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a ov TKS iMPnxAL ACAounr ov bodisci ov oovsTAvrnropLi, sto. 

h r 

.. WAR"80 

AecfltOr enrition, lUbiitelf atilr enlsrstlr 


CHARLES WELLS, Ph.D. (Leipeio), 

Wmtmig Tn^euor «< a« Imperial Nawd CotUge, CMttaniimoplt, AtUhor qf C)i« i-Jt3J Jl^ 

(Ja &My OS PoWieaZ Bemumy m 2VrMdk), tif"Mekemet the Kurd and other 

TeXeeftam Saetem Soureet." Zaie JPrivate Swretarp to Lieut.'Oeneral 

Sir Arnold KemhaU on the Tmreo-Pertion Frontier Commiieiott, 

Turkiak Frizeman ofXSn^B CoUego, London, ^e. 

CijJjci^ ^j\y ^}S^ XM^\Jy^ Ji<i%i '-^J^ *J^^ 



^0^. S . Cjo 

wncAir ijrs son, 

OBtmAXi, GLAWXOAL, AJn> QmWMMkt, PuniBt, 


IT k an extnordinftiy aod lamentable &ct that the langaage of the 
Turks has hitherto received little or no attention in England, 
although it ia apoken by milliona of people belonging to a vast empire with 
vliich we are cloeely connected by mntual vital intereatBy and is more or 
len ued, in official circles, from Tunis in Africa to the walls of China. 
It n the Court language of Persia, and in many provinces of that 
ooonby is spoken as mnch as Persian. It is difficult to account for 
the absolute neglect of the study of such an important language, 
oooBideEing that it is nsed by a people who once influenced half the 
▼orU, who overturned and established empires, who have possessed the 
tbranes of Persia, Syria, Greece, and Arabia, whose power was once 
dreaded by Italy, Germany and France, and to whom our proud Queen 
Hizabeth applied for aid against the Spanish Aimada. The Turkish lan- 
gaage has always been of the greatest oonseqneQce to us, owing to the 
importance of our political and commercial relations with the Ottoman 
Empire, and the complete ignorance of it on the part of our countrymen has 
greatly impeded proper commnnioation and intercourse between the two 
nations and giren rise to most serious misunderstandiugs and difficulties, both 
in the diplomatic and commercial world. Hitherto, the only means of com- 
nraoication between the two peoples has been the employment of Levantine 
interpreters^ who seldom or never know either English or Turkish properly, 
sod speak the latter nnidiomatically and with a vulgar accent peculiarly dis- 
ttstdbl to the educated Osmanlis. Becent events in the East, by which we 
bave become in one sense identified with the Turkish Empire through having 
QBdertaken the Protectorate of Asia Minor and the administration of Cyprus, 
now raider the acquisition of the Turkish language by English officials and 
conuiwreiai men more urgent than ever, and indeed it is absolutely indis- 
peosable if we wish to fulfil our task efficiently and avoid endless complica- 
tioQi with the natives and the Turkish (Government. We may therefore hope 
tiiat this sabjeot will at last receive the attention it deserves on the part 
of the Government and the nation, that proper facilities will be affi>rded 
£iv the aoqnisition of the language by a Professorship of Turkish being 

n bedhouse's Turkish and ENausH dictionary. 

founded at one of onr Univeraitiefi, and encouragement and reward being 
offered to those who devote themselves to this arduous study. Persons 
wishing to become student-interpreters, or officials in any part of Turkey, 
in Asia Minor, or in Cyprus, should be required to possess, at least, some 
knowledge of Turkish before being appointed and before leaving England, as 
they will find the want of proper teachers in Turkey an insuperable barrier 
against beginning its study in that country. The only persons who teach 
Turkish in the East are Greeks and Armenians, most of whom appear phys- 
ically incapable of pronouncing Turkish correctly, and possess in general little 
or no knowledge of the literary language. As we have in English nearly every 
sound existing in Turkish, an Englishman, if properly taught, can pronounce 
far better than a Greek or an Armenian. For the same reason, as I found from 
experience in instructing the students at the Imperial Naval College of 
Constantinople, Turks can pronounce our language far more purely than the 
Christian races under their government. A good dictionary is indispensable 
for acquiring any language, and Mr. Rbdhousb rendered a national service 
when he produced his excellent work, which I hesitate not to say is incom- 
parably the most correct and trustworthy Turkish lexicon in any European 
languaga The original edition having been exhausted, I willingly 
consented to Mr. Quaritch's proposal that I should edit a second issue, as 
all students of the language would find such a book most necessary, and the 
learned author sanctioned my undertaking. While preserving all the valuable 
matter contained in the first edition, I have attempted to increase its use- 
fulness by the addition of a considerable number of words omitted originally 
for want of space, or which have been coined by the Turks during the 
last twenty years to meet the requirements of their advancing civilisation. 
Amongst other things, the names of countries, towns, rivers, mountains, and 
other geographical words were entirely left out of the English-Turkish part, 
and nearly completely omitted in the other part These I have supplied, 
giving special attention to names of places in the East. The English-Turkish 
portion being scarcely copious enough to enable a Turk to read an English 
book, or an Englishman to write or speak on all subjects in Turkish, I have 
introduced a large number of fresh words into it, and I have also, to some 
extent, augmented the Turkish-English part Thus, the present edition will 
be found to contain several thousand more words than the original work 
published twenty-five years ago, which, however, was far more correct and 
copious than any other European Turkish lexicon. 

It is a strange fact that the number of Englishmen who can read and 
write Turkish is so small that they can be counted on the fingers of one 
hand. The English public, and what is more astonishing, the English 


tmAokiB in Turkey, know scarcely anything of this curious and interesting 
toDgae, and rarely succeed even in speaking a few words properly; yet 
to nnderetand a nation rightly a knowledge of its language is most 
e^entiaL As I once remarked in an article in the Gentlemcm's Magazirhe 
published some years ago, the physical features of the East^ the length and 
farauith of its rivers, the height of its mountains, and the costumes of its 
peoples, hare been ascertained and described by enterprising European 
tnyeDers ; but the spirit of the East, which only can be comprehended by a 
tWoQgh acquaintance with its language and familiar intercourse with the 
fiaUTQB, has remained a sealed book to Europe. Indeed many works 
viudi hame been written for the purpose of enlightening us with regard to 
the East, have, with rare exceptions, only misrepresented and burlesqued it, 
although, I admit, that the writers did this in all sincerity and unconscious- 
wai If Europeans ever learn what the inner life of the East is, they 
will £nd that tbeir ideas have been wonderfully narrow and onesided; 
thit many things they believed to be universally true are, under certain cir- 
camsfeances and in certain places, absolutely false; and they will discover 
modi that is good and valuable in the institutions, and much that Is 
MhninJble in the manners and customs of the Turks, as well as some things 
vbidi we might with advantage imitate. 

A lengthy discourse on the language and literature of the Osmanlis wotdd 

lie somewhat out of place here, but a brief account of them may be interest- 

isg to the general reader and, especially, to those about to conmience the 

ctody of Tuikish. The Turkish language is of Tartar origin, as the Turks 

ciffie from Central Asia, and is consequently quite distinct from Arabic and 

Fenian; although it is true that in modem times the Arabic characters have 

Wen adopted for all three languages, and that the Constantinople dialect is 

"^ filled with Arabic and Persian words, but these have been incorporated 

vithoat affecting the nature or framework of the Turkish, which is as 

<ii^^<ncnt from Arabic and Persian as Anglo-Saxon from Latin and Greek. 

The original Turkish tongue was somewhat barbarous, but extremely forcible 

^ oo&Gise when spoken. Very often, in colloquial language, a whole 

"^teiice in a European language can be expressed by one or two words in 

TuAmL For example, the phrase " The book which I have written," can 

w ezpessed in Turkish in two words, viz., yassdighim kitab. In fact, 

^^Qibh is a language in which pronouns personal and relative, conjunctions, 

^ otJier parts of speech constantly recurring in European languages are 

•^"Wit entirely dispensed with, by the help of certain peculiar inflections of 

'tach the verb is capable. Unfortunately, this saperiority in Turkish has 

^^^^ more than counterbalanced by the cumbersome and inflated style which 

. f • # . 



^. Qo 



s At <t^ f 


In ^iDo ^ottt, 





In lEiM ^Brts, 







,. WAR "80 

CHARLES WELLS, Ph.D. (LeipBio), 

rr^enor at Ot Imperial Nattal CoOtffe, ConttaiUiHopU, Auihor qf Ci)X« -J Jj Jlc 

(.^ji .BbMy o» PotUieal Beoiumg In 2V»rlrM4), of* Mekemet the Kurd amd oiker 

Taia§from EatUm Bowreet" LaU FrmtU Sterttary to Lima.-Qentral 

Sir Arnold KembaU on the Tmreo-Portian Frontier Commieeion, 

Turkish Prigeman qfXing*§ OoUege, London, SfC, 




J^^. S . ^0 


The abbreviatums \ and j\ in the TurHah character, and et and 61 in the 
English, used in both parts of this Dictionary, stand respectively for the 
auxiliary verbs ilX^sA and ,jUl^^» and their pronunciations ^tmek and bhnak. 



IN the spring of 1855^ on the occasion of the formation of the Turkish 
Le^^on, the author of the present work published a " Yade-Mecum of 
f Ottoman CoUoqoijd Language/' in the Preface of which he promised to 
[•repan^ *^ for the information of those who may wish afterwards to penetrate 
deeper into the arcana of this really beautiful tongue, a series of more 
complete and scientific works." 

The following pages are a first instalment towards the redemption of the 

\ \*rdgB then given. From the size of this volume, the reader must at once 

'-ercerre that it has not the pretension of being a complete dictionary of the 

t*o lang:aages, which it would require several years of constant labour to 

ring into existence. But as there does not exist in English any similar 

vork, it has been judged that a book which shall contain the more usual 

vrma of the two languages, and explain the more striking modifications of 

their meanings — which shall give, not only the orthography of the Turkish 

vords (whether of Arabic, Persian, or Turkish origin), but also their correct 

^rnnnnciation and accentuation — two things never achieved, and the latter 

C£Ter aU^mpted, even in the best dictionaries published on the continent — 

"'>uld not fiBul of being acceptable to the very great number of our country- 

c^ea now interested in obtaining quickly a competent knowledge of the 

kogiiage of our Eastern allies ; and the author has therefore undertaken to 

[Tovide them with as good a dictionary as could be prepared within a 

R:aaoiiable space of time. 

For the materials of this book he is indebted to no one, even of the 
c^'Vdocntal authors, unless in so far as he has used two dictionaries to arrive 
^"t^iioit loss of time at the alphabetical arrangement and selexstion of the 
^^^ otmtained in either part of this publication. He does not pretend to 
•* *l)soliitely and entirely free from mistakes of any kind ; but he confidently 
^Tpeals to all capable of judging, to pronounce whether the great number of 
enon to be traced in every page of the more voluminous continental works, 
^i^cttiit or modem, is not a circumstance which greatly deteriorates the value 


of their productions, although, at the same time, the greatest credit is due to 
the authors for the immense labours thej have undertaken in preparing their 
works for the use of the public. They have done their best, and the thanks 
of a host of students have been, and will continue to be, their just meed. 
Neither is it in any spirit of detraction that the author here notices these 
defects of his precursors ; but, on the contrary, by alluding to them, he 
det«ires to stir up their authors, or others, to investigate the subject with 
renewed zeal and acumen, under the conviction that the greater the facilities 
afforded for an interchange of ideas between the East and West, the more 
rapidly will be effaced those invidious distinctions of caste or class, or nation- 
ality, or religious denomination, which ignorance and intolerance set up in 
bygone times, but which in England have generally given place to the more 
becoming rule and feeling of respecting in all the conscientious dictates of 
faith and taste, even as we ourselves wish to have respect and consideration 
shown to our own by all. 

As above noticed, the publication of a complete Turkish and English 
Dictionary, if ever undertaken, will be a work of considerable expense, and 
will require years for its perfoimance. Hitherto the number of those who 
might have occasion for such a book has been too limited by far to induce 
any one to make the attempt. These circumstances appear now likely to be 
changed, through the attention drawn to Turkey by the lucent aggressions of 
Russia, and also by the vitality so unexpectedly discovered in the Ottoman 
Empire — the "sick man*' of the aggressor. The author would be proud tp 
answer this change, if effective, by an energetic attempt to fill up the void in 
English literature left by the want of such a work. The Turkish language 
is, in itself, well worthy of the labour ; and, whatever the ideas on the sub- 
ject hitherto current in England, as in the rest of Europe generally, there 
exists in that language a literature, mostly in manuscript as yet, it is true, as 
varied and as refined as that which is known to be found in the Persian 
tongue, though it does not embrace those periods of time, the middle ages, 
which render the study of Arabic and Persian doubly intei*esting. In a 
political and in a commercial view, the tongue of the Osmanii merits as great 
attention as any, since its use, or that of its congeners, among natives of 
every sect and nationality, or among official people, is spread from Tunis 
in Africa, throughout the Turkish Empire, the northern half of Persia, 
Khoraasan, to Independent, Chinese, and Russian Tartary. But it is as true, 
as it will appear singular, that whether from apathy, or from the fktal 
delivering themselves up into the hands of double sets of interpreters (one set 
consisting of Greeks, Armenians, Jews, or Levantines, who explain verbally 


berreen Suropeans &nd. Tarks, and the other of Turkish writers, who reduce 
titte Terhal expreaaions into written forms of their own), the greater part of 
oar merchantB and constils living in Turkey, some for periods of fifty years, 
ire usable, with, a fe^w rare exceptions, to read a word of the language, or 
perittpa to understand it wrhen read to them ; and many are even incapable 
•)f attering a single pHrase in common conversation. The fact, however, of 
terrantai working engineers, and others picking up Turkish in a short time, 
vithcmt b<x>k8 or aids o£ any kind, is sufficient to indicate that there is 
ikotliing peculiarly difficalt in the language itself; while the mere mechanical 
d fficultj of the handwriting, as is known to all students, is equally easy to 
W got over with a little practice. 

therefor^ that a taste for this useful language may spread, and 
^t the occasion will thence arise for the preparation of more extensive 
^Qrka on the sahject^ to ii^hich he engages to respond to the best of his 
*b i1i^^ff ^ the author no^w offers the present work to the public, in the trust 
^^ it will be foixnd as useful in its sphere as he could wish or expect 

I&5M»ir, 18SS, 




IN representiDg the sounds of one language with the characters of another, 
we find that all or many of those characters generally possess more than 
one value in their original language. We observe, further, that the authors of 
pronouncing dictionaries are obliged to have recourse to various S3rstems of 
orthography, in order to represent to the mind, through the eye, in a way freed 
from doubt, the sound of every letter in each separate word ; and that a con- 
siderable difference exists between the current orthography and the results of 
each such system. The reasons of this divergence, in respect to the English 
language, may be reduced to three : 1st, Many words of foreign origin have 
preserved their original orthography and pronunciation (this latter more or less 
vitiated), which do not foUow the same rules as the words of our own language ; 
2ndly, Many other words of foreigpi origin, though they have more or less been 
submitted to a process of adaptation to our pronunciation and orthography, still 
retain so many traces of their origin as to require explanation on the former, and 
authority for the latter, inasmuch as the two do not agree together with sufficient 
simplicity, or according to our received ideas of the fundamental values of their 
component letters ; 3rdly, The difference of pronunciation of even indigenous 
words in different parts of the country, whereby an orthography more or less in 
consonance with the pronunciation of one part, at a certain period of time, was 
adopted by some one or other of the early English writers, and has since become 
(either with or without modification) generally or universally current, although 
it does not accord with the usual pronunciation now in use among the educated 
the greater part of the kingdom. 

analogous to these have also affected the orthography and pronun- 


cadoD of the Turkish language, the present alphabet and orthographical system 
o^vhidi are originally Arabic. In the pure Arabic the simple short vowels are 
csrer written, being merely marked over or under the consonant affetsted by 
than, and are but three in number — a, i, and u (Latin) . When these are long, 
thcT are represented by separate letters, which have still their special values as 
oonsQnants, viz. ^, j, and o. Of these, the ^ represents the sound of a, the j of 
« {eo English), the o of t (ee English). This system of the Arabic language 
common also to the other Semitic dialects) was next adopted by the Persians 
Then they embraced the religion of Muhammed ; and although four consonants 
u^, ^ ,j, vzl) were added to the twenty-eight of the Arabians, nothing was 
dene to extend the number of vowel-letters, or of the vowel-pomts, beyond the 
a%mal three, excepting the definite adoption of a fourth consonant (J^) to 
represent the terminal broad e or surd a found in so many Persian words. The 
tiiree original vowel-letters received also a second value each in addition to the 
Arabic one, viz. ) was made to represent the broad a of the English, the ^ the o 
of Earopean languages, and the uS the e of the same as heard in our word there. 
The Tmldsh nation, coining from the eastern parts of Central Asia, first 
eacoontered the Arabian system of writing, under its modified form, in Persia. 
Adopting this, and, by their chief and early conquests in Greece and Asia Minor, 
escaping from the direct infiuence of the Arabians, they in their turn gave a new 
^oe to one consonant (cJ) by making it represent a nasal n in addition to its 
Arabic value of k, and its Persian value of g hard (gh, or gu), and they also 
greatly extended the use occasionally made by the Persians of the three long 
Towds as representatives of their cognate short vowels. 

Passing over, therefore, the consideration of the true number of different 
Tovel-aoonds which may exist in Arabic or in Persian, or of the number which 
taaj exist in any uncultivated Turkish or Tartar dialects, we may now proceed 
to observe that there are eleven distinct vowel-sounds in the cultivated Ottoman 
Torlaah language, besides the modifications of certain of them by mere prolonga- 
tes of soond ; whereas there are still but three vowel-signs, and but four vowel- 
!<0tten to represent them. This necessarily causes great confusion and difficulty, 
eepecally to learners ; and to it, in great measure, I attribute the prevalent use 
of Arabic and Persian words (in writing, much inore than in speaking) in 
jrderence to many of their most common Turkish equivalents. In all three of 
tbeie languages t^ combination of two, three, or four letters, may often be read 
several different ways, the signification varying with each modification of sound * 


and there is no system in use among the nations speaking them whereby the 
true TOwel-pronQnciation of each word can be depicted to the intelligence 
throngii the medium of the eye, in a manner entirely free from doubt. The 
Persians have adopted two terms whereby they describe the different values of 
the vowel j as representing u and o, also of c^ as representing e and f ; but 
further they have not gone, and these terms have no equivalent mark in vnriting ; 
so that the number of vowel-letters remains but four, and of the vowel-points 
but three, to represent the eleven vowels existing in Turkish. At the beginning 
of words they employ two combinations (^ and ij\) of these vowel*letters, 
which have been looked upon as diphthongs ; but this is tibt really so : they 
represent no separate vowel-sound ; Uiey are merely used, or rather the j and 
the kJ are introduced to define the value of the \, which in Arabic takes the 
three vowel-sounds indifferently, in the same way as the other consonants. 
These, then, are no true addition to the number of Turkish vowel-letters, and 
j^\ is read u the same as ji is read ku, and ufl i as cS is ^* 

The eleven Turkish vowel-sounds are the following ; — 


of a 




of i in girl. 


. . a 

• a 



. . . . go. 


. . a 

. . 



. . u in the French tu 


. . a 

• . 



. . u . . full. ' 


. . e 

. • 



. . u . . fun. 



. . 1 

• » 


Our system of orthography in this book for representing the pronunciation 
of the Turkish words is founded upon the two following axioms : — First, No 
character shall have two values; and second. No value shall he represented by 
more than one special character. 

In app]3ring these two rules to the eleven vowel-sounds, we have been led to 

* There exists even at the begixmfsg of some Tnrkiflli words the oombiiistion ^y » 

which may have been considered in like manner a triphthong ; hut in this case, as in 

that of the two combinations, vJl and ^ at the ends of some words and syllables, tbe 

^ is a tme consonant, and therefore we are jostifted in totally denying the existence of 

'^Sthoogs or triphthongs in the Turkish language. 


adapi the following eleven charactera to represent them, all of which are well 
isown Bjodificatiopg in form of our own five vowels : — 


R as in wall, thus 


7th, i as in girl. thus i 


a . . . far, . . . 


8th, . . . gOf . . . 


a • . . about, . . . 


9th, u . . . /» French . . u 


a . . . pan, . . . 


10th, u . . . full, . . . u 


e . . . pen, . . . 


11th, u . . . fun, , , . u 


i . . . pin, . . . 



By the use of these modified vowels the learner can see at once what par- 
teolar value is attached to each, and, at the same time, he will not be obliged to 
nake the dsstjnction, unless he prefers doing it, in making notes himself of words 
he may meet with in reading or in conversation. This book is essentially a 
pronrninrmg dictionary ; and were the European character ever to be adopted in 
Turkey, for the purpose of writing the Ottoman language, there is no reason 
why the «, the e, the t, and the u should not bear several values as they do with 
at ; whereas, in printing, and, if necessary, even in writing, the difference could 
he pointed ont by one or two strokes under them, thereby leaving the upper 
p«t free for the introduction of special signs to distinguish the long from the 
short vowds, and the accentuated from the unaccentuated syllables. 

We have adopted these characters in preference to others, because they are 
to be foond at the printers', and because every one knows them. True it is that 
their special value here has to be learnt and remembered, but so would that 
of any signs we might have invented. Our special reason for not adopting Sir 
W2]iam Jones's "dashed vatoels" is because, their dash being over them, it 
would have interfered with the introduction of the signs of syllabic accent and 
Towd quantity. . We have further felt obliged to abstain from and condemn the 
^phthoDga tti and au of that great philosopher and most distinguished writer, by 
reason that the idea which caused him to employ them is fundamentally erroneous 
ai coD c q>t i on ; and we have been grieved to observe that these errors have been 
already too extensively adopted by other writers of distinction, and by the 
BiBMroaa body of missionaries in India and the South Seas. It la singular that 
m Engiiflbmaii should have fallen into the error of calling these combinations 
dipbthoDgs, when his own language contains the true solutions to the problem. 
Br miltam Jones appears to have been led away in thb matter by the study of 
French or Lfttia, in neither of which languages does the consonant w exist, 
Dodker is the letter y regarded in their grammars as a consonant. 


English grammarians have laid it down as a rule that w and y are consonants 
at the heginning of words or syllables, bat vowels at the end or in the middle^ 
It mast be conceded that y standing alone in the middle of a syllable is a vowel \ 
bat w is never so used in English. As the second letters of diphthongs in the 
middle of syllables they may be considered either as vowels or consonants, 
without much practical inconvenience resulting from the error in either case ; 
and y, at the end of syllables, when immediately preceded by a consonant, may 
certainly be considered a true vowel. There remains then to be considered the 
case of these two letters when they terminate a syllable and are preceded by a 
vowel. In this case Oriental grammarians have justly regarded them as con- 
sonants ; nor would it be difficult to establish that the practice of the English 
tongue fully confirms that decision, as regards the letter y, and also as regards 
the w if preceded by an o. Take for instance the words flow and flay : now, in 
forming from them the participles flowing and flaying, we can perceive that w 
and y are as much consonants as though the division of the two words into 
separate syllables was flo-wing and fla^ying, when, even by the admitted rules of 
our grammarians, these letters would be consonauts. This being established, 
more as a means of comparison between certain conditions of our language and 
the elements of the Turkish, we may now state that we consider the letters w 
any y as consonants in aU cases where we use them in our system of orthography 
as here adopted for representing the sound of the Turkish language ; and, to 
complete our system of syllabic formation, we have but to follow out the series 
of vowels preceding or following these two letters in the same manner as for the 
other consonants ; thus : — 



































































Several of the combinations contained in the third, and nearly all those in 
the fifth of these lines, will be met with in the following pages. The learner 
must then merely take heed not to give to the combination the sound of a 
diphthong, as he would have to do were he reading English, but to keep the 
sound of the vowel pure in the same way as when read before any other con- 
sonant. Thas : — ^Kaw will sound as our English cow, and yiw analogously ; 


wfll rcftd like pie, rey like rety, soy exactly as in English, and kf'y, as also 
arT» will each be readily understood, though we have no similar combination in 
cvr language. It will thus become apparent that these are not diphthongs com- 
posed of two consecutive or combined vowel- sounds, but, on the contrary, a pure 
and simple yowel, followed by a simple consonant. 

Hie foregoing remarks are of more consequence than appears at first sight : 

aot only is a correct appreciation of any subject a great desideratum in itself, but 

this particular bears also in no slight degree upon the question of reduplicated 

consonants, since we frequently meet with both the ^ and the iJ reduplicated, 

and this could not be unless they were true consonants. It has also a very great 

grammatical influence upon the words, and roots of words, which have these 

terminations, as it will be seen throughout the Turkish Grammar that affixes and 

inflexiona vary, according as they are joined on to a word ending with a vowel, 

or to one ending with a consonant ; and it will be found that in all these cases 

the doctrine here laid down agrees with the principle upon which that language 

moves. It has the further advantage, too, of confining the letters w and y to 

one sole Talue* instead of using them sometimes as vowels, sometimes as 

Proceeding, now, to a consideration of the Turkish characters in themselves, 
and of their Talues, as also of the mode of transcription here adopted for the 
consonants, we first observe that the Turkish alphabet consists of twenty-eight 
limple and primitive characters of Arabic origin, the ordinary names and primary 
fanns of which are as follows : — 

1 ^, c^ bs, dJ tE, kU SB, ^ jlm, -. hX, 1 kh), dXl, J z^l, j ri, j ze, 
^m, ^ shin, ^ sXd, ^ dXd, 1 1), I9 z), c " kyn, 4 ghkyn, imJ f£, 
J Uf, cJ kif, fj lam, a mlm, ^ nim. ^ w6w, ^^ yk. 

To these original Arabic letters are to be added the three following, received 
from the Persian, which have a special form, distinguished from the originals 
viuaee they are derhred by the number of dots under or over them, viz. — 

Ci.^ ps, derived from L^ hi. 
^ chim, ^ jim. 

J zhE (French j) ....... ; ze. 

The additional dots of these letters of Persian origin are often to be found in 
vntten, and even in printed, books. The last of them is only used in a very few 
•five or six at moat) words of Persian origin. 


The foarth letter added bj the Persians, namely, the liXT is generally left 
without its distingoishing points, and these, even when added, are aomettmes 
nsed as marking, not the Persian value of the character, but a third use to which 
this letter is universally applied by the Turks, that of a nasal a, eqoivalent to our 
English ng at the end of sing, ring, &c., but softened down to a commoo n in the 
pronunciation of the capital, and of people of refined manners in many of the 
provinces. A second method is also in use, by which to distinguish the Persian 
value of this letter : it consists in giving it a double dash in all ita positions, 
whether initial, medial, or final ; whereas, in the case of the Arabic value, the 
dash is single in the two first positions, and totally wanting in the last-named 
one. It results, therefore, that in printing, and in common or official writing, 
the one character cJ has three distinct values, for which no diKriminating signs 
are employed ; and it is only in some manuscript books, generally when the 
whole of the vowel-points and other diacritical marks are inserted, that any 
distinction is made of the three values of this letter. 

There is also a compound character in use, which is always to be found 
inserted in alphabets, and which, for that reason, cannot be passed over in silence. 
It is the character J, called Ibm-hlif, being, in fact, nothing more than ^} Utm 
joined calligraphically to a following \ klif, in a similar manner to that whereby 
our printers continue to j<Nn the/ and / in fl, or the/oiu? t in fi, &c. 

Of these thirty-one (or thirty-two or thirty-three) Turkish letters, the \ {hWf), 
in its various uses, requires the greatest amount of explanation. 

This letter is sometimes a vowel, and sometimes a consonant ; the latter in 
some words of Arabic origin only, and even then only in the middle or at the end 
of these words, never as an initial. To denote this consonant value of the \, it is 
always surmounted by the diacritical mark , named hEmza, so that no confusion 
can occur between the vowel \ and the consonant. This rule of the hEmzE never 
affecting an initial 1, is a practical rule of Turkish, and does not apply to the 
Arabic language, which we are not here considering. 

The consonant \ then, we proceed to say, follows the same rules as do the 
other consonants in point of being followed or not by a vowel in the same syllable, 
and we need not dwell upon that subject here : we shall only remark that its 
power is that of a alight hiatus, or catch in the breath, and that we have repre- 
sented it in this work, as in oqr little " Vade-Mecuca of Ottoman Colloquial 
Language," by an inverted aportrophe, thus (*). The sign hsmzE represents in 
Arabic, I apprehend, the transition from the natural state of the organ? of 


Speech when in perfect repoee and closed against the passage of vocalized breath : 

it Tepreeents, alao, vice versd, the stop applied, when speaking, to cut off siid- 

denly the emisrion of this vocalized breath ; and the action it represents differs, 

therefore, altogether from that whereby a vowel-soand is made to follow the 

fonrmation of any definite consonant, or whereby that sound is cut off by such a 

formatioii following it, or whereby it is simply allowed to cease itself from being 

emitted without any change of position in the organs of speech. This view of 

the value of the hKmzE is, as before stated, altogether overlooked, however, in 

Turkish* at the beginning of words ; and the \ (^lif) is then regarded always as 

a simple vowel. 

As a vowel at the beginning of words the \ may represent every vowel- 
sound found in the language, in the same manner that any consonant may be 
followed by every such sound. Nor does it differ from the consonants in the 
modes of determining the vowel-sound to be given to it ; and, as those modes 
are general, we proceed to state them here. 

It has already been noticed that there are three signs of Arabic origin, used 
io Turkish to indicate the vowel which is to follow a letter. These are named 
^^ hkr€k£ (motion, or movement), and the first, consisting of an oblique 
stnigfat stroke marked above the letter from right towards the left in descending 
(thus ^), is called {j;fi^)^ hsstan and <lfiS\j f^a (t-h.) It indicates that the 
letter over which it is placed is to be followed in pronunciation by one of the 
vowels. A, a, a, E, or 6, which, it will be perceived, form a series of vocal sounds 
of a cognate character, varying merely in breadth, and capable of infinite sub- 
mo^fications of tone. In fact, these five vowels do not correctly and fully 
express all the modulations which an experienced ear can detect in Turkish 
proDUDciatioo, which may be truly compared, in its nicety of differentiation, to a 
violin, in which the notes are left to be formed by the player, rather than to any 
isstrmnent in which the notes or half-notes are absolutely fixed. Therefore, 
ahhou^ we have deemed it useful and very necessary to indicate, to the extent 
we have doDe, the different vowel-sounds of Turkish words, we admit that a 
still greater variety exists, which we leave to practice and experience to indicate 
to learaers, beheving that the extent to which we have pushed the subject will 
be fomod safiicient for all practical purposes. 

The second vowel-sign consists m a precisely similar stroke placed under the 
letter, and is called ir^^l ^^r£, or »jmS k^ssrs. It indicates that the letter is to 
be followed by one of the vowels i or t. The third is a small character some- 
thing of the shape of the figure 9, or of the Turkish letter •, placed over the 


letter it affects, where the ilsstun would otherwise be. This ugn is called ^jyy^ 
irturu (and rarely ij^ ddmma or zdmma), and indicates that the letter affected 
is to be followed by one of the vowels o, u, u, or «, which it will be perceived 
are of a kindred kind. 

According to what is stated above, the letter \, when it bears the mark 
iisstun, is equivalent to any one or other of the same five voweb indicated by 
the sign itself, and it may thence be correctly inferred that of itself, and at the 
beginning of words, it has no real value. It is in fact, in that position, a mere 
representative of the h^mzE, which is itself never introduced into Turkish 
writings at the beginning of words, though in Arabic it is figured over or under the 
t, and in ancient manuscripts, and even common African writings, is sometimes 
made to precede that letter. 

It may now be readily inferred that according as the \ is affected by one of 
the remaining vowel-points ^ssdrs or ii(turu, it takes the value of either i or t, or 

of 0, u, u, or ti. Thus \ is re^d a, a, a, e, or ^ ; \ is read i or t ; and \ is read 
o, u, u, or tt. 

Not to have to repeat what is thus explained, we here shortly mention that 
the same rule applies generally to the whole of the remaining letters, the vowel 
following, but never preceding them. Thus, iLj is either bA, ba, ba, b£, or b^ ; 
c,^ is either hi or bt ; and kL^ is either bo, bu, bu, or b« ; and so throughout. 

It may not be amiss to notice particularly the case of the two letters ^ and 4-^, 
and to remark that, as with their English representatives tr and y, they are 

always consonants at the beginning of words, and consequently j is to be read, 

VA (w WA, &c.), va, va, vk, or v^ ; ^ as vi or vt ; j as vo, vu, vu, w v« ; while o 

is read, yA, ya, ya, ve, or yk\ \J ^jior yt ; and sj as yo, yu, yu, or yu. 

To make certain of these vowels long (the others never being prolonged in 
Turkish), the letter bearing the vowel-point is followed up by that one of the 
three letters S, ^^or (^, which is homologous with that vowel-point ; namely, by 
\ when the vowel-poi|it is iisstun, by c5 when it is ^8s6rE, and by j when it is 
«(turu. To avoid the repetition of the \ itself in following out this rule the sign 

— , named tX^ m^dd, or SJuc m6dd£, is placed over the first \ in lieu of the 
iisstun, and the second \ is suppressed. Thus 1 is read X or a, c5l T or ?, and 

/ X / r . ' . 

J u ; U is read bA or ba, (J, bi or hi; and ^ bu ; &c. The combination ^^ is 


oat to be met with in Turkish. The i^ final, as a vowel in some Arabic words, 
ate a oooaonant marked with iisstan, takes the value of a or a, and the same 
vord, adopted into Turkish, is very frequently written with \ instead of the lJ, 
m conaeqaeoce ; as, for instauce, )^1 ul^ for ^^\, \»ai\ XksXfor ^d^^> &c. 

As, however, these vowel-points are never marked in common writing or 
printing, the three Arabic letters of prolongation, \, ^, and lJ, have, according 
to what has already heen remarked, come to be very frequently used in Turkish, 
a? in Persian, as short vowels ; and the m^dd over the \ is sometimes indicative 
of the short sound of a, when, without it, this letter is more frequently read with 
one of the foor remaining values. To obviate tbe almost insurmountable diffi- 
cuhy which hence may seem to arise in relation with the distinction of long and 
tbort vt>wels in Turkish words, a very simple and seldom varying rule may here 
be noticed. It is, that in words of purely Turkish origin there are scarcely any 
long Towels (European authors generaUy state that there are none), whereas in 
words of Arabic or Persian origin these letters are generally esteemed to be long 

Iliere remains now to be noticed the use of the letter Jb as a vowel. It has 
been seen that 1, as a vowel after a consonant, represents one of our vowels a or 
a. The other three vowels, of which the vowel-point ilsstun is the representative, 
are therefore left without an equivalent. But even in tbe original Arabic, the 
final A, in the case of feminine nouns, has always been sounded as a vowel 
of die f^tfaa dass, when the word is final in its sentence ; though it is changed 
into the value of iZJ (/) on other occasions, and although this letter, in the case 
of other words, even when final, preserves its value as an aspirated h. This 
value of the A was accordingly adopted by the Persians to represent the a or e 
vherewith so many of their words are terminated ; and the Ottomans, finding it 
so used, have extended its sphere of utility by introducing it, in certain deter- 
Eunate cases, into the middle of words, but always at the end of a syllable, with 
tbe same vowel value of o, e, or ^ ; as, for example, into the future active par- 
ticiple, into the second gerund, sometimes into the first and second persons (as 
^ as the third, where it is final) of the conditional aorist, into the root and 
otire conjugation of the impotential verb, and at the end of the roots of various 
verbs. It is sometimes to be seen introduced into the very body of nouns at the 
eod of some syllable ; but these are generally words of foreign origin, and the 
example is never to be followed without good and sufficient authority. This 
drcomstanoe of the Jb vowel never heing used unless as the final vowel of a 
nflaUe establishes a marked difiference hetween itself and the three letters, 


\, ^ and lJ, which are commonly to he found in the middle of syllables, though, 
again, \ alone is ever used as an initial vowel. 

Into whatever part of a word this letter lb is introduced with a vowel value, 
the greatest care should be taken by the student of Turkish (as by those of the 
Persian, Arabic, and cognate languages) never to transcribe it by using our 
English letter h, as this practice, more or less followed, has the very great 
inconvenience of incapacitating us from properly distinguishing it from the 
aspirate consonant value of that letter, and of its cognate, though stronger 
aspirate, the letter ^ . This incorrect and incommodious practice may be seen, 
and will be felt in use, in almost every English author who has yet written on 
the subject ; and even the French are by no means firee from the defect, as is 
noticed and reprehended by Bianchi in a note at the foot of p. xzviii of the first 
volume, second edition, of his " Dictionnaire Turc-Franqais." 

Of the mere consonants the letter v-^ has the value of the English letter b, 
by which it is also represented in our system of transcription ; although some- 
times, at the end of words, and when preceded by certain sharp-sounding letters, 
such as t, ch, or sh, it acquires the sound of p. 

L^ has always the sound of p, CIJ of t (but is sometimes changed ortho- 
graphically into J d), and *>^ of s sharp or double, never degenerating into z 
under any circumstances. This remark is equally applicable to the other two 
letters which we are forced to represent by our s: they must never be 
deg^ded into z ; and to avoid the tendency, so strongly pronounced in English- 
men, to give to all final letters s, as well as to those placed between two vowels, 
the sound of z, we have thought it better to double that letter on all occasions?, 
when it is not the first letter of a syllable. Theoretically, we are wrong to do 
so, but in this instance we reluctantly sacrifice consistency to the practical object 
of trying to prevent the malpronunciation of whole classes of words of which the 
well-known Kars and fez are instances. In both these words the final letter is 
s ; and if they were written according to our system Kbrss and fiss respectively, 
every one would pronounce them right ; whereas, in the latter word, French 
delicacy has even changed the orthography, and our travelling countrymen 
have adopted it, so corrupted, from the writers of our gallant allies. Tlie 
letter v^* is equivalent in Arabic to our th in thinks but that value is not known 
in Turkish. 

^ has the value of our English j, by which we invariably represent it, to the 
exdnston of our equivocal y, which is sometimes hard, as in gat, get, gird, got, 
i^ully, and sometimes soft, as in gem, gin, gymnastics. 


P is our ek in ekurch, and the addition of a t before these letters, as is often 
0oae» » of no nae in E^gUsh, though necessary in French. 

^ has the sonnd of h, as has also the letter ^ when a consonant. We have 
sot thought it necessary to establish any difference between these two letters in 
<^ST mode of transcribing them, as there is no difference, perceptible to English 
ears, in the mode of pronouncing them ; and, besides this, the Turkish ortho- 
eTsphy bein^ at hand, no error is likely to occur, and our transcription is a 
system of guidance to pronunciation, not to orthography. 

^ is transcribed, according to general custom, by the letters kh : its power 
B eqmTalent to that of the combination ch in German and in Scotch. This can 
coly be learnt by practice; but, until the true value of this consonant be 
•squired, we recommend the learner never to sound it as a k, but always as a 
stnngly aspirated h. Thus the word khan must be sounded hAn, and not kkn. 

J is a d, sometimes, after sharp letters, acquiring the sound of t ; J is a z 
I its Arabic value being that of our th in though; but it is never so used in 
\, J an r, and j another z; j is equivalent to the French j, and of the 
s in pteanre. We have represented it, in the very few words where it 
I, bj the combination zh. 

is the true Arabic s, ^ is equivalent to our sh, and ^ is also a pure s 
iaTarkidi. Of the difference between the (jm and the ^ we shall have occasion 
to apeak farther in treating of the hard and soft letters, ^jo is generally a z, 
but in some few Arabic words has the value of d. 

h is generally a t, though, as an initial in some few words of purely Turkish 
ofigm, it takes the sonnd of d. 1? is another z. We may here remark, that, in 
i few words, one of the letters t (dJ or !?) is followed by one of the letters h 
(^ or A) forming the succession th in our transcription. When this does 
occur, the t and the h are to be kept separate in pronunciation, as the t is 
gcnenUy the last letter of one syllable, and the h the first letter of the following 

^ is a letter that has generally been considered and treated as a vowel by 
Earopean writers, always excepting the learned De Sacy, and a few scholars of 
liis ituDp. Nothing can be conceived more erroneous, since, in the mouth of 
IB Aiab, no consonant exists having greater claims to the appellation. It is 
pnoooneed in the deepest part of the throat, with an effort that must be learned 
in infuMsy, or which can never afterwards be attained. In Turkish, however, the 
letter becomes silent at the beginning and end of words, but is indicated by a 


kind of hiatus in the middle. We have mentioned the hiatus of the hfimzB, in 
treating of the ^ ; and we may here notice that the letter ^ and the hsmzE have 
the same relation to each other that (j» and ^, and that iZJ and I9. as also that 
^ and cJ, and J and ^ or v, have to each other ; namely, the one is hard and 
the other soft in pronunciation, as is to be hereafter noticed. Of the two, the 
^is the hard hiatus, and we have therefore represented it with a double inverted 
apostrophe (") in this work ; and we repeat that, at the beginning and end of 
words, it is generally quite or almost silent, after the fashion of our silent h, but 
it is never a vowel. 

4 is a hard g, taking sometimes a gliding sound, of which we have no 
example in English. The French in Algeria have taken it to be the equivalent 
of their r ffrass^^, or r pronounced, as by some people, like a w. From this 
they have formed the now so well-known word " razzia," which is the Arabic 
gaztfa (a military expedition against infidels, a crusade). In the present work 
we have uniformly transcribed this letter by gh, instead of using a single g, on 
account of the double value of this letter, our sole, though amply sufficient 
reason, for rejecting it in a pronouncing dictionary. This letter is sotnetimes 
softened down to the value of w when preceded or followed by o or u, and even 
by t ; at other times it becomes almost imperceptible in the pronunciation. This 
we have designated by putting the gh in italics. 

uJ is our f (it would be mere folly and pedantry to represent it by ph). j 
and cJ are both simple k, as far as the first or Arabic value of the latter letter 
is concerned. We see no advantage to be gained in a pronouncing dictionar)' 
by using the letter q for ^, as is sometimes done, and it is a further violation of 
the special rule which requires the letter q to be followed by a u. The letter 
c is sometimes used for J and for cJ, but it has the disadvantage of a 
double value, l^eing sometimes equivalent to k, and sometimes to s. 

In its second, or Persian value, CJ is a hard g, somewhat like i , and we 
represent it, equally with that letter, by gh in all cases, though with thi^ 
distinction ; namely, the Persian value of cJ is susceptible in Turkish of being 
softened down to a value approaching that of y, as the ^does that of tr, and at 
other times becomes imperceptible also. As with the 4, so with the 1^, we 
designate this by placing the gh in italics. To render this quality of the two 
letters better appreciable by our readers, we here point out that the very same 
thing obtains in our own language in the case of the combination gh. For 
example, in the word throughout, that combination is sounded as w, and in 


it IB pronoonced as y; so, in Turkish, ^Ic^ s^^Aaii (onion) is pro- 
■onnccd s^An, and ^ J di^M is pronounced diyil. In both these values of 
w^, the letter* when followed by any of the vowels a, o, u, u, u, takes before 
the vowel a abort and incipient sound of 7, which we have denoted by intro- 
daoBg after the cJ, and before the vowel, a letter y in italics. This is often 
heard in Engiiah, as in the words cure, pure, Blc, some persons using it also 
before an a in the same manner. 

The third, or purely Turkish value of CJ, when it is called surd kif 
(k^ijzi^), and even surd nim {^jc\^), is that of our ng at the end of sing, 
rny» &c. It 18 never to be found elsewhere than at the ends of words or 
irflables, and consequently never can be initial. At Constantinople, and 
gcoeraDy among the educated classes, it loses, almost constantly and entirely, 
the in£oence of the final y, and is sounded like a common ». This also we 
indiratr by placing the g in italics, showing that by some people it is sounded, 
thoogb dropped by others. In the two words, ^J^^i£=>\ and cXcAaJ, where 
the CJ is fbOowed by ^, the sound of the J is lost ; and the first is generally 
proDoonced ^nnonuik, the second dinimek, instead of ^glamak and dinglimek, 
their true original, and even now their provincial sounds. When followed by 
ether letters, whether vowels or consonants, the g of this combination is never 
to be soonded as a separate letter ; but the English words singer, ringer, are to 
be imitated, while those of anger and Jinger are the models to be avoided, the 
^armtm of syllables bemg difiFerent in the two classes; as, sing-er, ring-er; 

J is oar 1, a is our m, and ^ our n. Tlie only remark necessary here, is, 
that when the ^ is followed by a 4, or a cJ with its Persian value, forming, in 
the tnasdiption, the combination ngh, it is to be understopd that the combina- 
tioD is not sdvable into ng-h, but only into n-gh. Also, as remarked above, the 
■oaad of the |J is entirely suppressed, in the ordinary pronunciation of Constan- 
tikople, in the words fj^t^\ ^nglamak, and cX«a]S J dinglimek (pronounced 
respectively ^nnamak, diuKmek). 

The letter ^ requires more particular remark, as it has three distinct proper 
y^ha as a consonant, besides one other incidental. It is sometimes a pure v, 
•onetimes, though not frequently, a pure w, and more generally a combination 
of the two, its pronunciation beginning as a v, and ending as a w. In its value 
tt a pare t, it may be classed as a soft consonant, since it takes this sound 
before the soft vowds 6, e, i, and u ; whereas, before a, a, a, o, and u, it is 
maded as a combined v and w. At the end of syllables, the same rules occur 



with regard to the preceding vowel, to which we may add that it is a pure v 
after t and u. 

Id its incidental value as a consonant, the letter ^ is always surmounted by 
the sign hsmzE, before mentioned, thus i ; and it is necessarily and constantly 
a consonant when so surmounted, whether it be placed at the end of a syllable, 
or whether it begins one. In the former case the vowel preceding it, and in the 
latter case its own vowel, must be an uturu (and confined to the two branches 
of that class u or u, to the exclusion of o and «) ; and this is the reason why 
the letter * is then selected as the recipient of the himzi, as is the \ when the 
vowel-point is iiisstun ; and, it may now be added, as is the u^ when the vowel- 
point is ^ss^rE, this letter also being then always a consonant. Whenever the 
hsmzE is used, the letter over which it is placed may be considered merely in 
the light of a support, the himzE itself being the real and true consonant letter, 
which in Arabic is capable even of reduplication in the same way with every 
other consonant. We have therefore always represented it with the inverted 
apostrophe; but we do not recollect many instances of the employment in 
Turkish of those Arabic words in which its reduplication occurs. 

The Jb, as a consonant, is an aspirated h : in fact, the idea of a silent k has 
never occurred to an oriental ; and whether the Jb consonant or the ^ be at the 
beginning, or at the end of a word or syllable, it must be equally and fully 
aspirated as a rule of grammar and language, whatever degradation it may 
occasionally be subjected to in the tongue of the common people, and of every- 
day intercourse. It is, in this respect, something like our English letter r at 
the end of words and syllables, which we so generally omit in pronunciation, 
but which no grammarian has ever held up to notice and imitation as a silent 
letter. The two letters it and ^ are, however, generally sounded, the omission 
being quite the exception, even at the end of words. 

Tt may be as well to notice here the circumstance of the use of the hirozE, 
placed over the letter Jb, when used as a vowel at the end of words. It only 
occurs in the case of nouns, substantive or adjective, v^ich are connected with 
the foUovnng word in the sentence by the Persian rule of construction, which 
governs the relation of a noon with its qualifying term. The >, then, performs 
its proper function of final vowel in the word where it occurs, and the hEmzs 
takes as its own separate vowel the ^sserE, which may always, in these cases, be 
represented by the letter i, as in the terms. ljc>^ 9M b^nd^'i-khi^da x^\i iJij 
rutbi' i-siiniyyB, &c. 


Tbe vj cooMNiaat is our English y, both at the beginniug and at the end of 

vo^ or syWables, being in the latter case always preceded by a vowel. It is 

nilh a sad nnstake for us, who possess this useful consonant, and are aware of 

tfs nature, to adopt the lame expedient to which other languages are forced to 

bare recoime, namely, the use of the vowel i, with or without the disresis over 

t. Take, for inatance, the word ^/, where the consonant lS is reduplicated, 

aod compare the lame and erroneous transcription by an eminent French author, 

terlui^, which is at variance even with the French rules of diaeresis, vdth the 

pJoin method rendered possible by our estimation and use of y, as a consonant 

eqairalent to the oriental uf consonant, namely, t^rbiyyB, in which the syllables 

are t^-bij-ya, precisely as in the original, the reduplication being merely what 

we sofnetimes practise ourselves by placing a dash over m or n, when we have 

ooiitted a second one, as in the word comon. This was very frequently 

practised in manoscripts before the invention of printing. French authors have 

aa czcnae for not using the y in this, to us, natural manner, because they do 

aot recognise it as a consonant in their own language; but for us to adopt 

their imperfect substitute is to abandon gratuitously an advantage of no mean 

When the himza is placed over a c5 in the middle of words, the two dots 
f^ath nsoally distinguish the letter are omitted. But it is frequently the case, 
thii whereas, in an original Arabic word, a kJ with a himzE is correctly used, 
te same word, on passing into Turkish, loses its hEmzE, and the ci becomes a 
kag Towel, resuming its suppressed dots. Thus the Arabic word ^^^j^-^ 
(h^'xaa) becomes generally in Turkish ij^Ju:;^! (isstizan). 

To finish what we have to note respecting the various uses of the himzE, 
ve may here say, that at the end of a very few words it is found without any 
letter to sQpport it, though sometimes a ^ is added under it to those words. — 
Ex. *j>^ (or ^j^) }hz, *JJ {or jSj) hhd\ In this case, if the word be alone, or 
at the end of a phrase, it is very common to add to it, in pronouncing, a vowel 
komologoQa to the one in the word, and 'jp^ is then uttered jiiz'u, -i>Jj as hhd\ 
lad so forth. In a kind of imitation of this rule, a certain number of nouns 
in \ (but which, in the original Arabic, have a himzE after that letter) 
a hamzi after them, with ^s^te as its vowel-point, when they are in 
construction with a following noun. Thus the word \su} ifa (originally 
AL} ^*), in construction with the word ^ J dfeyn, becomes ^jAslA ifiL'i-dfeyn. It 
ii, however, more usual nowadays to use a supplemental lJ instead of the hEmzE 
a this case, so that the same two words would be written ^ J^UjI ifayi-d^yn. 

n 2 


Having had occasion to mention the distinction of the Turkish letters as hard 
and soft, we may here elucidate the meaning of the terms, as the subject has a 
very great part to play in the euphony of the language. Any Englishman can 
appreciate the distinction between the value of a in wall, call, tall, 8lc., and of 
the same letter in father, arm, part, &c. ; and perceive that the first value is 
broad, hard, and masculine ; whereas the latter is soft and feminine. So to 
an ear accustomed to French is the difference between the vowels of buUe and 
botde. We do not, however, carry our distinctions any farther than the vowels ; 
whereas the Easterns, as the alphabet shows, not having vowel letters by which 
to p&unt their distinctions, have introduced them into the consonants instead. 
We will not contend that this is the correct view of the case ; for my practical 
knowledge of spoken Arabic, in its purest dialect, is not sufficient to enable me 
to judge of the shape into which the organs of speech have to be thrown, when 
pronouncing respectively iJD and k, ^ and Jb, ^j» and ^jO, J and i?, ^ and CJ, 
for instance. We believe they are really the representatives of effectively 
different modes of utterance in the original language ; but we are also convinced 
that it would be impossible to convey to an English, or to any European mind, 
a just appreciation of the differences. Nor, as fiar as the Turkish is concerned, 
is this necessary ; and, for all practical purposes, we are convinced that by 
throwing upon the vowels alone the effect of the distinction of the letters into 
hard and soft, we have adopted the roost effective method of rendering the 
subject clear and easy to our readers. We will therefore simply observe that 

r* r* U^' ^* ^' ^' il ^^^ O ^^ ^^ ^^^ letters, generally followed by the 
hard vowels a, a, t, o, u ; whereas cZJ, J, (jw, ^, Jb, and hsmzE, are the soft 
consonants, generally followed by the soft vowels a 6, or e, i, u, or u ; and that 
the remaining letters may be considered neutral, both because they are not 
ranged in pairs, and because they are followed by vowels, sometimes of the one 
class, sometimes of the other, though hi more frequently by those of the soft 
class. It is, indeed, one great characteristic of this beautiful language, to soften 
and embellish every word it adopts. 

Reduplication of a letter in Turkish is not the mere matter of orthography 
that it is in English. On the contrary, when a letter is doubled in writing, it 
must be doubled in pronouncing, as we do with the letter d in mid-day, with / in 
full long, with n in thin nose, with s in less smoke, or with t in fat turkey. In 
Turkish there are two modes of reduplicating a letter : the first is, as with 
ourselves, by simply writing the two one after the other, as in the word JhT^y 
(kullAnmak), where the / is doubled, in the word Jh^^j^ (ummak), where the m 


18 repeated, and in many cases where the locative preposition ^J (di or da) 
foOowB a word ending in d. The second method is of Arahic origin, and is 
confined in use to Arabic words mostly, with a few Persian exceptions. By this 
method the letter to be sounded double, that is once at the end of a syllable, and 
again at the beginning of the next following syllable of the same word, is only 
written once ; but in manuscripts where the diacritical marks are used ther^ is a 
sign, called «>£«x1j (t^shdid), and figured thus ^, which is placed over the 
letter written, just as the dash is sometimes employed in our old manuscripts 
to indicate that the letter over which it is placed should have been repeated in 
-writing : the difference is, that the Arabian sign indicates that the letter must be 
repeated in pronunciation, or so dwelt upon as to be epiivalent to two letters. This 
Arabian rule of reduplication is carried still further ; for in cases where a noun, 
preceded by the definite article J1, commences with any one of the letters iZJ, 
ktJ, J, *>, J, J, (jm, ^, ^, ^, t, b, or f^ then, in pronunciation, the J of 
the artide ia omitted, and the first letter of the noun is doubled. As this rule 
is of pretty frequent application in compound proper names and adverbial 
eipirjwiona, adopted bodily into Turkish, we have represented this suppression 
or conversion of the (J, by using our own common apostrophe, followed by the 
letter the sound of which takes the place of the original one of the J ; being 
fintber moved to the adoption of this method by the consideration that, in these 
oompoond expressions, the \ of the Arabic article is also suppressed in the 
utterance, and its place taken by the vowel which, theoretically and gram- 
matically, always terminates ordinary Arabic nouns. Thus the proper name 
A*»-^^jue is figured by us, as it is pronounced, " Abdu-'r-mhtm, &c. In 
fbolher iUastration of this subject, we may explain that in Arabic ^\ (for yi\) 
ilah means a god^ and this word, with the article Jt, forms by contraction aU) 
lllih, the God, the true and very God ; from which again, by composition and 
sup p a ea si op, is formed the proper name " Abdu-'lUh," generally written erro* 
neoQsIy AbdaUa, or Abdallah. 

We qow come to the consideration of the Turkish consonants when they 
fbQow a vowel in a syllable. This may be divided into three branches : — First. 
when the vowel begins a syllable, having no other consonant before it (and we 
nay here remark that in Turkish a vowel can never begin a syllable which is not 
the first of a word) ; secondly, when the vowel has another consonant before it 
in the syllable ; and thirdly, when the consonant under consideration is followed 
bv another consonant in the same syllable. 

As to the first case, it follows, from what we have already expldned, that \ is 


the only vowel that can commence a Tm-kish word, either followed immediately 
by a consonant or with a ^ or a c5 intervening ; thus iJL^\ is either Xt or ^t, CL?y 
is 6t or ht, uu^^ is it ; or, as in the last example, the intervening vowel may be 
long, and the word read It, and the sole \ may itself be long, as in J ! al, 
^^1 an, &c. 

With respect to the second case, the syllable is composed of two consonants, 
the first of which bears (or would bear, if marked) the vowel-point, and may be 
or not followed by one of the three vowel letters \, •, or «^, and these again may 
be either long or short. Ex. c-J \hh, J J dil, Jj zMl ; ^\) bXsh, J^ k61, 
jj kh ; J^ hijj. jjjj zur, jJ tiz. 

In the third case, the final consonant foUows the preceding one in exactly 
the same manner as in similar words of our own language, hot with this dif- 
ference, that with us the preceding consonant is limited to a small class (except 
in cases of orthographical reduplication or composition, such as 11, ss, ch, sh, ph, 
th, ck. Sec.) called liquids, namely 1, n, r, with s, and sometimes p, if followed 
by t ; whereas in Turkish every consonant is capable of being followed by every 
other. Thus we have the words J^i- J d^khl, •kc "Xfv, jje> "dzv, j^\ hmr, 
fjsj kXtl, ^^ v^jh, ^j rhhn, &c., which must appear quite unnatural to 
English eyes and ears, and which, we may explain, are generally Arabic words of 
two syllables originally, from which the final vowel has been dropt. These 
words are, however, not in perfect keeping with the spirit of the Turkish, for in 
that language we meet with a less combination of consonants than even in 
English or any of those derived from Latin. The consequence is, that the Turks 
very frequently intercalate a vowel between the two following consonants, when 
a vowel does not follow the word ; and we generally hear them say ^mir for ^mr, 
hidcyum for hikkm, &c., in the first case ; though they correct this when the 
opportunity offers, and say ^mrt-'ali, hilkmn-sh^rif, &c. 

This quality of a consonant, viz. its not being followed by a vowel, is palled 
its quiescent state ((J|)Cmi silky un), and is denoted in manuscripts by the sign 

— placed over it. The sign is called a>- }hzm. 

We must here add a remark as to two circumstances which will be notioed 
in the body of the dictionary, by our readers, as seeming incongruities, but 
which are only the necessary and regular consequences of two leading bases of 
the Turkish language, its euphony and its euphuism. We have already touched 


^pflB the lequence of hard voxels with hard consonants, and soft vowels with 
ioft eoDMoants ; bnt the first of the circumstances to which we now allude is, 
tiat in vgrds or inflexions and affixes of Turkish origin, if the syllables bearing 
tlie vowd-point te^rx (or Tsloe of i, t) be immediately preceded, in the same 
word, by a syllable having the vowel-point ktum (o, n, v, s), then the syllable 
or syDahles having the ^ss^rx are influenced by the preceding ktnru, and all are 
wanded as though they bore that vowel-point. The word l^turu is itself an 

ingt an ce : its orthography is ^j^^» but the last syllable is affected by the vowel 

of the preceding one. The rule is, that when the value of the preceding i^ru 
is one of the hard vowels o or u, then the ^s^rx takes the sound of u ; and 
when the preceding vowel is either of the soft sounds u or u, it takes the value 

of a. Ex. ^'^^TK>' hikkmunu, loCiJt^ "iitzrumu; ^^^ k61un^uzu, or 

kciun^xu. These latter syllables are always short and unaccented. Attention 
to this rule, and freedom from obtrusiveness in the pronunciation of the affected 
wflables, constitutes one of the niceties of the Turkish language ; and I may add, 
to after the first affected syllable, the sound is again slightly modified in both 
Gsses toward*, but not to, the value of u or i respectively, according as the tone 
is of the hard or soft class. 

The second of these two circumstances may be said to be the very reverse 
of the former, inasmuch as it consists in the pronunciation as i or f , of the vowel- 
point Atom accompanied by a vowel y Its occurrence is limited to one syllable 
gI a few classes of words, viz. the last syllable of the aorist indicative and aorist 
ictive participle, of such verbs as form them in jy which is then pronounced ir 
or ir accordingly as the tone of the word is soft or hard. Ex. j^ is pronounced 
gh^, j^ULtf is pronounced s^ontr. The last syUable of the first gerund is also 
iffected in this way when the tone of the verb is not that of &turu. £x. c^^m 
gfaidip, UJ)1^ gh^lip, ^-^^l/ bAktp, &c. Purists, however, pronounce all these 
invds as they are written. Again, the syllable ^ which ends so many adjectives, 
ii pTODoonccd li or li in i^ general way. 

To conclude these remarks, we have now only to add that, as in all Ian* 
g«^, there are in Turkish a few words of every- day use which have an 
•ccepted pronunciation more or less at variance with their orthography. We 
kve pointed these out in parenthesis, by the side of the correct pronunciation 
(vbeo this is also used by persons of education), or by itself (when everybody 


uses the incongruous pronunciation alone). We shall not do amiss to ootice« 
also, that, in ordinary conversation, a few words are used as Turkish singulars, 
which are, in reality, Arabic plurals ; but this is not correct in writing. Sacli are 
the words JjS^I ^vlad (children) child ; J^;^ rijal (men) a state functionary ; 
jLd kibar (great men) a grandee, &c. Even in writing, the Arabic mngnlars 
of these words are not used, but the phrase is tamed ; as, one of the chUdren^, one 
of the state functionaries, 8fC, 



A. An. "1. j> bir. 

liMtt. ad. and pr. t'i',jS ghirida, ^ 
t^aija kkb-t^nfinda. 

liTk>«t, i^X'^j'j yiz-ghicbmek. ; 
^J^i,.f^ chikmok ; ^L«a-Ij klchmok ; 
— -ed, p.p. cJj^fS>« iDEtrCk ; j^\& 
■no, ^auW c^pkfa. 
ibaih, «.«. fJ^StVij^ uUndirmok, 
ij^j^ UrniAk, \i-jjj<*^ mkhjob-et. 
Abile, r.«. (Ji^jjl IzUtmak, t^^ 
VirmA, 'JjJiJ tinzil-et, (_J*,1) ^lll 
'ufaa^.Tarmiric ; — , v.n. t^Jjl 

Abber. f.^U-« mloaatir. 

Abbot, «. ^^jr-A:^ mlDaatir-blBht. 

Abtswirte. r^. ^^LiJ kiuAltnuik, 

'J^^] ikhtiasar-et ; ^-«d, p.p. t^ 

'^t>m,jAk^ mukhttsa^. 
•Ufvniirfioo, *. jLtfa>1 lUiti««ar; fdi^ 

AlMfieate, vji. ^i^-^JaJu* C^y tirki-ail- 

Abdomen, «. ^^li ktUn. 

Abed, orf. >JJ^ fAtokda. 

Abet, u.ii. Ll^^Jjij^ yitz-vETmek; ^^^ 

Abbor, «.a. cX«U^,^^ hlch-BKvma- 

mek, (j^^j^c^ m^nfur-tCtinak, 
Abborrence, i.J^ thahSar, 
Abide, v.n. ij^j^^ fttrnnok, ^^U 

kUmnk.y ^^U aakin-61. 
Ability, s. jljoil iktid&r, tZJjiii kudret; 

j:Jk bilnsr, tf..<JjlJ kjbiliyyfet. 
Abject, a. ,j;i~< mltskin ; ^^ ^r^"* 

Abjure, v.a. {j^^j) i—fj^ ,j^ yfemb- 

-fedDp-bTULmok, \CjJ' tErk-et. 
Ablative.(.ora.<Us Jj«&«m&fulun"aiih. 
Ablaze, ad. Jjc^-* miuhti"il. 
Able, a.jji^ kldir. jjl^ ^xJI |1mdiin< 

gh^, ^ >!>:;&« mdktfedir. 
Able-bodied, a. il<0 alkgb, JjL> aigb- 

Um. [ghbral. 

Ablation, >. u>..OjI ^bd^at, ,„l~c 
Aboard, ad. »JAofll ^_J*i ghfemi ichindn. 
Abode, *. jl fcv, jJ yar, |jC— « roiwkfen. 




Abolish, v.a. Jh«;J>S^ kAldirmok, L«l 
liighv-et ^^-^ f^88kh-et. 

Abominable, a. l:i fina, J^^j^ mOrdar 
(mihi-), j^^l^ m^nfur. 

Abominate, v.a. v. abhor. 
Abomination, «. C1J|^ n^fr^t ; J[^ b6k, 
^^^^ij^ m^fur-sh^y. 

Aborigines, 9. /i/.J^ JU^ Xssl-ysrliler. 

Abortion, «. cJ^^^J diishuk. 

Abortive, a. ^^ b68h, ^li n^61a, 
2fJ^|;J bibudE. 

Abound, v.n. ^^J^ ch6k-6l, J^ 
JUiS^ ch6k-bi)Iunmak. 

About, pr. i:S\)o\ fetriifina. i^\^\ 
^tr^finda; y\j da'ir; Uj^ Ukriba, 
Lm^oT tjikhmina ; » Jjj!^ jiwiinnda, 
arjj^L«2j[ y&ktnlortnda ; IJca.«»jl iliss- 
tunda; ^u^ayp B^ralorda, »^j)y^ 
8&l«irinda; — , ad, Ji/^J^ Ikt^-bferi; 

(^^^•J ^lll ^Lsh^W-yOkkri; lia-^ 
mdfattan ; jAjf h\ . , , 4 All^ d^laah- 
mi»8Ha-b^rab6r ; to go or set about, 
v.a. jul^b bXshlamak ; Cii^Cjl 
fetmek, jAj\j y^pmak, J^Jjt J^ 
Above, pr. *2Hij^iji yukkrisstna, 
a(«XlMjjljy yi)kjirts8tnda ; ^^ f^v- 
kina, 2r JcJy f^vktnda ; 4f jUj ^J ddn- 
ziyadE ; — , ad. ^J^jJ yukan, 
*jLjjl5.j[ ydk^rida. 

Abrade, v.». j;^^! Xshtnmak ; — , v.a. 

^j;^«x:Jit Xshtndirmak. 
Abreast, orf. Ajb ^\j yan-y^na. 
Abridge, v.a. v. abbreviate. 

.s''v * 

Abroad, acf. 2f^^ tXsbra (dUhkrt). 

sJSjl^ tXshrada (d^sb^da). 
Abrogate, v.a. v. abolish. 
Abrupt, a. CJjJ dik, ^li\ ,^1 bXah- 

Xsh^At; (jmjj thru. 
Abscess, 8. (^V^ chiban. 
Abscond, v.n. Jk«^^ kXchmak; 

(^^jj ghizlsumek, Jh^JjU s^k- 

lanmak. [ghkybub^t. 

Absence, s, jdijjl y6kluk, ijL^^^^l 
Absent, a. J^ y6k, t-^U gba iL ; 

^^Jdlj dXlghtn ; — one's self, v,/t. 

CX^ ghitmek, ^^Wi^lfi ( 

fjAJ^^ skwushmak. 
Absinth, s. ^j^y^;^^ ptlin^dtu. 
Absolute, a. jdla^ mdtlAk, 

Absolutely, ad. UUm rndtUka. 
Absorb, v.a. ^Aa^\ ichmek, C3^««il»- 

chfekmek, ju!^ Xlmak. 
Abstain, v.n. ^jr^j^^ p^rhlz-et, _ 

sitktnmak, f^^Aii^ ch^kinmek. 
Abstemious, a- j^/r^ p^rhTzkyar. 
Abstinence, s. !«^ p^rhiz. 
Absurd, a. ^^ijSf^ mXsskharaltk ; J V*c* 

mi^hal (impossiUe). 
Abundance, 9. ji!^ b611uk, ^J^y^. 

chdkluk, CJ^ k^ssr^t. 
Abundant, a. J^ b^l, J^ ch&k. 
Abuse, 8. oLJ f^ssXd; ji/«Jw y61- 

suzluk ; ^Uy^jj y6l8vz«ki!il . 

iXntsh; ^ kyiifr. iLr>(-^/^ sf.. 

^Aub'Sltyma; — , v.a. cfC^^^^/^ - 

y^lsuz^kdUXnmak ; cJ ^^ ^n^h . 





Abm, $. s^j\y TBita, 2r^A>- hikfrs. 
Aodeoy. s. Cy^'^'O m^ktsb; 4m^«X« 

Accede, pji. yjj*l; kafl.61. \c:^l^ 

Accelerate, ca. ^«-> r^ t^8ri"-et, 

'J-s*' ta"jil-et, (Jfj^'iji^ Wzlan- 

dirmdc. [buUet; Ij^l ^bz-et. 

Accept, v.a. ^^1 Xloiak ; t J;f3 kX- 
Acceptmce, «. i^\ ikhz ; J^ kXbul. 
AacptatioQ. AcoeptioD, s. L«-« ra&"D^. 
Afcess, f. J^O ddkbul. 
imdent, 9, US kXza ; ^^^ "una. 
AeddeDtil, a. ^«»Uj^ htifAkt, ^^jl^ 

tbsadufi; ^jC- "^azi, 
Afadentany, ad. LsSj^ ^-klza, |^lj5 

Ulan, \i\sj\ ittifAka, ^^US kXza- 
^ftlmtj, $, ^jIj^ y6ku8h. [ila. 

Accommodate, r.a. ^i^^^^Jfji y^r- 

-'niaek; cXy^^ ,^^5*^' ishini- 

^«ww»datwn, s. jl yer ; C^^\ 
sf^jf tabin^-gbyt^mliDassi. 

A«w»|i«y. VM. i^:SAS^j)\j} bferab^r- 
•gteaA, Iki^li^ rfcfakXt-ct. 

^««npfi«. «. ^UdSj^cu^U kXba- 
^^-^fbdnhi, J:\^iSj\ arkadmb, 
c9*« niu"avin. 

^«'»»pWi, VM. ijX*/sr^ bfejmmek. 

J^l^V blahkiniik, cJ^^y;^<ltl^«as>- 

^o»cla.ghtoTnck ; Ulr tXralm-et, 

'^\ hnim^. \J\^\ ikmal-et. 

-?*^ tikmO-ct. 

Accord, 8. j\tu\ htifXk, J^rarl Ittihild ; 

— , v.a. CS'^jij, vinnek, ^j^l— ^-^ ib- 

san-et, ^^Uif in"iim-et. 
Accordance, «. w::^Ua^ mutlbakXt, 

J»j wfefk. 
According (to or ae), j?r. ^^^4j 

-E-gbyiM; *;jy iiz^rE; — ^ly, ad, 

ij^^^ Xnga-ghyii(rB. 
Accoacbement, s. fjA>»^^^^ vwaz'i-bXml. 
Accoucbeur, s. ^Ssb ^\ ^bs-b^kim. 
Account, 8. c-»L.>> hUsXb: — v.a. 

J-C.U B^ymak, J-C^ tutmak, \jx. 

"Add-et, \j\^\ i"tMr-et; — for. 

v.a. CJ<;J d^mek ; CJ^««^^<^^^ js- 

wXb-TErmek; cX«^^^jXmmi s^b^- 

bini-gbjf&SBtermek. J^<K^ ^j,z^i^^ 

bikm^tini-dn^/amiik ; — book, 8.jiiJ 

Accountable, a. J^t»^ m^as'ul. 
Accumulate, v.a. cXk^s^J birikmek, 

fjAjtj^ t^pl^mok; — , v.a. 

(jX^jS^Djf birikdirmek. JU^ t6p. 

lamak, ^^a^ j^m*'-et. 
Accumulation, 8. ^j^^j( birikdiriab ; 

Jj\^ t6plitoisb ; ^^ yJgbm. 
Accuracy, 8. Jl^^jt d^jr^uluk, c=-^^ 

Accurate, a. ^^^ d6^Aru, *f^^ a^diib. 
Accursed, a. |jj»«L« mfel"un. 
Accusation, 8. l::^\LSi sbikjr^yet, jUn^l 

iasnkd, /•(^\ kbam. 
Accuse, v.a. lc:,*olCS»yA:to» bXkktnda- 

-sblkyayet-e-, Ulf?^ itbam-et. 
Accoaed. t. *-U ^J^ mWd4"a- 





Accuser, «. ^^J^ m^ddVi. 
Accustom, VM. ^^jJJL1\ Xlishdtrmak; 

— one's self, v.n. (jAti\ llishmak, 

CX«j Jj t(j:^ jU " adet-^dinmek ; 

bUcl i"tiyXd-et. [mfc'luf. 

Accustomed, a. (J^\ Xltshsk, uJ^u 
Ache, s. iJ^\ Ighri, ^^f^ sXnjt, ci^ 

sbri, w>-^ vfeja", *3;J dferd ; ^ — , v,n. 

(J^r^\ X^Artmak, i^X^j>^ sizl^mek. 
Achieve, v.a. (j^^ ydpmak, sIas 

ilX^j^ fi"]^tirmek. 
Acid, a. ^J^\ ^kshi: sub-acid, a. 

^jfl^U m^ykh6sh. LhumuzAt. 

Acidity, s. KliLzS\ ^kshQik, vj:.^^4:>- 
Acknowledge, vm. ]j^ji^ ikrkr-iet, 

\i^\jX£\ i"tirikf-et, ^^mLJ t^sslim-et, 

CUL bilmek, JaJ% tXntmak. 
Acknowledgment, 8. JCnmi s^ned ; ^^CU 

t^sh^kkyur ; J^Ji\ ikrkr. 
Acme, 8. tm^y ev^m 

Aconite, 8. v.^«>!\ (ji\^ khlnik-u'zzib. 
Acorn, 8. L*.«)b pllamut. [vErmek. 

Acquaint, v.a. ^^^^jl^jt^ khlbsr- 
Acquaintance, ?.^c^ khXbir, CL^U^U^ 

mk"lumat ; cJ jjj bildik ; c::^! Mf^t. 
Acquainted, a. J^*^j*s^ khXbKrdk*, j^ 

bilir, eP^y^-^ khXbBri.6lAn. 
Acquiesce, v.n. j^^^^j rizi-61, j^ JJl5 

kl'il-61, \\JL^\yc mdwAfakXt-et. 
Acquiescence, 8, \Jj riza, ij:.^ki\yc 

Acquire, v.a. ^JaW 3imak, i^X9jfi^^\ 

£lE-gh^tirmek, 11 Jul p^yda-et, ^l-_ r ^ 

kfessb-et, 1 J-.^Mr tihsil-et, 1 JUsnul 


Acquit, v.a. \^jJ tfebriyy^-et; — one's 

self, t;.». il::*^J ijj t^briyy^-i- 

Acquittal, 8. S^' > Av.rfUjt«^^ t^briy* 

Acquittance, 8. t^X^^ySL^ mXkbuz- 

s^n6di, u^JCm^I^I ibra-s^nedi. 
Acre, 8. a3^J dumum. 
Acrid, a. . «s>-! Xjt, d^^ s^rt. 
Across, pr. ^^^jl^*3ki3b^ blr-y^tn- 

dan-(N-bir-y^ntna, y^ji^^^J^^-^X.^^ 

hXchwari-61arak, ^j^J^ krktn (ay- 

Act, *. ^^1 ish, Jjo fi'l, J*!#x "XmKl ; 

Ju^ fXssl ; — , v,n. cUll^^ is^^- 

mek, CX^sjl ^tmek, (jf^\ y^pmak, 

\sj:^j>^ hkr^kEt-et. 
Action, 8. ^JlA Ish, JiO fi"!, J-4^ 

"Xmsl ; c^^J d^"wa ; \s-^ ghkw- 

gha (kawgha), C)^ jfenk, AJjW* 

mdhar^bs, ^^^^J du^Aush. 
Active, a. j^«^C1j1 ishghyuz^ ; ^^^ S 

k^sskin, d^ s^rt; verb active^ 

t^tXjLi^j^ylMmXfJmKj fi"li-mk'*lun]f. 

Actor, 8. ,^5?*^^ 6yunju, j1L« mukXllid. 
Actress, *. ^jji^j^^ 6yunju*kXri. 
Actual, a. ^}^A Xssl, iZj\i^ zat. 
Actually, ad. HU- hala, iJJ^J^ shimdi, 

J^ fel-an; J«Jb bl-l-fi"l. Ga^Sd^ 
hXkikXton, *aJl^\ J n.'l-hXkika. 
Acute, a. f»Jj^ sivri ; dJ^\ Inja ; JXoc 
"XklH, jUjKj dirayetli; (disease) 

Lr^b^L5^i yfen^-zi^hur-fetmish ; 
— angle, arjl>- Jij^j zaviyy^-i-haddK. 




Acotesess, 9. Ls^j*^ diray^t, u:*-^!^ 

.Idamant, «. J3y pcUd. 

IdipC, p^. 4.^^«^y uydurmak. 

Adipted, «. ^«^^f uyghun, 4«;«*«M>we 
EiTiiaBib. 4^W« muwlfik. 

Acd, r^. {^^^'i kltmak, W^ "UavE-et, 
^*^ z^mm-et; — ap, v.a. t^^^r'j 
Trkjfi?n-et» (J'<i^^ t^plamak, 1 



Adder. *. ijj/j\ hagh^rhk, j^\ hf'k. 
Addict one's self, v.ji. (Ja>^\ Altshmak, 

vlL«Jjj^%^^^l£ "adet-^dinmek. 
Ai£jeted, a. Is^ mhbtda. 
Additiao, «. iF*lf "ilavE, A«i zdmm; 

•trith.) f-*'*^ j^m"» ^uLi^xJ kXra- 


Adiitknal, «. iUJU kAtma, if^lc "ilavE, 

Jc* ; zi'id ; (^«>£ y^dek. [chi^ak. 

Aidk. Addled. «. jLj- jHk, cJjj^j- 

Address, v.a. c:J^«^^ sikweyl^mek, 

'^Ji^as;. khhlb-et ; CX«; Jj/ ghy^n- 

dmn^; (a letter) ^j^\cX}^::L^ 

(j^'^'i in^tubinig-il88taiiu-y^mak ; 

Jh h&nKr, 4w-^iyt« in^"rif^t, 

fU^chabnkluk ; ^^A^^)cJjjir=^ 

aektcbAiig-ikBSta ; c:.»*«»^j s^mt, ji 

Addece, vm, ^^ji} irad-et. [iisstaz. 

Adefrt. f .b^t uasta, jl:u<il ^tad, jL<il 
Adequate, a. ji/J^^ fclvErir, jj^ y^ti- 

a^, vi^ kjrafi. ij,\^ wafi. 
Adbere, vji. ^J^Cjb yoptshmak, (j^^ 

tnzD^ ; \^^^^jL€ mj^az^m^t-et. 
AdIicreBt. 9. ^Ij tabi", jlji^ tk^fdar. 

Adhesion, s, Jf^ liissuk, iiA^\i yd- 

Adhesive, ^. (jl&ljb ydpishkXn, 

Ja-5»-^jl likujiyy^tli. 
Adieu, int. d^\^^\ ^y-vl-'U^. ^1 

JjJjUtf^ AllAha-issm^rladtk; ^j^jfy\ 

6^hur-6la, ^j|^^j^ 6yAurlar-61a ; 

jj jJl£=U«0 sXfa-ghEldin^, cJ jJ^^^ 

kh^sh-ghfildiD^ ; dda>< ] L< selamfetla ; 

IfijJf fed-du"a ; JLJf^ w^-'ss-s^lam. 
Adjacent, a. ^j^ yidun, j\^ j^war, 

j\yB^ hfemjiwkr; cJ^ bitishik. 

^Jitfl^ miUasstk, J^dl^ miittAsstl. 
Adjective, «. f^^itc siflt. [t^rf ik-et. 
Adjoin, v.a. (J^^ kltmak, \(J^jS 
Adjourn, vm. ^J^^^jAaIj bkshka- 

-wXkta^brkkmak ; — , u^^^ii^ 

b^hka - wXkJt - tdplanmak - iiz^rE - 

Adjournment, s. ^\^\s3Jji;SJLi b^hka- 

Adjudicate, v.n. \^yaiLj^J dk^v/k-flwU 

-et ; — , VM. 1 Jl>- hi^km-et. 
Adjunct, 8, dUcJ t^tlmms, ^U>y4w g zX- 

mim£ ; i<^^j^ yiurdimji. 
Adjure, v.a. ij^^^\ yXlvitfmak, lU-j 

rija-et, tjU niy^-et. 
Adjust, v.a. (J^j*^^^ uydurmak, 

^jAs\jjC^ d^^Arultmak, t^^^^ 


Adjustment, s. *f^f^ tlsshth. 

Adjutant, «. ^^^^ ^J^ Alay-^mini. 

Admeasurement, 9, ^(>-L«.<« m^ssahs. 

Administer, v.a. ^^^ bXkmak, \'^^^„^^j 


[ 30] 


ruyfet-ct, \»j\j\ idarfi-et; CXcjl^ 
vsrmek, CJ^jJ^ yfedirmek, cXc^^e^ 
ichirmek, cX*j^ J^liJ tfenavul- 

Administration, 8. ifj\j\ idars; tjiij 
^^4jU9 Tiik^a-tidumi. 

Admirable, a. i})^ ghyiizM, {J<i^ 
^js^rtT shaylni-tidutn. 

Admirably, ad. lU^cJ^J pEk-k-"l4. 

Admiral, *. ^^IAUA[^ bkhriyyK- 
.p^hasst, ^^\j^\ hmukX ; llUi>b^ 
kXpudlUia - pi^ha ; lord - bigh — , 
L&b^U^ klpudxn-p^ha (kXptxn- 
pXsha), ^^*^^^*>x^ klpudXni-dBryd ; 
vice — of the fleet. ^JUjJUy^ 
bilbriyyB-ftrikt ; vice — , LlUdi^^ 
pXtruna-pksba ; rear — , LSibAJb^l 
IriyMa - piiaha ; — gnperintendant, 
\JI\j^^^\j^\a^ KmXn-r^'yissi-pitoha ; 
— 'a ship, ^^...;4i^UiIj pksha-ghE- 
missi. .^...j^i^ (J^^^^ sXnjak-gbEmissi. 

Admiralty, s. ^yJiU^ja^^ b^rlyyE- 
-kXptsss; (at Constantinople) Ajlar\^J 
diwAnkhanE; first lord of the — , 
(.^J^U ^ i^ bUsriyys-naztri. 

Admiration, s. ^ v . frn j b^^AEnish. 
^^^ t^sin, ^■■'^u.^ mi!l88t^h8En. 

Admire, v.a. CX^-v^?^ b^Asnmek, 
^^....Qir t^hsin-et. [rofer2kli. 

Admirer, «. ^J-^l-e "ishtk, pLj\^ 

Admission, «. J^s^l ^hz. J^ kXbul; 

C/v^ ghlrish, J^^-> dukhul ; a«LJ 

t^lim, J^ kXbul. 
Admit, v.a. ^\ Xlmak, 1j^\ 2kkhz-et, 

^L<4j(|^i^1 icheri-k6mak. 

s^kroak, J^ kXbuUet. ^^.<*Lj t^s 

Hm-et, C)-«;i^^*>^ izin-vErmek. 
Admittance, «. {}^*^ dukhul. 
Admixture, 8. \ajM kXtma, ^j«x£ij 

kXr/shdirilma, n^ "ilavE. 
Admonish, v.a. i^S^J^^^ .>.^Vifl> nXss 

h^-vErmek. I^LmjJ t^nbih-et. 
Admonition, 8, cs.'^.'^^aJ nXssth^t, ^U. 

Adolescence, 8, cJlfCl^ gh^njlik. 
Adopt, v.a, (J^j^ t&tmak; (J-^ 

iiymak, tJLii^^ imtiss^-et; \J^ 

kXbul-et; IJwJAiJjSy hvlkdiigfu 

Adoption, 8, Jl^^-^^^>J^ kXbul-( 

-imtissal; J^^JcLI akbz-u-kXbtl. 
Adoptive, a. CJJJ^I iikhirfeUik. 
Adorable, a, j^Ij^jU? tXptntltr, '•Xf 

^.bllAJjL^j s^jdE. v^-"ibadME 

-shayln. [**ibad^ 

Adoration, 8, »Jur-» s^jdi, ci;*>t- 
Adore, v.a. Ujjb-* s^jdE-e-, l^^'^^V 

"Ibadet-e-, \ *j:.-i-j pferfestish-e 

(J'ImjU? tXptnmak. 
Adorn, t;.a. cX«;jJa:jJ zmetlBndirniel 

WJ^ tteyin-et. 
Adrianople, «. ^jj\ ^dim£. [f^ 

Adriatic, ». L.^? ./ c3 Jij Vfenddik-kyii 
Adrift, flrf. cXci <L-J jJil CJj^j^' 

«y^l yMnytz-suyung-Xktndtssila-gbil 

Adroit, a. CJjU- chabiik, CJ^ tfctil 

j!^ hftnarli, ^ci^ ink"rif^tli. 
Adroitness, 8. cJJXjW chabuklik, > 





AdskdoB. «. A:j^\ j^ mudahcDE. 
Addt,a.and». CJ^ biyuk, wJbilJic 

Adaltente. v.a. (^J^ ^sJ^liU sAflt- 
fftiai-b^zmak, ^jptJlj^^i&aia^t ichina- 
Adoherer. #. vjlj zanT, J^j zlnakyar, 

J^iWf ztepar6 (z^mp^a). 
Adolteresa* #. ^|; zaolyyE, ij-^*j 
rosspi (5ro68p^), Al^-\i fahishE. 

I, a. j^J 2dDakyar, ,v^J 


Adolteiy, ». uj zina, Cl)3'^U3j z^npa- 
rtiQL (z^mporaltk), CJl-^^^j r6s8- 
pilik (dros0p61ak). 

.ytiDce, r.B. CJ^^^I ll^ri-gbElmek, 
sl«*^««JL£l il^rilEmek; — , v.a, 

v:;-^,^1 a^rilEtmck, cX^^yif^J^il 

deri^gh^tinDek. cJ..iJo-^^1 il^ri- 
chekmek* cJ^j^j^^jI il^ri-sikrmek ; 
*\jLijty d^r-piah-et, \*^)jA irad-et, 
sli-Jj^ rowfeylanek. CX^^^Oj^Ll 
il^fido-TKrinek : — , s. ^JLJ^JLA 
^^c>*^JLr^' il^ridon- 

L~^Ji^ il^rilsdish. 

Adraotige, «. jM kyar. xjjU fa'idfi, 
^ B^', vC-^^-aa;^ in£nfa"^t ; to take 
— , i^f«jlS^ L^^*^ fikrsati-kullaninak. 

Adnotageoos, a. j)^1^ kyarlt, jlirjiU 

AdjmU 9. /f^Ai kdduni. 

Adfcatnre, «. t/rU majdra, c^-^Ji^ 

BBrmay^'i-tijar^t-hlsaBESsi ; — , v.n. 
iiJL^U^ j^ssaret-et; — , v. a, J^^y 
AdveDturer, s. ^j^j^ SEraEri, K^is^* 

^^=— ^ J-^^U>V^jy^>^ WJthtina- 

Adver8ary, 9, m^n rw kb^ssxn, ^j^O 
di^mEn. [kbalif. 

Adverse, a. ^^^ t^rss, L-i!UL«« mO- 

Adventty, «. cJJ^^Jidr bikbtaizlik, 
CJJj^aJ d&Bbkyanliik. u:^^; 
nikb^t. LH^li f^lakfet. 

Advert, t;.». \l^t ima-et, jK«;«>^t Xn^- 

Advertise, ti.a. ^^5lcl i"l(iii-et; 
CJwc^jj^*^ kbdbEr-vErmek. 

Advertisement, s. ^Jl^ T'lln. 

Advice, «. ^^ kblbar ; >,::><*fCl^/ nls- 
-stbot ; ^ JJ t^dbir. 

Advisable, a. e^.^lx< milinasnb. 

Advise, v.a. cX<;J^^^rq«a3 nXsstb^t- 
virmek; \^Ua£L\ )khtar-et; t^JJ 
tMbir-et ; — , t;.fi. Ujll:x«j\ issti- 
-sbarB-et, ^jaLI^ dlDisbmok. Ill- 
advised, J«Aac "aklatz. 

Advocacy, 8. mS^ iltizXm, u^Uf' 

Advocate, «. ^^\.j:^\ss* sdhabet- 
-Man ; ^^SysJ^<^ d4"w4-v^kni ; 
— , v.a. /;>4ft.rwu^^*>'l^ sahib-cbik- 
mak (8a'ab), \i^=^Ur^ silbabet-et, 
)Li.-vS*^ tds8^bbab-et. 

i£ra, 9. ^J^ tarlkb ; culijl j\jj^'\Jw« 

Aerial, a. 15^^^^ hiiwa"i. 




.^Esthetics, a, pL d^jtUsf- Jx "ilmt- 

AfEur, ad. J^j^ uzlk, liSi\j^ uzXkda. 
Affability, s. cUJl^ chM^biHk, i^Mj 

tc^lkttuf, uJglal; tllttf, ^j\y Du- 


Affable, a. ^_^ ch^^bi. ^J^^ Ul- 

•ttQt ; to be affable with, v.a. l^.o^lnlT 

Affair, «. ^^\ Uh, LiU'^g r ^^ rnXsalahiit ; 

CJ^:^ j^nk, ^W" muhar^bs ; ^j 

Affect, v.a. |^ u t^'sir-et. [-n^zakst. 
Affectation, s. ^^^^iy^^*^^ bokdon- 
Affected, a. yU^ miit^'^sir; ^ajU 

y^ma. [d6kimvr. 

Affecting, a. ^^ mti'^sir, jj^*^ 
Affection, 9. ^^J^^jm^ hiBsi-kXlbl; 

u:-.-*^ mdhabbfet, ^^ kbuluss, 

ijoy^:^ khi)88U8B ; (j:.Jlc "iUfet, ^^ 

m^az. [b^t-mbshmul. 

Affectionate, a. ^^y^t*<c^>^*sf mdh^b- 
Affiance, s. jUcxt i"tiinld, J^yi t^- 

v^kkynl; — , vm. \^10 n)kydh-et, 

t«XAfi "^d-et. 
Affidavit. 8. J ^/; Jlji^ iJiSfl^ ^^^ 

(jU ybmin-tahtinda-y^rilan-t^rir-u- 

Affinity. *. 4i::^J/(J^yj-^W^JkOMj^ 

tez^Tvajdon - hlsstl • 6lAn - kiu-lb^t. 

c::^;f0 Bihriyy^t ; c:,..y i L< miinass^- 

Affirm, v,a. ^(JiiXaS tlssdtk-et. Ici^lJl 

issblt-et, IUjI iddt' a-et, C)Jj^ 


Affirmation. 8. ^ji^tOJ tXssdtk. d^L 

iwblt ; U J< lddi"a. 

Affirmative, a. ^«SjJuaJ tXssdikt, ij>^ 

Affiict. v.a. CX«^ji^ kEdEr-v£rmel 

Cl)^«lJ;U-^J ducbar-kilmak. 

Affliction, «. iJ^ ksdsr ; ^^s^»a< miv. 
sTb^t, Sb b^la. 

Afflaence, «. ClXL^J zinghinlik. 

Affluent, a. ^^^-^J ZEnghin. 

Afford, VM. CX«;J[^ VErmek. cJ^^l^ 

gh^tirmek, ^«^J;il irass-et ; 1 J.-*^ 

Affranchise, v. a. \jf\j\ azad-et. 

Affray, 8. U«i k^wgha. 

Affront, 8. ^1^ aLoIjl^ mu^AmEl^'i 

-gh^3rri-laytka, ^\x^SJ b^d-mil 

"xmEli ; — . VM. (J'f^^j^ karshj 

k<^mak ; vjJ^JC^*) ghyi!lJEndirmel 

JUcJjb dlnltmak. 
Afghan, a. ^Uil iifghan. 
Afghanistan, 8, ^\zmJ\j6\ afghanisstan. 
Afire, ad. jr^^ yant6r. 
Afloat, ad.j^j^ yiiziyor. 
Afoot, ad. lf*yj\j\ iiyakda. 
Afore-mentioned, afore-named, afore 

said, a. jy^ m^zkyiir, j)Q< m^zbur 
j)i»* < m^ssfur, lA\ i^y« muma 

il^yh, l^^j\JL^ musharun-il^yh. 
Afraid (to be), v.n. (j^j^ k6rkmak 

luJ«£^ kh4vf-et. 

Afresh, ad. ^«3uC y^n^don, IjJcs^ 

miljMd^dan ; ij Xm« mukErrETon. 
Africa. 8. ihyf^ 4frika. 
African, a. j)^y\ ilfrikiiltt* 




ASna^ ai. j3\y bBrabir, i^^j^jS bir- 

Aft, ad. jjj ghhti, ^^jS gh^riya, 


After, jr. # ^v ,a jJ don-s^n^a, Jjo 
b« d«; — ^, orf. $^ B^mgra, ifjjo 
bi"ddic; — , a. (mar.) ^^jj^ 
gbWki. ^»Jj;-^ ghferidfeki. 

AfteHiiztii, t. CJ*^ s^n^. 

AftenooD, «. ^^Pajj«^Jc.£ru) Ikindi- 
•wikiOm. [ba'dahij. 

Aftenrards, oif. ^^C^ s^ra, 9Sx) 

Agim. atf. A;j ylni (ghfcnB), Jjj 
tifair, l^lp t^kraron, Ij^J^ bir- 

^^^-rf;^ kkshtastna ; 2f,\;.,.>j^U 
^^nlwiiodii; ^■■, £ , \ r "^Ifeyhina. 
'^^if "al^kinda; lUiU khUl- 
fiw. iJciLs. khlUfindfl. 
Agite. f. ^ULi BWfeyinlni. (?) 

^ »• trlj yiteh, ^ shm; -ofi 

**^»;y d^, ^y kam ; of age, a. 

ir^ l%h, jJU^dAc "Akla-bilfgh ; 

Aged. «. cil;^ ghyfaJnk ; jb? iylik ; 

*^. vi.i^ mi"riffet. 
'^, I. J^^ v^kn. Ak-t^ wasattfl. 
,^l idim (IdAm). [fetmcklik. 

Aggrandizement, 8. cilSUj^ biyut-. 

Aggravate, r.fl. lUiUj diha-fina, et, 
}/yli^J diihi-bfeter-et ; Jk*;^ Uz- 
dirmak, JJ^iJ;! J diriltmak. 

Aggravation, *. v-^lacl igzab. 

Aggregate, a. & *. c^^iuk* m^jmu". 

Aggression, «. j^l^ tfejavuz, JLji^ 

Aggressor,*. «^-.^j^^l^(d^^^jlai^jj^lj^ 

yjiji tfejavuz-VB-tiikh^i-blrla-nlza"a- 

Aggrieved, a. ajUo^ mlzlum, j^^m 

mi^hdur, irJj Ju4CUj sitemdidE. 
AgiUty, 8. cJJlGU. chkb«kltfk. 
Agio, *. ^^b bXsh. 
Aptate, w.a. JuUJLj- ch;dkamak ; 

CX^^C-^l^a^! iztfrib - v^rmek, 

U^t ^Vi J c miiztto^b-et; J^*Xijl3 

Agitation, *. ,^liJL^ chXlkXntsh; 

C-*]Pa-^\ izttrXb; JbU tfelatum, 

^^Ai t^m^wnj. 
Ago, ad. /^jJLe^Sj^ bundon-miikld- 

d«ro, jy^i)JkJy bi!indan-Evvsl. 
Agony, *. f^\Jia>a\ ^Jiac "Xzim-izttrib ; 

j^WU hdldtn.'n-nfez"i. 
Agree, v.n. 1 Jy kXvl-et, t^J^ ™«^- 

klv^B-et; C-U^j^t^ kXriir-VBrmek; 

J^Lf^b 'a*«-^^ 'cu^l^ mcwifoklt- 
-et; CXJ^^-i' lyi-ghElmek, J^^^\ 
iJymflk, C-Uli^yuj\ i^yghun-ghEl- 
mek, cX^ji\y€ md^Xftk-ghilmek ; 
^1 Jjlk* mdtlbtk.6l,\ Jiy tkwdffuk-et; 
— together, r.n. (j^-^^^j^ uycshmak. 





Agreeable, a. p\t tXdt, Jj^ gbyia^l, 

Agreeably to (or witb)» otf. I S n <i,Vi 7 

atbikan, Uiy tfevftkon. [niMav^ls. 
Agreement, «. Jy klvl, J^ buz, ^^IL« 
Agriculture, *. v::-^|;J zira '^, vju-»|^ 

oatf ^^\j>- birass^t, c:.«o^!U f^ah^. 

Agricultttriflt, t. iji^jj Jjbf ^hli-zira"^. 

Aground, ad. tAv^jWV ^^^^~ 

Ague, 8, ^Ucu tkma, ^Ucu«j\ iasitma. 

Ab, int. m\ Ux, »|^ w4b, Jf|^\ ^ywikb, 

c-ij>- hAyf, j^jJ dirigb. 
Abead, oi. j^bt U^ri. 
Aboy ! m/. u^ ^y. 
Aid, 8. A«3;v yiirdam, ^Ul i"ans. 

t}\xt\ Imdad, cuJjU^ mu"aY^n^t ; 

— , v.a. U(^^[ yiirdam-et, l^jlxl 

r'ans-et, ^v^jIjm md"av^H-et. 

Aide-de-camp, 8. j^^ yavsr, ^j^j^ 

Ail, v.n. wbat ails me ? j^}(^ nhm^ykr; 

— tbee ? j|jCJ*J n^op-viir ; — bim, 

ber, it? j^^^^ nitti«vkr; — na? 

J^i/**^ nfemiz^vJir ; — you ? j'^j^** 

n^n^-viUr ; — tbem ? j)}^Ji n^^i- 

Ailbg, a. jmJUS k^yfsiz, ^".-^ kblssta, 

jms^'^j^ mizajsiz, ^r]/^^ namizaj. 
Ailment, 8. s^J^ k^yfnzUk, g^^^s.^ 

kbXsatolfk ; kiUx "lU^t : J;J d^rd. 
Aim, V.1I. (J^^^lCJ nlsbAn-idnuik ; 

^j^jj^ kih-mak, \^\ ^mel-et; — , 8. 

J^ kA9ad, (J^f ^roel, m\j< m^ram» 

JyoS^ mlksGd; ^\^\U nisli^ 

Air, 8. \^ hhwk (hkwh) ; ^^mSU nhfa 

jJic tkwT; •— , v.a. ^^Xc^ 


gbyiln^a-BBrmek, CX<;«•^^•J^ I 

waya-asrmek, cXc^^^^ h^va^^vi 

mek; to giye one's self airs, ^\, 

^J^^ Itwar sJLtmak. 
Air-balloon, «. ^^L bUon. [C^^^^ 
Air-gun, 8. ^^J^Sl J^-thfhng 
Air-bole, 8. cJJu-«3 n^fesalik, \^^^^l^ 
Airy, a.j\j\^ Uiwadar. [n^fess^d^Uy. 
Ajar, a. ^j^^f dcbik. 
Akin, a. wir^ kbissm. 
Alabaster, '• r«/^J^ lk-m£rmxr. 
Alacrity, t. oX;L«« mi^S8ara'*4 

u: ^m)^j^^ m^mnunlyy^t. 
Alarm, ». y^y k6rkn, uJ^^^ khai 

cu..:jb J dsbsbst : ^ kbXbxr ; - 

v.a, (j^j^ k6rkutmak, s^) ■*■£ • aSj 

k6rku-virmek, It^joT tkkliwif.< 

I^U.1 ikbafi-et. 
Alas, Mf. u^ ky, i^^ wky, ^^^ wa 


tj5->- biyf. j-i^J dirigb. 

Albania. #. ,P£^^ ^J^;^ iu-nkwd-vUay^ 
Albanian, «. and a. «>^^j^ ^mawd. 
Albeit, c, ^«XSJ^ bir-n2JcAdar, »«3<L.^ 

Alchymist, 8.^\a,S kimiya-gh^r. 
Alcbymy, 8. L#iJf Jif "ilmi-kiioiya 
Alcobol, 8, ^^j rdb. 
Alcove, ff. fjif^ biljni. [^^h J 

Alder-tree, t. ^J>-^ ]jif^ mikrvl 
Alderm^i. ,. ^U a yln. 




*^- •' J.y^Hj^sJ^^ bfeyAz-4rpo-8&yu. 

♦^t::!*:. i. Jw^ iobik. 

•^ (to be on the), v.u. ^ J^i^iy 

::bri, «.^jj»- jfcbr. 

-'SM.^Ija^ J6za'ir. 

4;, sd.^j}Jj oAmt-dighEr. 
-en.*. ^^i fcjn^bi ; ^^Jf^lj y^blnji. 
-^^ate. PA IcLUi*^! iJchira-t^m- 

Tict. Uy t^brid-et. [m«k. 

.'%rji. cU;l ^Dinek, J^wyl k6n. 
-"^e, t. j|j==a bhi^rzib', ^oll^ mil. 

>. CU4-I b^ssl^y^jek, cUj 

-^^,#. <m} ndfaka. [y^mek. 

- *. ff. J?jjJ din, i\^ s^h, cyL>yJ 
:t -hayit. ijJL>1 hayatdn. 
i. ». Jiil ^kaU. 

h^, ^^^ bitun. 


•- ■ • 

^ A^i 

;• D: , C4>^ jikmls ; above — , \^ya^ 

'•■•'^jjX-J t^sftkin-et. 
'^ cadoo, I. ^^^j di"^ ,^^ 

■^ PA U^l irad.c. 
?^«. f . e>..j.o,^J tfeba"lyykt ; 
"^'^ Bldaklt. 

''ate, r^ cUsIaJlC khlftfletmek, 
-^ tikhTrf^, 

■' ». jli-<»^b dir.s6kAk, J-^o- 
J V <^»aanib.fiikAk. 
'^^. f. jUJ\ ittiftk. 

Allied, a. J^aiu mto^fik. 

Alligator, 8. .L.^ timsih. 

AIlocQtioii, «. j;k3 DUtk. 

Allot, v.d. liiffl..aTr^ takbsiss-et. 

Allotment, «. lma»» hisss. 

Allow, t;.a. ^^^^1^ br^kmak, (jh«j-i 
k6mak, ^^'^^'^/^.^^(^^ izin-vErmek, 
ilX^jj^ c: ^,.a f<>j rukhsXt-virmek, 
Ci)-«^^jl^ JEwaz-vErmek, C)-«^j 
TErmek, Lt*-«J tii"yln-et, \|*a-.Mr 
takhsiss-et; — of, ^J^ klbul-et; 
— for, l^-iL.^. bissXb-et; — , v.n. 
LJ-J tfesalTm-et, \^\ji&\ i"tirAf-et. 

Allowable, «.j5'^ ja'iz. 

Allowance, s, J^A hylik, C^»S)^ 

ghyiind^lik, jib ytUik, ^^^^ ta'yin, 

d^Lji^ju tjt"yin2t; to make — for, 

VM. \jiaj nlzar-et, )J^1joL.i>- 

Alloy, 9. ^'jJblS^l^^^^iyJl Xlttna- 

ghyi^misha-kAttlAn-blktr ;j\^ "kyar, 
Allade to, vm, IUjI ima-et, ^J^j,X^\ 

Allure, v.a, \f^J>' j^zb-et. 
Allurement, 8, ^jl>* jazibE. 
Alluring, a. fmJ'j\^ jazib. 
Allucion, 8. \aj\ ima, fjtjd^\ an^dtrish. 
AUy, VM, \Jls^jtiUa£a^*J^|^*<Llaj)^ 

rlbtt^'i-wabidE-tahttna-idkhal-et ; — , 

8. fjicL< mi^ttlifik. 
Alfnanack, 8. (iy^ tXkwim, ^USL* 

Almighty, a, ^ J^ kldir. 
Almond, 8. aC\> blulem. 
Almoner, 8. /*l«^ ImAm. 

R 2 




Almost, ad. ^L^J^ h^mAn (hEmBn)» 

u^jJUjt Iz-IOldt. 
Alms, 9, dj«w sldaka. 
Aloes, *. j^0^ slbr; wood of — , 

Aloft, ad. «J^*5ji yi^kW, ^^^ji^ y^- 

\kMa (ydld^rdu). 
Alone, a. J=Jl[ yXln^'z, \^ t^nha, 

^U^b^b Ushls-blshma ; all — , 

J^lj^b ydpa-yXlnytz. 
Along, ad. i^jskjyj b6yunja; come 

along! JliVJ^ gliil-blkUtm ; go 

along, aJLSjvt^j^ ghit-bXk^'m, 

y^^niL} ishin^a-glut, jJ^^Si^ 

Alongside, ad. ^b y^nina, '^^b yd- 

nindtf; — one anotber, ^j^\^Ji 

karo-l(itoa, ^*^j^,^^ji^^ b6rda-b6r- 

Aloof, ad. JFJjIj^^ i^zXkda, iJ^jSl id^r- 


Alond, (uf. cXi psk, ]/4f>* j^bron, 
ddjtjJjCJyp sXvtt-biy^nd-ila. 

Alpbabet, s. b(^\ ^lif-b| (^lif-bi). 

Alpbabetically, ad. *jj^yj^/^*^^ 

Already, ad. iS^sJ^^A^ sbimdi-bUs, 
Jj<!U4lU4:^;jy 6l-wXkta-kllnuiya- 

Also, e. cUj^^ k^zalik, cJiji^j v^- 
kfezalik, «J dB, ^J diikbi, ^Jj 
VB-dUcbi, ^^j>^SASb^ vb-b^m-d^bi. 
Ijja v^-blr-dfi, iFjuU^j vt-b^m-dE, 
^X^ b^m-dE. 

Altar, 9. ^«V< m^zblb. 

Alter, v.a. ilX^jd>Lijd di^Aisbdim» 

^^IzljbSjJLi bXsbka-b^y'^to-)j 

mok, IJiV tfebdil-et, \izA^\*^ 

mabv-n-issblt-et ; — , VM. C3>^*X 

di^^sbmek, \jJu t^gbayynr-et. 
Alteration, 9. JjJuJ t^bdil; CL9ljUy 

Altercation, 9. c'jJ mza", Is-j^ ri 

naza"d, Ujc gbkwgba (kkwgba). 
Alternate, a. J Jb&« mtkt^badil, ^^ 

mi^t^navib; on alternate dap, i 

^jyif^^jf gbyiin-Xsbtrt. 
Alternate, t;.ji.C«Ul>]A;y n^betlesbm^ 
Alternately, ad. i\sjy ni^b^a, ^j^ 

mM^navib^tEn, lJ^\:^\^J^ "dli^ 

Alternative, *. ifj^ cbare, Jji<^ 

bX8bka.y61,^< Ji^ tiriki-iJdik. 
Altbougb, c. j^ii/b bBr-n4kA4 

IJ^L^^ issoda. 


Altitude, *. 9^j^ irtifa". 
Altogether, ad. u^^f^ biton-bitun. 
Alum, 9. c^LSi sblb. 
Alluminium, ) 9. i^^^^^j^J blr-dii| 
Allnminam, ) -ma"den. 
Always, ad. UJb daima, ^j 

bEr-zdmln, KZ^j^/b bsr-wXkit. 
Amanuensis, 9. Li^^ kyatib. 
Amass. v.a. i}^\j^ t6plan«j 

ijXcjdSjJ bbrikdirmek,<j^ifeni"-< 
Amateur, 9. jLa^ bkvbssli. 
Amaze, vm. ci^JCj^i,.^^^ t^'^jj^ 

.^ttirmek ; amazed, a. l^^^ j^ ^ ^ 

tfl"^ib, J<j^ bayrin; to 




j:wi2.ak. ij^^^^j^ hiyrin-kll- 
2.i. J4JU kllmok^ jJliAjb biJui. 

^iim^, «. W'mJB^ "ijib (Ijk'ib), 
w-j^ ^linb ; — ly, otf . J^ ch6k. 

^ <r. f. li^^ k^hraba (kaOibk-). 

- bersreaae. Ambergris, 9»jfi^ "iUibir. 

.-. bioQs, a. c^V^ kJlplnilc, j;lit« 

.nb:^t7, '• (jl^^^ mtighl iJdik. 

^jo^ hinsa-'ab- 
e^^^.0^ hlrsst-hiikyu- 
«^'t. [-'ab-ahXii. 

•3», a. ^UJt^^^^ hdiissn- 
— «. ^.Jyhlj libwln, ^j-Cil ^ab- 
^; ^, oji. C.V'^A^ ^mek, 
C^^^^\ ^km-gbitmek, ^iybtj 
w^ rihwln-gbitmek, 
^~j!er, AmbUng-bone, #. ^j;|yfc[; 
"-^'in. jSji^j^^ fcabkin-baigblr 

•^•i^ddc, Ambosb, *. ^^ pdssu ; 
to liy IB unbosb^ i}^j^ ^){ 
P^ifc kcnaak; to fidl into an am- 
tcsi, jj;^ ^^-^ puaavyy^ tutol- 


AlV.tloO, i, yj^^ 

•s-in, c 


«. tMi, 


\ ami 


•itici, VA, ^jAsiy^jb d^gbrultmak, 
•.^' tiadiib.ct-, \^\ foalab. 
•^- ; — , v.n. jiy\j\ji bbr-iz-iyi-61, 
^**^)^J^**jy^^ lyi-dlmo^Aa-y^l- 

'Qiidmcat, «. j^ fk-k. [-tdtmak. 

^- -ds. to make, ©ji. I^j;j4^ ttz- 

mm-et, cX«Jj ^^^^0^ tarziyyE-vEr* 

mek; ^j\£^^^^.,,.,,^\ Xjtastnt-chi- 

America, s, U^^ Am^rika. 
American, «. and a. ^^Jbj^\ Am^rikaU. 
Ametbyst, s. (•^aLs^ j^bd6kinn. 
Amiable, a. ^^Jj^^s gbyi!lzd- 

-kbuylu, j]j\!9 tltli. [d^astanB. 

Amicable, a. Amicably, ad. ^IimijJ 
Amidst, pr. ifX^i3j^\ brtassinda, 

aJCMMiljt i^assinda. 
Amidsbips, ad. ^j^^^}ji^j^ ^ttn- 

Amiss, a. Ui &ia, la&ii sdkAt. 
Amity, 8. ^d:u»*^J d6sstluk, l/»^j«^ 

ddssti, k.:^^»£r« m^b^bb^t, <JL^4>\^ 

Ammonia, 8. ^ jlU nisbXdtr. 
Ammoniac, ». jjlSJ niabXdir. 
Ammuiition, «. ^^^^J^, barut, A}lflCV>- 

Amnesty, «. aU ^a^ "^t-"amm. 
Among, Amongst, pr. i:^Ji lu«s- 

ssna, sX/^Ji ^asstnda. 
Amorous, a. ^^i^lc "isbikans. 
Amount, 8. ^L^ m^blikgb ; c^^ t6p, 

^^ y^kyun ; — , vm. j^jJ^ ^i- 

Ampbibions, a. ^l^b IJ^ ^Sb l J^ ^Jb 

Ample, a. Jy b6], ^^JJi^ gb^nisb. 
Amplitude, a. J/t^ ^^^^^ ^"k'i-m^sbrik. 
Amputate, v.a. ^AmS k^asmek, f^Li 

kAt".et. [kit". 

Amputation, s. A^L.^ k^stilmB* ^oS 




Amulet, «. ikr^ niksskha (m^sska). 

Amiue* VM. ijXcjJj^] ^AlxDdinnek; 
— one's self, v.n. cXd^ hghLaa- 

An, itrt.j} h\r, [mek. 

Analpg^tts, a. ij\L^ mi^abih, (^rs*^ 
m^kisa. [c/*'^ yyaas. 

Analogy, 8» i£^\Z^^ milishab^^t ; 

AnalyBiB, s. J»> hdU. 

AnaljTze, t;.>i. ^fj>* h^U-et. 

Anarchy, t. jLJ f^sad, JizSA Ikhtflal. 

Anathema, «. c:..^ Ut'^n^t, IcJJu b^d- 
-d&"a, Jji^y^ yor6z. 

Anatomize, v.a. ^i^2;^ t^ahrih-et. 

Anatomy, s. i<J^ t^hrih. 

Ancestor, «. ^o^ j^dd (pi. 4>^*Xs>*i ^jdad.) 

Ancestry, 9, jf J^\ ^jdad ; u, -■■) n^eb. 

Anchor, «. ^^^<*«J^ timCr (d^mir), yU 
l^ngh^r; — , v.a. C^^j^^ d^mir- 
Umek ; — , v.*. CJ<«S;^^ d^mirl^- 
mek, ^^^\/^^ d^mir-Xtmak; at 
^» ^jy^ d^mirli; to cast — , 
fjAi\ jm^i^ dfemir»atmak ; to weigh 
— * O^J^ *^jii^ d^miri-kkldirmok. 

Anchorage, «. yJjij^Jj d^mir-yM, 
JSl^^^jf^ d^mirl^y^jek-y^r. 

Anchored, a. ^jy^ d^mirli. 

AndiOTy, «. ^J;L« sardHa. 

Ancient, a. ^^^ ^sski, a^jj kldun, 
^jjjl^ kyart-kldlm. 

Ancients, «. ph ^^.^JlL:^ miitakXd- 
dimin, <j^^JL«jt^U|^^^^d\ ^ki-z^« 

And, c. ^ vi, *J dl. ^ J dJJdii. 

Anecdote, t. i/i flkra, a«a;^ mdnkabs. 

Anemone, f. ^UJU mknissn. 


Angel, 9. CJU ro^lek, aCLo m^l&'i 

Angelic, a. ^^^^ m^lekl. 

Anger, «. ^^L«i^U dkghtnUk, ^I'^jAj 

Uzghinhlc, s^'^t^T ghXzAb. j 

Angina, 9. jJli: jU£U khihiiiXk:-"ill« 
Angma pectoris, 9,jxA\ JU*^ f ^ ^ bt 

n^v-"i-ukn-akdr. ^ 

Angle, «. <<A^^ kyitohs, k^j^j zavlyy 

— , V.JI. JU^^l jSV ^i^ *=iy 61ta-iJ 

Angry, a. ^^j^(3 d^hm ; to be — 

v.*. Jk^;^*^ diurtlmok, {j^j^ Icizmca 
ghyt|]inmek, (>liV ^\,^ ^ - x 

ghlzAba-ghslmek, C^4C>LjAg^ bi 

Anguish, ». J^JaJ^ "XzIm-dErd, m V 

jj^ "Azim-kBdHT. 
Angular, a. ^iJU^ kyikshxli. 
Animal, «. ^y^^^^ hkywin; ^ 

^\^«>> hkywXni. 
Animalcule, ». (^ar\^A». h^tywanjtlc. 
Animate, v.a. CX<^^ ^;^«>- j^Q-vsrme 

^^».\-iijl^ jXnlondtrmak* ^V^ 

Animated, a. jli^llJ b^hash^tU. 
Animation, «. u^<%A11j b^ash^t. 
Animosity, t. dJJ^tjb^ "^av^t, 

kin, ^>;^ kins. 
Aniseed, «. ^^^U^ ^ass^n. 
Ankle, «. J|^{^ t6puk. 
Annalist, t. ^j^^ mi!kvtoikh, 

wXk"a-n6wis8. [t^warXld] 

Annals, «./?/. ^^^ tarikh (pi. tm^ ^^ 
Annex, v. a. tjLtfsl ilh£k-et, \ 





U *• t;^^ ghyjta. 
Announce, o.a. k^X^jJ^j^ khlbsr- 
Tsrmek, l^^JL^ t^ligh-et, Ujlil 
AuwT, vui. IjsJB^ ta jlz-et, c^Jci.^ 
CU^jBikmtB-vBrmek, CJ^^tC^^jl 
^yy^t-TBrmek, \y^i>>\j rahotatz-et; 
^ ghyilJBDdirmek, ^^j^ 
Aaaojace, #. ^::-^«3l ^ziyy^t, uf 


Anmal, a. ^Scm^ ssokvT. 
Aonoitj, «. ^|»|«« B^him, i^ji} irad. 
AoDol, r.a, V^ f^aakh-et, ^ Ibt ibUl- 
et, yUu bltul-et. [minda. 

Aimiilir, «. %y^A^j ii\t>- hllka-r^- 
Axunim, j. A^ atei ; per aimam, 2fjLj 

•Anoint, v.a. C)^^9l[ ya^A-silDrmek, 
^ j«^ tMhln-et. [d^hh^n. 

AnomaloQi, a. Anomaly, «. > JU!1 

AncajDoaf , a. J«iLa«\ imzaaetz. 
Aaodier, a. jiiZj bXahkn-bir, jiliJ 

'^••"O'.t. C-^^j(>- jiwlb; — , v.fl, ^-''^ 

CU^^ JKwib-yirmek ; — , ©.«. JUJ^ 

^ak« 4f«iy tiymak ; — for, jt J«a^ 

Answerable, a. ^^y*m^ m^'ul. 

Ant, 9, i>afji klrinja. 

Antagonist, 8, M»as^ khlsstm. 

Antarctic, a. ^,y^ jfenubi. 

Antecedent, a. u^Li salif, (^l«> aabtk, 
mJJL» mOklddam; — ,8, ^JSU mu- 
klddxm, ^(^y^y m^ysulun-bih. 

Antechamber, 8, ^IotI^u diwAnkbana. 

AntediluTian, a. J^^u;-S^*^j^ tufXndan- 


Antelope, #. ^\;-«>' j^yrln (j^yUn), 

yb\ abu. 
Antemeridian, a. Jj\ c/^^j^ tryladen 

Anterior, a. uJSLi salif, J^\^ sabtk, 

^«X&« rndklddsm. 
Anthropophagi, 8. pL |*U«l[ ydmy^m. 
Antichrist, 8. JW«3 d^jjal. 
Anticipate, v.a. JU^^I iimmak, t J^ U 

mi'mul-et; (Jh^I^^J^ ivrsl-daw- 

ronmok ; ^jm^- Jjf ^t^j4i>}%\ c^U? 

j^^lj j^\j CJ-*^^^ 4^jXjJ tldeb. 


Antics, 8.pL ^ijif^ mAsskharaltk. 
Antidote, 8, ^le "ilaj. 
Antimony, 8. ^j^jy^ timur-b6zAn 

Antipathy, 8, iJUju n^fi^t; C^!j^ 

"kdav^t, ^JL-^^ya:^ khdssum^t. 
Antique, 8, lx\\c. "kitika ; — , a. y^<^ 

^ki, J.^:^ "kik, WiXJ kldim, 

fil^J^ kyari-kldim. 
Antiquity, 8, tix^ "antika; ^^w^ 

^U^ ^sski-zdmln. 




Antler« '• J^y b6ynuz. 

Anas, 3, tXMjLc mdk"^. 

Anyfl, s, uv^\ ^rss. 

Anxiety, «. CU^^LdS klasav^; ^"ij 

t^aahl (tH^sh). 
Any, pro. j}\nT,j\j}htr'lz, ^jafuhl"zi; 

^ Wch.y^ hkh-bir. 

Anybody, pro, A \ ... 4 ^ kim^asns 

Anyhow, ad, L^j^^^^^ nk8&l*>61ur8a ; 

jl^J Ji*^ib hich-bir-diirltt. 
Apace, ad. CX»1>^ chabvk. 
Apart, ad. ^jA kyri. 
Apartment, $. a!s»^\ 6dii ; ay 1 J da'ira. 
Apathy, 8. J^J^JuS kkydatzltk, m^s> 

JUU ^imi-t^k^yyad. 
Ape, 9. ^y^^ mkymvn, i^mJ^ ah^bek ; 

— , v.a. )JuUj tAklid-et. 
Aperient, a. Jfm^ m^hil (ss-h). 
Aperture, #. cU J d^ik, J^\j\ knUik, 

jl2^1 dchikUk. cJLii ntfesalik. 
Apex, «. ^j^j rh'n, 9^jO zhrvE. 
Aphelion, ». ^luA. h^id. 
Apiece, ai. ^^ b^hsrina. 
Apocryphal, a. cJjCli^ m^shkyuk. 
Apogee, 8. ^jLfa>- h^dtd. [Ismek. 

Apologize, VM, cXc^Lj^iic "to-di- 
Apology, «. ^l3^iXfi "itzmams ; (JWj<^ 

Apoplexy, «. 4L«L dlmla, Jj^j} ndzul. 
ApoBtaay, «. j!jJ^! Irtidad. 
Apostate, ». JJ^ miurt^dd (mihtld), 

^jJ dimma. 
Apostatize, vm. cX«jjJ^JCi:jJ dinin- 


Apostle, 8. Qy^j rteul, J^-y^ mi^rs^ 

the apostles of Christ, \:)yij^y^ 

hJLwariyyun. [Issp^nchiy) 

Apothecary, s. ^^|j>■^ ^jzaji, jV?V 
Appal, v.a. Jh^^u^^ k^rkutma 

luJj^asT tjikhwif-et. 
Appanage, «. ^^^j\ ^irpidtk, JiImJ 

Apparatas, 8. J\L tiknn, u:^(y^c; 

Apparel, 8, i^^yj\ ^sswlb (tebxb 

^^U libXss, cJ\ UbissK. 
Apparent, a.^U^ zahir,j1ju[J^ b^dida 

\c^^ hikwEyda, j^iJ^\ Ishikyar. 

Apparently, ad. UU ghlliba; \ji^ 

zahira. [vali 

Apparition, 8. j^ zilhur ; ^Le»» kb^ 
Appeal, v.n. hXaJ^^O ditohmek, Jp«^ 

si^^nmak; lkZ^^«^1^ mi^ja"dt-e1 
Appear, t;.fi. ^^Xajji^ ghyiltranmel 

CL^J^ ghyilzikmek, |^^ 

zikhur-et; it appears, v. imp, V" 

ghlliba ; jji ghMir, jy^j^ &^y* 

Appearance, «. *^jy^ surit, vj:^*^ 

hfey'fet; ^jj^ ghytainush; j^ 

Appease, v.a. ^jS^ t^sskin-et. 
Append, v.a. \m^ z^mm-et, ^^^ 

Appendage, Appendix, 8. A42J t^ 

timma, A4m^ zdmima, i^ ilavK. 
Appertain, t;.a. ^^^^j raji"ol, y^y^ 

m^nut-ol, ^^(^Ki^ milta"^ll]k-ol. 
Appetite, 8. \^\ Ishttha (ishtiih.) 




Ap|)lnd, v.«. f^^Uu sltayish-et. 

Afipbnie, «. ^^^ atayiah. 

Apple, «. till Blma. 

Applicable, a. jy^y^ d6kunur; 
jjltc: ^i.rtl'. 4» m^ass^b^t-^klir. 

ApplioitiaD, «. ^^JcijJ d6kinidu- 
imh, ^^i^Okljlr y^shdtrish ; \j^y^ 
dnahmh, ^J^u^-i blsh-drush 
(wvruflh), s^^^^JipAj^ m^ja '^ ; 

•a-giiiyrH> ^•^^V^ s^rft-zibn, 

Jk|>» • jri>. jidd-a-jshd. 

Apply. vM. ^jL^^JcijJ d^kundurraak, 

^J^c^JiIjU y^pMhdtnnak ; KlX^jy^ 

\jJ^ ti^tbik-et ; \ IL 

nbnjc"^-et ; — for, cUcu^t kst^- 

nek, YUjeu.^ i88tld"a-et, 1UIL« 

mvaa»-et, t wf^Ike mldub-et ; 

~, one's self, J^'^ ch;a»bmak, 

^ jut ij^"y-et, '<-^'^;-^ j^_5*-» 8^"y-u- 

Appoint, v.a. ^^^;f::*^ t^"yiii-et, '^ '^ttv 

nlnb-et, l^^j>^nc^ tydistaa-et. 
AppomtmeDl, I. s^^jyX< mimu. 

rijj^ ; ^^J\ lab. 
Apportkn, v.a. f>»-*Ai^(«d>>AiA>- bissss* 

-bksiB-tik8nn-et. [nassib. 

Appoaite, a, jjJ^ y611u, ^^*^ mii- 
Appraae, vm. t^ASJi^s^vibJ kim^t- 

•Okdor-et, OUfl^ ^ W^^-Ucbmek 

Appreciate, v.a. 1^j£7 tlkdlr-et, 

CUii c^JiJJ kldrmt-bUmek. 

Apprebend, v.a. Jh«^^ tdtmak, (JK»1^^ 
y^kalamok, Ic:^^^ ^ iX:>^\ iddiz-a- 
-gblrift-et ; j:^i£s\ ^glamak 
(anniimak), tcJ;0 d^rk-et; (J^jy 

ApprebensioD, *. vji^ip^Ji^l JJdiz-u- 
-gblrift ; CJ];*3^ J j^ii ftbm-n-idrak ; 
y^y k6rku. [kussu-^Un. 

Apprebensive, a. sJ^^^^j^^j^ ^^^' 
Apprentice, s. J^\JL sba^Aird ; — , v.a. 

CX<ji^ ^ J^Ui 8ba^Aird%^vEnnek. 
Apprenticeabip, s. C^J^==tS* sba- 

^Airdbk. [mek. 

Apprize, v.a. CX<ji^ jr^ kblbar-vir- 
Approacb, *. J^ y61; c-y? tdkdr- 

rub; — , VM. & a. \^J^ t^kdr- 

rub-et, fjAJ^hJb ydktnlasbmak, 

(J^j^'i^rM y^ktD-yJUrnak. [isstibean. 
Approbation, s. ^ jj ».> ng^ tahsin, ^L.aCU.1 
Appropriate, v.a. \i jn m» nn^ ti^distSB-et ; 

— , a. c^iMil:!^ mikDasBib. 
Approval, 8. ^L.s^^ isstibsan; on 

— , ad, jJt^ mdkblyyfer. 


Approximate, a. ^^/^ tJLkribi, 

tiddimini ; — , v.a 

rub-et. [t^kbmina. 

Approximately, od. \ip tXkriba, L-^aT 
Approximation, %. ^-'^ tdkte'ub; 

^rfj^at^ tkkbmin. 
Apricot, *. ,^^-Ji kayssi, ^bjj zferdali. 
April, «. yj^^ nissan. 
Apron, «. jU:.*.^ p^btomXl. 
Apropos, a. & orf. c-^^vi^ mitoasib. 
Apt, a. air..„.x mi^ta 'idd. [vwfejil^. 
ApUy, aJ. idfj-. . ,;i--\x< m^-a«ib^ti- 

tc^^ tikkdr- 




Aptitude, Aptness, «. J^JjCmi' )bs> 

d"dad. [kszAb-scyv. 

Aqnafortis, ». ^^UJ fiz2b, ^jysi^\j^ 
Aquedoct, «. ijf!,y* sit-yilu, j*^ 

ksmv.JjA^ k£mirlBr. 
Arab, #. ^^j^ knib, 
Arabia* s. ^l2«j^ "iirabbtaii. 
Arabic, s. ^^jC. "krabja. 
Arable, a. j^^^jjr^ ^kilir-bichilir, 

ftjH^ m^zrv ; — -« land, 8. ^j/* 

mhxTa"^, ^Jb t^rla. 
Ararat, Mt., s. i^^ lJjc] Xghri-dlghi. 
Arbiter, Arbitrator, S^ b^kEoa. 
Arbitrate, t;.ji. \ JjA kyrd-et. 
Arc, 8. f^t^ Uivea. 
Arcb, 8. yki kimsr. 
Arcber, 8. yJli^\A>^ kfemank^sh. 
Archery, 8. cJllioU^ k^mank^blik. 
Architect, 9. jUa^ ini"m^r, ^U kMfa. 
Architecture, «. (J^Uji««^ fBoni-mi''- 

mkri ; lu blna ; j)U^ binalor, 
Archiyes, «. |i/. <^fOj«i kilkyilidAt, 

aJl^^J diftBrkhlDB, Jj^J^;;' 

Arctic, a. ^Uk<l slumali. 
Ardent, a. ^\ iit^shli ; ^Ub ydnar. 
Ardour, ». i^^<^ gh^rmiyy^t. 
Ardooos, a. y^ gbyitoh, ^;-a^ 

chfetm, ^ -JCL^ miita"d8sir. 
Area. *. ^ "^^h (t-h.) 
Argne, v.n, \kJf2jSli lidcirdi-et, t^d>-U^ 

m^bah^ssi-et ; \iJ^j\,^^^ chbn^i* 

Argument, «. uJJjA Udurdt, f^^"^ 

kttam, jytt ubz. 

Arid, a, ^^y kih-u, J^ chid. 

Arise, JptiSlS kllkmak; ^J^y 

dbghmalL, \^^ t01u"et; \ w:;.'-*^ 

n^h'^-et, CJ'^MAJ^ laztm-gh^meli 
Aristocracy, «. jV^ kibar. 
Aristocrat, «. *^i^*^j\^ kibar-den-biii 
Arithmetic, 8, i^L.i>*Ae "Umi-hissA 

(h^-) . ["Umi blssat 

Arithmetician, 8, c^L.i>- Jl^ ^JjtX ^hlj 
Ark, 8, Noah's — , L<-r*^ ry nuh 

-gfa^missi; — of the covenani 

icJ^MZJ^i^ tabuti-s^ns. 
Arm, 8. Jy k61 ; ^L» silah ; 

fjAcl>4^ sllahUmmak ; 

CXc^j JiLi sUah-virmek ; 

Armada, 8, UoJaJ d6nanma. 
Arm-chair, 8. y^^Ssly k61tuklu, J^j 

^tjki«0 k61tukli7.8lndlUyys. 
Armenia, 8. ^U— v<^^ brm^nisstln. 
Armenian, a. 15^^ ^rm^i; — , i 

^^^j^ hnn\m\ d^^^J^ brm^IjR. 
Armfull, 8. jl^y kdJAk, ,^j5jt jVj 

Armillary sphere, «. ^,»\^ fj£s kyiir^ 

Armistice, 8, ^j\s^ miitar^ks. 
Armlet, 8. *^y)\j blzub^d. 

Armorer, ^^ kiUJi^ ,j^ U 

^^j»» L5^^ ch^kmalqi. 
Armory, «. ^ls^^U»- j^bE-khans, 
Armour, 8. 8jj zhh, ; Ji^ silah. 
Armpit, 8. ^y kdltuk. 
Army, 8.jJj\ 6rdi7, ^X«»6 "issksr. 
Aromatic, a. J«iy k^kulu. 




An»Dd, ai, and pr, aiU?! ^rafa, 

ijij^l ^trafda. 
Annte. vm. Jh^jJLS Idldirmak, 

cfV^^^^ uj^dtrmok. 
Amoge, v.a. cX<|i<i> dkmek, ^s^^^'y 

tirdb-et. ^^jh«7 t^nzim-et.^y ^UaJ 

nhiiiMi^fc^aigk ; ^^^jJij(^^^ klrar- 

Amngemeiit, s» u^-w^ tsrtib, i^Uai 

Lkim I j\^ klrikr. [ s^Sa alff. 

Anm7» #. ^^y tMib, ^ltt3 nizAin, 
Anmyed. a. jL«^ ghiyili* (.^rr^ °^i^- 

lH>bte. [blkaya. 

Amarty #. p/. jrJjU mandfi, ^Iaj 

\<:^J^^J.sS^\ ; 

'i^JJy t^ 
AniTa], #. ^^ kudum* ^jJlA gh^liah ; 

J^ T^asul* 4^^^ vkrtsh. 
Aniwe, vji. C^t^ K ghilmek, Jk«;'^ vir- 

wteaul-boliDak. [t^^bbar. 

Arrogance, #. Jomj tdl"^zxxLm, jSj 
AiTogaat, a. jJLi ^ miit^k^bbir. 
Airqgate to cme's self, v.a. j;4>lAJli 

Arroir, «. J^Y 6k, j^ tur, ^ a^hm. 
Arac, 9. iZJ^ ghykt,jiO diibr, ^ kyun. 
AnenaL #. iilo^*^ t6p-khaai. 
Aneaic, *. ^^/c;^?H »^chAn-6tu. 
Anoo, «. (^b A}1:^ khaiiE-yiikmak. 
Art, #. <^>itK,v^ aiui"kt; ^ fioD ; 

Arteiy, M^yio^KJ^ ahah*dlmar. 

Artfol, a. ^Ux.^ sh^ytln, j^,i^^L>- 

Artfulness, ». iJJ3jUaL»* btlsbazlik. 
ArtMy, adv. A^^L^ hOi-ili. 
Artichoke, a. ^UCi\ bgbinar ; Jemsalem 

— , ,<-»Ul|^ yEr-ilmas8t. 
Article, a, &^ mdta", JU mAl ; JCJ 

bend, iji i\]ua ; definite — , *^j^ 
u h2irft-ta"rif ; indefinite — , 
Jci^tjf ^dati-t^bhim. 
Artifice, $. ^Jl>> htli. 
Artificer, 9. (^\i^\ humiti, i^^jc^JiA 


^hli-skn kt. 
Artificial, a. ^<«^^ sWt, wi«d^ mii- 

sknnk", ^^^t^^ ydpma, Jul&7 tAklld. 
Artillery, «. Jb^ t^plor, i^J^mmC^^^,jb 

t6pji-"l8skBri ; — roan, 9. t^fiyo 

t6pji. [^hli-8iin"kt. 

Artisan, 9, uJU^l ^ssn^, CL'^t.;^Jjb^ 
Artist. 9, ^j rhimxa. 
Artless, a. y^yj^^ alfd^run ; ^^L^ 

As, c. aC^ chilnka, ^^ cbun ; a/. 

^^t ik^n ; as ... as . . ., jjJ kXdr ; 

as soon as, ^^^yuJ -di^Ai-gbibi ; as 

it were, as tboagh, aOU siuiki ; as 

for, as to, lasii ghMinja ; as mach, 

jjiy bD-kAdr, jj^^l 61.kldr (6-); 

as mocb as . . ., jji kldr ; as well as, 

^ gbibi. J j3 kldr. 
Ascend, v,a. and n. JUi«^ cUkmak, 

\i}yL^ 8d"ud-et. 
Ascendency, «. Jyu nbivz,j\^\ i"tibar, 

AsoensioD, «. J^ su'ud. 




Aflcent, «. tiyua 8d"Gd ; ij^^i y^kuah. 
Ascertaio, vm, \(j»i*^ tidiktk-et. 
Ascribe, v.a. \ jUm*) Issnad-et. 
Afih, Ashes, «. J^ kyM ; ash-tree, 

^^W jby^J dlsh-bOdXk-lyAAJi. 
Ashamed, a. i^yxF^ mkhjub; to be 

— , v,n, ^jAj)e^ dtlniuak. 
Ashore, ad. ijj^ kXroya, » Jiyi kXroda. 
Asia, 8. Ltft Xssia. 
Asiatic, a. ^L-i1 Xssiali. 
Aside, otf. ^l[yj bir-y^na, ^^i/^ bhr- 

-tJU^a; JrJuby blr-y^oda, <^Ji;i^ 

bir-tluiifda; kJ^i &yri. 
Ask,t;.a. (J^^ s6rmak, 1 J\)^ sVal-et; 

CJw»a>j\ isst^mek. 
Askew, Aslant, ad. ^j^)^ krkim(kyktn), 

^jU- chJtfptk. 
Asleep, c. j^^^^ uyuyor, ^^^j^ i^u- 

mush, i^«^^^l uykuda. 
Asparagus, ^^j^^ij^ k^sh-k6nmdz. 
Aspect, 8. ijai0^ mXaxara ; ^^V 1>^'b]i; 

w j >^^ ft h^y'fet ; CL^Uai n^zar^t. 
Aspire, v.n. VilX^J J^ ghyikz-dikmek, 
1 J^^ ^mel-et, {khkr. 

Ass, «. CX<&1 ^shek, jU^ himar, ^ 
Ass-colt, «. ^Um^ s^pa. 
AasaO, v.a. ^a^^ hikjum-et. 
Assailant, 8. ^jSsi^^jB^ hikjGmja, ^yt^ 

^Jjl hiljum-^dBn. 
Assassin, «. ^\j kXnU, J^U klttl. 
Assassinate, v.a. cXc^jJi^l ij^ldnrmek, 

< JJ kltl-et, \Uij tHcf-et, 
Assassination, «. Jci kltl. 
Assault, 8. ijti^jyi yilmyush, |*^ 

hdjum ; ClXiJ^jj ^jj}\ iizhinK^jh" 

rumek, ^^)j^ yitanyush-et, \^ 

Assay, v. a. ^jAJ^iLsi^ m^^kkK-tijt 

mak (m^^nk£), jH«i^ ^'^W^ "^yii 

Assayer, *. ^j\^ "iyyaiji. 
Assemble, v.o. J^XjI? t6pUuniik, ^^-^^ 

jfcm"-et ; — , v.*. ^^]b^ t6plaiimalj 

^^^ jfem"-M, t^*«^ tfejtoiiiu'*-et 
Assembly, 8, ij:..%jmi8^ j^m^iyy^t. 
Assent, 8, t^^ riza, u::>>ajU^ m^wAfakAt 

— , v.n, iiX^j^^ \^j riza-VKrmel« 

^CL^Ij^ mbwlfoklt-et. 
Assert, t;.o. IUjI iddi"a-et, f.-'A-rsi 

Assertion, «. 4^«3^^ Udurdi, ^^«« sera 

Jy k4vl, Ujl lddt"a. 
Assess, v.a. luji^ ^^J /^j ^^^-^ 

Assets, «. j9/. 4js?1^1 JU mAl-ila-Xkchti 
A«evenrtion. *. ,^, yfemm. 
Assiduity, 8. ttSSi\ ikdam. 
Assiduous, a. m^a^ mukdim, (^Va^V» 

Assign, v.a. \yj;M t4"yin-et, \y^ym^-^^:^ 

tidthst-s-et ; t^ij>* hilwilB-et. 
Assignee, «. JL»^^ v^kll. 
Assist, VM. ^/««^V. y^dtm-et, ^^-r -Jalu^ 

mii"av^n^t-et, ^ j1«X«1 Imdad-et ; \ 

v.n. (jU^y bi)lunmak, C.^\^ g^hcJ 

mek, ^j^»- hZzir-ol. 
Assistance, «. /•^^i y^rdtm, «>^Ok.^ 

hndad, ^Irl T'lini, c:^3jU^ iiii!i'*a 

vfenfet [mii"avin, jUj yaoaak 

Assistant, «. |-«£*fc>;U yiUrdimjt, ^jjjVit^ 




Titfl, ^^ kArin ; — , VM, JP^^y 
ioD^x-sfamak* o\ 4 ^j}^ ghyhmtHi- 

t '^hS^] ikhtillt-et, ^ij:^\ Mf^t-et. 
AHodatkn, s. KZ^/» shirkEt, ljL«y 


.^jmne, r^. j;^1 ^klmak, ^ J^ kXbul- 
-ft; iJ^^^^JJ^ ikzEiins-Xlmak ; 
O^c^*^ gliinnek. 

A^sraooe, f-J^ b^z, cZjU^^U t^'minat 
ip^..) ; ^p^ y^min ; jUl&l i"timld, 
CjU sebat ; ^^j^j^ "antzltk ; 
ijjfu^ righurtff. 

AfffSTt, VM^ l^**U t^'nuh-et; ^^^;--*J[ 
r^m-et ; ^,.»-^' ^min-ct. 

.Ueriak, *. i^j\l\ (*) j-A! 

nda; ^«i>;f ^tna, irjJj;! 

AjriuDB. #. ^jmk^^f^^ »ku-'n-ii^fe88, 
&^ 9«^ ziku-'fls-aldr. 

A«tooiiked« «. w -f^^ iniltii"^jjib ; to 
, Wy^y*^ t^ ^jjab-et» 

^U^b diishmak. 
VgtoMriiwffrf, #. c^.^c5^ td«"cyjab, 

i^>^ Ii^TT^ C-sAlmak. 

AroBidL r.«. 4^^ ^ji^ hkyr^ta- 
Aitnr, otf^, to go astray, v.ii. ^^;iSJ^b 

Ja^J^ jingliah-yM-titoflk 

Astrologer, «. ^i^J^U miin^jjiai. 
Astrology, *. /♦^arjic '*ilini-ni^juEn. 
Astronomer, 8, uu«w«Jh Jjbl ^hli-h^y'^t. 
Astronomy, «. (jUtljb Jl^ "ilmi-h^y'fet. 
Asunder, mf. ^t>ylj S^} Iki-pircha; 

ijy\ kjn, tJ»dAL^ miknfilssil. 
Asylam, «. ^j j ; > ><fajLM<» sl^Atnojok-yEr, 

Lbt* melja. 
At, /IT. ^ E, a ; « J di, da. 
Atbeism, «. ^U j\C\ inkyar-bi-U^. 
Atheist, «. aUU/:^ m^nkir-bl-'llah. 
Athens, «. 1:^1 Itina. 
Athletic, a. LiyI kkwT, ^y kdw^tli. 
Atlantic, *. ^jL la**** ja^ b^ri- 

Atmosphere, «. |jb 1^^ kyiirE'i-hkwa ; 
Atom, «. 2r^J z^rrs. Uy^ hiiwa. 

Atone, IcL^U^ k^far^t«et. 
Atonement, ». iZJj\i^ kMar^t. 
Atrocious, a. w.tvA sh^ni", 

^hnk". [sh^na"^. 

Atrociousness, Atrocity, s. u:--^ftl:J* 
Attach, t;.a. Jk«^lj &A^Alamak, I laJ^i 

rlbt-et, \jcj b^nd-et; — one's self, 

v,n, fJ^AJtxLi bX^Alanmak, t^L^ 

Attach^, 9. (French) iJjyo\< u^jjt^ 

m^"iyy^t-m^muri. [ro^hdbb^t. 

Attachment, s. Sjtx. "idaka, \j:^^jg^ 
Attack, s. Ays^ hiijum ; cr-^y niiib^t, 

j^ ziihur, 0^l^\ Issab^t ; — , vm. 

1|*^ hiijum-et; J^JLsu^ i^^le, 

"^^yhino-chikisbmak ; \^:^\^\ issa* 

b^t-et, ]j^ zi^hur-et. 
Attain, vm. ^ J-*'j wassil-ol ; ^^ ^U 




^ J;^.^^ tUi8il-et, 1i.^.^£s ktob-et. 
Attainment, 9. J^»<aacr t^tl. 
Attar, t. (Arabic) JLxi "Hr; — of 

Attempt, «. ,^/liSli kllktahisb ; — ^ v.n. 

^J^CJil^ kllkuhmak. 
Attend, v.a. cX»lij b^klsmek ; f icJli; 

r^fakat-et ; ^}^\j bXkmok, \^ 

kbMro^t-et (bizmet). 
Attendance, s, cuJli; rfefaki^ ; u:. 

kb^dm^ (bkmet) ; ^ll^^ljf ^ba '- 

-tiikimi. [^Lj» fetba". 

Attendant, t. JlJ; r^fik; attendanto. 
Attention, i. c:^ J dikkXt, Jua7 t^k^y- 

yad, aUi^I ibtimam; to pay — , 

\ u>Jj d)kk4t-et ; to call — to, 

\wV i^J dUddt-jab-et. 
Attentive, a. iXXo middyy^d ; to be — , 

VM. \^^J dikkXt-et. 
Attest, v,a. C)^ a^^ja^j y^mm-TEimek ; 

— , v.n. \fj*^ y^min-et, tc^JjlfSi 

ah^ad^t-et. [sb^bad^t. 

Attestation, #. ^ ^ ^* ^ y^min ; Cl^j\f^ 
Attic, 8. i^\;^^^ t^Xn-iu«88t. 
-Attire, t. S^\ Mblaai, iJj ziy, ^^J 

kHik, t^*^...^ klasv^t; — , v.a. 

C.^^Ja«> gbiyindirmek. 
Attitude, «. {J'j^*^ duruab, wi^ wXz"i 

(pi. clj^^ ^vza") ; LS-^Lfc bfey'fet. 
Attorney, «. J«^ v^kil, ,^^j 1^<i> d^"- 

wil-T^kil] ; power of — , 4«Uis!\^ 


Attract, 9.a. \c^i>>- j^zb-et. 

cb^mek. [^-jazil 
Attraction, «. ^jl^CJyj Ilx^v^^ 
Attractive, a. ^,^Jl>* jazib. 
Attribute, «. u:^^ a^flt; « vj 

CJ^^ vErmek, f jjfi "dzv-et, ^ oV:j 

Aabam, a. ^lL«J liplsska. 
Auction, 9. ti\y* m^zad (m^zXt), ^«Jo^ 

muay^ds. [d^al (t^UAl 

Auctioneer, «. ^<>-<^]/« m^zadjs, ^j( 
Audacious, a. j^«»^ j^sur ; j^j^ "arsi : 
Audacity, ». c^Ljks j^ar^t ; c.^/^*^ 

Audible, a. j^«Xljt isbidilir. 
Audience, «. vulSSU miilaklt (intervie^r) 

d ^^ r U ^ " jfema**it, ^^jtJt^\^ 8aini**in 

to bold an — , (J^jy c>5>i*> di^wAn 

Audit, v.a. ^)i^c-^L*>> bkaxb-y^k 

lamak, IdU^l^:^ mi^ss^bs-et ; 

office, 8, ^^jn^j ^W* mMiasB^be 

Auditor, 8. ^U^«^ dbgUyen (din^yen) 

wcLi sami"; ^j>-^Ui:*mikba886b^ji 
Auger, *. ^jjf bdrgbu. 
Augbt, *. ,^j^ blr-sbiy; (^5^/?-gfVJ5 

Augment, v.a. (J^j^ krtmak, 4>\jO;' 

J^Jy izdiyad-bulmnk, \^J tferdk- 

ki-et; — , v.a. c^lpj^ ^rtfrmak 

\jA ^7 tbksir^et. 
Augmentation, ». i>l[^^ kdiyad, Oo \ i^ 

t^zayud, ^y t^rdkki. 
Augur, #. ^^^l^ kyahin, ,^'j fXljt. 




Alsztj.s. J'i fid. 

j.'U "ill, i<<l-» aami. 

ijst. #. (paternal) ^l>- hUa ; (mater* 

1U.I »jJ thjzxi (uncle's wife) A^ 

Tcagh^. [8a"ads. 

l::«p:ces. #./i/. ^\m^ sayi, «JkcL»« miiB« 

^ 8ert-tXbt"Mt ; 
*^'^ rijaz^tli. 

*.:ftia]k,». U^^y AvBtralia. 

f . b ;:»rf%t Avatria. [bar. 

-latere, a. 

A.!j&ea6e. «. ^f^^^ 8^th,^^;JUi^ mil t^- 

Aiti^oticitj. «. KS^^af^ sibh^. 

A:.t!xr, #. iJ^b ba"iw. c^jli badi, 

«J^ alni"; 4^j^ mik'^llif, ^tt-.>ii< 

'.it:>3rTtatiTe, a. A;L«t amirans. 
Uthority.f. S^' kdJun,^! ^mr; *^\>- 
1 amir^ kil^ zabit; \*^ 



• » * 

TE^ zewn^ 5 


8^ned» ^^->;-j 

nik]ia2t; ^:>i«/^U m^'zimiyy^t. 
AiiitLiviK^ vjtL clX<^^ ^t kn-ysnnek, 
\j^j t^khias-et. 

> .Msinal, «. l/^/^ IhArifi. 
Aiiilarjr, #. ^^y^*>/i yirdimji. 
^ U rji. U^li fa'ids-et ; — one'a self 
of. pji. yjJ kXbei-et lif^\ fclda. 
^•i:lab!e,a.^W hZzxr, *>^^ mfevjud. 

Avalancbe, s, (Frencb) ^^^ chigb. 
Avarice, s. LSi-^-^S. khlsss^t, 

Avaricious, a, iimmmsL kbXssIss. 
Avenge, v,a. ^J^\^^\Ssj\ btikAmtnt- 

Xlmak ; — one's self, v.n. JuJUUriJl 

Average, a. Ismi^ wlssAt, ^j^\ brta ; on 

an — , iiis^ii\^J bir-biri-ilisstuna. 
Averse, a. J^^^^]j raad-di^Ail. 
Aversion, s, Lp^aJl^ "^Ldami-riza ; 

CL)Jj nhtht. 
Avoid, v.a. JU>«h>-ti klcbinmak, JU^iiU 

s^tnmak, cJ^vC>> cbekinmek. 
Avow, V a. ^jI^\ Ikrar-et, \»-i|^t T'ti- 

Awake, a. ^^^^ iky^ik ; — , v.n. 

cf^^y ikyiUimak; — ,vm, (j^^\ij\ 

Award, «. a^ hhkm,j\^ kliir. 
Aware (to be), v.n. ^yJj;>- kblbsri-^l ; 

(to become), (}>^\j^ khXbBr-Xlmak. 
Away, ad. isSj^\ vzlgha, s^\j^\ uzlkda ; 

to do — witb, j;^fjJli yddirmok. 
Awful, a. Ji^cu^y k6rkuDJlu. 
Awhile, ad. v-:^^^ bir-wXkh, Ji|^ bir-lz. 
Awkward, a.jj^\j ydkishmoz, J^^Alib 
Awl, 8. Lj biz. [y^sbikstz. 

Awning, s, is>iJ Xbata. 
Awry, a. (Jlj^ chkrpik. 
Axe, ». i^yU bXlta. 
Axis, s.j^s^ mihver. 
Axle, tf. J^ J dbgbil. 
Azure, a. ^^•^J^' ^cbtk-ma*i (roiivi), 
Jj^^jJ^i ghyilk«ma'issi (mavissi). 





Babbler, «. 9j^ S^^v^zi jlcy cr^ ^>^^- 

Babe, «. {}>-y>- ch6jnk, cXj b^bek. 
BabooDt «. 1^^^^*^ miiymuQ. 
Baby, «. ^f^^ chdjvk, cXj b^bek. 
Babjlon, # . c^^ Jjb BiOia-ah^hiri. 
Bachelor, «.^\Ci bikyar (b^kyar). 
Back,t. Jj\ iurd; ^^1 iu-ka; c:.^ 8)rt; 
^ zihr; (^ tarn; j^ghM; j;^ 

vira ; — , ad. %j^ ghferi, Ahj^^ 

ghMya, af«>9^*£s gh^ridn; — , v.a. 

aad a. (a boat m rowing) \^*^ siyB-et. 
Backgammon, ». tjyi^ xJjU? tiiwla- 

Backwards, otf. iCt^^ tErasina, ^^ 

tiras. x/S ^jS ghferi-ghfcri. ^j^ 

^ji^^ kicbin-k)chtn. 
Bacon, #. ^^mj^U^J^^Ij J^ d6o^z (do- 

moz) p&ssdirmisai. 
Bad, a. IJ f^na ; JJ^ b6zuk ; v^l3 

Bag, «. Ai^ t6rba, L^S k^ysas. 
Baggage, *. U^l feahya, cJji yAk, ,^ 
Bail, 9. J^ k^. [pirti. 

Bait, #. ^ Ti;m ; — , v.a. cXo j (^ 

y^m-ysrmek ; kI^a^a^ y^mlamek. 
Bake, vm, i^XtjLijif^^^ finnda-pkhir- 

mek; — , v.n. dX^^^Jjo finnda- 

Bake-hoose, *. (^yi flrin. 
Baker, *. ,^**^1 fetmekji (fekmekji) ; 

^4/ flrtnji. [k5fani. 

Bakery, #. J^^i3^.a^l fetmekji-d6k. 

Balance, #. jj|J t^razi; ^Juas fkz] 

jJl^JKIj^V blki.k]k]ki.m^blag 

u^J ^^W« mMiias^b^-d^ftEri. 
Balanced, a. C)j J d^k. 
Balcony, «. ^j^.'.frll ahahniahln. 
Bald, a. c/^U^^V blshi-tlaa ; J^ kl 
Bale, ». CXJ J d^k. 
Ball, 9. C-Jjt t6p ; JUjJ y vmak ; ^ 

ghy^Ua; ^y^j^ kthrahun; jjU bal( 
Ballad. $. ^J tilrkya. 
Ballast, 8. %i^ slfra. 
Balloon, f. ^V* balon,^Jl>> chldir. 
Ballot, «. Ac^ kOT"ii,y3Lj piykiko. 
Bamboo, #. ^/u-^li kXmish. 
Band, «. ^^ bl^A; Jli? tlJLtm, C^ 

bidnk ; ^J^ mdzika. 
Bandage, «. ^J^ skrghi. 
Banish, v.a. cX«i^ eilirmek, ^^^j 

Burghyon-et, t^eft} nfefy-et ; \ ^ 

Banishment, «. ^jfjy^ sillrghynn, ^ 

Bank, «. c^l:k£s ^ sd-kxnkri ; ^ 

s^dd ; aiiL bkikn. 
Banker, n, uJU^ sdrraf (s^rof). 
Bankrupt, #. ^^^Ji^ mtifliaa* 
Bankruptcy, «. cJUi^ miifliaalik. 
Banner, «. ^^ bayrak, J^^^ sXnjal 

i^jJu b^dara. 

Banquet, «. c:-.<%iLJ ziyaf^t. 

Baptize, v.a. ^ Usit^ waftiz-et. 

Bar, #. Jy k^ ; ^j^ sJrtTt ; JL^j 

kums]d ; ^U mint" ; — , v.a. 1^ 

m^*'«>et, ^1 wjU mant-61. 
Barb, 9. ^\ l^x- '*lbmb-Xtt. 




K *. CJ;J tilrk, (^*^^^A^j 

fihsfai-liLaD. [sizlik. 

BarbaritT, «. CJJj--:^L^i bsaniyy^t- 

fiarbaroQS, a. L«clJLJ1 kisaniyy^tsiz ; 

Li klba, j'-'^y tErbiyjessiz. 
Barber, s.jj birbxr. 
fiarbenies, s. (^^b,«kc "^bErbariaa. 
Bard, s.s^J^ &ha"fr. 
Bare, a. iJ^'^T^ chipllk ; ^j:>\ achtk ; 

• f«i kcru; — , v.a. .>4^>-1 dchmak. * 
Barefoot, ccf. iJ^l^^k J^ni-ayak. 
Bardy, «^. l^^j^ ghydch-b^la. 
Bargain, #. (J^J^j^^ pjizarlik; — , t;.ii. 

^ Jlj^Jlj p4zarltk-et. 
Barge, #. iL;^L« m^^na; jtjCi^ 

slndlL ^j)i filika. 
Bark, #. «c««j«p.lct A^AAJ-kXbu^Au ; 

%^^b navi; — , v.n, Jk«jIjV>- h^w- 

Barley^ «. ^Jj\ krpa. 
BarB,#.jLi^ tebar. 

Baromtfter, #. ^^f^)\p ^^ h^wa-t^razissi. 
t. 1.^ J bir-lakb. 

Barracka, 1. bJ yabia, ^lli kisblagb. 
Barrd, #. ^y fhhi, j£^|^ v^ril; gun- 
bsrrd, ^ l^j ^ j *vl^^ '- ^ ^ titf^Aiog- 
-daniri; double-barrel gun, ^ssl>^ 
Ju duft^ttf^k. 

kJaar; J^ chW, 
TSkkhBvlsiz I y*»j^ kh^yrstz. 
s, fV*> t*^ tji/ bir-nev'i- 
Banier, 9-%^ klpt. [iDaoi"-di;w^. 

Barrow, t . ^^-^^ J^ Bl-"iraba88i. 

Barter, «. 4jl^ trkipa, ^^^r^O di^Aiah ; 

v.a. and n, f^]/ tr^pa-et, l^^/i^t^ 

Baae, s. ^^^ kyi^rai; 8Ss.\3 ka'idi; 

— , a. J Jl Xlch^k. 
Baae-line, a. /•jU^ ^^ d\l"i'mk"lvm. 
Baabful, a. c^^c^^ mkhjub, ^UilL^t 

Baahfolneaa. s, l^^^jb^ hijab. 
Baain, s. ^\^ kyaaaE, ^J^^^ ch^ak; 
Baaia, s. ^jm\^\ ^aaa. Zu^^ hkwz. 
Basket, «. Jumi a^ped, ^y kyikfis. 
Baaon, s, ^^ IhghKn, 
Basaora, 8, 9jai bitsara. 
Bastard, a, and a. <-|^ pkh. 
Bastinado, «. jLt d^yak. 
Bastion, «. ^^flL tAbiya. 
Bat, a. (j^<fi^ chdmak ; iJiji y^rasaa. 
Bath, a. mKa^ hXmmlm (hlmAxn). 
Bathe, v.n. cS^j^ ^y^ aiiya-ghlrmek ; 

^J^jU^ ylkanmak ; — , v.a. Jk«ISj[ 

Battalion, a. jjfU? tlbur. 
Batter, v.a. cXi^^J di!k^Amek. 
Battery, a, ^U? tXbiya. 
Battle, tf. ilXi^ jenk, U^ (kiiwgha), 

ijXsf^ muharebs. [b^Atrmak. 

Bawl, v.«. iJ^J^i^ hayktrmak, JU^^lj 
Bay, a. (golQ J'^/ kyurfez ; (tree) ^J 

d^E; (coloar)j|^5J d6ru. 
Bayonet, a. ^^y^ aiknghya. 
Be, v.n. (J^)^ 61mak; J^y bdlun- 

mak, j) ^fry^ m^vjud-61. 
Beach, *. iJ?;li^,Jl> yXli-kEnari. 
Beacon, a, ^J^ niahln, vj.^w^ lg "Uamfet. 





Bead, «. ^^L^,^v««»} t^88bih<>dan^i ; 

beads, t. pi. <^AmmJ t^bih. 
Beak, s. ^•jy, bihrun, ^U gh^ha ; 

cJj^l ^mzik. 
Beam, «. (of wood) (A^ kbriah; (of 

light) gU^ 8btt"A",^7^ pirtfey. 
Bean, «. (broad) «!i\i blkla ; (kidney) 

^j.^ f^ulya. 
Bear, ». •;[< kyt ; — , v-fl. ^Jk^jJI* 

kildirmak ; (J-aJ LJ^ diiyanmak, 

C^^if- cb^kmek, \jAar t^h^- 

mnl-et; (fruit, &c.) vlX«^^ tet- 

mek; (children) JU^^S? d^ghur* 

mak ; to bear in mind, U9l»^ J d^ 
Beard, s. J^i^ s^kAl. [khlUr-et. 

Bearer, 8. (J^W hamil, MOJj\j darend£ 
Bearing, 8. (direction) ^^s^"-^ jih^t, 

ijS k^rt£; (armorial) ^1 hxma. 
Beast, 8. \Jyf^ h4yw2n. 
Beastliness, «. (^J^*^j^ murdlrlik. 
Beastly t a.^fj^ murdar. 
Beat, v.a. cXi^^J dili^Amek ; (orer- 

come) (jfjy b6zmak, luiJt llt-et. 
Beating, s. jU? djiyak. [dUbsr. 

Beautiful, a. Jj^^ ghyikzel, ^J 
Beauty, «. CJJJj/ ghyikz^llik ; ^^^.i.^^ 
Beaver, 8, jy^y kunduz. [hi^ssn. 

Becalmed, a. (to be) JU^V j^J^JjJ 

ruzghyarsiz yXtmak. 
Because, c, \jj zira, ^y^ chitoku, 

iijSf^J^ ^hu-s^bebddn-ki. 
Beckon, v,n. ^CLJjJL\ isharet-et. 
Become, v.n, (j^^ 61mak; (suit) 

j;4^b y^ktshmak. 
Bedi 8. jb y^tak, cX&j J dikshek ; 

(stratum) ASJf UbAka ; (of flo^ 

asar tiddita. 
Bedridden, a. f^JiS kyuturum. 
Bedroom, «. ^^/ jW y^k bda 
Bedstead, «. ^-^j*/ k^^vet. 
Bee, *. (J?;l Xri, ^_j--ij^ JV bXl-Xriw 
Beech, 8, ^(f ghyi!dghin. 
Beef, 8, 15^ l/^r^ siyAtr-^ti. 
Beehive, ». \J^f^J^ Xrt-k^wXm. 
Beer, *. x^y^^^ krpa-suyu, *^ 1 
Bees'-wax, 8. ^y^^i bll-mvmu. 
Beet, Beetroot, *. jlafrU pXnj^. 
Beetle, 8. (insect) <^>'y ^'0 

(fuUers*, &c.) J^Ci-i*> dlb^k-iJ 
Before, pr. (in front) i:Ji^ ^g^ 

If JCi^t Ihi^nda ; (in time) J; 

don-EVYBl ; — , ad. J^^ bv 

AiXA^ mukXddmn, t«Ji^ -mik 

d£ma ; ^^ U^ri. 
Beg, VM. ^AzJ^ IsBt^mek, CX<^ 

dUimek ; — , v.n, CXiJjJ dilson 
Beget, VM. \J-*l>. hlssil-et, C 

irass-et; (procreate) (j^}l ? 

mak, Itjui p^yda-et. 
Beggar, *. ^Jf^j^ dllwiji. 
Begin, v.a. and «. Jh«1-S»V bX»hlain< 
Beginning, ». ^jib bXah; jf*^* 

bXshlanghtj ; \^\ ibtida, J^^ £'* 
Behaviour, *. c:,^^^y» ^ jjt t^^ 

-hiur^kEt, j^J^ Xtwiff, ts--^;^ 

Behead, r.«. C)-*-i ,^1^ bXsh 

ktomek, i^j^S^y^y ^y^^'' 

Behind, pv, ^J;\ i^«nfl, ***J 




^i^smda ; A. \ , M ^j^ gh^risfiina; 
ii «rt i ^ , ^ gh^rissinda; — , ad. 

- rndband, ad. .^r^ gh^b; to be 

— . \M, ^J^ ^^ gb^h-kllmflk; 
o^Uil^ y^tisbsmomek. 

:i>kmek; — ^ £»/. is^\ Ishtii, 

1^?. $. (thing) ^^- ahfey; ^li 
W^m, '^^y^ mfevjud, ^j^j)^ v^r- 
•An; (existence) ^jl^ viirlik, J^j 
^^j'i ic^J^^ mfevjudiyyfet, ^^ 
• - 'n, C ^yyS kfcynun^t. 

'-:?. the Supreme, 4J1 llllb. 
'2xnr, r.«. C-V-««S^J di!i^Amek. 
«.u. vji. clX«^x^ gb^Ainnek, 
;-£s gb^yinnek ; — , «. l^L^ 
-^iansM^ t^^ gb^yirma. 
'tvzoer, r^. Ijf^^I^ mublssera-et. 

vc^an,«. J'i^ BUjibiii. 

^^ nff, ». jUist l"tikAd ; j^UjI bnln. 

*^'i^ JV ^^l^-VEitnck ; blixl 
:"ti]Ud-et; \yJ<J^\ imln-et. 

*i '. (krge) cJl>> cbAn^; (small) 
2f^ chingbnrik; (of a time- 
^i^-^) Jj zfl. 
- 1 -hanger, *. ws.^ ^ : ^ JaI ^U j];i:i>^ 
c ^ Ji?arikk-^an-^Kfi-tJkn"at . 

BelligereDt, o. and *. ^-^,U^ mubarib. 

Bell-man, s. Jjj t^lal. 

Bell-metal, «. ^y or ^^ tuj (tuncb). 

Bellows, ». cJjj^ kyiruk. 

Belly, 9. j^jU kam. 

Belong, VM. ^jiyAa^ mkkbsuBs-^l ; 
jljliCL^ m5tfl"Mlik-61; jt(-.y-i^ 

Beloved, a. J3^ "Xziz ; yiSmm» sEvgbili ; 
(mas.) J|yUA« m^^shuk; (fern.) 
i^ym,x^ ma"8bi;k«. 

Below, pr. Aidl Xltina, *JcaIl iltinda ; 
AiibclJl Xlt-y^tna, »Jcj\jcu-11 Alt- 
y^indfl; Szz^s^" tiJittna, JfJcc^ 
tMittnda; <^yij zirina, *J^J zi- 
rinda; — , ad, aJ! Xlta, ifjJl 
lltdfl; lOUcr-ll Alt.y^na, iJJbciJl 
Xlt-y^nda; irJ^J zirda ; ^-fiUl 
Isb^^At, ^JucUt Isb^^Afda. 

Belt, 8, (strap) ^jijlS kJiyisb; (waist- 
band) yiS kimEr, jl-^j5 kusbAk. 

Bencb, «. 2r^ s^ra, iL^ p^ykE; (car- 
penter's, &c.) «1^J d^sstgbyab 

Bend, v.a. ciX^fl ^Amek; — , v.n, 

ClUl^l ^Ailmek, J^jV* <^^^>'l- 
mak ; bend down, v.a. ^j'*/^ ydtir- 
mak ; , v,n. jK^J^i y^tm«k. 

Beneatb, pr. ^\ Xltina, 3rjccJ\ Altinda ; 

^(XjJjJLo ma-dununda; — one's 

notice, J^a^J dkghm^; — one, 

J^^b ^akisbmaz. ["m^t. 

Benefactor, s. c^Jcit ^f^ndi, cn-^^^tjO^j 

Beneficence, 9. ^Lwis^i ibsan. 

Beneficent, a. v^ k^rim. 

V 2 




Beneficial, a. jljb yki^kt ; to be — , v.m. 

Benefit, s. ^^ \hkfr, C31je>^ Tyilik, 
m^nfa"kt ; ^L«.»^1 Ihsan, 
y ni"mfct ; — , v.a, (j^J, yia^t- 
mak, Ujtjli fa'id£-et; — by, vm. 

Benevolence, s. C>U.*J«3uj.^ khkyr- 

hidlshlik. [-^dish. 

Benevolent, a. ^^^Ju^j.^ khltyr- 
Benign, ^^ iri^ kh^yrli. 
Benignity, «. \jL^Jiji» shc^fakAt. 
Bennrobed, a. ^J^^^^^ dyushmuBh, 

cf^y.-?^ uyufihuk; to be — , v.n. 

^J^^iv^y uyushmak; (with cold) 

iJ^A^jb d6n^ak. 
Bequeath, v.a. 1c:*w»^ vwlssiyet-et. 
Bequest, s. L^««^j vwlssiyet. 
Bereft, a» a^ .^ mahrum. 
BeiTy,'«. ^^/i^ ybmiah, ^\j dans (tani). 
Berth, e. j jet ; (employ) (j:..^^*}^ 

kh^dm^t (h)zmet). 
Beseech, v.a. ^J^U^ yllvannak, \ \p^j 

rJja-et, \j\j n)yaz-et. 
Beset, v.a. (J^^^^\)^\ ^traftni-Xlmak, 

^jAj\^^ kdshXtmak, ^/^ys^ hiijum-et. 
Beside, pr. ^b y^ntna, i*^^ jitninda, 

iJLJ^\i^\l y^nt-bXshtnda. 
Besides, pr. ^lLI^j^J don-bXshka, 

IacU^J dan-ma"ada, iLai^ dan- 

-flzla; — , ad. ^^aIj^jJ^ Xndon- 

bXshkn, i£JLJ^*yjji bundon-bXshka, 
Besiege, v. a. \5^\s^ m&hlssora-et. [&c. 
Bespeak, v.a. ^j^jU>^\ issm^lamok, 

1 ^jtj\^ s)piuish-et. 

Bessarabia, s. J^-^ buj^. 

Best, a. ^\cJ\ feny-Tyi, Ic^cJ^ hng-d! 

Bestow, v.flv CX«^^ VEnnek, Ul 

in am-et. 



Bet, 8. c^-o^ bMiss ; — , v.a. and 
Betray, v.a. \j1jJj\:^ kha'inlik 
\.j:^Ls^ kh^yan^t-et. [kyah 

Betroth, v.a. \j£fi. "^d-et, \^^ 

Better, a.^WlbO diQi^-iyi, Jj/ Uj da 
ghyiiz^, let Uj dihi-ii"l^. 

Between, Betwixt, /w. A:^\j\ hrz&si 
ifj:^\j\ drasstnda; sx^ b^vni 
»0CJ^ b^yninda ; ic^\^ mabeyni 
i*\»:»m}vc m^b^yninda; — , ad. ^ 
draya, iJ^j\ hnda ; A JJmjU mabbvQ 

Bevel, 8. Beveled, a.yJla sh^v. 

Beware, int. ^^ sdktn; — , « 
jI^ sakinmak. 

Bewilder, v.a. ^jAJjt\Jt» shoshirtmak, 

Beyond, pr. d:^.^^^^ l^t^ssinE, 5Ax^<{ 
iktdssindE; — , ad. ijj\ i^t£. <^:j 
lirt^yE, 2fJdjy i^t^dE; ij^^t Asbtr 

Bias, 8. J*»Xc "iidul ; J--< mfeyl. 

Bible, 8. Mi^^ kiUbu-'llih (Go 

book. l^^jt} ^^^ 

Bid, v.a. \^\ femr-et; (at a s^ 
Bier, 8. tJLi^\j tXbut. 
Big, a. cJj-J biyuk, ,j/ hi, J^^ 

k^jamln; (—with child) A-^gbtl 
Bight, 9.jij^ ky^rfez, lSj^ k6y 
Bigot, 8. Bigoted, a. u-^,--3«'< »^" 
Bigotry, *. t,,.«r»t7 t^"^sub. [ ass 
Bile, 8. I^iitf sXfra (sXfra). 
Bilge, *. <U-ii-» B^tina; bilge-wat 

^^y^ ^UCm^ s^ntina-suyu. 




liL'jzi, r H!?!/^ Blkfravi; ^]/^ 

J^.mS slfrassi-lcXbarmish. 

1.1 i. (icconDt) J15<3 d^ftsr» aL^ 

7::.4ff; (for advertisiDg) taj\i yXfta; 

' rd's — ) Aclc gh^bfl; (for cutting) 

kr —• sltir ; — of exchange, i)if^ 

•-khril; (cheque) <J'^>- h^wals; — 

cf parcels, iL^y pussia ; exchequer 

kh^mE- tlihvili . 

JiyaiT tlhvU- 

' --Vcker, #. c^j 

^rt. f. (note) ^^^ pussla, 2[^JJ 
ViA^; CJJ*^ or (jjjf kyiitok; 
'-^litr'f — ) sU^ k6nak; — , v.a, 
' i.Jl6Dak-et. [nama. 

-rt-dcax. *. (French) ^Uilc "Xshk- 


'-^^ jlldl^mek; jJbU 


:h^ (of a book), #. jl*- jUd. <-jIj 
•rli-trec, #. ^Ic^^^jli kAyn-lyAajt. 

i J .iJkush. 

' .--:n*e. *. ij^^ ikfiE. [ladfet. 

• ^t, f. ^^ d6ghi78h, ti^J^^. vfe. 
;^ -^idaj, *. ^^ c=^J^^ vMadfct-ghy&n«. 
'' Ha;?. #. ^2^\4>— £j p^ks^mH, c)j^Ss 
rr-frrek, 4aJl5 kldj^ta. 
-ret. r^. ^^fl.iTfJ t^8tf-et. 
'^^tile, 9, imm^ k^bissa. 
-• piece) ^J^^ pircha ; ( — of a 
^iLt) tJ^ gfa^m, d^flUa:i kAntlUmn. 
i #. 4J5*™ kinjtk. 

€r a. ^\ ijf. 

Blab, s'. J^J^^ b68h-b6^Aiz; — . 

i;.«. ^c^J^y^J^y b68h-b6^Aizlik-et. 
Black, a. ar^ kXra, aU^ slyah ; — , $. 

(negro) <— ^c "krab. 
Blackamoor, b. ^-^ "^ab. 
Blackberry, *. ^J^^f^ bii^AurtlBn. 
Blackbird, « J^^^ kkra-tawuk. 
Blackboard, «. ^ic^:^ U^J^ d^rss- 

tahtassi. [kyhlkhani. 

Blackguard, 9, ^jSS^ chlpkin, ^<2bs)j^ 
Blackguardism, 9. ^jL^ajI^- chXpktnlik. 
Blacking, 9. ^^^\jyjijjJ^ kundura- 

b6ya88t. [d^miiji . 

Blacksmith, 9. i^jy^ ^ l/O^*^ 

Bladder, 9, ^jlicJbJu^i eidik-k^wv- 
gh,\i\ (gall — ) JUf "ud. 

Blade, «• (sword — ) ^Ju^lJ nXmlt; 
(knife — )y:^)^ghz\ (shoulder — )cJ;j^ 
kyi^r^k ; (grass — ) j|^ ydprAk. 

Blame, 9. (fisiult) s,^>%>-Uj kXbahot ; (cen- 
sure) j'jl \tkc ; — , w.fl. c:.^ f».L>J 
J^^ klbahat-bulmak, jl;|;^ Xzk-- 
lamak, lc»'^***J t^"vib-et. 

Blank, a, ^^ b6sh ; (without ball) 

j^mmJyJ^jyi kurshunsuz ; point-blank, 

^j.:^^j\j tlmm-menzil ; to fire with 

blank cartridge, JUJ^ ^15^ 3J^ 

kuru-siktya-Xtmak ; — , «. (space) 

^cr^ b^sh-yBr. 

Blanket, 9, ^J<^j^„^^ fan^lo-yvrghXn. 

Blaspheme, v.a. \y^^^ s^bb-^t. 

Blasphemy, 9, jS kyiifr. 

Blaze, 9, jU "iilev ; — vm. cJ^^^ 

Bleach, v.n, ^<j^ XjrAarmak, J^^vL^^ 




b^jAzloDmak; — v. a. fjAjJs\ Xghnt- 

Bleacher, #. tj^ff^ chirpiji. 
Bleed, t;.ji. ^^UU klnamak; — , v.a. 

jl^^U kXn.Mmak. [<k£=J l^ki. 

Blemish, s. ]aJua s^kAt, ^..-^g.^ "^yb. 
Bless, t;.a.(iDaii to man) llcJ^^^^ khjiyrt- 

dik"a-et ; (maa to God) \^XJit tAibkr- 

et; (God to man) CXU^^i.^.^.^.^s^ 

Blessmg. s, (prayer) \s.^ j^ khayn- 

djl"a ; (froits of God's goodness) 

vj:.^ h^r^kit. 
Blind, a. j^ kya^r, ^^J^ i"mJi; — , r.a. 

bj^ kyifT-et. 
Blister, «. (of the skin) J^jlikXbaijik ; 

(vesicatory) ^\ ydki ; — ,r .». (J^jli 

kAbarmak, ; — v,a. (j^j^ klbart- 

Block, f. (block of stone) (^ItUsh; (of 

wood) ijJ^ kyiktuk ; (mould) u^li 

(klltp) ; — V.JI. Jh«V^ kXpamak, 

JUUJ? tikamak. 
Blockade, «• iijiA ^bloka, SjAm:^ mO- 

hlssara ; — , vm. \^jb\ kbloka-et. 
Blockhead, s. c3J«1 ^shek. 
Blood, 8. ^li kXn. 
Blood-horse, s. CL;\^^;.Ji»- jinss-^. 
Bloodshed, s. Uj il}Ju s^i-d^ma. 
Blood-vessel, s.yiio dlmar. 
Bloody, a.^li kXnli. 
Bloom, Blossom s. i^Xsc\£^ chichek i — , 

v.n. fjA^i^yx*^ chichek-^chmak. 
Blot, v,a. fjAjL%^ <"-r^^ miir^kkib- 

dXmlatmak ; — ^up, Jn^j^y kurut- 

mak; — oat, cJ>* j . j ^ chizn 
j;V|y bdzmak, ^^^^J* tBrktn-et. 

Blow, *. ^^y (wurush). ^^ chili 
— of the fist, ^sJ^ mushtii ; (ii 
fortune) ij:^Sii f^akit ; (injury) 
z^r ; <i4^T tfekms. 

Blow, v.n. (wind) C)>..4 .M ^m 
(mouth or bellows) Jh^j^ ^^^ 
(flower) .»4k»^^ ^hmak; — 01 
nose, Ui^«^L««J|^ bumunu-sUmi 
i^X^f>^y>^ siimkyurmek. 

Blow up, v.n. ,^^b pXtlamak. 

Bludgeon, s, ^ya s6pa. 

Blue, fl. (light) ,^U ma'i (mavi), ^ 
ghyik, ^^^-JUcJj^s ghy«k-ma 
(mavissi); (deep) *^jifi^ lajivird. 

Blunder, s. ^ji^\i yitagiiish (yanil 
^ s^hv, iLsi- khlta ; make a 
j;^b ydngtlmak (ydogilmak). 

Blunderbuss, s, i^^^i karabma. 

Blunt, a.j^ kyarr, J^M.^ k^ssmaz ; (p 
spoken) j4iiU,J^«^i Ukirdiss 

Blush, v.n. Jkv]^ kizarmak. 

Boar, 5. J^jtc)^^ ferkek.d6nguz (! 
muz),jS>jk,J;iJ^ Izili-ddmuz. 

Board, «. A:xar tkkhta; (food) ^ 
yfemfek, CJ^^ yfcy^jek; on boardj 
and pr. li^^jH^is gh^miys, 9^t^ d 

Boast, v.ii. cJ^jf t^^&Enmek. H 

Boat, 8. Jili kltytk ; Aijli filika, J^^ 

Boat-hook, «. ^U klnja. [s^n^ 

Boatswain, «. ^^^^ p6rsun. 

Body, «. (man's living — ) ^yrj ^"J 
^^J^ bfeden, af»JkjJ ghyilwdc ; (dead 




i ■ 

>* jessed ; (substance) 
■-r^sn: (troop) ajU? t^m, fJjjy^ si^ura, 

' -'? *- jW bXtak, ^jlitj bAtoklik, 

L 'jrmiaD, #. and a. J^^ diEli. 
.•..i. *. ^V?" chibln ; — , v.n. j;^Ujli 
Livnamak ; ^ j* W ■* XJy^ suda-pish- 
cLck ; — , v.a. ^^ytj\i^ kiynot-mak ; 
ji^Lll»> blahlamak, CX«;^ '0^ 
I vJo-pkhiriDek. 
i- rd meat, *. f^jt>y^ suyush. 
r ,:^, J. ^Ic^ k^kzgh^ (kXzAo). 
B^. J3-makcr, *. ifr^^ kAzgAnji. 
B isterms, a. J ^Ujd sh^m Atoli, j) ^j^^ 
NrtBtjIf. [sh^mAta. 

l - T^:€^>a8De88» #. C^Jj^ s^rtlik, ^U^ 
I I'L «,!—>- j^ssur, Jj^L-sj- j^sar^tli. 

^ '*' '' L^JT* siirgha, ^^^^^ silinns ; 

•l3iTgeKuI)yM^t ^ksxr, A7!^ jiwXta, 

•-J p^mo. 
Bjxb, i^jm4^ khdmboni (kumbora). 
B:£Lbvd, ^J^l H^J^ ^>2ij^ iizKiios- 

i"-ir.bir&r, *. L^TfJ;?^ (kumboroji). 

J^J^ t6p -▼£- khumbara - ila - winr- 

c^Uik. [g^chmaz. 

:' =;b.proof, a. j'^^ |[/r^ khumbara- 

f^^o-shell, «. *i0A^ khumbara. 

.^.ud,«. Jj^^ tihvil, cXm^J t^m^uk; 

i^ h'* \^J^ aarght, ^;*af^ zlnjir. 


Bone, «. cJ^ k^mik. 

Bone-setter, *. -yj- jferrfeb, tcf^^^ 

chfktkjf, ,^_5^j-i kinkjf. 
Book, 8, uJzS kitXb. 
Bookbinder, s. jJusr* miij^d. 
Bookseller, s. ,^/fjUi kiUbji; Cof 

Gorans) uJUr^ s^hhaf. 
Boom, 9. ^iffM* s^ren. 
Boot, 8, ^y>- cbizma; — , v.a,\ what 

boots it ? Ji^ ^« jolf ^ n^-faidossi- 
Bootmaker, 8, ^^ye^yAi^ plpuchji. [v^. 
Booty, 8. Uju j^hvML, c: i^y'tr ghdni- 

Border, «. jU^ kankr ; (frontier) J»y^ 

ser-b^dd, .JL\}j^ sinirblshi. 
Bore, 8, (of a gun) im^\^- cbXp, CXJ<3 

d^lik, Ul ^^Az ; (troublesome fellow) 

*— ^^Jtr^ s^ktl-h^rif; — , v. a, 

CX^J d^m^k; (trouble) iJJC^S^ 

CX«^^ sikindi-vErmek. 
Bom, a. ^jtAX^ d6^Amu8h ; to be — , 

VM. (J^Jp dbghmak. 
Borrow, v.a. fj^\ t^j^ ttdunj-Xlmak, 

\^\jc^ isstikraz-et. 
Borrower, 8. ^\ t^^^ tpdunj-lUui. 
Bosnia, 8, i^i»^^ Bdssna. 
Bosnian, a, and 8. jl ^Cmi^^ Bdssnali. 
Bosom, 8. u'-^jf ghyttkss, ^y k6yn, 

4m) siuE. [kMflssi. 

Bospborus, 8, ^^Mi jU^ ch^ak- 
Botany, 8, c:j\j\JA^ "Umi-n^batat. 
Botcb, v.a. 4JKC;y b6zmak. 
Both, pr, ^■.>j^^\ ikissi ; — , c. ^ 

• . , MJb^ hhm . . . vE-h^m. 
Bother, 8, u5JcXm0 stkindt; — , v./i. 




• •• ' 

i^XcjJ^ c^A VAjiff sikindt-yErmek, 

\)^ t4"iiz-et. [putkiJ. 

Bottle, B. ditJL BhishE ; wine — , J^jj 
Bottom, «. Ci^«3 d)b; (fiiiidy) iZJj^ 
Bough, t. Jb dXl. [giiy«^ 

Bounce, t;.». j«<|jBf^ filchramok. 
Bound, «. Jk>- h^d, ^^\)}j p^yln, cJy^ 

Bbng, ^^\ uj. jU^ bujak. 
Boundary, s. J^«X>- hikdud, j^ sbir. 
Bounteous, Bountiful, a. Jy b61, jl"^^^ 

b^^ldstli; «^^ JMrnixd, Jh>"^jJ' 

ai-^hik, ,^ sakhi, p^U- s^kha. 

Bounty, «. ^L.^-! ihsan, aUj! b"ain ; 

Ur* Bdkha, cil^^Ur^ s^khav^t. 
Bouquet, *. (French) j^^J^*^ 

Bow, 8. (in reverence) ^\^jL\j bXsh- 

-^Ams, 4<>»...^ ^b bXsh-k^ssmE ; 

(weapon) u^U yiiy ; (of a ship) fjiX) 

bXsh; — , v.n. cX^^l^li bXsh- 

^^Amek ; cU...^^b bXsh-k^sa- 

mek ; — down and wc^ahip, UiXdS*^ 

Bowels, s. pi. (jfjio b^^Atrsak. 
Bower, s. ^^Ly^ mfehtabiyys. 
Bowie-knife, s. ^W? b^chlk. 
Bowl, s. ^^ kyassE, (^\t tXss, jli^ 

chltoak ; (wooden) ^ly kXwAta ; 

(of a pipe) iO^ Ij^l^. 
Bowline, 8. ^^ b^lina, ^j[^ b6rina. 
Bowsprit, 8. ifjiy\j>- jiwXdira. 
Bowstring, s. ^jLj kirish, *J zih. 
Box, 8. (chest) JvXi>^ sXnktk * (desk) 
ch^kniEJE ; (small) ^^ 

kutu ; (on the ear) j\aJ^ sham 
Jlj- BUI (rilE); (wood) ^ 
chimshir ; (of instruments) ^ 
ilisstuj (uBStunj). [gba 

Boxing, «. ^M>lcftC dzZ^^ mushta-ki 
Boy, 8. ^JUjj\ 6^AlXn, (J^y^- choj 
Boyhood, «. (J^^^ ch6jukluk. 
Boyish, a. i<^(J^^ chojvk-ghibi. 
Brace, 9. (pair) cu«a>^ chift ; (tie) 
h^h, J^y kushXk ; (of a ya 
i^\j bdissa ; braces (for trotis^ 
^J^^ Isskt. 
Bracelet, 8, tjjjh bU^zik. 
Braid, 8. t^lj^ sh^rid ; rrA' ^^^^j » ' 

VM. CJ^jl iirmek. 
Brain, 8. ^^ b^yn, 6^teJ duna^A. 
Bramble, «• ^^^ chXlt. 
Bran, «. CJ>^ k^pek. 
Branch, 9. Jl J dXl ; (of a road. &i 
Jy k61 ; (of a feonily, science, &i 
A«iti^ shii"bE, ^^ fEr". 
Brandy, *. ^\j rikt. 
Brasier, 8. ifT^^, bXkiiji ; Jl«^ niA 
Brass, «. -tf^;^ pbrinj. [gb 

Brassfounder, «. i^^y^ diiikuju. 
Brave, a. l::..^.^ yl^Ait, j^-*^ j^ur. 
Bravo, tfi/. ,jd/l afErin (kfenm). 
Bray, v.». Jk^^ Xn^rirmak. H 
Brazen, (jJ«^ phinjden ; J^^j}^ ^^^' 
Brazier, *. tj^^^, bXkirjt, ^^^^ 
Brazilwood, «. |»U; bXkkdm. [(kXzaDJj 
Bread, *. C-Uj\ (fekmek). JJ^^^b naii 
-"Xziz. I'M 

Breadth, 8. ^Ji en, cJl^lil fenlHik, (^ 
Break, w.«. Jk«;*5 ktrmak ; — <^' 




^U-jJ k6parmak ; — a promise, 

'w £"K khiilf-ct ; — a treaty, \fjaSj 

rkiz-et; — , vjt. ^J^j^ kirilmflk, 

j^^ kdpmak, cJ^^JL^^s k^smlmek. 

r-£ikfast, #. ^^-ff kihwXlU'. 

F 't'^, #. ^J:Ss^ gbyi)JLB8, AImms bide ; 
teat) A««k^ m^mfi. 

r 'r^twoik, 9.jmm» sipsr. 

I -'. ^« «. ^jiy^ s61nk, (^^^ n^fess. 

r^ -iitbe* r ji. ^j^^yc e^lumak, ^J/^^j^ 
i:rte».llni<ik, t^,;-i:J ten^finss-^et. 

rre-dning. s. ^^^JL<iy^ s^lumaklak. 

?r>-rcb€s, $.j\Aj^ BhUwkr^jjey)^ p^tcrr. 

^•'**-(l J. l>.^««^ fi^y, Lr-5f- jinss; — , 
r^ k^J^ji»^j^^ y^vrt-VErmek ; 
C^^mJ tiirEmek ; — , v.n. i^jiJjyi 
HL-ztmek, ^J^Whasstl-et, C)^«xl:;j 
T-tshdinnek; well-bred, ff.j5<CjJ^tEr- 
*: Tjizii ; good breeding, 8, Ltjy 

J»'tze, «. j'Ojy i^zgbyar; (light — ) 
jlj»^ii^.i«ir>- kblfif-rilzgbyar; (freeb 

— ' J^j^j ^^ siki-r^zgbyar. 
•'>-thTfa, 9, pi, ^\y>\ ikbwin. 
Hr^Tet. 9. cyU b^at. 
:>reTitT, «. jijLoi Ussalik. 

^'■r' ^er, #. «9rW bbraji. [ylpmaklik. 

-'.e, f. k2JyJi»j rishvfet; — , v,a, 

w^^ ^^^^J risbv^-TErmek. 
- i, #. 4Lcjt tvgbla. [diwkiji. 

'. klaycr. #. ^^^l^ y^J». ,^jl»i^ 
:.. «. j^^ ghHin, OTir^ ' aruss. 

Bridegroom, 8, ^J^jf ghyhvrhghu 

Bridge, 8. ^yS kyiipru. 

Bridle, 8. jLlli bXshlik; — , v,a, 

kJ^J^ (^ ghfem-wurmak. 
Brig, Brigantine, ^jiji} ibrik. 
Brigade, 8, \^ liwa. 

Brigadier, 8, ^^ rr^ miri-Uwa. [izb^dut. 
Brigand, 8. j^/>' kbirstz, CU^jJJUjjI 
Bright, a. (light) ^J^- \ ^chik ; (shining) 

J^jb pkridk ; (pohshed) ^)l>. jUalt. 
Brighten, vM,'fjjX>A dchilmak. 
Brilliant, a. y^J^ pkrl^k ; — , 8, aLJ^^ 

Brim, 8. JcS ksnar ; \c\ Xghz, 
Brimstone, 8, ^^z^S kibrit, ^jf^^ 
Brine, 8, Xjyci^a sXlamdra. [kyiikyurd. 
Bring, v.a, cX^jfi^ gh^tirmek. 
Brink, 8,j\i^ kinar. [-kJli. 

Bristle, 8, JJ kH, ^J^ (d6muz)- 
Brittle, a. cJjy^ C-Jj p^k-ghfevrfek, 

jJbjJiJi^LL^^J pek-k61ay-Wrilir. 
Broad, a, ^\ hnU, ^jt:^ gh^ish. 

Broadside, *. (ship's) 2f Jij,» b6rda ; (of 

guns fired) 2FjJb^\ ^ab^dn. 
Broil, VM, J^Jf^ kiz^rtmak, \ ijLj 

Broken, a. J^ kJrik. [simsar. 

Broker, s. J3j d^al (tfellXl), jL-i^ 
Brook, 8. u^l>- chiiy, ^ su, ijJ dirE ; 

— , v.a. cX^^f- chfekmek, ^ Jj-i 

Broom, s, ^j^ 8iipargh£« 
Broth, 8. ^yfi vIjI fet-suyu, ^j^ 





Calamity, s, Idi klz&, h bUa. 
Calcme, v.a. (J^^ ydkmak ; — ed, a. 

Calculate, v.a. \4.^Lp9- husab-et. 

Calcoliu, 8. tl^ tXsh ; 



Caldron, «. (^^J^ klzgbln (kXzAn). 
Calender, s. m^Ju tlkwim, ^^j^j r^z- 

nams. [ J^V ^^^^'i** 

Calf, #. Aib dXna; — of the leg. 

Calibre, «. <--^^ cbAp. 

Calico, «. LU^^ kalink6t, j^ b^. 

Caligraphist, s, tUas^ kbXttAt. 

Caligraphy, s. jlL^Uas^ khltUtlik; 
]sa>'^^m»>' hiisann-khXtt, 

Caliph, 8. ikA^ khaiifs. 

Caliphate, 8. liu^U^ khllaf^t. 

Call, *. {Jy^^ ch^^^insh, ^j^^ 
chhghirma, d^^J di^'V^t; — , v.n. 
(J^\A^^ 6^Aramak ; — , v.a, and ». 
^J^jS^^' cha^Atrmak ; — at, ^J^^j^j^\ 
hgknxnak ; on or npon. (invite) 
\cLf^J da"vfet-et; (visit) (J^]/^ji^ 
bghnsnak ; — for, cA'^-iaril isst^mek; 
— in, (visit) (J^\fy^ 6^Aramak; 
(collect again) J>J^ ^j^S gh^ri-Xl- 
mak ; (j^^^^iS gh^-ch^Airmak ; 
(J^^i^ t6plamak ; — out, ».». ^Jn^V 
hkghkmdUL ; — , v.a, ^CIJ^J i^ At S ^^ 
di^^Aushm^As-d^ 'v^t-et ; — over, 
fj^^^ y6klanuik ; Ji^^y\ 5kumak ; 
— together, ^J^^^ t6plamiik; — up, 
1 LZ^y: J dk'W-et ; cX«j^ 2rJ^^ 

Calling, 8, c^^t;.^ Bikn"^t, i^^j^- hir- 
fbt, l::*^ Jtl^ m^shghuHyy^t. 

Callipers, 8. ^J^/^ S^V* chJp-pE 

ghyari (pirghEli). 
Callous, a,jAjy} diiymaz. 
Calm, 8". and a. (wind or water) ^j;Jj V-^ 

limlnlik; — , a. (morally) 2f^^^ 

assuds, cu«>-^ rahot ; — , «. cr -^"^ 

rahot, f^V.^^ assayish. 
Calmly, ad. ^\^ y^wish. C^'^® 

Calmness, 8, l1^»>-^ rahat, ^^ w>i ass 
Calomel, 9. ^^i^^lL tXtli-siklam kti 
Calumniate, v.a. \ \j:j^ iftira-et. 
Calumny, 8. \jj\ Iftira, ^;^ bikhtan. 
Cambric, 8. JjJj dMb^nd (tiklb^nt: 
Camel, 8. 9tJ d^VB. [Ai^Jb batist 

Camelopard, 8, ii[fj zi!irafE (zilrafa) . 
Camlet, «. ^tl shXli, uJ^ 86f. 

Camomile, 8. ^jbU plpXdiys. 

Camp, *. •*!fj l6rdu ; — , v,h, (J^^ ^ J 

Campaign, 8. y^ s^fsr. [6rdu-kunnai 

Camphor, 9.jj^ kyafur. 

Can, 8, iizj t^n^kE ; A^^.t^ (mXshrabfi 

Canal, 8. jUjj b6^AAz (strait), ^ooj 

(hEndek) (ditch) ; ^ ^U k^lzmJ 

Canary-bird, «. ^jl^ k^n^ya. 
Cancel, v.a. (j^)^, b^zmak, ^^^r-5 

tErkin-et, 1 JUai bXttXl-et. 
Cancer, *. (sore) ^^^ j^l-J yfeyEn-"ille1 

i^ akilE. [sikvir^ylK 

Candid,a. (truthful) jL*«^ ^^^ ^hghr% 
Candle, 8. A^y mum. [(sh^mdan 

Candlestick, 8. ^*^i>x^ sh^m"a.d.^ 
Cane, 8. ^^^ kXmtsh, s^J^j^ h^zartin 

— , v.a. Ci-i^O dii^Amek, Jh^J^ ^l^ 






Bnanea. *. ^jtA Uh, -^^ ij^} iah- 

ghjrach ; cu ^ ^'^ m^slahot ; 

^ rJji ii:, < mbhghuliyyk. 
Boftird, #. (greater) ij^ t6y ; (smaller) 

Bustle, #. j^ t«4kh, ^jffr "ij^lE. 

Bof?, c. Jyil^ mtehghvl. 

Bttl. c. ^^ likin, Ul amini, ^j vb- 
likiD, lau fMcAt; — , p-. *A:iJ^^4) 
dm-biibka, l\ ,rii i^J dan-flzla, 
'»iftU^ dim-ina"^a; all but, 
v;;U^Ua (hEmED-hKoun). cijJlijf 

BatdMr, «. (^Ui klsaaXb (klssXp). 

Botchefy.f.jLLaJkXsaXblik; Ujcji^ 

Bott. #. JcJ nlahlD, «-JjJb h^ef ; — , 
p.«. and a. J-^^' <^y tdsa-wiirmak. 

B«tt-end. #. C>^0 dibjik ; u->U aXp. 

hotter. $. ^b j^h\ (fresh) ^W 
toi-yigh, ^V*/ tBTE-yi^Ai; (clari- 
fied) ^bw5U (sity-yighi), uL^j^^ 

Botterily. t. cb^K kH^b^. 

Bottock, f. ty but ; jbli kiynak, 
^ jLli k^ynak-yiri. 

B«tt(tt, «. 4^^ J dd^Ams (doyms) ; 
^* V4. cJs^Ja^^s^J diiyniBlEmek, 
CUiLJ UiklBmek; -H;.fi.vlUJ^y 
dajmabgimek, cUJO^t iliklinimek. 

BttttretB, f . «A-iU jAyfendfi, jbl 4yak. 

Boy. VA. J^\ Xlmak, J^ll^^U sX- 
t«D.ibnok. MjS^< iahtira-et, \d*iU 

Buyer. 8. Ji\ XIad, ^jf^\ lltji, c^,:^:^ 
miisbt^i. [jhzlainak. 

Buzz, v.n. (Jy<fjj wizzlamak, (J^j^- 

By,pr. ^ don; aLI iIe ; ^b y^ntoa, 
^UcJb y^Dtnda, ^JCjIj ydntndon ; 
— bye, good-bye, mt, jjJ^UMP^^i 
XllXha-lsflmiU'ladtk ; ^^^Jjy^ji^ bghvr- 

Bye-and-bye, ad. \j^^ji blr-Xzdan, 
tjSis^t^j\j} blr - Xzdoo - a^a^ra, 
iF^Cai J^j ^j> bir-lz - wXkitlordan- 

Bye-law, 8, ftilu nlzlm. 

Bye- word, 8. Jl ^ t^j^J zkrbt-mfeasH, 

Bygone, a. \Ji^^ g^hmish. 


Cab, 8, iJjS- kuba. 

Cabbage, 8. a:^ Udiona; — , v.a. 
j;^l>- cbUmak. [^\S kiimara. 

Cabin, «. (hut) ^Ui kulubE; (ship's) 

Cabin-boy, 8. 9^W micho. 

Cabbet, «. (private room), ^jf 6da, 
i^j^ kh^lvfet; (chest) ^^?" 
ch^mEJE, jO^i^ s^dtk ; (cupboard) 
c^^^ d6lAp; ( — of ministers) 
^^<«j\t 1^ wiik£la-t^»mt; — council, 
^U-(jJu^ ro^lissi-khAssa. 

Cabmet^maker, «. ^l&j^J^ tiiwshln. 

Cable, 8. k>^^ gh6mana; chain — ^ 
j^j zinjir. 

Cadet, 8. J^ll sha^Aird. 

Cage, 8, ^jJi kXfeas. 

Cake, 8. (pastry) ^\j^ kiJrAbiyyE; 
(moulded form) «^13 kXlip. 




Care, s, (attentkiD) (ju^Jj dikkAt; 
(anxiety) J^ d^d, jJ^ kidsr ; 
— , v.!!. cXtitX^l ^"^y wXzifE-fedin- 
mek ; — for, J^b 1>^^iQa1^ > J^^ 
B^ymak; take care, ».«. JIa^-^^^ Jj> 
gh^zxmvL-dchmdk, \iz^*y dikkXt-et, 
Ji.>»,:i.fL^ siiktninak; (take pains) 
CXtJJ^t i!lzEnmek; take care of, 
fjAj\i bXkmak, J^cl^Lo s^klamak. 

Careen, v.a. j;^y batUlS kXlafXta-ydttr- 
mdk ; — , v,n. (J^^i y^tmak. 

Careful, a. Jua^ mukiyyed ; to be — , 
v.nAiJL^J d),jf JJl< mukly- 

Carefulness, ». Lr^ J d)kklt. [yed-61. 

Careless, a.jmjiiJ dikkXtsiz. 

Cardessness, «. J|]j.i..sSj dikkltsizlik. 

Caress, v,a. ^j^\L;>-^ dkhshamok ; — ^ 
g, ^ll^l 6khshamg. 

Cargo, 9, cJ^ ybk, a!^4^ htrnvlk. 

Caricature, a. t<w; j^^t^ hijv-r^ssmi. 

Carmine, 8, (Jx! 1^"1. 

Carpenter, «. (house) ^y^ dillghsr ; 
(joiner) ^^^j^A-«V^jJ d6^Aramajt 5 
(ship's) j^^j^ mirankoz (mjbran- 

Carpet, n. J\j kill (hXlt*), ^ kHiinp 
Af^ k^hs ; prayer — , » jlt^ s^jjadi. 

Carpet-bag, f . ^^ chXnta. 

Carriage, «. (Tefaide) 4j^ "iiraba, jILs&>> 
bint6, i(SJl7 t^lika, ^^}i fkyt6n; 
gon — , (field) ^yC "^ba, (ship's) 
j^jJJ kundXk; (act of earrying) 
iJaJ nXkl, <<>♦!■ itfllg tlshtma ; ( — hire) 
aJla} nXkliyys. [kXttijt. 

Carrier, 9, JU>- hlmmXl; ^J^^ 

Carrion, 9, iJ^ lashi (1^). 

Carronade, «.^*^^ kulumblr. 

Carrot, 9, ^^ hkwuj. 

Carroty, a. \Jj\^ slrt. 

Carry, v.a. ^^giAlly tXshtoiflk ; CX« J 
ghyitannek; (a gnn, &c.) CX«;j 
sikrmek ; (by assault) \ IduJ zAbt-el 
— away or off, cX«^j^ *^)^ ^^ 
ghyi^unnek ; -— on, (Jaj\i y^pma 
C)s^:;j\ ^tmek, (J^j*^)^ uydOTzna 
C3w«^ bfeJKrmek; — the da 
fjAJL>-> iz^^\ i^6stii-chtkmak,j^(»^' 
ghllib-61, JUi|^ kXzAnmok. 

Cart, 9, djfC' "knha. 

Cartilage, 9. J^^J^ kiktrdXk. 

Cartridge, 9. (small arms) c^>.**.f Osh^i 
(fish^k) ; (cannon) 9f*^j^ h^cj. 

Cartridge-box, ». ^Li^lb pAllsska. 

Carve, v.a. (meat, &c.) (J^\^y^ dbghn 
mok ; (wood, &c.) Jk*^^^ 6ymak. 

Carrer, ». (in wood) ,^r"*^j^ 6ymaji 

Cascade, 9. ^\Se\>- ch^AlayXn. 

Case, 9. (box) jX^ sXndtk; ^^ 
mkhfaza; ^y kdttr, c^li kXl 
(sheath) ^^ Bn; (condition) J'^ 
hal; (matter) jfOU m^dds, ^j«^ 
khi)ssuss, y] femir ; — , v.a, JJ^ 
kXblamak (kXplamok). 

Case-shot, «. u:X-^ mlsskst« 

Cash, «. aS} nXkd, ar^b pars (p^ff). 

Cashier, 9. jSij:^ sXndiTcdir, j^^^^ 
▼Anadir, j\i^l^Lti^ khXzin£a 
(khXznfldk-); — , v.a. (J^^^^^ 
r^tbsssini-Xlmak, jAi^^^io^*^ 




^«^' '• L5ry ^^' ^J^ '^• 

Cadet, s. ^L«;^ chfckmjBJE, ^ 

Cask, 8. JUJ^j\^ khiyarah^bK. 

Cut, c. 4U5[^J d&knui ; — , #. ^t Ittm, 
^1 Ittth; (in the eye) jM"^ 
ib^ibilik; — , VM. (throw) JuJf 
ItoM^; (metal) CX*^^«> d^kmek ; 

— down, iJ'^ khinak, C-^)^^ 
nzmd[, ClX^^ ^*^^^ ksdBr-virmek ; 

— iq^, (acoonnts) 1^^=j y^kyun-et, 
^w«>- jtoi"-et, fj^^ t^plamak; 
(▼Qoit) fj^^^ kussmnk; — off, 
CU^^ XtrvRrroek, t^J d^f".et, 
^ OJi? tard-et ; cJ^^U sldtvErmek, 
C)^j^l^(^^lS kApip-BXltYBrmek ; 

— out, J^^y k^^Amak, Iwi J d^f"- 
-et, b^ tard-et. 

Casde, t. JUiiS kM' a (Uiylii). 

Castor-oQ, #. ^b JcJb hlnd-jr^^. 

Camd, a. ,^cLai t^aaldon, , JiU7\ 

Caaoahy. #. Ui klza. [itdfxkf . 

Cat, f . u^ji^ kkU. 

Catalogoe, 9.^3^ deftsr. 

Cataplasm, «. iJi lApa. 

Cataract, #. ^^^4>>-y ^}y^ sularin^- 
•dduMaat. Jj^ j^dM. [n^wazil. 

Catarrh,*, f^^j ziikkyam, i^^ d^zIe, Jjly 

Catch, 9.0. (j^^ tdtmak, (j^^^ 
y^kalanuik; <^^jj=^ ^f ^la-gh^- 
tinnck ; — odd, (j^^^^y^ s^Auk- 

Catdiing, a. vJ^Li aari, J*^^ bul^ahir. 
Catechiae, v.a. ljUa:A«it Isatintlk-et, 
t^Ur^f hntfthan-et. 


Categorical, a. ^J^ kAt"f. 
Category, 8, ^^i« miikulE. 
Caterpillar, 8. (-Z^y kiht. 
Catgut, 8, JLf klrisb. [poss-kMiasaasi. 
Cathedral, 8, ■^LMy\>^^i>gi.i> pbska- 
Cattle, *. 4i^U^j-fi>- WiywlnAt. 

Caucasas, «. ,^h ^j>- ch^rk^aiastan. 

Caulk, v.a. \ LUli kAlafiLt-et. 
Caulker, 8, tUii kAlafXt. 
Cauliflower, 8, cu^llyi kAmablt. 
Cauae, 8. cL^U ba^iaa, uuJoi "Uia, 
a^beb ; v^j^J dk"wk ; — , v.a. 

jHi....^lj ba'W61, ^ \^ v'^ afebeb-ol, 

Itijul irasa-et. 
Causeway, ». Y»;Ji!l} klldtnm. 
Caustic (lunar), «. ^J^^ ^^"^ jih^nnem- 

tXsht (jih^nnom). [(J^^ y^kmak. 
Cauterize, vm. j;^SU1j da^Alamak, 
Cautery, 8, ^b yUki, i|j d^h. 
Cautioo, 8. ci^^A.^ blssir^, , ^\j 

ti'^UDi, jii^ hiizBr; — , v,a, j*^ 

CX^^ khlber-vEnnek. 
Cautious (to be), v,n» \j\j:^\ ihtiraz^et, 

\j\i&>'\ ihtizar-et, ^jAij\^ siiktnmiik. 
Cavalry, 8, sji^mA^^J^y^^ sjkwan-"k88- 

ksri,j)Jl Itlt. 
Cave, Cavern, 8, tj^-^ tnhghara. 
Cavity, 8,j^^ chukur. 
Cease, v.n. cV^l..^ kEssilmek,^ ^^*- ^ 

Cedar, 8» c\j\ ^ja sErvi-azad. 
Cede, v,a, \s^y tirk-et, CX«^j vsrmek. 
Ceiling, 8, ^^ tlwxn. 
Celebrate, v,a, ^ U>"^ ijra-et. 
Celebrated, a. j^^^U^ m^hhur. 




Celery, *• kfr^ kfcrdviz. 

Celesdal, a. c^Umi s^mavi. 

Cell, ». ifjSP- hhiTE ; aJU. khaoEv j/ 

Cellar, «. ^.^^'^ mkVhzhx. [jghykz. 

Cement, i. ^^j^\ llchi, (j>^** mk* jun ; 

— , v.a. ^Jk«;«x1j\j ydptshdtrnuik, 

fj^jjjjb tdtdurmok. 
Cemetery, s. (j^j\y< mfezarlik, ^u«^^ 

klbristan, ^f«A^ mlkbETB. 
Censer, s. f^^*^jy^* bukhurdan (bu- 

Censure, 9.j^j\ kzkt ; — , v.a. \i^ >^jjt7 

.ta"yib-et» f aJ z^mm-et, 1i*jl l^vm-et. 
Census, a. (^yu J^Jju tii"dadt-nilifij8S. 
Cent, (per cent.), ad. Jf«^^ yiizdi. 
Central, a. <*^/« mirkezi. [wlSBAt. 
Centre, 9.^y msrkBz, ^^^^ ^rta, la^^ 
Centurion, s. i/^V J^ yiiz-bAsht. 
Century, «. aJU mi's. <J-j ji^ yikz-yil, 

^^^>^J^ yiiz-sins, ^«>AC^ "Xssr. 
Ceredoth, s, w>C>^ mikshfemma" (mu- 

shdmba). Ct^if ; t-JlO t^k^luf. 
Ceremony, «. m^ r^m (r^ssim); ^iO 
Certain, a. a^Ia^ mji"lum, 4^<c^ s^ih, 

J.^4|«M> sbiibhsssiz ; ^^ fHxn ; uoms 

bl"zi, jJiU?^ blr-tikim. 
Certainly, ad. A&Jl Blb^ttE, J^^^if^ shikb- 
Certificate, s. JCi«» s^ned. [hsssiz. 

Certificated, a. ^Jc^ s^nedli. 
Cessation, s. cUaA;! inktta", <<4\i i^ 


Cession, b. cJy tsrk, L:u^1y f^raghXt. 
Chafe, v.a. (Ja:J^\ Xshtnmak. 
Chaff, 8. ^U»0 sdmxn. [ghXl). 

Chafing-dish, s, JlL^ mJLnldd (mka- 

Chagrin, 9. (grief) ^^JJ\j t&hss 

(kind of skin) J^ k^lir. 
Chain, a.^mafTj z^njir (^njir) ; — ^, « 

Jkc^V ^^ji^J zinjir-ila-bXyAlami 
Chair, «. ^^ Jc«^ slndlliyyE ; arm • 

jissly k61tuklu. 

Chairman, «. (^/-iis^ U^J T^'^^-^^^fi 
Chalk, b.jJ^Lj t^bashlr (tXbbslur). 

Challenge, v.a. Jk«^^^ u^'V* i^^y<^^ 

Chamber, s. ^%\ 6da ; (of a mine, g\ 
&c.) i^iJjs^ khXzin£ (hlzna). 

Chamberlain, '• l^^l5>-«^ klpiji-bAs 

Chance, s. uJ jIoj t^8s2duf, . i\su\ it 
fiLk. ^::.-tf«r. b^kht ; by — , ^c^ 
rXsst-ghsli ; — , v.a. \ ^^^ <^ 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, s. <U 
u^U miJlyy&.naztri. 

Chandelier, «. hj}^\ avizs. 

Chandler, «. JUj bXkkll. 

Change, s. JSj di^ish, ,>1^^^=*> < 
^Aishish, <<4*i^> di^Aishma, J J 
tfebfcddul, J^JyJ tebdH, t-^iiwl inl 
Lib; — , t;.ji. cXkl^J dl^Aishme 
CX^J^ dfinamek ; — , v.a. C^;*^ 
dl^Aishdirmek ; cX^^chfevimie 
1 J^JuJ tfcbdll-et ; iJJ-«i^ b^zmflk. 

Changeable, a. ^}/ kXrarsiz. Jwj 

Channel, *. JjJ y61 ; jU^ b6^AAz ; J 
y^tak, Lsc* m^jra. 

Chap, «. j5lj^ ch^dAk ; v-i^ ht?r 

Chaplain, 8. a\^\ huAm ; (^^^ P^P^ 

Ch^et, 8. ,^^ t^bth. [(P^P^^ 




CbapiiHB, tf. jb|^«X« mldrabXz, Lcf^V 

Ottpter, «. L^\j bib, J^ flsal. 

OMncCer. 9. (moral) u:: ^«yV> Ubt"dt, 
iJ.Jyi ^ jibQl^t, ii^^ khdy ; (writing) 
w^U ykEs\ k;^ khXtt ; (letter) uJ^ 
harf (pi. c:i^lij;c^ h^ruflt). 

Chaicoal, '- i^j^ ^Jf^ \}fkasoj. 

Charge, «. (employ) u:i>%<Jtfv. (khlz- 

met), i^i-Oji^l^ m^'muriyyM, ^^f 

kh; (command) y«1 ^mir, ^^:*f^ 

thkbik ; (of powder) ^\ Xttm ; 

(tttack) tAjJ^i y^raynsh, ^ye^ 

hiq^m; (thing confided) (ju^UI 

^manit; — ^ v.a. (fill) (j^jc!^^ 

dMormdL; (attack) l^jjs^ hi^- 

jcm-et; (command) |^) ^mr-et, 

t ^UjJ ttebth-et ; (accuse) 1 C^<0^ 

Cbarity, #. (alms) ^«W eldaku; 

(homane ooDaideration) cii^wLjl 

malnlyTH, uJtoit inalf. 
Charm, «. (^peD) j^y biiya, ^sr* slhr ; 

cbarma, :jA, ^j>m^ hhwa, C)Ujj^ 

Charmer, #. ^j>^jlf, bilyujn, j^j^ 

aifarhlz; (betoved) Ai^ljt^ mk"- 

^vkaijilisi fkn£kyar,^J dilbKr. 
Charming, «. Jjf/ gl^^, ^0 dilbir. 

Chart, #. i(L^ khMta. 

Charter, #. ^;^;i firnOn, d^ly birat ; 
— , VM. O^r ^y n^vla-tdtmak 
(ttiiriima), J^^^t]^ Ura-ila- 

Chase, n. jl Iv, jK-Si shikyar; — , 
give chase to, v.a. ^JH^^«3 k6^Aa- 
lamak ; — away, J^^y k6pAmak. 

Chasm, 9. x^U ^yA biyuk-ykrik. 

Chaste, s, w^djAc "^if, (woman) ^tf«if 
"kflfs; (simply elegant) Jjj^ JfjLi 

Chasten, Chastise, v,a, CX«^j A^ 
tErblyyE-ysnnek, \^^Ji tirb)yy£-et. 

Chastisement, «. fJ^ tirblyyE, jut 
dkyak. [m^t. 

Chastity, 9, yjl^M "iffht, v,r ^.af. "iss- 

Chat, 9. Uli iXf, ^^j& Utktrdt; 
— , ».«. ^uJ^ llf-et, J-il^ji 

Cheap, O' J^^ i)jdz.' 

Cheapness, «. J^j^jt i)jdzlak. 

Cheat, «. (fraud) aL^ hili ; (knave) 
^i^AL>- htlskyar; — , vm, \ ^d^ 

Check, 9. (pattern) ^^ shltr^nj 
(sXntr^ch) ; (b accounts) ^]js^ 
mizln ; (upon conduct) m^ ghbm ; 
(slight defeat) jUm& shdmar, (banker's) 
Jl^ hkwSlE ; — ,v.o. \ k-J zlbt^-et, 
J^cjSJl lltkomok, (j^j^j}^ dihrdurt- 
mak; (defeat) ^j-<j^, bdzmak; (the 
king at chess) \ yjS klsh-et. 

Checkmate, v.a. Id^U mlt-et. 

Cheek, 9. j^jj y^ak. 

Cheer, v,a, cX«;JcI:Ji sh^nlEndirmek, 
^^^Jci>-|i f^rahlandtrmnk. 

Cheerful, a, ^ shfen, ^J ftrah ; 

Cheese, *. j-ij p^ir. {.^/^ milftrrih. 

Cheesemonger, 9. JUj blkAl. 





Chemist, s, jSs\^a^ kkniy^hlr; 

v^l/r^ fcjzajt.^Ls^^ iaqifenchiykr. 
Chemistry, s. 6jfio^Lj\^j^Afi "ikni- 

Cherish, vm, fj^^jlj^ "iziz-ivtmak; 

CJ^«Lj h^salKmek. [vishna. 

Cherry, »-j\^ kiraz ; mordla — , ii^» 
Chess, «. ffj^ shltronj (sXntr^Dch) ; 

— hoard ^is^0^JtJ^ slntrdoch- 

Chest, 8. (box) JOCm^ slndtk ; (bosom) 
IjJjf ghjfkhaB, jJ^ sXdr, <U^ side; 

— of drawers, 4si^**^ ch^unEJB. 
Chestnut, s. Jjli*.^ k^satans. 
Chew, VM. cXt^tx^ chb^mek. 
Chick, Chicken, 8. ^ pilij. 
Chickpea, 8. J^ n6khud. 

Chide, VM. (J^j]j^ Xzarlamgk. 

Chief, a. and 8. cJ^ biyuk, JL\) bXsh. 

Chiefly, ad. [t^y^ khdssussa; biif 

Child, 8. (J^yf' ch6juk; children 
and family, j;>-^jj^ ch61uk- 
ch6JDk; with child, ^ gh^bi, 
^l>- hamilB. i^^y^ dbghvlL. 

Chill, v.a. cXiJ^y ikshntmek ; — , 8. 

^^^y« ^* \^y^ s6^Auk ; to fed — , 

VM. CX«^jt iUhomek. 
Chimney, 8. ^U^j^ ^jak, ^b blja. 
Chin, 8. ii^^ ch^^ (chbnfi). 
China, «. (old) ^^Jut«^^jD ^sski- 

.ma"dxn; (new) jyjti fh^hfvr; 

(stone) ^j^ chbi. 

Cl»i»k» *• d;V J^^ J^^ chitLLk ; 
— , VM. CX«Jjl tonek. 

Chintz, 8. LS.»^fw chit, ^Um^U bXssm^ 
Chip, «. iMji yi^ngha ; — , t; ji. J. 

Arlamok ; — , v.a. ^Jh^J^ firktiQ 
Chisd, 8. Ji kMsm. 
Chocolate, 8. ^3^a>- chlkoUta. 
Choice, 8. ^Uc^l Ikhtiyar, uA^ 

inttkhSb; — , a. i^jsr^ hhch 

if*iij^ ghy^zids. 
Choke, VM. (j^^, ^shghsnlBk^ — 

v.a. (J^^A^ Ukamak; — , 

^^UJ? tikAnmok. 
Choose, v.a. cX«^«^ sbchmek, J 

4yrmak, \(^lad}\ inttkhlb-et, \j\ 

Chop (mutUm), 8. ^yjij! bnzul 

— , v.a. Ci^iM^ k^ssmek; — 

v.a. (small) ^Ja^^ kiymok, (lai 

fj^\je>jb d^Aramnk; (wood) Jn 
Chopper, *. j^U tltk, [yarij 

Chopping-block, 8. yl^f.^ kyiltuk. 
Chopping-knife, 8.j^\^ (sXtir). 
Chord, 8.J)^ v^r. 
Christ, 8. ^^^.^ KZJfjo^ mxxi^- 
Christen, v.a. tj-ailj wJiftiz-et, J^j 

&d.k6mak, ^^•/^ ol did-vErmek. 
Christening, «. J«&ilj w&ftiz. 
Christian, 8. ^Luj^ khrkstiy^ ; 

o. ^yi"^ "iss^W, t^^r^ m^i^l 
Christianity, 8. j1jU-j^ khris 

yitolik. [-p^sski^ 

Christmas, 8. dJMJjc))^ ^^^^ 
Chronide, 8. tfy\j tarikh. 
Chronology, *. f^j^jsW fiyS J^ ' " 




~ .-%ard, f. i^j^j^ m^zarltk. 

ft«s klbvkknmak. pcylnnur. 

■'iDon. ». (2^f>;;^^43 dikrehin (tirchin). 
>-'. I. (zero) J-tf sJfr; (secret 
TTciLg) JF^ jifra; (initials) \jio 
' ;b ^for the Saltaa)^ ^ sahh (for 
\ ^ officer), l^^f hnza (for any 
-i'iial). N^. — ^These are not 
ii^il^n Turkish, bat each a kmd of 

-c. 1. 1^1 J da'irs; — , j;;«jl&y 
^^^iitmflk, liLU-t ihata-et. 
'^. f. Ui klaa, c:.^/f>-Spb 
^ uT Lbnlgruin^ ; to make a — t 

'^. a. ^}L^^ d61^hak. 
' ^^ «. jyi^ mikd^WKr, ,j^*^ 

- cukte, f J. I^J^^ J dfeviran-et ; (as 
^^^) ' jjljJ t^davnl^t ; — , v,a. 
';-'«iiri«t; 1^ n^shr-et. 


'^aton, ». ^,|^^ d^vEran ; (of 
"^7. boob, &c.) JjW tMavul. 
■ -icise.rj. Iw::..,:^ siton^-et, l^j^tLsi^ 
•^-'^-et [khitAn. 

-Parisian, t. cuc-i snnn^, ^Jsj>^ 

•^.mfereacc, $. Mj^ ch^TTE, 

-I hit. 

' :".:!(. 


Circumlocution, s. 4^(^11 ^AJ^'iJb d6. 

Circumnavigate, t;.a. ,^]/^^a1^^,^_<^ 

^jaJ^^^ gh^mi-UB-^trafini-d^ashmok. 
Circumstance, 8, ^ya:L khussuss, a^oU 

mAddE, f^'^jiJ k^yfi37^t. 
Cistern, s. t^J^ s^mij, ^^ (kh^kzna). 
Citadel, t. ^^1 kh-kM"^. 
Cite, v.a. |^J idkr-et; tciyJ di'Vet-et. 
Citron, «. ^^j^^^i A^^AJ-kiiwunu. 
City, 8,jfii sh^hr, Lai*>^1.4^ mimlfkEt. 
CivU, fl. jLflt tXtli, ^ Jl fedfebli, ^^ji^ 

chd^bi; (not military) yjL^mS. j^i, 

Civilian, «. JjJyL5^V hlshi-bdzuk, 

^UJj^^J>j,^>Mf» "A88k£rTdan-M- 


CiviUty, #. jLblt atiiiik, ^iLJjlL jil 

Civilization, b, i^y tErbiyyB. 
Civilize, v.a. ^^i tirblyyE-et. 
Claim, ». ki^J d4"wiL» Ujcui\ isstid^a; 

Cy >^ Ua< mltlub ; — , v.a. Ik^^ J dik* 

'Vk-et, \U.XL^1 k8tid", tc^jik« 

mktlub-et, l^JUaM m«itAl6bE-et. 
Claimant, *. ^^^^^ dk"w^ji, ^»3^ 
Clamp, «. vz ^\ ^ klnfet. [m^dd^"i. 
Clandestine, a. a^J^l J< El-Xlttnda, j^ 

ghhU, jliU s^kli, ^^ kh^fi. 
Clap, 8, (disease) ^yLyc^^i b^l-s^Au- 

ghv\ — hands, V.A. Jh411>'431 sl-chXi- 

mak, JkJ^SII llktshlamak. 
Clarify, v.a. l^ui^ tXssfiyyE-et. 
Clasp, 8. ^o^^f k^pcha ; — , v.a. 

(jj!^\^j^ kujlklamak. 

G 2 




Class, ». c^AXiP s)nf; — , vm. \k^^Ji 

t£rtib-et, Ujlriv? tkazlm-et. 
Clatter, s. i^J^U- chords, i^J^U^ 

t^trdt, i^J^b pXttrdt. 
Clause, t. JCJ b^nd, 9ju flkra. 
Claw, t. ^\jjff t)niak ; ^Ls:u p^nchE; — , 

v.a, Jh«SU^ tirtnalamak. 
Clay,*. JfSlj bilchtk, J^J^^j^ i^zlu.t6- 

pnik, <-^j^^,<s^^^ liilsji-chidnuru. 
CleaO) a. Jaaj t^iz, cJU pak, JbU? 

t2htr{ — , cleanse, v. a, cX4lj*4J 

Clear, «k J^ tbimz> j]^ b^rrlk ; (free) 

fj>^\ hchSki — np, vm, JhJ^^ 

^htlmok. \jfjAtj\i ydptshmok^ 

Cleave, <^.a. Jh*;^ ykmuik; — *to, v.ji. 
Cleaver, *. j^L« slttr. 
Clemency, 8, l:u^4«>-^ msrhkinet. 
Clergyman, «. (^bb pXpxss. 
Clerk, *. u^l^ kyatib, ,^jt y^jt. 
Clever, o. J^ biin«rli. 
Cliff, «. jb yJ^, (♦j^y odiurum. 
Climate, «. |^ Uiwa. [sd"ud<>et. 

Climb, t;.ii. fjAS^ cbikm^Ac, \^yuc 
Qincb, VM, ^^^j*^;^ p^bin-et. 
Cling, VM, (J^^ slrflmok. [k^ssmek. 
Clip, v,a, fjXiJ klrkmok, CU..,^ 
Cloak, 9, J:.^ shin^, ^J kXpud. 
Clock, #. y^^^^^^ m^ydAn-Ba"att. 
Clog, 9, ^j^ (n}ain); — , »,«. (>i;jijt 

d61durnuik, JulSJ^ t)kamidc. 
Close, a. j;««0 s)k ;' ^^cA^m^ s)kt ; jbiMJuta 

siktnttit; jJLi kXpxlt; ^^^ yiJcin; 

— , v,a. jK«bj klpAmok; — , vm, 
klpAnmok; -— in, v,a. 

i^^X^*jJy^ ch^virmek ; — , 
fJ^ttiJL^ s^kloshmak, J^^^LJj 
ktnlflsbmgk ; (the evening) |*1 
J^^^jiP lkbsham-(t^z).61mak ; 
up, v,a, 4^bj kXpAmok; — , 
(J^^ klpAnmak ; — witb, v.a 
agreement) ^JaJ^^^ i^yuslmuik; 
figbt) Jh^j^ slrtknok. 

Closet,*, (room) J>-4!E^l6dajtk; ( 
board) c^jI^ d&lAp. 

Qotb, *. (broad) aS^ (cb6ba); (cot 
JJb^z; (table —) c^lf^ 86frfl.l 

Clothe, v.a, JJ^bbj^ ruba-y^i 
CX«;Ju£sb|^ ruba-gbidirmek, 
CJ^j rdba.VBrmek,1^_^Ul Ubisi 
1 \^S=A )ksa-et ; CXiJ^jt &rtmek 

Clothes, Clothing, *. \)^j rOba (CtC 
c^lyl ^sswlb (^bAb), 1^1 ^Ibi 

Qond, *. Ljb biylut, i^\ssf sihib. 

Cloat, *. ^jW; piU^hkvni. 

Clove, *. JiJ^ klrsnfil. 

Cloven, a, Jb^ chdtAl. 

Clover, *. ^^•l y6nja. 

Club, *. jU^ ch6mak; by wa) 
dabbing together, A}U;U "arifaDi 

Que, 9, L^j^c-^^ lp-&ju. 

Gomsy, a. (person) yCj\l yaktsbn 
(thing) J\ki»^ hlntXl. 

Closter, 9, l^f kyikms, L^ t6p. 

Coach, *. ^^ "j^ba, jLi>- hi 
^^U Ayt6n. 

Coagolate,!;.!!. jHi^jl9d6n^rmak; C^ 
kbssilmek ; cJs.^„g-j p^kiahmek 

Coal, *. jyS kytoor, \Jj^^\j^*^ 




(^n^'hut, Coel-hooBe, «. ^^jy^ kyit- 

ELsisk. [k^riimar-m^im. 

-•--J- sine. Coal-pit. *. ^y«V^ Jf*^ 

' -Te, «. Li klba; iJj\ bri. 

' Lrt, «. J^Lt sah3, lSj\:Sj^J dhngiz- 

-'oTLari ; Ifij yoka, ^^j5 kiyi, 

'J, s. *^2^ fkin, ybjy^ wx\xi\ yuojy^ 

firdko; ^^i;^ khirka; (of a hone) 

^^ doo. [-t^khmu. 

cca, «. ^yi>a^ ^j|^S*>- chlkolata- 

- T;^.hind6staii-j^vizi. 
'-' V;kr, ». ^^j.aJ^'j lApuahju (plpojju), 
.-^cLi^ eeakiji. 

^yLs,p tari."itok^byt. 

^ ".i^cal, *^j^ khmcz, 

' :£. #. (bird) ^jmy^ kli6r088; (tap) 
^M«S4 muaalirk ; {<A a gun) yj^y^ 
ir^f <n>» ; (penis) dX^s sik ; — a gon, 
ra. ^J^!^^<,::^><^t iiaat-t^ti^AE- 
A^Tr.A. [-ibi^Ai. 

^ cV(-coDib, t. ^^S^^KJ^Xf^ kh6roB8- 
( X9QQ. t. »jy k6za, jSflJy k6zalXk. 

I of bent) s^ klbnk; (a^rotom) 
^A^. J :L\l7 tlabok-t^rbo^H. 

' fee-pot, #. ^^j>- j^zws; (large) |^^ 
r^;ii^ifQ]n» ^Ji^ ibrik. 
f er, t. :«Xi^ slndik. 
*i3, #. (^^U tAbirt. 

«,ri^ mikbrim (mubr^). 

«<x^ X 

mii tEoa, 

Coil, «. JUiJ kXnghXl ; — . v.a. ! JUJ 

Coin, «. aCi 8)kkE ; ij<i p^a, i^ ^ 

Xkcbii ; (of a gun) J-mi sil ; — , ©.«. 

1<-^ d^^-et, C-U*-^ kfessmek, 

(jA^^ blssnuik. 
Coincide, vji. y jylk« miitlbik.61. 
Coition, *. ^ji^ slkish, ^U>- j)ma". 
Cold, a. and «. J^^ s^^^uk ; (in tbe 

head) Jj\y n^w|izil, Jp nfezlE, ^%j 

zilkkyam. [-l^Arisst. 

Colic, «. ^^^fif^litf BXnjt, ^^5-j/lj^li k^. 
Collar, B. l« y^ka; (horse ^ Isy^- 

lU^ut ; — , ».o. JhJISj y4kalamiik. 
Collate, v.a. IaLIa«« mukAbflE-et, 
Colleague, 8. jJ; r^fik, ^^U^l ^ka- 

dash. [t^plamak. 

Collect, v.a. \^^ jfem"-et, julb^ 
Collection, ». ^^ j^" ; Aa4jb^ mfej- 

ma\\ JU? ti^tm; 2r^ sira. [dresss. 
College, 9. \^^ ^ mMctib \ ^Ob« m^- 
Collier, *. ^^l5 jy<^ ):yiimur-kkyi^Ai ; 
•^jfr*V( ^fi*^ jycS kyiimur-mii"- 



ma - 

Colliery, 9. ^Jjf^^^J^ kylinnur-ms 
Collision, ^. ^^l>- ch^tshnui, ajL^ 

t^sldum^ to come into — , v.n. 

^jU^l^ ch^tshmak, UjUa? t^- 

sldum-et. \j^*jd^ )ghmazt-"^}'n. 

Collusion, «, Ks^^m^ miStssamaha, (joUxf 
Coloi^el, 9. ^-J^j^ mir-idky ; lieutenant- 

— ^ 9, aU^mjIS ka'im-mdkZm (Idy- 
Colony, ff. J^-jt 6jak. [makAm). 

Colour, «. clU; rink. 
Colt, 9. sJ^ tiiy ; (of an ass) Ln^ s)pa. 




Cdimm, g. w^J dh^k, t>y^ "ihnud, 
yjj^ eOtun ; (of soldiers) j^ Ik tXbur, 
Jy k61. [t^ramak. 

Comb, s, tSJff iknk ; — , v.a. (j^\)o 

Combat, «. ^ji^^^ dhghadi ; — , v.a, 
j;a!J Wi«^J^ b^zmo^rAa-chlltshmak. 

Combinatioii, », i^,^jO tErkib ; jU?! 

Combine, v,a. \^^^J tsrldb-et; ^-r/^ 
mbj-et; — , v.n. IjliJl itti£zk-et; 
\ ^J^\ fantizaj-et. 

Combustible, tf. jl^^ ^jW y^ar ; — ^, 
9. J>-Ailj ydkajok. 

Combustion, ». ^^b ydntsb, ^b y^nma. 

Come, t;.ii. 0X4).^ gbMmek ; — along, 
i^X^J^ ghsliTBrmek ; — asmider, 
JU{^ k6pmak, Jk<J^1 ayribnak ; — 
at, Ci.4.Cr.i[ y^tishmek, J^vb ^^ 
yontna-viurmak ; — away, ^-^|^ 
CXJi^ brakfp-gfaslmek ; — back, 
CXil^ jt/^ gbEii-gbMmdL ; — back 
again, i^X^^ or \jbdji blr-d^a or 
ylns (gh^nB)-gbElmek ; — between, 
CX«^^t^l kraya-gblrmek ; — by, 

v,n. cX»ffr gb^bmek ; , v.a. 

1 t JU p^yda-et, jJy bdlmak ; — 
off, (j^^ olmuk; (j^^ k6pmak; 
Jh^JU^ cblkmak ; — on, (J^j^ ti^- 
mak ; (J^JHA) blsblamak ; iiX*j}yJi£ 
ghElivBrmek ; — oat, JUi*>^ cblk- 
mak ; — short, cJu]^C)«i1 ^ksik- 
ghilmak ; — to, cXcjI ^tmek, 
j'jjbbalfgb.61; —together, J^Jbjt 
t^planmak, cX^l^ i/iji hir-ysra- 
ghMmek, Jh^jj bOlvshmok, jf 

CX«n1] blrleshmek; — to 
/ I4JL ■*»■ AilJu^ m^ydAna-chH 
yj)L bfeUi-ol; —up, J^frf- 
mak ; cX*jy^ sitrmek ; — I 
JkV^U blssmok, (J^^ t^'^ 
(J^\ii yikdlamak ; — ^, int, i^J 
JU>aj dEy-bXkllfm, i^Jl«\c^J 
-imdi (d^yindi). 
Comet, 8, JjL ^jl^ k()yrnklu-}j 
ib|^«3jj Ztt-z^^nlbd. [kEfl 


Comfit, 9. jSsJ^ A^kxr, JuS^^^s^ 

Comfort, «. (ease) ^jl-^^j rahot ; { 
Bolation) ^X^ t^ssMli; — J 
CX«^^ l/*^ t^ss^-virmek. 

Comfortable, a. d-'^»>|^ rahat. 

Command, 8. j^\ hnar (^mir), ^ 
fsrmln, ^UjJ t^bih ; (mili^ 
IT jJt«y k6m4nd« ; — , vm. \j^^ I 
et, \l^ t^nbih-et, ^^ty fEnnAi 
(J^j^ buy vrmok ; UjjUy k^mAi 
et ; (as a gun) CX«;^^ siipunl 
CX«n£=^0 di^^Amek ; (as a | 
t4aiU;« muhlfoza-et, j;^U kj 

Commander, 8, j^\ amir, LjU z 
CJ^ biyuk; ^Lj^ BBr-"X5s1 
(navy) ^fj^^pU mililaztm-kApi| 
(klptAn), i^^i^^ fldnji. 

Commence, v.a. and «. Jk«^V ^^ 
lamak, \j\c\, Ujj b^d'-el 

Commencement, «. J^t evvbI, ^ 
bXsh, \dsj\ ibtida, *JJ bfedX ^^ 

Commend, v.a. t».JL<« m^dh-ef, 
8£na-et ; l^y tiivslyys-et. 




0»l*]iq)e, Cosl-hoiise, s. ^jy*f kyii- 

Gal-miDe. Coal-pit, 9. ^J^a« J}*^ 
Covae. c li klba; ^j\ \n. 
Cout,#. (J^-l-* sahil, c^U^j^J dhiytz- 
-kinari ; iL y^a, ,^ Uyi . 

siMiko; Jt3^ khbka; (of a horae) 

c^l? d6o. [-tj^kluna. 

Cocoa, #. ^^«40^ iSit^L^ cfalkolata- 

Coooa-Bot, 9. ^jy^ ^;bu«JCJb cJ|^ 

CobUcr, #. ^yF^ji^ p^puahju (plpujju). 


CLyiLe ^b tiri-"kik^bvt. 

Corhiaral, '• J^ kinnB, 

Cock, «. (bird) \j^y^ kh5n»8; (tap) 
^diO^ mcaalYrk ; (of a gun) yj^y^ 
kbf&raat ; (penis) cXrf ^ ; — a gun, 
roi. ^^^^4^i^^1 iwat-t^ti^AB- 
llnii^ [-ibi^iU. 

CodL'a-ooBib, «. ^^}u^y/^ kb^roBS- 

Cocoon, «. fjy k6zff, yp^j^ k^zol^Uc. 

Cod,«.(fiih)^b A:jj^ m6raia-b}U^Ai; 
(of beim) j«Ji klbuk; (sprotmn) 
^4^ tJ :Ll\t Uabak-t6rbatti. 

Coffee, «. J^ kiJiwK. 

Coffee-pot, #. Ijj3^ ji^zwa; (large) jj^/ 
gbf^Jyum, ^P^^ ibrik. 

CotfGer, 4. J^^^^i^ aXndtk. 

CqffiB. 9. iZ^^^ Ubut. 

Cogent, f . ^»f<« inikbiinm 
i»^^ mibrim (m&br^tn). 

<«^^ » 

Cofl. *. JUJ klnghll ; — , v.a. I JUiS 

Coin, «. id aikkE ; ij^ p^, id/ \ 

Ikcba ; (of a gun) J-ij aO ; — ^ f>.a. 

1c-^ diUrMt, CX>»»,^ ktomek, 

JU^li blasmok. 
Coincide, vji. ^ j;ilk« m^t2btk-61. 
Coition, «. ^^id Bikiab, ^U>- jhna'^ 
Cold, a. and «. ^Jy^ye 8^4uk ; (in tbe 

head) Jjty n^wf^, Ap nhz\£, ^^J 

zilkkyam. [-ly^rast. 

Colic, *. j^yfH^ »injt, ,^<-Jy£'v:i^Vi kAm- 
Collar, ». U> ydka; (horse ^ i:^^.*>- 

h^vt ; — , vj». ij^\l^ 74kalamiik. 
Collate, v.a. \i\j\JL< mukibsls-et, 
Colleague, *. jui; rfefik, ^J:\j^j\ krka-^ 

dash. [tdplamok. 

Collect, VM, tw4^ j^m"-et, ^f*!^^ 
Collection, 9. ^4^ j^" ; te4Jsr^ m^j- 

ma"ii; ASlbt&knn; ar^sira. [dressB. 
College, «. Cy.^r>C< m^tsb; J^jiiy mh- 
Collier, 9. ,^U jyc^ ^y^nr-Uiyi^Ai ; 
Njjp-i\ ^ J^*^ j></ kyiimiir-mA"- 

^■ni-lshjtssi. [dsni. 

CoUiery, f. ^^Jj^jy4^ kyknnr-ma"- 
Collision, ^. i^^^W ch^ttshma, /^Voj 

t^ldum; to come into — , o.a. 

^jaJLj\^' ch^tishmok, ^AjLai t^- 

sldom-et. C^;?^ lghmazi-"Ajn. 

Collusion. », i^si^\mm< m^ssamaha, ^Ufl 
Colonel, f . c5^^^ mur-HAy ; lieutenant- 

— , 9. f\SAAi\j ka'im-mdklm Qsky- 
Colony, 9. jl>j1 ^jok. [makXm). 

Colour, 9, CJjj rsnk. 
Colt, 9. u^ tay ; (of an ass) U^ sipa. 




Comparison, ». (^^ kiyass, 
t^bih. [b^lmB. 

Compartment, «. ^U- khaiii, ^jJ 

Compass, s. «X>- h^d, Jrjljj\ xndazE ; 
»Jj\t} da'irE; (mariner's) ^Juy 
pussUi ; to fetch a — , vm. ^JaJ^^ 
d^loshmak; — ,vm. ^JkIjL&jS k^sh- 
Xtmak ; — one's ends, en. ^j^j^^ 
dydurmak, j^(Jjli^Ci^|^ m^ramtna- 
na'fl-^. [(psrghsl). 

Compasses (pair of) «. j\^ pirghyar 

Compassion, «. L::>%4g>y< mirhknet. 
Compatriot, s, ^^jifLAib h^msh^hri. 
Compeer, ». ^ kyilfv, ^^^/^ Xkran. 
Compel,t;.a.^j-5j- jfebr-et,|^Us^l ijbar-et. 
Compendions, a. Ai^ kissa, j,a!i^ 

mukhtXssllr, J^ajbt* mikjmM. 
Compensate, v.a. ^ ^ 4* fli tXzmin-et; 

— , v,n. j^i^t^Ji kk8htlik.Qi, 
Compensation, s, ^i;4>i^7 tlzmln, 

CL?l;g4^ tlzmlnlt; jM^^ ^- 

Compile, v.a. \imJu^ tXssnif-et, 

\^^j^ ji5m".et, IvJJlf tfe'lif-et. 
Complain, v.a. 1oj1x& shikyayet-et, 

\^JjJ t^hfekki-et, %^\ ishtikya-et. 
Complaint, 8. l:uooL& shlkyayet, (J[^C& 

sh^w&; yj»j^ mdraz, (.::,Jl& "ill^t, 

J; J dsrd. [kim ; ^UcJ t^timmE. 

Complement, 9. L*owy tirtib, iJU^ Xk' 
Complete, a. J^^^iu t^kmil, ^^A^sy 

miik^mmM, i*b tlmm, aUJ tlmlm ; 

— v.a. IJ-^ t^kmfl-et, Jk^IcUJ 

l}LmAmlamak, CX«^ bltirmek. 
Complexion, 8. Cii; rsnk, ^jj l^vn. 

Complicate, v.a. ^««;*3^^l3 karj 
dtrmak, \fjJUji kXnsluk-et. 

Compliment, 8. fXa s^lam ; ,jL^ 
^^arjUl Isstlhsan-ifadissi. 

Comply, t;.ji. 1Jbs^\ imtissalM 
lUU^t^ muwifakXt-et. 

Compose, t;,a. \\^^mlji tsrtib-et, 11^ 
tsrkib-et; (J^j\i ykaoak, j;^!^ 
kalsma-Xlmak ; clX«L^ siiwi} 
mek, \fiai nlzm-et ; j\ JLvb ^ 
tsrkibina^dakbil-61, j^l<^^/<^^ 
fejzayt . mftr^kkib&si - 61, ^^^l 
k"za8s>-61; -*- one's self, i 
Jk«^V ydttshmok. 

Composition, 8. ^.^O txrkib ; u^ 
tErtib ; ]^>"1 fejza ; ^^yf^ mk jil 
cjuola^ kltabet, ^ shi'V. 

Compost, «. ttytf gbyhbrs. 

Compomd, a. «>-^/« mikrikkEb; ' 
v.a. Ik-^.-'v^ titrkib-et. 

Comprehend, v.a. \ aLW\ ihata- 
j^J^lSi shamil-ol, j^^iy^ ^^ 
muli-61; ^j^<i^ doglamak (m 
mak), tcJ|;Ol )dnik-et. 

Compress, 8. ^J^ siirghi. 

Comprise, v. a. jt J^L& shamil-oL 

Compromise, «. ^^ sulh, ^^jJ^i < 
lashma; — , v.a. ^J^j^^ kl^i: 
dtrmak;! J^^M»^ m^s'ul-et; (}^^, 
uzlashmak,j\^^ sulh-61. 

Compulsion, «. i^z^jy^js^ m^jburiyy 
j\fP^\ Ijblr, jj^k^l izttrar. 

Compunction, «. uu^ljJ n^dam 
jLU^ (plshmXnlik). 

Compute, VM, 1u^Li>> hissab-et. 




XI \«< tt\ 

--.r^Ti, 0. y*5^ mcH iff, J^^^" 


':^e, p.fl. I|JL^ tfesalim-ct. 

'.^irable, a. j«atfL« miitaaslvyir, 

::sve, rui. [;^.^ t^sslvTur-et, 1 Jic 

u-4k,^|^U- hamilB-6l. 

•ttirate. i7.«. j;^^ t^plamak; 

-"^, #. jji^ t^saXvvur, cJ?*"^ 
'^'%al, (/iJjl ^U- hanulB- 

'-^, f. l«)U madds, /il iflh, 
s:-^*^** mlaUiluit ; dlL^Li klssa- 
•^. ;^ kidir ; — , v.a. Jk^^^jJ 
: irnnjA ; ^ one's self. VM, Id-^U 

-^^. I. jlSl htifSk, 4)Las?\ ittihad ; 
j^Ji\>^ chUght-m^jlisn ; — 
•^?^. vjL \j\ij\ IttifXk-et, jj/ 
^^jii kinr-virmek. 
' '"^^. M. Ic-Jis^ j^b-et. 

^/^^ milkhtXas^, Ai^ Idssa. 

-' Jifie. »A CUyy bitinnek ; IdAc 
•* —. VM. cXiV bitmek ; 
-'^ ^ » ^glamak ( ^uamak ), 
:'A^^, Cj^^jli*^ 
"-' lu-vEnnek. 
--aaon, tf. cJj^ B^np, ^| akbir ; 



J^ 'Ud ; j\ji kXrar ; ^1^1 in^- 
layish (dnnaytsh), m^jssxj isstikliraj. 
Conclusive, a. ^^^jilaj klt"i, ^IJU mdknt". 
Concord, *. jlij wifxk, cu-J jlir« mu- 
khad^^t. [(klkbXltk. 

Concourse, », a\^Jj\ izdtham, jj<clf. 
Concubine, 8. jl^^ 6dalik. 
Concur, v,n.^]ji\j} bsrabEr-^L 
Concussion, s. fjLpj\^ s^rstsh^ ^jiLojla 

slirstltsh, 4U1W sXdAma. 
Condemn, vm. ^^^cus>-l^ klbabot- 
-bdlmak; j;Jy^L>^li kXbahotlt. 
-bilbnak ; \jSj>- d:^ljq»^ j^a38tna- 
hiikm-et ; cXc^^ j\ji ^*^j^\jjt yitfa- 
Condensation, s. i^i\(,l t^kj^uf. 
Condense, vm. I<— AaC t^sif-^t; -.-, 

v.a. I u. i * > t^k^suf-et. 
Condescend, t;.)i. ^ JJi^j t^n^ul-et. 
Condescension, «. JjiJ t^n^zzul^ 
Condign, a. ^juJi^\^jssL^ m^ssta-^ 

Condiment, s.Jj^ cb^rez, ^jj\j kAttk. 
Condition, «. Jl>- bal ; i^y p^r^s^ ; 

1^ abkt. 
Condole, v.n. \^j^ tk"njjE'et, 
Condolence, s, 4» ;«J tk"z\yyE, 
Conduce, v.ii.j!<j^^ m&ntij-ol, ^lil^^ 

mdri88-ol,j^i»_^^^ mujib-d. 
Conduct, 8. ^^s^j^ h^^kit ; -r-« vm, 

ijX*jJ^^ gbyikturmek. 
CoQ^uit, 8. tj^y^ si^-y61u. 
Cone, 8, ^J^ mlddirut. 
Confectioner, 8. ^^^Jj^ sb^ksiji. 
Confectionery, 8, Jj^ sb^ker, 




Confederacy,^. jUjt IttifiKk; ^^din<^ mi!it- 
Ck)iifederate, s, ^jis^ tahtth^. [t^fikin. 
ConfederatioD, s. jUil Htif2k ; ^Jur,< 

miitt^fiktn. [cH^/^y k6iiferan8s. 
Cooferenoe, a. ^iCe mi^yal^mE ; 
Confess, v.a. ] j\^\ yurar-et, )uJ\^\ 

Confession, 9,j\Ji\ ikrar, i^\jicA i"tiraf. 
Confide, v.a, ^jmLJ t^sslim-et, ^M^J^ 

tfevdi"-et; — , v.n. liJU^^Jw^l fern- 

nijry^t-et. [I"thn&d. 

Confidence, $, \^^»4i\ ^mnlyy^, j\ajc\ 
Confident (to be), v.n. ^^^U^J^^g^ 

JkcU]^^ h)ch-shikbhisei-61manMdc. 
Confine, v.a. ^^/«f»- hXbss-et, (J^^ 

kApAtmok; }/^'^ hlssr-et; to be 

confined, v,n. (J^j^^ d^^Aunaok ; 

— — — to one's room, fpJ? 

^jH»U3j g^ tXshra (dishin) chlknunndc ; 

(one's bowds) ^^\Sur\ 

Confinement, ». jiLiJl^ i^^ja^\ khiri- 

yo-klpAnmokltk, ^jjL£<US,j^faJg;lljg 

dlshan'-cykmanuiklik ; ijm^^ hi^bss; 

f^s^ji^ (j^j>- cb^juk-d^i^Aunnak- 
Confines, a, pL *iy^^ hilidud. [Ml. 

Confirm, t;.«. (ratify) tj;>Judji tikssdik-et; 

(in office) \ \m\ ibkl-et. 
Confiscate, v.a. \ iw zXbt-et, Ijt^jLs^ 

mussldoni-et. [b^rik. 

Conflagration, «. ^jm\i y^gbn, (Jj f»> 
Conflict, a. m*>\^ tteldum; dXu^ 

jfcnk; 4-C^ ehWshma, *iijU 

Conform, v.ji. \J\tiJi Imtissil-et, \\iai\ 

lktifa*et, fc::JJU^ mftmass^l^t-^ 
^}AJjl\ uymok. 

Conformable, a. Jbtt^ miimassil. 
Conformably, mf. SU^LoI imtissalaD 

ILmiL; tltbtkon. 

Conformity, «. kz. JjU^c miimassel^t. 

Ccxifoond, v.a. JhJJIlU'ji*^ m^bhi 
-kUmak,lc:jidU86kyat-et; ^.^^JJ^^ 
kXnsbdirmak, \ kJ^ t^addtt-et. 

Confuse, v.a. Jk«J^I& sbAslurtmal 
jK«;JySbjli lOkr&bdirmak. 

Confused, a. (tbinga) (j^j^ klnshil 
to become — (a person), V4i. (^j^ 

Confusion, «. ^jU^U kXnshiklik. 

Congeal, v.a. ^jm«-£=^ dbngmc 
^ J>4.yv< m^j^mid*oI ; — , ri 
^J^My^ d^^uruM^L* 

Congelation, a. «>Uasr\ kijimld. 

Congestion, a. liXd s^dds. 

Congratulate, v.a. Ic3^^ t^brik- 
)f^ t^bniyys-et ; I — yoa ! cJ^ 
{jL'H^ gbyinHiy-iiydin. [tfehnK ] 

Congratulation, ». CXi^ t^rik, ^ 

Congregate, ^j^itj^ t6planm4 
1w4^ t^j^mmu"-et, t 


t^rai -^1. 

[c:..wM»- jfem"iy) 

Congregation, a. 
Congress, a» ^^jy^ 

. *< 


Conic, Conical, a. |^^ siibu, ij^^y 
m&kbrvtt; conies, a. pi. CL^Lt^ > 

Conjecture, a, ^^ zihm ; ^j^^i^ ta) 




-:.c:al,c. j>-jj z^vjT, jl*L« ^\jJj\ 

*^:j^, i^s('^^:^^if^ 


'^jigatioD, a, Iju^a stglia. 

^jiinction, #. u,okf> (—[;>- barft-"ltf. 

:jincttire, *. ii-J^ wlktt, JU- hai. 

->e, PA t WyCJj p^k-rija-et, 
,^Cij p^k-nlyaz-et, J^^^V^i 
:':ii-jAlvannflk; — ^, v.n. \jsr* sihr-et. 
*:^^. 9,^jX^ sihrbAZ. 

-'^ OA CU;J^ bitishdirmek, 

^uo^y ulashdtrmak ; ^J««]Lc\j 

.-w,l irtiblt, Ajixs "Jdaka; f^a:i^ 

^Jsm, ly 1 ikraba, 

' ~j:.Tsaoe, t. 2Lcr*L*«« mikssamaba, 

^^-ijfiUil ighinizi-"Jiyn. 

"-^'S. 5 J. cJ^jj^j^ ghydninEyi- 

"^"^ Vi>^^ lgbinlz»."^ 

'■?% (J. (meo) Ic^jLU mi^blub- 

•et; (pbces) tjli ftth-et, Ik-J zXbt- 

"^^ J?*** t^sskhir-et. 

'I"w,i. J^iitib; OUgbilib. 

^r-«t, ,. ^ ftth,^,-i-^ tbdcbtr ; 

*^ri^ v : .<U« insml^kiti.m^eha. 

'^^ence, #. w-Jj kilb, ^^ zkmlt ; 

oU\ bail. [m^nsif. 

-sciaitkwi, a. jliUi^ bttiii, 

Conscious (to be), v.n. (J^^^ duymak, 

\ij>>>^ blsss-et; j^^j^ kbXb£ri-ol. 

jlcjulj wlktf-61 ; — , a. uJdIj wAki'f. 

Consciousness, 9. j^ kblbBr, ««J%Sj 
wukuf ; j^^r-^- bisss. 

Consecrate, v.a. i^^j£f tXkdlss-et; 

y^jOtf^as^ tlikbstss-et. 
Consecrated, a. ^yosi^ mikbsuss. 

mukbXsss^ss ; 


JkA^ mii- 

Consecutive, a. lJI^s** miit^vall, ^t:«s^ 
miitdtali, L-^U:^ m&ta"aktb. 

Consecutively, (uf. I^IjC/o muta"aktb(in» 
^ly;^ mtitdvaliyy^tBu. 

Consent, s. \>aj rlza ; — , v.n. CJ^'^;^ \^j 
liza-vErmek, a^j^i^l^ razi-61. 

Consequence, 9. ^^^^ n^tiJE, SjAJ 
s^mETE ; of — ,j^J\^sjJo\:>^ kblttri- 
•sliy tltr ; of no — , J^V.^ sayilm^z ; 
that is of no — , Afj^j^ z^an-y6k. 

Consequent, «. ^^ tali; — ^, a. wiU 
tabt", \of,^ m^nut, ^^,f mirbut ; (in 
word andact) JjlL^i^jyy Jl^\j^\ 
\j )j\ ishi-VK-2LkwHt-birbirin£-miitA- 

Consequently, nd. ^Jlc^Lj bina'an- 
."ilfeyb, cJJiJ^ii^b blnaW'^k- 
-zaliks, ^yW binabErm, ^}^^, 
bun^arbbaa'on, ^^y^^ld^ bun^a^mbbni. 

Conserve, ». ci^ r^hel ; -*- of roses, 
P^.\^ ghyi^l-bd-sb^BT. 

Consider, v.a. (a- thing) f^lk« 
militala'Vet, l4i9»-L« in(flahaza-et, 
Cj.uJ>jJ d&shunmek; (a person) 




JUjU B^ymak; — as, 1 J^ "ddd-et, 
\jLss\ 2"tibar-et, (J^^J^ Ajmdk.. 

Ccmuderable, a. cJ^ bijak, 
jteim ;, ^Ja kyMlI, Ajbf. "Xztm. 

ConaderatioD, ». 43»-lLc mii]ahaza, 

jJblp sliyght; jV^^ T'tibar; 

(^jlj kJmhtUk. 
Consig^n, v.a. UJ.-* t^slim-et, ^^«^y 

t^dt"-et ; \fjmj\^ 8)pariBh-et. 
Connsti^ t'.ji. y *^J^ "ibaret-61. 


miltBT^b-dl. [ttealiyy^t. 

CoDBoli^tion, 8. ^JmJS tbwHli, ^.JuJ 
Console, t;.a. CX«^j ,^^UJ tte^li- 

virmek, !u:^Ju«J t^ssUyj^t-et. 
Consolidate, v.a. \^j:^^fj t^ylyy^t- 

et, cJ^^ <^^^ tXkvlyy^t-TKrmek, 

1 Ju^l} t^'kid-et. [miitlbtk. 

Consonant, «. ^J>^ bkf ; — , a, (^Ua^ 
Consort, *. ^jj zfevj ; *^j[j zferJB ; 

JiSdSiJ^ ^kadosh, fj^j r^f ik ; — ,t;.fi. 

J^^sy k^n^ushmak, t l^lb^t Uditi- 

Ut-et. [-jkn^nda, y jJl Ju^ m^dlnda. 
ConspicQons, a, 9dcS^ j^Ss ghyikz- 
Conspiracy , «. oLi j!j«^ gbizli-ftssad, <l;ci 
Conspirator, g.Jiicsi fitns-kyiir. [fitns. 
Constancy, «. di^Lj s^bat, ^y^j ril- 

sukb, UL^ljb.0 sXdakXt. 
Constant, «. Aji:j\j sabitkldsm, «^}; 

rasikb, J4>W sldik; aS^J da'im, 

^4j\«3 da'imi, UL^li sabit, ^42Uw« 

Constantmople, s. J^lsu^t Isstiinb^l; 

lZJJ\m^jJ d£ri.8d"adet (the Gate of 


Constantly, ad. \aj\j da'ima» djt^^SJ^ 

bir-dilziyE, ^L&j) la-y^nklts". 
Constipation, s. ^UaJI Inktblz. 
Constitute, r.a. CJwMjt ^tmek ; ^i-^-^ 

nlssb-et ; i}^%^ 61mak, ^^3^ 

Constitution, 9. (man's) *^j>^j vxijl 

^Lii biinyln, ^j^ mizaj; (stat4 

^y^fjm\m»\ ^sMsst-kanun. 
Conatitational. «. ^^JLUu kBil 

^^)l^\^A.\fjl» d^Aushdon - 61ii 

nina*miltIbtk-6lAn; ^A^ m^brl 

«XX« mdkiiyyM. 
Constrain, vm, \ •a>- j^br-et, <Jk«^ 

z6rlamak, 1 jV^^ ijbar-et. 
Constraint, s. ^jLm^^ ^kt; «^JCiA 

s^ktndt ; jfD^ j^br ; (,/-•*>* h^bss. 
Constmct, v.a. t JU^l i"mal-et, \ U 

insha-et, ^ l:j bina-et, Jh*^^ y^pmals 
Constnction, «. JU^\ "imal,llj^ Insh 

\ij blna, . ^ y^pt. 
Consul, «. (jm^^y kbnsoloaa. 
Consult, VM. JUU^J dXntsbmc 

\Sj\L3>^\ IsstisharE-et ; — togeth< 

v,n. \sjji\JL^ mitohavETE-et, \dJNy 

m^virEt-et ; (4octors) \j::l^ 

Consultation, s, tJjLs^} iastishar. 

jr^jlw« m^avET^; Cpj^L^ mH 

VETEt ; fiymjy k^nsiklto. 
Consume, v.a. CX^ bitirmek, clX.^jJS' 

diik^tmek, cX#i yfemeiLs — ^ t\ 

cXcJbltmek,jl<^ tUef-6U 





mm ; — , vji. \^ zlim-et ; \^^j^Aaer 

CoBjooidj, oil. ^ji^L^ mi^tEr^ksn. 

Coojngate, a. ^y^j^ mbzdhyi} ; — , v.a. 
'- *• — * Umif-et, Ci^jv-. .■V.t^^^w 

Cooji^atioo, ». ^(JLitf sigha. 

CoDJimctioii, #. ^,gVtP> (— J;>> harft-'^ltf. 

CcmjiiDctiire, «. u:^j w^ft, JW hSl. 

CoQpire, r-a. 1 ^v^^ p^k-rija-et, 
\ jUC-b pfek-niyaz-et, tH;)^\lCij 
p^-jHrarmak ; — ^, v.n. \jsr' slhr-et. 

Ccajnrer, s.jhj^ Bihrbiz. 

Coanect* vm. cX^j^yLsj bitishdinnek, 

^J^ejJj^jji ulaahdtnnak ; ^j^Lclj 

Connezioo, s. vj.*y-»^< miinase^b^t, 

^f\JJ^ irtibit, ijU "Maka; ^^.a:^ 

UusBin. \iy\ Ikraba. 
CoauBTanoe, t. ^^s:r*L^ miiBsaixiaba, 

^^^^Uhcl )glimlzt-"kyn. 
CooniTe, vji. cJ^j^j^ gbyiinnDBTi- 
▼»niiA,^^^^Ukcl ighiD2zt-"^yn-et. 
Cooqiio; vm, (men) t(^j)jU m^blub- 

-et ; (phces) 1^ f^th-et, lla^ zXbt- 

-«t, tje^K^ tbrakhir-et. 
Conqoerar, s. ^^ fatth; l^^ gbAlib. 
Cooquot, s. ^ Ri!(h,ji^s*^ t^askbtr; 

^SLk^ insmlddEti*m^uha« 
». c^iS kAlb, j*4i0^ z^ir ; 
iUul biftXf. [miknsif. 

CooflcieDtioiia, a. jULail baZflt, <— Q>rtV < 

Conscioiis (to be), v.n. jK^^<i> dOynuik, 
1,j«i>- hisss-et; j\(^Sj^ kblb£ri-ol. 
j\i^Ji\j wlktf-61 ; — , a. t^lj wlktf. 

Consciousness, 9. j^ kh^lbxr, 1— N3j 

wukuf ; ^/>->- bisss. 
Consecrate, v. a. I^^AaJ tlkdiss-et; 

^^jo^f^aeT tkkbstss-et. 
Consecrated, a. ^yos^ miJcbsvss, 

(^,;*a5:r< mukhXsss^; i;««XL« mil- 

Consecutive, a. lJ\^ milt^vali, ^^s^:^ 

miit^talT, (^.^U:;^ in&ta"aktb. 

Consecutively, a(/. Li\jc^ muta"aktban, 
July^ milit^valiyy^tsn. 

Consent, s. li; rlza ; — ^ vm. CJ^j U»^ 
rka-vErmek, )^^^^)j razi-61. 

Consequence, 8. ^^s^^ n^iJE, XjAJ 
s^mETE ; of — , jj^\^i^Jb\:>- kblttrt- 
-sl^yilir ; of no — , J^t^ saytlm^z ; 
that is of no — , A^i^j^ z^ari-y6k. 

Consequent, 9, ^^ tali; — , a. ^U 
tabs", )o^ mtovt, i^^mirbut ; (in 
word andact) j;jlk«4t»yy J\j|i\j^l 
^ S^\ iahi-VB-lkwik'-birbirin£*miitA* 

Consequently, ad, lUif'^lj bina'an- 
."^feyh, c3JiJ^-*b blnaon-"^^. 
-zaltki, v:;i/^ blnabErln, •^l:^^^^^ 
bdn^blna'on, 15V" ^ bihi^m^bnl . 

Conserve, ». Jk»y r^el ; — of roses, 
^J J^ gbyiil.b^-shftkBr. 

Consider, v.a. (a- thing) l^UfiM 
mikta]a"k-et, l^b^-lu mdlahaza-et, 
OU^jJ d&shunmek; (a person) 




k^ntmito ; dSjlL« inidcAv6lE ; — , v.ii. 

torn-llmak; CX«^j ^^^^ E^lf*^^ 
tura-Tirmek ; ClUljy biizalmek, 
C3w4K9- ch^kilmek; Ja^\j\j dXrll- 
mak, ij^\j\ }LzXlmak; — » vm, 
JU^l Htshmok; cUJJjI ^dinmek, 
\ IjuJ p^da*et; \ Joe "ikd-et; (J^^^ 
klssnui^; Jnclljb diurlltmak, J^\;t 

Contraction^ s. ^l^ IdssAlish, ^ ^ ilCj* 
ch^kiliah, \^^j}i bdtzulaeh. 

Contractor, «. a|ic^ in^ta"jihhid, |*/^ 
midt^zim, ^pHu^^^ gbyiiitura-llAn. 

Contradict, o.a. l^,^tVO t^kzib-et. 

Contrariety, 8, uJ]U kbiUf, {^\ ^ c 
"^BiUk. cJJuy tirsslik. 

Contrary, a. ^^y tirss, ^^^^^ "idcsT, 
u-illiB* mdkbalif, Ju^ zidd. 

Contrast, b. j^i ftrk. 

Contravene, v.a. \LS^^->^^iU> kUU- 

Contribute, v.ii. ^/•^li yJUtlim-et, WUt 
i"2nB-et ; — , vm. KlX^ji^ VErmek, 
\6j\s\ i"an£-et. [virgby^ (vsrgbi). 

Contribution, 8, ^\s\ i"an£, j^^^ 

Contrition,*. (c^^JJ nfedamfet, jjj Uj .t, » 
p^cbimlnltk (pbbmlnlik). 

Contrivance, 8, J[^ yol, \Ji^ k61ay, 
«;\>- cbarc, cu^yc« ma"rif^t, 4^la^ 
ijad ; ^d^*»^ btlfi. 

Contrive, v.a. t J^C^ ijad-et, J^jJ 
bOlmak ; — , v,n. {J^j'^ij}^ uydurmak, 
cfJ^^ji y61nnn-bdlm«k, ^^^y 
JU3^ k61aymi-bulmak. 

Control, 8, j^\ hmr ; iau^ zXbt ; Jr^l 

Idars; d-^Uoi nXzar^t; — ^, ^ ^ 

zXbt-et ; J^jUJy kulDLnmnk ; \ sj 

idars-et, \iJ:J>Jiaj nlzarbt-et. 
Controveray, «• ^(Sl^-Lm* milbahBss 

djjlsr* mikjadili; l£!j\i^ munaza'l 
Controvert, vm. lu.,-Oi3bCj t^Lzib-et. 
Contamadoos, a. <^M^ inikt6mkrr{ 

t^^^ gbayri-mdti", ^\^ "zs^ 
Contuse, v.a. CX«J V b^rslemek. 
Contusion, «. ^ b^. 
Convalescence, «. uuJlil Ifaklt. 
Convene, vm. \^^ jbm"-et, ^J^o^j 

Convenience, ». 

kMayltk ; 

Convenient, o. 

k51ay ; jlijj^y k6layUklt. 
Convent, «. cf^JLifU^jJ Idz^rnXni^til 
Convention, «. «X|C "kbd, JfJJ^Wc mi 

"abidi, ^vS^ mdkav6is. 
Converge, vji. ^lAjii ^ t6planmai 

Cii^xtJyj bbrlesbmek, Ji^*.Ujft^ yi 

Conversation, «. \^^*k^ s6bbet, k^J, 

UOurdi, uJ^ llf. I 

Converse, vm\>j:^^^ s^bbet-et, \i^«^ 

likirdi-et, \<^ Uif^, Cl^^ 

si^w^ylBshmek ; — ^, 8. ^jSa "^ 

(M^ ticrss. 
Convert, 8. (i^JCf« miibt^di ; — , vu 

C)w€^i^ fj^JCJ^I ibtidayE-gb^dnnek 

CX«^^ ob^vinnek« CX«;JJ^ dun 


^J rahot, ^^;^ 

\j rabat ; i^x 




itmlm-ct; — , a. ^♦^^ mi^k^mm^. 
CoDsomptioD, s. ^j>' kh^ij ; (disease) 

Consumpdye, a. j)^j vErBmli. 
Contact, «. (jm\AJ t^ml888» ,JlJ t^lakt, 

JLjI tetiasll. 
Cootagion, #. vjuoUm* sirilyet, ^U.^^)^* 
bcH^hing, X^^gy ghfechnm; ^iLatsJie 

Contagiooa, a. iJ^^Li sari, jy^^. bi^l^htr, 
ysr gh^chxr, jJjlvjuot^ slrayet-Msr. 
Cootain, v.a. ^^^t llmak; jl (^l>- 

bsfi-M, jt,J^L& shaiDil-61, jf Ji^clI^ 

Tnftslit^il^^l; \ \2m0c zXbt-et; — one's 

self, ^^IJ? dj^yanmak. 
CoDtammate, v.a. (j^j%> hbundk, \JLti\ 

ifrad-et, cf^^^^ bul^shdsnnak, 

\ <^j|l7 t^Mss-et. 
Coatamioated, a. ^^ b^irk, JuiU 

f^add; ij^ji bdl^sbtk, CJjL« miil- 

l^irv^. (Iftad ; ci>J^ tUvTss. 

Coptaminalinp, 9. (juot^ sirajet ; jLJI 
CoDtcBBn, v.a. ^JxUjI^ a^ymmniik, 
^uJUad«1 kstikhf af-et, tjUficL ks- 
tiiiklr-et [miklabaza-et. 

CooCen^late, oui. f ^^ nlzar-et, ^ ^»-l« 
Coatempoffary, «. and a.^ljt« miy'^Asstr. 
Caatempt,#.j\£2^fiB8tihklr; uJU^cL^f 

katikhfaf ; umU; ^J^ "j^dEmi-ri"- 

ay^ W£.<v^^>»«Xc "^idEmi-biikrm^. 
Caotein|itibIe, a. (person) ^as^m^ m^ss- 

t&hU^, JJj zi^il, JjJj r^H; (thing) 

^^^^ ,^J^ la-sh^-m^kulassi, 

^f^ jdz I. 

Contend, t;.ii. litp ni4a"-et, licjlk^ 

munaza"d-et; tUjl )ddt"a-et. 
Content, a. ^j^ razT, J^xl>- kbdshnud; 

^13 klnt"; — , t;.a. ^,^|; razi-et ; 

\ Ci^^t^,l^\ ikna".et. 
Contention, 9, ^U} niza", Ai^jlx^ mi!l- 

naza"i), U^ (kiiwgha). 
Contentment, 9, cr^^liJ kXna^ot. 
Contest, 9. 4jjUr« m^jaddli, ai>.L« 

mubahass£ ; — , v. a, \ jLt "bad-et. 
Context, 9, jW* jIm^ slylk-slbik. 
Contiguous, a. J«d&4 milittls8il, ^^Lo 

m^asstk, ClXlSJ bitisbik. 
Continence, «. v j -Ji.a^ issm^t. 
Continent, ». i[^ kini, j{ barr ; ^uJaS 

Contingent, a. ^Uj! ittiflkt, cJ/:^ 

m^hkyuk ; — , 9, ^Ua>- hisss. 
Continual, a. cfjUa^a mikt^madi^ '— ly» 

01^. dlUU L bUa^fissik, ^IaSk» ^ la- 

ydnkltt' . 
Continuance, 9. fSy^ d%wam, Uj b}kkl, 

JijAS^ Isstimrar. 
Continue, v.n. ^A*^ dfe^m-et ; j^(i>\*i 

da'im-6l ; \ j^=>^ tfekferrur-et ; — ^ 

t;.a. tUi^ ibka-et; ]j]j^^ t^krar-et; 

CXiLjMi_i}\[VJu4t Alt-y^nt-siiw^y. 

l^mek ; (jAj\ji tij ybia (gh^ns) y^p. 

Contortion, 9. imj\5ji^ pich-n-t2b. 
Contraband, a. jUu ydsslk, ^^s>4^ 

m^mnu"; ^j>^^{jmjA^ gbyibn- 

Contract, *. i^J^j^'^yf gbyiituru- 

pAzarltk, i^fu t^'^dihnd; j^^j^p 




Coniel-berry, s. (y^ji kiziljik. 
Cornelian, 9. Jm-ac "kluk. 
Comer, «. iJ^^ kylrsliE. 
Cornice, «. jVj^ pirwXz. 
Corollary, a. *ij^ n^tlJE. 
Coronation, 9. ff2j^ t^tw^, ^^ t^ 
Coronet, 9. ^ tlj. [t^vrikj. 

Corporal, «. ^Vo^ ^nblaht; — , a. 

^U ■■■.>■ jlaamXni; — pnniahment, 

jLt diyi*. 
Corporation, «. ^^^ i^ali ; (^/-Juc* m^j- 

liss, iJjjytA aburk; uJU^^I tonaf. 
Corporeal, «. ^U«»>* jlsamlni. 
Corps, ^. CJ^ biluk; j^\t tlbur; 

<^^\ ;Llay{ \^ liwa; JU? tUum. 
Corpse, #. *;L>- j^azB, Jl-^ jessed. 
Corpulent, a. ^^Ul^ sbisbmln, ^iJe^^ 

Correct, a. ufjijt dbghrv, ^••^ «*li3i, 

aU tXmm, ^UJ t}kinlm; — , v.a, 

^j^^ji^ dbgbrultnuik, \^«*^ 

Correspond, t;.ii. (by letter) (J^AtljfLt 

m^tublsriimek, U^Uc* mdkblbsrs- 

et, \jJj\L« miil^at^bE-et ; (in quality) 

J^^\ (yymak, cX«Kj;^\k« mtitlbik- 

Correspondence, 9. ^ULt m^kyat^bs; 

c:^lk« m^tlbuklt. [mukhbir. 

Correspondent, 9.j;\i^ mukbabir,^jJr* 
Corroborate, vm. ^^Xai ti^ssdtk-et; 

\i£^^^ tXkv)yy^-et, \ Ju&lf t^'kid- 
Corroboration, «. ^Ji^i^ tassdik. [-et. 
Corroborative, a. j^Xia^ mi^ssXddik; 

Corrode, v,a. CX«J ybmek, Ll^^^ 
cbiimtmek, j;^Jj^b' pXsslan^ 

Corrupt, a. (bad) JuilS fassid, : 
b6zuk; (mercenary) j2 ^^^^j ''^^^ 
-yir ; — , ».«. (J^J^ bArmnk, ^ J 
ifsad-et; (witb money) Ci^^ CJ 
riahv^vErmek, cX«;*>J ^U ] 

Corruption, 9. ^jAjL^J^ b^zmal 
dU^wftJji^^ cbillrutmeklik. 

Corsair, 9, k^loA^ J> J d^n^-khirsi 

Corselet, 9. 9jj C)L-^ ghyltksslik.z 

Corset, 9, ^^Mi^y k^rsets. 

Cortege, 9. iJi\ Xlay. 

Corvette, 9. vU^jy kvrvH. 

Cosecant, 9. ^IS^UJ tXmlmt-kltt". 

Cosey, a. c:-^^]^ rabat. 

Cosine, «. l, ^j'>»<»UJ tlmlmi-j^b. 

Cossack, t. %1^ klzak. 

Coss-lettnce, «. J|<[jt« marvL 

Cost. «. \|i biiha (pXba) ; uJ; 
mlssrdf ; — , vm. jul^ 61mak. 

Costiveness, «. ^\fSi\ inktblz. 

Costiy, a.j^lfi p}kbAli; lJ^Lc mok^U 

Costume, ». ul-^LS kiyaf^t. 

Cot, 9. l^J k\Avhi,Jorj\ hyihghiz. 

Cotangent, #. (^UmsaUJ tAmli 

Cotemporary, 9 and o.^ipU^ mu"A5: 

Cottage, 9. i^^i^i^ kyiky-bvi. 

Cotton, 9. Jy«^ plmuk (plmbr 
^ p^b£ 

Concb, ». ^JCi^ mlndsr; iLl\J k^na{ 
CXljJ diksb^k, jlfij ydtak. 




:<:zl I. cJpi^f iksurak ; — , v.n. 

^yiy ^utmaek. 

-■:l£, I. yLr« m^jliss* 

-iJor, f. ^jPj^l ^JlJjt* c^l^t 

. ziin'-m^liasddik • 61aii ; j* * * - 

- ssttshir. 

"vjii . _^ 1,^^ ,J^^ saymok ; — , 

;iu&Aa2tf, U«rf lima. 
-*« I. J*i pdl; (of a shop) 
*^^^ piahtakhta; (who covnta) 
J^i^ «»yiji; (opposite) ^^^15 
i.-^. [cf^y chi^bMmak.. 

^•^^ v.t. (^;^ b^zmak, ltj\^ 
rbalaace, v.a. j1 JlL^U klovhtltk. 


•-*t:feit, i. ^\i klip, ^(ft^ 
^ri.-^f. jJS3 Uklid; — ^,v.a. 


W yapamaBKD-d^ 

- -tnnudi. *. ^jj j|^j£s ghW- 

-eriwiie, t. jLAjI* Uinhilik. 

jK«y 8hMadet-ichim-imz&-k6inak ; 
— * '* >>^^ parola. [gkeaja, 

Counting-lioase, 8. ^^\ 6da, ir^U*« mk- 

Coontry* «. (native) ^j wXUn, c:^^ 
wilay^t (wUa at) ; (territory) ciuJXi^ 
mEml^kst, U3t idkya ({Jilks) ; (ont of 
town) 1^^ kyify; CJJciy> chifUik; 
(open — ) ^jS^ sldira, jJ kir. 

Coontryman, 8. ^yi kytkyla; (fellow 
— ) iJj^LAJb h^msh^hri. 

County, 8. ^l^Ui slnjak, ^ llwa. 

Couple, «« LS.^to" chlft. 

Couplet, 8. l::^ b^yt. [yl^Mtlik. 

Courage, «. 4JL^Li9^ jtoar^t, dlsX^ 

Courageous, a* LSi.'iyCj yi^Ait, jy"^ 
j^ur. [kuriyM. 

Courier, 8,Jd^ t^tar, ^Jji^ m^nzil, Jjjy 

Course, «. (whole time) Cl;iX« miidd^t ; 
(of studies) jLi^J 2r^ siro^dsrsslBr ; 
of — , A:Jt Elb^ttE. 

Court, «. (royal) ^\ja siiray, ^;*»^U 
mab^3m ; yj^^^ dtwin, ^\^ rikyab, 
^^;i:i«j binish; (of justice) IaLs^* 
m^hk^mB; (martial) '^j>' \^^*^ 
diwan-i-hiUrb ; — • plaster, yjJa\^ 
^<Mi«Sl[ jdmfbss-y^ktsst ; — yard, 
^fp- hiiTli; to pay — , vm. ^jOjC 
IcuoJ^ "tei."e;budiyT^.et, Jl 
CX4{;t tt-l^pmek, islXf^f jU kyak. 
j^pmek, cJ^^tcJJl ^k-t^mek. 

Courteous, a. j^j^y ni^wudshli, JIpU^. 
jU) khittr-nikwaz. 

Courtesy,*. Jlljljjjl^Uw khltir-niiwazltk. 

Cousin, 8, f^y\ *^y^ "Xmuja-6ghlu, 
^\A^\^\ii day-6ghlu, &c. 




Cove» 9.^jif kjrMez, cfy kdy. 
CoTenant, «. J^ "jdid, Jjj kliivl. tfljli^ 

Cover, «• ^jijf l^rtn 3 (case) (i^li kXp ; 

Urniaiak-ysr ; — » v.a. cUJ|ijt finrt- 
mek ; cf^^ kXpUmak; Jk^tj lapA- 

Covering, #. ,^jt Mu. [mak. 

CoTeriet, t. ^;l4;ji ydigluQ. 

Coyert, a. irocolt Jl U-Utuida» j};^ 

ghizu, ^u sakit. ^ khan. 

Covet, v,a. cJ^JJ^ ghyl^z-cUkmek, 

I t*l. tlmi"-et. 
CovetoQB, a. jICmI^ Uma^kyftr, i/^^ 

Covetoosness, 9,{^Jij^ Uma"kyarlik. 

Cow« 8. C)a(l mek ; — , v.a. ij^^j^ 

Coward, «. J^j^i k^rkilk. 

Cowkeeper, «. ^^ff^y^ iGtji. 

Cowl «. JtUL l^jJ klpnt-bXBhl^Jli, 

Crab, «. ^^ y^h^, (^yUd** chk- 
^Aan6aa; Ult^Lj yc^blni-slina. 

Czack, s. (Jij\>- ch^^, J^U yink ; 

. ^jtilj\j pXtlaynh; (jtj)\ wdruah; 
— , VM. (j^\j>' ob^tlamak, (Ji^Ji 
yktHmA, JUl^^ pltlamck; — , 
v.a. (jAjij\^ ch^tUtmak, ^j^Ji 
yirmok, JUJ^^ pltlatmak. 

Cracked, c. ^\^ cbdtUk, j^b 
yiknk; (mad) ^U- cUJtk, J^\j 

Cracker, a, .^uiljli pXtlangbiqh. 

Cradle, 9. CJ^ bMuk. 

Craft, s. (trade) (C^^oc^ b^I 
(canning) A»>^ hiU; (&bipi« 
<uC; t^kn£. j;>\5 Uiytk. 

Crafty, «. jli4j». hn&yar, Ji 
sh^yt^, ^j^tfj^^*^ dubtogi. 

Cram, v.a. (j^j^^^J^ ^^^ 


Cramp, ». ^^jm^jpJijJLt 8b^lfl| 

tulnunai ; — ^, v.a. Jk^m# ftiknui 
Cramp-iron, «. u-o*^ kin^. 
Crane, 9, (bird) ^j|^ tihua; 

chine) ^^U mi^hima. 
Crank, *. Jl si, Jy kM, C^fO dir 

— ^, o.j^jyi iJi^ k61ay-dfevrilii 
Crape, #. CXefTjy) bikronjok. 
Cravat, #. ,j^VctJiy bdyim-bl^Ai. 
Crawfith, Crayfish, 9. CJ*r^ b»jj 
Crawl, V.JI, cXii^^ ^j^^r* i/i y| 

-sikmn^rek • y&mmek ; C^^j^i\ 

Crazy, a. (mad) J?^^ ^^ 
(tumble-down) 4^^ yi^^^^ 
(ship) c^a;Ij bltqak. 

Creak, v.ji. J^^^j\^ chatirdai 
Jk<1«3^ gUjirdamok. 

Cream, *. ^ jj Cy* sM-yAzu ; {d^ 

— ) o^^ kiymak. 
Crease, v.a. Jk;sS Urmok; H 

1^ Urim, ^yJ Urmtf, 
Create, v.a. ^J^]^ ykrltmok, \J} ^ 
\ jU- khaik-et ; (appoint to a rai 
office) CJs^^ btmek,lu^ n^ssl 


Creation, s. (act oO y!^]/. i 
dtsh, j;U. khMk; (being cre^ 
Jk^^ji yirldihsh, u-SU kh»| 




J^.^ i£iriai8h; (tluog created) 
lis* niUiluk : (all cmtion) Jle 
•JD; (of offioen) i_. ftf nlub. 

• ~*^'- »• yJ^J^V yiridiji. jlU. 
i^ «iil> ban, «AUjiT jtfsri* 

-^ture, f. jjUr* mlkkhlok. p"tibar. 
•ritace, 1. jUscI i"timid, ^Lscl 
:^:£tiali. t.y. 4^UjUs^1 i"timld. 
-uxl [^f;:!^ ▼■r^asiys. 

^X f. jLacI T'dbar; on — , 
^it^e, a. Creditably, ai. ^ lyi, 

07, f. JUUilt Alojddi. 
"Af^^lmin; LS *&.<t jmEDtii. 

=i;. Jy d^n. [rek-y^mmek. 

*"? rj. cUj^^ •^^^^^ iteiii^ 
^^. *. J^\ UirjUc. 
•jk i.jU mileE. 

''^«at. ff. (new moon) Jlft hilal ; (de- 
~~»tiGn) v-rfiy ; (placed on 8pirei,&c.) 

• J^ tf t^&-6tv; water — , 
^- ' [%) vs^ silt. 

••'. '. ^flJIt ta ifiB, [Uk. j;li yita*. 

vet, ». (oiaect) i^^ ch^kirgki. 
'" « Jl3 dtillal, ojL« m^adi. 

*. *Ai^U kibahflt, ^L«f^ jAnhi^, 

• a 

*y ■ J'lna. -g^ 8dch. 

-^^al. «. jixji^UJ kibahntli, 

.r^Us-^Li klbahat.aahihi. m .s^ 

' 'i-^ 

miljrim ; — , a. (wrong) t^fJi k^bih, 

^^HT ^ khdbiss. [c^y kinnizt. 
Crimson, a. J I 11, ^^^ ghilw^. 
Cripple, ». laSarf s^kAt; -», v.a. 

j;^ (^«^^ (^y kdlunv-klnA- 

Crisis, 8. (of disease) (J^ biihran; 

(of events) (juJjC3jli nazik-wlkit. 
Crisp, a. cJ;^^^ gh^vr^. 
Criterion, s. jUa>« mi"yar, cJ^^s^ m^- 
Criticise, v.a. ^r/^ j^b-et. [b^kk. 

Critidsm, «. ^^^ j^b. [-miml^ksti. 
Croatia, «. ^^/^CU^ ^^|^>^ Kl^at- 
Croatian, 8. and a. <^|j^ Kblrvat. 
Crockery, «. C3l<«^jU>- cb^ak- 
Crocodiie, 8, ^LmiJ tbnsab. [cbilrinlek. 
Crocus, 8. (flower) f^Js^^^ cb)^A-dto. 
Crooked, a. u^l ^ibi, ij{j^ cUirptk. 
Crop, «. (prodoce) J^-o^*^ mUtsi^l, 

Cl>]UW basstUit; (bird's) jUjiji 

kthrslkk; «-, t;.a. C^Ui>^ k^samek, 

il^ABf, blcbxnek, JUi/ kirkmak; 

(trees) Jk«^^^ bddamok. 
Cross, ^. i^U* bAcb, ^^^^ cbkmtkb; 

— , a.jfSj titiz,. ^^y tirss, ^^;-4;l^ 

dargbf'n ; — , v.a. CXiuBr gbicbmek. 
Crossbow, «. (j^y j^^ t&tar-6ku. 
Crosslegged, ad, to sit — , ^laVcU 

(j^j^ ba^Adasb-kurmak. 
Crosspatcb, 8. ^^J^^ J-i^ J Lr/ 

iLmA^ t^ss- V£-kbuy8iz-d^bsn-kbns&. 
Crosstree, «. ^3J>^j^ kdrcb^a. 
Crossway, 8. J^ ^l^ sXpa^y^l. 
Crotcbet, 8. (fiuicy) j)^ m^lk. 
Crow, 1. ^\j kirgbo ; cock's — , 

H 2 





v.n. CXaj^\ kmek. 
Crowbar, $. ^^ jy^ (dfeinir)-kM. 
Crowd, 8. j)Uj or jlidi (kllabllik), 
a\^>J;1 )zdiham{ — ^, v.a. (j^^ij^ 
8ik-k6intfk ; — ^, v.*. .^JHt^li^ bI- 
Crown. «. (regal) ^l7 tlj ; (of head) 
*i*3 (tfep^)< — , vM. (king) l^jSJ 
t^tTi)-et, CJ^«xi ^U aj-ghldirmek; 
(liciglits) jHiiy-^ ^ Cr^y (tfcp^y*)- 
Cmcible, «v iJji pdtOh 
Cmcifix, t. ^l>* hXch. Lrelmassi. 

Cnicifixion> #% ^^«»4i^4^\>- hlebs-gh^- 
Cmcify, VM. cX*j ^ l ^ \»^ hlcha-gb^- 
mek, cX^ikicUt^W chJUmikha-gh^- 
Crade» a. aU. khlnu Lmek. 

Croel, g,J-i4if>y m^hJtoetaz»J«iiSjLjl 

bisaniyy^taiz, j\^i^ j^fllqfar. 
Croiae, «. (at aea)^Li a^far, Aslj^ y61ta ; 

— , v.*. J^^^^j^ T^lta-wdnnok. 
Cmiaer, a, ^^i^ gh^mi. 
Cramb, «. (not cnul) ^^^s^^CXwf 
(^kmek)-khi ; — , (fragment) CX^\ 
^\iy\ ^kmek.dfii^iy. 
Cmmple, vm. {J^j^^jj^. bOrvabdcrnnak. 

CX«)1 ^zmek. 
Cmpper, «. %Jj^ a)^hn\ 
Crnah, v.a. CX«)1 bzmek. 
Croat, 9. j^ti kXbvk. 
Cratch, f. ,^^ J j;Jy kMtuk-d^yn^Ai. 
Cry, 8. ^jmM ate, 1«X# alda ; I4X} nida, 
4^b b^Atrma ; — ^, v.«. 1 1 jJ nida- 
^^•(^J^i^ h&ykmnak, J^V ^ 

:,^^^l>-cU^Aainak; (w< 
J^.«le^ Ik^Alamak; •^- oat, j;^ 
hkyktrmok, Jk«^V bdi^^'nnak; 
aload, 1 f JJ n)da-et, (^y^V h^^'i^ 

m^dh-et, \ Uj 8^na->et. 
Crypt, *. j^^JkJ bMvrum, j^^ 

Cryatal, «. jjUj bBlur ; (of aalts) I 
Cube, t. k^^-^ftC* mik]^""Xb. {}9 
Cackold, 8. ^y^yji^ p^z^wsok, ^\ 

Cttckoo, *. ^ji j^y kd^Auk-kush 

Cacomber, 8.j\^ kh)yar. 

Cad, *. j^ ghfcv ; to chew the — . 

CX*jjsi ^ ghfev-gh^tirmek. 
Cuddle, v.a. J^;^ alriiinak. 
Cudgel, 8. ijy0 66pa. 
Cue, t. i^j^w^^ ip-i)ja. 
Culpable, a. (perMm) ^y» ^^^^ 

^li klbahotb* ; (act) Ui Bna. ' 

Culprit, 8. ^y^ adchlu, jIa^V^ ^ 

hotlt, /^/f^ miljrim* 
Cultivate, v,a. (aow) CX*^ ^1^°> 

(plant) CV, ■♦,^<> dlkmek; ( 

ground) ^L::..w|y>- hiraa8^et,1c:^ 

zhu"^-et ; (adence, &c.) * J^ 

laht^» j^yt^^ mbahghil 

j;4bSJW chllsahmak. 
Cultivation. *. cs^Vy rira '^ ; J^ 

Cumberaome, Cumbroua, a* J^ 

Cummin, 8. ^y^ kimmen (kimi)^ 




CmiDiiig, c. ^^i^ th^ytlD, ^y^j^ 

Cant t. i*f Im, ^y fibj, ^jS ky^as. 
Ci9» f . Jiaat flnjin (fi)>Zn) ; — , o.a. 

I^^UP^ hljam^t-et (hljaniXt). 
Qipbctrcr. «. i«i^ saki. 
CqiboanU «. S^J^ d^Ub. 
Cupid, «. j:u£ "lahk. 
Copiifitj, •• ^«1» tlmii", tj^^ hiins. 
Cnpob, «. JLJ kd1>bi. 
C«pp«r»f. yj^\^ (hljamXtjO. 
OBpping;.^aas> *. ^Uc:^^UP" (bX- 

jaBit).j^dmf ; -^ born, Jyjy b^ynuz. 
Cim^ #. ]^1^ kb«B^. 

CorK v^. t br^ zXbt-et, &V3^^^^J^^ 

Oirdle, vji. HW^ ^^ k^ssQmek. 
Cme, VA \^1 iyi-et ; 1 JL0I iaelah-et. 
Corioahy, 9. (taxe tbing) ^j<&cJUr 

tnhif-tbifey ; ^>A^:^ "antika ; (inqoin- 

Cnxkoi, a. (aorpiising) i^-^jir^ ' Ijib 

ri3»a>). c^^ gb^rib; (rare) 

«^la^ ttfiif; ^qniflitive) ^^j^ 

wkriUi, Jjya^J^jJb bir-ab^y-86rar. 

Curi, #. (of bur) vIaIj znlf ; (general) 

V ij^ Uvnm, Jb^ b Warn ; — , v.a. 

^^^«^jfj UTtrmak, CX«^ bukmek; 

— , V Ji. ^jAjj^ khrflmokf CXJ^^ 


Corraat, #. (frob) ^^j^^Oi/ flrink- 

•Qzomn ; (dried) ^j^^J^^P kdab- 

-aznam. {j^'^» J^*^'^ mM^dav^. 

Current, #. c^JCjt ]kkindi ; — , a. ^tj 

Curry, r.a. (comb) \J^ tlmar-et ; — 

favour, v.n, ^^^^Jiisb yXltlklonmak. 
Currycomb, «. J^? 1irak» ^^ c;^t 

Corse, t. uMjJ Ik' W, b Jjj b^d-dd^a; 

— ,VM.\kZ0^ lk"n^t-et, f^^\sz>^ 

Coraed, a. ^jf^ md"un. 
Cursory, a.jaikf^ mikkbtlaa^. 
CortaO, v.a. j;>»iHitfi k)aaAltmak. 
Curtain, «. Jr Jy piordE. 
Curve, a. ,^y^^U mimb^I ; curve-line, 

^^y^^cu kfL Uattt-m^b^. 
Cusbion, ». JJ^lj yibadtk, (cylindrical) 

^U bklin ; (aeat) ^Jd^ mmdzr. 
Custom, «. di^jle "ad^. 
Customer, «. c^^it^ miiahtM. 
Cuatom-bouae, «. \i^jjS gbyiimruk ; — > 

duty, cJ^gby^mruk, C^y^^j rte- 

mi-gbyilmnik ; — officer* ^jryi 

gbyiJimrokju, ^/j2rjjj didib2n. 
Cut, v,a. c:U,,.^kfeaamek, \^ klt"- 

-et ; — , t. (wound) *;b yidro ; (abape) 
Cutlaaa, t. ^ kilij. [^. blcbim. 

Cutler, 9. (knife) ^_<js?V. Wcblkji; 

Qwnknife) ^^^^^l^xJiS kUxmtrdabjt; 

(aword) ,^j*t Wlijji. 
Cutter, #. (wbo cuta) ^Jf^fy^ d6gb- 

rayqi ; (knife) j^^ bicblk ; (ship) 

jyjj k6tra. 
Cut-tbroat, ». JjU katU; JJli jUlS 
Gyde, «. i)\^ da irs. [kXnU-kltil. 

Cylinder, «. ij\^o^ ilaatui^*anK. 
Cypreaa, *. w^jLi aHvi,jjJairv. 
Cyprua, 9. i^jmji Kibrla. 


[86 1 


Dab down, vjt. ^}aj\ Itmak, cJ^^\ 

XttTBrmek, (jXtjlj^jSj briikiTarmdc. 
Dabble, vji. JUl^^l 6yiiaiiiak; ^JaJ^j^ 

Dad, Daddy, s. J^r^^. blbAJtk. 
Daffodil, 9. L^jt^^t AlttQ-t6p. 
Dag^r, a.jfX^ khlnjir (khlndik-). 
Daily, a. ^^^ j^ bir-ghkiki, ^^^^ 

yikvini ; — , ad, ^UJ^ gfaykidB-bir ; 

^^Jt bir-ghyiui. 
Dabnatia, #. Lp^b DUmkbia. 
Dam, «. (motber) Ut horn ; (of earlb) Jl^ 

B^dd; -— » V.C. \ ]aui# 4!j\ Ju* a^dd-ikr- 

zlbt-et. [(^Li:^ kbl^a^tf^t. 

Damage, «. jji durar, ^Uj zi3Pan, 
Damages, 9. pi. ii:\i,^j^ tXnninlt. 
Damaacaa, #. ^jL>^ Damaabk. 
Damaak, «. yustclj diuniasko ; — rose, 

J^^ m&r-gbyU. 
Damn, «.«. clL^Jj^4, ♦:■!'»' jlbninsma* 

-gfasrihidxnnek ; damn yoa, jy*4>- 

Damned, a, dU4.V|>- jUubmsmlik. 
Damp, a. and ». J nto ; a. cJV:^ ntoi- 

nak (nimlXk), ^^^j rdtlrb^tli ; — , t. 

(JUOjSt; rdtGbH; — ^, v.a. CJ»^\^ 

n^mlstmek. ^^.^i-i^l isalXtnMik ; 
Damsel, «.jJkiz. [^J^^^s^AutmaL 
Damson, «. ^^^J^^^jy^ mi^dttnwki^M. 
Dance, «• l[^^ b6ra; — , vm. *)^ 

ilX^ b6ra.t^pmek« \u^j r^Ous-et. 
Dandelion, «! bJCJb lundiba. 
Dane, «. jlaS^UJij Danimarkali. 

Danger, «. iilf t^Uiks, yjyi kc 

>^U£« middiltcra. 
Dangerous, a. jS^yi k6rkuln, ^^ 

t^bliUai, j)«;tVcr« m^khXtoraU'. 
Dangle, vm, ^jajJ^ sj^rkmok, 
Dannbe, ». U^ Tuna. 
Dapple-grey, a. «,.^4]jfcJ b^kkla-kin 

Dardanelles, c. ^^(ffiS iJ^^ ^^^ 

Dare, v.n. \c^Li». j^s^rbk-et, \\^ 

jiir'; — , ©.a. it^^^r 

fj^ji^jS yilpamdzsm^d^u-ldzdin 
Daring, «. jy^ j^ur, u:.^/^ yip 

— , •. tlJ;Ujr j^saarbk, C)li* 

Dark. a. jU\^ kXranltk ; — lanti 

yjj\iij^j>> kUrB{z.fio6ri. [zi^ 
Darkness, «. jU]^ klranbk* o 

^^**°«' *• j/v^' ad-gby*z. 5^;?^ 
nuri-^ayn, iJU^J^ ji|f ABr-kjrt«bi 

Dam, v.a. cX<;j^ itrmek. 

Dart, t. Jj^ jirid; — , v.a. J 

XXmA ; — ^, tf.ft. JuLit Ittlmak. 
Daab, v.a. t ^J^ ^J^ pkrdia-p^ 

-et; JuJLf- ebUmtk, J^j 

cbkpmdc, (Jfjj^\ wurmok. 
Dastaid, «. jUjy kbrkik. 
Date, t. (frait) U^ kbdrma ; (epc 

^jU tarikb; — ^ m. J^y ^ 

Danb, t;.a. JU;J^^ji bi^l^sbdirmak. 
Daagbter, tf. jJ kiz, lU^ kkimi ; 

in«law, ^^j^i gbi^. 
Daimt, ffM, (jN4J«3^y k6rkctmak. 
Dawn, «. jAA sbtf^k. ^^^^^J*^ 




. tiu-ifitflllBSBI, 

iLikfflflk; ^^fJLllj<£nJy* Archil- 

' "z ; — before yMterday, ^j^jS iS'^J 
FTTiia-gfaifa ; — alter to-morrow, 
Jj!)\ ^Wr-gbyftn. 

r : br^, #. ▼. Dkiwn. [dflikji. 

^>oQRr, t. ^^ipf^j«jJyE3 ghyjin* 

j^^tj*^/ g^iy^diiz-kydti%At. 
^iMrmdk, J^Jt Jj^ ghy^llmak. 

<^ix^^^ UdnniiA-d^^inmcUi- 



*^i.j^di6k; (wood) ^Wdilm; 
*"• ^^ ^JJCs!^ dX^Aitmok ; -» in, 

^tini< [gkyin. 

'''^V, I. ^\^ ,i|,«}^ ^|f^j\^ biztr- 

*" <. (in price) j!l|i (plhali) ; 

ia ««(Bcdon) Jijc "izii. 
>^mel nr. w^U^ "ijaib. 

''*^''- j}^ pSOuOflik, jLJ kUUk, 

«*^ kiht. U gWla. 
■A «. |J^t Mom, CL:y« m^vt, c:i>Uj 

-chtkmdc; — , v.a. Jk«;1&^v:)J^!«^ 

gh^midim - cUkarmak, CX«^ 4[i^ 

Debate, «. <^y^ m^shv^rst; — , 

v.a. \ 9j^\jL^ mftsh&v^rs-et, t^^^i^jJ^ 

U^rdisemi-et, t^&^-L^ mikbah^ts£«et. 
Debauch, «. Jll^Ufi "l^yy&ahltk; — , 

VM, (jA5j\i\ iijartmak, \jLj\ ifsid-et. 
Debauchery, #. J^U^ "i^yy&dilik, 

ji:i^U- dUpkmlik. 
Debilttete, vm. tuJLa^ ek"if-et, 

J-cLLm z4"iflatmak. [dt"iilik. 
DebiUty, $. LMa A"i, J^JLaJ 
Debt, *. -^^y b6ij, ^ji»> dkyn. 
Debtor, '• jl^y b^ijlv, (^jj*^ mMyOn. 
Decadence, $, Jl^ z^il. 
Decamp,* v.n. J^^^L^ ai^wufthmak, 

Jh«^U kXchmak, \j\J ffa^-et. 
Decanter, «. \^^)/^ sikrah]. 
Decapitate, v.a, o^j^y^^^i b^uno- 

nu-wSnnak, clU»>^^yiAU blahmi- 

Decay, 8. JljJ z^wdl ; oLi ftii2d ; 

— , v.a. (>4;y b^zvlmck. CX«jj^^ 

chitarunek, ^^y J^j[j zfewil*bdhnak. 
Decease, #. di^l^ w^at; *^, t;.a. 

cXJy ttmek, tcjU^ w^fiU;-et. 
Deceased, a. liyu miit^w^A, f^j>y 

mirhdm. [kizb. 

J>eceit, #. jJuflTlj yiJlnjtltk. c->J^ 
Deoeitfnl, a. ^ysrib yidlnjt, 4^J<$ 

Igfazib ; jjjjf ^jOf iki-yiizla. 
Deceiye, v.a. JUj^1jJ\ lldatmok, ^y^)^, \iL^ hils-et. 
December, «• Jj^v:^^ kjranuni-iwsL* 




Decenc7> «. LmjSi hdeb, L>- hkya. 

Decent, a.J^ t^miz ; ^ ot fedebli. 

Deception, «. A^^^- hils, c9!^^ 6yim ; 
^U\lldkdt8h; ^tjJVlldkitsh. 

Deceptive, a. J J^ji^^J^ IdAmt-^diuiir. 

Decide, vm. \J^ fUsl-et, (J^j^j^^ 
klnurknhdtrmak ; — ,vm. ^^^^jijj^/ 

Decimal, a. c5;ILc^ k"8hari. 

Decipher, v.a. (J^j^^^ chMimak, 
J^^y^ 6kum«k, (JL^aS^ sikkmek. 

DectBion> 9.^3 klrar ; w::.^\&«« mfetan^t. 

Dednve, a. ^yiai klt"t, jjii bitirir. 

Deck, 9. ^^^ gh3rii9rAirtE ; — . v.a. 
JP^JUjJ d^nAtmok, f^;;;^ tfezyln-et, 
C)-..ji bteftnek. 

Decker* two-decker, «. jLj- kXpAk; 
three-decker, «. lJ^V^ ^^ iich- 
dnb^lt. [Ulil ifadi. 

Dedaimlion,^.^^ tlkrir; ^Li b^yan, 

Declare, v.a. I^U b^yan-et, UjU) ifads- 
-et; ^jifi tXkrir-et, cX«b^ s^w^yli- 
mek. [the needle) i^Uu^ inhiUt. 

Declination, «• (aitr.) (J^ m^yl; (of 

Decline, «. ^|jj z^wal; u-Aa^ in- 
htriif; v^. CX^UsjlJ^ klbul- 
.^tmamek, \ i^j rMd-et ; CX«U^&^^ 
ghiriahmamek ; — ^ v.». o^^j^Jl^j 
zfewol - biylmak ; ^^jSs^ mikn- 
hirif-ol, juljy b&zclmak, ^ Jsie« 
mdkht^ll-6L [^U Uiyjr. 

Dediyity, a. ^1 bniah, ^^jf 3^ofih, 

Decoction, «. vju-^^ shirbfet,^ sd. 

Decompose, v.a. tj>>hi^-et; CX*J«ji^ 
ch^mtroek ; v.a. cA^^ chiromek. 

Decorate, v.a. ^^Jf tfeayin-ct, C 
b^zamek. [n 

DecoratioQ, a. cr^J^ tfezyin ; 

Decoy, «. Ji^J^S^ ti^zXk ; — , v.a. 
i^y^l^ tuz^^Aa-dhahormek. 

Decrease, a. ^^^iL^ ^ksilish ; - 
CJju^ ^kaihnek, jJl;^ ^aW 
— . v.a. C)^«sLi^ ^ksiltmek, J^j 
AzAltmak, cXii*^ ktemek. I 

Decree, a. ^ j|^l Irads ; — , v.». & a. U 
IradirCt, ^^J;^fi farnUn-ct, J>^ 
biyyurmak, \^\ femr-et, ^ Jl>*hukml 

Decrepit, a. ^A^^^ bunamtah; i 
l^/^jf^ "ikt&h«-ghfetirmish. 

Decrepitade, a. iyS> "ittuh. 

Dedicate, v.a. \i^ja^Ma^ tUchstss- 

-yibemak ; — one's self, \^j^Jij 

Dedace, v.a. Jfxl^ iUiglamak (^ 

mak), 1^\:»i:iMi^ isstmtaj-et 
Dedact,v.a.i J^ thizil-et, ^^|^^ 

XsUi^At-vkmok, Jk*^ klrmak. 
Deduction, a. ^Vu:^) hatmtaj; ^ 

Dfeti}i; Jj^tfenziL 
Deed. a. JiA Ish, Jiu f H, J^ "Xi 

jl^ kyar ; Jc^i* siboed. c^^-^c^ hiijji 
Deem, v.a. Ji^l^a s^yrnok, J^ 

skimak, t J^ "^dd-et, \Jo z^on-el 

^^e«P» «• \:jLj*^ ^^™» dfer*^ "^ 
(crafty) ^^^^ shfcytto; — , »• 


Deer, a. CJ^ gh^yik ; ^\J^ ktoj0« 

DeAice, v.a. (j^j^, b6zmak. 

Defamation, s. \j:i\ ifktra, J:^ bob 





hsi, tM. \ \jj\ iftira-et. 

lerdfis-UdiAii (hiz). 
: H I. ^jy bdag^un. 4^^;^; 
b-zzhmluk ; — ^ vm. ^J^j^ hbzmak, 

^yk^ m^lgfalub-et. 
' %t, f. ^.^ "&yb» jf^*d! ku88ur, 

a-baa. j1LL« s^Atlik. 
^'ittiTe, a. laLi adkAt ; cJu.,^! ^ksik. 

^tfj'j Dalun, ^.XoSj n^ksan. 

* :^:e. f. 4aiUr* mdhlfaza» l:uJL# 

a-'ifoza-et, tv::^Li# dyao^«et, 

!• ft ** 

^t ,Ug,^t^ ,i» <^ tahtb-cUkmak, 

>^^€r. #, ^U bami. ["ilfeyh. 

--^•irc, c ^^ JJ t^dafa"! ; offen- 
'-^ nA defensive. ^\^^^j.\^ 

-^'^. tA L^t tk'kh« ; — , v.m. 
^•*^c^^ biyun-^hmck. 
'^^cy. *. De6cient, a. cJ«*fe< 
^^'^. J^ ii6k»aii. 

' j^^ b6^il^, Jus^ gb^chid. 

H*^ dW)^d (d^vrtnt) ; — . v.a. 
^**fW Ahmok. \;\^j^ mdrdar-et 
^' ndar), <^^.-a:b ttojias-et. 
''^e, tA. Ujo^ tiJidid-et ; (explain) 

Definite, a, Ja«Xs£* mabdud ; (fixed) 
^2^««^ m&"^yy^, ^J^^^^ tnli'lum, jlb 

Definition^ 9. «X>- b^dd ; v-i^y^ tk'Vif. 

Definitive, a. J^^l Xssl, ^^yJaS klt"t. 

Defonn, v.a, ^J^J^, b^zmok, ^^2;i!i[;^ 

Deformed, a. ^y^ls^^Jc^tjj\^l,^l 

jr^lj klnbur, J«»5>-U bljokstz, ^^ 

Deformity, s. C)):y^;»> cUrkinlik. 
Defiwid, V.0. Jko^J^Sj)? d6l^dtrmak. 
Defray, v.a. CX^ji^ vsrmek, cX«;t^ 

gbykmek, cX^^fJ^I idimek. 
Defunct, a. UjX« m&t^w^ffk, C^J^ 

Defy, v.a. j;;^|Jj\^1iA.i;«^i m^ydAn* 

6knmak; (ji^^xJ^J^ Ubrtbt-k6mak. 
Degenerate, a. jjjy b6zuk, v>!^|jj? 

b^zulmuah ; — , v.*. Jk«1j^ b6zubnak. 
Degradation, «. A^jJjyJ t^zQ-i.r&tbi ; 

KZ^WSj r^zal^t. 
Degrade, v.a. fck^>^ r^H-et; >li,,^j fi 

"kyb-61 ; Jk^^^^^ r^tbittini- 

Degree, «. A>yJ d^sJB, ^j^ mBrtsbs, 

4!jx« m^nzi]^, Aj^ kirtB, ^L#^ partes. 
Deign, v.n. \(^JM l&tf-et, f ^»;£3 kirBm- 

et, Ils^Uc "inayfct-et, 1 JjiJ tfenfez- 

znl-et. [ma"bud. 

Deity, #. ^Tf ilab, ^1 AllAb, J«;iJm 
Deject, v.a. ^^j*^^^ midizun-et. 
Dejection, ». iUiJ^^ dilsbunma, j^m 

t^^nr, ac ghkai,j*ii kidxr. 




Delay, s.j^\j t^'lMr, j6J\j t^'Uchkbm-; 
^c;^ ddnna, ^li kXlma, ^uiij 
b^kl^ms; iJL^\^ miihl^t, u:^^ 
wAkft; — , V.S. (j-^jy^ ddrmdc, ^J^U 
lalmdk, iiJjij b^^mek; \/!^ 
Jh^\J •j^ gh^ri-kXlmak ; — , v.a. 
\^\j tk"; J^^\ Hik^mtfk. 

Delegate, 9. J«^ tMoI ; j>^U m^'- 
mOr; kL ^yn^ ]ii^"Gm; — , v.a. 
\J^j y^kil-et; Ul^ biwaU-et; 
^ j^U iD^*muT-et« 

Deleterioiui, a. ^jjti z^rarli, j*^ mdzhr. 

Deliberate, a. i^«k^ klsadi, k/iX«ha 
"^dl; «*, v.n, C^li4:i i>^0 dilBhim- 
loek; \ f^^^^ inikBhavEr£*et. 

Deliberation, «. ^u tfe'^DOi; Mj^tmK 

Ddkate, a. cJjli nazik. [mitobavirfi. 

Ddidoas, a. j)j^ tXtli. Ju[«)J Ibiz. 

Ddigbt, 9, ^y^ BEvinj, cu^Jji^-* 

• m^mndnlyy^t, jji^ eilrnr; — , v.o. 
ClX^ Ji^ tsvindirmek, ^ jfjiy«>^ m^aa* 
rur-et ; — , vm. \ la>- hlzz-et, \ JijJj 
tU^zzuz-et ; ilX a Ij .j s^vhimek, 
j1^f^:w4^ m^mnvn-M. 

Deligbted, a. )0^am^ m&bzuz. 

Ddtgbtfol, a. Jj/ gfayikzfel, cjLU Ij^. 

Ddinqoenoy, ». u^.^^^U klbibot. 

DeHnqnent, «. j^y^ avcblir, ji&>-Li 

Delirious, a. ^^7^^^^ cbilgbin. [jilnijn. 

Deliriam, «. jL^!^ chUgbioUk, ^^ji^ 

Deliver, v.a. JU;V^y kdrtarmok, 
t(^;alar ti^kblt'M-et, \^1U- 
-et ; ^iJLJ t^dlm-et, CJ^j vii 

Deliverance, 9. ur^J^ Idirtkrj 

^^^di;^ kdrtvlusb, ^j^i^- Idi^lasd 
Delivery, #. ^jl^j^ kdrtulmb, ^< 

kb^ass; ^JuJf t^aalitti. 
Delude, v.a. J^\^\ ^Jdatmok. 
Delage, 9. ^lijjb tufZn; (flood) 4^ 

8^yl (8^). 
Ddnaon, #. j^ m^rak, iJHJ'y ^^^ 
Demand, 9. l^Jeu^t lastld'^a; cJ«^ 

last^k; c5^J dii'^wl^; — , < 

(j^jy^ s6nnak ; C^^a^i^ Isstfmelj 
Demi, a. i»;lj yirjm. 
Democracy, «. uu^j^f*^ jikmhuiiy^ 
Demolisb, ti.a« iJ^J^. btemak, J\ 

y)kmak, f >JJb bMm*et. 
DemoMabment, Demolition, «• i»iUh^ 
Demon, 9. J^J^ ib^yUn. ^\jj ^^^^ 
Demonstrate, v,a, Icii^Ut bsblt-et. 
Demnr, v,n. \ MJ tferMdnd-et, qa\ 

Den, t. ^ in, 9^k^ rnkghtota. 
Denial, 9, Jij\ bkyftr; (refusal) |* 

jlac^\ "^dimi-bjaz. 
Denmark, t. U;Uj\j Dannnarka. 
Denominate, v.a. l^Ui^wJ ttemivyi-e^ 
Denomination, s. j\ iui, a«i1 Issm, M 

t^mlyyi; (sect) cuJu millet, ^ 

Denote, o.a. ji ks.i-v«lc> "UaxD^- 

I^^J dUalH-et [m 

Denounce, v^. C^^J j!>^ IdiAbxr-v 
Dense, a. ^^yi k6yir ; j;-* sik, i-f 

k^If, kAi gb^Uz. 
Dentifiice, 9. iJjy^JJ^J dlsb^tto. 
Dentist, 9. ^^a^ii dlsbji. 




DaOutry, 9. CiL^^ dkhjilik. 

Jkaj, 9.C \ j\ij\ bkyar-et ; (refuse) 
dUU=j\ jWf*t bjaz-^tmamek, \ Oj 

I>epait, 9. i j£a*>- chikish; — , VM. 

j4L>- diikmok, CJ^ ghkmek. 
I>q»]tiDent, «• (brandi) Jy kiU. gi 

Ar"; (of itmte) CL>;1^ nlzarfet; 

(bumew) iLbj wlzifK, 9^ *'^Mb. 
B^tftere, «. ^/tju^ gbidish, aIJ klyim. 

Impend. VAU ^^^ib bXkmak; ^^^ 

iB^ot-^: iiy^f ghyJ^^EDinek, 
1 oUsct i"tiiii2d-et, 1(^ laJ; rlbtt- 

Deplore, r.a. (^^^■lUf X^Alamak. 

DepQrtinaBt,#.^tjl9\ Itwar, ^If^t ^vza". 
BepoH; rjL 1 ^^ ttkrir-ct ; — , v.a, 

^ kkM".et. ijX^jdj\^jd:i:^ tiikht- 


jjlyjt tArtu ; l^^ pA«aa ; — , v.a. 

CXc^jVf^U! toan^t-vErmek,^ ^\...7 

tMOm-et ; ^^^ k^mok, 1^^ w^"- 

-et; 4f<Mly briJoDflk. 
Depodtaiy, ».^f JcJto^ feman^tdar. 
Depreciate, v.a. JmcJ^j^ ^^yi:j*J kim^tini- 

'\7k\Utidk \ \ Jij\ ^,j^ kXdrini- 


DepredatioD, «. c:J^^L.£^ khXsear^t, 

JlJjlOljJ ziyanl^arltk ; jJ>-^ khir- 

Depress, v.a. \jSs f&krr-et; V^*^ 

mikhUj-et ; \ jdL* .ini!ikEddxr-et ; 

CX*y^^ jL^ ktead-Tsnnek. 
Depression (of spirits), «. f^j^ 

IsMuxht ; (of market) jL^ 

(of groond) ji^S». chukur. 
Deprive, vm, ^(^yj^ inidirijm-et» ^^ 

ij^]ji khali^vikmok. 
Depth, f. CU:^ d^rinlik, Jac "dmk; 

— of winter, {jt^if^ klra*klsh, 
jljtO «^mt^iir, ^^j\ ^rba'm. 
Depatatioo, t. Jlf^ v^kHlv, ^y^f^ 

Depute, v.m. t J^ y^ldl-et. 
Depaty, 9. J^y vddl ; — judge, l^U 

na'ib ; — govemor, a\Saaj^ kA'im- 
Deride, vm. \ \jfm^\ isatihza-et. [maklm. 
Derision, a, \jfLA isstihza. 
Derivation, 9. (source) J^i Xssl; (of 

words) jUi^\ ishtiklk. 
Derive, v.a, (j^y bubnak, \^jS^\ 

isetikhraj-et, I JLu^\ Isstihsll-et. 
Derived, a. ^jsJL< miksht^kk. 
Descend, v.n. cXij\ ^nmek, ^\ JjU 

nazil.^,^t kSU saktt-ol, \ ^Jb bftbut- 

-et ; 'j^^^Siy\ ^ladindon^dl. 
Descendant, 9. ^^j^^O^O^t bvladindcn- 

-6lAn; descendants, oU»^|yJT al-u- 

Descent, 9. ^\ haaih, Jj^^ nilzul, 

^Ah« sdkut, ^Jb hi^but; (relation- 
ship) <.i.A.,r>\ mtissab; (degree of 




— ) *>j>i dferdji. Jat bXtn, i;^ 
Mkrn : (atta<^) Ayf^ kiySm, 

Deacribe, v.a. f«_ujw tit"; (a 
circle) ^ w^ r^ssm-et. 

Descriptioa, 9, i^ytJ U"nf; (sort) 

h^t". [-gyiurmak. 

Descry, v.a. (jX^jtf u^|;j^ dzikden- 
Deeert, s. J^ chiH, iJ jIj b&diyjB ; — • 
a. LrA/>^ UiiMb, JU khall, Jw^ 
)888tz; — , v.m» /l4>>li klchmak, 
Ijl^i firar-et; — , vM.^jAS\jf hMaoaV, 

-et ; deserts, s. pi. jlSflcLif Isstihklk. 

Deserter, m.lSj\^ (\ann,^jJL>M klehkm. 

Desertion, 9. j^ji flrar. 

Deserve, v.a. y^jiK\-.< m jlSBtahIkk-61. 

Deserving, «. j;arli « < miksstahlkk ; |^ 
s^, i&«.£L& shay^sstB, ^tL& shayln. 

Design, 9. cs^ niyy^t, A\y m^ram, 
«X^ kXssd, ObdA^ mlksXd, i2^yai/^ 
mlksvd, J«^y kiyrduk; (drawing) 
M^j rhuim i — , vm. kj:^ niyy^t-et, 
(J'^jyi kdnnck; \ \ in f klssd-et; 
(plan) fik^w^t^rtib^et; (draw)!*.^ 

Designate, v.a. \^ji^ ta"yih-et, ^^5Sk^i^t 
CXiLjM* iBsmini-s&w^yl^mek. 

Designation, «• C^lCtfijl fr*^ ^^*- 

Desirable, a, j^:aJ\ isst^nilir, jyl^ ^jj< 
krzc7-61uni7r, Lm^yL^ mirghdb. 

Deiire, 9. k^z^ IsstMc, jj^f J^d, ^'^j 
rigbbct; (strong) ^jd^blrss; (yearn- 
ing) jUsi^l khtiyak; (ooncnpiscence) 

( " >j 4 A shehvi^; (thing desirl 
kl^JzJi isstfedik, (-J^jlk« mXUub ; ^ 
t;.a. (.iLi&iitf Isst^mek, \^jj^ hm\ 
jK«y Iramak, ^ J^l ^d-et, f(»# 
t2deb-et; |^f ^mr-et, \l^ ttebih^ 

Desirous, a. «X^J^^ itfzmn^d. 

Desist, o.». CX«3^^^ viz-gh^mek 

Desk, 9. iJf^ ^ chdmiEJB. 

Desolate, a. (person) J«^«»^ IdmsEss 
Si^ j G>< mbikytjb } c«>|^ kb^e 
(place) ^l^j wan. <-)li ^M^ 
kb^iib-u-y^bab, iJ^^UfJU. khal 
y^ton-khavi ; — , o.«, \f^^j^ kh^ 
•et, '^j;|;i^ virin-et. 

Desolation, •, i-^|/^ khMib, u>^J^ 
kbibablyy^t; (desolate place) ^ 
ij^lfi^ khallyy^tan-khavi. 

Despair, «. (^\ y^'ss, c)^ JuhI M 
sizlik ; — , v.ii. j^^u^yi^ mh'yi:^ 
f Jwal^Sai klt"i-ito]d-et. 

Despatch, 9. iZ^iji^ tidurirlt, ^ 
kysghii. [mh\i 

Desperate, a. J^«V*) ikmidsiz, (j^ 

Despicable, a. (person) jA\ ^ch 
JjJ; rfezn, JJj zMil; — thi 
(jiJ^ii; rfezal^t. 

Despise, vm. Jm«UjU skymaroak; 
man) 4f«^^ ^^2i(;i (*«^^ kdAm-yfiri 

Desinte/f. in despite. tooUft "toad" 
in despite of, Jj^^.^ ^"ch-b: 

Despond, vm. ^^u^^ mfcy^^ 
O^^jiyji'^ kfendini-brikmok. 

Despondency, t. (^ u yfe'ss. 




I>:5;c{. 1. (tynnt) ^^ zalim ; (absolute 



-2cti^ JLtf zulm. 
>stfie,PAl,^/bi.«k?t^khm8-et; tJ^U 
::iffl2^d-et; |^J^ mdklddxr-et. 

w i tali", ^.s,.^:^ blkht. 

>:5troT, i;^, \j^ y^-et, l^^f* mahv-et, 

tsi-Uidflnnak ; l^^|^ kh^b-et, 
c-^Jl p^rubln-et ; (J^ yJkmak, 
^M«f bdizmak ; cXe^jJ^I Mdunnek, 
t^'j^jW jkufu-Jdmok, t^ kUir-et. 
^^trxtian, t. •—^l/i^ khMb ; ^ 
^^^^. i>^-jj^y»> kbdrablyy^; j 

-^mctiTe, «. c-»^^V ba 'iw-i- 
'i^'^rib : CAI^^ mfthlik. 
^ ir.«. CX^J^^ ckjjtzmek; 
^jijJU albVErmek ; Jl^U ^ 
ijjWBdc; jK*;i^ kyrmak. 

-> J %. dj^ f irka. 

-^•"^ #. J^.,^ tkfsa ; in detail, "Laij 
U/sa«i ; (oDe by one) j/jjf Wtbt- 
-Wir ; detaib, i^t^^ tiMat ; — . 
'*^. »A cf^' ilfkimok. 

' I 


Detective, «. t^yo AjVi.,,^ ^«^ ghhli- 

-zXbtiyyB-nfeftri. [hkbss. 

Detention, «. uJJy t^vkif; i^^^-^^-^ 
Deter, v.a. JkiJjI^U mani-"61mak. 
Deteriorate, vm, cX«^1:j f^aleshmek ; 

j;1a^^ b^zmaklik. 
Determination, «. M<^»al tXssmlm, v^^) 

niyyfet; jt^i kArar; C^Lj s^bat; 

jLfi "bad ; ^J^ m^yl. 
Determine, vji. cX-**;^^ j\j3 kliar- 

-vsrmek; L j^na? tlssmim-et, ti^=^ 

nlyyfet-et, cH;^ kDrmak; — , v,a. 

y km,^ '^ya^Am4t»al tlssmima * 8&beb-61 ; 

CX«;JCJ^ J^ m^l-^tdirmek. 
Detest, VM. ^jaj^j^c^ m^nfur-tdtmok, 

C)>^U***i ^J^ hich-s^vmomek. 
Dethrone, v. a. t^JLsL khiir'-et, i^JAalr 

CX<;JJl t^OLhtdon-^ndirmek. 
Detonation, 8. ^^^^^ <^jV barut-s^ssi. 
Detract from one's merits,!; ji. _JU5:r^t 

\Jij\ Isstihklktnt-jnkyar-et. 
Detriment, 9,jj^ z^rar. 
Deoce, ». j J dil ; (^lla^^^ sh^ytla ; the 

deace! int. ^^j^S^\ ikiliha- ssn ; 

bJJcx^ yd^Aundu. 
Devastation, 8, c^|^ kh^ab. 
Develop, v.a. fj^JiL<j>-ij\s^^\sJci^ 

Device, «. ^Ju>- htli; LS-^tti^a 8Jin"iit ; 

Mj r^ssim, J^ sh^kil. 
Devil, *. JiaJi^ shfeytin. ^^1 iUIss ; 

(imp) ^Vj z^blni. 
Devious, a. b.f^i^b.f^ bghri-blk^Ari, 

j;^^^jjU sXptk-ddl^shik. 
Devjse, v.a. (bequeath) ^e^i^^ wXs- 




C>.>»;A^ dilnhaninek. 

Devoid, a. JU. khili. 

DevolTe, v.m. (j^f^ dikshmek, Icl^Ut, IJU&jf IntiklUet. 
Devote, v,a. \^jc^;^3^ tUduNss-et, \ tjj 

Devotion, «. ^\ .n **■ »^ fthtiiaXM ; 

,^,;A»4sacr takhain ; jljUl ji ftdakyar- 

Itk; ij:^J^ "i^budiyy^t; CUJUj 

diyan^t ; devotioos, jLiJ nlmAZ, 

iZJcL^ 'Ibad^t, Uj dii"a. 
Devour, v.«. ClX^ ytoek, CX«rJ 

bitinndc, Jh^^jj ydtmok. 
Devout, a. ^^ a^fu, ^^ J^«> dindgr, 

^Jl^ mirttakt, 1^ JJb\ ^hli-tAkwl. 
Dew, a. CJw>- chl^A, aS^ th^bn^. 
Dexterity. $. J^}^i}\ M-ch^bikli^ ; 
. ^:Jbb^ner. 

DezterouB, a. CJ^U^ Jt Bli-cfadtbik. 
Diadem, t. 0^ tXj. 
Diagonal line, 9,yy vfet»r. 
Diagram, ». jCSi ab^kil. 
Dial, t. (tun) ^J^^^j!^ gby&neab- 

8a"atl; — plate, ,^^-iA;arc:^L 

8a ot-takbtoaai. [zdbln. 

Dialect, 9. Jj dil, ^U Uasan, ^bj 
Dialogue, t. «-^*3y5! J(jU»XiijJ^^^^\ 

IKameter, «.^^ kdtr. 
Diamond, «. ^^Ull Mmoaa. 

Diarrhoea, «. J^f^l lasbal, ^^^^-^^cl^^ 

Diary, •^ ^^J^J r^am^ (j^c^i^)' 
- M4JK^ mfejma"i^, J^;|; xhGmal. 

Dice (pi. of die), 9. ^)j\j ii^ ta^ 

-^up-yisdnrmnk; Ci^;«>c^^J|^|^ 
j^bran-klbvl-^tdirmek ; — vjft.yj 
aniir^,C; JL...£dlaiU^u:«lj blahtl 
-zabit-k^aailmek. [lo^rbat-kiti 

Dictionary, #. CL^'Ul li^bat, ^b^(^ 

Die, «. (J^lj^i^Up tiwlo-uri ; (for ataij 
ing) i^pJli kHip, (for coming) { 
sikks; — ^ v.m. CX^^I tclix^ 
CXaj>-^ gbylk:bmek, \ci^ljj w^4 
-et ; (a beast) cXc^^^^ gh^bsrm( 
(a plant) Jk^;^ kih-umak. 

Diet, 9, ^^J^ j^jI psrhiz-y^m^^ 
l^^,^ bimya, J-^yi pixbiz. 

Differ, v.n. j\ ^J jJ;J (tkiu-tiirla) 
j1u,Blr> ir* miikht^-61: ^^^ 
jH«Ujy biri-blrina-uymamok. j 

Difference, 9. j^ firk ; uJlb>1 ikhti 
iUjAk^ mdgbly^r^t ; ^Ui niza '. 

Different, a. ^^ bXabkn, jLj digb 
j:;-! ^^kr ; diLiiiJL} bAshkn-bAsh 
t-J'fe^ mikkhtMif, \j;f^y gbyti 

Difficult, «. ^^^ gbyiicb, ^jp^^ ch^i 
j^yLa Bd"ub^tli, ^jm^ "i^Bsr^tli. 

Kfficulty, *. CXL>.^-£s ghyAchl 
ch^tinlik, \JL'^] y n,a 8u"ub 

Diffidence, 9. ts^^*^ mUijubiyy^t 

Diffident, a. (^^fff^ m^jub,^^-J;l 

I^g* «•«• cfti^ kXzmak. \^^ bWr-€ 
c3Jibb^ll«nek; — up,t;.a. (grouE 

" » 




wi^b^Dmek: (plaats) C 

.'«b:k, (^U*>> cUyurmok ; (find 

-V^ r. 

s. \f^ hlzm-et. 

r-i*^» ». cA'c/«^jW^j rijali- 

r-tr.f. i^^XiJ temkin* ^iSj w^kar; 

-^iJbitMd; JJ^1>> hindek. 

n'^on, f. Up>|^ kharab. 

' .^. <. jiiUJU- cbllisbkAnltk. 

•:^t, c ^UJU dildtahkhln, ^ Ji^ 

-'..ra. J4JU^ BU-kAtmok. ^jiy^ 
- « ^UjJ demluK, iJ^^UjJ 
j^ dnOn-ichiDda-gbibi; ^slj^yi 

^'"^». CJjL(j-i Wyuklik; the 
*^*^ dinienaioiis, ^jlut ^b"adi. 

^.ojL j4l\j\lzAlmflk; CU1>k^ 
t^Qbek, jJUy Oftlmak ; — , v.a. 
w^'j^ UAltmak, CU..^ k^mek, 
^^kkhBltmck, J^lijt ufXtmak. 
r^atioo. f. A4Hj\ IzAlma. lUsS^J^ 
^taw, tJjHj^ XzAldtlnMi; JuLit 
'kiOfflfl; 44U,\ Mihaa. 4cJUj< 

uikltiDii, ^JjJUy Omdilma. JJi; 

tXklil ; jJf^ tlssghtr. 
Dimiimtive, a. jli^l dflk, JJ>-^^^ iyftjit 

C3^ kbchuk, ^-^^ kiichajak; 

— , s.jJLoJit^] bsmi-tlUaghtr, 
Dimple, 9.j^j>^ chukur, tl^ chah. 
Dine, v,n. CIX4JCX4J y^m^-y^mek, 

IaUI? tk"ain-et. 
Dmner, 8, cXiJ y^m^k, i^UL tii"am, 

^^^l«jAlliSh.f ]kkhaham-y^m^Ai. 
Diploma, 8, ^^;i firmln, c:-^|;j b^rat, 

yj^jj ru U88, 2y v^ ja izK. 
Diplomacy, 9. Cl>\^ (^\jl adab-i- 

Diplomatist, 9. Cli^|i«j c^^Jl L-*^>-li^ 

sahib-i-adab-i-siifi^rat ; CL^Iwj^ J di* 

Direct, a. ^j^^ d^gbru, vJ^jI^^Jj^jW 

dd^Arudon-d^^Aru ; ^i3««i1j)Lj bila- 

wXssita, ^l4> zati, ^JCi^ k^ndi ; — , 

v.a. (on the road) CX«^^ ^jiiltf 

8^^ Alik - vErmek ; (manage) \ s^ o\ 

idarl-et, lcu^\]ai nXzar^t-et ; (point) 

(jAsiiji-^ d6^Arultmak, \ i^JLfi "^iU 

-et, ^ Vry tfeyjih-et, IcJ^ skrf-et ; 

(a letter) (jK«;^t<2^f t^satuna-y^. 

mak; (order) \ j^ ^r-et, ^f*^ 

Direction, ». uJjt t^uraf, ^U y^, c:-->|>- 

jOi^t; c:^jUa3 nXzark, ar^bf ldar£: 

^1 ^mr, JUJJ t^nbih, C^UJjp t2i". 

limit; L<^y^'ry^"^ m^ktub-iiaata; 

Jjlcl^ B^hlik, (/^^J^ "adr^s. 
Directly, ad* y^>^ shimdi; k::.<^Lijy 

61-aa"at,i*«X}Ufthtmand^m; u^^^^^y^ 




bOa-waastta, ^\j zatim. 

Director *'^*^^ mikdir, jf^ji^ direktor. 
Dirt, 9.j^ klr, C)Lj pisslik, J^jli^t 

DirtineBS, «. ClU^ klrlilik. 
Dirty, a. j)^ kirli, jj-J pisB, j^J^ 

mdniUtr, c^.ijl^ mM^w^is. 
Disable, v.a. 1 laL* s^kAt-et. 
Disadvantage, t.j^zdrar; w/Umani", 

^i:i;C s^ktB. 
Disagree, v.m. ^jAJ^jy) b6zusbmak; 

(food) iJ^J^^^^^^^ mi"d^ji.b6z- 

mak. [dL[^ k^nh. 

Disagreeable, a, 

Disagreement, «. 

Disappoint, v.a. JUJljJl lldatmak; 

C^Vyp"^ '*' ^^ ^bini-b^zmak, jjLi 
{j^y^ kXztk-s6knuik. 

Disapprove, v.a. cX^lu^^sJ b^Am- 
mamek, ^t^gSu tkkbih-et. 

Disarm, v.a. ^j^y^ s^ymiik; ^^^v^-Imi 
^J^lt silabmt-Umak ; — , v.*. -.!«• 
^jAiJj^ sUah-s^yunmok. 

Disarmament, s, JLcJy t^k-i-rilah; 


Disaster, t. IjS klza, h b^la, d-^ 

Disband, vm. ^^f«CLc\k dA^Attmak; — ^, 

v.n, fjA^i^ dl^Afthnak* 
DisbeUef, «. j\£u:yjai "ddmu-i"tikld. 
Disbelieve, v.a. jKeUj\&jf bdnmamak. 

Disburse, vm. ^9^j^ kUdj-et. \^ 
sM-et, \i^j»a^ mXssrdf-et. 

Discard, v.a. t J^ tiird-et, JUiy ki 
mak, I^J d^f"-et. 

Discern, v.a. <jk«;VL>^ chMn{ 
CUjbt* s^chmek, CX^j^ gbyvnj 

Discharge, «. ^ Jl izm, {j:^,nfij tv\^ 
iij^ tfebriyyi; ^^1 Xtfesh; i 
Itma, ^uJjl Ittlma, c:^\jJ^ inda] 
0>^f^ jferah^; — ^, va» ^>^^ji^ \ 
izin-virmek, Jk*;^?>"^*3>s^' < * ^'* " ^ 
metdon-ch^ldrmak ; C^^^^^ < 
virmek, J^<3yg^^. A« . j'> - hAbss^ 
cUkilrmak ; J^l^y b^shXl 
J^\ Xtmak, lu:^Ul ^dakbt 
\^! Itfesb-ct; ^ Iw! i£ lU 
isstifa-et, CJ^^ virmek ; \ \f^ \ 
-et ; — . VM. J^cJUy^^^ yttu 
b6sbAltmak; JU>^\ Xkmak. 

IXsciple, ». i^j^^lk shayAtrd, \ 
tMmiz; u^^^ hawariyyun. 

Discipline, #. AUdcJ^^/^Qa; niz2m<D 

Disdaim, v.a. t jlCit inkyar-et. Ltiz 

Disdose, vm. i^X^ji^ gbyvstBrix 
jK«y ^^•V* m^ydlna-k6mak, 1c. 
k^shf-et, cXJj^ sikw^ylsmek, ^^ 


fiLsh-et. [w/JCAj^ B^kii 

Discomfort, «. J^j«.::^1j rahotsia 
Discommode, vm. \jmS^j rahotstz-e 
Disconsolate, a. y^^ J^^J^ ^^'^ 

Discontent, t. jjj.^y;lx;- kh^shn 

sTTslnk, li^ i*«Xe "kdBmi*riza« 
Discontented, a. jy^y^ sikw^ylini) 
i4>fti^ kbMmirdsnz. 




- r.ce, r.a. C^^^.X k^ssmek ; — , 
rx o J — J Lbssilmek. 
t.i. i'ii nifik, 
.3t, *. j^b b^h« ^^li fa'iz; 

- r.a. jj\<d^b blBhla-Xlmak, 

u J khmak. 

• J- 

ijtenance, p.a. 4lX«^ j JjJ yj^- 

- ^n^e, 0.«. {j^^j^ k6rkntmak ; 
w<^^jji^ y^vErmamek. 

T^, f. A£s k^am, b^J^ likktrdf ; 

- rj. ]^1^ ia^ bXsstt-k^m-et. 
•t^us, a. J-jyU; ri"ayet8iz. 
-"ST, #. cWJ-3jUs^ ri'*ayet8i2lik. 
'*^ r.a. ju]^ bulmak, ^^Q*^^ 

K luok; Ci^'wta ^ ghy ^stermek. 

try, J, 


^t, •. ^ "xkUi. J5U "SM ; 

'>^ letnn; ^jmo) blBsir^tli. 

' -Aa, ,. j£. "xkl, ^JJ tMbir, 

^r^: bisairtt, j^j*. hlzm ; uJUail 

-'••' to arrive at years of — , 4ic 

,'v^ ulfl.b2ligh-61 ; to surrender 

- -, CJmo^^ »jiy VEra-VEnnek, 

• *^ }^jJ^ sh^rtsiz - t^lun - 61, 

'^.'J^\ Xmin-dfcmek; li«JI?^j;U\ 


' 3:r.ate, v.a, ^ Ji jiJ t^frik-et. 
-^ f.a. cUlb^ s^w^lsshmek, 
-^L* miibah^sss-et. 

'=ion, «. A*^L« mhbah^SE. 
-a. I. ^Us-i^ Isstikbar, cjUadL^ 

t-.hraf; —,«.«. tuJUacLl Ustikh- 

£af-et; cX«lcjlJjiJ t^nfezzul-fetma^ 

Disdainful, a. j)^ ktbrlt. 
Disdainfulness, ^- ir^ l^lbr. 
Disease, s. fjOj^ m^az^ ut-^ lr . "lll^t, 

4>p J diird. cJJj^ kfeyfsizlik. 
Disembark, vm. (JUA^^^iyi^^Ju^ gh^ 


Disembarkation, s. (jJ^A^Af^-^^eA;^ 

Disengaged, «r. fjLy^ hbsh, sjJ^yf b^shda, 

JU. khalT, u^y Jl^ jJj wXktf. 

Disentangle* v.a. CX«ji^ ch«(zmek, 

j;.4k>^t ^chmak. 
Disfigure, r.a. Jh«J^ b^zmak ; ^\^j^-£3;^ 

chirkin-61, JkoUIjU ydkishmamak. 
Disgrace, «. c^.^ "^yb, ^^\jj r^zal^t; 

O^ nikbfet, cU3^=uijJ diteh- 

kyunluk; — , v,a. y^^^ "^yb-61; 

I^graceful, a. t*-^^ "ayb, J«.iljU 

ydktshiktftz, ^j^ kferih, ^j>^ 

Disguise, 8. s,z^3\^fJjJJ) t^bdili-klyaf^t ; 

— , v,a. I Je*xJvJ--ilJ Wyaf^t-tfcbdll- 

-et; cJ^«>^-^«^ dl^hishdirmek. 
Dish, s. ^^jS^ sahn, jU? UbAk. 
Dishonest, a. U>^ khirstz ; ^^^ khx'in. 
Dishonour, 8. \j:^\Cfj r^al^t, J^t^ 

rilssvkyltk ; — , v,a, ^%}ij^j r^H-et; 

— a bill, cX<U5j\JjJ kXbul-fetma- 

mek, cX«;J^l XttvErmek. 
Dismherit, v.a. ^(^yy^si)^]^^ mirass- 





iLt^tXe "i^dKmi- 

Duintemted, a. i^^iJ^cA^^^u^ 
gh^az- v£- "W^don-khali-^lAii . 

Disjoin, v.a. <J^^ aynnak, ^^JiJJ t^frik* 

Dislike* v,a. ilXXty^ s^vmamek. [-et. 

Dislocate, v.a. 4^^^ chlkiomak. 

Dismal, a.jbjcAy# siktndtlt. 

Dismay, t. ^y k^rku, vjl-^jUiJ d^hsh^t. 

Dismember, vm, \f^»Jj t^im-et. 

Dismembeniieikt, «. Ajiiii tiJuun. 

Dismiss, v.a. Cl)^^ ^Jt kiii-virmek ; 
J^t^y k^Amak ; JU^^ sjiwmidc. 

Disobedience, «. vj^ 

.ita"at, JJJ«.&0\L1 ita'otstzltk. 

Disobey, v.a. cXit«4A«3 dinglimamek, 
CUUsj^vju^U^l )u"at.Hmamek. 

Disoblige, v.a. ^^^L«^L«^^.x^J9L£>*. 
kh£ttrtnt*sliymanak, jH«;:r^^j2jJ9l>. 

Disobliging, a.jmJ^y mitar&v^tsiz. 

Disorder, 9. jJJL&jli kXrishtkltk; 
iju.wJL1j[^ p^rishlniyy^t ; JIjl^I 
ikbtfliil ; J^JM^lIdi nklmsizblc ; — «, 
v.£i. (j<^ji^Ji klrjsbdmnak, ^Jx^^ioj 
(j^jyi nlz2mtnt-b6zmak. 

Disordered, a. ^jJ^Ji klrtsbtk ; {J^^y^ 
p^rishln ; JaiB« mi)kht^. 

Disorganization, *. jJj-^llii nlzlmsizlik. 

Dispatcb, «. vjK^U- cUibtklik ; uu^^ 
s^''at,^"ljdli; aj\jija2*^^hnx^, 
«Xftl^ kya^iltd; — , ii.a. cX^cLiU- 
chabik - bitirmek, ^ duL^ "1j€1b - et ; 
CJ^J^j^ ghyitodxrmek, (JL«;\i«>> 
cb^Utrmak; cX^j3j\ i^ldarmek, IJ2S 
kltl-et. [d^'-et, Ulj^ Izals-et. 

Dispel, v,a. (jAS^^ dlyAttmok; l^J 

IXspense. v.a. ^^f4&i U9 dl^Aitmak, \ i 
tfevzi"-et; — 9 ».». CX«^J^^ 
gb^chmek. [t;.a. J^tii-U? dA^^ 

Dbperse, v.a. jK«>^tt9 dl^^'tmaki 

Displace, ir.a. <J^^^>'U^^ y^ 

Display, «. ^^f gbyftast^rish, \z^ 
slltAnlt ; — , v.a. dU^/ gbj 
tBrroek, ^ J^^ ibraz-et. 

Displease, v.a. cXc^Ak>j^ ghyili] 


Displeasure, ^. j;^H^^ d^hi 
4.^..wi£ gbXzAb. 

Dispose, v.a. luy^y t^rtib-et, u 
t^nznn-et ; — of, v.ii. Jk«^^ sltn 
C3w«^^ TBrmek; JU^iSy kcllAm] 
CX«; jJ^^ Mdormek ; Jh^^ 7^P^ 
l^J d^f"-et, L^l ^mr*et. 

Disposed, a. JL« m^yyal, \^y^ 
ghyj^aynln-^lAn (gbyinm - 6L 
^jlc^jtjjc^\ lssti"dadi-6Un ; t 
well-disposed, CX«^ savmek ; t 
ill-disposed, cX«t«^ savmamek ; 
of, jilJjU sXttlmith, sj^ji^ ^ 
mish, ^>U3^ gbltmish, J^h 
d«"-61unmu8h. ,^/l.4jJj^Jj^ * 

Disposition, «• ^mm,Jjj tMib, ( 
nizlm ; ijy^ kbdy, kS-^R^ ^^' 
c&Xs^ jiWll^t, jU. kbMk. 

Dispossess, ti.a. t (^^i^ mithruin-ct. 

Disproportion, «. tMg.^»»l:ji»*Xg ^^' 

Dispute, #. ^ nlza" ; Uy (Uwgb 



- u !^ niza".et, UjUt< mbja- 

: rrrjd.^.ooU^Aj^ "i^dHni-ii'ayfet, 
cA-^^-^Uf ri"ayet8izlik ; — , v.a. 
^u'^b bXkmamak* jKcU^^ljSyi 
i!:ik.i>smtxiidt, Jp^UJo thunamgk, 
^U^;l# saymamak, cX«lcj\ jLifrl 

>i'-table, a. w,^gg "^yb; Jjii)^ 
' rl j^nB^lj nlmuaaa^E* 

I If 
4 •>! Adfi kLimi-ttitirlm. 

-^*:tfal. a. J-5jU^ ri"ayetsiz. 


-• ^ — , V ji. cX«Jj^ aikw^ybsnniek. 
t^, r.fl, \^^ t^ahrih-et. 
■~^h,vM. \ \j\s^ miidara-et; — , 
^'fi\!^xMt. [n^hr-et. 

' ' '^> a. iAL^jmC. gbiyri-mikshabihy 

^^-et [ifcfih. 

"^^i 0. (jE^U- ehlpkm, 4«a^ 

- >HjlilL 

'•ite, fl. ^Wy>-lij J-.U fasik-u- 

DissolutioD, 8. J^l i^lum, d^lij w^fat, 

J:^ hcai. Ufi^JJ^ tfefrlki.k"za. 
Dissolve, VM. (^Xi^j\ ^ritmek, IJ^^- 

ball-et ; Jas^% dXghitmak, ^j^\m\ 

^(Ji/^ ^"zasstni-ttjfrik-et ; — , 

CX^J ^rimek; J^^ dl^Mmak, 

jljtf^ mitohaU-61. 
Dissuade, v.a, cX«^^^JCiiJ niyyt- 

tindon-chfevirmek, CX<;jJ j^^ vaz- 
Distaff, «. ^jt hr6}L&. [gh^hinnek. 
Distance, s. J^\j^\ uzXkUk, J^ ba"d, 

^L»« m^ssafs, J^ y61, A^ m^nzil; 

jljjl iifzlk, j^J^j^l uzXk.bk-yEr ; 
^y. jb^' uzik-yBrlBT. 
Distant, a. j\j^l uzXk, j\^\ irXk, Juxj 

b4"id ; (in manners) J^y^ ebghiik. 
Distemper, s, fjOj^ m^az, ^is»^ 

khlsstaltk ; iJ U\jJ£=:jj rinkH- 

Distend, v.a. ijX<^ ghErmek, cX«^<l<J^ 

shishirmek, (J^j^ kXbartmak* 
Distension, s, ^Ju^ shisb, cl^lj^^^ 
Dbticb, 9, vx^ b^yt. [ghirghiltk. 

Distil, v.a. dL^C^- .ti,Vft.«Jl inblkdan- 

-ch^kmek, ^j^^ tXkttr-et ; — , v.». 
. \JaA: t^kXttur-et. 

Instillation, s. j^aij tlktir. [^den. 

Distiller, 8. y^\j^aSS ^\j rdki-t^kttr- 
Distmct, a. jUj bWi, ^\^ wAzih, 

^L^ "ity2n ; u^t iiyW, iJJLi bXshka. 
Distinction, 8, j^ fkrk ; (jifi thfnk ; 

jUx«t imtiyaz ; ^^:^^; ri"ay^t. 
Distinguish, v.a. CXcj^^ gbyiiirmek, 

C)<4u5r> s^chmek, j;^\a^ cUk^- 

mak; ^ji fiu-k-et, ^iJlJS tfcfrik^t; 

I 2 




— one's self, c)««;Smi^ ,^^ ^^- 
diiii - gbjritostBrmek, JU^jjjvZ^?^ 
sh&lii^t-klzaniDak, 1 aU J^ida^tidisili- 

Distinguished, a. j^JmU nlm<&, Jjf^ 
m^shhur, j\&4k^ m&intiz,^«SA<« mik"- 

Distncted, a. ^^:f«i^ chil^Ani. {t^bir. 

Di8tracti<Hi» «. ^jJiIl^ chil^Asnlik, ^*f^ 

Distress, 9. c^Jcij^ sikindt, J; J dsid, 
J Jb^ ksdnr ; — , v.a. J^4>Lrf» sikmok, 
KJlX^imSXJLp ^kmdi-Tsrmek. 

Distressing, a. J Ji^ i.1.^1; Wiss-i-kidsr. 

Distribute, v.a. ^Jass,^ dA^Attnudc, 
IwjJ tbvzr"-et \M»mS t^un-et. 

Distribution, s. ^jf tfeyzi; ^ji.ig7 

District, «. ^^^ nahiyjK. {taksim. 

Distnist, «. CJjj....r.j;i<l ^mniyy^tsizlik, 
vSi>%g:iiJi»J>g "kdnni-^inniyy^t ; — ^, 

mamek, cXtUjfJj^iJU'*^:^*^ hnniyy^t* 
Disturb, v.ff. ^y^y^Ji klriskdvinak ; 

cf^Jiy Li^^^^b rabotint - b^zmsk, 

\jm^^j rahotstz-et. 
Distorbsnce, «• ^Jjijiji ghyjkmlda, 

aLU& sh^mAte ; f^AJ^Ji kJUrnhtldik, 

jU ftssad, JlsS^\ ikhtilil. 
Ditdi, «. J*3C>>- hindek. 
Dive, V4I. (j^\^ dXlmok. 
Diver, s. 4jud^ J dlJ^Atch. [sXpmdc. 
IXveige, vji. (J^^ i^yrdmok, J^^ 
Divers, a. (S^ bir-tyum, ^jotu bk"zt. 
Diveniiy, vm. Iju^^Ju:^ ch^shid- 


Diversion, «. Aicf^t feylinja; 

taghlit, lAJjL\J^ shashtrtmo, JU^t 

ishghid^ JUc\ ighffl. 
Divert, tKa. cX«^^ ch^vinnek, 

JUajU slpttmak ; cXo; JcLf ^ylEO- 

Divest, v.a. (J^y e^ymak ; ^j^\ju^ 

chikkrmtfk ; ^j\a0>- ^A'ASr "^. 

Divide, v.a. CX«ly bvlmek, <^j£t 

iyrmak, 1jijii>57 tycsim-et, f^U^lLe 

mdklss^mi-et ; — , vm. cX«J|«j b^ 

lonmek, \^^^^M^mJu t^uIm-k^buUet. 
Divine, «. ^\ il&hi, ^\»j rAbblnl; 

— ^, «. (^Ub^UiFj^LJjJAjlLe "^iChni- 

Divinity, «. iii\ llUh ; (J:^^ Uihiyy^t ; 

JLU J^«A« mi"budi-b2ttl ; (^<^Jl& 

Division, «. pj-&T tUcsimi ^y biilmK, 

jJ^ bMnk, ^ kissm ; diji ftrka ; 

jUinifik; UHzJA ikhtiUf. 

#. jlt taiok, jiL; tltlik; 

— ^, «.«. ^j^\J^j» b^shamak. ^^JlJIaJ 

Divulge, vm. CXJl)^ s^^yllmek, 

\^JM fish-et, \\Li\ ifsha-et. 
Dizziness, «. cJiCw^J^b blsh- 

-dknmeUik* J^JJJj^ ghy^zkr* 

Do, VM. Cjjicj^ ^tmek, ^^^jlj y^inak, 

C)4^< ^limek. ,^f4L5 Ulmak, \ \^\ 

ijra-et, cX«;jS^^lAi f)"ljB-gh^tinnek ; 

hir*kit.ct; jj,^ i^lmok, ^j^^\ 




JL2J ybtishmek 3 C)^ 
pohmek; — away with, J^jili 
iUdflnnak ; how do yoa do ? 

>ydpiyor-8SDgiz ; that will do, j^Jt 
klr^nr, JLjj y^tishir, i^jJjt oldn. 
I>DcQe, a. >» ^! q.< mAzlum, ^^^^Jjij^ 

krza-gldbi, C^ix^ mitokld. 
Dbck, #. ^j>" hawz; «r-, v.a. 

j«s»-j\ ujunn - k^smek ; 
Dockyard, «. ^l^ tErsani. 
Doctor, r. (of medidne) a^j» h^ykim, 
t^ib ; (of lawB and divinity) 
milid^rriss; (of philosophy) 
ij;^^C'>» Jx "ilm-i-vUkmet- 
mndirriflsi ; -*-, v. a, Wlc "ilaj-et, 
UJU« ind"ll^j£-et, 
Dbetrioe, #. Jji kXvl, C^Uy klv- 
Byylt, i^UJx "ilmiyyXti jilUc 
Docninent, s, S^ ky^Atd, Jc^ii s^ned, 
«^-<^«i^ hikjj^t; docomei^ta, ^)/^^ 
Doe, «. CL^^J dkhi-gh^yik, 
A:rj^j^J diahi-klrajii. \_\z^\ it. 
Bog, #. CJ^^& kyj^p^k, k^ kMb, 
Dog-days, ^./i/.^^biftU ^Inu-hahur. 

Ddge, : ^^)^ ^*^3 V^^dik. 

Dollar, s. J^j\ iriyal, ^jjL tji kira- 
Dnne, «. ^ khbhi. [ghih^h. 

Domestic, a. ^j^^^i^wlIU^I svi-Htsh- 

mish-dlAn ; — , s. J^^l dshXk, 

jlC^^fJcw (kbizm^tkyar). 

Domineer, v.a. cXJl*^ lulidMiiU hi* 

Dominion, s. UL^^^sLe mM^kyut, 

Lr^v«^C>» hiikyumet ; dominions, 

C)iU« m^malik. 
Don (the river), *. ^j^ ^ tfen-sOyu. 
Donkey, s. c34^ ^hek,^ khi^,jU>. 

Door, 8. y^ klpt, jJ dir, c^b hlb. 
Door-keeper, «. ^<^^ l^PU*'* (^Vj<^ 
Dormitory, «. (j!^^^ k6^Ansh. [dsrhln. 
Dose, s, \sa ghida. 
Dot, «. iiaij n^kta. 
Dotage,*. jJU- ^l^y ^j\^ \ Mti- 

yarin-bungalmish-haleti. [)khtiyar. 
Dotard, s, j\p>t>-^ {j^^^ bunamtsh- 
Doable, a. and s. C^U^^^^rul iki-klt; 

— , v.a. Ic^lS, jjl iki-klt-et. 
Doubt, «. i((^shi^bhE,cU) 8h^kk,^U£3 

ghyi^mln ; -r— , v.n. f^^fw& shiibhE-et. 
Doubtfiil, 0. ^i^ shi^bhBli ; cJjCl^ 

m^shkyuk. [shiibhEasiz. 

Doubtless, ad. ^\ Elb^ttB, >iAfJ^ 
Dough, 9. j^J^ (khXmur). 
Dove, 8. ^/i kdmrv. [^1^=^ nlkyah. 
Dower, 8. \^y^jk^ mlhri-mii'fejjfel, 
Down, 8, \J^ tiiy ; ^^ pufla ; — , ad. 

^l&t Xsh^At, J^Jufil&t Isha^Atda; 

Sjl yera, »J^ yrardfl. 
Downcast, a. ^}j^ m^hzun. 
Downward, a. Downwards, ml. ^tSb^ 

(JT^jl? Xsha^At-d5^Aru. 
Doze, t;.ii. (j^jl^ i^yuklamak. 
Dozen, 8. ^jy^ duzina ; ^trui J d^stE ; 

Jj\^y\ 6n-iki. 




— ODc's self, C)^«^^ ^Ji*^ ^^- 
dmi - gbyitestBrmek, JU^^jicZ^^ 
shlthr^t-klzanmak, UU J«.tfartiih8tli- 
Diatbgaiflhed, a. j\x«\j nlmdar, jj^^ 

Distracted, a. ^Jsi^^ chU^Atn. £t^bEr. 
Distraction, s. J JlxJJ, > > ch^Atnlik, ^;2>^ 

IMatreaa, «. c^Jci^ aikindt, J; J derd, 

jjb^ kcdsr^ — , v.a. /SaLm^ aikmak, 

CXo^uiiJci*^ rikfndi-vsrmek* 
Diatreaaing.a. J J^ v.L.^\j ba"i88-i-kidsr. 
Dbtribnte, v.a. ^jASx^io dl^rAttmak, 

\>kj[jy tbvzi"-et Ljo*a7 tiJuun-et. 
Diatribatioxi, e. ^)y t^zi; ^ji.i57 
District, f. JL»»-U nahiyyE. {t^ksim. 

Distrast, «. C)];-u^l ^nmlyy^tsizlik, 

<,s,>>»l^1i»J>g "^dEmi-^mniyy^t s — , 

mamek) CX«UiFJjlL£...^l bmniyy^t- 
Disturb, vm. ^l^jdJUjH klrisbdtrmak ; 

cf^Jly yJ'^^J rahattm ^ b6zmak, 

\jmZ^\j rabotssz-et. 
Disturbance, 8. ^Mjif gbyi^mldn, 

4I9U& sbdmAta ; ^pJ^jM klrtshtklik, 

jLJ fbssid, Jlftr^l ikbtflal. 
Ditcb, ». j4A2i>> bindek. 
Diye, v.n. Jk*1^^ dllmok. 
Diver, «. *^\*^ dll^Aicb. [sXpmak. 
Diverge, vjn. (j^J>} ^ynlmak, (jA^A^c 
Divers, a. ^^Ji blr-tiiktm, ^joxi bii"zt. 
Diversify, v.a. ^'^^* *^iV^ r- ch^shid- 


Diversion, 8. ijB!^ ^Isnja ; i< 
tdgbltt, sUjjt\Ji» sb^sbtrtma, J 
bhgbll> JUfit igbfal. 

Divert, tMi. c3^*^ cb^vin 
^jASj\^ sXpttmak ; cX«;«3aL^ ^J 

Invest, v.a. Jk^^ sbymak ; ^J^J^ 
cUytrmak ; ^JaJA^ ^AvlSr. { 

IXvide, «»«. CX«1^ btilmek, J 
kyrmak, UjmST t^csim-et, 1^ 
mi^k£ss£ms-et ; — , vm. cX«^^ 
lanmek, \AJ3m****V^ tidcsIm-klbO 

Divine^ a. ^1 Uabi, ^Vj ^^^ 

Divmity, 9. i)iUl llUb ; uu^^ Ualii 

JtU Jy»^ ni4"budi-bitfl ; ^^J 

Division, '9. Ji imiSJ tJLksIm^ AaS^j bu! 

^IJ^ bikluk, A.J kissm; ^ f^ 

jUinlfak; uJSb^l IkbtiUf. 
Divorce, 9. jJJt? taiak, jJlLJ t^il 

— , v,a. (J^^y, b^sbamak, 1 J 

Divulge, v,a. cXJj^ sW^yL 

\Ji}i, llli\ Ifsba-et. 
Dizziness, t. CJJCiJjJ^U 

-dihimddik* (J^J^^^Jjf ^V^' 
Do, v,a, cXscj^ ^tmek, fjAj\i y^pi 
ClULt ^ylEmek, jj^ kllmak, 1 ^ 
ijra-et, cX^^^^do fi^bs-gb^tim 
CX«^^ pisbirmek ; — , ti.n. lo 
bkr^kit-et; juljl 6hniik, J 




;-oek; — away with, ^jSi^J 
ilihntfk ; how do yoa do ? 
y=»J^ naasl-stD^z, j*^j^^^ 
:i-vepi7or.8nigiz ; that will do, jj^Ji 
t\v,nr,jLli y^tishir, i^Sij\ oldu. 
■-2e. «. ^^jUx* mXzlum, ^^^^Sst-fj^ 
^r-ghibi, jU:^ mi^a:ikld. 

^^ hawz; -r— , v.a. 
^^ djunu - k^smek ; 
i;^ f. A}1^ tEreani. 
-7. 1, (of mediciDe) >^^j^ h^ykim, 
'rr' tabib ; (of laws and divinity) 
w*"^ mM^rrisB; (of philosophy) 



j-,"^ vi.>^4>ilg** J^ "ilm-iihlkmet- 
-tmsa; --., t;-a. l^lc "Uaj-et, 
-«*• me"ildji-et, 

-K. *. Jji kXvl, d^Uy klv- 
:^ OLJ^ "Umlyyitj JaUft 

*^^ hiji^t; documents, j|j[^\ 

'' ■ ' du^^J dishi-ghiyik. 

^l^jlJO dlshi-klrajii. [ts-^t it. 
*^'*djj€3 kyipfck, uJ^ kilb, 

■*'-*y8,«.^.^^b>W ^Imi-balivr. 

'- «. ^^O ^^-Jy^ V^Mik- 

-"'. '. Jlej\ iriyal, ^^j/ »;3 klra. 

^ ^ kftbbK. [ghvr^sh. 

tic, «. ^jpL^^^^LcJlif^! KVB-XHsh. 
UUn; _, f. jlijt eshik, 
^-^■^^ (kWimitkyar). 

Domineer, v.n, cV^.!...^ LiL^i^Mib bX- 

Dominion, 8. i^L^^^L^ mM6kyut» 

uu-v«^^ hukyumet ; dominions* 

CiJU^ m^malik. 
Don (the river), ». ^y^ ^J> t^-siyyu. 
Donkey, s. CJ4^ ^hek,^ kh^,jU>. 

Door, 8, ^ kXpt, jJ d^r, c^b bib. 
Door-keeper, a, ij^y^ k^p<J<> {^j*^ 
Dormitory, 8. ij^^^ k^^Aush. [dsrbAn. 
Dose, 8, liXc ghida. 
Dot, 8. ^daftj n6kta. 

Dotage,*. jJU v/^^^ Ly W- ^ ^^ti- 

yarin-bungalmish-haleti. [)khtiyar. 
Dotard, 8. jUs^^ \^J^^}i bihiamish- 
Double, a. and «. C^lS^^^^zut Iki-klt ; 

— , v.a. IcS^lS^^J Ud-klt-et. 
Doubt, «. df^8hikbhE,(LJJk 8h^kk,^U£=> 

ghyi^mAU ; <r— , v.n, t^^|f^ shiibh£-et. 
Doubtful, 0. ^l^ sh^bhsli ; c)^JL^ 

m^hkyuk. [shilbhsssiz. 

Doubtless, ad. ^\ slb^ttB, J^^^ 
Dough, 9, ji^ (khXmijr). 
Dove, 8, i^jAi kdmru. [^I^s3 nlkyah. 
Dower, 8, ij^j^ji^ mlhri-mil'^jj^l, 
Down, 8. lSjj tty ; sliy pMa ; ^-, ad. 

^U»t Xsh^At, 2iJufil2it Xsha^^'da; 

»jl ysra, irj^ ysrda. 
Downcast, a. ^^Jsi^ m^hzun. 
Downward, a. Downwards, ad. ^tSsI 

i^Jjcjio Xsha^At-d6^Aru. 
Doze, v.». (J'^J^^^ vynklamak. 
Dozen, «. ^ Ji^^ d^zina ; ii^*} dhatXi ; 

^\^Ji 6n.iki. 




Drachm, «. fjb^ dirhim. 

Drag, v.a. cJ^ii^aws eiiruklEmek, 
(jJ'Ai^ ch^kmek. 

Dragoman, a. ^U»^ tujunln. 

Dragon, s. jJ^I ^izhdir, \tbOj\ ^zhdiha 
(bjdsrha) . [' 'Auk^ri. 

Dragoon, 8. c^^ p\ ^ kUljU-Xtlt. 

Drain, «. Ji \kghim ; ^^^Jy^Ji Ihghim^ 
siizgh^chi, ^^Jji la^Aim-d^li^Ai ; 
— » v*^' ci^V.^ l^Atm-y^pmak ; 
i^XcjOjj^ (^5^J^ rutubbtini-Bitedur- 
mek ; — , t;.fi. ijX«jy^ siizmek. 
CJ*»Ki'w ch^kilmek. 

Drake, s, cJjj^CJ^l ^rkek-IMek. 

Dram, a. iJ\}j{ bir-ridu. 

Draper, «. ij^^^ (ch6hajt); ^j>-*X0Jj 
(tiilbentji); j\jf b^zzaz. 

Draught, «.^^ji^ rdzghyar; ao^I ichun, 
i»43^ yudum ; 4fJ^mm« mi^sav^ddjB ; 
f^j\fi klba-rfeasim; y^ ilXi^ 
^^ni4.^^ gh^minin^-su-chfekmBssi ; 
t«MJ^i\ A^A-d^lnssu; — board, 
^^iiSoBT SjAj dlma-Ukhtossi; — 
hone, iJjJj\iiJjA "i^aba-(b^ghiri); 
draaghts, ^\t^ dlnm. 

Draw, VM. Ci^y- ch^kmek ; \^j 
rfestm-et; — , vji. (^X^i^- ch^kmek ; 
(J^^fifj rbssim-y^mak ; — away, 
CX<^^^p4-.>^^^ ch^kap*ghyirtar- 
mek; — back, j^aJC^^jj^ ghhii- 
chbkflmek; i^XSj>-^jS gh^ri-ch^k- 
mek; — breath, ^JJi^^JJu n^fess- 
Ihnak ; — out, ^J^j^ dzAmflk ; — 
in, JuSli^ k^ssAhnak ; — near, — 
nigh, fjAJitih y^kkuhmak ; — on. 

CX^js^ gh^chmek; — up, ^ 
durmok ; CJ^OO dizmek ; \ i^ 
tBrtib-et; j;^^ lUli k^ma-Xln 
(J<j\ y^mak; <>*J^ jt^m 
CX^-^c^VS^ yiikkri-ch^kmek. 

Drawer, ». *JS^^^ chfekm^JB; A 
r^slm ; ^^^^^ ch^kiji. 

Drawers, s, pi. iJ^ffH^ ich-d6nu, ^ 
d6n, cJ^ d6n^. 

Drawing, s. ^j rfessim. [^fir-6di{ 

Drawing-room, 8, ^^^^ JL«^ mill 

Dread, 8, yjji k^rku, c— fjf^ kh^ 
— 9 a. y^jlf^ m^hab^tlu, i.^ 
millhib ; — , v.a. (j^j^ k6rkmakj 

Dreadful, a. ^^j^ k6rkulu ; l:ii^ 

Dream, «. U jj rii'ya, (^«^ dG^h ; 
vjn, CJ*<jj^ lijj ril'ya-gbyifrmek. 

Dreamer, t. ^U^ cL!>^ Vl^ ^' 
ghyiiren-kimaB. i 

Dreary, a. ^ Jci^ siktntflt, J..^^ ess 

Dredge, Dredging-machine» '• j Jl- 

viJt^ ^yaf?^ irmak-VB-lImai 

Dredge, v.a. Jn^^^y ^^^^ jf^ " 

Dregs, 8,ph ^jyi t6rtu, i[^ t^lvE ; 
of the people, ^^^W? jW ^yak-titki 

Drench, v.a. fjXjiJ\ Ui f^na-isaUtn] 

Dress, 8. If^j rdba (vruba), c-J 
^sswxb (^blb), 4UJI Hbisas ; j 
zly, jiS Wlik. u>Jli kJyaftt, tr^j 
kissv^t; — , VM. CJ^JC^ ghij 




tzfi', (a woond) Jk«;^ s^nnok ; 

~.->f \^j2mJ pishirmek ; (with a 

irsz?) liUy tixbiyTB-et ; (smooth) 

^tu) dnz^tmek ; — , vji. 0)».4 ■ S 

■■-=^. *. ^isJsr^^^a^ (indtfAk- 

■r^^iB^. #. (sQigical) ^^jt* sli^ght ; 

^ salad. &c.) JUy tErbiyyi. 
'T. s. 4^iL« m^fhum, La^ mli"n4, 

*^^ mt-iim. 

-: ?. v.^.,c^ (mXtlab) ; Jl*? tJ^"lJin ; 

-Tii.sJgJjd^hDek; cX^jS:j\JiM 

'"^t. k^ief\ ichigck, ^^jfc:^\ 

-*-;—, r.B. cA-iflf^^ ichmek, 
*^ rj. jAJ? dlmlamak. 
"^ p.a. cJl*;^ si^nnek ; — away, 
- sC — oat, (J^j^ k^^Amak ; — 
'-^i C^jy^jS gh^ri-sikrmek ; — 
'^' ^^j^nh\ U^ii-sikrmek. 

-. I. ^^;^ .e^roju ; ^^y. 

.:^.^i; U.J kdchach. 

" y^. ftogoman, #. ^U^sfyi tirja- 
' :. «. uilar tiihaf. [mln. 

^^' •• i:r^ ^^i"*- [tfenbd. 
-' * cHLj^c;W y^bAn-IriMt ; J-^ 

": s.Liio dXxnk ; — , if.«. J^^L^ 
uxlamdc; CU&;0 djkahmek; — , 
vs. ci^jfJtjj dikshnrmek. 

'^ 'istdsski. 

Dropsy, 8. U...*;.«it isstisska. 
Dross, «. jy b6k, a-J;^^ juruf. 
Drought, 8. ji3|^y kurXkltk. 
Drove, «. ^jy^ siira. [ch6bln. 

Drover, «. ^UJ^am^ si^&irtmkj, i^V^ 
DrowD, t;.a. (J^)>^y^ 8uya-b6^Anuik ; 

— , t;.ji. J^«)^j;^ji^ siyya-b6^Auhxu9rk; 

— one's self. v.a. c^^f^tj^^^Joi 

fj^^yt k^Ddmi-suya-Mtp-b6^Aubiuik. 
Drowsiness, tf. c3lC«K^^^^f Oykussu- 

-ghslmeklik. [-ghElmish. 

Drowsy, a. (^/^^^^^^ dykussu- 
Dmb, v.a. Ci^J dii^Amek. 
Drubbing, #. jLL d^yak. 
Drudge, «. ^j^ kyiitlE,^^«MJ y^ssir; — 9 

v.n. ^jA^\>*^^;^j^mJ y&ssir-ghibi- 

Drug, 8, \j>-\ hjzk, fJic- "ilaj. 
Druggist, 8. ^]j>'\ ^jzaji, ^U'^U- 

Drum, 8. ^\p triUip^ta ; (big) J^U? 

d^wul ; (kettle) cJlj«> d&nbdl^k. 
Drum^major, '-..{^^^y^ tXbur-maj6r. 
Drummer, «« ^^^^4J^|^ triUip^toji, 

^^IL dkwulju, ^^A^ J dinb^lfekji. 
Drumstick, «. ,^/H*^^]y tranp^ta- 

-d^yn^Ai. [kiyf. 

Drunk, a. ^jtf^j^ (siirkh^sh), i^^ 
Drunkard, «. uf^O b^kri. 
Drunkenness, «. J^^^ s^r-khdshlik. 
Dry, a. j|^y or uf^y kOru ; ^^^^L»^ 

sussamish ; dry land, i^ kXra ; < — , 

v.*. (J-^yjy kurumak; — ,vM.fJ^^j^ 

kihrutmflk ; — up, J^yj^ kihrumflk ; 

(J^^jp kurvtmak. 




Drjnone, #. (woman) ojlj dXdi, \j\j 
dl6k ; (man) XI Ilk. [m^ah^k. 

Dabiona, a. ji^^^ ah^bhili; c)SjL^ 
Bacat, #. (Dntch) jJtSU-b bljakli, 
Jp/if^lLJi f UEmsok-Htrnt ; (Ana- 
trian) ^j=J|; V mijar-lltnii ; (Vene- 
tian) j^^lcJju^ vEn6dtk-Altfni\ 
jJ^ljjJl yildiz.}dUni. 
Duck, *. cJj^y irdek; — ^, r.ii. iAc 
J^^ jJb avya-dlldtrmak ; (one'a head) 
JkJU^U blahmt-dAbnak. 
Duckling, #. ^jh^^*ij^\ i(rdek.pXL4zi. 
Duct, #. ^Jji y^ aO-ydlir ; ^ dimar. 
Doe, a. ^J lazim, c--.->-lj wajib ; (pay- 
able) jL^l^^i^^ wii"daMi-ghEl. 
miah; — , 9. ^j r^saim, ^_«j^^f 
t^klif./^^ (virghi) vlrgbyu. 
Duel,t.Uy (kiiwgha). jLS^ii ^hghn^. 
Dug, 9. U^ mfcmE. [-bfe^Ai, ri^ J ddka. 
Duke, *. ^^U*<LJ; rbtbi'i-Muiiyyi. 
Dukedom, *. cuv^y^jl^^j dukahTt- 
-hiacyumfct; ,^^oljjJOjJdukalik- 
Dulcimer, *. j^tc^ fikoim. [-pay&ai. 
DuD. a. (boy) J-ijl jjcl«,\ i88ti"dad8i2 ; 
(in spirits) J^^ kfeyfi.y6k ; (place) 
^J^ijjrf sikintili, ^^^(•Jt XdAm- 
-bAprAulur; (edge) j^ Vykr, Ja^ 
khumhz ; (day) Jj\J kApXnik ; (pain) 
^si^^ bja ; (8onnd)^U s^p^r, j^y 
b6yAtjk ; (colour) cJijJ dkiuk ; (ear) 
je\ Iffhir ; (of hearing) ^ U a^Atr ; 
(8ight)J^/ghywTndz; (trade) ^^j^ J 
dtTrghvn, jLik^ssXd. 
Dumb, c.jJ J dUsiz; — creature, {J^*>- 
haywAn ; — show, tl^Ul isharfet. 

Dong, ». jy b6k, ti^Vrf neja 
^^_<Ali fbhkt; »j}^ gbyilbrE. 

Dungeon, 9. ^^rr^ (hipes), ^^ 
miJib^^ljJj ^dln, ^^Jybodi 

Dnnghm, #. cJJ^b^ m^zbaflik. 

Dupe, 9. (^A^l jjf lldinmtsh ; — 
jAj\ji\ lldkmak. 

Duplicate, 9. ^^ c^!^' ^^ 
-surEt; in — , ad. tjj^j^^jy^ ^ 

DupKdty. 9. jLarlj ] 
OJjIj^j:^) iki-yiizluhik. jL' 
shfcytlnlik, us^Ui. khlyan^. c: 
kh^bass^t. [davan 

Durable, a. jyUt day^ir, ^ 

Duration, #. CDJ^e mildd^t ; 
sfta^k, jIjcjoI Imtidad, j\J IX 
j\^4SmA Isstimrar. 

Bo™g» pf' irjCM*uol ^asnassti] 

arJcaH Ichinda, t*}da : ijiij^ 

* ^ •* • 

bitinj^ys-kldar. [kXrarm^ 

Dusk, 9. ^^f^JJf.^LsS^\ lkhsh( 

Dust, 9. jy t6z, jL^ ghtb 
(sweepmgs) l^^ chijp. 

Dustman, *. ^^ng^^.^ chi^pju. 

Dusty, a. (superfidally) jy t6z ; (mi 
with dust) jijy tbzlv. 

Dutch, a. (jjz^ fiUsmfink. 

Dutchman, 9, C):^^ fUfmank. 

Dutiful, a. (person) ^^j rizaj 
(conduct) ^\j^\^j rizajuyanE. 

Duty, 9. ^jij\, ish, Kj:.^<d^ (khkme 
ui-^j[^Um^ murlyy^t; cr^^J>^ 
wajib<5'i-zimmfet ; cJ^ ghytfmril 
CJ^A^ r^mi-ghyifmruk ; 




5 ^* ; to be on — , ij^.y niibfetji-61 ; 

t: 7»ent oae's — to a persoD, 

^J.J^^ E]lxiini*i^pmek« ^^*^7t 
w^«^ H^gAini-^mek. 
-4 J. isrj>^ jiiJK. 
-Jt5h, tf.^jjy b6dur. 
' Z rji. ^j^^\ 6tuniuik, (jnJlS 
vdmak, j^^j^SLs sakin-61; — on, 
M thoogiit) cXiJj^jJ dtishnnmek, 
C^Jt cJic "Xklint-yirmek, \ JuJ 
i yd-ct; Cm speech) (J^j^]j]^.j]/^ 
v<jar.b^.t^krar-ln^dirmiik; il}j 

"- 1 : — (a note) cXiJ ^j^ uzXtmak. 
'^'^,». J jet; j1 hv, A}1> khaoE, 

^— < m^k^n ; — house, ^\ hv, 

" ^ khan£ [^C^ m^ssk^n . 

iagplacc, *. jl yhc, tijyi yurd, 

- ^ b^ b6ya ; — , r.a. Jk«Ii^ 

'•'T'^imA; — , v.n, ^j^\,^, bdyan- 

^i. J-^l^^i^ b6ya-2Jinak. 

^•**J^j' iliyor. 
^' ^* '. JJC^ hindek ; Jut sfcdd. 
^- ~«7. #. jU-y 6jak, idu-L silsilE. 

^'^3tery. j. J\^^ ^13 klnlt-isshal. 


P-psia, f. A<^ t-iwii ik f-i-h^m. 


---.'i. ^w. ^'jt/^ hir-bbr ; — , pron, a, 
^^hET.yyfchir-bir; each other, u^ 

•Jir-biri. ^jSL y^k-dlghfir. 
•^:«r. a. ^j^^cXi pfek-JlrzcliT, 

,^\v11j p^k-isst^kli. 

Eagerness, s. cX&^t dXj p^k-isstek, 
{^j^j^ sXbrsizlik. 

Eagle, 9. {J^^^/ kXra-kush. 

Ear, 8, jXy kuUk; (of com) jl^V 
bXshak, iii^a siinbulB ; a box on the 
— ,^Ui& shdmar. [-b^Ai. 

Earl, 8. ^.^j^^/f^'^j*^ dijrdmjt-rfttbB- 

Early, a. ^j' ferken; if^jMJb i^rthidE; 
if*yil:^ gh^njlikda ; J^l evybI, 
^jLi! ^sski ; ad. ^j\ ferken; -L^ •iij 

Earn, v.a. Jh^]}^ kXzAnmak. 

Earnest, a. ,<J^ jlddi. 



^IcL;^ ghErmtyyfetli ; — , «. ^ p^y ; 
^yAJ ndmuns. pculXk-kXnshdtrajak. 

Earpick, 8. JU khilal, (j>^^j^J^^^ 

Earring, 8, iJif ky&pE. 

Earth, 8. j\^ t^prxk ; ji ysr, ^j\ 
krz; the — , ^jjiji yET-yuzu, lJ4> 
diinyk, fjOj^*^^ kyiir^'i-irz. 

Earthen, a. ^^j^ t^prxk. 

Earthenware, 8. ^J^^J^j^ t6prAk-lshi, 
C)i«^ *^^ chdnak-cht^mlek, jU* 
, 'iU^ tlbxk-mXbAk. 

Earthly, a. tJ^jJ J diinyBvi, ^IcS- khaki. 

Earthquake, 8. ^Jj z^IzbIe (zErz^ls). 

Earthwork. 8. ^^J^j^ t6prAk-t^biya. 

Ease, 8. LS-o^lj rahot, Jllj^y k61aylik, 
wsJ^ siihulfet ; s\ij rfefah, f^u^li; 
rfefahlyyfet; ^Ul asayish, ^*^j-»^ 
asud^ghi; — ^, ».«. CX^^ ci-o-lj 
rahot-vErmek, Jf.^xii>-|^ rahadim- 
dirmflk;\^j^JLJtfe8skin-et; CUa^/ 

Easel, *. ,^V(•^; '^^^"^ sipassi. 




East, 8. "ifit Bhark, .••wa mfesbrik, 
i^S^^^^ ghyi!ui-d6ghn88n (dbgh- 

Easter, «. UUmiU p^^aakUya. [ruaau). 

Eaatern, a, ^j^ ahirkt. 

Easy, a. iJS^ kdlay, jUjf-* aiihul^tli, 
^^Lil aaaan ; ^Ji^^^j rahot ; cX&j^ 
gh^vsb^k ; j)j\t tlUt, fjS^^ yk^lsk. 

Eat, v.a. CX«j y^mek, f J^U? t^navul-et, 
< J^ fekl-et. 

Eatable, «. j^ yfenir, CJ^^ y^y^jek, 
Cjc^^rfiJ yfen^jek, J^^^ mfe'kyul ; 
eatables, s,pL C^Sj^bU m^'kyulat, 

Eaves, J^^ slcbiik. [y^y^jek. 

Ecbo, $, yUb yiu>ko; — , v.a. and n. 

I^jjle ")dL8B-et. 
Eclipse, 8. (son's) tmJyjS kyikssuf; 

(moon's) ^y«^ kbdssuf; ^, VM. 

ilXAmJi^^^iLjsA iiydtnltgbtni-kess- 

inek; (fig.) J^l;^ jy-^ gbferi-bridc. 

mak, ^^^4m&^ Xahmak ; to be eclipsed, 

ij^Jf tutulnuik. 
Economize, v.a. \sj\j\ idarE-fet. 
Economy, 8. ifj\*i\ Idars. 
Ecstacy, Ecstasy, «. Joj-^ T^jd, u^J^^ 
Eddy, '• jy^^ iLnaf^r. [vijdan. 

Edge, 8, (maigm)jV:ȣ3 ksnar ; (cutting) 

Edible, a. Jj$t« m^'kyul. 

Edifice, 8, ^\) y^t, lij bina. 

Editor, 8. «i^J^ ^^ gb^^tA-mi^dTri. 

Educate, v.a, (J^J^j^ 6kutmak, \f^s*^ 
t^"lim-et, tu^^«Su> tMnss-et, ^^y 
tirbiyyB-et, t^^j^y psrvKrisb-et. 

Ed, «. Ji^,jk yflln-blli^W. 

■ ■• . v" 

Efiface, VM. (J^jyi b6zmak, C ^V.4A.. » s 
mek, cX«|f>- cbizmek. 

Effect, 8.jJ\j tfe'ssir; J\ haBvr; — , v 
j;4jb y^mok, cXc£^ ^tmek, \fJJ 
bassfl-et. [salt 

Effective, a. ^ si^A ; Jji ykrar, J 

Effiectual, a. uPfj^'^^y^^]/* mferari 

Effervesce, vm. (j^\^^ Idiynamak. 

Efficacious, a, y^ mill'fessir, ^f^^^ <f«i 
^j^\ m^ramt-mikntlj-6lAn. 

Efficiency, 8, fjL^JiJb\ ^bliyy^t. 
Efficient, a. jJcl£« miikt^dir, Jjb^ M 
^^b;\ ^rb2b, JU salih. 

Effluvium, «• jSy k^ku, ^^^aju t^"affiu] 

Effort, «. ,^^ A" J, ^J^^ ghyiishis 

(Ji»jj^ vsrzisb ; ilL^>- blmla. 
Egg, 8. ^^ y^miTTta. 
Egg-plant, 8, ^Lp'b pXtlijAn. 
Egotism, «. cS'^.gJU^ ^nani}7i 

dJii^J;^ kb&dbmlik, C 

Egotist, 8. ^.*^y>- kb6dbin, «A^k7^ 

kb6dp^8^nd. [bi^sl 

Eight, a. jCd s^kiz, ^Uj s^man, l::^ 
Eighteen, a. jC««^y 6n-a^kiz. 
Eighth, a. ^^^ sfekionji, ^ 

samin ; — , 8, ^y^ sikmn. 
£%bty, a, ^^\mjLa s^kssn. 
Either, /»-ofi. ^li>\^ yii.6-yj^-bii ; y <0^1 

ni;;.bii ; jJ blr ; ^^ji,:^^^ 

ikissindan-birissi ; — , amj, \i. 
Elaborate, a, ^^CU^ bja. [murur-G 
Elapse, v,n, CX«y^ ghidimek, \ j)j 



Z..7i,C^j*y dlnek. 
1---. s. jjjji bi}Tik ; — , $. ^^V^y 

- ^t, a. wJ^ biynk ; — son, Ji^t CJll 
^..^4d; — brother, Ul XghA; — 

'>'^i. ^U naji; — , tt-jliiol 

f^ e^chmek, (J^J^ kyrmalL. 
• --D,i.u^ladi\mtikhlb. 
trcity. #. j;iy;^\ flektrik. 
^-iS-, VM. ^j^J^ JlJ^\ ilek- 
iv-charpdinnak. [Uryik. 

' 'ice. f. cUJj/ ghyiizfemk, ij;^|;b 
'^ict. uuiiy litafdt, ^j.^ husan. 

^ "^^ \J^^ ferkyan ; J^l dssul ; 
-t /oe ^, |ul j1 jJ^ "anasstn- 

^ tc. „^, ^^^ rfeT'-et, 1 j^y tirfi"- 
*^^' J«;j!\i klddtmudE. cSasLS^ 

ti=n.f. 1^:^ rif"iit; jb "Miiw; 
^^^^ji y^kseklik ; ^*3 (t^ps). 

' ^|/ii\ iisttkhraj^. 

Eligible, d. j^buit UstEnilir, cJ^^Ou^t 

isstEoilEJek.j^ljt Ir^ntltr. 
Elixir, «.^;:»<J^1 ikalr. [-naktas. 

Ellipse, 8, ^^jdfJ b^yzl, ^jaS\j^ai kXt"t- 
Elm, «. ^1^1^ kXra-l^AAch. 
Elogy, s. ^X9 mhdh, U sina, ^^^ 

shayish ; '^U>-(X« m^dhljryE. 
Eloquence, «. (i:u-«>-ld9 f^ssah^, U^^ 

b^llghlt, ^^^ jerb^zi. 
Eloquent, a. (^^jt^ mlri-kElam, ^9}fjS^ 

Else, pron. AaJLj bXahka, ^J digbsr, 

4jr^ gbkyri : — , e. 4mS^^ y6kh8a. 
Elsewhere, ad. ^4£^ bXshka-yxra, 

» J^^KaIj blshka-yErda. 

Elucidate, v.a. t^Uajt izah. 

Elucidation, s. «.ti;1 Izah. 

V. - 

Elude, v.a. JU^U^f^r.^'jc^ s^"^t- 

-Ua-s^ddnmak ; ^^^j^ kurtulmak. 
Emanate, v,n. ^ j4>l« s£dir-dl, \ j^*^ 

Emancipate, v.a. \ «>|jl azad-et (Izld). 
Embark, v.n. cX«yj^,^^ gh^miya- 

-bbmek; — v.a. J^^y^^^^^i^ 

gh^miya-kbmak ; ^jm<jtX^^^^j^ 

Embarkation, 8, y CiLl.v.,>»,:iJ H\J^ 

CXiiw«;«X«; gh^miya-b)nmeklik-VE* 

Embarrass, v.a« cJ^ju^JcJiM^ siktndt- 

•YEnnek ; to be embarrassed, Jk*1a^ 

s^kilmak; iy^jH b^zulmok, ^J 

j^^JjjL dlli-tutulmak. 
Embarrassment, «. t^fiAiLitf siktndt; 

^^jm^jb^J dili«-tutulmas8t. 




Embassy, s. CL^U^ B^ar^t, dJlaC^lLa 

Embellifih, v,a. l^^^JJ t^eyin-et, 

i^X*j»y^T»iJj zm^tlBBdlmiek. 
Embellishment, ». ^^J> thzjin. 
Embers, s.pi. ^^^JpyiC^v^7^^glgy 6dun- 

It^shinin^-k^rlan, \j!^\jjj^ kbr-lth^h. 
Embezzle, vm. (J^^ chllmak. 
Emblem, s. sjL^Jix, "iQam^t, iZ^j\JL\ 

Embrace, v.a. JU^iW-y kujXklamak; 

Jk*];^ sXnlmok; i^A^**^ &pnsh- 

mek; J^l&y kushltmak; t^U-1 

IbatA-et, y J^lSt 8hamil-61, ^^^^ 

Embrasure, «. Jli^ mXzghAl. 
Embroidery, 8, ^JLj\i:>j\ Ini-ishi, aAIjI 

ishlEinB, yJJi nlksh (nik^^h). 
Embryo, 9. ^^j^ j^nm. 
Emerald, 9. i^j^j zi^mmd. 
Emerge, i;.fi. ^Jas^ cb^kmok. 
Emergency, 9. ^-^Wl ijab ; in case of 

— , ^jl^ i^WC^ ijabi-akdtijfl. 
Emery, 9. iJ^^A^ shnpars (zimpora). 
Emetic, a, and 9. ^^Aa miildyyt. 
Emigrant, 9.^>-lf« mthajir. 
Emigrate, c;.i». ^iJ^w^ tirki-wltAn-et, 

\*:L^ji' j\r>'\ lkhtiyan-ghurb^t*et, 

Emigration, 9. ^^ c)ji terki-wAtAn. 
Emmence, 9, ^yu t^fbwuk ; qIL dlgb, 

*jJ (tfcpK). 
Eminent, a. ^\jViJi\i f a iku-'l-ikrln ; 

j^^ m^bbur. 
Emissary, 9. (j^^Ap^ jassuss (sh^sbid). 

Emolument, 9. ^U^ md"ash; J^ 

Empale, v.a. ^Ja^jj^ klztklomok. 
Empalement, 9. ^jImiUms A^JjjlS klzl 

Emperor, 9. dl&jb padisbah, j\x^ 

bi^kyumdar, jjl?!^^^ impkrat^r. 
Empire, 9, uuJ^J d^vlet, cs '^<y^ 

biikyum^t; (Jlj^\;f^ Impsrat^rlq 

C^U« mbmalik. 
Employ, v,a. JUwUy kulUnmak ; (p^ 


) I A 

\ isstUcbdlm-^ 
(things) IJluii^l is8t)" ; J 
CXc^^ isb^iVErmek ; — , 9, ^jLA M 
u:.^J^ (khizmet). 

Employment, 9. ^jtA ish; d-^jj 
(kbhmet), (ji^j^l* m^'muriyj^ 
m ^i;y,r.,< mbsbgbuliyy^t. 

Empress, 9, i>eif^j^\j^Aj\ imp^rat^ricl 
(regnant) aL2>Jb padisbah. 

Empty, a. ^^ b6sh, JU khali, 
tbbi ; — , v.a, j;^^^ bosbxltiDfl 
— itself, fXM. (jAi\J^ji b^sbAlm^ 
iJajKL^^ b6shAnmiik; (by flowin 
f^Ai\ Ikmak ; (by flowing int 
•lc--rt;><) in^s^bb<i61. 


Emulation, 9. f^j^^ gbityr^t. 
Enable, v,a. ]j\ji\ Ikdar-et, JkAt^J*^ 

Enamel, 9. U^ mma (mlns) ; — -, v 

CXillj^lx^ minE-lshlEmek. 
Enamoured, a. JLS»U "Xshtk; to be • 

(delighted) Jm^Ij bayrlmfl 

^jAjii»y>- kkbshlannuik. 
Encamp, v,n. (jAjf j43^\ &rdu-ktTmfl 




'.ff^: Jjj\^ ^j ^j^ 

i .7: jnish-bir-klch- chAdtrler. 
"iiijjt. vji. \js:f Bihr-et; cJw^Juj-» 
krj^dinDek; CU)^ AiAj'-w kh6- 

-':r^ter, 9, j\jjS^ sihrbaz. 

^an^jlg, a.j^J dUbsr. 

-iantment, 9.jS^ s\kr ; ffV> s^vinj ; 

^iiy. kh^shlkitsh. 

-isc, VM, iS^jij>' chWrmek, 

>*-J kcshAtmflk; \^ M-et, 

^^*4;a^t khina-kbmak. 

- ^^are, ». lil^ ha'it. 

- -re, «/. (French) j^yl ^^yl 
-^rjQ.afErim; Uj J blr-diJia. 

:at€r, *. ^^^^jL-iw!^ rlsat-ghilish, 
w'jUj tteidaf ; ^^/(^O di^^ikiah ; 
^ c-a. cUKviS. <^>*\j rlBst-ghElmek, 
' J-^'^ t^saiduf-et ; cU.^^jJ 

- j:n«, i^ii. Ci-«^^ J^ yiiz-VHrmek ; 
^*^^ji y^rcklmidirmck, CZ^L^ 

-^^^emcDt, *. (Jly^ tfeshvik. 
^"*^,v^.y jb bar-61; ^\kJJijLa 
^'«^aidi.61, cJ^jt^JAiM* ^kindi- 

' * ^y ^; ^y^ ^^9i ^-^^M 

i^t>?ilmck, Ci-4k%J diikKmnek, 
t^ mitoklti".^, \^J^ miin. 
<Am-61 ; _, vol. C^Si bitinnek ; 

CU^ k^ssmek; CU^^jJ di^M- 
mek; 1^UJ\ itmam-et; to make an 

end of C)i4-.^ k^ssmek, 

CX«^ bitinnek; of 

one's self, c3u«;jJy^JCi^^ Jc^ 
k^ndi-k^ndini-^ldurmek ; to put an 
end to, CLU^ bitinnek, j;^',^^^^ 
ttmg^a-^dmak, \^^ mW-et, ^^ 

JuJy chariB-bulmak ; to 

life, cXojjJjt Mdunnek; — to suf- 
ferings, Jf-^^^yu^*^^ fcziyyfetdon- 
kihrtannak, CX-«;jJy ^JJ vi^t**^'^ 
kdrtulsun-d^yu-Mdunnek. [-k6mak. 

Endanger, v.a, ^y ^^^^^ t^hlik^ys- 

Endeavour, v.n. ja131^ chXlishmnk, 
t^^«M» s&"y^et, J^Ij blkmak. [tasst. 

Endive, s. ^^^l^^l^jji firink-slla- 

Eudless, a. J«>2j\^ nihajetsiz, J^j*^ 
diikinm^z, ^^(^ bi-nihays. 

Endow, «.a. JhoIcUjI^I trad-bl^- 
lamak; ^jA^i^^".^ milttls8»f-kH. 

Endnre, v.ii. ^J^^ d^yanmak, 
cX«j)^ siirmek, jilc^V baki-61, 
j\j^Jjb p^ydar-6L 

Enemy, s, ^^y^*i ditohmEn, m^o:^ 
kbXssm, jtXC' "kdiivy. 

Energetic, a. ^^J^CIjI ishghyuzar ; 
^IaJU chlltshkXn. [ils. 

Energetically, ad, ^Icl^^ gh^yr^t- 

Energy, «. c:^;«c ghkyr^t ; CJ|^ kuw^t. 

Enfeeble, v.a. !b»i*iU0 z^"if-^t. 

Enfilade, v.a. (J^^^j*^^ y^don- 
-^klmok, cXik^^O^JJb y^don- 




Enforce, v,a. \ \^\ Jjra-et, ^ji-«i>- 

^J^j\JL>-dij6 hilkmana-fi^la-chikjur- 

Engage, v.a. (J^^ tdtnmk; IJyll.^ 

m^shghul-et, f JUii^ lahghal-et ; 

(J^^ yirmok, |//^ tihra-et; 

1c)^ j^nk-et; — , vm. <^^jl^jy^ 

8i^z-yEnnek» ) J^ td"yihad-et ; 

J^jb ykztlmak; ^4]^li«mdklv^l£-et, 

1 Jy kjirl-et ; — one's self, C3^J^ 

sikzlsshmek, CJ^^ J^ sHa-VEnnek. 
Engaged, a.^^^Lcjl«XfJ t^'idihad-Mmifih ; 

{jt*ji^ *S^j vJi"d-vfermiah ; J^tl^ 

^J^jf\ m^hghuU61nii8h. 
Engagement, s, ^^i>A kh, ca .^ l ^ it iL^ 

m^shghuDyy^t ; J^ alrz, iXcj Tk"d; 

CJ^ jbnk, ^jU^ muhardbi; 

^jU^ mdklT^. Jy UlyI. 
Engine, «. ^^ ch^kh, iz^\ al^t. 
Engineer, *. t/f^j>' chArkhji; (civil 

or militaiy) (^«X:>f« mdibsndiBB. 
England, s. ifjs^\ InghUthra. 
English, a.jJij\ Inghllz. [hakk-et. 
Engraye, v.a. ^J^ji klzmak, lclX>^ 
Engraver, a, CjC^^ h^kkyak. 
Engraving, $» A*<d;<U^\j bXssma-r^sim. 
Enjoy, v.a, (possess) ycjlt* malik-61, 
j^(JjU na'il-61; (derive pleasure) 

jAiL^y^ kli6sh]anmak, C)^l 

^Alanmek, ^t jjJcL« mikt^^zziz-ol ; 

— one's self, ^JaAJ^^ kh^shlanmak, 

cX^nJ^I ^ghlxnmek, \\L^ siifa-et, 

^\ J jJcu miitdlfezziz-61. 
Enjoyment, a. JjJj t^l^zoz. 
Enlarge, v. a. l^aj^^ blyutmek, 

i^Asil^ gh^nishlstmek ; — . t 
CX«^ blyumek ; — upon, aJL« 
iL\ ♦ A^j.^ tlfssUta-^ilrisbmeL 

Enlightenment, «. CL>1«Aa« mk"lutr 

Enlist, t;.a. fj0^\ii^jLm£> "XsskErlip 
-yjizmnk, |;ifO^ tikhrir-^t; — , t 
J"^!;^:^^ <^ " "iBskBrH^ 

Enmity, s. cJl;>4^> dilshmEnl 
c: *^xjA<khdssumfet,CL^^*Xg"^da\ 
UOjC- gh^roz, vj:^Lii} n^fsanm 

Ennui, s. (French) ,^«^«)^s*a^(jW j; 

Enormity, $, L£>^%»>\gi flzahot. 

Enormoos, a. C^^cJj p^k-blr 
(J?;^1^J^ h^ddan-lshin. 

Enough, a. and ad. jtsj y^tishir, 
y^tKT, J JJC)^ SJLsj y^tish^jek.LXd 
iJj\jJU\j:^\iS klfay^t-mikdari. 

Enquire, v,n. ij^jy^ s^rmak ; — for, 
after, ^jy^ s6rmak. 

Enrich, v.a. l^^j^'yj z^ghin-( 
(embdlish) '^j;?^ tfezyin-et; (w 
jewels) ^^;^>^y t^rsi"-et. 

Ensign, *. jl*l-» sXnjak, j^ bayn 
2r^Jjb biindara; j)^|;:^; Utyrakd 
j^j^lficLi sXnjokdkr. 

Enslave, v.a, \j^ ^asTr-et (yissir). 

Ensue, t;.ii. fjASuJ>^ ch^kmak, ^^^ 
has8tl-61, \^m^S t^rbttub-et. 

Enter, v.a. ^ajS ghlrmek, f J^ 
ddkhul-et, ^\ Jfi^^b dakhfl-ol ; (wi 
down) \ JuS kayd-et ; — into (co 
mence), CX4«Aj j.frn gfairishm^ 
t<.2.>^\l« m&bash^rbt-et. 






^I'rpx, f. 1^! Ish, Ji kyar, 

I.^'jlsh.vm. tj^ kibuket; (Jk^^u!! 
i^'c'Tiiuik; CJ><^J^ ^^AlBndirmek ; 

'imek; I^Uhn^f )zmar-et,\J|fS^L«lA^ 
klios-klbul-et. [vji^Li^ zijaf^t. 

1 c?. c.i. lu^jaj- j^b-et, J^wW? ll- 
-iing. a. i^yl J dUfbrib. [datmak. 
-: i^. «. l;U[j y^kpar^ jj|^ bitun, 

«*' Umm, J*^ t^kmll ; — hone, 

o' it. yb^ aygbir. 

"-Is. «. jrf. ^Wu b^AfTMk. 
-•^■acc, t. (act) trj?^ gblriah, 

^;^*) dukhvl; (place) j-J klpi, 

^->X( m^dkh^. 

^^, rui. 1 U-j rija-et, 1 jUi nlyaz- 

•^^ i^y^ yHvamuik. 
^^> «. jJ kXpt, Jr;.Jt« m^dkhai ; 
■ s-^<cring) juS Wiyd. [tk"dad-et. 
' >7^, 9^. ^}a>Xc a^ymak* tj\jju 
* *■? t.fl, ^J^ltf sarmak. 

' - "^^ 1. 4^J& z^. [WbBsud. 

^ ca, I. JilJj; y^klnj, Jj-^ 

^^».t.f/.j\^jhvar, uJl^Ll fetraf, 
^} kob. 

J f. ,^'a1»;j< 6rt(i-McW, 
^^j^yai^ mUdisuM-Mchi. 
'; f. Ui\j|i khklnmfl, Jui^i^- Uiseed; 
^> ^A, o^^^ kkklnmak, ^Jw..^^ 

?T» •• *^ 8ir'*iL [b^aed-et. 
""• <• ^ bir, iJ^^Lm^ tn^ssavi ; (in 
?^' ul/^ 3Jain; (in rank) yiSs 
^:''ifv; ^, ».a.yt5jL^ iDii88aTi-61. 

Equality, «. <JL^1jL^ m^ssavat. 
Equalize, v.a. \ci|^L»« mi^ssavi-et. 
Equally, od. »;jj\c^|^L^ miissavat- 

EqaalnesB, «. cii^l^L^ miiseayat. 
Equator, t. |yi.4t l3£>^ kbltt-i-lsstiwa. 
Equatorial, a. (,,,»^>.'.< ^|>^^ ^ khatt- 

Equilateral, o. clj^lv^^Li:^ mi^t^ssa- 

Equmoctial, a, (, y^...;V li\fiJ^ L^ khatt- 

•i-iastiwaya-m^nsub. [-l^yl-u*nibar. 
Equinox, *. J^^^^I^kJ^^ t^ssavi'i* 
Equip, v.a. j;#«jUj J d6natmak, t Ji^fasT 

t^jhiz-et. [hlkklnlyy^t. 

Equity, 8, u:Jt«\^ "^dal^t, (j:^U>. 
Equivalent, a. u^^L^ milissavi ; — , 8, 

J^jt, "ivfez, jlU^li kirshtlik. 
Era, *. ^U lv« mfebdfe'i-tarikb, 

J<^Ijii^Li>> hisslbt-tarikh. 
Erase, vM.^J^jy b6zmak, ^^^y t£rktn- 

-et, fcJsP- yOck-et. 
Erect, a. (^J dlk, u^j)? d^^Aru, Jli 

ka'im, *yy4^ "kmud ; — , v.a, i^X^J 

d^kmek, tv.^.^ nlssb-et ; J^t^jJlS 

klldtrmnk ; iJaj^I y^pmiik, 11:j blna- 

-et, \ \Lj\ bisha-et. 
Eriyan (capital of Persian Armenia), 8» 

^j^ \^^) Bi^van-sb^biri. 
Enniiie, 9. |%y\3 kakum. 
Err, v.n. (mistake) Jk^J^ y^jrtlmak, 

\ IkuL kblta-et; (wander) J^^j^ 

d^laahmok. [kblta-skwib. 

Errata^ s. pi. erratum, «. mV ^^ 
Erroneous, a. ,^/J^ yanyflwh (yanisb). 




Error, s. ^ji^^ y^^tltsh (yanish), 
jU^ (yanishlik) ^icu^ khXta, ^ 
8fehy» ^li d^a]M, Ji^ dllal ; one 
in error, JL^ dAll ; one who leads 
into error, ^Jmo* miid^ll. [b^dihir. 

Erudite, a, JU "allm, jC ^ -c m<it6- 

Eryripelas, 8, ^Jef^li yilAnjtk. [-sh^hiri. 
Erzroum, 8. ^j\^ (^V\^J^ Erzrum- 
Escape, 8. \^J^jj^ kihrtulush, yj^^ 
khr)laflB, cs-^^lirf B^amfet; 1 1>-^ 
klchtsfa, J\^ flrar ; — , VM, (J^j^ 
kdrtulmak, (J^^^^^ khdlass- 
-bMmak, JKC;^;^^^^! y^kayi-ki)r- 
tarmok-; Jni^li klchmak, f j|;-i 

Escort, 8. ^^y«*l-i y^ssXkji; \tLi>-l 

^^^"^U^^J^JrV ihtiylton-tKrfik. 

61unAn-"X88kBr; — ^, o.a. cXc^|^ 

l)ErabEr-ghitmek. [khlsss. 

Especial, a. ^y^s^ mkkhsuss, ^l>- 

Especially, oA. Kcy^ki^ m^hsusson, 
\4Cya:>^ khussussa, ^Is^ khAsssaton. 

Esponse, v.a. Jf^^ llimik, Vj!/ t^z^^- 
vuj-et; (a cause) ^f^j^ iltizam-et, 
^v_,-^^^ tdss^Lhhnb-et. 

Essay, ff. ^^[^sf^ t^jribs ; il^^J rissalE; 
— r, t;.ii. and a. Jf^V bXkmak, CX<^4> 
'dfenBmek, \^^J^ t^jribs-et ; 1^Ucl«) 
ImUlian-et, J^U? tlirtmak, JUUj£ 
y6klamak. |W; rub. 

Essence, «. J^^ Xssl, i^ kyunb ; (spirit) 

Essential, a. ^^^^ Assli ; (volatile) jLL 
tiiyyar ; (necessary) a^S lazim, aI^U 

Establi^, v,a. ^y^^ ^bmak, j; 
kihrmak, ^^^^..^U t^'slss-et, ^j 
p^ydar-et. [dilkl 

Elstablisbment, 8, ^^jm^^ t^'si&s ; , 

Estate, 8. ijJlUl ^mlak, ^\} a 
Cjii» miilk ; L^\^ Jl« mil-u4;.-l 
IS:^ tfer^kfi ; V-S^^up-t JIp- hi 
-biy^yy^t; «Jij riktbs. 

Esteem, *. ^U^^ i"tibar ; ^ nl 
— , v,a. tjLac^ i**tibar-et, J^'^ 
mak, 1^ nlzar-et, \ Se- "^dd-et. 

Estimate, 8. < g*.^ k^sbf, ^^^^^^ ti 
mm ; — , v,a. \^4,ae^ tAkhmin-ei 

Eternal, a. ^j\ ^ iJjj\ feb6di-vE-cz 

Eternity, *. (past) Jj\ fezel; (fat 
aA hhed; (state oO ^^^*^^ ^^^^i' 

Ether, 8. ^^j ^UiJ 16kmin.rii 

(ethereal matter) ^1 ^ssir. 
Ethics, *. pi. jU.^jJifi "ilmi-^h 

CL^Ujt ^ddblyyat. 
Ethiopian, «. c,^ t\^ 8lyah-"^abJ 
Etiquette, 8. c:jjIc "ad^t. I 

Etymrfogy,*. jl«J»^ isbtikak; lJA 
Eulogy, *. ^y^^^ sitayish. ["Um-i-« 
Eunuch, *. ,^yfi^ khasi ; aoU khia 

^^U? t^washi. 
Euphrates (the river) 8. ^/^ 

fitrat-n^hri. [tl^r 

Evacuate, v.a. Jk^!^ ch^kmak ; ' 
Evacuation, 8. ^J^ t&khllyys* 
Evaporate, ».«• t^^^^^ dchmflk, J^ 

kdrumok; — , r.a. J^^W^^ ^^' 

mflk, jKe;>jl ucburmok, J-* 





« :.:>bukh8r-^lmak]ik. 
>^ /. «ll£w| Ikhshom. 

- =. I. i^lii^l Ikhshom ; — ^, a. JjJ 

.'ajL^ Wr-Bljlkda; ^^Ua-IU 

- hfi-blsh ; — , otf. 4^ blli, 2rJ dtf, 

J^^ dakhi ; even bo, ad, ^^1 HijIb. 

- T-rLsllj, ttf. Ci^U "akibet. 

! : ftf. Uib da'ima; if^^ji blp- 

^iiitdfl; fw ever, \jo! feb^dim; 

ireTer and ever, jUSIjjI fcb6de-l- 

*^ ; ever and anon, ^J^ bb- 

-iji; ever since, J[;-3JcjjJj1 61- 

*5^, a. J^i:i^ diikEnmcz, 
its W.2fcwa, jjji^ lim-yfezU. 
^^. «f. JjuU-j fiinabJi"d, 
•^rj^)? bdndon-WkylB, J^SIJ) 

■I'-. Mr 

"7 «^ y* hir, y^ hRT-bir ; — 

"^•' c-5*;* li4r-ghyiln; — other 

^■' ^j^1j^,^i^ ghyiin-lBhin, 

'**Vj^^ iki.glijitoda.bir; — 

-' \^f^ bir-sh^; — one, 

^ '<<iy, trv^ bir-k^ ; — where, 

>,-* l»sr-yBra, «*>;iy^ bir-yirdu, 

^^hit, — bit, ilf^jj^h bir- 

J'lila; yjfJ^jp bhun-Wtun. 
' -^ce. 9. Oi)lf& Bb^bad^t ; (aJ^J 

Evident, a. 2rJc»>^t jjS ghyl^z-liropiinda, 
2r(X)1ju.« m^ydAnda, JClS Xshikyar, 
ji^ zahir. ^Jj bfedihi, ^'jjJj 
b^dldar, tjjyh bW^yda. 

Eva, *. CJiJ^ ky&tduk, jilii 
f^naltk, ^ ad' ; j^J zdrar, %ZJj^ 
mlzkrr^; )b b^la, yj:. -^ifl^i m&ssibfet; 
d-^ ftlakfet; usJui "illfet, J^j^ 
mhtaz ; — ^, a. ^^ ky&tu, Ui ffena, 
t^Ji kXbih ; the evil one, ^^^^^UxJa 
Bh^yt2nt-]^"fn; the evil eye, Joj 
nXzor; evil-doer, a, fjS^ miipjrim; 
evil-speaking, s, ^\i^ biditan. 

Ewe, *. y^U mariya, i^^yiAi^ dUhi- 

Ewer, *. j;i^\ ibrik. [k6ytjn. 

i^ct, a. t^jijff dbghrv, a\aj tlmlm, 
a\j timm, .^i?*^** sahib ; — , v.a. 
jji Ibnak, jjlc^^j.^ 8%ub- 
Xlmak, j;J!c,,»j>r>,rf\jjJx< miitlAk- 
-isst^yub-llmak ; IJj^^i^sai:? t^stl-et; 
liwJi? tldeb-et. 

Exactly, ad. a\j tXmm, aUj t^kmXm ; 

Exactness, «. ^^jcjiff dd^Aruluk. 
Exaggerate, v.a, \^L« milblligha-et. 
Exaggeration, s, ^L<« miiblligba. 

Examination, s. A^jJ y6klamak, 

^\£^\ hntthan. 
Examine, v.a. Jk*1^j£ y6klamak, ^t4j\i 

bXkmak, t^U^ mu"ay^ns - et ; 

\^l^L«l imtthan-et. 
Examiner, «. U4»« m^m^yyiz. 

Exasperate, v.a. (J^j^^j^ khdsrmok. 
Jncl^b dXratmflk. 




Exasperation, s. ^^>i^j\t^ ^ fina- 
dftighinlBc. [6ymak ; ^^A»- hikfr-et. 

ExcaTate, v.a. JU;*i klzmok; (j^^ 

Exceed, v.a. cX«us^ gh^chmek, ^J^f 
Xihmak, f JJ^^ t^jayaz-et. 

Exceedingly* mf. d^lc gli&J^t, aIcjU 
ghay^tla, v:^lb b^hay^t. 

Excel, V ji. and a. ^ J^li f a ik-M. 

Excellence, f. cJJ^^ lyilik, J!U\ 


Excellent, a. ^^CAj p^k-iyi, lAf^J 
p^k-k"la, |i^ Jj^ di6k-iyi. 

Except, ad. ^JiL)^ dan-blahkn, 
1«XcU^;i3 dan-ma"ada, idudi^ don- 
flzlo, iJj^^ dan-gU^jTt ; — » v.a, 
\\its^\ laatissna-et, ^jAjjt\:t* < 

Exceptmg, ad, ^AlJ^J don-blahka, 
1«Xcu^ dan-mii"ada, iLai^ d«n- 
*flzla, c^if^^O don-gh^yn. 

Exception, t. \; ■?,';. j1 lastiasna. 

Excess, s. 4Ldi fazla; l^tyl ifrXt; to 
commit excesses, ^JasJ^^ tlshitmak, 
fJ^ySA Ishtrmak. 

Exdiange,«.^jlCi3 dl^Aish, Ci\p tiinpa, 
4l4>L« mikbid^; bill of —> ^^ 
p&licha s course of — , ^^ Uunbiyo ; 
— , v.a. cX«;«Xlij J digfaishdinnek, 
1 Jj Ju; tUMin-et ; — , vjt. t Jt^O dl- 
yAish-et, ^^\p tr^pa-et, ^a! jL« mik- 

Excheqner,«. ^;:j^khdzinn. [baddi-et. 

Excise, «. c«iLa>-1 Ihtissab. 

Exciseman, t. 4J^^*U c^Lm^^I ih» 

Excite, t;.«. \cJj/»r tkhnVet; 1^ 

Exclaim, vm. (J^^ ch^Atrzx 

J^^U bii^Atrmok, Wjj nlda-et. 
Exclamation, t. ^Oj nlda ; note of 

tjj i^j^ bkf-i-nida. 
Exdnde, v.c. Jk«iJ\ ^J^ icb^-ali 

mok, ClJ«i4>^t J^ kkbul-et-men 
Elxdosion, s, J^ A«Xe 'itdm-i-kkbul 
Excosable, a.j^9u% m^"zur. 
Excose. «. j^ "ikzr; ^\|i biha] 

— t v,a. \ jic "ifir-et. 
Execute, v.a. 1 1^1 ijriUet, i^Xcjpi 

f)"^tirmek; \Jsj kltl-et;^^ 
Execation,«.|/r\ gra; JoSkltl. [Issni 
Execotioner, s. jl>- j^Uxd. 
Exemplify, v.a. cX«jf^ J^ mi« 

•gb^drmek, ^iJ^duJ t^msil-et 


Exempt, a. c^ b^, i^\»« mc' 
i>|^) azad; — » v.a. \ ^ "Xfr 
t4^\iL« md"lf-et. 

Exemption, s, v:l.^JU< mii"i£iyy^ 

Exercise, s. (bodily) O^;** biu^^ 
(for improvement) ^»Jlw til' II 
(militaiy) ^s^ tiL"lIm; (performan 
1^^ Ijra; (lesson) c/V^ d^ras, |m 
tk"lJm, 4ji!lL« m^tala"4; — . « 
CX^XjIaJLiu ti"b'm-^d]rmek ; 
profession) CXc£^ ^tmd^; (a hoi 
&c.) CX«;J|^ gbtzdirmek. 

Exert, v.a. 1ii»i^ sitff-et; t j 
ibraz^; — one's sdf, \^j«-*> Bdi'V* 
f(^^ gUiyret-et, J^t^ chaU 
mok. [^W* chabAlBi 

Exertion, ». ^j^^ sii"y« ^^^ K%' 




Lib^itb, f . ^Vfikr b6kh§r . [bltinnek. 

Ii^i'T.rxCUsS^^J d^kitmek, CJ^ 

i^j£^, s. cUCcc^J dilkBtmeklik ; 

JS^JJ bitinnekfik. 

'■•'^ tA, cX<^5m.^ ghjritostermek, 

w^^JcjI^ B^-^tdurmek ; \ j\jj\ 

j^ mbifi ; — ^, v.a. KlX^y^ vhT" 

ut tji.^1^1^ vAr-M,y^^l^ kya in-61, 
.' Jj>^ iD^ud-6l» Jn^y bulun- 
^k; cXu^ gfa^chinmek, 1^^^ 

- <Qce, #. ^d^l^ yjirlik, ^j^ \km, 

::unt, f. J^l^i« (:/^>X>- U^deD- 
-^ jiviz ; jH|> cJ^ p^k-plhAli. 

'^'^\S^ fcjuBbi. 

-^^ fx J^b yiiythnak. 

'-*'«!. *. jli«L\j yiyilmakltk. 

'- ^4. JmuU blkmak, jK«^jt 

'^ y^^lc mfe mul-et. 

•^ "^ t. J^t« mfe mul, JuMi^ 

-'^ (HBUt), ^^ tb^jji, u^ 

7^torate, t.a. cX«^y t^kyormdc. 
• '-^cv, t. \^.sf j ^ ^ mtinass^b^t, 

'^^nt. t. ijU. c}iir£» «^J(y k61ay. 

^^^iLc^^lj^f^^ B^fsr-iirkadash- 

lori-tkktmt. [s^rl". 

Ezpeditioas, a. CJ^I>- cbkbtk, M/^ 
Expel, o.a. (j^^ k6^Amak, lOj 

Expend, v.a. Iw^ kbatj-et, ^4^^ 

sM-et, (>«l>y^ khiujainak. 
Expense, 9, ^j^ kbiuj, \^ja^ mlBS- 

rtf, (^ta« mlBBarif, CjU^ld^ 

Expenrive, a. j)i^*A« rnXsardflt. 
Experience, «. ^^j^ gbyi^bi, cutojU^ 

in&"lum2t, *i/«^ tfejrub^; — , w.a. 

CX«;^ gbyt^rmek, C>V.4 K<t..v Ab 

blsbtno-ghilmek, ^^ysT tljrabB-et» 

cA>»£n.^ ch^kmek; — , clU^J 

Experienced, a. ^U^U^ mk"lmnXtlt, 

JfJjJ;!^ kyardidK, C->;iB^ miij^rreb. 
Experiment, f. ^^flf^ t^jrnb£, ^^J 

Expert, a. j\&m>\ ^sstaz (i^BBta). 
Expire, o.ii. cJ^f ikbnek; cXfJj^ 

sjtomek, jl^^^ftki^ ni^tdfi-61; (a 

term) C>^^ij^ gbxlmek, ^f^UJ 

tlmAm-61, ^\^^igg:>^ miknklzt-61. 
Explain^ i;.a. 1(— o^ y^ t^"i^-et, J^^i^t 

ihiglatmak (^nnatmak). 
Explanation, «. c^^ t4"r)f. 
Explicit, «. ^^ slrih, Jfl-^ dcbik. 
Explode, V.II. j;^lU9U pltlamak; — , 

v.a. CX«^^ ^^^t It^b-yirmek, JE^t 

Itmak ; cX^Jj^j^- cbdoratmek, ^ JV^t 


K 2 



ExplaratioD, s. ^l«-« j ^itS kbahf- 

Explore, vm, Jk^^^ ydldamak, t^bc« 
mu^ay^Dx-et, ^^.....ny^ t^jtsssuBB-et. 

ExplofiioD, s. (ji^lLU pltlaTtah, ^\ 
ItJsh ; ^^^ abas, I4W alda. 

Export, #. CL^U-t^eLt Mrigat {pl)i 


Exportation, #. ^\;S^f Ikhraj, ^Jj^ 
l^jdj^ diay^t-ghykidEniia, u^^IlJ? 
ij^jjiiif diahari-gbyihidsrilma. 

Exporter, #. ^*^^ jj^^ ^jJjlJ^ Ijc,^\ 
U^JJ^ ^mti"a-d}8h^-ghyiknderer- 

Expose, v.a. (to view) ^y ^\s^ m^y- 
dAna-k6inak, j;^^U^ ^\ju« m^y- 
dAno-cyUbrmak ; (to ihame) l^JiJ^ 
r^zH-et, cJs^ytlf slu-vErmek, djU 
ilX^jfS Usalmi-gh^lirmek ; (explain) 
t^Li b^yan-et, cXJj^ sikw^ylsmek, 
\ iauJ bl88t-et, /iA>*l dchmok. 

Express, a. ^yok^ miikhsuss ; — ^ s. 
j\3^ tittar, ^^jkTjj^ siknJQ ; — , v.o. 
UjU) ifadji-et, li^yu tk"rif-et, 
l^Li b^yan-et, \;«f«7 1ii"bir-et, 
CXiJj^ silwfeylsmek, jAji^\ taglgt^ 
mak; JaS--^ sikmok, J^\^ya 
adynnv-llmak. [u^Ajyu tk"rif. 

Expre8non»«.^«2JU ti"bir; yjlit ifads. 

Exquisite, a. cJjUc)^ p^k-nazik, cJj 
I.JLU p^k.iauf. 

Extempore, a. ,^0^ ^ ^\Lr« L bila- 
-m utala"^ VE-b^dibT. 

Extend, vm. JUi^i ykymok ; Jaj])^] 

iyzltmck ; — , vm, J^\[ yaytln 

Extensive^ a. wmi|^ vist", ^^^^ gbh 
CJ^ biynk ; J^ kyidH. 

Extent, s. jljcut imtidad; u^ 
vikss"^; j\sJua mUcdar; Lp 
d^^JE ; aub^ bljm. 

Extenuate, vm. \ uJ^ioT tkkhfif-^t. 

Extenuation, «. ^Jrk^ tydifif. 

Exterior, «. ^^iJ? dish, ^jU> 1^^ 

— » <*• \^J^ kbariji. 
Exterminate, t;.a. (J ^ ^tJU bHim 

J^ Urmok, J^pJ^f J^J^^^ 

Extermination, «. JLocuil isstlssll. 
External, a. ^^5>y^ kbariji. 
Extinction, « . UL\ itfa ; ^V^l inkii 
Extinguisb, vm, i^X^^jy^a ssoduno 

\\&>\ Itfa-et. 
Extirpate, i;.a. LlU^^sllkmek, J^^l^ 

cbiU^ak, IjiS k:a"-et. 

Extort, v.a. JkJI];^^- j^ron-llmt 
CLc]j^1;U>-f ijbaron-si^^ylBtni 

Extortion, #. jiiJ\ I;U 1j-5j-jfebi 

Extra, a. Jjlj za'id, ^Lai fikdo, ^*VJ^ 

^jl^ bbslbdon-kbdrij. 
Extract, v.a. j;^\ 5 j y> cUkarm 

J^\ Ihnflk; ^^^T^l i^™i 

^•.t^sirff Isstikhraj-et, #. i^«V ^^^ 

jl«Xi«^ bb-mikdar ; jJi>^ khtias 
Extraordinary, a. yjUltj^i f^vka 

."ads; i---*^ ("jLja'ib), c-^ 





Ii:.iTa?ant, «• 

m&ssrif ; ^J 


"'^^^t, i, uuolfi idhayet, u:-^U 
zhlvet, ^^4k2*ol|} nlhay^ti-d^6]E; 
-, f . — ly, ai. > Jbj^ J^ b^ddon- 

-^treLiitT, i, v^lf} nlhayet, ^-^l uj ; 

c;j^ ihidd^t, ly firt. t)^1 ifrlt. 

^:ate, VM. (J^^J^ kurtapniiik, 

'Ju>. kh^Iaaa-et. 

- -^ rji.s,Juw^ Bsvmmek* \ la>- hlzz« 

' ' ;/ gJ>y*z, ^^ "^yn, ^; (hook and) — <^^J-^ 
^r^; — , t?.a. 4>4ib bXkmak, 
>^'^ j/ ghyiz-dikmck. 

' '^'^.t.j^Uklah. 

' .:t, I. j^ ghy^, y^* blssar, 
' »^^De88, t. i^JJhlt J^£s gbylkz- 
••::^di, jj^l^ shabid, ^^IjJbll 


■•'• JbL« missal, Jl^^ mXssAl, 
^ -^ bikyaya, 

r'tt, jLft b^kil; ^^U5 kihnlsb. 

Fabricate, v.a. CX«;^ d^zmek, (.f^jb 

Fabulous, a. J5£,^J^^ Issl^-y^k ; ,Ju#l 

^j^ Isalt-y^k-gblbi, ^^JU* 

Face, 8. j^ yhz, ij^ ch^br^, ^^jy» 

suTBt (sih-lt) ; — , v,a. jK^^V^Jji 

yi^znna-blkmok ; {j^jy^\^J^ kiir- 

shi-durmak, JU^iJLJ? diiyaninak ; 

ClLiJ;^! iMnek, JPeLU klplomok. 
Facet, ». iti;>-U fiUsb^ta. 
Facetious, a. _s^aLU liHtfEJi. 
Facetioosness, «. CAlu>>AA;l3i l^ifi^ilik. 
Facilitate, v.a. l^Jt^f*^ t^bH-et. p^t. 
Facility, 9. JlL^jS k61aylfk,L::J^ sMiu- 
Facing, «. J^ yiiz, ^SiU klplama ; — ^ 

pr, iimmJsJi Idbrsbfssma, 2fA.;-.j»i^l3 

k^sbissfnda. [-hal. 

Fact, *. ^j yak"i ; JU^l^ vlki"*- 
Factor, *. jjs^l^ sltgi. 
Factory, s. iiij}i fkbrika. 
Faculty, a. ^uU- klOsssa, CL>y kihnr^t ; 

jlc^-l Ikbtiy&r, cilj rfe'y ; \^r^ sbf. 
Fade, v.n. (j^y^ B61mak, fjAS\ Xtmok ; 

— away, j'jj^lj za*il-61, jIl^U 

gb&'ib-61. [-gblbi-cbllisbmak. 

Fag, v.n. Jh^^,^ JU>> bXmmll- 
Faggot, 8, y^^*^^j^j^^^^i^ bja-6dun- 

Fafl, VM. ^jAJ^Aj^yi b6sha-cb^kinak, 

(^Uj jt dynumuik ; julj ^ b6zulinak ; 

^jU^*^Jjjl i)ydinramanuik ; j^^/J^ 

inMiss-61, ^jAj\i^jb t6p-Xtmak ; 

\jj^ ki^ssur-et; \c^jAazA ktma^ 





Failing, #. jy^^ kdssur, d-*^ iyb, 
c:u.^lJ klbahot. [lik. 

Failure, 9. ^^lUl iflast, cXLJi.< mtifliss- 

Faint, a. Jhf^^V biiy>1aja1c; (colour) 
(.J;^ khXfif, J^t dchtk; (smeU) 
^1 lyAir ; (voice) i^\ inja, ^^^-iiV 
b^jghsn ; — , vm, ^jub V Uiytlmak. 

Famting^fit, «. ^uLb Utytlma. 

Fair, a. (beaatifol) Jj^ ghyizbl, ^J 
dUbKr; (fine) Jj/ gbyi^M, Jp-t 
^bik; (favorable) ^j»^^t dygbnn, 
i}i\y^ miwlftk; (not dark) sJS^ 
tW, vjflL--; bfeyAz; (bair) *£lJ 
Dplstka ; (kind) pU^ tltli ; — play, 
fjljji^ ehgkr^XvV, (^jJL^ 
bH^saizlik; to give fsdr play, A^ 
cXclcjl bil£-^tmainek« yj^J<:>- 
^^U^lS kharijdon-klnsbmamok ; 
tbe fiur sex, ^^Ji klrtlar, Li^^lL 
ta'ifb'i-niua, ^«4«Jt^li kln^kissnu; 
— , 9.j\:j pXnkytr. 

Fairy, «. u^ pEri. 

Faith. 9. ^Uj\ imin ; ^^ din ; JlS:;^! 
i"tikZd; u::^'^^) ^mniyy^t, jlci^t 
r'timxd ; bad faith, jLarii y^dXn- 
jtltk, jLSU. khl'inlik, LS^U;^ 

Faithfbl, a. tS^ sidtk ; the faithfal,^. pL 
^ j m Am m< mikSBlimin, ^2^«:b«^ m&'minm. 

FaithfulnesB, 9. «n::^\ Jup aldakXt. 

Falcon, «. ^^^J^l^ ahahin.^li^ d^Axn. 

Fall, 9. A^jJ diiBhrnsi — , v,a. cXim&j J 
diishmek; juif) ylktlmak; cXwl 
^nmek ; CiX4Jt^\|i p^aasi-^nmek ; 
^jm<iJ^^ blablamak; — asleep. 

-i)yumak; CUI^ tthnek.^C^UjT^ 
-ct ; — away, J^j^^S-y^J dk 
-brUanok ; cJw«»ii^J diksho 
JP^J^ yikilmok ; J^^Ji^iti z^"lf 
mok, jJli^^^l^ ylltn^z-kk 
-k}dmak; — back,CX4K»^^gb 
•ch^kilmek; — down, cJmIw&m) d( 
mek, ^<«*iA) yiktlnudL ; — in ^ 
IuJjUJ t^asadnf-et, cJJl^=u^ 
r^lBst-ghElniek; ^u:^^^ mvwifal 
.et ; — ofF, Jh*S1;^ XzAlmak ; Vj 
CU1C»- iMrUctp-ch^kilmek ; — 1 
tf^jU; t^8ldnf-et» jt^\^ waI 
-M; i^iJkjj; b6zu8hmak, Ws-f- (Ic 
gfaa).et; —abort, cXJi^ClLi^ eki 
-ghslmek, fj^\j!^^^^\ai nisslbi 
•biyimamak; — to, JuD^lj ^^ 
lamak; — to leeward, i:^\]^^ 
CX^S^^ ri^zgbyar-Xltina-ghltmek. 

False, a. ^^/i^ y^^isb (yanli 
«9u»li fasttd; ^2^ yUln; ^ 
y^dXnji; jJi7 tlUdid; ^l y^pi 
^^J diizms, ^U^^ dydcnj 
i^li k;ap: 4:iSXi aakhts; ^ 
khAm ; \iyJ biw^a, j^^^ aX 
kltatz; jjjr« milzfevvir; — witni 
j|^J«XftL& shahidi-zur, u^JJbl^ ^ 
y^Xn-Bhahidi ; fiBlse-witness, i* \ 
iftini. [J^, biJitan, yJL yidln.jjj 

Falsehood, 9. Jib yUln, M«>^ ^ 
jLarL yiUnjflfk ; jLJU^ khl' 
Ilk ; J^j^\^ aXdakXtstzltk. lij f 




p^ (jantth). }^ khlta, jLll^li 

ri::^2]ik). [aU Dim. 

r.:is f.c^ shilhitt, jtfj^t ishtthar, 

ulL^; Uloba. 

"cilaiity. f . cJJj-ijK? tadiftizlik. 
*^^:anze, va ^j^X^\ Xltshdtniuik; 
- one's gdf, Ja^\ llt8hiiu&. 

^Jj*. Jsr^ chAjuk. jSjI ^vlad; 
w**.«fjl;^ ch6lok.ch6juk. j^lj^ 
'bark. JUjJJbt ^hl-a-'Val' 
j^lo y ^-tiikflni ; Jf^^J' Ajak, 
-1^ sihfls, A>U* khani, JjJU 
"^^aedan, ^Uo^J dcdmln, JT al; 

[^ Q^", LSy^ wby, imfiy^sJy^ S67- 

' ? \j^ jmss. [ii gbila. 

^-^. 1. jU-l ^hltk ; k«? yiht, 
-^H, rA (>«y^^ kj-kAiBwk; — , 
' ' ^^-^ ^j-kllmak, ^yisA ^jtk- 
• - V,«.^tcJj p^-aj, JUJurltlAj 

« I. ijUi yfelpazB; j^li kllbur; 
-, rj. jJUUjjUj yUp&w-sXlla- 

2 at. 


f . 



^. «. Jaft "ikl. ^^J zihn; cr^y 
^^rik; ^J^)yi kurtnitn, ^U>-U 

fiilchma; — , v,a, (J^j^ kdrmak, 
C)^^y;^djLac''2JdiDa-ghbtirmek; \^ 
zdnn-et ; cX«s««>\^l>- jXnt-)88t^- 
mek; ilXj^iLi b^Asnmek; to take 

a fieaicy t» • . . , (^XcJ^^\9r j^^*- 
-kst^mek ; cXiaCj b^Aimmek. 

FanfiEffonade, 9. immii lAf. 

Far, a. J<)^\ i)zXk, Jiji\ irlk, Juju 
bii"id; — and wide, ad. ^\jb\ 
^trafa, ^jif^l ^trafda; — , ad, (mach 
more) j^Uj d4ha-ch6k; (very) 
CJj p^k, j^ ch6k. 

Fare, *. (food) cJc^AflfjcJisj-^ yfey^. 
jek-ich^jek ; (reception) A^U^ mu"- 
am^ls; (carriage-hire) ^^^^>^=-^y 
niibet-p^osat ; (passenger) c^^xl^o 
musht^; — , vjh, Cjv«^1^Jr^ 
y^yup-ichmek; cX»:>y gh^chinmek; 
juijl 6bDiik ; Jh^^f iiymak. 

FareweU, m/. ^Uj dii"alar, \l^\ 
jjl^Ui# ^dUha-ksmJU-ladtk ; ^Ijt j^jl 

Farm, «. C)JcLA^ chiftlik ; ^^JsS\ Utizam; 
^ILt muklta^ii ; — , v.a. i^\ \j^ 
JAJ^ kkra-ila-tDtmnk ; yJiX^jl^^\J 
kiraya - virmek ; ^l/^t Utizam-et ; 
iiX^jl^ ^Ija!^ iltizama - virmek ; 
fjAjil^^ kdllAnmok, ^}Ai\^ bXkmak, 
\^JL0^\jj dra"^-et; — out, l>\^ 
ClU^kinya-vfirmek ; CX^^ i^)j^\ 

Fanner, 8. yJf<A>- ehlftji ; u:*^^;j Jjbl 
^hfi-zira"^ ; ^JsJL« miihbzim. 

Farrier, «. JcJuu (nAlbXn, nXlbXnt) 




Farther, a. j\jy\ Uj cUdia-i)zXk; — . 
ad. sj^j^S Uj cUOia-itt^ja, sOij^\\i>J 
dilhk4it66£ ; — , vm. ^/^*^j^ yirdim-et. 

Farthermore, c. ^ ^ vs-yinB (vE-gh^ns), 
tSAJbj Ts-h^in-dB, ^^X^j TE-h^m- 

Farthest, a. J^j^\c)\ hng^inXki at 

furthest, ad. ^^IxJjl 6lM-61fla. 
Farthing, #. ^\ Ikcha. 
Faadnate, vm. J^JLcb j^^s ghy&z-Ui^A- 

lamak, l^y fh'ift^-et. 
Fasdne, «. ^J^^^J^^^ chihdk-d^m^ti. 
Fashion, 9, d^jU "ad^t, m^j r^saim, 

a9<^ hlchim, \jy9 m6da, ^ tidrz; 

— , v.a. jAj\i jhpmaV ; CU^^ j^ 

Fast, a. (tight) ^^^ siki; (firm) ^iCc:* 

mikhkim; (quick) CJ^l>- ch&hik; 

Christian — , J-*;J pKrhIz ; — , v.n. 

kXhmik; {j^^'rpj^ urdj-ti^tmak ; 

fjAJ^J^j)^ psrhiz-tutmak. 
Fasten, v.a. j;^Lfilj hX^Alamak; 

jK^/h C X^i tf siktahdffnuik. 
Fastidions, a.jAt titiz. 
Fasting, a. ^ ky, ^jjj\ urijlu; 

j)>^ pirhfzli. 
Fat. 0. ^b yJiy* ; — , a. (meat) jlib 

yhghli ; (man) (^Vi^jwl^ whishmXn ; 

(beast) j^^4^ B^miz, ^jU t^wli ; — , 

v.*. cX<;^«4Mt s^mirmek; — , v.a. 

C^»4i.\-i b^sslEmek, CX4^^4^ s^mirt- 

Fatal, 8. <^j^ ^^>^ mOrissi-m^vt ; 

b6zuhnassina-s^beb-6lAn ; j«xL« 

klddir, ,.hm mt>"&yy^n; ai 

m^h dm. 
Fatality^ s. c,:^j,<^*l^ m^sh'umi^ 

LT >i><il*.A sh^'am^t. [^njami-l 

Fate, «. J JJ kAdsr ; Jjl i^lnm ; J^aI 
Father. $. \A) hXbA, jJ^ pidnr ; i^ 

— * ^^^^ kayn-kta ; step , j 

lb uv^Ai-blbA. 
Fatherland, s. ^j vuXtAn. 
Fathom, s. ^yi kul^j ; — , i 

\ Jj jJU^I issklLndil-et ; J^l 

^glamak (^nomak). [i 

Fathomless, a. j^^ O^^ dibi-bil 
Fatigae, 8. i^yjji 76rghunluk. l^ 

tk"h; k5...A:^ m^ah^kkXt; —. 

J^jy^ y6rmak. 
Fatigued, a. ^>^>t y6iyAun. 
Fatiguing, a.j\jyi jbnr. 
Fatten, t;.ii. cXcjy^>^ s^mirmek; 

v.a. cXJuJ bfesslsmek, cXajj 

Fault. 8. <^*«»-Ui kXbahot, ^^ si 

jyoi ki^asur, ^(fiCls>- jiinha. |4 

jikrm; jJJaSrf s^kxtlik; to find 

v.*. Ju3yvj:.^^^lJ kXbahat-bulm 

JU|^^^ b^hanE-bulmok, (J^y.j;, 

Faultless, a.J^jyei kiyasursiz. 
Favour, 8. ^> kEnsm, v.:^U "bai 

I— Q hi Ititf; JTJ^Lmo mii8sa'a( 
Joi^^^m,^- b&ssnu-nXz^ ; Jji }* 

8j^ chshrs, f^^jy^ sOrit; ^^ 

^<cb k6rd^la-bX^At ; to cuny — , « 




64:*j jelteninek ; t^Uhlj^ m^da- 
i-'j-k, [mils8a"id, jji^^^ i^yghun. 

Ji- ..rite. s. ilXy^ BEvdik. 

j^^;H^\^ klraja-ykwitssi ; — , 

-J. j4JiUlj y^dUklanmnk. 

'-r.f. ^j^Urkv, «^^ Ihkvf, W 

:x c ^Tmt^y d^hflhEt; — , vJi. and 
£ jUij J k^kmok. 

irrol, «. ^Jj^ k6rkuli7» ^^^j^ 
t rknijliT, uJ^^ miJchuf. 

tA Lj^Stj^Jb y^kishik-^ir, jp^jl 
. T. ^^X4.« mitankin. 
''-*t. f. Ll^Li ^ zijaf^t; (religious) 

'^3$. ff. ^. U*^ Buna. 

c.i,«.j^^ J^jJ- *^^ ch6kJB- 

'• iir. 

■ '^^^^. *. jliJi ittifXk; ^jMC^ 
->:tt£khu [4^ kyuk-tiri. 

^ ' •^ji^srim, j3|^ "iLwa'id; jM 

^-■^,^.^J^ zi"if.>^^kuw^t8iz. 


'^•'- CUj j^mfek; — ^ ».». Ci^J 
• ^^k, cUjCUj yhn^k-y^mek ; 

-. r.a. cXJuj b^aslBmek ; ClUjJJ 

•^ Mnnek. 

" * ^* J^J*^ dnymflk, l(^^r>- hisss-et; 
^*^jO d^konmokp j;^b bakmak ; 
w*^jd yikkmak. 

Feeling, a, jcji^y^ mErbametli; ; 

hlsssasB; — , 8. (^/«>- hbss; 

^U^S kdw^li.lamisBB; 

bXsssassltk ; sj:^.>^^9y^ mirb^met, 

i^^J^ shhfakXt, i^cuJj rMXtJ- 

-kXlb. [.y^mnk, IjuIaJ Oklld-et. 
Feign, v.a. j;.««jIj^jJ!U yMXndon- 
Feigned, a, ^«V;1» y^ndon, ^Lub 

y^ma, JuUi tlUdld. 
Felicitation, 9. C)j^ tbbnk, f^r^J^ 

t^bniyyB, ^JulcJ;^ ghyioun^- 
Felicity, 8. 4l^jU») s^^ad^t. [liydin. 
Felloe, 8. JUiJ^ Ipsid. 
Fellow, 8. wib^ hferif. JLba*;\ ktka^ 

dash, ^\jj[)\ ^yakdosb, (ji^'^^ 

y61dasb ; ^J^ gb^dikli ; fellows, 

^^1^1 Ikhwin. 
Fellow-citizen, 8. \Jj^LASb b^m-sb^hri. 
Fellowsbip, 8. jL&b<G;\ ^kadasbbl; 

f^\fSA Mwlnltk; C^^ gb^dik. 
Felon, 8. ^jI^^^JjUjJ.^ kb^r- 

stz-vi-kltil-m^ul^ssi-ldAm, ci^<M f> - 

kb^biss. [kb^bass^. 

Felonious, a. (J ^^< kbdbiss, jbjL^ 
Felony, *. ^j^ij^^'^^f^ki^j^j^ 

UA£>r kb^rsfzltk-yaOdiud.kltillik. 

Felt, 8. ^ k^bE, lf£=> kbbs. 
Female, a, and 8. ^^J^*^ disbi; uf^li 

kXri ; jJ k)z. 
Feminine, a, (gram.) Li-Jj.« mil'sn- 

niss; — (womanlike) jy^\,^'^^ 

Fence, 8. iiiy^iza^ tikkhta-pErdE, (j)i^ 

p^tnnakltk, j\yi^*i diwar, c:^'w>j>> cbit ; 




— , v,a. ^^^^f>' chbvirmek; — » 
0.11. \^<«Jiu^ m^-ti'*limi-et. 

Fendng, t. ^^jaJ^jumc^ inbch*tk"GmL 

Fennel. *. ^Ji Mj*i dhn-btv. 

Feoff, '. jUJ timar, ls^^U^ zi"amet; 
jUUy (J*ij^ yi)rdluk-6jaklik. 

Ferment, #. ^U mayx (miija) ; ^\ij\i 
kiynama ; 4«Jm^ chiknimB, ^j^i 
klzma ; ^^ t^laah ; — , v,n, (j^j^ 
klbannok ; Jf. J ; AJ Idkpumak ; 
1 jj^ja^ takhtemur-et ; — ^, o.a. 
iJ^J^ kXbaitmak; JUJ^U^li kky- 
natnuik; \ ^*.4dlcr tUdumr-et. 

Fermentation, «. js^^^ tychmir* 

t^khdrnmor; ^US kXbarma, ^Isj^ 

kkynama; ^L^j.i Uzma; ^j^ 
Ferret, «. jL^L^ slnsi^ (?). [churoms. 
Ferrule, #. ^|j^\;j prlzwXna. 
Feny, «. c^Xjce gb^chld-j^ri. 
Feny-boat^ «. j;jU k&ytk, jV^y t^m- 

blz, CJd^ kMek. 
Fertile, a. u^^^ mtnUt, jl^sJEs^ b^- 

kit]i,^U^*dff:^ m^bauldar. 
FertileneM, Fertility, ». C)>lv:i^ mim- 

bitlik, CJI^ bbr^kitlilik. 
Fester, v.a. jMii2b^%j>*»»]^ j^rab^- 

-t^planmok. \\Jj^ 76rtu. 

Festival, #• ^^^ gbyiln ; *|^ biyrto ; 
Fetcb, 0.a. CX«;y^<^Ju^ gbidop- 

-gb^rmek, CXj^uJ^^tc^JL;^ 

gbidup-Wp-gbalmek. [X^Atr-k&kar. 
Fetid, a. jliy Li fkia-k6kar, ^Uy ^\ 
Fetlock, 9, J^^ t6pak. 
Fetters, t. pLjy^ (dhnir) 

jir, ^^^ bdki^Ai. 

^* j« 


Feud, ». ^ nlza". 

Fever, «. U»> bvmma; (agae) Kc\ 

isshma (sHma) ; (beat) CL^jl; 
Feverish, a. ^^^ b&rar^. [h^ 
Feverishness, t. ^^J^^ b^rar^. 
Few, «. j\ l2 ; a few, j\ji bir-Az, ^^ 
Fibre, t. jy ta ; iJul Bf. [b5r-la| 
Kbroas, «. JJJJ tH-tM, /J U 

^ 1^ lif.gblbi. 
Fickle, a. J«JIj sbbatBiz.jU;^ »^^J 

blr-dXlda-ddrmdz, ^^^ miita^wi 
Factitious, a. ^^ d^zma, ^ji^ 
Fiddle, «. ii>UJ kdmln. Luydurij 

Fiddler, t. ^^U^ kimlnji, jJJU- J 

kimln-cbXltr. [kEinXn-61i 

Fiddlestick, #. J^l 6k, ^jSjlc^'^ 
Fiddlestring. *. J^J^ ksmln-tai. 
Fidelity, «. v::^1ju0 aXdaklt, J^^ 

Fidget, 9.^)f roiarlklf ; j\^jy^^^» 

rabot-ddrmaz ; — , vm, 1 j|/e ni^ri 

-et; fj^\^jy^^^S.''^j rahflt-dtTm 

mak; — , v.a. (J^j^Ji ^^ 

dirmak; J^Ui^^(j>.^|; rf^ 

Ref, #. jUJ timar; Ji2\pr^^J^ 

yiyrdluk-ftjoklik ; Ai\^U milikyaoE 
Field. *. S^ tk-la ; (j^ 6wfl. ^^ 

cbi^ytr; l^itf?' s^ira. 
Field-day, 9. J^^^yti ^'H 

Fidd-marabal, M.J^m^jA s4r-"iwl^ 
Field-officer, t. 1«U Jj^ biyuk-»^»** 
Field-piece, *. ^^S^y>^ cbkkh^ 

-t6pa, (^y^ (kdbi^ss). 




Ernsi. (.1^1 8^ JuJ^ h^d, JJ«X& 

B /. Jjy dildnk. 
Tfc:. I. ^JjJ dftdolja.' 


T: i.^^l injir. 

r,:!. ;. U^ (kawgha)» fji^y^ dd^h- 

~. P.S. cUl^-tjJ d&j^Aashmek, 

' if (]dwgha).et, tcW j^k-et, 

^jlsr* mi^har^bi-et ; — one's W9j, 

^^;«^;l,jXlj(l bbmi-dydormok. 

rre, «. J^ (sbfekfl) shad ; ^ 

.iim, ^^Jjl ^dam, ^^lSj) bdy- 

'"», C.^ft h^'^; J; rikAin; 

- vji. \^^^ ghytf88t£nsh-et ; 

^jf gi^^numek. 

^ lert. 8. jxisj\j tazB-ftndik. 

^ '^ t.s. j^lU- ch^lmak. 
■. j. 4^ ^ili ; (of soldiers) 9j^ shra; 
j' papers) J\t tidcnn ; — , vm. 

1i^^.h-)bDak ; (papers) UJy/h^ 
^/ tiplayup-tirtib-et 
• -^ t oyj bfen^vT. 

'•^- PA cf^;^ dilmak; — , VM. 
c't'^jt d^ldurmok. 
';. *. ^JjJi kJssrik-tiy. 

2^«k. [A (mun-). ^Uj\ ^vsakh. 
'. >. <JLj pkslik. jljb;^ m&rdar- 

Filthy, a. j^ piss, jtj^ murd^. 
Fin, 8. c^jUjlb bXltk-klnAdt, jU 


inal, a. cJ^ s^n^, j>\ akhtr. 
'FinaUy, oJ. c:^U "Sktbfet, iFOaJU 

"akib^tda; J^U't M-hlsstl, J^U- 

|Ji^ kXsstlt-kMam. 
Finance, 8. fJU j^l dmuru-mlllyyB ; 

minister of — , c^^U^JU maliyyi- 
Flnd, v,a. Ja^^^ bMmok. [-nladri. 

Fine, a. Jj/ gbyiizM; ^A h^a; 

jjoU- kbXsss ; j^U khaHss ; — ^, *. 

dUijP^ jbrimE; — ^, v.a, (j^^^j^ 

jbrimE-Xlmak, '(*-i/^ t^jrim-et ; 

\iJuu tXssfiyyi-et. 
Finedraw, v,a. CX^^^ drmek. 
Finedrawer, *. ^^f^j»^ ktv^n. 
Fmger, 8, JU;J p&rmak ; — , v.a. 

JkcJj J dj^kunmok, J^j^j^ klrish- 

Finger-post, 8. C^jj^^J^jf i^ji yW- 

Finish, *. J\cJ|^ s6n5r.Bl ; — , vm. 

CX^&i btemek ; C3^^ diikinmek ; 

jUUJ tXmim-61, ^J-^ tfekmil-61; 

— , VM. CX«;SJ bitinnek ; cXtA^j J 

di^kstmek ; \J^^ t^kmll-et. 
Finite, a. J^ «Xs^ m^dud, ^^ miit^- 
Fir. 9. a\»^ ch^. [nahi. 

Fire, «. ^^1 Xtfeah; — , v.a. Jaj\ 

lL\makAsZ.^^\ sndakht-et; \jij\ 

Itfesh-et; CXc^^ ^\ Xtfesh-VBrmck; 

— up, v.n. (j^J^^ pirlamtfk, cUilj**>- 

Rrcanns. ». vl. *fi<U?CioiJ tiiffenk- 




ilrdock, s. cX:i; tiif^nk (i^fkV). 
fireman, s, ^4^*^•r>' l^^^jJu U ydnghtn- 

-tMumbaJMtt. [missi. 

Fireship, s. ^^-.j,4>^^^\ Ittsh-gbfe- 
Firewood, s. ^^j^ 6dini| v,,.>.Wfw hXUb. 
Firework, #. (SXsJLi fish^Dk (Hsh^k). 
Firing, *• jy^\^^j}< 6dnn-kyjhniir. 
Firm, a. Jloc* miihkEm, ci^ k^wi; 

^^ %M ; jULt d^yiuitklt, ji:Jl&^ 

mbtan^tli, ..^c^ m^tm; iJi^U sa8it; 

^1^ ratikh, jf«3jb pkydar; — ^, t. 

\^ fanza ; CS^i;^ shbrkit. 
Firmament, «. vJjyy^i^ ghyi^k-yilizii, U^i 

s^ma, (^U^\ usman; cJlilHcJJi 

Firmness, 8, iZj\Jj sbbat, c:^l&^ m^a- 

n^t ; H^^aLs^ mtibkimltk. 

Fbrstbom, a. 0^js,..rir' ndkhdsstzad, 

Xt^^Jp,.^ niykhuBstzadE, cJ^ Uyak, 

Ilrstfniits, «. p/. >Jjliy turf^ds. 
Fish, #. JJU bilfk; — , v.n. J^j\ 

Ivlamak, Jk<3I^^jJV b}k]ik-lvlamak ; 

j;^Ij^(jUjIj klpma^Aa-bXkmak. 
Fishbone, t . J^icM j)li blJtk.knch^At. 
Fisher, Fisherman, a. ,«ds^V bUtkjt, 

,^^?idVu^V bUtk-lvlaygi. [dllyXn. 
Fishery, 8. i^^\^\f blltk-iW ; JJ^ 
Fishmonger, t. ^_^U bililgi, jJb 

,^«aa7U blltk-sXttjt. 
Fishpond, *. ^j^^ hiiwz. 
Fissure, «. J^U ybtk, jfcU- chdOlOL. 

Fist, «. IsJL^ m&shta, J/^ yi)mru^ 

Fit, a. c^-^lx^ mnnassib, j^Jb y^ 
ahtr, JjS layik, ,^1—^ jiasbJ 
Jjb^ fehl, <— >y EFbA ; — , «. uu^ 
nikb^t ; 4£^ slr"^; — ^, v.a. cUl^ 
lyi-ghamek ; J^i^^ i)ymak ; J^jJ 

Fitness, a. vj,^giJ**>< mi!ina886b^t, J^ 
y^ktshtk; cs^U liyakXt, cu^ 

Fitting, a. i,y^...iL< mknassib; — , 
*»U9 tkkim ; J|1^a^;;«S^^^ dydurmak 

Five, a. . Jb b^sh, ir^ic>- kh^ss, < 

Fix, v,a. \cuo\5 sabit-et; \^^;j-iutk"y 
.et ; C)..4.>m^ k^ssmek ; CU^:^^ 
kXrar-virmek ; — ^, one's self, t 
J^jjbji 6ti)rmiik ; \JLc jUrl ri 
khazt-m^kyan-et; — , s. Cl^ 
ghyiichluk, jCl^ miishkil. 

Fixed, fl. u:^l} sabit ; ,.-Jt* m^^'ayi 
,^^L«L^ k^ssilmish ; cX[i>d2k. 

Flag, *. J^i- sXignk. jl^ bajr 
ar^Jjli b^dora; jU sXz; — » * 
CXJu-Ss^ji kOw^ti - kfewilnM 

j\ 4>L^ k^Bsld.61. 
Flagship, *. ^_^-^\-S»li pisha-gh^n"' 

Flagstaff, ». ,^^>!*>jV^ ^^^ 

Flake, a. (of snow) ^IjuV ^' 

blsht ; (of pastry) CL^li kXt. 
Flaky, a. (pastry) 4i>\5cL?\i klt-kAt. 
Flambeau, t. aU:;^ m^8h"U£(m^^ 




:^"i; fjLfi- "ishk; liyLjL< mk- 

rinnek; to burst into flames, CJ^^jJjIfi 

:ficsh,j|^diiui shii'l^vir. 

^ul'^L y^don-Ximak. 
r.^el f. Jjli f an^la. [mek. 

I. cU;J^CJj p^k-"idevlsQ. 

«ev - Yirmek ; ^^^ *i P^lanwik ; 
^U.*^ didkmak; to flash in the 

]^. ^UIl Xlmamgk, [^^ T^zns. 

i J 


^•i. *. 

» * 

shlshB; (powder — ) 
- a. j^ dhz ; l^^Ij yAsssi ; L-J jJ 

-^actsiz. J«*j^ y«jlt atsiz-tOzsira ; 
^ -ffoa, #. Jfjl i^. [jJSfi "iklsiz. 
CUsIj^ d&zletmek, diL- 
^ ♦ "I g rft b ydssilatmak. 
— ^«r. «A tiU^l*k« mbdahanE-et ; — 

^'"•"'i Klf, VM. JUjL^ sanmAk ; Jk«^1 

^^^ 1 JL^\ iunid-et. 
^^^•etr,i. ^^Bjhlj^ mikdahoniji. 
' ^'^'7, f. ^«x« m&dahiiDE. 
* ^^,#. ;i^j1 l^zzfet, ^J^\^ chashni 

it:>:siffii) CJ\L tit* 
-». ». laL* s^kAt. Cj.^ "kfb, jyai 

^ibsiT, v^^U.4 sakam^t. 

"^^'JsS (kitm). 

^ *• ^ ?"• [dfcrissini-Biymak. 
*^'^W, #. ^^\ 1^ piri-Atir. 

r.«. j^^^J kldunok, \j\^ flrar-et. 


Fleece, «. uu-^y p6sst ; — , v.a. 

sbjmak. [chkbtk, jlofi^ siir'atlt. 
Fleet, 8. IcJjJ d6nanma ; — , a. C)ol>- 
Fleeting, a.^cJjU- cWibik-ghfechBr, 

Jlii^'tir' 8^ri"u-z-zfewal, ^^li fani. 
Flesh, 8. (JL^\ ht, ^ Mm, c=^ 

Fleshj, a. jIjI Mli ; ^^ millihhto. 
Flexible, a. jyU\ hgMhr, jLi 

Flight, 8. lji^\3 klchish, j\J flror; 

(of birds) u(;^ sJim ; (of arrows) 

JjU jkyHim ; (of stairs) ti^U kXt. 
Flimsy, a. C-);--* sfeyrfek, cJ;*-i^^US 

Fling, v.a. J^wt Atmak. 
Flint, 8. ^U?JUiU- chakmak-tlshi. 
Float, 8. 8j^[aJ^ shdm^dora; — , v.n, 

CX^^ yizmek; — , vm. CXc^Jjji 

yiizdarmek. [iishushmek. 

Flock, 8. ^jy>^ silni ; — , v.n. CJvi.U9^1 
Flog, v.a. cJu^J dik^Amek,' JU^^ jtt 

Flogging, 8. ^^yf*l3 kikmchf . 
Flood, 8. J«.rf s^yl (sM) ; iji^ tiifXn ; 

iV« m^dd ; — , vm, Jk^m^V y^ su-blss« 

mak ; j;^ Ju^b ^ sd-blssdtmuik. 
Floor, Flooring, «. JU^jJ diishEnus, 

asoT t^dita; — , v.a. cX«^jJ 
Florid, a. f^^/^ Unntzt. [diishsmek. 

Florist, 8. 4i>^>f^Vy^5?^^i»" chlchelgi- 

Flotilla, 8, VcJyii>^o\ h^a-d6nanma. 
Flonnder, «. 15^^^^^ plssi-bldt^^' ; 

— « V.JI. i}^j^}i yiwarlanmak. 




Fkmr, «. ^^t un, Jm!^) dAktk. 

Flooriah, v,n. JhaSj^ UJ j yJ nfeahT-n- 
-n^ma-biyimak ; ^\iZ^\^j{ hkr-hkylt* 
M. [-baldo-^lAn. 

FloariihiDg, «. ^flF03W^^pi^> hii88iia* 

Flow,#. Ju^mMd; — ,vm. fJ^SXkauik, 

B^bb-ol ; y Jm mfedd-dL 
Flower^ «. C^oO^- chkhek ; — , vm. 

j;«4»-lcJ«tfa>- cUchek-dchmak. 
Flowerpot, #. ^_^«»il^ alQut. 
FlactQAte, V.JI. JU^;^i^ **i>)j^ji ^' 

Flue, «. A9-V ^j«- [vB-eidiulfet. 

Floeacj, t. vj;J^.i* j <^V* OMttiai^t- 
flaentlj, oif. ^LtcuJ^ a^ul^t-ila. 
Flmd, a. JL-i ifeTyal ; — , #. JU-»(»-sr 

jlssm-abTyil. [k^kutmak. 

Flush, a. j^ J dftz ; — , v.n. \Ji^ij^ji 
b)rdsn-j^v^lan-et ; -* up, ^y^]^ 

Flute, f. L^ nkj, ^ n^7, VLj&i £kwta. 

fluting, ». j-i ylw, yk. 

%, «. cJiX^ dnek; ^^j^ \^ l^n- 
-"iiralMnet ; — ^, vm, (j^^}< Oehnuik; 
JU^\i kAi^hmak; -* about, ^|^t 
j;^ ^trafa-fblamck ; — at, ^^)^ 
ij^\ ikzfirini • It&nak ; — awaj, 
^>*f*-y Odmitfk; — back, JU^/ij^ 
ghbi-firlamak ; — for refuge, J^iSJu^ 
Bi^Ammok, \\^\ iltija*et; — in 
pieoei, cU:]jF;U panSlBDmek (pdr»- 
Ummak); — into a pa88i9n, ^j^J^^ 
p^lamok, cX»jjji» hkld^tlsnmek ; 

— off, (jJ^^ dchmak ; Jk«^ ^ 
mak; ^Sa^-U klchmak; — OM 
cX«;>^jL^t dchiltVinnek ( — 01 
j;Jjt ^ItdoMk ; J^^yf^ skfarama] 
Jh«^ firlamak ; — up, ^y*ij^J^ 

Flying-bridge, #. «J?^j5 ^j^ "ari 
y^tif-kyi^fu. [d^pAnmu 

Foal, t. u^ tky; — , v.n. J^ 

Foam, 9. ^Tt^ ltyk^fok\ — » v\ 
iJ^j^^Ss kyj^pormdc. [j!^ m^rb 

Focua, t. j|^\^^^ n6kta'i-)htir2l 

Fodder,#. i£J^ 6t, ^U^ i(i^t jbrpa-s^mA 

Foe, #. ^«;4m& J diishmin. 

FoBtna, #. ^^<M>. jhun, (J^^ ch^j^ 

Fog, *. Foggy, a. ^jU^ dilmln, y- 

Foible, a. j\^ m^ik. 

Fold, a. iZJKi kit ; aheep — , ^^\ ^^ 
^,«.o.1c^ljC:^li klt-kAt-et; J^^\ 
t6plamak, cX«;mS^«3 d^vahirmel 
Jk^U alrmak, cX^yi bitoel 
Jk«;J Urmak ; — . v.n. jlcI^UcJ 
klt-kat-61 ; ^Xj^ t6p]anm« 
CUJ;«^^ J d^Tshbilmdk, ^jU s 
rilmak, c Xt) ^ biJcyulmek, J^j 
Urtlmak. [ JU "ilii 

Folk, a. j;U. kbllk, jS^jjt ^rtoli 

Follow, VM, CXiJb^i^MlAS^l ^kdSSID 

-dikahmek, C)^«Ji^ JU J^l iffdin 
-d^hmek, CU"^ ^^^ ^^^^ 
-ghltmek, CX»KjF^^^^.i^t i^kass 
•itro-ghilmek ; ^^1} tabi"-ol; - 
v.a. (jMLf^ diikmdt, CJ^(*^ 




: >^, a. ijj\ ksKtR ; ^^\ at! ; 

jj^i^jij zadi-mvhimT. [lilik. 

•3 1, JjJifi, "iklsizli. eiJJ J dfe- 

^Mk.jikuiiak ; (troubles) uui 
C^^ilj fit-Tsraiek, iiy^ji^ (j^J^ p4p- 
sdvinnck, lcJj^;flr tUirik-et 
-4 «• jr'Cb p^k-siyer, j^, sy^ 

• 4 iJj|J bihudi. 

"^ giiida. [dlwani. 

'-: I. jJift "ikWz. Jj d^U. iO^j^J 
-7. ». ,^i;«-^ mlsakharalik. 

-'ii «. (pewon) J— Uc "Aklaiz, ^J J 
^^> ^1)^0 diwini ; (thing) jJiAc 

'^' '' jk^ ^<>k« ^ J^ kXdBm, b pa, 
"'.W (ji p^y ; (o^ Ml) «^^ ^tek. 

^^ «. V5^j>>I^ **^\i{ pi^ads-lOl- 
'^^' Jjd **^^ plyadB.y61u. 

'•ep. f. i^^jy ikyok.lzi; j\ 
'''^\^)ma[. \digM. 

^"^ •• U«i*5^ jy iyok-yAss. 
' ^ cy^t Oci^) icfaim ; ^ a, <lt 
•'*= e;«3daa; ^Sjt^ don-d^layi ; 
--*' ^ 1^ j Bvi, i£=Uj>> chikiika ; for 

Forage, t. CU^t 6t, ^U«0 4i ^t krpa-* 
-samAn; — , v.n. ^\j\j.£=>:>U^^ 
y^y^j^ghini-lramiik ; — about, vji. 


Forbear, v.n. CX«usfjlj Taz-gk^cbmek ; 

\ kiJ, jjJCi^ k^Ddini-zXbt-et, ^^ 

^C/*^ j^bri-BHBB«et. [bdmmiil. 

Forbearance, 8. j*^ sXbr, J^^^a^ td- 
Forbid, v.a. f ^UcJ^J a^\ ^tma-d^yn- 

-tfcnbib-et, 1^ n^hy-et, IjLj 


Force, 9. j^j z6r, ^^ gbyiicb, CJ^^ 
kdwa ; j^ jfebr ; jL:>-l ^bar ; — „ 
VM. fj^j^j z6rlamak ; \j*m^- j^br-et» 
bW ^*bar-et; by — , ad. ^j^) 

z6riiki, cJy^Uc^i i88t6m^y6rek, Lj>- 
j^bran ; to force a sale, tjSi^ 
Jh«JU4L£=ujJj tdtdura-bildi^Aina- 
Bltmak ; — back, CX^SJf 1 ^jS ghM- 
itmek, CX«;^ 2;^^ gb^ri-siinnek ; 
— down, ^jA^\i^J\J^\ XshiyAt-bifls- 
mak; — in, J^oli jj/af;^ icbferi-kAk- 
mok ; — out, CX«^^ 8&kmek. 
Forcep8, s. L^\^ mlLsha, ^l^ Wat^, 

Ford, «. Jujp gb^chid, u^ Jujp gh^- 

cbid-y^ri, jmX^ mi"bBr ; — , v.a. 

CXi^ gb^hxnek; tjpjffi "dbur-et* 
Fore, fl. Jf »J^jl knydad, ^jj^bl Uferiki, 

^»JjJlj» U^rid^; — and aft. 

4acVjjjC)wM4i^ gh^mininy-b^yuxya. 

Fore&ther, a. ^ j^dd(pl. o\ J^\ ^dad). 

Forefinger, 9. ,J>(^^^^^ sbdhadet- 




Forego, vm. ilX^^J^^ vaz-gh^chmek. 
Forehead, a. ^\ Alia (Xnn), ^;«fCr- jbbm. 

Foreign, a. Foreigner, »• l<^^ ^n^bi. 
Foreland, 8, ^^jf bdrim. 
Forelock, f . 4««U nasslyyE. 
Foreman, $. j\iJi (i^ssta), ^U kiklfa. 
ForenuuBt, 8. ^jL*^ ^^^A P''^<*-dirfeyAi, 

^j)j^ ^\i blfih-dir^^. 
Foremoet, a. ^^*^)}<i^^\ ^n^-U&rid^ki. 
Foresail, «. kz^Ji trinket. 
Foresee, v.a. ^(./-^f^^^Jf^ kXbla-'l- 

Foresight, s. f^js^, bXsscrfet. 
Forestp ». ^tcf^ 6nnln. 
ForeteU, w.fl. il^^jjjj^i^ ^y^^JJ 

Forge, *. ^^^^^^-jy^ d^miiji-dtik- 

kyani; yj-^j^^ ^/Tj^ dfemirji- 

-6ja^&t ; — , v.a, cXiiLA ishl^mek, 

CX«^i> dii^Amek; (a forgery), v.a. 

\dASj ttklld-et ; — , v.ji. \JiJ^dzJXt 

Forger, a. ^Jfi>}i y^pyt ; Ji^ssX^ 

Forgery, a. JiJi^sSXa sUditskyarUk ; 

Forget, VM. (jaS^^ dndtmak, ^^^ly 
f^amu8h*et, I^^^LhJ nissyan-et. 

Forgetful, a.jJyjji dnddur. 

Forgetfolness, a, i,£.Air. ghXflet. 

Forgave, v.a. \ •Aft "jLfv-et, \^jijk: 
b^Jchsh-et, jAjLtkr^ (bl^ibshlamak). 

Forgiveness, a. ytc "ify; (by God) 
iZ:iJx< mi^hfdr^t, Jijke. ghMrln. 

Fork, a. Jl:^ chdtAl; (for digging) , 
Forked, a. Jts>^ ch^Al. [b 

Forlorn, a. ]mm»r^\^ sahibsiz. 
Form, a, JLL sh^kil, ac^ bichii 

CS^^ Burit, <^::^wJb h^y'^t; * 

(rbssim), i£Jj\fi^ "idht ; <^j^ 6uri 

ij^ sbo, ^^ p^yk^h; 

— , VM. \J-i^ tfesh] 

ydpmok ; (J^^^ ^hn 

CU;«£3 h^y'^tina-ghh 
Formal, a. te'^ r^mi ; 
Formality, a. ^j (r^ssim), 


Formally, ad. U^s^ r^mon 
Formation, a. \^\ y^tah 

ptbsh ; JJlLr t^hkn. 
Former, a. ^L^Si^ mdkli 

slbik ; j;«Mil ^ssbXk. 
Formerly, ad. UjkL« mdkJ 

albtka; ^^^s:)^ii ^^ 

2rJ^jt i^vvBllBrda, 2r«3^ 

iBfdE; »J^Uj,jLi\ 

Formidable, a. j^j^ l^^rl 
Fornication, «. Uj zba, d 


Fornicator, ». ^\j zani, 
Fornicatress, «. aJIj zan 

(6ro88p6), IL>M fahishs 
Forsake, v.a. J^oU) br&l 

t^rk-et, C-U«^j'^ vaz-ghkiiniek. 
Fort, «. AjJj Ua"k (k^yU), Aa;^, P 

Forth, ad. 8^ tXshw, 4jP;l:J? dkhar 

to set — , l^;lj bfeyin-et. 




r niT^th, ad. iJSaJ^ shbndi, u^A^J 
dr'ckflb, i^JuLiJb h^mand^m, 
c^L>j1 6»8a"at. [mat. 

-"Jfcadoo, s. iZ^\^\i^mi\ hstttikya- 
'rJj, XM. cX^j/Mi£S^\ iratihkyam- 
'bmtk, JU^U^Utli kM'Vyopmak ; 
^ji) u-^^ tlkviyy^t - vErmek, 
0-*jj cy kuw^t-VErmek, vj:^\s^ 
O-Oj m^tan^t-TKrmek. 
^^de, f .^ albr, J.^«^ t^hdmintil, 
dJj sebat, (juJ\:u^ mHan^t. 
t%bt, #. *aA^\ Iki-hiftii. 
tress, s. ifij kal'a (kayls). 
^008, a. ^JiaS thwldafi, ^U^t 

^ate, a.J^ia^ lAkht-yar. 
fit:>e. *. ^::^xatf biJdit, ^IL taK" ; 
J^ dOI, 5;b (para), CJixJoj zsn- 
f'rJik; ot^iniraBfl. [Jl^ ch^hil. 
''*T a, j^ khrk, ^^j\ ferba'm, 
"-H fl. ^/Ji^ j^\ n^ri-ghElmiah, 
J^)}iy^kriihmAij^^Jj\ OTken. 
*i' ' iii ; J«^U "intz, JmJJI ^debsiz ; 

-3 f^; —, ,,.a. CXyJjy ghyjte- 
i ^"^«:d^jj^^nr6ilBtau!k;i,»J^^ 
; ^^^WcL [U^iiyE-dd^^u. 

^^^^ sM-ysnnek. 

ttr-broOier, Foster-sister, *. J^ 

Foster-daughter, $. u/jJ J^i siid'k^t. 

Foster-mother, «. b^Jy^ sikd-ana. 

Foster-son, 9. ^J^^^j^ 8^d-6ghli7. 

Foul, a. j)^ kirli, j^ piss, jl*>^ 
mdrdar (mi)ndar) ; jj\^ chaplbriz ; 
bi fsna, jjy b^zuk; ^/mj) thnn, 
^lAr« mukhllif ; — , v.a. CXd^ 
kbrlBtmek ; — , v.n. ilU:J^ kblxn- 
mek ; to nm fonl of, (J^^ chatmok, 
i&jJJ^jijj\ hzMxinE - dirshmek; 

jl J^U>- chapkriz-61. 
Foundation, s, fjAJ t^md; fj>Xj\ ^ssass, 

(jM^l? t^'siss ; pious — , (««fii^ wXkl, 

CL>|^ khiiyrat, ClJjUfr "hnar^t. 
Founder, '. ,<3b bani, (^\Ji\^^\j ylzi- 

"u-l-^ssass; , .-* f*-^ *g4— iJ t wlkf- 

-sahibi, clyUj^\c,..fwli^ sahibu-'l* 

-kh^yrst ; ^^^\^ J di^kuju ; — , v.ii. 

JhwU batmak, Jk«Ujli k^ynamnk. 
Foundered, a. loA-rfL^PiiM kyakkrt-sakAt; 

dumb — , [ji^^^t^ dUi-tOtubnirsh. 
Foundry, ». J^\e>«^J di^kjrum-khani. 
Fount, Fountain, 9, AaJL^ ch^shmi; 

Ji^ (jptngkt), ^j^\ ^yizma. 
Four, a. Cl^jJ dhtt, ^J ^bii"» jV^ 

chiAar. [-kyitehs. 

Four-cornered, a. hAj^c^ dtet- 
Fourfold, a. (JlAj^SJjJ di^-klt. 
Fourfooted, a. ^j^^^j*^ dilrrd-kyok. 
Fourteen, a. ^^^j^^^ ^n-diirt. 
Fowl, 9. j^lt t&wnk; ^^^ kdsh ; — , v.n. 

CX^aI^A^j^^^ kush-lvina-ghtemek. 
Fowler, «. jLiip kdshblz. 
Fowlingpiece, 9. ^^S^ j^ XY-(t&f^Ai)» 





Fox, t. ^ J or ^ taid ; JiauA ah^y- 

tin, JiSj T^ed. 
Foxglove, yJ^^j^^J^ Xn-k6wiUu. 
Fractioi\, «. jS k^sair ; ^j^ jArcha, 

Fractions, 9. iCj\jyS kyilsurlt ;, vulgar 

— ^yS k^asr; decinud — , t^JC^^jfS 

FractioiiSy a. ^^J t^m. 
FractQre, «. *^J,Jjsi Vttik^jhn, j^ 

khtk; — ^, VM, (^jfi Unxuik; — , 

v.*. (j^j^ kbtlmak. 
iVactorcd, a. ^^ Unk. 

^^^*S>^ ^- J^r^^'^h^ k61ajr-klriltr ; 

49CU^ b^a, ^j£ yufka ; cfigt^g zk"lf ; 

iv«&il .^ m^tan^tsiz. 
Fragment, «. ^^jiJ Urintt, c^«v4j<3 

d^kunta ; ^^^ pibrcha, Sjiaj \h'\ 

A-Ji klasm. 
IVagrance, t. yy.Jjy^ gbyikzM-k6ku^ 

yyi k&kv, ^}; ra'iba, c^^ bOy. 
Fragrant, a. ^^jijjjf gbytiz^l-kdkul.u,^ 

JsA^ mi>"^^, j^kSi^ k6ab]»u. 

Frail, a. ^b^^ ^<<' ^)i 7^^^^ » «»^j*^ 

zi'ifj«.cj\:s^niitan^t8iz; C^j\j nazik ;. 

^yift ^ ghkyri-"knfii. 
iMlneaB, Frail^, «. cu.Jli4i%J^"kdjnni- 

-m^tw^t ; JAM'/^JJi "kdxxni-"lfi%t. 
IVame» s. ^^Jf^ qhirchiys; ^>V^^ 

b^ jan, i^L:.j biinyad ; — ^, v.a. ^ Cy^g^J 
IVance, «. duJ|y Fr^naa, [tErtib-et.. 
IVancbiae, «. ij:^lju« mi>"lf)77^t; 

jLl^l bntiyaz* 
Frank, a.)^^^J^^i^y;g^J^ kitm- 


Frankincense, «. C3Jjj^ gby&nlok, j^ 

Fraud, «. aL^ bHs. [bii^ 

IVay, «. \i^ k^wgba. 

Freckle, «. J^sil. 

Free, a. ic.^-jyrf sErbibsst, jtjl U 

(of a trade) ^ Jk^ gh^dikU ; 

\ 43t;\ i^ad-et. 
Freebooter, «. ^^^"^ biydud. 
FVeedom, n. CXL^-Wj^i sErb^sst 

c; ^y%^,yi sitrb^tiyy^t, oljl ^ 

jljlj) kzadlik; (of a trade) C^ 
Freehold, a. & «. cJl« midk. [gh^i 
Freemason, «. ^o«i0t«^U firidisun. 
Freewill, «. 4-J^>j\;\ iradfe'i-jiiz'iy 
i'Veeze, siX^^ d6n^mak, ^ ^ 

miiiyfcmid-61 ; — , v.a. (J^j^^ ^^^ 

Freight, #. Jy n^vl (nkvlun); l:| 

yiik, ^yt^ hamuli; — , f-^* ^ 

C,X/cj^ n^la-vsrmek; (j^ 

n^vUn-tdtrndc ; CJ^^ yiiklJitm 

j;^jJj^ di^ldurmak. 
French, a.yi»j|^ fir^siz. 
frenchman, «. J«j\y finnsiz. 
Frenzy, ». ^ \ jy Ay ' cUlghiDlik, c^ 

j)nn^, ^jf^^ jbnun. 
frequent, a. Jf*-* sJk ; — , vm, Jj 

CXic^ ch^k-ghitmek. J^l/j^J 

s)k-^^iraraak. [^^ 

Frequently, ad. ^j^^}f^ rik-atk, Jj 
Fresh, a. »jl; t^ ; (water) )j^ tAt 

(Dew)^yfen^; (cool) jj;i/- ^^^ 

(horse) jlw^l ^yn^k ; (wind) ^ 

Fret, vji. WjWS klssiiv^-et, \j 






>ci]d, f. >r <i.^i> dAoBt, Cy'ir* mjlhibb, 

>£adl7» c. (penon) La >.y) dont; 

tiling) iJZmiyi d^aatani. 

\^^. s. ^|-:i;i^ firkatih. 
«^t, t. ji^ kMcir, 4^^ khivf. 
--ten, vM, ij^^j^ k^fkutmok, 
U:^ tttiiwir-et, I^U\ Ikhafift-et. 

^ze, t. jl>^l« slcfaak; — , vm, 

>^, f. 4ibj^ kdrbj;^te; (hone's) 
'-^' ^- ^ don. [(^Ut UfajD. 

•^f. cJjl kig; jy yiiz, jLs{ piA. 
- - jder, i^ji^ rinir, do^ sbsh^d. 
^t, f. vJ^ d^» ^y Urii^^ 
' *t5,«.^^ dbn^yor, J^fl|y^ »4yAuk, 

- ^^,t.^ji.^W|^\ikIili-cbdtniant; 
^, oji. (^WnJ£ klali-Gh^taak. 

Frozen, a. ^jl«^ ddn^ush, iX4frt< 

Fruit, «. ^JUi y^misk, »^ rn^yn^ ^ 

■bn^n; J^noflS* mUisvl. 
Fmitfiil. a. jL^ bMkM, jSS^yomi^ 

Rniitless, a. ^^ Mdb, JrJ}|uJ bikudi, 

aliU nafils,>l^U ft'iditttz. 
Frustrate, v.a. cH)^ b^zmok, isL^ 

CX«;j^stttB-Tirniek,^1 u Umim 'M. 
Fry, *. (of fish) yj^j^i^^^, bAlik-ykw- 

rtssi; (lamb's, Ac.) J^s^ ^Av; 

(dish) i(^U Uwa; — , vm. fJt^l? 

CX^y«> tlwodo-pishinndk, (J^j^ 

k^wurmok; — *, vMk cU1u<>»)Ij 

tlwUdo-i^mek, Jh*!/^^ k^wndmak. 
Fryingpan, #. Jr^li tlwa. [j^^ kyknar. 
Fael, 9. (Jpr*^\l y^Ucajok, c^J^^ ^^^^ ' 
Fugitive, s. and «. ^^^a^^ klchkni, 

ij^fy fbariw 
iVilcnim, s. J>:.>.«.< m^ssned. 
Fulfil, iil^;^iL&^^ yirm0-gh^ 

tirm^, \ ];Br\ ijra-et, \ \iA lA-et. 
Full, a. ^jio d6l0, ^2;*^^ dMghun, ^U^ 

mbnlv ; — moon, jAi bMr, cJ^t 

i<^cJ9^ iiyin^-^n-b^shk 
FuUer's-eavth, 8. J$ Ul. 
Fumigate, v.a. cX»r,\y,.Ty tktaMitmek, 

CJuL^y t&tsulimek; CX^ j^y 


ID, #. ^^^jp tiitau. 
Fun, 8. 1&& sUUca, iJf^} ^ylkijo. 
Function**. ,^f Ish, ij:.^.Xe;- (kUaank). 
I^d, •. A»U^ stermayB, ^j^ (khXzmi) . 
Fundamental, a. ^J^ XssU, ^Li\ i 

L 2 • 




Funeral, #. ^\»j\i>- j^azs-^dayt. 
Funk, 9,^j^ k6rku. 
Funnel, #. ^^ ^^^ \ ^j}i hbrv. 
Funny, a. i^W^ tiihaf. [A«9^ p^au. 
¥m, 9. C^jf kjfMk; (dirt) ^;!^ kk, 
Furiona, a. ^ J^ hldd^tU, ^^^ Uz- 

ghin ; v£^ C)«{ pdc-a^rt, OJiX^ 

h^did, JjJyl shMid. 
Furnace, ». ^^^^ ^j^* 
F\iinish,v.<i.(giTe)cX.«^jVEnnek; (sell) 

^jUJli^ aXtmak ; (a house) CX<^«»^J 

dftshsmek ; (a houae by the agency 

of another person) cXc^^J diish- 
i\imitare, «. ^<^jJ dikshimK. [stmek. 
FWrier, «. ^^^j^ kyikrkju. 
Further, Furthermore, Furthest, v. 

Farther, &c. [y,. ..inr. ghlz^b. 

Fury, ». CI^J^ hldd^ ; CL9 Jb& shidd^ ; 
Fuse, i;.fi. CXij[^1 ^rimek; — , vm. 

CX^j\ Mtmek ; — , 9. J^pJ fltfl ; 

^IL tlpa. [ferimish. 

Fusion, 8, lf\J\ izabB ; in — , \jt^j\ 
P\ass, #. ^)L7 t^ash ; to make a — , v.n, 

\ JAj t^ash-et. 
Fustian, «. li^^lk^^ sh^ytln-b^zi. 
Futile, a. (^^ b68h, i^O^ bihuds, 

J^irjjli fa'idBssiz, ^diU nafili. 
Futility, t. cJJyJjfJ bihudslik; ifJjfJ 

^t bihud£-)sh. 
Future, a. C)^^ ghiUgek, ^1 ati, 

ghil^jek-ztoln ; in — , ad. tXj\ 
atidn, JmjUJ fi-ma-bii"d, ^y^P^y 
bdndon - bil^Is, ir^Co) jjy bdndon- 

Futurity. •. ^U; cJ^Ali gbil^j 

Fye, tn/. c^-^jg "^yb, ij^j^\ utln. 


Gabion, 8. u^Jumi ^It tlbiya-sepedi. 

Gad about, t;.fi. il^J^^j^xA^JL 

Gadfly, 9. jG^ izA Xt-Akkghi. 

Gaiety, «. m\^ f^rah, ^/^f^ jiknbush 

Gain, «. il^ kyiu*,^ ff^li^ ^^^^ '• — * ^ 
(j^\^ klzAnmok, \j^ kyar-c 
j^tJ^^j va88sl-61, C*)>.»* r.^ y^shme 
^j^^J;^ ^yartmak; — over, fj^j 
ilyartnuik ; — upon, L^y^^jl 
j^(J^^^ U^ril^yup-t&tii)ak.61 ; < 
ground, (j^^^ ji yKr-klzAnm4 
CXJ.^l ilM^mek ; — time. l:> 
(jAj\^ wlktt-kXzAnmok. [t^ib-< 

Gainsay, v. a, \Jij\ inkyar-et; \v.»^<^ 

Gialata (a quarter of Constantiaople), 
aUx GhM^ta. {hbra, ij^^ Ortiij 

Gale, 9, J^^j^J^ riki-ruzghyar ; i^ 

GaU, 9. Jy: "^d, 9/b] z^hrs ; .1 
m^xir^t; (rub) y^U yi^ro ; — , r 
CXc*£si>t bjitmek, \ ir^b jkxa-t 
CXc;^A9»-^ ghyi^JB-ghitmek ; — n^ 
nutgaU, ». c^'U nAzi. 

Gallant, a. vju^Jj yl^Ait, jy^ j^ssi 
j«j|j dilavsr, ^j\|; biJiadir; — , 
JhS»^ "Zshtlc; ^^j (z^pora). 

GaUantiy, #. ^^^-^^^ yi^Aitiik, 0;Ih 
jfessar^t; jiy;Vli (zdmporaUk). 

Gallery, #. ^Url^J dlwlLukhans; Tij^ 
^jalijL n^ara » ahikrfiBssi ; ^^ 




ijj^\ iksstn - ii(rtoln-761, J^^ 

G:.:T.«.Lcj.X^ ch^ktimui. [pdtngha. 

^^-^slaTe, *. ^^«j^ kyiirfeklii ; ^^]jl 

■ ^:<ili (town oO, *- ^J}i^ GhKlibAli. 
~ :o3, *. Jj^ ah^rid. 
'-?. *. JjucI/^ diirt-(ial); — , v,n. 
C^o JjofJl^j dArt-(nil).ghltmek. 
-▼s, *. ^^litj! J dar-X^AAJt. 

- 53ic, a. ^Jj\^ ghalyaniki; — 
:«e7, ,^\t j;J|^ ghalvanik- 
< i::l$in,<.j;jt^ghalTanik. [tiJdmi. 

- Me, tji. ^l^jl^US kdmJir-^Tna- 
■'^« [kumarblz. 

-■-er, f. ,^jU5 kdmaijt, jljjUi 
-iogv, f. ^^yik:j pkntaldmbii. 
'ie. I. ^^1 6yijn ; (chase) jl Iv, 
;^ shikyar, S^ Ajd. [kdmaiji. 

' "5ter,<. jb^l4j kihnarblz, ,^jU5 
->^ ^;UC^;^ ^kek-kAz. [Wkluk. 

'^^ «. jilt Okim, iJjy^ nim, cJjb 

^^ii. Ji|; rindln. AjU?--*^ hXbss- 

•^^ if-^ss* mahb^ss. 

' ?• '• ^1;^ ^nlik, jlij-l ^hikltk, 
A J?"' dchtk-yir. 

'-•iliMk, JulUj^l ^hik-kilmak; 
~- after, — at. VM. Jk*51; blkmok. 

Garden, 9. <tcf b bX^Acba ; kitchen — , 

^^i-»y b^sstan ; ^^^V ^ijr* 

B^bzEwAt-blyAchnssi (z^rzowlt). 
Gardener, «. j^'yf^V b^i^hchnwAn. 
Gargle, *. *^i^ gh^ghani; — , v.a. 

and R. t f[/^ ghj^ghara-et. 
Garlic, s, ^Jto^J^ 8^'ms^k. 
Garment, b, dj^j rdba, ^..>y s^vb. 
Garnet, s, Jji! Ui"l. 
Garret, s. i<^]j^{j^y^ ikwAn-knaai, 
Garrison, 3. j ^ ■ ■ , g ^'i^\ *^y>-yo y J A<Jui 

kir'dda - m^vjud - 6lXn • "issksr. 

i« 1 



-"Xssk^ri, lS/.^ jhj^^^ i^tur^Jc- 
-"isskdri ; — , v. a. (J^yi j^»»r. 
"isskier-k^inak ; (j^j^^ 6tiTnnak ; 
to be in — , v.n. (j^j^j^ 6ti7rmak, 

-^'jb^y 6tOTik-61. 

Garter, «. ^V ji J db-bX^At. 

Gash, *. ^V'i J^ bichXk-yidrassi. 

Gasp, «. ^jM n^fess ; — ^, vji. (jL^J^ 
Jk«^^^ (,/»a^ (h^mBn)-n^ess-Xlama~ 

Gate, 8, yJ kXpi, c^b bib, jJ dir. [mak. 

Gateway, «. ^\ jJ kXpt-Xltt. 

Gather, t;.a. (plack) ^J^jXi^ k6pannak ; 
— up, — together, (J^ jh t6plamak, 
CX«^^4> d^Tshinnek, \^*»^ j^m"- 
-et; — , VM, ^jAjijjio t^planmok; 
(fester) j;4jlb^ vj:-o-l^ jferah^- 
t^planmak. [v.o. cJ^tue^f i^lchmek. 

Gange, *. u-jU- chXp; ^^ji idchn; — , 

Gauntlet, «. ^|^«>S^ ^ zbh-^ldiv^ni. 

Gaoze, 8, cJ^jy b^mjik; wire- 
gauze, SJejy\^^ t^ldan-2nrmB. 

Gay; a. jlL^ jiinbo^yii, - ^Mi&t 




^linjfli; i^ k^; J^\ Miik, 

a^yiji-ghUn-blkDMik. [ahu. 

Gazelle, t. \^js9^ }hynn (jhylln), ^\ 

Gazette, s. ijje. ghkzbto, ^^}f!^ 

Gear, s. J\t takim, UlAj\c\ Mawat» 
jbU^t ^wadXnUk; in — , JLi^ 
UMi; out of — » J^4> jLiU^ tUuU- 
di^iUl. [lanDt-k^aamek. 

Gdd, v.a. cU,...^^^^:j^I&\L tlshiik. 

Gelding, t. Ji^ )^Adtah,^b (b^hir. 

Gem, f-j^y^- }hfhir (pl-^lj^ j^ahir). 

Genealogy, $. l^ M»y n^aieb. 

General, «. tlU pkaha: jm<« mi^ahir; 
^Ljc^ BBr-"XflakBr, j^^/^ airdar, 
irJ^I^ a^kirdfi; lieutenant — , ^y 
f ferik ; mijor — , or brigadier -«, ^(^j*^ 
mui-liwa; ^, a. ff*y^ "ihnuml{ 
in — , generally, ad. b^l ^kasriyya. 

Generaliaaimo, t. (^^j^*^j^ asrdar-^bn. 

Generate, vm, f J«pW* haaatl-et, fi^t£t 

Generation, #.(2^ kirn; Lj^k^\$X^^jjta6- 
"l88n-wahid«XdiunUari; ^i^^rJtdL^y- 
▼un; JmiUJ tteasaul; oigans of—, 
Ji«\:J4j:j]lt alati-t^aaaul. 

Generosity, «. 4^jl«r' a^kbav^, 0^>- 

GenerouB, a. jij^\ir' sdkhavetU, »^/y>^ 

j^hnsrd; a.j ■*!■■■ H^jSd kKrimu-'sh- 
Geneiis^ ». d^)^ t^at. [-ahiykn. 

de, «. ^^ jIn, i<»>" juini. 
GeniuB, «• •S*'^ hhxasr ; c\jknZm^\ iaiti^di 

^^«»>l#yjb h&nxr-aahibi. 
Genoa, t.jiy^ jeuTit. 
Genteel, «» J^ tkniz ; (penon) ^ 

2rjV) kiahi-zadE, u^«X:i1 fefbkd; (la^ 

AiV>> b^tm. 
Gentle, a. Ji^ miklayim, ^^tji yiwl 

imUo^ nULzlum ; JjU? tUli. 
Gentleman, $. MC^J^^^tS kbhi-za 

»j]jCj b^Azads, sJXj\ Mbadi. 
Genuine, a. ^^U^ kkaUaa, ^fi^ ^ 

^U> khXaaa. 
Geography, $. U^/^r jkgbrafiya. 
Geology, t. jd;<4JL;UA^ "llim-tl| 

Geometer, Geometrioian, #. c^*^ 

m^indiaa, ^JCJb Jj^l ^hli-biod^ 
Gtemetiy, t . AiJi)>:j> bsnd^aiE. 
Geoigia,#.^la-jr^/gbAi3i»tan. [gbu 

Georgian, *. ^^jf gbiliji ; — » «• ^, 

-chldiiyAi, ^^^\ a)fcgbyuni| 
Germinate, vji. CX«^ Bi^rmek, ^ 
JU)U ky&k-aXbmik, cXJjli fil 
Get, t;.a. (procure) \ Ijl-J p^yd»^ 
1 J-.flosf^; — , t;.ii. (go) ^ 
ghltmek; (become) jJ^t Wmak; 
above, j4i^4|c^U^>*>\|jci*^ ^' 
.adyadfi.ytJcariyii.ciilkmiik; — a^H 
CXJ&b^siiw^ylBnilmek, J^;M 
nfeahr-Munmuk ; J^J^i^ deytlH 
tiJ.*iiS5c^V:J? diahari-ghtoek; 
aMi CX4.&^ djlahmek; *->^ 




iiz^slU^^ yfirleshmek; — away, 

rjjJlj^y kdrtulmak; j^j} aynl- 

isd; ij^^i*>^ chikioak; — , vm, 

^U.tL>. diikdrmak, (j^} kyrmok, 

CM^airfB^kniek ; (^}^Jfi kihiBrmak ; 

— before, ij^j^^^^ jungona-v^drmok; 

— by heart, O^^^jl bzb^rlEmek ; 

— dear, %. ^~ away ; — down, t;.a. 
s^ 1 tenMk; v.a. CX«;(^^ ^dirmek ; 

— forwaid, CJ^i^ju^t U^rilimek ; — 
E, C^j-i ghlrmek; — off, r. — 
iv&y ; — on, ClA^U^I iUrilamek ; 

; % i^T^^ iisstoDa-chikmak; 

bhimek; CX*j^ ghiymek; 

~ oat, c. — away ; — r^dy, VM, 

^uJ jU^hazsrlanmak, ^\^U> haztr- 

-■i; — , r.a. ^L^l^* baztriamak, 

Jb^ baar-et ; — tbe bettetr of, 

v^^^^pci>> klkktndun - gbilmek ; 

V^^ ykunek ; j^u^U gbllib-61 ; 

J-^;Ju&jLk^ B^wuBhdumutk; — 

trioagb, yji. cJ^4^ gb^chmek; *^, 

* 3 ^jf^ gb^birmek ; -^ to- 

P^»,pji. Jh**'^^ t&planmak; — , 

^^' '^m^ t6plamak ; — up, t;.». 

J^i kllkmak ; — , VM. (J^j^suf- 

ctykaniMiK ; Jh«; jJU klldirmak ; 

CU^j dikmek ; — well, ^^jI lyi- 

'!< J«!yvjuJU\ )faklt.bdlmak$ — 

"^th duld, vM. fJ^^lS gb^bi-kXl- 

^ ; — , VM. \ iS gb^bi-fet ; — you 

Tooe, hd. vj^^-x^jpli^ baydi-gUt, 

c'-'^^^JVi yM-Bh^radoQ ; c^JpU 

jiL^ biydi-«&(&. 

j^U- jXn; Holy Gbort, ^jmdA\^j 
ruhu-l-kuduBs ; to g^ve up tbe — ^ 
\ ^^j aJuJ t^slimi - rub-et ; tJ^ 
fjAjL>^ jlnt-cykmak. 

Giant, *. |%jl^^ll? dX^A-gblbi-ldAm. 

Gibbet, *. ^jr^]/*^ d^-X^^AJt. 

Gibraltar, s.j^S J-^ Jfebel-tir. 

Giddiness, s. C)1uim}j«j sirsimlik ; ^jLh 
l^^^JjJ blsb-di^nmissi, if^j^^Jjj^ * 
gbyj^zlor-kXrarmasBt ; ^^yAif "Hd- 
stzl&, ^]^c;>i> kbifffeti-mizaj. 

Giddy, a. sto^ vkrtkm ; J *Ji r . "xklstz ; 
to be — , cJvWj J^U blLsbt-dihimek, 
fj^j^y '^^jy^ gbyikzlori-klrannak. 

Gift, 8. iJJJb bMiyyi; lAiz "Xtiyys, 
^L>.» ibsan, j»U}\ in"&m ; JL:^ 
b^kbflbisb; djjbi\»l^yc mfevbib^'i- 
il^iyy^. [>»*«-'>• jtesim, IpJ^ m^fir^t. 

Gigantic, a. cJ^ blytik, mJi^ "iztm. 

Gild, t^.a. j^^^i^JiXJb yXldizlamok, 

\^^»«3J t^zbib-et. 

• •• 

GUding, 9.j^[i yXldtz. [kdDddart. 

Gills, », pi. U^JiJyCJilli bllt^ibng- 

Gimlet, 8. ic^j^ bOrgbv. 

Gimp, 8. ^;^k^ (gbkytln). 

Gin, *. (spirit) ^\j rikki, j^ "teJc; 

(trap) ^\j^ tiyzAk ; (macbine) ^^ 
Ginger, 8. J-^i^j z^oj^fiT. [cbarkb. 
Gipsy, 8. <GlG>. (cbingbani) JLi kibtt. 
Girafie, 8. ii\jj zht9Sa (ziirif &). 
Gii^, VM. fjAj\J^^ kdsbXtmak; — up 

(a borse) cX»C>-^Sy k61Xntnt- 

•cb^kmek, — one's self, ^jAj\^ji 

Girdle, 8. jlijJ kcsbXk,^ kimar. 




GirU •. JJ k)z. 

Girt, v,a, v. Gird. 

Girth, s. ^^tf^ mMift, ifj^ ch^yrs; 
horse's — hands, ^yi k61In. 

Give, o.a. C^-««!^ Tinnek, vkmek; 
1 Uaiil r'ta-ct; \J^W hassfl-et; — , 
v.*. (stretch) cX»^>rf^ ^ssoEinek; 
(frost) (^^U^^ gh^vshsmek; — 
a call, CX<J^ jfiW- ch^^AtrtVinnek ; 
4lJ>'«^Vi«^y bghnjiyhrmek; — a 
gae88,CX«^^JjhUivEnnek; l^^^^^ac^^J 
Hr-tiddunm-et; — a look, C)^jJb 
h^iktvBnnek; — ^aportion,'jJ^^jly»» 
jihaz - TKrmek (ch^hiz) ; ^- awa7, 
^^X^ji^J,} ysrivKrmek, \lJb hlhs-et ; 

— hack, — hack agab, ^^ji^ yj^ 
gh^-TErmek; — hattle, iSj:^ 
fj/tSji^^ jbighi-hlshlamak ; «— ear, 
CX«^^ jXy kdllk-vErmek ; — forth, 
CJ^ji^c^jl^J^dishkn-vErmek; 1 JUf 
)"lan-et ; — ground, Cl^x>- j;*^ 
ghM - ch^kilmek ; CX^^^2;«XJJ^ 
dkzandan-dkomek ; — a hand, ^/*«^^ 
yiirdtm-et; — heed, IcuJj dikklt- 
-et ; — in charge, ^aJu*^ t^sslim-et ; 

— judgment, li»5Ul i"]am-et ; — the 
lie, tc^p^ikO t^kzih-et; — notice, 
<.l3w«y^ j0^ khlhsr-virmek ; — one 
joy, \\^ij^ t^hrik-et; — leave, 
CX«jJ|j 4«p\ kin-virmek ; ^z^^^ ^i ^ j 
^^^Ji^ rvkhsXt^vErmek ; — one's 

™"*^» ^\^,sJ^,J^ ^yarini-bfeyan- 
•et; — one's mind to (a thing), 
\^f^\^jc skrft - zihn - et, CX*^ ^O 
diishmek, 1 JLc^ t^v^hghnl - et. 

tj^i^^ m^hghuU6l; — out, 
Cjs^^ .ui^l^Jt^dishto'-vBrmek ; ^^ 
3"lan-et; — , vjk, i^j^ y^rclm 
^jA^\fi^ ussXnmak ; cX^v^ duki 
mek ; — over, v.a. ^^AmT t^s&Iim- 
\jy^ dfevr-et; — ^ i;.«. C^^ff^j^j wj 
•ghfedimek ; d^V 4 \ »■ ^ k^ilmc 

— place, cX<;i^^ <Ty ^ ^ chfekili 
-yir • virmek ; — suck, Ci^ 
^zinnek, C)^.^!^^ h^lfmek ; — t 
slip, (^J^y^ sawushmak; — 1 
1^jL>7 t^sslim-et; cX«]j^ siiwl^y 
mek ; — warning, cX«^^^«£>^ khXb 
-VBrmek ; — way, {J^j^ kirilm^ 
^_^y k6pmak; (j^^!^ yikiliiK] 
Jk4;^ h6zulmak. 
G3ad, a. ^^^^^^^ m^mnun, jf^^M^ messri 
to he — , \ lfl»- hXzz-et, fU^)^ 

khdshlanmok. CjItT* ^^^ 

Gladness, «. cuw^i^^^ mtonuniyy' 
Glance, s. \J^^, hlkish ; — , v,n, cX«i 

s^kmek j — over, ^Iaj\ j^ ghyj 
Gland, 8. ^/xo h^yz (h^z). [Atnu 
Glare, 9. {^J^J^^^ p^k-p4rlay»sh 

V.11. (J^^J^JiL^i p^opkrlamak ; — 


Glass, 8, m\^ }hm, jpl^ hilli' 
(drinking) -.JJ kXdeh ; (lookio 
ic^ kpna ; (eye) cMj^ ghyirzlal 
(telescope) ^jy^ durbin (d&rbuo 
(hour) ui^lrf |*y kdm-8a"ot. 

Glaze, #. j^ rirr ; — ^, t\a. {JlXc^ye^} 
j^-gh^chirmek ; (J^^^A^' '}^^ 

Glazier, 8. ^^^f^^* jomji. [-klplamc 




'•• ii, I. cU^ shil'.'a** ; — , v.n. 
j^Vj p^amok. [Ikip-gh^hmek. 

- • ^J»- J^^ k^ymflk ; ci-«^<— y\ 
'-^' '• ^^^ parlayiah ; — , vm. 
j^jj pariuDok. 

<, 9, %j^ kyikrE. 

:^ar. a. \J^^ Yighxbn, [h^bab. 

/ae,9.C».h^b£,^^JdanE; (.^L>- 

• •^ ' • • 

'^' '• O^!/ kiranlik ; jJl& 
^-iiT, C.^'ca4x< TD^hmumiyyfet. 
:»:TijT, a. jii'^ klranlik ; ^y^*^ 

acbmum. [t^mjid-et. 

'7, F.a. ! Juik>- bomd-et, \ Ju*^ 
^<i9, a. jtjk^li nlmdar, jylr^ 

-hhiT; ^j^ rfevnlkli. 

7. #. dA». h^md ; Jusr^ m^d ; 
c^»i ah^kit ; {j»^j rfevnAk, ^^LJi 

'^ '• ^ jila. J;Ij^jU p^lflklik ; 

- wer, p^. ci-iJ^y Ikrtinck. 

'"- '. J^< (MdivEn). jJj)^jJ< 
' ^'blik). [It^-k^ssilinek. 

'rj. j4Jlj, ytoin«k» CJ^J^^^I 
• «. JU;^ txrtkid ; — VM. 

•3,#.^y^^ 6bur, Jj^ ^yul. 
•'■^7» ». (^Jiy^' 6burlik. 
'^*, I. cL.^c^^ sivri-slnek. 

'^' ^A. CX«^«^ gh^minnek. 
' '-on. «. ijUbs "Izadi. 

r". CU&^ gb)tmek, CXiJjjf 

'nmek; _ about, j;.4iJ^jJ 
'^^ 'lashrook ; jJUb bisblamak ; 

- abroad, J^i^^UJt dUbari- 

-cbikmak; c3vC;^^jll-t dish^ri- 
-gbitmek; Jm^JlxU? dl^Ailmak, 
^^^»4^y jtJi n^shr - ^lunrook ; — 
against, CiJ^:;^y*j\S kiursbt-gbkmek ; 
vlL*]^ JJ b^d-gbElmek ; — along, 
^irjX/C^^Ujb (bEmEn)-gbitmekda-61; 

— ashore, JU5-j>-^»^ klroya- 
-cbikmak ; (j^J^^ ^J/ kXroya- 
•^turmak ; — astray, c?**/^^^^ 
y^lun n - sb^sbtrmak ; fjA i l^ ^^. wi 
^a - y61a - slpmak ; — asunder, 
JUiy k^pmok, Ci^il-^ k^ilmek; 

— away, CX»:^ gbhmek ; — back, 
ClU:;^ j^ gb^ri-gbitmek ; — back- 
wards, C^,^ j^ J ^ gb^nlsmek ; 
cXfJ^ji C/*/ tferss - y^rumek ; — 
backwards and forwards, c^Jud 
CX«A gbidup-gbElmek ; — down, 
CXi3l ^nmek; Jh^^V ^^tmak 

— for, ^jjk^ ^y^ gbidnp-Xbnok 

— fortb, (jA'^^ J^ n^br-61uniniik 
j;^A«j>- cbikmak; — from, cXiJjJ 
d^mek, o^J^ ayrilmak ; — 
balves, Jl^^.^ pjiylasbmak ; 
_ in, CX<^ gblrmek ; cUaf jy^j 
Icbferi-gWtmek ; — off, (jX*/^^^ 
gbldivErmek ; (J^j)i bozulmak, 
j;^Ujy uymamak, Jh«U)^1 6bnamak; 
CSaj^ gb^chmek ; cXii*-^ k^il- 
mek ; J^\jtj\ Itbb-lbnak; J^ltb 
pXtlamok ; J^^^^ dcbmak ; — on, 
Cj^j|^\ a^-gbitmek; J^^jj^ 
durmamak, ^Jl^UilS kAlmamak, 
^^Ulj\i;li f arigb-6lmamak ; J^-^rl^ 
iyvmak. . uS«t 6lmak. C)^^ 




ghlfflmek; — oat, ^J^Ju^iJj\lJp 
dhhkri-chlkaiak ; i^X^y^ sihiniek, 
•\. jArk\^ mdnt^-ol ; — over, CX».cJ 
gb^mek; CJ«4jk^ ^ 0^^^^ QMtun- 
dtt - gh^dimek ; CJ^j^^ ^/3j^ 
gfayitedoQ - gh^chirmek ; 
gfafezmek ; ^Jm^iJ^ y^klanuik ; 
•N*- through, CXt^^JCiO^ idiindon- 
•gh^chmek; CX«;^^^ gfasrt^z- 
dan-gh^cbirmek ; let go the anchor ! 
jrjjy f^oda. 

Goad, «. ir^«X;i(^^ kghhki€xk ; — ^, v.a. 

' ijX*Jjfi dikitmek, KlX^jJ^jy^ diu*. 
tashtunnek. [m^hdUt-niAkBud. 

Goal, $, ^y^^ aBT-m^nzil, J^«aL« Ji.ffr« 

Goat, «. ,c^ k^chi; he — >4^j^ ^rghech. 

Goblet, «. ^i>J kldeh, |»C jam, 4]Lj 
piyal^. [Uih. 

God, : ^t XlUh, uf/iJ tiuighrt, i^ 

Godhead, t. CJy^ l&hut. 

Godly, a. JU ailth, j^JCJ J dtndftr. 

Goitre, 9, j^ ur. 

Gold, «. ^\ }Jttn, jfj zsr, v«.J^<S afeheb. 


Goldbeater, «. y^^^jy y^akjt. 
Golden, a. ^yJl Xlttn, ^j|j tktm. 
Goldfinch, 9. ^j<Sty U«i adka-kdahu. 
Gold-lace, «. ^y«i Blrma. 
Goldamith, b, ^yt^ylf kdymijtr. 
Gonorrhoea, «. ^y^y^Ji }M'tbffkvgkv. 
Good. «. ^ kh&yr, cJJjjf iyilik, 
^ ftlih; — , 0. |j1 lyi; ^Vf ytoar. 
Good'hamonr, «. ii»i«^ k^yf ; to be in a 

Good-hnmonred, a. ^J^ j!j^ ^hyidxr- 
-ynzla, J*«!j\ J dlrjlm^. 

Goodly, a. Jj^ ghyiizM; cJd 
blynjfek. jUi. khiiyU. 

Good-nature, s, LZ.'^nJin J\ lyi-tAbi^ 

Good-natnred, a. ^ lyi, ji^U? U 
jL^ Jj/ ghyiiz^.kbdylu. 

Goodness, s, ClU^^ lyilik. 

Goods, «, pL LiA ^hya, ^^«u\ ^mt/i 
l}\y\ ^mval, JU mAl. 

Gooee, ** jli klz ; tailor's — , ^j\ I 

Gooseberry, t. ^;>J^^,^^1»^ ^ 

Gorge, *. J^y! hi>ghlz; — , I 
O^J^y^ d^yunn'ok; (J^^a^ tj 
mak;.— ed, p,p: \J^y^ d6ymi^ 
^^^LuUJl? UkXnmtsh ; to become 
VM. (j^y> d^ymok ; ^^UJ? tikj 

Gosling, 8. iJjij^ klz-piUzt. 

Gospel, 9. kJojJ^J^Mr] injiIi-Bh^nf. 

Gossamer, «. ^^^^\kJ» shbytJ 
-"i^basst. [^Q 

Gossip, 9^ jMjJ^y) b^sh-bJ^Alz ; ^ 

Goord, #. jli kXh^k. 

Gonrmand, «. ;,s..«««»;«4l«» liUk^mpbr^ 

Gont, 9. i^^jK nUtriss. 

Govern, vm. lcuw«y[>- hilkyihnfet] 
\sj\j\ idarB-et» \ )a)j j ]a^ zXbt| 

Government, jr. fcc^^c j^ hikkyvti 
»;\j1 id&r^, Ljfj J kui zXbt-Q-rl1 
uiJ^J d^vl^ ; v^jOk^j viik^l^ 
-d^vl^t, ^\1p !^9 vi^kdla-t^'mt- 

Governor, 9. ^\^ vali, (.J|«d:^ miit 
s^rrif, a1^^< milit^^llim ; lieateai 
— , I*\a4>i4jIj ka'im-m^klm. 





'^.«^ I. (woman's) ^JiomJ f1 

as*! outer) imP^ ji^bbs; 

ilih; (inner) i^j\sj\ intari. 

•-ret /. |ft^ ksTBtn. k^Jiai li^tf, CU^Ufi 

y tda ; /U t^sh^kynr, U) dii"a ; 
•£: "afV ; i^yti^ ni^hf6r^t, ^\jki. 
cHfran; joor— » ij^pJUcL^U zatt- 
iLHt^ri <J^;JlJ|J i^U z&tt-d^v- 
:::tri; bis -r^ ^Ui £ctfdiam^tlu; 
"" '^- Wy *^n-et, ^^'^s-iij 

:k:t JsJ];; n&zakidi. 
rufous, a. (peraon) v^ k^rim* c^tljU 
:*ii, jl^Ufi "Inay^tkyar, cJjU 
^'^'l; (act or word) vj^Uxtjujil fl l 
;r«' lkf.T^"mayet-amiz, ^W/ 
mans, Ait^UcjL^ "bayetkyarinB, 

"^ ^30. f . ^jJ d^r4)B; ^jiXJ t^drQ. 
*-"^^. c ^^/fCj*i^ tfedryi; — ^ly, otf. 
<i^JilJU "a^*t.tMi^. 

•ifiiOH; — ,pui> ^ »i l Al Xahlatmok; 

'"''^, f. ii\j dana (tans), iU^ h^bba ; 
ij^Q zikhirs; |»di^ t6khum; (of 
*^)y«bdlDiar; to go against the 

-vunar, n, ^ykmijc sidf-n-nidiT. 
'-drnmar-scbool, t. ^^^ i^i^5^< mfek* 
Nonary. f.^Li\ ibbar. [t«b-i-"lrfia. 

GiBnd, a. cJ^ biyuk ; jla^Ua^ "iza- 
m^tli ; ^rfria.lff tXntAnoli. 

Grandee, *. *-{;J^;;*>;V^JVj rijal«* 
kib&rdon-biri, c^^jJl^^Ut 

Grandear, «. s.2^Jiiis> "Xzam^ ^Lvkl? 
tXntAna, ui-^jfe b^yb^t. 

Grandfather, 9. l^bcJ^J biynk-blbA, 
2r JJ d^da, Jc>- j^dd. [turlk.kblam. 

Gran^o^oenoe, t. aK J^a^ t6m- 

Grandiloqnent, a. jt^ld^il? ,«^ kUami- 
-t^mturidc [iFoS^jC^ bIyuk.validB. 

Grandniother, «. UlcJ^^ blynk-dna. 

Grandson, «. y^j^ t6run, Jui»^ h^d» 
1^ n^biTK. 

Grapd-Vizier, «. Jd&^ j>X^ 8Xdr'-ii"z^nK 

Grant, «. ^Li>-1 ihsan ; y^/ f^rmln, 
cl^ b^rat; — , v.cL CX«^j ysrmek, 
1^L»>i.t ihs&n-et; t^JuJ t^salim-et, 
\uJt^^ i"tiraf*et ; \^^ fiUrz-et. 

Grape, $, (^jjy i^zom ; — shot, c? Om^ 
mlBskat, *a)U s^im. 

Grapple with, v.a. (Jh^]/^j^ ^Arash- 
mok, cJ^.C^.>- chibkishmek. 

Grasp, v.a. Jk^^jL ttitmok, J^|/^^ 
kkwramak, \^j^ kibt-et. 

Grass, «. CJ|^I 6t. 

Grasshopper, s, ^/^ chfekiighs. 

Grassplot, «. fi>- chttn. 

Grate, 9. jVy 6jflt; i[;\i-l Isskdra; 
•^, i;.A. cXJ'tXij r^ndil^mek; — • 
vji. dUjjjMi s&ranmek, J^ctj^ 
gUjtrdamok; — on one's feelings, 
CJgC^A:jjjCX«&3\ IdAmtnj^-b^dina- 




Grateful, a. ji r ■: c miit^h^skkir, 
^Ua:J^L& Bhakira-'n-oi"inB. 

Grater, #. yjJ^ r^ndE. 

Gratification, .«. u:^y>^<^ m^mnu- 
niyy^t, Mua Blfa; ui...vw ni"m^t; 
i^^rk: b^dishiBh, ^L^l UiBan, 
^Uil k"ain; U:^j^^:.t.<^ kli6ah- 
nudiyy^t ; la>> hlzz, ^^^ ia»- hXzzi- 

Gratify, v.«. t ^^^ :. 4.< m^mnun-et, 
t (3^:.:;^ kh68hnud-et ; C3w<^^ U^ 
8lf a-VKrmek ; fJ^^jdSiJU^ khbsh- 
landirmak; \4j«0l>> hasatl-et; 1 t^t 
nra-et; 1 \-»-V ^x^-LsiJl Uctizaasmi- 
-Ijra-et ; ^ ^^ tabt"ol, J^^ Ayniflk. 

Gratia, 4ii. lybjb badi-h^wa (b^dawa), 
ULfi^ m^'anon. 

Gratitude, ». ^ shi^kr, J^ t^h^- 
kyur, uuvJ]^=^ ahilkraniyy^t. 

Gratuitous, a. |^lj badi-h^wa (b^ 

Gratuity, a. ^J^JLb^* biikhahiah, ^L.»^l 
•ihsan, f\j6\ b"am. 

Grave, 8, J^j^ mfezar, j^ kXbr, ifjJuc 
nOkbdrs ; — , a. (peraon) ^c! ^Atr, 
jLXtJ t^mkinli; (afiUr) jf^iJ)|^ 
k6rkulur, j;>.^^^ k6rku]ajak ; — , 
VM. JU;ti kXzmak, ^c^i^ UU-et. 

Gravestone, *. ^^ j^j^ mfezar-t}L8hi. 

Graving-tool, «. Ji kUsm. 

Gravity, *• (peraonal) ji\ hghir, ^^^Xw 

t^mkln; (ofaffidn) i}^jf(J>'^jy 
k6rkukjak-bfa*-hal ; (of substanoes) 
UuJiis^klfet; specific — ^, ^UJliiusJij 
, s)klfeti-zatlyy£. 

Gravy, 9. yc sd. [y^Alam 

Great, a. cJj*i biyuk, .a*^ k^bir, ^ 

"Xzim ; y\^ cb6k ; the — ^ s. 
jU klbar, ^^jl^ kibar-takii 

\jS kyiib^ra ; a — many, a — d( 
•y^jJ blr-ch6k ; — graadfatb 

^bliCJJlfJJ dkLsnin^-blbAsst ; 

grandson, tj^»^^^^jj^ t6rmin 

-6^Mu ; Alexander the — , jJJ 

i^^j Isskender-rumi ; Peter the 

j^ J J dfeU-P£tro. 
Great-coat, a. J^ kap6t. ["Xzaro 
Greatness, «. CJi^^ biyukluk ; Lr.^1 
Greece (kingdom of), a, ^\:ilJ1 

Yunanisstan ; — (ancient) j^*j rui 
Greedy, a. yjy'^ ach-gbyiizln ; j^ ^j 

chdk-yET, j^j\ 6bur. 
Greek (in general), a. ^^j rum, ^ 

rumi ; (of the kingdom) \^^ yuoi 


(language) a. ^^^j rumjs. 

Green, o. J^ij y^shil ; aU^ khim. 

Greengrocer, «. tff^^j^ s^zEwatji 

Greenhouse, a. (^y^ llm6nlnk. 

Greens, a, pi, li^ lihona. 

Greet, v.a. c1L«;J^ i^lU s^am-vErmel 

Grey, a. ^ Wr ; Jj) b6z ; j^ 
ghy&misht; t^y^j^ kurshuni; - 
«. — of the morning, ^J^jj\J> 
s^bAh-kydJnltyAt ; — of the evcDi^ 
^>L5^^\^\ Xkhshflm.klranl,>A,\ 

Greybeard, a. j^\i^J Ik-s^kAUt. 

Greyhound, t. 0;li tlzL 

Gridiron, a. lfj\La\ isskdra. 

Grief, a. j^ kider, JjJ dird» C^jl 




L^^tt, Jl ^em, ac ghlm, 9j^j\ 

."r-ace, t. 

kb: L bHa, JjJ dird ; ^J^ ghXdr ; 
*i zilm. 

^t^e, CXcjl^ ji^ ksder-vsrinek ; 
-rj. \jS^ kider-et, {,^^Jii^iZJ^\Ji 
o-sav^^Ji^kmek, CJ^ fi- ghlm- 
•ycoek. jl^O^ mikkEddsr-61. 
'-'Coj, a. AJi^^jhg "iztm-vs-^im, 
-* ^oia. [klzikrtmak. 

~- r.a. j4Jj|j5 arJir^U^t iask^ada- 
"i r.a. (floor, &c.) CUr^^j^ kghxiX-^ 
-' j^ ; C^4>^.^ cb^kmek ; (colonn, 

• • ij^jl ^zmek, \fjs^ ayik-et ; 
^''3,&c.) j^Jjt^U? tlsha-tdtmak; 
i:: teeth) J^^Jb^ gWjtrdAtmok. 

" '^'*one,*. ^IL Oah, ^^Jj bU^Ai, 

j^ijlj Wl^Ai-tlahi. 

' '. Jt il. Jl^ p^nchx, ^ J kXbza ; 

""• r^. fjAJ^^^Jim^ 8ikt-ti)tmak ; 

,-**^/\:;jl5 k^m-X^Aritmak ; gripes, 

• - '. j' J;5J kikirdlk. [slnji. 

• *^ I. kijJijI in^ti, ^jJl ^iD ; 
■- f Ji. CUKj^ mg\€m€k. 

< n I. JUi blkkll, 
-. I, jrfU kliwtk. 

"^^ «. (j-mmmi 8^*188, j^l isspir. 

^ *.^yiv, yiw. 

'' *• *^Jy**^L/i^cU^ 6n.iki-ddzina, 
-'^jJ Jjij^ yikz . Wrk . dto:- 
^E) ; — . fl. \J klba, Li fsna, 

U>>^^-i^l(> d^osst-chik- 



Grot, Grotto, «. i[^U^ m^Aara, ^1 In. 

Ground, *. ^ yix, 4*^ "kna\ ^^j 
z^min; ^;»L>i ^ass; \,.^^^^y mujib, 
^. ■%*■<! B^beb, l:; ^^i^^L^ mitnass^b^t ; 
— , a. yji, 4t\t\m^j\ ^Aadulmiuh ; 
^^,■4 1 *^*> dif^Aolmnsb, ^jtA^C^' 
ch^kflmiflh, ^jLtij\ ^zflmish ; — , vm. 
f^^^M^u t^'siss-et; — , v.n. (a ship) 

U^J^^ 6tunnak. 
Grounded, a. ^^mm^Asi^ m^t^'^saaiBS, 

i^s^ milbt^ni ; j^^iX^^ Issli-vkr. 
GroondlesB, a. j^j^ dibsiz, .j^iJ^^ 

X88ls-y6k, ^Ji^^ bdah. 
Grounds, a.pL fJ^ tMvi, J^jl^ t^rtu, , 

^y p^ssa. 
Groond-sweU, ». ^A^^ sXlmtt. 
Gronnd-work, ». ^^aj t^mel. 
Group, 8, l^^ kyikmE, vlJ|^ b&luk ; — , 

v.a, \^^ t6p-et; — , vji. ji^^j^ 
Grove, s, i^^j^ 6rmln. [t6p-^l. 

Grow, v.ff. CX«^ biyumek ; J^^^y 

b^ylamnok ; CX«;^ siirmek ; ^jl^j^ 

6hnak, lL^aLS kbssilmek. 
Growl, v.n, j;^^(^ kbirlamak. 
Gruel, 8, ^j^\^^^ y2iwXn-ch6rba. 
Gruff, a, J^y b6^Auk ; JH^ khOysuz. 
Grumble, v,n. C^lvAjyrf siiw^ylEnmek. 
Guarantee, 9. (person) (J^A^kMil; (thing) 

uuJU^ k^faia ; ^^ r^m. 
Guard, s. (man) ,^^^Lj y^sAkjt, 

^fy kXwAS8,^^C«ifi "Xsaksr, yj^,y 

niib^^i ; (soldiers) k-f^C^e At^U^* 

kli2Bssa-"X88kM, ^lo^^&liMfi "issa- 

kiri-khlsssa ; (time or duty) cs^y 

n&b^ ; (of a sword-handle) J^j V" 




chlprXz ; (of a gun-trigger) (J^^j^ 
k^rkulirk ; — , v.a. jK«XiU M^ldunak, 
\ )ok>- hHz-et, tilaiU:* mOhlfoza^et ; 
Jh^V b^kkmok. 

Goard-koooe. «. jUy kdUuk. 

GuardtBi^ $, ^^y wIbm ; Isilcr* mdhlfiz. 

GuerOla, 9. J)^ ^b b)L8bi-b6zuk. 

GneM, 8. ^Jd zkon, ^js'*a^ ti^khmm ; 
—, VM. clUb bUinek ; \^js^t^ tiOdi- 

Gaeat, ». JL^ mftuBafir. . [miD*eL 

Goidaaoe, t. cs^t%JJh. kldayet; liuJ^J 

Guide, ». jy]U klU^Auz, JJj dm, 
bi«)U hadi, lAJb; r^hnuma ; — *, «.a» 
C)^^>^ J^ y^l-gbir^aatsrmek; 
f j!j^!U U^ikvzluk-et. 

Guild, «. uJL#l ^98oaf. [bils. 

GoUe, a. |^^j Ji gbUI-u-gUsh, ^Lsi. 

Guilt, a. uuc^Li klbah^, a^ jArm, 

Goiltleas, a. J ■■■■:i f»\.>i kkbaluitm* 

j,„^\\^ gfaydaahfita, aU^jj bi- 

ghyilDah.. (j&nbali. 

Guilty, a. ^A^li klbaiotli, ^i^^ 

Giiine».fiDwl; a. ^^^4ff* bbch-tisru^Aii. 

Gnitar, a. a;l&^ g^iitXra. 

Golf, a. (bay) yj;^ kykfez ; (abyaa) 
^jy TJ^rta* <yi»* bMn. 

Gull, a. (bird) Jl^jU miMi; (di^e) 
^^U ihdahkin ; ~. v.a. J^Ui 

Gullet, a. jlJ/ giOrtllk, jUy b^A2z. 

Gum, a. ^^ a^mgb (zAidL) ; (of tlie 
ayea) jV?* oh^Ak ; (of the tBeth) 
4^\^J dlalu^tl^rL; ~, v,a. ^ 

J^v^^VAs^ (dkiiik)-3ii-yaptBhd 

Gun, a. c^jW t^; cJciJ t^Aok (titf^l 
Gon^barrel* a. u5^!m«3 i^^M tilf^ 

Gmucanriage, a. jJVjjj kdndak. 

Gon-ootfeoD. a. t^^V O^^ P^^ 
bftruti. [t^ji-bls 

Gunner, au ^j«5jt tipjt ; ^^V,j^ 

Gaipowder, a« (-^^U barit. 

Gonahot, a. (diatance) ^^J^c--^ ^^ 
mhuefli; ^J^^ji^'^^ kdrsbvD-mi 
s3i; — * wonnd^ ^i^Uai^ gfayiil! 

•yiroMf. r^««?UA»- ch^kiDol 

Gunsmith, a. ,^<f^ tbi^nlqi (tikf^kj 
Gnnatock, a. ^\j^y CJci; ti^ij 

Gu&h, VM, fj^JJ^ fifehktrmok. 
Guat, a. y^j^>^^Ji^J^jyj rikzg))fUTO 

-Ur«temant; ir^y b6ni. 
Gut, a. J>;alj or jla/u U^Atrs^k. 
Gutter, a. jjjt 61vk, jl^l Iwtiik. 
Gocale^ vm. and aw cXm^I ichiQ< 

(J^iU- cUJunak. 
Gymnasium^ a. ^_^^^ ^^aijU; ^ 



Haberdasher, a. ^^^^ ai>^ khdr< 

Habit, a. CU^ "adat; ijr^ khvy. 
HabitaUa, a. j^j^y\ 6tornlur, J 

jS^ kabili-sidmi. [m^'j 

Habitation, a. ^^^sum« mteUo, O; 




-■:. a. 


'I caoiui-ehirnitsh. 

- coe'fl self, J4^< lltshmak. 

-i r.a. (,lW,;,^ d^tmek ; -r-, 
iirlney, ». jSj\i barghur (b^yghir), 
-y;J^J/ WraJHb^gbiri). 
!^. i. y^j or jjjlb d61u ; — , v j». jI^J 
^U^L d61v-7%hiiuik ; — '> tii/^ i«lJt 
s:^ eaa-B^ama- "ikliyks ; — ^ v,a. 
^*j jjj J cJjF^cJ;^ buyuruu^-bd- 

rrm^-d^U-lablJl^ ; JnO/iU- cW- 
^<^ d)ig« [^Atrmok. 

fi. (♦jl; yAnm ; — ^ #. c(;b ylri ; 
Mdafcalt J^ -.-. bdchuk; 

-•2oon, *. fc^ ^^L yhrim-kj. 

- ?^7/ *- ^lfc«y^>. hXzar-mA"aBhi. 

-^tted. a. Jljy bddAla. 
' ' ^laT^j^ J diwZnkhaxiB. 

- ^ "T. J\hy,j\i\ii b^-bik. 
--'« u tj^Ji; ttkdk», tcJ;L« 
^^«^-«t; tfci-oU; rl"ayet-e^ 
•^U m4il»rek-"; — cd. 

??' JjLt mikbarek, ^oi^ im>- 

-• '. ^t finish: — , 0. jUjt 

Ham, s. \9yi but, jlijl5 kayn^k ; jSsy} 
,^<-^j*Xi^b ^Jy d^nguz-butu-plaa- 
dirmasM (d6muz). [dfXk-kyify. 

Hamlet, s. jLafT^ kyi^yj^Aiz, U?/ jU^\ 

Hammer, s. if^^ chfekij; jUijt 
t6km^ ; sledge — , u>^j^y viriyoss ; 
— , VM, CX«4)J d^^ek. 

Hammock, s. 4rjjt^ brinda. 

l|amper,«. Ji^jlil^ kXpAklt-s^ped ; — , 
VM, CA^^ti^i Vkw B&thtf-TErm^, 
J^lcb ^U ^1 ilini-iya^ilmi- 
b]^Alamak, Jul^V l>^^lanuik. 

Hand, ^. Jt sU «^:-^0 d^st, Ji^ yM ; 
(man) ^o\ XdAm, Jo uhbx, ^ytM 
bhji; (signatare) L^^t imza; bonr 
-^, c^^ "ikreb; minate — , ^'ylj 
y^owXn ; — r, v.a. CJ-«^j vannek ; 
-T- oyer, t^JLj t^sslim-et; — in 
hand,atf. ^j9jl^^\^}^ ELsIa-v^rsrek; 
jU;3[lJu>"M^.l.ittiftk; to live from 
band to mootb, ^^^lil^-A^ A) *ll^| 
CLoUb ^^;i^W^y^. 

Handftil, *. ^j-JjS^^y awcj-dolnaaa. 

Hand-grenade, a. ^»jja^ Jt M* 

Handicraft, 8. d^JC^tf ain'^^t. 

Handkerchief, 8. |liJCw« mindiL ^ia^* 
ch^vTB, ^^^ ysmmi, jicb yJk^Alik, 
K^^ inJ^kranifl>(mMi-). 

Handle, «. c^U alp, v^y ki^lp, jf^y 
' kifhk, lUii kXbza ; — ^ v.a. (>w^ 
tdtmok, JUiUy kdUlnmok. 

Handsoi^e, a. Jjj^ gfay^zM, jL&^i^ 
gbyi^tMddi, ^^Util yaknhsUt. 




Handspike, #. ^yU mknav^a. 

Handy, a. (man) ^J^Jj^ b^zar-fsnn 
(h^zariffend) ; (thing) sj:,>^j riJiurt, 
\Ji^ k^lay, jt^ iJ^\ i8ha-3riUrar. 

Hang, v.a, J^^m^I lasmak; — , vm, 
(jaLc\ Xsatlmak ; — about, ^jAi^yo 
d61i»hinak ; — back, c3^UK ^1 
ildri-gbslmamek, (J^j^ }j^ gbM- 
-dihrnak; — down,^jui;li0a^kmak; 

— oat, v.a. JU««^ l88mak, k^^^ 
BErmek ; 4>«=i;^ siU-kitmak, J^jJli 
k^dinmik, KlX*^f gbyl^txrmek; 
— , v.a. (j^J'^ B^kmak; jul^l 
Xaathnak ; — over, fjAJiii^ tlahmak ; 
(j^J^ siLrkmak ; — together, ^ji^ 
ij''^^J,v<i/ biri-bbini-bridmiamak; 

— np, (j^^ Issmak. P^O- 
Hanger, *. 'f^ Ji Jhsr*^ kiswgek-bir- 
Hangman, ». i3l>- j^llAd. 

Hank, «. Jlici klnghxl, 2r^ ti>rr£ (tdra). 
Hanker after, v,a. ilX^^J^ isst^mek, 

(j^yjj^ k^ukmok, Jko^ Aramak, 

CXtXa-jU^f IshtiyXk-ch^kmek. 
Happen, v.*. Jk^jI 61mak, ,>^5->- 

chikmok, jt^l^ Ylkt'U ii^jUf 

t^882duf-et, lr^zi>hur*et,^jjyeyj 

Happily, od. 4]j jU«i M"ad^tUi ; y::^J( 

^y^JL^ b^^kxt-vKTsin-ks. 
Happiness, «. d.^j\ n i 8a"ad^ ; 

LS.-^^X4^ m^mnunlyy^t. 
Happy, a. cA^ *^ Jifl-l;*^ji^t 

ishi - yMvnda - rahoti - y^iindu - 6lAn, 

Juff^ 8ik"id, ^ y Mm^ mtss"ud ; 

m^mnun ; j^j^mK m^ssrur. 

Harass, v.a. (J^j^ y^rmak, 
CX«V«fJ[j rahot-vErmamek, \Jm1s 
rahotstz-et, ^J^^ tk jlz-et. 

Harbour, «. {J^ limln, ^j^ or L 
m^rslt ; — , tr.«. (Jaj^ tdtmtfk, ^1 j 
ydtok-^l. [dip6r 

Harbour-master, ^. yj^*^ u^^ ^^P^° 

Hard, a. jsS kltt, cl^ s^, CJ^ p^ 
JL^ s)kt; ^^ ghyiich, ^^ 
ch^tin, JCl^ mushkil ; — of bell 
jy\ij\^t^ ghyijich-in^tr, j4j\j\ io^ 
mdz ; — to be believed, j^^}'; 
ghyileh-lndntlir, j^\iA Inon^^i 
— of hearing, j^ltf ekghk. 

Harden, v.a. jH«;Oy&l^ kJLttlashdtrmfl 
CX^^ fc\ .t#J ? .^ sErtbahdirme 
CX^J^tili p^kishdirmek ; — , v\ 
JaJ^Im kltilashmak, cU^^ 
SErdsshmek, C^Ut-lO p^kiahmek. 

Hard-favoured, Hard-featured, 0. ^y 

Hard-hearted, a.jmJXAr^j^ m^hknets 

Hardihood, ». Lli>^L*»- j^ssar^t. 

Hardiness, 9. ^jliiU^ diyiniklik. 

Hardly, oif. ^UJ^ h^man (himsB 
]U^^ ghybch-b^ ,- jrJk^L»-<'^ 
C)jl^^f hich-miusa"adB-gbytta 

Hardness, 8. jSu&S kltiltk, ol^j 
s^rtlik; jl^ sikiltk; ijJi^^ 
chluk, il^L.:^ ch^tinlik, (jD^ 
mikahkillik, c::^^ii^ si)"vb^t. 1 

Hardship, «. c^Jow siknidi, i>^ 

Hardy, a. jJiiiLk d^ykuUt, ^J dbj 




till f. jtif^lip tJiwshAn. [kullk-TBT. 

ilri. it/. ^J dhiglK (dms), j^J^y 

iL-t 1. <1».U fahiahs. 

Till, #. jyi z^rar, ^;bj ziyan ; — ^ 

r.a. cUrjg^l iigitmek, |^ z^rar-et. 

■;.i:kss,a. Iai^ zdrarnz. [milwafaklt. 

JxcDT^ t. jljIjlL tltUUk ; t^;^^^ 

.le^s, f. ^J or <*^y k6&hum; 

J^ takim ; — , v,a. 4j^j^ k^shmiik ; 

^M.j! «ujlk t^kimini-wdnnak ; — 

.7. 1, k:^:^ cbbigli. 

-7>»» '• ^i;*^J zJblm. 
-7jODer, t. gcUAij zibkshjt. 

>7iicbord, t.yUi ^J^Ji;!^ ky^-kXdim- 

--• r.a. ^U? t^ramok; — one's 

-•^-. fl. c^ sfert. 

"'icrn, t. «>11j nkhAdtr; (spirit 
^' ^^^ nishadir-ruhu. 
' -'^tst, I. jLa.^ h288ld, i}y^^^ 
^11 \ — time, y^^ff^ bichim- 
^< ju^l;^ 6r Ak-wAktt. 

a. v£^^ a6r"k ; — , v.u. \Asf' 

Q. v.u. C>.c;^CiUU>. diiibtk- 

Hasty, a. CJ>jl>- ch^btk \j^j*^ sXbrstz, 

j^^U- cblibik-Uzar. 
Hat, 8. iSAj^ shipka. 
Hatch, v,a. (J^J^^<^jij\ y^wri-chi- 

k^dmok ; — » «• ^ Itlpi ; ^^J^J^\ 

Hatchet, i, M\j bllta. 
Hatchway, 8. c^l jIjI ^bar-A^Atzt. 
Hate, 8. ^joSo bughz, CJ^jW "dday^t ; 

C:.^ n^fr^t ; — , v.a. CX<U^.g!VJh 

hich-sivmamek ; lcL^\jk£ "^av^t-et. 
Hateful, a,jyo^ m^ur, ^^«a^ mAkbuh. 
Hatred, 8, ^./M bi^ghz, CIJ^Iac "ddav^t; 

CL^ n^^. [(klbir). 

Haughtiness, «. ^;f^ t^k^bbur, ^ kibr 
Haughty, a. ^;f^ miit6k^bbir, ^^ 

kibirli, ^j^^ {\r"kwn, ^l^y n6biin. 
Haul, v,a, v^aC*^ ch^mek; t< t -*a » 
Haunch, 8. lSJ^^ s^ghri. fhisa-et. 

Haunt, v.a. jtt-^lL ta'if-ol. 
Have, v.a. jtcJilU inalik-61. 
HaYoc,«. ^tj ziyan, CL^L<i»> khXssarbt. 
Hawk, *. dip^l Itnuga ; — ^, i;.a. ^^} 

^^^^JI^ ghbzdirip*sXtmak. 
Hawker, 8. ^jj<i,J=fZj*yf ghfezdiriji- 
Hawser, '• j^^ pXlam^. [blzirghyan. 
Hay, 8. ^^^ x)^ kunx-6t. 
Haycock, *. yjJ^^ ^^^ 6t-yly*fnt. 
Haymaking, «• CXfo^ CJ^j\ 6t-blchniek. 
Hayrick, Haystack, 8. iZi^ jj^i d^^ 

^^^iJb Wyuk-kuru-6t-ylyAtnt. 
Hazard, 9. vj^^aT bikht ; uJ Jl^ t^sa- 

duf; — ^, v.a. ^jA^i^ji^^ t^hlik^yB- 
Hazardous, a. jSaO^J t&hlikEii. [k^mak. 
Haze, «. \j^^ slss, ^Uj«^ dtunXo. 




Hazel» 9. J^«^ f bdtk ; — , a. ^\i«i^ 
yCjj k^tanB-nnkii. 

He,/w. j\ 6. J^l 61 ; — ,a. LLi^j\ ferkek. 

Head, 9. fjL\f blsh ; ^ set. ^^t^ rfe'ss; 
(of a ship), ^b blah ; (of a cask) 
c^J dib; (of an arrow) ^jju 
t^mrED ; — , a. ill) blah, , ^ J 
biriigi; — , v. a. ^1 ^b biah-ol, 
y«J^ 8Erk2rdK-61. 

Headache, «. ^^^t^^b hlt^-lgknaai. 

Headland, 9. ^jjy! burun. 

Headlong, ad, ^lS*^^b blah-lahii^At, 
jiijliJ (t^pE).tdklak. 

Head-quarters, '•J^ mtsrkiz. 

Headstrong, a. j^di^djya sia-dbglsmib 

Headway, *. J>[ yd ; ^-•>i^^ yiuruma. 

Heal, t;.ii. jl^l iyi-61 ; — , v.a. \^ lyi-et. 

Health, «. (j:....^^ dhh^t, c:^U 
"aflyyijt; lM khyf. ^j^ mkaj, 
2-i' Ub"; your health! 2r;^Alx. 

Healthy, a. ^L sii^A, JUU s^Aldm. 

Heap, *. i^jf Iqfhmm, ^jM yightn ; — , 
v.a. (j^ yighmok. 

Hear, v.a. cX«:l&1 ishltmek, l^Us^l 
l88tima".et; ClU^J dbglsmek (dl- 
nsmek), cX«jJ[j jSy ki^llk-Tibmek ; 
\JyJ klbul-et, 1vj:^V1 ]| 

Hearmg, ». <U<Li C :.)y kdyv^ti-sami'a ; 
in one's — , wJl>- Jj JajjAl ishltdiyAi- 
halda ; to give a — , t^j^^ ^^6\ 
C)^&Lt^ Izin - virup - s^w^ylstmek, 
CUjd^i) (dhubnek). [mek. 

Hearken, vm. CX^ j^y kvbkrxr- 

Hearsay, 9. iZj\fi^4mm< m^asmu^At. 

Heart, 9. cJj^J yiir^k, c^ kUb, 
dil; (of a plant) c3j/ ghyub 
(middle) ^j^\ or ^^1 6rta ; by 
(ji>^^ ^zbsrden ; to learn by 
o.a. cXil^J^ ^bErlfimek. 

Heart-breaking, Heart-rending, a. C^ 
j^^lSj^ IdAmb^-ytlr^^-d^j 

Heart-broken, a. |Jjirn.i.CA shlk^t^- 
Hearth, 9. J^^y 6jak. [J«JLa} 1 bsif 
Heartless, a. J.^Lj\ InsaniyyH 
Heart's-ease, 9. lLiiJ^\s^yb h^r-j 

b^^shx (m^^kshx). 
Hearty, a. lS^ k^wi, i^lcU sa^M^ 

^c4m^«m« s^imT, ^^}^J^ yiir^daa. 
Heat, «. j\as\pa t^^ jJiVaO^ sijAki 

ti>;];P- h^rarfet; Jij\ It^h; jlifi 

klzghtnltk ; — , v.a. J^*:^^ u^^* 

J^j;-; Uzdirmak, ^^^pfi?-^ tfe^stt 

-et. [y l^la^ kitlbsiz-kyj 

Heathen, «. and a^jj^ ghykwr,Jfi ky:t 
Heave, v.a. JUi\ Xtmok ; — , v ji. ^ 

j;^^^ blsh-wOrmok. 
Heaven, «.u:-^:i»^j^nn^t, c/^^ ^^^' 
Heavy, a,j£\ XgJUr, J^ sdkil. 
Hectic, a. jL^^ v^nnnli; — fet 

l4S^\ ^jS ghlzli-ia^tma. 
Hedge, «. c:,>ig, ^ cUt. 
Hedgehog, *. yjj^^^^j^ ^flk-kiipi. 
Heed, 9. cm J dMXt, SJS taki^yy 

jJI kayd ; — , VM, and a. \ ^ 

<, I JuS kiyd-et. 
Heel, 9, ^^\ WuM; — ovcr,i;.n. J^ 

ydtmak ; — , vm. (J^^ y Wrmflk 






er. f. ^It^J dkhi-dlna, ^ 
k f . c5ji b^y ; CVK,.^^ y^k- 

:^^, ^UJ;1 irtifa"; ^U' %&» AiJ 
r -fj.^b biyip. Oyp 8)rt ; ^^ fcvj. 

I* J zir¥x ; iJj^t 6ita, )a^ wXBSAt. 

>^. «. (after pomcarion) <^^tj viiias ; 
^j«^ poneanon) JifA^^ ▼^-"idid. 

cLj7^tu.l."iluL [-chich^Ai. 

•^^trope, t. ^CfyW-^jl>|^ T^nilya- 
'^ «. /Mff- jihtenem (jDidnDom), 

^ '* v^^cf^ diluni&-y^kBB8i, 
"< 9, ^\j Ubs, ^^aiU mlghfo^ 

c5*t mn"i,vm; — ^ vm, \/^j^ ySr- 
<^et. tif^^U^ ]nd"aTdn2^t - et ; 
'^U I'; Ux«1 hndid-et, 
^^•^^4^1 uH Xct hndada - yfetiahmek ; 
^ m^".et, (J^yjj^ charfcbdl- 
-'k. [ifi-)tya^ib'-tdtm^. 

Hem» «. jL£3(^;i«M«]j^ Uvnlmtsh- 
-kibiar; — , v.a. J^jjJ ^^j\i£=i 
kBoannt-Uvtrmak ; — in, CX«fJ«>* 
ch^virmek* Jm^^^ kdahltmok, 

U^^L5^J^^ ^trafbt-Almiik. 
Hemisphere, 9. x^i^m) nUfi-liyJirB. 
Honifltich, #. fV'^ missra". 
HemorrhoidB, •• J^^j^U mayfiMil, 

Hemp, 9,jxS kkidir. [jj«*V ^'''b^* 

Hen, «. JjlL tawuk. 

Hence, oi. ^)J^^ bthidon ; iSe- \^ 

h\DA(m''^hyh,AJ\iy bdn^ro-bina'an, 

^^j„^^ji bihi^-mbbni, C)3 J,^^'\:J 

Henceforth, Henceforward, ad, ^j*^y! 

sLy^ bdndon-bi^lK, jr^CoJJj^ bdndon- 

wiM^a, OuuU^ fi-ma-bk"d, ^*^j! 

blr-di^ jj0£s^Jj*\aJ^ shimdidon- 

Her, pr. $. ^\ Int, 6nu; l^ In^ 

(Xna), &n^a (6na) i pr. a. lS i, ^ 

d, k^\ anin^, 6nun^. 
Herald, #. v^jL« mhnadi; — » vm. 

CiX«^ j^ khlbBT-ydrmek. 
Herb, 8. iZJj\ 6t, ci^U nbbat. 
Herbalist, 9. ^jpf kyl^kju. 
Herd, ». t^jy^ sikm ; — together, vm. 

klXf^^^jy^^jy^ 8&ra-8^-gh^ 

Herdsman, 9. ^U?^ ^Airtmaj. 
Here, otf. \jf^ bdra, ^|;f^ bdrasM; 

,j[5;y bdrayt, ^^jji^ bdrassini; 

ibl^y bdiaya ; ^^j^, bikrada ; ^^j^. 

bdraaama; 2fJCM«|^ bbrassmda; — «, 

M/. «9U&\ lflhtB» U nii; — and there, 

M 2 




c^^y kAhkn; CJJC)J t^-t^; 

here ib, isJs\ ifihts, U n^. [buralora. 
Hereabouts^ ad. ^J]jy, buralorda, *J)jy, 
Hereaiter* ad. ^^^*33jJy bundm- 

<^, #. iJl^^t akbir^. 
Hereby, od. <i3yjU<y bd-milnau^- 

b^tJa; ^t^lj ji bi^-wlsattk-ila. 
Hereditary, a. ^^j^ m^vruss, C^|^ 

mitt^TariBfl ; cl^|^ varias; «>f^^j 

Herein^ otf* arJJy bdnda; ^:>S^^ 

bundon ; l^jj bunya ; ^y bdnu. 
Hereof, otf. C^^ bunun. 
Hereon, otf. ^jj^^^y, bunun-ikzBrinB. 
Heresy, «. clJ)U dAlal^, ijui, On'X 

JtjM:\ l"tizal. [mii"tfezU. 

Heretic, ». JU dall, ,^^4-- 8hi"t, JJsa^ 
Heretofore, mf. jJj^i^Jc*^ shhndiya- 

-kldar, ia^ iJuSS^^a shhndiyo- 

-ghdmja ; . aJ[«u j\ ^z-kXdim (ab 

antiqao), jnH«^^j^ JittBdaii-b^ri. 

Herewith, ad. (indosed) U! IhSan, 

Heritage, a. t^\;ir^ mirass. 

Hermaphrodite, a. y^^'^^ khiinsk. 

Hermetically, ad. ^jf^JJ>"^^^j*^ 

Hermit, a. f^jj^ mitoz^vT. 
Hermitage, a. iJy\j zavlyyE, lj\is^jC 

"iizlctkhani. [jdxi jai ffetk."fflfeti. 
Hernia, a. yj^ji(j^^ kXsstk-y^o^Ai, 
Hero, a. u;.». j( i jighiU J*2^H bfthadir ; 

iUi jCs:* mihkiymi-fih. 

• M •• . 

Heroic, a. ^]^jl|; bj^hidirans. 
Herome, a. tJiJijC\^^ bidiadir-kl 

X^niSf^ mkhkiyeton-fiha. 
Heroism, a. cJAsX yi^Aitlik. 
Hers, pr. i^\ Intn^, 6nim^ ; ^ 

Antn^ld, 6nun^ku. 
Herself, pr. lJ^ k^ndi, ^^ 

khidistt, ^i^u)Ji kbidissini. 
Herzegovina, a. CX^ Hbrs^. 
Herzegovinian, ^^^^^ H^rsbkli. 
Hesitate, vm. Jk^^V b^kkinmak ; L\ 

tferfeddud-et; |/>-t tfe'^thkhur-i 

vJ^U&Mil Isstsmamek; ,^^\ 

C)^U!j ns-ydpojaghiht-bilmame 


jd^Aini-shdshtrmak. [shiibli 

Hesitation, a. My t^ddud; ^ 
Heterodox, a. uJSU^ ax«l iimm^ 
Hetman, a. ^IcJb hitman, [mckhil 
Hew, v.a. (j-^Ji yiuinak ; — do^ 

VM. hXaui^ k^asmek; Jk*<^ \ 

Hexagon, «. ^jmSmm^ mi^as^dd^. 
Hiatos, a. ^\j\ draltk. 
Hibernate, t;.ii. Jk«1^ Ushlamok. 
Hibernation, a. l^tL^ kishlama. 
Hiccough, Hiocap, a. ^jju^^ \i\ix^ 

rik ; — , v.n. (j^Jusi^ hktctkimd 
Hide, *. i-^J dferi ; — , v.n. JajH^^ 

limmak,cXiJ^ghizlxnmek; —,^^ 

J^lS^ s^amak, cUj^ g^lzlimd 
Hideous, a. ^^^cij pyc-chirki| 

^^iA^\ij^ k^rihn-l-m^mzAr. 
Hieroglyph, Hieroglyphic, a.iJ/^ pji 

^J^\ Buritlu-yikzi-iBhueti. 




Hid 1 Cl>-^^j> yiiks^k, ^pj^ 
ffiiTtcf", ^w bala ; ^Ic "all, i<«l-« 
jiL*. ^j rfefi" ; jjf^y^ dMghun, 
JJsf^ j^kfihkmi, ^2;«A^U' Ushkm ; 

Ji^ di^k, Cb p^k ; the Most 

High, *. JUi Jp- hlkk.tA"att ; 

— tide, — water, |J^\$ «V« m^dd 

r:aland, a. ^^.os^ar^jJlLflL dl^Altk- 

-T£rs.makliBV88, ^c^lL dlLghi. 

r-ander, *. ,r«*3tilt dl^ik-ldAxnt ; 

- 1. pi, ^\jb\ ^ dX^A-^halissi. 
! elands, t. ;»/. jl;J jUlt diyiUtk- 

J^^KT, ^l:Li^ll9 dli^Aistan. 

idv.flrf. j^ cb6k, Jufi;^ khkyli. 

.'bess, t. cJjjL^«j» yiikseklik; 

vjU:^^ ihBvket - m^'ab ; jl&(r^ 

r^y. $. jrjW jaddK, J^ yM, 
*-(>ijI» tirikt - "amm, iftybLA 

r-^wmaa, #, ^.yv.,^ J^j y^l-k^anji, 
J^a^U Uti* u-'t-ttelc. 
^^^^ '. jt dUi^il, AjJ (tfepi). 

^^^h «. jUt dl^iUik. 
-f i. 4a3 klbz«. 

kv^yla ; ^, a. Oj\ ird. ^3 Wch. 
^der, a. Jj^ ghferiki, JifJj^ 
eUridad; — , r.«. j'^U mani"-61, 
J^^\ji bHJananuik, ^f^Uji k^ma- 
o^^k, CU^^ toCi fl^kti-vKrmek. 
'^^dewmce. Hindraicc, s. ^U mani". 

Hindermost, Hindmost, a. iS^^^/^^^ 

Hindoo, s. c^JCJh hbdi. [llssani. 

Hindoostanee, s, ^yLJ JcJh Hind- 
Hinge, s. ijj r^zB ; ^"Ur^ m^nt^shE ; 

— , v.n. cXwjJ d^nmek; (J^iXi 

Hint, 8. sM^jy\ iMnla-ifadi, UjI 

rma; — , v. a. \*^^^jj^ ii^rtala- 

-tfads-et, \\a}\ ima-et. 
Hip, s. iA\i kAlcba. 
Hire, *. \^ klra ; — , t>.«. cXil^j^^ 

kk'aya-YErilmek ; — , v.a. (,^X^^^\S 

kiraya - virmek ; ^jaj^^\\^ kira- 

-Ua-tdtmak ; — out, CJ^^^]^ 

kiraya- VErmek. [Xntn^kt, 6nnn^kn. 
His, /IT. a. cJi^ Inin^, ^ncm^; ^JSj\ 
Historian, s, r^y^ miiv^rrikh. 
History, 8. ;^\j tarlkb, ^j^y 

tawarikh (pi.) ; ^^^ bikya3rB. 
Hit, vja. (j^j^^ w^rmok; cXft^J 

d^Amek, tur^U^ isslbet-et. 
Hither, ad. jj) bferi, f[^ bMya, A3l[ y 

bu-y^o, iijo y) bi^-t^fa. 
Hitherto, ad. j«X3ft iJSAJ^ shimdfya- 

•kldar, <k^v]^ ^^i*y bd-z^mlna- 

-gh^linja. [k6wAnt. 

Hive, 8. ^\y k6wAn, ^^y^j^ ^' 
Hoarfrost, 8, ^\^ khhghi. 
Hoarse, a. (person) ^jtA>ai^^^,m^ s^i- 

-khstlmish ; (voice) Jy^-yf b^^Auk. 
Hoary, a. j1 Jk, ^jL^j\i\ Ighsnaish, 
Hobgoblin, 8. ^\fj z^bAnl. [^ kJr. 
Hock,«. (^\j^ t^ji l>ir-n^v-"i-8hferab. 
Hocos-pocns, 8. ^(L>- htls. 




Hod, $. ^ iXksxK. 

Hod^-podge, «. f\fio ^j( Ur-nfev"i- 
tk"Bm ; j;i&Si^U klnahtkUk. 

Hoe« t. AiW chlpa. [(d^muz). 

Hog, t. jf^4/^«^tt ighdiah - d^ngm 

Hog8he»d, «. ^j>yc3^ biyuk-ficht, 
^Uflsr^ mkijona. [chikbiDak. 

Hoists VM. ^y»jO^^ klldimudc, j;^lL>> 

Hold. ». ^jl» tdtUBh. 4/LJ klbz, k^ 
zXbt; (ship's) jIjI ^bar; — ,vm. 
fjAJ^ tdtmak« \yji^ klbz-et, \ Iw 
zlbt - et ; Jh^L^J \jJ briJunamok, 
C3^U^^U B^'yarmamek ; — back, 
r.«. cfVJ^ ^^ ghW-d&mmk ; — , 
vjBL. Jh^^f }Jtl6indc ; — forth, vm> 
\ ke^ y^'z^tti •»> v.a. JmJ);^ dzXt- 
mok; — in, 11au«0 zlbt-et; — on, 
V.II. 4>«US|^ brikkmamok, cX«Us^tj 
vaz-gh^chmamek ; — one's breath, 
\ijm0>'. ^mJj nfefessini-hXbss^^ ; — - 
one's tongae, (j^^y^ sussmok; ^^^-^^ 
j;^Li l^Aznift-klpAmak, q^^^^^ 
dUini-tdtnudL; — oat, vji. ^J^\^ 
diijanmak ; ^, vm. (j^j^ i^zktmdc ; 
to|^t uriid-et ; — tme, — good, vji. 
jl^i^f' Jy kXvlt-s^ih-61 ; — up, v.». 
^jUi>-\ ^htlmak; — , v^a, ^Ji^jjiM 
k^dsrmak ; JhW^ tdtnui^ ; — with, 
^ji}ji ii^j^ si^zda-birabEr-6L 

Hole, «. cJJj d^Iik, ^jy^ suriikh; 
^^jS k^c, J!>^ chdkur. 

Holiday, $. J>Jw tii"ta ; y^jjl yortu. 

HoUand, «. ^ji^ L^L^ii fflimEnk- 

Hollander, s. c3oJi filimink. 

HdDow, a. ij^ji^ff} ichi-b^, lJ^ 
milijfeyf ; j^^ chdkur, j^j\ ^yuls 
— t 9. jju>' chdkur ; — , vja, ^j 
klzmok, J^J 6ymiik. 

Holy, a. uJiJ* shbnf, ^^mdSuc mi 
klddte, cJ;Lo m^barek ; — Gbos 
(^«XSlt-.jij ruhn-'l-kudu8S, — Lan^ 
^gViwJi^lJ dari-filasttn. 

Homage, #• (j^jJ^^^d^ "anJ-"rbS 
diyyfet ; (juOi>^ "ub&dlyybt, ^•i 

Home, *. j\ hr ; ^^ wltln ; — , (ri 
A:jj y^rina, IJJ^ y^nda ; irj\ h^a,\ 

Homely, a. a»-lJ kibaja; Asl^ 
chlxUnja ; i^\/ii f^karija. [piimislj 

Home-made, a. ^^i^LU »J^1 ^da-j.\ 

Homeward, a. i-^^^ i[5^ ^a-d6^^rn 
iJji^ iij!bj iJticS k^di-TwXtAiuDai 
d6ghnr. [kbttdi-TwltAnino-dibghrc 

Homeward-bonnd, a. f*^/^ ^j ^^, 
Homicide, #. JJ kltif ; J^U kltil. 
Homogeneoas, a. ^^l^^iP miit^gaaitS' 
Homogeneonsnese, #. ^^Iflf^ tKJInos. 
Hone, 9. ^^^,.J3j^ y^A-b%Ai8a. 
Honest, a. (person) ^jfi^ JaI fehli."M 
Jj4J tfemiz; ^jij^ dbgkrv, ^^1i< 

hnin; (living) Ji^-halal. 0^^ 
Honesty. #. J^jP ")rz ; jb/> d^Ar^ 
Honey, 9. Jb bil, ^^^--Cil fenghyabin 

J«^ "Assel; — comb, JV^J-? 

chi^A-bM ; — dew, ^y tfer^ 

ghynbln ; — suckle, J'^fi^ ^'°' 

Honorarinm, 9. jroiU I id*, [ba-payfi 
Honorary, n. u^jUcl i"til»ri. flV^ 




"^, ^y^ nlmus ; aU nim, ^w 
shin; (.J^ sb^ref, cl^ "kz^t; 
— , vA, \^j^dA Ihtirain-et, ^j^}^ 
tljmtk ; \^jLj t^, t Js?^ 
HoQoonible, a. (penon) J^^ tfemiz, 
ii^ijb d6ghri7, aJ^mi^o miksstaktin, 

Bahib-Dlmuss ; ^m^jit nLhnf, ^^jTc^ 

n^jib; (thing) i^;;^C^b ba'iari. 

•^^ref; the Right — , jb!^ J d^vMu. 
Hood. s. jL^U blahltk, «Jyy ki^n- 
Hoof, *. ji^ thiiak.yb zifr. pfetfl. 
Hodc,«. JL>. cli^nghel; <lbC*U klnja; 

dljl ilik ; ^aiy ^t«, i^j^J z6nka ; 

-.vJi-CU^tiliflbmek; cXiJiLl 

ikljDmek ; — , VM. klX^jd^\ ilish- 

dimek; cUUl[^ lUklimek. 
Hoop. «. ^.j^ ch^bsr ; 4&Sl». hlUui. 
Hoopang.ooagb» 9. cJ^J^I^U^^ hbgh^ 

Hope. t. ju«| ikmid* cr^^f ihnut ; — , 

9M. \ Ou«l ^mid-et, (^^^\ ihnmak» 

't^y U m^'mul-et. 
ft»aoo, #. j;f\ df uk. 
Bariajntal. a. ^\ Mvki, iJ)\y^ ^\ 

fl<»ii, *. jf^y b^ynuz ; «Jf;^ b6ru. 
HoroKopc, *. tertj za'lJB. 
Horrible, Horrid, a. I:ic3j p^-&ia, 

-chbkin, ^y^y C)j p^k.k6rkulu, 
cJ^C)j p^k-makbuf, (.^.^^c3^j 

Horror, ». (active) ci-Jb|^ kferabst; 
CS K ^fyfe h^yb^t ; (passive) yj^ k6rku, 
c::..:.,BO d^bshEt; Cl^ n^^t,y:J 

Horse, «• UlA It ; js^V ^^g^ur (bihj- 
gbir) ; jIjI Itlt ; kJj\^ siJiwari ; dotbes 
— » u^ kXfess ; blood — , Cjt ij*u»- 
jbss-lt; led — ^, cJjJ y^dek; Ugbt 
_, 4.^;Cfi p\ uJj^ khafif-iUu- 
"Asskeri ; race — , ^\ ,^y k68bu- 
-Iti. [It-llMbdtrAn-jlnblz. 

Horse-breaker, 8. jU V uIrI*^^ ^ 

Horse-cloth, s. (J»- jdll, J^^ cbul. 

Horse-dealer, s. U^^UjU. iZJ\ It-janbazi. 

Horse-gaards, «. ,^^\tk. jLmfi' L^j\ya 
8ikwari-"a8sker-kh288a88i; ^C«fi j^ 
t^'^ sir-^Assker-klpisst. 

Horseman, b. yj\ Itli; v»^4V«>. jindi, 
jf^^ bbiiji. [C)L9qL:j bbijitik. 

Horsemanship, 8. Ci)LjCi,0>- jbidilik. 

Horse-shoe, «. Jju na"l (nid). 

Hose, 9. impAj^ ch6rab ; ^^j^ kh6r« 

Hosier, «. _ac?|^j>- cborabjt. [turn. 

Hospitable, a.j^jis^^ji. gbiorib-pkrvEr, 
jly^Uf« mihmln-niiwaz. 

Hospital, 8. ijU^is..^ khlssta-kblnE, 
^buiil Iflspitalya. 

Host, 8. i^f>'\^ ^Wl khans-sahibi ; 
yiLi^ mikssafir ; ^ J;l 6rdu. 

Hostage, «. ^^^Jb^ r^bin, jJi^ ghbriv. 

Hostile, a. ^«;4J» J diisbmin. 

Hostility, 8. cJsLi^J d&sbmEnlik ; 
— ^ties, 8, pL *^j^ hkrh. 

Hot, a. jWx-j sijXk ; ^^;!^c;-3 Wzghin ; 
i^ ghKrm, jlj^f^ h^arfetli ; J^- bar- 




Hotel, 8. 2fJj\ij) l^Undfl. 

Hothoiue, 8. iJyc 86ba. [-i^d-dizi. 

Hough. 8. f^jl*^ J^^cJ^^j«»- hkywimag' 

Hound, 8.jS^j i^har. 

Hour, t. u^ifrL) 8a"at ; cs^^ wXktt, 
^v«j z^mlii. 

Houiglass, 8. u::..^LiAy kihD«8a"at. 

House, 8, j\ hy, jUy k6nak, ^Is^- 
khans, u:-^ b^yt, ^lt3 dar ; — , v.a. 
JUy lisi\ ^j^\ jlnrta-}Jtfna-k6mak ; 
^\ ^jaf\ ich^.^Omak. 

House-breaker, ». Jmi^ kUrstz. 

Household, 8, l^^^j^ ^v-taktmi, ^1 
4^^m fev-i)8hlklari, Jsr^J^^ 
ch61nk.ch6jnk, JUj Ji^^ ^-a- 
"kjai; — stuff, L&l ^shya, ul>U1 

Householder, «. ^<«>-l>« jf fev-sahibi. 

Housekeeper, #. ^olS \jid[^ k^tkhuda- 

Housekeeping, 9. yj^^J<*^\j^ ^T-ldarKssi. 

Housemaid, 8, <uL-> b^ssl^mi. 

Hovd, #. ^ji kirlubs. 

Hover, v.ii. J^^-^^j^ d61a8hmak ; 
fj^^ji^ ^yrthnamok; »d>ii^^ j\:i 
fj^jy^ klnAd-iksstunda-ddrmak. 

How ? atf. J»d) nkssl, ^L^^ nljx, jJ^J ^ 
ns-dbrlu (tikrlu), 4]J^^i3 n^-surstla, 
^Ifs^ ^ n^-v^jfala ; j^ niJcAdar ; 
— mudi ? j«Xa3 nUcAdar ; — many ? 
^IS kXch, ^ JAi n^kAdar ; — many 
times? 2r^^li kXch-ksriB, ^J.lj 
kXch-d^f'k, cuoy^li kXch-niibet, 
J^'^ kXch-sfefar ; — long ? j*xS3 
niOudar, CL)J^dJ nx-mikdd^t; — 

often ? — frequently ? ji 2f Jcjj - 

However, c. ^^ vE-laldn, ^j VE-yii^ 

iAJ yins (ghbii), 1*^ "toma; ^ 

^U mii"iK-ma-fih, ji\j>^ji bi 

nnn^rla-bErabsr ; — , ad. J«d}^ hs 

niissl, J^oi nitfsl ; jdijjib hir-nkb 
Howitzer, «. c^^^ 6bo6s (kubirz). [da] 
Howl, *. (j^^jl Wuyrsh ; — , vJ 

(J^j^jl^ i^lumok. 
Howsoever, ad. \^^J^ hEr-nii88l,^tXA}^ 

Huckster, «. jbt^U mldrablz, ^J^y 

k61tcrkju, ^^^^jd"! gh^zdirgi. 
Hue, 8. ClU; rink, ^^ l^vn. 
Hug, 8. f^^ slrtltsh ; — , o.a. {j^j^^ 

slnlmok; (J^y^^^rf^ y&km-86ki7l 

Huge, a. c3^C)^ p^k-blyuk, ^U^y 

k6jam2n, )oyu% m^fr^, ^Jofi "Xzim. 
Hulk, *. ^^^^fjlLi kishlayc. 

-ch^virilmish-gh^mi ; -^ about, vm 

i^^j^ACjjyut siMmmek* 
Hulks, 8. ^^ primgha. 
Hull, 8. iJj t^kni. 
Hum, 8. ^^mm^uSj\ In-s^ssi; JJ t^n* 

num ; ^, vm. ilX^j\ jktmek ; i /»y 

Human, a. c£^ b^shsi, ,^^1 adsmi. 

^Ljt insani, i^J^ msnH ; a — 

being, (jLil Insan. 
Humane, a. j!aJLj\ bsanlyy^tli, ji^ 

miksh£lk,jl:uL& sh^faUUt. 
Humanity, 8. k£^\Ji\ bisanijjH 
& shafoklt; LT^JLi h^ 


nJ * 




J^i't; (^\j nass. 

^a, v^l^ mikt^wazs", j:^^ kim- 
tir; ij\f^ ksmtirani, jM fhldr. 
C'j^\i naduzans ; — , i;.a. ^^ 
^i^jJ kibrini-khtiiAk, C^;^^jy 


::r.bug,#. j^^SL y^ianjt, ^j,5lb yilAn. 
Hixid, a. ^jt; rdtub^. 
'iiaudity, t. w nfem, cu-J'jt; rdtvbfet. 

^^^-oar, t. fcj^ khuy, jU. kh^lk, 

tlbr'at; Ufl;- khllt (;»/. 
r!cLl akhiat): >« BJk. 

Uabcr ; — backed^j^li klnbur. 
-.r^dred, a. Jjgj yikz, Ail« or k^^ h^'b, 

^} g^nsan^ghl ; — , « ji.jl.^t 

^""^^^ Hungry, a. -1 kj. jJU 
J^^ , k^^ gfajri^riaaDB. 

^^^ • cr*!;^ Iranuik. 
'.^cvie^ J. j^£^ klBstrgha (s^ktr- 

"ij^la-et; — ^, v.a. cX^Jgj'Jub? 

Hurt, 9, u^ ztnr, (jbj z)yan; Jr^b 

y^a ; ^^/^^ ^^^i^I^ J didLnknash- 

Urtlinfah ; — , v.n. Jk«^^ Ajtnuik ; 

^, v.a. (jAa>>A Ijttmok; cXc^l 

Hurtfiil, a.jA* mdzirr, j) 1^ ztourb'. 
Hnabandt 8. Ai^-y k^ja. ^^J z^yj,^^ 

ah^vluar; sister's — , dsJLj\ bnishts; 

wife's sister's — , J^^V bXjandk, 

^l:k>-U bkjani^, ^^^^ ba-j^ah; 

—, v.a. \9j\J\ idars-et. (jAJ^y j\ 

Husbandman, s. ,^/f^i^ cUftji. Jjbt 

v£^\jj iWi.zlra 'at. 
Husbandry, 8. i^)LaiiL^ cUAjilik, 

LS-^clj^J dra-"at, u:.^!^ and 

uuol^ hiiiiss^t, uu-^^lj fMahat. 
Hash» int. ^y^ sdss ; — ^ vjn. (j^^^y^ 

sdssmak ; — , v.a. j;^ Jup^ sikssdur- 
Hosk, 8. J^ kXbuk. [nude. 

Hat, 8. aJy kulvbB. 
Hyacinth, 8. ^^^ sftnbnl (zilnbal). 
Hybrid, «. jL« mMez ; — , o. jL« m^ez. 
Hydrogen, 8. UJ^jJj^ mikw^da-1-ma. 
Hydrophobia, 9.jy>J kdduz. 
Hyena, 8. ^^j^ sirtUn. 
Hymn, 8, ^^ Uahl. 
Hyperbola, 8. Ojjj^LS klt"t-za'id. 
Hyperbdie, 8. dJiL^ miibaligha. 
Hypocrisy, 8. [jj rlya, OljJj^^^l Iki- 

Hypocrite, #. j^j riyakyar, ^^]^ 

mbrayi, jjj^^^ Iki-yiizlu, 
Hypothenuse, 8. ^^) T^tsri-ka'imB. 
Hypothesis, 8. JbJ^ &rz,^«x27 tXkdir. 




Ice, M.jy) bi^z. 

Iceberg, f.^AL^j^buz-ld^nti. [durma. 
Ice*.cream, s. ^jji^^y^ siitla-ddng- 
Idea, B. /i fHkr ; JJC i^ikhkyyvl \jyai 

t^BS^TVur, iUi!\L« mi!ltala"k; ^z^nn; 

I have an idea, jy^ ij^ji ^^ISfi 

"ikltnui-bbr-ah^^yor, jy^^^J, 

aJcjI b)r-Bh^y-t^s8^Tyur.^tdim. 
Ideal, a. ^^ zdnnl, \Jjy^ t^tsdrviin, 

Identify, v.a. cJJb bttmek. cX«js^ 

s^bmek, Jk^mJU? tlnimak, l^/aJ^A^^ 
Idiot, #. db^ bddUa. [t^bkhiss-et. 
Idle, a. yJk\ ishnz, ^ b^sh, »jJ^y 

b^sbda ; — ^, vm. J^ji^ y^\ lahmz- 

dunmik ; — , vM, CX«^^jj b^sb- 

Idleness, s. C^j^ bbsizlik, jUy 

bftsbluk, LsJlLfi "ital^t. [surit. 
Idol, s. l:uo (pdt), *:i^ sinem» i^jy^ 
Idolater, 8. <^:-^^ putp^r^ast; — s, 

«. /y/. |»L#1 irjuf "^b^d^'i-Xsmam, 

^U^l ifJufi "U)^^'i.^vsan. 
Idolatry, g. cJJcl^ pdtp^^sstlik, 

^\j^^jts^j)^ p^r^tisbi - Issnam, 

^^U^cyjU "Ibad^ti-^vsan. * 
If, c.j^\ hghxr, hffhmr ; (even tboagfa) 

jjj VK-tev, 
Ignite, VM. jull Idnuik, ^JaJLj^ tdtvah- 

nwk ; — , VM, J^j^XLJJb tdtusbdur- 

inak|; Jl^jJl ^Qdinnok; ClU^J^ ,jJit 


Ignominious, a. JjO^r^il, c^l^rikssva 
Ignominy, $. LS^\cj rbzal^t, jJ^y 

Ignorance, «. J|>- jxbl, (.£i4\|>-j^bal^ 

jjj«jU^jjt« mk^'lumltsizliL 
Ignorant, a. J>aI>- jiluU J«jUj1l« 

m, «. jjLi fsnalik ; j^ zarar ; L b^l 

43^ dird; — , a.-Ui fsna; iSm^ 

kbXasttf, J ... a j < k^yftiz, j.^|^ 
Dl-bred^ a. Li k^ba. [mizajsi 

Illegal, •. jJji y61suz, gji/-*^ gH^^ 

•mfesbru", j^^ djj\i kanuno-mi 
Illegible, a.jA:Jj\ bbcnmaz. [gbaji 
Illegitimate, a. ^ picb ; jJ^ y^lst^^ 

a|^ baram. 
Illicit, a. ^^^Sm«^ m^nmu", jlwj yassll 

yjljj y61suz ; A^ biram. 
ninature, «. c5^Jo b^-khuy. 
lUness, 8. jjis.^ kbXsstolik, d^}^. 

k^yfsizlik, Ll)ij>^j^ miz^sizlik. 
Dlimunate, vm. JhU^^J£<A^ ^^^"^ 

-d6natmak; IJhIuxjJuI iiydtnlik^ 

l^yJ t^nvir-et; (a book) l-^* 

I^^Jjj t^zhlb-TE-t^zyln-et. 
niomination^ «. ^UJjJ JjJ^ klndi 

Illustrate, v.a. (jXcjf^ J^ niissa 

-gbMinnek, f J:;2i4J t^msil-et. 
ninstratioB, 8. f^j r^ssm. 
niustrioua, a. jjfL^ mMibthr;^wJ' 

"ali-t^bar. ["adavi^t, J>/ g^ 
OlwiU, «. CJA:.^ J ddsbminlik, C^jM 
Image, «. <ii;>* ■urst, jij-^ tis$l| 

AMcae^ miij^ss^m ; ^^ "^yi^* 




loagioay, «. ^JL^^ b^sh, J>»jt> dibm ; 
Jjc tikhiyyoG, ^cilv zibuii. 
'-aginatiaD, «. 4;aa« m&taUi&yyilE, 

jb "ikl.^ farir,^ tfeftkkynp, 

2£iio, ^j^ kiTuntn, jL« m^rak. 
'u^ise, r.f. lj|«^ t^asdryar-et, t J«0^ 

Ukhayynl-et ; Jko^ kurmok, iiJL&o 

^jci "iklmo-ghttinnek. 
ibede, a. ^t Jy bddila. 
' ^-ility, 9. jJ J\j^ budAlflKk, 
- ibe. r.a. cX^o^t ichmek. 
izhate. VA, \sSS Oklid-et, /U;l, ^Um.^ 

•~- tatioD, t. jJi; tiJdId. 

c;'?^^ p^da-zi^Bn-^lmayAn ; it is 

- which. ^^^\ KJ^J^J^ yj.^ 

^^batt-Muna-Alsun; how. 

/ir.e(iitte,c. Immediatelj. inf. c^^J 
dxi."ak«b. us^Ljy 61.8a"at. 

Luidii ; ^x«^ ahbidi, CLU> chabtk, 

■^.xensc, 0. cJj-jC)j p^ - Uyuk; 

•Uf cb pfck-kyidllyyM. 
'^'nersc.r.a. jp^\l» dXldinnok, J^/ V 

bXiinwilt. [-yfemut. 

ivmortil, a. J4lj\ iifanoz, CJ^y^S la- 

Immunity, 8, ^t«t ^man; (ju%JU>« 

md"afiyy^, jUxcl imtiyaz. 
Impair, v.a. JU^ b6zmak, jXe^ 

CX^^ kh^el-YErmek. 
Impale, v.a. ^^S^JJjU klztklomak. 
Impalement, «. ^uiijUl klzikloma. 
Impart, v.a. CX«;ij VErmek; l ^jLy 

tfebligh-et, cJ^J^Mi eiiw^lKmek. 
Impartial, a. c J < rfi :> ^ mihistf, ^Uid:^ 

mdnstfans. [/^X^ gb^chid-virm^z. 
Impassable, a.JA\je gh^bilm^; Ju^ 
Impatience, #. (,^/'^;««' slbrstzUk. 
Impatient, a.j^^^ slbrsiz. 
Impeach, t;.a. Wyc^i^ttdjjya 

Impeachment, «. jr jjj^>a>> ^ , J , y *c:. X% 

CJK«fij1|^k> mUl^-m^jUasi-h^ur- 

Impede, vm. j^^^ mant"-6I, t^i^ 

m^"-et, CJ^j ^t&Cs s^kti-virmek. 
Impediment, «. ^U mant"« ^t::;Ci» s^kts ; 

— of speech, C)I^ p^t^klik. 
Impel, v.a. 1 J|^ s^vk-et. 
Impenitent, a. aJU^^ gUiyri-nadim. 
Imperative, a. A)|^1 amirans; ^J}/^ 

z^fjri; — mood, 8.j^ ii^ stgha- 

Impercdvable, ^^j^j^ ghyitmlmaz. 
Imperfect, a. (^U nakiss, CJ ^ w ^ l 

^ksik, i^UjU na-tlmlm, ^^;:^^ 

Imperfection, ^^l^ n6ksan, cAKjH 

^ksiklik, j^.idi kussur, c^.^jfr "^yb. 
Imperial, a. ^IftLii shahanE, ^Ul&Ju 




Impertinenoe, #. Jjj^yU ''antzltk. 
Impertineiit, a.ji^j\e^"Biuz,jmJd] hdehaz, 
Impemons, a.yX^ gh^chilin^z ; — to 

Tnm, jAJFj^aIo yji^Amur-gh^chin^. 
ImpetaouB, a. ^S^ hidd^Ui, j)jJy& 

filddd^, ^ Uzlt . [kdw^t. jfjj zor. 
Impetufi, s. \j:0^ja siir"^,^ hiz; csjry 
Impiety, t. C)^}«»i:Jt(3 din8izlik,^kyiifr. 
Impious, a. y\^ kyafir, J«.:jJ dinsiz, 

^j^y^^1}aillidan-k6rkmdz; ^l;i\^ 

Implement, t. c:Jt alet (/>/• iili?^! alat). 
Implicate, t;.a. Jk*;*^^^^ klrtshdirmak. 
Implidt, a. J^^ k|miil» a^ tXmm; 

y^J^ zimnl. [niyaz-et. 

Implore, v.a. ^^W yllvarmiik, tjLi 
Imply, v.a. y^4J*%4> miltazdmmin-61, 

f 2( jUII:.^^ Eimnan-lfadB-et.^^ S J d^- 

Impolite, a»y»Kfjp t^rblyyEsiz. [lalet-et. 

Impoliteness, «. Ci]^ A^ t^rblyy^si^ik. 

Import, s, \iM^ mk"nk; A^fA^ m^fhum; 

JUjI idkhal; — , vm. ^^x^J^ 

CiX^j..*.^ kharijdon - gfa^tinnek ; 

CXiJ^yx&^^p^jlfi^ kharijdon-gh^ 

tirtihek, < JU^jf idkhal-et ; j^^^^^t^ 

hiaann.61;j1 Jj^ J di^khli-i^lj) J^^^^Jl* 

Importance, «. ^A.^yUbt ^^mmlyy^t; 

iyjndfuz; of — ,jp}jjUuf;kU khl- 

ttrr-skytln- ; »f« mikhlmm. 
Important, a. Af« m&hlmm; u^^U- 

jf^U kliltirt.8&yilir,^^ja«^m&"t^bEr. 
Importer, ». c^-^is^ ^Ucl^I i^'^;^ 

c^^jV ^} dJshartdan-femti'Vjfelb. 


Imports, i. pi. vl^^tUj^ idkbalat. 
Importunate, fl.J*^ md'jiz, jJj|^-j5* 

Importune, v.a. jKi;* ^^ "^*" ^ ^ktsbdirmak 

)jt^ tii", \M\ji\ ibrim-et. 
Impose, t;.fl. ^^J k6mak, (j^\ 

bX^iUamok, f^j w}Lz"-et; -^ 

upon, \ij^^ 6yun-et, Jl^^jil ildat- 
Imposing, a. ^isuJb h^ybetli. [mak 

Imposition, «. ^^^ wXz" ; ^^^y ^vun 

cJa) d^, ^L^ haa. fimkyan 

Imposability, 9. j^lCcI |%*Xft "ddem-i^ 
Impossible, a. JU^ mdhal, ^^f^/^ 

ghkyri-mbmkin. JLt%^J>^''Umi\ 

-1-lmkyan. [kyazib,j^^4L»-bnEkyar| 
Impostor, B. y^f^^ yMlnji. t-^^^^ 
Imposture, $. sL^ hflB, 115^^ ^vtmj 

uJj d^, c^Sy or Lji^ 6b\kh, 
Impotence, Impotency, 8. Ciii-^^ 

"bninlik. [ghayri-muktbdiri 

Impotent, a. ^^^ "bnin ; ^»^ai« ^ 
Impracticable, a.^abb yXpiUnnaz. 
Impregnable, a. J^^t ^'nam^z, 

^j^^L.(;jif-^ tfesskWri-gb^yriJ 

Impregnate, vm. lp>V5 t^sir-ct; y^ 
cUjJflj^ tfe'sir-ktdirmek, *:JUU 
ilXtjj^ m^ssammattnii-gb^chinDek; 

\ij gbfeba-et. 
Impression, *. jJu tfc'sir; /i ^^' 

^i^ zdnn, (/-Li kiyass. 
Imprison, i;.fl. \{j'f>- hibss-et, \^^^i^ 

t^m-et, JU^ kXpAmak. 
Imprisonment, ». (./--^ bXbss. i^^- 
ImprobabiUty, 9. JUa^\ (•J^ "MmiHiti- 




bprobable, a. Qj^'i.s^j^ gh^yri- 

.mahtkul, J^X«^ gh^yn-m^'muL 
hproper, «. J-X) l^ytkfltz, J^t^^ 

Tdkishm^ JmAm»1:i^ miknaBs^b^tstz. 
^propriety. «. cJJj^'ywiU^ milnaas^- 

Inprove, O.JI. clX«!j|^f ll^rilsmek; 

CUJ^I rfilBhiiiek; cX^J^^s 

gbyuz^Unhmek ; CX^y--^ 

Toluno-ghinnek ; — , v.a. C^^j^IjI 
Jerilstmek; cX«;0^ji^ lyOBshdir- 

dinnek,! JU! )88lah-et»jK«^^^Uj 

iT^roTemeat, #. -X^t balah. [Iktiyyit. 
ii providence, «. l^Ui^^ m^£> "ddm-i- 
Iprodent, «.J-J£c "iklatz, Jj dfeli. 
-pidcnt, a. J*^^ "arstz, JmJJI 

nieb8iz,J«iU>. hlk.ya88». 
^^polse, t. d(Uj y^hlE; on the first 

-. i^JI^U^Lbj Y^hls'l-ulada. 

ui'dzitdan-bM-^lnuiklik ; with — , 
^^ L biia-muklb^ ^jLb^ L 

bfiue, t. yj^ piBs, jl«^^ mdrdar, 

tr*^ n^iM* cJUU na-pik. 
^-parity, t. ClL^ pkalik ; cJKb l) 

ir:patatioo, «. jL«t )88nad ; jj^ "azr. 
^^pote, 9.0. CU;J»5 Tirmek, toLut 

Bsnad-et, \ jjft "izv-et. 
'3» F- 4J B,a, JO ds, da; A:^\ ichinii, 

iXflf5 khrnda. AJjjj d^runmii, 

#Aii^ dfetrainda; tti^ adrfma, 

J JcJ^ zikrftnda ; 2^Jjjj|^ mururinda; 

aLUa; ^j/itiken. 
InabiUty, 9.C)1>^U klbiliyy^tsizlik ; 

j^Jfljy*Xft "idBmi-iktidar.^ "kjz. 
Inaccuracy, «• ^,/i>l^ yiingtlish, ^ 

Inaocorate, a. u^l( yiuigiliah (yiuiish), 

t^jfs^ jȣ, ghiiyn-B^ih. [-hdr^kst. 
Inaction, «• \£^^ mSs> "Mm-i« 
Inactive, a. J^ t^nbel. [-kifayet. 

Inadequacy, 9, c:wU^ /•Afi "^dm4- 
Inadeqnate, a. j^^j^ ^iTxrm^, Uls^ 

y^tishm^ ^i^^ gbkyri-kyafl. 
Inattention, «. jlj^ J dikkXtstzhk. 
Inattentive, a. J«.:JO dikkltstz. 
Inaudible, a. uIjuIjI iahidilm^z. 
Inaugurate, v.a. \ ol^ kyi^ad-^t. 
Inauguration, «• Jll^ l5^ r^mi- 

Inauspicious, a. ^;»^^t« m^nhus. 
Inborn, Inbred, a. ,^^Sl»- kh^lki, i^^^rcr* 

jibmi, ^yu-t tXbr't. 
Incapable, a. jJ^(jjJ\ slmdan-ghEl. 

mdz, j^OA^jti' gUiyrt-mdkt^dlr, JJblU 

na-^hl,j5^U "ajiz. 
Incapacitate, v.a. {j^j^, . /a > > >1U s2Ua- 

Incapacity, %• 

•sXlahlyy^t, ui.'JjhUj^ "iUtsmi- 

Incendiary, «. itff^^*^y kdndAkjt; ^mA^ 

miifsid, cJ^ miyhdrrik. 
Incense, «• C)Ji/ ghy&nluk, ^yk? 

bdkhvr; wuoJj^b "ubudlyyfet; — ^, 

9.a. ij^j^}^ kizdinnak, jH«5^b 

li0i*«Xc "adEmi- 




dAnltmokf CX^/Od^^^ ghyi)ijsDdir- 

mek. [Jh^Li sa 'ik» ^Ij^ taziyaoE. 
Incentiye, t. Cv^f^ ■^beb^c^i.^^ tnSjib, 
Incertitade, s. l^J^ Milhi, cXSi 

ah^kk, i^'^fZmifi m^shkyukiyy^. 
Incessant, a. OaS;^^ la-y^nkltt", 

U^J^lT*!^ t i^J;t iU-di - jurassi- 61 - 

Inch, #. J^ pidrmok, ^^i^t dasbv". 
Inddent, «. tSu madds, ir^ f ftro. 

iyfci^ m^bkabs ; — ^ a. ^^ "am, 

I*)) lazim. [talifikL 

Incidental, a. ^_5<^ "drazt, ^UjI 
Incite, VM. \(^J^ tUuik-et, ^\jii^ 

tUtfiz-ety luy^jry t^bib-et. 
Inclement, a. ^ijysji ffartuudt; /jj^y^ 

Inclination, «. Ji^ m^^ ; s^^^j ligb* 
bet, C)&->f Isst^k, J^\y^ khabiah. 

Indme, v ji. ^4).^ m^yl-et, (jaj\i y^ 
mok ; y«JjU ma'il-61, j\jJCi1 
CXe;S;»i^^ lB8ti"dad*gb|ril88tBnnek ; 
\\£^j rkgbbet-et, cX«&4t ^U- 
j2nt-k8tEmek; — ^ vm. Jk^I[ 
ydttnnak, UU\ knala-et, ilX^^J^ 

Inclined, a. iJSU ma'il ; An !■■■<• mitostii- 
"idd; jjis^t IsstUdi, Jij\^/sJ 
kst^Ai-^dAUj i;P|^t(^/t^ rkghbeti- 
-6l4n. [Itf-et. 

Indose, v.a. \ ^\p^ Ibits-et; \ ujiJ 

Indade, v.a, t J^-U dikbil-et ; j^J-«l& 
ihamil*^, y vJr^ 8hdmvli.61, jJt 


Incog, Incognito, a. ^k^ t^bdH. 
Incdierent, a.jmlaij rlbtsiz. 
Incombustible, a. J^^ jkomhz. 
Income, #. j|^^ irad ; ^i^-^^j Tariyy^ 

^^ gbdir. [-Tirghia 

Income-tax, t. ^^^^ S\j\ ira« 
Incompetence, Incompetency, «. *J 

<j:,»g»»iU "Mm-i-sllahlyy^ 
Incompetent, a. Jjbf U na-^, J^«^^V 

bbZbi-d)^ilil,^i..&^1U sAlabiyy^tsiz 
Incomplete, a. C«L..!»1 ^ksik, ^ 

naktss, aUjU na-tlmlm, |*l^ 

Incomprdiensible, a. J^l At ^ ^gl^ 

ahilm^ (^nndsbdm^). 
Inconsiderable, a. j1 lz» Jii kAlH 

CJ^ Wldrnk,^ 8^^; Jf. 

Inconsistent, a. ^Uac^«^ gbityri-m^ 

tabtk« >*iy*S^jy? J55j;^ bir.wikti 

-bbr-wlktnui-dym^, ^jj^^jl^jy'j 

jJ^^ bbr-sikza-bir-stoma-i)ym^3 

jAi^ii^^Jjya silm-fl"lina-i)ymaz. 
Inconstancy, t. j1;i A«ik^ "Mm4-kXiir. 
Inconstant, a. J-^|/ klnniz, j^\ 

B^batstz ; \iytJ bi-wHa. 
Inconvenience, «. ^*^a^j zUimet. 
Inconyenient, a. J ■■■*; >>]; rihAtHi 

LSSii^ siktndt, .Ljci^ dkmdili. 
Incorporate, ».a. (>*;AA;li kirtthdi^ 

mok, \^ m^; Jl^Jli kltmflkJ 
Incorrect, a. ,^;iWi yingpliah (yanial« 

,^t^j^ gbiyn*a^bib. 
Increase, 9. ik>\jj zlyad^, ol^J^ i^diy 

^ tMkkkt ; — , VM. CH-J ^^^^ 




mek; J^t ibrtmak, JK*I^^ ch^- 
^^Almok, CXi^i^^lj ziyadfLnunek, 
CX«jJ»oUj ;dyad£lB8hmek, jljj^ 
jjy Izdiyad-bulmak, ^J^i^^y 
Xarakki-hblmtk, j\o\jyo mi^dad-61, 
•\ ^jZim^ miktiir^kkt-61 ; — » v.a. 

j;^l^^>- ch^AAltmak. 

h:7edib]e, a. J^Ujf hi^dm^, <«> 
^t^\:jt ghjfiij-iiidntlfr. 

J JI:j^ g^hjfiij-inAiitr. 
I::cibation9 «. y^^'^>^ hikzun. 
b:Gicate, v.a. ^^JIa? tii"lim-et, HXaj^^S 

a^irctmek. Cl^^ l^^ltk. 

Iicumbnuioe, «• jb bar, cJjJ jtk, 
'^Txii, r.ff. ^JuIjjS-'jitl^l liteyab-bi)lixuik, 

CL«^ gUnnek, jK«|/^t ^ftramak. 
I^rorahle. a. >cjl J^lli Bhifa-klbdl- 
Ii^ra^icMi, ». ^^\ Xkin. [-^tm^z. 

licebted, «. J^JjJ b^rjlu, (^jj^J^ 

Tr^iiscat, a. v-r*^ "^jb, c^ol ^U^ 

Indeed, 9L s^^^^ hlktkXt, &^ 

iuianm. A^\^ n-l-bikika; 

— , c 4Lj bilE; — ? ^L^j^ 

giiinli^kmi, t<«^^f iltylimi. 

I:;defatigmble, a. J^jyj y6ruliii^z« 

/^cf^*ji y^rulmak-bilin^z. 

Indefinite, a. J^tXc^ U na-mUidnd, 



ghkyri • md kyyea ; — article^ *. 
jJcJ ^^i^ Uuf-i-t^okir. 

Indemnity, $, ^j^a^ XXjxp^, iZ:\i^AJ3 
tlzminlt; ^z^.* \\ju^ mil"aflyyfct, 
L^ii\i^\ji b^nl'dtu-'z-ziounE. 

Independence, Independency, 8. ^^^hJi 

Independent, a. J^b^^Ju&U blahlt* 
-bAshina, Jyk^J^ kb6d-b^-kh6d, 
^JcJ^i^JCi^ kendi-k^dina; vj: 
EBT-b^t, j;lk« mi)tUk, 
m&satXktll ; J^J^b^sL-^^^^L.^^ kirn- 
BByB-miihtaj-di^Ail; ^^j^ij zl^nghin. 

Index, «. ^4^CL>jlf& flhi^adet- 
-plumo^At; ^/*y|i flhrisa, us^-w^ 
fUiriast. [tan. 

India, «• JCJb Und, ^b^xXdh hbdisa- 

Indiaman, 9. ^wik^ ^ Jot ^Li 2r JCJb bindo- 

Indian, a. ^JJiJb bbdi. [-bi^Adayt. 

Indian-corn, «• ^ttXey yd^ mlaair- 

Indian-ink, 8, \mm^r^ , c2>«^- chini- 

India-mbber, 8, Jpu^jb^y k^mnastiOL 

Indicate, v.a. !e>JSj dMalet-et» 
j!cL>;Ui\ LBbar^t.61. 

Indifference, 8. J^«xJ k^ydstzltk, 
JuwaJ^ "i^dEmi-tte^yyul* aJ^ 
LS.^^ "iidBmi-r^bbet. 

Indifierent, a. yi*>«V l^J^siz, Juj) la- 
-Uiyd, J^JjrJjMd^^J?^ wlzi£B88mds- 
-(%Ail ; jiLm0^ b^p-bb,^|^ birabsr, 
jyS Ub-fark; ^b4 biiya^^', i-^jU 
"adi, ^\J^\ UhkgM, bi &ia, \J 

Indigenooa, a. jS^ ykrii. [klba. 

Li^gestible, a. ^\ }l^^« ^J^v/^*^ 




IndigestioD, #. u^jLJj;Juc« mi"ds-f^ 

sadi, l&«t Imtila. 
Indignant, a. yJiA^^ gfayi!^Enmish« 

^^i^l^^J dXriimtth. [dlrghfoltk. 

Indignation, t . 4,,««rir ghlzAb, j;L^1«3 
Indignity, t. 4L«U^Jj bM«inu"am^, 

Indigo, «. Oj^ chlvid. 
Indii^iensable, a. ^tA ^bmm, ^iSfi^ 

miltahAttem, a^ U1L« mutlAka-lazsm. 
Indisposition, ». i^jmJiS k^yfiuzlik, 

^\j.^uJ1^_£^t bhirlfi - mizaj ; 

CJlLeUuitt bstsmameklik, ^Jlc 

c^^yTj "adsmi-iighbet. 
Indisputable, a. JL»« mi^s^^. 
Indistinct, a. J«fjUj b^siz. 
Indistinctness, «. cJI^^jUj bffliidzlik. 
Individoal, «. J^ fird, ^ n^fin*, ^^^1^ 

kkhi ; — t a. c^l &yn, «>^a:i»« mikn- 
Indoient, a. J«ij thibM. [fMd. 

Indorse, vui. t ^JiXaS j J^ klbul-vi- 

Induce, o.a. ^Jj^ s^vk-et, tcJ^^^ 

tddirik-et, ^tu^..Mi^ 8^beb.6K 
Indulge, o.ii.jl h^ mikbtdla-61, ^^«X«^ 

CX«jij k^dini-Tirmek ; — , t7.a. 

\ SJsL^ mbssa'adi-et. [IjI ibtila. 
Indulgence, $. ifJ^Lmo mik8sa"adB; 
Industrious, a. ^lS.lll»- chlltshkAn, 

j^AJmmA Ishgliyuur, aJ&c mdkdim« 
Industry, «. j;!jISJU> chXlwhkXnltk, 

^jMiijLA Ishgbyuzarlik, f\Si\ Ik- 

dim; ks^j>' Urf^t, u:.»at L <i skia- 
Inebriated, a. ^y^j>^ s^^khMh. ["at 
Inefficient, a. Jjb^ li na-^« 

Inert, a. |J«:J t^nbel. 
Inertia, s. vj:J\!a& "ital^t. 
Inestimable, a. J^li^y\j9^Jij^jj^ ktm^ 

Inevitable, a. j^^^jf kdrtnlunom^z 

Inexcusable, a. l^^^ JJ"^ °^ ^^ 

Inexperienced, a. ^5"*^ "XJEmi, <Ji^if^ 

milibt^, immJjS^j^ gb^iyri-mijtob 
In£unons, a. w^ "^yb, Jj«); r^zi^ 

i^\yAj r&ssvay.yMMi^l} namussiTz. 
In&my, #. csJlJ^ rfezal^ J^Vj 

riissvayltk, J;3^«m.i^U namusssuzlcli 
Infancy, ». JfS^^ ch6juklok, O^wj 

sXbav^t, cl*J 4AI9 ti)fuUyy^ 
Infant, *. J^;^ cb6juk, J^^J^J 

i)filk-cb6juk, CJ^J b^bek. [k^n 
Infiuitry, «• cJ^^CMejrjLi piyadi-"^! 
Infatuation, 9. CJJJ J d^lilik. 
Infection, 9. ^UusJie "m^ti-sariyyE 

j;l&&)^ bdl^shtkltk ; (J:^U siraye 
Infectious, a. u[;Li sari, ye gbkht 

jy^^ bdl^bir. 
Infer, vm. (J^^ dnglomak (^nom 

j^\S^ chikjumak, I J) Jcuil isstid 

lal-et. [isstidl 

Infenmce, s. \^ mk"iA; Jix 

Inferior, a, ^t&^ Ish^^', ^j«) dinj 
^b biya^Af, liifsna; — , *. c)f, 
kikchuk, ^:....i4^^>jUjJjt3l« 

Infemsl, a. i^^^^^^s^is^ jihEnnsml, ^^ 
sh^yt^knt; lic)^ p^k-fisna. 





^ffli."flldAkat ; li^ aJ^ "4dfimi* 

7efa; cs^vImac^Jlc a(liini-"U8m^t ; 

c^j^JLC "idBini-"ifffet. 

^:i:te. a. ^l:j^U na-mi^t6nahT, 

^:f«j bi-nihays, ^U«J bi-ghayE. 
: iTi, «. laL. e^kAt, j^}>^^}J^ 

'-'•r^vj, i. AjU^as...^ khlssta-khanB. 
'•>=iity, *. ijuJjt "iUfet, J^J dferd; 

^^ n&tBM, iMdJ ku88ur« 
''^^, VM. cX^*xJjlg "MeylBodir- 

-^; CUpy^4^\^t fltihab-gh^tir. 

=^* [nar,jyLjjff tutushur. 

=J:maWe, a. jb^bt^ "^T-ik-ya. 

:3amatioD» 8. c^lfJl Utibab, C>^.«.>. 



/,^ Vlndmdan-diteiii^. 
- ^ lyv.l.c-^y tferta-VB-iira- 

< ^jU "ariz-ct, 
-"-«:oe, f. j^ nufuz; ^J^ tfe'sir; 

*^ bokm ; — , r.o. CX«;^^ J^ 

'^^-gb^binnek. cXid^sJ dkglst- 
njek ((fiiutlinek) ; j^-Jlf tb'sir-ct. 

-eiitial, «. ^^^^»^\^j^ n^z-8abibi, 
^^^j^ >^-gb^bsr. 

w;y newudi. 

'^^. XA. CU;i^ ^ kblbsr-vix- 

Informant, «. ^^^ j»!^ kblbEr-vsnm. 

^^^ Biiwfeyli^Kn,^^*SE* miikhbir. 
Information, «. ^«»> kbXbsr, C^UaU^ 

mk"lumlt, Jlc "ilm. [-U^^kst. 

Infraction, n. \::^j>- J^ miigbayir* 
Infringe, v.n. Jkc;^ b^znuik, IJL^t 

)kblal-et, \^^:^j>' Ak^ mij^gbayir- 

Infringement, 8. ^jom nlkz. 
Ingenious, a, (person) ^yJb b&nxrli, 

^J^jJb b^zar-^nn (b^arifand) ; 

(tbing) j!^ b&nErli, ^j^ mli"* 

Ingenuity, 8. jJ^Jb bi^xr, vjuo^jt.^ 

mJL"rif^t, u:^iC^ Aa'itt, j£c "ikl. 
Ingenuous, a. JJ2fjLi sads-dll, cJl« 

^^j*i slf-d^run,jbjM»(J^jL d^Aru* 

Ingot, 8. ij^^ kyj^lcba, dL^ s^biks. 
Ingraft, v.a. ^J^lJ^\ Xsblamak. 
Ingratitude, 8. cMj^\j nan-kyilnrluk 

(nlmkydnrluk), {j:^m^J\^^ kyiifr2nt- 

Ingredient, 8, ^^^/^^j^ jiiz'u-mikrfekkib 

{pi. ^j>f^^J<^\ ^jza i-milr^kibs). 
Ingress, 8. ^JjS gblrisb ; js^XptKjS 

gbirEJek-ysr ; J^«3 ddkbul ; ^Jfi^iV* 

Inbabit, v.a. (J^j^j^^ iturmok, ^^J\^ 

sakui-61, jf^^;C«i:^ miit6m^kkin-&l. 
Inbabitant. 8. jS^ yfirK, JL. sakin {pi. 

id^ s^kEnE), {pi) J\3b\ abali. 
Inbale,t;.a. {,^X^ij>^ ^jB^\iLmij n^sslo-* 

-Icb^ri-cbfekmek. [mirass-y^mek. 







Inheritor, $. f^j^^ varifls, j* 

Inhnman, a. J.«&jLJt buaolyy^tiiz. 
Inimical, a. ^;4w^ d^shmin, 

khlsnn, jc^^^el. khusBum^tli. 
Inimitable, a. U^j\ jJiJ tlklid-^lnna- 

IniqnitoiiB, a, xAi ^Msid. 
Iniquity, ». »\ii ghjriiniali, jye^j^J^mi 

f Issk-u-fiijur, L::.^itfir>< m^'^slyy^t. 
Initiate, v.a. il}^Sj\ ^hritmek, ^^ 

ilX<jj%majS y61uni7 - ghyitostannek, 

\ aJju t^"lTm-et. 
InjadidoQs, a. jmliS' "Hdatz, J«jyiJjl 

j^yghtmsuz, i\^';.>»iU >• miinaM^b^tsiz. 
Injunction, $. j^\ hmr (^mir), A^jJ 

tfenbih, (jij^ aip^riah. 
Injure, vm. \jj^ z^rar-et, \ )oSl» B^kAt-et, 

J^jy b6zmak, CJ^^ JU^ kb^ld- 

varmek, 1 JU.1 ikblal-et. 
Injoriooi, ^* ^jj^ zdrarli,^«M milzbr. 
Injury, t-^^ z^rar, Jie^ khillel, cuv«ULi 

8akam^t,jdJaA^BakAtIik. [hlkksizUk. 
Injastice, 9,j^ gbldr, JJ9 z&lm, ^yJn^ 
Ink, t. k-r^^ miir^kksb; — , vm, 

CX^^ ^mm^^j^ milr^kkib - s^rmek ; 

red — , «. ^j^ adrkh. 
Inkatand, a. ^^(£>-k^^^ miirfekkib- 

.h6kkaa8i, si^- h&kka. [ky^rfez. 

Inlet, a. Jet l^Ata, jUy bd^JUs, jij^ 
Inn, a. ^;U^ khln, jrjJlS.1 l^klndu, 

^1}^L*« roiUwafir.k^na^At. 

Inner, a. ^^ia^k^^riki, ^J^^^ <^>^l^ 
Innermoat, a. tS^*^9ff}^^^ hng-kh 

Innkeeper, a. ^^^jrJjlS^ Idklndoji. 
Innocence, a. ^jmAr>Xj klbahotsizli 

mk BumiyyH, u:^ 
a M*^nimH. 
Innocent, a,JmZ>Xj k^LbahatsJa, 4x i^ L 

bMyyuo'z-zlmms, f^ynn^ wk sum. 
Innocaona, a. J-*;^ z^raniz. 
Innovation, a. u;.-,i^ bid'X J^l^ 

Innumerable, a. yi^Jj^ dkyflm^z, iXk 

la-yiy"Md, Idcxr) la-yvhsa. 
Inocolate, v.a. (J^\J^\ Ishlamali 

^I&IcJa^ ehicbek-lBUamok. 
InocolatioD, a. j;li«L&\ Ithlrnnaklik. 
Inoffennye, ^'j^jj^ zdraraiz. 
Inqneat, a. ,^^4.«*;^jir^ t^sh-rtool. 
Inquire, o.a. ^J^jy^ t^nnak, \ J|)<^ b^^ i' 

-et; |;Lix^t laatiftar-et; I^JUi^l i»t 

"l&m-et ; \ l&i&^l iaatifta-et ; t(^ 

t^j^saauaa-et, tuf^o^ tdfa^rri-et. 
Inquiry, a. (^^ sdrush, Jlj^ b^ ^ 

jLii^tt iaatifiiar; JIcl.i1 bsti^'lan 

l&ffuil lastifta, cA-^ t^j^sMQS 

Inquiaitive, a. ^\f m^lkli, ,j^ J^ 

j|i^ chdk-Bb^y-s^rar. 
Inroad, a. ^^1 Aktn. 
Insane, o. ,Jj dMi, ^^-«U- chilg^ 

J^lj klchtk, ^jjySjB^ m^jnvn. ; 
Insanity, a. cJJJj dMiKk, jMJ 

GhUghtnlik, jlif-U kachtidtk, 

jkm^, c?>^ jitoun. 




mek; ^J^Ji ^itmak, ^jA\iy>' ch6- 
ghilmdk, clU;JyjUj ziyadflsamek, 
CUJifjlj :dyad£bs8hmek, jljjl 
J*Iy izdijad-bdlmak, ij^ji^y 
tirakki-bdlmsk, jiJiCiyc mbzdad.6l 
ji^jJ^JL^ iniktarcfckki-61 ; — , v.a. 
CUJ^ biyntmek ; (j^/J^ 2iittrmak» 
^^Ic^ ch^^AAltmok. 

I&credible, a. yi^"^} b^tlm^, ^ 
j^lil^l gbyilj-hi^tlir. 

locredoloas, a. J^ls^^ in^m^, ^^ 
j^ w1 ghjraj-in^r. 
bcabadon, «. ^•«ii>- hikzun. 
bcoictte, v.a. t^^Lu tii"]im-et, cUJ/^ 

^vnmlirance, «. Jo bar, cJj£ yi&, 
^^'cor, o.a. 4july c^j^l^l Irayub-bOlnuik, 

Cl«^ g^iirmek, jK«|/^t 6^4ranuik. 
locvnUe, a. ^^t J^lil abifa-klbul. 
^i^ciiniaii, t. ^^t JULtn. [-^tm^z. 

Indebted, a. ^IsTjj? biijlu, 4^;^^*!* 

*%un ; jy^^ mfejbijr. 
l«^«eai. a. ^.^ "iiyb, MJI ^U^ 


iUkikUcn. ^^S^l^ n-l-hAktka; 
-. c. 4L> bHa; — ? ^^♦(^^ 

liMie&igalde. «. Ji^iJj)^ ydrulm^z, 
j^(j4)ijj[ ydruhDak-bilxn^. 
Indefinite, a. J^JkCf* U na-mjybdud, 

'^^^'^r^ g^yri-mihdud, y^y^^jd^ 
ghkyri - md"kyyen ; — article, #. 
/;Ci3 fcj^ hirf.i-tfcnkir. 
Indemnify, ©a ^^;--Uu Ozmm-et. 

Indenmity, «. ^^jfjMi tlzmm, 

tlzminlt ; vj>^^Iju« mil"aflyy^t, 

4««>!t£|^ b^ra'attt-'z-^mms. 
Independence, Independency, «. Jliu^l 

Independent, a. JLiw&li^^jL&U blahlt- 

-blBhtna, O^fikrj^ kh6d-b^-kh^d» 

a:jtX:J^c^JCi^ kendi-k^dina; c: 

fiir-b^t, jUm mimik 

milsBtlkill ; J^J^\:i;sg^^4«,.4i^ kim- 

BEyB-miihtaj-d)^Ail; ^^3j zinghin. 
Index, «. ^^Ojlfft ah^hadet- 

-piUrma^At; |j»y|5 flhrias, l::.*^^ 

fUuriBSt. [tan. 

India, «« «X«Jb Und, ^IsMiJCdh hbdiaa- 
Indiaman, 9. ^^S \*y^ f^ 'O&ft bindo- 

Indian, a. o'JCJb Undi. [-b^^Adap. 
Indian-corn, 9. ^^^y y>^ miafiir- 
Indian-ink, «. u-^r^ . <u>- chihr- 

India-rubber, «. J pu^L^^ kdmnastik. 
Indicate, v.a. 1vj:^Sj d^alet-et, 

jlcL>;U\ )Bbar^t.61. 
Indifference, «• (^J*«*tXJ kliydatzltk, 

Ju#«Ji%J^ "kJEaii-ttofeyyoly i%J^ 

<A>v>fj "itdEini-ri^bbet. 
Indifferent, a. y^^itV Uiydsiz, JuSI la* 

-kkyd, J^J2(Jc^^j wlzifiisunds. 

.d)^Ail ; ^4.-^ h^p-bbr,^|^ birabir, 

jyS Ifr-fark; ^Ij y^oghi, bijlfi 

"adi, Ji^\ l8Ui^;ii, Ui ana. Li 
Indigenous, a. jSjJ[ yxrli. [klba. 

Indigestible, a. ^\ l^&r« '^fy^^ 





Ii!i8titate» #• 

ka-"idsk fy^y mfevzu" ; — , vm. 
(j^j^A^ diiUnnak, Jh^ImL blah- 
handk. \ f\j^\ ibda'-et, U^r^^^ 
&htira"-et| \^^j wlz"-et, \\_ -^y 
tirtib-et, \^j,^ tbusa-et. 

Instruct, v.a. cJ^^J^^l i^iMtmek, 1/»s^ 
tji"nm-et, t^;-J^ tbdriBs-et. 

loatniction^t. Aa "Um, c:^l«jjj(^ina"lu- 
mlt ; A«w ta"lim, ^/i«^0^ tbdiiss ; 
J>yflnr tiduil ; — ■« #. /^. v^A,4A»T 

md' ailim. ^ip^!**^ ti"Kmji. 

InstrnmeDth t. UuJf al^t(jp/. Ci;]t alat). 
Ihsobordinate, a*jmZ£!^\ lta"atBiz. . 
InsabordiD&tion,^. jj ImSxILI ita"at8izlik. 
Insttferable, a. U^jt Ji4ifi^ ti^hdmmol- 

Io8tiffidtet» a. J^yi Mvxrmdz, Uls£ 

ykiBhmaz,^^1c:^U^ klfayet-^tm^z, 

^\f j-i gUiyrf-kyafi. 
Insnlt, «. v^U>- hXkarfet( — > t;.a. 

)4^\a>- hlkai^t-et ; ij^y^ ^^U 

loBopportable, a. J,4^K>> ch^kilmdz, 

In8arance» s, djjyf^ righurta ; — com- 
pany, «. ^«««^L«y ^yiMi aighurto- 

InBorgent, 8. ^^U "asat. 

Insurrection, b, yjij'ij\i\ 2iyaklantahi 
^Ldfi "issyan, \J^^ tOghyan. 

Integer, i. ^^f^ JSp "ddddi-sUub. 

Integrity, s, <a.%»xU? t^kmlmiyy^t ; 

^^j^ d6gbr0luk, CUv«lS2«a^ ie 

Intdlect, ». J2a "W, ^0 zihn. 
InteUectoal, a. ,^Jle "ikli, JSU "il: 
Intelligence, «. j£» "XU, ^Ji^c 

kuyT^ti.";Jdlyy4 f^ f^bm, J| 

Idriik, \^J zfekya, C£J>^\^3 z^kya> 

uu^l^ Shvyht, UMUas fiktan^t ;^ 

kblbsr, CI^UjIa^ ina"lGmlt. 
Intelligent, a. jUlc^ "jkUlt, J3U "a 

J^J zfeki,^\j4> dlriiyfetli,^^fal 
Intempenmce, «. cJJb^ btkrilik. 
Intemperate, a. d^ sirt, JJJcL sh^c 

«aJiX>* badid; cJ^ b^kri; j^J^^ 

Intend, vm. \z^ niyy^t-et, jUx 

niyy^tinda-61» t^j.»io" tlBsmim- 

J^y kihrmflk. t^*?^ si 

Intense, a. c^j^ a^, JJJuSi sh^i 
Intent, Intention, s, <>£■»■;» niyy^ti *^* 

tlssmlm, j]^ miirXd, 43ui39 klssd. 
Intentional, a. u^Juoi klssdl, (j0^ 

ml^suss; — ly, mf. cJ;Abbil^r 

t«X«x "mndon, \xai klssdoD. 
Inter, vm. CX^^ ghyii^mmek, '^ 

Intercede^ vm. \^ ^jtUA Bhifa'^ot' 

CX€j^ij\j\ araya-gbinnek, I ^ 

Intercept) vm^ i}^^ t^tmak, ^ 

CX^ y61unu - kbssmdc ; jL^ 

ba'a-6I. [A 

Intercession, 9. {jl^MJ^ shUa"at, u 
Intercessor, s. - "^ «i.akff* j>\i 


shfcfi", jr^ 




Intercoane, 9, tl&^^l ikhtillt, cu<i!1 

iterdict, 9.jjji\ hiorbz, US-^ ]k'*Jiht 5 
— , r.fl. '^jV^ ytelk-et, l^^ n^y- 
•et, Icj^w*^ in^innu"-et. 

Vi riba, A^\x^ inii"am^]E ; J^ 
Liffz, ^U khltir, jUcI l"tibar ; 
w^fi^ taaeabbub, |%]js]l Utizam, 
i^J arlui ; cs^^sr* m^b^bb^t ; s>£-^j 
rjzhhbt, ^}x* °^^^ > ^^ t^^zzaz, 

-rfTEJdc, d^ ^^^ i^ArsiiEJek, 
Oss^aL bUgek, cJ^2r;j^ gby^ek, 
^1^ wA^B, 2Ltf^ bbssE; {j^jC. 
z'.^az, c: "^wfl'. ^ miiifk"dt» ^JjU 

t3S3^Unib - ^dirmek, cX^JOjLljsJl 

utizim - ^tdirmek ; CX^^ ^^^^^^^ 

^ylEDJB-TErmek, \c-^,^^i£=yy, yA- 

r'.^iim.j^zb-€t, |^17^ kXlba-t^'sir- 

-«^n cU;y>.^^-xj^V<J3 kiklba-rikkXt- 

g!j!t3niiek ; to take ao — , ilX^ 

itTwA^ Vlr^^ Utizam-et, \\^>.s'^ 

t^oUuxb^et; to have an — , S-'jS^ 

:J^{^3 ^p-vBr^jdy^-61, ^*i-bj 

^•' wl^EBBn-61; jl^t JA^>> hls88sdar-6I ; 

compoaDd — , cJ^>fl*U ^Li ^^o^li 

tf-3jVf fa iz-do-fa izm-fa izi. 

.'iteresdng, «. Jjj^gbyikzH ; «fS<^ dUbsr; 

y*^\ ^linjUi. 
ir/erfere, vji. ^jAJ^Ji kXrtsbnuik, 
'^id-lj^ m^dakbcdo-et; clU^^<J^s^ 

Interference, 8. l^Jd klrtshma ) 
jJlsLIj^ m^dakholii. 

Interim, 9, (^\j\ ^raltk, clJtX^ miidd^ ; 
in the ^, ^^f^J^-^*^ dir-iken (dEr-lcen), 
j;!l;Ujl 6*-araltk, yjUlJjl 61-^- 
nadii; ad — , u::-4j^ miiwAkk^; 

Isi^ miiwlkkaton. 

Interior, #. ^1 lob, ^j^^J d^un, Jib 
dakbil; Jo\i bitin; — , a. ^^j^ 
dferuni, ,^Jtf>-l«3 dakbili, j<-tlj bitini ; 
Minister of the — , yjjo^ 4«Ub 
dakbili3rys-naztn. [j^nazE-d^i. 

Interment, s. ^J dfefn, j^JirjUsj- 

Intemal, a. ,J^b dakhili, ^\i biting. 
Interpose, v.a. JUyi^|;1 ^^ya-kdm^ik, 

iJ^y^^J^ ^yfl-s6kmak; — , v,n. 

CX«^ ^}J^ draya-gbirmek, \ )e^y 

Interpret, v.a. I^Usf^J tErjomi-et; —^ 

VM. IjiiU^y tBijuminlik-et. 

Interpretation, 8. ^y^Jt tEijami | ^^J^t^ 

Interpreter, 8. (jUs^ tEijam^n. 

Interrogate, v.a. 1 j\k:is«.»\ bstintikret. 

Interrogation, 8, jjUsiCmiI isstintik ; note 

of — , An^c^\ fj:^'^ A j:» ^'Hamhtri' 

Interrupt, v,a. cJ^a^J) ktesm^k; ^^^ 

mW-tet, jt^U mani"f-61. 

Intersect, v.a. \^ai kXt"-et; — one 
another, I^UJ t^klta"-et. 

Interstice, 8. ^\j\ dralik; JjU yitrik, 

Interval, 8. f^\j\ dralik, ^js{^ ma-b^yn 




Interrene, v.n. cX«up gh^hmek; ij\j\ 

drada-bulimiDak, ^ J^^ ba'il-61. 
InteirentioQ, «. ia«y tihrlsssut; lAj\ 

CjAC«;s^ ^ya-ghlrmeUik. 
Interview, 9. CU>li]U mUakit, *aJ^j^ 

Intestines, 9. pL ^^JO \^hmak. 
Intimacy, «. j;i2.rfj J ij^ 8)kt-d688tluk. 
Intimate, a. ijX^jSi^ mahr^manE ; — , 

«. f^jSi* m&hr^m ; — , v.a. ClX^ jij 

bUdirmek, fjAJi ^-A ^glatmok (^- 

notmok), cXc^j^ft^^khXhsr-vErmek, 

CLJj^ sikw^ylsmek. 
Intimation, s. j^i- khXbxr, 2rjU! ifada, 

wLJ t^bligh. 
Intimidate, v,a. (J^^j^ k&rkutmok, 

\i^^ykr tUdiwif-et, \ij\>\ ikhafE-et. 
Intimidation, s, Jj\>\ IkbafK. [dh>unma. 
Into, prep, ii i, a, ^Lia^l Ichina, JiiJ^jO 
Intolerable, a. J^^i^ cb^kilm^, ^^aoT 

J^Jjl tdb^mm!]l*6Iunm^. 
Intoxicate, vm. \(ji'y>^j^ SBikb^ah-et, 

^L^i^ k^yf-et; — ed, a. ca^ k^yf, 

^ySy^ sirkbteh (akr-). 
Intoxication, t. t^JL^ Vkyf, ^^J^yiy* 

siikh^ehluk (s&r-).^ s^ir. 
Intrencb, v.*. (j^}iu^Jf^ mM^riss- 

y^mak, ^^^f^ea^ t^b^sesun-et ; — , 

Intrencbme&t, t. (^.^ m^t^riss. 
Intrepid, a. v^j^^ y\g^t^jy^\h9Avr, 

cJLo bibak, \j^ bipcrwa. 
Intricacy, «. J^jU kXrishtklik. 

Intricate, a. ^j^ji kXrisbtk, {}^^y 
d^iashtk, cX.&l-« miisbt^b^. 

Intrigue, 9. iiizi fltni, jLj ftead, ^«J < 
6yun; — , t;.ii, ^j^Jit^^^ ^i^de 
-cblkarmak, Jk«;^?>-«^^ ^^^ 

-chfkarmiik« (S^J^^s:)^^ ^^^"^ 
Introduce, ».«. ^j^y^ ^ff^ ich^n-sok 
mok ; cJw^ij^lSd ^je^.\ kshferi-gbfetir 
roek, \ JU.0I idkhal-et; cJ-^^j;^ 
gbyiunsbdonnek, j;-^^tX^^^ 
kdnpusbdurmok, ^j^^zS^ tXni&h 
dirmak ; 4^^^>- cbikkrmiik, 1^^ 
ibda'-et, 1g\/;i.\ Mtiril".ct, UlsT 
gadget; ij^\ icbmiik, ^J^j^/ 
^ UJcffdtssinf -dchmak ; \^ dcrj 

^^_ , ^ 

ct; \wj£7 tlkdim-et, ^ j)/^ ibiiz-et. 

Introduction, 9, ^UiXL« mc^klddim£; 
^U«jj tlvsiyys. 

Intrade, v.n. \jt^ ti^' jiz-et. \JUl' 

Isbgbal-et, ^^^ mant"-61. 
Intrust, VM. 1 aXJ ^U ^man6tsD-tb5 

Inundation, 9. J--» sbyl (s^l), ^^^"^.T 

su-bXssmoBSt ; ^Lw tftgbiyyan. 
Inure, vm. ^jSJ^W Xltsbdirmok. 
Invade, v.a. ^^^4^^^ blLssouik, j )y^ 

\^Joa^ t^javuz-y^takh^tti-et 
Invalid, a. ^U j«i ghiyri-salib, ^r; 

b68h; — , «. CJ2^|>- cbiruk; — 

VM. ^jAsL>-i^^j^ ehiiru^AR-chtk 

mok ; — , v.a. J^j^ ^^j j)>' ^^ 
Invalidate, vm. (J^jyt b6znuik. ^J^ 
^j^ bikkmunu-bftzmok. 




J^^i^^M«J klmeti-bUmamdz. 
jvaaion, #. Jjla^ Ugavnz, iJ^*^ ^- 

u^ttl, Li«.1 iastOa. [tira"-et. 

avent, v.a. \ S(afr\ ijad-et, Iclp^l ikh- 
Ivendoo, #• oWrt Tjad, 9]/>*f ikh- 

tiri". [Uri". 

i:Tentor,#. Ja^y myjid, 9/^ mukh- 
aveatory, s.^^iO dhttMT. 

— , *. ^jSs' '*hkBs ^jmy tsras. 
^^est. 041. t L.^ ^a-et, L if^r*^ mut- 
tA&df . et ; j;.4uJL&^ kuahltmok^ 
(J^jJ^ ch^Wnnek, lir^Ur^ md- 
lii£3ar«-et ; <.f«/^ yitnmak, CJ^^ 


'-^fC t^h^rri-et, \yjmm^ Uj^sssuss- 
•et. [-da'ima. 

I-iation, #. 42i^«fJ da'Vfet. 

^^»^. ItiJyu) dii"vfet-ct. 

^^^««, f. j^jAa "llm-u-klabBr, 

^ pmky^O d^ftsr. 
iDTQlnntaiy, «. uf;Ufi^l^ ghiyri-Mdi- 

%'an, J^»«>1^ slds-di^im. 
brolTe, VM. Jk^Ju^U klrahdirmak, 

'Jib dikhn-cti CU^dcjts^UCt 

^^^»Md, «. JtfLb dakhill. 
Inwards, ad. ^ji^ ij^jaf^ Ich^riya- 
^^d, t. wJlj^l Irliada. [dA^Aru. 

Irish, a.^xJj'ijA Irlandoli. 

Irou,t.jyUJ timur (d^mir), J^«3k>- h^Id, 

Iron-clad, a. ^tjj drhli. [^1 ahsn. 

Inm-moDger, «. i^jy^ d^miiji. 

Irony, s, \yf>J[ isstihza. 

Irregular, a, jaC^^ ittiradstzj jm^^ 
nizlmssz, L*«Uxj1 IntizamBiz \jAii^^ 
ka'idESsiz ; j^^ y6l8uz ; «iL& ahlzz ; 
jjy^b bl8hi-b6zuk. 

Irreparable, a. ycjS^y^j^Atu t4"mir- 
-kXbul-^tmdz ; j^^J^ cbarssaiz. 

Irresistible, a. j^^v^J^ kkrshi-k6- 

Irresdute, a. jJi^^^^dACc^Jc.^ kbidi- 
-"}Jdtnt.bUm^, ^dj^ m&t^r^ddid. 

Irritable, a. j]>r5;-^ tfez-kizar, cJjU 
j^ti) chkbik-dlrilir. 

Irritate, v.a. Jk«;«^ Uzdirmak, JU^;^^ 
dlrfltmak. [kin. 

Irruption, «. /*^f^ hilgum, ^^^^V bXsa- 

Isinglaas, «. JUJ^jIli blltk-tdtkAlt. 

Island, Isle, Islet, «. ^1 Ada, ^J^ 

Ispahan (town of), ». ^;^^^ IsafiJian. 

Israelite^ 9. ^^y^i y^hudi. 

Issue,. ». ji(j^^^^ cWkojak-yBr, 
^^ mikhry , jJ kipt ; ^\i^j^ 
n6khud-ydki88t ; (J^y^ ch6juk, aly 
^vl&d, ViS--iji zitariyyfet; c5^J 
d^'w^, (^Lxii^l MtUaf, ^^U« 
m&"araza; — ^; v.ii. J^ii^ cUkmak ; 
1l::..JL:J n^h'^t-et. 

Isthmus, «. J^y bb^Aiz, J J dll. 

It, pr. Jjl 61 (6) ; ^\ Ini, inu ; K\ Xn^a 

Italian, a. Ub\ ItMia. [(6n^). 




Italy, s. UU lUlia. 

Itch, ». J^^\ tyvz ; — , vm, cJ«a^«X^ 

ghldwhmek, J^:JM kXshmmak. 
Item, 9. JJ Udsm. [Xntn^ks, ^nimpku. 
Its, pr. a. cU\ Tuning, bnvng ; i/^\ 
ItBdf, pr, iJJii k^ndi, . .««*>«Xl& k^n- 

diBU; ,^y--iJ^ 

Ivory, «. ^^^J JJ fU-dishi. 
Ivy* '• Jh«^^;^ Biunlahik. 



Jackal, ». JU>* chiJcll. [himar. 

Jackaaa, «. cUt ^hek,^^ khi^, jU>. 
Jackdaw, m. A£;lS ^1 Ala-ULrgha(?). 
Jacket, 9, ^Us2m4 mbtln. 
Jack-ketch, m. ji>. j^Uld. 
Jail, «. ^;^*^J zindZn, ^UcLMk>- hXbsa- 
Jailer, s. ^^ysrljJj zindlnji. [khaiiE. 
Jalap, 8, ^i>> jllapa. 
Jam, «. J>^ rfechel, ^It tltli. 
JaniBsaiy, s. ^Jj^yfi yfen^ch^ri. 
January, t. ^^(^^ kyanuni-sani. 
Japan, *. IJ^U y4p6nia ; ^^j rdghln; 

— , v.a. ij^j^i^yj n^ghln-wOnnak. 
Japanese, a. jlU^b ykp6niidi« 
Japhet, «. ci^lj ykfeth. 
Jar, 9, (^y|y Idtwan^ia; on the — , 

€d, J|>>1 ^chtk; — , vjn. ^jAJ^Ji 
Jasper, ». aIj y^shem. [klrtshmak. 
Jauidice, 9. jijjU s^rtltk. 
Jaw, 9. ^ijf- ch^n^B. 
Jealous, a. ^iSji Uzklig ; j^ ghiiyur; 
hlUsud, ^X^ hlssedH. 

Jealousy, «. j;^^ Uzk]knjb'k, c:^^^ 

gh^yrtt; *X«^ hissed. 
Jeer, v.a. and a. JI^JjjJ z^vklsiimek 
Jehovah, 9. (^y^\ t^^ el-Hkyya-'J 

-IQiyyum. [lii al 

Jelly, 9. ^Ul\ MmXsslyyB; v^ 
Jeopardy, 9, si^ tfehlikB. [eh^ri 

Jerusalem, 9, <-JL)^ ij^ kudssi 
Jessamine, 9, ^j^^a^A^ yassdmln. 
Jest, «. IL& shdka, ^lUaS latifii. 
Jesus-Christ, 9. ,^ < u^1 ^^^-^ "Issa-'l 

-Messih, . ^mm^iZJf»a>- hc^zr^ti-'Issil 
Jet, ». AjXJ HsskiyyB. 
Jetty, 9. siLi\ Issk^. 
Jew, 9. ^^^ y^udi; Jewess 

lS^J^ c-^j^ y^hudi-klrtsst. 
Jewel, 9. Jewels, 9. pi. LiA/bySi^ mir 

j^vh^t. [jfewahirji 

Jeweller, 9. ^^ ki)yumju, ^/f: 
Jib, 9. J^ fl6k. 

Jibboom, «. ^^^l; basstun. [^^ is^ 
Job, *. cj;^! cr-^^^J^ htefeti-feyyut 
Jobber, «. jLm4imi simsar. 
Jockey, 9. ^Jf^, Wniji. [litFfEJ 

Jocular, a. uJUH tdhaf, ^^^ 
Jog, Joggle, v.a. ^jAtsJ^ stosmak. 
John Bull, 9. ^JU 9j^\ highUt^rra 

Join, VM. cUtAj bltishmek, IjU; 

Utihlk-et, ^{j^ m&Iassik • ol 

y J-tf'j TAsstl-ol ; — ».a. Ci-«;*Xl: 

bitishdirmek ; ^jU)l ilhlk-et; \^ 

Jomer, «. ^^^^y^ d6ghramigi. 
Joint, *. <-^CJ\ fek-yferi; u^jW. 




f'Tnak-jETi, iJ^aSL^ mifsll; out of 
— , 4j^-s^ chlkik; get out of — ; 
be put oat of — , j}^*'^ tMkmak ; 
pat oat of — , 4JK«;^?>- chJkinnok. 

Jiint.ftock Ck>inpany, ^JL^jL shlrkEt. 

^^e.«. \Ui ahdka, ^LftJaSl^tfE; — , v.n. 

• *i^ shaka^t, ^^tiJa! IdtffE-et. 
.'-IT, a. j)jji jJ^ ghyJdBT - yilizla ; 

4-i^ k^jf ; j)^^^ z^vkli; — boat, 
y^, rui. ^^j^^ufjia s^insmak. [^jli f Uika. 
- 2q:ul, #. aJ^ fi^lya. 

Jrjmal, #. ^^^Jj[^ ruznaiSB; «JIjja£^ 

tlkwimi-Tdka'i" ; J^^jy zhiJmAl. 
'.■crMBat, *. ^^j^Ujji gh^^t^i, 

J ^niej.*. Jji y61, jlJ^ yiyriuk, 
ji-s a^fkr ; — , w ji. CX«^ gh^zmek, 
^'jL^^ y61juluk-et, ly«i sfefer-et. 

ciTiiyyfct, ^jfy-» sikrur, ^^->. hiibur, 

^jUjLSi shldumlni. 


m^^rnr. oL& ahld (sbiz), ^^UjUi 
i'J-ige. #. jjJU- hakim, ,^IS kJzi 
(ladi), "iy mkv\k (m611a) ; deputy 
— » ^.^U naib; — , ».». t^^LJ 
k/yajM-ct ; ^^,-b zdnn-et, 1 Ju-fi 

"^dd-et J — , v.ff. 


bak^ms-et; \^^^<i^i,>' bi^kyumet-et« 
Judgment, «. ^ z^no, (^^tf^ k^yass ; 
Ji^ "ikl, ^JJ tfedbir; ijL^^ ^ L^ 
biikyum^t; \j^ j^za, )b b^a; 
day of — , ^^ ^-^i^^V^ kiyamfet- 
-gbyilDu; — seat, c:.^^y^ ^^*^ < 
Judicious, a. ^Uac "ikkllt. 

Jug, «. ,^<i«^ d^ti, ,^P^ t^ti. 
Juggler, «. jlj iU>- b6kka-blz. [bazHk. 
Jugglery, Juggling, s, J;Sj^^^a>- b6kka- 
Jugular-vein, «. 0J^^l4j«>- bublu-'l- 
Juice, 9. ^ 8U ; %jJa sblra. [-v^rld. 
Juicy, a. jL^ si^lu. 
Jujube, «. Ci^l:^ "ftnnlb. 
July, 9,jy4J t^mmuz. 
Jumble, VM, ^J^jSiiJi kArtsbdirmak ; 

— , 3. ^ (JJ^Ji ^Ji klirma-kar- 

Jump, *. ^jtAjSr^ sicbrayish, fjtji3\ 

Xtlayisb ; — , v.n. ^^J^yB^ sicbramak, 

fj^\ Xtlamak. [ J^j^ m^vs^L 

Junction, 8. JL^l ittissJQ ; ^ijf t^lakt ; 
Juncture, s. ^\Ji ^raltk, U^ ^ssna, 

l:uJj wXkit, ^toj z^mAn ; Jl>- bal. 
June, 8. \^j>j>' b^ziran. 
Jungle, 8, yj^jj^ 6rmln ; jl(^^j^ 

6rmlnltk-yEr, ^^K»>K;^ cb^ngbe- 

lisstan. [iJ^^^ 6^Aln, 2rj|j zadE., 
Junior, a, cJy^ AsCU sinnja-kiicbuk ; 
Juniper, #. ^^^^l <^*>;^ krdij-A^AAJi ; — 

berries, ^^j^ ^Jjf ^dij-t6kbmi. 

Junk, 8. ^ m^m^ LiT!^ cbin-gbfemissi. 
Jurisconsult, 9. .^jl^ miifti ; ^Uaj fdkih. 




Jnriadictioii, «. u: totx.**- hulgrum^ 
Jariq>nidenoe, «. tSiAs "Umi-flkh. 
Jnriat, «. Aiii UUh. 

JuiTmaD, t. U^ cJ^jU«^ Jj^^ 

m^z]qrur-7^minl3erin-b)n. [dir^k. 
Jmy-mast, #. cJ^J*^ \Jij^ iriyyfeti- 
Just, a. Jjlfi "adil, CA*^(i^ 1^^^- 

•sUnass, ^c.^;^ mftniif, jL;JIa>- 

hlkklnljry^tli ; — , ud, a\aj tlmhm, 

^ timin, UUJ tXmXmon ; — as, 

^^1 . . . ^Ujb h^min . . . 

iken; — now, c^«X4il»^Ujb h^mao- 

-shimdi ; — ao, ^y i*UJ timlm- 

-UylE, iOj^ ^UJ amlm . i^li, 

/by ^Ujb h^man-bl^lE, aIj^ ^Uh 

h^man - ahi^yM, ^j^ ^^ h^man- 
Jostice, «. cuJIjbft "ddal^t, 

hlkklniyy^t, 4^Ui1 InsZf, 

hlkk: i^^hikim. 
Jostifiable, a. JjI>- ja'iz. [-zlmm^t. 
JoatificatioD, «. uu%.«J ^^ t^briyy^'i- 
Jaadfy, V.II. tcu<v«J^i£^ t^briyy^'i« 

-dmmcst»et; cX^^J^-hAkk-vsrixiek; 

(^^JujjSU- ja'iz-kilmak, ]^^a^ t^jviz- 
Javeiule,a. Ji ghfenj, ^^^^ jiwAn. [*et. 
Jaxt^ontion, «. Jld7l Ittuall. 


Kalendar, «. ^^^ tUcvim. 
Keel, «. Ac^^t 6ngurgha (6mOTgha)» 
Keen, a. ^js^^ k^kin, jLciS k)la- 
ppAtTi, 4^^yi bikrran, •ij Jk>. h^did. 

Keep, M.)\iy, hbghlz, CXs^^ yfcyejc 
4j[«Xiu t^^Adiyyi; v.a« ^J^lSU sh 
lamok, 1 ^A»- hi£E-et ; (j^jo tutmc 
^^t Xltk6miik, jK«Ui|;i br^ 
mamok, cXctc^^t^ B^dtvErmamei 
d^-Jl-j b^sslsmek; — ^, v.a. (J^l 
diiyonmak, ^j^otJjy b^zubnamd 
Jkc;j«> ddrmak, julli kAlmak. 

Keeper, «. lail»- hlftz, iailss* muhlfi 

^ bfekji. 

Keep-sake, 8.j^j\i yadighyar. 
Keg. *. ^j>^y J>.\i^\ efiLJ^t-ficbi. 
Kennel, «. J^^l 61uk. 
Kernel, «. tf^\ Ich, Ja^ mighz, c^^ 

liibb; ^jo^ hhjz (b^z). 
Kerseymere,'«.^jU kXzmir. 
Ketde, f. ^Ufi kXzghIn (klLzAn); |»^j 

gby^yAum. [CJJumoJ dbmbd^l 

Ketdedram, s. 9j\Sj ndkkarB (n^^ara) 
Key, 9. j)&:L\j\ ^okhtar, ^bJu mifta] 
Khan, «. ^^^U- khan. 
Kick, 8. Uij tXkmi ; Au>. cfaiftE; - 

O.II. jAj\uij t^kms-Xtmak ; ^ 

J^^ chiftf-Xtmak ; — , vm. Ci-ij 

or CJ^iJ t^pmek; — oat, v^ 

J^i^ji k^ibmak, 1 joC* sikdir-et. 
Kid, «. jiijl ^iUXk. 
Kidney, «. cJ/^ b^ilrek (bkhr^] 

— beans, ^yoi fiMsdlya. 
Kill, v.a. cX«;j!y Udttrmek, U 

kXd-et, IcJi; t^ef-et, IcJi* h< 
Kiln, t. jl>"jt 6jak. 
Kbd, «• jj^fc) diirla, t.^ s6y, 

jbss, fty nfev" ; — , a. ji' «yi 





iijDdle, 9.a. ^J^^Ljijb tdtusbmok ; — , 

trshdunndc, \ jU)\ ikld-et. 
^'ndness, s, CJJj^f iyilik* a^ kErsixi, 

c^:Lis "Inayet. v..^ Idtf ; cJbjCj\ 

li'ired, *. Ly< Ikraba, b^t|*-fti- 

khissim-Xkndia : \J>^^i klrab^t, 

J ' 4 ia > kblasimltk. 

*^jli padiabah, *Ll sbab. cJU 
:iitlik. CilU malik. 

pjiisbahlik, «^ ^*^r^ hJ^Lyum^t* 
v^^J d^Tl^t, CJ1« milk or miilk, 
^^-Om^ msml^kit, Ll^yL) mM^- 
Wit. [-"lU^ti. 

'-?'*-eTa, #. yj^ ^1/* 8^flj«- 
•£?maD, IGziswoinan, $. wi*w khksm, 
oJ'^1 Iknibadmi. 

'^'' '* LriJ^ ^^^ j'^^^ sh^ftalt, 
^iJ buBSB ; — p v.a. CX^j^ ikpmek, 

c^ buflft-et. 
-^^eo. f. ,^a^ mltbXkb (mutfiOc). 
^**. ». (bird) jIjU- chAylak ; (toy) 

^^l Ochurtma. 
''**fn, t. ^^^jijb 4«^Ji^ k^di-yjiwrusau. 
* '?sack. t. Akvl>> chXnta. 
'^^^vc. f. JidL^ hUskyar, v^^-S^V 

'^^' ''Ji*^ diz,^]j zanu ; (of timber) 

Kufcd. oa. cU^jf- JiJ dlz-chikmek. 
Ji^'- fe. ,. jla^^ |,ich^k . (pocket — ) 

,^^1^ cbakt ; (turkish pen — ) 
(^ly"»4>*li it kidain-traah ; (carver) 
jfjtLi sXttr; (Long weapon) ^^^^t 

Knigbt, s. cJj hhgh, j^\^ kjiwalir; 
(chess) iZj\ Xt. 

Knit, VM. ^^j^ i^rmek; — , ^' ^J!^ 
ihrola, yj^j^ ilmdmasb. [blbA. 

Knob, «. *m^^ t6p» JA^ topvz ; bb 

Knock, 9. ^ji}i wih'ush; ^^..w^'.ll^^j^ 
kXpt-chAltnmosst ; — , v.a. {j^j^ 
wdnnak ; ^J«4Jl->- cbXbnak ; — 
agamst, j;4jI>- chdtmak ; — down, 
fjAh ylkmok ; — in, J^l* ^js^\ 
icb^ri-kXkmak ; — off, cX^jJj) 
^dinnek, Ci^-^^jJ diisburmek ; 
C)',^*-? k^ssmek ; CX«^ bltirmek ; 

— ont, Jk«;^^>- ch)kiUrmak,Ci*'«;^^«^ 
dikshnrroek ; — under, jl a J ...» T 

Knocker, «. ^Ui^ jJ kXpt-t6kma^At. 

Knot, «. (»-^«^ di^^Aom ; — , v.a. 

jf.^l^Li bXyiUamak, O^i Uf^j J 
dii^AumlBmek ; — , vji. cXiii^jJ 

Know, v.a. C-UL bllmek; ^\i^j^ 
khlbKri-^l, j\ jlj^ khlbirdar-bl. 
J(^U wakif-61; /LiJlL tXntmak; 
jl^UjU^ mk"lumltt-61 ; — one 
another, o^^\^^.j{ bir-birini- 
-tlntmak, j^u^Ai^Wo mi>"ar^fi9Kri- 
-61 ; — again, JkV^ tXntmgk ; — 
carnally, cX^^-i slkmek, ^^^^ 
jima '-et, \^^ wlty-et. 

Knowledge, ». Jx "ilm, y>- kbXbEr, 




^jij\j danish. 
Knuckle^bone, s. ^J^\ iBhtk. 
Kafic, a. ^^ kyufl. 


Label, s. dsj\i jXfta; -^, v.a. ^b 

(JAJ^ j%ita-thkmak, (j^j*^^^^ 

Laborious,\ Xghk, ^^ gbyiich. 
Labour, t. i^^\ hmfk, ^jtA lab, 

CJ^Liril tehjilik ; — . v.n. Cjjilit 

Labourer, s. jfOfj r^njbir (i^ncbpBr), 

^^<tf^\ ishji, jU^i bgbad, ^Um&Uj 

Lace. *. ^^Uau.J (ghkytin); J^!^— i 
sbbrid; ^b dlntbla; (gold) ^^ 
s^rma; ^\L)Lji UUptln or ^\jj)j 
kJUbdln; — , v.a. cX^f^^^ 

Lack, s. ^UuJ n^ksan, iL\\(,„^\ 
hlLBMk; — , v.a. j1cJ«i\ feksik-M; 
jl jLil ikayAi.61. 

Lacker, #. ^^j^ rvgbln; — , vm. 
(j^jys^f-^j rughln-wi)nnok. 

Lackey, n. jl^&^t dsblk. 

Laconic, a. A,ai Ussa. [c;\^ juwln. 

Lad, 9. JU^\ bghlXn. ^IaJj d^likAnlt, 

Ladder, s. ^Uj^ nsrdibln (mErdiyin); 

Lade, v.a. CX«&Ki«£ yjiklxtmek, t J«4^ 
tlkhmfl-et; — , v.n. J^^cJj^ yik- 

Ladmg, 9. cJi^UJ^^ yiSikbanmeklik 
CJK^aK^ yiikl«tmeklik ; cJ|^ yiik 
<x!^4^ b^mula; bill of — , cJ^ 
c^JCmi yiik-8^nedi ; y^Ji <-^^ ^^j; 

Ladle, 9. ^Us^ k^fchs, i^:^ k^pchE. 

Lady, 9. Jl»> b^'m; ^^j^ k6kona; 
^djJ dudu ; A^bU midama. 

Lake, «. Jj^ gbyiiL [d^^Aurmak. 

Lamb, *. tjfjy kteu j -.-, r.». (j^f-^ 

Lame, a. J^ t6p}J ; ^^ of one band, 
. -ii^^ cb611k ; — , v.a. tlai-i, ^^\ 


Lameness, ». J|Ubji» t^pXllik. 

Lament, v.a. and a. ^jUl^l XyAlamak. 

Lamentation, «. ^Icl )L^A]ama, ^'-"^ 
Hgbln, ^U nalish. 

^^<"°P* '* Jd"^ klndn. [hijv-^t. 

Lampoon, 9. ye^ bijv ; — , v. a. \ ^ 

Lance, 9. ^jj^ mizrlk; — , v.a. 
CX«J«<3 d^hmek, (j^\ dchmak. 

Lanq^t, 9.JJLJ nisbtsr (n^sbtsr). 

Land, 9. z^ klra, j{ bferr ; Ji]< arz 
(pi. ^\j\ Ju-azT), U31 (MkE), c;^-* 
milk, vju^CUmo miml^Et, J^^ 
t6pr Ak ; plot of — , Ai<»^ "tofl ; — '• 
vji. t^lXiu>^i^%i klroya-ohikmak r 
— , v.a. J^*;^^J-*i^/ k}Lwiya-chikar- 
mak. [iisstu-Xobilir-bir-nfev-"i-bbto. 

Landau, *. jLlft ^ ^ J^' l/"' 
Landholder, *. ^^\^ cXi^ ^«nJ»J^- 

-sahibi. \}s^^ 

Landmg, Landing-place, *. <ul-i— =' 
Landlady, 9. ^;j\i ,j-^^ j^ fev-sahibi- 





Landlord, «. ^^i^L^-^lXLe mMk-sahibi ; 

khaD£-8aliibi. [d^l&f bharet. 

lendmarlc, s. i<^U9 jf^ i^ir-t^lu; 
Ll downer, s, tjr^^ cJU ^mlak- 
Lajidsca^, s. CL^UsJ nlzar^t. [-sahibi. 
i^e, #. |Jj£ ^1 J dJir-761 ; jj^j-* ^^fc^ 

dar- s^k^ ; y^^j^ J^^^ chikm^z- 

•H>kAk« [c^Vj z^bln. 

Lmgoage^ ^. iJi) d)l, (jLJ lissln. 
Languid, a. ^^^-^iV ^yg^m, J--iV 

j^nstz. [-ghibi-61. 

La::OTsb, VM. j^^^2jim\} Ikyghin- 
LfintcTD, #. ^Ui (ffinsr) ; magic — , s, 

\Jyi ^Ab\^ khl^jalji-fEDBii. 
Lip. *. jW-y kijjuk; — , VM. iJjSl; 

CLtfl^t^^b y}k]aya-7^aya-ichmek. 
Lapidate, VM. \ ^j rbjm-et, ^LSilL 

Lapse, *- JJ!/^ mdrtJr; — , ».«. Jk*1^ 
&]J]xuik, jljSU "a'id-^l. 

Urboazd, «. ^JiLI Issk^. 

Laneny, #. cJJ/»<«/^ khbstzlik. 

Larder. «. ^V l^a' (^b^)- 
I«rge, a. cJjEfJ biyuk, jm5 k^bir, Ajlar. 
"iam; Jl^ kyMli, ^IcJ^ kyidliy- 


-rink-ehkh^At (^^]^ h^zarsn). 
^K 9. tV?*^ kimchi; — ^, v,a. 

^uLsr^Li klmchilanuik ; Jul^V 
Lass, 9'j^ kiz. [bll^AlaiXMik. 

La2t,#. k«Jli klltp; ci^ a^n^; — • 

0. ^9j^C)\ ^n^-a^Ji^iiki, ^^\ 

aklur, yj^^ p^sam ; — , vji. (^X*jya 

surmeks Jk^^U? djlyonmak; ^\) 
jMi)U bikt-kllmak, ^^ j^lj paydar- 
-61, y^4r*— < mii88t^mbrr-61 ; at — ^ 

IM^. U^^U "aklb^t, if^yfijjya 

Lasting, a. jIa^U^ d4y^tklt ; j^^ j^ 

cb^k-sih'Br, j^«\[^ p^ydar, jas»^< 

Lastly, ocf. (^^I^ Ai^IUl kbulassa'i- 

-kMam, J^U)i M-bZssil. 
Latcb, 8. Jt JJ^ mlndXl, Jj dll. 
Late, a. ^ gbfej, ^ gbfecb; JJjL 

sXbtk; (»^j^ niErbum, lijS^ iniit6- 

w^^ ; — , ad, U^L) sibtka. 
Lately, ad, Jj Ij l^-J bb - Xz - evybI ; 

2Fj^ixJ2 yUuxdorda, \j^^y mu'jddi- 

kbanin* [-tJJkbta, ^j^^ p^diLwra^ 
Lath, 9, <<tij& shisbi ; ^tsci^ i»l>* ch^*^ 
Lathe, 8, Lj>- ch^rkh. 
Lather, 8, ^^£3^^^^ U^^ siJ)un-l^«- 

pn^Au ; -^, t;.a. JU^^U s^bunlamak. 
Latin, a. ^^^ Latin; — , 8. iLscLtlt 

Latitude, 8, ijOj^ "krz, JJj (j0^ '&rzN 

-b^led; L::.-^jt^ ^1^88"^; af«XcL.^ 

Latter, o. ^^^^ t^ngrd^^j^S akbtr« 
Latterly, a(f . ^Ax^ ykkinda, '^«^>;l:w^ y 

bd-y^'nlffrda, jt^^^ md'jJchkharan, 
Lattice, 8, ^jJi klfess, rlCj>A sh^biks* 
Land, v.ii% t^«X« m^dh-^t. 
Laudable, a. ^jmhSsL.^ miksstJJuEn. 
Laudanum, ». ^^jj ^o^^ Ify6n-rub0. 
Laudation, «. ^Ju«dLl^L«miibalagba- 





Laudatory, a. ^■4i^.>o^J^ xn^dh*milta- 

Laugh, t. ^jLi^JSs ghyiilash, MS^ 

Idi^ds; — , v.n. ClUl^ ghyMmek, 

UiXifi^ kh^d£-et; — at one, ^^ 

CX*1^ binna-ghyMmek ; — in one's 

sleeve, iiX^yS ^^je^\ kbMden- 

gyillmek; — out loud, i^^^ i^^ 

Laughable, a. cJ.s»*dJj^ ghyi^lencgek. 
Launch, «. JIjCm^ slndiQ; — , v.a. 

CX«;JJ1 3;^4)d^npizi£.^ndirmek: — 

out, vji. I^^lf^b p^-kh^-et; 

j;^!LSi\j^(Li43iJ tXfsila-bXahlamak. 
Laundress, 9. ijji ^^jJ^K^ cfa^ml- 

Laureate, «.^1&^U blsh-shaV 
Laurel, 9. ^^^^J^ ydbAn-d^fiiBSsL 
Lavender, «. yjjljl l^vioido. 
Lavish, a. f^jm^ m^ssrif ; J^JJ b^zul; 

— , VM. \ JjJ b^zl-et, ^^\ XtmoL 
Law, t. ft;A shfer", ^iS-^y-i shferi^it, 

^)^U kanun, aUoJ n)zZm. 
Lawful, a. M/^ m^shru";^!^*- ja'iz; 

Jl>- h^al ; (^«3 U m^'zun. 
Lawgiver, *. j^/f^^ kanunji. 
Lawless, a. Jm^^Us} nklmsiz. 
Lawlessness, «. C)J^|m*.«U3J nizanwnzlik. 
Lawmaker, 9. ^^fifyi^ kinui^L 
Lawsuit, 9. lSjP-O d^"wL 
Lawyer, 9. ,ju^ milfti, ^ fdkih; iJ[^ J 

^j dA"wi.v^kiU; C^ljjrj^ avoklit. 
Lax, a. CX-^ ghfevshfek ; ^^ifSsLm^ 

miksBa'adi^i, ,^*«r« L^ mtssima- 

higi ; ^jbJ linfetlya. 

Laxative, a. ^^^Ju* mM^yyin. 

Laxity, Laxness, «. i^^iCjLjf ghbvshekli 

Lay, (J^jy^ y^murtlaouik ; » 
v.a. (^y k^mok, jK</k 7^™<^ 
^ t^^ wlz"-et ; (J^j^ kurmok, \r 
tibrh-et; — aside, ^J^^ji brakma 
\^Ji tirk-et ; — before, l^joyj "hr 
-et; — by, v.a. Jk«^^ s^klama] 
— , CX«^(3 dbiEnmek, Ic^ 
rahot-et; — down, fj^y^jl J^ 
k6mak, (jAi\j> brilkmok, \cJp tsd 
-et; — holdof, Jh4J>^ tdtmak, JaIj 
yjiptsbmirk, ^JmaIUj ydkalamok ; — i 
J^L^ t6plamak, tcJ;^ JJ t^arukn 
(t^darik) ; — on, ilX^jy^ shrmel 
^J.«^«>!U aXldinnak, \^^^ wlz"-< 
1^^ tkrfa-et; — opexi,fJ^\ dchmd 
— out, \^/^ khbj-et, tt-J^ M-i 
fj^J^j:^ khkijamak; — over, ^j^^ 
klplamok ; — up, v.a. j;^SiU sdk] 
mak, t^^uifC khXssta-^; — ^1 v< 
jldx«i>- kblssta-61; — waste, vi 
lsj|^ kh^rab-et; — ^, v,n. J^^uli 
viran - kllmok ; ^li ^U. Ich^ 

Layer,«.C:^liklt,^^abAkii. [-kXlnu] 

Lazaretto, «• Ailfl^-laAa^ t^hMuz-kha^ 
^UmiJjU klrontina. 

Laziness, «. C)1L:J t^nb^llik. 

Lazy, a, 4J^ t^nb^l. 

Lead, 9, yjS^J]^ kdrshun, 4^^l ^vsri 
Jj JoLiI IsskXndil ; jij^lS ki%A0 
Ink, ji^Uj\ Er-bXshtlik, jL^V^ 
8kB-b]L8hilik ; — , VM. CX«// gb^ 

turmek, CX«4X| y^dmdc; — , v.s. ^ 
CA4u8^bA8ha-gh^mek,cX«^j(3 yl 




'1 # • 

inshmtk, \^j^tj VMffhvtlvk ^ et, 
^jSa hadi-61; — «W9j, (^i^ 

Jdatmak, ^}^j*^j\ Izdtrmak, t JL^I 
]Ii-et, IoLJ) tfead-et; — astray, 
l^j^^ ^^^ j^ldim - cblkirmak; 
^UJUI Xldatmak. (J^j*^j\ Xzdtrmak, 
JL^ ), bLiI ifsad-et; to 
3£t the — , jH«^t Jjci^f bflklkndil- 


%Tik(l; — gold, i^Jf^c^fJ' ^**^- 

■sTfib*; — nlTer, *^^jy lA*/ gl^y^- 
cish.f^kf ; — copper or brass, Jj^ 

•ifltlzk-y^l; J^\ ittiflk; — to- 


er, V.JI. ^ zUj\ htiflk-et. 
^ I. CJJ«> d^lik, jlid-l acfatldfk, 
J^*^. 7^1; — , v.». 4,f^t Ikkmok; 
^jc fthemok ; Y^ ad-et. 
o, a. (^ pjw^ aA"if, ^^J z^btm, ji^l 
•'^^; — .t. kSj\yJ\i ^km-hti — , 
"""J^jy^^J^ ^ibi.ddniMik,cUl^ 
^iilinek, ^^^b y^txnak ; — against, 
M. ^^Lb di^yaiimak, jH*^1jb^ 
7<2$$<kiimak; — , v. a, (JuUp d&yanudc. 
^^?.«. ^^W Xtlayish. J^iJ;*?* rich- 
r^Tish; _, vji. ^^lUl Itlamiik, 
ij^^j^ riehranwk. 

Leapyear, #. ^Um#m^ k^bisa^. 

Learn, v.a. il^AJ^^ ^ArEDmek,t 

tiOisil-et, !2^jUu»1 Isstifads-et, t JaJ 
td"^lam-et. [ax^JljIj danishm^nd. 

Learned, a. Jlc"aliin, ^jl<cy^1 ^kumusb. 

Learner, 8, 0^\J^ sha^Aird. 

Learning, s, Jl^ "Um, ^;^;£ "brftn, 
^^\j danisb. [-VE-isstfjarin-bilijjeti. 

Lease, 8. ^^J^^J^f^\jJ^} T^bt^ 

Least, a. jU^f%Jf ^n^-^Xk, cJ^cJt 
^np-kiicbuk ; J^ w)l ^n^-lz ; \jJ\ ^dna, 
^^^C^ p^k-jeiz'i ; at — , ad. ^ 
iLmJ\j4ij^ blcb-^lmdz-issa; — , c. t^^U 
yakbOd ; not in tbe — , ad. .^Ajt bicb, 

U ^8la, ULj klt"a, Xi^ljjULj 

Leatber, «. ,..«^U^ mbsbin, (oUi^ 
syditiyan, (J^U!^ bdlgbari; (sole) 
^iLs^ kyll»s^l£, ^^ gby^. 

Leave, *. i^\ izn, Izin, cz^i^ g?^^ rukbsXt ; 
— , v.ii. Jh«5|;^ brUcmok, IcJ^ tKrk- 

-et; — off, juij/ brMtmak,d4jB? j|^ 

Taz-gb^cbmek ; cXJum^ k^ssilmek, 

CXSjJ din^ek, jUisA:^ m^nkXtt". 

-61 ; — out, C-U«^ gbfecbmek, fj^lj\ 

Itlamak, JK«^f\[ ylkzmamiik. 

Leaven, 8. ^U mays; — , v. a. cXisSdL^U 

Lecture, 8. (j^jO dsrss ; /♦U^^ J dirssi- 
"amm; lacjviL"2; — ^,t;.ii. CX«;ij^j»*^J 
dErss-virmek; 1 ^^ v&"z-et; — , v.a^ 
Ja\j\j\ Xzarlamak, clU^jUU^^cj^ 
nlsstb^-virmek. [-"amm-kbdjossi. 

Lecturer, 8. ^^^y^-f^^^j*^ dSrssi- 

Led-borse, s. wJJ y^dek. 




Lee, *. ^^^j}j rdzghyar.3Qti. 
Leech, 9. cJ^^ sMnk; tfSjb hfekim, 

Leek, a. ^^ prassa. 
Left, 8. J^ 861, ^J^Jy^ aAl-titfafi, 

j\mJ jhssMT, \^<^^ chfep ; — handed. 

Leg, 8. jW kytk, jWU bXjok ; t^ bi)t. 
Legacy, «. v::^^*:^^^ wlsslyy^t. 
Legal, a. ^c'^ sfa^r"!, 9jj^^ mhArv", 
jJlsj- ja'iz, j^^*>^ mfe'zun, Jll>. hMal. 
Legation, «. CI^jUm) 8^f ar^t ; — house, 

^IoT^Umi B^far^t-khans. 
Legible, a. j^y^ 6kunur, ^^j!j^ 

6kimXkli, ^Uc "^yan, ^^J.>- jfeli. 
LegilnUty, ». j;)il3y|^1 ^kunAklik. 
Legion, s. l^\ klay, !j| Uva. 
Legislate, t;.fi. i^«^j(^lS kanun-wXz"et. 
Legislation, 8, (^viwi^ wXz"-i-kanun. 
Legislator, «. <^^j<^^)^^*^|^ vwXzt"- 

Legislature, 8. i:)ff}^j^^^^:^^^ 


Legitimate, a.yijiJ y611u, lfjJ|^y61unda; 

^yA shfcr**!, 5^/^ mfeshru", JIU. 

hMal. [Li^j khan-wAktt. 

Leisure, 8. oit/Jtu b^sh-wlkit, , JU- 
Lemon, «. ^.^^^ Hm^n. 
Lemonade, 8. aLU^^J llmonata. 
Lend, v.c. CU;ij VKimck, tHci^ i;^ 

"arlyy^tEn • virmek ; C3^3 ff^^ 

i^unj-vsrmek, \ ^2 k^-et. 
Length, «. c^^ b6y, J^ tfjl, jl^jy^ 

uzonluk ; at — , ad. cu^lc "akib( 
l::^1^ nlhayet. 

Lengthen, v.n. (J^j^ ihEamak, (j^\ 
b^ylanmak ; — , v.a. C^^^<-^y h^ 
-vEnnek, J^|;^^ i^zXtmak. 

Lengthy, a. (^jjj< uzun. 

Lenient, a. ^Iciiit shdfakAtli. 

Lenity, «. vj:.^Mmi sh^akAt. 

Lens, «. aI>- j^m. 

Lentile, 8, cX«»>y« miijum^k. 

Leopard, 8. yji^ klpUn. [<>^^ ^br^fl 

Leper, s. ^^^gL-< mission, ^liJ^^ Ala- tin 

Leprosy, «. ^jjrJrCJ'l.VjC-^ mlsBkinlil 
"iUfeti ; CJ^jLj^l Xk-tEnlilik. 

Leprous, a. ^j C^ x n^kin. 

Less, a. cJ^ k&chuk, cJ^U) d^i 
-kikchttk; J^ Az, jl Uj d^h^-^ 
ClL..£d< ^ksik. 

Lessen, vji.cXJ^jsr k&chulmek, J^li^ 
ufXlmak ; Jh«J|;^ XzAlmak ; — , v.i 
CUs!^ kJfcchultmek. J^Jl^y ^ 
mak, JUijJtjl XzAltmok, CX^ 

Lesson, 8, (^/^t^ d^rss; ^^j^ "Ibr^t. 

Lest, c. ^Jjll shayed-ki, ^^^^^ 
m^bada-ki, ^^«3Cim»^J k^rkussundal 
^^JCMiAijlk^ m&tala"iL8Stndan. 

Let, 8, ^U mani"; — ^ v.a, (j^\ 
brikmok, JUy k6mak ; CJmo^^ ^|j 
klraya-virmek ; — , CXJ^^ fl'j 
kiraya-vsrilmek ; — down, CX<;*^ 
^ndirmek ; — loose, cX«;J^^ 
sXliVfirmek ; ^}^/ brikmok ; — o^ 
CX<^^U B^OfVKrmek ; J4JI Itmak 
^ ^ "Xfy-et ; — fly, Jk«J1 Atmck 




i ; CJt«^^iU|^ kir^yn-vErmek ; — 
: ^ul^^ kh^ri-Almok ; ^jBf}i 
yi Khkn - k^mak ; ^j^yiiL^Ju 

'.k-kom<ik; — blood, JuJl^lS 

- vikflk ; — , pp. jr j\^ Urada. 

*? i. ^J>- Wu^ [pi. (-Jj;^^ hiiruf, 
wj.^ liQriJf2t); c»,yv.^ m^tub 

'j'tnp), 4«U BamE. 
^-:t, s. JjyU marul, i^Llitf aXUta. 

'-t «. ^Ui^ OMU^ m^maliki- 

w. J iDeinal]ki-"o88ia2Dl7y£da-d6gh- 


-^ s. J^ buush ; Cp^^ rikyab. 

- ». ji\ ufuk ; Jj J dliz ; — , a. 
>' ifckt, J^ duz, tJ^j^ dbghrv ; 
" ^ a. cUsljjJ diizlitmek ; — at, 
> j^ niahln-Alnuik. 

- <• Jy k61, ^y U mkiav^. 
7*. vr-ii^ khiff^t; J 

' "^ti-mizaj. 

7 <. «^^ya^^^L«iP AsskBr-Udiriri ; 
.•^ u^j^i ^^J^ jhngi - yiztlmtsh- 
''^; ^jJi\^ aXlgbtn; iJ>^tatair 
•'"'; — ^, «.fl. Ix/^ t^rir-ct, 
M> j^m"-ct, 4JK*5b^ t6plainak ; 
wr^ar tahfltl-et, JkcI^ jl? t^plamak* 

'^'< ^ v»Jlc \^^ fihehvxti-ghZlib. 
-?Taphcr, M. ^j^ cs^ lughlit. 

'^^^. «. V£Ji lugbkt. 

Liable, a. JjIS kibil, >.\fC>^^,< mil8st^"idd; 
Liar, 8. ^^^f^\ yMAnji. [ J^— ^ m^ss'ul. 
Libel, *. \jij\ iftira ; — , v.a. 1 1^1 ifdra- 

-et. ["inden. 

Libelloiu, a. ^«X:i^y ,1^1 ifdra-n^y- 
Liberal, a. J^^^Jf Eli-dchtk, c^ 

jiimErd, ^•Is.*^ ei^av^Ui, 

Liberate, v.a. 1 <3|jl azad-et. 

Liberation, 8. Ci\j\ azad. 

Liberator, «. ^Jj\ jIjI azad-^den. 

Libertine, 9. i^;^^ cbXpktn, ^J^j z^n-« 
parE(z^para). [^2[^Ujzdmparalik. 

Libertinism, «. j;L«AjI>- cbApktnlik ; 

Liberty, 8. C^.l:......\>rf SErb^astlik (sEr- 

b^slik), LT >^j %■«■ ij^ 8£rb^s8t)yy^t, 
jjiu-J^ SErb^sti ; ti-i^ hiirriyyfet, 
jljl azad, ^'^Ij^ azaddgbi ; \^\ kn, 
u:^ J^ J U m^'zuniyy^t, c:-^>^.^ 
rdkbslt ; L^J^ cJ;J tirki - ^d^b, 
J^^U "arBtzl&, 4:ii>;L»»- j^Bsarfet; 
jL;^\ imtiyaz, 4JL-^JU^ mu"af3yy^t ; 
J^J^ bi^dud ; to be at — , CLX^ 
gb^zmek, (J^'^^f^yf^^ m^buss- 
61mamak; y2rjj»^ b6sbda-61, ^Wl 
^IjpSj kbali-wXktt-61 ; j'^^ J U mfc'- 
zun-ol, jl^ J^ izni-61; to take the 
— , \ci^Jl^ j^88aret-et, \J^,ap^\, \c:-5/r jJlr'^t-et, Ij^l 
ijtira-et ; to take liberties, J^cl^U 
"arstzlanmak, ^^^/^^ "arstzlik-et. 

Libidinous, a. \^^y{^ sbfehwani. 

Libidinoosness, 8, CDy^ sb^bvst. 

Librarian, «. l.^ ^\^ baftz-kyiitab. 

Library, 8. Sj\s^ kyiitab-khanE. 





lioe, f.jlcj blUer. 

License* #. 2r^Jj tbzkETE. [faasik. 

Licentioiu, a. ^^l^ chlipktn; ^^li 

lick, VM. (J^\i yXlamak ; cXii^O 
dhghmtk; \jjl^\ lit - et, \^^ 
m^hlub-et» ilX^i^i y^nmek. 

Lid, 8. ^L! kXpxk, iJj)^ Ma* 

Lie, 8. ^Jlb yidln, c^J^ kizb, 4j|j<3 
dihrugh ; ^^ J^ kyM-sdyu, * jU^ 
bi)rghada; — ^, v.». (Jk«^1[ y^tmok; 
ju]jl 61mak, Jp^Ji^ bulumnak, 
jlitilj Taki"-61; j^J^j^ infevzu"-ol; 
ijXi\jyi^\Jij y^lln-t5w^ylsmek ; — 
down, J^wb ydtmok, Jn^^b^llt 
lahii^At-ydtmak, jH4>i|j|^^ dzXnmak; 
«— with, 1^bL«ltc^ inij|jaina"ii - et ; 
Ji i}^^ mdh^wBl • ol, ^\ ii^^Mfl i^\j 
i^'y ina-m^nut-61, (J^j^ ^ ^^ hawalE- 
61unnuik ; — at atake,^Uj]^^ ^rada-61. 

lieutenant, «. (navy) ^^^j^ y^z-blsht; 
(army) aJL« mUaztm; — colonel, 
— governor, &c., — of grand-vizier, 
l*l&MjU ka'im-mdkim (k&ymaklm); 
*- of a judge, u^U na'ib ; ^- 
general, j;jyi f^rik ; '—of a civil func- 
tionary, or individual, Jj^ v^kil. 

Life, 8, ^W jln, <^U>- b^yat; — 
time, j4S> "kmr, jAfi^CL^S^ m&dd^ti- 
•"ihnr; this — , IJJ di^ya, tJ^Jl^ 
"alsmi-d&nya, UiJU "alsmt-^a, 
jLJj^j^ JU "alimi-k^vn-n-f^Bsad ; 
the — to come, iJL^j>\ akhu-^t, ISj j\j 
dars-b]Lka. [algburtossL 

Life*as8urance, «. t^^jy^ jA^ "ikmr- 

Life-boat,«. ^j^\ i}^J^j^ c^JF«3jlaJ 

J\ JCMk9 cJ^ klzaz^dBleri-k^rta] 

Lifdess, a. J«Jl>- jansiz. 

Lifdesaness, 8, ^d^l>- jansizlik. 

Life-preserver, 8. ^S^j^ J^ P^ ^. 

Lift, v.a. j;^ J31S kUdirmak. 

light, 8, JLJ^i tshtk, ^j^y ^yd^ 
Li^ zlya, ^y nur ; ^^\ Xt^sh ; 
mihn ; — , a. u.Qjfl'v khkfif ; ^— , 
^jAtJ^ tdtushmak, (jaj\i jhuu 
fjAiLi\»\ kydtnlanmok; CX«j\ 
mek, (jH«jy k6nmak ; — » v,a. ^ 
y^mak, ^J^SLjjb tutuabduri 
\j\ij\ ikid-et ; — up, vm. fj^^i^ 
kydtnlanmak; — , vm, (J^^ j^ko 
fj^dcSiJjj\ iiydtnlandirmak ; — u] 
(^XjiijL^j rXsat-ghMmek, li^J 
tfesalduf-et, J^wy ^jjj^ «z^" 

Lighten, JkoI>>CX1^ ahimsb 
ch^kmak ; — , vm. C - W i. flj 
kU^nflztmek, \s^Urr tAkhTif - 
^jJc^dA kydtnlandirmak, \ j^ 
t^nvir-et, WUl iza'a-et ; ^J^JcI^ 
f^rahlandirmak, ^^«^ t^frih-et. 

Lighter, 8. rfiyU m^Auna* ^j^ 
8}Llapi)riya, jU«y9 t6mblz. 

lighthouae, 8,j\^ fsnsr. [b^ 

<& shlnuhek, J 


' v * 




Lignum-vitse, s. ^^c>-lc>t 

Like, *. ^iS fesh, ^ shibh; — , 
t^ b^n^xr, ^U;^ mikshabib, ^ 
shfeblh ; — , VM. C^^ sivmdc, 1^ 




^< t JjJj tH^zrur-et, jAiiJLy^ 
^ -i^laninak ; — , ad. ^ ghibi, ^j 

^ od, $. ^\as^ mtiinal. 

y fl- jU:;^t ibtimal, J.4l«r* 

-tcaifl, J^U m^ mul, b^is*^ 

^^- C'f?-^ 

^ t.a. cX*Jj.£=u bfen^zfitmek. 


, ImOJ tXssTir. 


"^^^ ot^. lijjb hak6za, 1«X% ve- 
^^. Cili^ k^zalilL 

' * JJJ %lak ; — , a. j^ m6r. 
-i^. a. jU,\ dOk, 

* j-jj zibblk ; — of the valley, 
.^^^\ bji-chichfeyAi. 

* *• ^ "Azv (pi. Ua\ ^"za) ; 

-Ji; — tree, j^JU fllamdr (ikhla- 
r ; bird — . _ twig, lJJ^ j^kes. 

* '• ^ h^dd. ^^Ib piyan, ^\ (yj, 
"^^^ghayet, uu^lfi nihayet; JjJ^ 

'^^, Ap-^ SET-Wdd, jy»«i sbir ; 
^ '-^ 'erJ?*J^«3L>. h£kdd-t4"yin-et ; 
>-^, julcb hlghbaoak. 

•^i. a, Jj j^ mihdud. 

"'^^; -. ».». jJJli^ t6pXlla. 
^^^ C>4^1 ikwnuik. 

%• Umpidneas, jlSU birraklik. 

'^•^.f.^l^Ii fflamur (Udilamur). 

Line, «. <-f^ chizi, k^^ khltt ; JLi 
sltr ; f^\ Ip, tlU- hlUt ; — , v.a. 
CU^>- jtuit Xsstar - ch^kmek ; 
J^JblS kJiplamak ; branch — , JjjlL 
Jji shil"bB-y61; main — , J^ Ul 
^a-y61 ; ship of the — , ^^^li kMy6n. 

Lmeage, s. J«J nhtsL. 

Linen, a. ^la^ kitro ; — , s. i^j)^Jc£d 

k^tsn-b^zi ; JJ b^z ; ^U»^ ch^ml- 

ahtr; body — , ^U^ ch^m^Bhtr; 

table — , LSjijiX^ s6fwi - bfezl^ri, 

j^^^L^j^z:^JL^ (p^shghir - m^sh- 

ghir) ; bed — , c^-ijU i,^^^l>- 
(chkrahof-miknhaf); — draper, 

Linger, v.n. CX«;^f^ ur^j c. 

ghitm^yup-wXktt-gh^chinnek; i»jS^l 
J^k «^ J;?- 2r^^^*> Mum. 

Linguist, *. *x«^ Jij\ j^ ^U jj>» 

Liniment, 9, ib y^A. 
Lining, s,j\&^\ Isatar ; JL«l)l! klplama. 
Link, *. i^^^^ji^f^j zinjip-hXDuwsi ; 

aIkI^ m^Bh"^ (mlshAla). 
Linseed, a. ^^j^^aTj^^ k£tEn-t6khumv, 

j^-iaCjjj b^zir-t^khumu ; — oil, 

j^l[ j«3j b^zir-yil^Ai. 
Lint, 8. ^ji9j\i yiira-b^zi, iJJfiAj^ 

msrhEm-b^zi; ^la^^/UisjJ ditO- 

Lintel, «. ^jCd&fcuw^l iisst-^ahi^Ai. 
Lion, «. ^;L^1 ^rsalAn (IssLin), jJ^ 

rhir, Jui^ ^ssed, ^\»ac. ghlzAnfir ; 
I, JLiJiJl^^ii a8hi.(X8filAn). 
o 2 




lip, 8. jby di>dXk, 4tL& sh^fjB, «»J 

l^b ; jU^ kEiiBr. 
Liqaear> *. ^j»i»^ "knhkAyjL 
liquid, a. JL-i ehyjel, ^U mai"; 

— , 8. aSLrf s^yyaljE, Ai-J^^^fisail lk§t- 


liquidate, v.a. cX^if*}Ji ^MmA, (J^^ 

kipAtmak, \\iu\ ifl-et, \\iL^\ isstifa-et. 

liqaor, 8. ^ si) ; ,^yifl^ ' \6biki ; in — , 

Liquorice, 8. ^\) ^^^L* mlyan-bilt ; — 
root, ^j^ (^U* miyan-kyukyu. 

Li8t» «.yX»J dfeftsr, Ai0^ pussk; ^j>- 
ijf^U^ (ch6ha)-k£nki; A^Jb jdtma, 
CJL^ ^Arilik; lists, tf.j?/. ^^0^" 
m^ydln ; — . v.n. cXc^^ isstsmek, 
C).4r>J ^W" jInt-isBtEmek ; j^yi 
CX^} kdlXk - VErmek, CX«^^ 
dlnglsmek (dinEmek); Jk^^ y^tmak, 
Ci*4l^ ^Ailmek ; dvil — ^, «. Uyi.^!»- 
^^Uib jfeyb-h&mayun. 

Listen, t7.ii. '^J-«rijJ^y kulXk-vBnnek, 
CX«a1^0 dinglEmek (dinsmek). 

literal, a. bJ^ Idghovi. 

Literally, oiT. uJ/siC «— ^ hi^-b^-h^. 

literazy, a. jlie^ ^\2^ klubs-mu- 
ta"^!lik. [danish. 

Literati, 8. pi. Jtj\j c->U?*l Xsshlbi- 

literature, 8. cr^USj^ mb'^^fat ; lJJ\j 

Lithography, «. \J\jCfJ litografia. 

litigatioii, 8. ^l9a>>\ Ihtijaj, c^jfJ 

Litter, «. cJi-J pieslik ; jr^^.ji^ d^> 
k6n, J^i^ tikhtt-riwin; Sjfjf 

ghyiibrE, C^l^ sXp; — do^wn, 
CX«pd2r^^^^l Xlttna-ghyiibrjg 
mek {or l^\*p sip) ; — about 
^] Xtmak, C)^J d&kcnek. 
little, a. cJj^ ki^chuk, ^Vi^^ 
^^-iitf s^ghir ; — , ad. j\ Xz, ^ 
Iz-bbr-sh^y, ^^^ij^" jtiz'ija ; a ^ 
j|^ bh%.lz, ^5*^J^ Iz-blr-shey, 
,^ jWl-bLfushfey, ^^Jj 
lz-buchuk-bir«>8h^y ; — one, Cj 
y^vri; J>-^^ ch6juk; — by 
jj\jj\ XzET-lzBr, v/kurW 7*^ 
yawlsh, J^jS! tfedr^, ^J^' 
"yfe.'t-tfedry, Au-^Au.^ j^ 


Live, v.n, Jk<^ y^hamak, jh 
m^"^mmxr-61 ; (^a^i^ gh^chiim 
\{jtiju td"4yya8h - et, l^^^-iJ m 
k^£lft-nHss-et ; C^l.4:il>>; b^sLBan 
\kJjJJ t^hMdi-et; — upon, C 
y^mek, y^V 4 v \ m t b^sslEnmi 
ijX^^ ghbchinmek. 

Livelihood, 8. cJ^^Iup gh^chinsj 
(^piJuJU^ k^fZft-nbfss. 

liveliness, «. JiIJJU^ janlulik ; jJil 
6ynaklik ; ^ firah ; the livelong i 
Ulf \^^ bitun-ghyiin. 

Lively, a. jyp^^ bjnxyor, J^ 
6yndk; f^^o^ shEU-shukh; ^j 
miifbrih, »^'y<<— ^I? t^rab-^ngii 

liver, 8,jL>-sJi l^ra-'jighsrfj^ ji^Al 

Livery, «. ^^JL-J\ j^^***^ cJJiz^^ 

Live-stock, 8. CdU L*^ hkywlnlt. 

Livid, fl. j^ mir; jJ^ jJl ilAk-bul^ 




i'- - t4"k7yiish ; CX4J yfemfek, 
«-' t<"^ia ; cj .^oLc^ hnam^t ; — , a. 



• '• ^-*?3i J^t j^ bar, A!j^i>- h^- 
- : — , v.a. cXi-iPjJ yilklitmek ; 

•^ ^M? dMdmmuik. 

*:r.e. «. ^^jm^\iSbc miknattss 


• ,^y^ s^mim ; lA ksDi. 

- «. ^Ojl i^nnj, ^jfl^ karz, 

f isstikr^* 

v^. cJ^^I i^Arsnmek, 

tikfliiimek, U|/s^t isstik- 

-^.U|/^ Ikrah-et. 

^^^O. JUZ 1, 


tr, #.^ yET,« mih^ll, ^j^ 

«•>► b^wTTZ ; ts--v^O d^met ; — ^,v.ii. 
:^^ kilidlsnmek, cUJcl^s 
:*aimek; — , v,a. cU!a-K 
-iLanek, CXJ^ Idtlimek; — 
-., cUi%/^l icbferi-kitlBmek ; 
- out, cXtls^i^J^^ dishan- 
•o^ioBek; — up, CX^ kitlKmek, 

rjih, i.^r^^ chilinghir. 

Locust, «. ^(I^^C>>ch&kirghE; *^y>j^L5^ 

Lodge, 8. ^ii0^\ ^^^^ kXptjtn^dasst, 

^3^^^ klpijiVfevi , lJ^\^, high. 

-^vi; — , f;.ii. (J^j^^ 6tuniuik, 

j\j\m»^ mi!l88afir«61, ij^jy^^ hj^m*^ 

mik88af6r6t]m - 6tx7nnak ; (jaIM kXl- 

mak ; — , vm, ^}^j^^ ^turtmak ; 

(Jaj\ Itmak; l(j0^ "^-et. 
Lodger, 8, i^\f klrajt,yfL«^ rndssafir. 
Lodging, Lodgings, «. ^jf 6da, 

jUy k6nak. 
Loft, 8, iK^J^iJ^i^ tlwAn-^rassf. [t^fi'^ 
Lofty, a. CV*»»^ yiiksfek, t^^ ™^''~ 
Log> ^* U!^^^ 6dnn; cJ^ kyiituk; 

^^ pkrak^ta; U-^Lj) ^nsab; 

log. sine, K^tr^i^ ^m..» nissb^ti-j^y- 

WyyB ; log. cosine, ^---> 

tXmATni-nissbfeti-jfeybiyyg ; log. tan** 

gent, aJJ^L:u.Y*^°^b^^^-^37^s ^ 
beave tbe — , J^wl ^\y^ pkrakfeta- 
Itmak. [c^LjI ^sab. 

Logaritbm, 8. ^UJ;U! Idgbaritma; 

Log-book, 9. ^ll;j^,<^gb^mi-zbumali. 

Loggerbead, 8, JUk>-l ^mdk ; to fall, 
go to loggerbeads, JU^Jy b^zusb- 

Logic, 8. (jio:>^ mXnttk. [mak. 

Log-line, ». ^j-^HF* ^\/^ pikrak^ta- 

Logwood, 8. f^Sjt bXkk^m. [s\jimi. 

Loins, 8. Jj b^I, i^\^ s^lb. 

Loiter, v.n, CJ^J^ gb^zinmek, fj^^y^ 
d^losbmak, CXyy^ tj:^^ wAktt- 
-gb^cbirmek, ti-^Uu:^^ wAktt- 

Lombard, «.^^«>;V*j) limbardtali. 





Lombardy, a. \i^\^^ 16mbardk. 

London (town of), s» ^j^ V'^j^ 

Londoner, t.jl^F^jjj) 16ndnili. [)888tz. 

Lonelj,a.\|:J tBnha; J^U yUingiziJm^\ 

Long, a. 4^j|jjl i^zun, Jjjt ti^wfl ; 
86 — as, jJi kldar; — • v,n. 
CX^Ji(J^ Ith-yirmek; — for, 
CX«Si^\ iBstBcuek, cXcu.9l^l>- jlnt- 
-iBStnnek ; ^\j\ Iraroak ; — after, 
fjA\j\ Xranuik, f\^\iJL^ milahtSk-dl, 
\j\pJ^\ bbtlyAk-et. 

Longer, a. {:;^j)\ ^^ dIJiii-uzun; — , 
ad. any — , no — , Jjj\ krtik, 2r jlfj 
riyads ; a litUc — , Uj j\ y blr-lz- 

Longevity, 9. jAt> J^ tid-i*"^mr. 

Longitude, b. J^ tul, jJj J^ tuiib^led. 

Look, t. ^b blktsb,^ nXzar, ^ 
Uibza; jij bto^z, J|^|>» cb^hrE, 
U-fii Buna; («£--J^ klyafbt, <^j}^ 
surit, i^u^J^ b^yH jU Ultk: 
— , V.A. JmuI; bXkmak, ^Jioj nlzar- 
•et ; Ij^ a^-et, \ LIUj tXmaaha-et ; 
CUJ^ gbilmek, CX^j^tj^ gbyi^zK- 
•gbykunmek ; — like, CX^ b^n^- 
zfmek ; — about, ^^«^l^ bXkinmiik ; 
ij^]j\ Iramok ; — after, ^Jaj b bXkmak, 
ijJ^AjJy^ gbyiizetmek; (J^]j\ )kra- 
mak; — big, (J^j^ kdrubnok, 
IjLbU kXba-dkyltk-et ; — down 
upon, jH^ib^Lll^Jj^UjJ yOkkri- 
dun-laba^At-bAkmak ; |^l£^Ui\ Iss- 
t)hkAr-et, J^\iJ^ kb6r-blkmaki 
— for, jJj\ Aramok ; CJ^Kj b^kls- 

mek, jKh".;^ mDntlzir-6I« f^ 

m^'mul-et; — into,l^«::;fiJ tfefti 

\^ » i^ r t ^ t^j^8US8-et ; — on, ^ 

blkmak, \^ fi^yr-et ; — out, . 

Jk^U iyija-bdkmak,lLS.^4^ dikk. 

— well, jl JjySs gbyi^Ue^l, j; 

y^kisbnuik, JU<«u^lj-£ j^ashi 

j'^'^)r^|>- cb^br£ssi-Tyi-61. [m 

Looking-glasB, s. lu^ ayins, l: 

Loom, s. ^\(z,mrt}ji b^z-d^sstghj 

a\C&^ d^tgbyab (t^gbjrah) ; 

v.n. ClX^;/ JL« JU;- khr 


Loop, «. cX*]t Umik; C)Jl ilik. 

Loopbole, 9, *>-\j bi^a, t<**>"b^^ 

iiydnilik-bi^jaBSt ; JU^^ k}Lchai 

Loose, «. ^Lx jllLl itllki-"ban ; -^ 

CX&j^ gb^vsb^k; ^j^ cbarzi 

jf^Ulitf sXll^ntyor; a{^ mikbh^ 

J^Ja^j rXbtstz ; jMiJda;\^ rlbttasstz. I 

yliram^z, ^*jJ^}^ cblpbn; — , 

(jA>^\ ikshmak, cX«ji^ ch^zm 

jH«iU; brakmak; cX«^^l«0 s 

virmek. [cX«^jUU«uJ Uo^t-VErno 

Loosen, v.a. cXc^^ gh^vshBtm^ 

Looseness, «. dlKLSi^ gb^vsheklik ; 

bowels) UUcJ linfet; Jlf^t isshi 

(of morals) Jli^bU- chlpkiDlik. ' 

Loqnadoos, a. *;^ gbfev^zs; ^^X lafzi 

Loquacity, «. vlU»j^ gh^Tdzslik. I 

Lord, 9. (^Jcj\ ^f^di, i^\kgh',i 

Lord God, ^;«^U1 lJj rXbbJ 

""alsmm; tbeLordof glory,C-^«]l 

rXbbu-'l-"lzzfet ; our Lord, J^ 

^ndimlz; ^W^^r^bbimtz-ta" 




'Ifrd Jesus Christ, ^^^^H 

.:j>UjJci^ "issJt - *1 - M^sih- 

\l:iLi2 - hAzT^tl^y or t^^j^j 

'•}.i>-^Ui*43V c— ^ rlbbtmtz-td- 

~ - lssa-1- m^sslh - hlzr^Udri ; our 

- ad Sarioor, V^*«^ifiS^j^ J rXbbt- 

-••i-kballasaniisz; oar sovereign 

' i. ^^xi\j4JbL&ob padishahtmtz- 

^iimiz; onr Jjord and Master, 

«-^''j.«14a} ^j vbn-ni"infetimiz- 

' ra. I<^,^l£ gba'ib-et (Idybet), 
j"fi za*i"-et, iJk^/^^c^*^^ Bldon- 
-innalL, 3' ^^ dfln-61 ; — groand, 
-• ij^ yir-gha'ib-et, CXJ^ gbfe- 
-vek; — one's waj, ^t--^5^Jji 
^ib-et, (Jk«;--»^J^ y61-sh^- 
-ntflk. [tfelef ; CuUlJ tfcleflyyat. 
^^^ z^rar, ^j^bj ziyan; \^J^2 
' ii->^4^..i kiasm^t; lots, Is-^ 
'3; to draw lota, cX«X>>Aa^ 
j> I. ^ su. [kur'Vcb^kmek. 

^. t. ^Uj ply^nko. [jJj bM^d. 
j a. cy^ p^, ^u^CJj p^-s^ssli, 
». ^ bit, dd^ k^hlB ; — , v.n. 
! w4X^ bitLnunek ; — , vm. ^J^ 
.V Itfehia^rini-kirmaL 


• *. jlii "iahk, ^j-j BBVghi; 

"S*^ mahabbet ; — , v.a. CX*^ 

"'^m] (green) *J^y kiwAta. 
';^»-)*jJ>.SBVgbili, Jj/gbyiiza, 


Lover, «. Jh&^ "isbik; 2f^lJ) (z^m- 
para) ; jLi^b h^v^ssli ; ^S]/« m^rlklt. 

Low, a, ^\J^\ laba^At; ^JjsS :dchak ; 
^\j bXssik ijiA>^ b^kir ; ^0 d^ni ; 
^^jm\^ cbApktn, fc^oU na-m^rd; 
Cr|^ yawlsb; ^^ p^; — , vm. 
CX€j)^^j.^^i^}:>j\ m^k-gbibi-sbss- 
virmek. [-diyari. 

Low Countries, (J[;b JwXxJi f Usmink- 

Lower, a. J^iUo dUik-Xlcbak; bo 

^ndinnek ; jK«':LLcl.£if Isba^Aslotmak; 

^jA2Jj\0ff siffkitmak; 1a:jU m^yna-et; 

IJjJy thrzH-et, \jis^ miyh^kkldr-et ; 

^jAS^JLJLfi z^"iflatinak; — ^VM.^Ji^ 

kXrannok. {j\ax^ m^nkld. 

Loyal, o. ^^^l^ sldtk, ^^ mbti'\ 
Lucid, a. ^t^ vwaztb. 
Lucidity, s. ^yc^ vwdzub. 
Lucifer, 9. ^^L^„ji^ klbrit ; 9Jbj ziibni ; 

^lkJ» sh^ytan. 
Luck, «. l:u^ biJcbt, jJlt talt". 
Lucky, a.^l;;arbyditli. 
Lucrative, a. j);\l^ kyarli. 
Lucre, a.Ji kyar ; 2f;b pari. 
Ludicrous, a. cJ^^^ gbyi^lenqjek. 
LufT, t;.it. 1^^^ 6r6a-^t. 
Lnggage, *. \Ji^ fesbya, ^jJ^J pirti, 
JUJl fesskll, cJji y^k, jJjU jJc-* 

Lugger, 8. Jf JCi«0c3^ biyuk-slndAl. 
Lukewarm, a. J'^^l^^ ffij^k ; ^^ Ighir, 

C)Jj^gb^v8b^k,lJ^ gb&yretsiz. 
Loll, v.n. Jk^^V y^ttsbmok; — , s. 
^ ^ » C7 t^sskin. 




Laminaiy, «. j^j^m^ jlssiD-mimu'. 

Luminous, fi»ji^ miinlr. 

Lump, 8. A>^1» pkrcha, ^^ t6p ; — , 

v.a. fjAl^\ ^/i ghyfl(tnra - }dinak ; 

CXe^j k/^j^ ghyiittuni - VErmek ; 

Jh^V ^J^i^ ghy^rtoru - ydpmok; 

j;/«^jjUijfJ^^ ghyi^turu-ydpdtrmok. 
Lunacy, 8. C)1>1<3 d^lilik, ls^^^ jhin^t. 
Lunar, a. ti^S klm^ri. [^^^ ji^un. 
Lunatic, a. and «. ^J d^li, vJ!^:^^ 

m^jnun. [altisBi. 

Lunch, 8. ^^^mA\y^ Aij^\ i^lE-Bhw^- 
Lungfl, *. pi. ^ jl^Air, j^ J< Xk- 
Luscious, a. jIjU^cJj p^k-tAtli. Q^Asx. 
Lnseme, Lucerne, 8, ^bsT^ y6nja. 
Lust, tf . tJ:?jf& sh^hvit ; — after, t;.ii. 

s^L»:»l7^f& sh^vKtlEnmek. 
Lustre, «. J^^^^ pk^Udtk, ^jj r^vnlk; 

'J^J^ avizs. 
Lusty, a. t^i^ dhij, ^^ k^w^tli. 
Lute, «. jL» saz ; i^^ 14wuta ; Oj£ ud. 
Luxuriant, o. ^y kuw^tli, ^ji bEr6- 

kitli, ^^>^ ch6k, J^«3u^ m^bzul. 
Luxurious, a. jli:LLi slUanltli, j!^t:JsaJ9 

tXntAnolt ; ^A&t k"Hk, \j^^ n^fiss. 
Luxury, 8, u: ^.vU..^ slltanlt, ^cLJ? 

tJlntAua ; u:..JblLi s^fah^ ; ^^(^^«i*A3 

Lying-in, t. vji^jj^*/jtj;^^ ch6. 

juk-d6ghurajiik-wikit; i^^jJ^^^jS 

Lymphatic, a. ^^'•^ bllghdmi. [Uk. 
Lynx, «. JkSij vAshak, ^^il klra-ku- 
Lyre, *. lajy b^rb^t. 
Lyric, 8. JjC gh^z^l. 


Macaroni, 8. ^j\a^ my^jlniir. 

Mace, 9,jy^^ t6pi7z, (j^«^y b6zda< 
^^ i^j^ ^\i^^*^Ub hindtxa 
j^vizi-klbn^Au. [liwa-i- seI 

Macedonia, «. Ui f1Hb£; clXJl^ 

Machine, Machinery, 8. r/^ ^^^ 
^lii^U m&kina, uuJt alet, d^^l 

Machinist, 8. i^/>^ chlb'khji. 

Mackerel, «. s^yJiJ^ iisskdmrtr. 

Mad, a. ^ J dfeli, ^l^i3 dlwans ; ^y 
m^jnun, Jh>-lS kXchtk, ,^^;;L«;« 
chUdirmish ; to go — , v,n. oX«^< 
childirmek, j^^«3 dMi-61, t^«t^«^ 
j^nnun-et, cX<;ja^<-l.»Ci->^ jinn^C-| 

tirmek. C^yy ^^^^ 

Madam, 9. c/Jcit a;1>- kyLnim-^f^ii 
Madder, «. l^y cJj^ ky&k-b6ya. 
Mad-house, ». ^U.^Umj timar-kha 

AileS^lw bimar-khauE. 
Madman, 9, ^O d^. 
Madness, «. cJJJj d^lilik, c:^ 

jbn^t, (jyk>- jiinun. [y^ 

Madona, 8. ^^yc d^jO^- hazr^ti-m 
Magazine, «. |ijW« ma^Aaza;jLjl ^bJ 

\jj-^ mMdizEu; i^yk gh^^l 

powder — , ^lacvs^ jfeb-khauE. 
Maggot, 8, ^-^jf kiht. 
Magic, 8.jB^ slhr ; — lanteni, ^\ 

(jr^l:i khkyayi-^niri. 
Magidan, «. jb^*^ 8ttirbXz,^U^ sMibJ 
Magistracy, «. C)A^W hakimlik; |*'^ 

hidckyam. [jy*^ lu^'mO 

Magistrate, «. aA>> hakim, isfl^ za^i 






.:i^:^,*. (^L».yx^ "Mtrwi-j^nab, 
.:::ko<i8y a. C;.jU^ ^1^ "ali-j^nab. 

jbitsoi-klsaAlMiBsi. [ladtz). 

mlknattsB (mUdi- 

-tisnt, a. Jjj^oJj p^k.ghyiiz^l ; 
'^^^ Blltaiatlt; ^"^ fiikhim, 
•^i^ ftkham^tlu. 

-^^ Uhmid-ir-t^mjid-et. 
.-i^ing-glasa, «. J^l^ pfertevBuz 

^^ t:idc, «. cJJij-J blyuklik, ^^ 

r.^8. y«^U^A.0 Blksa^Aim. [-X^Aajt. 

- nietan, a. kJjykSi^ miUhammidi, 
j<L\ isslami ; — , 8. Ju.^ mikSBlim, 
*^'Jft1 ^hli-iaalam* (jUL^ miisB- 
'^^- [i»X«j\ dmi-isBlain. 

*^<jm€tan28m, s. /•l-»\ isalam, ^^J 
-i Maiden, s. jJ Uz, jJ Jiii^Jj-i 

^^^^rvant, t. (free) ^uL^ b^ssl^mE ; 

•^^) ijA^ khllayik, iO^L. jariyyK. 
^J. *. fc^ p6asta ; 2f;J zlrh. 
'•^. ».a. 1U«,^^1 Blini - s^kAt - et, 

^J^f k61unu-B^kAt-et. 
'<(i. cl^ Viyuk, Ul ana, J^^ IbbI; 




— , 8. J^J dfen^z ; CL^y kuwH ; 
with all his might and main, ^^j^^ 
var-kuvvfetHa ; — land, S^J^\ XbbI- 
^;Xra ; — maBt, w^<^<^^^ 6rta-dir^k, 
^^ J u5Jj\^ ghr^ndi-dbr^hi ; — 
sail, (^Jj|^ ghiindi ; — topsail.. 
i^jjLc^lfi ghkbiya-ghrkidi. 

Maintain, v.a. cX^LmJ b^sslEmek ; tij\ 
j\ krka-bl fjAJ^ tutmak; W^cS 
lddt"a-et; llw\ ibki-et; \.JL^i\^ 
slyan^t-et, \*jljj vikayE-et. 

Mamtenance, «. cX^*:^ ghfeclmiqek, 
^^;!%jJ td"ayyu8h, <tAW n^aka, 4-jU^ 
^ kfefXfi-nfefas; ^\ ibkl; u:^L-» 
Blyan^t, *j15j vlkayB, 

Maize, *. ^'^^ /^^ mls8ir-b69rMayi. 

Majestic, a. ^J^^ ghyiksstBiishli ; 
^liuJb h^ybetli. 

Majesty, 8. ^^z^y^ shEvkit, o^V* 
mi^hab^t ; His Majesty (the Sultan), 
Uj«X:j\ ^y^ shEvkEtli - ^f^ndimiz ; 
His (cp Her) Majesty the King, 
L^li*- JU^Jc-Cr>. hlshmfetli-kirXl- 
j^lbl^ri, (or ^^\/ klrallcha, the 
Qaeen, or j^\;^^ impirat^r, the 
Emperor, &c.) 

Major, fl. vJJ^£;d\ feksBiri ; Jsuil ^"z^m, 

j^\ fekbEP ; Ji kyWII ; jJb biJigh ; 

— , 8. j^M-J biny-bXsht ; drum — , 

jjl jUij*^\t tlmbur-mkzh6r ; — domo, 

IjccS kyaya; -jy^^j vfekfl-khiij ; 

— general, l&MjS Uwa-p^ha. 

Majority, 8. ^.:>i/^\ ^tsixlyy^t; J^ 
bWugh, fJ^^:r^ ^^^^ ' bWvgh ; 
CJJ^UCi binflr-blshtltk. 




Make» 9. ac^ bichim, ^^jy^ surEt, 
\c^ h^y'fet, ^b y^ptUsh ; ll \a^\ 
l"mi]lyys; — , v. a. {}^\ y^mak, 
t JU^t r'mal - et ; cX^jf^ *^^3 
vikjuda-gh^tinnek ; (j^)jl y^rxtmak, 
^ jLrL kh^lk-et; cJusjl ^tmek, cXiL! 
^ylimek, Jk«J^ kHmak ; — a fool of, 
J^y I lldatmak, \»j\f^ k^pazi-et, 
ilX^j^yj>-l^jjjB'^ mXBBkharoyii- 
-ch^virroek; — a mistake, Jk^^^Ij 
y^^lnuik, \y^ 8bhT-et, lUas^ khlta- 
-et, \jLlI^ y^n^'shltk . et ; — 
^ST7* jH*s!^b dlrtltmiik, (S^j«^ 
kbdtrmak, i^XcjX^jSs gfayilyBDdir- 
mek; — a pen, J^^jjJi kMsm- 
•y^Dtnuik, (a new pen) JU>^L^i 
kXlxm • ^hmak ; — at, ^jSiS^c 
fiMdtrmak, ^fy^ hiijuin-et ; — away 
with, J^J>-j^ eychurmnk, luJj tdef- 
-et ; — for, tWjt Jjj ydl-ti)tmak ; 

— good, ^-^^j^^ji yirina-ghfetir- 
mek; — haste, ^tcJ^U- cbJLbik-^l, 
\ilsf' "ij^li-et ; — land, »J itjjj 
CX^jjf d^n^zda-klra-ghy^mnmek ; 

— many words, 4^}^^ dzltmak, 
C^^iJj^j^ cb6k-s&wbyl£mek ; — 
off. C^Asi ghitmek, J^J^^U s^wush- 
mak ; — off with, fj^\ Xlmok ; 
^JM«!l^ chXlmnk; — one of a company, 
Tls^Uj r^f akat-et, \J^\j dakhil.61 ; 

— one's escape, <J'<^U kXchmak; 
^J^jji kthtulmak ; — out, (J^Ji^ 
ch^kirmak, ^J^^j^ okumok; \kZj\fj\ 
issbXt-et ; tc^L.^. hissAb-et; — over, 
\jyi d^vr-et; \4j\^ h^wals-et; — 

towards, (J^i^^}^ y^l-tutmczl 
up, j;»«1Lj J? t6plamak ; \ ^ 

t^kmil-et, UUJ t2mlm-et ; 1 

(J^j^^^^ y^tna-viurmak ; j 

fjAJLj\» blnshmak; — it ti] 
\^^^mA0a» tXzmin-et, Jk^V^J tXn 
lamak ; — ase of, ^J^^y kullXo: 
t JUjcurft l8Sti"mal-et. 
Maladministration, 8, 9j\j^y^ s^'i-ic 
Malady, s. J^jJ dird, (JiJlc "ill^t- 
Malaria, s, M^^Lj\jb h^wa-i-vwald 
Male, a. and «. Kl}ij\ hrkek, ^ 

^J zhkxr (pl.jf^^ zilkyur). 
Malediction, 8. \cJ Jj bM-d^"a. 
Malefactor, ». 4flCb^4«...«>-li« sahib-jiu 

Malevolence, 8. CJ^\j^ "iidav^t, ^^\ 
"iidvln, t>i>' hikd, ^^aki bdghz. 

Malevolent, a. ^^ kybta. 

Malice, 8. Ju^ ys sd'i-klssd, u::-^ 
s&'i-nlyy^t, CiL?/ ky&tnlik. 

Malicious, a, ^Jt^ kyiitu. 

Maliciousness, 8. cJJuJ^ kyiitalak. 

Malign, vm, \ \j:i\ iftira-et. 

Malignant, a. ^y kyiitu. 

Malignity, 8. CJ^/ kyiitolak. 

Mallet, 8. (>Ujt t6kmXk. 

Mallows, 8. ^^^^^} febi-ghyimbji. 

Mah, 8, iJj\ JiSj/rJ biralik.ypa. 

Malta, f. ^U Mllta. 

Malt-liquor, 8, \^ bira. 

Maltreatment, 8. er^jl ^ziyyM. 

Mamma, «. U1 ^a, ^^J nioE, »^ 

Man, 8. aO\ adsm (Id^m), ^Litinean 





• 4 li^i j^Jj^ in£rdoin ; — of war. 

3, — of war's man, ^^^y2\i 
— 'idfbaji^nhf6ri ; — , v. a, ^\(^*^^ 
'^.tj IdAxn - lUi - ddnotmak, aJI 
;y' IdAm-k^mok ; fjAj\jjJ dinot- 
' wH^!^^^^^ bXshtna-v&nnak. 
-^ v.^. o^-«^«Xjy dydurmak; 
^^} ^dinmek ; c^U'.y gh^hin- 

-fzibt-et; \9j\S\ idars-et; j;^^*X[^l 
^ '^flk, <Jk«^^ y^pmak, CX^j^ 
r ^'t^aent, #. *^^o\ Idars. [ghytenek. 

I - i: 

Ie, t. J j!^< IradE, ^5;^/ ^miAn, 
*=^ liukm,^^l hxnr. 

r'^. *. cJJL#i yteilik. 

v^;d J^Ttmak, i,:Xiiifj\j parslEmek ; 
"^J)^ ii/^it^^^ jfend^radfln-ghfe- 
-^'^. t. jUfc3i XdAmlik. [chirmek. 

-^. *. cJJl] J dfeimk. 

-•3c. ». Jj dWi. ^.-iU. cbaghin, 

^ il^ dSwaoi, ^:jf^^ mfejncn. 

'^^^^. «- ^^LflP^cJc^ gh^ininy. 

^'^ii^; — , a.jlCA! lahikyar, ^Jj 
^ihl, ^Ib xahir, ^^Ju Jj bfcdidar, 
•^il* bjnrtyda ; — , vm. cJu^y^ 
f^ywitirmck. ]^l|fel khar-et. 

'-•^^esto, ,. ^UjLj Wyan-nami, 
^^U rim-nami. 

'*^M». j#j\ ^^ Uni-adBm. ^y 
-^^^ niv"i-b^m-bUhBr, ^^b Da«s. 

\ ** 

Manly, a. J^ m^, ^\j^ mErdans, 

»j1 IdAxn. 


Manna, ». ^t^l^-d^Jj kudr^t- 

Manner, s. jjo tkrz, ^j^ diirla 
(tiirla), ^^ v^jb; manners, 8, pi, 
j\^\ Xtwar; jlU.1 ikhlak; i^\J\ 

Manoeuvre, «. t>^*ij^ d^Ub, (*;^^^ 
6yun; ^yt« mkn^vra; — , v,n. 
CXc^j>> f^'ijiff d6lAb - cb^virmek, 
j;^^ij^ cJ!^^^ *y^ " chikk-mak ; 
CXo^ 5;^ U m^^yra-cb^yirmek. 

Mansion, «. ^^y k6niik. 

Mantel-piece, Mantel-sbelf, s, ^Wjf 
imJ\j ^^\ sXA^ji\ 6jak-iisstind£-61an- 
rlf. [mkntua-sb^biri. 

Mantaa (town of), s» '^j-^ |yuU 

Manual, s, 4i\^j rissals ; — , a, 4\j\ Jt 
^Ujt tj>.\ El-)la-}jra-61anan ; — exer- 
cise, ^^^^JjU klXi^Jj ^^^4^ "XJBDU- 

ti!lf^k-tk"limi ; sign — , LmI imza. 
Manufactory, s. ^^^^ ftbrika. 
Manufacture, s. ^^^ ^brika, ^U^l^ 

kyar-kbani ; JU mal, (pi,) iZJi\^ 

i"malat, CU^Uy^o^ mXB8ni;"at ; 

JUcl I'mal ; — , v.a, J^^ y^p- 

mak, ^ JUmcI i"mal-et. 
Manufacturer, s. ^^^ji^ fabrikdji. 
Manumission, 8» o\J\ azad. 
Manumit, v.a. \ j|;t azad-et. 
Manure, a. Xjftf gbyiibrs; — , v.a. 

CX«;jj2[^j^ gbyiibrB-virmek. 
Manuscript, a. ^^j-^jVJ^ sl-yiUctW; 

— , *. c^la^ lT^JV J^ M-yizMst- 





Many, a. jj^ ch6k, ^^ wafir ; a great 
— * J^ch6k, J^J^ birch6k; — a. 

Map, 9. ^y^ kfaikrita. [^^^^ n^K* 

Maple, '.^T^^^ ^jm:>^ j^ blr-jba8-lgh<:g. 

Marauder, «. ,<>-Uju ya^Amajt. 

Marble, '• r^r^ msnnsr. 

March, 9, CL^U mlut ; \J^}y in^nh ; 
^^iM.«2^^ iL^ *'lB8ksr - yiknmi^88i ; 
J^ ye>l ; — , t;.ii. C-Uj^^d or CU?;^ 
yilnimek; -^f v.a. cJu«uj|^^ 
yikratmek; ^Jf^ sbvk-et, CX«/^ 
gbyiltarmek ; -<— , tii^. ^^1 krsh ; 
— in, C3««^ ghbrmek; — off, 
CJs^ ghitmek; CX«yj^ ghyi^tor* 
mek; — on, cXc^j^^l Mri-ghit- 
mek ; — out, (IaSu>^ chikmak. 

Mare, «. j\;«-S Usarlk. 

Margin, «. jU^ ksnar; ^d^ flzla; 
margmal note, J^ kinar; f^U- 

Marigold, s, ^jSy nirghiss. [hashiyyE. 

Marine, a. c^^a^byirT, f;^^ac^ bidiriyyE ; 
— , #. lijaC^KzJiAsaf AiK kyaflSg'i- 
» t^jfemmnlati - biJiriyyE; ^/"^^ 
^^m^^^sr^^ b^^yyE - tikf ^nlgiasi ; 
JUJ^ fjty b^sh-putkAl. 

Mariner, s, ^«5^ gb^ndji. 

Maritime, a. i-^/a^ babri ; ^^^l«* sabill. 

Mark, ». i^>j>- chki, Cl: .U^ laharet, 
^UJ nlflhJn; yl fcssEr; U^J 
(dAmgba); ^jok^ abUdiBS; ^Lj 
niahln, cJjJft b^def; — ^, v.ii. 
^J^U ybsmak, C^^^j*^ chizmek; 
f u:^3 J dikk^t-et \ —,v.a.^^CL^}i\ 
Isberet-komak, jK«y \J^ nisliXn- 
•>k6mak ; Jk^^^^a^j d}Uxigba*wi)r- 

mak ; ^jKol^^t^ da^Alamak ; ^^ 
^ssar-br^kmak ; \\JL^^ dikkJ 
of — > >fSJt« inik"t^bEr, ^Jii\j^ 
bXshlt, uJ;W« miita"arif, < 

m^"lum. Cl^^^ ^^ 

Market, s, j\j\j ^hzkt ; j^j^^ ch 

Marking-iron, s. 41 J d^h. 

Marmalade, «. J<>y r^bd. 

Marqne (letters of), #. ^^ri <ji^^ 

Marquee, s. j^^j^A^^ ,^/il iki-dirJ 
-cbldir; ^^ ^J:*^ blyuk-cbAd/ 

Marq[ue88, Marquis, s, ^^^^b^ 

Marriage, s. JCj nlkyab, ^ 
^ylimsb, 9-^^ t^z^vvuj, ^l 

Marriageable, a, ^^S^ij^ hvhi]i 
C)IJ^ gb^linlik. 

Married, a. ^jl ^vli, JJb\:iL.« mi^t^'ehl: 
iJd^ J k6jada, ii^-^J^ m^nkyuha 

Marrow, s. CJJl ilik, Jjm miighz. 

Marry, t;.ii. cXcl^l ^vlKnmek, Jh«!1*^^ 
kAri - 3Jmak, \Jst\} tfe'fchhul - € 
(J^j^^^^y kdjoyil - viLrmak ; " 
VM. ^j^\ Xlmak, ^^Jt/ tfezfewnj-e 
CX«;jJjl ^vlEudirmek, W^jj t^zvi 
et ; cX«^j^^^ k6jaya-VErmel 
1«XA& "ikd-et, l«.t^ nikyah-et. 

Mars, ». ^ji*^ fC/^ m^rrikh-ytldizi 

Tok' budun-issmi. 
MarBb,«. jUaj bltdk, jliUaJ bltakl/l 
Marshal, ^. (^^ cbliwinsh ; earl - 

lord — , ^b C^V chiiwujsh-bilshi 




- — » L/*^*i^^^*^ sBrdar-pkyB- 
-. — , vM. ]%^^^^J tETtib-et. 
/. ^ \r u J HX j b^disstin, ^^Ji 

-~-*La, ^c»^\j\ji b^zzaasstan ; 
-J lilpjok ; ^j^^ chhnki, 
-L-sable, B^jy^mA (skmur). 
^ «- L5t^ hiUrbi; iJ^^i.r. 
---8 jiri ; oonit — > ^-^^ c^lji*^ 
'^ ^. Ju^ ah^bid. 

« X^ fl^^bidlik. [t^-r*^ ghdiib. 

Icus, a. t^^ jc^ * ajib ("ija'ib), 

'iine, a. «>iX<« mitt^kkBr. 
-: ,. ^It tiahjl; ^^IjiJ 

« • 


iry, #. j)^*> t^\t tX«h - d)wilr ; 
s^\i, tlahjtlik ; j;L>v!^*^ dJw^- 

"- »0j 

,. ^ hXjn,. ^y^ jftrm ; ^. 
^in ; <--^^ t5p, A^ kyiitDE ; jJ^ 

^^acre, *. ^l^iJaS kXtb'-"Zmm ; — , 
'3. ^j^ k^mmk, 1J:i kltl-et, 
CLcjjiy tddarmek, cX4)a[;U (parola- 
-jii). [^t A^Aip, ^j;Jl5 kllin. 

«i>e, fl. ^^-X« mbtm, u:Jy kdnt, 
:'t, «. cJ;j[J ^r^, ^^^ siitun, J^ 

'.mud; ^^5^-*i <-i^-i-^^* cA^ 
.TiyulgliHi- V^AJ*^*^ " yfemishi ; top 
-. ^»*>-AjU ghXbiyo-ckibdyAu ; 

lop-gallmt — . sJ'iT^!f^^S ^^^- 

Master, 9. \J^\ ^f^di; lit \ghk\ 
4>\2m)\ iisstad (ussta); ^y>- kh^ja ; 
aIa^ mu"^llim; L^li zabit; u^lc 
gbAlib ; ^^^j ^j^ gbfemi - rb'issi, 
^1*3^ kXpudan (klptAn); — , v.a. 
C)J^^J^ii£>* blkktndon - ghMmek, 
j!uJUgbiUb.61; — hand, JbM 
iisstad-Eli; — key^jliicLbUl? UUnm- 
^akbt^ ; — of the Horse, j^l j^ 
inirl-ydi6r (^mrakh6r). 

Masterpiece, 8, ^JLj}Ci\^ iksstad-khi. 

Mastic, 8, ^^Jieua^ mlsstakt, jSU s^z ; 
L^j^sr^ ma lun. 

Mat, 8. j-Mtf>- hlssir ; — , v,n, ^^Ji 
j ; 4>.^.jIj bbr - bkina - ydptahmak, 
CX4J4ie k^hElEnmek. 

Match, 8, e:-^^ kibrit; ^1 ^h, ^^ 

"kyn, Jl« missl; ^ ky^, ^lyil 

Xkrln, ^b^jl iizkadosh, ^l bAsh, 

^ bb,yil^ bErabsr, i^^<m^ mikssavi ; 

j y Ju :^ chikffihtr, ^jp^iJLsu^- ch^. 

ktshigak, j^^ A'» l ' >^ hXkktnd«n- 

gh^ir; jJU ifjL^l lltda - kAlm^, 

J^Jlj^L&t Xsh^^' - kllmdz ; ^j|j; 

tfezfevvig; — , v,n, j\j) b)r-61; ^Li 

C^4*^ bsrab^r - ghitmek, j^^l 

^h-61; — ,t7.a. j;J^^\^h-biihnak; 

(S^^J^j!^ fesh-Xramak; ^*3j^^l 

llcjl fe8hi.y6k.dfeyu-iddi* a-et, ^1 

JkcJ^^ Ju^^«3 ;s^ ^shi • y6k » d^yu- 


Matchless, a,j2axmi bi-nlztr. 

Mate, 8. yjS^iiJ\ krkadash^ ^1 ^di; 

^Uj ytoak; mJL^ midaztm; y^^flj\, 
ykztjt ; cl^U mlt; CI^Uj^Ui shahmat. 




Material, a. ^U*.^ jlsBmlni, ^^^ 
h^yyul&ni ; ^^J^ss>- khkylt, ^J^ kyiillT, 
A-lac "Xzun, j^ ch6k ; — , *. (jL\aj 
kumXsh ; ^ "■ nOj ^ k^ressti, '9^'^^ 
khiuj ; — 8, ».|»/. O^U)!^ l^wazimat; 
(old) ^U}^ ^DklZ. 

Maternal, a. ^]^jl« madBranB ; \j\ 
^t^iijff aDa«t^afindffn. 

Mathematical, a. ^JCJb hind^Bsi. 

Mathematician, ». ^jmdiif* milh£ndiB8, 
<UJ^Jb4>\ ^hli-hEnd^aas. 

Mathematics, s. pL <Ci*JcJb hind^asB ; 
^Ut^b^i^jlf "idumi-riyaziTys. 

Matrimony, s. ^}*^j^ Izdivig, ^^i^p th- 
z^vT^j ; ^\0 nlkyah. 

Matron, s, ^Uj s^yyibfi, v-i--^ sfeyyib, 
c^li klri ; ^ Jjt Ji^ (kyaya)-kldtn. 

Matter, «. ^^^ h^jryi^la; ««»>" jUem; 
irjU madds (mdddi); ^ya:>- khu- 
8BU88, c^.»^fl..i ^ k^yflyy^t, fJ^ haa (pi. 

lahot ; \£.^j>^ j^rah^, cJ^i Irin^ ; 
jL^ ch^Ak ; jji z^rar, (^ w b^'ss ; 
— , v.n. ^^jj^ zirari-61; no — ! 
j^ji^ zarar-y6k» J^t/*\ bfe w-yik; 
that doea not — , A^^jf^ z^ran- 
y6k ; what is the — ? jl^^ ns-vf^r, 
,^jAici-*l^ nOsdahot-nB-imish 
(prj\^ dir). 

Mattock, ». ^U klzma. 

Mattress, ». jJCw« mhidxr ; ^t&L& shUtB. 

Mature, a. ^^>U!j\ 6hnush, ^Jm^ yfct- 
mish, ^^.4m.7.£ y^tishmifih, yJ^^J, 
y^rishmiflh, ^^^jddU^ kimak-v^- 
mish, i^r^y J^'*^ kimal-bdhnush. 

cA^^(^!^ Uwlm-bdlmush, 
^4Sy kXrannt - bulmush ; 
pishmish ; — , w.ii. j;^^! 61xi 
j;^|^4)U^ kimala -v&rmak ; 
v*a, fj^jfXtkiJ^J^ lUrarloshdtrxr 
\^^^ t^kmll-et, cX^y>'=T'4lU 

Maturity, ». |»1y klwlm, J\^ k^ri 
^^ bWugh; JU^ kimftl; Ua 

Maxim, z. yj^U ka'ids, ^yU kanv 
4)^ ^-'/>^ z^bt - m^SB^l, 9 ^ 
mfevzS". [Granami 

May, ». ^^U maytss; — , ». aux. g 

Mayor, *. ,^Vtt>^ * V***-^^^'- 

Me,;?. ^ b^ni; Uj bXn^. 

Meadow, *.jil>- chi.yr. 

Meal, 9. yj^ un, jJ J dAkik ; clX 
yfemfek, j%Ut t4"am, ^^\ or ^^^ 
ttpynn, or ^•(^t Jlt^Aun. 

Mean, a. ^Ja^^ vissltt, Cj^ 6rta ; ^J.fl 
^klch^k, . J J d^ni; iji»-rv khlssis 
jl^jui? tlmii"kyar ; yJA laytksii 
Ui ffina; — , a. \x^^ vAsaXt. ^j 
6rta ; — ,v,a. CX^s^^lcXwO darnel 
isst^mek; CXwJ d^mek, ,^^A:j« 
jl m4"nJM8t-6l; cUkSj1oL« milkrAd 
-et, Lj,»i^ tXssmlm-et, jK«;y kur 
mok, luu^ nlyy^t-et. 

Meaning, #. La^ mk' nit ; Ol^ miirAd. 

Meanness, 8. (jijjO dunlak ; C1)J;1$^aJ 
timii"kyarlik ; ^^ fikirlik. 

Means, s. Aki>1j visstta, ij:^i^j vX^ 
Bsatat : ^Ijoil iktidar, CL>jji kvdrht j 
J[;b (para), djf\ Ikcha. 




-tj^c, Meanwbfle, ad. j3j^' Jjt (^)- 
-^1 ; ^J^ji^ dfer-ik^. 
-L«, g,pl. •y^ji or tj^'/ Wzamuk. 
^zrt, J. ^^^ Mchu; CXJj' ilchek; 

tMbir ; (of poetry) ^j^ 
VM, {^,4^^ gbMmek, 
ck ; — , v.a. cXaj^j\ 
Imek, fj^\ ty'^a^jf^ Mchassiinu- 


. <>5ht ; i^X^J y^m^k, /•UL td"ain. 
-mic. s. ts-J^ JaI ^hli-h)rftt, Jjbl 
>jc^ ^hH.8ka"^t. [fesskll. 

Uiiics, #.^/. Jl55|;^>J* "Umi-jferri- 
:inism, s. ^j>^ ch^kli, ^^j^ 
}Aia, c:Si\ alat, u:^o^ mk". 

:; f 



•I. 5. ^ICJ nlshln ; iL» elkkE. 

:£e.o.ji.^^f«^U klnahmok, i^U-lXe 

jate, v.*. J;4m^15 klrishmak, ^];i 
w^^ ^niya-ghinnek, Ikrfy t^wXss- 

liation, #. \x^y t^XBSSQt. [sat-et. 

diator, ». \ot^f ^ miitowlsssit, i^a»J\^ 


i ical, a. ^^^J^ tibbi ; — attendant, 

t-^~> b^kun> Vi-^-^mIi tlbtb ; — at- 

tendance, ^Jiu<tX:»> C^luXh b^kimlik* 

'I'licine, 9, Jl* "ilaj, IjJ d^wa. 

M.::itate, vjt. cXiJ^l^O d^sbanmek, 
UlIIL tlahmmak, l4ffI\L« miita- 
lfi"tf-et ; )^|/« 

Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sea, ». 

Medium, 8, iio^^ wassita. 

Medlar, s, ^Jl^Jm musbmula. 

Meed, ». J;2s:Lm« mi!l88tabXkk, CL>UIC« 
milkyafat ; C^I^Lb"* mi^azat. 

Meek, a. /•^U^ mkzlum, aJi»^ b^lim. 

Meet, a. c..»^l:..< miinassib, j;j^ layik, 
^U^ jiissbin; — , V.II. Jk«-2^jIS 
kAwusbmak, ^^Ij tMakt-et; JU^^J^ 
t6pkmmak, ^Iwi^ j^m"-61, ^}j\a 
CXJ^ blr-draya-gbibnek ; — , v.a. 
ClUi^v.^^]; rl88t-gb£bnek, lcL^lil« 
miilaklt-et ; — one anotber, ^JAJ^ji 

Meeting, «. CI^lSlU mMakit; (^/Jls:^ 
mbjliss, LSi^j»4if» jfeni"iyyfet; c:>^f.U> 
j^ma"^ ; ^jA^Lc mMtak^ ; — boose, 
JuBT^ m^BSJid, ^l^ jami", Ju«^ 

Melancboly, «. >c gbXmm, j«X^ ksdxr ; 
\j^2f^ kXra-8Evda; — , a. /•^^^^^ 
m^ghmum,jkXCe miik^ddnr ; jL JJAm0 
siktndtlt ; Ui fhia. 

Mellow, a. ^ji^j^ 61m usb. 

Melodious, a. jlJfU? tXtlt. 

Melody, «. A}\y t^rans ; 44ju nAgbmg. 

Melon, *. (water) j^^ karpuz ; (musk) 
jj^lS k^wun. 

Melt, v,n. CX4>£j\ brimek ; — ^ v.a. 
CU7;\ ^ritmek. \li\c\ IzabE-et. 

Member, s. yas, "iizY (pi. \*ce\ k"za). 

Membersbip, s. ^\^\ )i'*zalik. 

Membrane, «. jtj zar, C)xf2^J dMjik. 

Memoir, «. jr^jJ t^zk^rs ; Aa^S la'iba. 




Memorable, a.jmym^ m^shhur. 
Memorandum-book, s. djL4jB^ m^jma"a. 

Memorial, 8. Jlsf^ "2urzthal, AJti^ 
"itriza ; J^^^, b^rghy^zar ; yt ^sssr. 

Memoiy* 8. ^losWcl^yi ki^w^ti-hlfiza ; 
^i zlhn, jSii *'}Jd, JtU. khitir ; 
in — x>f, A:^U nlmtna« dJuiJUj^^cX^U 
nlmtnt-Ibkl-nlyy^tila ; within the — 
of, 8jj^\c}^\Uu\Ar. "Xklina-ghslmek- 
-ilz^rfi, hSiSJj wXktinda. 

Menace, tf.jSjfylk6rkn, dilfi^tJy klvlon- 

IkhafiB, ij\:iMMi fl"lan-Maffi; — , 
v,a. fjASJj^ k6rkntmak ; \ ii\:>A 
ikhlfs-et; i^U-^dJ^y U^U lissant- 

Menagerie, 8. 4j\ds^i^j\ krBalankhanB. 

Mend, v.ii. j\^ lyi-bl, cXi^tJ^l Tyi- 

Isshmek, Jh^^J^^^^ lyili^An-yiiz- 

tutmak; ^J^J^^-lL^l Isalah-^lDnmak; 

— , v.a. \r^^ iBslah-et; \j^aju tk"' 

mlr-et, ^m^? tErmim-et. 

Mendacious, a. ^^^^b^^V 7^QJ>> 
Mendacity. *. jLa^IIlt yMlnjilik. 
Mendicant, «. ^.Jf^j^ dUsnji. 
Mendicity^ «. c3ir^J dilimjilik. 
Menses, 8. pi. cs^jU "adet, ^^V*-^ 

ky-blsht, ^/if>- hiiyz. 
Mensuration, 8, <La v L»> < ^»jL r . "ilmi- 

Mental, a. ^^J zihni. ^Jixs "^kkli. 
Mention, «. j^J z&r, lJJj& l^ctrdt ; — , 

make — of, v.a. ^Ja^s^ In^ok, 

fj^\9je\ Ighza-Tihnak, ^iS zlkr-et. 

jJ^ Jl5 kJl«-Xhnflk, t^^^JpS li 
dtsstnt-et. [nXssn 

Mentor, 8, l>Ay>- kh6ja; _ac^ 

Mercantile, a. ^J^ tiijjarT, 2r 
(^to^ tikjjara - miita"^llik, ^^ 
(jLcL^ t^ar^ta-mi!lta"^llik. 

Mercenary, a. ^yirjcl«t^^^il£k^crJ 
i!gr^t-vE - b^ddishbh • ^melind£ - 61 
— , 8.Ji2^^^f>'\ ilijr^tla-hizc 
kyar; ^^\ ^:^:^^ff\^j^\j 
yliltngtz-iijr^t-lchin-Uzmet-^deii . 

Merchandise, 8. Jl« mil (pL ^^ 
^mml),teumXt"it(pl. A«:l^^ hmta 

Merchant, 9. ^^jV bXzirghyan (hh 
ghin), ^\i tajir (pi. jlap? tiij 
generally used as a singular). 

Merchantman, 8. ^»,m».4$j\s^ tikjj 
.gh^missi, ^^<;^7 ^^j)^ bXj 

Merciful, a, ^ i a^^& y ^ nusrhiimetli, ^ 
r^'f^tli,^llAA^ shfefakXtlt; the Merci 
(God) (2;4^ lUhmIn; the Mi 
Merciful (God) f^s^j Rahim. 

Mercury, 8. (metal) jr^«s»* jlwa, ^^ 
zibdk ; (planet) J^Uac "iitarid. 

Mercy, 8, ij:>%<4f>y msrh^met, u:.^ 
sh^faklt, VJU^V; x^'f^t ; (of God 
the blessed) (j:'^4>>-j riJim^t. 

Mere, a. ^j»y kuru, JrjLi sadi, <j:-JI 
s^t,J$3\j yXb^iz. 

Meridian, «. j\^i.^Juaj xji\j daW 
-n^ssft-nihar ; — altitude, c::^! 
qUJ^^ gbay^ti-lrtifa". 

Meridional, a. iJf^ j^nubl. 

Merit, «. j\i£sL^ IsstihkAk, u:^^ 




-^ c^Jbkt ^hliyy^t ; ^ hiinsr, 

s^.^ iD^fl8taliAkk-6U j1 )/^ s^za- 

•Jin . ol, y^ljf^ jilussblii - 61 ; 

V' UzAimitfk, t«J«itffiic? tiduH-et. 

:no3s, ff. <^\y s^wlb; ^>».r^m^ 

•^sm. [k^yf. ^ ttyfli. 

J ob^Jj-« mihrdarlik, C)^^|^ 
'^ ^ bEnJ)Er-y^iii^-y^3ran-tidtim ; 
■ -J. CUjy ]^ bKrabir-y^mek. 
•?>,«. j*fiL khXbsr, i*Lj p^yam ; 
• 7-8 8iparuh»^^1 ^r. 
"?^, «. aOI XdAm ijf^\^ p^am- 
" U-/«w peyamr^ ; jblj tatar, 
.y li^ ; «X^U kitand, ^U 8a"i. 

- ^ ^j^«^ mk^dm. [-M^sslb. 


^J^ Okrib. 
-Ma. A^:^ miintazaiD ; jUUaJ 

"poKs. ». v£.^U payi-tiJdit, j^ 
"^■^ mirk^-bWcyuma. 

'' 'v>!)«^' ly^ slri-akhorler. 

^"'••J^f-c^^ vw^khim-bdkhar. 

Mid, a. (J^b yari, ^j^ 6rta. 

Midday, «. i^^jj^^j'^^ ghyiindaz- 

-6rtii88t, jl(J(«.Ai^ n^88fii*-n)har. 
Middle, «. ^j^ brta, ^ji^j)\ 6rta» 

-ysri» knA^ vXssAt; Jj bM, ^L« 

m^yan ; — ages, JJatdji^^i kurun- 

miit6w)l88itE; — aged, j^ ^^^ 

Middling, a. ijjy\ brta; ^y^^ 

sb^lE-bi^lE, UcJj A} ^fcJjti n^- 

Midsbipman, 8, , 

MidBt, 8. iSjy\ orta, Ixrfj vIssAt ; \j\ dra» 

^L« m^yans, ^^-^U mab^yn. 
Midsummer, «. ^^;j1 jV yaz-6rta88i. 
Midwife, ». ^1 kh^. 
Midwifery, «. C)i^^ ^bslik. 
Mien, 8. 2Fj|^ cb^brs, vJ^lJ kiyaf^t^ 

JU |»j]U ^ 


Might, 9. cuy kdrrht, C^JJ kddr^t, 

jIjoSI iktidar, C.JU miknfet, ^j 

z6r ; — , V, wx. See Grammar. 
Mighty, a. j^;«Xi kddr^tli, ^Iv^.f-n^ 

mlkn^tli, ^ljc»5^Cy"f»"ltf 8ahib-lktidar; 

CJ^ biiyuk. jc^ kyiillfyyfetK, J^ 

Mignonette, 8. ^^^^to-C-^-^c:* mdh^ 

Migrate, v.n. clU^-j^ ghy^hmek. 
Migration, 8. ^f ghy&ch. 
Migratory, a. ^^^ ghyi^^bs. 
Mild, a. ^1^ yiwABb, Ji^ mUiyim. 

Mildew, 8. Ui or «-J>^ kyhf. 




Milclness, •• ^jXJL\yj ykwlnhllk; 
L^^i^ miday^m^t. 

Mile, 8. Jm mil. ["iBak^ri. 

Military, a. ^^j'^' hktbi, i^^».r. 

Militia, «. ij^^Cxt^J; r^dif-"lft8k^. 

Milk, 9. Ciya 8^t. 

Milkmao, 9. ^^ff*y^ B^tji. 

Milkwoman, 9. ^^J^^^^y^ stktji-kln. 

^1^9 '• ^^ d^^Airmsn ; rolling — ^ 
arOU. hadds; hand — , ^j^jS=^^}\ 

Miller, t. ^^sX^J d^^Airminji. 

Millet, 9. lSj\J dkri. 

Milliner, #. ^^^^^SiAJ^ ijjj\i klri* 

Million, #. 1:9^^ ni)li6n. [BbXpkajlaai. 

Millionaire, «. ^jl^^JC)^ pfek-z^- 

Mimick, 9. jli^ mi^kJkllid ; — , a. jJLa7 
tlklld, ^U7^ b^^sdtma, <^b ydpma; 
— , v.a. \ JuliJ tAldid-et. 

Mimicry, «. jJii? tlkkSd. 

Mboe, t. <^ Uynui; — , v,a, ^Ja^ 
kiymak; — meat, iU^i k)yma; it 
won't do to mince matters, ^J><^tji 
J^J^j n^zakit-wlktt-dl^FAil. 

Mind, «. jAfi "Xkl, ^i ^hn;jl01 
^fkyar ; ^^ ^j riighb^t, (^«i^ hivees, 
C)&<i1 lastek ; — ^, v.n. 1 Jui kiyd-et, 
CXuJol^UJ^j wXzifiB-^nmek ; — , 
v.a. Jp^iU blkmok, CX«J)^ gbyjks- 
btmek, 1(j:^J dlkklt^t; CX«4^J 
din^lanek (dinimek) ; I have a — 
to ... , jjAJaAat "ikltma-gh^ 
liyor, jjJ^f^*J>i'uUA himm- 
•^^j^Aim^gh^liyor} I don't — that. 

Ji*i9dy9iJjiffj^j^\j^\ 6rasst-w^ 
Bmda-di^Ail ; all of one — , ji c. 
lJ;lk5\ h^p-blr-^fkyarda ; to beai 
— , jKiJjLjf jJie "ikldn - tutir 
J^ li^ 9 jJlLc "iklda-B^klanc 
^J^Ujyy i^nOtmanudc. 

Mindful, a. 2i\^ aghyah, jb^ khAl 
dar, 9jj^}i^\ intibah^ib^rK ; to 
— , JhJU blkmok, Ils^J dikkXt. 
^jkcUJ^jI ihidtmamak; ^^Ui^liJ 

Mine, /». *:j bWm ; iJ^^iJ b^nin 

jLCiwJ b^nimkikr; — ^, ». ^«: 

mk"dBn ; a w \ l^ib'm ; — , t 

Jh^LUS Ui^^'mlamak. [li^Ati 

Miner, 9. ^jf^Jj^ niiL"dBigi; _s 

Mineral, a, |<3J^*« mk"dmi; — , 
l^^Xiu. m^"dBn, ^li' tlisb, jli fUI 
— water, tjiy^ ^j'^>'^ inA"dJ 

Mingle, vm. ^j.aJ^j\J kXruhma 
%isJA IkhtiUt-et; — , vm. Ja 
kltmak, fJ>^jtiJLj\j kXrtabdtrmi 
\ laifL khXlt-et, \^j^ mbj-et. 

Minister, 9. jUL:u«Jl£>^ khidmetki 
(biz-), f%«3U khadim, Jufi "iLbd, j 
nidcKT; (of state) lSj^^^j yhl 
ladon-biri, jie\j nazir, (Jt^^^ ^^^ 
(foreign — ) ^_5f^l ^Ichi, ^^-i«i sfef : 
(of religion) c^^^ plpAss, ^l- 
imlm, aUs^ kbXkbim; — ^, v 
luu^AeL khidmet-et; Jh^U b^ 
mak; CX«^^ |cifir^tj>- h^wa'^u 

Ministry, f . u^ < iXd. kUdmet, Li^^t^j: 





^^=^ khlkhlmlik. 

cli6jak, , «M0 sXbi, 

.^- rm ; 



ii : 

^, «. ^ VJLr>-y^ ch6J0kluk, 
^r^ 9lilAYht, uuJ^ tdfuUyy^ ; 
• Izlik. [8ha"ir. 

-'r^U «. Cy^ .li 41 mdtiib; js\JU 
-^tlsy, #. CXlj^k« mutriblik; 

' I. (herb)» and peppermint, ^biu 
r ««u or ^2JU or «Ua3 (nans) ; (for 
ysiz) ^^oi^j^ z^b-khani. 
.tc, s. ^^a«3j dlkika; (paper) 
^^-<i« m^zbAta ; — , a. j;«3 J dlktk, 
;<^y uflk, ^^^^^ ^j's — down» 
1 ^^2^ zXbt-et, J^jh yiLzmok. 

u-k, *. »J^^ md"jizB; UU^^t^ 
r;rD^; »0\jtHjjLfiL kh&nku-'l- 
vdona, a. «--HLr^ gb^rib. [-"ads. 
- «. jr*^ chknur; mired, a. 
^Iwbi^^^W- cbimura-bXtmtth. 
--^r, s. Ai^jI ayioB, *W jam. 
"h. ?. uJ-^ kfeyf, ^1/ Arab, J^f^ 
-'*Scr, ]bL^\ iiibi8fl2t> ^UjISi 

d 4nilerdai«t^ii^ftir-^deii. 

'.pijrchcnd. vm. Jh«51^ U^^Al 7^- 
uV&.^mMiiiak. [yaniah-ibmamaklik. 

Miabehave, v.ii. ^ j3/«|;:[ yiuram^zltk-et, 
Misbebaviour, s. ^^j^ji yaram^zlik. 
Misbeliever, 8.^^ kyafir,y>JUjl imin* 

Btz, ji^ gbyawur. 
Miscalculate, v,a. and ». ^jlJL^L» 

1 Ci^L.»- yanisb-blssab-et. [hissab. 
Miscalcnladon, 8, CyAmfw i^I^ yanisb- 
Miscaniaee, 8. , ^mmoJaaJ^ !;».*»> cb6- 

juk-dillsburmjBssi, ^;«^ l^U^l Isskltt- 

Itfiscarry, v.n, CX«r^j^J^^ cb6juk- 

-dilBbarmek; CJ^^^^tKb yj^ltsh- 

-gbitmek (yanisb), jli^^^U gba'ib- 

-61 ; J.4^^^ b^sba-cb^kmak. 
Miscellaneons, a, 9jA^ miit^n^vyi. 
Mificbief. 8. fjjy^\j^^ y^Unun^tk; 

jJjLi-jUj ziyankyarltk, CJ>;U*L 

Miaduevoos, a. j^\ji jlx2jnhz, 
Miscbieroosness, 8. (jl/«|p yaram^alik. 
Misconception, 8. yj^^i yanisb. 
Misconduct, 8, tJiJi^ y^ sik'h^rBkat. 
Misdeed, 8, iasxp^ jiknba. 
Misdirect, vm. CX^^ jliU j!^^ 

Miser, 8. (j-«mm»- kbjissise, *^jA^ jbnri, 

^JUJ pbti, jUjmI? tlma"kyar. 
Miserable, a. ^^^^ ddahkjfOB, ^^ji 

pMsbXn, jM f^ktr, ^Jiisi^si* mibnet- 

k^sb, JC^J d^rdm^d; C^%k^ 

kbiibiss ; j^ b6k, bicJj p^k-fina, 

^jXm^ mlsskin. 
Misery, «. &>;«) dird, m.^ «^ n^m^t, 
j^f a, axJL^ sikindt. )b b^ ; 
y< Wyyit, 

p a 




l^sfortune, «• \-fl.J IlXza, lU b^la, 

(C^^&li ffelakit, i.^b dahlyjE; 

'-HB, «. pL CJJi^L&jJ diliBhyaiilnk, 

c:->.i>=rj nikb^t. [-hi^kyum^t-^t. 

Ifi^govem. VM. \ i^>^ <j ^jJi^ jbhttZ" 

lifiBgoTeminent, s. <j:,.%^j^ j^)i 7^^' 

Mishap, 9. Idi 1c4za. [siz-hilkyum^t. 

Miainfonn, vm. ^^^ji^ jf^ {J^^^ 

Mislead, v.a. JU^^jJf }adatmak; 
jHclSb y^^tmak, \^}\ii\ )ghfal-et. 

Misrepresent, v.a. Jk*^S^ cA^ yanish- 

Miss, 9. jJwl^ h^tm-kiz, jJ kh, 
wW h^im; — , vM, JK«^;J^ wi)r- 
mamak, v^X<U:u^vju^li0l bslbet- 
•>btiDainek; JkJ^^ Xtlamak; |;i^-^ 
kdssur-et; ^\j\ Aramok; ^-fire, 
4f«U)l jOmamak, J^Ult^l It^sh* 
-Xlmamak ; do not — coming, 
i.4Sj\(jJlj^\A\$^Jic s^ktn-ghElma. 
mdzlik*btma ; I most not — seeing, 
Jj>>»j^isJ\ ilb^tts-ghy^^j^Aim 
(or ftiyLmjySs ghy&rmdliyim). 

Missile, s. ^j^^m^ jissmi-niErmi. 

Missing, a. v«^olc gha'ib. 

IGssion, 9, i^^jy^ m^ muriyy^t, 
vji^J^ khidm^t (hiz-) ; wLiLfkt 
Mdiilik, i£Jj\L» s^far^t; L2Jj\Li 
,^^.4jU» s^aret-tycmu ; <i^<3^l3 

■ jJu y il nas8t-diha-d^"vet*z^mntn- 
dii-ikhtiyar-61inun-plpAss-elchili^Ai ; 
^J^UiiiyLibb plpAsskr-s^far^ti* 

(^bb^JibjjJj^ nassi-dina-dA. 
Missive, «• UmfflU,^ m^ktub, Jfj^ 
t^zk^rE, i^ity^ pdssla, A^U naiofi. 

LGsspell, v,a. (j^j^ ^ ^^ ^^ 

Misspelt, a, jUSjlj <0j^ 1*^ v^ 

Misstatement! s. tj\i\ ^jiK\j 70.0 
•ifadi; ^!!lb y^An. 

Mist, #. ^y^ slss, (2;^^ dihnXii. 

Mistake, a. (Ji^^i ykigtlish (yani 
^p s^hv, IL»> kh^ta; — ^, to be x 
taken, v.ii. Jh«^V yihi^mak» ^ 
B^v>-et> 1 Lk«»^ khita-et; -^-, 
(jX«Jj^ ^rf<<iti blshkossma-b^ 

Mistaken, a. ^^^ii^ yanish. [zstm 

Mister, «. U\ }^Aa ; 4^Jcil bf^ndi. 

Mistranslation, s. *J^^ \^^n yanii 

Mistress, «. Ail>> h^m, k^Jcil ^f^n 
l>jyiyi k6k6na, ^«bt« m^dani 
iHyLx^ mjt"sbuka$ ^^j1 6dalt 
ijf^^ji^y^^ mjddisuss- (^rosspi 
i^\j zaniyjTE; cf;\i Jc«iii (usst£ 
-klrt, AU)^ dssta ; <U3\j kXlfa. 

Mistrast, 8, c:,^ J |»Aft "ikdEmi-^mni 
ybt, 4|««b shiibbs; — , v.a. t^ 
shiibbE-et. [(yanish) -(^nnomal 

Misunderstand, v.a. ^j^^Aj£s^^JlSS\ 

Misunderstanding, 8, JkIa^^ ^^ 
yanish-^nnomoklik ; ^j;L2iJ^ b6zu8l: 
luk. [^u-ijiir tikhflf-ei 

Mitigate, v.a. ilX^&LLgr^- khJkfiflBtineli 

Mtigation, «. c^QjiaT tikhflf. 





- r2jx-ft\ — , v.a. fj^jiXl^^ klmh- 

^yMrklbi C=-o^ ahirb^t. 
~:i t. i^Lsr^jr^a}^ k6ntra-in^aoa. 
^ $. ^jliS\ Inpilti. A Sh, ^1 

^jitbnek, dX««lij! in^lsmek. 
- /• jJcj;. (hKodek). 

: i^h - khXlk - (kAlabll^;U) ; v.a. 


^ «. jJla? t^klid, ^b y^pma, 

^-el[, ^ )jfu-\ iMtihza-et, ^Jjkr-^ 
^^J.^ mXaskhoroya-ch^vinnek ; 
-^ takHd-et. 

'^, 9. ^»jsr^ mXaakhorolik. 
"m^. Jjy« in6d^, ^J^^ keaek, 
^' r^ssm, v_^lS LsUb ; Ajj4J nd- 

' i. J\l^ missal. 

^e. 0. J JCL«^ mil"tkda ; iJJi^ 
~^*jf; (ji^jj yik.wlsh, Ji^ miilayiin; 
r^^ai^ insAfii, »jJ^ y6Iunda, if^j]/ 

'^^don-ziyadE-y^^z-ichindz ; — , 

•vci^^ ^Q^ek. jJljt IzAlmak, 

1 '^^•^l-^ k^ssilmek, jJlS kllmck ; 

^^^^♦^JiyirS- klOfiflBshmek ; — , vm. 

\ <^ ti", l^ipCj tfesskm-ct. 


'^dy, flrf. ^ ji^\ ildiikJB. [albr. 
^'^^B t. J^ Jocl i"tidai ; 

Modem, o. ^^ y^n^ri, J>^1,^ yfen^- 
-dssul; jf^Uj dlJili.86ii$nra,^U« 
milta'kkhkhir; moderns, «. ji/. 
^j^k* miitii'Mdikhipin, i^Uj^ 
«ii^;L«Jl y^D^-zchnln-XdAmlort. 

Modest, a. u^a^'^ m^jub; c«^4>1 
^dlb; arj^Jjbl ^H-pirds, 4ii& 

Modesty, 8. mV*^ liijib, c^Jt ^deb % 

cu%A» "iff^t, c; ^.♦^f. "issm^t. 
Modification, 9. . J>- ibju7 t^bdU- 

Modify, VM. ^ JiVjlr? bb-lz-tfebda-fet. 
Mogul, 8. Jkc mhghtl. lf!LA isslam. 
Mohammedan, a. t«'«SLi1 isslami; •;— , «. 
Moist, a. jjuw n^mli, j^j^j rdtub^tli ; 

— sugar, jC&i«U^ khXm-sh&kBF. 
Moisture, •. ^s^^j ri^tub^t. 
Mole, 8. vlLa^j^ kyj^sst6b^k; (pier) 

aliLiI issk^lE, jt&aTj rikhtim; (on 

the skin) ^ hta or C3^ b^^. 
Molest, VM. IvJ^ it ^z)yy^t-et, JU^i^lJU 

sltoshmak, cV ♦ ^ 1 j1 Uishmek, 

^JaJ^Jj klrtahmok, ^^ji^j r^njiab* 

-et, l»*>:jflf^ rfenjidfi-et. 
Molestation, 8. yj^j r^jish. 
Moment, 8. \^ an, iiaiR Udiza ; d.^»|^\ 


Momentaneous, a. j^jy^jjy^'^^^s^ 

Momentous, a. a^^ miihlmm. 
Monarch, 8. kL&jU padishah. 
Monarchy, «. j;)jbLSijb padish2hltk. 
Monastery, 8. jja^il:^ (or yUiU.«) 

mlna88ttr,j£«3 d^yr. 




Mondaj. «. ^j-^^J^^, pioir-^rtiBri, 

Money, t. ijf\ Xkdia, i[;U (iMro) ; dSj 
nlkd; ready—, i^li^j;-^ (pUhin- 
-para) ; -— changer. imJ\j^ a^rraf 

Monk, «. c«^\; rahib, ^J^j rMibln. 
Monkey. ». ^ ^^ ^y miiyxnun. 
Monopoly. «. j\ .a. *ir*\ bhissar. 

^jitfftX^-tjJj yMi-wahid-daaulcr. 
MonoayUaUe. «. ^4^ j)U^^ bir-h^jaU- 

Monotonous, a. ^^^^S^ «^ W" ^'^^^ 

Monaoon. 9.JjSj^ i*U a-ij^ m^attm- 

nam-r€ ^byarler . 
Monster, t. <.v-.4i^ fc,?*!!!*^ kbdbiss- 

kbn^ssni; ^U.iJ cJj^ CJ^ p^- 

Monstrona. a. ci irti*^ kh^biaa. 
Mondi. 9. i^\ ky. »U mah, jf& ah^hr; 

calendar — , ^T ^|^!l\ UlafMUdka- 

iyi ; lunar — , ^\ ^^^ ar<An4iyi. 
Monthly, a. m^j i^\ iiyda-bir-kbr^. 
Monument. 8, ji\ hsaar, j^3^ bibr- 

gbyiilzar ; ^Jm^ tAsh ; Uj bba. 
Moon. «. (^ ay. nU mah, yi4J klmsr ; 

new — . ^V<-^^ 4y.bXshi; JU 

kM; foil — . jJJ Uidr. 
Moonlight. Moonshine. #. i5f^«>jt^(->^ 

ky-kydinl^ilt. C-^LaJbLii mahitlb. 

Cyibtf^ m^ht2b. 
Moor. «. jJ Ur. t^^ir^ sUira; (man) 

^^^^ miighribl; 4^^ "irab. 

Mop. t. cr^k pXpaas ; «— . v.a. 
iiXuXtfi ii^l papass-ila-silmek. 

Moral. a. ^U salih, ^jfe....<> m&aBtakii 
c^j& It < mk'n^Ti; morals. «• 
^\ Uddlk. (^b\ adab. cr^Uj 

Moraaa, t . jUj bltok. (^debijy 

More. a. Uj diUi^ KObj ^jac 
ijU jUj dJOik-zlyadi ; no — , c 
any — , jJ^^ krtik, Uj^ bir-dlth? 
— and — . gj\ijdjf^ ghltdikji 
.z^di. [vB-d^kl 

Moreover, e. udj^ vx-blrdB. ^^^c^* 

Mom. Morning, «. ^-f-^ e^bl! 
^ji^fjLm^ kdahlok-wlkti. 

Morocco. «. ^J^ASP* sychtiyan ; ^-^ 
mi^ghrib; ci[;t^ U^T^ m^rak^sl 
ah^hiri. [^j^ Jl^f ^kshi-aurKtl 

Morose, a. 4/^ tsrss *, .J«jf^khuysu3 

^jy^LS^ ^kshi-suTEtli. 
Morrow. «. ^1 or 45;^ HrtB. \o, 

fada, -Utf s^b2h ; to-morrow. ^^' 
Morsel, t. i^il 16kma. [yanc 

Mortal, a. d^j^ yhmvt,ili^^^ vlijek 

CJif« midilik. (^^ci^U ba 'issi 

-m^vt ; — , 8, i*)\mJ\ bsln, /*^^^ 

b^ni-adxm, jLj b^shxr. 
Mortality. 8. sj:. m J j 4J yfemutiyy^t, l:^ 

fsna; ^^s^J^, b^shErlyy^t. 

nassut; ^Vi Ju»>- j^ssedi-f an! ; ^jr 

Urim, I.J1J t^ef, cJl^lij wtf at. 
Mcnrtar. 8. ^^ khkj ; 8ym0 siwa; 

(ardlleiy) ^^U (hlwAn). 
Mortgage, 8. JIjcuiI isstighliil; — .v.ff' 

\JijcJi isstighlal-et. [lahu. 

Mortgagee, «. ^ Jr.i>»< minst^bM- 




'Li/) ; in — ^, (_iJ»« m^vkuf. 

^-"'•^Ai^ Li^-^^J ^j^^<^^ 


"•xw, uf^i^ yL»^ m6sfikof-8h^hiri. 

*^tm, «• Al«f^Sjb1 ^hli-iaslam,. aL»' C 
I r-..Iim, ^^ mii'iiun. 
I ice, «, (large) ^^^ jami", (small) 

; -'-s '. (£>^j£ y6s8un ; — rose, 

yj^y^y^jl j^ssunlu-ghyiil. 
^M 8. and ad. dJj p^k, j^ ch6k, 
^Lc gbayet, ^lLljIx gbay^tla, 
c-i'w« bighay^ ; the — , ci\ feng. 
i^^jcJt ^o^.zljads; for the — 
:4irt, mostly, \i^\ feksBiiyya. 
'M (town of) «. |J«0^ m6s8ul. 
^^,8. *J^^J pirwanE; ^^^ghjf^wE; 
-• eaten, ^jL^9^ ghyiiWE-y^ish. 
' *W, «. \j^ ana, ^ nins, JrjJlj 
^iilidE, jS^ madxr; ^<^y pissr, 
Jv;;t tbrtv; wife's — , lil^lj 
Uvn.^ ; — , a. Ul ina, J-*' Issl ; 
-~ country, ^^iy^\ Issl-wltin, — 
^^ pearl, «^-«w sXdef (s^deO- 

^^mildAniah ; J^ "imal ; lJJ^ 

^eklif.^ttri.^ ikhtBr;Cy;Uliaharet; 

^tJi.\cjjlA| Isharet-et. 

^^^^^onlew, tt.j^j»^ hiir^kitsiz. 

■^^^e, a. ij^ muharrik; — , ». 

B^beb, iJuJ^ "ffl^t. O^V 

*««. <Uj^i z^"i, S-^J^ mujib. 


VT* xnunss. 

^^'%. a. c)i;lC3; rBnghyarimgh. 

Mottled, a. jUoj b^nekli. 

Mould, «. J^;^ t6prAk; w.g^ or 
uJ/ kyilif; i«Jl5 klbl); — , »•«. 
J^bu-JU kiiib - y^miik ; jl^ 
CX»C»- p^rwlz - cb^kmek; Jk^^jI 
6ymak. [CX«J^J dl^kynhnek. 

Moulder, t;.ii. i^Xt^j^ ch^mmek, 

Monldiness, s, ^Ji or uJj^ kyiif. 

Mouldy, a. t^^ IsyhfLn. 

Mound, *. 40 J (tfepB); ^^ yi^Ath, 
lT^ yi^Atnti. 

Mount, 8. iO J (tfeps) ; — , v.n. (jaA^ 
ebikmak, cX«J«M^t^ yi^kselmek ; 
— , VM. CXcJ binmek, ^jAS^>^J;iSi^^\ 
itsstono-chikmak ; fjAj\jji% tiktm- 
ydpmak, ^J^bjJ d6natmak; — 
Ararat, ^It c^l Igbn-dA^At ; — 
Carmel. ^^\t J*/ klrmU-dl^Ai ; — 
Hermon, .^Cj 1 J-^ jfebel-u-sh^ykh ; 

— Hor, (jj^lto J^ j^beli-harun ; 

— Lebanon, ^Li J->- jfebeli-Ubnan ; 
j^\t f^JjO dilnrzT-dXghi; — Olympus 
(Bitbynian),. ^\t ^jLJ^jS kesbisb- 
digbi ; — Sinai, ^^ J^ jfebeli- 
muss^. [jfebel. 

Mountain, «. dlL d^A, ar^ kyub, J^ 
Mountaineer, s. /^;}\ ^ltb\ clt dXgh- 

Mounted, a. i JL^jj bkmisb, aLmJ binili: 

^\ Itit, j1^ sikwar ; jUi\]b tydmlt, 

jSUjJ d^nxlt. 
Mourn, v.n. JkJ^^ l^Alamok, (j^^*-^! 

Xjimak; l^ji»byi^^t,1wUmatEm-et. 
Mourning, s. ^jm\j yass, *7U matim s 
9;jJ^ k^dur^t. 




MooBe, 9. ifj\i fan, \^^^ ^j*^ Andtk- 
-richlnt ; — trap, (^US klpxn. 

Moustache, 9. ^J^ hljik, 

Moath, 8. je\ i^hiz, ^Uj cUhln, J 
fkm I jUy hbghlz. 

Moathfbl, 8. Aa& \6kma. 

Moathpiece, «. jj}^^ dghizlik. 

Move, VM, ^Jj^jSAaJ k^mtldAnmak, 
\iJL^jS^ ULrakst-et; J^^mm&U? ashtn- 
mak, \^^ ghyjich-et, \JSj nlkl-et ; 
CXiilijJ^I ^-d^^Aiahmek ; — , v.a. 
jAj\*ii^ UmtldAtmak, cJ^jjJ 
dhrtmek, \ vJj^asrtyink-et ; Jk«jI&^ 
ytmuahXtmak, cXo^JcjI^^^^ t^ridi- 
hmn-^tdinnek, (l3^/;^cuJ; Hkklt- 
gh^tinnek ; begin to — , cX«a^&^^ 

Movement, 8, ^^\jJuJi kimtldAnlsh, 

Mow, v.a. CJu^ bichmek, aLI ^^^jjl? 

CXiia^ tirpln-ila-blohmek. 
Mower, *. ^jCjrljy? tirp&nji. 
Much, a. j^ cb6k; J\*>S^<^^ l^lli- 

^mikdar; — ^, oi. J[^ ch6k, U^ 

Mack, «. I;i^ gbyilbrs, CXL^ pkalik. 
Macofl, t. cJ|y4i«i B^ak. 
Mttd, «. j|j^l>> cUunyr. 
Muddle, vm. ^J^dJkJj kXTtahdnrmak ; 
— , «. jlUjli klrtshtklilc. [bdlXntk. 
Maddj, a. j!^^W oUtmurlu; J^^^y 
Muff, ». J?;/ J\ a-lqfiiiyAL 
Mofti, 8. ,JU4 m&fti. 
Mog, 8. J^^ or j^i3;V bio-dak, djjt 

(mlsbroba); J^ yoz, J[;(^ chj 
Cl^^ (surXt). 

Mulatto, #. jL« mUez. j 

Mulbeny, «. iZJ^J ddt. 

Mulct, ».a. W/f^ tfejiim-et. [^sb 

Mole, «. ^li klu'r, Jk) hagU, j 

Muleteer, 8. y^}>^ klUVjt. i 

Mallet, *. (grey) yijl lilfv ; (red) j 
Jl^j wjyALj tfekir.b}klyA«, ,^U 
^yil\j mEijin-bll^At, ^«>;V l^^bun; 

Malti£uioaB, a, \2}^S ghjun-a-g-h^c 

Multiplication, 8, ^^jL^yijyj tilr^yii 
^U^ ch6^AAlt8h, ^ij t^k^ssi] 
^^jp t&rsdish, ^jJU^ ch^g-bj 
dJ8h,^^«^ t^kBir ; (arith.) imm>j^ zai 

Multiplicity, «. i^L^ji k^ssret. 

Multiply, v.«. CX« r^y t5r6mek, ju3 le^ 
ch^^AAlmok, I^SiC t^k^saaur^et ; - 
v.a. CXiJ^y t&ratmek, Jh^aIU^ 
6h6jrAAltnuik, \j^ tfekatr^t ; \i^j 

Multitude, 8. d^^ w^fi^t, d^ 
k^Bsr^t; j;}^ (klkblOtk), ^U-J^ 
Izdiham, di>^ji^4>>» j^ni"iyy^t; grea 
— ,jJiiffi^ j^mmi-gb^fir. 

Mummy, 8. \^y mumiya. 

Mumps, 8. ^4...,4n..iA cJoj^^uJLjjU^ 

Munch, v.a. cJs^<5i*>" chin^mek. 

Mundane, o, ui^O d&ny6vi. 

Municipality, «.^fSb 8h^h!r,^M^ L^aIxi; 

J\jb\ ahan. 

Munificence, 8. dJSjL^j^is^ sdkhav^ti- 
.kyiUlyyB, iZ^^is* \^^jd d^iya'i- 




--xiiTedi, ii^^ bfczW, «^^->- ; 

mid ; igkh) ^^ kyME.« 
•:Lt»:iis, 9. pi, iZjLcj\^ l^wazimlt. 
-ier, #. ^^^^--Juj^^ Jsi kltll-n^&8- 
•^•?hkyn-hlkk ; — , vm. (J^j^^^ 

:darmek, tuJ!^ t^ef-etjjii kXtl-et, 

^ioa-glilnnek. [-kltil. 

-ierer, *. JJlS kitfl, JjU^li kinlt- 
•rjior, «. ^L«f j1^ mhrtldaiiui ; duJj^ 
ruveylsamo; — , v.n. cXcJu^jm) 
fuw^ylmmek, ^J^IjJ^ mbtldAnmak. 
^^e, #. ^^cJ^jJV bilik-feti, CL>\\J 
liba-et ; J^ync "issaba ; (fiah) ^Ju^ 

..ccovy* «. ^^ji^^^ yu m ,^ mosBkof- 
•miinlfkfti. [kdvvetla. 

■.«liroom, *• j^3jfc<^5j» jyj yfeiiir-61an- 
•mlntar. [m^BSikt. 

'^' '• l/'V ch%Aij ^^/i^y 
laacal, a.<--»^«A-^A5^_<5--y^mu8ikiyyB- 

losician, #. ^cA<Mty«Jjb) ^hli-musiki ; 
«sad W chllgbf jt ( » Jj)L» Baz^nds. 

u^nomaster, *. ^^\^ L5*^V* 

Mask, «. CX:;^ mUhk (mUk) ; — 

melon, ^^^li kkwim. 
Musket, *. c:-l^ thftnk (tiiftk) ; — 

proof, fl.y4us^4i^jy kurahun-g^ch- 

m^. [Xtmaklik-BJUi^'ati. 

Afoaketry, f • jiJO^^^^ijSJC tiifek- 
Moalm. t. J^<^ dMb^nd (tiilbent). 

1 r 

MuBqmto, s. i*Xu^^jy^ aivri^Bbiek. 

MoBsel, 9, ^ Ju4 midiyE. 

MasBolman, 9, f!i^\^\ ^hli-lsslam. . ' 

f i ^ ^ moBslim, ^UJu*^ massliman. « 
Mast, V. mis, see Grammar; — , '• 

MastachcB, MoBtachio, 9. ^JUi biyik. 

MoBtard, 9, J«>/>- kUlrdXl. 

Master, 9, ^uJjjj y6kliima; — , VM. 

fj^^ jbWaxaak, ^^uJi^ ytHklaina-et; 

^hjb toplamak; — roll, A^Jijj 

lJj:jJ y6klama-d^ft]£ri. 
Masty, a. p^ kyikflu, JL!S\ ^kabi, 

cJjijI^ cbiirak. 
Mute, a. and ». J^Jj dUfliz, ^j>'\ 

^Jdir^sB ; — , t;.ji. ;:U£CW alcbmak. 
Mutflate, VM. cX4>^^JjifjifU \)l"zu 

Matilation, 9. kl^^LcjWsaU i^yJ khs^ 

Matineer, 9. ,«^U "laal, lijjjj z6rba. • 
Matmy, 9. ^;U>a^ "hayan, ^\i^' 

t^gbyan, (^^j^j z6rbalik; — , v.n: 

^^^aJlSIjI kyaklanmak, ^J^^ is\A 

kya^An-kllkmak, ^^^'^^ "iaayan-et, 

t^Lid? tdgbyin-et. 
Mutter, V.II. and a. cX^^y^if^ii^\j\^J 

Mutton, *. ^^f^^y k6yun-feti ; — cbop, 

9. ^*jlji briz61fl. 
Mutual, a. cijiJL^ miisbt^r^k, ^jGt 

^Sjl^Jd^ iki-tiMfdan-^Un. 
Muzzle, ». Icl ^bz, ^}j^, bdrun ; — *, 

v,a.fJ>'^s^i^^y^ l^^ztnt-bX^Alamak* 
My, p, A im, bn, ^ b^nim. 




Myriad, «. cXj ^^\ bn-hhx iJLjhhxla. 
MTiTh, 8, i^^j^ mikm-elfT. 
Myrtle, t . i^^^^^ti^j^ mBrsin-XyAiji. 
Mysterious, a. yilLitiS] tagloBhUmhz 

(ihiDflshilmaz), jji^ lAj^ m^^kk-vsrir; 

jijJ ghizli, ^U sakli. J^ kh^fi, 

^^Jts^ mhkhfi. 
Mystery, «. ifjU^UAi^^ (^nnoshil- 

inaz)*bir-madd:i, \ajc< ind"dinma,^ 

sirr, (pi. j\^\ ^ssrar), J^j r&mz (pi. 

jy<j rihnuz). 
Mystic, Mystical, a. ^^b blttm, ^^^U:^ 

t^ss^VTofi ; mystic, «. ^yoi ^1 

^hli*t^ssdvvaf, ^y^ sufI (pi. ^y^y^ 

Mysticism, «. <— »j^7 t^ss^wuf. 
Myth, 9. Jl^^ mXssal ; ^^ jr^^ 

i^Miid^Lc ^ssattra-'l-iw£In«m^kulESBi. 
Mythology, ». ^^^^iH^U ^ssatihi- 

.'l-iTvflm, c^<b\^^U|^l ^ski- 



Nadir, #. i2»ias^ hidid; /»< 

Nag, #. c:^\ ^t,^^b (bfcgbir). 
Nail, «. (aatorsl) ^Jo timok ; (metal) 

i^^«>- iAAsi\,j>Sj\ ^nksxr, :^ mikh; 

— , v.a. jp^lLac^ mikhkmok, 

cX«L^Si»- chivilsmek. 
Naked, a. j Lj , ^ chipUk, vJ^U "ari, 

JUb^ b^rfehns. 
Nakedness, $, ^Jiiim^ cfalpUklik. 

Namby-pamby, a. ^j^ ^^^^ ^^ 

Name, 1. 1)^ iid, *mi^ issm, aU nam 
t;.ii. cX^jJ d^mek, \^^j^mJ t^sm; 
et ; ^}^^^\ iid-k6mak, C3^j£^ ^ 
vKrmeky O^^ *^^ ^-tiJuxuik ; tc 
names« ^jAj\^i^jfy* si^Aap-sayi 
IaUjj bM<-nam-et. 

Namely, iwf. ^^yju yh! ni ; ll-« m68s<! 
Namesake, 9. JL\jS\ iidd^sh, ^l 

Nap, *. ^Sjjl i)yku ; (of dothi) jW b 
Nape of the neck, l^ ^n^rsx, ^ 
Naphtha, «. c::^ nfeft. ["ur 

Napkin, «.^;-Cl-i(pfeshkir). 
Naples, 8. ^^ nkpoli. 
Narciasas,t. r*>^^^jj zKrin-kldeh, ^ 

zirxn; trumpet — , v,/*i-?^j|^ 

b6ru-chlch^y^ ; globe — , or dafib< 

Vjt^/)1 lltin-t6p. 
NarootiCv «. jJJb^ miikhsddtr. [yayE- 
Narrate, v.a. I JaJ nikl-et, 12U|\^ hi 
Narration, NarratiTe, s. ^l^ hikya^ 
Narrator, «. i^j^\j riivi. 
Namm, a.^^«> d2ur,jMj\ tesiz. 
Nasal, a. (^y^^^ tJS J^b ^jj 

Nasty, a. Ui fana, ^^ piss, ^^ 

murdar (mdn-). 
Nation, s. |*y klvm, ^iJI klbili, ^r:^ 

millet, ^j^'i'fi^ jbss. [sul 

National, a. < ,. >j«>v^ ^du« mUl^ts-men 
Native, a. jl^ yarli ; ^Uijk d^^Amn 

JiU khilkt, ^ytj-t abri; - 

country, ^^ vwltioit 




•>*« iD^vIud, «>]L«« nulad ; the — 

SL^ miladi- 

-s ; to east a — , \ ^t^icut 

il«. JI--L tAbi"t ; ^^jSU. khllki, 

->jibilll; — history, CL9U1^«>*JLc 

-i-hajwlnit ; — pbilofiophj, 

hlkm^ti-tlbr'iyyB ; — 

Qiyy\.t&lA'"iyy^ta-ltlbul-fet; Ict- 
- of — , JL<X'mZ,mWnl teb^t^lyj^tnamE ; 
^i pit^nta. 

^^Hzed, a. JLJj\ J^ jfj) yBrK- 
-i-^bnuah ; ^^jt^J^ji yErbsahmish. 
>e, ,. 4 > ,w^..U abi"at; jlU. 

->t, #. ^ hlch. 
-f^tmeas, #. c^/«|;i yiram^zlik. 
i%. «. J^^ yiramaz. 

^-cal, a. ijfysti b^khri. [miisst. 

'^'«. (church) ^^ sMm; (wheel) 
.^-r^^lu. jUb bXahlik. 
^•el. *. cbjf ghyib^k. 

J'M CJijjl Jk^ J ghfenri-VB-ldyik- 


Navigate, vm. cX«J!^ ^b^ i<*^ gh^mi* 
Ua-g^2znek. [a^flm. 

Navigation, «. ^\L»j^ J^ "ibni-seyri- 

Navigator, «. Av^,4>^ cJj^ itbt ^^«4^ 

Navy, «. Uij^ J d^nonma. 

Nay, ad. j^ y6k. 

Naze, ». ^^jyi bdrun. 

Neapolitan, a. jU^U nitpolili. 

Neap, a. ^^^ yiktn, Uj--J|/ klrib, 
C)^(3p n^zdik; ^^iMni.rfc khlssiss, 
Jij^ tlmk"kyar;' Jj«0 8^1, J^ 
^ifi^J^ 661-t^rafdaki ; — , ad. ^Uib 
(hsmEn), tjjSJ tAkrlba ; — ,pr. ^b 
y^nnia, ^JcJb y^tnda; ^Uj^ kdr- 
btna, 'Jcjjj kdrbtnda ; A:>£*3p n^tna, 
2rJJJ^ n^zdinda; ^^j^- jiwartna, 
a(jj^1^£>- jlwannda, ^JimJI^ Uiwa- 
liBsina, jfJ>:»-J|^ hilwalissinda ; (in 
time) i^jjyc siyiarinda, ^^Jj]/ 

Nearsighted, a. ^^t^l^ ky^tahbm. 

Nearsightedness, «. CJlx^JblT^ kyii- 

Neat, a. j^^i t^miz; Jjj^ ghyiiz^, 
Jjj^2rjL» sadi-ghyuz^l ; — cattle, 
Ll^\y0>'^i^^jL^ s^^Air-m^ku- 

Nebula, s. L'jb u-flgAf^ khafif-bulnt. 

Nebular, a. ^ t^ bulut-ghibi. 

Nebulosity, s. (j|>^^ bulntlnluk. 

Necessaries, «./)/. fi^«^^l^ h^wa'gi- 
z^rur^s, d^Ujy l^aztmat. 

Necessarily, ad. isJ\ ilb^tta, jt/^^ 
bi-'z-z^ur, ltj^jaLl\i bl-'z-z^uri. 




Necessary, a. Aji lazdm; (very) ^J\ 

^Iz^m; — , 8, ^!t lazimE; imM^ 

kfenef, \La^ mtoiaha, A}lfldui«Xjl ^b- 

de88t-kliaii£, [^tdirmek. 

Necessitate, v.a. cX«;JcjfL-iiW:*\ ijlb- 
Necessitous, a, ^^sl'^ miihtXj, jJii 

fhlur, JCk^ii^-W. hajetm^nd. 
Necessity, s, ip\p^ UitiTig, (JU^jjj^ 

zdrvr^t ; fJL^\^- hijet. 
Neck, *. ^^y^y^ b6yun, ^jtij ghferdin, 

JU»A "imuk. 
Neckdoth, #. ^b ^J^yf hbjxm-hilghu 
Necklace, s. C)iii3/ gh^srdxnlik, iJj 

Necktie, s. ^t* ^^f^yi b^ytm-bl^Ai. 
Nectarine, s. ij\^ diirrakt, j)UL&^ J 

Need, s. '^^f^ Uitiyaj, KZ^j^ja z^i)r^t, 

(j:.^l>- hajet; — , v.c. jl-laa::* 

NeedM, «- /^^ lazim; the — , <--^W;\ 

C^isi-** yiW-inlsslShat; ^\ xkcha. 

Needle, «. ^Sj\ l^Ans, (:^*j<^ suzeo. 
Needlewoik, 9. JUS=^ dikish; aJjI 

_1j\ i^AnE-ishi. 
Needy, a. ^^s-'^ xnikbtlj, jM f^ir, 

JCi«ii>-l>- bajetm^Dd. 
Negation, 9.Ji^\ Inkyar ; ,^ nfcfy. 
Negative, a. (^1 ^^ nfefy-Men; J; 

^pj^ r^dd-^den ; — ^ 8, ^^ c-i^ 

b&rfi-n^fy ; — , v.a. \ J; r^dd-^t. 
Neglect, s. Ji}^*^ cUkkXtstzltk, JUj^I 

ihmal; — , i^.s. \JUjbt ihmal-et, 

J^^Uib bXkmamok. 

Neglectful, «. ^Uft^ ibmalji. 
Negligence, s. JUjb\ )bmal. 
Negligent, «. ^Uih^ Ihmalji. 
Negociate, v.a. l^ULe miikygl^ixi 

CX«^^ siiwfeyliishmek ; ^ 

sltmak, cX«;«x» sikrmek. 
Negociation, «. A4»S\C« miikyalt 

i(S\s^ muzak^r^, Jli>-LM« miibali^ 
Negro, 9. imgJ^ "kmh, c-^«L-* sh 

Neigh, V.II. iiy^mtS klshnimek. 
Neighbonr, s. ^JL^^ k^ngshu (k 

shu), jU- jar ; j^^ milgavir. 
Neighboorhood, «. Jflju.^^ kdng^ 

luk ; J<j>' jiwar ; i^j^^ mi!kjav^ 
Neighbouring, a. ^jfii y^tn, 2r«X 

^^y y^tnda -. ^Un> ^^1 ^ ^^ 

Neither, />. ^^jmJjfi^ hlch-Urissi, j 

jW n£-6-nE-6; -^, od. 2fJ<Uj 

n^di, ^ ns. 
Nephew, «. ^«^ y^Asn, MS\Jjt. 

biradEF-zadi, if*:\\s,0LMb h^mshi 

-zadE, irjj^lj kkyn-zads, arj]jilU 

biisht^-zadi, ar4>l/^l:^b b&j^nAl 

-zadE, &c. &c. 
Neptune, «. ^Ji^ \:>^^ n^ptiin-yildi 
Nerve, s. jS^ Aigir, <U»flp» "issah 

yio^ lk*dXmar; CS^lu m^tani 

LlJ^fm^- j^ssar^. 
Nervous, a. J^j^ k6ik^k; jJaJl 

mfetan^tli; v:;Sj^<^Ua^43^j1 Xi 

dXmardon - "ibaret - 6lAn ; ^)/^^ 

^)l^l j;!jcl^ Ak-dlniarlara-miita"allij 
Nest, 8. ifji yiwn, ^G 21 lanE. [(Mai 




*^k; (cast) 

alchma ; 

•■- 1 

fifj\ty dkrosst-chik- 

:; — , VM. ^J^)j^ IclzoDmak. 
~ '* \J^s:}^j^^ isBtrghln-^tu; 

'~-^^^, viW •"- ^ A ■■■7*i^ ghyiijuna- 
*^ a. ^L^J^Vi kXrishmoyan, ^ 

"-', a. ^L^Jli^lj kXriahnuiyank 
^"^^ «. ^^^i^ixJ bitiuraflik. 

fd, ,Mb hkh, li^f IsBki, IJat 



^idcM, c. AiJ yhiB (gbfeni), ^ 

' '^ t/i y^^» "H^ j^*^> y **^^' 

"' «. ^. ^ khAbsr* C^t^ 
•^adisB. [tlkwim, »»X5/^ jferida. 
^^per, #. 4l5|i gbizfeta, ^^jSS 
*^^ender, *. j^UU ^ gbiz^ta- 

^'a.^jrJuUydndflki; ^JfJjbviJl 
^•yiodaki, iS^/^ 86ii^aki ; — , 
^ ^/- t^N^a, *Juy Wi"dahu, (^ 
r^^\ ^ day, viJ>SD^^yJ ^^mi- 
■?^yK \:)^^*^^ ftrdaaai-gliyftn, 
*>«0)%;bir-gbyiln-»6ii^; e;j!f;?j\ 
'•^i'-gbyki. [klt"-ct. 

^J^^l ftn»di8hlarila-ykw2L8h-7kwXsh<* 

Nice, a. ^^ iyi> Jj^ ghyi^l, jLflL 

aUt; ^1;^ msrlklt, l::^JC)iJ 

^.^\ p^-d&klt-^diji. 
Niche, 8. ijiJ^ hi\jrE. 
Nick» 8. C)^:^ chbitik, cJ J^ gh^dik », 

in the very — ^ of time, iX^^AXi 

Niece, v* J^ ^^]£;^^ bbrad£r-zadi-k)z» 

&c. See Nephew. 
Niggard, ». ^^^^^ijmmc^- khlBsiss, Jijui^ 

tlmk"kyar, kJ^;^«>^ jbnri. 
Nigh> II. ^^ y^in, v.^y kirib, 

C3j4)^ nbzdik ; well ^, oif. u5jJ\2fl 

Iz-kllds. [ah^b. 

Night, *. lasf ghfeyja, JJ Ifeyl, ^^ 
Nightgown, 8. ClU^sCl^ gh^yjolik. 
Nightmgale, 8. JJlJ bidbul, Uy^jiX&r. 

"ind^lib (pi. JjU "anadfl). 
Nightman, «. ^^cf^ l^i^Atmjt. 
Nightmare, «. ^^^^ kyabus. 
Nightshirt, 8. cUa^ gh^yjolik. 
Nile (river), «- u^ JJ nil-n^hri. 
Nimble, a. «^U- chkbik, (^1^ t^tik. 
Nme, a. J^ d6kuz, w^J tiss", ^Ut^J 

tbs'X ^ niih. 
Nineteen, cj^S^eO^ 6n-d6kiTz. 
Ninety, a. ^;Lit dbksan, ^^^-fc-J tlas^tn. 
Nip, v.a. fjA^ kbsmnk. 
Nippers, 8.pL ^J^ Idsalj. [-blaht. 
Nipple, 8, ^U«« mbms, ^JU\ilA>^ m^ms- 
Nitre, 8. ^j>-j^£s ghyi^hifcrchilB. 
Nitrogen, 8, Aj>y^\ jlj^ miiw^da-'l- 





'So,ad. jyl jblL,jiJi^ lihkyr, 21 la; — ,p. 

^.Jb hich,^.^ hich-bbr ; — matter, 

j^jf^ z^^rar-y6k ; — more, ad, ^j\ 

iutik ; OJCiUMi H-ma-b4"d. 
NobiHty, 8. U^ sh^r^fa; <j:JU 

XsBaia ; JSc^p^ laalzads-ghiaii. 
Noble, a. ^'^•'^ n^jib, Md/^ sh^rif, 

aJ.£3 k^rim; (J^t lutl, jlslUI 

NoUemaD, 9. cJjirj|;^ b^i-zadi- 

-b^^A, »^^^\ Xadzads. 
Nobodj, j». 4m4^ IdmsB, <...,4 ^ ^Jb 

Nocturnal, a. ^SyiFJc&J^^^tf^Vlf gh^TJa- 

.w^kkttnda-^An, JJ l^yll. 
Nod, t. d^^l&t JjJjl^j^b b^ah-ik- 

-Milsn-iBharet; — > t;.a. andii. ^V 

\(Jl.^l&^4jf blah . fla - Uharet - et; 

Noiae, t. ^,;«mi a^, f Jb# sXda ; ^jSijtf 

gbylbmldii, SjKaJU ab^mAta. 
Noisy, a. 4JU<& eh^mAta; j)iJUi& 

ab^mAtidt; ^^djU^k ab^mAtqjf. 
Nomad, Nomade, a. <;^j^ ghykliibB, 

u^ b^d^Ti. 
Nominal, a. ^^aSi LLfzi; ^^^^it^l Uami; 

ij^L&ftl i"tibari. [nlLaab-et. 

Nominate* v. a. \^j^ tk^yin-et, Ic^^rt) 
Nominative, #. \jcu« m&btMi. 
Nonchalance, $. j3j«< Jui Idydaizlik. 
None, p. ^ Uofa, ^'^ hlch-bb; 

Im^ Uma4 ^>^^ hich-ldmaii, 

iLm^j^ Uch-blr-kimsB ((9r ^ 


Nonaenae, «. ^U>-U aXcbmn, c.5<3^^i2] 
b68h.UJdrdt, ^jJiJ^ mk"ixik 
-■h^y. [-l>lr- 

Nook, t. 4AjS ky&ahi, jlj!^^ ^^ 

Noon, Noonday, Noontide, «. y^J^^ * 
*ybB.wIlrtt,^zhhr. Jiij JVy zfe^ 

Noose, «. ClULl ilmik. Cw:i 

Nor, c. irJ^j VE-ns-da, ^ ni. 

North, «. JU& ahlmal, JjL yHdtz ; 
a. JUA Bhhnali; — caat, j\j 
p6yrAz ; — west, %^J^ klra-y^l. 

Northerly, a. Northward, ml. »j 
^j^^ yttdtza-d^gbrir. 

Northern, a. ^U^ ahfanali. 

Norway, s, \^^j^ n6rT6ji«. 

Norwegian, a. ^\pr^jy n6rv6jiali. 

Nose, 8. yjjjy bihrun, u-aii ^nf. 

Nosegay, t. ^JuJCXaa>> chichd 
-dtoeti, AXirfjl? ghyMdeasta. 

Nostril, t. ^^J^*^(^}j)i bdrun-d^%Ai. 

Not, ad. See Grammar. 

Notch, «. cJj^ gh^dik, cJcj^ch^ntil 
^Jdish; — ,v.a. cJ'^c:i^ch^tmel 

Note, 8. 8fdJ t^zk^rs, ^^ pussla 
Aty n6ta; ^jjJu td"&yyan, ^Lif 
i"tibar; — , v.a. <(j:^J dikk^Lt-et 
— down, tlflui zlbt-et, cX^j^jl 
yiLEfvitrmek ; of — , ^;«"S^ mi^tff- 
"iyyin, ^^jJJt^ m^'t^bir, ^b^ 
b^-blsUi; —of hand, ^^^f^^y^i^ 
bank -^^ i«wlj ka'ims. 

Note-book, t. i^iMuc^ m^ma k. 

Noted, a. j^|w« m^shhur. 

Nothmg, 8. ^ Uoh, ^^-^ Wch- 
•bb-shfy ; |%«Xe "Usm, ^^^iu«J ussti. 







^ <. ^ kh^bsr; ^JLfr\ i"lan; 
-^^ dikkit; to give — . cX^^^ 
-:zr-Tcrmek ; — — public — ^ 
\ jS riin-ct; to take — ^ ^uuJj 
: i^ticHi, ».^;-^ khXber. [dikkXt-et. 
7, r^. ^fclA"^^ i^i,;-^ khlbermi- 
^rxek. [^£kyar),jj«^ toBslvvur. 
::i, #. Jlc "^, /i fikr (pi. jlilil 
-^rty.s. 4jj^jlzJj^ shjlthr^t-i^diyys. 
-i:r:i3, ^ i^V^ mjkt^watir, CXtJU 

, c. *iJ yki6 (gh^s), 
^*^m.<<« iii^"a-ina-fih. 
.- 1. t,j^ ofr ; ,^5^^.* hlch-bir- 
itT ; to come to — ^ ^jaA ^ kJ a^ 
^ta - cfalkmak, VlX«Ukjt ^^ijt 
: i^sft-lililBmainek. 
c^^h, 9.0. l^V-*^^ f b^sslEmek. 
r>hmciit, s. ViUi yteifek, ClX»-<U 

TLJek; ^^AitfU-cJ^^ftL-j b^88l£mek- 
'iisssoaflt. [hlkyaT^. 

list, *. j|^ f'^ bll^ay^-tiraz. 

' haf-ahfcy. 
ember, #. ^^^^ji/^ tfeshrini-sani. 

vice, *. ^j*'^ IJKmi. 

.7, Off. cfX«J^ sbimdi, SW hala. (jlll 

•bul^ta-hazibi ; — , c, t^tX^] Imdi; 
- and then, UUj bi"zfln, */<^ 

Nowhere, oA, i^jiji,^ h)'-y£rdtf. 

Noxious* a.j^ miizbrr,^^^ mlz^^ 
rXtlt. \jc>ij9. hdrun* 

Nozzle, 9. c3^^ ^mzik, UU gh&gha« 

NudeuB, 9.j^j^ mixk^z. 

Nude, a. J^^^ chipUk. 

Nuisance, t. h b^a. [ jl^b bltil. 

Null, a. ^jj b6ah, J >.>4> ^ hiikmsuz. 

Numb, Numbed, a. (j^^j< i)yuahuk» 
U*-^J;!j^ dyushmvsh. 

Number, *. ^^U skyi, JAs "^ed ; — , 

v.n. J^y 61mak, ^^U bXl^A.61; 

— , v.a. (jA^ sjkynuik, U^ Jui7 tk"dad- 

-et ; a great — , ^J^ ch6k, j^ 

k^sslr,^!^ wafir. [k^ssr^t-iiz^rs. 

Numerous, a. j^ ch6k, ^jj^^^Jj^ 

Nuptial, a. ^^^Ui^^j^^J^uJ^ ^vbmma- 
-dii^Aununa-milta"cfflik ; nuptials, t. 
jp/. i^j^^*^ A^j\ ^vlinma-dik^Annu, 
4^j Y^limE, mm) svr. 

Nurse, *. ^^gyxiUdU^*;,-^ khlsstnya- 
-bXktjt ; ^_<^V *«*r^ ch6JDy*fl- 
-blkfjt, (^J\J dkdi; wet — , 4jb 
day^, \j\c:JyM sht'ikna ; — ^, v.a. Jn^b 
blkmak, tc:.^J^ kh)dmet^t(hk-) ; 
CX«;£j CJytf sikt-Tcrmek, cJ^^^i^t 
^mzirmek ; ^J^\^ s^klamak. 

Nursery, 8, iietj\ ^yoit^ ^ n Iajv ^ ^ ch6* 
juklera.mUdisiiss-6da ; ^^^^^^«3i 

Nurserymaid, ». ufjl J d^. 

Nut, t. J xi f bdtk ; (of a screw) (^^^ 

Nntgall, «. (j^U mlzt. [s6mun. 

Nutmeg, B. 4j)^^\&.j^JoJb Undisstan- 
• j^inzi, >9jj4^ jfevzi-b^wwa. 




y^yi^ek ; ^^MtA^lcLcXiw b^salimek- 

-khlBsosBt. [-YErir-^lan. 

Nutritioiu, a. U^jA^^^!^ kdwet- 


O, uU^ lA hj, b ja. [m^ysbfi-^Aigt. 

Oak, ». A!m^ m^yshE, ,^^1^1 ^(«l-^« 

Oakmn, b. t^jp^^ c^satiipa. 

Oar, ». cJf^ lybxhlL. 

Oath, ». Jj^ Ind, ^^|<»^ y^mih ; to take 

an — , CU^ \jj\ Xnd-Ushmek, 1^^;-^ 
Oats, 9>pl, imJ'S^ yiyllf. [y^mm-et. 
Qbdarate, a. ,^^ jUa "ina^u 
ObdniBtenesB, a, jUfi "bad. 
Obedience, «. ij:^Vi ita"at, oUSit 

bkiyad, Jl&s^t ImtiBaal, vs-JJU^ 

mikmaBs^^t. [mihikld, i»tj ram. 

Obedient, a. ^■^■Vi.x mdti", j\ix^ 
Obese, a, ^^Ur..gA sbishman. 
Obey, t;.a. CX«^<3 dbglsmek (dmE- 

mek), tc£^\l»1 Ha"at-et, ^\j\k^ 

Object, $. M»^ jlssm, ^j^ mhri ; /Aj^ 

mferam, c\j^ miirad, Jya&« mXksud ; 

^ JjAi« mbf'ulnn - bib ; — , v.n. 

\^jo\jifi\ i"tir2z-et. 
Objection, s. u^)js^\ l"tirfz. 
Obligation, s. LZ^jyJfi^ m^buriyy^; 

ij^y b6ij ; Jjt^ tiiiv% i^Xm^S 

Oblige, v,a, \^^ j^br-et^ bW*^ ijbar-et; 

^ j}(^ mybur-et; U^ kEram-et, 

tuuoU^ "bayet-et, luJLl li)tf-et. 

Obliging, a. jl^kfi "bayetk^ar. 
Obliqae, a. (JjU ma'il, u.i^^V« i 

horif, (JT^ ^Ari. 
Obliqueness, Obliquity, «. C)Jj^t ^< 
Obliterate, vm. ^jy, b^zmok, (^ 

rilmek, CX«|«>- cblzmek. 
Oblivion, «. ^^L-J nissyan, t^j 

f^ramushi. [musst. 

Oblong, a. {:)}j)\ ^un ; — , «. cJs^ 
Obscene, a. ^jL) piss, ^^^;)Si»^U fafa 
^Ut«^j\ ^deba-miygbayir. [si 

ObiioeneneM, Ol^cenitj. u^U> fh 
Obscure, a, (^\^ klranltk, ^ 

mi^elim; JhljL« mdgbl^ ^»^ 

Obscurity, s. ^\^ kXranlilc. 
Obsequious, a. wi^^i^ mikt^wlzt. 
Observation, «. ^ nXzar ; CilCc^tj 

nlzar-^tmeklik ; «X«^ rlssAd ; ^da^^ 

Observatory, s. ^\>>Jm»^ rXssAd-khanjB 
Observe, v.a. JU<SV bXkmak, ClX^Ji 
. gby&z^tmek, fuuJj dlkkXt-et; ^J^ 

t^tmok, Ici^Uf ri"ayet-et, tcl 

Ittiba" - et, \ J\.2La-*^ bitissal - el 

CJmaJlj^ siiw^ylsmek, (J^^j^ 

Obstacle, «. ^U mani", isLa s^ktE. 
Obstmacy, 8. jl:^ "bad, C^jJU 

niO^an^d^t, 0^ t^^rrud. 
Obstinate, a. _>>j\ic "badjt, J^:^ 

n]u"^nnid, J^4&« mi^tdmMd. 
Obstruct, i;.a. CX«.«^ k^ssmek, J^V^ 

klpAmak, JkvUJ^ t2kamak, \Xi s^ddj 





ICtiCKI, *. 

ti^ mtokt*, IfJlmi 

'2^il-€t, J^4J5l' na'il - 61, ^l^ilx« 
z.\5Er - 61, cJ^^ h^hnak, JU^l 

~ :k« ^J^\j^ k6pannak. 
-£. a, j^ ky^, jAmS k^m«(z; 

-^^j^ dlrayetfiiz, (j^^ ahmdk; 

- ; ■ : .- < manf^j (fern. ^Lg»yi,v.x 

^t» vja. i^j^^i^J"^^^^ charEssmi- 
xjjak^ ^Jm4^yJ VJ^^ "llajini- 

n«, a. ^Jn^^ dchik«jlC&1 ashikyar, 
, « <V mhydlnda, ^^ij wazth, ^^ 

w^l:^ miinass6b^t, L^t Iktiza, 

wo^Uo hajet; t^'^;>»rf s^beb, CL^lg 

Irt, Isujf^ zhn'ht ^Lyj^ y^bsIIe; 

wrf^ firslt, ,^5^j^ i--^' ip-uju, 

-ii-# s^-rkhtE; — , v,a, \^^\ji} 

>-et, W^^ intsg-et, !c-J^ j^lb-> 

•rtJcjr^ J dk"v^t-et, jlu^jb badi-^l, 

. sL^\i ba"iss-61, i^^^jyo muriss-61, 

--c"^ imkntij-61, y^Juj-ij y^8SilB-6L 

oional, «- **{;^ z^hurT, */^|^^ 

,3.i«Jl« ^ra^s}ra-wakt"-6lAn ; — ^ly, 

^.Uw b^"zan, ^)^^ dra-flba, ^W*^ 
hyanflD, JXOuCt Ucida-blr. 
Tipaticm, f . u.. J ^ ^ < m^ahghuUyyfet, 
^J kh. J*A slidghl (J,/. JlL&\ 
*>bgliil), ^l^ ltyar» <^ piahE; 
J^ kflti"2b ; i&^Ur«jlM zlbt- 

Occupy, v.d. CX«^^^j^\ ish-vErmek, 
J-Jjj^^l ish-bulmak, IJU-^it 
khgbal-et ; \i^^C^ m^ahghuUet ; 
(j^^^ tutmak, Jn^J^ \S^^ wlktmt-> 
-tutmak, Jk^^^tjX^f bbindoD- 
-lltk6xnak,^^^ L« maiu"61 ; \ i . »\irj?>irt1 
k8ti"2b-et, (J^^ tutmak, (J^j^^ 
d61durmak ; t A^ail^r^^LuJ zlbt - u - 
\^l^ vikjudi-lla-gbaynii^«d&khuliiU" 
m^ii"-et ; CXaa^sI isstExnek, 

Occur, v.n. (j^^ 61mak, j^^|^ 
w2kt"61, \jyio zuhur-et, C^<Ojii 

Occurrence, ». ^i\ ish, ^^ shfey, *»5j 
wak"^ (/>/. ^^^ w^ka't"); — b, 
s.pL cr^Uy^ wiyku"lt, CljSj^ 
zuburit, CL^lijf^ b^idisslt. 

Ocean, 8. c^J ^jlJ? dhb-d^^, 
la«^ jai^bkhri-miyhtt, ^U^ "dmmln, 
(jm^j^Ij kImuBS, c/*y^^ ikyanu88» 
UjJ d^a. [-b6ya88i. 

Ochre, *. (red) ,^^y ^^^ ^Lahi- 

Octagon, 8. Octagonal, a. ^ ^ ^^- V >c 
mites^niBn, ^ ^u2»^ii£s^X^ 8^kiz- 

October, «. jy^j;l/2J t^hrmi-inmBl. 

Ocular, a. Jkjf^}j!f g^5^z-3«- 
ghyj^mlBn; to give — proof, — 
demonstration, Kiy^ ^ *.^y!i AJutjf^ 
gbylto - ila - ghyifsstannek ; to have 

^, , ilX^j^^})^ ghyi^z. 

- Ua - ghyinrmek, \ J^JJhlL^ ^^^ tu^t^ 
r^'ya - 1 - "iyn - miiBhah^dE-et ; — 
witness, ^^^^J^ ghyi)(ztla-ghyitarBn, 




^fjJbL& 8hahida.l-"iyii, 

Ocolistf t. ffSjb y^jy ghykga-h^kim. 

Odd. a. CJJ t^; u^'^ "Ai^ (^aib), 
c.^^ gh^Hi, uJlasr tiOiIf. 

Ode, #. QiOJig) irju.tfi klssldi, (short) 

Odious, a.j^^^ mbifur, 'j^/^ m^ub, 
^^k^rih, jr^icL.^ milsstdaih. 

Odoroas, a. ^yy k6kulu, ^i^\j 

Odour, »• yyi k6ku, 2Ca^tj ra'ihk, jJ 
bd, <^^ bi^y; sweet — , yyjjjj 
gbyiiz^l - k6ku, ^uJ? ^a^j ra'M'i- 
-ti^jyibs, ^j^t^ »-^ buyi - sbirin ; 
bad — , yy^ f£Da-k6ku, yy/^f 
^ilfr.k6ku, i^^^i:^\j ra'M'i- 
-k^ihs; in bad — , (»p>yl:^ m^nkyub, 
LT^J*^ ^;J;Ls^1 i"tibardini-ditoh- 

Of, jM*. c3 in^, cX) niD^ ; ^ don ; 
^ li, lu, ^1 Ua; ^jy^\J^ d^i^- 
itimi, ^^^^ dan-d61ajt ; j1 ^ ; 
^j^ mb ; ^j^ "do. 

Off, ad, ^ iX y >„ »j l i^tondan, (j«3JjJ^\ 
ikzxrmdon; jlj^ i^zlk; Jrjilj^\ 
tzlkda, ^J;^^ bzkgha*, to be — ^, 
dUo^ ghitmek; Jk^ yiktlmok, 
CX«;J^ slkdirmek, j^f^^ jihoQ- 
0001-61 ; to be well — , jU jSW^2;m*>> 

hAssDa-balda-61, j^^^^l^^ ^^*' 
dyghuii.61,jf^l>-jrls^ r^ahi-hali-61, 
j^lJtai^ m^^£faha.l.bal.61 ; to 
come — , 4JK^r^ cUkmok, Jh^Jy 
k6pmak; o^^ 6bxuik, j^^|; 

wakt"-61, jK*Jy^^^ wuku*'-buln 
to go —, CJ^.*:!^^ ghitmek ; ^j;^ ^ ^ 
Xt^-Idmak; J^^ 6hnak, ^ 
iDymnk ; to take — , (j^J ^f^ cliil 
mak, jKt;«>!U kildirroak; (J.V^ . , 
k^mek, f^uLiJ klt"-et; \ «X, 

tXUid-et; to pull — , <>*;^^ ^^^ 
mak; ^^^^pJCUdjl iksstundan-llini 
— , 0. ^U fkgh, ^9^)o^ Bhi 


Offence, 8, v^..,'>>LS kXbahot, ^Ls^ 
jihih4, ^^^ j^rm, ^^ such; j^\a 
t^jayuz; to give — , slX^j 
ghyiiJEudirmek ; to take — , 

Offend, v.o. cX^j^i^j^ ghyikJEndi! 
mek ; — , v.n. 1vj>^^-LS kXbahot-et 
1^^ si>ch-et; \9\ii gbyi!inah-et 
— against, \f,z^j>^jjj>k^ mughaTU 

Offender, «. ^J>-y^ sdchlu, ycLd-L 
kXbahotlt, mj^ mbjrim, ^j-i^ltf<^aci> 
jdnha-sahibi ; old — , jI^U aXbikol^ 
i^j^^S fesski-kdrt. 

Offensiye, a. i±f k^rih, JJ b^dj 
u^^lfisT t^javuzi; — and defensive! 
^jutjJ^ufj^W' t^avuzi-ys-tedafu"f. 

Offer, 9. L^AjKjf t^If; ^^^^ virish; 
— , VM, cX^jyi ghykuDmek, 
\jy^ zuhur-et; — , v.a. CLe^^ 
YEnnek; ^<«-aJ»>? t^ldlf-et; ^\jOj^ 
"irz-et; — violence, {}^^jij 
z6rlamiik; — — to one's feelings. 




:^d, a. J,.,i.>K7cJj p^-t^klifaiz ; 
- iS "arstz ; C^^ cb^btk ; — ^ 8. 
.>;cU aJ^A-tikraft. 

-7^aza; cs.^ ^ JL' i . kh^dmet (hlz-), 
>:-£j^ Lo mfe'muriyyfet, ^^^ kh. 
-:^» s. IsijU^ zabit ; jy«^ m^'mur. 
'-Isl, a. ,^_<^»-*^ rfessml ; — ^ly, ad. U-j; 

ir. *. ^^f^\ ^ngbin. [r^mon. 

". Often, Oftentimes, Ofttimes, ad, 
}^ (diok« 'J J if' ch^k-kiiTE, 

>^^7TE, ^$'^^ klch-kim; Jhm^ s^k, 

j^^j^ sik-sik, ]^^ kb-aron, 1^]^ 

:. ir.ii. <_f^V \Ji ^\J^ii^ "iahvB- 
rt, «. j|*ir^*>^ mirdomkhar. 

:! »/. »\ yi, u^j v^y, d)^ w^. 

: *. ^\j y^h, ^^jij rughlLn ; — , r.a. 

jJLfb j^JAbsduV, \^^^ t^dhm-et. 

i^tment, «. 9 y^ y^A, ^»3b^ mirhim. 

<:, a, ^^f^^ ^ki, ii^Ji kAdim ; 
^JjiSJi ^sskimiBh, A^( kyikhns; 
person) *«ry k6jfl, jlj^l Ikhtiyar, 
^,»« missinn, 9JU(XJL» sil-dlds, 
i^jjff\^ sal-khurdE; — man, ^ 
pir. .^ sh^kh, jUi>{ ikhtiyar; 
-woman, iJ[;l5iU»-y k^ja-klurt, *^ 
^j piTK-zfen, j^ "ikjuz ; — Teste- 
mcnt, tl^'j/ tfcvrlt, J-lftJk|CCy^ 
lyiitobu-'Udt-'^tik ; of— ,^jJH 

fesskidon, j^Jjijt fez-kidim, jiJjiJl^ 
mb-el-kldlm, J^<^;fi "^-Isdin, 
J-^Sl^ fi-l-Assl, j^JAjjt ^tBdon- 
bferi, j^JuCtil ^kidon-b^ri. 

Oldfeshioned. a. ^jjo ^j ^J^\ feaski- 

Oleander, *. ^yj z^kkum. 

Olive, 8. (j^^J zhytvu (zfeytin) ; — tree, 
L5^^^ Uf^j zfeytmi-X^^AJi ; — oil. 

Omelet, 8, iJui kaygbana. 

Omen, 8. JU fill. 

Ominous, a. ^JCX|3 Jli fid-nfev' mden ; 
(jm>yc^ mbnhuss. 

Omission, 9»jy^ kdssur ; *m^ tlkstr ; 
jLilj\ Itlaytsb ; cJj tferk. 

Omit, VM. JUUjI Xtlamak, JUi^ brMc- 
mak, l^y tferk-et, \JajUf^Arfi^ 
nlzar-et; — an opportunity, ^jyoi 
kOssur-et, J^j^XifjL^jJ firsAt- 
-kXcbirmak. ["arabossi. 

Omnibus, *. ^*iyi \^J^ cbirsht- 

Omnipotence, Omnipotency, 8, C^jJ 
jXtm Jlfi kudret."al^.1.itUk. 

Omnipotent, a.j^^ kldlr. 

Omnipresent, a. ir^^JjlC« m^kyan- 

Omniscience, 8. ^jUm Jl& "ilmi-mdtllk. 

Omniscient, a. Jxt k"lim, aJx "Mim, 
/»le "dllam. 

On, pr. si B, a; jrj d£, da; ^ticu^jt 
iksstuno, yjc:i^j^ iisstunda; ^jj^l 
^xrino, J^^^J^J^I iizBrinda; J bsr; 
J^"mL; —,ad.^Jj\mii Au-jl 
il88t4 ^O^iSLi^t iksstdi; A^ yini 





(gh^E) ; ^^j}*^j^, b)r - dikziji, 

UjUs^ milil^madiyan ; — foot, ad. 

(^\jv y^ytm, L<&1« maahijon; — , a. 
2r jLj piyadi ; — high, ^^^ji yi^k- 
negha, tjLmJi^ yi^ksekda ; i^^ 
ghyUghi, 2rj^ ghyi!fkd£, cU^ykJ^^ 
fi-'as-B^mavati ; — horseback, ^b^LZ-^l 
It-ila ; ^\ XtH, j\y^ siiwar, LSj\y>^ 
fliiwari ; — purpose, ^^yokfi m^Jch- 

BUSS, IkXioS klssdon, 1«X4^ "^don; 
_ that day, 4^/ Jjl 61-ghy5n, j»ji 
j^iV« y^vmi-mfezkyur ; to put — , 
CJ^ ghimek; cX«;Ju£3 ghidir- 
meki to go — , cXci^jt U^ri- 
ghitmek; jj^^ 61mak, cXif^ 
gh^hmek ; cX>iiL^ ghiyihnek ; to 
come — , il^A^ ghElmek, clX^^J^ 
ghEUvirmek, cJul^j^jLt UM-ghEl- 

Once, ad. z^j bir-kirrx, ^J^ bh-- 
d^'k, ^^ bir-s&fsr; (^^j^ bir- 
-wlktt, ^)^jf/ bir-z^mln, ^^^ 
C£j^\!^)ti w^kkton-min-el-^vkAt; — 
more, U«3^ b)r*d2di^. 

One, a.ji bk; C)j y^; SpA hhh^, 
J^tj wiOiid (fem. c^J^l ihdjl) ; — , 
^. mC\ IdAm, ^4.u^ kishi; some 

^, uf^ blri. 4^^ birissi, j» J^ 

AdAm; no — , ^Um^ kimss; eveiy 
— t ^/-^ hir-kfess; any — , c^ 
bbi, 4_5«>^ birissi, ^ jt XdAm ; <U*4i^ 
kimsB ; — 's-self, u^J^ k^ndi. 

One-eyed, «. (•^i-fni yfekch^hm. [bsXf. 
Onesidedness, t. i^LjI aOa "^xmi- 

Onion, «. (^^^ s^^Aau, J«a; bXssl 

Only, flrf. jCJb yUtViz, Ui ttkAt, . 
s^t, jrjL sadfi, ^U safi, «J 
miiijteed. [kit 

Onomasticon, s, yj!^ CL>U! lik^ 

Onset, s. Mys^ hi!ijum. 

Onslaught, a, ^ye^ hiijum. 

Onward, ad. jf^\ Mn, [-tXs 

Onyx, ». ^^^ (^W^ sM^ymA 

Ooze, V.II. Jk«^ sizmak, 1 ^^ n^hv 
(orlc-iU n^hf-et), ]^\a> t^kAttir. 

Opal, s. ^jm^\^^ "Jiynu-'sh-sh^ni! 

Opaque, a. ^^J dOnuk, uXl^ k^ssTf 

Open, a. JfA dchiTc, jb bXz, ar jLu 
kyiishadE, r^i^ m^ftvh; — , v, 
^}Af^ ^chmok, \Jii ftth-et (fbt-h 
^— , t;.». Jk^J^^ ^htlmak. 

Opening, a. (Jf«»^ miisshU; — , i 
jlto.^ ^hfldik, ^\j\ ^ralik. ^ 
klpt; vj:*.^i0^ flrsAt; ^U>>f dchma 
^uU-t dchtlma ; Jli f^th (t-h), jI:J 

Openly, ad. J>-^ ^htk, ^i>-1^0a>. 

dchtkdon-dch^^, l^f>» j^hron, IjLc 

"^yanon, jlC&t Xshtkyar. 
Opera, s. Uj^I 6pEra. [durbmi. 

Opera-glass, 8. ^J^j^*^ ^jj^^ hp^va- 
Operate, vm, (JJ^^JLA ishlKmek, ^t 

^'V!^ Ish-gl^rmek; U«JU t^'sir-et; 

CX«iJjJ<««£ "Xmil-V£rmek ; ^\f^\ 

lijixi t va ff l)rayt-s^"jkt-et. 

Ophthalmia, 5. «X<^ r^med. 
Opiate, «. ^IL jf ^y^J J^^JjI uyu- 





•3. ». o1^ rh'y, ^ ztoi, (^U3 
.1-5, Jji kAvl, J^ site; (legal) 

' '-Dated, a. ^-s^jli^ ")nad]i. 

-n, «. ^2;^^ Xfyun. [mdkhllif. 

Dent, #. ^i^id^ khXssm, cJll^ 



4: IT 


rtimitj, «. \JL0^ji firsAt, u^ 

:-^ls^ mvkhal^f^-et, )c:.^U« 

:'j^te, «. ^^Ji kiufsht, J^lio mi^-. 
v-vbil, ^Y^ mdwajih. 

jsition, ». i,::^ls^ mukhal^f^t^ 
^^^U^ miiinana"^. 
?^^, v.a. kjXcji^s^^^:^^ s^knidj- 

'Ermek ; ^jjA>fC siknuik, \^ zMm- 

Et, \^ou,5 t^"^ddi-ct. 

"I'ressor, «. J\!b zalim. 

Pprobrinin, 9, t_ n-" "ayp. 

V'^c«ai, ,. ^^jj^ ghynzlukji. 

'.^on, ». jl^\ iklitiyar. 

'•palence, ». cl:Jj^ sfervijt, ^UL stoan. 

^^^j ZBnghinlik. [t^m^wil. 

1 '^•'^H a. ^J zfinghin, J^.*:^ mii- 

' ^^'^^'' '• J^ °^^Wi^n (k-h) ^1^ 
sifr kjrahin-JKWibt. 

Oral, a. \j^^ ]^AzdiiD, ^U^ riilfaht; 

C^^ange, 8. J^^y p^rtakM; (Seyille) 

t^y ti^ninj. 
Orangoutang, 8. ^y^t^ m^ymCu. 
Oration, 8. ^jL) nutk. 
Orator, 8. m j^ mTri-k^am. [76I. 
Orbit, 8. tLUi ftlek ; iyb da irs ;. J^ 
Orchard, 8, ^b ar^ mfeyvE-bi^Ai. 
Orchestra, «. ^!u^ciiiSl>> chXlghtjtler. 
Ordain, v.a. \t^.,^y t^rtib-et, Ljh:J 

t^zTm - et ; lyol ^mr r et ; ^Uy>wi> 

Order, 8. /Moj mzim, ^UasJt blizZm; 

^^^y tErtib, jF^ B^ra; ^^^ ^mr„ 

arjl^\ b-adB, fj-iJ ttebih, ^^L-i 

Blparish; y^Jctta sinf, (,/<iSi0^ jbiBB; 

l::.^^ tdrikXt; ^lU niahAn; -^, 

v>a. Ik^Jy t^rtib-et, Ujlra:>7 t^ztm- 

^et; \j^ ^mr-et, Wo^ hradi-et, 

If^ijJ t^nbih-et; \(^Umi aiparish-et, 

,J^jU«tft iBsm^lainiik; to ****, a^ 

^u)^Um#^ iBsm^lama. 

Ordinary, a. ^U^ b^ya^iU', u^jla ''&di« 

Ordnance, «. c-^ t6p, ^;^U (hlvAn). 

Ore, 8. ^Jm^ idL"dkn, jSi filhx, Jbf^ 

Organ, «. csJt alet; ^^y^^^ irgban^n. 

Organization, «. S-^^ tfertib, jmSo^J 

Organize, o.a. 1c«.^mJ^ t^rtib-et, ^a*^ 
tdnztm-et, \fj^r^ t^nsik-et, i^^%jc 
(j^9^ aimsBtna-k^mak. 

Orgie, 8. CUfjt^ J JLa "fah.u."bhHjt. 

Oriental, a. ^jJ^ tkhrkl. 




OrientalxBt, s. \JL\ i^jit iiJ\ HBini- 

Orifice, 8, cLk) d^lik, jk\ Ighz, j/ 
ghyikz, J fxm, ^Uj dUiaD, ^|;^ 

Origin, 8. ^\ iisd, iJw« m^bd^', ULx« 
m^sh^', (lib blsb, ^Ub bXab- 
Iftngbij, J^tJ tbmel, J^t eweI, \jcj\ 
ibtida, >JJ bM'. 

Original, a. ^^^l Xseli ; 4^W^ tbbaf, 
u-.^-^ "kjib ("ija'ib), ^^^ 
gb^rib ; ^ J d^li ; — , 8. J^\ laai ; 
I»JuJU? t&baf-ldAm, ^J d^. 

Originate, t;.a. j;.4i«i>- ch^kmok, \j^ 
zubur-et, tc: >^I?J n^b'^t-et; — , 
v.a. ^j/*^Su>- chikarmak, cX^^SijJ 
dilsbiinmek, f9^«3jl lbda"-et. 

Oraament, «. cmjJ zin^t, u^J zib, 
Uij ziba, ^jiiW j zJbayiflh ; — , v,a, 
)^j7 t^b-et, kL^^jX^XJj sdnet- 
iBndinnek, J^tuf^ft) ddnatmok; — 
one's self, C)^J> b^xnmek. 

Orpban, 8. ^^ jlAm,jJi^ Wasaz. 

Ortbograpby, #. L«^ Imla. 

Oscillate, v,a. (j^'i^ s^^nnuik. 

Oscillation, «. ^L^ sXll^ma. 

Ostensible, a, c^U^ zabirt, ,^ylfr "^^ni. 

Ostentation, «. ^J^^^ gbytestEriah. 

Ostler, #. irmm^^ s^'iss. 

Ostricb, 8. (^y'jt3 d^vi-kusbu, j::^ 

f^ sb&tnr-mi^Tgb. [i^kbi^,y L sa'ir. 

Otber, a. OJLi b^ksbkn, ^ J dlgbxr, ^1 

Otherwise, ad. jijJiAtJ blshka-(tia'la) ; 

— . c. ^^b yakbud ; ^*^(^^ nlmt- 


Otter, 8, t^jy^^a^ sik-skmurn« 
Otto of roses, #. ^^b J^ gbybl-ya^ 
Ottoman, a.^Ulc^dssmaolt. ["ali 
Ottoman E«mpire, «. ^Ule vjuJ^J d^^ 
Oagbt, V. oux. See Grammar. 
Oonce, #. (troy) ^j^il^^j*^^^'^ 
-dlrbzmlik - Axti ; (avoirdupois) 
^^jltciUtojOj^ sMdz-bucl 
-dlrbsmblc-tartt ; (animal) ^^Vi^ 
Oar,^ miz,j4j imiz; ^Jf bi: 
Oars, pro. ^Jt bizim ; ^^J^j* blzii 

^LC«^ budmkilor. 
Oarself, 8.jAJJiS k^ndimiz. 
Oarselves, «. pLj^J^ kibndimiz. 
Oast, VM. ^j\jL>- cbikikrmak. 
Oat, ad. ^^U. kbarg, 8^ tXsl 
u^llJ? dbbart ; ^u^llJ? dishari 
8Jj\LJi0 dlsb^rda; — , a. c^l 
^jtAA^ disbartrcbikmtsh ; ^^L^, 
sjtaimasb, ^.iVi;- mdnt^fi ; ^^ 
bitmisb, ^^^'•mJ^J dikkEnmish, ^<^ 
mihikXzti ijOjk^ mthoktoz, wLj 
mdnkltt": — of,/>r.^4>dan; ^^U-^ 

don-kbarij ; , a.ja siz, Jb bl 

^ bl, li na; — of band, ^ 
yjLXL^ sldan-cb&mtsb ; to put 

, JH»;^ff-^^Jl^ Bldfln-ch/ki 

mak ; bamonr, ^c^^^ dk'gbi 

place, J«»£J^ wXkststz, J^-if^l 

m&nass^bfetsiz, Ji^^U na-b^-m^h^ 
jrjJ^|i bftsbda ; Jjj^ mi"zul ; — 
pocket, ^%ji z^rarli, ^J^^^^jj^ z^ra 
^tmisb, ^;iU:^f c^U »jb (p^o 
•(kayb)-^tmisb ; sigbt, w-^J 




^3. >}^Jl^ in^flcud, 

T-; tune, \J^jiisJ^ 

^zai^b^zulmusli . 

•^, 9. ^L«d^ "Issyan ; j|^ zdhur. 

JjJ&« mXtrud- 

'^k, ©.a. 

J. a. ,^/J» dish, 's^)^ khariji. 
\i.t\^.£;. khi^TJt-rah; Jl^tlikfixi. 

roiDg, «. ^^;S>^ Ichibr], uJ^to^ inlss- 
•^i ^jjyi^ khbrtjj, ^Ja^ cWkish. 
n^id, #. J|y */v-/4^^ il^riki-kira- 

^OQse, 1. i^j^yff gdndurnui. 
-^dish, a. J««S^b ydkishtkatz. 
-'^▼* «. jbU^ fErmlnU, ^U "isst, 
v^.^l*. Jki kXtli-hidaWUn. 
%, ». ^j^ mXssrof; -. i^.a. 

y;* 8^f-et. 

<*iluij«k . yir, j-S Upt; cJJu^ 


A A* 


^ sbttn, ^ bbhim. 

t^^l bXshkoast - Udnkdan - s^pra- 

-sb^y in^- Esssri - bUi - kibniidtkdaa- 

Oadook, «. iZjJiai nlzar^ ; ]aAJ t^y- 

Kkkvz ; on tbe — , Jua^ xndkkyyed. 
Oatlying, a. ^'i^^xja^j\>^ kbarijda-6lAn, 

uX^>^ jlb^ i^lk-diisbBD. 
Oat - manceuTre, vm. ift><(iuj»w>^ Ar^" 

CUlijSU b)lB-vE-d^8TB8sdi.^'ik. 

Oatnomber, v.a. ^Uj\ijlSJ^ "dd^di" 

-ziyadx - 61, j\ Jj^^U mht^javiz - 61, 

iZ^Aje gh^cbmek. Q^asi. 

Oatport, 8. ^i^^LiUjtlf tlshra-issk^. 
Outpost, a. Jy?/ L5^A^' ttferiki- 


OatrageouB, a. ^^^iOt^ tlshktn, ^jt^\i 

fShkh; ^^}^ Wzgbin, ^j^j\^ 
Outreacb, v,a. Jhw^ JiSl Hdatmak. 

Oatrigbt, ad. ^fiJ{jfJ bitun-bkcui, U^ 

Outset, ». \*yaj\ ibtida. [ky&lllyymi. 

Outside, 9. JLA) d)sb, i-{;^ disb&ri, 
*^ tlshra, ^j\ti^ kbarij, ^^^ 
burun; — , a. i^^sj-jlfi^ kbirgi; at 
the — , ^jI^mJjI 6180-6180, wj:-«jV 
mhayet; — price, ^j-*^ ^^V 

Outskirt, #. Ujji^j\tj9 disbidn'-yiri. 

Outspoken, a. ^^ \^jl^ ^hgktxx* 
•siiw^yler. ["Inad-et. 

Outstand, v. a. \ Jij\ inkyar*et, \ oLft 

Outstanding, a. c»J^^4:J^\ 4j^«JjyJb 
^U)y t,y>j)Ja< b^naz-t^sBT)yyB-61im- 

Oatward, a. ^J^}^ kbiuryi. 




A ^m. 

Oatwards, ad. iJji^iJiJj\L^ ^shkriya- 

Outweigh, tf.a. cX«K^^^«£«lj blssktn- 
-ghslmek ; ^lu^U ghalib-^. 

Oatwit, v.a. jK*JftjJt^l^UM«M> d^rsu- 


Oval, a. ,^^«4j bfeyzi ; — , s. ^/ai\i^aS 

Oven, 9. 4^y HHn. [klt"M 

Over, a, ^ji^^ gh^chmish, 
bitmish, ^^I^^^aUJ Um2m*61mdah ; 
4La9 fikzla, iFjll Mda ; — , ad. d^o^^t 
itostona, ifdca^j\ hseltanda, ^yU 
ma-f^vkina, ijci JU ma-f^vktbda ; 
^MiA^b balasstna, i JCmiJI) bilaaatDdii ; 
'«^Vjc;^ don-zfyads, Jj^^ m&t^- 
javiz ; CJj^jy^ d^vril^rek ; ^^U? 
Ufiborak ; — , pr. ^ dan, ^^ Jccu^t 
' iiSBtiindan, ^t^^lb^ i^rindan ; — and 
above, ^tLoi^ don-flzk, Ij^U^ 
daQ-xna"ada, ^LaIj^ dun-blshka ; — 
against, ^j\idj a-kkrthi, A\m,,Ajj 
kitfahtMttia, i^A.Vt»jAyli Uurahisstnda ; 
to nm — , v.n. J^^JiU? tlehmak; 
».a. cU^i-y-u^^^^*X:a-tj< iiBstim- 
don-gb^chnp-cbin^mek ; to ftdl — , 
C>V»Ay)<,yjt^j)^fc} d^vrilup-di^fihmek ; 
to go — ^, to pass — ^, cXif^ gfa^ch- 

. mek; to give — , C^V^iff^J^^ waz- 
-gh^hmek, JmJ|^ br&kmak ; cUJuJ? 
kfessilmek; |jf^Jd^,1*JLJftfesalIm- 
-et; all — , ^^ h^p, ^^ bitun, 
J:^^ t^kmil, ^U^Ju&b blshdon- 
•blsha; — again, ^^^iXjj yhagidaa, 

j\j^^ t^rar. ^SJL\f ^^ y 
-blshdon; all is — , ^jt^^SJ hiti 
u50cy bitdi ; jA*i*, JLj\ ishi-biti 

Overbear, v.a.y c^U gbllib-6I ; — 





Overboard, ad. ^J d^n^riza, 2r<. 

Overburden, v.a. cJ^ »fc>lij ^«X:J^ 
CXci^^ tdh^mmulinden-ziyadfi-y 
yillklBtmek. [ntk, ^*Una siinb 

Overcast, a. jiio^ bulutlu, (J^^ kX 

Overcharge, v.a. JuSj^cXc^^^^ ^^ 

Overcome, vm. ^ u^Ia ghalib-61, O^ 

y^mek, \^z^\ XlUet, (JK«jy b6zm 
Overdue, a. ^jL u^ ^XtXe.^ vwa*'dKa 

Overflow, t. Jyj-i sfeyl (sfel), ^^L 

tdghyan ; — ^, v.n. ^JaJ^w taahmal 

— , v.a. JU^V biBsmok. 
Overgrown, s. ^^l^cXi pfek-biy 

mish, ^jt^ijff^^ pdc-b^ylanmisl 

^jtAA)\j klplanmtsh, ijt^j}f\ «rtu 

Overhang, v.n. (jaJj\^ s^kmok, ^jaL* 

Xssilmak ; ^1^^^^ hJiwal^-61. 
Overhaul, vm. J^^iJ^ y^klamak 

C.U/'rj y^tishmek, (J^^ tutmak. 
Overhear, v. a. C>\,>>\» A\ Ishitmek, 1 cU:^^ 

Oveijoyed, a. ^jL^^ili^^ p^k-8£vin- 

Overlook, v.a. J^^b blkkmok, j\Jff\j 


. •-■&«:*, ». jlilj aiair, ^j^^\thikiji. 
-•-.^^T,v.a.ji k-^Vc ghalib-U, t^X*iJ 
^^ek. ; i^j-*^fi hitghmak., \Jj'C.^k, 

TL^h. t>.a. ^_^^1>ll1 ildatmak. 
Tjle, P.O. ^ - '^^ -^ isakyat-et, \r^ 

-^ter, *, jbli ituir,^jL4 mddir. 
'jijbt, «. i;ii^ yingilwh (yaniih), 
>u Eebv. Lj-*''^'^ klplamak. 

-rniread, t».«. cX-t-Jjyl iirtinek, 
r^e, v.a, i^ *'■".! yHishmek, 
_U^))>t dltehmak, (J^^ tittmak. 

, .Lirab, M*^^ Inhidam; — , v.a. 
J<j%i b6ziiu)k, ^JAi^*j^:^ mi^Dh^ 
I :ix-kiliaak ; (,f*Ai yikmok, l|*JJt 

^^ W tfeyitro-ky iuhldi-chllghuH. 
■ rrtarn, v.a. cXvjjjO dirirmek ; — , 
r.H. ^'J"*jJjj>l d^rrilmek. 
'verwbelm, v.a. 1,jj^e->« mbaatogbrA- 

-el, (>«*J? biffinxik. 
Verwork, ».a. Jl^jJiiU-wljj^^iiiU*? 

One. tf.(i, jl j)*vy birjlo-61, jl,_^^ 

wijc-M. jl^** dfeyni-61, jl^jjiA* 


moDysOitila, •0^^--r-* "^b^bila, 

, S;- , y abb&nndaa. {highn-Tttthv. 

Owl. ». yiyd*^ biyknih, ^jijcjJ 


Ona, j>ro. s, i^Jt:^ ktedi ; — ,pro.». 
my — , t ^^j.^A-A Viadimin^ki, 
thy — , ^^C.f-i^q:.^ k^din^Djrki, his, 
her, its — , ,_^^^ijjj^^ kbndiniofki, 
&c. ; see Grammar; — , v.a. jtt,^U 
milik-M, ^!u-o-Ip sahib-M: \J^\ 
ikrir-et, lt_»ljicl l"tirlf-et. 

Owner, 5. l-.-"-W lahib, (..lllU malik. 

Ownerahip, «. t.'^\i'*-V sahiblik. 

Ox, i.Jt^ lighiT, :>S-i &1c«n« 

Oyster,*. «jOj^^1 

Pace, ». t/iAf£s g 

yosh; <Ujj^ y^ms, ^^jl Idi'm, 
Sjlte- khitvK. 


i^cmc, a. ^ij'j'jf"- 

— (Ocean), «. j_^^la-«:«jat- bihrf- 

Pacification, *. j^ sbOi, A^LMmOaaa- 
loha, cr^.T^cA'^ blrish'ghyfanufa, 
(jAj^ bilrnhik ; ^^/— " t^kin. 

Pacify, tf.a. I^^^.i=n— J tisakin - et, 
^_^tij4J yimmhltmok. 

Ptek, «. CU J dfenk ; As^y bd^Achii ; 
iU-O dbastB ; |iJ\l» tUim ; — , v.a. 
lu-i..r...>l hstif-et ; — , v.n. jli..a^1 
Isatif-ol; — away, 'i»i .".^l ^^AJ 
kildirip-laatif-et; — off, CX«a^ 
ghhmek; — up, iJjili^ t-Jj^jJiJ 
(_*^y dtvahinip . aindffAa • kimok, 
l***^ b6jAcha-et. 

Package, t. <Ls^^ bji^Acha, (J^J>-^ 
aindik, di^ kyik?^. 




Ftoket, s. ^^^J^^ ufXk-b6^Acba, 
«Xel^ ky^Atd, i^^ t6p ; — , packet- 
boat, ^j-s-*^ ^y) yMju-ghfemisai ; 
^mmns^ii" ^\jlja^ t^rirat-gh^oiiBu. 

Packhone, »• (Jj^k^j\j jA^ s^mir- 
•(b^hiri), ^Jljgi>>cJjj yiik-bkywlni. 

Packneedle, Packing-needle, 9. j^idi\y>- 

Packsaddle, 9,jAm» s^msr. [chbw^dtz. 

Packthread, ». ^i^-^ eljtm. 

Pad, 8. jJufi£cJ^ kikchak-ytodik, 
j^\j plmuk (plmbuk) ; 

(b^gbir) ; — , v.a, (J^)Cl^^ d61dur- 
mok ; foot — *r^J^ kh^rstz. 

Paddle, t . cJ^^ kyiir^k ; cJo^^^ji^^j 
^^iAas^ V Jip6r-cbkrkhthtn^-titkhta88t ; 
— » v.m. {^iX^C^-jJjy^ kyiirdc-chdc- 
mek ; — box, jLJ^f J d^wlumblz« 

Padlock, ». u5JuAdU^\ Issma-kllidi. 

Pkgao, «. ^r^.j|r.> pOt-p^rbut. 

Page, #. ^i««^ skhifs. J^} yuz ; 
^im^ ich-d^AUnt, ^^^^-^^ 

Pbil, i, li^ Vhgha. [icb-X^A488t. 

Pain, ». ^^1 Iji, cij^l Ighxi, ^s*-^ 
▼ijjil", |J1 Mem, ^ rfenj, ^^r^ 
rtnjish ; vji. ^}a^\ kjimok, (><j/^ 
l^Anmak; v.a. J^^^t ^^itmok; 
CX«^jl^^ ksdar-yirmek. 

Painful, II. j^-^1 ijiyop,yr\ ijip. Jl 
Mim ; jJ^i^jyo murissi-kidsr. 

Paint, 9, ^jK^ tk"i ; JUJJj\ JlzxnmK ; to 
take — , KjX%JJ^\ ^inmek. 

Pamt, f. Uy b^ya; (for the hce) 
^^j^^ diizghjnm ; (for the eyebrowa) 
J^\j rXasttk; — , v.a. jul*^ 
b6yamak ; — , vm, (as arti&ta) 

(J^^}i^J T^^Mim-y^mflk ; (as Is 

^jAjt^3 (jij^«4^ ditzghynn-kullAn 
Pointer, 9. (honae) ^Ifti nXklc 

(artist) f\^j r^sssam. 
Painting, 9. ^i^^Uy b^yali-rfessim . 
Pair, 9. \z,^ie^ chift; — , v.n, j^wn-^ 

chift-61 ; — , v.a. ^^^^^^^^ ^«^ 

-bulmak; JUy> C^A»» l::.^a^ cl: 
Palace, «. c^^ skray. [-chlft-k^rc 
Palate, 9, ^Uj dimagh. 
Pale, a. (colour) j;»>^ dchtk ; (fa 

u^U silrt ; — , 9. ^Jj^ havli, *^ 
. dairs; (J^y pirmak, icasT thkhi 

to turn — , i^iJi^n^ u^ W f^ ^ 

b^n^-b^m-b^yZz-k^ssilmek, 4. 

Jh«^«^^ b^^-kXknemok. 
Paling, Palings, t. gJyizoir tiOcht 

-pErdi. [p^rmaklf] 

Palissade, #. ^^|/^ shdramp^; ^^^Ia^ 
PalHate, v.a. IwJ^ t^hflf - et 

CX«;J^C)i; ri^k-vEnnek. [Itghi 
Pkdlor, 9. ^jaij^ltf <«^-^ bbngzin-aArr 
Palm, 9. (tree) ^VT^^ ^r^ khih*ma< 

-l^AAJt; (of the hand) l^^^^J^ 

sl-kjmssi; (measure) 9j^ siri; 

to palm off, il^jy^ sibmek, ^JajK^ 

PlBdpable, a,jJb^ zahir,^iC2il ashikyar. 
Palpitate, vm. (J^j^ ^^ \ji^ nibz- 

-ghibi-wurmok, ^^^U!l>> chAlkAn- 

mok, jK«liJ^1 6ynamak. [kh^fiEikZn. 
Palpitation of the heart, t. ^lii r^ - 
Palsy (paralyns), *. ^J^f^ f^j- 

."Ulfeti, ^^jmj^jb ^y^ij Ur-y^ni- 

-tdtolmoBSt, Li"*^^^!^^^ ijinnX' 







■ ^trica-jteubl-kirleri. 

uTsaasei; palsied, a. mmylJu^ 
;:^^^l«Jjjt t&ti7lmu8h,,^^^lJj^U- 
r^mi^ £jaXchma, ^yi b^sh. 

xnisskin ; ^U>>li0 

'jU* L5?r^ ^r-^ 

I ^*<'XJ] Vi5 naz-Te-na unE-muss- 
^ z^rak-^ap-fExia-l/ishdtnnak. 
piilet, *. JL^ lissalB, ^ j^'. 

- '• J^^^ cWtoak, jUL tXbAk; 

^y ghy^^ttcli; — of a gnnlock, 

^nyi jUa^ ch^kmak-Cawossi) ; 

^^ — . i^VLfi*^ diz-kApA^Af. 

-^^ea. «. J^la^ ^lU "ilaj-m&tUk. 

-^cake, *. S^ji^ ghyi!kzl£mE. 

^demoninxn, ». ^^J^lJt %.^i^ rn^jm^- 

^^-JLH P^z^wfenklik-fet. 
^ of glass, «. j»U- jto. 
^^egyric, «. JL^Jl« mMiha. 

'*^egynze, ii.a. \-.J^ m&dh-^t. 
'^§. «. 5j>.j vijj2i". JjJ dfird. 

Cannier, *. ^i^ kyiifs, [r^m. 

Panorama, 9. ^j ^^^'^^i vwilw^M- 
^*^^«.ii, ^^i-i^CJu p^k-861umak. 
Pantaloons, a. jj^laiU pintalda. 
^«»tiier. #. ^^;^b pans. 
^tile. ». JU€^/ kirdmid. 

V^jeIj^ blr-D^v"i-inl8skharalik-tditro- 
^tiy, ,. JiS (Idlsr). [6yunu. 

Pap, 8. djji Ikpa ; ^U^ m^m£. 

Papa, 8. \>\j bXbA, jJj pMsr. 

Papacy, «. ^^^ ^j;^ r6ma*papldi^Ai. 

Papal, a, ji«x^ ^u««liU U^^ r6ma- 

Paper, «. Acl^ kya^Atd, c/^U^y klrtlss ; 
^Je- ghkzhta ; papers, « . pi, j|;j^ 

Paper-mill, 9. ^ ^^^^ <^^ kya^Atd- 

Papist, 8. Klii^ k^tolik. [Abrikossi. 

Parable, 8. Jlti^ missal, J^i^J tbmsH. 

Parabola, 8. ^^ ^ai klt"t-milkyafi. 

Paradise, 8, ^j^^*^i fird^vss, (j:.>^:*>" 
j^nnst. [^r^ fikra. 

Paragraph, 8, Jcj b^nd, Aap^ jiimls. 

Parallax, 8. ^uJ)bLs^\ ikhtiUfi- 

Parallel, a. (J[;t^ mi^wazi; (similar) 

^;^ nlztr; — to each other, 

^Sj^ip^ miit^wazi ; — , 8. i^U«L»^ 

khittt-milwazi ; (similar thing) tjioj 

nlztrs. [waziTO-l-XdlZ* • 

Parallelogram, 8, ziJi\iJj\c^ miitd- 

Paralysis, *. ^^;ift ^ f^j."iUfeti, 
^mmA^jjb i^^ji bbr-tlbraftny»ti)tul- 
mossj, ^. ■ I 4 Ij^^ 15^^ yinni- 
-chirpmosst. [,^5^^^ ftl5-"ill^ti, 

ParalTtic, a. ^^i^ m&flcj; — stroke. 

Paralyze, v,a, \ /••r^ i^^j>^ h^dcBt- 
den-mMirum-^t. [para). 

Paramoor, 8. ^\j zani, ^^J (z^- 

Parapet, »-j^ Bipsr. 

Paraphernalia, 9. pL j3;^1 lyAirlik; 
J\L tiJum, C^ljO^CD^t alat-^awat. 

Paraphrase, 8. ^J» shsrh. 


[ 220 ] 


Parasite, 8. ^j^LJi kyass^-liss. 
Parasol, 8. l ** m ,(Jik sh^msiyyE. 
ParlxNl, v,a, J^Ji^W ^jof^ i^Jo yJm- 

Parcel, 8. ^^^, b6^Ach«, Si^ kya^^'d ; 

^IL t^tm ; ^jyti s&m. 
Parch, VM, ^j^ Idiwurmak ; fjAj\^f^ 

sussAtmak; (j^^jj^ kurutmak ; — , 

sDasAmak ; (J^^j^y kdrumak. 
Parchinent, «. iJ^^ tirshB. 
Pftrd, 8. ^)Lj klplxn. 
Pardon, #. ^ "kfv ; — , v.a, \ ^ 

"^-et, 1 Jlik: b^chsh-et, Jk«UxIj 

Ptoc, t;.a. jH^i^ s^ymok, J^i^^^ 

kXbn^Aunu-s^ymak ; d^»ui^ kbss- 

mek, Jk«3i kirkmak, Jn^SJji y6nt- 

mak ; (J^J^ kl^'mak. 
P^vent, 8. lib blbi, J JJ p^dsr ; U^ ^a, 

^UkJ nin£, fjJt^ valids; both parents, 

^j31^ validbyn. [madEranE. 

Parental, a. t^\jiM pMiranE; ^\^«>U 
Parenthesis, 8, i^^jut mil"t^riza. 
Pariah, «. l^J«Jx« ^Xmm* JCJb hmd- 

^*^"^?* '* ij^ klbtik ; c/JCm.*^ k^s- 

sinti; i^JcJy kbktnU'. 
Paris (town of), «. (J^jy^ ^^^U pMs- 
Pkirish, 8. As^ mahaUB. [-sh^hui. 

Parity, 8. ci^^ll^ milshab^hfet. [cha. 
Park, 8. ^bjUUf^^ tenXnhTc-bX^A- 
Parley, 8. A^llLo mi^yal^ms. 
Pariiament, 8, ^m^jsr^ jjlA^ ^ ^yv^ 

m^b" ussani-mill^t-m^jlissi. 

Parliamentary, a. (,^Lcl« <to »i A , y * 

Parlour, 8. ^^^^\j;Lo]Li s^lamltk- 
Parole, 8, ^jijb p^la. [-^dasst. 

Ptoricide, *. J^\ Ji5 ^^VV ^^^^ 
l1 mmm'%^ k^ndi-bXbAssini-kXtl-^timsli- 
-khabiss ; H^asjS Jsi , ^\}\} lS*x:S 

Parrot, ». ^^^ pipA^^to, U-J b^bgha, 

or b^b^gha, ^j>» tOtt. 
Pttrry, v.a. ^^J def"-^. 
Pftrsee, *. j-^ ghfebr. 
Parsimonious, a. ^u j M»rw khkssiss. 

^JL«^ mbskin. 

Par8imoniousne88,Par8imoBy, «. j3;Ixa4J9 

Parsley, «. ^^yJjU mkydan^ss. 

Parsnip, *. ^jS^jUj^Lj y^An-hiwtju. 

Parson, 8. (jJo\j plpASS. 

Part, *. ^^^ pirchfl, ^Jj jita, j»-J 
k^ssm, ^jpr j«2'» *^"^ hisss^ ia^ 
k^sst, c^b piiy ; l^^j k^ tXssiihhub ; 

bewail, jl^ jlwar ; \jl^^S:^ kh^dmet, 
LS^«<fa>^^U>>lj wigib^'i-zimmfet ; parts, 
8. pL \$4> z^kya, o\ J«2i^\ isst)"dad ; 
Jiijb tiUraflor, H^^^ jfewanib, ,J^^ 
hiwiUi, JJ^yr jlwarlor; privy — , 
i^^jjLSJj^ "^vret-yerl^ri J — , v.n, 
(j^y) kpiXmnk, ^(JV«3;U« milfara- 
klt-et; JUJ^ k6pmak, cLUL^ 
k^silmek ; — with, (J^JS iiyrilmak ; 
CX«^,^ VErmek; JkwU sXtmak; 
(j^^ k6yAmak. 




his8SEin^nd-61 ; 

^j^ T 


- imumi, fSjij.^ gh^yn-Umm ; 
.w.^ m^jyal, u.^y* miihibb; 

^TyetK j to be — to, CX«^ bbv- 

-c.p.ate, xfM. ^IC-Lj^ 8h^rik-61, 

* iple, *. (active) J^Ua^^I issmi- 
'VQ ; (passiye) i^^a^m^A Issmi- 

ii^vkhlsasass ; i^^t ^yri, <L 

Lshka ; jVajAj^uI inja-blkar, cJj 
^JuJ^^*^ p^k-dikkit-^ditr, jli]^ 
Zicrikli; — a, 8. pi C^L-tfi? t3Lf- 

■.-^cnlaiiy, oJ.>. khiyssuesa. 
Jting. t. <j^^^ Jiynliflh, L::-J;li^ 
inufaroklt. [gh&yretk^sh. 

irtJaan, *- j^*^J^ tiuufdar, ^^^j^ 
-jtisanahip, t. ji^^*^^ tArafdarlik. 
PartitioDy *- ^y biljlmB; — oflP, ».«. 

sjv*]^ bi^knek. 
Partly, od, ^f*U^. ^^ zt-in£rt^b£, 

j^li^^-j^jt bbr-d^^^jTE-kldar. 
Partner, #. jl^>< ^rt^t cJj^ sbferik. 
Partaenbip, *. t:i--^ ahlrkKt. 
Partridge, *. t:>3^^= kfcklik. 

Fbrty, ^. jU? t^rm, cJjb bitlak, 
^y f ^rka ; VA.^j>iiM>i>^ jfem"iyyfet. 

Pasha, 9. L&li pl^ha. 

PtiBs, «. «XfJsr gh^chid, ^j^ dirb^d 
(d^vrhid), jU^ b6^Alz, ^J d^rs; 
2^JJ tfezk^FB, vJ?;^\J^ y61-femri, 
b^Jj imJ bdyurnldu; Jl^* hal, LS-%!Lfc 
h^y'^t; — ^, v.}i. CXaj^ gbibchmek; 
(through) ]j}j^ murur-et; (over) 
\j^ "dbur-et; (current) IJjliXJ 
t^david-et; — , v.a. cX^y^ gh^- 
chinnek ; ^j]r<\ bnrar-et ; — along, 
i^yAJsf iJ^^ y^lunja-gh^chmek, 
CXtJse gh^hmek ; — away, t^y^ 
CX ^.r-^ gh^hup-ghltmek ; CX>»5> 
bitmek, CX*:*^^*) diiksnmek; Ui 
(J^iy f ^na-bulmok ; — by, v,n, 
C)wK- <^ ^ Ju^l iini^dan-gh^chmek, 
ClL^ijs^ ^ Ju Ij y^ndan-gh^chmek ; 

« c'^bj^ 6radan-gh^chmek, 
gh^chmek ; — , v,a. 
^^X^jyJF ghechirmek, l^if "ifir-et; 

— for, v.*. (j^j^\^J^ z^nn-61un- 
mok; — , VM. cJ^^^i^ d^yu- 
-YErmek, fjAj\t^y^J d^yu-sltmok ; 

— one's word, CX«^^ jy^ s&z* 
-▼irmek, j\fJjL£s k^fil-61, — over, 
VM. \yJLmC "if^-et; — sentence, 
ii%]Lftl i"lam-et; to come to — , 
Juiy ^Imak, y^l^ wakt"*61, cyj 
^jUly wuku"-bdlinak, ]jy^ zuhur- 

-^^O^J!f^V Jaygliir-^1- 
Passable, a. j^l^ ghfechUir, j|/«Jj^ 

kabili-mdrur ; ^jJ^t-jl fep-iyijfl>yf^ 


[ 222 ] 


Passably, ad, ^^ c^l ^p-iyija. 
Passage, 9. j^j^ murur, j^ "dbur, 

nA"bEr, Ji^9r^ ghfecb^jek-yir, 
J^ y61 ; *V^c^lii^ ^nayi-rah ; jl5^ 
86kAk, <.^ J jj klpt-d^hllzi ; jr^U 
"ibarE, «XJ b^nd. 

Passenger, *. ^^ yblju. 

Passer-by, ». clXor g^hen. 

Passion, «. ji^^jlj diU^hinlik, ^^\ 
(iifki), c,,. . a r gblzAb; {j^^ 
haw^ss, jl^ m^rlk; Jh<^ "ishk; 
lul ibtila, JUa;1 bfi"y ; — flower, 
J:.s:i^cUJ^^ chirkbt.f^^- 

PtuBsionate, a. ^^y^J^^ diU'gbfn, (^ >| Jr. 
gbl2t7b ; — ^ly, ad. Cl^j p^, c^^l 

Passive, a. ^^ ^\j^^^\ sli-kblu* 
-b^k^Alt-gblbi ; verb — , J^fE*Jiu 
f)"li-m^bul ; — participle, JjiU^A^if 

Passport, f. ^j^'i^^ y61-femri, J^ 
^>^Jj ydl-tfezkETESsi, C^jJ;^^ 
bdyuruldu, aL^^^uIj p^s8ap6rta. 

Pass-word, ». ^jj*v ^hx^aiJjJ^ shl"ar. 

Past, a. ^jt^^ gh^hmisb; ,^^L« 

mazi; the — , e;^<^A**v g*^^- 
mish-zihnln, Ai-i-jL^ii^Ljl ^ami- 
sabtka ; — , pr. ^^j1^«3 don-i^^yc ; 
«^jlfl^^ doD-kbarij ; — cure, — 
recovery, J^^^ cbarissiz, ^lU 
J^y^J "aaj-kXbul-itmaz, ^jU:j 
Paste, ». ji^S^ (khlmur); t/*^^ 

chbish ; — , v,a, (J^j^i^^^^^^ 

Pasteboard, «. I^S^ mdkiwwk. 
Pastil, Pastille, ^j0^ kOrss. 
Pastime, «. ^(^^vLl ^ylinja. [p 

Pastor, «. f^^)^ ch6bXn ; c/*^^ 
Pastry, 9. ^}js^ (khlmin-)-)shi ; 

^^^' L5^^ Wrrfelgi. 

Ptotore, Pasturage, «. jlJ^ 6tl. 
^U- cbkyr; CU^j^ 6t ; — , t 
Jk«^^1 6tlamak; — , v.a. 4^^^ 
6tannak, fjAjUjji dtUtmok. 

Pitfty, 8. cJ>j*f hurhlL. 

Patch, «. A^U y^ma; ^j^ pkrch 
— , v.a. (J-^j^^^ y^nw-wihrnfl 
(J^y^j^ piLrcba-k6mak ; — u 
\jmmmA^jtJ^ f»i LJI klba]a-t^"mlr-e1 
CJ^i^jJi^y dydurivxnnek. 

Patent, «. CiJ^j) b^rZt, |J;^|i f^rmln 
ds:J\j pkt^nta, ^tyjL&«t imtiyaz 
-b^ritt; — , a. ji^siJ\^ piit^Dtoli 
^jL:^! imtiyazli. 

Patented, a, ^dsij\j pkt^ntoit. 

Ptitentee, $. ^is^\j cJj^uJ oUcV 
^Mi,*»-Lip n^v-ijad-n^ssniuiD-p^t^D- 
tossi-sahibi. [raol. 

Paternal, a. i^yl ^b6vi, ^IjJJ p^di- 

Path, Pathway, $. Jji y51, J>Je> tktk, 
$\j rah. 

Pathetic, a.jy^/^ jjigher-wz. 


Patience, «. jf^ sXbr, J^^a^ ti^y mmoli 

^ULl sh&kiba 1. 
Patient, a. j!yf«^ slbrb', j^ s^bCr, 

^, «. <".»it- khXnta. 




--i, '• ijtj^ pltrik; — B, s,pL 

^^ jJ ^J^*Xs^\ ^jdadi-b^ai-lssra'il. 
ccLate, #. ,Ai-* jiii^laj pltrtk- 

• .^ s. 9J\^\ Isslzldi. 

:ic, a. ^2^^^ j^ L^^"^ wXtAnini- 

:!. #. Jy k61 ; — , v,n. CJ^ J J 
. !-^h^zinek ; — , v,a. CJ-*'<|-^ 
. -zmek, ^^^aJ^^ d61a8hxnak. 
-3, s. ci,.-*4u«J^j vWi-ni"m^t, 
^JljI ^^adi ; c-^\; raghib. [zam. 
V i'ige» «. ^^"•'fl^ himayi ; a^j^II iltt- 
:':i^e, v.a. t AJj-ut ilttzam-et ; 
sllijijci\ ^fendilik-et ; jl ,^^/.l^ 
*.eQ, ». ^Jlaj (nAltn). [mi^sht^rissi-ol. 

wJU klltb ; ^y4J numuQK. 

.Dch, «. ^13 kirn ; 4«:JLiit lahkinbE. 

^jre, ff. ^U kllish; iJLif^ B%ut, 
^.•L. sdJcyun; f^jUfjy^ d&rAk- 

-yari; ^, V.fl. 


J^jm3 durmak ; Jk^V blkmak, 
j^JU bXktnmak, CUcJ^^J diiBh« 

unindc, i^y w t^'fenni-et, \ J-« U t^'^m- 
mol^. [-di^shEmek. 

Pivemcnt, #. /•i^'*^^ kXldirtm ; foot — , 
^ .jlliijU plyadi-klldtnmt. 

Pavilion, 8. CXl^ kya^shk, ^;«^ k}L88r ; 
^lif« m^htabiyyE ; j jl>> cbldir. 

Paving, «• 4^^^J dillsbsniE. 

Pavior, 8. ^jl^'^i kXldirinyi. 

Paw, 8, jU iyak, AsOJ p^nchs, b pa. 
t^U pay. 

Pawn, *. ^j^j r^hn; ^j;*^ rfebin; (at 
chess) jlou; piyd^k ; — , v.a. AxJb; 
CXc^^ r^hina - vsrmek, ^^k^j 

Pay. 8. CJWjJ/ ghy^ndilik; j;S^(iAi» 
hXftolik ; jLl kybk, fJ^U maWyyB, 
llj^ shfehriyyB ; jib yillik ; JL\3l^ 
m^^'ash ; — , v.a. cX<ifJ^\ t^tdimek, 
CX^jl^ VEimek, \\t}\ ^da-et, \\iA ifa- 
et, \\iLA^\ isstlfa - et ; — a visit, 
(J^^jh^ 6^Aramak, \iJ:Jj\jj z)yarbt-et; 
— away, CX«^j VErmek, \'rf^ 

khbj-et; , — out (a rope), 

1^9^ m61a-et; — down, „fJL^ 
CXc^^ pfeshin - VErmek ; — off, 
\jJiJ^j\i, ^\ , ..n^S 
^_^U«>- lijisstnt - cbikirmak ; ^j1 
CX«^j Izin - virmek, ^\a:j^j\ 
C^^j IdAmlortna-izin-vErmek. 

Payable, a. ^<«^*J^j wk"dBS8i. 
-ghilmish, Witw-^|^ wajibu-'l-^da. 

Paymaster-General, «. t<«^ cJ^Cfi 
ci^i^U ^Ia^ "Xsskerin - i^mumu 

rsk ash-naztri. 

Payment, «. ^^ w t^'diyyi. 
Paynim, «.^l^ kyafir. 
Pay-office, *. y^j^ SErghi. 
Pea, 8. Oyaer n6khud, iJji b^zUya; 
sweet — , ^ISi^Lft "itri-shahi. 




Peace, *. J^^U blriahik, (^j/cTjV 
blLrtsli-ghyiirush, ^^ sulh, ^LkI^^ 
miissalahii ; go in — ! < J a>« l L» s^- 
mfetia, v:;US)^^SIj bi-l-ianni-vb-'l- 
^man ; — 1 int. ^y^ bv^sb ; to be at 
— > ^ J^jV blrt8hik-61; to hold 
one's — , ^y^yo adsBmok. 

Peaceable, a. jUjLI assaytahlt. 

Peacemaker, |. ^^^^jSttJo bXrishdinjt. 

Peach, ». jSliiili ah^ftali ; melting — , 
jS\&AMi4^\£yitrma-8h^ftaH; ding stone 
— , i3L^ k^bad, c\SuSj\^ sXri-kbbad, 
^)\iiJi»LlA ^t-sh^alissi. 

Peacock, ». c/r^^ tJlwuss, ^^(jm^ 
tkwuss-kdshu. [tkwuss-kushu. 

Peahen, #. ^y (^^It ,^^J dlahi- 

Peak, «. <UJ (t^ps)* ^j^ zirv4 fj;^ 

Peal, 8. yjm0^ j^ mil]c^£r-8^ ; — ^ 

V.II. 1 ^jt^ j^^ miiksiTir-s^-et. 
Pear, «. ^y^J^ knnnd, ^^j^ ^mrud. 
Pearl, ». ^\ Inji, jU diirr, jljl liiU', 

J(k[ ii^j^ msrvarid. 
Peasant, 8. jb^ kyilyla. [chdktl-tXsht. 
Pebble, #. JiU- chdkil, ^ItjSU- 
Pecalatbn, ». {^ja^ khirstzk'k, j|^^ 

^^J^ m^'mur-^kXtt. 
Peculiar, a. ^y.2S^ m^Jdisuss ; ^.^wbP 

"j^ib (kja ib), i--^^ ghkribi i^W" 

Peculiarity, «. ^^^-^^^i,** -;}^^^ k^y- 

flyy^ti-mikhsussa, Ai^U^ khAsssa. 
Pecnniary, a. j;iieL« Jtj^^t Xkchaya- 

-mW^Uik, iff:-lj^\ ^choja. 
Pedestal, f « ^^ l^rsi. 

Pedigree, ^. ij;^^^ shbj^rs, 
Pedlar, *. ^c«f^y k61tukju, 

gh^zdiriji, jU^jU mXdrabAz. 
Peel, «. j^ kXbuk ; — , v,a. 

s^ymok, ^jA^yc^^LyJi kXbu^&'CJ 
-86ymak; — , ^- off, v.ii. ^*^A, 
s6yvlmak. C*^^ 

Peep, i;.«. ^f45Vu*^b^ ^raltkdan-t 
Peer, s. (^Vu'^^^li zA^Egl^y^Locl^ 
6lAn ; ^ kyiifv, ^^^^^^^ h^m-payK. 
Peerage, ». ^^l^jlpu^t XsslzadBghyan.. 
Peeress, 8. ^5— ij^ ^jJjL^t X8slza.c 
Peerless, a, j^ ^ bi-nXztr. [kXrzIs 
Peevish, a, ^mJ thna,j^^^ khuysu: 
Peevishness, 8, il^\^ tkvslik. 
Peg, 8, ^y^ chivi. 
Pelican, 8. ^^^\s^ (sdka)-kdBhi7. 
Pell-mell, ad, ^Ji^Ji kluma.kXrtsl 
Pelt, v,a. ^j^^L&lL tlshlamak ; — , t/j 
JU^l S^\ CI^Jul shidd^-lla-ya^j 
Pen, 8. Ji kUran; Jil X^Ail; — , va 
J^jb ykmuik; JkoU^O^I X^Ailc: 
kXpamak ; — down, (j^j^^ y^mak 

— up* (J^^i^^ X^Atla-kXpamok 

— in, i^A\** V * '^ chlnilfimek 
llWV-^^ mi^kkiblsmek ; <d£ 
j;^ti X^Atla-klpamak. [n^v'Hnden 

Penal, a. ^JCify i£j\j\j^ mi^jazat^ 
Ptoalty, *. ^^ jfcrunB; kzj\j\^ 
miljazat, t^jbza; under — ,c1>IjIk* 
iXiojli {j^}^ migazat - 6lunmak- 
sh^Utila, Aio^fjA:!^^^ jferimE- 
Penance, 8. \jp^ uSj^idA ikhtiyari-j^za. 


[ 226 ] 


--' * 



kubtir, ^^JcJS kalBm- 


- ' ^ kalKm ; lead — , jji^^y 

- e>rr&hT;n-]ddKin ; hair — , Ji^y 
-k;iJEiii, *fv* ^rc^J slate — , 

'•^-i tifib-k^Em ; — of Ught, 
*- shu a . 
^am, ». ^^15; rc)[kkl88. 
^e, v.a. di— «r-*^= ghirmek, 


^-^^ jfthlranek. 
-ia, ». d\9\ Ida, 2r^JP- jfezTriB, 

Zice, s» ^^Um^ p^himlnlik 

•imAnb'k)^ Cl^^^t JJ nfedam^t ; A^- 

-i£. C/*^^ nadim. 

eiit,a. ^Lc;^ p^himln (pishmAn), 

^e, 8. ^^^ji^lj kMsmtrdsh, (pocket 

-I j\^- chdkt. 

-m. *. t\ki* khlttlt ; —ship, L;. 
^u. [b^^Trak. 

-ant, *. jr^Jjli filandora ; j|^ 
-rless, a.J-»«;0 parissiz. 
:on, *. ^'^ bJlyrak. 
ny, ». fib b^fr,yc^ mlnghtr. 
•ii-GD, 9. ^-^^ •XcLSJ tdka"ud- 
-o^d 'ashi, (^U^ inA"aah, ^jjjt ^jltk; 
^, — off, VM. \ J^LaJ ^Jull,««> 
Eifl'ashlfl - taka"ud - et.' jAe\j jLl 

r-u-ioner, f. ^^^ »^^Ss^ iL\ ^^U^ 
L^ mit"ash-ila-inittaka"td-61an- 
iini^ssnB; Greenwich — , i^^jOCT^ 
j^Liju** bUiriyyB - iniitflka"idi ; 

Chelsea — , c-f*Xcl£u 4j j b^yyB- 

PentagoD, s. ^j^aJs^ mukh^mess. 

Penthouse, s, iJejSJy^ sundurma. 

Penorioas, a. jUjmJI? tlma"k^&r. 

Penuriousness,^. JlljUoui? tlma^kyarlik. 

Penary, 8, JJ^^Ai f^kirhk. 

Peony, 8. j;3U^ sh^ka ik. 

People, 8. c:^L« millet, #*ji k^vm, ^iLJi 
klbUB, *iJ\t taifjB, ^j..^ jlnss; jU 
khXlk, (J^j^^ 6rtaltk, ^U "immB ; 
fjm\j/^^^ "dwlmmt-nasB, i<«ilt sM 
^yak - tlOctmt, jU^U klba-khXlk; 
great — , ^^It j\i klbar-tWdmi, 
(j»Uj1^ ^kyabiri - nass ; — , v. a. 
tj^,4/(^ m^"mur-et, l^^i^U dbadan-et, 
CX<jJ>.il.^A sh^nlindirmek ; — d, 
PP^jy^*^ ink"mur, ^^lfc>ljl dbadan, 
^^ sh^n. 

Pepper, *. ^ bibsr ; — , v.a. ^j^U ^ 
bibxr-kltmak ; — com, ^^dil J j^i 
bibBr-(titnB88f) ; — box, y^j^^ jri 
bibsr-kutuBSU ; — mint, dt:ju nk"ns. 

Peradventore, ad, A^ b^ki. 

Perambulate, v.n. ^Si^ d^Ioshmak. 

Perambulator, *. Jl ^^asrt ij>')>^ 
^j^jc ch6J0k-ichm.a."»rBbiu»i. 

Per annum, ad, ItjJlj yilda, u/^ bbufvI 

Perceive, v,a. (jX^jy^ ghylbmek, 
^^^fO^^sr^ t^shkhtss-et; ^jA^ ^gla^ 
mak (^nnomak), tcJ^J dirk - et, 
\c)[fd\ Idrak-et, \m^ ffehm-et. 

Per cent., ad, ^J}^ yikzda. 

Per-centage, 8, CJJarjj^ ybzddik. 

Perceptible, a, (jmym^si^ mkhsvsa. 


[ 226 ] 


Perch, 8. JvJ^J^^yjj^ tiwuk- 
-k6n<^ak-8lnk, ;^ sink, ^Icl Ighky, 

^\^J^jJyi^juij: t^bi"i.aU. 

-^nhmltk-m^afs ; — , vm, (J^iy 
k6nmak ; — « v.a, C»V»»^^0 dikmek. 

Perchance, ad. iiL bMki. 

Perciunon, «. ^/»;jf wi^rosh. 

Percoanon-cap, ». J^^ kApsul. 

Perdition, t. ^«'|l>> kh^ab. 

Peregrinate, vm. cJ^jj) ijj\ vts-b^- 
gh^zmek. [brim. 

Peremptory, a. ^ytiaS klt"t, a^ mil- 
Perfect, a. i»li timm, J^o kyamil, 
^U>^^pJ l^a)j Cy ^ "iiyb-u-n6k8an- 
don-khali; — » v.a. IaUJI hmam-et, 
t^^g^ ttonim-et, tJU^ )kmal-et, 
l^^^^C t^mH-et. 

Perfection, », JU^ k2mal. 

Perfidioos, a. ^^U- kha'in. 

Perfidy, <. ^^fLSU* kha inlik. 

Perforate, v.a. CJ^J d^hnek, Jp^^ 
dchmak, td.^ 8dkb-et. 

Perforce, ad.j\>^\i na-char. 

Perform, v.a. J^wt y^mak, CXol 
^tmek, WjP^'] Ijra-et, cJ^j/^^ 
fi"la.ghfetirmek, I^^^IUjci n"la. 
-Mraj-et, \^j>\ iLo ^ify kdws- 
dan-fl"la-ikhraj-et ; (as a machine) 
CXiilit iBhlsmek, cUs^ ghitmek. 

Performance, f. \j>-\ ijra; ^^! ish; 
^^y 6yun. [mi^kAllid. 

Performer, 8. ^^yxA \j>.\ )jra-Men ; oJX« 

Perfume, 8. yy k6kir, Ji2& "Itr, u..gU 
tib ; j^i^ bdkhur, y^f^y tiitsu ; — ^, 
VM. \JaM^ m&"^ttar-et, l^r-jVi.^ md« 

t4yyeb-et; — ed, a.jsuL^ inu*'«/ 
Uy ^j.U^ mutjiyyeb ; — ing- - ] 
^IJjI^S^ bdkhurdan (bdkhurdanli 

Perfumer, *. ^^)^ "itiji ; ^b y^^ 

Perfumery, «. Lll ^^^^ ^^*jTl 

Perhaps, ad. ^ b^ki. 

Perihelium, «. «^j1 ^^. 

Peril, «. yjy k6rku, ^i^ t^hli 
ir^U:« mvkhXtora, J^ khAtar ; • 
v.a. ^j^ySjJ^s^ t^hlik6y£-k6inc 
at your — ! jV'^^ bt-da-bJ 
^jj^}^'^ ^t-da-ghy&mrsun, ^ 
^^^ SEn-bUirsm, ^•xCji^ ^ 
ghy^aht-b^yunun^da. [mdkh2tar< 

Perilous, a. ^^ t^hliksli; jlr^U 

Perilousness, 8. CiLl^^ t^hliksliJik 

Period, 8. di^Jt* m&dd^t. 

Periodical, a. ^!i^1 ^|^ irJ^^i^ff** CL^U 
^vkat-mu"ayybi£da-vwaki"-olan ; — 
8. J Cjk ^y^^ yU jr J^UnJU (jLjli, 
^ll«t ^vkat - md"ayyensda - n^shi 

Perish, v.*. j^sl)lib hMak-61, ^u^ 
tMef-61, CJ^ bitmek; cUljt it] 
mek; ^^j^ kihrumak; C)-«y^ 
chikrumek; — , v.a. K^Xj^%jy> 

Periwig, «. ^jiy p^cka. [chiirutinek 

Peijure one's self, v.a. ^u^ ^ ; » > htnss-et 

'cT^i^U^ yilAn-yira-y^min-et 
1^2j«4J«.fii>- khiylfi-y^mm-et. 

Permanence, 8. a^jJ d^wam, lb bXka. 
iL4Am«\ isstimrar. 

Permanent, a. ^1j da'im, ^b blki, 
mdsst^mte; ^lUj tbn^lli; 




«-->> chikmaz, j^jy, b6zulxn^z ; 
r^ y ^ ^ T ^ chtkmayigak. Jpt^j^. 

^=lt, <.^.^Wt ^azet, jl^ j^az. 
^% #. m^Sj t^zkfiTE ; — ^, v.a. (^ jl 
^j^ izin-VErmek, i^X^jl^^^^sto^j 

^bit-vxrmek, \jjy^ t^jviz-et, 
.•:f>;^ tErkhis8-et. 
~. ,Q«, a^yA^ TTLhikTT, ^jji z^arlt. 
■-•dicular, #. Jy«^ "iunud; — , a. 
• i ka'im, wjfJ^^iC "iUnudi, ^J^^ 

:^ru, cJ*> dUt. 

r-^k, ^c->lC7;^ irtikyab-et. 

^:Jal, a. ^tfc> da'im; — ly, otf. 
< J da'ima. 

^:i, r.a. 4JN*J/i'(^^ blah-X^feit- 
^, Cj.^j4^jci««0 B^ktndt-ysrinek. 

cxity, #. w-jIjL^I httrlb. 

.^sites, #. /y/. JlJI^.^ "kwaid, 
w* jolc ''a idat. 

-TLiite, v.a. ^^Uy k6^Aalamak, 
JvCjaJ^J dllnia-bbmek, (j:.-<%>-t; 
w^Uj^ rahat-vEnnamek, Ujufisr^ 

::j;Id£-et, IcXL^i^^) diiabminlik-et, 
;. khdssum^t - et, tCL9j1j^ 

MrTeraocc, *. i*'*^' Hcdlxn, |»1^J 
ji^am; — re# t'-*- ^A^ ikdim-et, 
•'.J d^2m-et; — ing, a. ^d&« 
"^ *. c;U' ^'^^ [miikdim. 

Persian Golf, \J^j^iij^ b^ra-ky&r- 
fezi. [vaz-gb^hmamek. 

Peniflt, VM. 1 Jlic "inad-et. cX«U^jU 

Persistence, Persistency, 8.j^jJ\ issrar. 

Persistent, Persisting, a.jui^ mdss^rr. 

Person, a. ^^^ kisbi, <<.v->»^ klm^ns, 
^/aif^ sb^Jdiss, a j1 IdAm, ^fli nfefsr ; 
(bypostasis) >»^t Okniim (pi. ^3\S1 
^anim) ; tbe tbree — s of the Trinity, 
A^^lit ^anlmi - s^asss ; (gram.) 
first — , Jis^^jJo n^fssi-mi!kt6k^im; 
second — , e^l^ mOkbltAb ; third 
— , u.^U gha'ib. 

Personage, a. ^i\ci^JiJ zat-"a]i. 

Persona], a. (V^^ 2^^* — pronoun^ 
j*^ zmnir. 

Perspective, a. Jia\:^Ae> "ilmi-m^nazir. 

Perspicacious, a. jlcJlLi fltan^tli. 

Perspicaciousness, Perspicacity, a, (j:^ Uai 

Perspicoity, a. (^^\ ^htkltk. [fltan^t. 

Perspicuous, a. ^jj>-\ dchik. 

Perspiration, a,y orjJ tir. 

Perspire, v,n, CX«3^ t^rlsmek. 

Persuade, v.a. ^jJj\iA in^dtrmak, 
(J^j*^\j klndtrmak, \cl9ldl isskyat- 
-et; kI^^Ap^^jSm "]kklint-chfelmek ; 
j^^y^L^A^ "Aklina-k6mak« 

Persuasion, a. il^JAs^. <dZ& hkHnu 

Pert, a.j»aj\e> "arstz. [ch^meklik. 

Pertain, vm. j1^jLcl« miita"dl]ik - 61, 
j^^r\j raji"-61, ^ 1*^ mfenut-61, 
j^Ly^ m£rbi7t-61, ^ J^** mub^wcl- 

m^nsub-61, ^^b bikmok, Jk«^j«^ 

R 2 


[ 228 ] 


Pertinacioas, a.ja< m&sshrr. 
Pertinacity, s, jUa "inad ; C2J\J s^bat, 

f\^\ ikdlm. [miioass^b^t. 

Pertinence, Pertinency, 8. vji^wL^,^ 
Pertinent, a. jh*.*!!.;^ mi^nass^b^tli. 
Pertly, ad.j^^A "arstz ; — , *. jij-yU 
Perasal, «. A^y^\ ^kmna. [arstzlik. 

Pemse, v.a. (j^^^ 6kuinak. 
Pervade, v.o.j^u^lf tfe'siri-dl; Ci Jji^l 

Ishlimek, ciUj^ ghfechmek, jUU 

Perverse, a. {jmJ t^rss \j^j>^ kh&yratz. 
Pervert, v.a. Jh^^^ ikyartmak, ^jLJI 

ifsad-et, tJLsl )dlal-et ; — ,8, JLy« 

mifft^dd (mdrtXd). 
Pest, Pestilence, «. b^ v^ba, ^^U? ta"&n, 

f^ix^ khls8taltk,4^j^ yimurj^. 
Pestle, 8, y^yj^ (hXwAn)-Bli. 
Pet, *. cJj^ sBvdik, ^U- jin, u^y 

kuzu, ^f^^ jl^ABr-kyltebB, jjSj^l 

fld-gbyiz ; JU- jLji^U diurghinlik. 

-half; — , v.a. cX^«mi SEvmek ; 

j;^ll^j\ 6khshamak ; CX^^J^:C)j 

Petition, •. JU^ 'Wi-hal, Ajjyi 

"ihiza; Is^ r^a, jlJ nlyaz, j*3 

Ci-w-l^ dir-khasst; — ,i;.a. JUif^y^ 

ClX«^j "lUrzt-hal-vsrmek. [krzahal. 
Petitioner, 8. JVs^yC t-*,^U sahibi- 
Petrel, «. ^^^J^^^^ Artma-i 
Petrifaction, Petrification, «. 

Petrify, v.a. ^^\L tlsh-et; — , t;.ji. 

ilULi^lt tXsh-ktesiImek, 


Petroleum, *. ^^^^^J»ju? m4"dKn-ni 

jU ghlbc. 
Petticoat, *. ^^IkJ^^ ich.fisstJn». 
Petty, a. CU7jli^l dOk-tfeffek, ^^ 

juz'i, A4k>-litf sXchma. 
Pewter, 8. (^t^^A^^U^ bfeyiz-m^"dKi 
Pharmacy, ». ,^^^43 ^<>»|^l ^jzi 

di^yant (diikkEni). 
Pheasant, 8. ^^y^ sd^^on (sdlvn 

sOylun), j|^«3J tfezrfev. 
Phenix, 8. Ia:x "knka, (jm^ klknf 

or ^^^mM klknvss. 
Phenomenon, pL Phenomena, 8, c:^-w« 

' ^am^t, ^j^ ghaiibE ; pi, w 

"^a'im, u^jt^ gh^ra'ib. 
Phial. 8. ^Ll^ jli^f ^flk-shishi. 
Philanthropic, Philanthropical, a. ^l 

us,-aL& ^hli-sh^fakAt. O^ 

Philanthropist, 8, c:^ii>jAl ^hli-sh^f^ 
Philanthropy, ». w:.^%£i<ii sh^fakit. 
Philology, s. ^J^j^ (J^'^A^ "ilmi 

Philomel, 8. JJl^ bMbol. 
Philosopher, «. f^^^ hdkim {pL UXa 

hiik^ma) uJ^ILS f^ybis6f (p/. <li^^ 

f^lasdfl) ; — 's stone, L^ kimiya 

j;^\ iksir, ^^j^c!^J' lltin-6tu. 
Philosophy, *. u:*^-4C>- JlC "llmi-hikm^t 
Phlebotomy, *. jliJl^li kln-llmflklik. 
Phlegm, 8. Jij bllghmn. 
Phlegmatic, a. ^^^^^^ bXlghomi; (Z£ya 

jLitgJff s6^Auk-tlbi"at]i. 
Phosphorus, «. Hj^^ fbssfora. 
Photograph, «. a^ r^ssm. [f laji. 

Photographer, *. \^^^j^^f f^togra- 




rrsphy, s, d^^ji^y f6tografia. 
^^. .». I iUfi "ibarE ; --**J tii"bir. 

.iftti-dlmagh. [kk^t. 

•i *. ^^^^Jl^ f^j^ ▼ferem-"ill^, 
uM. —It "il^j ; — 8, 8. pi, i^^sA^'*' 

< a. ,y^ tabj"i; ^U-f- 

rsinl ; — ^ly, aJ. U-t Ub"an. 
-^, ». ^^«C^ bfekim. 

-gnomist, *. i^r^LiJ^Jjbl fehli- 


-•iiirE, Umws sima ; L^iLJjLC "ilmi- 

' '0^» *. ^ja ci^U^ C^flir Jifi 


^it, *. O^o-a^^SU-y Uj piiuio-chXlan- 

- J. Pianoforte, tf-yt^^ pi^o. [-ilstad. 

"■^. *. ^^/iji^ g^hurush. 

' (pickaxe), «. ^ti k)Lzma; tooth 

""' ear -,, J!U. khUal; — , v.a. 

^ off) cfv^y k^parmak ; (a lock) 

C^\ ichmok ; (teeth, &c.) J^jSJ^jS 

^^hdinnak, JU^Ujl Inklamak 

<.vtlainak); (a bone) ClUlj-^ tfemiz- 

*^^^ ; (a quarrel) J^]j\ Inmak ; — 

Packets, lcJiH=Ci^c,V y^-kfessiji- 

"^^t ; — ottt, fJ^jA iiynDflk, ClX«us-» 

^^Wi.\c-^lad}l inttkhib-et; — up, 

^■^' i>!;^lS kUdirmak ; J^hjif 

I^PJamak, cX*^j^ dijvabirmek, 

v^ iW-et ; ' J--flar tihafl-et ; 

— — , v.n. H^aJLI^S Tyilsshmek, 
CX«K iijji ^y kuvv^ti - yETina - 
ghMmek ; cXcjyt^ s^mirmek ; — to 
pieces, cJ^^ silrkmek; J^^jJU 

Picket, *. Jy\^jiji\ n^ri-klra^AoU. 

Fickle, (brine) bjyoLff sllamura ; (of 
vegetables) ^y turshu; — , v.a. 
j.4^b^^y tdrshO-bXssmak. 

Pickpocket, 8. ^Jf^^\i y^-k^yi, 

J-j^ kh^rstz. 
Picnic, 8, ^^J^jkijJ Ur-jhmkghL 
Picture, 8. ^j r^ssim. [ Jj^ ghyi^zfel. 
Picturesque, a, ^-^j r^ssim-ghibi ; 
Piddle, 8. j*-3- chish, jL^cJ^ 

ki!ichuk-chidi; cJju^ sidik, Jy b^vl; 

— , v,n. C3w«^l ishEmek, klX^y^yo 

sii-d&kmek, ^ J^ t^b^wul-et. 
Pie, 8. cJjf^ b^rfek. 
Piebald, a. all 11a, d^-^dl Xloga. 
Piece, *. A>^^ pircha, <ula3 Wt"^, 

J^ jW, A«J kissm; — , v.a. dX^^f 

Piecemeal, ad.i^j\) ^j^ piircha-parcha. 
Pier, 8. i\L»\ issk^lE ; sPasTj rikhtim. 
Pierce, v.a. cXJj d^lmek, \s^m s^kb* 

-et ; ^iXAjlA ishlEmek. 
Piety, ». ^'^k^ dlyan^t, ji;^J^*3 

dlndarlik, c^^ tXkw&, ^L» sXlah. 
Pig» «. jfjt d6nguz (d6muz), ^^fs^ 

khbzir, cJy^ khuk; — of lead, 

^y^^ s^mun, ^S ky&lchs. 
Pigeon, 8. yj^}f ghyi^ABrjin, yy$ 

k^butir, ^U»> hlm2mE. 
Pigeon-hearted, a. J^^ korkok. 


[ 280 ] 


Fig-headed, a. ^^^j\is, "badji. 
I^g-headedness, 8. *^\is- "bad. 
Tigmy, s, ^y^ j^j^* [n^vi"-bXltk. 

Pike. s. Sjj>. hJurba; jib ^^ bbr- 
P^e, 8. ^j^ jighia; Lj bba; jjli 

klztk; (of velvet) ^\>- hiw; — e, 

9.pLjy^\{ bassur, (J^^tcinayASsil; 

•^,VM.fjAMylghmak, ^^JfM y^ghm-^et. 
Pilfer, VM. j;«ll>> chllmok ; — , v.n. 

\j}j^jjS^ kh^rstzltk . et, td^^^ 

Pagrim, *. ^W hijj, ^^jf^ hljji (hXjO ; 

y|j za'ir {p^'j^jj zhwwlr). 
Pilgrimage, ». ^ hljj ; ^iS^tj ziyarfet. 
Pill, 8. (.^.o- habb (hip). 
Pillage, 8. \aju yhghmtL, c:Jj\£> gharet, 

^^M^yasbyghxmi ^}(^d}y^^ ^mwali- 

-m^Dhubs; v.a. (j^y^ s^yinok, IUju 

y^Ama-et, fc^U gharet-et, \^^f 

Pillar, 8. C^ji*^ dlr^k, ^jfi^ 8i)tun, Oy^ 
PilHon, 8. ^3b pll2ii. ["^ud. 

Pillow, 8. y^j^^}^ y{iz-y^88d^At, 

^\i bain; — case, *J^j)i JJ^^ 

Pilot, 8, J^^ kiUi^Avz; — , VM. 

t jlj^lj k%Anzlak.M. 
Pimento, t. jl^i^jG y^^-b&har. 
Pimple, «. Ijeiy^ alvilja; (on the lip) 

Pin, «. ^b^ t^plu, ^tjbjle) t^plu- 
\ghak ; t-^^*^ chivt ; ^\yf^ jiwlta ; 
— , VM. clX«; J^^ ib^jb^ t6plu- 
-Oa-ttiahdirmek; CX«L*«>» chivili- 
mek« ^j^cLk^ mikhlamak. 

Pincers, ^^-^ kissXj. 

Pbch, 8, cJxi^ chimdik ; ^j^ 
klssdtriflh; (of enuff) w^ tutc 
(necessity) ,^^i-!^ s^kt, LZJfj^j^ z^ 
r^ ; — , v,a. c3^4>i^*X4>»» chlmdil 
mek ; (jA*ai Idssmok ; ^jU^t>i<ail Id 
dtrmok ; ^J^ti^ sikmak. 

Pbchbeck, t. Jlr<y t6mbdk. 

Pbe, 8. i*l^ ch^m ; (<>'^^(*^ chd 
•l^AAJf ; — t VM. CXtlj^ ilzalme 
CX4ilr>>Ot*3 dird-ch^kmek ; .Ls; 
i^iSr^ Ishtiylk-ch^kmek. 

Kneapple, 8. ^jJj\j\ ananass. 

Pinion, 8. (feather) j^fS> shKh-ps 
(wheel) j^i Bxresr ; — , v.a. ^^^ 
JkJ^V k&Uarnii-bl^Alamak. 

^^^' '• L/^fi?"J^y klrmni-cl 
ch%Ai; — , a. ^-iJ p^bi; — , r. 
j;^ii>-\A4J^f 6yma-dchmak. 

Pinnace, 8. iJ^ fiUka. 

Pintle, 8. CV^^ l^Anj^ik. 
Pioneer, *. ^^sf-^b hMtcgi. 
Pions, a. j^XjJ dindar, iJyuJjb\ hhli 

-tlkwk, ^^^Ss^ m^ttdkt, ^yfi B^fu. 
Pip, 8. ^*^J^ ch^kirdek. 
Pipe, 8. iJj^ or ^jyi bim; j^ 

cUbi^k : cJ^JjO dikdnk ; ^ycJ^ 

biynk-flchi, ^is^K^ m^jona. 
Pipkm, *. 8jski^j)^^ t6prAk-tinJBrB. 
Pirate, «. kjyay^j^t^ d^^-kh^rsizt 

j»jj^ kUrstz ; ^i^J-aj^- khirsiz 

-tMcnfissi ; — » vm, J^^ dOlmak 

\sj:^^ sirkXt-et 




5. «. 


ok - chLish* ijy bfevl ; — ^, v.n. 
L^- diish-ct, CX4^«3 ^ 8i)-dd(k. 
>i, cJs^^O^cJ^ kiichnk-Bd- 
-xmek, t(J^f^ t^b^vml-et. 

I i «. XsTLL t^blnja, y^^ pishtow. 
^' '- '^i;^ blkrcg. [bdfra. 

f. %i^ kvyu, j^A^ chukur. 2Ni>- 
ii, f . i^z^j z)ft ; ^^0 dh-^j£, djj 
Jjtc, ««>K radds, ^^r^ inErt6bs, 
"j-^ m^nzilK ; ^jm*^^J«iS^jI|} n)ha- 
:?t.d^r^B88i ; — , v,a. fjAj\ Xtmak ; 
O^fclj j j ziftlsmek; Jko;^ kthrmak; 
- QfKm, iJ^jy iiyrmak, CU^ 
KdimdL; ^— — one's head, ^li 
d.«.2|^y^^U1 blsh-lsyk^At-yira- 

aer, «. ,A*^ d^flsti (t^Bsti). 
toaa, L^r^ ^•5 c?*r*^^ ijiiwgak. 

^^ce, «. Cl^^ScU^y kuti-la-y^miyt. 
-ed with the BmaU-pox, a. CJ^^CI^ 
j^jiJaJ cUch^k-b6zv^Au. 
^, f. *^-|7 t^iihham, i^^Ar*y^ mir- 
Hmet; — ^* v. a. (j^^^\ Ajtmak, 
'cvi>f>yo mirhkmet-et ; what a — ! 

^'ot, *. J--« mil, jys^ mibvir. 

^^^lacard, «. ^t ylita ; — , VM, ^\> 
j^^j^b ylfta-y^'shdmnok. 

^•acc, #. ^ yftr, J** mdliiUl, ^y 
m^ki", ^^^ m^vzi", ^^'^— < 
m^kyin ; jj ysr, jji-i^^A^ khldm^t 
(hmnet), vj:^^^U m^'murlyyfet ; 

VM. JUy k6mak, t^-^^ wlz"-et ; 

(J^J^^ 6turtmak ; cXf^fc) dlkmek, 

\^j r^kz-et, \}^^»ai nlssb-et, \^»^^ 
Placid, a. ^^tjj ykwlah. [t^"yin-et. 
Flagae, s, \)y v^ba, {jj^^ ta"&n, 

i}>jyH y^murj^k, jJas-^ khlss- 

tidtk; ij b^a, CLxi^Mid^ mdsstb^t, 

0;J dird ; — , v. a. j^ J;J dird-M, 

j1 L bMa.61. 
Plain, 9. C)i;^«3 dilzlok, 9j^\ bwa, jJ 

Wr, L«** sMira ; — ^, n. J^J diiz ; 

ar jL Badi ; Jj^arjL Bads-ghyiizH ; 

^^^ chirkin ; J^\ achik, jUj b^Ui, 

^Lc "4yln, ^L&»^ mtlBst^ban ; 

u^jU "adi, j<cU? biyiyAi; — 

spoken, Jij^ lSjcJIo dbghrfj - sii - 

wbylET, jUi^f ^^ik^jJ^ liJctrdisBtnt- 

Plaintiff, s, ,<>"|^J di"wkjt. 
Plait, 8. ^j^ khnna ; ^j^ iimnE ; — ^ 

v,a,fj^j^ Urmok, \^j^ ^j^ khrma- 

khrma-et ; C3^y liKrmek. 
Plan, a. w; r^sum, ^ f£^ khdrtta ; 

L-^y tirtib,^*x5 tMbir; J^l 

^ssul, J^ y6l; — ^, ».«. ^^f^y 

t^tib-et, ]^JJ t^bir-et, clUJ^jJ 

dikshonmek, 1 Ja^ "ikl-et. 
Plane, «. iJji^*^ J^^ sXtht-miisst^yi ; 

iS^j xkscAi ; — t «. cJ^:i—i* mi^sBt^Yi ; 

— , v.a. CX^irjJj rfendilEmek; — 

tree, J^ chmar. 
Planet, «. a[;Li4 s^yyars. 
PLank, 8. ^Q>s^ tMdita; — , vm. 

jJLU A:;tfr tikhta - klplamak ; 
kia^ t^dchta-diiish&nek. 


[ 232 ] 


Plant, s. CL?j^ 6t ; ^\ XghAJ ; J^si 
fidAD ; CUU nlbat ; — , v,a. CU^J 
dUcmek, ^(./^^ ghllrss-et; Ic^^^ 
nXssb-et, \j^j r^kz-et. 

Planter, i, /^j\ ^^j' jJ^' ijyi^ ghirss- 

Plaster, s. 9^ fdma w iiufC ^gha\ 
(of Paris) ^jbl \ ]dchi ; (for wounds) 
^b ydkt ; — ^, v.a. ^j^^ siwamok, 
^Jk«U««« si^Aamak. 

Plate, 8. jU; ablk ; a&i^ tlJdita ; 
aSUp ^j.4i.^ ghyi^mush - ti^tm ; 
^j lA^\i blssma - r^sim ; J^ 
shfekil; —,».«. fjAi\iJLy^^ 
gfaj^mnsh - klplamak; — glass, 
^l>- ii>J\ ayma-jdmt. 

Hater, a. i^\i ^JL<^ gbyiimish-klp- 

Platinam, 8. ^^)b plAtina. [lama. 

Plato, 8. ^^^\ iflXtun. 

Play, t. (^jet^ ftyim; lL2f sbaka; 

J 1—4 i kihnar; — ^, v.». jK«^y 

^ynamok ; J^^U^^tjLiJ kumar- 

-6ynamiik ; — , v,a, (^^ cbXlmak ; 

^j3 komak, J^^t^V bXssmok; 

— bigb, J^y afjU j^ chik-parii- 
*k6inak ; — a bigb game, ^jy^ 
j\ BJ»Jj}i^J gbyilpza-p^k-ilMda-ol ; 

— tbe fool, V.II. IcJK^l bsbeklik- 
-et ; 1 jUjUlb dllkkwuklvk - et ; 
^j;Jx4-<*« mlsskborolfk-et ; 

witb, v.a. Jk«P ^ji CX&I ^bek- 
-ysrina-k^mak, Jhw\ju\ Aldotmok ; — 
tbe tmant, cJs^lc^ dL:i^=u« m^k- 
tEbs - gbitmamek, J^^ ^Jui^^ 
m^ktsbdon • kXcbmak ; — upon. 

j;Jl>- cbllmak ; — — a wc 
CXiLftMi ^^A.^ mXzmun-8i^wo> 
mek. [^byxjT-i^ 

Player, s. *xU^ muklllid; 

Playtbing, *. (js^)l^ 6yunjak ; 

^ylEnja. [bdha.n 

Rea, 8, iJdJ^ Uktrdi ; jJ^ "^zr ; <<J \ 

Pleasant, a. Jjj^ gbyiiz^l, c^^ 
kbosb, jljlL^ aOi; ^U^ slf sQi 
iX*«>] l^ziz. 

Pleasantry, 8. lU sb^ka, ^IaJsS l^tfje. 

Please, t;.ji. ^^■'^■"■■— '-^ tbnsib - el 
CX<j^ c».'^U>< miinassib-ghyur 
mek; C^^^sJi IsstEmek, CX«^« 
dilBmek ; — , v.a. (jX^j^^ C^>=*" 
kb^ab • gbysprunmek, CX«js^ 
kb6sba - gb^cbmek, cXucr 
mlkbula-gb^cbmek, cX»l:ij b^Acn- 
ilmek; — one's self, \^gS ^^^Jjc^l 
isst^di^Ai - gblbi-et, \^jl^j>' JiasxLJS 

Pleasure, 8. i^^L^ kbyf, ^j^^-r^ j^"- 
busb, Mbfi sZfa, ^^^^f ^ylinja, 
^jJu li»- blzzt-n^fss, jiJuf t^^zzoz. 

Plebeian, a. Li klba ; — , 8, /%jt LJ 

Pledge, 8, ^jt^j rfebin; — , v.a. 
(j^^ i^^j r^bina - k6mak ; dUil^ 
LL^Aisf] "isbkJna-icbmek. 

Pleiades, 8.pL by si^rfeyya, j^\*xy t^*VJ 

Plenipotentiary, 8. ^joj^j^ murXkh- 

Plenteous, Plentiful, fl. Jy b61, j^ 
cb6k, jl^^s;:' b^r^kMi, ^^ gh^ni. 


[283 ] 



2-T. #. ij^^ b^Huk, jJi^ ch6kluk, 

-HFTT, *. ^.-^'^^ \lzj\3 zatu-'l-jfenb 
j -Atlij:^). lj^\ Ji^ kolay-^Ailir. 
^I'.e, Plisoit, a. J^^ y^mushAk, 

1 Jicj wk"d-et. 

si fltni, jLJ f^sad; — 

^rouiid, dL^^ krsa; — of a 

>- khulassa ; grass — , a;^ 

— , v.n. (J^^ ^^ fitni- 

, 4JUJUjli oLi ftssad-k^y- 


n^b, *. Vi^vMtf s^bAn ; — , vm. 
ww«^j«^ eilrmek ; — ,v.n.i^X<jy<^ c^W 
St^b An-&urmek. 

-tk. #. ^^ icb, ^J^ yghsx- 
-mi^ilBr ; CJJ«-y« niErdlik, cXllj^Cj 
Ti^Aitlik ; — » v. a. (J^j^yi k6pkrmflk; 
j^\ ^Imok; JUi^86ymak; JuJ^ 

''^^' *• r*^^ t)kAJ; (for a wound), 

Juii f itil ; — , VM, (J^^SJiff tlkamak, 

^;^\^ kXpAixuik; jK«i;<^ i)^ ftdl- 

P am, #. v^^^ ferik ; (^^jji^^jyi kuru- 

.nzum ; ^J^ «;-! <-^ j^ yiiz.b%- 

Plamb» VM. cX^i^ l^bimlEmek ; 

^JjjJlirf! IsskXndH-et ; — line, *. 

J yL& shakul (sb^Aul). [^kmek. 
Rum-cake, s, cJ-«^^ ^)J^ uzumlu- 
Plume, 8, '^jy^ 86rghuch ; c^y 

tiy. . — one's self, v.a. Ijlaail 


Plummet, 8, Ji m«^j^ kurshun- 

-kalsm; ^JjU^al isskAndH. 
Plump, a. U^Md or J^^^^^ sfemiz ; — up, 
t;.ii. jj^ d61mak, f^lUl^ shish- 
mek ; — (into), r.«. CX«J»^J dush- 
mek, JiJjl Xtilmiik, cJ^-«yljJ J^^^'i 
pltddak-diishmek ; — , od, .J^b 
pXtadak, jJ^^ lApadak. 

Plunder, 8. L^JcJ ya^Ama, C^U 
gharet, vj; ^>»g:..r gb^oim^t (/?/. aJ^ 
gb^a'im) ; — , vm, \ Uj«j y^Ama-et, 
Id^U gharet-et, \sm^ nfehb-et; 
(^lyo 86ymak. 

Plunderer, 8, ^^sj-Uib ya^Amaji. 

Plunge, 8, yj^^ dXlisb; — , v.n, 
(^^^ dXlmak, \^j.lh£. ghdtss-et; 
— t VM. ^J^jJ^J dlldirmak, (jAJya 
s^kmak, \(jJ^ gbdtss-et. 

Plural, 8. {-'♦^ j^m". 

Plurality, 8. (JL^jtS k^ssret. 

Plus, ad, Jotj za'id. 

Plush, 8. iiJ^ U klba-kXdifE. 

Ply, v,n. s^XAlA ishl^mek ; — , vm. 
C)^«L1j1 Isbl^mek, cX4Cj\ ^tmek; 
JU^JlInLm^ s^ktshdirmffk. 

P.M. (post meridiem), ad. J^^Jljuu 
b^' d-ez-z^wal. [yErda-lvlamak. 

Poach, v.n. JuJIjI hi^ji jL*i yassXk- 

Poacher, *. J-j^ iji)^ arJ^ jLj 

Pock, 8. \^f>- chlbXn. 

Pocket, 8. *— -'^->" G^^) » — » *'•*• 
J^oy '^^^r^ j^b]na-k6mak ; — book, 
^L^ jiizdan ; — money, ^ 

m • 




Pock-marked, a. jj^ cXi^y^ chicbek- 

Pod, 8. ^yi kAbuk ; — , vm. Jk^^ 

bl^^mak; — , v,a. (J^^iy^ LiH^ 

klbu^Aunu-sftymak, (j^J^^ {^y^^ 

Poem, «. (abort) Jyc gb^l, (long) 
Poes^, tf.yiJi ebi"r. [}^>^ klssTdE. 
Poet, ».^lA 8ba"ir (plAjJ^Mi'axk), 
Poetiy, 8, jJs 8bl"p. 

Poignant, a. Lii fina, ^c^t ljt» 

^^-£=u^ k^sskin, *Jt Mim, ^-^j 

Point, 8. aLaJ n6kta ; ^^1 uj ; (j^jiy 
bdrxm; ^yo^ kbdssuss, ^jU 
maddi, cb b2b, *«! ^mir, c:...%^L!^ 
k^yHjj^t, <tijj n&ktE, ^J J dlkika, 
cf^^o^.bJLbsB, ci.*rCU msbb^s v_ ^-^ 
mXtllb ; i^j^ dfer^B. 4J^ mfert^bB. 
iFj|; raddE, ddj:^ m^nzils, ^ kirtR, 
^^*^jJ\^ p^r^ssE; (of tbe compass) 
C^ k£rt£, J^j^j rtlzgbyar ; — , vm. 
^J^b bXkmak, ClUijJ diknmek 
\\JL>J^iiA^ji^ pkrmakk-isbaret-et 
— , VM, ^J^j&yiff d^^Arultmnk 
make a — , J^b ^^yosi^ mi^kbsuss- 

Point blank, ai, ^ji-^ ^hghrv; — 
nDgc» Jyi«|%u tXmm-m^nzil. 

Pointed, a.yj>-^iij^^Mi*slvri-i)jlu, ^jy^ 
sivri ; ^JiA^jk^ d^^Arulmvsb ; j^\i 
bXkijor ; ^yoii* miJLbsvss, JCj^\ 

Poison, 8. jibj z^hir, w s^mm, iJ^I 6d 
(^t), ^\ hghvi — , VM. cXJjibJ 

zebirl^mek, \m ■■ ♦ ■■■ » t^ssmim-c 

JUJ^ b6zmak, I jLJI ifsad-et. 
Poke, i;.a. (j^y^ s^kmak, i^^^ 

^JH«j«X-^li s^kiTp - klrlshdtrmal 

CX^J;^^ dikrtmek. 
Pobmd, 8, yj&^ l^bisstan. 
Pde, 8. -^j^ sink; cJjJ db-^li 

(^^ s^n; ^ l^bli; Cy-^laS kiJl 

(kOtub); t,rV^ Jjof? jJ\ Alti-bC 

chuk-kvhin; — star, t-^jAjc, ^^Vi 

kdtub - yHdizt, Jj^j^-^-J' (dfemir^ 

•klztk, c^J^ jhd^yy. 
Police, «. (matters of) ^uL««0j^f dm uri 

*zXbt}3ryB ; — man, t^^ ^t^*"^ zab 

tijjB-klwwlsst; — agent, <^jVi.jii( 

4J[;^U z2bt)yy£-m^'murn. 
Policy, tbdbir, ^}yA dssul, ^j 

r^visb ; JCm* s^ned. 
Polisb, a. ^ l^hli ; — , 8. ^ l^hJE j 

i>- jUa ; i^JS tirblyyB ; — , vm. \ %>> 

jHa-et, cX«^^lUs jUa-vErmek ; \^jJ 

PoUte, a. ^«i^ chM^bi, i^Jcil ^f ^odi, 

jj JLjy tErbljryslif /^J^ mhknm,j^j\y 

Political, a. ^^JC^iJl^l^jyc\ dmur-i- 

-m)]kTyy£ya-mi^ta"allik ; — economy, 

^J\Jtj\S\Aj: "ilmi-idar^-mjlklyyB. 
Politically, ad. Aj^yi d^yletJB. 
Politician, 8. \iJ^\ ^uCL« jyc\ ihnvri- 

-milkiyyE-ashina. [^^vlet. 

Politics, 8. (^sJ!jJ^«3J Jx "Umi-t^dbiri- 
PoUard, 8. cLlEs^t^l Inja-Jc^pek; 

^Ul^^^jyi^uif^Ub dillflri-hfcp- 



[286 3 


r:rdar-ct, ^^^ piss-et. 
"nxa, *. y^^j^ k6rkflk. 
TDonery, *. ^j5^^;^ k^rkflklik. 
-anthns, *. ^^Jj^y>-iJy>^ (ch6ha)- 

-egranate, 9.j\j nitr, jU\ fenar. 
-Tuel, s. ^^^^^^ji^ fejnsr-kXaht; — , v.a. 
^l!^»*^ dhghmek, (j^j^ wihmak. 
T.^, 9. AilaJ^ tlnUna, ^ JJJ dbbd^bs, 

-, *. Jjlf ghy^l. U^^ Mwuz. 
ideroos, a. ^t l^Atr, JJu s^kil, 
^1/ ghfaran. 

ctif, #. i*U«^ bnXm, aUa b^main. 
:itoan, #. jU^jt t6mblz. 

ol, #. J^ gbyifl, ufl^ hiwuz. 

jp, «. ^\)y^y 6Bsnruk, i^ji zibrta; 

{of a ship) lA^^^^ Uimora-ilMta. 

xr, a. j^ f(&ir (/»/. t^ fukora), 
vi^Jljt--^^ (kAripit); cJ^ zk"if 
(p/. Um zd"iifa, the origin of the 
French denomination of " Zoaave/' 
the htfmUry in Africa being called 
"the poor/' or " the weak/' because 
not able to afford themselves horses 
to ride against the enemy) ; Ui fina, 
J;icri' lah-yik. 

Poorly, a. jmJu£s k^yfsiz. 

mizajssz, 4teM.fN> khlsstn; — , ad. 

^jM fakhja ; Ui fina. 
Pop, vji. j;^^ pltlamak; jJlJ^ 
Xtilniak, JkJI/ ftrlamnk; — , ».c, 
CJu^jJ) ^tsvsrmek; — in, vji. 

^J^l^^t 6^^ramok ; CX«;:^jj;C^tc^ 

iXp - Icb^ri - ghbrmek ; — — ^ v.a. 

ilX^ji^\ j/a^ icbbri - IttVirmek ; 

— out, VM. ^\ji'j\^j\L^ dlshart- 

-6^Aramak ; , vm. CX<;J[ •i^JJ^ 

s^ndurivirraek ; ^^^jl^^ LSj\tJiff 

dbh^* - k6yuvErmek ; — on, v,a. 

i^X^jlyS ghiyivErmek; — off, t;.ji, 

CX«;-J^-^^L^ B^wushuTsrmek ; 

CX«^j J^\ MuvErmek ; , v.a. 

CX^^jIa^ ch^k^Virmek. 
Poplar, *. ,^/r^ljl^ klwAk-l^^AJt, 

jlyi kAwAk. 
Poppy, ». j^ltfT*^' h^hhash; (wild) 

^Jjf^i^^^ gh^linjik-chlch^^Ai. 
Populace, 8. (^UaI^ "dwXmmt-nass, 

^^li JiLl bssafili-nass, ^j^^ jW 

Popular, a. («^ J^fi^ mlkbulu-"lmm, 

OC^^^I^ "^2mm.p%ss^nd. 
Populate, v,a. \jYUt^ mii"mur-et. 
Population, ». ^U^ dhali, (^^ niyfuss. 
Populous, a.jyUL^ m&"mur. 
Porcelain, s.j^iki f^hfvr. 
Porch, s.jAjbii d^Tz. 
Porcupine, «. ^^^j^ 6klu-]drpi. 
Pore, «. (/?/. CL^ULi^ m^sammat) ; — 

over, v.a. (j^\*^ didmak, Ji^ibcJj 

Pork, *. ^\ Jlfjt d6nguz-^ti (d6muz), 

jl}i^\^ lihmu-'l-khhizir. 
Porous, a. jIjUL.^ m^ssamatli. 
Porphyry, t. ^U«> s6mmakt. 
Porpoise, a. i^VlH^ y6nuss-bid^Ai. 
Porringer, '• t?^ jj/i^ t6prAk.tfeiy6«- 




Port. 8. ^UJ limln; ilCJi kskbli; 

^-cLS^LmcJ lumbar-kXpA^At ; j^i 

lumbar; ^\^ ^"^jA P^rt-sbbrabi. 
Portable, a. wfi-isi- khXfif, ^^j-^-l't 

o jly tlBbtmassi-k^laj. 
Porte, *. Jlcc->b bibi-'all, ,^^1-^^ 

piisba-kXptsst ; ^u!x uiJ^J d^vl^ti- 

Porter, «. JU^ blmmil (bXmAl); 

sj^y^ klpijt; ^^jUU- fiijab- 

Porterage, «. ^U^ blmmlllik. 
Port-hole, *. ^XJ J^U^o^ liyiqbar-dMiyAi. 
Portico, «. ufjJuhJ J^ klpi-dfehlizi. 
PortioD, «. ^j^ p^cba, cJ^^ bulak, 

^Uo^ hlsssE, (^b p^j; Af<« B^bin, 

A«^ s^him ; c^ .^im.i kiasm^t ; — , 

— out, v.o. 1^rt»-i7 t^sim-et, CX«J^ 

b^lmek ; — off, v.a. S-^f^^ ^z^t^a>- 

i«J J hissBEsaini - vknip < d^f"- et ; 

marriage — , J^|>- jihaz (ch^hiz), 
J^^ l^Airlik. 

Portmanteau, 8, JJ^^^ eXndtk, ^l». 

chXnta. [iZJj^ Burst. 

Portrait, 8, ^j r^ssim, J„y^ tXssvTr, 
Portrait-painter, 8. v^^jjiy^ t^lssvir- 

-r^BBami. [tlvstf-et. 

Portray, v.a. \ m^j r^ssm-et, \ cPj<gJ 
Position, 8, ^j^ ra^vki"; Jl>- hal. 

Positive, a. ^.Js^ s^ih, a^Ia^I^^"^ 
8^iban-ma*'lum, J^a^^ muh]kkklk; 
J^ iiS Jyi-bllir ; Jj^i^t^ijjj p^k- 
-ki^vi-s&w^ylsr ; ,^^0^jx "inat^ji ; 
J^ mdtlAk. 

PoBsesB, v.a. ^1 C)^ U malik-61, j^ dX 
miit^m^llik-61 ; — one's self of, I 
zXbt-et, cXcjy:^^\ k\£ - ghfetirn 
1 JIi^sCUj^ isstibsal - et ; whatc 
possessed you? v^Jj^^OvL^^^ 
(h^gbt) - sh^ytAua- uyduny, ^ 
cJjcj^ci^JcLjiSii nfe.dilirla."Ak 
-(bizmet) - ^tdin^ ; — ed, p,p, . 
dHi, ^i^ijp* m^jnun, ^^^^ diwanE 
Possessed, a. ^J d^li; '^^^Ujoi^ 

t^8drrufinda-61an . 
Possession, 8. imJj»aj t^ss^mif. [-il^y 
Possessive case, dJluJt^ muzXfui 
Possessor, 8. l, '^'>\^ sahib; ft—jpo: 


Possibility, 8, ^^^ hnkyan. [^l^ b^lk 

Possible, a. ^^^4^ miimkin; — ^hly, ac 

Post, «. (wooden) jjl! kXztk, liJj^j 

dkhk ; (for letters) ^z^yJ p6ssta 

(for horses) A]^^ mfenzil; (office] 

*>i p^sst, u:^j>y< te mfe'murtjrj'et, 

m^ssnfed, jJup sXdr; (sentr}) 

Jy t^U Jyy kxra-k6U Jy=y 

kXra^Aol, ,^^^y niib^tji; (place) 
jl jkr, J-J»^ m^vki", — , v,a. 
CX<jl A^^bM*^ p6sstaya- VErmek ; ^y 
k6mak, ^J,^\jj brakmak, \,»^i^ 
ta *yin-et ; — , — up, v,a. (accounts) 
^j^i y^mak, IjuS kityd-et, 2r^J 
i^X^jJ^ dMtsra-gfa^chirmek ; (per- 
sons) iJ^j^^^^ ylftaja^yhzmak ; 
— , v.n, CJ»>c^^ J^ mfenzil-Burmek, 
CX^O J^minzil-ghltmek; — office, 
^\:^dz^y p<5ssta-khan£ ; — house, 
ii\s*jU^ m^nzil-khanE ; — master, 




I ^ 

1 . #• 

; L^ ^r. ..*• I p^Bsta - mb'murn ; 
m^nzilji ; — — general, 
J p^sata-nazirt, — horse, 
in^nzi]-(b^ghiri) . 
a^, *. iJl^^^^^y^ p6s8ta-ilijrfeti. 

^^^v. \ 

< -chaise, s. 

tTjj^ si^ruju. 


[jU^I ^vlad-u-khfad. 

'"TDone, v.a, \-^U tfe*khir-et, li^S^ 
j:4i|y B^^aya-brakmak. [hl8hl3ry£. 


script, *. ^ 


kEnar» iUi&l>> 

s. C-^U klb, (j^y^^ kliwanoss. 

^^ji b^rdak; <U^ h6kkfl ; ,A-J> 

^.Uj5 (kXzAD) ; flower — , ^5-**-^ 
siksi; — ^, v.a. J^^^biL-yly k^wa- 
iiosaa - bXssmak ; cJ^J <^^I^=^ 
<lksiya-dlkmek. /r/' ' " T j 

?.tash, a. u^^y^ potass. (— ' / ':'-•■ 
jtassa, *. c/^Ij'^ potass. \; :'-.'" ,C\ 

'^tassimn, *. j^^-^sWu potassiUiQv \^ 

':tato, ». if^^l/i yBP-Elmasst. 

Pot-bellied, a.Jjj^ kllmli. 

Potency, 9. f^l^^ kuvvet. 

Potent, a. ^^ kihrvetli. 

Potentate, ». jtx«^ biikmdar. 

Potential mood, s, ^j^ JCj\*^^jL-tf stgba'i- 

Potion. #. pie "Baj. [-ikttdariyyB. 

Pottage, «. Vj!^ ch6rba ; ^X llp«. 

Potter, *. ^_yF^ ;f" chttnalekji; — 

about, — over, «-ryAi'Al]A^Cr^ 

\^^j^ iJ^j ^^Bh - sb^ylir - ila - 


Poulterer, a, ^jSp^^^f tkwukju. 
Poultice, 8. iSi llpa; — , v. a, J-^j^lii 

Poultry, 8. jjlL t^wuk, JjU JjU? 

Pound, 8, (weight) ij^ libra ; (Turkish 
= 2| avoirdupois) l3 k)yy£ (6kka) ; 
(sterling) *^ lira; (for cattle) Jjs\ 
lgMi\ — , v.a, cXiS'^J du^Amek, 
CX«;1 fezmek, I jJ d^kk-et. 
Pour, v.a. cX*(jJ di^kmek, JUi5! 
Xkitmak; — , v.n. (J^k^Ja^ 
(8^1)-ghlbi-y^yAmak ; J^l^J--! 
(sfel) -gUbi-Xkmak. 
Pout, VM, fjAjycya s6mutmak. 
Poverty, 8. jAi f^kr, ^li f aka. Jij.^ 
fakirlik, ^\ji flkaraltk, C^^^ 
Powder, a.jy tAz,jLc ghdbar; (medi- 
cine) immiyimt s^fuf ; g^n — , ^^9j^ 
birut; — , v.a. kl^^Ail^Jy ii^s^j] 
5sstuna - t6z - silkmek ; \\y tdz-et, 
CX«)1 ^zmek; — horn, — flask, 
^Jj v^zni, ^j^j^ *^^V^. b&rut- 
v^znEssi; — mill, ij\aB^jj\j barirt- 
-khauE; — room, — magazine, 
^l2Cl>- j^b-khans. 
Power, 8.j^j ibr, d?^ kOw^t, CJJ^jJi 
kMrht, Li-^iCc miknfet,j^OciUktidar; 
l::J^J dfevl^t, k::.^yl»- hukyum^t; 
i^yu nufuz ; j^\j th'hlr ; ^l>> hisssa 
(pi. c/-'^ hiwAss), 
Powerful, a. jij^j zbrlv, Jjy kuvvMli, 
lSJ k^vi, pj^ kOdrfetli, ^^;-£=-* 
m^kin, jJCAr* mdkt^dir ; ^ J«a3 nd- 




fuzlu, ^^^::sJi3^«3i\J nafizu-l-kslim^- 
thjn;j)yo mii'^sar; iJL9j^ thrt; all 
— ,^*xi kXdur. [-kuvveti-y6k. 

Powedeas, a. ^Jyi^^^ji 'ffif^ Uch-bbr- 

PowerleBsnesB, s. j;)i^Uil^\ ^^y ^^ 

Pox, i. ^^ji HrEDghi. 

Practicable, a. ^^^C*^ milmkin, j^^ 
ydpilir ; j^Uy kulUniltr. 

Practice, s. aJ^ tii"lim, aIjJ diwAm, 
CUv^Ij^ mMav6m^t; Jmi^ "imxl; 
cijLUe "imsUyyat ; (^jU& "adbt ; 
i^^^&l^CX.^ tXbibin^-miiaht^r. 
ilKri ; — , v.a. iiy^sA ^tmek, (J4j\i 
ydpmak ; \ mIju tk"lim-et, \ a^^J 
diwlm-et ; tc)UJj^ h^kimlik-et. 

Praise, s. •.«>*« m^dh, \ij sEna, ^^\i«4 
ntayish ; (to God) «X4>- htod, ^L2» 

shiiJcr; — , VM, V"^ m^db-et, \Ui 

aina-et, ^^^^ sitayiab-et; 1 

b^d-et, LC& sbi^kr-et. [m^brur. 
Praisewortby, a, v^j^ mirzi; jyj*-^ 
Prance, ».«. ^yi^^^ 6ynamak, {j^J^ 
Prawn, «. ^ t^. [aicbramok. 

Prazb, 9. aJju tk"lim. 
Pray, v.*. Jn^)^1[ yllvarmak, \Wj 

r^a-et, IjU nlyaz-et ; lUj dili"a*et ; 

jH«Juij^ nlnuz-kilmok. 
Prayer, *. U.^ r^&, jU nlyaz ; Uj 

di^"a; (stated) jU3 nAmXz, izSLo 

or CL^jLtf s}Uat. 
Prayer-book, *. ^la^ Uo di^'a-kltabi. 
Preach, v.ii. 1 locj wi"z-et. 
Preacher, b^lj vwa 'iz. [meklik. 

Preaching, 9. C)JiU2j\ 1^^ wi'z-^- 

Preamble, «. ^^<J> i ■• mukXddiniKj 
^Lj J dlbaJE. [rer. 

Precarioaa, a. jji« ^ gb^yri-mOk^r- 

Precaution, *. jii^- hlzar, j^jo*-^ ihti- 
zar, )o\r^\ ibtiyat, aLiJl intibah ; 
to take — t ij^^^ B^'nmok, Jj^ 
^jA^ gbyi^z-dcbmak, t j«X>* hXzar- 
-et, JU^^ ^\^ipA ibtiyltls-bdluD- 
mok, ^ }fjj^i\jsj\ hitibah-ikz^r£-6L 

Pk-ecede, v,a. and n. lvj...^5y>dt sdbklt-et ; 
^c:^L»« miissabaklt-et ; —ding*, 
(Ji\^ sabtk. 

Precedence, 9, ci^L^ m^aboklt. 

Precedent, 9, J 1^1 ^msal (/>/.) 

Precept, «• JFiXfili ka'ids; L^^ f<\ *aj 
nlsaih^; ^<L^ij>i zarbt-m^sel. 

Preceptor, «. ^s^\sC ^ ^ nXssthdtji, 
Asf-f^ khoja. 

Precious, a« jli4gS 
zi-ktm^t ; ]-J Ui 
^^ jfevbisr (;>/. ^\fr jfewahir) ; 

— rogae, y;-SjW ^S^ gbfedikli- 
cblpktn. \J^Ji y^rta. 

Precipice, «. Jo yilr, (^^j>^^ i^cburum. 

Precipitate, a. — ly, orf. aJulJusrP 

"ijafe-ilfl, aI^IJ^ "al».'l."Aj6lE ; 

— retreat, (j^Sc:.>^fc>^ ry"^t»- 
-kidikark; — , ». Jy toz, lSX^^ 
chUtkundu; — , VM, j;.^1^Ll) 
Ishi^At-c^ak ; ^JtHF^ t^'jO-et; 
— , 0.11. CJ^^^^J dib£-chi^kmek ; 

— things, — matters, \ ^Jus^ "ijelE- 
Precipitation, 9, AssP' "ij^li. [-et. 
Precise, a. (person) y^]j^ mferJkli, 

ui^JjJb! ^hU.dlkklts (time, &c.) 

"iziz ; — stone. 




*J tUTTwn, ^UJ tlmlm; — , v.a. 
tk"ym-ct, ^(Jiji^ tfefrlk-et, 

r^nsiom, «. jjyt ^m^r}kk ; ui^J dik- 

redeceasor, s. uJLi s^ef (/i/. uJL>) 
r^destination, s.jJJ kldxr. [^sslaf). 
.-edicsment, s. Jl>- Li ^ahal. 
Predicate* ^^jf^ khlbiir. 
Tredict, v.a. (^^jijjf^ii^^yj'^^^^y^j 

^vruku" undon - etvbI - khlbxr - vKimek, 

]^]jS^m^\ isstikhraj-et. 

Prediction, s. cJlLo^j^ J^'vJ*^^yj 

wuku "undon - Ewel - khXbjor- v^rmek- 

Predilection, s. (J«^ m^yl. |lik. 

Predispose, r.a. CXe^^ j1 JuC^l Issti"- 

Predisposition, 8. ^}\dJC^\ i88d"dad. 
Predominant, a. c^lc ghalib. 
Predominate, v.n. jlc-JU ghalib-61, 

y 7^ ch6k-61, y^obj djade-61. 
PrefiEUX, 9. ^L««>S^ mdkXddima. A>-Lj«3 
dibaJB; — , v.s. I^JlLcLmJ bls8tt« 
-mdklddims-et. [tErfi"i-rditb£-et. 
Prefer, vm. ^'fPrf t^ih-et; \^j^^y 
Preferable, a. '^f miir^jjkb. 
Preference, ^. ^^Pry tfejjib. 
Pregnancy, «. CJi^ gh^bdik. 
Pregnant, a. ^ gh^bs, aL«1>- hamili. 
Prejudice, 9.jjo z^rar, Ciil:i fsnalik; 
— against, ^^j«i si^'iz^nn; — in 

favour, «J^^^;«»>- hi^ssni-z&nn ; vul- 
gar — » J^V^ifl^ z^nnt-bitil; — , 
VM. \jj»i z^rar-et; — , ^^ic:jbii 
JUy zUinina-8h^y-k6niak. 

Prelate, $, ^jm^Jimi pisskoposs. 

Premature, a. — \j, ad. J^^^^Oi^ij 

W}Jcttnd^-EVVBl, ^;«3k4A^J13^ wlktt- 

Premeditate, v.a. J^^^c^^^jJ 

dilshonup-kurmak, 1 Jbi^ kXssd-et ; 

— -d, p.p. kJXaJ kAflsdt ; — dly, ad. 

IjudJ klBsdon, \^iAS. "todan. 
Premier, %. Ja£|^Ju0 sldri-^^z^m (sM- 

raz^), ^^lij^, bXah-v^kH. 
Premises, 9. pi. jt ^v, ^\^J dilkkyan 

(diikkEn), io^ 6da, A^U bX^Acha, 

A^ "^U*Ba, jJ yir, J^tX>- hiidud; 

(logic) ^iXA^ miyklddims (single), 

^ ^ jn.^Ji. ^ mDkXddim^t^yn (double), 

CL^UjkLo milklddimat (several). 
Premium, «. ^b blsh, JS kyar; 

Cl^l iijr^t; C^UUU miikyafat; 

^^4fi'\4»J^^L& sba^AirdiyyE-lk- 

Preoccupy, v.a. f JyK^_:k:j^J zUmini- 

-m^shghul-et ; — ied, a. ^fL^^^^ 

Preparation, b. cJ^IjJ t^daruk (t&darik, 

ph CL^l^l JJ t^darikyat) ; (compound) 

s^y tferkib. 
Prepare, v.n. jK^yil>- hlzxrlanmok, 
j|^U» h2zir-61; — ^, v.a. 1 -.^l>- 

blzir-et ; — a table, <JK«;y M^ s^fra* 

-kdrmak; (cook) (j^^^ ydpmak, 

Cl).«;^ pisbinnek ; (compound) 



\^,^^jj tErkib-et; (arrange) \i^^^^JS 

Preponderance, s, ^uLc ghdl^bs. 

Preponderate, v.n. ^li«JU gbXlib-61, 
C)<^^Jt^^V blsskin-gbElmek. 

Preposition, *. ^wi^ b^i-jferr, jl>- 
jarr. [zlbt-et. 

Prepossess, v.a. \ L^J^ gbyiinyiil- 

Prepossession, s. fj>^ mhjl; (ZJj^\se. 
"^davfet. [-mugbayir. 

Preposterous, a, y}^ ^J^ "Akla- 

Prerogative, 8. ^U- kblsssa. 

Presage, 8. c^^lfi "^am^t, JJj d^lH; 
Jli fid ; — , VM. ycu-w«jl* "idamfet- 
-ol, l^jf J d^lal^t-et ; J^l&t 
^glanuik (^namak), \^J^^ \bB' 
tikbraj-et. [bib-et; lk--*»-J^tfertib-et. 

Prescribe, v. a, \jA femr-et, ^<U»i5 tfen- 

Prescription, 8. ^^^JimSj^ b^kim-tsr- 
tlbi, iz>>-j r^cb^ta. 

Presence, 8. jy^'^ bdzur; j3;|^ varltk, 
iju^J^^ mfevjudiyyfet, J^^ viijud; 
— of mind, j;lA4ljUjki-llj^liL6 
"iklt - bXsbtnda - 61makltk ; jyJi^ 
CJJ^U;y^f^tur-gb^tirmameklik; to 
bave, to be in possession of — of mind, 
Jh^LaJj^ <j^ bkb - b6zulmamak, 
jUjLi-AU^AXi "xklt-bXsbtndfl-61, 
\J,^.^X^jip^jjii^Jb bicb-fiitur-gb^tir- 

Present, a. j>i\>- bXztr, J^^ v^, ^^yc 
mfevjud, j^y bulunur, ^J^^y, 
bdlunmusb ; . jL> \.a J^ sbimdiki, 


ll>- ball; — , 8, djJJb bfedijyi; 
jlCl-i pisbk^b; Uaxs "XtJyyi? 

bMdisbisb ; Jl^-, 


sbimdiki-bal, (JU^S^^^^ruJc^J^ sh) 
diki-w}Lkit, u^tX«^ sbimdi, ^JW hi 
at — , kJS^ sbimdi, ClJJjJ^ 
sblmdilik, JlJl M-bai. ,^211 fel-a 
Jl>- bala; — , vm. ^^j^ "arz-c 
\^j^ tlkdim-et ; \ j^j^^ ibraz-e 
il^^z^f gby&sstsrmek ; (^'^j^^ 
d^^Arnltmak; — arms ! j^jom^ 
s^am-dur ; present ! J^^^V^ nl 
sbln-2J. [dim, jI^I ibraz 

Presentation, 8, ij^^ "4rz, /^«3La7 tXk 
Presently, ad» ufJuJa sbimdi, ^Jm 
^SaJa (bEmsn) -sbimdi, ^^j^ji bir 
-Xzdon. [mubAfaza, 

Preservation, 8. )ei^ bHz; dlsiUr^ 
Preserve, *. Jjlk tXtli, J^ rfcchel, 
^Jj^ sb^ksrlim^ ; ^J^y tiirshu ; 
j^^ k6ru, jJjj^ k6ruluk ; — , v. a, 
(J^^J^ k6rumak, ^J^il^ s^klamak, 
l3A>- b)fz-et, l^li^ vikays-et, Ici^L^ 
slyan^t-et, IddoilsL'* mdblfaza-et ; 
^^^■«4^1j^Ji.L^ rfecbelini-y^pmok ; 
JUjU-^VmijA^ tiirsbusmm-ydprnak ; 
— , v.n. yjf^ rfecbel-61; ^\^/ 
tiirsbu-^l. [-^den-klm^ssnE. 

Preserver, *. i^Um^ ^JjI lai>. hlfz- 
Preside, v.n, ^ci-— Uj riyass^t-et; 
jUjuSib blsbda-61. [^ s£r. 

President, ». (^rr^^ rfe'iss ; fji\j bXsh, 
Presidentsbip, 8. c:..^»>bj rlyass^t. 
Press, *. ^^\ic--OA*^*' ^st 

gbyaht ; 




^iT-^^maii ; ^^j^ gbiz^tolar ; 

7-tup]ayAii-k61 ; — , v.a, ^jAA»ut 

uiihdirmak ; 1^ j j «n.7 tZzytk-et, 
c. jebr-et. \^Ur' ijbar-et ; ^J\j^j 
--^^X ** z6ryd-"lB8kEr-7iizmak. 
:ire, «. ^ ^S j^ siktsh, ^^r^V b^^* 

sikf, ^_^l^ blBskt; jjjj 


: yifsstBrish, jJ^ t}kklid, ^Ib yMln. 

-r^nle, *. ^^U» J^ f iK-mazt. 
text, 8, Ajl^ bi^anE; ^Lw^ v^ssHs. 
tty, a. Jj/ gMzM, ^J dilbir, 
w:--©. h^ssnla; — ^, ad. l>-^\(^\ 
tp-mja, ^*^^^ 61dukja, ^^ 
^«^i«. \^\Jl^ ghfer^Ai-ghlbi ; — 
^Ii,4>.^^ lyijfl, ^W*Jjl 51dukja. 


•revafl, tijf. ^^-^^ ghllib.61 ; — 
^li, — upon, ^^^^^Ij razt-et, 
\ ^IS^s ghyiai^lunn-et (gbyiimanti- 
?r«Talent, a. «-^^- Jan. [-et). 

^cnt. «.a. f ^^ mfen"-et. 
Prwentablc, a. ^^f^^>^ j^,5*^ mfen"i- 
Prevention, «. {-X« m^". [-milmkin. 
^endve, «. ^^ mani". 
^viooB, c. jjfljl swidki, ^X«4XL« 

muldddimki, ^iLit ^sski. 
Previonriy, ad, ^^^^SJi fesskidon, Jjl 
msl, |ftXL« rndklddsm, L«JuS»« 
^ -^ — -* -< t^< ivvili-hnirdB, 



eiiyd; ^^mS? 1jt"ma; — npon, v.a. 
CXw yfemek ; jK«S^f Ivlamak, ^jAjjo 
tdtoiAk, \ JUtf B^yd-et, 1^\C& shikyar- 
-et; beast of — , Jij^ ijf^ji 

Price,*. l|jWaia,4i>Ufl'it; high—, 
C^U /t XyAir-fi'kt, <iU t^^ 
d61ghnn-fl'&t ; low — , \^ fj^ dun- 
-Ukha, \^^)^\ BhvED-bldia ; fixed — ^ 
W,>l-£= ki«ilm«h-biha. ^^ 

d^Ui m]Jctu"-fi'kt ; assize — , f^ 
nJurkh, ^Xji^j^ mm-ii'kd ; — of 
blood, u:-^(3 dljjht, ^Jj»> khun- 

Prick, 8. J^j^ diksn, jU khar; ilX^ 
Bik, J^J z^ksr» J^liJurJl aleti- 
-t^nassol ; i^^^^J^"^:^ lyAoE-yarasst ; 
— , t;.fl. \^J^^^iJ^^j^ sivri-shfey- 
-ila-yba-et ; — , v.n. Jk^jIj bltmak ; 
— up one's ears, C)^<3 j)y ki^lAk- 

Prickle, 8. ^j^ d)k^n, jU^ khar. 

Pride, *. j^ klbr (kibir), iJLjyoT 
D^Ochv^t, j^l t^kbbbor, ^oju 
X^"hwami jg^ Akhr; ^laAt ifti- 
khar; — one's self in, v,n. IjUsail 
Ifdkhar-et, cU}Ju\ j|^ m^2k- 

Priest.^.AUlhnlm; c/*^^ p^P^ss, ^La; 
rvhb2n, ^JLJLSid k^huh; |%lfi^ 

Prime, a. 5L^ k'U lU^Jl J^ "dllyyu- 
-l.i'U crVc;*^V blshdon-blsh ; 
Ja^f k"z^, ^b b}lsb, J^l swsl; 
^J^\ }ks8lt; — , ». ^jJUl^\ ^njr- 




S^^^^Jj tErkib-et; (arrange) \i„^^Ji 

PreponderaDce, s. aJx gh^l^bs. 

Preponderate, v.n. ^Iv^lc ghIlib-6L 
CX^l^i^^J^lj blsskin-gbElmek. 

Preposition, 9, j>->^^ h^t-jferr, jl>- 
jarr. [zXbt-et. 

Prepossess, vm. \ la^ J^ gbyiiD^ul- 

Prepossession, s. Jm^ m^jl; CL^^J^ 
"ddav^t. [-mOgbayir. 

Preposterous, a. j}*^ ^^aAC "ikla- 

Prerogative, «. d^l> khAsssa. 

Presage, «. l:uv«]U "Uam^t, JJj d^H; 
Jli f]d ; — , t7.a. y^i-^jj^ "jdam^t- 
-ol, IciJ^J dMal^t-et; Jk«1^1 
dnglamak (^nonuik), I^LaCVw! iss- 
tikbraj-et. [bib-et; lc.,*^«7^t^rtib-et. 

Prescribe, v.a. \j>^ ^mr-et, t^UjJ t^n- 

Prescription, «. ^^^Ji^Sj^ bbkim-tir- 
tibi, is>>-j r^cb^ta. 

Presence, *. jy^^>- bOzur; jij^^ varltk, 
(j:.^J*>-^ m^vjudlyy^t, J^j vikjud; 
— of mind, jliJjt^J^lj^lju 
"iklt - bXsbtnda - 61nuikltk ; j^ r. \ 
CJlC^Ujr^fiitur-gb^tirmameklik; to 
bave, to be in possession of — of mind, 
^jm^^jyj^ Mj^ b)cb - b^zulmamak, 
jUjL:^b^A£ "Xkli-bXsbinda-dl, 
ijX^jf^jl^^Jb bicb-fiitur-gb^tir- 

Present, a, j^^\>- blztr, ^^ vir, ^^yc 
m^TJud, jy^yi bulunur, \J^y. 
biyiunmusb ; . ^■Cj X 4>«& sbhndiki, 
^l>- ball; — , *. ^JJb b^dljyE; 
pisbk^sb ; A^£ "XtijrjE ; 


bMdisbisb ; J\^>-^<i 

sbimdiki-bal, l::^Sj_=uJc4^ shim- 
diki-wXktt, u^Jb«^ sbimdi, J\»- hal ; 
at — , (^tX«Ji sbimdi, cJijJ^^ 
sblmdilik, JlJl H-bal, Ji\ fel-an. 
!ll>- bala; — , vm. ^^j^ "arz-et, 
Ia^J^ tAkdIm-et ; \ j\j^\ )braz-et, 
K^X<j:^f gby&sstsrmek ; ^z^^^ 
d6^Arultmak; — arms ! jy^M ^■*-» 
sMam-dur; present! J^^lli nl- 
sbln-Xl. [dim, j|^^ ibraz. 

Presentation, s, (j^j^ *'hxz, ^j^ tXk- 
Presently, ad. i^JjJti sbimdi, ^Ujb 
^SjJ^ (b£mEn)-sbimdi, ^'^j^ji bir- 
-Xzdan. [mubxfaza. 

Preservation, s. )ok^ b)fz ; Alailsr^ 
Preserve, ». ^It tAtli, J^^ rbcbel, 
^Jj^ sbbksrlimii ; ^J^J^ tiirsbu ; 
j^yl k6ru, (^^j^ k6ruluk ; — , v.a. 
cf^Jl^y k6rumak, ^j^^is^ sdklamak, 
ka>» b)fz-et, \^^y vlkays-et, Iiw-JL^ 
slyan^t-et, IdLkilsL'^ mdblfaza-et ; 
^j;.«4^U^4.« .L.^ r^cbelini-ydpmak ; 
ci^^o''**i:**y tiirsbusunu-y^pmak ; 
— , v.Ji. j^c)^ rfecbel-61 ; i^v<^/ 
ti!u%ba-61. [-^den-klm^ssnE. 


AC * 

Preserver, 9, Kixu*^ \j^}^ 

Preside, v.n. \\^ n .NtUj riyass^t-et; 
jl^jL&lj bXsbda-61. [^ bet. 

President, *. (j-^j rfe'iss ; ^^b bXsh, 

Presidentsbip, 9, \j:^^^^j rlyass^t. 

Press, 9, ^ji^c^^ij^^ bXssma-dbet- 
gbyabi ; iM^ mEngbsni ; ^J^ 
j^nd^rs, ,cS^V bXsski ; C---')^ d6lAp, 


)^,fM. ^julSjjr y61dainak, tJjJCiAirfl 



* 1. 

ai'cswtic, a. J4|>A ahiilphili. 
' ^boecia, •• &^J^ khdrtum. 
' ^jeed. v-Ji, ^ ♦S jT " chikmak, ^ J-*l>- 
I usal-^1, \\^Z.t.:y n^h'^t-et, ^'^J 
ttto-b-ety klX«u «•;) lazim-ghiElmek; 
^^^^kjJt llt.ti^raftDt.B&. 
▼Hlmoek ; k^X^ gh^mek ; jj^< 
vJm*s^ UM-ghltmek. [pi. \^ d^"wi. 

^roccsB, #. J>-*^ ^51 ; JUa' i'mal ; 

-jcesskm, #. «-^!H ^y ; Jj-a^ hdaaul, 

nxdaim, o.». t f J^ nida-et, f^^lUt i"lln- 

^ndamation, «. (^l&t i"Un. [-et. 

TocrutiDate* vm. (}^^ji^j/^^J^} 
ahini- s^fi^aya-brakmak. 

Procnstinatioii, 9.^\i t^'^dbkhur. 

jVocreator, «. S^y mdiwMlid. 

Procure, vM. Jh*!^ b^miik, Jk*I1 2dmak, 
CUji^iil sk - gh^tirmek. tJ#U- 
hlBsfl-et, 1 Ji;^•dafir tahsti^t, 1 jLaAil 

Prodigal, a. i-J;**^ mbflsrif ; J^JJ btevl; 
— ity, 9. uJly-*t Ifisraf ; uuJ j Ju^ 
m^bzullyyfet. [blyuk; j^ ch6k. 

Prodigiooa, «. <-r-rf^ "Ajibj «ii^jrf 
Prodigy, *. *j^ mA' jizB. 
Plrodnce, v. a. 1 J-*^ hlawl-et, ili^jjj 
yfamek; t^Vi^^l ihzar-ct. cro;U*»- 

chiU^nnak, cX«/i^m*^^ ghylittstBrmek, 
j;^4jtju^ m^ydZBa-k6mak, \ j\ji\ 
Ibraz-et ; \ j\f&1 ishhad-et ; »-, t. 
izJLj^ hXsstUt (jp/.) ; ir^ B^m^n ; 
ot^t irad ; f^y^B^ rnhhsvL 

Froduct, s. J^«AC!^ mahevl. 

Prodaction, «. Jjiitf»^ bbsBuI ;j\ hu/er. 

Pro£uie, a. c^jU "adi ; j;liC^ ^ ^J 
dinjB • gb&yn - m^"^k ; UX^iA^ 
uh\;t^^ b J mOktlzayt-diyan^ta- 
mdgbayir-6lAn ; — , v.a. li^cJj\^ 


Profess, v.a, \j]/\ ^J^ "kUnBn-)krar-et, 

^\gS!Mj^ dk"wU8tnda - 61, ^jaj\^ 

tltmak; \(jJ\mtjXc mikdbrrisslik-et, 

j^^jjkli^ mumJjJJ t^drissila - m^sb- 


Profession, 8, ^^^io j^J\ )krar-"alEQi ; 
t^;i: J di'wJi, U jUddf ' a ; vj:--!^^!-* 
m^hgbuUyy^t, l:;^'^^ bbrf^, jjl^^sc^ 

Professor, 9. (^ Jb« mi^d^rriss ; ^\^ 
Proficiency, «. <^^lf« m^barfet. 
Proficient, a.^U mabir. 
Brofile, «. ^i.<«j>>rf; r^stmi-milss^nnem ; 

^^^Md^^^^b^^U y^^blkisbt-r^smi. 
Ph>fit, 9. j\i kyar, J^]^ klz^ig ; »Jjli 
fa'idi jJU n^f", (.^...m:^ mxnia"i^; 
— , v.n. 1j\^kyar-et, (j^)j^ klzAn- 
nuk, \^\ btifa".et, cXtj^if^\i 
fa'idi-gbyi^rmek, jt JCw« yjali fa'ida- 
m^d-61; — » I7.a. cX«;ijjl^ kyar- 
-vinnek, ilX^ji^ if^^ fa^ids^vdrmek, 

s 2 




WjJU fa' }\t^\i fa'idB.6], 
jl^^jjli fii'idnsi^l. j\^t^\i fa'i- 
Profligacy, «. jJjmmU. chipkinlik. (J^ 

Flrofligate, a. ^«|«SjW chXpkin, ^uLi 

Frofoond* a. ^^ d^rin, Jh*4>^ "^mik ; 

— ly learned, /^^ mkt^lAhhir. 
Profoondneaa, Frofiindit7» '• ^^^-^^^"^ 

Frofiue.a. Jy b61» ,^y^ gh^i ; uJ^«»4 

mbaarif ; Jj«3j b^zul. 
ProfuaioQ, ». jJ^^ ch6kluk. 
Progenitor, *. J^ jfedd. 
Progeny, #. UUOj J zteriyy^t. 
Prognoatic, s, «>a^.< l f "dlam^t. 
Pft>gramme, 9. ^^ la'ihu. 
Progreaa, #. JLi^jA U^ril^yiah; ^y 

thrtkki; — , VM. CXiljJbt UuiIm- 

mek, cUs^ ghitmek. 
Prohibit, vui. IjLj y^a^kk-et, ^^»^^ 

m^mnu"-et, \^ n^y-et. 
Prohibition, s. jLj y^aalk ; ^ n^y. 
Project, 8, jy£2 t^Xvmr, AaSIL« mik- 

tala''^; — ^, ©.a. lj^«aJ> tiaaXwur-et, 

t^Ua^ mi^tala"; J^tJl Itmok, 

t^i::^^! JJI indakht-et, l^j r^my-et; 

CXcjt ^tmek; — , v.*. tUL^ 

cykmok, CX*K j^\ fl^xi-ghxlmek, 

^JKO^j^ Ozamak. 
Projectile, t. ^^j^^m^ j)aaim*m£nm. 
Prolific, a. jlc^ bfer^ksUi; ^^jl^^^^ 

yfedi-Tsrsn ; j^^X^ miiaamir, J^cHynsi^ 


Prolix, a. ^jyj^ dzun, ^^aiu* muf^BsXl. 
Prologae, «. ^J&t mvkklddimE. 
Prolong, v.a. |^t^\;^V ^zXtmok, \ 

m^d-et, t^y^^Vj^^LT*^^^^ ^^- 

Promenade, «.jf s^yr, l&UJ j^^ e^yr- 
-n-tlmaaha ; ^mSjj^ a^yr-yiri, Mjm 
m^irs, i^Hjmmt^ mtoirEgh|rah,^ 
m^ir; — , 0.11. CX«|^ gh^zmek, 
fjj^^^ d61aahmiik ; — , v.a. 
CX^jt^j^ gh^dirmek, ^J^tXi^iJ^ 

Promiacaooa, a. (jJ^J^ klrnhtk. 

Promiae, '• J^ BJtef «^ ^"d ; -^« v.a. 
CX«^^ J^ ad(z*vsrmek,\ Jk«^j ▼Ji"d-et ; 
— ^, V.11. cXw;^ ghjrkunmek, J^\ 
CX«;J[^ iimid-y£rmek. 

Promontory, «. ^jj^^ bdrun. 

Promote, «.a. CX«^^ SJjj riiths-Tcrmek, 
\^g-y tirfi"; I (•J;b 
ykrdjm-et, \ L:uJjtt« mu"av^n^t-et, 
CXc3^Juil U6rilstmek. 

Promotion, 8. ^j ^[f t£rfi"i-riktb£. 

Prompt, a. C)jl>* chiibtk, JJ tiz 
(tfcz), jjcjyj aikr"Jitli, ^^ aferi" ; 
— ^, t;.fl. ^y^AJift "iklina-ahfey- 
.kj^mak ; CJ^^f c^i3^ U^kirdt- 
i^Aritmek, ^a>AiJ t&"lim-et. 

PH>mptitade, 8. C)KjI»^ chkbtkltk. 

Promulgate, v.a. t^le^ i"lXn*et, t^ 
nfeahr-et, ^f^^b yiymak. 

Prone, a. JL« m^yyal, w\ic.... < m&as- 
tli"idd ; ^*^^^j^ yiizu-k6yun. 

Pronoun, 8. jiA^ zamir. 

Pronounce, v,a. \ laiLf t^lXffuz-et; 







litijjM, \J^ biiirban, ^\3ji 
I^WaLi sijlOn, JJj dfelH; 
^L2» abakhid; i^l^^l Imttban, 
- j^ tJ^jrobx ; j\^ Iclrar, a^^ 
liTAm z ^Jl^ JUj yjfls^l ^^^ 
^>h^tli. * icbm - blssflAn - e^ifii; 
il ^.fe— ^ ViA^^ ^' CJ-«^ rfessmin^r- 
-Ik - ^Xss«lAn - nussldudori ; — , a. 
\3 ^\J ^itaiin-klrar; J^^J^klbul- 
•3 k5rkm^»jiy U? d^Ly^tr. 
d^88tek, jLL d^jrak, 
iJb^lj pikj^ndE; — ^, VM. ^j0^jji\(jMmv^ 
c\ sfitek - -vrdrmak, (j^j^yo t^dur- 
*:3ixk ; 4JU^j^ tutnuik* 
ipagste, f?.a. CX^J^ Sij\ fevUd- 
-y^dshdirmek, cf^j'ij^^ ch^juk- 
-japmok ; Jf^V*-(;j^ yJivri-y^iiiflk; 
K^X^jy timtmek; \jLj n^br-et» 
^^l4jb y^ynuik. [JLJ n^nhr. 

• ropagation, #. fc>lbf Had ; jly t^v^ad ; 
tVopd, tT.a. ClUJj^jfji ytaitmek, \j^ 
B^k-et, IcJj/asr tihrik-et, CX*;j-« 
Propeo8it7* «. Js-* m^yl. [sftrmek. 

Proper* a. s^ ^-»U * miliiasnb, j;^^ 
liyik. 1j-i flfeza, ^tlA ahayan ; 
ib^lft ahay^sstB, ^1^*^*9^ jitosban ; 

•khidi, jV'«^ ^*** ' U^^ khisss. 
Property, s. JL« hlXI, J\i^ m^nal, 
c^jl. viriyy^t ; Ai^U. khisssa. 

Prophecy,*^ Jb^j ^^Xii^^^-^^p^y- 

Propbesy, v.h. \ jU»-^ i/*^ jf^ 
kblbsri « mMb^mi - ftkbar - et, 

Ubam - t^kHa-nassa - gba'ibdon - 
- khlbsr - vsrmek, \f^jfAjiJ p^y- 
gblmbirlik-et; UaLj ^diar^jJuSsM** 
U^>" mikBstXkbeldan - bUissk - kX- 
Pirophet, s. j^j^^ pfeygbimbfer, Jy^j 
r^sl^l, ^ n^bl. [faklttnt-tidiBfl-et. 

PropitioQs, a. J^Ui^ mii8sa"id. 
Proportion, 9, cs ^ym'f nksb^t ; Cy'^niliJ 

t^nassnb ; rule of — » <UwiUl< ^j\ 

^rbik' t • ini!lt6na88^bE ; — , v.a, 

li>i f .i * Sjj^\ w^^bJ t^nisanb-itzBrB- 

-tidisim-et ; j:4>jl>y,V>,,.,f idsab^tmda- 

Proportionate, a. K^m,a\v\^ miit^nasmb. 
Proposal, 8. i^^LJil thldif. 
Propose, V.II. !t— i j Ki t^kllf-et ; — , v.n. 

Icuw niyy^t-et, {J^j^ kdrmak ; 

CX«>^ J d^mek, cXaIj^ silw^limek ; 

^Jlf'yji^ kfendim."itf2.ct,jti^t 

Proposition, 8, Jy kXvl, w^^J dii"wii, 

J^ s&z, c^iXi) Uktrdt ; ^m^ klz^yys. 
Propound, o.o. ^^U«;«3 dsr-m^yan-et, 

t k«ij bXsst-et, 1(jIj b^yan-et. 
Proprietor, m. Ph>prietreB8, /. «. JU 

^^i>\^ mll-sabibi; i^^^ (^t« 

miilk-sabibi ; \^'^'>\^ sabib. 
Propriety, 8. La..^"*^^ miinass^b^t. 




Prorogatioiii t. iJJaiJ td"til. 

Prorogae, vm. 1 J«Im7 td"til-et. 

Pro8uc, a. jjS^^ m^naur; ^^vj^Jaj 

Proae, j2J nfessr (n^Bsir). [sUdet-vxrir. 

Frosecate, v.a. j;#«b>-1uf^ ^^ >Q^J- 
rinui - iUi"wi - dchmak, J^vj^!^^ 
d&"wajt-61; IaI^ d^w2m-et. 

Froeecutioii, t;.a. J^jU^\ t^J di"wa- 

Prosecntor,*. ^^1^«X« itXmiI^J ^^a:.^ 
i*jt j^nba - dk"waB8iiida - miidd&"i • 
61iin-XdAin, [dkuns. 

Proselyte* s. c^JCf« m^t6di, ^jJ 

Prosody, t. ^9^ "druz. 

Prospect, ^. c:^UaJ nXzar^t; X^\ 
hwld, ijy^ xnfe'mul. 

Prospectus, #• Ap«Iij1U\ i^ULn-nami* 

Prosper, vji. ^jjHy^ ffel&h-bdlmok, 

CUo^ <-^J^ L5*^^ ishi-d^Aru- 
-ghitmek, j^ir Jc3^ ^^^ Ishi-yblirnda- 

Prosperity, «. (juJy dfevl^t* JUl ikbal. 
Prosperous, a. JLil j u:JjJ i,,,.^U 

sahibi - dfevkt - VB-)kblI ; J^L^ 

Phwtitnte, «. 4t^U fahisIiE, J^y^ 

^■■.<.>.t.igj 85kAk-(6rosspossa) ; — , v.a. 

ghibi-rlsst-ghfiUno-riin-et ; •— one's 
self,j\C^U fahi8h£.6U 1cU^Lli»-U 
Prostitotion, m. cU4l»^li fahisbaik. 

— , v.a. jAh yiknwk, <>w jU- *;i 

k^vrbtiiii - k^mek; 

Prostration,*. JllXJ^ tji ykra-Xtncka 

C)}jJLr« m^jalsizlik. 
Protect, v.a. 1 liA^ h)fz-et, l^diii 

muhlfoza - et, WU>- hhakyE - 

\k,Z^\f^ siyan^t-et; ^^^ krka 

\{^^<^ tXss2^hab-et. [him a 

Protection, s. ^\mt^ mbhliaza; ^U 
Pirotector, 9. IojU- hlfiz, lai W« muhzf! 

^<«Whanu ;^1 dirka; ^SoL^mkhfo: 

Pro tern., atf. l:J^ mdwlkkkotan. 

IVotest, «. ^k-Jj^ pr6t^sBto; — , v, 
CXtjlj ^amJjj)^ pr6t^ssto - vsrmel 
^tjs^ yfemin«et; • — , ».«. \ \^j\ iddt"i 

-et, 1 ^\j bji k^viyyon -b^jaa-et 

\^eLmJifJ pr&t^ssto-et. 
I^testant, a. UMt;«Jji^ pr^tesstant 

— , s. K£^\si^^J pr6tesstant. 
nx>testantism, s. (^kJ[j^ pr^tessn 
Ph>tocol, f . ikuiA^ mlLzbAta. [tantlik, 
Ph>tract, 0.0. J^bj^ i)zltmak, Ijj JuJ 

tfemdid-et ; ^*«^ r^ssm-et. 
Fh>ad. s. y^;f^ kibirli, ^^f^=eL« m^t^. 

k^bbir, J^ fidGl (I5dvl), ^^y 

Ph)Te, «.a. Id^LM Issblt-et; — , vm. 

cUkmnk. [-fldnun. 

FhiTender, vm. ^Um# ^j\c^^\ bt^rpa- 

Proverb, «. JS^ ^j^ dirbj-m^ssel, 
<jrj^ Uksrdi. 

ProTerbial, a. \J^j^ ^iji^ Ji« C^ 

Provide, v.a. f jJ;t JJ ttdanik-et(.rik) ; 
\s>^y tsitlb-et; cJ^j vxrmek; 




•-^ V i^Vm. - ir wnoieky ^Jaj b blkmak. 
■ >^V ■» l^aalEmek; j;Jy c;. 

-r^iii€t»-a^kmak ; — ded that, ^ 
-%^ Bhd-shartk-ki. iij\\>JLi 

-i^nce. *. cJi^Jjt vjuJiU "iki- 
.'ft.endlBlilik, Jac "m, iZJ^ 
^=3iret; ^^ AlUh, JUJ J>. hikk- 
*^*'a]ki ^jj r^zzJk, laiU hiftz, 

:3£rhkiDet. [^^) kh. 

^OTkian, «. cJ;fjJ t^danik (-ik); 
CU^\ ^kmek. ^tJU nan-panl ;'l(y& 
sLart ; — 8, #. !>/. |[;«»-«> zftkhIrE Q?/. 
j^^'^O z^kha'ir). 

>OTiso, 9. )ojIU shirt. [Traes. 

n)voGatioD, «• (.i^liacl ighzab ; c|;it 
'iroToke, v.n. Jk«;<^ Uzdtnnak^ j;.«4;^^ 

dAiiltiDiik; liil^];^! trass-et, j^s^^ f ^j 

ProrimHy, f . ^i^ kwrb, jt^ jiwar. 
Proxy, t. JJfy v^n ; iJ^^^ v^ySlet- 

-Dam£. \^j9r^, blsstr^tli. 

Pnideot. a. ^ "lUli, JiU "ikil, 
Pnme, #. C)i^^ jj^j? kdru-^rik; — , v.a. 
J^lj^ bvdamok, 

PniMia, f . ^j^ U-»J!;i Prussia-dtfvleti. 

Pniaiittk, «. and a. ^\rf^j* Ftusaioli. 

Puberty, #. ^^ bWugh. 

Public, a. J^ "aij6u; yj*^j r^mi; 

^^yt^^kfi "dmuml; (J[^ mui, CXIO 
b^Wk; jr^Lfr "amirE; ^^^^^ 
iDli"inurB ; ^l^ khasss ; — paper, 
^jA ghkzJbta ; — house, tila^ m^y- 
-khani, »«3jUj) 16kandii; — serrice, 
^J^C^^J d^vlet-kh)dm6ti (Uz-); 
— ^, *. JU "aim, (j-lJ Haas, Jfl^ 
khUk, jJ^y 6rtaltk;jjf«^5f^ jiiinhur. 

Pablican, «. ^^^licy« m^y-khaoEJi. 

Publicaticm, f.^U n^shr. 

Pablic-hoase, 8, ijM^ mey-khanB. 

Publish, v.a. l^lcl i"laQ-et, \jiJ n^hr- 
-et ; Jk^m^V hXssmak, \^Jb tXb"-et, 
tiJiM^Jj^J? tXb"-u-t^msil-et. 

Publisher, s. ^J^^ kltabji. 

Puddle, «. Jj^ ghyU; — about, v.*. 
i^iX^j£s8jJjye\»- chiuDurlorda-gh^- 
zinmek. ["iibess, ^i^L^ sichma. 

Puerile, a. J»)^^ chj^ukluk, i.!^ 

Pugilism. «. ji«i^^_^^^U^ 4al^ 

Pugilist, #. ^^^^uU^ 4&:;^ miishtE- 

Puke, VM, ^jA^^ kOssmok, CX«;)S^^ 
Uiy-gh^tinnek, l^j^«Ui»l isstifragh-et. 

PuH, 8. ^ji^ ch^kish ; — , v.a. CUC^ 
ch^kmek ; — back, vm. (JX^s^ ^jS 
gh^ri-ch^kmek ; — , v.ii. cX«iC>- 1^ 
gh^ri-ch^kiliDek; ^— down, ^^^Ju 
yikmak, \^» hMm-et; cX«^jJ 
d^unnek; — m, cX^i^ jj^q^^ 
idiM-ch^kmek ; — off, (j^}Sl^ 
ch^Udrmok, cL«j «Xj 1 ^dinnek ; 
^^by k6piUrmak ; — out, ^J<L^ 
CX^^ dUhto' - ch^kmek ; C^aS^ 




Bitkmek, Jk«;\L»- chiU^rmak; — 
iip» v.a. uX^y^ thlaaek, ^j\Lj>' 
chXkktmdk; cX«Jj$ ^li zabita- 
ghyi^tormek ; — — , v,n. (j^j^^ 
ddrmok. [fT^^/i^j^ biyamoBh-pyij. 

Pallet, «. j^U? i^v^ gh^DJ - tiiwuk. 

Pulley, t. i^ mi^ara. [^Asra-m^Bub. 

PolmoDary, a. <»>^.i..:.< J(^C>. ^ Ik-jU 

Pulp, 9. ^1 CiXiJ[^ m^jVEDiD^-^ti; 
CL^^^J Upfl-ghibi-h^y'^t. 

Pulpit, «. ^^^i**/ kyjursi, jfii^ minbir. 

Pulsate, V.II. (j^j^^J^u^ nlbz-ghibi- 
-wihmak. [-hMksti. 

Pulsation, «. yj^^ CJ^JJ nlbzin- 

Pulse, f . 4>Lj nlbz ; C:.>Ui.i>. hdbublt. 

Pulyerize, i;.a. I jy t&z-et, tj;«r> sdthk- 
•et, Cy^j\ ^zmek. [-tlsht. 

Pumice-stone, «. ,^m>^ J^J*' siingliBr* 

Pump, #. ^jU? tdlumbo ; ^«XiJ ^'^^ 
Inja - kdndura ; — , v.a. ^U«^ 
C>asLj< tdlumba-lshlstmek ; 4^^ 
CX*^^I tdlvmba-ila-chekmek (or 
jJt Xlmok), J^IS i^J^ ^^1 

Pumpkin, b. jLi klbAk. 

Pun, t. f^yA^* mlzmun; — , vji. 
CLJjjm» ^j»^4<^< mlzmun-sftw^ylx- 

Punctual, a. ^l^^LsS^ wkktila-ghilan. 

Punctuality, #. cJlCiJ^ A^^J wUctHa- 
-gUmeklik. [-wlktinda. 

Punctually, md. jrj^j j|i:Jj wlkitb*- 

Punctuate, t;.«. \ c^l&l ^^^^ jtjjt 

Punctuation, t. ti^lAl ^Jji J^j^ 

cJiCcjt durAk-yBTlsrini-kharet. 

Pungent, a. %ZJ^ s^rt, ^^^C^ lo^sskin. 
Punish, VM. tc^t^^ t^'dib-et, \ p«\C7 

t^kdir . et. \^')jf^ mi^azat - et, 

CX^^ L5^!/^ j^zasnni - TKimek ; 

Cp^r^acbt Injitmek. 
Punishment, «. v-^^t; tfe'dib, d^ljUr^ 

miijazat, U>- j^za, K^^\^t> "dkub^t. 
Punning, «. CJ. i . C i Jjjnj^j^ aA^ m^Lzmun- 

Punster, «. ^^^fyM^ mlzmunju. 
Puny, a. JJl^ "al3. 
Pup, $. y^j^^C^l^ kyikpek-yAvrtssi. 
Pupil, 9. J^l& shi^Aird, iXyilj t^lmiz ; 

(^ cA^^' CrjV-* "^lS^J wissfya. 
-siparish-6lunmu8h-y^tim ; — of the 

eye, ^J^ j/ ghyiz-bfeb^Ai, ClU J^ 

A.*.^ m^rdum^ki • ch^shim, ^;Ujt 

^2j^\ ln8anu-'l-"^yn. 

Pappy. »• LT-i^^^ *^^ Iq^pek. 
-y^wrussu ; impertinent — ,Jb^jmJj\ 


Purchase, s, ^^^Ul^L^sltm-^dtnAn- 
-sh^y ; Ji\ lltsh, jj\ Htm, |/^ shira, 
l/L&l Ishtira. iXUi sitfed ; Jy JUit/r 
j^rri - ^sskll . kuw^ti ; ci^y JCi.^ 
m^ssnedi-kOvv^t ; (iSjy ^Il^jIj wlsd- 
ta'i-kftw^t; — ^, v.a. JuS^ llmiik, 
jJt^yU slttn-llmak, U^liahtira. 

Purchaser, a. sJj:JL^ miksht6ri. [-et. 

Pure, a. ^U^ khaliss, ^U s2fi, cJU 
BlSij^ t^miz, cJli pak,jJ^U9 tahir. 

Purgative, a. and «. Jf— -« m&sshU. 

Puigatory, «. uJl^l 4"raf, ^\j> bsn^kh. 




ire, #. %_yt ^ miisahil; — , v,a. (J*^^ 
sL^jl^ ••imxl - VETinek ; cJ^j-^J 
tt imzlBmek. 

irify,^ cJ.-Jj-^ tfemizlEmek, \j^ 
tAthir-e^, \^*ai UssfiyyB-et. ». c:)Jj-^ tfemizlik, jM^*^ 
khab'asltk. fJL>yt^ sXfv^t; uu^ 
'iffbt. cz. ^4^r. "temnet, C)k*lj^b 
p^dammlik ; fȣJj\^ t^har^t. 
irioin, «.a. J^^ chilnuik, \^z^i^ 

, Pcrple, a. jy mht ; — , 9, d, ^ ^ 

^^bL&oU Ussv^ti-padishahi. 

y xjci t« in2i'alinda-61. 
Parpose, «. c:.>hJ niyyfet, a|^ mtram; 
— , v,a. (j^jf kurmok, ^CL^-3 nlyy^t- 

^t ; on — ^, ^yAS^ middisuas ; \ Jk<i^ 

kXssdim, liX4^ "dmdon. 

Pane, «. ^Um^ k^ysss, ^L^Jb hbnyan ; 
(sain of 500 piastres) l^\ <...j^ 
k^TssB-Akcha. [josst. 

PonCT, #. ^dL:»-\jfiL ,^^4^ gbfenu-kli6. 

Panlam, 9, iZ^^jm^k^ 8bmiz-6t. 
Porsae, v.a. ^J ^ L y k6^Aalamak, 

tw^ tii"; c)^JAil^ 

p^iiui-d&shmek ; ^/*|^«i) d^w2in-et, 

^) Jjftl^ m^ghvl-61. 
Parsmt, «. u,.»^jgw7 t&"kib. [-m^'murv. 
Panreyor, ^. c/jf^ U ar^ j zikkhiri- 
Pus, f . CJj;^ Wd^, jc--^!;^ jferahat. 
PuBh. v.fl. CXcj\ itmek, CX«;^ s^- 

md[, jH«^Vi kAkmak ; — back, v.a. 

CX*;^ J^TI^ gbferi-sikrmck j , 

t;.ii. cXJjj^ ghferilBmek ; — in, v.a. 

(j^y^ s^kmok ; , tr.«. Jh***^ 

s^kulmak ; — on, v.n, CX«;^ j^/^i 
il^ri-siinnek ; — out, v.a. t^JC^ 

CJmojj^ dkyut-Bilrmek ; » r.«. 

^4i.j^ ^^-^^ dishto'-ch^kmok. 

Poaillanimity, *. ji*l5;y k^rkoklik, 

^j;*>- jiibn. [J>-^^ ucbuk. 

Pastille, 9, ijeAyA shrilja, ^V>^ chibin, 

Pat, VM, Jk«^ k6iDak, 1 j--^^ wiz"-et ; 

— abont, v.a. ^Ui\^c:.-^^^j rabot- 
-br^momak; — — % vJi. ^^j^ 
CX«;i^ gbfennyi-chfevirmek ; — a 
stop to, \jJ^ mfea"-et; — away, 
J^ciiU saklanuik ; J^^^^ji yBiino- 
-k^mak; ^jJJ dhf'-et; (>*^y 
bdabamak; — back, t;ji. ^jrar^ 

CXiJjJ gb^d^mmek; , v.a. 

jK«y jj;*^ gbbi-k6mak; — by, 
^li\^ s^klamak; \9}c\ idari-et; 

— down, j;^Ju0U bXssdirmak, 
\^J^ mfen"-et; JP^-^V bASsnuik; 
Jh«/ V y^'rmflk ; — forth, J^^U*>- 
cbikarmok ; (j^\j^ ^zitmak ; Jh*^^ 
dcbmak; \ijjj^ disbkn-et; — 
forward, \\^^j^ dir-pish-et; — in 
fear, (j^j^ k6rkutnMik ; — in for, 
y ^\t talib.61 ; — in print, ^AJjA 
Jp«<#\j gb^toya-bXssmak ; — off, 
J^U-^ cbikitfmak ; \jJJ dfef".ct ; 
^}^\j> ^jj^ ^bngraya - brjdonak, 

\^ji.tjf tJi'; one's 

clotbes, JH*-Hr* B^yunmok; — 
on, v.a. CU-^ gbiymck; . 2^\t 




tidcinmak; — - out, cX«;Jj^ sito- 
dunnek, \ \iiA Ufa - et ; cf«;^f>* 
cUkJirmak ; ij^^^ ^hmak ; (J^^j^^ 

tjXtxDok; at interest, 4aS\i 

CXc^j fa'iza-virmek» ^y\iLaj^J 
fa'izo-y^'rmak ; — out of coDcdt, 

(J^ji^ Unnok, (SV^^J^jji biTmunu- 

.Urmak ; with, f^X^jOJf 

b^dirmdc ; — up, f;.ii. J^^y k6n- 
mak, )j|^y kftnuk-et, cX4j\ ^nmek 
•— «— , v,a. ^ydojj} jknaa-kbrnak 
for tale, IjLjU sXttlik-et 

— — to anotioD, (jX*^^»j\y4 m^- 
Eada-virmek ; — ap with, 1^^ albr- 
-et, slX^i^ chMcmek, \J^a^ ta- 
h^mmul-et; cXiJ^^jf ^vina-bnmek, 
j\ y L»« jrJjjt ^vindtf • mi^ssafir - 61 ; 

— upon, JU^^ijJ't ^Qdotmok ; ^^li^jt 
bziyyfet-et, \lJi>Aj rahotsix-et. 

Patrefy, vm. ^^'^jyf' ehiimmek, Jpiiy 
k&knudc. [m&ta"jlffin. 

Putrid, a. ^ji^jy k6kmu8h, ^jitc^ 

— , VM. fjA^Jy^ mil' junlamak. 

Puzzle, «. ^U&l^ y^ogtltm^j (jiUkOt-), 
(jBf^^ iyunjak; — , v. a. j;^li 
j^ngfltmok (y^tlt*), fjAJji^ ahd- 

Pyramid, t. f^/b\ ^ram ; the pyramidB 
of Egypt, ^^<^c9^ ^'^^-^P^ 

Pyramidal, a. J^t^|yft\ ^hramlyyn- 

Pyrotechnics, t. pt. 

fl8h^nkjilik.siui"iitt (flsh^k.). 

-••^1 -* 



Quack, «. A*£=Jb^pJl[ yidlLndaii-li^y* 

Idm, M0^=A^^yXiyi b^kdon-h^ykiixiy 

j\i6Si^^ h^kkabXz; ^^^C^t^j^ •tr-' 

dek-s^si; — , v. a, 1^bc«Ac^^^^ 

la-"^-"21min-md"al6j^-et ; — , v.n. 

\i^r^c)^jy\ Jkrdek-s^ss-et ; cJ«>;^) 

^LT^c^^ i^dek-ghlbi-8^8S«et. 
Quadrangle, m. yj\f^j^^^y^^j^ 

LS,..JLj h ^1j^l:j 6rta88t-hiLvlt-diiirt-y<^nt- 

Quadrant, «. ^y^«^^j^ rikb"i - da'ir£ ; 

cr^l:iij1 6kt^t. 
Quadrilateral, a. and «. &li)'Xw^1 j&3 

zu-^bii"atu-l.ldlz", A^^CIJ;^ 

Quadrille, «. ^^^aJ; ey y bbr*ney"i-r^ks8. 
Quadruped, «. 4^^^*>*^^^(-^^-^ d6rt- 

-ityaklt-hkywln, ^^ chilrpa. 
Quadruple, t. CL^lSiJU;; J dibrt^kXt, cr^ J 

^Jil^ dilrt.mlsa]i ; — , v.a. tci^licl^ J 

d*; — , ».«. J1c^\icS^^J 

Quaff, v,a. cJ^.4ft<t^ Ichmek, J^^Jt 

Itmak, /USU- dii^kmak. [Uk. 

Quagmire, t. jl» hlt^, j;)iW bXtak- 
Quail, «. ^^fifrj*^ bUdurjin ; — » vjt. 

i}^jy kj^rkmak, ^J^ yilmok. 
Quaint, a. i^\a^ ti^haf» c,^^ "^ 

Quake, v.ff. ijXttpS titrimek, cX^aJ^ 

dltrsmek. j<J^j) lsrzan-6L 
Qualification, ». jUsLif Isstihklk; 

jUflsLtcr^ji^ suriti - isstibklk ; 





jIa^sLi^ iflstihklk. 

itz^\ lastiBSiia, c/^l/^' i"tirlz, JjSju 
u'dll^ Ajy:«7 tfenbih, i^ ahart. 
.:'A]£y, v.a. \|Jj«9aiJ t^"dil-et; ?Ia^L«1 
C3wc^^ ^stibkA - VErmek, ^^^-Lm^j 
/j\asA^\ T^88ils'i-iBstihklk-61 ; — ^, 
r.ji. \ 

VhUfwmi ; ^j rhthK; iJ^ a^j, (,/«^ 


^oalm, «. ^jmmAji^Ji^ gbyiim^-bd- 

lanmoBSs, ^^^HL^^^^^^ yiii^k-biy- 

londisst ; — of consdence, ^(fJ« 

sbilbhs ; iJi^JJ n^dam^t. 

Qaantity, s. yJL."^ 'khuAjyht, J^<^Suc 

nnkdar, jJi kldr (kldar). 
QoaiuDtine, 8. ^i>^\y kXrantba ; )aia^ 

Ajl>- tAh^az-kbans. 
Quarrel, «. U^ (Wiwgba), cUj nka", 
Xfijl;^ miknaza"2i ; — , t;.ji. Jh«^J^ 
b6zi7ahiiKik; t Ic^ (k^wgba)«et, I^Uj 
nlza -et. 
Qoairy, t. ^^5^^^^ tr^t Oah-^ja^At ; jT 
!▼, Ju-# s^yd, ^ILi aUkyar ; cJ^ 
jj\ Uyuk-ftk; — , v. a. J^Ja^ 
etMxmdk. ; LlUsLljt ieblxtmek. 

Quarter, «. JJ^j^ diartda-b)r« ^^ 
rftb", <^j^ di^-yik (cb^yrek); 
JjJ dUim; 4^^ tiraf, ^b y^, 
u^lf^ janib, ^ au ; ^^^ b&wali ; 

,^Jjjf s^kiz . kU^lik . zUdilr£ . M- 
chnaaa ; — •, *. pL j\jy k6xuik ; 

ly 1 J da'irs ; m^I 6da ; — , v.a, 
CU!y irjp dMa-biklmek ; (J^j^^\ 
6turtmak, Ij^y k6iuik-et; winter- 
quarten, lli UaUa, jkJ UahDkk, 
^JLi kUbUgb. 
Quarterdeck, t. ^J^^i^iSySs^ 

Quatrain, *. ^^Vj Hiba"f . 

Quay, #. ^dd iaak^ls, fPjklj rikbtim. 

QuecD, «. ^^IP yrllicba. 

Queer, a. i->^ jg^ "ijib (' aja ib). 

Quell, ty.a. Jk«; J^b bXaadtrmok, ^^iX'.&»- 

CXJi blkktndon - gbMmek, f^J 

Qnencb, v.a. CX«;JJ«^ skidnrmek, 

f ULl itfa-et; ^^«^(.^>^ auaauzlvk- 

Query, t. Jtj-i a&'al ; Jtj-#4-^ jayt- 

-a&'al ; — , t;.ii. \l^ ab&bbs-et. 
Queat, 9. f^A^^j\ Xramakltk ; to go in 

— of, (J^]j^^)*^ gbldup-Iramak. 
Queation, «. J^^ au'al ; L£^ j1 ^adyy^ 

iLsaC& ahlkioji; — , vm. Jtj^ 

(j^jy^ aii'al-a^nnak, f J|^ aii'al-et; 

tj\k&^t iaatintAk-et ; \&^ ahilbbB. 

-et; to put to tbe — , IcmjI 

Quick, a. CbW cUibtl, JJ tiz (t^), 

^^ B^ri", ^^^j^ f^**ki\i\ ^l^ 

jiiilt, c^J dbi, ^^ biyy; CiU'^-i^ 

^\(jr^t> bkywlnin^-dbi-^ti, iZj\ ^t. 
Quieken, t;.a. t«Jf^ t^'jU-et, Wy«J 

t^aan^'-et; CX«;23^U»- |Xii*yinnek, 

^J^jJjls^ jZnIaiidirmak, CJw«£!^0 

diriltmek, \\pA ibya-et; CJ^v) 




-dlrilmek. [miBh-kir^h. 

Quicklime, 9. m^j^k£s^jLc\AJy^ sitauna- 

Qnickly, ad. cJjU- 6bkhik. 

Quickmatch, s. J^ fttfl. 

QoicknesB, s. c3JijU> chkbtkltk. 

Qoickailver, «. M^a^- yiwa, (jfij zlbdk. 

Quiet, a. f^y^ adss; ^^^ i)88ln, 
^UJ^4J t^mkmli, ^^ sillkyunMi ; 
J^J^t assuds ; — , a. and «. C£*'«>-t; 
rahot, ^^^^ assayiBh ; — , 9, ijL^^ 
sdkjuD^t; — , v.a. \^^^*^ ttekm- 
-et ; CLLi«<i^,^««i» 8^88ini-k^iDek, 
JkV«^>^ sdBBdunniik ; — ! mi. ^yo 
81^88 ; to be — . j;^^JCXJ t^-di>r- 
mak ; in a — way, i^y^ dssulla. 

Quietly, ad, (^|^(j^|^ yawlah-yJiwXsh. 

Qiiietne88, t. cJJji..i..i,.i a^jwaizlik, 
CJJ^H; t^lashsizlik. 

Qiull, *. (Jty cry kdsh-tilyu ; ^^ULj-^ 
JiUT^ dchtlmomtsh-tby-kidsm ; — ^, 
v.a. ^^j^is^J\i:ssJ\ Injo-hija-kir- 
mak, t^^ JiA«« Jl klrma-ldrma-et. 

Quilt, *. ^j;U;y yOrghAn; — , t;.a. 
CJ^i>,^««£3 4KS/^ ^j^b plmuklt- 

Quince, «. ijjt iiywa. [8iklfat6. 

Quinine, Sulphate of Quinine, 9. yM^yc 

Quinsy, #. jUfi^ khdnnZk. [-'Ukhula88a. 

Quinte88enoe,«.Ai«lff?1£i0i^ khvlastotu- 

Quire, ». ^is^ J^t^ l^a^Atd^^est^ssi, 
ib^ d^sstE; ^j[/^^JJj1^ kha- 

Quit, v.a. juib briOonak, fcJ/ tcrk- 
-et ; — , VM. cP^JL>^ chlkmok. 

Quite, ad. \c^.uf^, bltun-bltun, tJS 

kyidlijryon; 1^1^ kyamikm, aI^^^^^I 
Quitrent, «. i[;^-f )jar£ [hEr-w^jhla. | 
Quits, ad. ^J\i bXsh,^ bbr, ji}jt b^rab^r, 

ilX>-9jly ^ (j^^^ ^ nE-Xlajak-nE- 

Quiver, *. yjSi^ 6kdan, jUljij^ 6k- 

doulik, \^j^ tirkfcsh ; — » v.n. 

JI^Uj^^ 6ynamak, CX«^ tltrmnek. 
Quiz, t;.a. cJ^^JijO z^vklxnmek. 
Quondam, a. ^^ sabtk ; — , ad. U^La 

Quota, 9. u^b pky, Aia>- hlssss. 
Quotation, «. i,:^^Sj^\S<j\^\^jXpj\ 

Quote, v.a. \ j]^\^UllcJJJlilJ bXsh- 

kantn^-^Iztnt-irad-et. [met. 

Quotient* 9. ^j:,^^j^,^J^ khar^ji-klsa- 


Rabbi. Rabbin, ». f\s^ khXUOm. 
Rabbit, 9. j\j^^i^\ Xdn-titwshAnt. 
Rabble, 9. ^U»jU i^yak - tIJcnnt, 
(^U JLlLil ^ssafili-nass. [mush. 

Rabid, a. J^JJ kddDz, }J^jy^ V^Avt- 
Race, 9. ^j^y k^shu ; (,/»i^ jbss, ^ya 

86y, imm>yCsJy^ 86y-66p, < J u J urf BUsili ; 

<»-, ».». J^y k^shmak. 
Racecourse, «. ^^«X^ Vii^^ kMhu- 

Racehorse, 9. \£j\ (jUu^J (^yajC^ c/^;\l 

Racer, «. d^^ (^Jj^ c/!^^ ykish'^den-lt. 
Rack, «. A^IL& 8h]k^nj£. 




..lonce. Radiancy, ». ^UJ l^"an ; 

'V nvr. 

JLszdan-^trafa-dX^Attmak ; — , t;.ti. 
^^^Jlc^O ikitjtl 4oJ]^/« mirkxzdan- 
^cal, a. ^^Jl^ ky^T, ^^JUiiLi! ^sass- 
(kn, (^^X^kyi^kdim; — ,s. ,j>yjf**. 
adiAb* «• *^Jj^ t^^. [jikmhuiju. 

4jc«^ t^knrlek-pk'xna^^*. 
"^afie, *. jAiLi piyjinko ; — , v.a. 

^j^j3^^U plyiUikoya^k^mak. 
Riifi, «. JU all, C)i^ kfelek, 
Pwkftcr, «. u^^ khrUh. 
R-aftsman, «. ^^cf^l^ sX^ji. 

b^z - pi^rcbasst; raga and tatters, 

^H l5^^ ^sski-p&Bska. [chlpkint. 

Ragamuffin, «. ^^J»Ju\>- iJ^V^ s^k^k- 

Rage, s. ^ii^ (M£i, cz^J^ hidd^t, 

^__ - 1^» ghlzAb, *l»fi^ kh)ahm ; — , 

vji. (jJ^4«JjJ^>- hiddetlsnmek ; (wind 

or sea) ^Wjt/CJj p^k-firttna-^l. 

Ragged, a. Jjji yhtik; jlj^^ ptoidu; 

>L^\,^.rft ^skOor-ghiyili. 
Raid, t. ^\ ikm. 

Rail, 9. Jk^ p^mak; — 8, »,pL 
j;]i^ piknnakltk ; — , v.n, \i^~Ljp 
tteyif.ct, JU^f-t Lfi^' lyAzint- 
.dchmak,l^U^dd\Lt ital^'i-Usaln-et. 
BaitiDg, 9. Railings, «. ;i/. j;l&^ p^- 
moldtk. [-76I. 

Eailroad, Ra]l¥ray, 8. J^jy^ (dfemir) 

Raiment, 8. iJ^j (druba), L^\yi\ ^wlb 
(^ssblb), (^U libass (p/. 4lJ\ 

^^» '• J>^^ yii^Amur, (^|^U biran, 
wa^^rfv-^ r^m^t, ^k« mltar; — ^, 
v.a. J^V y^Amak; — , vm, 
jK«i.b jyMj yj^Amur-yJ^Amak. 

Rainbow, 8. U«J\ ^Jift "^a'imu-'ss- 
-s^ma (M^Aim • sama), ^-jS (jmtj^ 

Raise, v.a. jK«;«>t^ klldtrmak; 
CXcJ^^ yukseltmek, l^«i/ tirfi"- 
-et; lu,*^ nlssb-et, cX«^«3 dlkmek; 
(the dead) CXci^43 dlriltmek, t L^^ 
ihya-et; (the dead at the resurrec- 
tion) \/^s^ hlshr-et, \JLj n^hr-et ; 
(plants) cX«;Jcipi i^f\ ^bp-f Diz- 
Isndirmek ; — a siege, ^Sja\s? 
i^AjL'>^ mi^hlssoradan - ch^kilmek ; 
— the voice, cX«lu|^ db p^k- 
silw^ylEmek, J^^y^^CJj p^k.6kumak, 
fJ^\»'Kl^'phk'Chkghinnttki — the 
price, (J^yj^ ^ bidia-totrmak ; — 
an outcry, (J^j^ »/il jkyghara^ 
-childrmak; — 9eed,C^^jJJLsj^fJ:>'y>' 
ch6juk-y^tishdirmek; — one's spirits, 

Ss k^yf - y^tish - 

dinnek, ijXcjdAuJU sh^nlandirmek, 
^Jm^jtX,^X.nAjj fbrahlandirmak; — 
the wind, ^J^ij) 2r^b (pdra)-bdlmak. 

Raisin, 8. (^^j^^i^ kdru-iizam. 

Rake, #. J\)o tiurak, ^\^ djK^\f 
hXghcha-'tknghi; l::-<wjJJJ z^d^sst, 
»j\Jj (zdmp^a); — ^ v,a, (J^J^ 




Rdly. VM. (J^Ji i^l Jifi "ikli. 
- bXsbnia - gh^lmek, (Ja^\ ^ythnak^ 
^j^\jtl\j dkvranmak; ^J^^^yio 

y^D^doD-nizImii-ghirmek ; — , vm. 

Jk«^^ tdplamak. J^^ *^Ua3 j^oJj 

y^opidini-n)zZma«k6iiuik ; J^^^^jt 

eiiithmak,jf^lUin&lakt-61; j;Ji\l9 

rtktlmflt, Jh^ U Ltf sltoshnurk, 

CXiJJI^J z^ykhmmek. 
Bam, «• ^y k6ch; ^lo^ll ahah- 

-mMan ; — , vm. ^J^iX*.£>.# tiktsh- 

dtrmok; — in, ^J^y^ e^knuik, 

dX^^ stenek; — home, ^Ajji 

CX«;^ yirmn-tjiniiek. 
BamUe, #. ^U^ gh^zm^, »mjij ihftr^ 

ng; — ^ vm. cX^gh^mek, J^^^^jt 

Bamifioation, #. Jy k6L Jlsi>- chdUl, 

cy ftr", ^jb& 8h&"bB; — s, ^/. 

isA^jis^ mikt6f^rri"at. 
Bammer, «. jtiijL tbkmok. 
Bampart, $. Ljj\^Jijij Ud'Vdiwari, 

^JJ ^ kU"a.bbddni. 
Bamrod, ». ^jf^^ CJ^ tbftnk-chl- 

bd^Au, J^«>- chlbdk. [bdzuk. 

Bancid, a. ^jiAJL^\ fekBhimiwh, Jjy 
Banconr, i.^ kb, ^/aii b&ghz. 
Bandom, a. at — , ad. A\^M c:*^!j 

rlsat • ghiUahiiio, ^^^ ls^«mi}; 

Bange, $. tjc sira ; Jj^ m^nzil ; u^y 
b^j: cr^^J^ ddl^ahtsh, A«;^ gh^zmi; 
^J^^X^ mitb;adi.4ji^«; — , 
— ^, V.JI. j;^^^j!0 d61«8hmflk, cX«^ 

gh^zmek ; KlX^jy^ aibrmek, cJ^^as^ 

ghhmek; — ^ v.a. CX^J dlzmek, 
Ic;*^^ tirtib-et. 
Bank, «. ^j riktb£; ui«p alff, ir^^ 
aba ; — and file, CDtyi) n^<6rat ; 

— > ^ L3^^ ^J*' 1,^-^^ ^kahi, jV5^ 
k6kar ; py kdw^tl], j;-^ aik, jb^ 
b6ylu ; — , f;.». CX>»W ghalmek ; — , 
VM. JUf^ t^yrndk, \ Jm "ildd-et. 

Bankle, vm. J^^^j^^^jji yii- 

Banaom, «. ^«xJ fidys; — *, v.a. 

-kikrtibmiik, S^SftP" tl^dhliBs-et. 

BanmiculoB, ». ^^^ *Hj^ gUrid- 

Bap, «. ^^ dilltsh, ijtjt^\ wdmsh ; 

— , VM. JmJ^ chllmak, ij^jj\ 


Bape, ». uJ^ i^jl t^!^^<^^ V^ 
ghlasban - klrtyy^ -rwakt** ' 61aQ-t^- 

Bapid, a. CJjU- chAbtk, JJf tiz (t^), 
^zfi-jA 8ilr"^tli, ^^ B^n", jjj*>- 
bizlt; rapid, rapidB, «. iJ^u5«X:i| 
]kkmdt-y£ri. [8&r")it,J»^ hb, 

Bapidity, t. CJJLW chkbtklik, u..^ 

Bajnne, 9. Uju yik^Ama, CS^U gharet. 
Baptare, «. ^j^ asviig, jy^ sdrvr, 

CUW^Mi^ m^mnuniyy^t; Jl>' ha], 

^^^«i>^ Tljdan. 
Bare, a. J j\) nadir, ^yJyjl lz«bdlunvr, 

irj^ob na-dlds. 




^J^J\fi klbaitiiMik. ^iX•yiaJ^^^is^ 

rUrely, ad. J^ Iz, |^jU nadinm. 

Rash. *. cALry UnniztUk. c:.yj> 

h^mr^t, K^U^Si gbldiBhma; — ^, a. 

^«3 d^Ii, jJAt "Iklfitz, y^jr^, 

blsslr^tsiz. [-dilimi. 

Ra^er» 9. ij^*^ ^J^ pXasduma- 

Rasp, ». ^^y-^ rtrpu; — , t;.a. 

ilULi^y t5rpalimck. 
Raspbeny. «. ^^^£=Ju>-^U\ I^Aaj-cU- 
Vbgid, ^J^^1 izm^wla. [-sichlDt. 
lUt. ». ViAf^ sichln, ^le^^ gk^msr- 
Rate. #. CL^U fi'iit; (-^L^ hisalb ; 
dujf^ liltbB; ^L<Jr« msrt^bi; ^^«s>^ 
jmM, c5^ s^y; (^^3u^ ghldiah; — , 
VM. \i^\mm>- hluab-et; JUif^ Aj» 
mok; fint-rate, a. ^^^1 &"U; second- 
rate, Ixrf^t ^vaXt; third-rate« &c. 
j^jI fcdna, ^\j hkjlgki, ^\U\ 
T^j^M, \ii ana. 
Rather, ^*j^ji bfar-lz ; j;cf- jok or jik, 
CJ^ jek or jik, ^ ja ; I would — ^ 
MjS^^f^J trnfih-hdhrim ; which 

would you — , ^j^y^^jy j * - > a* " ^ 
kbghimit-t^ijih-^d^rain ; death — 
thanilayery, j4!^\»^4Jb^^j|^\ teir- 

Ratificitkm, ». J>«)^ tlaad^. 

Ratify, v.a. t j;^«><^ tlssdtk-et. 

Ratio, 9. cs^ / «J nlsBb^t. [lanf. 

Rational, a. JiU "iktl; aJlLSlfi "iki- 
Rations, ». /»/. iZj\:„^M tii^yinat. 
Ratsbane, *. ^^^J^ 8khAn-6t0. 
Rattle, 8, ^J^^jj zinltt; ^j,^ s^ss; 

— , I;.*, 1^^«M» 8^88-et; — , v.a. 

ClX«^jdLMi s^sslBudirmek. 
Ravage, ». j^ zdrar, ^^bj ziyan, 

C^Luc^ khXssar^t ; — , v.a. t<--.^|j^ 

khiirab-et, li^^^tiOthrib-et, \Jijiy 

Rave, v,n, cUiLj-»^ J J dMi-ghlbi- 

-silw^ylKnmek, ^^^^oi^* chHdtrmak, 

/L«y^li klchmnak. 
Raven, $. \c)^J^ kdzp^Aun. [jik-dkr£. 
Ravme, ». *j^(J^^J^*^i^j^ skp-dara- 
Ravifih, v.a. \ \am yik^Ama-et, (j^\^\j%j 

z6r-ila-llnMik; Jm«^j|J z6rlamak, 

l^,Am ^ mai\J\j^j z6r-]la-sikmek ; 

t^ J J^l^^ SBvinj - ila - dfeli - 

ghibi-et, ^JajjA^ childtrtmak. 
Raw, 8. CXj>- chljrA, ^j>^ chT, ^JuXaLj^ 

pishmamish, toaC^ na-pdkhts, aU> 

khlm; j^^ s^^Auk. 
Ray, *. ^U-Si shJi"l", yj^ porter. 
Raze, v.a. (J^ y^kmok, UjJb h^dkn- 

-ct, \^J<*SiA)\j^ yir-ila-y^ksan-et ; 

CU^ ktomek. cJ^J^I^lS^ 

Razor, ». ^ji^ or ir^yu^t or 9^t 

usstura, ^^^ muss^. 
Reach, o. Jj:^* m^nzil; (jQ^cJ^ 

n^hrin^ - Ud - dlrs^^Ai - ih^asainda - 6lAn- 
-d^ghriga-yKri ; within — » j^-t^ 




y^tiahilir; out of — , >«^J' a. 
-yfetulimdz ; — , v,a, Ci>i.4«^*i> y^tiah- 
mek, ^jU^]iy dlofthmak, J^|^ viir- 
mak; cXo^l Alivirmek. 

Reaction, 8. aLlS^ rndklb^ls ; jM^jlS 

Read, v,a. ^^j\ ^umok, \(i£^lyl 

Ura'ot - et ; 1cl;|^1LJ tUavet - et ; 
^j^\JL;m>- cbJAArmak; — , v.n, 
(j^l^^ 6kunmak; — well, «>i\^ 
%}^^^{^j^*^jj^ kya^Aid-iiz^r- 
inda-gfay^M-^kxminak ; — oat, — 
aload, — out lood, v.a. J^^yj^CJ^ 
p^k-6kuinak; — on, ^Ujb<-J|^lj 
ij^yi^ kXlmaycrp-himsn-^kamak, 
^K^y^ ^^ d^B-^kumak; — over, 
^JHyj^,«s>Mi^ h^p8ini-6kumak ; — 
again, — over again, (J^y}\ ^ ^ 
bir-dliha-dkumidL ; — , p,p. {J^jj^^ 
6knmuah, JU "alim ; ^/S*"*^^ 6kun- 

Reader, «. ^^^aOj^^t 6kuyirjn. 

Reading, 8, ^^^li^yj^l 6knmaklik. 

Ready, a. ..i^Uo hAzir; Lf« miih^yya, 
jrjUl amadi, ^CuJl al^ssta; to make 
— , v.a. ij^jc\^ hlzsr/omok, L^U- 
hiztr-et; — — ^ vm, JpiJyil>. 
hizixlanmak, j\ ^W hlztr-61. 

Real, fl. Cln ^ ^ gh^chfek, ^JlJ^ 
hlkikl, ^iSf^ fliduh; — estate, cJlUI 

Reality, a. ui>>AJr>- iL^ctlat, ^ kyiinh. 

Realize, v.a. Jh«^1:j1 bonmok, toJ[J'»» 
^JUilsj^ hlkikXtsna-bummak ; C-^y l^ 
d^^L5^>^H 8Xttp.(p^a88fn»^-Almak. 

I, '^iP*; ^ 

Really, od. (^>J^^ gh^rch^c 

hAktkAton, Is^;^^ siJiihim. 
Realm, «. CJJU^ m^malik. 
Ream, «. ^i^ t6p. [hlaaX 

Reap, 8, C^.nrt Uchmek, 1 
Reaper, «. 15^}^^ 6rAkji. 
Reaping-hook, «. jl^^f 6rAk. 

^'®^» '- ly k 4/?^ gh^ri-yjbii, J^l krd, \ 
vfepa; — ^, ».«, C.V^V-» b(' " 
CX<«;«XlSj y^tishdirmek ; 
biyatmek ; \ \ij bhia - et ; \ __ 
tidiBtl-et ; — , VM. ^J^iSli^ll shakh.- 
kllkmak {or lt\J^ shah); — admiral, 
l2«ljddbj1 iriyida-pjtslui. 

Reason, 8. Ji^ "]Ud; L^^*^ a^beb, 
lA-jg "in^ ^mm ^y K mujib, ^jS 
z^ri"^; — , vji. C>\4..vA^J dikshun- 
mek ; CX*JJ ftMi s&wbylsmek ; — 
with, jAjt^\iJ^j& Mirdi-anglat- 
mok (dnnot-). 

Reasonable, a. JiU "ikil ; Jy«^ 
mji"kvl. [ghirmek. 

Reassnme, v.a. K^X^jS Jii2 t^krar- 

Reassnre, vja, \ ^jf^ cA;^ y^pidon- 

Rebel, 8. yj^ "isst, bjjij z6rba ; — , 

VM. ^(^^o^^ "issyan-et, 1(jw^ tugh- 

yan-et, ^J^ij^j z6rbaltk-et, Jm«^U 

4yaklanmak, ^^^^ SU ^^ hy^ghO' 

Rebellion, f. (^^ijjj z6rbalik, ^Lofi 

"issyan, ^\Jie> tvghyan. 
RebelliooB, a. ^^le "last ; {J^^'oe. 

^Jij\ifXm»\iM^ "i88yan-mii"di88aida- 





gh^ri-t^mek. [-et. 

-= l>iike, #. j\j\ azar (Xzar), {j!^\j\ aza- 
vish ; — , VM. (J^j)}^ Azarlamcfk. 

-^bat, VM. ^L^ik^ t^kzib-et; \j\ij\ 
mkyar-et ; ^r^ jsrfa-et. 

"kydht-hbrxiSBU ; — , v,a. IJ^c "izl- 

^jAi\ jj^^ ghhn-lhsxdk. 

Recapitulate, v. a, and n, \ lJij^1\A^\ 

RecajntolatioD, 9, iiJit^ khdlassa. 

Recapture, v.a. \ ^M0 jjS gh^ri-zXbt-et. 

Recede, v.*. j^aICj^ Jl;^^ gh^-ch^- 

kilmek, CJJi^ ch^ilmek ; cXii^J 

Receqit, 8. «3ie^t hkhz, ^^Li klbz, ^\ 

]Ujsh ; kJtMiMiiyjOyjLc mXkbuz-s^^di ; 

^^j r^h^, \.,^y tETtib. 
Recrare, v.a. ^Jl^l }klmdc, \ J^! akhz-et, 

l^^^^;J«S klbz-et; ^ JSU na'il-61,jlj^ix<o 

iii}Uli^-61; tj^ klbel-et; CUj 

yhnek ; ^1 )^^ ghhiftar-61, ^J^y^ 

ducbar-61, ^ k^ miibt^la-61. 
Receiver, «. ^<sA ^^S^ akhz-Men. 
Recent, a. ,^«So y^^, J«3ubs* miij^ded, 

ir^li tazs. 
Recently, ad. 2r J^Ujs^ gh^bsnlBrda. 
Receptade, 9. Ci-^lS kXb. 
Reception, «. J^ kabul. 
Recess, «. ^ biljrs, ^jj^'i^ ddlib- 

yiri; ^JIJ, J-i» tii"tn.wAkti. 
Redpe, t. '^^^ r^^ta, i^^^ tirtib. 

Reciprocal, a. (j^^eP^^M^^ taraf^yndon- 

6lAn. [6kumaklik. 

Recitation, s. (jl^A^jf (J*^j^ ^zbirdon- 
Recite, v.a. l^J zHkr-et; (J^y^ 6ku- 
Reckless, a.j*»*\J Idydstz. [mak. 

Reckon, v.a. lu^L«^ bisslb-et, (Jaj\^ 

s^ymok ; 1 Ji>^\ J dakhil - et ; \ J^ 

"Md-et; \ jljuu tii"dad-et; — up, 

tc«^Li»- bis8lb-et, (J^^ s&ynuik; 

— upon, \ jUa^I i"timld-et, lviS.^^i 

Reclaim, v,a, \^^\ isslah-et; (land) 

\ jy4*^ m&"mur-et, \*JL^\y^ ^^t^ 

)byayt-m^wat-et ; cJ>^*;-»t jj^ gb^ri- 

IsBtEmek. [dzXnmak. 

Recline, v.n. (j^^ ydtmak, Jk^jIj^I 
Recluse, s. ^^j^ munz^vi, ^^^^-^^^j^ 

"iizlet-gbyiizin, (j^!^'*!^^^^*^ diin- 

Recognition, s, 4iJ\L tXnima ; %^\ji£\ 

l"ttrXf. [bJlmek. 

Recognize, v.a. jU«^^ tXntmok, cXJj 
Recofl, 8, ^jt^ ^jJS gbbri-t^pisb ; — , v.ii, 

CXimJ ^j^ gb^ri-t^pmek* 
Recollect, v.a. ^jA^Je[>- kblttrlamak, 

t^U^jOdsr-kblttr-et; Jajj^SjJs!^ 

kblttrda-tdtmok, J^Ujy^t Ondtma- 

Recollection, 8, ^S^le^ kbattrlama. 
Recommend, v.a. Jk^SjUm^^ Issm^lamak, 

\tj:^^aj nXssth^-et; \^y tlv- 

styya-et ; l^«X.« m^db-et. 
Recommendation, 8. ^^y tikvstyya. 
Recompense, 8, d^^lilCe m&kyafat, jS^\ 

hjr; Jll^. Udcbsbisb; 


— , VM* 




iiXpjl^^^\i^^ miJcyafatini-vkrmek, 
CXo^j ^^^^\ fejrini - virmek, 
CX«pJ J ^4 'i *i *i fSf^, bj^khahifthini- 
Reconcile, v.a, Jk«;«3^V l>XrtBhdtnnak, 
(J^j'^^)^^ uzlaahdtnnak, ^^^L^i 
\^\ b^Tnldrini - Isaiah - et, iZj\j 

balah-et; \ Jy^L:^ khftahnud-et, \ U;\ 

irza-et, CJ^^^Ju^J tbss^Ui-vBrmek, 

ReconnoiBsance, 8. ,^^^\^ (2f*^*^ 


RecooDoitre, vm. ^^jLA\^ ^j^AJ 

\4iiU^ • \mmit»^ i^mfJiS v di^shmxii- 

-hkwalildrini - ydklayup - k^shf • u - 

Reconquer, v.a. 1 <Jsi U"^^ y^^don- 

f^-et. [diiha-diishsnmek. 

Reconsider, v.a. cXa^jJ U^) ^ bir- 

Reconstract. v.a. J^V v;;^^!^ y^n^dan- 

Record, «. jJ kiyd, Jat* s^jUl; p/. 
JjJ kdy^d, C^bjsJ kOyudat, C^W* 
sijilllt; — , v.a. Jk«;1| yikzmak, 1 JuS 
Ukyd-et, \i^fj^ t^jn-et; \ ki«p 
zlbt-et, \x^ tkhrir-et. 

Recount, v.a. IJiJ nXkl-et, ^l^ 
hil^ayi-et, I^J zUcr-et. 

Recoorse, «. v:u^iu0»-1y^ mikraja"iit, 
ui.^flj t^sh^bbaas ; to have — ^ 
CX««SkJ djkshmek, \kz^^j ^ \ j ^ m^a^ 
ja", IC.^ t^^bbass-et. 

Recover, v.a. J^^t j^ gh^ri-lhnak; 

J^y**i (ghfena) . bulmak ; — , 

one's health, ^^aj^t iyi-61, ^Jk«3jJ^ 

i^iklt-bulmak ; — one's self, 

(j^^ kfendini-tiytnuik. 
Recovery, b. ^^ ^j^ gh^ri-llma ; ^q -'^^ 

A^^ ahlfa-bulroa. [t^dd (murtlcl> . 
Recreant, a. jlijy k6rkdk ; JJ^ mikr-~ 
Recreation, «. ^^^^ ^ylinja. 
Reciiminate, t;.a. ^ -^^ A;4^V 5\ j m>^ \S 

UL^\ kkshOiklt-dlarak.ti^m^e- 

Recruit, «. 


C ISskKT-— 

, ^^^\ 

."XJEmissi ; ^JjJ.^^ \J^j\ ^5^ 

y^npi-y^ztlmt8h-"}LBakBr-n^f6ri ; , 

v.n. (j^^y^J^^'^^^/i yfenyi-"Xs8kKr- 
-t6plamak; \\j^^^ji^\ isstirahot-et * 
^u:..v««Xs^ ^ JJ b^d^na - kh)dmet-et ; 

— , v.a, 0^>L? *^^^" U•*:^^=^ 

Rectangle, «. Jgir....^ miisstatfl. 
Rectification, #. ^^sf^ tXsshih. 
Rectify, v.a. ^^.^ Usshih-et, JkcI^L^ 


Rectitude, «• ^^^.i^ d^yAnrluk, 

(>r .^ <Uvl isstiklmet, ^J^\; rXssti. 
Recur, vm, (j^y, fy^J^J^ t^krar- 

-wdku"* bulmak ; cXwj J d&nmek, 

^J^k^\j\J^ t^krar-ln^ak. 

Recurrence, «. (jd^^ ty^J^^ t^krar- 

Red, a. lS^j khroizi, JjS kizil,^?-^ 

idim£r, f^ siirkh; (hair) (^\^ alrt. 
Redden, v.n. ^J^J^ Uzarmak ; — ^ v.a. 

C)^jJ^ J^bu^ Urmtzib'k-VKrmek. 


[ 259 ] 


:ceeixi, v.a, O^J^J^ kurtannflk, 
^^^^pcAssT* takhli88-et. 
ideemer, s. iz)^j^jy^ kurtitAn, 
^^*C^\j;y kihtitfiji. ^U. khaUass. 
^demptiOD, s. \j^J^jj^ kurtknah, 
tUdillss; {J^jy kilrtulush, 
-dhot» a. ^^yi^ji^ kizghtn. 
jfcistribate, t7.a. t ^U? uA?^ y^n^^- 
dan-tfevzi"-et. [-tfevzi". 

.edistributicyD, s. i^jy u-^^ y^D^don- 
:^doobt, s. ^IL tAbiya, <U3lb pAlADgha. 
iedcmbtable, a. ^^j^ k6rkuln» c>>^jf>^ 

miihib ; ^^ ghyiich, jjj z6r. 
P^edreas. 9. Jp^ J^^ ihkiki-hlkk ; — , 

V.O. \ jV2s>.\ ihklk-et. 
Reduce, v. a. j;^|j^ XzAltmak, 1 JjJiJ 
t^nzil-et, ^ JJiJ ; CJ-cJ^ 
kikhultmek ; \ J-ijo^ tMivil - et, 
cX^jl^ ch^virmek. CXcjt ^tmek ; 
(J^^ kbmak, (J^j^ s^knuik, 
CX^jtp^ gh^tirmek ; \ j^s^ jfebr-et, 
^J^j^^ji yinna - k6iiuik, ^J^j^ 
B^unxuik; l^^ckj^ t^nzili-riitbE-et ; 
\Jii f^itb-et (t-b), \ \i^ zlbt-et, 
\ ^Jbs^ t^sskbir-et. 
RednctiOD, 8, Jj^ t^nzil, JiiiJ tydil ; 
J;^ tahvH ; jfS^ jfebr ; ^ ftth, 
««is<*' t^sskbir. 
Rednndaace, Redondancy, «. 0^|j^ ^d«ai 
j1 iXitf ^w|^t flzla - vi - za'id - 61an- 
Redundant, a. Jolj za'id, ^Lji flzla. 
Reed, «. ^U kXmiab; Ji kjdsm. 
Reef, t. (rocks) ^^^^(^ diitkimta, ^U 

y^lkenin-bir-klt-jamidani ; — , va. 

^JKOA^V^^b^ V jamBdanini-bl^^- 

Reef-point, 9, ^b^l>. jlmBdan. [mak. 

Reek, «. ^U^J dumln, ^j> bd^Au; 
— ^, w.». (jUA»>.j^UjJ ddmlnt- 
-cb^kmak, jH4ig,^.^^y bi^yAuasu- 

Reel, «. ir^ miJcara, c»»)LL d^Up; 
— , ClX«^Jc^ 8^ziddl6mek, 
^'<>^. yMajak-61. c^jJ^l^^ 
JksUjjS? u^U SErsBin - 61up -ayak- 
\ax% • ti)tiiuimak ; — ^ v,n, fJ^J^ 
s^rmak. [btskbab-et. 

Re-elect, v,a. \i^\i^\ (^JuC» y^Dpidan- 

Re-embark, t;.». CX^IJ ^^^j^ u"^^ 

Re-establisb, v.a. 1 *^*i^ t^did-et. 

Re-establisbment, s. «3j J^ t^jdid. 

Refer, v,a. cX<ji^jf gby^dxnnek, 

\d\\^ b^wals-et; — , vm. ju3b 

b^mok ; 1l:u-o(>-|^ inikraja"2it-et ; 

(JXc^ gbltmek; cJJi gbEbnek; 

j\ ij\i^ kinayi-ol, ^\yj!i^ d61ayt-61. 

Referee, s. S^- b^kem. 

Reference, 9. ii\^ bkwals ; ii.l^Ji>-t^ 
mikraja"4t ; iAi^ kinayE ; J^ k^fil ; 
to give a — , CXe^j^JJ^ k^fil- 
gbyitostBrmek ; to ask for a — , 
Cjk4&i#l JJ^ k^ni-UstBmek. 

Refine, v,a. \^^Juaj tXssfijrys-et ; — , v.n. 
CU::ij^l bjdtmek. 

Refined, a. cJjUc^ p^k-nazik. 

Refinement, 9, tJi^^ji n^zak^. 

Reflect, v.a. ^{jmf^c "idus-et, ^^ 

T 2 





(J^jy gh^ri • wihuuik ; -— ^ 
CX«i:^^J dikshanmek, Ja:J^% tX- 
ahtnmak, 1^\k« iD5tala"^et{ — 
upon, ^^y t^vbikh-et; ^ i^ .y 

BeflectioD, ». ^jSa "akss^ (jm\iju\ 
la'ikysMB ; iu!\L« iniltala"a ; ^y 
thyhJkh, c^--f-w A"ylb. 

Reflector, s. lx^\ kyina. 

Reform, s. JL^] iaalah ; CL>U-1L^ isela- 

hat, Cl^UJauJ taozEmlt, 

t^nBiklt ; — , v.a. JP^y ^)i y61una- 

•k^miik, \^iJ^ l8a]> J^y^U^Ua) 

ReformatioQ, t. J^tc«-^J^ t^hzibt- 

-Uchlak ; ^LpI balah. 
Reformer, «. ^'^'^^ m^aslih. 
Refraction. «. (.SjlcUiijLJjl inkissari- 

Refractory, a. ^**le "issi, ^^^Jli* 

"biuljt, JCiA* md"^md, J,.*!^ 


Refrain, 9.n. cX^^^jlj waz-ghbchmek, 
4f4:iU sakinmok, CiU;^^' ch^- 

kinmek, {j^^^ ^^^ kbndini-ti^- 

mak, (jAj\^ dikyanmak. 
Refresh, vm. cXe^jJjrjljf tazsbmdir- 

mek; cj^rjl? tazslstmek; — 

one'fl self, CX^J^i^-iJ dinxnmek, 

jJt ^fyH y6rghunlu^Aunu. 

-}dmak; t^pJ^^r^ t^frihi-bMen-et ; 

to feel refreshed, ^f^i^^ Xchthnak« 
Refreshment, s, CXaj y^m^k, C^^fj 

CX>-^bKr5 y^ydjek-lch^jek. 
^^^^'^^^ '• ji J^*^^ siyAtnajak-yir, 

ji ci^^^jV h^krmfljck - yrar, \jb^ 
m^ja; to take « — , ^jAiJui^ stghir^ 
mak, JU^jV bilrnimak, IscQI Utija-et 

Refdgee, «. ^^c^^S^ midt^ji. 

Refulgence, Refulgency, «. JlliS^U pkx-- 

Refiilgent, a. jSjb pitrldk. [laklik . 

Refund, v.a. CXc;ij j/^^ gh^ri-vEi-- 
mek, f 43^ rbdd-et, \ C^i^j^Ji isstirdad^ 

Refusal, 8. Cfj r^dd. f-et. 

Refuse, v.a. CX<\as>A J^ klbul- 
•^tmamek, \ «3^ r^d-et; vlX«t«^^ 
vsrmamek ; Jk«USj1,^_^JV^ razt-^lmo- 

Refutation, t. ^^ j^h. [mak. 

Refute, v.a. \ -^ ji:rh-et, fiju^ or* 
\ kjb h^bt-et, cX«Jj^^ chikmtmek. 

Regain, vm. (j^yfj\fj tfekrar-bOlmak ; 
3^ tJ^I^ j\f^ tfekrar'-wl88tl-61 ; J[^ 
(J^]ji t^ar-klzimmak. 

Regal, a. ^yoii^J^^J kirlk-m^Jdisusa, 
ij'iSj Urllani, dilj^JuC^ h&kmda- 
rans, Sj\j\j^\j t^jdarans. 

Regale, v.a. tv::.^!^ ziyaf^t-et (or 
(JXojI^ virmek) ; c3w<; J>iCXw ^yA 
lyga-yfemfek-yfedirmek, (J^j^iy^yJ^j^ 
kiffntnt • d^yurmak ; Jk«; JL:JL>-Li 
f^rahlandtnnak, j;^JcJuSi^ kh6sh- 
landthnok; — , v.n. i^Aof^CXAJ 
y^mek-lchmek, (J^^l^^i^j^ ^- 

Regalia, a. pi. c:-'l:»jji CiUUj(i 
^^If^mtj padishahin-tezjrinat-rfess- 

Regard, ». yjtj\f bXktsh ; Jo) vlzar, 

Jaj^^ym>- hikssnu-nXzar, jLs^l )"tibar, 

f\j:eA ihtiram, i^lclf Utif at, (j:^ 





^bbet ; — , v.a. Jaj\) blkmak ; 

vith — to, \JaJ nlzaron ; dvla^ 
•i^vl^ blkh8Stna-gh^lii\ja ; to have a 
— for, ^J^^j\^ skymak. 

;, ad. or pr. if^\j bibinda. 

\, ad, ^yu^ib bXkmayyErek. 

•vi-alUidAller-ykisht. [-sXltAnlt. 
A£^ency» «. ci^illaLscr^lj nlyab^ti- 

ilegencrate, a. ^^aJjI L>-^ u*^^ '^"^ 
xiii'*nan - y^o^'don - ihya - dlcmmush ; 

« y^n^tdon - Uiya - et, \ («-^. »^*^^ 
^gent, s, ^ ^;Vv..>v,, .^lU na'ibi-BlltAiiXt. 
Regimen, «.^^J^ p^rhiz, ^U«k>r himyE. 
Regiment, s, i^Xl }day, ^Ji\i^me> "iss- 

Regimentals, «. ^(^0^ fi^mui. 
Region, 8. ^J^ kn,, o.jX«»« msml^lust, 

j\jO diyar. 
Register, s. jiiJ dhftar ; — , v.a. \ JuS 

kayd-et, ijXcjyf xjii*^ dfeftEro-gh^- 

cbirmek, J^^jU yazmak. 
Registrar, s. ^^J^^ J^*^ d^ftxr- tomi ; 

^K t=->Ls?* s^mat-kyatibi. 
Registry, *. jj-^?*^ t^il ; ajU-^J 

Regret, #. (.J^t ^sef, cJ^lf t^'fesssuf, 

jJ^ k^dxr, ac ghlm ; — , v.a. \ lJ^\ 

^ssef-et, ^uX>lf t^'^ssnf-et, \ j^ 

Regular, a. v:;)^^^^^ y61unda-6lAn ; 

JiflCJ^ muntazikm; 43^k« mutt^d. 

^LS Uyassi; J^^l Xssl ; ciJLi 
SAlt ; — troops, c^^CmCaUoJ niz2m- 
^"XsskEri, A ^ ]n , 7 U'0 j^ \ mr , "Assakiri- 

Regularity, s. Jiai nlzXm. 

Regularly, ad. »jjj\ a^ nizXm-ilzferB. 

Regulate, i;.a. cX^j)^ Jiai aizIm-VEr- 
mek, \f^iiaiJ t^nzimTet; (a watch) 
\ jLe> "kyar-et. 

Regulation, s. aI^j idz2m. 

V J •^\\iLi 



^yyami-sMtADAt ; — , v.n. ^cU'oLLi 
sMtAnlt-et, \ca.^ <j ^ hiikyvmet-et, 
\ j;Ul& Jb padishahlsk-et. 

Reimburse, v.a. CX«^j VErmek, dij 
i^ji^ (gh^ns) . virmek, cXoifJjl 

Rein, 8. ^fj^ dlzghin, ^Uf "inin, 
aU| zimlm ; to give — , l^li^ siLl 

Remforce, v.a. CJ^j o\d^ imdad- 
-vinnek, jK^\Sy£=u»fi Uj ^*^y^y^ 

Reiterate, v.a. \ JulEstj t^ 'kld-et, j\fj 
K^X^^y^ t^krar-siiw^ylimek. 

Reiteration, s.jii t^^rrur ; i^yO tdkiir. 

Reject, v,a. \ J^ rfedd-et, \ 4)^ t^d-et, 
^ jJu) dfef"-et. [tjutl. 

Rcj^ectipn, 8. O J del"; Oj rMd j «^ 

Rgoice^ v.n. clX4Jj«* SKvinmek, I la>- 
hlz9-et,^l )o^as^ voS^hzvz^hl^^j^jm^ 
m^ssrur - 61 ; — , v.a, cX«;JJjm» 
SEvindirmek, \ )o^^s^ m&hzuz • et, 
\ j^j"*^ m^rur-et. [m^hzuzlyy^t, 

Rejoicmg, 8. C)J^ shfenlik; cr. ^^^m^ 




Rejoin, v.a. C-U^j M^^ jfewAb- 

Rejoinder, «. c-^i^ jfewib. [-VBnnck. 

Relapse, s. ^^ nilkss ; cf^SfjS irtidad ; 
— , VM. j;^Ui (jJuC[ yfejipidon- 
-fiaialfishmak, ^ ,^ jic "iU^ti- 
-nikkfls-et ; jl Ju^ miirt^dd-61 (mdr- 
ad) ; j;4jU^»ll:i^Aj ^l jhogi^an- 

Relate, vm. \Ja3 nXkl-et, Wl^ 

hikyayB-et, I^Lj b^yan-et, t ^^ 
Ukrir-et ; — , v.«.yt-->j-i^ mfensub- 
-61; j^j;l«^ mW^Uik-ol; — ^ted. 
|9.p. ufyrA'^ m^Dsub, Jll^:^ miita"- 
aUik, M»a:S^ khium ; Ij/^ ^kkraba (pL). 

Relation, *. ^^^ Wkyays, j)Jj tXknr ; 
k:u.^L« miinass^b^t, J^mj ta"ailuk, 
u:.%jj-.;.< mhiBublyy^t ; j; . \ ,4» rt< . 
kb)88mltk, jib/\ Xkrabalik, vju^^ 
kihrb^; c^L&il indsslb; O*^ 
nlssb^t ; *<id»- khUsm, b^l Ikraba (/9/.) 

Relative, b. ^^ khlssm, t^^ ikraba 
(p/.); _,fl. ^^jyjj\jalx.^ nissbfetla- 

- waki"- 6lAn ; — pronoun, J^-*^ 
m^ysul; — ly, ad, A J " .*-. } nisab^tla, 

LJ nlub^tsn, iUU kiyXaaU, \^ 

nlzaron, l[;j^ gby^^rs. 

Relax, v.a. CU'.A^*^ ghbvBhstmek; 

(Jc«j^(JJi^^ gb^TshekUk- 

-gb^tinnek; C)^^u:^ linet-TEr- 

mek; — ^ vjn. Jh«^1&j^ y)muBhln- 

mok ; ^j; ^\ A^.4>.j[ y^mvahamak ; 

CX«A^^ gb^vahsmek. [t^n^ffbas. 

Relaxation, «. 4^U^ ^Ixiya; ^j^kJ 

Release, *. {J^j^ ki^rtulusb, ^jAj^- 

kb^aaa; — , v.a. CX^^U aXb- 

VErmek, l^^l^ kb^aas-et ; Jk«;^^ 
kurtarmak, ^^/a-la^ tiJcbliss-et, \ *y\} \ 

Relent, v,n. ;J^t&^4J yimosbamalc: « 
C^j2^uuJ; rikklt-gb^tirmek. 

Reliance, 8. jUui^ T'timld, Ui-.vji^^ 

Relief, «. v:;.^^*]^ rabot ; Ci\s^ bndad i 
ij\e\ r'anB; \J^j;^ kurtulusb, jjoiLi- 
kb^klass ; in — , duiU k}Lkma, iX>j\S 

Relieve, vm. CJ*^^ l s.^o^]; rahat- 

-vKnnek, c)-«; Jcj^ cu^>-\; rabot-^tdir- 

mek; cXo;J^.«^^J^1 bndad-y^tiah- 

dirmek; (J^j^j^ kurtarmak, \*il&1 

ran£-et, 1 jJJ dfef-et, l^^^jC-J tfess- 

km-et; — tbe guard, (jXslJjJ^^ji^y 


Religion, a. ^^ J dm. 

ReligiouB, a. j^JCJJ dindar, ^*^s^ 

miit6dbyyin, ^}^ s^fu. 

Relinquish, v.a. CJ-4Jsej\j waz-gbfecb- 
mek, J^i^l^ briJunak, CX«>^J^ 
il-cbfekmek, 1 cJy tBrk-et, \ JJ ^ 
kIssri-yM-et, t Ju lJ^ kbffi-y^d-et. 

ReUnquisbment, «. s^Jj tirk. 

ReHsb, ». ^ m^2B, Jj\j kattk ; CL9 jj 
l^zz^t; — ', VM. J^JjJ djii l^ziz- 
-bdlmok, 1 J jJj t^^zzuz-et, ^JaAJ^^ 

Reluctance, s, i^yJ^^£s gbyicn^ol- 

suzluk; witb — , reluctantly, cJ;^^:^^ 
Isstran^y^rek, ilb\^ j^ ma"a-k€ra- 

Reluctant, a. jJij^ gbyite^rulsnz. 




^dy, v.fli* C.^4>;^^ ghyhffhmanek, 
1 oUcLfil i'*tiinAd-et, \ SLsi^J Isstinad- 
; — upon God, \J^y t^y^kkyol- 
^s^j^ miit6vfekkil-61. 
^leinain, v.n. ^Jk^SIS kllmak, fj^j^^ 
hUnmak, ^^J^ 8akin-61; J^^^lS^b 
llki-k^klmak, J^lli^Oudi flzla-kH- 
mmk^ ^j^)< ^rtmak. 
Remainder, 9. ^2tlj kllon. 
Remains, «. bU^ bAkaya, — , #. J9/. aLai 

Hala ; mortal — , ^^ j^nazB. 

Remark, 8. u^J^ l^trdt ; l^ tbibih ; 

^\^s\ i"tirlz; — ^, ».». cX^^ 

gliyibrmek ; Ic:^ J dikkAt-et ; — , v.a. 

CX*]^^ Biliw^jlBmek; 1 jUmi\ Uh"ar- 

•et. [-shayAn. 

Remarkable, a. JJjJL a:Jj dikklta- 

Remedy, *. *J^ charE; — , v,a, 

(J^y^J^ char£-bi)lmak. 
Remember, v.n. and a, jul^lck- khl- 

tirlamak, 1 o\j yad-et. 
Remind, v.a. \J^\ ikhtar-et, a:J^U^ 

CXy^ kbltirjnu-gh^tirmek. 
Remiss, a. J^ t^nbil, ^Ujbt Uima^ i ; 
to be — , fJUib\ iKmal-et, ^ jj^ 
ku88ur-et; — ness, 8. JUjb\ Ihmal, 
jl*idi kussur. 
Remission, «. ^ac IfV, ^'^ slfh. 
Remit, v.a. \ ^ "ifV-et, 1^^ sdfh-et, 
l^^iir W^h-et, J^i:;^ (bi^Aish- 
lamnk) ; cJ^JJj^ ghyi^ndiormek ; 
— ^ VM. ClL-^ O^ gh^vsbEmek, 
CUL.^3 k^ssilmek, j;^|;^ IzaI- 
mok, i^A-f^'^r"*^ khXf iflssbmek. 
Remittance, «. ^J^^j^^f ^ ^^ j ^ 

8j\) m^ktup-Ua-ghyinidKrilan-pars ; 

^^m^j*yj^ ij\^ pani-ghyihidEril- 

Remnant, 8. A^ flzUt, 4«Ai b^ciyyE ; 

ijl^j^ Jfftmtab; ^J^\j!^j^ J^rt- 

Remonstrate, v.h. ^^oju \j^ fjo\px\ 

j'w5lj^Jfljli\ i"tirXz-gbjfuna-bl"zt- 

Remorse, 8. i^iJL^Sj n^amfeti- 

-kyiklUyyE, ^^Ij^uu^l JJ n^dambt- 

-mk '^-yfe*s8. 
Remote, a. jtj^l uzXk, Juiu bit"id. 
Removal, 8. JJj nlkl, ^^ ghyMi; 

J^ "Azl ; jJj dftf**, ^\ ikhraj. 
Remove, v.a, ^^jjJlS klldtrmak, I^JaJ 

nXkl-et; \Jje> "izl-et; \jJi) dfef- 

-et; JK«;^^>" cUk^mok,. t ?rlr^^ 

)khraj-et ; — , v.n. LIXaISjJ ^ ^v- 

Remunerate, v.a. cX«^^,c:a>- bXkkm»- 

-vErmek, {.^X^j^^jJM^^ mbkya- 

f atini-vErmek. [ i^^ ^i* > ^^ pari. 
Remuneration, 8. CL>\iUU miikyafat; 
Rend, v.a. J^j\i yilrmok, JajjI yht- 

mak, fcJl>- cbak-et. 
Render, v.a. LLX^\ ^tmek, JUM ^^- 

mak ; ilX^j^ virmek ; 1*«Ljf t^ss- 

llm-et ; CUy.j4^ ghferi-virmek. 
Renegade, Renegado, 8. c^JOf^ mtih- 

t^di, lAJ^J dnmmo. 
Renew, v.a. cXcJ^?^ y^n^stmek, 


1jj4>ajr t^jdid-et. 
Renewfd, 8. *>J«>fiKr t^jdid. [-et. 

Renouice, v,a. \iji^^^3i klt"t-"Uaka- 



Renovate, v.a, cXcSifjU tazsletmek, 
\ ^^ t^did-et. 

Renown, 8. ^^'yi^^ stt, ilJ^ Bhikhx^t, 
J^J mm, A\i^ nik-nlm, ^L& shin, 
j\^\ bhtihar. 

Renowned, a. jf^fwe m^shhur. 

Rent, *. \^ kira; quit — , ifj^\ 
ijarB; jJ^ yirtik; jjo yirflc; — , 
v.a. (j^io AA \j^ Hra-ila-tOtmak ; 
— out, cX«^j ^1/^ klraya-vErmek, 

Repair, b.j^mu tk"mir ; m^J tixmim ; 
jUjf y^tak, ji yir, Ls*^ mfelja ; — , 
— , v.a. \ji^ tJi"mir-et, ^m^^j^ tsr- 
mun-et; \^^y^ t^88v)yyE-et ; fJL^t 
isalah-et; ij^it^J^^J^ cbarEsaini- 
-bdlmak; — , v.n. s^Xas^ ghitmek, 
fjA^^n^ B^^Ainmok; in — , in good 
— , ^\:,sf*j^9jfAfu tk"mira-gMyn- 
•milditiy ; oat of — , in bad — , ^ja^ 
^Ixfls* tk"mira-miiht2j. 

Reparation, %. ji^ tk"mlr, ^j tir- 
mun ; ^ji4*d7 tXzmin, ^^i t^drziyyi. 

Repartee, t. *^f^ j^wAb ; quick at — , 
i^^jc^ baztr-j^w2b. 

Repeal, «. *^ f^sskb, f^ Ugby ; — , 
v.a. \*^ f^88kb-et, \f^ Uigbv-et. 

Repeat, v.a. JkW^|/^=^ t^krar-ydp- 
mok, ilk^L^jl^^sJ t^krar-s&w^y- 

Repeatedly, cuf. 1;yC« miikibrr6nm. 

Repeater, b. ^^ uVj^V ^^*^V 
i^xLi* bXtsmagbila - chAIar - 61an - 
-k6yn*8a oti. 

Repel, v.a. \^i^ d^f "-et ; — an attack, 
t^^Jb^ mudafa"a-et. 

Repent, v.ji.j^^U^ p^8hlmln-61 (p^sh- 
tnln),y^43U nadim-61; l^y ti^bs-et:. 

Repentance, 9. u:>^—<^JlJ n^dam^t, 
f^^Xj^JLi (pisbmAnlsk) ; tow of , 

Repetition, 9.jj2 t^k^rmr. [Aiy t^bK. 

Repine, t;.fi. 1^^,?„ T t^ah^kki-et, 
^.J^Ji^ m^t68b^kki.6L 

Reply, *. ^-'I^ jfewib ; — ^ v.ii. 
CX«^^c»>|^ jfewlb-virmek, \L^\ffr 

Report, B. yjm^ 8^88, t«x« aXda, ^^ 
awaz, 2r^ljt awazs; y\^ t^watur, 
j^ kblbiv, d^J^*»- bkwadisa ; 
Jl^^ t2Lkrir, 2r jU) ifads, ^Lj b^yan ; 
— , v.a. l2rjli\ ifadE-et, \^J^^ b^yan- 
-et, \j^/a tikrir-et, c)w«;ij^ khl- 
bsr-VErmek ; \jA^ t^w^ar-et. 

Reporter, «. l<^^ ^^ zXbt-kyatibi. 

Repose, 9. o*>-); rabot, KZ.o^ji^ 
isBtirabot, ^/tuLil asaayisb, ^^^ 
aB8ud^gbi, \2)^ siikyun, cs^ j Ci^j 
siikyun^t ; — , v.n. \\j:0''^j rabot-et, 
\ \::.^j^ Ustirabat - et, ^ i^yJ\ 
a88udB-61, y^TiX^Lit asaayishda-^l ; 
— confidence, 1 jU&fif )"timld-et. 

Repoaitoiy, 9. \^^^ mkkbzen. 

Reprebend, v.a. J^j]jf IzJarlamak, 
l^y t^vbtkb-et, t^^ tXkbtb-et, 
^(..-'wmW tii"yib-et. 

Represent, v.a. CX^^.^^^ gbyttratsr- 
mek, jt^^_^4^ r^88mi-ol ; UjUI ifadi- 
-et, 'e^lrf b^yan-et ; ^^^^ T^tili-Gl, 
j\wli^^ ysrina-luk'im-M. 

Repreaentadon, 9. ^y t^raim; ^oli! 

Representative, 9. J-^j v^kll. [if adi. 





.^dXJ^^JcJp- hlkktndon-ghil- 
(Jk«;Ju0U blflsdtrmok. 
Reprieve, vm. \ Jlf«f l<^ kltlini- 


Reprimand, 8. j\j\ azar (Xz^), ^0^ 

t^kdir ; — , r.a. JUl;t;^ Iz^lamak, 

|^«xO t^kdir-et. [mak. 

Reprint, t;.ii. Jh^^V j!/^ t^krar-blss- 

Reprisal* Reprisals, s. (Ji^Jb^bl&o 

Reproach, 8, i^ ^jP "^yb, jU "ar» 
^^rL^ ritesvayi; c--.--~ t^'ylb, 
^Ji kldh, ^y t^vbrkb, ^^Jsj tXk- 
bth ; — , v.a, \v.,.^jjt7 t4**yib-et, 
^.Ji kldh-et, f^J^ t^vbikh-et ; — 
with, (J^jjf^^j^ yilzunfl-wdnnok. 
Reprobate, 8. ^J^U fassik. 
Reprodnce, i;.o. IJyi^W ^JuG y^ngi- 
dan-hlBBil-et. [azarish^^i^O t^kdir. 
Reproof, 8. j\j\ azar (Xzar), (ji>j^j\ 
Reprove, v.a. 4Jh4;|;1 Xzarlamak, \ji*^ 

Reptfle, *. ^^j->-^^j^»*X:5^j^^^^li 

Republic, 8.jy^^^ jjimbvr. 
Repoblican, a. i-^jf'*^ jinDhuri; — , 

*'jyt^ (Jibi Ehli-jjkmbur. 

RepablicatioD, «. cU^l ^ ^jJl» 

y^n^dan-n^shr-^tmeklik. [-n^br-et. 

Repobliah, v.a. f ^^ c'*^*^ y^ngidon- 

Repadiate, v.a. Jk«l<&y b68hamak, 

\jik?; CJ^Usj^ JjJklbul- 

.^tmamek, \j^\ inkyar-et. [inkyar. 

Repudiation, 8. jiL? atlik ; JSj\ 

Repugnance, 8. ui^^Jbt^^s k^rab^t, 

h\JzJ^ bstikrah. [fur. 

Repugnant, a. ^^ k^rih ; j^Ai^ m^n- 

Repulse, «. \^^^k^ ml^blubi3ry^t, 

jjj^y b6zgbx7nlnk; — , v.a, 

1^J_k4*iB^ bilijumunn-d^f"-et ; 

CJ^U^y^J^Lf^W'^ riJasBini-kl- 

Reputation, 8. *^^j^ sbiibr^t, >%l} n2m. 
Repute, v,a. (J^^ skymak, \d^ "ddd- 

-et, ];lcx\ l"tibar-et. 
Request, s. \>'j rlja,jlJ niyaz; — , v.a. 

\^j rija-et, 'jlJ nlyaz-et. 
Require, v.a. (jX^s>^\ i88t£mek,^^^\i«^ 

inilbtIj-61, y ^U>.1 Uitiyaji-61. 

Requisite, a. d^ji laztm; — , 8. l^ji 
laztmE {pi. C^U||^ l^&ztmlt). 

Requisition, 8. Ujcu»l i8stid"a, ^lk« 

Rescript, 8. liC^J^ irads, \^ kbltt. 

Rescue, 8. d\s^ ImdXd; — , v. a. 
(J^J^j^ kihrtarmak, \^ jt\Xr^ tkkb- 
liss-et. [t^bdrri. 

Research, 8. ^**m»*^ t^j^sssus, u^^a^ 

Resemble, v.a. cXcir^ b^n^zimek, 

jIajIi^ milsbabih-61, ^^^^\JL^ 

Resent, v.a. 1j^id--i^\jc->j)jjbdlrilip- 

-yu^tl^Atnt-et. [v.;^^«ac,gbXzAb. 
Resentment, 8. (jS^^l^^ dkrghtnltk. 
Reserve, 8. ^ k^tm, C}i«ji£s k^tum- 

lik,j\^l Ihtiraz; tU:>l Ihtiyit ; 

— , v.a. f^\i\^ adklamak, Itl^f 
j;^]|jU ibtiylton-sdklamak. 




Reservoir, s. ^jo^ hkwz, ^J>' kh^ 

zuiE (hlzna). 
Reside, t;.fi. (J-^jy^^ 6tunnak, ^ ^^Li 

sakin-61, y^^=u&« iniit^m^kkin-61, 

fcu^lSl ikIinet-et,^\A«i« inukim-6l. 
Resident, a. ^L sakin, ^£=ux« 

mikt^m^kkin, ^Jl^ mdktm; — ^s, 8,pL 

^Ijbl dhali, ^uCj s^k^iiE; minister 

— • 1^1 CJ|^ kiichuk . felcbi, 

^^^«\j^Wl«151 Iklmdta-mfe'mur. 

Residue, «. ^b blkt, iLai fXzla, 

^^U kllAn, ^J^ 2fftAn» dUA; bXk^yyE. 
Resign, v.n, Wam^ issti"fa-et; — , v.a. 

^\ji brJJcmok, \cJy tErk-et. 
Resignation, 8. Ittuil issti'Va; jmLJ 

tbsslTm. [cb^-sdktzt ; jSLi sdktz. 
Resin, 8, ^*>-j r^bina, c^L»i*W 
Resist, v,a, and n. Jh^LL d^yanmok, 

S^y^a^ t^bammnl-et ; (j^j^i^^J^ 

Resistance, «. liJ^^lLe mukAv^m^t. 
Resolute, a. ^^^^jji yiirfe^Ai^p^k, 

CJjc^^ gby&zu-p^k, |*JkS&.'U sabit^ 

-kldum ; jy^^ j^sur. 
Resolution, «. cI.>Lj s^bat, vjuJ\s^ 

m^tanbt; cuoJ nijry^t; jUS klrar; 

Jfi- bdU, i.Jl^ k^sbf. 
Resolve, vjn, Icu^ niyyfet-et; jl^ 

CX*;/^ klrar-vinnek ; — ^, w.a. Ij^ 

ban-et, fi^J:;^ k^sbf-et; — itself 

into, cXiJjJ dihunek, ju3jt 61mak, 

cXc^^y 61uvinnek, C1UJlȣ3 

Resort, «. jtj y^tok, ^rj^ mKija", 

— . r.ii. cXc^Jf^Jjtd^ kfesBret- 

-iiz^rs-gbhrnek ; ^i^l.^ t^sb^bbuss- 

-et, cX«JijJ diksbmek. 
Resound, v.n, OX^Jj^ ilrtmek, ^^/-^^ 

i^y^ji^ s^ss-virmek ; j\ J^jJ^^^^-Jt?- 

Resource, «. i[;W cbars; CL^j^y^^ ^ 

in^nbk"i-s^rv^t ; Cl^y ^«»^>1 ^ss- 

bXbi-kdvvbt, tjoU-^idu-u vfessil^'i- 

Respect, «. l:u-v«^ b&rm^t, e:*.ijlc; 

pl"ayet, A/^^^ ibtiram, J^^iJ^ 

i"tibar ; if jU madds, ^J^y^^^ kbus- 

suss, Ct^Ij blb,y^1 femir;^^ nXzar^ 

^j* — * nissb^t, cSi'^..»Av< miinas- 

sdb^t; — t v.a. ^s^ >%.<,»■ b^rm^t-et, 

1,j:^U^ rl**ayet-et; in — , witb — ^ 

LJaJ nlzarim, Alr..>. ..» nlssb^tln;. 

A^\]^A:i&^ b^bsstnu-gbMinja. 
Respective, a. 45:,»<i5:.» bXsbka-blsbka, 

«-^^i-^\ iyrt4^yri. 
Respite, 8^ ca^-Af* miibl^t, Jf« m^bl ; 

— ^,v.a. ^ Jlf«^ bnbal-et,C)^jVj:J^ 

Resplendent, a. JljU p^l^k, cJblT 

tabnak, jf jJUTj pkrtev-sndAz. 
Respond, v.ii. CX«^^ ^-r'^yr jfewib- 

-vinnek ; U)jU^ rndklb^ls-et. 
Responsibility, «. ci^J j* -^ ^ m^^l^liyy^t. 
Responsible, a. (3^««»^ mfess'ul. 
Rest, «. (JU^^^ rabot, uu^l/u^t 

issdrabot; ^U bikt, 4^ fXzla, 

jyA^ kdssur; ^^....t J^e^^U? 

d&yanojak •* n^ns ; — , — one's 

self, v.n. jJli klOmak, fu:.^^^! 


[ 267 ] BETBEirCHXSNT 

issdrahot-et, CX«^J dbiEnmek -, 
— , VM. cJ^JCJj J dlnBndirmek ; 

— on, — upon, v.n. (Jm^ LJ? 
d^janmak, (j^^l y^tmak; , 

— — , VM. J^weL-J? dkyamak, 
^j^^jJU? cUiyandtrmak, (J^J^^ y^tr- 

Restaorant, 8, ^rjJUj) 16kiinda. [mak. 
Restitatioii, s. ij^jl^ 3jt^ gh^ri-virish, 
O \ t^ j r > ^ 1 \ Isstirdad ; to make — , 
•^^^J ^J^ ghferi-VErmek. J^y ^^ 
jEiiiia-kdixuik, tj; r^dd-et. 
Resdess, a.j^jjo ^ib hich-durmkz. 
Resdessneaa, s. ^ljs^\j rahotsizlik. 
Restoration, s, Cfj r^dd ; ifj\^\ i"adE ; 
ji^ ti"mlr ; ^J^ ^^<sf^ tXsshaii- 
Restore, v.a. (ZX«jl^^j^^ gh^ri- 
▼Ermek, \jj rfedd-et, liJlcl i'adE- 
-et ; \jiAJu tk'mlr - et ; J^cSUU 
t^hjAtmak, cJ^^U^i shifa-vErmek. 
Restrain, v. a. \]aft^ zlbt-et, (j^j^ 
tutmak, \jf>' jfebr-et. \^j zfejr-et, 
]^^ m^n"-et. 
Restraint, s. ]ouJ zlbt ; p»J zelgr. 
Restrict, v.a. t^<.d>. hlssr-et. 
Restriction, 9, yc:>' hAssr. 
Result, 9, Ji0l>> hlBstl, ir^ s^m^rs, 
^1^X23 n^tijs, JFJaVi f a'ids ; — ^ v.ii. 
^1 J«0U- hl8fitl.61, (jK^rf- ch^kmnk, 
1v.^J t^r^ttub-et. 
Resume, v,a, ^J^L&li j^^ t^krar- 
.bAflblamak, j;Jl<d\;|^£=J t^krar- 
•Elo-Hmok; fjU«]Uk>. khulaasa-et. 
Resurrection, $. ^z^^^^^ kiyam^, ^^ 
k^yam, x^Lm b^"88. 

Retail, s. ^U aLtiijljJt ij (6kka-)- 
- indazE - ila - SAttsh ; — , a, ^ 
Jljt dL\ij\j6\ (6kka) - EndazE - ila - 
6lAn ; — , v.a. fjAj\^ AA ij\jj\ dJ 

Retain, v,a. (j^^\ Xltk6mak, (J^j^ 
t^tmdk ; cJuU^^l^ sXltVBnna- 
mek, Jul'U^j^ br^mamak; u^U 
CX«lcjt gha'ib-^tmamek. 

Retamer, s. j\^^\ i/shAk. 

RetaHate, v,n. t JiJb ^Ia^ muklb^Le- 
-bl-'i-missl-et, J^riWyAjlS karshtlt- 
^Asnt-et. [bU'l-mifisl. 

Retaliation, s. Julb ^U^ mukXb^lE- 

Retard, v,a. ilX^j<sij^ gb^jikdirmek ; 
(J^^\ lltk6mak, j^%-^t« mani"-61. 

Retentive, a. ^^\ j\a3^^ unOtmiiz- 

Retinae, a. ^c^iUb cLjf ^tba'-t^mi, 
AiL^-^ ^«XeL khXdem-u-bXshem. 

Retire, v.n. CXJ^ ch^kilmek; — 
from the world, \^j:J^JS' "ilzlfet«et. 

Retirement, $. v::Jf6 "ikzlet. 

Retiring, a. w^js^^ m^jub. [mek. 

Retract, v.a. ci<«>^ v^ gh^-ch^k- 

Retreat, b, ^jIa^ jt^ gh^ri-cb^kilish, 

dblik, ^jy^ Burakh; ^^ ky^sbi, 

^^J zaviyyE, Ajlis^S'^ "i^zlet-khanB ; 

<— , VM, cX^K^jjy^ gh^ri-ch^kil- 

mek ; CJ>^4>KL^ cb^kilmek. 
Retrench, v.ii. Jh^\;1 ^JiJ^oa mlasa- 

Retrenchment, a, ij^J^ m^t^riss ; 

uJ;Ll« (JJiJ^ tXklili-mlssarif. 


[ 268 ] 


Retribution, 9. izAX^ mikkyafat; 
d^tjlsr* mhfizkt,\^ j^za, ^ lajtk. 

Retrieve* v.a. di\j\Jj ^^ JLas^ ^^jJl 
kl^^jfi EldAn - gbitmish - ah^j'yi - 

Retrograde, a. t-^jt ^^^ gh^rija- 
-d6oAru, ..fribAi ..r^acG kichth-Uchin, 
— , V.II. Ci^j^ gh^ri-gbitmek, 
CU:v=>^j;-aa3 ^^^-sni kichin-Wchin- 
-ghhmek, Ils,.^^^^ ry"kt-et. 

Retom, «. ci-^Jj^ "kvdet, \J^^*^ 
dtPDoah ; CL> J^ Lk-w« md"av^det, 
c:...*>y rij"k, ^j riiju" ; ^lL« 
muklb^; (of a diaease) ^jSj 
nikkaa; — , vm. CX^^^ dkimek, 
)c:.*J^ "&vdet - et; LLU3^J ^j^ 
gh^ri • d&nmek, ^^j^ riiju" - et ; 
tj^^Jl} nikksa-et, CJ^J ^jS gh^ri- 
-t^pmek; — , v.m. ^^^-^jij ^ji^ 
ghferi-vErmek» \ Jj rfedd-et; \4^lS^ 

Reveal, v.a. ^(jl\i f aah - et, \ \Li\ 
tfsha-et, (Ja^ dchmak, tt^p,*,^ 
k^ahf-et; ^1^1 ilham-et, aLI ^j 
CX«;oJj v^y-ik-bUdinnek. 

Revealed, a. ^i^ mMh^m. 

Revelation, «. Jj-J t— al^ k^shfi-^aarar ; 
i*\^l ilham,^^^ v^j. 

Revenge, «. »*y i^j, Al&Jt btiklm ; — , 
v,a, ^J^\ ^^^\Ssj\ btiki^mtni-idiniik. 

Revengefol, a, i|^ *AJi km^-khab. 

Revengefolnesa, s. ^^^ ^^ kin^- 
kbahl. [^"t^l^ varidat 

Revenue, s. j\ji\ irad, jy^ gb^lir. 

Revere, vm, \/^J:>^ ihtiram-et, UjC^ 

(j^^ "XzuE - tutmak, )c: 
biirmet - et ; I «X^ ^J^ mikbarek - 

Reverence, s, kz,'^<j>- bilrmet, Aj^^^^^ 
ihtiram, vju^lc; ri"a7et; ^^^a:^^4> 
damEn-bu8i; bis — ,bjOj uclu«^ CL^^J 
zaU'-flzn^t-ma'ablsri, uf^U CI^U 
zatt - "alHsri ; — , v. a, \ ^^^^^^ 
biirmet-et ; ^^}^j rl"ay^ti-61. 

Reverse, a, and 8. ijmji tsraa, Sjji ^ka; 
u:^!} f^akEt, 3b b^a; — , v.a. 
cX«^^(,/»^ tsraa-ch^vinnek, i:^Ji 
CJ^^ t^rasina-cb^virmek ; fu-^^Ji 
kXlb-et, l(^r^ tli"kiB8-et. 

Revert, v.a. cX^J^t^ diimmek, ^^ 
CXti^^ gbM-dJitnmek ; %mm&ne,J\^^sj 
\ j\ij\ t^krar -"itft - fefkyar . ct, j\p 
Jk«^\ t^krar-Xn^rmok. 

Review, «. a^IaJ cJ^ blyuk-t^"lim ; 
^U^ miy"ay^n£ ; i3je^ gb^ta ; — , 

v,a. 1^ U^ md"ay^nB - et, \j^^ 
CXcjy^ fjt^jy^ voxikhrrirEa-ghykZ' 

Revile, v.a. \^^.^ s^bb-et, \JiJ^J 
dit8bn£m-et, \ffiJ^ sbfetm-et. 

Revise, v.a. \^h3 t^kib-et, ^<^^ 

Revision, s. ^^^^ tlssbtb. [tXssbtb-et. 

Revive, v.ff. ^}a^} ^ytbnak, CJw«]^*^ 
dirilmek, ^ja:^\>- jlnlonmok, ^^^i^ 
CUliiCM&b "ikb'-bXsbtna-gbElmek, 
j;#«i>-l ^btlmak; (j^*ij^/^ (gb^ns)- 
-p^lamdc ; — , v.a. cU:J^J dirilt- 
mek, (SX9jf^ AXmU ^^^Ia^ "ikltnt- 
-bXsbtna-gb^tirmek ; ^J^^^ dcbmak; 
fJ^^JiA/^ t^krar-p4rlatmak. 





Revocation^ s. ^"^ fbsskh. 

Reroke, v.a, 1^^ f^sskh-et; iJ^^Jut^ 

Revolt, s. {^^i"^^ "issyan, {^^i^ 
tughyan, ^^^i:JiLl iiyaklanish ; — , 
vji» I^Imo^ "hay an - et, J^^JiU 
aygklanmot ; — , v.a. cXc^JcjI b\ji\ 
Revolation, s.j^*^ d^vr, (^\;j<3 d^v^rln, 
^J ghirdish; JjuJ tfeb^ddul, 
c^liil bkillb, JysT tah^VTul; 
^JjlJ tfebWdulu-kyMH ; JJb^t 

Revolve, vm, i^X^jti diinmek, \ ji^J 
dfevr-et, ^j^5/^ dfcv^rln-ct; — , vm, 
CX«j[^>- ch^virmek. 

Reward, «. d^liUU miikyafat; ^jtLesT 
b&khsbiflh ; — , v.a. CX^j ^UlC« 

Rhetoric, 9. f^lS L2j\i^^y ^ "ilmi- 

Rheumatism, s. Jj yel, jVb^j riht- 
-tkyyar, J-^liJl^s^ vfeji^'u-l- 

Rhinoceros, «. ^\'^^ gh^rgh^dln. 

Rhodes, «. (^j«^j^ r6d68. 

Rhomb, Rhombus, «. ^;«a^ m&"in. 

Rhomboid, s. ^ . n ^ wU A shibhi-m^"m. 

Rhubarb, «. (drag) 0Jj|^ ravhid ; (gar- 
den) ^jm^j riibass. 

Rhyme, t. fitt kaflyy6; ^^ sfej"; 
yL& shi'V, — d, a. \iLo mdkXffiL, 

Rhythm, «.^jv^zn. [^«--*mite^jj4". 

Rib, 9. ^jy^ klbvigha; (ju%jjjbl 
^hli-bfeyt, t^li klri, i^yj z^s. 

Ribald, a, ^j^iJ vJ'J^ X^^zi-piss. 

Ribaldry, 9. Cl^UjJb h^zliyyat 

Riband, Ribbon, 9. i^^j^ k6rd^la. 

Rice, 9, i^ji^ pirinj, J^l iiri!kzz. 

Rice-padding, 9. '^y^ siitlaj. 

Rich, a. yj^j zBnghin, ^^^ gh^I 
(/)/. Uict ^hniya), f^%^C^ miit^- 
m^vvil,^fjJU mlldar, 4l^y ^..^..^^^l^ 
sahib-s^rv^t ; /I A^Air, ^\L atlt, 
^b y^Ali. 

Riches, 9. pL JU mil, <-^jiy s^rv^t, 
CJlx^J zEnghinlik, ir^U (p^a). 

Rickety, a. ^U^j^ f^"^ muhkim- 
-61mayan. {.(J^J^J!^ kiirtarmak. 

Rid, a. yjLA^j^ ki)rtulmnsh ; — , v.a. 

Riddance, «. \^J^j^ kdrttrlush; ^J 
d^f". [Uff^ mu"^mm^. 

Riddle, 9.jyl^ kXlbur ; ijeAi bihn^j4 

Ride, t;.ii. and a. cX»r«» binmek, jlj^^ 
8iiwar-61, jlt-,.^^j^ rakib-61; i^\ 
CX«^4l^ It-ila-ghbzmek, ^dj^iO^ 
CX«j^ "^bii-ila-gh^zmek; — at 
anchor, fjXAi^^j^^ d^mirda-y^« 
mak ; — out a gale,^%X3^^U^ViJ^jl9i 
(J^jy^ j^jt^ fbttna-bitmju^a-kldar- 

Ridge, 9. ^Zijc sirt; Jj bfel, ^^y 
b6yun; 9^ slra. 

Ridicule, «. tjfu^l isst)hza; ^ h\]v; 
Jll^r^i:?-^ mlsskhomlik ; — , v.a. 
\ Ijfu^l isstihza-et; \ y^ h^v-et; 
CJJ/ ghyilhnek. 

Ridicoloas, a. CX^^^ ghyMenEJ^. 

Rifle, «. ^l^*-*^ sh^-khans (shishans); 
— , VM. ij^y^ s^ymok. 




Rig, *. ^j riy, jLS kiltk. 

kfjaf^t ; i^j\ krma ; — , v.a, ^jAj\ijt} 
d6notmak ; CX«^^ ^^J3^ urdba-vir* 
mek; J^tlill? taktlmak, (^X^^J 

Rigging, s. ^j\ iama; ^jj^\ dri)ba, 
f^\y\ ^sswlb (^ssbAb). 

Rigbt, a. LJj&jb dbghrv ; ^f^ s^ih ; 
m\j timm, ^UJ tlmlm; ajA"— <o 
mi^Btaktm ; ^\i ka'im (fern. 4^lj 
kaimB); ^U Agh, ^^^ yfemin, 
»|^ risst; ^ii>- hlkklt; — , 8, 
hXkk ; ^jo^ Agh-\kni% ; — , 
ad. klX^ pfek, j^ cb6k. ^JJ 
gh^r^Ai-ghibi ; — , v.ii. (J^^j^^ 
d6ghrubnak; — , v.o. J^isSji^j^ 
d6ghrdtiiuik; C)^jJt^^<:i»- hlk- 

BighteoQS, a. ^1^ Jjbt ^Ui-sllah, ^U 
silih (/)/. Ur^ fiuloha). 

RigbteonsneBS, 9, JLa sAlah. [^Ailm^. 

Rigid, a. ^ kits, c:^^ s^rt, ja^\ 

Rigorous, a. <^^^ s^r^* Jj Ju& sb^did ; 
,^^ 8)kt; jlcij dikkltli; ^UJfj^ 
miid^kkkJkaDE. [c:^Jy& sbidd^t. 

RigoroQsneM, Rigoor, 9, CJ^JJ^ s^rtlik; 

Rill, 9,^f^yQ si^i^iltz. 

Rim, 9,J^ ksnar, v^J l^b. 

Rime, «. ,^1/ kbl^At. 

Rind, «. j^ k^buk,yLJ k^kahr. 

Ring, «• <XSl>^ hHka; Oj^i yiizok; 
^^ W cbAltsh ; ^jm^ 8^88, 1 Jm alda ; 
— , f;.a. Jk*1\>- chXlmak; — ^ vji. 
Jh^^U- ch^mnak ; cXtJ^l ii^tmek ; 
ilX^jlj ^^^««i s^s-virmek. 

Rmgleader, «. i<^^j^ Kr-blsht, ^U 
bXsb, jLi'jrj/^ sErkErdE'i-ffeeaad. 

Ringlet, 9. J^ kyakyi^l, L-fllj zi^lf. 

Riose, v.a. ^U!l>- chAlkamak ; ij^li^^^ 
(J-^^Sj ky^fiQa-yikamak. 

Riot, 9. jii^^lj klnahtkltk, U^ 
(kAwgha) ; j3^:i^l>- chlpkinltk, 
u:.^lLi 8^fab^; — , VM. j;li.^^U 
J^UL^ klrahiklik - cbikjdrmak ; 
,lAjLf^ i.i«3b&l) bl8hdim - cUkmak, 
^J^jJL% tlahfrmok. 

Rip, VM. Cil^^.i* si^kmek; Jk«;V 

Ripe, a, yjtAl^\ 6bnn8h, ^*4*.v^U^ 

Ripen, v.ii. jA^yS bhaak, cU<:^4!U^ 
k^malfi-y&tisbmek ; — , v.a. ^J^^^^l 
^Idurmak, (JiX^jSLsj y^tishdirmek. 

Ripple, 9, (J^jjy, bdrushuk; — , v.a. 
^J^jdJfjjf b^ushdurmak; — , v.ii. 
(J^J^ bihrirshnuik. 

Riae, 9, ^^ mbx^\ ^U blah, 
t:^^ m^n8b^', \s^ m^bd^' ; ^LS>V 
bXshlanghtj, iju.^ n^'^» tjcjl 
ibtida ; ^^ tvlu", ^^^^ dhghxj^ ; 
— , VM. JA^M kllkmak ; JUaIIj^U 
ay^^ - kllkmak, 1>*Lj Uyam-et; 
JjJu^ chlkmok; cUl.»^»» yiik- 
8ebnek; ClUl^A^^ U^rilKmek, ^ 
f v^ty^ ikji - m^ratib - et ; (J^j^ 
dbghmdk. \^ tvlu"-et; JajL^ 
chikmok, \^ nbb".et ; Ujj b^'*- 
-et, U". »*, ; n^ah'a-et; C)J;£J 
dbilmek, JmasJ^cI.^ bk"B8-61tm- 
mak ; (J^j^ kXbarmak ; JntJp? 




d^lmak; (J^^^^A^^ ^l^^ bahaya-chtk- 
mak ; ^jAiM\A ^jaklanmak. 

Risk, s, y^y k6rku, iiXfi t^hlikE, 
sJbX^ mukhltora ; — , v,a. ^J^^ 
k6ixuik, ldJ1^a&a^l)4khta-h^wal£-et, 
^^y AjaC^ t^hlik^y£-k6mak. 

Rite, s. ^^1 aTUi} d^jLxw^ r^ssmi- 

Rival, s, iJU! ^nghel, ^-m^-^j rdktb ; 

— , VM. j1^^ bXsh-61; lic^lS^ 

Rivalry, Rivalship, s. VJuoU^ rakab^t. 
River, *. ya su, uM>- cb^y, JI^^' 

^rmok, 9jJ dhrE,j^ n^hr (u^hir). 
Rivet, s. J^ mlkh ; — , v.a. ^J^^is^ 

Rivulet, 8, ^ sd, ufl»- chkj, XjO dhn. 

S<«d. »• J^ y^i' <ii^ t^ik, *oU 
jaddfi, »\j rah; ^UJ Uinln; ^j^\ 

Roadstead, 9. ^^^J limXn ; L^ m^rsa. 
Roam, v.n. cXc^ gb^zmek, ^J^J^^ 

Roar, 8, 4sCttf s^yha, ^jm^il^i p^k-s^s, 

yjL^^jy,^ gby^l^yisb; — , v.ii. 

CX«^j ^^MMi C)^^ p^k-s^ss-vErmek, 

(J^/^;^ hiiyktrmak, ij^/^. b^Atr- 

mak ; cJ.^j^ gbyi^rlEmek. 
Roaat, «. ^SSyJ^ sbUh - k^blbt, 

\,^^\^J^ 6nnXn-kfeb}Lbi; — ^ v.a. 

fi^U k^bJKb-et. 
Robber, 8,j^j^ khiiBtz, s,^j>' bkrami, 

J;J diizd. 
Robbery, 8. {^j^j^ kbirstzlik. 
Robe, 8. *--I'^j[j^t Ozun-dbisai; — , 

«.«. (JX^ ^»»^A ^\ f^^j^\ uzun- 

MbissEssini-ghknek. [kuw^tli. 

Robust, a. ^J dbj, i^y kawi, ^Jy 

Rock, *. Us likjK; ,^*f^^Ui kitya- 
-p^cbAsst; ^)UU a^kUontsb; — , 
t;.». Jh^]UIi0 BiUlanmak; — , v.a. 
fj^^lp sXllamak, J^j^i\la sXll^- 
darmak. Cj^'j^ biwa'i. 

Rocket, 5. clL:J^\yb b^wa'i-flshfenk. 

Rocky, a. j;llJ kkyaltk. 

Rod, 8. J^^ cbib^k, CJ^ J d^ek ; 
^jL<i}J\\i}i^\ injo - dllliir - d^m^ti ; 

^j\i^rh\jy^^\ Uti-buchuk. 

Rodomontade, 8, ^^mmJ J^S^U^^I^uJSjmS 

Roe, 8. ^\J^J^^ diBbi-klrajii ; ^\j 
\^^jyH bAlik-yJmurtesM ; — buck, 
^\i kXrsga. 

Rogue, 8. ^^U. chipktn, ^^U^^ 
kyidkhani, jBfTj^'ijh d61andinji, 
j^yt mi^z^wir. [C)J;ji^ mtizfcwirlik. 

Roguery, *. jLafC^J^Sjt d^landirijalik; 

Roguish, a. ^bcuibl>- chlpkti\JB. 

Roguishness, 8. fj^iJb\>- chlpktziltk. 

Roll, s.j\^y t6mar ; C^^ t6p ; ^jLiij\^ 
y^warlontah; ijiiijSsJ t^ksrlsnish; 
— , v.n. (j^j^)i yiwarlonmak; — 
over, vlLc]^ t^ksrlBmnek, cXJj^ J 
d^vrilmek ; — , v.a. (J^j^^ yJwarla- 
mak; — up, (J^'ijylo t6p]amak, 
CX«^jj Jd^shirmek, j;^li0 s^irmak. 

Roller, «, J!l\jJ yiwalflk; ^^J^\^ 
^^It 8^tiitt-d}Llgha8St ; L-^jt tdp, 
J\k^ plksstXl. 




Rolling-pin, 8. ^"ij^ 61da^^*. 

Roman, a. ^^j rumi ; ^^jj r6mali ; 

Roinance,». Jta^mlBSAl ; — ,v,n. J\>a^ 

CX^Ij^ mlBSAl-siiw^jlimek. 
Rome, 8. u^yf^ tcji^ r^ma-ah^liiri. 
Romp, #. ^jij^ (J^J^ ch6juk-6yunu; 

J^>?^l:9^cf*^^ ^i pfek-6ynamak- 

•BEVEn - chdjuk ; — , v.a. JK«^^f 

Roof, 8. |*t J d}Un ; flat — , IpAi b2ga, 

J^ sXth (t-h) j»2. -^ BUtuh ; — , 

v.a. (J^j^ lintmek. 
Rook, «. Ac;li Uurgha ; (chess) ^ rdkh. 
Room, «. ^jt ^dii; ^ yxr; ajj) Idzum, 

\__ — s^beb, c:.»^^>iil:>< miinass^b^t. 
Roomy, a. ^jii£s gh^nish, ^s>^ 

Roost, 8. yj^^ kyftmto; — , vm. 

fj^^ ^yy kbnup-dyumok. 

Root, 8. Kl)if kyi(k, J^\ Issl ; — , vm. 
J^^ tdtmok, J^U cJ^ Igr^k- 
-sIQmak; — up, i^X^y^ si^kmek, 
j;^\iu>- cbiUirnuik, ^Jl^uiuil Iss- 
ti'sll-et, \jAj kAl"*et. 

Rope, 8. (^^^ ip, l^W h^At. 

Rope-dancer, t. jUl>- janbaz (jchnbXz). 

Rope-maker, 8. ^^^^\ ipji* 

Ropery, Rope-walk, 8, ^^^j^^^^^i} 

Ropeyam, «. JJ tM. [Ipji-kirar-khan^asi. 

Rosary, »• < ^ *.J t^ssbih. 

Rose, ». J^ gbyid, J^^ vird ; — bnd,, 
^Usa^ gb^ncha; — bnsh, ^^^\e.\Ji 
ghfU'lffhAii; — water, ^y^ij^ 

gbyM-Buyu; — i^rood, . ^' 

gbyM-l^AAJt ; otto of — , ^^iu 

^\}s^ "Itr-jhghi. 
Roseate, a. c^^^ kirmsizt. 
Roam, 8. ^jo^l^ (»l^ ch^m-s^kf zf . 
Rosy, «. (cheeks) t^J^^ojS "kh 

^^£sA ghyidghyun, i^Ui^ g^hy ul 

(lips) J\ 7A. [CXwj^j^ chiirut 
Rot, VM. CX«j|f^ chiiniiiiek ; — , 
Rotary, Rotatory, a. ^j^*^ ^^' 

j\yy dbwar ; ^J^^y d^nju. 
Rotation, 9.jy^ dhvr, ^]j^*^ dhv6r 

jjjj t^d^vynr ; in — , ^^y nuh^\ 

S^\»js s)r&-ila. 
Rote, 8. j{^ ^b^ ; to know by - 

C3^ \j^/)^ ^zb^rdan-bilmek ; 

do by — ^ y^ (j:JI cJ;^U«J^j 

fjAi\ di^mun^ydrek - alet - ghibi 
Rotten, a. ^^j^ chiknik. [-y^mak 
Rouge, t. \j^^jy^ diizghyun, ijs^ 

Rough, a. ^j^jy^ pbrnzln; U kAba; 

JfltfU? tlssllk; — draft, «X|^ 

t^vid, irJy«-« miissv^dds; jlLU? 

Roughness, 8. i^)j}j^ piiruzlolalc ; 

jSLi klbalik; CJJJ^ eirdik. 
Round, «. Jy k61; j^J dfevr; — , a. 

(circular) 15^^ d^Airmi, jjJu 

miid^vTBr; (globular) i^(^ tbp, 

i^j^ kyiirdvi ; ad, and pr, iii^Je] 

^traftnn ; Jr JcJ 1 J? I ^trafifoda ; 

A:i^yb hsT-tiura^a ; f^ii/b Im^ 

-tiraftnda ; all 




to come — , fZ^J^l^ d6kshnuik ; to 
come — again, cX«a A:j c»jySiS.y9 
d61aBhfp-(gh^DE)-ghElmek ; — about, 
SJi\Jo\ ^trafda, *«^^^ jiwarda. 

Eoimdabout, a. fjJ^'ijb d61^htk; ^uU 

EomidnesB, s. C)!-^^ d^^Atrmilik. 

Rooae, — up, v.a, J^j^^iji^ iryhu- 
dtrmak, (J^j^^ klldirmflk; , 

ghy&zmiu-dchmak, ^Jas^^ kllkmak. 
Rout, *. i^fj^ b6zgliunluk, ^\j^\ 

ll^\ Xkhshom- 



-j^in"iyyfeti ; — , v.a. J^jy b^z- 
mak, ^A-rLiU? dkgMtmdk. ; — 

out, i^j^r" ^^ L^ \^Jr=' 

gh^^&x - gbibi - Bilip - siipurmek ; 

(«Jj c^jl^U^ cbikkrtp^d^f"et. 
Bottte, *• J^ y61 ; ^^f^ J>1 c3/^ 

Eove, v.n. CJ^ gh^zmek, J^X^ 


Hover. «. c^b'j/^ji J^ J-^^^' ^^^ 
/tJ\ awarE - 61arek - ch6k - yEilep - 

-gh^r-6lan-ldAm ; ^^^U^y kursan. 
Row, s, ijc 8ir<i, ^ji*^ dizi, uJ<0 slff; 

\k^ (kkwgha); yJ^^jf ghyibmltu, 

aLU^ shdmAta, — , V.II. cJj/ 

CX^i^ I^r^k-ch^kmek. 
Rower, «. ^)^ kyiirfekji. 
Rowing, ff. ^uC>> cJ;^kytir^k-cb^kma. 
Rowlock, 8,jyc)^ issk^diuuz. 
Royal, a. a}j(|^ kkilani, ^\^yjSj>^ 

hilkmdarans, ^UUi shahanE ; — , 8. 

i^iliU jrl^J k^ntro-bXbAflngho. 

Royalty, b. jUly kirXlltk. 

Rub, 8. yj-^^^ 6yAalayiah; \J^jy^ 

silkrtusb; \J^}jy^ sfirunuBb; jUJ* 

sb^mar, CJUy t6k4t ; jCl^ musb- 

kil, Cii^/ gbyiichluk, J, J dird; 

— , v,a. JI^Ujl 6gbalainflk; — on, 

— in, K^X^jy^ Biirmek; — against, 

CJviJjj^ siirunmek. 
Rubber, 8. cJ^r ^ sil^ek,^ bfez. ^^^Wj 

p^b^vra; India — , J^^Uy k6- 

mal^sttk (or k^manksstik), 
Rubbisb, 9. iJJJj^ siipuruntu ; beap 

of — , cJi^J^j^^ sUpuruntuluk, ^djj^ 

Ruby, *. tiy k yatut ; — , a. J\ 11, 

u5U^ Urmizt. 
Rudder, 8, ^yJ dikmin. 
Ruddiness, 8. (^j-^Ji yrmiztlik. 
Ruddle, 8. ^^^y,yj^^ lBbi-b6yaast. 
Ruddy, a. *^j^ Wrmizt, jJjS Wzil. 
Rude, a. U klba, Jllai>. blntll ; 

J«jj1 Mebsiz, J-^;^ "arsiz, C->5;J^ 

kb63rrlt. [vw^sbilik. 

Rudeness, «. j)Li klbalik, c3i*l^j 
Rudiment, *. ^l2.b bXshlangbtj, 1jij\ 

Ibtida, ^Ju* mfebdfe'; (p/.) J^\ ubbuI, 

«^jL« mfebadi, C^U^l iwfliyyit. 
Rue, 8. liV^*^^ or i^Jui &^def*6ta ; 

— ^, v.a. ^^^;^?^ (plsbmln)-6L 
Ruffian, s.jlji^ kbbztr, «.i--j-^ kbkbiBS. 
Ruffle, 8. C)iii ^^^-5;s5 Wnnali-ybnlik ; 

^^jj^y burusbuk; — »f-«-jK<;»^jyjJ 

burusbdurmok ; J^^«^ dlrtltmak. 
Rag, 8. »c\sr* BfeiJadB, iji kfebE. ^ 

kfecbE, J^:-^^ P^sst. 





Rugged, a. ^j^j^^ p^nuda, ^jytr^^jys^ 
Bivri-siYii, (^/^«3^jSj[J dish-dish. 

Rom. B. i^j^ IdU^ab, ^>s^j6>^ kUi- 
raWyyfet, ^^y^ pbriehlnl. jUl^dy, 
p^iahlnltk; ^t^ khiUiibB, ^|;d^ 
▼iraiis ; ^«Vj jti^ assari-kXdimE ; 
— , v.a. 1<— >V^ Idiirab-et, \J^^j», 
p^ahln-et, ^J^ kyU-et; — ed, a. 
^jl^ virin, S-']/^ khirab, ^^^^^ 

RainonB, o. y^^ji^ Tirin, Cr't^ kUo^b, 
u;^^ p^rishln; ^y^ mi^khrib. 
j^\^^j^ khiMb-^dBT. t^y^d^b 

Role, «. if«X6lS ka'ids; Jic^ iiiz2in; 
^^jji^jf^j^ d^sturu-'l-"linBl ; ^jy^l 
i^ul ; d>^> <^C c » . h^kyum^t ; S»- 
biikm; ^^^a^Jj^ j^vel-t&kh- 
toam ; J^*3^ jfedvd ; ^^jl iinhni ; 
foot «-^ AiXi kXdKm ; — -. v.a. 
tij:.^y[^ bilkyum^t - et ; CX«}:^ 

Ruler. «. *&l>- hakim. jtj^4i[>. hilkm- 
dar; ^4:::^^ J^J^ j^dvel-tikhtOBSt. 

Rum, t. ^yj rdm ; — , a. «---jf«^ "ijTb 

Ramoar, '-y V ^^^*^i'« ^*^ — ^» (j*^*) 

vJL>.\;) Mgif ; — ^, v.a. 1^^^ tfewa- 

Romp. «. c^^ Agkn^ ^} kkh, CL?j$ 

gbsfiM, jbli kiynak. 
Rumple, t. (J^^jji bi)ruahuk; — ^ v.ii. 

(S'^^JT^* bdruahmok ; — -, v.a, 

iS^J^3J^' bihruahduimak. 
Rod, 9. ^/^y k^ahush ; C^jy* si^k. 

f^yi d^wlm; ao^ bichim; — , v.a. 
CXiJj^j^ y^nitmek. Jh^^I^^ 6ghrat- 
mak ; — , vji. ^J^yi k^ehmak. 
ij^^j^^a s^^Airtmek, jHtiW chap- 
mak, f^XAJ^\ ^hmek ; J^l Ikmak ; 
C)^t ^tmek, 1^ kAt".et, dW <" 
ktemek. CX4&£3 ghitmek, CX^jjJ 
yifcramek; — against. Jh^J^ ch^ 
mak; — agroond. J^v^^iUJ 
diba-d^kimmak, {J^j^j^ 6turmak ; 
— — t v.a, (J^j^y\ 6turtm«k ; — a 
race, f^^y k6ahn-et; — ashore, v.ii. 
(SV^^^i^ klraya-6turmak, lys^ 
(J^j^j^ klraya-6^Aramak ; — — , 
v.a. (j^j^^^J^ kXraya-6turtmak, 

away. ^jA»^\i kXohmak. fjAJt»^ 

skwushmak, \Jiy firar-et ; with, 

^Uj-Us^^l lltp-klchmak. y\j 

^JA>>^\i bsrabsr-klchmak ; 

the idea, \^ z^n-et ; — smoothly, 
J4J| Xkmak, J^lS kAymok, Jj^ 
ghyiizM-ghitmek, ^bdJ^ 
y61i7i^a-ghltmek ; — the 
gauntlet, ^^^UmI cX) jUas^ A»\ i^ 
\^^^e^ ^ysi B^A - ik - jumliain^- 
shdmartni - y^ynp - t^hdmmul-et ; — 
through, vji. cXiJS^^;«X:ia^\ ichin- 
dim-ghbchmek,(JL4il^;tX:£S?\ ichindon- 
Ikmok; *- ^-, vm. cXtjSJC^W 
y^yup-bltirmek ; — over, vm. ^JaJ^^ 
tAahmak. cJw^l^sj J dilrkynlmek ; 
— , ©.II. 

^i!V.*i *n>iii iisstun- 





Ranaway, s. ^;«ft>-lS kXchktn, iJj\ji 

Ronner, #. ^^^^^ k^shigu; ^jXh^I 

CSjT ^Bhkm-lt ; JupIj klssid. 
Rnnning, a,Jj\ Ikar, ^J^ jari. 
Rapee, 9. ^iLa ^ cAiL^JcJ^ hb- 

Rapture, #. ^^j^IJh^IS kl8etk-y2U!^At ; 

ij^iJUjji b^zushukluk. 
Rural, a. ^>^ kyil^la, jji;/^ tlBhrob', 

^iJjL^ dbfakrtli, cf^l;^!^ sUiraTi. 
Rase, «. JLfrJ^ kli5d"a, 4L»- htl^ 

<tiiiiiiiiii> d^lSSB. 

Rush, «. jL siz ; tA^^J^ Uzli-^knh; 

U^yjj:^ Ii)zli>k68hi78h ; — ^, v.*. 

jH«iUj;o^ hbU-Ikkmiik ; J^yj^ji^ 

Roak, 9, cJ;/ gli<bvT^k. 
Rossia, 8, ^'ir^j russia. [koy. 

Russian, a,^lm^j rusoali ; yi^^ m&ss- 
Rust, s. ^^b pAss ; — » VM. J^vlLtb 

pXsslimmak ; — , v,a, JU;JjlL&b 

Rustic, a. j)j^ kyiltyla. 
Rusticate, v Ji. (J^j^^j^ xdJ^ C^ Jmo ^ 

Rastj, a. jILb plssk', ^^L4j!La\j plu- 

Rut, f. ijgjlcilp t^ksrM.izi; — , 

nittiiig-time, ^^^^xJ^b^fiji kizgbtnlik- 

Ruthless, a. JuTa^j^ mBrh^etsiz, ^ 

^U\ bi-Xmln. 
Rye, s. j\*^^ ch^vdi^, (/^by klrii- 



Sabbath, «. yjjf j)^^ piizar - ghyi^u ; 
^^jit te4^ jilm"4 - ^^sd ; (•jJ 

tii "tfl-ghyi^Dn. 
Sable, «. ^^^^^ii«i< s^mmur (skmur); — ^ «. 

i[;j kXra, JfLiMi slyah, J^\ bssw^. 
Sabres. ^ kJlij. uJ-- Bfeyf, ^ tigh; 

— , v.a, 1^ Jl?- chll-k»ij^. 
Sack, s. Jt^ ch6wll; Uju yft^Ama, 

vc^U gharet ; — , v.a. f Uju yi^Ama- 

-et; — doth,^ (h^rxr); large sack 

of — , MjijL (h^rar). 
Sacred, a, aV^ h^am, cJ;L« m^- 

barek, (^iAo muklddess, Ji^ "}kziz; 

^yoki^ m^JdiBuss, ^jtcJei^ mdkhtlss, 

^jAoii^ mdkhlsssess. 
Sacrifice, s. ^^ kdrbin; J$^\^Jj 

f^dakyarlik; jji z^rar; — , v.a. 

^_f4J kiymak ; t^by kdrbXn-et; 1 toi 

f^da-et; (J^j^ kkmak. 
Sad, a. j^ milkaddBT, jljji kftderli, 

CJLU ghlmnak; bi fina, i^^^ 

p^rishln; ^J^<J.^b ba'issi-kidxr, 

bi fina. 
Saddle, s. j\ hjcr; (pillioiied) ^Jij 

pllAD ; (pack) ^4iMi sbosr ; — , vm. 

^ysrmi-wdrmak, J^^jb y^pmok. 
Saddle-bow, s. ^J^^J\ ^ysr-lcXsht. 
Saddler, s, ^|^ s^rraj (s^roj). 
Safe, a. ^^\ ^mm, JlcU sii^Wbn, 

j^^j^ k6rku88crz; iU sii^A, a«Li 

u 2 




a^lun ; ^jtA^jJ kdrtulmush ; — , s. 
^Jc^ sXndtk, i^ijff d6lAp. 

Safe-conduct, 9, ^jr^iJ J^ y^l-t^z- 
kinissi. [n^. 

Safeguard, «. )ai^- hih ; kS-jLitf sfya- 

Safety, s, ci^w^^ bmniyy^t, kj:^.^JL» 
s^am^t, aLi8^1id,^^\ ikmn, ^Uf ^man. 

Safiron, «. f^]/^j z^"f^raii (alfr^kn). 

Sag,.v.ii. CU^j Ji b^-virmek, cXJ^t 

Sagadons, a. jUi^ "Hdli, jls^j^^^ dira- 
y^tli» ^;«iii flUn ; ^^L»>- hdasBaas. 

Sagacity, «. Jifi "tJlL, u^|;«3 diraybt, 
<J^lLi fdt&D^t; ^j,^ hisaa. 

Sage, a. jUac "ikllt ; jL;£=uj t^m- 
kinli, jL»jl dsaln; — ^ «. /»?^ ttdlum; 
^l^dLl Ida-chiiyi. 

Sagittariua, «. ^^/T^ ^/-y k^V88-bi)r]n. 

Sail, ». ^J^ yblken, ^V'^V badiban, 
^1^ aUm"; i^* t^kas, ^^^ 
gh^mi, iSkJLtt B^HoB ; 2r^L pari (p^a), 
^^ Ut"ii ; — , CU;^ gUtmek, 
CX«jjj|) yiiniinek; JU^U kllkmak, 
J^'c^^'i yfelken - dchmak, \fXi 
Uyam-et, \ %^ ^4U>J»c "Azlm^t-et, 
j) llijb Jb badibaD-kyii8ha.oL 

SaOdoth, 8. ^jXJ klrblas ; <^ ^^ 

Sailing-maater, «• J^£^ ktla^Atrz. 

Sailmaker, t . ^^^s^^ y^kenji. 

Sailor, f . ^Jfi^ gh^miji, JU mullah, 
^Jkf^JL^ k^8htib2n. 

Suofoin, t. ^oT^ y6nja. ^^ "AzTz. 

Saint, t. J^ vUT, aUI J^ vfellyyu-'ilib. 

Sake, #. jtU. khltor, (^.^MTy mababbet; 

for the Bake, ^L^- bibbdton ; 

— of God, ^L>. blbb^ton-U-'llah ; 
for God's sake ! ^^y^^^ llllht- 

Salad, «. ^)Li allAta. [-ssyBrsED^. 
Salary, 9. ^U^ ma"A8b, J;]jI ^ylik, 

AJblx mahijryi. 
Sale, «. ^U altim, ^U aXttsh ; for 

— , on — , J^^ altiltk; — by 

auction, c\j^ m^zad, ii^\j^ miizay^dE. 
Saleable, a. j^lp altilir. 
SaUva, 9. cJJp tiikruk, ^}^C^}£^ 

Xghziag^shja, j\^ allyar. 
Sallow, a. \j!^j\/^^j^=sj b^n^i-alri^- 

miah ; lJj\^ sin*. 
Sally, 9. j%^ hi^jum, ^^jyi yiuruyush ; 

— out, VM. ^^/^jj/)i ytlruyuah-et. 
Salmon, 9. ^b ^yy^ 86m6n-bll^At. 
Salonica, 9. ^j^ cJuJLi sManlk-sh^- 
SalooD, 9. ^1c3^ biyuk-6da. [hiri. 
Salt, 9.)^ tdz. cXiJ n^mek, J^ mllb; 

— • *• ^}^ tdzlu; — ^, «.«. (J^jjo 

tihdamak; — , vm. (J^jj^ tdzlon- 
Saltcellar, 9. (jIjjS? t&zluk. [mak. 

Saltpetre, «• ^^j^ gbyiih^rcbilE. 
SalU, 9. pL LSj^jlij\ bgllz-tuziT. 
Saltworks, «. pL ^j^ t&zUi. 
Salubrious, a. jjI lyi, 41^ sii^A, ^lil^ 

Salutary, a. j)U^ sbifaH ; j)2f JjU fa'idBli. 
Salutation, 9. fXd s^am ; j;)U^\l8hnalik. 
Salute, v.a. i^^X^jiy/iXa s^am-virmek ; 

CX«;*X;j> /»^ 8^am-gbyii(ndBrmek ; 

t jILSil Xsbnaltk-et ; jAA^ ihlkm- 

lamok ; fJ^^i^dX^ s^lam-dihranak ; 

CXiJ^ ifpmek, ^4/»y busa-et, ^ J^^ 




UkbH-et; — in retom, j;.^\i«]L«i 
B^lam-Mmnk ; — ^ vm, fj^\(^>^ t6p- 
-Itmak ; — , 8, fXa eMam ; ^jtJj^^ 
ilpusb, Am>^ busBK; ^JLj^u^i^ t6p- 

Salvation, 8, ^ji^j^ kdrtulush, d^UsT 
n^jat, fjO^ kh^lass, [j^A^ s^lam^t. 

Salve, 8. i\j jkgh, aJ^^ mErh£m ; — , 
9.0. CXy^9^ yhgh-^t^mnek, >A^ 
ClXctAMi msrhsm-s^rmek. 

Salver, «. (<«>i^ t^psi, ,«Sm»a sbii. 

Salvo, 8, ]eji» %hktt; \itXa\ isstissna; 
^^Uc^^ t6p . ykytlimt, JfAibJl 

Sal-volatile, «. ic^jj^^ n^ahadir- 

Samaria, 8. fj»^\^ nlbalas. 

Same, a. •^^ jin£ (gh^nB)-& ; ^ 6 ; 
u>JC^ kfendi ; ^ blr ; j^ "ayn, ^J:\ 
htik; — , a, *X^\y ^ Bh^yi-wahid, 
jiL^ hfep-blr, Jyijj f^W.y6k. 

Sample, «. CJ^jj^t itoek, ^Ja^yo m688- 
tra, 4iyu ndmuni. 

Sanctify, i;.ii. 1^^Ji7 t^disa-et. 

Sanction, 8. ^i>l kin, {^r^»ar^j ri^khsXt, 

jW- i^^«' Ji^ *^i^2' *-H!r^ 

tlBSWib, Ci^1«idcu.>f IsatiBSWlb, lij 

riza; — , vm, |kj^ t^jviz-et, 

]sm^y>^ tl88wib-et. 
Sanctity, 8, CU^.«^ bikrm^t, ks-^^Jj 

kudaiyybt, CJI(;L« mbbareklik. 
Sanctaai7» «. i*;>> blkrem ; Lsr^ mfelja ; 

Jut4 mii"b^d; to take — »j!^j\^ 

] \^\ dljBi^ mtibarek - bb • m^dUa- 


Sand, 8, /^^ kum, CX^j tigh, ^^cj 

r^ml; — bank, jUa^y kumall. 
Sandal, 8. (Jij^ cbXrik. 
Sand-fly, *. Jptj^^ tiitarjtk, 
Sandy, a. Jlid^ ki^msAl, w kihn ; 

(hab) b5;U elri, i£^ Dpisskn. 
Sane, a, JjU "ikil, irJcJiU Jift "ikli- 

Sangatnary, a. ^U Idknli, cJUmi 

a^ffak, ji/y>^ kkunriz; ^Uj/^ 

Sanguine, s. iJ^J dto^vi» [•j^j'^ 

kbunm } lcS^^V^^CJj p^k-i^midji. 
Sanguineness, 8, cJJu>-Ju^1 cJj p^k- 

•jimidjilik; u:.^^ J d^m^vTyybt. 
Sanity, 8, Ji^ ^^^^sf^ 8thbati-"Akl. 
Sap, 8. ^.^cJ;^U3 n^badErin^-adyu ; 

y^ fik ; ^UyU- khlm-^AAJ ; yj^^^ 

J^ 8JcbAn.y61u ; — , v,a, J^^^\ 

lltini-l^zmiik, CX*^^ ^ahmek. 
Sapper, 8, icf^ IJi^Aimji. 
Sapphire, 8, CL^^bcJ^ gby&k-yakut, 
Saracen, 8, ^js- "ikrab. \.j^ slf ur. 
Sarcasm, «. jj|i^l kstihza. [-Msr-^lan. 
Sarcastic, a. ,^)^^^«>£^ U^t Isstihza- 
Sardine, 8, Jli\i ix] J^U sidrdMB-blli^At. 
Sarmatia, ». ^^s^ ij^^ ^saki-Ibhisatan. 
SarmatiaD, a, L^y»:^ ^^^J ^ l^^^ 

SarsapariUa, «. ^j^ s^parinB. 
Sash, 8. yS ksmsr, J^y k^shXk; 

(wbdow) ^y>^j>' chbrchivB, oIa! 

Satan, 8. ^Ux^ sh^ytln, yj>^\ iblisa. 
Satchel, 8. ^j^jp ^^ kltab-t^rbdaei. 




Satellite, «. cXj p^yk; ^ji^ mMa- 

zt'm* v<^^^j^j!^ iiyrtlmdz-gbyM- 

Satiate, v.a. ^J^jjl^ duyurmak, tf]^^ 
Satin, «. (^t ^tUas. [Uma '-et. 

Satire, «. yj^ hijv ; — rize, v.a. t ^jis^ 

Satisfaction, $. \^j rlza, u^t)^;^.^* 

kh^ahnOdi; i^y ^krAjy&\ to give 

— , \^^.L>'; i^J 

KiX^jl^ tiUrzlyyi-VErmek. [o^lunur. 
Satisfactory, ^^jy^^ tiyLrL khdshnud- 
Satisfied, a. ^^^LwlS klnmish ; 0^x1^ 

kh6shnud. [klndnmak. 

Satisfy, v.d.jK^y^ dbjwrmak; Jk«;OJ\S 
Saturday, f . ^jmJ^iJUfi^ jiun' V^^ssi, 

Saturn, $. cfj jL J>j z&Ud.ytldizi. 
Sauce, 8. IfJp tsrblyvB: ^ sd ; cU^ j\ 
Sancepan, «. i[;aC\j tfenj6n. [^debsizlik. 
Saucer, s. uJ^ zarf, ^U^ c'^^^ 

fbjln (fU.)-tlbViU. 
Sancy, a.J«^U "arstz.yMjol Mebsiz. 
Saunter, «. Vi^r^ gb^zinish; — , vm. 

CXuj^ gb^zinmek. 
Swsage, t. J^^ or jysf* sdjuk, 

jL«^ mdmbar (bdmbar) ; — meat, 

^UJ Uyma, balls* isi^ kyufti. 

Savage, a.^Ji!U slldntr, jj>^\ Imrit ; 

iji^^ Uzgbin, ^^^t^j^^ didrgbin; 

^^^i^ widisbl, j^Li yjIbZni; — , b. 

\^r**^^U^r^ ydbto - IdAmi , ^^^ii^^j 
Savanna, «.^ kir. [wibsbi. 

" ^nt, t. JU "alim. 

I v.a. 4>«;^;y kiyrtarmok, \jA:^ 

kb^ass-et, \i^. Lr4r tiJLblTss-et; 

Jl^litf s^klamck, \ )ai^ U&-et; 

tAloiU^f* mublfoza-et, ^^j^ k6rn- 

mok; \jf^!j\ Idars-et, Jk«/;) iurttr- 

mak; — ^, pr. Jj^j'^jl-^ n6kaan- 

-6krak, Jj^j^ \ii:imm^ miisstessna- 

Saving, a. ^^.pj^ kihtinji ; ^j^*;'*>^ 

Wariji ; — , #. »;b\ Idars ; ij^j^ 

kdrtSirtsb, ^jii^ kb^lass; — , pr, 

jjdSjt^LaAi n6k8an-61arak, U* * *; .-^ 

Aj^^ m&satessna-^lorak. 
Saviour, t. J^j<ijf kdrtarAn, ^J^J^j^ 

kdrtartji, ^jAt>^ kb^lUss; our — , 

j4*Ji:^ kb^IlXssimtz ; our Lord and 

—, jAJiS^^JAij rlbbimtz-v^-kb^l- 

Savour, «. C^«>) l^zz^t, ^J^^ cbasbni 

(cb^shni), jIj did (Ud); — , v.a. 

^Jb dldmak; — , vm. ^^'^ 

Saw, 8. iji^ d^sstETB (t^stsrs), $j\ 

hrrE ; Qarge) ^^^^Sa^Ucbks ; JL<l^ 

Sawdust, 8. LSjy }fj^ d^stsTB-tc^zu. 
Sawmill, 8. ii\:>^iji ^rrfikbanB. 
Sawyer, t . ^^asaics^ btcbkigi. 
Saxon, 8. ^j^\ ^V u^^ siks6n- 

-klba ili-XdAmi ; — , a. ^Ui j/«X« 

'l^s-*-^ m^jrur-klba'ila-m&nsub. 
Say, v.a. CJ^^ siiw^yLsmek, CX4^v> 

dtoek; — , 8. iJt^jJLl liktrdt, 

CX^ fJu>^ siiw^ylsyEJek. 
Saying, 8. ^OjA laklrdi, i^J;S) Li klba- 

Ukirdi, Ji«<-r^ zi^t-m^ssel. 




Scab, 8, ^^9j\i ykca-liXhughu, j^ 
kAbuk; jj^ kiUj^^l uyuz; — , v.n, 
J^^Jij^ kXbuklanmak. 

Scabbard, a. ^j^ kin, f^\J niyam, uJlc 
gbUaf (kM). 

Scaffold, Scaffolding, 8. i\L»\ htkhlE. 

Scald, 8, yj^^j^}^j^^ Idynar-Bu- 
-yaraasi; — , vm. j;^)Liil>- hlah- 

Scale, 8. (^L£« mikyass, Jj«^ jHyd ; 
J^jJb bllik.pulu, J^ p61; (of a 
balance) Jj$ gby^z ; pair of — ^»Jij\p 
* t^azi, {j^j^ mizan ; — , v.a. \^j^yi*^ 
^Jaa^ f^j^ji diwardon-yukkrt-chtk- 
mak, J^ljfl Itlamak ; (a gun) ^J^^i 
y^knuik, [.'l-lzU". 

Scalene, a. ^liyu^fti'fe* mukht^lifn- 

Scamp, 9.j^\ji j^ram^z. 

Scamper, v,n. JU^y k6sbmak. 

Scan, v.a. (poetry) ^OaSJ tXktt"-et; 
jUib blkmok, \Jaj nXzar-et, j^ 
C)w«^0|^ ghyikz-gh^zdirmek. 

Scandal, «. \jii\ Iftira, ^UfJ buhtan; 

Scandalous, a. v^«^ "ayb. 

Scant, Scanty, a. J f Iz, ij>«i kH ; ^U 
dkr ; Lai kisaa. 

Scapegrace, 9»}^jl yiUum^z. 

Scar, ». t^^^^ yi^-niahlnt; — , v,a, 
J^|^*^11j nishXn-br^kmak. 

Scarce, a. j\ Xz, c:-^ kit, ,^^.£3^^ 
bulunm^ - ghibi, jy^ii j^^ nadir- 
-bulvnnr; — ^ly, ad, ^^^ gbyuch- 
b^la, ^Ujb h^man (himxn). 

Scarcity, 8. jiu kitlik, cl;^Jj n^drbt, 

iaJL^ k^ht, )U ghila. 
Scare, v.a, cW»^^l itrkyatmek, 

(J^9j^ k6rkutmak. 
Scarf, «. Jl& Bbll, J^^jJ^^ dzun-ah^d. 
Scarlatina, «. Up- Jjj Ui^ khafif. 

Scarlet, a. Jl )d; — fever, U>-J^ 

kizil-hihnm^ ; — runner, cXa:i>- 

^<M)«tJ^«a» chichek-flssulyosst. 
Scarp, 8. ,^^««l^\j^C)ix^ (h^n- 

d^Atny) -sh^vi-dakbillssi. 
Scatter, vja. ^jAni^i^ dlyAttmak, \}^}^ 

tXr-u-mar-et, \^J^^J^ p^risbln-et ; 

— , i;.ji. ^jjiii^i^ d^k^^lmak, ^J^^ 

tar-u-mar-61,^1^lljy p^n8hiii-61. 
Scavenger, «. 15^^^ chi^pju. 
Scene, «. L::.A«Jh^*Jj|^ nXzar-61unAn- 

-h^y'^t ; C^Ua3 nXzar^t; ^j wdk"ii; 

(of a play, or as a picture of life) 

(y-JLs^ mfejliaa ; (place) ^^y*^ 

Scent, 8. y^ k6ku, ^L^*}^ rik'ika, cf^ 

bdy; — ^, v.a. (j^^ k6kutmak; 

C)y«^^ yy k^kn-8i!urmek ; ^^^^yy 

^J^l k6ku88inin-Xlmak, 1^^^»>- hlasa- 
Soeptic, «. (J^J^S la-idri. [-et« 

Sceptre, «. u:^v«j2s>-cJliac "daaayi* 


Scheme, 9. v.-^y tfirtib; jjy*^ t^aa^v- 
vur; Ju^ hHi; — , ».«. J^jyi^ 

Schiam, 8. jU) ntf Ik ; J\^\ l"tizal, 
^Ulm& 8hi"d ; ^jij t^ftouk. 

Schismatic, 8. JJ;ic\Jjb1 fehli-i'tizal. 




^|a*-« mii"t^zil, ^^J^ shi"t, J/2^ 

Scholar, 9. JU "alim, J^\i flztl; 
i3/l& sha^Aird, Jlx:c^\L taUbi.")lm. 

Scholarship, s. Jl£ "Hm. 

School, «. k- -^ «C 41 m^ktsb; — ^, v.a. 
CX«^jC^UyjL« mk"lvm2t-vxrmek, 
CX«;J[j CL>U«LC tii"limlt-virmek, 
— master, ^^^ kh6ja, i^^rX^ 
^^i^\y^ m^ktxb-kh6ja88t. 

Schooner, s, ^^S«il dsskumi; brig — , 
dJ^ ghi>l^t. 

Sciatica, s, LJ1 j^ "irku-nlflsa. 

Science, 9. Jx "Um. 

Scimitar, «. ^b p]kla. 

Scirocco or Sirocco, 9. jl ^^^ (^^«>1 

j'Ci'jy ^ J-*^ ''ii^'^ 16do8.ghlbi-lk- 

Scisson, 9. pi. ^\jU rnhkoBB, u^];^ 

mlkrlz. [zbvklsnmek. 

Scoff, v.n. \\jf^\ lB8tihza-et, c^UJiji 
Scoffer, 9, u^(r».>4i L»£.«^ hiirmetsiz- 

Scold, 9. ijfj\j^^j\j d^ghin - klri ; 

— , v.a. ^}^j\^ dXrilmak ; ij^j]}\ 

Scollop, v.a. JmW^^ ^Tnuik, \liji\ bja-et. 
Scoop, 9. Jlc^ khilal ; — , v.a. (J^^\ 

67nuik ; — out, Jk^^^lj^^^ Ichini- 

-6ymak, ^J^L&y b68hAltmtfk. 
Scope, t.JaJ^^Sa^ mltmiJii-nXzar ; aJjI 

^rim ; iJ^ hbj; jjU^ m^nzil ; to give 

— , CX«;i^^1i3u^ m^ydln-vinnek. 
Scorch, v.a. Jm«jU j^mak. 
Score, 9, ^^j^so y*yAinni ; c. 

hlsslb; ^^^*ai>> khu8su88 ; c^li bAb; 

^U. khltfV, u^..M^ sbbeb, ^^ 

v^Oe; — , v.a. CX«|<^ chlzmek, 

fc^,L&^ bharet-et. 
Scorn, 9. jU^Lal IsBtihkar, (^UidL>^ 

isstikhfaf; — , v.a. Ci^UsiJjiJ 

Scomfal, a. jsA j\ii^\ j (juJlibl 

Scornfully, ad, l<^^ j^a*^-»^ j CuJljbl 

^\ lhanet-vs-is8tlhkar-8urxti-Ua. 
Scorpio, 9. (Latin) w.A^ "iikreb. 
Scorpion, 9. c.^.Sr "ycreb. 
Scotch, o. jSL^^^Lrfl i88k6chiali. 
Scotland, 9. U » " ^ wi \ l88k6chia. 
Scouidrd, «. ^Ur^^ kyi^khanl, 

^jJb\^ chXpktn, j^j^^ u^Aursuz, 

ui^^yaL khlbl88. 
Sconr, o.a. CUJ.^ sllmek, ^^Ui y)ka- 

ghxtii - l^k£88ini - cykarmak ; J If^^ 
CJv«^^ Ushal-vsrmek ; — over, — 
about, V.11. ^}jJ^^ k^shmok, ^jaLJU^ 

Scourer, 9. ^^iS^ l^k^i. 

Scourge, 9. y/^^ klmchi, ^^^ Wr- 
blch, ^l[jl7 tazijanK ; c:^\ afet, 
lb b^a, ^b dahlyyE; — , v.a. 
CU^^J ddi^Amek, fc«^ d^b-et. 

Scont» 9. Jy r^^l^^jls^arjJVjjf uz^Jcdn- 

Scowl, v.n, (jAj\>'^^ kIsh'Chdtmak, 
iJ^j*^j%i]}i jiz-bih'ushdurmiik. 

Scramble, v.n. fjA>tj\S kXptshmok, 

^jaJU\^Jo ttrmAshmak ; — , 9. 




klpisb ; (jt*yj jjdJLVcJb tinnAslia- 

Scrap, 8. *>v^ J^' Wilk-p3tfcha. 

Scrape, «. lb bMa, Lai kXza, J; J d^rd ; 
— , VM. (J^j^ klztmak ; — to- 
gether. Ju)b^<^U-CJU- chl- 
l»lui-chXli8ha-t6plaiiuik, UL^l^]^ 
CLU;y;^^t<djf h^zar-kyMf^t-fla-Ela- 

Scratch, *. ^iiji^jo timak-y^asst ; 
— , v.a. JU^IS klahtmak ; JU3<U^ 
tirmalamak, t^^,J5/r jiiz'i-yAra-et ; 
— , v.». ^jUJm&IS kXshtnmak ; — oat, 
VM, ilX^j^ ch)zmek, ^^j^/ tRrkin- 
-et. [crV^^ fma-y^mak. 

Scrawl, 8. t-^^lii fma-y^i; — , v,n. 

Scream, 8, jbJ f^rjad, ^^^^Vi^ s^yha ; 
— , v,n. Jk«;^V bJ^Atmuik ; \ jlj^ 

Screen, 8. xJ^ pErdi, ^^ slpsr, J^l>- 
ha'il ; j^^ kXlbur ; — , v.a. ^ J5l>- 
hail-61: CJ^jjt ^rtmek, I^^Ur" 
mdh2faza-et ; ^J^j^li kiklbxnrlamak. 

Screw, *. JiJj^ vldx, i^jyt bihrghu; 
*^jy^ bdmui ; ^^j>-^ khlssiss, 
jlGuJ? tXitta"kyar, t^J^;'*^ jhnri ; — ^, 
v.n. ClUjJyjjj vidslicnmek ; — ^, v.a. 
CX«^^ ch^virmek; cXiJ^rjjj 
vTdslBmek; — in, (jN^j^^'J^y 
bh'-jdl-ila-B^knuik ; — np, tci^ 

k^yf-et; courage, \iZJjL»P^ 

j^waret-et; — down, 4^^UaJaj\7 
CX«J ViiJ^ tlbxTta • klpay up - vidE- 

Scribble, v.a. ^jjj^ klralomok ; clijW 

J-«jb chkbtk-ykzmak ; J^j^^lii 

f^na-y^izmak ; ^j\)jmZJj dlkkltstz- 

-yiizmak. [-yiizan-mti'^llif. 

Scribbler, 8. uJ!^^ ^\j\l Ui ^a- 

Scribe, 8. i^l^ kyatib ; l^Uaf^ khXttlt. 

Scripture, 8. i>AJ^\JL^ ay^ti-k^ims; 

6, 8. pi, Sj^Ami\mm^C^ kyj^tubl- 


Scrofula, 8. ^^^e. ia^]^ 8lraja-"iU^ti. 

ScrofolouB, a. iiffA^ alriijali. 

Scroll, 9,j^^ t6mar. [khayE-t^rbosai. 

Scrotum, 8. (Liatin) tj^^jy» ft^ 

Scrub, v. a. ^\ai^^J^cl:)^ Btrt" 
-bir-sh^y-ila-yikamak ; (J^^ bXt- 
mak; — , 8. jU'^^jUy df^k-chX- 
hltk. [-Hrcba. 

Scrubbing-brufih, ^^j^ d^^ s^- 

Scruple, 8. uJf^2(J^yc)A4AjJ^\jfij-\ 
^jz^t-dirhEminin^-ikchdii-biri, ciJj 
aJ^J 8i!d88U-d)rh£m ; cJjcJL>- 
ch^kindik, ^jO^^jlc^ i"tiriz, ji^y 
k6rku ; — , v.n, C^Li>;^^ ch^kinmek. 

Scrupulous, a»j^Sj>' C)^ p^k-ch^kmir. 

Scrutiny, «. ^^.^jf ydklayisb, A^li^ 
y5klanui; ^Ia«\ )mtthan, Ufja^ 

Scuffle, 8. l£*£ k^wgha. [t^horri. 

Scull, 8. C3;/ uXfe^ kh^f-kyikr^. 

Scullion, ». ic^^ c^f XfAi^i'jhmBghi, 

Sculptor,*. ^jSj-A^j^ 6ynugi; ^ B ^ "" ' r * 
milj^seroji, ifiyiy^ tl9svirji,jya^ 
miyas^wir. [(J^^ 6ymak. 

Sculpture, 8, ^y 5yma; — , v.a. 

Scum, «. cJ^ ky^puk; — of the 
people, (^bJiUl ^safili-nass, jM 
^\L iyflk-tkkim.-. 


[ 282 ] 


Scurf, s. C3^ lLhpek,jy t6z. 
Scurrility, s, fPJL sb^tm. [sh^tm-amiz. 
ScurriloQS, a. a}sJ» Bhbtam, J^l iPJ^ 
Scurvy, a. j^jj-* mikrilvfetaiz, J^ma^o 

Uma"kyar; — , 8, ,^^ie ^^^gJji^t 

Scutcheon, s, \^\ krma. 
Scythe, s. {^J^ tirpXn. 
Sea, s. j£s9^ d^n^, bjJ d^rya, jcbT 

h^hr ; ^il\t dilgha, ^« m^^. 
Seafaring, a. ^jIj\ l<?^^ ghfemyi- 
Sea-gull, f . ,^J^l« m^\ [-61an. 

Sea-kale, s. ^^^ ^^ d^npiz-li- 

Seal, 9. ^f« miihr, ^U^ khat^m ; 
(anhnal) ^ljC3a^ kylipfek. 
b^di^^' (?) ; — , v.a. CX*]^ mi^hur- 
16mek ; — ^ing wax, y^yi^j^ mbhr- 

Seam. «. ^J d&iflh, ^jij^^ dlkiah- 
-yiri; t-^cJt ^-yiri; ^IrJir^b 
yi^-niBhlnt; (of ship's planks) 
J^«<^lLit issUirmoz (?). 

Seaman, «• .5'^^ gh^miji, -X« m^ih, 
^L;:^:;^ k^shtib2n. 

Seamanship, «. cilgy^^j gh^m^ilik. 

Seaport, t. aILi) IsskMs. [lamak. 

Sear, t;.a. JUil[ y^kmok, ^Icl J dl^A- 

Search, «. ^^j;^ Xrayish, A^f^l Arama, 
^uii^ y^klanui, \Jjs2* t^h^rri; — , 
v.a. (j^J^ Xramak, Jk^^jj y6klamak, 
tii^io^ tahibrri-et; — for, ^yi\Ji 
Xramak; — into, \^jm0mBf^jSA^^>^ 
hlkiklttht-t^jfesssuBS-et; — out, 
^j^y^f^j\ Xrayvp- julmidL. 

Seashore, Seaside, *. u^UT^J dfen^- 
-IcEnari, (j^lx^^b yllt - kinari, 
J>-L« sahil, ^..i.pjui.iJ^J d^^-k)yissi. 

Seasick, a. ^^j^^^i^ d^piz-tutmush ; 
— ^ness, 9. ^^mAi^ jSst^ d^n^- 

Season, 8. ^y m^vsim, |J^ f Assl ; 
ViJj wikit; — , t;.a. J^^^J^ 
tuz - blbar - kltmak ; fj/i\ ^jiL^ 
IdLUnligpMii - Umak ; the four — s, 
^J^^Jjioi fdssuli-^bk". 

Seat, «. ^o^*J^' 6turfljak.yKr, ji 
yir, cil>- jdy, J*:* mdh^U ; 
m^ssned; j^j^ mirksz, yji^j 
kyi!u*8i; Juu.^ m^k"dd, iZJ^ ghyirt, 
jU^lS kAynok, J J diibr, t^^ v^ra, 
-rtS kkh ; — , v,a. (j^j^j^ 6tupt- 
mak, 1jIju\ )k"ad-et; — one's 
self, be seated, (J^j^^ 6turmak, 

\ Jyu kd"ud-et ; on the throne, 

1(^^1^ jiiluss-et,f (ji»^)l>- iZas^Xk^Xa- 
•juluss-et; v.a. f^,/Jb^\ ijlass-et. 

Secant, b. jJ^lS kiti". 

Secede, v.». juljji itynhnok, 1 J]^^ 

Secession, #. J|ji^1 j jl/^^ Iftirak-v^- 

Seclude, v.a. Jk*^^ iiyrmak, Jk^Uj c^I 
iiyrt-kXpamok ; — one's self, Jk^^V^ 
kip Anmak, cX^JC^- chfekilmek,1 i^j-J^ 
"^et-et. pkhtilatsiz, 

Seduded, a. tfJ tinha; jJ^iui-t 

Sedttuon, 9. cuJ^ ^zlet; cJIlfJ 

Second, a. (.^s^i^^ ikinji, ^U sani. 




f^y> dikwmn; — , 9. /Jb saniyyB; 

— , VM. ^(^^j\ y^dim-et, lc:»^jU.« 
in&"av^n^-et ; — hand, a, ^jLA^Hiy 
kdllXnilmiflh, ,^AJCm^ mi!i88t^"mBl ; 
— ly, ad,\j\i Baniyya. 

Secrecy, s. i^jijJ ghlzlilik, tju>y<^< 
m^tvmiyy^t; ^ k^tm, Us^l ikhfk. 

Secret, *.y-» slrr (pl'j\^\ fesarar) ; — , 
a. jfj^ ghizli, ^U s^klt, ^^J^is^ 
mhkhfi, ^^_^A£^ khi^f 1, (•j^ m^ktum. 

Secretary, «. c^t^ kyatib, 15^^^ b^- 
kyatibi, jly««»)i..^1^ kyatibi-bssrar. 

Secrete, v.a. Kl^JJi ghizlimek, J^tJ^l^ 
saUamdE, \ UsL! Mfa-et; 1|»:i^ 
kbtm-et; (organs) tJU^l i"mal-et, 
t^t^l Ikhraj-et, CX^^ virmek. 

Secretly, ad, \j^ sLrran. 

Sect, 9, A^ firka, c^iVc m^zh^b. 

Section, «. a«J Ussm, cJ^ bi^luk; 

^JLai kit", A:««i; tyLsTm; JIL t^m ; 

v>»i< ^i«rf^ r^88mi-mii88^nn^m. 
Secular, a. «j^;«aft "Xssri, u^^J d^i; 

iS^ teki, aJJJ kldhn; c^J 

dilny^ ; cJoU "adi. 
Secondine, 9, CJy^ ^ng. 
Secure, a, ^j^\ hnim ; i^ Agh ; 

JlcL^ Aghihm; s^^ kavi, aCs^ 
mikhkim ; J«d <m|j A shijibhssaiz ; 
— , v,a, fjAjiiX^ 8ii^Alatmak ; 
CX«;*XSJjy UivilBabdirmek, t Jlff^ 
mikbkEm - et; (j^^ y^kalamak, 
4j^^ t^tmak ; (j^^^ kXzanmflk, 

yEra-k^mok ; J^^ifil; aC^ miihkEm- 

-b&^Alamak; lf[ljjYlkayi-et,l«:u^U« 

B^yan^t-et, (j^^j^ kurumok. 
Security, «. iSi.*w«>:Mo\ ^mniyy^t; ^\ 

tnnn, ^U\ ^man, v^jL^^f bminlik; 

jUliU aii^Alainlik, cJi^y kkvilik ; 

J-i^ k^; uuJUS kfefalfet; Jbj 

rbhn, jj:fi^ r^hin. 
Sedan-chair, 9, li^^ ssdia. 
Sedate, a.^fil X^Atr, ^^^ t^mkinli. 
Sedateness, 9, (^^-^^ usaluluk. 
Sedative, 9. ^ ^sA L^\Ja^\ y;Xj> 

ttokmT-kttrab-^den-"Uaj . 

Sedentary, a. ^^^^ J^^^ ^J^^*i^ 
j4Sj\ dbhan-chikmaz-hdrKkit-^tm^z. 

Sediment, *. ^jj^ tbrtv, Ai*^ p688a. 

Sedition, 9. oUi f^saad, jMj n)flk, 
tei fitn^. ["last. 

Seditions, a. J^icci fitn^kyar, ^jJ^ 

Seduce, v.a. Jk^JjU kyartmak, JU^f J»l^ 
lldatmak, \jLil ifsad-et, tJUcI 
ighfal-et, 1 JJU\ bdal-et ; w^Jul J51S 
ieUs^ ka'il-^dap-jhna"-et. . 

Seduction, 9. JIU^ Mai ; f^}^} lP'3 
^UsjI ^Usf- ka'il-^dop-jkna"-^tnui. 

Sedulous, a. i%d&« mdkdim, aJI 

Sedulousness, t. CUv««i Jw« mikdav^m^t. 

See, 9. j;i^>j;S..*» plsskap^ssluk ; — , 
v.a. CX«;^ ghyii(rmek, \2(4^i^lwt 
mitthah^dfi-et ; Jk«^1 anglamok 
(toiomok), CU^ s^zmek ; Jk>^U 
si^nmok, J^b blkmak; —into, 
jJl^t ^^ycijAP- hXkikltint-angla. 
mok; — to, J^^bblkmak, ^i>»Xa:J\ 
jKiib iktxzaastna-bXkmak. 




Seed, 8. *a^ t^kbum, jdJ and jj) 

bfezr ; — , v.n. fj^j\^lA>a^ tbVhvma- 

'vknaak; — time, ^^j^ji^ ^km- 

Seek, v.a. (J^]j\ Inunok; — for, 

— after, (j^]j\ Aramok, \ JuSJJ 

t^dkkud - et ; — oat, Jl^y <-r^|;1 

Seem, v.n. CJvJi ghsbnek, cU3j^ 
gby&nmmek, ilXA^Jy^ gbyitznk- 
mek, s^X^J^^^ gbyi^sstxrmek, 
i^X^ifj^ b^nyzEmek. [mitakisnb. 

Seemly, a. j^\i y^kisbir. c^^l:^ 

Seer, s. ^f^^ p^ygblmbir, ^^ n^bi. 

Seesaw, «. j;^^^ sAlthjdk; — , vm. 
JU^ULtf s^kU^mnok. 

Segment, «. AaIsS kh"k. 

Seize, VM, (J^^ klpmak, j;^lfi^ y^ka- 
lamak, \ )a^ zlbt-et ; Jm«J^ tdtmak, 
Icui/ J J^l ychz-u-gbiHft-et. 

Seldom, otf. jjlj nadir, fjjl) nadiron. 
Select, a. A^jsr' s^bmii, 9S{J^ ghyh- 

zidB, i,y^ng\:i>« miintokb^b ; — , v.a. 

ClUjBf' B^cbmek, Jk«;j^ Ityrmak, 

tu^lic^f btikblb-et. [4yrma. 

Selection, $. i^\sexj\ btikblb, ^1 
Self, s. lSX^ kkidi, aj\6 zat, jjt ite, 

4>^ kb6d. [p^BS^dlik. 

Self-conceit, «. CUjc.«^i)y^ kb6d- 
Self-denial, «. i/^ jf^- j^bri-n^fss. 
Self-deatruction, 8. cJlJ ^VJ«xi u^Jc^ 

cJKcjI k^ndi-k^dini-tfelef-^tmek- 

lik. [p^sakidlik. 

Self-esteem, «. cJ^Jkii^jJ^ kbM- 

'^A, a. ^^,*yy^ khAdbin. 

Selfisbness, «. (JL^L^^y^ kb6dbmlik. 

Self-will, 8. Jl:^ "kad. 

Self-willed, a. ^yr«>l:x "ina(]|ji. 

Sell, v.a. JUJL^ sltmak, cX«^^ 
TErmek, 1l::w^^ fiirukbt-et, !^ 
bfey".et; — off, ^^Jc-J^yU^Usj- 
ji^ml^tm-sktip-d^f^'-et; — by auction, 
\ 4>lj^ m^ad-et; CX«^^^^]/« m^zada- 

Seller, 8. ^^J^^ sXtijt. [vsrmek. 

Selvage, 8.j\:^ kknlx. 

Semblance, 8. {j^iifj^ b^n^yisb, 
vji^lwt miiahab^b^t. 

Semi, a, Ajyj y^m, cg^i) nissf; 
— circle, iy^Jc^a>ai n^ssfi - da'irE ; 
— diameter, JaScftidJ nl88fi-k()tr. 

Seminary, 8. i^^'ix^ m^ktsb. 

Sempiternal, a, *^^\jijj^ ^zelT-y6- 
-^b^di, ,^^«i>j^ javidanl. 

Senate, 8, 2t\j^^|JjBr* m^jlissi-vala. 

Send, t;.o. (t^X<jiSJjf gbykidflrmek, 
\J^j\ b^-et, \JIJ Issbal-et, 
\j\»mJ t^ssyar-et; — for, ClU&2..i4f 
Isstetmek ; cXiJ;^^ gb^tirtmek ; 
(J^]j^ 2kratmak ; — word, i-f^ 
CX«;JJ^ khXbxr-gbykidErmek. 

Senior, o. cJ^^^Li sbnja - biyuk, 
%^^^Lc^b y^a-blyok; ^^J^\ 
huki ; lib bXbA, jJJ p^dsr. 

Senna, 8, U^i s^a, ^^J^^\i^ s^na'i- 
•m^kki (s^nam^ki). 

Sensation, #. ^jm>' Usss (pi. ^^L.»-1 

SKvinj ; j J^ kidsr. 

Sense, 8, ^^«>- bisss, A««l>- basssa (/>/. 

^^t^ b^Xsss) ; (^P^ mii"n^. 




(^y^ m^fhum ; Jif "ikl, \$ J z^kya, 
vji^ljO dirayet; the five senses, 
9Jb% ^Lm4>^^U>- hdwXssst-kh^m- 

Sensibie, a, ^^\mm>- hAsssass ; jj^y^ 
ddyulur, ^^ymSt^ mahsuss; jUi^ 
"Xjdli, j!cj\jJ dirayetli ; ^XSU "iki- 
lans, di]j\Sjxj\jJ dlrayetl^aranB ; 
y^^%^ mM^h^kkir; j^4>;r^ khA- 
bsrdar. . 

Sensitiye, a. ^j»L.i»- h^sssass ; .^ jcy il^ 
ch^kiniji ; — plant, \jiif^S kyiisskyun. 

Sensoal, a, ,<«»^ hlsssi ; lyL^ n^fsani; 
^i^fl sh^hwanl. 

Sensualist, 8. ui^-w^ tyb h^wa-p^r^sst. 

Sensuality, «. C.U«*,^y \^ h^wa- 

Sentence, 8. hj^ "ibarE, ^UdS klzlyjE ; 
fUsS i"lain, <Jj^ f^twa, S^- hiikm ; 
— , v.a. C)^ja]UUjCiA»- hXkktnda- 
-i"laai-virmek. \.j^^ fefkyar). 

Sentiment, 8. yjm>- hkss ; ^ flkr (p/. 

Sentinel, Sentiy, «. ijsijy ni^b^tji. 

Separate, a. iJjA kjri, AsJL»j£tJ blshka- 
-bXshka, J^icia:^ miinflssil, tyii^ 
miinf^rid; — , v.a, Jk^^ kyrmak, 
^j^y ^ji\ iJjA kyri - kyri - k6miik, 
\jijij t^frik-et; — , v.n. J^j\ 
kjnimak. [mikfarakXt. 

Separation, «. (jiJ»J thhiki LS^lLo 
September, 8, J^< ^ylul. [Md. 

Sepulchre, ». j|^ m^zar, jJ kXbr, tXtf:' 
Sepulture, *. ^J dhfn, ^j^JJ tfedfin. 
Sequel, 8. s^yc s6n^, ^^^i^l Xlt-y^i; 

Sequester, v.a. l^^^jlo^ mussAdara-et ; 
!(^J^ t^vkif-et. 

Seraglio, «. \^j^ sdray; public apart- 
ments of the — , \2J^!^ mab^yn; 
private , A^ h^m. 

Serene, a. ^J>^ dchtk, ^f^ ghyilz^I, 
uJJU l^if, ^U sakin, jlcJ^Li 
sikkyunetli. [-kytilE. 

Serf, 8. ^y ^jl ^^^^jj russiado-yErli- 

Serfdom, 8. cLU^/ kytflilik. 

Sergeant, 8. ir*)^ chkwush. 

Series, 8, 8^ stra. 

Serious, a.^\ lyAtr, y;,;^^? t^mkinli ; 
^yc s6fu, ^^*>a^ miitddfeyyin ; ^ 
kyimi, J^ kh^ylt, ^^ "iLztm. 

Sermon, «. loe^ wk"z. 

Serpent, *. ^Jb yUln, ^-»- h^yyE, ^l« 

Servant, 8. (male) jl^J^ khidmet- 
kyar (hlz-), jl&j\ ushlk, U^ Xghk ; 
(waiter) ^^^UtXs^* kh^dm^lji (hiz-) ; 
(maid) dul^J b^ssl6m£ ; (male-slave) 
i^^^ ky&li, (female - slave) f{^l»* 
jarlyyE, Jh^ifi>» kh^kla'ik. 

Serve, t;.a. l»,£,*w<Jtf». khidmet-et (hiz-) ; 
CX«ji^£s L<^^ Ishini - ghyllnrmek ; 
— , v,n. (j^jL yaramak, y^irjjli 
fa'idESsi-M ; IcJi/Li: "Xssksrlik-et ; 
^UtXflcL^ miisst^khdsm-61, a1 ji^ul 
JuJjt is8tikhdlm-61unmak ; — as, 
— for, lc)i— . — Hk-et ; ^^J 
CX«^^ Ishini-ghyktnek ; — one a 
trick, ^^^^^^ 6yun-et ; — out, (dis- 
tribute) Jk^^«3 d^l^Attmak, CX«^j 
vsrmek; (punish) Jh^^Ij y^pmak; 




— one's tarn, ^^^j^^^f^ iBhini- 
ghytiarmek, CX«^jlt ^vsrinek^ (jAij\ 

Servia, «. ^ls«J^ s^rpiBStan. 

Servian, a. c«^ s^; ^*^ a^ipli; 
— , 8.^j^ serpli. 

Service, «. VA-^^J^t. kUdmet (hiz-) ; 
k£^j^t« m^'mijriyy^t ; ^jtA hit; 
L£ ^■tg:>4i mBn&"at, IJ^U fa'ids ; ^p 
kEnnn, cuoUf "bayet, cJJjJcit 
^ndilik; to render a — , ^^J"^ 
CJ^/ lahini - ghytanek ; ^vl)!j£f 
iyilik-et, ^cJJ^J^l ^f^dilik-et; to 
be of — . y^* jiU fa*id6Mi.M, ^\ 
(J^]ji laba-jitfamak, cX«;^^(j^f 

Serviceable, ^^j^ji ^^ kba-yirar. 

Serviceableness, s, (J^j^ji ^^ ^o- 

Servile, a. jJ^ b^lr ; iJJ J zfelH. 

Servility, t . (JU^j rlkkiyy^t ; V-l^h)^ 

Servitor, t. jUcu«jk>- bkmetkyar. 

Servitude, s, uu^ rikk^^t. 

Sesame, b. A^-^r^ sissam (sdse^) ; oil 
of — , ^\)^JijJit sblrla^A^n-y^At. 

Session, «. imJ^ jUai. 

Set, t. aSU? t^nn ; — , a. ,^_5'«>^ r^snu ; 
^jjf^ mb"kjyea, ^♦L.lT k^ssilmisb ; 
-^, v.a. 4JK««! kdmak, ^^^j wXz"-et; 
ClU^J dikmek, tv...^ nXssb-et; 
t;l»^ T^kz-et ; j;^y kihmak ; J^tJl^b 
blshlatmak, 1^X9; Jji^ ^tdirmek ; 
(bones) 4^^ slrmok, \jf^ j^br-et ; 
(razors, &c.) cX^ilj bHimek; (a 

diamond, &c.) {J^j^^ 6turtmak, 
^},iiss3^ mikblamak ; (seed) cJ^t 
^kmek; (plants) vJw«^J dlkmek, 
^^^j^ gbiu-ss-et ; — , v j». (stars, &c.) 
(jAj\j bltmak, t<*r^y^ gbiMb-et; 
(dotbes, &c.) (J^j^ 61miik; (jellj, 
&c.) (jA^jb d6n^ak ; — in, 
(commence) j^c^V blsblamok ; — 
about, J^liAi blsblamok, J^aIUI 
ilo-Xlmak, Ici^L* milbXsb^r^t-et, 
]l1:jJL^ milbad6r^et, \ j^Su\ ibti- 
dar-et, \iZJ>jM^ miissab^r^et ; — 
against, (mdispose) CJ^J^^^ 
gbybjindirmek, CJ^JCJ^ d -^^in<> 
(as a counterbalance) (J^^^^^J^ 
kju^flfk-tt)tmak, J^^(^^Ji kiir- 
sbfltk-skymak ; — aside, (J^y^J^ 
bir*tkrafa-k6mak ; \ ^J^A bzr-tkuf- 
-et, f jJ J d^'-et, 1 J^ dUrd-et, J^^ 
sJiwmak ; — at, v.a. ^/*ys^ bilijum-et; 
cJ^JCjti*^j£^ bikjum-^tdirmek; — 
at defiance, — at nougbt, (j^j^i^J^ 
ki^bt-k^mak ; Jk«Uj^ *^ bkb- 
•siiymoourk, J^jS ^J, ^^ bldi- 
•yirina-k^mak ; — by, (j^^^j^J, 
bir-tiurafa-k6miik ; — great store by, 
(J^^hjt^ "iziz-tdtmflk; — down, 
^^9 J yEra-k5mak ; \ JuS kiiyd-et, 
Jk«;V yazmak ; ^jAj\*9 siamiik, ^^ 
zten*et; — forth, vm, ^ j ^! ^ ^^ 
jh\a - cblkmok, \ ^L^ k)ylm - et, 

^cs.-^Jg "Xzim^t-et; , vm. 

I^Ij b^yan-et ; — free, \ o|j\ azad*et 
(XzAd) ; — off, t; ji. cX«fi^ gbltraek, 


[287 ] 


fjAji\j kalkmok, ^j^^^^ cfa^kmak; 

1 VM. cX^^ltf sXltvErmek; 

fjAjlJ^\} blshlotnuik ; CUrA:,^^ 

bhlBtmek; Kl^^^j^^ ghyi^sstKnnek, 

ClX«jij ^J;-^ hAssn-VKpmek, ^^Uj 

CX«;£^ zibayiah - vEimek, ^jaSLJ^i 

ydkiahmak ; — on edge, ^j^j^JiXXi 

k^mlshdirmak ; — on, \ijly^ t^sh- 

▼ik-et; — one's band to, lLi«t 

bnza-et; — out, %i,n, ^Jj^u^J^^^ 

y61a - chikmok, t/*^»-^ k^ylm - et, 

\\ji^Ay^ "4zim^t-et; — — , v.n. 

Cjc«^ sirmek, CJ^J dizmek, 

\k^J tirtib-et; — aaU, ^ 

JU^l y^en-dcbmnk, J^U kXlk- 

xnak, ^li.J..<.4J^u5ll^^bjb badt- 

bin-kyii8bayt-"Xzim^t-61 ; — to, 

J^Ji^^ blsblennak, tjlil ^baz-et, 

tCi^ jL^ miibad^r^t-et ; — up, vm. 

JA^I^I^J diikkyan-^bmak, ij}e^ 

jJL&b tljar^ta-blsblamak ; jASiU 

blahlamak ; — — ^ v.a. cXa^J 

^kmek, J^jjJU klldirmak, tu^ 

nXsab-et, <J^ r^kz-et; slX^J^ 

gbsrmek; cX^^J^ ^^^U ma- 

-l^z^m^tsni - ysrmek ; — np for, 

JUJU^ «Xi^ k^ndini-sltmak, tc^J 

dA", IUjI lddi" 

Settle, #. J JCi.0 82Lndik ; ^^^J p^gb^h 

(p^ykx). 2r^ sfa-o ; — , t;.fl. Jh^j^^I 

6turtmak, t^ldi bakyan-et ; CX«^^ 

TErmek, C3^aFJjt iKlsmek, t b1 ^da- 

-et, WaA i£a-et; Jko;J^Xj|^ klrar- 

lBah6hmdk,sl}^j)jj\Ji kXrar-TErmek; 

\ \^j\ irza-et, Jn^jLj^^yC^ Ighziai' 

klpAtmok, Jm^3^ .rf* sdssdunnak 

Ci^«^j1 Mdnrmek; (money upon) 

^ ^ I L c U bXyAlamok ; (accounts) 

CX«klLL»>- bissablEsbmek ; — , v,n. 

(j^jys^ 6turmak; ^^y t^wlttun- 

-et, t(j^l<j\£krl itUldiazt-m^kyan-et ; 

(j^jJoA^Iaj tfem^Ui-^turmak, jlLw 

(^X^AmJ^jm^ t^m^Ui - gbirisbmek ; 

(weatber) ^jAJ^j\Ji klrarlasbmak ; 

(liquors) (J^j^^ dihrulmak, ^^^j^ 
■ ^^^^^ t6rtu8su-cbdkmek ; (walls, 

&c.) CJ^^ cb^kmek; i}^j^^ 

^turmok, cX«.lJ j yErlssbmek. 
Settlement, 8. J^ flssl; 4[jt7 

tfe'diyys ; J>>3^yf^ mebri-md'^jj^ ; 

jU-jt 6jak. 
Settler, 8. ^JjI ^y adsi^A.^ JU 

A j1 kbali - mEml^kstda - t^wlttun • 

Settling, 8. fJLJi jrJcXU« ^U. 

kbali - mimlsk^tda - isskyan ; imtAs^ 

Seven, a. lJJj yhdi, ^^ s^b", 4Ju«« 

i^\}\ uu^ b^ft; tbe — planets, 

ir^Lwd Aff«M» s^b'Vi-s^yyarE. 
Seventeen, a. (^*^^j^\ ^n-yMi. 
Seventb, a. ^^ff^*^ y^dinji, ^U sabi , 

fHilb b^ftum, ^^^jft^&AJb b^umin ; — , 

8. w«Mi sikb". 
Seventy, a. ^jt^SJ y^tmisb, {j^f^ 

s^b"un, ..H^^ ^^"ni' "^^ ^^^ad- 
Sever, v.a. (j^ kjrmak, 1 Judi flssl- 

.et; — , v.«. (J^j^ ^ynlmak; 

\\j:^j\iA m&faraklt-et. 
Several, a. ^^ bk-kXcb, Jc^ cb^d ; 



Severally, ad. jji jj bb'sr-binEr, i~fji\ 
i^jA kyri-kjTi, iiLJtilj hiabka- 
-biabka, t J,U^ mboftridoD, ^J^i^J^ 

Severe, a. dJ^ >iit, J^A^ th^d ; 
^J^^ >1U ; Ui Rai, je.\ igiir, ^^ 
kyiiOl: JUlim. 

Severity, «. iii^j^ lirtlDE, ilJXi. aUd- 
dH; VL^>i ^\/\ Uriti-dlkUt : (of 
life) i^-vAij rlyazfet, c:- ^ - l^y fb-ti- 
"ifffet, cS;\f;-»;J tl;i\ Ifrlti-pKrhlz- 
kyiri. [dikuh-dllunelc. 

Sew, v.a. CX*^^ dlkmek, CX*£>>^J 

Sewer, «. |t«l %Aim, jij^ kyariz 
(gfabiz). [flzlat. 

Sewerage, (. J^^ U^Aunler; ilj,^^ 

Sex. $. ^_^j^C^l^_JC)ii^j\ irltek- 
lik- diBhSik- ' '^rozi. 

SexUnt, *. ls^LJLi BikiutBot. 

Sexton, t, i^^J'/* mfezaiji. 

Shabby, a. ,_,L*^fLi1 fesakimuli, ^X^\ 
teald, *'iy'J' RmvAi; t_.->c "ayb, 
u:J1J, rfezalit; ^.rr-^ kb^iu. 
JCit^ Uma"kyir, *il^.'.,j- chk- 
ghy&nB (cbbigh^). 

Shade, «. A^/ ghyilgbs, ^U says. 
Jl» ^; illldj;!/ ghyidghglik; (in 
drawing) fj^y^ s^ ; — , v.a. \iU^ 
ghyJdgfaE-et.jl ^tjJWLi aiyi-Kodaz- 
-iA ; <jJ.«J|j1 ilrtmek ; (drawings) 

Shadow. «. «A/ 
Jt 2UI; — 


Cl)-*^^ dihnXn-lcIunda-Bilw^lBmek, 

I ImI^Jj'JjI ilzlkdcm-iina-et. 
Shady, a. i^^ ghyiilgbf, )\^\ ij}— 

Shaft, ». (arrow) Jjl ik.j-j tir, «f-i 

B^hm ; (well) ^_jiji kiJyp, »\»- chih ; 

(colamn) C^jii dlr^k, J^ mil ; 

(cart. &c.) jjl ik, Jy kil. 
Shagreen. B.Ji kUv. 
Shake, a. ^SlU BilllDisb: ^!I1U 

Blllaytsh ; — , v.a. ^julUU Blllamsk ; 

^jA^^ Nkreanuik ; — , «ji. fJ^tXa 

alllannuik; ,jA^Ji^ s&ndinak: — 

off, cJ<«iL< sUkmek; t^J dU"-eti 

— one's aelf, cXtjXLi BUkinmek. 
Sh«ko, ». i^iiwU. ^SL-c "iBskjff- 

-eblpkoaai. [k^yEriz. 

Shaky, a. J^lj i;\j yiuik-yknk ; j—i^ 
Shall, V. OHT. See Grammar. 
Shallot, *. jL_*,L ijjUi yibJni- 

Shallow, a. ^^ sigh ; (^f^a-l ihmak, 
j-^ji dlrayetaiz; L> klba, iU»-L> 

Sham. *. and a. ^^S3 t2klld, ^,!b 

yklin ; — , t?.H. 1 jJ£ t]Ud)d-et. 
Shambles, *. pi. A'U^ sUkh-khau^ 

Shame, 1. jlc "ar, L»- h^ya, aj^ 

sb&rm, i—i\s^ Ujab; W;-n^ "kjh, 

i^IJj rfezal^; — , u.o. (^JjUjjI 

iltlndmnak, ) j , 'j *^^ m^Gb-et; 




Sham-fight, 8. u5jJi; CX:^ j^nk- 

Shampoo, vm, ^^l ^^ cJ^J^Uifi 

^ulUj) dssmZnli-t^ak-ghibi-ldAmi- 

Shampooer, s. cJ^J t^Uak. 
Slwnk, *. j^^yl or Jjy kiJyruk, 

Ail>> hllka ; (anchor) \i\ itaa. 
Shape, «• Afl^ blchim, 4JC& ah^kil, 

«My i^aaim, iz^m^ b^y'^t; — , v.a. 

CX«^j^»qB:2 blcbim-YBrmek, ^^'^^ 

/yiyo bicbima-a^knuik ; (a course) 

{j^^ tdtmak. 
Share, s. c^U pky, ^Ui^ biaaas, 2f^ 

bfihrK; — ^, v.a, Lj.-&f ti^im-et; 

jt t.U^rfifl'V' b)s88Em^d-61 ; — ^t t;.». 
jt jL\^Airtf»> b)88aEmfend-61, jIcIj^ 
ah^ik-M, jtc3/i:i« miiabt^r^k.61. 

Sharebolder, s.j\iid,a>- bias^-dar. 

Shark, ». J^V<^i/ ky^ek-b^At (?), 
ji\jjA kyi.b%At (?) ; ,/fC>S>' 

Sharp, o. (cattmg) ^X>i«i kfeaakin, 
jj jb>. h^Id, ^1^ bi^an ; (pointed) 
JJi tiz (t^), ^jy^ aivri; (violent) 
a^rt, JujJ* ah^d; (pain) 
>-t Xjt, m1\ h\im ; (intellect) 
iDba8t4"idd, jU^«o>* jlnn- 
-"iklls; (aoond) CJjJ dik; (taste) 
JLS\ fekahi, j^ly tArsb. tr^^*^ 

Sharpen, i;.a. cX«aL bllBmek, Ai^lL 
^Jl^Jj)? tlsba-tdtmok, CX«;^ 2FjLa^ 
mXaaXda-sikrmek ; (the wits) ri4^ 

Sharper, «. ^^jsCj^^^jl^ d6l^dtnji. 
Sharpness, s, i^\\\Xn„i k^kinlik; 

CJjJr* ^r€^i C3Julil ^kahilik. 

Shatter, v.a. C}^Sj\j par^^mek (p^ro- 
lamak),\^(>yb^L>-^b p2uncba-pkrcha-et. 

Shave, v.a. ^(^|/ tr^-et; — , v,n, 

j\Ji\j: trAsh.6l; — off, \fji,\p 

trdsb-et, fJ^\iL\xji>^] dsatnra-ila- 

-Xhnak ; fjji\i\As*yjj rends-ila- 

-Ihnak. [^ILtifJj; rfenda-tld^sht. 

Shavings, s, pL ^ij or ^It tiklosb. 

Shawl, 8. Jl^ shll. 

She, pr. y 6, Jj\ M; — , a. ,^J 
dlshi, ijjj Uri ; JJ Idz. 

Sheaf, «. l:uv« «3 d^met, ^ b^A. 

Shear, v.a. (J^y kirkmak. 

Shears, «. />/. y^U^ mdkoss, ^|;S^ 
mlkrlz; (for masts) ^IS^ m^kosa, 
^j»-U|^l J d^-l^Aiji. 

Sheath, «. ^^^ Un, i%\J niyam» cJli 
ghUaf (yiif); — (sheathe), o.o. 
Jk^V^ klp^mok, ^y4:jM5 Idnina- 
-k^mak, ^aLJ jJ dir-niyam-et ; with 
sheathing, ^J^%»\j kXplamak. 

Sheave, 8, Jj dil, ^^^jS^ mMcani-dlK. 

Shed, 8. ^jiijya siindurma or i^jSjy0 
sihidunna, 1^/5! iWa ; — , v.a, 
CX«^jJ dikkmek, t sJ\j\ baka-et, 
IvJi*.* s^fk-et; — , v.n. cX^yJ 
di^kynhnek, Jaj\ Ikmak; CU&^J 

Sheep, 8. vj^^y k6ycm, jl^ dlwar, 
JLo mal; (small-tailed) (J^^jt^ 
Idvtrjik; (large-tailed) ^J^ klra- 
mXn ; — ^fold, (Ji\ l^Ad. 




Sheep-walk, », Uy« mir^a. 

Sheer, a. ^U alfi, yjU sadi, ^^Is^ 
khalias, ^/iMi^ mihz, cuJU s^t, 
jjy kdrtj; (ateep) CtU) dlk; — 
hulk, ii£^^jy kdnr-t^kn^; — > — 
6ff> !;.». Jh4^f liyrihnak ; oU&£9 
ghltmdc ; ^j;«Ui3^ a^kulnumiak. 

fiSieet, ». (bed) u^^U- janh^b, 
bJLMr^l^ diJkiBhaf ; (of paper) aLL 
abAka; (of a aafl) ^Lil )aric6t 
(ahk^) ; winding — , ^jiS k^flsn 
(k^fin); — anchcxr, ^jy^ cJ^^^^ 
^jaklik-dfemiri ; — iron, «. j^^ 
^is^ dhaar-tkkhtasti ; — lead, 9. 
^dsic^ ^y^jy kdr^xm-tidditcMa. 

Shelf, ». cJ\; rXf ; (of rocks) Ij kl^ya. 

Shell, s. jyJ klbuk ; bomb — , ifj^A^ 
(kdmbara) ; — , vm. ^^A&.fj^t 
^j;^Ia^ klbu^Aundon-chikkmak, 
(J^y^^^^i^ kXbir^uni7*86ym«k ; 
(with ahdla) ^JajUj^AiI^^ kdmbora- 
-Itmak ; — fi^, HJ^jf Mijek. 

Shelter, 9, *pj^ ton, Ljr^ n^^a, 

-ydr,^ ci^^j^ b^irfiiajakoyir, ^U 
sayK, jU* ind"az ; — , vm. (j^j^ 
k6runuik, \ )bi^ Ufz-et ; J4]l jys^) 

Sheltered, a. ^^ kdjtir. 

Shelving, a. ill^t^ dik, j^^ chdkur, 
^l&t^b blah-lBhii^At. 

Shepherd, a. ^y^- dkilhln, ^\j rA"i. 

Sherbet, t . u:^j^ ahirbfet. [^hferab. 

Sheny, ». tmfj\jJ^ j ^L) bfyXz-bb- 

Shield, 8. ^IaIj kXlkXn,^;^ alpkr, ^ 

tto«8; — , VM, (j^^j^ kirumak, 
1 h j- ^ h^fz-et, I^VJj TMyK-et^ 
ks^Lp aiyan^t-et, 1^W« mdhX- 
Shift, ». (chemise) cJi^ ghyjtailek, 
U^MJ kdmiBs, ^;J^|;-i piri^uo ; (of 
linen) iSj\j kit; (distress) u^Miij^ 
siktndi, CL^j^^ z^urbt ; (aabstitate) 
c^y kftlay, J[;l^ chars; — , v.a. 
CJ^«XSJjJ|^jj[ yfirini-dl^Aishdir- 
mek ; cXyAiSji^ dl^Mshdirmek ; 
— one's self, il}^jdJL^siO(J jJAa^ 
ch^mlshtr-di^Aishdirmek ; — «, v jt. 
(in place) (j^^jf^,^*yijl yKrind«i- 
-^iynanuik ; (manage) ^J^^^jJ^j] 
tydjjrmak ; ilXiJucr gh^diinmek ; 
CX^j^^^t Ishim-ghyJtamek ; 

Shin,«. il3^1 hijik. 

Shine, t;.ii. JI^^U pkrlamok, CX«^^ L«^ 
ziya-TErmek, CX^^ d^«^^ iiydtn- 
Itk-TErmek, CX«^j j;«iS^t Ishtk-vsr- 
mek, ^j^ miinir-61, (with borrowed 
l^t) jljL&i»« mi^B8t^ar*61,^t^y.^ 

Shingle, 9. (sea) c^UJU ylH- 
-ohdkfllori, j;L«y Us klba-kdmluk ; 
(roofing) J[;^^JJ piuUivra, i%W-^li 

Shining, a. J^^ piu*!^, j^ mimlr, 

j^ mitai^wer, jUs..^ m^sat^nar. 
Ship, 9. ^^^S gh^mi, i:£^ t^kns, l^JLa 

s^fuiB, ^^JLSs k^hti; — , v.a. 

(J^t^ ^^^4^ gh^m^a - kdmok ; 

^Jji\ ^^^ gh^ya - llmak ; (in 


C «>i] 


its place) JUiU? tidunak, cXcjy^ 
gli^chirmek ; (a sea) cX^j y^mek, 
JiJI jj/^J ich^ - iQmak ; (men) 
j^j\j yiasoAi — . t;ji. J^j^i ^^^ 
ghhniya - jiaAmak ; (in its place) 
^jA^^ tiJuImak, ilX^ ^^chmek. 

Ship-broker, s» iJj\mm4,^ ^«4^ gh^mi- 

Ship-boilder, s, u^Uic^ ,^yi>^ gh^mi- 

ShipbuDdizig, 8, ^\i*^ iJ\£J\ ^ fsam* 
inahij-B^am. [sahibi. 

Shipowner, s. ^^j^^ ^^^ ghfemi- 

Shipper, ». i:>^m^ \J^^^^ J^ ^^\J^ 

Shipping, a. ^^ ghi&milBr, ^\i^ 

Shipwreck, », UsS klza ; to be ship- 
^vrecked, {}^^^ ^Ij^ klzayo- 
^^Aramiik, jt ^i3;UiS k}Lzaz^dB-61. 

Shipwright, «. JjAil^ (mArangh^aa), 
jCIy diklghir. 

Shire, t. jls^«* a^^jok, tjS liwa; 
US klza ; u;JU ^yil^t. 

Shirt, 8. CU^ ghy^mlek, (.;tf««4i 
k^itt, ^jsi, pirahfen. 

Shiver, «. ^U^jf ikshamB; \jti^y*^ 
(dtr^jiflh), ifjj l^TZB, dJLs^j iH'thE ; 
^j^ piffcha, ^^j^ kiruidi; 
— , 0.11. CUj.&jl ftahnmek, ilX^iyJ 
(titmnek), ^\ ^\jj^ lirzan -61, 
^\^\jij) lferz^nak.61; — . vm. J^ 
Idrmok, C}««I^^ (p^olomak). 

Shoal, 8. ^ ^^ aigh-yir, Jld/ey 
kumaU; ^^^jy^ (S^, hlJtk-aiUraaaa, 

\^j^ 8^; — , a. {-^sigh; — , 
VM, ^jAJL^jutfi s^ghhnhmak. 

Shock, 8. [j^^ ch^ttah, ^jto? 
t^aaadom; ^jtfj\^ a&ratah; (JU- 
kh^, j^ zdrar; (of aheavea) 
,j4i\L c:^^4> (ji^t 6n-d^met*tiktmt ; 
— , VM. JUm^U aiiraamak ; Ui CJ<J 
CXiK p^ - f Ena - ghihnek, ^^^ 
i^X^ijif k^rih-ghykronmek. 

Shoe, 8. ^U jbl iiyok-klbt, Ujdi^ 
kdndura, ^j;pf^ Upchtn, J^yX 
papuah (plbuch) ; (horse) Jju tA!'l 
(nXl) ; — , VM. (jA^i (nUlmniik). 

Shoeblack, *. Jfirjo- J^\iji ^^b 

Shoemaker, 8. ^^ys^jjb plpuchji. 

Shoot, 8. Jb dil; ^ pich; ^/J\ 
Ittah, ^\ Itim; ^^y f)rlayiah; 
— , VM. (plant) CJ^^ Jb d2d- 
-siknnek; C^ji^ ^^ plch-TBrmek; 
(pain) Jk«1a3jiJ z6nklamak, Jk^cS^ 
sizlamok; (in motion) J^^)^ 
firlamdc, (J^\ Itflmak; (with a 
gmx) jAj\ il^JJ tiif ^nk - Itmak ; 
(with a bow) (Jaj\ Jj\ 6k-Xtmak; 
— , VM. cX«^jJjt jitldormek ; J^^t 
y^ffolamak; jKe;^ wurmok; (as 
a punishment) CX^<jJJ ^yJmjy3 
kOrahuna-dlzmek; (branches, &c.) 
CX«;^ aiurmdL ; — out, — forth, 
KlX^ijy^ a^rmek; — down, vm. 
(coala, &c.) iL\ ^.^ J diiikmek, 
j;^Uiy bAahAltmflk ; (a man, ox) 
CX«;jjy iddurmek, CJw«^jJ ^.^;;^l 

X 2 




Shop, ». Jl^ ddU^n (d&Udb), Ij^ 



Shopkeeper, t. ,«c^l»J dukkyanji. 

Shoplifter, #. «-{|-^ ^^*^ dOkkyiin- 
kUrstzi. [-khhwzl^Ai. 

Shopliftiog, t. ^j^j^- o^^ ddkkyan- 

Shopman, ». ^i^li ,^^^<3 ddkky&igi. 
kUfmd, [ddkkyanji-klLfdnsi-klri. 

Shopwoman, «. u^lj ^^IS ^^^l^J 

Shore, «. Ji>>Li sahil, c^U^J^J dte^- 
-kioari, ^ kiyi, ^b yJdi; (prop) 
irjbijb paybidfi, cJcu.m3 d^sstek ; — , 
— up, (j^j^ **^^ pay^nda-wdr- 
mak, (J^jf C)s«rfJ d^astek-wtondc. 

Short, a. ^^3 kissa, J^y b678vz; 
(abridged) ^^.^ <c* rndkhOsa^, 
J.«ir« mikjinM; (wanting) C3^( 
^ksik, (^U naktsa, ^^loi) nbkean ; 
to be taken — , CXJ^ , JL^»- chiahi- 
-ghihnek; to be — of breath, 
^^U^\ ^^^^ n^fesa - llmnamak, 
y^^^^l j^ 2iku-'n-n^fe88-61 (tik- 
-n^fesa-ol); in — , ad. J^lfl}\ U- 

-hlBsti, A^l M-Ussaa. 
Shortcoming, s.jyai kdaaur. 

Shorten, v.a. ^jAii\»ai UaaAltmok; 

— , VM. fjAi\^ UaaAhnok. 
Shorthand, *. ^y^^^jb dJjU- dij 

^^jb c=^l&t pbk-chkbik-yiiztlfr. 


Shortly, mf. 4^ Idaaa; \j.u£^ 
mdkhtXaaanm ; — after, tLc^j{ bir- 


Short-sighted, a. ^^jf kyjte'-ghibi, 

j^j^ ^j^ ghyiltzu - ghy&rmdz, 

jA^j^ kXsBtru-l-bXasar ; (morally) 

j^J^^d Lai Idaaa-ditahimur, jmJj^^^ 

blaatr^taiz, JmSm*!^ fbraaa^taiz. 

Shot, #. Ia^^ alchma ; ^ ghyollK ; 

uyfJ^ kdrahun; ^\ Ittah, ^\ 

Itnn ; ^\ Itiltah, ^ulJl Xtilma ; 

>-1 Xtar, js^\ Xtiji, ^<.«rU^ 

niahlnjt ; (^L.». hlssab ; amall — , 

^U>^w aXehma; gnn — wound, 

kS*^J^ U^J^ kih^un-yamaat. 
Should, V, aux. See Grammar. 
Shoulder, s. jyt^ 6muz (6mz) ; «— , v. a. 

i^^jy*^ 6muzlamak, (J^j^^jy^^ 
^muzina-wihimik, ju31 i:jjy«^ 6in- 
nztha-Xlmok; — blade, — bone, 
CJ;/ kyikrek, ujb^ k^tf {pi. Uft>S=i\ 
^ktaf) ; — anna ! j^J u!^*^ diwin- 

Shout, 8. l^c akyha, «3b i f^ryad, 
4ljS^ vfev^ll, (^b bii^Jfo-ah, <^> W 
chli^Airtah ; ^ -^fcJ^b bii^Atrtahma, 
<4iMi^l^ chJi^Atriahma ; — ^, — out, 
jK«;cb ba^Atrmok, Jk^V>» chii^Asr- 
mak ; (together orrepeatedly) ^JaJ^jcXj 
b^Atnahmok, ^jAiiji\>- chii^Amah- 

Shove, *. j!j\i kXktah, Jisj\ itiah ; — , 
v.a. (move) ^^^li kXkmok, CXcjI 
itmek, i^Xcjy^ abrmek; (without 
moving) KJL^AJjyi d&rtmek. 

Shovel, ». C^jy^ kyilr^k; — ^ vm. 
jAj\i^j^ li^i^kkr-Xtmiik. 

Show, 8. fjLy rfjfn ghylttstsriah ; ^J^jf 


[293 ] 


Kl^^jim^^ ghy^stErmek ; \^Ji b-a's- 

-et, \^j\ ibraa-et. 

Shower, «. jj^buJ^*^ khAfif-y^A- 

mur; heavy — ^ jy4>^(CJj^ e^rt- 

y^^Amirr ; ^Lcl^ sik^jkoiak ; — , v.a. 

d^k y^^mok; Jk^^^I yit^Adtr- 

mak. [j^^ p^l^k. 

Showy, a. «Ju&^j3 ghyitsstEiishli ; 

Shrapnell shell, «. 2r^f4i^ f^^ ^^* 

ney ' Vkhdmbora. 
Shred, 9, Jb J dHim, l^JCm.^ kteindi, 
dbiylj p^cha; — , v.a. CX«J<3 ditmek. 
Shrewd, a. (JOa«& ah^ytlD, ^Ui^^.^ 
jbn."iklli, jbljJ dbayetK, ^1/ 
Shriek, «. a£^ sayha, jUy fbyad ; 
— ^, VM. (J^j^, bJi^Airmok, 1 jb^ 
ShriU, a. CJ^O dlk, a^\ bja. 
Shrimp, «. ^ t^k£. 

Shrink, v.*. cXiJ^ ch^kflmek, JU^ldJ 
kissAhnok; CX^lj^ biizohnek; — , 
v.a. cUrJ^c^yLpl ^salldtp-ch^- 
dirmek ; — from, cW^^'w ch^kin- 
mek, (jAJj^ k6rkHuik. 
Shrivel, VM, cX*|jy b^zahnek. 
Shroad, ». ^JS k^fen (kfefin); (of a 
maat) !f^J^ ch^Unukh; — , v.a. 
iJ^J^ t^xmak, i^mAJjj\ lirtmek, 
^^^ tfekfm-ct. 
Shrub, 8. ^Ul I^Aaj, iJ^ chAlt. 
Shrug, #. ^jS!M klldtrtsh ; — , — up, 

v.a. jK^Jtlli'kXldtrmak. 
Shudder, vm. cJ -<^^^ *^^y tJkyl^ri- 

-^armek ; (J^^y^ ij^ kXnt- 

Shuffle, v.a. (mix) jK«;Jyl;U klrtsh* 
dtrmak ; — , v.n. \ Mu>- hila-et ; 
CX«Jj^^j]b yMXn-siiw^ylEmek. 

Shun, v.a. / L«:.>-U klchtnmak. 

Shut, a. jlU klpAH; — ^, v.a. (J^Ui 
kXpamok, 1 Juii s^dd-et; — , vm. 
JhwUS kipAnmak; — in, ^jesf}i 
J;^Uj ichbri - kXpAmak ; — out, 
J^^l^cJT^llJy dishki-brlkmok ; — 
up, (j"^ klpAmak. 

Shutter, 8. jUj klnAd, Kl^c^^ k^penk. 

Shy, 8. jyi%j\ eytXnir, ^Uill»j< irtln- 
gh^ ; (horse) C^j^ krkfek ; — , v.j». 
CU(;^t jiirkmek. 

Sicily, 8, ^^^\ ^uLfi^ sicitia -Adossi. 

Sick, a. <<•;..,<■ khlssta, y^ k^yftiz, 
ijoij< mbnz\ to be — , JU-'ji 
kdssmak, ii^^is^l isstifragh-et, ^ 
C)vc;j:;l£s Utyy • gh^tirmek, \^ 

Sicken, v.ii> ^i^^^&m^r^ khlsytolannuik, 
y J^ kfeyf8iz-61 ; — , v.q. «jX«j43;i 
b^dirmek. | mihsXd. 

Sickle, *. jVijl 6rAk, (^b diss, Jufl*r» 

Sickness, «. cJJj ■ « i: ^ k^yfsizlik, 
j3i<5^.^ khlsstoltk, uuJixt "m^t, 
^^0^ m^raz, J^J dird; ^ ^77» 
C^^i2«i\ isstifragh, Ia*0^ kdsssma; 
sea — , ^. — >4 ly!iffjSj d^n^*tut- 

Side, 8. ^\i y^, t—i^ tidraf, 4-^ V 
janib, ^ su ; (of the body) v,,.- * * » " 
j&nb; — , v.R.j\ ^^^^ dan-ydna-61. 





Side-saddle, ». u^lc^lS klri-^yEri. 

Siege, i. itj^^M^ miyhlBaani. 

Sieve, #. cJJf Mek, j^ti kUbur. 

Sift,. v,a. KlX^i^ M^mek, ^^>;^li 
i^X^jygB kllburdon - gh^chirmek; 
(any one) fjAi\lkAli\i^dj!i^^jz\ 
Jl^Aztndon-UQcmlt-Xlinii^Aa-bXkinak ; 
— <mt, (JK*iy<--Jy.]^^ Iraytp-bulmak, 
(jJL^ inglamak (^nnamak). 

Sigh, ». »1 kh ; — , CX«^»\ kh- 
-ch^kmek ; — for, clUa^ilcb pfek. 
*)8tt6mek; Jk<«|^^ Iramak, d 
CX»C > - h^Usret-chfekmek, \ 
t^h^888ar«et ; -— to, cXi£«> »1^^yi 
kdU^^a-ih-d^mek, j^ Jh^U "ashik- 

Bight, '-^/^ biLuar, jOiCL^^ kdvvbti- 
-bXsaar ; Jiu nlzar, XJJbll^ milBha- 

gbylknm6jek - sbfey ; j^^L-Jj^-Ss 
gbyihunsn-flh^y ; in — , jy^^ 
gbyktiniyor, J^)f ghyiorakiyor, 
Ijjtju^ m^ydlnda; in one's <— , 
UxS^^jySs ghytoi.^ytmda ; — of 
agon, iF^iulU.nlshlnghyah. 

Sign, $. tZJJJU\ iflharet; v ::..w< l , c 
"tfamfet; (of zodiac) ^ bihj ; — , 
v,a, \ Lb«\ imaa-et ; — , v.ii. \f^JJ^\ 
Isharet-et ; — manual, Uul Imza. 

Signal, 9. ^ZJJJi^ ishiret ; — , a. yftb 
bahiTf^Uff zahir; — , v.ff« Ic^l&t 

''-qputore. 8. Li«i Imza. 

Signet, '. if« mubr. 

Significance, 9. ^^^ j\ia^ mA"nadarlik. 

Significant, a. j^jUa^ mJk'nadar. 

Signification, *. ^.^ nA"nL 

Signify, v.a. CUi«> d^mek* ^u:J:i«3 

d^alet-et, ji^jJcjt^ mli^nibst - 61 ; 

— , v,n.j^^jj»c z^ran"-6L 

Sign-post, 9. y^^\ CXo^j^ ^yl 

cJ^ J (ji^Kjv) y61 - gbytetRnnek- 

Silence, 9. CL^ ^ silkyut; — * tr.a. 

fj^jXtya sdsadurmak, \iJL^\^SL^\ 

Isskyat-et ; — ! int, ^y^ st^ss. 
Silent, a. ^yo sdss, u;.^^Lj rakit ; 

J..i..i.rt 8^888iz,^^«W sXdastz. 
Silk, ». ClLjf ip^k, jj^ b^ur ; (sowings) 

^^j^ ibrisbim ; (staff) (j-Jul>- j£n- 

ftss (jtofte). 
SOkwoim, 9, ,^/^y<»l^^ ip^-b^je^At. 
Silky, o. ^ cLi\ ipfek-gblbi. 
SiU, 9. CJ^t bsbik, ^_^\ij:J\ lit- 

SiUy, a. jJix^ "^stz, i^\i^^ budAla ; 


Silver, 9, {^pyS or \^^^ gbyiimnsb, 

M-i sun, ^Uos ^dda, Jr^ nukra ; (of 

looking-glasses) ^ sirr; — ^, v.a. 

fj^j^\ ^\ ^jL«^^ ghyiimnsh- 

- ila - yXldndamok ; (looking-glasses) 

CXii^yMi sirr-cb^kmek, (J-^j^ sHt- 

lamok; — smith, ^jk^^j^ kdyimiju. 
Similar, a.^yCj b^jjfzsr, ^\L^ m^habih, 

JL^Jit sh^bib, JjU»« mfimassil. 
Similarxty, t. i.:>|j11n« m&shab^h^. 




Simfle, «. [j-'tf^ t^jnus, Jll^ missal, 
^U^ t^shbih, J;^ t^msH. 

Siifii]itade» $. cu^U*^ mikshab^h^t ; 
'^^jy^ Burit, cSi Jig ft h^y'^t. 

Simple, a. uU sads; u5oU "adi, 
• 5^W b&ya^Ai; (in mind) J02^jLj 
sadi'dil 5 — , 8. ^^/T^ •-(;^ ^y 

Simplicity, «. C)ii(«^Li sadslik; jdjUy 

Sin, 8. ]t\i£s ghyiinah, 
mi"ttyy^t, ^\ issm (/?/. f\i\ assam), 
J^ift j-i 8d'i-"^mBl; — , ©.«. \irUJ 
ghyiuoah-et, C^JUj^^U^ ghyimah- 

Since, /»*. j9;f3J dan*bM ; — ^, e, ^j>^ 
chiknki, ^(C«1 jU madamki. 

Sincere, a. ^^iim^Im^ s^muni, icS«a>- 
hlktkt, j|iALA»- hlknaUi, ^U 
khalias, b^ bi-riya. 

Sine, ». L-.-^:r jfeyb ; log. — . cl^w 
^Um>- nuab^-j^yblyyB. 

Sinew, 8,jS^ sb^, ^U^a "Xsaaba. 

Smfol, a. (person) il^l:b£s ghyibiabkyar, 
*)l usim; (thing) ^U^ghykiah. 

Sing, vjn. ^jL\^^^^y tturkn-chl- 
ghxrmdlL ; (birds) cXiJjt &tmek ; — , 
v.a. C^aL^^U^ mdklmla-sikw^y- 

Singer, «. 2r«Ja}l^ khan^ndi. [limek. 

Single, a. (alone) jCIlj y^ltngJE; Cl^ 
tik. cJ\J tak ; (not double) Cl^UJb 
ylJinkAt or 4pU£db yAlin^kAt; 
(onmarried) JL0J bikyar (b^ykyar), 
^ji^ mj^j^rred ; — out, v.a. (j^J^ 
iyrmok, cX4.^Br* a^dimek; — life. 

jJjlG (bijykyarlik), C^^y^ t^jrid, 


^jsf t^j^rrud. 

Singly, (h^. JUv yidth^'z, fj^ftiMO miin- 
ftridon, CliJCij t^k-tfek,j^^ blrsr- 
-bbv, e^'^c^^S yfegbyan-yfeghyan. 

Singular, a. 4)^ mnfr^d ; jOb yllth^'z ; 
\^^ ± ghdrib, uJlac? tikhaf, u^.^^^ 
("ija'ib). CjAilfl^tAhaffik. 

Singularity, 8. C3J«3^X« miUfrfedlik, 

Sinister, ^*j^jy^ hgh\m\z. 

Sink, 8. ij^ kdma; — , v,n, (jAj\i 
bltmak, J^lxJ kliynamok ; — , v,a. 
J^J^i bltirmak; (a well) j^jlS 
kXzmak; (a die) ^j^ klzmak, 
lcJs>- bidLk^et. [assim, ^^C' "issi. 

Sinner, «. jUjb\:J^ ghyilnahkyar, Ji\ 

Sir, 8. 1% Jjil ^ndim ; ilXj hhgh. 
Sire, «. lib blbA. 

Siren, «. c^U jl^ iU- jazibfli-kitri. 
Simame, «. l/JI LL«li fkmilia-i^. 

Sister, «. cr^«^y>^ k)z - kjinndasb 

(kardosb), ijiJ^^^^ h^mshui, ^js^b 

bXjt ; eldest — , ilj\ Xbla ; wife's — , 

JJ^b b^dfz; husband's — , ^jji 


Sit, t;.ji. (j^j^^ 6tt7rmak, \ JyJ kd"ud- 
-et ; (in council) \ Si^^^^Ss^ m^liss- 
-"ikd-et; (fowls) cft^^j^^^y 
kdluchkaya-itunnak ; — up; ^/^^ 

ij^j^^ d6yAru-6turmiik ; late, 

iSV^^"^^ ghfech-6turmflk ; — — • 
all night, ^^UJbd^^^i^ bltun- 
-gh^E-y^mamok ; — in judgment, 
^^A^l>- hakim-61. 




Site, •. J yix, ^y mfevki". J.«* 

Situate, Situated, a. (place) «-*|^ vakt » 
^t^ kya'in, 9y^y m^vzu"; (person) 
irjJW- balda ; sitoated as I am, *ii 
^<XilU- bhiim-halimda. JuJ^y^iJ 
iJkll>- b^mm-bi>linidu^Anm-halda. 

Situation, «. (place) ^y* m^vkt", ^^y 
m^zi", JjK* m^hdll ; (moral) Jl>- 
hal ; vr>^^» h^y'^t ; (employ) ji ysr, 
Ll>^.<Jtf»» khidmet (hizmet), uuo^y«U 
m^'muriyy^t. [^r^ shbsh. 

Six, a. jJI :au', Lr.^ sitt, 4s^ sitta. 

Sixteen, a. ^^^^ 6n-Xltt. 

Sixth, a. L<fl^^ Xltinjt, ^^^Li sadiss, 
A^lJ^ shtehnm ; — , «.^yju&]\ llttda- 
-bir, ^jm^mi sikdss. 

Sixty, a. ^^;L«slt Htmtsh, ^^^^ ^Gn, 
^2^^ slttin, KZ^ta*^ shXsst. 

Size. 9. cJJi^ Uyukluk, iAi \kt'X 
^ hljm; (height) 4-^ W^y, 
l::.-««\3 klmet, fS>yj\ ^dam. Si kldd, 
SU bala ; (glue) JlSJjb tdtlul. 

Skein, t. La.^. < J dbmet. 

Skeleton, •• ^ji^ kdru, f<y^ t^shzih ; 
— key, ^joC^^ rakymviyuk. 

Sketch, «. w^jl^lk tlsslAk-rteim ; 
(in words) u-i^ i"? ^V^ l^baja- 
-ti"rif; — , v.a. \*id^^Li kXbiga- 
-r^ssm - et ; \^mJ^jo ^W l^^j^^- 
-t^' [^ Sikh. 

Skewer, %. . JLJ^l^IS k^bab-shlshi. 

Skiff, 8. iip ^J\j uLa/^ kh^nf-y». 

^kilfo], a. jS/Jb hteiBTti, jbiyt^ m4' n- 

f^di, Jbudl iisstad (i^sstii), JbU mahir; 

(physician) joW. hazik. 
Skill, 8, jJb hiinET, u:.J|yt<« rak"ri/^t« 

jSjL^I (dsstidtk), CL^lf« maharet ; 

(medical) \j:^^S>- hdzaklt. 
Skim, v,a, J^f c:>^J^ yilzmidan-Xlmtfk ; 

jj'^^b yJi^Atnt-Ahnak ; ^^mj^ 

jull k^yma^^nt-Mmok ; (a book) 

i^^j^j£=ij^£s ghyjia-gh^dirmek ; 

— , ».«. (as a bird) J^Asij^^e^Utojr^ 

(J^^^ ysra (or ^^i^ suya)-h£mBn- 

-d^kunorak - dchmak ; (as a boat) 

Jh<«^\ uchmak. 
Skin, 8, s^ji^ d^ri, jJls^ jUd ; (animal's) 

eu^ji p688t; sheep — , ,^/a^ 

p6s8t^ki; whde sheep or goat — . 

My^ tMum; whole ox — , cJjo 

yMek; — ^ v.a. CXc;^ yiizmek, 

J^^ B^ymdc, V^ s^lkh-et. 
Skip, v.a. ^}^\ Xtlamak; — ^ v.n. 

(j^/^ richramak. 
Skirmish, t. ^^m^^.TW c)p^«^^^0^;>^ 

chlurkhojalarih^-ch^'shmassi ; — ,t;.ii. 

^>4:JU chdttshmok. 
Skirmisher, ^.^.^p^Sij^- chittkhajiler. 
Skirmishing, «. j;)^ii^^ chkrkha- 

Skirt, «. cJj^ ^tek, JjJ z^yl, ^b 

damsn; — ^, v.a.j\^Jj^|^ jiwarmdo- 

•61, jU«X:jyi kdrbundii«61. 
Skittish, a. cJ^^^ ^kek, jb^\ 6ynlk. 
SkttUc, i;.fi. Jki^^c^^^ ishdon-klcb- 

mak, \^^jLs>' ytyUzltlcet ; Kl^^ 
Skull, 9. Ui klflBi. [ghlzlEnmek. 

Sky, t. CJ/ ghy&k, 4J?j;J cJ/ ghyitk- 




^at), yj^^ assman ; — light, ^J 

^^l>. (t^ps)-jdint ; — rocket, i^^y^ 

CJc^ h^wa i-nsh^nk (fish^k). 
Slab, s. ^Jj ^krcha, i>.j! Ihvha, isjkr 

Slack, a. CXS»^ gh^vahek; — lime, 

sltaniiiBh-kir^h ; — , 

o.a. C>,4 r.,ui^£a gh^vshstmek ; 

CX«;Jjy0 simdnnnek. 
Slacken, v.n. hXaJ^j^ gh^vahimek; 

— » VM. (jXtsJ^jf gb^vahxtmek. 
Sla^, 8. ^y^Jkff^ ina"dxn-b6k0. 
Slain, a. ijy^ mlktul. 
Slake, VM. \ Ul^t Itfa-et. 
Slander, s. \j:i\ iftira, ^\s^ bikhtan, 

uJ«3i klzf ; — , v,a. \ \jii\ Iftira-et. 
Slanderer, 9, ^^fr^J^^ iftiraji. 
SlanderoQS, a, ^'ij\ j Jut JLj \j:i\ iftira- 

Slang, s. ^LJ ^^^W- cblpktn-Hssani. 
Slanting, a. ^J^ hghri, ^b yin, JpU 

yattk, (j^yjl i^kOTi (^ykin) JSU 

Slap, 9. ^^^^Lmmi Bill (stts), jUJi shdmar ; 

— , v.a. JkwI jUJi ah^mar-Xtmak ; 

— , ad, aUJ tXmlm. 
Slash, VM, C>U*»!r k^smek. 
Slate, 8. ^^^jk y^'-tlahi; iL^ 

j<j^ slyah-msrmsr* 
Slattern, a. u^ti JLjU c3^ p^- 

Slaughter, «. |*^ Unm, AUJ:i kltli- 

"Zmm; — , t;.a. C>V4iw^ k^mek, 

1^3 zlbh-et; cX^jJ^ Mdarmek, 

IJaS kltl-et; J^ Wrmok, tcJiib 
hUak-et; — ^hoose, aJI^^ sfelkh- 
khanE (sll-khanE). 

Slave, 8, (male) i^f ky^ 2rJk:J bbids, 
Ju^ "kbd; (female) ^jl>^ jarlyyB, 
JjIU. kh^a'ik ; (concubine) jS^jt 
6daltk; — (while on aale)^^! tour 
(y^air) ; — market, ^j^j^ j»f^ toir- 
-pazari (y^sair) ; — dealer, iPTjT^ 
toirji (ytoiijt) ; — , v.n. ^^^-£3^^ 
Jk«jJU. (ytoir)-ghlbi-chllt8hnuik. 

Slavery, 8. C3J^1 toirlik (y^), 
CJ3^/ ky^^lik, u^j rikk^yy^t. 

Slay, v.a. CX«;Ji]j\ Mdormek, (JsS 
kltl-et, IcJlU h»ak-et. 

Slayer, 8. JjU kitil. 

Sledge, 8, jl^ kizdk; — hammer, 
(^^ij viiriyoaa. 

»eek, a. j:^4^ a^miz, ^^ tiivlt. 

Sleep, *. ^jl Oyku, ^y nbvm, c-*\jfi>- 
khab ; — , «.». ^^jJ^ dyimuk ; 
— ^mg, aaleep, j>[^y i)yuyor, »4>^jt 
dykuda, ajU na'im, ^Ouil^ khabida; 
— ^leaa, Ju^^l dykuaauz. 

Sleepy, a. yj^^ ^yS^^ dykuaau- 
-ghilmiah, J^l S-')^ khab - alud ; 
(pear) cJjij^ chiimk. 

Sleet, 8, ^^f^^yc adlu-a^pken ; — , t;.». 
fJAi^l ^J^ ^yo aulu-afepken-yi^A- 
mak ; C^,4«mi a^mek. 

Sleeve, 8. Jy k61, ^ yfen, cr cJ^j 
y^n^, ^j^i^ aasitm, ^ kyiimm. 

Sleigh, 8. ^\ji Uz^k. 

Slender, a. i^s^} inja, ^j^ nikrin, ^j;^ 
yWka, JlJ; rAkik. 




Slice, 9. ^J dilim; — , v,a. C 
ktemek, cU^^sUjJj dilim- 

Slide, VOL, Jn4j^ Idymok; — , v.a. 
J^^Xjli kijdfrmak ; — , 9. jLS A4JB^ 
gh^hma-klpAk ; ^ j;>.4LIj U^ila. 

Slight, «. c:>^U:»- hlkir^t; — , a. 
uJLii kh^f, djfxA Inja, ^jU nirin; 
— , VM. jK«Ujb blkmamok, Jh«UjI^ 
Bkymomak, \(^lS»> hAkar^t«et. 

Slim* a. ^bcul i^ja, ^^li niuiii. 

Slime, 9, cJ^4^ siimiik ; j^^ chimur. 

B^f 9, ^\^ BkpAn ; ^Jii^\ Jteks ; — , 
VM, (J^^^iJ^ B^pAn-iIo^Xtmok ; 
(jA<J\ Issmok. 

Slip, 9. ^li kkyvah, ^li Uiyma, 
xj^jy^ s^choBh, ^J siilU s (of 
paper) ^&& fihdkka ; (mistake) ^^S\i 
y^D^lish (yiniah), ^ t^T, UaeL 
khlta; (for ahipa) X^l iaak^lB ; 
— of thetongae, ^a]LlJi\[ let lyAz- 
-ytegtlMh%At (yiniiUj^U) ; -— , ii.a. 
^J^li Uiymok, cX*^^ ahrchmek ; 
— ^, v.a. (JK«;Ju[lS kiydjrmok; — in, 
VM. i^X^jJyJjJ^ ghlriTirmek ; 
CU^'^ gkiUTfamdc, cU>!^|/j^ 

6ghrajiyBrmek; ^,t;,a.cU^^^ 

a6kuvErmeks — <mt,t;^.C^ij-S-?- 
chiktVirmek ; cJ^^iM&i^t^ B&wuahv- 
TKrmek \ Jh«^^ klclimak ; — ^, 
v.a. j;^^Ij kXditmMtk ; — on, v.a. 
CX«^^«^ ghiyirirmek ; — off, v.a. 
C^i^jla^ cUUnvteMki - 
— , V.II. cX«j^Si«9»- dilktvsrmdc; 

CX«^^««2i^l« aJiwvBhuvirmek ; — 
knot, C3u!t flmik. [CJi/ tirlik. 

Slipper, «. t^t^^ p^>0Bh (pXbvch) ; 

Slippery, «. jUS kkyar, ^Li k^lkh. 

dMik ; j;^ ylrtik ; ^UJ^ ybtmaj ; 
— , VM. ^j\i yirmok ; JUJjJ yirt- 
mak ; (J^^ ^chmak ; \jJL ah^k- 
-ct; —,vM.J^j\iyknkDak;jAfjj 
y^rttlmak. C'/y k6tra. 

Sloop, 9. ^j^ Vbrrht ; ^j>\ ibrik ; 

Slop, #. y^J^&sy^ diikyulxn-tiy ; — ^, 
— oyer, •<- about, vm. Cl4^«.> 
dikmek; —a, J^j^j 

^jy ^^>^ kUUBstaya - yMirilnn- 
-ch^rbi^* m6rba ] ^-'^y t J^\^jj\^' 
blzar-alUUn-^wlb (^asbAb). 

Slope, *. yf^ 8hfev;jil> bkywr; — , — 
off, VM. jult llmak, (j^^i yf>* ah^- 
-y^miik« [ma'il. 

Sloping, a. yJU atth? ; j»\i biyir, J3U 

Sloth, 9. cJiLiJ t^beliik. 

Stothful, c. J^ tbkbel. 

Slothfiilneaa, 9. cJJljJ ttobellik. 

Slough, «. jy*^ ch^mnr ; jt:j bXtok, 
j;Ulu bltAkltk : (of a sore) Wi;^^j/>- 

j^rahat ; — , vM. C-^^^^MjJJLy?- 
j^\ chiiniyup-j^rah4^-6L 

Sloreni^. (^*^^ssij^uH P^^S^^^^'^^^^™* 
Slow, a. jc\ Xghk^ i^^ji yawAah, ^Jeu 

bltt : (watch) j|/r^ gh^ ; — match, 

^^UibU mahitlb, J«ii fitil. 
Shig, 9. CJ^y, jiiyA^jtmJjJ kXbukauz- 

•aikmukla - bliyek ; ^»mK\\»»,^ \jy^J!f 





Sluggard, 9. i^^fj^^^j^^^^^*^ da'iina- 

-uyur-blAn-t^bel. [uyumak. 

Slumber, t. ^^1 dyku ; — , v.n. jK«y.^' 

Sly, a. ^lia^ ah^yUo, j\^iLm^ bus- 

kyar; on tbe — , jijJ j^jt^ gbiaJi- 

-ghbdi, \Aki^ mkkbfiyyon. 

Smack, s.JuJit shdmar, ^^^ siG (sUi) 
i2^iJ Ite^t ; yy k6ku ; JI^^U kkytk 
— , v.a. JhIjI^UJi sb^ar-ltmak 
(one's lips) fj,^^^^y^Ai\^^m^ s^s- 
-ila-X^Aztnt-yllamak. [/*^ s^bur. 

SmaD, a. jli^t df&k, cJ^ kiicbuk. 

Smallpox, «. ^^^ieCJ^>» cbichek- 
-"illeti, (J[;«3^ jiid^ri. 

Smart, a, ^^JLauS ^"ijo pl^ldkjo- 
-gUyinmish; ^Las'll^u pkrl^ja, yu«^^ 
j)jm ; C):J t^tik, Jxiu^ mii88t^"idd; 
d^ sfcrt, ,^^SjM* siki ; — , 8. ^jJ\ Iji, 
«-j vfej^" ; — , v.«. (j^>tP^\ Ijimck. 

Smash, «. ^j^!3;«S Urtltsb, ^^^ujj p^. 
bmtsb; (banknxptcy) \^\i^^ t&p- 
-Ittsh ; — ^ v,a. (j^j^ Idrmak. ^j^ 
\ij>'^ pKba-pkrcba-et. 

Smattering, 8. CL^U^)L&«^pt^f <-^j^ ^^ 

Smear, v.a. cX«;jm» sikrmek, (j^j^J^y, 

Smell, 8. ^f k6ku, lai^\j ra'M, cj[y 

bey; (sense of) A^Ud^y kdvr^ti* 

-shimmE; •— , v,n. ij^^ k6kmak; 

— » v^. Jp«l3y k^klamok ; yj^yy 

Jk*SI k^kvBSunu - llmdc; UUylSMil 

isstiBbmam-et ; — a rat, cX««mi sL^ 

Smelt, o^. \ J\i ^Oa^ mk" 

Smelter, 8. yj^^ klQji. 
Smelting, 9. JlS k^. 
Smeltmg-fumace, «. i^^Wj^ J^ kil* 

Smelting- works, «. dJls^lS kllkbans. 

Smfle, 8. iJ/%JUL< kbAfif-gbyiihnB, 
a«mJ t^b^ssam; — , vji. ^m JJ u ^ 
CU/ kbknf.gby^lmek, \pw t^b^. 
som-et. [dikrb-et. 

Smite, v.a, ij^j^ wdrmak, \*^j^ 

Smith, 8. yj^jy^ timuijt (d^ymiiji), 
j1a>» hdddad,^;Cjb1 abenghisr. 

Smithy, *. ^jil^O \J^jy^ d^ymiiji- 
-diikkyani. [charptlmtsh. 

Smitten, a. 5Jli»t ilftildx; ^^/Jij^W 

Smoke, «. ^jfj t&tmi, ^U^^^ ddmln, 
^^Ifi^J dilkhXn; — , vjn. cXwy 
tiitmek, CXc^^ c;^^ ddmln-vEr- 
mek, ij^A^ L5'^^ dihnXni-ch)k- 
mok; (tobacco) i^Ae^\^fj tiitim- 
•ichmek, CJu£srf j^^ ohlbdk-icb- 
mek; — , vm. ^^^^ji^tf^y tiitsu- 
-y^rmek, c^L4.1»> «■ y tiltsoljEmek, 
1^2^ JJ t^dkhm-et; ^^fft^l^U^J 

Smoking, a. ^^^ Ly^^^ dihnlni- 
-cWkan; — , 8. CiK*^! ^^^y^ 
tiitmi-ichmeklik. [ddmXnli. 

Smoky, a, j^yy tiltonla; ^LjJ 

Smooth, a.J^ diiz,j|^h^mvar. 

Smother, 8, ^U)«3 yy k&yu • dOmln ; 
jlUcjJi^cJj p^.8iklik-(kiaahX. 
lik) ; — , VM. ij^y hbghmak ; 
J^e^Ju^V ^yj^ Jkrtup-blssdfrmnk. 

Smuggle, VA. jKB^li ^;;«X£ ry 4 ^ 





ghyiimnikdan - kAchtrmok; ^-U^ 
CXy^ ghizli-gh^tinnek. 

Smuggler, #. ^S\ ^Jj^^ JU ^j^ 

Smuggling, #. jlL«^li JU ^j^ 

Smut, 8, ^^ij\j Ajj^y kihrum-tansBsi. 

Smattj, a. ^^jf kdrumlu. [-sh^hiri. 

Smyrna (town of), «. cJ^^fi&^M^Mil ^ssmir- 

Snail, 9, C^yi^y^^^ kXbuklu- 
-8iimiiklu«bi^jek,^ji»^\jLi0 sllyank^ss. 

Snake, », ^^h yMln, <Cj^ hkyjE, jU 
mar; (of waterpipe) i«^ tU marp ich 

Snap, «. ^y^ kinsh ; ^l>- ch^ktsh ; 
(of necklace, &c.) ^^y k6pcha ; — , 
v.n. ^J^jJ Unlmak, ^J^^ k6pmak; 
— , v.a. Jk«;-5 khm^L, (J^j^ji 
k6parm<ik; (a pistol, &c.) CJ^^*^ 
ch^kmek, (Jaj\^ ch^kmak, (j^^i^ 
B^kmak; (one's fingers) (J-^«;-> 
Jk4j1«3^1>^ pilrmak - ch^rcUtnuik ; 
(one's fingers in one's face) ^iL^ 
CX«1^ s^kxltna-ghy^lmek, cXdijO 
z^vklxnmek ; — np, (JUjU klpmok ; 
— at, (J^jit^ Ismmak, fjAi\f>-*jL^ji£^\ 

Snare, ». jljy or jtjj^«3 ti)zAk, i»U 
dam, aSU- hlbalE (/i/. jSL^haba'il) ; 
4JUi>> hila, ^LmmiJ d^isSB; — , v,a. 
JUJ^ ^tjy ti)z]^^-tdtmak. 

Snarl, vm. fj^tji- khh-lamok. 

Snatch, v.o. fjAj\3 klpmok. 

Sneak, i. ^^j>»i>^ rinsi. 

Sneaking, a. ^^ (^^*«s»^ smsi-gbibi. 

Sneer, «. |^f^1 isstihza, ys^ hljv ; — , 

v.n. \ \jf^\ bstihza-et, \ y^ hiJF-et. 

Sneeze, s. ^SpJl Ikksink, ^jtpJ\ Ikatrtsh, 

ImJhfi' "XtM; — , v.n, ^yojmj\ Xkstr- 

mak, f^LJofi "Xts2n-et. 
Sniff, 9,^jtjiiji k^klayish, 2UJt sb^mniB ; 

— , VM, (J^^y k6klamak. 
Snip, 8, LSSiJj kirktndi ; (tailor) Ljjy 

or f^jj*^ tEnd ; — , v.a. Jk*^ Idrk- 

mak, C)>4...X k^ssmek. 
Snipe, t. ^j<^y^ yHvB-kiysbv, 2r^ 

yMvK. I'jihaaghi ; (J^\ Xlchdk. 

Snob, 8, ^Uj i«5f"i^Jjjj kihidurqjt- 
Snobbish, a. j;5)t llch^k. 
Snot, «. cJy4m» silmuk. [bmL 

Snout, «. (jtjgiy bihrim, u^l ^nf, ^^^ 
Snow, 8.j\j klr, c«9^ blrf, ^ sMj ; 

— , v.n, (J^^ J^ klr-yii^Amak ; — 

ball, ^^J^ kAr-t6pu. 
Snuff, 8, ^\ kifiyyE, Isyui Bu"ut ; 

(of a candle) \^j^,^*^^y^ mumun^- 

bumu ; — , »,a. {}^^^j^^ bihuunu- 

-)Jmiik; — box, ^^^il^t l^\ ^n- 

Snuffers, «.ji/.^Ia4 aj^ mum-m^kosst. 
Snug, a, c;i-s>^^ rahot. 
So, ad. (absolutely) <dj>y b^hs ; aL^ 

sh&ylB ; aL^I iiiyli, ^'i^jy bil-wbjhla; 

(incompari8on)jjikXdar; — , c. aJl£>1:j 

bina'on -"idbyh, ^^^W blnabirm, 

^Ju«M» ^ b^-s^bebdon; so much, 

jjjy bil-kldar, j^y^ shii-kXdar, 

jji!j\ 61(6).Jadar; — that, a)j^ 

^l£3 sh2fyl£-ki. 
Soak, t;^. J^j]^ ^>tp ^J^ ®^*^* 




-kbyup-briikmak, ^Jaj^\ ^J^ \SJ^ 
gh^r^Ai - ghibi - isslXtmak ; — , v.». 

-durup-gh^rb^Ai-ghibi-lssllnmak ; — 

into, CX«^^^2iea^ khina*gh^chmek ; 

— through, CJ.4>^ gh^hmek. 
Soap, 9, ^^l^ sabun ; ^, v.a. juli^li^ 

8id)unlamak ; — wort, ^f>- ch^Axn. 
Soap-boiler, b. ^^}^ J^}i \:)^}^ 

BdLbun-y^an-B&bunji. [-kyiipiigha. 
Soap-8nd8, «. y^^^jf tJ!^^ siibnn- 
Soar, VM, jK<^jJyjiL«^jJCy>jy-^t dchup- 

Sob, «. j^y:^ alJjJ^ CX^ ^ASJUI 
^ l^Alamakda-n^fessiD^-shid- 

d^a - ich^ri - ch^kilmEsai ; — ^ vm. 

Sober, a. (person) J^\ &ytk; jUac 
'ikUi, J5U "ikil; ,^5?=^^ kXna- 
'irtji; (thing) ij\J^zs\:3 klna 'otkya- 

rans ; (colour) J^j^ ddntik ; — , v,a, 

J4cdjl liyiltmak, {.l^jf^i^XijMs, 

Soberness, Sobriety, 8. ^^^ kytkhlc. 
Sociable, a. ^^^ ^niss, t^^\ ^uf, 

j)j\!9 tXdt; — ^nes8,9. cr^-v^Jt iinsiyy^. 

Sodalism, 8. ^j^ ^jJL^ C^\y^ ^^l^ 
^y^^ ^^■■■'♦■vljl kyaffjB - ^mwalin - 
- mnshtdr^kim - tdss^ruf - 61imma8u - 

Socialist. 8. Jyc\ i^\yc\ y^JiJ^^ 
ui^^jiy? lahtiraki - bmwalin - UBulu-* 

Society, 8. k^&\ idf^t ; \ih:SA iktillt ; 



^\LL^U.\ahbab.t^ktmt: vju^wjmo- 

j^m"iyyfet ; fj-^Jf^ mfcjliss ; (at large) 

Jilss^j^^ls^ mfejaliss-v^-m^hafil. 
Sock, 8. <-^1j^ AioS Id88a-ch6rab. 
Socket, 8, _£=Jj iL4je gh^hmo- 

.d^%Ai, ClU J d^Oik,^ yir. 
Sod, 8. ^»A>- chim. 
Soda, «. tfc)^ s^da. 
Soda*-water, 8.Ja\^ Ijy^ s^da-v^ter. 
Sodom (town of), *. tj!^;f!» shfehiri-lut. 
Sodomite, 8. ^^y^ luti; 5;L^Le 
Sodomy, 9. ^tjl Dwata. [kulAmbam. 
Soever, pro. Jb hsr; whosoever, >>-^ 

h^-klm ; whatsoever, dJjb hsr-ni. 
Sofa, 8.ji^i^ mindEr; (Earopean) ^uUS 

kanap^; raised platform for a — ^ 

jJutf sldr (s^dir). 
Soft, a. J^^ yimiyshik, i»J n^rm; 

(water) p^ atli. 
Soften, v,n. ^Jk« w^kIJ y^mushanuik ; — ^ 

v,a, JUjtSij<4J y^mushAtmok. 
Soil, *. (earth) j|;Jjt or j|^ t^prAk, 

i^\ji tiirib; (dirt) i&^ l^ka; night 

— » L^ 4/^h/^ ^'♦^ m^msha-miiz4« 

khr^fStt, — , v.a. CX^^ kirlxtmek ; 

— ^, v,n, cX«Jj«^klrlxnmek; — ed, 

Sojourn, 8, ^^^^^s^S iklmet; — , v.n. 

JLiSlS ^L^ miissafir^tEn - ludnuik, 

Jh«!U kXlmak, ij^j^^ 6turmdc, 

)uUv«lSl iklmet-et, ^J!L» sakin-^l, 

^^^ mdktm-61. 
Solace, 8. ^JlmJ t^ss^i; \i^ slfa; 

— , v.a, ^^^Ji} ,JuJ tfessMli-vErmek, 

ilX^^ \sL^ 8}kf a-vivmek. 




' \ ..• 

Solar, a. ^■■■■♦A ahtoBi; — 83r8tem, 

Solder, «. >^ l^him ; — , vm. lL}>Aa^ 
l^himl^mek ; -— , v.ii. 
IMiTmlBnmek, rJu ntfar. 

Soldier, s. jLma> "lasksr; (private) 

Sole, M. (foot) ^LL tabAn ; (shoe) dL^ 
kyjtas^; (fish) ^lijo dll-bX. 
liffki (?), ,^ plan, v^J^LS-^ P^M^ 
.b}%ib- (?) ; — , a. jfll ylltnyfe, 
lU^lijUli blahli . bAahina, J^\^ 
wahid, (X>-\ ^h^; — , vm, ^' lA ij^ii 
j;**;^ Igf^taa^Lnsini-wurmiik. 

Solemn, a. y£l }^Atr; 4^d,C^ miikW^f, 
^^aiL^ mutintizi ; ^^ji^ t^asBoi, 

Solemnize, v.a, \ K».\U««^ r^asmsn-ljra- 
-et; n^\ j^L*-*; rbssmlyyltmi- 
-^ra-et. [mok, V)lJ nlyaz-et. 

Solicit, VM. \ \e^-j rija-et, (J^j\^ yXlvar- 

Solicitor, «. ^^J^^ \^ di"wa-v^klli. 

Solicitous, a. «3^Jj^ idrznmbnd. 

Solioitade, «. jl^ m^aik; jU:J«1 
Ishtiylk ; ^jj\ ^UUI^ ^ kUkyr- 

Solid, a. Jr^Uj y^ars ; |»i.»«E« mhj^ 

■em; ui^y kdnt, ^^IS lOkn,^) 

Ighiri aCc^ m&hkEm, ^^^^s** m^tm, 

lS^ kkm, A x a ti— ra mAiwri^hkwn ; -— , 

f . ^^>-J^ jlaim. 
Soliloquize, v.*. ClU^L^ Ji:j Jo^ u^jj? 

Soliloquy, 8. fAi ^^Lhy^ ^0^ lSi^J 

Solitaiy, a. \fJ txnba,jCSb y^'n^fz, 

jCSb^ub yi^yllra^ 

Solitade, s. j!\fJ tinhalik, j3j^li 

ylliD^'zltk; ^VW l>^yabZn, Jij'^ 

Solomon, «. ^UJuii Bikl^3rm2n. 
Sobtice, 9. ^^»)U;^ bkiUb ; aommer — ^, 

^;Uy«i(»j)U}\ )nkillbt-8^rat2n ; winter 

— , i^J^^^lS;) bktUbi.j^di. 
Sdation, «. ^J^- h^. 
Solve, ty.a. 1(J»> h^-et. 
Solvency, «. ^jjl u^>r^^ *^W 

^IjcjI bi'l-jiimU-b^ijlerini-^daya- 


Solvent, a.^Jc&« ^U^ v^j^J^ ^^^^^ V 

Sombre, a. ^J^ji k6yu ; {j^)/ kAranblc. 

Some, a. (one) J blr; (few) \joiLi 
b}l"zt ; (quantity) jt^ Ur-lz, ^1 Ji^ 
bb*-mlkdi^; (nmnber) ^li^ Ur-kich; 
— body, — one, — person, i-f^ bin, 
^J( bbrissi, ^^\ji bbr-ldAm, ^ 
<toi»4if-) b)r-k)m^Bfln£ ; — bow, jSjJ j 
b)r-(tiirln) ; — tbing, ^ji blr-ab^y ; 
— time, U«XA« mukldd^ma, \SiL» 

sabika; — times, Lojui bl"zan, 
fJ/^U^ bX"zi-kirrB, — what, 
^LJ^^^iiu bl"zt-mErt^bB; — where, 
ir^ ^ bbr-yBTO ; 2f J^ ^ bir-yirdn. 
Son, «. J^^l hqhnX \ i%^Atf^ mUdidfhn ; 

zads; -^ in-law, jUio damad; 
step — , Jcj^ ^J^ ^w^Ai-6y*ul. 
Song, «. Jf;7 Arku, ^yA ahipH ^U 


Soon, omI. C)jI>> chkbtk, jJ & 
(t^) ; I wonld om soon stay Oi go. 




J^ji '^ (Jy^ ^^ CUx^ gUtmek- 

-ik-kHinak-biUi^a-blr-dir ; I would 

wmer stay than go.jM«l^^^ ^ACiS^ 

jtxC Ixj ghitmekdoa - issa * kllmok - 

Soot» «. ^^1 iss. [bXopa-y^^dir. 

Sootii, «. 4j:^&>Sf>' hlkiklt ; in — , in 
good — , ij:.^^^ hIktk}L^ ^Jtfil^ 

Soothe* v.a. t^^^«d«j t^aakln-et. 

Sophism, s, AxmA^ slfsAta. 

Sophist, «. ^^>"AVi nifl^i slfsAtoji. 

Sophistry, «. <lru>L< sXfiBAta. 

Soroerer, m. Sorceress, /. ». l54>1>- jldi, 

jb^^e^ «ihrb2z, \^^ji b^Auju or 

O^ji^ bikyuju. [bAyu. 

Sorcery, «. ye^ sihr, ^y bi|^Aa or ^y 

Sordid, a. AjI^1:>^ (cfalnghini), ^J 

Sore, a.^^1 Ajir, ^pr^ ^i"; ^^j-^;^*^ 
dbgfani, ^^,#lijt<» ^U- jant-siktl- 
mtsh,; — , 8. tj\i ykea, ^skj zikhm, 
^jB^ j4rh ; — throat, jU^ h^hSz, 

jV&e;- khihinlk. 
Sorrd, «. iJ^y^j^ kdzu-kdDi^^*. 
Sorrow, «. jji^ kider, J\ ^em, J;J 

dird, o^U«»-S klssav^t, uA^rfU 

t^'^sssof, ^ ghlm, 9^*>j\ ^duh. 
Sommfbl, a. jJiU miJuddsr, cJlx^^ 

Sony, a. jA^^ miikdddEr, ujl^b^ 

m^'^flsof ; Ui lEna, (2;s^^ miss- 

Sort, f. ^jJ dikrhi (ti^lo), c^ sdy, 
^ jinss, ^^ nfev"; — , v,a, 
kyrmakf Jhcji^ 

jinss-jmss-ayrmAk ; — , v.h, (J^^ 
kjmdk, (J^\^ y^ashmak. 

Sortie, 8. <0 l^IiJ? cJ^Lft ^U^\ ^Ur« 
^«^jiS^ ji mdhtssora - Rinnan -"ass- 
kezin-d^8yuriyyB-bfar->hi)j umi. 

Sot, 8. ijjj hhkn I — , VM. <->y|^\ 
fjA\j^\ iJ^jJ^ imm»ff\ iohttb^khab* 

Soul, 8, ^J^ jln, ^j ruh, ^U^ j^nin. 

Sound, 8. yjm»jk 8^, 1j^ slda, j]^1 
awaz; (gulf) ji;jf Iqrdrfez, -fJ^ 
kh^l^ ; — ^, a. &l^ s^A, Jl^Ip 
v^WlnsL ; jJ 1 lyi ; u5y Idwi ; mT^ 
dinj ; Ssf^ mithkim ; (sleq)) ^1 
\gka. ^^J dferin ; — ^ vm. c?^^ 
chllmak, f^jy^ diffb-et, cX*jS)^\ 
dtdurmek; (depth, &c.) tJjJoLdl 
issklndil-et ; (persons) Jn^Ji^^^jfil 
X^Azmt - y6klainak ; — , vm. ^^X^^\ 
toiek, cXcjl^ {jm^a s^ss-VErmek. 

Soundings, 9. j>/. (jMsf AA JjJjliMit 
^J^iji^ya ^Ujt Issklndn-Ua-tiLhktk- 
-61unan - su • d^rinlipAi ; to take — ^ 
^\ JjJJUmb^ bsklUidn-ltmok. 

Soup, 8, Vj!^ ch6rba. 

Sour, a. ^*.^1 dcshi, ^^^ tikrsh; 
— ish, a. ^ysrto mkykhftsh. 

Source, '•j^^ pun^, yJit\iJi^ pdniUr- 
blsht, «.Ai^.m^nba". 

South, 8. t^^ j^ub, iLi klbla ; — « 
a. (j|^:»-j^ubi; — east, ^Uil^lk^ 

Soutiierly, a. and ad. ^ iLi klbla- 
Southern, a. ^^^ j^nubi. [ghibi. 

Southernwood, 8. ^jyf^ kyafuriyyi. 




Southward, a, and ad. ^^^ ^J^ 

South-west, «. ij^yi^ 16do88. 
South- wester, 9. (^jJ 16dos8 ; <^jo3 

\jjij%j Iddoss-ruzghyari. [ghibi. 
South-westerly, a. ^^ ij^y^ 16do88- 
South-westem, a. ^|^ iJci^ (^jjJ 

Soverdgn, ». 2rUij\j padishah, j1jb4ix»^ 

h^londar; (com) }ij^ Ura ; — , a. 

Ji:;«»« m^tjjull. 
Sovereignty, t. ^ji.^<j,C'>- hul^um^t; 

jA^CL mUkiyyfet; Jl£u*l isstiklal, 

4>1 Ju:..^^ isstibdad ; usJjO d^ylet. 

SOW' '• >^> u^.^ ^"^ - ^^^^ 
(d6mnz) ; — ^ v.a. CX*^ bkmek, 

Ift^ zfer*'-et. 

Space, ». jj yir ; Ji^^ mdh^, ^oLt 
m^l^an ; ijtou^ m^d2n ; open — ^ 
jUj>^ dchtk-yir, |^^i3k^^^^1 ^htk- 
-m^ydln; j3\;^ draltk; absolute — ^ 
)L«^ )U> kh^a - u - m^a ; absolute 
vacant — , )L>- kh^a; — of time, 
cl^J^ mikdda, jl];^ draltk. 

Spacious, a. ^^tv^ gh^nish, ^^ilj 
waast", ^SJ^ vi^"^', ^J^^ dchik. 

Spade, «. Jj b^, ^jf kyi^r^. 

Spain, tf. \JUmi1 isspania. 

Span, t. ^Ij lOrtsh; (of thumb 
and fore-finger) j^mi s^ri; (of an 
arch) jS kimsr, ^^3^ dchikltk, 
y^ wbtsr ; (of life) 4^ J^ mildd^t ; 
— , v.n. j;..«1Lmij\)I klrishlamok; 
fj^jy^ ^^^jA^^ irJcjiMi^t iksstunda- 
- kiemar - ghibi - ddrmak ; tdl^L^I 


ihata-et, Jh*1^ llmak ; — new, spick 

and — new, ,^^v---i yfep-yenyi. 

OJk^j JJiXs^ j^did-u-mty^ded* 
Spangle, «. Jy pul. 
Spaniard, «. jJIjUmi! isspanioli. 
Spanish, a. j!U}Lmi1 isspanioli ; , s. 

^y U Isspanioljs. 
Spanish fly, s, tf^yi J}^ kthiduz- 

-bi((i^yAi; — liquorice, ^\j ^^U-* 

Spanker, t. (sail) }i^\j rlnda. 
Spar, 8. (timber) ^^^ s^ren; 

chibi^k; (mineral) ^ 

m4"dm-tXsht; — ^vm, \^2ij^^ju 

mi^Bhta-tk' 'limini-et. 
Spare, a. (extra) c)^^ y^ek, CJi^aj 

y^deklik ; (superabundant) -*^ ^ f 

fXzla ; ^y b^sh, »^y» b6shda ; 

(lean) ^ i ^ n^ Tk"% jjyj zabun, 

(diet) ^^ y^AU, j^^i y^ghe^ ; 

— , v.a. \ fA "Xfv-et, \^^J^^ b&kfih- 

-et, j; .4 L.\,f- Lj blyAtshlamak ; 

(J^^y ^»;bl Idarsli - kuUlnmak ; 

Cil4> ^j^ ^ssirgh^mek; cJ^..c^j 

vsrmek, cXJjOj virE-bilmek. 
Spark, ». |>-^ W^Ailjim, iiJ\jJU 

shbiir^ ; (beau) ^^ h6ppa. 
Sparkle, t;.ii. Jkc^U p^lanuik, ^j^^y 

Sparrow, «. ^^ SKrchB, y^^ ^/^ 

SETchB - kdshu, jjim»n & "issfur, 

dll^ kyl^jlshk ; — hawk, ^1 
Sparse, a. cJ^ s^yr^k. [Xtmiga. 

Sparseness, 9, cJl^^ s^yr^kl*^ 
Spasmr ' 




Spatula, «. Ju« mlbl^kk. 
Spavin, s. ^jtJ^ sbkh. 
Spawn, s, ij^^j¥*ii^^. bHik-yimur- 
tasat ; — , vm. and a. (j^^jy^ 
Speak, v.a. ti^J;SS U^ktrdi-et, f JX? 
t^^11ain-et; — , v.a. cULj*.* 
siiw^lKmek, cXut^ d^mek. 
Speaker, «. ^Oi ^^LL^ siiw^ylsTan- 
-IdAm ; |*0t ^jlj\ jJj! jLJ ndtk- 
-Mxr-51an-ld4m ; ^j^j rh'lsB. 
Speaking-tnunpet, a. ^j^jji j^ Igki- 

Spear, 8. j|;J^ mJzrik, ^jL ghirgbt, 
tj^ nizE; — , ».«. JUjf^^tjJ^ 
Special, a. ^l> khlsss, ^yoi^ midch- 
8U88, (^/A^ mdkhtlssB; ^^yai- 
Speciality, 9. v:: »^gi<t^.n^ khu88U8s)yy^t ; 
^^-as=* Jlc "ilmi-mikkhavBS, ^ 
fEnni-mkkh8U88, <j:, 'H;<^ 
Specially, atf. U^.^^ Ididssussa, ^Jl£ 

Vjfl;^\ "ia6-l.kll&88U88. 

Specie, t. ^ xOkd. 

Species, t. ty n^". 



Specify, t.a. \ 

'vjS!*» ta yin-et. 

Specimen, ». A5^ n^unl [z^rra. 

Speck, t. afl IfekB ; ^ n&kta ; ar^ J 

Spectacle, *.^^ 8^; ^i-J^^l-Ujy- 

^^yw-shayan-nfessna; — a, #. />/. 

'Wf [JJ>U shahid. 

; jlffU nazir. 

Spectre, «. ^l^ khkyala. 

Speech, «. jJL) nutk; 4fiLljCJ^j3 

kuw^ti-nXttkn ; Jiu^ t^kfellmn. 
Speed, «. ^Ju£s gbidiah, \:l.^ja 

Itk-Tsrmek; — , v.a. K1Xa\^ ghit- 
mek, ClUl^sCl^U- chJibtk-gbh- 
mek ; fall — (of a borse) ^jt^ ^^ 

Speedily, ad, C)jl>- cb&bik. 

Speedy, a. cJjl^- cb&bik. 

Spell, 9, ^^y bii^Au or ^^ b^yn, 
^LJ* ^fsans, u%«^^ ^faun ; — , v.a. 
ilXMJftM>_:Mrf)L«l Imlaasini - aiiwfy- 
lamek, {}^^^ ^^^x^ilUt bnlasaini- 
-yazmak; cJ^<4]ls:^ b^^lEinek. 

Spend, v.a. W^ kbkij-et, luJ^ si^- 
-et, \«..i^«d^ mlasraf-et, t^i^ b&zl- 
-et; (time) CX«;ys^ gb^birmek, 
\}j^ Imrar-et ; — itself, JP'J^^J>- 
biztnt-Xlmak, (JHcUllS^y kdw^ti- 
-k^klmamak ; — , v.a. cXJi^^ b^li- 
-gbilmek, C)^*li^,<>MA3 n^fesi-gbsl- 
mek, t J|j^^L<2>^ m^ny-bzal-et. 

Sj[>endtbrift, «. i^^^^ miisarif, <^1^^ 
(^Jj mirl88-y^. [ndtfi£. 

Sperm, 9. _:^ m^ny, ^^^-iS n^fss, is^ 

Spermaceti, 9. ^^^^ j3V bXlik-n^fssi. 

Sphere, 9. z} kyiirs ; ClUi mek ; ^b 

Spherical, a. t^jj^ kyiMvi. [da'ira. 

Spherics, 9.jH. d^bj^ ka&r^ylyyZt. 

Spice, «.^^ bUiar; (touch) ^Umaya, 
yjS k6kT7. 

Spider, «. CJusr^j^ linrunjMc, CLNJj^ 
''ank^but; — 's web, ,^^<^J^f^j^ 





knnij^k-l^M iT>jtfr^\cj\j tan- 

Spike, t. J— ^tJI hikflxr; — , VM. 

fjAi\:>jmXj\ tokflBT-chakinak. 
Spill, v.a. CUI^ dkkmek; — , vm. 

CUiijJ dikynlmek. 
Spin, VM. cX^j£s\ ^Aimek, t Jjjil 

ighzil-et; — , cXiJ^J dtemek, 

^J^\*ii^ ArfldAnmak ; (mDcwonDs) 

1 J^UcJwt )p^k.hlB8tl-et. 
Spinach, t. cJli^l kapiinik^ ^^si-*^ 

Spindle, t. CJ^^ ^A ; Jw« m3. 
Spme, •. ^Cj,>»^^.fj< iUrka-kknyM, 

^Lc^j) &nyurgha (6murgha). 
Spinning-wheel, «. jfyS>- cUkrtk. 
Spiral, a. ^ jj^ hM6z6ni ; — Une, #. 

^^jU hM6Eon. 
Spire, t. 4i kdlU (kdU). jf^L^ minahi ; 

^X^ jr^l*4 minars-k|fiilaht« 
Spirit, «. ^^j ruh ; qiirita, ^yj\ hnrih ; 

Z^J ri^h, jjp "ink, ^\j rUu. 
Spiritual, a. yj^^^j ruhlnl; t^yUM^ 

mk"n€Yi. [don. 

Spiritnooa, a. {:)'^s^y^j^ "lu»k-n^"in- 
Spirt, «. Jij\ i^dsh, cry^ flahktrah; 

— , rji. j;^;! Itmok, fJ^jkLi fish- 

Spit, «. ^^yu&c-^L^ k^bab-ahlBhi* 

«^ Sikh ; (of land) J«3 dil } — , v,n. 

CX«^y tikkynrmek. 
Spite, ». kf^LiJ n^faan^^ ; — , v.c. 

loJlwiJ n^ftanljybt-et ; in — of, 

jjlm4i\i,^ hldi-bXkmayarak ; in 

- of him, Uij \S\ ln^.ri«faman. 

Spittf e, t. cJ/y tkkrok. 

Splaah, t. c/»y2j ^i^^MiS "^ v.«. 

•chimur-a)chr4tmak; — » v ji. j^j^l»^ 

(Jaj\jJB^ chamur-flkhrAtDMdL 
Spleeo^f. (organ) j^JdlUk; (paaaioa) 

\jy^$^ Ukrfl*8^yda; Uy-wir. gbbuib ; 

jl^ mbrik, ^m i)«a^}, ^^ls»- 

^^mJ JCAh^ jan-alktndnai. 
Splendid, a. U| i^'ni, li^^cJ^ p^k- 

Spiendonr, t. ^j^^ t^vnlk« ia^.;Wl>i 
aXlUnlt, iik^ tXntAna, AiJJO d^b- 

Splice, t. CJI ^k, ^jtCJ\ ^-jiri; — » 
Splint, t. y^\i\^jii kirilgi-l^AAJ.-. 
Splbter. ff. ifJ;^ khdrda; ^L&\ 

^AAJ*khtndiS8t, ir 

-h28aa.61; — , v.a. \Cfjti^ khdrd-et. 
^l^lsLjj^ khdrd-u-khlBh-eL 

Split, *. jj\i yirik; —* »^. ^^b 
vbmflk, \c)i>> chik-et; — >, v.n, 
ij^^ yktbndu (^ijl>> ch^amak. 

Spoil, «. Uiu yft^Ama, C^^.^jvr ghlnl- 
m^t (/»/. wlxc gh^na'im), u-Juii 
a^eb; — ^, vjn. cf^l)^ b6zvlmak; 
— , ©.a. J^jji b^zmak ; J^j** s^y- 
mak, \ Uj^ yi|^ilina*et, \c^U gharet- 
•et, tw^ n^b-et, ^w \ta ablb^et. 

Spoke, 9. J^ji^/=^ t«kerlUc. 
-pinna^At, j;^ pjinnak ; I'D pot a 

— in hia whed, (vWlrfJtjl/^c;^ 
bte-Xn^-bir-6yim-y4piUriin, jj^i^if 

* • « • • 




Spoliate, v.a. \ iZJj\i j w«fi n^b-a- 

-^aret-et, Jh*;^ s^ymak. 
Spoliation, *. ^^^ s^yghun. 
Sponge, «. ^y^ aimghsr. 
Sponsor, s. i}JS kHil. 
SpontaDeooa, a. ^^t^^^ls^Jc^u^Ja^ 

Spoon, «. {Jh&IS kXahtk. 
Spoonlal, ». J^li kXsbtk. jA\i 

^^^^ klahtk-dMuaav. 
Sport,*, ^^y 6yun. ^cciLl ^ylinja; 
^\ !▼, ^(C& ahikyar, JUi# aiyd, 
CL?jU« afyad^t; — ^, v.a. Jk«^^t 
Aynamflk, ^J^wS^Uj^t ftynaahmdc ; 
CXc^y^T lya-gh)tmek. 
Sportsman, ». j^^Tj' ^TJi- 
Sportamanahip, «. JlLsf-^t lijflik. 
Spot, a. Ai3 l^ka; aU; n^kta, vJcj 
bhiek; ^ ysr, JiCr« rndb^U, ^^ 
m^Tks^'; — , v.a. tiifl l»m-et; — , 
«Ji. CU^iC l^kaLmmek ; on the 
— , JfoJl*^ mdhaUinda; «jl*^jy 
6Umdli^Idii; irJ^^jWi^^^J dihrdu^Av- 
-yxrda; jrouJt anida, c:. 
^a'X l^jjUib h^mand^. 
Spodeas, a. J^ii^ l^kiiiz ; cJU pak. 
Spotlessoeti, a. cJl>^ l^kttizlik; 

Spotted, a. ^^ IHcxli, jILj binddu 

Spotty, a. jjiG b^nekU. 

Sponae. #. ^^j zfefj, A».^ k6ja ; Ap^jj 

^'A ^JS klri. 
^P<^* t. cJ)«t ^mzik, Uli ghi^ba. 


c^JL'^ b^TO, ^\ Ighz ; (pipe) Jj!^ 
61nk; • — , vji. ^^^^c^A^ fishkirmdc; 
— , VM. Qjm^mj j i . ? . t ffahktrt- 

Spnin, a. ^^/^y bdrkvlirsh ; — , v,a* 
(J^jyi bdrkutnudc; to be sprained, 
juii;^ bt^kulmak. 

Sprat, a. ^J^\j^m»4if^ hibnai-blli^At, 
^»nAr^ h^mat, or ^^^^rL khdmst. 

Spray, a. (wood) Jb dll, Jb<lecCrt 
bja-dll ; (froth) ^jy^^^J*^ 
i^^L^L^ d^yizin^ • yii^Amur • 

%>read, vm, Jn*^^ ykymok; CX#;>ii 
sirmek ; \ k^ blsst^ ; \ jti 
n^shr-et; — , vm. (j^^i yiiythnok) 
lc:^L«i ^ray^t-et* 

Sprig, a. J^^^^VjI injo-dal. 

Sprightly, a. ^>1«^ sh^aahokh, ^^y 
f^rah, r/^ toMkamh. 

Spring, a. (season) j\^^ bihar, j\|i J^< 
svYxl-Udiar, jl^iSxl\ Dk-bUiar; 
(water) JL)^ (pmgkc), ^Vj^ 
(pdn^)-bl8ht, ^j^^f^ a^blaht, 
i^j\A kyiaxna, A4>tt>y>^ a^^cbbshms, 
«^«:^ m^bk", ^piJ y^bu" ; (lock) 
^\i yi^y ; (watch) ci^Hj zbnb^rek ; 
(jump) ^\jf^ rfchrayiah, ^^1 
Xttltsh ; — , v.n. J^)/^ A^hramok ; 
J^\ Ittlmak; J^'iJ f irlamak ; 
\l:J^ n^^t-et, \^ n^b"-et; 
j\J^U. h2ssa-61, \^J t^r^ttab- 
-et; — , v.a. (a mme) j;^\ Itmak; 
(a mast) \ laL* sAkAt-et ; — a leak, 
j^l&Urr^\j^ sd-^tmiyU-bl^^ 

T 2 




lamok; — up (as plants), vlLc^^ 
Biimiekf ^JaSL>- chikmok. 
Sprinkle, v.a. and »• CX%J^ a^rpmek ; 

Sprout, 8, yj^yi^ t6mruk, {^yj^ t&m* 
rujnk, ^ fUiz : — , v.*. C^j^^i 
fUiz-s&nnek, cXJjli fUizlsninek ; 
^JK«A«^ diikmok, cX«;tMi s&nnek. 

Spun, a. ^/I^'^i^ ^AinhniBh. 

Spar, M. jj^ (mahmuz) ; (monntain) 
Jy k61; — , VM. ^jA^jS^ midi. 
muzknnak ; \fj^ytmJ tfeahvik-et, 
i^^jStJj^t^ dftrtaahdiurmek ; on the 
— of the moment, ^IjJb bi-'U 
bidaM, ^ J^jl^^U^ vUd^'i-ulJULi. 

Sparioas, a. isdX^ aUchta, J^ yjdln. 

SparionanetB, «. ^jLllS k^dplik. 

Spurn, t;.a. 1 ^ Jilj;l&>>c^>^y4Jlj ^J^ 

Sp7, «. ^^^W- jaMUM (sh^ahid) ; — , 
VM* ^JlLi^W jaaavsaluk-et (alul* 
ahidlik); — glaaa, ^^jy^ durbtn 

Squabble, #. fU^^^oiy b6kdAn-n)za"; 
— t VM. \f^\:y^ji b&kdatt-n)za"-et. 

Squad, #. Jilt tkktm. 

Squadron, i, (ships) UJjJ d6nimma, 
UjjjJ^t£^\ bja-d5nanma; (horse) 

Squall, «• (wind) Ujji hbrai (chfld's) 
(^ jLji i^^^y^ ^J^ k&chak- 
-ch6jv^Aung-flr7adi; ^-, vji. ^ jb^i 
fbryrad-et, J^Jl^l l^iUanudu 

Squander, v.a. fi^^r*^ issraf*eC Ic.^ 

Square, s, ^y mi^r^bba ; (houses) 
^^ Ju« m^dXn ; (carpenter's) ^^^s 
ghyimya ; — ^, a. ^j^ dbgkru, ^^ 
ghykiya; SJ^^kSJjJ diM-lgritohB ; 
^-, (J^jl dymak, vlX^i^ij^^c^ 
d^Aru-ghElmek ; — accounts, t7.a. 
dV^Mil^Li^- hissablBshmek ; we are 

Squash, vm, k1Xcj\ ^zmek. 
Squeeze, s. y^i^ siktsh; — , vja. 

JUAr^ slkmok. [(satire) y^ hijv. 
Squib, «. (firework) c«i^\&ibU mahitib ; 
Squmt, t. jju«il«i sh^shilik ; — , v.n. 

y^l^ shasht-61 ; — eyed, ^l& 

shashi, ^fA ^viL 
Squire, n, U! }L^Aa. 
Squirrel, t. ^jijiJ t^vn. 
Squirt, «.A:i>>h6kna; — ^vM,^jAiJJLA 

fishkntmok; — . vji. jK«;ilJ fish- 

Stab, 9. yj^^^i jf^ khlnjar-ybosst ; 

— p v>a- iJV^^J?^ khlnjar-ila- 

Stability, «. ws^l^ m.^tin^t, d^lJ 

s^bat, j*\C*ul JsstJhkyam. 
Stable, •.j^\ Ikhtr, a!jV tkvUi, JJa^t 

isstlbl; — ^ a. V£.^l} sabit, ,«..iS*« 

m^tin, A^jrt— >• miisst^hkim. 
Stable-boy, Stable-man, «. ^^^Itrtf^ 

Stack, $. ^^ yi^Atn, A^ l^&mB ; — , 

VM. \^jM yiyAin-et. 
Staff, 8. (stick) cJojJ d^ynek, Ux: 

"issa; (body of assistants) i^'^n^ 




C^^^lo xnii'V^ - mfemurlfn ; 

(army) f^ri^\J^J^ ^rkyani-hi^b. 
Stag, *. CJ-^ ghfeyik. 
Stage, «. (of a journey) ^^ m^zil ; 

(of tnmBitiQn) JU hal, a?/ k^rtE ; 

(scaffold) ^1 bsk^ ; (of a theatre) 

^-ai^ maiil886, 4^(J^La^^ 6yun. 

jularjn^-yiri ; (theatres in general) 

Ly iJ t^trolar ; — over, v.a. siLa\ 

^JLaLIj ^^^J S-^u^y isskMs-kdrup. 

Stage-coach, 8. if^j^ i}j^ m^nzQ- 

Stagger, v.ii. (JLXa^sSx,^ s^nd^^mek, 

j\^J:>^l}JLi y)ktl(Qak - 61 ; — , v.a. 

^^X^sOj z^dslsmek; JifiL^U 

CX«|£j s^batma-khdlBl-TErmek. 
Stagnant, a. ^)^jy^ durghun, d^\j 

rakid; ^jt^j\ Irldlmish; (market) 

jLi k^srad. 
Stagnate, v.n. J^aUjI }Lkmamak, CX*^^ 

kkmek, cX«1^1 irldlmek, ^}^j)*^ 

ddrmok, j^^^fy^*^ dOrghun-61, ^1 J^ 

rakid-61; (market) jl jL^ k^88ad-61. 
Stagnation, 9, X^iji irkmi. 
Staid, a. jLimCw thnklnli. 
Staidness, «• {^^^^ t^mkin. 
Stain, 9. iH l^kB ; — , v.a. dU!^ 

l^bslEmek; \^ 1^-et; — , vm. 

CX«:i^ likslBnmek. 
Stair, 9» 4JK«4^V blssomak, ^ji^ 

d^^JR ; — B, 9. pi, ^-case, 9, ^^V*^ 

n^rdib2n (mxr^vEn). 
Stake, «. (wood) jjU klztk ; (wager) 
r; bihsB ; — ^ v.a. \tJ>*<flg i bidiss- 

-et; at — , xdH^s^ t^hlikidB, 
2rJ2r^Ur« mukhltorada. 

Stale, a. C^U bkyat; ,^1 ^ki ; 
— , v.n. fjAj\Li klshonmok. 

Stalk, #. c^U sXp ; — , vm, CX«jj|^ 
yidrumek, CJv«j^ gh^zmek ; JU|;y kd- 

Stall, «. ^IcL khan^, J ysr. [rulmak. 

Stallion, 9, i>^\ Xt,yb1 ^yghtr. 

Stalwart, a. <uU!t Jjjt j ^UJl u^^ 

Stamina, 9. ^.SJy kdwet. 

Stammer, v.n. dUb^C^Jj p^tfek- 

Stamp, 9. lUJ (dlmgha) ; — , v.a. lUJ 
JU;^! dXmgba-wdrmak ; (in a mill) 
CX4^^<3 ««X^=w J dMkda-d^rAmek ; 
(under foot) cX«A2m>> chinsmek, 
Jh«!)j;:£11 jU kyak-Httna-lhnok ; — , 
v.n. (with the feet) CJ^O (t^pin- 
mek), (^^ J^^ 4ydc-chllmak. 

Stanch, a. u5y kkwi, ^^j^:^ m^tin. 

Stand, 9, (pedestal) ^\A kydk ; yj^^ 
k^rsi; (stall) ^^^=^j^ s^rghi ; (of 
arms) J«Xfi "^ed, iJ^ Wx"^ ; (op- 
position) viu^jlS^ mdk2v^m^; — ^ 
v.ff. (j^j^^ ddrmak ; (on foot) t^tXSM 
(J^^J3^ kydcda - ddrmak ; (bear) 
j;4jU9 d^yanmak; cXi^ ch^k- 
mek, \ J^iiar t^h^mnl - et ; (be 
sitoated) JU>Sy ^hnok, j^^|^ wakt''- 
-61; (a coarse, a ship) cSat*^ 
ghltmek, Jk«Jj19 Jji y61-tdtmak ; (be 
permanent) l1X«;jmi 8&rmek,y^fjjb 
p)tydar-61 ; — for, \«::J^ J d^ilalet-et; 
^1 J jj bMd.61, ^UUir»3c^\i« mav- 




86aidA.61; (an office) j\i^\L talib- 
-M; — m, (cost) Jl^y 61inok ; (a 

mdk; — off, CUK»- di^kilmek; 
(aahip) J^t^^) ik^ilmak; — one's 
ground, ^ out, jt^Ji^lj aabit- 
kldsm-^L ^J^^ dayanmok; — 
sentry, cUKju^y n&bH-b^kl£. 
mek ; — atfll, (J^jy*^ dihrmak, 
JkoUJ^iA^mJ ymtldlmnoniak ; — np, 
^J^iStiAfiU iiya^ib-kUkmak ; <^j^jt 
ij^j*^ d6^Aru-ddrmak ; -» — for, 
(^Uj ^kays-et, \i^r'*^ HM^hhab- 
-et; i^X^SmJ iaitamek; — on end, 
C^JjjO dlkflmek ; to come to a — 
still, jK«jr^ ddnnok, Jk^^^^^ 
piyssulayi-shdshihndc, JuSli kllmok. 

Standard, »• J^^ slnjok, Jk6 "ilam, 
IP liwa, j]^ bkyrak, J[;«^t Ufaadam; 
(of weight, &c.) jU* "iyir, jL»« 
™^'7^* c;li?^ mizin, j]yi klrir; (in 
machmery) jW kjA; (tree) y^jj^^ 
^U1 jl^^daun-kjriktakla-X^Aig; — 
bearer, j'jJl^ bkyrakdar. 

Standing, «. uuJU siftt; iiJj rhthi; 
jiss\ i^tibir ; (in time) |*Ji Udfem; 

• — , m. 9Ji^ kjdkiia, Jli ka'im; 
^JLaJJLj kllkrotsh ; (permanent) 
^^^\ J da'imi, jljjb p^ydftr ; (water) 
U^J3*^ dfirgliim, J^j nUd, ^\^\ 

Staple, «. (iron) kJy^ySa kfrftpm ; 
(mart) ^^^^ chiraU, ^^Li kXpAn ; 
(of wool,&c.) L^ b&y ; — , a. cJj-J 

Uyuk, ^jL&l^ bXsU^a; J^^ Issl, 

Star, #. J jJj yttdiz, ^ef^ n^jm, w^<^j^ 
kBTksb,;r;L<t8)tarB; (of knighthood) 
^bJ nkhin; (person of ennnence) 
iirn^jM^ mVt^bir-khntenB. 

Starboard, «. J^^V^ slnjok. C.i'Vj^*^ 
^^9^ iWLi gh^minin^-slxjak-tbafs. 

Starch, «. ^bi^UJ nkhlssta (<-■■■, r» 
nbh^Mtn, a deposit ?) ; — , vm, 
(j^j^ te..iUj nishlsattf-wthnudu 

Stare, oji. Jh*jUcX}J dik-blkmok. 
J^\j«^^p^.blknuik; j^^j/ 
j;4^\ ghyftzona-ch6k-^ehmak. 

Stark, od* ^^ffij bitmi. 

Starling, t. ^jp^J^ si^rAiijtk. 

Start, #. t>^,c^ sichnyish; 

k6poah, ^ \t ^ chiktih; ^1*«--« 
m^yd^n; — ^, v.a. (jump] 
sichiamok ; (in motion) 
chlkmok; cf^y k^pmok; to get 
the — » ^^^^/fi^}^ UM-d^pranmek 
(or (j^\j^ d^rrimmak); u^j^^ 
(j^Ji ghMda-brUunak ; — , v.a. 
^}^j\ \ j - y > chikirmak ; (game) 
J^^Jtllik^dtrmok; (water) CX«J%&> 
dihkmek, J^Uy b^sh^tmak; (the 
anchor) J^tJ^^t 6yniitmak, i£pu£j 
j;<«^) dlbdon-iyrmdc. 

Startle, va. s^X^j^^,,^.^^ td"4ijub- 
•iftdinnek, J^Ar^cA^ h^In-kH- 
mak : ij^jf k6rkutnMik ; l^,^*^ji 
^^jJUjI bhdan-bhs-dy^dtrmok. 

Starre, «.«. i^^ji^ ^•hrAkmok, J^ 




^'^kmek ; — to death, v,a. 
^i^^|^j34j^t£C\!jf f^linj^yo-kldar-^- 

•kdmiik ; , vm. C^^^^^ASlfi^-l 

^likdun - Umek ; — wilti odd, 
CX*iy(2>j3^^ s^Aokdon-i^linek. 
State, ». (condition) Jl>- h&l ; (govern- 
meat) w^JjJ d^vkt, sa^^^^j^ h5- 
kydmet; (pomp) ka^:JflL> aXltAnlt, 

Hajr; — , tr.a. cJwWj dhnek, 
CX«3j^ a&w^ylBmek, tji^iJ tlkrir-et, 
'c>W b^fin^, \/j zikr-et ; 1^^^ 
Statesman, ^' jy^^jy^Jt^^ mid^bbiri- 

Station, t.^ yir, J^s« m^fa^; Jj:^ 
m^nziU u-ii^ m^vkif; i3k». h^d, 
ijlj pays, ^j rutb£; — , ».«. j;^j5 
k5mak, J^-^Jlj.; biikmok, l^^^^^fA? 

Stationary, c. cmU sabit. [tiL"yin-et. 

Stationer, #. ^j^^^^^ kya^Aidji. 

Stationery, #. ^^L^ ^^^ Ji Jkfils 

Statue, t. jiy^ tlasvir, ^mOt^j^y^ 

Stature, t. iJ[^ b6y, k&i.««\i k2met, oJ 
kldd, ]U bate. 

Status qoo, t. jy y V&^tl bstatQ-kuft. 

Statute, t. ^yli kanDn, fHoj nizlm. 

Stave, «. ^toatr ^^y fichi-tWitaaai. 

Stay, «. ^j^J dihirsh, ^U klliah, 
«iS.^\!l UOmet ; (prop) cJa«N> dte- 
tek, jLL d^yflk, iJ^U pky^nds; 
(morel) Jij rMm ; J^ ^tjf gbyte; 

jfjj^^fj^^ tdtar - k61 - gbyirur. 
•ghyite; (of amaat) iS^ji»2\ isstrUya; 
— ^8. *. /i/. 4a«a;y kbrs^ta ; — ^ t;.ii. 
(j-^jy^ dchmok, JU>I^ kllmak, J^^^jt 
6t0rmak, cXiJu^t ^ylsnmek ; (a ship) 
I^JjbSUyjji^l ^rsa-idabkida-et; — 
one's hnnger, ij^j^^^yjU^J^ sAfrayt- 

Stead, «. JjJ bMd; in stead, 31 Jo 
bfedehm, i:jj^ yirinn. 

Steadfiist, a, ^\:^ m^t^nbtli, ^o&jU 
sabitkldxm, j^^\ pi^ydar. 

Steady, a. c5y Uiwi, S,^ nr&hkim, 
jj^ kirir, ^«-^jj*>;; blr-diiaya; j^*;? J 
(atr£maz),J^/L^/LS^£s\(; r^kylkit- 
-ghyitostEnD^z ; (in character) ^^jf^\ 
^min, t><«fiit« mii"t^mfed, ^j\ dsslu, 
J«^ tbmiz ; — , v.a. (J^^ tdtmak, 
\^^^j,mt.^Jcjjs 6ynamii68lnt-mto"-et. 

Steak, 8. i^J^tfb J/ kyld-blssdt. 

Steal, v.a. Jk«S^ chllmak, \^£^j^ 
sbrkxt-et, (J^^f'j^ hghnj\amak ; — » 
v.n. \^^y^^ khirsizltk-et, tc^^ 
s)rklt-et; (move quietly) A . \Jj ^\ 
\\^^*^j>- dssT^Ua-hkr^kit-et; — in, 
Cji^^dU^y dssGUa-ghirmek; — out, 
.LiJuj^^^i^il dssOlk-chikmak : — 
on, cXusfjdi^t dssulla-gh^hmek ; 
time steals on, J^^::^^Ji^^iJ^^^ 
yawlsh-yawXsh-wXktt-ghbchiyor ; — 
away, cJ>»Am'* slvishmek, ii^yA 
fjjj^^ ihMuUo-skwvshmak. 

Stealth (by),ml. ^j^ ^jS ghizli-ghlzll, 
aU^U)! kXchamakk, Li^^ "hla^ 




Bteam, «. ^^ bu^Au, J^ bi^khar, 

jy}) ▼^POT ; — engine, ^y?- j^S 
T^por-cbirkht; — boat, — >^P»J^1^ 
▼ipor, ^■.■ji4i^f.»» cUirich-ghfeiniBa; 
looomotiTe — engine, i<^^^ J^}) 
viipor -"inbosBs; — , v.«. yj^^y, 
^jaSl^ bd^Atraau-dblkmak ; ^t^y»- 
C^^tf^ cyu-kh-ila-ghitmek ; — » v.a. 
CX«^SUi«^^^y bd^Auya-gbyimtxr- 
mek ; ^^^^j^^i^^. buyAu-ik- 

Steed, 9. LUfS Xt, i^.^! ^sb. 

Steel, 9. cJid- cb^lik; (for striking 
^^) ^^'^^ J^ klv-cb^km^At ; (of 
a flint lock) f^^p kkrsbtlik ; — , i^AL.S=>il^ cbtlik-k^8ttl. 
mek; — , v.a. lii^^^cJi^ chfelik- 

Steelyard, 9.Jia:i klntar. 

Steep, a. cJj J dlk ; — , vm. J^^J b jr J^ 
adda-ytoiok; — ^, v.a. (j^\j! ^y^ 

Steeple, «. ^^lixJ^ kUisai-kdlBssi. 

Steer, «. ^y,^^ ghhi^^hbghA, j^J^JS 
ghhaykkyuz ; — , v,a. fjAjiiy kbU 
lAnmak; CX«^^ gbyi^tormek; — , 
v,n. ^J^^y^J^}*^ dikmEn-kdUAnmok; 
(as a ship) vlLo^J^jJ dikmin- 
-dlnylimek (dlnsmek) ; (a course) 
cUs^ ghltmek. 

Steersman, 9. i<^^*^ diimEnji. 

Stem, 9. c)yS kyiktnk, arJ^ gbiiwdB ; 
(of straw, &c.) l^A^ sXp ; (of a ship) 
^^l^LajdJ ^Ublab-b^dosslanuisst; 
— , VM. HXas^^^Jj kJUnhi-gbitmek. 

Stench, «. yy \ii &ia-k6ku, ^^^aaJ 
t^"ikflun, f-f-j^ im,>-\j ra'ihii'i- 

Step, 9. MiS\ Idtm, 9^ khltvB ; (of a 
ladder) Jk^^V blkssamok, jU kjak ; 
(of a door) clL^l ^shik, ^Js>^\ 
assitan; (of promotion) AJj rbOxB, 
Is^jJ dhr€iE ; (of a mast) cMji*^ \j\ 
jl ^JuXa\f dna-dir^Ainy-bXssdi^At- 
-ysr; — , vm. iJ^\^^^ kydc-ltmok; 
Jk^-^U jU iyak - bAssmdc ; (walk) 
^.L^jy yi^rmnek ; — , vm. (a mast) 
O^J^^^ji S^^^rina-^turtmok ; — 
aside, cXik^ iij^ji blr - tftrafii- 
-ch^kihnek: — back, cXcJ^ii^^ 
ghM- ghltmek; cX^^n^ gh^ri- 
•ghMmek; — down, cJ<aJ1^12«^ 
Ash^Ai -^^nmek ; — forward, jJj\ 
C^Jl^ a^ri-ghilmek ; — in, ^jS^\ 
CX.aAJ ich^ri-ghslmek; — out, 
klX^j^ CJjI>- cU^lc - yiimmek ; 
jK^ij^jlw)^ biynk-Xdim-ltlamak; 

— over, ^ycij] Itlamak; — np, 
U^^^h^^^y^y ydkkrt-cUkmiik ; — 
this way, cJ;^ ^J^y ^^-^^irafa- 
-bdyurun^; — , a. ,^^^^ ikw^Ai; 

— son, cl*J^i<^j' iiwfeyAi-6ghul ; 

— daughter, J-j'^^/ij' Awt^Ai-kiz; 

— &ther, l^Vj^^iJ^ iiw^Ai-bXbA ; — 
mother, ^\ySiji^ hwhghUkM, 

Steppe, #.^ klr. 

Sterile, a. (animal) ^^wS kbstr; (land) 

j^t^ khkyrstz, Jj>- ch&l; (plant) 

y^yos^ m^sulsizz. 
Sterility. 9. ^^j^ UsstrUlc; ^;^j^^ 


t 315 ] 


kh^yntzltk ; f^jJ^yosi^ mahsul- 

Sterling, a. ^ sLJ ^ hAkUd, ^^U- khaliss. 
Stern, s. ^ kich ; — , a. C^ ssrt, 

^^sZJjA BETt-khuylu, jL>U^ «>i J^>- 

h^d-mkajlt; — post, ^^^AJiAy^t^ 

Stem-chaser, 9. ^jo ^j k)ch-t^pv. 
Stethoscope, «. ^«i Ax*^ slns-bm. 
Stew, «. Lc^^ yiihni; (of fruit) <to><^y^J 

k6mp6ssta ; — , v.a. il^jyLi pishir- 

mek ; ^J^b^^^^^iat^ y^ni - y^mak ; 

— ^ V ji. CV 41^.1 pishmek; to be in a — , 

^j^j^ k^rkmak, jf ,^^y k6rknssu- 

-^1; — 8, *. f/. AiU-j\> kyar-khani. 
Steward, «. l«Xaa^ k^tkhuda (kyaya) ; 

(ship's) ^JSX><*\:^ khidmetji (hlz-). 
Stick, 8. CJ^t> d^ek, J^f^ chibuk. 

Lift "lasa; — , vm. t-^^lbUjW; 

clJ^jJ^^ bichlk-slplayup-Mdormek ; 

jJ2f;lt <-ry-*i^ J^^ bJchlk.sX- 
p]a3n7p-y^almnak ; — , vm, ^jaJLj\j 
ydptshmak, (j^^ tutmak ; c^^b 
(J-^li y^shtp - kllmak ; — at, 
CJ ■^^'■■C ^ - ch^kinmek, {j^jy^^j^ 
gh^-dchrmak ; — by, JUW^' kjrrtl- 
mamak ; — in, vm. ^j^y^ s^knuik ; 
^^1jL« sAplamak; — — , vjn. 
^jMj\^ slplanmok ; — out, c^llJ^ 
Jk«]^t dbhJbrt-d^Aramak. 

Sticky, 4. ^UIjIj ydpishkXn. 

Stiff, a,j^ ^Aflm^z, ^ kits, cSJy 
SETt ; ^Jjs^ sink-ghlbi, ^J^^ 
tiksh-ghlbi; jL^jiM klOkmish; (m 
manner) ^^y^ so^Auk. 

Stiffen, VM. C) ^ l..^ i p^kishmek, 
JU^Ijj kltildshmak ; J^^illS kllk- 
mak ; c3^Ju»^^\L ash-k^ssOmek. 

Stifihess, «. ^j^\ ^AOm^zlik. 

Stifle, v.a. JP^y. b6yAmak. 

Stigma, «. ^ l^kfi. 

Stigmatize, v. a. lu^^jj^* t^L^yib-et, 
1 <^^ t^bih-et, 1 ^JJ kXdh-et. 

Stile, 9.^^ji pkrmak-klpi. 

Still, a. u:^U sakit; ^U sakin; 
^fyy^ ddryATm,J>rf^Jug ^ >. ort s^ssiz- 
-sldasstz; J,-..*: '^■^^ hlur^kitsiz; 
■^; rahot, viJj tfck ; — , *. Jm-J^ 

inbik; — ^ ad, Aw yin^ (gh^ns) ; ilU- 
hala, <IUj^U» hala-yin^ (gh^ni) ; — , 
v.a, ^^j,^..»' ttekin-et; ^jSiCyc 
si^ssdiTrmak. [CJJj^-iS^hiir^kitsizlik. 

Stillness, «. cX^J '" * sesssizlik ; 

Stimulate, v.a. ^ J^^^^ t^hvik-et. 

Sting, 8. ^iiA \ghn&. ^Jj*i dikm, J^ 
khir; (pain) ^\ ijt, j->j vfej^"; 
— ^, t;.a. (J^yfi s^kmok; JkCL^-I 
Ijitniflk ; — , v.n. JP^^-sj-l Ijimak. 

Stinginess, 8. ^Jisuio tXma"kyarlik. 

Stingy, a. j^^--— «>. khassiss, Jix/io 
tlma"kyar, ^j^^ jimri, ^lC:k>> 

Stmk, 8. yy Li fsna-kbkir, ^Jixi t^'af- 
fon, i^^^dai^\j ra'ihk'i-k&ribfi ; — , 
t;.ii. (JK^y ^ £Bna-k6kmak ; — » v.a. 
jH«Jyy 1x9 £lna-k6kutmak ; — oat, 
Jjl^e^li <iL \ yl J 1:3 &na - k6ku - Ua- 
kXchtrmak ; — aloud, (j^j^ Li Cb 

Stinking, a. j^jS Li fsna-kdkar. 




f« • 

Stint, vol. 1^^^«^Jk>- h^dd-tii"ym-et, 
|^iitf>-hlwr-et; without — ^,yi^iaJbb)la- 

Stipend, «. ^U^ md"ath. [-hlurm. 

Stipulate, vm. JuJui^;t»<« xn^ahrut* 
-Idlrnak, Uj\jU mdklY^K^ IJ^ 
klyl-et; —, vm. jAc\Ji9j^Jil^ 

StipuktioDf #• i?^ ahkt; Jyi klvl, 
id^U« meklYfl£ 

Stir, f. (^t)]j|y£9 ghyiknildu, u5J^U 
pXttrdi; ^j!XJ tUiah; — , vji. 
^^^tjJuiJi kimtldinmok, \»J*<^»- 
h4rdkEt-et; — » t;.a. J^jOb^Sb^U 

Stiimp, «• ^^^iljjjl iksiiighi, ^^ 
rikyab; — leather, ^^IjU \^J}^ 

Stitch, v.«. CXX J dUanek. 

Stock, f . (wood) cJy;^ kyiltuk, ^jt 
6dim; (flower) U^^ffA ah^bbdj; 
(for grafting) \J\ ana; (of an 
anchor), ^0^ cUpo; (in trade) 
4jUyH« sirmayB, ^Lo; b)za"a; 
(funda) ^ifa a^him; ^\j!\ trad; 
^J>- khSlLKinK (hlzna) ; (for the 
neck) ^\i ^y b^jtm - bllf At ; 
(race) kJya wbj, dL^Ln aflails; 
(Btore) *^fry mfeTJvd; ti^iJ^ 
zikhiri ; ^^5%;^ Juf kLi;»-l Ihtijat- 
-t^damkn; (of a gun) jfjukJ 
kdodAk; — » VM. CJ^j ,«:jUj^^ 
l^wazimatnii - vinnek, Jm*jUjJ d6- 
natmidc ; — out, v.». Jk«^^«> dillan- 
mok; stocks, «.|i/. Jjf/iL t^mruk; 
(for ahipa) jty l^Xk. 

Stockade, t. ^]/& 8hiranp6 ; — » o.a. 

cX«;^j>-^t;Mi flhiMnp6-chMnnek. 
Stockbrokor, #. «J[;L»««« ^ j 

Stockholder, 9. ^^*^l« /^ J 

Stocking, «. <i«i»|^^»- ch^rap* 
Stoker, «. ^i>jjr^\ ^^Ji^i tapoiin* 

Stomach, t. ^{;li kkn* ir«3kib« mi"djB, 

XSk ahik^m ; -— , vm. Jh«Jj£ jdtnuik, 

\ J^ klbul-et. \^e2* tdh^mmul-et. 
Stomach-ache, t. ^^^ef^l-^ alqjL 
Stone, tf. ^Jllk tlah ; ^^hXjar, C)^ 

a^nk ; (teatide) jl&\t tlihak, ijU 

khaya ; (of fruit) C^t>jL>^ ch^kirdek ; 

— , v.m. Jk«^^ tlahlamok, \^ 

rfejm-et ; (fruit) ^^«:.j^^jr 

Jh^IL>^ chfekirdekl^ni>chiV>Tmflk ; 

— , horae, lLA lUjiA kyghk. 
Stoning. ». a>^ r^m; C^^)^^J^ 

^^^mjii^^Su^ ch^kirddddrininy • ch) • 

Stony, a. jU\L tlahltk ; ^^^ JL^ 
Stool, #. ^JJ^\ laakinmi (laakBrnli) ; 

(of the boweb) ^}aa "loud ; to go 

to — 9 \^}as> "Xmsl-et, %J^L^ 

JASL^ d)BUUi.chftnMk. 
Stoop, #. Ji^ ^^liliah, Jij^^ kin- 

burluk; — -» vm. XiyAS\ ij^Ailmek; 

^j^^ kXnbur-61; (morally) \ ^^ 

Stop, «. ijijy^ ddruah, ^li k^dtah ; 

^^^iLjf kfeaailiah, ^>^ mbn"; (in 

reading) uF^ ^1/^^ ddr.ikpyBri; 




— , VM, fj^j^*^ durmak, Jk*1^ 
kllmak. cJuJjt ^ylBDmek; — , 
VM. (j^j*^j^ti dihrdurnudc* (j^^\ 
XUkamak; \ k^ zXbt-et» ^j^j^ 
tdtmok; fj^\i^ Ukamak; \ ^^ 
mksk'et, J^l ys^3^ ki^unu-ldmak* 
<.^\4>»X ktemek ; jf ^U iDaiii-"61. 

Steppage^ «. ^U rnani"; ^:^ m^"; 
iJui Bikdds, jliJUiy tikinikltk. 

Stopper, 8. -JSJifi tikAJ, ^\L tXpa. 

Store, «. (of provinoiis) i[;^i3 z^kkhirB; 
(of neoessariefl) J^j^j^ m^yjud, 
CU^l JJ tbdarokyat, tUu^t Uitijlt ; 
(magazme) jUjI ^bar; (shop) 
i^L^sJ dikkkyan ; — , vm, 
J^jjJjb 4d;Uj1j) l^waastmltk-d^l- 
duimak; — up, — away, 9.0. J^^L^ 
a^klanuik, \ ]ai>' hife-et, \jIj\jJ d^- 
tebar-et; to set — by, CX«^ 
airmek, (J<«^^ jijc> "Xziz-tdtnuik ; 
—a, «./i/. i£jl€j\^ l^waztaUt. cs.;Uf« 

m Ahtmwi If 

Stordioiue, #• ^^^^ mUcbzxii. 

Storekeeper, ». ^^^:mi^1 jlJl jinbar-^mtni. 

Storeroom, «. jU) ^b&r, v:^^^ 
mikhzm ; (closet) ji^ fr kilar 

Stork, s. cXJil IfeyOek. [(Ulsr). 

Storm, t. ^;ty Hrtttui, ifj^; b6ra; 
(aaaanlt) ,jiijj|^ yioruynBb. j*^ 
hjgum ; — , VM, \ ij^^j^ yikmyiiBh- 
-et, \/^y!^ bi^um-et ; — , vm. Jh*!^U 
dJirilmak, J^^V b^Acrmak; to 
tdce by — , (j^\ ^^^^jyt yi^ynahla- 

Stormy, a. jS^^^ f htinali. [-llmok. 

Story, t. (tale), Jl^^ mlkasAl, A)l^ 

hikyayE, XjSi fikfA, 4.S:w« m^nkabs ; 

(falaebood) ^Jij y^Ola, <■■ »J>^ 

kkb, H^^ ddrugh ; (of a hooee) 

<^U kit [yMAnji. 

Storyteller, #. -tjk.« m^dah; ^^^ 
Stoat, a. ^\i kllm ; ^^ m^m, u^jJ 

UkwT ; 0^ cBoj ; jy-^ j^ur ; — -, «• 

^^ ^^\ aL«i aiyah-ibrpa-sdyv. 
Stove, #. ^^ a^ba. [Jk«3\ llmak. 

Stow, v.a. lubuit; (to hold) 
Straddle, v.a. ,J4JU XbAnmok. 
Straggle, t;.». jHiieU? w juicb 

dlyAtlmok, cXc^ j;:x\t dX^Atntk- 

gbitmek. [doD-^jTrflan-XdAm. 

Straggler, *. ^^ \^^f\ ^^^y^J^ ^rdu- 
Straight, vji. ^^^ ^hghro^ |>Jr....^ 

miiastaktm; J^J diiz; — ^ ai. 

cu^aL J5I 61-8a"^, w- -ifciJ dsr- 

Straighten, v.a. JP^^^tr^ d^^ltmak. 
Straightforward, a. <-£^i^ d6$rtei. [luk. 
Straightforwardneas, «. ^Jbjpjb d^ibra- 
Straightneas, ». (^^^ dJ^Amlok. 
Straightwaya, ad. c,^A*»jJ dar-"^kab, 

u:'^Li Jjf 61-8a 'at, /^JjUft h^an- 

Strain, ».j^ z6r ; C)L^ ghii^hilik ; 

— , v.a. (j^j^j z6]iamak ; i^^j^ 

ghirmek ; (with a etxainer) C3w«jj«i 

sikzmek ; — , vm. cXil^ ghferilmek ; 

ij^j^j y^^ k^ndini - z6riamak ; 

CXJj^ aitenlmelu 
Strainer, t. ^jy^ s&zghech. 
Strait, 9. jlc^ bdyiULz, ,^^ kh^ ; 

— , a.^b diir, J^ zik» cJ^ tbik 




— 0, #. pLj^iy, hbghlz, ,^^ VhhVi} ; 
i^XJUfi s^kiodt, ^^j^j^ zibijr^t. 

Straiten, v.a. fjj^J^ di^Altmak; 
C^jl^jJ t>iJ&\a/% mdzayakoya- 
-dhshnnnek. (^^^LaII^^ J dUffAlmish. 

Straitened, a. jrJA&Ld^ miyzayaktfcUl, 

Strait-laced, a. ^^ cXi p^-a6fv. 

Strand, «. i-^ls^^^ti ylkli-kinari, J:>-L 
sahn, ^ k)yi; — ^, v.a. lijj^ 
fj^j^\j^i^ klroya - ^ArAtmak» 
(j^j^ 6tnrtnuik; cX»^^A;iyl 
k^niyir-chdcmek ; — ^ v.*. ^ar^ 
ij^j^j^ klkraja-dtnmiak. 

Strange, a. v_ -*i^ gh^rib, \_ -^ ^ 

ydbXnjt ; — ! m^. c^lfff "ija ib ! 
Strangeness, #. ^^U^ "ijaiblik, 

Stranger, t. ,^/|^L[ ydbliiijt ; (foragner) 

^j-is^l ^jn^i. 
Strangle, 9. JU^ji b6^Amak. 
Strangmy, 9. ijj^j CJj Ju.i sldik-z&ru. 
Strap, 9. ^Ij U^yuh; (of plaster) 

LT^-^Vj'VuaJj' ^un-yakt-pAr. 

dunsi; — np, v.a. (^J^^ 

CX4k^3^ Idpshliirtnt - ch^kmek ; 

Stratagem, 9. ^ hilB, ^Uj^i. kh&d'X 

Stratum, 9. tzj\j kXt, J&L ab^ka; 

strata, 9. pi. d^lLk UbAklt. 
Straw, 9. (wbole) c^U sXp ; (groond) 

^U«0 s^An. 
Strowbeny, 9. cJJl>- cfallfyk. 

Stray, a. ^Jm^^^Xa Mbibaz-gh^zjBa ; 
i^J^yi dJkshmB; — , vm. ^j04iyA 
iiynbniik ; CV >•; ^ gh^xmek, 
^jAiii^ dftlcnhmflk. 

Straak, 9. ^Jif- chizi ; /lia d^kmar. 

Stream, #. ciW chky, (J^ji^ hmak, 
ijJ dhrm, yc si^, j^ n^hr ; <^«x:Jt 
Ikmdi; — ^ vji. fj/S\ Iknud^ }3^^ 
fjji!i\ ch6k-lkmak. 

Streamlet, «. \J^ chky. 

Street, 9, jli^ s^k^k, jVi} zilkAk, 
Jfjjt tArtk; — door, jj-^^SjlS^ 

Street-walker, t. ^j«^j ftrosapo. 

Strength, 9. j^j a6r, <JLy kdvvfet; 
« m^tan^, ^U^aEirf^ Isatlhkyam ; 
shidd^; cJi^*-CC kfeaskinlik. 

Strengthen, v.a. CX«^^ <^y kdw^- 
-▼irmek; cX«;«Xlljy kivilxsh- 
dirmek, d^^ cs^\&« m^tanet- 
-vdrmek, \i:L^^jfj tlkv)yy^t - et ; 
ilX^} ^^Ht5^ tlkvlyy^virmek ; 
C3^j aIC^Ub\ Isstihkyam-yBnndc. 

Stress, *. jjjj a6r; — of weather, 
^jl^j!9^C3j|yb hkwanfn^-fbtina- 
^SUghi ; to lay — upon, i^*^^ 
cX«^j c^.'^uJ^I lUurdtda • ^h^- 

Stretch, 9. ^Jmf gh^Ysh, ^jSijj!^ 
gh^iilish ; — , v.a. wl)^ ghirmek ; 
(j;4^li kXssmflk ; — , vm. cX*}^ 
gh^rilmek; ^j^j^ dzamak; (in re« 
lating) \Ai!L« mubaligha-et ; on the 
— • ^J ghfeilghi, jli^ ghferili, 
j)Ui«\j klssik*; the utmost -* of 




imagination, Ji^a^^AL)^ hiwsoUi'i- 

-t^khiiy3nil ; — out, v.a. (j^^jj^ 

uzltmak ; , — forward, v,n, 

JU3|;y ihElnmak. [(t^ssk^rE). 

Stretcher, », 9j\S. Tu^aJ d^sstl^arK 
Strew, v.a, ^ja»^\^ slchmak, LlLiil^ 

^' Lhik yiynuik, cX*;- 


Stricken, a, .^J^jji^ wdrulmish; Ibu^ 
Strict, a. ^JufC 8)kt; jJj dlktk; 
J3Jl« m^dlkktk; AiUJj^ mildlk- 
Strictl^, ad. \X^ sikt. [kikans. 

Strictness, «. jl-jSyn sikdik; JU^ 

c r .>-^ ^!^ k£inal-^hh^. 
Stricture, *. (moral) — ^ jferh, ^jo|^1 
)"tir2z, |J«a9 flBsl; (physical) jrJu» 
Stride, 9, w j1 Idxm ; ^Lt kyak ; 
fj^jl^\ fliril^yish; — ^ — over, 
v.». KlX^^^^Si^^^ iiBatandan- 
-gh^chmek, cX4^cjr^l;l Atlayup- 
Strife, 9. jUi nifik; ^ji nlza", 

^^■^ ch^kishma, \L^ (kAwgha). 
Strike, tr.«. Jh^^ wdrmak, \^ji 
^b^; Jm«1U> dilhniik; Oower) 
I ^U miiyna-et, cJ^JJt ^ndirmek ; 
(appear) cXil^ ghsknek, cJ^j^^ 
glqri^nmmek ; — a bargain, t^^|;^ 
pizarlik-et; — against a rock, 
O^V" ^^ kkyaya-chtenflk ; — 
bKnd. \j^ kyir-ct, \jfyjij^ ghyif- 
zona-kyio'-et ; — down, {j^Jji 
ykra-ylknuik ; — fire, j;^U-,^l 
^t^.ch^kmok* Jh^V ^ ^^" 

-chdkmak; — off, C.^ >»■>■> ^ k^ss- 
mek ; k^X^j^^^j^ issmini-chiz- 
mek, ^y^y t^rktn-et ; — out, 
i^X^j^^^jj^ Usmini - chizmek, 

mak, Kl^j^y^ diishurmek; vjn. 
Jko^L&U Jc£=t«J^ yiizmdyi&E - blsh- 
lamnk ; ^jXAir,::^ mushto-XtmAk ; 
— root, J^UcJj^ ky&k-sXlmak, 
JUj^ tdtmak ; — (a plant) ^jJb 

^;J^ k^mdon-y^tish- 
dirmek, cX<;«Xl:u c^^£=uJ dlkup- 
-y^tishdirmek ; — terror into, ii^Ull 
tiju^UbJ Ukayi-dEhshBt-et, \s-^r^y 
t^rhib-et; — the hoar, — ^ vji. 
JUJI>- chllmak; — up, Jk«LSib 

Striking, a. <—%?«? "ijib, «.-^^ 
ghirib ; it is a — likeness, jJCjCJj 

String, *. u-^1 ^, ^ s^im. J; tM; 
(of camels, &c.) jILj kltar; (of 
beads, &c.) cfj^J dizi, 2r^ sho; — ^, 
v.a. CX«^ J dlzmek ; cX«;yse gh^- 
chirmek; (an mstroment) i^J^ 
jAj\jjO tfeU^rini-d^natmak. [^kk^d. 

Stringent, a. |^«A^ s^ki; J^^^ mii"- 

Strip, *. ^^^Jz-'^UiJ^' uzun-^nsiz- 
-p^ha; — , v.a. Jk*i^ s^ymnk; 
JUi>-1 ^hmok; — , v»n, 
s^yunmok ; ^J^^ s6yulmak. 

Stripe, 8. J^->- chlbdk, J^c^j pitouik, 
J^ y^l *J ^l CJjJj dfeynek, 
i diirb, ^j^ diuha. 




Jk^ (AnDak-jArmak. 
Stripling* ff. ^^ y n^y-jftwin. 
Strive* ,j4kl!U> cM^ltthmiilf, \^Jt^ 

iDok, kIXaIS^ chiikiehmek, Jh*-^];;: 

Stroke* •• (of a pen) (-^^ cUzi ; (of 

an oar) y^^ chttkiliah ; (of a 

vword) liji <Urba ; thonder — » j^jAj 

yUdtron, ^U 8a"]bi ; — > v.a. 

j;«l£^j\ 6khabanMk« 
StrbU, V.II. Cjk^ ghtanek; — , t. 

^> ghteni. 
Stroller, 9.j^,j^ dir-hi-dir. 
Strong, a. j|;^j x6rlu, ^^ kdvy^tli ; 

«jry k4wi. ^ji-a-i mfetin, j^iilt diiyil. 

ntkli, Jlg^>>'« mi^tidikBin; c:^ 

8^, ^^^JL^ kfeaakin* ^liy d6ku. 
Stronghold. «. iiilS kUn. [nAkli. 

Strop, 9, yj^^i *jr»^ baatom-kiyiahi. 
Stmctnre, «. Uj bbi, ^L:j biknyin, 

jUj bimyld; i.-^^^^ tbrtib; jLjb 

Struggle, #• ^^\^ y^raabma, 4iJ^|y£^t 

d^JbaahmOy < 4 y. (,^ ch^kiahina ; 

\c^ (Uiwgba); — * v.ji, ^jAJ^\ji 

yite'aahmak, dl^»L^ diddahmek; 

cf^]/^y ^Araabmck, jH«lU»i^ 

di^bAlamak; — for life, ^^\>* 

CJ^^t^^Jlf- j2n-cb^8hmek. 
Strompet, «. A^^^li f abiaha, ,^5^9^ 

Strycbnia, Strychnine, a. ^j^ ic;lj 
^iJlS- Uagfaa-buken«kbdlaaaflan. 

Stabbom, a. ^j>^<i>^ "k&djt, 
md"^nid« J«4&^ m&t^m^rrid, ^^^^ 

Stabbomneaa, t. Jlxe "biid. 

Stacco, a. ^^yel ^kht ; j^f minnnr. 

Stadent. a. i^J;.&lbk^.cJL« m^kUb- 
•aha^Airdi; (of law and divinity) 
i&^y^ aukhts (a^fta), J^^i^U^ 
taHbu-VUm {pi. Ut tll^bn, LU» 

Stadio, t. ijl^Ji kyar-Uuns. 

Stndiona, a. ^)U:JW chXltahkln. 

Stadionancaa, a. jiiUliU c^^^lnb* 

Stody, a. (mental) 4aS\k« mdtal8"jt; 
(olject of — ) ijmjJ diraa ; (doaet) 
^j\ bdai (ezerdae) mAjq tk"lSm; 
— , v.a. \iji^ia^ mdtala"i-et; 
J^U chUtahmak; J^yj\ 6ku. 
nude ; ^aJlaj tiL"lim-et. 

Staff, a. (^VaS kdmlah; (woollen) 
uJ^ a6f ; (mbbiah) A4^la aldmia; 
bread — , |[;;*fi^«^ s^khm ; hoaaehdd 
— , \J^\ hthyki — , v^. Jkv^j^ 
d^ldurmok ; (^^^ tikamok. 

Stomble, vji. (horae) J^V^ klpAn- 
nudL ; (man) JUJ^W^y ky^Amt- 

Stamp, a. c3^ l^htok, uJ^ Igr^k. 

Stnn, vui. ^(»^ a^rasm-et. 

Stapefection, a. cU.4*^ ahvnmlft. 

Stupefied, a. ^»^ a^raam. 

Stapefy, vm. \ ^j* e^ranQ-et. 

Stapendooa, a. m^as. "izon. 

Stopendooaly, «if . CJ^ p^ 




Stupid, «. 4jK«k>-^ hhmak, jJ iA c . "^klstz, 
ClUI ^shek. ^^\J^ shaahktn. 

Stnpiditj, s. ulJIU^- luhnaklt, JijJiSA 
"Xklahlik. cJAC&^ ^eklik» j;L^l& 

Stupidly, ad. ^1 jSjJie "lUfllzUk-Ua. 

Stupidness, s. j3|>JA ft "lUaizltk. 

Stupor, ». vj^V^A^|-i bihvshluk. [vetli. 

Sturdy, a. ^^U? dJiylUitr; jJJy kdr- 

Sturgeon, «. tJi^.^jy^ mbnoM-WHighi, 

Stutter, vjt. i^Xt^y^^J^ p^p^Ai«- 

Sty, #. ^J^}^ dto^vz-lkhtn 
(d^uz); (on the eyelid) (J>-^^l 

Style, #. (manner) ^ t^t J^ y61, 

^^ ^^jli» ^r^ s^r^t ; (title) u^il 

Ukob (%Aab, p/. c^USt ^Iklb). 

\^^ **\axmlXL ; (splendour) vr^^vinlirt 

B^Vknlt ; (of writing) Jit lighi, ^U 

Ussin, iJl^j r^Tiflh ; — ^ v.a. ClX«J J 

dhnek, cJ^^(^lS!t ^lUb.TEnnek, 

(>«yS^VSlt Mk2b-k6mak; old — , 

y^^j rvmi; new ^, Aiut^^l Ua- 

Sabadd, c. ij^f^}^ miykhteh. 
Sabelteru, «. ^j)L mblaztm; — , a. 

c;«oU m&-d9n, (^S^UjJ^jU ma- 

Sabdivisioo, «. ^m-JU tUunn ; C 

\^^tf^ tUuinung-t^lutmi. 
Subdue, vjk. l^Jfe-^ t^sakhir-et, \^j, cX«;^&£9^^\tt lta"eta. 

^Iject, a. (in pmnt of antbority) ^\i 

tabs", ^;t i^^f^ LS-^^sf^ t^btt. 
-bidLy vm^tdn - 6lAn, y*)^^ iw\f^jj^ 
toir-tUitfbda-^n; (physically or 

morally) Llmo m&bt61a, jLi^l^ 

bl"zim-gbhiftar, jl^-jjLdxJ b}l"zan- 
-duchar; (under) J*^^ mdhiivyel, 
iJcjiar tidittudu ; Jj^j^ i*XC^ 
t2Jitinda-6]arak ; (under condition of) 
aLI^ sheila; — , 8. (politically) 
(^^^Uw t^ba"2idan-blri ; (of dia- 
eusaion) 5JU maddB, ^UeCJftSCt* 
m^bbu88nn-"^nh, (of a recital) ^X^ 
JLl mMikiyun-fib ; — , v.a. (iu point 
of authority) \ffi^ tfesakhir-et, \/»\j 
rlm-et; CJ^yi^Ax&flif* t^Una-gh^- 
tirmek; fJ^^Scza^ tUittna-k^mok, 
t^Wtim:;^^? t^dittna-ibalE-et ; UUt 
)hal£-et; t^l? tab<"-et; (physically 
or morally) ^J^y^ ducbar-et, \}^^ 
ghkiftar-et, t&u^ m&bt^la-et; J^y 
k6shmak. [lta"at. 

Subjection, 8, s^^^^jui t^bk"iyy^t, y^:,.^^\ 

Subjoin, v.a. \ J^j JJ tezyil-et ; \ Jr^lft 

"ilavE-et. [h^sr. 

Subjomed, a. j^ ^*^*^ z^ylda-md« 

Subjugate, v.a. \fi^^ tbsskhnr - et, 
(^<jfiiiMVi ita'aU - gh^drmek, 
tolAX«^^t ^mrina-mdnkld«et. 

Sublimate (corrosiye), 8, f^y^^ ^- 

Sublime, a. ^U "ali, y^\^ aami, ^J; 
r^fi"; — , vji. (.f^^t dchmok, 1 Jaa^ 
8d"Cd-et; — , v.a. ij^jf^^ i^chur- 
mok, cX«;<>sjtjy(t0 8d"ud*^td]rmek 




8ablimene88» Sublimity, #.jL& "^Iqtt. 
Sabhmar* SabloDaxy, a, v<^j^ ^^• 
Sabmarine, t. ^\^ ^^^*^ J^^ dhagtz- 

•dibmd«-vwaki". [dlldtrmak. 

Submerge, vm. Jh^jIU? iiya 8uyx- 
Submermon, «. J^A.4!\t dXlmakltk ; 

^^l^jMf dlldirilmiiUik. 
Submisnon, (. ij:^^%\ \t%"at, j\Ju\ 

bikfyld;^*^:*^ t^Bskbtr; (preaenta- 

tion) {jOjC> "kn, ^«3i7 tlkdim. 
SubmiBsiye, a. ^<Ax« muti'^ t^l^ 

mit^Izi. [-Ua. 

Submiflnvdy, otf. ^^ V^V ^^^*2^"* 
Submissiveneas, «. v«^iy t^wizu". 
Submit, v.a. ^(j<0;fi "krz-et, \f^xSJ 

t^kkdim-et ; — , vm. tkS^ltl ita^nt- 

-et; cXJ^^tiLftU?! )ta"ata-ghMmek, 

CX^js^ l.s^Vi ita"ata - gbirmek, 

j\ S\jL^ mi)nkId-6U j\ a\j r2m-61 ; 

y»;L.7 tis8lim-61 ; ^^l<^]^ razt-6I. 
SuborcKnate, a. (J|^jU ma-dun, yjJjjU 

ma-dunda, ^^^ lahii^^'. 
Subordination, «• ij:..^\L\ ita"at. 
Subscribe, v.a. j;^!*^^ hnzilomok; 

fj^j^l yi^zmak, J^y k6mak ; (money) 

CXo^ virmek. 
Subscriber, ». i^^pJL^ miksbt^n. 
Subscription, ». Iia«^ bnza ; i^b pare. 
Subsequent, a. jr^C^ s6fi^ir, ^t^tjLs 

Subside, vm. i^Aj\ ^nmek; cSaj^ 

diUEilmek ; jr a \ \j \ IzAlmok, 

ilX.^tli.iA' kb^ftflaahmek. 
Subsidize, v.a. \ A^Ul ^Xsf] XkcboJB- 


Subsidy, 9. 3j^\ ij\z\ r'ana-lkchor. 
Subsist, VM.j\ '^^y^ mbyjcd-^l, ^^^ 

kya in-W, ^}^ ykt^hX ; CIUl^ ^h^- 

chinmek, ^yj^^ ti^"kyyiisb-et, \^\s^ 

\^j>jj k^ftfi - nbfss - et ; — , tf. a. 

CULj b^sslmek. 
Subsistence, Sabaistency^ %• kJ^J^^ Twkr- 

Uk, ^U:jp g^cbinmn. 
Substance, «. i^«ii>- jlsam; ^jt* hia]* 

iju^fj viUriyy^. 
Substantial, a. ^^.ff^ mMikKm ; (^l^ 
jj^y^ yim-d6yurnr ; jLiLsf ^ssaasl/ ; 

^^J zingbin. 
SubstantiTe, 9. mJ^ )ssm ; common — , 

aIb "Idam, a\£ AMil issms-^lmm ; 

proper — , ^U>am>^ bsmi-kblsss. 
Substitute, t. J JJ b^et ; i^^U na'xb, 

JJi^ T^kil, i^Im^U ka'immi&Xm ; 

— , v.a. ^JK«y ^ i£ yhina-k6mak, 

yUt ibdal-et. [mdklbilinda.61. 
Subtend, v.a. ^y^ T^tsr-ftl, ^\ijJljIl« 
Subterfuge, '. ^^ biJianB,^ike "ikzr. 
Subterranean, Subterraneous, a. jJ 

^^^^ zTr-z^mm. 
Subtle, a. J^euJ^ CJ^ p^-sbiytln. 
Subtract, v.a. ^*^j^ Ikbraj-et, ^j^Jl^ 

cbikirmok; \^ tiUrh-et, 1 JLj^jJ 

Subtraction, 9. ^)o td^b, ckj:J t^nal. 
Suburb, 9. {J^j^y virusb, ^^ bewail, 

Subvention, 9. l/'^^ ^^^ ^2/^ ™^' 

Subversion, 9. v:u^l v::^! ^^^^^ 




Subverrive, a. iJjS uu^J c>)i ^t- 

SubTert* v.a. Icu^iMijtciJt llt-iksst-et, 

\v^^ kh^ab-et, ^\:)if^j^ digbxr- 
Succeed, vjh, (a person) cX«ja:? b^jsr- 
mek, cX«^flB^ if^^ Ishini-b^JErmek, 
j^AL<j5li na'ili - m^ram -61, ^ jiia< 
miizlffxr - 61, ^{^y^ muwdfi(ik-61; 
CX*i£i U?ytjt ^1 l8hi.d6^Aru. 
gbitmek, ^jA^^ ^^\ Ishi-dymak; 
(an experiment) (j^^ 61mak ; J^^^^t 
i)yiDak ; J^^ig.^ ch^kmak ; CX«:^^1 
iji-ghltmek ; (follow) (jA^^ 61mak, 
.iMu^^ cbikmok, \\^ zuh5r-et; 
(to the throne) ^ij^^^ ji!ilu8s-et, 
1 Jyijdis^y£a>-i\:MM^ m^ssn^di - hii- 
kyihn^tii-kiy"vd-et ; — ^ v.a. (follow 
another) t^^^L^ t^"aki)b - et, 
• Jc^U:l« miktii"aktb-61 ; (in power) 


SaccesB, 9,j^ zlfKr, s^^^^y^ mi^w^a- 
k^^t, Afi^y^^' hdssulu-m^ram ; 
Uf ^l^bs, c:^ nussr^t. 

Successfol, a. f^y miiwaftk. [-Ua. 

SaccessfbUj^cuf. ^t (ji-aAIa^ miiwafaklt- 

Snccession, ». 2r^ sba, iJV ^^^^^* 
JI2; t^talT, JJuJ t^ss^lsul, aUu^ 
slbili, ,^^UJ ta"akub, uiJUr 
tokhalaf; (to the throne) {j^^^ 
jMuss; fjm^^^z^^ nilb^ti-jiiluss ; 
c:.^.'.kLiL::^y niib^ti - s^tAolt ; m 
— , ^TSjc flhi-ila, ^J^^^j^ shra-varT 
(vJirdi); J'ysS^ J^ "kl^-'t-tfewalT; 

miit^waliyy6tBn, L3U:u mii- 

ta"aktbmi, ar^^^ u^J^l {.^XiJjiji bb- 

Saccessive, a« 5^ (^4>^1 ^t - shra, 

c^lcu* milta"akib, (J|y^ milt^- 

wali, . Jlss^ miit^talT. 
Saccesflor, 8, <— fll^- kh^ef. 
SacciDCt, a. Ai^ khaa, yous^ mdkh- 

tAssar, Ji4JK^ mi^jmM, ^U>-t ^mali. 
Saccinctly, ad, i^ Idssa. 
Saccinctness, 9. j;!^^ kksolik. 
Succonr, ». /*«^^ yi^dim, jliX«f kndad, 

;j^ "kvn, j^ n^r j — , v.ii. 

Uj^\j y^dtm-et; (J^J^j^ kihrtar- 

Saccnlent, a. ^jn^ suln, ^t Jj\ Abdar. 
Saccnmb, t;.ji. CX«J^ y^ilmek. 
Such, a. ^U misslllu, ^ ghibi ; aJjjJ 

b^l4 A^^ b1^^^' Aiy ^^^ ' — >^ 
one, yjii fUin, A^^^^^^li flUn-^kdAm ; 

— and — , [Jii flUn, \Jii^ AIau- 


Suck, 8, kZJy^ or t^y^ sht} — , ».a. 
CX«i[^^ femzKmek ; to give — , 
CX«;J^1 ^miannek, CX*^ j CJy s^t- 
-▼irmek, CJ^^ ^U^ m^mi-vlnnek. 

Sucker, 8. ^jSj blkro). 

Suckle, v.a. cX«^jCL>^ sikt-virmek, 
CX«fJj^^«4^ m^niE-vEnnek, i^AX^m) 
b^sslEmek, (jX«jJ^\ femzirmek. 

Sudden, a. j^l^JJ b^dihlyyu-'z- 
-zdhur, ^\sf fllja 1, ^^^Ssli na- 
gh^ani; — ^ly, ad. ^/^Ji blrdim- 
-birE, jJi\ Instz, yji/^^ Xnmzth, 
JmJ1c«»\ Ip-lnstz, ^LuB? fiij'^tsn. 
lUb^jJb bi-'l-b^dah£. 




Sue, v.a. CX4C>» 4jdU^l^ m^bk^mKyn- 
ch^kmek ; — , v.n. ^ v^>.\V> t^ieb-et. 

Suet, #. ^^b ^\ Kh'jkgki. 

Suffer, V.II. C.)^4^i^i^>v».'>j zihmet- 
^^kmek, ClUC^t^Jci^^ s^ktndt- 
-ch^kmek, cX*£=i^ ViT^^fcli^ m^- 
sh^kklt-chfekmek : J^^^JsS kXtl- 
-61unmak ; — , v.a, cLif!^- ch^k- 
mek, \,jAa^ t^h^mmol-et, j^\fjA,^\^ 
mhtahdxaaul » 61» j1 15^!; ^^* - ^1» 
Ujk^L*« mi^88a"ada-et, ^jijsf t^jvlz* 
•et, jKcy k^ouk, fj^^jf br^mok. 

Sufferer, «. Jc^«>^ J dirdm^nd. 

Suffering, b, (>:^^^ ^zlyy^t. 

Suffice, v.n, C.^i^.,?-*; ^ y^tisbmek, 
CX«;i^1 ^VBTinek, j^^ji^ kyafi-61, 
1 \sci\ iktif a-et. 

Sufficient, a. y;^ y^tishir, Cj^ltsj 
y^ti8h6jek. jyj\ dv&ir, Ci^*;ij!l 
Mv6r6jek, ^l^ kyafi, ^Ij wafi. 

Suffocate, v.a. (j^ji hbghmaV; — , 

Suffocating, a, j\i^ ^^*^^ ldAmi-b6- 

Suffocation, s. ^uLcy hbghvbna. 

Suffrage, «. im/\j vh'y. 

Sugar, «. JLU sbMcer, J^ si^kksr, jdi 
kkid; — candy, <,^C&c2,)\j n^bat- 
-sb^kM (niib^t) ; loaf — , ^Jj, ^ 
kKUi*8h^k6ri ; moist — ^ ^L&aIsL 
kblm-sbbksr ; — , v.o. ^y jL^ 
sb^sr-kdmak; — , vm. fjAjt£\}^J^ 

Suggett, VM. cXwy^D^lJiA "ikl- 
-i^Arstmek, 1 JJU "^-et. 

Suggestion, «. U.£^ una; <J^^ 

Suicide, «« (jJ\L^jJ^^\ ^^xS tJS^ 

k^ndi - k^ndini - ilddurmekHk ; i^« 

UJ*^^^l5^^ k^Ddi-kfendini-dldursn. 
Suit, «. (of clotbes) c:^lS kAt ; (request) 

U^ rijii ; (cause) <jyc«> dli"wk ; , 

vji. (jK*£^f dymak, (J^^^^ dlmak ; 

— ^p VM. J^y^y^f isbini-bdlmok. ; 

^J^Jjai uydurmok. 
Suitable, a. v_ -.-4rir mitoaasib, / ^ S 

layik. [(J--U "isbik. 

Suitor, «. i^ll? taLl>, ^Js^\ Isst^kli ; 
Sulk, v.». ^^4CL<*i0 s^mntmok. 
Sulky, a. ^jt4^^ kyilssmisb. 
Sully, vM. il^jS kirljBtmek. 
Sulphur, «. il^jtf^ Igri^kynrt, kj^^jJ^ 

kibrit. 0^^^ khunkyar. 

Sultan, 9. ^UaL 8i)lUn, 2(l& jU padishah. 
Sultana, «. (sultan's concubine) ^«^ 

kldtn; (sultan's daughter) ^UaJu«> 

sultln ; (sultan's mother) ^^UoLirjJtj 

Sultry, a. jWui s)jXk, jl>^ harr. 

Sum, 9. (total) ^,^ yekyun, f>*JS-« 
mfejmu", t-;rjk t6p, ^^^^T j^na"; 
(question) J^Jw sil'al; — ^ — up, 
^Ljt t6plam(dc, '^^•^ jW-et, 
^U^^ y^kyun-et; 1^)L>- khulassa- 

-et, 1^^ J)l4>-1 Ijmalon - zlkr-et ; 
^^Ly^A^lU- kbi;la88<i-t6plamak. 
Summary, 9. JJL>^ khcrlassa, JU^l 
IjmaL ^^^^]/»^ adkri-ijmai; — , c. 
jJU^l ijmalT, yifls.c^ mi;khtA88^r; 
CJjU-cb^bik; — rily,arf.cJjW;l5- 


[ 328 ] 


chikr-chjlbik, cJL^uW chkbsjek or 
^JJr^l>- chkbijak. 
Summer, s,^ y^, ^— %^ 8^7^> ^^^^^ 

tabisstan, \^S gb^rma. 
Summer-bouae, 8. il^y kyi^sbk. 
Sammit, 8. ^J (t^pE), (jm\j rh ss, XjjJ 

zkvB, sJi:S kyiingbyars. 
Smnmon, v.a. \cL^^J dk"vet-et, ^v».4>> 

jfelb-et, l;La>-l ibzar-et. 
Sumptnous, a. u-aaLc milk^llef, js\ 

Iffhir, ^a;h.4) mut^t^. 
Samptaousness, 8. 4— alCj t^kbUof. 
Sun, *. (^j^ gbyunfesb, (^ gbyiin, 
i r * ^ shfemss, <^;\a5\ afitAb; — ^beam, 
#- J^ pfertev, ftUi 8bii"a *. 
Simbumt, a.^^^LiJb 2f«xljj^ gbyib^da- 


Sunday, *. ^|jU p^ar, ^^Ss j\j\^ 

ps^zar-gbyi^nn, «X>-f/»^ y«rTma-^b^d, 

<t.y.*KW y^kshenbib. 

Sander, v,a, (j^^ ^yrmak; in — , 

*J^J du-nim, ^j^ yS>^} Iki-parcbfl. 

Sun-dial, 8. ^y^^ kJ^^ gbyim^ab- 

-9a"ati; ^dx%»J b^aita. [bltmoaai. 

Sundown, 8, ^^j^J^\ kJ^^ gbyiin^ab- 

Sun-dried, a. \J^^})^ ^iiXLjjf gbyi^ 


Sundry, a. <^ Ufle^ mukbt^if; ^^A 

blr-tiOum; di:*^ ^S:Li blabka- 


Sunflower, *. ,J^^f??" t^l iy-cbicbfegbi. 

Sonbght, 8. }JiJ(f gbyiin^; }J^^ 

^JiluJjt gbyikn^ab-dydml^riU. 
Sunny, a. J^>^ \S^3^ gbytobbi- 

Sunriae, Sunrising, ^^j-^^ ^^ gbyiin- 

d^^Amaaai. [bXtoioaai. 

Sunaet, 8. ^^M*««jb (^j^ gbyikn^- 
Sanabine, 8, ^^^ gbyiin^ab. 
Sunatroke, 8, |^«»4J^l>-^^^gbyito^8b* 

cbi^rpmoaai. [-y^mbgbini-y^mek. 

Sup, vjn, cXiJ *o^4J ^^^ gb^yJE- 
Superannuated, a. J^Uxc miitaka"id; 

— ation, tXcU? t^ka"ud. [l:x; r^"nk. 
Superb, a. ^^JUl &*'l^, uJ;^ gbyi^zM, 
Supercilioua, a. j|9/(^ m^brur.| 
Superficial, a. ^J"^ sitbi ; J^ji 9^)^ 

Saperficiea, «. ^«-» altb, Jj> yiiz. 
Superfine, a. ^JA ^*\k, ^^^^S ^^ 

"iaiyyu.'U'U. [J?j\ iirtik. 

Superfluooa, a. «)j|j za'id, ^Juoi f Xzla, 
Superintend, v,a, tci^Uoi nXzar^t-et, 

J^^ilj bJJnnak. 
Superior, a. 1x1 LftJ dl^ - ^\k ; 

jSli fa'ik; ^^U blaakm, i^U 

gbalib ; w)^ biyuk, ^^^ 2FtX:Jy U 

ma - f^vkinda - 6lAn ; — , «. cJ^ 

biyok ; L^Lp zabit. 
Superaede, v.a, CX^ ^ji ysrina- 

•gb^bmek ; 1^^ "Xzl-et, J^U«^ 

cblkjirmok. [^U^-L^ alcbma. 

Snperatition, «. olfl:xfi\ JIpU blttl-i*'tikad. 
Supper, «. (J^ ^^^^^ gb^E-y^m^^Ai ; 

tbe Lord'a — , Jj^*^^ bXdaruk, 

iJ^j (.ALx "iabayt-rlbbXni. 
Supplement, 8. ^Um^ zdmlms, iAsS 

Supplicate, v,a. (JKo;t^l[ y^varmak^ 

Wp^j rija-et, IjLw niyaz-et. 

z 2 




Supply, t. *>/r^ m^vjud, ^Ji^\ ifji\ 
£ld£-6lAn; Ji^\ jfjJ^ y^lda-^Un, 
Jl^\ mjL^ gh£linekda-6lAn ; j^jJLo 
mJkdar; jLli ghfelish; J^j->^ 
hu88ul; -tf^'J^ hiwa'ij, CI^Ujlj! 
liwazimit, Cl^ l.»|.< mi!diiinmlt, 
9j^O s^khtrs; — , v.a. s^X*^^ 
Tirmek,cX<CJf[J^->Jl^ bulup-vEnnek; 
CX«^j _:^f^ h^a'ijini-vfinnek. 

Support, «. jl^l &yak, (J^ t^md; 
CX:;.«M> d^tek, jU? dayak, irxjU 
pay^ds; f^\l ykrdim, JiJ^i 
iradad ; Ajj^ ^ka, c^.^*^ tassiOi. 
hab; CXiJ y^mek, ViJu>^if^^ cz^y 
Ju^ kthrv^t-vEr^ja-shfeyliar ; AiU 
i"anB, ^L.»-t ihsan, ^ tW sldaka ; 
^jmij uJU^ k^Xft-n^fss; ^^ ndfaka; 
— ^, t;.a. (j^^ ttytmak; fJ^jSit^ 
klldtnnAk; (jAj\^ dkyanmak; \ J«4a^ 
tdh^mmtd - et ; \ (^*^^ yi^tm - et ; 
^ijj\ ^ka-61, \s,^.>ss^ t^88^hub-et ; 
\ij\t\ l"anB-et; C^i>»\«) b^sslfimek. 

Sopportable, a. jy^j^ i^ao^ tdhdminal- 
-tMuntr, j^^^ ch^kilir, jy^jt ^^ 
8lbr-61unur. [naastr. 

Sapporter, s, j\jjjia t^raf-dar; y^U 

Suppose, VM. ^sJ^ f^-et, ^J^j^ 
t^tmakf JUf^ B^ymak ; \^ z^n-et, 
^jAj\^ tiijanak, jf\%,,^^Jb\j zahib-6L 

Sappontion, «. ^joJ fkn ; ^ zdnn. 

Suppress, o.a. ^j,^jXAi blsedtitnak; 
1^i« mte-"et. 

SuppressioD, s. ^ m^n". 

Suppurate, v.n, ^}Ai\ \^0>o\^ j^rah^- 

\ ^z^\ 


Suppuration, 8, 

Supremacy, 9, djj^ imar^t. 

Supreme, a. ^jU "all, ^^\ 4"l^, jS^ 
vala ; — council, V^^ u-^^ mfejlissi- 
-vala ; — office of state, ^\^ S-'V 
blbt-"ali. (j^zri-JMsdmin. 

Surd, a. a^^ iissdmm ; — root, m^\ ji^ 

Sure, o. (safe) ^^^f ^min; (free from 
doubt) j^&^J^ shiibhEssiz ; to be — , 

CXi)j ^\ lyi-bUmek, CJ^ l:^ 
y^inim . bUmek. cJ^.a1j U»^ j ■ A 
sbi^ibh^ssiz - bilmek; to feel — , 

J^Ul^l L5***^ '^ e>^ (hBmm)- 

Surety, «. J^ k^fH ; kj:JMS k^al^t ; 

of a — , is^\ ilb^ttE. 
Surf, $. tSy^ ^^ dUgba-l^iipu^Au ; 

Ji^^^^ kyiipuklu-dAlgholar. 
Surface, t . J^ yiiz, ^«-« aXtb (t-h) ; 

kharij, (jj[^ birun. 

Surgeon, 8. j^j>' j^rrah ; (bone-setter) 

•••• •• 

,^5?**^ chikilgi, ^j^ kirikji. 

Surgery,*. jA>"|^jferrahlik, *ili^^^ 

Surmise, 8, ^ z^n, ^u^ siui ; — , 

VM, \^ zitnn-et, (j^^ sknmak. 

Surmount, vjbl, Cj^il^ ^^V>&»- hlkkin- 
don - ghilmek, ^\^,Ji^£. ghllib-6I ; 
fj^\ (jX£«9^\ iisstundon-ltlanuik. 

Surname, #. l^ kyiinys. 

Surpass, v.a, CJv»^ gh^chmek, ^(J^^ 

Surplus, 8. ^Las flzla. [f a'ik.6I. 




Surpiiae, s, i,.,»<g*^ th djjub» 
blLyr^t, ^j v^h ; ^^j^»S^\j blssktn, 

^^■■i^l^ ^ji^ CJJi«^bbinin^-kb6sb- 
lanoja^At - sb^y'in^ - ghizli-y^ptlmasst ; 
— ^, v.a. cX<;«Aaj^ «i^.>..y*^ ty^jjub- 
-btdinnek, ^^];^ b^yrXn-et; JU-«V 
blssmak ; iJ^J^ t^tmak ; — sed, a. 
L».^iy*^^ iniit^"^ib, (j|;:j>" bJiyrln ; 
to be — sed, j;«4d&L2a sb^sbmak, 
\ i-^-iK«^ ta"^, jl i^r^^-^^ 
milta-^ib-61, Jui^^J^^^:*^ b^yretda- 
-kHmak, cXJi^^? T^lsb-gbilmek ; to 
my surprise, At^iAj^ ^^J^ ^}f^'' 

Sarprising, a. c»'<*y^ "^jTb. 

Sarrender, 9. ^ L J t^ssllm ; — ^ v.ii. 
y^tJLJ t^8lim-61; — ^ v.a. 1aJu«J 

Surreptitious, a. ^j«^ gblzli ; — ^ly, ad, 
%^\ Jt El-Xlttnda. 

Surround, v.a. CX«^^>- cb^virmek, 
^^Uy kdsbAtmak, ^\ ^^)o\ 
^traftDt-Mmak, l^id^U-f Ibata-et. 

Surrounding, a. ^^Uj^^JpI ^rafda-61an. 

Survey, *. yjj\i blkisb, ^jOjijySD 
gbyttz-gb^zdirisb, ^^ nlzar, ^U^ 
mil"ay^n£, u,g .^n^ k^sbf, <uJjjJ 
y^klama; (mental) <ulll&« mutala"^; 
(plan) ^J^- kb^ita (kb&rta) ; (plan- 
taking) j^l^ffl^t ^^^r^ kb^ta- 
-Isstikbrajt ; — , vm. ^JajI) bXkmak, 
cJw^«3^J^ gby^z-gb&zdirmek, \Jai 
nXzar-et; ^^U^ mu"a7^n£-et, 
IdulSjJ y^klama-et, \uJ.lf-) k^f- 

-et ; l^lia^ miitala"k-et ; ^^m»^^ 
j;.Jl kb^tassmt-Almak. 

Surveying, 8, ^^L^ ^ fEui-m^saba. 

Survive, v,a. JuLmiI^^ yhi£-ydabamak 
(gb^UE), cX«USj\ ^mamek ; — , v,a, 
Cj^U!jlt^^£=uJarj^£3jJjlt^j bbi- 
-Mdukda-digbEri-Mmamek ; is^^tij 
Cj^ljj\^(^j!y)bu^ bir - f^akita- 
miibt^la-61np-yln£-t(dmaroek (gbhii). 

Susceptible, a. JjIj kibil, j«>£f J^ 

klbul-^dsr; (in feeling) ^^Lmi^* 

bdsssass, j^^^C)jI>^ cbkbtk-ddyar ; 

jiy^j^C3jl>^ cb^btk-gbyiiJEnir. 

Suspect, v.a.l^fJa sbiibbB-et, C.^.»r*l<t|^ 

Suspend, v.a. (bang up) Jk^m^^ Xssmak, 
^J;Jlm t&"lik*et; (a functionary) 

CJ^^^ij'^^^^'^^J^ mi)wlkkAtim- 
- kbidmetdan - kXldtrmak ; (action) 
ilX^un^ k^smek, (j^j^j}*^ ddrdnr- 
mak, 1 JuJw t4"ta-et, iJLt* md"lt- 

Suspense, 8. J<^J^ sbi^bb^ ; Jiasj] 
hiti^lr ; in — , CJ ^ JL^ m^bkyuk ; 
gtijiecj] ktizarda. 

Suspicion, 8. cX2a sb^kk, ^J^ sbilbbs. 

Suspicious, a. (jmyay^ m&w^sswlss ; 
•!^(|^ sbikpbSi. 

Sustam, v.a. (support) (j^^ ti)tmak ; 
CJuLj b^sdimek ; JP^U? d^yan- 
mak, ^J^4^ t^b^mul-et; Id^lot 
Issblt-et; 'tSuJU tfeyid-et; (receive) 
CJ^ y^mek, j\)Lv« miibt^la-61. 

Sustenance, «. CX^ y^mek, CL?^ kiH, 
ljk£ gUda. 



Swaddling-clotlies* J^«>^y kundAk, cXj 
j^ljJy bfcbfck-kimdA^Ai. 

Swallow, «. jl-^^ hbghiz; (bird) 
,^ui5l^ yriangUch ; — , v.a. J^^i 
yOtmak, l^Li b^r'-et ; — np, v.a. 
(J^^i^fi blt^vi - ydtmok, CX^ 
bitirmek« t j^ j^k-et. 

Swamp, s. jb bltak, j;]i\:J bltakltk ; 
— ^t vM. (J*/\{ ^^^ y^ 8d-d61up- 
-bXtimuik; (j^j^^, y^ sd-b^ssdir- 
mak ; (a market) JUx^ b^^Amok. 

Swampy, a. (JS^^ bXtoklik. 

Swan, #. ^y kdyAu. 

Swarm, «. \^^jy^^J^ Iri-siiunuan, (-{;^ 
Bikra; — , vj.. J^bl! kiynamok. 

Sway, «. c>M<yC»- hihkyum^t ; — ^, v.a. 
^JK^illtf aXllamak; CJ^^>» ch^vir- 
mek; ll^tjl idars-et. 

Swear, V.II. (an oath) ^^^fi^i y^mm-et, 1 a«J 
klB8xm«et, cX«a^ljj\ JUid-ichmek; 
(curse) \jJlS kyiifr-et, cH'^cTi^' 
A^Az jnt-b6zmak ; (blaspheme) )w«mi 
s^bb-et [.^tmeklik ; J^ kyi^fir. 

Swearing, «. ClUC«2J^ \ji^^ y^min- 

Sweat, *.jJ or J tir, j^^"^k; — , 
v,n. CX^ly tErlimek; — oat, v.a, 
i^Jw^y tErl^yap-d^f"-et. 

Swede, 9, i^*^\ <^^^ issv^h-XdAmi. 

Sweden, i, >^f^\ bsv^ch. 

Swedish, a. y^)^\ issv^chli; — , 8. 
^U ^y^\ issv^ch'Bssani. 

Sweep, #.^1:>.^1 6jolgi, J^j^^jW^^ 
6jak-8&parBn ; (oar) C^j^ kyiir^k ; 
— , VM, i^X*j^ sapormek ; — away, 
CXe^j^UTjLi sUip-siipiirmek; — 

along, C}jcSj^J^ hizlt-ghitmek ; — 
by, cX#^j!j«>- h^zlt-gh^hmek. 

Sweepings, s. pi. lS^ji^ silipanmda. 

Sweet, a. ^U? tltls, \jLjs^ shIrTn, 

j)jjl>. h^avfetli ; Jj/ ghyitefel, ^^ 

kh^sh, I, Q J Vi I l^f; Jjj] l^zTz, 

^uC2*j> kh6sh-ghyiiwar ; — smeUing-, 

^- J^^i^jf gliy^zU-k6kar, yt^y^ 
kh68h-bu,^^bjc« mu"kttar; — heart, 
9. JhIIc "ishfk; iiyLx^ m&"Bhuka. 

Sweetmeat, 9. jIjIL Utlt, ^tl/^ sh^- 

Swell, 9. (of the sea) u^jJU aXUndt ; 
— , t7ji. cX^^MX shishmdc, Jk<;U3 
kXbarmok ; — , t;.a. ^Jaj^ kXbart- 
mak. [kXba, cL»«y turns^k. 

Swelling, 9. ^jLJ^ shkh ; — , a. US 

Swift, a. CJjU- chkbik, j-Jy- sferi", 
jbxpj siip"4tlt, j!j->- hirii ; — ^ s, 
*^^J yrlangUch. [bik. 

Swiftly, ad. CJ^UcXjU. chkbtk-cha- 

Swim, vji. CX«jf^ yiizmek, l»,s.^>>L.j 

Swindle, 9. ^lL»> htls, ^^^ 6yrn, 
tr^ij^ d^Up; — * ©.o. j;^jJi!jt 

Swindler, «. ,^<9|Cj^S^ d^londtryt. 

Swine, 9. J^ d6nguz (d6muz), fJj:^^^ 
khinzir, CJ^ khugh. 

Swing, 9. JIficJU sXhnjdk; — , vm. 
Jh^^U^ sXllonmok ; — , v.a. 
JUjJjIUU sXll^dtrmak. 

Swiss, 9. ^\ja(Z^\ Issvieherali ; — , a. 
^^jOfTyaS issvicheroli. 

Switch, 9. J^-^ *^1 mja - chibuk ; 




Jt^ smash, Jij)^\^ BXllayish; 

— , VM. cXkO^rf Bilkmek, fjAJj\>^ 

chArpmak, fj0^\^ slUamak. 
Switzerland, s. tya^^l Issvichera. 
Swivel* 8. (gun) L5i^C/"j)^^ chc/kal^ss- 

-t6pu ; (for taming) (Jm^ mil ; jiL^ 

AiU mUli-hAlka. 
Swoon, s, ^uLb b^ytlma ; — , v.n. 

^jAAi lAjUmaV, j\ iiyk\j bikh6d-61 ; 

in a — , ^^^IaLU biiyilmtsh ; to go off 

in a — , ^J^^^Lb baTtlmnk. 
Sword, 8. ^ kJUj, cJj-» efcyf, ^ tlgh. 
Sword-bdt, 8. j:^\i ^ kJlij-kliyislii. 
Swopd-fiak, 8. Ji\) ^ 
Sycamore, '• j^^ chinar. 
Sycophant, 8. u«mJ^o kyasaE-liss, 

jjlSJb dXl-kAwuk. 
Syllable, «. U^ h^ja (b^JE). 
Syllogism, «. (^l«S kiyass. ["alam^t. 
Symbol, 8. (JL^L&I labar^t, c:.^^!^ 
Symmetry, «. l^lw^MfUJ t^nasaubu- 

-k"za, i^UaiJt Inttzam. [-hiss. 

Sympathy, 8. ^jm^- cJ\j^\ Ishtiraki- 
Symptom, 8. d^,<lr> "^am^. 
Synagogue, 8, ^jy>^ hkwra. 
Syndic, 8. I^icv^ k^tkhuda (kyaya), 

,^X-*t eaakL 
Sjrnod, j. ^— Ijt* Ulc "id^ma^m^jliasi, 

^^^jyL Uifi "iil^ma-shurasst. 
Synonym, «. ^j\^ miitEradifs. 
Synonymous, a. uJjlji^ mikt^radif, 

llJMM«Jb h^m-mi"n^. [-nidiv. 

Syntax, tf.jaT n^v, ^acillJuC "ttmu-*n- 
Syra(ialandof),«.^^l 2f^Birii-lda8si. 
Syria, 8, f\J^ aham, ^j^ suriyya. 

Syriac, a. x^\f^ suriani. 

Syrian, a. ,<^l^ shami ; — , 8, aL& 

^^_<^1 sham-ldAmi. 
Syringa, *.jV Jy fuli-b^har. 
Syringe, 8, <LiA>- h6kna ; d^^jU? tiilmn- 

ba; — , v.a. f^\JL:;>-l ihtik2n-et; 

^jA^\lS^^ tulumba-blBsmak. 
Sjnrup, 8, ^«^|/& shiirub. 
System, 8. (practical) ^}yc\ ihssvl ; 

(hypothesis) Jy Idvl ; (physical) 

Lt^a:^^ mlnzumE ; aSU? t^'m. 


Tabemade, 8, imSy^ m^"vk, ^;C^ 
m^ssk^n, ij\i>^ khans, iju^ b^yt. 

Table, 8. iJJ tr^b^z^, ^l« miissa; 
(set with food) ifjLa s^fra, ^JaU 
ma'tdfi ; (mathematical) JjJ^ j^d- 
vid ; (astronomical) ^J zTj ; — land, 
i\j\l jkyla, j^ d&z ; — doth, aj^ 
lJjJ 86fra-b^zi. Qinda. 

Tabular, a. l^jJiLl J^J^ j^dvd-shfek- 

Tacit, a. lJj^ji^ m&"n^vi; — ly, ad. 

\:jut mJ^"nAn, Ab^Jl>-^LJ lissant- 
Tack, 8. (nail) ^y^ chWi, ^^Ji 
kk^cha; (taste) CJjJ l^zz^t, Cl^lb 
Ut, ^^ (ch&shni): (of a sail) 
d^^f^r^y k6ntra-sk6t; — , vm» 
CX«j aJjI <0j1 (J^^^ chivi-ila-ilish- 
dirmek ; — , vM, (a ship) ^^^^^^ 
ch^virmek, cXw^J dilinmek, ^jy 
\aJJb2lt 6r8a-iQabanda-et ; to be on 
the starboard — , to have the et 




board — • aboard, ^\*^^^^^^^>^jyj 
r&zghyar-Bln]akdim-61 {pr ^«Xel« 
B^Adon) ; . . . larboard . . , ^JAaL«1 
Isak^lEdim (or ^^y^ B61dim). 

Tackle, b. Jlk tiiksm, jLljfjl ^wadln- 
lik, vzyi\ alat, iZ^^^\ ^dawat; 
(pulley) iSiX) pIdAnglui. 

Tackling, s. JlL tkktm. 

TacticB, 8. pi j^Si t^dbiv, C^l>^ 

Tail, «. J^y kdyruk, i--^ z^neb, 
4)L«J dikmbals; (entail) kj ^ ^ < c- flj j 

Taflor, «. u(;^J (t^rzi), l^Lcl. khkyyat. 

Taint, 8. yy k6ku, yyU fEna-k6ku, 
^JlmJ ta"2Jim; — , r.a. Jl^j^ 
b6zmak, (J^y k^ktrtmok. 

Take, v.a. ^\ }dmak, t iXc^t 2kkhz-et, 
\ JjJ kXbul-et, \(^ klbz-et. 1 la^ 
zlbt-et; — ^, v.*. (j»^\ llmak ; 
CJ^^yr ^^«A»« mlkbula - gh^cbmek ; 
jUjye m6dii-61; — after, cXel^ 
b^n^zsmek; — a leap, ^Jm^\j.sf^ 
alchramak, (J^\ Xtflmak ; — a torn, 
Kl^j^ gb^zmek, (j^'i^ d^losb- 
mak ; cXiJji) dilnmek, 
di^Aishinek ; Kl^j^^ ^jy^ 
blsbkn-BurEta-ghirmek, JW diAlj 
\\_ ^ bXahka-hal-k^ssb-et ; — ^, v.a. 
fj^j^Jiii^ d61ashdinnak, iJLX^tXlL^ 
Uishdinnek ; — away, Jk«; jJli Idddtr- 
mak, cX«y^&c-^l lltp-ghykur- 
mek; — care, J^U^^l lyija- 
-blkkmak, J^cSU B^tnmak, lu:^J 
dlkklt-et, JU?-j^j^ ghyizunu- 

-^dimak, \Js>^ h^zEr-et ; — care ot 
j;^l£tf B^klamsk,^ laA^-hifz-et; ^j^^V 
bAkmak ; l^r.l^A*^ kh)dm^tini-et ; — 
down, Jh*I^^^^ Xsb^At-Xlmczk ; 
CX«;Jj\ ^ndirmek; |^j\| y&zmck, 
f JuS k&yd-et ; iJ^j^^^jH bdmuncr- 
-kirmak, ^J^J^ kirmok; «— hold« 
J^jt tutmak; — in, J^^ ^j/jC^ 
ich^ri-Xbnak ; ^j^ llmak; J^^^^u) 
darxltmak; Jp4j\j3\ ^dotmok, \^^^^ 
6yun-et; — in hand, ^J^mUi £la. 
-Xlmak ; cX«;|^ Jl si > siirmek, 
^jaJ^^^ bi)la8hmiik; — off, J^^^jSlS 
kXldftrmak ; ^^A^ chikdrmak; 
CXw^a k^mek ; \ jJi? tXkCd-et ; 

— on, v.*. \jS^ k£der-et ; v.a. sl^j^ 
gUrmek, \\^*m^ k^ssb-et; — — 
one's self, ^j^^^jj}^ tlz^rina-llmak; 

— out, jKe;U;k>- cbiklUrmiik, u^llJi? 
j;JUUyn.Xlmak; klX^y^^^^ 
gh^zm^^ - ghy^turmek ; — ship, 
CJ>4>V»<J^^4b£s gh^miya-bhimek ; — 
to pieces, t;.a. CX«^ saikmek, ^J^ 
b6zmak; t;.ii. cXiK^ s^yolmek; 

— to task, j; J;b dXrilmok, J^;^jl 
Izarlamak, ^J^^^«i:u^cJ>:jt£43jb 
y^pdtyAsnin^ - hlkm^tini - s^rmok ; — 
np, Jk»!1 IhoQak ; j;^j4>lli klldtrmak; 
jK*3\i^ljy yi)kjlri-llmak; (aposidon) 
\\i^ zXbt-et, jtJflLb dakhn.6I, 
CX«^ ghh-mek, C.V^';*'^ ghitmek; 
(an offender) Jh^j^ tdtmak, 1 Jc^l 
iddiz-et, ^cui^ ghlrift-et; (oat of 
the ground) j;^lS^ chik&rmdc ; (a 
question) c)^<im&^ iC.«ad&>>Lc miiba- 




hissusma - ghbishmek ; (a qaarrel) 
^aJ^jS ghbishmek. 
Tale, 8. JLd^ mlssAl, ^l^ hikyayB, 
iji fikra, i^ Usssa, iM^ m^kabs; 
(count) yJ^ skyi, l*?^-^ *^«^ "^ded- 
-hisslbi ; — bearer, jUi ghlmmlz. 
Talent, *. jJ^^ ^^ji yuk-ghibi-bh*. 
.ni^b%A; Jljocurft i88ti"dad, JJb 
Talented, a. ^JJb hitnsrli. 
Tale-teller, s. J«X« m^ddah; jUfi 

Talisman, 8. a. An tiUssm or t)lstm. 
Talk, *. t^J;5l IMurdi, i-JS iXf ; — , v,n. 
tw^J/) lakirdt-et, ti^) iXf-et ; \^ 
t^k^om - et ; 1 t^^^.f^ s&hbet - et, 
fJ^tS^ iLbngvshmak ; — over, (a 
thing) \^^^J^ U^irdt*88tDt-et ; (a 
person) cXJ^^_<Jic "ikltnt-chM- 
mek, ^J^ JjlS klndtrmak,! /^J\ Uzam- 
-et, ] ^\ lkna"-et. 
Talkative, a. ij^ ghfev^zB, J\y 

kXwwil, jliy^^^ b68h-b6^Al2. 
Talkativeness, 8. C^^;/ gh^v^zslik. 
Tall, 0. ^j^ii^jfj^' dzun-b6yli7, Jjut 

tawn ; )\j bala, CXJy^ y^ksek. 
Tallow, *. ^licJjJf d6n^-y^^'. 
Tallow-chandler, 8. ^^st^y mumji. 
Tally, 8. «la>. chfet^lB ; — , t;.«. ^^j\ 

^ak, jl Ji\k« muUbtk-61. 
Tamarind, 8. ^dZJbyu t^mri-hhidi 

Tambourine, 8, uJ J dtf. 
Tame, a. jUlM ilishmtsh; j\ fev 
(house) ; /»)Ux« mXzlum, ^^ ya- 

wXsh ; — , v,a, ^jStl\ lltshdirmiik, 
\^Ji tirblyyB-et. 

Tamper, v.n. \ ^d^ htlE-et; ^J^jSliJH 
kXrishdtrmak ; (with a person) <-^^^ 
lv,pj,<7 rishvet - t^kllf - et ; CJ^j 
CX«^j rishvet - vErmek ; djUjJJ^ 
JU^V ^yartma^Aa-b}kkmak. 

Tan, *. j^d-jyer^V*^ dlbaghat-tfer- 
biyyissi ; (of the skin) ^j^(^J^^ 
ydntkltk-^8msr%Ai; — , v. a, Ils-^uO 
dlbagh^-et, ^OJ tirblyyE-et; — 9 
v.ii. (leather) 1 J^ci^bj dibagh^- 
-klbul-et; (the face, &c.) J^U 
ydnmak, cX4w3^^«m«i1 ^ssmsrlEnmek ; 
— yard, ^UlcLcl^J d^bblgh-khanE 
(UbAk); — pit, ^^jjyAili^Uj 

Tangent, «. ^^U^ mthnlsss, Jl^ zUl ; 
log. — , aJ^clw nissb^ti-zUllyy^. 

Tangle, 8. ^^jJ^Ji kArtshtklAc ; — , v.ji. 
(j^Ji klrishmok; — , v,a.(j>^j^Ji 

Tanner, 8. ^Uj d^bblgh (abxk). 

Tap, 8. (blow) ij.j^\ ^^.-aJ^ khXfif. 

-wihrush, ^J^y^ d6kunush; (cock) 

^jLd^ or ,J^L^^ miyssluk ; (of a tavern) 

..t«»4ri» -i dj\fic\^ m^ykhans-p^sh-* 

tlikhtasst ; (tapped cask) ,^<^y ,^A*>^^ 
dchtlm»sh-f ichf ; — , v.a. (a cask) 
^J^J^ Jj^^*^^ mi^sluk-wihinak, J^'*^ t 
^hmak ; (strike) fj^j^\ iJeh^ khX- 
fiQa-wdrmak. [shi^d. 

Tape, 8. ^jJ^ sh^rid, JJ^ Li kXba- 
Taper, a. ^^ • siibu, idsiilAjsr Jo. 
ghltdilga-h^a ; Ascul inja; — 




^maJ^ 8h^m k (shdma) ; — off, v.n. 

C^'aU^VjI <JLa^Jc^ ghkdikja-bjelmek ; 

— , — , VM. CXclsil A^Jc^ ghit- 

Tar, 9. ^\Jai kXtrln ; (sailor) ^jf^ 

ghfemgi, ^^ UJyonju. 
Tardy, a. ^ gh^h. 
TVire, #. (m weight) ifj\i^ dkta; — a, J^jyi bOrchlk (?), 2bcvlj 

d^ja (??). [(jIa]j kAlkAn. 

Target, $. i^UJ nlshln, uJjJb h^ef ; 
Tariff. 9. tiyu tV'rifB ; ^y nirkh. 
Tarnish, v.ii. (J^J^/ kArarmak, C«U:J^ 

l^kilsomek; — , v,a. \ifLrf siyah-et, 

cJ^jJaCI l^ksLsndirmek. 
TarpauIiD, 9. ^4w« miish^iDmk" (md- 

sh^mba). [^kshija. 

Tart, «. cJ;y biir^k; — , a. ^(^Vl^l 
Tartar. 9.Jj\i t4tar. 
Tartary, 9. ^li^^ljlJ tktarlsstan. 
Task, ». (lesson) (j^j*^ d^rss; (duty) 
pLj^ti ^M,^J,»., ^ ktesilmish - ish, 
ji^jfy^U mfc*muriyyMi-m^"4y- 

wajib^'i-zimm^t ; — , v,a, CX»**^^^t 
Uh-k^ssmek. t^;:M^(jl|^ l8h-tii"ym- 
-c^i OKe;<XtJl>> chllishdtnnak. 

Tassel, «. J*^;^ piisskyol. 

Taste, 9. (savour) d^U? tXt, ^J^^ 
chashni (ch^shni), C:^«>! Ibzz^t. a\9^ 
td"am; (sense of) AiS^Jdi^y kuv- 
v^ti-za'ika ; (artistic) \jl *-^ tXbf'at; 
— , VM, ^j^^ tdtmak; — , vm. 
jIu^jIL tldi.61. ^^^---i-:.U. (chfesh. 
ni8si)-61,^f^jJ l^zz^ti-61. 

Tasteful, a. w^^ zarif. 

Tastefully, ad. ^\ sjL^\p zoraf^t-Ua. 

Tastefolness, «• KZ^\Jo z^raf^t. 

Tasteless, a.yJ^ tXUiz. 

Tastelessness, ». jJ^lL tXtsizlik. 

TastUy, ad. il^\ l::^]^ z^rafbt-fla. 

Tasty, a. (^jb A? zarif. 

Tavern, t . ^lacu« m^ykhans. 

Tax, «. j(;i^ virghyd, virghi, *-*; r^ssm 
{pL klJ^yaj riissumlt) ; property or 
income — , y^jl^ (virghi). uJ-l^7 
t^kllf. ^UL> saliyani, ^j^^ sllghin; 
capitation — , r*!/^ khdraj, ^j^ 
jizyK ; (expense) j\i blur ; — , v.a. (a 
thmg) \^^ji^^j rfessm-t4"yin-et ; 
(a person) ju!l« ^jiA^ sllghm- 
-sllmak ; jAsXiJ^j^ kh^raj-bXprA- 
lamok, l^j^djjp- jizy£-t4"ym-et 
{or ^^ia! ]at"et); (accuse) ^JjJ^ 
fj-^j^ yi^zuna-wurmak. \c\:m>»\ issnad- 
-et, 1 j^ "krr - et ; — gatherer, 

Tea, 9. L^l>- chky, ^J^ yu«< m6sskov- 

-chiyi;' — tray, j<--J tfepsi; — 

spoon, ^Ju&\jJF^ kahwE-lUsh^At ; 

— kettle. Sff ghyil^Aum. 
Teach, v.a. C)v«j^j\ ^Arstmek, ^aJaJ 

t^"lTin-et, ^(j-^jO^ tfedrife-et. 
Teacher, 9. ^1^ kh6ja, Jjc« mi)"^l- 

lim. (jmjdyc mtid^rriss. 
Teacup, 9, ^^^^ cil>- chiiy-fiyAni. 
Tea-dealer, 9, iff^}^ chkyji. 
Teapot, 9. ^yo^\ i^l>- chay-ibri^At. 
Tear, *. ^Vj/ ghyJ^z-y^ahi, CJ^J^ 




(pL cyQj diimu") ; — , v,a. JU^ 

ylrtmak, IcJU- chak-et» 'j^ 

khju-k-et, tcJcJb h^tk-et. 
Teat, s, du^ mhtn^, c;^^ plsstXn. 
Teaze, v.a. ^J^^ t^kilmak, J^UU 

sltoshmak, Ici^-Jjl eziyyfet-et, Ij-jb*' 

tii' jiz-et, l<--^1»Xft "^zab-et. 
Technical, a. ^^^^ "llmT ; ^^ finni ; 

Va^A issttlahi; — term, ^lLk.0) 
issttlah. [J^*^^>' iJfsslndirtr. 

Tedious, a. {^}jj^\ dzun; ^Ij^ dzap; 

Teem, vm. JUbjli kiiynamak, jl J^ 

Telegram, «. ^lijlyilj t^l^af-nami. 

Telegraph, s. uJlyilJ t^l^graf. 

Telegraphic, a. (^^^.^ ti\y^ tfelfegraft. 

Telegraphy, 8. CXcj Jj/^ ^Ljt <^]/iJ 
^ni»i> tfel^graf-Ua-ky^br-ghyiinder- 
mek-san"ati. \j^} ^yina, |*W jam. 

Telescope, «. ,^jp)(^ durbin (dikrbun). 

Tell, v.a. CXJj^ siiw^ylEmek, Ijiu 
nlkl-et; (comit) ^J^l*^ sllymak, 
\ jl JmJ tii"dad-et ; — ,v.n.i^X«jl^jf^ 
khlbsr-TErmek ; (in account) (J^\j}^ 
skytlmak ; (produce an effect) jl (J^ \j 
tfc*8iri-dl, |;-J v7 tfc'sir - et ; (strike) 
fj^j^\ wdrmak, cX*ijt^ d^Amek, 
l^juoU Isslbet-et. [d^lilik. 

Temerity, s. U^/r j'n"'fet, cJJJj 

Temper, s, (natural) kJj>^ khuy, {j:^%»m)ff 
Ubi"At, jU khiylk, cU-sj- jiblllfet, 
L^K^^ m^shr^b; (of steel) ^ s^, 
L^\ ab; — ^, t;.o« (steel) CX«^ ^ 

sd-vErmek; (the cold) \fJ^ mi^- 

Temperance, 8, <^j^^^*^ pKrhizkyarlik, 
J^j^JLii? l"tidal, c^Us^l ^Ji^l^^ 

Temperate, a. jl^jJb^ p^rhlzkyar, 

^f^^ j^ ji j\ Iz-yfir-lz-ichar ; (in 

quality or in heat), J Jcjc« mii"t^dil ; 

— zone, ^,Xsjt^ ^fll:i.v>c mlnttka'i- 

Temperature, 8. ^Zjjij>- h^rar^t, ^j*^ 

iZ^J\j>- d^r^j^'i.h^rar^t. 
Tempest, «. ^^ly j^ ch6k-ftrttua, tj^^ 

b6ra. [firtiaolt. 

Tempestuous, a. ^^^ flrtina, i^^^ 
Temple, s, S^j^ mk"b^d, »\OjLe 

"Ibadet - ghyah, A3UrjU "ibadet- 

-khanfi, (of idols) ij\£^i (put)-khaD£ ; 

— of Jerusalem, , ^^\ J^^r^ mtss- 

-'l-Xks^; — of the head, ^jiJiJ^ 
sh^kAk-yiri, ^jSJ^ sh^kAk. 

Temporarily, ad, \sJyo mOwlkkoton. 

Temporary, a. t^^ y c mdwAkk^t ; 
,jsj^U "apiyyfeti (feyr^ti). 

Tempt, v.a. ^j^\:>' IkAjJJ^i 2tyart- 

ma^^-chAltshmak, 1^«m)^^^\ igh- 

waya-sk"y-et ; (an object) Id^^J 

d^"vet-et; — successfully, JU^^y 

iiyartmak, J^jU) ^datmak, \\ys\ 

Ighwa-et, \J'dc\ ighfal-et, \JlLil 

idlal-et. [21 J d^h. 

Ten, a. ^^ biXtjUs, "Xshar, 9jL& Xshara, 

Tenable, a. d^l5^^JJlS klbih-mi^hlfoza, 

^j^Am^ ^^dlaJLg* mdh^fozr 


[ 332 ] 


miimkiD ; (assertion) ^^^U^ l/ V-^^ 

issbltt-miiinkin, ^U s41ih. 
Tenacious, a,j^\jJ hriikmtz. 
Tenacity, *. Jlifi "bad. 
Tenant, a. ^^^j£s kbraji, ^u«^ 

mj^sst^'jir ; — , v,a, JU^jS? ^^ ]/ 

kira-ikr-tdtmak; (J^y^j^ 6tnnnak. 
Tend, v.a. J^ub bXkmak, \^jj^,^s^ 

kh^dmetini-et ; — , t;.ii. jljSU ma'il- 

-61, jl JjUu niiit^mii7yil-61 ; j^^:^ 

miinty-61, J^|^ v^umak, ^Jaj\^ 

d^jonmak, CX«^^ ^^^P^ n^tiji-yir- 

mek,y^^£^ niiinj^rr-61. 
Tendency, «. ^J^ m^yl, (J^UJ tfero^yynl, 

ot«>JCUiit isstl'Mld, (^i^j r^kyun. 
Tender, a. cJj\j nazik ; J^^ y)mu- 

shAk; — , 9. (offer) ^-AjKt t^klif; 

— , v.a. ^^jKt t^kllf-et, f(j<0^ 

"i^-et ; CX«^^ vsrmek. 
Tendon, 9. jS^ sln^r, JUoc "assaIm. 
Tenor, «. J U ma'al, \^ fthwii, i^''^ 

Tense, #. ^^Uj zdmln ; — ^ a, ^^ 

ghBrghi, ^^ ghferili; present — . 

JU. hal; imperfect — , l^^UJI^- 

halt-mazt ; perfect — , ^U mazl ; 

aorist — , 9;li^ miizart"; future — t 

JbkiSM^ miisstlkbBl. 
Tent, «. j^^ cbXdir, ^Um>> khkymE, 

^^^ khi^byah. 
Tenth, o. ,^^50^^^ 6nunja, ^Ic "isbn*, 

^O dihum ; — , a.jLfi- "ftshr. 
Tepid, a. l^\ iltja, J^^ iltjlk. 
Term, *. (word)^--*y t^"bir ; (technical) 

ujt \\J\ isstilah ; (stipulation) t^ 

sh^ ; (of time) C2^J^ miidd^t ; 

(delay) Jf« m^hl, c:>^lf^ mi^hl^t, 

**Xftj wiL"dB; (price) ^ fi, d^V 

fi'^t; — ^ VM. I^^mJu tll"bLr-et, U»i4...7 

t^ssm)yi-et, CX«J«3 d^mek, ^^aL^ 

Terminate, v,n. C^asj bltmek, j^^jp^ 

mi^t^hi.61, ^J^ySfJ^ bttha-bi)lmiik 

— , v.a. CX«/^ bltirmek, i^^^Ji 

k^ssmek, t^ki klt"-et. 
Termination, $, cJ^ s6n^, v;:-^^ 

nihayet, \^\ inttha. 
Terra firma, «. 9y klra. 
Terrace, «. (on hill-side) Jbd s^d; 

(house-top) J^ slth (t-h), |%\j 

dXm, l^\i bXja ; (of houses) J^ 9jc 

Terrestrial, a. (-^^ dhny^yi; (^^5^^ 

^« ; — globe, ^/BjUij^ ky&r^'i-itrz. 
Terrible, a. uJ^^ m^Jdiuf, <^/J^«X« 

mildhish, l-"*!^ milhlb. 
Terrify, i;.a. ^'4i. r. tj^ k6rkutmak, 

!uJ£^ tlLkhwif-et, UU^t Mafa-et. 

^S '^t^y tErhib-et. 
Territory, *. y^^J^ ^aa {pl* of <jfi;\ 

arz, knd), C^U« m^malik (/?/. of 

Ls.-%CLk>< country). [c::.>%!ua > J dshsliEt. 
Terror, *. y^y k^rku, uJyi- khkvf, 
Testament, 9. l.^^cz^^ wlsslyyfet-nams, 

tj^ygj wXssiyyfet. [nams-sahibi. 

Testator, *. ,^<f>-^ U^A^^ wXssiyyfet- 
Testicle, 9. jllU? tXshak, ^Is^ khaya. 
Testify, v.n, ^ci^jlfSi sh^hadet-et; 

\J^\ izhar-et, KiX^ji^^^ ghy&sstsr- 

mek, \j\ji\ ibraz-et. 


[ 338 ] 


Testimonial, ^.lUUjjlfit sh^hadet-natn£. 
Testimony, 8, cl^jlfSt sh^hadet; sc\3\ 

ifads, jIjSj tiknr. 
Tether, a. J^U pkyb^nd (p^ywAnd), 

i^^t ip ; — , VM. fj^^^i bX^^anuik. 
Text, 8. (of a book) ^j:^ m^tn. 
Texture, 8. (jt\AJ kumlsh, ^^**^ n^ssj. 
Thank, v.a. \J^ t^sb^kkyor-et ; — s, 

s. pi. LLj t^sbddcyiir, LSU sbi^kr ; 

— fbl,y£3.1a« miit^b^kkir ; to give 

— , to return — , \Lm sbiikr-et. 


,4k ' 


That, |iroji. ^ sbi), J^^ 61 or ^h\ — , 

re/, pron.: see Grammar; — , c. 

Thatch, 8. ijj^^{^<^^ Blpdan-»rtu; 

— , v.a. cX«J;jf^fc^^ sXp-ik- 

Thaw, *. ^^f^>^j^^JJ^ kXrlorin^- 

-ferimsssi, i^^f^j^^^j^ buzlortn^- 

-ch^FZuhnassi ; — , v.n. ilXAJj\ ^ri- 

mek ; CX«3j^>- cb^zulmek ; — , v.a, 

HXajjS ^ritmek. 
The, art. See Grammar. 
Theatre, 8.^jj\J t^y^tro. [-miita"alik. 
Theatrical, a. fJ^JC^ H)y\P t^y^troya- 
Theatrically, orf.Alj) J^ ^yaas^ ^jy W 

Theatricals, 8, pi. ^^^^ J[/^ tfeyittro- 

Theft, 8. J^^ khirstzltk, ls-o^ 

Blrklt, ^yM« s^rika. 
Their, a. pro. lJJ lori, cJ^\ Xnlortn^ ; 

— 8, pro. i/^J^^ Xnlorm^ki. 
Theistf #. tX^yc mhYfhibldd (Unitarian). 

Themselves, pro. pi. lJ^JcS k^ndil6ri. 
Then, ad. uui J^\ 61-wXkit, fJ^J^\ 61- 

-zhmln; (afterwards) ifj^s^c ^bngra, 

sjju bii"dabv, ^^ pfess; — , c. 

4»j1aL^1 tfylb-isM, ^*^jy^ji hu- 

-surstda, u^tX«l Imdi. 
Thence, ad. ^jis:* Jjl 61.mJaiMdan; 

U^J J^^ ol-vwXktden ; ^ Ju-«-j Jjt 

61-8^bebden. [ba"da-hu. 

Thenceforth, Thenceforward, ad. HJjo 
Theology, 8. (^^ '*\ivDA - k^am, 

^jj^ c :,.^^^ hlkm^ti-UahiyyE. 
Theorem, 8. u^^u^UcJ d^"w^yt-nlzarT. 
Theoretical, a. «43x "llml, i^Jat nlzarl. 
Theory, 8. Jy kivl, J^ y61, v^^l* 

m^zh^b, (Ji)o t^Ik,^^ nXzar. 
Therapeutics, 8. u^ Jlc "ilmi-tibb. 
There, ad. \j^ 6ra ; ^\j^ 6raya ; iiCi\j^ 

6rada; \jyit shura; ^}jy^ shi)ray(i, 

2fJ^^ shurada; it^\ ^da, dndu; 

— ! int. isJ^\ ishta, U d^, l^ t^ha ; 

— about, — abouts, JSjf^ 6ralar, 
2fJ\^^\ 6ralara, 9i^j\j^ 6rB]arda; 
if«3^^Jj\ (6)-8i>larda, ^j^^»}y^{}^ 
6-Bi)lara-d6^Aru ; — ^by, cOcUmiL^J^I 
61-miinas8^b^tia ; — after, Jr^C^JJl 
Indan-sdn^ra ; — at, 1^1 An^, 6q^ ; 

— from, ^;Jj\ ladon, 6ndan; — io, 
IS\ ]ln^a; irjj! Inda; ^JJl Indon ; 
— of, ^JJ^ Xndan ; — on. Id) higa ; 
arJJl }lnda; ^jj^^^^^ Inm^- 
-iLzsrina ; ^JuJjJ^lclLJt Xntup^- 
-iizEnnda ; — to, — unto, oi In^a, 
iJjZ^ \^ ln^-d6^Aru ; — out, ^JJI 
ikndan; — under, ^IcX)! Xnini7- 




— upon, ^jJ^^C^^ XntD^-^zErina ; 
9J>jjjtf^il)'A ^iag-itzinnda ; —-with, 

Intn^-ila-bErabir ; Iil« mk^on; U) 

l^ffAn, UjiL« m^lfufon; — withal, 
j|^^1cJJ1 Intn^-Ha-birabEr. 

Therefore, c. cJJ^I Imdi, (^«3u^*J bd- 
-s^bebdon, ^Lj^U^y bu-B^b^ba- 

-bina'on, , j.^^ <<■■.■». y bu-8^b6ba- 

^^ * * * ^^* 

-m^bni, 15^*^ bun^ - m^bni, 
^lu l^^ buD^ - bka'an, *^^^, 
bba'an-"^^yh, cJJ J^«U^U^ bma'on- 
-"MI^-zalikK, 4.f(/^ blnabiriD. 

Thermometer, 9, ^^^^yjjt^ mizlni- 
-h^ar^t, ij^^y/^j^ hlLwa-t^razissi. 

Thessalj, ». ^*^\^ livadia; ULJ ttsaa- 

They,j9ro.^\ Inlor, ^nUr. [lia. 

Thibet, «. (Ju^ tibb^t. 

Thick, a. (in solidity) ^li kUtn ; (in 

fluidity) jjry k67U, l,qA^ kbssif ; 

(coarse) IJ kXba ; (dose) ^j^ slk ; 

(intimate) ^^^£-^ wt\i ; — , *. ^y cJl 

jj ^ny-k6yu-y£r, diyj^ or X?;^ 6rta, 

^yj^jj^ 6ita-ysri, jI:jcJ1 ^n^-f^na- 
Thicken, v.*. Jf^r.lvjli klltnkshmak; 
ijAt^^y k^juloshmok ; ^JjCIJL^ 
sikkshmok ; CX4IJU fiaudsshmek ; 
— » VM.^j-^zJLJ\j kUthliishdinnak ; 
(i^J^y k^jdatmak ; J^«xdi^ 

Thief, 9. J^ khirstz, j^U sarik, «>; J 
ditzd, Ur^^t ^Ari. 

Thieve, vm. IcUj^ khirsizltk - et, 
Ic:.^ sh-kXt-et. 

Thigh, 9. ty but, j\ar bljflk, jJjj\ 
uyluk, J^ fijLhz. 

Thimble, t. cJ^jf yiiksuk. 

Thin, a. (in solidity) ^^^^^ inja; (in 
flesh) immi*nt^ za"it ^^i^J z^bnn ; (in 
fluidity) j!^ si^lu; (wide apart) 
CJ^ s^k; — , VM. dUc]^ 
s^yreltmek; — , v.». s1X«S^«m» e^y. 

Thine, pro. a. cJ in^, n^; CL«< 
sinin^ ; — , pro, .J^^^ ainin^ki. 

Thing, 9, ^^ shfey, ^^ shfey' (pL 
\J^\ eshya), ^Uk«J nton6, J^ chlz. 

Think, vji. cXiJ^^O dikshunmek, |^CsJ 
t^f^kkyur-et ; (ponder) \4a>>)Le mii- 
lahirza-et ; — over, 1 duillk^ miitahi"a* 
-et; — of, J^l^Ukhlttrlomak, ir^U^ 
KlX^jfi khlttni - gh^tirmek; — 
about, cX«3^^i) diishunmek, (J^^ 
kurmak; — , v.a. (imagine) fj^\^ 
slnmak,!^ z^n-et; (esteem) ^j;«*jli0 
Ajmdk., \ «Xc "ddd-et. 

Third, a. i^J^^j^ uchunju, uiJU 


saliss, *«»» siynm ; — , 9. Ji ^^^j 
i^chda-bhr, c!Jj si^ (siduss). 

Thirst, 9. ^J-^y^ sdssnzluk, ^j^Slafi 
"itsh; LZJj\j^ h^rar^t; — , ».». 
^j^\^y>c sdssamak, j^^llW "Xtahln- 
61,y^UU tishni-dl; — j, a,^JLJ^yc 
sussamtsh, ^llLfi "itsh^n, IlLj 

Thirteen, a. '^^tj^ 6n-iu^. [tishnx. 

Tliirty, a. jy^ Muz, ^^yli selissun, 
^^ sUassin, ^ si. . 




This, pro,y^ bu, yL shO. 
Thistle, ». , ^ J CJJ^l ^hek-dlk£iii, 
^«;iu J f^4> d^vE-dikfoi. 

Thither, ad, ^j^ 6raya. 

Thorn, #. ^jCiJ dikin, Aiiol i^^nB, jU 
khar, \l)y^ sh^vk; — j, a. ^^j^ 

Thorough, a. ^J^^l Isal, fXS tlxmn, 
i\^ kyamil ; — bred, ^j"^ jinss, 
sJy^ B6y; — ftre, J^y^ J^ 
chSkar - 86kAk ; no — ^fare, /•'A^ 
^IjMtf chlkmdz - 86kAk ; — ly, ad. 

yjfJ f^jlfj bitan-bltun, UUj tlml- 

man, Lcid kyamQan, A>'^ Jb htc- 
w^jhla, yJ^ ^^^SjSs gh^r^^^i-ghibi. 

Thou, pro, ^ 8En. 

Though, c. 2fJ^! iflsa-da, jiXa; yb 
hsr-nJJcAdar ; ^yln£ (gh^n^). 

Thought. 8.J3 flkr (pl.JCj\ fefkyar) ; 

^lk« mitala"4. 
Thoughtful, a.j^J^y^ diishnnnr. 
Thoughtless, a. J^jJajJ d^hunm^z. 
Thoughtlessness, ^. fJ^y^^JtXa sky- 

ghtsizhlc. [h^zar. 

Ihonsand, a. cJ^ bby, ^\ ^If, jl^ 
Thraldom, «. c:**^ rikkiyy^t. 
Thradi, v.a, C^,><>^J d^Amek ; (com) 

l^^^^y^ khiirmAn • et ; (the enemy) 

(J-^j^, b6zmak. 
Thraahmg, 8, cJJiCc»>1 \J^J^ khanuAn- 

-^tmeklik ; jU? diiyok. 
Thrashing-machine, 9. ic=^y>- uTt^ 

Thread. 8. CJi-^l Iplik ; JT;-:? tirfi; JJ 

tfel ; iJxJiij rlshtE ; — , vm, (a 
needle) CX*;^ C)i-il Iplik-ghfe- 
chirmek; (a path) cX«^^3^ siikraek, 
Jk«;\%^ ch^k^rmak, CXbJ^ gh^ch- 
mek, ]j^j^ murur-et. 

Threat, 8. ^^yji il)^^/^ ^j^ k6rkn- 
-YETEJek-l^irdt, y^y k6rku. 

Threaten, v.o. ^^^ji^ yfjy k6rku- 
vErmek ; kl^^j^ ^fj^ k6rkulu- 

Three, a. ^^ 5ch. ^ s^lassK, ^ s^h. 

Threshold, 8. ^JL&\ jJ klpi-^hi^Ai, 
^\imi\ assitan, ^^c^ assitaos, 6ji£. 


Thrice, ad, %^ ^^ iich - kErra, 
iU3J -»^t iich-d^f"a. Ji^ 0^^ i!ich- 
-sfefBT. pdardjiUk. 

Thrift, 8. ^J\c^ idare, cJij5j-2f^\j\ 

Thrifty, a. ^9j\*^ idarBJi. 

Thrive, VM, C)>».» T,. K gh^shmek; 
— ^ving, a. jlJllK gh^ishAtlt. 

Throat. 8, j\iy b^^Alz, /*j^i>- hiilkum. 

Throb, 8. ^^jm^^cjj^\ c)j^ yiirek- 
-6ynam(is8t ; ^j^^^^jj ^^ yiira- 
- z6nklamassi ; — ^, f;.ji. ^J^^^ 
-6ynamak; Jk«^jJ zdnklamok. 

Throne, «. (ju.*ckr t&kht ; At < m^s- 

ned, J Ju^ sldr ; — of God, (JLjC' 
"krsh; —,v,a.jAJj^^\ Jfi^rtikhta- 

Throng, «. ji<uU (klkblltk), i^Ujjt 
izdtham; — > vji. C)w«^.C*^jt 
iishashmek, fjAZJUt^ kbshuahmak; 
IjlUi (kilflbiltk) - et, l(%Ujjt 




Throttle, #. jU^ hbghlz; — , v.a. 


TliroQgh, |ir. ^ don; ^ ^\xf ^\ 
khiDdan ; — and — , ij\i (:>S^l[ 
y^dim-y^a; ^-out, ad, iJ^\j ^^^X&b 
blahdoQ - bXsha ; j jJ ^y^l \^^j^ 

Throw, », J\ Xtnn; — » v.a. ^j^\ 
Itmak, tc:u.^\jj1 Endakht-et, \ , ^% 
rtoy-et; — away» fj^\ Xtmak; 
luJl^^ issraf-et, \cJ]J tMef-et; 
— off, fj^JSu>^ chik^muik, ^^J 

Thruit. 9. y/j\i kAkiah. Jia^l Itiah ; 
imJjy^ diirtuah; {ji^^ a^kush; 
^j}\ wi^uah; — , v. a, fjAj\j 
klkmak, cXcj^ itmek; CXw;^ 
diirtmek; (J^y^ a^kmak; fj^jj\ 
wdnnok; — away, t^J d^f"«et, 
\ jjb tkxl-et. 

Tliamb, «• Jkc;^ ^^, bXah-pkmak ; 

CJ^AmijjI ydprAklorint - pibrrndkla - 

Tlramp, t. ^^j^ ^ **■■< muahta- 
-wiyruahc ; — , r.a. ij^j^ ^ A^^ 

Ilitinder, t. ,^^wft!^^^ ^^^ ghyttk- 
-ghyikrlsmBasi, Jj^ rii"d; — , v.ji. 
cX^j^ ghyftrlsmek ; — bolt, |^jL 
yildJrim, ^JLeLt^ aa"]kii{ — dap, 
^^^^jfji cJf^^ ghyiii^Am^ - blr- 
-gbyiirlBDucaai ; — atroke, ^j^ yildt- 
rim, <Acl« 8a"ikii; — stmck. 

yjj^j^^^ ylldinm-cb^iiitth, ^L&sU 
^^^Lcjlcu^L^l sa"ika-iaa£bet-^tmisb ; 
c» 'if*^^ iD4to"^ib, y^j^ h^yrAn, 
M^ aEraEm, ^^^i4mJL&L& ah^slia- 
-kllmtah; to be — atmck, ^^13 
lOlmok, ^jji^il\L ahdaha-kllmak. 

Ihnraday, «. ^>;.**fCU p^njsh^nblh 
(pirahomba), ^j-**^ khtolaa. 

Thaa, oi. ^y birybs, ^^^ bi^lEJa; 
^JJ;^ ^ bu-aurEtla ; ^!^4^^ «J bi- 
-w^jbla ; A>-^i\a7 y b^-ULkdiija ; — 
fi&r, jJjJJ^jiy bi)raya-kXdar, jjO^j^tJ 

Thwart, v.a. (J^^^^y^^ lahini-b6zimik, 
(^X*ji^ A:;L« a^ktB^YErmek. 

Thy, pro, a, cJ )ng, ng ; Cil;.* ainiD^ ; 
— aelf, cJj^ k^ndin^. 

Thyme, s. ^Ji slX^ kfekik - Atu, 

Tick, 8, (inaect) ^ gh^ns; npoD — . 
^^ar^jYETEaaiyE; — ^, vm. \^J^fj^ 

Ticket, «. «Xil^ l^a^^'d ; 4idU yXfta. 

Hckle, v.n, (j^^ij^ gWjikmflk ; — , v,a. 
(J^jfii^ gbi|jtkdirmak ; — one's 
hncy, C^.4r» ^ i^^ kh6ahina- 

Tide, «. J^ J J J^ j^zr-u-m^dd ; high — , 
Jl« mfedd; J^u Jm m^di-kyamil ; 
ebb — »j^ j^zr. 

Tidy, a.jfjiS t^miz. 

Tie, ». ^ bX^A; (in architecture) 
jl^ji kdahXk ; (moral) iSU "^aka, 
ju^Mil:^ mitnaaa^b^t, ^^klitt in- 




OLe maoi"; — , v. a. ^J^pJlib bX^A- 
lamak, \ «Xac "ikd-et. 
Tier, «. »j^ 9^a ; Cl^U kit. 
Tiger, 9,j0j b^br. 

Tight, a. ^gjw» sikt; water — ^, j^^y^ 
su-gh^hm^z ; air — , j4J^ \yb hawa- 
Tighten, t?.a. ^J^^jdJLi^ siktshdtrmak. 
Tigris (the river), «. ^ J d^jls. [tO^Ala. 
Tile. «. Jw«^^ klr^mid; (flat) ^^ 
Till, ». ^^ljf^^^ifj\j pXra-chbkmEJESsi; 
— , VM. [;tw timar-et, \\j;^^jj 
zbra"^-et, \^S^j>^ Urasa^t-et ; — , 
pr. jSidj a-kldar, (jjo^ s-dek, 
J4>aJ a-dak. 
Tillage, s. i^L^)jj zka '^. 
Tfller. 8. ^.^Ij 2lra"^i; (of a 

rudder) ^^^^ jhki. 
Tlmbcri 9. is^J kferesstB, l-.^^^! 
ah&h^b, c^^.1^1 khahlb ; — yard. 

}^*^^^^^^^^^ k^resstBJi-diikkyaiii. 
"^e, 9. i£^j wlktt, (jU; z^mln; 
^\xUb hbighyam ; period of — , CL^A< 
mMd^, jy} dfevr, y.fl* "Xbst, ^ 
k^, aW byyam (pL of ^ji yiitTni, a 
^); (nmnber in recurrence) ir^ 
km^, jr^ mferre, aiuj d^f"a, jL» 
tkixt, cuJy n&b^t; — , v.a. LZ^^ 
^\jsi^ w}kk*t.ti'ym-et ; \cs-Jj*ii3j 
irlktma-dikklt-et; there's — enough, 

Jy \^L^^ Uj daha-wlktt-y^, ls^^ 
J^ wlkft-ch^k; from — imme- 
Jflorial, from — out of mind, j^^JAJ^ 
^^oa-bferi, j^dS j! fez-kAdim, ^ 

■J\ __\ 1 t ^ tr. 

Timid, a. Jij^ VbrUk, CX^dj^ «frkek; 

t-jyc*^ miifajub, j^W^y' iJtlntr, 

^\t^l dtXnghdch. [h^ab. 

Timidity, *. jiSlSjjS k6rkaklik, ^-^U^ 
Tin, «. i^lS kllay; Qn sheets) ^ 

t^n6kE; — ,v.a. J^^U kXlaylamak. 
Tincture, «. (medicinal) ^^j ruh ; (slight 

mixture) yyi k6ku, d^L& sha'ibE; 

-. v.a. cX^ji, cMj j> teaJj^ 


Tinder, s. ^\j k^w or klv; — box, 
^^^w^jIaa>> ch^km^k-k^ysassi. 

Tinge. t;.a. C^it^ C^j ^ ^Sja. 
ji!iz'i]a-bir-rEnk-y£rmek.\^^ t^lvln-* 
-et, jK«^y bdyamnk. 

Tinker, «. <OUjk>* (cl^gh^ni, a gipsy); 
— , v.a, \ jmAJu^\03 kXbiga-tk"mir- 

Tinman, s, ^j^ii^ t^n^kzji. [-et. 

Tinsel, a. ^ aJU^ sh^mAta-tMi, 

Tint, 8. iUL'^ ch^shid, C)>^j rink, ^j! 

Tiny. a. J9^\ij\ i^fljek. pfevn. 

Tip, ij. ^^1 uj. AJJ (t^pz); ,^>*:-iir 
bakhshish ; — , v.a. CX«^ virmek, 
^jAj\ Xtmak ; — , v.n. ^^^X^ji^ ^t*»tk^ 
biddishish-VErmek ; — up, iJ^^A 
(j^jCiM bh'-dj^t-klldtrmak ; — off» 
— over, v.n. d.4yMi j J fm^J^JjjJ 
dbyrilip-diishmek ; — , v.a. k^Jfi^yt} 
CX«;jMijJ d^virip-diffihurmek. 
Upple, 8. ^Jfia^ ichkf ; — , v.n. cXifl^ 
Ichmek, JUil>- ch^kmok. 

Tippler, 8. ij/j hhkn. 

Tipstaff, 8. ^^ kXvwXss. [(si^-)- 

Tipsy, a. ui«^ k^yf, J^^j^ szrkhdsh 

Tire, t. (of a wheel) j0i>>^ ch> " 

2 A 




jbrraak; (in likiog) ^j^j'^\^^\ J^saln- 
dtnnak ; (in pfttienoe) cXtJ^J^^^J^ 
■Xbrmt^dilikitniek; (canse disgost) 
(jXtj^jt b^zdirmek ; — » vm. J^;^ 
ydrulmak; ^J^U^ uaiAnmat ; CX«^ 
b^mek ; CJw«^-sJ[^«> ^jT^ albn- 

Tiresome, a.J«s«^L« m&naas^b^taiz ; 
jjl^ {f^y 6«liy - vkrir, ^yJaUyl 
^ikndirir; ^U«tf^U.cX«Ot Id^m* 

TiBtae, «. ^Uj kdmlab, ^^-^ n^8S}. 

Tithe, f.^Lx: ^shr (ji/. j\:u:t k"8hir). 
jI'J^jl 6ndaUk. 

Title, t. (of hononr) v^ l^kab (p/. 
mUSI ^Iklb). ^1^ iinwln ; (right) 
hlkk; (deed) Ja«* atoed, 

Tlttle-tattle, #. ^^"^^ ^"^^ ^^j^ 

To, /IT. ^ E, a;^«>S^ a-kldar ; iJjL^di 
a^^bghtv ; ^2)f(^ it^tSok ; • — day, \j^^, 
bd-ghyikn; — anight, i^ffal^bd-gfa^yJB, 
4^^ar«3^4^1y bd-te^nmnzd^ki- 
-gh^yJB; -^-morrow, ^^\i yilrtn. 

Toed, M. iJojyiiji kXra-kdrbA^Aa, 
^y J^f 6dlu-b^ila ; — itool, jiy^J 
Ju^ xfehirli-mXntar. 

Toady, v. a. t^J^ mikdihdns-et. 

Toadyiam, 9. 4:J^1x« m^dah6n£ 

Toaat, M. ^^^^f;i CX«J^\ fekmek- 
.UzJUtmosu ; i^^\ M^^ ^Ui:;^ 
<■ : ■>■ (♦ / "lahktha - diMh - khibm- 
-khn^iani ; — , vm. ^j^}j^ Uzkrt- 

mak ; i^X^\.^\jLi:S:UA "lahksno- 

-ah^ab-ichmek. [dWiln. 

Tobacco, t. y^yi or ^y t&tnn, ^ls>-<3 

Tobacconist, «. . <q^V9i tatnnja. 

Toe, #. ^^ pimak» ^/^ j^ iyak- 

Together, ad. j\ji bbrab^, arj^yJ bir- 
likda ; Jj^^ blr-y^ra ; ^^Jijt blr-yKr- 

da; lui^j^m"^; liu^^-j^mi"^. 
Toil, 9. Ju\ )sh, tf^j rb^, iju^ 

ky^lftt, iju.!!^ m^akklt; — «, 

«. ji/. j1jj)9 tdzlk ; — , J^U^ 

i*h]i1ffbTnfk, /maJL*^ dk^bAlamok, 

CULljl ishlsmek. 
Token, 9. ^\:J nlshin, i2j)J^ Isharet, 

s^^^kJS' "^am^t ; (of remembrance) 
jtji^ b^hyozar. 
Tolerable, a, j^:>' ch^kilir, j^il^t J^^a^ 

tdhammnl-61unur ; ^^f ii«.^t fep-iy\ja. 
Tolerance, Toleration, 9, ^^aoC" t^h^mmid, 

^ai^ hlzm, y«3bftLM« m^saa"ad£. 
Tolerate, <;.a. lafJkfiL»« mikssa'adi-et, 

\}if^ tfejviz-et, \Jyi klbul-et, 

dUC^ cbdcmek. 
Ton, #. ^U bij, ,j-^%i^ ^ klpt- 

.virghissi, lij^j^ mikruriyy£; — , 

v.a. (a bell) Jh^II^ chllmok; — , 

vji. JmcSW chlltnmak. 
Tomato, t. ^U^ d6mata. 
Tomb, «. j\^ mfezir, ji kibr, «Xs) 

Uhd: iAj tteba; — stone, j^ 

^^U? m^zar-tXsht. 
Tomfool, t. j^U)\<^ dM-k&wuk. 
Tomfooleiy, t. ^uysr^ mlaakharaUk. 
Ton, ». iGlijk tdn^lka. 




Tone. s. ^^—t a^ss; jrJ^ p^rde; (of 
moBcle, &c.) dJ^ kiiw^t 

Tong8» «.|i/. ^U mlaha. [z^bln. 

Tangrne, *. Jj dS, ^^U Hum, ^Jjj 

TongQe-tied» a. J^J^ J^ dm-tdtul- 

Tonic, «• 4.^^ milJc^wT. [mvah. 

Tonnage, «. ^ijijjb cJAy»^ ghbini&in- 

Too, ad. (also) ^^^ dikkhi, Jr J da, 
i^ljL^kbzalik; (more than needful) 
jr jU J ^A^j|^ Ji». h^ddi-ldzumdon- 
-zIyadB. (Tliii particle it not in nae 
in IWidah ; the aimple acyeodye 
folfila its function. Vid. Grammar.) 

Tool, #. oJl alet (pL iJL>i\ alat) ; — «, 
9. pi. lZj\^j\ ^dowat, CL>1^\ j1 Mawat, 
^\j\j\ kwadonltk, JlL t^m. 
Tooth, #. ^JbJ cUah, ^ dnn (p/. ^;L^f 
^ssnan), ^tjJJ d^ndan, A^tjjj d^n- 
dan£; —pick, JLl khilal, ^J 
(JPTir^J^ diah-kartahdtngok. 
Top, •. tA^ dsat, u^Uji yi^Uiri, j^ 
f^k, SU bala; (sommit) A^J (t^p^), 
M^jJ liarri ; (of a mast) jJiU>- 
chJknakltk; (plaything) j\^ji f2nl- 
dlk; -^ A. J^9Ja^^\ testdW, 
^«£51JC£m»^1 iksstmidfeki; — mast, 
^y f t^ lJ\i ghlUya-chibd^Au ; — 
sail, A^U ^i^biya ; '—moat, kl)\ 
^^^Sa-ijLJ^ ^-yjlkikriki, c)l 
^^SJjJiy^ hng-jtHukrid^cL 
Topaz, a. J^J s^beijM (?), iJjia 

CJyb 8:Urf.y&kot. 
Topgallant, a. cJJ j fei bli bibA-ikigoiiiB. 
Topic, a. Jr jU madd£ 

Topography, a. ^yinai.lAy^ khiUita. 

.tl&tUti; ^^jCL^'Laij tlfstUti- 

-z^mm. [jfj^J.) zif-a-zfebar. 

Topsy-tarvy, atf. ul^jIciJt Jklt-^sst, 
Torch, a. <tU:L^ m^h"^ (nOshak). 
Torment, a. cl^jt kziyyht; — , v.a. 

\cu-£i>f ^alyy^et; CU^jojil 

Tornado, a. Jiij^ai kXssirgha. 
Torpedo, a. Jt-jjiy t6rpil. 
Torpid, a. Jn^l^t dynahuk, ^4^jt 

dyuahmiish, ^jS jJj\s^ jlnatz<*gh)bi. 
Torpor, a. jiS^^ dyushuklvk. 
Torrent, a. J^ s^yl (sM) ; ^ ^\j| j};^ 

Torrid, a.^U» harr ; — zone, zj^^ i^ok^ 

Tortoise, a. iJo ^jU klplt - bX^^ 

(klplimbA^Aa) ; — shell, Sjc hlgha. 
Torture, a. c:^iSl ^ziyy^ AacvC^ 

shUL^nJE, A^uLil issksnJB ; — , ti.a. 

^C£^j1 ^)yy^, Id^^vCt isakinja- 

- et, Jh»J];^>-5^j^ dykuasuz - 

Toss, a. ^f Ittsh, JLSiJ Hrl^dMi ; 

— 9 VM, fjAj\ Xtmok, Jn4jI1^ fiilat- 

mak; — , — about,' v.a. fj^ysf 

sichramak, (J*^ firlanurk, J^JIjI 

Itilmok ; (waves) JU;lfS kXbarmak. 
Total, a. ^29^ y^ky^n. c^ t6p, 

eft43^ m^mu" ; — , a. ^ k^ridli ; 

6^4h^ m^jmu". 
Totter, v.a. cUSifJO-i stedfljfanek, 

jtjfl^Alb yikaUgak-^l. 
Tooch, a. ^Jiiiyi d&kundsh; (sen^ 

2 A 2 




of) Am,^ C^y kihnr^ti - lamiflSE ; 
last — , J^^^ 86n^-El ; (tiDctore) 
yiy k6ku, 4JLS* Bha'ibs, yl ^sssr ; 
— , v,a. fjA:3yJ d6knniiuik,cX«^j«rf Jl 
Bl-B^rmek, <j^j^ J^ xl-wumiak; 
j\J,^\^ m^ta88tl-6l, j^Jm«L« 
m&]as8tk.61 ; C*V4i^> d^Amek ; 
CX4^ bitishmek ; JU^^d ydpnh- 
mak ; (mo?e the heart) {j:^j A:Jj 
CX<;^i^ kAlbtoa-rlkklt-gh^tinnek, 
^JU^L&Mij yimuahAtmok ; — upon 
(in speaking) ilXAJ^L^jjJ^ Xn^dtrip- 
-gh^hmek; — hole, lA\i fllya, 
^^J aJU mya^dh^ghi; —stone, 
CJ^^r* miih^kk (m^h^k, m^^nk- 
-tlBbi) ; — ^wood, jli Idw or kXv. 

Tough, a. ii2Jy« sirt ; ^^y k6p]n^ ; 
^ kXtt, jJu^ k^sihn^z ; (difficult) 
^^ ghjf^ch, ^j,-a^ chfetin; (of 
endurance) cJi Vi^ V j^*-P^« 

Tour, f. m.^».L*»^ lAt*?" ji^'i-hir- 
B^yah^. [Ichin-glden-B^yyah. 

Tourist, *. ^Lrf ^;;*xi (i;y^^ J^ J zfevk- 

Tournament, «. t^}!j^ \^JJ^ mizrAk- 

Tow, t. yj^y^ u^W b^ylz-isst&pu, 
^^■i^^ ^^\sS kitsn-f Izlosst ; j;^ 
Uttk; — , v.a. J^I^JJ yM^^Aa- 
•Umok, CX^^ ch^kmek; — rope, 
jUb pHamar; — line, ^\ cJ<>£ 

Toward, Towards, ft. \J^^ ^ a- 
• d6^Aru, ui^j)? aJ^ tiffaf fua - 

- d^Aru, iJjc^ to|»» jMtina • 

- d6^Aru, 

Towel, 9. j)^U- hiiwb'; JU&:^ p^hta- 
mll, ^ky fdta. 

Tower, 9. ^ k&Ui or ^Sy kuls; 
(in town walls) ^j) bdrj ; — , v.ft. 
ilXjLmi^ yilkselmek. 

Town, 9. JUidi klssAha, j^ ah&hr, 
LS,jQy^^ msml^kst, ^j^^ m)Jiruaaa» 
l^AS:^ m^mlyjTE, ^tX« m^ins. 

Town*clerk,9. ^^^i^^^JcJ^sh^hirin- 
d^ftsr-^mtni. [-miknadissi. 

Town-crier, 9. ^^^^.j j\x« cJ^f^ sh^hirin- 

Town-hall, «. ^^y yf^ sh^hir-k6na- 

Townsman, ». 4j^|.*.4ifc h^m-sh^hri. [^Ai . 

Toy, *. oafyJ< ^yonj^k; — , vm. 
(j^^^ij^ 6ynamak, ^J^bj^t 6ynaah- 
mak, cXiJj^ ^ylsnmek. 

Trace, 9. y\ Iz, ti\Li nlshans, ^lU 
n)sh2n, ^l ^Br ; (of hameaa) 
^j1j\S ^y kdshum-kaytsht ; — , 
v.a, K^y^jA Izlsmek, ^g^ iuiJo\ 
assarina - t^t^bbu" - et ; (on paper) 
CX«U>- chlzmek, Iamii r^m-et: 
CU£ryL.i sUkmek; jJUju^^jUU 
yi^W - kyl^Atdo - ^mok ; •Xcl^^L^t 
il^j.;^ ilj\ Issli - kjfi^ib'd - ila - 
•chlzmek ; cX«|«>- 9X^\s^ j^da- 

Track, 9.y\ iz; J^ *oU >i^ ^ 
b^-b^llissiz-plyada-y61u ; — , vui. 
CXi^ ^t cJj^ ^py kXradon- 

Tract, 9. i^\j nahlyys, ^\ (^Ikf) ; 
(book) 4!Lj rlssalB, '^ jW. 

Tractable, a. ajU&« mlzlim, j^*^jy^ 
si^z-(dinxr), j\&i^ m^nkzd. 




^hj ri- 

Trade, «. ur-^uc^ slin at, ijuo^ Mrf^ ; 
C^-»j cAJ^ iltah-vErish, CJ^^lflfT ti- 
jaret. Ikxt^ j^t ^hz-u-"lta, JCLmi^ Jb 
dad-v-aitM; — , v,n, ^ij^jl^ yj^ 
Altsh-virifih-et, tc^lsT t^aret-et ; 
— ^sman, y^^^^ d^kkyaiyi, J^jp. 
blzngbyan, i^U^^^ ^Daf. 

Tradition, 9, Li^«\»- hddlss, 
im^kijtk h^dissi-sh^rif ; 
wayet ; — al, a. J^a:^ m^nkul, (^y« 

Traffic, «. \J^ji^ \J^ lltsh-vEiish, 
iZJ)\Bf tijaret ; (on a road) ^ J& 
gb^sn-gh^hsn ; CJJ^I ishleklik; 
having much — , cJJlm^ hMhk ; — , 
V.JI. '^^^ v«r^^ Xlish - vsrish - et ; 
1 CL^j\af tijaiet-et. 

Tragedy, *. lUSj ^^^^ jmcL^ jljU 

IVain, 9. C)Jf u>J!J^^ dzun-btek, (Jj[J 
zfeyl (/>/. Jl[*3^ ^zyal), ^j^*^ damsn ; 
(enite) ,^5^^ ^^\ ^tba"-t^tint, 
AtX^ khldem, f^L^ blshem; (of 
powder) ^JUi y^ml^ms ; J^ fltil ; 
^jyff^ sdjuk; (series) ij^ sba, t^]ll 
Hay, j{^^ sita; (of guns) Jb^ 
t6plar ; siege — s ^J^^ 9j^f\si^ 
mdfalsaara-t^plon; — ^, v,a, t^Jju 
t^"Gm-et; If^y tirb)yys-et; (a 
tree) cf«y ^^"^y^^ ^^^ dXlkrtnt- 
b)r - rfeasma - k6mak ; — on, vm, 
iS^Jy ^zamok, cX«;«m9 s&nnek, 
cJ^UfiJ bhmamek. 

Traitor, t. ^U-ijiJjJ d^vlet-kba'ini, 
jSUd^jJ d^lbtina-kbam. 

Traitress, 9. cj^lS^U^ kba'in-kln. 
Trample on, v.a. cJ^^^U^ cblnsmek, 
(jA*c\i^J\ kyak-bXssmak ; — ander 

foot, jK«lf a:^^ jV ^yak-Alttna-Xlmak. 
TVanquil, a. d-o^f^ rabot, i*iyJi assuds, 

^La sakin; ^^U m^'mun. 
Tranquillity, «. LS.^>>|^ rahat, ^j^l^l 

assayisb, iji^jL^ silikyun^t, v::.-««i^\ 

Tranquillize, v.a» 1^^;:^« w t^'mm-et. 
Transaction, 9. iM^ wdk"^, c^i»J6^ 

SEr-gbyikz^sbt ; ^Ul«U«« md"am^. 
Transcribe, v.a. jKy'i,^^*^ "J^yntni- 

-y^mak, (j^^^jy^ surEtini-y^- 

mak, JkJl \S^jy^ stJrEtini - }Qntak, 

(j^J^^^ ij^jy^ s&r£tini-Gblkjinnak, 

^^\*-;rwril isstinsakb-et. 
Transfer, v.o. 1 Ja5 nlkl-^et, Ij^J dfevr- 

->et, cX«^j>- cb^virmek, ^'^jy^ 

gb^birmek. [b^y'^ta-k^mok. 

Transform, v.a. jK<y<<*Iy»<<flH.j blsbkii- 
TVansgress, vm. \^jL'^r^\j klbabat*et, 

\ids^ ji^nb^-et; U\:S gby^nab-et ; 

— , VM. \Jaaer t^kbXttt-et, \ j^\af 

t^jayoz-et; <ls ^.^y-lJCj!U> kb)ll- 

Transgression, 9. Uafi>« kbiita, A£C\>- 

jilnbi, ^fr j^^"n» ul^^^Ui kibabat, 

2iU^ gbyilnab, u:,.w rtt^ m)i"s)yy^t. 
Transient, a. ySjy^ s&rekstz, j^|/ 

klrarssz, jf];fj biklrar, Jj]j za'il. 
Transit, 9.j^j^ milrvr. [^^ ^»- 

Translate, v. a. \iA>j^j3 tEijnms - et, 
cXo^^ cb^virmek, \,^sa n}k]d-et. 




IVanalator, #. fPr?^ mntiijiin^ \^^^y 

IVnwDiignttoiip # • ^*^ thitenklu 

IViDiiiiiflaiQD. «• J2i nJLkl, JU;t inal, 
Jl^l laUl ; ^1^1 hnrir s mi^ m&rur. 

IVvsBimt, vui. J^ii^lJ^ yMlamok, 
CJi^«XJ^£3 gbykidsrmek, IJ^;^ 
Inal-et, yU^t ut2l-et; CX«f^ 
gh^cfairmekt ^j|/«^ fanrar-et, 4krf|^ 
y c^j^wlB8ita'i.mArvru-il. [Mrrlk. 

IVaiuparait. a. u.fUA sb^fftf, jly 

IVantpire, v Ji. CX«1^ a^cflmek, ^^^Lj J 
ddyvlmok* Jn«J^^^»m& ahjiyu"- 

IVansport. «• ('lup) 

"iBsksr-gh^nuMi ; (convict) ^jy^ 
mC^ shrghyiiii-ldAiii ; ^_<A2^ m^nfi; 
(excessive aeoMtion) \o^ firt, t^t 
Vrlt ; (ecttMj) i^\ J^^ v^dan ; 
(carriage) JaJ nlkl; — ^ i;.a. (a 
criminal) cX«;^ silinnek, \ \^jy* 
abrgfaynn-et* \^ n^fy-ets (cany) 
JA^% tlflhtmak, OU;?/ ghykor- 
mek, t Jai nlkl - et ; (canae joy) 
CX«^^ aivindirmdc. 

Transportation, a. y^^jy^ sbighyim, ^ 
&ify.LrjUa,]Ur1\ila; place of—. 
yjc^^ mhoR or m^nA. 

Transylvania. «. ^Sj J^^ ^rdS-rlla- 
yiti. [i^b b>ja. 

Tn^i, i. jtjjl^ tdzXk, |tbdlm: — door, 

IVaah, a. j^ b6k; iU^U sXchnM; 
(idle talk) x)^ hisn^. 

Travel, «. ur^^^^-l^.! s^ylh^; ^ stfir. 

— » vji. ics-^Lm* s^yiUttp^ _ 
afefkr-et, CJ^ ghiamek, ^ ji-^'j 
y6]juluk-et. [Jfy n^vErd. 

TVaveDer, a. .L« s^yyah, ^^^ yMjn, 

TVaverae. v.a. c3sAf^^b^2;JiU y^don- 
-yana-ghMimdc ; cX^i^Ve^O^V 
blshdan - blsha -gfa^zmek ; (impede) 
)wi4 mto"- et» j^^^ mist"- h\ 
CXyi) ^si^ sUcta-vinnek. (J^jyi 
hbzauk. [tXhla. 

Tray, a. ^ tfepsi, ^J^ abi. d-t 

IVeacherooa, a. (peraon) ^pie>*- kha'm ; 
(act) itiUSU^ kh&'infins; to have a 
— memory, Jh^y^^CAjW chibtk- 
-dnutmok, Jk«UaJ^^»J^U- kLS- 
tirda-ah^y«tdtamamak. [kha'inlfk. 

Treachery, a. (ju^U^ kbtyanet, <^U. 

Treacle, a. >4Xi b^kmez, r*!! pHmez. 

Tread, v.a. (Jh««^V J^^ 4yak-b3uwnuik. 

IVeason, a. i^mUs- Ji^Ail^J d^Tiaa- 

Treasonable, a. ^^Jcxy cl^w^ 4sI^J 

IVeaamre, a. JU mJO, a^lj (p^ra), 4^\ 
}Jccha ; (hidden) lUJ J dfefini, ^^ 
kh&zihi (hXana) ; (in afiisetioo) ^^\ 
j/ Iki-ghy^, /sr j^A«r, 4Ay£5;C:^ 
j^Aar-kyMiB; (in estimation) Jf^ 
^^jl^4^t chftk-kha-yiinr-sh^y; 
-^ up, oui. (jJUl^ s^Udamak, t kA>- 
U&-et. [aodEr). 

IVeaanrer* a. j^OA:jj»> khlanBdar (hlz- 

Treasury, a. A:^;:;^ khlaini ; ^jUa3 ^U 
mlUyyi-n^ir^ti ; y^j^ aJU m2- 




Treat, «. tJU^\^ z)yafbt ; ibi^^ ^ylsDJa ; 
— , v.a. (use) jH«^i!y kullAnmak, 
1ddL«U^md"lm^l£*et; (a sick person) 
^^l bXkmak* I^Im md"al^et; 
(feast) CX<j£j(.£^Li zijB&tivEr- 

mek; (pay fcMr) CX«^j ^^^Ji- 2f;U 

p^asstht-vErmek ; -»» 9.11. (on a 

sabject) !(J^<ific: lAhss-et; (negotiate) 

tiUloU miikyal^mi-et. 
Treatiae, «. 4\^j riasala. [mJi^al^ji. 
TVeatmenty «. aLcU^ md"am^ ; ^lit« 
TVeatj, 9. iJJ^Im md"a]i6d4 «Sfft "iibd ; 

^UtX|p "^d-nami. 
Treble, «. ^i^^^^f ftch-kXt; (voice) 

^^Mii ^tj^l bjd^ste, i4M«i»kJ^li klrt- 

-stei; —,VM. \(JlM^^\ ^ch-klt-et; 

— , i;.ii.y<^lj^^l ^ch.klt-6L 
Tree, «. ^Ifil l^AAJ.yC^ sbbjar, (iil-oyi) 

dlriJdit; — nail, Ujy Uivllya ; 

croas — , ^^j^ kdrch^ta. 
TVemble, m. A^iyf J (tltr^i), ifji^ l^rzs, 

(titribnek), j^^;)j^ lftrzan-6I ; — bling, 
^^j^ l^rzan, cJUjf^^ l^rz&ak, 
j\t}ALxj li^ahsdar. 

TremendoQs, a. c^ v<|# midiib, ^J^J^*^ 
mJMlUsh ; J «>. cb6k, cJ^ p^k. 

Trench, j. JJ^:»fi^ (hisidek) ; c^>^ m^- 
t^riaa; — ,o.a. iJCi^jjJi^^t^^sj) 
^jU nd - ^ch - b^ - dbinli^Aindo- 
•klzmok ; — round, CX«^^ j JCi£^ 
Qiindek)-di^Tinnek; — npon, |jl^^^ 
t^avitz«et, i}^\)}^i}\ il-dzltmak. 

TVeapaaa, «. v^uol;i0f> jbajet; taOsf- 
j^nbk, jtUjSs gbyknah ; — , v.a. 

tcu^l:^ jlnayet-et, UUl? ghyilnah- 
-et; — on one, — on one's time, 
\J^\ ishghal-et, \ji^ ti'jiz-et, 
t ^ J^ tls8di"-et, ij^j^^ijii^, blah* 

Trevet, 8. jUt ^U 8]|j-^7ak. 

TVial,«.- (experiment) ^^^^ dhi^yish, 
O^^aT t^jmbi ; (by law) imS^ti 
dk"wk, ^U^lcr* miihak^ms; on — , 
a.jmi:^ mdkhkyyxr. 

Triangle, 9. ciJd<< milss^llEas. 

TViangolar, a. jf jJiLi ciJ^^ mjlss^naas- 

Tribe, 9. A^J klbils (p/. JjU klba'il), 
CL^jiLA "Wmht (pl.J\tjB, "isha ir), 
JA n (pi. kzSiA lUt) ; (of Israel) 
k..^ s^bt (jpl. kUil ^sblt). 

Tribulation, 9. CL-c^sz^ mlhn^t. 

Tribunal, 9. <.4^<r* m2dik^m% ^i^l>^ 
tjr^^<i^>- hakim-hikz&rn. 

Tributary, a. ^^^ J^«>^1/- kh^- 
-gbyiizar-6]an. [kbMj, A; >- jlzya. 

Tribute, s.^ji^ vlrghyu or virgfai, '^j>- 

Trick,«.^;^^t6yxm; 4L»>bil^; (custom) 
imfy>- khuy ; •— , vm. 1 e;^j^ Ayun-et, 
JUJUt Iddatmak. 

'Mckery, «. ^du^ btla. [-Xknudc. 

Trickle, VM. ^jAj\i^^J\^>s^j\ h^a-bja- 

Trifie, «. ^U>*li« slchma, ^ji^^^ 6yun, 
ij^sjj^ j4z'i-ahiy, ^^jLi^jI 
la-shby-m^kulsssi ; — , v,h. (j^\^jf\ 
6ynanuik, \44>-l^ slcbmo-et, ^cUJj 
ddlilik-et; — ^fling, a. i^j^ ji^z'i; 
— , 9. Uj>ia sXchma, CJJJj d^lilik; 
— fler, J J d^. 




Trigger, s. cJcJ t^tik. 
IVigonometry, s. C^Lill^J^ "ilmi- 

TViiD, 9, (of a Tessd) cJi^ dhak ; (of 
dothing) uu-J*<^ kiyaf^t; — , a. 
jjuiiq^ bichimli; — , v.a. dUsSj^J 
dbz^ltmek; IcJjJ d^k-et, ^jSjJ 
iSX^j^t^ dhnghmUdikzhLtmelL, 

Trimming* «. ^^ khiuj, ^ji^iaJi (g^y- 
IXd); (moral) ^Lm^^ mdwlza"L 

Trinity, «. ^'i^^Uf aklnimi-s^lasn. 

Trip, «. (slip) ^,^««<43lJ jU ikyak-klpAn- 
maest; (moral) iLs^. khlta ; (ex- 
conion) JUcj^ gh^zroa, IaJ^'S^ 
d^lashma ; — , v.n. JUjLS ^til 
kya^At-klpAnmok ; \ Uac^ khlta-et; 

— up, VM. cUA^j c-->^\j ^y 

iiya^At-klpAntp-diishmek; — ^, vm. 

cX«^^jO dilshmrmek. 
Tripe, «. l^\ iahkinbi. 
TViple, #. di^U^y &ch-klt; — , vm» 

\iZj\i^A &ch-kXt-et; — , v.n. 9.9^ 



Tripoli, 9. (town in Barbary) fjm^\j9 
^i^ tiurkbjdusi-gharb; — , (town of 
Syria) j^lA ^^1> tkkbUiksi.8ham. 

TVitarate, v.a. cX«;l ^zmek, 1j;«^ 

Trimnph, 8. ^uii gh^^bs, CJ^ 
nJkBsr^t; (procession) cil) Hay; 
— , VM. ^^u^l^ ghalib-61 ; — , — 
over (exult) KiX^ji\ n^Ainmek, 
\j>\ij t^fakhur-et. 

Triomphant, a. ^^U gbllib. 

Trivial, a. 4«^U aXchma, ^j>- j^z"i. 

Triviality, s. jJa^^U slcbmolik; 
C)l-5 > jiz"ilik. 

Troop, «. iJjj^ thxn, JU? tiJdm, 
c^t May; (of cavalry or horse- 
artillery) cJ^JbJ bttok; — , vji. 
^jAjij^ tftplanmok; — s, «. pL 
^^CmC "Assksr. 

Trooper, «. iJjij *^j^y^ s&wari-n^vi. 

Trophy,«.^^A«&c c)^ zlfBrin-"idam^ti. 

Tropic, 9. j\j^ mhdkc ; — of Cancer, 
^Usyit j^J^ m^dart-s^ratln ; — of 

Capricorn, i^J^^J^ m^dari-j^di. 

Trot, 9. CU link, aJL! linkl^mB ; 
— , v.n. cXicjEs cJJ Unk-gUtmek, 
ClUlG llnklimek. 

Trotters, «. /»/. A>-U piusha ; J^ kyak. 

Trouble, «. c^JJL« sikindi, vj:.%«»J 
zUimet, c:u..£:;^ m^^kklt, uuoi\ 
^ziyya, (care) J;J dird, L b^a. 
_«»jx\ C^V blsb-X^Artsst ; — v.a. 
CX« *) tti^ JC»AM0s)ktndt-vftrmek, ^ Us:^ 
tj^'jlz - et ; cJw«^^ c:i>^ > . J zidimet- 
-virmek; — one's self, 1o«4h>-J 
zidmiet-et ; ^- one's self about • . . , 
Ijui Utyd-et; t^J^j wlztfis-et; 
tc^jLJ klssavet-et. 

Troublesome, a. lSJcJuip sikmdi, 
jL aJu^ slktndiU, ^y^^ vj^^j zih- 

Trough, «. iJj t^koK ; jSt^ XvlXk. 

Trousers, 9. pL ^^^^^ piUital6n; 
j\^\J^ sh^klwar ; jjby^ pfttur, ^^-lil>* 

Trout, «. jlU di!t Ha-blhl. [chXkahir. 

Trowel, «. i(SU mMa. 

Truce, «. ^j\&« miktar^kE. 




(exchange) ^]/ tr^pa; (of a 
mast) i£i\J^ shXpka. 

Tnxe, a. (not false) C)^^ gh^rchek, 
t^^ 8^ih ; (real) ^^^^^ hhkM ; 
(ftiithful) jJL a2dik,^bl5j w^fadar ; 
(right) ^j^^ d^ghni, *fi^ B^hih ; 
(wen ascertamed) ^^LSt^ m^hlkklk. 

TVnly, ad. XjlH^^ wakt"a, (j:.^«AaS>- 
hlktklt, ^^&aJV ^ f i-'l^hlktka. 

Trumpet, «. j^y b5ra; ^j%*«« suma 
(zilrna) ; — ^ v,a, \^J^\ l"lin-et. 

Trampeter, «• fjj^jyi b6razEn(-zdn). 

Trunk, 9. yjX^ sXndtk, ^l^ chAnta; 
(of a tree) cJ^ ky^tuk ; (of the 
body) 9Jy^ ghyi^wds; (of an ele- 
phant) (^^y^ kh6rtum. 

Trunnion, «. jL^ mdylu. 

Trust, «. (faith) C^ASs^ i"timld, 
i^^Ji ^mnljy^t ; (charge) v£^Uf 
^man^t ; on — ^ H\S^^ji3 ▼^^^JB ; 
— , VM, UjLi* ^Ut ^man^tBU- 
-tfeaalim-et; — , v,n, \ jUju*.! 
i"timld-et, \c:.^><\ ^mnijy^t-et ; 
(in God) \J^y^ t^y^kkynl . et, 
jt J^yu mikt^v^^kkil.61. 

Trustee, a, jIjcjUI ^ \Jjr^ milt^- 

Trustworthiness, 8. c^^tju^ sXdakXt. 

Trustworthy, Trusty, a. j JU sXdtk. 

Truth, 8. (absolute) J>- hlkk ; (of an 
assertion) ca^^ iB^ sihh^ iji^J^J u^ 
hlkiklt ; (true speech) ^^Ji kJjL^ 
dbgkpv - lycnrdt ; to speak the — , 
{.^^Alby^ ^j^y^ di^Aru-s&w^ylEmek. 

Trnthfal, a. ^j^j^ d6ghru. 
Truthfulness, 8. JlL^jt d6ghrnli7k. 
IVy, v.n. (endeavour) j ; ■» m JL^ 

chUtshmak, f,<««» sa"y*®^* ^^^jt^ 
ghiiyret-et; — , vm, (as an ex- 
periment) fjAj\i b]kkmak, cJm«^«> 
d^n^mek, 1^^;^ t^jrib£-et; (as a 
proof) l^lsci^l imtthan-et; (cause 
a great exertion) (j^j»j z6rlamak; 

iJ^^*H> y^r™*^? <J^*^^j^ dssXn- 

dtrmak; i^X^ *^^^ ghyiljuna- 

Trying, a. j^ JjX*.^ tc^hdmmuUghyhdaz. 
Tub, 8. lU jU bldiyA, Jo^ ghferdfel. 
Tube, «. jj^ b6ru, Aj^^j zlwanB; (of a 

water-pipe) -tfii^^ mkrpich. 
Tuberose, *. j^ tfebsr. 
Tubular, a. yJciCA ^^y b&ru-sh^klinda, 

L5^Ji;y b6ru-ghibi. 
Tuesday, «. ^U s^', ^/ JU slli- 

-ghyi^u, UU s^lasa, <i«;A<-i s^- 

Tug, 8. ^^^y- chadsh ; (ship) cJj^ 

(^j^^^ y^dek-yaporu ; — , w.a. 

(jXi^y- ch^kmek; J^l ^L^sJJ 

Tuition, ». ^jmj^ d^rss, j^j^Xi tfedriss, 

a^Uj tk"nm ; Jjo t&"idlum, J;Mda^ 
Tulip, 8, t^ lal6. [t^sH. 

Tumble, 8. yj^^^ dbshush, ^J^^ 

yikiltsh; — , vm. (fall) cX^h> 

d^shmek, J^ yikilmok; (be 

^sarranged) (J^x)^' bdrushmok, 

CJ^Ayj^j^ i^SElEumek; — ^ v. a. 

C)««;^^^ dilshurmek, Jh^ y^^' 




nuik ; ^^^L»«^J^Miai^ bi)ruthduniudc« 

C^^i^^y lb»l£tmek. 
Tumbler, #. ^Jj cJ|^ blyok-kldah, 

,^Jj y» sd-kldsht. 
Tmnoar, t. |JLm& ehiah, loU^ chlbln. 
Tamalt, ». jUL&jU Urnhtkltk ; i^jl^/ 

l^mldn, c^J^U pltordj, ^Ul 

ihanuite. [-(^kaUk)-flcht. 

IVme, «. lyb b^ft; in — , cJ^t abink, 
L9^y djgbun ; — ^, v.a. lcAiA\ 
ahink-et, jH^«>£^t t^ydurmok. 

^ yxr-Htt-ksmxr. 
Toniiy* #. «^Jb p:klainid(?). cfVi^^t 

lltt.pbmak(?) ; (pmerred) lfi>;£9]l 
Turban, t. j[^li0 aibrtk. [lakMa. 

Turbid, a. JjS^ bulXntk. 
Tttrbot, t. ^^lilU kUkAn. jai^ldU 

Tmbulent, «. (person) bjijj z6rba; 

(meeting) ^J^jf gbyiinildiila. 
IWcomiB, 9. ^j^Ji tte-km^n. 
T^iroomania, m. yj^ij^ uf^ tiurkmibn- 

Turf, 9. (green) ^ eUm; (peet)^ 

jf;J yir-t^feyAL 
Tnrk, «.^Ui£ "&MmInli; (J^ t^k, 

^UjtcJy t&rk.dahVilt* 4^UL^ 

Tnrkey. #. (fowl) ^^ItiXU^ bbd- 

-tkwu^Au; (empire) ^UiaJjJ d^T- 

Uti."M)37£, fJU&i^ClJjJ d^vUti- 

•"{^Bsmln^yya. ^|U&^ J1 kiuJ^J dfey- 

l^ti • alt -"6MmIn ; (territory of) 

iii:c:J^C}JU« m^ma]]ki.d^Tl^d. 
."MIyyi, jv^sUc^Uic "ossm^Dli- 
-msmUkiti, ^V^AjUIa "bsKaSnls- 
•t^pri^At, i^S^jLUj;^ "6anii2nlf- 
.vilay^ti (wUa'ott). 

langaage* 9. ^^j^ tiljkja, 
>j)jUi£ "AaarnXnlijc, Aar^lA...^ 

Turmeric, •• jI^^ITa)^ zird^chiT. 

Tnrmoil, «. cijJ;^ gbyikrolda, Ci^jJ;W 
bliAd^ ci J^t pltirdi. 

Tom, 9. (rerdotion) ^y^ dlmnab, jy^ 
d^vr; (deriadon) \J^y^ dkiiub. 
jLjy aXpnb, ^^^ bdiigblj. 
CXfjl^ dkabk; (in rotation) ui-^y 
n&b^t ; (change) ^J^y^ dbnosb, 
'j^j^ d^Aiahiab, JxJ t^b^doL 
i^lftit bkiUb; j^ Mli — , oji. 
(roond) i^l^yi dkimek, \jf^ J dbvr-et, 
( y^jy^ d^v^ran-et; (to one ride) 
CX43^A> dkimek; ij^}^ aXprnok; 
(become) cUl. .^kfeaailmek, CX^J 
Ixnmek w Jp4:i lanmak (aa a Terbal 
termination), julj^ b\mdk ; (change) 
ClLcX[«3 di^Aiflbmek; (aa remade 
dodiea) CXii^^ chbvirilmek; — » 
v.a. i^^X^ji^ chbviimdc ; (oanae to 
become) CUa^^ fetmek. cXcS ktmek 
or Jm*s1 latmok (as a verbal termina- 
tion) ; a good — » CAl^^ Qrilik ; — 
about, v.a. cX«;J[^ dn^rirmd:: 
^j^Ji kXrishdtmudc ; «— — , v.a. 
CXii^43 d^mek; — i^way, vm. 




tird-et; (the cyei, &c.) i^X^jiy^- 
ch^nrmek; — *^ 0.11. ^iyy A a \] 
cUjjJ bABhka^tJffafa-di^inek ; — 
hack, ti.ii. CX«i^J j!/^^ gh^-dita- 
mek ; \ LZJti^ ''4vdet-et ; (on a hinge, 
&e.) jH«3^t ^chtlmok ; -«* — , t;.ii. 
CX«^^ jl^«:& gh^ri-ch^vinnek ; — 
down, v.n, (a street) fjAj\^ •Xpmak ; 
(a hill) i^Xu\ tomek; (leaves, &c.) 
^J^jjJ»_eL&t l8l%At - Uvnlmak ; 

, v.a. JkCjU sXpttmak ; ^t&l 

CXo; Jui^^ ^i^JU - glqr^dirmek ; 
CJ^Ojt todinnek; (J^yi kivir- 
mak, CX«^y biilkmek; — in, vji. 
j^b ji^tmok ; (jX*^ ^j:f} ichiri- 
^Unnek,CX«s^j/sC^ ioh^ri-ghitmek, 
CUa ji^e^t Ich^ri-ghilmek ; — — » 
Oik <^J^^it/^f )chM-ch^vinnek, 
JhM^ jy^^ lchferi-a6km«k ; j/a^l 
^jljj lehhi'ldnrmak ; — off, vm. 
(j4j\ ItmA, cX«||^jJ d^hunnek; 
J:<mjU sXpstmok ; CX^t\^>rf t^k- 
dbmdc; (a code) Jk«V^ klpAmak ; 
(water) Cil"^«-^ k^smek; (a re- 

muk) J^U^Jklt Xldtrmaouik ; , 

VM. fjAj\ta tkgmaki (a projectile) 
CX^Lm aBunfk ; — oat, vj$. ^jAsi^ 
lO^Skmak; .U&^c^jUJ? dlfthiin- 
"Chftmik, (j^^r^^t cf;llJ9 dishari- 
•^AnundL; (prove) Jk*S^ cUk- 
nude ; (the weather) cX*d Inhmdc 
(as a vefhil terminatioD) ; -— •— , vm, 
(S^JSl^ diiUdnniik; -*- over, v.n, 
CU)^ dkimek; ClX^j|y> d^vril- 
nek ; — — ^, vju. cX^j)^ difcvir- 

mdc, CX«^J^ d^virmek ; (in charge) 
\j^ d^vr-et; (refer) l4)|^hdwali-et, 
taJl^-l )hal6-et; (m one's mind) 
CJuJ^^J dikshnnmek, J^i^lt Q- 
shtnmak, t^lk« miltila^'ii-et ; (dis- 
i4>pQint) ij^jy^, \^J^^ ilmidini- 
-b6zmak ; — up, v.a. ^JaSuj^ ch)k- 
mak, \j^ zdhur-et, jt Ijui p^da-51; 
fjA&\i kXlkmok; (jA^^ ddulmak; 
CXiJ^OUT^li^ yiUcto'-di^nmek; — 
— w VM. cU;J^u^li^ yilkkrt- 
^fevnmek; cX*^^ Mimek, Jk*;^ 
klznudL; Jk«;J3U klldtmuik; J^t 

Tomip, ». i»UL& or jXit shittghte. 

Tomkej, s. ^^^ff^^^j rindinji. 

1\impike, «.^ kXpt. 

Turpentine, *. ^J^^J tinnfenti ; sphita 
of — , ^^bvju^ nhft'jhgki. 

TVirqaoise, 9. ^^ 9jyj^ firuzi-tlshi. 

Turret, s. ^y kdl£. CJ^^!^ kdl6jik. 

TWtle, 9. ^iM^\ij^i^ d%n^z-ldpl»- 
bX^Aosst (Wiplim-) ; — dove, Ufj4i 

Tuscan, a. ^*ji\jL»y T68Sc2U[iali. [kOmrv. 

Tuscany, *. ^^<sSI^ AilL-y T^ssdAa- 

Ttosk, t. j)\ 1», ,^0 dish, [-vfliy^ti. 

Tutor, ». ^1^ kh6ja ; — ,v.a.(,iX^Jj^\ 
^Arxtmek, ^m^^mj t&"lim-et. 

Twaddle, «. <^J^3 (^ b6sh-lidiirdi. 

Tweezers, s.JfA,^ jimbiz. 

Twdve, a. ^jCjl^^^ ^n-Ud; — inonth, 
Jj yM, Ax^ sini, JU sal. 

Twenty, a. ^J^ yl^Ainni, ^j)/^ "Wi- 
run, ^Jl/^ "ishrin, c:-^ ■■* , > » Wsst. 

Twice, «!. ir/ JIj^ iki-kini, *u^^ 





jLt^jOf Ud>rtfkr. [jjf^ chlbdk. 
Twig, «. Jb dU. Jb^t hgo-d^l. 
Twilight, «. (moniiiig) ^<M^U1^4tog^ 

■h^Ak ; (evening) if^^/)y* sulor- 

-klrarmossi, tj-^J^j^ iS^^ji^ 6itiil&- 

-klnumdaat. {JP^^^^ ^l^* 

Twm, s.ji^ IBaz, ^y t^'iUn; -— s. 

Twine, «. ^s^ ^^^ • *"'' v-** (J^J^ 
wlnlmnk, ^jaJ^^ d6]a8hinak; ^, 
o.a. j;^«^jy&!lj!9 d^laahdtrmak, ij^^ 
•Xnnok. [C3^^ bMcynlmek. 

Twist, v.a. KlX^iy b^kmek; — , vm. 

Two, a. ,^f Ud, ^^^«Jt tesn^, jJ dh. 

Type, t. (model) ^^ ndmuns; (for 
printing) <— i;^ bi^ (/>/. C^liji^ 
hdrufxt); in — , ^r^j^ m^rktib, 
kJ^^^-t^J* tETtib-^lunmush. 

Typbns, 8, U>-ir^ kJLra-bihnmii, ^a*7 tiifb. 

Typograpber, #. ^y^4iM#U blBsmoji. 

lypograpby, «. ^44«#b C^Uj^ b^* 

Tyrannical, a. aJUILI? zalimini, 
4j\JCjiio zdlumkylrani. 

Tyranny, ». ^Jl^ zi^hn, i^JjC t^"j^ddi, 
j«Xfi gbXdr, U»- jML 

Tyrant, «. J\k zalim, jIjlc gblddar, 
ji^jMalqrar; c3lL« a^ffak, ^yy* 

Tyro. 9. y^^^ "Xjsmi, ciJcu« m&bt^. 

Udder,*. 44^ m^ms. Pc^nbn-T-mXnzar. 
^%\f» «• ttTJ^;?' chlrkin, JoxJtfi 

Ulcer, «. Jr^b y)M. 
Ultimate, a. cJ^ a^n^. 
Umbrage, «. j|^1 IgbUiar. 
UmbrageooB, a. cJl^/ gbyi^hflik. 
Umbrdla, m. #yn,fc& ah femalyyg . 
Umpire, #. ax>- b^kinn ; to act as — , 

1 J[^ bbkm*et, ^ J«tfi^\^cJ dk^w^yt- 

Unable, a. ^^J^\ BUndan-gbMrn^z, 

J^J ^JoLt mdkt^dir-dl^iUl, j9»-lc 

"igiz. [mtsh. 

UnaccQStomed, a. ^^WlH ^Itwbmg- 
Unadviaable, a. ]. r.nrfl'.x mi^nasa^bteiz. 
Unanimity, «. |^^ jU?^ hti£Qu-ara. 
UnanimouB, a. j;&u m^ttfefik, |^11 A^L« 

m&ttyiido-l-ara, 4^b|C[ y^uoobln. 
Unarmed, a. Jm»JLi aUabaiE; (sbip or 

battery) J«J^ t6pauz. [z^ruri. 

Unavoidable, a. ^1>-U nachar; ^jjj^ 
Unawares, ml. 4U1II Jle "^d-l-gblfli. 
Unbecoming, a. y^\ jikUbsnkz, 

>S^b y^ktshikstz, Jj bM, ^.r^*>- 

cblrkin. [y^ 1^^, u:J Vt jc^uaet. 
Unbelief, «• 4^b«j^(*«3^ "kdimUmiln, 
Unbeliever, t. ^y^jf^ gbiiyrt-mjk'min, 

^\J kyafir, j^l^ gbykwr, J>-^- jahil. 
Unbend, v.a. (a bow) ^^yi;S;.£y^cA£lj 

^j^j^itf' ykym^*ldrishini-ch2Ubiniik ; 

(nils) J^l^lA^ Ish^k^^bt-^Omak; 

— , v.». jui»>^ dchttmok. [dcbmok. 
Unbind, v.a. cX<j«>> ch^mdc, ^ l^^ 
Unbouided, a. J^ec^ bibodd, 

b^dstE, ^>bUj bipayln. 
Unbmtben (one's self, one's mind), o.«i« 

CXJ^^t3;(3 dardini-s&w^ylimek. 




Unbutton, v.a, l9^*>>^^ dchmak. 
Uncertain, a. J^^ b^Uisiz, ^J ^Jj 

b^]li.<%Ail, ^i^ shiLbhiU, cj/l*« 

Uncertainty, 9. ur-^j^-^^Cl^ m^shkyv- 

kiyya ; ^cJ^/l^ m^shkyuk-ahfy. 
Unchangeable, a. ^ji\^ da'imj,^4Mij J 

Uncharitable, a. j^Jl^ iixc aldaka- 
virmj^ ; j^\ ^J^ Li fina-shubbs- 
-^dxr. [sizlik. 

Uncharitableness, s. JJJ«JLi3\ inslf- 

Unchaate, a. l-QjSc^^ ghl^3rri-"^f. 

Undvfl, a. ^^^ t^ras, LS kXba. 

Uncivilized, a. ^J^^^-^ vwksbi. 

Unde, «. (father's brother) is^y^ 
"imuja (Imja), ^ "^mm, ^^^ 
"iUnmi; (mother's brother) c^^J 
day. [(^^^sTn^jias. 

Undean, a. ^^ piss, j^«>;^ mdrdar, 

Uncleanliness, «. C)A>,J pisalik. 

Undeanly, a. ^ piss. 

Undeanness, «. cJJl.^ plsslik. 

Undose,v.a. JU^liUshmak. [-s&ymak. 

Unclothe, v. a. (J^^y^ \S^*V '^^•"^i- 

Undoaded, a.jJio^^ bulutsiz. 

Uncomfortable, a, ^a^-Sj rahotstz. 

Uncommon, a. jyiy, j\ Az-bdlunur, 
jJU nadir, irjjjU nadidi, j^^jj^ jjl) 

Unoommonicatiye, a. a^s^ k^um. 

Unconceivable, a.j^UM^jyoi tiiss^Lvor- 
•^lunamj^. pa-kAyd. 

UncQooemed» a. Ji^t^xJ k^ydatz, JuSt 

Uncondiftional, a. Jj^^ sUkrtsiz. 

Unconsdonable, a. lJL^I Inslfiuz. 
Unconsdoas, a, j^j0:>^ khXbBr8iz,^^«a^ 

Uncormpt, a. ^^^ dbghru, a &>■■■>» 

jf^2lt mftsstaktma-'l-Xtwar. 
UncoTer, v.a. JU^l dchmak, (^^^ 

J^jjJU klplyAtnt - k^ddtrmak, 

(J^j^^^t^ Ly'"jiljy iMissona-ch)- 

Uncreate, Uncreated, a. tyik^j^ 

ghJkyrt-miikhluk, C^ljJU ^li ka'im- 

Undedded, a.j^j\^ klrarstz ; (person) 
jAf ^j\as> ^Si^ k^ndi-"lklttit- 

Under, a. ^^1 irJcll Idtdn - 6lAn ; 

J^y\ g^ljj ^\J^\ IshliyAt-riitbBdE. 

i^\ :dttna, tJ^\ llttnda, ^JcJf 
Xltthdon; JiiZasT tahttnn, idccsa^ 


tilhttnda, ^X^»e^ tabttndon; ^jl) 

zirina, if^jij zirinda,^jjj£j zirindon; 

^L&^^p don-lsh^yAt; cXJ^^don- 

-feksik ; — age, Jp-^ ch6juk, ^^ 

sXbT. [ jUlli CJu^ cbVA-kllmMh. 

Underdone, a. ^^i4».>jl Iz-pishmish, 

Undergo, vm. ^ J^j^ ghlriftar-^l, 

y^U-^J ddchar-61,j\)Li^ miibt^Ia-61; 

fjA^io tdtulmdc ; (j^^ 61nuik. 

Underhand, a. }jS ghlzK, ^U s^kb', 

j^ khan; — , otf. jfjcjJl Jl a- 

Undermine, o.a. J^ojli ^f llttnt- 
-klzmdc; (a person) ^j^^i o^V^ 




Unhetfd of, a. ^USiXJ^l bhidfliiMi. 

miah, f>4m€^r ghiyrt-m^aimu". 
Unhoped for, a. ^^^UL«j\ dmulmomMh ; 

jrj\j j ^jJ«^ w« me'muldon-ziyadi. 
Unhone* vm. cX^i^^J^^JcJt Xtindan« 

•di^aharmek {or ^pJ^ Itdon). 
Unhurt, a. ^^l^Af^U^ injinmomish. 
Uniform, a. aVt;**^ miyntazto, iJiLiifyi 

bir«a)y2kda; — ^, t. i^jyuji^] vni- 

forma, ^^.^^..J^w; r^m-MbiaaBssi, 

Li^^J(*^ niz2m - rdbosM, iL»e 

^^^j "lakKr-rObosat. 
Uniformity, «• v:;^\k4 mdUbokXt. 
Uniformly, oif. \aj\j da'ima ; j^^UtJilS* 

ah^ahmayarok ; ijjj\ ^Ua} nlzXm- 

Unimportant, «. ^jt^ ghkyri-m&himm. 
Unincnmbered, a. ^2;Ja3U ^ jb cy ^ 

^\cL hir - n^T^'i - bar-i;-mani"dan- 

-khali ; j-^jyi b6r)aiz. 
Uninhabitable, «. j^j^ khiyratz, j«fi 

^^:JLi4jilj gfaiiyrt-klbili-aukniL 
Uninhabited, a. ^jiiZm^j^ ghiiyn- 

-mbaakyun, ^^;l^ b^ah. [-mlaaun. 
Uninjured, a. ^^y^^ \J^JJ^ z^rardon- 
Unintelligible, a. jju^lsf ^glaahil- 

m^ (dnnMi-). [-n^T"indan. 

Unintentional, «• ^J^ic^ l^ klza* 
Unintentionally, od. J^ jmi ^ "ta* 

Uninterrupted, a. J5d^\;^ draaat-ydk ; 

— ly, ad, ^j^'^ji^ Ij^ kn^Tmnij^' 

rek, Jj^^j^^^j^^*l;\ i^t-^raaat- 

61mayarak, aUUIj blla-fiLBaik, ^ 

^1sS:j la-ydnklti''. 

Union, ». jW^t Ittshid ; {^^*f»- j^m'\ 

^4Ar tej^mmu", ptc^\ ijtixna '. 

^/L^ ^^j\jf bir - ^raya - gh^lish ; 

yjL^j^ lOrtahiah, A^^lS klt»hma, 

^y% mfezj, ^|>^t imtizig; ^^JJ 

t^z^VTug, ^lj43;f bdivig. 
Unit, «. Jy &d. 
Unitarian, t. J^o^ m&wAhhid, ^Jjb^. 

Ju>^ Mili-tfevhid. 
Unite, v.m. cUjUJ^ birlnhmek ; 

jUj^y bliiikda.61, \j\ij\ Ittifik^et ; 



•tnja - ghslmek ; ^JjJ^Jl iSmJj t^^ 
blri-birina-klnahmiik, jAU\i klt^sh- 
mok; Vlr^^ hntizaj-et; iiJyft^j 
^j^^ biri - bbrina - vikrmak, ^r'A/-^ 
t^Tvnj • et ; ^Ijjli kkynamak, 
Jk«^1[ yilptahnudc, j;i4ilib bl^A- 
lanmok ; jf J^a-.:^^ m&ttlsafl * 61 ; 
jf ^y^^ mribut-61, y^., ^im-t.o mim- 
t^aaib-61; — , v.a. kl^jS^jf bir- 
Isahdirmek ; j;^ jJ^li kXriahdmnak* 
\j^ m^j-et; CX^JCJ^^|^\ im- 
tizaj-fetdirmek ; cX«;jJj\ ^vlmdir- 
mek, Wjj/ tfezvij-et, C-U^j virmdL ; 
Jpt^L^li kAynatmak ; ^J^-^jX,Lj\j 
y^ptahdirmok ; Jk^^ bX^Alamok, 
Wxjj rlbt-et, cX«;Jul,:^ bltish- 
United Statea, s. pL 

\ilj^^ j^mahIri-m&jt6mi"a*i-Am^rika. 
Unity, #. cUyJ birlik ; (of God) 

uu^tj^^ w^daniyy^t; jUjI IttifSk. 

jUktI ittilud* 
Univeraal, a. ^Ju^ k«r' 


[363 ] 


umuml ; — ^ly, atf. te^^ibfi "ihnuman, 
(•>**'lJ^ "2d6-*l-*'i)mum. [kya'inat. 

tlniverse, «. JIa "alsm, %zS^\S:d 

Dniversity, b. ^^|^1*3 daru-1-fbnun. 

Unjust, a. (man) ^ljk£ gUiddar, Jll^ 
zalim, jMjLa;! bsXfstz ; (man or act) 
y^ hlkkatz. [s^bebsiz. 

Unjustifiable, a. j«J^ hlkkstz, ;.,.M*.rf 

Unkind, a. (person) JQis^ jfefakyar ; 
(peraon or act) ijmj tbns, J»j\b 
tXtstz, A^y^ fhghvk. 

Unknown, a. Jjff^ m^jhul, ajU^U 
na-mji"lum; — to me, ad, j^j^m 
j^f««I^l b^nim-khlb^rim-ftlmayorak. 

Unlade, vm. (a ahip, &c.) (JasWJ^^ 
b^shAltmok, ^Jas1\J^^^^^ yiikymm- 
-b^slultmak; J^j\su^ ^^J^Ssy^ yii- 
kyuna-cbikiurmak ; (a bone, &c.) 
CLyjjt^^y^^s^ y&kyimn-^ndinnek ; 
— , vji. JK•l^y b^BbAlmok. 

Unlawful, a. i*|^ bJU*am; Cjj^.l'O^ 
ghliyri-m^Bbru" ; ^^^'''•^ m^mnu", 
,jf^ m^nbi, jLj y^Xk; J^ 
ftzuli, j>-U na-blkk; — ly, ad, 
(J^j^^ b) - gb&yri - bAkkth, t}y^ 
Jj^j^ ftzuH-^lorak. 

Unlearned, a. JaW jabil. 

Unleavened, a.y^jmj^ kbXmnrsiz. 

Unless, c. If^^ m^^-ki. (This 
conjimctioii is hardly ever used, bat 
the sense is rendered by employing 
the conditional negative of the verb 
which follows in English. £z. — 
Unless I go, <*-^^ji b^-ghlt- 



Unlikely, a. y!Ltji dmulmdz, ^\ j;^b 
y^ktshtk-Umaz ; it is very nnlikely, 
jrJdUi^J dfeghmEds, ^^'^^j^ ihnm^, 
A^4CJ^ JyeU m^'mul-^tmto. 

Unlimited, a. jMiJk>- h^ddstz, «)^fl^ 

Unload, vid. Unlade. [bih^dd. 

Unlock, v.a. Jh^^ ^cbmok ; ^jj JuL^s 
JU>^1 kilidini - ddmuik ; — ^ vm. 
^jK«i>-l dchtlmok. 

Unlooked-for, a. (j^-»4l«j1 dmulmayAn ; 
Jf jljJ^;>JiS^U m^'mvldan-^ads. 

Unloose, v,a, (j^^^ dchmak, CX<; 
chf^zmek ; cJ^^l^ slbvirmek. 

Unluckily, ad, ^JjUaJ nfe-fa'ids, 
ar jSU chi.fa'id£. 

Unlucky, a, (man) J-*4r; bidditstz, 
ts-^fl^Jj b^d-Wddit; (day) ^^^^ 
nj^ss; (house, &c.) jliuLJi shk'a- 
metli, f^yJL^ m^sh"um. 

Unman, v,a, (J^^^iJ^fJ^y^- chijuk- 
-ghibi-X^Alatmak ; to be — ed, (J^^j^ 
^^^/oSUl ^cA^D ch6jak-ghibi-2^Alamak, 
^jk«UjL!9^J^4) yi!ir^Ai-daykimamak, 
(S^a\^ ^Jc^imjXj\ lyAlayflja^At- 

Unmanageable, a. j^i^^\ ia^ti zlbt-^lu- 
namaz ; (ship) J-^^Ul^J^^^J dikmsn- 
- (diUEmdz) . [-yXktshmdz. 

Unmanly, a. jaJLj\i iiSsJ hrkigha- 

Unmannered, Unmannerly, a, Li kXba, 
y^^ khiyrlt. 

Unmarried, a, (man) jlCj bikyar (b^- 
kyar), J^J^jl fevK-dl^AU, J^ mA- 
jtoed ; (woman) J^t>lJA8»-y k^jada- 
-dljrAil (or u;LfJ^\ 6bnayAn) ; jJ >>- 

2 B 


[ 882] 


Unheard of, a. ^USju^t iahkiilma. 

miah, f>4-<^ ghliyri-m^attnu". 
Unhoped for, a. ^^^UL«j\ dmulmoauah ; 

ir«>Uj^<AL«u me'muldan-zijadi. 
Unhorse, v.a. cXri^^^f^J^t Xttndon- 

-dilahunnek {or ^^\ Xtdon). 
Unhurt, a. ^m^U.;p6U^ hijinnunmah. 
Uniform, a. t^"— muntaz^, arjjLMt^ 

bir-dylkda; — , ». ^j^^ t^- 

f^rma, ^^ii»4»Jfw^ rbasm-dbiaaEsri, 

^MidJjj aUsJ nlzlm - rdboast, iL»e 

y<^^^}j "iBksr-rJyboBet. 
Unifbrmitj, t. s^;^lk« mdtlboklt. 
Uniformly, otf. Uj\ J da'ima ; j^^U««&l& 

ah^hmaygrak ; ijjj^ ^UU niz2m- 

Unimportant, «. ^j^ gUiyri-mdUmm. 
Unincumbered, a. ,^;«XwU } ^, 9^ j^ 
\ \c^ hir - n^v"i • bar-u-maai"dim- 

-khlli ; j-'^jyf bdijsiz. 
Uninhabitable, a. j^j^ khiyrsiz, j^ 

^;C«iJ^lj ghiiyri-klbili-sikknk. 
Uninhabited, a. y^^ i^ m^^ jJ' gh^yn- 

-m^aakyun, ^J>ji b6sh. [-mlssun, 
Unmjnred, a. ^^^oa^ \J^)J^ z^rardon- 
Unintelligible, a. jJl&1s\ ^n^aahtl- 

m^ (dnnibh-). [-n^^'mdon. 

Unintentional, «. ^^^s^y ^^ klza- 
Unmtentionally, oi. J^ii ^^ ^ "^^ 

Unintermpted, a. ^^^^^ dra88t-y6k ; 

— ly, ad. C^j^ji^ \;1 dra^virmdy^- 

rek, Jj^;^U.«|^1^yufJ;1 i^di-^raast* 

dlmayorak, ^UXi bfla • fibBStUi, S 

^Ja&j la-yibkltl". 

Union, «. j\a^\ ittthad ; ^4>- jfem", 
wiac^ t^j^mma", ^U&>-\ ijtima", 
^^/l^ ^^j\ji bir - teya - gh^lish ; 
^jtJ^j^ klrtahiah, ^U^li kXtiahma, 
^j-t mfezj, ^l^t fantiz^; ^jjjJ 
t^zfevrnj, ^|^«i>;t kdiiig. 

Unit, «. Jy &rd. 

Unitarian, #. iX^y^ mikwUihid, Jjbl 
Ju>^ ^hli-t^Thid. 

Unite, v.n. CX^rJ^ birlnhmek ; 
jUj^Sy bblikda.61, tjU;\ ); 
^wi^ jfem".61. kiy^^]/jf bir. 

•^ya - ghilmek ; ^JaJ^j\j 1:^1^^ ^j 
bhi-bkina-klrtahmak, ^jj^Sa klttah- 
mok; Vlr*^ imtizaj-et; d^y^iJjf 
^j^j^^ bin - bkina - virmak, ^^^j^ 
t^; J^Uli Utynundc. 
Jh«>^^ y^pwhmak, jK«>^lilj bA^A- 
lanmok ; jf J«a.Jw« milttlsatl - 61 ; 
j\ ^oyfj^ mr&but-61, yi^iiii.rA< mikn- 
t^8aib-51; — , v.a. ijXtj^jf bb-- 
Inhdirmek ; ^jjJ^j\j kXrtshdcrmak, 
\^ m^-et; cUjJCj\^|^\ im- 
tizaj-^tdinnek ; cX<j^}\ ^vlsndir- 
mek, ^ff^JiP tfezvij-et, CJ^^ virmek; 
^jA3\ij\i kkynotmdL ; Jn-^Ou^Ij 
yi^pMhdtrmok ; Jk«^V blyAlamok, 
\kjj rlbt-et, CX^.X,.:>.-;^) bitish- 

United States, t. p/. 
lb .^^ j^mlhTri-m&jt^mi' Vi-Am^rika. 

Unity, 9. CJJyJ birlik ; (of God) 
iJU%Jf J^ w^idanlyyfet; jUj\ ktifit 

Universal, a. ^^J^i kyblE ; ^^ 




umumi ; — Ij, ad. \^y^ "bmvman, 
^y4M\^^^^ "M^-'l-"diiium. [kya'inat. 

UniTerae, s, Jlc "ahmi, CL>\ii\^ 

UniYeraity, s. ^j^l^l J dara-'l-fiknun. 

Unjust, a. (man) j\j^ ghiuildar, JU? 

zalim,^^«JUu1 bslfstz ; (man or act) 

jmJ i '* - hlkksfz. [s^bebsiz. 

Unjustifiable, a. yJ^ blkksiz, y.^^ 

Unkind, a. (person) JSSap^ jHakyar ; 
(person or act) (^^ t^s, J^jlk 
tAtsfz, J%^y^ s^^uk. 

Unknown, a. JjfC^ m^jhul, ajU^U 
iia-m2i"lihn ; — to me, ad» ^^^aIj 
^^^^^t b^nim-khlb^rim-^lmajorok. 

Unlade, v.a. (a ship, &c.) fj4si\J^ji 
b^shAltmak, ^JA:i^Ja^^^y^ yiikyana- 
.b6ahAltmak; o^J^n^^J'^^ J^- 
kyona-chikJUrmak ; (a horse, &c.) 
CX«;Jj1^<i^s^ ynkyum-^ndirmek ; 
— , VM. 4juI^^ b6shAlmak. 

Unlawful, a, m\^ hkikoi; q^JL^o^^ 
gytyri-m^shrv" ; 9)^^*^ m^mnu", 
^jf^ mhahi, jLj yasslk; ^^ 
fiizuli, J>-U na-h^kk; — ly, ad. 
J^jJo bl-gbiiyri-hAkkin. Jyoi 
^^jl ftzuH-^lorak. 

Unlearned, a. (Jj^W jabil. 

Unleavened, a.J^^j^^^:^ kblmtrstz. 

Unless, c. l^i^ m^Aer-ki. (This 
conjimction is hardly ever used, bat 
the sense is rendered by employing 
the conditional negative of the verb 
which follows in English. £z. — 
Unless I go, Ai,.>4".^^ bhi-ghit- 
mussom, if I go not) 

Unlikely, a, y!Lcji dmulm^z, ^^Jl J^b 
y^ktshtk-llmaz ; it is very milikely, 
irJJU!^J d^ghmidE, m^^^^ ihnmto, 
^i«4CJ* J^U m^'mul-^tm^. 

Unlimited, a, J^J^^ hMdstz, J^fiCU 

Unload, vid. Unlade. [blh^d. 

Unlock, v,a. (jAJfA ^hmak ; _1£oJl£3 
Jk^^ kllidini - dchmak ; — , v.n. 
jK*i>-l dchilmak. 

Unlooked-for, a. ^^^^^^j^ dmulmayxn ; 
2fjl[J(jJiS^l« m^'muldon-zfyads. 

Unloose, v.a. (j^^l dchmak, cXtV 
ch^zmek ; cX«^^l« sUivirmek. 

UnluckHy, ad. ^JjlidJ n^-fa'ids, 
2rjjli chi-fa'idjB. 

Unlucky, a. (man) J-r.r^g^ b^^tssz, 
ts-arjj b^d-b4kht; (day) ^^^^ 
n^iiss; (house, &c.) j)&<«U«» shk'a- 
metli, AyJL^ m^sh"um. 

Unman, v.a. (j^^^^(j^y>' chdjuk- 
-ghibi-l^Aliitmak ; to be — ed, (jf^^ 
Jk«^^ic*^ ch6juk-ghibi-X^Alamak, 
^JkcUjUL^JT^j;) yiir^Ai-daykimamak, 
C^^^^ ^Jc>-^lLcl lyAlayflja^At- 

Unmanageable, o.J^^j\]a«^ zlbt-61u- 
nomoz ; (ship) J^^d^J^^^J diimsn- 
- (dinim^) . [-ylkishm^. 

Unmanly, a. J^lib Ai^j\ hrkigho' 

Unmannered, Unmannerly, a. uS klba, 
^\;iy^ kh6yrlt. 

Unmarried, a. (man) j\Lj bikyar (b^- 
kyar), J^*3^y fevH-dly^U, J^^ mik- 
j^ed ; (woman) J^J5 Jdb^y k&jado- 
-dl^Ail (or ijUjy 6hnayAn) ; jJ k)z. 

2 B 



Unmennfnl^ g. J— *;4if»y< msrUunetnz; 

— \j, ad. \ij fiaa. 
Unmrndful, a. j«^J dUdatstz, 

j^\ dMXUHmlkz, JiU ghafil. 
Unmingled, Unmixed, a. ^U^ 

uJ^^ s2f, ^L tafi. 
Unmoor, v,a. ilX^j^^^^\f^Jt\{ 

blah-ldch-bA^Almni-chilzmek, J^^lf 

J^l/^^^WLr? yil«D^ . blr .(dfe. 

Uanatural, a. ^lUcJ&iu^ Ubi"attD^- 

-kUllft. [bUftzum. 

Unaecetsary, m.L^^J l&zumauz, /^^J^ 
Unnerve, v.a. IJL^I 15^ V^ >^^&tini- 


fl aa 

Unnambered, a. Jw^L.^ biaelbmz, J 

iamrtj^ la.yd"^d.T6-l&-7dhML 
Unobjectionable, a. y^^j^ ^Lj^et 

Unoocopied, a. ^y b&sh, ^^\^ khafi. 
Unoffending, a,ym>-ys •dcbanz, J-kA^Lj 

Ukbahotatz, J»i^ z^rarstz. 
Unopposed, a. J«^U mani"aiz, ^UL 

bUa-mani"in, diSliK^lL bUa-mi^kha- 

l^fjB. [ J^ff:^ 8ahtbi*mijbul. 

Unowned, a. y«Mift>.U tahibaiz, . ^^^aXs 
Unpack, vm. Jh«^^ ^hmak ; 

^J^u>- Blndikdon-cbiUmiuik. 
Unpaid, a. ^^^UJ^^ Tirilmomiah; 

(officer) J««2iU^ m^^aahatz, J<«iL»\ 
Unpalatable, a. ,^^t Xjt. [kyltkitz. 

Unparalleled, a. Jm«J ll^ mbaalaiz, 
* i^L^iJ^^^ ghyj^rulmamiBh, 
iUIjumi\ lahidilmomiab, Uam^^U 


Unpardonable, a. J^J^^ "ifV-^lun- 

m^, >-i£)cJ^ p^-layikaiz, C^ 
J...'; iiA; < p^«miina886betsiz. 
Unpaged, a. J«^^al\j lUldtrtmaiz. 
UnperoeiTed, otf. s^jl^j^S^ gb^ibul- 

mfy^rek, Jj^^^j*^ ddTulmojorsk. 
Unpleasant, a, Li fana, J^JlL tltsiz, Ja 

bM, f)^ k^fib, cr^U nft-kh6ah ; 
JmJjiutf\ i)7gbimsuz; — seas, #. 

j]j^yu^1 dygbunsuzluk. 
Unpolite, a. U kXba. ^];£^ kh6jrlt. 
Unpopular, ajJJdiimm^j J^^r^ iJ^jj^jJ^ 

^LJ^I kh^.b^ynindc-rnXkbul-yK. 

Unprecedented, a. lJll«\ ^msalstz, 

t^^mm^\j na-mtobOk. 
Unprejadiced, a. (mind) JLi 

(person) J^j^ gluhrazstz, 

Unpremeditated, «. iXaJ ^^^c^ la-'W- 

Unprepared, c. j^ji*^ kblbaraiz; 

iJ^J^lfr. bazir-dl^Ail. 
Unpretending, a. i^^^F^ midijub, 

jrjJW (^JCi^ k^ndi-halinda. 
Unprincipled, a. ^^«a^W cbXpktn, 

J««;lfr "arstz, JmiU^> hkyasstz, JmJoI 

UnprofiUble, c. j^irjJU fa'tdnsiz, 

JU. (jjjf.^\i fa idadim-kbill, ^y 

b6sb, iiiU nafilB, JfJ^ bibuds, 

J2\t:i la.ta'il. 
Unquestionable, a. j>^^4f^ shiibbissiz, 

jA«f« muhlkklk; — bly, orf. «Jt 

&lb6ttK, \iik« mdtlAka. 




UareftaoiiaUe, a. J.>.r»;.«i\:>< m&nass^bet- 

siz ; liJld}) mslfstz. 
UnremittiDg, a. ^aJLji ll-jtnkXtt', 

^L^jl (^b^ ^^^ ^^^* * ^rasac - 

Unreserved, a. ffiSL bSa-k^tmin. 
Unrevenged, a. (blood) jJUh h^dr; 

^.^\Ssj\ btiklmstz. 
Unrewarded, a. J«Jlilx« mill^af atsfz. 
Unrighteous, a. (person) jlxJhlk& ^y^' 

nahkyar ; (act) ali^ ghyiinah. 
Unripe, a. ^U. khlm, ^U!jt 61- 

UnriTalled, a. yJ\l« m)88a]8tz, J^^^mJ 

bimissal, l:iij y^kta, l:ufJ bih^mta. 
Unruly, a. ifj^j zorba, ^^^ "isst, 

J^i4S^ mikt^m^rrid. [^mia-di^ilil. 
Unsafe, «• j^j^ k6rknlor, J^J ^^1 
Unsaid, a. ^^^ULjJ dfenilmamish, 

^jjt^UUj^ siiw^jlBnilminnish. 
Unsaleable, a. J^^IjU sltikmib. 
Unsatisfectoiy, ^'y^j^j^ ghiiyri-mirzi. 
Unsay, vjol, cJuJ^J c^^J^ sl^zmdAi- 

-d^nunek, \j^\ Inkyar-et. 
Unscrew, vm. t^^^^ Minudc, 


Unseriptond, a. ^t« c3J^jU.<* («^ 


'alino-mdghiyir. [mttmuni-i^hmak. 
Unseal, 9.0. j;4k»^\ i^ebinak,JU^f,^y>j;f« 
Unseasonable, a. J«*SJ^ w}kkitsiz. 
Unseawortky, a. ^U ^^ ^^/^ J^^ 

Unseesalj, a. ^J>- chlrkm, J^^l^ 

yakmliin^,^}»JLJU y^'ab&sa. 

a. yj^^j^ ghyi^ramn^yxn ; 

\^jK»^j^ gbytoilm^yErek. 
Unsettle, v.a. \yj^ L^^jj) \J^^J^? 

Unsheath, v,a. j^aCj ^ - ch^kmek, t J*^ 

Unship, v.a. ^j\jL>' chiy^mak, 

fj^j\su^ ^jJ^ yirindoQ-cykiuinak. 
Unsightly, a. ^2;;;^;^ chbrkin, Jj b^d, 

• 0* lit ■„Alr-J«l>Jlr«»« 

jtmSUmS vj yitmsniirBiz. 
Unskilfal, a. ,^y«»jf^ "ijBmT. 
Unslaked, a. (lime) ^^^U3^ eito- 

momish ; (thirst) (^^UL»^ k^ssil- 

momislu [fassid. 

Unsoond, a. cJjj^ ch^iruk; Juili 
Unsown, a. ^jUUKt fekihnnmish, 

£;>r>^ ghayri-mtou". 
Unsparing, a. J^Jy b6l-b61; — ^ly, 

ad, i^jJi^jJi ^ssirghsmdyirek. 
Unspeakable, a. J^A;]^|^««aJ ti"bir* 

-Munomdz. [s^batstz. 

Unstable, a. y*^|/ klrarsa, J««jUi 
Unsteady, a. jlsj^l 63018?; jy)Uli0 

sllldnxr ; jy J (titrsr) ; (person) 

8*:^\^ hbwktda, ^«^W ch^>ktn. 
Unsaccessfol, a, (person) i^^^ 
;L«L«JF^.xf7 ishini-b^JBRmuimiah, 
fi^\^^y\ (^^ mdwMok-^lanui- 

mish ; (attempt) ^^LoliJ^t dymomish. 
Unsnitable, a. yi^^ y^ktshm^ r*i^^ 

Untanght, a. ^^LtU! J^^^l ^fosdilma- 

iniAj u^Ui/y^^^. 


2 B 2 




Untenable, a. (aMGrtkm) Jl^b hltik, 

^y b6th; (pofiitioD) ^^lail^r* 

JV«r^ muhlfazossi-muhil. 
Untenanted, a. ^Jl^^ b^ah. 
Untfaankibl, a.j4&j\^ ahUcr-^tm^. 
Unthankfolneas. $. LU aOc "Idemi- 

Unthinking, a. yijyi^^ti dhahonm^. 
Unthooght-o^ a. ^^^UlLA^J d^tha- 

nobnamiah, ^ <\.4J }\Jeu^iJo\^ 

kbltira-t^kh^ur-Hmami«h . 
Untidj, a. jAj\j ^ ,^ ^^^ 

Untie, v.a. cXoJ^^- cUtemek; mU^ 

^cfamak, t J^ han-et 
UntiL pr. jji^ a-kldar, cJj^ adek, 

or J J<3 adak, ^*^ id^Ain {or a-). 
Untimelj, a. J-iSi^ wlkitatz ; — end, 

^^)}^^ w^dutttz-idom, Ub t^lef. 
Unto, pr.^^a. [^Jift hHak. 

Untold, a. ^^^ULjI^ si^yibnamiah ; 

^^UJjlaiJlil ifadi-olunmamiah. 
Untoward, a. ^^^^Ss^ chbrkin, \ui fsna, 

j>ir.>.Mi\;i< milnaafl^betidz. 
Untried, a. y^^LvUii) J d^anilmamiBh. 
Untrodden, a. ^/^U^V j\l^ iyak-blaa- 

mamith. [ J^V ^^ttl. 

Untrue, a. ^ yidAn, c^ji^ kyazib, 
Untroatworthj, a. J^^^l i)U&c\ i"ti- 

Untnitb, t. ^ yiOln, 4»»Ji^ kizb, 

^jti d^rugb, (JUai bdtlln. 
Unnraal, a. J^JC^jle "adet-dlyAil, 

iJl^jUuJlU. kb^Ufi/'adet ; — 17, ad. 

Ax^ SSJ% i\m» sa'ir-wlkta-nlMb^tla. 

c«. _ 


Unutterable, a. j^lJ^j\j^ tk blr- 

UnTeil, v.a. and a. 4^li«>-,^<^V^ U 

yAtbmayifcint - cihiktrmdr (or ^JU^t 

MinudL). [-61iminaz. 

Unwanrantable, a. J^jjji^^^ t^j viz- 
Unwary, a. Jilc gbAfil. 
Unwcn, a. J-i-^ kiyftiz, >-:r)>^ mi- 

z^stz, 4r>— *w kblBSta. 
Unwholesome, a. (air) A«e^^ wdkbtm. 

^1:U)U.^ wikkbametU; (food) ^^ 

Unwilling, a. J«JcL«i1 iBsteksiz, j.,,".ji.r^» 

r^betnz, J«Ji^ gby^^ndsnz i — ly, 

atf. U/ karban, JJb\Jl\f^ mi' a.'l. 

cJyiuilffc- cb^kinibrek ; 
i^JmSS^ gby bnynl wnzlnk. V2..^«^ a 

Unworthy, a. (person) iJibtU na-^hl, 
^Ua:L^ Isstibklksiz; (act) y^J 

Up, a. jUdl; kAlkmtsb; (^^«L^^«£ 
yaks^bmah; ,^A*i?>^Vi P«liaya- 
-cbikmtah; ^, atf. *^j^}i yi^kari; 
^'^^ ydkirtya, '«>j^^^ yi^kanda 
(yd^karda) ; ^j^^^^j^^ yi*kar^a- 
-di^Arn; — , pr. t^j^^i:)*^ dan- 
-y&kari ; — , ta/. JlSii^J di-blkl- 
bm ! JU) jlli kllk-b}Lk2dtm ; — and 
down, f^j^yiy^^^ Xabi^At-ydkiri ; 
u^^jl kti.bferi; — bill, ^o 
c5;lijj y^kuah-ydkan ; ^^^ gbyiicb, 
Jj^ milabkO, ^;«Si>^ cbfctm; — 
there! **lf^jitJ^ hfey-ydkkda, ^ 




^<3^\Sjj[j|^ ^ h^-1dm-vibr-7ukarda ; 
— with the helm ! A^^l 6r8a ! 

Upbraid, v,a, (Jmij^^J^ yiteana-ltmak. 

Uphold, v.(i. fj^^ tdtmok, \i^>^te^ 
tibiiAhhqb-et, t<ju«oUif^ s^habet-et, 
yi^l Utizam-et, ^\aj\ hrka-bl; (a 
thesis) \\zJ\ )ddt"a-et, ^ JjJus? tlss- 

Upholsterer, *. ^^^[cj^ ydrghAnjt, 
j»i A 4>iA^J diishEmEJi. 

Upland, 8. h\} ykyla, jlbb yiiyllk. 

Uplift, v.a. Jk«;>3JIj c5;Ij^ ydkari- 

Upmost, a. (-^^^ cJl ^n^-yi^kan. 

Upon, pr. iiiJi^ji\ iintana, jftV».r...iy 
iisstnnda ; ^jgi^t i^zErina, 't^jjj^ 

Upper, fl. ^^jlS^ ydkariki, ^^^Ji^^ 
yukird^ ; ^^£syj> r. .rf^ itestddki, 
^9JASm»t^\ &88tand6ki ; — hand, ^Ulc 
ghai^bs, jUU ghlUbhl. 

Uppermost, a. jc^^^^^jiCJI fen^-yd- 
kariki, ^fJcud^cJ^ ^n^-^sstd^ki. 

Upright, a. ^j^^ dbghrv, fi\j ka'im ; 
(in morals) ^j^j^ dbghru, MjG<mm<0 

Uproar, «. b^j3;^ ghyttralda, c^jJil^- 
blnldt, v^J^b plttrdt, ^jij vhiv&R. 

Upset, v.a. CX««£^(3 d^virmek ; ^J>a^ 
(J^jyf k^yfini - b6zmak ; — , v,h, 
CX«1;£^ d^virflmek ; — , a. {jH^jl}*^ 
d^viribnish; ^^/U^lS ,^^ k^- 
-klchmish ; — , s. <uJ^^ J d^virilmB. 

Upside-down, ad. iz-^^lusJt llt-iisst. 

Upstart, *. Xi^j y {Ji^\ J-tf5lt J>V^ 

Upwards, ad, ^jzioi^ySji^ ydkanya- 
-d6^Arn, ^J^^^ yukan ; (more) *^\j 

Urchin, 8, <«^ pich. [zlyads. 

Ureter, 8, {}yi^^y^^ mteiferr-td-bfevl. 

Vrgt, v,a. ^(^]ti\ ibram-et, \^\as\ ilhah- 
-^> (J^jSLS^ s^ktshdirmak ; (a 
plea) I jL[t ired-et, \^jL^^*^ dir-pish- 
-et ; (a horse) cX*jy^ siirmek, ^ J^ 

Urgency, 8. aIjs^ "XjdlK. [s^vk-et. 

Urgent, a. J^ a: - ^ *^^ miissta'jEl. 

Urine, 8. Cjj Ju» sidik, Jy bfevl, c)y^ 
y^ k^chnk-sd; — , v.s. cX<^t 
IshEmek, C^4^J^ sd-ddkmek, 
t J^ t^bfewul-et ; (a horse) J^wlrJ 
kXshAnmak ; (a dog) kI^Ama simek. 

Us, ;?ro. (jf^ bizi, zy{ Uzb, c(^ bizldri, 
2(^ blzlsra. 

Usage, «. ^Ulyi keiLkntsh, JUc^t 
)88tl"mll ; (treatment) ^U^ md"a- 
m^ ; (custom) CJjU "adet. 

Use, 8. jXif kullinish, A^jXljS kdl- 
iXnma, JUic«j1 is8U"mIl; (benefit) 
yjjU fik'idB, \£^^^^ m^nfii"ot ; — ^ 
VM. jHwiSy ki^llAnmak, tJUjcu«»1 
ksti"mal-et; (treat) ItfLcU^ md"A«| to be of — , (J^\;i^^ 
feha-yiuramak, ^\^ifdi\i nL'idi8si-61, 
^4 \\^\ »JJt\L^ ^»Juli f a idfissi- 
-milshah^di-61immak ; to be nsed to, 
IjJt :atshtk.61, \JU:^\ lltshmtiBh- 

-61 ; to become , ^}aJ^\ Xltsh- 

mak ; to be nsed np, <jJ^*> bhmek, 
ilX^y} ddksnmek ; (a man) vlXcj 




bhmek. (^XcjJLA iahi-bitni^ y 

»rJJU fi'idEsnz. ^^ b^ah. ^lili 

Uiher» 9. (ecfaool) aLU khillf^ (kllfa); 

(at a door) ^^\ ^ chikwuBh, 

^^^MjjLj t^8hrifatji,^i^dr^ m&hcir ; 

— in, «.a. cX«j^:(j^a^^ leh^ii-gh^ 

tinnek* CX«^^^^ i^f khM-^iy^ 

tuniMk, tciiJlJ ddalet-et, t;L3>-t 

Usual, a. iJjU "adi, ^^U:l^i)U "adeC- 

^Ia ; — 17, «f. t^/^1 du^r^a. 
Urafract, «. ^ gh^Ua. 
Usuref, «. , «9-iL«U« 'Ift.lf fiduBh- 

«iniy"2iiidlgL [tc» .aur ghlssb-et. 
Unirp, v.a. Uau^i^^ fiizdli-zlbt-et, 
Unirpatioii, 9. Cg-^wir. gbAnb. 
Usurper, s, %^m^^\i' ghaaib; ^^ 

-6krak - tiJchti - paduhihiyya - j Uuas- 
Usury, 9.\)j riba, AUlu^^;i>>U fihkh- 

UtensQ, «. jJ\ijU khan^-al^ti ; — s, 

«• /»'• jV V^ lOp-lOdiak. jlij- 

C)Lc^ cb^ak-cb^mlek. 
Uterine, a. (brother or sister) fH U- 

-boim, i>yMi)p\j\ ^na-tkraCbdan. 

Utility, 8. 9ji\i ft'ida. jJj nh{", 

Utmost, a. j^j^^cJ^ bi^-czlk. cJ%^ 
e6n^, ^^j^\ Iksk; lJA>^i.=^^.^ 
nttiajet - d^jada, xJbj cJ^ ^ny- 
nyads, Ll^L^ Bihayet, vju^^<^ 
gbayet; ^ ^^«£a£j)^ ^pl\ sldon- 
-gfaHdi^fti-kldar, lJj^^^£si^%^ mhrn- 
kin-mart^bs ; — , 8, ^^{j^^ ildan- 
-gh^lsn ; to the — , ai. c^-^lf- 
ttiifi^yJ nlhayet-dbr^JBda, JLJ^^^L*^ 
m^mkin-mhrt^ba, ^^Ai^ gfaay^tls. 

Utter, v.a. (pronounce) LlX^y^ SIlw^y. 
]hDtk, Uafiii tH^ffas-et; ^ulUUl 

^Azo-llaMk; (coin, &c.) 
gb^chinnek, CXe^^ Wcnnek, A^^y^ 
(jAjh gb^chinn^A^-b^lkniak ; — , a. 
^yJi kyimil, aU t2mm, ^ kyikUI. 
Utteily, oi. u^ciO^ biton-bitua 
^f***»»i blss-blton, 1^^ kyamilon. 

UUJ tlmlman, Li^ kyidliyyon, ^lKI'v 
b)^yya, ^^^/^ bir-v^jhla. 

Uttermost, a. j\yt«jJl ^n^-vzlk. ^^i^* 
Xksk ; cJy« s^n^. [chnk-dil. 

Uvula, 8. cXJj dUjik, J«3CJ^ kii- 


Vacancy. 8. j^, W^sh-yir, ^^\ 
dcWk-yir,^ JU. kbaU-yir ; J^^ 

Vacant, a. ^^ b6ah, JU khaE. J5-I 
iksbik; J^i«^ miJilul; — look. 





Vacate, v.a. ^J^^J brkkmak^ jK«i«>- 
chikmak, Jh^jf^^U* khali-br^Junak, 
\^y tirk-et. 

VacadoD, 9. ^^j JuIm t&"ttl-wXktt. 
VaociDate, vm, Jhw)U»\ Ishlatmak, 

inek-ch)ch4^Ai-mttddE88]la -Xahlatmak. 
Yacdnation, 8. i^\i»'<\r^ (»^^:^\ 

^».4\fiuil mek-chich^Ainin-Xsbla- 

nilmflwri ; iJjj ^^J&j tdkih-bakan. 
Vaccinator, s. ^^Sii»\ ^^Sjf^ (^ij\ 

j^Jjh mek - ch)ch^^Aim - dsblayan • 

Vaccine, Vaccine matter, «. d^t 
, ^irjU . ^pL^W (^J^ii^ssxs^ mek- 

Vacillate, v.n, \ JJy t^rMdud-et. 

VadUation, 8. MJt t^ddad. 

Vaconm, «. lU. Uutta, j;ik«i^)U^ 

Vade-Mectun, s. dJuuc* m^jma"&. 

Vagabond, Vagrant, 8, ^^r^^ cblpktn, 
^UJ^ kyidkbani; j«Vj*^ dirbddir, 
^j^jA axrsdri ; — , a. ir^^ aware. 

Vagoe, a. ^»|f-« miibb^m, (ji^ji^ 

Vain, a. j^/^ mjigbrur, iXXwJjy^ 
kb6d-p^8^nd; (futile) ^jJiy bdsb, 

y^^ dibsiz, J^i^J^f ^88l>' - y^k* 
AliU nafils, ^2rjulj fa'idBssiz, irJ^ 
bihuds; in — ^, vainly, ad. ^U 
nafils, ^2^^iJ^^ ls&lt-y6kdan. 

Valance, «. ^tjLi siLybXn, or ^^tjjLi 
8hgm»ai (s&jrwlnt), ^l>^l^ aXchnk. 

Vale, c. ir^J d^. 

Valerian, 8. ^^\uJji kfedi-6tu. 

Valet, *. jlijl dshXk. jlG^O^ khld- 
metkyar (biz-), \e\ Xgha. 

Valetudinarian, 8. ^U^^^JJic "jdH- 
-kim^sani. JJx "^H, ^}j)^ 
cbj!druk, ^5— r^^USlj da'ima-kblssta. 

Valiant, a. Li::..^>»xj yi^Ait, jy*^ jbssur, 
jjlfi b^adir, j«^J dilavsr, ^^i^ 
mirdanE. [^^tar, jU yiurar. 

VaHd, a. ^U saltb, .^^ B&hth, jU^ 

Valiae, «. ikiU- jlnta. 

Valley, ». 8j^ d^. 

Valorous, a. Vi::..^gG yl^Ait. 

Valoroudy, otf. ^\ CU^Li>- j^ssar^t-Un. 

Valour, 8. CJliuC yi^Aitlik, LI^Lp- 
j^arbt, Vi^^-^yf- jiir'fct, ^_j£=u1j^ 
- mirdanEgbi. 

Valuable, a. Ll.*%»g5c^J zi-ktm^t, jlcb^J 
ktm&tli; l)lfi "iziz ; ^|^^^ laba- 

Valuation, 8, ^q*.^ k^bf, ^4fk^ 
tiJdimin, c:.-%.»iiJ^y*^ t^'yini-ktra^t, 
CJKa:^^ pkbii-blcbmeklik. 

Value, «. ^J d^^Asr, ^^^^ ktm^t, 
If pUi^; (moral) J j3 kldr; — , t«.a. 
fjA^^ skymak, fjLcLfi! i"tibar-et, 
fjAJ^jM^ mii"t6b£r-ti7tmak ; Jjjfi 
j;^^ "iziz-ti^tmak ; ^wJ:.^ k&sbf- 
-et, \^iXAJfL;uv*JI kim^t - t^dur - et, 
CX4a^\|j I^ha-bicbmek, \^jf^^, 
pUia-t^"yin-et; ]jl^ tlkdir-et, 
cXJj^^ij^jJ kXdrini-bllmek. 

Valve, 8. jU kApAk, J J dll. 

Vampire, 8.j^^^ vlmpir, ufjW j^t. 

Van, 8. ^yft "ikniba; (of an army) 




J^y iLkcaghbl. 
Vane. «. ^|^ yMkowAn, Uji)Ij bid- 

Vmiflh, VM. y^^U gha'ib-61, ^^^ 
jlk^U ghjrltedan-gha'ib-^1, j1J2|j 

Vanity, j. jj^c gliurur; (emptbesa, 
worthleasneas) ^jj, »<^ b^shluk, 
C)l>^ J dlbaizlik. 

Vanqaiah, vm. tc^jjuU idighlub«et, 
fiJuJl }at-et, cJs^ y^omek. 

Vapour, 9.j\a^ bukhar, ^JU^ ddmln. 

Variable, a. >mM^I itttradatz, J^jl/ 
klramz, jiSjjd d\gk\Mr. 

Variance, «. c— fV>f»\ Ikhtfllf ; at — , a. 
(J^j^ (persona) b^znahuk; (things) 
\AJtl^i:jjL^j» biri-blrinn-dym^. 

Variation, $. uJL>\ MtiUf. uJfyxrf 
bhiraf; JjuJf tfebMdol, J^-t^ 

Variegated, a. ClU;CJJ; rink-rink, 
CJJjlC; risngbyarink, uJ^V}^ 

Variety, «. (sort) ^jJ (t&rln), Ju^ 
ch^ahid, cy n^v"; (coUection of dif- 
ferent sorts) ^j^^j^ (tMa-t^rla), 
^jd (thrla),jl;J^y\ biva"i.(tirlu) ; 
(not sameness) ^4>iXjJ di^Aishma, 

Various, a. (several) ^\S^ b)r-kAcb, 
^jc90 bl'zt, j^y bb-cb^k, J^ 
cb6k; (different) ^j^^j>^ (ti&rla- 
-tifrln), 4.Ja^ mi^kbt^ 
miktdn^W", ^jf^j^ ghyunagbyun. 

Vamisb, #. ^j;Cj^ rugbln; — , vm. 

%\^jyt^f\) rugbln-wurmak. 
Vary, vm, UfllaT tokh^of-et, ^>«^l:> 

abawhmflk, CX«^ J di^Aiahmek ; 

— , VM. ^ j£ V tib£l-et, c:Xc;*xlX)^ 
Vase, «. (^IS k}^p. [di^Aiahdinnek. 

Vassal «. Jy kul ; /U- chaksr. 
Vassalage, «. ^jU^ kuUuk. 
Vast, «. cJ^ blynk, ^^ "Azim; 

j^ ch6k, ^ kyMn,y|, wafir. 
Vastly, mL j^ ch6k. 
Vastness. «. ClXi^j^J biyaklak. 
Vat, 9. ^CJ^ biynk-t^kns, cJ^ 

^^^y b)yok-f teht. 
Vaolt, '• r^ kimsr ; ^ kubbB ; (onder 

ground) f^y^^, dddrum; — , pji. 

J^jf^ s^cbranui^ ^}Ji3\ Itlamok. 
Vamit, 8. 1^ llf, j^Mj t^fiJcbur, 

^UJ t^madnb; — , vm. cX«^1 

ik^Asumek, {}^^jf kdrulmsrk, \^UJ 

tfefakbur-et, I^jIJ tfemadirb-et. 
Veal, *. ^^Ub dlna-feti. 
Veer, v.n. cUr,^i> J dl^Aiahmek, 

CJwiJ^J diknmek; — ^ v.a. f^J^ 

Vegetable, a. i^ ^ n^bati ; — ^ 9. d^U 

n^bat; (for food) ifLm^ sfebzs (p/. 

CL^UU<* s^bzEwat, vnlg. zkrzawit), 

CJJJ^J y^hillik ; — marrow, «. jlJ 

kXbAk ; (^U jSl«i sakiz-kXb^At. 
Vegetation, «. U) j^J neaby-n-n^a; 

LZi-w n^bt. 


Vegetate, vm, Jk«^ y^shamok. 
Vehemence, 9. iJL>JJL slddd^t, 
hidd^t, CJJJ^ B^r^il^' Jjj ^r- 




Vehement, a, JjoJ^ shidd^tli, dJdJi 
ihhdid, pJ^ hidd^di, iX[J^ badid, 
uzj^ fl^rt, jfj^j z6rlT7. 
Vehicle, s, iJje> "kraba ; (fig.) ^L-»j 

v^88ll6, ^Ja^l^ wassita. 
Vefl, ». (woman's) jU-Sib yashmak, 
-^U) niklb; (curtain) 2fJ^ pErds, 
sitr ; (covering) ^jj^ «^rtu ; — , 
VM. ^^Xajj^\ kttmek, \^ sfetr-et ; — , 
VM. ^^^4jJa4^\j ydsbmaklonmak. 
Vein, s.j^ dXmar, ^ "krk (jfL jj/i 
"uruk), CJ; rfegb; — ed, ^j^ 
Vellmn, 8. iJ^Ji tIrsbE. [dlmarlt. 

Velocity, 8, u>^j»^ shY"kt,j>' Wz. 
Velvet, 8. ^UaS (kXdIM). 
Venal, a-^CUySk; risbvet-yir, }<f^y^j 

risbvetkb6r, ^^f^ miirtfeabi. 
Venality, «. llJ;^ irtisba. 
Vend, w.fl. J^^ sXtmok, \\jl.^^} 

ftrukbt-et, 1^ bfey"-et. 
Veneer, ».«. Jk«!Ij^ kXplamak; — ed, 

a. lULli kXplama. 
Venerable, a. /^/i«^ mWit6«m ; c3;L« 
mbbarek; (ancient) y^J'^ ^sski, 
w Jj;\^ kyan-kldun. 
Venerate, ».«. J^ti^ siymnk, \\::^\s>j 

ri"ayet-et, *wjr <'<ty»- bilrmet-et. 
Venereal diaeaae, *. y^y flringbi, 

J^J^} nringbi."illfeti. 
Vengeance, «. ^^t Ikj, |*ltt3l btiklm. 
Venison, *. ^Mci— fe gbfeyik-feti, 
j^l^Jp kXrajcfeti. [jlybj ziibirli. 
Venom, *. ^j zfebir, am» a^mm ; — ons. 
Vent, 8. yj^ n^ess, |y^ b^a ; (bole) 
C)i>-i> nMieaalik, ijM^ m^f^ss; 

(of a gun) dJli fidya ; to give — to 
one's feelings, Up^j^^^^^ yXJj 
\}^\ kAlbda-6lAntnt-s^rb^stja-izbar- 
-et. [mek. 

Ventilate, v,a. CU;ij|yb bawa-vsr- 

Ventilation, 8. cjK^^ \^ b^wa- 

Venture, v.«. 1 c:-^L.j>- jfessaret-et; 
C)^«i£sc-J|^«4i;y k^rkmayup-gbit- 
mek; — , v.a. JUy^:*^=Af> tfebli- 
kiya-k^mak; l^t^^bLas:; biikbta- 

Venns, «. ^^^^^^^ cJj 2f Jj-*« ^j^-*- *?^j*^ 
sbi"]JB - bnssn - mii"budEnin - issmi ; 
i-(; jjj ijbj zhbrB-yUdizt; Juc^U nabid. 

Veracious, a. (-^^ d^Aru. 

Veracity, «. cJJu^uSj^cJ^jt d6^Aru- 
-sftw^yl^yQilik, vjuol Jy^ sldaklt. 

Verb, ». J« fl"l ; — active, (•^U* J«i 
fi"Ji-mi"lum ; — passive, J^fsr« J«i 
fj"li.mfejhul ; — neuter, or intransi- 
tive, /^J J*i fl"li-laztm, — transitive, 
c^Juc*« Jjii 0"li-miita"addT. 

Verbal, a. (of a word) JWJ Ufzi ; (of 
a verb) JjJ fl"n; (oral) ^UA 
sbinibi, j^*>J^^ l^Azdan; — ly, od. 

Ikfl! iXfzon ; lihlL& sblf abon. 

Verbatim, ai. ^lifil lIfz-b6-Ufiz, Usla) 

Verbena, 8.,ijf^ U^ mma-cbicb^^Ai. 

Verbiage, *. Cl^byUs*- bXsbviyyat. 
Verbose, a. . ••>> . )p^ ^lfazi-cb6k. 
Verbosity, 9. l^^iSt (^^2;^ Ussreti-^lfaz ; 
Verdict, 8.j\} kArar. [<-jUt\ itnab. 




Verdigm, t. Jijj s^ngliyar, Jijj 
zh^Dghyar» ^bJ*.£CJ^li blkirio^- 

Verdure, t. CJJilj y^shOlik ; iZ^^ ht 
{gnM),)j^j^^ y^prAklor (leaTes). 

Verge,*, (brink) jUS kinar, i«J l^b ; 
(limit) Jb>y«i ssr-h^d, J^J^>- hi^dud 
(;i/.); (vicinity) ^^ yakin, ^LJj 
yjJunlar, 4^^ kdrb,^\^ jhrar; — 
on, VM, (j^^ ch^tmak, Jk^^I^ vir- 
mak, JU^lUf yakloahmok, ^jAiiLJb 
yaktnloahmak, ^hS\uJo yUuhnida-M, 
jtci^y k^ib-61, lc«^^ t^kteub-et. 

VerificatioD, «. (jJia^ tahkik. 

Verify, VM. ^^ Ju^ tXaadtk-et ; to be 
— fied (by examination), JptJ^ljigint^ 
tUikfk-^lunmak ; (by tbe event) ^ J^io^ 
t^hdkkok-et, JaL^ ,^ms^ tUkth- 

Verily, ad. liJl^ waki"a, iAjJ\^ 
fUl-hAkika, jdiyU "iOimA-llih. 

Veijoice, ». Jj^y kdruk ; ^^ J^^y 
k6ruk-8nyu. [^^77*)* 

Vermicelli, t. ^^JSa«& 8b4"riyy^ (sh^h- 

Vermin, «. (body or bed) ^^jL«iF^dl^ 
kshlB-plrB-m^kulissi ; (boose or bam) 
^£yi^j\,aj\^^\je^ sidun-slnaiur- 

Vemacnlar tongue, s, ^o\j\ ^a-dUi, 
^^LJ^U biiyi^At-Uaaln, J^J^j^ 

Verse, s, (bemisticb) J^ fird ; ^^/^^ 
missra"; (cooplet) cu^ b^yt; (triplet) 
v,!^!^ milss^IlBss, (quatrain) ^^ 
rilba"i ; &c. &c. ; (poetry)yi«& ahl'V; 

(of a chapter) (j:^ ayet, Aaj^u:,^ 

ay^d-k^rims (only used in npea^ng 

of the Kur'an) ; JCJ b^d (paragraph). 
Versed, «. JU "alim, ^1«^!jk« mii"lc'- 
Versification, t. Jai nixm. [mltli. 

Versify, v.a. \ fioj nikzm-et; — » oji. 

jH^byt& ahi'r-ylpmak. [rhrayet. 
Version, #. ^U>^ tirjums; ^^-^\«^ 
Vertical, a. (perpendicular) sji^y.^^^p- 

"jUnudi; (ang^e) ^^s^\j i^'asda- 

-^Un ; (son, &c.) jr A^^vji -^^iwi abnti- 

-rfe'ssdtf ; itJ^lijiCXiJ dlk-ydkkida; 

^)j\arJLd|^uuv«M» s^mti-rb's8d«->MAn. 
Very, atf. C){ pik, j^ ch6k, <c^U 

ghiiyet ; — , a. CIp'Ij zat. 
Vessel, 9. (ntensfl) c^lS klb ; (ship) 

,^a£3 gh^mi, ^ tacni. ^UJL. 

s^fmi; blood — ^ j^ dlUx&ar, Jyfr 

"i^k, cJj rfegh. 
Vest, f. cJJj y»ek. [ij\Lj nkhan& 
Vestige* #• y1 ^ssir, ^lli niahlii. 
Veteran, #. ,jCtt ^aski; (soldier) 

^^■■jCa>t\ j^^m^ "isaksr - ^tskiw^ ; 

I, 8. pL l«Jul kdd^ma. 
Veterinary, a. u^Uxj bkytari; — 

surgeon, 9.J\2^ bkytar. 
Vex, v.a. cl^;X^^ ghyiJEndirmek, 

JU^Jp Uzdurmok; cXci i>^^£3 

Vial, M. C^ shlshi. 
Vibrate, vm. ^J^AJt^\^ allknmak, 

^\iij\ 6ynamak ; ijXtByJ orCX«4y J 

(titrsmek); (a pendulom) ^i/oij 

rdkss-et; (inner particles) isi 

cX«Ji h^^ita-ghMmek. 


[ 888 ] 


Vice, s. jL sb^rr, IfIij^ ghyillnah, 
(J»4f^ 8u'i->"lmBl, ^Imi s^yyi's; 
*>»-^ jr . "kyb, ^ 81^', 1^ kdbh ; (in 
horses) kJjs^ kbuy, (J^^Ui fina- 
-khuj, laA^i 8^kAt; tbe — %, s.pL 
c2^Lma« mi)"ii77^bat» '"^^ ^ * 
shjyiat; (a smith's vice) ^l:i^ 
mingfaEQs; (locam tenens) JJT^ 
T^lul, c^l3 na'ib, i*lL«k<«jl3 ka'im- 
-m^kam ; — admiral, U*l» ^jJo) 
pjitruna-pjisba (formeffy C)j b^A), 
— admiral of the fleet, i/ij^^ifi^, 
Vicioiis, a. ^^ kyiitD, jjJ^ sh^rir ; 
(horse) )aS^ sdkAt« J^^ yiram^z, 
(defective) ^^U nakiss, Ju«iU fassid, 
La^i B^kAt, jln^lLj slkam^tli. 
Vidssitode, s. L^ * iSi\ bkiUb ; — s of 
f<Hrtane,^J (^UHa)! InktUbltt-d^hr. 
Victim, s, (for sacrifice) ^^Ji kurbln ; 
(of slanghter) Jyi^ mlktul; (of 
fraud) j}*^*^ maghdur ; (of tyranny) 
A^U&« mlzlum ; (in general) j^/ 
gbiriftar, J^}*^ duchar, %^ mi!ib- 
yictor,^. L^l^ghalib. [t^la,j^t ^ssir. 
Victorioas, a. l^U ghalib. 
Victory, $, lie. ghdl^bB, C^ ndssr^t. 
Viotnal, — «, *. C^4jj y^y^ek, |»Ut 
t^"am; — , vm, !i>,,.*jy *jf^*^ 
z^ddiirE - t&rtib - et ; (a ship) 
Jh^I ^^:>i«»AjUy kthDoAnyosstnt- 
Ihndc; CX«^^ ^^y^irffjUy k&- 
Victnaller, t. , tf...»f<GU ^U«J C3^^ 

blkmak, \ 

Vide, t;.a. (Latin) i^^ \jl,^ju^\jc mik- 

Videlicet, c. (Latin) ^^i^ yi'ni. 
Vie with, J^t.g.'v- chUushmak, /U^ V 

View, «. c29jUi3} nXzar^t; (picture) 

r^sm (r^ssim) ; — , v,a. Jh^V 
u Liu« md"ay^B - et ; 

CX«;^ ghy^omek. 
Vigilance, *. j^ilS*-! jj^ ghyikz- 

-^bikl»9rAi, kSJ^ t^yidJcuz, «3ua7 

Vigorous, a. ^^ kiivv^tli, m^ dkij, 

iltf B^A, i%lcL^ siiyAl^m. 
Vigour, «. CJyS kihrvfet; (energy) 

^-^j^ ghJLyr&t, /•Uiibl ihtimlm. 
Vile, fl. (person) J^l Hcb^k, JjJ; 

r^zH, ^J dfenl, L^y^j riissvay; 

(thing) ^jmi p)ss, jf^ye mdrdar. 
Village, s. xjf ky^, 0^ k^d, ^y 
Villager, 9,^^ kyii^la. [klriyyE. 

Villain, «. ci>^*g»- kh^biss, 

khinzir, ^^^y p^^wxnk. 
Villainy, «. La.JLfw khabassbt. 
Vindicate, v.a. \ Jujlf ^ji^- hlkkini- 

Vindication, ». ^u t^'yid. [duju. 

Vmdictive, «. . fif^S ..j-^ kin-ghyi- 
Vrndictiveneas, «. ^J^ ^\±Jt btiklms- 

Vine, 9. (trained) ij^ Issma ; (poUard) 

\^y^ ^ blyA-kyiitn^Au. 
Vine-dresser, *. ^-sfV bJghji. 
Vinegar, 9, ^CT^ slrks. 
Vineyard, «. ill bl^A. 

•« _• 




^Hntage, ». ^^jj> ^, b2gb-b6zumu. 

Vmtner, «. ^^^^lacu m^j-khan^i. 

Violate. t;.a. J^y b6zmak, tjle^l 
ikUal-et, 1^ D^ksB-et, \cyz^ h^tk- 
-et ; (women) {J^j^j z^rlamok ; — 
one's chastity, Icj^^f^ jrJj cJcJb 

Violation, 9, ^^aSj ndkss ; cJcJb hfetk. 

Violence, «. (strength) j^j z6r, C1>JJ^ 
shlddet ; (in forcing) j^j z6r, j*>- 
j^bp. UcA "Anf, c:^^ "^vfet. 

\riolent, a. CJ^i s^, Jj«X^ ah^dld, 
j)j«U shidd^tli. 

Violet, «. ULLj b^n^fshs (m^^kshl) ; 
— , ^'jy in6r. [k^manchi. 

Violin, #. ^Uk^ k^man, ^tc^^^tik^ 

Violinist, t. ^Ul^ k^mani. 

\^per, •. cJp\ ^ngb^rek. 

Virgb, t. Jj Wz, jJ jmjJ kk- 
-6^AlAn-k}z, i;;^b bakirs; the 
ViJpn* J>iJ^ d-Bfetul (said of 
the Virgin Mary and of Eeitim4 
daughter of MtQiammed). 

\npginity, 9. jjjj Wzlik, Jj bikp, 
e^Uj b^kyar^. 

Virgo, 9. ^(Lcmi s&nbnU. 

ViriKty, 9. i^^j\ fcrkeklik. 

Virtae, «. ^^ khiiyr, •.!« s^klah, 
v^Jl^ fXzH^t {pi. JjUj fXza U), 
CL9Xi«r« mUun^det {pi. iX^Lc:* 

Virtuous, a. ^ Jjbl ^hli-kUiyr, JU 
salth; (woman) ^tLAr. "xfi£B, c^lci^ 
')ff^t-ma-ab, jbu^dfi "^ssm^tlC^LftAf 
'2£fetlv, IJ;J JJbl ^hU-pirds. 



Viscount, 9. ^ij^Ui^lflfc. ^J^ rfttb^'i- 

Vis^, a. and «. ^^ t)zb. 

Visible, a. jf^^jf ghyinmop, j^j;f 
ghyilrzul^ar, irJuljci^ m^ydinda, y^lb 
zahir, j1«XjJJ b^didar, JkiJJ b^dld. 

Vision, #. (sight) /^ blssar, j^JaJ 
didar ; (dream) bj^ rii'ya, c/^ 
dush, J1l«JU "llBmi-missal. 

Visit, #. (of respect) ^^}ij riyarfet; 
(firiendly and prolonged) ClUyL^ 
mbssafirlik ; (medical) ^Jj^ vkito ; 
(formal — on arrival) ij^^ f-y 
iJJk^t rfessmi-kh^sh-am^ ; — ^ v.a. 
ghltmek, \^^}ij ziyai^t-ct, 
Jjb J zlyar^tina - ghhmek ; 
Sy^^ ghyttonshmd^Ao- 
ghitmek; i^X^t^o^j^J&J^ isstif- 
sari-khZttra-ghitmek; (on arrrral) 

kh68h - ghMdin^- d^m^pAs - ghitmek ; 
(as a physician) \ ^ V[j vkita-et, 
jptiU bibnak ; (search) t yJjsC' 
tab^ni-et, J^b blkkmok. Jk«|;1 
^^ranurk, <J^^ y^klamiik ; — with, 
\j^ mlLzhar-et ; l^tii^ ^riftar-et, 
!• Wj J duchlr-et, tls^^ m^btdla-et ; 
to go on a <^', 

Visiter, 9. y^ mikssafir; 
y^jtf^ sfeyiji ; ^U nazir. 

Vital, a. Cl^U^^^^ v^ssB^'i-hJkyat ; 
(important) |^\ ^Iz^m, ^Jbf ^h^m. 

Vitality, *. tSjU:*- Wiyat. 

Vitriol, 9. (green) c/^^li zijt-kibrtss ; 




(blae) ^J^^j^ ghyhz'tlshi ; oil of 

— ' iJ^V.^^; zXyyhgM. 
Vituperate, v.a. t^ljJiJ dbshnam-et. 
Vitaperation, 8, /t\J^J dhshnam, 
Vitaperatiye, a. ^^r^ c^l l^Azi-piBS. 
ViTacioiiB, a. ^UJ nishltla. 
Vivacity, «. tllj nishlt. 
Vivat, m/. (Latin) m^L&^ y^hasun. 
Vocabulary, *. ^^ti^ tl^UlyflRsr* 

Vocation, «. ^^1 ish, (j:>>vJ y »l»^ m^sh- 

gbuUyy^ ; jt JjCif is8ti"dad, d^ J 

4^ d^'^bti-lOlUyyE. 
Voice, s. yjm^ 8^88; 1j^ aXda, j\j\ 


Void, a. ^jj b^sb, jjlsL kbali, ,^ 
t^bi : J^h blttl, Ju^li fas8id ; — , s. 
jL\J*9. Wsb-yir, jt^^J^- kbali-yi^; 
— » v.a. 1 Jl^\ ibtil-et ; (excrement) 
\f^y^ t^b^wul-et, JU^f^ sicbmak, 
CX«^t isbEmek. 

Volatile, a. jV"J^ debar, ^Lt tkyyar; 
(in disposition) Vc;i^J2fjJ1j^ bb'-dlQda- 
-dihrm^, \;^:^^ miitdl^win. 

Volcano, ir. ^U^^t y^ar-dX^A. 

Volition, #. jL::^^ ikbtiyar, 2ro|;\ bids. 

Volley, *. Jjlj ykytbm. 

Volume, *. cUf^ biyukluk, ^sf^ 
b}^m, AiiiaJ kh"a, m^^ jilrm ; (of a 
book) jJbr jUd. [mdfXssXl. 

Voltuninons, a. cJ|^ biynk, . J«tfii« 

Voltmtary, a. u^Ij^I Ikbtiyari. 

Voltmteer, ». J ^T, ^ \t>^ gbyiin^alltt- 

Vdnptnoos, a. (person) JjU ^Mi}l3>> 

bXzzt-n^sa-ma'il, U^tfjjbl ^bli-alfa; 

(tbing) yj>^ n^fiss. 
Vomit, 8, (emetic) x^S^ mukiiyyT; 

(vomiting) ^^ kiyy, i^^ia-j^ issti- 

firagb ; (tbing ejected) jrjtc^JL?^ 

kussuUn-maddE ; — , vm, and a. 

^jA^f kdssmak, \ _S Idyy - et, 

y^pj. l« 
Voracious, a. ^^J^^i^^kl^^ pfek-^tk- 

misb ; ji^^ cb^k-yir. 
Vortex, 8. c-^t J^ gblrdAb. 
Votary, «. JjU "abid, ^^^-^^^ p^r^t; 
Vote, 8. \J\j rfe y ; — ^, vm. CXc^Jj c^); 

Vottcb, v.a. ^^ J-i^ kfefil-61. 
Voucber, ». ^:^ s^ned. |ln"am-et. 

Voucbsafe, v.a. ^^\—>-\ ibsan-et, UUj\ 
Vow, *. (of sacrifice) j«5J nfezr, j^ol 

XdAk ; (oatb) ^^^ y^min, Jj) iLnd ; 

— ^» ^•<'- 'v:r^ yfemm-et, cX^ajr^Jjl 

Vowel, ». 4^ bir^ks. [y-* s^ar. 

Voyage, 8. \Jjl^*J^^ d^n^-s^fxri. 
Vulgar, a. U kiba ; c-.^ ' V^ ; — ^» 

*. j^l5|»\^ "Jiwimmi-nass. 
Vulgarity, f. J;SU klbalik. pdirtll. 

Vulture, ». VVj^ lk.bXbA(?), JU/ 

Wad, 8. , «L«0 sikt ; (of a cannon) 

^ «Jsaurf jb p}kla88tn)pa. 
Wadding, «. J^l) pXmnk (plmbuk). 
Wade, v.a. cXwj^irXfi^^;^ sd- 





Wafer, 9. ^^jL^fL^ m^ktvb - pdlu ; 

(cake) ^t^Lj^l^ kya^Asd-hH- 

pdl - Ua - ydptahdtnnak ; sacred — , 

jtjbli bldank. 
Waft, VM. cXy^ ghytaumdc ; 

CJ^^ gh^tirmdc. 
Wag, 9. ^*4-y latifiqi; — , v.a. 

j;JUU slllamak; — ^, vm. JkwUU 

Wage, Wages, «. clUfJj/ ghy&nddlik, 

jbl iylik ; J;1L yiUik ; — war, vm. 

\iJ\si^ miykar^B-et, 1c^y»- h^b-el, 

iniyharib-61; tcJ^jW "Adav^.e^ 

Wager, «. «J..«a^ bkbas; — , v.a. 

\Lt.jan, J^^Ll^^aa b^hae- 

-tdtmak, JUy k^mok. 
Waggon, 9. ,j-^yiCJ^ yiik."kab«aBt, 

Jjje> "knha ; — er, ^^J»^j^ "4rabaji. 
WagtaQ, 9. cpU^Jj^y k^yruk-alllAn. 
Wailmg, 9. ^U naliab, ^Ui flghan. 
Wain, t. ^^ "^raba; Chailea'a — *, 

^ c^J dU>bUkb^. 
Wainscot, *. i^j^}y^^\;^3*^ di^fca- 

mqt-islii, 4^Ufr«J d6^ilramc. 
Waist, t. Ji bH, j^U* miyan ; — band, 

9. j^ kbmsr, (^jf^^ dchkurluk ; 

—coat, C)i[ y^ek. 
Wait, cXiJ^ b^klsmek; (serve) 

tc:.-v«J^ kbidmet-et (hlz-) ; — on, 

— upon, tuu%«J^ kbhlmet^et ; (for 

orders, &c.) cXJ^ gbshnek, (j^^^ 


Waiter, 9. ^jAcJaS^ kUdmetjt ; (tray) 
,^^ tfcpsi. 

Wake (of a ship), 9. ^^ cJo^j4> 
dilmsniny - sdyu ; — , v.n. (J^^y 
dyanmak; — , v.a. J^^^^fl^ bjttn* 
dtrmak. [-tiiyiHcktz. 

Wakeful, a. Ji\jj\ xijitaSk, )aA^ mii- 

Wales, 9. ,^Ub4 LT^} TBEs^mtoaliki. 

Walk, 9. ^U^ gb^zmB, j^^ a^yr, .^jij 
t&ftiraj; (path) J^ y61; (pace) 
Lrivf^ ytaiynah ; — s of Kfe, J\f^\ 
ijjLi ^waU - b^hsr)yyE, c^l^ 
4i^ m^tibi-b^shiriyyK ; — ^, v.ji. 

^^^^JH ^^Hj^ yiirmnek; \^ 
m^shy-et; — about, ilX^ ghhz- 
mek; — m, i^X*^ jysfi\ ichM- 
-ghlrmek ; ilXtS^ jjjsfl\ IdiM- 
.gfaltmek ; CUi^^/^.t k^hti- 

•ghilmek ; — off, vm, CXcl 
ghhmek ; — — , v.a. cXv^^ 
ghykturmek, IwiJ d^'-et; «~ off 
with, vlLc^c^^^ 2dip-gUtmek; 
JkwU klpnudt ; JUSW chllmidc ; 

— out, v.n. fjAsL^ MluoA, c^llJ? 
^jAsL^ dlsbJ^'-cUkmak ; «— , v.a. 
CUjiyiL^BC^l:;^ dhhto'-gb^drmek. 
K^X^^uJj\lJo dlahi^ghyilitann^ ; 

— the rounds, CX«j^ Jy kM-gh^z^ 
mek; — up and down, CX«J^^ 

gh^zinmek ; (jX^^ ^J^H l5^^^ 

Wall, *. j\y^J dlwihr, j^d^r i^^^» ^^ 

ba'it; — , VM. CX«^^»yf^J djwar- 

-chfevirmek (or CX»^>» ch^kmek). 
WalkM^oa, 9. jiSi^ Ji\ fflJkk-vU&y^. 




Wallachian, s.pii\ mjdu. 

Wallet, 8. ifj)y tohra, or ^jyf tbrha. 

Wall-flower, s. kJy^uJj\0a aXrt-ah^b- 
Wallo^r, V.H. (J^j^yl ylwarlanmok. 
Walnot, '• J^ j^vtz. 
Walra8» s. t^Ju} j^^ d^^-^ygbtn. 
Waltz, s. ^^)\ u^j ^ ji bbr-n^v"i- 
-r^ksa-^yuDU ; {j^\j vHm; — , v.n. 


Wan, a. cj^l^ sXri, ^Jj^^^^ b^^zt- 

-Xtmub, ^ji^U! Ij ^j^, b^n^zi- 

-kXlixunntBh. [lofr "i^a. 

Wand, 9. J^^ cUbOk, C^J d^ynek. 

Wander, i;.ii. il^j^ gb^mek, 

^JaJ^^^ ddlasbmak. 

Wanderer, s, 8j\t^\ awar£. 

Wane, 9 ji. JpJ^^t^l bkirXz-bi^bDak. 

Want, s. us^^Ip- bajet {pi tS^W^ 

bajat, aid tff^^ b^wa'ij), «^Us>^*l 

Ihtiyig ; (severe) iJL^j^j^ z^ur^t, 

u5J>.VAj.# sikindi ; (necessity) >jjJ 

l^vm ; (absence) ^li^ n^ksan, 

^tcLi bvlvnmama, |*«Xfi "idmn; 

~, VM. cX«2.^f isstsmek, ^j^J\ 

Iramak ; j)c3««^ ^ksik-61 ; — ^ v.n. 

jUli0K« miiht2j-61; to be -^ed, 

^\/^ji laziin-61, j^^jjjJ liiz5mu-61, 

\Upt iktiza-et, y^Lhil iktizasst- 

-61, ^^^j^Jbc mdktlzi-61; — ^mg, 

C3^ ^ksik. 

Wanton, a, (playful and innocent) C)j 

^afTy^ p^-aiviDJli ; W«3uJ klydstz ; 

(indeed) ^l^ ^yanah; (shameless) 

I>-t ^hik-m^sbreb ; — ^ s. 
A^*>-\j fahiabE, tjf^^j (6ro88po). 

War, «. ^j^- blurb, yLi s^far, U^ 
(k^wgba), C3ci>- jbik ; — ^ v.n. 
\i^j>' birb-et, l^jjUr* mdhar^b^- 
-et ; fc^jW "adav^t-et, \cu^^..das£^ 
kbdssum^t-et ; at war, a. W;Ur« 
mi^barib, JnIJ^ b^zusbuk. 

Warble, i;.a. and ». ClUJ^I toaek. 

Ward, 9. (of a town) Asi^ mdbail^; 
(of a hospital) ^^^ k^^rAusb ; (of 
a key) cJou^ ch^tik, CJJ^ 
k^rtik ; (orphan) ^^ y^im ; — off, 
v.a. fj0<j^^ s^wushdurmak. 

Warden, b. kilsr^ mdhiftz. 

Wardrobe, 8. (clothes) l^\ ^bissl^ 
^\ J^j^ d«Jl ^bissB - mfeyj uditi ; 
(closet) CjiLt ddUp. 

Warehouse, <. J[jU^ m^ibza. 

Wares, «. /i/. iU:u\ ^mta"k {pi. of ijc^ 
mXt"a, a piece of goods). 

Warfare, 8, ^j>- h4rb, 4^^»-c:j)L«U^ 

Warlike, a. ^^J^ hkrhi; — stores, 
^Lj y »CL ) Uf< mikhfaniDlti-birblyy^. 

Warm, a. J^-?^ sljXk, ^\^Xa 
njlj)k, 1^ ghsrm, jl>- harr ; J^^O^t 
llQiik ; — , VM, ^JAZ^\ lss)tmak ; — , 
v.n. ^}^^^ isskimok. [-sljXk. 

Warm-hearted, a. j^l-» ,^_^^ jbTeghi- 

Warmth, «. jWl^i sijkk, jdS'«£CUi 

sijlklik, ><^ ghsrmT 
ghsrmlyy^t, ^^j\^ h^ar^t. 
Warn, v.a. *^^^jijj^ khlbsr-VBrmek 
t^U\ Mbar-et; \j^\ Ikhtar-et. 




Waniing. <• j>^ Uilbv.^L:i>1 ilchbar. 

^lk^\ Ikhtar. 

War-office, 9. y^yi \Jj^ ff^r^ ^^' 

Warp, tf. (of a tissae) »^^ ^gUj, jli 

tar ; (rope) jUb pHamar ; — » v.n. 

jJj^W chkptLmak, cX*i^ ^Rhfl- 

mek; — ^ VM, y 

chi^rptlmaasiDa - s^beb - 61 ; (a ahip) 

k^aC^^ ch^kmek. 
Warrant, «. *^*^j^ bDyuruldu, ^;lo 

firm2n; ^^j;i b^rat; X«i s^ned, 

c::-^«8^ hdijfet ; — . VM. j\JJi^ kfefil. 

-61 1 JiC t^k^flful-et. 
Warranted, a. ^z^^rJiitf sXlabiyy^tli ; 

y l^ ja iz ; ijt^ji^ c:JU^ Aij^^^idi 

Warranty, 8. (juJU^ k^f al^t. 
Warrior, t. ,^<«^ jfenkji, cfjlc ghla. 
Wart, s.joj nl8s£r, ^jfj)^ tkwuk- 

Waiy, a. Ji\jj\ xiytaik, ^iJ^-j-aj 


Waah, 9, (cosmetic) y^ sd ; (of clothes) 

jJ^\a>^ ch^mlshir, ^^^«^UjyMSiU>> 

chdmlshtr - ylkanmosst ; (mess for 

animals) ^jy>- ch6rba ; (of the sea) 

^j^^^ =^ ^y,^jy.^)^^ dxighfl- 

larfn^-yikroynp-ch^kilnuisst ; — , v.a, 
^Ml y^kamak, \^ tXthir - et 
(t-h) ; — , v.n. (jaj\ai y^kanmak ; 
(for prayers) ^jA^ijL^^jA iibdesst- 
-Xlmak; (for purification) ^J-n r 
Washerman, f . , i^jjAl^^ chdmXshnjt; 

— ^woman, #. iJ^ti 




Wash-tab, «. ^ii:^jj^\j^ ch^mXsh/r- 

Wasp, 9. ^^j^cX&\ ^ahek-lrisat*. 

Waste, 9. uJij ttief, t^\^\ Issraf: 
(wilderness) iJo\j b^yabln ; ^^j 
viranB; ji^J^ khali-yBr; — , a. 
^y b6sh ; ^J^ khalT ; ^\jl^ viran, 
i^\^ khdrab ; — , vm. \l^ thief- 
-ct, \k^\j^\ Issraf-et; — , lay — » 
lu->|^ khirab-et, \t^\j^i^\^ 
kh^b-u-y^bXb-et, 'jj|;ij viran-et; 
— , VM. j\i^m&J tfelef-61; — awaj. 

Watch, 9. (guard) Jy k6l, J^V 
kXra^A61 ; (time of) v^^y niib^t ; 
(on board ship) IJ^^^ vkrda; (time- 
piece) liS-^U 8a"iit,,^^L^y k6yn- 
-sa"att ; — , v.a. CJ^^^ ghyuzli- 
mek, i^^X^jS ghyuz^tmdc, fjA3\i 
bldmiak; — , v,n. ^J^^ji^ i^yumfl- 
mak, (j^jy^^jj^^^^^^J t^yakkuz-ilzdrE- 
.di)nnak; cliiLj bddimek, Ic^L^ 
b^kjilik-et, c3wJJLjc=^^ niib^t- 
-b^klEmek, clUlijirJ;)^ v^n-b^kJE- 

mek, ^Jh'V'j-T^'j^!^ vkrd^tltk - et; 
— man, 9. ^j«^ b^ji; ^^^^J^ 
TJUrdigt, ^WjjJ dldsbln; — house, 
j;lly kdUuk; — maker, ^js^fiX^ 
sa"a^t ; — word, ^j^U pkrola. 
Water, 9. yc sd, te ma, (-^) Xb ; (od 
stuffs) \Jiif^ m^ndvish (?), ^U? 
dAlgha; — ^ v.a. (ahorse, &c.) Jk^Ij^ 
sdwarmok ; (a garden) J^^ sula- 

WATEBINa-PXiACE [ 369 ] 


mak; (stofifs) ^^j^ij!^ m^n^vish-et (?), 

J^dLftSU? dllghalatmak ; — , vm. (the 

mouth) ^jA:^ya sulanmak, ^jAiS^J^yc 

sulart-Akmak ; (the eyes, &c.) ^J^e;^ 

yasharmak; (a ship) (jAi\ya 8U-}dnuik; 

high — , *>^ mbdd; low — , jj>- 

]hzx ; fresh — , soft — , w^Jlt tXtli- 

-su ; salt — ,^i^J^ti)zlu-su; sea — , 

\^y^T*^ dfen^-suyu ; hard — . ^^1 

yc Ajt-sd ; — coarse, 8, CX[^ 

ji^j^\ sDyun^-ikd^Ai-yir, ^yss* 

mh.}Tk ; i}yly^ sij-y61u ; — cresses, 

8. Lf^'y^ su-t^rEssi; — Ml, «• 

ji\^j^^^J^ sulartD^-uchdu^Au- 

-JET, ^jUli^ chilghlayAn; — gmel, 8, 

^j^ij^ y^wAn-ch6rl)fl ; — man, *. 

i^ys^li kiyikjt ; — melon, 8. j}^j^ 

k^uz; — mill, ^^^j^J^ sd- 

-d^Airmini; — pipe, 8. Cl)J^^ 

kyiink ; (for Bmokmg) ^U nkrghilE; 

— proof, a. j^y^ sd-gh^chm^z; 

— spout, 8, iijoi kisstrgha (s^k- 
ni:ha) ; — tight, c. jAi\ Xkm^z, 
^}^}r^s)zmdz; — wheel, S-'^j^ ddUb; 

'^f^ cUkrkh ; to make — ^ ^lA??* 
chish-et, cJ>.^,^J^ sv-di(kmek, 
<^^y^c3ys^ kiichuk-su-d&kmek, 
CUC^^ Ishfimek, \^y^ tfeb^vvul-et; 
(a ship) cLcjI^ su-^tmek. 
Watering-place, «. ^U^CL^,Ji ku- 
drfet - hinmUmi, ^^13 klplija, 

yXli-kyiyu, J*:*yjD-L sahil-blr. 
-m^hffl ; _ pot, Aiy kd^iia. 

Waye, «. ^illt dAlgha, ^^ m^^ ; — , 
v.a. j;^li0 sAllamak; — , vm. ^jaX^ 

Waver, %>m. i^X^J^y^^J^^ shitbhsys- 
-diishmek, Jko^^Si^^^ pikssloyt- 
-sh^shtrmak, ij^j^,x^\^ s^batt-b6- 
zuhnak, 1 JJ^ t^r^ddud-et, wr^^l^; 

CX.^^^^ r^kyakst-ghy^tBrmek. 

Wavering, a. irJJJy t^r^ddudda. 

Wavy, a. jSd^lL dXlghah*. 

Wax, 8, (<^^V hAl-mxmicr, Jw»rw4yS» 
sh^m"t- "kissel, ^y^ mum ; (of the 
ears) kJjS^^ kuUk-kki; — , v.a, 
CX«f^^<^^b bH-mumu-siirmek; 
— , i;.fi. (J^y\ 61mak, Ci'»l«*w^ 
k^ilmek, cXiJ Isnmek or J^^ 
lanmak (as a verbal termination) ; -— 
candle, — light, i<«^V bXl-mumu ; 
— taper, ^maJ^ sh^m"k (shdma). 

Way, 8. J^ y61, Jijo t^rlk, s\j rah ; 
(manner) jjjj (tilrlu) ^y w^h, 
k^yLi\ ilsslub, '^^jy^ surst,^ tiirz; 
(custom) (JL)jU "adet ; m^j r^sm ; 
(behaviour) 4^^ khdy ; (side) uJ^ 
\kn£\ — in, ^ kXpt.jjCXp-*;-^ 
ghh^ek-yix, Jf^J^ mfedkh^; — 
out, y^ klpi, ^ j;5>-<^j^ ch^kcjok. 
.yET, 'T^ m^khrfej ; — through, 
J>d y^l»^*^^*f^ gh^ch^ek-yiir, 
^^#w« m^m^rr ; high — ^ « jl>- jadds, 
i\jSb\Jii shahrah, A^(JiJ^ t^nkt- 
-"imm ; bye — , Jji^^ sXpa-y61; by 
the — , hJiyijblda, 2f JCJU^y J^y61-ikss- 
tunda, arJJblju^Ufl^ssnayt-rahda; ways 
and means, j\jA Trad, k^< J;|^ varidat. 

2 c 




Wayfitfttr. t . ,^^ y61ju. 

Way£uring, «. ^^^Ljr^ 761jiiliik. 

Wajrward, a. ^^^ t^ras. 

Waywardly, «f. ^j^/%j»p tens-tens. 

Waywardneas, ». C^ VLy t^nslik. 

Wcpr.Jf h)z,Jjf Uzlar. 

Weak, fl. ^^B..a^ tk"if,J^y kihrveteiz ; 
(in mind) j— lAf> "Xkluz ; ^ J d^ ; 
^^j^ m^rXklt ; (in character) j«i&}i&^ 
m^tan^taiz, LJfU s^batats, c»ii>fl^ 
khlflf ; — aide, jU« m^rlk. 

Weaken, v.a. ^JasIsumJ zk"iflatmck, 
CXiiM^D^jJji kihnr^tini - k^mek, 
jAj\j}iMJ 2^"if.bri^kmak« JL^ 
CX«;£j kh^el-T^rmek. 

Weakly, a. Jixt "^H. 

WeakneM, «. cJa^ ib^'V, jUjl^ 
Bi"Tfltk; (of character) jf^ m^rlk, 

ciU J d^inik. 

Wealth, «. «jJi:Xj akighiolik, JU 
m2l, ^^j/ sinr^t, Lc ghba. 

Wealthy, a. ^^j sBnghin, jtjSU 
mlldar, J^'*!^ mut^m^wU, ^^^ 
ghitui, iSJ^j\^ nr>\0 Bahib-BETV^t. 

Wean, v,a, cU ^^*3y* siliddan- 

-ktemek, CU .^ k^mek; j\^ 
CX«;^^ yaz-gh^hirmek. 

Weapon, «. ^ ^ah (;»/. aJ<*'1 biliha), 
Cr^c:Jt al6ti-hiffb. 

Wear, t. ^^Uly kdllinWi; J:jjJ\ 
iprnnish ; ^Ji^S^ ^aakiyish ; — , vm, 
(as clothing) ^iX^ ghimek; (ont) 
CXcJli^ ^Mkitmek, C3^j^t 1f^- 
mek; (away) CX^J ybnek, JU;A:ii&t 
> — , VM. (well) j;a^U9 

diyanmi^; (not wdl) ^j^^Lt^J? 
dky^mamok; — out, vm. (dothr^v 

CA^rirnirfl tekitmek, (ropes, &: t 
CX«J^^ ipnetmek; (a penoQ) ^^ri 
y^nnak ; — , v.n. (clothes) v:!^^-*^^^-^ 
^sskimek; (ropes, &e.) (.iXtJ^/ 
IprxnmdL; — ^- one's patience, 
ClUs^4>^jfi# slbrou . d&kitiiieL 
^J^JjL»y OssXnd Jnndc ; — away. 
o.a. CXm yhnek, ^jS:J^\ Xshm- 
dnrmok; — , v.a. ^^4>i^^ Ishnun^k; 
(time) CXmt gh^chmdc, \;^/« m^rCr- 
•et ; — on, (time) cA^y^ gh^chmek, 
ji*^ milrur*et ; — — off, r.a, ^Z^'**^ 
bozmdi, C.)>^^«j rilmek; — , v.h, 
jK^Jy b6zulmak, kIX,^^ nlinmek, 
CXiS^ ghhmek ; (grief, &c.) (J^^yj^ 
ihiiydulmok. [IdAmin-jaoi-stkilir. 

Wearisome, a. j^J^ l^^ CX«jt 

Weary, a. ^j;^^^ yArghun, u^^^*^: 
y^rulmush ; — -, v.a. ^.f'*;^^ y^mmk ; 
^, V.N. (,f4il^«£ y6rulmak. 

Weasel, «. CJf^i^ gh^injik (?),jUU 
slnsar (?)• 

Weather, «. ^Wc)i^y^ hiwanto^- 
-hall, lyb hkwa; fine — , ^^i}j^ 
ghjr^z^-h4^; bad — ^ \yb\ii fkak- 
-Utwa ; rong^ — , l y> »42J^ ssrt-hiwa; 
mild — ^, Ij^vL* mnlayim - hawH : 

— ' «• \J)^)^JV 'i^JW-tarafi; 
t;.a* (a cape, &c.) Cit^iy^ gh^hmek; 
(a difficulty) C-^;^^ gfa^diirmek; 
— cock, y^^^ yilkowAn, jWy 
fbtldXk, Ujjb badntaia; — gage, 
sS^^J^jy^ rnzghyar-^sstn. 




n^sj-et. [nfesssaj. 

w^eavcr, *. vjB^y^*) d6koyirjir, ^LJ 
V^eb, *. ^Ui kOmXsh, ^ uhasy, 

— footed,^Wjl5 klz-^jflkli. 
Ved, v.a. (Uke to wife) ^ull Alnuik, 
' ^jy^ t^afcvvuj-et ; (accept as hus- 
band) ij^j\^ vknoak ; (find a wife 
for) vlUyjJjf ^vlsodirmek; (find 
a boaband for) CLajJj TBrmek, 
**— ^/tj^^y k6jflya-virmek ; (hna- 
band or wife) \M^jt ttevy -et ; (as a 
priest) \jifi "lkd-et» LlC; n)kyah-et ; 
id, a. (man) ^^1 ^vli; (woman) 

^IC nikyahli, IJCJ:;^^ ^A^dj ni- 
]^ah-tiditnidff, i^jL^ m^kyuha. 

Wedding, «. (feast) (j/^ J dit^Aon, duJj 
▼^ims; (ceremony) -lOjk&fi "ikdt* 

Wedge, ». 4^U kAma, vJ^};^ chivi, 
J^ sil. 

Wedlock, B. ^IC nikyab, Ji^j\ izdiwXj. 

Wednesday, *. <-iA,lf»- chMrsh^nbih 
(cUUnlu^mba), [m)j\ ^rba' a. 

Weed, #. c^jl 6t, CL?^];-^ kbikyrstz- 
.6t ; — * (widow's) (JU CAiijli Jy 
^AimJ 1 d^l - kArtntn^ - matem - kl" 
bisaisai; ~.VM.J^y^JjJj^\j^ji^ 
khiyT8lz-j^tl«rnu-y61mak; — oat,v.a. 
CUjEs^ sifkmek, J^^ y^Imak. 

Week, «. 4{&AJ^ hAfta, ^^t liissbO"; 
— day, ^ ^\j lAyBghi^ghyiai, 
\jf u5JU "adi-ghyilin. 

Weekly, «. and ad.ji jrJ^taJft bAftffd«-b)r. 

. JulUt X^^lamak, J^^ 
^O (^ Y ghyikz-ydsht-d&kmek, 

Weevil. 8. Cl^y kdrt. [IIG 

Weigh, t;.a. J^jlt tiirtmak, \^j^ 
vfezn - et, CX*^ chfekmek ; (in 
mind) cXiJ^j J d^hnnmek, !duJlk« 
m^tala"2i - et ; — ^, v.a. vlL-ti !^ 
ghshnek, CXiil^ ch^kmek ; — 
upon, CX^ j4X£s kEdar-virmek, 
CX«^j i^Ua^tfl kttrAb-vErmek ; — 
anchor, jJt ^^ (dfemir)-llm«k, 
J^jili^j^ (dfemir).kAldfrmok. 

Weight, ». ^jlt tirtt, ^Jj vfezn; 
jJ^t X^Atrlik, cu^ siUbt; 
(personal infloence) J^JJ niifvz, 
j\fiA r'tibar,^U. khltir; (moral 
influence) j^\i th"%a, S^ hiikm. 

Weighty, a. jS Xghk. J-5J sakil; 
(important) m^^ mi^mm, ^\ 


Welcome, uil. cJjjb-j-J bdyunmy, 
Jj^j^ bdytTrsunkr ; cJjK (^/i^ 
khdsh - ghMdin^, cJ^ \i^ sXf a- 
- ghMdin^ ; — , $. kJ^ LT)^ ^J 
r^mi o kh^sh - am^di; -^, a. 
fJL^jm0^ C^b ba 'issi - mfess^nit ; 
— , v.a. CXwt) cJjI^ (.;i^ kh^sh- 
-ghildin^-d^mek, ^c5iX«l (A>- A«ii 
t ty>-i i^B8mi*kh^8h-am^diyi-yra*et ; 
yon are — (on arriving), ^UlU^U 
cJyjMii ma-Bh2-'112h! bdytrrtm^! 
you have been — (on leaving), 
cJjif U^ cJjJi yj.^ khdsh-gh^I- 
dinjr-sXf i'-ghMdin^ ; you are —- to it, 
jJXjnmiJmI Utn^tz-slzin^-dir. 

2 c 2 




Weld, vji. ^U^lS klynamok, (j^^^i 

Welfare, ». JW ^j>m^ hiissDa-hal. 

K:Ji^\ lyilik. »\ij r^fah, c:.^U; r^- 

f ahiyybt. Jl:>- CL^jU^ ad"ad^ti-hal. 
Well, s. ^ or ^y ki)yu, «W chah, 

^ bi'r ; — , ad. yA lyi ; — , m/. 

•-^^ ^yJ v:;:!>' (kftrim) ! ^lUU 
ma-Bhl-llIh ! verj — . jf^Ci^ p^- 
lyi, Jj^ Cjj pdc-ghy^fel. )b\ C>j 
p^k - k"\k ; to be — • to become — , 
j'jd^ lyi-^l ; — ^, — op, — out, r.a. 
fjAj\ Akmak, t^J D^b"-et; — 
and good, l|J f^-b^a, Jj^£sA} 

Well-being, #. Jl:>- cl^Jluo riL"adet. 

Well-bred, a.^^ t^rbiyysli. 

Well-mformed* a.^U^Lc« inii"luiiUtli. 

Well-knowD, a. jy^^ m^shhur. 

Well-wi8her, «. lf\^j^ khkyr-khah. 

Welah, a. i^X^\pi\ ^^jUa^^^^ vslks- 
-iDBml^kiti-dhalisindan ; — , 8, {j»^j 
^U CJ^UI tbUm - ^hallsinin- 

Wen, »,jji\ vr. [-lissani. 

Wench, #. J«i u^ysi blyamoah-Uz, 
iJj\j kkri ; ^Ll>-U f ahifiha. 

We8t, 9, ^\j hlti, u^ y Lm mi^Arib, 
^j^ ghiU'b; soath — ^ ^^^ 
16do88; north — , «j£V ^^^^-y^» 
—em, a. ^^ ghkrbl; — erlj, 
^Jc, ghifbi; ^\^^,/' gh^bdon- 
-y^a ; — ward, ^f^ ^j^ ghiU'ba- 

Wet, *. ^ib y^sh ; ji^V y^*nacT ; 

jy^ chkmwr ; — , a. ^^b yctsh, 

*lu0^ Issllk, ^jtAjIfLA laaUnnxiVh* 

AJmm^sy^ sd - kfefwilminh ; (over 

head)j|^4xl[ j^hmxjr, ^jyt^iSj jkffh- 
muriu; (onder foot) j^l>- chAmcir, 
j^jy^ chlUnuriu ; — , o.a. ^JajI^^ 
iBfldtrndE ; — , to get — ^, v.a, 
^jAji^\ bsUnmok; — nnrae, U\«>a-j 
sbd-^na. (slave) lA*^ dkja. 

Wether, t. ^jyi^ kbjvn. 

Wetness, s. ^b yosh. 

Whack, VM. jK«jf^t wDnnok. 

Whale, t. ^1^1 Ida-bAlt^M. 

Whaler, *. ^ ^^ iCJ^lLl ^b ^^ 
Ida-bAli^^' -shikyarina -ghldxn-gh^mi . 

Wharf, 9. <]Li\ Issk^a. 

Wharfage, a. ^J^ ^LA issk^E-hlkki. 

Wharfinger, t. ,^^U ^^^j*:* j aI^^ 
jUr ^J»Py Issk^.yi-idJdizBa- 

What ? pro. lU ni ? — ! ini. ^ nbl 
(For the relatiye sense of what, see 
the Turkish Grammar.) [h^-n^. 

Whatever, Whatsoever, pro. ^ nh, ^ Jb 

Wheat, 8. i^tXi.^ b6^Aday, AW»r%' hbta. 
dbJikBs gh^ndum. 

Wheedle, v.a. iyj^^kjj^^^^^}^ ^kh- 
shayorak - yXlvarmok, ^lLjI \j\ • ;U 
^j\^\l n^-u-^da-fla-yllvannak, 
^»j^ jilvi-et. 

Wheel, *. (carriage) i^Jj: ikkjrlhk ; 
(of machinery) ^^ chkrkh ; — , 
VM. KiyAJj^yj^^:s^j\c^j^s5 t^kxr- 
Ibk - bsstuida - yidntmek, i^X*j% ••£ 




yihutmek ; cXcjy:^ gh^tirmek; 

Kl^^^jJyS ghyiitarmek ; — , v.ii. 

CLiJj^ d^mek ; — about, v.a. ^1 

iki^Ji^^j) i^ti-b^ri-ghyltturmek ; — , 

v.n. ^^^^J^^ ^^3*^ d^up-d^lash- 

mak ; dlXtJ^J diimnek ; balance — , 

. ^j^-t^^j rdkklBS-cWtfkht ; fly — , 

^Ij-i pErwani ; tamer's — , r/^ 

ch^kh ; spiiming — , 3?^ chiknk ; 

— barrow, i<-»*JrC J^ Bl-"arabfl8M, 

Wbedwrigbt, 9. ^p tfekErlikji. 

When? ad, ^Uj43 nE-zdmln, i.::^^^ 

n^-wlkst ; — * reL ^ts? kXchAn (also 

see Grammar); —ever, — soever, 

^^UjJj Jb h£r-DE-z^m2n, cs-^j^^ 


Wbence ? ad. yj^^y n^r^don (nirdan) ; 

— , re/, (see Grammar) ; — , ad. and 

c. <^«X«j\ w b^J^t imdi, y ^bJ^I 

yj\%y* Ishta-bd-s^bebdon ; — soever, 

ad, sj^^//^ hEr-n^r^dAn. 
Where ? ad. ijjy nhriya ; jrJiy nhtk^a 

(nirda) ; — , rel. (see Grammar) ; 

— about ? — abouts ? a^iy nfer^- 

lara ; dJ^iy n^^Brda ; — , rel. (see 

^ereas, c. ^^ chi^nku, chiinki. 
Wherefore, ad. ^f^ nichin; — , c. 

c^Jul imdi. [»4>2y hir-n^rBda. 

Wherever, ad. ^J//^ bEr-n^rByn, J^ 
Wherry, 9. ^^wIjajLj piyads-kity^At. 
Whet, 9. jSlf^l Ishtahalik, ^jsf^^j 

rUnjtk ; — , v.a. (jJ^dLi bllranek. 
Whether, pro. ^Jc^ klnght (U^ht); 

-^j ad. i<* mi, mt« 

Whey, 9. \^y\ ayrln. 

Which ? ^0. i^ycj kXnght (hkight) ; 
— t rel. (see Grammar); — ever, 
—soever, pro. ^y^J^ hBr-klnght. 

WhifF, 9. ^jmij n^ess, jX^ ch^kim, 
^^jS^^ chddsh. 

While, Whilst, ad. ^^^=^\ Iken ; » Jc^-Ut 
^ssnassinda ; — , rel. (see Grammar) ; 
worth the — , ^J ^hgkwx ; not worth 
the — ^, U^J d^Amlz. 

Whim, 9. jlj^ m^rlk. 

Whip, *. ^J^^ klmcht, ^^ kbblch, 
ij\lj\i tazyauE; — , v.a. ^JaLj^Xj 
klmchilamak; CJw4k^^J diif^Amek; 
(conquer) j\u^lc ghalib-61; (into a 
froth) J^UIU- chllkAmak, \c)^^ 
ky^uk-et; — about, v.n. ij^\^ 
f^rlamok, . ^t^ skhramak. 

Whirl, v.a. cX^j^y^- ch^virmek, 
ClX«;Jj^t> d^dxrmek ; — , vji. 
CJ^^ ddnmek. 

Whirlpool, 9. L^\*:f/ ghh-dlb. [gha). 

Whirlwind, 9. iiiyai klsstrgha (sdktr- 

Whiskers, 9. pi. J^^-tf ^j^^ jrAib ^^ 

Whisky, *. ^]j rikkt. 

Whisper, •• ^1 jImJ Asstldama, c^jJUmJ 
Hsstldt; — , V.H. ^^*}LJ Assilda- 
mak ; — , v.a. ^iX^^Jy^^t^ IdAXgha^ 
-siiwtylEmek, cXiL^^l^ yawlsh- 

Whistle, *. jU^ isslik ; — , t;ji. jUl 
ju]l»^ )ssltk-chAlmak ; boatswain's 
— , cJyj J dikduk. 
Whit, 9. ^jij\ Iz-bk-sh^y. 




White, a. and 8. j^ Ik, ^Ui b^yiz, 

^\ hhj^d (Jem. ^^ Wyza), 

JuAmi fi^d, Ou^ B^pid; — of an 

tgg, ^^CJ^^Itjp^ yimurUnniy-lki. 

Wbitdead. «. ^^^^ ^sstub^j ; ^^>i-»t 

White-livered, a. jlSjiyk^rkok. [luvidaj 

Whiten, v.o. Jh^j^^ ^Urtnuik 

^^AsLi\^ b^ylzlotmak; *— , v.* 

jK«;^t Aghanndc; ^^^^oLiUi b^ylz 

Whiteness, «. ^jLiU biylzlik. [lonmck 

Whitesmith, 9.^A>» chilinghir. 

Whitewash, t. ^bU h^dijxa ; — ^ «••• 

YHiither? f[iy n^iya; — . iW. (see 

Grammar); ^-soever, ^^j^;^ ^^' 
Whitlow, «. l^^ji^ d61ama. [•nb'iya. 
Whiz, v.n, (J^jy wizlamok, CX<«Jj|jj[j^ 

Who? pro. mS khn; -^, re/, (see 

Grammar) ; — ever, ^-soerer, as^ 

Whole, ». (quantity) ^tfij hlton ; (nom* 

her or quantity) i^*^ h^p; — , «. 

jf^LG y^kpari ^j,^ Wtun, JL^lijJ 

Unlmomtsh (not broken), ^jL*\jiLmi 

kessilmamish (not cat), &c. l-hzirL 
Wholesale, ad. 9jj^s^:^ ky^yy^t- 
Wholesome, a. ^^^U* khisssiyy^tli, 

j)U& sUfalt. 
Wholly, ad. ^,^^9^. biton-biton, Ul^ 

ky^lUyyan, fJXilj bU'l-kyiilUyTS. 
Whore, #. ^j^j r6sspu (ftrosspo), 

4LP-U f ahishs ; — . t;.ii. 9^ltj\^j 

Whoso, -««ver,;iro. ^Jb hBr-khn. 

— person, J 
»l isaim. . ^U 

Why ? ad. \:)^^ nlchin ; — ^ c. or is.'. 

^y 6-ni, Ai|i b{y-ni. 
Wick, «. Js&i f Itil. 

Wicked, «. (thing) nU^ ghfknafa, li 


kyar, w\ isaim, ^^ "ls«. 
Wickedness, «. ir\:5 gh|ritaiah, J\ issm, 

C£-.--i«-i nia""^^. J*«?^J-» ^»sk. 

•o-fikjur. [basket, «3uMi s^ped. 

Wicker, t. ,^^<Jurf sfeped-khi; — 
Wicket, <• j^ klpt. 
Widdin, f . k/^^pJ • vldki-shi^luri. 
Wide, a. ^Jlj\ ^nli« t/A^iy-^ "4riz; 

(spadoas> ^^1:^ gh^nish, ^^^ wast"; 

(in fullness) Jy b61 ; fiu* and — ^ ad. 

Ail^^v^t^t toif-u-^^knifo, U\Jp\ 

jrjil:^j ^traf-v-ticnafda. 
Widow, t. tJf;l5 JjJ dW-klri, J-^^ ferm^l 

or il%j\ tanas (/i/. Jl«\;^ ^rimil), 

kIrMSt - ^Imnsh «- Idim ; ^--hood, 

C3ll«;^ ^rmUlik. 
Width, t. ^ ^, ^yC ")^. [si^wimnak. 

Wield, t;.<i. J^^llyl kdUAumak, ^^^^^ 

Wife, 9. ^p klri. Ja\ ad, u-rf Jjfe^ 

^hli-b^yt, 4ip- h^ms, *^/ 

m^l^uhn, ,^y^V ^)^' 

iLrkoditeh; m^ hkem; husband's 

brother's — , jJl or j:!^^ Uti. 
Wild, Wilderoess, 8. ^UU b^yabln. 

^ Ur, lyaf^ sUui, ss^J d^ht. 
Wfld, a. ^Li yablnl j:-A«> d^tl; 

(mad) Jo d^U. 
Wile, 8. I r> dbssissB. 





Wilfol, a. c^JuoJ klssdt, (J^U^^ 
ikhtiyan; (man) (mJ t^rsB, J>vtr< 
mu'^imid, j^oU "badjt; — ly, 

oc?. \tXAifi' "dmdana, \iXai kXssdan; 
^yak^ mWisuss. 
Will, 8. j\^\ ikhtiyar, tiCi\j\ IradB ; 
(testament) ^Ui^^ wlss^yy^t-Dami; 
— , VM. Uj)j^ irads-et; tu:^w^ 
wlwiyy^t-et; free— (human) iC^J\ 
^ij>- IradE*! - jbz'lyyB ; (of God) 
UJ'«j]^l IradB'i-kydlllyyB; — , v. 
mix. (see Grammar). 
Willing, a. L<^\; razi ; ^^^ ghy&n^- 
nlla; — ly, ad, i:z^^^J\i blsh- 
-iisstmia, i^^^^J'^^ fez-dil-u-JAn. 
Willow, 8n *y^y^ sili^Aad. - [sh^ytln. 
Wily, a. j^A^ hiiayar, J^ 
Wimble, 9. K^^JX^ (mltkAb). 
Win, v.a. and n. (J^^^ kXzAnmak. 
Wince, v.ji. i^X^kiL>^ ck^kinmek. 
Wmch, ». (-^^jt d^Ub, ^^ chi^kh. 
Wind, ».jlijj^ riizghyar, Jj yfel, ^^ 
nh, jIj bad; tyb h^wa; fair — , 
^^^\ iyi-lAwa,^l^jljol lyi-riizgbyar, 

inii88a"id-ri^byar ; foul — , |y^U^ 
t^rsB-hl^wa, J^j^j^^^^^ mOkhllif- 
•riizghyar ; High — * t^ibCL^ sirt- 

reigning — ^ prevailing — ^ ^JJS^j!^ 

^J)J ^kairi-^BBn-rikzghyar. 

^md, «.a. (^U alrmok, ^j^2ii^ 

d^loshdtnnok ; — > v.*. Jk »^^ ^ 

d^laihmak; — round, — abont, «.». 

O^jU aXnlmak; fjA^^ d^lasb- 

nuik ; — up, vm, (a watcb, &c.) Jk*;^ 
kOrmok; (a string, &c.) J^^jo 
tdplamok ; (a discourse) !a1>* khltm- 

Windfall, *• ^.^^jA'^^J^JV ^^ 
gbyarin^-d&shurduyAu, C«|^^v> d^- 

sbttk; (of fortune) j^^^ kElspir, jb 
Jj^] bad-avErd, ^J^^^jb bad-avirdfi. 

Winding-sheet, s. ^ k^fen (k^fin). 
Window, ». l/f^^ p^nj^rs; — blind, 8, 

i^9*^y \^f ghyim^h-pErdBaai. 
Windpipe, 8. jJ^ ghJrtUk. 
Windsail, «. iUtc m^nika. [-iksstu. 
Windward, 8. ^^^^j^j^j rtizghyar- 
Windy, a, ^J^jyj ri^hyarli. 
Wine, 8. (^\j^ sh^ab (sh^op), 2^4)b 
badi; — merchant, «. ^uli«(«»>y& 
\Jijj\i sh^ab - sltan - bXztrghyan ; 
^~ press, 8. ^%^iAfi\> ^-^^l^ shdrab* 
Wing, 8. jUi kluAd, ^lia^ j^nah,^ 
pfer; (of an army) Jy k61, ^li>- 
jfenah ; — , vm. (a bird) J^^^^U 
kXnAdfnt-kirmak ; — one's flight, 
^j^^^ Ochmok. 
Wink, t. ^j^^J^ ghyi(Z - Isharfeti ; 
^\h)> tJirf6ti.'l."iiyn; — , v.n. 
^JA^J^ ghyte-Wpmok; — at, 
VM. (a perK)n) \iJ:Jj\J^\ ^^j^ ghykz- 
-ila-lsharet-et ; — (any impropriety) 
j;_ir\-. ^* J j-^ ghyikz - klpAmak, 
\jlyA^jy^ ghykinflnuizltk - et, 
^^Ls^L.^ miLssamaha-et, \^j^i^^^^ 
ighmazt- 4yn-et. 
Winnow, v.a. (j^j^ siwunnok. 




zimisstan ; — t vm. ^A l,jt Idshla* 
mak ; the depth of — , v/^ V ^^^ 
-Ush, ^^^,J^ ferba"m, J^f«J z^mh^iir. 

Wintry, a. ^^ kiah-ghibL 

Wipe, 1. JLm Byish (fig.) A4£=J 
t^kin^ (kick) ; — , — off, — oat, vm. 
Cl^l»< dlmek. 

Wire, «. ^ t^l ; gold — , l^j^ 8)niui ; 
silver — , l^^^jL^^^ ^y&mush- 
-simui ; iron — , \}fijy^ (d^mir)- 
-tM; copper — » cPyV bXkfV-tM; 
gold — drawer, ^^l^j^ 8)nna-k^. 

Wisdom, 9. Ja^ "Xkl, j)jSiS£ "XkHtltk ; 
(of an act) u n ■♦,^.»> hUun^t, 
c:*<*irfl»>« miinaBs^b^t. 

Wise, a. JSU "iktl, jJJift "ikDt ; aU 
— (all-knowing) aJ^ "idim, /JU 

Wiseacre, ». ^\ J^ budxla. ["^am. 

Wish, 9, (for an event) j^J^l ^u ; 
y^^^J^^ khahish, ^J^l ^md ; (to do) 
C\j^ mi^rAd, f\j^ m^am ; (for a 
thing) C)cLrfl isstek; — , v.«. \^jj^ 
JUicu-et, ^t^f^ khahish-et, \J^\ 
^mel-et; \ii\y^ miir2d-et, ^f^j^ 
m^ram-et ; — ^ v.a, ilXAZ^\ IsstEmek, 
lcJc»yif Isstek - et ; \jjj\ knv - et, 
(J^^jj\ arzulomiik ; — joy, IciJ^J 
t^brik-et, If^^ t^n3yys-et ; I wish 

y^ — ' {•fi'H^^^jy^ ghytemy. 
•fkydtn (may thy eyes be brightened), 

^^^fcJ;U^ miibarek-^lsun (may it 

be blessed to yon). 

Wit. 9. (of mmd) l^J z^kya; (of a 

saying) ic^lU l^taf^t ; (witty person) 

«• . 

l^1^^l>. hj[ztr-j^w2b, 
l^fjB-ghyv ; to — , ^ja^ yk"ni 

Witch, #. u^jU jXdi, LJjM^yry^f 
bu^Auja-klrJ, u5;l5jVy*^ sihrbAZ- 
-klrt; (old woman) i^Ji^y k6ja- 
-kXri; (knowing woman) j • ♦ » j ^ 
p^ygh^kmbsr; (beaatifol woman) ^ J 
dUbkr. jl^»jU jilvEkyar. 

Witchcraft, «. y^yi bi^Aa, or ^y 
hixya,jS^ slhr. 

Witchery, t. 9^ jilvs, jU naz, \J\ feda. 

Witching, a. Jj>^ ghy^zU, cJjUnazik, 
^ J dUbir, ^Ijl^XjLr jUvBkyaranE. 

With, pr. ^\ Ik Cibai) ; (^ bi, ^ 
mk"; together — ,j\yiiA ilo-bErabir, 

lit« m^"an. [-bsrabix. 

l^ithal, ad. jAji 4L\ cJjy bvnun-ila. 
Withdraw, vm. cXJ^ ch^kihnek. 


JP^jJf \ iiyrtlmok, CX«S^ gUtmek ; 
— , VM. fjm^\ xrt^ ghM-^dmnk ; 





Withdrawal, 9. c)KJLw ch^Mmeklik. 

Wither, vji. Jh^^ s^lmiik, ij^jf 
kOrumak; — , vm, ^j^X)^ kcrutmok. 

Withhold, v.a. cX«te^j virmamek, 
^}^|f^ llt-k6nuik, (J^^ tutmok. 

Within, pr. XiX^efj^ ichinda, JFoJL:;.b 
dakhilindu, ifJcJ^jJ d^ununda; — , 
ad. 9*^yf^\ ich^da (Ich^rda) ; (at 
home) irJ^I ^vda; — reach, ^Isjjl 
M-y^tishir; — ear-reach, ^Ju&ljSy 
kOUk - ishidir ; — range. ^^ 
ghyiillK-y^tishir,^;lsj[^^y ki)r8hun. 




Without, pr.j^ siz, siz, ^ bi, 5b bUa ; 
(outside of) arjCM^j^llJ? dhh^sstnda, 
^jc»9^ls^ kharijinda, 5Jcji^ biru- 
nunda ; — , ad. i^JJLJo dlsh^da, 
2Ffa39^^ tlshroda. 

Withstand, v. a, and n. ^Jh^LL d^yan- 
mdk, t Juo^ t^h^mmal-et. 

Witness, 9. (one present) (j^y^ 

ghywpnm; U'Su^f ishldsn ; (at a 

trial) SSb\J^ sbahid, i\^ ghyilwah ; 

(testimony) CL>jlf20 sh^hadet; — , 

v.a. CXc;^ ghyitnnek, WjJbllL^ 

miishah^dE-et ; to bear — » IcL? jl^ 

sh^hadet-et, ^^Jkftll 8hahid-6l ; false 

— , (person) c^JJfcLi ^Ib yidln- 

-shahidi, j^J JJbl^ shahidi - zur ; 

(testimony) ^^Jc^jl^ shidiadeti- 

-zur, j^Xj y^n. 

Wits, #. pi, Jac "ikl ; he baa bis wits 

about him, ^jrjCi^b ^Jag, "jUdt- 


Wittol, *. CJJjJJ pte^wink, CJ^J 

Witty, a. (person) ^^(-JW» tMUf- 
-s^^ylsr, ^^^ n^krsli; (saying) 

Wive, V.II. cX«ilj^ fevlEnmek, ^Jjbtj 
t^'^hhol-et, jullcj^^lj kte'-llmok. 

Wizard, *. jU^ sihrblz. 

Wo! Woe! int. vj>|^ way, *l^ wah, 
*y feywah, JjU yiUtik; — , *. ii 
bela, c:.^ f^lakst, Oj J dird, jJi^ 

Woful. Woeful, fl. jIjJo kidarli, Jj!\ 0,0 
d^rd-alud, cJU*-);*) dirdnak. 

Wolf, 8. iJL^j^ kurt, cJ/ gbytipgh, 
c^ti z^'b. 

Wolfsbane, 8. ^j^^ji *^j^ kdrt-b6yAan. 

Woman, 8. kJjj kin, f^j^ krret, 
^j zhi, UJ nissa; — ^kind, u5;\3 
^^^ Islri'ldwrni, LJ ^l^U? ta'if^'i- 

Womanish, a. ^<«d lSj\j kXri-ghibi. 

Womb, *. Ljclaj JjJ dul-y^tayAt, a>^ 

Wonder, «. (feeling) ^^;^-^ tA"^ab, 
h^yret, J^ vMsb; (thing) 
("ija'ib) . shfey. <--** 
'ijibE, ^ f^ gb^ibE, ^Ju^lyC ghd- 
ra'ibdan; (miracle) ifjJ^ md'jizB; 
— , v,n. JU»^tl shdshmak, ^Ja^^J 
kllmak, i e,>^i sr^ th d^ub - et, 
jlu.^iy*^*^ millta"djjib - 61, iSij^ 
JaIM hkyretda - lOlmak, j^v:;];:^^* 
h^yran-61, J^2CU miltab^yyir - 61, 
ClU)^<)(]j vaBh-ghslmek. 

Wonderful, Wondrous, a. l.,^**^ "Ajib 
("ija'ib), u^^ gharib, ^^Jiift 
^jU. "Xkldan - kharg, j;flr4-l\A 

Wont, 8, Ll^ jU "adet ; — ed, a. ci;oU 
^^^«Xj\ "adet - ^dilmish, jLu.^ 

Woo, v.a. ' jH-^,jOjft "krzi-" 

Wood, *. (material) ^Ul ly^Xj; (of 
trees) ^j^ 6rmln ; (for burning) 
[i}yoy 6dun, i^>^Vn>' hXtAb. 

Woodbine, *. ^^^^\J^^ y^bAn- 

Woodcock, 8, cjJijJ- chuUuk. 


[ 878] 


Wood-cQtter. *. ^^V bAltigi. 
Wooden, a. -..Uf Xghk}, ^J^\i\ Ighxy 
dan ; (of timber) ii^^^tifr^t ihahU), 

Woodpecker, «. ^tilS^Ul X^AAJ-klkAn. 

Woof, #. ,^1 Itki, Jjj pud. 

Wool, #. ^^ yito or cJ^ yi^ny, ^U 
ydpa^Ai ; goat's — , CJ^^fl^ tiftik. 

Woollen, a. ^^ yin, ji)Jk^y. yttngdaa ; 
— draper, i/T^^ (ch6hajt). 

Word, «. J^ BihE, iJj/ liktrdt, Isi! 
Ufz, A4K kUimB; ..mJ^? ta"bir; ^1^ 
kfelam; — , r.fl. J^iMy cy|^--«; 
t&"birat-kdllAmnak ; — of mooth, 
»IL& ahifah, (JU^ll^ miishaf^h^t ; 

by ^, \jbli& sUfabon ; — of 

God, fl^f^ k^lamt-kldlm (applied 
to the Ki)r'an); high —a, Ic^ 
(kkwgba), pUj nlza". 
Work. t. ^1 )«h. 5;>%/i\ Ub- 
-gbyiicb ; jl^ kyar, ^^ sihi"; Jai 

khlEmek, CU:*:^^^ Isb-lsblsmek, 
j:^i^l>> chAltshmak; (a machine) 
CJsJilJ^ Ublsmek ; (in fermentation) 
ij^^i Uiynamak, \jAatr tdkh^m- 
mur-et,^^Ljklbarmak; (medicine) 
CX«^j J14A "imBl-VErmek ; — ^ v.a. 
(embroider) cX«llJ^ UblEmek ; (any 
material) CX«ilj^t iehlEmek ; (a 
mine) cA^dljl lahlxtmek; (a per- 
son) vJyicilj\ Iflhletmek ; Jk«;j£ 
y^rmak. JU^VS^^^^i^^lj bXahtna- 
-iBb-cbikkmak ; — tip. (materials) 
CX^il^^ khUonek: \^ khatj-et. 

J^^J^y kjyilAnmak ; — one's self up 
into a passion, {y^j^^^J^ kinrr^ 
-k)zmak, {j^j^ ^*^J^ kurdukja- 
-Uzmok; — out, (Jh«;\^Ij blahar- 
mak, cXtffl^ b^jirmek, 9*^^-% 
i^X^j^ %^ vilyuda - gb^tirmek ; (a 
problem) ^^J^* hall-et; — upon, 
I^U t^'sir-et; (a person's feeling?) 
&j1 CU%4<Vg^ mErh^unet-^tdir- 


Workhouse. #. ^^A^U. ^i C>J^ 

Workman, «. yJB^^ kbji. 

Workmanship. «. C)i^r^^ ishjilik ; jlT 

Workshop, «. ^^J diikkyan (d^kksn). 

Workwoman, «. c^^lS i«if*^^ ishji-klrt. 

World. «. JU "alxm; this — . \JJ 

diknya; UjJU "alEmi-diknya ; the 

habitable — ^ ^^^-^ ^^j rilVi- 

-m^sskyun ; — (great quantity) Li J 

jSi di^nya-kXdar. 

Worldly, a. >i>J«3 dtiny^vi, ,J^ khaki. 

Worm, «. yj<j^ya s6ghuljXn ; (maggot) 
\SJj^ kftrt; (of a grai) yj^\}^ 
(d6mc7z) - d^ya^Ai ; (of a still) ^j^ 
b6ru; (of a screw) ^ tU, 4^^i^* 
bdrma ; — out. v.a. JlJt^^ dngla- 
mak (dnnamak); — one's self in. 
(y^y^ s6kulmak; — one's self 
mto one's favom', (Jh^I>* ch^tm^k; 
to try and ... , cU:a l j yMtnunek ; 
— eaten, ^jL^jJL^j^ kdrt-y^mish. 

Wormwood, «. ^^^ p^lin. 

Worry, v.a. (as a dog) ^^oSU slldtr- 




mak ; (teaze) ilX^ji^iJL^J\ hiAjyhU 
-virmek, \j0,,s^j rahotstz-et. 
Worse, a. lliUj dUia-fina, ^U^Uj 
d^a-Xshi^^t, ^ b^tsr, j^\jbO diha- 
b^txr ; — and worse, Li^jc;^ 
Worship, a. CLJjUc "ibadet, ^ji^^^ 
pferesstish, ^^^IL tlptntsh ; — , vm. 
^^f^jjU? tXptnmak, IlI^jLc "ibadet- 
-et, l^^ia-a^ p^resstish-et ; your — , 
his — f «>, ^L 3j l i r . O ^!j zati-"utufil£ri; 
— ed, OjfJi^ m2L"bud ; — er, O^le 
"abid (pL x^ "kUdi). 
Worst, a. LjcJ\ ^Dy-fina ; ^ll\cJt 
hng-XBhhgM; — , v,a, uJuJJ y^nmek, 
)c=Jt llt-et. 
Worsted, s. yj^\^^ jiaxg-l^hghi ; — 
stockings, S->l;j>"CJ^ yun^-ch^rab. 
Worth, s. and a. ^J dhghm ; — ^, «. 
j^ kldr, C^-^v^^ kimet ; to be — , 
cJk4^> d^Amek, c3ocj1 ^tmek; 
—less. a. j3*f?t^ blr-lkch«lik, ^ 
^4Si*^f bir-Akeha-^tni^z. 
Worthy, a. j!/j dfe^Aarli; — (oO 
^UL& shayXn, ^(i^hjII shay^ssta, j;ji 
laytk, (jImm>> jiissbin. 
Wound, *. tj\i ykta, -^ j4rh, ^^^ 
jiirha; — , v,a. (J^i^j^ jktakanak, 
\ifj\j y)ura-et, ^rfT ji^rh-et. 
Wrangle, v.a. Wc^i (kawgba)«et, ^^Jj 

i^za"-et, )^jU^ mtnaza"a-6t. 
Wrap, VM, (j^J^ sirmok ; — round, 
v.a. ij^J^ ikemaHL, JU;iX2*^^ d^- 
Imhdtrmak; — ^, Jk4;1« slnlmak, 
fjAiti^ d61ii8hmak ; — up, vm. 

(J>^j\^ slrmak, cy^jj\ ^mek ; — , 
v.n, fjA^J^ sXnlmok, i^^MfJjj^ ktun- 

Wrapper, 8. ^j^ iUtu. 

Wrath, t. jLfC;^ dXrghtnUk, ^^1 
(i^fks), (..^....ftc ghlz^b. 

Wreak, vm. \\^\ ijra-et. 

Wreath, 8. ^V^-^-^^fi?" chlchek-bl^rAt, 
L5^Vjl;ri y^prAk-bl^rW (or ,^j-^^< 

Wreathe, v.a. CX«;^^ jitrmek. [^nmssa). 

Wreck, 8. ^Uaj bAUyyE, i^Jv%J 
d&kyunda, ^|/>- kh^rabs, ^^ji} 
vTrans ; — , vm. (J^^jS^^ ^^*^ 
klzaya - d^^Atmdc ; to be — ed, 
ct^l/4^W^ klzaya-6^Aramak, Ldi 
y*0; kXza-zfedE-Al; — ed, A^Ui 
^^pi«|^y k^aya-^^^-amish, arJjLiS 

Wren, #. J-b^jU^ bikluja^bMbul. 

Wrench, 8. ^J^jji bihrkulush ; \jtiij^j 
z6rlayiah ; — ^ v.a. (a joint) {j^jyi 
bdrkutmak ; (open) (J^j^j z6rlamiik. 

Wrest, v.a. (J^^^\)yj z6r-ila-llmak, 
(j^^^Sy^ sl^kynp-lhnak. 

Wrestle, v.a. i^X^jf ghyilveshmek, 
CX^li^ ghy&leshmek. 

Wrestler, 8. [^^ pshliwXn. 

WrestUng, 8. ^UlJj^ ghyiileahnui. 

Wretch, 8. ^ <*•»<• kh^blss; (poor) 
ij\:fO bicharE, ^|jj z^Illi. 

Wretched, a. «jJU-Lj fina-halda, 
(jllj J p^rlshln, ^*^j^^ p^hmurdE ; 
(in mind) Jo'^^J^j^ pferishXnt- 

Wring, v.a. jK«i^ sikmok; jK^^*y 




bihinak ; — off, (J^^y ^yi£sy^ 
Wrinkle, #. (j^j^, bi)ru8huk ; — ^ vjn. 

bihrrahnuik ; 

— . ».«• 

^jSiUj^ bihrnahdinmuik ; — led. a. 

O^Jii burushuk; ^^jji burn- 
Wrist, «. C^L bUa. [ahuklu. 
Wrifltband, «. cJ^ yte^. 

Write, v.a. Jk«;V y^^znudi' l^.;^^ 
tidirir-et, t^^^Ai^i t^nmik-et* j^jVi. iT 
t^ttr-et; — down, ^JuS Uiyd-et; 
tlw zlbt-et; — , vji. J^tij^l 

Writer, t. (author) %Ji\^^ mdss^nnif, 
cj3^ md'^if; (penman) tUaa^ 
khlttXt; (dcrk) ^j-flsCJ^ J^J*. 
c^^L^ kyatib; (of a letter) 
im^%j^jjm* mdh^rrini-'l-bih'uf. 

Writhe, VM. fjjJij^ kWrtlmak, j^ 
\l.JO pich*u-tlb-et. 

Writing, #. c^b jiot; hand — , i^j\i 
yhxi, L^ khltt ; —a, «. />/. ^jj^ 
mdhdrrErlt ; Jsc\i kyii^Atdlxr. 

Written, a. jLjb yJiztlt ; ^/^jlj yiztl- 
mtah ; c^ y C * m^ktvb, j^*»< 
m^Btur, jj^ mDh^mer, J^A^ md<- 

Wrong, a. (erroneoas) ^^^^ y^n^rtltsh 
(yaniah); (bad) \ii fsna; — , 9. 
J^}'M>' hlLkkstzltk, jJ^ ghldr, JI0 
zi>lm; — , o.a. tjJ;.i.A»- hlkkstzltk- 
-et, \j^ ghldr-et, ^ Jt zi^bn-et ; — 
aide, ^jmji tiraa, ^Jo^jmji tirsa- 
-t&raft ; — aide outwarda, — aide up, 
^•-^ t^raa. 

Wrongful, a. — Ij, ad. *jifj^^ 

Wroth, a. ^^J^*^ diighin. 
Wrought, a. 4«lt^l lahlmE^ Ia, 

Wry, a. /PjV>- chi^rptk. 




Yacht, «. ^■■■g^S^Mrf a^yr-gh^miaai. 
Yankee, «. ,^<««>^ i:;^[/*^ km^rikan- 

Yard, «. (meaaore) Jk>^U yibrd«, 1^^^'^ 

4rahin; (of a home) ^^ bavli; 

(of a ahip) y^j^ a^ren ; (of a horse> 

CJu«9 slk, ilTj z^kxr; — arm, ^^^^ 

i^^ B^ren-uju. 
Yam. *. cJJjI Jplik, JJ tM; (fig.) JU« 

Yawn, v.n, C>W«»»^ ^sansmek. 
Ye, /»ro. J«i ak,^^ aizbr. 
Yea, otf. ^ bW, Cl^^t svst, aiu na'm. 
Year, #. Jrf or Jj yil, X:^^ aaxJ, JU 

Yearling, ». i^li^j blr-ainfilik. 
Yearly, a. and ad. *J^ bbubti, ^yjl; 

Yearn, vm. cX^^jLlI^ Ishtiylk- 

•ch^kmek, (J^^jJ^ i^ukmak. 
Yeaat, #. L5^fl^v^^^^ irpo-auyu- 

Yen, ». (jiju^ bkykirtah; — , vx 

Yellow, a. iJT^U a^kri, y«0^ laaf kTi J 




zird, JFty^J zErdi ; — b, s. pL jii^l^ 

Yellow-fever, «. \a,^- lSJ^ 8lri-hi!kmm^. 
Yelp» v,n. Jk«7^V b^Atnnak. 
Yeoman, 8. let IghA, 
Yes, od. ^ b^, {Z^^\ EYst. 
Yesterday, ». ^^^J dAn, ^^^s^jOjJ 

Yesternight, t. ^bcj^^J dihi-gh^jja. 
Yet, oi. Uj d^a; (stiU) ^l^- hala; 

(again) ^ yins (gh^ns) ; not — , 
J^Jb h^nuz (h^iz) ; more — , U J 

djdia; — ^, c. ^ lakin, ^j v^-lakin, 

t«i ^mma, ^ yins (gh^E). 
Yew, *. ^^^^(J^jji Wrauk-A^AAJt (?). 
Yield, *. J^-d«r* midisul; — > v.a. 

(giye) ^^X^jt^ vrarmek, t^l^ basstl- 

-€t ; (give np) t^J^ t^slim-et ; — , 

vji. jIaJumJ t^88lim-51. 
Yoke, *. fjj^^yf b6yundurugh ; 

(pair) c :-X^ chift ; — , v.a. (j^J^y 

koshmok. [-aXrtsst. 

Yolk, s. ^jmJj\0a(jSj^jy4J ytmnrtontny- 
Yon, Yonder, a. ^ sbd, ^sd\jy^ 

shdradEki ; yonder, ad, \jyU shdra, 

yj^\jy^ Bhdrasst, \jji 6ra, ^\j:^^ 

6ra8M ; ^tj^«Mi ahuraya, ^^j^ 

6raya ; 2rj|^^ shihrada, ^(^t^^l 6rada. 
Yore, ». ^^;LX^t ^ssld-z^man, f\i} 

y^^ ^yyamt-mazt. 
Yon, fro. j^ slz, JLi slzlsr ; y^j^ slzi, 

c^^Jy^ aizl^ri; ^ bIze, ^r^J-w 

Young, a. ^ gh^j ; — ^> — one, 9. 

^J^ yivri ; — er, cJ^fr kilchnk ; 

b, cJ^cJt ^n^-kiichak ; — ^ish, 
Yoongster, «. jSjUJj d^IikXnlt, ^)^ 

jiwZn, ^^liM• ahabb. 
Your, pro, a. \^ ngiz, ingiz ; cJ^ 

sbdn^, cJJ^ BizlErin^. 
Yoors, pro. cJp> sizing, cJJj>^ 

sizlErin^ ; ^J^—}^ sizin^ki, ^J^^Jj^ 

Yonrself, pro. J.v.hV; ^ k^din^z; 

— ^Ives, ^^JukJLj JlX^ kendilsr - 

Youth. *. Ll)hs^i gb^jlik. jlj|^ 

jiwlnltk, ci-^l^ Bh^bab^t; (lad) 

^li^l 6^AlAn, ^UJj d^liklnlt, 

uA^ j^^^' S-'l^ ahabb. 
Youthful, a. ^ gh^nj. 


Zeal, ». c2^;«£ ghi^yret, LS.^^^<4ia^hdin 

nd3ry^t ; (blind) Uy ^ '^'^ * td"< 

Zealot, 9. A;,,4>^u,ufiir.><) mikta"XaBBtb 

ZealouB, a, ^rt^ gh4yretli, j}^ 

ZealonaneBB, 9. ^-^j^ gb&yret. 
Zebra, 9. yX^^^lf^ ydbAn-^h^Ai. 
Zenith, «. ^«\ju:...v«Ma s^mti-r^ bb. 
Zephyr, 9. LipJU badi-s^ba. 
Zero, 9.Ji^ B^fr. 
Zigzag (of trenches) ^ji^l^ aichAn 

Zmc, tf . IJy tutya. 




Zodiac, «. ^jjJiMsiai^ mktAkAtu-l- 
-bih^j (mlnttk — ). 

Zone, «. J^yi kdshlk, jA^ ksmv; 
(geographical) *i]ai^ mlnUka (mXn- 
tska) ; torrid — , Mj\>- ^ila^^ (mln* 
ttka'i}-harrE ; temperate — , ^iiau^ 
4)jcjL« (mlntiWi)-m&"t^dilK ; frigid 

— , tx^jA/iS^a:^ (mlntiWi). 

Zoography, Zoology, t. ^l^^at^Js. 

^\J\^.^!^>^ "Umi - Udiaa . hiy . 

Zoological, 0. ^^je^4j\j\^^ hkj* 





If.B. — ^The form of the aoriat indioative, which ia the same as that of the aoriat active 
participle, of every Turkish simple verb, is given in parenthesis immediately after the 
verb itself, f6r the reason that it is not snbject to any definite role, easy of enunciation. 
The a, p, or t, after each word, denotes it to be of either Arabic, Persian, or pnrely Turkish 
origin. All the verbs are Turkish. 

\ hhf. first letter of the Turkish 
alphabet. In chronograms and as- 
tronomical tables it has the value of 1. 
Pronounced as a^ it is a Turkish in- 
teijectional affix of affirmation, some- 
thing of the value of our English do 
in affirmations. It is also a Persian 
vocative affix, often employed in 
poetiy. It is, further, placed between 
a repetition of a word, in the sense of 
and or wWL Jn the dates of letters, 
when following one of the characters 
J z^l, J rs, or ^ jim, as 1^, l>-, it 
indicates the first of the couple in 
three couples of months with the same 
name, and those characters alone, 
without the \, indicate the second 
month in each ccmple (see \o, \j, 
and Ur). 

imJ\ Lh, s, p. Water; juice; histre; 
honour, spotlessness; temper (of steel); 
— , s. a, A father, master, possessor. 
Used in the composition of Arabic 
words, altering its termination accord- 
mg to its case, having jif abi; in the 
nominative, \A aba in the accusative, 
and ^J\ abi in the other cases ; as, 
j^yi\ Abubeker. 

\A ^ba, til «3^(2;^V^ ^ba-"an-j^ddin, 
ad» a. From father to son (lit. 
through the father from the grand- 
father), hereditarily. 

\i\ aba, *. pi a. (0/ yi\ hhv) Fathers ; 
ancestors, forefathers. 

U iba, s, a. Refusal, rejection, abstain- 
ing; \ — , — et, VM. To refuse, reject, 
abstain from. 

jW abad, 8. pi a. (0/ Jp^ ^bed) 




Eternities; — , a. p. Cultiyated; 
peopled; populous; flourishing; — ^ 
«. p. City, town, place of residence. 

^^jbl kbadan, a,p. Cultivated; peopled; 
populous. [Devils. 

{j^\i\ feballas, #. pi. a. (of u^^) 

^4iU XbAnmak (aor, jry V^ XbAntr), 
VM, To lean forward over another. 

tjcil Ibtida Op-)* *' ^* Be^nning, com- 
mencement; — , ad, t. First, in the 
first place. 
j\*^\ Ibtidar, $, a. Setting about any 
work; \ — , — ^t, r.». To set about, 

f\m^] Ibtissam, ». a. Smiling, smile; \ — , 
— et, ©.». To smile. 

tsj\ Ibtila, «. a. The bemg subject or 
addicted to anything wrong or un- 
pleasant, [cheerfulness. 

«^lfj1 Ibtihaj, #. a. Hilarity, joy, 

4Aaci Bbjsd, «. a. The alphabet in its 
old arrangement, conformable to the 
order in which the letters are placed 
in the Hebrew alphabet, with some 
additions at the end. It is this order 
which gives the numerical value to 
the letters, and veiy useful to be 
known. This system of notation is 
called ^U^J^rf ibjsd - hissXbt. 
The order, mode of reading, and 
values of the letters are as follows : — 

^Isb^ sbJBd-h^ww^z-hi^tti-kfilBmBn- 
h, t-i or 4-^ 2, p or -J 3. J 4. A 5. 

J 6. J or J 7, ^ 8, L 9, 4^ lO ; ^ 

or ^*/ or CJ 20, J 30. ^ 40, 
^ 50. 4^ 60, ^ 70, uJ 80, ,^ 9o. 
J 100, J 200, ^ 300, CLJ 400, 
C-> 500, ^ 600, J 700, ^ 800, 
)p 900, ^ 1000. 
The letters may be arranged regularly 
or irregularly; they have always the 
same value, and the addition of the 
several values gives the ralue of the 
whole, This system is much used in 
chronograms, and in books of astro- 
nomical tables, &c. 

j\a^ hhhBT, js^ ^bhiir, *. pi. a. (of 
ja^}Ahr). Seas, oceans. 

9jO^ febkhirB, *. pi. a. (of J^, 
bukhar). Vapours. 

JjI ^bed, ». a. Eternity to come; 
SitJ\ U6.a-febed, ad. a. To aU 

eternity ; \si\ ^b^dsn, ad. a. To all 
eternity ; never. 

^Si\ Ibdar, a. p. Having water or juice; 
tempered (steel) ; lustrous. 

6^ Jkil )b<yL", 8. a. Invention, production, 
innovation ; \ — ^ — et, v. a. To produce 
a new thing, invent, innovate. 

^^\ ^bdan, 8. pi. a. {of ^^ bfeden), 

ii::^-%i«9jjt iibdesst, 8. p. The amaller 
ablution before prayer; (J^\ — i 
— Almak, t;.ji. To perform one's 

tmSJj\ ^b^di, a. a. Which will endora 
to all eternity. 




feiu^J^t ^b^dlyy^t, s, a. Quality of 
^\ hhr, s,p, A cloud, [eternal durability. 
\ji\ ibra, s. a. Quittance, acquittal, 
discbarge; \ — ^ — et, v.a. To free, 
acquit, discbarge, exonerate. 
;ljjl ^brar, 8,pL «. {of ji bferr). The 

good, just, virtuous. 
^^j\ ibraz, 8. a. Production, manifesta- 
tion, sbowing; \ — , — et, r.a. To 

manifest, produce, sbow, display. 
^j\ Ibram, 8, a. Importunity, urging ; 

\ — , — et, v,a. To importune, urge. 
Pi^y\ ibrisbim, s. p. Double-twisted 

silk thread* [A leper; leprosy. 

^ji\ ^br^, a. a. Leprous ; — , 8. a. 
:ji\ fcbru, a. t. Marbled; — , 8. t. 

Marbled appearance in colours ; — , 

*■ p. The eyebrow; — Ibru, and 

^^j\ ibruy, 8, p. Honour, spotless- 


{jijf^ ibrik, a. t. Ewer for washing; 

& brig ; brigantine ; sloop of war. 
J^\ febsar, *. pi. a. {of joi bXssar), 

%e9; penetrations, sagacities. 
JM ^btil, 8. pL a. {of Jlkj bXttAl), 

Champions, heroes; — , Ibtil, a. a. 

Avoiding, abolishing, annulling ; \ — , 

"~et, v,a. To make void, or of no 

value, annul, abolish. 
H^ ^b'*ad, *. pi. a. {of Juu bA"d), 

IK«tances ; _. ib"ad, a. a. Removal 

to a distance; \—, — et, v,a. To 

remove to a distance, 
'^i feV'W, a. fl. More or most dis- 

*«»t; very distant 

\h\ lbk2, a, a. A causing to continue, 
continuance, confirmation; \ — y — et, 
v,a. To confirm, cause to remain or 
continue (in an office). [Virgins. 

^IGl 6bkyar, *. pL a, {of Ji^ b)kr), 

Lt or ^\ Ibla, a. t. Eldest sister. 

4)b1 iblagh, a. a, A causing to reach, 
attain, or arrive at ; \ — , — et, v.a. 
To cause to reach, arrive at, attain, 
mount up to. 

^bt ^bl^gh, a. a. More, most, or very 

j;L1 hhl^k, a. a. Piebald ; — , a. a. 
A piebald horse; (fig.) Time or the 
world, as consisting of night and 
day ; — or jLj^ ftlik (liDUk), a. t. 
A capon. 

^\ abili, a, p. A bubble ; a pimple ; 
— , Xbla, a. t. EUdest sister ; ' — , ^bl^h, 
a. a. More, most, or very stupid. 

^j»^\ ibliss, a. a. Iblis, Satan ; a devO. 

^J^ ibn, a. a. Son of, as Xi^^^^\x^ 
Ahmed - ibni - MuhAmmed, Ahmed, 
son of MuhXmmed. 

iij\ ibn^t, a, a. A daughter. 

\ij\ febna, #. pL a. {of ^j)^). Sons, 
children; (J^^c^Uil ^bnayi - s^bil. 
Sons of the road, travellers. 

(M^t kban6ss, a. t. Ebony. 

iuu}\ febniyyjB, *. pi. a. {of\:J bba). 
Buildings, edifices ; ^j^^ ^^^ ^b- 
niyy^'i - khiyrlyya. Buildings for 
charitable or benevolent purposes. 

^\ hhv, 8. a. Father of, as \i^y\ 
^bu-Sma, Avicenna. 

2 n 




^\jf\ ^bvlb, «. pi. a. {of Lf^i), Gates, 

doon; chapters. [ship. 

yf iibiivTet, «. a. Paternity, father- 
^^\ hh^yhyn, #. iftca/ a. (of ^\ hhv, 

a father). The two parents. 
^\ hhi. 9. t. A midwife; ^yfi^j£=l{\ 

hhk'ghyianhfi. Mallows; geraniam. 
A^l Mam, #. a. Ennnciatmg obscurely 

and 80 as to create doubt, 
v::..^^ ^bb^h^t (ikbb^t), t. a. Grandeu', 

glory, magniiioenoe, pomp. 
d^UjI ^byat, t.pLa, (o/kj:^), Houses; 

verses, or rather distichs. 
^^1 ^byiUl, a. a. White. 
^^t ^by^n, a. a. More, most, or very 

dear, explicit, manifest, evident. 
i^\ Xp. Tarkiah particle placed before 

a few adjectives, and there signifying 

quite, very, altogether, as J^^<-^) 

Ip-dchtk, wide open, ymj\u^\ Ap- 

Instz, all of a sndden, &c. 
^^\ Iparmok {aer. jj^\ Ipartr), v.a. 

(provmcial). To bring; to carry 

CJs4J^^ Iprstmek (aor.jJjA Iprxdir), 

VM, To wear by ose, to make a staff 

ragged and rough; (jX4jy\ Iprsn* 

mek {aor. j^/} iprlnir), v.n. To 

become rough and worn. 
^mmi\ or Ju^^ ipsid, s. t. Felloe of a 

^\ Xptsh, 9. t. The grip of the legs, 

or that part of the thighs^ knees, &c., 

by which a seat is obtained in a saddle. 
Lj\ Xptehmak (oor. jj^J^ Ipishnr), 

0. ». To open the legs and stand or 

sit a-straddle. 
cM iplik, 9. t. Thread. 
Cl^\ ^t, 9. t. Ilesh;' meat; — , It, s.t. 

Ahorse; a stallion. 
\S\ Ita, 9. t. (old). Father ; iJJsjVjI Ita- 

-b^gh (lU. Prince-fcther), Tutor of u^ 

monarch, or regent (in some <^ ^ 

old Mussulman dynasties). 
^\j\ Xtaltk, t. /. Tutor, guardian. 
fl5\ fetba". t. pi. «. (of ^ ttbi^ 

not i» t(«e), Followers, suite, dq)en(knt9, 

servants ; — , Itdba*', ». a. A (bUcr- 

ing, complying with, imitating; ^> 

— et, v.n. To follow, obey, act up to, 

comply with. 
jIo^ ittthad, 9, a. Union, concori. 

friendship ; unanimity ; \ — , — et, r.i. 

To join one'A self to another, act is 

concert, b» unanimous. 


cJW^ ithaf, 9, a. Presenting', gimg; 
\ — , _ct, v.a. To give as a presect 
to present. [v.a. To take ; to use, adopt. 

iUrt httkhaz, 9. a. A taking; \ — . -^. 

^\ Itfesh, 9. p. Fire; — » Xtuh, i .^ 
Action or manner of throwiDi 
i.:...^^.;;^^ It^.pMsat, «.p^ Afii^ 
worshipper; 2(«X^^aU^ It^ah-kedc. 
9.p. A fire temple. [with a quali^ 

uJl^^ ittissif, 9.0. Bdng endo««^ 

JLait ittissJl, 9. a. Bemg joined, toudi* 
ing, reaching to. 

4^U7t )t"ab, 9. a. A fattgnmg. « 
causing fatigae; 1 — , — et, vm. T^ 
fatigue, wear out 




^Uj\ IttifiQc, 9. a. Union, concord ; con- 
federacy, alliance; hazard, chance; 
1 — , — et, ».«. To come to an agree- 
ment together, make an alliance ; to 
chance, happen; J^^t ^1^ "Hi- 
-l-ittif2k, ad. a, Unanimooaly ; tiU?! 
)ttif2ka, ad, a. By chance, fortuitously; 
^Ujt Ittifikt, a. a. Fortuitous. 

(^U^t ittikin, s, a. Certain knowledge. 

i^^t Itkt, 8. U The woof of cloth carried 
by the shuttle. [or of mountains. 

CAJ) ^tek, 8. t. The skirts of clothes, 

w\ Ittikya, 8, a. A leaning upon or 
against; a relying on, trusting in; 
I — , — et, VM. 

JKjI Ittikyal, 8, a. A leaving one's 
matters entirely to another. 

(.J&Jt itlaf, 8, a. A destroying; \ — , 
— et, v,a. To destroy, waste, ruin ; kill. 

fj^\ Itlamok (oor. jLj\ Itlar), v.a. 
To spring, or jump over, or across ; to 
omit, leave out 

J^Jjt Itthnak {aor. j^\ Itiltr), vjh. 
To spring or jump up, spring upon ; 
— y v,p. To be thrown. 

^jAilj] Itlanmak {aor, jyij\ lUknir), 
vM, To mount on horseback. 

^\ Itit, a.t. On horseback; — , «. /. 
A horseman; cavalry. 

Mi\ ^mm, a. a. More, most, or very 
complete ; — ^ Attm, 8. t. A cast, a 
throw ; a charge (of powder). 

Avwi tenUbn, 8, a. Action of com- 
pleting, completion; 1—, — et, vm. 
To finish, complete. 

Im^\ Itmaja, 8. t. A sparrow-hawk. 

fjAj\ Itmak {aor. j\j\ Xtar), vm. To 
throw, cast, project ; to throw away^ 
down, aside, up, &c.; to fire, (a gun, 
&c.); to card (cotton); — , vm. To &de^ 
lose colour (stuffs); turn pale (coun- 
tenance); grow light (the morning); 
fjAj\^jb t5p-2Ltmak, to fire guns, 
to fire a salute ; (Jiff.) to become 
bankrupt. [livelihood. 

CJwiJl (^kmek), 8. t. Bread; (fig.) 

/•\|7l itham, 8. a. Imputation, accusation; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To impute, to accuse. 

^J\ atl, a. a. Future, coming, to come ; 
further on, lower down (in writing). 

^;Ij1 Ityan, 8. a. A bringing forward, 
mentioning; \ — , — et, v,a. To ad- 

UmJI Atina, 8. t, Athens, [duce, mention. 

v^U ^ssass, c:.^ C^U ^ssasst-b^yt, 
8. a. Household stuff, goods, furniture. 

j\j\ assar, 8. pi. a. {ofyS ^sser). Vestiges, 
traces, signs, marks ; remains; monu- 
ments; buildings; books, writings, 
works; doings ;' sayings. 

)iJo\ Issars, 8. a. A raising (the dust) ; 
an exciting (of troubles). 

u:JU\ ^ssalet, 8. a. Nobility of extraction. 

Ji\ assam, 8. pi. a. {of iJ\ Issm), Sms, 
iniquities, wickednesses. 

oIjI Issblt, 8. a. A making firm, fixing ; 
a proving, demonstrating; a proof; 
\ — , — et, To prove, demonstrate; to 
fix, stablish, confirm; i^\^\^ys^ 
m^v-u-issblt, A taking away some 
partSy and leaving or adding others ; 

2 D 2 



altentioii (in bufldings or in 
j»\ huer, 9. «. A TOtige, tnoe, ugn, 
mark; an effect; a monnment (of 
art); a writing, saying, or doing; 
j1|lyl ^aeer-tiriz. An historian. 
Jl^ tekil, 9. pi. a. {o/Jsj not tued). 

^^S*g^> ^^S'^i impedimenta. 

f!H Imm, «. a. A sin ; — ^ asaim, #. a. 
A sinner. [Fmits. 

j\aj\ ^samar. a. pi. a, (of MjAJ s^^ra), 

^;Uj^ teman, t. pi, a, {of ^^4J s^meo). 
Prices; Talnea. 

UjI tena, 9. pi, a. {of ^ not vsctf). 
Windings, foldings, sinuosities; — , 
9. t Time or duration of any action ; 
#JC»iilJf J^ y6U^s«nassthda, or c^t 
jr«xa]^ ^ssnayi-rikhda, while on the 
jooniey, ijCmiUj^A^SUL* m&l^al^m^- 
•tenaseinda, daring the oonferenoe. 

^^«:j1 Issn^yn, a. a. Monday. 

uJy\ inmlh (tebAb), t. pi. a. (of 
4^y s^vb). Clothes. 

jJi ^, or ^ ddi, a. t. Hongry ; fitftrng, 
not haring eaten ; ^j^'^ ^-ghyirzla 
(hungry-eyed), CoTetons, insatiate, in- 
aatiable ; ^^li^t ^-Idmiiia, ad. On 
an empty stomach, fasting. 

UmWI ijabet, a. a. Acceptance of a 
requestt compliance; \ — ^ — et, vm. 
To comply. 

jV' »j«'. •• K «• (e/yr^ ^jr). Racom- 
penses, vsmnnerations ; rewards. 

ir^W Ijara. a. a. Rent; groond-rent 
paid for land, fcc. in mortmain ; 

Ai^^9j^\ ljar^'"ijj^ the 
sum or fine paid on first acquirliuc 
possession ; iS^yc **;^^ ijarei- 
-md'^jjda, the monthly or yearly 
quit-rent paid ever aft^wmrda. 

C>jWt ijazet» a. a. Permission, aa« 
thorization ; diploma or aathority to 
act as a teadier of the humanities, or 
of dirinity. [circulate, 

4] W^ Ijala, a. a. A canaing' to flow, or 

^^\9A fejanib, a. pi. a. (of ^^<r^^ 
h}n€bi). Strangers, alieoa (in blocni. 
or of race). 

jL>-1 Ijlwr, a. a. A forcing, compeUiDg ; 
force, compulsion; \ — , — et, rji. 
To compeL 

JUr< fejbil. 9. pi. a. {of J-^ j^beln 
Mountains. [selection, election. 

L;>-1 Ijtiba, a. a. A chooung ; choice. 

\j^\ ijtira» a. a. A daring ; aadadt}- ; 
courage ; \ — ^ — et, om. To dare, haTr» 
the courage. 

^U&9^^ Ijtima", 9. a. A coming' together, 
being collected, united, gathered to- 
gether ; meeting, conjunction. ; un- 
animity of opinion or dedaion (in 
matters of £uth or discipline), 

c^\:i&>>) Ijtinab, a. a. An abstaining, 
avoiding ; \ — ^ — et» rji. To abstain 
from, avoid. 

4>\|:l»^^ ijtihad, a. a. ExertioD, endeavour; 
a striving to arrive at the true mean- 
ing of any point in law or religion. 

0\^\ ^jdad, a. pi. a. (of j^ jMd). 
Ancestors, forefathers. 




*^\ h}r, s. a. Recompense, remaneration ; 


U>>1 ijra, s. a, A causing to flow ; a 
putting in force, in operation; \ — , 
— et, v.a. To cause to flow ; to put in 
force, execute; to perform the for- 
malities of taking up a commission of 

iZJ^\ tijrfet, *. a. Pay for any service, 

Usj-^ y za, *. pL a. (of ySj- i^z). Parts ; 
particles, atoms ; ingredients ; drugs, 
chemicals ; sheets (of a book), or parts 
containing twenty pages ; (as a 
Turkish singular) a chemical com- 
position of any kind; a percussion 
cap; i5>-]/>-^ ^jzajt, A chemist or 

(^yM>A djikmak (aor.yi>'\ ^ikxr), v.n. 
To become hungry. ' u5j£>.! ^^li 
k^imim-^tkdt (lit. my stomach has 
become hungry), I am hungry. 

iJ^I iyil, a. a. Future, to come, post- 
poned to a fixture time; — , h}l (hjH), 
9. a. Cause, reason, motive, considera- 
tion; — , ^el, 8, a. An appointed 
time; the appointed time of death; 
— , ^jHl, a. a. More, most, or very 
great and glorious. 

\p^\ ^a, «. a. Banishment, exile ; \ — , 
— et, VM, To banish, exile. 

^jj^i.1 Ijlass, «. a. A causing to sit 
down ; \ — ^ — et, v.a. To cause to 
sit, to seat ; to place on (the throne). 

Jlsj-^ yial, 8. a. Praise, glory, honour. 

^\ fejUlB, *. pi. a. (of J-U jMH), 
Those who are very great and noble. 

cUj>-1 \]ma", 8. a. A collecting ; the 
unanimity of opinion or decision (of 
the Fathers of the Church on points 
of faith or discipline, this being one 
of the fundamental sources of au- 
thority in Muhammedan canon law, 
in matters where an explicit Divine 
command or apostolic word or deed 
cannot be cited : it is called also 
c:u^UU>>1 ljma"i-iknunbt, the inum- 
imoua decision qf the Church), 

JUsf-l ^mal, 8. a. The making a sum- 
mary, an abbreviating; a summary, 
abbreviation ; \ — , — et, v.a. To con- 
dense, abbreviate. 

j1^:u^\ Xjtmtrak, a. t. Rather bitter. 

jU>.\ ^jnad, 8. pi. a. (of JCk>- jiind). 
Troops, legions, cohorts. 

(jJu>A ^jnass, 8. pi. a. (q^^,/*2i5^ jbss). 
Sorts, kinds ; J^\ _r^ < ^nass- 
Ikchu, Mixed coins, foreign or old, 
no longer legally current. 

i^Jki>-\ ^ndbi, 8, a. A foreigner. 

^j^\ fejvibE, 8, pi. a. (o/i^\f^ j^wlb). 

j^cf-1 Xji, a. t. Bitter; hot (spices, &c.); 
— , 8. t. Pain, smart ; the vrord ^^^ 
hajji (h^i), a pilgrim to Mecca at a 
certain season, and with certain rites, 
is sometimes thus spelt when applied 
to non-Muslim pilgrims to Jerusalem. 

Jh*-^^ Xjtmak {mr.^\ or ji^\ Xjtr)» 
VM. To be painful, to 




ache; — , ©. a. To be winy foT, to 
pity, feel for, oompaBsionate. 

^ dch, «. t. Haogry; £uting; ^j/^' 
Mi-glijrSizla (having huagrj eyes), 
«. /. Coyetoas, insatiable, 

fji^\ Muk, «. L Open ; dear, aerene ; 
plain, dear, explidt; light (colour); 
<— > JL<J>>\ dchik-mfeahreb ; (of an 
open character), a. ^. Forward, impu- 
dent; — , f. i. The open sea, the 
ofBng; any open space away from 

j;!^^ dchlik. Hunger. [buildings. 

Jh«L>>1 ochtlmak (aor. j^>^ dcfatlir), 
VM. To open ; to become bright and 
shining, polished; to become dear 
and serene; to become livdy, quick, 
meny; to acquire deremess, expert- 
ness, experience; to lose one's bash- 
fulness; to quit the shore or the 
harbour; to commence, begin, be 
entered upon ; — , o. p. To be opened. 

^jA>^ dcfamak {oor. j\»^\ ^char), vm. 
To open; to polish ; to begin; to ex- 
plain deady; to make explidt; to 
make a new pen; to unravel, untie, 
undo ; to spread, set (safls), roll out 
(paste). [Units; individuals. 

jUt ahad, «. pi. a. (of 43^\ dhad), 

l1-jJW1 ^adiss, (o/kt^ty^ 
b^dlss). Events, happenings; tradi- 
tions of the sayings or doings of Mu- 
hammad (These, as a collection, hold 
a rank among Mussulman divines, oor^ 
responding to that of the book of the 
Acts of the Apostles and the Apostolic 

Episiles with us : they are a perfectly 
valid and binding aouroe of authoiiij 
in the determination of canoninl 
queatioos)* called generally c^jWl 
4>jJ ^hadtsd-nfebeviyyi, tbe Apostolk 

ikW-t Ihata, t. a. A anrnMmdiiig ; a 
comprising, comprehending, contain- 
ing, holding ; \ — , ^-et, eui. To cn- 
ciide, surround ; to comprise, contain, 
hold ; to comprehend, understand. 

4ii\pA ihals, 9. a. A giving in diarge, 
committing to the care^ refeinDg; 
\—, — et, VM. To refer, oommit, give 
in diarge, leave. 

Ij^\ dUbba. MU-t ikhbXb, a.^.a. 
(o/4.^.,j^habib), Mcnda. 
Vs^\ ihtgaj, #. a. A bringing for- 
ward proofe and documenta ; A»»\fri>-\ 
^U IhtgiQa-ailth, Valid, fit for ex. 
hibition aa documentary evidence. 

j]/^^ Ihtiraz, 9. a. Taking care, 
ing, using drcumapection ; \ — ^ 
vji. To take care, avoid. 

^js^ ihtirak, a. a. A bumiog, being 
burnt. [veneratioa. 

f\^^ Ibtiram, a. a. Respect, reverence* 

<^jL>5iI»>^ Ihtiasab, a. a. Hie munidpal 
exdse ; ^U^ Cfjl-*j».\ IbtisNilh 
IghAMi {or ijJcAj nazni). The euper- 
intendant of excise at Conatantinople; 
2uLi:;^1 ihtissabiyya, a. «. Tbe 
excise dues. 

/•Il&>-1 ihtisham, «. a. Pump, mi^esty ; 
the having a large retinue. 





^Vi:;>-1 ihtikin, 9, a. The uamg an in- 
jection or glyster. 
^^Cj^ ihtikyar, 8, a. The holding back 
grain from market in hopes of a time 
of scarcity and dearth. 

iJU&^f ihtimll, 8. a. Probability, the 
being probable ; — ^ a. t. Possible, 
probable ; — , odL ^. It is possible, 
perhaps, may be. 
\f9A Uitiwa, 8. a. Comprehending, 
containing, collecting, protecting, oc- 
cupation, enjoyment, [wanting, need. 

^U:x>-1 Ihtiyig, f . a. The being in want, 

kUi^*! UitiyAt, 8. a. Prudence, circum- 
spection ; the keeping a reserve ; the 
reserve itself; kjf.^ \f\^\ Ihtiylt- 
"Xssk^, the reserve of an army. 

k^1j^>-t ihdass, 8, a. A producing, 
creating, making, inventmg; \—, — et, 
«us. To produce, create, make, invent. 

u^«X>-1 fiidi, 8. a. (/em. of J^>-1), One. 

«JM Jk»>\ dh^lyy^t, 8, a. The quality 

of being unique ; the unity of God. 
jl^l idurar, *. pi. a. {of ^ hiirr). 

Freemen ; noblemen. 
^^^ ihraz, «. a. An obtaining, gaining, 
reaching; \ — , — et, «.«. To obtain, 
gain, reach. 

^1^1 llurJdc, 9. a. A burning, con- 
suming by fire; \ — ^ — et, t>.a. To 
bum, consume by fire. 

A^^ fiirim, 8, a. Sacred vestment of 
the pilgrims at Mecca; a kind of 
woollen tissue, covered on one side 
with little twisted bullions. 

\J'^ ^zan, 8.pLa, (of ^j>^ hum), 
Griefe, sorrows ; — , ihzan. 8. a. 
Vezmg, grieving. 

^^L*i>-V Ihsan, 8. a. A benevolent act ; 
goodness, kindness ; a present (to an 
inferior); \ — , — et, ©.«. To give, 
make present; — , v,n. To have the 
kindness, do the favour, be so kind, 
&c. [bering. 

L^i>-t ihsa, 8. a. A counting, num- 

jUi»^1 ihzar, t. a. A bringing into some 
one's presence, producing; citing to 
appear, summoning; \ — , — et, To 
produce, bring into presence. 

cMsJi ^f ad, 8. pi. a. (of Juto. hand). 
Grandsons; posterity. 

jlS»-l Ihklk, 8. a. A rendering justice, 
righting; \ — , — et, v.a. To right, 
(authoritatively) ; f J^ jlS>.^ Ihklb'- 
-hlkk-et, vji. To right any one 
(authoritatively; lit to right one's 

/X^ jihkyam, 8. pi. a. {of S^ hiikm, 
not used in this sense). Tenouis^ 
meaning ; orders, commands, requisi- 
tions, ordinances (discoverable in 
writings); influences (of the stars); 
— t Ihkyam, 8. a. A strengthening, 
fortifying, consolidating. [dark. 

\ khmsr, a, a. Red; tawny, swarthy, 
\ Uim^k, a. a. Stupid. 

J^^l Uiwal, 8. pi. a. (of Jl>- hal). 
States, conditions, situations. 

L9A ihya, 8. pi. a. (of ^ hlyy). 
Those who are alive, the living ; — 





Ihya, t. a. A raiaiDg to life, anima- 
ting ; a TesuBcitation, reanimating ; 
a Tendering yigorous, powerful, popu- 
lous, cultivated; \ — , — et, v.a. To 
animate, give life to; to reanimate, 
restore to life; to give new vigour 
to, enforce anew ; to make populous ; 
to restore from neglect or ruin, 
renovate; to bring into cultivation, 
reclaim (waste lands); to pass (the 
night) watching or in activity. 
^\^\ ihyan, *. pi, a. (of ^^^^ hin), 

Times, moments; l)l;f>-t idiyinon, 
ad. a. Now and then, ^m time to 
time, at times, sometimes. 

li\ti-] ikhafjB, s. a. A frightening ; \ — , 
^-et, ©.a. To frighten, to menace. 

j\^\ ikhbar, «. p/. fl. (o/^ khlbKT). 
News, informations, reports; — , 
ikhbar, «. a. A giving intelligence, 
informing; \ — , — et, vm. To com- 
municate (information). [star-fish. 

^m^\ Mihtap6t. «. g, (oxraroioc). The 

Jgs>:SA MtiUm, «. a. Tlie being 
finished ; completion ; ^J^^^ — , 
— ^bdlmak, vm. To be completed. 

fi^^ Uchtsr, «. p. A star. 

efy;e>^\ ikhtira", «. a. An inventing, 

invention; \ — , — et, v,a. To invent 
j\taitS^\ ikhtisaar, s. a. A shortening, 

abbreviation; \ — , — et, ©.«. To 

abbreviate. [devotion, friendship. 

^t^e;s;.\ ikhtisslss, s. a. Devotedness, 
MoxSA Ikhtif a, 9. a. A hiding one's self, 


\cissA ikhtilAt, s. a. A mixing with, 
intercourse; \ — ^ — et, v,n. To mii, 
have intercourse. 

fcifU'.'Ct IkhtiUf, 8, a. Difiereoce, want 

of agreement variation; \ — , — et, 
V.II. To differ ; to vary, ^;^u-tt^'^^ 
)khtilXft-mlnziU', (Difference of place 
of observation) Parallax. 

JXlsLt ikhtilal, «. a. Troable, sedition ; 
confusion, derangement. 

j\&^\ Mtiyar, a. /. Old, aged; — . 
«. i. An old man ; — , «. a. Choice, 
option ; \ — , — et ».«. To choose ; to 
prefer ; to undertake or submit to in 

ijfj\sji^\ ikhtiyari, a. a. Of choice, 

iXe^^ iikhz, s. a. A taking ; a receiving ; 
\ — t — et t?,a. To take, to receive; 
U3A|^i^aL^ akhz-u-i"ta. Buying and 
selling, commerce, trade, traffic. 

jdA akhtr, a. a. The last; j^^/^y, 
yil(vmu-'l-akhir. The last day; — , 
s. a. The end; condumon; — , 
ikhi^, a. a. Other, another ; j-'^SL^I 
akhiru-'l-^mr, ad. a. At last, at 
length ; lastly, in conclusion. 

fl^l^l Ikhraj, 8. a. A putting out, 
pulling out extraction; subtraction; 
A prolonging, producing (in mathe- 
matics) ; expense ; \ — , — et «.«. To 
pull out extract; to subtract; to 
prolong, produce; cZ^Wl^l Ikhra- 
jat, 8. pi. a. Expenses, outgoings. 

iZJj>^\ akhtr^t, t. a. The future state; 




^^\^ZJ>J^ iikbirht-bghlv or cJJj/.l 

akhtr^tlik. An adopted child. 

c^j^t ukhi^vi, a, a. Relating to the 

future life. [Other, another. 

«J?^^ dkhr^, a. a. (fern, of ^\ ikkhkr), 

fAz^ Ikhshom (Ik-). '. /. The 

^JaL4\L>] XkshaiDlamak (aor,Jix\lS'\ 
^^homlor), v.n. To become evening ; 
to pass the evening. 
opA dkh^sss, a. a. More, most, or 
very special, intimate, or pure. 
i>>i idchzj^, a. a. Green. 
j\^\ ikhtar, 8. pL a. {of Jai^ khXtar), 
Dangers ; — , fthtar, 8. a. A patting 
in mind, calling to one's attention; 
\ — J — et, CO. To recall to one's 
mind; — ^ r.ji. To warn, put upon 
one's guard, call one's attention. 
UsLi ikhfa, 8. a. A hiding, secreting, 
•concealing; \ — , — et, v.a. To hide, 
secrete, conceal. 
J^\ Jdchghsr, 8. p. Charcoal, a piece 
of charcoal; a piece of burning 
charcoal. [devoted attachment. 

^lU^l Ikhlass, 8. a. Sincere and 
L!U^t jOchlat, 8. pL a. {of laL^, not 
nsed)^ The humours of the body, 
blood, bile, phlegm, and hlaek-Mle; 
— , ychlXt, ». t, A wild pear. 
uJl^t Uchlaf, 8. pL a. {of uJlf^- 

khjdef;. Successors; posterity. 
j)U\ i^hlak, 8. pi. 0. (0/ jU khOlk). 
MonJ qualities, points of character 
or disposition; (of jU khAlk), 

Creatures ; human creatures ; ^Ic 
jlr^f ")lmi-ikhlak. Ethics, moral 
science, metaphysics. 
JlU>t ikhlal, 8. a. A putting in dis- 
order, deranging, spoiling; \ — , — et, 
v.a. To spoil, derange, disorder. 
{j^j>'\ ikhwin, 8. pL a, {of j\ not 
wed). Brethren; comrades, fellows; 
oo-reUgioHists. [brotherhood. 

iZ^jjA ukhihrvet, «. o. Fraternity, 
jySA (Ikhtr), 8. p. A stable; j^J;*-* 
miri-akhdr (emrakh6r), Master of 
j\ kd, 8» t. A name. [the horse. 

\o\ hdtL, 8, a, A paying ; a fulfilling ; a 
manner ; a tone ; grace or affectation 
of manner or tone ; \ — ^ — et, r.a. 
To pay; to fulfil. 
^^tJ1 adab, 8. pL a. {of i^j\ hdeh). 
Manners, modes of behaviour; gentle- 
manly behaviour. 
^JlAjS Mat, 8. a. An instrument, im- 
plement, tool; a particle (in grammar). 
ifj^ti\ idara, 8. a. A causing to turn 
round, revolve, or circulate ; the con- 
duct of business, supervision, super- 
intendence; economy; savings; \ — , 
— et, v.a. To cause to turn round, 
revolve, or circulate; to conduct, or 
superintend ; to save by economy ; 
— , v.n. To be economical. 
^\(}\ IdAk, 8, t. A vow; an oflfering 

made according to a vow. 
iZj\j\J\ Mawat, 8, pL a, {of iZj\J\ 
hdst), Instruments, implements, tools ; 




i,^\ Meb» «. a. Modesty, politene88» 

good mannen, respectful behaviour; 

L^j\^jj txrki-^deb, A want of 

proper respect; i^^^Jjt ^deb- 

jMM» The priTities. 
jIjjI idbar, #• «• A going backwards 

or downwards (in the world); ad- 

J\eLjt idkhal, «. a. An mtrodncbg, 

causing to enter; \ — ^ — et, o.a. To 

introduce, cause to enter, 
^^jt ^dibh, «. t. A namesake. 
j)jj\ idrar, «. a. A flowing, or causing 

to flow, copiously (wine, milk, fcc); 

a bestowing abundantly. 
CJ^JC^ )drak, #. a. An overtaking, 

coming up with; an understanding, 
comprehending; comprehension, in* 
telligence; \ — , ^-et, vm. To com- 
prehend, understand ; to catch, come 
up with, overtake ; to be partly con- 
temporaneous with (one who was 
bora earlier). [Adiianople. 

ijjj\ Edboi, 9. t. The town of 

Ujt )ddt"a, «. a. A pretennon, daim, 
pertinacions assertion ; \ — , — et, vm. 
To assert pertinaciously, to maintain ; 
— t 9.n. To be pertinacious in asser- 
tion. [Prayers; thanksgivings. 

4jft*>< M"Jyy£, f . pi. a. (of U J di' a). 

Jkc3Ij^ Idlamuk (aor. Jij\ Idlar), v.a. 
To measure by paces ; to step over. 

4}j^ ^illi, «. pi a. {of JJj dm). 
Guides; indications; proo&, argu- 

^j\ adsm(ldAm), t. «. A man; a hnmsn 
creatuie; an agent, servant, mes- 
senger ; a person ; somebody ; (in 
negations) nobody ; aJ^ lzJj'A^^ 
HJ^^ti-AdBm, Adam, the fiilher of 
BNnkiDd: ^\jJ btoi-adKn. the 
sons of men, mankind ; — Idnn, ir. t. 
A step, pace. 

^jI«j1 idmin, t . a. The fiuality, or power 
of endurance, gained by long practice. 

^l<Ltj\ Idimlamak (oor. jl«i>^ Idimlar). 
v,a. To measure by paces. 

^y«^1 adsmi, a. a. Human; ^;U^^ 
adimiyyan, #. pL a* Human beings, 

U jf ^dna, a. o. Leas ; the least, [men. 

llyy\ Mviyyi, «. pi. a. (qf \yd d^wa). 
Medicines, drugs. 

ffbti\ ^dh^, «. a. A bladt horse. 

^t}\ Myan, «. pi. a. {of ^*> din), 

w^jt Mib, a. and 9. a. Modest, polite, 
well-behaved; refined in mind and 

t j1 ha^ Molestation, hurt. [manners. 

<J^4)\ izal4» 9' <• A melting, canang to 
melt ; \ — ^ — et. To melt, bring into 

^C^ ^zan, 9. a. Hie call to prayer; 
JUy^ — • — 6kinnak, To perform 
the call to prayer. 

^U jt )z"ig, 9. a. A teasdng, wonymg, 
urging; 1—. — et» r>.a. To tease, 
wony, urge. 

^le Ji iz"an, «. a. A complying, acting 
in obedience; a comprehending, un- 


[896 ] 


jl^jt hzkykr, ». pL a. (of j^J z)kr)» 
Seryioes of prayer and praise. 

L^j) bzkiya, s. pL a. (of ^J zWa), 
Men of intelligenoe. 

^43 1 Izn (Izin), PenniasioD, leave ; 
CJ^^ — , — vBrmek, To give 
leave, grant permiaaion ; to discharge, 
dismiss. [Minds, intellects. 

^Ift4>1 ^zhan, 8. pL a. (of ^J zilm), 

Jbj\ ^zjal, *• pi. a, (of Jj*3 zfeyl). 
Skirts; appendices, 

(ju«o j1 ^^77^t, 8. a. Pain, tortnre, suf- 
fering ; \ — , — et» VM, To cause 
pain ; to put to tlie torture, to 
torture ; CXo j — » — virmek, v.*. 
To cause trouble, or suffering; to 
teaze. [J\ ^ghxr), c.p. If. 

•f hCp 8. t. A man ; a husband ; — (for 

\j\ dra» 8. t. The midst; an interval; — 
ara, 8. pi. a. (of sJ\j rh'j). Opinions ; 
— , ara, a. p. (in compo8Uum), Adorn- 
ing, which adoma. 

t» U8e\ Scandal ; false rumours. 

Mj\j\ mdi, 8. a. The will, voUtion ; a 
rescript, command, injunction ; »j\j\ 
U^ Irad^'i-ky^lvy^, The Divine, or 
miiversal wiU; jJj^*8j\j\ Irad^'i- 
-j^'lyyB, Human, or partial will, free- 
will; ij\lAj^*9j\j\ brad^'i - ahahauB, 
An imperial rescript. 

J j|^^ Brazil, 8. pi. a. (of JOj\ ^rzU), 
The vilest men. [adorned. 

is,^\j\ araaatB, a. p. Equipped; prepared; 

jK^Jy&^t ^Irashdtrmak (aor. jj^]j\ 

Irashdirir), v.a. To cause search or 
inquiry after to be made. 

^]j^ iirazT, *. pi. a. (ofjoj\ Jffz), Lands. 

si\^ Iraka, 8. a. A shedding, pouring 
out, spilling ; ^— , — et, v,a. To shed, 
spin, pour out; Uj-»4jljt Iriika'i-dlma, 
A shedding of blood. 

fj\j\ dralfk, 8. t. An interval, space ; an 
interval of time; a time. 

m\J^ aram, yj^ji aramish, 8. p. Repose, 

(J^^ Iramak (aor. J^J^ Arar), v.a. To 
seek, look for, search after, inquire 
for ; to miss, feel the absence or want 
of; to search (a place, pockets, fcc). 

\J^J^ arayish, 8. p. An adornment, an 

4^b;l ^rblb, 8. pi. a. (of i^j rlbb, tiot 
in M8e in ihk 8eMe\ Possessors, 
owners ; persons endowed with ; 
people occupied about; competent 
and fitting persons ; people belonging 
to, or occupied with ; (m a Turkish 
8ingfdar) a competent and fit person ; 
L^\jji^(^j rXbbu-l-ferbib, The Lord 
of Lords, God. 

^j\ ^b&" (fem. lnJij\ ^ba"^), a. a. 
Pour. [a. a. Forty. 

^^yMj< feTba"in (narehf {^^j^ ferba"un), 

l^\ krpa, 8. t. Barley ; J^^^^ i^rpojik, 
8. t. {lU. little barley-corn), A sty on 
the eye; the dispart or sight-piece 
placed near the muzzle of fire-arms ; 
^^*j^\ itrpa-sdyu, (bailey-water) 




(^^^ ikrpalik, «. t. Barley afield or 
Barley-money^ The title under wliicli 
▼arious districts were given to certain 
functionaries, under the old system, 
now abolished, and from the rerenaes 
of which they were supposed, accord- 
ing to the feudal theoTy, to supply 
their horses with barley. 

)e>\fjj\ bliblt, 8. a. A beuig connected, 
connexion. [for, desiring. 

Uf^;^ ht^a, 9. a. An expecting, a wishing 

Jlar;^ irtthll, «. a, A change of abode, 
a journeying, migration ; the passing 
from this life; li^^tj — , irtthllt-dan'- 
-b^a,The passage to the world(abode) 
of permanency; \—, -et, vm. To 
change one's abode, migrate ; to die. 

o\*y3j\ irtidad, «. a. Apostacy, an apos- 
tatizing (from isslam). 

aLJ^^ irtiasam, «. a. A being marked or 
remarkable ; /XjtJiLZfJy^ m^v^ddet- 
-htissam, Bearing the stamp of affec- 

\Ljj\ irtisha, «. a. The receiving a bribe. 

f^/ Irtifa", a, a. Height* elevation; 
altitude ; cUJ^^ls^U ghayeti-lrtifa", 
(astr.) (extreme) meridian altitude. 

^j\ Irtik, a. /. Over and remaining ; 
— , ad, U (with a negative) no more ; 
never again ; (with an affirmative) 
now, at last; under those circum- 

\S^ Irtika, i. a. A going upwards, 
rising; advancing in rank; increasing. 
r^i^J^ fartikyab, «. a. The committing 

any bad act, a stooping to anythiig 

base; \ — ^ — et, ©.a. To commit, 

stoop to. 
(j^^ ^mok (aor,j\jj\ kttar), vm. To 

augment, increase, become more in 

quantity or degree. 
ilX4Jj\ Mtmek (aor. j^^ hndat), v. a. 

To melt, fuse, liquefy, dissolve. 
Cp^lJ^f brtiyab, #. a. Doubt. 

^>1J^ hras^ 9, a. Inheritance ; U^l irssin, 
ad, a. By inheritance. 

JAAi>^j\ ^ijum^d, a. p. Noble, worship- 
ful, excellent. 

aU^^ ^ham, t. pi. a. (of ^j rahm), 

Belatives (on the mother's sidi^ or in 

f^^ ^rhsm, a. a. More, moat, or veiy 
merciful and compasaonate ; m>-J^ 
^jiJ^)\ Erhimu -V-rahimin, The 
Most Merciful of those who show 
mercy, Gk>d. 

le^^t bkha, 9. a. A loosening. alackiDg ; 
t^l:kfivj\fi^^ irkhayt-"ban-et, ».», 
To slack the reins, give a liorse his 
head, to start on a journey. 

Cfj\ krdt 9. t. The back side of anything; 
the space behind anything ; Mjuc^JfJ 
2^rdi-s)ra, ad, t. Immediately following 
it (him or her) ; Ijcm^^ iUrdim-sira, 
After me ; %j»\^^J^ ikrdin^-alra. After 
thee ; &c. &c. 

^J\ iirdij, 9, t. Juniper. 

J J;^ or ^JS\a>^ J J;\ ErdM or Erdcl- 
•miml^kiti, a. i, Transylvanku 

J J;1 6rdu, 9, i. A camp ; an army. 




Jfc3;t hnA, a, a. More, most, or very vile. 

^jj\ ^rzlk, ». pL a. (of ^Jj rJzk, not 
u$ed in this sense), Proyisions, com, &c. 

^;ljj\ ^rzan, s,p. Deemed fit and worthy; 
(J^J^yi^JJ^ tosan-bdyumuik, v,a. To 
deem fit and worthy; ^J^jj^ brzani, 
«. p. A deeming fit and worthy. 

jjjl knv, 9. p. Wiah, desire ; \ — , — et, 
v.a. To wish, to desire, to long for ; 
kJ^^^jJ^ i^uk^, «Vs^Jj^ iu^um^nd, 
a, p. Desirous. 

JL^\ brsal, 9. a. A sending, forwarding, 
despatching ; \ — , — et, v.a. To send. 

^JLb^ iirsslan (XsslAn), s. t. A lion ; 
j^t^\ (IsslAnlt), ij^j^ irsslanl, 
a, t, A piastre (term used onfy by 
aucHoneers and criers). 

jL&;t kshad, 8, a. A showing the 
right way, directing truly ; a teaching 
the true religion or tenets; \ — y 
— et, v,a. To put in the right way 
(moral or physical). 

^^^Ji or ^j^J^ arshin, «. U Tbe 
Turkish yard, of which there are 
two; one called y^y^j[}<^^f^ ml"- 
mar-2krahJni, architecfs yard, of 29^ 
inches English, the other named 
tjyfj^^j>' (ch6ha)-2ur8htnt, cloth 
yard, of about 28 inches; the first 
is divided into 24 JU^ pidrmak, 
inchet; the latter mto 8 ilJi Hib" 

^j\ Jarz, *. 4. Land ; fjoj^ y 
Vy^i'i'-hrL, The world, the terra- 
queous globe; a terrestrial globe. 

fi/^J 1 or (^jjij^^ Am-rOm, 8. t. The 
city of Erzeroum. 

liyf irza, 8, a, A satisfying, contenting, 
making willing; \ — , — et, v.a. To 
make willing, content, satisfied; to 
obtain one's consent, or assent. 

^U;1 ^h^, 8. t. Warp of cloth, the 
threads stretched lengthwise in 

i}\£j\ Irgh^t, 8. g. A labourer. 

^\^j\ ^ghawln, 8. p. Judas-tree; 
^^yj^ ^rghawani, a. p. Red, as 
the flowers of the Judas-tree. 

Ju\ krV, 8. t. A small water-course for 
irrigation ; — , Ank, a. /. Thin, lean. 

fMj\ ferkam, 8. pi. a. (of Jjj riJcAm). 
Arithmetical figures; written charac- 
ters; diplomas, commands. 

^jfy^ Irkuri (iiyktrt), a. and ad. t. 
Thwartwise ; slantwise ; exorbitant, 
out of bounds or reason. 

^J\ iixka, 8. t. The back; support, 
protection ; a patron, protector. 

yjij\ ^rkyan, 8. pi. a. (of ^j r^kn). 
Pilasters, pillars, columns; customs, 
rules ; chief men, people of rank and 
influence, ministers ; c->^->-^Lj;\ 
^kyani-hkb. The staflf of an army. 

^\ ^hech, 8. t. A male goat. 

Ci^l ^rkek, 8. t. A male ; a man ; — , 
a. i. Male. 

CX«i[;^ bkmek (aar. jSsJ\ brkxr), v.n. 
To stagnate, become stagnant and 

^J\ ferken, a. and ad. t. Early ; — , 




^rgh^n, f . t, A badidor, unmarried 
man; C^L^l ^rghenlik, t. t. Pim- 
ples on tlie £ue of young people. 

^U»«^t ^rmaghXn (innighXn), A pre- 
sent^ gift 

^}^j\ ^rmel (fern. ^j\ hm€ii), f . a. A 
widow; a widower. 

a^U;^ Erm^JB, «. ^ Tlie Armenian 
language ; ^Jnnm\^j\ Erm^niastan, «. /. 
Armenia; if>^j^ Erm^ni, #. t. An 
Armenian ; ^-, a. /. Armenian. 

Jj^t armud, «. ^ A pear; ^^j9r^^«>^^ 
&rmud-i^AAJt» A pear-tree; ^jf^\ 
— , — lltmt, A pear-ahaped gold 
TOflHallmn^ worn by women or children, 
on tlie ci^, on tlie forehead, or sus- 
pended round the neck. 

l^j\ krma, t. t, (of lialitm arigim), A 
coat of arms; the rigging of a ship. 

^\ hrwn, ad. part, (of i^X^jA irmek 
or ermek, to arrive at), An adept, one 
initiated into the mysteries of any 
order or secret society, one who has 
arrived at the truth; Jijj\ tnmlxr, 
term used by the old B^ktlshi der- 
vishes to designate themselves and 
those affiliated to their order: they 
were in reality atheists or pantheists. 

Jj\jj\ Amawd, a. /• Albanian ; — , $. t. 
An Albanian, Albania. 

-l|jl ^rwah, 9. pi. a. (of -^^ ruh). 
Souls, spirits; spirituous liquors. 

»j\ hni, 9. p. A saw ; ii\e^»j\ ^rra- 
-khan£, A saw-mill. 

ijj\ Xri, «. ^. A bee ; ^^*-J^^|^l*i y^bAU- 

-Irtsst, A drone (bee of the wilds) ; 

^^^j\il^JU\ ^ek-lrnsi, A waqi; 

tyV^^ Xri-k6w4nt, A bee-luve; 

^^JJ^ hijtk, 9, pi. a. (o/^j rih). Winds. 
Cii^l ferik, 9. t. A plum ; ^^Ji^j^ 

kOrv-^rik (dried plum), A prune; 

L5^^^V^'^* iK^v^^n^ - hngla^ A 

Orleans plum ; ^Ss^Ji^tiy^ blrdtfk- 
-^ri^ili. Hie egg-plum ; &c., &c. 

AXJ t1 hnkMt 9. a. A throne. 

CXtJjl ^rimek (aor. j^J^ ^rir), e ji. To 
melt, become melted, fused, liqpiefied. 

Jl Is, a. t. Little in quantity ; few in 
number; — ^ ad. t. Seldom; little; 
— , 9. t. The leas pert ;jl;i bbr-Xz, A 
little ; a few ; \j^j^ji bk-lzdon. In 
a little while, shortly, by-and-bye, 
presently ; (ji>\^ Izajtk (ifisi.), A 
very little in quantity, the least 
quantity ; — 2z, i. p. Vdiement lost 
and desire, avidity, cupidity, oovetous- 
ness ; — , ^z, pr, p. Fkt>m ; of; by. 
through, over, under. 

«^lj\ azad (IzXd), a. p. Free ; enfran- 
chised, set at liberty; — ^ 9.p. Yt^tb- 
dom, enfranchisement ; \ — ^ — et» v.a. 
To give freedom, enfranchise. 

j( j\j\ azadn, a. p. Free, exempt. 
j|jl azar (Xzar), «. p. Blame, repri- 
mand ; — ^ a. p. (in compound words), 
Which vexes, troubles, pains; Jo 
j]j1 dU-azar, Giving trouble to the 





{^/^})\ azariah, s, p. Yezatioii, trouble ; 
angniah, pain, 

i^J^j]j\ Xzarlamak (aor. jij^j^ Izarlar), 
o.a. To scold, reprimancL 

illjl Izals, «• a. A removing, cansiiig 
to disappear, obliterating, annihi- 
lating; \ — t — et, VM. To remove, 
extirpate, eradicate, obliterate, anni- 

^Jh«I|j1 XzAlmak (<Bor,jj\j\ IzaI^), v,n. 
To diminisb, g^w less in number, 
quantity, or degree. 

JuJjlijI izbi^dit, 8. t. (Italian), A 
highwayman, bandit, outlaw. 

jjj\ ^bir, M ^jfj\ ^bsrdfln. By 
heart; mid CXJ^jl ^birl^ek, v.a. 
To learn by heart. 

^W Jjt izdtham, s. a. A collecting to- 
gether in crowds ; a crowd, [in pairs. 

ttV^^ )zdiw2j, 8. a. Marriage; being 

*}\jjj\ Izdiyad, 8. a. An increasing, 
increase, augmentation ; JU^^ — » 
— bdlmak, v.*. To increase, be aug- 
mented, [tressed. 

«J;j1 azjkrds, a. p. Hurt ; afflicted, dis- 
zjj\ ^zrlk, a. a. Blue. 

{i)^j\ or ^^fii^)^ Izg^to, a. t. Depraved, 
rebellious, refusing all restraint ; 
furious; in heat; grown beyond all 
natural or usual bounds. 

\Jj\ ^zkiya, 8. pi. a. {of ^J^j z^. 
The good, pure, virtuous. 

Jj\ ^zeU •. a. Ptot eternity; JjS^^;^ 
min-el-^zd, ad. a. From all eternity; 
J|;\ ^zai, a. a. Who has ezii 

from all eternity; wuJjl ^z^yy^ 
8. «. Quality of having eternally 

{<j\ 2zma, a. p, (m camp.). Who 
knows, who has learnt^ has had ex- 

^J^j\ bsman, 8, pi. a. {of ^Uf z^rnXu), 
Times, seasons, epochs ; — , IznULn, 
a. t. Grown out of all natural or usual 

^j^ji Iznmk {aor. ^tj) Xzar), vji. To 
become depraved, rebellious (man); 
to become furious, or in heat (animal); 
to grow beyond all natural or usual 
bounds ; — Ji,**^ dush — , To take a 
lascivious form (a dream) and cause 

cX«;t ^zmek {aor. jj\ ^zsr), v.a. To 
crush, bruise, pound, triturate, smash. 

A«^\ ^zmioB, 8.pL a. {of ^^j zdmin). 
Times, seasons, epochs. 

ifJ^I azmuds, a. p. (m con^po8Uum), 
Who has learnt, experienced. 

l^^ Izma, 8. t. A becoming rebellious ; 
furious ; a growing beyond all usual 
bounds ; a monster ; — , ^hnm^ 8. 
pi. a. {of Akj zimam). Reins. 

j»jl Izt, and ^j^^)\ Izi-dlshi, t. /. A 
canine tooth ; a tusk, tush. 

^^)\ fezwAj, 8. pi. a. {of ^^j zkvj). 
Couples, pairs; spouses, husbands, 
wives. [Plowers. 

Jjbj\ ^zhar, 8. pi. a. {of ify^j z^hra), 

jibj] hzhht, a. a. More, most, or very 
shining, splendid, brilliant. 




jj;t ^zhdir, \Mjiij\ ^shdxriia, and Uj;! 

^zhdiha» #. j9. A dragon. 
4^\ iM, #. a. The myrtle; — , &B88, 

«. a. A foandation, basis. 
Ut aaaa, a. p. (m campMiium), Ukt, 

jTijjU ^saatizB, «. ;i/. a. {of oU 

^tlz, /or j\smA ilsstad, #. p.)t Mas- 
ters (of an art or science). 
\jLA bMik, s. pi. a. (o/j^\ ham). 

Captives, prisoners of war ; slaves on 

^^\mA ^ssaaa, t . a. Foundation ; basis ; 

fundamental rule or principle. 
j^\^\ assatir, «• pi. a. Fables ; j^\^\ 

^ji \ ^^ssattr - ul - ^wwMina, The 

fables of the ancients, myths. 
JiU ^asafil, ». pi. a. {of JLA ^asf^). 

The lowest classes, ranks, or places. 
l^\mA ^sama, t. /. Ticket or document 

for pay and rations under the old 

Janissary system. 
^Lif ^ami, a. (of m1 issm). 

(2)U asaan, a. |i. Easy; JlliLt assan- 

Uk, #. /. y^\^\ assani, 8. p. Ease, 

^^L«f aasaytsh, 9. p. TVanquillity. 
s^mB*\ hnh, $.p. A horse. 
CptUxi^ ^blb. 9. pi. a. (of 1^ .;..! 

s^beb). Reasons, motives ; materials ; 

means ; (Jar f^\y\ ^sswAb, clothes, 

clothing) ; (..^Lii^t ^^ ; , t m^ss^b- 

bibn-1-^bIb, The causer of all 

means, God. 

^jfmi\ ^ssbi^k, a. a. Former, laat but oq« 
(in past time), or any former. 

f^t hBhu", t. «. ipl. t??^\ Ja«abi").J 
A week. [SpinaclJ 

c)\jLJ or CJ^^I isapftnak, s.t. 

ULrft Isaplnyo, «. t. Spain. 

jJLiLxil Isspanyali, a.t. Spanish; — , 
t. i. A Spaniard. [nationality). 

ji^\ Isspir, 9. t. A groom (of Ronmelian 

jls^l ilssUid, 9. p. c\i^\ ilsataz, s.a. 
A master in any profession or calling. 

ul&Mil isstiLda. a. p. (m compoiition). 

J W tetar, 9. pi. a. {fif j^ akr). Vails, 
curtaina; — , Isstar, a./. lining; 
coarse doth fit only for linings or for 
clouts. [lobster. 

^^^\&J\ isst^oss, a. /. (GreeA), A 

^Lut assitan, 9.p^ A threshold; a 
royal court or hall ; A}u«»^ aasitani, 
9. p. A threshold; a royal court or 
hall; the capital* Constantinople. 

J^ Isstlinb61, 9. t. Constantinople; 

ij^^^<i^ Isstavross, 9. t. {Gredi:), A 
cross, crucifix ; sign of the cross. 

t>t JuSMff Isstibdad, a. a. Absolute and 
independent power. 

J\j^«fi««) isstibdal, a. a. A cbangiDg, 
giving one thing and receiving an- 
other ; the regular discharge of soldiers 
who have served their time, and the 
enlistment of fresh [recruits by ballot 
in the new system. 

JlS«&««t iBstisskXl, 9. a. A deeming any- 





one a bore, and showing it; \ — , — ^t» 

, v.a. To show anyone tliat yon deem 
Ikim a bore. 

\iz^\ isstissna, s. a. An excepting ; an 
exception ; \ — , — et, v.a. To except. 

^\ iisstuj (usatihQJ), Case of mathe- 
matical instruments (or surgical). 

C^lscLat isatijlab, s. a. An attracting, 
drawing to one; \ — , — et> v.a. To 
attract, draw to or upon one's self. 

^)La.»1 Isstlhsan, 8, a. An approving ; 
approval, approbation ; \ — , — et> v.a. 
To approve. 

JUa^cul Isstihsal, s. a. An acquiring, 
obtaining, gaining; acquisition; \ — ^ 
— et, v.a. To acquire. 

;U^1 Isstihkar, s. a. A treating with 
contempt; \ — , — et, v.a. To treat 
^ith contempt. [daim, merit. 

jUkL^ Isstihklk, 9. a. A right, just 

l»l^2CUi\ isstihkyam, s. a. Strength, 
solidity ; (JL^Ul^lfCUif isstihkyamat, 
fpl. a. Fortifications; the science 
of fortification; CJ^^ aIC^LsI 
isst&kyam-vsnnek, v.n. To fortify; 
to make strong, give solidity. 

^IflcLiI isstikhars, a. a. A looking for 
Bome dream, sign, or portent, which 
may serve as a guide in some business 
on hand. 

jLscLil Isstikhbar, s. a. A demanding or 
a receiving intelL'gence; \ — , — et, 
v.a. To receive intelligence; to de- 
mand inteUigenoe. 

f%\«^ku\ isitikhdam^ *. a. An employ- 

ing in one's service; ] — , — et, o.a. 
To employ as a servant or in an office. 

«p.LaCL«i\ isstikhrig, «. a. An extracting ; 
a deducing ; \ — , — et, v.a. To ex- 
tract; deduce. 

uJUicL»\ Isstlkhfaf, s. a. A looking 
upon as of no account; contempt, 
disdain ; \ — , — et. To despise, make 
no account of. [being perpetual 

^IjclmiI isstidams, s. a. Perpetuity, a 

^1 JcUifl isstidans, s. a. A borrowing. 

.^I^Jcuif isstidraj, 8. a. A gradual 
descent in wickedness, through a 
gradually increasing apparent success, 
but real temptation. 

U Jcurfl isstld"a, 8. a. A demanding ; 
a demand; \ — , — et, v.a. To demand. 

J^Jk^Mil isstidlal, 8. a. A concluding 
or deducing by means of indications ; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To deduce, to con- 

vr...->-l^^ isstirahat, 8. a. Rest, repose. 

jl^l bstirAk, 8. a. A stealing, thiev- 
ing; \ — , — et, v.a. To steal, thieve. 

U-^1 Isstirja, 8. a. A begging, pray- 
ing, soliciting; \ — , — et, v.a. To 
ask for, solicit. 

o\t}jiJ[ isstirdad, 8. a. A demanding 
restitution; a making^ restitution, a 
giving back; \ — , — et, «.a.'To de- 
mand restitution; to restore, give 
back. [oyster. 

^Jj^l Isstridiya, 8, t, {Greek), An 

jli^\ Isstirklk, 8. a. A reducmg to 
slavery, an enslaving. 

2 X 



U. r,ui\ iftstisska, t. a. The drops/ ; an 
offering of prayers for rain in time 
of drought 

$j\ZAa\ isstishars, t . a. A oonsolting, 
or deliberating with; \ — , — et, ©.». 
To consult, or deliberate wiUi. 

/X ^\ , a \ isstishmlm, «. a. A perceiving 
by the smell; a perceiving, compre- 
hending in a slight degree. 

LgA3g^^\ Isstisshlb (ss-h). t. a. A 
taking with one; an acquiring, ac» 
quisition; \ — , — et, v.a. To take 
with one; to acquire possession of. 

^^|^.ltfLi.l\ iBstisswZb, M. a. An improv- 
ing, approval. 

^Ua^.^^ lBStita"a, $, a. Power, ability. 

c\Jbs^\ Isstitrad, «. a. A digression. 

il ^lfl't irfl isstizhar, «. a. A seeking for 

Mj\MSma\ Issti"ar4 t. a- A borrowing, 
taking for temporary use ; a kind of 

^U&«il )s8ti"an^, #• a. A demand for 
assistance ; \ — » — et, v,n. To ask for 



JIb^'^I issti' jal, «. a. A hasting, baste. 

i>l«Xicu«il )ssti"dad, s. a. A state of 
preparedness; an inclination, ten- 
dency, predisposition; natural dis- 
position, genius, ability, talent. 

\ijCm»\ iB8ti"fa, «. a. A request to be 
superseded in office, a resignation; 
\ — , — et, VM. To beg to be allowed 
to quit office. 

fijCmA isati"lam, «. a. An official de- 

mand for information from inferior 
functionaries, an official inquiiy ; ^ — , 
— et, v,n. To address an official de- 
mand for information; to seek for 
information in generaL 

Jl^jCxM Issti^mal, «. a. A using, 
making use of, employing (things); 
\ — , — et, v.a. To use, make use of, 

Lmj\jtCm^\ Isstighrab, •• «. A beio^ 
struck with surprise, surprise, wondrr. 
j\iiCm»\ Isstilghfar, ». a. The addressisg' 
to God a prayer or ejaculation for 
pardon of sin by saying* ^^iic.^\ 
^sstl^hfiru-lliih, / a$k jmr^Um of 

IrtJCUy^ Isstlghna, 9. a. The not being in 
want; an accounting one's self free 
from want and therefoiB oontemning 

^,Jb^ Isstif, 9. U (Italkm), A packing 
or stowing; \ — ^ — et, vm. To pa<i 
OT stow. 

irjU:iUrf) isstif ads, 9. a. A reaping seise 
advantage ; a gain ; a learning ; s 
comprehending, gathering; \ — , —ft, 
v.a. To derive benefit, reap an advan- 
tage; to learn, to gatlier, comp]«- 
hend, understand. 

\sjG0^\ Isstifta, 9. a. An appltcation to 
a jurist (mufti) for a legal opinion 
on a case. 

^UamiI bstifragh, f. «. A ^omitiDf; 
\ — , — et, v,n. To vomit. 

jimJOmtA iaatifiBir, 9. a. An inquinng 




after; l^U^l-iaJ iBBtifsan-khltir- 
-et, v,n. To ask after one's health. 
A^g-.ti^ isstif ham, s. a. An effort or 
question made in order towards 
understanding anything; an inter- 
tiS-^-^Ur-M katiklmet, s. a. Rectitade, 
uprightness, integrity, probity ; 
straightness ; a straight direction. 
JLa^l..*! iBStikbll, «. a. A going forth 
to meet one ; a meeting face to face ; 
future time; \ — — et, t>.a. To go 
forth to meet; to meet face to face. 
j\jjKi.A kstikrar, s. a. Permanency, a 
not being liable to change, firmness, 
^jc\jSsi0A Isstikrlz, a. a. A borrowing ; 
a loan (of money); \ — , — et, vm. 
To borrow. 
Laa3^\ isstiksX, t. a. Minute attention. 
JiSsmA\ Isstiklal, «. a. Independency, 
absolute authority.; independent soye- 
CJ<:^^ Isstelc, $. t. Desire ; ylSjimdt\ 
isstekli, a. t. Desirous ; desirous to 
become purchaser. 
j\Jz^\ kstikbar, 9. a. Pride. 
i\J^ hutikrah, t. a. A loathing, 

looking upon as filthy. 

i^Uisat isstikshaf, «. a. An effort 

or question made to elucidate a matter. 

JU^jut Isstikmal, #. a. A completing. 

ilJcUiit isstiknah, 9. a. Minute attention 

in investigation. [ — et, vm. To hear. 

^^/C^\ lastima". t. a. A hearing; \ — , 

oVv4&..rfl isstimdad, 9. a. The demanding 

succour or help ; \ — , — et, v.n. To 
demand help. 
j\jAM Isstimrar, 9. a. Uninterrupted 

continuance in duration; \j\j ■4>s«>4\ 

isstimraron. Without ceasiog. 

^jAS^\ IssHmak {aor. jJum»1 issidir), 

v.a. To warm, to heat, make warm or 

CXcui«\ IsstEmek {aor,ji.J\ IsstEr), o.a. 
To wish, wish for, desire; to take, 
require; to demand, ask for; to ask a 
price. [mittent fever. 

iASmJi issitma, 9, t. The ague, inter- 

Jlf4S«0l Isstimhal, 9, a. The asking for 
a delay, term, or respite. 

JuImiI Isstinad, 9. a, A relying on for 
support^ taking as a basis of opera- 

tLiiMif isstinbXt, «. a. A deducing, 
inferring ; \ — , — et, vm. To deduce, 

^l&vSiirfl isstintaj, 9. a. The drawing a 
conclusion ; \ — , — et, 0.0. To draw (a 

^L-vr-rf^ Isstmsakh, «. a. The taking a 
copy in writing (of a book); \ — , 
— et, v.a. To copy. 

jUaiiSMit Isstintik, 9. a. An interroga- 
ting; interrogatory; \ — , — €t,r.a. To 
interrogate. [rejecting, disdaining. 

uJocJUiil isstinkyaf, 9. a. A refusing, 

1^1 Isstiwa, 9. a. Equality, evenness ; 
tjS^t la£^ khlttt-(i!ustuwa). The equi- 
noctial line, the equator. 

9 B 3 




j\fj ilsstawir. a. p. Krm. strong ; 
U>j\^\ itsstawarl. ,. p. flmness. 

^fi^^ iksstikpu, «. f. {Italian), Oakam. 

\jfi^\ i88tihza, «. a. A ridicnliDg; de- 
rision; \ — , — et, v.a. To ridicule, 
jI^XSmiI isstijar, s, o. A taking on hire ; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To take on hire. 

^Xp^\ isstizan, $, a. An asking for 
permission ; \ — , — et, vm. To ask for 
permission. [eradicating. 

iJlduSMi\ kstissll, t. a. An extirpating, 

C-^U^l iBSti"lb, t. a. A filling, 
coyering, occupying; \ — ^ — et, v,a. 
To take up, occupy, fill, cover. 

\Lfi0t»\ isstlfa, s. a. A pa3ring com- 
pletely (debts, or values); \ — , — et, 
o.a. To pay completely. 

IjUft isstlla, «. a. An overrunning, 
conquering (countries) ; \ — ^ — et, v.a. 
To overrun, conquer. 

^;U^t Isstiman, «. a. A demand by an 
alien for safe-conduct and immunity 
in a foreign or hostile country (espe- 
cially by non-Musslims in a Musslim 

^j;A^\ assitm, s. p. A sleeve. 

JmI ^ssed, 8. a. A lion. 

jMif ^r, #. a. The taking prisoner of 
war, making captive ; — , iissr, «. a. 

\j^\ ikss^ra, «. pL a. {of ^miI ^ssir). 
Prisoners of war, captives ; — , issra, 
«. a. A sending ; \ — , — et» o.a. To send. 

jI^I ^ssrar, #. /i/. a. (qf ^ shr). 

Secrets; mysteries; (IWrifc. wipular) 

the narcotic preparation of hemp. Arc., 

known as ban^, [ditnre. 

jUmi^ Issraf, t. a. A wasteful expen- 

CJw«^^ ^ifghdmek (aor.j^j^\ ^ssir- 

ghxr), v.a. To spare, to be chary of. 
ir^t ^ss^ri, «. /. The vowel-point for 
the vowels i and $ . 

dj\jk2tA ilisstuwanii, $. a. A oolamn ; 

a cylinder. 

j\jua\ to"ar, 9. pi. a. (of ju», noi used). 
Prices of commodities shown in a mar- 
ket roll. 

i^U««\ iss"af, #. a. A granting, conced- 
ing, complying with (a suit or request). 

ujLit hmd, ». a. Regret, sorrow. 

j\iL»\ fessHu*, «. pi, a, (of yu» s^fxr). 
Travels, voyages ; campaigns ; books. 

Ji^il ^ssf^l, a. a. More, roost, or very 
low; — , i, a. The lowest place ; the 
anus. [lead, ceruse. 

..IjuLi^ Issfidaj (ilsstub^ch), ».p. White 

Mj\jL»\ Issklra, s. t. Gridiron ; the bars 
of a grate; a griU, grilled or broiled 
food; \ — , — et, v.a. To grill, broiL 

LlLil Uskit, t. a. A causing to fall, or 
drop down, or off; \ — ^ — et, v.a. T6 
cause to M; f^^^^i^LU^t Issklti- 
-jhiin-et, v.n. To have a miscarriage. 

Jj Xi^l issklndil, a. t. A sounding lead 
and line ; \ — , — et, v.a. To sound the 
depth of anything; sound a person's 

\^jjL^ Issk6chia, »• t. Scotland ; 




^L^yLiI I88k6chiali, a. t, Scotch; — , 

9,1, A Scotchman. [mackerel. 

lSj^^LA dsskihnru, ». /. (Greek), A 
^yL»\ dsak&oa, s. t. {Italian), A 

C:^ICmi1 isskyat, 8. a, A causing to he 

silent, a silencing; a conyincing, a 

satisfying; \ — , — ei, v.a. To silence; 

to convince, satisfy. 
^iLrfi isskyan, 8, a. A causing to in- 
habit; an inhabiting; \ — ,* — et, v.a. 

To cause to inhabit ; — , v.n. To 

inhabit, dwell, liye, settle. 
CX^&SMit ^skitmek (oor. jJu^sutt 

^sskidir), v,a, {causal of kiXi>S^\ 

^sskimek), To wear out. 
ttkXdf Uskikdar, 8. t. Town of Scutari. 
^JiLiI issk^lE, 8, t. {Italian), A port, 

harbour; a landing-place, stairs, wharf; 

a scaffold; a platform. [A stool. 

jJuiLil isskEmls, ^j»aL>^\ isskEmni, 8, t, 
^^Cm»1 UskinJE, 8. t. The torture ; I — , 

— et, 9.a. To put to the torture, to 

^j JcJLtt Issk^nderun, 8, t, Alexandretta 

in Syria (Scanderoon), iJjt^^ Iss- 

k^d^lyyB, 8, t. Alexandria in Egypt. 
^Lit ^sski, a. t. Old (not new), ancient, 

of long-standing ; jSuCmjI bsskilsr, 8.pL 

Old dothes ; old members of any corps ; 

^^^s:jL^\ ^skiji, 8. t. Dealer in old 

clothes ; a cobbler. 
C.1 4>Xu»\ ^sskimek (aor.jLJi ^sakir), v,n. 

To wear out; to become old in senrioey 
to be of long standing. ^sslaf, 8, pi, a. {of lJ^^ thlei). 

/i!Li\ Isslam, 8, a. The Muhammedan 
religion, Islamism ; the Muhammedan 
Church or community; /•O Jjfel fehli- 
-isalaro, a member of the Muham- 
medan Church, a Mussulman, a Mu- 
hammedan ; jAJi^^^J^ sh^ykhu-l- 
-isslam (the Elder of the Muhammedan 
Church), the chief legist and jurist of 
the Turkish Empire ; Lr«lL»l hslami, 
a, a. Of, or pertaining to, the Mussul- 
man faith. 

^Ls^l ^saliha, 8. pi. a. (of ^ sUah), 
Arms, weapons. [method, manner. 

^JyMll ^slub, 8, a. Fashion, form ; 

ft0^\ Issm (Issim), 8. a, A name ; a noun, 
A noun substantive ; ^U^amiI issmi- 
-khlsss, A noun proper; #*lc^t issmi- 
- 'imm, A noun common ; Jm^oaJmI 
Issmi-tlfdtl, A noun or adjective of the 
superlative degree, being of the form 
Jjiii ^f"^ ; jjLaj£^\ Issmi-tXssghtr, 
A diminutive, being of the form J«a5 
^"^yl; j£U*«<f)ssmi-fa"il, The active 
participle, name of the actor ; ^yd^Jt^\ 
issmi-m^'ul. The passive participle, 
name of the receiver of the action ; 
In the name of God I (an ejaculation 
used whenever any work is about to 
be entered upon, and at the beginning 
of most books, as of every chapter of 
the Kur'an. It is rendered more 
complete by adding the terms, i»y^^i\ 




^J\. the companionate, the Tery 
merciful, when it is pronoanced, bl- 
.'gsmi-'Uahi-'r- lUhiDani-'r-IUJilm ; 
and to this is also sometimes appended 
f^\J^\^\j}\iyi^^yJi^ vi-la. 
-hkvla-v^-la-ki^vv^ta -'1- 
-"^lyyi-l-"A2im, and there ia no 
power or strength but through God, 
most high, most great). 

U-i) ^sma, «. pL a. {of ^ lasm). 
Names, attributes of God ; — , ^samk, 
a. a,fem^ Yerj exalted (j^roper name). 

^>A^\ assiman, t./». The skj ; heaven ; 
a sphere ; ^Ui»i1 assimans, A cieling. 

j^ ^m^, a. a. Dark of complexion, 
tawny. [blow (the wind). 

CXi^^ bssmek (aor.j^A ^sxr), vm. To 

•«4m»1 Essmir, s. t, Smyrna. 

jLtfil issnad, «. a. A causing to lean or 
bear upon ; an imputing, casting upon ; 
\ — , ^ et, e.a. To cause to lean, stand, 
or bear upon ; to impute, to cast upon. 

CXc»>t ^ssnsmek (aor. J»m»\ ^senxr), 
v.n. To gape, yawn ; to give, be elastic. 

jl^l ^swlk, s, pL a. (of tj^, not 
used). Streets ; streets of shops. 

t^y0»\ ^ssv^d, a. a. Black. 

iOy,d\ assOda, a. p, TVanquil, nndis- 
torbed, at rest ; ^^J^st^jJi assild^hl, 
i. p. Tranquillity, quiet, rest, repose. 

ot Jij^f issvidad, «. a. Blackness. 

Jtfiiil )sahal« a, a. Diarrhoea, looaeneas 
of bowels. 

M^^ ^sham, #. pL a, (of aH s^hm, or 
M0^ s^him), Shares, portions ; shares 

or assignments of stock, issued by the 
treasury at Constantinople, and bet- 
ing interest as a life annuity, but 
formerly transferable to any new life. 

f^^\ ^sahH, a. a. More, moat, or very 

Li«i\ ftssya* «. p. A mSl; — , «. i. Asia. 

^1 hmr (y^Ir), «. a. A pnaoner of 
war, a captive; a galley-slave (for- 
merly); a slave while in the market 
for sale, or on the road to a market 
t\ Xsh, $. U (old). Food ; ^^j^^ ^^ji. 
t. t. A cook ; CX^jl^jiS Ish-ysrmek, 
VM, To long for things to ^t (a prej^- 
nant woman) ; — , hak, s. f. A fellow. 
similar one, the second of a pair. 

CL>j\A\ Isharet, s, a. A sign ; a signal ; 
a mark; ] — » — et, v.m. To make a 
sign, signal, or mark; CJ^^C> — . 
^chekmek, To hoist a signaL 

dg\j^\ ish&"a, 8, a. A divulging, promul- 
gating; \ — , — et, c.a. To divulge; to 

^XiA Tabhghi, s, t. The lower part or 
portion ; — , a. L Lower in position, 
or rank ; — , ad. L Down lower; down. 

MMi\ ishbd, prcn. dem, t. Thia. [fulness. 

iLsJ^\ Ishtibah, «. a. Doubt ; doubt- 

jljoJtf Ishtidad, «. a. A becoming or 
being violent, vehement ; Tiolenc<p, 

j:JL\ iishtbr, s.p, A camel. [vdiemencT. 

\jlSi] ishtira, «. a, A buying, purdiasbg; 
\ — , — et, VM. To buy, puicfaaae. 

cJ^^t tshtirak, ». a. A posseaaing or 
acting in common. 




^UsJit bhti"al, 8. a, A breaking oat 
into flame, burning with flame; \ — ^ 
— et, v.n. To break out in flames ; to 
catch fire ; to bum with flame. 

iJUsJtt Isbtighal, «. a. A bebg occa- 
pied; an occupying one's self; 1—, 
— et, f7.ii. To be occupied; to occupy 
one's self. [deriyation. 

^ISiiiit ishtiklk, 8. a. A being derived, 

ICsmII lahtikya, 8. o. A complaining; 
\ — t — et, v.M. To complain, make 
complaint. [doubtful. 

cJK,". At Ishtikyak, 8. a. A being 

jUsn&l lahtimal, «. a. A comprehending, 
holding, containing. [To hear. 

OU'At }shitmek(aor.jJuiit Uhidir),t;.a. 

^zJL\ Ishti int. t. Here ! Lo ! Behold. 

IfM^it Iflhttha, «. a. An appetite; the 
feeling an appetite or desire for. 

jlf^l Ishtthar, 8, a, A becoming known 
or famous ; celebrity, fame. 
lUiAl Ishtiyik, 8. a. A longing for ; a 
longing to see. [Trees. 

^Is^t ^jar, 8. pL a. {pf jgj^ sh^jer), 

^Ub^I ^shkhass, 8. pL a. (of ^jas^ 
shi^khss). Persons. 

\jJ^\ ^hlrra 8. pL a. {pf jijL sh^rir). 
The mischieTous, malignant persons. 

c^l^t Ishrab, «. a. A giving informa- 
tion; f— , — et, o.a. To communicate 

j||^\ bbrar, #. pU «. {pf jijL), Mis- 
chicToast malignant persons; {of 
jJ^ ah^), ma, evils. 
i\jL\ ^shrif, 8. ph a. {of sJ^^Ji^ 

sh^rif), Tlie noble; nobles; the 
descendants of Muhammed; ^_ -p* 
U\jJ^1\ nlkibu-'l-bshraf. The chief of 
the noblet, title of an officer of high 
rank who is charged at Constantinople 
with a certain jurisdiction in matters 
relating to the pedig^ree and privileges 
of the descendants of Muhammed. 

immijJi»\ ^shr^f, a. a. More, most, or very 

noble or sacred. 
j\mJ^\ ^"ar, e.pLa. (of j^ shi'V), 
Pieces of poetry; — , a, a. A notify- 
ing; \ — , — et, v.a. To notify, com- 

JIaAI ish"al, 8. a. A lighting, causing 
to flame ; \ — , — et, «.«. To light, to 
make blaze. 

JUA\ bhghal, 8. pi. a. (of JiiA 
shilrghl). Occupations; — , ishghal, 
8. a. A giving occupation, occupying ; 
\ — , — et, 9.a. To give occupation, to 

iSjJL] ashiiftE, a. p. Bewildered, con- 
founded, astonished ; beside one's self 
with love. 

fjJ^\ Xahtk, 8. t, A knuckle-bone (which 
children play with). 

\JiJ^\ ^shk^a, 8. pi. a. (of ^^JL shc&i), 
Euffians, rascals ; rebels. 

CJsA\ ^shk, 8. p. A tear ; — , ^ek, 
8. i. An ass, donkey; jackass; a fool, 
stupid fellow; — , ^ahik, 8. I. A 
threshold ; a lintel ; ,jL&tc:Jl lit- 
-bahi^iU, A threshold ; ^J^\,-^ 
i!isst-^8hj^^« A lintel. 




XJ^\ aahilcyar, a. p. ManifeBt, evident, 
plain. [colt matter. 

ijiJL\ iahldl, #. a. A dabiooB or diffi- 

^2^X&\ ^ahlda, s. t. Hie amble; — , 
a, t. An amber, ambling ; iSX^n^ — 
^-ghltmek, v.*. To amble, to go the 
amble. [v.a. To graft, engraft, bud. 

jAL\ lahlamak {aor. J^\ Xahlar), 

^J^y&l lahmak (nor. j\L\ lahar), v.a. 
To go beyond, to pass over or 
beyond; — , o.ii. To cover (a stallion, 
a mare. Ice.) 

CJ*<.A1 ^ahmek {aor, ^ ^shsr), v.n. 
To go to the wars on horseback; to 
amble, go the amble; — ^ v,a. To 
scratch or dig holes in the earth. 

\iJU\ ashina, a, p. Knowing, acquainted 
with, accustomed to ; j3^f ashinalik 
(]Uhnalik), t. /. A bow, salatation, 
sign of friendly recognition, acquaint- 
ance, knowledge (of a person); \ — , 
^et, v.n. To bow, to make any sign 
of friendly recognition. 

^Ja:J^\ Ashmmak (aor. jjUJ^\ Ishinlr), 
VM, To wear away, be worn by 

CJ|^^ 2shub, «. p. Confusion, tumult. 

(J^*^^ Ishtrmak (aor, jjyJi»\ Ishtnr), 
v.a. (cauaal of ^JaJ^^), To cany, or 
cast over or beyond, to send, project, 
to pass. [bounds. 

^jy^\ Xshtn, a. and ad, t. Beyond 

4>\|^t ^abhid, «. pi. a. (ofJJb\J^ ahahid), 
Witnesaea ; — , iriihad, «. a. To cite 
or bxing forward as a witness. 

LSil ^ya, 8. pi. a. (of ^^ «h^r)' 
Things ; goods, chatties ; merchandize. 

^Libf ashyan. ij\JU\ ashyans, 9. p. 
A nest. 

UmI^I issabet, 9. a. A hitting the 
mark, attaining the object ; a striking, 
hitting, or falling upon; — ^ m^. ^. I am 
glad of it» that is as it should be; 
\ — t — et, r.*. To hit, strike, attain, 
ftU upon; to do what should be ; 
j\ — ^ — 61, oji. To be as it should 


ksJUt Xssal^t, 9. a. Nobility of ex- 
traction; the quality of being the 
real officer, and not the temporary 
substitute; jJislU lasal^u, a. U 
Noble; 2U Issal^tsn, ad. a. As 
the real and permanent officer, not as 
a substitute. [An inch. 

^^\ i^ssbd", or 9yf^ t>ssbu", «. a. 

i^\s!^\ IsshAb, 9. pi. a. (of c-^-»-U 
sahib). Possessors; companions; the 
companions of Muhammed in his life- 

^f«wl Issdar, 9, a. A cannng to go 
forth or emanate, an issuing, givin? 
out (orders, kc.) ; \ — ^ — et, «.a. To 
issue, give forth, cause to emanate. 

^L^l Issrar, 9. a. A being pertinacious, 
a persisting; \ — , — et, «.». To persist. 

^J^j^ )sstrghXn, or y^^^J^j^^ isssr- 
ghXn-6tu, 9. t. A stinging nettie, a 
netticv \v.a. To bite. 

(j^j^\ ^ssirmak (aor. j^ isamr), 

JJai^t IsstJlbl, 9, a. A stable, mews; 




jr^UjJsi^^ lB8tlblt-"ainirE, the royal 

^ILipt )88ttlah, 8> a. A technical mode 
of term ; a technical expression. 

\mJ\ isagha, s. a. A listening to; a 
consenting to; \ — , — «t, v.a. To 
accede to. 

aA Issef, 9, a, Asaph (reputed in the 
East to have been Solomon's vizier) ; 
the Grand Vizier; a pasha having 
the rank of Grand Vizier; ^U^l 
as^anB, a. p, atui ^J^\ as^fi, a. a. 
VinriaL [white-faced. 

f\ Issfsr, a, a. Yellow; pale-£Eu;ed, 

j]/i^\ Issfirar, 8, a. Yellowness. 

^\|Atft IssAhan, «. /. The town of 
Ispahan, in Persia. 

Lai^I Assfiya, s, pi, a. (of ^^Juc sXfl), 
The pure, the virtnous. 

^J^\ Isskt, s. L Anything suspended 
to or over another thing as an orna- 
ment; a string, cord, or strap, by 
which anything is suspended, as 
braces, sword-belt, &c. ; a state of 
suspension; a state of suspense, of 

^^\ Issl, «. a. A root ; an origin ; foun- 
dation ; — , «. t. Real, true ; original ; 
(J^]I1 J fi^'l-lssl, ad, a. Originally, 
at the commencement, at first; s*^\J^\ 
Xsai-zadE, s. p. A person of good or 

noble famfly; Jjij^J^vJ^^ Xssh'- 
-flsslf-y^k. There is no truth in it, 
it is altogether unfounded. 
t^\ Xsslii, ad. a. Never, not at all. 

^JajLA bslXtmak (oor. jJLA isslldtr), 
t7.a. To wet. 

^^\ isslah, 8, a. A correcting, improv- 
"ig; \ — • — et, v.a. To improve^ 
ameliorate, set right, correct; -JL^t 
^Id^U isslahi-zat^-'l-b^yn. An 
adjusting differences, removing causes 
of quarreL 

, zUi Iv^Tik, a. t. Wet, wetted. 

^JAJrLA issllnmak {aor.jytLA issUntr), 
v,n. To get wet, to be wetted. 

^XA Issli. a. a. Original, primitive, 

fj4ij\A^\ Issm^lamak (aor, Jij\AJ\ 
issmarlar). To order or request that 
a thing may be made or done. 

fjA^\ Issmak (aor.j\A Xssar), To hang, 
hang up, suspend. 

iiA0a\ Issma, «. t. A vine, grape-vine; 
yJ\^L^\ Issma-klbl^Ai, A kind 
of pumpkin or vegetable-marrow, the 
plant of which is usually trained as 
a vine, and which grows itself to the 
length of three feet and more. 

t^\u^\ ^ssnaf, 8, pi. a. (of ^ q; *# sinf ), 
Classes; sorts, kinds; trades, corpo- 
rations; {08 a Turki8h singular), a 
tradesman, artisan, shopkeeper; an 
artificer in the army or navy. 

^}yA i^ssul, 8. pi. a. {of J^l Issl), 
Boots; origins; principles; {a* a 
TurkUh singular) a method, way, 
manner, custom ; i^lyA i^ssijlla, ad. t. 
Gently; ^^ J^^ bhr-dssul-ila, ad. t. 
Somehow or other. 




4Slit isa's, 8. a. The throwmg light 
upon ; elucidation ; \ — ^ — et, r.a. 
To elucidate. 

ifi\J\ iza"a, #. «• A wmstiDg ; \ — , — et, 
VM. To waste. 

C^li^t kafett t. 0. Conatnictiaiii of noun 

with noon; en incidental quality. 

\s^\ (/or ^^\) Idhk, 8. pi. a. (of 
ifUs^l, not m use). Sacrifices; Ju^ 
Uf^t "idi-ldhi, Tlie feast of sacri- 
fices, called oanaUy ^^^j^ kOr- 

^\JqJ\ IztirXb, 9. a. Agitation ; pain ; 
tribulation, grief, anxiety; C 
— ch^kmek, vm. To be in pain ; to 
be under anxiety ; CJ^^^— » — ^^' 
mek, vji. To give pain ; to cause 
J^Jot£\ Izttrar, #. a. Necessity. 

uJUii\ ^z"af, 9, pi. a. (ofimmif^ z)"f)« 
Twice or more quantities ; — » iz"af, 
9. a. An enfeebling, weakening. 

^\ Ma", 9. pi. a. (of ^ dU"), 
Sides of a figure ; ^Lsl\^^^mA^ 
mJit^sMvlyyu-'l-Xdla", Equilateral. 

Jli^l idlal, 9. a. A leading astray, a 
causing to go astray, a perverting; 
f — , <— et, o.a. To lead astray, cause 
to wander from the right path ; to 
Ju^\ Izmir, ff. a. Concealing in one's 
mind or heart; \ — , — et» v.a. To con- 
ceal in one's mind or heart 

Jlc^^t Izmlhlal, 9. a. A total dis- 
appearing, dispersing. 

UU^^Uvt ita"at, 9. a. An obeying; 
obedience, submission ; \ — , — et, r ji. 
To obey ; to submit. 

Wi hali. 9. a. A stitstching forth; 
tjj^^\Lit hil^'i-y^-et. To atretch 
forth the hand; 1^U^«!\t) hal^'i- 
-lissln-et (lit. To stretdi forth the 
tongue) to speak ill of. 

Ut it)bba, 9. pi. a. (of k^r-n^ ^^'^)» 
Physicians, doctors of medicine; Ltl ^ 
siri-kt)bba. The chief of the phyriciaDs. 

iiyo\ Ittirad, t. a. Regularity, snbjectioa 
to rule. 

i^\y toaf, 9. pi. a. (of i^Jb tknS}y 
Sides, parts ; districts ; every side, ail 
sides ; ^Lil^l ^trafik, ad, t. In a 
properly detailed manner, with all its 

Ukl itfa, 9. a. An extinguishing; 1 — 
— et, v.a. To put out, extinguisiu 

cjiL\ ittila", v.a. A becoming aware, 
informed ; li,,>— ^ — » — kteb^et, vji. 
To become aware, acquire a knowledge 
or information. 

^JliA itlik, v.a. A setting free; a 

divorcing; the applying (a name or 

tenn) ; \ — ^ — et, v.a. To set free, to 

set at liberty ; to divorce ; to apply 

(a term) ; l(^l:x jlkl itllkt-", 

VM. To let go the reins, give a horse 

his head; to set out on a joiimej; 

jltLSt Jli^ "^^.l-ltUk, ad. a. Gene- 

rally, in a general manner or sense. 

(^/Jivt XtUss, a. a. Plain, unomamented ; 
(^^CJJi fia^ki-Xtllss, Tlie ernpr- 




Tean or primum-mobile, the sphere 
bejond that of the fixed stars, being 
without the ornament of stars ; called 
also jli^llcUi f^iaa-'l-^flak, the 
sphere qf spheres ; — , s, a. Satin ; an 
atlas of geography. 

^Ukl itma", s, a. An exciting to cupidity, 
a causing to long for possession ; \ — , 
— et, 0.0. To cause one to be desirous 
of possessing or acquiring, to tempt, 
to raise expectations. 

^U^Jifft Itmlnan, s, a. A sense of 
safety and security. [bombast. 

M^l Itnab, «, a. Sublimity of style ; 

jljtl Itwar, *. pi, a. (of j^ tivr). 
Manners, the outward indicatiye active 
signs of inward feelings towards other 

^1 Ida, 9. f . An island, isle, islet. 

J^\ khir, 8. a. A showing, manifesting, 
making risible, causing to be seen ; 
\ — , — et, v,a. To manifest, show. 

'Olel i"ad£, e. a. A causing to return ; 
\ — , — et, r.fl. To cause to return, to 
send back, drive back, bring back ; to 
return, restore, give back. [Enemies. 

ViiJlcl ^"adi, 8. pi. a. iqfjtiA "hdhrv), 

^ W1 Vans, «. a. An assisting, helping ; 
help, assistance; \ — , — et, o.n. To 
help, assist 

jLifil i"ttbar, «. a. Esteem^ oonndera- 
tion; mercantile credit; \ — ^ — et, 
v,n. To hdd in esteem. 

Jl«>&fi\ i"tidil, 8, a. Hie being of a 
mean, average, or moderate degree. 

j\S:i£'\ i"tizar, s, a. The begging to be 
excused, the offering an excuse ; \ — , 
— et, v.n. To offer an excuse or 
apology ; to beg to be excused. 

^JO^Jie^ i"ttrlz, «. a. The offering an 
objection; finding fault; \ — , — et, 
v.n. To offer objections ; to find £ekult ; 
— , o.a. To allege (an objection). 

uJtyxcf i"tirlf, 8. a. An admission, an 
avowal; \ — , — et, v.a* To admit, 

uJLuS^l i"t»8lf, 8. a. Oppression, 

c\Ssx\ i^'ttlLld, 8. a. A believing in, 
holding to be true ; belief; religious 
belief; \ — ^ — et, v.*. To believe in, 
to hold to be true. 

jUiLfil )"tfmAd, 8. a. A placmg troat or 
confidence in; trust, confidence ; \ — , 
— et, 0.11. To place trust, to put con- 
fidence, to put faith. 

\i&e\ i"tina, «• a. A taking paina, a 
paying great attention ; 1—, — et, o.ji. 
To take great pains, pay great atten- 

jU&cI i"tiyad, #. a. The contracting a 
habit; \ — ^ — et, v.a. To adopt as a 
habit. [Enemies. 

\iXf\ k"da, 8. pi. a. (qf ^*^ "kluw), 

*)\jjiU"did, 8. pi. a. (0/ Jdft "ided). 
Numbers ; — , i"dad, «. a. A pre- 
paring, making ready ; \ — , — et,^o.a. 
To make ready, prepare. 

d^\dA\ i*'dam, 8. a. An annihilating; a 
killing, putting to death; \ — , 




«.a. To annihilate; to kill, put to 

\jc\ i"teza, and Mje\ k"\zzkt $. pi. a. 
(of jijD. "Aziz), Ibe dearest, moat 

jl^f i"zaz, t. a. A raismg to dignity 
and gloiy; \ — , — et, v.a. To dignify, 
glorify. [Tithes. 

jllx^ k"shar, $.pLa. {of Jt^ "Iwhr), 

loft) di"za, i.pLu, {of y^, not used). 
Members (of the body, or of a conndl 
or assembly) ; (m a Titrkiak iimptUar) 
a member ; ^\.,tn,c.\ 4"zaltk, «• t. 
Membership. [t;.a. To give. 

Ikfil i"ta, 1. a. A giving; ^ — , — et, 

f}ac\ k"tian, a. a. Greater, greatest, 
or very great ; Jla^J^J^ Bldn-k^s^ 
(sMrazi^m), Hie Grand Vizier. 

U\ (for ^\) k"lk, a. a. Higher, 
highest, most or veiy high ; the best ; 
good, excellent, admirable ; — , ad. i. 
Well ; — , i"la, t. a. A raising np, 
elevating; \ — ^ — et, o.a. To ndse, 
raise up, set np, to elevate. 

A^Ut k"lam, 8, pL a. {of Jx "idxm). 
Signs, signals; flags, standards; — , 
)"lam, 9, a. A declaring, making 
known; a declaration; an official re- 
port given in answer to an official in- 
quiry ; a judicial sentence in writing ; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To report offidally in 
answer to an official inquixy. 

^Jh^ r'lan, 8. a. A pnblidiing, making 
publicly known; an advertisement; 
\ — 9 ^-et, v.a. To publish, to make 

pnUidy known; to advertise; ^UjlUt 
i"lan-nami, A manifesto ; an adver- 

Jlcf &"lim, a. a. More, most, or very 
knowing; Ju^^^t AU2hir-a"l]Em 
(Alla'lsm) (God is He who knows 
best) int. a. I am not sure, but I think 
so; I am very much inclined to be- 
lieve so, fcc [ — , 8. a. A blind num. 

\4s\ (far ^^«4xl) k"iiAf a. a. Blind ; 
j\ac\ k"mar, 8. pi. a. {of jA^ "tor). 
Lives; life-times; — , i"mar, «. «. 
A rendering cultivated, popolons, full 
of life; \ — t — et, v.a. To rBdaim 
(waste lands) ; to people, populate. 

JUf f k"mal, 8. pi, a. {of Ja£ "lnud), 
Acts, actions ; — , T'mal, #. a. A 
making, manufacturing; \ — ^ '— et, 
v.a. To make, prepare, manufacture. 

fS^\ k'Vam, 8.pLa. {of Ae. "im). 

^Lft\ i'yan, t . pL a. {of ^^ "kyn). 
Persons of note; (m a TnrkitJk 
8mffular) a mayor; an alderman; 
^^\j^\me\ k'yln-b^Uht, the mayor. 

i\ Igh, 8. t. A net; ^\ cJuKfS^I 
itran\j^k-X^^', A spider's web, a 

Ut 1^^, 8. i. A country gentleman ; 
a master (of servants) ; the eldest bro- 
ther ; a superior servant, officer of s 
household; the title of miHtaiy or 
naval officers from the bhi^-blsb* 
(mayor or chef-de-bataillon) down- 
wards ; the title of various chief offi- 






cera in the dvil service; ^Ifi^ kJy^fj 
jhu^dtiin-lghkwi, Tbe Aga or chief 
of the janifisariefr; tj^y^ ^ XghX' 
klpilut, The office and official residence 
(fonnerly) of the Aga of the janissa- 
riea* now changed into that of the 
afeykhu-'l-lsdam; ^liljjj kJzlar- 
'IghAssi, The chief eanuch of the im- 
perial hoasehold ; ,^1^^ /^j>' h^em- 
TighABsi, A eanuch in a private feniily. 

^Icl IghA), 8. t. A tree ; a shnih ; a 
buah; wood; — ifji klra — , An 
elm-tree; elm-wood; lJ^^ — » — 
Hwunu, A citron ; ^^ISU — , — 
lOJcAn, A woodpecker. 

^j;^lc.1 l^Aarmak (nor. jj\i^ Ighan'r), 
VM. To become white or grey (the 
hair, beard ; or the morning). 

jlcl Ighiz, 3, p. A beginning, com- 
mencing ; \ — , — et, r.». To begin, 
set about, commence. 
•Lxl ighbunu*, a, a. A becoming dusty ; 
Jo\»- — , )ghbirari-khlttr, A taking 
offence, a being offended. 

A\iss\ )ghtmam, 8, a. A seizmg prey, 
making booty; \ — , — et, v.a. To 
seize as booty. 

je\ Ighir, a. t. Heavy ; slow in motion ; 
hard to digest, indigestible; ill- 
savoured, bad-smelling, fetid; hard 
to be borne, insupportable ; high 
(price); — , «. t. Serious, or stately 
demeanour; ^ja:3^^^^ Xghivinu 
-tiduamak, vm» To put on a serious 
assume a formal manner. 


\J\ ighra, #. a. An exciting, inciting ; 
\ — ^ — et, v.a. To excite, incite. 

Jh*J^\ l^Antmak {aor.j^J^ IgkridiT)^ 
VM, {causal of ^J^jC^), To cause to 
ache ; — ^\i hhsh, — , v.n. To cause 
one's head to ache, give the headache; 
to importune, teaze. 

jLet ik^^rltk, 8. a. Weight, heaviness ; 
lugg&ge* baggage, impedimenta ; a 
girl's bridal dower or trousseau ; the 
nightmare; a burden (on one's purse). 

i^Sje\ Ighri, s. /. A pain, ache; ^b 
^^^ji\ blsh-X^Ansst, The headache ; 
an importunate, tiresome bore ; ^^li 
i^ji-^ kkm-l^Ansst, The belly-ache, 
gripes ; a peevish child ; 15^^ iJjc\ 
Ighri'dlgM, Mount Ararat on the con- 
fines of Georgia and Armenia. 

ij^jc\ Xghrimak {aor.jje\ Xghrir), v.Ji. 

To ache, to be painful. 
je.\ Ighz, 8, t. Ibe mouth ; the mouth 
or opening into anything; the special 
place at a stairs where passengers get 
into boats, or out of them ; t^j^^j^ 
n^r-l^Azt, The mouth of a river; 
c^\^y kdyu-^Azt, The mouth of a 
well; L5?)^y^^ l^rAz-jfewlbt, A verbal 
answer; ^ji let l^Az-6tu, The priming 
of a gun; J-^^J^*^*^ dto-y61- 
"Ighzi, The place where four roads 
meet; ^J^J^^ X^Azltk, A mouthpiece 
(of a pipe, or of a musical instru* 

^L^t Xghsamak {aor. j\mJ\ Xghsar), 
v,n. To limp in walking. 




fjmAmi\ kghoistoBs, 9. t, llie month of 

4y>Lifl Ighzlb, f . a. A moving to anger, 
an angering; \ — , — et, v,a. To anger. 

JUct )gh(iit 9' «• A patting off one's 
gnard; \ — , — et, v,a. To put off 
one's guard, to lull into security, to 

Ji^ Ighl, 9. L A fold, or pound for sheep. 

J^JUI lyAlamak {aor. JLeS IgXbr), v.n. 
To weep, ciy, shed tears ; — , v.a. To 
weep for, mourn over, . deplore the 
loss of. 

jUiS \gknAz, 9, a. A speaking ill of ; 

^Wt ighmiz, t. a. A shutting the 
^^> ^^^u^^^ )ghmaz>-"iiyn-et, 
v.». To shut the eyes (to faults or 
improper conduct). 

^jj^ Xghmdk (aor. j\£\ IgkBi), vm. To 
rise in the air (dust, fcc); to be pre- 
ponderant and sink (one side of a 

fif\:s] kghnam, t. pi. a. {of sAfi, 9ddom 
V9ed), Sheep. [Tbe ridi. 

\^\ iighniya, «. pL a. (of ^y^ gh^ni), 

\ji\ ighwa, t. a. A seducing, a turning 
from rectitude; \ — , — -et^ v.a. To 
seduce, pervert, lead^from rectitude, 
cause to do wrong. [brace. 

^J^^ aghush, M.p, Lap, bosom, em- 

jUft\ ^hyar, *. pi. a. {ofjJi gU^yr)* 
Others, strangers, rivals. 

ij\i\ ifatB, «. a. An allowing to eao^ 
out of one's power or possession, a 

losing ; \ — ^ — et, v.a. To lose, allov 
to escape. 
ifj\i\ ifad£, 9. a. An ezpbining, repre- 
sentation, relation; \ — , — et, r.«. To 

explain, represent, relate. 

sJ\i\ IfazB, 9. a. A pouring oat abun- 

jU\ afak, *. pi. a. (qfji\ iifuk). Hori- 
Eons ; districts (as being bounded bv 
their horizons); ^Ul ifakt, a. a. 
Common to the whole world, public, 
spread through all lands ; vrandering, 

(^i^Ul if&klt, 9. a. Convaletcence ; 
^^ — , — bdhnok. To get well, be 
relieved from sickness. 

uuJt afet, •• a. A calamity ; — , \St, A 
prodigy; a fruitful she-camel; aper- 
ient ; extraordinary calamity ; a lie. 

\zi\ ifta, 9. a. The givmg a positive legal 
opinion (on a supposed case), well 
known by the namefetwa. 

c»i9cJt afitab, «. p. The sun. 

9j\5j\ hfildi, a. p. Fallen ; fallen into ; 
fallen into the power of; a prisoner 
to the beauty, wiles, or charms of; 
which has happened, taken place. 

^\&i1 Iftan, 9. a. A leading into some 
improper practices, a perverting; — , 
uftan, ad. or a. p. Falling, fislling 
down ; \:}j'^^ — w — n - khiziin, 
Falling and rising (as a drunken or 
wounded person). 

^l^sl Utihasa, 9. a. Difigence in in- 
quiry, in searching into. 




j\s^\ iftikhar, s. a. Well-founded pride ; 
I — , — et, VM. To pride one's »elf ; 

— ^\tj niskSnt — , or ^llj — , 

— nishlnij The former decoration of 
the order of merit, fomided by Mah- 
mud the Second. 

1^1 iftiray 8, a* A cdumniating ; a 
calumny; \ — , — et, vm. To calum- 
niate, [(from friends.) 

j\^\ Iftirik, ». a. A bemg separated 

j\3sj\ Iftikar^ s, a. Poverty, the being 

poor. [diyidoals. 

o\ji\ ^frad, s, pi. a. (of J^ fsrd), In- 

j^ji\ hfrnx, a, p. (in composition). Which 
raises, lifts up; — , ihnz, s. a, A 
separating, dividing; \ — , — et, vm. 
To separate, divide. 

Ivlyil ifrlt, s. a. Excess ; \ — , — et, vm. 
To exceed due bounds. • 

^\ji\ ifragh, s. a. A casting in a mould ; 
a putting into order, shape, or form ; 
\ — , — et, v,a. To pour into a mould; 
to reduce to order, shape, or form. 

^^^ji\ ^friJkhtB, a. p. Lighted, on fire, 
burning. [fire, or illuminates. 

JXj*^ ^fruz, a, p. Which lights, sets on 
Ji^y\ af^rid^ghyar, s, p. The Creator. 

2(*Xiy\ af6ridi, a. p. Created ; — , s. p. 
A creature. 

ijiji^ afdrin, a. p. (in compositum). Who 
creates; — ^,M^p.(a(irim), Well done! 

\A}ji\ Afrika, 8. t. Africa. [tion. 

yjt:jj3\ af^rinish, 8. p. A creatmg, crea- 

\j3\ hizA, a, p. (jm compositiom). Which 

^jj^i ^fzun, a. p. More in number or 
quantity ; (w composition). Aug- 
mented ; much, many ; ij^^\ ^fzuni, 
f . p. The being augmented ; the being 
much or many, abundance. 

jLJI ifsad, 8. a. A corruptmg ; a 
throwing into disorder; a leading 
into bad practices; \ — , — et, v.a. 
To corrupt; to throw into disorder; 
to introduce abuses into ; to lead into 
bad practices. [mance. 

^Lil ^fsani, 8, p. A tale, fiction, ro- 
jmj\ hfskr, 8. p. A crown, diadem. 

^^.Ji ^fsun, 8. p. A speU, incantation. 

\ZJ\ i&ha, 8. a. A divulgmg, revealing ; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To divulge, reveal. 

^llil ^fshan, a. p. {in composition). 
Who sheds or spreads abroad. 

JUil fefdil, 8. pi. a. (of J^ flzl). 
Favours, graces. 

^Lflil ^fdll, a. a. More, most, or very 
worthy (person), or advantageous 
Jioi] Iftar, 8. a. The breaking of the fast 
in times of abstinence ; the food with 
which the fast is broken; \ — , — et, 
v.n. To partake of meat and drink 
after a religious fast. 

^j«il hf'k, 8. a. A viper. 

J^l Ofuk, 8. a. The horizon ; ^^\ dfukt, 
a, a. Horizontal. 

klM\ Ifk, 8. a. A lie, a falsehood. 
j\ii\ hfkylx, 8. pi. a. (ofj^ fikr). Ideas, 

^|Gt htkha, a. p. (in composition). 




Which thioirs, throws down, throws 

^jSi\ iflass, 9. a. The beoomb^ poor 
and bankrupt ; bankruptcy ; poTerty. 

jlit Iflak, 9. t. WaUacUa. 

cJlit ^ak, 9. pi. a. (o/clUimek). 
Skies, heavens, spheres. 

\ii\ ifna, «. o. An annihUating, destroy- 
ing; \ — f *-et, VM, To annihilate, 

^Xi\ ^f^ndi, 9. t. (Greek), A gentle- 
man of education ; a man of polished 
manners; a master (of servants); a 
patron, protector, benefactor; a prince 
of the blood ; ^ J^\ ^f^ndim ! (my 
master) Sir! J^JtXil M^ndimiz (our 
master). Our sovereign, the Sultan; 
our lord, his excellency, his worship, 
hia grace, &c. &c. ; j4J^\jbJ^yit 
ahivkstli - ^f^dimiz, .Our imperial 
master (the Sultan). 

i\^\ ^fwah, 9, pi. a. {of ti fim), Mouths. 

J y^ 6ful, 9. a. A setting or decreasing 
in altitude ; \ — ^ — et, vm. To descend 
in altitude towards the horizon; to 
set, go down* 

^^^\ Ify^n, 9. t. Opium. 

jl Xk, a. t. White ; — , 9. U The white 
part of certain things; \J^^^J^ 
ghylkzun^-lkt. The white of the eye ; 
^fcJj^Lf^ y)mnrtanm^-lki ; ;1 
■^f». Xk-ji^Aer, The lungs, the lights; 
jUl&# jl Ik-s^kAllt, One with a white 
beard, an old man; an elder; the 
chief man er petty magistrate of a 

▼iOage ; l^b jf Xk-blbA, A kind «i 
▼ulture ; ^^ J^ )kk-d^n^iz. The Medi- 
terranean; y^^j^ y&za-Xk, (whose 
&oe is white) metaphor meaning one 
who has performed his duty well and 
honourably, who has cause to feel a jast 
pride; f^\ Xklik, 9. t. Whiteness; 
^j^\j^ yi^z-lkli^Ai, (whiteness of 
face) metaphor meaning the having 
no cause to feel ashamed, but every 
cause to feel proud of one's self. 

^\i) ^kllim, 9. pi. a. {of m^\ ikllzn). 
Climes (in geography, the world being 
supposed to be divided into seven 
such sections, whence 4<r,,<Aj'J! 
dk2limi-s^b"i, the 9evem cUmn, means 
the whole world). 

UU%«lSt Ikamet, «. a. A staying in a 
• place, stay, residence; \ — , — et, r.s. 
To stay (in a place), to live, dwell, 

X^lSf ikamn, 9. a. {idenHc origtMolly 
wUk ike preceding word), A setting a 
thing up, establishing it, fixing it 
upright ; a producing (proob or indi- 
cations) ; a performing (prayers) ; ) — , 
-^et, v.a. To set (a thing) in its 
place; to set up ; to produce, adduce, 
bring forward ; to perform (prayers). 

aJUI ^klnim, 9. pi. a. (of m^\ 
iyknCm), Ibe persons of the TVinity ; 
^aJ\S1 dklnimi-s^asas, The thne 
Persons of the Trinity. 

Jujt Ikbll, 9. a. Good lack ; a turning 
the face or the mind towards any 





object; a desiring; a slave-girl taken 
into the imperial fayour, but not yet 
advanced as one of the Sultan's seven 
acknowledged state concubines. 
j\:j\ Xktar, s. pi. a. {of jiJ, not used), 
Districts, regions ; — , s. t, (for yiac 
"ktar; 3, a. A seller of perfumes), 
a kind of druggist, grocer, perfumer, 
and toyman, in one, and in a smaU 

J^jl&Sl Iktarmak (aor. jj\:j\ Iktanr), 
To shift (things) from one vessel to 
another ; to turn over. 

^Lsj\ iktibiss, s. a. A borrowing 
(phrases or arguments from the works 
of another author), a citing (the words 
of another); \ — , — et, v,a. To borrow, 
to cite, to use (words or arguments). 

^\s^\ ikttham, »• a. An attacking 
courageously; an embarking heart 
and soul in any affair; \ — , — et, 
v.n. To attack; to embark in heart 
and soul. 

i*>^l iktida, s. a. A taking as one's 
ensampkr, following the teaching, 
and imitating the actions of; \ — , 
— et, v.n. To follow as a guide and 
example. [puissance, capacity. 

y*^\ ikttdar, »• a. Power, might, 

ijj^\ ikttran, 8. a. Conjunction (of the 
heavenly bodies). 

^*^i Iktiza, 8, a, A being needful, 
requisite, or necessary; \ — , — et, 
and ^^^Li;;^ lktizas8t.61, t;.fi. To be 
needful, requisite, or necessary. 

IttJt iktifa, 8. a. A following after, 
(physically or morally) ; \ — , — et, To 
foUow after. 

ls^\ Xkcha, a. t. Rather white, whitish; 
— , », t. Money in general, coin, cash ; 
a small monetaiy value (formerly a 
com), one-third of a p^a, and con- 
sequently the -^hs 0^ ^ piastre, or the 
1^ of a penny ; it is frequently men- 
tioned under the name of asper, a 
corruption of the Greek equivalent for 
the proper Turkish word. 

f\Si\ Ikdam, 8, pi. a. {of aJJ kldxm). 
Feet ; — , ikdam, 8. a. Perseverance ; 
\ — , — et, v.n. To persevere. 

^Jj\ IkdEm, a, a. Prior, anterior; 
— , ad, t. Before, anterior, prior; 
i% jJl {^*^y, bundan-JLkdBm, Some 
time ago ; ^r*Jj\ {^/^j> bundan- 
•XkdEmja, Some little time ago, a 
few days since. 
j\Ji\ )krar, 8, a, A confessing, avowing, 
admitting ; \ — , — et, v,a. To confess, 
avow, admit. 

^\^\ Xkran, 8, pi, a, (of m^ k^m, not 
in me), Equals (in rank or age) ; (m a 
TurikUh singular) an equal (in rank or 
age). [Near relatives. 

\ij\ Ikraba, 8, pi, a. (of c^y klrib), 

j;f«LJ\ or Jk«^^ Xksamak (aor, 
jLoSi), v,n. To lean over to one side 
in walking, from one leg being longer 
than the other, the person having this 
infirmity being called jl^l or jU-il 

2 F 




^j^\ or Ji-*/^^ ikstrrook («or. 

jj'^\ Xkstrir), V.II. To sneeze. 
LoSl or ^j^\ Xksk, a. a. More or most 

remote, ultimate ; — , 9. a. The ulti- 
mate point or degree. 
j^\ Xktar, 9. pi. a. (of ^ kutr). 

Comitries, districts ; {of ujei kltra). 

jUjI )k"ad, 9, «. A causmg to sit, 

placing on a seat ; ^— , — et, o.a. To 

place on a seat 
Jj\ ^khVi, a. c. The least in number 

or quantity ; ^\ Uuttli» ad. t. At 

least, at the very least 
Si\ Iklam, «. j»/. a. (o/ |Jj kMBm), 

Pens ; offices, rooms of clerks under 

A«ii^ Ikllm, 9. a. A dime. 
^^:^l XkmishK, «. pi. a. {of ^Uj 

kihnlsh). Stuffs, dotha. [run, flow. 
fjAi\ Ikmak {aor. JS\ }kkar), v.n. To 
cLi\ ikna", t. a. A contenting, satisfy- 

log. \ — ^ ^-et tyji. To content, 

satisfy. [water, stream, rapid. 

i^jJIt Iktndi, #. ^. A current, flow of 
M^\ Oknum, 9. a, A Person of the 

Trinity. [an enemy's country. 

^«Jt ^n, 9. t. Predatory incursion in 
c3t ^k, «. /. A jobt, joining of two 

parts or pieces ; %Jji — , — ^ysri, A 

joint of the members; — , hag, ad. 

i. The most *[The greatest persons. 

ji^ ^kyabir, 9, pL a. {of jJS>\ ^kbsr), 

MjQ^ ^kjrarim, #. pi. a. {of fij\ ^kr^m). 

The most noble or generous persons. 

llfl aghjrah, a. p. Aware, on oce's 

guard; informed. 
j^ ^bnr, a. a. More, moat, or ver>' 

great; greater; the greatest 
1^ iktira, «. a. A taking oo hire ; 

\ — ^ — et, v.a. To take to one's self 

on hire. 
Cy»\iit*Cl Iktiasab, 9. a. An acquiring to 

one's self; \ — ^ — et To aoquiie. 
Us^l Ikti^ 9. a. A being auffident ; ^ — , 

— et v.)». To suffice, to be sufficient 
\isi\ Uctina, t . a. A being snmamed. 
9\is^ Iktinah, t. a. The striving to en- 

derstand a thing thoroughly. 
J^ ^ksir, a. a. More or most in nmoober 

or quantity ; ^^^^^ ^xri, ad, /. and 

U^ ^kskrfyya, ad. a. For the most 

part, most generally, 
j^ ^Aer, c. p. If. 
/i\S\ ikram, 9. a. Deference, respect a 

receiving well; a present; \ — , ^-et, 

v.m. To receive wdl, treat with respect : 

— , v.a. To give as a present 
9\J\ Ikrah, 9. a. Ibe feding an utter 

aversion and disgust 
4>y^ ^Asrchs or ^^Axrchi, c. p. If; 

although ; true it is that 
CJJr^^ ^ghrilmek {aor. j^Lfj^ 

^hrilir), v.%. To bend, to become 

bent ; to become leaning, out of tk 

aJS ^kr^m, a. a. More, moat or very 

noble or generous. 
(j^J^ Ingtrmak {aor.jJ\ Ingmr), vx 

To bray (an ass). 




CX^e;d1 ^Airmek (aor, j^ hghim), v.a. 

To spin (tliread). 
^J^\ hgkti, a, t. Bent, crooked; slanting, 
out of the perpendicular; (J^^c^^^l 
hghn^hhgkn. Very crooked, devious, 

CV.iXI ^ksik, a. t. Incomplete, wanting 
in number, quantity, or part ; — , », t 
A defect ; a number, quantity, or part 
wbich is wanting. 

CXJuil bksilmek (aor.jj^Si eksilir), 
v,n. To become less in number or 
quantity, to dimimsb, decrease. 

4.^ hagsE, 8. t. The back of the head 
or upper part of the neck ; the back or 
hind part of an object. 

j^mS\ \kair, s. a. An elixir, liqueur ; the 
philosopher's stone or philtre. 

^^1^ ^kshi, a. t. Sour, acid, tart; 
unfaYourable, trnpronusing, menacing 

(JSa,^ ^kshimek (aor. j^L^ ^kshir), 
9.». To become sour ; to put on an 
unfarourable or menacing aspect (a 

J^ ^kl, 8. a. An eating; <---^j — 
— c-didrb. Editing and drinking ; \ — , 
— et, v,a. To eat. 

J^JL^ ibiglamak (aor, JiS\ iuiglar) 
(^namak, aor. ftnnar), v. a. To under- 
stand, comprehend : jK^Ji^ sj^z- 
konar (understanding fully "vdiat is 
said to him), intelligent; tractable; 
reasonable (person). 

cyJ^\ mhaek (aor. ^1 ^klsr), v.a. 

To join (two pieces together, or one to 
another) ; to add ; — , b^lranek, v ji. 
To groan, to moan. 

(JrtuI iklH, 8. a. A diadem. 

JUb&l Ikmal, 8. a. A completing, 
finishing, perfecting; \ — , — et, v.a. 
To complete, finish, perfect, fill up. 

Jh4^ In^mdL (aor. J^ Xn^ar), v,a. To 
think of, call to mind, or pronounce 
the name of. 

CJ-*^ fekmek (aor. J\ feksr), v.a. To 
sow (seed) ; to sprinkle (salt, ftc.) ; — 
(for CiX^j'), 8. t. Bread ; — , ^Amek, 
v.a. To bend. 

c^iXi^l or ^^\ hghenti, 8. t. Flings. 

iS\ hghK, «. ^. A file (steel instrument for 
filing metals). [v.a. To file with afile. 

CX«)^ ^A^lsmek (aor.J4\ hgh€Lm), 

^\ kgM, or ^y^ ,J\ €gh\-khm\ghh 
8. t A rib, rib-bone. 

Ju^ ^kid, a. a. Very strong. 

^^1 ^kin, 8. t. Seed-sowing; sown 
seed ; cereal crops ; ^jl^ — , — ^wlktt, 
seed-time; viU£s\ — , — ^kmek. To 
sow com ; Ci-ffij? — * — ^bichmek. To 
cut down the com. 

fj\ fel, art. a. The Arabic definite article, 
placed equally before nouns and adjec- 
tives: it is found in many Turldsh 
adverbial and qualifying expressions. 
When preceded by the Arabic prepo- 
sition J (li, for, &c.), the t is sup- 
pressed, and the two letters J are 
joined, as, i--iv>1aU ll-'t-tfe'dib, for 
punUknunt ; and the word dU\ Allih, 

2 F 2 




God, in that case becomes ^ li-llXh, 
/or Ood, for Ood*i take. The case of 
siippreumg the soand of the J of 
this article is explained in our piefa- 
toiy remarkB; — , il, $. t. Ihe hand, 
a hand ; a stranger in blood ; another 
person; ^J^\ fj\ M-Wii, Work of 
hand ; ,^jlj Jl il-yibMssf, Writmg, 
manoscript ; »Jl:jJ1 J\ sl-lltindii. 
Underhand, in secret ; j J «j3l ilda- 
-dir. It is in hand, in course of pre- 
paration ; it is not beyond control, it 
is m man's power ;^i>i«V«SI slimda- 
-dir. It is in mj power, it is at my 
option; cX$ji^^\ Ma-YKrmek, To 
betray ; to giye up to the authorities ; 
vj^js^^ll ila-gh^tirmek. To acquire 
possession of; to catch, take, make 
prisoner; clU£=^ Jl il-chfekmek. 
To withdraw one's assistance or co- 
operation ; to have nothing more to do 
with a thing; cAJi* ^\ sldon- 
-^shnek. To be in (one's) power (to 
do), as,yJ^ ^^^\ fiUmdon-ghxIm^, 
It is not in my power, I am not able 
(to do it) ; — , Al, a. t Scarlet ; red, 
rosy; — , imper. o/^\ llmnk. Take, 
take thou ; as, Ui Jl Xl-ssn-a ! There, 
take that ! there's for you ! — , al, s. a. 
A fiunily, race, dynasty, as, ^j;Ufl;fi Jl 
al»-"6ssm2n. The Ottoman djmasty; 
— , #. p. Fraud, deceit, stratagem. 
i\ ala, a. pi. a. {of JH ii&,'not used), 
Graces, favours ; — , a. p. (w eompo- 
9iium), Which defiles, poUutes; — , 

^a, M/. a. Ho I — , Ha, a. t. Spotted, 
diversified with large bright or wMte 
spots on a dark ground ; ^^il Xji- 
-blltk, A trout; i^j\j^\ lla-kargha. 
A jack-daw ; jUJ ^ \ lla-tsnli, A leper, 
leprous ; ^]I1 lU^a, Somewhat diver- 
sified by spots ; ^)ji — , — ^bclajfl. 
Very grossly diversified with coloors ; 
— ^illa, e.a. Unless, but, except; or 
otherwise ; only that, saving that. 
iJ^Jt\ Ukt^, a. t. (Italiam), A certain 
distance fix>m shore, or firom any object ; 
— f a. and ad. i. At a distance £roiii 
shore, or firom any object ; — , ini, i. 
Be ofiT! keep away! keep y^oar dis- 
tance ! [actually, presoitly. 

^\ M-an, ad. a. Now, at this moment, 

*!H or ddl llah, A god; God; ^X! or 

^\ ilahi, a. a. Divine, godly; — , 
a. t. An anthem or carol ; (ju^j^]!l or 

LS.^1 Uahlyy^t. a. a. Divineness. 
divinity, Godhead. 

u^SI Hay, a. t. A procession ; a regi- 
ment; a line deployed; a set» lot, 
parcel ; u^JU c^ll ilay-nOlay, ad, t. 
One over ihe other, all t<^ther as 
when a crowd rushes; u^S^^«^ mlri- 
-U&y (mirxUy), A colond, oomman- 
dant of a regiment ; — . alay, a. p. (ta 
composUion), Which defiles, pollutes. 

^Sl alayish, a.|>. Defilement, pcllutioo, 
filthiness ; — , a. t. Pomp, parade. 

isJ\ slb^ttx, ad. a. Assuredly, 
without fail. 





ImmAS ^bissB, 8. pi, a. {of ij^ liblss). 
Clothes, garments, raiment. 

C^ \ lit, 8. t. The under part or side ; 
the space underneath; cu^l — , 
— ilsst. Upside down, topsy-tnrvj ; 

^k—» —y^f \Jj^~' —^^^^^» 
The next place lower down; the re- 
mainder, the sequel ; \ — , — et, v,a. To 
vanquish, oYercome ; ^ — , —^1, v.n, 
Tobevanquished, conquered, overcome ; 
— • alet, 8, a. An instrument, tool, 
implement ; an organ ; J^sUJ vrJl 
al^ti-t^nassul,The organ of generation. 

^U:J\ iltibass, 8, a. The wearing an 
appearance calculated to create doubt. 

\:^\ iltija, 8, a. A taking refuge, seek- 
ing an asylum ; \ — y — et, v,n. To take 
refuge, seek an asylum. 

jUcSI iltihik, 8. a. The joining one's 
self or becoming joined to ; adhesion ; 
\ — y — et, v.n. To join one's self on to. 

aUcSI iltsham, 8. a. The heat of battle. 

A^j^\ iltizam, 8. a. The taking upon 
one's self, undertaking; the taking a 
great interest in, protecting, giving 
one's influence ; the taking the pubUc 
revenues on farm ; \ — , — et, vm. To 
undertake; to take (the public reve- 
nues) on farm ; to protect or support 

cl9UsS\ UttfSt, 8. a. A turning one's fiace 
towards ; taking notice of (persons or 
things); showing attentions to (per- 
sons) ; \ — J — et, v,n. To take notice 
of ; to show attentions. 

(^lc!l Utimlss, 8. a. The making a 
request, begging a favour; a request; 
\ — , — et, v.a. To request. 

^jL4s\\ idtmtsh, a. t. Sixty. [money. 

^^ \ Alttn, 8, t. Gold ; a piece of gold 

^^^l iltihab, 8. a. Inflammation. 

^\ Xlti, fl. t. Six; — , ati. The wife 
of the brother of one's husband, a 
sister-in-law (of a woman). 

/i\pi\ iltiyam, 8. a. A being healed (a 

^jJb\ llchdk, a, t. Low ; mean, base ; 
jll^-j^ — , — ghyim^Ilu, Meek, low 
in spirit; jUtrgJff — , — ^tlbi"^tli. Of 
a mean, low, base disposition. 

^c^\ Alc