmith. 

lohn Cooper Jr ])lt in an action of ye case against 'I'homas 
Halsey Sen deft. 

In the action wherein ]\Ir lames is plf against lohn Ogden 
defet. The jury iinde for the plf. And that the deft is guilty, the 
plf desirii.g judgment the magistrates and lury concuring doe 
award and order that the deft shall pay to the plf 10£ damage 
with increase of Cort charges. 

[Page 11. J In the action wherein Tho, Diament was plf 
against lohn Haines deft, the jury Unde for the plf that the ex- 
change of their accommodations made by them is and was legal), 
and that the defent. shall pay to the plf 10 s damage with Cort 

Concerning the action entered by lohn (hooper Jr plf against 
Tho. Halsey defendt, the Cort and lury ishiie the matter as 
followeth, they finde for lohn Cooper that the 30 S due for 
killing the woolf shall be paid to him in the next rate made in 
ye town and that to bee a final conclusion concerning the said 

At ye quarter Court Sept. 3 1661. 

fi'rajicis Sayre plf Against lames Ilerrick defnt in an action 
of tresspass. Mr. lohn Ogden and lohn Woodruff Ir ])lfs in an 
action of tresspass upon the case against Isaac Willman in be- 
half of himself or in behalf of the town or both. 

Isaac Willman plf against Tho. Sayre deft, concerning the 
defendant his repleiving his hogg. 

In the action wherein ]\lr Ogden is [»lt the parties compound 
and agree. In the action wherein Isaac Wilman is plf the deft 
namely Tho. Sayre ingageth to pay the plf 5 s tfe cort charges 
as the magistrates shall award. In the action wherein firancis 
Sayre is plf the cort proceed not but by consent they refer it 
to be determined at <k by the next townc meeting. 

(Page 12.] Will of losiah StanborDugh [Abstract] 

In the name of (lod, amen, I losiah Stanborough being sick 


in body but in perfect memory doe make and ordaine this my 
last will and testament this Gtb of Inly 1661. First I give my 
soul to Almighty God, and my body to bee hurried at Saga- 
))onack by my former wife. I appoint my son Peregrine sole 
executor. 1 give my wife Alee 1-3 of my land at 8agapon- 
ack within the fence, provided she maintain 1-3 of the fence, 
and after her death the land and fence to return to my son 
Peregrine. I bequeath to my wife Alee 12 head of Cow cattell 
proportionably old and young, and 20 sheep. I bequeath to 
my dawter Sarah 12 head ot cow cattle (those which she cal- 
leth her own to be part of them) also 20 sheep. I bequeath my 
dawter Mary 10 cattle and 20 sheep, I give my son losiah 10 
head of cattle, and 20 sheep. I give my wife Alee my horse on 
which 1 used to ride. I give my daughter Sarah my old mare. 
And to my daghter Mary a filly about 3 years old. 1 give my 
son losiah my ycung horse lately gelt. 1 give to my son losiah 
all my land at Sagaponack with out the fence. I give my 
children Sarah ]\lary and losiah 18 parcels of pot ware. I give 
my wife Alee 6 parcels of pot ware, now in use in the house. 
1 give my daughter Sarah one feather bed and bowlster and a 
pair of blankets that are to come trom the weavers, and 50 lbs 
oi wool. 1 give my daughter j\Iary a feather bed, boulster, and 
(Page 13) pair of blankets. I give my daughter Mary a piece 
oi stuff greene grogram to make her a gowne. 1 give my wife 
Alee 3 yards of broad i-lotii. I give my daughter Sarah 12 
yards of black grogram to make her a gowne. I give to my 
daughter Mary two pieces of red peniston to make her a petty 
coat. I give losiah soe much yellow cotton as will make him 
two waist coats. I give him half my wearing clothes. I give 
to my 4 youngest children each a bar of iron. I give the poor 
of Southampton 5£. I give my wife Alee at her request a bed 
case made of hemp with boulster. I give my 2 daughters each 2 
pairs of sheets, and my wife is to yeald up her right to the land 
of Goodman lessup hee bought of mee I doe appoint my 
wife and children to live to gether and to be supplied with corn 
fur provisions, and seed out of the stock 

10 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

Unto the truth of the premises wee are eye and ear witnesses 

At the quarter Court Sept. 3 1661 the aforesaid will being pro- 
duced, it was proved by the ab >ve said lohn Cooper Jr who 
did depose to tlie truth of every particular bequest expressed in 
the said will, and by Capt. Thomas Topping who deposed alsoe 
as before except only the bequest of the yellow cotton to Mr 
Stansborouh his son losiah, and halfe his wearing clothes ; and 
4 barres of iron. 

At the said Cort Peregrine Stanborough who is executor of 
the afore said will had oath administered to him to bring in a 
true inventory of the estate. 

An inventory of the estate of the late deceased Mr losiah 
Stanborough as folloueth 




16 cowes 




2 old oxen 




4 young oxen 




8 steers come 4 years old 




7 steers & 2 heifer ' 

cows 3 years old 




3 steers & 2 heifers 

come 2 years old 




13 calves 




150 sheep 




12 hogs 




A goat 




a mare and liorse 




a l>ay mare & filly 




the old hoise 




the yonng horse 




the liay and wheat 




3 acres of Indian c* 





6 little iron pots 




4 pots 




.0 iron kettles 




6 skiilets 





4 mortars 14 s 4 pots 4 £ is 
2 iron kettles 

5 barres of iron 
wheels and old iron and other lumber 

4 iron pots 

iron ware sold to East hampton 
broad ax lack and other tools 
92 lbs of wool 

6 pair of sheets 
a bed & 2 rugs 

bed tick and pair of blankets 
a t'other bed and bolster andl>^ 

some other old bedding ^" 

wearing clothes 
2 hats broad cloth kersey and stuft 
2 peeces of stuff 
a piece of broad cloth 
a gun sword & pistol 
2 chests and boxes 
a table & 10 barrels 

[Page 1/).] pewter and some other thing* 
a grind stone & pails 
a tirkin of butter 

the howse land and accommodations 

4 brass kettles, a frling pan atramell) ap aa a,» 

J o i i. u 1 - Oo 00 00 

and 2 pair ot pot hooks ^ 

buttons silke cardes. a remnint) /^,, ^^ ... 

of cotton and other lumber \ 
a fether bed, 2 bolsters and a> n- nn a(^ 

blanket and 2 pillows S 

a winnow sheet, and woolen yarn^ ^, 10 00 

and some other things, ji 

[Page 16.] Memorandum, that I Alee Stanborogh the late 

wife of Mr losiah Stanborough deceased, beeing by virtue of 

the pleasure and order of the Cort of Southampton to receive 

into my hands the estate belonj;ing unto my three children, 









































































12 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

which estate is in the hand of Peregrine Stanborough as being 
my said late liusband his executor, and concerning which estate 
my said late husband became bound unto New Haven Cort. 1 
the said Alee doe hereby binde myself my heirs execulors Ad- 
ministrators and assignes in the full and just some of two hun- 
dred pounds to save harmless the said Cort and Peregrine 
Stanborongh from all damage which shall or may come to 
them or any of them, or any other by reason of my receiving 
into my hand the said estate. And to deliver them from any 
and all inconveniences that may come by reason of the said 
bond given by my said husband unto New Haven Cort. And 
if gods providence soe order it in time future that I alter my 
condition or depart this Jurisdiction, I shall and will put in or 
procure unto the said Cort of Southampton and to him the said 
Peregrine such standing security to like value mentioned, to 
deliver them from damage, witness my hand this 3 of Sept. 
15G1 hr 

Witness Henry Pierson Regst. 

[Abstract] (at the quator cort Sept 3 1661 ]\Irs Stanborough 
chooses 2 men Christopher ifoster and Tho. Halsey, and Pere- 
grine S. chooses John Coo])er jr anC lohn Topping, and the 
Court adds lohn lessup, to divide the estate of losiah Stanbo- 
rough, and each legatee is to pay their proportion of the charge 
of division.) 

[Abstract] (Christopher fibster of Southampton being one of 
the select men chosen for this occasion, acknowledges the re- 
ceipt (with his partners lohn Howell & Ri. Post) from Pere- 
grine Stanborough, of all the estate left to losiah S. by his 

[Abstract] (lohn Edwards of East Hampton acknowledges 
the receipt from Peregrine Stanl>orough, of all the estate be- 
queathed to Mary S. by lier lather losiah Stanborough) Sept. 
30 1661 

[Page 18.] This writing witness that I Sarah Stanborough 


liatli Reed of Peregrine Stanborongh executor to mj father 
losiali Staiiborough deceased, as follows, One mare, 20 sheep, 
12 head of cattle, six parcels of iron ware, a bed and the things 
thereunto belonging aad 5 lb of wool, and a peece of stuff gro- 
grans, witness niy hand this 6th of Sept. 1661 

In presence of us the mark of 


loHN X Iessup John Cooper Ir. 

[Abstract Mrs Alee Stanborough acknowledges the receipt 
the articles lett her in her husbands will) 

[Note at bottom of Page] earmarks entered by Toseph 
Rogers, Mr. Silvanus White, and losiah Stanbrow, 1734) 

[Page 19.] (Abstract ot deed) (Richard Barret ot South- 
ampton sells to Thomas Goldsmith a 150£ allotment with all 
house buildings there on, (reserving the middle chamber in the 
dwelling house,* with for liberty to come and make use of the 
fire room when necessary during his life,) in consideration of 
100£ paid by said Tho. Goldsmith, and after the decease of said 
Ri. Barret his heirs and executors are to have 40 days time to 
•remove his personal property,) July 10 1661 


In presence of 


Iohn X IevSSUP 

[Page 20.] Nov. 26 1761 lohn Woodruff Sen plf in an action 
of tresspass upon the ease, against Tho. Burnet defendt to be 
tryed at the quatter eort in December next. Nov. 28 lonas Bow- 
er Plf against Tho. Burnet defendt in an action of debt to be 
tryed at the quarter (^. ort in December next. 

December 3 1661 at the quarter Cort Iohn Laughton plf in 
an action of Slander against Thomas Diment and his wife deft. 

* Richard Barret's dwelliug hoai?e stood on the home lot on Main street next north of 
Toilsome laue. W. S. P. 


The jury are loshua Barnes Left Post Tho Topping Obadiah 
Rogers lohu lagger lohn lessup. 

In the case where in lonas Bower is plf & Tho. Burnet deft, 
the jury find fer the pit', his due debt, which is 43 s to be paid 
in currant pay, wampam is excepted, and 10 s damage with Cort 
cliarges. The magistrate gives judgment accordingly and the 
charge allowed is 15 s. 

In the case wherein lohn Woodrufi" Sen is plf and Tho. 
Burnet deft, the lury finde for the plf 2 d damage and Cort 
charges. The magistrate gives Judgment accordingly and the 
charge of suit is 26 s 7 d 

In the last action entered by lohn Laugh ton against Tho. 
Diament and his wife, the jury find the defendt guilty and to 
make publick acknowledgement and pay cot charges. The 
The magistrate gives ludgment accordingly and ye charge of 
the suite aloued to bee 20 s 6 d 

[Page 21.] Know all men by these presents that 1 lames 
Mills of Verginia Merchant, doe acknouledge my self to be 
justly indebted unto Thomas Revell of Barbadoes for the some 
of 100£, and for the just some of 80£ unto John Budd, Sen. of 
Southold, wherefore know yee that I lames Mills, doe co\e- 
nant promise and ingage to the said Thomas Revell as fallout tli 
to ship or cause to be carefully shipped aboord some substan- 
tial ship well fitted for a voyadge to ould England, as much 
good merchantable well qured Verginia Tobacco in good hogs- 
heads at the price current m Verginia as it shall be judged to 
be worth by tue knowing and skillful men, to the value ot 
100£, at the most usual place in Verginia, on board ship for ye 
proper acompt of Thomas Revell & Constant Silvester Ksq. in 
Barbadoes, and to take bills of lading in their names consigned 
with a letter vnto Mr. Charles Plagdell merchant, living in the 
ould Jurrey in London, and I agree to ship the said tobacco at 
or before the last day of November next And it is agreed 
that in cause 1 the said lames Mills cannot ship soe much to- 
bacco, then I engage to ship in some suflBcient ship in Verginia 
at tlio most usual place, the ship being bound for Barbadoes 


[Page 22] as much good and Merchantable porke sweet and 
well salted and packed, in good cask, as shall be worth 100£ at 
the price current in Verginia, cons-gned vnto Constant Silves- 
ter Esq. and Thomas Revell or order in Barbadoes, at or be- 
fore the last day of Nov. next. Now for the true and reall 
performance of said agreement. 1 lames Mills do mortgage 
and make over untD Thomas Revell and lohn Budd Sen all 
the interest 1 have or hold by my now wife in a Plantation 
called Tiptoe bay in lames River in Verginia, Bounded East 
with Mr Thomas fflood. South with Mr Arthm- lordans. West 
with a place called ye berbadoes swamp North by the River 
with the houses or the dwelling house thereon, with all the 
negroes or Christian servants, or cattell old or young. Now 
the true intent is that if the said lames Mills shall according to 
agreement ship either tobocco or porke to London or Barba- 
does to the value of 100£ and pay or cause to be paid to Mr 
lohn Budd to the value ot 80£ then this obligation to be voyd, 
otherw^ise of tull pouer. 

witness my hand and scale this 3 August 1661 


In presence of 

lohn Richbell Humphrey Hughes. 

I Thomas Revell doe acknowledge to have a Mortgage 
under Mr lames Mills hi^ hand for } of his shipp called the 
Nathaniel for the some of 86£, date 11 December 1660, which 
when the within agreement is accomplished the said mortgage 
to be voyd. witness my hand this 3 day of August 1661 


[Page 23.J (Abstract.) I Cocko, Sagamore, doe by vertue 
of full power untc me given by ]\lahamequeet. Sagamore, & 
]\leamekett. Sagamore, & Mamam ett choack, & Capt. Wap~ 
pequairan all Jngines living up Hudson's River on the main 
land, sell to Thomas Revell, a track of land on ye Maine, 
bounded by the sea on the Southwest, East by ]\Iaramack 
river West by Mamgapes River, with 2 necks of land, and 


meadow, to enjoy said land reaching 1| miles above Westches- 
ter path, and from thence 20 English miles into the country, 
for which the said sagamore has received from said Thomas 
Revcll at the house ot lohn Coe, goods to tliC amount of 80<£ 
The mark of xj COCKE E 
ye mark of X! WAPPAQUAICAN . 
witness lohn Budd 

lohn Coe Thomas ilobe (?) 

Simon Cooper Thomas x Stedwell 
A true copy Hen Pierson Ivegistr 
[Page 25.J [Abstract.] (Mahamequear Meamehet Maske- 
way k11 sagamores, and vngoetakcn Mamamettchauch with 
Ca|)t v/a])))0(juaieman, all Ingines living up Hudsons River a..d 
elsewhere in America, haue given fnll power to Cocko our 
friend and Councel, power to sell to Thomas lievell of Ijarl)a- 
does all the above named tract of land,) 


JOHN COE Nov. 11 lOni 

Witiieris Simon Cooper 

Thomas clob or ilob (?), 
Stephen ('hampian, 
A true copy Henry Pierson Clerk Dec. 22, 1()(U 

[Page 28 ] At a purchased Cort Ian. 17 1()61 George jMil- 
ler entereth an action of the case against Deborah Scott and 
vSamuel Daytcn, Tolm I^aughron entcrctli an action of dc'>t 
against lohn Ogdcn. 

At ye said Cort (Jcorge ]\liller ])lf by his att(.rney doth de- 
clare yt the ground of his action is for a horse, according to liis 
bargainc, with I\Ir Scott, and for Siimuel Dayton his avowcli- 
ing or praising* and receiving the said horse. The jury to try 



the said action Christopher fibster Mr lohii Howell Sam. Clark 
pjdward Howell losliua Barnes lohn lagger lohn lessup lonas 

In the action entered by lohn Langhton pit" against lohn 
Ogden defendt, the jury linde for the pit' 28 6d damage and 
Cort charges, the Cort give Indgeraent accordingly, In the 
other action wherein George Miller is plf the jury bring in a 
special verdict, but the plf and defendt agree by consent as fol- 
loueth, that whereas George Miller is to pay Mrs Scott a payre 
of bullocks, which shee hath received and tenn bushels ot 
wheate which was to bee paid by George vnto Mrs Scott, And 
in regard it is conceived according to equity the bargaine is too 
hard on George Miller's part, Mrs Scott doth accept ot the said 
l)ullocks and remit the said 10 bushells of wheat, and George 
JMiller paying all charges, she promise th to pay vnto George 
JMiller or his assigns twenty shillings in wampum and George 
Miller is to keepe the horse, 

Witness Henry Piekson liemst. 

Know all men by theise presents that I Samuell Davis of ye 
North sea belonging to Southampton on Long Island for and 
in consideration of a certaine value in hand allready received 
have made over and delivered vnto ray brother lohn Davis my 
house and land situate at the north sea, and the precincts there- 
of, which said house and land goeth under the denomination of 
a fifty pound lottment and was save in the possession of Caleb 
Corwithy which said accomodations with all the fenceing com- 
oditys profitts and easements and inlargements that doe or here 
after may unto ye said accomodations belong I have as afore- 
said sould unto him my said brother lohn, in witness wliei-e- 
of I have hereto sett my hand this 23 day ofOctober 1661 

In presence of us mark 

Henry Pierson 
lohn Langhton. 


Feb. 18 1661 Tho Ilalsey Sen entereth an action of tress- 
j>ass vpou the case, against lohn Topping concerning land 
which hee hath fenced ofl' from ye comon and improved to his 
owne particular vse. 

Feb 19 1661 Thomas Goldsmith entereth an action of 
tresspass vpon the case against Richurd Smith concerning tlie 
said Kichard his inteomeddling with the land belonging to the 
said Tho Goldsmith without his leave or licence. 

Feb. 21 1661 lohn Lum entereth an action ot the case 
against lohn Cooper Ir requiring a iust particular accompt of 
the money he received when they two had the tryall at law. 
x\lso lohn Lum entereth an action of the case against lohn 
Cooper Ir requirring the delivery of the mare belonging vnto 
him the said lohn Lum, which the said John Cooper arrested, 

Page 29. lohn Lum entereth a third action ot the case 
against lohn Cooper Ir concerning the gray mare formerly in 
controversy between them. lohn Lum entereth an action ot 
tresspass vpon the case against lohn White concerning the 
right of his ear mark vpon his horse kind. 

lohn Hand entereth an action of slander against Mrs Alee 

Edward Howell entereth an action of tresspass vpon the case 
against lohn Oldfield concerning a bull in difference 

Richard Smith entereth an action of the case against Tho. 
Oldfield concerning his not giving the said Richard possession 
of the lotment hee bought of him. 

Priscilla Knap plf in an action of the case against Wm ]\lul- 
ford defendt for vniust detaining pt of her estate lying in 

John Coopr Ir entereth an action of Slander or deffamation 
against lohn Lum. 

March (5 16(51 in the action depending Between Thomas 
Goldsmith plf & Richard Smith defendt the jury finde for the 
j>lf Cort charges a?id 2d damages. 

In the action wherein Richard Smith is plf and Tho. Gold- 
smith defendt the lury finde for the plf his imperfect bargaire 


l^oodman Goldsmith's allotment at the north sea with all the 
a|)})urtenances, Richard Smith making- payment according to 
the pay formerly expressed (viz) SOX to bee paid vpon the 3 
dayes mentioned, and to give in sufficient security for the pay- 
ment of the land, with increase of Cort charges. 

At the quarter Cort March 5 1661. 

In the action of slander entered by lohn Hand against Mrs, 
Alee Stanborough defendt the sd Alee Stanborough confesseth 
•she did wrong to the plf therein, and is sorry for it. The Cort 
give theire judgement that she should pay ye charge of the 
suite which charges the Cort award to bee xxxiii s 

At the sd Cort concerning the action entered by Tho. Hal 
scy plf against lohn Topping defendt the jury finde for the 
defendt Cort charges and 2s 8d damage, the cort gives judge- 
ment accordingly the plf appeales. 

Know all men by these presents that whereas testimony doth 
arise legally to prove that I lohn Lum of Huntington did re 
port that lohn Cooper jr hath deprived me or stolen from me a 
mare, I doe hereby acknowledge that I know not that he is 
guilty of any such fault, and if I soe reported 1 did therein 
slander him the said John Cooper and am sorry for it, and I doe 
hereby fully and for ever acquit and discharge him the said 
John Coopor of all dues, accompts, maner of claims or demands 
what soever vpon any consideration that have bin or mi^-ht bee 
made by moe or mine from him or his from the beginnino- of 
time to this present day. Alsoe I do ingage myself mv heirs 
executors administrators and assigns never to molest him hi.s 
lieirs or assigns or any other person in respect of the gray maic 
that sometime was in difcrcnco bctwcene us, witness my hand 

Witness Henry Pierson Joseph Ray nor 

[Page 30.] Know all men by these presents that 1 lohn 
(.^ooper Jr having entered an action of Slander against lohn 
Lum of Huntington, and hee having made unto mee sucli satis- 
faction as is reasonable and which I have accepted I the sd lohn 


Cooper doe hereby for ever acquit and discharge the said lohn 
Lum from all suits debts dues and demands, arising upon any 
considerations what soever that might bee made by mee or mine 
from him or his from the beginning of time to the present day 
witnes my hand this 6 of March 1661 
Witness Henry Pierson Joseph Kaynor, lohn Cooper, Jr. 

At the foresaid Cort March 6 1661 In the action entered 
by Edmond Howell pit against lohn Oldfield deft, the jury 
finde for the plf the bull in controversy with increase of Cort 
charges. The Cort give judgment accordingly. 

Tn the action wherein Priscilla Knap is plf & Wra Mulford 
defendt, the jury finde for the plf the Cow proved in Cort to 
bee the widdow Knap's, and a heifer come 3 years old and a 
steere or a heifer come two years old, ye sd two young cattle, 
to bee good ordinary competent'cattle with court charges. And 
if the fore mentioned cow bee not in beeing then the defendt is 
to deliver unto the plf a good competent cow. The court give 
judgment according to the sd verdict. 

[Abstract] (Fames Mills merchant of Virginia acknowledges 
himself to be indebted to Tho. Revells86£ 7s lOd furnished for 
the use of my ship called " Nathaniel " which sum he agrees to 
pay in beef or porke, at Shelter Island, on the last day of lune 
next, and as security mortgages J of the said ship, Dee, 10, 

Tn presence of loshua Silvester loshua 
Buffum Humphrey Hughes. 

[Paoe 31. August 27, 1662 Isaac willman cntereth an ac- 
tion of tresspass upon the case against Sam. Davis to bee trycd 
at the quarter Cort next, the parties agreed and Samuel inga- 
getli to pay charges. 

At the quarter Cort in Sept 1662 Hichard Smith being con- 
victed of misdemeanor in and about felling timber contrary to 
order & strict prohibition, is awarded by the Cort to pay 5.£ to 
the toAvnie's use, and alsoe enjoy ned not to fell or put of any of 
the said timber to any person except to the Inhabitants of this 

records: town op SOUTHAMPTON. 21 

towne, whoe shall improve them by using them in theire occa- 
sions in the towne. 

At the said Cort Tho. Halsey Sen desiering of ye Cort liber- 
ty to prosecute his former appeale and that they would take 
bond tor his being answered at the Cort at Hartford the next 
October, the Cort's answer was that they would suspend that 
business untill ye Court in May next, that the Governor might 
hopefully be returned and things in the cuntry settled, and alsoe 
because hee the said Thomas was not like to suffer any damage 
by ye said defering. 

Nov. 17 1662. William Russell entereth an action of tress- 
pas vpon the case against lames Herrick to be tryed at the 
quarter Court in December next. The plf with drawes ye ac 
tion. An action entered by Christopher Lupton & Henry 
Pierson plf against Samuel Dayton deft to bee tryed at ye ad- 
journed Cort December 9th 1662, the said action being of tres- 
pass vpon the case, concerning a calfe. An action of slander 
entered by loseph Hand plf agaiust Mrs Alee Stanborough 
deft. Richard Bennit entereth an action of tresspass vpon the 
case for breach of covenant against lohn Cooper. 

lohn Laughton plf against Jonas Bower defendt for the 
towne in an action of the case. 

Dec. 9, 62. The jury were loshua Barnes, Edward Howell 
lonas Bouer Obadiah Rogers lohn lessup lohn lagger Tho 
Halsey Ir. 

In the action wherein Rich. Bennit is plf the jury finde for 
the defendt. lohn Cooper and yt Richard Bennit should have 
of lohn Cooper for his service hee did him as the Cort shall 
see meet. 

In tlie action wherein Christopher Lupton is plf & Samuel 
Dayton defendt the lury agree not, but 4 of them on one side 
& 3 of them on the other side. This Cort adjourned to that 
day 6 weeks namely from ye sd 9th of December 1662. 

Ian 15, 62 being the day of the purchased cort. The Magis- 
trates agree and determine that lohn Cooper shall pay vnt£> 
Richard Bennit vpon the above mentioned considerations the 


Roine of nine pounds ten shillings vpon demand within six 
weeks after the date hereof. 

I Page 32.] In the name of God Amen. Know all men by 
these presents that I lohn White of Southampton on Long 
Island in the confines of America being at this present time in 
perfe(!t strength of memory although weak in body. Blessed 
bee the Lord, doe make this my last will and testament as fol- 
loueth Im ps I freely give and bequeath my soule vnto God, 
2 I give my body to the earth from whence it was taken, And 
l)y tliese presents 1 doe make my wife Anne White my execu- 
tor of this my last will and testament, and to see all the lega- 
cies hereafter mentioned fullfiiled. 3d I give vnto my wife my 
house and lott I now live vpon with all the land therevnto be- 
longing that is in ye greate and little plaines, and one of my 
closes lying and being on the other side of the towne, t3 have 
and to be at her own disposing during her life, and after her 
decease to redowned vnto my son lohn White and James 
White only that my son lohn shall have the new dwelling 
house and lott fo hiinself, And the other land to be divided 
equally betwixt them. 41y I give unto my son lohn White 
that liouse and lot that was ye widow I3ridges and one of my 
closes that is on the other side of the towne during my wives, 
life and after her decease to redowned unto my son James, and 
after my wives decease my son lohn is to have the house I now 
dwell vpon and the whome lott, and my son James is to have that 
lott that I bought of the widow Bridgs and then John and 
James shall equally div'de the land in the great and little 
plaines and elsewhere that doth belong vnto me, one half to 
the one and the other half to the other, only my wife shall give 
them my two closes as she seeth good one to the one, and the 
(^ther to tlie other. 5thly 1 give twenty pounds towards ye 
building and fenceing ye said lott that was the widow I>ridges, 
lor J( hn or James as it shall fall out to be, and in case one of 
nty sons should chance to decease before my wife then my wif(, 
shall have ])Owcr to dis[)ose of one of the closes as she shall sec 
(^ause. (Jthly 1 give unto my six youngest children, to each of 


them a mare, to be delivered to them as they come to age, only 
my son John shall have his mare with the increase of her 
fowre years before he is of age. 7thly I will that my wife 
BJiall give to every of them some moveable goods as they come 
of age, as she shall think meet. Sthly I give vnto my two 
daughters Sarah and Hannah each of them a chest that I made 
for them. 9thly I by these presents do leave my wife as above 
said executor of this my last will, and so every or any manner 
of goods or chattells moveable or mimoveable that is not in par- 
ticular mentioned in this my last will and testament to ba her 
own and at her own disposeing as she shall think most benefici- 
all to herself. In witness whereof I have herevnto set my 
hand this 23d of May 1662. 
Higned in presence of JOHN WEJITE. 

John Laughton, 

Thomas Topping Jun 

A true copy by me, Henry Peirson Registr. 

The above said will was proved in Court. 

August 24th 1662. This is an envoice of the chattells and 
goods of the late deceased John White. 

1 1 Mares and colts 






2 horses 




2 horses more 




2 young mares and a young horse 
6 working oxen 




A bull, two itoers come 4 years old 




2 steers of 2 years old 




10 Cows 




4 heyfers come 3 years old 

5 young cattell come 2 years old 
7 calves 






30 sheep 

12 hogs and two pigs 

a 200 lb alottment with houseing & fencing 




a cart, plow and such furniture 





Carpenters tools, syctlis, sickles wedges and 

turning tools 
[Page 33.] Lyning cloth sheets and otlier things 
6 Beads and furniture for another 
New leather 

A saddle, bridle & gearths 
Wool & salt 

Wearing clothes & wooling cloth 
4 chests & a desk 
Iron pots, hangers, pot hooks, frying pans spits 

smoothing iron & other od things 
2 guns & a sword 

Pewter k a lanthornc 

Gold & Silver 
Thread & silk 

Jjace, silk & other small tilings 
Small leather skins 
Spade, howes, corn, whalebone oyle ?nattock8 

and such like 
In debts 
In poarke 
Barrells, tubs, wheels hangings for bead cul>- 

bard beadsteads jares & grind stone 
A share in ye mill, cart rope 
A table chairs cfe other lumber 
A cow, a yearling and a calf 

Sum total 

Apprized by ns whose names are here under written being 
thereto appointed. John Jagger 

A true co])y, l)y me Jonas Bower 

Henry Peirson Registr Obadiah Rogers 
















































































In the name of Gocl, Amen. Know all men that I John 
Cooper of Southampton on Long Island in the confines of 
America, being in perfect strength ot memory although at pres- 
ent weak in body blessed be the Lord make this my last will & 
testament, and is as follows, Imprims, I give and freely deliver 
my soul vnto the Lord that at first gas-e it me. 2dly, I give 
vnto the children of Henry Peirson that white mare I bought 
of Mr Tappin 3dly I giue vnto the poor of said town a mare 
foal, the best that shall one of the first come up and is towards 
the maintainmg of a school master, provided that the said town 
shall not be above one year & a month without a school mas- 
ter, they not deminishing the stock, but that there shall one be 
still left for the aforesaid use for increase. 4thly I give vnto 
Thomas Topping's son Thomas a mare foal, a!id if the said 
child should die without issue then to redowne to the children 
of the above said Thomas Topping to be divided amongst 
them. 5thly I give vnto John Topping's daughter Sarah a 
mare foal. 6thly I give vnto my son John Cooper's children 
and to my son Thomas (;Ooper's children, & to my daughter 
Whites children and to my daughter Cooks children all 
the remaining part of all my mares & mare colts, both ytning 
and old, to be equally divided to the parents of the said 
children into four parts, to every family a fourth part, for 
the use of the said children. 7thly I give vnto my son 
Henry Pierson twenty shillings, and to my d ughtor White 
twenty shillings, to my daughter Cook, twenty shillings. 8thly 
I give vnto my son Gliomas Cooper twenty pounds sterling. 
9thly 1 give vnto my daughter Whites children, ten pounds, 
and to my daughter Cooks children ten pounds. lOthly I give 
vnto Mr Woster of ]\Ierrimak, or if he be deceased to his eldest 
son, a barrel! of beife for my executors to deliver or cause to be 
delivered either at Mr Shrimtons in Boston, or at Mr Long in 
Charlestown, for the said INIr V\^oster or his eldest son by his 
first wife. [Page 34.] llthly Whatsoever debts be in any 
manner between my son Thomas Cooper & I, I freely remit tfe 
forgive, also I give vnto my son Thomas Cooper the best of 


my horses tliat lie can choose, aiso I give viito ni)' son Johns 
children k to nny son Thon}as children, and to my daughter 
Whites children, and to my daughter Cooks children, one horse 
betwixt them all, k is to run amongst their mares, without be- 
ing taken u]) by any of them, also by tliese presents I make 
my son John Cooper my executor, of this my last will k testa- 
ment, to see the above said legacies discharged, and also to 
ireely possess & have for himself his heirs whatsoever is mine 
that is not mentioned or given away by way of gnift in this my 
will k testament, ffurther I give vnto my son Thomas Cooper 
all my wearing apparel linen & wooling, & two pairs ot sheets 
& a chest, and lastly T give my body to the earth from whence 
it was first taken. And so give the same counsel to all or every 
ot you as Joseph gave vnto your brethren that you fall not at 
difference. I therefore appoint as overseers of this division 
Isaac Willman & Isaac Halsey & give vnto tliem ten shillings 
apcace, and also that they be satisfied for what time they shall 
exjiend to be paid according to the estate of every one of them, 
and for the confirmation of this my last will k testament, I 
have hereunto set my hand the 6th day of May 1662, By me 
Signed and delivered in JOHN COOPER 

presence of Thomas llalsey 

John Laiighton. 

A true copy by me Henry Pierson Regist. 
• The aforesaid \vi\\ was proved in court. 

An envoice of the the estate of the late deceased John 
Cooper. £ 

lit mares 120 

1 horse ]0 
4 horses 8 yeais old 30 
A yearling horse 03 

2 mares, foals 22 
4 horse coults 4(> 
4 mare foals -72 
4 horse colts 28 
i\ (rows 15 






















A bull 4 years old 

A yearling heifer 

3 calves 

1 Bed and furniture 

All the old iron & lumber 


A mortar, brass & brass i)ot & kettell & other brass 02 

A iron pot 

Sheets & other linen 

chests & 1)oxe8 

Gold & silver spoon & other small thinge 


House & land 

Sheets ife other linen 

Wearing clothes 

1 hat & spectacles 

A chest & stockings 

A butt" coat 

Sum total 374 15 00 

A true copy l)y me 

Henry Pierson Regist 

[Page 35.J In the purchased ('.ort !an 15 16G2 John 
Cooper plf in an action ol tresspass vpon the case against 
Joseph Raynor E.ich:ird Howell 'J'homas Cooper and Samuel 
Dayton detendts concerneing theire takeing away whale off 
from the beach. 

This present 15th ot Ian. 1662 part of Shenecock Indians 
with Pametsechs squa in presence of tlie Cort doe say that they 
have given and made over all their land from Niamack over to 
the old gutt, westward vnto Capt. Toppmg with all theire In- 
terest in the beach and what wliales '^hall be cast therevpon, ife 
the said Indians allsoe say tliat they doe this in tiie nan)e of the 
rest, and they further say that they thot their bounds goe to 
masspootupaug which is the west end on the South side, and 
they say alsoe that they did give & make over as aforesaid last 



















s 02 





































spring, and tlie west bound on the north side is at Peaconnet and 
608 cross over to the sd west bounds on the south side, Arthur 
Ilouell being implojed herein bj the Cort as Interpeter. 

The Tury at said Purchased Cort, Richard Barret Tho. Chat- 
field ler Mechem lohn Stratton Wm Edwards Toshua Barnes 
Jonas Bouer Rich. Post lohn Woodruff Sen Obadiah Rogers 
John lagger, Thomas Pope. 

The verdict of the jury concerning John Cooper plf and 
loseph Raynor and his co partners is the jury find for the plf 
all that peece of whale that was cast vp against that neck com- 
onlv called Mr Ogden's neck with increase of Cort charges. 

[Abstract of deed] lohn Oldfield of Northampton on Long 
Island tanner sells to lohn lennings cord winder of said North- 
ampton, his house and home lot at Northampton, with all flow- 
ers of boards, and seelings and partitions, as witness my hand 
this 26 day lanuary 16(j2 the marke of 

witness lohn Harve JOHN X OLDFIELD 

b>hn fjaughton, [Note by Northampton is meant North sea] 

At the quarter Court March 2 1(362 Capt. Topping and 

Tho. Malsey being discoursing Thomas Halsey said to the a])t. 

that hee would not take his word, those that are covenant 

breakers I will not trust them. 

March 2, 1662 1 Tho. Burnet doe hereby acknouledge my- 
selfe weake in poynte of bargaining and doe hereby consent to 
ye motion of tliis Cort, that what soever bargaine I make here- 
after to the value of 20s without consent of Henry Pierson is (if 
noe efect to bee >< THOMAS BUiiNET'S mark. 

IPage3{). ] (Abstract of acticm of Court) [ThcactioTi o 
lohn Cooper & Richanl Bennit, the plf appeals to the court at 
Hartford, and both j)artics give bonds to a})j)ear. ] 

i*eregrine Stanborough plf in an action of the case against 
Mrs Alee Stanborough Mary Wheeler and lohn Wheeler 
defends, concerning threatening words of dangerous conse- 
quence, and fraudulent actions. lohn Paine plf in an action of 
slander against leffrey I ones deft. 

iiKc;oRns: town of Southampton. 29 

losepli Rainer pit' in an action of tresspass vpon the case 
against Ann White deft, concernnig a cow of his that wa.s 
drowned in a pit that shee digged or caused to be digged. 

letfrey lohnes plf in an action of defianiation Against Mary 
the wife of John Paine deft. 

An action of debt entered by or in behalf of ('apt. John Scot 
plf ag-ainst /\bram Whiteiar of Sonthhold defendt. 

[Page 37.] The lury, Richard Barret Mr Tho. Chatfield 
Ter Mechem fohn Miller Edward Howell John lagger Obadiah 
Rogers lohn lessup. 

In the action wherein Peregrine Stanborough is plf, & Mrs 
Alee Stanborough lohn Wheeler & Mary Wheeler defends, 
the jury find for the plf for ye felloniously taking away of his 
goods & uniust mollestation, the some, of 10£ with increase of 
Cort charges further the lury finde the delinquents guilty of 
breach of saboth & breaking vp of the pits howse, which they 
leave to ye judgement of the Cort. 

In the action of Slander lohn Paine beeing plf and leffrey 
lohnes deft, the fury finde for ye plf 30s damage, and a confes- 
sion & acknouledgement of the injury and wrong done to the 
plfs wife according to the nature of the offence, in the publique 
meeting at Southhold in some short season as may bee conven- 
lent when the said defendt shall bee legally called therevnto- 
But if the defendt shall refuse t> make such confession and ac- 
knouledgement then the aforesaid damage is to bee lOX. 

In the action of lohn Paine plf against leffrey lohnes the 
jury find for the plf 10s and Cort charges. 

[Page 38.] (Abstract) [Henry Pierson is appointed by 
(^ourt to proportion the charges to be paid by each of the heirs 
of losiali Stanborough.] (See page 17) 

At the quarter Court lune 2 1663 loseph Raynor plf in an 
action of molestation, and breach of covenant against Tho. I)i- 
ment, detent appeared not. The Court adjourned untill this 
day come 7 night being tewsday. 

Capt John Tallcott pit against Tho Diment deft in an action 
of debt and damage. 

30 r.EcoiiDs : town of soltthaimptox. 

]!ilr Richard Lord pit in an action of debt against Tho Diment 

Capt Tho. Topping plf at^^ainst lolin Cooper defendt in an 
action of treSv=;pass v^pon the case, for seazing cutting and dis- 
poseing to his owne vse a certain whale or great fish cast vp 
within the bounds or limits of the plf his interest to his trouble 
and damage to ye value of 20£. 

[Pa(;e 89.] (Abstract) [In the action of Capt. Tallcot 
against Tho. Diment the court gives deft liberty to answer at 
next Court'] 

In the ac^tion wherein lohn Cooper is plf and Tho. Diment 
the jury find for tlie plf ye debt l)eing 5s Ud with 10s damage 
and cort charges. In the action wherein Mr Lord is plf against 
Tho Diment the jury finde for the plf tlie debt being 5£ Is 3d 
and 50 shillings damage with increase of Cort charges. 

In the action wherein losepli Raynor is plf against Tho Di- 
ment the jury find for the plf 3s 4d with Cort charges. 

Whereas \^'m Edwards of East Hampton was fined by Mr 
])aker at the said court it was concluded by our 3 magistrates 
with Mr Baker that the said fine should not be levyed yet vntii 
further theire consideration and order. 

[PaCtE 40.] lune 9 1663 John Cooper entereth an action 
of mollestation and an action of felony against Richard Bennit. 
The jury finde for the plf 9s 8d for witnesses and 5 shillings 
damage besides Court charges, in the second action (of felony) 
they find Richard Bennitt guilty. 

lune 9, 63 Mr lohn Laughton com])lained to the Cort that 
there was Saboth breach and felony committed in Mr. Ogden's 
house. [Note added] Inly 1, 63 Mr Laugliton acknowledg- 
ed his miscarriage before om- magistrates, as alsoe that lice 
knew nor could prove any such facts committed. 

The Court doe finde that ye foresaid Richard J5cnnit hath 
fcllonionsly taken out of the house of lohn Cooper, one pair of 
worsted stockings, which beeing apju'ized by two indiferent 
men are vallued at twelve shillintijs. ^Vnd the Cort doe iudfc 
the said Richard to pay vnto loiin Cojper according to the law 
ti'cblc damatie which comes to 48s. 


At Hie Curt 1st 8cpt. 1GG3 Win Edwards enteretb an ac- 
tion of Slander against lohn Miller. The jure_y at sd cort 
Richard Barret loshua Barnes Obadiah Rogers Christopher 
Lupton lonas Boner ler Mechetn lohn Stratton Beniamin 

The ]*ary finde for defnt. and the Cort order tiiat Wm Ed- 
wards is to pa}^ the charges ot the Cort, and John Miller is to 
pay 10s of it. 

[Page 41.] lohn Miller enteretli an action of the case 
against Wm Edwards for breacJi of the Lawes both of To\vne 
tt Collony for disposing of liquors <fe other drink, and keeping 
disorder in his house The plaintif withdraws the action. 

Edward Shaw being convicted ye second time of drunkeness 
is awarded by the C: rt to pay 20s. 

At the said Cort Samuel King being had in examination 
about his deficiency in non payment of his due to ye ministry 
at Southoid, it is determined by the Cort that look what is due 
from liim ye said Sam. in \e forementioned respect according 
to ^Ir Young of Southoid his accompt shall bee demanded, 
and if hee ye said Sam refuse to pay it shall then bee levved by 
the cunstable by way of distress whereby the said Mr Youngs 
may bee satisfyed forthwith in current pay. And whereas hee 
the said Samuel was convicted of ye neglect of attending ye 
publick ordinances, it is ordered by the Cort that if henceforth 
hee shall proceed to such said neglect hee shall pay 5s per 
time according to ye law. 

Richard Bennit answereth in ye action of felony entered 
against him by lohn Cooper And the said Rich, beeing con- 
victed of theft is ordered by this Cort to pay vnto lohn (joopcr 
single damage, which cometh to the sum of three pounds, and 
to pay Cort charges, and to have corperall punishment. 

(Abstract.) John Cooper by Ins atty agrees to make answer 
under the suit pending between him and Capt Topping. 

I Page 42.] At ye purchased Court Xov. 18 1G(J8 Capt. 
Scott plf Charles Barnes deft, in an action of Slander l(H)£ 
damage Capt. Scott plf, Henry Perry deft, in an action of 


tresspass vpon the ease. Garret Travis pit" against tfrancis 
Sayre deft in an action of debt, in this action the parties come 
to A compound. Concerning the action of Slander above en 
tered vpon Charles Barnes his ample achnonledgement of h's 
tavlt, Capt. Scott forgave him \e offence, and ye Cort ordered 
that what charges is expended about the said business shall bee 
paid by the the sd Charles Barnes. 

Whereas complaint is made by Mr Odell to this Cort that 
Charles Barnes behaved himself sordidly and slanderously 
towards him, & desireing relief, this Cort binde ye said Charles, 
and ye said Charles obligeth himself in ye some ot tenn ]iOunds 
sterling to satisfy Mr Odell for ye abvse hee suftered as afore- 
said, or else to .appear at our next (piarter Cort, and to answer 
the said evill demeanor, ye quarter court is to bee ye first 
tewsday of December next. In and concerning ye other ac- 
tions of tresspass Capt Scott bindeth himself in 100£ to prose- 
cute, and Henry Perry bindeth himselt in 100£ to ansur, the 
sd case here this day 6 weeks. 

[Note at bottom of page] I jlin Dains enters his ear mark 
Nov. 1749. 

[Page 43.] Mr lohn Laugh ton enters an action ot debt 
and damage in ye name of Wm Yates of Hempstead, against 
'I'ho. Dimcnt. 

loseph liainer in an action of tresspass vpon ye case, (con- 
(^erning a pit was digged in the common whereby he M^as damni- 
fied) against Zerobbabel Phillips and his wife. Ann Phillips 
according to her ingagement produced her son to the Cort, soe 
answered her bond. At the said Cort Dec. 1, 1663. 

[Abstract] (Thomas Diments case postponed till Marcli, and 
lohn lessup is bound for said Diments appearance) 

In the action entered by lohn Cooper in lune last in behalf 
of Capt. Toll(;ot against Tho. Diment, the jury find for the plf 
14£ 10s 5d with cort charges. 

[Pace 44.] Dee. 1st 1663 At yc said qaarter Court, in 
the action entered by loseph Jlainer plf against Zerobbabel 
Philhps and his wife (lefts, the jury find tor the plf tiiat the 


deft had tresspassed by digging in the common & thereby the 
cow lost her life, and that the defts are to pay Cort charges. 
And the lury leave only the prizing of the cow to the com-t. 
The detts appeale to the General Cort at Hartford in ]\Tay 
next, And b'nd themselves in 20£ then and there to prosecute, 
the plf bindes himself in the some of 20£ then and there to 
answer the appeale. 

[Abstract, ear marks entered by] (Richard Wood Wm Ten- 
nings lonathan Raynor Samuel Clark lohn Woolly Wm Jen- 
nings Daniel Bower Dicken (?) lohnes) 1727 

[Page 45.] This writing witnesseth an agreement betweene 
Capt. lohn S^jott of Ashford, and Richard Smith sen eiusd* 
that all that tract of land once in the possession of Lyon 
Gardiner, & lying Betweone Cow Harbor and Neesaquauk 
river shall bee equally divided between Capt. Scott & the said 
Richard Smith, the said Capt. lohn Scott beeing to pay to 
Richard Smith the some of 2.5 pounds sterling, vpon demand 
next after this date Nov. 22 1663, further the said Capt. Scott 
is to inioy the said tract of land to him & his hej'res forever, 
and wee doe bind ourselves to doc any thing yt may tend to the 
Btrengthning ot our right in ye premises, witness our hands the 
date above said 

Witness Tho. lames RIJHARD SMITH 

Henry Pierson lOHN SCOTT 

A true copy per me Henry Pierson Regist. 

Know all men by these presents that whereas Richard 
Smith of Ashford alias Seatauk on Long Island have by writ- 
ing bearing date Nov. 22 1663, made a full and firme covenant 
with ('apt. lohn Scott of the said town e Esq. concerning the 
land I bouglit of Lieft Lyon Gardiner, which said lands are a 
certain tract lying and being bounded betweene the river Nees- 
equauk and the head ol the cow harbor, the next river south or 
southeast from Huntington and distant about 3 miles from ye 
said Huntington. And hee the said Capt. lohn Scott being by 

* For ejusclcm (of same place.) VV. S. P» 


the said agreement to have half the said land vpon a just devis- 
ioTi lor which hee is to pay me 25 pomids. And whereas hee 
the said Capt. Scott did lay claime to all the said tract of land 
(1 purchased as aforesaid) by vertue of bargaine with the said 
J^eift. Gardiner formerly, by meanes whereof hee the said Capt. 
Scott became debtor vnto him the said Lyon [Page 46.J Gar 
diner, 1 say I the forenamed Richard Smith doe hereby bind 
myself my heirs that neither the said Lyon Gardiner nor any 
in his right or name shall molest him ye said Capt. Scott or his 
h eyres, in respect of the said bargaine or covenant betweene 
them concerning the said land. And I further binde myself 
my heirs, never to make any claime of Interest in the s^id pro- 
portion of land made over as afore said, by the said covenant 
witness my hand this 22 Nov. 1663. 


Witness Henry Pierson Richard Howell lohn Youngs. 

Received this 21 day of November 1688 of Mr Isaac Halsey 
the sum of one hundred twenty nine pounds, 13 shillings and 
seven pence half penny, for the assessment of the county of 
Suffolk. I say received for the towne of Southampton New 


This money above said was payed towards the Defraying of 
the charge of the souldiers keeping at Albany the last year, 

[Notes at bottom] (Thomas Lupton Nathaniel Halsey, Oba- 
diali Rogers have stray cattle in cliarge) 

[Page 47.] luly 28 1659 Be it known vnto all men by 
this present writing that 1 Wiandance Sachem of Pawmanack 
or Jjong Island, and with my sonc Weeayacomboun, have sold 
vnto Lyon Gardiner, his heyres executors, or assigns, 1 say I 
have sold all the bodys and bones of all the whales that shall 
come vpon the land, or come ashore, from the place called 
Kitchaminfchoke, vnto the place called Enoughquamuck, only 
the fins and tayles, of all wee reserve for ourselves and Indians. 


I say I have sold with thfi consent of Wannuggeasheum and 
Tawbaughaiiz Sachems of the places aforesaid, I have sold all 
the whales that shall come vp within the hounds aforesaid for 
the space of 21 yeares ensueing the date hereof. But if any 
whales shall bee cast up they shall bee judged by ye English 
and Indians whether it bee a whole whale or half or otherwise 
but for every whole whale that shall be cast vp the aforesd 
Lyon Gardiner or his assigns shall pay or cause to bee paid 
vnto mee Wyandance my heyres executers and assignes the 
sum of 5 pounds. But if it bee not a whole whale then they 
shall pay according to proportions and this pay shall bee paid 
within two years after they have cut out and carried home the 
whale to their houses. But in case there shall not fowre or five 
whales come vp within the terme above said then shall the 
affbre said Lyon Gardiner or his Assigns have the next 5 
whales that shall come vp after the tearme. And for the true 
performance of the premises wee have herevnto set our hands 
and scales 

The Sachems mark, WEEAYACAMBOUNES mark 
Signed sealed & delivered In presence of vs 
Jeremy Concolin David Gardiner. 

Whatsoever Wiandanch hath done or his successors ma}- doe 
with and besides this act of selling whales wee own is and was 
his to make sayle of, and his heyres, and not ower nor our 


TOW B ACKCO WZ his mark 

Witness Richard Howell 
lolm Smith. 

[Page 48.] This subscription of the two Sachems under the 
scales was their own act voluntary without any compulsion 
witness Zerobabel Phillips losepli Baynor Thomas Halsey 
This writeing with all the rite that is within the lioule peapcr 


hear expressed I lijou Gardiner do fnl] v make over and ingage 
to Anthony Waters of Southampton 

witness my hand LYON GARDIinEE. 

Witness lohn ><! Mulford lohn Hand 

ffurther Anthony Waters aforesaid ingageth to perform the 
conditions in this writing expressed witness my hand 


A true copy with the form and maner thereof as it was given 

to l)ee recorded, 

Henry Pierson Regist. 

[Abstract] (Anthony Waters makes over to Thomas Cooper 
in consideration of the horse hee last broke come .3 years old, 
all his right in the beach aforesaid. Oct. 5 1662) 

[Page 49.J An agreement betweene the great Snnk sqna 
Quashawam, and the Indians of Shinecock as folloueth, viz that 
ye said Indians from tyme to tyme, and at all tymes hereafter 
strictly observe this firm league never to bee broken on either 
side, and that it bee maintained by the authority of ye Long 
Island. And in order thcrevnto it is determined, ffirst. T'hat 
Shenecock Indians as now doe ever hereafter owne Quashawam 
to bee their supreame, and pay her all honour according to the 
cuslome of the Indians. And that they maintain her in j.ll 
prerogatives according to former customes, in relation to other 
Indians, to their power. 

2 That Quashawam doe not Authorize any Indians of Man- 
tacut to plunder the Shinecock Indians until the chiefe English 
namely the authority, bee first acquainted with the neglect of 
those her Indians of Shinecock above said, and not findeing re- 
lief to proceed as formerly. 8d That after the death of Quash- 
awam, Awansamawge her unchles son have the sole power, and 
after his decease liee not having an heyre male, to the son of 


Corchaug Sachem. And after his death to Ponoqt son of Sas- 
agatacco whoe is the meantime to bee looked vpon as a Sachem. 
And for want of heyres male from him, to the children cf 
Quashawam, and for want of ishiie from them to ye nearest of 
blood to Wyandank then to bee found. 4th That Awansam- 
ang bee placed at Shinecock this next smnmer, 166-^, and tliere 
remain in subordination to Quashawam vntil hee bee one and 
twenty yeares of age, and then to bee the chief Sachem of 
Shinecock, and subordinate t3 the said Quashawam only in 
generall concernments. 5th That if Meantacutt Indians shall 
not pay tribute to Quashawam, true heyre of their master 
Wyandanch, that then the said Shenecock Indians and ye 
authority of the Long Island (or without ye said Authority if 
Quashawam desire it,) cause them ye said Aleantacutt Indians 
to pay their obedience in every respect. And soe all other In- 
dians on Long Island afore said. 6th That there bee from 
this time a vniversall forgetfulness in relation to any hostility 
on either side. 7th and lastly. That the Indians of Shinecock 
])aying fourty pounds to the English of Southampton on Long 
Island aforesaid, and fully cleare Mr Ogden ot the said debt, of 
fourty pounds, as premised that then [Page 50.] they shall bee 
acquitted for ever of their part of the fire money. To every of 
these Articles Clauses and Agreements the sunk squa Quasha- 
wam, and fowre of ye Shenecock Indians, in the name and by 
the consent of the rest, as being impouered, before the English 
of Southampton that are here subscribed as witnesses. 
Signed sealed and delivered The mark of QUASHAWAM 
for the end premised, the Sunk Squa 

11 day of Feb. 1663 ye mark of X QUA QUASH AUG 

John Howell ye mark of X lASKHONSE 

Thomas Baker ye mark of X ACCABACO 

lames Herrick ye mark of X APPANCH 

Joseph Rainer. 

Feb. 11, 1663 The Sunk squa Quashawam doth desire and 
iinpowor irrevocably her ancient and great friend lob.n Scott 


to examine and demand & Bue for vpon refusal! pay for all 
lands on Long Island bought and not paid for and on the 
Islands adjacent possessed by English or Dutch, and vpon re- 
ceipt of Satisfaction to acquit them, and to sell all lands not 
already sold. And to receive satisfaction for them, and to con- 
iirme them for ever, witness my marke and scale 
Signed sealed and de- the mark of S QUASHAWAM 

livered in presence of Sunk Squa 

Tho Baker 
Tho Chatfield 

A true copy as given in by ye hand of Capt lohn Scott to be 

recorded Feb. 17 1663 

Henry Pierson Regist. 

[Abstract] (Lewis Icssup lohn Topping record earmarks) 

[Page 51.] [Abstract] (Samuel Dayton of North Sea 
cordwinder, sells to lonathan King of Boston, his house and 
home lott at North sea. If said Dayton shall pay to said King 
17£ 28 7d before the 1st of December next the above sale is 
void Dec 28, 1663) 

Mrs Alee Stanborough plf against Peregrine Stanborough 
defendt in an action of tresspass vpon the case. The jury were 
Hi. Barret Obadiah Rogers Thomas Topping, [onas Bower 
Tho. Cooper and lohn lagger. Feb. 25 1663. 

The jury in the case depending last Cort between lohn 
Laughton in behalf of Yates plf against Tho Diment deft they 
linde for the deft 2d damage with increase of Cort charges. In 
the action w'herein Alee Stanborough is plf and Peregrine 
Stanborough deft the jury find for the plf 20s damage with in- 
crease of Cort charges. 

[Abstract] (ear marks entered b}' Benjamen Woolley lona- 
than Raynor William White, Hackliah Foster lohn ^lackie 
Thomas Jennings) 1733 

[Page 52.] Whereas Capt Scott and ye towne Committees 
agreed for Quaquanantuck without specifying in the agreement 
or Indenture that hee reserved 5 acres of salt marsh in Ketch- 


eponaek lieck, which 6 acres hee the said Capt. Assigned (be- 
fore the said committees and others) and gave to Henry Pier- 
son, the towne by maior voat this 14 day of March, 63 doe 
order yt Henry Pierson shall have ye said proportion of marsh 
laid ont to him, for hin. and his (viz)yt if he ye said Henry bee 
not content with what the towne shall apoynt him that then ye 
neck bee laid out by the town into soe many 5 acres of salt 
marsh as it will beare, and lotts bee cast, and hee the said 
Henry to have one of them vpon the affore said consideration. 
Witness John Howell. 

At a town meeting March 14 1663. It is ordered by ye 
maior voat of this Towne that vpon ye agreement made this 
day concerning ye settling and disposing and paying for Qua- 
qnanantnck, that there shall never any person or persons settle 
there, or within ye compass of ye purchase made by ye towne 
or their order, of Capt. Scott, wlierein ye said quaqua, is in- 
cluded, nor that any kcepe farme or fa.iming within ye limits of 
ye said purchase 

Whereas there lyeth a little goar of comon land against half 
an acre in ye second devision in ye little plains, of loseph E,ay- 
nor, and between that said halfe acre, and his gin acre. The 
towne doe give ye said goar vnto him ye said loseph provided 
hee lay downe soe much of his said gin acre as ye said goar 
containeth, for men to goe to their land lying to ye southward. 

Tho Halsey and Henry Piei'son are appoynted to goe and 
stake out ye east l^ounds of our towne. on the South side accord- 
ing to our townes interest, as per theire best measure. 

[Page 53.] IMarch ye 14 1663 At a towne meeting. It is 
ordered that ye Indians shall bee fenced into Shinecock great 
neck to plant on. 

It is conclvded by maior voat that Mr lohn Howell, lohn 
lessup And Henry Pierson shall levy ye monyes to be paid by 
our Inhabitants vnto Capt Scott for Quaquanantuck and the 
writcings they have reed of him and are to receive of him, and 
what they doe levy, and doe in that behalf shall bee authen- 
tick. It is granted to Win Eassell Rob. Woolley and ffrancis 


8ayre that they shall have each of them a 50 pound lot share 
in Quaqnanantuck they paying with the town in ye purcliase 

It is ordered that John lessup shall be ye viewer of ye 5 raile 
and 3 raile fence against the great plains, and Christojiher Fos- 
ter the fence against the little plain. And yt fence they de- 
termine defective shall be soe esteemed, with other circum- 
stances to be in force as are mentioned in the order made ye 2 
lune, 63 and if any of ye 5 raile fence bee defective any time 
after 2 days hence, the owners shall pay 6d per panell to ye 
towne. And if such owners of deficient fence after notice given 
them by either of the viewers, shall yet negligently or pre- 
sumptuously let their fence lie open or remain defective, then 
the viewers shall procure it sufiiciently mended vp, and the 
owners of the fence shall pay ye cost thereof. 

[Page 54.] Southampton ]\Iarch 14 1663. Thomas Stecv- 
ens aged about 16 yeares, his parents being deceased, and 
something being left unto him by them, hee the said Thomas 
doth this day before the Authority of this towne make choice 
of his loving friend lohn Cooper to bee his guardian, to act on 
his behalf in respect of the premises. And with what hee doth 
therein for his use, or shall doe, or cause to bee done, b}" him 
self or assigns, hee the said Thomas acknouledgeth to bee, ife 
shall bee satisfyed. 

[Abstract] (Robert Loveland of New London agrees to pay 
to Capt.Tho. Topping by the last of march next 180 bushels 
of Indian Corne, in consideration of a horse already received, 
luly 31 1663 Witness Wm Thompson Tho Diment.) 

Know all men by these presents that I underscribed doe 
assign all my right and interest in the within written bond, and 
the Indian corne therein specifyed vnto ]\Ir llobert Fordham 
pastor of tlie church of Southampton, witness my hand 

Southampton March 5 1663 

[Page 55.] April 20 1664. lohn Oldfield plf against lohn 
Dickeson in an action of del)t per bond of 200£ value. 


Sam Davis plf against Zerobabel Phillips & his wife cleft, in 
an action ot the case concerning an ax. 

Zerobobel Phillips bis wife plf against Tohn Oldfiekl deft in 
an action of the case concerning a 50£ lot conionidg, and a bill, 
lohn "Woodruff Sen pit in an action ot tresspass vpon the case 
concerning fenceing against Richard Smith and Wm Sallier. 
The jury find for the deit, with increase of Cort charges. 

April 25, 64 Betore the Cort Mr lohn Ogden and Sam. 
Barker doe deny lohn Oldtields comonidg by vertne of the land 
he bought of fiulk Davis at north sea. 

At the Cort April 25, 6 t The jurymen were Tlio. Ilalsey 
sen loshaa Barnes Edw Howell Rich. Howell Obadiah Rogers 
Jolm Tagger Tho. Thompson lo. lessup lonas Bower Edmond 
Howell Tho. Pope Tho. Goldbmith. 

In the action wherein Samuel Davis pit atid Ann Phillips 
deft the jury find for the ])lf the ax and ten shillings damage 
with increase ot Cort charges. 

In the action wherein lohn 0I(hi3ld is p'.f and lohn Dickeson 
is deft the jury find for the plf. 

[Page 56.] (Abstract) [Wm Thon:ison of New London ac- 
kiiouledges to owe to lohn (.^ooper for the vse of George Miller 
of East Hampton l4£ to be paid in good wheat at 4s a bushel, 
to be paid in New London or Connecticut before the last day 
ot March next. 

Witness Wm Edwards Nathaniel Birdsall. Aug. 3 1663] 

[Abstract] (lohn Oldtield binds himself in 2o£ to appear 
and answer Mrs Ann Phillips in an action concerning comon- 
age. April 25 1664) 

[Page 57.] (Abstract) [At court lune 7, 1664 complaints 
entered by] 

(Alee Stanboroiigh agt Henry Pierson, also agt Sam. Bar- 
ker John Oldtield aganst lohn Ogden Samuel Barker, and soe 
many of the inhabitants of North sea as do oppose him in his 
land and comonidge. 

Robert Bond agt (]apt Scot. 

John Ognen agt lolm Scot) 


Tlie action of Mr Ogden & ]\lr Bond trial suspended till 
next quarter Court. 

In the action of Alee Stanborough plf against Samnell Bar- 
ker deft, the jury iind for the plf ye heifer in controversie to 
bee delivered forthwith to her, with increase of Cort charges, 
and damage 5 shillings. 

[Page 58.] In the action of Alee Stanborough against 
Henr}' Pierson the jury agree not. 

[Abstract] (Earmark and strays entered by lohn Howell 
lolin lenings Melatto Peter, Anthony Haines. 1748 1752.) 

[Page 59] September the 5 1'664 Wee the subscribed d( e 
testify and affirm that sometime last winter Mrs Alee Stanbor- 
ough the wife of losiali Stanborough deceased did owne and 
acknouledge to have received of Peregrine Stanborough, ye 
heyre and executor of him the said losiah, the total of ye estate 
belonging vnto her three children, which said estate was com- 
mitted vnto him ye said Mr losiah by the Cort at New Haven, 
vnto whome hee the said losiah became bound concernino; it. 
And further wee doe affirme that these alsoe the children (who 
were the children of Tho. Wheeler of New Haven) did ac- 
knonledge before vs that they were content with their mother 
(the said Alee Stanborough) her having received the said estate, 
their portions And they did chuse her their guardian, vnto 
which wee consented witness our hands 'Ihurston Raynor 
lohn Howell. 

(Abstract of deed) (Isaac Willman sells to Wm Ludlam tlie 
interest he had in the close at JMeacox where Ellis Cook's 
house standeth, also in the little close. April 9 1688). 

[Page 60.) Bee it known to all men that I Lyon Gardiner 
of East Hampton, doe by these make my last will and testa- 
ment, ffirst then I bequeath my soule to god yt gave it, my 
body to tlie earth from whence it came. My estate asfoUoueth. 
fhrst then I leave my wife ^lary whole and sole Executor and 
Administi-atoi' of all that is or may bee called mine, only where- 
as my daughter Elisabeth hath had ten head of cattle, soe I 
will thai niv soiiiii' l)avi(l and mv dauuiiter Marv shall each of 


them liave the like. As for my whole estate both vc Island 
and all that I have at East Hampton I give it to my wife that 
shee may dispose oi it before her death as God shall put it in- 
to her mind, only this I put into her mind of, that whereas my 
son David after hee wa'S at liberty to provide tor himselt, by 
his owne engagement hath forced me to part with a great part 
of my estate to save his credit, soe that at present I cannot 
give to my daughter and grandchild that which is fitting for 
them to have. But I leave it to my wife with the overseers of 
my will to give to each of them as God shall put into her 
mind what shee will and to dispose of all as she will. And the 
cause yt moves me at present to make this will is not only the 
premises, but other causes known to me & my wife, of whome, 
and for whome, I stand and am bound to provide, and take 
care for soe long as I live soe yt when I am dead, by willful 
neglect shee bee not brought ta povert}' which nn'ght bee a 
cause to her of great grief" and sorrow. The executor of this 
my will I desire to bee Mr Thomas lames, ye Rev. minister of 
tiie word of God at East Hampton, with lohn Mulford and 
Robert Bond, whome I will that they shall have for every day 
spent about this my will, I say they shall have five shillings for 
every day, each of them, and their charges born, But in case 
yt three of the overseers of my will should not bee then here, 
then two or one with my wife may choose other. Witness my 
owne hand and seale this 13th of August 1668. 


East Hampton 
Witness ^Phomas 1? mes. 

(Page 61.) The within written is a true copy of j\Ir Lyon 
Gardiner his will as it was produced vnto and approved by the 
court here at Southampton, and by the said Cort ordered to be 
recorded by mee 

Heney Piekson Reo-ist 


Bee it knowne to all whoine these presents may concerns 
that 1 Mary Gardiner of East Hampton being left executor of 
the last will and testament of my deceased husband Lyon Gar- 
diner, I doe impouer Mr Thomas lames in my name & stead 
to doe what concernes me for ye proving the sd will, desireing 
him to testify in m}' behalf what trust hath been committed to 
him, as if I was there present Witness my^ hand 

Witness her mark 

David Gardiner 

A true copy per me 

Henry Pierson 

A true inventory of the estate of ]\Ir Lyon Gardiner deceas- 
ed, prized by Thomas Tomson and leremy Mechern April 12, 




The acomodation of 


& land 




3 Cows 




2 heifers 




1 stear 3 year old 




1 steer 2 year old 




1 yearling 




7 swine 




1 bed k bolster poldt 

IV is 

. tick : 

1^ blankets 




1 bed & bolster and fun 





1 peece new linen cloth 

1 1 Xi 





2 small sheets 




one old coat 




3 pair of sheets 




() shirts 




() l)ands 




1 string of waiiipnm 




1 pair of stockings 




1 old trunk 




2 hats 





2 remnants ot cloth 001 OO 00 

2 yards broad cloth 001 10 00 

2 suits and a great coat 005 00 00 

4cushin8 000 04 00 

15 peeces of pewter 003 05 00 

13 peeces hollow pewter 002 00 00 

a warming pan 000 15 00 

a quart pot & basin 000 06 00 

4 poringers & 4 saucers OOi I 05 00 
2 brass candlesticks 000 OtJ 00 

5 earthen jugs & bottles OOO 06 00 
2 great cases 004 00 00 
4 great cheirs 000 12 00 
several! books 007 00 00 
2 guns & cutlass 0<)2 10 Oo 
gaily pots 000 05 00 

1 ink horn 12d a vest 12d OOO 02 00 

4 brushes 4s a lantern 2s 000 06 00 
pots kettles, frving pans 007 00 00 

2 p of hacks ^ ^ 001 00 00 
achaine 000 05 00 
a p of pothooks 2 p tongs tire shovel and gi-idiron 000 12 00 
a spit flesh hook scimer bellowes & slice (?) 000 12 00 
])estle & mortar 000 10 00 
a cliafin dish 3 skillets 2 patin pans 000 14 00 

5 pewter spoons, a brass ladle 000 03 00 
2 wooden candlesticks OOO 03 00 

2 axes 2 spades 000 ] 8 00 
a stubing how, a broad how, a little how 000 12 00 
2hohngaxes 000 05 00 

3 axes new 000 18 00 
2 wedges & a beetle 000 15 00 
a flesh hook 000 02 Oo 
a stubing how, ax, spade ainl bar &: liow 000 09 00 
a pair scales and weights 000 10 00 
11 bailes ^ 000 07 04 


old iron & hinges in a lattiu pan 000 10 00 

a spade tnncll & pitch fork tines 000 06 00 

a ta]> borer, choi)Ding knife 2 liand saws 000 08 00 

2 scythes 000 06 00 

P>l,knkets 001 10 00 

an iron sliovel 000 05 00 

12 foot of glass 000 12 OO 

a great tub 000 12 Od 

a barrel, a double anker, 2 ankers 000- 10 00 

2 pasty boards 000 02 00 

a cheeze press 000 04 00 

trays and bowleg 000 15 00 

12 pails 2 tubs OoO 18 00 

2 l)ed pans & 2 chamber pots 001 00 00 

a cross cut saw 001 00 00 

woolen wheel 000 04 00 

a pitch fork 000 01 06 

achurne 000 03 00 

a sifting trough 000 05 00 

old barrels cCtubs Ool 00 00 

a cart rope 6 s a kettle Ids 000 16 00 

a linen wheel 000 03 OJ 

show leather 00 1 05 00 

haircloth 001 10 00 

wool 000 10 00 

cotten wool 000 05 00 

sheep skins and sheep skin blankets 001 00 00 

a peece of ro])e OOO 05 00 

a cickell Is an old chamber ;)(>t Is Cd 000 02 06 

2 riddles ' 00 ) 02 0(5 

12 harrow teetii 000 oy 00 

1 pick fork 000 01 oO 

25(5 00 

A true Inxcnlory of ye estale of JNIr L^'on (Jardiner deceased 
wliich be liad at bis Island called vc lie of Wiiiht alias Moncli- 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 47 

onuk, as it was prized by Thomas lames, lohn Miilt\ rd Robert 
Bond overseers left bv him of his estate. 




The Hand it selfe 




ye great howse & long table 




The New house 




the new barne 




ye old barne 




the house Simons lives in 




ye Bake house & cellar 




ye old mare 




(Welding 2 year old 




A yearling colt 




6 oxen 




7 cowes & some calves 




1 steer 4 years old 




3 three years old 




6 two years old 




f) yearlings 




1 great bull 




Ewe sheep 114 




of wethers & rams 6(i 




A Jack 




4 boxes for wheeles 




1 broad ax 2 narrow axes 




2 adzes 




a bung borer 




2 wedges 




a tennan saw 




2 pair fork tines 








5 Sides 




a chest 




a leather bed and bolster and two old blankets 




a hogs head & 6 bushels of salt 




4 barels of pork 





a grind stone & irons to it 001 10 GO 

1 hammer 12d 000 01 00 
a punch tor hop poles 000 03 00 

2 greate bookes 002 05 00 
pt of a Corslet 000 10 00 
crosstaft & compass 004 10 00 
steel mill 0)2 00 00 
4 chains 0(»2 10 00 
2 shares & 2 coulters 001 16 00 
2 pair of clevises 000 10 00 
2 setts of hoops for a cart 001 10 00 
hooks and staples tor 4 yokes 001 00 00 
2 bolts and collar 000 06 00 
ax tree pins, linch pins H, and 3 washers 000 14 00 
11 harrow teeth 000 05 00 

511 07 00 

By us lohn Mulford Rob. Bond Tlio. lames. 

A true copy ot ye inventories of Mr Lyon Gardiner as they 
were presented to ye Cort here whoe ordered them to boo re- 
corded as before, per me Henky Pierson, TIegist. 

[Page GG.] (Abstract) (John Woodruff Tr sells to ifrancis 
Sayre 8 acres at Captain's neck on the east side, bounded N. 
by Thomas Sayre S. by Joshua Barnes. Aug. 29 1665-] 
" [Page 67.] (Abstract.) [ Tohn Woodraff Ir sells to Wm 
Ivupsell a 50 of comonage Sept 2 1665] 

[Abstract] (lohn Ogdon sells to Tohn Laugton a 50 of com- 
monage. Sept 8 1()6(> ) 

I Page 68] (Abstract) (lohn Woodruff Tr sells to Ann 
Phillips for 20£ 4 acres at Halseys neck, formerly belonging 
to Edmond Howell. Sej.t 6 1665] 

I Xote at bottom] (Thomas Scott records earmark) 

[Page 69.] (Abstract) (lohn Woodruff sells to Richard 
Post his ten acre lot* at the great plain gate, bounded N. by 

* Ttrp i° the 'ot now owno'l l)v TTf^'iiv Tfcovos ; Iho prrcat pl'iiiiF cratf stdotl in ♦'••=* iTfk 
l.iiic, at llic.innction ol Cap;'^: nnck ] uic. W S. P. 

im:(()i;i».s : town of soithamptox. 49 

oxpasture fence east <fe soiitli by highway, west by lohn Wood- 
riitt Sen. Sept 7, 1665.) 

[Page 70.J (Abstract) lohn Woodruff Ir sells to Obadiah 
Rogers 4 acres at captain's neck that his grandfather lohn Gos- 
nier purchased ot losiah Stanborough. Sept 6 1665 

[Page 71 ] (Abstract) [lohn Cooper makes over to Dan- 
iel Sayre 8 acres in first neck north of Thomas Halseys close, 
and on the West side of the road, said lot wa3 formerly owned 
by Tho. Cooper lohn Cooper John Howell Edmond Howell 
Pillis Cook Thomas Burnet & Henry Pierson. In exchange 
Daniel Sayre sell* 2 acres in Captaines neck, betweene lohn 
White's two pieces of land, 2 acres in first neck on the South 
side toward the east end of T'ho. Goldsmith's close, 1 acre in 
the 10 acre lott furlong, bounded K by lohn Howell, 1 acre 
that was lohn lagger's 1 acre that was lohn White's both in 
Ilalsey's neck and 1 acre in little i)lains, in gin acre iurlono;, 
Mi.rch ,30 166G] 

[Page 72.] (Abstract) [lohn Cooper sells to lames Plam- 
pton, the house and lot which he purchased of Tho Pope. In 
exchange Mr Hampton ijives 6 acres between lohn lagger «fe 
Wm Russell, and a steer, and a cow. Ian. 27 1666.] 

[Abstract] (loshua Barnes sells to Rob. Woolley 4 acres in 
great plains, in Coopers neck. March 2 1667) 

[Page 73.] (Abstract) [Foseph Ludlam gives to his brother 
Henry his land on the east side ol mill brook and joining the 
mill pond, except the orchard. And Henry gives to loseph 
his land on west side of mill brojk, joining the mill pond, and 
8 acres at head of IMill pond. April 6 1668.] 

Page 74.] These presents witnesseth that 1 Peter Carteret 
Secretary of the county of Albemarle, doe promise vnto Hum- 
phrey Muse of liong Island, and company to lycence the said 
Huse & company to Inioy the privilidge to make vse of all the 
whales that shall bee cast vp, or that they can any ways kill or 
destroy betweene the Inlet Roanoak, and the inlet of Caretuck, 
they the said Huse and (/ompany paying vnto mee the one 
fifteenth part of all according to the custome of England to bee 

50 KEl'OlilJS: TOWN UK sol THA.MI'TON. 

tor the Lords proprietors vse, liee the said Huse giveiiig mee 
timely notice of his coineing. And this shall ingage mee to 
the same as long as I have power to doe it 


August 15 1(3(>6. 

[Abstract] Ilonry Ludlaiu grants to his brother loseph 
three acres east of tlie mill, irom the Northeast corner of 
orchard N. E. ward 2-1 poles, thence N to mill pond 24 poler, 
and soe along by mill pond west to creek, and so up to orch- 
ard. May 22 166S. 

[Page 75.] Know all men by these presents that I the 
within named Humphrey Hughes doe liereby Assigne vnto Mr 
Nicholas Stephens of Boston one third, and vnto Tohn Cooper 
of Soutliarnpton on Long Island another third pt of the Inter- 
est I have in the within grant, & the product, or any manner 
of benefit that may any way whatsoever come or bee obtained 
thereby, witness my hand this 10th day of Aprill 16G7. 


witness Mary p^ Pierson 
her mark 

Henry Piersun 

May 5 16(58 P>y the Cunstable & overseers, Henry Pierson 
was chosen to keepe the records of ye cattle, and is appointed 
to make records of them and of ye sales [that] shall be made 
.•'.s occasion shall require, and to doe the worke in that respect 
which formerly lonas Houldsworth, and Mr Laughton did tV 
to have pay for his paines as ]Mr Laughton had, liee' was sworn 
to the otiice of publique notary ye 1st of lune '68 the oath be- 
ing administered to him by Capt. Topping. 

[Page 7(5.] Articles of Agreement made and concluded l)e- 
tweene ]\Ir Nicolas Steevens of Boston in New England mer- 
chant lohn Cooper of Southampton in New York sheir oti 
Long Island and Humphrey Huse, as folloueth. tllrst they the 
s<l pai'tics d(ie covenant oni' with anotluM- to goe th(»msolves or 

i;i:('()iii»s: Tdwx of soi thaahton, 51 

by a coiiipotcnt Aj^'eiit to Koanoak or tliose parts vpou the de- 
signe of kiDina; of getting whales or great fi.^h for je procure- 
ing of ojle. 

Secondly each of the said parties shall have eqnall sliares in 
the cost and charge that shall accrue, or necessarily bee expen- 
ded in the said designo, as they are to have equall share in the 
profit yt shall by Gods providence bee obtained. 

3d the said ]\Ir Steevens is to finde a vessel! fitt to iroe on 
the said designe, the said vessell is to be either that which hee 
hath at present (now rideing at Northsea neare the said South- 
ampton) called the Speedwell, or one of eqnall burthen with all 
manner of tackle, Rigging Sayles Anchors Cables and all 
things in good trim fitt to goe forth to sea, the said vessell to 
bee b}^ him the said ]\lr Steevens procured or brought to the 
said Northsea belonging to the said Southam])ton l)y or about 
the niid<lle of September next ensueiug. 

ffourdily That as hee the said ]\Ir Steevens is to finde or 
provide the vessell to goe vpon ye designe as aforesaid soe the 
^^aid three parties now covenant'ng are to pay equall share of 
the clmrge of the said vessell, which is six pounds per month 
for the vse of her, or proportionably, for one of greater burden, 
the time of payment tor ve said vessell to begin from the dav 
that shee shall bee sent forth from Boston aforesaid directlv 
and wlxdiV vpon the accompt of the said designe, and soe pav- 
ment to goe on vntil the end of the said voyage intended 
which voyage is agreed vpon by the said parties to bee and 
(continue tor the ternie of six months certaine, and eight months 
vucertain, the same to bee determined by those whoe shall bee 
impowered or apoynted by the said parties now covenanting, 

'^Page 77.] fifthly it is further agreed vpon by ye said parties 
that they shall and will procure thirteen men and a boy with the 
said vessell vpon the aforesaid designe, all at theire equall cost 
and charge. And that they the said Mr Steevens, Ichii Cooper 
& Humphrey Hues, continue this partnership in the said designe 
and in ye prosecution and following the occation 
thereof in the manner bef<^re mentioned for the end nresciibed 

o2 KEtOKDS : I'oWX t»F SoriHAMIToX. 

and intended tor the full terme of five years next ensueing, 
from the beginning of the first voyage before mentioned, ac- 
cordins: as the season of the yeare shall afford opportunity and 
according to ve true intent of the premises. 

()th That whereas Humphrey Hues one of the said partners 
procured for himself & his co]>artners, of Mr Peter Carteret 
Secretary of the County of Albemarle liberty to make vse of 
the '.vhale? that shall l)ee cast vp, or yt may be killed within 
the limits ])rescribed in a writeino; vnder his hand. And hee 
the said Humphrey assigning or resigning vp vnto his said two 
partners, namely the said Mr Steevens & lohn Cooper, two 
thirds of his interest in what he obtained of ]\lr Peter Carteret 
abovesaid, they ye said Mr Steevens & lohn Cooper are to pay 
vnto their said partner Humphrey Hues the some of seaven 
pounds as their proportion of the charges hee expended in pro- 
curing or obtaining Interest in the liberty before mentioned. 
And for the true and faithful performance of all and every of 
the said articles of agreement, the said parties whoe have enter- 
ed partnership as aforesaid hereby bind themselves their heires 
and executors, each to other. In M'itness whereof they have 
hereto set theire hands and seals interchangeably this II of 
April 1667 

Signed sealed & deli V- NICHOLAS STEEVENS 

eredin presence of vs lOHN i COOPER 

Henry Pierson 

lonas Houldsworth. 

[Page 78.J September 6 16()7. \Vhoreas there is an agree- 
msnt bareing date the 11 xVpril 1637 wherein Mr Nicolas 
Steevens lohn Cooper and Humphrey Hues are joyned part- 
ners for a voyage to Roanoke vpon whale catching or makeing 
oyle according as it shall please the Lord to guide them. They 
due by these presents agree for this present year and ajipoynt 
Mr Nicolas Steevens master foi* this |iresent voyage, to provide 
take care of all things al)0ut this design, and give an accompt 
t.t the cml ot the vovngc. And the ab ivc namiMl partu('r> doe 

i;i:((»i;i)s : low \ or sol tha.mi'ION. 53 

hereby biude themselves to bear every one theire j)ro}>ortions 
ill this present voyage vnder the forfeiture ot one hundred 
])Gnnds, each one of them. And the true meaning of this in- 
gagement and agreement is that all those partners shall runr.e 
eqwall charge, and equal profit, this writing further witne>seth 
that lohn Cooper with the consent of Mr Steevens and Ham- 
|)hrey Hues, hath taken in Henry Glover of New Haven for ^ 
part. And Hum])hrey Hughes with the consent of Mr Steevens 
and lohn Cooper iiath taken in Isaac Nicholls of Stratford foi- 
one sixth part, and those two partners now taken in doe bind 
themselves to stand to, and perform all the agreement that 
these partners have agreed vpon before this writing touching 
this present voyage, vnto all which premises we have sett our 
hands and seales. 

Signed in presence of XICHO. STP:P:YEXS 

loseph Hawley lOHX COOPER 

Itich. Howell" ISAAC NICOLLS 


[Page 79.] (Abstract) (Benjamine Davis sells to Edmond 
Howell P2 acres (which formerly said Edmond sold to Samuel 
Davis, and said Samuel sold to Wm Salier) to shew that in this 
c infract hee is lawful agent of said \^'m Salier, consideration a 
4 year old mare. lune 5 1668.) 

Feb. 23, 1668 lohn Cooper acknowledgeth to have former- 
ly sould & delivered to Benjamine Haines, that his howse at 
Northsea with the house lot thereunto belonging bee it more or 
less, which homestall I sometime bought of Sam Barker. 


Alarch 27, 1()78 lohn Beswick gives in his ear mark. 

[Page 80.] Be it known unto all men by these presents 
that I Thomas lames of East Hampton Gent being now vpon 
the point of marriage with Mrs Katherine Blux of Southampton 
doe by these presents for my selfe utterly denigh and renounce 


any right title or interest I may can or might have in the pres- 
ent escate of the said Katherine Blnx by virtue ot our iriarriage, 
I l)v these giving and granting the same as it now is soe for 
ever, hereafter to remain and bee her owne entire possession 
and disposal and is in and for consideration that L the said 
Thomas lames are not now, nor by vertne of the said mariage 
ever hereafter shall bee any way engaged to satisfy or pay any 
former debts or ingagements whatsoever tiie said 3Irs Katherine 
Blux or any other having any manner of relation to her of 
what natnre soever. In witness whereof both parties to these 
presents have hci'ounto sett our hands and seals this 14 day of 
Ang. 1CG9. 

Signed sealed & delivered in TIIO.MAS I AMES, 

presence of lohn Howell, KATHERINE BLUX. 

Tolin Langhton 

[Note at bottom of i»age.J At a trustee meeting ye 5 day of 
Oct 171(5, It was granted to Zackarias Sanford to have liberty 
to take in about ^ acre of land to set a house on if it rong no 
highway nor watering provided hee throns up out of his own 
lind to ye town of _yo si n3 q;i I'ltity of land this pa^t a cleir 
voat as test my hand 

CHR1ST0?HH:R foster, (Merk. 

I l*A(;i:81.] Feb. 12 UW/J. Isaac Willman exchangeth and 
maketh over and doth assure unto 'J'homas Topping a cortaine 
parsel of land containing 15 acres lying in the neck called fly- 
ing point, Thomas Burnet lyeing on the east side and lonas 
Bower's land lyeing on the west side, 

[Abstract.] (Peregrine Stanborough sells to Bcter White- 
hear of Southam])ton, 7 acres at Sagaponack, bounded S & S 
E by highway, E & N E by comon land, W & N high- 
way wliich goes N E from i\Ir Toppings land. Ayil 24 1(571.) 

[Page 82.] [Abstract.] (Benjamen Davis sells to Corneliuu 
Vonck his now dwelling house and 8 acres of land. Ian. 11, 

liix'oiius: TOWN OF soLTiiAMrrox. 55 

lame? Herrick givos in to be recorded, that three Indi-.uis, 
namely Tom lohn Man and Indas are all engaged to goe to 
sea fur him this season, for proof whereof he prodnceth his 
book wherein the sd Indians names are set and yero marks an- 
nexed, and lohn Roe as witnes, ye date thereof being May 8, 

Angust 1087. Layd ont by Edwai'd Howell and John How- 
ell Ir a piece of land nnto lecamiah Scott lying and being on 
the east side of Samuel Clarkes clay pit close, being 57 poles 
long and 18 wide, which in regard of the land being barren is 
to lye for 4 acres, whereof one acre is for his orchard land and 
the rest he is to be accomptable for to the towne, but upon far- 
ther review seeing a great part thereof lyes in the north sea 
lyne he is to be accomptable to them for the same. 

[Page 83.] [xAbstract.J (Isaac Willman sells to Thomas 
Topping 4 acres in Halseys neck, ^ acres in the 10 acre lots, 
and 1^ acres in little plain. Thomas Topping in exchange 
gives 15 acres on east side of flying point, bcunded E. by 
Thomas Burnet, W. by lonas Bouer. Feb. 12, 1669.) 

Brook Haven Feb. 27, 1669, [nhabitants of the town, wee 
the Cunstable and overseers of the same doe by these presents 
authorize and appoint Samuel Daiton to make a final Tshue 
with losepli Rainer and Richard Howell about the drift whales 
that come on the beach within our bounds for the terme of 
years they claim, by virtue of their purchase which is about 
seven or eight years, and then to bee returned to tlie Inhabi- 
tants of Brookhaven, without any further molestation from 
them or any in their name always provided, that this our attor- 
ney doe obtaine some acknowledgement for this for each whale, 
and what this our agent sliall doe in this matter wee give him 
due satisfaction provided hee exceed not the bounds of moder- 
ation. Inhabitants of the whole towne have subscribed their 





[Page 84,] (Abstract) [lob Sayre surrcndei-s to his brother 
Daniel all his right to live acres of land bounded S by Daniel 
Sajre's home lot, and N by Francis Sayre's lot, in exchange 
Daniel Sayre gives .3 acres in the 10 acre lots in great plain 
willed to said Daniel bv his father, Oct 26, 1G70] 

(Abstract) Thomas Topping and Francis Sayre having their 
late proportion of land laid out with Isaac Willman lonas Bou- 
er and lames Herrick. The said Toppiuir & Sayre bind them- 
selves not to deprive the others of a suitable watering place. 
April 27 16(53) 

[Page 85.] [Abstract] (lohn Howell Toseph Raynor Ptich- 
ard Howell and their partners, and Paquanaug and other In- 
dians oi Shinecock make this agreement, that the Indians are 
to whale for the said Howell and company for 3 years, and to 
have the same pay as for the 8 years past, and in addition an 
Iron pot for each such as lohn Cooper gives to his Indians-, 
Dec 11 1670) 

[Page SG.] [Abstract] lohn Laughton has bought of Benj. 
Ilayncs a yearling white horse colt, for which he is to pay a 
bai-rel of oyle next march. J\Iay 10 1671) 

Know all men by these presents that I Towsacom & Philip 
Indians, doe and by these presents have bound and engaged 
ourselves in my own person God permitting lite and health 
vnto losias Laughton of Southampton, and to his assigv^s to goo 
to sea for him or them for the full end k term of three com- 
pleat seasons from ye d:\y of this date hereof to bee fully end- 
ed, at jMecox^ for ye killing and striking of whales and other 
great fish. xVnd that in the said term or time wee will attend 
all oportunities to goe to sea for ye promoting of ye said de- 
signe, tfor and in consideration hereof hee the said losias 
Laughton or his assigns doe engage to vs the said Towsaccom 
i.*c Phillip that for every season they will give vnto vs, three In- 
dian eoats one pair of shoes or a b ick neck to mike them, one 
payre of stockings, three pounds of shot, halte a pound of pow- 
(kr, and a bushel of Indian oornc, and wee doe further engage 
to l.e!p to cut out MV.d save all such fi.-h a^ sh;ill bee bv the 


company taken. In witness whereof wee have herevntj set our 
hands this 15 day of November 1670 

witness The mark of >^ TO WSAC U M 

Christopher Lea'ninjr PHILIP >> INDIAN his mark 

lolin Laughton 

[PageST.J (Abstract) (Atungquion Indian agrees to g) 
whaling for Anthony Ludlam and his company tor the next 
season, and is to receive one coat before going to sea one when 
the season is halfe over, and one at the expiration of the term, 
(or a pot mstead of one coat) and a pair of shoes, and stockings, 
^ lb of powder 3 lbs of shot. lime 26, 1671) 

(Page 88.) (Abstract) (Akuctatuas Indian agrees to whale 
for Arthur Houell during the next whaling season; for 4 coats, 
one pair shoes & stockings, one bushel Indian corn, 1 half 
pound of powdfr & 3 lbs of shot. Maj 31 1671) 

[Page 89.] Southampton Oct. 24 1671 B}^ laversey out 
of land Apointed by the Towne laid out to lohn Tenison first - 
ly the spare land between Mr John Laughtons his home lott, 
and Samuel Clarke his land, saving to the town a highway four 
poles wide next to Mr Laughtons kis said home lot Northward 
tlie spare land containing 30 pole in length and 11 pole wide 
at both ends.* 

Alsoe twenty acres lying northward of lob & loseph Sa^^res 
their 10 acres, the said 20 acres running 80 pole in length, and 
40 pole wide, there being laid out a highway of six poles wide 
betweene the said Sayre and lohn Tennison his land. 


A true copy by me. lohn Howell Recorder. 

(Abstract) lohn Rogers and his wife Phebe, daughter of 
Anthon}' Ludlam, acknowledge to have received their share of 
the estate of said Anthony Ludlam, and acquit Sarali Ludlam 

' This is probnbly the home lol now owned bv Capt. Daniel Jao-c-er aiirt Mrs. Austin Her- 
rick. John Laughtou's home lot is now occupied by Capt. Win. Fowlei- and Harriet Reuben 
Haltey. W. S p. 


widow of Antlioiiy L. and Isaac Cory, and my brother Antho- 
ny administrators. Tan. )-^0 1691.) 

(Page 90 ) (Abstract) (Anthony, Indian and other Indi- 
ans bind them in a company to go whaling at Sagaponack the 
next season vpon penalty of 3s a day that any of them shall be 


Bemjamen Smith lonatlian Morehouse.) 

(Page 91.) (Abstract) Charles Sturmy makes over to 
lohn Rose liis proportion of land lying with the Northsea 
neiglibors in the land which they had in lieu of their propor- 
tion in the Oxpasture,* being 100£ lotment. 

lohn Rose make over to Charles Sturmy his 50£ lot that 
fell to him at Sagaponack April 30 1678) 

At a meeting held in Southampton May 27 1695 it was 
agreed by IMajor vote at ye above said Towne meeting, that 
Mr Ebenezer White shall have 15 acres of land laid out to him 
and his heyres forever, where it may be convenient for him, 
provided he settle at Sagabonack and IMeacox and continues 
with them his life time, or seven years from this present date, 
the said land not to prejudice highways and watering, this vote" 
passed before me 

lOHN HOWELL Justice 

A true copy of the original vote entered by me 

Mathew Howell Clerk 

At a meetinar held by the trustees and comonaltv of South- 
ampton on ye 11th day of September 1695, ordered that the I 
surveyors of said towne according to ye voat passed in a town 
meeting held the 27th May 1695 whereby there was then given 
to Mr Ebenezer White 15 acres of land, shall forthwith lay out 
said 15 acres, not prejudicing highway and watering. 

A true copy of the trustees order per me 

Mathew Howell Clarke 

■ -— — ■ 1 

* Int^ieatl of their proportion of the oxpasture, the Northsea people had lauc! laid out for 
ih^m oij Ihe wfst suie ot Sa'rg Poud. See page I'M of origical. W. S. P. 

i.'HcoK'ns: Towx of south a.mftox. v\) 

[Page 92.] (Abstract) (roliii Beswick sells to Isaac Mills 
a house and 4 acres of lane ac-joiiiing East side of Swan Creek, 
and is in the conioii near Ellis Cooks, which he bon^ht of fCllis 
Cook and Anthony Ludlam, price 2(}£ Ay)ril 9 107]) 

Witness Thomas Ilelme Samiel Mills) 

(Abstract) Isaac Halsej^ sells to Edmond Howell Lot 25 
North division of oxpasture. Edmond Howell gives in ex- 
change Lot 33 South division of oxpastiire March 26 169G) 

[Page 93.] (Abstract) lames Herrick hire 4 Indians for 
the season to whale, said Indians to have what other Indians 

Capt Topping & lohn Topping hire 8 Indians to whale) 

[Page 94.] (Abstract) (Peter Whiteer sells to his well be- 
loved brother Benjamen Hand the within written bill of sale. 
Nov. 28 IfiTl) (See page 81 or original.) 

(Note at bottom.) Timothy Brown enters earmark April 2, 

[Page 95.] (Abstract) John Howell sells to Robert Wool- 
ley 3 acres in Captains neck, bounded N. by Mr Fordham. In 
exchange Robert Wool ley sells to lohn llowell two gin acres* 
jn the little plain, and 11 acres to be taken up in the second 
ivision. Oct. 29 1672) 

November ye 13 1672. It was granted at a town meeting 
into John Howell a neck ot land comonly called Calf pen 
leck given him for thirt}'' six acres the whole neck as far as the 
lighw^ay thf-t goeth across the neck, which thirty six acres was 
o be taken vp on the last division, namely ye 30 acre division. 
Recorded by me John Howell Recorder, 

Nov. 13 1672 It was granted at a town meeting unto Wil- 
iam Barnes, that instead ot the land which John Rose was to 
iiave taken up at the mill stone brook, hee shall have ten acres 
t Sagabonack, adjoining to the said William Barnes house lot 

Recorded by me Iohn Howell. 

I'lie Iract called the " Gin Acres '' seems to have baeii thai pnri ol the little pliiiii next 
't;it) Lane ''—«o called. W S. 1\ 

(H) records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

April 29th 1764 (Abstract) Edmond Howell sells loseph 
Hire a sixty pound allotment, in the oxpasture if laid out, i^- 
meadow at Qiiaquanantuck. 

Southampton Uay 25 1680 At a general training of ye 
towne, the company determined and concluded by voat that the 
vacant piece of land lying by ye higeway neare unto the house 
of Mr Arthur Howell and lacob Wood shall always ly com- 
mon for ye towne as now it doth, and shall never bee disposed 
to any particular person whatsoever, 

A true copy by me John Howell. 

[Pagk 96.] (Abstract) (lohn Laughton sells to John Jen- 
nings a 50 right of comonage at Northsea, reserving the right 
to pasture a calf or yearling in little neck. Dec. 13 1672 

[Abstract] [Maj. lohn Howell sells to Edmond Howell Lot 
28 North division of oxpasture. In exchange Edmond H. gives 
S gin acres in little plains. March 26, 1696] 

[Page 97.] [Abstract) Joseph Ludlam of Oysterbay 
leases to Humphrey Hughes of Southampton for seven years, 
all his land in Southampton, and agrees to build a house vpon 
the land, 25 feet long, and 18 or 19 feet wide, the said seven 
years to begin when the house is completed. Signed in Oys- 
terbay Oct. 30 1672. Witness Mathias Plarveye. 


[Page 98.] (.Abstract) Samuel Clark lohn Jennings lohn 
Rose Thonjas Shaw and Benj Haynes sell to lohn Davis a 50 
of commonage out side the North Sea line. April 20 1670. 

[Page 99.] (Abstract) Richard Howell hires ]\Iolsansana- 
men an Indian to whale for the season tor a half share of blub- 
ber & whale bone j^Iarch 2 1679) 

(Abstract) (Rich Howell & loseph Raynor hire Tonaquain 
and 6 other Indians to whale for the season, for a lialfe share of 
blubber and whale bone, said Rich Howell to provide craft and 
boats. Witneses Ste])hen Roppock Iose[)h J\Iai*shall Thomas 
Harries Jereima Halsey lohn Raynor David Howell Nich Eedes 
lohn Scott G. Sylvester. April 7 1675 


[Page 101.] March 1675 Samuel Clark of north sea car- 
penter acknovvledgeth to have given granted and demised vnto 
In's son Samuel a fifty pound comonage of land in all future 

At a town meeting Oct the 17th 1676 was granted and given 
unto Jacob Wood a peece of land adjoining to his owne at Me- 
cox to the quantity of three acres, provided the said peece doth 
not intrench vpon any highway or his neighbours. [There] 
was given vnto John Lupton an angular peece of land adjoin- 
ing to his owne land at Mecox, which is in lieu of soe much 
land that Christopher Lupton is to give vp to the comon out of 
his proportion in the next division to bee laid out. 

At a towne meeting April 2 1677. Left. loseph Fordaui 
was chosen Cnnstable, but hee refuseing to serve lohn lagger Q 
is chosen k sworne, lohn lessup & Sam lohnes cho?en over- 

Vpon the petition of Benjamen Palmer to the towne it is 
granted and given unto him and his, tenn acres of land in some 
place in the comon which the layers out shall finde meet, vpon 
the condition that hee dwell vpon it seven years, if hee lives so 
long to possess it. But if he die before the expiration of the 
said seven years then the sd land to bee and remain to his 
heyres executors and administrators forever. 

It is granted vnto i\lr John Topping vpon his request to the 
towne at the said meeting that the proportiens of land comeing 
to him or which shall bee due vnto him in the next devision 
(which is already formerly appointed to bee laid out in the 
bounds of this town) shall bee laid out vnto him next unto 
his owne land which is neere "the pond at Sagaponack com- 
monly called and known by the name of Edmond Howell's 

It is granted by general vote vnto Obadiah Rogers like liber- 
ty as some others have formerly had namely in haveing his 
land at the Long Springs exchanged for land elsewhere in the 
common as may bee best lykeing to him, provided it bee not 
prejudiciall to the towne, or hurtful to the intended division ot 

''^' Iii:C(>kl>8: TOWN OF SOUTH AM PTOX. 

land to bee laid out, and that hee hath the consent of the 
townesmen, or the layers ovt of land appointed. 

[Page 102.") At the afforesaid Towne meetini? April 2 1677 
vpon the petition of Christopher Learning it is granted vnto 
him that ye land which hoe pretended to have^bono-ht, and 
that, given vnt^ him, in all sixteen acres, the which, If it bee 
trnly dve vnto him, he shall have the same at Sagaponack laid 
out vnto him, (if there bee comon land to accomodate him) as 
the layers out of land for the towne shall see meet and finde 

(Abstract) (Henry Lndlam sells to John Beswick ^ of lot 
ISo. 5 m late division lying against Kellies pond. In exchan^ro 
John Beswick gives 8 aci-es which he bought of lohn Jennings 
and lies at head of mill pond, next to said Henrys land. mIv 

[Page 103.] Whereas this towne of Southampton by unan- 
imous consent did set apart a certain parcel of land lyin- in 
the oxpasture to the quantity of thirty acres And alsoe pur- 
'.hf.sehof lohn Cooper a howse lott, of three acres (more or 

ess) (situate or lying against the meeting housed and bnilt a 
house thereon which said liowse and land is now by loynt con- 
sent of the town put into the possession of i\Ir lohn Harriman 
vpon termes the towne and hee hath agreed on, which said 
house and land were soe set apart, devoted or dedicated by the 
towne to bee and remain forever to the vse of the ministry of 
this owne, Ihat soe from time to time forever hereaftei- ye 
said howse and land may bee alwaise in readiness for the en 
tortamment, and vse of such minister or ministers as being 
called by the lowne shall come, and perform the work of the 
nnnistry ,n this place or plantation. And for as much as the 
said lands were witli much difhculty spared and procured by 

e twn, for he said vse, and if the Towne should be frustrat'- 
ecl of then- said end, by the said house and land beino- herea^-r 
<lisposedof otherwise, It is not to be conceived in^the eve of 
u.asrn tha there should possibly bee found in this towne an 
other supply for the ministry that would be acceptable to or 

i;i;('()ii[>s: town of Southampton. 


convenient for any minister that shall come to Inhabit it offici- 
ate here. Wee the Inhabitants of this said Towne of South- 
ampton, doe therefore hereby declare, order, vnanimoiislv 
agree, and vltimately conclude that ye sd house and land 
seqvestered, or sett apart as afore said, Shall according to the 
reall intent of the towne. Bee and remaine from time to titne 
and forever to the vse of ye ministry of our said towne, as ttie 
providence of God shall hereafter dispose ministers of the M'ord 
successively \Tito vs. And noe inhabitant of this place shall 
ever at any time assume power to dispose of the said howse or 
land, or any part thereof from the said vse of the ministry 
without ye full consent of every Inhabitant of the Towne that 
then shall bee surviveing. And this p^resent agreement and 
Instrument to bee binding and of full force to vs our heyres 
'and successors for ever. In witness whereof we have herevnto 
jsett our hands this 12 day of Aprill An. Dom. 1675 
j Thomas Halsey lames Herrick lohn Topping 

I his 

lohn Cooper Thomas ^Goldsmith loshua Barnes 

Edward Howell 

Samuel lohnes 

Richard ^ Post 

Hichard Howell 
lohn Poast 

Henrj' Pierson 

Thomas Topping 
Thomas (hooper 
lohn lagger 

Elnathern Topping Benjamen Foster 

lames Topping Peregrine Stanborogh firancis Sayre 

Isaac ^ Willman lames White 

j Arthur Howell 
I Robert Woolley 
i lohn Woodruft* 

Henry Ludlam 
lonathan Raynor 
Samuel Barnes 
Samuel Clark 

Shamgar Hand Charles Sturmy 

Daniel [xj Halsey Samuel Clark Ir 

Thomas Halsey Jr 
loseph Raynor 
Zerobabel Phillips 
lohn Laughton 
lohn Davis 

Christopher ^ Lupton 


losepli Hildreth lolin lennings Christopher Learning 

lolin Bishop lob Sayre losiah Stanboroagh 

liis his 

George G. H. Harris Richard C Smith 

mark mark 

Benjamen Haynes Thomas Shaw 

[Pace 104.] Memorandum that if it shall unexpeetedlv 
come to pass that there be exceptions made against the accom]it 
given vnto mee by loseph Raynor Constable of Southampton 
this day, that then 1 will Returne unto him the bill or ordei-s 
for payment, signed by Capt Salisbury ]\Ir Arnold and myself. 
Witness my hand this 6th day ot March 1676. 


A true copy by me John Howell Clerk. 

Received of Mr lohn Waren five pounds ten shillings in law- 
fiill money of this province, and ye grasse in ye home lot, lor 
til is ])resent year, W hich is in full for what 1 claime in the 
movable Ebtate ot Tohn White late deceased, this 17th day ot 
I line 1695 


May ye 13 1696. Present jMathew Uowell Justice, Abra 
Howell free Holder, Aaron Burnet complainant offered and 
made oath to the balance ot his accompt dve from Thomas 
Shaw defendant, being the sum of one pound fourteen shillings 
and sixpence for diet in the year 1693 and in ye 3'eare 1694, the 
defendant not appearing judgement went against him by default 
and ye said sum of one pound fourteen shillings and sixpence, 
with seven shillings and sixpence the bill of costs, all which is 
2£, Is, 9d, taken by execution from Mr lohn Wick of ye estate 
of said Shaw, 


[Page lUA.] [Abstract] lames Hairipton of Southampton 
being very aged mikI infirm, hereby settles and disposes of his 
lands jiiid accdiiKidalions :n Southamptdn as follows T give to 


inv son in Jaw lolm j\la]ipam and his wife my danghter Mary 
thatpeece of land [adjoininjij to my home lot] whieii is coraonly 
called Pope Lot* during the lite of raee and my wife, alsoe half 
my land in Captains neck, two acres elsewhere in the plains, 
and a 50 of comonage at Qnaqnanantuck. I give unto said 
lohn jMoppam and his wife Mary all the rest ot my housing 
and lands to possess alter the decease of me and my v\'ife lane. 
At the decease of me and my wife lane they are to deliver vp 
the lot called Popes lot to those to whom it shall be beqveath- 
ed, and reserve the liberty to dispose of my tonr acres in Cap- 
tains neck, all which estate is given to lohn Moppam &, wife 
during their lives, and after to go to their tue oldest daughters, 
but if said lohn Moppam have a son by my daughter Mary tbe 
estate to go to him after his parents decease. My son Mop- 
pam having engaged to set vp his house to the west end of my 
new dwelling house, and to dwell in it as soon as convenient. 
Tune 5 1673. lane Hampton agrees to the above gift.) 

[Page 106. November 22 1675 Received this day and 
yeare above written of William Russell of Southampton one 
ox sold at two pence farthing a pound, and two steers not yet 
sold, by order ot Mrs. An Halsey being the last payment of 
a debt of thirty six pounds three shillings and sixpence, and I 
doe hereby discharge her and her children of and from all debts 
and demands, Whatsoever iron] the beginning ot the world to 
this present day. 

Witness my hand the dav and vear first above written 


Delivered in {presence of 


Iaques Cosson 
A true copy 11 eney Pierson, Recorder. 

[Page 107.] At a Genii Court of Assizes held in New York 
beginning the 4th and ending the 7th day of October by his 

• .Tames Hampton's home lot is part of the homestead of Albert J. Tost, next to home 
lot of Wni. S. Pelietreau. Thomas Pope's lot was the cue next south, upposite the lane, by 
George Whites. W, S. T. 


Maiesties autliority in the 28th j^ear of the Reigne of our sover- 
eigne Lord Charles tlie 2iid by the grace of God, ot England 
Scotland ffrance and Ireland King, Defender of the faith, An- 
no Domini 1G7G. Ypon reading of a letter and paper from 
the Constable and overseers of Southampton, bearing date the 
28th day of September last, and another without date, (to ye 
same effect) from Southold as reasons for there not complying 
with the law, in taking out Grants Patents or Confirmations, 
for their Townes or lands. The law^ in 1664 and orders of 
Courts of Assizes in 1666 and 1670 relating thereunto being 
there vpon read, and Ihe case taken into serious consideration, 
the Court give ludgment. That the said Townes for their dis- 
obediece to law, have forfeited all their titles rights and privi- 
leges to the lands in the said Townships. And if they doe not 
by Munday fortnight next, (being ye 23d of this instant month) 
send up the acknowledgement, of their past default and Re- 
solves and desires to obey & fullfill the law and ye several I or 
ders of the Courts of assizes for the taking out their Grants 
Patents or confirmations as directed by law. Then Exe(;ution 
to Issue out by Authority of this Court for the above forfeiture 
to the vse of his Magestie without further delay. 

All particular persons concerned have like liberty granted 
thera and shall bee received on theire Applications to have 
Confirmations or grants for their particular Interest according 
to law. By order of the Governor & General Court of Assizes. 



The Governor doth further grant and signify that any ))ii- 
vate person or persons that cannot make their Applications 
within the time limited giving in their names and desires to the 
lusticcs of the peace, shall have further reasonable time for 
their complyance herein, by order of ye Gov'n 


A true copy by me Henry Pierson Pecorder. 

(The 108, 109, 110 pages are occupied by a copy of Governor 


Aiidross' Patent. Tlie original patent on parelmient is in the 
Town Clerk's offir'e, and a copy made trom it is given in tlie 
appendix. W. S P. 

(Notes at the bottom of page ) losiah Halse}' records brand 
mark 1698. Israel Halsey records earmark that was his grand 
father's 1743 [Same mark is entered by losiah Halsey, page 
96, other end of this book] 

[Page 111,] By the Governor. 

Whereas fohn Cooper of Southampton did fye lustices of the 
peace constable and others of that place being present,) request 
my lycence that hee might hf^ve a priviledg for a time to make 
wares within the limits or Bounds ot Soutiampton aforesaid 
tor the taking of Perch and other small fish, as also to erect 
small houses or stages for saving and salting of such fish as 
shall bee taken in places noe ways prejudicial to improved 
lands or meadows. It tending to & for a Genl good and ap- 
proved by the Justices, ('onstable and others ot that place be- 
fore mee k it being customary in all places that such Publiqne 
vndertakers bee priviledged for some time. These presents 
may therefore certify and declare that the aforenamed John 
('ooper hath liberty to make wares in two creeks or rivers the 
one being called ]Meacoi-ks & the other Quaquanantuck, and 
building of stages &e for the taking ot small fiish as aforesaid. 
And that hee alone or associates & noe otliers, (hee and they 
I)resenting the designe) are to fish in said Creek for ye space of 
four years after the date hereof. And all persons whatsoever 
are hereby required to forbeare the giveing any molestation or 
disturbance vnto the said lohn Cooper or his agents or associ- 
ates in prosecutino' of the designes aforementioned dureing the 
time aforesaid, (liven under my hand in Ne.v York this 3 day 

of Noveber 1676. 


This order to bee shewn to the lustices Constable & over- 
seers of Southampton & ent(?red there. 



April 3 1750 David Haines quits his part of the swamp l.v- 

in<^ on the west side in Cow neck to lohn Hains for two fifths 

of land lying in a lot called ye fish cove lot with David Haines 

as witness our hands 



Obadiah Rogkks Clerk 

I Page 112.] (Abstract) [loshua Barnes and Daniel Say re 
sell to Thomas Burnet Lot 23 at Sagaponack. Thomas Bur- 
net in exchange gives Lot 11 same place. August 26 1677.] 

[Abstract] (loseph fibster sells to Samuel JMills J of LDt 12 
at ]\Iecox last division. In consideration of a parcel of brick, 
received from said Samuel and John Beswick. Aug. 27, 1677) 

At a town meeting may ye 11 1677. By major voat it is 
granted vnto lohn Beswick, lohn Lupton & Samuel Lum, that 
they shall have for their owne interest and propriety for ever, 
as gift from the towne, the same to bee to them by equal! 
proportions, all that Irregular peece of land being and lying 
west of lohn Beswick's own land, the same being by estima- 
tion 12 acres, bee it more or be it less. 

By major voat the Towne gives vnto Anthony Ludlain the 
two acres of land in his close belonging to ye towne and one 
acre without his close on the north side thereof. 

[Page 11 O.J (Abstract) [Wampanacomps sachem and 
other Indians agree to whale for Rich, Howell and loseph 
Fordhrm for two seasons, for a half share The said Kich. How- 
ell and loseph Eordham are to cart the blubber taken between 
Sagaponack and the Pines. The Indians are to bring their 
half of what is taken beyond those limits. They are to wliale 
at Quaquanantuck, and are to raft the blubber to Shinecock or 
the plains, and for so doing, the owners are to cart it liome 
gratis Ian. 28, 1676.] 


[Page 114.] (Abstract) An agreement like foregoing be- 
tween Capt. Howell Benj Davis and loseph Fordham, and 
(/obitt and other Indians, to whale for two seasons, and if any 
of the company do not attend to come down to the boats when 
the major part ot the company doth come dowm to the beach 
to goe to sea, they are to be fined at discretion of the owners. 
March 26 1677. 

In presence of Andrew Deavis Hannah Clark) 

[Page 115.] (Abstract) (John Davis sells to lohn Rose his 
land on west side of Sagaponack pond laid to North sea people 
tor their share of the oxpasture. In exchange lohn Rose gives 
his land l.ving at rear of lohn Davis home lot Ian. 4 1667) 

luly 1677. In the proportion of land belonging to (>ornel- 
ius Vonck in the last division It lying in No 15 at Sagaponack 
hee the said Cornelius hath sould or made over nnto Mr lohn 
lennings 5 acres thereof, for the which iiee the said Cornelius 
acknowledgeth to haue already received full satisfaction. And 
what the said land belonging unto him the sd Cornelius in the 
sd parcell holds to bee more than the said five acres now made 
ouer as aforesaid hee the sd i\Ir lennings is to have it ot him ye 
said Corneiius, after the rate ot seaven pounds in common cur- 
rent pay for five acres. 

(Abstract) (Benjamen Davis sells to Cornelius Vonck 1') 
acres at Sagaponack against the enclosure of Benj. Hand on 
the South, the path on the north, lames Topping on the West, 
in exchange Cornelius Vonek gives 1^ acres next to Benj. Da- 
vis at Sagaponack, and a 50 in the oxpasture South Division 
which was laid out to loseph Ludlam. Aug 6 l(i77.) 

[Page 116.] (Abstract) (Cornelius Vonck sells to lohn 
lennings 5 acres at Sagaponack, part of the 50 that tell to him 
there, Aug. 6 1677.) 

(Abstract) (Robert Kellam having let certain land (not de- 
scribed) to Cornelius Vonck abates 1(» shillings of the next pay- 
ment. Apr. 12 1679) 

[Page 117.] This 6th ui' April 1678. Capt. Nathaniel 

70 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

Sylvester foi peace and good neighborhood's sake witli the 
town of Southampton desireth to bee here entered upon record 
as foUoweth. That whereas heretofore hee hath given serious 
intimation or notice oi divers strange horses come over to his 
Island that are exceedingly troublesonje, and to his great 
spoyle and damage especially to his meadows & mowing land. 
And yet people take noe cure to look after them and rid him ot 
the daily vexation & damage hee sustaines by them. And hoe 
beeing very desirous to still to continue the good correspon- 
dance with this said town of Southanjpton and very loth to 
offer violence to any neighbors horses or horse kind that may 
at any time (unknown to them) make escape to his island. 
Thought good to record this and procure the same to bee pub- 
lished. That in regard of the present busie time ot sowing and 
planting hee 3^et gives liberty to the neighbours of Southanij".- 
ton or any others concerned, vntill the last day of the third 
month (called may) next ensueing, to fetch eff their horses from 
his said Island. But if they shall still neglect hee the sd Syl- 
vester must and shall bee enforced to deliver and rid himself of 
the said cumber and damage, by reason of sd horses & horse 
kind, b}' destraying them, the which hee doth declare hee is 
exceeding loth to doe if possible by any other meanes he could 
prevent it. 


Whereas Tames lierrik deceased by his last will left a fifty 
pounds commonage throughout the bounds of ye town, to liis 
wife the now widow ]\Iartha Ilerrick dureing her life, and at 
her decease to pass to his son lames Herrick, now know yee 
that shee the said widow Martha Ilerrick doth now deliver un- 
to ye said Tames Herrick the aforesaid 50 pouTids comonage 
into his own possession freely and (juietly to enjoy and possess 
the same with the increase thereof for the future. ]\lay 9 lt)87 

Test lOIO HOWELL Clerk. 

[Pace 118.] (Abstract) (lohn Ienninq;s as marshal sells to 
Sanmel Clark 8 acres in cow neck, bounded by Thomos Shaw 


and said Clark, by virtue of an execution obtained against Mr 
lohn Oo'den, by Mrs Ruth Piggett of New London, And Sam- 
uel Clark sells to lohn Jennings a parcel of meadow at North 
sea at a place called the island, also a 1-5 of a 50 ot commonage 
both bought of Mr. Robert Fordham by 5 men said Clark & 
lennings being two. April 25 1678) 

[Page 119.] (Abstract) (Agreement between Capt. losias 
Robert and Tames Plerrick and 12 Indians to whale for the 
season, for i share. Ian 30 1677.) 

[Page 120.] At a townc meeting April 2 1678 Upon the 
petition of lohn Bishop Ir The towne do give and grant unto 
him according to his request the vacant land lying on the north 
end of Joseph Post his home accomodations, not intrenching 
vpon any highway, & to bee laid out by the layers out of land 
for the Towne. 

May 22 1678. lolin lessup witnesseth that hee witli some 
others of the layers out, yesterday laid out the sd vacant land 
according to the Townes donation, vnto ye sd lohn Bishop and 
it hold six acres and is bounded by lolin lagger's land on tlie 
west, the highway leading to the Long Springs on the east, 
the comon on the north, and loseph Posts land on the south,* 
saveing that there is a highway betvveene them, for lolm lag- 
ger to come conveniently to his lands, and the said lohn Bish- 
op and lohn lagger agree to make & maintaine the fence 
against that highway (being 24 poles') by equall proportions 
betweene them. The town doe grant unto Mr lohn Laugh - 
ton to have liis part or sliare of land in the last & great divis- 
ion, (the quantity of his due being about 14 acres) on the north 
side of John Tennison his out land at the north end of the towne 
]\Ir. John Laughton acknowledgth to have given & doth give 
tl:e said land vnto his brother losiah Laughton his son lohn 
Laughton Ifor him to possess, and enjoy the same when hee 
shall come to bee of the age of une and twenty years, and in 

* The land here laid out is probably the homestead of Francis E. Bishop. Joseph Post's 
home lot is now the home lot of Alfred Reeves, and his land extended north to Bii^hop'a 
laud. W. 8. r. 

72 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

the mean time to bee in the vse & occupation of the said Mr. 
[ohn Laughton his brother losiah Laughton. 

May 22, 78 lohn lessup being one of the layers out of land 
for the town, witnesseth that hee with another of tlie layers 
out namely Capt lohn Howell laid out to ye said losiah Laugh- 
ton the said 14 acres according to the fore said grant of the 
Towne, on the north side of lohn Tennison's his land towards 
the Long Springs. 

At the above said Town meeting April 2, 78 By major vote 
lohn ffoster is chosen constable, for overseers lob Sayre Oba- 
diah Rogcers, Obadiah Rogers refuseth to serve and Edmond 
Howell is chosen in his stead. 

[Page 122.] (Abstract) (Agreement made between Edward 
IJovvell and lohn lessup, and 14 Indians to whale the next sea- 
son the owners to find craft, and the Indians to raft to the plains 
all blubber taken beyond the west sepoose, for a half share. 
Ian. 7, 1678.) 

At a town meeting December 10 1678. Thj Town grant 
vnto Edward Howell that hee shall have the remainder of land 
comeing or due unto him, on the present and last division. In 
the mill neck as the layers out shall finde most, convenient tor 
him and the towne in their best judgement. 

[Page 123-4.] (Abstract) (Agreement between Thomas 
Cooper and certain Indians about whaling. Sail Cooper is to 
furnish 2 good boats and tw^o good warps and two good hand 
warps, and 18 good irons, he is to find barrels for the Indians' 
share of the oil at 5s apiece, he is to deliver them at Quaqua- 
nantuck and the Indians are to carry them to the place whei-e 
they go to sea, said Cooper is to whale with them, ;.nd to try 
their oil, they to pa}' tor so doing, and the Indians are to pay 
2s per day il not on hand. Feb. 19, 1678, Indians to have a 
halt share.) 

[Page 125.] (Abstract) (Win Russell sels to lohn Bishop) 
six acres on the north side of lohr Cooper's land, which lies 
next lohn laggerse.ose on the east side of road to North sea, 
in exchange lohn Bistho]) gives f, of Lot No 10 at IMeacocks.) 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 78 

May 21, 1679. (Abstract) (Wm Russell sells to Saimicl 
lohnes 10 acres on the East side of the highway going to North 
sea. Samuel lohnes land on N, and Samuel Clerk's land on 
the S,* in exchange Samuel lohnes gives Lot No. 20 at Mea 
cox, May 21, 1679. 

At a towne meeting lune 25, 1679. It is granted unto lohn 
Scott Ir that the parcel of land a while ago appoynted by the 
layers out of land tor 150 lotment, but afterwards by the said 
iavers out, was thrown up, <fe soe not accompted in ye division, 
hee the said lohn Scott (according to his request to the towne) 
shall have the said proportion of land laid out for loO<£ lotment 
as aforesaid lying and being on the west side of Tho Topping's 
his land by Sagaponack Slade.f for or in lieu of his proportion 
of 10(^£ lotment due vnto liim in the great division, upon ac- 
cor.ipt of ye 100£ lotment formerly belonging to his father and 
now in the possession of Charles Sturmy. 

April 11 IG79 At a towne meeting By major voat it is con- 
cluded that what land lohn lessup wants of his former devision 
and three acres granted now to his son Thomas in lieu of what 
he imparteth at home for a highway shall be laid out together 
unto Thomas lessup in some convenient place at discretion of 
layers out. 

[Page 126.] At a town meeting April 1 1679 Thomas To] - 
ping chosen constable, vnto whome the oath was administered 
by Mr Justice Topping, loseph Rainer and lohn lessup. Sen. 

[Page 127.] lune the 19th 1670. Capt lohn Howell Mr Ed- 
ward llovvell lohn lessup Thomas Topping Isaac Ilalsey, the 
men employed about laying out the present devision of land in- 
forme and declare that at the towne njeeting concerning the 
obtaining the Reverend Mr 'J'aylor to bee minister of this 

loseph Pierson nsadc request to the towne to change his 20 

* This i.» Dart of the ftim of C:ipt. Jesse Halr-ey, on Nnnh Sea road, just north ot Rail. 

roaci. Samuel Clark's laiu', is the lot south of Raflroad. late in possession of Lewis Bowdcn- 

t Au obsolete woi d meaning i long-, flat piece or strip of laud. W. S F. 

74 Tjrc)UDs: town of Southampton. 

acres of land which his father gave him, and fell bv l"t at or 
towards meaeocks, for like quantity of 20 acres undisposed of 
land lying at or about the rear viz the eastward end ot ye home 
accomodations ol ffrancis Sayre, and Daniel's. And the towne 
generally granted it, and the said layers out affirme they heard 
but one man oppose it namely ffVancis Sayre. ]\Ioreover ye 
sd layers out of land doe give Intelligence and declare the day 
before this date according to the towne's grant they actually 
laid out vnto him the said Joseph Pierson the sd quantity of 20 
acres of land in the fore mentioned place, with their full cm- 
sent, hee and his should forever quietly enjoy it.* 

At a town meeting Nov the 5th 1679. It is ordered that 
the cunstable & overseers with assistance of whome they shall 
see cause shall write an answer to ye letter sent l>y ye church 
of New Haven concerning ]\lr Taylor. 

It is ordered that Mr. Justice Topping, the cunsrable & over- 
seers attended by Henry Pierson shall appoynt all the Jnhabi- 
tants of this towne their proper and distinct places in the meet- 
ing house on the Lords day to prevent disorder. 

By major voat it is concluded that a man snail bee chosen to 
go over to Mr. Taylor the niinister, and to ])rosecute the Towne's 
tormer request by letter vnto him, namely to come over to vs 
& give vs a visit and if possible to prevaile with l\Ir. Taylor to 
come along with him, which sd messenger is to follow such in- 
structions as shall bee given him touching this occasion. By 
maior vote Mr. Justice Topping is desired to bee the man to 
goe over on the aforesaid occasion namely to procure Mr. 'J'ay- 
lor to give us a visit it possible as soon as may bee. 

By major voat the constable and overseers with whome they 
shall see meet to associate to them tor assistance shall write 
vnto Mr. Taylor, and give vnto Mr Topping his instructions 
concei'ning the effecting ot yt occation concerning Mr. Taylor 
his coming to us. 

By major voat ^Ir. Wm JJarkcr hath libccty to fence in a 
skirt ot vpland at Seponack against his meadow for the strait- 

* Thii is part oflhe larm of Peter Fournier, deceased, lying uest to David Wliite's laiie. 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 75 

eninr^ or running liis fence to advantage provided it intrench 
not vpon the interest of the Indians, 

April 23 1679, an exchanore of land made between ^Ir. lolin 
Laughton and John Coopc^r as followeth, ye sd ]\lr Langhton 
impartetb vnto the said lohn Cooper his 50 in No 17 in ye 
South division in 3'e oxpasture, for lohn Cooper his 50 in ve 
Nortli devision then being No 31. 

At a town meeting Nov. the 5 1679. By a general voat it is 
ordered that ye Reverend Mr loseph Taylor is the man they 
pitch upon, and desire in the work of the ministry amongst us, 
accordihg to tormer voat of tlie town, & endeavors put forth to 
procure him. 

The town by major voat give unto IJumplirey Hughes ten 
acres of land lying ot the vacant land lying northward of ye 
mill pond, next ye land laid out to Edward Howell. 

Dec. 10 1678 At a towne meeting B3' voat is granted unto 
Ezekiel Sanford and given him 15 acres of land in some place 
that may be of least detriment to the towne and most advantage 
to him, in the best pidgment of the layers out upon this con- 
dition that hee continue in the towne & follow his vocation of 
making cart wheels the term of seven years from this time, at 
a reasonable rate and after that the land to be at his own dis- 

June 7 1690 two of the layers out of land namely lohn les- 
sup and Thomas Topping doe informe and afiirme that the}' 
with their partners have laid out the sd 15 acres vuto the said 
Ezekiel at Hacker's hole, Bounded on the South by ye allot- 
ment hee bought of Robert WooUey and is laid out there, on 
the North by the land of lohn Foster, on the east by the land 
of Arthur Howell, and on the West by ye common cart way. 

HEN. PIERSON, Recorder. 

[Page 128. | At a towne meeting lune the 25 1679 the gen- 
eral vote passed. That whereas f. rmerly It was (concluded by 
the town at a tormer Towne meeting that the layers out of the 
present great division ot land, should lay out the same (to suite 


the Inliabitants) according to their best Iiidgemeiit and discre- 
tion, and according to former manner, that is to say not in- 
trenching vpon highway's & M'atering places Which voat or 
order being not now at hand. The town doth now confirme 
theire said order, And the said layers out having finished their 
sd worke, It is concluded that whatsoever lands they have laid 
out to particular men as land belonging to this said devission. 
The towne doth covsent unto it & do now ratify it contiraie 
the same and every part & parcel thereof vnto those persons 
vnto whonie it is soe laid out. And soe doe proceed to cast lots 
for the rest which is to be cast lots for. But before the lots are 
cast it is by a major voat (of those that have right to voat) con- 
eluded that of all the lands lying open and to the common it 
shall be lawful for any Inhabitant that is a lotter, to fell and 
take away any timber tor building fencing or tireing from off 
any such said land, while they lye vnfenccd, By which sd land 
in common is ment, and to be vnderstood the last land laid out 
that is the 40 acres to 150£ lotment. 

Alsoe for prevention of future trouble that may arise, here 
followeth an accompt and plain description or list of the per- 
sons that now are to receive by lot their land & the proportion 
due unto yem. 

The ministers lot l."»0 Thomas Halsey 15!) 

Isaac Halsey 150 lohn Woodruli 150 

Leift Fordham 150 Edmond Howell 150 

!Mrs Rainer loO Thomas Ilalsey 150 

IMrs Rainer 50 ) .ri) Tho. Halsey deceased 150 

Thomas (Joo])er 100 \ Mr Philip Rob Kellam f .^ . 

lohn Cooper tor his mjtlier 150 and lohn Howell Ir \ 
Thomas Burnett 150 Tho. Goldsmith 100 > ,^, 

Tho. Cooper 150 \Vm Russell 50 ] ^"*^ 

Joseph Rainer } . - ^ Benj. llaines i 

Richard Howell^ ' Christopher Lupton v 150 

Samuel ('lark) Cornelius Vonk 

Widow Clark'^ 150 Ceorge Harris 100 } 

lohn Davis S Mr lonah Fordham 50^ 

Samuel lohnes 150 lohn Cooper aiul [ 

Widow Cook 150 Thomas Shaw \ 



Widow Cooper 150 Thomas Keeves is to 1 

Christopher tfoster ) have a 50 pound alot- }> 

Joseph tifbster - 150 merit J 

lohn Rose ) Mr Iennina;s is to have) 

a 50 and ^ of a 50 ^ 
Alsoe here followeth a phiin description of the pLaces where 
the lots ly that are now by the layers out finished and to bee 
cast lots for. 

1j On the west side of the rano;e ot ponds tliat goes from 
2 - East hampton path towards Scuttle hole. 

disposed of and soe not now allotted for. 

5 f Adjoining to the said ponds on the eastward side of them 
a j wdiereof the 6th lot hath an amdndment belongs to it 

7 ^ which a amendment lies on the north side of the aforesaid 

8 l^no. 8 lieading or butting upon the pond and is 8 acres. 

9rnnting upon Huntington path on ye Southward side 
10<j thereof. 

11 I 

12 j On the rear or Southward end of ye said No. 9, 10 
18 I Whereof No 13 is cast out & not to be lotted for. 

14 On the North side of Huntington path. 
,K ^On the North side of Huntington path running to Hunt- 
Kington hills. 
]C) fOn the north west side of hog neck path neere & against 
] 7 <J Rocky Hollow. VV hereof No 18 hath allowance an amend- 

18 [^ ment to be therevnto 8 acres. On the S. E.side of No. 15. 

19 (On the Northwest side of Scuttle hole, whereof No. 20, 

20 - 21 ly to Scuttle hole pond. 

21 / ■ 

22 ^On the north side of the last mentioned three lots (viz. 
28 '( 19, 20, 21) whereof No 22 cast out and not to be lotted for. 

f On the north east ward side of No 28 and is allowed to 
24 ^ hold or containe 60 acres, the same to ly there as best 
1 lyketh him to whom it shall fall by lott. 

1 f At the head of the mill ])ond on the northward side of Hen- 

2 <^ ry Ludlams land there, whereof No 1 lying on the south 

3 [side and the other two lots running northward thereof. 
At ye aforesaid Towne meeting the premises being accepted 


and concluded on The lots are made and drawn by the parties 
concerned, and they fall as followeth. 

1 Isaac Ilalsey 12 lohn Cooper tor his mother 

2 Widow Sarah Cooper 14 Leitt loseph ffordhani 
f Cornelius Vonck ^^ j loseph Ranier 

B-{ Christopher Lupton (Richard Howell 

l^Benjanien Haines 16 lohn Woodrull 

f Samuel Clark 17 Isaac Halsey 

5^ AVidow Clark ,o ( Thomas Shaw and 
[^ lohn Davis \ Widow Cooper 

6 The minister's lot 19 Thomas Flalsey 

7 Samuel lohnes 20 Widow Cook 

f Christopher Hbster 21 Thomas Halsey 

8<( loseph fibster o.> j Mr lonah flordham 

1^ John Rose "^ / Georo;e Harris 

9 Thomas Cooper f Robert Kellam, 

,^ j 'I'homas Goldsmith and 24 <( Mr. Phillips and 
^^ j Wm Russell L ^^^i" Howell Ir 

1 .. ^Thomas Cooper and 

(Mrs Rainer 
liemainini; to bee sup|)lyed out of ye comon, Tho. Reeves foi- 
a 50 & Mr leniiings for a 50 40 ^ which is to bee done by the 
lavers out at their best discretion. 

The 3 lots at ye mill pond head. Drawn 

No 1 Thomas Burnet 2 Edmoad Howell 3 lonathan Rai.ier 

[Page 131.] At the aforesaid towne meeting held lune 2.3, 
1679. By major voat is given and granted By the towne unto 
Bonony ffiint and his for ever the little peice or parcel of land 
by estimation two acres bee the same more or less lying and 
being against Sagaponack little swamp which runs eastward. 

The town by iiiajor voat gives and grants unto j\Ir lohn 
Laughton & his for ever six acres of land, in lieu or instead of 
the three acres which is dve unto him on ye division laid out, 
and the said six acres to bee laid out vnto him as convenient as 
may well bee, in the judgment of the layers out. 

The Town \)y major voat Give ai.d grant unto Mv lohn 
^loppam and his for ever three acres of land, adjoiinng to his 
ovvne land which lyeth toward the Long Springs the same not 
hindering or takeing in any watering place or highway. 


The town ^rant unto Wrn Russell the liberty to lay downe, 
or throw up to the comon all that his parcel of land which hee 
received on accompt of his share in the last great division, And 
instead thereof to take up and improve like quantity in'Jthe lot 
No 17 at Meacox, which No 17 belonged unto Iose])h Pierson 
and was exchanged with hiai by the town for so much land 

It is gi'anted unto Beniamen Haines libert}' to take up the 
fifty pounds lotment which Wm Russell laves down to the 
common tSz that adioyues to lohn Goldsmith his land Ivino- on 
the west side of Kellies pond containing about 7 acres instead 
of the 4| acres dve unto him the said Benjamen on account, of 
lohn Beswick and hisowne share of the crchyard land, hee the 
said Benjamen promiseth that it the towne will not give him 
the surplus or ye difference in quantity hee will jmv tor it to 
their satisfaction. 

[Page 132.] Oct 11, 1679. Left Richard Post acknowledg- 
eth to have freely given unto his sonne loseph Post all the 
land belonging to a 50 pound allotment, in the last division of 
land If id out in the town of Southairipton. In witness whereof 
lie hath this day hereunto set his hand. 


his mark 
Witness Henky Pieksux Rer-order. 

(Abstract) (Arthur Plowell sells to Joseph Post all his right 
in both parts of oxpasture. loseph in exchange gives all the 
land given him by his father in last division. Oct 11 1679) 

(Abstract) (the proportion of land above belonging to Rich- 
ard Post is laid out at the place comonly called Huntington) 

At the town meeting Dec. 10 1678 The town give and grant 
to loseph Post 14 or 15 acres of land in or about or towards 
the Long Springs at the discretion of the layers out. 

The towne gives unto Christopher Fowler ten acres of land 
in some convenient vacant place about or neare the land grant- 
ed to 3Ir lohn Lauii;ht(»n for his brother Josiah at the discre- 

80 Wi:<()iiDS: town OF SOCTllAMPTON. 

tion ot the layer;; out, hee tlio said Christopher coiitiimin<ij up- 
on it seven years and improvini^ it. 

[Page 133.] (zVbstract) (Thomas Cooper sells to his ?on 
Thomas 7 acres adjoining his new dwellino^ house 41 poles long 
28 poles wide, also a 100 comonage. Oct. 14 1679) 

(Abstract) (Arter Indians agrees to whale for loseph Ford- 
ham for haff share, witness lohn Wilkins Mary Fordham 1679) 

[Page 184.] (Abstract) (George Harris sells to Henry 
Pierson Ir a tract of land at Sagaponack, bounded S by Wm. 
Barnes losiah Stanborough and Shanigar Hand, N. by Benja- 
raen Paumer, W. by Sagaponack -pond, East by street. In ex- 
change Henry Pierson gives a piece of land at meacox, bound- 
ed E by Sagg pond being 7 iifties and a half of the land laid 
out to the north sea people instead of what they should have 
had in the oxpasture, live 50s he bought of lohn Besvvick, one 
of Mr lennings, and 1^ of Thomas Shaw. Dec. 1(5, IGTU) 

[Page loo.J (Abstract) (Mr Cornelius Dyer has sold to 
losiah Barthulemew a bay gelding horse. Tan. 26 1()79) 

(Al>stra(;fl (Cornelius Vonck sells to losiah Bartholemew 2 
acres in little plain. March 12 1079) (losiah Bartholemew 
sell them to Benj. Davis luly 6, 1681) 

(Abstract) (Sequanah an Indian agrees with Jonathan Hil- 
dreth and lohn Caivvith3% to try all the blubbei- they can ]):•()- 
cure, they are to cart the pots and wood, and he is to cut the 
wood, and is to have 2s 6d a barrel tor trying it. ]\laich 27. 

[Pagk 136.] (Abstract) (Agreement betweene John lessuj> 
and certain Indians to whale one season. March 29 1680) 

Whereas Mr lohn Laughton had the grant of his part of ye 
forty acre division to bo layd on the north side of the huid 
formerly layd out vnto lohn Tennison which land was in May 
22 1678 layd out vnto losiah Laughton as is expressed in foiu> 
120, and there beeing some difference between the said losiuh 
Laughton and Samuel Clark of ye Old town, their lines inter- 
fereijig one upon the other, wherevpon we the layers out viz. 
lohn lessui) Edmund Howell an 1 lohn Ho, veil Ir liavo t!iis 24 

i:ecords : town of solthampton. 81 

ot May 1687 composed the said difference, Mr Laiighton's land 
is allowed to goe the whole length of the land of Matthew 
Howell formerly said Tennison's land and on ye north side of 
the said land the line to run the length of Joseph Posts land, 
and from Joseph Posts Southeast corner along the South line 
of ye said Samuel Clarke's land Runing eastward to a stake bv 
us this day set down betweene them. 

[Page 1o7.J (Abstract) (John Burnet sells to his brother 
loel all his right to a parcell ot land his father gave him at 
Sagaponack between the close of Josiah Stan borough and the 
bounds between East & Southampton, 11 acres. In exchange 
loel Burnet sells his right to ^ of the 40 acres lying at head of 
mill pond, in addition he engaiies to clear 6 acres of it by cut- 
ting down the brush and burning the same, and telling the 
small trees that are under a foot over, and girdling the rest, to 
be done within 4 years. June 21st 1680) 

[Page 138.J (Abstract) lames Herrick sells to Christopher 
Ijeaming Lot 23 at Hog Neck, for which he is to receive one 
barrel of oyle and two good oyle barrels before next spring. 
June 21, 1680) 

(Abatract) Richard Howell acknowledges that formerly 
about the time of the marriage of his son David Howell, he 
gave him 13 acres of land, lying between the house and land of 
'i'homas Jessup at the west, and the land of Robert Norris at 
the East side, July 15, 1680) 

Mr. Thomas Shaw of- North Sea, of Southampton is chosed 
packer of ye towne of Southampton, and sworne to said otiiee 
March 4 1680. 

John Foster's land layd out to him vopn the forty acredivis- 
ion, whic liis about 14 acres to him for his fifty of allotment lying 
near or by hacker hole Bounded at the south side by the land 
of Ezekiel Sanford, and East by the land of Peregrine Stanbor- 
ough and west by the path that goes vp into the woods, and 
North by Sagaponack path that they vse to goe in over Sag 


Given in by Isaac Halsey Sen one ot the layei-s out May 23, 
1690. lohn Howell Clark 

[Page 1H9.] Southampton at a Towne meeting held March 
the 22, 1679. Whereas This Towne By Gods providence and 
their endeavours, tiiey have at present obtained the presence 
and help of the Reverend ^Ir loseph Taylor in the work of the 
ministry, proposalls at divers times for his comfort and main- 
tainance, having been made unto him, And lie seems to accept, 
and to be inclined to stay in this towne. And otticiate in the 
said work of the ministry amongst us, hee haveing been with 
us the winter past, and now Intendcth forthwith to goe to the 
main land unto his family, iior his turther steady and more ccr- 
taine encouragement to come and make his abode with us, In 
the said work before mentioned. In fine, It unanimously (ex- 
cepting only three persons) concludeth asfolloweth, That dur- 
ing all the time that hee shall stay in this Towne and ofHciate 
amongst us hee shall have duely and truly paid unto him or liis 
order, By all the Inhabitants ot, and belonging to this said 
town, according to theire due proportions, the full sum of one 
hundred pounds per annum. The same to bee paid either in 
winter \vheat at five shillings per bushel or summer wheat at toin- 
shillings sixpence per bushel, or Indian corne at two shillings 
sixpence pr bushel, or tallow at 6d per lb, or green hides at 3d 
a pound, or dry hides at 6d a lb, or beef at fourty shillings a 
barrel, or porke at three pounds ten shillings per barrel, or od 
a [)Ound, or whalebone at eight pence per pound, or in oyle at 
thirty shillings per barrel, all to bee good and merchantable 
and to be collected from year to year by the constable and over- 
seers for the time being, or son.e one w'home they shall appoint, 
Secondly During the said time of his stay, and officiating ttc in 
this said Town hee shall have to his own proper vse and behoof 
the vse of the liouse and land formerly built, and laid out for 
the nn'nistrv, together with an other end unto the said housi-, 
which is already agreed for with a workman to build, and the 
privilege of an 1 50£ comonage. Thirdly He the said Mr Tayl()r 
sliall have one hundred aci'es of huid in the woods or commons 


wliicli is to bee to him and his heyres, To liave and to hold for- 
ever, Together with tiie toure acres of land, that was sometime 
pt of the oxpastnre and appointed to Mr lohn Ilarrlman for a 
[Page 140,] house lot. Foiirthl}^ 1'he towne shall and will make 
lip at present sufKcieiit by new posting, &c all the fence against 
the land for the ministry, That is to say at ye home lot, and all 
the eastwai'd inclosure, adjoining to ye plaine, and the wdst- 
ward parcel or enclosure, soe to bee fenced by the town here- 
after when Mr Taylor hath need tliereot. 

March 22 1679 at a Towme meeting. It is given and granted 
unto Mr lohn Anniy all ye vacant land at the rear of lohn les- 
sups home lot,* and the vacant land on the brow of the hill 
against the old towne by Mr Fordiiam's land, not prejudicing 
the highways. 

(Abstract) (Charles Sturmy sells to loslah Stanborough Lot 
No 20 in ye late division at Sagaponack. In exchange losiah 
Stanborough gives lot No 9 at Meacox. Nov. 3 1680) 

[Page 14 L] At a town meeting held in Southampton Aprill 
ye 5 1687, that whereas Mr loseph Whiteing (our present min- 
ister) and the towne never yet came to any settled conclusion 
for his yearly maintainance, whereupon it is this day fully 
agreed on and concluded by the general voate of the town, that 
]\Ir Whiteing shall have allowed unto him for his yearlj^ main- 
tainance one hundred pounds per annum, to be paid unto him 
both in time and manner, price and speacie as it is menconed 
and described in the covenant or agreement to Mr Taylor as 
entered in this book, in the page before this, and to have the 
use of and to enjoy all the houseing, land and accomodations, 
that is by the towne sequestered for the ministry all which is 
granted to the said Mr loseph Whiteing, dureing the time that 
he shall officiate in the work of the ministry amongst us, and 
alsoe the towne shall pay at his decease unto his wife if shee 
survive him, one hundred pounds, of the same payment afore- 
said it he continue in the said work until his decease here in 
this towne. 

* John Jeppup's home lot is now the homestead of Cap;. Barney Green, forniprly Sylva- 
nus Raynor's. W. S. P. 


(Abstract) lolin Woodruff sells to Daniel Sayre his 100 of 
orchard land being one acre at long spring?, bounded E by lob 
Sayre, and Samuel Cooper, and Francis Sayre, W by Daniel 
Sayre. J\Iarch 29 1688) 

[Page 142.J Southampton this 1st day of luly 1680. 
Whereas there is and hath been difference between this town 
and Thomas Cooper concerning a highway cross his lot laid 
out to him at the westward of his home lot, the business being 
well weighed and considered by Mr lustice Topping and ye 
constable and three of ye overseers, for the towne, on the one 
])art, and the said Thomas Cooper on the other part they the 
said parties doe mutually and doterminately respectively agree 
concerning the said highway as followeth, viz, that Between 
this and the middle of May next, ensueing, he the said Thomas 
Cooper shall and will leave open a space of ground of six poles 
wide cross liis said division of land the same to bee and remain 
forever as a common highway for th.e townes use, which said 
space of ground or higliway is to bee and soe to remain. In and 
between the land belonging to him ye said Thomas (vooper on 
the eastward side and the land in the use and possession of 
Gersham Culver on the westward side. 

Witnessed per me HENRY PIERSON Recorder 

(Notes at bottom) Samuel Clark Ir George Harris Ir re- 
cord earmarke 1752 & 1757. 

[Page 143.] (Abstract) (David flaines gives to lackson 
Scott a half lot at leffry's creek lying next to said Scott. In 
exchange for 1 rod wide the length of said Haines homeses hill 
lot. April 4 1749. 

Southampton April 7 174;K Whereas we- the subscribers 
seeing the inconvenience of Improving lot No. 46 together do 
devide the said lot as followeth. Ephraim White and lonah 
Bower is to have Lot No 1, each side the fresh pond, lohn 
liigger and Thomas hu]itou is to h;i\(' tlic lot No 2 each side 



the fresh pond the heirs of loseph Hildreth is to liave the lot 
No 3 each gide of the fresli pond. 


Obadiah Rogers Cleric, 

[Page 144] (Abstract) (Robert Smith of Brookhavencon- 
Urms a sale formerly made to Benony tflint, of house and land 
at Old field. Oct. 19 1680) 

[Page 145 is blank.] 

[Page 146.] At a town meeting xVpril 1 1681 Samuel 
lohnes was chosen constable, and sworn to that office for the 
year or until another be chosen. Francis Saj're Isaac Ilalsey 
overseers. At this town meeting:; was given and granted by 
vote unto Benony Newton the remainder of the vpland vpon 
l)rushy neck which is unlaid out. At the same meeting it was 
put to vote wlietlier or no widow Cook should have liberty to 
lav downe the two acres of land which lier husband was In- 
debted to ye towne, where she pleaseth of that division or 
whether the committy's regulations concerning ye highway 
there and the said 2 acres of land shall stand as they report to 
the town they have staked it out, by major voat it is concluded 
that what the committy did in (the) premises shall stand viz 
that the said widow ^ook doe lay out the two acres of land 
with other enlargement of the highway according to what the 
committies did in that case, as impow^ered by the town to rec- 
tify such things. 

Also it is granted unto Samuel lohnes to have by way of ex- 
change the piece of land lying vpon the front of his land oppo- 
site to lohn Post liis home lot,* on the other side of the town 
highway, for which he is to lay dcwn as much of his land tow- 
ards Cobs pond, which is adjoining Henry Piersons land. 

Also it is granted acd given to losiah Laughton upon the 

* John Post's home lot is uow the homestead cf Capt. James Bishop. W. S. P. 

86 records: toWxV of Southampton. 

request ot his brother John lialf an acre more or less, at one 
end or the other of Samuel Clark, his land, at which end the 
said Clark pleaseth. 

It is also given and granted vnto Wm Hackleton one acre 
and a half a land on the hill b}^ Thomas Cooper, or more if it 
can be had there, for a home lot, the same is given to him and 
his for ever upon this condition that he build and settle upon 
it, and to improve his trade for the benefit of this tovvne before 
any other whatsoever. 

It was also granted to widow (Jook 6 acres of wood land in 
some convenient place at the discretion of the hijers out in 
stead of the land which she pretended slice had right to on ye 
hill by Thomas Cooper's the town grant the said six acres for 
peace sake shee renounceing all her pretended right in or into 
the land on the said hill. 

[Page 147.] At a towne meeting April ye first 1681 By 
major vote it was granted unto Thomas Cooper to exchange 
his devision of land lying eastward of Seattle hole which is two 
lots (with one 50 of Jonathan Kainers contained in them) the 
said land to have laid out unto him at his owne charge norward 
of East Hampton liode opposite against Henry Ludlams his 
land at ye hay ground at discretion of j'e layers out. if there be 
roome for soe much land. 

Also it was granted to Ben. Pierson to have an acre and half 
of orchard land on the west end of his land at little worth, and 
what more can be spared after the highway is regulated at the 
discretion of the layers out. 

7Vpril 2 1681 Land laid out unto lohn Lupton at meacox by 
Edward Howell and John Jessup Sen as followeth, one piece 
lying by the east side of John (^ookes land on which his house 
standeth, which land Ives in length 80 poles north and South, 
in bredth at the lower end ten poles, at the upper end twelve, 
with another piece by the east side of John Luptons his home 
lot, being in length 88 poles and in breadth as the said layers 
Otit have staked it out, also another small piece of land lying 
upon the front of his owne h^me lot along by the higliway 

i;i:c'0Ui;>8 : vuws of soituampton. 87 

side containiii<2; about a ruode of land, all which parcells of land 
contains six aires of land, and three roodes mora or less which 
land the said John Lupton receives ot lohn Eose, npon the ac- 
conapt of VV^ni Barnes, (Note) rests due to said Lupton 3 acres 
and 3 quarters which is made up to him in page 125 and 137. 

The aforesaid parcells of land are recorded by the request ot 
lohn Lupton, as given unto us by the aforesaid layers out. 

:MR lOIIX HOWELL, Recorder. 
The d:ite and day aforesaid. 

' Wee the layers out, viz, lohn liowell Edward Howeil and 
lohn lessup appointed by ye towne to lay out Wm Hackleton's 
land according to our best desccetijn, have laid it out to him ye 
said Hackleton upon the hill southward of Thomas Coopers, 
tlxi south lyne 42 pole, ye north line 36 poles ye west 4 poles 
and halfe the East line 20 pole in all two acres and three roods 

April 19 1681 A true copy by me lOHN HOWELL, 
Oipt lohn Howell Recorder. 

Edward II owe 11 
lohn lessu|) 

[Rage 148.] (Abstract.) Thomas Reeves sells to lohn 
ll(jwell 3^ acres at rear of [oseph Ranior's land by Matthew 
Howell's house, bounded W by Matthew Howell 8. by Joseph 
Ranior, E and N by Thomas Reeves, lohn Howell in exchange 
givos two act'es in oxpasture North division Lot No 4. 

April 4 1681 Robert Wooley butting against lohn Wood- 
ruff now laid but westward leaving a highway next the Indian 
lence of four poles wide if the town see cause, 24 acres,* on ye 
south side of ye above said 24 acres, and of lohn Woodruff* his 
22 acres and ^, Laved out to Robert Woolly 25 acres more or 

April 4 168b Vpon ye request of lohn Woodruff wee the 
the layers out of land for ye great division viz 20 acres to a 50, 
doe afhrme that when we showed the towne their proportion of 

' This is probablj' part of the farm of tbe late Capt. Edward White, at Seponack. W.S.P 

88 KECouus: towx of Southampton. 

land it was unanimously concluded by us ye said layers out yt 
]olin Woodrufi's lot at Scuttle hole should have liberty to come 
to ye said hole tor watering, also the said lohn Woodruff is to 
i<eep a pair of slip bars for a highway for them that lye north 
east of him if need bee. 

A true copy lOHN HOWELL, 1r. 

[Page 149. | At a town meeting August ye 4th 16SI By ye 
major voat of the Inhabitants it is concluded that the building 
of the gallarrys in the meeting house shall be deferred until the 
next year. At the same meeting it is by major voate upon tl e 
peticon of Mr lohn Laughton given and granted to Ijim accord- 
ing to his peticon 10 acres of land to be added to ye 10 acres of 
land which was awarded him by the arbytration, and to bee 
laid out to him at ye discr tion of ye layers out, and also in 
creas of land for the future to his said fifty given him in the 
same award. 

Also it is by generall voat concluded and agreed upon that 
all the meadows lying westward of the River commonly called 
or known by the name of Quantuck, as Assops neck Catchpon- 
ack potunk and Ononke shall be layd out to every man inter- 
ested there, inparticular to perpetuity between this and the 
next spring. 

Also at the same meeting by a general vote it is concluded 
and agreed upon that the vacant land lying upon the front of 
lohn lagger and Isaac Halsey their land to the northward of 
lohn Pjrle his house* (lying by the side of the highway to the 
north sea) shall for ever lye open to the common for ye towns 

The ]\Ianner and form of the laying of the land In Hog neck 
as followeth, & la3'd out by the men appoynted by the town 
for that })nrpose, viz Mr Edward Howell lohn lessup loseph 
Hainer Mr Henry Pierson Thomas Topping Mr lolin lennings 
lohn Howell Ir lune 1680. 

• John EarlV home lot was prabably the homestead now belonsjinii to K. Wines Payne. 
The lot of John Jnt'srer and Isa.n Halsey were the lots now owned by the Methodist i)ar- 
soiiatre and ('apt. Honrv Halsey. \V. S. 1'. 


1 We begun and layd out a high (way) 6 poles wide from the 
going on to the neclv at the end of the beatch bearing north 
and by East quite through the neck, which was in length 490 
poles, set out by a range of stakes leaving the highway on the 
west side ol the stakes. 

i Then beginning upon the afore said highway 80 poles 
where we set the square and run a highway downe almost to 
the Clift 66 poles, the depth of range of lots includes the afore 
said highway of 6 poles which line cuts off an angle only 34 
poles across to the Clitt at the angle end. 

3 We began at the aforesaid 66 pole stake, thence running 
a second highway across the neck parallel with the first high- 
way varving 6 pole« by inclinatior, bearing north and by east, 
440 from the said G6 pole stake, to the other side of the neck, 
tiiere being 34 poles more as aforesaid across the angle to the 
Cleft, between which highways is contained 8 lots No. as in the 
map 25 26 27, 28 29 8i) 31, 32. 

4 Beginmg at the mile tree upon the second highway we 
run a line square off west and by south downe to a brook or 
meadow, then marked a pine tree which line cuts off 3 lots as 
in the map is numbered 33 34 3/5. 

[Page 15o.] 5 Begining at the f of a mile tree upon the 
oecond highway wee set the square and run a highway west 
and by south down to the high Cleft, 240 poles, which highway 
cuts off a squadron of 4 lots numbered as in the map 36 37 3.*5 
39^ which rear nynm. No 35 and the water, and front upon the 
aforesaid highway as in the maps more plainly doth appeare,, 
tbeiiupon the southwest side of that highway goeing downe to 
the.clift there fronts 6 lots numbered as in the maps 40 41 42 43 
44 45 which 6 lots reer upon the side 46 which number 46 with 
the angle 47 froiat vpon the second hiifhway and reer vpon the 
Cleft, as in the nia]» numiierod 46 and 47. 

6 Then we begjin at the wadeing place on to the neck and 
run a highway quite throu the neck parallel with the first 
hicrhvvay excepting 10 poles declination being mesured at 342 
p'oies ill the map ternved the waiiing ph.ce highway which high- 


way containes a squadron of 10 lots though in the map through 
mistake divided in eleven which 10 are numbered as in the map 
from 15 to 24. 

7 ]\[av the 17 we began upon the aforesaid highway 80 poles 
and run a highway square down to the meadow 80 poles as in 
the map where the three red lines be together, 80 poles being 
in the said line or highway thence running a highway parallel 
with the first cutting off a squadron of 7 lots, numbered from 8 
to 15 as in the map is soe. Then on the east side of the afore- 
said highway lyes 4 lots numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, then vpon the 
gouth east point lyes 3 lots. No 5, 6, 7 little hog neck lyes for 2 
lots for number 48, 49, brushy neck number 50. Number 4 8 
15 48 49 50 to have no out meadow they having meadow with- 
in themselves, also it is agreed by ye layers out that number 14 
shall have amends from number 39 ot 6 acres of land. 

The order and manner of the lying of the out meadow be- 
longing to the lots in Hog neck with numbers answering to 
there numbers Respectively as they were drawne for hog neck. 

Beginning at the great meadow by the bound stake* with 
number 1 thus increasing to 19, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 
13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19. No 4 8 l'> left out as aforesaid to have 
no out meadow. 

Nextly No 20 lyes in a small peece by itself between the 
aforesaid meadows and the meadow going on to brushy neck. 

Nextly we bearan upon the meadow goeing on to brushy 
neck upon the east part of it with number 21, the highway to 
go on to brushy neck to be at the south end of the meadow 
which meadow as aforesaid beorins with No 21 increasing: to No 
34 containing 14 lots. No 85 lyes on the left hand of the said 
highway with what grass may be cut upon the highway includ- 
ing the meadow upon the south })t of brushy neck, unlaid out. 

[Page 151.] Nextly No 3H lyes on the left hand ot the 
Inghwav as goes to the aforesaid meadow, it lyes in a small 
cove by itself, then we began at the meadow commonly called 

•The meaflow here laid out lie to the west of Saj-Hurbor maiu «tie»t. The b>iuiid 
stake stood near the.hesd of the whnrf. W.S.l'. 


Smiths njcadow w\th No 37 increasing upwards to No 46 the 
meadow on the west side ot weekatuck neck lyes for the lot 47. 

A compt of the said work per me lohn Howell Ir. 

Iiine 1 J 680 The lots tor hog neck drawne with their num- 
ber as followeth. 

Arthur Fiowell & loscph More a 50 there lot No 2 

Bcnj. Davis Thomas Reeves Cornelius Vonck each 50 9 

Daniel Halsey 24 

Edmund Howell 21 

Edward Howell, 150 04 

El an than Topping 36 

Charles Sturmy and lohn Davis 37 
Christopher Lupton Will Russell Isaac Halsey (each 50) 6 

George Harris lohn Jennings 13 

Henry Picrson 41 

Capt. lohn Howell 38 

Justice lohn Topping and John Laughtoii 12 

John Moppain Robert Ivelliim Mr Phillips i^each 50) 22 

Joseph Ray nor 20 

lames Ilcrrick 2r> 

lames White 01 

Jonathan Jiaynor 16 

John ) agger 25 

Jsaac Willman 47 

John Cook and the widow 11 

J^anc Jlalsey HO 

Joseph Hildreth Thomas Shaw widow Cooper o9 

loseph Eordham 7 

Joseph J^'oster 26 

loseph Taylor S 

Joseph Eordham 15 

Joshua J^arnes JOO Daniel Sayre a 50 40 

Jonah Eordham Edward How^ell loseph Eordham 43 
[Page 152.J Capt. John Howell Ijlm Jlowell Jr Eze 

kiel Sanford 31 

lolm lessup 3^> 


lob Savre ^'^ 

lohn Foster & Eicharcl Post 10 

Richard Howell 42 

Samuel Clarlc and lohn Bishop 45 

Thomas Topping ^^ 

Thomas Burnet ^ii 

l^homas Trovally 44 

Thomas Halsey 1'^ 

Thomas Halsey ^^ 

Thomas Halsey and I^^aao 3 

Robert Woollcy and lohn leninj^s 2'J 

Samuel lohncs 28 

Widow Cooper «^3 k 5 

Thomas Cooper Ir lonathan Raynor 14 

Tho. Cooper Sen «^>- 

Obadiah Rogers 1^ 

Perco-rinc Stanborough and losiah Henry Ludlam k 

Anthony upon little hogg neck 48 49 

lohn Woodrutt'OO upon brushy nock f^O 

A true copy per mo loiiN Howell Recorder Sopt, the 3, 

(Abstract) (\Vm Herrlck sells to Isaac Halsey Lot No 3 

aecabogue in exchange tor Lot 31 at Catchaponack. May 16, 


(Abstract) (At a town meeting September ye 7 IG'^'O Upon 
the petition ot Thomas Reeves the towne give and grant unto 
him the angle or goarof land lying at the west end [Page 15'-^.] 
of widow Sirah Cooper her land against that whicli was the 
oxpasturc, the trout ot which said angle is to run as the fence 
ot Old (hd, on concMtion that he leave a 4 rod road from ihe 
common highway to Shinec;o(k/ unto his said lot) 

(Abstract) (Thomas Halsey sells to TJioma? Reeves, two 
lots in South and two lots in North division of oxpasture, num- 
bered a? they fell to him by lot. In exchange Thomas Reeves 

• Now Hill Street. 


gives that parcel of land at the rear of lonas Raynors at Wcek- 
apaug, 20 acres. Oct. 3 1681) 

[Page 154.] At a towne meeting of the Inhabitants ot 
Southampton Sept. 2(3 1G81. Whereas there hath been pre- 
sented to this towne meeting a letter from the neighbouring 
towns (concerning sending men deputed from every towne to 
meet at Huntington, to consult about severall things thought 
necessary for the publique good, whereupon it is concluded by 
generall voat of this Towne that two men shall be sent and 
dcpuced to act for the Towne, In reference to the premises, it 
is by major voat concluded that Capt. Howell and loscpli Rai- 
ner shall be the men appointed to goe to Huntington to meet 
our neighbors according t3 their request, further it is concluded 
by major voat that in case Capt. Howell will not goe that the 
constable and overseers shall have liberty to chusc another 
man in his room, seeing that Capt. Howell will not goe the 
constable and overseers make choyco of Samuel lohnes to goe 
in his roome. 

At the same town mciiting it is concluded by unanimous voat 
of the Inhabitants presont that the vacant land lying between 
Thomas Roses his dwelling house and Thomas Stephens shall 
as it now doth lye to the covnon for the townes use for ever.* 

[Page 155.] (Abstract) lohn Moppam sells to Capt. lohn 
Howell ^ of Lot 21 at Sagaponack. In exchange Capt. How- 
ell gives land at Long Springs on north side of land granted to 
said [Moppam on Page 131. Bee. 20 1681) 

Abstract) (The towne grant permission to lohn Lupton to 
lay d?wn two acres to the t)wnes use, and take up the peice 
that Mrs j\lartha Cook lays down between her land and iohn 
Luptons land laid out for him in April 2 1681. lunc 5 1681) 

x\t a town meeting April 1 1682 of the inhabitants of South- 
ampton lob Sayre chosen Constable, lohn ffoster and loseph 
Pierson overseers) It was also at the same n>eeting by general 
voat concluded and agreed upon that all the meadow between 
(}uantucl< and Aspatatuck belonging to tho Inhabitants of 

* Tlii-j 1= supposed to be the ?ile of Wiudaiill, at VVatermill. W. S. P. 



this town shall bee laid out in propoit'on aceordino; to pro- 
priety, and interest lor every man his proportion, and the men 
that are chosen and appointed by the inhabitants in general 
herein concerned to lay out the aforesaid meadows accordins; 
to the voat this spring are Mv Edward Howell, Mr Obadiah 
Eoger.^ Isaac llalsey and lohn lie well Tr. 

[Page 15G.] It is also by major voat concluded and agreed 
upon that ye hundred and titty ol coir.onage with the privileges 
belonging, together with the hundred acres of land granted to 
him by ye town and the four acres in the oxpasture which was 
some time appointed for 3Ir lohn Rarriman, iiienconed in page 
139 shall be all ixecorded to ]Mr losepli Taylor and his heyres 
forever, with the severall bounds, how situated and numbered, 
with Ibis proviso that the said Mr Taylor be pleased to take 
the otKce ot a pasture upon him and continue therein to offici- 
ate in the work of the ministry amongst us. 

April 13 1682. lob Sayre sworn to the ofKce ot constable 
by lusticc Topping for this year or until another be sworne. 
At the same meeting it is by major voat concluded and agreed 
upoc to send a messenger Irom this towne to Boston with let- 
ters from ye towne to procure a m mister to cary on the work 
ot the ministry amongst us, and Capt. Howell is the man bv 
major voat chosen and appoir.ted to goe to Boston, as this 
townes messenger, tor to procure a minister for ye towne. 

.March 30 1682 Whereas lacob \\ ood in his life time had a 
grant of the towne of some land adjoining to his owne land or 
house lot to be laid out to him by consent of Arthur Howell 
soo far as he was willing, northward ot liis said land, but not 
finished untill atter the said Jacobs decease then the constable 
and overseers according to law repaired to said house to Inven- 
tory said estate then in the presence of the said Arthur Howell 
with his consent was by the constable and two overseers laid 
out a certaine piece of land as an addition to said Jacob Woculs 
land running from the corner at the u|)per end along by the 
highway side to a marked tree where the highway goeing East 
and west, and the hl<^diwav n(;rth and south intei'scct each 


other there was marked a walnut tree, thence turning East 
down to the Creek to a white oak tree marked upon the brow 
of the hill hard bj the swamp, by the path side, the swamp to 
be left out for about 9 or ten poles then to rnn into the creek. 


Know all men whom it may concern that I doe owne and 
acknowledge that I did give to my daughter Herrick a fifty at 
C^uaquanantuck, divers years past, as witness my hand this 18th 
of lune 1686. 


A true copy Iohx Howell Clerk. 

[Page 157.] lune ye 27 1682 At a towne meeting held in 
Southampton it is b}' general voat concluded and agreed upon, 
there shall be a letter sent from ye towne to Mr Whiting of 
Linn to Invite him to come upon tryall to officiate amongst us 
in ye work of ye ministry, the men nominated chosen and ap- 
pointed by general voate of ye towne are Justice lohn Topping 
Capt. Howell Edward Howell loshua Barnes Thomas Cooper, 
together with Constable and overseers, with any other of the 
neighbors that please to assist them therein. 

A true copy per lOHN HOWELL Clerk. 

It is agreed that whereas there was a difference betweene ye 
widdow Mrs Sarah Cooper and Christopher ftbwler aboute a 
highway it is concluded that there shall be and forever to He- 
main a liighway of three poles wide on the South side of the 
said Christopher's lot,* and that the said Christopher doth 
engage for the present to maintaine a sufficient pair of barres 
for the egress and Regress of the said widow, her heirs or suc- 
cessors and that upon a months warning he will lay the full 
highway of three poles wide open, and I do engage both for 
myself my heirs and successors yt shall come after me in ye 

• The highway here mentluned is supposed to have run diagonly, coninieucing on the 
west street^of the village opposite the home lot of Capt. Georze White, aud lunuinoj^tii 
Hill Street. ^'- ^- *'• 


possession of the said lot, as witness my hand in open Court at 
Southampton this Dth day of March Anno Dom 16S2 
In presence of his 


lohn Laugh ton mark 

At a town meetins^ held at Southampton April ye 2d 1683, 
Mr Edward Howell was chosen constable, who refuseth to 
serve, whereupon the townc proceed to a new ciiO}cc. 2ly 
Mr Obadiah Rogers is chosen constable, in the roome of ye 
said Edward Howell but the said Obadiah Rogers doth alsoe 
refuse to serve, whereupon the towne proceeded to a new 
Ohoyce, .^dly lolm Icssup Ir is chosen (Nonstable for this 
year, and he doth also refuse to serve, whereupon tlic towne 
proceeded to a new choyce, and then Edmond Howell is chosen 
constable, and he also by his messenger informes the towne 
t'lat he will not serve, whcrenpon again the towne proceeded 
t^ a new choyce, John Eisc is chosen constable, for tl is year 
who accepts and is sworn thereunto by lustice To]>ping. lohn 
laggor and lohn Howell Ir. chosen overseers, for the next twcv 
years ensueing. Also at this meeting is concluded by major, 
voat of this town that the constable and overseers have power- 
to repare the house lor the ministry and build a baru for the 
n.inistry, and to rei)air all tha fence that is to be done by the 
t)wn for the ministry, as was agreec^ to be done for Mr Taylor, 
all which to be done at the towns charge. 

At the aforesaid town meeting A prill 2ond 16H3 it is agreed 
and concluded upon by general vote of the town that the fences, 
namely ye common fence belonging to tlie great & little plains 
shall bee by ye constable and overseers, now laid out to every 
man, his proportion, now forthwith to bee Done as formerly 
with a good sutHcient six Raile fence to secure the said plains 
and comon land. At the same meeting it is given and granted 
to l\lr loseph Fordham Lil)erty to set uj) a ware Ik use at the 
n^rth scM lauding place, and the privillcdgc of soe much Liind 
to set the -aid Housr tlier(t>n as it shall contain, w'.u'ch is 


granted bv generall voate ot tlie town unto liini soe far as tliey 
have power, to give him Interest tlierein. 

May ye 15th 1683. Capt. lohn Howell and jMr lohn lessup 
being two of the Layers ont of liand, Doe give in that they 
have, according to the towne grant Layed ont at Littlewortli 
hollow, to Benjamin Davison soe much Land as can be spared 
adjoyning to his own land Leaving a highway in ye said Hol- 

Witness lOHX HOWELL Recorder. 

At a town meeting held in Southampton Sept. 24th 1083, it 
was granted unto Samuel Whitehead by major voat oi the In- 
habytants there present, that he should have a small bitt of 
Land ot four foote long and two foote and a hall -wide north- 
ward Into the highway adjoining to his land on ye north side 
ot his Dwelling house which is to sett his oven upon. 

It i3 likewise granted by major vote unto Gersham Culver to 
close up the highway at the head of the creek lying between 
liis land and the land of Isaac Halsey, he leaving the said 
highway the same for quantity out ot his owme land on ye east- 
ward or homeward side thereof and to remove the gate at his 
owne charge. 

It is likewise granted bv maior vote of ve same meetinsc unto 
loseph JMoore to take up his halfe acre of orchard land upon 
the trout of his owno land lying westward of Samuel Lum his 
dwelling h(mse, to be taken up in a gore peece as it lyes 
against his land, and noe way to pi'ejudice the highway. It is 
likewise granted by generall voat of the town at ye samemeet- 
ino; unto lohn Larrison to close up the vacant land Ivingr be- 
tween his close as you go towards Cobs pound, and Christopher 
fibster his close to close vp the said land to his neighbours next 
adjoining for which land hee is to lay downe soe much in quan- 
tity of land on the west side of the said close all along the side 
opposite to Isaac Rainer his close that soe the highway may 
be enlarged. 

[l^.vfiE 1")').] DcceinlxM- ye 6 1G83. Widv>w Hannah How- 

98 liEf'OIiDS: rnW.V OF SDrTlIA.MPTOX. 

ell ffives in her ear ni:u-k to be a crop on both ears and two 
slits downe the right ear. 

At a town meeting December 2 16^3. ]\Ir Edward Howell 
JMr Obadiah Rogers and lohn Howell Ir were chosen by major 
vote of the Inhabitants to be commissioners to try and hear 
small causes according to law, and Obadiah Rogers and lohn 
'-* Howell Ir were sworn to the said office by Capt. Voungs, and 
at ye same time the same three men were likewise chosen to be 
assessors about the gratuity to ye governor of a penny in ye 

At a towne meeting lanuary ye 25 1683-4 the aforesaid three 
commissioners by major vote of the town chosen and apointed 
towupsmen to order and supervise the prudential affaires of the 
towno untill ye first or second day ot April in the 3'ear 1685, 
whoe doe Accept these (»f the towne Allowing of them Reasona- 
ble satisfaction for ye tiiY^e and labor soe expended, and lolm 
Howell iris at ye said time by major vote chosen towne 
treasurer, for the same time viz until Aj)ril ye first oi- second 
day in the year 1685. 

It is also at ye same meeting granted by major vo;it unto 
losiah Hartholemew the same privilege that was formerly gi-ant- 
ed by this town unto ^Ir lohn Macarty at ye head of the Iiiver, 
and the said losiah is also exem|>ted from paying of any town 
Rates for the term of ten years, all which is granted unto ye 
said losiah, upon, this terme of consideration that he, his heirs, 
executors administrators and assigns shall constantly and from 
time to time there keep a house and all things necessary for the 
eomfoi-table entertainment of travellei's both for the relief of 
UK'ii :ui(l horses that ^hall liave occasion to travel yt way. 

At ye same town meeting it is granten by the towTie unto 
\Vu\ Ilerrick all the vacant land lying between his land and 
iht' bind ot Benjamen fibster* lying eastward of the highway 
from (Joi)> pound to the water mill for which land soe granted 
as aforesaid the s;iid Win lleri-ick is to pay mito the towne four 
pounds two siiilliiigs. 

• 'riiu hiiid of HcD'uuniii ^•^)^ll•l• is iiiiw tin- hi)iiK"-tc-ul ot'C:!!)!. Sc'ldi-n Foster :il Col)!). 

W. S. 1". 


At a town meeting ffe])rnary ye 15 lfi83-4. lolm Howell Ir 
was chosen by major roat to goe to Southold as a committy 
man lor this towne for ye setting of a county Rate and there to 
act witli ye Rest oi" ye comittee In Refference to that Affair, 
and also it the Rest of ye comittee Doe proceed to make choise 
ot a county treasurer then hee is to act with them either by 
voate of ye comittee or by proxes of the Inhabitants. 2dly ]\lr 
lohn lennings and lohn Laugh ton chosen by ye towne to visit 
their westward bounds, about Seatuck, and are to procure the 
Assistance of Sam'll Dayton of Brookhaven to effect the same. 

[Page 160.] At ye same town meeting lohn Howell Justice 
caused the law ot settlement to be 'Read the third time In pub- 
lick. At a towne Meeting Aprill 7 1684 loseph pierson was 
chosen constable for this yeare and lohn lager lohn Davis and 
Elnathan Toping grand jury men. 

It was allsoe agreed wMth Doctor Crag by the towne concern- 
ing the lad lames Hintchee under care, that ye said Doctor 
(>rao; doth engage to ye towne to send him to ye place where 
his father dwells at Island Saint Christopher or Neviss and to 
produce the masters receipt that shall carry him thither and 
deliver him at ye said Island. In consideration ot cure and 
transportation the towne give him 15 pounds, which 15 pounds 
is paid to the said lohn Crag and his Receipt for the same is in 
the records upon file. 

New York ye 25th ot ]\Iarch 1687. Then Received from 
Thomas Stephens the sum of two pounds, on accompt of quit 
rent of ye towne of Southampton, and ffve shillings more, in 
liew of two lambs for said account, I say Received by me 
£2, 5, 0. D. LAiAIOY, Dept Coll. 

A true copy. Iohn Howell Clerk. 

Sept ye 29 1684. Received then of lohn Laughton on ye 
accompt of ye towne of Sonthampton In full for their Qnitt 
rent for their patent to ye year one thousand six hundred 
eighty six, to say ten lambs. I say soo received 


A true copy of originall, Tohn Howell Clerk. 


[Page 161.] Whereas tliere is in folio 15S a town (fv-dut to 
lohn Larrison to close up the vacant hind between his close and 
ye land of loseph and Xtoi)her ffoster for soe much Land Laid 
Downe to ye highway on the side of ye said close, by Isaac 
Rainer, now know you that we the subscnbed have in order to 
ye said towne grant at ye request of ye said lohn Larrison laid 
out ye said land to lohn Larrison : Leaving a highway to said 
fibsters bars of two pole wide or better, and have alsoe laid out 
to yc towne to be taken off in the room of ye land aforesaid soe 
much land on ye west side of his Close which is taken off ye 
side of ye Close in this manner, that is beginning at the nortii- 
west corner of his close and thence cutting off three acres ot 
land 25 poles, to a stake standing at ye south end, takeing off 
at ye south end about 7| poles of ground in breadth leaving 
nothing at ye other end, and of about the same wideness in ye 
middle which makes the said west line straite from end to end 
which was was formerly crooked. i\Iay ye 19, 1684, JBy us 


May 26 1684 Layd out by the Layers out of Lund namely 
Capt. Howell Mr Edward Kowell John lessup and lohn How- 
ell [r a hiL'hway of three poles wide from ye foot of ye mill 
stone brook straight over to ye north corner of John Woodruff 
his land, and thence straite over of the same wedth to ye Indian 
land, which was done and staked and marked out in ye presence 
of Xtopher Lupton lohn Hose to their satisfaction, In the be- 
halfe of ye north sea Inhabitants which highway Did cutt off 
aboute 2 acres of Robert woolley his land on ye northwest side 
or corner, and In order to Repaire the said Robert for his Land 
s(*e taken away they flic said layers out did add unto ye south 
side of his said trat't of Land six poles wide at each end from the 
Indian I^yne along the south side to a tree marked at ye south- 
cast corner with W on ye east side thereof,* and whereas the 

• Uobcrt Woolley's land is uow the homestead of Wni. Robiusou at Seponack. W.S.P. 

records: T()\v\ of southamptox. 101 

eaid hi<j;hway layd out as Aforesaid Doth Devide the Land for- 
merly laid out to Richard Flowell and lovseph Rainer, leaving 
on the southward or upward side of ye highvvaj about 16 Acres 
of land lying in a triangle bounded on ye southward side by 
lohn Woodruff* his land and the orchard land, and northward 
[i^AGE 162.] by ye Aforesaid Highway, and eastward by ye mill 
stone brook which triangle lohn Rainer In ye behalf of his De- 
ceased father and successors doth chuse and make free choice 
of the said Angle of land as before described, more or less, for 
his proportion of land there layd out formerly with Richard 
Howell to his father Joseph Rainer, deceased, and Richard 
Howell for his parte is already satisfied with land elsewhere 
laid out to his son Richard Howell Ir. 

This entered by order of ye rest of the Layers out of Land, per 


(Abstract) (The difference between Daniel Halsey and 
Richard Suiith about land and commonage in the hands of 
Rich. Smith that he bought of Rich. Barret, is settled by the 
towne giving said Daniel 15 acres, the house and land to con- 
tinue to be Richard Smith) Sept 15 1679) 

Whereas a Returne hath been made of the valuation of ye es- 
tates In your towne for the Assessment and levy of the publick 
Rates for the ensueing year, which at one penny in ye pound, 
Amttunts to ye some of fifty nine pounds eight shillings, these 
are in his Majesties name to Require you forthwith to levy the 
eaid some of fifty nine pounds, eight shillings, and to make 
payment of the said sum to me or my order for defraying the 
publick charge according to the Direction in the law set forth & 
for soe doing this shall be your warrant, herein you are not to 
fail at your perrill. Given under mj^ hand at IMaspeth Kill the 
19 Nov. 1678. 
In the behalfe of hy sheriff por me 

lOSEPH LEE, D. Sheriff. 
To the constable and overseers of Southampton. 

Received the full contents of the within menconed warrant. 
Per n)e lOSEPH LEE D. Sheriff. 


[Page lfi3. | Received this 11th of March 16?:)-80 of Mr 

lohn fibster the some of eighteen pounds tifteen sliillings itbee- 

inff the free will offering given by the town of Southampton 

towards the Reliefe of tiie Captives which is in shivery in Tur- 


Per me JOSEPH LEP: D. Sheriff. 

I acknowledge to have lieconed with John lagger the last 
year Constable of Southampton for & concerning the lines and 
court charges ot teeswhich by my warrant last year he was to 
collect, the totall sum whereof Arising to 55£ 2s 6d there being 
the ten pounds ot Hamilton's fine which Mr Laughton was 
bound for Remitted, and 358 8d suspended payment of whicn 
Mv Laughton stood engaged for ben. gould, it being at a court 
in the 3'ear 1672, and lie pretends tlie contry is more in his 
Debt. I say I Acquitte the said lohn lagger from further trou- 
ble about the said collection as haveing Received a fair Accompt 
Irom him. 

Witness my hand this 24tli day of February 167<S 9. 

A true copy. Tohn Howell Clark. 

Southokl the sixth of lune 1678. Received of lohn lagger 
the last years constable of Southampton An Accompt under his 
hand v)f the last year's Contry rate and of all what is due from 
their town, to this present year's beginning, and soe much more 
on accompt as comes to twenty four shillings ten pence which 
is to be allowed them in their next years Contry Rate. 


[Pace 169.| June the 8 1682 Received then of Mr Sam- 
uel lohnes Constable of Southampton the some of sixty seven 
pounds one shilling and foure ])ence, whicli is the full ballancc 
for tlieir town vpon accompt of the pubh'ck Rates for the year 
1681, I say received by me 

lOSEPH LEE, I). Sluvin. 


[Abstract.] (Samuel Clark of north sea sells to Tohn Davis 
Lot 15 by Kelly's pond. In exchange lohn Davis gives part 
of Lot 5, 40 acres division at Long Pond, Ian. 29, 1684. 

Page 165.] Att a Town Meeting Held In Soutliainpton 
Sep^. 4 1685. It is conclnded and Agreed upon by uuaninious 
voat of the Inhabitants of the towne then present that Samuel 
lohnes according to his proposition shall liave his choA'ce of the 
two lots of land which 'i'homas Cooper layd downe and ex- 
changed with the towne, the two lots soe lajd down lying In 
Scuttle lioledevision which h:)t is granted unto Samuel lohnes in 
in exchange tor his home lot of two acres of land that was former- 
ly lohn Tennisons home lot, together with 20 pounds In count- 
rev j)ay to be payd by him the said Samuel lohnes his heirs or 
assignes to ye townes use the one lialt of the payment to be made 
the/iext spring and the other halfe thereof the next spring After 
that, the lot torthwith to be in the towns possession. [Note 
added ] For payment of said 20£. See p 185. At ye same 
meeting by generall voat it is concluded and granted unto .John 
piny to have the two acres of land now as above is purchased 
of Samuel lohnes, by the town, together with eight acres of 
woodland in some convenient place to bee laid out to him at ye 
Disci'etion ot ye layers out, which is granted unto ye said lohn 
Pinnv upon the termes Si consideration tollowing tirst that lie 
bhidl Dwell in ye said town and work at ye trade ot a smith to 
mipply them therein to the utmost of his Ability for the tearme 
and time ot ten or twelve years but if hee shall see cause to 
Remove out ot the town before the said years be soe expired 
then the said lands to Returne Againe to ye townes use, and 
alsoe die towne is to find carts to remove his shop trom George- 
cay to this towne, it is also left to ye tovvnesmen to conclude 
with said Pinny in ye towne's behalf according to ye terms 
utoresaid, [nt)te added] these tearmes are altered or something 
added ye next meeting. 

It is likewise at ye same meeting granted to ^lathew Howell 
Thomas Coo])er and their co|>artnerB to set up a horse mill up- 
on the towns land In the hiijhvvav or street somewhere between 


the house of widow Cooper and ye Dwellin<y house of widow 
fowler, where it may be most convenient for them and least 
pi'ojudicial to ye said street. 

Sei)t. 22ond 1685. At a towne meeting held in Sonthamp- 
ton it was by general voat of the Inhabitants granted unto 
Abram Kowell to exchange his land he had ot his mother 
Piiillips lying betweene benjamen Davis his land and the land 
of Hanmel Chirk, to Lay Downe the said land of about eleven 
acres, and to cake up soe much on the east side of his Inclosed 
Land by the Land of loseph Hildreth, and it is likewise granted 
[Page 160.] to benjamen Davis, to close up his land unt3 Sam- 
uel Ciark's leaving soe much or layii^g downe so much to tlie 
towne's use on the other side thereof. 

It is likewise granted at ye same meeting by a major voat 
unto Samuel Lura, eight or ten Acres of woodland In some con- 
venient place where it may [be] least prejudiciall to ye comons 
and not to hinder highways and watering, to be laid out unto 
him at ye Discretion of the Layers out on [note added] the 22d 
of the 7 month at ye next meeting ot ye town it was granted 
to said piny that his eight acres should be made twelve, and 
twelve pounds toward building liis house and accidental 1 com- 
onage, for his cretures. 

Articles ot Agreement and concluded u])(>n between lohn 
Piny now resident at East Hampton, cutler or smith, of the 
one l)arty, and Edward Howell ohadiah Ilogers and lohn How 
ell Ir Representatives ot Southampton lor and in ye behalf ot 
t!ie said towne of the other party witnenseth, that ye said lohn 
Piny Doth engage t j come and dwell at ye said Southauipton, 
and he doth covenant to and with the said Representatives ac- 
cording to his ability to supj>ly the towne in the trade ot a 
smith, and to do their woi'k at a i\,easonal)ie Rate and in consid- 
ci'ation tlicrcdf tli(> said towns men in behalf of the tt»wn doe 
engage unto the lohn Pimiy the home h)t tliat was torni- 
erly lohn 'i'emiis(.ns lot, and twelve acres of wood land as near 
as may be to the IMaee concluded of by both ])arties, and acci- 
dental ei.nioiiage fni- his creatures, upon the coiuons. with \\\^ 

im:cords: towx of son'iiAMFroN. lOo 

neighbors which Land is so granted upon the eonch'tion of His 
snpplvii:g tlie town as afore said, and Dwelhng upon the same 
tor five years time, but if hee shall see cause to Remove out of 
this towne within the time of tive years after settled here, then 
the said Land to Returne to the towne again, but if he shall set- 
tle upon the said Land and be After Removed henee by death, 
then the said Land to be to him, and his forever as if the five 
years had been expired, and further the said townes men doth 
engage to him the said John Pinny twelve pounds in current 
pay towards building his dwelling hou«e if he have occa«ion for 
it and also to tetch his shop and tools from georgicay to this 
towne in witness whereof both parties have hereunto subscribed 
their hands in southam[»ton 2'^ day of Sept. 1685. 

Test Henuy Ludlam EDWARD HOWELL. 

loHN Else. 
A true copy, Iohn Howell, Ir Clark, 

[J^AGE 167.] We of the Layers out, Isaac Halsey and Iohn 
Howell upon the Request of Samuel Lum have according to 
the towne's vote within written Layd out to him the said Sam- 
uel Lum ten Acres of Land Adjoyiieing to the the east side of 
Kelleys pond and adjoyneing to the north side of thomas 
Koses Land the said ten Acres of Land being about 80 pole in 
length and 20 pole broad at either end precisely measured, es- 
pecially at ye Lower end next the pond Leaving eight pole of 
the water yet to the common this Land Layd out as aforesaid 
this 2 day of October 1685. 

2dly Layd out to Iohn beswif'k upon the north side of the 
path to East Hampton, In the Right of Iohn Lupton one Acre 
and A Rood which witl: Acre he had of the townes Land 
throwne out by widow Cook for whicli he was to Lay downe 2 
Acres of what he had to take vp which one Acre and A rood 
soe Laid out to Iohn beswick is Iohn Lupton's complement of 
the Land he hath to take up, also Laid out thereunto ; unto the 
sd beswick in the Right of thomas shaw of the 20 Acres by 

106 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

hiin Laid Downe at skuttlehole devision, 2 Acres of Land i 
eay Layd out unto said beswick upon the path as aforesaid hard 
by the sruth west parte of the brushy plains by Sagaponac^k 
Road, 3 Acres and f being Klong by the path 30 pole, and from 
ye path 20 pole broad which Land is Laid out unto the said 
John Beswick with this proviso that ye town and the Rest ot 
the Layers out of Land Doe Aprove of it in that place other- 
wise to be Layd Downe to ye commons for the townes use 

Aprill 1 1(386. At a town meeting held by the Inhabitants 
In gcnerall the first day ot Aprill 1686 lames white was Cho- 
sen and sworne Constable for this year or untill another bo 
Xj Chosen and sworn. 21y. j\Ir lonah fordham lob Sayre and 
]Hathew Howell were Chosen Commissioners. 

31v. Thomas Cooper lohn lagger and Joseph pierson were 
Chcson townsmen for this year as Assessors tScc. 

41v. Matthew Howell was Chosen treasurer for ye town 
this year. 

51y. it is granted by the IMajor voat of the town to ye 
neighbors of Cobs pound to have burying place of 6 pole 
square ot Land in some convenient place at ye Discretion of the 
Layers out ot Land. 

[Page 168. At ye aforesaid town meeting holden April 1 
1686 by general vote ot the town it is agreed upon and Con- 
cluded that the present townesmen have power to make an 
order that shall be binding to all the Inhabitants Concerning 
the Rams, that none shall goe upon the Comons but what they 
shall allow and approve of and also to Regulate the time for 
their taking up and putting out to the sheep. 

it is alsu granted by major vote of the town that mr obadiali 
Rogers shall have the stream at noyak to set a fulling mill 
vpon provided he accomplish the said mill in two years and if 
the said fulling Mill be accom])lislied in the time and shall After 
fall to Decay and become unserviciable to ye towne then the 
said stream shall Returne to the towne againe, and alsoe hee is 
to till! tlic townes Cloath upon Reasonable terms as in other 


parts of'tliG Country. [Xote added.] The said obadiab Rog- 
ers Renonncetli the above said streainc, and the towne granted 
unto him the stream at Sagaponack upon the same terms. 

The town by jMajor vote have sould unto lohn burnet three 
Acres of Land adjoining to his at the head of the ]Mill pond for 
barrel ot ojle next spring after tlie Date hereof, [Note] the 
same is Lavd out to ye said John Burnet April 11 1687 by lohn 
Howell Ir Being ordered by ye rest of ye Layers out, which 3 
Acres is Layd to ye hither side of his Land at ye head of the 
mill pond with his half Acre of orchard Land, Lying 20 pole 
wide at one end and 23 at the other end, and 27 pole Long. 

May the 10 1G86 Layd out by us the Layers out of Land 
unto severall persons, as followeth. whereas Abraham Howell 
had a grant of the town as-in page 106 in this end of the book, 
to excliange his Land Lying between Samnel Clarks and ben- 
jamen davis which wee have done accordingly, and whereas 
Samuel Clark's Land was formerly Laid 90 pole long Adjoin- 
ing eastward to Tostph post and daniel sayre and southward to 
ye Land of Christo fowler, and 24 pole wide, we have now Layd 
it upon his Bequest but 80 pole, Avith allowance as formerly in 
Length, and about 27 pole wide more or less, as staked out, 
and wee have also loyned benjamen davis his Land to ye Land 
of the said samuel Lying the same Length with him, and about 
42 pole wide at each end only Leaving out or taken off the 
said Benjamen's Land 4 pole for a highway between benjamen 
davis and ye Land of Christopher fowler, for samuel Clark to 
pass to his Land. 

nextly Laid out unto the said Abram Howell the Land that 
he hath Laid Downe, about twelve Acres at the north east side 
of his owne Land toward the north sea mill path. Adjoining 
|to the northwest side of loseph llildreths Land, nextly meas- 
nreing over ye Land (f loseph Jlildreth L3"ing nortluvard of 
'John Howell and thomas toppings Land, at Little-worth hol- 
low at the upper or cast end thereof beginning 5 pole above 
I he corner tree of the Land of lohn Howell Iraudsoc measure- 
iig as aforesaid over to the u]>]:>er end of his Land /54 poles 


[Page 169.] wliicli Compleats his former Land, Laid out there 
at littleworth hollow upon the 40 Acre division (for a hundred) 
a tiftj of his owne and a fifty of his mothers, then there being u 
ffore of Land Left between said Hildreths Land and the Afore- 
eaid Land of Abraham Howell^ of about 22 pole wide at that 
northeast end and nothino: at ye other end, at ye hollow which 
Ezekiel sanford Desires might be liayd to loseph Ilildreth for 
Land ye said Ezekiel hath bonsht of thonias shaw, which the 
said shaw Lays downe to tlie town In number 18 in Scuttle 
hole division which gore of Land wc have Laid out unto los- 
eph hiidretl), upon the accompt of the said Ezekiel, in the wright 
of the said Th- mas shaw, for the quantity of seven Acres of his 
20 Layd down as aforesaid at scuttle hole, if the town see cause 
to gTant it so exchanged, otherwise to Remaine as it was. And 
in the adding of that gore to loseph Ilildreth his Land the Lyne 
is not anyways to Intrench upon the I-aud of Abraham How 
ell this is now within his fence. [Note added.] April 1685. 
The town granted shaw's Land to be exchanged as above. 

nextly Layd out unto mr Edward Howell 13 Acres ^ of 
land to complete all his former Devision, together with an 
Addition of soe much as Makes it 16 Acres of Land, which [he] 
says is wanting to him at Cob's j;ound. the sayd 16 Acres ot 
Land being In full of all that he had to take up. Lying at the 
north end of ye Land of samucl Clarks Land and partly against 
ye Land of daniel Sayrc and partly against the Land of Benja- 
min davis, Lying by measure 60 pole on the south Lyne, and 
forty three pole on the east Lyne, and Likewise sixty pole on 
the north line, and forty three pole on the west Lyne. 

nextly, Layd out Arun burnetts Land at littleworth hollow 
Lying to or by the Land ot mr lonah fordham, 80 pole Long, 
being Layd 28 [)ole wide at ye north end, and 30 pole wide at 
ye south end, Containing his own ten Acres and 2 of mr ionah's 
and 2^ Acres allowance, and have ordered the constable and 
townsmen to throw out the rest of the Land within his fence to 
the conunon Highway within 2 months, and Likewise we have 
rectitied and oi-deicd to be taken off ye jiand of llobert woolley 

records: TOAVN of SOUTHAMPTON. 109 

at ye rear end of his Lott at ye southeast corner the quantity ot 
three lengths of fence. and also granted benjamin davis to 
have his half Acre of orchard Land adjoining to his Land he 
bought of Abraham willman, at ye Seponack old ground. 
By us the layers out 


[ Page 170.] Whereas the Layers out ot Land sometime In 
the year 1679 Layd out upon the 40 f^^cre division unto lames 
Herrick and Mr obadiah Rogers 80 Acres unto each of them 40 
Acres, Lying and being in the millneck, whereot f>0 Acres Lyes 
on the south side of the path going to East Hampton, buting 
eastward to the pond and fronting westward upon the highway 
that goes down the said niill neck, and bounded on the south 
side by the Land of Edward Howell, and the Remainder of the 
said 80 Acres which is, 30 Acres Lyes upon the north side of 
the highway that goes to East Hampton opposite over against 
the Aforesaid 50 Acres, being bounded on the west by the Land 
of henry Ludlam only a highway ot 4 pole wide between, 
fronting southward to ye aforesaid highway being 80 pole 
square ifcc. the Aforesaid 80 Acres ot Land are Devided by 
mutuall (Consent of both parties, namely, the said obadiali Rog- 
ers and william Herrick son and heir to the aforesaid lames 
Herrick, as followeth, first, that the sd william Herrick hath 
taken the 30 acres on the north side of the path Aforesaid as it 
is Layd out for thirty Acres be it more or Less, and to make up 
his proportion of 40 Acres both for quantity and quality, it is 
agreed by both parties that the said william shall have fourteen 
Acres of the west end of the Aforesaid 50 Acres square off 
which he Accepts as his full proportion of the sayd eighty 
Acres Layd out between them. lune the 16th 1686. W^itness 
their hands. 


Test loHX Howell Clerk WILLIAM HERRICK. 

At a meeting ot the Inhabitants of the town ot sounhamp- 


ton lulv 22 1(586 it was agreed And granted unto Isaac wilinian 
that he shall have twelve Acres of Land Layed out unto him 
where it may be most convenient upon ye commons, not pre]- 
udicial to ye town, at ye Discretion of ye Layers out of Land, 
which is granted upon this consideratin, that ye said Isaac 
wilman shall allowe and make over to the town 4 pole M'ide of 
his liand butting to Sagaponack pond, all the whole Length 
thereof between his Land and the Land of Joseph more for a 
highway, and also so much Land more as will contain a meet- 
ing house Lying to the said highway to be about 4 pole square, 
About 14 pole from ye pond where it may be most convenient, 
to the which consideration the said Isaac willman doth agree 
and consent unto in the Aforesaid meeting. 

[Page 17L] It is also concluded at ye aforesaid meeting by 
the ]\laior vote that ye town in a generall town Hate Including 
the whole town shall pay towards tiie building ot a bridge over 
Sagaponack Pond litty pounds in pay. the Inhabitants oi 8ag- 
ai)orack and mecox to uiake and to retain the said bridge ior- 
ever at their own charg, and they are to make and maintain 
ye said bridge sufficient for either men horses or caits to pass 
over. [Note added.] This vote next above written at a town 
meeting held in Southampton on the 24tli of Auarust I68G Is 
by a generall vote of the town thoi assembled and met together 
fully conlirmcd to all intents according to the tenure ot the savd 

At a towne meeting held at Southampton vpon the 24th Day 
of August 1686 it is given and granted to obadiah Rogers by 
Majjr voat the stream at Scgaponack pond head to build a full- 
ing mill upon, which is granted to him upon tlie same terms 
tliat noyack stream was granted to him as is expressed, onlv 
that the said mill shall be finished within one year from the 
Date hereot, and that he shall renounce his grant at noyack 
stream mcntior.e;! within on t!ie other side of this Leaf in page 

It is Likewise at the same meeting concluded and agreed up- 
on by major voat that the meadows at accaboiig shall, be Layd 


out to ye liiliabitauts of Southampton according to their Inter- 
est that they hold in ye towne, of 150s or fiftys of Allotment, and 
it is further agreed by the major vote of the said town that the 
said meadow Shall be Devided and Laid out totliesaid Inhabi- 
tants to every hundred and titty in particular, some time this 
fall of the year next ensueing, and to Divide with Southold 
men according to agreement, to be Layd out by a Committee 
of fi\e men Chosen by the town for that purpose. It is also 
Concluded and by major voat of the said town are Chosen and 
appointed mr Edward Howell obadiah Rogers Isaac Halsey 
lohn Howell Ir and Thomas Cooper to bee the said Commit- 
tee, to Devide the said meadows at accabouge as atoresaid, and 
[Page 172. | finally to Divide with Southold men* in the said 
meadows, and to determine, with tnem, the Division of the 
meadow bounds; and to Lay out our town's part to eveiy 
Lottment their proportion as aforesaid, whoe are hereby bv the 
town Impowered thereunto. 

It is alsoe at the same meeting by major voat granted unto 
loseph wickham that he shall have to the quantity of three 
Acres of Land on the west side of sagaponack pond or swamp 
to the northward of the path goeing over the said swamp, not 
hindering the highway, which is granted on this Condition that 
ye said wickham shall set up his trade of tanning thereupon for 
the benetitt of the town to ye best of his power for seven vears, 
otherwise if he goe away before the seven years be expired the 
Land is to return to the towne again, to be Laid out by mr 
Stanbrou and Henry pierson. 

It is at the same meeting Likewise granted by major voate 
unto Henry Ludlam four Acres of Land at ye head of the mill 
pond by his Land Lying in a gore between his Land and the 
old path, if it exceed not four Acres, in Liew whereof the said 
Henry Ludlam makes over unto the towne all his Right in the 
highway or peice of Land Lying by his mill and that the town 
shall Quietly enjoy the said Land as it now hyes, fenced from 

* For the a<rreemeiit with Southold men about Accabog meadows, see appendix to ''First 
Book of Records of the Town of Sonthamptou.'' W. s. P. 

112 records: to AVX of SOUTHAMPTON. 

his Dwelling house to ye mill and along beyond the house as 
his front fence now standetli with all the privileges thereof. 

It is also Concluded at the Aforesaid meeting by unanimous 
voat that what the Layers out of Land have done in Rectifying 
the Land unwarrantably taken in from the towne by thomas 
burnet into his Close at Littleworth shall stand good as staked 
out bv them and the Land to be thrown out accordingly. 

[L-*Ar,E 173,] It is also Concluded by unanimous vote of the 
persons Concerned in the beach at pine Devision of meadow, 
that it shall be devided over againe to the said persons Respec- 
tively this year. 

It is also at ye aforesaid towne meeting held this 24th day of 
August 1686 b}" general voat of the towne that ye Inhabitants 
of mecox and sagaponack that is eastward of the wading place 
shall be Released from paying their proportion of the yearly 
maintainance of mr whiting from October next upon condition 
that if they shall be without a minister there at Sagaponack 
fur the space of a year then they are to pay again to mr whiting 
as formerly, to mr whiting or the minister then officiating in 
the town. 

It is also Concluded by major voat of the said towne that 
tliere shall bee by november next Layd out forty Acres of 
Land somewhere about Sagaponack or mecox at the Discretion 
of the Layers out to Lye for the townes use to Dispose of here- 
after as they shall see cause. 

Ac the Aforesaid town meeting held at Southampton Au- 
gust the 24th 1686 theproprietors of Quaquanantuck purchase 
it is by unanimous vote Concluded and agreed upon as foUow- 
eth, that In Regard the meadows that are Laid out to ye said 
proprietors at qua(|ua and potonkc, and the Rest of the necks 
Canot be fenced in with any Conveniency, without sum of the 
upland In every neck thereunto Adjoining, it is therefore 
agreed and Concluded upon by the unanimous vote of the pro- 
prietors as aforesaid that there shall of every eight Lots suc- 
cessively in each Devision of the said meadows one man be 
Chosen by them Resoectivelv : that is five men for the furthest 


Devision and five for the hithermost Devision at qnaquci, which 
men soe Chosen shall according to their best Judgment 
stake out how much upland shall be taken Into every neck 
and where the fence shall be set and the said upland soe 
staked out (by the persons chosen and appointed as afore- 
said) shall be & Remaine unto the several persons inter- 
ested in the Respective necks according to their hundreds 
[Page 174.] and fifties of alotment which they hold therein. 
And to keep ye said upland Inclosed as their proper Right to 
them and their heirs forever, and the men that are at ye afore- 
said meeting by and of the severall Eight Lotts Chosen and 
I m powered to doe the work aforesaid viz to Lay out ye upland 
are as followeth. lames White lohn Howell Ir lohn lessup 
loscph person Joseph foster. For the farthest Division at 
Catchponack &c. Obadiah Rogers lohn post thomas toppins: 
Isaac Halsey Abram will man, for ye hither Devision at qua- 
qua &e. 

Whereas wee the subscribed at a towne meeting held 1686 
in Southampton August 24 according to the voat then Concluded 
of were Chosen and apointed to Lay out ye upland to the 
meadow at Little assup neck, Catchaponack potunk and 
wonunk : which according to our best Judgment as we were 
Impowered have Done as followeth. 

Imps at assups Little neck the bounds of the upland thereof 
Laid out by us is on the west side of a small pine tree by aspa- 
tuck River side where the upland first comes to ye water side, 
the said tree is marked X the mark faceing downe the neck 
thence the Line to Run directly over to the east side of the 
neck to a white oak tree marked with the same mark thus X 
hard by the northward side of a Cove of meadow, 

21y at Catchaponack neck the bounds of the upland begins 
on the east side of a white oak tree, standing by the River 
called aspatuck, on the northward side of the third Cove of 
meadow from the hills upward, and is marked X thus w^ith the 
mark faceing westward : thence the Lyne to Run over to the 
west side of the neck to a white oak tree standing by the swamp 

114 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

of monaboiigs near the head and is Lykewise marked thus X 
[Page 175. | iaeeing down the neck which Land soe Laid out 
unto ye persons Literest In the said neck LicUides a sufficient 
Highway Down the neck to the Highway In the meadow for- 
merly Layd out Downe the neck. 

81y tlie west bounds ot the upland at potunk begins at a Cor- 
ner or elbow of the swamp on the west side of the neck where 
there is a white oak tree standing by the said swamp Marked 
thns X faceing downe the neck and from the tree nj^on a Di- 
rect Line over to the East side of the neck to another white 
oak tree standing by the West side of the swamp of m.onabangs 
about twenty pole above ye head of the pond Called monabaugs 
the said tree is marked thus X faceing down the neck. 

41y the bounds of the upland at wonunk neck begins on the 
east side at a branch of the swamp on the Right hand or nor- 
ward side of the foot path that goes over the Creek out of po- 
tunk into wonunk and at the westward part of the said branch 
of the swamp is marked a lied oak tree thus X faceing downe 
the neck and from ye said tree soe marked to Run the Lyno 
Directly over to the westward side of the neck, towards the 
botom, about 60 pole from the Road upward to a small white 
oak tree in the first brush on ye west side of the neck marked 
thus X faceing down the neck, and the said Direct Line to Run 
Quite over to ye water notwithstanding the said marked tree 
stands a Little from the water side, A return of Laying out of 
the uj)land of the necks from quantuck to achabachwesuk. 
Assups neck beginning at quantuck by a small cove stands a 
tree marked, and soe strait over to Cuttings creek, a little be- 
low tlie bed and quogo neck begins a little below the hed of 
Cuttings creek, and soe strait over to the highway against the 
hed of ogden's swamp, ogden's neck begins a little below the 
going over and runs strait over to tlie west side about 50 poles 
b(!h)w^ tlie bed of the creek, [to] second neck and marked on 
tlu! east and west sides about 50 poles below^ the goeing over, 
fourth neck begins at a marked tree a littte below quogo path 
and soe runs strait over to a tree at Acha-bacha we-suck about 
50 poles below the going over. 

'LMl()MAS 'roiM'INi} in boluilf of the rest. 


[Page 176.J Whereas we the suhscriljed Isaac Halsey lohn 
Howell Tr lames white theophilns Howell were Chosen and 
apointed bj the town of Southampton, and Mr lohn Tnthill 
Jonathan Horton thomas maps lohn 3'ouncps and Stephen bayly 
Likewise Chosen by the towne of sonthold to terminate and to 
make a final Devision between the two townes of the meadow 
at accabauge. Now Know yea, that we the persons Chosen and 
impowered as aforesaid doe finally conclude and Determine 
that the town of sonthold sliall have of the said meadows at 
accabauge for their proportion the westward part tiiereof to be 
gin for tlie west bounds at two pine trees agreed upon by both 
partys that are marked by the Riverside about half a mile be- 
low the going over the Riverhead and from the said pine trees 
all the meadow eastward to the spring at the head of the Creek 
that Comes up on the east side of fifteen mile Island, and South- 
ampton townes part of the said meadows for their west bounds 
to begin at the said spring, at the head of the Creek on the 
ea=t side of fifteen mile Island, and from thence eastward all 
the meadow to the Creek called the Red Creek for their pro- 
])ortion the meadows that Lyes westward of ye aforesaid two 
pine trees (being by estimation about two Acres of meadow, 
more or Less) is by mutuall Consent Left out to Lye in Com- 
mon, between the two towns, until both partyes agree to Dis- 
pose of it as occasion may Require, and this to be a final deter- 
mination and Descision of the bounds of the said meadows, in 
witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands this 8th day 
of Sept. 1686. 




[Page 177.] A Discription of ttie meadows at Accabauge as 
they are Layd out by the men (Chosen and Appointed for that 

IIG records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

purpose namely ]\Ir Edward Howell obadiah Rogers Isaac 
Halsey lolm Howell Ir and Thomas Cooper. 

No. 1, 2. the first Lotts begins at the most westerniore 
bounds of our townes meadow in the first piece of meadow be- 
tween the bounds, and pine root Creek, to a marked tree is No. 
1, 2, then number 3 goe round the (/reek on both sides and soe 
Downe the west side of the great neck to two stakes marked 
with number three faeeing southward soe Increaseing to num- 
ber 5 downe the neck then numl)er 6 is all the meadow round 
the Island ot upland from no. 5 downewaid, and all the Coves 
in the bottom of the neck to a little pine tree marked witn 
iuiml)er G faeeing westward : from thence up the east side (jf 
the said neck to the goeing over the Creek Including from no. 
7 to no. 12, tlie said no. 12 being marked a little above the goe- 
ing over, set on a pine tree, and Includes a highway over the 
Creek, and soe the highw^ay on the other side to goe through 
no. 15, nextly no. 13 is above no. 12 all the meadows up to the 
head of the Creek to a tree marked 13 by the spring, and no. 
14 is on the other side from ye head of the Creek Downe the 
the west side of birch neck to a white oak tree marked 14, faee- 
ing southward, nextly l.'i Lyes below 14, and soe Increaseing 
downeward to no. 20, which is the liowest Lot upon the point, 
and the said No. 20 hath an amends to it of one acre of meadow 
between the two points of upland on the west side ot bircli 
neck, no. 15 IG and 17 Include a highway for the lower Lots 
to Come off to the u])land, and number 18 hath all the meadow 
added to it that is round the east side of the upland or IsLand. 
nextly number twenty one Lyes adjoining northward of tlie 
amends and Runs down to the creek or sault pond and runs 
over the west point of u])land to the East Lyne of number fif- 
[Page 178.] teen then number twenty two Lyes eastward be- 
k>w 21 on the pointe being numbered on two stakes one on the 
East end ])y the water the other at ye west end by tlie point of 
uphiiid, faeeing northward and Increasing in that peice of 
meadow to wines point, which is number 27, the said point 
hath an A<idition to it of the skirt ol nu';;dow by it runing iij*- 


wfird to a tree soe marked, (note that number 22 hath liberty 
to come ofl* over 21 or 23 to the upland) number 23 24 25 & 
2G are to run Quite up to the uphaid through all the fresh, 
number 28 begins next 27 and goes round on both sides the 
birch Creek, to a marked tree in Rapahamuek neck, soe the 
Lots Increase downe the neck to Rapahamuck point, which is 
number 32, the Island by Rapahamuck is number 33 and 
loynes to 31 and 34, and from the said Island the Lots Increase 
up the east side of the neck to number 37 Leaving a piece for 
an amends to ths next two Lots 38 39 to be Divided equally 
between them the said number 38 & 39 Lye upon the Little 
neck or Island betwixt ye lumping Creek and the Creek be- 
vond Divided by a stake at the bottom marked on the west 
side 38 on ye east side 39, nextly the Little neck between 
lumping: Creek and the seder run is at 2 lots 40 & 41 and is 
Likewise Devided at the bottom and the top &c. 

next!}' begining on this side the seder Run on the west side 
of the red Creek neck with no. 42 soe Increa=eing round the 
said neck to No 50 on the east side of the neck towards the 
head of the Creek, 

then above No 50 there [is] a peice ot meadow Layd out as 
amends to No 33 and then above that amends Lyes another 
amends tor Rapahamuck point, (viz) No 32 there being one od 
50 ot allotment in the towne we have by the order of the town 
Lf.yed it out to Gersham Culver In the Right of lohn Laughton 
In the meadow on this side the Red Creek. 

Sept the 18 1686 the Inhabitants Concerned In the afore- 
said meadows being convented Sept ye 21 1686 and the afore- 
I Page 179.] said work being presented to the towne they pro- 
ceed to Cast ye Lots for the meadow aforesd which are Drawne 
as foUoweth (Accobogue Meadows) the Lots Cast &c. 

No. 1 Samuel Clark North sea a 100 widow Reeves 50 

2 Isaac Halsey 

3 Wm Herrik &(; 

4 Isaac Willman 

5 loseph Hildreth 100 Mathew Howell 50 

118 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

6 Thomas Topping 

7 Obadiah Rogers 

8 Georg Harris and widow Icnings 

9 Eicliard Howell 

10 Arthur Howell and loseph more 

11 Thomas Cooper 

12 lohn Cook and Ell ice 

13 Major Howell 

14 Thomas Halsey 100 lonatli. Eaynor 50 

15 Samuel Cooper 

16 Capt loseph Fordham 

17 Thomas Travally & Ino bi&ho]) 

18 peregrine Stanbrough and losiah 

19 lames White 

20 loseph pierson &c 

21 Thomas Halsey 

22 widow burnet drawn by Aaron bnrnet 

23 Capt loseph fordham 

24 Elanthan Topping 100 lames Topping 50 

25 John Howell 100^ lohn Davis 50 

26 loseph post 100 John toster 50 

27 rar lonah foidham 100 Edward Howell 50 

28 Samuel lohnes 

[Page 180.] 29 lohn Rose widow mapani and bon Hayncs 
each a 50 

30 Samuel barnes 100 Robert woollcy 50 

31 lohn Larrison (alis) Daniel Halsey 

32 Thomas Halsey 

33 Edmond Howell 

34 lohn 1 agger 

35 lohn Kainer and Isaac; ke 

36 George Heathcot 50 Thomas Shaw a 50 & | widow sarah 
Cooper I 50 

37 mr Edward Howell 

38 widow Mary Taylor 

39 Charles StiuMney 100 Christopher Lnpton a 50 


40 Isaac Halsey 100 the Rnssells a 50 

41 lob Sayre 100 and francos 50 

42 lohn John lessup 

43 Thomas Cooper 

44 Joseph foster a 100 and Ben. 50 

45 Jonathan Raynor 

46 John Woodruff 

47 samnel Cooper 

48 lohn White 100 ben Davis a 50 

49 losiah Topping [ohn Topping and Daniel Sayre each 50 

50 Henry Ludlam 100 Isaac Corry 50 

[Page 181.] (Abstract) (Thomas Cooper sells to Rob. 
Woolley Lot 43 accabog meadow. Tn exchange Rob Woolley 
gives 3 roods of land in JIalseys neck in widow Burnets close. 
Oct 2 1686) 

(Abstract) (Peregrine Stanborongh sells to Joseph Sayre 
Lot 18 at accabog meadows birch neck. Oct 1 1686) 

at a town meeting held at Southampton Feb the 7, 1686-7 it 
is by generall voat of the town Concluded and agreed upon 
that tlie Charges about the present patent for the town shall be 
paid by the proprietors according to their respective propor- 
tions of purchase of fifties, hundreds, and hundreds and fifties. 

Page 182.] At the aforesaid town meeting held feb. ye 7, 
1686 it is ordered and Concluded by the general voate of the 
rowne that if any pson shall faile to pay his Respective Rates 
to mr whiteing of his yearly maintenance at or before the first 
of April next ensueing after the said Rates shall become Due, 
that then the Constable for the time being shall yearly and 
every year after the first Day of april take by Distress the said 
proportions for the year past of the several persons soe Defec- 
tive for the use of the said mr whiteing which is to be at ye 
proper Cost and Charge of those soe behind in their rates. 

April ye 20th 1687 whereas John piny In folio 166 had the 
grant of the town for twelve Acres of Land wee the subscribed 
of ye l./ayer- out have this Day I^ayd out ye said 12 Acres of 
Land as followcth, first bcgining on the north side of Isaac 


Halseys close above Tolin Earles and along by the said Close 
we have Layd out a highway of 6 pole wide then next to ye said 
highway on the north side thereof Layd out the Land of sam- 
ucll Clark of the north sea being on the south Lyne by the said 
highway 80 pole, and on ye north Lyne 73 pole, and on ye east 
Lyne by the north sea path 42 pole, and the west Lyne at ye 
far end 42 pole, which Land soe Laid out to ye said samuel 
Chirk Contains 20 Acres which Compleats all the devisions of 
Land Due to him ; nextly on ye north side thereof Layd out 
ye said lohn pinnys Land being on ye south Lyne by samuel 
Clark 73 pole, the southwest Corner of his Land is a white oak 
tree with a little red oak tree stands cloase by the east side 
thereof both marked ; his north Lyne is 36 pole his east Lyne 
by the north sea path is 46 poles, his west line is 30 pole, C; n- 
t:iining 12 Acres ol land. Layd out by 


[Page 183.J (Abstract.) (Whereas upon the decease of 
Mrs Ann Phillips, widow ot lohn Wliite there is an inheritance 
to be divided between lames White and his nephew John, it is 
concluded that lames shall have 3 acres in Halseys neck lying 
next his own 4 acres he bought of lohn Woodrutf, and 3 acres 
more north of the said 4 acres, and 1^ acres in Captains neck 
in the ten acre lots, and 2 acres in first neck, 2nd lohn is to 
have ten acres in Halseys and Captains neck, a 200 pound lot 
in oxpasture to be divided between them, and lohn has ten 
acres of the ten acre division which wfis laid to his father lohn 
White west of Gersham Culver's home lot. and lames has ten 
acres save division on north side of lohn Howell Ir home lot. 
March ye 19 1686-7) 

May the 20th 1687 Layd out unto Thomas Cooper six Acres 
of Land, three Acres and halfe thereof upon the acct of lona- 
than Kaynor of the 13J^ Acres by him exchanged with the town 
for so much Layd Dovvne to ye towne's use at ye hay ground, 


and 2| Acres is for his orchard Land on his own acct, which 
six acres is Layd out to ye said Thomas Cooper upon the front 
of lohn whites Land that Lyes by the west side of gersham 
culvers home Lott Leaving; aboute 8 pole ot the said lonh 
whites Land open to the highway l>etween the land of gersham 
and this Land of Thomas Cooper, for said white to Come up to 
ye highway the said Land Lying about 43 pole long east and 
west, and 30 pole wide at the west end and about 16 pole wide 
at ye east end thereof, as this day marked and Layd out as be- 
fore described by us ye Layers out lohn lessup lohn Iago;er 
Isaac Plalsey Ino Howell Ir. 

I Page 185.] May the 20:h 1637. Layd out to lonathan 
Raynor 14 Acres and a haife of Land, ten thereof of the thirteen 
^ Acres which he Lavs down to ye town at 3'e hay ground, and 
2 Acres of it for his owne orchard Land, and 2 Acres more 
orchard Land heo saith he hath of Isaac willman and ^ an 
Acre of Benj. Davis his orchard Land all which makes 14 
Acres ^ as aforesd which is Layd out this Day to ye said lona- 
tlian Raynor at a place commonly called by the name of sepon- 
ack old ground, Lying 38 pole wide at ye northward end and 
42 at ye south end and the east and west Lynes each 60 pole 
Long Lying for 14J acres described as aforesaid,* 



Mny the 2Sth 1687 whereas sanniel lohnes as In page 165 
had the grant of a 40 Acre Lot at scuttle hole Division and hee 
having" paid his money therefor, we the Layer out have Layd 
him out 40 Acres of the Land Layd down by thomas Cooper 
Lying and sideing by the east end of No 8 In Scuttle hole de- 
vi:iion, Leaving a highway between of 10 pole wide butting 
upon Huntington path, on the southward side thereof being 
and Lying 80 pole square, the rortheast corner bounded witii a 
whits oak tree, and northwest with ditto tree marked both S. I. 

• This is now the land of Erastus Hubbard, south side of Tuckahoe street. W. S. P. 


tlie sontli cast is a little white oak spire, and the nortlnvest a 
straight tall black oak tree which is In full lor piriys lot and 
20£ &c. 

Note. — Next on this pa^^e is a copy of a resolution passed 
Feb. 21, 1641), taken from the First J^ook ot Town Records-, 
where it may be found, on page 49 of original, and page 48 of 
printed copy. W. S. P. 

[Page 18(3.] (Abstract of deed.) (Joseph Post sells to 
p]zekiel Sanford 7 acres at meacox bounded E by Joseph Hil- 
dreth, W by lohn Mitchell, in exchange Ezekiel Sanford gives 
7 acres on the east side ot the land of Edward Howell by the 
Northsea mill path, lune 29 1687 which is laid out to him Inne 
30 1687) 

[Paoe 187.] Agreed upon by the Inhabitants of north sea 
for lohn Davis and Benjainen Ilaynes and sanniel Cooper to 
Lay out the meadows belonging to them iipoTi the 20th of 
March 1686, and all ye meadow at ye fresh pond Lyeth for a 
50 Lotment, at Little Noyack there Lyeth four Lots, a 100 in 
a Lot, No 1, 2, 3, 4, and at ye great meadow there Lyeth two 
Lotts a 100 in a Lot. No 5, 6, and two Lots a hundred in a 
lott on the east side of the wading place. No. 7, 8, and the 
peice of meadow at the hether wading plane Lyeth to No 8 all 
the peices of meadow from the wading place to toud point to 
belong to No. 7, and all from the hither wading place to homes 
to belong to number 8, we have Layd out this meadow this 23 
<,f March 1686-7 lOHN DAVIS 


Thia ye 8th of Aprill 1687 we Drew Lots for the meadow 
above written : 

liENiAMEN IIaynes yc mcadow at ye fresh pond 

Samuel Clakk No 1 

Iacamiah Scot No 3 

Samuel Cooter No 8 

L\MES White & Tohn Rose for the mill 50 No (> 

ioHN Davjs & Ru'HARi) Smith No 2 

loSElMI IjUFTON & loHN UoSE 1r 7 

'J'homas Shaw & Samuel Cooper 4 
Georg Harris No 5 

ijEcoRDS: Town of Southampton. 


(Abstmcf.) (Toseph Hildrcth sells to Ezekiel San ford a 50 
in lot 10 at nieacox acres, in exchange for 7 acres given as in 
page 160 ot original. Ma}' 8 1688) 

[Page 188.] At a towne meeting held to Draw the Lots of 
the meadow at the beach and pines Inne the 1 1687 the said 
meadows being Laid out bv the men oppointcd namely Edward 
Howell John lagger Isaac Halsej and lohn Llowell Ir the Lots 
are Drawm as followeth. 

No 1 Leitt Post 100 

lames Uooper a fifty 

2 lohn lagger 100 antl 

3 Abram Willman 150 

4 lames Cooper 150 

5 lohn Howell Ir 
Io,se[)h peirson No 6 

No 7 John Howell Ir 

8 Edward Howell 100 k 
Thomas (hooper a 50 

9 lonathan Ray nor 
10 Edmond Howell 
IL lohn Howell Ir 

12 Capt loseph fiord ham 
53 Richard Howell 
Isaac Ray nor 

14 lohn Howell Ir 

15 Lhomas Topping 

16 ffrancis Savre 100 
loseph Hildreth 50 

17 Ma] [ohn Howell a 103 
Russell 50 

18 Isaac Halsey IS 
ly Abram willman 

20 Capt Fordhain 

21 loseph fibster 

22 Isaac Halsey ard 
lohn Larrison 

23 Samuel barnes 

24 lohn Howell Ir 

25 Maj lohn Howell 

26 lohn Howell Ir 

27 Capt loseph fordham 

28 obadiah Rogers 

29 thomas Halsey 

30 lohn woodruff 

31 Edmond Howell 

32 lames white 

33 lohn Howell Ir 

34 thomas Halsey 

35 lohn lessnpi* 

36 thomas burnet 

37 Samuel lohnes 

38 thomas Cooper 

39 Drawne by lohn lessupp & lonathan Raynor but not to 
enjoy it except they liayd downe the Land they had in 
the plains tormerl}^ for the same. 

40 Elic Cook ' 41 The Towne 

[Page 189.] (Abstract ot deed.) [loseph Foster son and 


lievrc to Christopher Foster deceased, con firms to his brother 
BenjaniCn the sale of certain peices of land made by said 
Christopher while living to his son Benjamen, to wit the old 
Lot at Cobs pound on which said Benjamen iormerly built 10 
acres, a 50 pounds commonage, 20 acres at Cobs pound where 
said Benjamens house stands, a 100 of meadow at Seponack ^ 
lot of raeadow at bottom of Shinecock, a 50 in the Pines divis- 
ion of meadow No 21, and an acre of orchard land, a 50 at 
accabog, and at quaquanantuck, a 50 in Little Assops neck, a 
50 in Hog neck, and a 50 at meacox, to which parcels said 
loseph adds 2 acres in little plain east side ot frog pond and 1 
acre in Captains neck. May 28 1688.] 

[Page 190.] (Abstract of deed ) [loseph Foster couHi-m^ 
the deed made by Christopher Foster to his son lohn tor cer- 
tain parcels of land, to wit, 4 acres in captains neck, 4 acres in 
Jlalscys neck, and a 50 of commonage in quaquanantuck pur 
chase." May 28 1688] 

I Page 101.] (Abstract.) [lohn Foster sells to Daniel Sayre 
a 50 of Lot 10 in hog neck May 16 1689] 

(Abstract) [lonah Fordhaui and his brother Isaac divide a 
100 of commonage between them, witness luhn Lu|)ton Isaac 
Mills, March 4 1685.] 

[Page 192.] At a towne meeting held In soulhampton 
March the 5 1689 it passed by major voat of the Inhabitants at 
the said meeting that the ])aper ot' grievances drawne up and 
sent hither from east lunnpton and now liead in this meeting 
shall be sent for england to their Majesties on their behalf with 
others that doe concurr in the same, and that they will be at 
proportionable Charg in sending and Managing the same, that 
is to say, our proportion of one hundred pounds if it be effected. 

1690 At a town meeting held In soutliam])ton May ye 2d ir 
was granted to loim parker by ]\Iajor voat that he s^hali have the 
stream of water cither at great noyack or little noyack to set 
up a fulling mill u])on, to have the ])rivilege of said stream soe 
Long as he keeps up ye said mill and fulls the Cloath of the 
lidialiitants ot tin'.- town at a Hoasomibje Uat(\ and no loniicr, 


whicli mil! is £oe to he done wirliiti one year or else the stream 
to Return to ye towne agiane. 

at a towne meeting hoklen at sonthampton upon the 23 day 
of Inne 1()91 its granted by general) voat of the town to John 
parker to have six Acres of Land to fence and Improve for 
pasture only on the same Conditions he had the stream at 
noyaek granted to him as aforesaid which six Acres of Land is 
to be Layd ont to him near said stream, at the discretion of the 
Layers out of Land. 

At a town meeting held in sonthampton lune the 23 1C91, 
the severall otficers of tlie towne were Chosen by major voat as 
followeth, tor this year. f; 

1 Samuel Cooper Constable sworn. 

2 mr lohn Campbell (Nonstable but Refuseth to serve there- 
fore they proceed to a new Choice. 

3 Mannasseh kemnton Constable sworn. 

Men Chosen assessors to) CAPT ELNATIfAN I^OPPINC 
assess the pubhck Rates V THOMAS COOPER 
this year are ) lOB SAYRE 

10 UN HOWELL Ir Collector. 

[Page 193.] At the aforesaid towne meeting held upon the 
23 day of Lmo 1691 Gersham Culver Isaac Halsey & lames ' 
Cooper Chosen surveyors ot tences and Highways for this year, 
and lohn gould Chosen heward. 

at the same meeting it is also by major voate given and 
granted to tlijmas Cooper about two Acres of Land more or 
less Lying to his own land westward ot gersham Culver's liouse 
which doth also front upon lohn whites Land it there be soe 
much Land there not prejudicing highways. 

It is also granted by generall voat of the town that there 
shall be Layd out forthwith by the Layers out sixty Acres of 
Land In some Convenient place where it Can be had, to be 
Layd cut to the neighbors of sagaponack and meacox, which is 
given and granted to them upon this account to be Improved 
for a parsonage there for ever, and tor no other end and pur- 


pose, hut if it shall soe happen that at any time hereafter it 
shall not be so Improved as atoresaid then tlie said sixty Acres 
shall be Layd open to the Conion for Comon use until it shall 
be soe Improved again. 

It is by major voat at the same meeting given and granted 
to lames white that peic of Land at meacox gate wliJch is 
(Jontained between his Inclosed Land and a straite Lyne, from 
lohn ffosters northeast Corner to the said lames first stake 
eastward of said Corner. 

It is also at the same time given granted andsold for ten sliil- 
linf'-s money per Acre, to Isaac Halsey what Land Can be spared 
between his Close and the Road to the north sea northward of 
lerimy laggers house as they shall agree with the discretion of 
the Layers out, it is granted as aforesaid unto Isaac Halsey 
when he pays the said ten shillings per Acre, Concluded at 
ve aforesaid meeting tiiat whereas Complaint is made to this 
towne meeting held now In Southampton, that divers persons 
that have had Land formerly given them by the towne have 
taken into their llespective Inclosures more Land than was 
given them it is therefore Concluded and ordered by the In- 
liul)itants ot this towne In general now Met together, that Capt 
Elna Topping lolm Howell Ir Thomas Cooper lohn Cook ik 
William Herrick or any three of them shall seasonably as soon 
as may be with conveniency. Inspect and survey all the said 
parcels of Land according to the severall grants ot the town to 
the persons Respectively and to make Report of the overplus 
in every parcel of Land given by the towne for twenty years 
Last past, granted at the same meeting to benjamen fibster Ir 
by Major voat that ho may Joyne his Close of Land at little 
worth to william Herricks Close he Leaving out soe Much of 
his Land north at the corner of his Close as he takes In on tlie 
south side thereof. 

[l*A(;Eiy4. 1 (Ab.-tract) (Whereas there are several pieces 
of meadow laid to a HOoX lotment to Henrj' I'ierson deceased, 
lying at quaquanantuck purchase, in 4 lots, and 5 acres, which 
now by agreement belong to losc^ph, Henry, and Th(;odore 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 127 

Pierson, and Mathe w Howell assignee to Benjainen Pierson. 
The said Henrv loseph and Theodore make over to Mathe w 
Jlowell all that lot of meadow at quaqiianantnck neck, witness 
loini Uowell loseph Wickham ]\Iarch 21 1691) 

Att a town meeting held In Southampton jMay the 2d 169L) 
then granted bj Major voat to Thomas Cooper Ir a small peice 
of Land to make the front ot his Lot at meacox straite for ye 
Conveniency of setting his house, about 2 Rodd at the soutii- 
east eoiner and nothing at ye other Corner, being aboute a 
Rood of ground. 

[Page 195.] Major Tohn Howell gives Li that he with lohn 
lessup formerly Layd out unto william Herriek a certain piece 
of Land Lying at Cobs pound northward of the Land the said 
william bought of the town bounded eastward by the creek of 
water that is between said peice of Land and thomas Stephens 
his home lot* and at ye northwest Corner by a black oak tree : 
and the southward Corner by a white oak tree, in the hollow 
Adjoining to the Land he bought of the towne, and by high- 
ways west and north, which was Li Consideration of wliat 
Land is wanting In his close by obadiah Rogers. 

Received this 17th of May 1692 of mr Thomas Cooper the 
sum of two pounds ffive shillings in part of the arears of Quit 
Rent, out of the towne of Southampton in Suffolk County. 
I say Received as aforesaid 2£ 5s Od. 

J3yme. CHI. BROOKS Coll. 
A true coppy, p. Tohn Howell Clerk. 

Received from Ephriam Howell the Sum of fifty five pounds 
thirteen shillii\gs ten pence half penny, out of Suffolk County 
in part of the first payment of that County's proportion of the 
two thousand pound tax to be Levyed in this prorince of new 
york, 1 say Received out of the town of Southampton the 28 
day of November 1691. 

Bv me CHID BROOKS Collect. 

* Thomas Stephens' hnmc lot is the present homestead of Theodore Hals^ey, at Water 
Mills. W. S P. 

128 records: town of Southampton. 

New yorke 1688 March ye 26, Received ot Henry Ludlam 
fourty shillings in Currant Money, & for a fat Lamb five shil- 
lings in all Twoe pounds & five shillings being for one yeare 
Quit rent of ye Town of Southampton for ye yeare 1687. I 

say lieceaved. 

Per me S. CORTLAND T. 

A true copey of origynell by me Job Sayre Recorder. 

[Page 196.] At a town meeting Aprill the 4th 1693 ft'or 
electione lames White and lamesCoopcr chosen Constables for 
ye year and sworn. lob Sayre chosen Clark for ye town Rec- 
ords Samuel lohnes and lohn lessup chosen Assessors. Sam- 
uel Cooper chosen Collector. 

Will Jlerrick Chosen Supervisor for ye year Insewinge for 
ye county Rates when hee has order from the Justice of ye 
peace or county Clarke. Joseph Howell chosen Packer, lob 
Sayre firances Sayre Jeremy lager lohn ffoster lonah Bower 
Isaek Halsey Sen Benjamen fibster Ir Christopher floster ]\Ian- 
assa kimpton lecamiah Scot Benony Newton 'Iheophilus How- 
ell Chosen Trustees for ye year aforesaid. 

[ams White Joseph Pierson and William Jlerrick Chosen 

At a town Meeting Aprill the 4th 1693 It is agreed upon 
by Major Toat that lohn Wick, serg Dresser, shall have our part 
of the Streame of the Jiittle River Called by the name of pea - 
connuck with three acres of Jjand westward of the Cuntry Road 
where wee go over ye River on the south side of ye River 
upon ye conditions as followcth, that the said Mr John Wick 
shall set up a fulling mill within a year & half after ye Date 
hearof and full Cloth for this town and southold if it bee brought 
to him before any others and as clieaj) as any other shall full it, 
and he ye said lohn Wick to have and enjoy the said stream as 
Long as hee and his heirs or assigns shall keep a fulling mill in 
Ttcpairc! and full as aforementioned and no Longer to enjoy it 
but it shall Return to ye town againe. 

J»ermelOB SAYRE Recorder. 


Whereas the Town of soutliampton formerly o^ranted by 
Town voate to ye Inhabitants of Sagaponack and ]\Ieacox sixty 
Acres ot Land to be Layd out to tliem for a parsonage and the 
trustees of Southampton have ordered ye Surveyors to Layout 
ye sixty acres aforesaid, we have this 24tli day of April 1694 
Layd outt ye said sixty acres of Land to them the said Lihabi- 
tants of Sagaponack and meacox according to ye towne voate 
and trustees order att sagaponack, bounded with ye Land of 
Ilenr}' Pierson and Theophilus Howell on the westward Sid 
with a highway on the South, and on the Eastt and North with 
the Comon Land, as witness our hands this 24th day of april 

A true copy p mee IMatiiew Howell Gierke 

I Page 197.J (Abstract.) (April the 17 1693. lonah Bower 
sells to Aaron Burnet a lot in the oxpasture going under the 
name of a nosh lot by reason of the woodyness of it lying in the 
south lyne of devision, bounded on each end by highways, on 
the east by the lot yt was laid out to Thomas Burnet, W. bv 
Obadiah Bogers : in exchange Aaron Burnet sells to lonah 
Bower 8 acres in the 10 acre lots.) 

(Abstract.) (lohn Bishop Sen sells to Joseph Pierson 1 acre 
in Halseys neck, bounded W by highways, E by swamp, N 
Richard Howell, S John White. In exchange loseph Pierson 
sells 1 acre in Ccopers neck bounded N by lohn Bishop S. bv 
John Cooper East and West by highways. April 25 1693) 

Received this ye twelfth of november 1694 of my Brother 
Isaac Will man of Southampton, T"'o say twenty Pounds as duo 
from hime by my fathers orders, 10 pounds being due ffrom my 
Brother Abraham Willman, deceased and 10 pounds due trom 
my brother Isaac Willmann, I say Received in full Satisfac- 
tion ye day and year above written, as witness my hand in 

Test Samuel Cooper, A true copy p me 

Benjamen Willman, Matthew Howell, Clerk. 


' [Page 198.] Received from Samuel Cooper the sum ot one 

Hundred and Sixty one pounds two shillings, in part of ye tsvo 

.£500 taxes Due out of this province and of such proportions of 

the same as becoms payable out of the County ot snfiblk. 

I say Received out of ye Town ot Southampton this 15th day 

of October 1G92. 

CHID BROOKE, Collector. 

A true copy by me, Iob Sayke, By me. 

New York 1693 August 28 Received ot samuel Coope Col- 
lector ot Southampton In Suflolk Co. the summ of seventeen 
pounds eleven shillings and eleven pence on account of the 
1500 taxes in 1692 1 say Received £17 lis lid. 


New York 1693 April ye 28th Received of Samuel Cooper 
Collector of Southampton one account of the 2860 pounds tax 
the sum of one hundred eighty live pounds Hfteene shillings 
nine |>ence. 1 say Received 185, 15, 09. 


A true copy loB Sayre, Recorder. 

Received from Samuel Cooper the sum of twelve pounds In 
part of the peny in ye pound Granted unto their JMajesties for 
the use of his Excelency Col. Benjamen tietclier, cfe due out of 
the County Suffolk and town of Southampton. 1 say Received 
the 4th Day Nov. 1693. 


A true copy p me Ion Sayre Recorder. 

Received of Samuel Coo])er the sum of one hundred eighty 
one pounds five shillings and three [)ence in part ot ye Six 
thousand pounds tax ; Due out of this ])rovince of New yorke, 
and of such i)ro])ortion as becomes payable out of Suffolk ('oun- 
ty and town of Southampton. 1 say Received this 4th day ot 
Oct 1593. 


A true ('opy j) uk; Inn Savue Recordei". 


[ Page 198.] [Abstract.] (lolin Parker records ear mark 
lane 16 1698. 

[Abstract.] (lohn \Vinman acknowledges receipt of 10£ 
left him by his father Isaac W. deceased, a like sura left to his 
brother Abraham W deceased. Aug 31 1673.) witness Na- 
thaniel Rexo Wm Herrick. 

[Abstract.] (at a town meeting warned by Trustees Feb 19 
1693, voted that each inhabitant shall make his proportion of 
a good 5 railed fence, wheare the tence now stands. Aug. 31 

At a Towne meeting held In Southampton April ye 3d 1694 
Mr lob Sajre Lhosen Town Gierke for ye ensiieing yeare. -, 
Isaac Halsey Chosen constable, and lohn foster ( 'hosen Const- "^ 
able both sworn two days after by Mathew Howell Justice, 
loseph tfordham chosen Collector. 

Mr Edward howell William herrick & Theophilus Howell 
Chosen assessors. Samuel Cooper Chosen Supervisor of the^^ 
county Rate. lob Sayre Ri(;hard Howell Ir loseph foster na-^ 
thaniel Howell Isaac; V\'illman Ir Aaron Burnet lohn foster Ir 
loseph hildreth loseph Sayre lohn Lupton Benj Haines Isaac 
Ravnor, trustees for this year. 


[Page 200.] (Abstract) (Received from Nicholas Garret 
£55 15s 6d proportion of the town of Southampton of the 2000£ « 
tax levied on province of New York lure 7 1692) 


att a TovvTie meting held ore ye 3d day of april m south- 
am|)ton 1694 partt of ye Election being Entered on the bot- Q 
torn of ye other Leafe here foiloweth the Rest of what was done 
this day. lames White Ensign loseph Pierson and William 
Herrick Chosen Surveyors of highways and fences for this 
present year. 

Mr lonah tfordham & lohn lagger Chosen to Inventory In- ^ 
testate Estates. 

One ye sd 3 day of A[)ril 1694 the following grants. Grant- 


ed 1st by major voatt and Confirmed to lohn Eric all ye Land 
liee now Lives upon as itt is fenced and bounded To hime and 
his lieires. Granted 2]y that Benony Nwton Shall have that 
<j;ore of Land which will bring his fence straight from Thomas 
Cooper's House to ye Southest Corner of the frontt of his owne 
home Lott. Granted 3dly that lohn Luj'ton shall have an Even 
tfrontt ot his home Lot, hee Leaving out as much Land as hoe 
Takes In nott prejudicing ye highway. 

Granted 4 To Thomas Cooper that hee shall Lay downe one 
sixt partt of a forty Acre TiOt h\ >Scuttle hole division att Rocky 
hollow , and take uj) In Lue thereof six acres and two thirds of 
an Acre of Land adjoining to leremiahs or Jonathan Ralseys 
Land at kellies pond not prejudicing highways or watering att 
ye discretion of ye Layers outt of Land. 


Listice of the peace 
the Gierke being sike of which hee dyed.* 
A true copie of the Elections 

and votes for that day. 

Test Mathew Howell. 

[Pacje 201.] Southampton April ye 9th IVm. att a meet- 
ing of ye Trustees by and withye Consontt of Mr William Bar- 
ker They did then appoynt Mathew Howelltobe Towne Gierke 
fur this yeare to supply the place of lob Say re deceased, and or- 
dered hime the sd Mathew Howell to take charice of the Towne 
books and |)apers accordingly. 


Same time in the bamc month sworn to said otlice before 
Mr liarker lustic^e. 


• This refers tn the death of Job Sayre, elected Town Clerk April 4, ICW. John How- 
eU, Jr., Town Clerk, died March S, 1092, .Mired 44 years. Uis lombstone still stands in burying ground. Sit nm ti:tr\ i.uvis. W. S. 1'. 


Time ye 14 Coll William Smith gives in liis flesh brand of 
ins manor of St Georges to be thus 

Entered by me MATHEW HOWELL Clark 

(Abstract) (lohn Davis lays out to lecamiah Scott 3 acrjs 
in (Jow neck bounded by marked tree. Aug. 31 1694) 

[Page 202.] (Abstract) (lohn Lupton exchanges a 50 in 
Lit 14 by Ksllejs pond for a 53 in No. 13. March 11 1694) 

Att a Towne meeting of Election held at Southampton on 
Tuesday Aprill 2d Annoq 1695. (1) Thomas Topping Chosen 
Constable by Major voatt of the ffreeholders of said Town for 
ye year ensueing for said Towne. 2d Isaac Halsey Sen Chosen 
ye other Constable ffor ye year ensueing by major vote of firee- 
holders of said town. The twelve men here undernamed 
Chosen by the major vote of ye ffreeholders of said Sothamp- 
ton To be Trustees fibr ye said Towne ye year enssuing Vis 
IMathew Howell Capt Elnathan Topping Lift Wm Barker 
Lift Abraham Howell En'signe Joseph ftbrdham Mr lonah 
tfordhain Ensign Tosepli Pierson Mr Wm Herrick Mr Mannaf^^- 
sah Kempton ]\Ir lames Cooper Mr lob Sayre Mr Samuel 

4th Lift Theophilus Howell t\c Ensign loseph ffordham 
Chosen by major voat of ye freeholders of ye said Towne to be 
assessors for ye said Towne for ye yeare Ensuing. 

5. Ensign loseph Pierson Chosen by ye freeholders of said 
Town Supervisors fibr the County Rate ftbr the said Towne ye 
yeare Ensueinir. 

6th Mr John Cooke Chossen by ye major vote of ye Towne 
to be Collector ffor said Towne ye yeare ensueing. 

7th Lift Theopliilus Howell Ensign loseph Pierson and Mr 
William Herrick Chosen surveyors of highways for ye year en- 
sueing by major vote of ye Towne. 

(Page 203.] Mathew Howell Chosen Towne Gierke By 
jMajor vote of ye said 'I'owne for ye year ensueing. [Marginal 

134 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

note.] Matliew Howell sworn to said office of Clerk by InsHce 
hakor July 24, 1695. 

Litt Theophilus Howell and Ensign losepb Pierson by Ma- 
jor vote To be assistants to Capt Elnatban Topping Win Her- 
rick and lolm Cook in Inspecting Into all Lands, given or sold 
by ye Towne, and to Render an account of ye over measure of 
all sucb Lands according to a former voat passed by ye Town 
on that belialt. The Clerke being absentt I have constituted 
Samuel Whitelied to Take an Account off what votes and pas- 
sages was att ye Towne meeting. 

Test WILL'M BAIiKER, lustice. 

The above mentioned with the Rest of ye proceeding at ye 
Election beeing In the page before Entered a True copie p me 


To ye Connnittee of Southampton Gentlemen whereas you 
pretended to ns that ye Lyne between your and our Tovvne- 
shipps Lyes Imperflect and have desired that our Towne by a 
cojnmittee would Give you a meeting ffor ye settleing off said 
Line. These are to Infform you that, a Towne Meeting held 
the Eighteenth of this Instantt was deputed Capt losiah Hu- 
bert Mr. lohn Mulford Capt lohn Wheeler Robartt Dayton 
Senr Ensignes Cornelius Conkling, and lames Hand's To be 
A committee on our Townes behalf to meett you ye 20th of 
this Instantt as you are a committee ttbr your Towne, They 
with you to settle ye said bounde Lyne so as itt may continue 
for ever, our Towne having vXgreed by a generall Vote to Sitt 
downe Satisfied with what this our said committee shall act 
or do in that behalfe none dissenting provided there be nott 
[Page 204.) Less In number than five of ye above said com- 
mittee Thatt doe agree to ye said Settlementt as on Record fully 
may appeere dattcd Easthamj)t()n lune ye 19 Anno 1695 

Testt THOMAS CIlATbMELD Re -order 
This was voted before mee 

lonN MiLFoKU lustice, 
^V true copie Arc 


Whereas tliere liatli bene some difference between ye Towne 
of Southampton and ye Town of Easthampton both In ye 
County of Suffolk & In ye proovince of new yorke about ye 
dividing bounds or lyne between ye two Towns, ftrom a Stake 
wiiich now stands att a place Comonly Called Wenseutt 
plaine, aboutt one pole from ye Southwest corner of lames 
Hands Land on ye beatch, To a pine tree on ye north side of 
ye Island neer over against ye Eastermostt poyinttof hoggneck, 
which was fformerly Marked for ye bounds between the two 
Townes, and ye Towne of Easthampton haveing Layd outt 
Land to ye westward of a straight Lyne between ye above 
said stake and pine tree. And we ye subscribed namely Ed- 
ward Howell loseph Pierson Capt Topping Samuel Cooper 
Abraham Howell lohn Cook and Henry Pierson, for the Town 
of Southampton ; And Capt losiah Hobart Kobartt Dayton 
Capt. lohn Wheeler Cornelius Conkling Mr lohn Mulford and 
lames Hand ftbr Easthampton, being Chosen and appoynted 
By the said Towne to settle the bounds between The two towns 
tfor ever, do ffor our selves, and In behalfe of the above said 
Townes ]Mutually Agree and conclude thattye deviding bounds 
between the above said Townes shall bee and ffor Ever Ee- 
maine att tbe aforesaid Stake at the beatch within aboutt a pole 
of ye southwest corner of lames Hand's Land as it now stands 
and soe to rune upon a straight Lyne to ye north East corner 
of Thomas Hand's lott as itt is now fenced, & So from thence 
upon a straight Lyne to Rune To a tree marked by us sujjpos- 
ino- it to bee ye north east corner of thomas hands upper Land, 
from which said tree to Rune upon a straight Lyne to a while 
<'ake tree by the uper path or Rode, which tree was formerly 
[Page 205.] marked for the bounds, ftrom thence to Rune east 
w^ard upon a Straight Lyne upon or by ye said Roade, so fan 
As it may take In so much I^and to ye Easttward of ye straight 
Lyne between the said stake att ye Beatch and the afibresaid 
pine tree on ye north side of ye Island as ye foresaid Lynes 
takes over the s"jid Straight Line between ve above said 
stake and pine tree to ye westtward Which is thirty fHve ])oles 

130 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

and a lialfe : from Thence to Rune upon a straight Line to The 
atoresaid pine tree, whicli said bounds shall Bee and Remaine 
Hbr ever ftbr deviding between ye above said Townes, all tlie 
the Land to ye westward of ye bounds or deviding Lyne to be 
and Remain To Southampton fior Ever, and nottwitlistanding 
ye Last Lyne to ye above said pine tree may take In some partt 
of liogg neck, yett all ye said hogg neck shall be and Remaine 
To Southamptor ffor Ever, and all ye Land Eastt ward of ye 
above said bounds or deviding Lyne between the above said 
stake and pine tree, To bee and Remaine to Eastthampton for 
Ever. Itt is also agreed upon by us above named In the be- 
lialfe of Each Town, that there shall be a highway fFrom the 
st^ke att ye beatch to ye above said pine tree on the north side 
ot the Island, Easthampton Ijcavrng out at ye Eastward ot ye 
above said bounds or Lyne one pole wide ot Land from ye said 
stake at the beatch, to ye above said pine tree, and Soutliamp- 
-on to Leave out one pole wide of Land from ye said stake, to 
ye above said pine tree, To ye west ward of the said boun(,ls 
or Lyne, and that to Ly for a highway tor Ever. In witness 
whereof wee have hereunto sett our hands this twenty fifth day 
of lunc 1(595. 



loHN Wheeler Samuel Cooper 

Cornelius Conkling Iohn Cook 

loHN Mulford Abram Howell 

Iames Hand Henry Pierson 

A true copy p mee MATH HOWEI.L, Clerke. 

[Page 200.] At a Towne meeting held on tuseday Ajn-ill 
ye 2d 1G95 Voted that lolin Parkor and his heyres and assigns 
tor Ever shall have Southaiupton partt of ye streame att ye 
Riverbed, with their part of all the Land between The Two 
Rivers and ye medows from ye cuntry Roade Eastward that 
was voted to Mr Wick, upon ye con(h'tion that ye said Parker 
or his heyres or assiirns build and maintain tl'or Ever tJiereon a 


good ffulling ]\Iil], and ftull all ye cloth for ye Town of South- 
ampton, Brought to him for that purpose. Cerssey Ell wide att 
3d p yard, and yard wide att two pence halfpenny p yard, and all 
other eloth proportionably, and when ye said Parker or his 
haires or assigns tiaile of ye above said condition then je above 
granted premises to Return to ye Towne of Southampton afore 
said, the said mill to be conpletted within on year and a halfe 
from ye date heareofi and To full ye cloth fior ye Town afore- 
said well According to Law. This vote hatli pastt as a ftree 

Test WILL BARKER Justice. 
A true copie &c, 

(Abstract cf deed.) (Edmond Howell sells to Nathaniel 
Howell 4 acres in oxpasture South division, which I had of 
obadiah Rogers, bonnded N. S. by highways East by lohn 
Pinny W loseph Post, witness Elisabeth Ware [eremiah }low- 
ell. March 22 1G94) 

(Abstract) (lonah Fordham sells to Nathaniel Howell § of 
a lot in oxpasture South division, bounded E by lohn Post N. 
S. highways. Price 3£. witness Abigaiil Cooper. April 19, 

[Page 208] (Abstract) Edward Howell sells to Nathaniel 
Howell ^ of lot in oxpasture South division, bounded E. bv 
L>hn Post, W. by lonathan Ray nor, N. S. highways. Price 
30£. April 14 1695) 

I Page 209.] (Abstract) (Edmond Howell sells to Nathan- 
iel Howell a 50 of meadow at fourth neck, and 1 acre in great 
plains in 10 acre lotts, b. N. by highway, E by lohn Foster, W 
by lonah Bower, also a 50 of commonage. Price 7£ 4s. Inne 

[Page 210] (Abstract) (Robert WooUey sells to Nathan- 
iel Howell a 50 of mcKdow at 4th neck. Price 20s. ^larch 23 

[Page 211.] (Abstract) (Richf.rd Howell sells to Christo- 
pher Foster 2 acres called the upper lot, b N by loseph Foster 
E by loseph Fordham W by Richard Howell S by lonathan 


Raynor [Probably part of Isaac P. Foster's farm.] In ex- 
change Christopher gives 2 acres at Halseys neck, b East by 
swamp that devides Halseys neck and Coopers neck, W by 
highway next to Thomas Coopers land deceased) N by Christo- 
pher Foster & VVra Herrick August 19 1695) 

[Paoe 212.] (Abstract) (lob Sayr^ sells to lohn Reeves, 
Lot 24 oxpasture North devision that fell to my father lob 
Sayre deceased, In exchange lohn Reeves gives 2 acres in the 
10 acre lots b E. by lohn Post, W Thomas Topping, & high- 
highway N highway, March 26 1655) 

(Abstract.) (lohn Post sells to lohn Reeves a 50 in Lot 24 
North division oxpasture which 1 bought of Francis Sayre. In 
exchange lohn Reeves gives a parcel of land in 10 acre lots 
joining the piece sold by him to lob Sayre above, March 26 

(Abstract ear marks entered by) (Samuel lohnes Wm len- 
nings 1696 lohn Reeves Mr Ebenezer White Matthew Howell 
Richard Wood lohn Woolly losiah Howell (enters brand that 
was his brother Isaacs,) Abiell Cook lohn Mitchel (for his son 
lohn) Daniel Sayre Isaac lessup leremiah Halsey loshua Barnes 
Thomas Byford loseph Goodale Thomas Howell loseph More 
Samuel lennings (1669 enters mark that was his father's, same 
record to Wm I, 1696) lames Haines, Benjamen Haines, Zach- 
ariah Davis Samuel Bishop, Nathaniel Howell.) 

[Page 215.] (Abstract.) (Daniel Sayre sells to Samuel 
lohnes J acre in South oxpasture, in exchange for a piece of 
land at Long Springs, Feb. 16 1696) 

(Abstract.) (Samuel lohns sells to Mr Wm Barker the f 
acres in oxpasture boght of Daniel Sayre in Lot 1 Soutli devi - 
sion. In exchange W Barker sells a 50 in Lot 37 South devi- 
sion of oxpasture next the close for the ministry and next the 
pond (Now part of Nelson Burnet's home lot.) March 15 169(> 
Wm Barker bought of Anthony Ludlam) 

(Pa(;e 216.] Att a Towne meeting held by the freeholders 
In the Town of Southamj)ton Aprill ye 6 1697 itt was then 
granted To Theophilus Howell Liberty to sett a Lime pitt 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 139 

neere Sag:;? brook wheare itt may be convenient to Lime not 
prejudicing highway? or waterings this was granted bj major 
voat of said free holders, on said Bth day of April in my pres- 
ence. Testt WILLIAM BARKER lustice 
A true copie &c. 

Att the said Towne meeting it was granted to Manassah 
Kempton that hee shall have Liberty to sett up a wind mill be- 
tween oxpasture geatt and the plaine geate on ye west side of 
the highway by the Eastt sid of 3'e parsonage Land att ye dis- 
cretion of the Layers outt or surveyors, during the time, that 
hee his heires or assigns shall keep a mill and In Repaire, 
allowing sufficient time to Repaire ye sd mill.* 

Itt is also at the said Town meeting vo? ted that Tames Flaines 
phould have two acres ot Land adjoining to lohn Mitchelshome- 
Lv3t on ye westt sid at ye discretion of the surveyors, hee Lay- 
ing downe two acres at the Long pond to the Townes use for 
the same. These two voats passed before me 

A true copie ifec WILLIAM BARKER 

Wheareas Henr\^ Pierson lames Ilildreth and Theophilus 
llow^ell sett up a mill upon Sagg Streame itt is grantted by 
major Voate that they shall have the use ot the said streame 
from this present sixt aprill one thousand and six hundred 
ninety seven until the term of twelve years, ffor the use of said 
mill, they Grinding tor the Inhabitants of this Towne when 
they can with conveniency takeing a moderatt Toale or tenth 
partt. This voat was pastt before mee this 6th day ot aprill 
1697. This vote hath pastt as a free voate according as is cus- 

Entered &c. Test WM. BARKER, lus. 

We the Surveyors of the highways of the Towne of vSouth- 
ampton Namely Edward Howell and losiah Topping have laid 
outt a piece of Ground forty eight poale square according to 

* This mill stood in fioiit of llie lot ol'Heniy Reeves, W. S P 


tlie order given by the Trustees, bounded on the south side by 
n)r White, and Oii ye Eastt by the highway and bounded on 
the westt by the common Land, and on the north bv tlie com- 
mon Land, this being the tln'rd partt ol a 40 accer devission as 
witness our hands this 7th day ct lune 1697. 

(A true copy &c) EDWARD HOWELL 


[Page 217 ] According To an order of the Trustees bare- 
ing date the ffirst of lune 1696. We namely Edward Howell 
and losiah Topping Have Layd outt unto Christopher ffoster a 
ffifty pound alottmentt of Land in the forty accer Devission To 
a whole allotment being thirteen acer and one third of an accer 
of Land and Layes forty eight pole square on the north side of 
Mr Ebenezer Whites Land, and bounded north and west with 
common land, and Eastt with a high Way that goes bv hackers 
hole as witness our hands this 7th Day of lune anno 1697. 

A true copy &c. EDWARD HOWELL 


Att a Towne meeting held on the 27th day of may 1697 
Warned by order of the Trustees for the settlement of^ Lands, 
Itt was then granted to loseph Poastt by major vote To have' 
his seven accers of Land lying on the Eastt sid of mr Edward 
Howells Land towards the Long springs changed and Removed 
to the westt side of the said Land and to bee done att the dis- 
cression of the Layers out or serveyers of the highways, there 
to have the lust quantitie of seven accers of land" to hime and 
bis heirs for Ever. 

(Abstract) The above seven acres laid to loseph Po«t 
bounded S by Mathew Howell E bv Edinond Howell N W bv 
^^ommon land. [Probably part of the lot now beloncnno- t'o 
Ail)ert Reeves, south of Joshua Eliston's hom'e lot ] ' "^ 

Voated that Gersham Culver shall have liberty for the con- 
venience of fenceing his nieudow at the canoe place to fence in 


some part of upland to tlie quantity of 3 or 4 acres not abridge- 
ino; ot tbe Indians inakeing use of ye same if they require it, 
to be to him liis lieirs and assi2:ns forever, for and in, con- 
sideration of which he doth lay downe to ye townes proper use 
a 50 of meadow at accabog on tbe East side of tbe red creek, 
this was passed by major voat ot the town April 6th 1697 at 
the towne meeting, lliis vote was passed to be a free vote as 


[Page 218.1 April ye 13 1697 wee the surveyors ot South- 
ampton namely Samuel Clark and losiab Topping have Layd 
out for Gersham Culver about four accers ol Land on the south 
side ot the canoe place according to the Towne voat as witness 
our hand. 

A true copv &c. SAMUEL CLARK 


Att a Town meeting held by the Inhabitants of Southamp- 
ton on the 5th day ot aprill 1698 being the day of Election of 
Towne officers A generall voate then pastt that none ot the r\ 
trustees that now are or Ever heereafter shall be chosen by 
said Town shall have any power to sell, alienate or give any 
Land With In the bounds ot said Towne, or make any Title 
to any Land all Red}^ disposed of Except Impowered and 
directed thereto by major voate of said Towne, tbe above said 
voate Read three times to the said Inhabitants at said meeting 
and unanimously consented unto. Except one man. 

A major voat past att the said miceting that ye three high- 
ways Running Eastt and west in the great plains and oxpasture 
shall be Layd all between the ten acre lotts and south division 
of the oxpasture, and that three Lots on the parsonige land be 
Laid between lames Coopers Lot and the said parsonige land 
trunting to the highway that Runs southward from the oxpas- 
ture gate: always provided no particular Man or men be bar- 
ed of convenient higliway To his Land: In said plains, and 


142 records: town of Southampton. 

oxpastnre, and the three liighways being Laid Into one as 
aforesaid shall contain the same quantity of Land extendins^ as 
t'ar westward as the highway that Runs downc southward In 
the niidle of Captains neck. A major voate passed att said 
n.eeting that if mr Edward Howell be Wanting In liis qnan- 
tetie of Land att ould Towne, and mak itt apeere so : the trus- 
tees shall apoynt men to Lay out to him so much as shall be 
found wanting in sum other place not prejudicing highways 
and watering places. 

A majr voat past at said meeting that lohn Cook shall have 
tW'Cnty five pole of ground to dige a watering at the south East 
corner of his land at meacox adjoining on the nortli Ecd of 
Elish Ilowells Land : lor which he the said lohn Cook payd 
twelve shillings Immediately for the townes use In full for ye 

[Page 219.] (Abstract) (In accordance with the vote on 
page 91 (of original) 15 acres of laud are laid out for Ebenezer 
White at Kellies pond bounded W & N by common land S. 
losiah Halsey E by highway. May 16 1696) 

(Abstract) lecomiah Scott sells to lames Cooper a 100 of 
meadow in Lot 30 at lumping neck, in exchange for a lot of 
sedge in Lot 8 at leffreys creek Northsea. Inne 12 1698) 

(Abstract) Samuel Cooper sells to his brother lames a 50 in 
lot 8 at leffrys creek, in exchange for a 60 of sedge at Holmes 
hill, and a 50 by little pond in httle neck. lune 21 169«) 

[Page 220] (Abstract) (April 2 1698 in accordance with 
on page 218 [of original] IMathevv Howell layd out three lots 
belonging to loseph Bjltlreth adjoining to lames Coopers home 
lot in the oxpasture fronting to the oxpasture gate highway 
that goes into the great plain, and the said land as it now lyes 
between the said lames Coopers land and ye townes parsonage 
contains 11 acres and 67 poles, which was the quantity of the 
said three lots, and is 87 poles long, and in breadth at ye west 
end butting upon Reeves land 22 poles wide, and exchanged 
the south end of said lots with Thomas Stephens for the north 
side of a iiore ot land lie had of lohn Lavlorl 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 143 

[Abstract] [fames Cooper sells to lolin Taylor 8 feet in 
breadth, and 72 poles long, to be taken oft' the west side of the 
said lames Coopers land lying on the west side of his brother 
Samnels home lot. In exchange for 18 feet in breadth and 12 
poles in length to be taken oft' the south end of lohn Tavlors 
land adjoining to Ichabod Coopers on the dorth side thereof. 
Dec. 4 1699] 

[Page 221.] Southampton April ye 2d 1700. At a Towne 
meeting then held was given by majr voateto lohn Parker one 
accer of Land to sett a house upon one the south side of the 
Little River at ackquebouge, so Long as hee or his maintain 
the fulling mill To do tlie Towns work at a Reasonable Rate 
or price, So that it doth not come beLow his Lower dame 
Eastward, or prejudice the highways going over a River, and 
if the conditions above are not performed the said accer of 
Land to Return to the town againe, and to be Laid out bv a 
man or men apoyinted by the trustees, at the said Parkers 
charge, lohn Cook lohn Wick Daniel Sayre Ir and mr loseph 
tordham protest against the Town giving to lohn Parker the 
above said accre of Land in ye said meeting held on 2d day of 
April 1. 

Test &G. At a Towne meeting of the Inhabitants proprie- 
tors and owners of the undivided Land In the Towne Ship of 
Southampton, by warent assembled and held on the 17th day 
aprill 1700 having under the consideration the Laying out a 
[Page 222.] division of Land proseed to a voate by proxees 
as followeth 64^ fifties were for a division 79f fifties were for 
no division. 

[Page 223-24.] [Abstract] Earmarks entered 1700-5 by 
loseph Halsey lonathan Culver Ephram Sayre Thomas Sayre 
Ami Ruhamy Rusco Elisha Howell Israel Howell Henry lessup 
Thomas Stephens losiah Bishop, Samuel Howell Nathan 
Fordham Edward Howell lohn Willman Tho. Topping lolin 
Foster Ir Mathew Lum Thomas Sa3're enters mark that was 
his fathers, [same mark recorded by Francis S. on page 102, 
other end of this baok,] 

144 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

Benjainoii WoodriifF losepli Taylor lolin Sayre laines Clark 
[Page 225.] loshua Ualsej losiah Howell Thomas Herrick 
llenrj Pierson losepli Moore Ezekiel Sandford lames Clark 
lohn Morehouse lames White Jeremiah Culver (enters mark 
ofliis brother lonathan) David Foster Ephriam White Daniel 
(Page 220.] Hedges Samuel Lum lob Sayre Isaac lessup El- 
liphalet Clark Tho Stephens mark boght of Caleb Gilbert Dan- 
iel Lane Theophilus Howell Kichard Eowler loseph Pierson Ir 

[Page 227.] (Abstract.) (6| acres laid out to Thomas 
Coo])er in accordence with vote on Page 200 of original.) 

(Abstract.) (Thomas Shaw sells to Samuel Cooper ^ 50 of 
sedge at Homses Hill, or cedar point, in exchange for ^ 50 on 
letfrys Creek sidge banks Aug. 21 1704) 

[Page 228.] (Samuel Cooper sells to brother lames a 50 of 
sedge near the thorn tree, for a ^ of sedge at lefi'rys creek and 
a I at little pond. Aug 21 1704) 

(Abstract.) (David Rose sell to Ezekiel Sandford a 50 ot 
meadow at accabogue drawn by my father lohn Rose, Nov. 
22 1709. 

[Page 229.] Given and granted unto lohn lessup by a 
ftree voate of the whole Town Neare an acre of medow Lying 
Near Hogneck spring upon the Beach or Adjoining thereunto 
and bounded westward by the North sea Lyne, and eastward 
])V the Beach that comes Neare to Weeckatuck pond which Is 
about twenty ffive poales eastward of the North sea Lynes and 
loining to the said Pond and beach, lohn Cook Protested 
against this voate. april 2th 1706. 

Test lOSEPH EFORDHAM lustice. 

(jiranted to Ca])t Theophilus Howell Elisha Howell Lemuel 
liowell and leremiah Halsey Liberty to Build a windmill at 
meacox upon ye triangle commons Not Prejudicing highways 
April 2 170(5. Test &c. 

(Abstract.) (Ian '^ 1706 Zachariah Davis resigns to Thom- 
as Lupton all his right to the piece of land Thomas Lupton 

•Matthew Uowell, Ju-tico and Town Clerk, died May 4th, 1700; Uis tombstone still 
stands iu Suuth-eud burying ground. W. S. 1'. 


lavs claim to which he bought of loseph Smith, and was always 
considered to be Richard Smiths. 

Test I08EPH FORDHAM Clark.) 

By the appointment of ye Pro£riators of North sea pnrchas 
was apointed Lohn Luptoii tKGreorge Harris and Thomas 
Cooper to lay out nine lots between tfaranteans Point* and 
Weckatnck spring so called, upon hog neck Reach 2 lots one 
of the two is number 9 which Ezekiel Sanford Drawed, also 
what medow lietli eastward adjoining to Numb. 9 belongs to 
Numb. 9 all the medo from Numb 8 Eastward That was John 
lessups belongeth to the ninth lot. 

loHN LuPTON Thomas Cooper George Harris. 

A true copy entered into ye records April 24 1707 by me 

Joseph Fordham Clarke. 

[PaCtE 230.] (Abstract) (earmarks entered by Tonathan 
Raynor Ir Lemuel Howell lonathan Howell Ir Jonathan Tag- 
ger Mr lohn Wick Alexander Willmot Richard Wood (enters 
mark formerl}' Thomas Byiields) lonah Rogers Ir Nathaniel 
Woodruff losiah Howell. 1707-9) 

I Page 231.] (Abstract) ( Wm Herrick sells to losiah 
Iloweli a 50 on the west side of Ogdens neck in Lot 20, in ex- 
change tor a 50 on the east side of Ogdens neck Lot No. 27. 
July' 27 170S) 

(Abstract) (Wm Derrick sells to Samuel lohnes a 50 in 
Lot 27 west side ot Ogdens neck, and 2 50s in Lot 24, and 1 50 
in Lot 26, in exchange for 4 50s in ogdens neck, east part, 1 
50 in Lot 28, and 3 50s in lot 32. luly 27 1708) 

[Page 232. J (Abstract) losiah Howell sells to lohn Post 
a 50 in lot 27 east side ot Ogdens neck, in exchange for a 50 in 
lot 24 in same division, July 19 1708 

Page 233. April 6 1708. By Major voate Jt was granted 
to Tho. Topping Liberty to tacke in soe much Land upon ye 

* Or Fai'inirton's poini : the peniiisnla now known as Jes'-np> beacli W. S. P. 


southwest corner of his Littleworth elo.ise. Leaving see nnicli 

out on ye south side by the Discretion of Christopher tfoster 

and Nathaniel llowelJ, Tlio Topping Paying the charge 



Same date Granted to Capt Stephens, Caleb Gilbert* and 
leremiah Culver Liberty to sett up a windmill u]X)n the North 
east corner of the Parsonage Land upon ye west side of the 
higliway that Runs Into the great Plains Provided they have 
the consent of mr Whiting. 


(Abstract) (earmarks entered by Ca]>t losiah To])]img 
losiah Topping Ir Daniel Say re Ir Ethan Sayre lohn Davis Ir 

[Page 2o4.] (Abstract) (losiah Howell sells to Isaac 
Bower a 50 of meadow in accabog division in red creek neck 
which 1 had ot Samuel Halsey, in exchange Isaac Bower gives 
a 50 ot meadow in Bn-ch neck. ^lay 24 1709) 


(Abstract) (earmarks entered by David Hand losiah To])- 
ping Abraham Sayre losiah Halsey Ir Thomas Sanford. 1711) 

[Page 285.] (Absiract) Thomas Topping sells to Peter 
Norriss lot 19 in great meadow (|)robably Hog neck division.) 
Price 11 shillings. (No date.) 

New York Aug 1 1710. Receved of Capt Thomas Stevens 
eighteen pounds according to her majesties Proclamation lie- 
ing Hbr quit rent tor eight years of ye town of Southau:j)ton. I 
say receved. 

V. BRYERLY Collector. 


A true copy as test Cuuistopheu Foster Clark. 

* Caleb Gilbert's home loi =s the lot now owiu'd l),v Ucnry Rt'ovcs, coriior of First ucck 
and Captain'^ neck, laues. vv. S. 1'. 


[Page 236.] Att a Town mettiiig of election held at Sonth- 
ainpton on Tuesday the 3d day of Aprill 17 11 

Capt Thomas Stephens chosen Clerk, Isaac Halsey Ephraim 
White Thomas Cooper chosen Constables, Capt Theophiliis 
Howell Supervisor, Capt. leckamiah Scoot chosen Collector for 
this year and to have 6d a pound for collecting. Capt Isaac 
Ilalsey Ichabod Cooper Elisha Howell chosen Assessors. Capt 
Abraham Howell and Lemuel Howell to make inspection into 
Ii.testate Estates, Capt Abraham Howell chosen Town treas- 
urer at 4d per pound. 

Voated that The tatting Pasture shall be enclosed from the 
]5th day of aprill tdl the Last day of lanuary, and to be Im- 
]>roved acording to ye discretion ot the trustees this ensueing 
year: Robertt Norris lakamia Scott lolin Cooper Anthony 
Ludlam lonathan Raynor lohn lessup Nathaniel Howell lohn 
Howell Stephen Topping David Halsey, Samuel (hooper lert- 
miah lagger. Trustees. 

Voted by the freeholders of Southampton that there shall be 
a committee of five men apinted by the town to enquire into 
the Rights that e-ach propriety holds in the undivided Lands, 
and every man that hath any Right shall Bring it in to said 
committee and he that shall not Bring in his Right in 
two months time to said committee shall have no Libei-ty to 
Pasture any creatures in the common Held for the year ensue- 
ing. Chosen by major voat that Capt Thomas Stephens Capt 
Theophilus Howell Mr lohn Wick lohn Cook and lames Coop- 
er are the five men appinted to inspect into every mans Right 

Voted that the trustees shall serve the town this ensueing 
year gratis. 

Voated that the Proprietors of the undevided Lands are to 

meet upon the forth Tuesday of this Instant aprill in order to a 

Divession of Land, at eight of the (Uock in morning. Thes 

Votes Was past before me 

lOHN WICK lustice. 

Test CiiRisTorHER F foster Clai-k. 


Ye 14th Day oi May The towne mete in order to Chiise a 
Clark and Cliristopher ifoster was Chosen as test my hand 


[Notes at bottom.] (ear marks entered by lohn Liipton Tr, 
Eliphelet Clark Henry lessnp lames Haines, Gersham Culver 
Is Isaac Howell of Cob, Abraham Howell Ir lonathan Howell 
Ir Tacob Wood) 

I Page 238.] (Abstract.) (earmarks entered by lacob Wood 
David Rose Ir Thomas Lupton Theophilns Pierson lonathan 
lagger Samnel Haines Eliass Cook Stephen Topping Thomas 
Cooper for son Thomas Nathaniel Woodruff Edward Howell 
Ir Obadiah Smith) 

[Page 239.] Att a Town meeting Held In Southampton 
npon ye first day of April! 1712 present major loseph fford- 
ham, lustice. We Prosed acording to ye tenner of ye pattinge 
to Chuse officers tfor this ensueing yeare (viz) Christopher tfos- 
ter chosen Clark ffor this ensueing year. lohn Woolly Thomas 
I'opping Thomas Cooper chosen constables. 

Capt Theophilus Howell chosen Supervisor tfor this year. 

Capt Daniel Sayre chosen Collector tfor the year, and to 
have Ifore pence half penny upon ve pound. 

losiah Howell Samuel Cooper David Pierson assessors tfor 
this year ensueing. Capt Abraham Howell and Daniel ilalsey 
chosen to inspect En testate Estates. Ensign lohn Howell 
chosen Town Treserer for this year gratis. Trustees Hezekiah 
Howell Isavjk Bower lob Sayre Epnraim White Isaak Halsey 
Ir lames Cooper lohn Post matthew Lum mr lohn Wick En- 
sign loseph more Capt Scott lohn micell, (Mitchell) 

Voated Aprill ye 1 day 1712 att a Town meatting of the ttrec 
holders of Southamptf>n that thare shall bee a committee of 
tlive men To Eiupiire into ye Rights of fhfteys (chosen Capt. 
Theophilus Howell, lustice lohn Wick, mr lohn Cook, lustice 
lames Cooy)er Capt Isaak Halsey. 

Voated by ye Town That Thare shall bee a Devision <»f 
Land and inedcnv so much as i.« good and that In quantity 


and quality att ye Discn'sion of ye Layers out tliat shall bee 
chosen by ye Town to be acomplished with In a yeare. 

Voated that tliare shall Be six men chosen to Lay out this 
Devision, chosen to Lay out ye division Capt. Abraham Howell 
Tapt. Theophilus Howell Capt Isaak Hallsy, Justice lames 
Cooper Tsaak lessup Justice lohn Wick. 

Voated That at ye Returne of this Dicision itt shall Bee en - 
tered ye Length and Bredth of every Lott as it is numbered. 

Voated That ye flatting Pasture shall be Jnclosed by ye 
twentv dav of April. 


Voared That ye men That is apinted to Lay out ye Land 
shall have three bites a Day and no more 

A time coopie as test I A Jv AM [ A H SCO FT 

L HRisTOPHEK Ffoster Clark. 

[Page 240.] Southampton april ye 7 Day 1712 att a meet- 
ing of ye committee namely Capt Theophilus JJowell Capt 
Isaac Halsey mr John Wick John Cook and lames Cooper 
chosen by ye Town to Enquire and settle each mans Right or 
ffifty in commonage throughoutt ye Bounds of ye town as Jiol- 
loweth : 

John Michell in ye right of (;)liver Russell 050 

Christopher tfoster by ftather 050 

Daniell ffoster by tfather 050 

Isaac Halsey Ir by ffather lO^J 

loshua Halsey by tfather one 50 and ^ a 50 by James 

Willman " 050 

Job Wick by mr Wm J3arker bought of John Laughton 

bounded from ye Can no place eastward 050 

Ezekiel Sandford by Henry Ludlam 050 

Ezekiel Santord by Thomas Goldsmith and Josiah 

Laugliton from ye Canno place east ward 100 

Thomas Halsey by ffatlier 050 

Sainael Halscv bv flather 050 


Samuel ('oopcr by ftatlier 100 

Tames Cooper by tfather 100 

Thomas Cooper by tfather 100 
Ichobod and Thomas Sayre each 1 quertor by Samuel 

Cooper ^ 
leremiah lagger by Hatlicr 050 
Samuel Ia<:ger by tfather ^ O/^O 
lonathan & Benjamen lagger by fiather 050 
Nathan Sayre by tfatlier 050 
lohn morehouse bought of lohn Burnett 050 
David Rose by tfather 1 50, (sold to Theodore Pier- 
son 1 quarter f 
Stephen Topping by tfather 100 
Hezekiah Topping: by tfather 050 
('apt losiah Topping by tfather 100 
mr Ebenezer White bought of Tho. Topping 000^ 
]amas Haines bought of Tho. Topping OoO^ 
]\lajor rosej)h tfbrdham l)y fi'atlier 150 
widow Charity tfordham and children by Husband 050 
Peitiah tfordham by tfather 050 
mr lonah tfordham by ffiither 100 
lonah Rogers by tfather one 50 (and bought ol lohn 

Waring one 50) 100 
I Pace 241.] Anthony Ludlam by tfatlur one fifty and 

by (loshua Barnes two fifty s) 150 

David 1 1 alsey by tfather 050 ! 

losiah Halsey by tfather lOOl 

Nathaniel Ilalsey by tfather 050,-! 

leremiah Halsey by tfather 050! 
Capt Isaac Halsey by tfather one fifty and ', and by 

major loseph tfordham one fifty K'O' 

Benjamen Haynes by tfathci' 050 

widow Mary Llorton ealis (alias) mapom 050^ 

William & Samuel lennings by tfather < 50.^ 
Hcnoni tHint l)ou<rlit of* town from canno |)las cstward 050 

I )hii StainbroA hv liatlier 050 


Peter Non's by Benjainen Pierson 000^ 
Samuel Clark by ftatlier one titty (soukl to Susaiiah Mal- 

by one quarter) OGOf 

John Clark by ffather 000^ 

Elifelett Clark by ftather 000^ 

lames White by father one titty (sold to Stratton ^) OOOi 

loseph Stratton bought of lames White 000^ 

Sary Herrick, elias Cherry {() 050 

Mrs Susanah Pierson by Husband 050 

Theodore Pierson by ti'ather ^ a fitty, by David Rose } OOOf 

Henry Pierson by father 050 
Daniell Hedges bought ot losiah Stanbrow ^ a iifty and 
of Tames Stanbrow 1 litty and of Henry Harris 

and George Harris halt a hfty 100 
Capt Daniell Sayre bought ot Benj. Davis one fifty, and of 

Tchobod Sayre 1 fifty, and ^ a fifty of Daniel Shaw 10()i 
Fames Hildreth bought of Benj. Cooper OOo^ 
Daniell Halsey by Hather 100 
Pichard Halsey by mr Barrett 050 
Ichabod Cooper by fiather 0501 
^Irs ]\lehitjble Herrick by husband in Uight of ehildren 100 
(.j-a.])t laekaniiali Scott by mother 100 
lolin Lupton and Brethren by llather 050 
lohn Davis Ir by fiather 000.^ 
Zackariah Davis by fiather ^ a fitty, s:ld to widow Su- 
sanah JMaulby one quarter OOOj 
[Page 242.] Capt Abraham Howell by father from 3'e 

canoe place eastward one 50 050 
Capt Abraham Howell one fifty in ye right of Edmond 000^ 
Abram Howell Ir by fatiier in ye Bight of Ed- 
mond }Iowell 000^ 
Capt Theophilus Iloweli l)y fiather 05() 
Capt Theophilus Howell bought of John Bainer ^ a fifty 000^ 
widow Hannah Stephens bought ot lohn Wareing one 
fifty and of Thurston Bay nor 1 fitty whereof one 
I fifty sold to Elisha Howell 050| 

1^)2 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

widow Snsanah maulby 1 quarter bv Zackariah Davis, 

and 1 quarter of a lit'ty ot Samuel Clark ^^^^i 

'■Georc^e Harris 1 lifty by ftather <»")() 

Samuel Haines bought of David Shaw OW} 

lolm Howell bought ot lames Dimon ^ a fifty OUOi 
lohn Howell by father 1 fifty westward of the canno 

Place lohn Cook by ffather 150 
]\Ianasa Kempton bv town bounded by eanno place and 

so eastward OoO 
Jonathan Rayner by ffather lAO 
Matthew Lum by father bought of lonathan Rayner 050 
loseph Burnet bouglit of losiah Halsey 050 
Ensign loseph more bought of Edmond Howell 050 
Elisha Howell by father 1 fifty and bought of Capt 
Stephens | a tifty and one quarter of a ffifty, and 
of John Rajnor 1 ^ of a fifty 050ii 
Lemuel Howell by ffather 05i » 
lames Clark by father in Right of ann phillips. 050 
lonaii Howell by ffather ^ a tifty OOO^ 
Jonah Howell bought of loseph Sayers in Thomas Top- 
ping Right eastward of ye canno place 050 
Israeli Howell bought of Nathan Howell by right of his 

lather 050 
David liurnet in right of Tames Willman during his 

natrall Life 000^ 

Richard Howell Ir by father 050 

[J*A(;e 243.] Hezakiah ilowell by 05o 

Josiah Howell by ffather 050 

Henry Ludlam by ffather" 050 
Samuel Renjamen Nathaniel and Isaac Woodruff by 

ffather each man J of a fifty 150 

Richard Wood bought of lohn W illman 4 a fifty 000.^ 

widow Lidia ffoster 1 fifty by husi)and during her Lite 050 

John Woolly by ffather 050 
lohn Reeves by ffather 1 fifty and l)y Ik'uj- Wiilnian 

h a thftv " 050J 


Samuel Bishop by iiatlier OoO 

widow Lidia Howell bv hiisbaiul and children OoO 

Obadiah Rogers and mother 100 

lob Savre bj ffather 100 

losepli Postt by ffather 050 

Ephraim White by ffiither 050 

'i'homas Topping by father 3 fiftys, sold two fittys 050 

Thomas Cliatfield by losiah Stambrow ^ of a fifty 000^ 
Robertt Norris by towne 1 Hfty bounded froni ye canno 

place and so eastward 050 

Robert Norris 1 Hfty bought of Edmond Howell 050 

Tohn lessup by ftather 150 

Samuel lohnes by ftather 150 
Lift Nathaniel Howell 1 fifty by fiather and by Edmond 

Howell 1 fifty bought 100 

lames Dimon bought of l^enj. ('oojier ^ a fifty 000^ 

lohn Post by ffather 050 
Thomas Howell father ^ a fHfty and by loseph Howell 

In Right of Samuel Howell ^ a fifty 050 

Benjamen Howell by ffather ^ a filty 000|- 
widow Hannah Sayre 1 quarter of a fifty by David 

Shaw OOOi 

]\Iathias Burnet Ijy ftather 100 

widow Ruth Bower and children 100 

Isaac Bower bought of lonah Bower 1 fifty 050 

lonathan Howell by ffather 000^ 

Ephraim Howell by ffather 050 

lohn ffoster by ffather 050 

lohn Cooper by ffather 100 
Isaac Raynor by ffather ^ a fifty and ^\ of one fifty 000 ^A, 
The heirs of Isaac Willman Ir deceased 1 fifty with ^ ye 
Increase of Land and meadow as appears l)y deed 

of gift from his Hather 050 
[ Page 244.] loseph Taylor In Riglit of Benjaman Will- 
man Theophilus Willman and ye heirs or execu- 
tors of lohn Willman deceased, ye Increase of 


Laiu] and inedow of ^ one ffifty as Wy deed of gift 
to Isaac Willman Tr deceased 
losiali Hand by father bounded from ye canno place east 

ward l" fifty 050 

Theophilus Pierson 1 fifty bought of Col. Caleb Heath- 

cote In ye Eight of Cornelius Vonk 050 

lonah Howells ffifty bought of Thomas Topping from 
Canno Place eastward. The westward jiart Be- 
longs to Thomas Topping 
luv John Wick bought of mr lohn Cambell in ye Right 
of mr lohn Howell Ir deceased 1 fifty Bound 
from ye Canno Place eastward 050 

nir lohn Wick Bought of losiah Raynor three quarters 

of a fifty " 0003 

Tosei)h Hildreth by fiather 1 fiftv 050 

]':dward Howell by father ^ a fifty 000.^ 

David Shaw 1 fifty and ^ by father whereof ho hath 

sold 1 fifty and 1 Quarter OOOf 

Gersham Culver m lohn Laughtons Right 1 fitty ftrom 
Canno Place westward 
The number of ye fifties belonging to ye town except some 
Perticular fifties Belonging to Quaqua Purchase as Wee find 
acarding to this Listt as above specified, is 153 ffifties. 

A true co]iy as test CmiisToniFJt Ffostkr Chirk. 

Southampton ]\lay ye 1 1712 att a meeting of ye comittee 
whereas w(; Bated J^^zekie! Sanford of Two fiftys fron» going 
westward of ye Canno place upoTi further Information we have 
allowed him one of ye said fiftys to goe to ye extent of our 
westward J^ounds, Quaqua purcl.ase excepted. 


[Page 245.] May 1st 1712. (Abstract) (The layers out 
are instructed to examine into the lots of the 40 acre and 20 
divisions, and if they find the owners have exceeded their 
])oiind8, they are to rectify them.) 

A'oated That ye Town shall have sixty acres ot Land Layd 
oiitt To Hemaine ffor a parsonage for ye Town of Southamp- 
ton to bee ftbr ye preshyterian ministry, or otherwayes to Re- 
turn to ye town ao;ain. Voted that sagabonuck and meacox 
shall have twenty acres of Land Layd out ftbr a parsonage tor 
a |)resbyterian minister, or otherwise To Return to ye town 

Atruccoppif ('F1RTST(^PHKR FFOTSKR Clerk. 

n d\-53rii)tion ot ye mud )w an 1 anlaud att Sp'^eniik Wee 
whose names are hereunto subscribed oeing chosen by the 
town to lay ye upland and medow in quantity and quality as 
may appear by a voat of said Town, according to Discretion, 
mak this Return of ye westward necks as follovveth. Wee be- 
gan westward at a small pond of water In Speeunk neck a Lit- 
tle eastward there is a cove of medow where stands a stack with 
no. 1, Increasing to no. 3, part of no. 3 takes in all ye next 
small cove ot medow eastward, ftrom thence we went to ye 
medow below ye great swamp beginning by ye haye with no. 4 
Increasing northward to no. 6 which three Lotes Lyeth east 
and west and Runeth eastward halte way Through ye medow, 
all northward ftrom west side to ye east side of that swamp as 
ye bounds Lieth ftor no. 7, 8, 9, then eastward of no. 4, o, 6, 
and southward of no. 7 being ye eastward halfe of ye Lower 
|)art of ye swamp medow Lieth no. 10, 11, 12, no. 11, 12, is to 
have a highway through no. 13 ftrom )e east end of 10, 11, 12, 
Increasing eastward, ye Lotes Lyin north and south 13, 14, 15, 
1(5, 17. 18, no. 19 part upon ye east side ot ye southeast pinte, 
and part In ve south end of a Cove on ye east side, no. 20 
Lieth noithward ftrom no. 19 to ye bounds ye upland of spee- 


link is houTided one ve east bv a tree inai'ked bv the best goinc- 
over into brushslie iieek, and west over to a swamp above yo 
Jjittle pond where stands a tree marked tin's 1712 which is to 
I Page 24(i.j contain one hundred and forty acres. The Lan^ 
(laying) of ye medow in taiiers neck, wee began one ye west 
side att ye north bounds att a pine tree with no. 21 Increasing 
southward to no. 26 ye west side containes six lootes, thence 
wee went eastward to a peice of raedovv below ye great swamp, 
and Laid out tour lotts east and west beginning by ye bay with 
no. 27 Increasing northward to no. 30, and ye swamp Quite 
acros ftrom east to west beginning with nomber 31 northward, 
titty poles up there is a tree marked on each side with a () 
lieth t!or three Loots no. 31 32 83, and all ye medow north- 
ward of 31, 32, 33, In ye said swamp below ye neck bounds 
that now is or shall be to beLong to ye proprietors of ye neck, 
Then acroos ye east end ot 81, 32, 33, we Laid ye Loots north 
and south and so Kuning Round to ye east side ftrom ye bay 
to ye upland beginning att ye end of ye beforementioned Lootes 
with no. 34 Increasing eastward and northward to no. 43 and 
att ye north end of no. 43 there is a tree marked with a O on 
ye east side ot ye neck where ye tirst Cove of water comes 
iieere ye upland ye medow by ye (/rick side northward from 
ye tree marked with a (), to ye north bounds ot ye neck Lieth 
for amendment to seven Lo 'ts iiamly no. 27, 2H, 29, 30, 31, 
32, 33, and upland is Layd out strait acroos ye neck and on 
each side by ye crick there is a tree marked with ye date of ye 
year 1712, below ye said tree Is Contained 100 acres ot upland ^ 
Ye manner ot ye Liing of ye medow In apocuck, we began on 
ye west side of ye north bounds with no. 44 and so Increasing 
southward to ye southwest pinte to no. 48 ye west side so con- 
taining live Loots ye medow on ye southeast i)int and ye east 
side to ye bounds tree Lieth for no. 49, ye upland in apocuck 
Lyeth below 2 trees marked with ye date of yeyeare 1712, and 
there below them eighty acres of upland and ye nj>land In each 
of ye atonnnentioned ncM-kes to Ixilong to tluMii that shall 
l)raw vc Lo(»ts ot modow in each neck acordmir; to each mans 


proportion ot medow, To Inioy ye paid upland and medow to 
tliein and their heirs and assigns forever, given under our hands 
this ffirst Day of may 1712. 



A true ('opy as test Chuistopher Ffoster (Merk. 

May ye 1 Day 1712. att a nieetting of ye Town of South- 
ampton to Draw Lotts ffbr ye westward Devision speeunk neck 
and tanners neck and apocuck neck. Itt is voted by ye Town bo- 
fore ye Drawing of ye Loots that any man that ffaileth ffrom 
ye Baye shall have Liberty to Ditch Through any mans me- 
dow that Lyetli below them where it is most Convenient to 
them that shall Ditch and Least priudisall To ye man that 
they shall Ditch through att ye Judgement of Indifferent men, 
voted and is Cleare butt ft'our men against itt. 


Note. — In the drawing of meadow and upland at " Spee- 
unk " and others following, the '*fhfty " is in nearly ever}' ease 
written out: the figures are suf)sfituted for convenience, b}' the 



[Page 247.] 

lohn Lupton & his "] 5 lames Cooper 2} 

1 brethren 1 oO [ 150 lohn woolly 1 ^ 
J\Iathias Burnett 2 J loseph Straten ^ 

lames white ^ 

2 loseph More 1 > ^-^^ Sary Cherv in ye 
Ezekiel Sanford 2 ^ ' ^^ Right of daughter 

Q I T>- 11^ ^ary Herrick 1 

SusanaliPierson 1^] Henrv Pierson 1, 

« nerson Iheophilus i , -,^ ^ i" ^ n 

'^nrEbenezerwhite| I ^^^'^ 7 ^T , ^^ T Vr 150 

Peeternorris |j L.dmh Howell 1^ 

Cp Theophilus ) 

Mehetabell Herrick "] o Howell H | -1-/. 

4 and Stephen 2 [- 150 ^ William lenings ' {" ^'^ 

Ephraim White IJ and Samllenings UJ 












ye heirs Isaac \Vill- 
man -k 

'riieopliilus Will- 
irmn ^ loseph 'i'av- 
lor^ . 

ye heirs or execMi- 
tors or administra- 
tors of lohn VV ill- 
man ^ 
loseph Hildreth 1 
Widow marv hor- 
ton alias mapam 1 
loseph tibrdham 

Jeremiah lagger 
Samuel lagger 
lonatliaii lagger 
Heniamen lagger 
nathaniel Howell 

Christopher fibster 1 ^ 


David Halsey 1 

Jeremiah Halsey 1 
Nathaniel Halsey 1 
John Cook 
lakamiah Seoott 2 
Samuel bishop 1 
Cp Isaac Halsey 2 
Israeli Howell 1 
Thomas (hooper 2 ) 
inathew Lum 1 ( 

losiah Halsey 2;^ ' 
Jeremiah Nathaniel ! 
David and Cp Isaac- 
llalscy each ' -, 

Samuel Cooper 2 
lol) Say re 1 

lienjamen A\'n(»d- 
ruir" f 

Nathaniel W'dod- 
rntV -j 

Is.-iac W.MMlnit! J 
Samuel W'oddnilT ^ 










Charity ffordham 1 ) 
Peletiah flfbrdham 1 > 
Benjamen Haines 1 ) 
Jsaac IJalsey Ir 2) 
Samuel Halsey 1^ 
John lessup 
Thomas Toppiner 2 ) 

John ffoster 
John morhous 
David Rose 
Theodore I^ierson 
James Haines 

I on ah Rogers 
John Stamhro 
Stephen Top|)ing 
llezekiah Topping! j 
Ji,lisha Howell ^Ij! 
Jsaac Ray nor ^ & I'a 
lames Dnnon 
Danicll Hedges 
gersham Culver 
John michell 
Daniell ffoster 
Thomas Halsey 
Josiah 'I'opping 
Robartt norris 
Richard Wood 
Samuel Haines 
J I anil ah Say re 
Ohadiah Jlogers 
y 150 |I\v(;e248.] 










1 \ 

•2 / 






150 34 

Fosepli Burnett 
38 Lemuell Howell 
lames CI ark 

Samuel Clark 
I.ifelet (Mark 
lohn (Mark 
Zackariah Davis 
susanah Uialhy 
lohn J)avis Ir. 














records: town of soitthampton. 


[- 150 
[ 150 

> 150 

Richard Howell Ir 1 

35 losiah Howell 1 

Hezekiah Howell 1 

wid Lidiah ffoster 1 

3G loseph Post 1 

lohn Post 1 


o'- abraham Ir | 

Ephraim Howell 1 

George Haris 1 

loshua Halsey 

38 David Burnet 
natlian Savre 

39 anthoTiy Ladlam 

Thomas Howell 
lonathan Howell 

40 Edward Kowell I )> 150 
lohn Wifk I I 
David Shaw | J 

Wid. Ruth I^owers 

^2 Cp Daniell Sayre 2p 
lames Hildreth |y 

Hannah Stephens ^ 
& son 



Henry Ludlam 
I on ah Howell 

lohn Howell 
lohn Reves 



Ichabod Cooper 1^ ) 

lohn Sayre ^ ' 

lehabod Sayre f ( 

Thomas Sayre ^J 

150 4fi Samuel lohnes 

Beni'amen Howell ^i 

47 lohn Cooper 2 - 

Thomas Chatlield ^) 


Daniell liaise v 


Isaac Bower 



Richard Halsey 
49 lonathan Ravnor 









a true cop])ie tes*" my hand. 


We ye Layers out for the Town of Southampton doe make 
our Return ot laying out ye westward medow upon ye beach 
as tolloweth, Vee began att ye west side of Cupsage Long 
point and stuck Down a stacke with No 1 increasing eastward 
to No 5, ye whole pomt Containeth 5 lioots only No 1 to have 
a highway through No 2, becos No 1 is cutt off in ye middle by 
a cove of water, then Increasing from No 5 eastward to No 8 
ye medow between ye Long pinte and cupsouge gut containing 
3 Lootss No 6, 7, 8, then wee went eastward to ye great pinte 
of medow known bv ye name of ye flat top tree pint beginning 
on the west side with No 9 increasing eastward io No 21 ye 
j)inte containing 13 Lootss from thence wee went eastward to 
ye pond middle pinte begining a little westward of ye pinte 


with 2'2 iiK'ivisint;' eas+ward to No 31 in all upon ye pond pinte 
there is 10 I^ootss memorandum that No 28 is to have a high- 
way through No 29 because part of No 28 Lies upon a pinte. 
Then wee went eastward, and No 32 stands a little westward ot 
ye stagk bank point and soe Increasing eastward to No 42 and 
that pint with a Range by ye bay side abought a hundred 
])ole eastward contains 11 Lootss and from ye east end ot 42 
[Page 249.] to ye west end ot ye chaniell is two Lootes no 43 
44, at ye west end of ye chaniel begines no. 45 Increasing east- 
ward to No. 46 and 47, ye chaniell raedow and soe eastward 
to ye west side of Davises pinte Lieth for 3 Lootes 45, 46, 47, 
from ye west side of Daviscs pinte eastward nere ye west end 
oi Quagoe Ditch Lyeth fitbr No, 48 and ye Island of sedg in tiie 
west end of Quago Ditch and ye medow upon ye beacli from 
ye west end of Quago Ditch to ye east end of ogdens Ditch all 
ve meadow southward of the Ditches with said Island for no. 
49. Witness our hands lAIay 1, 1712. 



A true coppie. Christopher Ffosteu CUirk. 

In this division the names of those who drew No. 1 are tV)und 
opposite No. 9 in the ])rev)ous drawing, page 247 ot records. 
No 2 in No 12 

- 3 '' " 47 No 27 in' No 34 

a ^ u u 4^ It 28 " " 19 

u 5 a u ^i u 29 " " 4 

6 " " 27 " 30 " '' 7 

u 7 a i. 20 " 31 " " 49 

8 " " 24 " 32 " '^ 37 

9 " " 35 " 33 " " 13 
''1(1 ^' " 41 " 34 " " 32 
"11 " " 42 " 35 " "17 
" 12 " " 2 " 36 " " 1 
" i;; " " 5 " 37 " " 25 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 1(51 

" 14 '' " 48 " 38 " '' m 

" 15 " " 2(i " 39 " " 1(5 

" Hi ■" •' 10 " 40 "• " 21 

" 18 " " 23 " 42 " " 11 

.. 20 " " 14 n 44 " " 29 

•' 21 " " (> " 4") " " 28 

" 22 " " 18 '• 4ii '^ " 30 

u 23 " " 22 " 47 " " 15 

.V 24 '' " 38 " 48 " " 3 

" 25 " " 4(i " 49 " 43 

" 2(-) '^ " 45 

Page 251 is occuju'ed with an account of rectifvino- some of 
the lots in the 40 acre division. As the alterations do nut 
materially change the original lots, it is omitted. 

[PACiE 252.] an a (Jount of our Laying out ye South De- 
vision of upland in ye year 1712, by ye Layers out apinted l)y 
the Town, and we began att ye east end of mr Wicks Loot by 
ye brushe ])lain and Run a Pang, n and by w to huntington 
path and 70 poles n we Run a second Rang parralel with ye 
first, and then 70 poles westward we Run a 3d Rang parelel 
with ye second between which we Laid out two teer of Loots 
buting on one a nother,* and att ye East end of ye first teer 
and ye west end of ye second there we Rune a highway of 10 
poles wide from Easthampton path to huntington path and they 
Run strait upon a Direct Line and we began att ye east end of 
mr Wicks Loot with No 1, in Creasing northward to hunting- 
ton path to No 7, and by huntington path • westward of no 7 
Lyetli No 8 Increasing Southward to no 14 (No 1 is on ye 
vSouth and n side B7 pcles and boutli Endes 71 poles no 2 is on 
ye n side 78 poles, on both endes 72 poles no 3 is on ye n side 
79 poles, on ye east and west end 73 poles, then no 4 and 5 and 
() is 70 poles square, no 7 is ye same only at ye west end it is 

* These lots lie on the e;is>t and west sicle^ ot Lumber J.aiie and miith of the Pireet ol' 
Bull's Head village. W. S. P. 


74 poles wide, no 8 is on boath sides 70 poles, att ye w end (38 
poles, att ye east end is 74 poles, no 9, no 10, no 11 is 70 poles 
square, no 12 is on je South side 69 poles, att ye East end 75 
poles, att ye west End 74 poles. No 13 is on ye Sides 69 poles, 
att ye east end 72 poles, att ye w end by ye highway 74, no 14 
is on ye S. Side 68 poles att ye E end 71 poles att ye w end 72 
poles) No 15 Lieth lones on ye n. e. and is by.hun- 
tington path about 96 poles on ye E. by ye highway 90 poles, 
on ye South 60 poles, by lohnes 50 poles. No 16 is about 20 
acres and is to have a niendment of eleven acres, no 16 Lieth 
on ye south part ot no 15 ye same Length Ft bv ye highway 86 
poles. South End 22 poles loyning to lohns and Samuel 
Cooper 80 poles ye amendment att ye west end of mr wi(;ks 
Loot Joining to it and is on ye E and w Side 46 poles, at ye n. 
and S End 88 poles: no 17 Lieth on ye Southward Side of 
Sanuiel Cooper 3-e same lienth, n. End 60 poles, Sonth End 70 
poles, E end 70 poles, No 18 Lieth on ye southward side of iio. 
17 : ve same Length E : next ye highway : 98 poles S. 40 poles 
M', by ye highway 88 poles: ye highway from scotel hole to 
Eiiphalet Clarks is 10 poles wide only at Clarks n, e. Corner 
there is but six poles: No 19 Lieth S. side ot huntitigton path, 
and E of no 7, onh' thare is a highway* between them of 10 
poles wide, n. Line is 94 poles, w. Line 64 poles, E line 89 
])oies, S. 63 poles. No 20 Lieth E of 19 loyning to it ye same 
Length, n. 68 poles E 88 poles S. 65 poles. No 21 Lieth on 
ye n side of Easthampton path, on ye east side brushe plaint n 
Line 80 poles, w line 64 poles, E side 85 poles. South by ye 
path 74 ])oles, and ye highway att Easthampton path is 10 poles 
[Page 253. | wide.- No 22 Lieth E of no 21 ye same Length 
at ye n end, 63 poles & Runs hito a Litel slade for water ncr 
paugasaboug:}: E Line 108 poles, south by ye ])ath 60 poli's. 
Then we went eastward ot paugasaboug by Easthampton ])atli 
and Laid out foure Loots Toyning all together. No 23 begins 

* Probably the road now known as I.ntnbor Lauc. 

t 'J'his is oil tho east side ot turnpiko to Sat;-Harbor. 

t Now eallpd " Poxabo;; " The Indian name means a l):iibin^-i)Itice W. S. P. 


f*tt ye 8. W. Corner of ye 4 Lots and is att boath ends 72 
poles, on both sides 75 poles. No 24 Lieth on ye n side of 23, 
ye same Length and is at ye n. E(nd) 78 poles, at ye E. end 7(> 
poles. No 25 Lieth on ye E. end of no 24 and is on ye n. side 
76 poles, and att both ends it is 76 poles, S. side 75 poles. No 
26 Lieth on ye S. side of no 25, ye same Length and is at both 
ends 72 poles, and on ye 8. side 75 poles. No 27 J^ieth on ye 
E. side of benony fflints Land, and is on ye n. side 70 poles, on 
ye w by ye path 60 poles, and E side 94 poles and on ye 8 
loining to ye personage 17 poles and upon mr peirsons Land 
28 poles. No 28 Lieth E ot no 27 ye same Length, and on ye 
n. 45 poles on ye E side 90 poles on ye 8outh end 45 poles. 
No 29 Lieth E of no 28 and is att ye 8.' end 66 poles, E. side 
72 poles, n. by ye path 68 poles. No 30 Lieth at ye n end ot 
Mr Wicks winmill hil Close and is on ye 8. E side 124 poles, 
and att ye 8. W. end 40 poles, on ye n. side 116 poles, n, end 
41 poles. 

Then we Laid ont 1 1 acres eastward of no 22. In ye vvedg 
tor aniendnjent to no 23, 24, 25, 26, to be Equally Divided be- 
tween them. Then we went to ye N. E. end of woodruffs Lot 
att Scutel hole and Laid out two Lots loining to it. No 31 is 
ye Ester most and Lieth on bouth sides 90 pole?, and att ye 
south end 62 poles, att ye n end 55 poles. No 32 Lieth west- 
ward of no 31 and loins to woodruffs and Daniell Halsey and 
is on both sides 90 poles, at ye 8outh end 64 poles, and at ye n 
end 55 poles. No 33 Lieth westward of losiah Halsey and pai t 
of aaron Burnet and is n. and s. 80 poles, and e. and w. 60 
poles. No 34 Lieth on ye 8. end of no 33 W. side 90 poles, 8. 
end 46 poles, E side upon Cook and lonah 98 poles, then we 
Laid a highway on ye S. W. of lonah Rogers Lot, and on ye 
S. W. of No 34 6 poles wide ye highway Runs from Scutle hole 
path, n. w. to Lots path, and at ye uper End of ye highway on 
ye westward side Lieth No 35 by ye highway 70 poles N. W, 
side 84 poles, 8. W. side 84 poles, 8. W. end 70 poles. No 
36 laeth on ye 8. E. of no 35 and is on two sides 78 
poles, on ye ends 60 poles. No 37 Lieth on s e. of no 

164 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

36, and is on booth sides 78 poles, and at both ends, 00 
poles, this no 37 Runs South Este 25 poles furder than loi-ah 
Rogers on ye other side ye highway. No 38 Ijieth on ye s. w. 
of no 37 aLong by Scutle hole path, and is on ye S. W. end 72 
poles, on ye Southeast 75 poles, on ye n. w. 75 poles, and on ye 
n. e. 78 poles. No 39 Lieth on ye N. W. of 38 and on ye S. 
W. of 36, and on ye S. W. part 78 poles, and on ye N. W. 76 
poles, and on ye N. E. 78 poles, and then we went to lames 
Whites Lot at ye head of ye mill pond and on ye E side of 
whites and Burnets Lots, we Laid a highway eight poles wide* 
then we Run three Ranges perarell with one another a mile N. 
N. W. Betwen which Ranges we Laid 8 Lotes and began at ye 
N. E. Corner with no 40, Licreasing Southward to no 43, foure 
Lots, and then n. ot no 43 is no 44 Increasing northward to no 
47, all whicli eight Lotes are 80 poles a pese N and S. and 61 
poles E and W. No 48 Lieth part against 47 and part against 
40 and Lieth 74 poles square. No 49 Lieth on ye n. side of 
aron Burnet and loyncs to him 78 poles and Runs West of hitn 
8 poles and is in all on ye South side 86 poles, and on ye E. 
part a 100 poles, N side 50 poles, W end about 60 poles. No 
50 Lieth a Litele E. ward of no 42, only a highway between 
them 4 poles wide, W. Line 84 poles, N. & S. Lines 70 poles, 
E. Line 85 poles. No 51 Lieth on ye n of Dimons loining to 
him 90 poles, on ye W. 56 poles, then n. e. by ye path 22 poles, 
then South E 74 poles and on ye E. side 50 poles. We have 
Laid to losiah Halsey no 33 and agreed that he should have it 
without Drawing and wee alow it him uj)on Compliance about 
his Lot of 40 accs he setting Down Contented with what we have 
done, and if he meet with any Disturbance from any person in * 
the Peaceable Injoyment of his 40 acre Lott or thirty acre lott 
that is no 33 then ye town to Defend it against all Claims or 
make itt up in sun) other place that is as good, allsoe (Christo- 
pher ftbster and lohn Micheles Lott att Scutle hole ye north- 
east Corner being Lost when we measured it we found it Rong 

* Tlr? is probiihly the road ruiiniiic to DccrtioUl fiom Mill-pDiul, by I.iMinu'l Ualfey'> 
hi<mci'tc'nd. ' W. s. P 


and we Broiigbt it in ye same Length with ye otliers on that 
bide ye pond and Laid ye highway of 10 poles through that 
Corner, and part of Samnel Tohns Loot which ye town is to 
Defend as we have Laid itt. 

A True Copy Test 

Christopheii Ffoster Clark. 

lune ye 6 Day 1712. Voted what ye Layers out have Done 
to be to ye satisfaction of ye town. 

[Page 245-25(3.] The various lots in this " South De vision " 
were drawn by the same persons who shared in the " Speeunk " 
division. The names of those who drew No. 1 in this " Devis- 
ion, are found opposite No. 25 " Speeunk." (Comitt.) 

No 2 opposite No 1 No 2G opposite No 12 

" Stheti 

rst one only 






4. 41 


" 4 
" 5 









44 (4 
44 44 


" (J 






44 44 


'• 7 






(4 44 


" 8 








last only 

in 2 

" 9 

" 10 



















" 12 








" 13 








- 14 








" 15 

- 16 


first 3 







Josiah band in pi 
of Robert Norris 


" 17 
" 18 























" 20 












" 22 






" 28 




last 3 in 


" 24 






" 25 









50 Robert Norris 2 50a ^Mtmasali Keuipton 1 150 

" 51 opposite 35 

[Page 257.] voted That ye Blank Loot abougbt 37 acres 
shall be sold and is cleare. voated That Gapt Theophilus 
Howell shall sell ye Blank Loot now. lohn Sayreand Nathan- 
iel Ilalsey has bought ye Blank lott west Line 88 poles, east- 
ward Line 81 poles, north Line 70 poles South Line 70 poles. 
To Them and their heires ftbrever ffor ye sum of 37 pounds in 
cash. It is agread that sag swamp should be sold all above ye 
upper Dam and westward as flur as Thomas Howells goeing 
over, and all northward of that swamp excepting that which is 
between mens corners by ye swamp side To run strate over, to 
be sould to ye hiest bider and to be to ye hiest Bidder and to 
his heires and assignes iforever. mr lohn Wick(^apt Abraham 
Howell and Capt Theophilus Howell and Capt Daniell sayre 
has Bought sag swamp tior thfteeii |)oui)ds and one shilling ac 
cording as itt is above expressed. 

A true copy test. 


(Abstract) (The trustees acknowledge receipt of £15 Is for 
Sag swamp. Inly 3 1712) 

(Abstract) (Trustees acknowledge receipt of £37 for ]>lank 
lot joininjj to Lot 50 last division, luly 3 1712) 

[Pa(JE 258.] (Abstract) (Capt Darnel Sayre sells his share 
ot Sagg swamp to Isaac Halsey son oi Thomas Halsey. luly 3 


(Isaac Halsev sells his share to Theophilus Howell and lohn 
Wick same date) 

Whereas lames Rose was gone when we made inspection in- 
to the titties and no person appeared hi behalf of said Rose we 
tind that he hath half a fifty given to him by his fathers will 
and his brother David Rose hath acknowledged it to be his be- 
f(tre us. Southampton Nov. 14 1712. 


(Abstract) (The owners of any houses standing on the north 
division have liberty to move them otf, and Edmond Es(-ute 
shall have 1^ acres of land where his house is and liberty to re- 
move his house if he see cause) 

Voted that there shall be taken out of ye town Bank twenty 
pounds to defray the charge of Mr Heathcotes house* for ye 
towns use. and it was a clear vote. 

At ye same meeting it was voted that Clam Island near 
(Ireat Noyack, that ye upland shall be sold to the highest 

Wee whose names are unto subscribed Being Deputed and 
appinted to Lave out a Devission ot Land In Quantity and 
(|uality according to our ludgemente Doe make this return of 
ye north side Devission as fi'oUoweth. October ye 20 1712 wee 
bee an at ye east end of lohn Davis Ir Loot with No 1 west end 
loyning to Daveses 4H poles, s. side 60 poles, ye eastward end 
with ye pint 72 poles, ye norward part loyning to ye bay and 
sum of ye eastward part to ye medow. Ino 2 Lyeth on ye 
south side of No 1 ye same Length, and ye w end 68 poles, s. 
side 60 poles, E end 68 p. No 3 Lieth above ye hed of towd 
ye southward end to ye neist water 26 p. E. side 68 p. n. end 
86 p. ye westward side loines to Zacharriah Davis and partly 
to ye water and is in Length about 76 p. No 4 Lieth on ye S- 

* The present hnryi-jsr-sroiind lot of Snntha niplon village. It was first owned bv Win. 
Russell wlio. in 1(578, .'old it to Obadiab Sale; he in turn sold it to Geois Healhcote. 1679, 
On the 13th of December. 1712, it was sold to the town by Col. Caleb lleathcote, who was a 
cousin of George Heathcote. For further notice of Caleb H.. see Documentary History of 
New-York. VV. 8. P. 

lf)8 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

side of lolin Davises neck westward of ye wadeing place and is 
att ye E. end 20 p. and soe Huns to ye norwest Down to ye wa- 
ter 64 p. Leaving a In'gliway between that and ye south end ot 
Davises Loot, Down to ye water of five poles wide ye Eest of ye 
Loot Joining to ye water & meadow. No 5 Lieth on ye east ward 
side of ye great meadow and is on the west side Joining to ye 
meadow and water 52 p. and then square acrostye E ward 40 p. 
Including ye Land below itt to ye norward, on ye E side 56 p. 
at ye S. end 42 p. No 6 Lieth on ye E side of No 5 ye same 
Jjength at ye norward End by ye bay and Cove 60 p. onye E. side 
60 p. on ye S. end by ye highway 60 p. att ye S. ward End asye 
Last 2 Loots by ye Cove Runs abour E and by N. No 7 Lieth on 
ye S. ward side of Davises mill Crick above ye going over part 
of itt loyning to ye Crick and is on ye E. side 80, ye s. e. end 
50 p. on ye S. W. side 80 p. on ye n. w. end 60 p. No 8 Ly- 
eth on ye N. E. of ye mill Crick below ye going over and is on 
that side Joining to ye medow and water Down to ye bays 54- p. 
ye N. W. end square 56 p. Including ye Land below it, ye N. 
E. side 54 p S. E. end by ye highway 54 p. No 9 Jjieth on ye 
N. E. of No 8 ye same Length and on ye S. E. by ye highway 
50 poles, and on ye N. E. side Down to ye swamp — p. Includ- 
ing that part of ye pint Liing against it below ye swamp, and 
att ye S. ward end of No 8 and No 9 thore Huns a highway (»t 
6 p. wide. No 10 Jjieth on ye n. e. side of Davises mill Crick 
above ve going over part of it Joining to ye Creek and is on 
that Line 70 p. S. Vj. end o9 p. ye n. e. side 70 p. at ye N. W. 
end by ye highway 52 p and thare is a watering Lott for ye 
townes use between No 7 and No 10, att ye head of ye mdl 
])ond. No 11 Jjieth about a quarter of a mile E. S. E. from ye 
head of Davises mill pond and ye N. end ye Line T\nns N.N.E. 
and is 58 p. ye N. side (58 p. E. side 70 p. S. (iO p. No 12 Li- 
eth on ye pint between samuel Clarks medow and ye fresh pond 
swamp (words gone) att ye N. E. end 44 p. S. K. side 70 )>. 
I Page 260. Including all ye Jjand on that ])int, and then wee 
went about three (piarters of a n.iU> to ye X. 10. from ye fresh 
pond :iiid iipoi! ye ( Icftc upon n little liill wc bogini with No. 


13, inoreasina: to No 14 tliree Loots and ye 3 Loots Lie 80 )>. 
Long and No 13 ar.d 14 is 40 p wide att each end, No 15, 48, p 
wide and ye line trom ye sound upward runs S. E. tt by 
E. at ye head of ye tore mentioned 3 Loots we Laid a 
hio;hway of six poles wide, and above ye highway wee Laid out 
a Loot No 16, along by ye higliwaye 70, p att ye N. E. end 
52, p, S. E. s'de 72, p S. VV, end — p ye Loot is out of square, 
then about a mile from ye sound (Viose by ye W, side of Good- 
uian lessups path wee Run a Rang, N. and S. 170 ]). and E. 
and W. 8 p. and that Contains toure Ijoots. No 17 is on veN. 
side soe Increasing to No 20 No 17 is 44 p wide and 80 Long, 
No 18, 19, 20, are all 80 Long and 42 p wide. No 21 Lietli 
loining to ye Cleft on ye nurward part L^ining to lohn Iessu])s 
Close on ye E. and on ye S. from lolm lessups Corner to ye 
path 80 p. and att ye N. VV. end by ye path that goes Down to 
ye sound 10 p. No 22 Lictli on ye S. of part of 21, 54 p on ye 
E, 60 p. on ye S. 54 p. on ye W. 32 p. No 23 Lieth on ye 
side of No 22 ye same Length, on ye N end part upon No 21, 
and part upon lohn lessups Land 42 p on ye E. 64 p. and ye 
8. by ye highway 40 p. No 24 Lieth on E. side of No 23, ye 
same length and on ye N. end part on lohn lessups Land and 
part on ye highway that goes Into his liand 40 p* on ye E. by 
ye highway 50 p. on ye S. by ye highway 40 p. and on ye S of 
no 22 23 & 24 thare Runs a high.way ot 6 p. wide, ye highway 
Runs Eward by N, and on ye Jj of No 24 thare runs a liighway 
of () p wide Down to ye head of ye medow and att yo N. end of 
of said highway. Betwen ye medow and No 24 thare is a high- 
way into lohn lessups Land, & then E ot ye old patli & s.ward 
of ye highway thatt Runes E & by N Lieth No 25 and is on 
both sides 80 p. and att both ende 38 p. No. 26 Lieth on ye 
E side of No 25 ye same Length att Each end 35 p, on ye 
(gone) side 78 p. No 27 Lieth on .)e E side ot No 26 ye same 
Length and att both ends it is 35 p, and on 3'e E side 76 p. No 
28 Lieth on ye E side ot No 27 ye same Length and att both 
ends 38 p, on ye E 74 j). No 29 Lieth aCross ye 8. end ot no 
25, 26, and part of 27, ye Length on both side is 80 p, and att 


Each End 44 p. No 30 Lietli on ye H.side of No 29, ye same 
Length and is att ye E end (gone) p, on ye S. 94 p, att ye W. 
end next ye path 60 p, (this) Loot Lieth out oi square and ye 
Loot 49 is to liave a highway or watering into ye hole of water 
of 2 p wide, tlien we went to ye E side of ye highway that goes 
down to lohn Luptons medow. No 31 Lieth on ye E side ye 
said higliway and on ye N. side of ye strait liighway that linns 
E & by N and on ye W. side 52 p, on ye S 57 p, and on ye E, 
Down to ye swanip 12 p, Including all ye Land upon ye pint 
loining to it. No o2 Lieth on E of No 28, ye W line 74 p, N 
82 p, (half line gone) fi'rora thence to a place Called ye yellow 
[Page 20)1.] spring whare there is 2 Loots Laid out. No 'A',i 
and 34 and ye E aud W of both said Loots are 80 p, and ye N 
Lines of them both are 54 p, ye S Line of No 33 is 48 p, and 
ye S Line of No 34 is 52 p, from thence to lonah Rogerses 
hose & then is a Loot Laid out No 35 & is on ye VV by ye 
highway 16 p, Down to a Little swamp & northward of ye 
swamp takes In all ye upland Down to lonah Rogerses point, 
Including all ye point that is now within said Rogerses fence c<i 
ftrom a stake a Little S ward of ye fence, on ye E is 64 p, ye 
S end is 28 p. No 36 Lies on ye E side of No 35, ye W Line 
is 64 p, ye 8 54, ye E 82, & ye N about 45 p : from thence tu 
parkers mill whare there is a Loot Laid out No 37, begining a 
Little N ward of ye old Dam and is on ye S end 42, and ye V\' 
side 124 p, & N &, E aide bounded by Cleft and medow : from 
thence to wicatuk spring and E ward In that neck there is 4 
Loots Laid out No 38, 39, 40 ct 41 and a fifty ty for mathew 
Lum. No 38 Lies att ye bottom of ye neck and hath an auiond- 
ment to it abought 6 acres upon ye j)int wliare lames Hil- 
dreths hous stands at noia(;k. Leaving a highway to ye said 
llildi-L'ths medow i)f 2 p wide, down No 36 and ye Land uj»on 
yc pint ifc said No 38 is on ye W k N sides bounded by water 
<fe medow Leaving a highway on ye W ward side of 16 p wide 
to go over onto hog neck beacli, ye S Line is 54 p ajoining to 
a 50 of matthew Lum, ye E side is 60 p. t& ye sd 50 is att ye E 
i& W eiuls 24 p, and ye N & S sides are each of them 54 p. 


No 39 is S ward of matthew Lums 50, Leaving a highway be- 
tween said 50 and No 39 of 6 p at ye E end, and 8 p at ye W 
end, Crossing over ye spring, and ye W Line is 50 p tacking in 
ye head of wicatuck spring ye N Line 70 p by ye highway, ye 
E 52, & ye S (gone). No 40 Lies loyning to ye £ side of 89, 
and is on ye VV Line 51 p, on ye N 80, on ye E 50, & on ye S 
SO p. No -11 Lies Toyning to ye S side of No 40, & ye N & S 
Lines are eacli ot them 80 p, ye E 50 & ye W 59 p. I^o 42, 43, 
4-i, and 45, Lies on ye E end of mr Wicks Land att Windmill 
liill. and a highway of 6 p wide between No 42 and mr Wicks 
Land, and ye E & W Lines of all 4 of sd Loots are 64 p and 
ye N & S Lines are all 40 p except No 45 which is on ye N 
Line 36 & on ye S 42 p : troni thence to stony hill whare there 
is a Loot Laid ont No 46 with an amendment to it and ye 
amendment is on ye N ^ide ot mr Wicks windmill hill, that on 
ye north side of ye stony hill is on ye N & S sides 72 p, on ye 
E & W ends are each of them (gone) and ye amendment is on 
ye N & S sides 42 p, and on ye W line (gone) from thence to 
Cooks pond whare there is a Loot Laid out No 47 loyning to ye 
N side ot it ye sd pond ye W line is 72 p, ye N & S lines each 
53 p, & ye E Line 82 p. No 48 liieth on ye E ward side of 
Camps pond or hole at ye W ward end 34 p and takes in 
abought halfe ye hole on ye S ward it is 82 p, on ye E ward 
end 52 p. and on ye N ward side 86 p. No 49 Lieth on ye S 
side of No 30 and loynes to No 80 : 74 p, and att ye N E Cor- 
ner ye sd 49 shall Run into No 30 to a hole of water 2 p wide 
for a watering for No 49, and ye E end is 58 p on ye S side 58 
p on ye W 54 p. No 50 Lieth att ye Long pond at ye N E 
end of sd pond, S end 44 p, E side by ye highway 70 p, N end 
to ye nearest water 38 p loyning to ye pond 100 p. No 51 
Lieth part of it at ye Black pond, that is two fiftys and is to be 
1() acres and no more, and is to Lie on ye N E part of Black 
pond, and ye other fifty Lieth at hog neck spring. 

given under our hands this 14 Day ot november 1712. In all 
this Dcvission if any persons have any medow Liing within 
any of ye Loots, and they have no other highway to their med- 


o\v they shall have Liberty to go to thare medow through ye 
Loot or Loots whare there medow Lieth, Leaving ye bars or 
fences as they find them. 

A Tru copy as Test 

Christopher Ffoster Clark. 

No 24 in ye 40 acre division drawn b}' Mr Phillips Robert 
Kellum & lohn Howell Ir but was never measured, & now be- 
ing purchased by Anthony Ludlam & upon his request wee 
that were chosen to lay ye 2 last divisions in ye year 1712, liave 
measured and delivered said lot to said Anthony Ludlam at ye 
place called ye mill stone swamp, & on ye north side of ye said 
swamp we marked a tree with A. L. and went E N E 96 poles 
& marked a tree with ye same leters, from thence we went S S 
E 56 poles, and from thence S 94 pole & from thence we went 
W & by S 80 pole, & irom thence N & by AV 43 pole, and 
from thence N N W 56 pole. 


A true copy 

Christopher Foster Clerk. 

\'(»;it('d that ye loot 51 is Robart Lorisses & matthew Lums, 
Voted that Mv Wick shall have ye lot No 46 without draw- 

i'\)i' the names of those who drcAv the lots in the ''North 
Side Division," reference is again made to the " Speeunk Divis- 
ion," page 247. The names ot those that divw No. 1 here, are 
t'ouiid opposite No. (), page 247. 










No 7 








" 49 


Manassah Kempton 




u 47 

and the last in 





Benony fflint and 





iirst m no 









No 33 


Ephram Howell and 




" 27 






" 20 








" 28 







lames Coopei 

• in 


lames Rose 

place of last in 

No 1 

and No 





No 12 


Tosiah Hand iv 

I place 




" 32 

of the last in No 





'^ 45 








" 21 


lames White instead 




a 41 

of Hildreth in 





loseph More * 






the tirst 3 in No 40 








No 46 








" 19 


only last in 






" 35 








" 3 








" 16 








" 10 








" 43 








" 11 








" 26 

a A 

Ci> Isaac & losiah & 




a 4 

no 13 

(Abstract) Whereas great wrong hath been done by en- 
croachment upon the highways and undivided lands. The 
trustees appoint Abraham Howell Theophilus Howell lohn 
Wick Isaac Halsey lames Cooper Isaac lessup, in the place of 
the trustees to regulate and settle such matters. luly 3 1712 

(Abstract) In accordance with above power the persons ap- 
pointed have measured the land of lohn Mitchel that he had of 

174 niX'OPvDs: town of kSOUtfamptox. 

Oliver Russell on ye ncrthwest side of calf creek, above the 
Iiigbway that goetli by lonah Rogers, and lind he hatli more 
than he is entitled to, and for ^s sell lu'm a parcel of land at 
saad Calf creek bounded N E & S \V by highways, N. W. by 
land of lonah Rogers, and S E by ye brook. Nov. 14 171? 

[Page 260.] March ye 20 1712-13. We ye Layers out that 
are hereunto subscribed Doe make our Return of Laying out 
ye twenty acres of Land granted by ye town to brige ham])ton 
lor ye use of a prisbiterian minester and noe other, and we Laid 
out ye Land on ye West side of ye highway that goeth from 
meacox to mr Wicks, and on ye north side of yehighwaye that 
is by Tames Hildreths Loot that hee had of Christopher ftoster, 
and we began att 3'e southeast corner and Lett a highway be- 
tween lames Ilildreth and said Land sixteen poles Wide & 
Run to ye westward 60 poles, and ye highwaye att ye south- 
west corner is eight poles, then we Run northward 60 poles and 
Left a highway between lohn Wicks Loot on ye north side of 
East Hampton path eleven poles wide, three pole of it is with- 
in mr Wicks fence, then we Run Eastward 50 poles, then we 
Run southward 70 poles, and at ye Southeast corner we Left a 
highway between lohn Wick & ye said Land 12 poles wide. 

A True Copy Test 

('nuisToPiiEU Efosteu Clark. 

Note. — John Wick's lot is the tract on the north side of 
Rridge Hampton street, from the corner by Sag Harbor turn- 
pike, west to the store late of E Jones Ludlow, James Hil- 
dreth's lot is the homestead of James L. Haines, extending west 
at that time ])robably as far as Butter Lane. John Wick's 
hind, o])n()site the southeast corner of land here laid out, is the 
corner h)t north ot Sagg road. W. S. 1*. 

New York 4th Tune 1712 Then Received ot Capt Daniel 
Sayre C/oHector of ye Southam]>ton Li Sutiblk County, ye 
suiiic of seventy fttnr p(iun<ls, four shillings & ten pence ^, for 


ye treasery salarey one pound eighteen shillings, being tor taxes 
Laid upon them by actt of General assembly entitled an actt 
f'»r Raiseing -iOOOX, being on ye tirst payment I say received 
by me. 

A. D. PEYSTEH Treasurer. 
A true copy ChPvIstopher Ffostek, (Merk. 

[Page 2r>7.] (Abstract.) (New York Dec. 16, 1712 receiv- 
ed ot Capt Daniel Sayre collector ot Southampton £94,01,f4- 
second payment on said 4()00X tax. A. D. Peyster.) 

Att a Towne meeting of election held at Southampton on 
tuseday Aprill ye 7th day ano donj, 1713 present Capt Scott 
Justice, and so we pi'oseed to chnse officers for this ensueing 
yeare, ('hi'istopher fibster chosen Clerk. Henry Pierson lonah 
Howell Hezekiah Topping chosen constables for this yeare. 

Samuel lohnes Anthony Ludlam John Howell all three 
chosen assessors for this year. Nathaniel Howell chosen super- 
viser for this yeare. Thomas Sayre chosen collector for this 
year at 4^d per pound. Hezekiah Howell Daniel Halsey both 
chosen supervisers to inspect into Intestate estates. louathan 
liaynor Christopher tloster lohn lessup Obadiah Rogers lohn 
fibster losiah Howell Joshua Halsey Benjamen Haines Capt 
Theoj)hilus Howell David Pierson Elisha Howell Nathaniel 
Halsey, Trustees. 

Manassf-h Kempton chosen sealer to seal wates and mesures 
for this yeare. Voted that Shinecock be shet up by ye 25th 
day of April, this vote was cleare. 

Voted that there shall bee a Regulation acoiding to ye for- 
mer voate* Capt. Daniel Sayre Ensign losepli more and lohn 
Lupton all these protest against it. Voted that ye men to be 
chosen shall have .S shilling a day. 


A true copy. Christopher Ffoster Clerk. 

* This relers to the order of the trustees on pat^e 264, about iucroachinents on higliways 
aud coinraoDs. W. S. P. 

176 records: town of Southampton. 

(Abstract) at reciuest of Mr loliii Wick lot 14 and 12 divid- 
ed (40 acre division) lot 14 is laid at windmill hill. A])ril (5, 

[Page 268. (earmarks entered bv (ya|)t Scott Cliristoplicr 
Lupton, Mrs Fordliam for her son Alexander a mark that was 
Mr Jonah Fordliams. Obadiah Cook lolm Haines loseiih 
More Ir Israel Howell David Haines losiah Halsey Ammirulia- 
my Resco lames Rose Samuel Clark loseph Hildreth leremiah 
lao^ojer Ir. 1714. 

[Page 269.] (Abstract) four receipts from A. i). Peyster to 
\Vm lennings Collector, for taxes on the 10()l)0£ tax amomit- 
in<r to £270 19s 6fd. 1715. 

I Page 270. ] To all (Jhristian people to whom these pi-escnts 
shall Com. Know yea that Pomquamo Cliiceand ]\Ialianum In- 
dian Siichems of ye plantation of Indians Comoidy known by ye 
name ot Shinicok l^y and witli ye consent of ye Rest of theire 
people for Divers <i^ood causes them there unto moveing as also 
for ye sum ot twenty pounds (uirant money of 3'e province of new 
york to them in hand paid by ye trustees of ye Comanallity of 
ye town of Southampton, wherewith ye said pomquamo Chice 
and mahanaman Indian Sachems above sd acknowledge them- 
[selves] ft'ully satistied contented and paid, hath given graiited 
Remised Released and torerer (piit clamed, and by these pres- 
ents for themselves their people their heirs and successors doth 
fully clearly and absolutely give grant Remise Release and tor 
ever Quit Claim unto ye said trustees namely Elnathan 'I'op- 
])ing loseph ffordham loseph })eirson Abrah},n) Howell lecka- 
miah Scott losiah Howell Daniel Halsey Thomas Stephens 
loseph Howell gershum Culver lohn malbie and Hezckiah 
Howell of ye comonalliy of ye town ot Soutluunpton and their 
associates their heirs and sucksesers forever, in their full and 
|»easrd)le ])osBession and seaseing, for all sucii Kight, Estate, 
title. Interest and Demand whatsoever, as they ye said jxinigo- 
mo Chice and Mahanaman and their people had or out to ha\e 
of in or to all that traete of Land ot ye township of Sduthainp- 
on situati,' Lying and being upon ye southward branch ai.d 


towards ye eastward end of ye Island of Xassau hutted and 
bounded south vviMi yc mane otion : on ye north hy ye bay and 
])econiek orat River which Devides ye two blanches of said 
Ishind, and Eastward by a h'ne Running- froni ye most east- 
ward pint of hogg neci\ across ye said branch ot ye said Ishuid 
to and by a stake upon winescntt plain, to ye aforesaid salt 
or mane otion or sea, being ye bor. :ids between ye town (^f 
Iviist Hampton and Southampton, and westwardly from an In- 
l('tt out of ye sea or mane otion Comonly Known by ye name 
ot (";oi>si)age guf, into ye south bay Kunninii; Northerly up Sea- 
tuck River to ye marked l)ounds tree ol ye said towneship of 
Soutliam[)ton standing upon ye west side of ye mane branch of 
said Seatuck River, and from said tree extending nortlieriv to 
pcc(>nick grate River aforesai<l, togetlier with all and singular 
yc Libertyes and privileges and advantages whatsoever to ye 
said tracte ot Land and town ship, with all beaches pintes med 
ows marshes swamps Rivers brooks coves pond^ of water tii)d)er 
and stones belonging or in any maner of wise a])])ertaining to 
yc said tracte of Land or townshii) as above bounded and all 
that therein is contained or in any maner of wise comprehendeil 
To HAVE AND 'J'o HoLi» to them ye said trustees theire asso 
elates their heirs and sucksesers, with their and every ot their 
ai)|)urtenances to ye only proper use benetitand behoofe of each 
l)articular Inhabitant of said towneship according to their Re- 
s])ective approjjriated Rights, and ye undivided Lund to ye 
|)roprietors acording to their severall Rights and proportions in 
said township and to their heirs and assigns forever, so that 
neither they ye said Romgomo Chice and mahamanan their, 
people nor any of tlieir heirs and sucksessers nor any other 
person or persons for them or any of them or in tlieir or any of 
their names right or stead ot any of them shall or will by ai;v 
way or meanes hereafter Claime Chaleng or Demand any Es- 
tate Right title or intrist in or to ye premises or any part or 
parcel thereof, but from all and every action Right title or in- 
terest and Demand ot in or to ye premises or any jiart or par- 
cel thereof they and c\-cry of tiiciii sIimII bf utterly I'ared for- 



,ever by these presents, and in full Confirmation hereof that ve 
said PoiniTomo Cliice and niahamanan and raan}^ others of their 
people have hereunto set their hands and seales. In South - 
anipton aforesaid this sixteenth Day of August Annoqe Domie 
Page 271,] 1703. Signed scaled and delivered in ye pre.-ence 

of us 

Stephen Boyer ) his 

Arthur Davis [- POMGUMO X SACHEM 

Bexjamen MARSHALL) mark 




Tomon X Indian 
ned X Indian 
ludas X Indian 
Toby X Indian 

Isaac X Indian 


Obadiaii X Indian 
^^'ack\vana X Indian 
mark mark 

his his 

l)en(inam X Nahanawas X Indian 

mark mark 

his his 

Acihigan X Hidian Longatnek X Indian 
mark niai-k 

quatagaboge X Indian 
\ckn()wlodo;cd before Fohn Wjieeler lustice 

lohnman X Indian 
W oil with X Indian 
Titus X Indian 
Aspoit X Indian 
Connady X Indian 
Enosh(»tt X Indian 
nui.squamboin X Indian 
willsonasbouck X Indian 
Couehia(;k X Indian 
negion X Indian 

manchatice X Indian 
Aquaquank X Indian 
Xaspausiek X Indian 
Frank X Indian 
xVrther X Indian 
Wombon X Indian 
Anggnano X Indian 
Bed'hcaded Will X Indian 
quemitt X Indian 
Nodian X Indian 

Wamp Dick X Indian 


ye signing and sealing of ye 22 Indians as above was done 
on ye 21 day of August 1703 in ye presence of 


Wee namjly giangouhnt Sachem of unck.-icliohok and Suni- 
ono his sister wife of Pom2:oni;) Sachem within subscribed be- 
l)iighig to wShinscook, doe hereby acknewledge and deohire ye 
Right title and Interest of all ye Land eastward of Setuck, and 
l)etwixt peconeck and ye north Bay, and ye south sea or mane 
otion acording to ye bounds of ye town shij) of Southampton 
as in ye within Ritten Deed of Release is mentioned and ex- 
])rest, to Reside In and of Right doth belong unto Pomgomo. 
Chice and mamhamamon Indian Sachems within subscrbed 
and their people belonging to Shinnecock, and therefore wee 
ye sd Wiangonhot and my sister Sumono wife of Pomgomo 
af )resaid for Divers good causes as also for ye sum of five 
pounds In hand Received have hereby remised Released and 
for ever quit claimed and by these presents for our selves and 
our heirs & sucksessors fully clearly and absolutely Remise 
Release and forever quit claim unto ye within mentioned trus- 
tees of ye Comonalty of ye town of Southampton aforesaid and 
their asosiates their heirs and s'lcksessers in their full and peace- 
able possession and seazeing all such Right estate title Interest 
and Demand what soever as they ye said Wiangonhot and 
Summono his sister had or ought to have of in or to, all ye 
tracte of land or towne ship mentioned in ye within Deed of 
Release, so that neither ye said Wiangonhot and his sister 
Sumono nor their heirs nor any other person or persons for 
him or them, in liis or their' names, or in ye name of Right or 
sted of any of them shall or will by any way or means here- 
after have clame chalenge or Demand any Right title or In- 
terest of in or to ye premises, or any parte or parcel thereof 
they and every of them .shall be utterly excluded and barred 
forever by these presents. In witness whereof wee have here- 
I Pagk 272.1 unto sett our hands and scales In Southanipton this 

180 records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 

IGtli day ot August in ve yeare of our Lore' Annoqiie Domini 

On ye said IG day of Augnst 1703 
ye subsbribed Wiangonhut and 
Sumono sunk sqna a])peared be- 
fore me and did acknowledge 
this instrument to be theireifree 
and voluntary act and deed. 
Test loHN Wheeler Instice. 
Signed sealed and delivered 
in ye i)resence of us 

Stephen Boyer 
Arthur Davis 
Benjamen Marshall 
A true copy Test CHRISTOPHER FFOSTER Clerk. 

Wee namely Bomgnamo Chice Mahmanum Indian SachenK-; 
in ye presence and behalfe of ye Rest ot our people Doe hereby 
acknowledge to have Received ye sum of twenty pounds cur- 
rant money of new york, of and from ye trustees ot ye Conion- 
alty of Southampton which said sum of twenty pounds Wee 
ackrowledge to be in full satisfaction of ye said sum mentioned 
In our Deed of Release unto ye said trustees and their asso- 
ciates, bearing Date ye sixteenth day of Augnst one thousand 
seven hundred and three, as witness our liands in Soutliani])ton 
this twenty first day of xVugust 170.3. 
Signed and delivered bis mark 

in the presence of POiAlQUAMO X INDIAN SACHE^l 
Stephen Boyeu his mark 


his mark 

A true copy Test ClI lUSTOPHER FFOSTER (Merk 


(Abstract) By vertiie of an act ni;ide by governor Council 
& Representatives in general assembly, at session held in New 
York April ye 9th 1691 tfor ye enabling each town within this 
province to make and ordain all such rules and orders as may 
be needful for a better regulating their prudentials in pastur- 
age tillage fences and highways l>e it enacted by ye freeholders 
of ye town of Southampton. * * That all lencee shall be 
made with a good 4 rail fence or its equivelent, except home 
lots of 4 acres joining to a dwelling house, and the coaniion or 
general Held if any be shall have a good 5 raile fence. * be- 
tween neighbors each man is to make ^ the fence * animals 
taken in tresspass shall be impounded and pay for horses 9d 
per head, swine 9d, neat cattle 4id, sheep |d, and also the dam- 
age done by them- * If any person shall remove any beast 
impounded as above without paying charges he shall forfeit 20» 
* If any person shall be elected trustee, assessor, collector, 
surveyors of highways, and fences, or Supervisor of county 
Rates and shall refuse to serve he shall pay 40s. * If any 
person shall entertain any stranger or transient person for more 
than 20 days, he shall give a bond to the Town Clerk to save 
the town from all damage, or pay 40s for each 20 days default, 
except such |)er&on bring to the town with them 20£ value, 
Nov. 1 1 1()91. approved by Court of Sessions by order of 
trustees. Christo])lier ffoster Clerk, 

loiiN Howell Clerk. 

(Abstract) acres of land laid out for Thomas Cooper on 
the N side of David Piersons and lerenn'ah Halsey, West of Mr 
Whites. Nov. 6 1713. 

[Page 275.] At a Election Meeting held in Southampton 
To Chuse Town officers according to ye I'ener of our pattan 
holden upon ye 6th day of Aprill 1714 present Capt Abraluun 
Howell and Capt. Scott lustic^es, Christopher ffoster chosen 
Town Clerk for this year. Daniel ffoster P]pham AVhite ik 
Abram Howell Ir chosen constable William Jennings chosen 
collector for this year for four pence upon ye pound. 

Capt Tlieophilus Howell chosen supervi,-or foi* this year 

182 REOorvD.s: towx of soutitampton. 

Daniel Halsey Ilezekiuli lloweil chosen supervisor to Inspect 
intestate estates. Capt Isaac JIalsej Isaac Bower o;eorge Har- 
ris lohn Reeves Capt Abraliani Howell David Ilalsey Tohn 
Mitchell Thomas Cooper Isaac Halsoy Ir leremiah Iag<>;er' 
loseph J\lore lohn poste, Trustees. 

A true copy test CIIIUSTOPIIER FFOSTER Clerk 

At a Towne meeting ye 22d day of march 1714 present lug- 
tises Abraham Howell Theophilus Howell Mr Wick Capt Scott 
Itt was voted To ffenee ye Line Between East Hampton and 
onr towne and ye vote carried it not to fence. 


(Abstract.) An account of the Rights ot fifties tliat would 
fence. The owners of 47 fifties vote to fence and protest against 
bearing any charge that may arise to the contrary. 

In Regard our Northsea tlirst Records are not to be fi^ound, 
There f»re [eckaraiah Scott gives In ye Land and medow that 
now is in his possession and claime In ye north sea Line, West 
neck save about four acres ot medow in said neck which ap- 
])ertains to lonah Roggers, that neck containing about 150 acres 
ot upland and meadow being purciiased as may appear by bills 
of sale, and in Cow neck about 80 acres of Land and medow, 
and about ten acres of beach as it is now fenced which is coni- 
monly called Daytons Beach a pond and springe within said 
Land, and tfive tfifties In the Little neck 


A true coi)y CinnsToriiKU Ffoster Clerk. 

[Pa(;e 276.] (Abstract.) Ephriam Howell sells to Nathan- 
iel Ilalsey 1 acre out of my mill close or Littleworth, bounded 
X l)y Iose|)h Hildreth and common land W Nathaniel Halsey. 

(Note. — Ephraim Howell's close is probably part of the i'uvu] 
of John Howell, ot Littleworth, deceased. 

(Daniel Hildreth enters ear mark, David ('ook enters mark 
he bouijht of widow ]\Iary Moore 1754.) 

[P.AGE 277-8-i).] (Abstract.) earmark entered 1717 l»y 
i^'anicl ir()>t(M' for hi?; son lones Foster ;dM> biaud 1. \'\ whicli 


wa; iijy fathers, (Same mark entered by Joseph Foster KJUH.) 
Ephraim Halsey John Reeves VVrri Foster Edward Howell Tr 
Natiian Tagger Hezekiali Topping losiah Stanbrongh Epliraira 
False J Lazarus Scott, Gapt Daniel Say re for his son Silas, 
David Haines Stephen Topping losiah Pierson Jonathan Ray- 
nor Ezekiel Sanford, lob Wick Israill Rose lames Hanes Tlie- 
ophihis Howell Ethan Sayre Samuel lohnes Ir ffrancis Pel- 
trow [Pelletreau] gives in for his fire brand to be ye two lirst 
letters of his name made thus F. P. ^larch ye 5 1717. Daniel 
Hedges Tr Theophilus Howell Tr lohn lagges Samuel Clark 
I Page 280.] lames Cooper Obadiah Cook Tob Wick Zebulon 
Howell Tchabod Sayre Benj Tlaynes Daniel TTedges 1719 

[Page 281.] April ye tirst Da}' 1718 an election meeting to 
chase town officers according to ye tenor of our paton, present 
Daniell Sayre and lames Cooper Justices, we proseed to chois^^ 
Christopher ffoster chosen Clerk Zebulon Howell & Ezekill 
Sf.ndford chosen constable for this year, Nathiell Howell and 
Theophilus Pierson chosen assessors, John Howell chosen 
Lollector for live pence on ye pound, Capt Theophilus TTowell 
chosen superviser for this year, Tchabod Cooper Hezekiah 
Huwell Tonathan liaynor Obadiah Tiogers Christopher fibster 
lohn Poste Elisha Howell Ephraim White leremiah Halsey 
T)aniel Hedges Theophihis Howell T^avid Hans, Trustees. 

lohn Howell and Stephen Topping chosen supervisers of In- 
testate estates. 

Voted that Nathaniel Howell and Tosiah Howell and Ca})t 
Isaac Halsey is to Lay out (30 acres of land acording as it is 
Ttecorded in ye Town Kecord for a parsonage on ye parishes 

Voted that ye Trustees shall let out ye fishing places at 
towd for ye towns youse. 

Voted that ye sheep shall goe on ye commons upon stinte 
this year. Voted that Shinecock shall be fenced this year. 

Voted that no person shall set up any hay to fodder at Sliin- 
necock, Voted that Shinnccock shall be fenced by ye tenth 
Day of this moi;tli. 

184 i;i:('()i{i)s: towx of son'HAMi'Tox. 

at ye sain meeting it was voted by 3'e freeholders that Sam- 
uel lohnes Ir shall have a piece of Land Layd to him adjoining 
at ye southwest of Christopher fiosters land at Scuttle hole, not 
exceeding one acre and a halfe, not rouging highways and 
watering, he ye sd lohnes La3'ing Down as much Land on ye 
north sid of his forty acre Lot at liis charge, Capt Theophilus 
Howell and Capt Topping to do it. 

at ye sam meeting it was granted to losiah Pi^rson to have 
three acres of Land changed at ye north end of Kobert Nor- 
rises Land as you goe to East Hampton path, and he to Lay 
downe to ye towne soe much above East Hampton path out of 
ye Land that was Nathaniel Ilowells to be don by Capt Top- 
])ing and Theophilus Howell and Robert Norris acording to 
their discretion, not danim'tiing highways nor Wrtering on jiis 

at ye sam meeting it was granted to Nathaniel Halsey shall 
have abought three acres of Land on ye south side of his Land 
at ve [word gone] lot on a goie beginning at his southeast cor- 
nel", he laying to ye town so much on ye east side ot liis Lott 
as he takes in upon the gore, to be done on his charge, Nathan- 
iel Howell and Isaac lessu]) to do it at their discretion, and iie 
is to have no moi-e than he lays down, and it was voted that 
[Page 282.) ('apt. Topping and CajU. Theoj)liihis lloucli sliall 
take of so much Land of Edward llowi^il where he Lives as he 
has taken up of ye townes Lan<l. 

at ye same meeting it was granted that loiiah liogcrs should 
have ye streame at Noyactk a\y(m ye Conditions that ye trusttes 
shall agree for to put up a tulliug mill on to lull ye townes 
cloth, for ye terme ot fiiteen years. A true co])y tfcc. 

Whereas it was granted to Samuel lohnes to change some 
Land To tak up sum where his house* of Samuel lohnes Ir 
now stands at Scuttle hole, and at said meeting Theophilus 
Howell and losiah Topping was appointed to doe it and at yc 
desire of ye said Samuel lohnes wnite and Laid out a acre and 

• Thin boiLse is supposed 10 have sDod o'l till" iioi(lie:i!'t side oflbc liinl lli.-u lies «nmli- 
«ast froiii Slcplieii L. U;iines'. W. S I'. 


a Rood jibont Samuel lolien Irs hou.>e joining to ye j^ond, iroin 
C'hristopher fibsters fence by ye pond eight poles from ve pond 
npward, eight poles from ye northwest corner of ye'yard to 
ye north east corner of ye Barne, foure pols and a halfe from ye 
northeast corner of ye barne to ye fence, eastward 16 poles all 
containing an acre and a Rood, in lue of which by his consente 
we t.ooclv of on ye south weste parte of his Lott tow ])ols and a 
halfe from corner to corner. 80 pols Long which mak ye 
highway between Christopher ffosters and Samuel lohnos 12^ 
polls wide, lune 1(5 1718 

At a trustee meeting ye 11th of September 1719 The pro- 
]irieters of Cotcheponak Re(}uested to ye Trustees to change 
ye highway at Cotche]K)nak from ye west squadron to ye east 
squadron, to Lye for a highway of two poles wide, to L3'e for a 
highway for ye townes use which was don by the consente of 

At ye same time Beniamin Hans Requested of yc trustees to 
to give him 8 polls wide of Land at ye cast end of ye Lott yc 
town Bought of ]\h'. Hethcote, and one ye south side of his home 
Ijott. and he is to throw up to ye towns use all ye west end of 
his Lott beyond the path that goeth straight toward ye North- 
sea, and to leave halfe a pole all ye way on the east side of ye 
])ath, and it w&,s granted by ye trustees. 'I'est &c. 

I Page 283 to 288.J ( A bstract.) ear mark entered by Elisha 
Ilalsey Zackariah Sanford Capt Isaac Halsey Daniel Fraiser 
Jicnj Haines, 1719 Stephen Johns lohn Foster Ir ]\Iartin Rose, 
losiah Stanborougli Mr Samuel Gelston 1720 Henry Halsey 
Isaac Sayre David fiithin lohn lessup Ir Henry Harris lohn-^T ' 
!Iarris Joseph Lupton, John Harris gives in for his fathers-y— 
firebrand the two first letters of his name G. JJ. (prol)al)ly he 
was son of George Harris,) Jeremiah F'oster Ir John Hildreth 
l^.lisha IJowell Elnathan Wiiite Thomas Cooper Jr Jacob Wood 
David Rose Stephen Herrick, 1721, Richard Wood Isaac Say re 
Ephraim Hildreth, leremiah Halsey Jr James Dolibor Nathan 
Herrick lames Cooper Ir Henry JLarris, Ste])hen Johi^.os Wm 
lemiings Geor<>e Harris Thomas Sanford Samuel lenninirs, 


Henry Ilalsey 1722 Ephraim Foster Abi-aham Halsey the iiiaik 
of Ill's father Daniel Halsay, lohn Scot lonah Bower Joseph 
Haines, Alexander Fordham lohn Haines, John Ienninp;s lohn 
Lupton 1723, ISIathan Halsej Charles_Kug«2;_ Abigail Woodrnft" 
widow of Nathaniel W., 1724 Noah Kildreth Wra Rogers 
lliehard Wood enters mark he bougl)t of loseph Clark grand- 
son of Samuel Clark 1725 Wm Olborson loseph Wickham Ir 
1726 Abraham Howell Ir John Cooper Ichn Woolly Ir llack- 
aliah fibster Nehemiah Say re feremiah Halsoy 1726. 

[Page 289.] An account what je Conimisoners of South- 
ampton have Don in rectifying liio:hways and Laying them out 
and we have a Certain a highway : Being used allwaise for a 
highway from ye Con try Road to ye Estermost parte of Bridg 
hampton sumtimes called Sagg : and it turns out of ye Country 
Road upon ye hill eastward of ye hollow that comes from Kil- 
eyes pond, and upon ye south side of j'e ContreyRoad we mai'kcd 
two Little trees, eight poles wide and so Runs Eastward Stiate 
Between ye Land for ye minestry and Noah Hildretli Corner : 
Joeing theire all ye way eight poles wide, and so Runs East- 
ward Increasing gradually between Ncah and ye Land fer ye 
minestry to ye highway that Comes from meacox into ye 
woods, thare ye highway is sixten poles wide then Running 
Eastward ]3etuen ye Land of lohn Wick Deceased and losliua 
Hiidreth gai'den, ye highway is fourteen poles wide and so 
Runs Eastward from ye south part of Abraham Howells garden 
acrose southward ye highway is nineteen poles, and to Run 
Eastward to a stump that was in perigrin stanbroughs Corner : 
and on ye fortenth Day of may 1725 we Run a Range for ve 
south side of ye highway parte within loshua Hildreths fence 
and ordered him to heve it out which he promised to Do But 
has not done it, and then East\vard Down to ye going over 
whare ye mill was, ye highway w'as to Be nineteen poles; and 
so from ye Bruck Running Eastward to Sa2g Street it is eleven 
])oles wide, and so to Remain : Sagg Street at ye norvvest cor- 
ner of 'Iheodor peirson hom Lott is seven poles Mide Hunnirig 
Southei-lv ir''<>iiiL;' wider to ve Southwest Corner of '^rheophilus 

records: town of Southampton. 187 

]>eirsoiiS garden, square, across ye street Twenty one poles ; 
then runs sontliward to mv Whites southwest Corner, there it 
is fifteen polas and from ye nortliwest Corner of Dolabors Lott 
it is twenty seven poles, and Rnns Southward to Stephen Top • 
I'inojs garden : Betwen Hezikiah Topdinc-s and Isaac Sayres 
corner is seven poles ; and ye highway going Down to ye pond 
at ye Brige is all ahove seven poles, only at lohn Stanbroughs 
against his yard it is Bnt six and so must Be. and ye highwr.y 
that Runs from ye street Eastward Between lames Dolabors 
and mr Whites Lot, at \^e street is foure poles, and Running 
Eastward, Increasing gradually to where _ye highway part?, it 
is six poles wid ye highway that Runs to ye Beach, Betwen 
H zakiah Topping and losiah Topping is Layd foure pole wide 
sum of it now is in losiah Toppings Ijot, But it must Be four 
]M>\v,s wide all ye way Down to ye Beach., ye otiier highwav 
tluit Leads to springfeald holow is five poles wide, in ye naroist 
and upon ye hil By springfeald it is sixpole wide and from 
S])ringteald JIolow Running Eastward to Easthan:])ton Lino 
ye highway was aserted B_y us to Be five poles and a halfe wide 
all ye way and mu-t Be Left out as we Staked it out; ye high- 
way in s|)ringfeald that goes to ye head of ye pond for water- 
ing is two poles wide, and ye highway that Runs up northward 
Betuen Elnathan Whites south wes ('oriier and ye Land that 
was Thomas lessups is two poles wide, and then Between P^asl 
liam]jton Line and Isaac Sayres Land that was we have Laid a 
[Rage 290.] highway to the Beach of two poles wide, to Carte 
or Ride through or Lead any Creter, thay that one ye Land 
loining to it hav Leve to Kepe good gates at tach end, ye high- 
way that Runs northward Between Ca})t Burnetes Land and 
Easthampton Line that now is. we have made and ascertained 
at ye south End to Be six pole wide, and at ye north End from 
East hampton Line it is six poles wide. Between ye Line and 
lohn Talmages Lote is six poles ivide; and tlien a second high- 
way from Sagsr street, Runing P^astward to East hampton Line 
at ye street is Eight poles and a haJte gradually growing nar- 
rower Eastward, at vc nortli East Corner of Ichn Morehouse's 


lioin Lot it is six ])()les, so Running Eastward gTowing wider 
to ye southwest Corner of uiorehoiis'es Close and tbuire it is 
eight pole and so llinis Eastward Lesening Bv Degrees till it 
(Jonies to six poles wide and is to Continue six poles wide in ye 
narrowist to ye Line Betwen South and Easthanipton, and a 
third highway Kuns Irom Sagg Eastward Beginning Betwen 
Abraham peirson and Theodor peirsons Lot, Being at ye start 
seven poles and Increasing w^der Eastward above ye hdl and 
is thare Eight poles and is all ye way Kight poles wide to East 
hanipton Jiine and from Abraham ))eirson ye highway Riming 
northward to ye Contry Road is Eight poles, besides ye Crook 
on ye west side that mr Stanbrough Lette out, and ye highway 
1-eading Down to the harbor By Edward Howell from ye Con • 
try Road to ye grate medow or Jomon ijanding along ye Beach 
is six poles wide all ye wav, given under our hands in South- 
ampton this 2oth Day of Aj)rill in ye year 1726. 

A true coppv .i'c lOHN POSTE 


WHiereasye Commisaners of ye town ot Southampton, Did Lay 
out and ascertaine a highway I^et.ven ye Land ot Mr Wick De- 
ceased and loshua Hildreth, Being fourteen poles wide at ye wes<" 
end and so Running Eastward to ye east end ot his Lott upon 
a Straite Line, and we being all Before ye justice of peace of 
Southa.npton, in order to Com])el him to heve out some ot said 
Land that he had witliin fence and ye sd loshua Hildreth 
promising agreement with ye sd Comisoners, and he ye sd, L 
H. did nmtually agree tiiat ye sd L H. shall Leva out all 
ye hole of waters tor ever and at ye Eastward parte 3f ye hole 
of water at ye west end ot ye Ditch that now is and so Runs 
Straite to ye stump that was mr Stanl>roughs (^lose and Leve 
out all ye Land northward of ye sd strate Line tor ever, as wit- 
nes our hands this (Jth Day ol may 172(). 



H)11N POSTE ) 

Sign('(l in presence ot 
lonx h'l'osri'.K 

IdSlAll lloWKM, 

'I'his is a true copy, kc Tosiha 1 1 ir,!»i;i:rn. 


records: town of SOUTHAMPTON', 189 

[Page tV,! ] may ve l(3tli 1726. We ye Comisoners tor ye 
town ot Southamptoii, Did run and mcsure ye highways aboat 
Southain])ton in order to Keep them to their Due Breadth to 
])revent tliier 13eing Lesened and to them where thay are two 
narow. and Defining at ye meating house ye Contre Road 
lluning westward in lols Lane ye highway is foure poles wide 
and so runirg westward up ye vacant Land on ye hill, at lames 
(yoopers Barn and ye Land that was lohn Coopers, and thare ve 
highway is ten poles wide and so Running westward to ve 
midie of lances Coopers Lott it is near eight poles wide, and so 
Runing westward Increasing gradually to lohn Reves and 
their it is strate across Seventeen poles wide and so Runiiiir 
westward Lesening gradually to ye hill at ye hed ot ye (h-ick, 
in ye nai'owest place ye highway is 12 poles, then ye Kings or 
gencrall Road* that Runs eastward from ye towne street up 
lohn ffosters Lane to loseph hildreth it is four pole wide and 
SI) running P^astward to ye mill water, ye highway is eight poles 
wide a second highway! Running Easward from ye streate. Be- 
fuon Obadiah Rogers and Henery person is tour poles vvide to 
ye Pjast Vjwd ot Henerey persons Loot and then Increasis to six 
poles wide at ye east end : a third highwayt trom ye towne 
strete Runing eastward Betvveen Henery lessup and Zebulon 
llo'.vell it is tour poles wide to ye east end ot ye old Lotts and 
then Runing Eastward increasing gradually to old towne and 
tiiare i3etween Cajit Halsej's and Ste|>hen Hericks it is seven- 
teen poles wide and then it Devides into three parts, one going 
Southward Downe to ye Beach By old towne pond, a second 
Running Eastward § and a third Running north ward and is ten 
wide till you com to ye East End ot Obadiah Rogrerss J^ott, then 
graduall}^ Decreasing till you Com to ye Cor. trey Road || at Jer- 
emiah tfosters, and there ye highway that Comes up tr:m old 
towne is But toui'e pole wide, n forth high^^ay 1i Running East- 
ward trom ye north End ot ye t<>wn is Between Captin postes 
norwest Corner ot his Loot and ye southwest Corner of Nathan 

* Main roart Irnm A. Robinson's, east. t Meeting Uou'e or Clmrch Lane, t Toi!.«onie 
Line. § Wickap')u;ne streeL I: The ro'i.-i goiii^j soulli, west of the resuldiice ot Oai)L. U. 
Ooodall. II Hoad opposite Mi-. Francis R. Bi.-hups I'esidence. 


llowells Lot, and i< tliare six poles wide, and ?o Runs eastward 
to a highway that comes trom ye soutlivvaid,* Increasing Be- 
side a loge in ye midle so that Between Samuel Bishops and 
Kichard fowlers it is fourteen poles wide ; and so Iluning East 
ward on ye north side of ye Land that was Nathaniel Howe's 
and of Nathan Hildretli Downe to ye mill water ; and then for 
ye farmers carting hay as well as ye Inhat)itants, we hegan a 
Little northward of Nathan ilihlreth and Layd out a highway* 
Kuning westward to Ichabod 8ayres southwest corner and so 
Kunning to ye north east Corner ot ye Land Layd out tor ye 
nnnistry and then Runing westward on ye north side of ye sd 
Land to a path a Litle northward ot Captin posts Land in ye 
Lowist phice and So to Run to north sea old Road, being all 
^e way six poles wide, then ye highway at ye mill water afore- 
said, at ye great sandy hill f Before 3'ou Com to ye mill goes 
over a Run of water below ye swamp or over ye swamp above, 
By Reson it sum times frozen Below : and so Runm'ng in two 
liighways eastward till you com Betuen llenery Ludlams Barne 
and Abiell Cookes Barne one goes over by ye mill by Icremii.h 
Ludlauis, and ye other goes over ye mouth of ye mill Crick and 
and abiell Cookes eastward, thare is a vacon peis of Jjand not 
Laid out whare ye highway Devides into two one Runing to ye 
south east by marten Roses and David Ilalseyes so Runing 
Down to ye wading place over to Samuel Ludlams Land to 
niecox and ye highway Betnen Samel! Ludlams and ye Road 
[ PA(iE 2'i)'J.] is foure ])(>lcs wide; all a Long l^etwene l.udianis 
and iohn Cook to ye midle of ye Lot is foure poles wide atd so 
Runing northward to Iohn Cooks northwest Corner Increasing 
gradually to five poles wide then Runing eastward Betwen Nath- 
an fordham and Cooks to Nathan fordhams South East Corner 
it is ten poles wide, ye highway from Henry Ludlams south- 
weste Corner of his hoin Lot being ye Contre Load Run in.:;; 
Eastward whare it is Betwen mencs Land to ye Brock to lonah 
Rogers is a bought Eight poles wide and then and thare ye 
In'ghway Devides into two ; and being ye genrall Road Leading 

* David While's Luiic. 1 Hoiul to Xoi-ili Si-a limu W;mn- Mills, t Jack's hill. 


to Eastliaiuptoii, ye other o;oes over ye Brook betwen loiiali 
Rogers Land and ye Bredth thare is Entered alrcdyon ye Rec- 
ordes and so Riming to Oalfe Crick and thare betwen Theoph- 
ilns Howell and lohn michell and in ye narowist place is eight 
]iole5 wide and neare a halfe : and Runs Eastward over ye 
(.'rick, and thare it Devides into two one Rnnirig northeast to 
ye northwest Corner of ye Land that was matliew Lnms and so 
runs Eastward By Teremiah Halseys hon&e to ye Centry Road 
that Comes trom meacox and it is all ye way eight poles 
wide ; ye other Rnns up ye hill Eastward throngli a vacon 
peis of Land to lohn mieliel house and is Eight poles wide 
and thare ye highway Devides one Knning East Elias Cooks 
and is all ye way Eight j)o]es wide, ye other Runs soutli- 
ward Betwen Natiian tordhams and Ljhn Luptons Land to 
Rmathan Cooks is eight poles wide then Runing Estward 
to ye house that was mathew Lums ye highway is all twelve 
poles wide, then by ye house of ye said Luni it begins 
with ten poles wide and Running Eastward it Tncreascth 
gradually Down to ye hollow 1)V Thomas Coopers and 
theirc ye highway is Eighteen poles wide, and so Runing ye 
sMine Bredth to willianj Tarbill Leaving a peice of vacant Laud 
on ye southward and loseph more Deceased hath within liis 
fence parte of ye aforesaid highway at ye southeast Corner of 
\c Lot that was lames lliidreth which ho sed was for ye narow 
Lane and so Eh'sha Howell which if they Leve ye narrow Lane 
open we are contented then we Laid out a highway from mc- 
cox Dowre to ye north side or harbor beginning at ye hill by 
vvilliam Tarl):lls whare befwen ye said Tarbills and Elish:i 
Howells Land ye said highway is seventeen poles wide and 
thare it Devides one Running northward and thare at ye south- 
west Corner of Elislia Howells Land 1)elow ye hill Strate across 
Eastward to Ezekill Sandfords fence ye highway is nineteen 
poles wide ar.d so Runing northward to Noah Hildreth Land 
over to Elias (Jooks Land is twenty four poles wide and so 
Runing northward to Daniell Say res noithwest Corner that 
was wiilmane-- across to David Halsevs westward of said hiijh- 


way is twenty tonr poles wide and eight fott of it is new witii 
in Daniell Sayres fence wliicli he hath fenced Be^'ond hie 
liounds, then ye hi^^hway Runes northward Betwen David Hal- 
seys and Ezekill Sandfords south west Corner of his home Lott 
He Layd ye liighway eight poles wide, two poles of ye afore- 
said Highway is within Ezekill Sandtords fence he Coming 
Down tow fare and the nesesety of ye highway Requiring of 
it in our ludgemente by Reson of a Slow of water and watering 
and it Being ye publick Road; and we ordered him to leve it out 
and so to Run from ton poles Eastward of ye Country that now 
is Strate Downe into hackers hole and to Leve out as much of 
ye water thare as ye Records Directe, and ye said generf.ll 
highway Runing northward So Increasing to Recompence 
Halseys house and thare ye said Highway is nine poles wide so 
Running northward to loshoah Hildreths garden and thare it is 
ten poles wide and so Runing northward betwen ye Land of 
inr Wi(;k Deceased and ye Land of ye ministrey ye Land of ye 
said Wick being in ye highway by ye west Line theire four 
that Line is to Run strate from ye soutliwest Corner to yo 
northwest Corner then ye highway is Layd tuelve poles wide 
u]) to ye Contrey Road or Ensthampton })ath, then ye highway 
liuiniing northeast through brushey ])lane Downe by Little 
pougosoboug and so Runing northward to ye Road that Runs 
from Sage to ye harbor and so Runs in that Road near ye 
Easte End of ye Long pond and to run northward to ye sladc 
[Page 293.) that comes up fiom ye lied of Liganee swamp and 
there it Devides, one Runing to Datons hollaw and so along ye 
path that now is to ye harbor at ye grate medows, ye other 
highway Runs D(>wne to ye liarbor at Liganee on ye west side 
of ye Swamp and ye said higliwa}' from Easthampton path 
Downe to ye harber shall be six poles wide all ye wa}', and 
then from mecox below ye hollow by william Tarbill ye high- 
way that leads to ye beach betuen Benjap.iin Howell bom Lot 
and Ezekill Sandtord Eastward it is twelve poles wide and then 
ye highwf-y Runs Southward Betuen Benjamin Howell house 
iiiid his Lot on ye East Side across troni his north east Corner 


of his house Lot to ye other on ye east side is ten poles wide 
and so Runing Southward increasing gradually To Thomas 
Coopers northwest Corner and theire it is twenty eight pole, 
out ot which thare is a small highway Running westward Downe 
to ye water Betwen Benj Houell and lohn michell which is ten 
pole wide then ye afore said highway Runing Southward to ye 
Beach, Betwen Thomas Coopers Land and lohn michells north 
East C'Orner theire ye highway is Eight poles wide and so In- 
creasing gradually Southward to ye southeast Corner of lohn 
niichells Lot. and theire ye highway is seventeen poles wide 
and so Runs the same Bredth Downe to ye Bead:, and all these 
highways l^efore mentioned to Contineu in theire Bredth iind 
Lenth till altoi-ed By I^eter authority. 

This is a true Cop])y 
as teste my hand 

Christoi'Hei; Fkdstki;, Clerke, 

A prill ye 5th 1725. Wee ye Coniisiners for Laying out 
hiirhways, Being Desired to Lay out a highwav at weste neck, 
fur Loading vesels or any other ocation we l^egun at loshua 
HhIs ys Close End, and ye highway Downe to Captin Scotts 
Bares at west neck is six poles wide all ye way, and then from 
his Bares to ye Landing place it is tow poles wide, given uiuler 
our hands, &c. 

(The same Commissioners as before.) 

Aprill ye 8 Day 1726 we ye Comiseners for to Lay out high- 
ways tor ye towne, ye highway Eastward of ye tryangle By 
Thomas Roses and abiall Cookes that Runs into ye Dirty (yrick 
at ve west end is seven poles and By marten Roses sliop it Eight 
poles arid a halfe so Decreasing against David Halseyes garden 
it is six poles wide and a lialt ; and at ye hill by ye Dirty Crick 
nine poles wide and ye highway that Runs up northward troni 
ye Dirty Ci'ick to ve Country Road betwen Da\i(l llalscy Land 


and ye Land on ye Easte side ot ye highway is all ye way foiire 
poles wide, and ye highway Rnning I^own to ye wading place 
from ye hill is gradually Lesing to toiire poles wide, and so 
is all ye way to ye Beach ; and ye highway out of ye towne 
Street Betwen Neheniiah Howell home Lott and ye widow 
Korrises Lott Downe to ye pond Called ye towne pond is 
tow poles wide all ye wny Down to ye pond* 'Iiine ye 20th 
[Page 294,] Day 172(), Thare Being snm Complante that 
ve highway at ye north sea ; and theire Being no Bredth 
Entered By former Comisoners liaving mesnred ye highwayes 
and have Laid out ye way Downe to north sea Landing 
place at homes hill or any place in ye Little neck whare 
persons have ocasion to Land any goods, Begining^ at South- 
ampton street, one highway Leading to ye harbor at north 
sea goes Downe by ye house that was hethcuts and is now 
ye townes and so Runs northward by 8aniuel lagers and 
So a Long ye path that is now Down to north sea and 
is all ye way Down to ye house at lohn Roses ye highway is 
six poles wide, a Second highway from ye north end of ye 
towne Runs by Joseph goodales and so Runs northward into 
ye highway that corns from ye Eastward and then Runs vvest- 
ward into north sea old Road ; then from ye house that was ye 
Laste lohn Roses ye highway Downe to ye gate Below william 
Jennings is in ye narowost place to Be three Rods wide, and 
from a Litle Below ye gate a four said Downe to homeses hill 
three poles wide, and so a Conveneant going Downe to any 
other Landing in Little neck, and a bought forty poles Below 
(^aptin Scott Land we have Laid out a highway of foure poles 
wide as the patli Lays Downe to ye mouth of leferys Crick 
or west end of ye Closte. 

(vVbstract.) The C-omissionei's sell to ^Lithias Burnet of 
Ea8tham])ton land in the highway Kuning by sd Burnets Laiul 
and ye Deviding Line of Southampton and Easthampton, tur 
2£, 15S, March 81st 1729. 

• Ui>rs«'inlll Liini-. 


[Paoe 295.J At a Towne meating of ye pvopi-ietors aiul 
freeholders of Soutliampton on ye first tnesday in April] 1727, 
it was voated that ye Seder Swampe westward of ye Little 
River Should l)e Layd out pursuant to said voat, The Trustees 
ot Southan.pton ordered Theophilus Howell Klislia Howell, 
and lohn Howell Ir, To Lay out ye said swamps or grate 
swampe with all ye Branches of it according to our ludgemente 
and Uiscression, therefore we tlie above named Howels have 
Laid out ye Swamp into forty nine Lotes, Each Lot Contain- 
ing three tittyes Excepting no 2 and in that tliare is foure tif- 
tyes because there is in that purchase a hundred and forty eight 
fifties: and we mak this Eetume of our work in ye following 
way and maner First we began on the Southwest parte of ve 
Digest pond Laping on upon ye pond a Litle way of a tJ-ee mark- 
ed on ye East side No 1 Kuning Eastward a Long ye South side 
of ye pond to ye South East Corner of said pond and then Runs 
along a narow Swamp East ward to a Sedar Large trees not to 
tack in any Seder on ye East side of ye grat pond by ye pond 
side but all from ye tree No 1 along ye south side of ye pond 
and alouiT ye narow swamp, sixty poles Eastward from ve 
South East C'Orner of ye pond Lyeth for No 1, and then from 
numi)er 1 wee Run a l^ine on ye Soutiiward Side of ye Swamp 
ye Course in ye maine being neare nortliwest and by west till 
yon Com through a Large Branch, on ye west Side of ye Branch 
Seventy poles Leaving-ye branch to ye Southward of ye Lim' 
and then ve mane Swamp turns and Runs north and East up to 
murichis |)atli about 44 poles so that from No 1 Licreasing to 
ward ye northwest from No 1 to No 34 only No 22 and No 2:5 
Lyeth in ye aforesaid Branch Leaving ye parte of ve 
Branch for ye Lott 49 i so that Thirty one of ye Lots Run 
through ye niane swamp ancring to ye No Each Side ye Stack es 
or trees marked facing to ye Lot on ye No side. So tliat No 2 
by ye pond on ye South End is 8 poles and at ye north end 2 
poles, tliis No 2 hath in it four fifties as was hinted before No H 
South End 3 poles: and 3 feete, further forwai'd Read S. tor 
Southward End, and N. for northward End : X. 1 poie and l(j 


feet : Xo 4, 8. 8 p, H tt, N. 1 j> and 10 ft : No 5, S 8 p and ;5 
tt ; N. 1 p and 10 tt; No 6 S. 8 p, N 1 p and I'j! ft : No 7, S 

3 p and 5 ft, N 1 p and 12 ft ; No S, S. 4 j., N. 2 p : No 9 8 4 
p, N. 2 p ; No 10, S. 4 p, N. 2 p ; No 11, S. 4 |), N 2 p and 8 
ft ; No 12, 8. 4 p, N. 2 p and 4 ft; No 13 S. 4 p 5 ft, N 2 p 
and 8 I't ; No 14, S 4 p 8 ft. N 2 p 8 f t ; No \.% S. a p 8 ft. N 
2 p 8 ft : No 16, S. 8 p, N. 2 p 8 ft ; No 17, S. 8 p, N. 2 p ; No 
18, S 8 p 4 ft. N 1 p, 12 ft ; No 19 8. 8 p, 4 ft, N. 1 p 8 tt : 
No 20, 8 8 p 6 tt, N 1 p 10 ft ; No 21, S. 8 p 8 tt, N. 1 p 10 ft : 
No 22 Lvetli acrose ye South End of ye Loots ; 1(5. 17, IS, U', 
20, and 21, is at ye Eastward End 8 poles, and ye westward 
End 7 ])oles : No 28 Lyetli Southward of No 22 and is at ye 
Eastward End 12 poles, and westward end 8 poles: ye south 
wai'd |)arte ot ye l)i"anch Lefe for 49 : I'o 24 in ("ours loynes 
to 21 and is at yi; Southward Ende 2 p; here about ye swamp 
winds to ve north and now you must Kead, W. for west er.d 
and E. for east end. No 25, W. 8 p 8 tt, E. 2 p. 8 ft ; No 26, 
\V. 4 p, 8 ft, E 8 p ; No 27, west 4 p, 8 ft, E. 8 p ; No 28, W. 

4 p, 8 ft, E. 8 p ; No 29, W 4 p, E. 8 p : No 80, VV 4 p, E. 8 p ; 
Xo 81, W. 4 p E, 2 p, 10 ft ; No 82, \V. 4 p, E. 8 p ; No :V^, 
VV4 p, E. 8 ]> : No 34, W (5 [>, E 7 p ; then we wente to 
ve north side of ye i^rate Swamp by ve p )nd at the Reare a 
Crose ye north P^nd of ye Lotes 2. 8, 4, 5, and (> with No 85 
Iluning northeast by ye pond side 14 pole^ to a tree mai'ked 
[Page 29B.] bv ye Edge of ye 8 vamp, and anothei- By \e 
])ond; No 86 Beo:ins at a marked tree at ve end ot 85 and Runs 
along ye pond to ye north wai'd [)arte of it Round bv ve out 
Edges of ve swamp ; to a tree marked with No 8(5 and is 8o 
poles. No 37 Begins at ye end of No 'A6 and Runs ab:)nt 6 
poles wide on ve north e:ist parte of ve pond aiid >n Hun^ 
Round ye ])ond to ye north side ot a [jitle S.vam]) at ye Svjuth 
este parte of ye pond to a tree marked on ye north sid(> No 87 : 
No 38 L\('th to ye northward of No .■>7 whare thare is old Se 
der Downe and is at ye west end 5 poles wide and at ye east 
end 14 pole?^ wide : No 89 Lyes northward ot 8S and is at ye 
west end 5 poles, and ;,t ye est end it is \'I^ jioles : No 40 Lvi s 


on ye south end on ye side of ye Lot 39, and is at ye South 
end G poles and at ye north end 4^ poles; No 41 is at ye South 
end, Bnts upon 89 and is at ye South End 5 poles wide at ve 
north end 4 poles wide; No 42 at ye Soath End buts upon ye 
Lott 39, and is at that end 4 poles wide, f-nd ye north end 4 
poles wide ; No 43 Lyes East of 42 and is at ye South End 8 
poles, and at ye north end 5 poles wide ; No 44 Runs from ye 
Eastward Corner ot ye Lot 43 abouo^ht northeast on ye East- 
ward side ot a small pond, 18 p to a tree marked with 44, and 
to Hun from that tree Downe to ye pond upon a N. N. W. 
Course ; No 45 begins at ye north end of No 44 and Runs 
along by a small pond Ronnd by ye edge of ye swamp 28 p to 
a tree marked on ye south Side 45, and on ye north side 4H : 
and then No 1-6 Begins on ye East side of No 43, and Runs 
along ye westward parte of ye Small pond by ve pond side till 
you com against a marked tree at ye northward End of ye Lot 
45, to a tree marked on ye northward side 4(i, and then Runs 
along ye east side of ye pond and swam]), 11 p to another tree 
and then from thnt tree South or neare theire abouts through 
ye swamp to a tree marked 46; No 47 Lyeth on ye north side 
or 46 and on ye yast end is 11 p, and ye west end is 6 p. wide, 
No 48 Lyeth northward of ye Lot 47 Containing all northward 
of No 47 in that Branch : and the two small swamps a litle 
Eastward of ye head of ye grate swamp ; No 49 Lyeth south- 
ward of ye Lott No 23, in ye head ot ye first Southward branch 
that puts out of ye grate Swamps and (/ontains all ye head of 
that Branch Southward of ye Lott 23. ^ 

At a Towne me;iting may ye 3 1727 to Draw ye Lots in ye 
seder swamps westward of ye Litle River that was Layd out by 
ye towns order, it was voated By ye proprietrs of said South - 
ar.ipt^n that whare theii'e is more than one ma)i Lying in a Lot 
that no one man in a Lot without ye Consente of ye Rest that 
Lyeth with him, shall not Cut any Seder in any Lot till they 
are agreed oj* Layd out and if there be any man or men that 
will not Devid or agree, then any man that his Intrist in ye Lot 
may get two men to Devid so aloud of Everv ot all ye men that 



Lyeth in _ve Lot and that Division Shall Stand and he l^.f^tomrd 
"•ood, and acounted so. to eiu-li man in ye Lot, to them and 
theire heirs for ever, provided always that ye man or men was 
in ye Lot Devided shall ijive notis to ye Reste of ye partners 
six Day^s before thay Lay it out. This was voated and a Cleare 
voate by all ye projmtors that was present, as witness Chris- 
tojdier ffoster Clei'k ot ye t(»wn 

[Page 299.] 

Nol ^^**^"! ^^'f^^ -^''^*' 
( Benjamin Howell i- 

f Stephen Toi_)]iino; 2 ) 
I ye heirs of Joseph j 
2 ^ ' Strat ^ y 

I David riowell in Rite | 
(^ of wile ^ I 

o S Isaac lessnp 2 } 

( Henry pierson \ 

f lohn Cook 1 ] 

Elias Cook 1 ' 



I lonathn Cook ^ ( 

{ Sander ifV^rdham ^ j 

[ leremiah larger 1 '] 

Samuel Iaj>;i.'er I | 
Thciophilus Wilman '• [ 

I Nathaniel Ihdsev I f 

I lob Revs, Richai-d | 

[^VVood, both have ] J 

] 50 




[ Ichabod Say re ^ 
I Samuel JVishoj) 1 
j Y'e h(;irs of lo^-cph 
j fordham 1 
ve heirs (.t Abraham 

Say re ^ 


I Richard Howell 
L)siah Howell 
Hezekiah Howell 

^leckamiah Scott 2 

^(Toro; Flaris I 

I Thomas Saiuhbrd 

I u. 

-. J ^TIieopliilusHowell2i^ ( 

( Dai'iell moie ^ ( 

^Richard Wood 1 ) 

I Isaac Ray nor 7-12 | 

12<J leremiah Halsey > 

I sone dc Nathaniel | 

[ Halsey 5-12 J 

-..J S b)nah Roi>-ers 2 } 

^' (lohn Mitchell I ^ 

(Heni'v lessup 1^ ) 
U- Obad'iah Cook Ij 

/Edward pety f S 

^- U)aniell ffoster 1 } 

(Isaac Halsey ir 2 \ 

Mehetibell Jlerick 1 i 

in Rite of wiiliani 1 } 

St(^phen Herick ^ i*^ 

[ Zeb Howell i " j 

. _ i Thomas Coopei' 2 ) 

^' )Ol)adiah Lum 1 \ 

.^ I'Daniell IlaLev 2 ] 

'^ [ Hichanl Halsey 1 J 






! oU 

1 5( » 



in-:c(tRi»s: town of Southampton. 






Cliristopher ff'oster 1 ) 
Neheiniah Plowell 1 - 
Nathaniell Howell 1) 

f riiomas Cooper 1 ~) 
I lohn Cooper son ot j 
{ lolin Cooper each 1 \- 
I lohn Howell and Da- j 
1 vid Halsev each i 

(lol)e peirson 1^ J 

- lohn peii'.'^on 1^ ^ 

(AbrahaiT] peirson ^ ) 

f lames (Jooper 2 ^ 

[^ iohn Woolev 1 J 

f Iclmbod Coopei- 1 ^ ] 

[ Thomas Stephens L^ j 

Iose|)h ll'ordhain* 



( Daniell Hedges 2^ \ 
5 ] lust is (jhatteld 4> '■ 











f lohn morehouse 1 "| 
I mi- Ebenezer white ^ j 
] Theophilns peirson ^ j- 
I David peirson i \ 

I losiah peirson ^ j 

rEphraim White 1 ] 

Jonathan lagger 1| - 

(Benjamin lagger ^ ) 

j Cap Isaac Halsev 2 
1 Joseph HiMreth 1 

f Saniuell Coo]>er 2 
( lob .Savre 1 




(David Halsev 1? ) 

: leremiahlialsej U' >"' 

( Isaac Halsej .' ) 

^ lohn Reves 1^ ^ 

, lonah Howell 1 ' 

(>am'll Howell Ir ^ ) 



( Joseph Davis ^ ) 

-; Elisha Hnvell ^ 

li-:aac Bowei" 1 ] 

Jonah Bower 1 

I Daniell J3ower ^ , 

(^ leremiah Cider ^g j 

i KSamnel Johnes 2 ^ 

] Sam'l lohnes Jr ^ " 

( lonathan Howell ^ ) 

j Mathis Burnet If [ 

i John ffoster li \ 

\ William Jennings f | 

I ^amviell lennings | | 

•; to [illegible] ' i ,- 150 
I Thomas Lupton 
i by map]:>on 
( loshua Halsev 

P>8 - 

j- 150 







1 J 

j J^aniell Savre 2 ] 

{ J)aniell Sayre Ir 1 f 

( Benjamin Woodruf 1 ^ 

, Sanniel Woodruf 1 

(abigaill Woodruf l) 

\ Obadiah Rogers 2 | 

('I'homas JJalsey 1 / 

I Jonathan Ravnor [> 

f Ephraim Howell 1 ] 

I John Howell 1^ j 

i Thomas Osborn ^ j 

1^ David ffithin 1 J 

fAron Burnet 1 ") 

! Joseph J-iurnet ^ [ 

I Stephen Burnet ^ \ 
I Benjamin ftbster I 

31 ' Nathanial Halsey 1 - 150 44 
(David Burnet ^ ' ) 

(Abraham Howell 4 ) 
, his son Abraham |- v 
(Hezekiah Topping 2 \ 






* Pioba'ily this name was inserted by mi'take, for see note followino 



< Nathan Ifordhain 2 
45 ^ James White i 
(lohn Davis ^ 


(' losiali To|)pini!: 1^ ^ 

46 j lohii To])pin^ 1 -150 

(llenrv Ludhini Ir ^ } 

lames Hanes f 
^!^usa?inahMaltl)y and 

ve heirs ot lohii 

Ciark f 
Samnell Clark i 


Samuel Haines ^ | 
ye heirs of Eliphalet | 
Clark ^ J 

(losiah Halsev 2 ) 

4S lolm Savre^r" 150 

( loehna Hiidreth i ) 
49 ; Samuel 1 Ludlam \- 150 
Tliai'e is tow Lotes not Drawne fler, ye numbers is 24 
7, and when ye Lotes is made up tiien thay may Draw 
them, and this a True Coj)i)y tacken trom ye oridgneal 
teste my hand. 


1 as 

[Paoe 299.] (Abstracts) Ear marks entered 1727 by Da- 
vid Howell, lonah fibster, 172S lames Hanes, lames Hanes li', 
Arthur Howell, Hezekiah Howell, Richard Wood, William 
White, (his lathers) lirancis Hairmon, lohn Stanbroh 1729. Sur 
lohn Howell, Stephen Howell, lohn peirson, Elias Howell, 
boui>;ht of widow Bishop. A prill 7, 1729. The Comisoners 
I Page 300.] la)' out a highway from "ye Contry Road of 4 
poles wide begining at lohn parker at ye going over at ye head 
of ye River to run to ye Sotlor swamp, that ye rowne has Layd 
out. (Ear marks) lohn White, 1720, 30 Elias Cook, Thomas 
Halsey, Edward pety, lacob Wood, Stephen Reves, Adonijah 
Raynor, Tchabod Co<»per, Nathan Hiidreth, P^phriam Hiidreth, 
Isaac Hiidreth, 1731, Samnell Howell, Jonathan |)ane David 
Rose, Henry T;udlam, lohn fibster, Elisha Halsey, Thomas L'i]i- 
ton, 1732, lohn lennings, William Mulford, Samuell Randall,^ 
Jeremiah Ludlrm, Jonathan lagger, and son, mathew lagoer 
Jesse HovA'ell, Ai-thei- Howell. 

J'.Ni) OF i,im:i; .\. Xo. 2. 



Southampton, Long Island. 

Liber ^\, No. 1. 

[This book c:>!isists of two ]):irts, tiie records beo^innino; at 
each end of tJie book, and l)otli ])arty endiiio; at the middle. 
The first part here copied is called tlie "• hither end." The 
woid '-pao'e" and number attached refer to the pa<^es of the 
o]"ii>;inal book in the Town C'lerk's office. | ^ 

Page 1. [Ear marks recorded on these three pages at various 
dates to various persons, as follows:] 

lonah Tarbill 17:')4 Edmond Escot 17;}-> 

,- Daniel Hcelendger 17;-U-r' John Mitchel 1735 

E )enezoi:- Whits 1737 E!)3nez3r llowel! "' 

lohn Conklin 17;>;") Silas Savre 

David Donell 1735 Samnel Ludlani "' 

lohn lennino-s -"' losiah Howell Ir " 

I'AUE 2. Mathew Wood 1735 lohn Post 1735 " 
Aminv Flint " i^eter llildreth " 

lonathan iagger " Nathan Fordham " 

Daniel Wicks " for liis son lohn " 

Zackariah Saiitord for son Henry 
David (Jooper and son 8tep!ien 

Pa(jE 3. lohn Reeves 173d William Woolley 1737 
Ai)iaham Reeses, son of lonah Halsey " 

lohn, 173{) 'J'imothv Woodrufl " 
Henry ilo\w?ll 1737 Nathan Reeves " 

StL'phen Foster " iOzekiel llalsey " 

William \\ liite " Nathan fordham t.»r 

his s(jn Nathan ] 73S 

(■2 )1) 

2( »2 


Page 4. Soi'thami'TON ]\Iay the 2, 1(;73 

Slienecock Indians beinj;^ summoned to make their appear- 
ance before IMajor Thomas Delavall this day for the settling soine 
matters of Difterence concerning the Towneand tlie sd Indians, 
Tliej the said Indians, or great part of the chief of them, as 
the Sachem Anabaccus Qnaqnashang Ypponeh, Asport lohn 
man Anagwanack, ]onaquit. And many others being assembled 
together, with the constables and overseers, and divers of the 
neighbors of the said towne Before the sd ^lajcjr Delavali Doe 
determine and mutually agree as followeth, 

1st That according to order of the court formerly made the 
towne having made and set up one half ot ye flence that reaches 
over Shenecock neck The towne shall from time to time main- 
tain suthcient theire sd proportion. And the Indians are to 
maintaine ye other half in like manner sufficient, 

2 The said Indians have liberty to make vse of more gi-ound 
to the westward of the said neck provided they sufficiently 
tence the same 

8 That all the Shcuccock liulians mentioned in a list ni^de 
of their names, Shall make and maintain cqr.all share and pro- 
portions of the tence which they the said Indians are to doe as' 

4 The said Towne are to help the said Indians make the 
water fence, And the Indians are to maintain a man at the said 
water fence as a gin keeper from time to time, tfurthermore 
where as divers Com])laints were presented unto J\', ajor Delavall 
against ye abusive behaviour of some Indians, and in particular 
of the Indian called Gawbutt, In regard the Indians ])romise 
retformation, And ye English request it may lor present bee 
passed by, The jMajor is content for this time. But engageth 
ye Constable of this town to look dilligently to his office nnd 
see that the Indians keep good order, .And if any of them for 
time future shall offend in like nature as to breake windows, 
affright women, or offer violence to any, they are to l)e severe- 
ly punished or sent \ p to N, Yorke and the Smith is to mal<e 
maiiacis for tluMre lunids, and !)il!boe.s for IIumi e Icct. tfurtlK'i' 

records: town of .south amptdn. 203 

It is ordered and agreed that the Sachem Qnagquashang <fe the 
rest lirst before menfioned, in particidar of the Indians with the 
lielp of some man or men, the Engh'sh shall appoynt, shall have 
the full and sole disposition of ordering the quantity ot fencee 
to every particular Indian accoj-ding to ye premises. 


[Paoe ;"),] (Eai-marks recorded for tiie following pei'sons.) 

William White i7o8, Isaac Howell, David tlowell, William 
Koggers 178b, William White 1738 lonah Rogers hv his son 
William 1738 Isaac Post 1738 Thomas Lupton William lolmes 
173U, TlKuiias 'I'opping 1739 Charles White 1739 Aaron 
[Page (>.\ Howell 1739.) 

lohn Samuel, lames Ilei'rick lolm White, Arthur Hdwell 
Thomas Wardall Christophei- Foster, Thomas Oshorn, I'homas 

Halsey lohn Cooper Ir, 6c Sen, 'i hos Raynor Wood, 

Henry Pierson Mv Whitfield, lohn S(;ott Thos (Jooper 

|Pa(4e8.| Ifehru-iry 20 ](>o9. At a towne meeting It is 
ordered thnt the ."> men namely Thomas Halsey Christopher 
hoster ^Ir lohn Howell Heni-y Piei'son lohn lessup (who have 
received hmd for a new devission) shall lay out that which tiie-y 
have viewed, or any other land in common to make up the said 
devision as equall as they can for every allottment in the 
towue, that hath Inten^st in division of land, ea(;h 1,30 t(> 
have about 18 acres, or as the said layers out shall finde in 
measuring the land will best afford Put it, is concluded that 
Capt. Topping Arthur Howell El'is Cooke 6c William Lndlam 
are to bee supplied their proportions adjoining to theire owne 
laud at Sagaponack & IMeacox. xVU as it lufty be most con- 
venient for the towne and ye |)arties concerned in the ludgeujt 
of the sd layers out. 

(Abstract) Issac Halsey agrees to exchange land in iu)rth 
division of ox pasture with Edmund Howeli, but it was not ac- 

Southampton vpon ye lat-te Tuesday in lune 1731 at t; meet- 
ing of 3'e proprietors, Capt. Daniel Sayi-e and Isaac lessup and 


Joiiatliiin Ruvnor Did Deinand a divition of all ye ',iiidivid»d 

laiid.s to be lavd out, in presence of 

CiinisToiMiKi! rrosTEU 

Town Clerk. 

[Page 9 ] March the (itli KioO. Samuel Dayton acknowl- 
edgeth to have sold vnto i\lr lohn Scott about the 20th of lune 
last past ti'ore the vse ot Mr Anthony Waters, all that accomo- 
dations at ye North Sea belonging to Southampton, which 
said accomodations did belong vnto the said Samuel his father 
Kalph Dayton, except only ye home lot wherevpon the said 
Samuell dwelleth. Allsoe in like manner at the same time hee 
the Said Samuell sold and acknovvledgeth to have sold vnto 
the said Mr lohn Scott for the vse of him the Said iMr Anthonv 
Waters a home lott lying on that side of the creek (at ye Xortii 
Sea afforesaid) oil which ffulk Davis Dwelleth,* with all the 
feiiceing to the Said home lot belonging. All which Said par 
cells of land the Said Sanmel affirmeth makes 10(» lb lotment, 
and acknovvledgeth to have Sold as abovesaid with all the com- 
odities Innnunities and privileges vnto the said land belonging, 
and I'or the only ];ro])er vse of him the Said Watej's as aibi-c- 
said. Witness H rniy Pierson Sec. iMarch (i 1(559. Mr lohn 
Scott acknowledgeth that about the 20th of lune last hee ptd 
with and ])ut otf a pt of his home lott at the North Sea behtng- 
ir.g to Southampton, of the quantity of about 2 acres, Vnto .Mi* 
Anthony Watei's, and the Said Mi- Anthony Waters acknowl- 
edgeth that in liew of ye Said land, and in reg.ii'd ot tlie re- 
nu)teness of his home h-tt which hee had by vertue of purcha.-e 
ffrom Samuel Dayton on that Side the creek whereas ffulk 
Davis Dwelleth, hee ye said .Mi- Aiithony Waters then imptd 
:iih1 put off vnto him the Said .Mr 1 ihn Sc(»tt the Said hoiiif 
lot with the fenceing therevnto l)eloiigiiig. 

* Fulk I);ivis liveil oil Uic cm.-I suit- oT Ilie I'i'h C.jvc. ami the hind i- :^li)l calleil l):ivi>- 
Cove. W. S. 1'. 


April 2o 1660. ilr lames IIani[)ton and Thomas Pope ex- 
eliangeth with and put over vnto loslma Barnes each of them 
one acre of land belonging vnto them lying at tlie rear of the 
Said loshua his home lot* and hee the Said loshna Barnes 
imptth vnto th^m each of them one acre of land lying in the 10 
acre lott furlong in the plain, next to Thomas Diment his land. 

Nov. 25th 1659. At a towne meeting it is granted vnto 
Richard Post that hee shall have the comon and vacant land 
lying betweene Thomas Burnet and lohn Jagger in the 10 
acre lefts about the hollow goeing dovvne to the Captaines neck 
jjrovided the Said common land exceed not the quantitv ot 2 

[Page 10] inly the 8(1 1660. William Ludlam funr 
Sould assigned and passed over vnto his father William Liidlam 
formerly, the -i acres of land given and granted by the 'J'owjie 
formerly vnto him the Said William Ludlam Iiinr. 

Witness HENRY PIERSOX Register. 

tfebruary the 2'vtth 1660. j\lr l(.)hn Gosmer gave and Assio-u- 
bd vnto lohn Woodrutt Senr that messuage or tenement scitu- 
ate over against the Said Mr Gosmers his home lot, (which sd 
tenemt he bought of lohn Topping) with all the appurtenances 
to the said tenement belonging, with all the land, tenceing, and 
privileges therevnto ajjpertainino; according as was iormerlv 
|)urcha&ed as aforesaid. Allsoe the Sd, Mr lohn (josmer gave 
vnto him the said lohn Woodruti Senr the five acres of land 
lying behinde loiuis Bower his home lot, which sd 5 acres \\ as 
laid out vnto him the sd Mr Gosmer insted of land hee gave vp 
in the ox pasture, all and every part of which gift aforesaid he 
the said mr lohn Gosmer Doth acknowledge to bee vnto him 
the Said lohn Woodnifl his heirs executors Admim'stratoi-s and 
assigns forever f 

Witness HENRY PIERSOX Register. 

• Joshua Barnes' home lot is iho one now belonsrlng to Wm. S Pelletreaa. 

t John Gosmer's home lot \va>> the old Peiletrenu phice. James Bower's home lot is now 
Mr Wm. Huntting'B residence, .lohn Woodruff, Sen., wa« the adopted son of Jnhu (ios- 
uier, who removed to Elizabelhiown, New Jersey, abont 16(i0. W. S. P. 


[The rest of thit^ P^ge is occupied with notices of stray 
beasts taken up in 1725, by the folowing persons: Fonathan 
Ivajner, William lenniniz:s, Thomas Lnpton, Nehemiah How- 
ell. Samuel lennings, Thomas {Stephens. | 

[Page 11.] At a Townc meeting November ye 29 1(5.09. 
It is agreed Hetween the Inhabitants of this towne of South- 
ampton And Mr lohn Ogden as foUoweth. That the said Mr 
lohn Ogden shall and will pay & discharge the cost arising vj)- 
on the town for flooring and Seating the Meeting house, which 
said cost in estimation amonnteth to towards sixty pounds. In 
coiioideration whereof the towne Doe tully resigne vnto him 
the said J\Ir lohn Ogden all the money or pay that is due or 
shall become Due vnto them from the Indians, by vertue of 
Covenant or Covenants, or order, or orders troni the Cort at 
Harttord. Which Said pay hee the said Mr lohn Ogden is to 
have as aforesaid, vpon these further conditions following, fflrct 
that he the Said Mr lohn Ogden shall and will pay or cause to 
be payed vnto tlie Said Inhabitants or whoine they shall ap- 
povnt, or shall be appointed, the some of ffourty pounds more 
than the Said payment before mentioned & concerning the 
meetinof house, which Sd forty pounds he is to pay at or before 
the end or expiration of five years accompited from the Date 
hereof. 2nd liee the said Mr lohn Ogden promiseth and iii- 
gageth that in ye obtaining or recovering the Said money that 
IS or shall bee hs afore said from the Indians, there shall n<>t 
be any Distui'bance or trouble occasioned vnto the towne, in 
anv kind whatsoever. 8dly That notwithstanding it is mcTi- 
tionetl in the said covenant with the Indians that if they pay 
not according to theiie Said covenant that then it shall be law- 
ful tor the English to take from them a certain companv of ye 
Indian men. Hee the Said .Mr lohn Ogden pronn'scth and in- 
g^geth that none of the Indians shall bee soe taken away for 
any paynit of their said debt. 4thly the Said Mr lohn Ogden 
ingageth that in or bv gaining or obtaining of the Indians Said 
Debt, noe means by any meanes of his or l)y his permission to 
his power ^liali \kiv -iscd in any way whi'relty tlu; Indians in- 


liabitiiio; within the bounds of this towue, shall bee accotioned 
discert theire place or places, and othlj that in case tlie said 
Indians should leave their places witln'n these bounds where- 
vj^on they have permission to plant or dwell, that then the 
Said land or any parcel! thereof shall not be inippriated to or 
bv any peson what soever in pticnler. J^ut for -what ever hee 
the Sd ^Ir Iclin Qfijden shall doe or cause to be done, or to liis 
power vt-'uticr to bee done the Said land and every parcel there 
of shall remaine vnto ye pp vse of th.s towne, according as by 
covenant it Doth to them belono;, itor true performance where- 
of the Sd ilr lohn Ogden Doth biiide himself his He_yres Ex- 
ecutors Ar Admini.-trators the Day & yeare above written. 

[Page 12 ] At a tuwne meetini^ t]'ebrnarv 20 1659 It was 
o-ranted vnto Peeter the Ncio;ro that hee should have 3 acres of 
land in some convenient place by Arthur Howell his close at 
Meacocks, provided that bee the Said Peter give vp to the 
(Vjm )n that land hee hath in vse by Cobbs pound. And hee 
is to fence what he shall make vse ot with sufficient fenceing, 
and stande to his ownc Damage and after he hath Done vsing 
the said land it is to i-eturne to the Comon Interest. 

Eduard Howell halh granted vnto him the land lying wit'i- 
in J-'eter the Neigre his fence adj)ining to Cobbs pound after 
the Neigre hath Done with the vse thereot. And instcd of the 
said land hee the said Edward Howell laves Downe to ye 
Towne the 2 acres at the old side of the Towne which hee 
bought ot Thomas Burnet, and also soe mu^^h more land in the 
little plaine as the Said lande granted as aforesaid amounteth 
vnto be measure more than the Said 2 acres. The 'i'owne 
give vnto Thomas Diment the land that Edward Howell laves 
downe in the little plaine, or shall there lay downe vpon his 
exchangeing for land l)v (^obbs ]'>o!in(l * 

It i., given and granted to 31r Robert fl'oi'd ha u) >o nuich land 
at tlie North end of hi:- close at meacox as he shall lay Downe 
to the Comon at the other end, namely next the beach. 

' This is the locality now kiiDwil :is Cobb. The name abovi' is probably a coi ruptioii of 
uonie Ii.diau name. W. S. P. 

208 RECouus: tuwx of soithampton. 

Feb. 20 1659 Given to Thomas Burnet one acre of land l_v- 
ino- in tlie 10 acre lot furlono- in the iii'cat i)laine, a little be- 
yond Mr lohn Ho^'ell's land new broke vp. 

It is granted to lohn Woodruff Innr that his peece of land 
containing;- about 25 or 26 acres lyinc- in the first furlong in the 
plaine, shall run downe to the pond ei)nioidy called the Cap- 
tains pond," 

[Vmib i;}.] August 20 IGGO Mr lohn Scott acknowledg- 
eth to have Sonld vnto John Rose all that house and land with 
the privileg33 thorevnto appertaining scitnatc & lyeing at ye 
North sea, and which formerly did belong vnto lohn Lum now 
of Huntington, only heo the Said Mr Scott in this Said contract 
reserves himself out of ye Said land yt part of a home lot 
which is now in the possession or" 3Ir Anthony W^ 

November the 12 16G0 At a towno meeting all being warn- 
ed except the North sea men & lohn Toi)ping. It is ordered 
by ye major voat of thoso whoe appeared that Every Inhabi- 
tant that hath land in the great plaine, shall appeare at the 
meeting house next Second day in tlie morning to goe together 
and Show all theire land in ]>articidar, cV mark it out, yt there 
may bee a perfect record made of all ye land and whoe soever 
appears not to goe as aforesaid shall '^ay vnty the townc 7s Gd. 

fteb 20 1659 At the towne Meeting It is granted to Cap- 
taine Topping the last lotment m Sebonack devision, which 
lottmcnt is comon, for his 150 bb locment in ye Same devision, 
which is to be common. 

At the Towne meeting held febr 20 1659. It is granted to 
Thomas llalsey lun vpon his rec^uest to the towne that he 
shall have for his pprop>riety, and the towne do give vnto him 
all that (piantity of land more or less belonging vnto the towne 
Iving within his fence at the ))iaee comonly colled Cob< ])oniid. 

'fhe Towne being warned and almost all ajjpeared. Ian. l'2 
1()()0 It is given and granteil unto Henry I'ierson (by the 

* This piiiul is tho one lyincr near llio bcacli at first neck; it was forinci ly of i-opsidera- 
ble extent but. is now iieir'ly tiHi'il 'u with (IriniiiL' san:l. It lies on tho smrh ^ido of W 
S IVIlPlroailV first nerk lot. .lolin Woodriifl's lot i~ the oiio at the I'.mt oflirsl iiccli 1 me, 
owiicJ by J. Kilhian's heirs. W. S. i-. 

records: town of SOL'TllxiMPTON. 209 

riMJor voto ot the Towne) tli3 two acres of Townes land that 
hoe the said Henry plowed vp, the said 2 acres lying in llal- 
sey's neck in the great phiino, and [arnos lierrick lying on the 
Sonth Side, and Christopher ffo&ter on tlic north side, [Note 
addedj it being alsoe that betweene lames ilerrick his Said 
land, and the said 2 acres given, lycth one acre belonging to 
the said Henry Picrson of old. 

There is Due to Mr Arthur Howell for his man servant L 
b :>ught of him, seaven pounds one shilling nine pence, to bee 
paid to him in broad cloth or kerse^y, silk, sack & liekers, wit- 
ness mv hand this Uth of novem I60O. 


Witnes Henry Pieusox ^V: Iohn' Laightun. 

A true copy taken this "2 Uh day ot December 161)0 per me 

ilEXRY PIERSO^' Register 

At a towne meeting held laimary the 22 1(){)0, It is concluded 
by the major voat of the Towne that the North Sea neighbors 
shall have for thcirc 824 acres ot plantirg land expressetl in 
their tirst grant, all that tract of land lying within their line, 
which line beginnetli at the old toot path goeing over the stonv 
brook, neere Avhere the millstone was gotten and endcth at the 
[Page 14. | head of Tovvd,* which Towd is a little cove above 
the wading place beyond Ifulk Davis his house at present, 
Noyack ward. Allsoe that they shall have in some place or 
l)laces as may be most cnmfoitable \nto them and least pi'cj- 
udicial to the towne, a like (piantity of acres of land for theii- 
Six lottments as the towne have hithert(» had, by way ot inlarge- 
ment to, or for six si ch lottments every of the said lottments 
being of IT)!) lb denomination. Allsoe they the Said neigh- 
bours shall have interest in all tuture Devision or Devisions ot 
land, according to theii-e ])r()])ortions. Always provided that 
the towne bee not ])revented or hindered of any comuion or 
ancient highway, or wayes throu^li the fore Said tract of land. 
And this to bee an ishue or cv.d ot all former controversies 

* Towd is a corruption of an Iiuliun iinme sivriiiryi"i4 " ;i low place botivien liill>. ' >"c 
aiik signifies a '■ point ofl.iiul.'' \V. s. i- 


betweene them and ye towne coiicernin<j; J)evisions of land 

It is j^ranted unto i\lr Thurston Raynor that liee sliall have 
his 20 acres of land, (which is his proportion in east Division) 
on the west side of the i^irty creek whi(di lyetli as one goeth 
troni the mill to the wadeing place, against the old ground 
at ]\Ieacocks. [Note added.] Dec. 15 1G64 Mr Kaynor ac- 
knowledgeth he gave vp ve said land lor soe much hee had 
elce where. 

[Page 16.] Ian 22 1600. It is granted vnto Captain 
Thomas Topping that his proportion of land being 15 acres in 
ye last Devision shall ly on ye east side of lohn Topping his 
land at Sagaponack, which was given him by the towne, which 
said 15 acres is to ly or run foure score poles in depth from 
tiie Sea-wards to the woods-ward. 

April 14 1601. at a towne meeting all being warned as the 
Cunstable aflirmeth. [t is given by major voat vnto lohn Top- 
ping six acres and a halfe of land lying at the North end or 
side of his owne land at Sagaponack. 

At the aforesaid towne meeting Ian 22 1(560 It is granted 
vnto j\Ir lohn Howell and his co-partners in the late Devision 
of land that they Shall take in to theire iiroportion which is 
laid out five acres more to the southward of th(Mre Said [irojioi- 
tion, the same to be as equally as mav be dcvided the 
said partners. But is added as aforesaid oidy to increase the 
Slid Mr Howell his numbor of acres, and is to him intirely, a('- 
ding as in liew of 5 acres hee laid down in the oxpastnre. 

At the above said towne meeting April 14 1661. Whereas 
Thomas Pope wanteth an acre of land of his |)roportion belong- 
ing to his lottment, it is granted to him by major voat, the acre 
od measure of comon land lying in the 10 acre lott furlong 
which was shewed vjito him by some of the j)r(?s('n{ select men 
for the t:wns occasion. 

It is granted and given to ffrancis Sayre a hornc let next his 
brother Daniel Sayrcs home lot Northward and is to bee of ye 
measure ot other home lotts, that ly for H acres, v})on condition 
that hee the said ffrancis builds and d\\cli>; vpon it.* 


[Page 17.] May the 11 1(5(U. Richard Shaw acknowledg- 
eth that hee liath formerly Sould and delivered vnto lohn Da- 
vis the home lot lying & being at the North Sea which was 
given vnto him ye said Richard by the Inhabitants of ye North 
Sea, and the field lotment or proportion of land given unto him 
the said Richard Shaw by his father, all which niaketh vp tlie 
half of a fifty pound lottnient, and hee the said Richard ac- 
knowledgeth to have Sould and made over unto him the sd 
John Davis in ye sd bargalne and sale all ye meadow, fenceing, 
appurtenances, & commodities belonging to the sd allotment 
or that may hereafter appertaine. 

Witness HP:NRY PIERSON Register 

Of'tober the (ith or 7th IfiGl. at a Towne ]\reeting Chosen 
for ^Magistrates first Capt Topping secondly iMr Raynor 3d Mr-^ 
lohn Ogdon Chosen for Register Hen. Pierson & Sworne, 
chosen for Cunstable Richard Flowelland lohn Oldfield & they 
al^oe were sworne. 

Know all men by these yiresents that I Samuel Davis of the 
North Sea belonging to Southampton on Long Island for and 
in consideration of a certaine value in hand allready received 
have souM made over and Delivered vnto my brother lohn 
Davis my house and land situate at ye Said North Sea and the 
precincts thereof, which Said bowse and land goeth under the 
<lenomination of a fifty pound lotmert, and was sometime in 
the [tossession of Caleb Corwithy, which said accomodations, 
•vitli all the fenceing, comodities, profits, and easements, and 
inlargements that Doe or hereafter may vnto the said accomo- 
dations belong. 1 have as aforesaid sould and delivered vnto 
him my said brother Ichn. In witness whereof 1 have hereto 
8Ptt my hand this '23d day of October l(i61 

his marke 
In presence of 

Henry Pierson A true Copy per me 

lohn Lauffh ton Hen Piehson Regis'tr 

• This is the home lut now bi)ongiug lo the heirs .)f Mr. Septer Jackson W. S. p. 


[Pace 18. | ]\I;i_v 29 1()61. At a towiic mectiiio; It is con- 
cliulod l)v vo iiKijor voat that I\Ir lolm IIovvcll, loslina l^arnos, 
and Ilenrv Pierson shall take an aceompt of the estate of the 
towne and make the present rate for the Cnntry according to 
the way of ratcinL^ which is established in this towne. 

It is alsGC at ye said nieetinii; eonelnded l)_y major voat ot ye 
toune that wliereas by suits with East Hampton at Hartf ird, 
the said Cort have awarded oui' towne thai their bounds slinll 
goe to the stake set vj) of old for bounds with Mv Daniel How 
as is more inlly cxjiressed in the said conclusion by the said 
Cort at Hartford. 'J'he Towne doe accept ye said bounds and 
will satisfy ye necessary charges expended in recovering it. 

(Notes at bottom of page.) Samuel Eish(,|) records an ear 
mark he bought of Wm. White, 17-'M. lohn Woolley and 
Henry Ludlam record marlcs same date. 

[Page 19.] Southampton October the 19th liUH. I Itich- 
ard Woodhull of Betauk doc hereby testify to whume it may 
concerne, that abuvc a yeare agoe at the request of Leiftent 
Lyon Gardiner, and the ]\Ieantauk Sachem that now is, with 
other of his chief Indians, I went with lohn Vnderhill lunr to 
be witness of the bounds of the tract of land which the said 
Jleantauket Sachem his lather gave to the said Lcittcnt Gardi- 
ner, And the bounds which the sd Sacliem sett with or by his 
Said Indians, was from Huntington bounds eastward to a cer- 
taine h>ng hollow running neare South and noi'th, two trees be- 
ing bv them the said Indians mai-ked on the last side of the 
said hollow or valley, which two treesdoe make the line to run 
about north and South, from the north side iA' yo island, South- 
erly vnto the middle ot the Island, v'va Long Ishmd, which are 
the direct bounds of the said tract of land belonging vnto him 
the said Ijciftent Gar(hner by vertue of the gift of the sd S:icli- 
em and his Indians, witness my hand the da}' and \-eare before 

A ivuv I'opv Pit nic 1!i:m;v Pij;i;son Register. 



At tlie towne meeting specified on Contra Nov. 4tli 1661, It 
is ordered that noe person shall stake any horses vpon any 
couimon hind in the |>laines vpon penalty of 12d per horse lor 
every time they ehall soe doe. 

[Page 20.] Tiiis present writing witnesselh that I Thomas 
Halsej- of Sontliampton in the Jurisdiction of Conecticut, Hus- 
bandman, doe take Ann Tones the wife of Edward lones lately 
deceased in marriage contract to bee my espoused wife, without 
consideration of, or relation to any of the lands goods or chat- 
tels tliat wei'e in the jjossession of or any way properly belong- 
ing to the aforesaid Edward Jones. And doe hereby- disclaime 
renounce and abandon all claime, right title and Interest in 
them, and to them. And this my act and deed I publish pro- 
claim and irive notice of to all ye world especially to those 
\\ home it Doth or may concerne. Whereof J have set to mv 
hand this 2-5 of July liUiO. 


Witness 'ihomas Topping John IJowell. 

A trne Cop])y pr me IIkkky J^ierson J^cgister. 

Noveml)er 4th l(i61. At a towne meetinsj all beins: warned 
except the No Sea and those at the tarmes iSc mill. 

Tames Tlerrick is agreed with by the towne to make a new 
sutHcient gate tor the little plain, Sz to hang it in the woonted 
place and inaintaine it sutticient and convenient and to keepe 
the way through the gate dry and convenient for the terme of 
10 yeares and hee is to have .Is per An. for In's pains. 

Obadiah liogers allsoe is in like manner agreed with to 
niaintaine the great plaine gate, iSc ye way and to have yesanje 
allowance of Hs per An. for the same term of t(3n years. 

It is further ordered by the major voat tliat for every year 
hereafter that the plains Sz oxpasture are to be kept cleare of 
all kinds of cattle from the first of ^.Jarch, and if any beast bee 
impounded tlienco, after ye sd day the owners simli j^ay (jd to 
tlicm vi impound tluMM. 

It is fiirther oixlered that noe i)ersun whatsoever lor any 


veare ensneinoj shall put in aiiv l)cast to coinoii in tlie oxpast- 
ure vntil tlie loth of may at which day all ])er8()n.s have thcire 
liberty according to their comonidy. 

[Page 21.] November 4th 16()1. At the towr.e nicetinji; It 
is granted to ^Iv lohn IIowcU Kichaid Uowell and Joseph Kay- 
nor, partners in their proportions of the last division, That 
whereas there is laid out a highway of eight poles wide runnin<r 
from the woods towards the beach, lying between them, and 
their neighbors, namely 'Jhomas J-'alsey Senr, That they the 
said three partners have lil)erty to fence vp the said highway 
vnto their land, provided that they set up a panell of conven- 
ient barrcs that may be fit for footmen or horsemen, or cartes 
to goe through, whoe have liberty to goe through v[)on any oc- 
casion, and whoe are carefully to make up the Said barres 
againe. Allsoe it is provided, that if in time to come the towne 
shall see cause to lay the sd highway open, for their necessary 
vse, then they shall make vsc of the libcrry tliey now reserve 
unto themselves, of the said highway to lay it open as it was 
intended by the towne, and laid *Mit by the layers out of the 
said Division, they the sd jtartners being to have competent 
warning by the towne. 

(Note — For the conclusion of the above written see in page 
92 ) 

November 4 1661. It is ordered by the major voat that all 
the five rail fence about the plains as alisoe the gates shall al- 
ways from this time forward be kept and maintained sutKcient 
arid if any swine coir.e into the phiines or oxjKisture, whether 
they come at the place called the gin, or wheresoever else, the 
owners of the said swine shall |)ay t(^ tkeui yt impound them 6 
pence a peece, and if the Said owners having notice ol" theire 
said Swine impounded, and pay not impounding as aforesaid 
within 24 howres after demand made then the party impouiid- 
ino- t-hnll give notice to the towne, to come together, and the 
Swine or such pt of them as is requisct hee shall sell at an out 
crv to those whoo will give most for tnem, and receive the j;ay 
and reserve ii his hand lor impomidiilg a- afoi'oaid with ^.I'd 

records: TOWiN cf ^orTiiAMrioN. 215 

more wliicli i? tor liis warning the towne as atore^aid, and liee 
[Page 22. ] is to return the residue of the said pay vnto the 
owner of tlie said swine. And if any hoggs bee impounded 
that ai'C not marked, they allsoe shall be lyable to the same 
penalty and proceeding, moreover to tlie end the tence may be 
kept snthcient lolm lessup is agreed with by the towne, and hce 
doth covenant and promise to goe once a month to view the 
Said 5 raile fence, and if any pt thereol bee deHcient the owner 
thereof shall pay 3d per panell for what is deficient, for the 
hrst default, and if the sd fence bee not re])aired within 24 
liDwres then bee sliall pay for the second default 12d per pan- 
ell, and if after yt time ye said fence defective be not repaired 
within 24 howres, hee shall j^ay 5s per panell. And the said 
lohn lessup is to give notice vnto the owners of such deficient 
fence, according to the true intent hereof. And the said tines or 
penalties being and belonging to the towne, hee the said lohn 
lessu]) ingageth to acquaint the cunstal)le witli a true accom|)t 
of what shall be due in that kinde, and the Cunstable is to 
gathei' it, and to be satisfied for his ])ains by the towne as shall 
be thought meet, at the expiration of his cunstableshij). at 
which time hee is to give an accompt of what as aforesaid he 
collecteth vnto whom the towne shah apjioint. 

It is further ordered that lohn lessup shall have the vse of 
the comon land from within the little plaine gate round to the 
south end of lohn Cooper his land which lyetli against tlu- 
pond comonly called the Captain's pond,* for this yeare. And 
allsoe hee shall bee free from training this yeare, in Considera- 
tion of his faithfull discharge of the oath and office hee hath 
t; ken < n him in viewing the 5 raile fence about the plaines ac- 
cording to an order made tnis day in yt respect. 

I Pa(je 28.] At a towne meeting, febr. 17 16H1. It is grant- 
ed vnto Robert Woolley that hee shall have liberty to take in 
by fenceing for his particular vse, the skirt of vpland lying be- 
low the I ath against his father Woodruff his meadow by Henry 
I'ierson his meadow, and hee is to leave the sd highway con- 

* The Little Plain srate was on the road to the beaeh at the northwest corner of the lot of 
Capt. Charles O'lodale, by the Town pond W. s. P. 


veuient, and it is ulsot; provided, tlmt if at any time hereat'ter 
any Indian to wlionie the sd vpknd belongeth chalengeth the 
sd vphmd to plant on hee or they the sd Indians shall have 
libei'ty to plant the sd vpland <Sz g-atheror reap the corne with- 
out internption or molestation l>y him the .-d Ivobert or any in 
his name. 

It is ordered that (/hristophei' ffester and Henry Pierson 
shall assist ]\lr lohn Ogden or Samuel Uleark to lay out the I 
land which, (accordmg to a vote passed or order made Ian. 22, 
!()()(!), was granted vnto the Northse-i Inhabitants, whoe are to 
satisfy the sd men tor their labour in laving out ye sd land, 
and what ever the sd layers out act and doe in laying out any li 
pt or parcell of land as aforesaid it being according to theire 
discretion, it shall stand authentick forever to them to whom 
it Shall in p'articular belong. 

tfebr. 17, 16G1. Wm Ijudlam ackiiowledgeth formerly to " 
have sould and made over unto Christopher tfoster six acres ol' 
hind lying in the great plains, and two half acres lying in the 
little plains, which sometime hee the said AA'ilb'am bought of, 
Ol- Ix'longed to ]Mr Richard Smith. 

fiebr. 17 1()()1. Samuel Cleark JMr lolm Howell and Henry 
Fierson are appointed and impowered to demand and recieve 
an accompt of the estate of this towne whereby to make all 
Rates for the yeare ensueing alsoe they ha\e i)ower to call to 
aecom|)t all maner ot jiersons that have I'cccived moneys or i)ay 
tor ye towne and have not yet bin accomptable for ye same, 
aiid to receive what is coming to the towne, and dispone it tor the 
[L*A(:k 24.] townes vse. And all the Inhabitants are to deliver 
in theire whole estate (which is to be i-ated) vnto the said o 
men, and if any ]>erson keejx^ back or wthhold aiiv pt of his 
estate rateable, as aforesaid, it shall be accompted as theft, and 
lice shall ]>ay 4 fold the value of what tin? said pt of estate soe 
witlilicld comes to, or should pay in any rate, And those who 
make the lates are to kee]) coppies of them, that it any ])ersou 
lose aii\- bc:tst or pt ot his estate which he Irith, paid tor in any 
rate, or rates and caiiuot tlndc, nor licari' ot" the sanie, in two 


years time then the same sliall bee accompted as h)st, and hee 
shall be allowed back or discounted in some other rate, soe 
much as he paid tor ye sd beast or pt of estate in the said time, 
And the poles are to be counted in Mr fibrdham his rate ac- 
cording as they are accompted in the cuntry rate, 

At a towne meeting march 8 1661 It is ordered that it lohn 
Cooper lun hath paid in any rate too much through any mis- 
take by reason of wrong accompting, it shall be repaid to him 
or abated unto him. 

[Notes at bottom of page ] Rebeca Reeves gives in the 
birth day of her sister ^lary Davis to be on the 22 day ot De- 
cember, lt)h9. 

Capt Scott, lohn lennings Silas White record ear marks 1783. 

[Page 25.] It is ordered by ye major voat that Capt Thom- 
as Topping Mr lohn Ogden, Mr lohn tiowell Rich. ISaret Mr 
Rainer Thomas Halsey Sen Joshua Barnes Ion lessup Samuel 
Cleai'k Richard Post Thomas Sayre, and Benry Pierson are to 
regulate the towne pai)ers and writings, to keepe what in theire 
best judgment are to be kept and to cashiere those that are in 
t'leir ludgement vnnecessary, and to order whatever in yt re- 
spect both for matter and manner may bee in theire discretion 
thought most convenient for the townes vse, Alsoe to sett 
(Icwne which of the lawes in the law book, from Hartford shal 
bee, and at all times, and in all cases to bee esteemed to beel 
our lawes. And this is to l)ee done by the sd 12 men or the 
major voat ot them. And in case time and place bee apjioint- 
ed and some (through any impediment) cannot come that then 
the rest, (provided there be 7 at least) are to proceed and the 
niaior pt of those that doe attend the said business, shall act & 
elVect as if all that are nominated & appointed did consenr. 
And allsoe it is ordered that if any ot the said persons appeare 
not according to warneing, and have not such allegation as may 
bee to satisfaction of our magistrates they shall pay 2s 6d a 
peece per day to ye towne's vse, more over if any other besides 
the fort! mentioned persons please to come to see ye cariage of 
v(" said Imsiness thev have liberty soe to do and to o-jve rh(>ir 


advice. Tliis transcribed out of a paper wliareiii several! things 
or orders were written, & to be recorded, which paper is In- 
titled and dated as f'olloweth. At a towne meeting; November 

[Page 2(). ] I^iuths, 

lohn Woodriilt liiiii- lii.s daughter Sai'ah was borne the -Ith 
day of Ian nary Hi&). 

llenrv Pierson his dauirhter Sarah was borne the 20 day oi 
Ian nary 1660. 

lune ye 17 10(59 Francis Sayre's sonne Francis was born. 

The 17tli day of lune Kichard Howell's daughter Ruth was 

The 2od of June 16(i9 lolm Negros daughter Sarah was 
borre : 

The 19 day of Inly l()(j9, lames HerricU's daughter Martiia 
was boi-n : 

The 19 day oi' Inly 16G9, lohn lagger's daughter Sarah was 
borne : 

"^rhe 21 day of luly 1669, Benjamen Foster's daughter Mary 
was borne : 

The 29 day of luly 1669, ]\Ir loseph I'unlham's son losepii 
was born : 

The HO day of luly 1(?H9, Humphrey Hughes son Humphrey 
was borne : 

The second day of October 1669, Edmund llowell's daugh- 
ter Elizebeth was born : 

The 10 Oct 1()69, lohn Hishoj)'s son Richard was born : 

The 17 day of Oct 1(569, Richard Smith's daughter Elisabeth 
was borne : 

The first day ot lanuarv 1670, l<»lin Icssup's daughter was 
born viz Elisebcth : 
) Upon the \y> ofAjU'iU 1(570 (ieorg ll<irri>es <laughtej' was 
/ f borne : 

The (5 (»f April! 7" Thomas Shaw's d.iughtcr Susanna wua 
bo)-ne : 

Th.- I blank Inu'l 


records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 219 

Henry Ludlam's son Henry was borne the 8 day of lanuary 

William Rusell's son Oliver was borne the 7tli day ot i\Iay 

Isaac Wilhnans son was borne the 18th of May 1670 whose 
name is lohn : 

lames Topping's sonne Tames was borr.e the first day of No- 
vember 1670 : 

8hamgar Hand's Son Shamgar was born the 27 March 1671 : 

Page 27.] March 14 1661 or 62 At a towne meeting It is 
concluded and ordered by the major voat and but few persons 
dissenting, that the whale brought vp yesterday to towne, and 
chiimedby lohn Cooper Tun & some others shall be devided by 
the cutters vnto the towne according to ye order ot the towne 
in that behalf. 

September the 2 1662 At the qaarter Cort the Cort taking 
into consideration the occations of the towne, and whereas the 
souldiers by major voat have chosen lohn Topping to bee their 
leiftent, the Cort namely the magistrates doe confirme the said 
lohn Topping to bee leiftent of ye company of this towne of 
Southampton and doe give him power to call out the company 
to traine according to order in that behalf. 

[Abstracts of Deeds.] 

Thomas Sayre sells to Thomas Topping his interest in allot- 
ment No 1, 150, and No 13, 50 at Sagaponack, in exchange for 
2^ acres in Cooper's neck in great plaine, bounded N. by Mr 
liainer's land, S by Kichard Howell, E by Highway W by 
land of Thomas Sayre, 1662. 

[Page 28.] lohn White of Southampton sells to Thomas 
T'opping, his interest in allotment No 8 in Sagaponack in ex- 
r-hange for 2^ acres in Halsey's neck in great plain, 1662. 

Thomas Topping late of Southampton has bought all the 
interest of Mr Edward Howell deceased in two allotments at 
Sag a ponack No. 5, 150 No 18, 50 in exchange for a 150 lott 


at Meacox, now in possession of Edmoiid Howell, ;iiul 1 acre 
in Captain's neck in great plain. May 2o IGofi. 

loshua Barnes of Sovithatn]jton has sold to Thomas Toppino; 
Sen his interest in a 100 lb lot at the east end of Meacox, with 
a 50 lot of lohn Bisho])S in exchange for \^ acres in Captains 
neck in the great i)lain. May 25 l()o9. 

lohn Bishop sells to Thomas Topping his interest in a 50 lot 
lying at the cast end of meacox water, in exchange tor 1 acre 
in the little ])laine between the two ponds, butting eas^t and 
west upon them.* 3Iay 25, 1659. 

[Page 30.] Henry I'ierson sells to Thoinas Tojiping his in- 
terest in the allotment that tell to him in Sagajjonack, in ex- 
change for his 150 allotment of meadow in Shinecock necrk, 
next to my own lotment which fell to uie there. Sept 9 16ti-! 

Witness Richaim) Bahket. 

losiah Stamborongli has exchanged No. 24 in Sagaponack, 
with ^Ir Thomas Top|)ing tor No 28 in same [)lace only I am 
to have in exchange all that lyeth in the little neck between 
the coave and ye pond f)r a watering, which is not above ^ 
acre. .May 3(1 1(559. 

Witness 1-iiix OciUEN 11i:n. I'ikksdn. 

|Pa(;eH1.| W'illiaiii Ludhim lins sold to his ^oIl lleuiy 
Liidlam 4 acres lying in the west side of mv mill, wliicii 4 a-res 
1 [procured of my son William, also gives to son lieniy 8 acix's 
of my 40 acres adjoining my nn'll, on the N. E. side (tf said 40 
acres, l)y East Hampton path, also 4 acres belonging unto my 
mill, which 4 acres is commonly called the hay ground. 

Witness Hen IMerson (Ieoiuje X Hakkis his mark. 

[The 40 acres is probablv the farm ot An<4iistus Halsev, de- 
ceased. \V. S. B.J 

• The acre iiieiiti..i)t'd probiibty lay somh ortlic l<its (if Cnpl. Clijiiles (loodale, and ht-irs 
III" I'l'lcr Mai'kie. One ol the ponfls, I'rop ['niid, is in>w obliU'iatfd bv eiu'ioai'linieiils of 
llie beach. W. s. P. 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 22] 

At the town meeting may ye first 1G63 It is ordered tliat i\I.[ ^ 
lolin Howell And losliua Barnes, shall goe ac deputies to the ^^^ 
(Jort at Hartford this present May. 

[Page 23.] At a towne meeting May the 1st KMVo were 
cl:osen for magistrates 1 at ]\Ir Thurston Raynor, 2 Mr lohn [low- ' 
el!, 3 Richard Barret, rienry Pierson to bee Register, lohn 
Woodruff" lunr to be cunstal)le, who had ye cunstables oath 
administered to him. 

Samuel Uleark allsoe chosen cunstable, who had 3^e said oath 
administered vnto him wth this addition, that hee is bound to 
execute according to warrant vpon the water as well as at land, 
wthin or limits. 

Chosen for townsmen for ye following yeare luhn Cooper 
'I'liomas Topping lohn lessup. 

And it is ordered that the said Townes men have and shall 
have like poM'er as other townes men have formerly had from 
vcai'o to yeare, Which power is tj make all rates or levvies yt 
are to bee made to pay the townes debts, And to act in, and 
order all Towne affaires according to their l)est un<lerstaiiding, 
But not to dispose of any lands to any person. 

it is by this Towne ]\Ieeting confirmed vnto \Vm Russell 
that he shall have that land namely -i acres, <fe 6 which was 
granted A: given by the towne formerly vnto him, wch land 
did sometime belong vnto losejih Sutton. 

It is further ordered that Mr lohn Howell and loshua 
l^arues have power and are authorized to meete with the ccun- 
niitties of Southold and East Hampton, to consult wth them 
concerning sending an answer to Capt Leverit, vnto ye jn-ojx)- 
sitions hee made to vs of late when he was here amongst vs. 

[Page 83.] (Abstract of Deed.) 

lohn Woodruff Sen sells to Thomas Halsey Tr his 10(1 lb lot 
in mill neck, over against the piece of land called Cobs pound, 
also 3 rood of ground, in first neck in the great plans, between 
Henry Pierson and Ann White, in exchange for 5 acres in the 
10 acre lott furlong in great plain, between Mr Thurston Ray- 
nor and Samuel lohnes, May 1 1G(;3. 


j\Iiiv 1, 1(533 At the towne inso^ting, It is ordered tliat tlie 
o rail ieiice set vp between the Indians and vs, well is or should 
1)3 vp shall be maintained snffieient this yeare, and the rest of 
the fence in that line to be maintained, proportionable there- 
viito at least, each inhabitant his share as was formerly a! hot- 
ted vnto him. And the said fence afore said is all to bee finish- 
ed by the fith of this instant may vpon ])enalty of 18 pence jier 
pole, for all that shall attej'ward bee found deficient, And it any 
o-reat cattell be found wthin the said fence after the 8th of 
this |)resent month the owners shall pay ('d per head to those 
that impound them, and if sheepe or i2;oats bee im])c)imded 
thence, the owners shall pay 2d per head, if any hof»:2;s bee im- 
pounded from Sliinecock or Sea])onack after the said 8th day 
the owniu-, shall j»ay 12d per ho<i:i^' to them that shall imixamd 
[Page 34 ] theni, and if the owners have notice and redeeme 
not their ho(^<^s or sheepe or if;oats wthin 24 houres, by paying- 
i)oundidf; as afV^resaid then the impounder of sucii creatures 
shall repaire vnto Isack Willman and lames Jlerrick who have 
herebv power to apprize soe many of the said creatures as shall 
l)av the said impoundidji;. And themselves 6d a peece for their 
pains. At the; said Towne meetini;' lohn Woodruff saonu' 

I Abstract of Det'(l.] lOdmoiid ilowcdi sells to lolm Hei'ves 
his iuter(;st in lot 17 in the north (li\i^ion t)t the ()x{)asture, 
(drawn by Thomas llalsey and obtained by Edmond lb. well 
bv wav of exchan<T:;e) Ann lolm Keeves sells to Edmoiid How- 
ell, his interest in lot No 20 North division of ox pasture. 
, drawn by Mr Kaynor.) March 2H IHStC. 

fl*AGK ^'.o.] At the town meetini; Mux 1 \^'.(>-^ It is orcU-i'ed 
that Ml" lolm Howell shall have liberty to shut vi), or fast to 
inclose or fence aiiainst ye hli;'hwry betwc^ene his lot ami Isack 
Ilallsey his lott in flu; new di\ision of land of 1 ite laid out, an I 
whoseover shall open the said highway is a tres|>asser vntil the 
towne s(;e cause, the said hii-hway shall be open. (Noti'. | 
which is concluded and linished by the committee as in ]iaii'e Sl\ 

lime 2 l(if)H At a t().viu- meetiiii'- It i< orderi'd that the ',\ 


rail lenee against the plaines shall be reviewed from time to 
time, as shall bee apoynted, and in whatsoever pt ol ye said 
fence shall bee determined by those soe appoynted to bee in- 
siitticient, shall be so accompted by all. And the owners of 
such deticient fence haveing notice of it, if after such notice 
given damage come to be done through their said lence, then 
ye owners of such said deficient fence shall pay 3't damage, But 
whatsoever pt of the said 3 raile fence passeth as good wth 
those apoynted as aforesaid to view, though harmes bee done 
through any pt of ye same, then the owners of ye cattell that 
doe the spoyle shall pay that damage, and this notwithstanding 
any former order. Allsoe it is ordered that noe unruly, or un- 
luwtul oxen that are wont to break tence shall bee permitted to 
goe in ye oxpasture. 

lohn lessup is appoynted to view the said fence with the 
plaine fences according to former order, allsoe to view Shine- 
oc'k fence ,once in 14 days. 

lohn Kose hath liberty to sett his gun an}^ where at Seapon- 
ack to kill wolves, and if thereby bee kill any swine, hee shall 
not sufler damage, but if hee kdl any other cattell thereby hee 
engageth to pay for them to the owners. 

[Page 36.] July the 19th 1(563. lames Herrick makes over 
and imparteth one acre and a halle of land lying in Haliseys 
neck in ye plaine, with what thereto belongeth, unto lohn 
Woodruff Junr, for or in Exchange of one acre sometime bee- 
longing vnto Mr. lohn Ogden, and lying by ye side of the said 
lames Herrick his home lot,* Ynto which exchange the said 
lohn Woodruff consenteth. 

[Abstract of deed.] 
Edmond Howell makes over to lohn Woodruff J un 4 acres 
in llalseys neck, 5 acres in the ten acre lott furlong, next the 
plain gate, and 2 acres in said furlong next to John Woodruffs 
Sen, and lohn Woodruff* Jun makes over to Edmund Howell 
S acres in Coopers neck next to Edmund Ho\yeirs land. 

*If»raes Herrick's home lot, is the one now owued by Mr. Edwin Post, next North of Al- 
bert Porter's homestead. W. S. P 

224 REroKDs: 'nr.vx of sol'thampton. 

[pAiiE 37.] At a Tovvne ineetin*!; Sept 22 ltjtj3 Libert}^ is 
granted 'ny the towne tor ye luakinii^ of pitts to catch wolves, &. 
ye sd pitts being made competently safe i'rom spoyling great 
cattle kind if an}' such cattle shall chance to bee hnrt or spoyl- 
ed thereby, tlie losse or damage shall bee satisfied by ye wiiole 

Sept 22 16(i8 By ye major voat it is ordered and conchided 
that lonas lloldsworth shall have thirty hve pounds for his 
schooleing per animm, for the terme of two years, at least, ami 
his pay to bee ans\veral)le to ye pay ingaged to him by Hemp- 
sted, with ye allowance of 12 days in ye yeara liberty for his 
own particnlar occations, 

Sept 22 16t)3 It is ordered that ^Ir. lohn Howell Tho. 
Halsey Sen Christopher fioster Edward Howell & Hen. Pierson, 
shall call any person or persons to accompt for any some or 
somes of money or pay due to the towne, and to receive what 
is due vpon ye accompt, or accompts, for the vse ot the towne, 
& vpon receipt to give discharge accordingly. 

It is granted vnto Daniel Sayre that hee shall have his pro- 
portion of land which tell to him in the last devision, laid to 
him at ye reareend of his home lot, 

October 6 16Ho Chosen for magistrates i\Ir. Thirston Ray- 
nor Mr. lohn Howell Richard Harrett, llenry Pierson chosen 
Register Edmund Howell chosen Constable, 

[Page 3S] (Abstract of deed.) 

lohn Oldtield sells to Ann Phillips, his parcel ot land in 
neck, that he bought ot liulk Davis, Lymg betweene Sanuu'll 
Clark and Samuel Barker, also above 5 acres of meadow, at 
L->so!th sea lying between the meadow of George Harris and 
lohn Davis at the Southwest, the great creek at the Northwest, 
and the highway at the Southeast, also a 50 of conionage that 
he bought of Hulk Davis. Oct 12, IOCS 

loiJN I oidfie;d 

his marke 
W'itnes llciir\ Pierst>n, 


(Notes at bottom of Pafre) David i3nrnett and lolm Post give 
in the marks oi'5>tray beasts in their possession, 1726 7 & 1743. 

(Page 39) At a towne meeting Oct. 18 1(363 It is ordered 
that every Inhabitant, oi this towne shall bring in a bill of ye 
estate In his hand rateable, the iirst of march from yeare to 
yeare vnto such as are by apoyntraent, to receive them, as ye 
townes men &c. And what rates are to bee made in ye yeare shall 
bee levyed & paid according to and by that estate, wth ye excep- 
tions of former orders made concerning cattell lost or wanting. 

It is fnrther ordered that John lessup Thomas Topping as- 
sisted by Henry Pierson shall make ye cnntry rate at present 
to be made, and if having warning any refuse to or neglect to 
l)ring in their bill or bills of estate whereby the rate should be 
niadf% they shall irness at the estate, & soe rate them, Allsoe 
the ujajor voat of ye said 3 men shall regulate & determine the 
prises of Lhattelis to be rated. And alsoe It is ordered that if 
pers(i!is having warning to bring in theire bills of what is due 
to them trom the townie and they bring tiiem not in within (5 
days, they shall loose that theire said debt. 

Oct. 18 16()3 31r Thurston Raynor acknowledgeth to have 
cjiven freely and for ever vnto his grand child nanjely Arthur 
Howell Jun, all that his twenty acres of land lying and beeing 
on ye west side ot a Creek (comonly called Swan Oreek) at 
Meacocks well said 20 acres became his vpon ye devisson of 
land in the towne wherein every tifty lb accomodation was to 
have live acres. Witness Henry Pierson. 

November the 28 1H81 lohn Howell Jun gives in for his 
owne land mark, or otherwise to distinguish what is his to be 
the letters 1 H which is the first entered of these letters, 

I Absthact of Deed] 
[Pa(JE 40] October the 18, 1653 lohn Woodruff Juni- has 
Sold te William hudlani his interest in a parcel ot land lying at 
the head ol the mill j)ond, 36 acres, for which he has received 
lull satisfaction. 

Witnes>, Henuv Piei.'sox, 

226 nEfOUDH : town of SOl•TIIA^[PTO^^ 

At a town ineetiiif>; N()reiul)cr !<• KUJo It is ordered and 
concluded Wy yo inaioi* voat that iioe hoi:'<»;3 sliall be found or 
put or permitted to bee vj)on ye coiiions beionjxiiii;' to thistowne 
after the lirst of January next come 12 montlis, and if any 
swine bee soe found they that tinde them sliall have lialfot 
them, & the other lialf shall bee to the townes vse. But if any 
man's swine break forth of his inch)sure, then hee shall (as 
soone as he nn'sseth them) forthwith accpiaiiit the magistrates 
with it, find yt shall sav(; them li'om being forfeit as aforesaid, 
vet if any finde the said hoggs in the comon it shall b(^ lawfnl 
for any to impound them & have Gd pei" head of the owners, 
[N te added] At a towne meeting December 15 16()4 The 
above written order concerning hoggs is repealed ct made void. 

[Page 41] November the 12 1663 William Kussell doth 
make over and Assigne vnto Robert \Voolley eight acres of 
land, which he the said William bought of Capt Scott. 

November 18 l()ti.S ^Vt a towne meeting. It is ordeied that 
the gathering of ye Cuntry rate according to the treasui-ers 
\vai'rant& at present in the Cnnstable's hand shal; bee suspend- 
ed. And a letter written (concerning it to Hartford to be sent 
by ye hand of Capt Scott. Mr, Thui'ston Kaynor. Mr. lolin 
Howell .Mr l''ordhani <.\c Hen. Pierson, are aj>oynted to write ye 
sd letter, 

At ye sd meeting were chosen Mr. Kainer .Mr. lohn Howell 
y\v Fordham Thon:as ^"alsey Sen Sam Clark Leittent i*ost 
lohn lessup, who are desired and impowered to converse with 
Capt Scott (through his pernn'snon) c;)ncerning ye obtaining 
ye writeings vudei' ye hand ot Mr lames H'orret agent sometime 
for the earl of Stirling and wii-it other writings hee hath, oi- 
ca!i and will make tending to cleare our townes Interest, .\u(\ 
alsoe to treat wth ye sd Capt eoncerneing Qna juanautuck, yt 
is it may bee the said writeings and ye said quaquanautuck 
may be purchased and procured, & what some or somes of m;»- 
ney they ye said 7 men oi- ye niajoi- pt of thvm agrre to pay 
unto Capt Scott ye towne sludl ».V will pav acc.JrdiuL!; to tliL'ire 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 227 

November 23 1663 At a towne meeting, were chosen Mr 
L)hn Howell Thomas Ualsey Samuel Cleark And Capt Top- 
piiiii', if hee please or in liis absence, or vpon his refusal, then 
loshua Barnes, to meete yeconn'ttee of Easthampton and South- 
old if they come to this tjwne according to expectation, which 
said 4 men of our towne are coniittee for our towne and have 
power to act tor & in behalf of our towne and determine con- 
(terning the deviding of ye money to be payed to Capt. Scott, 
And alsoe to agree and conclude with the said committee what 
government and lawes to be ordered by, in case wee prove not 
to bee under, or to bee taken olf from Conectacut lurisdiction, 
Alsoe it is agreed that Mr Robert Fordham shall bee a 5th 
man to have equal voat in ye premises, &c 

[Page 42.] At a town meeting Ian. 27 1663, It is ordered 
yt Edward Howell & Henry Pierson shall call forth soe many 
men as they shall think fit to goe let out the west Sepoose at 
ye time they shall thinke most convenient, 

tfebr. 2 1()(>3 At a towne Meeting Whereas in the order 
made november 23, 1663 concerning the choice of, and power 
communicated to ye commissioners for our towne, is inserted 
these words, (in case we prove not to be under, or bee taken oil' 
from Conectacut lurisdiction) It is concluded that those 
words shall be of no efect in that order or comuiission, but 
the order itself without them to stand in full force and virtue. 
And the said Commissioners to have full power with theire fel- 
lovve-, by the Major pt of them to settle and establisli lawes 
both civill and eclesiastic-all as neare as they can accord- 
ing to god. 

tfeb, 10 1663 At a towne IMeeting. Wliereas it was ordered 
that the comitties ot Southami»ton have power with their fel- 
lows to treat with the comitties of Maidstone* & Southold, it 
was voted and determined by the towne, yt the said coraittee 
shall have power to conclude with both or each of the said 
l)]antarions, more j)lainly to agree with niaidstone alone in case 
Southold refuse. 

* The ori<;ii!al iiuine of East-Uamjjton. W. S. P 


At the same iiieetinii- Tliuiua.s ILiLsev ""'en absolutely retns- 
iiic; U) doe the tovvnes servis in that ocasion as above specitie'l 
the towiic made choice ot and invested lohn lessnp with full 
power as was to ye sayd Th;). Halsey before convaid to act 
with hih felowes. and to conclude with both or evther of the 
above mentioned ])lantations. 

[Page 48.] (Abstract of deed ) Christopher Itoster sells to 
bis son in law Daniel Sayre five ai:res in the j^Teat plaine, and 
one acre in the little i)lain, land belon^iIlg to lohn ( )ldfieid'.-; 
50 lb right. Ian. 8, l()(io. 

[Abstract.] Thomas Sayre acknowledges tlie sale (^t a oO lb 
hjt to his son Daniel Feb 22, 1C)(;;5. 

|Abstra(-t] Mr lohn Ogden acknowledges to have sold to 
Ellis (Jooke the land he b«nght of William Ludlam, the land 
being at Mecocks, one parcel being ad that ticld that vpon tjic 
laying out of that division lay betweene the highway, next the 
millers and the next creek on the east, or southeast, the other 
j)arcel lying on little neck, on the WH?st side ot the creek wliich 
is on the west side of Arthur Llowells land, and was sometime 
in possession ot llichard \Voodhuil. Witnes Henry Pierson. 
]\Iarch 1 1663. 

[Abstract.] Kdmond Howell sells to his tather in law '1 houi- 
as 8ayre, all that belongs to said Edmund by right of his fa- 
ther deceased, from ye towne, in exchange for Thomas Sayre's 
share of the highway* between the home lots of Thomas Sayre 
and Ednumd Howell. March ye 14th Kit;:'). 

|PA(;r. 44] At a towne ineeHng April 1st 64 Henry !*;ei- 
son and lolm Icssup are appointed to lay out ye land bi'hind 
W'iUiam liusell his lot, wch belongeth to Robert WooUey, pro- 
vided they lay it cleare of the highways, and bee the said l^ob- 
ert pay them tor their pains. 

^Ir lohn Howell is chosen and apoynted to goe to Hartfoid 
v])on towne oc(;asions. 

" Tins hiirliw.'iy is the roid riimiiii'' Wi^st from M.iiii -jlro t of Soutliaiiipton, tuul called 
Job"" Liiiifi, "Thom:is Sayre's home lot " beiiiy: uji the north side, Kdmuiul Kowi-ll's ou 
ibe B(»iuh. W. S. I'. 

in:(:ORi)s : town of Southampton. 229 

(Abstract.) lohii Ogden sells to lonas Boners, land in Coop- 
ers Neck, with the privilege of a 5 lb commonage, tor a horse 
in the ox-pasture and the fence thereto belonging. April 12 (34 

(Abstract.) lohn Ogden sells to lohn Woodruff 8en land in 
the great plaine, at llalseys neck, meadow at Halsejs neck, on 
the beach, and at Seaponack, with the priviledges belonging to 
a 50 lb lotment. April 12th 64. 

[Page 45.] Aprill 12 1664 [ohn Ogden of this town doth 
acknowledge to have sold and delivered to his uncle Mr lohn 
Ogden, his houseing and home lot with all ye land lying at the 
reare thereof and allsoe his tifteene accres lying at the Long 
^^prings,and alsoe the priviledges to a fifty pound lot. 

April 25 1664 At a town meeting It is ordered by voat yt 
2 lidiabitants shall be sent as deputies to ye Cort at Hertford, 
the men are Tho. Halsey Sen and lohn lessup. 

Christopher fibster & Henry Pierson are appoynted to lay 
out the land between ye neighbors about lohn Ogden in ye 
I'car devision. 

Aprill 26 lohn Woodruff fun acknowledireth to have im- 
parted to Ann l*hillips fowre of his fifty f-t Q"'i(iuanautuck, 
shee paying ye [)urchase of them and all charges. 

(Entry at bottom of page.) Southampton May ye 19 1696 
Then William Tarbill brought before me, lob Sayre and Rich- 
ai-d Halsey of said towne and they to their corprall oatli, that 
on the 3()th day at Aprill last they went with ye said William 
'I'arbell to the house of Maj' Burnett the usual place of abode 
of lohn Burnett and then and there the said Wm. Tarbeli 
tendered tenn poundsin cirrent money of the province of New 
York for ye use of the said lohn burnet which ye said William 
Tarbeli acknowledged (word gone) to said burnets present 
hnlging was, and made the like tender there. (Illegible.) 

Tost MATTHEW HOWELL lustice. 

[PactE 46.] At a towne meeting December 15, 1664 It is 
ordered that lohn Tessup Edward Flowell and Henry Pierson 
sli:dl make the rates or Levies with wch are at present to be 


made both in respect of iJarttbrd and also this towne. And 
further It is ordered that in a nuicli as public Tiotice is given 
now at this meetins: that all men jt have monies due to them 
trom either ye towne or cunty, should brin<>; in their '>ills of 
what is due to tliem betweene this and next third day, whoeso- 
ever shall neg-lect soe to brino" in their said bills to one of the 
said o men shall loose their debt, alsoe that all ye Inhabitants 
shall briuii: in vnto the abovesaid 3 men ye exact bills of their 
whole visible estate rateable, vpon ye penalty mentioned in an 
order made in feb. ()[ And if any )>son refuse or neglect to 
bring in their estate as aforesaid between this, and this day 
seaven night then the said o men shall rate such pson or psons 
by theire guess or as in theire ludgment they see meet, 

Richard Smith vpon his request had half his tine of os re- 
mitted by ye town provided bee didy paye the other half with- 
out further trouble. 

fob 4 1()64 At a towne meeting the other half of Richard 
Smith his tine was remitted vpon his humble acknowledgment 
& promise of reformation, 

(Notes at bottom of page ) Ednumd IIowcll records an ear 
mark he bought of his brother Arthur, 17 U. Abner Ilowcll 
records a brand mark. 

[Rage 47.] At a meeting of the Comittee of the Cienl As- 
sembly at Southampton lune 6tli 1()(^4, 

1st Wee doe order vntil the Gen. Assembly take some other 
course in the case, tliat there bee a sutHcient fence made at the 
said pord, upon JVIeantacut by ye Indians to secure their corne 
& yt bee noe cattell put by any eastward of the fence at the said 
pond in the sunnner, nor vntil alter Indian harvest. And that 
the Indians have free li!)erty of ])lunting ot that land Eastward 
of that i)ond, and Southampton men are to j)ay ])oundidg anti 
halt damage, except theire horse-; get in at ye sea side at either 
end ot tlir ( ast haniptoii tence. 2nd It is ordered that East 
hanipton men shall keep sulHcient fence at their towne cross ye 
Hand and an Indian at e;ich sea to prevent danger And that 
then either lOnglish tir Indians havi' liberty to pound out of 


tlieir corne any horse witliin either of the said fences, and to 
make the said horses pay poundidg and halt damage. And that 
ye ow^ners of those horses whicli are wonted in Meautacut it is 
desired & expressed that they dispose of them as speedily as 
may bee off* the Island, And that in ye interim, they doe forth- 
with drive those horses ten miles westward of Southampton 
and doe their best endeavor to prevent damnifying either Eng- 
lisli or Indians by their horses which wee percieve hath bin noe 
small grievance both to English and Indians, and ought to bee 
prevented for ye future. 3 Vpon the motion of severall of the 
towne of Southampton for a better settlement of their Indians. 
It is ordered that Southampton doe set out a suitable parcell 
of land for their Indians and help them to fence it tor their se- 
curity according to their covenant, and this to bee effected be- 
fore the iirst of aprill next. 4 Vpon some motions of some 
about ye manner of rating in ye town of Southampton wee 
judge it most equal that all publique charges bee raised in a 
proportionable way Ijoth vpon psons lauds and estates, accord- 
ing to the laws established in the lurisdiction tor that purpose. 
5 for the future disposal of land in Southampton, the comittee 
[Page 48. | di)e ludge at present that those whoe discent from 
the disposall of land to such whoe have not an interest by tit- 
ties and hundreds, such psons should have a proportion accord- 
ing to such distribution. 

6 The Comittee doe order that there b3e toure Courts kept 
in a yeare, two at Southampton, one at Southold, & one at 
Easthampton, ye time tor the apoyntment of theise Courts is 
left to bee settled as the Assistants & Commissioners of these 
8 plantations ludge most seasonable which Courts are co con- 
sist of at least three magistrates, or Commissioners. 

7 And the Comittee doe grant tree liberty to these 3 towns 
(if they see cause) to send onely one Deputy from a towne or 
roe Deputy at all, unto any of our Gen'll Assemblys, they be- 
ing wholly left at liberty in yt respect. 

8 The Comittee doe order that these 3 plantations doe build 
a small prison at South Ham])ton tor secureiig ot delinquents 

232 RECORDS: T(>wnm)f Southampton. 

att tills ciul of tlio Island, such a one as 3'e magistrates ik Com- 
missioners of je plantation shall Judge fit. 

lune 7th, 64 The Assistants & Commissioners of ye said B 
townes wth the approbation of the said C<jmittee of the Gen'Il 
Asembly doe determine that there shall bee two Courls in the 
yeare kept at Southampton, one the first tewsday in June, the 
other the first tewsday in December, alsoe one Cort to be kept 
at Easthampton the first tewsday in March in the yeare, and 
one Court at Southold the first tewsday in September. 

[Page 49.j September the 5th 16G4. At a towne meetino- 
It is ordered that there shall bee a school howse* ot 20 foot 
long, and 15 foot wide built at the townes charge, and finished 
fit for use before winter. It is ordered by ye major voat that noe 
Indian or Indians shall henceforth plant in the plaines or at 
any f;irme or on any man's particular accomodations, but onely 
on their own a|)oynted land. 

It is granted to Mi' lohu lennings liberty to digg a celler to 
dwell in, in some convenient place neere ye schoole howse, 
which is to hee built with this proviso or condition that when 
he hath done wth ye vse of the said (seller himself yt hee shail 
resifrne it vp againe to ve towne cV: shall have noe intei'est 
therein except hee procure an inhabitant to it of whome the 
town shall a(!cej)t. It is granted vnto Uobert Woolley that yc 
laud which he was to have behind Win Russells lot shall bei' 
exchanged vnto him at his request, and laid out for him by 
lohn lessup and Henry Pierson, by the land belonging to Tho. 
Cooper vpon the late devisson as ye said layers out shall findc 
most suitable. 

[Page 50 ] At a towne meeting December 15, lOlU lame- 
Herrick acknowledgeth to bee indebted vnto tliis towne \ pou 
accom])t ye some of three pounds whicli he promiseth to workc 
out in a howse for ye towne, as they shall appoint between this 
and the 2Uth of next September, paid. 

It is ordered that ye Inhabitants of this Towne have liberty 

* This " school liowse" is .supposed to have stood on tho west sircei of Smitluniinnn 
uuui'ly oppoHJlc iho bolloin ofCapt. George White's home lot. W.S.I'. 


to kee])e fovvre hogi^s for a fifty pound lotnient and if any 
keepe above that stint on the comons, one thii'd of what is tak- 
en or found sliail belong to them yt bring them up, and one 
third to the towne, & ye rest to the owner, and if any swine 
bee impounded out of the plains or Shenecock neck yt is to bee 
fenced, or the ox pasture, the owners of such swine shall pay 
2s a peece to them that impound them, the same penalty alsoe 
is on hoggs yt are oi' shall be found in any other inclosure. 
And this order to take elect from this day three weeks. And if 
any pei'son refuseth to pay as aforesaid, they yt impound shall 
take two indlferent nien & prize pt of ye swine to pay them- 

At a Towne meeting feb. 4, l()fi4 It was voted and concluded 
by all tlie Inhabitants that appeared (except about 4 persons) 
tli'it this Towne shall and will joyne witii East Hampton and 
Southold in trying a suite with Capt. Scott for recovery of costs 
and damage, and for a redition of ye Comittees obligation of 
450 lb value. 

Mr lohn Howell was chosen to manage the Townes business 
above mentioned (concerning Ca]3t Scott) with ye comittee yt 
shall bee appointed by liast Hampton & iSouthoid for the same 

[Page 51.] feb. 4 l(in4 At ye four mentioned Towne 
meeting It is concluded by major voat that the 4501b bond 
given by ye comittee of this Towne East Hampton and South- 
old, unto Capt Scott shall bee forthwith attached. And the said 
obligation soe to remaine vntill hee make satisfaction vnto ye 
said Townee, or the difference beetweene ye said Townes and 
hee bee legally ishued. 

It is ordered that from henceforth noe person whatsoeever 
shall improve any timber within the bounds of this Towne in 
pipe staves, or of any other nature or forme, by selling them to 
any that shall conve}" them out of this plantation vpon pen-iltv 
of 20s per tree. 

At ye said meeting lohn lessup Edward llowoll and Henry 
\j Piersou were chosen Townesmen vntil ve ()th of October next. 

234 in:c()Ki)H: town of south ampton. 

durciiig wliich time tliev have power given them, and are by 
the Towne Autiiorized to make any rate, or Levy they sb.all 
see neeessary,to use all lawful uieanes they shall see meet for 
getting in the debts due from any person or persons vnto the 
Tou ne, to make any law or order {xt contradicts not some for- 
mer order made by tlio towne) concerning fences or any other 
publicpie occation, and to doe or act any thing which in theire 
ludgement niiy conduce to the Townes advantage, And what- 
soever they shall act or transact as atoresiid ye Towne doe 
ratifv & contirme and shad observe, moi-eover the said select- 
men setting vp liieir order or orders on the meeting house post 
at ye ])eat of ye drum, the same shall bee, and bee acc(mipted 
sutHcient and lawtull publishment thereof, ye Towne being to 
defray ye cost ye said 3 men shall be at in ye premises. 

[Page 52.] feb. 4, 64 Hi chard Post and Edward Howell 
are apoyntcd and impowered to view ye fenceing against tht^ 
plains and to doe therein according to former order made by 
ye towne. It is ordered that ye 5 raile fenceing about the 
plaines shall bee made vp Competently sufficient within 8 da\ s 
ot this date on pen&lty as is expressed in former orders. 

fi'eb. 20 1064. At a towne meeting It is granted to Mr 
Robert ffordham that wiiat proportion of land hee hatli not 
taken into his ch)se at mcacox which is pt ot his last division, 
hee hath liberty to take vp adjoining to his close at the reare 
of ye home lots at ye east side of the towne, but it is provided 
that noe watering place for the towne bee hindered. 

Mr Thomas Topping and Mr lohn Iloweil were chosen (U']>- 
nties to meet ye honourable Gen'U JMiccolls At Hempsted ac- 
cording to his order wlioe hive alsoe po jver to act in any 
cause or matter which doth or may concerne our townes occa- 
sions. It is ordered that John lessu|i ^ Henry Pierson shall 
lay out to Thomas Ilalsey his hind that was apoynted him for 
his Sagaponack divii-ion. 

rt is granted and concluded yt one acre more shall bee ad- 
ded to the close yt Richard Post had when hee kept ordinary, 
which is on the south side of and t!iat land wirh that in ve lit- 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 285 

tie plaiiies which Richard Post had on the west side of the 
same while hee kept ordinary, lolm Cooper is to possess while 
hee keep ordinary. 

[Page 53. J April] the 4th 1665. At a Towne Meeting- 
was chosen Thomas Topping to bee Cunstable whoe was 
sA'orne. Chosen tor overseers 1 Henry Pierson 2 loshuar^) 
Barnes 3d lames Jierrick 4 Thomas Goldsmith 5 Richard Bar- 
ret 6 Isaack Willman 7 lohn lagger 8 Richard Post.* x\ll 
which except Thos (xoldsmith & Richard Barrett took ye oath. 

lune the 5 1GG5 The abos'e said overseers took ye oath of 

[Note at bottom of page.] lob Sayre Cornelins Halsey Syl- 
vamis llalsey enter earmarks 1741 Ellis Cook enters a mark he 
bought of Humphrey Hughes. 

[Pa(tE 54] Sept. 6 16(35 Edmund Howell acknowledgeth 
to have sold and delivered formerly his pt or share of ye last 
devision of land lying in ye neck called Cormorant poynt vnto 
Thomas Burnet And ye said Thomas doth acknowledge to have 
sold and made over his ten acres lying in ye plaines near the 
gate, vnto him the said Edmund, the said sale or bargin be- 
ing an exchange of land between them. 

h^ept 6 1()(;5 ]\lr lohn Ogden doth acknowledge to have 
imparted sould made over and delivered all his land lying noeie 
the north sea bowses, in that place comonly called the field by 
the Clay j)its, (except ye cpiantity of two poles all along by the 
ditch side therein to digg or delve it to the ditch) vnto lohn 
Rose of ye said north sea, him his heyres and assings tor ever. 
As alsoe hee ye sd mr lohn Ogden hath sould and delivered 
t ne peece of meadow of his lying in Cow neck vnto him the 
said lohn Rose the said meadow being bounded by Tho. Shaw 
his meadow on the west side and ye said lohn Rose his meadow 
on the north .vard side. And this is for consideration in hand 
received by him ye said Mr John Ogden ot him the ^aid lohn 

1 1 ENRY PIER S( )N Reo-ist. 


John WoodrufF Inn doth acknowledire formerly to have made 
over vnto Ann Plii]li])s his acre and Iialfot land lyino; in Hal- 
sejb neck (which land he affrmeth hee had ol' lames Herrick), 
in exchano;e for an acre and a halt more or less which belong- 
eth to lier lying in the 10 acre lot furlong neare the plaine gate. 

[Page 55.] [Abstract of Deed.) lohn Woodruff lun sells 
to Kobert Wooley his acre of land in Captaines neck between 
Joshua Barnes and Tho. Topping, in exchange for an acn-e of 
land in Cooper's neck between Lieft Posts on the n;rtii. and 
mr Ravnors on the south. Sept 6, 1665 

Sept 7 1665 Mv lohn Ogden doth acknowledge that what 
land or houseing or privilidges thereto belonging which he 
bought of his cousin lohn Ogden, hee ye said Mr Ogden (h'd 
make over all the same vnto his sone in law lohn Woodrutf. 
that it became his. 

Sept 7, 1()65 John Woodruff Inn doth acknowledge to ha^e 
souid and delivered to Robert Woolley all that housing and 
land and [>rivileges thereto belonging which Mr John Ogden 
procured of lohn Ogden of Souttiain])ton, and ye said ]\lr ( )g- 
den made over vnto him the said lohn Woodruff, ye said bar- 
gain being vpon Record in this book. 

[Abstract of Deed.] Daniel Sayre sells to lohn WoodrulT 
lun 4^ acres 10 poles lying in first neck in the plains on the 
soiitli sike of said Woodruffs close, in exchange for 2 acres and 
a half in Captaines nock, and 1|- acres by Thomas Goldsmith's 
close in first neck. Sept. 7, 16(i5. 

[Page 56.] [Abstract of Deed.] Sarah Woodruff wife of 
lohn Woodruff Inn confirms the sales made by her husband to 
Obadiah Rogers Leift Post and " other inhabitants" 7 Stipt 

In presence of IIenky 1*iekson John LuiiiiiTOX 

March 1666 liaid out to lohn white in jjart of thare allot- 
ments west of 'I'homas Coopers land the East Lyne is 60 poles, 
the north and south Ivne is 62 ])oles, is 23J- acres. 

|I'a(!e57.] (Abstract of d(M'd.) I (Josmer of Soutli- 


anipton Gentleman, liave given to my adopted son lolm Wood- 
ruti'who liatli lived with me from a eliild, all my goods, houses 
and lands. Also Elisibeth wife of lohn Gosnaer confirms the 


her marke \ ^^- ''^* \ 

Inly 29 1659 ^.^ 

W'itnes Iohn Ogden SzVmuel Clakke. 

Feb. the 10th 16(!5 Thomas Sayre maketli aoknowledgment 
that he hath made over and given to his sons ffrancis Sa)'re a 
fifty pound lotment or accomodation wish the privileges thare 
vnto belonging. 

I Page o8. | At a Towne meeting Fan 18 1665 It is ordered 
that ^Ir Iohn Howell losluia Barnes Leift Post Richard How- 
ell and [len Piers(jn, shall forthwith goe to the Indians and 
they the said 5 men are impowered to made an agreement 
with them concerning the payment which this town is to make 
vnto them by virtue of an agreement made with Capt Topping 
and what end or concdusion they make therein the town will 
stand to and performe. Samuel Clark and Iohn lessup f re 
chosen and apoynted to meete the messengers from Southold 
and East Hampton when they shall come to this towne, and 
to consider of what may concerne the good of the Towne It 
is ordered the vacant land between Thomas Halse_ys land on 
the eastward end of the little [)lain and ye highway, (leaving 
(tut a sufficient highway) shall not bee disp3sed to any in par- 
ticular, but I'pserved to accomodate the Gin keeper froni year 
which is for the townes vse. 

Iohn ffbster had granted vnto him 10 acres In the present 
devision to bee laid out, and hee is to have for the future the 
privilege of a fifty pound lot, and hee is to pay in all rates tor 
a fifty. 

It is granted to Mr Iohn [jaughton three acres of land north 


ward of Win Russell his home lot.* And hee is for the future 
to pay in all rates for a fifty. 

[Page 59.] Aprill the 20 1668 Richard Barret of this 
Towne of Southampton acknowledo;eth tliat formerly liee sould 
vnto or tor ye vse of Deborah Scott that hovvse and laud she 
now dwells on with their accomodations therevnto belonino;. 

Dec the l()th 16G8 Ann the wife of Ensign Zeruhabel Phil- 
lips ncknowledgcth to have, made over and granted to her son 
lohn AViiite a fifty interest or comonidy at quaquanantucic, 
which is to his fifty alotinent, and alsoe another fifty comonidg 
therewith, last said fifty is one of those shee had of lolni Wood- 
I'ufi" luu whereof there is record made in this Ijook. Dec. 10 

(Abstra(-t of deed. Edmond Howell sells to Thomas Burnet 
20 acres at C 'Ormorant poynt, in exchange for ten acres in the 
1('> acre lots in the great plain by the ])lain gate, bound East by 
the highway, and W. by lohn \Vo(.drufi'. Oct 16 1609. 
Recorded by me lOllX HOWELL, 

Register Dec. 4, 167 J. 

(Note at bottom of page.) David Topping lackson Scott 
Thomas fibster record earmarks, 1741. 

I Page 60.] Dec. 28 1669 Whereas there was a contest in 
the towne about a piece of ground to set the meeting house vp- 
on now at a towne meeting it was found out and agreed vpoii 
where it is staked out for that purj)Ose, lying vpon the front ot 
Jsaac Willman's home lot. 

Southampton November the 29th 1672 \V hereas there hath 
bin of long time a diferen(^e between this towne of Southamp- 
ton, and Isack Willman concerning the land neere adjacent ti> 
the meeting house that now is. It is this day finally and for 
evei' agreed By the constable and overseers, with divers of the 
lidiabitants at a ])ubii(jue meeting, of the Townes behalf ot" the 
one pt. And the said Isack Willman on the other part as \o\- 

* Wm. liiisRcll's home lot is now the biiryms ci'oiiiul. John Langhton's land i« now the 
home Jot ol Cajit. Wm. Fnwler uiul Uai riet Keiibeii Elslsey. W. S. P. 



loweth. lie the said Isaack doth freely and forever resigne vp 
viito the said towne from and for himself his hejres and suc- 
cessors all claime and Interest in that small piece or corner of 
land on ye south side ol ye said meeting house. Bounded an 
ye west by ye comon street, on the South by lames Herrick's 
home lot and on tlie East by the fence belonging to the said 
Tsack as it now standeth against the East end of the meeting 
house, exactly ranging by it over to the north side of the said 
lames Herrick his said lott, moreover hee the said Isack doth 
engage in like manner for himself and his, that at noe time 
Ik realtor there shall bee set or placed any howse, barne, or any 
kind of howseing, any corne or haystack, or any combustible 
matter in his owne proper ground nearer the said -meeting 
howse, than is his now dwelling house, ffor and in considera- 
tion whereof the towne shall and will and doe give liberty to 
him the said Isaack to take vp soe much land on the west side 
of Sagaponack pond* as is layd out to him, and insted or in 
lieu of tne land which fell to him, and is laid out for him vpon 
a iate devision of land in the Towne, and which land lyeth to- 
wards Seaponack with two acres of land more to bee added vn- 
to the said land now exchanged as aforesaid and to ly by Saga- 
ponack pond. In witness whereof the said Isack Willman for 
himself and his And the said Constable and overseers in behalf 
of the said Towne have here unto mutually set their hands the 
day and year first above written. 

his mark 

loB Sayre Ioshua Barnes 

Edward Howell Obadiah Rogers 

[The 61 62 68d and ()4th pages of the book of records are 
occupied with a copy of James Farret's Patent and VVinthrop's 
adchtion. Copies of these documents are printed in the first 
volume of Town Records, 9th and 10th pages, and are there- 
fore omitted here. W. S. P.] 

* Tluf! qiece oriand lies near the hea-^ or the bridge reo.eutlj built across Sagg pond and 
the old meeting hottse at Sagg stood upon it. W. S. P. 


[PaCxE 65,] Line ye 3 1()()7 lolm Rose ol\ye Northsea ac- 
knowledgeth to have made over and sould his ten acres ot land 
cominff to him from the towne on the last devision acconiDt 
vnto Daniel Sayre of this towne, lie the said Daniel & hi.- heirs 
to have and to hold the same for ever. 

Inne ye 27 1G67 Thomas kSayre Doth acknowledgo to have 
jrranted and freely given the 20 acres of land due to him from 
the towne vpon ye last devision unto his fuwre sonnes, namelv, 
ffrancis, Daniel, lob and loseph, ye same to bee equally devid- 
ed viz five acres apeece, ye same to bee laid out to them as may 
best suite theire convenience, as if hee the said Thomas himseU 
had bin to have enioyed it from ye towne, according to the 
manner of laying out the said devision. 

Novembei" the 4th KKIS At a towne meeting The 'JVnvne 
gave and granted vnto ^Mathew Lum the 3 acres of land lying 
at ye South end of ye town, over against the lirtle plain, which 
was reserved for a smith, allso they granted and gave unto him 
tenn acres of wood land the same to be laid out (by the layers 
out of land apovnted) soe as in their Judgement maybe least 
to the Towne and most comodious for him. All which is given 
as aforesaid vpon the consideration and condition, that hee the 
said i\if-the\v sliall dwell on ye said accomodations and doe the 
'^f ownes Smith work for them at a reasonable rate dureing the 
term of seaven years from ye date hereof, and vpon his non 
performance of the said condition, or if he shall remove from 
this Towne before tlie ex])iration of ye said seaven yearcs then 
the said land shall become the townes again, they paying him 
only for the cost hee shall have bestowed thereon, (if they see 
good to have it againe) But if after the expiration of the said 
seaven years hee answers not the townes end as aforesaid or 
departs from this towne, then the towne have liberty to resun)e 
the said land into their possession and unto tiieir proper use 
I Page 60.] againe, paying him a competent rate or \nhie not 
only for the cost hee shall have then bestowed vpon the land 
by l)uilding or fenceing or clearing ifec, but also for the land it- 
self moreover ii it soe fall out, and lliat the towne and hee tii > 


the said Matliew cannot agree vpon the value of the said costs, 
then ye towne shall chnse two inditerent men, and hee two In- 
diterent men to Ishue the ditbrences in respect of costs that 
may arise between them. 

Inly the 3d 1688 At a meeting of the nebonrs of the North 
sea have granted to Mr lolin lennings that he shall have liber- 
ty to fence in a piece of meadow of the north side of Noyack 
river as a part ot his own propriety and in casa afterwards that 
the rest of the nebours see cause to devide the whole quantity 
ot that meadow that lyetli at little ISToyack that the rest of the 
nebours shall have their full proportion equall with that, that 
j\Ir lennings fenceeth now in according to every ernes propor- 
tion, and if mr lennings hath taken in too much hee sh;J lay 
tlowne part oi it to make vp the rest proportionable, either in 
(luantitv or quality, and it Mr lennings have rot enough to 
have more the quantity that mr lennings, desireth is about 3 
or 4 Accres, lohn Rose and Hamuel Ulark is apointed to stake 
it out. 

In witness whereof we have set our hands 


his mark 

his mark his mark 


A true copy by me 

loHN Howell Register 


[Page 67.] lilARRIAGES. 

(Cornelius Vonck was maried vvith ^ladeline Hendrick 26 
December 1667 married l)y j\Ir Robert Ifordham according to 
aw. lohn lessup was mar\ed the 16th day ot lune 1669. 

3Ir Thomas lames was maryed the second day of Septem- 
ber 1661). 

lohn Wheeler was maryed December 9th 1669. 

242 EECOUDS: town of soutfamptox. 

lob Sayre Was marved tlie 27th (ln\ of October KiTO 

lohn Post was marved the 3d day of November 1670 

Enoch ffitliian and Miriam Burnet were maried 25th day of 
Tnne 1675. 

Joseph Pier?on and Amy Barnes were maried on Thirsday 
the 17th day of November 1675 

lames White and Unth Stratton were married Thursday the 
24th of November 1675. 

Lot Burnet gives in the day of his mariagc with Phei)e WiUs 
was the 20th day ot October 1675. 

John Howell Ir was maried witli Martha White by Mr Pob- 
ert Fordliam lune 12 1673 

Samuel Whitehead gives in the day ot his mariage with 
Mary Cooper to bee vpon ye 12 da\^ of Se])t J 682. 

]\Iathew Howell gives in ye day of his mariage with ]Mary 
Halsey to be on ye 8th day ot Novembei l(i77 

Abraham Howell gives in ye day of In's mariage with Abigail 
Wiiite to bo on ye 19th of October 1682. 

losiah Halsey maried with Sarah Topping Sept. 12 1678, 

Samuel Clarke gives in the day of his mariage with Hester 
White to be vpon ye 11th day of Inly 1678. 

lohn Earle gives in ye day of mariage with Mary liainer to 
be (m November 1678. 

Obadiah Roggers Inn gives in the day of mariagc with Sai-ah 
Howell to be vpon ye 20th day of December 1683. 
J|^ Thon]f,s lessup gives in the day of mariage with Mary Wil 
liams to bo vpon the 2od day of Nov. l()8o. 

Richard Woodhull of brookhaven was maryed with Temper- 
ance Toj)ping of Southampton vpon ye 20th of Nov. 1684. 

Ann Toi)ping of Southampton was maried with Thomas 
leaker of East Hampton by Mr Joseph Whiting April 29 1()86. 

lonas BoA'er was maried with Ruth How ell April 12 168(). 

Samuel i3arnes gives in the day ot mariage with patience 
y/illiams to be on the Dth day ef November 167(>. 
Y loseph Hildreth gives in the day ot his mariage with Hannah 
\lessui» to bee on tlie 11th day ot Sept 1()78, 


William Simpkins gives in the chy of his niariage with Mary 
"Willraan to be on the 16th day ot May 1G78. 

]Page 68.] Isaac Willman lunr gives in the day of hismar- 
iage '^'hh. ^lary Wines of Southold to be vpon ye 7th of Oct. 


Benjamin Hand gives in the day of his mariage witli Eliza- 
belh Whiteer to be vpon the 27 day of Feb. 1669. 

lohn Laughton gives ia the day of his mariage with Sarah 
Cockling of Southold to be vpon the 28 of luly 1680. 

Benony Flint gives in the day of his mariage with JMary 
Browne to be vpon the 10th of lune 16 75. 

lob Sayre gives in the da}^ of his mariage witli Hannah How- 
ell to be vpon the 18 of lune 1685. 

lohn Larison gives in the day of his mariage with lemima 
llalsey to be vpon the 22 day of May 1683, he also gives in the 
day of his second mariage with the widow Howell to bee vpon 
ye 20th day of r)eceml)er l(i86. 

losiah "r-tanbron gives in the day of his mariage with Annah 
Chattieid to be vpon the 24th day of Inly 1670. 

Peregrine Stambron gives in the day of his mariage with 
Sarah lames to be vpon the loth day of December 1664. 

lonathan liaynor gives in the day ot mariage with Sarah 
Pierson by Ir.stice lohn Topping to be vpon the 2d day of lune 

loseph Marshall was maried to Elisabeth Howell by Capt. 
Howell upon the 18th day of March 1673-4. 

Thomas Stephens gives in ye day of mariage with Elisabeth 
Cook to be upon the 2Gtli day of Oct 1675. 

j\lr lohn Cambeil gives in the day of his mariage with Sarah 
Hakelton widow, and daughter [ofj Obadiah Rogers, to be up- 
on the 9th day of ]\Iarch by IMr loseph Whiteing Minister in 
ye year 1686-7. 

Edward Petty maried with Abigail Topping by ]\Ir Thomas 
lames of East Hamj^ton Uiinister, vpon ye 4th day of October 

Samuel Whitehead irivcs in the day of his mariao;e with 

244 EECOUDS: town of soujfamptox. 

lohaiiali I'eebee, to be vpon the 24tli day of October 1GS9. 

Isaac llalsey gives in the day of his mariage with abigail 
IJowell to be vpon the 28th day of Nov. 1689. 

loseph fordham gives in the day of his mariage with j\Iarv 
Malbee to bee vpon the 5th day of December 1689. 

lohn Koweil lun gives in the day of his mariage with Mary 
Taylor widdow to be vpon January 30 1689-90. 

[Page 69.] March ye loth 1671-2 Mr Richard Smitli 
doth owne acknowledge to have formerly sould unto Isaac 
Wiilman A fifty pound Allotment with seven Acres of Land 
three Acres Lying in the ten acre lotts lying betweene b^hn 
Coopers and lohn lessups, and three acres lying and being 
i\'here JMr Rainer's upper lot is and one acre lying in the little 
plaines comonly called a gin acre. 

March loth 1671-2 Mr Richard Smith of Nisoquack doth 
acknowledge to have sould unto lohn Howell a liiindred and 
fifty of meadow at Shinecock lying betweene Mr Hairier and 
Isak Wiilman and a Hundred and fifty at Seaponack lying on 
the west side of the said lohn Howells Adjoining to his 

luly the third 1657. Receaved of lohn Coo])er the (piantitie 
of one hundred pounds of bever. 

[ say receaved by me. 10 GOSMER. 

A true coppy this 8th of November 1675 as it was presented 
by lo!in Cooper to bee recorded per me. 


[Abstract of deed.] Isaack Wiilman sells to lolm lieswick^i 
acres of land, which is part of the land due to said Isaack on 
the last division in this town. December 24 1(575. 

[Notes at bottom of page.] Thomas fibster \\' ilHatn lolmes, 
loob Clark lob lialsey record earmarks. 

[Page 70. 1 luly ye 4tli 1()72 This indtMitnre made the 
sixth day of lune in the yeare of our l^ord 1672 witnesseth that 
1 lonas Stcevens of 85outhainptun being at tliis present A free 


man, and at my own dispose, I volunfaril}' and with good con- 
sideration and with the Adviee of friends have put myself an 
Aprentice nnto Thomas Reeves of Sontharaptoii Smith foi- the 
full terme of six yeare? and one montli, from the day and date 
hereof, all which time of service of Aprentice the said lonas 
Steevens him the said Thomas Reeves shall faithfully serve, 
hurt to his said master liee shall not doe or suffer to bee done. 
His masters goods he shall not Imbegell nor them to anybody 
lend, which his owne proper goods or any other hee shall not 
witliont s|)eaciall lycence ot his master trade or tratic, at cards 
or any unlawfull game hee shall not play, Matriomony he shall 
not contract, from his said masters service neither day nor night 
shall he Absent himself, but in all things as a good and faithful 
Aprentice he shall behave himself towards liis said master, and 
the said Thomas Reeves doth hereby covenant and promise to 
perfect his said Aprentice in the syence or trade of a smith by 
t( aching him as much as hee can and as his said Aprentice is 
•tble to receive, and hee doth further covenant to provide for 
his said aprentice, Meat drink Aparill and lodging fitting for 
an Aprentice or servant, and at the end of the terme of his 
aprenticeship to send him away with two good suits of Aparill 
throughout, one for workeing dayes, and Another for sabbath 
daves. In v\itness whereof the said Lonas Steevens hath here- 
unto set his hand the day and year first above written. 

The marke of O ION AS STEEVENS. 

Subscribed in presence of Iohn Flsh Edm^ond Howell. 

Alsoe the said Thomas Reeves doth hereby covenant and 
bind himself to bee at the charge of teaching lonas Steevens to 
read and write, and to Alow him a competent: time for the at- 
tainment of it in time of his Aprenticeship, and to pay the debt 
lonas Steevens owes to Mr Edward Howell, alsoe the debt he 
fwes Mr lennings and to give him tools fit and suitable to 
worke with at the end of his aprenticeship. as to say one pair 
of smiths bellows, one anvil, one vice one sledge hammer, one 


hand hammer, one pai're of tongs, and this is part of the Inden- 
ture as witnesseth our hands. 


I Abstract of deed.] Shamgar Hand of Ecist Hampton sells 
to Peref^rine Stamborouj^h a mare and h3r increase, and eight 
acres ot land and a half, and three acres ot meado\v, lying in 
East Hampton towne, viz 4^ acres lying at S^miths lot, and two 
acres by the mill pond, bounded by land ot Peregrine Stan- 
borough on the west, and land of Edward Cadnor on E. And S 
acres of meadow at Nepeake, and all his comonage except 

Peregrine Staaborough sells to Shamgar Hand 29 acres at 
Saggponack, bounded VV by the pond, E and S by Highway, 
lune 20 1(509. 

In presence of Thomas lames Edward Cadnor, 

Acknowledged before lOIIN xAIULFOLD lustice. 

(Abstract of deed.) Thomas Shaw of Sonthampton sells to 
Benjamen Hand 5 acres on the plain J^ast of SairaponacW loin- 
ing land Thomas Topping and Elnathan Topping. April 29 

In presence of loiiN Ffish Rt)nERT Kollam. 

[Note at bottom ol page.] Gersham Culver Liett Steevens, 
lames Hildreth, Stephen lagger, Daniel Payne (1749) record 
earmarks. 1694. 

[Page 73.] These presents signifioth and lirmly bindi-th the 
subscribed unto lames llerrick of Southampton on Long Is- 
land, that hereby wee ingage oui-selves to him to bee at his 
service to goe to sea for him the whale season upon the whale 
designe vpon the same terms, and same Accounts, as other In- 
dians our neibours goe for other men upon all accompts, unti» 
which ingagement wee set to our hands in the day and year as 
i'oUoweth, which is to say, further h.rcl)y wee ingage to bee in 


redvness faithfully to attend seasons dureing the said term of 
the next whale season, to vse and Improve our best skill, and 
strength and utmost endeavour for killing whales, and cutting 
out of the said whales killed by us, or the company we shall 
jo^\ne with, ingage to doe the utmost of our best endeavour 
to preserve boat and craft committed to our management by 
onr owners, and hereby ingage faithfully to be every way 
serviceable and oficius dureing the whale season, to the best 
of our skill and ability for the best advantage of our owners 
and ourselves unto which obligations we subscribe as above in- 
serted, his 
his mark marke 
May 20 1673 

VVAUMABUAIIO y. his mark 
JOHN MAN y his mark 
COUSII y his mark 

Witness lohn fiish. 

Copied by me Iohn Howell liecordcr. 

[Notes at bottom of page] Gersham CuUver 1673 & Dan- 
iel Llalsey loseph Moore Benony Newton record ear marks 

[Page 74.] November 4th 1674. Mr Robert Fordham 
hath given granted and made over unto David Briggs teti acres 
of lard to him and his heirs forever, lying in the mill neck, 
bounded with Thomas Steevens on the north side and Thomas 
llalsey on the south side. 

[Abstract] Earmarks recorded by Daniel Sayre lohn Lup- 
ton Ben. Palmer Christopher Leaming Lot Burnet Edmund 
Clarke Benjamen Haines Tho. Cooper Ir lohn Cook lolm 
Else Wm White, 1678 1680. 


[Page 75.] BIRTHS. 

lolm Howell's danghter Mahitabell was borne the 12 day (>f 
march 1(3"4. 

This 3d day of November Amy the wife of loseph Pierson 
g;ives in the time of the birth of lier three children, whicli is as 

Iler daughter Amy was borne ye 28th of Oct 1676. 

Her son Henry was borne ye 17th of April 1678. 

Her danghter Mary was born ye 12 of [nne 1680. 

iohn Howell Ir his son lohn was born ye 11th of luly 1676. 

Alsoe his daughter Phebe was born Sept. ye 5 1678. 

Alsoe his daughter Susanna was borne Nov. 20 1680. 

losepli Pierson gives in the birth day of his sonn loseph to 
bee upon the 6 of August 1684. 

Iohn Howell Ir's sonne Steeven was born ye 10th may 1683. 

Mathew Howell was born Nov ye 8 1651. 

Mathew Howell gives in his daughter Eunices birth day to 
bee on ye 18 day of iVugust 1678. 

He alsoe gives in ye birth day of his son Nathan to be on ye 
24th day of December 1681. 

lames White gives in his son Epliraim's birth day to be upon 
ye 29th day of December 1677. 

Alsoe he gives in the birth day of his son laines to be upon 
the 15 day of may 1681. 

Samuel Clarke gives in the birth day of his son lames to bee 
upon ye 19th day of April 1679. 

Alsoe he gives in his daughter Phebe's birthday to bee upon 
the 17th of August 1681. 

Iohn Earle gives in his daugliter mindwell's birtli day to bee 
upon ye 16 of August 1683. 

Sani'll Whitehead gives in his son Sanuiels birth day to bee 
on the 29tli day of february 1683-4. 

April ye Stli 16S4. Rebecca Reeves the wife of Tiiomas 
Reeves gives in ye time of ye birth of her foure cliiidien which 
ij as followeth. 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 249 

Her son lohn was borne the 15 day of Inly 1673. 

Iler daughter Rebecca was borne ye 1st day of march 1676. 

Her son Thomas was born ye 3d day of October 1679. 

Her daughter Ifannah was born ye 9th day of Feb 1681. 

Mary lessup widow to The. lessup deceased gives in the 
)irth day ot her son Thomas to be upon the 23d day of August 
1689. l^, J A^-^-- -' 'i ^ ^^-^. / ^ ^ f 

Thomas Reeves gives in the birth day of his daughter Abi- 
gail to be upon ye 22d day of September 1684. 

lohn Earle gives in the birth day of his son David to be upon 
the 11th day of lanuary 1684-5. 

Widow Hannah Howell the wife of Arthur Howell deceased 
gives in the birth of her daughter Hannah to be upon the 7th 
day of December 1664. 

[Page 76.] The said widow Hannah Howell doth likewise 
give in the birth day of her daughter Abiah to be upon the 22d 
day of October, 1 666. 

Ditto her daughter IMartha borne the 24th Sept. 1668. 

Ditto her daughter Elinor born ye first September 1670. 

Ditto her daughter Thamason born upon ye 22d of May 1672 

Ditto her son Elisha borne ye 18 September 1674. 

Ditto her son Lemuel borne the last day of luly 1677 

Ditto her daughter penellopee borne ye 19 of December 

JMadeline Vonk gives in the birth day of her Eldest dnughter 
alleda to be upon the 27th day of August 1668. 

Slie likewise gives in the birth day of her daughter Cather- 
ine Vonk to be upon ye 9th day of march 1669-70. 

Also she gives in the birth day of her son John Vonk to be 
upon the 15 day of November 1671. 

And her daughter mary was borne ye 27th lanuary 1672-3. 

And her daughter Madeline Vonk was borne ye 2d day of 
May 1675 

Alsoe her daughter Ider Vonk to be borne upon the 17th 
April 1677. 

And her daughter Br rber was borne upon 18th of April 1679. 



The said ^Madeline Vonk gives in her son Henry Vonk's 
birth day to be upon the 7th day of January 1680-81. 

Samuel Whitehead gives in the birth day of his daughter 
Mary to bee upon the 14th day of February 1685-6. 

lohn Howell Ir's son Henry was borne upon the eighteenth 
day of march 1684-5. 

Samuel Clark gives in the birth day of his son Jeremiah to 
be upon the 18 of february 1684-5. 

Isaac Willman Junr gives in the day of his birth to be upon 
the last day of August 1657. 

William Simpkins gives in the birth day of his daughter 
Bar])ery to be upon the 10th day of November 1678. 

Samuel Barnes gives in the day of the birth of his daughter 
Patience to be upon the 31 August 1677. 

Ditto his daughter Temperance her birth day to be upon the 
16tli day of January 1678-9. 

William Simpkins gives in the birth day of his daughter 
Sai'ah to be upon the 12th day of November 1680. 

[I^AGE 77.] Southampton 
made to pay the 70 lb (with 

January 16th 1665. The Rate 
the surplus charge thereof) for 


Lotts lb 

payment made 


S D 

Mr Thurston Raincr 



10 00 

Thomas Halsey Jr 



17 06 

]\Ir John Jlowell 



10 00 

Tho. JIalscy 



15 00 

Mr Robert ffurdham 



17 06 

John Cooper 



17 06 

Edmond Howell 



10 00 

Tho Sayre 



17 06 

Jsaac JIalscy in the right of? 
John Woodruff Ir ' ^ 



15 00 

lohn Jagger 



17 06 

Tho. Cooper 



02 06 

Daniel Sayre 



12 06 



lohn Bishop 

Mr IJampton 

Kob Woollej' for lobn Foster 

lonas Bower 

lohn Woodruf Sen 

Tho. Burnet 

Leiftent Post 

Obadiah Rogers 

Henry Pierson 1.50 •> 

item ot Mr fordham 150^ 
Zerobabel Phillips 
Ellis Cooke 
Isack WiUman 150 } 

item of Mr fordham 1 50 ^ 
lames Herrick 
Thomas Topping 
Thomas Goldsmtth 
lohn lessup 
Edward Howel! 
Christopher ifoster 
Richard Howell 
Joseph Rainer 
Arthur Howell 
Sam. lohnes 
Wm Russell 
Mr Laughton 
losbua Barnes 


















is 114 fifths at 
12s 6d per fifty. 

abate Tho. Sayre a 50 bee would not have 

00 12 06 

00 12 06 

00 12 06 

02 10 00 

01 17 06 
01 17 06 
01 05 00 
01 17 06 

03 15 00 

03 02 06 

01 17 06 

03 15 00 

01 05 00 

01 05 00 

01 17 06 

01 17 06 

01 17 06 

01 17 06 

01 17 06 

01 17 06 

01 05 00 

01 17 06 

00 12 06 

00 12 06 

00 12 06 

71 05 00 

00 12 06 

70 12 06 

every man's payment being according to bis interest as is ex- 
pressed in the rate above written. 

Richvard TTowell since hath a 50 of Thomas Cooler. 


Capt. Topping is to have 150 besides that 150 of John 

A true copy of ye list or rate by race 

Henry Pierson Recjorder. 

[Page 78. J At a towne meeting May the 29th 1673. 

Whereas those men by the town formerly appointed have 
according to their discretion laid out ye homeward necks of 
meadow at and about Quaquanantuck viz from the west side of 
ye neck comonly called Assops neck unto a short creek at ye 
bottom of ye neck comonly called the 4th neck. And whereas 
divers lotts as sometimes 7 sometimes 6, 4 &c are now laid out 
in one devision together for reasons rendered by ye said layer? 
out to the towne's satisfaction, The towne concerned in ye said 
meadows doe now by generall voat of all except two persons 
only well accept ye said laying out of ye said meadows, and 
order determinately that as ye sd meadows cSc mowing land are 
now laid out to all perpetuity, soe if any person or j^ersons 
whatsoever belonging to any of the said devisions, laid out bee, 
or shall bee minded to fence or inclose their proportions or do 
vissions. And ^ny whomsoever ajipertaining to the same d(- 
vesions shall refuse to fence with them, then it shall bee lawful 
for those soe minded to fence, for to inclose their said whole 
devision, or what part of it shall suite them. And to improve 
the same to their owne particular use without left or molesta- 
tion by any. And whensoever afterwards such sd dissenting 
persons please to improve theire propriety in ye said devision, 
then they shall satisfy for the fcnceing thereof unto those who 
inclosed the same as aforesaid, according to the value of the 
fence, at the time when the}' shall come to make improvement 
as aforesaid. The manner of ye lying of the distinct propor- 
tions or ye severall bounds of ye ])articular devisions, with the 


Just miniber of lotments (ever_v lotment being of ye denomina- 
tion of 150) which every devision containeth, is as followeth. 

f Assops neck from qnantnck bay on the west side, to the 
rj \ little rivolet conionly called cuttings creek, ranged by two 
I new stakes, whereof that by ye sd Cuttings Creek faceing 
( westward and marked with VII and lies at seavens lotts. 
Qnaquanantiick r.eck laid out in two divisions, the west- 
ward division bounded on the west side by ye sd Cutting's 
creek, on ye eastward side at ye north end bounded by a pine 
tree by the vpland side marked thus X and faceing or 
7 <( rangeing upon tiie said stakes sett as aforesaid in Assops 
neck, soe running thence round by the bay to the ditch ye 
towne digged thence eastward to two stakes set rangeing 
and marked No. XIIII, all the meadow with the fresh and 
(^upland mowing land against it lying at seaven lotts. 
f [Page 79.] Tlienc3 to tlie highway goeing downe to ye 
I bcacli by the pond comonly called Ogdens pond, which 
■\ highway is bounded by two stakes marked with No. XX, 
I all the fresh and mowing lands against ye same belonging 
[ to it and accomptod at six lots. 

Ye west bound of Ogdens neck is ye pond betweene that 

atid quaqua neck along the swamp to two pine trees one 

of them neare the swamp, ye other hard by in ye vpJand 

6 '\ both neare the comon foot paths crossing over ye swamp, 

And all the meadow and mowing land vnto two stakes 

rangeing into Shinecock bay standing on the west side of 

the stumpy marsh, and marked with XXVI is at 6 lotts. 

f Thence to the east side of the neck all ye meadow and 

.. J mowing land at two pine trees neere together & to ye 

j creek rangeing ye westermore of ye said trees marked 

[ XXXII and is at six lots. 

. ^ All the mowing land in the second neck (comonly soe 

^called) lyes at fowre lots, makes 36 lotts. 

( All the mowing land in the 4th neck from a short creek 

3 - at ye bottom jf ye neck which runs into Shinecock bay 

<* westward of ye sliort creek, is laid at three lots, 
all 3i) lots. 

May the 29th 1B73. At the sd meeting the Lotts being 
made by loynt consent of the Generality, and fell as foUnwetli. 

254 records: town of southamptox. 


36 Mr lohn Laiigliton 100 & lohn Bisho]-) a 50. 
24 Tho Topi^iiio- 100 and Daniel Sajre 00 

27 Thomas llalsey luu 

10 Thomas Cooper 

33 lames Ilerrick 100 Eiehard Howell 50 
6 Obadiah Holers 

11 Robert Kellam 100 Wra Russell a 50 

28 Tho. Cooper loshiia Barnes Jonathan Rainer each a 50 

29 Capt Howell 22 loseph Rainer 

15 lohn lessup 8 Jonathan Rainer 

3 Henry Pierson 12 & 35 Isaac Willman 

17 Capt Howell Mr ]\Iapham and Joseph Uildretli each a 50 

18 Leift Post 100 and Robt. Woolley a 50 

4 Capt. Topping 
81 Richard Howell 

18 Arthur Howell 100 & Edmond 14o\vell for Joseph ]\Iore 50 
21 loha lagger 

2 Isack Jlalsev (changed with Thomas Cooper for No 30 ) 
14 Christopher fibster 
2G Edmond Howell 

i) Henry Pierson [Page 80.] 

30 Thomas Goldsmith ^This lot Thomas Cooper makes over 

16 Widow Jjower ( to Jsaac Halsey lor no 2. 

34 Edward Howell 1 Thomas Halsev 

5 Capt. Topping 32 Samuel lohnes 

37 Tho. Halsey 7 Ellis Cooke 

19 Tho. Burnet 25 & 39 Ensigne l^hillips 

20 Mr fordham 23 John^Voodruti* 

38 Job Sayre 100 and Robt Woolley a 50 

Per mee HENRY PIERSON Recorder. 

At a towne meeting Nov. tlie 15 KwG. It is ordered thiit 
the neck of land comoidy knowne by ye name of great Hogg 
neck and Jjittle Hogg neck with all ye mead(»ws belonging to 
the towne on the north side oi ye plantation shall with all pos- 


sible convenient expedition bee laid out into particular Alot- 
nients to every Inhabitant according to their Interest in Corn- 
on, And noe Inhabitant or person that shall have right unto or 
come to possess anj' land or allotment in either of the said 
necks, shall sell lett make over or alienate the same or any pt 
thereof, unto any person whatsoever, but to such as shall bee 
approved of by ye lustices the minister ye constable & over- 
seers of ye towne, that shall then bee in place for ye time be- 

It is ordered that at demand of Mr Isaac Arnold the towne 
shall pay vnto him 20X in oyle at 30s per barell, which said 
20£ is soe to bee paid on the acct and for the vse of Capt. 
Matthias Nicolls to cleere accts with him to this day. 

It is granted vnto losiah Stanborough and Georg Harris that' 
they shall have the peece of vacant land that is vndisposed of 
lying at the reere of the said losiah his lott at Sagaponack, 
the sauiO to bee equally devided betweene them, And what 
quantity it proves to bee to each of them, soe much each of 
them are to abate of what shall belong to them in the next de- 
vision, or else throw up to ye comon soe much out of what they 
at present possess. In December 1676. 

[Page 81.] The order and manner of the South Division 
of land in ye oxpasture, as it is laid out in particular lottments 
by those appoynted, every lott being of ye denomination of 
15)£. The said Devision begins about 7 pole more or less 
from the southeast corner of ye westward close belonging to 
the ministry* and runs parrallel against the great highway of 
about 7 pole broad goeing downe into the plaine, the depth of 
the division is by measure 40 poles besides ye highway of two 
pole at each end to be within the north line, South, and next 
ye 3 raile fence northward. 

Ko 1 begins next the said great highway, and soe the lots 
follow successively. No 2, No 3 No -i &e of about 7 pole wide 
running westward, with ye No. on ye stake faceing eastward 
vpon the lott, Then passing over the brushy neck which is laid 

*■ Now Henry A. Fordham's lot oa the west side of First N^eck lane. W. S. P. 


the same depth, but belongs to the North devision, on y<i west- 
ward side of which brushy neck are lots laid out for the south 
devision in the same forme the last of which lotts to ye goar or 
angle is No 29, against which angle is ye peece North making 

6 lotts, the last whereof is next the 5 raile fence marked No 
85, and the said angle, No 36, the line in which the numbered 
stakes stand on the eastward end of the said 6 lotts runs North 
& South, on the westward side of which line is allowed 2 poles 
all ye way, for a highway,* the next peeee to compleat ye said 
devisior lyetli by the side of ye eastermore close belonging to 
ye ministryt on the southside thereof, where begin No o7, and 
soe runs South, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 all against the said great 
highway to the plaines, and holds in that line (which is the 
west side of the peece) about 7 pole broad each lot, the other 
end whicli is against the pond holds about 4 pole and 6 foot, 
each lot, staked out a good distance from ye pond, which said 
pond, and the common land between it and ye line made by 
those stakes is left for free watering of cattell. And the land 
between (viz the waste land lying betweene) tlie south side of 
the sd 7 lotts and the plain land of old laid out is appoynted 
for a common highwa}':]: to the pond. 

The goar or angular peece of land lying betweene the west 
close for the ministry and the North line for the south devision 
against it, is apointed to be added to that close as a good allow- 
ance for a 150 lot in both ye devision in the said oxpasture. 

[Page 82.] The manner of ye Njrth Devision in the ox- 
pasture, the first lott No i begins at the Northwest corner of 
the West close belonging to tlie ministry, and soe ye lots ly 
westward thence, and the first 15 lots hold about 7 poles per 
lott, in that line, being ye North end, the next 10 lots are about 

7 poles ^ broad. The next 10 lotts are abont 10 poles broad 
except onl}' the last being no 37, which is about 9 poles broad. 
The other end which is the South end the first 19 lotts in that 

• Thi? l3 the highway running from Hill street to Captain's Neck. 

t The east close " beloniiini; to the miuistry " is the lott of Henry A. Fordharn, on the 
east ride of Klrst Neck lano. 

t Thii! is the highway oiniosite the house of Charles White, niuniu^ east to the town 
pond. W, S. 1'. 


line are about H polos broad a peece, the next 8 lotts are about 
H pole, and 9 foot apeeee, the westward 10 lots about 8 poles & 
G foot a peece. Then the Brushie neck, which as atoresaid h'- 
eth betweene the land of ye South devision, and in the same 
forme, for lines, and highways is laid at 6 lotts, of which the 2 
lots westward at ye south end are about 13 poles and 6 foot 
wide each, the other 4, at that end are about 14 poles and fi 
foot a peece, the said westward two lots, and alsoe the other 4 
lotts at the North end are about 14 poles bateing 6 foot, each 
of them, the stakes of which North Division (excepting therein 
the brushy neck) at the soMth end are sett in or neere the part- 
ing line which separates the devisions, with the number faceing 
west upon the lott. And it is provided and determined that 
there is a highway ot 3 poles wide to bee between John Coop- 
er's land* and the lotts that butt against it all along to the 
Northwest corner of ye west close for the ministry, which 
highway is to begin to ly open when any of those persons that 
fall there shall come to build thereon. 

All which when the Inhabitants met together to draw lot 
they were made acquainted with by the layers out of the said 
land. And the Towne assented and consented therevnto before 
the lotts were drawn. 

The Lots Draw^ne for the South Devision. 
No 1 Thomas llalsey Sen 

2 Peregrine Stanborough & losiah Stan borough. 

3 lob Sayre and ffrancis Sayre 

4 Thomas Trevaly 
[Page 83.] 

5 Thomas Cooper 

6 Capt Howell lohn Howell Ir & Daniel Sayre 

7 Cenry Piei'son 12 Mr lohn Topping 

8 lohn Cooper & Cornelius Vonk 

9 loshua Barnes & lohn Bishop 13 Samuel lohnes 

* John Cooper's land is the farm now owned by Henry Reeves, and extended to the cor- 
ner of Hill street. W. S. P. 


10 Rob Woolley JMr Hampton & 14 Joseph Rainer 

Rob Kellam 15 Thomas Halsej 

11 ]\lrs Rainer 16 Edward Howell 

17 lohn Coo])er ]\lr Laughton & Tho. Reev^es, 

18 Christopher loseph k Ben. fibster. 

19 Capt Howell 

20 Leiftnt Post & lolin fibster 

21 Leiftnt ffordham Mr lonah ffordham & Edward Howell 

22 Ellis Cook 24 Mr Phillips 

23 lohn WoodrulT 25 Isaack Halsey 
26 Edmond Howell 27 lohn lessup 

28 Thomas Topping 29 Leiftnt fibrdhani. 

30 loseph Hildreth Elnathan Topping & lames Topping 

81 Tho Halsey Sen & Daniel Halsej 

82 Tho Cooper & Mris Rainer 

33 Edmond Howell ct Arthur iJowell 

34 lames Herrick 35 Isaack Willnia!) 
86 Leift ffordham 

37 Henry Anthony & Joseph Lndlam. 

38 Richard Howell 39 Thomas Goldsmith & Wm Rnssell 
40 Thomas Halsey Ir 41 Obadiah Rogers 
42 John Tagger 43 Thomas Purnet 

The Lotts Drawn for the North TJinisiox. 
No 1 Thomas Cooper 

2 Lcit't ffordham 

3 Tho. Goldsmith and Wm Russell 

4 Tho. Halsey Son & Daniel Halsc}' 

[Page 84*. | 

5 Tho. Halsey Junr 

6 iMiathan lames To])ping Sz loseph Hildreth 

7 Richard ri(Avell 

8 Edmond Howell ^S: Arthur Howell 

9 Samuel loncs 10 loshua Jiarnoi and lohn Bishop 

11 Christoi)her llbster Joseph llbster & Ben lloster. 

12 Lcitt llordham Mr loiwih ll'ordham cV: Edward Howell 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 251) 

13 Isaack Willman 14 Henry Piersou 

If) Tohn Woodrnff 16 Tlios Cooper & ]\Iris Rainer 

17 Thomas Ilalsey ^Senr 18 Joseph Rainer 

19 Edward Howell 20 Mns Rainer, 

21 Hen Ludlani Antliony & losepli Ludlam 

22 Peregrine Stanborough, and losiah Stanborougli. 

23 Wobert Woolley Rob. Kellam Mr Ham[)ton. 

24 lob Hayre & tfrancis Sayre 

25 Isaac Halsey 2(3 Mr Phillips 

27 Edmond Howell 28 Captain Howell 

29 Leift Post and lohn fibster 
.'50 Thomas Halsey lun 

31 Mr Laoghton lohn Cooper Thomas Reeves 

32 Leift ffordhani 33 Ellis Cook 
84 Mr lohn Topping and (Cornelius Vonk 

35 lohn lagger 36 "I'liomas Trevally. 

37 Capt Howell lohn Howell Daniel Sayre 

38 lohn lessnp 

39 lames Herrick 

40 Obadiah Rogers 

41 Thomas Topping 

42 Thomas Burnet 43 lohn Cooper, 
^lemorandnni That Benjamin Davis being omitted and 

having noe lotment in the North devi^ion is allowed by the 
layers out, the vacant land lying betweene No 1 at ye north 
end and the land for the ministry, and at south end 5 poles ^ 
in breadth from No 1 Inne 15 1678 
[Page 85.] May the 11th 1677 

An accompt made and given to the Towne this day at a Gen- 
eral Towne JMeeting, (By ye layers out of land by the town 
appointed) of the devision of land this spring laid out viz of ye 
place, order and manner of the laying of the said devision as 
foUoweth, Imprinis The South ffurlong at Sagaponack con- 
tains eleven Lotts, every lot being of 150 lb denomination, 

Whereof No 1 begins at the highway which is laid out ad- 


ioioinor to the partino; bonndes betweene our Towne of Soutli- 
ampton, and East Hampton and hath laid to it as an addition, 
a piece of land of 5 acres more or less lying and being against 
Benjamen Hands his close as an amend to the said lot of No 1. 
The other 10 lotts \y westward of the sd number one success- 

/\t the Southward end of the sd 11 lots is laid out a large high- 
way* running from the present house lots at Sagaponack quite 
to ve range or Bowndes between South and East Hampton 

No 12 & 13 ly on the south side of the last said highway, 
And Betweene the land of Christopher Leaming, and losiah 
Stanborough his close, only there is a highway Betweene Chris- 
topher Leaming his land and the 12th lot runing downe to ye 
beach, Tha most Northward liurlong laid out at Sagaponack 
(tontaines seaven lots. Number 14 being the first of them, and 
the eastermore lot, and lyes next the highway by ye line bound 
betweene South & East Hampton, The other 6 lying westward 
successively of the sd number 14 [Note added.] (for ye fin- 
ishing of said lott see in page 99) There being a good high- 
way laid out Betweene the sd South and North devision. 

No 21 22 lyes by the sida of the land laid out to Benjamen 
Palmer in the same forme with the front, or fronting on or 
against the highway that runs from Sagaponack houses vp into 
the woods and the reere butting against Sagaponack pond 

No 23 parte thereof lyes to losiah Stan borough's close East 
ward thereof vnto the range or bonndes between South 6:: 
East Hampton, And ye rest of ye lots being about nine acres 
and f lyes northward of Wm Barnes his close vp to the highway 

No 24 is laid out vnto ]Mr John Topping and lames Topping 
[Page 86. ] upon the same devision laid out at Meacocks as fol- 
lowes. The first furlong runs from the Eastward Range a lit- 
tle west of the great hollow by or towards Kellies Pond con- 
taining six lotts, whereof Number 1 begins at the Eastward 
side, ye rest running westward successively. At the South end 
of which said 6 lots is laid a larg higliway Southward of which 

* This highway is the one rnnnhiT east (rom Sn<r street bv the burvm;^ gronu 1. The first 
settlemeiit at Sagj; wiis at the south end of the street, and uo'tn the lune luadinc to Sa'j;^ 
poud, the uuinber ol' families that tirst settled there was about six. W. S. P. 


higli vay is laid out 6 lots m )re, vvlioreaf the first is No 7 and 
is the eastermore lot of them, next the above said eastward 
rangje the other 5 lots lying westward or Nor westward of 
Number seaven successively. 

No IH 14 lyes butting or fronting agiinst Kellie's pond side- 
iag by Eist Hampton path, and the reere butting against the 
fore mentioned highwa\' which runs in ye midle of ye sd fur- 
long, Both the sd lots lying Northward of Number 6, and 
number 18 is next to number 6. No 15 lyes on the East side 
of Kellie's pond the side whereof closeth vp to the Northward 
end of No I, 2, 3, 4, and runs to ye pond. 

No 16 lyes Northward of Number 15 and (Notwithstanding 
the marked tree) closeth vp to ye creek at the North side 

No 17 18 lyes on Ihe Southward end of ye aforementioned 
land laid out against Kolh'e's pond (being a large highway be- 
tweene) and on the north side of the great Hollow that runs 
dowrie to calf pen creek, whereof No 17 is the westward lot, 
No 19 20 lyes in the bottome of Call pen neck. 

No 2 1 22 adjoyns to lohn Beswick's land on the west side 
thereof, and on the south to Benony Newtons, and lames llil- 

Number 28 lyes on the North east ward side of the land 
which the towne exchanged vnto Obadiah Rogers and is laid 
out to him against Sagaponack pond, concerneing which lot it 
is provided that if ye person to whome it shall fall by lot, 
rather chuse to have it Ly parallel with the said land laid out 
[Page 87.] to Obadiah Rogers in exchange, then to have it, as 
it is now laid anrl marked out, then hee is to have laid out unto 
him there 23 acres but at his proper cost and charge to whome ye 
sd lot shall fall. Number 24 is a broken and Irregular piece 
of land lying against Ellis Cooks land, (the highway being be- 
ing between) and adjoining to Anthony Ludlam's land, and on 
the east side of the Calf pen creek, the which said Irregular 
piece of land (with the towns consent) is disposed unto lohn 
Else in the right of Thomas Topping. 


Number 25 part on the east side of the land laid out to lames 
Hildreth containing 13 acres laid out to Arthur Howell, and 
ye rest to make vp an allotment being 7 acres, lyes at the west 
side of Samuel Lum his land, & is disposed vnto loseph Moore 
for his fifty 

No 26 lyes at Meacox plaine betweene the land of Edward 
Howell & loseph ffordham. 

Memorandum that No. 6 in this devision at Meacocks by 
Kellie's pond running cross ye great hollow is accompted very 
bad, and therefore throws vp, and Insted thereof is granted to 
lohn Howell lunr by major voat of ye towne 20 acres on the 
west side of the mill swamp, that is to say on the west side of 
ye hill Comonly called Lawrence hill, (against Tho. Trevally 
his land, on the north side of the mill path,) as the land will 
beare, which said 20 acres is to him the said John Howell lun 
to answer a fifty comonidg of his own, a fifty hee hath in this 
division of his father, and another fifty of his mother in law 
Mrs Anne Phillips, which said proportion of land hee ye said 
lohn Howell hath liberty to take at the mill pond head if there 
bee roome and he best likes the same. The Towne (at the saitl 
meeting) having considered the premises doe fully consent 
therevnto and doe order that accordingly the lots be cast at 
present. [Note added ] The rest of this devision of land be- 
ing reported to be 40 acres to 150 lb lotment Kecorded at the 
other end of this book Page 128. [New paging.] 

[Page 88.J The distribution or disposition of tne aforesaid 
devision of land by lott & agreement at the publique meeting 
of the Towne is as follows. 


At Meacocks. 


;Mr ffletcher 


Edmund Howell 

'lohn Cooper 


I,)8e])h Rainer 


(ieorge Harris 


( Thomas Halsey Sen A: 

Richard Smith 

( Daniel Halsey 

Ben. Davis 


Thomas Halsey Ir 


Isaac Hulscy 


S Henrv Anthony k 


Jjcilt fiord ham 


^loseph Ludlam 



f Thrown up and lohn 
6<( Howell hath else.vhere 

[^ in liew of it 
7 lames Herrick 
Thomas Cooper 
f Peregrine Stanboroiigh 
(^ losiah Stanboroiigh 
[ Elnathan Topping loseph 
[ Hildreth lohn Bishop 

Leift Post & lohn tfoster 
f Christopher ffoster loseph 
{_ & Benjamen ffoster 
[ Thomas Goldsmith 
^ VVm Russell 
Ben Haines Mr lohn 
Laughton and Christo- 
pher Lupton 
Thomas Halsej Ir 
(Samuel Clark Sen 
K) -Samuel Clark Ir 
( lohn Davis 
Henry Pierson 
Obadiah Rogers 
Thomas Shaw Geo Harris 
Samuel lones 
Edward Howell 
Ellis Cook 
Isaac VVillman 
lohn Else 
f Arthur Howell 
[ loseph Moore 
lohn Cooper 

At tha said meeting InMnajor voat is granted and designed 
vnto Isaac Halsey the goar of land lyi.ig by his land at the 
head of ye creek and within the plain fence, for which hee is 
to pay lOs at demand to the townes vse. 

The towne by major voat sell vnto Daniel Ilalsej the goar 
ot vacant land lying betweene his owne tenn acres and ffrancis 
Sayre his land, and batting vpon the land belonging vnto 
L'hristopher ffoster, for the which hee the sd Daniell is to pay 
(by agreement) thirty shillings in money to the townes vse at 

Thomas Trevally 

Leitt flbrdham 

Mris Rainer 

lohn lagger 

lohn Cooper 
-.^ ^'Tiarles Sturmy 
( lohn Rose 

Thomas Burnet 
(fVrancis Sayi'e 
^lob Sayre 

l(>hn lessnp 
j Thomas Cooper 
j Mris Rainer 
^Thomas Reeves 
(Cornelius Vonck 

[ames White 

Richard Howell 
( Mr loseph tfordham 
- Mr lonah ffordham 
(& Edward Howell 

Capt lohn Howell 

Thomas Ha'sej Sen 
( ilr lames Hampton 
^ Robert Wool ley & 
( Robert Kellam 

John Woodrnlf 
j loshua Barnes 
( Daniel Sayre 


















264 KECORDS: town of Southampton. 

[Page 89.] December je 2G 1677. A list of the fence to 
bee clone by the towne at Shinecock against the land which ye 
Indians plant, every fifty pound lot to fence a pole and half 
and about 3 foot, or a hundred and fifty lotment to fence five 
poles, every inhabitant to fence (for place) according as his or 
their names are set against the number, which truly fell vnto 
them by lott, No 1 begining at the homeward or eastward end 
of ye sd fence or line next the water or creek over again=t 
Thomas Halsey's close, soe running northward as foi-merly un- 
to ye corner, and then turning away west ward till it meets 
with ye stake where ye Indians begins, and the Towne being 
to doe the water fence by or to Number I aforementioned. 

No 1 Thomas Goldsmith & 
Ion Howell Ir 

2 lames Herrick 

3 lohn Woodruff 
^ { Lief t Post 

(Ion Bishop 

5 Yiris Eainer 200 6i & 3 foot 

6 Peregrine & losiah Stanboi'ough 

7 North sea men 
( foseph Hildreth 

8 < Ben Davis 
( Corn, Vonck 

9 Isaack Ha'sey 150 
(ffrancis Sayre 

10 -4>an. Savre 150 

^Pob Woolley 

11 Thomas Topping 

12 lohn Cooper 

13 Ellis Cook 

14 Tho & lohn Burnet 

15 Richard Howell 

16 Capt Topping Mr lohn Topping 2u0 
(Edward llowell 

17 -: Air lonah ffordham 300 10 
f & loseph jMoore 















(lUO i 



50 21 





300 i 

md i 



] 1 feet 








and 3 ft 

records: town of Southampton. 265 

IS Thomas Cooper 250 8 & 6 feet 

19 Isaack Willman 150 5 

20 lolin lagger 150 5 

21 Capt Howell 200 6i & 3 feet 

22 Leift librdham 350 lli&3feet 

23 Samuel Tones 150 5 

24 Thomas Trevally 150 * 5 

25 Edward Howell 150 5 
2H Mr. Phillips 150 5 
27 John lessnp 150 5 
,^Q <( Christopher ffoster and -. pq k 

^his sons loseph & Benj. 

29 Obadiah Rogers 150 o 
[Page 90 ] 

.J.. ( Wm Russell Tames Wiiite . -,. p- 

I ihomas Iteeves 

3L Thomas Halsey Ir 300 10 

„,j ^ Anthony Ludlam -.p^ - 
"^^ (Henry & loseph Ludlam 

I Thonms Flalsey Sen 3^^ ^^, 

( Daniel Halsey 

34 loseph Rainer 150 5 

o- ^ loshua Barnes ^ ^-^ k 

'^■' ) Mr lohn Mapham ^^^ ^ 

36 lob Sayre John Foster 150 5 

37 Arthur Howell Kobert Kellum 150 5 
o8 Henry Pierson 150 5 
39 Mr lohn Langliton 50 1^- 

Per me Henky Pierson Register. 

At a towne meeting September 26 1676 By Major voat it 
is ordered that the little plain fence that is to say the within 
fence shall be throwne vp, and those particular persons to 
whome the said fence belongs, shall make theire due propor- 
tion of fence with the neighborhood, for securing the plaines, 
as shall bee appoynted, onely Thomas Hal?ey loseph Rainer 


lolin lessnp and lonatlian Rainei', are excused tenii poles apeece 
for ever in the sd comou fence against the phiines. provided 
that the sd four persons by driving their cattell to their Inehis- 
ures shall not drive or gutter them besides the highway or dam- 
nify the plaines, 

[Page 9L] At a tcwne meeting Aprill 1st 16S0 Was 
chosen tor Constai)le Mr Tho. Topping & sworne and Edward 
Howell with lohn Howell Ir tor Overseers. 

The letter Superscribed to Thomas Cooper and Inscribed 
ffrom ;\lr lohn Uarriman was presented and considered, And 
wherevpon was voated as folhnveth in way of an answer. \n- 
to Mr lohn Uarriman his demand for payment for his last half 
veares paines amongst us. By voat it is conchuled, 3Ir Harri- 
luan was soe long absent, and the Toivn paid so nmch for him, 
which himself promised to repay, Alsoe considering the mani- 
fold Inconvenience hee exposed the towne vnto, That Mr Uar- 
riman (in Equity) ought rather to make ye towne compensa- 
tion than that they sliould pay to him one penny. 

Henry Pierson is appoynted by the towne to write to Mr 
Uarriman about the business. 

B\' voat it is concluded that the Constal)le and overseers 
siiall demand of Leii't loscph llbrdham to throw vp the land 
and watering place, over against the old towne, which iiee hath 
enclosed from the comon. And if hee refuse soe to doe, tiien 
in the townes name, and on tlie tovvnes acct as agents for the 
towne they the said cunstable and overseers are appointed & 
authorized to sue him the s{ id Leitt ftbrdham as a trespasser 
(against the towne,) at the Court of Sessions to be hcdd at 
iSouthold next lune 

Sept. 1() I()S(). 

An accomjit of the men Apoynted to Rectify ye highways, 
of the work they did as followetli. Taken 2 acres by measure 
from the jand of widow Cook whicli slie ought to ye towne, 
the said land lying at ye outside northward of the land against 
lu'i' hou>.(' and is at the Eastward end 2 ])ok's taken oil. and at 
ye westward eiid 12 poles. 


Nextly staked out the westward line of said norward devis- 
ioii it being belljed out very much 

Nextly staked out ye line westward of the southward or old 
devision, which was much defective. 

Alsoe Laid out a highway ot o poles wide for widow Sarah 
Cooper between the north end of nir painters his land and the 
land of Christopher fowler, whereunto said Christopher fowler 
consented and wherewith sd Sarah Cooper was contented 
which said higway* is soe to remaine all perpetuity. 

[Page 92.] Nextly bounded Christopher fowler his Land 
given him by ye towne, nextly laid out ye land to John Erlef 
which ye towne granted him, which lyes on ye north side of 
said Christopher fowler his land, and adjoining thereunto, ly- 
ing westward to the highway t: north sea. 

Nextly layd out or appointed the highway for lolm lagger 
which lies at ye north end of lohn Fh-le his land takeing all 
the hollow. 

Concerning the highway of old down to the beach at wecaoou"" 
between Capt. lohn Howells and Daniel Halsey, there land, 
against which Capt. Howell hath another devision laid out 
without Respect to ye said old highway concerneing wch 
passage there to the beach there hath been some difference be- 
tweene him and some of that neigborhood 

It is now ultimately agreed Between his the said Capt How- 
ell for himself and his, and the viewers of the highway, for 
and in respect of the towne that ye said Capt Uowell shall 
make and maintain a set of Barrs at both ends of his said close 
at wecapoug, through from the head highway to ye beach. 
In some convenient place, that pny dwelling at or neere said 
wecapoug or Cobs pound that have occasion for carting whale 
in the whale season, may have oportunity soe to doe, and the 
wav is to be two poles wide and who soever shall leave open 

* This hiahway ran from the west street o1 Sonthamptor> diasionally to the Hill street, 
beiinuinsr at or near the {on of the lane by Capt. George Wtiile's home lot. 

t John K le probably lived near the present homestead ot E. Wines Payne. Christopher 
Fouler probably lived on the home lot late belongino; to Mrs. Proud, opposite the bnrviii^ 
ground. W. S. P. 

268 iiECORDs: town of Southampton. 

any of the said bars shall bee lyable to bee sued as tresspassers 
and if by such leaving open the said bars or any of them, 
harme or spoyle comes to be done, such said persons, shall pay 
the damage, and it shall not be lawful! at any time for any 
person whatsoever, to drive cattell loose or unyoked through 
said close, and if hereafter the maintaining of such said bars 
prove dificult or very burdensome then the towne shall set u}) 
and maintaine a competent gate, and alsoe the sd Capt Howell 
is to have and forever to enjoy all the land that at any time 
heretofore was layed out or allowed to be lor the highway in 
that place betweene tlie Sd Capt Howell his land and the land 
of said Daniel Halsey. 

A true copy of the comitys work taken out of the original! 
per me lohn Howell Recorder lune 22 1681. 

[Page US.] Captain Howell and lohn lessup who were of 
the layers out of land doe affirme that they allowed unto lohn 
lagirer two pole wide of land, that he mav^ tliereby come with 
his cart from tlie long spring path or highway unto his close 
lying against or near the said highway alsoe that he the said 
lohn lagger and lohn Bishop agreed that he ye said Bishop 
shall maintaine half ot that sd fence which comes to ye high- 
way from the said lohn Tagger's his lot, and lolm lagger the 
other half. A true copy per 

10 UN HOWELL, hi, Recorder. 

lune 22 1681 

At a towne .Meeting October the U 1()81 

The Towne have unanimously declared their Ernest desire 
of j\Ir Taylors al)ode amongst us to ofhciate in the worke of 
the ministry, which was manifested personally by the towne 
In general. In congregating themselves or gathering together 
to one side of the meeting house. 

At the same meeting It was concluded by major voate of 
tlie Inhabitants that the differences betweene the widdow 
(Jooke and the towne siiall be Refered to men mutually chosen 

At th(! same meetinir it is bv irencrnll vote civcn and iirant- 


ed nnto Capt lolm Howell and his torever all that small piece ot 
land l.yiiig upon the front of his land in the Little plaine, that 
is hee hath liberty to take in within his fence soefar northward 
as the little plahie fence stood ot old which is soe to reniaine 
to hhn and his for ever. 

It is alsoe concluded by major voat that the men to arl)i- 
trate the townes difference with Mrs Cook shall bee Mr Baker 
and Leift lohu Wheeler, and Mr lohn Laughton, to manage 
the ease, and Mrs Cooke is contented svith the said persons 
chosen by the towne, and she has chosen to the towns satisfac- 
tion lohn Oibuine and leremiali Conklin. 

John lessu]) Atiirms that he with others of the layers out of 
land formerly- layd out fowre acres of land unto Walter Mel- 
vine at Mecocks Adjoining to Samuel Mills on the north side 
of his land which was the land granted to sd Walter by the 
towne. [The above entry made at a later date.] 

Southampton April 1 1687. 

[Page 94.] [Abstract ] (Earmarks entered by the follow- 
ing persons viz) 

Abrani Will man ^ Thomas Reeves 1681 

William Herrick j 
David Howell 1 ■,-, .r^Q^ 
Daniel Dalsey j 
Richard How"ell | 
Benony Flint. J 
[Abstract of deed.] Isaac Willman sells to Benj. Horton a 
piece of land in Southold, bounded E. by Caleb Horton, W. 
by Benjamen Horton, fronting upon the Road way to Southold 
and rearing towards the sea, 30 acres. Benjamen Horton sells 
to Isaac Willman 25 acres adjoining said Willman's hind. 
In presence of lohn Howell Oct. 19 1681. 

[Page 95.] August 22 1681 lohn Marshal of Setalcot alias 
brookhaven doth acknowledge to have made over by way of 
exchange to Tames pi^errick of Southampton, as appears by bill 
under said JMarshall's hand, a young horse of aboute two yeais 
old and upward being of a light coloured bay with a star in his 


forehead with a hollow crop on the right ear, and a halfpenny 
on the lore side of the same ear. 


Sonthanipton October 26 1681 Whereas there been 
several controversies and contentions between the towne of 
Southampton, and Mrs Martha Cooke concerneing several par- 
cells of land, now know ye tliat wee the said Martha Cooke, of 
the one ])t and the present Constable and overseers of South- 
ampton for and in behalf of ye said Towne of the other part, 
doe hereby for ourselves our lieirs and ssigns mutually agree 
as a final determination in Reference to j)remises as follows, I 
viz, that the hind at meacocks which the said widow Cook was 
indebted to the towne which was two acres formerly staked 
out bv the comity, one acre whereof the said widow Cook doth 
hereby covenant and promise to lay out to tiie comon as it is 
now staked, that is 8 poles at the west end, and so to run to the 
eastward end or corner tree thence to come to nothing and also 
to rectifie the west ward line of the said division to run th 
line as it is now staked out being but twelve foot variation from 
a straight line, and to lay out the other acre upon the East 
side of the neck, what is already without the fence In lieu 
thereof, further in reference to the land upon the hill by Thom- 
as Coopers, which the widow Cook laid claim unto, the said j 
towne or Constable and oveascers In their behalf doe hereby ' 
ngage vnto the said Widow Cook seven acres of land in thee 
woods where it may be most convenient for her at the discre- 
tion of the layers out, which said seven Acres of land the said 
widow Cook accepts in lull satisfaction tor her Interest in or to 
the aforesaid land \ipon the hill by Thomas Cooper's, and to 
bee a final conclusion In Reference to the premises, concerning 
all doubts varienccs strifes actions suites, Contentions thence 
arising, whatsover from the beginning of the world to the day 
of the date of these presents. In witnes whereof l)oth partys 
have set there hands the dav and yere aforesaid. 

]\L\RTI1A ^. COOK. 
I:er mark 



At the same time was grarted un- 
to lolin Cook by ye Constable 
and overseers a gore peeoe of land 
upon his front from John Luptons 
corner straight over to iiis moth- 
ers fence or marked tree. 


Page 98.] [Abstract, earmarks entered b}'] 

Tosiah Halsey 
Samuel Clarke 
Benj. Pierson 
Isaac Willman 
Elish Howell 
loseph Pierson 
Theophilus Howell 
John Post 
Samuel IMills 

Thomas Topping 
Abram Howell 
Thomas Burnet 
]\Iordecai Burnet 
lonathan Eaincr 
Richard Smith of Northsca 
loseph Sayre 
Daniel Sayre Ir 1682 
Isaac Mills 

[Page 97.] Now London ye 16 10th month IBHl These 
presents witnesseth that I William Gibson have assigned alien- 
ated and passed over unto lohn Wheeler his heirs and assigns, 
my servant man lohn Ine with all his time and service due to 
me being two years live months nine days from the date herd it 
uith all right title or Interest I have to or In him aswitnesmy 
hand the day and yeare first above written 


Witnes Daniel r<i Stubins Peter Harris 
his mark 

Know all raon by these presents that I lohn Wheeler of 
New London doe assigne all my right title and Interest I have 
unto the within menconed lohn Ine unto Capt lohn Howell 
Leift. loseph Fordham and lohn Rajnoi all of Southampton on 
Long Island, and to their assigns. In witness whereof I have 
hereunto sett my hand in Southampton this loth day of March 

^^'^^' lOflN WHEELER 

Witnes Edmond Howell loiin Lauchton 

272 KECOUDS: town of south amptox. 

31ay 19 1682 Wliereas Tliomas Cooper had a grant of the 
town to change two lotts of land at Scuttle hole to bee laid out 
at his own charge at the hay ground, as appears per record In 
pao-e 147 in ye other end of this book, now this day wee the 
layers out have laid out to Thomas Cooper and Jonathan Ray- 
nor the said two lots of land containing 80 acres, whereof 14 
of it belongs to sd Jonathan or 13| all which land is now laid 
out at the sd hay ground, beginning on the left hand of the 
Road to East Hampton over against Henry Ludlam his fence 
at a marked tree, allowing the said highway to East 10 poles 
wide, thence wee run a line Eastward for the front 160 poles 
thence square off wee run a line Northwestward toward Scut- 
tle hole path, a hundred pole to a Uaarked tree thence wee ran 
a line Southwestward 172 poles to the head of the hay ground 
Creek to a white oak tree marked on the west side of the brook, 
from thence square off to the first corner tree 60 poles, by us 

[The above described land is probalily the farm late in possession of Dan- 
iel Talmage, and part of the farm of Herman Halsey. W. S. P.] 

[Page 98. ) May ye 19 1682 At the request of David 
Briggs wee the layers out of land have laid the said Davids 
land at Kellies pond, to joyne unto Benjamen Haynes his land 
to come to sd Haynes marked tree and instead of the vacant 
peece of land formerly left between them of about half an acre 
we have taken off soe much or more on ye other side of David's 
land and have marked a red oak tree for his Northeast corner 
by the path side, and a great white oak tree downe by the pond 
side, l>y us 



Alsoe run the line of ye said David's house lot at ye froTit 
from Steevens corner to the marked tree within the hedge bo- 
longing to Thomas Rose. 

Laid out luTU! first 1(»S2 unt(^ widow Sarah (^oo]>er adjoining 


to lier land at home on t'le west side Of acres ot land by us 
apointed layers out for the cown, whereof 8 acres conipleates 
all her devision upon all acconipts, and the other tJiree Acres 
or 23 for full of what rcujained of her orchard land which land 


was laid out In ye presence of Sanill and lames Cooper at their 
request, being in length 72 poles, adjoining to her lot In 
bredth at each end 12i poles bounded on the north by lohn 
lagger, and on the South by Thomas Cooper, on East by her 
ovvne, west by Mrs Taylor. 

memorandum yt ye land due to ye towne from hei* which 
lohn l^enison had is not yet paid for nor laid downo viz 4 acres. 

On the same day by Uc aforesaid laid out to i\Irs ^larv Tay- 
lor which was belonging to her late deceased husband 20 acres 
ot land adjoining to the west side ot widow tSarah Coopers her 
1 md aforesaid, the east line 72 poles, the north adjoining to 
lohn lagger 60 poles, the west line 86 poles from the marked 
tree at the nortnwest corner to the white oak marked 1 T. in 
the path to Seauonack, thence measured along the path homo- 
ward to another white oak tree 42 poles thence to run over the 
Southeastward to 1'homas Cooper's corner, laid ont bv tlie 
aforesaid layers out and ordered to be recorded. 

[Abstract ot deed ] loseph liildrcth sells to John IJo.vell Ir 
a 50 in potunk neck lohn ik>wcll sells to loscph llildreth in 
exchange a 50 in (Jatcheponack neck being No 28 which ho 
had of Thomas Cooper. May 28 l()b7. 

[Page 1)9.] Wee the layers out of land apointed by the 
towne have laid out and perfected the work in ye upper divis- 
ion of land at Sagabonack containing seven lots, from No 14 to 
No 20, No 14 lying next ar.d along by the highway between 
South and East Hampton bounds, there being by us of our 
land laid a hiirh-vay ot 6 poles wide, and then begins No 14 
7unni)ered at both ends on the west side of every lott faceing 
J'iastward, Increaseing successively westward to No 19 then a 
highway laid out between number 19 & 20 which lots ar-e in 
length ab ut 94 poles, and 50 poles wide at both ends or there- 
abouts, the lot number 20 lyes by number 19 only a highway 

274 RECORDS: town of socthamptox. 

of 4 poles wide between thorn, and contains all the land betwene 
fid highway and the highway from the honses at Sagabonack 
which goes right up into ye woods by Christopher Learnings 
house, the said lot being laid out the same length with the rest 
and is wider at ye North end 26 poles, and at the south end 64 
being numbered at three corners upon a tree with No 20. 

[Abstract of deed.] lohn Hose of Northsea sells to Charles 
Stiirmy of sanje place his deyision in Cow neck, bounded S by 
Kichard Smiths land formerly Thomas Goldsmiths, N by a 
great swamp at Dayten's end, E by highway, W by a little 
gutter. Charles Sturmy gives in exchange a piece of land in 
Cow neck bounded W by Clilf, E by land of lohn Rose, S by 
Charles Sturrays lands. 

lune 12 1682 Witnes lOIIN HOWELL 

Southampton Mar<;li 31 1688 then balanced all accon)j;ts 
with Mr lames Ilerrick of Southamj)ton trom the beginning ot 
the world to ye day of ye date hereof 


Received of lames Ilerrick In full satisfaction ot all debts 
dues and demands whatsoever from ye bogining of ye world 
unto the date hereof. I say received this 6th day of April 1686 


[Page 100.] Wee underwritten the children of Mr Thurs- 
ton Raynor deceased doe hereby acknowledge to have received 
each of us ten pounds at the hands of our mother Mrs Martha 
Raynor whoe is tiie executrix of father's will, which said some 
is in full of all due to us by vertue of our sd fathers his last 
will and testament witnes our hands this 12 day of November 



Hktiun (?) Rll'x his mark 

IamesBird 101 in rose 

A true c()])y luno 1682 loiix IIowicll 


Tnne 17 1^82 land layd out to IMr lohn Langliton by the 
layers out of land apointed by the town, behinde the land of 
Gersham Culver, n(.)rthward of his homelot* the South line by 
sd Gersham's and lohn White is 7(3 poles the west line is 87 
poles, the East line 14, bounded on the northward side by Mrs 
]\Iary Taylor her land, leaving a highway 6 poles wide on the 
East end, and north side, to Seaponnack, the said land contain 
ing twelve acres, whereof six is for orchard land the other six 
is for land due l)y tovvne grant. 

Alsoe on the same day laid out to Thomas Reeves 14 acres 
of land t at the head of the creek by Shinecock adjoining to 
the IiKlian bounds or line, only left for a highway betwixt 4 
poles for a highway at the said creek head, the west line is 42 
poles, the south line by Isaac llalsey's close is 60, the highway 
between Isaac Halsey and said Reeves their land, is at the east 
end 12 poles, down toward the creek more, the East lyne is 42 
l>oles the North line is 6i> poles, which land soe laid out is in 
full to sd Reeves ot all ye land due to him from ye tovvne upon 
all former devisions, and orchard land what soever. 

Alsoe the same day laid out to the aforesaid Laughton upon 
tlie Nortii side of the aforesaid parcel of land of Reeves lying 
the same length adjoining to hini ye sd 'Thomas Reeves namely 
(lO poles, upon the south and North lines, the west and East 
lynes to bee 65 ]ioles, which peece ot land is in full to Mr lohn 
Laughton for allland due to him from ye town Laid out by us 

[Page 101.] (Abstract. Earmarks recorded by the follow- 
ing persons ) 

Sarah Ludlam loscph Post 

lohn Rainer l!enj. Davis 

Thomas lessu]) JMathew Howell 

loel lUirnet Abram Howell 

leremiah lagger Robert Morris 

lames Herrick Ir lohn Carwith 

Mathew Willman losiah Bartholemew mark 
lohn Woodrulf tSen bought ot Ichn Else 

Ichn Woodruff Ir Humphrey Hughes 
16S2 1688 

» Gei'sham Calver's home lot was probably the homestead late in possession of William 
Howell, deceased, on nill street. 

t The land laid out for Thnnias T?eeves is the tract now owned by Robert Woodburn and 
Hervey L. White. Isaac Ualsey's close is the north-west part of Julius Sayres farm. W.S.I'. 


[Page 102.] April 2 1GS3 at a meeting of the Constable 
and overseers it is concluded with lamee Uooper that the fence 
which is now by towne voate agreed to bee laid out anew to 
every particular person shall bee sett in ye old Ijne where the 
fence formerly stood, bee the sd lames Cooper to doe his pro- 
portion for 10 acres of land in the said fence, and hee alsoe to 
doe the fence upon the front of the said 10 acres, from the cor- 
ner of the said land up to the lyne, where the fence now stand- 
eth besides his propoition of land to be fenced for in the great 
and little plain and in the oxpasture. 

[Abstract. Ear mark recorded by the following persons.] 
francis Sayre Christopher Fester 

Joseph Foster lohn Bishop lonah Rogers 

lames Hildreth (>aleb Dayton K^amnel Whitehead 

Ezekiel Sanford John ]\lapham lonathan Rose 

lohn i^ishop Ir John Burnet Samuel Clark of 

Sauiuel Lum loscph Howell Northsea 

ItxSS— 1684 

[Page 103.] At a towne meeting held at Sontham])ton 
April je 2nd 1683 was presented the order and manner of the 
devision of meadow at Catchaponack, potunk and Onunk, as 
layd out l)y the layers out apointed namely jMr Fdward i low- 
ell Mr Cbadiah Uogers Isaac Halsey and lohn Ijowc'H Ir as 

tiirst woiiunk neck (viz) all the meadow and mowing land in 
that ne(dc that now is lies at two lofts No 1, 2 and for conve- 
niency of fencing the lyne to run from tlie Reedy cove on the 
west side of the neck over to the swamp betwixt wonunk and 
])otunk, but this convcniency of fenceing is not allowed by tlu^ 
towne neither in this nor noe other of these lots liereafter men- 
tioned, l)ave any liberty to take within their fence, any mora 
than is laid out to them which must be meadow and mowing 
bind, until it be fin'ther agreed by those yt have interest there, 
2 Lotts. 

Secondly begining upon the west side of |)(»tuiik at the 
reedy pond, the Lynes run tluMico eastward a crc'ss tlie neck, 


by the wood ed^e, and from said reedy pond eastward in the 
sayd line to tlie first stake nnmber five the mark faceino; west- 
ward for three lotts which three lotts ran quite downe the neck 
and are likewise bounded Eastward with a stake toward the 
bottom having the saine number faceino; westward and soe laid 
out su(;cessively increasino; eastward to Number 17 the marks 
faceing westward both at the ui)per end and lower end of the 
said lots, every stakes distance consisting of tliree lots, number 
17 being the eastermost lot and is bounded eastward by the 
water that is between Catchaponack and Potunk, and fronts 
noi-thward upon the south side of number 18 and 19 which two 
lotts lye together on the east side of Potunk, containing all the 
meadow and mowing land from the front of the last three lots 
(on the east side of potunk that runs down the neck) up north- 
ward to a marked tree hard by the spring, at the lower end, 
and at the upper end bounded with stakes marked, and bound- 
ed East by the creek comonly called monobougs, on the south 
with No 16, 17 leaving a highway between. 17 Lotts 

Nextly beginiijg upon the west side of Catchaponack a stake 
set downe by the water side with the inarks faceing northward 
and another stake opposite east vards standing upon the upland 
with the mark also facing northward being both numbered 
22 and all the meadow and mowing land that lyes on the west 
northward of the aforesaid two stakes lies for 3 lots, No 20, 21, 
22 Nextly laid out 8 lots on the west side of the said neck, 
(runing downe the neck) partly fronting northward upon num- 
ber 22, which 3 lots are 38 poles ^ at the upper or north end 
and 2S at the lower end thereof lying together, the said three 
lotts are bounded east with 2 stakes marked and numbered 
with 25, one standing at the upper end and tlie other at ye lower 
end, w ith the markes facing westward, which stakes besides the 
three lots include a highway downe ye neck, of two poles wide, 
and thence eastward the lots are layd out downe the neck in- 
creasing successively eastward to number 34 the mark facing 
westward, a stake set downe abcwe and below^ at every three 
lotts distance, which is 28 poles or there abouts, nextly number 



35, 3G. 37, lyes partly in the fjore between 34 and the water on 
the east side of the neck, and the other part joins to it but runs 
cross eastward down the south side of the Exehan<^e point, and 
contains all the medow and mowino; land to tiie stake that 
bounds Henry Piersons medow and is numbered upon his 
stakes, on the contrary side to H. P. with number 37 ; nextly 
Assups little neck lies for two lots, namely all ye meadow and 
mowinp^ land for No 38, 39, 

[Page 104.] An accompt of tne lotters that did draw the 
lotts ot meadow at Catchaponack and Potunk and Onunk as 













Mr Phillips 
i Lieut Post 100 Elnathan 
<. Toppinc^ in the right of 
( Goldsmith 50 
S fob Sayre 
(loseph llildreth 
) Arthur Howell 
] Edmond Howell 

1 Thomas Halsey 

Thomas Halsey & Isaac 

Obadiah Rogers 

Joseph Kaynor 
<Iohn Laughton 100 
^^lohn Bisiiop 50 

Samuel lohnes 
^ lames Herrick 
'^Richard Howell 

John I agger 
^(Japt Howell lohn Howell 16 
(and MathewHowell each 50 17 

lohn lessup 18 

Edward Howell 24 

Thomas Burnet 25 

lonathan Raynor 26 

(Thomas Cooper loshua ^q j Thomas Topping 100 

Barnes and lonathan Ray- ' | Daniel Sayre 50 

f nor each 50 
f John Howell Ir 




Mr Joseph Ifordham 
Isaac Willman 
Thomas (hooper 
Capt Howe'l 
El is Cook 
lohn Woodruff 
Widow Bower 
Edmoud Howell 



.'] t 

m ye 

right ot Goldsmth 50, and 

27 <J Abiam Howell & Sam 

I C'lark in ye right of Mr 

[ Phillips each b\) 

'JO ^Capt T()j)j)ing drawne by 

OO ", rill rn 

( Iho I oppmg 
n. ^Capt Topping drawne by 

(John T<»j)ping 
or j Robert Kail am 100 
^'^ \ Wm Russell ^ 50 
39 Christopher Foster 
possession given to the persons respectively April 19, 1(583. 

Henry Pierson 
Rob Wool ley 
lohn Mapham 
Isaac Halsey 
Henry Pierson 
Isaac Wiilman 
Rich Howell 
Tho Halsey 



[Page 105.] Whereas there hath bin a contest between the 
Inhabitants of the Northsea, and the towne of Southampton 
eoncerneing a highway from the millstone brook to Seponack, 
being shut up or stopped by the land that is layd out by the 
towne unto Eobert VVoolley now it is fully agreed upon be- 
tween tlie said northsea men and the towne that the said high- 
way shall be and remaine for ye future where the roadway was 
formerly or near thereunto from the foot of the said brook 
over to the Indian land at Seponack to be a highway of two 
poles wide to perpetuity, any land that is or shall be laid out 
tliere notwithstanding. April 25th 1683. 

May the 22 16i:'8. At a meeting of the Inhabitants or free- 
holders of the towne upon a training day, it is put to vote con- 
cerning laying open the highway long since upon sufierance 
incio?ed by Thomas Halsey deceased and is now in the possess- 
ion of his son Isaac Halsey lying by the pond side at the lower 
end of his 8 acre close, wdiereupon the general voate passed 
that the said highvvay shall be thrown open to the comon for 
the townes use and niore especially for Mr Whiting to goe to 
his land. 

[Abstract] 7 acres f of land laid out to lohn Rose at Long 
Sva'ings upon condition that any person shall have the right to 
dig clay and burn brick thereon, and to goe with carts or horses 
to fetch ware made thereon. May 22 1683. 

lune 12 ]i)'jo this town being destitute of a constable, the 

overseers proceeded to make a new choice in ye roome of lohn 

Else, and by unanin.ous voate have chosen Mr Zerobobel 

Phillips Constable toi' the remiainder of this year, and he is this 

day sworne to ye office, per me 

10 UN TOPPING Justice. 

[Page lOH. ] Mr Abram Howell Be pleased to pay unto 
lohn Sanders or his order ye just sum of four pounds ten. In 
money, and tin's shall discharge you for three hatts Received of 
me, per the said Sanders, as witness my hand this last day of 
march 16J 3. 



Due from Mr. Thomas Toppino; Constable of Southampton 
upon acrt of Court fees and tines the some of twenty pounds 
eiirht shillinojs sixpence to be paid at oyle 30s per barrel wit- 
ness ray hand this I6th day of August 1680. 


Received the full contents of the within mentioned note 
which is tlie full bal lance ot all accounts dues debts and de- 
mands from Mrs Hanali Topping this 27 day ot march 1(582. 
the meaning of the above Receipt signifies that all accounts of 
courte fees and fines and publick Kates are accompted and 
cleared between Mrs Topping and myself. 

Dept. ;Sheriff, 

Whereas there hath been a diference between Ezekiel Sand- 
ford and severall of the neighbors ot meacocks concerning 
pome adition of land layd to a loft of land that ye said Ezekiel 
formerly bought of MrObadiah Rogers Lying between ye land 
of Isaac Will man on the north and the northsea division on 
the south side thereof butting Eastward to Saggaponack pond, 
and thereupon ye layers out of land hereunto subscribed were 
convented to settle the business, and have measured the said 
lot of land and finding ye same to want four acres of 22 which 
is his due, wiierefore ye layers out doe allow unto said Ezekiel 
all ye land he hath taken within his fence against his own land 
and William Sirapkins as his fence now standeth to Remaine 
in his quiet possession as his proper right with the proviso that 
if the southwest corner being near the hollow should prove 
[irejudic'al to the highway when the sea poose [isj up that then 
I Page 107.] he shall leave out ot his land at the said corner to 
ye highway two poles of ye angle at ye tree. 
April ve 21 1684. bv us 

lOlIN y. 1E881jP 

his mark 


Likewise laid out to Thomas Rose on ye north side of his 
home lot a o'ore or anf>;le of land containins' 6 acres, bei^inninor 
the north h'ne at a great old stump In je north lyne of his 
home lot, a little distant from his house, thence runnins: East- 
ward to a marked tree by the hisrhway side to East Hampton 
for ye north line of ye angle oO poles, thence running south- 
ward to another tree for ye East lyne of the angle, 40 pole, 
which angle is allowed for 6 acres, Henry Ludlam's land lying 
Eastward thereof and alsoe of Humphrey's lott, to containe all 
ye land between the highway to lye up to ye land of Obadiah 
Rogers, and lames Herrick only leaving at their front between 
his land and theirs a highway of 6 poles wide from East Hamp- 
ton path to Run southward to ye Dirty Creek, alsoe laid out to 
Humphrey Hughes, for what is taken from him at ye Eastward 
end of his home lot* to enlarge the highway to ye corner tree 
of Henry Ludlam's land to be both their bounds for which is 
laid out to him as aforesaid, At 3'e Southwest corner of his 
lott before his door, to a marked stump of a tree, thence to run 
northward for his we>t lyne up to Thomas Roses Corner tree, 
and alsoe from ye said stump for his south line l)y ye highway 
to run East ward to the corner tree aforesaid bounds of HcTiry 
Ludlam, upon a straight Lyne or soe near as to leave the high- 
way as wide at least as it is at either end. This done the day 
aforesaid by the lavers out. 

[Abstract,] John i\lowbray and losiah Laughton Record 
earmarks, l(i85 lune 1st. 

[Page 108.] [ Abstract earmarks recorded by the following 

lohn lago Nathaniel Howell Henry Pierson 

Thomas Byfield William Ilakelton lohn Morehouse 

loseph Whiteing Ben]. Hand Thomas Goodwin 

lohn fibster Ir Samuel lohnes lonah Howell 

Shamgar Hand lohn lessi.p Ir 1684 1685 

* Thomas Roi=e's home lot was probably the place uow occupied by Pu'aski Wareiu?, at 
Water :Mins. Humphrey Hughes lived a little farther east, near the house ofAbraai 
Halsey, Jr. W'. S. P. 


[Page 109] Arthur Howell Ir deceased upon ye 24 da_y of 
March 1683, alsoe Xto ffowler lohn Shepherd. 

Arthur Howell Sen deceased March 29 1688. 

David Howell deceased May the 2nd 1684. 
{.. Thomas lessup deceased Sept. the 12 1684. 

his son deceased December 8 1684. 

Samuel Mill deceased April 1st 16S5. 

Sarah the daughter of Edinond Howell deceased April 10th 

Thomas Reeves ve smith deceased August ye 28 1685. 

lo^eph Marshall cooper deceased Aug. 29 1685 

William Hakelton deceased Sept. 6 1685 

Samuel Whitehead's son Samuel deceased Aug 13 lt)85 

Sarah the wife ot Obadiah Rogers deceased October 11 1685 

Sarah the wife of VVilliaai Mason deceased the 19 Ian 1685 

lohn Topping deceased luly the 2 1686 

Elizabeth wife of iNathaniel Rescue deceased Oct ye 18 16S6 

William Simpkins gives in the day of the death ot his wife 
Mary to be upon the tenth da>' of March 1681 

Beniamen Hand gives in the deatli of his son Richard to be 
upon the 19th ot Aprill 1679. 

Benouy fflint gives in the death ot his eldsEt son Brinjdmsn 
to be on the 11th of December 1677 

ditto his second son Benjamer, the day tli'it he died was iij)- 
on the 7 day ot April 1685. 

ditto his daughter Sarah died upon the llth of lune 1685. 

lob Sayre ui'we^- in the decease of his wife Sarah to be upon 
the 29 ot Oct. 1684. 

Thomas Halsey gives in the day of his father Tluma^ Hal- 
sey's decease to be upon the 27 of August 1678 

Robert Apue servant of the said Thomas Halsey deceased 
upon Oct. 9 168(). 

Samuel Whitehead gives in tlie day of his wiio Mary's de- 
cease to be upon the 20 April 1()87 

]\Iai'tha Howell the wito of lohn Ho. veil Ir deceased lune 7 


Abio^ail Howell the wife of Abraham Howell deceased lune 
19 1B88 

Mary Topping wite of Thomas Topping deceased lune 9 

Sarah Howell wife of Edmond Howell deceased August 29 

Mary Willman wife of Isaac Willman deceased Sept 3 1688 

Capt loseph il'ordham deceased Sept 7 1688 

Martha fordhaui wife of lonah tordham deceased Oct. 4 

(,'aleb Da_ytoTi deceased Oct. 4 1688. 

Amy Pierson wife of loseph Pierson deceased Oct. 3 1692 

Sarah wife of Samuel lohnes died Oct. 3d 1692 

Mr lohn Howell dark ot the Cort and husband of Mary 
Howell deceased March 8 1692 

[Page 110.] Southampton April 1694 then departed this 
lite lob Sjyre. 

Samuel Whitehead's daughter Phebe departed this life ye 
14 day of April, about 2 o'clock in ye morning 1694. 

Maj. John Howell deceased November ye 3d 1696. 

Leift. Col. Mathew Howell departed this lite upon the fourth 
day of ]\Iay 1706, In the titty fifth year of his age. 

The wite of Maj. loseph tlbrdhatn deceased this life upon ye 
4 day ot March 1718. 

(Abstract) Jeremiah Culver Samuel Jennings Wm len- 
nings record stray beasts. 

May 28 1()85 then layd out unto John Howell Ir eight acres 
being ot the land which Major Howell hath yet to take up, 
and unto lohn lessup Eight acres three whereof was tor the 
highway, and the rest for what he wants of his former divisions 
ot land at ye old towne and the gin as in page 125 in the other 
end of this book, which said land is layd out unto the said lohn 
Howell Ir and loiin lessup Ir on the back side or Nortluvard 
ot Mr lonah fordhams close at meacocks gate adjoining to his 
land, beginning at the southwest corner at the great stump 
tliat makes the Northwest corner ot Mv lonah's land, thence 

284 uRcouus: town of soutiiampto.v. 

the west lyne running northward to the cross higiiway at ye 
furthest corner ot the angle being 80 poles and upward to a 
little tree marked I ll & I F, next marked a little red oak tree 
for the Northeast corner ot the said lonah tordliam's land 
about 12 poles from the fence, then beginning at the northeast 
corner ot Tho. Burnets, soe measured for the east lyne running 
northward about 40 poles from Mr lonahs last menconed tree, 
and there marked a whiteoak tree, trom whence the lyne is still 
extended as the highway will bear between Abram Howeil's 
land, and soe around to the tree at the cross highway aforesaid 
containing all the vacant land there. 

[Page 111.] (Abstract of deed.) Andrew Miller ot Hrook- 
haven sells to lohn Thompson half a share at Montauk, witness 
lohn Gray lohn Tooker. May 22 1G88. 

lohn Thompson oi' Brookhaven assigns the above to Jacob 
Schellenger of East Hampton, Aug. 8, 1G83, witness Samuel 

lon^ M PEiisoxs 

his marke 

[Page 112.] At a t'nvne meeting held in Sjuthf mpton 
April 1, 1(585 it is granted by major voat unto Richard Smith 
of north sea that hee shall have lil)Grty to dispose of three acres 
of his land lying on the east side of the swam[) by the north- 
sea houses, to be disposed toward the building of a new dwell 
ing house tor himself and his family to cohabitt in. 

Att the same meeting lohn lessup Ir was chosen for consta- 
, ble for this ensueing year, who was then sworn to the said 
ofhce, likewise Edward Howell Obadiah Rogers and lohn 
Howell Ir were chosen againe to stand for this year alsoe as 
commissioners and townesmen, and tha said lohn Howell to 
continue treasurer for this yeare for this towaie. 

Likewise at the same time lob Sayre Thomas Halsey and 
Thomas (Joopcr are chosen grand jurymen for this towne t\ r 
this yeare, likewise Samuel liarncs is chosen Constable for this 
year, and the grand jurviuen aforesaid were t:ien swoi-n to ye 


oftlco, and said Sam. Barnes was alsoe sworne to his said office 
of a constable. Also ]\lr loUn Laughton was then chosen by 
the town to goe about to demand, and cause all such as are be- 
hind in Mr Whiting's rate to bring in their pay, or to return 
their names with the answer of such as shall refuse to make 
payment within ten days. 

Feb. 2 1685 laid out unto Aaron Burnet by ns the subscribed 
of the layers out twenty acres ot land in die right of j\Irs 
Mary Taylor, which twenty acres dotii finish all the land due 
to her or hers from the town, layd out as aforesaid to ye said 
Aaron B'lrnet at ye head of the creek adjoining eastward unto 
ye land of Thomas Reeves and the land formerly laid out to 
lohn Laughton, fronting forty poles upon the highway, and 
soe running 80 poles up into ye woods northward and is 40 
poles wide at ye rear the south end being a lyne or something 
al)ove 40 poles it comes a little over the hollow homeward to a 
lone marked tree.* By us 


[Page 1 1 3.] (Al)stract of deed.) 

loseph Kerby of Middletovvn Ct. sells to Maj. lohn Llowell 
of Southampton, 350 acres in Middletovvn Ct. bounded N. l)y 
Seargent lohn Warner, S. by Samuel lluberd W. by Elizabeth 
Bandal, E. by undivided land. Which tract I bought of Elise- 
beth Randal May 13 1685. 
Witness Ffkancis Whitemore 
Manassah Kempton. 

[PalvK 114.] (Abstract earmarks entered by) loseph Sayre 
Caleb Corwithye Ephraim Howell lohn Sayre, lames Topping 
loshua Sayre, lames Reevese lames Herrick, Henry Ludlam 
for his son Henry Thomas llalse3\ 

* This is the laud uow the homestead of Stephen E. Raudal, ou Uill S(. W. S. F. 

#286 records: town of SOLJTllAMrTON. 

[Page 115.] Sept. 22 1GS5. At a towne meetino^ held in 
Soutlianjpton with tlie rest of the county by the major voate ot 
the proxes of ye county major lohn Howell was chosen to be 
one of ve Assemblymen for the County of Suflolk, And Mr. 
loshua Hubert was the other. 

Southampton Nov. the 27 1685. Whereas wee the subscri- 
bed were by the general voate of the towne, this day chosen as 
a comity to make orders concerning hogs for this town, and by 
virtue of the said vote wee are authorized and Impowered 
thereunto, whereupon wee the subscribed doe eiuict and order 
concerning hoggs as fuUoweth. 

1st That it shall be lawful and good for any person to Im- 
pound any swine taken in tresspass in any inclosed land or 
meadow wheresoever within the bounds of this towne, or that 
is inclosed and improved only in the summer time, yet the said 
swine soe taken shall be lyal)le to be impounded although the 
fence bee downe in the interim. 

2d All swine that shall bee soe impounded that are two 
months old and upward are to pay two shillings per head, to- 
o-ether with all just damage as shall be adjudged by two indiff- 
erent men chosen by each party one, but it the owners of such 
swine soe impounded neglect or refuse to choose a man then 
both the men to be chosen by the other party. 

3d If any swine shall bee soe impounded and noe owner can 
be found then the impounder of such swine shall repaire to ye 
records, and search for the mark, and give the person" notice to 
whom the swine by the marks belong, and notwithstanding if no 
owner can be found or being found doth not appear in three days 
time, or if he doe appear and refuse to pay the poundage and 
damage then to make sale of the hogs at public outcry soe 
much as will pay the poundage and damage returning ye over- 
plus to the owner. 4th That noe person shall impound any 
swine unles they trespass where hee or they be concerned or 
have order or be justified by the person tresspassed unless it be 
the sworne pcumder. 


6]y That any person's oath that shall so Impound swine shall 
be sufficient testemony against the swine, and this order to 
stand henceforward from ye date hereof 

It is alsoe at ye same town meeting concluded by major voat 
that the inhabitants and those interested at Sagaponack and 
Meacox and the north sea shall have liberty to make a pound 
at each place upon their own Respective charge, for ye im- 
poundine: of creatures that trespass there, it is likewise by unan- 
imous consent and voat concluded that such persons as are wil- 
ling to stop the ditch, and let ohf the west sepoose, at their o ivn 
charge, have liberty to doe it. 

Joseph tfordham Mathew Howell lob Savre 

lohn Howell ir Thomas Cooper Joseph Pierson 

Henry Pierson Samuel lohnes lohn lessup Ir 

EInathan Topping lohn Rose Henry Ludlam 

[Page 11(1] [Abstract of deed.] Benj Davis sells to Abra- 
ham Willman his ^ 50 of land and meadow in Hog neck de- 
vision, about 7 acres. Abraham Williams gives in exchange 
two acres at Seaponack old ground. May 8 1686 

Witness Joseph Ffoster 
loHN Howell Ir 

At a towne meeting held in Southampton the 2od day of 
Nov. 1H86 it is agreed upon by major voate of the towne that 
Major lohn Howell shall goe to Yorke about the present af 
faire of makeing good our title to our land called in to question 
at Shinecock, and Henry Ludlam is likewise chosen to wait 
upon him. 

At the same meeting it is ordered that the patentees men- 
coned in our patent shall make a conveyance of the land held 
within our towne ship to the persons Respectively according 
to the interest of allotment of hundred and fifties, or fifties 
which they hold in this towne. 

Alsoe there is likewise chosen six men to be a comitty in be- 
half of the towne to give Major Howell his instructions and al- 

288 records: towiN of Southampton. 

soe to attend Collonel Youngs when hee comes to hear the In- 
dians acknowledge our deed and the men so chosen Mr Edward 
JJowell, Henry Pierson Mathew Howell Thomas Cooper Oba- 
diah Rogers and loseph Pierson. 

[Page 117.] Alsoe at the aforesaid towne meeting Mov. 23, 
1686 it is by general voat of the towne granted that Thomas 
Stephens and Henry Pierson shall have sixty acres of land a 
piece in the comons somewhere to the east ward of the mill in 
some convenient place not prejudicial to the highway and wa- 
tering, at ye discretion of ye layers out of land, where they 
shall cliuse, which is granted upon this condition that the ^aid 
Thomas Stephens and Henry Pierson shall lay dowae and de 
liver to ye towne fifty pounds in money for the ^towne's use 
forthwith which is in full for the land soe sould as aforesasd to 
them and their heirs forever. 

it is alsoe by Major voat at ye same meeting granted unto 
Henry Pierson to shut up the highway lyiiig on ye East side 
of his close of land between hira and lob Sayre upon Sagapon- 
Mck plaines and to take the said highway into his owne land 
lirie granting therefore to ye towne the liberty of a highway on 
the west side of his said close of land to goe, ride, or drive 
through at all times hereafter, next to ye pond, and if bars for 
the future prove inconvenient he shall set up, keep, and main- 
tain a good sufficient gate in Constant repair, if the town re- 
quires it at ye upper end of the said highway. 

it is likewise granted at 3'e same meeting unto Robert Nor- 
ris to exchang with the town thirteen acres and one third of 
land in scuttle hole devision which hee is to lay downe to the 
townes use and to take up soe much in the Roome thereof at 
or near Sagaponack not prejudicing highway, nor waterings at 
ye discretion of the layers out of land. 

Alsoe it is likewise granted unto Thomas Cooper in behalf of 
Jonathan Raynor to lay downe thirteen acres of land and one 
third at the hayground to ye townes use and he to take up soe 
much land between Seponack old ground and the head cf the 
creek, no ways prejudicing highways and watering at the dis- 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 289 

cretion of the lasers ont of land appointed, for which he is to 
pay the towne 20s in money. 

It is likewise at the same town meeting granted unto EIna 
than Topping to make a gate across spring field highway at 
Sagaponack, and to keep and maintaine the said gate in good 
and constant lepair soe long as ye highway shall be stopped. 

[Page 118.] it is alsoe granted by major voat of the towne 
at \e same meeting held November ye 23 1686 unto Thomas 
Plalsey to lay downe to the townes use twenty acres of land ot 
the lott nnmber 19 in Scuttle holedevition by way of exchange, 
hee to take np soe much land elsewhere near his land at the 
discretion ol the layers out. 

At the same town meeting Obadiah Sarle cooper is chosen 
packer and gager tor this towne tor a yeare. 

test lOHN HOWP.LL Clark. 

Nov the 29 1686 Whereas the layers out of land did formerly 
lay out unto lohn lessup for his forty acre devision of land the 
neck of land comonly culled farington's neck together with 
ab ait fourteen acres of land adjoining to ye gore on to the said 
neck the westermost mark tree being upon the Cleft by the water 
side on the west side of the said neck of land that joins as afore- 
said to the goeing on to the said neck, being a little to the west- 
ward of the hole ot water, at ye end of the bank thence son t ward 
for the southwest corner a black oak tree marked with I. I. 
thence crossing over Southeastward to a white oak tree stand- 
ing in or on the easter side of the swamp thence running downe 
ye swamp to ye meadow to a little red oak tree standing by 
the said meadow side all m hich parcel of land contained within 
the trees as before described together with the whole neck 
aforesaid is by the layer out of land apointed, laid out unto 
the said lohn lessnp for his forty acre division of land with 
all the privileges thereunto belonging, the meadow only ex- 
cepted, and he hath alsoe liberty to fence across the inlet of 
water and the beach on the east side of the said parcel of land 


for to seeure the said neck, this work was all the day afore- 
said anew Inspected and remarked by the layers out namely 
lohn lagger Isaac Halsey John Howell Ir and by them ordered 
to be recorded. 

Test JOHN HOWELL Clark. 

[Page 119.] At a towne meeting September the 7, 16S0, It 
is granted to David Briggs to have four acres of land in liew of 
the two acres he wants of what he should have had formerly 
where his house standeth, the said tour acres to be laid out at 
ye discretion of the layers out. 

At ye same meeting Mr Joseph ffbrdham hath liberty grant- 
ed to enjoy the land and watering place at his close at Toyl-^ 
some concerning which hath been soe much contentions, on 
this condition, that he make and maintaine a good sufficient 
gate whereby in hard weather the towne or any of them may 
have free egress and regress to water their creatures at ye said 
watering place.* 

Whereas Humphrey Hughes upon the 5th day of November 
1679 as in page 127 in ye other end of this book doth appear 
had a grant of the towne tor ten acres ot land to be laid out to 
him, and likewise Davn'd Briggs upon the 7th day of Sept. KWO 
had (as above) the grant of four acres of land pursuant to ye 
aforesaid grants W(^ the subscribed of the layers out have thi.^ 
7th dav of December 168H layd out as aforesaid unto the said 
Humphrey Hughes ten acres, and to the sd Briggs order four 
acres, namely to Capt. loseph ffordham on the nortlivvard side 
of the land of lames Herrick on the north side of the path that 
goes to East Hampton, at the east end of Henry Ludlams Lot 
adjoining as aforesaid unto the northward side of the said lamis 
Herrick's land, 60 pole, then square off at ye east end 46 pole 
or near aboutes and 60 on the north line, and 40 on the west 
end and if Henry Ludlain shall hereafter make it appear that 
the tree marked for the northwest corner of his foresaid 14 

•Joseph Fordham's close is now part of the farm of James A. Hildreth, at old town 
pond. W. S. P. 


acres of land is so near to his land that there cannot be a high- 
way between them, the said corner to be taken in and soe much 
must be added on the north side thereof. 

(Note) April 8 1687 the abovesaid land being through mis- 
take Is-id into Henry Lndlam's land is altered and layed soe 
much to ye side thereof by ye layers out. lohn lessup lohn 
Tagger Isaac llalsey 

[OHN HOWELL Ir Clarke 

[Page 120] December the 7th 1686 lohn lessup and lohn 
lagger doe aftirme that they with some others of the layers out 
some time about 4 or 5 years agoe did lay out unto Isaac Hal- 
sey upon his forty acre division the quantity of thirty acres of 
land lying on the north side of the seven ponds the south east 
corner beginning about 8 pole short of the ditch cut to let t\\e 
said seven ponds into the mill pond, and soe running westward 
by the pond toward the hollow that goes up from the seven 
ponds right up into the woods, the said thirty acres lyes up 
northward about 60 poles between the aforesaid hollow and the 
wolf ]jit hollow, nextly to compleat the said Isaac Halseys 40 
acres the said John lagger affirmes that hee with some others 
of the layers out layd out unto the said Isaac Halsey aboute 
the same time ten acres of land on the west end of his wood 
close above lohn Earles Likewise the said lohn lessup 
affirmes that he with some others of the layers out formerly 
layd out unto lohn lagger twenty five acres of land of his forty 
acre division on the north side of the seven ponds, to the west- 
V ard of the aforesaid land layd out (to) Isaac Halsey leaveing 
(lovvne to ye pond a considerable parcell of land between them 
the sovth lyne adjoining to the north side of the seven ponds In- 
cluding part of the water as the lyne runs eighty poles east 
and west which 25 acres was layd cut together with 25 acres 
of Daniel Halseys being fifty in the whole piece, nextly to com- 
pleate the said lohn I aggers forty acres Isaac Halsey and lohn 
Howell give in to be recorded fifteen acres more laid out to 
the said John lagger on the west end of his thirty acre lot that 

292 records: town of Southampton. 

lyes between widow Coopers lot and the land of the said Isaac 
Ilalsej. All the land above menconed is entered as it was the 
day aforesaid given in to me to record by the said layers out. 

Test JOHN HOWELL Clerk. 


Joseph Hildreths son loseph was born Inly 27 1679 

ditto his son Benjamen born Sept 22 1H81 

Samuel Barnes' son loshua born April 8 1688 

loseph Hildreth's son Nathan born March 17 1684-5 
Ephraim Howell gives in the day of his marriage with 

Hannah Cow to be upon the 10th day of Nov. 1684 

his son Ephraim born October 10 1685 

Benjamen Hand's daughter Alse born Ian. 2 167('-l 

his daughter Elisabeth born 27 Ian. 1671-2 

his daughter Sarah born Sept 22 1678 

his son Abraham born Oct, 2d 1675 

his son Benjamen born Inly 22 1677 

his son Ricliard born March 2 • 1678-9 

liis daughter Mary born jMarch 24 1679-0 

his dai'ghter Rachel born Ian, 23 l()81-2 

his son Peter born Nov. I ]i'\i<P) 

Benony fflint's son Benjamen born luly 10 1(577 

liis second son Benjamen born Feb. 20 1678 

his son lohn born Sept 10 1680 

his daughter Sarali born luly 14 16S3 

his daa:;hter Miry born August 21 l')85 

lob Say re's soji h)b born Aug. 25 1(>72 

liis son Benjamen born Aug. 19 1('>74 

his son lames born Sept 12 1676 

liis daughter Elisabeth born March 11 1677 

his daughter Sarah born ]May 4th 1680 

his son Abraham born July 5 1683 

Elnuthan Topping's son Elnathan born Aug. 20 1H64 

his dau<j:hter Abi<;aile was born Ian 17 1667 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 293 

liis daugliter ]\Iary born Nov. 18 1670 
his daughter Mahittabell born lune 27 1H75 
his son Stephen born Sept 24 1679 
his son Silvanns was born upon the 8 of March 1681-2 
Hannah Topping widow to Thomas 'I'opping of South- 
ampton deceased gives in the birth day of her son 
Thomas to bee upon Feb. 11 1660 
her daughter Rachall born April 19 1668 
[Page 122.] her daughter Ann Topping born June 9 1666 
her daughter Hester born April 16 1671 
her son Joseph born lune 30 1674: 
her son Daniel born August 19 1676 
her son Edward born Feb. 9 1678 
John Foweil's son lohn born Nov. 28 1648 
his son Edward born March 22 1649-0 
his son Mathew born Nov. 8 1651 
his son Ephriam was born Ian 1st 1655 
his son Abraham was born Ian 22 1653 
his daughter Susanah born luly 15 1658 
his daughter Hannah born Oct 28 1660 
his son Theophilus born Dec 18 . 1662 
his son Nathaniel born Aug. 29 1664 
his daughter Prudence born Dec. 27 1666 
his daughter Abigail born luly 5 1670 
Thomas Halsey's daughter Mary born Aug. 29 1654 
his daughter Elisabeth born Oct. 15 1655 
his son losiah born Feb. 15 1656 
his daughter Sarah born Oct. 29 1658 
his son Isaac born Aug. 29 1660 
his son David born April 12 1663 
his daughter Hannah born Feb. 5th 1665 
liis son lerimyah born Sept. 7 1667 
his son Jonathan born Dec 22 1669 
his daughter Phebe born Dec. 29 1671 
his daughter Abigail born April 19 1673 
his son Nathaniel born June 1 1775 

294 RECORDS: town of Southampton. 

lohn Laripon's sor in law Daniel Halsey born Aug 31 1669 

yj lohn lessup's grand child lohn lespup born Sept. 27 1671 

his grand son Isaac born Oct. 12 1678 

his grand son leremiah born March 4 1677-8 

his grand son Henry born Marcii 12 1680-1 

his grand daughter Mary born March 2 1 682-3 

his grand daughter Hannah Ian 2 1684 
lonathan Bainer gives in the birthday ot lis son lona- 

than March 4, 1681 
[Page 123.] losiah Stanborough's son Recompence 

born Aug. 22 1672 

his daughter ffrancis born April 11 1675 

his son losiah born lune 22 1677 

his daughter Hannah born luly 1 1679 

his daughter Phebe born Sept. 17 1681 

his daughter Zeruiah born Oct. 1 1683 

his son Adonijah born March 18 1686-7 

Peregrine Stanborough's son lohn born Dec. 11 1665 

his daughter Ruth born lune 4 1668 

his daughter Ollive bom luly 18 1670 

his daughter Mary born Oct. 14 1672 

his daughter Hannah born Ian. 28 1674 

his daughter Sarah born May 26 1677 

his son lames born Oct. 28 lo79 

his daughter Eunice born Nov. 8 1682 

his daughter Elisabeth born Ian. 24 l(i85-() 

Elisabeth Marshall's daughter Elisabeth born May 1 i 1676 

her daughter Sarah born Oct. 30 1678 

her son loseph born Oct. 30 1()80 

her son Benjamin born Oct. 15 1682 

Abram Howell's son Abram born luly 30 1683 

his son Charles born JMarcli 19 1685-6 

lames White's son Stephen born Oct. 13 1684 

Mathew Howell's son Israel born April 17 1686 

lohn Howell Ir daughter Elisabeth born Feb. 4 1686-7 
Thomas Stephen's eldest son Thomas born Ian. 28 167(5-7 


his daughter Hester born Feb. 28 1678-9 

his daughter Phebe born Ian. 2 1681-2 

his sou William born April 4 1684 

Joseph Pierson's son Ephraim born Ian. 20 1686-7 

his son Samuel born Feb. 24 1689-0 

Doctor Mills desires that ye birth of his sonn David 
Mills bee upon record, being borne in this town the 9th 
day of December 1693 

[Page 124. | (Abstract) earmarks recorded by lacomiah 
Scott lames White Tohn Piny Dan. Burnet Elnathan Topping 
losiah Topping Flnathan Topping Ir Isaac Bower lohn Rose Ir 
lohn Topping Thomas Stephens losiah Bishop. 

[Page 125.] At a towne meeting held in Southampton 
April the 5 1687 towne officers chosen by major voate of the 
freeholders as followeth. Chosen for trustees of the towne this 
year lohn lessup Mr Peregrine Stan brow Samuel lones Sam- 
uel Barnes lob Say re Henry Pierson Daniel Sayre lohn How- 
ell Ir Capt. Joseph Fordham Samuel Clark (North Sea) Benj. 
f )ster Tho Cooper. 

Chosen and sworne for constables this year Joseph Hildreth 
and lohn Post. 

Chosen for Commissioner of ye town Courts lohn Howell Ir 
Thomas Cooper and Mathew Howell. 

Chosen for Assessors and townesmen for this year lob Savre 
Samuel Jones & francis Sayre. 
Chosen for treasurer this year ]\Iathew Howell. 
At the aforesaid meeting proclamation was made that if any 
of the Inhabitants is minded to buy a fifty of alottment they 
may have a fifty for three pounds in money, whereupon it is 
granted unto Robert Norris, and any others of the Inhabitants 
hereunto subscribed, that if they pay forthwith the proportion 
of money for the patent according to a fifty and pay to the 
towne into the treasurer at or before ye first day of April next 
three pounds in money for each fifty that then each of the sub- 
scribed upon the conditions aforesaid have che grant of a fffty 
allotment and commonage throughout all the bounds of the town 


trom the Canoe place eastward with all privileges in future de- 
visions of land &c but if any of the persons that shall soe pur- 
chas a fitfy and shall pay the said proportion of the patent money 
and shall after faile in any parte of the payment of the three 
pounds to be made for each fifty the next year aforesaid that 
then hee or they soe failing shall lose the patent money soe 
paid in proportion as aforesaid, and the fifty also to remaine to 
the towne as witness their hands the day aforesaid. 

Christopher Leaming Iohn Howell 

Manassah Kempton Benony Fflint 

losEPH Lupton Daniel Sayre 

Peter Norris Benj. Hand 

Robert J^orris his 

Iohn Davis Thomas y^ Goodwin 

8HAMGAR Hand mark 

Iho. Lupton. Humphrey Hughes 

Gersham Culver 

[Page V1^.'\ At ye aforesaid towne meeting held ye 5 of 
April 1687 it is by unanimous voate of the freeholders granted 
unto Major Iohn Howell and his forever that for his expense of 
time and trouble &c about the towne business concerning the 
patent (viz) his jurney to York &c. he shall have eleven acres 
ot land to be taken up at or about Sagaponack, and also liberty 
to close up and take in to his land the highway that lyes be- 
tween his lot ot land at Sagaponack and ye lot ot land belong- 
ing to Daniel Ilalsey, all to be laid out unto him at ye discre- 
tion of the layers out of land. 

It is likewise irranted at ye same meeting by general voate 
unto Iohn lagger to have the vacant land betwixt his close and 
ye highway that leads to Northsea by Iohn Earles, to be laid 
out to him at ye discretion of the layers out ot laiul for whicli 
land the said Iohn lagger is to pay to ye towne use ten shillings 
in money per acre. 

April 8 1687 wee the L\yers out of land have this day laid 
out unto the aforesaid Thomas Stephens (in page 117) the (10 


acres of laud which l)e bouglit of the town lying on the east 
side cf f great Hollow that comes down to the rail! pond, the 
southwest corner of the said land coming down near the side of 
the mill pond to a little hole of water, being on the southward 
side or end 81 pole wide, and at ye north end 64 pole wide 
and runs in length 133 pole on each side. 

April 7 1687. Whereas Major lohn Howell hath 9 acres of 
land to take up of his division and Eleven acres more granted 
him by the towne as above expressed, now wee the subscribed 
layers out of land have this day layd out unto the said lohn 
Howell one piece of vacant land by East Hampton at ye head 
of Sagaponack swamp between the land of Elnathan Topping 
on ye East side, and the land of Thomas Topping on ye west 
siv'e thereof the north lyne running East and West the extremes 
whereof are terminated at the East end by the corner of the 
said Elnathan Toppings land and at the west end by the north 
east corner of the land of the said Thomas Topping's land the 
west lyne running southward to a small red oak tree standing 
by the swamp side and likewisa the East lyne. running South- 
ward down by the swamp side to a red oak tree both marked 
with 1. H. and lyes at 7 acres of land be it more or less as it is 
comprehended within the albre described bounds nextly 

'I'he same day layd out unto ]\Ia]'or Howell and Henry Pier- 
son north of the upper devision of lots at Sagaponack leaving a 
highway of 8 pole wide between, a piece of land lying lOi) 
pole north and south and 120 pole East and west, containing 
about 75 acres of land, the Southeast corner whereof is bounded 
with a great white oak tree standing right over against ye far 
corner of lohn Morehouse's land marked with I. P. the nortlieast 
corner thereof is bounded with a black oak tree likewise mark- 
ed with I. P. which piece of land is equally to be devided be- 
tween the said lohn Howell and Henry Pierson, In proportion 
to the said lohn Howell for 13 acres that compleate the land 
in full that he hath to take up and to ye said Henry in full 
for ye sixty acres he bought of the town as in page 117 is 


nextly the same day la^^d out to a piere of land unto Robert 
Norris and Christoplier Learning lying on the west side of the 
aforesaid land of Henry Pierson and lohn Howell, being the length north and south leaving a highway on the south 
end of 8 pole wide and alsoe a highway on the west side be- 
tween this land and ]\lr Stambrovvs cloase of 8 pole wide con- 
taining in the said piece of land about 25 acres whereof 1.'];} 
acres belong to said Robert for soe much exchanged with the 
town which lie layd downe to ye towne, in Scuttle hole devis- 
ion No 10, as in page — the other end of this book a 100 fell to 
Tlionias Goldsmith and 12 acres to the said Christoplier upon 
the account of Isaac Willman for highway he layd downe to 
^!agaponaek bridge &c, but this land wanting something ot 
their measure and noe enlargement can be made to it in that 
place it is agreed by the layers out of land aforesaid that Henry 
Pierson and Major Elowcll shall let the said Christopher and 
Robert have three pole ofi" the west side of their land, the 
whole length and instead thereof they shall have six pole at 
ye north end of this land, and we do appoint lohn Howell Ir 
to stake the adition to Henry's land aforesaid. 



lOllN HOWELL Li mark 

[Abstract. I (The above addition is laid out as indicated.) 

[Page 128.] (Abstract of deed.) Elnathan Topping and 
losiah Topping sell to lohn liowell Ir a lot of meadow in 
pines devision No. 83. Line 21 1687 

I Abstract of deed. j Benjamin Foster sells to Samuel Luni 
a 50 of land in meacocks division 10 acres. Samuel Lum gives 
in exchange a piece of land adjoining the east side of Kellie's 
])ond and North side of No. IG 10 acres reserving 2 acres on 
east end. Jan. 6 1H87 

[Page 120. | Whereas Lot Burnet had one acre and a hall" 
of orchard land lavd out to him whidi he had of luV tatlicr 


Tbdmas Bnrnet the orchard land belonging to his 150 which 
was lavd out to Lot Burnet upon the front ot the land of lo- 
se])h iJildreth at flying point, the which Joseph Kildreth doth 
possess by reason of some Inconveniencies whereupon the said 
Lott Burnet iayes the said land downe again and takes it u[) 
elsewhere, which by the consent and approbation of the layers 
out I have layd the same out again at ye request ol the said 
Lott, amongst the hills a little to ye northeastward of Camp 
hole, beginning at ye most northermost corner of a tree a 
white oak marked on four sides and cut at the root, thence run- 
ning southward about 20 pole to a red oak tree thence run- 
ning to the next corner to a little white oak spire about 20 
j^ole, thence running over the westward end about 12 pole to 
two trees standing together, the one a walnut the other a white 
oak which is marked as aloresaid which piece of land jyes tor 
the foresaid acre and a halle which he layd down, and is there 
to rcmaine, in full for the said orchard to him the said Lott 
l^urnet his heyres and assigns tor ever Feb. the 8 1687 or 8. 

10 UN HOWELL (^lark 

J^'eb. loth 1687 

A list of the meadow^ and upland belonging to lohn Howell 
Ir where it lyes and how and of whom purchased as tolloweth : 

1st my hotne lott adjoining to my dwelling house being by 
estimation 10 acres which I had given mee by my father How- 
ell togother with a small piece of land given me by the tow^nc 
on which my house now standeth 

2nd three acres of land lying in father Howell's close at 
wickanouo; runnino; from Uncle Richard's fence Eastward over 
to Dariel Halseys fence being 12 pole wide. Bd a piece of land 
lying in the great plaiue in ye eight acre lots which [ bought 
of Thomas Goldsmith as appears by the records in the book 
of entryes begun in the year 1678 in page -16. 

4 a piece of land of about one acre and a halfe lying in the 
oxpasture in the ISouth devision being of the denomination of a 


hundred in tliat devision, a iitty of my own, and a tit'ty of iny 
father llowells, as in page in this end of this book US it ap- 
pears to be in No. 6. 

5 a piece v)f land lyiniji; on the west side of Larrance hill on 
the north side of the mill path over against the land of Henry 
Pierson being 20 acres, layd out to me in the twenty acre de- 
vision in the right of a fifty of my owne, & a fifty of my 
father Ilowell & a fifty of my mother in law Mrs Ann Phillips 
as doth appear in the said book of entrys in folio 170 and also 
iu this end ot this book in page 87. 

[Page 130.] 6 a piece of land Iving by the millstone swamp 
northward of scuttle hole by the land of lohn White about 20 
acres, ariseing upon my owne fifty of alotment, in tlie 40 acre 
division as in page 140 on ye other end of this book in ye 1st 
and 15th lynes may appearc. 

71y a piece of land lying on the north side of Mr lonah Ftord- 
liam's close at nieacocks gate as appears by the records in page 
110 this end of this book. 

81y the one half of three lots of meadow at Sepona(tk the other 
half belonging to my brother Mathew, of which three lots 
father Howell gave two, and the other we bought between us, 
of Jonathan Eainor as in the said book ot entry in page 17(1 
doth appear. 

i)ly a piece of meadow given me by my father Ilowell lying 
at Shinecock and is that piece of meadow called the long tongue 

[Note. The home lot here mentioned is pi'oljably the lot at the south end 
of Southarrpton vilhif^e, late belonging to Charles I'elletrean. The traet at 
Lartence hill is the land belonging to heirs of John Howell, at Uttleworth.] 

at a towne meeting held in Houthampton April ye 2 KiJSS 

Manassah Kempton c^iosen sealer of leather for this year Oba- 

diah Searle chosen ganger and packer for this year, (chosen for 

^•^ constables for this year lames White and lohn Campbell, ajul 

^riiomas Cooper Collector and treasurer, John Ilowell fi- Oba- 

diah Hogers and Joseph JMerson chosen C'omniissioners and 

townesiiien for this year. 

Chosen for trustees of this towne this vear lohn lagger Jsaa(! 

Halsey I'jdward Ilowell S:iiiiuel (Jooper lohn l'\)ster V.v Jonah 


Fordham lohn lessiip Ir Leift. Henry Pierson Wm Ilerriek 
Joseph Piert^on lob Sa^'re Obadiali Rogers. 

At the aforesaid town meeting Mathew Howell late treasur- 
er of ye town gives in that manassah Kempton, Benony Flint 
and Shaiiigar Hand Lave each ol them paid the purchase of 
their fifty acres to their agreement in page 125 whereupon they 
have each of them a fifty confirmed to them and their heyres 
tor ever, and likewise Thomas Cooper the present treasurer of 
this towne gives in that hee hath received in full of Robert 
Norris and Major John Howell for each of them a fifty which 
is to them and theirs. 

[Page 131.] BIRTHS. 

John Foster's eldest son lohn born Feb. 8 1662 

his daughter Sarah born Ian. 29 1664 

his daughter Hannah born Ian. 2 1667 

his son leremiah born March 7 1670-1 

his daughter Patience born March 7 1672-3 

his daughter Rachel born Feb. 2 1674 

his son lonathan born April 2 1677 

his son David born March 15 1678-9 

his son William born April 2 1681 

his daughter Phebe born April 1 1688 

his daughter Abigail born Feb. — 1684 

Nathaniel Ruscoe's daughter lohannah born Ian. 20 1683-4 

his daughter Mary born Sept. 2 1675 

his son Ammaruhama born upon the — 

his son Nathaniel born Sept. 6 

his son Ebenezer born Oct. 10 1686 

Mr lohn Cambell's daughter Sarah born Dec 11 1687 

Thomas Stephen's son losiah born tune 29 about? -.^yg 
sun one hour high in the morning of the said day ^ 

Ezekiel Sandtord's son Ezekiel born April 9 1681 

his son Thomas born August 9 1684 

Mathew Howell's son Ezekiel born Ian. 21 1688-9 

Samuel Whitehead's daughter lohannah born Aug.) iqqq 
9 the sun being about one hour and half high at night J>" 


Isaac Willman Ir's eldest and only daughter Mary 
born Dec. 9 1089 

Walter Melven's son lolm born Ian. 30 1685 

his daughter Hannah born March 18 1687-8 

his-daughter Martha (by his second wife) born luly 1st 169L 
John Howell Ir's daughter Sibill born August 9 1691 

[Page 132.] lohn Boosheps (Bishop's) wit" gives in the 
birth of her children, Mary Booshep borne ye 31 of May 1681 
Abigail born 8 luly 1683 

Bethiah born Feb 27 , 1684 

Experience born Nov. 30 1686 

Nancy born lune 29 1688 

Unis born lune 17 1690 

Abraham Howell's son Phillip b'^rn Sept. 25 1691 

his son Ebenezer born lune 12 1693 

]\Ir Samuel Butler gives in the birth day ot his child- 
ren as followeth, his daughter Martha born Ian. 18 1687 
his daughter Sarah born April 4th 1690 

his daughter Amy borne the middle ot Sept. 1692 

his daughter Mary born April 5 1(594 

his son Natiianiel born April 4 1698 

his son lames born May 18 1700 

his son Gideon born Dec. 11 1701 

An accompt of loseph ifordham's children as followeth 
Mary born March 1 1 1690 about 9 (>'clock in the morn- 
ing and Mr loseph Whiting baptized her April 26 l()9l 
loseph born Sept. 19 neare about 12 o'clock at night 1693 
and was baptized by Mr Whiting Oct. 29, 1693 

Phebe born luly 22 1696 upon a Wednesday and was 
baptized by ]\Ir Whiting Sept. 20 169(> 

Alexander born Oct. 3 1700 upon a Thirsday and was 
baptized by Mr VMiiting Oct. 5 17(X) 

lohn was born Oct. 27 1703 about 3 o'clock a Wednes- 
day morning, and was baptized by Mr Whiting upon ye 
3 1 day of ye same month. 

Hannah was born luly 19 1707, and was baptized by 
Mr Whitinir ve next dav. 


leremiah Culver was married to Mary Pierson ye daughter 
of Left. loseph Pierson ye lifth Dec 1700, and his wife was de- 
livered of a Boy ye 22 of April 1702, and Mr Whiting baptized 
him and called his name leremiah. 

and my wife was delivered of a girl the 5tli day of Feb 1703-^ 
and Mr Whiting baptized her by the name of Mary. 

[Page 133.] (Abstract of deed.) Christopher Learning 
sells to Isaac Willman 20 acres adjoining east side of long pond 
bounded S. by land of lohn Woodruff, N. by Samuel Clark ot 
north sea, 

Isaac Willman in exchange gives 20 acres, 10 whereof lye at 
Sagaponack boi.nded E by Henry Pierson, N. by Robert Nor- 
ris S. & W. by highway, the other 10 lye in the 20 acre devis- 
ion at Sagaponack in Lot No. 2, April 2 1688 

VVitnes loHN Howell. 

I Abstract of deed.] Richard Post in consideration of love 
and affection for his grandsons the male children of his son 
loha deceased, gives them 3 acres in Captain's neck hollow in 
the great plain, on the west side of loseph Posts land ; also 2 
acres in said hollow adjoining to my own land: also my first 
or south division in the oxpasture ; and A long acre of land 
runing across Cooper's neck, bounded S. by highway ; also 2 
acres in the same furlong butting west to Halsey's neck hollow 
over against the land of lohn lessup ; also my 60 of meadow 
formerly given to my son lohn throughout Quogue purchase ; 
also the land at home* on which my said son's dwelling house 
stands, and the cow pasture land toward long springs. Aprd 
2 1688 her ' his 

Witness DoRiTHY 'A Iohnson RICHARD M POST 

mark mark 


[Page 134.] Whereas wee Isaac Halsey lohn Howell Ir 
Wm Herrick and Samuel lagger were appointed by the trus- 

• Probably now the home lot of William Jagger. W. S. P. 

304 records; town of- Southampton. 

tees of the town to visett the bounds of the towne westward at 
Seatuek, now wee aforesaid have this 26th day ot x\.])ril 16S8 
marked tlie bounds of the towne at Seatuek viz, a white oak 
great tree standinor on the west side of the said Seatuek Creek 
hard bj the creek side, the tree is marked on four sides with 
these letters, on the East side of the said tree Southamtton 
and on ye north side of the tree with s. h for Southampton, 
and also Iohn Howell set thereon, and 1688, and also more 
little trees marked &c. 

[Page 135.] (Abstract.) lonas T3ower sells to Iohn How- 
ell Ir his 100 of meadow in quaquanantuck neck in No 16; 
Iohn Howell gives in exchange his 100 of land and meadow 
lyirg in Catchaponack neck No. 33 April 6 1688 

Witnes Ioseph Sayre Samuel Iohnes 

(Abstract ) John Howell Ir sells to Ioseph lliidreth his 100 
of meadow in Catchaponack one 50 in lot No. 33 the other 50 
in lot 34 ; Ioseph Hildreth in exchange sells his 100 in qua- 
quanantuck neck May 2 1688. 

Witnes Iames White Samuel Clakk. 

(Page 13().] (Abstract, earmarks entered by) Caleb (^or- 
withy ]\laj Howell [Iohn] Obadiah Sale Ioseph More, Thon)as 
(hooper Ir, Iohn Pinny Iohn Cambell Ioseph fibster. 1()88-81> 

[Page 137.] (Abstract) Ioseph More sells to Iohn Howell 
Ir his 50 of meadow in quaquanantuck neck, in the lot with 
Arthur Howell. Iohn Howell sells to Ioseph More his 50 in 
Potunk neck, in the lot with lob Sayre. ]\Iay 9 11588. 

Witness Nathaniel Howell 
Susannah Howell 

(Abstract) Isaac and Iohn liaynor divide the land at Wick- 
apogne where their dwelling houses now stand, Isaac is to 
triakc 24f pole offence, and John the reinaitidcr. 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 305 

[Page 138] lune 22 1688. 

At a towne meeting held in Southampton this 2d day of 
A prill Anno I)om 1689. 

By a majority ot the freeholders and Inhabitants of the said 
towne Thomas Cooper and daniel Sayre were both chosen 
constables for this yeare, or until others be sworne in their 

By major voat Likewise were chosen tor trustees this year 
Mathew Fowell Samuel lohnes Samuel Clark (north sea) Pere- 
crriiie Stanb<'ro Jonathan Rainer thomas topping Edraond 
Howell francis Sayre lohn Cook Henry Ludlam Elnathan 
t ippingr Abraham iJowell. 

And for Assessors were chosen lob Sayre Samuel Cooper 
and lames White. 

lohn Howell Ir chosen collector and treasurer. Manassah 
Kempton chosen sealer and searcher of leather. 

At ye aforesaid towne meeting, held April 2 1689 it was by 
genarall vote granted to Isaac Halsey In consideration of the 
five pounds iie tormerly payd, to have all the remainder of the 
upland in On u nek neck, that is soe far as the lyne of conven- 
iency ot tenceing in the said neck was to run as is expressed in 
page lOo of this book, the said land to be to him and his for 

It was likewise by general voat granted to lames White and 
1 homas Cooper to close up the highway on the north side of 
the lot of Rob. Kalh»m and the west end, they laying the same 
quantity of land downe to the towne on the south side of 
Thomas Coopers home lot, which the said Thomas Cooper and 
lames White doe agree to bear the same proportionably, see 
more page 156. 

at ye same meeting it was likewise granted to Samuel Coop- 
er for three shillings money to have for ever the piece of land 
k'ft for a highway betwixt the land of the said Samuel Cooper 
his northsea division at meakocks and the land of Mr Edward 
Howell being about 18 poles of ground, the 3s was then paid. 
At the same meeting likewise granted and concluded by gen- 


eral voat that the vacant land lying with the highway between 
peregrine Stanborongh's land north, and Christo. Learnings 
and Ben^ny's land south at Sagaponack, all the said land d(nvne 
[Page 139.] to the water is to lye common for ever. 

It is alsoe at the same towne meeting held A prill 2 1689 by 
major voate granted to Samuel Lum to exchang two a(;res ot 
the land formerly given him by the towne at Kelly's pond to 
lye now at or ot the vacant land that lyeth behind lolin ]\Iiteh- 
el's land at meakocks by the land of Walter Melven, not preju- 
dicing highways and waterings at the discretion of the layers 
out, he paying three shillings in money, which he hath theii 
paid down. 

at the same meeting it is likewise given and granted by gen- 
eral voate unto Benony flintt of Sagaponack ten acres of land 
to be layd out to him at ye discretion of the layers out. 

(Abstract) U'he 2 acres above to be exchanged by Samuel 
Lum are laid out in a gore joining on the east side to said 
Samuel's land and partly upon lolin Mitchel's land 48 poles 
butting south upon the rear of Walter Melven's land 16 poles 
nothing at the other end, for which he lays down 2 acres at 
Kellys pond. April 26 16S9. 

Likewise May 1 1()89 laid out bv bdm laggei' and Tohii 
Howell Ir thirteen acres of land at Sagaponack to P^lnatlian 
Topping being a third part of Thomas Goldsmiths iorty acre 
lot at Scuttlehole layed down to the towne's use there, and 
this clay layd out to the said l^jlnathan on the north end of 
Henry Person's land which he bought of the town, and alsoe 
layd out on the north side of said Henry's land and eastward 
of the said Llnalhan's land ten acres ot land to Benony Hint 
lying 40 pole square. 

Feb. 28 1690. [Abstract] Anthony Ludlain gives in his 
ear mark which was \n< tathers, [same mai-k recorded to Sarah 
Lmlhim on ])age 101.] 

I Pace 140.] (Abstract) Christopher Foster records an ear 
mark that was his Grandfather I'osters, (same recorded to 
Christopher Foster on psige 102) Ichalxxl Cooper r('(H)rcls 


mark, lames Cooper records earmark, and brand 1. C. which 
Mas his fathers, lecomiah Scott records mark, William Tarbell 
lonathan Halsey Samuel lohnes, record marks, lohn Gould 
records earmark formerly belonged to lohn Mapham and at 
his decease lay vacant, and is now taken up by lohn Gould. 

[Page 141.] Memorandum that whereas the layers out of 
land for the Inhabitants of this towne did formerly lav^ out a 
certain piece of land unto Capt. Joseph Fordham, of 40 acres 
at Hunttington and was for his lott of the 40 acre division, auj] 
the bounds of the said land being this day now marked upon 
the old trees, the first corner southeast or east is marked upon 
a white oak tree standing on the right hand of the path that 
comes from Sagaponack, and the next corner N. E. or north 
is marked upon a little black oak tree standing by a great rock 
and the northwest corner marked upon a great white oak tree 
and the southwest corner is marked upon a white oak tree, all 
of them marked with I. F. the land lyeth by measure about 
four score pole square, this land thus marked by us of the lay- 
ers out this 9th day of May 1690. 


[Abstract of deed] Thomas Topping sells to loseph Sayre 
4^ acres in great and little plains, 2 acres being in oxpasture 
at the head of the creek, bounded W. by Obadiah Rogers, E. 
by Samuel Clark : 1^ acres on W side of Halsey's neck bound- 
ed S. by Edmond Howell, N. by lohn Woodruff: 1 acre in 
the little plain in Benj Davis close: In exchange loseph Sayre 
gives his half lot in Hogneck, which he had of lohn Raynor, 
and his 50 of a 10 acre lot he had of his grandfather Foster, 
both ])arcels lye near brushy neck, in Lots 20, 26. luly 15 
1(590. [In the laying out of Hog Neck lot 26 fell to Joseph 
Foster, who is probably the " grandfather Foster " here men- 
tioned. W. S. P.J 

[Page 14 2 ] (Abstract) Isaac Halsey sells to Wm. Herrick 

308 records: town of t?OUTHAMPT()X. 

his lot 31 at Catchaponack. Wm. Uerrick sells Isaac Halsey 
Ills lot of meadow at accabonge No 3. lulj 16 1690. 

(Abstract) lonah Fordham sells to Thomas Burnet 2 acres 
at I>ittlewortli, on consideration that said lonah hath his land 
on the west side of Thomas Barnets land. 1690 Sept. 26. 

[Page 143.] ]\larriages. lohn Foster Ir married to Hannah 
Abbott Dec. 5 1689. 

Abraham Howell married to Ann Tames Oct. 2 1690. 

Joseph Fordham married to Mary Alaultbie by Mr. losepli 
Whiting Dec. 5 1689. 

Mr labez Wakeman minister of the go.^pell at Newarke in 
East larsey was married to Mrs* Eunice Howell, dafter of Lett 
Cob Mathew Howell of Southampton, upon the 29th of Sep- 
tember 1702, and she was deliv^ered of a son np:)n the the 3(! 
day of September 1703 and named ye child Samuel Wakeman 
and the said child departed this h'fe the 29th of Sept. 1704 

Mr labez Wakeman minister ot the gospell at Newwarke as 
abovesaid departed this life October 8 1704, his said wife Mrs 
Eunice Wakeman was married to Mr loseph Talent Esq. living 
in hartford in New England ujion the 26tli day of lune Amu* 
Dom. 1706 

[Page 144.] Memarandnm that whereas there was formerly 
a certain piece of land laid out to Mr. Robert fordham of South - 
am])ton lying on the west side of littleworth hollow on the 
north side ot ye mill path, and the said land by estimation was 
to contain about 50 Acres, which was since assigned to Mi' 
lonah fordham and there was also a piece of land aj)ointed to 
Thomas Burnet ot about 10 acres lying on the west side of the 
afore said land of j\lr fordham's and tor conveniency of la\ iiig 
the said pieces ot land to suite each other the said lonah ford- 
ham and Thomas Burnet made an exchange, that the said 
Thomas Burnet should take his 10 acres next to the said hollow 
and the said lonah fordham to take his land on the west side 
ot said Thomas Burnet his land, with the proviso that the said 

*■ Thp nbrcviarion of Mrs. for mistress, w;is at lh;it time trorinpntly conforrprl \^\)'m 
umii.inieJ ladiet^, iioriii^ih sucia! itaiiiiii. W s l*. 


lonali fordham should allow unto the said Thomas Burnet two 
acres of land next adjoining to be to him and his heyers forever, 
which said lonah fordham doth afirme that he hath allowed 
and possesed je paid Thomas Burnet ot the said 2 acres, land 
and the widow Mary Burnet relict of the said Thomas Burnet 
doth acknowledge to have receaved the same and both of them 
doe order the same to be recorded this 25 day of Sept 1690. 


[Page 145.] (Abstract. Earmarks recorded by) lohn Fin- 
ney Leonard Harris lohn Rose Ir lohn Maltbie enters mark 
formerly of Isaac Howell deceased. Theodore Pierson enters 
mark that was his brother Benjamens, Jeremiah Post Aaron 
Burnet Benjamen Cooper Ichabed Sayre Jonathan lagger Jer- 
emiah Foster Isaac Raynor. 

[Page 146.] Samuel Clark of the northsea doth this 5th dav 
of [une 1691 give in to be entered upon the Records ot South- 
ampton all find singular every part and parcel of his lands 
meadows tenements comonages and privileges as it descended 
to him the sd Samuell Clark from his father Samuel Clark de- 
ceased, and also as it is now in his possession enjoyed and im- 
proved, where and hovv- bounded limited and described as fol- 
io weth. 

First that he holds his father's Hundred pound allotment 
and privileges throughout the bounds of said towne. 

21y his home lot* dwelling house and housing thereon lying 
and being at the said north sea bounded south by Charles Stur- 
my's home lot, and North by the highway, being by estima- 
tion four acres of land with the adition or divition lying over 
the ocher side of the street, belonging to the said lot being 
about halfe an acre, more or less, of both land and swamp and 
alsoe a piece of land of about 3 acres at the reer of my said 
home lot, and a piece of meadow thereto adjoining of about 12 
acres more or less, bounded on the north side by the meadow 

* Probably the present home lot of Austin Rose, Esq. W. S. P. 

310 records: town of Southampton. 

of lames Cooper and on the west side b}^ the creek, and on the 
Southwest side by the meadow of Thomas Shaw. 

31j my old field at the Clay pitts containing ]0 acres and 
also the adition ot 3 acres adjoining on the north end of said 
field which 3 acres was layd out upon the division made by the 
house lot, at tne north sea 3 acres to a lot, there is also another 
3 acres of mine layd out to my brother Edmonds hous lott, and 
is bounded on the north side by the said adition of Benjamen 
Haines, and South by the land of lecamiah Scott. 

41y my land lying at a place called Homses which my father 
bought of Mr fordham, with the water mill being about 6 acres 
more or less. 

51y my land and meadow Ij'ing on the Southwest parte of 
Cow neck bounded on the west side by the bay or sound and 
on the south side by Seaponack harbor and on the north side by 
fhc- land of lohn Davis and George Harres, and also the high- 
way on parte thereof and on the east side by the land of Tliom- 
as Shaw, all which land and meadow contained in the said com- 
pass is mine as above described excepting f of an acre of mea 
dow of Thomas Lupton lying between my land and the water 
at the Southeast corner, all which meadows of mine contained 
in the compass aforesaid was a first lot to my father in the 
northsea division of meadow and the land he had by devision, 
and parte thereof he had of Mr lennings as per Records doth 

61y more land of mine lying in said Cow neck being about 
eight acres 6 whereof was also by division and 2 acres thereof 
he bought of lohn Oldtield bounded on the north by the land 
ot John Davis, and on the south side by the land that was be- 
lonirino: to fulk davis, a great Rock in the Ivne bounded East 
bv the highway and VV by the Cleft. 

71y two acres of meadow more of mine in said Cow neck ly- 
ing neare a })lace called Indian Hedge which my father bought 
of lohn Davis, being bounded west by tiie meadow of Ueorgo 
Harris and by Richard Smith's meadow on the east side. 

Sly according to my allotment of one hundred in the north 


sea !yne, 1 have a ninth part of all undivided land and meadow 
and privileges within said lyne. 

9]j half a cove of meadow of mine lying in the little neck as 
you go downe to the harbor being abont two acres and a half 
of meadow which my father bought with the mill. 

lOly my lot of meadow at little Noyack on the other side 
l)eing no. 1 in that division. 

Illy my four acre lot of land lying by and adjoining to the 
land of Samuel lohnes on tlie north side thereof and John pinys 
home lot on the south side thereof and losiah Laughton's home 
lot* on the east end thereof, and alsoe my twenty Acres of land 
lying on the north side of Isaac JIalsey's close the highway be- 
tween bounded north by the land of lohn piny and East by the 
road to north sea. 

12ly the land of mine layd out to my hundred allotment in 
the last great division both of the 20 acre division and fortv 
acre division which lyeth at the long pond, being a 40 acre lot 
and is No 5 in that division bounded on the north side by the 
lot belonging to Mr Taylor, and South by the land formerly 
belonging to Henry Pierson. 

181y my division of land and meadow at Hogneck being no. 
[Page 148.] 45 in that division being a 100 or | of the said 
20 acre lot of land also the out meadow belonging being about 
one acre of meadow lying at Smith's meadow. 

(Note. The 4 acre lot No. 11, probably lies on the North 
Sea road north of Mr. Bowden's. — w. s. P.J 

[Page 149-50.] (Al)stract.) The meadow in Assup neck is 
divided among the owners of the lots for the term of 7 years, 
the n)eadow is divided into 7 lots and owned by Thomas Coop- 
er Zackariah Rogers lohn tiowell Isaac Halsey Obadiah Rog- 
ers Henry Pierson Thomas Stephens. Aug. 14 1691 

[Page 151, | memorandum that lohn le^sup gives in to be 
entered that he with some other of the layers out did formerly 
lay out a certaine piece of land at meacocks unto Walter i\Iel- 

• Josiah Laughton's horae lot is the homestead now belonj^iug to the heirs of Lewi? 
Sjiiidf.Jid. W. S. I». 

312 records: town of Southampton, 

ven being aboute four acres adjoining to the land of lohn 
Mitchell butting to the highway which land the said Walter 
Melven saith was given him by the towne. 

[Abstract. ] Isaac Willman sells to Thomas Stephens one 
acre in the oxpastnre, south division No 23 east side ot said 
lot formerly belonging to lohn Woodruff' in exchange Thomas 
Stephens gives ^ acre in the tirst division of the little plain as 
it iell to Ellis Cook. (No date.) 

[Abstract] Isaac Willman Ir sell Thomas Stephens two 
lots in the North division of the oxpastnre No SO ol and § ot 
lot 29, and an acre in the South division in lot 23 ; in exchange 
Thomas Stephens gives 6 acres in the great plain in Cooper's 
neck bounded E by highway, and W by highway in the hol- 
low on that side of the neck, S by lohn Post April 16, 1692. 

[Page 152.] (Abstract.) Thomas Stephens sells to lere- 
miah lagger (son of lohn) lot No 22 South division of oxpas- 
tnre, 2 acres, and 1 acre adjoining in Lot 28, in exchange lohn 
lagger gives Lot No 85 North division of oxpastnre. Apr 2 1692 

[Page 158.J Southampton March 22 1691-2. 

At a meeting of the propriators of the greate and little plaine 
in order to the settlement of the fence, the question being put 
whether the aforesaid plains should be fenced and settled in 
whole or in part as by major voate of the said propriators 
should determine it was caryed by all the aforesaid propriators 
except loseph Pierson Wm Barker Thomas Stephens and The- 
ophilus Ilowell and losiah Ray nor, that it should be settled 
and fenced, as the major part should determine, Thd question 
being put whether the plain aforesaid should be fenced and 
settled as it was last year and now stands, it was caryed by 
major voat that it should not, and after many voats past and 
obtaine no major voat tor future settlement it was agreed by 
major voat that the fence as it stood last year should be righted 

up for chis present year. 



At a towne meeting holden in Southampton on Tuseday the 
.5th of April 1692, present John Howell William Barker and 
^lathew Uowell lustiees of the peace Mr lohn Campbell be- 
ing convened before the Instices at this meeting, and there, tor 
refusing to serve as Constable the last year when duly chosen, 
is Amerced 20 shillings in money, alias 30s in pay which ye 
said Campbell is willing and promiseth to pay, and there upon 
discounts soe much of what the towne oweth him, 

lohn Pinny chosen constable by major voat of the towne 
for this year Likewise Thomas Topping chosen constable for 
this year. For Trustees of the tovvn for this year chosen as fol- 
loweth, daniel Sayres loseph post Sam Barnes Jonathan Ray- 
nor Samuel Clark Ephraim Howell losiah Toppmg Gersham 
Culver loseph Howell loseph Moore Thomas Lupton Ichabod 

[Page 154.) Chosen for assessors loseph Pierson Fames and 
Abram Howell. 5ly chosen for viewers and surveyors of the 
highways tor this year loseph Pierson lames White and Wm 
Herrick. 6ly Francis Sayre chosen viewer ot the fences be- 
ienging to the great and little plain. 

7 Aaron Burnet and Benj. Davis chosen beards. 

8ly ^lanassah Kempton chosen searcher and sealer of leather 

yiy loseph Howell chosen packer. 

Whereas there is a difference concerning the highway at 
Sagaponack lying on the east side of the 40 acre devision of 
land layd out to Mr Peregrine Stanbrow- adjoining to Saga- 
ponack swamp the said Stanbrow doth now in the afore said 
town meeting agree that the East line of his said land lying to 
said highway shall run from the southeast corner northward to 
a crooked white oak tree, already marked by loseph Pierson 
and thence Running northward to his N E. corner between 
Elnatiian Topping and himself, to which ye said Peregrir.e 
Stanbrow doth agree and consent unto provided it be an end 
of all differences aboute that land which is also assented to by 
the towne by major voate. 

At the same meeting it was granted by Major voate to lames 


Cooper and Nathaniel Howell that the highway lying East of 
lohn Post, and north of Samuel Uooper be removed to the east 
side of Mathew Howell' land he bought of lohn lessup pro- 
vided they leave. lohn Post a sufficient highway to his land at 
the N. E. corner and leaving out to the towne for a highway 
soe much land as they take in ot the said highway. 

At the same meeting it was granted by major voat to lohn 
Davis & his heyres the stream of water at little Noyack soe 
long as he maintaines a grist mill thereon litt for service to 
grinde what tlie streame will aford, provided tlie said mill be 
completed in two years time and to grind what he can for the- 
Inhabitants of this towne before others, and if at any time here 
after the said mill shall be not servicable for one whole year^ 
the streame shall retui-n to the towne againe. 

[Page 155.] At a town meeting held in Southampton April 
ye 18 1692 it was then voated bv the Major parte of all the 
freeholders to pay the arears of the quitt Kent if a discliarge 
*'o> for the same cannot be obtained far less. It was also then 
granted to Ezekiel Sandford by the Major part of the freehold- 
ers that hee siiall have forty pole of land at ye front of his liouse 
lot laved out by the surveyors of the highway for the time be- 
ing, if the said surveyors think it convenient. In lieu of halttj 
an acre of his orchard land, but if they think it not convenient 
they are to lay out to hitn his halfe acre in some other conve- 
nient place. Test MATHEW HOWELL lustice. 

Aprill the fJrst 1669 at a towne meeting the perticular men 
that give to lohn Tenistm land out of the land which shall be- 
long unto them, in the next division with the (piantity they 
gave him on the condition that he dwell in the towne four years 
hence forward. 

Thomas Cooper 4 acres Anthon}' Ludlam 1 

lohn Cooper 4 William Russell 1 

loseph tfordham 4 lohii Woodruff '1 

Ivlmond Howell 2 Ls.uu- Willman 1 

Henry Ludlam 1 — 

— 5 

15 15 

ill all 20 


Chosen for constable loseph Rajnoi", overseers Isaac Halsey 
Richard Howell. 

The towne granted ye said 20 acres should be lajd out to 
least disadvantage to ye towne and most advantage to him as 
might be. A true copy 


[Page 156.] At a town meeting held in Southampton Nov. 
ye 1 1 th 1691 It was voated that there shall be allowed for every 
woolfe killed within the bounds of ye towne twelve shillintrs, 
and for every whelp six shillings 

Inly the 1 1H92 Whereas lames White and Thomas Cooper 
had a grant of the towne to close up the highway on the north 
side of lames Whites lott by Thomas Coopers and also the 
highway at ye w^est end thereof as in page 138 doth aper, now 
know ye that I John Howell have this day measured the said 
highway at ye north side and west end and have layed out to 
ye towMies use for a highway on ye south side of Thomas Coop- 
ers Home Lot* taking off the south side of the said home lot at 
the west end next the garden three poles and two Inches, and 
off the south side of said lot at the east end by the old house, 
five poles and two Inches, whicti land is then laid out for a 

Oct. rhe 21 1692 At a tnwne Meeting holden in Southamp- 
ton b}' vertue of an order from the lustices of the peace, to 
chuse a man of this towne to Supervise the county charge with 
the rest of the men soe chosen by the severall townes to meet 
at Southampton upon the first Wednesday of November next, 
by major voat of the said Inhabitants at this meeting Thomas 
Cooper is chosen Superviser for this year afore said. 

I Page 157.] (Abstract.) earmarks entered by lonathan 
Uaynor Dan Bnrnet lohn Mitchell George Harris David Say re 
loseph Hildreth Samuel Barnes lames Herrick 1692. 

[Page 158.] memaRandum that whereas the surveyors of 
the highway for this year 1692 namely loseph Pierson lames 

* Thomas Cooper'? home lot is ihe corner now owned by Capt. Augustus Hsl^py .'iiid 
Thomas Warren, north side ot Hill street. W S. V. 


White and William Herrick, they doe make retnnie upon their 
surveying of the highways in the plains that Edmond Howell 
at his close l.ying in the first ne(;k butting eastward to the high 
way, and sidei ng northward to the highway at the rear of the 
ten acre lots, at the east end of sd close, at the north east cor- 
ner he hath fenced in six foot of the highway that layes on the 
north side of the said close, and at ye north west corner one 
rod of said highway, and likewise at Cooper's neck, the said 
Edmond hath fenced in of the highway on ye north side of his 
close six foot the whole length ot his close, both which defects 
the said Edmund Howell doth promise to rectify, and leave out 
to ye said highways, in manner aforesayd at or before the first 
ot October next ensueing. 

Nov. the 17 1692 Whereas the surveyors ot ye highway 
namely lames White loseph Pierson and \Vm Uerrick chosen 
and appointed by the towne tor this year to survey the high- 
ways who have accordingly proceeded thereon, and doe find 
that Mr Peregrine Stanborough at Sagaponack, hath taken 
within his home land* ot the highway right against his house, 
two Rodd or two poles of ground, that whereas the highway 
should be 6 poles wide it is no at but 4 poles wide in that place 
Now know yea that the said Peregrine Stanbrow doth covenant 
and promise for himself his heyres and Assignes to and with 
the said surveyors, their heyres and successors, in the behalf of 
the towne that he the said Peregriue shall and will throw out 
the said two pole soe taken in (of the highway) on which his 
barne now standeth, that is to say so as to make the highway 
in that place 6 pt)le wide, which is terminated at a stone i)it('lied 
downe In his yard, and from said stone to Run upon a straight 
lyne westward to the n(!xt corner of losiah Toppings land 
against the highway, and likewise to Run upon a straight lyne 
from said stone eastward to the next corner of said losiah Top- 
{)ings lott on which his old house standeth, which he the said 
Peregrine doth promise to throw out to the said highway at or 

* Perejjnne Stauboro's nouse stood on the laue runuiiii; down to Sage: pond on the -Joiith 
side of the laue. W. s. P. 


before the 17 day of Nov. in the year of our Lord 1699 which 
is seven years from ye date hereof which land in the meantime 
he is peaceably to enjoy without disturbance, that is ye land 
the barne stands upon, the Kest of the land taken in as afore- 
said to be throvvne out as soon as his fence is rotten and comes 
[Page 159.] to be repared, and further it is to be understood 
that when said Peregrine hath throvfne out the land as before 
described hee will yet have within his fence satisfaction for one 
acre of his former division which Reserved out of the thirtv 
when he sould but 29 to shamgar hand which agreement is to 
be a final issue betsveen them forever. In witness whereof 
both partyes have set to their hands the day aforesaid. 


[Abstract of deed ] Thomas Topping sells to lohn Foster 
4 acres in Halsey's neck in great plains, bounded N by Rob 
Woolley S. by lohn Laugh ton, E by lonathan Raynor, W. by 
Highway being in the east furlong in said neck. In exchange 
lohn Fosters giv^es his parcel of meadow he had of Edmond 
Howell lying at the bottom of Captain's neck, bounded E & W 
by lohn Woodruff, S by water, N by lonah Fordham, 4 acres 
also 1^ acres lying toward the bottom of Halsey's neck, in the 
East furlong bounde S by Daniel Halsey, N, by Samuel [ohnes, 
PI by lohn Foster, W. by highway. Ian. 20 1692. 

[Abstract of deed.] Robert VVooley sell to Isaac Halsey 
deceased, his 100 lotment in Catcheponack No. 30, in exchange 
Jsaac Halsey gives his 100 lotment at Accabog which he had 
of Isaacc lohn and losiah Raynor, No. 35. 

Recorded .Alarch 8 1694 lOB SAYRE Recorder. 

[Page 161. ] (Abstract.) earmarks entered by Isaac Will- 
man Ir Mathias Burnet (enters the mark of lohn Ealse de- 
ceased,) loseph Woolley, Theophilus Willman (enters mark of 
liis brother JMathew deceased) lohn Pinney, lonah Bovver lohn 
Foster Ir, lohn Wick, Isaac Hal=ey 3d Henry Pierson. 

318 records: TOVVxN uf soutuamptox. 

[Page 162.] At a towne meeting held April -4 1693 It was 
agreed upon by major voat that whereas Thomas Reeves de- 
ceased did lay claime to a small parcel of land that the said 
towne had tormerl^^ granted to him, lying to the northward of 
Isaac and lohn Raynor's lande, and to ye eastward of Epli rim 
Howell, and had exchanged it with Thomas Halsey deceased, 
and there being no record found of it, the town agrees yt Isaac 
Halsey Bosen* shall have what land he claims there to bee 
layd out by the discretion of the surveyors, which ior this yeare 
are lames White loseph Pierson & \Vm Herrick. entered 
and recorded by me 

lOB SAYRE Clerk. 

[Abstract.] earmarks entered by Elisha HowoU who enters 
mark (formerly Isaac Willmans) Nathaniel Halsey loshna 
Barnes enters mark (that was his grand fathers), losiah Bishop 
Theodore Pierson. 

[Page 163.] (abstract) Thomas Steevens sells to Benjam- 
en Foster his meadow at Cooper's neck, bounded E. by lohii 
lessup, N. by Manassah Kempton, W by swamp, S Isaac Will- 
man ; in exchange Benj. Foster gives his land and meadow in 
little plain, bounded W. by pond, E. by Edward Howell, S. by 
Highway or beach, N. by highway. JSept. 28 1693. 

(Abstract.) Isaac Halsey sells to Edmond Howell, Lot 17, 
North division of oxpasture ; and 5 acres in the 10 acre lots W 
of Sam lohne's land ; and 3 gin acres in little plain, Edmond 
Howell gives in exchange his parcel of land adjoining to town 
pond on S side of Isaac Halseys barn close, and 1 acre in ILil- 
sev's neck. March 26 1696. 


[Page 164.] (Abstract ) Thomas Stephens sells Isaac 
Willman 150 lot of meadow at accabog, for a 150 lot at Po- 
tunk. Oct. 18 1693. 

(Abstract) Tho. Stephens sell to lonathan Raynor land in 
little plain, bonnded W by pond, S by beach, N by highway. 

* Qcery: Is lhi<! abreviatuni for boatuwain ? W. S I'. 


lonathan Kavnoi- in exchange gives 1 acre in Captain's neck, 
bounded E by water, W by Thomas Stephens. Nov. 20 1098. 

[Page 165.] (Abstract) earmarks recorded by Samuel 
Haines, Samuel larger, lohn Woodrurt'. 

(Abstract) lohn vVocdruft' sells to lob Sayre 1 acre in the 
10 acre lots by the side oi lob Savres land, in exchange for 1 
acre ot meadow at Brushy neck, which lob bought of Francis 
►Sayre. Ian 8 11)93. 

Southampton ]\Iay ye 25 1G91. 'I'hen Ezekiel Saniord came 
and did declare before me as Justice of the peace that his man 
Edward was not capable of larnmg a trade and desired me to 
enter itt upon Record. 


[Page 106 ] (Abstract of deed.) Leonard Harris and his 
now wife Mary sell to Ezekiel Sandford 20 acres bounded E by 
highway S by Thomas Ilalsey, VV b}' Kellies pond, N by Sam- 
uel Lum. 
Witness LvcOB vVauk his 

liEN. Smith, LENARl) >< HARRLS 

\Vm Bai:keu iustice. her 

Aug. 17 1698. iMARV y. HARRIS 


IPagl: 167. j (Abstract) lohn Laughton lor 3£ sell to 
]Matliew Howell a 50 lot at Potunk No. 5, the other two parts 
being owned l)y (iersham Culver and lohn Bishop. 

Witness leremiah lagger Hannah Howell. June 11 16<S7 

[Page 168.] (Abstract) Samuel lohnes for 80£ sells to 
Mathew Howell 2 acres on North side of his home lot, bound 
E by main street VV by west street of towne, S. by my home 
lot, N by lohn luggers lane. May 21 1685. 



Witness lohn Eoster Ir lonah Bower. 

[Note. — Phis is the home lot of Dea. Edwaid Ihnitting, 
deceased. — w. s. r. I 


[Page 169.] (Abstrsct) lohn ilowell sells to Matliew 
Howell Lot No 12 quaqnanantuck neck which he had of Isaac 
Willman, and ^ ot Lot No 18 which I had of losepb ]\Iore, 
price 20£ Nov. 20 1691. 

Witness lohn Tagger Dorathy ><! Halsej. 

her mark 

[Page 17L] (Abstract) Benjamen Pierson of Elisabeth 
towne in larsey, sells to Mathew Howell ^ of a lot of meadow 
in Qnaquanantnck neck, and ^ of a Lot in Assopstauke neck, 
and J ot a 390 Lot in Catchaponack, price 11£ 15s. 

Oct. 11 1687 her 


Witness lob Sayre Sam Whitehead. 

[Page 172.J (Abstract) lohn White sells Daniel Sayre Ir 
J of Lot No 16 at Sagaponack, the other 2-3 being my uncle 
lames Whites, 8£ March 30 1694. 

Witness losiah Topping David Sayre. 

[Page 173-5.] (Abstract) Thurston Raynor late ot South- 
ampton quits claim to his brotherr Isaac and lohn all his riirht 
to the estate ot his father loseph Raynor, (31ary Raynor widow 
of loseph R. having proved will) May 24 1691. 

Witness loseph Fordham lohn Cooke. 

[Page 176.] (Abstract) Oliver Russell sells ^ of Lot No. 
10 in 20 acre divi>ion at meacox, (which my father William 
Russell had of lohn Bishop) to Benon^- Newton, price 24 
pounds. May 21 1694. 

[Page 177.] (Abstract) Thurston Raynor sells to Ezekiel 
ganford .^ ot a 20 acre lot at Hog neck (recorded to nis lather 
loseph R.) JVIay 4 1(594. 

[Page 178] (Abstract) Thomas Stephens sells Gersluim 
Culver Lot No 35 and | of lot 33 North division ot Oxpusture. 


In exeliange Gersham Culver gives Lot No 32 and f of Lot 31 
Lily 1694. 

[Page 179.] (Abstract) lob Say re eldest son and adminis- 
trator of lob Sayre deceased, sells to Hannah S. (widow ot 
lob Sayre) the farm, house, barn be at meacox formerly be- 
longing to Arthur Howell deceased, and the large lower room 
and the lean to beir,g the west end of Said lob Sayrcs dwelling 
house, lime 1 1G94. 

[Page 180.] (Abstract) John Burnet sells to his brother 
Dan 11 acres at Sagaponack, bounded W by Steeven Hedges, 
E l)y Highway bonVids between East & Southampton, S & N 
by highways, also 12 acres (j)art of which fell to me, and part 
given by my niother ^lary B.) at Hog neck. lune 11 1694. 

[Page 181.] (Abstract) Joseph Fordham sells lehobod 
Cooper my lot of 3 acres in oxpastnre north division, (as it fell 
to n\y father deceased) in exchange Ichabod Cooper gives 3 
acres in North division ot oxpasture, bounded N by lames 
Cooper, E. loieph Fordiiam, VV by land of loseph Fordham 
above demised, S. by highway. luly 24 1694. 

[Page 182.] (Abstract) loseph Fordham sells to loseph 
Hildreth, the lot mentioned (on page 181) whice lot fell to 
Thomas Cooper deceased, Nj 1, in exchange loseph 11. gives 
^ of lot No. 30 South devision of oxpasture, and 50 shillings in 
money. luly 25 l(i94 witness Lhomas Shaw Ir 

[Page 1S3.] (Abstract) Obadiah Sale sells to Samuel 
Whitehead, his home lot or pitle with dwelling house | acre, 
bounded S. by land of Ldmond Howell partly by land of lob 
Sa\re, VV bv Ldmond Howell N. & E. by hisrhwa}-. 

April 10 1693. OBADIAH SALE 


[Note. — This is the homestead of Henry Reeves, south of 
Academv lane. — W. s. P.] 

[Page 181-5.] (Abstract) Obadiah Sale sells to Samuel 
Whitehead, 2 acres of laiul in Halsey's neck, bounded E. W. 
N. by highways, S by iosejli Poast. April 13 1693. 

322 RECORDS : town of SOUTHAMFrON. 

[Page 1S6.] (Abstract) lohn White sells to Samuel Coop- 
er 2 acres in Captain's neck, bounded S. by loscpli Fordham, 
E. by Thomas Topping, N by higiiway, W by Samuel Coop- 
er. Aug. 14 1694. 

[Page 187 -8.[ (Abstract) Kichard Howell sells losiah 
Raynor 3 acres in Halsey's neck, bounded S b}^ loseph Pierson 
E by Jonathan Eaynor N. by liicliard Howell W by liighway. 
loseph Raynor in exchange gives 2f acres in little plain bound 
S by Edmond Howell, N by Richard Howell and Isaac Halsey 
E by highway. Sept. 19 1694. 

[Page 189.] (Abstract) l^enjamcn Foster sells Ezekiel 
Sandford a parcel ot land 1 had ot lohn Loome and which was 
given him by the town, bounded S by Ezekiel Sandtord W by 
Eellies pond N. E. by common land 8 acres. Sept. 12 1694 

[Page 190-2.] (Abstract) Samuel Tohnes sells to Gersham 
Culver 150£ lot of meadow at Seaponack great neck, bounded 

5 by losiah Halsey's meadow, E. by wading place water, Nov. 

6 1691. 

Richard Howell sells to losiah Raynor 3 acres in Halsey's 
neck bound S. by loseph Pierson, E by Jonathan Raynor N 
Richard Jlowell VV by Highway, and losiah Raynor in ex- 
change sells to Richard Howell 2 acres in little plain bounded 
S by Edward ilowell, N by Richard Howell and l>aac Halsey 
Ir E. W. by highways. Sept U 1694. 

[Page 193.] (Abstract) Cornelius Vonck sells to Gersham 
Culver all his lotment in both divisions of oxpasture 5()£ lot. 
Ian. 2, 1676. 

Witness Iler.ry I'ierson Darby M Moretield. 

his mark 

lohn Topping of Sagaponack tells to Gersham Culver his 
100£ lot in both divisions of Oxpasture. ^larc'i 26, K)77 

[Page 19^.] (Abstract) Joseph Fordha:n (in pursiuince of 
an agreement between the children oi Robert Jordham de- 
ceased) sells to his uncle lonah Fi)rdliam a .") ) in Scuttle hole 


division No 14, and a 50 in Hop: neck, and a 50 in both divi- 
sions of oxpasture. Nov. 22 1()84. 

lonah Fordham, to losepli Fordham Nathan and Pellatiah 
Fordham release for all claims for himself that lie might have 
had through his lather Robert Fordham deceased. Nov 1 1694 

[Page 196] (Abstract) John Bishop sells to his .youngest 
son losiah the north part of my land h'ing at the north end of 
the towne on the west side of the highway that goes to Long 
8])rings. 20 acres bonndcd I\ by land that was lohn ]\loppham's 
deceased S. my own land, E. W. by towne highways. 

[Probabl}' north part of farm of Francis R. Bishop. — w. s. P.] 

[Page 197.] (Abstract) Isaac Ualscy sells to Dan Burnet 
20 acres at Sagaponack as it fell to me by lot. and Dan Bur- 
net in exchange gives | of a lot in the 40 acre division at the 
head of the mill pond 26 acres as it fell to my father Tiiomas 
Burnet deceased. No 1. Ian. 11 1(594. 

[Page 19S-9.] (Abstract) Hannah widow of Thomas Top- 
ping sells to Gersham Culver, 3 acres or a 150£ lot in North 
division of oxpasture No 41 between the lots of Obadiah Rog- 
ers, &: Thomas Burnet, April 24 16b2. 


Witnesses Manassaii Kempton Iohx Laughton 

Thomas Topping of Southampton ratifies and confirms the 
same Ian. 30 i(i94. 

[Page 199.] (Abstract) Thomas Topping (for o£ 9s for- 
merly paid to my grandfather Topping deceased) sell to Sam- 
uel Clarke Lot No G m north and Lot 30 in South division of 
oxpasture. Inly 19 1695. 

[Page 200] (Abstract) Edmond Howell sells to loseph 
Fordham 5 acres of my cow pasture, in north division of ox- 
pasture adjoing the great plaine, bounded E by land of Mr Wm 

324 records: town of Southampton. 

Barker W by my own land, N & S by highways, price 11£ 
April 2 1G95. 

Witness Edmond Howell Jk Obadlvii IIogers. 

[Page 201.] (Abstract) Joseph Fordham sells to Samuel 
Clark, t!ie lot 1 had of lob Sayre lyin,2; at a place called old 
town bounded S by Mr Edward LJowell, N, E. by Samuel 
Clark W. by highway, 5 acres. Inly 29 1655. 

Witnes Iohn JMaltbie ]\Iatiiew Howell. 

[Page 202.] (Abstract) Edmond Howell sells to Joseph 
Fordham (the lot of land I had of Obadlah llogers,) in South 
division of oxj3astnre, bounded W by loanh Fordham E by 
Joseph Sayre, North and South by highways, for 13 pounds in 
silver. JMarch 2, 1694. 

[Page 203.] (Abstract) Samuel Clark sells Joseph J^ord- 
liam a lot in oxpasture South division 2 acres, bounded W by 
John Sayre, S by highway, and ^ ot a lot adjoining on the East 
side, Itounded E by James Whites | of the lot, S by highway, 
also f of a lot in the northwest corner of said division bounded 
N bv land ot Jsaac Ualsey, E by Gersham Culver, S by Joseph 
J^'ordham, \V partly by land of j\Iaj H owell, partly by creek, 
partly by land ol Isaac JIalsey. Also a 50 lot at tourth. neck, 
adjoining Shinecock bay. July 19 1695. 

[Page 204.] (Abstract) Joseph Fordham sells Job Snyro, 
5 acres in North division oxpasture bounded \V by land of Ed- 
mond Howell, E by Wm liarker, N. S. highways, lol) Sayre 
in exchange gives 5 acres at old towne, bounded S by land ot 
Edward Howell, N by Samuel Clark, W by highway E Samuel 
Clark. April 2 1695. 

[Page 205.] (Abstract) Wm Tarbill cardwinder sells to 
Daniel Sayre weaver for 50£ 20 acres at Sag iponack, which f 
bought of Iohn Burnet, bounded 1'^ by K Iwa.'d IIow 'II, W by 
loseph Fordham, S by highway and N by highway being No. 
5. Au<r 2o 1095. 


[Page 206.] (Abstract) losiali Hals'^y sells Mathew How- 
ell a lot of meadow at Og:den's neck ^ of a whole lot that fell 
to my father in that division No 27. Sept. 2 1G95. 

[Note. — Thomas Halsey Ir drew lot 27, see page 79.-W. s. p. 

[Page 207.] (Abstract) Mathew Howell sells to John Post 
his 50 lot of meadow at Ogdeu's neck which tell to Thomas 
Halsey deceased, No 27. in exchange lohn Post gives lot No 
13 in qnaquanantuck as it fell to my grand father and he as- 
signed it to ray father. April 6 1690. 

[Note — Leift. (Richard) Post drew lot 13, see page 79.] 

[Page 208 J (Abstract) Joseph Fordham sells to Gersham 
Culver a 150 lot of meadow at Seponack bonnded E by Cold 
Spring pond, \V by lohn laggers meadow North by woods E 
by ^laj Howell, in exchange Gersham Culver gives a 50 lot 
ot meadow at fourth neck. Sept. 3 1695. 

[Page 209.] (Abstract) loshua Barnes tfe Daniel Sayre 
pell to lohn and Aaron Burnet 20 acres at Sagaponack as it fell 
t) us No 23 (See page 88) in exchange John & Aaron Furnet 
give lot No 11 20 acres as it fell to their father Thomas B, (See 
8^). Sept 13 1696. 

[Page 210.] (Abstract) lohn Rose Sells to Daniel Sayre 
10 acres (no bounds given) Sept 5 1695. 

[Page 211.] (Abstract) Richard Howell Sen sells to Dan- 
iel Halsey 2 acres in Halsey's neck, bounded E b}' swamp, \V 
by highway N by Christopher Foster S, Wm Herrick. in ex- 
change Doniel Halsey gives 2 acres in little plain, bounded E 
by land of Ben Davis deceased, VV. by Ri. Howell. Sept. 16, 

Richard Howell sells to to his son Richard 4^ acres in little 
))lain, bounded E by land of Bon Davis deceased W by loseph 
Foster, the same, and Rich. Howell ir in exchange gives ^ t f 
his 20 acre division of land, laid out between the Indian line 
and a hollow called Strawberry hollow north of Aaron Bur- 
nets land. (This is probably part of the farm owned by Mr, 
Harlow, south of the Railroad.) Sept. 17 1G95. 


[Page 213.] (Abstract) Daniel Halsey sells to Richard 
Halsey a piece of land I had of Theodore Halsey, lyint^ at 
tleworth 28 acres, bounded N by highway that goes to water 
mill E by Isaac Bower, S Samuel lohnes, W Jonathan Ray- 
nor, also a piece at 7 ponds 25 acres bounded W by lohn lag- 
ger N. E. S. Common land and water of said pond, also 3 acres 
Halsey's neck bounded S. by Christopher Foster, N. by \Vm. 
Herrick, a 150 lot of meadow at accabogue. No 31, and a lot 
of meadow on West beach, and a lot of meadow at Seaponack 
great neck, and a 50 of commonage. Sept. 1(3 1697. 

[Pagf. 214] (Abstract) lonah Rogers sells to Oliver Rus 
sell 20 acres above the path in Calf pen neck as it fell to my 
father Obadiah Rogers No 18, and Oliver Russell sells to lonali 
Rogers a parcel ot land in said neck. Southeast of said lot, and 
was drawn by Henry Pierson No 17 and was laid down by 
him and taken up by Wm Russell, 20 acres. Sept. 17, 1695. 

[Page 215.] (Abstract) Samuel lohnes sells to Oliver Rut- 
sell 20 acres at Calf pen neck Lot No 20 as it fell to my father 
Samuel lohnes, Oliver R in exchange gives 10 acres at North 
end ot towne bounded N by Samuel lohne's land. S- by Sam 
Clark and lohn Laughton, E. W. by streets. Sept. 18 l(i95. 

[The 10 acres are part of the land now owned by D. S. 
Havens, west side Main street.] 

[Page 216.] (Abstract) Robert Fordham sells to Sam. 
Clark of northsea a water mill and home lot in North sea, and 
and a })Iece ot land at a ])lace called whomeses, and a right of 
comuionage I bought of lohn Ogden. April 28 1670. 

(The water mill stood on the run east ot the school house.^ 

[Page 217. ] (Abstract) Joseph Wickham of Southampton 
sells to losepli ISlore of same place, 2 acres near Sagg pond, 
bounded E bv mv land that I bought of said Moore, S bv high- 
way, N. by said JMoorc- :March 25 1593. 

I Page 218.] (Abstract) Richard Howell hclls to Isaac Ual- 
sey Ir 2.i acres in little [ilaiii, bounded W. X. by Isiuu; llalsoy, 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. S27 

E. Richard Howeil, S. Edward Howell, in exchange Isaac Hal- 
sey gives 2^ acres bounded N by said Isaac's home lot, S. by 
home lot oi lonathan Eaynor, W by Town pond, E by main 
street. Nov. 8 1695. 

[Part of the farm of Thomas N. White, south ot home- 
stead. — w. s. p.] 

Kichard Howell sells to his son loseph, the 2^ acres mention- 
ed above same date. 

[Page 219 ] (Abstract.) Benj. Pierson of Elisabethtown 
sells to Samuel lagger a lot ot meadow at North sea Ij'ing with 
my brother loeeph Pierson. and ^ lot of meadow at west neck 
bounded VV by Geo. Harris and a small creek, S by common 
land, and ^ lot in birch neck accabouge, surrounded by water 
except on S. E. side next to lames White, and ^ of an amend- 
ment to said lot lying between two points ot laud. Oct. 26, 

[Page 221.] (Abstract) Daniel Sayre sells to his son Dan- 
iel 7 acres in lot No. 11 which was drawn for Thomas Burnet, 
and which 1 obtained of lohn & Aaron Burnet, in exchange 
for part of lot 23 which fell to me. Nov. 28 1605. 

[Page 222.] (Abstract) loseph Pierson sells to lohn Wea- 
ven of Queens village Queens C). 3 acres in the 10 acre lots, 
great plain, bounded E by lohn Tagger, W Rob. Woolley, N. 
S. Highways, 3 acres in Lot 14 North division oxpasture. Nov 
20 1695. 

Edward Howell sells to lames Uildreth carpenter 9 acres at 
meacocks bounded N by highway, S. by lames Hildreth, E. by 
lohn Cook, W^ Edward Howell. Nov. 29 1695. 

[Page 225.] (Abstract) Elnathau Topping sells to his 
nephew, losiah Topping, his new house and 4 acres at Saga- 
ponack, E. & S by my own land. losiah T. in exchange gives 
to Elnathau T. his dwelling house that was his father's, and 4 
acres belonging to it at Sagg, bounded N by highway, & W by 
land of Mr Stanborough, E. S. by Elnathau Topping. Dec. 2 

328 records: towxN of Southampton. 

lames Hildreth sells to Edward Howell 8 acres at Sagg, 
bounded W by Henry Piersoii, N by Dfniul Say re, E. S. by 
highways. Nov. 29, 1695. 

[Page 227.) (Abstract) Tohn Woodruff and wife Hannah 
sells to Wm Barker 2 acres in the Great plain bounded S. by 
Isaac Halsey, W by Wni Barker E. by town pond, N. by John 
Woodruff, as it is now fenced, and delivered by tiirfe and 
twigge, price G£. Oct. 10, 1695. 

[Page 128.] (Abstract) Edmond Howell sells to lohn 
Wicke sarge niaker all my parcel of land and meadow at mill- 
stone brook, 12 acres, boucded E. S. by comn)on land, W. by 
water, N, leckomiah Scott. Ian. 9 1695, price 2S£. 

[Page 230. ] (Abstract.) Oliver Russell sells to Gershain 
Culver, 150X lot of meadow that formerly belonged to ]\lr 
lohu Woodrnft of Elizabethtowne deceased, lying at Canoo 
place. ])ounded S by Shinecock bay, N. by vpland. March 20 
1694 price 6 shillings. 

[Page 232.] (Abstract) Edmond Howell selk to Win Bar- 
ker 4 acres in great plain, bounded E. by highsvay, west by my 
own land N. by highway S. by Obadiah Rogers. Feby. 24, 
1695. Witness lohu Wick Isaac Halsey. 

[Page 233.] (Abstract) Edmond Howell sells to Mathew 
Howell 16 acres at Cooj)er's neck in great plain, bounded E by 
land of Daniel Sayre and lohn Howell, S. by lonah Bower, 
W. & N. highways! price 100.£. Feb. 24 1695. 

(This is the lot now owned by \Vm Hiintting, corner of 
Cooper's Neck Lane. — \v. s. p.) 

I Page 234.] (Abstract) lohn Rose sells to loseph Sayre 
14 acres at Scuttle hole ])ond, in Lot No 8 40 acre division, 
that fell by lot to mo and loseph Foster and Christopher Fos- 
ter, (see page 130, 2d part of this book, original paying) May 
5 1696, price 14X. 

[Page 235.) (Abstract) lohn Parker fuller sells to The- 
ophilus Willman sarge weaver, a stream ot water and 6 acres 


of land at Noyack with housing and mill, price 70£ May 5 1696 

[Page 230.] Aaron Burnet sells to lonah Bovver 16 .acres 
at Littleworth, bounded \V & N by lonah Fordham, and lonah 
Bower in exchange gives 16 acres at mill pond head, bounded 
East by Isaac Halsey S b}' highway, W &; N. common land. 
May 9 1696. 

[Page 237.] (Abstract) lohn Baker sells to Theophilus 

Willman the mill and stream at great Noyack. See page 235. 

The trustees of the town confirm the above sale April 20 1696 

I Page 238.] (Abstract) lohn Rose Tr and Joseph Lupton 
sell to lohn Davis a lot of meadow at further wading place, 
adjoining to lohn Davis' Towd land, with all the broken mead- 
ow to tow'd point. Lot No 7 drawn by John Rose and Joseph 
Lupton, in exchange lohn Dt.vis sells a lot of meadow at a 
place called In meadow, bounded W. & S. by Island creek. 

[Page 289.] (Abstract) lonah Bower eldest son of lonah 
Bower deceased confirms unto lohn Burnet a sale made to him 
by Isaac Bower (brother of lonah,) of 20 acres at Saggaponack 
Lot No. 5 drawn by Thomas Trevally as successor to and in 
right of lonas Bower deceased, which lot said lohn Burnet has 
sold to V\'m Tarbill brother in law to Isaac Bower. Aug 26 
1696. (See page 88 ) 

[Page 240.] (Abstract.) Edmond Howell sells to lohn 
Reeves, 3 acres in the 10 acre lots in great plain, being part of 
5 acres he had of Isaac Falsey, bounded E by Sam lohnes' 
land, N. S. by highway's in exchange lohn Reeves gives 3^ 
acres in North division of oxpasture Lot 24 as it fell to lob 
Say re and Francis Sayr^. March 26, 1696 

[Page 241.] (Abstract) Thomas Topping sells to Joseph 
Sayre a 50 of commonage June 6 1395. 

[Page 242] Daniel Sayre sells his son Daniel one 50 (6 
acres) in Lot No 40 Ilog neck, (the other § of lot fell to Joshua 
Barnes deceased) June 4 1696. 


[Page 243] Jacob Wood sells to Wra Tarbill, a parcel ot 
land and dwelling house at Meacox, 20 acres bounded E by 
land of Edward Howell, S by Elisha Howell, W by common 
land, N by highway, lune 3, 1696. 

[Page 244.] (Abstract) lob Sayre sells to loseph Ford- 
ham a 100£ lot of meadow at fourth neck, Lot No. 38 drawn 
drawn by lob Sayre deceased, iu consideration of a 100£ lot ot 
upland and meadow at Potunk, received of I. Fordham. lune 

4 1696. 

[Page 245.] (Abstract) John VVilman and Theophilus 
Wilman Bell to loseph Fordham, a 100£ lot of upland and 
meadow at Potunlv, which their lather had of lohn Howell) 
Lot No. 14 drawn by loseph Fordham deceased lune 4 1696 
price 7£ 

[Page 247.J (Abstracl) I' seph Fordham sells to lob 
Sayre a 100£ lot of meadow N ) 14 at Potunk which wa=i drawn 
by my lather losoph Fordham, and which 1 bought ol lohn & 
Theophilus Wilman ; lune 14 1696. 

[Page 248] Abstract) Oliver Russell sell to lohn Mitchell 
cordwinder 7 acres at Calf pen neck, bounded E by highway, 

5 by Maj. John Iljwell, price 23£ 8s June 12 1696. 

[Page 249.] (Abstract) Isaac Halsey sells to loseph Ford- 
ham, and Nath. Howell, a 50 lot of meadow at lourth neck, 
price 30 shillings. 

Witness lohn Post Mary y. Post. March 19 1695. 

her mark 

[Page 250.] (Abstract) Christopher Lupton sells to Rich. 
Howell \ acre at millstone brook. Dec. 17, 1685. 

loseph Sayre sells to lohn Mitchell 14 acres at Scuttle hole 
pond. Lot No 8, drawn by Christopher & loseph Foster, and 
lohn Rose, (See page 130 original paging, 2d part of this 
book) luly 6 1696. 

[Page 251.] (Abstract) Richanl Foster weaver sells to 

records: town of SOUTHAMPTON. 331 

lohn Davis liis house and liome lot, 4 acres, bounded W bj 
Samuel Cooper & John lao;ger N by land of said town lately 
bought ot lohn Erie, E & S by highway. Aug. 1, 1696. 

(Probably the home lot of the heirs of Mrs. Prowd, opposite 
the burying ground. — w. s. p.) 

[Page 253.] (Abstract) Joseph Sayre sells to Joseph Hil- 
dreth, 3 acres in North division of oxpasture, bounded E b}' the 
land for the ministry, N by lames Cooper, S by the highway 
that parts the two divisions of oxpasture. Aug 26 1696. 

[Page 254.] (Abstract) Benj. Cooper sells to Tames Dia- 
ment, ol East Hampton, 60 acres at hay ground laid out to ray 
father Thomas Cooper, deceased, and 20 acres in Hog neck 
qot No 32 which fell to my father, and a 50 of commonage,, 
8ept. 3 1696 price 124£ 

[Page 255.] (Abstract) Benj. Cooper sells to Isaac Bower 
a lot of meadow in Ogdens neck No. 28 and fell to Jonathan 
Paynor, price 7£ 10 shillings Sept 1 1696. 

Benj. Cooper sells to lames Hildreth ^ 50 commonage, for 
50 shillings. Sept 2 1696. 

Witness Hen. Pierson Ben. Smith. 

[J^AGE 256.] (Abstract) Joseph Sayre sells to Jeremiah 
Jagger 2 acres in ox pasture South division, bounded \V by 
John lagger, E. bv John Post N. S. by highways, also a 100 
lot of meadow at Seaponack on the east side ot J^uU head creek, 
the meadow of Rob. Woolly on the South at the old foot way 
goeing over the head of the creek above the alders, W by said 
creek, N, by meadow of Wm Barker. Sept. 26 1696 price 6£ 

[J'age 258.] (Abstract) John Pinny blacksmith, sells to 
John Burnet 12 acres bounded S & W by land of Sam. Clark, 
N by common land E by north sea path. Sept. 26 1696. 

[Page 259] (Abstract) John Pinny sells to Jonah Jlowell 
4 acres in Halsey's neck, bounded E & VV by Jlighways, S by 
Jchabod Cooper N. lonah Howell, 12i lu^' Sept. 21 1696. 

3.i2 records: town of Southampton. 

[Page 260.] (Abstract) loseph Sayre sells to lonah How- 
ell, 1^ acres in great plains bounded N. & E. by lohn Wood- 
ruft'W. Highway S. lohn Pinny. Sept. 21 1996. 

[Page 261.] (Abstract) lohn R^se of north sea, sells to 
his son lohn a piece of meadow a little within cow neck gate, 
in exchange lohn Rose Ir gives his father a piece of land at 
Long Springs which 1 had of ni}' fatlier, Dec. 12 1696 

Witness Thomas Lupton Joseph Lupton. 

Wm llerrick sells to Benj Foster 12 acres at Cobs pound, 
bounded S. by Benj Foster, E. Mill creek, W by highway, N. 
by Wm Herrick, the line to run down from said highway 
through a certain hollow, to the centre of a slough by said mill 
creek. Dec. 5, 1696. 

VVitnes Caleb Gilbert Ioseph Fordham. 

[Page 260.] (Abstract) Benj Foster sells to Wm llerrick 
5 acres at first neck bounded E. & S. by highways W by [ohn 
Woodruff N by loseph Post being ^ of a ten acre lot which 
was Richard Posts deceased and given by hi:n to said lose|)h 
his son, and said Benj Foster his grandson to be divided be- 
tween them. Dec. 5 1696. 

vThis is the lot of Capt. David Drake, corner Cooper s neck, 
and first neck lane. — w. s. p.) 

[Page 264.] (Abstract) Antnony Waters of Southampton 
sells to George Harris his house and home lot at North sea 
Sept. 27, 16()o. 

Witness Sam. Clark Sam. Dayton. 

Anthony Waters of lamaicah in Queens Co. sells to George 
Harris his homo lot in north sea, 2 acres bounded S by loseph 
Smith, N. lackomiah Scot. Dec. 19 1696. 
' [Page 265.] (Abstract) Jonah Fordham and wife Hester 
sell to Daniel Sayre ^ of a 30 acre lot at Sagaponack bounded 
W. by Theophilus JJowell N by Llighway F. by lector Norris, 
S by highway. Ian. 29, 1696. " 

witnes Peter Norris Samuel Haines. 


lonah Fordham and wile Hester sell to Peter Norris 10 acres 
of land ill Lot No 18 Sagaponack division. Jan. 29, 1696. 

[Page 266.] (Abstract) losiah Raynor sells to his brother 
Isaac 30 acres at a place called the Gine pond bounded N, lo- 
scpli Fordham, E by said Gine pond, VV. John lessiip and the 
highway, S. Jonathan Raynor. Feb. 3 1696. 

[Page 267.] (Abstract) Joseph J^ierson sells to John Reeves 
3 acres Lot 14 in oxpastiire North division. Feb. 16 1595. 

[I^age 268.] (Abstract) John Reeves sells to Joseph Pier- 
son 3 acres in the 10 acre lots in Great plain, bonnded E. by 
Samuel Johnes, N. S. by highways. Feb. 16, 1696. 

Jonathan Raynor sells to his kinsman Samuel Luni a 50 
right of commonage. March 2 1696. 

[Page 270.] (Abstract) Joseph Sayre sells to Nathaniel 
Jlowell 2 acres in the oxpasture South division, bounded VV by 
lonah Fordham, E by Saniuel Clark N. S- by highways, in ex- 
change Nathaniel Howell gives lot in same division of oxpast- 
ure, 2 acres, bounded E by John J^ost, W. Jeremiah lagger N. 
S. by highways. July 13, 1696. 

[Page 271.] (Abstract) Samuel Johnes sells to John Fos- 
ter 1 acre in the South division of oxpasture, which J bought 
^Ir Wm Baker, adjoining to the town pond, witli the land of 
the ministry on the north, and the land of Mr Jonah Fordham 
that was formerly Henry Ludlam's, on the South, and highway 
on West, and highway left for watering on east. May 7 1697. 

Witness Iohn Bower Andrew Gardner. 

[J^ege 272.] (Abstract) Samuel Johnes sells to John les- 
sup part of Jjot 1 1 in Quaquanantuck which J bought of Oliver 
Bussell, and fell to Wm Russell. May 7 1697. 

[J^VGE 273.] (Abstract) Aaron Burnet selh to lames Hil- 
dreth 14 acres at a place called Ilaker's hole, bounded S. by 
Ezekiel Santord, E. by I'eregrine Stanboro, W & N by high- 
ways. May 7 1696. 

Witness Eunice Howell Richard Ffloyd. 


[Page 274.] (Abstract) Francis Sayre confirms a deed of 
land made by Thomas Sayre deceased to liis son Daniel, about 
1657, ot 10 acres, by Daniel Sayre's home lot, and a 50 ot 
Commonage, Francis S. being oldest son ot Thomas. March 
17 1696. 

[Page 275.] (Abstract) Walter Melvine, and wife ^lary, 
sell to Samuel Butler taylor, a house and lot, 7 rods 4 feet 
long, and 32 feet broad, bounded S & E by land of lonah 
Howell, N by land of Aaron Burnet, \V by main street, price 
27£. March 25 1697. 

(Now home lot of Josiah Foster. — w. s p.) 

[Page 276.] (Abstract lohn Davis sells to George TIar 
ris, son of George II. deceased, 7 acres at cow neck, bounded 
with the sound on the N. W. and land of John Davis on S. VV. 
and apiece of meadow at Indian hedge, ^larch 15, 16C6. 

I Page 277.] (Abstract) Thomas Topping sells to Richard 
Ilalsey 4 acres, bounded S by a highway that goes to Water- 
mill, East by lohn Howell, W by Thomas Top[)ing, being 4 
poles east and West. Iune23 1697. 

Wm Herrick sells Richard Halsey 2 acres of land in Halsey'.; 
neck, bounded VV by Highway, S Ephraim White, E by 
Swamp, N. Wm Herrick. lune 21 1697. 

[Page 278.] (Abstract) E])hrium White sells to Ri Hal- 
sev 2 acres in Halsev's neck W by Shinnecock bay, N. lohn 
Cooper, S Thomas Topping, E, highway. lune 3 1()97. 

Richard Halsey sells to Wm Herrick 4 r.cres in Halsey's 
neck bounded W by highway, N by lohn Foster, E by Swamp 
lune 21 1697. 

Richard Ilalsey sells to Ephriam White 2 acres in Halsey's 
neck bounded N by Wm Herrick, E by a swamp, W by high- 
way, S by Ephraim White, lune 22 1697. 

[Page 280.] (Abstract) Richard Halsey sells to llionris 
T(>|>])ing 2 acres at llalscys neck which 1 bought of Ej>l:raiin 
White. lune 23 1697 

Henry Ludlam sells to .Varun Burnet 4 'icrcs at head "f mill 


pond, bounded N. W. k E. by common land, and S. E. <t S. 
\V. by my own land. Iiine 29, 1(397. 

[Page 281.] (Abstract) Chrit^toplier lieaming sells to 
Shamirar Hand 10 acres in the 2nd lot from the bounds be- 
tween East Hampton & Southanipton, with the land of JMrs 
Taylor on the East, and a high way at each end. Oct 16 16b'9 

[Page 282] (Abstract) Benj. Foster, sells Tohn Reeves 
Lot 11 North division of oxpasture. Sept. 7 1(397. 

Nathaniel Hoaell sells Samuel lolines, lot "il) in Ogden's 
neck Samuel lohnes sells to Nath. Howell Lot 10 in Potunk 
neck. Sept. 13 1(397. 

[Page 283] (Abstract) Aaron Burnet Oct 11 1G97 sells 
to lames ('ooper '^6 acres at Head of creek, bounded E ])y 
common land and partly by land of lohn Foster, S bj' lohn 
Reeves, N. by land of Richard Howell \V by Indian land, 
[)r:cj 25£ 

(This is probably the farm of Machew Cross, and in the In- 
dian lease is mentioned as James Cooper's close ) 

Iam3s Cooper selh to Matluw Howell G acres at head of 
creek, boundc I \V by loha Post N by highway 8. by my 
brother Samuel, E by Mathew Howell, price 20£ Oct 11 16J7 

[Page 284.] (Abstract) Daniel Halsey sells to Christoph- 
er Foster one acre at first neck, bounded S by Daniel Halsey, 
S by loseph Foster, in exchange for 1 acre in Halseys neck 
lunc 25 1697. 

[Page 285.] (Abstract) I(»hn Howell sells to his uncle 
Mathew II. a lot in (iroat jnain that fell to my grandfather, 
and father both deceased in South division of oxpasture, and 1 
acre in the 10 acre which my father lohn U. had of lohn Ics- 
sup. Dec. 13 1(397. 

Witnes Hex. Pieksox Ioiix Taylor. 

Thomas Stephens sells to :Mathew Howell 2 acres in the 10 
acre lots which I had of Sanmel lohnes. Dec. 14 1G97. price 
16 shillini>;3. 

336 KEcoRDs: town of Southampton. 

[Page 286.] (Abstract) Thomas Shaw sells to Ezekicl 
Sf-ndtbrd, a parcel of meadow between Noyack and Weckatuck 
spring. Feb. 16 1696 

Benj Davis sells to his nnclc Tohn, 8 acres of his land at 
north end of town, bounded VV by Sam Clark, N by lohn 
Howell, E & S by common land. April 9 1698. 

Benj Davis sells to lonathan Raynor his house and home lot 
^vhich fell to me on tlic death of my father Benj Davis,( 4 
acres bounded S. E. by lonathan Raynor N by land of lohn 
Wick W by Main street. 

(Probably south lot of Isaac P. Foster. — w. s. p.) 

[Page 288.] (Abstract) Samuel and lames (Jooper sells 
to leckamiah Scott then- rights within North sea line, lune 
21 1698. 

[Page 290] (Abstract) leckamiah Scott sells to Samuel 
& lames Coopc]- 40 acres at Sagaponack, bounded E by 'r[)r>m- 
as Topping, N by East Hampton path, and by the path tliat 
goes from meacox to Beswick's house South, and Sagaponack 
swamp W. lune 21 1698. 

[Page 291.] (Abstract) Tonah Bower sells to his brother 
Isaac 16 acres at Larrances Hill, and halt an acre on the front 
of his home lot* next to Robert WooUeys home lot. 

[Page 292. ]( Abstract) Isaac Raynor sells to Wm Iler- 
rick 10 acres on the N side of Huntington |)ath, being part of 
Lot 15 in the 40 aci-e division drawn by In's tather lot^eph R. 
and Ri. Howell. (See pjige 120, original imaging, 2d part of 
this bcok.) 

Also a lot of meadow at Shinnecock west side boimded W 
by bay, N by creek, S by lohn Raynor's meadow formerly 
I'homas Halsey's Also Lot 22 in Ogdjns neck drawn by my 
iather. May 18 1698 

Witnes Sam Cooper IIezekiaii IIowei.l. 

' JoiiMsBdwer's hotiio lot is tlie prc-ient home lot of Wm. Himttinir, PxtcudiDir to roarl to 
Brnljje-Uiimptoii. Kobeit Woolley lived ou ihc l.ome lot of Albert J. Post. W S. P. 


[Page 293.] (Abstract) Win Jennings sells to Isaac Hal- 
sej, a part of Lot No 8 i^ccaboo; division of meadow, drawn bv 
George Han-is and my n.otbcr, price 45 shillings Iiine ilO 1698 

lolm Howell sells to his uncle Theophiius II. 8 acres in Cafl 
pen neck, bounded E by highway crossing said neck, VV by 
bay S. by bay, N by lonah Rogers, price 80£ luly U 1698 ' 

[Page 29.").] (Abstract) Daniel Sayre Ir sells to Alexan- 
der Wiimot of New Haven a house and 1 1 acr^s of land, at 
Sagaponacic, bounded N W by bind of Stephen Hedges, N E 
by losiah Topping, S E ct 8 W by highwnvs. Pric3 60£. 
Nov. 23 1697 

Witness Mai:y Sylvester Iames Bkeddixg. 

[Page 297.] ]\Iathew Howell sells to Theophilus H. 8 acres 
in (Jaif pen neck bounded E by highway that crosse.^ the neck, 
to raeacox, S & W by bay, price oV£ Inly 14 1698 

Witness Arthur Davis Ioiin Wick. 

|Page298.J May 25 1702 Isaac Wiliman, and leremiah 
Halsey one of JMathew overseers h-ive devided the 
land that was between Isaac and benjamin & Ben WiUmans 
land at the long pond Iveth ye west end 9 poales and 6 inches, 
at the East end it is 9^ ]^oaIcs, and 98 Poles long, witli one 
quarter of the Island and Isaac Wiliinans | bears ye same ])ro- 
portion, lying on ye south side ol the land, and the land at ^lea- 
cox we divided lying l)y Sag Pond, and Isaac Will mans halfe 
on the north side by theh ighway 12i) Poiles, and at ye Pond 
80 Poales, and the south side is 113 Poales and ^, and at ye 
west end 43 Poalesand 5 toot and 6 inches, and a gore of land 
on the r.orth side which contains one acre and 58 Poales, of 
ground, and Ben's lyeth on ye middle l)etween Theophilus 
Willman's and Isaac Willman's land, Isaacs land at ye Long 
pond is at ye east end 2of Poales, and at ye west end 27 Poah s 
& 18 inche^, with J of ye Island, and in Isaac's part of ye land 
at meacox by Sag pond there is 16 poles belongeth to ye towne 


for to sett ye meetiiif^ house on, and what Ezekiel Sandford 
bought of Isaac Wilhnan for a highway on to the bridge, and 
the above said division is to be a tinall settlement between us 
as witnes our hands 

In presence ot Tiieopiiilus Howell 
Daniel Sayke Ir 

Know all men by these presents that W3 Io?eph llowall and 
Edward Howell both of thctowne of Southampton in the coun- 
ty of Sufiolk, coopers, haveing upon the r)th day ot Inna 1702 
mutually chosen Christopher llbster, and Toh.i Howell being 
our neighbors to make a devision of our land in ye little plaines 
bounded S3uth by ye land ot lohn lespup, and N by the land 
of Isatic Ha'.sey K by Frog pond & W by highway and to make 
a tinall ishue of all diferances In and about ye said land, and 
the said Christopher Foster and lohn Howell upon ye same 
day did divide ye said land to our content, and satisfaction. 
'Jhat ye said Ed.vard Howell should have and enjoy tor him & 
his heirs for over, the castermost halte next to Frog pond with 
J of an acre out ot ye west ward most hallo, adjoining to ve 
same at it is now staked out by ye above said men, and loseph 
Howell should have ye westward part of ye said land next to 
ye highway that runs between it and ye towne pond, which 
said west ward part shall want ^ of an acre, of the halte of ye 
said close of land as it is staked out by said Christopher Foster 
and lohn Howell, and further we do bind ourselves tirm'y by 
these presents to stand to yo divi;ion as it is staked out and 
bounded hj' ye above sd men, and to ye true performance here- 
of we have hereunto set our hands in Southampton lune 5 1702 

Test losEPii FoRDiiAM Clarke EDW ARD HOWELL 

(The land mentioned above is probably now covered by the 
beach, and lies south of the land of Capt Charlos Goodall, and 
the land late of the heirs of Tcter Mackic. — W. s. P.) 


[Page 299.] Great Nojack meado:v laid out Into lots bj 
lolin Lnptou Thomas Cooper and George Harris, and drawn 
as followeth, June 22 1702 
lohn Lupton ife Zackariah Tho. Copper No 1 

Davis No 2 Benj Haines with Mill 50 7 

Wm Jennings & Thomas Ezekiel Sanford 9 

Copr J 4 George Harris with Eze- 

Sam Clark 3 kiel i 8 

lames Clark k David Roase 6 
leeamiah Scott 5 

A true copj per me lOSEPH FORDHAM Clark 

At a town meeting held ye 3d daj- of April 1705 Tt was then 
granted to lohn Wick libarty to lay downe to the towne for 
ever a 50 allotment of land in the 40 acre devision with Sam- 
uel Cooper and Thomas Cooper in the lot No 12 drawne by 
lohn Cooper deceased, and that he shall have soe much in lew 
thereof laid out to him and his heires for ever (or less) As Left. 
Pierson Capt Theophilus Howell and lohn Cook, three of the 
proprietors ot the undivided lands shall sec cause to allow him, 
adjoining to lohn "A'icks land at Brnshe plaines* that was form- 
erly lohn Besv\'icks land, at the charge of him the said John 
Wick, and that the said lohn Wick be at the charge of the said 
men surveying ye land. 

A true copy by me JOSEPH FORDHAM Towne Clerk 

May 11 1705 This day Wee Subscribed according to the 
townes voate entered in the towne book folio 22 bearing date 
Aprils 1705 have layd out to lohn Wick and his heirs for ever, 
adjoining to his lot at Brushy plain 16 acres <'f land in lew of a 
50 ot laud in the 40 acre devision, in No 12 drawn by lohn 
Cooper deceased to be layd downe to the town, and their l^eirs 
forever, the said land 14 acres | and 14 poles lycth at the west 
end of said lott, the south lync is 64 poles, the west end Is 38 

* Brushy plain is! tre lirct iioi'h nuc! west of Dr. J. L. G:i) diner's, at Bridp-e-Hampton. 
.Tc liii \\ ick's l.ii d .Td In n elot fit "1 p corirr nl Bi ultr-llanipton St. andthe turnpike; 
bis gravestone is tliil to be seen in the lot north of his former boiue.^'tcad. W. S. P. 


poles, the north side Is 01 poles and the East end adjninin;:; to 
his lot 57 poles, and an acker and (H poles ot aground adjoinin*^ 
to the north side, and East of the said lot, as witnes oar hands 
101 LN COOK. 
A true copy Iosepii Fordiia:!! Clerl>. 

: [Page 8G0.] March 25 1708-0. Samuel Haines and lames 
Haines appeared l)et'ore me and declared that they liad Run 
the lyne in their lot oi' land at the Ion jc ])ond, and divided the 
same hetweeu them, and have errccted stakes to stand and rc- 
n:aine to them their lieires for ever, and doe mutually afrrco 
that ye same t-hall he now recoidcd, in confirmation thereof 
and. doe obiiiie and hind themselves ihe'r heirs and assiijns to 
give better contirmntion to each other according to the above 
dcvision and bounding as witnes our hands. 


Acknowledged before Iosfpii Eoudiiam. 


Ephralm Burnet born lune 8 1693. 

Samuel Bnrnet born May H liVJ^. 

Daniel Halsey gives in the birth of his children as followeth, 

Daniel born March 21 lB!)()-7. 

Henry born Feb. 28 1699-10. 

Amy born Aug. 17 1702. 

Icremiidi Culver gives in the bii'th of his yonngest son called 
Ijy the name of Icsse to be upon Feb. 20 170(>or7and was 
■ba])tized by Mr loseph Whiting 

]\Iary Culver daughter of Left. Joseph Pierson, an.l wife of 
Icremiaii Culver departed this life Feb. 23 I7C{)-7. 

Nov ye 22 day Ezekiel Howell was married to Mary Rog- 
gcrs in the year of our Lord god 1711. 

his son Mathew born Aniiust 2.'!d 1712. 

his daftcr Eunice born Dec. 11 1713. 


May jc 23 1710 Daniel Foster was married to Lida Wood 
likewise he gives in the hirthdaj of his son lonas tfostcr who 
was born in Southampton ye 25 day of March 1711, ditto Lidia 
fibster was born the last day of April 1713. 

Deborah fibster ye daughter of Ifscph fibster was born Sept 
17 1701, dito loseph Ifoster born July 27 170!. 

December ye 9th day 1714 Icreuiiah Culver was married to 
Damaris llbster ye daughter of losep.h fibster deceased. 

Mathcw Howell ye son ot Israel Howell dyed ye 24th dav of 
December 1715, and his son Israel Howell was born ye 14th 
day of .March 1715-1(5, and his wife died ye 26 dav ot March 

April yo 25 day David Haiues was married to Abigail foster 
ye daughter of ( Uiristopher fibster 1717. 

David Haines dafter Abigail was born Nov. 25 1718. 

David Haines dafter Hannah born Ian 22 1720. 

his daiter Lydia was born Aug. 8 1723, 

Puah Haines ye 9 October 1726. 

(Abstract) lohn Haines records earmark 1718. 

[Pagk 302] Christopher flostcr was married to Hannah 
Pierson ye daughter ol vSamuel Pierson of East Hampton Nov. 
2() l()9l, in the 24th year of his age, and the 19th year of her 

Abigail daughter of Christopher fibster born Oct. 27 1()92 

Haunah daughter of Christopher fioster born Oct. 28 1094 

his wi+c and babe departed this life Feb 7 1696-7 

August 19 he was maryed to Abigail Toppiug daughter of 
Christopher Lupton 1697, in the oOth year of iiis age, and the 
22d oi her age, his father loseph Foster dyed ye 30 ot Ian 1708 

Christopher fibster was bfiplized at hJouthold ye 3d day of 
Oct. 1690 in ye iSd year of his age. 

Samuel lones Ir was married to Hannah fToster ye daughter 

CIin\topher fibster Oct. 20 1715. 

Thomas Reed was married to Sarah Cory ye daughter of 
Isaae Cory \e 3^ day of may 1704. 

Sarah Heed ye dafter of Thomas Reed born Aug. 1 1706. 

342 KECORDS: tou'n of socthampton. 

his son Ashiir born Sept. 18 1711. 

his son "J'homas born April 2:5 1714. 

Samuel lones Ir dafter Hannah born Dec*. KJ 171G. 

Samuel lones Ir dafter Ester born Ian. 12 171J<. 

Samuel lones Ir dafter Pheby born Sept. 1*J 1721. 

ditto lohn Reed was born April 2o 1717. 

ditto Sybil Heed was born Ian. 24 1719-20. 

ditto Ami Reed was born Fob, 8 1722-3. 

ditto Ifoster lones ye son of Samuel lone.^ born Oct. 18 1723 
and was baptized by ]Mr Ebenezer White. 

Dnniel fibsters daughter iMehitabcl born Ian. 24 1715 

Abii^ail tfoster borne Oet. 8 1711). 

Daniel lioster born march 23 1722. 

Phebe fioster born Sept. 2 1724. 

Samuel lones dafter Abigail born Sept. 19 172.j, and it de- 
parted this lite Nov. 13 172."). 

Thomas IJeed's son David was born Aiij;. 10 172c. 

D.ivid llaines dalter Puah was born Ojt. 9th 1720. 

[Page 303.] (Abstract ol deed.) Nicholas Ilouncs or Hav- 
ens (?) and i\lary his wite (dauirhter of Thurston Haynor late of 
Cape Mixy) ot Moninouth Co. New Jersey (town of Strasburj) 
said j\Iary beino; sole heiress of Thurston Raynor her great 
grandfather of Southampton deceased, soli to lonatlian Raynor 
of Southampton, all their right and title to the estate of said 
lonathan Raynor deceased, price 3£. 

April 4 1715. witness lOHN NEVVxMAN 

her his 


mark mark 

[Page 304.] The oath of Thomas ^laltby as followeth that 
in ye year 1693 in Inly one Thurston Raynt>r, who formerly 
belonged to S(»utham]>t()n was lawfuly ])ublished and married 
to one Sarah lolmcs widow a Caje may, and hirthcr tluit ye 
said Raynur and his wife had a child while they lived in wed- 


lock called Mary Raj^nor, ye said Thomas Maltby attested up- 
on ye holy evengelists to ye above written, taeken before me as 
A true copy test Chkistopher Foster Clerk. 

You do sware that you have no Instrument from under your 
father's hand, as gives yon title to any of those lands, and com- 
monages now sould, namely the head of the creek, thirty acres 
on the Easte side of Tilsome, and one 50 pounds allotment, of 
Commonage throughout the bounds of ye towne. April ye 
20 day 1720. 


Sworn before me one of his majesties Justices of the peace 
for the county of Suffolk ye day and year above said. 

A true copy Christopher Foster Clerk. 

Mrs Elisabeth Parsons came before me Jacob Spicer one of 
his majestice Justices of the Peace for ye county of Cape may 
and solomnly declared upon oath that ]\Jary Raynor daughter 
of Thurston Raynor of Cape May was lawfully born in wed- 
lock, in testimony ye sd Parsons has set her hand this Jst day 
of Sept. 1719. her 

JNIrs Eh'sabeth Parsons was mark 

sworn before me at Cape 

May ye 1st day of Sept to Iacob Spicer lustice. 

ye truth above said. 

lohn Haines records ear mark. 

[Page 305.J Nathaniel Halsey married Annah Stanborough 
dafter of losiah Stanborough Dec, 15 1697. 
his son Elishall born Sept. 3 1699. 
his son Recompense born Aug. 19 1700. 
his son Ezekiel born Nov, 12 1703. 
his son Annanias born Ian 10 1705-6. 
his dafter Annah born luly 29 1707. 

344 KECORDs: town of southamfpon. 

his dafter Eunice born ]\Iarch 3 1709. 
his dafter Deborah born Oct. 7 1710. 
his son Nathaniel born Dec. 15 1713. 
his dafter Pheby born May 31 1714. 
his son Moses born Inly 12 1716 

Samuel lohnes Ir his daughter Mary born Nov. 19 1720 bap- 
tized by Mr Ebenezer White. 

his dafter Elisabeth born May 30 1729. 
his dafter Abigail born Feb. 13 1730-31. 
his son Samuel born Ian. 1 1732-3. 
Zebulon Howell's son Siias born May 20 1719. 
his son Zebnlon born on ye sixth day of the week March 3 

Daniel Halsey's son Elias born may 16 1707. 

his son lesse born Aug. 5 1710. 

his son Silas born Ian. 17 1718. 

lohn Cook's datter ]\lehitabell born Feb. 8 1713. 

Ebenezer Bjwer was born in Southampton April 19 1707. 

[Page 306,] Hezekiah Howell was married to Pliebe Hal 
Bey ye dafter of Thomas Halsey Sept. 10 1702. 
'p'hebe Howell born Ian. 11 1704-5. 

Experience Howell born Aug. 28 1706. 

Hezekiah Howell born May 1 1709. 

ledidiah Howell born June 28 1713, and they ware all bap- 
tized By ye Reverant minister of Jesus Christ, Mr loseph 

1720 loseph Pierson gives in the birth of his children 

his son loseph born Feb. 3 1707. 

Sarah born Feb. 13 1709. 

Phebeborn Tuly 2 1711. 

Benjamen born Feb. 5 1714. 

Daniel born June 30 1716. 

Hannah, March 6 1719. 

loseph Foster's dafter Abigail born April 10 1726. 

his dafter Deborah born Ian. 20 1728. 

his dafter Damaris born Dec. 25 1780. 


ricnry ricrson married Abigail Ludlam lune 11 1702. 

tiis son Henry born Feb. 1 1704. 

his son William born April 1 1706. 

his son Azel born Sept. 13 1708. 

his son lolm born Dec. 29 1710. 

his son Eli born Dec. 30 1712. 

his datter Abigail born Feb. 28 1714. 

his dafter Amy born Oct. II 1716. 

his son Samuel born n^.arch \5 1721. 

and my wife de]3arted this life JMarch 27 1721. 

lonatlian Kayncr married to Irene Merrick Inly 27 1704. 

his sons lonathan & David born Ian. 18 1705-6. 

his son Adoniga born Aug. 24 1708. 

his son Filihu born Nov, 18 1710. 

his datter Sarah born iAIarch 18 1713. 

his son Nathan born Feb. U 1716-17. 

his son William Oct. 1 1719. 

his sjn iJcnry lane 9 1722. 

losiah Bishoi)'s dafter Mary born Nov. 1 1709 

his dafter Elisebeth born Sept. 20 1715 

his son William born Dec 8 1718 

[Page 307] Elias Petty married Deborah ffoster daughter 
of Jose{)h fibster Nov. 26 1724 

his daughter Abigail born Oct. 26 1725. 

l^ichard \Vov)d was married to Uannah Reeves daughter of 
Thomas Reeves April 10 1704 

their datter Hannah born Feb. 9 1705-6 

ditto Phebe born Oct. 28 1709 

lames born March 13 1711 or 12 

j\Iathew born Mar<di 6 1715 

Theophilus born May 11 1718 

Abraham born Aug. 14 1721 

Silas born lune 16 1724 

loseph Foster's dafter Abigail born April 10 1726 

his dafter Damaris born Dec. 25 1730 

his dafter Hannah born luly 8 1733 


his dafter Prudenc born Ian. 26 1736 

Martha Clark ye dafter in law to loseph Davis born March 
11 1727 

lerusha Clark born Aug. 25 1729 

lohn Clark born luue 4 1730 

Hannah Clark born April 18 1781 

Silas Clark born June 9 1784 

Cornelius Clark born March 12 1735 

Sary Davis born Feb. 5 1736-7 

Mary Davis born Aug. 15 1738 

Zachary Davis born Aug. 2 1739 

loseph Fosters dafter Younis born Ian 4 1739 

loseph Foster's born (ye son of Christopher) Feb. 25 1742-3 

[Notes at bottom of page, ear marks entered by lohn Cook 
Ir Israel Ilalsey Samuel Pierson] 

End OF Part 2d, Liber A, No. 2. 



EDMUND ANDROS, ESQ«., Seigneur of Saus- 
marez, Lieut and Governo Geu^U under his Royall 
Bighness JAMES Duke of Yorke and Albany &g. ot 
all his Territorys in America To all to whom these 
presents shall come sendeth Greeting. WHEREAS 
there is a certaine Towne in the East Riding of York 
shire upon Long Island commonly called and knowne 
by the name of South Hampton, scitaate, lying and 
being on the South side of the said Island, toward the 
Maine Sea, having a certaine Tract of Land, thereunto 
belonging. The Eastward Bounds whereof extend to a 
certaine place or plaine, called Waiuscott, where the 
bounds are settled betwixt their Neighbours of the 
Towne ot East Hampton, and them: Their Southern 
bounds being the Sea and so runs westward to a place 
called Seatuck, where a Stake was sett as their farthest 
extent that way : Then Crossing over the Island to the 
Northward to Peaconock great River (not contradicting 
the Agreement made between their Towne and the 
Towne of South Hold after their Try all at the Court of 
[L.S.] Assizes) and so to run Eastwards alongst the north 
bounds to the Eastermost point of Hogg-Heck, over 
against Shelter Island : Including all the Necks ot Land 
and Islands, within the afore described Bounds and Lim- 
its : NOW for a Confirmation unto the present Free 
holder. Inhabitants of the said Towne and precincts : 
KNOW YEE, That by vertue of his Maties Letters 


Patents, and the Commission and Autliority, mito mec c^iven 
by his lloyall [liu;hnc?s I have Katifved (Jontirmcd and fn-anted ; 
And by these presents, do iiereby RatiHe ConHrme and grant, 
nnto Tohn Toppinij;, Instice ol the peace, (^apt, lohn Mowed, 
Thomas Haisey, Senior, luseph llaynor, (nonstable. Edward 
Howell, lohn Iaii^i>:er, lohn Foster and Francis Savers Over- 
seers; Lient lose])h ftbrdham Henry Pierson, lohn (hooper, 
Ellis Cooke, Samuel Clarke. Richnrd iV>st and lohn Jennings, 
as Patentees, for and on the behalfe ol themselves and their As- 
sociates, the fireeholders and Inhabitants of the said Towne, 
their Heircs, Successors and /Xssigiies, All the afore mentioned 
Tract of Land, with the Necks and Islands within the said 
Pounds sett forth and dosciibed as aforesaid, Tog-ether with all 
Rivers, Lakes, waters Quarrys Wood land Plaincs Meadows, 
pastures, JMarshos, tHshing Hawking lluntiufr and ffowling. And 
all other Proffits, Commodities, Emolumicnts and hereditaments, 
to the Said Townc, Tract of Land and premises, vvithin the 
limits and bounds atore mentioned described, belonging, or in 
any wise aupertaining : TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, all 
and singular their said Ian Is, hereditamctits, and premises, with 
their and every of their Ap;)nrtpnance3, and of every part and 
parcel! thereof, to the saitl Patentees and tiieir Associates, their 
Heires Successors and Assignees to the proper use and kehoofe 
of the said Patetitees and their Associates, their Heires Succes- 
sors and Assignes for ever, The Tenure ol th.e said Land and 
prcir.ises, to bee according to the Custome ot the Maunor of 
East Orecuwich in the (bounty of Kent in England, in free and 
Common Scccage and by fealty onely, PROVIDED allwayes 
notwithstanding that the extent of the Bounds before recite 1 do 
in no v.'ay prejudice or infringe the particular propriety of any 
person or persons who have right by Patent or other Lawful! 
Clayme, to any part or parcell of Land or Tenements within 
tne Limits aforesaid : only that all the Lands and Plantacons 
within the said Limits or Bounds, sliall have relation to the 
Towne in Generall, for the well Government thereof: And it 
it shall so happen that any part oi' parcell of the Lande within 


the bounds and Limits afore described be not already Pur- 
chased of the Indyans It may bee purchased (as occasion) ac- 
cording to Law, I do hereby likewise Confirme and graunt un- 
to the said Patentees, and their Associates, their Heires, Suc- 
cessors and Assignees, All the privilidges and Immunityes be- 
longing to a Tovvne within this Government : And that the 
place ot their present Ilabitacon and abode siiall continue and 
retaine the name of South Hampton, by which name and Stile, 
it shall bee distinguished and knowne, in all Bargaines and 
Sales Deeds, Records and writings. They the said Patentees 
and their Associates their lleires Successors and Assignes mak- 
ing Improvement on the said Lands, and Confornjing them- 
selves according to Law, And yeiiding and payinsf therefore 
yearly and ever}- year, as an Acknowledgment, or Quit Esnt, 
one fatt Lamb, unto such ofHcer, or officers, there in Authority 
as shall bee Empowered to receive the same: GIVEN under 
my hand and sealed with the Scale ot the Province in New 
Yorke, the first day of November, in the Eight and twentieth 
yeare of his Ma'ties Reigue Annoq, Domini, one thousand, six 
hundred Seventy Six. 

Examined by mee and Recorded 

Mathias Nicolls, Seer. 



SoutlianijDton fiebr. 22 1669. Whereas wee the Subscribed 
the Inhabitants of the sd Southton doe vnderstand that our 
honrble Governor Genl Lovelace is to come down into the 
('untry amongst vs this Spring, wee doe at this Town meet- 
ing apovnt ffirstly that his honr bee reed and entertained with 
the greatest respect whereof wee are possibly capable and soe 
conducted to the place appojnted for his residence comfort & 
most convenlency, nextly whereas our sd Town ot Southamp- 
ton have by riglit of equity & of law alsoe, many previlidges 
which manv plantations on the Island hath not, as not only 
Indian Interest of or plantation but alsoe Pattent right therein, 
and whereas it seems to vs as if wee were like to be deprived of 
those ovr privilidges which at great rate wee have procured 
with much diliculty and danger wee have soe m.any years 
possessed. And alsoe, wee heareing by or neighbours of 
the great goodness Clemency and righteous proceeding ot him 
our sd Governor wee doe constitute & appoynt our aproved & 
well beloved friends Mr Robert fibrdham Capt lohn Howell 
loshua Barnes & Mr Henry Pierson to represent vnto his honr 
the true & re.dl state of vs, our plantation and of all our Con- 
cernes, hopeing his honr will accept ye persons of our sd depu- 
ties, and theire Argument reasons on our behalf, and grant our 
reasonable petitions, by them to be presented & demonstrated, 
soe shall wee all bo ingaged ever to remaine his hours faithfull 
friends & Servants, 

Ri. Barrett 

Thomas Halsey 

loseph Fordham 

Thomas Cooper 

lonas Bower 

lohn lessup 

Zorobobel Pliillips 

Christopher Lupt^n 

lohn Bishop 

lohn Cooper 

Edward Howell 
lohn Topping 
Richard llowell 
Samuel lohnes 
Edmund Howell 
Robert Woolley 
Francis Sayre 
Thomas Goldsmith 
Isaac Willman 
'Ihomas Burnett 

Ber.jamen Haynes 
Thomas Shaw 
lohn Davis 
Geo G. H. Farri 
Obadiah Rogers 
lohn Foster 
lohn lennings 
lohn Woodruff 
W illiam Russell 



ur ^c'> 

ENnoKSKMi'.NT. — Moii clioscn to confer with (iovr Lovelaea about Towues 
privilidges at his coming to tbi.s Towne. 



Whereas there is In ye boundes of ye Town of Soutliainp- 
ton, a certaine Tractt of Land Commonly Called and knowne 
by ye name of the Great plaine which at yefHrst Settlement of 
said Towne was sed To have layne in one General 1 ffield and 
by resson of divers overtures and Alterations which since hath 
happened and bine niade by ye liespective proi)rietors thereoff 
and no substantiall Record or Settlement can be flonnd, where- 
by Greate devit-ions Inconveniencics and damage Doth davly 
accrue unto ye proprietors of ye same tor want of a due and 
Regular Settlement, 

Know all men by these ];resents that wee the proprietors of 
said Land whose names are hereunto subscribed, do heereby 
tlormly binde ourselves, our haires Executors administratois 
and assignes for ever heere after, Equally by ye number of 
Acres Contained therein, to make and maintaine a good Sub- 
stantiall thve Rayled lence for ye beter secureing and Improve- 
ing the same In the places and under such circumstances as is 
iieere after mentioned and expressed, videlicet to begine ye 
afore said ti'ence att a branch or creek of water belono-iny; to 
>hinecock bay which devides the land of Maj<" lohn Howell 
and Isaac Halsey Sen. att ye west end of said plaines and so to 
Rune Said fence Eastward on the North side of ye highway 
which devides the north and Sonth devissions Comonly knowne 
by the name of ye oxpasture devision until it comes to range 
with the west Line ot ye parsonage land and there to turn north 
ward to ye Sowest Corner thereof, and then Rune Eastward 
n])on the South line of both peeces of said parsonage land Into 
the Towne pond, which fence is to bee the north bounds of 
said Generall ffield, and East l)ounded by the said pond, And 
from ye Sowwest corner thereat to run a good fence as aforesaid 
one the South side of lohn laggers beafch lot. Into the said Shin 
ecock baye which is to bee the west bounds of said Generall 
ffield, and all the Land within Said Limitts is for ever heere 
after to be accounted and knowne by the nanic of a generall 
ffeeld In Southanij.toii, urn] whereas ye pro])riet()rs of faid 


ffeeld have occation tor various wa^'s of Improveirg said land 
any pej'son or persons tlierein interested have h'berty to make 
whatt particular Inclosures he or they see best and convenieiit 
for thern solves butt not to pasture the same until ye said tfeold 
be open, provided always he or they soe lenceing and Improv- 
ing In particular doe continue to make and maintaine their 
equall proportion of Said Genei'all fence according to their 
Respective quantitys of land, (Contained within the bounds and 
limitts aforesaid, and to ye end that some particular persons 
^lay have the care and management of said fteeld wee hereby 
ttirmly binde our selves our haires and assigns for ever yearly 
and every yeare upon the first Tucsdayc of Api'il being ye 
Election day for chuseing the needfull officers in said Tovvne 
Annually to chuse two ffitt men, one to be A heward and the 
other a vewer ot ye said ffence which two men so chosen fi'or 
the time being shall yearly Every spring publish by Eiting sett 
npon the meeting house a certaine and Seasonable daye ffor 
siiutting up said teeld, and a certaine da}' at ye fall of ye yeare 
when said fiieeld, that is to say that part which lays in generall 
shall be improved for pasturing by the owners ot said land so 
lying in generall as aforesaid, with a just number or stintt what 
shall bee alowed by the Acre, and the said Generall Tence be- 
inij kept up, all Creatures found in that j)art of said land lying 
in Generall nott allowed as aforesaid shall be accounted tress- 
pass. And lyable to be Impounded by any of said proprietors 
Except such as are driveing to and from, or In said particular 
Jnclosures in ye aforesaid generall feeld, and if any of us shall 
Att any time or times hereafter neglect or Refuse to make and 
maintaine our Respective part of Generall fence as afore said 
then the heward and vewer for the time being shall cause the 
same to be done att the charge of the Said owners of said fence 
so found defective or wanting to be made, and for as much as 
there will be a yearely publicke charge happen for Gates water 
ffences Cleareing said fieelds and a lieasonablealowance of said 
heward and fence vewer, they shall make a Reate by the acre 
of all said land lying in sd (lienerall feeld as well for the par- 


ticular Inclosures as the rest for paving and defraying tlie said 
charge that shall soe happen in theire jear past for which they 
ware chosen, and for the true and faithful performance of the 
premises according to the true and general sence and meaning 
of these presents we liave heere unto sett our hands and seals 
in Southampton above said this — day of may Ar.nq Dom 

[Note, — There :ire no signatures attached to this instrument, 
and it is doubtful if it ever was put in force. The lot men- 
ticmed as "John Jagger's beach lot" is now wholly covered by 
the ocean or beach. As an indication of the extent to which 
the sea has encroached ui)on the land, the writer wishes to re- 
cord what he has himself seen, in the winter of 1864 a row of 
thirteen fence posts were visible at a very low tide, standing in 
the sand a few feet from the water's edge. An examination 
showed that they had been set in meadow bottom. Their loca- 
tion was south of the east side of Cooper's neck lane, and they 
were once the boundary of a lot south of the land now owned 
by Capt. Wm. White. When the fence was set we have no 
means of knowing, but it was doubtless after ihe date of the 
ai)0ve writing, showing conclusively that the ocean has advanc- 
en since that time a distance, equal, at the least calculation, to 
tlie v\ hole \vidth of the beach. W. s. v.] 


Southampton May the 10th 1669. Whereas I Joseph Rai- 
ner Cunstable and [ Isaack Halsey Overseer having determin- 
ed with the rest of o' copartners the overseers of this towne to 
take the books of records out of the hands of Henry Peirson, 
wee having chosen another namely lohn Howell lun to that 
ofKce of Recorder doe hereby acknowledge to have rec*^ this 
day of him the s** Henry Peirson for the Townes vse as follows, 
one bundle of papers wherein amongst the rest is the Origmall 
of ye Indian's deed for the Townes lands w itnessed by Mr 
Abraham Pierson, with ye coppy of the said deed signed as 
Recorded, and the Original! deede from ^Ir lames ffarret on 

354 records: town of Southampton. 

w''' is the award of Mr Wintlirop witli Mr tfarrets memoran- 
dum, and another deed of ]\Ir ifarrets with a coppy ot the Hrst 
of them, and the Articles ot agreement with the Indians in ye 
3'eare 1649. 

Governor Niccolls his determination concerning the l\")>^ne 
Mr Topping and lohn Cooper, a coppy ot it recorded, Capt. 
Toppings deed with his Assignement on ye back of it to the 
towne. The originall of the Indians deede assureing ye land«^ 
to the Towne W^'' they bought of Capt Topping, a co}\y ot it 
recorded. Mr Scotts deede to the Towne for ye m.eadows & 
land to Peaconnet, the deed for the hearbidg ot the beach, 
with lohn Cooper's Assignement. The final conclusion with 
Southhold Comitties concerning the accabauk meadows, ye 
order for paymt of ye Cnntrys rate in 67, ye coppy of the letter 
intended to bee sent to ye Governor in 69, more ye great book 
of records with a parchment cover, more the old book of rec- 
ords, with a large bundle con* part of the blue book & many 
other writings, more 3 great roles of papers, and the two books 
of records of cattle & some time in ye hands of Mr Laughton. 
Memorand, with ye coppy of ye said deed signed as recorded 
(record was an error) and is delivered in amongst ye papers, 
with a coppy of ye Articles of Agreement with ye Indians re- 
corded, wee say rec*^ ye above mentioned writings and books, 
&c by vs with our copartners, witnes our hands the da}- & 
yeare above written. 

In presence of lOSEPII RAYNOR 


loHN b<j Iessup his 


lOHN Laughton mark 



May 12 1659. Be it knowne unto all men tliat by this pres- 
ent writing that I wiandance Sachem of Pawmanache or Lonji 


Island, have upon deliberate consideration, and with my sone 
weeacacombone both ot us together given and granted unto 
Mr lohn Ogden and his heires forever, I say freely given, a 
oertaine peece of land beginning at the westward end of South- 
ampton boundes, which land is bounded Eastwards with South- 
ampton bounds, and with a small peice ot meadow which I 
save to Mr John Gosmer which he is to injoy, Northwards to 
the water oi the bay and to the cricke of accabaucke W estwards 
to the place called Pehecannacke, and Southerly to Potuncke 
three miles landwards in from the highwater marke and creeke 
of accabaucke, and so along to tlie west. But from this three 
miles bredth of land Southward all the land and meadow to- 
wards the South sea the beach only excepted which is sold to 
L)hn Cooper. I sav all the land and meadow I have sold for 
a considerable price unto Mr lohn Ogden for himselfe his heires 
executors and assigns for ever, upon condition as followeth, 
first that Thomas Halsey and his Associates shall have the priv- 
ilidge of the peice of meadow called qaaucawnantuck the terme 
of yeares formerly granted to him or them but the land lying 
between quaucawnf-ntuck and three miles northward he shall or 
may possess and improve at present, but when the yeares of the 
at'oresayed Thomas Halsey shall be expired then shall the afore 
said Mr lohn Ogden or his assigns fully possess and improve 
all quaucaunantucke meadow with the rest atoresayed and then 
shall pay or cause to be payed unto me wiandance my heires 
or assigns the summe of twenty five shillings a yeare as a j^ear- 
ly acknowledgement or rent for ever. It is also agreed that 
wee shall keepe our privilidges of fishing fowling hunting or 
gathering of berrys or any otner thing for our use, and for the 
full and hrme confirmation hereof we have both partyes set too 
our hands markes and scales interchangeably, the date and 
veare above written. 
"Signed sealed and lOHN OGDEN. [L. S.J 

delivered in the 

presence of us 


^ c^ n&M^^^^^ 

35G RECORDS: town of Southampton. 


Oct 3d 1665. The Shelter Island Indians have this day con- 
tirmed the purchase ot Hog neck to Southampton for ever, re- 
serving hherty of huntting & fishing k tovvling vpon the same, 
and have receaved sixe Indian coates vpon the confirmation 

In full satisfaction of before me 

all their future claimes RICHARD NICOLLS. 

to Southampton men, 
In fiort lames. 

Further it is agreed betweene Southampton & Shinecock In- 
dians concerning lohn Woodruffs meadow and all ye rest of ye 
meadow within ye bounds of Soathamp<"on. 

That they cannot pretend to ye lands expressed to bee sold 
to Southampton by his father by his fathers brothers & divers 
other Indians of that nation in an indenture dated ye yeare 
1665 December the 13th 



[ Abstrast of dead.] Isaac Raynor of Southampton sells to 
his brother in law lohn Earle, my orchard at Nortti sea which 
I bought of lohn Rose, (10 rods in length East and west, and 
8 rods wide North and South) bounded N & W by home lot 
of lohn Rose, S & E by connnon highw^ays or towne street-;. 
Price 6£ 

Aumist 24 1686 (Abigail wife of [ohn Rose not concnrrin<»;) 

Witness Abraham Willman, Nathaniel Howell 

lolm Earle assigns the same to lohn Rose jMarch 31 1687 



It liatb pleased jour lionr to require the Inhabitants of Soutli 
old to receive a patent from you for our land, which we have 
Ions: possesed, and alsoe at this time to demand of vs ve reasons 
of our delay, our reasons some- of them are these. 

1st Because wee apprehend that wee have a lust & lawf'uU 
rii,dit ife title to our land already without such a Pattent for at 
our owne cost & charge, and not at any others, wee transported 
orselves into these forraigne pt?, and here purchased ye land 
wee now possess of the natives, the then proper owners of yem, 
and yt by the approbation of ye Lord Sterlings agent, And 
also have with long and hard labour, subdued pt of these lands 
with the perill of our lives, espetially in those times when wee 
were few in number, but the heathen numerous. 

2 Wee have possessed our lands (some of vs) above ye space 
of 30 yeares without any mrns laying claime to them, which 
is estemmed a matter of some weight in law. 

3 Wee conceive yt the law made at Yorke in ve yeare 66 
for each Towne to take a Pattent was in reference to the In- 
habitants of the west, and whoe lived vnder a fori-aigne Gov- 
ernuit ]5nt did not respect vs whoe then were and yet are his 
^Maties Subjects and vnder his power. 

4 Because it seemeth a new & a strange thing to us that 
each Plantation on tiiis Hand should bee enioyned to take a 
J^attent for theire lands, wee never heard ot any such practice 
in England or in ain^ of his Maties Dominions, yt every Town.e 
or Parish is injoyned a Pattent, although ye English under the 
Dutch Governmt have had tiieir land [word illegible] 

5 Wee apprehend where Pattents are made vse ot the terms 
ife conditions are expressed Betweene him & whoe grants, and 
them to whome the grant is made. But it doth not seeme to vs 
to l)ee soe in the Pattent here imposed, but persons are upon 
vncertainties & at ye will of their lord to make such acknowl- 
edgment and paymts iVom time to time as seemerh good to him 


to appo3-nt, Soe that wee know not what to looke for or trust to 

6 lastly wee conceive that the Proclamation made by his 
T>Iaties Commissioners here, in the yeare 64 assures vs of as 
much (if not more) than this Pattent will doe, the substance of 
which Proclamation was this that the People here should enioy 
whatsoever Gods blessing and their honest labours had furnished 
them with, And alter this Governor Nicolls ^ave vnder his 
hand that wee should have eqnall privilidges freedomes & im- 
munities (if not greater) as any of his IMatifs CoUoneys in N. 
p]ngland. 'J'he truth is (to speak plainly) wee cannot boe free 
to pass over our owne proper right to our lands into other mens 
hands, and put onr selves & successours into a state ot servitude 
if soe, then who would pitty vs or help vs. 

But that wee may not bee lurther troublesome to your hour 
at this time, wee here humbly take leave of you and rest ready 
to our abilities to render all such iust dues & duties as either 
the law of God or nature bindes vs to. 

[Endorsed] A letter sent to ye Governor f.bout a Patent. 

The above is without date, but was probably written shortly 
previous to the grant ot Gov. Andross' Patent. w. s. v. 


On the 13th day of August 170^5 at the Request of three of 
the trustees of the Comonalty of the Towne ot Southampton 
the trustees mett together to treet with tlie Indians ot Shine- 
cock about some dissatisfacsion. In them the said Indians con- 
cernei!ig their land, and alter some debate adjourned said meet- 
ing untill Monday following and then con. posed the diflerence, 
the and Indians confirmed the deeds and a generell Re- 

lease for said Towneship, ffor wliich the said trustees gave them 
the said Indians as followeth, 


To Pcmquamo Indian Tn pertieular 2 15 

and to liini the said Poniqnamo to distril)ute 

among the Indians 
To Chice Sachem In particular 
To him the said Chice to distribute among 

the Indians 
To ^lanamam to (h'strihute among tlie Indians 





















To Wyongonlioot for a Release 

Incedentall (charges as foiloweth 

To Capt. Wheeler 

To an interpretei- 

To halt'e a lote of bred to Wool ley 6d 

a lote and chees to Isaac llalsey 8s 00 8 8 

To John Wick by order of the trustees paid 

the Indians 00 12 

To 2 shillings paid to butler payd Mr Stephens 00 02 
To Thomas lierrick for drink tor to the Indians 
and entertaining the trustees and evidences Est 01 00 
/\djourned to the 17th day and then met again, and took 
thirty pounds ot Mr Boyer and 2 of Abraham Howell for the 
tovvnes use to pay the aforesaid charge. 


[Abstract of deed.] Caleb Heathcote of the City of Ne.v 
York sells to leckamiah Scott lohn Wick lames Cooper loseph 
More lohn Post Isaac Halsey lob Sayre Ephraim White Hez- 
ekiah Howell [ohn Mitchell Matliew Lum Isaac Bower Being 
ye trustees of the Comonalty of and for the proprietors of the 
town ot Southanipton, my dwelling house and home lot es- 
teemed four acres, being in Southampton bounded East by the 
main street. South by leremiah laggers house lot, North by 
losiah Laughton's house lot which lyeth now common. West 
by the common. Except the cart ])Hth that is in said lot leading 


to North sea harbor and all that part of said lot lying eastward 
and Northward of said path to lye without fenceing for ye 
townee use. Price 20£ Dee. 13 1712. 

Wm Smith [ L.S.] 

Acknowledge before 

Abraham Wendell Justice 

[The above described premises is the present burying ground 
ot Southampton. It was set apart tor burial purposes by a 
resolution of the tr\istees in 1721. The first grave was on the 
south side of the lot, and is marked by a head-stone bearing 
the following inscription : 

BER I AGED ABDVT | 72 1721. 

Upon the foot-stone is the following: 


W. S. P.] 


I John Mowbrey doe hereby binde njyselfe faithfully & dil- 
ligently to teach and instruct a School In Southampton att 
twelve shillings In cash per Scholler for the Terme of Six 
Months (vommensing from ye first da}' of May next and End- 
ing ye first of November next Ensueing, and to teach them In 
the hours following viz from Eight to Eleven a clocke In the 
fibrenoone, and from one to five of the clocke In ye afternoone, 
as witness my hand in Southampton this 28th day of April 1094 

Signed in presence of us ' lOlIN MOWBREY 

Mathkw Howell 
Thomas Ste\'ens 


]\Iathpw Howell 2 KichHtwellTr 1 

Lift Stevens I I(ts(»i>h (loodale 1 



Ensigne ffbrdbam 


Hannah Sayre 

Walter Melvin 

Isaac Willman 

Will Herriek 

Joseph Foster 


Abraham Howell 
lames White 
Sam lohnes 
Mrs lohanali Cooi)er 
Jonas J3ower 
John Woodruif 
Joseph Hildreth 


Southampton Sept ye 18 1696 1 have given yoii in charge 
the sum of one hundred and forty seven pounds live shillings 
and nine pence, to bee collected of the Jnhabitants of ye towne 
according to the respective sums anexed to their names, and 
pay with all the haste you can to the Eeceaver Generail for the 
defence of the fronteer the sum of sixty eight pounds five shil- 
lings, and at or before the twenty fifth of march pay the like 
sum of sixty eight pounds five shillings as aforesaid, and the 
Kemainder which will bee ten pounds fifteen shillings and nine 
pence you are to render an accompt thereof to the trustees of 
your said town for the time being. Given under my hande 
this day above said 


To Jeckamiah Scott collector of the public Kates and taxes 
in Southampton. 

An Estimate of Town of Southampt(m this 11th Sept 1696 
by vs Elnathan Topping Abi-am Howell & Sanuiel Coo|}er 

Ephraim Howell 35 

Benony Newton 50 

lonathan Raynor 88 

loseph VVoolley ]5 

SiJmuel Clark North sea 8<' 

lohn Woolley 24 

Theodore Pierson 38 

Jeremiah Jagger 32 

George Harris 30 

J^cnjamen Jlaincs 40 

Jeremiah Halsey 3H 

lohn ff()?ter Ir 34 

362 . KECORDS : 



Daniel Sayre 


Mrs Mary Halsey and her 

Peregrine Stambrough 


son Nathaniel 


lolin Stambrough 


Mrs Hannah Sayre ar 


Edward Howell 




Christopher tfoster 


Lenard Harris 


Obadiah Rogers 


losiah Eand 


Humphry Hughes 


lohn Foster 


Isaac Mills 


Ichabod Cooper 


Richard Howell 


lames Hildreth 


John Post 


Isaac Halsey South end 


lohn Bishop 


loseph Post 


Samuel Bishop 


ffrancis Sayre 


losiah Bishop 


lecamia Scott 


lob Sayre 


Col Henry Pierson 


lohn Woodruff 


Samuel lohnes 


Lot Burnet 


Robert Wool ley 


John lagger 


Mr lona Eordham 


lohn Lupton 


Hannah Travally 


loan n a Cooper 


Isaac Bower 


Richard Howell Ir 


Thomas Cooper 


Joseph Hildreth 


Mr lohn Wick 


losiah Topping 


lohn Mich el I 


losiah Halsey 


lohn Bishop Ir 


Joseph Pierson 


Anthony Ludlam 


lames Cooper . 


Major Mathew Howell 


Jonathan Howell 


lohn Rose Ir 


Caleb Gilbert 


lohn lessup 


Thomas Topping 


Henry Lndlain 


Samuel Cooper 


lohn Morehouse 


Samuel Lum 


William Tarbill 


lohn Rose 


lohn Parker 


lohn Burnet 


loseph Foster 


Ellis Cook 


Tho Sayre 


loseph More 


lohn Davis 


Isaac Raynor 


Tho Shaw 


Thomas Steevens 


Abram Howell 




Wm Perkins 


Theophilus Howell 


Aaron Burnrt 


Joseph Lupton 


lonah Bower 


Nathaniel Howell 


Ion ah Rogers 


Abigail Topping 


ilajor lohn Howell 


loseph Wickharn 


Isaac Halsey 


Peter Norris 


Isaac Balsey Ir 


Ezekiel Sandtbrd 


Thomas Rose 


Samuel Barber 


Wid Elisebeth Laughton 


Stephen Hedges 


David Halsey 


Henry Harris 


]\lanassah Kempton 


Edward Petty 


Isaac Wilhnaii 

.' )5 

lames Herrick 


lames Haines 


l^enjamen ffoster Ir 


John Raynor 


lohn Sayre 


Mrs Mary Howell 


Saml Clark old town 


Daniel Halsey 


lohn Mowbray 


lohn WiHman 


loseph Goodale 


Abiell Cook 


Tho Parvine 


Capt Elnathan Topping 


losiah Howell 


Tho. Lupton 


lohn Maltbie 


lohn Cook 


lonah Howell 


Patience Barnes (widow) 


loseph ifordham 


Gersham Culver 


William Herrick 


Benjamen Foster 


Mr William Barker 


Henry Goseing 


Samuel Butler 


tfrancis Shaw 


Doctor Durand 


Widow White 


Robert Norris 


Mary Larison 


Benony fflint 


Robert fatten 


Widow Leman (Learning) 15 

Mrs Martha Phillips 


Nathaniel Roscoe 


William Rose 


Richard Roundstield 


Weaker Mel vine 


William Blye 


Mordeca Burnet 


Samuel Haines 


Richard flbwler 


Robert Isl)ell 


lohn Davis Ir 


Richard Halsey 


lohn Davis nia^on 


lumes Bradiiig 



David Sayre 12 Theophilus Willman 15 

Joseph Ho well . 40 Benjamen Willman 12 

Martin Rose 12 John Reeves 30 

Abiel Davis 15 losiah Ray nor 15 

Dan Burnet 20 leremiah foster 15 

Joseph Smith 15 ^ 

[Total] 7077 
An Estimate ot ye towne of Southampton Errors excepted 

by us whose names are under written the day and year tirst 




[Note added.] This tax layed at 5d ye pound comes to 
147 5s 9d. 

[The tax at 5d per pound is carried out in the original list 
but is omitted in the above copy. — w. s. P.] 

State of New- Youk, ) 

County of Suffolk [-ss: 
Town of Southampton) 

J have compared the foregoing with the original Records 
on file in my office, and the same is a correct transcript there- 
Irora, and ot the whole of said originals contained in Liber A, 
No. 2, in the office of the Clerk of the Town of Southampton, 
including errata ; except that abstracts are made of some deeds 
and ear marks recorded, which are correct abstracts thereof, and 
in all cases where abstracts are given, the fact that tiiey are 
abstracts is stated. 

Dated Dec 30th, 1876. 


Clerk of the Town of Southampton. 


Arnold, Isaac 





Aiming, John 


Accabog meadow 

110, 115, 


Assup's neck 




Assemblj^ Gen 



Apue, Rob 


Abott, Hannah 


Bond, Rob 3, 41, 42 

Baker, Thomas 5, 7, 242 

Bower, Jonas 5, 17, 24, 54, 2U5, 

243, 22U, 339 
Burnett, TUo 0, 54, 71, 28 

Barrett, Bi 7, 13, 238, 235, 217 
Badd, John 17 

Barnes, Joshua 17, 49, 71, 226 
Buffam, Joshua 20 

Bennit, Ri 21, 28, 30 

Bower, Daniel 33, 199 

Bower, Jonah 84, 125, 186, 329 
Bower, Isaac, John 146, 148, 326 

Bower, Ruth 153 

Bounds of town 39, 55, 99, 304 
Barker. Samuel, Wm 41, 42, 53, 

132, 134, 324, 224 
Birdsall, Nath 41 

Beswick, John 105, 53, 59, 61, 

71, 3H6, 339, 244, 274 
Blux, Katherine 53 

Brown, Tim 59 

Barnes, Wm 59 

Bishop, John 68, 251, 323 

Bartholomew, Josiah 80, 98, 275 
Burnet, John, Joel, David 81, 

107, 275, 224 
Butler, Samuel 334 

Bull head creek 331 

Burnet, Mathias 151 

Brusuv neck 90 

Baily,"'Steph 115 

Bach Creek 117, 119 

Burnet, Aaron 131, 285, 19!) 
Bjford, Tho 138 

Bishop, Samuel 138, 212 

Bishop, Josiah 143, 323 

Bylield, Tho 144, 281 

Beach meadow 157 

Biidge Hampton 175 

Boyer, Stephen 178 

Births, list of 301, 818, 248, 

292, 340. 343 
Bishop, Ri 218 

Burnet, Mary, John 229, 277, 325 
Burnet, Merriam 232 

Barnes. Amy 242 

Barnes, Patience 242 

Burnet, Lot, Stephen 242, 298, 

Burnet, Moidecai, Dan 271, 323 
Browne, Maj 243 

Beebee, Joanha 244 

Beaver 244 

Briggs, Davie 247, 272 

Buxl, James 274 

Brick making 279 

Burying ground ' 310, '6id 
Barnes, Charles 31, 32 


records: towm of SOL'THAMPTOKT. ixdex. 

Black pond 


Cobb's pond 9 

7, 98 

, 207, 

, 221 


Court fees 

3, 6 

Crag, Dr. 


Chatfield, Mr 


Cobb burying ground 


Cooper, John 


Cow neck 310, 

, 133, 

, 224. 

, 3o2 

Coe, John 


Canoe place 


, 328 

Cooper, Simon 


Culver, Jonathan 


Cooper, Ichabod 


Clark, Jeremiah 


, 195 

Cooper, John 18, 217, 25 


Clark, James 


40, 41. 40 

Clark, Eliphelet 


Cooper, Thomas 80, 148 


Clark, Joad 


144, 127, 272 

Clark, Joseph 


Cooper, Sarah 95, 130, 


Clark, Samuel 




Cooper, Abigail 


276. 295 

Cooper, James 139, 148, 183, 


Chattield, Tho. 


Cooper, Samuel, Ichabod 


Campbell, John 153.243, 243 

, 300 

Cooper, David, Stephen 


Clam island 


Cooper, Mary 


Camps pond 



Cooper, Ben j amen 


Calf creek 


Champlin, Steph 


Cedar swamp 



Cor withy, Caleb 17, 


Conkling, John, Sarah 



Clark, Sam 33, 55, 57, 73, 


Captains pond 



Conkling, Jer 35, 




Cook, Ellis 42, 228, 


Cold spring 


Cook, John 85, 


Cobbs pond 


Cook, widow Martha 84, 85 

, 93, 

Connecticut Juris( 



270. 269 



Cook, Abiel 


Clay pits 


Cook, Eiias 


Cormorant point 

2 38 

Cook, David 


Chatlield, Annah 


Cook, Obadiah 183, 


Cadnor, Edmond 


Cook, Elizabeth 


Clark, Edmond 


Cook, John 247, 


Cutting creek 


Captain's neck 49, 59, 


Culver, Jeremiah 



Cooper's neck 49, 224, 


Carteret, Peter 


Doliber, James 


Clay pit 


Dollobor, John 


Cory, Isaac 58, 119, 


Davis, Sam. 7, 

17, 1 

50, 41 


Calf pen neck 59, 330, 326, 337 
Clark, Sam 61 

Constable 61 

Casson, Jaques 65 

Carwithy, John 80, 275 

Catchaponack. 88, 113, 185, 276 
Culver, Gersham 97, 120, 125, 
425, 130, 328, 246, 275 

Davis, John 17, 72, 211, 146, 

329, 331 
Davis, Zachariah 145 

Davis, Arthur 146 

Davis, Joseph 199 

Davis, Marv 217 

Davis, ffulk, 41, 204, 229 

Davis, Benj. 53, 59, 287, 326, 327 

records: town 



Davis, Andrew 


Foster, John 




Davison, Benj. 


Foster, David 


Daj-ton, Sam. 18, 5 

5, 21 

.. 38 

Foster, Lydia 


Diment, Tho. 4, 7, 13, 14, 30 


Foster, Joseph 


205, 207 

Foster, Daniel 


Dickinson, John 


K 41 

Foster, Jonas 


Division, 40 acre 


Foster, Tho. 


Division, vote for 143, 



Foster, Ri. 


Dyer, Cornelius 


Field, Mr. 


Dimon. James 


First neck 




Delaval, Tho. Maj. 




1,202, 306 

Dirty creek 


Fowler, Chris 79 

, 95, 



Dayton, Caleb 



Fences plain 181, 27 


Deaths, list of 


Frog pond. 




Dayton, Ralph 


Fowler, Ri 




Farrantean's point 



Dains, John 


Fatting pasture 


Diament, Tho. 


Fraiser, Dan. 


Fithian, David, Ea 




East Hampton 


Farret, James 


East Hampton bounds, 



Fish, John 


135, 182, 220, 212, 



Fourth neck. 



Edwards, Wm. 

57. '60 

Fletcher, IMr 


Edwards, John 


Flving point. 



Eades, Nicholas 


Floyd, Ri. 


Eston, Henry 


Fi.shing places, 


Erie, John 88, 242, 



Flint, Am mi 


Else, John 272. 96, 247, 

, 260, 


Escute, Edmund 



Goldsmith, Tho. John 13, 41, 18 

Fordham, Robert 40, fiO, 68. 


79, 255 

217, 226, 238, 247, 



Gardiner, Lyon 38 




Fordham, Jonah 76, 



Gardiner, David 

Fordham, Joseph 80, 



Gin acre Pond, 39, 



, 333 

201, 266, 244, 307 

Gosmer, John 49, 




Fordham, Isaac 


Glover, Hen. 


Fordham, Natb. 143, 



Gibbs, Ri. 


Fordham, Charity 


Gould, Benj. 


Fordham, Pelletiah 




Fordham, Alex 


Gilbert, Caleb 



Fordham, John 


Gelston, Samuel 


Foster, Christopher 3, 54, 


Goodwin, Tho. 



140. 148, 185, 306, 



Gray, John 


Foster, Nath. 


Gardiner, Andrew 


Foster, Hackaliah 


Goodale, -Joseph 


Foster, Benj. 62, 98, 






Howell, Sbenezer 201 

Howell, .josiah 201, 242 

Howell, Jesse 200 

Howell., Aavon, Abner, 203, 230 
Howell, Elisabetli 243 

Howell, Isaac 148 

Howell. Henry 2 

Howell, Abraham 2, 104, 107, 242 
Howell, Hezekiab 2 

Howell, Eclm'nd 17 45 59 228 324 
Howell, John, et passim 17, 42 

54. 55, 214 
Howell, Ri. 34, 101, 325, 211 
Howell, Edward 53, 55, 108, 148 
Howell, Arthur 57, CO, 200, 226 

230, 209 
Howell, Mathew, et 2)asslia 58, 

106, 132, 321 
Howell, David 60, 201 

Howell, Thcophilus, 33*, 183, 

115, 12S, 181 
Howell, Joseph 327 

Howell, Epliraim 182 

Howell, Zebulon 183 

Howell, Elias, Ruth, 200, 218, 242 
Howell, Samuel, Sarah, 20 D, 242/ 
Horton, Baruabas, Mary, 5, 150 
Herric-k, James 8, 21, 55, 56, 60, 

350, 213, 73-, 223, 232, 81 
Hughes, Humphrey 14, 15, 20, 

49, 50, 75. 218, 255 
Hand, John. Joseph 18, 51, 36 
Halsey, Tho. 21, 166, 208, 228 
Halsey, Elisha 185 

Halsey, Jer. 60, 185, 186 

Halsev, Abraham, Daniel, 186, 

C'2, 290 
Halsev, Nathan, Nathaniel 34, 186 
Halsey, David 193, 263 

Halsey, Jonah 201 

Halsey, Ezekiel 201 

Halsey, Ei. 229, 326 

Halsey, Cornelius, Sylvanns 255 
Halsey, Mary, Jemima 242, 243 
Halsev, Isaac 34, 88, 120, 166, 

290, 305, 327, 279 

Halsey, Josiah, Israel 67, 145 
Halsey, Ann 65 

Halsey; Joseph 143 

Hal se3% Joshua 144 

Halsey, Jonah 2i)l 

Halsey, Ezekiel 2 )1 

Halsey, Samuel 146 

How, Daniel 3, 212 

Haines, Anthony 42 

Haines, Benj. 53, 63. 184, 241 
Haines, David, John 7, 7 1 , 86, 1 85 
Haines, James 138, 148, 20O 
Haines, David l''^3 

Haines, Hen. 1^5 

Haines, Joseph 186 

Haines, Sam. 319, 332 

Halsey s neck, 55, 138, 228, 344 

331, 49, 207, 219, 223 
Holdsworth, Jonas 2, 50, 224 
Hawley, Jos. 5;> 

Helme, Tiio. 59 

Hand, Benj. 59 

Ilarveye. Mathias 60 

Harris, Tho. 60 

/Harris, Geo. 63, 86, 145, 151, 
' 224, 332 

Harris, Hen. 151 

Hiri-is, Leonard 308 

Harriman, Rev. John 62, 83. 94, 

Hand, Sliamgar 62, 80, 219, 240 

Hildreth, James 63. 80, 170. 327 
Hampton, James, Jane 49, 65, 

205, 258 
Halsey, Josiah, Israel 67 

Hobart, Josias {i>> 

liarkev's hole 75, 81, 14 \ 333 
Hnntington path 77, 121 

Hackleton, Wm 85, 87 

Hog neck, 88, 91, 145, 254, 331, 

Herrick, Wm. 92, 100, 128 

Huntington, delegates to 93 
Head of Creek 97, 263, 288, 335 
Howell, Hannah 98 


Hhitchee, James 90 

Horse mill 103 

Heatbc.ote, Caleb, Geo. 118, 153 

1G7, 859 
Hay ground 120 

Howell, Nath. 181 

Ho\veJ[, Josiah, Isaac X, i88 
Howell, Thomas, Lem. 1,138,144 
Herrick, Tho. 141 

Hedgts, Dauiel 144. 181 

Homes' hill 144, 1^5 

Herrick, Sara, Nathan 151, 185 
Herrick, Mehitabel 151 

Howell, Lydia, Jonah "^58,^128 !• 
Herrick, S'lej^h 157 

Higlnvaj encroachments 175 
Hav at Shnmecock 188 

Hildrefh, Eph. 185 

Hildreth, Noah, Peter 186, 2U1 
Hildreth, Joshua, Joseph 188, 242 
Halsey, Jeremiah, David 18G, 193 
Horse mill lane 194 

Hairman, Fraucis 200 

Halsey, Jonah, Ezekiel 201 

Horses 2 1 8 

Hartford Court 221,228 

Hogs 221, 286 

Hendrick, Madeline 241 

Hedges,. Stephen 321 

Howell, Stephen 151 

Hay ground 271, 881 

Hounes, Nick. S42 

Herrick, James Cautograph) 8o() 
Howell, Alnam 104 

Howell, Abigail 244 

Hackleton, Sarah 248 

Horton, Btnj. 2(59 

Harris, Pater 27 1 

Hubbard, Sam 285 

Hubert, Joshua 28G 

Huntington 807 

Hand, David 146 

Indians, 7, 15, 27, 34, 3f?, 202. 
230, 222, 55, 287, 247, 232, 
206, 216, 271, 358, I7d 

Ilobe, Tho. 
Indian hedge 
Intestate estates 
Indian deed 


310, 334 

Johnson, Dorathy 303 
Jagger, John 14, 24, 60, 69, 267 

268, 29G 

Jagger, Jonathan 145 

Jagger, Jeremiah 147, 138 

Jagger, Jonathan *200, 201 

Jagger, Mathew 200 

Jagger, Steph. Sam. 246, 319 
Jessup. John -.17, 67, 185,>215, 

289, 333 
Jessup, Tho. 70, 81, 242, 275 

Jessup, Hen. 143 

Jessup, Lewis 8S 

Jessup, Isaac 144 

Jessup, Hannah 242 

Jennings, Wm 33, 188 

Jennings, Tho. 38 
Jennings, John 42, 60, 72, 73, 

232, 241 

Jennings, widow 118 

Jennings, Samuel 185, 283 

Johnes, Dicken 33 
Johnes, Samuel 62, 70. 93, 184, 


Johnes, Ann 213 

Johnes, Edward 213 

Johnes, Steph. 185 

Johnes, Wm. 208 

Johnes, Jeffry 28 

James, Rev. Tho. 33, 41, 43, 58 

Jumping creek, 117 

Jefiry's ci'eek 144 

J ago, John 2M 

Job's lane 228 

James, Sarah ^^43 

King, Jonathan 38 

Kappock, Stephen 60 

Kelh-'s pond 61, 79, 139. 26o, 

^102, 105. 322 
Kellam, Kob7l, 72, 172. 246, 254 



Kempton, Mannasab 128, 300 
Kirby, Joseph 285 

King, Samuel '61 

Ludlam. Sam. 201 

Ludlam, Wm. 2, 5, 42, 2?3, 2J5, 

Ludlam, Joseph. Henry 49, 50, 

111, 220, 288 
Ludhun, Anthony, Sarah 57, 58 

Ludlam, Joseph GO 

Lum, John 5, 18, 19, 208, 322 
Laughton, John et pa.<tsli}i 6. 13 
Laughton, Josiab 56, G8, 281 
Loveland, Rob. 40 

Learning, Christopher 57, 61, 64 

81, 247, 274, 303 
Long springs, 61, 79, 279, 332 
Lupton, Christo. 60 

Lum, Sam 71, 97, 105, 144, 200 
Lupton, John 71, 148, 186, 247 
Lime pit, 138 

Lupton, Tho. 34, 141 

Lum, Math. 148, 2+0 

Little River 197 

Lum, Obadiah 198 

Law book 217 

Leverit, Capt. 221 

Laws, 99, 2 ;3 

Larison, John 97, 100, 243, 292 
Long pond, 103, 171, 303, 337, 

Lewis, Hen. 2 

Long tongue 300 

Lupton, Tlio. Josiah, Joseph 

332, 329 
Lovelace, Gov. 350 

Littleworth, 97, 107, 108. 146, 

308, 329 
Lord, Ri. 30 

Lane, Dan. 55, 144 

I^awrence hill 262 

Mechem, Jer. 
Mulford, John 

2. 44 
:;6, 42 

Mulford, Wm. 4, 2 1 
Mills. Geo Sa- 16, 41, 59, 71, 264 

Mackie, John 38 

Meacox, 42, 126. 207. 228, 262, 


Mill pond 49 

Morehouse, John 58, 1-15 

Millstone brook 50, 87, 100, 27« 


Marshall, Joseph 60, 243 
Ministry, land for 61, 62, 331 

Mapham, John 75, 78, 118, 254, 


Meetinghouse 75, 88, 110, 206, 


More. Joseph 91, 97. 138, 144, 

175, 32a 

Minister 91, 119 

Macarty, John 98 
Mill pond head, 77, 107, 1 1 1, 225 

329, 334 

Monobaugs 114,279 

IVIeadow beach 123 

Mill fulling 12 «, 137 

Mitchel. John 138, 174. 142, 148 

201, 330 

Masspootopaug 27 

Maltby, Tho. 342 

Mowbray, John 281, 3()() 

Maltby, Susanah 15 J 

Ministry, Presbyterian 155 

Marshall, Benj. 178 

More, David 198 

Mill neck, 22 1 

Magistrates 211, 221, 224 

IMeantacut (Montauk) 230, 246 

Maidstone 227 

Manages, list of 24 L 

Mills, Phebe 2 12 

Malbie. Mary 2 t4, 308 

Melvine, Walter 269, 301, 3:;4 

lilarshall, John 269 

Mills, Isaac 59, 27 1 

Mason, Wm. Sarah 282 

:\Iiller, Andrew 284 

Mills, Dr. David 295 



Mills, James 

14. 20 209 

Miller, John 


Morefield. Darby 


Millstone swamp, 


Moore, Mary 




Nap, Priscilla 4, 18, 20 

North sea, 50, 72, 41. 51. 53. 60, 

211, 216, 144. 145, 122, 208, 

209, 211, 327. 
Novack mill, 106, 124, 170, 184, 

"' 203, 241 
Newton, Benony 84, ? 28, 132, 247 
Norris. Peter, Rob. ^86, 296, 153 

172. 332 
Northside division 167, 173 

Northsea road 185, 194 

Norris, widow 194 

Nicolls. Gen. 233 

Niamaug (canoe place) 29 

Nosh lot 129 

Neesaqaauk 37 

Noyack meadow 339. 328, 323 

Ogden, John 41, 68, 216, 222, 

206. 27 
Ogden. John Jr. 228, 229, 2:6 
Oldfield, John 2, 18. 28, 40, 41, 

Ox pasture, 213, 138. 59, 92, 129 

266, 331, 333, 324 
Officers chosen, 69, 70, 183 

Overseers : ' 94, 235, 266 
Ogdens neck 253, 114, 145, 331 

325, 325 
Old town 139, 266, 329 

Osburn, Tho. John 199, 209, 254 
Ordinary 234 

Onuck 276 

Oil, price of 280 

Olberson, Wm. 186 

Odell, Mr. 32 

Pope, Tho. 5, 41. 49. 205 

Plagdell, Charles 1 4 

Pierson, Hen ef jjussim 21 50 126 

Pierson. Joseph 74, 93, 144, 242 
Pierson, Benj. 320, 85, 308, 327 
Pierson, Theoph. 148 

Pierson, Theodore 150, 308 

Pieison, Sarah 243 

Pierson, John 284 

Phillips, Zer. 32. 35, 41, 78, 238 
Phillips, Ann 41 48 224, 255, 120 
Plowman, Math. 34 

Plains, little 39, 40, 59, 206, 264 
Plains, great 40, 48, 351, 238 

216, 141 
Post. Ri. 7, 48, 79, 209, 217, 233 

303, 332, 325 
Post, John 84, 62, 201, 225, 330 
Post. Joseph 68. 81, 140, 332 
Parsonage land, 62, 155, 133, 

174, 183, 125, 129 
Pelletreau, Francis 183 

Paine, Jon. Dan. 29,20 0,246 
Petty, Ed. 198, 243 

Peter, negro 4d, 206 

Prison, 230 

Palmer, Ben 61, 80, 247, 260 
Painter, Mr. 267 

Potunk 113, 273, 276. 330, 335 
Piny. John 255 

Patent, 66, 119. 287, 347, 857 
Painel. Moses 84 

Pine division meadow 71, 112 
Parker, John 124, 131, 135, 328 
Peconic river, little 128 

Parsons, Elisabeth 3^J3 

Piny, John 331 

Piggot, Ruth 68 

Price, Benj. 31 

Perry, Hen. 31, 32 

Pound, 287 

Quaquanantuck, 39. 95. 112, 226 

250. 333 
Quantuck, 88, 93, 114 

Quit rent 99, 127. H6 

Quogue meadows 252 

Raynor, Jonathan 83. 38, 121 
145, 243, 336 



Kaynor, Adonijah 2, 20 

Kaynor, David 2 

Raynor, Thurston 2, 112, 342 

320, 210 
Raynor, Joseph 4, 39. 64, 33, 336 
Ravnor, John CO, 100, 300 ' 

Raynor. Isaac 100, 300, 336 

Rogers, Joseph 13 

Rogers, Obadiah 24, 87, 01, 109 

213, 236, 242 
Rogers, John, Phebe 51 

Rogers, Jonah 145, 170, 174, 184 

Rogers, Wm 186, 202 

Rsvell, Tho. 14 

Richbell, John 15 

Rnssell, Wm. 21. 39, 48, 49,' 65 

69, 78, 320, 326 
Roe, John 55 

Rose John 58 59 222 238 240 274 
Rose. Tho. 93, 272, 280 

Rose, David 144, 148 

Rose, James 167 

Rose. Martin 185, 190 

Rose, Israel 183 

Rocky hollow 77 

Reeves, Tho. 77, 87, 92, 242, 248 

Reeves, Nathan 201 

Reeves, John 322, 8'.: 9 

Riverhead 98. 136. 143, 200 

Kate, county 99, 212, 216 

Rams, 1<I6 

Red creek 116, 146 

Rapahaniock neck, 117 

Rnsco, Amni 143, 301 

Russell, Oliver, Wm. 148, 148 

219, 221,226, 328, 33J 
Rugg, Charles 186 

Randall, Sam. Elis 200, 285 

Rescue, Nath. 282 

Reed, Tho. 341 

Sale, Obadiah 289. 300, 321 

Scott, John 2, 33, 37, 3S, 41, 60 
186, 2U8, 232 

Scott, Tho. . 48 

Scott, Jeekamiah 55, 128, 175, 

Scott, Jackson 86. 23^ 

Scott, Lazarus 183. 181 

Swan creek 59. 225 

Ship, Nathaniel 15, 20 

Sandford, Ezekiel 75, 276, 319 
Seatuck, 279, 30() 

Sanders, John 279 

Stubbins. Dan. 271 

Sag pond 61, 280, 33 7 

Simpkius, Wm. -5), 28.) 

Seapoose 69, 226, 280, 28 J 

Shepherd, John 282 

Schellenger, Jacob 281 

Smith, Ri. 18, 20, 64, 101, 144, 

230, 284 
Stephen, Tho. 296 

Sagg biidge 110, 298, 338 

Sagg, highway at 91. 186. 3 6 
Sayre, Joseph 240. oi)7 

Sayre, Thomas 138 1 13, 240, 3o4 
Sayre. Fiancis 8. 39, 56, 143, 210 

Sayre, Daniel 49, 1-13. 146, 21J 

224, 324, 327, 228 
Savre, Job 61. 94. 128. 132, 144 

148, 138, 235, 2-13, 319 
Sayre, Ephraim 143 

Sayre, John 1-13 

Sayre, Ethan 146, 184 

Sayre, Abraham 146 

Sayre, Hannah 154 

Sayre, Sila*, David 183. 201 

Sayre, Ichabod 183 

Sayre, Nehemiah 186 

Shaw, Ri. Tho. 2, GX 6t. 211 
Svlvester, Constant, Joshua 

14. 20 
Stanborough, Josiah 9, 12. 13 

41, 42, 185, 2 13 
Stanborough, Alee 14. 28, 42 
Stanborough, John 15), 200 
Stanboiough. Peregrine 29, 243 
Studwer, Thu. 16 


Shinnecock, 39, 175, 183, 223 Sagg meeting house, 239, 338 

232, 264, 336 Simpkins, \Vm. 243 

Stephens, Tho. 40, 93, 127 Stephens, James 244 

Saher, Wm. 41, 53 Spicer, Jacob 343 

Stephens, Nicholas 50 Strawberry hollow, 325 

Sanford, Zechariah 54 Stratton, John 31 

Sagaponack 253, 54, 112, 210 Springfield, 2S9 

273, 288, 329 Seven ponds, 290, 326 

Smith, Benj. 58. 331 Smith, John 35 

Sturmy, Charles 58, 63, 70, 273 Shaw, Tho. 246 

Sylvester, G. 60 Shaw, Edmund 31 

Salisbury, Capt. 64 

Sylvester, Capt. N. 70 73 Topping, Tho., et passim, 1, 22, 

Shelter Island 73 40, 27, 54, 143 

Scuttle hole, 77, 88 Topping, John 2 

Slade, 70 Topping, Elnathan, James, 62 

Smith, Rob. 84 126, 246, 327, 242 

Smith meadow, 91 Topping, Stephen 147, 148 

Shinnecock, road to 92 Topping, David 238 

Sagaponack stream, 107, 110, 142 Topping, Temperance 242 

Seponack, old ground, 109, 121 Topping, Ann 242 

287, 288 Toppin- Abigail 243 

Southold, 115, 226 Topping, Hannah 280, 323 

Supervisor, ]28 Topping, Sarah 146, 242 

Smith, Col. Wm. 133 Timber, felling 20, 231 

Smith, Joseph 144 Thompson, Wm. 40, 41, 44 

Smith, Obacfiah 148 Tennison, John 54, 68, 103, 273 

Shephard, Tho. 146 Taylor, Rev. Mr. 70, 74, 94, 268 

Stratton, Joseph, Ruth, 150, 242 144 

Shaw, David 154 Trevally, Tho. 92 

Speonk meadow, 157 Treasurer, Town 98 

Sagg swamp, 166 Taxes, 101, 102, 130, 225, 231 

Scuttle hole, 163, 328 Turkish captives, 102 

Strangers, entertaining 181 Taylor, Mary 118, 244, 273 

Sheep, 183, 222 Trustees, 141 

Sanford, Tho. 185 Taylor, John 139, 143 

Southampton street, high- Tanners neck, 156 

ways from 1S9 Tarbill, Jonah 201 

Schellenger, Daniel 201 Ten acre lots, 205, 208, 223, 329 

Sanford, Henry 201 335, 55, 56, 332 

Seponack, 331, 208, 223, 229, 74 Town's men. 221, 233 

Smithtown, 212 Town papers, 217 

Swine, 275 Trevally, Tho. 257, 262. 329 

Soldiets, 219 Training day, 279 

Sutton, Joseph 221 Thompson, John 284 

School, 224, 230, c60 Tooker, John 2!i4 


Talcot, Joseph 308 

Tarbill, Wm. 229. 324, 329. 330 

Town pond, 138, 333 

Tallcot, John 29 

Travis, Garret 32 

Toylsome, 290 

Towd, 329 

Theft, 30, 31 

Vonck, Cornelius 54, 72, 241 

Underhill, John 


Whale eompanv, 2 

Whaling, 55, 56. 57, 49. 50, 52 

27. 60. 71, 68, 69, 80, 219 

246. 267, 30 
Waters, Anthony 7, 332. 26, 204 

Wolf, 8, 222, 225 

AVoodhull, John, Ri. 8. 13. 55 

Willman, Isaac 8, 42, 238, 280 

243, 337 
Wiilman, Abraham 113, 127 

Willman, Benj. 129 

Willman, Theophilus 131, 330 
Wiliman, John 151 

Ware, Elis 137 

Wood. Ri. 138. 145, 185 

Windmill. 142, 146, 144 

Woodruff, Benj. 144 

Willmot, Alex. 145, 337 

White, Siivanus 13 

White, John 18. 221. 120, 200 

White, Wm. 38, 200, 247 

White, James 62, 100, 144. 320 
White, Eph. 84, 144, 200 

White, Rev. Eben. 138, 201, 58 
White, Ann 221. 29 

White, Charles 203 

AVhite, Silas 217 

White, Abigail, Hester, 241 

Wampum, 14 

Wood, Ri. 33 

Woolly, John 83 

Wiandance, 36. 355. 34 

Woolly. Rob, 336. 39, 38, 49, 87 

215, 100, 336 
Wheeler, Tho. 42 

Woodruff, John 48, 49, 100, 150 

205. 255, 228 
Whitear, Peter, Elis. 54, 59. 243 
Wood. Jacob 60, 94, 148. 185 

Wick. John 64. 128, 143, 145 

147, 148 
Warring. John 64, 151 

Willet. Tho. 64. 102 

Wilkius, John 80 

Whiteing, Rev. Joseph 83. 146 

281, 285 
Weckatuck, 97. 134. 242 

Wickham, Joseph 111. ltd, 326 
VVonunk, 113 

Woodruff Nath. 145, 148, 186 
Windmill hill, 171. 176 

West neck highway 193 

Watermill, 193 

Wood, Mitch. 201 

Wick. David 201 

Woolly, Wm. 201 

Woodruff. Timothy 201 

Warden. Tho. 203 

Woodruff. Sarah 218, 236 

Wheeler, John 241, 269. 271. 28 
Williams, Mary, Patience 241 

Wines, Mary 243 

Wickapogue, 267 

Wessels, Warriner 279 

Weaver, John 327 

Whiteear, Abm. 29 

Whitehead, Sam. 321, 97, 134 

Warner, John 285 

Yates, Wm. 
Yellew Spring, 
Youngs, John 

32, 38 


34. 98 



Calf Creek, 59, 174, 191, 337 Millstone Brook, 279 
Cobb, 98, 97, 100 

Catchaponack, 185, 275 Northsea, 126, 194 

Captain's Neck, 142 Nortbside, 168 

Noyack, 17U 
East Hampton Bounds, 1S6, 260 

273 Posabog, 192 

Flanders, and near 116 Quogue, 253 

First Neck, 139, 141, 255, 316 

332, 333 Riverbead, 143 

Gin Lane 237 Southampton, and near, 3H8 

319, 185, 189, 194, 267, 315 
Hacker's Hole, 81 57, 68, 69, 70, 86, 88, 92, 95 

Head of Creek, 87, 97, 275, 285 Sag Harbor, 192 

Hog Neck, 89, 90 Seponack Lane, 120 

Hay Ground 190 Scuttle Hole, 121, 164, 191 

Sagg, 81, 110, 129, 186, 260, 338 
Kellies Pond, 261 274, 316, 327, 288, 289, 2-18 

Long Springs, 268 

Littlewortb, 97 Watermill, 192, 60, 109, 111, 190 

West Neck, 193 

Meacox, 85, 140, 191, 192, 237 Wickapogue, 267 

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■'■■ w^ ,v^^'^- 

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